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58:2.1 annual light bill would be upward of 800 q. dollars


60:3.20 new grass-eating dinosaurs was a true q. having


43:8.11 technique; they more nearly q. their attainment and


68:5.10 Agriculture more than q. the land-man ratio of the


70:10.6 If any woman could q. this filthy draught and not


61:2.12 buzzards, falcons, eagles, owls, q., and ostriches.


96:4.5 of a furnace, and the whole mountain q. greatly.”


0:11.7 and character of this Absolute without universe q..

2:1.6 The Father is absolutely and without q. infinite in all

4:2.6 Nature, on your world, is a q. of the laws of

7:7.1 wholly and without spiritual q. one with the Father.

8:2.1 wholly and without q. one with the Father and Son.

9:1.5 perfectly and without q. shares the omnipresence

9:2.1 is spirit; in his Son he appears as spirit without q.;

20:8.3 conduct all tests for the q. and certification of all

82:3.5 tribes required feats of stealing as a q. for marriage;

90:1.2 abnormality constituted q. for being a medicine man.

105:1.4 No q. can be applied to the Infinite except to state

105:5.2 reality connotes a q. of absoluteness and implies the

105:7.3 an eventuation of new Deity realities, the q. of new

106:1.1 a constitutive superuniverse q. which is not found

106:7.7 a condition of q. within the relative absoluteness of

114:2.1 Q. for membership on this commission is

115:6.8 a q. of the three Absolute potentials of outer space;


6:5.1 But these q. do not in any manner otherwise limit the

22:4.5 In addition to these experiential q., the Trinitized

33:2.4 no other beings in the universes possess such q. for

45:7.7 compute the mota status and assign suffrage q. in

72:3.3 to the home of those displaying the best parental q..

82:3.7 The q. of a wife were the ability to perform hard

106:9.4 of the q. and imperfections of reality in the cosmos.

108:1.3 The Adjuster is particularly interested in three q. of

115:1.3 Absonites and finites are derivatives, q., and

115:3.1 to place q. upon infinity and to attenuate the pure

115:7.1 only by having become subject to experiential q.

115:7.4 the finite q. of the natures of the Absolute Actual

133:0.3 into many classes in accordance with differing q.

139:12.7 there are no restrictions or q. save the faith of the

qualifiedcompetent or fit

11:1.3 the time and means of passage, were spiritually q.,

15:9.18 we are desirous of seeing your universe q. for full

18:0.1 they are q. to serve with perfection of technique and

22:4.3 they are especially q. to sit in judgment and render

22:6.2 and are best q. to assist the superuniverse rulers in

25:2.6 and best q. to act as judicial head of the group.

25:2.8 The conciliator q. by inherent nature to make contact

26:4.10 your tutors are especially q. to understand, comfort,

27:7.8 are q. for admission to the Corps of the Finality.

37:6.1 they are all volunteers who have q. by experience to

37:6.4 you are provided with teachers q. to instruct you in

37:6.6 At last you are q. to enjoy the unified urge of a mind

39:1.17 other angels have q. for their positions of trust by

39:3.3 This service they are well q. to perform by virtue of

39:8.5 and be q. for assignment to the eternal spheres of

39:8.6 all orders of seraphim who have q. for this service.

51:5.2 that those who have q. as belonging to the superior

55:3.13 presided over by one of the following groups of q.

55:3.20 commissions of three properly q. citizens who are

70:12.5 should select only those who are q. intellectually and

76:6.2 the sleeping survivors and of the living q. ascenders

104:3.3 total infinitude must be so segmented and q. that the

109:3.8 has become better q. for a subsequent assignment to

113:2.7 one hundred q. seraphim sought the assignment.

113:2.7 they selected a certain pair of equally q. seraphim;

120:0.3 where he would become q. to rule his universe and

124:6.1 was q. to proceed to Jerusalem with his parents to

158:2.5 that none of the twelve were spiritually q. for this

173:2.3 q. him to act as judge, “binding and loosing matters

192:2.7 heavy burdens upon him which he is not q. to bear

qualifiedlimited or modifiedsee Qualified Absolute;

     Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate

0:4.11 Paradise, properly q., may connote any and all forms

0:4.12 The Isle of Paradise—Paradise not otherwise q.

0:11.15 The two Absolutes—q. and unqualified—while so

2:7.12 of love conditioned by wisdom and q. by loyalty.

4:2.1 The conduct, or action, of God is q. and modified

4:2.3 this nature is modified, q., and perchance marred by

4:2.6 worship nature because it is in a limited, q. sense

10:5.5 are representative of the Trinity, but in a q. sense

10:8.2 The Ultimate is a q. manifestation of the Trinity

11:9.4 which is nonpersonal “Deity” unless somehow q..

16:8.3 personality is further conditioned and q. by the

105:2.9 5. The Infinite Potential. I AM self-q..

105:3.6 the absolutizer of the q.—the destiny inceptor.

105:5.4 the Father’s will could ever have so q. the absolute

105:5.5 With the appearance of relative and q. reality there

106:4.1 but functions in this respect as a self-q. absolute;

106:6.4 function can achieve total expression on a q., limited,

106:8.19 is difficult to form, a q. concept is not so difficult.

107:4.2 They are q. as to universality but not as to nature;

107:4.2 we denominate the divine gifts as the q. absolute

112:7.1 memory, and a phase of q. potential absoluteness.

115:3.14 as he is conditioned and q. in the Supreme.

115:4.3 things ranging from the lowest and most q. finite

115:4.6 The act of maturing the q. possibilities of the three

117:6.7 a self q. to represent both the Father and Mother of

117:7.4 and yet the Trinity Ultimate is even now a q. reality,

130:4.1 Jesus gave q. approval of some of the Greek

Qualified Absolute

0:3.18 6. The two Absolutes—Q. and Unqualified—are

0:10.1 we have at no time been informed that the Q. is

0:11.6 This is the Q. in contradistinction to the Unqualified

0:11.15 The Absolute. The two Absolutes—q. and unqualified

Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate

15:10.21 Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme, the Q.,

30:1.16 The Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate.

106:4.3 you have been informed of the existence of the Q.,

117:7.4 you have been informed of the existence of the Q..


117:7.3 even now q. exercise the sovereignty of supremacy


105:2.8 In this relationship, all q. and unqualified are


103:6.6 ever-present conditioner and q. of the sum total of

105:3.6 The Deity Absolute is the purposive q. of unqualified

105:3.6 The Deity Absolute is the q. of the absolute and the


104:3.4 variables, modifiers, attenuators, q., or diminishers.


9:6.3 mind even in impersonal beings q. them to think

15:11.3 which q. them to consort with the personalities of

34:5.7 q. such a mortal consciously to realize the faith-fact

117:3.8 evolution of the Supreme q. him to assume that

117:6.21 that maximum universe maturity which q. them to

118:8.10 Man even q. himself for the restraining garments of

119:4.2 This unregistered seraphim q. as of the Nebadon


19:6.3 so q. for membership in the Corps of the Finality.

22:2.4 And the last group of this order to q. on Paradise

31:3.2 universe discipline must be designed to q. them for

33:2.4 creature-bestowal experiences of the Michaels q.

37:6.2 Every possible provision is made to q. the various

45:7.3 their supreme effort to q. the mortal survivors for

47:1.4 q. by service in the homes of the Material Sons on

51:5.4 while the world races increasingly strive to q. for

72:5.10 school, where he seeks to q. for public service.

90:1.4 hardship and self-denial to q. as a medicine man.

91:9.2 1. You must q. as a potent prayer by sincerely and

108:2.2 q. the human mind for the reception of an Adjuster.

116:2.3 Paradise Deity attenuate and otherwise q. the extra-

121:8.14 would q. me to restate his matchless teachings in the

161:1.11 if you will permit me to q. my confession of such

178:1.13 If the unbeliever can q. as a superior civil servant,

179:3.4 proved that Jesus would never q. as Israel’s deliverer


83:7.9 practices of q. young men and women for mating.

186:2.8 With but little q. explanation he accepted the

194:3.5 This spirit was bestowed for the purpose of q.


7:1.3 spiritual gravity in accordance with their q. value,

7:1.4 the q. spiritual status of an individual or a world.

7:1.8 the degree of actuality (the q. degree of reality) of

12:3.12 we cannot measure either q. or quantitative realities

12:8.5 is the q. measure of the living energy of divinity.

16:8.3 the Adjuster does augment the q. manifestation of

19:5.5 he is conscious of a q. indication of such a divine

19:5.6 he is aware of a q. excitation in his detection-

19:5.6 is no quantitative excitation, only a q. agitation.

26:5.4 This course of achievement is quantitative, q.,

29:4.37 that register time in addition to quantitative and q.

36:5.3 these central lodgments record only a q. function.

106:6.4 would be unlimited, at least from a q. standpoint,

109:4.2 augment the q. manifestations of human personality;

110:6.18 But the q. status of this immortal soul is wholly

112:0.8 6. It discloses only q. response to the personality

112:0.8 three energies which show both q. and quantitative

112:6.9 soul faithfully reflects both the q and the quantitative

118:0.11 domain of mathematics is beset with q. limitations,

133:5.4 to correlate these quantitative and q. observations.

133:5.8 quantitative fact and the q. value have a common

195:6.5 Science is a quantitative experience, religion a q.


12:6.5 Q., the universe is not highly predictable as regards

12:9.3 new and q. superadditive substance—liquid water.

39:2.1 in any sense q. superior to other orders of angels,

58:3.2 is modified q. and quantitatively by fluctuations of

117:1.4 and the will of the creature are q. different, but they


0:5.6 These q. of universal reality are manifest in human

1:4.5 that creature’s capacity to spiritually grasp the q. of

2:4.3 attributes and the infinite q. of his eternal nature.

2:7.10 supreme q. of the Eternal become co-ordinated

3:4.7 Finite appreciation of infinite q. far transcends the

3:5.17 truth, but they know nothing of its soul-saving q..

4:4.3 his acts are conditioned only by those divine q.

5:5.5 very different q. of religion, one evolutional and

5:5.14 the production of his immortal soul of survival q. if

6:2.5 these q. the Son reveals in his personal management

7:7.2 spirit q. of the father personality of the First Source

10:2.2 the eternal partners conjointly bestow those q. and

11:2.10 because the universe of universes discloses these q..

11:8.6 will exhibit the so-called negative and positive q..

12:7.10 q. of the whole in contradistinction to q. of the part.

16:6.9 q. of courageous and independent cosmic thinking.

16:8.3 qualified by the nature and q. of the associated

16:9.2 the unification value of these three cosmic q. in the

16:9.2 inception the soul is real; it has cosmic survival q..

16:9.3 Such persisting q. of personality are deprived of

21:2.9 taking on the personal q. of the Mother Spirit

21:3.5 a Creator Son before the acquirement of personal q.

28:5.1 Identical q. are exhibited by all three groups in their

28:6.21 reflecting other q. of divinity, the superuniverse

33:3.1 acquiring full personality q. by the technique of

34:2.1 Spirit becomes so augmented in personal q. as to

36:5.17 has no survival q. apart from spirit identification.

42:12.1 superior, creative, and purposive q. of man’s mind

44:7.4 These q. are perfectly and absolutely unified in God.

52:5.9 through the high resistant q. of the Adamic strains

52:6.6 enduring q. which insure planetary group survival.

55:6.3 q. of a social, philosophic, cosmic, and spiritual

56:10.17 But love, the sum total of these three q., is man’s

56:10.19 They manifest their q. through the Spirit and his

57:1.6 the inherent q. of energy insure the progressive

68:0.2 The superior q. of civilization—scientific, religious,

77:2.2 embodying the combined q. of their special order

77:2.4 characterized not only physical and intellectual q.

78:5.6 and added desirable q. to the later Chinese stocks.

84:8.4 enhance the survival q. of succeeding generations.

86:5.13 its q. could be imparted or transferred by the breath.

94:3.2 only by the successive negation of all finite q..

96:3.1 Moses possessed q. derived from superior racial

97:10.5 in philosophy and almost devoid of aesthetic q.

97:10.6 and to the spiritual understanding of these divine q..

100:2.4 proportional to elimination of the selfish q. of love.

100:6.3 the religious impulse embrace the q. of nobility and

100:7.8 they differed in innate endowments and acquired q..

102:4.2 discovery of the external q. of contacted reality.

104:2.2 philosophy tends to abstract the personal q. from

104:2.4 The q., characteristics, and functions of the Trinity

105:7.12 8. Absonite q. and realities.

106:2.4 God the Sevenfold itself manifests the cohesive q.

106:2.5 time and space while investing these q. with spirit

106:5.2 only of the personality q. of experiential Divinity,

106:5.2 q. which characterize their attained Deity unity.

106:5.2 spirit-personal q. of the Supreme are inseparable

106:8.15 consists in a variably regarded unity of many q.,

106:9.11 of the Father are revealed within the q. of divinity.

106:9.11 these q. of divinity are personally appropriated by

106:9.12 these life q. are unified in the evolving personality

107:5.4 revealed on Urantia, they all disclose minded q..

108:1.1 vary in experiential q. proportional to previous

109:4.5 From him who has not survival q., shall be taken

110:3.7 co-ordinating these q. of divinity through wisdom,

110:7.5 each gains all of the experiencible q. of the other.

111:2.3 in some combination of the q. or attributes of mind

111:3.4 The soul partakes of the q. of both the human mind

112:1.19 and in turn imparts the q. of identity and creativity.

112:2.14 self is inherent in the q. of its constitutive factors:

112:4.2 of the human’s survival character and spiritual q.,

112:5.4 Such q of the self are expressed by the material mind

114:2.1 q. of leadership have been further augmented by

115:3.11 These triune q. are not so distinguished on Paradise-

115:3.19 absonite q. of ultimate divinity which lie beyond the

117:1.6 as it pursues the eternal path in q. of perfection and

117:1.7 The eternal sources of these triune q. of divinity are

117:4.4 these q. will not persist as an individual creature.

117:5.1 In him the q. and quantities of the cosmos do find

117:5.12 Creatures merely utilize the q. and quantities of the

117:6.6 the experiential mother q. of the ascending self

121:5.15 endowment of a righteous character of survival q..

130:4.2 eternal universe of limitless values and divine q.,

130:4.11 The q. of imperfection or facts of misadaptation are

132:2.3 It is the perception of these q. of goodness and truth

132:2.9 the positive and supreme q. of goodness, beauty,

133:7.11 The human mind early begins to manifest q. which

142:6.8 Nicodemus was accomplished in high moral q.,

170:2.16 experience of realizing the higher q of spiritual living

177:2.2 these q. are grounded upon such an early training

180:5.7 golden rule takes on living q. of spiritual realization

195:7.9 the control attributes of mind and creative q. of spirit


0:1.2 Deity is characterized by the q. of unity—actual or

0:1.2 this unifying q. is best comprehended by creatures as

0:1.16 Divinity is the unifying, and co-ordinating q. of Deity

0:6.12 That q. of energy or of personality by virtue of

2:3.5 divinity of q. equals the degree of reality of any

2:7.6 can discover the beauty of truth, its spiritual q.,

3:4.6 albeit while q. of experience is unlimited, quantity of

5:6.3 Personality is that q. and value in cosmic reality

6:3.5 not in divine content but in q. and technique of

7:1.3 Spirit substance (q.) is just as responsive to spirit

7:6.7 function is inherent in the q. of spiritual kinship

12:5.5 But time itself is not genetically a q. of mind.

12:8.5 of reality as determined by q. of spirit content.

16:6.4 q. which might be denominated the “reality response

20:1.11 and their work is identical in q. and completeness.

27:7.1 The q. of worship is determined by the depth of

28:5.18 to the q. of devoted service in the superuniverses.

28:6.8 even now understand that mercy is a q. of growth.

28:6.20 but the q. of unselfishness revealed in disinterested

28:6.22 And since the q. of greatness is wholly determined

31:9.10 the q. of absonity equivalated to the level of the

36:5.3 extent and q. of the mind function of the adjutants

40:9.6 tinge of reality and with the intellectual q. of fact;

40:10.6 the fullness of time ripens that high q. of wisdom

42:9.3 any given q. or property tends to recur by sevens.

42:9.3 such a q. will change for six consecutive elements,

48:4.16 On Paradise the q. of worship obviates the

50:6.4 Culture presupposes q. of mind; culture cannot be

50:7.1 a peculiar q. of confidence in cosmic reliability which

52:7.9 there is evolving a q. of near perfection in the

56:10.9 these q. values embrace the revelation of Deity to

61:3.6 had possessed a brain of large size and superior q..

61:3.10 The horse’s brain is next in animal q. to that of the

63:1.4 to flee from the Primates tribes implies a q. of mind

63:2.4 Andon discovered their sparking q. and conceived

65:2.14 Since the q. of the mind capacity for development in

68:6.7 the standards of living have determined the q. of a

80:9.16 by the q. of the racial factors which are permitted

81:6.26 The q. of the social torchbearers will determine

81:6.28 next it will be for q. of thinking, the coming goal of

82:5.1 that race mixture improved the q. of the offspring.

86:2.4 content than of nature, of degree rather than of q..

92:7.6 The q. of a religion is indicated by: 1. Level values

98:6.1 religion has usually detracted from its spiritual q.,

100:3.5 The greater the q. of cosmic adaptation, the more of

100:6.9 and revealed religion is a new q. of divine wisdom

105:7.3 than degree; the difference is also a matter of q..

107:5.6 This experiential mind q. probably “supremacizes”

111:3.6 But q.—values—is felt. That which feels is the mutual

112:0.3 1. Personality is that q. in reality which is bestowed

112:2.15 characterized by an inherent cosmic q. which may be

112:7.1 fixation of divinity q., past-eternity experience and

130:4.2 experienced with perfection of q. and divinity of

130:4.11 Error (evil) is not an actual universe q.; it is simply

130:7.8 as to q. of perception and quantity of experience.

133:5.7 Q., being a matter of mind interpretation, represents

139:5.6 The one q. about Jesus which Philip so admired was

140:5.12 Spiritual purity is not a negative q., except that it

142:7.4 such a q. of brotherly affection would invariably

188:5.2 Jesus disclosed a higher q. of righteousness than

196:3.18 neither can you estimate the q. of spiritual worship.


135:5.1 For one hundred years all Israel had been in a q.;

137:2.4 Philip was in a q.. What should he do?

179:1.4 in a q. as to whether they should seat themselves


42:4.13 amounts that Urantia scientists have designated q..

42:5.6 levels of orbital revolution, q. are always given off.


12:3.12 we cannot measure either qualitative or q. realities

12:6.5 The universe is highly predictable only in the q.

12:8.5 Physical-gravity action is a q. determiner of nonspirit

19:5.5 a very definite q. registration which enables him to

19:5.6 In such instances there is no q., excitation, only a

25:1.6 will not be determined by material successes or q.

26:5.4 This course of achievement is q., qualitative, and

29:4.37 frandalanks that register time in addition to q. and

32:1.4 limitation consists in the q. charge of space-energy

36:5.3 The q. activity of the adjutant of worship and the

42:11.5 Linear-gravity response is a q. measure of

106:6.4 though we are not so sure regarding q. relationships.

106:7.1 And it is inconceivable that q. infinity could ever be

110:6.18 The mastery of the cosmic circles is related to the q.

110:6.18 to attain further q. realization of cosmic growth

112:0.8 show both qualitative and q. response to gravity.

112:6.9 and the q. actions and motivations of the intellect,

118:0.11 There is no q. limitation to numbers, even in the

133:5.4 to correlate these q. and qualitative observations.

133:5.8 the q. fact and the qualitative value have a common

195:6.5 Science is a q. experience, religion a qualitative


58:3.2 hydrogen dust clouds,is modified qualitatively and q.


15:5.6 begin to throw off large q. of matter which may be

15:5.10 the accumulation of enormous q. of cold matter,

15:8.4 or to expand and liberate, varying q. of energy.

41:8.3 The gravity-electric changes give origin to vast q.

42:5.5 emanate in the largest q. from the densest plane of

57:5.11 draw to themselves increasing q. of meteoric matter

57:5.11 augmented by the capture of enormous q. of meteors

57:7.8 greater q. of these carbon gases were consumed by

57:7.9 significant q. until it was generated by the seaweeds

61:5.6 enormous q. of snow had been falling on Greenland

117:5.1 In him the qualities and q. of the cosmos do find

117:5.12 Creatures merely utilize the qualities and q. of the

188:1.4 had brought with them large q. of myrrh and aloes,


3:4.6 albeit while quality of experience is unlimited, q. of

7:1.3 as the organized energy of physical matter (q.) is

15:5.1 constantly varying q. of matter originates in open

15:5.9 From the vast q. of matter circulating in space,

41:4.2 Density varies directly with the q. of mass in space

41:6.6 sun has parted with an enormous q. of its calcium,

42:4.14 The q. of energy taken in or given out when

68:6.7 of a surviving population in contrast with mere q..

81:6.42 And the q. of wise leadership has never exceeded

106:7.1 which no q. of experiential development could ever

111:3.6 Mind knows q., reality, meanings.

130:7.8 as to quality of perception and q. of experience.

133:5.7 Q. may be identified as a fact, thus becoming a

144:4.4 spiritual capacity for receptivity determines the q. of


42:4.14 or other positions are shifted is always a “q.” or

42:4.14 observation of the wave mechanics of q. behavior


7:1.7 we do not observe that the resultant spiritual q. of

28:7.4 This sphere is still under partial spiritual q.,

33:6.5 intercommunication is denied those worlds under q..

46:8.2 that your whole system rests under a Norlatiadek q.

50:6.1 we are limited by the planetary q. and by the system

54:5.10 Paradise q. against all such possible halfhearted

84:4.8 to family and social q. one full week each month.

84:4.9 This q. of women also protected men from over-sex


3:1.10 they are q., or partially isolated from intercourse

43:5.17 Every q. or isolated world has a Vorondadek Son

50:7.1 that mortal creatures hailing from the worlds q. in

50:7.2 survived from one of the q. spheres involved in the

67:3.1 the system was isolated, q., from her sister systems.

108:4.4 of destiny are so frequently made on q. worlds.

114:1.1 of Urantia and all other q. planets in the system.

114:2.4 trips to each of the q. planets, especially to Urantia.

114:2.5 of human progress on each q. world in Satania,

119:3.4 begin his difficult career on a q. world of secession


195:7.1 Facts never q. with real spiritual faith; theories may.

195:7.2 True science can have no lasting q. with true religion


169:1.6 well together; they were always q. and bickering.


141:3.3 a wise parent never takes sides in the petty q. of


70:1.1 man was extremely suspicious, unbelievably q..

139:8.3 Thomas grew up having a very disagreeable and q.


48:7.5 cannot be exceeded; a pint cannot hold a q..


0:8.12 tertiary, and q. space levels of progressive evolution

31:3.4 Mortals become q. or graduate spirits after reaching

31:9.9 7. The Q. Space Level. This, the final and largest


57:4.1 the q. embraces the second and last cycle of sun

57:4.5 10,000,000,000 years ago the q cycle of Andronover

57:4.5 The q. cycle of nebular existence was about to begin.



22:10.7 about one and a q. million High Son Assistants,

24:7.3 one q. of those who achieve the divine embrace

39:4.6 more than one q. of the other administrator seraphim

41:10.1 draws off whole planets, even a q. or third of a sun.

55:2.2 one q. of these superb mortals are exempt from

59:0.7 The marine-life era thus covers about one q. of your

59:6.11 the Paleozoic covers one q. of the planetary history,

64:4.11 For almost a q. of a million years these primitive

72:1.2 the irrigation of the more arid western q. of the

72:4.4 One q. of the school time is devoted to play—

72:7.14 for twenty-four years, one q. being elected every six

96:4.5 in keeping his followers intact for a q. of a century

129:2.8 along with the throngs from every q. there arrived at

135:10.1 one q. of John’s immediate followers had departed

quarterssee quartersfraction

122:7.7 themselves fortunate to have such comfortable q..

122:8.3 would gladly exchange q. with the Nazareth couple.

137:4.9 kissed him, and rushed off to the servants’ q.,

182:2.3 Before they went to their separate sleeping q.,


72:2.17 socioeconomic cases except upon the three q. vote

78:5.4 By 12,000 B.C. three q. of the Andite stock of the

111:4.4 civilization is in jeopardy when three q. of its youth

123:5.6 to make contact with human nature from the four q.

165:1.2 While three q. of the multitude were truth seekers,


25:2.5 This q. constitutes a conciliating commission and


25:3.17 to function as q. of accumulated cosmic experience


55:4.15 Teacher Son, assisted by the ministering-spirit q.,


55:4.16 The ministering-spirit q. consist of: the seraphic


59:1.16 Sandstone has been turned into q., shale has been

59:3.1 many have been changed to q., shale, and marble.

60:3.3 their gold-bearing q. strata being the product of lava


70:12.2 groups of elders persisted as q. advisory bodies;


41:3.3 When your sun attained this q. state of supergas


25:2.8 being fourth creatures—q. beings—are almost, but

25:3.11 the same time—being q.—keeping the commission as

29:1.1 these q. beings would be invisible to short-range

38:7.6 fourth cherubim and every fourth sanobim are q.,

38:8.4 “fourth creatures” of the angelic orders retain q.

116:4.5 creations of the Master Spirits are of the q. order

116:4.5 of this creative act are spiritual, not material or q..


65:1.4 2. The usual mid-phase of q.-morontial existence.


94:11.12 The concept of the Buddha Absolute is at times q.,


25:6.3 who certify to the correctness of the q. duplicates of


18:6.3 they report intellectual and q.-spiritual happenings

130:4.9 from the higher and q. ministrations of intellect.


59:3.2 Europe and eastern Maine and the lava flows of Q..


70:6.5 the king’s wife gradually rose to the dignity of q.

137:3.7 journeyed to Cana in the spirit of the q. mother


55:7.2 that has given prestige to the idea of kings and q.

55:7.2 And kings and q. are a great success under these

83:5.3 polyandry was usually limited to q. and rich women;


89:5.4 in Q. the first child is still frequently thus killed


39:5.14 becomes so enshrouded in a q. light of amber hue

57:7.6 a world in the volcanic age presents a q. spectacle.

65:3.1 the q. and apparently grotesque occurrences of early

86:4.3 his dreams of doing all sorts of q. things while asleep

194:3.1 Many q. and strange teachings became associated

195:1.7 their rather parochial gods seemed a little q..


173:2.1 guards being called upon to q. a popular uprising.


98:2.1 nor did it q. the spiritual thirst of its believers;

148:5.5 not break, and the smoking flax he will not q..’

163:6.6 now, while I would not q. your spirit of rejoicing,


128:1.2 with food; he thirsted and q. his thirst with water.

questsee quest of, in

1:2.2 the supreme desire of man, the mortal q. objectified.

2:7.7 The eternal q. is for unification, for divine coherence

5:4.1 evolution drives men forward in the God q. by the

10:8.7 these finaliters must sometime begin the q. for the

10:8.7 But this q. involves a grasp of the absonite nature

16:9.10 1. The q. for knowledge, the logic of science.

16:9.11 2. The q. for moral values, the sense of duty.

16:9.12 The q. for spiritual values, the religious experience.

16:9.13 4. The q. for personality values, the ability to

26:7.6 Seldom does the q. for the Infinite Spirit fail of

50:5.4 The food q. is paramount in the minds of these early

50:5.7 4. The q. for knowledge and wisdom. Food, security,

54:1.2 True liberty is the q. of the ages and the reward of

56:10.2 chief pursuit of the ever-advancing mortals is the q.

56:10.2 And as the mortal pursues this q., he finds himself

92:6.20 that religion is but “a shared q. of the good life.”

94:6.11 He sought to rekindle the ancient q. for new truth,

100:1.7 proportionally to the growing q. for final values.

100:2.5 Eternal life is the endless q. for infinite values.

100:6.3 the q. for the highest objectives—supreme goals.

102:2.4 Knowledge is an eternal q.; always are you learning

102:3.4 Religious desire is the hunger q. for divine reality.

102:8.7 The q. for miracles is a harking back to the religions

106:7.5 The q. for God is endless!

106:9.11 the final q. of eternity is the endless exploration of

106:9.11 that success in the q. of the Infinite is proportional to


117:6.3 finite creatures pass inward in their q. of the Father,

117:7.17 once challenged by the q. for God the Supreme.

117:7.17 alluring absonite q. for the attainment of the Father

118:2.2 and that would be to begin the q. of the Absolute.

118:5.2 the progressions of eternity in the q. for the Father.

118:10.18 God-knowing mortals in their q. for the Father of all.

121:5.12 The popularity of the mysteries reveals man’s q. for

122:8.6 his belief that Jesus was the object of their q. and

132:2.8 goodness will always be more of a q. than a

133:9.3 With all your q. for knowledge, get understanding.

155:5.10 the personal q. for truth, the exhilaration of facing

159:1.2 will he not keep up his q. for the lost sheep until he

160:1.13 the q. of the satisfaction of the service of a cause

160:1.15 my q. suffered from the absence of certainty of

160:5.11 dedicate our q. to the lures of the unknown order

quest of, in

63:5.6 humans journey to the ends of the earth in q. of gold,

75:6.2 pilgrims went forth from Eden in q. of new homes.

77:5.5 in q. of these people of his childhood fantasies.

83:4.9 failure; led him to go in q. of priests and magic.

92:4.3 the circuitous gropings of humanity in q. of truth;

112:7.8 upon your superuniverse career in q. of the Father.

117:1.2 capacity who can ascend thereto in q. of the Father.

117:1.6 the eternal path in q. of perfection and liberation

117:5.14 phases of the eternal career in q. of the Father as

131:1.5 You go in q. of a dear friend, and then you discover

131:10.4 and that they are in q. of knowledge about him.

133:4.4 you err to go in q. of such a glorious truth among

135:10.1 had meantime departed for Galilee in q. of Jesus.

136:6.1 Should he go in q. of food as any ordinary man

137:8.3 in a grove by the shore, he went in q. of Jesus.

145:3.1 not permissible even to go in q. of health during

145:5.6 rather in q. of healing for their physical ailments

146:7.1 the clamoring multitudes in q. of physical healing.

147:3.1 a large group of sufferers lingered in q. of healing.

158:4.2 who had arrived the preceding day in q. of Jesus.

165:3.4 when these birds flit about in q. of their sustenance,

166:2.4 he turned back and, going in q. of Jesus, began to

172:4.2 and the crowds went in q. of nourishment, Jesus

181:2.22 going off in q. of those who think as you do,

183:0.1 went in q. of him when Peter informed them where


40:10.8 a vast spirit-q. torrent from these now uncharted

questionnoun or adjective; see question, this

5:1.9 is a q. of the attainment of actual and literal levels;

16:3.10 when the Father-Spirit attitude is in q., it is always

21:3.24 In settling the q. of sovereignty in a local universe

22:4.6 q. is settled by appeal to an ascendant commission

25:3.4 transfers the whole q. to the higher tribunals of the

28:6.2 the significance of origin is the paramount q. in all

33:7.4 pass upon those cases involving the q. of eternal life

33:7.4 but if the q. of the right of continued existence, life

33:7.4 it must be referred to the tribunals of Orvonton,

33:7.6 3. The q. of the readmission of any constituent part

54:3.1 always bothered with the unthinking q. as to why

63:4.3 they would die without q. in defense of their children

107:7.2 This is a q. easy to ask, but probably no being in the

123:2.3 until he was ten, he was one continuous q. mark.

125:2.5 the temple where teaching and q. conferences were

125:5.8 By the deft and subtle phrasing of a q. he would

125:5.8 In the manner of his asking a q. there was an

125:6.3 to answer his q. relating to the purpose of prayer

129:2.7 Jesus never so much as asked a single q. in public.

130:1.6 Gadiah was satisfied with Jesus’ answer to his q.

130:2.9 in answer to Gonod’s q. that Jesus explained that

132:2.1 answer this sincere Cynic’s q. about good and evil.

132:7.3 the father asked Jesus a direct q. about Buddha,

133:0.3 Ganid asked Jesus a direct q. as to what he thought

133:1.3 But Ganid asked one last q., to which he never

133:1.3 that q. was: “But, Teacher, if a stronger creature

133:1.3 not fully and satisfactorily answer the lad’s q.,

133:1.4 perplex you, and I will endeavor to answer your q..

134:6.6 It is not a q. of armaments or disarmament.

134:6.6 Neither does the q. of conscription or voluntary

135:7.2 q. his disciples asked him, “Are you the Messiah?”

136:5.5 time, as related to the act or event in q., should

136:8.1 the q. as to whether or not any of his superhuman

137:2.4 for decision the most momentous q. of a lifetime.

139:5.7 profound discourses to ask an apparently foolish q.

139:5.9 have said to any Jew asking such a q., “Come.”

139:6.3 Nathaniel was not slow to ask the q., even before he

139:9.10 Judas was once intrigued into asking Jesus a q. when

140:3.21 about sundown, but no man asked Jesus a q..

140:8.11 rabbis had debated the q.: Who is my neighbor?

140:10.8 In response to a q. asked by Andrew, the Master

141:4.2 In answer to Thomas’s q., “Who is this God of the

142:3.23 Jesus had finished speaking, no man asked him a q..

142:5.1 was in answer to a q. asked by one of his hearers,

142:7.1 Thomas asked a q. which elicited a long answer.

143:1.2 A q. asked by Philip was typical of their difficulties.

143:5.7 avoid the discussion of the embarrassing q. of her

144:6.7 most serious of all their problems was the q. of

147:4.2 Nathaniel’s q., he immediately stood upon his feet

147:4.3 I asked the q. because I conjectured that many

147:4.4 be well exemplified by the supposition of your q..

147:4.10 that Jesus had misunderstood the spirit of his q.,

147:4.10 the courage to ask such a thought-provoking q..

148:0.3 the apostles conducted q. classes for the benefit of

148:1.2 divergent views of the gospel at weekly q. hours.

148:7.2 he said: “Come forward while I ask you a q..

149:4.1 the younger evangelists asked Jesus a q. about anger,

149:5.1 to Simon’s q.: “Simon, some persons are naturally

150:3.2 In the long answer to Andrew’s q. the Master

153:1.5 mystery, just one supreme q., in the minds of all.

154:4.1 the momentous q.: “What shall we do with Jesus?”

155:4.2 But before Jesus had begun to answer Peter’s q.,

155:4.2 “While I would not ignore Peter’s q., knowing full

155:4.2 all of you if I choose rather to answer Thomas’s q.

155:5.14 and there find the unemotional answer to my q.,

157:3.3 Jesus confronted the twelve with the first q. he had

157:3.5 the apostles participated in answering Jesus’ q..

158:2.2 John might ask some q. relative to this statement,

158:5.1 humiliated apostles could reply to the Master’s q.,

159:1.1 disciple’s q., Jesus taught the lesson on forgiveness.

159:4.1 after the usual period of q. and answers, Nathaniel

160:3.1 it is a q. of combined meditation and relaxation.

161:1.7 forever settled the q. regarding the ability of God to

164:1.2 embarrass Jesus, he ventured to ask still another q..

164:1.4 the very answer to the q., “Who is my neighbor?”

164:3.7 by name, he proceeded to answer Nathaniel’s q..

165:2.5 Jesus had spoken this parable, no one asked him a q..

165:4.1 bring up for discussion such a q. of business; but


167:1.4 to ask you a q.: Is it lawful to heal the sick on the

167:1.4 they held their peace; they answered not his q..

168:3.2 the q., “What shall we do with Jesus of Nazareth?”

170:2.15 2. A q. of racial or world phenomena; that the

171:4.3 But none of them dared to ask him a q. concerning

173:2.4 to their q. by asking them a counterquestion.

173:2.4 “I would also like to ask you one q. which, if you

173:2.7 his adversaries, Jesus did not mean to dodge the q.

173:2.7 Pharisee’s q. as to the authority behind his mission

173:4.3 the people heard this parable and the q. Jesus asked,

174:2.5 To have answered “No” to their q. would have

174:2.5 Master did not evade the q.; he merely employed the

174:3.2 condescended to reply to their mischievous q..

174:4.1 hold their peace; they retired without asking a q..

174:4.5 no man dared to ask him another q. in public.

174:4.6 merely to ask the Pharisees and their associates a q..

175:0.1 Jesus; this afternoon no one asked him a q..

175:4.2 of just one q.: “What will they do with Jesus?”

176:1.1 In answering Nathaniel’s q., Jesus said: “Yes, I will

176:2.3 to Peter’s q., Jesus said: “Why do you still look for

177:1.2 You may ask me any q. that arises in your heart,

178:2.3 he knewbut he never got further with his q..

178:2.5 Philip’s q., Jesus answered: “Go and bring Peter and

180:4.6 Judas perceived that his q. had been satisfactorily

184:2.4 Peter answered the maid’s q. by saying, “I am not.”

184:3.16 Jesus manifested no interest in any q. asked him

184:3.16 except the one q. relative to his bestowal mission.

186:2.2 but one q. which would always elicit an answer,

186:2.2 discuss with Pilate any q. related to the political

186:2.2 —any q. which he recognized as belonging to the

186:2.7 Jesus did not hesitate to answer the q. of the chief

189:5.3 raised the q. as to how the bandages happened to

191:0.11 a q. asked by Philip: “We do not understand about

192:2.7 chief of the apostles heard Jesus ask such a q.,

193:3.2 Simon’s q., he answered: “Simon, you still cling to

question, this

106:8.22 often ask this q.: If the second level of the Trinity

130:1.2 this q.: “But do you suppose the big fish really did

130:1.2 In answering this q., Jesus said: “My friend, we are

130:1.5 In answering this q., Jesus said: “My brother, God

133:7.5 asked this q.: “But, Teacher, what do you mean

140:6.6 when Jesus heard this q., he said: “I have not come

140:6.6 But I will say, concerning this q. of divorcement,

141:5.1 When Jesus heard this q., he was stirred within his

146:2.1 and in response to this q. Jesus spoke at great length

146:3.3 this q.: “Master, how can a new believer in your

147:4.1 this q.: “Master, although you have taught us the

148:0.3 Once a week Jesus presided at this q. hour,

148:4.1 Thomas asked the Master this q.: “Why is it

150:5.1 Rachel asked Jesus this q.: “Master, what shall we

150:5.1 When Jesus heard this q., he answered: “When men

153:3.2 this q.: “You tell us that you are the bread of life.

153:3.2 Jesus answered this q., saying: “I did not teach you

153:3.6 spies asked this q. because it had been reported

157:3.3 this surprising q., “Who do men say that I am?”

163:2.4 In answer to this q. Jesus said: “If you keep all the

164:1.2 the lawyer was not wholly sincere in asking this q.,

164:1.2 The lawyer asked this q. hoping to entrap Jesus into

165:4.5 Jesus replied to this q.: “My friend, it is not a sin to

166:3.1 this q.: “Lord, will there be few or many saved?”

167:7.1 this q.: “Seeing that the high priest is a Sadducee,

168:4.2 to the discussion of this q. of the answer to prayer.

173:2.2 this q.: “By what authority do you do these things?

173:2.3 q. of anyone who presumed to teach and perform

174:3.2 these Sadducees were not sincere in asking this q.

174:4.6 this further q.: “If the Deliverer is indeed the son of

174:4.6 and the chief priests made no reply to this q.,

174:4.6 They never answered this q. which Jesus put to

176:0.2 this q.: “Tell us, Master, how shall we know when

181:2.23 this q.: “I have listened to your teaching ever since

185:3.2 do you take this q. from these others, my accusers?


1:5.9 let us not doubt nor q. his personality primacy.

2:1.11 we q. whether infinity and consequent primacy is

34:7.8 do not falter and q. your status and standing, for in

55:6.9 never q. the wisdom of the evolutionary scheme of

102:6.6 Though reason can always q. faith, faith can

122:2.5 could no longer q. that Elizabeth was expectant

125:4.3 he presumed to q. the justice of putting to death

158:5.2Q. not my Father’s power of love, only the

164:4.4 drifting, he prepared further to q. the man himself.

164:4.9 to q. him, asking: “Just how did he open your eyes?

168:0.6 did Martha venture to criticize or q. the Master’s

174:3.1 to q. him, this time a company of the learned and

175:0.1 various groups had had an opportunity to q. Jesus;

178:1.13 you should seriously q. whether the roots of truth

184:2.11 these servants had no moral right thus to q. him,

185:3.2 Pilate then turned around to q. Jesus further,

185:3.2 I q. the validity of their charges and am only trying


124:1.5 not to carry on any of these q. activities at school,

136:7.2 but a q. trifling with the established laws of the

143:5.8 and a woman of q. character in the eyes of men

143:5.11 to talk with women, women of q. character, even

150:2.2 with women, especially with those of q. character.


43:3.1 Their integrity and group loyalty have never been q.;

53:5.4 Father whose personality Lucifer and Satan had q.

102:6.5 this knowledge of God is q. by the unbeliever who

123:6.8 he q. the wisdom of the proposed sojourn in

135:7.1 Sometimes he q. everything, but not for long.

164:4.2 So, when the Pharisees q. him, he said: “This man

185:3.1 Then Pilate q. John about this matter of tribute,

185:3.1 When Pilate had q. John, he said, “See that you tell


147:7.2 this q.: “Do the sons of the bridechamber fast while


135:6.6 John answered these q. by saying: “Go tell your

167:5.5 avoided clashing with q. about the social practices

173:2.5 And when his q. heard this, they withdrew to one


102:4.2 any interplay between an active and q. self and any

133:8.2 After much q. as to why his teacher manifested so

136:8.3 the human element of q. for Jesus was man as well

164:4.2 After some preliminary q., the spokesman for the

170:2.21 submit to the doing of the Father’s will without q.

185:3.7 After q. the Master, Pilate went back to the chief


101:2.1 q. of the mortal mind which craves to know how the

102:1.1 But honest doubts and sincere q. are not sin;

122:5.2 Mary had thrust upon her the anxieties and q.

181:2.20 now would I answer the last of such q. which have


13:2.5 Nor can you successfully reason out these q.;

22:4.3 comprehension of the q. involved in the problem

23:4.4 These and many similar q. we ask ourselves, and

25:2.12 Conciliators do not deal with q. extending beyond

25:3.11 the study of q. arising in the minor sectors of their

27:6.5 lasting satisfaction concerning these unmastered q..

93:2.2 and after he had plied this stranger with many q.,

102:7.6 no great depth of intellect to pick flaws, ask q.,

102:7.6 it does require brilliance of mind to answer these q.

117:2.9 One of the most intriguing q. in finite philosophy

123:2.3 spending time answering the boy’s numerous q..

123:2.3 Joseph and Mary could not always answer his q.,

123:3.3 it was very difficult to answer Jesus’ q. about

123:5.9 he “had learned more from Jesus’ searching q.” than

123:6.6 Jesus persisted in asking many embarrassing q.

123:6.6 never ceased to ask such intelligent but perplexing q.

124:2.2 Jesus was constantly creating trouble by the q. he

124:2.2 were loath to forbid his asking these disquieting q.,

124:2.3 Jesus did ask more q. at school than others in his

124:3.6 his father had sought to avoid answering these q..

124:6.14 too preoccupied with his own meditations to ask q.

124:6.14 Jesus did ask his father several embarrassing q. as to

125:0.4 as his q. to the scribes and teachers a week later

125:0.6 these q., after the conclusion of the temple visit,

125:2.6 he refrained from asking the many q. which surged

125:2.10 and beset by a host of unanswered q. and unsolved

125:4.3 second conference Jesus had made bold to ask q.,

125:4.3 his pointed q. were somewhat embarrassing to the

125:5.2 become focused upon the q. being asked by Jesus.

125:5.2 Among his many q. were: 1. What really exists in the

125:5.8 those who listened marveled at these q., and none

125:5.8 with thought-provoking and heart-searching q..

125:5.8 He conveyed his teaching by the q. he would ask.

125:5.8 considerate in the asking of these penetrating q..

127:2.2 Jesus asked many q. but refused to join the party.

127:3.5 and heard the discussions, but Jesus asked no q..

128:1.15 Joseph asked Jesus many leading q. concerning his

129:1.10 they never failed to attend the conferences of q.

130:2.1 and Ganid asked Jesus many q. about them.

130:2.8 response to his q. Jesus said: “The dog has a mind

130:3.2 with the voyage and kept Jesus busy answering q..

130:4.12 the lad had still further q. to ask about evil, to which

130:7.3 in answer to his many q.: Time is the stream of

132:4.2 draw them out and into talking to him by asking q..

132:4.2 his asking them q. and end by their asking him q..

132:4.2 adept in teaching by either asking or answering q..

132:7.1 naturally lead up to the discussion of spiritual q..

132:7.3 Ganid had asked Jesus direct q. about Buddha, but

133:3.6 Though he would answer the lad’s q., he never

133:7.4 fun, the boy asking q., Jesus answering them,

134:3.4 and to conduct twelve evening sessions of q.,

135:6.8 new life and endeavored to answer their many q..

135:7.3 In response to the q. of his disciples John continued

135:9.5 A hundred q. came up for discussion.

136:9.1 Having settled such q. of policy as pertained to his

136:9.5 The human mind still asks q. but unfailingly accepts

137:1.1 he asked Jesus many q., and just before reaching

137:3.5 But to all of the many q. which his mother, James,

138:2.10 answering their q. and listening to the details of their

138:7.1 and Peter would have gone on asking further q.,

138:8.10 he invariably taught his apostles by q. and answers.

138:8.10 He would always pause to answer sincere q. during

139:2.4 Peter asked many q., more than all the apostles put

139:2.4 the majority of these q. were good and relevant,

139:5.5 as Jesus so patiently listened to Philip’s foolish q.

139:5.7 once rebuked Philip for asking these annoying q.,

139:5.7 Philip that he would never again feel free to ask q.

139:5.7 and always to feel free to come to him with their q.

139:5.7 more interested in Philip’s foolish q. than in the

139:9.2 but they never interrupted his discourses with q..

139:9.10 with Jesus did the twins venture to ask q. in public.

140:6.14 they were disposed to stay up all night to ask q.,

140:8.1 conference, embracing scores of q. and answers,

140:8.3 many of their q. regarding frugality and thriftiness,

140:8.26 In answer to one of Peter’s many q., the Master said

141:1.3 his former teaching and answered their many q..

141:3.3 When Andrew came to Jesus with these q., he

142:3.1 that night asked Jesus many q. about the Father

142:3.1 The Master’s answers to these q. can best be

142:3.9 generations; they were too bewildered to ask q..

142:4.1 and asked many appreciative q. about each object

142:5.5 asking Jesus q. and listening attentively to his

142:7.1 that evening, after supper, discussing Thomas’s q..

143:5.7 Once more Nalda resorted to q. of general religion,

144:4.1 to ask the Master q. regarding this all-important

144:6.3 of divergent human interpretations of religious q.

144:6.12 the afternoon of their final discussion of financial q.,

147:6.5 kept by themselves and dared not ask any more q..

147:7.2 one of his customary classes of q. and answers

148:0.3 answering the holdover q. from previous sessions.

148:4.1 When Jesus heard these q., he said to Thomas: “Do

148:6.1 In answering John’s q., among many other things,

149:4.5 interrupted in his discourses with multitudinous q.,

149:6.2 children, I am not surprised that you ask such q..

150:8.11 those who might be interested could ask him q..

150:8.11 into the crowd which pressed forward to ask q..

150:9.1 in reply to their rude q. and sinister banterings he

151:4.2 After the people had asked a few q., Jesus spoke

153:2.13 They crowded up around Jesus to ask more q. while

153:3.1 Many were the q. asked Jesus during this after

156:5.4 “It is not strange that you ask such q. seeing that

156:5.6 the apostles and evangelists continued to ask q.,

159:2.1 after the session of q. and answers, John said to

159:2.2 the q. of administrative control and the jurisdiction

159:4.1 after the usual period of q. and answers, Nathaniel

161:2.7 He asks us q. to draw us out, not to gain information

162:6.4 Jesus continued to answer the q. of the multitude

163:0.2 Thomas explained how to answer q.;

164:1.1 gathered about Jesus and the two apostles to ask q.

164:4.4 would arise to ask entangling and embarrassing q.,

164:5.2 the crowds asked him many q., and he taught them

165:1.1 Jesus reserved for the usual sessions of q. and

165:3.7 be not anxious as to how you should answer their q.,

165:3.9 while Jesus listened to the q. of those who remained.

165:4.10 q. must be answered by all who acquire great wealth,

165:4.10 and these q. are: “1. How much wealth did you

166:4.2 with you, and yet you continue to ask me such q.?

166:4.12 and to answer their q. having to do with accidents,

166:5.4 over q. of administration and the jurisdiction of the

167:5.7 apostles asked many additional q., and his answers

168:4.1 the apostles asked Jesus many q., all of which the

168:4.1 the Master decline to discuss these q. with them.

168:4.3 Jesus’ answers to their many q. may be summarized

169:0.1 each night answered q. for the apostles and certain

169:3.3 asked q. about the parable of Dives and Lazarus,

171:8.8 in answer to their many q.: “Ponder well these words

172:2.2 The apostles listened in silence; they asked no q..

172:5.1 the plans for the next day, and they asked no q..

173:2.8 They attempted no more q. that day; they retired to

173:2.8 to discern the dishonesty and insincerity in these q.

173:4.1 scribes who sought to entangle Jesus with their q.


174:2.1 to undertake to entrap him with difficult q. and

174:3.2 You all do err in asking such q. because you know

174:3.3 When Jesus had finished answering these q.,

174:3.3 The Sadducees dared not ask him any more q.,

174:4.1 instructed to ask Jesus entangling q. about angels,

174:4.1 to entrap him with q. concerning the resurrection,

174:4.1 to fill up the entire day with these entangling q.,

174:4.2 of the groups of the Pharisees to ask harassing q.,

174:4.5 Pharisees were present and had intended to ask q.,

174:4.6 When no more q. were forthcoming, Jesus did not

174:4.6 “Since you ask no more q., I would like to ask you

174:4.6 refrained from asking him any more q. in an effort

177:1.1 I will ask no q. and will stay by the basket when you

178:1.1 a score of q. regarding the relation of the kingdom

178:1.1 his answers to q., may be summarized in modern

180:4.4 Judas Alpheus made bold to ask one of the few q.

180:6.1 and Matthew had asked the Master numerous q.,

180:6.2 I know that you ask such q. in your hearts.

180:6.7 since Jesus knew they asked these q., he said: “Do

181:2.20 “Philip, you have asked me many foolish q., but I

184:1.5 was disturbed by Jesus’ refusal to answer his q.,

185:3.1 Pilate sat down by his side and asked several q..

185:4.2 Herod asked Jesus q., but the Master would not

185:7.2 Jesus could hardly answer such q. when asked by

191:0.9 but all afternoon he asked q. of the other apostles.

191:0.9 Peter was often annoyed by Philip’s q, but the others


147:6.4 you allow; wherefore do you q. over such trifles?


147:6.4 When Andrew intimated that they were q., they were


145:3.3 Though Jesus did not resort to logic, or legal q., he


139:11.6 educated Jews or the intellectual q. of the Greeks,

quicksee quick to

23:3.1 q. transmission of important and urgent messages

25:2.11 commissions devoted to the q. adjudication of minor

26:5.1 beings of q. understanding and broad sympathy

34:4.10 names: the spirit of intuition—of q. perception,

34:4.12 adjutant of intuition, the spirit of “q. understanding

36:5.6 1. The spirit of intuition–q. perception,

36:5.7 the phenomenon of q. reasoning, rapid judgment,

65:7.6 q. reactions of mind to the material environment.

77:8.6 service of q. and reliable personal communication.

130:5.1 laid the foundation for the q. reception of the gospel

139:2.4 leader of men, a q. thinker but not a deep reasoner.

139:2.4 Peter was a man of q. decision and sudden action.

151:6.8 into a herd of swine, driving them to q. destruction

159:5.10 alert in the q. and positive reaction of good to evil

183:3.9 but the soldiers were not q. enough since, having

187:2.5 cut to the very q. by seeing this executed Galilean

192:1.3 John Zebedee was q. of perception, and when he

quick to

92:7.2 democratic; the savage was q. to borrow or lend.

124:3.2 the lad was q. to refuse all such special consideration

131:9.3 do not hesitate to confess your error and be q. to

139:6.3 Nathaniel was q. to reverse himself when he looked

151:2.3 q. to receive new teaching and equally q. to give up

159:2.1 They certainly will not be q. to speak evil of me.

161:2.5 q. to recognize and generous to acknowledge the

193:2.3 q. to recognize him when he began to teach them.

195:8.6 do not be q. to surrender the beneficent gains of


39:3.7 where they will q. your appreciation of those very

39:4.9 seraphim q. their appreciation of the responsibilities

39:4.10 teachers will q. your appreciation of cosmic morality

99:0.3 and religion must q. its adaptation to this new social

148:5.4 to q. their minds so that they may be better prepared

160:1.11 to q. and deepen the supreme purpose of living by

160:2.8 By intelligent symbols man is able to q. and

178:1.13 consciousness of sonship with God should q. the


37:3.3 and their q. interest in you and your lowly sphere.

75:4.7 q. understanding of human nature as supplemental

78:1.2 civilization was immensely q. by the presence of their

78:1.3 and life plasm which so immediately q. all the races.

81:3.8 stock into the human races not only q. the pace of

82:1.2 for the animal passions thus q. and aroused by the

84:7.28 the expression of these q. attributes of personality.

97:4.7 Amos q. the national conscience of the Hebrews to

152:1.1 his home; so they now hastened on at a q. pace.

152:6.4 the mind thus aroused and q. as the gateway to the

170:4.3 social aspects of the enhanced morals and q. ethics

187:4.5 q. all his ideals of courage, manhood, and bravery.

Quickeners of Morality

39:4.10 4. Q.. On the mansion worlds you begin to learn

39:4.13 the q. portray mortal life as an unbroken chain of


51:6.1 of biologic status, the q. of intellectual potential,

70:8.17 3. Religious q. of the feelings of mortal kinship and

195:9.2 amazing epochs of social readjustment, moral q.,


34:6.5 therefore, it is truly written, “It is the Spirit that q..”

34:6.6 the Spirit breathes upon the forms of truth and q. the

153:5.4 you must remember that it is the spirit that q.;


52:6.7 The q. way to realize the brotherhood of man on

54:5.11 q. technique of achieving the perfect and final cure

91:5.3 the q. and surest way of achieving such a change of

100:1.4 The q. way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live


15:8.7 collisional adjustments which q. restore the balance

19:5.12 on revelation if you hope to progress q. and safely.

19:7.4 the power of moving about freely and q. in the

28:5.16 angels are more q. responsive to these educational

35:6.5 will q. receive, additional Sons of the Vorondadek

41:5.5 whereupon it is q. transformed into heat with the

43:6.4 you would q. classify the first three as vegetable and

45:7.7 who q. compute the mota status and assign suffrage

55:2.10 you would q. grasp the reasons for providing for

57:3.6 Such young suns q. become spherical and start out

59:4.10 types were q. destroyed when the fishes made their

59:4.13 the prolific fern family appeared and q. spread over

64:7.9 q. to encounter and adsorb their invading cousins of

67:5.1 Liberty was q. translated into license by the half-

67:5.3 Society q. sank back to its old biologic level,

70:9.17 would q. throw civilized man back to the crude

72:12.2 nation, great things could q. happen on this world.

76:6.3 Adam and Eve q. passed through the worlds of

77:5.5 And q. the idea grew upon Adamson.

78:8.4 tribes from the north q. and willingly assimilated

78:8.4 q. revived many phases of the passing civilization

79:6.13 and unquestionably would have q. dominated world

80:2.4 q. raising this inland lake to the level of the Atlantic

80:3.9 q. absorbing the Cro-Magnon type and culture and

80:4.4 cavalrymen to progress q. around the Caspian Sea to

80:5.6 who were not q. absorbed into their own ranks,

80:5.6 and thus did the blue man come to an endand q..

81:3.3 cities rose above the surrounding ground very q.

81:3.6 commerce q. became the most potent influence in

87:2.2 the great desire of a ghost was to be q. “laid” so that

89:10.4 that should lead q and surely to those faith conquests

93:5.10 q. be brought to a knowledge of the Salem truths.

96:5.8 these Bedouin tribes q. reverted to the semibarbaric

96:6.2 they q. evolved from nomadic herders into settled

98:2.11 no nation ever plunged so q., deeply, and violently

114:7.1 are q. assigned to the appropriate celestial group

121:3.6 q. made their way up among the free proletariat

132:0.10 might have been Jesus but q. dismissed the idea,

133:3.12 from Rome, and they q. embraced Paul’s teachings.

135:5.4 q. be acknowledged as the rightful ruler of all the

137:8.12 It does not attain full fruit q..

139:11.4 Simon could not q. change himself from a Jewish

139:12.12 Judas q. carried the nefarious scheme into effect.

143:5.5 Nalda q. turned the conversation from her own

143:5.9 They q. deposited their supplies and drew aside,

143:5.10 “Go out to Jacob’s well and go q., for there you will

145:5.8 q. made ready for the journey as Jesus had directed.

146:3.1 being honest of heart, he q. believed this gospel of

150:4.1 may pass q. over all Galilee preaching the gospel

151:5.2 These gales come on q. and sometimes go away just

152:2.6 q. joined with Peter, saying: “Yes, Master, I think

157:1.3 an associate, fishing near the shore, to come in q..

160:1.3 humanity will q. revert to the simple urge of living

162:7.6 the Master q. made his way through the temple

165:5.5 he comes and knocks, you may q. open to him.

166:2.3 Simon q. replied, “If you cleanse them, you will

167:2.2 Go out q. into the streets and lanes of the city,

168:0.8 Mary rose up q. and hastened out to meet Jesus,

168:0.8 when they saw that Mary rose up q. and went out,

169:1.9 ‘Bring q. his best robe, the one I have saved, and

169:2.4 wax board bond, sit down q., and change it to fifty

172:3.15 crowds were equally as willing q. to reject Jesus

179:4.6 Jesus said: “What you have decided to do, do q..”

182:0.1 q. throwing a linen coat about himself, followed

183:0.1 q. went in quest of David when Peter informed them

183:3.1 that he might be ready q. to identify Jesus so that

183:3.3 to greet him with a kiss, and then q. retire from the

183:3.8 laid heavy hands on Jesus and q. bound him.

185:5.4 they q. joined in the clamor for his life while they

188:0.3 he q. signed the order which authorized Joseph to

189:4.10 stood in glorified form, and they q. knelt before him.

192:1.3 Peter q. arose and cast himself into the water that he

194:4.1 seized by his enemies and so q. crucified between

195:0.3 it q. precipitated the social-moral clash of the ages.

195:0.5 so q. and effectively capture the very best minds of

195:9.4 And then will these spirit-born souls q. supply the


140:10.4 to believe, nor to q. to trust pleasing strangers.


4:4.2 from q. to motion, from infinity to finitude, from

11:7.7 above and below by the midspace zones of q.

11:7.8 Such relationships of motion and q. constitute a

12:1.2 to motion, alternating with zones of relative q.,

104:4.28 the unimaginable agitations of the otherwise static q.

105:3.7 exhaust the boundless q. of this nondeity Absolute.


11:7.1 only the q. midspace zones come in contact with the

11:7.2 motionless nucleus of the relatively q. zones

11:7.2 levels of pervaded space, but these are now less q..

11:7.3 These q. midspace zones grow larger and larger at

11:7.7 enormous elliptical regions of q. space activities.

14:1.2 1. The q. midspace zones impinging on Paradise.

105:3.4 only the presence of the Unqualified Absolute is q.

117:6.1 the without of all things and beings, moving and q..

quietsee also semiquiet

11:5.6 q. zones which separate the successive space levels

11:7.7 The relatively q. zones between the space levels,

11:7.7 and outer margins by relatively q. space zones.

12:1.14 a zone of comparative q., which varies in width

12:1.14 this zone of relative q. which encircles the seven

46:1.7 This is the q. hour for all Jerusem.

59:1.1 of this period of relative q. on the earth’s surface,

59:1.12 3. Shales—deposits made in the deeper and q. water.

59:2.5 a time sector of comparative q. all over the world,

59:2.5 The only exception to this reign of terrestrial q. was

59:2.8 The world is once again q. and relatively peaceful;

68:5.11 association with plants instill patience, q., and peace.

71:5.2 How can we guarantee peace and q. in industry,

82:2.4 the sexes apartthis favored q., order, and industry—

106:7.7 the relative absoluteness of the q. zones of midspace.

125:4.1 enjoying the more q. and decorous atmosphere,

136:3.3 he desired to be away for a season of q. meditation

137:7.4 reports about the wine of Cana had begun to q down

138:2.10 sending them to labor in a q. and personal manner

138:5.4 Here Jesus spent a q. Sabbath with his chosen

138:6.5 his Father’s business in the most q. and undramatic

138:7.1 Jesus had planned for a q. missionary campaign of

138:9.2 these months of q. work a great test to the apostles

139:3.3 James was in no sense moody, he could be q. and

139:3.8 James was often q. and silent, but he was brave

139:4.8 not expect to find in this q. and introspective type.

139:7.8 did all his financial work in a q. and personal way.

141:8.2 their efforts were of a more q. and personal nature.

144:0.3 to do some q. work in the cities of the Decapolis

144:1.4 to their work in both Judea and Galilee to q. down.

144:3.14 by themselves amidst the q. surroundings of nature

145:2.12 Jesus bade the people be q. and, taking the young

151:5.5 Where is your faith? Peace, be q.

151:5.5 Peter seek peace wherewith to q. his troubled soul,

152:2.5 chosen this q. spot outside the jurisdiction of all

154:6.3 Joseph promised to keep Ruth q. while the others

155:3.1 the apostles held numerous q. evening meetings in

156:0.2 This June Sabbath day was one of great q..

156:1.3 had come to Phoenicia for a period of q. and rest.

158:5.5 they were a q.  group as they journeyed southward

172:5.11 during the time of q. visitation about the temple,

173:1.7 all was q., and the crowds had become orderly;

173:1.9 this day, a day of q. and peace in the temple courts,

175:0.2 the Master began to speak, the temple court was q.

177:1.3 Master spent this last day of q. on earth visiting

182:3.1 After all was still and q. about the camp, Jesus,

183:2.2 Judas had hoped to take Jesus when the city was q.,

192:4.6 in q. seclusion in this eventful upper chamber.

194:4.10 there ensued a time of peace and q. in Jerusalem,

quieted down

142:8.3 the agitation against Jesus had so q. in Jerusalem that

151:6.6 the swine shortly after his troubled mind had q.,

152:1.1 And when the house had q., Jesus, going up to

169:3.3 the crowd q., Andrew arose and dismissed them for

192:0.1 for Galilee, the Jewish leaders had q. considerably.


151:2.6 words which Thomas spoke had a q. effect on all


78:5.8 culture of Mesopotamia q. spread out over India,

108:2.10 q., almost unconsciously, arrive at the decision to

117:6.25 patiently as a river q. wears away the soil beneath.

123:1.1 so q. had they gone about their business that neither

125:6.8 q. said: “Come, my parents, none has done aught but

136:9.8 return to Galilee and q. begin the proclamation of

137:3.6 they insisted on q. spreading the news abroad that

137:7.4 even though they lived so q. at Bethsaida, reports of

137:7.4 whose work continued along so q. at Capernaum.

138:6.5 Jesus planned to work q. with his twelve apostles

141:1.5 was spent q. taking over John’s work in Perea and

142:8.5 affairs moved along q. until the last days of June,

144:7.1 Jesus and the twenty-four worked q. in the Greek

144:8.2 and most of this time Jesus had labored very q.;

146:4.4 you tell no man about your healing but rather go q.

146:4.6 passing q. through Capernaum, they went on to

147:2.3 At Bethany they q. celebrated the Passover.

147:2.4 q. laboring for the extension of the kingdom, while

150:9.3 his captors and, facing them, q. folded his arms.

152:2.5 It was being q. whispered about that Jesus,

156:6.4 For one day they rested q. in the hills, going on

177:4.6 Jesus’ arrest that he could be taken into custody q.

186:3.3 instructing them to report to him q. on Sunday


131:2.6 in q. and confidence shall be your strength.’

142:5.4 shall the work of righteousness become peace, q.,


146:7.3 to tarry and teach while the countryside q. down.


90:4.8 cocoa and q. were among the first pharmaceutical


48:4.5 Q. growing out of the memories of past episodes in


173:0.2 And if I am going to q., how shall I break off?

quitesee quite, not or never

1:6.4 may be known and comprehended q. apart from the

5:1.4 cosmic meanings are attained q. independently of

5:5.14 the parental factors under natural conditions is q.

9:5.4 it is q. natural that the evolutionary will creatures

10:3.2 the domains of space, they appear to be q. different.

14:1.14 These dark masses are q. unlike other space bodies

14:3.7 are q. beyond the greatest possible stretch of human

14:4.12 relative meaning q. apart from either Paradise or the

15:4.1 we q. understand the organization of the material

16:5.3 in nature and character, q. like the Master Spirit of

21:2.10 creatures native to the local universes are q. varied.

21:2.10 one half of their inherent attributes are q. alike,

23:2.14 But it is q. impossible to convey to human minds the

28:3.2 seconaphim would be q. sufficient to demonstrate

28:5.10 these transactions are q. beyond finite conception

29:4.26 to receive our communications but q. powerless to

30:1.13 it would be q. futile to attempt their description to

30:4.15 reassociation of soul and Adjuster is q. properly

35:5.3 Neither are they q. the administrative peers of their

36:5.2 receptivity capacity for manifestation q. apart from

37:1.10 Gabriel worked q. alone with Michael and the

37:5.1 You q. well understand about universe-ascension

37:7.1 their number is q. beyond the comprehension of

39:8.9 is q. different from the experiences of the mortal

40:5.17 q. alike in mind endowment and spiritual potential

40:9.8 q. independently of the operation of memory,

40:10.4 it is q. obvious that the present ascension scheme

40:10.8 it is q. possible that, when the Paradise finaliters

41:1.3 make them q. independent of the suns of space.

41:3.2 planets, and satellites, even meteors, is q. identical.

41:7.11 of 35,000,000 degrees remains about the same q.

42:2.13 We are q. uncertain regarding the exact causes of

42:11.4 spirit, mind, and matter are q. independent of time

43:0.2 These 771 architectural spheres are q. comparable in

43:6.5 it is q. impossible to portray to mortal minds the

46:2.1 grandeur of such districts is q. beyond the powers of

46:5.26 beings into a state q. like that of the morontia order

46:7.6 I am q. without comparisons in undertaking to

47:0.2 Transition world number one itself is q. devoted to

47:1.5 mansion world ahead of the child, they are q. often

48:0.3 but in intent and purpose they are all q. similar.

48:2.20 It is q. beyond human imagination.

48:4.2 Celestial relaxation and superhuman humor are q.

48:6.31 you will become q. familiar with the history of

49:1.5 and is q. fully developed before the animal patterns

49:2.16 is q. impossible for you to envisage the environment

49:4.8 Mind is the bestowal of the Spirit and functions q.

50:1.3 Being q. alone as representatives of divinity on the

50:5.1 His work is q. independent of the missions of the

51:2.3 proceed q. independently of the physical survival

54:6.7 the evil to be penalized was q. fully developed

55:0.12 stage may be attained by any world q. independent

55:10.2 Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek, is q. unchanged.

56:7.9 It is q possible that in that future age we may witness

57:5.8 The visiting system did not come q. close enough

57:6.4 these gravity-tidal explosions of lesser bodies are q.

62:2.3 were q. tender in family associations, possessing

66:4.14 this supersustenance was q. sufficient to confer life

66:5.30 the Prince’s headquarters was q. different from the

66:7.18 The country around the city was q. well settled

69:5.13 varies, but his disposition remains q. unchanged.

70:5.8 Q. often the early royal insignias had originally been

72:11.5 mobile defense mechanisms are q. fully employed in

73:0.1 q. regardless of the cultural and moral setback which

75:1.1 among the human strains, they were q. dismayed.

75:3.9 Before Eve q. realized what was transpiring, the fatal

78:1.1 physical evolution had gone on q. unaffected by the

80:6.3 Andite artisans found themselves q. at home in that

83:6.1 But q. regardless of the effect on the individual,

84:5.4 and all q. regardless of man’s conscious attitude.

90:1.2 Q. a few of these earliest priests were of a class

92:0.5 is q. sufficient to initiate and prosecute the growth

93:0.1 q. often a Melchizedek who accepts the assignment.

93:4.14 simply did not feel q. at ease until he had offered

103:7.6 though such faith may appear to be q. unfounded

106:8.19 q. possible to postulate the union of the Supreme,

107:3.7 it would be q. useless for me to go to Divinington;

107:5.1 Hence it is q. difficult for humans to perceive that

107:7.6 q. apart from his presence in the personalities of his

108:4.1 the Adjusters are q. alone in their sphere of activity

108:4.3 Adjusters appear to come and go q. independent of

108:4.3 function in accordance with universe laws q. apart

110:4.2 You are q. incapable of distinguishing the product of

110:5.7 he remains consciously q. unconcerned about the

110:6.2 q. independent of the active co-operation of the mind

113:5.3 The seraphim act in your behalf q. independent of

116:6.3 the local universes they have become q. divergent.

117:7.5 deducing that he is q. real to the Sevenfold Deity,

121:8.8 Luke wrote q. a different story of the Master’s life.

122:5.2 Mary’s temperament was q. opposite to that of her

126:2.7 run fairly smoothly as there was q. a sum of money

126:3.5 Family responsibility had q. effectively removed all

126:3.9 Jesus had q. thoroughly settled many things about

128:4.9 Jesus seemed to become q. like an individual of the

129:1.10 talked q. freely with them, expressing his ideas

134:1.5 the individual members of his family q. normally

137:3.4 Now he seemed q. like his old self to all of them.

138:5.3 The next day Jesus left his twelve apostles q. alone;

139:3.5 James and John did not succeed q so well as Andrew

150:7.1 Jesus walked about Nazareth q. unobserved and

159:3.7 To those who live q. wholly within either realm,

166:1.1 since q. a number of his fellow Pharisees were

181:2.6 had q. forgotten about the Master’s announcement

187:4.7 Mary did not live q. one year after the death of Jesus

quite, not or never

25:2.8 beingsare almost, but not q., visible to the short-

25:6.4 attained status on Uversa are not q. eight million

44:4.4 The language of Nebadon is not q. so elaborate,

52:5.10 Mortal affairs are almost, but not q., utopian.

71:1.3 group of six nations never q. functioned as a state

76:3.3 Eveson lived not q. so long as Adam, and his son,

77:2.11 This period represents not q. seventy years,

95:2.2 but never q. dominating the evolving concepts of

123:3.2 Jesus’ young life occurred when he was not q. six

124:6.16 messenger to remind this lad, not q. thirteen years of

127:4.8 was a beautiful child but not q. so comely as Miriam,

128:1.8 began in Jerusalem when he was not q. thirteen

154:6.1 Mary could never q. forget the visit of Gabriel ere

177:4.3 Judas could not q. believe that the mighty works

193:6.2 This part of the meeting lasted not q. one hour.


125:6.9 the lad raised his staff aloft and, q. from head to foot

195:9.2 Urantia is now q. on the very brink of one of its most


29:4.16 superuniverse q. of these amazingly versatile beings.

29:4.22 the usual q. is one hundred for each inhabited world.

35:0.1 Magisterial Sons, Nebadon has its full q.1,062.

37:8.7 Advisers, we have our q., about one-half billion.

48:3.3 Your system now has its full q. of these beings,

49:5.22 With this ruler there arrives a full q. of subordinate

52:2.2 a full q. of seraphic and other celestial helpers is

52:3.2 is in possession of its full q. of celestial ministers;

128:7.11 his q. was cut in half because of his marriage,

129:2.11 Jude had considerably increased his q. and kept up


133:8.3 of all that Ganid said, the q. of a Hebrew proverb


162:2.1 “Teacher, how is it you can q. the Scriptures and

172:5.5 the colt, he recalled hearing Jesus onetime q. the


130:7.2 he q. the olden Jewish proverb“A man who would

133:6.2 q. the olden Hebrew proverb: “A man’s gift makes

140:8.2 Jesus q. with approval, on this afternoon, an old

146:2.3 q. to his apostles from the Prophet Zechariah:

146:2.3 Jesus q. the proverb of the wise man who said:

146:2.5 q. from the Hebrew scriptures: “I have called and

146:2.15 Jesus q. from the Scriptures on this occasion,

146:2.16 Jesus q. from the Scriptures: “I will praise the name


4:2.4 This q. is thus expressive of both the perfect and


146:2.13 q.: “Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth; keep

147:8.1 q. from the Prophet Isaiah: “‘Why have you fasted?

155:6.7 to give up the practice of always q. the prophets of

169:4.5 Except when q the Hebrew scriptures, Jesus referred


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