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126:1.2 T., where Deborah and Barak defeated Sisera.

Tabamantiaveteran finaliter

49:5.12 chief is the veteran finaliter known in Satania as T..

50:7.2 T. is an agondonter of finaliter status, having

73:0.3 T., sovereign supervisor of the series of decimal or

73:2.1 prior to T.’ inspection, Van and his associates,

108:3.5 Urantia underwent such a periodic inspection by T.

108:3.5 in addition to his admonitions and indictments

108:3.5 he also delivered the following acknowledgment to

108:3.5 but he said: “Now to you, superiors far above me,


1:4.3 when the dust that composes the mortal t. “returns

16:9.2 man’s supreme undertaking in the physical t. where

42:12.11 adjutant mind-spirits evolve a suitable physical t.

47:3.1 the t. of flesh and blood has been left behind on the

110:1.5 physical body, which must serve as the earthly t. of


47:10.6 and t. in the flesh—indwelt by the Mystery Monitors

tabernaclessee feast of tabernacles

9:5.6 that divine goal as you function in the t. of the flesh.

20:4.3 upon the mortal dissolution of their earthly t..

43:3.3 the most holy place of the t. of the Most Highs.”

109:2.8 function as undetected indwellers of the earthly t. of

109:2.10 very rarely, even temporarily, leave their mortal t.

167:6.6 When it is not possible to worship God in the t. of

167:7.6 means whereby man’s spirit is released from the t. of

tablesee table, chemical

88:5.1 savage never left remnants of his meal on the t..

89:1.6 and so originated ancient and modern t. etiquette.

122:3.1 Gabriel appeared to Mary by the side of a low t.

122:6.2 The furniture consisted of a low stone t., a loom,

122:6.3 they would all squat about the enlarged stone t. to

122:6.3 During the winter, at the evening meal the t. would

126:3.4 Jesus sat down by the little lamp on the low stone t.,

133:3.9 Martha, Justus’ wife, had spread the food on the t.,

135:12.6 the banquet t., said to Herod, “I request that you

145:3.5 and the apostles still lingered about the supper t.,

156:1.5 crumbs which chance to fall from the children’s t..

166:1.2 lawyers, were already there and seated at the t..

166:1.2 to the t. without having twice washed his hands.

166:1.4 they cast their eyes upon the t. and remained silent

166:1.5 one of the lawyers who was at the t., addressing

166:1.6 when Jesus had finished speaking at Nathaniel’s t.,

167:1.5 addressing those at the t., said: “Such works my

167:1.5 you will be required to take a lower place at the t..

167:1.5 on arriving at the festive t., to seek for the lowest

167:2.1 As Jesus finished speaking at the breakfast t. of the

169:3.2 with the crumbs which fell from the rich man’s t.;

172:1.4 with the children up to the time of coming to the t..

173:1.6 At the money t. of a near-by exchanger a violent

179:1.1 and herbs were all in readiness on one end of the t..

179:1.1 long t. was surrounded by thirteen reclining couches,

179:1.3 they surveyed the seating arrangement of the t.,

179:1.3 eleven arranged around the t. on up to opposite this

179:1.4 he marched clear around the t. and took his place

179:1.5 They were seated about the U-shaped t. on these

179:3.1 the Jewish custom for the host to arise from the t.

179:3.1 he arose from the t. and silently made his way

179:3.1 disputes about positions of honor at the t.,

179:3.1 make his way around the unoccupied end of the t.

179:3.7 like manner the Master went around the t., in silence,

179:3.9 as to who should have the places of honor at my t.

179:3.9 that there can be no place of preferment at my t.?

179:4.4 leaning forward over the t., Peter addressed John,

179:4.6 Judas heard these words, he arose from the t. and

181:2.1 The apostles were still seated about the t. as when

181:2.1 as the Master went around the t. talking to them,

181:2.16 Master stepped around to the end of the t. where

183:2.1 After Judas so abruptly left the t. while eating the

191:5.2 the Master appeared inside the curvature of the t.

191:5.6 the Master’s form moved over near the head of the t.

table, chemical

42:9.3 with variations throughout the entire chemical t.,


195:9.11 this cultural stream as well as the high Galilean t.


173:1.3 proceeded to set up their exchange t. in the courts

173:1.7 began to overturn the t. of the money-changers.


77:2.10 When archaeologists dig up the clay-t. records of

93:4.1 Every person who signed or marked the clay-t. rolls


27:5.1 records of perfection imprinted upon the eternal t.

66:5.9 early peoples utilized tree barks, clay t., stone slabs

77:4.8 ancient Sumerian clay t. which tell of this earthly

77:4.8 And these t., descriptive of Dilmun, the paradise

97:8.3 —the covenant written on the t. of the heart.

140:6.2 write these new commandments on the t. of your


68:6.9 of the t. on childbirth among the unmarried.

69:1.3 institutions of survival by means of t., convention,

70:7.3 of the rulers because of the violation of some t..

70:10.12 Another advance was the imposition of fines for t.

70:11.2 and this is effected by the t., primitive law.

70:11.2 The whole idea of the t. is inherently negative,

70:11.5 Self-interest established the t. on killing, society

71:3.7 laws have passed out of the negativistic t. age into

82:2.5 marriage did render further sex license t. to the wife.

82:4.5 Since the chastity t. had its origin as a phase of the

82:5.5 in-marriage; such restrictions are a matter of t..

82:5.7 The t. against marriage with a woman of one’s

82:5.7 Even after the t. rested upon in-marriages for the

83:2.6 religion has established a sex t. on the period

83:5.12 The t. wife—one wife of legal status—created the

84:4.8 detected was a grievous sin, the violation of a t..

86:5.15 and among many the eating of animal fat was t..

87:2.6 These names became t., and in this way languages

88:1.3 and fruits became fetishes, they were t. as food.

88:1.5 At one time the cow was a fetish, the milk being t.

89:1.0 1. THE TABOO

89:1.1 Observance of a t. was man’s effort to dodge ill luck,

89:1.1 The t. is the source of ceremonial standards and

89:1.1 It was the earliest form of societal regulation and for

89:1.1 it is still a basic unit of the societal regulative

89:1.2 sometimes dies of fright when he has violated a t.,

89:1.2 the hold of the t. on the minds of the survivors.

89:1.3 began to play a larger part in the evolution of the t.,

89:1.5 The Egyptian t. on pork has been perpetuated by the

89:1.5 variant of the food t. was the belief that a pregnant

89:1.5 Such viands would be t. to the child.

89:1.6 Methods of eating soon became t., and so originated

89:1.7 t. would never have endured but for the upholding

89:2.2 when the t. received the solemn sanction of religion,

89:2.2 Sin was the transgression of t., and death was the

89:2.4 The habitual violation of a t. became a vice;

89:2.4 the violation of a t. was a combined crime and sin.

89:2.4 necessary to invent hells for the punishment of t.

89:5.14 Then cannibalism became t. among the higher tribes.

89:5.14 The t. on man-eating originated in Dalamatia and

89:5.15 sacrifice was established, man-eating became t.;

90:3.8 4. Sin—punishment for t. violation.

90:3.8 one cannot be afflicted unless one has violated a t..

95:1.2 It was t.-ridden; it was unlawful to go on a journey,

196:2.9 he delivered them from the slavery of t. and taught


68:6.8 While these t. on twins were once well-nigh

69:0.3 the mores as they have been conserved by t. and

69:3.3 All down through the ages the t. have operated to

69:9.13 then rest under the protection of the magic t. erected

70:7.12 and to submit to lifelong subjection to the tribal t..

70:11.2 of justice consisted in the enforcement of the t..

70:11.4 sin was the transgression of those t. which enjoyed

70:11.5 The ancients all claimed that their olden laws, the t.,


82:2.4 the mores and restrictive t. were very crude, but they

82:2.4 but they did keep the sexes apart—this favored quiet,

82:2.4 religious practices had their origin in these early t.

82:2.5 Women have always been subject to more t than men

82:5.2 t. against all marriages among near relatives.

82:5.10 That these t. respecting in-marriage were sociologic,

82:5.10 is well illustrated by the t. on kinship marriages,

83:5.13 The olden t. on sex relations with a pregnant or

83:7.4 potent in the maintenance of the marriage t. and

83:8.8 restricted by the t., and enforced by the laws and

84:2.4 and many of the t. on a pregnant woman were

88:1.5 ensued the t. on eating the flesh of the fetish animal.

89:1.1 The t. were at first nonreligious, but they early

89:1.1 they early acquired ghost or spirit sanction,

89:1.2 T. first arose because of chance experience with ill

89:1.4 the ten injunctions of the Hebrews, were definite t.,

89:1.4 they took the place of thousands of pre-existent t..

89:1.5 The food t. originated in fetishism and totemism.

89:1.6 The t. were highly effective in organizing society,

89:1.6 but they were terribly burdensome; the negative-ban

89:1.6 regulations but obsolete, outworn, and useless t..

89:1.7 man except for these far-flung and multifarious t.,

89:2.1 religion evolved through spirits and fetishes to t..

89:2.1 a thousand branches hanging with all sorts of t..

89:2.3 that transgression of the t.—sin—brought him down

95:1.2 the Mesopotamian t. which they had found resting

98:3.2 in the observance of mere forms, vows, and t..

127:4.2 mode of teaching derived from the ancient t..

Tabor, Mount

122:6.1 all the hills of southern Galilee save the MT. range

124:1.6 with his father, first climbed to the summit of MT..


15:13.2 The major sectors detain, adjudicate, dispense, t.,


84:4.10 man’s attempt to protect woman has always been a t.


195:8.6 institute a revolt against God himself, sometimes t.


139:3.3 James could be quiet and t. one day and a very good


139:12.5 It required t., ability, and patience, and devotion

156:5.18 T. is the fulcrum of social leverage, and tolerance

159:1.3 go to him and with t. and patience show him his

160:1.9 You simply must have t. and tolerance.

160:3.4 victory by his winsome technique of t. and


84:3.5 Woman, being the weaker, became the more t.;

124:4.3 Jesus was increasingly t., always compassionate and

139:4.13 Had not John been t. and sagacious, he would have

156:5.18 grow older are you becoming more t. in dealing

179:4.8 Warning, even when administered in the most t.


150:9.3 had it not been for the t. blunder of one of his own


72:11.3 of study in addition to the mastery of military t..

87:1.5 Backtracking and scores of other t. were practiced

87:6.13 these t. were also utilized for frightening ghosts and

149:4.5 Never did he resort to ignoble t. in meeting the

153:4.6 by the sudden change in the Master’s teaching t..

153:5.1 were bewildered by Jesus’ sudden change of t..

159:3.5 Never be guilty of such unworthy t. as endeavoring

173:0.1 growing out of the Master’s sudden change of t.,


135:6.7 John was a heroic but t. preacher. One day when

136:4.1 Jesus knew that John’s fearless and t. preaching


100:1.4 The quickest way for a t. to become a frog is to live

100:1.4 become a frog is to live loyally each moment as a t..


59:5.6 and their young first exist as little fishes, t..


15:6.13 A comet’s t. points away from the attracting body

53:7.7 wrote of the great red dragon, saying: “And his t.

59:4.10 one had a long body connecting a head and t.,


147:7.2 Be reminded that a wise t. does not sew a piece of


131:4.5 all evil; therefore, O Lord, free us from all t. of sin.


33:3.4 uphold authority on worlds t. with evil or

34:6.11 The domination of the Spirit is never t. with coercion

34:7.7 planets which have never been t. with sin nor

52:7.14 whether a realm has been wholly loyal, t. with evil,

92:3.2 It has usually become t. with that mischief-making

96:5.4 a believer in Providence; Moses had become t. with

98:7.7 the legends of the birth of Jesus on Urantia became t.

139:4.8 John was not the only one of the twelve who was t.

139:7.8 his associates might regard his money as being t.;

152:2.5 the twelve apostles were still t. with such notions,

takesee take away; take up; takeimperative;

  see account; counsel; heed; leave; note; origin; place;


2:6.8 the justice of God t. cognizance of its existence.

3:0.3 the creatorship nature of Deity would t. precedence

3:3.2 child may truly say: “He knows the way I t.,

12:6.4 make certain that you t. into consideration the

16:6.9 so few persons on Urantia t. delight in cultivating

21:3.24 he condescends to t. upon himself the form and

22:2.8 The Messengers t. active part in all phases of the

24:6.1 These highly personal beings t. their name from

25:2.2 Master Spirit Number Seven should t. the initiative

26:5.6 the pilgrim helpers t. their subjects to the pilot world

26:7.3 the Trinity guides t. their pupils to its pilot world

27:7.9 you t. the Trinity oath of eternity and are mustered

28:6.8 you can t. the next step and really show mercy;

30:4.31 Only such individuals t. the finaliter oath.

31:5.2 compelled to t. the natural course of the peoples of

31:7.2 These beings do not t. the finaliter oath, and though

34:6.11 Every step you t. must be one of willingness,

35:2.4 to t. depositions, to receive suggestions, and to act

39:2.9 Transporters t. on energy for flight while in transit

39:2.12 And so you t. flight through space, enseraphimed,

39:4.11 one could not t. so much and give nothing.

39:5.4 races of different colors and varied natures t. kindly

39:5.14 The mechanical controllers, two of them, next t.

46:2.8 The transporters t. off at about twenty-five standard

47:4.1 The groupings of the morontia life begin to t. form;

47:4.1 communities t. on formal proportions,

48:4.15 One of the functions of humor is to help all of us t.

48:6.35 or otherwise t. advantage of the ignorance or other

48:6.34 Angels t. delight in service and, when unassigned,

48:6.37 Nothing can t. precedence over the work of your

48:8.3 If the Gods designed merely to t. you on one long

49:3.3 inhabitants must t. refuge in their special structures

51:1.4 destined to t. the course of material life on the

51:5.5 sons and daughters pledges not to t. other mates

54:5.12 advising Gabriel to permit the rebellion to t. its full

55:9.3 As the ages pass, the Constellation Fathers t. over

63:2.4 But the notion did not t. firm hold of Andon at the

64:7.17 glacial advances that drove them to t. to the sea

65:1.8 must either leave the planet or t. renunciation vows

66:8.1 He was inclined to t. sides with almost every party

69:9.5 on the state (thrifty taxpayers) to t. care of them.

70:7.8 It became the custom to t. boys away from parents

70:10.12 Moses taught that they should “t. no satisfaction

71:4.16 either the weak or the wicked lie in wait to t. unfair

71:5.2 regulate social conduct only enough to t. violence

73:6.8 And now must all flesh on Urantia t. the natural

74:6.3 The Adamic children did not t. milk from animals

78:3.6 held forth in Egypt and prepared to t. over the

81:6.33 Such a highly specialized society will not t. kindly to

83:5.13 her husband to t. a second and younger wife,

83:6.3 pledge upon her spouse not to t. a second wife

84:2.5 could t. his wife and children back to his own people

84:7.2 he was slow to t. an interest in the establishment of

86:1.3 Unthinking men forget good luck—t. it for granted—

88:2.8 To t. an oath on a “holy book” or to swear by some

89:3.2 structure of the races was beginning to t. shape,

93:10.3 Melchizedek continued to t. a great interest in the

94:8.1 reciting the Refuge: “I t. my refuge in the Buddha;

94:8.1 I t. my refuge in the Doctrine;

94:8.1 I t. my refuge in the Brotherhood.”

94:11.9 of Gautama as the enlightened one and began to t.

95:4.3 that “riches t. themselves wings and fly away”—

95:7.4 the great Levantine monotheisms failed to t. root

97:1.6 the poor began to t. hope that they could improve

97:4.3 “Though they dig into hell, thence shall I t. them;

102:2.4 religionist to t. any less interest in the ups and

110:2.1 no circumstances do these divine Monitors ever t.

113:7.4 they will t. you on to Salvington, where you will

113:7.6 but wherever seraphic assignment may t. them,

114:1.4 Some believe that Machiventa will not come to t.

117:4.11 human self refuses to t. part in the Paradise ascent,

117:6.10 Man can never t. the love of the Father and

117:7.7 they t. an oath to the Paradise Trinity,

118:1.5 while it begins to t. on the aspects of past-future

123:0.5 Joseph preferred to t. chances with Herod Antipas

123:5.12 the custom for Joseph to t. Jesus out for walks on

123:6.8 advised Joseph and Mary to allow him to t. Jesus

124:3.7 Jesus was insistent that his father t. him to see the

124:6.13 Joseph found time to t. his son to visit the academy

125:4.2 with his mind made up to t. part in the discussions.

125:5.8 that same reluctance to t. unfair advantage of an

125:6.7 When you t. into fair consideration all the factors

126:3.5 his father’s family must t. precedence of all duties;

126:5.5 extra revenue out of Jesus, threatening to t. his harp.

127:3.1 Jesus decided to t. James to the Passover.

127:3.8 Jesus never failed to t. his brothers and sisters out

128:1.14 consecration, he deemed it his duty to t. Joseph.

128:2.2 to t. contracts for putting up entire buildings.

128:2.4 Never again did Jesus t. the reins out of James’s

128:3.1 Jesus stopped work for three weeks to t. Simon to

128:4.7 He always refused to t. undue or unfair advantage of

128:7.8 Jesus would t. them for long and frequent strolls up

129:0.1 to t. a keen personal interest in the spiritual welfare

129:2.11 it was the practice of John Zebedee to t. presents to

131:1.8 He will t. us by the hand and lead us to himself.

131:2.12 gods before me; you shall not t. my name in vain;

132:2.2 you can t. as your standard of good the current

132:2.2 you may t. as your standards of good the religious

132:5.17 The honest trader should not hesitate to t. the same

132:5.19 Yield not to the temptation to t. usury from your

133:3.1 Ganid requested Jesus to t. him to the service.

133:4.11 Wherever you may go, you t. with you yourself and

134:6.6 If you t. every form of mechanical armaments and

135:1.1 appropriate year for him to t. the Nazarite vow.

135:2.2 to return home, t. care of his mother, and await the

135:5.2 taught the apocalyptists, Israel should t. heart;

136:7.1 to t. reasonable precaution to prevent the untimely

136:9.1 How should he t. over John’s mission?

136:9.6 and he possessed the power to t. them.

137:1.6 Before men, others may t. precedence over you,

139:1.5 in which event Andrew would t. it straight to Jesus.

139:6.4 but never did Nathaniel t. himself seriously.

139:8.8 but when the Master would decide to t. such risks,

139:12.10 these dangerous ideas did not t. definite shape until

140:5.22 Youth is ever willing to “t. a dare.”

140:7.7 “We are ready—let us go forth to t. the kingdom.”

140:8.17 would not t. sides in present-day political, social,

140:9.3 Jesus advised them to t. neither money nor extra

140:10.2 their tendency to t. highly idealistic and spiritual

141:1.1 Jesus knew that Herod would soon begin to t. notice

141:3.7 every individual must t. this yoke of his own free will

141:5.2 who behold your lives will of a surety t. cognizance

141:6.2 refrain from all efforts to t. something out of the

141:7.5 which should forever t. precedence over all other

142:4.1 feared that the Master might t. offense at the sight

142:4.2 to refrain from this and t. care not to do that, but

143:1.2 heavenly and ideal, but they will not t. us seriously

143:5.4 Nalda did not know how to t. Jesus’ willingness to

144:6.3 Again and again would they t. their troubles to

147:3.6 scribes come upon us and t. offense that we spoke

147:5.4 continued: “Simon, t. a good look at this woman.

147:8.2 pleasure in oppression and to t. delight in injustice?

148:7.3 But Herod refused to t. action against Jesus,

149:2.8 Jesus dared to t. women as teachers of the gospel

149:2.9 about the religion that presumed to t. Jesus’ name

153:2.7 bread of life that the Son gives to all who will t. it

153:2.9 Will you now t. the bread of the spirit as you then

153:4.1 impossible for these few celestial rebels to t. such

154:0.1 But Herod refused to t. action against him as a

154:6.2 concerning the plans to arrest Jesus and t. him to

154:6.3 They had expected to meet Jesus, t. him aside,

154:6.7 house, and that no one could t. them by surprise;

154:7.1 authority from Herod to arrest Jesus and t. him to

155:1.3 If you desire to enter the kingdom, why not t. it by

155:1.3 even as the heathen t. a city they lay siege to?

155:5.13 which one of you would prefer to t. this easy path

155:6.5 truth wherever the leadings of the spirit may t. you

156:1.5 that you should expect the Master to t. the bread

156:1.5 But Norana refused to t. offense at Simon’s thrust.

156:2.8 “My people t. themselves too seriously; they are

156:5.23 from that which he and the twelve apostles were to t.

157:7.5 And now Jesus would t. his apostles along with him

157:7.5 And I would t. my brethren along that they may also

158:0.2 And since he could not t. all of his associates with

158:0.2 decided to t. only the three who were in the habit

158:2.5 Jesus did not t. Peter, James, and John with him up

158:2.5 therefore did he t. with him only the three apostles

158:6.4 “How long will it t. you to learn that you cannot

158:8.1 While David Zebedee made ready to t. them

159:1.3 let them t. such action as they deem wise;

159:2.3 many times did the apostles t. offense at those who

159:6.5 and Jesus prepared to t. a week’s rest before they

163:5.2 these accommodations were required to t. care of

164:3.16 compelled the Pharisees to t. notice of the miracle.

165:2.2 in a parable, so that you may each t. for yourself that

165:3.8 How long will it t. us to persuade you to enter

166:1.5 Woe upon you who t. your greatest delight in

166:2.8 to their Father’s will, t. their blessings for granted.

166:3.5 And they who shall thus t. the kingdom in spiritual

167:1.5 you will be required to t. a lower place at the table.

167:1.5 seek for the lowest place and t. your seat therein,

167:2.1 even his friendly host was compelled to t. to heart.

168:1.12 Jesus wanted only to t. one last look at Lazarus.

171:6.3 “And marvel not at what I say nor t. offense at what

173:2.7 Jesus was never disposed to t. unfair advantage of

174:3.1 his brother should t. the wife and raise up seed for

174:3.1 Likewise did the second brother t. the wife, but he

175:1.9 they secretly lay hold of widows’ houses and t. profit

175:1.16 Woe upon you who dissimulate when you t. an oath!

175:3.3 They were told to plan to t. him in secret, preferably

177:0.4 smiled on John and reached down to t. the basket.

177:1.1 Jesus was about to t. the lunch basket from John’s

178:2.1 Not many of the Master’s hearers were able to t. in

178:2.9 he might arrange with his enemies to t. him,

178:3.3 expose yourselves to peril when they come to t.

180:0.2 even advised that you t. with you no extra clothes.

180:0.2 Henceforth, he who has a purse, let him t. it with

180:2.4 How long will it t. the world of believers to

180:6.4 that this new teacher would t. of that which is mine

182:1.5 but I do not ask that you t. them out of the world,

182:3.7 intended to allow natural events to t. their course;

183:2.2 Judas hoped to t. Jesus when the city was quiet,

183:3.7 They who t. the sword shall perish by the sword.

183:3.8 publicly teaching, and you made no effort to t. me.”

183:3.10 Mark suspected the guards were going to t. Jesus

183:5.1 of soldiers as to where they were to t. Jesus.

184:1.7 had struck Jesus, Annas was too proud to t. notice

184:2.1 John saw him just as they were about to t. Jesus

185:1.3 First, he failed to t. seriously their deep-seated

185:1.5 that he dared to t. money from the temple treasury

185:2.2 why do you not t this man and pass judgment on him

185:2.15 Pilate decided to t. the prisoner inside the hall and

185:3.2 “Pilate, do you ask this for yourself, or do you t.

185:6.2 the Roman soldiers to t. Jesus and scourge him.

185:7.4 You should t. him and judge him by your law.

186:3.4 inclined to t. a literal and plain matter-of-fact view

186:4.4 the decision of the captain to t. along two thieves

187:1.9 one Simon from Cyrene, to t. the crossbeam from

187:6.2 authorizing them to t possession of the body of Jesus

188:0.3 But Pilate would not t. money for this.

188:0.3 authorized Joseph to proceed to Golgotha and t.

188:1.1 they sought violently to t. possession of the body,

189:2.3 proceeded to t. possession of Jesus’ physical body

195:1.6 did not t. even their own religion very seriously.

195:3.7 by struggle and compromise, to t. root and rapidly

195:9.8 They t. their religion wholly as handed down by

196:1.1 you must not t. the human Jesus away from men.

196:1.1 so misinterpreted as to t. the human Jesus away

take away

26:3.9 It is they who t. the disappointed candidates who

96:5.4 the Lord your God will t. from you all sickness and

141:6.2 I came not to t. that which you had from your

150:5.2T. away the filthy rags of self-righteousness and

162:8.3 and needful part, I shall not t. it away from her.

165:2.10 No man nor any other creature can t. my life.

168:1.11 spoke those words of command, “T. away the stone”

176:3.4T. away this one talent from this unprofitable

180:2.1 which bears no fruit, the Father will t. away.

180:6.7 the salvation of God which no man can ever t.

181:2.11 and no one shall t. from you the authority which I

take up

23:4.4 Who will t. up their work in the grand universe?

26:3.10 are competent to t. up service in the less exacting

43:9.1 seventy, ascending mortals t. residence on Edentia.

46:5.15 The Most High Constellation Fathers t. their abode

49:6.10 The more advanced group may t. up the morontia

79:8.17 to t. up the unremitting struggle for never-ending

109:2.10 leave their mortal tabernacles after they once t. up

112:5.18 will be present at your personality reassembly to t.

127:3.11 advised John to remain in Nazareth to t. up carpentry

128:2.2 it was unwise for all the boys to t. up carpentry.

129:2.1 get the money from Jesus, and t. it up to Nazareth.

137:6.5 Jesus instructed them to t. up their regular duties

138:6.2 Jesus would usually t. himself away from them,

140:6.11 “Be willing, then, to t. up your responsibilities and

147:3.5 in order to effect recovery—t. up his bed and walk.

148:9.3 your sins are forgiven, or arise, t. up your bed,

148:9.3 Arise, t. up your bed, and go to your own house.”

158:7.5 let him disregard himself, t. up his responsibilities

159:5.10 to be my disciple, let him disregard himself and t.

165:2.10 mind you, if I lay down my life, I will t. it up again

165:2.10 I have the same power and right to t. it up again.

171:8.6 seeing that you t. where you have not laid down,

176:2.3 Very soon must I leave you and t. up the work the

187:0.3 But I will t. it up again.

187:0.3 to lay it down, and I have authority to t. it up.

189:0.1 of his own free will, he also had power to t. it up

189:0.2 to lay down his observable life and to t. it up again

193:0.5 I have the power to lay down my life and to t. it up


69:9.18 Do not t. a backward step.

74:3.5 T. note!

113:1.1T. heed that you despise not one of these little ones,

132:5.23 T. for yourself of any trust only that which all honest

140:9.3 But t. heed, for your enemies will bring you up

144:8.8 T. upon you the divine yoke, and you will experience

150:5.2T. away the filthy rags of self-righteousness and

151:3.1 t. heed also to yourselves how you hear.

151:6.7 depart from us and t. your prophet with you.

152:3.3T. your brethren back to Zebedee’s house and pray

159:3.4 T. care that you do not wound the self-respect of

159:5.9 “You shall not t. vengeance against the children of

163:3.7 T. now that which is yours and go your way, for it

163:6.7 T. my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am true

164:1.3T. good care of my friend, and if the expense is

165:4.1 he said: “T. heed and keep yourselves free from

165:4.2 t. now your ease; eat, drink, and be merry, for you

168:1.11 those words of command, “T. away the stone,”

169:2.4 Then said the steward, ‘T. your wax board bond,

169:2.4 Then said the steward, ‘T. your bond and write

169:2.5 T. lessons from those who make friends with the

171:4.2 T. heed to yourselves and remember that I have

171:8.7T. the money from this slothful servant and give it

176:1.1 After I leave you, t. heed that no man deceive you,

176:3.4T. away this one talent from this unprofitable

177:0.1 T. time to think over all that has happened since

178:3.3 Likewise do I warn you to t. heed lest you expose

178:3.3 T. heed to yourselves lest they kill you also.

179:2.2T. this cup and divide it among yourselves and,

179:5.1 saying: “T. this cup, all of you, and drink of it.

179:5.3 said: “T. this bread of remembrance and eat it.

182:3.4 Sleep on now and t. your rest; the time of decision

183:5.3 said to his assistant: “T. this man and bind him.

185:3.9 T. him to Herod, and when he has examined him,

192:2.3 again said Jesus: “Then t. good care of my sheep.

takensee taken away; taken over; see place

2:0.2 If the incarnated life of Michael is t. as the

2:2.2 nothing can be added to it nor anything t. from it.”

11:2.3 These differences in dimensions, t. in connection

14:5.4 the Deity adventure, they are t. to the fifth circuit;

15:4.9 energy is t. up by near-by suns and redispatched in

19:5.10 if the action of such Spirits is not t. into account.

21:2.9 such a perfect and divine Son has t. possession of

26:5.5 you will be t. before the twelve adjutants of the

26:10.4 Candidates are then t. by the counselors of the circle

26:11.5 forbearance by human beings be t. as evidence

31:3.3 we have t. cognizance of, and here call attention to

42:4.14 The quantity of energy t. in or given out when

45:7.8 are t. in hand by the Material Sons and are given

53:5.6 the rebel sophistries from his headquarters t. up

53:7.5 a heavy toll was t. of the Morontia Companions and

53:8.4 step in the hearing of this case has already been t..

53:9.2 Lucifer was t. into custody by the agents of the

55:4.19 whereupon we conjecture their places may be t. by

55:8.1 and only appeals are t. to the universe headquarters.

58:1.3 no steps could be t. toward planting life until the

60:2.10 They so overran the land that two species had t. to

60:3.20 the lead now being t. by the more agile and active

61:3.1 their places being t. by more hardy plants and trees.

62:2.6 this new tribe had t. origin from the highest type of

65:1.8 vows are voluntarily t. by those Life Carriers who

66:5.6 that carrier pigeons were first used, being t. on long

67:2.2 participation until an appeal could be t. to Lucifer,

67:2.2 appeal was t. to Jerusem, and forthwith came back

70:3.8 Their Arab ancestors made use of the oath t. while

70:11.14 it was t. for granted that those who had power

73:6.5 This Edentia shrub was t. to their highland retreat,

74:8.2 appearance of the sun and moon, may have t. origin

75:2.4 gradually and naturally that Eve was t. unawares.

75:3.9 transpiring, the fatal step had been t.. It was done.

75:6.3 All children of prechoice age were t. to Edentia.

77:4.11 that Van and Amadon were t. alive from the planet

83:2.4 Man has usually t. the lead in courtship, but not

86:1.6 as fishes are t. in an evil net, and as birds are caught

87:1.3 removed from the family hut, being t. to a smaller

87:1.5 These measures were t. to confuse the ghost, to

88:3.4 One man’s opinion, when t. by itself, is not

93:8.1 he was not there, for his fellows had t. him.

94:1.7 T. at their best, these writings are the equal of any

94:3.8 And it has also t. no cognizance of the essential

95:4.5 are t. almost verbatim from Amenemope’s Book of

95:5.2 other reasons, that the child Jesus was t. to Egypt,

95:7.3 Had the followers of Jesus t. more seriously his

97:4.1 immorality among his own people, was t. by Amos,

112:7.8 you shall finally be t. before the Sovereign of

113:6.10 Already have the Universal Censors arbitrarily t.

120:0.3 Paradise Sons would have t. leave of the universe.

121:6.3 until these problems were t. in hand by Philo of

121:8.3 changed, numerous passages having been t. out

122:5.6 Mary, being greatly influenced by the position t. by

122:7.1 this census, where it was t. in 7 B.C., one year later

122:8.3 Joseph was t. by him to a well-to-do friend who had

122:10.1 could not tell him whither the pair had t. the babe.

126:3.1 —Jesus had t. a firm grasp upon the management of

126:5.7 decision of Herod regarding the appeal t. to him

126:5.7 Joseph’s brothers had t. an appeal to Herod

127:1.5 As soon as Ruth grew up, she was t. in hand by

128:1.14 Having t. James to the temple for consecration, he

128:6.3 since Jesus had t. his other brothers to Jerusalem for

128:6.5 Jude, with Jesus by his side, was t. at once to the

133:7.3 young Ganid was suddenly t. grievously ill.

133:9.4 they had just t. leave of—Joshua their teacher.

134:1.6 was passing through the city was t. violently ill,

134:9.5 of Gilboa, near where King Saul had t. his life;

135:5.1 account should be t. of the status of Jewish people

135:12.1 John was t. immediately to the prison of the fortress

136:3.6 When the Most High Father of Edentia had t. leave,

137:7.6 scribes and rabbis, t. together, were called Pharisees.

139:7.3 That Matthew, a publican, had been t. in by Jesus

141:6.4 the beauties of the temple until you have first t.

148:8.3 committee, had t. Kirmeth out into the lake and,

152:2.2 They saw the direction t. by Jesus’ boat, and hiring

153:2.6 fishing fleet, which a week before had t. shelter

154:1.2 official action was t. by rulers of the Capernaum

154:1.2 This action was t. at the instigation of the Pharisees.

156:1.8 I tell you that the Father’s kingdom shall be t. by the

160:3.1 The physical things can be t. for granted, but the

162:1.7 His enemies were so t. aback by Jesus’ unexpected


162:3.2 this woman was t. in adultery—in the very act.

162:8.1 precautions being t. because the Jewish authorities

163:5.3 David had t. counsel with Philip and Matthew at

166:3.4 ‘Depart from us, all you who have t. delight in the

169:1.2 And all such teaching should be t. to heart.

170:5.3 a Jewish to a gentile soil was t. when the Messiah of

170:5.21 the time being, an outward church has t. its place;

172:3.4 Jesus thought might consistently be t. as a guide

173:1.10 They were so t. aback by this sudden and unexpected

173:2.2 as to when and how he should be t. into custody.

174:5.1 Philip was t. by surprise thus to meet these

177:3.2 as John Mark did, he would surely have t. us all.

177:4.6 peace of Israel if Jesus should be t. into custody,

177:4.6 for Jesus’ arrest that he could be t. into custody

177:5.3 certain ones knew that Lazarus had t. hasty flight

181:1.1 When the eleven had t. their seats, Jesus stood and

183:0.3 offer resistance to the soldiers and would be t. into

183:3.4 they could have t. him without Judas’s assistance.

183:4.2 secure information as to where Jesus had been t.,

183:5.1 guards gave orders that he should be t. to Caiaphas

183:5.1 soldiers directed that Jesus be t. to the palace of

184:1.3 Jesus was young, Annas had t. a great interest in him

184:2.12 Having t. the first step along the path of compromise

185:0.1 The Master was t. into the presence of the Roman

185:2.1 The Sadducees and councilors who had t. it upon

185:4.1 that Jesus was now t. by the temple guards,

187:0.1 were properly scourged before they were t. out to

187:4.8 standing by when the body of the Master was t.

187:5.7 so that they could be t. down from their crosses and

188:0.1 began shortly before he was t. down from the cross

188:0.1 Jesus would have been t. down sooner but for the

188:4.9 Salvation should be t. for granted by those who

188:5.5 have t. one more look at Jesus on the cross and then

189:4.8 “He is not there—they have t. him away!”

189:4.10 the garden, said, “Where have you t. the Master?

189:4.10 Do you know where they have t. him?”

190:1.9 When David had t. leave of his brethren, he went

190:3.3 that action was t. to throw out of the synagogues

192:2.3 Be not t. by surprise at the enemy’s hand.

192:3.2 when he had t. an affectionate farewell of them, he

193:4.14 influences of evil which, t. altogether, explain why

194:0.7 And when all of this is t. into consideration, it is not

195:1.1 his version of the new religion which had t. origin

taken away

54:2.4 Lucifer would have t. from them, that is, the divine

64:6.25 they have been forcibly t., from age to age, as slaves.

71:6.3 Profit motivation must not be t. from men until they

95:2.5 protection against a “man’s having his heart t.

125:1.4 Jesus clutched his father’s arm and begged to be t..

109:4.5 shall be t. even that experienced Adjuster which

145:2.2 your water, and all sickness shall be t. from you.”

147:7.2 the time is coming when the bridegroom shall be t.,

151:1.4 but from him who has not shall be t. even that

151:3.1 while from him who has not shall be t. even that

166:1.5 Woe upon all of you lawyers who have t. the key

171:8.7 even that which he has shall be t. from him.’”

173:4.4 presently will the kingdom of God be t. from you

176:3.5 who has not, even that which he has shall be t..

189:4.8 “He is not there—they have t. him away!

193:2.2 on the living vine, and they soon will be t..

taken over

47:0.3 to serve as mortal-training stations, they are t. by

126:5.8 The family supply shop had already been t. by his

170:2.25 were t. by the expanding and crystallizing Christian

195:3.6 The early plan of Christian worship was largely t.

takessee origin; see place

10:3.7 the Father t a step which makes it forever impossible

12:1.13 But this tentative estimate t. no account of

14:6.11 And God t. pleasure in the Paradise-Havona universe

21:3.12 a Creator Michael t. an oath to the Trinity not to

28:6.20 The great man is not he who “t. a city” or

31:1.3 The Havona native t. the same oath and becomes

32:4.8 each one of us “he t. note where we were born.”

43:5.15 And this t. no account of the numerous Vorondadeks

46:4.7 residential and administrative areas t. no account

50:3.1 a Planetary Prince usually t. with him a group of

51:2.4 This entire process t. ten to twenty-eight days of

52:5.3 The joy of living t. on new color, and the reactions

54:6.2 that God as a Father t. precedence over all other

58:2.3 And all of this t. no account of their catalogue of

69:0.3 Civilized man t. great pride in the character, stability

72:4.3 Everyone t. one month’s vacation each year.

72:7.10 In return the government t. one half the profits

82:2.1 nature t. no cognizance of so-called morals; it is only

89:8.4 Law, a covenant, t. the place of luck, fear, and

96:7.6 of the crafty; he t. the wise in their own deceit.”

97:7.5 “Behold he t. up the isles as a very little thing.”

100:6.5 Genuine religion t. nothing away from human

103:9.5 it actually t. salvation for granted and concerns

104:1.9 The trinity idea t. best hold of those religions which

112:3.4 Following this dissolution the Adjuster t. leave of the

116:5.13 The pattern of a local universe t. shape not only as

117:5.13 What man himself t. with him as a personality

118:3.6 when a body moves through space, it also t. all its

118:7.1 foreknowledge t. nothing away from the freedom

131:1.8 The man who t. shelter in the Most High conceals

131:2.6 his own spirit is mightier than he who t. a city.

131:5.5 I know that forgiveness t. away the bonds of sin.

131:7.3 “‘Every time man yields to anxiety, he t. one step

141:3.3 a wise parent never t. sides in the petty quarrels of

142:2.1 The prophets say he hates evildoers and t. vengeance

148:5.5 the father corrects the son in whom he t. delight.

155:6.17 my Father t. note of the physical and superstitious

180:5.7 this golden rule t. on living qualities of spiritual

187:0.3 No one t. my life away from me—I lay it down of

194:4.2 and he t. them out on Olivet, where he bids them

takingsee leave; see origin; see place

2:3.1 Lord our God, no respect of persons, no t. of gifts.”

19:5.12 just now t. your first step on the eternal journey,

21:2.9 t. on the personal qualities of the Mother Spirit of

21:3.12 there would be no meaning in t. an oath not to do so.

25:3.8 adjudication of the problems of a constellation, t.

31:3.4 sixth stage of spirit existence upon t. the oath that

31:4.1 join their subjects in t. the finaliter oath of eternity

36:3.9 may volunteer, by t. temporary renunciation vows,

40:8.3 upon this leave-t. the morontia mortal is fused

43:5.3 local universe before t. up his Edentia responsibilities

48:6.37 the likelihood of success by t. yourself too seriously.

49:2.17 of a primitive race of human beings t. shape,

49:2.24 all worlds are alike in the manner of t. in energy.

51:2.3 there is no equivalent method for t. them away

64:6.25 They journeyed to Africa, t. possession of the

69:8.3 The Hebrews “utterly destroyed” their enemies, t.

69:8.4 made a practice of t. as slaves only the women and

70:1.20 The first refinement of war was the t. of prisoners.

70:10.11 of advanced tribal law had to do with the t. over of

70:10.13 true justice dates from the t. of revenge from private

76:1.4 Nature was once again t. its course.

84:3.10 when t. over much of woman’s work, improved on

87:4.7 when these ideas were t. root in the primitive mind

88:1.6 the ancients always opposed the t. of a census,

91:1.1 moral, and spiritual values which are slowly t. form.

94:2.5 during these dark days that the cult of t. no life arose

97:9.28 Religion was t. shape as a system of human thought

115:7.7 appreciated without t. into consideration source,

117:7.7 an oath to the Paradise Trinity, and in t. this oath

119:0.7 about the time Urantia was t. on its present form,

119:2.4 Three days after this unexplained leave-t. there

119:7.4 our Creator and friend was t. the most precarious

121:8.7 t. with him to Pella a copy of Matthew’s notes.

122:7.1 the postponement of the t. of this census in the

123:2.3 Joseph never failed to do his full duty in t. pains

124:6.2 and they had little to fear in t. Jesus to Jerusalem.

127:3.2 James was very appreciative of Jesus’ t. him up to

128:1.6 t. upon himself the form of a creature, was born in

128:2.4 Before t. up his new employment at Sepphoris,

129:2.7 Annas spent much time with Jesus, t. him to visit

130:8.1 This fellow had contemplated t. his life, but when

135:1.1 which were required of those t. Nazarite vows.

135:10.2 attack upon Herod for unlawfully t. the wife of

137:1.3 Andrew sought out his brother, Simon, and t. him

137:2.6 But Philip, t. him by the arm, said, “Come and see.

138:7.1 T. Jesus aside, Peter made bold to say: “Master, we

141:1.5 was spent in quietly t. over John’s work in Perea and

144:7.1 the end of that preliminary period of t. over John’s

145:2.12 t. the young man by the hand, said, “Come out of it”

146:6.2 And then, t. the young man by the hand, he said,

148:8.3 Kirmeth shortly returned to Bagdad, t. with him

150:8.8 Jesus, t. the roll, stood up and began to read from

151:6.5 like an animal at his feet, reached down and, t. him

152:1.1 for, t. with him Peter, James, and John, he turned

158:5.3 Jesus stepped forward and, t. the lad by the hand,

159:1.3 persists in the error of his way, go again to him, t.

159:1.5 t. him by the throat, said, ‘Pay me all you owe.’

160:3.1 Even now he is out in the hills t. in power while

163:5.2 The kingdom was t. on a new phase.

164:0.1 Jesus, t. with him Nathaniel and Thomas, secretly

167:1.5 t. him by the hand, said: “Arise and go your way.

168:1.14 third day, so that it was t. full effect on the fourth

168:2.7 Jesus, t. Lazarus by the hand, lifted him up, saying:

171:1.5 t. his mother back with him to Bethsaida after the

179:1.3 t. note of the higher divan of the host with one couch

179:5.1 arose from the couch and, t. the cup in his hands,

180:2.4 your way but rather a program of t. God’s way,

182:3.1 Jesus, t. Peter, James, and John, went a short way

186:1.7 climbed up the rocks and, t. the girdle of his cloak,

186:4.1 Upon t. charge of Jesus, the soldiers led him back

187:2.8 divided his clothes among them, one t. the sandals,

188:1.1 they found the soldiers t. Jesus down from the cross

194:4.7 the believers at Antioch were t. up a collection to


77:2.3 the well-nigh universal folk t. of the gods who

101:7.6 that primitive religion which was largely a fairy t.


28:6.9 time is the “one t.” intrusted to all intelligent beings.

44:8.2 an ancestral foundation for every outstanding t..

87:5.8 One’s future was not the result of industry, or t.

136:6.10 Man’s natural endowment of t. and ability should be

139:9.8 Jesus welcomed these young men of one t. to

176:3.4 for their master except he who received but one t..

176:3.4 to the accounting he who had received the one t..

176:3.4 I safely hid your t. in the earth; here it is; you now

176:3.4 ‘Take away this one t. from this unprofitable

176:3.9 unfaithful servant with the one t. in that he blamed


88:1.10 And these t. humans soon learned to resort to fraud

121:3.9 There was always the open door through which t.

139:1.6 profound influence over a younger and t. brother.


44:8.2 may be delegated to act as harmonizers of these t.

44:8.3 While the Gods do not arbitrarily bestow t. and

90:5.5 priests began to specialize according to their innate t.

136:6.9 the folly of prostituting divine t. and God-given

139:1.8 the hidden resources and latent t. of young people.

159:1.4 confessing that he owed his king ten thousand t..

163:0.2 in accordance with their experience and natural t..

171:8.2 parable of the pounds, unlike the parable of the t.,

171:8.8 this parable and that of the former parable of the t.,

176:3.4 To one he gave five t., to another two, and to

176:3.4 Immediately he who had received five t. began to

176:3.4 and very soon had made a profit of another five t..

176:3.4 In like manner he who had received two t. soon had

176:3.4 he who had received the five t. came forward with

176:3.4 brought five additional t., saying, ‘Lord, you gave

176:3.4 ‘Lord, you gave me five t. to invest, and I am glad

176:3.4 and I am glad to present five other t. as my gain.

176:3.4 And then he who had received the two t. came

176:3.4 saying: ‘Lord, you delivered into my hands two t.;

176:3.4 talents; behold, I have gained these other two t..

176:3.4 servant and give it to him who has the ten t..

176:3.8 Whether inherent t are few or many, a just reckoning


67:4.3 postrebellion days, found a place in the folk t. and

70:3.9 customary for guests to pay their way by telling t. of

130:7.1 they kept Jesus busy telling t. about his early life in

157:1.4 fishes; such t. of near miracles were commonplace


85:1.3 a stone may be employed as a t. of the law,

88:6.4 The doll was first employed as a magic t. by the


75:3.5 One day, during a t. with Eve, it occurred to

81:6.17 dialects is illustrated by the indulgence in “baby t.

123:2.3 Jesus had a long t. with his father concerning the

123:3.6 on having “just a little t. with my Father in heaven.”

124:2.1 Jesus had a similar but longer t. with his mother.

127:5.4 Then began that eventful t. with Rebecca.

127:6.8 Mary had a long t. with Jesus about marriage.

128:5.7 In December James had a private t. with Jesus,

128:6.8 but Jesus had a long t. with Jude about this episode

128:6.8 After this t. with Jesus Jude himself told the family.

129:2.3 Jesus had a long t. with his new-found friend and

130:4.1 a long and heart-to-heart t. about Plato’s doctrines.

130:5.2 Jesus had his first t. with Gonod regarding religion.

130:6.1 Jesus had a long t. with a young man who was

130:7.3 had a long and memorable t. with a Mithraic priest

130:8.1 Here Jesus had a long t. with a downhearted and

132:0.7 The t. in Jerusalem with Stephen, whose death led to

132:1.1 the leader of the Stoics, that Jesus had an all-night t.

132:7.1 the long t. with Ganid concerning the impossibility

132:7.3 Jesus had an all-day t. with both father and son

133:7.5 Jesus and Ganid had a t. on the functions of mind.

133:9.3 It was at Ur that Ganid had a long t. with Jesus

135:3.3 Neither did his t. with Jesus, at the time of his visit

136:1.5 There was much t. about repentance; wherefore the

137:1.1 the two paused for a short t., during which Andrew

138:7.3 After this short but earnest t. the apostles all arose,

140:6.14 Master that “I have just a little private t. with you.

140:10.5 Jesus had the t. with Matthew in which he

143:6.3 memorable t. on “The realities which are central in

150:3.2 a memorable t. on “Magic and Superstition.”

154:4.6 There was much t. about Jesus’ preaching


157:7.1 say nothing to his brethren concerning this t. with

158:7.1 shocked by this t. about the death of Jesus.


159:4.11 He long pondered this t. in the depths of his soul,


163:0.2 Jesus gave a t. to this company each morning.

163:4.1 Early that morning, in his last t. with the seventy,


178:0.1 this t. of Thursday forenoon was his farewell

182:2.2 Returning from his t. with David and John,

185:3.1 Pilate began his t. with Jesus by assuring him that

185:7.3 This last t. with Jesus thoroughly frightened Pilate.

192:2.7 Jesus went for a walk and t. with Andrew and


39:4.17 the delights of your sojourn on Jerusem will be to t.

77:9.6 but much as mortals t. with travelers from afar and

91:3.7 the Adjuster so that man can t. face to face,

91:8.8 Man should be unafraid to t. to God, but only a child

122:2.6 and t. over the probable futures of their sons.

122:8.4 in return inviting Joseph up to Jerusalem to t. over

123:3.6 to his heavenly Father much as he would t. to Joseph

123:6.9 Jesus had finally decided to “t. with my Father who

125:2.4 Both of them feared to t. frankly with the lad

127:3.5 Mary sat down to t. with James while Martha,

127:6.3 an opportunity to t. with Lazarus and to visit with

128:7.10 If Jesus would only sit down and t. it all over freely

129:1.13 Jude came over on the Sabbath to hear Jesus t. in the

130:6.2 The young man was disinclined to t., and so Jesus

130:6.2 so, of course, you do not want to t. with me, but I

130:6.3 the young man very much desired to t. with Jesus,

133:3.6 Stop here with me while we t. about these matters.

133:4.10 Did you ever sincerely endeavor to t. with the spirit

135:4.5 like Elijah, and he endeavored to t. like Elijah;

135:7.1 John really wished he might t. it all over with his

138:2.1 they all wanted to t. at once, but Andrew assumed

138:5.3 Jesus desired that they be alone to t. over what he

139:2.3 Peter very early learned to t. over many of his plans

139:4.7 but John never overcame his disinclination to t.;

140:6.14 James decided to go in to t. with Jesus.

140:6.14 apostles went in one by one to t. with the Master.

140:6.14 shall I arouse them to inquire if they would also t.

140:8.1 and John to t. over the affairs of the kingdom.

143:3.1 you cannot t. men out of their perplexities when

143:3.2 go to each of your eleven brethren and t. with him

143:5.4 know how to take Jesus’ willingness to t. with her.

143:5.11 shocked by Jesus’ willingness to t. with women,

143:6.1 he persisted in his determination to t. to the people

148:4.1 special converse with individuals who desired to t.

151:1.1 the boat, said to Jesus, “Master, shall I t. to them?”

151:6.1 breakfast and under some of the shelters rest and t..”

152:2.1 the evangelists were left to t. to the multitude while

155:3.1 many of the believers came out to the camp to t.

155:5.16 but presently they began to t. one with another,

156:4.2 Every day believers came out from the city to t.

158:2.1 now he began to t. about “rising from the dead”!

158:2.2 not knowing what else to t. about, gave expression

158:6.1 we crave to have you t with us concerning our defeat

158:7.4 When you t. in this manner, you are not on my

159:4.2 I will t. with you about this matter on condition

160:0.1 hoping that the Master would t. these problems

162:7.6 “You are not fifty years of age, and yet you t.

164:4.10 rushed Josiah, angrily exclaiming: “You may t.

168:2.10 to Bethany to look upon Lazarus and t. with him,

172:0.1 so many people came every day to t. with Lazarus

175:1.11 they profess to t. with God and then presume to

177:5.3 Every effort to persuade Mark to t. only indicated

177:5.3 indicated clearly that Jesus had told Mark not to t..

178:2.6 while Philip, Peter, and John went to one side to t.

178:3.2 “Sit down and rest yourselves while I t. with you

179:0.4 Jesus lingered behind to t. with the Mark family.

179:2.3 Jesus began thus to t. to his apostles because he

180:6.6 the apostles began to t. with each other: “What is

180:6.8 but the time is coming when I will t. to you plainly

181:2.9 “It is indeed refreshing to hear you t. like that,

185:4.3 convinced that Jesus would neither t. nor perform

190:1.6 without even tarrying to t. with those who had seen

192:1.2 they had many interesting experiences to t. over,

193:4.10 Judas refused to t. over his difficulties with his real

194:4.2 Again and again they see him and t. with him,

195:10.1 futile to t. about a revival of primitive Christianity;

talkedsee talked about; talked over

74:3.2 Adam and Eve walked and t. far into the night,

75:4.8 I t. to the father and mother of the violet race that

87:1.4 The savages sat up all night and t. when a member of

93:2.3 And that night, as they t. out under the stars,

122:5.1 Joseph t. little but thought much.

122:8.3 Meeting a man they had t. with previously at Jericho,

123:5.15 women of Nazareth, who had met him and t. with

123:6.9 Jesus listened attentively, t. with Joseph, Mary,

124:3.7 Joseph t. earnestly and long with Jesus concerning

124:6.3 they t. much about Saul, who took his life on the

125:2.4 though Jesus would gladly have t. with his parents

127:3.5 Lazarus, and Jesus t. together far into the night.

128:3.6 faintly surmised that the Galilean he had t. with was

128:6.5 While Jesus t. with Lazarus and sought to arrange

129:1.10 Jesus t. quite freely with them, expressing his ideas

130:1.3 Jesus and Gadiah t. long into the night by the seaside

130:2.2 since this Far-Easterner t. Greek fairly well, Jesus

132:0.9 ever realized that they had once t. with the man

132:4.5 Jesus t. with a Roman senator on politics and

132:4.5 He t. with all sorts of people in every walk of life.

132:7.7 Ganid t. a long time with his father and finally said,

133:5.3 After this pedant had t. for almost three hours,

133:6.2 t. with a young Phoenician who was homesick and

134:2.2 the vast majority of those who met and t. with Jesus

135:3.1 John t. much with Ezda, an orphan lad of Beth-zur

135:9.1 group of thirty or more t. long into the starlit night.

137:5.2 rest while he walked and t. with his brother Jude.

139:2.4 While others t. in their astonishment at seeing Jesus

139:3.3 James usually t. freely with Jesus, but among the

140:3.21 he had t. to them as one having supreme authority.

140:6.1 Jesus went for a walk along the beach, the twelve t.

140:6.7 After the apostles had t. among themselves for a

140:10.1 Jesus t. at great length, trying to show the twelve

141:1.3 after the evening meal Jesus t. with the twelve.

145:5.5 while Simon Zelotes t. to the assembly, Andrew,

148:9.2 and having t. with Aaron the stone mason, who had

150:6.1 At the evening discussions Jesus t. upon many

151:0.1 That Saturday night the Master t. for more than an

151:1.1 Since Jesus had t. with the apostles and others

151:1.1 while he t. to the crowd assembled along the shore.

151:1.5 As Andrew and Thomas t. further with Jesus, Peter

151:2.2 “Master, we have t. much concerning the parable,

154:1.3 Jesus t. to less than one hundred and fifty who

154:4.1 They t. and debated until after midnight, but they

154:6.1 They had t. with the Jerusalem leaders long into

155:3.1 Jesus t. with the apostles each day, and they more

157:6.7 the apostles heard much that was new as Jesus t. to

158:5.2 And as they t., the youth was seized with a violent

158:7.9 they t. much among themselves while Andrew t. with

163:2.1 dozen who, when they had t. with Jesus, no more

163:2.4 Jesus t. with Matadormus concerning the

163:4.9 When Jesus had t. thus to the seventy in the presence

165:4.1 As the apostles baptized believers, the Master t.

167:5.1 he t. to his apostles and this group of followers

168:0.11 while both Martha and Mary t. with the Master

172:3.7 visitors flocked to greet this much-t.-of prophet and

173:1.6 a simple-minded Galilean, a man he had once t.

173:5.4 they t. among themselves, saying, “Almost fifty

176:0.2 The Master t. with them, and presently Nathaniel

178:1.1 Jesus t. to about fifty of his trusted followers for two

180:2.3 the Master t. to them this night in the upper chamber

185:3.1 said, “See that you tell no man that I t. with you.”

189:4.12 —and Peter—that I have risen, and that you have t.

189:5.5 and told the apostles she had again t. with Jesus,

190:1.2 women who represented that they had seen and t.

190:1.5 I have t. with Mary Magdalene and four other

190:1.5 Magdalene and four other women, who have t.

190:2.2 believed the report, and so did Jude after he had t.

190:2.4 walked through the garden and t. for three minutes;

190:2.5 “I have just seen Jesus and t. with him,

190:5.2 and that certain of the women had t. with him.

190:5.3 these same women insist that they t. with this man;

190:5.8 declaring that they had seen Jesus and t. with him.

191:0.11 but our mother says she t. with the Master, and we

191:1.3 morontia Jesus walked through the garden and t. of

191:1.4 the realization that he had t. with the risen Master,

191:1.4 I t. with him, and he has forgiven me.”

192:1.5 As Jesus t. with the young man, the ten were so

192:2.9 Jesus next t. with Thomas and Nathaniel.

192:2.11 After this the Master t. with Matthew and Philip.

192:2.13 Then he walked and t. with the Alpheus twins,

192:4.3 we proclaim that we have seen him and t. with him.”

193:1.3 news that they had seen Jesus, and that he had t. to

194:1.2 They t. for more than an hour and a half and

talked about

1:7.1 When Jesus t. “the living God,” he referred to a

74:3.4 the Son and his mate walked in the Garden and t.

97:8.3 The second Isaiah t. salvation by sacrifice and

123:2.16 Though Joseph and Mary often t. the future of their

126:3.14 t. less about those things which an average person

127:1.7 From this year on he t. less with his mother about

127:3.11 The more Mary and Elizabeth t. their sons, the more

130:3.9 Ganid and Jesus t. much about Philo’s teachings

130:7.1 Most of the time en route to Carthage Jesus t. with

132:4.5 Jesus spent an evening with a slaveholder, t. man

133:1.3 For days they t. this problem of manifesting mercy

133:6.1 That night they t. at great length about the worship

135:8.2 Jesus’ brothers James and Jude had t. going down

135:12.3 Herod t. with John about the kingdom of heaven,

137:6.4 where they anchored while he t. to them about the

138:3.4 They returned to Matthew’s home, where they t.

138:5.3 Jesus t. to them about the ministry of seraphim,

139:4.6 John t. about love and wrote about love.

139:9.10 the Master had t. revealing himself openly to the

140:5.5 He first t. those who were poor in spirit, hungered

143:5.10 the Master t. to them more about the water of life,

149:4.3 the Master t. to the group about the desirability of

158:8.1 what was it that you t. about so earnestly among

165:4.14 and would have t. with him about wealth on earth

167:5.7 After Jesus had t. marriage and divorce, later on

167:6.3 Jesus t. to his apostles about the celestial mansions

169:1.1 Jesus t. to the multitude about the “Grace of

172:1.3 Jesus t. with Simon about Joshua of old, whose

190:5.2 the road to Emmaus, they t. in great earnestness

talked over

75:3.5 —especially with Eve—and they t. many plans for

123:3.4 the parents t. many things, including the future plans

127:3.2 On this journey they t. many of their problems,

127:3.2 and they t. the future more fully than ever before.

127:3.12 they t. some very intimate and personal matters.

127:5.1 and Miriam in turn t. all this over with her mother.

127:5.1 After Mary and Miriam had t. this matter over,

128:7.8 Jesus t. things over with the runaway lad and,

130:2.9 The next day Ganid t. all this over with his father,

133:1.5 Many times they t. these matters, and Jesus told

137:3.2 And these members of Jesus’ family t. all this over,

137:5.1 On this journey Jesus t. many things of importance

153:0.2 James and John t. the forthcoming sermon in the

154:6.2 On the way to Zebedee’s house they t. these

158:1.7 And they t. the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion while

189:4.9 sat down on the stone near the entrance and t. the

190:2.4 t. experiences of former days and forecast the near


139:3.3 be quiet and taciturn one day and a very good t. and


91:8.8 the thought of t. things over with God in a purely

123:3.6 Jesus insisted on t. to his heavenly Father much as he

124:2.6 Jesus delighted in t. over things cultural, social,

125:1.1 court of the gentiles with its noisy jargon, loud t.

128:3.3 spent much of his time t. with this well-educated

130:8.1 when he had finished t. with the Damascus scribe,

132:4.2 to draw people out and into t. with him by asking

133:4.12 From t. to you, I well know you did not plan to do

134:1.1 After t. with James and Jude (who chanced to be in

136:3.5 While he tarried on the mountain, t. with Gabriel,

140:10.7 After Jesus and Matthew had finished t., Simon

141:6.1 After t. with Jesus, the Persian signified his

142:6.2 in t. with him, there was no compromise or undue

143:3.4 whole day was devoted to reminiscences and to t.

143:5.9 scene of Jesus’ t. so intimately with this woman—

143:6.1 they besought Jesus to eat with them instead of t.

143:6.1 When Jesus heard them t. among themselves,

147:6.4 and rushing back to where Jesus walked along, t. to

147:7.2 “I was today t. with one of John’s disciples who is

148:7.2 leader of the spying Pharisees, as Jesus stood t. to

151:1.3 were greatly perplexed; and after much t. among

151:2.1 suppose you tell me what you have been t. about;

154:6.4 by Peter, who interrupted his t. for the purpose,

154:7.5 spent almost a week in t., debating, and praying.

155:6.6 discovered God; he was not merely t. about God.

157:3.2 the Waters of Merom, the apostles fell to t. among

158:4.4 fall to t. about those hopes and ambitions which

162:2.5 and their agents heard the people t. this way,

163:3.1 By the time Jesus had finished t. with Matadormus

164:3.10 “A man called Jesus came by this way, and when t.

177:1.3 visiting with this truth-hungry youth and t. with

177:1.4 Jesus visited with John, t. freely about the affairs of

180:6.1 It was for this purpose that I have been t. so plainly

181:2.1 and as the Master went around the table t. to them,

181:2.9 friend, you still do not know what you are t. about.

187:1.10 t. with many of his friends and with his enemies.

189:4.14 The women repeated the story of t. with Jesus to the

191:0.9 usually inexpressive Philip did much t. throughout

192:1.10 Jesus walked up and down the beach, t. with them


125:2.8 though he attended some of the public t. delivered

127:3.12 Jesus and John had many t. together; and they

128:3.7 They had many heart-to-heart t. as they journeyed

132:3.11 these words, as he was by each of his t. with Jesus.

133:4.13 Jesus enjoyed many intimate t. with a large number

133:6.4 In the course of these t. Jesus had repeatedly used

134:1.3 this was Jesus’ first opportunity to have long t. with

139:8.6 Jesus enjoyed Thomas and had many personal t. with

139:11.9 The Master had many t. with Simon, but he never

144:6.2 These t. by Jesus to the twenty-four were on

157:7.1  profitable t. with all of his associates except Judas

160:1.1 These t., condensed, combined, and restated in


169:4.1 In his intimate t. with the apostles he always


133:5.11 thinks something besides racial superiority and t.

161:2.9 8. Jesus constantly t. about God as an ever-present

161:2.10 but these few would indicate that he t. with God,

169:0.5 2. Jesus is a blasphemer; he t. about God as being his

170:2.24 John t. much about the “eternal life.”


61:3.5 the giant pigs, more than six feet t., became extinct.

62:2.1 were active little creatures, almost three feet t.;

62:3.3 all more than four feet t. and in every way superior

80:7.3 a group of the t. descendants of Adamson made their

80:9.2 The typical early Nordic was long-headed, t., and

81:2.17 older river races made their huts by setting t. poles

135:1.4 At sixteen he was more than six feet t. and almost

192:1.2 they were mistaken—the man was too t. for John.

Talmaithe king of Geshur

97:9.10 Nabal the rich Edomite, then the daughter of T.,

Tamarancestor of Mary

122:1.2 her ancestors such well-known women as T.,


69:7.3 It was easy to t. some animals, but like the elephant,

146:2.13 tongue “is a member which few men can t., but


66:5.5 Several types of animals, now extinct, were t.,

78:8.3 and hunters possessed large numbers of t. horses.

131:3.6 The t. mind yields happiness.


66:5.5 man had already been successful in t. the elephant.

69:7.4 experience of t. it began when a certain dog,

81:2.4 1. The t. of fire.

151:6.6 village to spread the news of the t. of the lunatic,


188:2.2 before Jesus’ tomb to prevent his friends from t.


9:6.9 Actor and the Universal Absolute may possibly be t..

11:7.5 lower surfaces of Paradise, with its point nearly t. to


23:2.22 crosscurrents, and detours, as well as attraction t.,


83:3.1 unions must be guaranteed by some t. security,

89:8.7 were substituted for something more t. and costly.


75:1.1 confronted with some new and complicated t.,


76:5.7 not that Urantia needed a Creator Son to set its t.

139:6.6 were becoming tense and t. among the apostles,


130:1.1 Philistine interpreter who worked for one Simon a t..


44:8.4 Many ambitions to excel which t. mortals in the flesh


0:1.10 this absonite function in the master universe is t. to

48:2.22 adjustment in the mechanism of personality is t. to a

118:1.2 Such a consecration of will is t. to the realization


92:5.12 Lao-tse envisioned more of God in T. than did

94:6.3 when he declared T. to be the One First Cause of

94:6.3 “man’s destiny was everlasting union with T.,

94:6.3 for he wrote: “Unity arises out of the Absolute T.,

94:6.8 by which man ascends to spiritual union with T.,

Tao, Ti

79:7.1 were traversing the pass of Ti T. and spreading out


94:5.2 teaching that the earliest form of T. arose in China,

94:5.2 Early or proto-T. was a compound of the following

94:5.6 In Japan this proto-T. was known as Shinto,

94:6.8 But the popular T. of twentieth-century Urantia has

94:9.3 Buddhism, later on,was much affected by T. in China

94:10.1 teachings combined with Buddhism, Hinduism, T.,

94:11.1 the lingering ritualistic practices of disintegrating T..

131:8.0 8. TAOISM

131:8.1 containing most of the monotheistic truth was T.,

131:8.1 Ganid collected from the teachings of its founder:


92:6.7 5. The T. beliefs.

92:6.15 China follows the T. and the Confucian teachings;

94:6.12 between the decline and perversion of the T. faith

130:2.2 merchant was a T., and he had become a strong

130:2.2 his eldest son decided to become a T. priest.


57:5.9 the less massive and t. ends of the gigantic gravity


61:7.15 during the last glaciation, the horse, t., llama, and


61:1.9 fleet-footed rhinoceroses, t. with proboscises,


133:2.1 stepped up behind the irate husband and, t. him on

186:1.2 traitor when a servant of the high priest, t. him on


84:5.2 Man’s sex standards are only t. improving as a result

92:2.1 but religion does t. adjust to changing society.


34:2.6 the grand universe may, in many respects, be t. in

34:2.6 We are t. and backward in comparison with other

45:7.8 those who are t. in their personality unification

47:9.3 the purpose of enabling a t. member of his earthly

83:8.9 rights so long denied women in the t. evolution

102:8.6 Organized religion proved to be conservatively t..

150:1.3 this t. acknowledgment of woman’s place in

157:1.3 tax, foregoing the penalty for t. payment because


130:0.3 After their stay in Rome they went overland to T.,

133:0.2 sent all their belongings on ahead by pack train to T.,

133:0.3 One day while resting at lunch, halfway to T.,

133:1.1 one afternoon by the roadside as they neared T..



130:1.6 just as nature allows the wheat and the t. to grow


138:1.1 Capernaum, while Philip and Nathaniel went to T..

138:2.5 2. Thomas Didymus, a fisherman of T. and carpenter

138:4.4 now numbering eleven, went by boat over to T..

138:5.1 the apostles at the fisher-boat landing at T.,

139:8.2 Thomas had become a fisherman and resided at T.,

139:12.2 When Nathaniel met Judas at T., he was seeking

141:1.2 Jesus and the apostles only journeyed as far as T.,

147:7.1 and the twelve came to Bethsaida by boat from T..

149:0.1 they visited T., Hippos, Gamala, Bethsaida-Julias,

192:1.9 to be thus accosted by the fish merchants of T.,


72:7.9 All imports are subject to a t. designed to protect


72:7.9 These t. are set by the highest industrial court after

97:9.15 presently gained control of the caravan t. formerly

134:5.13 not concerned with foreign relations, t., military


79:1.2 Andite culture persisted in the basin of the T.

79:1.2 The T. valley was the easternmost outpost of the

79:1.2 In those days the T. region was a fertile land;

79:1.8 brunet-Mongolian types in the T. basin of long ago.

79:6.5 the Tibetan centers so advanced as those of the T.


94:11.8 levels which the minds of the Buddhists reached, t.

96:4.4 the god of the fleeing Hebrews explains why they t.

123:5.6 Jesus mingled freely with the caravans as they t. near

130:1.1 While they t. at Joppa, Jesus and Gadiah became

130:2.1 Jesus and his friends t. in Caesarea beyond the

134:2.5 direction of the caravan at Lake Urmia, where he t.

134:7.4 coast to Caesarea, where Jesus t. for a few weeks,

135:8.3 They t. for the night in the Jordan valley and arrived

135:10.2 John t. for several weeks, and it was here that he

136:2.4 And while the four of them t. in the water, Jesus,

136:3.5 While he t. on the mountain, talking with Gabriel,

137:2.6 Nathaniel, who t. behind under the mulberry tree,

137:7.14 t. before embarking on their active public preaching,

139:2.10 the apostles t. to find out what was to happen after

141:1.2 Here they t. for more than two weeks, teaching and

141:9.2 Here Jesus and the apostles t. for five days, resting

143:0.1 Going north into Samaria, they t. over the Sabbath

143:5.1 Jesus, being weary from the journey, t. by the well

146:0.1 In these cities they t. and taught, while in many other

155:2.1 that city, where they t. and taught for two weeks.

156:3.2 they all returned to Sidon and t. at the home of

156:6.1 Here they t. for a day, speaking words of comfort to

157:1.1 As Jesus, with Andrew and Peter, t. by the lake

158:0.2 that he t. with them at the foot of the mountain.

158:6.1 “Master, while we who t. behind still remain ignorant

165:4.1 believers, the Master talked with those who t..

167:4.3 near the body for two or three days, it never t. after

167:4.3 And it was for these reasons that Jesus t. yet two

168:0.8 quickly and hastened out to meet Jesus, who still t.

168:2.4 While some t., many hastened to their homes.

172:3.7 passing by on their way to the Passover had t..

176:0.2 while they t. on the mount, they saw the lights of

178:3.1 As they drew near the place where Jesus had t.

187:4.7 took the mother of Jesus to the place where he t. in

187:6.2 Jude, to the home of Elijah Mark, where they t. over

188:1.7 The women who thus t. by the tomb on this

188:3.3 prepared spices for the embalming of Jesus’ body, t.

189:4.7 After Mary had t. in the doorway of the tomb for a

189:5.2 John t. at the door, viewing the tomb, and it was just

191:4.6 the apostles t. in Jerusalem awaiting the emotional

191:5.3 For a full week have I t. that I might appear again

192:0.3 During the week they t. in Jerusalem, Mary spent

192:3.3 In this state of uncertainty they t. at Bethsaida.

194:1.1 Many arrived for this feast, but a majority had t. in


25:8.11 who t. on the central Isle awaiting the Havona


14:5.4 will t. on the inner circuit of progressive spiritual

26:5.6 The pilgrim helpers always t. for a season to assist in

30:3.11 Some of these visitors may t. a day, others may

31:6.1 they seldom t. on their native world subsequent to its

37:9.11 you t. on your nativity planet such a short time.

47:9.3 an ascender may elect to t. on the seventh mansion

53:7.1 They do this work as they t. en route to Edentia.

67:4.5 sixty staff rebels; their Adjusters still t. on Jerusem.

93:5.4 was lukewarm and persuaded them to t. at Haran.

98:5.4 death, to the bosom of Mithras, there to t. in bliss

113:6.4 to the mansion worlds do not t. there in idleness

125:3.2 until they reached Jericho and prepared to t. for

129:1.13 to hear Jesus talk in the synagogue and would t. to

130:6.2 destiny which you seek in your heart while you t.

136:4.6 in case he should choose to t. on Urantia for a time.

137:3.5 Jesus only smilingly replied: “It is better that I t. here

137:4.4 “If you love me, then be willing to t. with me while

137:5.4 “It is my Father’s will that we t. hereabouts for a

137:6.3 even so shall it be with all those who t. with me

140:2.2 I would, if it is your will, t. on earth a time to help

146:7.3 “On the morrow let us return to Capernaum to t. and

151:5.7 Jesus said: “Let us go up into yonder hills and t. for

155:5.15 We go into Phoenicia to t. for a season, and all of

158:1.6 I bid you t. here and, while awaiting my return,

165:3.8 “How long will you t. in the valley of decision?

168:1.8 “If he thought so much of this man, why did he t.

176:1.4 Let none who are in the city and around about t. to

181:2.30 my promise: When I am raised up, I will t. with you

189:1.10 “Having finished my life in the flesh, I would t.

189:4.12 In this form will I t. with you for a season before I

190:5.5 insisted that it was near nightfall, and that Jesus t.

191:2.1 I will t. in Jerusalem with you until you are ready

191:5.3 You may t. here and in Galilee for a short season

192:2.5 If I will that John should t. after you are gone, even

192:2.13 I t. only a short time in this form before I go to my

193:0.5 Only t. here in Jerusalem while I go to the Father,

193:3.2 I have asked you to t. here in Jerusalem until I

193:5.2 “I bade you t. in Jerusalem until you were

194:4.2 Jesus has told them to t. in Jerusalem until they


15:11.2 are t. on Uversa, accredited for transport to Havona.

28:7.2 not make use of their services until you reach the t.

46:5.17 The sixth circle is the t. place of the system Life

46:5.22 The seventh circle is the t. sphere of certain

46:5.24 ascenders from the Satania worlds who are t. on

48:5.9 Beginning service on the lowest of the t. spheres,

63:6.7 at a settlement called Oban, the t. place on the

78:5.7 They crossed the Pacific by easy stages, t. on the

87:1.5 were taken to confuse the ghost, to prevent its t.,

123:1.6 the village spring and near the caravan t. lot.

133:2.1 While t. at the ship landing, waiting for the boat to

134:7.1 From there he journeyed on north, t. for a few days

135:9.2 It was a tense time, these forty days of t., waiting for


137:7.1 April, May, and June—this t. time continued; Jesus

144:1.6 While t. on Gilboa, Jesus told the twelve much about


180:3.4 in my Father’s universe there are many t.-places.

190:1.6 They departed on this assignment without even t. to

193:6.4 Philadelphia to visit Abner and Lazarus; and after t.


130:1.2 Jonah had embarked on his ill-fated voyage to T..


5:4.14 of Alexandria, Jesus of Nazareth, and Paul of T..

92:5.13 Aside from Jesus, Paul of T. and Philo of Alexandria

98:7.9 6. The personal viewpoint of Paul of T..

98:7.9 dominant religion of T. during Paul’s adolescence.

128:3.6 there stood by one named Saul, a citizen of T..

132:0.7 whose death led to the winning of Saul of T..

tasksee task, difficult

6:3.4 This divine Son is not engaged in the ignoble t. of

8:4.4 the Infinite Spirit devoted to the t. of fostering the

8:4.5 As the Sons of God are engaged in the gigantic t. of

14:5.1 And there is a definite t. to be achieved on each of

27:3.2 are brought face to face with the extraordinary t.

27:7.4 It is the t. of the conductors of worship so to

29:4.24 render them most serviceable in the important t. of

31:8.1 are assigned to the t. of introducing the evolved

34:7.4 a double deprivation of help in this t. of progressive

37:6.4 provides for your assignment to a t. and then affords

37:6.4 ideal and divine method of best performing that t..

37:6.4 You are given a definite t. to perform, and at the

38:4.3 it requires two angels to accomplish the t..

39:1.11 It is the t. of the universe orientators to facilitate the

39:2.6 these angels are intrusted with the t. of preparing

39:3.5 achieve a given purpose or to accomplish a certain t.;

39:5.4 the t. of achieving racial harmony and social

42:11.3 of the investigating mind engaged in such a t. of

43:5.10 the Vorondadek Son charged with the t. of adapting

44:0.13 While it is a gigantic t. to undertake to transfer these

44:4.7 are occupied with the t. of preserving thought for

47:1.6 that child culture is largely the t. of mothers.

47:9.1 teachers, all of whom will co-operate in the t. of

48:2.21 it is the t. of the selective assorters to keep you in

48:6.35 It is the t. of the mind planners to study the nature,

52:3.5 race-improvement project is the t. of their progeny.

52:3.10 With the near completion of the t. of race blending,

55:3.20 their special ability to accomplish some definite t.

63:3.5 Their first t. was to roll up stones to entomb their

66:3.2 The one great t. of those ages was to transform man

66:5.4 This council was dedicated to the t. of selecting and

69:2.4 idea of doing a given t. within a certain time limit,

70:0.1 confronted with the t. of regulating human contacts.

72:5.2 the t. of reducing the numbers of their degenerate

73:4.2 The first t. was the building of the brick wall across

74:3.1 he was still able to make the t. of Adam and Eve

74:5.5 to warn the races against Caligastia, but the t. was

75:1.1 they courageously set about the t. of solving their

75:1.3 instead of beginning the t. of effecting religious

75:1.6 seemingly hopeless t. as confronted Adam and Eve

75:8.4 Adam was confronted with a well-nigh hopeless t.

84:3.10 this t. was alleviated by the domestication of the dog

92:7.14 Modern man is confronted with the t. of making

93:7.3 But the t. was so great and the tribes were so

97:2.1 the opposition of an idolatrous monarch; his t. was

100:4.3 great problem of religious living consists in the t.

101:6.7 noble t. of transforming self-possessed ideas into

103:2.4 the result of seeking for superhuman help in the t. of

108:1.7 volunteering Adjusters the one best suited to the t. of

108:5.1 Adjusters have assumed the t. of existing in your

108:5.8 cannot arbitrarily do such things; that is your t..

109:3.3 helpers in the intriguing t. of perfecting a survival

110:1.2 who are so devoutly faithful to the t. of fostering

110:1.2 heavenly helpers are dedicated to the stupendous t.

110:6.20 in the t. of weaning the mind from its dependence on

111:7.3 Why do you not aid the Adjuster in the t. of showing

113:1.6 and journey inward in the t. of self-understanding,

114:6.6 These seraphim are intrusted with the t. of initiating

114:7.11 limited to the accomplishment of some specific t.

115:4.6 emerge from Paradise to engage in the agelong t.

116:5.14 power directors is unremittingly devoted to the t. of

117:6.18 such a divine gift can achieve the impossible t. of

118:10.18 man must accomplish the t. of achieving perfection.

120:0.1 of the revelatory commission intrusted with this t.,

120:2.2 the additional t. of technically terminating the

122:0.2 the t. of making an investigation of Jewish family

123:5.1 the t. of learning to read, write, and speak Hebrew

125:6.13 the t. of preparing her first-born son to assume the

127:3.15 mobilize his powers of mind, soul, and body on the t.

127:6.9 This year Jesus began anew the t. of further weaving

128:1.1 the t. of completing the experience of mastering the

128:1.1 upon this stupendous t. fully realizing his dual nature

129:3.5 consecrated to the sublime t. of living his mortal life

129:3.9 made great advances in his human t. of mastering

130:2.1 was a shortage of skilled woodworkers for this t.,

131:10.1 Ganid set himself to the t. of formulating what he

132:3.7 life has a universe function, the t. of finding God.

134:7.6 complete the t. of effecting his full consecration to

134:8.4 Jesus finished the mortal t. of achieving the circles of

134:8.9 On that day he completed the t. set for Creator

135:12.5 Herodias set herself to the t. of having John put to

136:8.2 He resolved to become occupied with but a single t.

137:1.6 self-appointed t. of seeking for one who was not

138:5.4 “If the civil rulers are to be rebuked, leave that t. to

138:10.8 It was their t. to deputize a sufficient number of

139:7.6 Matthew was supremely devoted to the t. of seeing

139:11.6 of the Greeks, the t. was always assigned to Simon.

141:3.3 Andrew was much occupied with the t. of

146:1.1 the twenty-four devote much of their time to the t. of

152:6.5 real nature of their t. as ambassadors of the kingdom

153:1.2 increasingly concerned with the more important t.

160:0.1 Rodan was now earnestly engaged in the t. of

160:1.3 more complicated will become the t. of character

182:2.10 David went to his self-imposed t. of outpost duty,

185:1.1 big enough man to comprehend the nature of his t.

186:5.2 Jesus could have executed such a t in countless ways

187:1.11 the t. of nailing the two brigands and the Son of Man

195:1.7 and philosophy of Greece were fully equal to the t.

195:7.14 sublime t. of finding God and striving to be like him.

task, difficult

26:7.5 afford all possible assistance to a pilgrim in his d.

73:0.3 d. of attempting to untangle the confused affairs of

74:7.24 But it was a d. to lead these mongrel peoples in the

128:7.5 Jesus had completed the d. of weaning his family

130:3.9 exceedingly d. of harmonizing Greek philosophy and

130:5.4 Jesus had a d. that evening trying to explain to Ganid

140:10.1 But it was a d. to persuade these fishermen that,

141:1.5 instructed his fellow apostles in the delicate and d. of


96:4.6 telling his followers that Yahweh was a hard t.,


14:4.20 they carry on the manifold t. of teaching, training,

15:8.7 suns and the dark islands of space is one of the t.

20:3.1 planetary ministry to the t. of the new dispensation,

24:1.11 Circuit supervisors are created for their specific t.,

24:6.1 They are exclusively devoted to the t. of guiding

25:7.2 you will have earnest and progressively difficult t. to

26:10.4 go with joy and gladness to the t. of former days and

28:4.8 their t. of mastering the difficult handicaps of space.

28:4.14 Their usual t. are the performance of those duties

29:4.13 to the mechanical perfection of design for the t. of

29:4.38 intricate t. involving stupendous computations with

35:8.1 Although occupied with varied t. connected with the

37:10.2 universe, executing the routine spirit t. of Nebadon.

38:2.3 which would be tremendous t. for mortals are

38:7.7 cherubim perform many indispensable borderline t.

39:2.6 While their t. are essentially spiritual and therefore

52:2.10 address themselves to the t. of race purification,

52:7.5 directed to collective t. of social administration

66:7.6 their way by the daily performance of useful t..

68:6.11 to administer the lower levels of industry, those t.

75:1.5 these two noble souls as they pondered the t. which

81:2.1 man power for the accomplishment of higher t..

81:6.21 power for the accomplishment of more valuable t..

84:2.6 Woman was not equal to the t. of childbearing and

93:4.15 Melchizedek came to achieve two t.: to keep alive

99:2.4 Religionists are of no more value in the t. of social

109:2.11 have achieved the conquest of their intrusted t.

110:3.1 they continue to prosecute their larger t. of eternity.

110:7.10 more cheerfully endure the t. of my emplacement,

112:7.15 that they will have other and even more supernal t.

113:2.8 Seraphic t. may be unremitting, but either of the

113:5.3 This does not imply that you may not make their t.

119:0.4 training for the sublime t. of ruling the universes

127:3.14 Day by day we are strengthened for these t. by our

159:3.4 your brethren ever to keep busy at their chosen t.,

162:8.2 unnecessarily distracted by numerous needless t.,


64:1.6 so-called Java man—and then journeyed on to T..

tastenoun or adjective

28:5.16 of the realms while trying to improve the humor t.,

39:5.9 They heighten man’s t. for the sweetness of

44:1.12 musicians have done much to elevate musical t. from

44:6.8 6. The t. designers. And how can you be told of

44:6.8 might suggest that they are improvers of morontia t.,

84:8.5 and even the t. of good food may serve as forms of

89:5.4 The t. for human flesh grows. Having been started


2:6.3T. and see that the Lord is good!

12:7.7 have begun to t. the divine delights of experiencing

55:6.5 insight, and eventually even t. of absonite grandeur.

118:6.6 Spiritual volition has begun to t. liberation from the

131:2.3 T. and see that the Lord is good!

158:7.5 you now standing before me shall not t. death till

162:7.5 of truth alive in his heart, he shall never t. death.

162:7.5 say that whoso keeps your word shall not t. death?

167:2.2 none of those who were first bidden shall t. of my


127:0.3 Having thus t. the actual experience of living these

137:4.15 the “ruler of the feast,” and when he had t. it, he

140:3.1 must you live as those who have t. the glories of a

141:7.3 having t. of the good spirit realities of the kingdom,

187:2.3 But when Jesus t. this narcotized wine, as thirsty


7:1.6 spiritually minded persons of like t. and longings.

39:4.7 the personality t. the sweetness of goal fulfillment.


90:4.8 could be driven out of the body by bad-t. medicines.


140:4.3 It makes other things more t., and thus salt serves by


70:7.10 the t. originated as such a badge of membership.


89:8.3 t. is an artistic evolution of earlier crude scarring of

taughtsee taughtwith Jesus

1:3.7 God-conscious intellect gradually becomes spirit t.

6:0.4 Father; we are t. that both are unqualifiedly eternal

7:1.1 Everything t. concerning the immanence of God,

9:7.4 We are t. that, in the dawn of time, this experiential

10:3.2 We are t. that the Son and the Spirit sustain the same

10:8.6 where a certain group of beings t. that the finaliters,

12:0.1 But the mortal mind can be t. much about the plan

13:3.2 We are t. that these worlds teem with the

21:6.1 We are t.,and we believe, that each Paradise Michael

24:6.7 For ages we had been t. that the creatures of space

26:5.2 but an outline of every Paradise requirement is t.

27:3.2 Ethics has been duly t. and adequately learned by

27:3.2 They do not need to be t. ethics, but they do need

35:10.3 training in really doing the things they are being t..

38:5.1 our angels have been t. by their own seniors.

40:10.3 we are t. that these happenings unfold in obedience

44:1.11 semimaterial beings are t. the harmonies of sound.

44:4.3 We are t. that a chance meeting on Paradise

48:1.1 From time to time this transition state has been t. to

56:9.4 We are t., and we believe, that the Universal Father

63:6.5 shown by the prayer t. these simple folks by Onagar,

64:6.28 more enlightened and more recently t. groups lived

66:4.11 but the primitive sojourners at Dalamatia were t.

66:5.2 They t. well digging, spring control, and irrigation.

66:5.2 They t. those from the higher altitudes and from

66:5.3 Man was t. to provide for the hazards of famine,

66:5.5 Men were t. to use oxen for burden bearing, but

66:5.5 The members of this corps t. men to use the wheel

66:5.14 eventually t. them “the Father’s prayer,” which was:

66:5.18 members t. much that was lost during the confusion

66:5.18 They t. mankind that cooking, boiling and roasting,

66:5.24 but the rudiments of physics and chemistry were t.

66:7.6 The pupils were t. by both men and women and

66:7.6 Students were t. manual dexterity as individuals

67:5.2 the doctrines of liberty which had been prematurely t

69:8.5 The Africans could easily be t. to till the soil; hence

70:1.2 The Andonites were early t. the golden rule, and,

70:1.3 Andon t. his children to settle disputes by beating a

70:7.8 Primitive people very early t. their adolescent youths

70:7.16 enjoined confidence, and t. the keeping of secrets.

70:10.12 Moses t. that they should “take no satisfaction for

71:2.11 Unless a free people are educated—t. to think

72:4.1 Agriculture and horticulture are also t. throughout

74:6.7 were sixteen, the younger being t. by the elder.

74:7.1 From sixteen to twenty they were t. in the Urantia

74:7.20 But the Adamites t. many additional reasons for

74:7.20 They t. that “whoso sheds man’s blood by man shall

74:7.22 Adam definitely t. them that the woman, equally with

74:7.23 Adam t. his contemporaries all they could

74:8.5 t. they were the descendants of various animals.

74:8.6 t. that man had descended directly from the gods.

74:8.7 Moses never t. the Hebrews such a distorted story.

77:4.11 ancestors of the Assyrians t. that their moral law of

79:8.4 The belief in, and worship of, the “One Truth” as t.

83:8.6 young men and women should be t. something of the

86:5.15 The Semites t. that the soul resided in the bodily fat,

87:4.1 They t. that man had good luck when the ghost

89:3.3 But all this t. the savage self-control, and that was

89:3.3 it t. him the art of augmenting life’s fraction by

92:1.5 One Asiatic people t. that “God is a great fear”;

92:4.7 He t. trust in the omnipotent beneficence of God

92:5.1 revelatory religion, men are t. they are God’s sons—

92:5.10 by Machiventa Melchizedek when he lived and t. at

92:5.11 Though Amenemope and Ikhnaton both t. in this

92:5.11 Moses t. monotheism.

92:6.17 Isaiah, who once again t. the blended idea of a

93:3.2 Melchizedek t. the concept of one God, a universal

93:3.3 To the extent that Melchizedek t. the Trinity

93:3.4 But to some, Melchizedek t. advanced truth,

93:3.4 Melchizedek t. the truths of the superuniverse and

93:3.6 Melchizedek t. his followers all they had capacity

93:3.7 Melchizedek t. that at some future time another Son

93:3.8 confirmed all that Melchizedek had t. concerning the

93:4.6 the seven commands t. in the first and second Edens.

93:4.16 Melchizedek t. elementary revealed truth at Salem

94:0.1 where they t. the natives the Salem religion and

94:2.2 Brahmans t. that the sacrifice to deity in itself was

94:5.1 there training Chinese teachers who t. throughout

94:6.3 Lao t. that “man’s eternal destiny was everlasting

94:6.5 Lao-tse t. the return of the creature to the Creator

94:6.7 But Lao never t. such error, albeit his presentation of

94:6.8 old philosopher who t. the truth as he perceived it,

94:7.8 Siddhartha t. far more truth than has survived in the

94:8.18 Siddhartha t. the best godless philosophy ever

94:11.3 his later followers t. that Sakyamuni Buddha’s spirit

94:11.4 It was t. that the small truth was for little minds,

94:11.11 Accordingly it began to be t. that all Buddhas were

94:12.3 Among these believers it is t. that the soul,

95:3.3 its moral leaders t. justice, fairness, and avoidance

95:3.3 They t. gentleness, moderation, and discretion.

95:4.1 t. punishment for sin, and proclaimed salvation

95:4.2 Amenemope t. that riches and fortune were the

95:4.3 This wise man of the Nile t. that “riches take wings

95:4.3 In substance he t.: Man proposes but God disposes.

95:5.13 the democracy of salvation and resurrection as t. by

95:6.6 Zoroaster t. the “day of judgment,” but he connected

96:1.8 long persisted Sumerian-Chaldean groups who t.

96:1.8 later Alexandrian teachers of Hebraic extraction t.

96:4.6 he t. them that Yahweh was the “God of the spirits

96:4.6 Moses t. that Yahweh was a covenant-keeping God

96:5.4 Moses was sincere when he t. the Hebrews that, if

96:5.6 But Moses t. these tribes that they would become

96:5.7 Little of the mercy of God was t. the Hebrews

97:0.2 concept of the personality of God, while clearly t.

97:1.1 soon t. the Hebrew sheiks they could not hope to

97:5.5 Micah t. of a day of freedom from superstition and

97:10.1 Their leaders had t. the Israelites that they were a

98:2.6 Xenophanes t. one God, but his deity concept was

98:2.6 Plato and Aristotle, t. that virtue is knowledge;

98:4.6 The Phrygian and Egyptian mysteries t. that the son

98:5.4 It was t. that, when a man died, he went before

103:5.8 It is fatal to man’s idealism when he is t. that all of

106:8.17 And we are t. that, in infinity and existentially,

111:0.5 They t. that this guardian spirit remained with the

117:5.9 the Spirit of Truth which has so constantly t. and

117:5.14 we are t. that, when the fullness of evolution

119:7.1 Gabriel had t. us that this terminal bestowal would

121:4.2  doctrine t. that men could do something to improve

121:4.3 Stoics t. that the soul of man was divine; that it was

121:5.14 1. Paul t. a moral redemption, an ethical salvation.

121:6.5 Philo t. deliverance from doctrine of forgiveness

122:9.1 Moses had t. the Jews that every first-born son

123:2.14 Mary t. Jesus to know and care for the vines and

123:3.6 Jesus would say his prayers just as he had been t.,

126:1.2 where he had been t. Joseph’s brethren sold him

127:3.1 the historic places en route as his father had t. him

130:3.4 very land wherein Melchizedek had lived and t.,

131:6.1 They t.: “The Lord of Heaven is supreme.

132:0.4 each case he would select the truth in what they t.

133:2.1 my former pledge to one of your brothers who t. me

135:5.1 Had not Moses t. that righteousness was rewarded

135:5.2 But, so t. the apocalyptists, Israel should take heart

135:5.2 the predictions of Daniel, and they consistently t.

135:5.4 They t. that the coming kingdom was not of this

135:5.5 The literalists t. that a world-wide war would ensue

135:5.5 The spiritists t. that the kingdom would be ushered

135:5.6 Messiah could not refer to one who merely t.

135:5.7 The newer t. that, since the new kingdom was a

136:1.4 Some t. that Adam’s sin had cursed the human

136:1.4 Others t. that God, in creating man, had put into

136:1.4 And those who t. this believed that the Messiah

138:8.7 The rabbis had long t. the Jews that the ignorant

138:8.8 the repentance of so-called good works as t. by the

138:8.8 John had t. them “repentance—to flee from the

139:4.13 John t. loving service rather than ruling power—

140:5.19 Children can be t. to function as peacemakers.

140:10.2 his teaching because Jesus was all that he t..

141:2.1 “You have been t. to look for the coming of the

142:1.1 Jesus or one of the apostles t. daily in the temple.

142:2.2 the olden prophets who t. the children of their

142:4.2 even if Moses t. such restrictions to the darkened

142:8.1 A part of this time, while the apostles t. the gospel

143:2.2 “Master, are we to practice self-denial as John t. us,

143:2.2 “John indeed t. you the way of righteousness in

143:2.3 rebirth of the spirit, you are t. to believe and rejoice

144:1.10 John had t. his disciples a prayer, a prayer for

144:1.10 believers constantly requested to be t. how to pray

144:2.1 “John indeed t. you a simple form of prayer: “O

144:2.1 John t. this prayer that you might have something to

144:3.13 John the Baptist had t. his followers several prayers

144:3.13 to be t. how to pray as John had t. his disciples.

144:5.1 “parable prayers” should not be t. to the multitudes.

144:6.5 to accept this prayer as the one to be t. believers

145:2.1 evening meeting of the synagogue Andrew had t.,

145:2.4 The prophets have all t. you that Yahweh cares for

145:2.7 “Have you not read also where Ezekiel t. even

145:2.13 But he had been t. that his affliction was due to

145:5.7 tell the people to believe in that which we have t.

146:0.1 In these cities they tarried and t., while in many other

146:3.1 the aged Greek philosopher who t. that science

147:0.1 These two weeks the apostles t. the people by the

148:0.3 both teachers and pupils t. the people during the

148:1.1 they t. to the assembly by the seaside during the

148:1.2 Each of the apostolic teachers t. his own view of

148:1.2 Though they all t. the same truth, each apostle

148:1.4 These evangelists, though they t. and preached the

148:4.9 “The Greeks and others have t. you that man is

149:6.7 “You have been t. that you should ‘fear God and

149:6.7 Your fathers were t to ‘fear God—the Almighty King

150:8.3 You t. them the statutes of life; have mercy upon

151:3.11 advantage of stimulating the memory of the truth t.

152:2.3 groups while Jesus’ apostles and disciples t. them.

152:2.10 so we were t., Michael multiplied food elements as

152:3.1 the Jews had been t. that the Messiah, the son of

153:2.6 And long have you been t. that the Messiah, when

153:2.6 then, that you who have been thus t. should long

153:2.11 written in the Prophets, ‘You shall all be t. by God

155:2.1 that city, where they tarried and t. for two weeks.

155:2.2 preached and t. with increased vigor the spiritual

155:3.4 by being first t. to love their brethren whom they can

156:3.1 in Porphyreon and the evangelists t. in Heldua.

156:4.1 From July 11 to July 24 they t. in Tyre.

156:4.1 two and two they t. and preached in all parts of Tyre

156:5.2 You must be t. by the spirit and be led by the spirit

157:5.1 The Jews had not t. that the Messiah would spring

161:2.12 Rodan t. his philosophy in the school of Meganta.

163:0.2 Peter t. methods of public preaching; Nathaniel

163:2.4 believe everything you and your apostles have t.

164:3.3 The rabbis t. that all such cases of blindness from

164:3.3 They even t. that a child itself might sin before it was

164:3.3 They also t. that such defects could be caused by sin

165:0.4 assist the seventy in the various cities where they t.

165:1.1 Peter and the other apostles t. each afternoon.

166:3.2 “You have been t. that only the children of Abraham

169:1.3 “You have been t. that divine acceptance comes after

170:1.4 From the very first Jesus and the apostles t. both of

170:2.5 4. It t. the pre-eminence of the spiritual compared

170:5.13 the apostles t. that such a believer is admitted to the

171:8.9 It was Nathaniel who so well t. the meaning of these

173:2.4 t. that his authority for teaching was Satanic,

180:2.3 The Jews had long t. that the Messiah would be “a

180:3.2 If we had not t. them the truth, they might do

180:5.12 The old religion t. self-sacrifice; the new religion

181:2.10 If you will be t. by the Spirit of Truth, never will

188:4.4 Moses t. the dignity and justice of a Creator God;

193:1.2 The gospel of the kingdom has t. you that all men

194:3.1 live his life anew in the experience of every truth-t.

195:1.1 The Greek t. intellectual liberalism leading to

195:3.10 Pantaenus t. Clement and then went on to follow

195:10.9 which they have been erroneously t. he founded.

taughtwith Jesus

91:6.6 Pray as Jesus t. his disciples—honestly, unselfishly,

100:7.2 He lived the truth, even as he t. it.

100:7.5 He spoke with undoubted confidence and t. with

100:7.10 He t. that you must believe to receive salvation.

104:1.10 Jesus t. his apostles the truth regarding the persons

121:6.3 that prevailed in Palestine when Jesus lived and t.,

121:7.2 unwilling to accept as the Son of God one who t.

123:2.14 Mary t. him to know and care for the vines and

123:3.6 he would say his prayers just as he had been t.,

126:1.2 where he had been t. Joseph’s brethren sold him

126:3.3 formulated the prayer which he subsequently t. to

126:3.3 these suggestive lines which Jesus had t. them.

127:3.1 the historic places en route as his father had t. him

128:3.7 Simon never forgot what Jesus t. him on this trip.

128:4.6 obeying the truth which he had lived and t..

128:5.9 Sabbath, visited with his mother, t. the children,

130:1.5 both good and evil, but Jesus never t. such error.

132:0.4 thus were these Jesus-t. men and women prepared

132:0.5 out of this group of thirty-two Jesus-t. religious

132:0.9 more than two, while most often he t. them singly.

132:1.1 Jesus t. Angamon: The standard of true values must

132:4.2 As a rule, to those he t. the most, he said the least.

133:3.3 Paul met others who had been t. by the “Jewish tutor

133:4.2 The miller he t. about grinding up the grains of truth

135:3.3 not harmonize with what his parents had t. him.

136:7.2 Well had he been t. that Scripture: “There shall no

136:9.7 Scriptures which his mother had t. him, such as:

137:5.2 whether you are what my mother has t. us, and I

137:7.13 He early t. his followers that the kingdom of heaven

137:7.14 Jesus t. these men all they could assimilate.

138:1.2 pertains to the kingdom, even as I have t. you.”

138:5.3 that they be alone to talk over what he had t. them.

138:6.3 and no man dared to ask why he so t. them.

138:8.2 Jesus t. them to preach the forgiveness of sin

138:8.8 He t. his apostles that faith was the only requisite

138:8.8 Jesus t., “Faith is the open door for entering into

138:8.10 Jesus invariably t. his apostles by questions and

139:1.5 Whether Jesus privately t. the apostles or preached

140:5.1 Jesus t. his followers to manifest fatherly love rather

140:6.2 he gathered the apostles around him and t. them

140:6.7 the twelve could not comprehend all that he t. them,

140:7.2 Jesus had greeted these people and t. them

140:8.3 He t. the active and alert submission to God’s will.

140:8.4 He t. them not to resist evil, not to combat injustice

140:8.11 He t. pure sympathy, compassion.

140:8.14 He t. the new and larger brotherhood of man—

140:8.16 He never t. his followers to avoid earthly possessions

140:8.21 Jesus knew, and so t. his apostles, that the sensual

140:8.26 Jesus knew men were different, and he so t. his

140:8.27 The carpenter’s son never t. character building;

140:8.27 he t. character growth, declaring that the kingdom

140:8.30 Jesus t nothing to deter his believers from the pursuit

140:10.2 his teaching because Jesus was all that he t..

140:10.7 t. his followers to treat all men as their brothers.

140:10.8 He t. morality, not from the nature of man, but from

141:1.3 He t. them nothing new but reviewed his former

141:4.4 The Master t. them much about the whole man—

141:4.4 He t. them to recognize: 1. Diseases of the flesh—

141:7.2 The Master t. these three many new and advanced

142:1.1 Jesus or one of the apostles t. daily in the temple.

142:4.4 Flavius believed all that Jesus t. him.

142:6.1 he went to hear him as he t. in the temple courts.

143:7.1 Jesus t. many great truths, and in particular he laid

144:1.7 effort to co-ordinate what the Master had so far t.

144:3.2 I would present the one which I t. my brothers and

144:3.14 Jesus t. the twelve always to pray in secret; to go off

144:3.16 He never t. a formal personal prayer, only group,

144:3.17 Jesus t. that effective prayer must be: 1. Unselfish—

144:4.6 At least, prayer as the Master t it is such a beneficent

144:6.5 of the prayer which Jesus had so recently t. them.

145:0.2 He also received and t. many earnest inquirers,

145:2.2 As Jesus t. in the synagogue this Sabbath

145:2.11 He t., as one having authority and not as the scribes.

145:5.4 He t. them about what had transpired and explained

145:5.6 “Andrew, have I not t. you and these others that

145:5.7 tell the people to believe in that which we have t.

146:2.4 and linked together in the prayer which Jesus t.

146:2.14 13. Jesus t. that the prayer for divine guidance over

146:2.14 Jesus never t. that human knowledge and special

146:2.14 When Jesus t. his associates to pray in the spirit

146:2.17 16. Jesus t. his followers that, when they had made

146:2.17 Worship, t. Jesus, makes one increasingly like the

146:3.1 For more than an hour Jesus t. this Greek the

146:4.6 In no place where Jesus had t. had he met with

147:4.1 “Master, although you have t. us the positive

147:6.6 He t. that those who know God can enjoy the liberty

149:2.6 and he invariably t. them the way of deliverance.

149:3.1 Jesus was a teacher who t. as the occasion served;

149:3.1 Jesus t. not so much from the law as from life, by

149:4.3 Jesus preached temperance and t. consistency—

149:4.4 He t. reverence free from fear and superstition.

149:4.5 what Jesus t. about the balanced character

150:4.2 What I have t. you privately, that preach with

150:9.3 Jesus had long t. the apostles that a soft answer

151:1.1 first of a long series of such parables which he t.

151:2.6 He caused them to recall what Jesus had t. them

151:4.1 Jesus again t. the people from the boat, saying:

151:4.7 Jesus seldom t. the masses except by this means.

152:5.3 All these months have I t. you the truths of the

152:5.4 have full faith in the gospel which I have t. you.”

152:6.4 Jesus t. the appeal to the emotions as the technique

153:5.4 You have t. us the words of eternal life.

154:1.3 more idealistic and spiritual concepts t. by Jesus,

155:1.6 And many other things the Master t. his apostles and

155:2.3 further reference to the parable of the sower and t.

155:3.8 Jesus repeatedly t. his apostles that no civilization

155:6.12 why I have so often t. you that the kingdom can

156:1.8 The next day, as Jesus t. his apostles, commenting

156:2.2 Jesus t. the twenty-four each morning at the home of

156:4.2 when he t. the believers concerning the Father’s

156:5.22 And many other things Jesus t. them before they

157:6.4 Thus did Jesus exemplify in his life what he t. in his

157:6.4 He rather t. that the spirit was easy victor over both

159:1.1 disciple’s question, Jesus t. the lesson on forgiveness

159:3.1 Jesus t.: Always respect the personality of man.

159:5.1 Jesus t. the disciples about the positive nature of

159:5.10 The Master t. a positive standard of righteousness:

159:5.11 On this occasion Jesus t. three ways of contending

160:1.10 t. you, the isolation of worshipful meditation.

160:3.1 Jesus has t. us that God lives in man; then how

162:1.2 on several occasions and publicly t. in the temple.

162:1.9 for on several occasions Jesus t. in Solomon’s Porch

162:2.1 The first afternoon that Jesus t. in the temple, a

162:2.1 Jesus replied: “No man has t. me the truths which

162:5.4 nothing of myself but only as the Father has t. me.

162:5.5 As Jesus thus t. the pilgrims in the temple courts,

162:8.3 when will both of you learn to live as I have t. you:

163:2.4 believe everything you and your apostles have t.

163:2.11 Jesus never t. that it was wrong to have wealth.

163:2.11 advised his well-to-do disciples as he t. the rich

164:2.2 Not since the times when Jesus had t. in Alexandria,

164:5.2 questions, and he t. them for more than two hours.

165:1.1 Jesus t. this multitude at least once each day when

166:5.6 strictly to the religion of Jesus, as he lived and t.,

167:3.6 Jesus t. again in the synagogue on Sunday, and many

167:6.3 and t. that the advancing children of God must grow

167:6.4 departed so far from that which he painstakingly t.

167:6.5 The Master by precept and example t. the value of

167:7.4 When I t. you that many of these seraphim are

169:4.1 At the time Jesus lived on earth and t. in the flesh,

169:4.4 Jesus t. his apostles that, while they never could fully

169:4.8 And he further t. that this God of universes and

169:4.9 Jesus never t. that he who had seen him had seen

169:4.11 the Father in his earth life, he t. little about him.

169:4.11 he t. only two things: that God in himself is spirit,

170:1.3 This is the kingdom concept which John t..

170:1.4 From the very first Jesus and the apostles t. both of

170:1.13 he t. the kingdom as embracing man’s personal

170:2.7 Jesus t. that eternal realities were the result (reward)

170:2.9 the expanded idea of the kingdom which was t. by

170:2.11 Long had the Master t. his followers to pray: “Your

170:2.17 the Master distinctly t. a new concept of the double

170:2.20 Jesus t. that, by faith, the believer enters the kingdom

170:2.20 In the various discourses Jesus t. that two things are

170:2.23 Jesus t. that sin is not the child of a defective nature

170:2.23 Regarding sin, he t. that God has forgiven;

170:3.2 Though Jesus t. that faith, simple childlike belief,

170:3.2 he also t. that, having entered the door, there are

170:3.8 Jesus t. a living religion that impelled its believers to

170:3.8 Jesus t. religion as a cause and ethics as a result.

170:3.9 Jesus t. that the religion of the kingdom is a genuine

170:5.8 this kingdom which the Master t. exists within the

170:5.10 the spiritual concept of the real kingdom as Jesus t. it

170:5.13 Jesus t. that the truth-loving soul, the one who

171:1.3 no matter what he t. them, they would not give up

171:4.2 I have t. you much that is needful for this time, but

171:8.1 sat up late the night before while Jesus t. Zaccheus

173:0.3 They went to the large court where Jesus so often t.,

173:1.8 all the rest of that day while Jesus t., guards set by

175:1.10 Remember, I have t. you that he who would be

175:2.3 to do such wicked deeds in the name of one who t.

176:3.2 Have I not all this time t. you that your connection

176:3.7 no changes to be made in that which you t. us;

177:4.10 best to learn to love the truths which he t. them.

178:0.1 spot a short distance above their camp and there t.

178:1.12 the great law of human fairness which I have t. you

178:3.2 I have t. you the truth concerning the kingdom

180:1.3 if you are but willing to do what I have t. you.

180:1.6 The Master has t. the apostles that they are the sons

180:2.2 If you do as I have t. you, you shall abide in my love

180:3.9 Have I not t. you that the words which I speak are

180:4.3 bring to your remembrance everything I have t. you.

180:6.8 “Down here I have t. you in proverbs and spoken to

181:2.10 Do not forget what I have t. you regarding the

181:2.11 slowness of comprehending the truths I have t. you

181:2.24 “I have t. you much by word of mouth, and I have

181:2.25 which I have t. you is infinite, divine, and eternal.

182:1.5 I have given these men your word and have t.

182:1.5 purified through the truth I have t. them and love I

184:1.6 I have t. in the synagogues and many times in the

184:3.10 That Jesus t. them impossible things and otherwise

184:3.12 3. That he t. magic inasmuch as he promised to build

184:5.4 2. That he t. the people to refuse to pay tribute to

186:2.2 Jesus had t. his apostles the uselessness of casting

186:2.2 swine, and he now dared to practice what he had t.

188:4.8 loving Father, the only concept which Jesus ever t.

188:4.8 incompatible with the concept of God as it was t.

188:4.9 Jesus t. that service to one’s fellows is the highest

188:5.2 He t. us not to resist evil but to find through him a

190:5.4 Do you not remember that this Jesus always t. that

193:0.3 I t. you that my one purpose was to reveal my

193:5.2 Remember all I have t. you and the life I have

194:1.2 up in that very place where his Master had last t.

194:2.1 Jesus lived on earth and t. a gospel which

194:2.4 From the beginning Jesus t. that the spirit would not

194:3.11 Jesus had already t. his followers that his religion

194:4.11 Greek associate began to preach more as Jesus t.,

195:0.18 Many of the great truths t. by Jesus were almost lost

195:1.1 t. spiritual liberalism leading to religious liberty.

195:10.5 followers of Jesus who really live and love as he t.

196:0.8 very heart of the prayer which he t. his disciples

196:0.10 look not so much for what he t. as for what he did.

196:2.9 he delivered them from the slavery of taboo and t.

196:2.10 He t. men to place a high value upon themselves in


143:1.7 “Today, the unbelievers may t. you with preaching


76:2.2 But this Abel would not allow, and he t. his brother

136:7.4 No matter whether the Pharisees t. him for a sign,

185:4.2 Herod t. and dared him to perform a miracle, but

194:3.2 They t. Jesus on the cross, saying, “Let us see if God


136:8.1 And always did he refuse the t. challenge of his


162:2.9 they were astonished and spoke t. to Eber: “Are

185:7.5 he pointed to him and t. said, “Behold your king.”


76:2.5 one day, when Abel’s t. so infuriated his bellicose

158:4.6 believers suffered the t. of these unfriendly critics.

184:4.5 As these insults, t., and blows fell upon Jesus, he

185:4.2 not reply to his many inquiries or respond to his t..

186:2.11 Sovereign thus subjected in humiliation to the t.

187:3.4 Inasmuch as Jesus would make no reply to their t.,


130:8.2 Ezra, the backslidden Jew, who kept the t. where

taxsee tax collector(s)

69:9.3 —the inheritance t. was one hundred per cent.

69:9.6 to public welfare or to the king, an inheritance t..

72:7.5 Most of the states assess a rather heavy bachelor t.,

72:7.6 prevents levying a t. of more than one per cent on

72:7.11 3. Inheritance t..

72:7.11 federal government levies a graduated inheritance t.

72:9.4 all governmental servants supported by t. funds are

97:9.22 Amaziah, had trouble with the revolting t.-paying

126:5.5 the synagogue assessments and the temple t. of one

127:2.6 Patriotic issues, when complicated by t.-gathering

135:6.8 to the t. gatherers he said: “Extort no more than

138:3.4 Levi family had long been engaged in t. gathering;

139:7.1 Matthew belonged to a family of t. gatherers,

157:1.1 said: “Does not your Master pay the temple t.?”

157:1.1 “Why of course the Master pays the temple t..

157:1.1 by the gate, and I will presently return with the t..”

157:1.2 it is well in the circumstances that we pay the t..

157:1.3 by the messenger of David, to meet the temple t.

157:1.3 The collector accepted the t., foregoing the penalty

157:1.4 and Peter so soon appearing with the temple t.,

173:1.3 The temple head t., payable by all except women,

181:2.14 —what the Father can do for a hated t.-gatherer

tax collector(s)

126:5.5 the t. tried to squeeze extra revenue out of Jesus,

126:5.6 might be discovered and confiscated by the t.,

127:4.10 that at least the harp was safe from seizure by the t..


157:1.1 near the boatshop, a temple-t. came upon them

157:1.1 noting a peculiar expression on the face of the t.,

167:5.1 the parable of the Pharisee and the publican (a t.).

171:6.1 Zaccheus the chief publican, or t., happened to be


69:9.15 property to the individual, reserving the right of t..

70:7.18 T. has been a long struggle, one of the earliest forms

70:12.15 9. T. enslavement of the citizenry by the state.

71:5.2 prevent t. from handicapping industry and keep the

72:3.1 property used for home purposes are free from t.

72:7.0 7. TAXATION

72:7.6 There is little or no uniformity among the t. schemes

97:9.16 all of the tyranny and t. of his father’s regime.

122:7.1 be made which could be used for effecting better t.


89:4.9 to do this he must needs have sorely t. his toiling

134:6.10 Today, the citizens of the great powers are t.,

157:1.4 usually it is the stranger who is t. for the upkeep of


70:7.18 merchants to collect debts and rulers to collect t..

70:7.18 T. were originally levied to keep up the king’s house,

71:5.2 guarantee peace and quiet in industry, pay the t. to

71:8.6 The ability of the citizenry to control the levying of t.

72:9.5 brackets of suffrage reflecting the average yearly t.

126:5.5 next year they found it difficult to pay the civil t.,

127:2.1 in favor of rebellion against payment of t. to Rome.

127:3.1 The proceeds were used for t., to buy some new

129:1.8 When it came to the payment of t., Jesus registered

174:2.5 “right of coinage carried with it the right to levy t..”

185:3.1 John explained that Jesus and his apostles paid t.

185:5.1 he perverts the people, forbids the payment of t.,


26:7.1 the still-more-t. and far-more-arduous spiritual

72:7.3 Cities have no t. power, neither can they go in debt.


69:9.5 the improvident depend on the state (thrifty t.) to

72:9.5 Heavy t. are permitted extra votes up to five.

teachsee teach, not; see teachimperative

4:5.4 It is an affront to God to t. that innocent blood must

5:4.5 All religions t. the worship of Deity and some

14:3.3 Eternals of Days t. with supreme skill and direct their

19:5.4 The Melchizedeks t. that Inspired Trinity Spirits are

27:6.4 These Paradise philosophers t. by every possible

27:7.4 It is the task of the conductors of worship so to t.

28:6.8 the Significance of Origins t. these ascenders how

28:6.8 the Memories of Mercy t. them how to be truly

34:5.4 liaison hovers over the worlds, seeking to t. truth

37:6.4 We t. you how best to execute the things we

39:4.12 These seraphim t. the fruitfulness of patience: That

45:4.8 6. Singlangton, the first of the yellow men to t. and

48:6.36 seraphim t. the everlasting truth: If your own mind

48:6.37 receive their name because they are assigned to t.,

48:6.28 who so patiently t. the mansion world students

48:6.32 Some day they will t. you to seek truth as well as

48:7.1 On the first mansion world it is the practice to t. the

50:4.1 races are instructed and then sent forth to t. these

54:5.14 we t. forty-eight reasons for permitting evil to run

54:6.3 to t. that the good resulting from Lucifer’s folly

54:6.3 The Melchizedeks now t. that the good resulting

62:5.7 they were able to t. only a few of their new signs to

68:5.9 Caligastia and Adam endeavored to t. horticulture

74:7.22 Adam endeavored to t. the races sex equality.

74:8.5 Certain African tribes t. that they are descended

89:3.7 Nor did Jesus ever t. these unreasonable views to his

95:1.8 Melchizedek had warned his followers to t. about

96:4.3 Moses had endeavored to t. these Bedouins the

97:5.5 priests who t. for hire and the prophets who divine

104:1.3 Machiventa found it difficult to t. the Bedouins

107:2.5 The Melchizedeks t. that the fourth-stage Adjusters

108:3.10 The Melchizedeks t. that the Solitary Messengers are

119:5.4 the Melchizedek colleges began to t. the probability

123:5.9 questions” than he had “been able to t. the lad.”

123:6.4 this year Jesus had begun to t. James the alphabet.

124:1.13 beginning to learn from him as well as to t. him.

124:4.5 he continued to t. the home school for his brothers

126:2.3 Jesus never derived authority to t. truth from human

126:3.3 After his father’s death Jesus tried to t. the older

128:5.9 Jesus continued to t. the evening school three times

130:2.2 When he returned to Mongolia, he began to t.

130:8.4 The spirit of the Father cannot t. and save one who

132:7.4 Buddha tried to live and t. as a messenger of God,

134:6.4 Another world war will t. the so-called sovereign

136:4.1 Jesus first decided not to t. contemporaneously

137:7.5 Jesus endeavored to t. his associates what their

138:1.1 Jesus directed them to go forth, two and two, to t.

138:1.2 and you will t. them all that pertains to the kingdom,

138:3.6 “How dare you to t. that this man is righteous

138:5.2 wonderful truths which he endeavored to t. them.

139:5.5 multitudes who came to hear Jesus t. and preach,

140:1.3 the divine spirit that shall come to t. the minds

140:5.10 It is not so easy to t. a child mind these first two of

140:5.14 It is easy to t. this admonition even to a child.

140:5.16 It is a great error to t. boys and young men that it

140:6.4 “You have heard it said by those who t. the law:

140:6.6 “Master, what shall we t. the people regarding

140:6.6 the temptation to t. you rules of government, trade,

140:8.13 in all social situations to t. patience, tolerance, and

140:8.20 come down to earth to t. something additional,

140:10.4 Ever you insist on making literal all that I t..

141:3.8 Jesus intended to t. forgiveness, to “resist not evil

141:4.4 At this same time Jesus began to t. the twelve more

141:5.1 “James, James, when did I t. you that you should

141:6.4 You cannot t. the deep things of the spirit to those

142:2.1 You and your disciples t. us that God is a kind and

142:4.2 they shall no longer t., ‘Do not worship this and

142:6.1 Nicodemus would have gone often to hear Jesus t.

142:6.3 no mere man could so t. unless God were with him.

142:7.1 mode of life, but what shall we t. the multitude?

143:1.2 not for this world; that men cannot live as you t..

143:5.11 It was very difficult for Jesus to t. his apostles that

144:1.9 to Thomas’s request: “Master, t. us how to pray.”

144:1.10 request, to t. them a suggestive form of prayer.

144:2.1 that you might have something to t. the multitude.

144:3.1 to give them a model prayer which they could t. the

144:3.13 apostles desired Jesus to t. them a model prayer

144:8.1 by Pella, where they again began to t. and preach.

144:8.7 Jesus continued to t., saying: “But to what shall I

145:1.1 Entering the boat, he continued to t. the assembled

146:0.2 were at liberty to preach and t. without restriction,

146:2.14 he did t. that prayer is a factor in the enlargement

146:3.6 it will live among men and t. all men, even as I now

146:4.1 Jesus and the apostles would often t. and preach at

146:7.3 let us return to Capernaum to tarry and t. while the

147:4.1 How can we t. that this evil-intending man should

147:4.3 Let me now t. you concerning the differing levels

147:8.1 listeners retired, Jesus continued to t. his apostles.

148:1.2 They made no effort to t. just alike; there was no

148:2.3 Elman and his associates endeavored to t. the truth

149:2.10 Jesus dared to t. that catastrophes of nature are not

149:2.10 proclaimed man’s spiritual freedom and dared to t.

149:6.7 I would t. you to ‘love God and learn to do his will,

149:6.7 I t. you, ‘Love God—the all-merciful Father.’

149:6.12 prophet who said: ‘The priests thereof t. for hire,

150:1.1 that Jesus would dare to commission women to t.

150:8.3 the statutes of life; have mercy upon us and t. us.

151:1.3 when they heard Jesus t. the people in this manner,

151:2.5 one central and vital truth which we wished to t. the

151:2.6 this parable was spoken to t. us one great truth.

151:3.14 effort of the religious leaders at Jerusalem to t. that

152:2.1 Jesus continued to t. the people by day while he

152:7.1 neither did he permit them to t. or preach while

153:2.6 I have come to t. eternal truth, and foster living

153:4.5 upon as establishing your authority and right to t..

155:1.3 “Jesus continued to t. the twenty-four, saying: “The

155:6.1 Jesus continued to t. them regarding the religion of

156:2.2 they went abroad in Sidon to t. and preach during

157:2.1 like you to give us a sign of your authority to t.,

157:3.4 knew the time had come when he must begin to t.

159:1.6 Jesus t. the dangers and illustrate the unfairness of

159:2.3 at those who made bold to t. in the Master’s name.

159:2.3 never sat at Jesus’ feet should dare to t. in his name.

159:2.4 This man whom John forbade to t and work in Jesus’

159:3.1 should activate all who t. the gospel of the kingdom.

159:3.14 And much more did Jesus t. this group of believers

159:4.1 I observe that you t. us only a portion of the

160:1.14 The philosophy which I t., linked with the gospel

162:1.1 now that he had actually come to Jerusalem to t.,

162:1.4 parts of the Roman Empire saw Jesus, heard him t.,

162:1.8 Jesus appeared in the temple courts and began to t.,

162:2.1 how is it you can quote the Scriptures and t. the

162:6.3 Jesus continued to t. the multitude, saying: “Have

162:7.1 Jerusalem, Jesus again went into the temple to t..

162:9.1 Jesus did not again t. in the temple during this visit

163:2.4 he had heard Jesus t. and had been subsequently

163:4.8 (This they were to t. as man’s whole duty in place of

163:7.2 no longer necessary for Jesus to go abroad to t. the

164:3.15 thereby Jesus desired to t. his followers of that day

164:3.15 Jesus wanted to t. them that they must cease to

164:4.11 born in sin, and do you now presume to t. us?

165:3.7 the spirit that dwells within you shall certainly t. you

165:4.7 But Jesus did t. that the material and temporal must

165:5.3 contribute to the sustenance of all who t. and heal

166:4.12 Jesus continued to t. them and to answer their

167:0.1 Andrew, returned to the Pella encampment to t.

167:3.1 Abner arranged for the Master to t. in the synagogue

167:5.4 The Pharisees had gone so far as to t. that divorce of

167:7.1 do not believe in angels, what shall we t. the people

169:0.2 that Jesus planned to t. this one short week at Pella

170:5.14 began to t. that the kingdom was in reality to

172:2.1 he would probably deliver many addresses and t.

172:5.6 disappointment that nothing was done to t. the

173:1.5 Jesus, on this Monday morning, attempted to t. the

173:2.3 ask this question of anyone who presumed to t.

173:2.3 they so boldly presumed to t. without authority,

174:0.2 have failed to learn from me, my spirit will t. you.

174:1.1 James claims you t. that the Father forgives us

174:2.2 Jesus arrived in the temple court and began to t.,

175:1.4 after generation have we sent our prophets to t. and

175:1.16 You are tricksters since you t. that a man may swear

175:1.16 You also t. that, if a man swears by the altar, it is

175:3.3 that he might not return that day to t. in the temple,

176:1.1 for the spirit will t. you in that very hour what you

177:2.7 As long as we t. the child to pray, “Our Father who

178:1.16 very truths which they profess to t. and safeguard.

179:5.4 Jesus employed symbols because he wanted to t.

180:3.3 one who will continue to t. you the way of truth,

180:4.1 Jesus continued to t., saying: “When I have gone

181:2.15 When the new teacher comes, let him t. you the

183:3.4 Many of this armed band had heard Jesus t. in the

184:1.6 “Just what is it you are trying to t. the people?

185:3.1 Then he asked, “Did you ever t. that tribute should

187:4.1 thief, who had many times heard the Master t.,

190:5.2 Cleopas had often heard Jesus t. and had eaten

190:5.5 Jesus began to t. them as they walked along the

191:4.3 the Greeks already t. the good news; and I am soon

191:5.3 the far-away ascetics t. reverence; the Romans

192:1.10 same couples he had at first sent out together to t..

192:2.2 Let experience t. you the value of meditation and

192:2.12 “Matthew, if you would obey me, go forth to t. all

193:2.3 quick to recognize Jesus when he began to t. them.

193:3.2 did I not even send you out to t., two and two,

194:3.1 to t. men about the truths of the Father’s love and

teach, not

95:6.4 Zoroaster did not t. the worship of fire but sought to

96:4.3 Moses did not specifically t. that other peoples and

130:8.4 The spirit of the Father cannot t. and save one who

136:4.1 Jesus decided not to t. contemporaneously with

140:8.4 but Jesus did not t. passive tolerance of wrongdoing.

140:8.12 Jesus did not t. his apostles that they were to be

140:8.30 Jesus did not t. his apostles that religion is man’s

141:6.4 You cannot t. the deep things of the spirit to those

142:8.1 he did not t. fasting and other forms of self-denial.

149:2.2 it does also contain much that Jesus did not t..

153:3.2 “I did not t. you that my flesh is the bread of life

159:5.8 Jesus did not t. that the essence of his religion

162:9.1 Jesus did not again t. in the temple during this visit

165:4.7 Jesus did not t. nor countenance improvidence,

166:3.4 drink with you, and did you not t. in our streets?


130:6.3 t. your intellect to work for you; refuse longer to

131:5.4 “Lord, t. us how to live this life in the flesh while

131:5.4 T. us the good paths, and we will go right.

144:3.1 T. us how acceptably to pray to the Father in heaven

159:3.11 T. all believers to avoid leaning upon the insecure

159:3.13 T. all believers that those who enter the kingdom are

163:4.8 7. T. that man’s whole duty is summed up in this one


42:10.4 on the t. (nonmechanical) level of material mind.

65:0.6 the adaptative or nonmechanical-t. types of mind—

65:7.4 the nonmechanical-t. types of organismal response.

140:5.7 One was self-sufficient; the other was t. and truth-

170:2.21 to be open-minded and t. like an unspoiled child.

teachersee teacher, new; see Teacher

2:6.5 Truth exhibits God as a revealer, as a t..

3:3.1 Said your great t. of the insignificant sparrow, “One

20:10.4 the Trinity Daynal Sons disclose the t. personality

25:4.12 way in to Havona you enact the role of a pupil-t..

32:3.12 to meet the need for pattern t. guides for those who

34:6.6 the world of today needs is the truth which your t.

42:9.1 When a renowned religious t. reasoned that seven

42:9.1 if he had known more of chemistry, he might have

43:3.4 One t. understood that the Most Highs were not

43:3.4 for he said, “He who dwells in the secret place of the

44:0.3 corps of beings composed of certain t. personalities

45:4.4 2. Mansant, the great t. of the post-Planetary Prince

50:4.8 The t. brotherhood, the enlightenment of childhood

55:2.11 opportunity to gain in experience as t.-students all of


63:6.5 taught these simple folks by Onagar, their great t..

64:6.8 never after the days of this great t. did another leader

64:6.23 Orlandof became a great t. among the blue race

64:6.29 Mansant was a great t. of the post-Planetary Prince

73:2.1 promised Son of God, a racial uplifter, a t. of truth,

74:8.8 since Moses was the supreme t. of the Hebrews,

76:3.9 the duty of a Sethite: to be priest, physician, and t..

77:2.2 would become the t.-rulers of human society.

79:4.6 But the premier caste, the t.-priests, stems from the

89:3.6 If the advice of the tentmaker-t. were to be literally

92:5.12 neither was a religious t.; Lao-tse envisioned more

92:5.13 As a religious t., Jesus started out with the cult

93:3.6 this great t. subordinated everything to the doctrine

93:5.4 through the preaching of Ovid, a Phoenician t.

94:1.2 the direction of the Brahman caste of t.-priests,

94:6.9 Confucius was a rejected t. during his lifetime, but

94:7.1 in China, another great t. of truth arose in India.

94:7.5 pupil imparted to his t. the traditions of the Salem

94:8.2 followers called him Sasta, meaning master or t..

94:12.6 realities even as the disciples of the great t. in India

95:4.1 In due time there grew up in Egypt a t. called by

95:4.2 This noble t. believed that God-consciousness was

95:5.7 This young t.-king was a prolific writer, being

96:3.1 under that great leader, t., and organizer, Moses.

96:5.1 of military leader, social organizer, and religious t..

96:5.1 Moses was the most important individual world t.

96:6.4 now and then a solitary t. would arise proclaiming

97:1.1 a better opportunity for Samuel to function as a t.

97:1.2 This t. was a virile and resolute man.

97:1.5 Ever this energetic t. proclaimed, “You are great, O

97:4.4 And before this courageous t. was stoned to death,

97:7.5 No prophet or religious t. from Machiventa to the

97:7.10 This daring t. proclaimed that man was very closely

97:7.12 still further words of comfort did this great t. speak

97:7.13 this great t. portrayed the all-powerful Creator as

98:1.1 exacted the promise of each t. never to function as

108:6.3 A great t. once admonished men that they should

113:4.2 the seraphim is the t. of man’s evolving nature—

120:2.5 I counsel you to function largely in the role of a t..

121:6.4 Philo was a great t.; not since Moses had there lived

122:2.3 a son who shall be the forerunner of this divine t.,

122:2.8 grow to become a spiritual leader and religious t..

122:3.3 Mary thought her son was destined to be a great t..

122:5.3 he inherited his gift as a great t. and his capacity

122:7.5 Joseph adhering to the concept of a spiritual t. and

122:8.6 been told sometime before by a strange religious t.

123:5.3 pupils sat on the floor in a semicircle, while their t.,

123:6.3 About this time Jesus met a t. of mathematics from

124:1.4 drawing a charcoal picture of the t. on the floor

124:1.13 Jesus was an original thinker and a skillful t.,

124:2.2 chief t. was greatly intrigued by the lad’s curiosity,

124:2.8 Jesus was a born t. and simply could not refrain

124:2.10 the choice of becoming a religious t. of a new order.

124:4.8 exemplified by the renowned Nazareth t., Jose.

124:5.5 Jesus’ t. confidently believed that his alert pupil was

124:5.6 effective t. and eldest brother to this family—his

125:2.11 in company with Jesus’ Nazareth t. they made

125:2.11 Jesus accompanied his parents and t. on their visits

125:4.3 “Then,” rejoined the now irate t., “why are you

125:6.6 opportunities ever granted him to function as a t.

126:0.4 at last a really great t. was to come out of Nazareth

126:3.6 deliverer or moral t. solely to the Jewish people.

126:3.7 when the time came for him to go forth as a world t.,

126:3.10 coming of a national deliverer, a Jewish t. or king.

126:3.11 If he were a new t. and not the Messiah, then how

126:5.3 cling to the belief that Jesus was to become a great t.

127:1.2 the sympathizing friend and the authoritative t..

127:1.7 enter publicly upon his work as a t. of truth and as

127:2.7 his old t., the chazan, who counseled him about

127:2.9 Jesus to remain “with us, to be our father and t.,

127:5.6 would begin his career as a t. of living truth.

128:4.3 Jesus was recognized and hailed as a master t. by the

128:4.6 cause subsequent generations to venerate the t. in

128:4.6 to serve this natural human tendency to exalt the t.

128:5.2 to establish himself in their city as a religious t.,

128:5.5 the invitation to become a great t. in Alexandria.

129:1.12 James was the most interested in Jesus as a t.,

129:2.7 he would never be accorded the status of a regular t.

130:3.7 The true t. maintains his intellectual integrity by

130:4.1 Jesus interpreted for the learned Greek t. but injected

130:4.1 the t. and his pupil had a long and heart-to-heart

130:5.3 had not devoted himself to the work of a public t.,

130:7.2  his t. said: “Become interested in your fellows; learn

132:3.1 suggested that he return to Palestine as a Mithraic t..

132:4.1 than those which characterized his later life as t.

132:7.1 When Ganid asked his t. why he evinced so little

133:1.5 that was about all the lad could get his t. to say

133:3.5 what became of such a wise and brilliant Hebrew t..

133:4.5 To the Epicurean t. he said: “You do well to choose

133:5.1 interesting discussions of the lad and his versatile t..

133:8.2 why his t. manifested so little interest in Antioch,

133:9.1 Ganid had watched his t. help with the loading of

133:9.1 “The t. surely is not without honor in the eyes of a

133:9.4 “Farewell to a great t., one who has made us better

133:9.4 friend they had just taken leave of—Joshua their t..

133:9.5 which Ganid had learned from Jesus, his beloved t..

133:9.5 Later on in life, when Ganid heard of the strange t.

133:9.6 which might be termed: The mission of Joshua the t..

134:0.1 to await the beginning of his lifework as a public t.

134:3.6 prompt and summary dismissal of the offending t..

134:3.7 in order to gain a seat on this faculty—every t. must

134:3.7 it was as such an independent t. that Jesus appeared

134:4.10 They well knew what would happen to any t. who

134:7.2 the scribe of Damascus, and the t. of Alexandria.

134:9.9 ever recognized in the public t. the same person

134:9.9 him in his later role of public and authoritative t..

135:7.3 believers lingered with their adored t. day after day.

137:2.2 and through much kindness of heart has our t.

137:2.6 looking up, inquired, “Whence comes this t.?”

137:2.9 why their new-found t. was so concerned with

138:6.2 Jesus was the t.—the Master; his associates were

138:8.9 Jesus was master and t., but he was more—he was

138:9.1 Real men simply could not desert a revered t. who

140:3.1 Of the t. more is expected than of the pupil; of the

140:8.21 Jesus was a positive t. of true virtue.

141:7.10 He announced that he had come to function as a t.

141:7.10 a t. sent from heaven to present spiritual truth to

141:7.10 And this is exactly what he did; he was a t., not a

141:7.10 He was a t. of man’s spirit, but through the mind.

142:6.3 “Rabbi, we know that you are a t. sent by God,

142:6.6 “Can it be that you are a t. in Israel and yet ignorant

142:8.1 eccentric men refused to accept him as a t. sent

145:5.10 We follow a t. who seeks no glory for himself.”

146:3.1 listened with patience and sympathy to the Greek t.

147:0.2 objections to Jesus’ work as a healer or religious t.

147:7.2 You who have lost your t. may be justified in

149:3.1 Jesus was a t. who taught as the occasion served;

149:3.1 as the occasion served; he was not a systematic t..

149:4.2 debases the mind, and handicaps the spirit t. of

150:2.3 Mary Magdalene became the most effective t. of

150:7.4 including the doting chazan t. of his youth, were

150:9.3 were not accustomed to seeing their beloved t.,

151:3.10 the parable form of teaching enables the t. to present

151:3.10 while he largely avoids all controversy and outward

153:2.3 Will you also seek to put to death the t. who dares

154:5.3 I am neither a t. nor a preacher, but it is in my

156:1.1 had heard much of Jesus as a great healer and t.,

156:1.5 Norana replied: “Yes, t., I understand your words.

157:6.2 the time when the t.-healer was becoming the

157:6.3 the years of his ministry as t. and healer and up to

157:6.5 Jesus presented the gospel as its master t..

157:6.5 Jesus appeared not merely as a t. but as the divine

157:6.6 lead his followers into the spiritual kingdom as a t.,

157:6.6 then as a t.-healer, but they would not have it so.

159:3.10 You shall not portray your t. as a man of sorrows.

161:0.2 apostles of John the Baptist who had been his t.

161:2.8 Jesus speaks with the authority of a divine t..

162:2.4 “Even though this t. is from Galilee, and even though

162:2.9 There is something out of the ordinary about this t.

162:6.3 the true t. of the way which leads to life everlasting

163:2.2 If you would be an ordained t., you must let others

164:3.11 a great man, a learned t. or a holy prophet;

164:4.3 Such a man cannot be a t. sent from God.”

164:5.2 The t. of truth attracts only those who hunger for

166:5.7 Abner was a faithful believer in, and t. of, the gospel

171:0.7 their beloved t. would be hanging on a Roman cross

173:2.3 only the Sanhedrin could ordain an elder or t.,

173:2.3 ordination conferred the title of “rabbi” upon the t.

173:2.7 admitting that he was an irregular t. since he had

174:2.2 Jesus: “Master, we know you are a righteous t.,

176:4.3 and in his stead, another t., the Spirit of Truth;

180:4.1 with my promise to send them another t..

180:5.6 as being the positive injunction of a great moral t.

180:6.2 to my place on high before I can send this spirit t.

181:0.1 that their friend and t. was going to leave them,

181:2.18 be content to be the t. and counselor of those who

183:3.3 in retribution for his daring to betray their beloved t..

184:3.13 making it appear that Jesus was a dangerous t. to be

185:5.6 intimation that this meek-mannered t. of strange

188:5.6 The very first t. of his gospel who was called upon

190:0.5 but Mary was their chief t. and public spokesman.

194:3.8 The spirit guides into all truth; he is the t. of an

196:1.4 the world’s greatest religious t. was indeed a layman.

teacher, newsee also Spirit of Truth

126:3.11 If he were a new t. and not the Messiah, then how

137:1.1 I believe you are the new T., and though I do not

180:4.2 me in your hearts even until I send you this new t.,

180:4.5 This new t. is the Spirit of Truth who will live with

180:4.6 Master said, but he grasped the promise of the nt.,

180:5.1 The new t. is the conviction of truth, the assurance

180:5.1 this new t. is the spirit of living and growing truth,

180:6.2 If I go not away, the new t. cannot come into your

180:6.2 to my place on high before I can send this spirit t.

180:6.4 wherefore did I say that this new t. would take of

181:1.4 but all men will not choose to receive this new t. as

181:1.5 I will surely send the new t. to be with you and to

181:2.13 counselor until that day whereon the new t. comes,

181:2.14 And when the new t. comes into your heart,

181:2.15 When the new t. comes, let him teach you the

181:2.17 departure in the flesh and the sending of the new t.

181:2.18 while you patiently await the arrival of the new t.,

181:2.20 permit me, as the spirit of the new t., to lead you

181:2.24 that which you now fail to comprehend, the new t.

182:1.4 Be near them, Father, until we can send the new t.

182:1.6 and so will the new t. ever be one with them and in

182:2.5 the time when the new t. shall come to live in your

194:3.1 this day, on which the Spirit of Truth, the new t.,

194:3.1 As the indwelling spirit of the “new t.,” the Master

194:3.6 all received the new t., as did all the honest of heart

194:3.6 This new t. was bestowed upon mankind, and every

194:3.8 he is the t. of an expanding and always-growing

194:3.8 This new t. will be forever unfolding to the truth-

194:3.9 associated with the bestowal of the “new t.,”

194:4.2 And on the day of Pentecost this new t. comes,


157:6.2 the t. was becoming the newly conceived Messiah

157:6.6 into the spiritual kingdom as a teacher, then as a t.,


95:5.7 This young t. was a prolific writer, being author of


79:4.6 the premier caste, the t., stems from the Sethites;

94:1.2 under the direction of the Brahman caste of t.,


77:2.2 they hoped would become the t. of human society


55:2.11 afford ample opportunity to gain in experience as t.

Teachersee Teacher - Jesus; see Teacher Son(s)

38:8.5 a level equivalent to that of a Mansion World T. in

45:4.7 of this people in the worship of “The Great T..”

55:4.22 Early in the seventh epoch the Trinity T. counselor

104:1.6 The earlier was T., Law, and Brotherhood;


129:2.3 “My T., go about your business, do your work in

130:3.7T. Joshua, you know more than these professors;

132:7.6 Then exclaimed Ganid: “T., let’s you and I make a

133:1.1 excitedly exclaimed: “I cannot understand you, T..

133:1.3 “But, T., if a stronger and ill-tempered creature

133:1.5 In my heart, T., I agree with you, but in my head I

133:3.7 he stammered out his answer: “No, T., I do not.

133:7.5 “But, T., what do you mean when you say that man

133:9.1T., is there anything that you cannot do?”

133:9.4 In bidding his t. farewell, Ganid said: “Farewell, T.

135:11.2 “So you see, T., that he who was with you at the

137:1.1 I believe you are the new T., and though I do not

137:1.3 settled in his own mind that Jesus was the great T.,

137:2.4 Andrew suggested to Philip, “Why not ask the T.?

137:2.5T., shall I go down to John or shall I join my friends

147:1.1T., we earnestly request you to go over to

147:5.4 Simon answered, “T., say on.”

147:6.4 Behold, T., your apostles do that which is unlawful

153:4.5 T., we would have you give us a predetermined sign

157:2.1T., we would like you to give us a sign of your

162:2.1T., how is it you can quote the Scriptures and

162:2.3 “Yes, T., we do look for the Messiah, but when he

164:1.1T., I would like to ask you just what I should do

164:1.2 “But, T., I should like you to tell me just who is my

171:6.2 I may be a publican and a sinner, but the great T.

172:3.13T., you should rebuke your disciples and exhort

176:2.2 If they were to part with their Master and T., how

183:3.5 a kiss upon his brow, said, “Hail, Master and T..”

196:0.9 when addressed as Good T., instantly replied,

196:2.2 to the one who called him Good T., “Why do you

Teacher Son(s) or Trinity Teacher Son(s)

7:6.6 unite to personalize the versatile TT., who range the

15:10.18 5. TT. who may chance to be on duty at

18:2.2 absent from his sphere, his world is directed by a TT.

19:0.1 TT., also classed among the Paradise Sons of God,

19:0.2 1. TT..

19:0.9 Excepting the TT. and possibly the Inspired Trinity


19:1.1 personalities, the TT. alone act in a dual capacity.

19:1.1 they are almost wholly devoted to the service of

19:1.1 They are the liaison beings who bridge the gulf

19:1.2 completed numbers, the T. are constantly increasing.

19:1.2 What the final number of T. will be I do not know.

19:1.3 numbers of T. are held in the reserves on Paradise,

19:1.4 that T. are the supreme co-ordinating personalities of

19:5.9 We know that the TT. are devoted to the conscious

20:1.4 3. TT.—the Daynals.

20:1.11 the TT. are the offspring of the Father, Son, and

20:1.12 both Magisterial and T. serve under the direction

20:1.15 Paradise sonship: the Magisterial Sons and the TT..


20:7.1 In Orvonton they are of record as TT., so named

20:7.1 On Salvington they are sometimes denominated the

20:7.2 In numbers the T. are constantly increasing.

20:7.2 include more than one third of all TT. in existence.

20:7.4 These S. partake of the combined natures of the

20:7.5 TT. receive no preliminary training in the central

20:7.5 They are dispatched directly to the headquarters of

20:7.5 they utilize the combined spiritual influence of a

20:8.2 The exact number of T. in Nebadon I do not know

20:8.3 The T. compose the faculties who administer all

20:8.3 They conduct an agelong course of training, ranging

20:8.4 these ever-faithful and universally efficient TT..

20:8.4 They are the exalted teachers of spirit personalities,

20:8.4 even the tried and true teachers of the Sons of God

20:8.4 endless details of the duties and functions of the T.

20:9.1 age, the TT. always volunteer for this service.

20:9.1 the T. even now visit your world for the purpose

20:9.2 TT. have nothing to do with terminating planetary

20:9.2 They neither judge the dead nor translate the living,

20:9.2 they are accompanied by a Magisterial Son who

20:9.2 T. are wholly concerned with the initiation of a

20:9.2 They make real the spiritual counterparts of material

20:9.3 The T. usually remain on their visitation planets for

20:9.3 One T. presides over the planetary millennial reign

20:9.3 local universe personalities associated with the TT..

20:9.4 planetary activities touch upon those of the T..

20:9.5 The TT. seem to be so completely identified with

20:9.5 We firmly believe that the T. and the finaliters are

20:9.5 these T., who have become so thoroughly familiar

20:10.2 The Creator, Magisterial, and T. are the gifts of the

20:10.3 In the TT. the love, mercy, and ministry of the three

22:1.12 the Master Spirits and after serving under the TT.,

22:8.2 further training in the local universes by the TT..

22:8.3 are the apprentices, student helpers, of the T.,

22:8.4 The T. in the local universes may nominate their

22:9.1 with the advice of their former instructors, the TT..

22:9.2 but as a result of their service with the TT. on the

22:9.7 training with the Supreme Executives and the T.,

26:1.17 the circulating teachings of the marvelous TT.;

30:1.19 1. TT..

30:2.30 8. TT..

30:2.41 3. TT.—Daynals.

35:4.1 of the Melchizedeks in association with the TT..

37:2.2 perform an analogous service for the corps of TT..

37:2.9 these superangels are assigned to the corps of TT.

37:2.9 mortals of the realm and the invisible corps of T..

37:2.11 three worlds are devoted to the schools of the T.

37:2.11 are reserved for the triune deliberations of the T.,

37:2.11 and they have long been associated with the T..

37:2.11 future relationship that will obtain between the T.,

37:4.5 Creator Son, the Magisterial Sons, and the TT..

37:6.1 administered by the TT. and the Melchizedek corps

37:6.2 and the schools of the T. and the Union of Days.

39:1.13 from the Melchizedeks and the TT. down to the

45:4.21 Eras of the Magisterial Sons and T. and the ages of

45:7.2 Also do the TT. collaborate, and they impart the

46:5.4 the creature-trinitized sons not assigned to the TT..

46:5.13 The second circle is occupied by the TT..

46:5.13 forward the training of the newly arrived primary T..

46:5.13 The TT. come the nearest to being the personal

46:5.13 they are at least Trinity-origin beings.

49:5.27 for the culminating mission, the arrival of the TT..

49:5.27 This epoch of the T. is the vestibule to the final

52:0.7 6. Post-T. Man.

52:7.1 on the average evolutionary world are the TT.,

52:7.1 coming will precede or follow the appearances of T.

52:7.2 The T. come in groups to the spiritualizing worlds.

52:7.2 A planetary T. is assisted and supported by seventy

52:7.4 As the era of TT. progresses, the spiritual allegiance

52:7.8 T. continue to come to these peaceful worlds.

52:7.8 They do not leave a world until they observe that the

52:7.8 A Magisterial Son of judgment accompanies the T.

52:7.9 Each recurring mission of the TT. successively exalts

52:7.10 The TT. may return many times to the same world.

52:7.11 the conclusion of the terminal mission of the T. that

52:7.14 will usher in the day of the advent of the TT.;

52:7.16 The departure of the T. corps, at the end of their first

55:0.1 the successive planetary missions of the TT. with

55:0.1 In these endeavors the T. enjoy the assistance of

55:0.2 This era of light and life, inaugurated by the T. at the

55:1.1 Before the T. leave a world at the conclusion of

55:2.2 but with the onset of the successive ages of the T.,

55:2.2 and by the time of the terminal mission of the T.,

55:4.1 finaliters are active in co-operation with the TT., but

55:4.5 presently to be advised by a counseling TT.,

55:4.8 One of the last acts of the TT. on their terminal

55:4.12 the T. serve as counselors to the finaliters.

55:4.12 they serve as volunteers and not by assignment;

55:4.12 they serve exclusively with the finaliter corps except

55:4.12 they may be had as advisers to the Planetary Adam

55:4.14 the Evening Stars (the superangels), and the TT..

55:4.15 During this or the following age a T., assisted by the

55:4.17 On the worlds the TT. appear in new roles.

55:4.17 they now come to the worlds as volunteer counselors

55:7.1 This age is inaugurated by the TT. at the close of

55:8.5 On the inhabited worlds the T. become voluntary

55:8.5 these T. also accompany the finaliters to the mansion

55:10.6 During this epoch the TT. are volunteer advisers,

55:10.9 Son, the Creative Spirit, the Evening Stars, the T.,

67:6.5 a volunteer T., a Brilliant Evening Star of Avalon

93:10.8 of future appearances of both Magisterial and TT.,

93:10.8 as well as either a Magisterial Son or even TT..

119:4.3 bestowal mission of a TT. on world 462 in system

119:4.4 Never was this TT. persuaded as to the identity of

119:4.4 his attachment to the bestowal mission of this TT..

teacherssee Teachers, Mansion World

7:6.6 who range the grand universe as the supernal t. of all

9:8.6 a vast array of ministering spirits, messengers, t.,

14:4.18 various universe groups—advisers, directors, and t.

19:2.3 They are the sources of wisdom for all t. in the

19:5.9 techniques, are also functioning as t. of the realms.

19:5.9 We think that these two types of Trinity-origin t.

20:1.12 ministers—creators, servers, bestowers, judges, t.,

20:6.4 As t., these Sons are devoted to the enlightenment of

20:8.4 They are the exalted t. of all spirit personalities,

20:8.4 the tried and true t. of the Sons of God themselves.

20:10.4 As the true t. of ascending personalities, the

22:6.2 Trinity embrace upon the advices of their Havona t..

25:3.12 mysteries—judges evolving into interpretative t..

25:3.13 understood and perfectly functioning arbiter-t..

25:3.13 By this time these counselors and t. have become

25:3.13 Thus they become wonderful advisers and wise t.

25:4.15 they are students and t. of applied law, the laws of

25:4.15 the t. of all creatures concerning the technique of

26:9.1 beings inhabiting the central universe serve as t..

27:4.4 The directors of conduct really serve as glorified t.

27:5.5 The custodians are also the exalted t. of the central

28:5.11 These wonderful t. are also attached to the

28:7.1 of the secondary and tertiary orders serve as t..

28:7.3 space abridgers, error detectors, faithful t.,

30:3.8 maintains a strong corps of t. on the world below,

30:3.9 by serving as t. to those pupils just behind you in the

30:4.18 on countless assignments in association with their t.

31:1.1 Many of the Havona natives who serve as t. in the

33:4.7 Gabriel and his staff are not t; they are administrators

35:2.1 these Sons understanding friends, sympathetic t.,

35:2.2 they are the pattern and the t. of self-government to

35:2.7 They are the t. who so often win whole worlds of

35:3.21 co-operate with the Melchizedek and seraphic t. in

35:8.2 were classified and certified by their Melchizedek t.

35:10.1 Sovereign corps officiate as administrative t. of the

36:2.10 the college of life planning, wherein function t. and

36:2.19 wherein t. from both the central universe and the

37:6.3 The t. provide the enlightenment;the universe station

37:6.4 you are provided with t. who are qualified to instruct

37:10.5 personalities as helpers, students, observers, and t..

39:1.13 Teaching counselors are secretaries to all orders of t.

39:1.14 Even the true and consecrated t. of time are assisted

39:2.7 4. Assistant T..

39:2.7 The assistant t. are the helpers and associates of their

39:3.7 as exchange t. on the system training worlds.

39:4.10 On the system headquarters the seraphic t. will

39:6.7 6. Recorder-T..

43:3.4 Many later t. confused their vague and indefinite

43:4.8 That the t. of olden times knew of these things is

44:0.13 The original t. of these seven groups all hailed from

44:2.11 The higher intellectual t. and the transition ministers

44:5.8 7. The t. of rest.

45:4.21 held in reserve for the great t. of subsequent ages

45:5.7 the Melchizedeks maintain strong faculties of t. on

45:7.2 serve as t. in the various educational enterprises of

47:9.1 here you will receive the instruction of many t.,

48:3.13 and these brilliant beings will be your language t..

48:6.8 Even on Urantia they counsel the human t. of truth

48:6.37 They are the t. of those who seek insight into the

48:6.30 6. Recorder-T..

48:8.3 part of the celestial creation as t. and instructors,

49:6.17 gaining many experiences as t. in those realms which

50:4.3 the students and t. in the Prince’s schools were all

50:4.7 the classes for the training of t.—secular, cultural,

52:6.3 The racial and national interchange of students, t.,

55:2.9 go back as t. to the very worlds they passed by,

55:4.29 back to their native world to serve as t. for a season

63:6.7 From Oban Onagar sent out t. to the remote

64:6.22 were responsive to the persuasions of the t. of Prince

64:6.29 But mention is made only of those outstanding t.

64:6.29 With the passing of time, many lesser t. arose in

66:3.8 and inspiring these students, sent them back as t.

66:4.2 obstacle to the good influence of extraplanetary t. is

66:5.2 weaving was introduced by the t. of art and science.

66:5.8 It was therefore very natural that these t. should

66:5.15 Make us a pleasure to our divine t. and forever put

66:5.21 Lut induced the religious t. to include cleansing with

66:5.25 notwithstanding the repeated urgings of their t.;

66:6.6 The Dalamatia t. sought to add conscious social

66:7.1 the motive of these imported t. to encourage the

66:7.17 seven-day week was introduced by the Dalamatia t.

68:0.3 the co-operative order initiated by the Dalamatia t.,

68:4.4 to the liberalizing instruction of the Dalamatia t.,

69:9.4 The t. of revealed religion, more especially Christian

69:9.4 Christian t., were the first to proclaim that the poor

70:5.7 The peace rulers were also judges and t..

70:7.14 advanced tribes, after contact with the Dalamatia t.,

70:8.8 the demarcations between priest-t., ruler-warriors,

70:10.9 The t. of revealed religion have always proclaimed,

71:7.4 T. must be free beings, real leaders, to the end that

72:3.5 Moral instruction is offered by t. during the rest

72:3.6 Until twenty years ago the spiritual t. were under

72:4.1 the first three years all pupils become assistant t.,

72:9.3 Scientists, inventors, t., philosophers, and spiritual

74:1.2 Long before this they had been t. in the citizenship

74:7.1 of the Garden, serving there as t. in the lower grades.

74:8.13 The Christian t. perpetuated the belief in the fiat

76:3.5 and to act as t. in the schools of the garden.

76:3.10 those high-minded and noble t. of health and religion

77:8.12 When the early t. of the gospel of Jesus were thrown

78:3.1 violet race sent forth their excess inhabitants as t. to

78:3.1 but the absorption of the Adamite t., traders, and

78:5.5 the ends of the earth as missionaries, t., and traders.

78:5.5 But only a few t. and traders ever penetrated farther

78:8.6 prize these peace-loving Sumerians as able t. and

78:8.6 respected and sought after as t. of art and industry,

80:1.1 Andite brethren had entered Europe as t., traders,

80:7.13 The Greeks were not only great t. and artists, they

87:2.4 Many advanced t. tried to stop this, but they failed.

90:2.9 true prophets and t. arose to denounce and expose

90:2.9 Many true t. have appeared among the various tribes

91:7.2 The great religious t. and the prophets of past ages

92:5.4 religious leaders, the prophets and t. of mankind.

92:5.7 that these t. were the temporal personality fulcrums

92:5.8 In considering the t. of recent times, it may prove

92:5.9 The Sethite priests became the great post-Adamic t..

92:5.10 was regenerated by the efforts of those t. who were

92:5.10 formed the foundations on which later t. of truth

92:5.12 Confucius, Lao-tse, Zoroaster, and the Jainist t..

92:5.13 Philo of Alexandria were the greatest t. of this era.

92:5.16 characterized by the appearance of t. of religious

93:3.7 why numerous later t. held that Jesus was a priest

93:7.1 And as the decades passed, these t. journeyed farther

93:7.2 willing listeners to the Hittite t. of the Salem cult.

93:7.2 From this Andite center, t. were dispatched to the

94:0.1 The early t. of the Salem religion penetrated to the

94:0.1 then commissioned these pupils to function as t.

94:1.4 the Brahman priests later fought with the Salem t..

94:1.7 of their day in an effort to combat the Salem t.,

94:2.1 order greatly retarded the progress of the Salem t..

94:5.1 But the t. commissioned by Melchizedek and his

94:5.1 training Chinese t. who taught throughout all the

94:5.5 was exerted by the Indian t. of the Vedic faith,

94:6.1 Through the agency of several human t. the Salem

94:6.2 great religious, moral, and philosophic t. all over the

94:6.2 In China, the two outstanding t. were Lao-tse and

94:6.12 moral t., both Confucius and Lao-tse were deified

94:8.19 of believers but rather a community of student t..

94:9.2 The t. of Gautama’s gospel not only braved the

94:11.10 and undoubtedly would be, blessed with other t. of

94:12.4 followers and has begun to send t. to other peoples.

95:1.3 Although the Salem t. did much to refine and uplift

95:1.4 The Salem t. greatly reduced the number of the gods

95:1.5 Never did the Salem t. fully overcome the popularity

95:1.8 But it has often been the error of the t. of new truth

95:3.2 were augmented by the periodic arrival of t. of truth,

95:3.3 The message of one of the great t. of this epoch

95:3.5 These early Nile valley t. were the first to proclaim

95:4.4 Amenemope was not the greatest of the religious t.

95:6.1 For more than five hundred years the Salem t. made

96:1.8 later Alexandrian t. of Hebraic extraction taught

96:7.2 many were written by Egyptian and Mesopotamian t.

96:7.5 of more than a score of Mesopotamian religious t.

96:7.8 the first of that long line of the t. of Israel who never

97:1.2 Samuel sprang from a long line of the Salem t.

97:2.1 In both of these political divisions many truth t.

97:5.6 these t. would have overthrown the whole bloody

97:6.1 While several t. continued to expound the gospel of

97:7.6 At last Machiventa Melchizedek beheld human t.

97:10.4 faithful t. who passed the monotheistic torch of light

97:10.8 And thus the successive t. of Israel accomplished the

98:1.1 When the Melchizedek t. penetrated pre-Hellenic

98:1.2 The early influence of the Salem t. was nearly

98:1.5 the antipriestcraft doctrines of the earlier Salem t.

98:3.7 told Augustus of earlier attempts of the Salem t. to

98:7.2 their earnest Asiatic contemporaries, the Buddhist t..

98:7.9 Such well-meaning t. must not be held accountable

101:2.15 the world’s greatest religious t., even the prophets,

102:8.2 Many of the world’s most notable religious t. have

103:7.7 The t. of both science and religion are often too

110:1.2 they are the patient t. who so constantly urge their

111:0.4 In the conception of the atman the Hindu t. really

111:0.4 they failed to distinguish the copresence of the soul.

113:4.3 Seraphim function as t. by guiding the footsteps of

119:4.3 private secretary, to twenty-six different master t.,

121:2.12 by the Jerusalem religious leaders and rabbinical t..

121:6.2 And the writings of the Christian t. were soon to

121:6.4 there have been seven outstanding human t.: Sethard

121:6.8 by the timely intervention of certain Babylonian t..

121:7.4 interpretation of the law by the recognized t.,

121:8.5 the custom in those days for pupils to honor their t..

122:5.7 Both Joseph and Mary were good t., and they saw

122:8.6 went these three t. looking for this “light of life.”

123:6.6 all did not run smoothly for either parents or t..

123:6.8 In February, Nahor, one of the t. in a Jerusalem

124:6.10 the last and the greatest of Jerusalem’s heavenly t..

125:0.4 and thought deeply, as his questions to the t.

125:4.3 questions were embarrassing to the learned t. of

125:4.3 the majority of the temple t. were disposed to treat

125:4.3 one of the more intolerant t. grew impatient with

125:4.3 the t. with one accord derisively replied, “We

125:5.1 Jesus’ third day with the scribes and t. in the temple

125:5.8 this Nazareth youth plied these Jewish t. with

125:6.2 the t. were astonished that Jesus was so familiar with

125:6.3 they had hardly begun to answer Jesus’ question

125:6.4 the missing lad and beheld him among the temple t..

126:0.4 especially to his former t. in the synagogue school.

126:1.3 advanced course of reading under the synagogue t.,

127:3.5 the temple, explaining that he wanted to hear the t.

129:2.7 the many academies of the Jerusalem religious t..

130:3.3 early t. of the Christian religion made a great mistake

130:3.4 and from which he sent t. to all the world;

130:3.7 “You are an admiring pupil, but these t. are not

132:0.4 months in intimate association with religious t..

132:0.10 the other Christian t. in Rome heard about this

134:3.6 These t. were chosen, supported, and fully

134:3.6 At this time there were about seventy-five t. on the

134:3.7 These t. of the various religions made a great effort

134:3.7 There were five independent t. on the faculty who

134:4.10 teacher who assumed to lord it over his fellow t..

134:5.3 Religious t. must remember that the sovereignty of

134:6.14 the later Christian t. who joined the Urmia faculty

134:6.15 but Abner’s choice of t. was most unfortunate in that

134:6.15 in that they were unyielding and uncompromising.

134:6.15 These t. sought to make their religion dominant

134:6.15 They never suspected the oft-referred-to lectures of

135:4.2 Elijah was the first of the t. of Israel to be regarded

135:5.2 a new school of religious t. arose in Palestine,

135:5.2 These new t. evolved a system of belief that

135:5.2 These new t. leaned heavily on the predictions of

135:5.7 Again the Jewish t. differed.

135:6.8 John counseled the t. to instruct in the spirit as well

138:1.3 There is need for more t., and the Master has

139:1.9 freely among the early t. of the Christian church.

140:3.20 knew you; depart from me you who are false t..’

140:6.5 “You have heard the t. of the law say, ‘You shall not

140:8.20 many good things which these great t. stood for,

141:7.4 The Master sought to impress upon all t. of the

144:3.13 all great t. had formulated prayers for their pupils.

144:3.13 The religious t. of the Jews had some twenty-five

144:7.4 Abner was later on made the head of seventy t.

146:4.3 I have heard the message of your t., and I would

148:0.3 t. and pupils taught the people during the afternoons.

148:1.2 Each of the apostolic t. taught his own view of the

148:1.3 later seventy gospel t. and preachers were drawn.

149:2.2 Other t. of Jesus’ gospel did likewise, but none of

149:2.5 The t. of the religion of Jesus should approach other

149:2.8 Jesus dared to take women along as t. of the gospel

149:7.2 even the older t. were edified by the young preachers

150:1.1 had never occurred to either themselves or their t.

150:1.3 to behold them being recognized as authorized t.

150:1.3 to commission these ten women as religious t.

150:1.3 women t. and ministers were called deaconesses

150:4.1 I remain to comfort and instruct the younger t.,

153:2.2 And the priests and the t. heard Jeremiah speak these

153:2.2 the priests and t. laid hold of him, saying, ‘You shall

153:2.2 Then spoke the priests and the t. to the princes and

153:2.3 “The priests and t. of that day sought to kill

153:2.10 one of the t. from Jerusalem (a member of the

153:3.5 Many of these t. are blind guides.

153:4.2 he went on to state that the religious t. and leaders

155:4.1 this group of twenty-five t. of truth left Caesarea-

155:5.12 formulated the doctrines of their traditional t. and

155:6.6 Shame on those false religious t. who would drag

156:6.7 claiming that these t. were followers of John and


159:4.10 some of the t. of the sanctity of this traditionalism

162:2.2 a formal religion of ceremonies which these t. are

162:7.3 while these deluded t. seek to do the things which

162:7.4 Your t. have even presumed to say that I do my

163:0.1 the Master subsequently chose the seventy t.

163:1.1 placed at the head of these gospel preachers and t..

163:6.1 was truly inspiring to hear these newly ordained t.

163:6.5 how my ministers and t. have been received by

164:0.1 “I would give these t. in Israel another opportunity

164:3.1 and the other Jewish leaders and religious t..

164:3.4 The older Jewish t., together with Plato, Philo, and

164:3.16 open challenge to the Sanhedrin and the Jewish t.

164:4.10 of Moses, and we are the t. of the laws of God.

164:4.11 “Hearken, you who claim to be the t. of all Israel,

164:5.2 Some of the Jewish t. sought to entrap him by

165:2.1 was in the presence of these Jewish t. and leaders,

165:2.3 profess to be t. in Israel; therefore does your sin

165:2.11 some of the Jerusalem t. said: “He speaks like one

165:2.12 about half of these Jewish t. professed belief in Jesus,

166:1.5 be closed by the prejudice and arrogance of false t.

167:1.4 “My friends, t. in Israel and learned lawyers, I

171:1.4 the apostles at what was known as the t.’ camp,

171:4.7 which kills the prophets and stones the t. of truth!

173:2.5 confessing that they, the religious t. and leaders of

175:0.2 coupled with his last denunciation of the false t.

175:1.3 even now would my Father receive these blinded t.

175:1.4 after generation have they killed these heaven-sent t..

175:1.10 you should honor your rulers and reverence your t.,

175:1.15 “Woe upon you, false t., blind guides!

175:1.17 You are truly blind guides and dumb t.; you strain

175:1.23 you who have stoned the prophets and killed the t.

175:2.1 religious t. of the Jewish nation onetime rejected

175:4.9 attacks upon their vested prestige as religious t..

176:1.3 Jesus did not want its t. and preachers to perish in

176:1.4 for many false t. will arise and many will be led

177:5.2 blinded rulers lead the t. of the gospel truth to their

181:2.24 the hand of that master of all t.—actual experience.

181:2.26 I know well that the false prophets and spurious t.

187:1.10 Alexander and Rufus, became very effective t. of

190:0.4 all the gospel t. united in this implicit faith in the

191:6.2 not to a race, a nation, nor to a special group of t.

194:3.11 the t. of this new religion are now equipped with

194:4.13 so that the active t. of the new religion about Jesus,

195:2.3 Small wonder their Greek t. were able to persuade

195:9.4 renaissance must await the coming of these new t. of

195:9.8 as handed down by their accepted religious t..

Teachers, Mansion World

37:1.8 7. Mansion World T..


37:7.1 The M. are recruited and glorified cherubim.

37:7.2 the M. will receive consideration in the next paper,

37:7.2 as t. playing an important part in the morontia life,

37:7.2 they will be more extensively discussed in the paper

38:8.5 in direct line for advancement to the status of M.

38:8.6 When, as M., the once-embraced cherubim and

47:2.1 this undeveloped soul into the hands of the M. in

47:2.2 It is these same deserted cherubim who, as M.,

47:5.1 Mansonia the third is the headquarters of the M..

47:5.1 glorified cherubim serve as morontia t. all the way


48:5.1 The M. are a corps of deserted but glorified

48:5.2 then go forth to the system training spheres as M..

48:5.2 These t. often visit the material worlds and function

48:5.3 There are billions upon billions of these t. in Satania,

48:5.4 M., like most other instructors, are commissioned by

48:5.4 but as individuals and as t. they are supervised by the

48:5.5 cherubim are inherently sympathetic t. of the

48:5.6 In the schools of the morontia life these t. engage in

48:5.7 under the tutelage of these faithful and patient t..

48:5.9 the M. advance, with experience, through the

48:5.9 They are practical and sympathetic t., wise and

48:5.10 Many of the older of these t., those who have long

53:7.5 But a heavy toll was taken of the M. and Mansion


25:8.11 and in the meantime t. in certain Paradise schools,

48:5.8 The mansonia life early t. the young morontia pupils

81:6.10 Science t. man to speak the new language of

82:4.3 women as a form of property; the Koran t. their

101:6.7 Revelation t. mortal man that, to start such a

137:8.9 for where the spirit of God t. and leads the soul of

153:2.11 the Son does only that which the Father t. him,

153:2.11 ‘Those whom the Father t. will hear also his Son.’

180:5.12 the new religion t. only self-forgetfulness,

195:5.2 Living truth t. the truth seeker aright only when it is

teachingnoun or verb

2:1.11 the truth—literal truth—of the t. which declares that

4:5.6 t. that his fatherly heart in all its austere coldness

5:4.8 the Hebrews centered their t. on “Know your God”;

14:4.20 they carry on the manifold tasks of t., training, and

24:0.1 those spirit beings who are concerned with t. and

28:6.8 including the t. of the ascending creatures.

34:6.4 have espoused the leading and t. of the Adjuster,

37:6.3 are beyond the human concept of the art of t. truth,

39:1.12 engage in extensive t. in certain Salvington schools

48:2.24 of morontia personalities for purposes of study, t.,

48:5.6 these teachers engage in individual, class, and mass t.

48:7.2 I had occasion to observe this method of t.;

50:4.6 instruction in connection with family-group t.,

50:4.12 Caligastia poisoned the t. provided in all the Urantia

55:3.9 Most of the t. was also done jointly; likewise all

55:6.6 a few very old planets where abandonters were t. the

66:6.7 to supplant this practice by t. that these children

66:7.6 Fad sponsored the Dalamatia plan of t.

66:7.19 was the center of all t. of the Planetary Prince

68:1.6 you might now be living in but for the combined t.

68:2.8 to adjust their antagonisms while at the same time t.

70:5.4 of the red man preserved the t. of Onamonalonton

73:2.1 contact with Van and Amadon took such t. seriously

74:5.6 the Caligastia t. of unbridled personal liberty;

74:7.3 The t. in these schools included instruction regarding

74:7.21 t. that effective prayer must be wholly individual,

77:3.8 The majority rejected the t. that their ancestors had

84:7.4 1. The new role of religion—the t. that parental

86:7.4 equally fallacious t. which bids them attribute all

89:3.4 mother cult were especially active in t. the virtue of

92:4.8 Father, and this t. has generally persisted ever since.

92:4.8 The essence of his t. was love and service, the loving

93:3.2 Melchizedek allowed the people to associate this t.

93:3.4 he made no effort to present t. beyond the fact of the

93:3.6 Emphasis was placed upon this t. for the purpose of

93:7.4 become absorbed into the older body of religious t.

93:9.6 The t. of Melchizedek was full and replete, but the

93:9.10 they also lost sight of the t. of this emergency Son

94:1.5 Never would the Brahman priests accept the Salem t.

94:1.6 refused to accept the Melchizedek t. of one God

94:2.4 This philosophically debilitating t. was soon

94:3.3 might such a t. have become the most advanced

94:3.6 The t. that the soul is the indwelling of the Brahman

94:3.7 The t. of the soul’s return to the Brahman is closely

94:5.2 It was in direct consequence of this t. that Taoism

94:6.1 that the purity of his t. on earth was being unduly

94:6.7 Lao’s t. of nonresistance and the distinction which he

94:8.8 rather was his t. designed to picture to mortal man

94:8.17 wide open for his successors to misinterpret his t.

94:8.18 great truth of Siddhartha’s t. was his proclamation

94:9.5 the Mahayana t. of the “Great Road ” to salvation

94:11.5 And this t. is one of the clearest presentations of the

94:11.10 gave rise to the t. that there were many Buddhas,

95:1.3 Such t. gained the ascendency for more than one

95:1.4 At the height of the new t. they exalted three gods

95:1.6 The early progress of the Melchizedek t. was highly

95:1.10 their t. who wrote many of the Old Testament

95:2.2 rendered Egypt more favorable to the Salem t.

95:5.9 the t. that Aton was not only the creator of Egypt

95:5.13 The t. of immortality for all men was too advanced

96:1.1 And the t. of Melchizedek regarding a Creator never

96:1.6 t. that material prosperity was a reward for serving

96:2.4 The Melchizedek t. concerning El Elyon, the Most

96:4.1 The evolution and elevation of the Mosaic t. has

96:4.5 the t. that their God was “mighty, terrible, fearful,

96:4.7 yet, despite this exalted t., the limited understanding

96:5.3 Without the t. of Machiventa to Abraham and his

96:6.2 the group who would conserve the Melchizedek t.

96:6.3 The burden of Joshua’s t. became: “Yahweh is a holy

96:7.7 human salvation as this extraordinary t. of Elihu,

97:0.2 from generation to generation in response to the t.

97:1.3 Samuel did little preaching, less t., but he did act.

97:1.4 Under his t., the God of the Hebrews was

97:2.1 warrior for righteousness, Elijah, began his t..

97:6.2 Jeremiah’s t. was the crescendo of the rising wave

97:9.19 one of the greatest of the prophets, began his t. as

98:2.3 classes of Hellenic peoples could grasp this new t.;

98:7.11 sincerely seek to follow in the way of its t..

99:2.5 proper attitude consists in the t. of nonviolence,

99:5.1 contrary t. of many modern socialists and humanists.

100:7.3 In all his t. and in everything Jesus did there was an

101:8.1 The acceptance of a t. as true is not faith; that is

103:2.6 In the absence of wrong t., the mind of the child

103:5.2 human being that tells him this t. is moral—right.

112:2.15 spirit dominance, volitional response to the t. and

113:1.1 The t. about guardian angels is not a myth;

120:3.9 the t. of the ever-present divine spirit of human

121:6.3 it was this later t. of combined Greek philosophy

121:7.6 system of t. embodying the philosophy of the Greeks

121:7.7 The Greeks brought to the new t. clearer concepts of

123:3.1 and now his father began t. him Greek.

123:5.5 In t., the chazan would utter a statement while the

124:1.3 dared to challenge the chazan regarding the t. that

125:2.5 the various places about the temple where t. and

125:5.5 favor—has the t. of Moses been misunderstood?

125:5.8 He conveyed his t. by the questions he would ask.

125:5.8 at one and the same time challenge their t. and

127:1.5 James now took charge of the t. of his three sisters,

127:4.2 Never did he employ the negative mode of t.

127:6.14 preparatory to utilization in his subsequent t.,

128:1.8 beginning of his public career of ministry and t..

128:4.6 achievement as would attract attention from his t..

129:1.12 John cared most for his religious t. and opinions.

129:1.15 before he could enter upon his career of t. and

129:2.7 carefully observed their methods of t., Jesus never

130:0.5 Jesus spent about half of each day t. Ganid and

130:1.3 Gadiah was mightily moved by Jesus’ t., and they

130:4.1 injected no t. of his own in refutation of the Greek

131:2.1 The Kenites salvaged much of the t. of Melchizedek,

131:5.1 their doctrine of the one God became a central t. in

131:6.1 God in India—the survival of the Melchizedek t.

131:10.1 had arrived at regarding God as a result of Jesus’ t..

132:0.9 whose name became the subject of their religious t..

132:2.1 night upon night Mardus listened to his supernal t..

132:3.1 substance of Jesus’ t. was: Truth cannot be defined

132:4.2 Jesus was equally adept in t. by either asking or

132:4.4 for some project of t., social reform, or religious

132:4.7 your voice is pleasant, but your t. is hardly true.

132:5.1 and a Stoic, became greatly interested in Jesus’ t.,

132:7.1 the impossibility of t. a man about God if the man

132:7.5 failed to provide in his t. the moral energy and

132:7.9 and reflective human imagination of spiritual t.

133:3.2 Jesus was t. Crispus the better ways of religious

133:9.4 I will remember your t., but most of all, I will

134:3.3 three sons always presided at these sessions of t.,

134:3.5 most systematic and formal of all the Master’s t. on

134:5.1 [While the Master’s t. concerning the sovereignty

135:0.4 so that he devoted much of his time to t. his son.

135:4.3 all John’s early t. was based on the current Jewish

136:1.1 and each of these different schools of Messianic t.

136:9.8 parental training, chazan t., Jewish expectations,

137:1.1 and though I do not understand all your t., I have

137:7.3 This period of waiting and t. was especially hard on

137:8.18 while the remaining one third could not grasp his t.,

138:1.2 all your t. in preparation for this, our first labor for

138:5.2 none of them could encompass the whole of his t..

138:5.3 and some of the apostles comprehended his t..

138:7.3 even though they did not fully comprehend his t..

138:8.7 The common people marveled at the t. and ministry

138:8.10 Though Jesus’ public t. mainly consisted in parables

138:9.2 could not fathom his philosophy nor grasp his t.;

138:10.7 upon Thomas to select places for t. and preaching,

139:2.12 Something of Peter’s style and t. is shown in the

139:3.4 to grasping the import and significance of Jesus’ t..

139:4.8 John encountered some strangers t. in Jesus’ name,

139:5.7 his inability to grasp the deeper meanings of the t..

139:5.8 the effective technique in all forms and phases of t..

139:7.9 when Matthew became greatly interested in Jesus’ t.,

139:11.9 grasp something of the meaning of the Master’s t..

140:6.2 you would build the new t. directly upon the old,

140:6.2 fresh as little children and be willing to trust my t.

140:6.8 “But you will stumble over my t. because you are

140:6.8 literally; you are slow to discern the spirit of my t..

140:7.3 For two days they worked, t. by day and holding

140:7.3 Thursday they returned for three more days of t..

140:7.8 the apostles failed to comprehend much of his t.,

140:8.2 Jesus’ t to trust in the overcare of the Father was not

140:8.17 Jesus would remain grandly aloof while t. you how

140:8.23 The one thing which John gained from this day’s t.

140:8.29 The t. of Jesus is a religion for everybody, not alone

140:8.29 even today, Jesus’ t. stands apart from all religions,

140:9.1 There was no new t. on this occasion, just visiting

140:10.1 That evening while t. in the house, for it had begun

140:10.1 repentance to those who stand in need of such t.,

140:10.2 Another great handicap in this work of t. the twelve

140:10.2 they slowly assimilated his t. because Jesus was all

140:10.4 I cannot understand your t..”

140:10.5 The one characteristic of Jesus’ t. was that the

140:10.6 of economic value there is to be found in his t. is

140:10.8 the Master made it clear that the morality of his t.

141:1.2 tarried for more than two weeks, t. and preaching.

141:1.3 taught them nothing new but reviewed his former t.

141:1.4 apostles made much progress in t. the disciples of

141:2.3 Some of the apostles grasped something of this t.,

141:3.4 his authoritative manner of t., in his lucid logic, his

141:3.6 His t. was thrillingly dynamic.


141:4.3 Nevertheless, Jesus did not grow weary in his t..

141:6.1 remaining for several days to hear the t. and listen

141:6.2 Go then, Simon, t. and preaching the kingdom,

141:7.1 Jesus with his apostles remained, t. and preaching,

141:7.6 revolutionary t. of the attainment of human liberty

141:7.7 The Master was t. these apostles the essentials of

141:9.2 at Bethany beyond the Jordan, t. and baptizing the


142:1.1 were too great to find entrance to the temple t.,

142:1.6 came to celebrate the Passover heard this t. of Jesus,

142:1.7 Besides t. in and about the temple, the apostles and

142:3.2 are you ignorant of the t of the Scriptures concerning

142:3.4 believers in Melchizedek’s t. of El Elyon—the Most

142:3.6 From the times of Adam the t. of the Trinity has

142:3.8 Our t. provides a religion wherein the believer is a

142:5.2 Jesus answered: “As to my message and the t. of

142:5.5 Even the apostles were emboldened by Jesus’ t. to

142:6.1 to be seen by the people in attendance upon his t.,

142:7.1 After the busy period of t. and personal work of

142:7.4 religion as the t. of the fatherhood of God and

142:7.14 their preaching and t. subsequent to the Master’s

142:7.16 Where do we fail to grasp the meaning of your t.?”

142:7.17 Do you not understand that I am t. you as spiritual

142:7.17 so literally applying my t. to material affairs?

142:7.17 I implore that you cease to apply the t. of the

142:8.4 Jerusalem, they did no public t. during this period.

142:8.5 agitation and decided to allow him to carry on his t.

143:0.1 more than two weeks t. the Jews and Samaritans

143:1.2 that the religion of the heathen is superior to our t.

143:1.2 and freely admit that your t. is heavenly and ideal,

143:1.9 passive injunctions of their Master’s many-sided t..

143:2.2 or are we to strive for the self-control of your t.?

143:2.2 Wherein does your t. differ from that of John?”

143:6.4 The theme of Jesus’ t. on Mount Gerizim was: That

144:0.1 t. and instructing them in the truths of the kingdom.

144:0.3 Jesus knew that the days of the preliminary work of t

144:1.1 They did not grasp his many-sided t.; they did not

144:4.11 came the nearest to comprehending the Master’s t.

144:7.2 Jesus did little public t. on this mission to the cities

144:7.2 Jesus spent considerable time t. the twenty-four

144:8.1 It was while Jesus was t. the multitude one afternoon

144:8.2 John’s friends interrupted Jesus’ t. to say to him:

144:8.7 will receive neither John’s message nor my t..

145:1.1 when Jesus was t. by the seaside, the people

145:1.2 After Jesus had finished t. the people, he said to

145:2.11 people of Capernaum were familiar with Jesus’ t.,

145:2.13 He believed this t. and behaved accordingly in all

145:3.1 According to Jewish t. it was not permissible even

145:3.7 had the supernatural or miraculous attended his t.;

145:3.13 True, he continued his t., but his personal work

145:5.1 must do the more important work of spiritual t.

145:5.4 But they could not comprehend his t..

145:5.5 never before have so many sought after your t..

145:5.7 engrossed in healing to the exclusion of my t..

146:2.1 spoke at great length in further explanation of his t..

146:2.18 not many of them could fully encompass Jesus’ t..

146:3.3 “Master, how can a new believer in your t. really

146:3.6 yielded the control of your soul powers to the t.

146:3.6 you believe that you are sons of God because my t.

146:3.10 mutual obligations of the kingdom and embraced t.

146:4.1 almost universal closing of the synagogues to his t.

146:4.6 refrain, in their t. and preaching, from referring to

147:0.2 the reports concerning Jesus’ t. and healing.

147:2.2 no public preaching, only private t. and personal

147:3.3 and believes in this t. of sonship with God,

147:4.2 to those who would be tempted to distort my t.

147:4.3 that I approve of such an interpretation of your t..

147:6.2 something should be done to put a stop to his t.,

147:6.3 remained three days, preaching, t., and baptizing.

147:7.2 John’s disciples who is here attending upon your t.,

147:7.2 too much of the old order over into the new t. of the

147:7.3 warn against entertaining the notion that all olden t.

148:0.4 settled and well-organized period of the Master’s t..

148:1.1 both the learning of the forenoon and the t. of the

148:1.2 his own personal interpretation of the Master’s t..

148:1.2 this great degree of personal liberty in matters of t.,

148:8.3 recognized that his t. was not sound as judged by

148:9.2 the paralytic: “Master, I would not disturb your t.,

148:9.2 received healing and immediately forgot your t..

149:0.3 while they carried on their work of preaching and t.

149:2.3 1. The effort to connect the gospel t. directly onto

149:2.3 —the t. that Jesus was the sacrificed Son who would

149:2.4 to organize the Christian t. so completely about

149:2.8 the rabbinic t. which declared that it was “better that

149:2.13 at the originality and authoritativeness of his t..

149:4.5 life was such an eloquent exemplification of his t..

150:1.3 these ten women as he set them apart for gospel t.

150:4.3 Be not ashamed of my t.; go forth proclaiming

150:5.1 the Master was engaged in t. a group of twelve of


151:0.2 t. the gospel, and ministering to the sick in

151:1.1 Jesus began to employ the parable method of t.

151:1.1 which he sat (for it was the custom to sit when t.)

151:1.4 may discern the meaning of the t. and thus find

151:2.2 those who do not understand the gospel t..

151:2.3 emotional souls who are quick to receive new t.

151:2.6 that is that our t. of the gospel of the kingdom,

151:2.7 offer such conclusions as a part of your public t..”

151:2.8 employed parables in connection with his public t.

151:3.1 beloved, you must always make a difference in t.

151:3.1 hearers, but you can tell a story to convey your t.;

151:3.3 against the use of either fables or allegories in t.

151:3.3 and the spiritual worlds as a means of t. truth.

151:3.4 calling attention to the fact that this method of t. was

151:3.4 became almost a new method of t. as he employed it

151:3.5 3. In t. the apostles the value of parables, Jesus

151:3.10 The use of the parable form of t. enables the teacher

151:3.12 practice of increasingly using parables in his public t..

151:3.14 appeal to nature was in contravention of such t.

151:3.14 He determined upon this method of t. because it

152:1.3 lest Jesus continue his work of t. and healing to the

152:5.6 episode brought an end to the early era of t.,

152:7.1 Jesus forbade them to do any public t. on this trip;

153:2.11 Every one who yields to the t. of the Father’s

153:3.2 What avail is your t. if it cannot be carried out?”

153:3.3 In vain do they worship me, t. as their doctrines

153:4.6 by the sudden change in the Master’s t. tactics.

154:2.3 There was no public t. of any sort during this week

154:6.1 to dissuade him from further efforts at public t..

155:3.5 they emerged with the t. that true religion was man’s

155:5.7 the Master, in his hour of t., went on to make clear

156:0.2 but none of them fully grasped the import of his t..

156:1.3 Peter explained that Jesus was weary with much t.


156:2.4 They grasped the t. that God is no respecter of

156:3.1 were added to the kingdom during this week of t.


157:6.2 while his one idea in t. was to present to his

158:7.2 We do not understand your t..

159:2.1 I went over to Ashtaroth to see a man who was t.

159:2.1 Rejoice that already our t. has begun to manifest

159:3.9 kingdom, you are simply t. friendship with God.

159:3.10 Those who accept this t. are filled with joy and in

159:4.2 brethren, who are not all prepared to receive this t..

159:4.4 in the light of your present t., you know that these

159:4.9 But the greatest error of the t. about the Scriptures

159:4.10 the spiritual t. of the God-knowing men of other

159:5.7 then made this t. the cornerstone of his religion.

159:5.17 In all his t. Jesus unfailingly avoided distracting

159:5.17 to be found in his illustrative t. was its naturalness.

159:6.5 developed into a campaign of preaching and t. which

160:0.1 recently become a disciple of Jesus through the t.

160:4.9 our Master’s t.: That the body and mind of man are

160:5.12 but the t. of the Master requires the attainment of

161:1.10 Rodan had been tremendously influenced by the t. of

161:2.1 the t. dealing with the divine nature of Jesus,

161:2.1 is a rearranged, and restated presentation of their t.:

162:1.8 when it was reported that Jesus was t. in the temple.

162:1.10 But even his enemies marveled at his t., knowing

162:2.1 And this t. is not mine but His who sent me.

162:2.1 Father’s will, he shall certainly know about my t.,

162:2.2 “The rulers seek to kill me because they resent my t.

162:2.2 if you honestly believe and dare to accept my t.,

162:2.6 Draw near while you listen to my t..

162:7.3 Some of you believe my t.,but others seek to destroy

162:8.2 to drop everything and listen to Jesus’ t. whenever

162:8.2 Mary sat at Jesus’ feet drinking in his refreshing t.,

162:9.3 courage he displayed in his public t. in Jerusalem

162:9.3 they experienced in his private t. at Bethlehem.

163:0.2 Nathaniel instructed them in the art of t.;

163:1.4 to those who reject your t.: ‘Notwithstanding you

163:1.6 couples went forth preaching and t. for six weeks,

163:4.3 the sick, refrain from t. the expectation of miracles.

163:5.2 who came into Perea to see Jesus and to hear his t.

163:6.7 You have entered upon this great work of t. man

163:7.2 camp, t. the multitude and instructing the twelve.

164:2.1 twenty-five Jewish leaders who believed Jesus’ t..

164:4.6 all who believed in his t. were likewise cast out of


164:5.1 Jesus was walking about near at hand, t. the people

164:5.2 And to all who follow my t. I give eternal life;

164:5.3 Jesus continued his t.: “Many loving works have I

165:0.2 classes of citizens so generally accept the Master’s t..

165:2.2 I will present my t. in a parable, so that you may

165:3.2 Presently all of you shall understand my t., for there

166:1.6 some became believers in his t. and entered into

166:3.3 You also have a t. that the way which leads to

166:3.8 the apostles were unable fully to comprehend his t.


166:4.12 One hour of t. will not wholly change the beliefs of a

166:5.1 Abner and his associates were preaching and t. in

166:5.1 Abner was t. three times a day in the Philadelphia

167:5.3 he did proclaim a positive t. of the highest ideals

167:6.4 status in Palestine was much improved by Jesus’ t.;

168:0.2 dared hope that Jesus would leave his work of t.


169:0.1 he was very active in t. the multitude and instructing

169:1.2 And all such t. should be taken to heart.

169:1.16 Many, many times during his years of t., Jesus told

169:1.16 the good Samaritan were his favorite means of t. the

169:4.2 His t. regarding the Father all centered in the

169:4.4 never can God be understood by the mere t. of the

169:4.10 we shall have to be content with the t. that they are

169:4.12 To hear Jesus’ t. is not equivalent to knowing God,

170:0.2 Master sought to clarify the t. about the kingdom

170:2.1 The acceptance of such a t., Jesus declared, would

170:2.10 Age” is in no way out of harmony with Jesus’ t..

170:3.11 By t. that the kingdom is within, by exalting the


170:4.7 Wherefore must we always examine the Master’s t.

170:4.16 the Master’s t. concerning a future kingdom and

170:5.4 The ideas and ideals of Jesus, embodied in the t. of

170:5.9 The kingdom of Jesus’ t., the spiritual ideal of

170:5.14 they set about to save his t. from being wholly lost

170:5.14 to provide for the recognition of the Master’s t.

170:5.15 the Father-and-son idea embodied in Jesus’ t. of the

170:5.19 In a short time the t. of this story about Jesus

170:5.19 In this way a historical religion displaced that t. in

171:2.4 listening to the t. and beholding the works;

171:3.1 of the kingdom went right on with their work of t.


172:3.6 Jesus had long tried by direct t. to impress upon

172:3.6 what he had failed to do by plain and personal t.,

172:5.3 charged them that they were to do no t. or

173:0.1 instruction that they were to engage in no public t.

173:1.9 people heard Jesus’ t. and literally hung on his words

173:2.2 among the people and seek to entangle him in his t.

173:2.3 Lack of this authority in pretentious public t. was

173:2.4 challenging not only his t. but his acts.

173:2.4 publicly taught that his authority for t. was Satanic

173:2.7 Jesus had repeatedly asserted that all his t. and

173:3.1 John’s mission and arrayed in enmity against the t.

173:3.2 publicans and sinners; neither do you believe my t.

173:3.3 It was their systems of t. and practice which Jesus

173:3.4 the Master’s injunction to refrain from all public t.

173:5.6 they all pointed to the certain rejection of Jesus’ t.

174:1.1 their differences of opinion about the Master’s t.

174:3.1 Before Jesus could get started with his t., another

174:3.3 common people marveled at the wisdom of his t..

174:4.6 Jesus did not resume his t. but was content merely

174:5.1 all of the twelve not to engage in any public t.

174:5.5 had been in faithful attendance upon Jesus’ t. in the

174:5.7 whosoever will believe my t. shall no longer abide

174:5.7 they who reject me and refuse to receive my t. shall

175:1.1 In connection with this t. and preaching the Father

175:1.12 they happen to be unlearned in the ways of your t..

175:1.22 him you destroyed after many had believed his t..

175:1.24 I say that you will no more see me t. in the temple.

176:1.7 You err since you always try to attach the new t. to

176:1.7 you are determined to misunderstand all my t.;

176:2.7 “But what is the significance of this t. having to do

176:2.8 confusing misconstruction as this evening’s t..

177:0.1 When the work of t. the people did not press them

177:2.6 It is our sincere belief that the gospel of Jesus’ t.,

177:4.6 in allowing himself to be misled by the subtle t. of

178:1.18 When Jesus had concluded his t., it was almost one

179:5.4 successive generations from crystallizing his t. and

180:2.1 Then Jesus stood up again and continued t. his

180:2.3 in commemoration of this olden t. a large emblem

180:3.8 But this t. was too deep for many of the apostles,

180:5.9 hope adequately to understand the Master’s t.

180:5.9 Master’s t. is basically a spiritual pronouncement.

180:5.11 neither the golden rule nor the t. of nonresistance

180:6.1 peace on earth until man is willing to believe my t.

181:0.1 And such an interpretation of his t. conformed

181:2.4 Dedicate your life to t. your brethren how to love

181:2.9 that you have failed to grasp the meaning of my t.,

181:2.14 I pray that you may discern the meaning of my t.

181:2.23 Jesus this question: “I have listened to your t. ever

182:1.4 I have lived among them, t. them the way of life,

183:2.3 depend upon all Jesus’ followers obeying such t..

183:3.8 I was daily with you in the temple, publicly t. the

184:0.2 were strongly and openly opposed to Jesus and his t.

184:1.4 realize that something must be done about your t.

184:1.6 nothing; why, then, do you ask me about my t.?

185:2.6 Pilate had heard further concerning Jesus and his t.

185:2.13 3. Calling himself the king of the Jews and t. the

185:3.1 “Ask him or any other man who has heard my t..”

185:3.1 John testified concerning his Master’s t. and

187:4.2 he turn with a whole heart toward the Master’s t..

187:4.5 And this sort of t., plus the urge for adventure, led

189:2.6 not true: the t. that the material and mortal body of

189:2.9 albeit this t. is corroborated by the testimony of

190:0.4 of the faith of all branches of the early gospel t..

192:4.4 They did considerable t. and preaching on the way

193:0.3 make the mistake of hearing my t. with the mind

193:6.4 worried for a shorter period and then resumed his t.

194:2.11 man is subject to the t. and guidance of a threefold

194:4.5 and with t. the hope of his second coming, an event

194:4.7 steadfastly in the apostles’ t. and fellowship,

194:4.7 possessions was not a direct feature of Jesus’ t.;

195:2.8 death, and since this was the very heart of Jesus’ t.,

195:3.5 The t. regarding Christ’s love for children soon put

195:8.9 the unacknowledged spiritual workings of t. of Jesus

195:10.17 pay more attention to the work of t. youth how to

195:10.17 There is great need for the t. of moral discipline in

196:0.9 his believing and praying, his t. and preaching.


37:6.1 Trinity Teacher Sons and the Melchizedek t. corps,

39:1.13 The T. Counselors. These angels are the invaluable

39:1.13 are the invaluable assistants of the spiritual t. corps

39:1.13 T. counselors are secretaries to all orders of teachers

39:1.13 You will first see these associate t. seraphim on one

39:1.14 they are attached in large numbers to the faculties of

39:1.15 Creator Son was in the likeness of a t. counselor of

39:2.7 associates of their fellow seraphim, the t. counselors.

44:0.3 The original t. corps of these artisans was

48:6.28 Many of the t. counselors of the supreme order of

55:8.4 new mota meanings of supreme value into the t.

72:4.5 the t. staff functioning as the third or advisory

92:4.5 secession and the disruption of the t. regime.

119:4.2 been assigned to the corps of the t. counselors.”

119:4.3 During this time he was attached as a seraphic t.

125:2.5 his time about the temple at these t. conferences.

127:4.2 In his home and throughout his public-t. career

140:8.1 This was a four hours’ t. conference, embracing

142:1.1 the apostles conducted many t. groups outside the

148:0.3 The apostles all did their share in t. groups of

149:7.1 all of the apostolic party and the t. evangelists had

151:0.1 By March 10 all of the preaching and t. groups had

155:1.3 too vacillating and indefinite in your t. conduct.

159:0.1 they were ready to begin the t. tour of the Decapolis.

163:6.1 All seventy were assembled at the t. site about five

173:0.3 Jesus mounted one of the t. platforms and began to

173:1.7 Jesus stepped down from the t. platform and,

teachingssee Jesus’ teachings; Master’s teachings

2:0.1 Michael of Nebadon unfolded in his manifold t.

5:4.10 of God is an attempt to combine three separate t.:

26:1.17 They partake of the circulating t. of the marvelous

27:6.6 The encircling creations know of these t. only from

32:2.13 only by a perusal of the narratives of the life and t. of

48:6.31 their t. and plans encompass provisions for the future

52:5.3 trained and prepared to assimilate advanced t. and

52:5.8 The t. of Jesus are really applicable to a mortal world

55:4.18 mortals striving to comprehend the philosophic t. of

55:12.1 From the t. of the Melchizedeks, which have never

64:6.6 red man brought along much of the t. and traditions

64:6.6 the red men began to lose sight of these t.,

64:6.8 As time passed, the t. of Onamonalonton became

64:6.22 into great confusion by the subsequent perverted t.

66:4.1 by the t. and conduct of the one hundred new

66:5.19 Many of the early t. of Lut’s guardians of health

66:5.22 the compelling pressure of the t. of their superior

66:7.4 due to the example and t. of the one hundred and

66:8.6 wholly fictitious in its t. that such a “devil” could

67:3.8 all of the deceptive t. of the brilliant Caligastia.

68:0.3 The blue man most of all profited by these social t.,

68:3.5 tendency is derived from the t. of revealed religion,

68:3.5 especially from the t. of Jesus, the Prince of Peace.

70:10.10 suicide over trifles was common, but the t. of the

71:6.1 —much more incompatible with the t. of Jesus.

74:2.4 the tribesmen accepted the t. of Van and Amadon,

74:8.8 In his early t., Moses very wisely did not attempt to

74:8.12 spurious document, reputed to be the t. of Moses,

77:9.9 even as the story of the life and t. of Jesus has been

79:3.3 the religious history of India thus stems from the t.

79:4.6 the priests of the second garden, albeit their t. differ

80:6.4 remnants of the early religious t. of the Sethites,

82:5.3 many religious t. have proscribed marriage outside

84:5.5 influenced by the Edenic t. regarding women’s place

84:5.6 woman fares even worse under the t. of Oriental

86:4.6 This belief (residual from the t. of Adam about the

89:3.3 became incorporated into the writings and t. of

89:3.6 his personal views are reflected in the t. which he

89:3.6 Paul knew that such t. were not a part of Jesus’

89:3.6 his personal opinions have long influenced the t.

89:8.4 result of advancing t., with the idea of the covenant

89:9.3 encumbered Christianity with t. about blood and

90:3.9 having preserved the traditions of Adamson’s t.,

92:4.1 then must such divine visitations portray t. which are

92:4.5 1. The Dalamatian t..

92:4.5 Of all who received the t. of the one hundred,

92:4.6 2. The Edenic t..

92:4.6 But the aborted t. of Adam were carried on by the

92:4.6 evolution was modified by the t. of the Sethites.

92:4.7 The cardinal precepts of his t. were trust and faith.

92:4.7 His t. gradually commingled with the beliefs and

92:5.1 in the synthesized beliefs compounded from the t. of

92:5.5 epochs have been inaugurated by the life and t. of

92:5.5 to venerate the leader, even at the expense of his t.

92:5.8 identified with the life and t. of some religious leader

92:5.10 faith as the price of favor with God, and their t.,

92:5.11 but in later times they did return to many of his t..

92:5.12 The t. of Gautama have become widespread in

92:5.12 there were religious repercussions to the t. of both,

92:5.15 In the Orient the combined t. of Islam, Hinduism,

92:6.6 4. The Confucian t..

92:6.15 China follows the Taoist and the Confucian t.;

92:6.18 the religion about the life and t. of Christ based upon

92:6.18 through the assimilation of certain Zoroastrian t.

92:6.19 the later Christian t. that made Islam monotheistic.

92:6.19 stumbled at the advanced t. of the Trinity;


93:3.6 are not far removed from these t. of Melchizedek.

93:4.16 Abraham finally became a convert to the Salem t.,

93:5.5 “Come to Salem, where you shall hear our t. of the

93:7.3 Long before the coming of Jesus the t. of the early

93:9.5 Isaac held fairly well to the t. of his father and

93:9.5 Melchizedek and the later t. of Abraham and Isaac,

93:10.3 who had believed in his t. when he was in the flesh.

93:10.3 to nourish any clear concept of the Salem t..


94:0.1 these noble men and women who carried the t. of

94:0.1 they largely spread their t. through the medium of


94:1.5 to the traditions, and t. of the Brahman priesthood.

94:2.4 the door for the entrance of those later cults and t.

94:2.5 remnants of the Melchizedek and the Adamic t.

94:2.6 Having rejected the t. of personal religion through

94:4.1 the Vedas as they had been modified by the t. of the

94:4.1 But by the time the t. of Jesus arrived, they had

94:5.3 1. The lingering t. of Singlangton, which persisted in

94:5.8 philosophers of sixth-century China built their t..

94:5.8 of Lao-tse and Confucius grew up out of the t. of the

94:6.9 his writings and t. have ever since exerted a great

94:6.11 The t. of Lao have been lost to all but a few in the

94:6.11 of Ch’in Shih Huang Ti and by the t. of Mo Ti,

94:6.11 but his t. failed before the vigorous opposition of

94:7.3 the saner and more moderate t. of Gautama came

94:7.8 Modern Buddhism is no more the t. of Gautama than

94:7.8 of Gautama Siddhartha than is Christianity the t. of

94:8.2 no superhuman claims for either himself or his t.,

94:8.17 According to the original t. of Gautama, salvation

94:9.2 India, the more unlike the t. of Gautama it became,

94:9.4 fundamentalist stereotype of the t. of Siddhartha

94:10.1 found the strangest association of the Melchizedek t.

94:10.3 religions except the simple t of the Jesusonian gospel

94:11.2 had so perverted the traditions and t. of the cult

94:11.9 was the historic fact of the life and t. of Siddhartha,

94:12.1 But the t. of Gautama have continued to evolve

94:12.2 with the t. of Ryonin, Honen Shonin, and Shinran


95:0.1 In some of these lands their t. bore fruit; in others

95:1.1 religions of Mesopotamia had just about lost the t. of

95:1.4 all reminiscent of the trinity t. of the Andites and the

95:1.6 spiritual and philosophic t. went down in defeat.

95:1.10 The Book of Job is a fairly good reflection of the t.

95:1.11 The Egyptians remarkably preserved the t. of social

95:2.1 The original Melchizedek t. really took their root in

95:3.5 Egypt in behalf of the Salem t. of one God.


95:4.2 The t. of this sage were subsequently translated

95:4.3 Amenemope’s t., translated into Hebrew, determined

95:4.5 written by Amenemope and is the heart of the t. of

95:5.1 The t. of Amenemope were slowly losing their hold

95:5.1 of the royal family espoused the Melchizedek t..

95:5.4 which reacted unfavorably against his religious t.

95:5.12 educated Egyptians could fully comprehend his t..

95:5.15 these Bedouins carried away much of these t. and

95:6.1 practically ended the monotheistic t. of the Salem

95:6.5 Dalamatian and Edenic t. about the Master Spirits.

95:6.5 the early t. did picture evil as a time co-ordinate of

95:6.7 When the Iranian priests sought to overthrow the t.

95:6.7 The t. of Zoroaster came successively to impress

95:6.8 But it is a far cry from the exalted t and noble psalms


95:7.1 The Melchizedek t. of the one God became

95:7.2 Not even in China or Rome did the Melchizedek t.

96:0.3 Hebrews was influenced, first, by Egyptian moral t.

96:1.5 a composite derived from the t. of Amenemope’s

96:1.5 Aton and further influenced by Melchizedek’s t.

96:4.1 the Bedouin slaves knew little about such t., but they

96:4.2 Moses had heard of the t. of Machiventa from

96:4.6 he wisely nationalized his religious t., telling his

96:4.8 Under the t. of Moses this tribal nature god, Yahweh

96:4.9 the primitive god of Mount Horeb up through the t.


96:5.3 traditions of the days of Melchizedek, and these t.,

96:5.3 practices with the traditions of the Melchizedek t.,

96:6.2 the Hebrews almost lost sight of Moses’ lofty t..

97:0.2 heightened and glorified by the t. of Jesus about

97:7.3 into a guide book of supposedly infallible t..

97:7.4 And this young preacher left on record his t.,

97:7.14 the t. of the two Isaiahs would have prepared the

97:8.6 bound up with the moral concepts and religious t. of

97:10.8 by the personal t. and life example of his Son,


98:0.1 The Melchizedek t. entered Europe along many

98:0.2 Among those who maintained the Salem t. in the

98:0.4 were repercussions of the earlier Melchizedek t..

98:1.1 but these t. had become greatly adulterated with


98:5.2 improved by the absorption of many of Zoroaster’s t.

98:7.3 arose through the compounding of the following t.,

98:7.4 1. The Melchizedek t., which are a basic factor in all

98:7.6 Hellenized and Latinized versions of the t. of Jesus.

98:7.11 As the original t. of Jesus penetrated the Occident,

98:7.12 And this is the long story of the t. of Machiventa

98:7.12 and in that time the t. of the “priest of El Elyon,

100:7.5 cause him to overlook the gems of truth in the t. of

100:7.5 the most original of his t. was the emphasis of love

101:3.12 the soul’s survival regardless of the deceptive t. of

101:4.10 in such a manner as to illuminate the spiritual t.

101:6.8 The t. of Jesus constituted the first Urantian religion

101:7.1 racial tendencies, and the religious t. of one’s time

102:1.3 but the associated t. about the physical world vary

103:6.2 findings and t. of these two diametrically opposite

103:9.4 Jesus’ life and t. finally divested religion of the

104:1.2 These t. had not been wholly obliterated even in the

104:1.4 the Melchizedek t. of the Trinity gradually spread

104:1.8 zeal for the one God, Yahweh, so eclipsed all such t.


PART IV The Life and T. of Jesus

120:3.6 Your life and t. are to become the common heritage

121:1.6 spreading influence of Jewish religious and moral t..

121:4.4 the remnants of the t. of Machiventa Melchizedek.

121:5.6 the rapid spread of the vastly superior Christian t.,

121:5.8 return to life, as illustrated by the t. of Mithraism,

121:5.12 do not make the mistake of confusing the t. of Jesus

121:5.13 made certain adaptations of the t. of Jesus so as to

121:5.13 even Paul’s compromise of Jesus’ t. (Christianity)

121:5.17 Jewish religion and subsequently the t. of Jesus

121:6.1 been influenced and modified by Greek cultural t.

121:6.3 very little influenced by the t. of the Epicureans,

121:6.4 in contemporaneous system of ethical and religious t.

121:6.5 fail to keep pace with Philo or to transcend the t.

121:6.5 Hebrew theology, Philo’s philosophy, or Jesus’ t..

121:6.5 Some phases of Paul’s t. regarding original sin and

121:6.6 Christians, who were also disciples of the t. of Philo.

121:7.2 The t. and practices of Jesus regarding tolerance and

121:7.2 impossible for them to accept the Master’s t. about

121:7.3 They could hardly regard with favor the t. of one

121:7.6 gospel formulated by Paul based on the t. of Jesus.

121:7.7 in theology and philosophy not only by Jesus’ t. but

121:7.8 Christianity, became blended with the following t.:

121:7.10 2. The appealing t. of the prevailing mystery cults,

121:8.3 consistently the Master refused to write out his t.

121:8.3 narratives which sought to portray the life and t. of

121:8.8 Luke began to follow Paul and learn of the life and t.

121:8.12 In carrying out my commission to restate the t.

121:8.12 When ideas and concepts of Jesus’ life and t. have

121:8.12 and the true import of the Master’s life and t.,

121:8.13 prepared this narrative of the life and t. of Jesus—

121:8.13 thought gems and superior concepts of Jesus’ t.

121:8.14 which would qualify me to restate his matchless t. in

122:5.10 part of Joseph’s family became believers in the t. of

123:5.2 by the method of repeating aloud, the deeper t. of

126:3.7 the people who would become believers in his t.?

126:3.8 mysticism had become admixed with these t.

126:5.2 field, and workshop is shown by his subsequent t.,

127:4.5 but Joseph and Jude, assenting to such t. at home,

127:4.5 was Jude guilty of violating the spirit of these t..

127:4.5 penalty was attached to the violation of personal t..

127:4.9 Jesus did much to liberalize and modify the family t.

127:6.7 ate in solemn conformity with the t. just imparted.

128:3.6 subsequently became a believer in the t. of Jesus,

128:4.6 to exalt the teacher in place of proclaiming his t..

128:4.7 responsive to the spiritual realities revealed in his t..

129:1.12 little stock in his religious views and philosophic t..

130:2.3 held more faithfully to the t. of Jesus than did the

130:2.3 These very t. of Jesus, as they were held by the

130:3.3 The t. of Jesus, as they were held by Mesopotamian

130:3.5 Ganid made a collection of the t. of those religions

130:3.9 Ganid and Jesus talked much about Philo’s t. and

130:3.10 that these systems of belief, like the indefinite t. of

130:4.1 at the university who lectured on the t. of Plato.

130:4.1 gave qualified approval of some of the Greek t.

130:5.1 the foundation for the reception of the later gospel t.

131:0.1 a collection of the t. of the world’s religions about

131:0.1 all these t. portraying monotheism were largely

131:1.1 The residual t. of the disciples of Melchizedek,

131:3.1 influence of the t. of the Melchizedek missionaries

131:4.1 The missionaries of Melchizedek carried the t. of the

131:4.1 became embodied in the subsequent t. of Hinduism.

131:5.1 religion of that day contained more of the Salem t..

131:7.1 contained remnants of the earlier Melchizedek t.

131:8.1 doctrine of one God became a part of the earlier t. of

131:8.1 Ganid collected from the t. of its founder: “How

131:10.1 arduous labor of effecting this compilation of the t.

132:0.4 their errors or even mention the flaws in their t..

132:0.4 truths in the t. of the early Christian missionaries.

132:0.4 It was this early acceptance of the t. of the gospel

132:4.1 His religious t. during these weeks were no

133:0.1 drawn together by their common interest in his t.

133:3.12 from Rome, and they quickly embraced Paul’s t..

133:5.2 Jesus and Ganid had discussed the t. of Plato

133:8.3 begun to make practical use of some of Jesus’ t..

133:9.5 between the gospel of this Son of Man and the t. of

134:3.8 first prepared the summary of Jesus’ t. at Urmia,

134:3.8 the wisdom of including these t. in the Urantia

134:3.8 that it was indeed difficult to adapt the Master’s t.

134:3.8 to formulate a statement of the Master’s t. which

134:3.8 to prepare our view of the Master’s Urmia t.

134:3.8 midwayers completed an adaptation of Jesus’ t.,

134:5.1 more widely from the substance of the Master’s t.

134:5.1 the import of such t. as they are applicable to the

134:6.14 The repercussions of Jesus’ t. would have been much

134:7.3 his pupils had heard the voice, and listened to the t.

135:5.2 runs throughout the t. of both John and Jesus.

135:7.1 the throne of David, the t. of his parents that Jesus,

135:7.3 of his disciples John continued to expand his t.,

137:7.6 adopted many t. not clearly found in the Hebrew

137:7.8 The Essenes specialized in t. about angels.

137:7.11 that they held many views similar to the Jewish t..

138:4.3 Jesus but very difficult to understand many of his t..

138:6.1 for the benefit of the younger six, Jesus’ t. up to that

138:6.3 difference between his t. and his life among them

138:6.3 t. which might subsequently spring up about him.

138:6.3 into preaching about me and about my t..

138:6.3 with beliefs and t. about my beliefs and t..

138:6.4 In these early t. Jesus sought to avoid controversies

138:9.1 not his superb t. or marvelous doings, that held

139:6.9 kingdom and did much to spread his Master’s t.,

139:7.8 and the immediate auditors of the Master’s t., but

139:7.10 a salvation Matthew had so surely learned from the t.

139:8.6 the spiritual and philosophic phases of the t. of Jesus.

139:8.13 he had begun the writing of the life and t. of Jesus.

139:11.10 patriot he had surrendered in deference to Jesus’ t.;

139:12.8 Judas grew intellectually regarding Jesus’ t. about

140:3.1 you will be obligated to abide by those t. which

140:8.1 that his apostles were not fully assimilating his t..

140:8.1 persisted in attaching these new spiritual t. onto

140:8.2 own experience as sufficient commentary on his t..

140:8.5 Jesus made it clear to the three that his t. applied

140:8.9 in all his public t. he ignored the civic, social, and

140:8.10 But never make the mistake of identifying Jesus’ t.

140:8.14 Jesus based his t. about God on the family, while

140:8.17 In his later t. he sought to correct many erroneous

140:8.19 You should the better understand Jesus’ t. by his life.

140:8.19  his unique t. can only be understood when that life is

140:8.20 Jesus did not attack the t. of the Hebrew prophets

140:8.20 The t. of Jesus in this respect have been grossly

140:8.20 while courage was the very heart of his t..

140:8.20 The t. of Jesus constitute a religion of valor,

140:8.29 His life and t. were bequeathed the universe as an

140:10.2 but they insisted on translating such t. into rules of

141:1.4 were interested in finding out more about Jesus’ t..

141:4.2 to make clear both of these ideas in my life and t..”

141:7.2 we will reorganize and classify these t. as follows:

141:7.6 the two truths of first import in the t. of the kingdom

141:7.7 They often listened to his t. when in reality what he

141:8.1 majority of them welcomed the more advanced t. of

142:0.2 Annas had been hearing about Jesus and his t.,

142:2.1 This man could not comprehend the Master’s t.,

142:2.2 “Jacob, you have well stated the t. of the olden

142:6.1 He had heard much about the t. of this Galilean,

142:6.2 his personal and sincere interest in the Master’s t..

142:6.3 And I am desirous of knowing more about your t.

142:8.5 member of the Sanhedrin, publicly espoused the t.

143:1.1 they met with new objections to the t. of Jesus.

143:1.2 saying that such t. are fit for only weaklings and

143:1.4 regardless of the misunderstanding of my t. by

143:1.7 all mankind by their heroic devotion to these t..

143:4.3 loyalty which transcended even their faith in his t.

143:5.11 the same unwillingness to grasp the Master’s t..

143:6.3 religion which may be derived from the life and t.


143:7.9 Although the apostles grasped only a few of his t. at

144:5.18 to present these prayer lessons in their public t.,

144:7.2 of their own contact with the Master and his t..

145:3.12 sent watchers to report on the work and t. of Jesus

146:1.1 of the earlier Babylonian and later Zoroastrian t.

146:1.2 citizens of Rimmon became believers in Jesus’ t.,

146:1.3 their inclusion rendered the Christian t. acceptable

146:1.3 made Paul’s Christian t. more easy of acceptance

146:2.1 Nathaniel was confused about the Master’s t.

146:3.8 The Jewish t. had been confused and uncertain

147:4.2 Do you not receive my t. as one who has been

147:4.3 spiritual interpretation upon my commonplace t.,

147:5.1 observed the Master and was impressed with his t.

147:5.3 She had, on accepting the t. of Jesus, closed up

148:6.2 According to the time-honored t. of the children of

148:6.11 comfort and salvation in spite of such erroneous t..

148:8.1 divided in their attitude toward Jesus and his t..

148:8.1 publicly espoused the t. of Jesus and was baptized

149:2.1 and had his t. been left as he presented them,

149:2.1 efforts of Jesus’ early followers to restate his t.

149:2.1 only resulted in making such t. the less acceptable

149:2.2 Apostle Paul, in his efforts to bring the t. of Jesus

149:2.2 set forth as the embodiment of the t. of Jesus.

149:2.2 Aside from the incorporation of many t. from the

149:2.3 These t. originated in a praiseworthy effort to make

149:2.4 theology of Christianity worked to obscure his t.,

149:2.4 other Eastern religionists to accept the t. of Jesus.

149:2.11 Jesus transcended all the t. of his forebears when he

149:2.13 thought they discerned political dangers in his t..

149:3.1 the favorable reception of Jesus and his t. by the

149:3.1 Many wrong ideas concerning the t. of Jesus may

149:3.3 violator of the cardinal t. of the Jewish sacred law.

149:6.1 How are we to harmonize these t.?”

150:5.3  made aware of salvation by the t. of Melchizedek.

150:9.4 to realize the meaning of some of the Master’s t.;

151:2.3 truths of the gospel; they are minded to follow its t.

151:2.3 to comprehend truth and respond to its spiritual t.

151:4.7 fully and explicitly expound his t. to the apostles

153:3.4 do you dare to set up your own t. above the law and

153:3.7 more binding upon the Jews than even the t. of the

153:5.2 promote the movement away from Jesus and his t.

153:5.3 for the shining forth in new glory of the spiritual t.

154:1.3 ebb in the tide of popular regard for Jesus and his t.

154:3.1 in both Galilee and Judea were closed to Jesus’ t..

154:3.1 he meant to exterminate all who believed in his t..

154:4.6 his enemies maintained that his t. were impractical,

154:4.6 civilization could not have been built upon the t. of

154:4.6 better civilization could have been built upon his t.

154:4.6 never seriously tried to carry out the t. of Jesus

155:3.3 such t. lose their creative and life-giving power

156:1.8 gentiles are able to exercise saving faith in the t. of

156:2.3 over the record of this warm reception of Jesus’ t.

156:2.4 gentile believers appreciated Jesus’ t. more fully

156:2.4 achieved a good understanding of the Master’s t.

156:6.5 All active opposition to his t. had about subsided.

156:6.7 mandate to close the synagogues to the t. of Jesus

157:6.5 A new significance attaches to all of Jesus’ t. from

159:2.2 personal relation to the spiritual t. of the kingdom,

159:3.2 it should not be directly appealed to in the t. of

159:4.1 —and I infer that you reject the t. of the rabbis to

159:4.2 The words of the law of Moses and the t. of the

159:4.2 of the character and t. of the Father in heaven;

159:4.2 wherefore must I choose from among the better t.

159:4.3 The t. of these books represent the views and extent

159:4.6 the Scripture record and the infallibility of its t.,

159:4.6 their determined effort to withstand these newer t.

159:4.7 Today we make no record of the t. of this gospel

159:4.7 of the diversity of your interpretation of my t..

159:5.1 for those eternally true and divinely beautiful t.,

159:5.7 inclusion in the t. of the new gospel of the kingdom

159:5.7 and translated it to a worthy setting in the new t. of

160:0.1 his philosophy of life with Jesus’ new religious t.,

160:5.10 I see in the t. of Jesus, religion at its best.

161:0.2 he had been well instructed in Jesus’ t. by one of

161:2.8 Master does not hesitate to refute the religious t. of

162:1.9 These t. were really the official announcement of the

162:1.10 The multitudes who listened to the Master’s t.

162:2.2 but rather judge by the true spirit of these t.;

162:2.7 You seek to be rid of me and my disquieting t..

162:2.9 scribes or Pharisees been deceived by his clever t.?

162:2.9 What can there be wrong in these t. even though

164:1.1 The lawyer, knowing the t. of both Jesus and the

164:1.2 This lawyer was somewhat familiar with Jesus’ t.

165:3.5 but he who shall knowingly deny the truth of my t.

166:0.2 reflected, not so much Jesus’ personality, as his t..

166:0.2 they departed from Jesus’ t. and began to build the

166:1.2 Pharisees, especially those favorable to Jesus’ t.,

166:5.1 learned and unlearned, embraced the t. of the seventy

166:5.1 therefore had never been closed to the t. of Jesus

166:5.2 It was long a stronghold of the Master’s t. and stood

166:5.4 resisted all attempts of Paul to remake the t. of Jesus

166:5.5 opposed the version of Jesus’ t. which Paul elected

166:5.5 Paul as the “clever corrupter of the life t. of Jesus

167:1.1 influential Pharisee who had accepted the t. of Abner

167:3.1 synagogue since they had all been closed to his t. by

167:3.2 Philadelphia was friendly toward the t. of Jesus,

167:4.2 might have one more chance to accept his t.;

167:5.4 only t. which accorded women equality with men.

167:5.5 the Jews to live up to their own laws and higher t..

168:1.8 mocked and made light of the t. and works of Jesus.

168:5.1 to put a stop to the further spread of the t. of Jesus

169:0.3 They objected to the Master’s t. on these grounds:

169:4.3 the divinity of his life, not by depending on his t..

170:1.6 4. The Persian t. portraying the establishment of a

170:1.13 numerous concepts of the “kingdom” in his public t.,

170:2.9 These t. cover the expanded idea of the kingdom

170:2.9 and confused kingdom t. of John the Baptist.

170:2.10 The subsequent distortion of Jesus’ t., as they are

170:2.24 John began to write the story of Jesus’ life and t.,

170:4.16 disciples most certainly linked these two t. together

170:5.1 Having summarized the t of Jesus about the kingdom

170:5.3 marked the transplantation of the t. of Jesus from a

170:5.3 based on the t. of Jesus as they were supplemented

170:5.10 church was a useful social result of Jesus’ life and t.;

170:5.10 this social reaction to the t. of the kingdom so fully

170:5.16 the foundation of the Master’s personal life and t.,

170:5.19 There must come a revival of the actual t. of Jesus

170:5.20 students of the records of his t. became divided up

170:5.20 from failure to discern in the Master’s manifold t.

170:5.21 there is in the t. of Jesus an eternal nature which will

170:5.21 a more spiritual dispensation where the Master’s t.

171:0.3 something of his t. regarding the inner kingdom,

171:1.6 From Antioch the Pauline version of the t. of Jesus

171:1.6 uncompromising emissaries of the t. of Jesus were

171:8.9 two parables in the after years, summing up his t. in

174:1.1 James and I are not in accord regarding your t.

174:3.4 they did not allow that the t. of the prophets were

174:4.1 any time for the proclamation of his disturbing t..

174:4.7 in the united effort to stop Jesus’ t. and doings.

174:5.3 when he wrote: ‘Lord, who has believed our t.?

174:5.7 the Jews, choose to reject me and to refuse my t.,

175:1.3 “Many of you have dared to believe my t. and have

175:1.11 for these scribes and Pharisees who reject my t..

175:2.1 rejected the t. of Jesus and conspired to bring

175:2.3 Kingdom believers, those who follow the t. of

176:2.1 early incorporated into the t. of the Christians,

176:4.1 Of all the Master’s t. no one phase has been so

177:4.6 his sincerity in now returning to the t. of Moses,

177:5.2 in the temple, and who seemed to believe our t..

178:2.2 of the Jewish rulers to exterminate Jesus and his t..

179:5.5 Of all Jesus’ t. none have become more tradition-

180:2.4 little difficulty about these t. if his exact words had

180:3.10 eleven engaged in a spirited discussion of these t.,

180:4.1 The unbelievers will not at first listen to the t. of

181:1.3 efforts to live in accordance with the spirit of my t.

181:2.23 attempt to grasp the meaning of my spiritual t.

181:2.23 to interpret my gospel in accordance with the t. of

181:2.24 what you have not been able to get from my t.

181:2.26 more appreciate your critical way of viewing new t..

183:4.2 to Jesus’ oft-repeated t. regarding nonresistance.

184:1.3 the former high priest far more than had Jesus’ t..

184:1.6 spoken even if you have not yourself heard these t.

184:3.13 with developing charges regarding his conduct and t.

185:3.6 a king, for he was familiar with the t. of the Stoics,

185:6.1 and worthy of death because they believe Jesus’ t..

190:5.1 what he had heard about the Master’s t. and works.

190:5.2 they talked in great earnestness about Jesus, his t.,

190:5.4 When you tell me that it is about the t. and work

190:5.4 since I am more than familiar with these t..

190:5.6 while he opened up to our understanding the t. of the

194:0.5 destroy their Master and end the influence of his t..

194:2.6 the believer to witness to the realities of Jesus’ t.

194:2.8 the fundamental truths and t. of his earlier gospel

194:2.9 any way interfere with the rapid spread of their t.;

194:2.9 overshadowing of Jesus’ message by the new t.

194:3.1 Many queer and strange t. became associated with

194:3.12 a better civilization is bound up in the Master’s t. of

194:3.14 the t. of Jesus which culminated in Pentecost,

194:4.1 They forgot his t. and his warnings.

194:4.6 that all men were attracted to their t. about Jesus.

194:4.10 seeing that none of the t. in any way interfered with

195:0.2 found to be receptive to the evolving Christian t..

195:0.3 Upon such a stage of human society the t. of Jesus

195:0.18 was in turn the Pauline version of the life and t. of

195:1.1 in Greek philosophy and many of the t. of Jesus.

195:1.11 notwithstanding that it remained more true to his t.,

195:3.3 there was great contention between the vigorous t.

195:3.10 early schools continued to hold much of Jesus’ t.

195:4.3 into existence numerous sects of the Christian t.,

195:6.2 apparent conflict between materialism and the t. of

195:6.2 ages to come, the t. of the Master will fully triumph.

195:6.4 still lean in that direction as a result of former t..

195:6.4 Modern science has left true religion—the t. of Jesus

195:9.2 in need of new contact with the uncompromised t. of

195:9.3 The t. of Jesus survived the mystery cults of their

195:9.4 to depend solely on Jesus and his incomparable t..

195:9.5 and compromised Christianity—the real life and t. of

195:9.8 on earth and know, firsthand, his life-giving t.!

195:10.8 to the immediate advance of the real gospel—the t.

195:10.9 which exhibits so little of the spirit of his life and t.,

195:10.18 a crucified carpenter set in motion those t. which

195:10.18 Christianity contains enough of Jesus’ t. to

195:10.19 If Christianity could only grasp more of Jesus’ t.,

196:2.1 enough to get back to the unadulterated religious t.


140:5.19 They enjoy t. activities; they like to play together.


28:5.14 These are the angels who foster and promote the t.

28:5.14 to be learned during your mortal career is t..

48:6.34 and to organizing their t. on the mansion worlds.

66:7.6 groups, older groups, and adults, as well as to do t.

81:6.37 And such t.—social co-operation—is dependent on


48:6.37 feel important, you lose energy to the wear and t. of

196:0.5 Nothing was able to t. him away from the spiritual


133:3.7 but, tell me, as you look into these now t. faces, do


133:9.4 They were t. of eye but courageous of heart.

137:1.8 held converse with John the Baptist, and with t. eye

169:1.9 the son looked up into his father’s t. face and said:

172:3.10 the Master, with much emotion and with t. voice,


89:6.3 illustrative of the heart-t. contentions between


27:1.5 And God shall wipe away all t. from their eyes;

40:7.5 path of life through your so-called “vale of t.”?

113:5.2 Seraphim do not shed physical t.; they do not have

128:1.7 and supplications, even with strong feelings and t.,

137:4.8 And then, breaking down in t., Mary entreated

137:4.9 she stood there before him motionless, with the t.

147:5.3 while she also wet his feet with her t. of gratitude,

147:5.4 This grateful woman has washed my feet with t.

149:5.5 Jesus hardly regarded this world as a “vale of t..”

168:1.1 friendly Jews who followed after them saw his t.,

181:2.5 John Zebedee stood, the t. rolling down his cheeks,

184:2.9 when he had shed these t. of agony, Peter turned his


117:6.25 spectacularly as an earthquake t. chasms into rocks,

149:4.2 and that man ‘t. himself in his anger’?


133:2.3 they looked back upon the scene of the t. couple


139:2.6 permitted a girl to t. Peter into denying his Lord


83:4.7 The t. of newlyweds and the pranks played upon


184:2.8 again t. charged him with being a follower of Jesus

technicalsee Technical Advisers

12:9.4 T. analysis does not reveal what a person or thing

18:6.5 but he does not participate in the t. consideration of

20:3.3 Their other visits are “t.,” and in this capacity an

20:3.3 Such t. visits occur repeatedly in the long history

20:4.2 dispensational adjudicators, but such t. missions of

23:1.9 There is a t. reason why these Solitary Messengers

24:6.1 and conduct the high university of t. instruction

25:4.1 These legal and t. minds of the spirit world were not

25:4.18 bountifully supplied with these t. or legal reference

29:4.20 placing these controllers in proper t. relationship to

30:4.27 You are through with the t. and administrative

31:9.14 The Master Architects contribute t. approval of the

36:2.14 universe electrochemists who serve as t. assistants to

41:2.7 their respective staffs of physicists and other t.

43:7.3 These seven hundred minor worlds are t. spheres of

43:7.3 These schools of special skill and t. knowledge are

44:5.6 This corps of t. advisers to the transport seraphim

44:5.9 This is not only a t. requirement of transit from the

53:8.5 Caligastia was recognized as the t. Prince of Urantia

55:0.2 but all such judicial actions are purely t., in no way

67:6.10 The t. status of Van on the legal records of Satania

72:8.2 secretaryships, and t. trusts which are discharged

72:8.5 These t. schools are co-ordinated with industry

72:8.6 These special institutions provide the t. training for

72:11.2 securing the first half of a t. or professional training

81:6.30 Social, artistic, t., and industrial specialists will

114:3.3 much more of a fatherly adviser than a t. ruler.

128:1.10 his public career, subsequent to the t. completion of

129:4.7 Jesus may not be the t. and detailed example for

134:7.7 that is, the t. termination of the mortal bestowal,

173:1.2 on the ground of possessing real or t. blemishes.

188:5.2 righteousness than justice—mere t. right and wrong

Technical Advisers

25:0.4 3. T..


25:4.1 These legal and technical minds of the spirit world

25:4.1 as the nucleus of this vast and versatile group.

25:4.1 These legal and t. minds of the spirit world were

25:4.1 has been required of all who aspire to become T..

25:4.2 The T. are recruited from the ranks of the following

25:4.10 are all of transient attachment, the number of T.

25:4.11 T. frequently function as individuals but are

25:4.11 do not enter the regular courses of training for T.,

25:4.13 permitted to receive permanent appointment as T..

25:4.14 The training of T.,begun in the Melchizedek colleges

25:4.14 they proceed to the “schools of the seven circles”

25:4.14 they’re received into the “college of the ethics of law

25:4.14 the Paradise training school for the perfecting of T.

25:4.17 T. are dedicated to the work of preventing delay,

25:4.18 bountifully supplied with these t. or legal reference

25:4.19 T. are equally devoted to the efficient interpretation

25:4.20 T. are selected and tested beings; I have never

25:4.20 We have no records of their ever having been

25:4.20 the divine laws they so effectively interpret and so

25:4.20 no known limit to the domain of their service,

25:4.20 They continue as a. even to the portals of Paradise;

25:4.20 whole universe of law and experience open to them.

26:1.10 Recorders; others ascend to the ranks of the T..

27:0.1 and in large numbers they ascend to become T..

30:2.77 3. T..

37:8.7 Of the T., the legal minds of the realm, we have our

39:8.3 as a celestial artisan, a T., or a Celestial Recorder.

46:5.21 circle is dedicated to the messenger hosts, T.,

47:0.4 while adjoining is the local rendezvous of the T..


28:0.6 T., neither tertiaphim nor omniaphim are ministering

28:1.1 t. tertiaphim are residents of these superuniverse

31:5.2 Material Sons have partially failed or t. defaulted

37:4.3 Nebadon and hence be t. outside our jurisdiction,

44:4.10 broadcast directors are t. expert in the utilization of

48:3.18 They are not, t., essential to any part of your survival

48:6.33 One can be t. right as to fact and everlastingly

53:9.1 where they must be held, t., until the Uversa courts

71:2.19 to public offices only those individuals who are t.

114:5.4 T., the planet is still spiritually isolated in the No

120:2.2 the additional task of t. terminating the Lucifer

125:4.3 the synagogue at Nazareth had graduated him, t.,

132:1.2 T., he has no right to assert that he is either idealist

136:3.5 T., your work on Urantia and in the flesh of the

158:0.1 of Urantia and t. to terminate the Lucifer rebellion.

191:3.2 progressed in the morontia career, it became, t.,


26:3.6 These master t. are the broadcast receivers and

39:6.6 5. T..

44:5.7 Urantia is served by twelve t. of interplanetary

48:6.29 5. T.. These are the seraphim who help new

48:6.29 all of this they are greatly helped by the seraphic t..


0:3.20 forced to employ the t. of time-space reasoning in

0:7.1 power-personalize in the universes by the t. of the

0:7.8 and the fetters of eternity by the t. of trinitization,

0:8.11 The Supreme Being provides the t. for the power-

1:3.7 The t. of survival is embraced in those adjustments

2:4.5 Divine mercy represents a fairness t. of adjustment

2:7.3 in accordance with the plans and t. of the Creator

6:3.5 not in content but in quality and t. of expression,

6:7.1 the Universal Father escaped by the t. of trinitization,

7:3.5 But how much more perfect is the superb t. of the

7:5.3 the Eternal Son compensates this limitation by the t.

7:5.4 Incarnation, the secret of Sonarington, is the t. of the

8:1.10 I have been directed to provide this t. of approach to

9:7.3 Much of the t. of reflectivity we comprehend, but

10:2.1 By the t. of trinitization the Father divests himself

11:2.10 for cosmic reality in Paradise as a part of his t. of

12:2.2 with photographic t. the larger telescopes penetrate

12:3.9 By the same t. of comparative estimation and

12:4.16 the intramaster universe gravity t. of the Absolute,

12:8.8 Mind is the t. whereby spirit realities become

13:1.5 Their nature, origin, and the t. of their contact with

13:1.13 Nontrinitized beings do not fully understand the t. of

14:5.2 Even the t. of Havona thought is unlike the process

14:5.5 the ordained t. to negotiate “unachieved” space;

14:6.13  t. of the bestowal ministry for the instruction of his

14:6.21 opportunity to test out the t. of mind ministry on

15:0.3 a t. of intelligent control for both physical and spirit

15:4.1 an ordained t. and in conformity to the gravity laws

15:6.7 that the acts of God have unfolded by a time-space t.

16:6.10 of the Infinite is by a cosmic t. of self-revelation.

18:0.1 and they are qualified to serve with perfection of t.

19:1.7 philosophic t. of starting from the lower to approach

19:1.12 employ the t. of approaching man and his problems

20:0.5 by experiential participation in the creative t. known

20:2.6 an Avonal appears as an adult of the realm by a t.

20:6.1 effort to detect the working of this Sonarington t. is

20:6.1 waste no time on futile conjectures about the t.

21:3.16 The t. of obtaining supreme sovereignty over a local

21:3.17 through the t. of incarnated bestowal in the very


23:1.1 They are fundamental to the divine t. of the Spirit

23:4.4 of the sons of destiny is apparently an unlimited t..

24:2.2 maintain perfect synchrony with the reflectivity t. of

24:2.2 These directors, by a not-fully-understood t., are

25:2.1 involves a definite superuniverse t. of reflective

25:4.14 “college of ethics of law and the t. of Supremacy,”

25:4.15 are the teachers of all creatures concerning the t. of

25:4.17 there is always the t. of perfection, a divine method,

25:4.19 They even essay to elucidate the t. of the Ultimate.

26:1.17 and an intake of wisdom much resembling their t. of

26:3.8 a thousand years for your most rapid telegraphic t.

26:4.14 understanding and that t. of comprehension which

26:6.3 But regardless of our inability to grasp the t., each

26:7.2 instructing ascenders respecting the nature and t. of

26:9.1 guides maintain schools of wisdom and colleges of t.

26:10.3 their failure was inherent in some phase of the t. of

27:4.2 There is a divine t. in the approach to Divinity;

27:4.2 the acquirement of this t. must await the pilgrims’

27:6.4 including the higher graph t. of Havona and certain

27:7.4 Without improvement in the t. of worship it would

27:7.7 What a triumph of t.!

28:3.1 There is a definite Paradise-responsive t. associated

28:4.2 this same reflective t. keeps each one of them in

28:4.8 your first fleeting glimpses of the t. of the eternity

28:4.8 the established universe t. of the Reflective Spirits.

28:5.10 Gods, who plan and execute with such superb t..

29:2.9 the secret of the t. of the mind control of all the vast

29:4.31 a part of the t. of life on the nonbreathing planets.

29:4.33 advanced to make it possible to explain the t. of this

31:2.2 comprehend their timeless t. of traversing space.

31:3.8 training mortals in the t. of universe management?”

32:4.8 Though we cannot fully grasp this t. of God’s

33:3.1 personality qualities by the t of creative co-operation

34:1.3 the secret of the t. and procedure resides in the

35:5.4 in details of t. their decisions have sometimes been

35:8.15 from the acceptable t. of universe government.

36:4.3 because the t. of dematerialization which they pass

36:6.7 But we do not comprehend the t. whereby the

37:6.1 the Nebadon school t. designed to effect the mind

38:9.6 intellectually and spiritually by the angelic t.

38:9.7 midwayers are physically energized by the Adamic t.,

39:8.5 3. To attain Paradise by the evolutionary mortal t..

40:5.15 the same system language but by a modified t..

40:9.8 we do not grasp the t. of personality recognition.

40:10.3 The mysterious variable in associative t. whereby a

41:2.5 you know practically nothing of the t. of the power

41:2.7 must adjust their t. on each sphere in accordance

41:3.10 By this t. it is possible to measure stellar distances

41:3.10 space measurement and improved telescopic t. will

41:10.2 those which were produced by gravity-tidal t..

41:10.2 But no matter what t. of world building obtains,

42:1.3 they have mastered one more phase of the divine t.;

42:1.3 operation of natural laws apart from the cosmic t.

42:2.21 If the power directors are conversant with the t. of

43:1.11 energy-transformation t. for modifying the currents

43:8.11 their potentials of achievement by partnership t.;

44:0.13 celestial artisans have improved in t. and execution

44:2.9 of governmental philosophy and administrative t.,

44:4.7 the t. of your disordered and garbled dream life—

44:5.8 Divine rest is associated with the t of spiritual-energy

44:5.9 and have begun to experience the t. of spirit affairs.

44:6.7 are not occupied with the t. of creature beautification

44:7.4 unified self-realization by the t. of the never-ending

44:8.5 individuality in skill, t., and expression.

45:0.3 Controllers in accordance with the established t. of

45:2.2 absolutely no changes have been made in the t. of

45:5.7 Daughters are the acme of perfection in scope, t.,

46:1.9 lighted, energized, and watered by the Jerusem t..

46:2.7 there is a perfection of mechanical t. and physical

46:3.1 by a t. involving the polar crystal, the sea of glass.

46:3.3 friends add the reflectivity phenomena to the t. of

47:3.5 Regardless of the t. which may be employed on

47:8.2 is here begun in the t. of universe administration.

47:10.7 Mortal death is a t. of escape from the material life

48:5.8 time is no longer available as a t. of dodging

48:6.34 worlds or else survived by the t. of Spirit fusion.

48:6.33 Falsehood is not a matter of narration t. but

48:7.1 teach the less advanced students by the parallel t.;

49:1.2 the t. of living cell reproduction is slightly different in

49:2.25 The sixth t. of energizing is limited to the midway

49:3.5 The nonbreathing plan of life varies from the t. of

49:5.30 not fully comprehended t. of the Supreme Being.

50:5.5 More and more attention is devoted to the t. of war.

51:2.3 While there is this dematerializing t. for preparing

51:2.3 emergency installation of the dematerialization t. is

51:2.3 Carriers would install the t. of dematerialization

51:5.7 to achieve race harmonization by the Adamic t.,

52:6.7 The only t. for accelerating the natural trend of

54:1.3 Liberty is a self-destroying t. of cosmic existence

54:1.10 combat as a t. of adjusting misunderstandings has

54:4.7 from this t. of patience in dealing with sinful rebels.

54:5.11 opportunity for sin-expression as the quickest t. of

54:6.1 the t. of dealing with the rebels is a vindication of

55:2.8 entirely free from natural death as the t. of escape

55:3.2 I recently visited were financed by the tithing t..

55:6.6 the t. whereby the absonite personalities reveal the

55:12.4 They may possibly be involved in the t. of universe

56:1.6 you must postulate MIND as the inevitable t. of

56:7.5 to be executed exactly in accordance with the t.

56:7.8 not the slightest concept of what t. of deity approach

56:10.23 in the English language, by a t. authorized by our

62:5.7 the crude communicative t. of their ancestors.

63:2.5 the t. was unraveled when it occurred to Fonta to

65:1.9 but it has never been revealed to us by what t. we

65:3.7 plans and t. of life management and transplantation.

65:4.2 The evolution of life is a t. ever progressive, variable

65:4.6 the Life Carriers have improved this healing t. as it

66:4.2 but aside from the t. of their appearance on earth

66:5.23 This corps did much to improve the industrial t. of

67:6.4 sustained by the t. of the tree of life in conjunction

68:5.1 Man’s land t., or maintenance arts, plus his standards

68:6.9 Many races learned the t. of abortion, this practice

69:5.13 Man’s t. varies, but his disposition remains quite

71:0.1 Even statecraft is merely the accumulated t. for

74:5.4 For ages Adam and Eve had been instructed in the t.

77:2.5 The t. of this germ plasm metamorphosis by the

77:6.2 midwayer by a combined t. of sex and nonsex liaison.

80:1.7 This t. of race blending, combined with elimination

81:2.19 waves of improving t. from Mesopotamia out over

81:6.27 no matter what t. of pressure or directional control

81:6.31 And as labor more and more diversifies, some t. for

81:6.33 best managed by some t. of intelligent co-operation.

87:5.4 a human agency and by the t. of the evil eye.

87:6.1 the t. of spirit propitiation led directly to the creation

87:6.1 t. for evening the odds in the one-sided struggle of

87:7.1 for some perpetuating symbolism—seeks some t. for

88:4.1 Magic was the t. of manipulating the conjectured

89:8.6 insuring against bad luck or, rather, an enhanced t.

90:0.1 The t. of religious ritual passed from the forms of

90:2.1 only in very recent times has the t. of positive

90:3.10 this t. of evolution then unerringly sets in motion

90:4.1 was in no small measure a t. for disease prevention.

90:5.1 the t. of ritual was the decisive factor in its efficacy

90:5.2 Ritual is the t. of sanctifying custom; ritual creates

90:5.3 The worship t. of the olden mystery cults was just

91:2.1 Prayer became a t. of achieving spirit co-operation.

91:2.2 that it has degenerated into a pseudomagical t. of

91:2.8 Prayer represents one t. associated with the natural

91:3.1 By this t. the child learns to convert his monologue

91:3.6 procedure interassociated with a spiritual t..

91:3.7 the more effective t. for most practical purposes

91:4.4 contributes to the augmentation of the t. of living,

91:5.6 Prayer is the t. whereby every religion becomes

91:6.2 Prayer is not a t. for curing real and organic diseases

91:6.4 a dialogue with one’s alter ego, constitutes a t. of

91:6.7 There is no other t. whereby every man, regardless

91:7.1 Mysticism, as the t. of the cultivation of the

91:8.7 God or the powerful t. of changing one’s self.

91:8.9 Prayer elevates man because it is a t. of progressing

91:8.13 Prayer is not a t. of escape from conflict but rather a

92:3.9 as a result of all these early errors in ethical t..

92:7.14 religion is a way of living as well as a t. of thinking.

93:2.7 and to the t. of indwelling an incarnated Son which

93:10.1 they made ready the t. whereby Machiventa was to

94:11.6 by the t. of isolating the self from objective reality.

97:10.7 they seek to destroy the t. of group functioning.

98:2.5 They failed to develop a t. for fostering supreme

98:6.5 and Christianity the t. for the conservation of moral

99:0.2 True religion does oppose violence as a t. of social

100:1.6 The t. of fostering this constitutive endowment of

100:2.3 an enlightened and wise t. of spiritual reaction to the

100:3.1 Religion is not a t. for attaining a static and blissful

100:3.7 Evolution is a cosmic t. of growth.

100:5.8 mysticism may become a t. of reality avoidance,

101:2.2 religion; logic is the attempted t. of philosophy.

101:2.2 a t. for achieving unity in the comprehension of the

101:2.14 way of salvation, the t. of the survival of personality

101:2.17 Only theology, the province of faith and the t. of

101:5.1 Revelation is a t. whereby ages upon ages of time are

101:9.5 discovering the truth of living, the good and right t.

101:9.9 spiritual world by and through the t. of salvation,

102:4.1 The t. whereby you can accept another’s idea as

102:7.6 faith certainty is the greatest t. for dealing with all

103:6.4 Such a t. of studying reality consists in turning the

103:6.6 self-realization upon the mechanism and t. of mind

103:6.7 Reason is the understanding t. of the sciences;

103:6.7 faith is the insight t. of religion; mota is the t. of

103:6.8 Revelation is the only t. which can compensate for

103:6.12 and revelation is the only t. for atoning for this

103:7.2 True salvation is the t. of the divine evolution of

103:7.6 Logic is the t. of philosophy, its method of

103:8.1 By the t. of such an incarnation of living truth the

106:1.1 but the t. of their integration is as yet unrevealed.)

106:2.7 Absolutes are not perceivable by the t. of experience;

106:9.8 is designed to evolve by the t. of experience and,

107:0.2 man progressively masters the divine t. of achieving

107:1.5 The t. of the origin of the Thought Adjusters is one

108:0.1 be impossible to duplicate by any other universe t.

108:1.2 of Adjusters on Divinington by the reflectivity t.

108:4.4 Recourse is had to such a t. as a means of

108:5.10 their ministry is characterized by a flawless t.

112:2.17 self-realization through a t. of identity expansion

113:6.8 The t. of justice demands that personal or group

114:7.8 and rehearsed in the deep mind by the combined t. of

115:4.5 The t. of such manifestation is direct and indirect:

116:1.4 cosmic mind is co-ordinated by some unknown t. in

116:1.5 never ceases to progress—mind is the experiential t.

116:2.13 By the t. of mortal logic it might be inferred that the

117:5.3 t. of experience known as finaliter transcendation

118:1.2 the t. of choosing to do the will of the Father.

119:2.4 And then, by the same t. observed at the time of

119:5.4 to the possible t. of such an inexplicable bestowal.

119:5.5 Still, the t. of these successive bestowals remained a

119:7.5 Even in eternity you will never know the t. and

119:8.9 put them in the English language, by a t. authorized

120:2.1 and in conformity with the t. of Sonarington—

120:2.8 ideal of perfected t. in the supreme engagement of

127:6.12 Jesus has very nearly mastered the t. of utilizing

129:1.3 By superior t. and greatly improved methods of

130:2.1 the t. whereby the tides were utilized to flush the

132:3.6 Plants and animals survive in time by the t. of

132:4.2 Jesus’ usual t. of social contact was to draw people

136:1.3 amidst all these details of time, t., and function,

136:3.1 to formulate the plans and determine upon the t.

136:6.11 of his universe the t. of the new and better way,

139:5.8 And that is always the effective t. in all forms and

140:4.10 Education should be a t. of learning (discovering) the

141:5.2 such service in accordance with the t. of your own

143:7.6 Worship is the t. of looking to the One for the

144:4.5 worship is a t. of detachment from the daily routine

146:2.9 Prayer is not designed as a t. for aggrandizing self

148:2.4 the t. of treatment or the revelation of the unknown

152:6.4 Jesus taught the appeal to the emotions as the t. of

156:5.13 constructive t. for meeting all of the vicissitudes and

156:5.15 Are you becoming increasingly artistic in your t. of

157:6.4 the growth of the spiritual nature by the t. of living

160:1.3 the art of living fails to keep pace with the t. of

160:1.10 with the Father in heaven is to be found the t.,

160:3.4 an equal victory by his superior and winsome t. of

160:4.13 Such a t. leads directly to the creation of a world of

161:3.3 self-limiting his divine consciousness and his t. of

168:1.11 which far transcend the usual t. of the resurrection of

170:3.3 consideration of the t of receiving God’s forgiveness

174:3.4 the fact of the survival of mortal creatures by the t.

184:4.6 religion of Jesus becomes the sure and certain t.

186:5.3 Jesus had already completed the t. of the required

189:0.1 consideration of a t. for the restoration of Jesus.

189:2.1 not propose to employ our t. of dematerialization;

193:4.7 3. Judas never acquired a philosophic t. for meeting

195:5.14 even as modern science pursues the t. of experiment.

195:7.13 If man is only a machine, by what t. does this man

196:0.10 a t. for the adjustment of difficulties, and the mighty

196:2.9 he mastered a t. of acceptably doing the Father’s

196:3.15 is effected by a t. of conjoint revelational evolution.

196:3.18 the crude materialistic t. of the physical sciences.


9:3.4 to the point of materialization and by t. unknown to

13:1.11 origin is complicated because of the many diverse t.

15:5.14 There are numerous other t. for evolving suns and

15:5.14 To undertake to describe all the various t. involved

19:5.9 the Inspired Trinity Spirits, by superconscious t.,

22:4.4 The selective t. of Paradise are not in any sense

22:7.1 The t. of trinitization are among the secrets of

25:4.18 usages and t. of all spirit-world transactions.

27:6.2 Ultimate and attempt to grasp the t. of the Absolutes

27:6.4 All of these higher t. of importing knowledge and

27:6.4 You cannot grasp such communication t.,

28:5.12 By these very t. do the Perfectors of Wisdom adapt

28:6.8 While the spirit t. of mercy ministry are beyond

28:7.3 divinity and to make contact with the t. of Deity.

29:4.14 interplanetary system of transport and to certain t. of

29:4.16 the sciences of the t. of intelligent energy control

34:2.3 his differential of origin accounts for the diverse t. in

38:9.2 and secondary—and they appear by the following t.:

38:9.4 There are no less than twenty-four diverse t involved

39:2.15 Broadcasters adapt the higher ideographic t. of the

40:9.8 we understand such t. of memory reconstruction

40:9.8 albeit, memory itself and the t. of its reconstruction

41:7.15 revivification by these or other evolutionary t..

43:8.10 6. Adjust all of these various socialization t. to the

44:1.10 t. analogous to the human employment of musical

44:4.6 we employ concept picturization and ideograph t..

44:5.4 many improved t. for the intake of spiritual energy

46:5.24 known to you, but mostly by t. unknown on Urantia.

46:5.28 and take pleasure in observing the t. of other groups.

47:8.5 select from the differential t. of Paradise attainment.

48:6.30 regarding efficient and effective t. of fact recording.

49:5.8 7. T. of terrestrial escape.

49:5.32 7. T. of terrestrial escape. There is fundamentally

49:5.32 numerous t. whereby man escapes his terrestrial

52:6.6 the substitution of international t. of adjudication for

55:2.12 is unfailing in the application of these equalizing t.

55:11.6 administrative mechanisms and governmental t. of a

56:7.8 to approach Deity on ultimate levels by absonite t..

56:8.2 but it is by these t. of experience that such finaliters

58:0.1 worlds peopled in accordance with established t.;

58:6.5 sodium chloride in their body fluids by ingenious t.


66:5.8 By employing improved t. and by the use of traps,


70:10.5 savage ordeals were nothing more than crude t. of

70:10.8 other semicivilized tribes practiced such primitive t.

71:1.24 governmental t., such as the feudalism of the Middle

71:2.18 use wise t. of guiding and controlling officeholders

72:1.3 by scientific t. they have learned how to compensate

72:1.5 continuous progression toward the governmental t.

72:5.3 These people have recently developed new t. for the

75:4.3 misadaptation of plans and the maladjustment of t.

77:1.1 other systems, but they originated by dissimilar t..

81:1.6 Andites were carrying the improved agricultural t.

81:6.22 sound t. for successfully adjusting to the transition

81:6.32 in the highly specialized t. of earning a living,

84:3.10 man introduced these t. into industry and later, when

84:8.2 this failure to evolve specialized t. of pleasurable

85:2.6 blended with the later evolving t. of worship, but

87:2.1 constituted the t. and rituals of the ghost cult.

87:6.3 Many t. were developed for frightening ghosts and

89:4.7 these ancient sacrificial t. of positive propitiation.

89:10.1 Modern man must develop new t. of achieving the

90:4.4 howling, breathing on the patient, and many other t..

91:3.2 such t. of praying tend to evolve into the dialogue

92:6.19 in the main must get his religion by evolutionary t..

95:3.1 by similar natural t. in any other circumscribed area

99:7.2 reconstruction of economics and industry by the t.

101:5.14 upon these former t. of personality assurance.

103:9.1 assumptions of error and the t. of self-deception,

105:4.9 level and by other t. on the supercreature level.

105:6.5 God the Sevenfold provides t. of compensation for

106:0.1 comprehension of universe realities and their t. of

117:3.6 man grows as his Thought Adjuster develops new t.

117:5.10 the Holy Spirit probably registered by similar t.

118:8.9 which make feasible the operation of many t. that

119:3.8 universe administration and in all t. of government.

123:6.3 Damascus, and learning some new t. of numbers,

132:3.3 in man’s habits of thinking and in his t. of living.

136:9.2 would not compromise with the revolutionary t. of

140:4.10 happiness is the resulting total of these enhanced t.

160:1.7 the mastery of dependable t. for solving common

161:3.3 We are convinced that he used both of these t., but


87:5.8 burden, rendering life t. and virtually unendurable.


13:3.2 We are taught that these worlds t. with the

23:3.2 The worlds t. with angels and men and other highly

25:3.7 universes which abound in differences and t. with


59:3.1 The seas t. with lime-shelled life, and the falling of


59:0.8 many inland seas are t. with primitive marine life.

119:0.5 such a creation, t. with its varied forms of life and


14:4.22 Havona t. with the life of all phases of intelligent


59:4.11 the t.-bearing varieties being twenty-five feet long;

59:4.12 Veritable bone beds of fish t. and skeletons may be

61:1.10 early mammals developed two successive sets of t.

61:2.8 from an ancestor having five toes and forty-four t.,

61:3.2 the t. of many mammalian species altered to conform

65:6.5 such adjustments is illustrated by the evolution of t.

74:6.3 the nourishment of children until the appearance of t.

88:5.2 a variety of things: human flesh, crocodile t., poison

89:4.1 mutilations, knocking out t., and cutting off fingers

145:2.5 fathers have eaten sour grapes and the children’s t.

145:2.5 every man who eats sour grapes, his t. shall be set

145:2.7 sour grapes and the children’s t. are set on edge.

158:5.1 With much grinding of t. and as a result of many

158:5.2 violent attack and fell in their midst, gnashing his t.

TehermaPersian businessman

141:6.1 Simon Zelotes brought to Jesus one T., a Persian

141:6.1 T. had heard of Jesus and come to Capernaum to

141:6.1 on the way to Jerusalem, he set out to find Jesus.

141:6.1 Andrew had presented T. to Simon for instruction.

141:6.1 a “fire worshiper,” although T. took great pains to

141:6.2 Why did he so resist me and so readily lend an ear to

141:6.3 but Simon did as Jesus had instructed him, and T.,


69:4.7 animal riders, railroads, and airplanes, as well as t.,


26:3.8 require a thousand years for your most rapid t.


12:9.2 The number assigned to a t. subscriber does not in

69:4.7 railroads, and airplanes, as well as telegraph, t.,


12:2.1 astronomers peer through their powerful t. into the

12:2.2 your t. literally reveal millions upon millions of

12:2.2 the search of your present-day t. are in Orvonton,

12:2.2 with photographic technique the larger t. penetrate

12:2.3 In the not-distant future, new t. will reveal to the

12:2.3 these more powerful t. will disclose that many island

12:4.14 subsequent to the perfection of more powerful t.,

31:10.16 these creations, are actually visible through your t..

57:3.2 astronomers see when they turn their t. spaceward


41:3.10 Better t. technique will sometime more fully

tellsee tellimperative

13:1.2 Of these worlds I can t. little; of their manifold

13:1.2 can tell little; of their manifold activities I may t. less.

13:1.10 We t. you of the vast and universal phenomenon

15:0.3 concerning the superuniverses, I can hope to t. you

19:5.1 I will be able to t. you very little concerning the

24:6.2 I am not forbidden to undertake to t you of the work

29:4.33 to make the same alphabetical symbols t. vastly

30:4.9 but we have elected to t. this story as it pertains to

30:4.30 But I cannot t. you about Havona; you must see

32:5.6 to portray something of our viewpoint, to t. you

43:4.5 periodically assemble to hear this Son of Paradise t.

46:4.9 If I only had words to t. you of the morontia

48:4.4 In discussing spirit humor, first let me t. you what it

58:7.12 gigantic biogeologic record unfailingly t. the truth if

58:7.12 deposits of age upon age t. the story of the struggles

77:4.8 these ancient Sumerian clay tablets which t. of this

93:4.4 to t. the good news of this covenant with the Most

100:4.4 In physical life the senses t. of the existence of

110:5.1 but the Adjuster, in addition, endeavors to t. you

116:7.1 we could, by analogy, t. you so much more about

119:1.6 And that is all I am permitted to t. you of the first

122:10.1 not t. him whither the pair had taken the babe.

123:3.3 Joseph’s first thought was to t. Jesus that the

126:3.8 this so-called Book of Enoch went on to t. about

127:3.5 discussions, as he had heard his mother t. about.

128:6.8 Jesus did not t. the family about his brother’s arrest

130:2.7 the young man requested Jesus to t. him the

130:3.7 you should stand up and t. them the great things

130:5.2 “No wonder the boy believes everything you t. him,

130:6.2 Sit down with me while I t. you of the service trails

132:4.2 invariably would he t. these distressed mortals

133:2.1 I very much desire that you t. me what could happen

133:3.7 I can t. by their faces that they have experienced

133:3.8 They can t. you their story, but I surmise they

133:5.4 these scientists can never (scientifically) t. you what

135:8.7 John followed Jesus a sufficient distance to t. him the

136:8.1 the recipients of his healing ministry to t. no man

137:1.5 When they heard Simon Peter t. how he and his

137:3.6 Jesus’ repeated warnings that they t. no man

138:7.1 Jesus did not t. the apostles how long this was to last

140:1.1 But just now I have something more to t. you

142:2.1 “But, Rabbi, Moses and the olden prophets t. us

142:6.6 you believe us if we t. you of the heavenly truths?

143:2.5 Did not the Prophet Jeremiah long ago t. you that

143:6.1 I t. you the fields are already white for the harvest.

144:1.6 directly charged them that they should t. no man

144:2.5 “Let me t. you the story of a certain judge who

144:2.5 These stories I t. you to encourage you to persist

144:8.6 they departed for Machaerus to t. all this to John.

145:0.3 of this visit, and he was admonished to t. no man.

145:2.6 Did not the prophet t. you that the God of heaven

145:5.3 Jesus to t. them the reason for his strange conduct.

146:2.18 And many other truths did Jesus t. his apostles about

146:3.1 will you now listen while I t. you about the eternal

146:4.4 “See that you t no man about your healing but rather

149:1.2 directly charge the beneficiary to “t. no man.”

151:1.1 Jesus answered, “No, Peter, I will t. them a story.”

151:2.1 but first suppose you t. me what you have been

151:2.5 “Before I t. you about this parable, do any of you

151:2.6 I would like to have him t. us what meaning he

151:3.1 but you can t. a story to convey your teaching;

151:3.1 Let me t. you that nothing is hid in the kingdom of

151:3.15 “Now will I t. you the last of the parable of the

152:1.2 charged all of them that they should t. no man.

153:3.2 question: “You t. us that you are the bread of life.

153:3.5 But hearken while I t. you the truth concerning

154:6.3 Ruth would say only: “I will t. my brother that I

156:1.2 Jesus had charged his associates to t. no one of his

156:1.7 Jesus entreated them to t. no one of this occurrence

156:1.8 Verily, verily, I t. you that the Father’s kingdom shall

157:3.6 the time being I charge you that you t. this to no man

157:4.5 they should t. no man that he was the Son of God.

157:6.13 Nevertheless, I t. you that the Father and I are one.

158:2.1 “Make certain that you t. no man, not even your

158:2.2 But I t. you that Elijah has already come, and they

159:1.3 you may t. the whole story to the congregation,

159:2.1 I t. you that, even when a cup of cold water is

159:4.5 the Scripture records which t. you that the God of

160:0.1 Thomas should listen to all he had to say and t.

162:5.3 Much I have to t. you, but you are unable to

162:7.3 then do I t. you that, if you were the children of

163:6.1 newly ordained teachers of the gospel personally t.

164:1.2 “But, Teacher, I should like you to t. me just who

164:1.3 he proceeded to t. his hearers a story, a story

164:4.2 directed Josiah to t. them what had happened to

164:4.8 why do you not t. us the whole truth about what

164:4.11 I t. you, if this man were not from God, he could

164:5.1 he could t. them the good news of the liberty

164:5.2 If you are the Messiah, why do you not plainly t.

165:2.2 “On this night I have much to t. you, and since many

165:4.2 “Let me t. you a story of a certain rich man whose

166:2.3 Who can t.?

166:4.4 blood Pilate mingled with the sacrifices, but I t. you

166:4.12 to t. again and again that which he wished them to

167:5.1 I t. you that the publican went home with God’s

167:7.4 go forth to t. the Father the thoughts of your heart

167:7.5 I did even t. you of the joy in the presence of the

168:1.12 “Did I not t. you at the first that this sickness was

168:2.9 Lazarus was never able to t. anything about these

169:1.4 And I t. you this story to impress upon you that

169:1.5 “And now I would like to t. you the story of a son

171:4.2 that I may once more plainly t. you that we are

171:6.2 I t. you that I am going to bestow one half of all

173:2.4 if you will answer me, I likewise will t. you by

173:2.5 “Neither will I t. you by what authority I do these

173:3.1 give ear while I t. you a parable: A certain great

176:1.1 Jesus said: “Yes, I will t. you about the times when

177:1.5 but see to it that you t. no man the things which I

178:2.3 that you know, but see to it that you t. no man.

181:2.19 where in glory you shall t. of your salvation to

181:2.23 cannot understand the full meaning of all you t. us

184:3.14 that you t. us whether you are the Deliverer,

184:5.10 “If I t. you, you will not believe me; and if I ask you

185:3.1 “See that you t. no man that I talked with you.”

189:4.10 “Did not this Jesus t. you, even in Galilee, that he

190:2.7 They wanted to rush off to the city to t. the apostles

190:5.4 When you t. me that it is about the teachings and

191:1.2 I believe he has risen from the dead; I will t. my

191:2.1 Did I not t. you about these things when I was

191:5.3 Again I t. you: As the Father sent me into the

192:0.5 to t. the story of their risen Master and therefore

193:2.2 And when you go abroad to t. all nations the good


128:6.11 “Uncle Joshua, come out and t. us a big story.”

129:2.10 he enjoined him to t. no man, not even his own

133:2.1 Now, my friend, t. me what is the matter?

133:3.7 deliberately choose to do mean things, but, t. me,

135:6.6 “Go t. your masters that you have heard ‘the voice

135:6.7 T. me not that Abraham is your father.

135:11.4 “Go back to John and t. him that I have not

135:11.4 T. John what you have seen and heard—that the

135:11.4 finally, t. the beloved herald of my earth mission that

136:8.1 the recipients of his healing ministry to t. no man

137:3.6 Jesus’ repeated warnings that they t. no man

137:6.5 T. no man about me and remember that my

138:8.5 saying, “T. no man about the water and the wine.”

144:1.6 directly charged them that they should t. no man

144:8.3 “Go back and t. John that he is not forgotten.

144:8.3 T. him what you have seen and heard, that the poor

145:0.3 of this visit, and he was admonished to t. no man.

145:5.7 Go and t. the people to believe in that which we

146:4.4 “See that you t. no man about your healing but

149:1.2 directly charge the beneficiary to “t. no man.”

152:1.2 charged all of them that they should t. no man.

154:6.12T. my mother and my brothers that I appreciate

156:1.2 Jesus had charged his associates to t. no one of his

156:1.7 Jesus entreated them to t. no one of this occurrence

157:3.6 the time being I charge you that you t. this to no man

157:4.5 they should t. no man that he was the Son of God.

158:2.1 “Make certain that you t. no man, not even your

159:3.9 T. my children that I am not only tender of their

164:4.2 directed Josiah to t. them what had happened to

164:5.4 Josiah answered, “T. me who he is that I may believe

171:4.6 Go you and t. that fox that the Son of Man

173:5.2T all those who were bidden, to come, for, behold,

176:0.2T. us, Master, how shall we know when these

177:1.5 but see to it that you t. no man the things which I

178:2.3 that you know, but see to it that you t. no man.

179:4.4 Ask him who it is, or if he has told you, t. me who is

185:3.1 “See that you t. no man that I talked with you.”

185:3.2 T. me, have you said that you are the king of the

189:4.10 laid him. T. us that we may go and get him.”

189:4.12 But go, all of you, now and t. my apostles—and Peter

189:5.4 Go back to my apostles and again t. them that I have

191:0.4 by the women, “Go t. my apostles—and Peter.”

191:1.2 Go t. my apostles—and Peter”—as he contemplated


44:2.8 The life-story t.—those who perpetuate the meaning


97:7.4 theories of the nature of God with such t. effect

175:4.9 1. He was arrayed in t. opposition to their traditional


70:3.9 customary for guests to pay their way by t. tales of

75:6.1 they refused to advise Adam, only t. him to do as he

96:4.6 t. his followers that Yahweh was a hard taskmaster

119:7.3 which was broadcast from Salvington t. that the babe

123:3.3 thoughtlessly t. him that either God or the devil

127:5.1 honestly t. Rebecca about their belief that Jesus

130:6.2 much interested in t. Jesus the way to Phenix,

130:7.1 they kept Jesus busy t. tales about his early life in

132:4.5 Jesus visited at dinner with a Greek physician, t.

137:5.2 They could not grasp what he was t. them.

146:3.6 t. you that you are in reality the sons of God.

151:2.5 all the minor details involved in the t. of the story.

152:6.6 miraculous feeding of the five thousand, t. them why

158:7.3 wherefore do I persist in t. you that the Son of Man

158:7.7 the twelve were grasping the idea that Jesus was t.

167:5.1 What I am t. you is well illustrated by two men

168:1.6 went to Jesus on Sunday, t. him of Lazarus’s

169:1.15 Jesus was very partial to t. these three stories at the

169:1.15 And then he would launch forth into the t. of this

170:2.16 Jesus never tired of t. them that the kingdom was

171:4.2 Again am I t. you that the Son of Man will be

178:3.3 have heard my words t. of the end of Jerusalem.

180:4.3 “I am t. you these things while I am still with you

180:6.1 “And I am t. you about all this before I leave you

180:6.1 I am t. you in advance about these things so that,

180:6.6 We cannot understand what he is t. us.”

191:5.1 The next day Thomas listened to the t. of the

193:1.2 Go, then, into all the world t. this good news to all


3:3.1 “He t. the number of the stars; he calls them all by

103:5.2 something inside of every human being that t. him

113:6.7 as your record t.; “And he shall send his angels with

119:8.8 And your record t. the truth when it says that this

160:3.4 My philosophy t. me that there are times when I

180:6.6 to talk with each other: “What is this that he t. us?

194:4.2 where he bids them farewell and t. them he is


61:7.1 Glaciers alone leave behind them those t. drifts—

74:8.8 neglected to remove the t. reference to Cain’s

97:9.12 this t. statement: “Yahweh has broken my enemies


139:6.5 the t. to go secretly to Jesus and lodge complaint

177:1.2 While making this speech, the t. of which astonished


133:2.1 in which she picks on me in public, and I lose my t..

139:3.2 James had a fiery t. when once it was adequately

139:4.7 John was a man of few words except when his t. was

139:4.7 As John grew older, his t. became more subdued,

149:4.2 while ‘he who is hasty of t. exalts folly’?


100:1.6 markedly influenced by physical health, inherited t.,

101:7.1 Even the inherent t. and intellectual bent markedly

122:1.2 her day and generation, possessing a fairly normal t.

122:5.2 Mary’s t. was quite opposite to that of her husband

122:5.3 All in all, Mary’s t. tended to dominate the career

127:1.3 possessed a somewhat fluctuating but aggressive t.,

127:4.7 had the highest of ideals, but he was unstable in t..

139:0.2 men represented many different types of human t.,

139:1.6 Andrew and Peter were unlike in character and t.,

139:2.11 Although Peter and Paul differed much in t. and

139:3.5 death of James greatly modified the vehement t. of

193:4.13 In t., Judas was surly and vindictive.


86:2.6 Luck was looked upon as the whimsical and t.

87:4.5 t. as the early ghosts of the monospiritism of most

90:2.5 followed by the appearance of t. shamanesses who

101:5.9 all according to the status and t. tendency of the

103:2.1 as a result of mental conflict, and t. upheavals.

122:5.1 These t. manifestations were greatly improved just

139:1.10 His t. handicap was his lack of enthusiasm; Andrew

139:3.2 This able apostle was a t. contradiction; James

139:8.10 and had added to Thomas’s t. problems of later life.

141:5.2 your individual attitudes of t. feeling, and social

143:3.5 Peter was overwrought and had been more t. than

195:10.14 these family groups of various social and t. classes if


151:3.1 stand before a multitude of varying intellects and t.


34:6.13 gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and t..”

98:2.6 Their cardinal virtues were: wisdom, courage, t.,

149:4.3 Jesus always preached t. and taught consistency—


61:7.12 The t. regions have been free from the ice for over

64:7.13 The superior races sought the northern or t. climes,


41:4.5 And t. permitting, you could penetrate the majority

41:4.7 Another of the Orvonton giants has a surface t. a

41:6.5 tossed by the t.-X-ray solar forces to the circle of the

41:6.7 the present t. of the sun’s surface, a little less than

41:6.7 this t. being favorable to the registry of iron lines,

41:7.1 The internal t. of many of the suns, even your own,

41:7.2 The surface t. of your sun is almost 6,000 degrees,

41:7.11 hot gases (sometimes millions of degrees in t.)

41:7.11 During the active life of a sun the internal t. of

41:7.11 regardless of the progressive fall of the external t..

41:7.12 Under such pressure and at such t. all atoms are

41:7.13 You will realize what high t. means by way of the

41:8.1 Under certain conditions of high t. the hydrogen

41:9.1 maximum t.—upwards of 35,000,000 degrees—

41:9.3 stable after the maximum of internal t. is reached,

41:9.4 the outer materials exactly equals the t. pressure of

42:4.6 interstellar space does not have the t. of absolute

42:4.7 T.—heat and cold—is secondary only to gravity in the

42:4.7 Ultimatons are humbly obedient to t. extremes.

42:4.10 ultimatonic energies under certain conditions of t.,

42:4.10 T., energy currents, distance, and the presence of the

42:7.9 With a minimum variation in t. and pressure,

46:1.3 for the production of the equable t. of Jerusem.

46:1.3 The full-light t. is maintained at about 70 degrees

46:2.2 the time of lowest t. attending the light recession.

49:2.5 4. T. types.

49:2.21 4. The t. types. It is possible to create living beings

49:2.21 worlds are peopled with races of modified t. types.

49:2.21 Twelve per cent belong to the higher t. ranges,

49:2.21 with Urantians, who function in the mid-t. group.

49:4.5 Seasons and t. variations occur on all sunlighted

57:4.5 The maximum of nuclear-mass t. had been attained;

57:5.2 contraction and consequent gradual increase of t.

58:2.6 Ascending from the surface of the earth, the t.

58:2.6 This t. range of from 65 to 70 degrees below zero

58:2.6 this realm of constant t. is the stratosphere.

58:2.6 At a height of forty-five or fifty miles, the t. begins

58:2.6 at the level of the auroral displays, a t. of 1200° F.

58:2.6 But t. in such a rarefied atmosphere is hardly

58:3.2 fluctuations of, and sudden tension changes in, t.,

58:5.1 The t. increases from the surface downward until

58:5.1 center it is slightly above the surface t. of the sun.

60:3.8 Pacific Ocean had differed greatly, owing to the t.

73:3.3 peninsula had a salubrious climate and equable t.;

124:1.9 the coldest month, the t. averaging around 50° F.

124:1.9 During July and August, the hottest months, the t.


41:6.5 when tossed by the t. solar forces to the circle of the


29:4.34 associators can function at physical t. which you

29:5.7 Master Force Organizers withstand t. and function

41:5.2 gases, is highly explosive when confined at high t.

41:6.2 destructive X rays and shattered by the high solar t.

41:6.4 Calcium is an active and versatile element at solar t.

41:7.1 bombardment which is indigenous to such high t..

41:7.2 (All of these t. refer to your Fahrenheit scale.)

41:7.9 6. Gravity action at high t. transforms certain power

41:7.13 These solar t. operate to enormously speed up the

41:9.4 pressures counterbalanced by unimagined t..

41:9.4 condensation produces ever-heightening internal t.

42:4.7 Low t. favor certain forms of electronic construction

42:4.7 while high t. facilitate all sorts of atomic breakup

42:4.9 are formed in the exceedingly low t. of open space,

42:5.5 These rays require extraordinarily high or low t. for

49:2.21 to create living beings who can withstand t. both

61:7.7 and North America experienced its lowest t..

123:6.6 explanation for the great difference between the t. of


2:3.2 this divine justice is always t. with mercy.

2:4.1 Mercy is simply justice t. by that wisdom which

15:14.2 in which justice prevails as t. by mercy and power

83:8.6 youthful idealization should be t. with some degree

89:0.2 a consistently even-t. and benevolent God.

102:2.2 the spirit of its expression is so poised and t. that it

118:10.9 soft iron of immature personality into the t. steel

127:4.7 James was growing up a well-balanced and even-t.

129:0.3 sadness of the anticipated separation was only t. by

133:1.3 Teacher, if a stronger and ill-t. creature should

133:4.7 so shall you have the right to expect justice t. by

139:1.10 Andrew was one of those all-round, even-t.,

140:8.12 firm sense of justice, but it was always t. with mercy.


118:10.9 t. fire that is transmuting the soft iron of immature


52:1.7 in subduing the fiery t. of these primitive creatures.

62:2.5 they displayed fiery t. when their anger was fully


151:5.3 This t. was severe, notwithstanding that it was


94:1.3 Indra, the t. lord of the atmosphere; and Agni,

temple or morontia templenoun; see temple, Father’s

28:5.10 the special receiving chambers of the t. of wisdom

34:6.7 “You are the t. of God, and the spirit of God dwells

39:4.16 The t. of records on a system capital is a unique

40:3.1 the day of the descent of the t. of light and the

45:1.9 The great t. of light occupies a central place, but no

45:5.1 wonderful sector is the chief t. of the Material Sons.

46:5.16 while the System Sovereign has a t. situated at the

46:5.19 when this t. was dedicated, Michael was present in

46:5.22 being domiciled in the Jerusem t. of records.

46:5.26 concentrically arranged around the vast t. of power,

46:5.26 This t. of power is one of two sectors on Jerusem

46:5.32 And this same vacant t. is found on every system

46:5.32 Gabriel placed the seal on this t. of mystery,

46:5.32 Some day you shall look upon this silent t., even

47:1.2 the t. of the finaliters, is not visible to the unaided

47:3.2 the resurrection hall, the enormous t. of personality

47:3.5 From the T. of New Life there extend seven radial

47:3.11 is occupied by the t. of the Morontia Companions,


55:1.1 The presence of a mt. at the capital of an inhabited

55:1.1 they preside on that day when the “holy t. comes

55:1.1 There in this t. of unparalleled beauty, this

55:1.2 A mt. has three parts: Centermost is the sanctuary of

55:1.2 now Planetary Sovereign; and when present in the t.,

55:1.3 proceed to build the mt. according to specifications.

55:1.4 The average mt. seats three hundred thousand

55:1.5 Such a mt. also serves as the place of assembly for

55:1.5 It is because the translation t. is composed of

55:2.3 repair to the inner t. of the Planetary Sovereign,

55:2.4 a fusion candidate have forgathered in the mt.,

55:2.5 candidates may be assembled in the spacious t. at

55:3.8 degree of recognition ever to be granted in the mt..

55:3.19 received the order of supreme service of the mt..

55:4.1 their real participation in world affairs until the mt.

55:6.6 reveal the presence of the finaliters in the mt..

55:7.1 This epoch extends from the appearance of the mt.

55:7.2 as is the Prince-Sovereign except when in the mt..

66:7.2 The interiors of the central t. of worship and the ten

73:6.1 In the center of the Garden t. Van planted the tree

73:6.6 in a circular courtyard of another t. to the Father.

74:1.5 all present in the beautiful t. of the Material Sons

76:5.5 both buried in the center of the t. of divine service

77:3.2 Bablot proposed to erect a pretentious t. of racial

77:3.2 This t. was to have a tower the like of which the

77:3.9 undertook to raise a new t. on the ruins of the first

89:7.4 her body for life to the sacred sex service of the t.;

92:3.6 architecture originated in t. building, poetry in

93:6.8 Abraham greatly improved the Salem t. and

95:7.5 a certain black stone fetish in a certain t. at Mecca.

97:9.16 the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter, the t. of Yahweh,

97:9.17 By this time Yahweh’s t. at Shiloh was discredited,

97:9.21 Jerusalem a t. of Baal alongside the t. of Yahweh.

98:6.4 practice of Mithraic worshipers, on entering the t.,

111:0.5 On the walls of a t. at Luxor, where is depicted the

119:1.4 This record is preserved in a simple t. which now

121:2.5 Even the t. at Jerusalem possessed its ornate court of

121:6.8 one accord kept their hearts centered on the holy t.

122:2.8 Even as a child John was found frequently at the t.

122:7.6 reaching Jerusalem before noon, visiting the t.,


122:9.1 the proper sacrifice for her) at the t. for purification.

122:9.1 Joseph and Mary went up to the t. at Jerusalem

122:9.2 There lingered constantly about the courts of the t.

122:9.3 Joseph and Mary were expected to appear at the t.

122:10.1 made full report of the recent occurrences in the t.,

122:10.2 at the time of the purification ceremonies at the t.,

123:3.5 this commemorated the dedication of the t. after the

124:3.6 admired the beautiful marble t. dedicated to the

124:3.6 extolling the beauty and grandeur of the Jewish t.

124:6.10 pretentious palaces, and the inspiring t. of his Father.

124:6.11 On reaching the city, they journeyed past the t.,

124:6.14 Jesus was profoundly impressed by the t. and all the

125:0.3 Jesus had reverently heard of Jerusalem and its t.;

125:0.3 the t. had been all and more than Jesus had expected;

125:0.5 the t. and its various courts, galleries, and corridors.


125:1.2 courtesans parading about in this precinct of the t.,

125:1.2 This profanation of the t. fully aroused his youthful

125:1.3 Jesus admired the sentiment and service of the t.,

125:1.4 court beneath the rock ledge in front of the t.,

125:1.5 Jesus had had enough for his first visit at the t..

125:1.5 permitted to witness the daily sacrifices in the t.,

125:2.5 services at the t. were more acceptable to Jesus

125:2.5 Jesus discovered the various places about the t.

125:2.5 Jesus spent most of his time about the t. at these

125:3.1 Nazareth party should gather in the region of the t.

125:3.1 Jesus had gone into the t. to listen to discussions

125:3.1 absorbed in the discussion of angels, in the t.,


125:4.1 meantime, Jesus had remained in the t. throughout

125:4.2 next day Jesus was up and on his way to the t..

125:4.2 Early forenoon found him in the t. with his mind

125:4.3 forbidden and reputedly sacred precincts of the t.,

125:4.4 When this, Jesus’ second day in the t., was finished,


125:5.1 the scribes and teachers in the t. witnessed the

125:5.1 search for Jesus, going several times into the t. but

125:5.2 chief discussion group of the t. had become focused

125:5.6 Since the t. is dedicated to the worship of the Father

125:5.8 On this eventful afternoon in the t. he exhibited

125:5.9 brow of Olivet, but as he viewed the city and its t.,


125:6.2 Again Jesus journeyed to the t., but he did not pause

125:6.4 Thinking Zacharias might perhaps be at the t., they

125:6.4  As they strolled through the courts of the t., imagine

125:6.9 but I will return to cleanse yonder t. and deliver my

126:0.3 resentment of the presence in the Father’s t. of the

126:0.4 story of his exploits among the wise men of the t. in

127:3.3 he himself had experienced on his first visit to the t..

127:3.4 family, having brought the paschal lamb from the t..

127:3.5 as they paused on the brow of Olivet to view the t.

127:3.5 was insistent on their going back to visit the t.,

127:3.5 they went to the t. and heard the discussions, but

127:6.5 only pausing to look upon the t. and the gathering

127:6.5 had an increasing aversion to this Herod-built t.

128:1.14 Having taken James to the t. for consecration, Jesus

128:3.3 While Simon gave attendance at the t., Jesus spent

128:3.6 his life as the price of his attack upon the Jewish t.

128:5.3 the t. demolished, that not one stone would be left

128:6.3 decided to accompany Jude on his first visit to the t..

128:6.5 time and were on their way for a first visit to the t.,

128:6.6 They were not present in the t. at the ceremony of

130:2.1 was much impressed with the t. of Augustus,

130:3.4 the palace, t. of Neptune, theater, and gymnasium

132:0.2 he beheld this magnificent t. dedicated to Jupiter,

132:0.2 located the emperor’s residence, the t. of Apollo,

132:0.5 turning the chief Mithraic t. into the first Christian

133:6.1 made many trips out to the famous t. of Artemis of

133:6.1 crude idol exhibited in the enormous t. dedicated to

134:3.1 This structure was really a t. of the philosophy of

134:3.2 This t. of religion had been built by a wealthy citizen

134:3.6 on the faculty of this t. of religious philosophy.

134:6.16 was reopened as a Mithraic t. and eventually burned

135:0.4 Zacharias had only short periods of service at the t.

135:1.1 to Jerusalem, where, before the t., John completed

135:1.2 ever permitted to enter the holy of holies in the t..

135:6.4 into the fellowship of the outer court of the t., but

136:1.4 of the Divine Presence was not to be seen in the t..

136:8.5 He could ascend the pinnacle of the t. and before

137:6.2 A voice from the city, a voice from the t., a voice

140:5.7 praying in the t., one felt rich in spirit—egotistical;

141:6.4 not undertake to show men the beauties of the t.

141:6.4 until you have first taken them into the t..


142:1.1 Jesus or one of the apostles taught daily in the t..

142:1.7 Besides teaching in and about the t., the apostles

142:5.1 One of the great sermons that Jesus preached in the t

143:4.2 gave the Samaritans permission to build a t. on

143:4.2 Hyrcanus destroyed their t. on Mount Gerizim.

143:4.2 many meetings on the site of this old Samaritan t..

147:3.6 And they returned to the t. to join their companions,

156:4.2 the doors of the Melkarth t. were opened to him,

156:4.2 church was built on the very site of this ancient t..


157:4.5 rock of spiritual reality will I build the living t. of

157:4.7 this same Jesus has been building that living t. upon

157:4.7 are the human stones which constitute this living t.

162:1.2 on several occasions and publicly taught in the t..

162:1.8 when it was reported that he was teaching in the t..

162:2.1 The first afternoon that Jesus taught in the t.,

162:3.2 as Jesus approached the t., he was met by a group of

162:4.2 At night the impressive spectacle of the t. and its

162:4.4 One band remained at the t. to attend the morning

162:4.4 group formed a procession to march from the t.

162:4.4 the procession marched back to the t., entering by

162:6.3 That which you see going on about this t. is

162:7.1 Jesus again went into the t. to teach.

162:9.1 Jesus did not again teach in the t. during this visit to

164:3.1 as Jesus and his two apostles drew near the t.,

164:3.16 this Sabbath morning and in Jerusalem near the t.,

164:4.1 Josiah had raised such a discussion around the t.

164:5.2 rushed over to where they were still building the t.

164:5.3 he waited with them near the t. until Josiah came

167:5.1 illustrated by two men who went into the t. to pray

172:3.1 Bethany was about two miles from the t., and it

172:3.7 among the throngs of visiting pilgrims about the t.

172:3.14 the Sanhedrin, which was then in session at the t.,


172:4.1 their immediate associates and strolled about the t.

172:5.3 speak to the multitude when they arrived at the t.,

172:5.3 of the kingdom to that throng right there in the t.;

172:5.4 say a word to the people when they arrived at the t.

172:5.4 as to what would happen when they reached the t..

172:5.5 As the multitude moved on toward the t., and as

172:5.6 By the time they reached the t., he was perturbed

172:5.7 Nathaniel reasoned it out, before they reached the t.,

172:5.8 direction of the city and then drew on toward the t.,

172:5.8 when the Master arrived at the t. at the head of this

172:5.9 By the time they reached the t., Thomas had

172:5.11 during the time of quiet visitation about the t.,

173:0.1 strangely silent as they journeyed on toward the t.;

173:0.3 beautiful morning when these men arrived at the t..


173:1.1 and as interpreted by official inspectors of the t..

173:1.1 practice to purchase sacrificial animals at the t.,

173:1.2 This sale of animals in the t. prospered because,

173:1.2 a mob three years before the destruction of the t.

173:1.3 way in which the courts of the t. were profaned.

173:1.3 set up their exchange tables in the courts of the t..

173:1.5 was not alone in resenting this profanation of the t.;

173:1.7 cords and swiftly drove the animals from the t..

173:1.7 minutes all commerce had been swept from the t..

173:1.8 merchandisers had been ejected from the sacred t..

173:1.10 ever lifted a hand to further this cleansing of the t..

173:1.10 at the time of Jesus’ triumphal arrival at the t.

173:1.11 This cleansing of the t. discloses the Master’s

173:2.1 Today, this spectacular cleansing of the t. likewise

173:2.3 recent conduct in clearing the t. of all commerce.

173:2.4 The rulers of the t. came before Jesus at this

173:2.8 the cleansing of the t. had brought the Sadducees

173:5.4 “Destroy this t., and in three days I will raise it up.

173:5.4 “Almost fifty years has this t. been in building,

173:5.5 indicated that he desired to leave the t. and to go to

173:5.6 While the dramatic cleansing of the t. during the


174:2.1 designated to be on hand the next morning in the t.

174:5.5 in faithful attendance upon Jesus’ teaching in the t..

174:5.13 we go back to the t. and I speak farewell words to

174:5.14 over the narrow streets of Jerusalem back to the t..

174:5.14 that this was to be his farewell discourse in the t.,


175:0.1 arrived at the t. and began the delivery of his last

175:0.2 had not dared again to enter the t. since Jesus and

175:1.9 and take profit from the services of the sacred t..

175:1.16 since you teach that a man may swear by the t.

175:1.16 who swears by the gold in the t. must remain bound.

175:1.16 or the t. which has supposedly sanctified the gold?

175:1.24 say that you will no more see me teaching in the t..

175:1.25 Master beckoned his followers to depart from the t..

175:3.1 he had made in the t. only a few hours before,

175:3.3 not return that day (Wednesday) to teach in the t.,

175:4.1 At the conclusion of Jesus’ last discourse in the t.,

175:4.1 Judas had returned to the t., so that all twelve heard

175:4.1 heard this latter half of Jesus’ last discourse in the t..

175:4.1 he left the t. in company with the twelve, went

175:4.6 the cleansing of the t. affected their pocketbooks.

175:4.12 bitter denunciation which Jesus delivered in the t.

176:0.1 as Jesus and the apostles passed out of the t.

176:0.1 Matthew, calling attention to the t. construction,

176:0.1 Jesus: “You see these stones and this massive t.;

176:0.1 remarks depicting the destruction of the sacred t.

176:0.1 which would occasion the destruction of the t..

176:0.2 observed the t., glorified by the rays of the setting

176:0.2 appear and beheld the beauty of the illuminated t.;

176:1.4 inquired: “But, Master, if the Holy City and the t.

176:1.6 destruction of the t. with the “end of the world.”

176:4.2 leveled the walls of Jerusalem, destroyed the t.,

177:3.7 True, the day before, when he left the t., he had

177:5.2 deceived by the great crowds who heard us in the t.

180:2.3 attached vine decorated the entrance to Herod’s t..

183:2.3 asked the captain of the guard to return to the t..

183:2.4 when Judas Iscariot started out from the t.,

183:3.4 this armed band had heard Jesus teach in the t.,

183:3.8 I was daily with you in the t., publicly teaching the

184:0.1 of the offering of the morning sacrifice in the t.,

184:1.3 in driving the commercial traders out of the t..

184:1.6 taught in the synagogues and many times in the t.,

184:2.6 my sister here has seen you in the t. with this man.

184:3.2 the usual place, the chamber of hewn stone in the t..

184:3.7 he would “destroy this t. made with hands and in

184:3.7 and in three days make another t. without hands.”

184:3.9 argued that this threat of Jesus to destroy the t. was

184:3.11 he advocated laying violent hands on the sacred t.,

184:3.12 magic inasmuch as Jesus promised to build a new t.,

184:5.6 regarding Jesus’ statement about destroying the t.

185:3.1 his apostles paid taxes both to Caesar and to the t..

185:5.5 the money-changers and the traders out of the t.,

186:1.1 meeting place in the hall of hewn stone in the t..

186:1.3 Judas walked away from the t. in a trance.

186:1.4 and upon sight of this he rushed back to the t. and,

186:1.6 When the betrayer left the t., he was almost beside

186:3.1 burning the camp and then hastened back to the t..

186:4.5 speak in the t. and many months before at the Pella

186:5.1 the sacrificing of the Passover lambs in the t..

187:0.4 they busied themselves with their meeting in the t.,

187:3.3 “You who would destroy the t. and build it again

188:2.3 They went back to the t., secured ten of their own

189:2.4 back to report these doings to their captain at the t.

191:0.3 kept them in touch with developments about the t.

194:0.2 that they go to the t. and begin the proclamation of

194:1.1 their weeks of seclusion to appear boldly in the t.,

194:1.2 place where his Master had last taught in this t.,

194:4.3 continued steadfastly and with one accord in the t.

temple of the Father or Father’s temple

47:9.2 You find the F. on this world of transitional culture,

66:3.4 Centermost in the city was the t of the unseen Father

66:3.4 in twelve chambers grouped about the t. itself.

66:3.5 which were two stories, and the central t. of all,

66:4.13 this tree grew in the central courtyard of the t.,

67:5.5 renegades who had converted the F. into a shrine

73:5.1 of the Edenic peninsula was the exquisite stone t.,

73:6.5 growing in the central circular courtyard of the F..

73:6.6 in a circular courtyard of another t. to the Father.

73:6.7 the t. and the tree were both destroyed by fire;

73:6.7 This was the second t. of the Father to perish.

74:0.1 face of the revolving planet in the vicinity of the t..

74:2.1 when they awakened in the F. on Urantia in the

74:2.5 reception on the great mound to the north of the t..

74:4.1 strange things transpiring in the vicinity of the F.

74:4.2 the proposal to bring the noble pair up to the F. at

74:4.4 birds were swiftly winging to bring them to the t.,

74:4.4 such things, transported Adam and Eve to the F..

74:4.5 pointed to the F. and said: “Go you now to the

74:4.5 while the people prostrated themselves about the t.

74:4.6 day was devoted to the noontide assembly at the t.;

126:0.3 righteous resentment of the presence in the F. of

templeadjective; see temple tax; see court(s); guards

70:7.18 as an offering for the support of the t. service.

70:10.6 of holy water and sweepings from the t. floor.

87:6.15 reversions of a sex nature, such as t. prostitution.

89:7.5 T. harlotry eventually spread throughout southern

89:7.5 The money earned by the t. prostitutes was held

89:7.5 The highest types of women thronged the t. sex

89:8.1 Sacrificial redemption and t. prostitution were in

89:8.1 and was a moral reaction to the older t. harlotry.

89:8.1 dedicated to the service of tending the sacred t. fires.

90:4.4 In later times the resort to t. sleep, during which

90:4.4 essayed actual surgery in connection with t. slumber;

90:5.4 singers, guardians of religious relics, t. custodians,

95:1.6 attack upon the prevalent practices of t. harlotry.

121:2.6 centralization of the Jewish t. worship at Jerusalem

121:2.6 The t. service at Jerusalem represented the survival

125:0.1 by the experience of attending the t. discussions

125:0.4 Jesus passed through the t. precincts on his way to

125:0.4 disappointed by the demeanor of the t. throngs,

125:0.5 The t. precincts could accommodate over two

125:0.5 of the spiritual significance of the t. ceremonies and

125:0.6 Though many of the t. rituals very touchingly

125:0.6 these questions, after the conclusion of the t. visit,

125:1.1 Jesus deemed the conduct of the t. throngs to be

125:1.5 how his son had sickened at the sight of the t. rites

125:1.5 three times a year to participate in the t. worship:

125:2.1 numbers that had so affected Jesus on his t. visit.

125:2.8 for admission to the outer circle of the t. discussions,

125:3.1 the noontime adjournment of the t. conferences.

125:4.3 he participated in the t. discussions but always in a

125:4.3 that the majority of the t. teachers were disposed

125:4.3 undisturbed as a pupil of the t. discussions.

125:5.4 in Israel be segregated from the male t. worshipers?

125:6.4 the lad and beheld him seated among the t. teachers.

127:3.5 The next day they attended the t. services,

129:2.6 greater part of his time listening to the t. discussions

134:8.6 not to do with food, t. pinnacles, or presumptuous

135:0.5 received a regular allowance from the t. funds

135:2.3 the priest’s allowance due him from the t. funds,

136:8.5 He could ascend the pinnacle of the t. and before

141:3.6 the t. merchants would hardly have fled before Jesus

142:1.1 were too great to find entrance to the t. teaching,

143:4.2 much after the order of the t. services at Jerusalem.

147:3.1 apostles were about to participate in the t. services,

157:1.1 half shekel for the support of the t. services at


162:4.2 the occasion of the reception of the t. offerings;

162:7.6 quickly made his way through the t. corridors

164:4.1 to convene the council in its usual t. meeting place.

164:5.1 Sanhedrin was in progress in the t. chambers,

164:5.3 but he passed out through the t. precincts;

172:3.10 brow of Olivet, where the city and the t. towers

173:1.1 with the services and ceremonies of the t. worship.

173:1.1 supposedly perfect animal rejected by t. examiners.

173:1.1 to buy these animals directly from the t. pens.

173:1.1 Part of these gains was reserved for the t. treasury,

173:1.2 begun to establish their bazaars in the t. precincts,

173:1.3 which was carried on right within the t. precincts.

173:1.3 it had become the practice to require the t. dues of

173:1.3 all other t. fees to be paid with this Jewish coin.

173:1.3 The t. head tax, payable by all except women,

173:1.3 had been exempted from the payment of t. dues.

173:1.3 proper money to meet the t. dues after they had

173:1.3 set up their exchange tables in the courts of the t..

173:1.3 Likewise did these t. bankers profit from the

173:1.4 These t. money-changers not only conducted a

173:1.4 Both the t. treasury and the temple rulers profited

173:1.4 Both the temple treasury and the t. rulers profited

173:1.4 It was not uncommon for the t. treasury to hold

173:2.3 It was altogether proper that the t. rulers and the

173:2.3 was supposed to go directly into the t. treasury.


175:4.6 His zeal for t. reform struck directly at their revenues

184:1.1 Annas, enriched by the t. revenues, his son-in-law

184:3.7 in the course of one of his t. discourses that he

185:1.5 that he dared to take money from the t. treasury to

185:1.5 that only the Sanhedrin could disburse the t. funds

185:1.6 where he claimed the t. vessels were buried;

186:1.1 marched with his men back to their t. headquarters

186:1.6 the bag and threw them broadcast over the t. floor.

187:1.10 was on his way to the t. services in the city when

temple tax

126:5.5 the synagogue assessments and the t. tax of one-half


157:1.1 t. collector came upon them and, recognizing Jesus

157:1.1 and said: “Does not your Master pay the t. tax?”

157:1.1 replied: “Why of course the Master pays the t. tax.

157:1.3 by the messenger of David, to meet the t. tax for

157:1.4 and Peter so soon appearing with the t. tax,

173:1.3 The t. head tax, payable by all except women,


1:4.2 The physical bodies of mortals are “the t. of God.”

1:4.2 dwells within them; their bodies are the t. thereof.

44:3.5 —the architects of the spirit and the morontia t..

44:3.5 All the worlds of mortal ascent have t. of worship,

44:3.9 You would be unable to see these t. could you be

46:5.27 The center of these 619 t. is occupied by a working

48:2.17 Here in those unique t. at the center of the seventy

55:1.3 Although the planetary t. have been spoken of as

55:1.6 On presettled worlds, planets without morontia t.,

55:5.5 The t. of worship with their associated schools of

69:6.5 The fires of the t. and shrines were sacred and were

72:3.5 religious instruction is given publicly only in the t.

72:8.4 These schools are affiliated with the t. of philosophy

77:4.7 a full-grown and superior culture, embracing t.,

80:9.13 time of the building of the circular and roofless sun t.

86:6.7 that long waste of human effort upon tombs, t.,

88:2.3 The shrines and t. were at first fetish places because

89:7.5 their dowries by temporary sex service in the t.,

92:1.3 rites, symbols, cults, scriptures, altars, shrines, and t..

94:11.1 This new synthetic religion with its t. of worship and

94:11.3 an indefinite perpetuation of Buddha images, t.,

95:1.10 psalms from Babylon were not written in the t. of

98:3.2 the Etruscan priesthood with its t. and new galaxy of

98:3.4 The Latin peoples maintained t., altars, and shrines

98:3.7 a firm hold on the emperor that he built many t.,

98:5.5 were admitted to the t. of the Great Mother,

98:5.5 the Great Mother, which adjoined the Mithraic t..

121:2.9 Herod proceeded to build t. for many strange gods.

123:5.12 Decapolis, with amphitheaters and pretentious t..

143:2.4 you become in reality the t. of God, and his spirit


195:7.20 music expresses the t. of the emotions.


1:4.5 that exists between the t. and the eternal, the finite

4:2.4 perfect and the partial, of both the eternal and the t..

27:1.3 traverse the innermost margins of the t. and spatial

89:10.4 meanings of human existence changed from the t. to

103:7.2 transmuting the potentials of man the t. into the

130:4.11 the scheme of progressing from the partial and t.

165:4.7 But Jesus did teach that the material and t. must be

170:5.2 spiritual—the t. as the time shadow of the eternal.

170:5.16 augmented by Philo’s doctrine of the t. contrasted


100:6.5 The religionist’s detachment from much that is t. and

temporal action

114:7.1 soon as men and women appear on the stage of t.

temporal affairs

165:4.4 Jesus never meddled with the t. of even his apostles,

181:2.17 release you from responsibility as regards these t..

temporal afflictions

188:5.12 Creator does not know the nature or extent of his t..

temporal age

135:7.1 a spiritual kingdom and the end of the t. on earth,

temporal attachment

114:7.2 chief of seraphim confirms their t. to the seraphic

temporal builder

133:4.6 Do not let your achievement as a t. outrun your

temporal choices

110:1.4 in the determination of your significant t. and vital

temporal citizen

178:1.13 let him render such service as a t. of such a

temporal civilization

94:6.10 that the true pattern of t. is the mirror reflection of

temporal compromise

109:5.4 adept in the art of a continuous human t. while he

temporal conditions

100:1.6 But these t. do not inhibit inner spiritual progress by

temporal consequences

50:6.5 Michael on Urantia did not set aside the t. of these

temporal consideration

136:8.8 his Father’s will above every other earthly and t..

temporal contradictions

196:0.3 In the very face of all the t. of mortal existence,

temporal creations

100:2.8 but the redirecting cataclysms which wreck one’s t.

temporal creature

108:0.1 transforming the human nature of the t. into the

118:3.4 the factual experience of the finite and t. eventuates

130:4.14 which is held by the t. and limited creature mind is,

temporal currents

102:2.3 stress of the vicissitudes inherent in the t. of time;

temporal danger

110:6.4 imparted with a minimum of t. or risk to the real

temporal decisions

111:1.5 —will faithfully portray the harvest of the t. which

130:2.9 occupied with passing only upon t. having to do with

temporal deliverer

122:5.10 held to the idea of the Messiah as a t. and political

172:3.4 and successor of David, a bold and aggressive t. of

176:4.2 that their Master was not going to function as a t.,

temporal difficulties

111:7.3 while you wrestle with the t. of creature existence?

temporal disappointments

26:10.2 loving ministrators to the children of time and t..

temporal dispensations

49:5.21 This classification recognizes the succession of t. as

temporal duty

178:1.8 sincere devotion to one’s t. should help to make

181:2.10 the simultaneous recognition of t. to civil powers

temporal efforts

160:4.10 may expect to be well rewarded for their t..

temporal elements

34:3.2 of the Infinite Spirit must often reckon with t.,

temporal enterprise

160:4.16 though the whole t.-life enterprise may appear as an

temporal events

130:7.4 Time is the stream of flowing t. perceived by

130:7.4 which can transcend the material sequence of t..

temporal everlastingness

118:1.1 In the evolutionary universes eternity is t.

temporal exaltation

136:1.3 restoration of Jewish national glory—Israel’s t.

temporal exhibitions

167:4.2 wonders or to the enactment of t. of political power

temporal existence

25:2.12 do not deal with questions extending beyond the t.

39:4.15 his native planet during the dispensation of his t.,

65:8.3 To those of us whose life span is not limited by a t.,

100:4.2 subsisting upon the nonspiritual energies of t..

101:10.8 against the inexorable doom of the termination of t.;

118:1.3 the intellect measures and evaluates the facts of t..

147:3.3 handicaps of the imperfect conditions of your t..

160:2.7 to unite these views of t. and eternal prospects.

temporal fathers

142:7.12 T. like to leave an inheritance for their sons.

162:7.3 the things which they have learned only from their t..

temporal form

32:5.5 sectors of time are like the flashes of personality in t.

temporal fortune

87:4.6 the vicissitudes of t. only by postulating two kinds

temporal fulcrums

92:5.7 that these teachers were the t. personality fulcrums

temporal goal(s)

52:7.5 The golden age is coming on apace; the t. of the

87:7.7 provide supreme goals of living which are both t. and

94:8.8 of pinning all hope and aspirations entirely on t.

temporal governments

170:0.1 from all connection with earthly kingdoms and t.,

temporal guardians

123:4.6 It was not chargeable to neglect by the midway t.,

temporal guardianship

121:0.1 were partially recorded by the subject of my t..

temporal ideality

83:8.6 Marriage still is man’s supreme dream of t..

temporal identity

5:6.7 The material self has personality and identity, t.;

107:6.2 to spiritize you in the hope of eternalizing your t..

temporal inequalities

116:0.1 then would the inconsistencies of t. cease to be

temporal institution(s)

100:2.6 benefited by loyalty to human associations and t.;

140:8.14 He called attention to the fact that the family is a t.

temporal issues

99:7.4 Man can never wisely decide t. or transcend the

temporal king

170:0.1 The idea of a t. was too deep-rooted in the Jewish

temporal kingdom(s)

122:10.1 declared that his kingdom was to be spiritual, not t.

158:6.2 —the t. which you persist in contemplating.

171:0.2 Jerusalem to inaugurate the t. of Jewish supremacy.

171:4.3 were so blinded by their persistent belief in the t. on

178:2.1 relations with many and successive t. on earth.

temporal liberty

118:7.4 Sin in time-conditioned space clearly proves the t.

temporal lifesee also temporal lives

40:5.13 During t. these Adjusters do everything for their

40:5.17 being greatest in the t. and tending to diminish as

48:6.1 from the t. in the flesh on into the early stages of

49:6.11 But t. on the evolutionary worlds is uncertain,

102:2.3 Believers react to this t. as if immortality already

109:0.1 are not so much concerned with the affairs of t.

109:3.5 more actual contact with their subjects during the t.

111:0.2 is destined to endure beyond the short span of t..

120:2.6 In your t. the will of the finite creature and the will

133:4.12 to do the thing which is about to cost you your t..

148:6.2 health, and everything else that men value in this t..

160:4.2 The essentials of the t., as I see them, are: 1. Good

160:4.10 the material rewards of the t. are found to flow in

160:4.16 though the whole t.-life enterprise may appear as

165:5.2 be not anxious or worried about the things of the t.

176:3.2 Having lived the t. by faith and having yielded the

temporal lifetimes

109:3.1 Some Adjusters are merely loaned for the t. of their

temporal limitations

111:2.10 does the mortal reality of the self transcend the t.

temporal lives

98:7.12 they live their intriguing t. on the whirling planets

temporal living

111:0.6 guide the mortal soul into the better paths of t. but

160:4.1 you must make provision for the necessities of t..

160:4.1 The two major problems of life are: making a t.

temporal man

103:7.2 transmuting the potentials of man the t. into the

temporal matter(s)

142:7.17 These t. are the concern of the men of this world,

181:2.16 In no other t. have I acted to direct or to influence

181:2.18 in all matters t. and spiritual, do your utmost to

temporal mind

130:4.14 which is held by the t. and limited creature mind is,

temporal needs

136:6.8 Jesus came not to minister to t. only; he came to

temporal objective

99:7.2 a goal beyond and above the immediate and t..

100:5.2 from the t. to the eternal, from the bondage of fear

temporal order

159:1.3 to your hands that you should maintain t. in the

temporal personality

92:5.7 a fact that these teachers were the t. fulcrums on

101:10.3 a t. doomed to be extinguished upon the exhaustion

temporal possessions

163:2.6 for Jesus’ requiring him to part with all of his t..

temporal power

136:9.9 he refused to grasp t. as the prelude to spiritual glory

136:9.11 message by a show of political authority or t..

140:8.1 and the re-establishment of Israel as a t. on earth.

178:1.6 you should not employ t. in the furtherance of the

temporal prince

125:5.7 5. Is the expected Messiah to become a t. to sit on

temporal progress

4:1.2 in opposition to true human progress, either t. or

87:7.9 worth while to the progress of mankind, both t.

temporal prosperity

148:6.2 such possessions and t. do not indicate God’s favor.

temporal purpose

54:2.3 this onetime Sovereign of your system set the t. of

temporal relation

117:4.8 The t. of man to the Supreme is the foundation for

temporal rule

93:6.1 Abraham to abandon his scheme of t. in favor of the

171:8.3 As this king was rejected in the t., so is the Son of

temporal ruler(s)

85:6.5 the worship of man by man reached its height when t

178:1.6 You may not worship your t., and you should not

181:2.10 unless the t. presume to require the homage

temporal securities

100:2.7 T. are vulnerable; spiritual sureties are impregnable.

temporal sense

117:4.8 This is a morality which transcends the t. of relative

temporal significance

111:5.5 choosing raises the creature will from the level of t.

temporal sojourn

5:5.7 even in the days of his t. on earth: 1. Intellectually

temporal spirit

103:7.12 Religion assumes to deal not only with finite and t.

temporal struggle

118:1.10 and participate in, every t. with the problems of the

temporal sufferings

148:6.11 Man can, and will, do much to lessen his t..

temporal sun

102:0.1 is man’s only reward for toiling under the t. of

temporal things

111:6.2 he is triumphant over nature and over all things t.

111:6.8 powers wholly transcendent to all things t. and finite.

125:2.7 Martha, and Mary heard Jesus discuss things t.

157:4.5 outward kingdom—the authority over things t.

temporal throne

185:3.6 who aspired to establish himself on the t. of Israel.

temporal tranquillity

101:6.8 and love as to provide t., intellectual certainty, moral

temporal troubles

111:6.1 Many of the t. of man grow out of his twofold

temporal upheavals

176:3.2 are not to be disturbed by t. or perturbed by

temporal vicissitudes

77:9.9 is relatively immune to those t. which beset human

temporal volition

118:6.6 T. is linked to time, and it must await the passing of

temporal welfare

110:1.3 they are deeply interested in your t. and in your real

110:1.4 The Adjuster, while passive regarding purely t., is

159:1.3 the issues of conduct as they concern the t. of the

temporal wisdom

20:9.2 spiritual counterparts of material knowledge and t..

temporal world

101:9.9 man’s escape from the material limitations of the t.

102:3.2 causes religion to appear as a function of the t.,


15:2.25 constantly evolving while other organizations are t.

22:1.13 have never gone astray; they may stumble t., but

22:8.3 as regards classification they are often t. numbered

23:2.18 are acting t. in liaison with Constellation Fathers,

25:8.7 if for any reason you should be t. separated from

25:8.11 If one attains God while the other t. fails,

26:10.2 I have observed that they t. return to the services

28:5.14 the more lonely you become when t. without the

30:4.31 may be t. attached to this finality corps, but

31:3.2 At present they reside on Paradise and t. serve in the

32:5.9 [Presented by a Mighty Messenger t. attached to the

34:7.9 [Presented by a Mighty Messenger t. assigned to

35:2.8 Such an error of judgment t. disqualifies a

37:3.5 Son to an inhabited world, being t. assigned to him

37:4.1 who are t. assigned as central and superuniverse

37:4.5 it becomes wise to withhold certain details, t.,

38:1.2 the seraphim on duty in Nebadon were t. loaned by

38:7.4 of a seraphic pair, but they never function, even t.,

40:10.15 [Presented by a Mighty Messenger t. attached to the

43:3.6 but t., Urantia is closely related to the constellation

44:8.1 When thus assigned, these artisans t. work under the

45:4.20 They are t. filled by the unanimous consent of the

45:4.21 Numbers 21, 22, 23, and 24 are likewise t. filled

46:5.18 those assigned mortals who may be t. functioning on

49:1.7 Sometimes evolutionary progress is t. delayed by

50:3.2 these morontia progressors t. revert to a former state

52:7.17 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger t. attached to

55:3.18 their own petition, are t. exempted from translation

55:12.6 [Presented by a Mighty Messenger t. assigned to the

59:1.5 The crust of the earth was t. stabilized; mountains,

59:6.8 America was t. isolated, cut off from Europe, Asia,

60:2.8 corals and crinoids t. appeared in larger numbers

67:4.5 they were t. detached from their Thought Adjusters.

67:8.4 the loss of this son and his misled associates has t.

70:2.1 these certain war advantages was that society was t.

72:5.11 public works where the t. unemployed are absorbed,

83:7.5 caused the marriage institution to become t. unstable

86:5.10 the soul during sleep while t. absent from the body

97:9.25 When the Babylonian army t. withdrew, the Hebrews

109:2.6 during human sleep, has been t. detached from the

109:2.10 very rarely, even t., leave their mortal tabernacles

112:3.7 Upon death the Adjuster t. loses personality, but

112:3.7 human subject t. loses identity, but not personality;

115:7.9 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger t. sojourning

116:7.7 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger t. sojourning

117:7.18 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger t. sojourning on

118:10.24 [Sponsored by a Mighty Messenger t. sojourning

127:6.12 plans are thwarted and his purposes t. defeated.

134:5.9 War, when an unfortunate retrograde movement t.

139:2.7 t. withdrawing from the gentiles only to bring down

141:3.3 to come to some sort of agreement, at least t..

148:3.3 Jesus had released Peter, James, and John t. from


1:4.3 when your course has been run in t. form on earth,

18:6.7 In the event of the t. absence of a Creator Son from

22:10.4 the chief of their order on Uversa for t. assignment

25:4.11 of permanent status, two may be of t. association.

25:8.2 this t. service of Paradise companionship is the

25:8.5 t. companions will be designated to welcome you

31:1.3 The corps is organized f