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60:3.21 The w. and swimming prebirds of earlier ages had


70:8.8 w. earner could elect to join the capitalistic ranks.

72:11.4 called upon to w. nine fierce defensive conflicts,


64:6.13 This long-drawn-out battle was w. for almost one

64:7.7 wars of extermination as were w. by the red, green,

79:5.5 superior races w. bitter and unremitting warfare.


46:8.4 “The w. of sin is death”—eternal obliteration.

53:9.8 its own destruction”; that “the w. of sin is death.”

72:5.3 W., profits, and other economic problems are not

72:5.5 but they are controlled by the industrial legislatures,

72:5.7 3. Fair and equitable w. for labor.

121:3.8 Superior slaves often received w. and by saving their

129:2.9 proposed to advance to Jesus the w. of one year so

132:5.17 Every tradesman deserves w. for his services;

135:6.8 exact nothing wrongfully—be content with your w..”

143:6.1 He who reaps receives w. and gathers this fruit to

163:3.6 steward: ‘Call the laborers and pay them their w.,


187:3.3 Many who passed by w. their heads and, railing at


81:3.6 the domesticated horse but also various sorts of w.


144:8.7 ‘We piped for you and you did not dance; we w.


55:2.5 The scenes of weeping and w. characteristic of

146:6.3 still others fell to praying and w. over their sins.

152:1.1 the relatives were engaged in weeping and w..

waitsee waitwith not

11:4.5 You must w., and ascend while you w., for truly,

54:4.2 a loving father can long w. for the repentance of an

65:8.2 We must w. upon the natural, physical development

71:4.16 the wicked lie in w. to take unfair and unholy

81:6.16 The spread of civilization must w. upon language.

97:7.8 Those who w. upon the Lord shall renew their

130:5.3 You must, in all such matters, w. upon time.

131:2.6 who w. upon the Lord shall renew their strength;

134:9.6 “It behooves me to keep busy while I w. for my hour

136:5.1 hosts of Nebadon sent by their commanders to w.

137:4.4 tarry with me while I w. upon the will of my Father

137:4.6 Rather are we here to w. upon the will of our

137:4.8 We must in all things w. upon the will of the Father

138:1.5 he resigned himself to “w. upon the Father’s will.”

152:5.3 ‘Be patient, w. upon the Lord and be of good

157:1.1 You w. by the gate, and I will presently return with

157:1.2 We will w. here while you go with the boat and

166:1.6 becoming all the more determined to lie in w. for

179:0.5 therefore no servants were provided to w. upon them

181:2.19 continue your daily work as those who w. upon

181:2.19 those who wait upon God and serve while they w..

186:4.4 might just as well die with him as w. for the end of

190:2.6 David did not long w., for the fourth appearance

waitwith not

62:7.1 We did not have to w. long.

140:5.7 seekers after truth do not have to w. for rewards in

147:6.4 spies did not have long to w. for their opportunity

158:4.6 saying: “We can heal him; you need not w. for the


62:6.6 realized that the long-w.-for hour was approaching;

78:1.13 the celestial observers on Urantia w. anxiously to

140:0.3 At last the long-w.-for hour had come!

147:3.5 afflicted man had w. all these years for somebody

157:0.1 after summoning reinforcements, w. patiently for

157:1.5 Jesus, with Andrew and Peter, w. by the seashore

158:0.1 the very place where the lad Tiglath once w. while

164:5.3 he w. with them near the temple until Josiah came

183:2.2 The betrayer feared that, if he w. for them to return

184:4.1 They w. only one hour.

184:4.2 John w. in lonely terror in an adjoining room.

185:1.3 A large deputation of Jews w. upon Pilate for five

185:2.8 Pilate had w. a few moments for them to present

189:0.3 and not understanding such phenomena, they w.

191:0.13 The apostles w. for him, and he w. for his brethren

waitingverb or gerund; see waiting, in

25:8.5 chance to arrive with you or were w. for you, then

25:8.8 Paradise Companions are assigned in order of w.

62:6.1 of watchful w. since the day we first planted the life

65:5.3 and behooves mortal minds to enlist in patient w.

67:3.7 seven years of w. was a time of heart searching and

67:6.2 which functioned throughout the seven years of w..

94:12.7 Urantia is w. for the proclamation of the ennobling

107:7.3 crises, Adjusters are always w. to act decisively in

111:0.6 it was expected that his ka would be w. for him on

112:5.13 of the destiny guardian throughout this season of w..

119:4.1 mission of bestowal, and we were not long kept w.,

130:5.3 story of Moses and the forty years of watchful w.

130:6.3 hasten off to where great things are w. to be done.

133:2.1 While tarrying at the ship landing, w. for the boat to


135:8.2 and Jude had arrived with the lunch and were w. in

135:9.2 forty days of tarrying, w. for the return of Jesus.

135:9.3 In the course of these forty days of w., many rumors

137:7.2 This time of w. severely tested the entire group of

137:7.3 This period of w. and teaching was especially hard

137:7.4 By the end of these many weeks of w. the reports

137:7.5 In this time of w. Jesus endeavored to teach his

140:10.10 And now the week of w. was over,and they prepared

151:0.2 This time of w. before starting for the Passover at

152:0.1 a great crowd was w. for Jesus when his boat

152:1.3 Everywhere he went the afflicted were w. for him.

154:6.4 to them the moment he received word they were w..

154:6.11 this explains why Jesus did not see his family w. on

157:6.1 the home of Celsus, w. for messengers to arrive from

158:5.1 while we were w., your apostles sought to cast out

178:3.6 Mark was w. to welcome them to his father’s home

182:0.2 observed that he was not there, w. to receive them.

184:5.1 led into the adjoining room, where John was w..

186:1.1 the Sanhedrin w. to learn what had been done with

189:4.8 terrorized when Mary failed to find her sisters w.

191:0.5 had settled down with the others to watchful w..

195:0.3 all the Roman Empire and all the Orient were w.

waiting, in

28:7.1 including the ascendant beings in w. for Havona

44:2.1 those realities which God has in w. for those who

113:7.5 And they will be in w. on the shores of Paradise

134:3.6 unceremoniously dismissed, and his alternate in w.

135:5.7 —a Son of God—a heavenly Prince, long held in w.

146:2.8 these good gifts have long been in w. for the son’s

168:1.10 under the leadership of Gabriel and now in w.,

168:2.6 to the former Adjuster of Lazarus, now in w.,

184:0.2 Annas knew that a court of Sanhedrists was in w. at

185:1.7 heard of Jesus through the word of her maid-in-w.,

186:0.1 the family of Jesus was assembled in w. at the home

192:1.2 the afternoon and early evening of Thursday in w.

waitingadjective; see waiting Adjuster

25:8.8 would be assigned to him the first w. companion

31:1.1 millions of Havona natives upon this w. list.

39:4.17 seraphim on Jerusem spend much of their w. time in

39:4.17 many-experienced seraphim of the w. reserve corps.

75:3.5 immediately to advance the needy w. tribes.

108:1.8 a working pattern of the w. mortal mind is utilized

112:5.18 return of the Adjuster to the w. morontia creature.

136:3.4 down from Mount Hermon to join the w. lad,

154:6.11 hastened through the front entrance to the w. boat.

157:1.5 the three w. men entered their boat and rowed away

168:4.12 to recognize and appropriate the long-w. answers to

174:5.1 by Andrew, he returned to the w. Greeks.

189:0.1 anxious w. watchers: “Not one of you can do

190:1.9 went out to Bethany to join the w. family of Jesus.

194:3.3 to escape this life in order to enjoy the w. bliss of

waiting Adjuster(s)

49:6.5 During the sleep of their subjects these w. serve on

67:4.5 returned to Jerusem and were reunited with their w..

67:6.8 to Jerusem, where Van was reunited with his w..

108:2.8 crisis usually is attended by the arrival of the w..

108:2.9 the w. unvaryingly descends to indwell the mind of

112:5.19 of the Supreme to eternal association with the w..


32:4.9 the divine Adjuster who lives and works and w. in

110:3.4 the aims of the divine spirit who w. and works

133:4.4 of light where God w. to receive his children?

137:8.15 “Entrance into the Father’s kingdom w. not upon


150:8.8 three verses of the law, but this practice was w. on


41:10.4 nebular rings which are left behind in the w. of the

92:2.1 does religion (worship) follow in the w. of wisdom—

97:5.1 It was in the w. of this arousal of conscience and

171:4.3 after his death did these bewildered apostles w. up

181:2.9 what will you do when I go and you at last w. up


169:3.2 he w. up in Hades, and finding himself in torment,


110:5.3 were made during times of fully w. consciousness,


87:6.11 ancient methods still in vogue at “w.” for the dead.


50:5.4 These evolving beings spend their w. hours seeking

86:5.10 his dreams to be just a real as any part of his w.


59:1.17 the British Isles were emerging, except parts of W.,

59:4.8 In W., and other places in Europe the Devonian

134:6.3 England, Scotland, and W. were always fighting


132:4.5 talked with all sorts of people in every w. of life.

140:6.1 Afterward, while Jesus went for a w. along the beach

152:5.1 Andrew was first up and, going for a w. by the sea,

163:2.4 the next morning, as Jesus was going for a w.,


192:2.7 Jesus went for a w. and talk with Andrew and


46:5.10 you can w. about on the Sons’ promenades and

62:2.1 while they did not habitually w. on their hind legs,

62:4.1 Their ancestors had always learned to w. on their

62:4.4 these creatures could w. and even run as well as

97:5.2 word behind you, saying, ‘this is the way, w. in it.’”

97:5.6 to love mercy and to w. humbly with your God.”

97:7.8 run and not be weary; they shall w. and not faint.”

100:7.13 was willing to w. courageously through the “valley

126:4.5 justly, love mercy, and w. humbly with your God?

130:5.1 in going to Crete, and that was to play, to w. about

131:2.6 Says the Almighty God: ‘W. before me and be

131:2.6 and not be weary; they shall w. and not be faint.

131:2.7 Yes, even though I w. through the valley of the

131:2.9 will God withhold from those who w. uprightly.

131:6.2 but those who w. in the paths of righteousness shall

131:8.2 he can still w. in the ways of the Supreme;

136:8.5 before the bewildered multitude w. out on the air;

140:3.18 you must yourselves w. in the clear light of truth.

144:5.44 eternal progress And give us the will to w. therein.

147:3.5 in order to effect recovery—take up his bed and w..

148:5.3 refusal to w. in the better ways of the divine will.

148:6.10 small voice, saying, ‘This is the way; w. therein.

148:8.4 almost drowning from trying to w. on the water,

148:9.3 sins are forgiven, or arise, take up your bed, and w.

149:6.11 he said, ‘W. humbly with God,’ for, while the Father

150:9.3 as he started to w. forward, the mob parted and

152:2.2 who could not obtain boats fared forth on foot to w.

152:4.2 When the Master seemed to w. on by the boat,

152:4.2 “Lord, if it really is you, bid me come and w. with

152:4.2 And when Peter started to w. upon the water,

152:5.1 and the Mark lad had started to w. around the lake

153:2.3 you refuse to w. in the way of light which leads to

153:5.4 disciples have turned back; they w. no more with me.

160:5.10 provided we continue to w. in these spiritual paths

162:5.2 He who follows me shall not w. in darkness but

162:7.3 hardly w. in the light of the truth which I reveal.

172:5.4 Jesus climbed off the donkey and proceeded to w.

174:0.2 just now you must w. by faith and not by sight.

174:5.13 W. while you have this light so that the oncoming

174:5.13 but if you will choose to w. in the light, you shall


60:1.10 earlier reptiles were smaller, carnivorous, and w.

60:1.10 They w. on all fours, and one branch of this group

61:6.1 These small animals w. mostly on their hind legs,

62:3.2 They w. upright, having feet almost as well suited for

74:3.1 disillusioned Son and Daughter who w. that night

74:3.2 and Adam and Eve w. and talked far into the night,

74:3.4 the Son and his mate w. in the Garden and talked

122:7.4 on the animal with the provisions while Joseph w.,

124:6.7 That evening Joseph, Mary, and Jesus w. a mile and

125:1.4 They w. back through the court of the gentiles,

125:1.5 They returned to the upper court for Mary and w.

126:3.8 had w. through the courts of heavenly glory with

127:3.1 They w., and Jesus told James about the historic

128:2.4 he could have w. home every night if necessary,

128:6.8 Jesus and Jude w. over to Bethany for the night,

128:7.2 yet, as this man w. about Nazareth to and from his

132:4.6 To a Roman soldier, as they w. along the Tiber, he

133:0.2 the three travelers w. leisurely across Italy over the

133:6.2 they w. down by the river to observe the dredging of

134:9.2 Jesus w. about over the near-by hills and engaged in

136:7.3 of a certainty that Jesus never w. on the water nor

137:5.2 Jesus sent them to their rest while he w. and talked

147:6.4 and rushing back to where Jesus w. along, talking to

148:9.3 they made way for him, he w. out before them all.

150:7.1 This Friday afternoon Jesus w. about Nazareth quite

150:7.1 he w. down by the synagogue where he had gone

150:7.4 presumed to criticize Jesus because he w. too fast

152:1.1 girl immediately rose up and w. across the room.

156:2.1 As they w. over this bridge, Jesus said: “This world

158:8.1 “As you w. along together this afternoon, what

162:3.5 Jesus first w. around to near where this degenerate

163:3.3 And when they had w. down by the lake, they sat

167:7.1 Nathaniel w. most of the way by the side of Jesus,

168:2.8 As they w. toward the house, Gabriel dismissed the

172:4.3 they w. about the temple courts in silence, and after

172:5.1 as they returned to Bethany, Jesus w. in front of the

176:0.1 aroused the curiosity of the apostles as they w.

178:3.1 Jesus and the twelve w. over the western brow of

183:0.3 the Master left them and w. down toward the olive

184:2.7 Peter left the fireside for a time while he w. about the

184:2.11 had only thought, as he w. up and down the porch

186:1.3 Judas w. away from the temple in a trance.

186:1.7 onetime ambassador of the kingdom on earth now w.

190:2.4 And they w. through the garden and talked for

190:5.4 As they w. along, Jesus said to them: “How slow

190:5.5 Jesus began to teach them as they w. along the

190:5.6 hearts burned in us as he spoke to us while we w.

191:0.12 Thomas slept a portion of the day and w. over the

191:1.3 Peter and the morontia Jesus w. through the garden

192:1.10 then Jesus w. up and down the beach, talking with

192:2.1 As they w. along, Jesus said to John, “John, do you

192:2.3 After they had w. along a little farther, the Master

192:2.13 Then he w. and talked with the Alpheus twins,

195:10.6 have not been stirred since the days when they w.

196:2.3 presents a picture of the triumphant Jesus as he w.


62:5.2 They were w. and runners, not climbers;


62:3.2 having feet almost as well suited for w. as those of

62:4.1 and, when very young, insisted on w. upright.

131:5.3 Worship the God of light by joyfully w. in the

137:5.2 Cana to Bethsaida with Jesus, w., as it were, on air.

152:4.2 a vision of Jesus coming to them w. on the sea.

164:5.1 Jesus was w. about near at hand, teaching the

177:3.1 The apostles spent most of this day w. about on

190:5.3 After w. a short way with them, Jesus said: “What

191:1.5 seen the Master coming to them w. on the water,


95:3.3 is righteousness; who w. according to its way.”

96:5.7 “The Lord your God w. in the midst of the camp to

117:6.27 for he knows that the Father w. beside him each step

123:5.12 the custom for Joseph to take Jesus out for w. on

131:4.8 virtue alone w. by man’s side as he journeys ever

167:4.5 If a man w. in the day, he does not stumble

167:4.5 If a man w. in the night, he is liable to stumble

174:5.13 He who w. in the darkness knows not where he


46:5.11 each being surrounded by a public promenade w..

46:5.24 These exhibits occupy the outer edge of this vast w..

66:3.3 very simple but beautiful city, enclosed within a w.

66:4.10 in Dalamatia, long before the w. was completed,

66:5.8 The purpose of an ancient city w. was to protect

69:4.2 a w. wide enough to prevent the traders reaching

73:4.2 The first task was the building of the brick w. across

73:4.3 by building a smaller w. just outside the main w.;

73:5.4 Eden almost a mile beyond the outer or lesser w. of

73:6.7 only the stone w. stood until the Garden was

76:1.3 and Tigris came close together so that a defense w.

76:5.5 soon after the w. of the colony had been completed.

86:5.14 many civilized persons turn the mirror to the w. in

87:1.5 the corpse was removed through a hole in the w.,

89:6.5 The Chinese buried in a w. those workmen who died

121:7.1 The Jews had built up a rigid w. of separation

126:4.9 hung on the w. over James’s small workbench.

130:2.1 his friends strolled about on the beautiful w. which

133:3.6 they strolled about Corinth out near where the w.

183:4.2 Simon stood up on the stone w. of the olive press

191:0.8 couch in a corner of the room with his face to the w.;


73:4.3 and w. paths led between these groups to the twelve

97:9.11 at Jebus (Jerusalem), which was a strong-w. city


180:0.2 when I sent you forth without purse or w. and


89:6.5 substituted the w. in of the shadow of a passerby for


41:5.2 confined at high temperatures by opaque retaining w.

46:5.11 These w. are constructed of crystal gems of gleaming

46:5.11 penetrate each of these w. consist of single pearly

60:1.4 now be seen as the peculiar dolomite limestone w.,

63:6.3 crude outlines of it would be drawn on the w. of

66:5.8 Those living without the w. and in the forest were

66:7.1 The land provision within the city w. was sufficient

67:5.2 the hordes of semisavages who besieged its w. as a

73:5.4 which ran beneath the w. and emptied into the river

74:3.7 Along the w. eastward in Eden, Adam and Eve

89:6.5 many groups to build slaves alive into important w..

89:6.5 this custom of entombing living persons in the w. of

89:6.6 in building the w. of Jericho, “laid the foundation

97:9.16 palace, and the restoration of the w. of many cities.

111:0.5 On the w. of a temple at Luxor, where is depicted

123:2.14 the vines and flowers growing about the garden w.

123:5.12 when the sun shone upon their marble w., they could

136:4.2 and which hung upon the w. of the old home.

142:8.4 Jesus entered within the w. of Jerusalem only a

147:5.2 beggars might come in and, standing around the w.

147:8.4 they shall be called the rebuilders of broken w.,

149:4.2 his own self is like a defenseless city without w..

153:2.1 until the high fortified w. wherein you have trusted

171:5.1 hundred followers, approached the w. of Jericho.

172:1.3 In commenting on the legend of the w. of Jericho

172:1.3 “I am not concerned with such w. of brick and stone;

172:1.3 but I would cause the w. of prejudice and hate to

172:5.7 when he had once got inside the w. of the city and

176:4.2 But when the Roman armies leveled the w. of

183:2.1 Jesus and the eleven were well outside the w. of

185:1.4 put up on the w. of Herod’s palace in Jerusalem.

186:1.7 Judas journeyed through the city and outside the w.,

187:1.10 stopping with other Cyrenians outside the city w.


60:3.19 beech, birch, oak, w., sycamore, maple, and palms.


69:4.7 cords, picture writing, hieroglyphics, and w. belts,


88:5.4 The staff or w. was magical, along with drums, bells,


62:5.11 he w. off into the forest, was set upon by hostile

75:5.5 while their father w. in solitude for thirty days.

125:4.3 putting to death a drunken gentile who had w.

132:6.1 This little boy had w. away from his home, and

133:7.4 what fun they had as they w. over the mountains,

158:4.3 a minor official of Herod Antipas, had w. about

183:4.4 Simon Peter w. back to the Gethsemane camp,

186:1.3 he w. out through the city after the crowds who



57:5.13 detach these three tributaries of the celestial w..

138:5.1 Thomas the fisherman and Judas the w. met Jesus


49:3.2 are subject to incessant bombardment by these w..


41:6.1 Space is pervaded by these w. derelicts, especially

42:4.2 after countless ages and almost endless w. through

97:3.2 The w. Arabian tribes looked upon land as an

100:5.1 w. about in confusion among the isms and cults of

102:0.2 the cry of despair uttered by some w. soul who has

121:4.4 These w. Cynic preachers did much to prepare the

131:1.9 The weary soul of the w. mortal finds eternal rest in

136:3.4 w. about in the hills, seeking a suitable shelter,

158:4.2 this lad had become possessed by one of those w.


58:2.9 These diurnal w. of the compass are in response to

134:7.2 the year of Jesus’ solitary w. through Palestine and

154:7.3 and began the w. of this eventful last year of the


169:1.4 The sheep w. away, unintentionally; the coin is


88:6.1 Magic was practiced through the use of w.,


52:3.10 nationalism w., and the brotherhood of man really


182:2.2 The cheerful attitude of Jesus was w..


68:2.11 Pleasure-w. has long since superseded hunger-w.;

69:9.1 Communism prevented pauperism and w.;

129:2.9 friends for the safeguarding of his family against w.

136:9.2 Jews as world rulers, free from w. and oppression.

169:1.7 famine in that country, and he found himself in w..

169:2.4 to provide for future days of w. and adversity.

172:4.2 but this poor woman, even though she is in w.,

wantverb; see want, not

34:6.11 If you are a willing learner, if you w. to attain spirit

48:6.11 I shall not, in this Divine Presence, w. for food nor

92:7.13 Thinking men and women w. religion redefined,

101:1.7 merely lead men to w. to believe in God, but rather

130:7.2 to do something which you are sure they w. done,”

130:8.2 “I w. to be a true son of Abraham, but I cannot

130:8.2 Said Jesus: “If you truly w. to find God, that desire

133:1.5 normal human being w. to attack such a kindly

133:2.1 stammered out—“er—why—yes, what do you w. with

139:11.9 Jesus often told Simon that it was proper to w. to

140:8.26 “I w. to set men free so that they can start out afresh

142:6.1 no member of the Sanhedrin would w. to be

171:0.4 he asked her, “What do you w. me to do for you?”

171:5.3 Jesus said: “What do you w. me to do for you?”

182:1.6 I w. them all to be one, even as you and I are one.

184:4.5 the animal in man which leads him to w. to insult

186:1.4 I w. to escape the guilt of this deed.”

188:5.9 Jesus truly inspires all of us to w. to go and do

want, not

86:7.4 get what he wants and avoid what he does not w..

128:4.6 Jesus did not w. to build up such a human record

128:4.7 Again, Jesus did not w. to bring any undue influence

128:4.7 Jesus did not w. men to believe in him unless their

130:6.2 get away from folks; so, of course, you do not w.

131:2.7 The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not w..

136:9.6 all these powers into his hands, but he did not w.

138:3.7 knowing that Jesus did not w. the coming kingdom

140:8.20 Jesus did not w. simply to produce a religious

152:0.3 Jesus did not w. Veronica to go away thinking that

152:2.7 saying: “I do not w. to send these people away.

154:0.2 did not w. to become entangled in these intrigues

158:2.3 his postresurrection glory because he did not w. to

159:5.3 “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not w..

176:1.3 Jesus did not w. its teachers and preachers to perish

176:2.9 but the apostles did not w. to sleep; they wanted to

184:5.9 They did not w. again to look upon Jesus’ face as

187:1.7 he did not w. these kindhearted women to incur the

187:5.7 the Jews did not w. these bodies to be exposed on

190:1.1 The apostles did not w. Jesus to leave them;


69:2.7 a natural-born gambler; he w. to get something for

69:9.4 Primitive man w. to save up property as a nucleus

75:1.6 They w. to see some immediate results, and they did,

75:3.6 he was impatient; he w. to see some immediate

77:3.6 2. The next largest faction w. the tower designed to

77:5.3 Adamson w. to remain with his parents and assist

83:5.14 Wealthy and able men w. large numbers of children,

84:7.9 Woman always w. the individual family, eventually

87:2.7 Ghosts w. wives and servants; a well-to-do savage

87:5.14 sought to know the future; they w. to dodge ill luck.

88:1.1 man always w. to make anything extraordinary into a

93:8.1 Melchizedek w. to leave the scene of his earthly

127:3.5 temple, explaining that he w. to hear the teachers.

127:3.5 secretly in his heart he w. to hear Jesus participate

127:6.3 he most w. was an opportunity to talk with Lazarus

127:6.5 Jesus w. most of all to see Lazarus, Martha, and

128:7.8 runaway lad and, since Jude w. to be a fisherman,

129:3.5 Jesus w. to make no overpowering appeals to his

130:2.8 and Ganid w. to know whether the dog had a soul,

132:7.9 That which Ganid w. most to do he was actually

134:1.4 Simon and Jude had for some time w. to get married,

134:1.4 when it came to getting married, they w. the blessing

137:4.1 Everybody w. to greet this near-famous Galilean,

138:2.1 they all w. to talk at once, but Andrew assumed

138:5.3 Jesus w. them to become acquainted and desired that

139:1.11 friends; they really w. all the world to know him.

139:3.5 It was these “sons of thunder” who w. to call fire

139:4.8 John and James were much alike—they both w. to

139:5.7 he w. to encourage them all to look to him and

139:5.8 When Philip’s first convert, Nathaniel, w. to argue

139:8.9 like Philip; Thomas also w. “to be shown,” but his

139:12.7 Jesus w. not only the mortals of this world but the

140:8.25 Jesus w. his children on earth to live as though they

143:5.13 John many times w. to ask Jesus about this visit

144:6.2 They w. the Master to meet with them and preside

147:6.3 They w. to proceed straight on to Capernaum, but

162:2.4 The agents of the scribes w. to lay hands upon him,

163:2.6 Master w. to deliver him from the love of wealth,

164:3.15 Jesus w to teach them that they must cease to regard

168:1.12 Martha thought maybe Jesus w. only to take one

176:2.9 they w. to know more about the destruction of

177:3.2 If we had all w. to go with him as much as John

178:2.9 Jesus w. to be sure he would have this one last

179:2.1 I w. to eat with you once more before I suffered,

179:5.4 Master employed symbols because he w. to teach

181:2.4 you have changed much since you w. me to call fire

181:2.10 Simon w. to speak further, but Jesus raised his hand

181:2.20 Philip, you have always w. to be shown, and very

183:3.4 he w. to make a show of carrying out his part of

184:1.1 Annas w. to make sure that the Master’s trial was

184:5.8 they w. to see Jesus destroyed, but they would not

185:1.2 When they w. to influence his decisions, all they

186:1.3 Judas w. to appeal to the Sanhedrin, but they

187:2.9 Jesus w. to leave mankind only the memory of a life

190:2.7 They all w. to rush off to the city to tell the doubting

191:0.13 First, Jesus w. them to have time, after they heard of

191:0.13 The Master w. Peter to wrestle through with some

191:0.13 Thomas really w. to return, but having left as he did

192:1.2 why Jesus w. to meet with them amidst the scenes of

195:3.5 exposing children to death when they were not w.,


28:6.15 the secoraphic balances and pronounced “not w..”

34:4.13 This sense is not wholly w. as a conscious possession

95:2.9 soul were weighed in the balances and found w.,

139:5.2 Philip was always w. to be shown.

175:4.8 had different motives for w. to see Jesus put to death


196:2.8 condemned the rich because they were usually w.


5:1.7 become like him, honestly w. to do the Father’s will,

69:5.5 2. Love of family—desire to provide for their w..

69:5.5 saving of property in spite of the pressure of the w.

69:5.12 men acquired new incentives for saving; new w.

70:9.16 compel the strong and superior to supply their w.

86:7.4 laws of nature will enable man to get what he w. and

132:7.9 wholeheartedly and unselfishly w. to do and be,

142:7.7 fathers are not content with supplying the mere w.

143:6.4 That he w. all men to see God as a Father-friend just

warsee war in heaven

50:5.5 and more attention is devoted to the technique of w..

52:6.1 of world-wide peace; the nations no more learn w..

52:6.6 adjudication for the barbarous arbitrament of w..

54:1.10 W. is the heritage of early evolutionary man, but on

55:3.21 embraced in the problems of disease, degeneracy, w.,

55:5.4 W. has become a matter of history, and there are no

61:3.11 food, then for travel, and later in agriculture and w..

62:2.5 superior groups did not hesitate to make w. on their

62:3.4 new group grew great, w., relentless w., broke out;

64:7.7 the yellow men now and then engaged in racial w.,

66:5.29 The purely military w. dances were refined and made

68:3.4 conspire to plunge mankind into w. and bloodshed.

68:6.3 life became comparatively cheapened so that w.,

68:6.11 if w. is lessened and science increasingly controls

69:1.3 They include industry, property, w. for gain, and all

69:1.4 They include marriage customs, w. for defense,

69:1.5 and personal adornment, social usages, w. for glory,

69:3.6 Smiths were regarded as neutrals during w.,

69:8.3 step in the merciful treatment of w. captives.

69:8.4 In w. the herders made a practice of killing all men


70:1.1 W. is the natural state and heritage of evolving man;

70:1.1 while w. is but these same activities carried on

70:1.2 W. is an animalistic reaction to misunderstandings

70:1.4 But there could be no such phenomenon as w. until

70:1.4 The very concept of w. implies some degree of

70:1.7 Among the early causes of w. were: 1. Hunger,

70:1.8 Scarcity of land has always brought on w.,

70:1.9 Woman stealing has always caused w..

70:1.12 5. Revenge was the motive for w. when one tribe

70:1.12 The w. for vengeance was in good standing right

70:1.13 6. Recreation—w. was looked upon as recreation by

70:1.13 If no good and sufficient pretext for w. arose, when

70:1.14 The primitive religions all sanctioned w..

70:1.14 in recent times has religion begun to frown upon w..

70:1.15 Always these olden tribes made w. at the bidding of

70:1.20 The first refinement of w. was the taking of prisoners

70:1.21 practice of declaring w. represented great progress.


70:2.1 In past ages a fierce w would institute social changes

70:2.1 terrible price paid for these certain w. advantages

70:2.1 W. is strong medicine, very costly and dangerous;

70:2.1 it sometimes kills the patient, destroys the society.

70:2.2 military and is even indebted to w. for the dance,

70:2.3 W. has had a social value to past civilization because

70:2.4 it: 1. Imposed discipline, enforced co-operation.

70:2.5 it: 2. Put a premium on fortitude and courage.

70:2.6 it: 3. Fostered and solidified nationalism.

70:2.7 it: 4. Destroyed the weak and unfit peoples.

70:2.8 it: 5. Dissolved the illusion of primitive equality and

70:2.9  W. has had a certain evolutionary and selective value

70:2.9 it must sometime be abandoned as civilization slowly

70:2.9 During past ages w. was a social ferment which

70:2.9 W. has served many valuable purposes in the past,

70:2.9 it has been an indispensable scaffolding in building

70:2.9 with the terrible losses attendant upon its invocation.

70:2.10 And so must the international bloodletting of w.

70:2.19 Do not make the mistake of glorifying w.; rather

70:2.19 rather discern what it has done for society so that

70:2.19 then you may be sure that w. will long continue.

70:2.21 But even in passing, w. should be honored as the

70:2.21 Old-fashioned w. did select the innately great men

70:2.21 innately great men for leadership, but modern w.

70:3.11 sex appetite being utilized in combating the w. urge.

70:4.1 Urantia nations are still spending vast sums on w.

70:4.10 the tribal w. chiefs established the father line.

70:5.5 neither peace nor w. can be run by a debating society

70:5.5 W. has always been a kingmaker.

70:5.6 At first the w. chiefs were chosen only for military

70:5.6 tending to continue to rule from one w. on through

70:5.6 They often saw to it that one w. was not too long in

70:5.6 These early w. lords were not fond of peace.

70:5.7 the peace chiefs, and the hereditary w. chiefs.

70:7.16 They were the first spies when the tribes were at w.

70:7.17 a change of administration only followed civil w.,

70:8.5 3. Chance—w. and emigration resulted in the

70:12.2 entirely too much w. to permit representative

71:0.1 society’s gain from the ravages and sufferings of w..

71:4.17 secure from all attack by its w.-loving neighbors

71:5.1 competition is slowly displacing w. in that it

71:5.1 Murder and w. differ in their status before the mores,

71:5.1 while w. has never yet been outlawed by mankind

71:8.13 11. The ending of w.—international adjudication of

72:5.2 many of these superior slaves were w. captives or

72:7.7 any state can borrow except for purposes of w..

72:7.7 in the event of w. the National Council of Defense

72:7.14 Federal appropriations, except w. funds assessed by

72:11.4 a powerful w. establishment as a defense against

72:11.4 employed military resources in an offensive w..

72:11.4 temptation to utilize their w. powers in aggression.

72:11.5 When w. is declared, the entire nation is mobilized.

75:5.3 they declared w. on the near-by Nodite settlement.

75:6.2 Adam had no liking for w. and accordingly elected to

77:4.1 This internal w. greatly reduced the numbers of the

78:3.1 population pressure, instead of making w. to secure

79:8.5 but the societal opinion of w. remained low;

80:3.4 practicing polygamy when w. produced a shortage of

80:3.9 intermarried with the higher types of w. captives

81:3.6 now vehicles became employed in commerce and w..

81:6.5 situations are influential in determining peace or w..

81:6.12 You are sometimes shocked at the ravages of w.,

81:6.12 national population enhances culture and prevents w.

82:2.1 This social conflict consists in the unending w.

84:3.10 In hunting and w. man had learned the value of

86:7.5 Industry, w., slavery, and civil government arose in

88:2.5 relics alongside the law in the combined w. altar

89:3.6 leads to a w. against marriage and the home,

89:5.4 resorted to by many African tribes as a w. measure

89:5.7 When disease or w. failed to control population,

90:1.1 In many groups the shaman outranked the w. chief,

90:3.5 Fatalities and wounds attendant upon w., animal

93:5.13 Melchizedek heard of Abraham’s declaration of w.,

96:5.7 the Lord is a man of w., God of battles, glorious in

97:2.1 continued disastrously after the w. of separation.

97:9.18 After four years of civil w. and three dynasties,

98:3.1 gods into the tribal reverence for Mars, the god of w.

99:3.8 goals, as when in times of w. each contending nation

111:4.10 That is the explanation of poverty, divorce, w., and

111:4.11 with the devastation of evil and sin—oppression, w.

111:4.11 inner life—is a species of civil w. in the personality.

134:5.2 W. on Urantia will never end so long as nations cling

134:5.9 right on down to the end of the World W., when an

134:5.10 will withdraw from the League and declare w..

134:5.10 You cannot prevent nations going to w. as long as

134:5.12 sovereign nation surrenders its power to make w.

134:5.13 government, and through the arbitrament of w.,

134:5.13 The forty-eight states suffer the ravages of w. only

134:6.4 Another world w. will teach the so-called sovereign

134:6.7 W. is not man’s great and terrible disease;

134:6.7 w. is a symptom, a result.

134:6.8 henceforth be fully able to protect them from all w..

135:5.5 The literalists taught that a world-wide w. would

140:5.18 peace prevents race antagonisms, suspicions, and w..

159:5.6 “Neither shall the nations learn w. any more.”

171:2.3 Again, what king, when he prepares to make w.

178:1.4 the hate urge of the unbelieving and w.-minded

195:0.2 Western civilization was at this time w. weary, and

195:8.5 will lead only to unrest, animosity, unhappiness, w.,

195:9.9 before the challenge of human greed, w.-madness,

196:0.3 cling to faith as would a struggling soul at w. with

war in heaven

53:5.6 “There was w.; Michael’s commander and his angels

53:5.6 This “w.” was not a physical battle as such a conflict

53:5.7 But this w. was very terrible and very real.

53:5.7 but the w. was fought in terms of life eternal.

53:7.12 from the beginning of the “w.” until the installation

67:3.1 There was “w.,” the headquarters of Satania, and it

67:3.1 and it spread to every planet in the local system.


20:4.5 the individual and personal w. of a Master Son

38:8.6 and if the mortal w. attains survival, then do they

48:5.1 when her mortal w. is delivered from the bonds of

113:6.2 the consciousizing of her former w. in the flesh.

150:3.6 4. Charms and relics are impotent to w. off disaster,

150:3.11 of good spirits or to w. off supposed evil spirits.


80:9.14 charms of the New Stone Age for w. off the evil eye.


22:7.10 they become the w. of the Architects of the Master

22:8.4 nominate their creature-trinitized w. for embrace by

30:4.6 5. Superuniverse W..

30:4.19 Throughout the morontia experience they are w. of

30:4.21 Superuniverse w. have never been known to go

30:4.22 5. Superuniverse W.. All ascenders arriving on the

30:4.22 ascenders become the w. of the Ancients of Days;

31:4.1 through the ascendant career with their human w.,

31:9.13 Para. Citizens, become w. of the Master Architects.

36:4.8 finaliters decline to discuss the destiny of their w..

38:8.5 helpers when their mortal w. attain the morontia

38:9.10 midway creatures become the w. of the System

40:10.9 They become w. of the superuniverse, serving as

47:2.2 facilities for the training of the probationary w. of

47:2.2 These w. of the finaliters, these infants of ascending

48:6.34 but their w., for some reason, failed to personalize

55:7.3 Adam and Eve who are now held on Edentia as w.

68:6.9 these illegitimate children became the w. of the girl’s

75:6.3 with their parents or of becoming w. of the Most

77:5.3 children who chose to become w. of the Most Highs.

113:7.6 are always in communication with their former w. of


34:7.3 do not experience constant w. between their physical

34:7.6 mortals would experience less of this apparent w.

52:2.5 relentless w. sometimes results in the obliteration

53:5.4 Michael elected to remain aloof from the actual w.

53:5.7 of the barbarities so characteristic of physical w. on

63:4.8 threatened with extinction by this incessant w. of the

64:3.5 superior Badonan tribes began a w. of extermination

64:5.1 For more than one hundred years this relentless w.

66:5.30 of a peaceful nature, to regulate and humanize w.,

70:1.7 W. persists because man is human, evolved from an

70:1.21 gradual development of the rules of “civilized” w..

70:1.22 Thus did w. gradually evolve from the primitive man

70:2.9 Ancient w. resulted in the decimation of inferior

70:2.9 Ancient w. supported the concept of a God of

70:3.3 W. and external pressure forced tribal organization

75:5.9 a long and bitter w. between the Adamites and the

78:8.9 there ensued a long period of constant w. between

79:5.5 two superior races waged bitter and unremitting w.

79:5.5 the yellow man was an apt pupil in the art of w.,

79:8.1 While the red man suffered from too much w.,

80:6.5 culture was cut short by internal w. along the Nile,

80:9.11 In the north the Andites, through w. and marriage,

84:3.10 Decreasing primitive w. greatly lessened the disparity

132:1.4 They must eschew all w. between themselves

153:1.1 to inaugurate open w. on Jesus and his disciples.

153:1.2 the immediate declaration of avowed and open w.

153:1.2 of open w. and final acceptance or final rejection.

157:6.4 of much of this intellectual and instinctual w..


165:4.8 Scripture: ‘There is he who waxes rich by his w.


64:7.5 amalgamated race, one which was much less w.

68:5.11 The hunter and herder were militant, w.;

70:1.4 periods of peace and to sanction w. practices.

79:1.6 reduce population and render these people less w.;


41:5.4 space adventure, maybe to w. an inhabited planet,

59:1.17 deflected eastward to bathe and w. the shores of

184:2.2 over to the charcoal fire and sought to w. himself,


58:4.4 would carry this life with it, in its w.-water seas,

59:3.7 and the w. seas bathed the shores of the polar lands.

59:5.4 210,000,000 years ago the w.-water arctic seas

60:3.18 The climate was still w. and uniform.

61:3.1 By the end of this period these w.-climate plants and

62:3.1 no disability as they lived in a w. and equable climate

63:5.2 along the great rivers leading to the then w. waters

64:4.8 so w. that the Alps were almost denuded of ice and

65:2.1 in the sluggish and w.-water bays and lagoons of the

66:4.7 residence in a w. region abounding in fruits and nuts.

113:2.5 the seraphim, develop a w. affection for them.

127:3.10 Jesus had many w. friends and stanch admirers

130:1.1 at Joppa, Jesus and Gadiah became w. friends.

139:11.7 Simon was a man of w. personal devotions and he

147:3.1 This periodic disturbance of the w. waters was

156:2.3 pass over the record of this w. reception of Jesus’

167:4.3 this was a necessary practice in such a w. climate.

184:2.11 as he walked up and down the porch to keep w.,


15:6.10 The superuniverse of Orvonton is illuminated and w.


59:1.2 The world climate grows slightly w. and becomes

59:1.17 The southern seas were w. then than now, and

61:3.9 but the Pacific coast remained w. than at present.

61:5.8 was about as mild as at present, perhaps a little w..

62:3.11 Their descendants sought the w. southern regions

81:6.7 While these w. zones of habitation afforded some


124:1.10 Even during the w. summer months a cool sea breeze


184:2.3 here in the courtyard of Annas, w. himself beside

184:2.4 the portress let Peter in, and while he was w. himself


25:8.5 You may be certain of being w. welcomed when


63:2.5 been forced to make use of animal skins for w..

140:6.1 while the twins built a small fire to give them w.


74:5.5 Adam tried to w. the races against Caligastia, but

78:7.5 neighboring river settlements every year and w.

135:6.7 I will baptize you, but I w. you to bring forth fruit

137:6.5 should also be prepared for trouble, for I w. you

140:3.19 “I w. you against false prophets who will come to

140:8.5 He never ceased to w. his disciples against the evil

147:7.3 Then the Master proceeded to w. his hearers against

153:2.3 obeyed the Lord’s command to w. his brethren of

153:2.3 the man who dares to w. them of the day of their

156:5.5 “But let me w. you against the folly of undertaking

163:6.6 I would sternly w. you against the subtleties of pride

171:4.2 but I would now w. you not to put your trust in

173:4.4 so once more do I w. you that, if you continue to

174:0.2 I would w. you to beware the slippery paths of

175:1.4 have we sent our prophets to teach and w. them,

175:1.6 I solemnly w. you that you are about to lose your

175:2.3 but we would w. all who read this narrative that

176:1.4 In the meantime, I w. you, be not deceived.

178:3.3 I w. you to take heed lest you needlessly expose

179:4.5 I desire to w. you of these sorrows and so prepare

180:6.1 I w. you the hour draws near when they who kill

181:2.11 Simon, once more I w. you that they who fight

183:3.1 thought to pose as having hastened out to w. them

warnedsee warned Jesus or Jesus warned

51:3.4 Melchizedek receivers of Urantia w. both Adam

66:8.2 patiently instructed and lovingly w. respecting

75:2.4 w. Eve never to stray from the side of her mate,

75:4.4 been w. by the archangel custodian to refrain from

75:7.4 I had personally and repeatedly w. them, both before

93:9.1 Although Melchizedek had fully w. his followers that

95:1.8 Melchizedek had w. his followers to teach about

97:4.4 w. the Israelites that ritual must not take the place of

135:6.7 “Who w. you to flee, as vipers before the fire,

145:2.6 And were you not w. that the natural human heart is

149:6.12 Have you not been well w. against those who

182:3.8 these armies of heaven have repeatedly been w not to

191:1.5 Andrew got up and w. them not to be too much

warned Jesus or Jesus warned

52:6.1 Your Master, when on earth, w. his disciples that

136:6.2 had already been w. by his Personalized Adjuster,

137:4.12 Adjuster w. him about the inability of any power

137:5.1 w. them to make no mention of the turning of the

138:7.3 w. them that the enemy of the kingdom would seek

139:12.11 Jesus many times had w. Judas that he was slipping,

140:8.17 Jesus w. his listeners against covetousness,

140:10.4 have w. us not to be deceived by false prophets

141:5.4 he w. his apostles against the formulation of creeds

145:2.6 And were you not w. that the natural human heart is

146:2.15 14. Jesus w. his followers against thinking that

147:5.9 But Jesus earnestly w. his apostles against the

149:4.3 At the same time he w. them against the dangers

149:6.12 Have you not been well w. against those who

154:6.9 Jesus had w. his apostles that a man’s foes may be

155:3.6 Jesus w. his believers that, if their religious longings

163:4.11 Peter w. them that they would encounter hostility

163:4.14 They were strictly w. against leaving a modest home

164:3.6 Jesus had often w. them to avoid the tendency to

171:2.5 Now have I w. you to turn back to your homes in

177:1.4 Jesus w. the lad not to become discouraged by

178:3.2 w. you that I must presently return to the work the

180:6.1 I have even w. you that a man’s foes may be those

181:1.5 I have w. you that the Son of Man will be killed,

184:2.2 specifically w. not to endanger their lives during


45:1.11 solemn w. to all Nebadon until the Ancients of Days

53:9.8 darkness in Satania have constituted a solemn w. to

67:2.3 suddenly and without w. isolated, utterly cut off

75:4.5 Eve had told Cano of this oft-repeated w. on the

87:6.11 approach of ghosts, and dogs gave w. by howling;

133:7.3 and then, without w., young Ganid was suddenly

137:2.4 Here, without a moment’s w.—on the roadside

149:6.12 And have you not also read that direful w. of the

153:2.3 for his words of w., they did let him down by cords

153:4.3 Let me utter a solemn w. to you who would

157:6.12 in the face of my w. you that the Son of Man will not

157:7.4 Judas took personal offense at Jesus’ recent w. to

168:3.7 Jesus received w. of the doings of the Sanhedrin on

168:5.1 he received w. that the Sanhedrin had decreed his

169:3.1 heard John the Baptist thunder this parable of w.

171:4.4 We bring you this w. that you may escape.”

176:1.5 And it was in conformity with this very w. that the

176:1.6 Even after this explicit w., many of Jesus’ followers

177:5.2 This was the occasion of Jesus’ w. his followers to

179:4.8 W., even when administered in the most tactful

184:2.8 crowed, and Peter remembered the words of w.

191:0.5 he did this by reminding them of Jesus’ w. against

193:4.1 fate of their traitorous fellow worker as a solemn w.


128:6.7 After w. Jude not to allow himself again to be


23:1.9 a power of automatic alarm, a w. signal, which

128:6.5 and before Jesus could caution him by a w. glance,


97:4.6 Hosea faithfully continued the moral w. of Amos,

135:6.3 poured forth his w. in the “spirit and power of Elijah.

137:3.6 And in spite of Jesus’ repeated w. that they tell no

139:12.11 but divine w. are usually useless in dealing with

145:3.11 to bear in his human mind the admonitory w. of

164:0.1 To their entreaties and to all their w. emphasizing

165:5.7 Some of these w. they had heard before but not in

171:4.8 willing to grasp the w. of the impending setback.


181:0.2 the impartation of his final admonitions and w..

194:4.1 They forgot his teachings and his w..


0:5.12 The w. of morontia is spiritual; its woof is physical.


159:1.6 danger that the verdict of an individual may be w.


60:3.4 The w. of the American continents continued,

61:1.11 other terrestrial activities, including lava flows, w.,


29:3.11 that would w. the opinion that certain of the physical

93:10.9 evidence to w. the belief that Machiventa is destined

122:10.2 Joseph deemed himself sufficiently poor to w. his

126:5.11 to w. undertaking the purchase of a small farm.

133:7.9 not exist sufficient unity to w. the designation of a

184:3.9 of Jesus to destroy the temple was sufficient to w.


67:6.7 attainment which w. the dispatch of a Material Son

122:0.2 which w. their selection as the bestowal race.

149:2.7 And this admonition is w, notwithstanding that Jesus


133:7.6 it is this phenomenon which w. the bestowal of an

156:6.8 while Antipas had signed w. for his arrest in Galilee,


52:2.11 in a primitive and w. tribal social organization.

70:3.10 The peace ambassadors of two w. tribes would meet

134:6.5 and races that live in the ever-w. nations of Europe.


63:4.4 trying to protect and save an injured fellow w..

84:3.4 This exaltation of the w. elevated the male ego while

97:2.1 fearless w. for righteousness, Elijah, began his

172:3.5 A w. king always entered a city riding upon a horse;


69:4.2 women were the burden bearers; the men were w..

70:1.20 Such w. were early prohibited from associating with

70:8.8 the demarcations between priest-teachers, ruler-w.,

79:1.9 And like the Andites of old, these w. proclaimed the

80:1.1 Europe as adventurers, teachers, traders, and w..

80:3.5 the men were skilled hunters and courageous w..

96:5.9 and partially self-regulating nation of pastoral w..

131:3.6 He is the greatest of w. who overcomes and


25:3.12 to avoid clashes of mind and w. of opinions.

51:5.4 the racial w. and other tribal struggles are diminished

52:2.5 Racial struggles and tribal w. continue over into

52:6.1 told them there would be “w. and rumors of w.,”

63:4.8 Family feuds increased, tribal w. broke out, serious

64:6.6 these tribal w. would result in the speedy extinction

64:6.8 Internecine w. were resumed, and never after the

64:7.7 did not carry on such incessant and relentless w. of

69:4.6 Many of the earlier w. were fought over natural

70:1.15 of the atrocious cruelty of the ancient tribal w.;

70:1.19 Early w. were fought between tribes as a whole, but

70:2.9 Olden w. promoted travel and cultural intercourse;

70:2.9 Olden w. strengthened nations, but modern struggles

70:2.9 Early w. promoted organization and efficiency, but

72:11.4 no civil w. since the establishment of the united

73:6.7 and in connection with one of their internal w.,

79:8.2 state gradually disintegrated—past w. were forgotten.

97:9.18 There were ups and downs—w. between Israel and

134:4.5 (religious liberty) without having religious w. unless

134:4.8 even religious w., at least w. among religionists.

134:5.7 smaller groups to larger groups, w. are lessened.

134:5.7 minor w. between smaller nations are lessened, but

134:5.7 but the potential for greater w. is increased as the

134:5.7 the stage be set for major w., world-wide conflicts.

134:5.7 without generating conflicts and eventuating w..

134:5.10 of nations will effectively prevent minor w. and

134:5.10 but they will not prevent world w. nor control the

134:5.10 international police force will prevent minor w.,

134:5.10 but it will not be effective in preventing major w.,

134:5.13 They have no more w. among themselves.

134:5.17 w. are going to become more and more devastating

134:5.17 How many world w. must be fought and how many

134:6.3 There shall be w. and rumors of w.—nation will rise

134:6.4 preventing small w., w. between the lesser nations.

134:6.4 But global w. will go on until the government of

134:6.4 Global sovereignty will prevent global w.—nothing

134:6.8 from the ravages and devastations of world w..

176:1.1 When you hear of w. and rumors of w., be not

194:3.12 through the ravages of great and destructive w. in

194:3.18 that it periodically breaks loose in destructive w..

195:8.7 unlooked-for harvest of world w. and international


19:4.4 the Perfector of Wisdom would be the “I w.,”

6:1.4 the glory which I had with you before this world w..”

92:2.2 Religion clings to the mores; that which w. is

100:3.5 and potential—not what w., but what is and is to be.

101:6.17 Jesus w. and is the new and living way whereby man

118:1.9 I AM signifies also I WAS and I WILL BE.

126:3.10 W. not he a Jew? or w. he?

126:3.10 W. he or w. he not of the house of David?

129:4.7 as Jesus lived his mortal life in his day and as he w.,

130:1.1 Jesus was a truth giver; he w. the truth for that

138:5.2 they did not perceive that Jesus w. a new revelation

140:10.2 his teaching because Jesus w. all that he taught.

145:3.11 expression of healing desire—the creative act w..

149:2.11 Jesus engaged in the destruction of that which w.

169:4.4 Jesus w. a revelation of God.

174:3.4 Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” not I w. their God.

washsee washimperative

66:5.21 difficult to persuade primitive men to w. their bodies

139:2.6 First Peter refused to let Jesus w. his feet and then,

151:5.3 The wind was so strong that the waves began to w.

153:3.3 “We notice that neither you nor your apostles w.

153:3.3 Neither do you properly w. your drinking cups

164:3.10 and directed that I go and w. in the pool of Siloam.

164:3.11 know that the Jesus who had directed him to w. at

164:3.12 the clay and the spittle and directed him to w. in the

164:3.14 had it not been necessary to w. away the clay of his

164:4.2 told me to go w. in Siloam, and I do now see.”

164:4.3 in sending this beggar to w. in Siloam on the Sabbath

166:1.2 Nathaniel without going to the water basins to w.

166:1.2 Neither did Jesus w. his hands, as did the Pharisees

175:4.1 forsake the gospel movement and w. his hands of

179:1.2 began to think within himself, Who shall w. our feet?

179:3.1 custom for the host to arise from the table and w.

179:3.1 who had so recently refused to w. one another’s feet

179:3.1 attitude of a servant, make ready to w. Simon’s feet

179:3.2 Jesus’ attitude revealed that he was minded to w.

179:3.2 and proposing to w. his feet as would a slave.

179:3.3 said, “Master, do you really mean to w. my feet?”

179:3.3 said, “Master, you shall never w. my feet!”

179:3.5 said: “Peter, I declare that, if I do not w. your feet,

179:3.5 reconciled to the thought of allowing Jesus to w.

179:3.8 why was it that you were unwilling to w. one

179:3.9 you were not content proudly to refuse to w. one


126:4.4W. yourselves, make yourselves clean; put away the

164:3.8 “Go, my son, w. away this clay in the pool of

179:3.3 said, “Master, you shall never w. my feet!”

179:3.5 said: “Then, Master, w. not my feet only but also


57:8.20 meteors worn down by erosion, and w into the ocean

59:5.15 But many of these deposits were w. away during

60:2.4 leveled down and w. into the Atlantic Ocean so that

61:1.1 the land gradually rose but was simultaneously w.

87:6.12 forms, water in which the priests had w. their feet.

139:2.6 hearing the Master’s reply, begged to be w. all over.

147:5.4 This grateful woman has w. my feet with tears and

164:3.8 And when Josiah had so w. in the pool of Siloam,

166:1.2 he w. his hands only for purposes of cleanliness,

166:1.2 to the table without having twice w. his hands.

167:1.3 Abner w. his hands at the beginning of the meal but

179:3.1 the guests likewise rose up and w. their hands.

179:3.6 who is already clean needs only to have his feet w..

179:3.6 the dust of your feet should have been w. away

179:3.8 If, then, the Master has w. your feet, why was it that

185:8.2 there before the multitude he w. his hands, saying:

186:4.1 After Pilate had w. his hands before the multitude,


84:7.10 Eskimo mother even yet licks her baby in lieu of w.

87:6.12 and hand w. at the cemetery is still a Jewish ritual.

125:1.4 the killing of the droves of animals and the w. away

153:3.6 fail to go through with the required ceremonial w.

167:1.3 the fact that he did not observe the ceremonial w. of


179:3.1 never observed these rites of ceremonial hand w.,

179:3.6 As the Master made ready to begin w. Peter’s feet,

179:3.7 in silence, w. the feet of his twelve apostles, not even

179:3.7 When Jesus had finished w. the feet of the twelve, he

179:4.2 self-confidence by the parable of the feet w. and


66:5.9 form of paperlike material made from w.’ nests.


47:4.6 in the morontia body; there is no residual w..

73:5.4 Edenites practiced the scrupulous burial of all w.

86:6.7 that long w. of human effort upon tombs, temples,

87:2.10 Iroquois Indians made many reforms in funeral w..

163:4.13 to go about his business without the w. of time.

163:4.14 The Master instructed them to avoid unnecessary w.

172:1.5 should speak to the Master that he rebuke such w..

172:5.3 large, receptive, and enthusiastic audience go to w.


20:6.1 but w. no thought in useless speculation as to how

20:6.1 w. no time on conjectures about the technique

130:8.4 Said Jesus: “Why w. words upon one who cannot


87:2.5 were w. in this nonproductive and useless mourning.

109:6.1 reject survival; still the life experience is not w.;

134:9.7 Though Jesus w. little time upon trifles, he was a

147:8.4 who do these things shall restore the w. glories;

169:1.7 he soon w. all his inheritance in riotous living.

169:2.3 had directly w. and squandered his master’s funds.


6:4.2 w. and needless repetition of function is never

71:5.4 True, competition in industry is exceedingly w.

86:6.7 w. struggle to appease the ever-displeased spirits,

86:7.2 men no longer pay w. premiums to control luck.

89:3.2 the w. practice of burning and burying property with

92:3.7 religion has been w. of labor and squandered capital;

100:7.10 generosity, Jesus was never w. or extravagant.

139:12.10 This seemed w. to Judas, and when his protest was

156:5.4 avoid these w. and weakening conflicts between


87:2.10 Ancient funeral w. were enormous.

156:5.2 foolish carpenter who w. valuable time squaring,

158:5.1 and as a result of many bruises, my child w. away.


2:2.2 as yesterday when it is past and as a w. in the night.”

14:1.12 A day is as a thousand years with God, as but a w.

123:0.2 Mary made it her business always to be on w.

146:2.13 “Set a w., O Lord, before my mouth; keep the

158:6.2 you who remained on w. here with instructions to

165:5.5 lives, and it behooves you to w. and be ready.

165:5.6 Be you also on w. for yourselves, for in an hour that

165:6.3 and I am on w. until this is accomplished.

168:0.5 Martha instructed a neighbor lad to keep w. down

172:5.1 the apostles did not keep armed w. over Jesus at

173:1.8 guards set by the people stood w. at every archway

182:2.11 as David prepared to go on w. by the upper trail,

183:0.1 when Peter informed them where David kept w..

188:2.3 these twenty men remained on w. up to the hour

189:4.2 were ignorant of the military guard on w. at the tomb


33:3.7 the universe much as a father and mother w. over,

49:5.22 on the planets by the Life Carriers, who w. over its

70:4.10 This enabled him to w. them and the better secure

89:6.4 This provided a ghost spirit to w. over and protect

96:5.5 But it was truly pitiful to w. this great mind of Moses

129:2.3 I will w. over your family even as I would foster

130:2.4 and w. a fellow man who could not swim perish!

130:7.2 learn how to love them and w. for the opportunity to

135:3.1 he could w. over and safeguard his herds of sheep

139:6.5 Said Jesus: “Judas, w. carefully your steps; do not

147:6.4 And if you are here present with us to w. my words

155:6.10 But w., lest any of you look with disdain upon the

165:5.5 You must all be on your w. against fear and doubts

167:7.4 angels are not the spies of the spirit world who w.

172:2.1 instructed to remain near and to “w. and pray.”

177:5.2 W., therefore, and pray that on the morrow you

181:2.2 continue to w. over those who are mine in the flesh

182:1.4 As long as I could be with them, I could w. over

182:1.5 there is no need for me to ask you to w. over these

182:2.10 while John Mark was to w. along the road coming

182:3.1 he bade the three sit down and w. with him while

182:3.2 can you not w. with me even for one hour?

182:3.3 “In such an hour I need that you should w. and

183:5.4 W. that they do not assassinate him, and see that

192:2.3 Be on guard at all times—w. and pray.”


33:3.7 but one of untold responsibilities and endless w..

69:9.13 Real estate could also be put under the w. of spirits.

70:8.12 Among the tribes the boy remained under the w. of

102:8.1 in return for this w. and salvation, no two religions

113:1.5 will enjoy the unceasing w. of a guardian angel.

113:1.7 company of assisting cherubim assigned to the w.

114:7.17 sin and shut away from divine w. by rebellion.

PART IV to the superhuman w. of the Apostle Andrew.

123:4.6 secondary midwayer assigned to the w. of the lad;

124:5.2 left to his w. when his father met his accidental

126:3.5 Jesus reasoned that the w. of his earthly father’s

127:2.8 they were entitled to a father’s w. and guidance,

136:7.1 Jesus decided to exercise normal w. over his safety

143:2.8 life of self-denial and w. over the desires of the flesh,

196:0.1 Jesus never doubted the certainty of God’s w. and


69:7.4 The employment of w. made it first possible for

69:7.4 It then became the custom to employ w. to protect


12:6.8 Havona and even the grand universe are w. over by

114:7.17 just as lovingly cherished and just as faithfully w.

123:5.15 and as they w. Nathan’s deft fingers mold the clay

133:9.1 After Ganid had w. his teacher help with the loading

133:9.4 Jesus stood on the shore and w. as the small boat

138:10.5 4. Nathaniel w. over the needs of the families of the

172:0.3 While the Master slept that night, the apostles w.

184:5.1 the temple guards w. over Jesus while the court

187:5.4 The mother of John and others w. from a distance

192:2.10 Be faithful to men as I have w. over you.


53:7.11 thronged by the anxious w. of every imaginable class

122:10.1 But the w. for Herod were not inactive.

136:7.4 the w. at Calvary dared him to come down from the

145:3.12 fears of Herod aroused, and he sent w. to report on

188:1.3 followed by the faithful women w. from Galilee.

189:0.1 these words to the anxious waiting w.: “Not one of

189:1.2 None of these w. suspected that the object of their


62:6.1 on Urantia, had passed through the long vigil of w.

67:3.4 were guarded by the alert and ever-w. loyal midway

110:1.2 the w. workers who pilot the God-conscious mind

130:5.3 Ganid the story of Moses and the forty years of w.

165:5.5 Such w. servants are blessed by the master who

182:0.1 Mark had made it his business to keep a w. eye on

191:0.5 James settled down with the others to w. waiting.


69:6.3 household fire was the first educator, requiring w. watching

62:6.2 We had been w. the twins develop mentally through

63:2.6 All night long they sat up w. their fire burn, vaguely

85:4.4 Vestal virgins were charged with the duty of w.

108:2.10 We go on w. such creatures as they live from day to

123:1.6 home duties and w. his father work at the shop,

141:3.5 he had finished w. the Master die, said, “Truly, this

154:7.4 w. these two boats make their way over the lake

165:5.5 Keep yourselves like men who are w. for their

172:4.2 For a moment they sat down by the treasury, w.

172:5.2 Andrew was busy w. some of his associates whom

189:2.4 When the w. Jewish guards and the Roman


15:3.1 with myriads of individual planets, forms a w.,


134:9.5 only the w. must keep vigil while the city sleeps in


188:2.3 Sabbath morning, to set them as w. before the tomb


171:2.3 Which one of you would undertake to build a w. on

173:4.2 pit for the wine press, and built a w. for the guards.


4:1.2 recognize that the w. of the universe is progress?

5:4.8 The Greek religion had a w. “Know yourself”;

50:5.7 to learn by doing; education is the w. of these ages.

100:7.15 His w. was, “Fear not.”

140:8.20 “Fear not” was his w., and patient endurance his

173:2.3 Do not forget authority was the w. of all Jewry.

waternoun; see water of life; water, living;

  water, above or under; see holy water

1:7.2 Man does not achieve union with God as a drop of w

12:9.3 qualitatively superadditive substance—liquid w..

12:9.4 example: W. is used effectively to extinguish fire.

12:9.4 That w. will put out fire is a fact of everyday

12:9.4 no analysis of w. could ever be made to disclose such

12:9.4 Analysis determines that w. is composed of hydrogen

15:6.10 many suns as there are glasses of w. in the oceans of

34:6.8 “never thirst, for this spiritual w. shall be in them a

39:4.12 equally suicidal; that as a drop of w. from a higher

41:4.1 about one and one-half times the density of w..

41:5.7 wind, the w. sometimes appears to fall in sheets or

41:5.7 to give the visible appearance of sheets of w. and

41:7.13 one drop of ordinary w. contains over one billion

41:7.13 to boil all the w. in all the oceans on Urantia in one

41:10.3 their earlier life, when not too small, by w. and air.

42:5.15 as the passage of a ship through w. initiates waves

43:1.2 The w. of Edentia and similar architectural spheres is

43:1.2 no different from the w. of the evolutionary planets.

47:4.6 Both food and w. are fully utilized in the morontia

48:6.11 this Divine Presence, want for food nor thirst for w..

49:2.15 to do with the relation of mortals to w., air, and land,

49:2.18 of the elemental types, seven per cent are w.,

49:3.4 The nonbreathers do not eat food or drink w. as do

57:8.3 ocean was not salty; it was practically a fresh-w.

57:8.3 union with hydrogen, to render this w. faintly acid.

57:8.5 one great continent of land and one large body of w.,

57:8.20 Pacific, this latter body of w. should be visualized as

57:8.20 weight of a body of w. at some places ten miles deep

58:1.4 a liquid in all essentials comparable to the salt w.

58:1.7 sunlight can penetrate ocean w. for more than six

58:4.4 would carry this life with it, in its warm-w. seas,

58:4.4 large oceans of w. would separate these drifting land

58:5.5 little more than five and one-half times that of w.;

58:5.5 density of granite is less than three times that of w..

58:5.5 The earth’s core is twelve times as dense as w..

58:5.7 ocean beds, plus the weight of the overlying w.,

58:6.5 those organisms which learned to live in fresh w.

58:7.10 and is the concentrate of the sluggish swamp w. of

59:1.2 New oceans appear, and the older bodies of w. are

59:1.11 2. Sandstones—deposits made in shallow w. but

59:1.12 3. Shales—deposits made in the more quiet w..

59:1.13 —including the deposits of trilobite shells in deep w..

59:1.19 poor swimmers, trilobites sluggishly floated in the w.

59:2.2 The land masses were repeatedly covered with w.;

59:2.4 continents and Europe began to emerge from the w..

59:3.4 represent the sedimentation of sluggish bodies of w..

59:4.1 In the agelong struggle between land and w., the sea

59:4.13 few plants grew on land except about the w.’ edge.

59:5.4 210,000,000 years ago the warm-w. arctic seas

59:5.5 these animals that were able to live on land or in w..

59:5.6 Today frogs still lay their eggs in w., and their young

59:5.8 Fresh-w. fish were developing and the trilobites

59:5.17 Both fresh- and salt-w. fossils are found in the coal

59:5.23 the epochs of development for fresh-w. organisms;

60:1.7 many of the basins of the fresh- and salt-w. lakes

60:1.12 Since there was more shallow w. around Europe and

60:2.5 This was a fresh-w. age characterized by inland

60:2.5 inland lakes, as is shown by the abundant fresh-w.

60:2.5 The thickness of these combined salt- and fresh-w.

60:2.10 that two species had taken to the w. for sustenance

60:2.12 after two species of dinosaurs migrated to the w. in

60:3.5 almost completely worn down to the w.’ level.

60:3.8 temperature variations of these two bodies of w.,

60:3.10 layers of porous semirock pick up w. at upturned

61:2.7 live on land or in w. and was highly intelligent and

61:4.2 Two great fresh-w. lakes existed in western North

61:7.10 have correctly surmised that these bodies of w. did

64:1.2 mountains to the right, w. to the left, and ice in front.

64:3.3 their origin became exceedingly fearful of the w..

65:2.1 in the sluggish and warm-w. bays and lagoons of the

65:6.7 The ability of animals to adapt themselves to air, w.,

66:5.2 Food, w., clothes, and the material advancement of

66:5.21 the religious teachers to include cleansing with w. as

69:2.7 was directed toward the preservation of fire, w.,

70:10.6 If she was guilty, “the w. that causes the curse

73:5.3 The drinking w. of Eden was kept wholesome by the

78:7.4 The traditions of a time when w. covered the whole

78:7.4 surface of the earth was completely covered by w.

79:1.4 wood, and pottery was accelerated on land and w..

81:2.14 Through animals, fire, wind, w., electricity, and other

81:6.8 before man learned how to harness wind and w.,

83:4.6 Fire and w. were always considered the best means

85:2.5 The belief that w. or precious metals beneath the

85:4.1 Mankind has worshiped earth, air, w., and fire.

85:4.2 perpetuation in Hebrew theology as angels of w.,

86:5.14 The reflection of oneself in the w. was sometimes

87:6.12 W. was regarded as best protection against ghosts.

87:6.12 w. in which the priests had washed their feet.

87:6.12 Both fire and w. were believed to constitute

87:6.12 Romans carried w. three times around the corpse;

88:1.2 Fire and w. were also among the early fetishes,

89:7.3 off in the wilderness or in a little boat on the w..

90:2.10 They sprinkled the newborn with w. and conferred

90:3.4 would often be deserted without even food or w..

90:4.6 Since w. was a potent fetish, it was utilized in the

96:1.1 spirits of fire, w., and air; a veritable pantheon of

98:5.3 causing w. to gush forth from a rock struck with

104:0.2 and the ghost is placated by three ablutions of w..

111:0.3 with shadows and with reflections of the self in w..

117:4.4 return to the Supreme as a drop of w. returns to the

121:5.12 who brought to this world the bread of life and w.

122:5.8 and it was when Mary brought Joseph a cup of w.,

124:1.8 The fact that w. could be had as a solid, a liquid,

128:1.2 food; he thirsted and quenched his thirst with w..

130:2.4 in darkness compared to his body drowning in w.!

131:8.3 True goodness is like w. in that it blesses

131:8.3 And like w., true goodness seeks the lowest places,

133:2.4 he got into deep religious w., he called on Joshua to

135:6.7 Before leading them down into the w., John,

135:7.2 I baptize you with w., but he will baptize you with

135:8.5 why do you come down into the w. to greet me?”

135:8.6 four men still standing in the w. heard a strange

135:8.6 Jesus, and coming up out of the w. in silence he

135:9.4 but I declare to you that, while I baptize with w.,

135:9.7 to preach repentance and to baptize with w.,

136:2.3 John’s disciples, standing by the w.’ edge, did not

136:2.4 And while the four of them tarried in the w., Jesus,

136:6.6 Moses, who was reputed to have brought forth w.

136:7.3 know of a certainty that he never walked on the w.

137:4.11 stood six waterpots of stone, filled with w., holding

137:4.11 This w. was intended for subsequent use in the final

137:4.12 all required personalities were assembled near the w.

137:5.1 no mention of the turning of the w. into wine.

137:6.1 fresh news from Cana about the w. and the wine.

137:6.6 Jesus, standing by the w.’ edge, prayed: “My Father

138:8.5 3. The turning of the w. into wine at Cana.

138:8.5 saying, “Tell no man about the w. and the wine.”

141:6.5 Jesus said: “John did indeed baptize with w., but

143:5.2 The w. of Jacob’s well was less mineral than that

143:5.2 but there was no way of getting w. from the well.

143:5.2 man thus speak to her at the well and ask for w.,

143:5.3 Jesus replied: “Everyone who drinks of this w. will

143:5.3 but whosoever drinks of the w. of the living spirit

144:6.9 apostles of Jesus would begin to baptize with w. as

145:1.1 the people crowded him so near the w.’ edge that

145:2.2 God, and he shall bless your bread and your w.,

145:2.15 recalling the w. and the wine at Cana, they seized

146:5.3 The townspeople remembered the w. and the wine,

147:3.1 the Jerusalem gates to a pool of w. called Bethesda

147:3.1 This was a hot spring whose reddish-tinged w.

147:3.1 a belief that the first person who entered the w. after

147:5.4 invited guest, yet you gave me no w. for my feet.

148:8.3 and, after repeatedly plunging him into the w., had

148:8.4 almost drowning from trying to walk on the w.,

151:5.2 This body of w. is almost seven hundred feet below

151:5.4 When the boat began to fill with w., he dropped

152:4.2 bid me come and walk with you on the w..”

152:4.2 And when Peter started to walk upon the w.,

152:4.3 Peter actually stepped overboard and into the w..

152:5.1 their chore boy, sitting on a stone by the w.’ edge.

153:3.2 flesh is the bread of life nor that my blood is the w.

153:3.6 No matter how scarce w. might be, these enslaved

157:4.1 and the turning of the w. into wine at Cana,

158:5.1 has cast him into the w. and even into the fire.

159:2.1 I tell you that, even when a cup of cold w. is given

162:4.3 ceremony of the outpouring of the w. symbolized

162:4.3 This ceremony of the w. followed the sunrise

162:4.3 and to continue their march for the symbolic w..

162:4.4 pitcher which was to contain the symbolic w.,

162:4.4 rite of pouring the wine and the w. was the signal

162:6.1 just after the w. and the wine had been poured

163:3.3 they sat there beside the w., and Peter, speaking for

165:5.3 If you are anxious about your bread and w.,

166:3.5 bread of life and to refresh themselves with the w.

169:3.2 Lazarus that he may dip the tip of his finger in w. to

177:0.4 came forward with a basket containing food and w.

179:1.1 the bread, wine, w., and herbs were all in readiness

179:1.2 noticed the pitchers of w., the basins, and towels for

179:2.2 After the wine and the w. had been mixed, they

179:3.1 and begin to pour w. into one of the foot basins.

180:3.10 As the Master went aside to refresh himself with w.,

185:8.2 Then he ordered a basin and some w., and there

187:1.8 He had neither food nor w. since the Last Supper

190:5.4 Spirit of Truth shall be in each believer a well of w.,

191:1.5 seen the Master coming to them walking on the w.

192:1.3 Peter quickly arose and cast himself into the w. that

193:2.2 The bread of life and the w. thereof are given only

water of life

34:6.8 It is the presence of the divine Spirit, the w., that

121:5.12 who brought to this world the bread of life and w.

127:6.7 which Jesus termed “the bread of life” and “the w.

143:5.10 And the Master talked to them more about the w.,

144:3.8 bread for tomorrow; Refresh our souls with the w..

153:3.2 flesh is the bread of life nor that my blood is the w.

153:3.2 in soul by the divine spirit, which is truly the w..


162:6.1 From the Father above I bring to this world the w..

162:6.1 be filled with the spirit which this w. represents,

165:3.8 will, let him come and freely partake of the w..”

166:3.5 bread of life and to refresh themselves with the w.

193:1.1 where Jesus had spoken to Nalda concerning the w..

193:2.2 The bread of life and the w. thereof are given only

water, living

143:5.2 you would ask me for a draught of the lw..”

143:5.2 the well is deep; whence, then, have you this lw.?

143:5.3 but whosoever drinks of the w. of the living spirit

143:5.3 this lw. shall become in him a well of refreshment

143:5.3 Nalda then said: “Give me this w. that I thirst not

143:5.4 cease to trifle with my words and seek for the lw.

143:5.6 there was in Nalda’s heart a true thirst for the lw.;

143:5.6 by receiving into your own heart this lw. which

143:5.9 You have received the lw., and a new joy will

162:6.2 was the giver of lw. to every spirit-thirsting soul.

181:1.4 Spirit of Truth will become in them a well of lw.

182:1.11 I am the lw..

water, above or under

57:8.15 continental mass of land emerged above the w..

57:8.22 before so much land again appeared above w..

58:5.6 and this is what keeps the continents above w..

59:2.5 all over the world, with much land again above w..

59:2.6 Europe were from 10,000 to 15,000 feet under w..

59:4.4 years ago the continents were all above w..

59:4.4 not so much land had been above w. at one time;

59:4.8 the Cincinnati Island remained well above w..

59:4.16 Much of North America was above w., and great

59:5.2 including most of North America, were above w..

59:5.11 and most of the land was soon well above w..

60:1.6 most of Europe, and all of Asia are well above w..

60:1.8 The Pacific coast, usually above w. during the

60:3.2 much of the continental land was up above w.,

60:3.4 continent and a part of Europe were well above w..

60:3.15 of Asia, including Siberia, was also still under w..

60:3.17 of these times, most of Europe being under w..

60:4.4 These two peaks held their heads above w. during

60:4.5 an eventful and active age on land and under w..

61:1.1 land areas of the world were very generally above w.

61:1.10 of the early Cenozoic lived on land, under the w.,

61:1.12 Apennines, and Pyrenees being up above the w. as

61:4.2 Much of Europe, at this time, was still under w.,

61:6.1 Slightly to the west of India, on land now under w.

64:2.6 some three or four are still above w. on the English


48:6.32 Even now you should learn to w. the garden of your

162:6.3 while you seek to w. your souls with the traditions


43:1.2 The w. systems of such spheres are both surface

43:1.2 Edentia can be circumnavigated via various w. routes

46:2.2 This w. system is not entirely subsurface, for there

49:2.16 air navigators sometimes intervene between the w.

49:2.18 types, seven per cent are w., ten per cent air,

57:7.6 atmosphere is evolving, containing some w. vapor,

57:8.3 ocean was not salty; it was practically a fresh-w.

57:8.13 later deposits of the w. ages have become mixed

57:8.17 atmosphere was clearing of volcanic gases and w.

58:4.4 would carry this life with it, in its warm-w. seas,

58:5.7 The ocean-floor w. pressure is only about 5,000

58:7.7 successive lava flows on land with succeeding w.

58:7.10 the copper in these rock layers results from w.

59:3.2 This was the height of great w. deposition;

59:3.11 locations the primitive w. scorpions first evolve.

59:4.13 few plants grew on land except about the w.’ edge.

59:5.4 210,000,000 years ago the warm-w. arctic seas

59:5.8 Fresh-w. fish were developing and the trilobites

59:5.17 Both fresh- and salt-w. fossils are found in the coal

59:5.23 the epochs of development for fresh-w. organisms;

60:1.4 presents only a w. or marine deposit continuous with

60:1.7 many of the basins of the fresh- and salt-w. lakes

60:2.5 This was a fresh-w. age characterized by inland

60:2.5 inland lakes, as is shown by the abundant fresh-w.

60:2.5 The thickness of these combined salt- and fresh-w.

60:2.6 but the w. invasion was greatest in Europe.

60:3.5 almost completely worn down to the w.’ level.

60:3.10 and convey it downward to furnish the w. supply of

61:4.2 Two great fresh-w. lakes existed in western North

61:5.8 Away from the ice the land and w. life of the world

61:7.15 In their places sloths, armadillos, and w. hogs came

65:2.1 in the sluggish and warm-w. bays and lagoons of the

69:9.12 W. holes and wells were among the first private

69:9.12 The fetish practice was utilized to guard w. holes,

72:1.2 favors the utilization of w. power and facilitates the

72:7.1 building regulations, beautification, w. supply,

73:5.3 allow nothing to fall into the w. supply of the Garden

87:6.12 Baptism was a feature of the later w. ritual;

130:2.1 Ganid enjoyed Jesus’ explanation of the w. system

133:7.1 They enjoyed the long w. voyage and arrived at their

136:2.3 John’s disciples, standing by the w.’ edge, did not

137:6.6 Jesus, standing by the w.’ edge, prayed: “My Father

143:5.2 When a woman of Sychar came up with a w. pitcher

144:7.1 gave up just about everything except w. baptism.

145:1.1 the people crowded him so near the w.’ edge that

152:5.1 their chore boy, sitting on a stone by the w.’ edge.

162:4.4 to march from the temple behind the w. priest, who

162:4.4 back to the temple, entering by way of the w. gate

162:4.4 where the priest bearing the w. pitcher was joined

166:1.2 without going to the w. basins to wash his hands.

178:2.7 the gate, you will meet a man bearing a w. pitcher.

178:2.8 they met the man with the w. pitcher near the gate

179:3.1 near the door, where the w. pitchers, basins, and

185:1.5 a new aqueduct to provide increased w. supply for


81:3.1 became agriculturists or collectors of w. food, but


57:8.4 era, Urantia should be envisaged as a w. planet.


57:8.4 Pacific Ocean, and this part of the w. surface became


58:7.1 Some of these older w. rocks are commingled with


80:1.4 upthrust of land and the shifting w. winds dispersed

80:2.1 With the retreat of the northern ice fields the w.


59:5.16 Coal is the w. and pressure-modified remains of the


57:8.3 W. condensation on the cooling surface of the


34:6.8 Such divinely w. souls are all but independent of

45:0.3 worlds is independently lighted, heated, w., and

46:1.9 heated, lighted, energized, and w. by the Jerusem

73:3.4 The great river that w. the Garden came down

97:7.12 You shall be like a w. garden and like a spring

147:8.4 You shall become like a w. garden, like a spring

153:3.2 you can be w. in soul by the divine spirit, which is


85:0.3 there were nature spirits for lakes, trees, w., rain,


167:3.3 his ox from the stall and lead him forth for w.?


143:5.9 disapproval of the apostles, left her w. and fled to


137:4.11 Near at hand stood six w. of stone, filled with water,

waters or living waters; see Waters of Merom

1:5.3 He “measures the w. in the hollow of his hand,

49:2.17 treetops and, in another, midst the shallow w. of

57:8.23 later admitted the ocean w. and prepared the way for

57:8.24 shallow w. and sheltered bays which are suitable as

57:8.25 And these w. were rapidly attaining that degree of

58:1.3 until the ocean w. had become sufficiently briny.

58:1.7 an extensive shore line of shallow w. and sheltered

58:1.7 just such a distribution of the earth’s w. was rapidly

58:4.2 and planted them in the hospitable w. of the realm.

58:5.8 slide into the w. of the surrounding Pacific Ocean.

58:6.1 This metamorphosis took place in the shallow w. of

58:6.5 simple to allow the briny w. to circulate through the

58:7.11 era witnesses the spread of life throughout the w. of

58:7.11 the shore-line w. are swarming with the simple forms

59:1.8 seas were then connected with the southern Gulf w..

59:2.3 The w. of the world’s oceans were commingled.

59:2.6 The w. of this inundation covered all the land

59:2.12 The gastropods were present in the w. of the

59:2.12 and these brachiopods lived in those ancient w.

59:3.8 Silurian seas with another commingling of the w. of

59:4.6 with the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic, and Gulf w..

59:4.11 ended, fishes had adapted to both fresh and salt w..

59:5.4 The south polar w. inundated South America and

59:5.6 From the briny w. of the seas there crawled out upon

59:5.9 The w. of many of the inland seas were so heavily

59:6.9 The gradual cooling of the ocean w. contributed

60:1.12 again produced extensive coast lines of shallow w..

60:2.8 Corals spread to European w., testifying that the

60:2.8 and developed greatly, especially in European w..

60:3.8 Bering Strait closed, shutting off the cooling w. of

60:3.8 Theretofore the marine life of the Atlantic-Gulf w.

61:1.13 foraminiferal limestone deposited in European w..

61:3.9 the arctic w. commingled with those of the Atlantic

61:5.1 the arctic w. were all open to evaporation, and they

62:6.1 we first planted the life plasm in the planetary w.,

63:5.2 along the great rivers leading to the then warm w. of

64:2.6 they are now under the w. of the English Channel

65:2.1 inland seas, those very w. in which the Life Carriers

66:7.16 lie beneath the w. off the shores of Mesopotamia

67:5.4 the planetary headquarters sank beneath the w. of

73:7.1 Mediterranean sank, carrying down beneath the w.

78:7.5 sudden rise of the w. wiped out the entire village;

78:7.7 vestiges of the days of Dalamatia exist under the w.

79:3.7 and was venturing on the w. of the Bay of Bengal

85:4.1 Moving w. vividly impressed these simple minds

88:2.5 or on the earth beneath, or in the w. of the earth.”

97:7.7 “When you pass through the w., I will be with

97:7.12 watered garden and like a spring whose w. fail not.

111:7.5 the spring of joy embittered by the w. of sorrow;

124:6.5 winding Jordan with its glistening and rippling w.

124:6.8 look south over the sluggish w. of the Dead Sea.

131:2.2 full of the knowledge of the Lord as the w. cover

131:2.7 down in green pastures; he leads me beside still w.

131:3.4 peace of the soul flow tranquilly like a river of w..

131:5.3 We worship him who made the w., plants, animals

132:7.4 within hailing distance of the safe w. of rest, but

144:5.48 Lead us everlastingly beside the w. of life.

144:5.79 Refresh us day by day with the lw. of the river

147:3.1 This periodic disturbance of the warm w. was

147:8.4 a watered garden, like a spring whose w. fail not.

148:5.5 ‘When you pass through the w. of affliction, I will

149:5.3 for it cannot rest, but its w. cast up mire and dirt;

152:5.4 for the bread of life neither to thirst for the w. of

159:3.13 not promise to deliver you from the w. of adversity,

162:6.1 have said, ‘Out of him shall flow rivers of lw..’

162:6.3 ‘Behold, as the w. are poured out upon the dry

162:6.3 way which leads to life everlasting, to the true w.

165:2.6 your flocks into green pastures and beside still w..

167:3.3 led forth to partake of the w. of liberty and life,

178:1.13 your heart have not died from the lack of the lw.

Waters of Merom

134:7.5 passing east of the W., he went by Karahta to Dan,

157:3.2 way, about the time of passing south of the W.,

158:7.1 just beyond the W. they came to the Damascus


195:9.11 many olden cultural w. drain into this present-day


144:2.4 If your son needs a fish, will you give him a w.


58:5.8 oceanic depths, threatening to slide into a w. grave.


14:1.17 zone is characterized by enormous w. movements of

42:4.14 confusion attending the observation of the w.


42:5.1 there are one hundred octaves of w. energy.

42:5.14 these processions of energy particles appear as w.

58:2.1 pour in upon Urantia embracing w. lengths ranging

58:2.2 Most of these short w. lengths are absorbed by a

58:2.10 transmission of your long- and short-w. broadcasts.

67:5.4 the rebellion a tidal w. swept up over Dalamatia,

77:5.10 of the last Andite w. coming out of Mesopotamia,

95:5.11 priests could not overcome the monotheistic w..

97:6.2 Jeremiah’s teaching was the crescendo of the w. of

121:6.7 a virulent w. of persecution, extending even to Rome

145:3.10 were present to behold this creative w. of healing,

162:4.4 these lines, they would w. their sheaves at the altar

172:5.3 Jesus did not follow up this w. of popular favor


185:6.7 Pilate w. to the crowd to hold its peace while he


42:4.14 the vibratory or w. behavior of such units of energy

42:4.14 Such w. energy ripples are 860 times the diameters

42:5.2 W. energy manifestations—from the standpoint of

42:5.3 the stage of emergent energy in which w. phenomena

42:5.6 W. energy manifestations also attend upon the

42:5.13 Of all these ten phases of w. energy activity, the eye

42:5.15 excitation of the content of space produces a w.

42:7.8 The w. energy extension of an electron may so

42:8.2 interelectronic space is activated by w manifestations


94:7.6 Gautama w. regarding the Salem gospel of divine

95:2.2 idea of monotheism w. back and forth in Egypt for

138:0.1 His mother constantly w. between attitudes of

149:4.5 in the midst of stress and storm, but he never w..


15:6.13 Light is a real substance, not w. of hypothetical ether

41:5.7 Solar energy may seem to be propelled in w., but

41:5.7 form of organized energy does not proceed in w.

41:5.7 appears to fall in sheets or to descend in w..

41:5.7 appearance of sheets of water and w. of raindrops.

42:4.14 behavior is due to superimposition of energy w.:

42:5.12 10. Hertzian w.those energies utilized on Urantia

42:5.15 as the passage of a ship through water initiates w. of

44:1.1 Spirit melodies are not material sound w. but spirit

44:6.4 Spirit w. of diverse identity are depicted by these

46:1.6 prevents the escape of the terrestrial broadcast w.,

59:1.8 this sea entered the Appalachian trough, its w. broke

59:1.11 where the w. were sufficient to prevent mud settling.

64:7.8 Sangiks invaded Europe in successive w., occupying

64:7.10 the successive w. of increasingly intelligent tribes

67:5.2 headquarters went down beneath the southern w.,

78:3.10 It took so long for the earlier w. of Adamites to

78:5.1 The massive w. of civilization which later spread

78:5.4 per cent of the last w. of emigration entered Europe.

78:6.1 The three w. of Andites poured out of Mesopotamia

78:6.1 These three great w. of culture were forced out of

78:8.3 overran all Mesopotamia, driving forth the last w. of

79:2.8 attracted more of the later w. of Mesopotamians that

79:7.4 The later w. of Andites brought with them cultural

79:7.4 this is especially true of the last w. of migration from

80:1.8 the early w. of Mesopotamian culture made their

80:4.1 last arrivals coming on horseback in three great w..

80:4.4 All previous w. of Andites had moved so slowly

80:4.4 these later w. moved so rapidly that they reached

80:5.1 the last w. of Andite cavalry swept over Europe,

80:5.2 there went forth the successive w. of conquest,

81:2.19 it spread in successive w. of improving technique

81:6.1 evolution went out from the Euphrates valley in w.,

151:5.3 The wind was so strong that the w. began to wash

151:5.4 Although the wind and the w. tossed their boat

151:5.5 The angry w. almost immediately subsided, while

151:5.6 reciting how “even the winds and the w. obey him.”

152:4.2 other apostles toiled against the wind and the w.,

152:4.2 the boisterous w. frightened him, and as he was


147:6.4 the road, the w. wheat, which was just then ripening,

162:6.2 of the Psalms accompanied by w. of the branches

172:3.11 who had come from Jerusalem w. palm branches,


41:5.7 stream under observation to appear to travel in w.

41:5.8 solar-light emanations appear to execute certain w.


62:3.5 Therefore did these mid-mammals w. valiant and

97:7.6 “The heavens may vanish and the earth w. old, but

109:0.1 so does the Adjuster w. great in the rehearsals of

169:2.4 ‘Take your w. board bond, sit down quickly, and


95:5.10 the priests w. fat upon the land, eventually gaining

151:1.4 ‘For this people’s heart has w. gross, and their ears

165:4.8 ‘They have eaten and filled themselves and w. fat,


165:4.8 ‘There is he who w. rich by his wariness and much

165:5.4 laid up your treasures where the purse w. not old,

waynon-exhaustive; see way, better; see Appian Way;

  see Milky Way

3:2.4 he has made “a w. for the lightning”; he has

3:3.2 “He knows the w. I take, and when he has tried me

3:5.3 men’s hearts the Father may not always have his w.;

5:1.8 the Father is attainable, the w. is open; the forces of

7:5.1 to all creatures “the w., the truth, and the life.”

9:5.2 impossible to indwell the minds of men until the w.

12:7.2 habits of God, his w. of repeatedly doing things;

12:7.2 and the best w. is the right w., and therefore does

21:6.4 Christ Michael once said, “I am the w., the truth,

21:6.4 Michaels are destined to be “the w., the truth, and

25:4.17 There is always a best and right w. to do things;

27:4.3 there still is a proper and perfect w. of doing things

32:4.4 that the Father may not in his own w. intervene

34:7.6 Jesus showed mankind the new w. of mortal living

34:7.8 Having started out on the w. of life everlasting,

34:7.8 the Spirit will always speak, saying, “This is the w..”

39:4.13 so important as the w. in which you do this work.

44:3.6 Always is the w. open to acquire more knowledge,

47:2.2 to choose the heavenly w. just as they would have

52:5.4 He establishes the “new and living w.”; his life is an

52:5.5 this “new and living w.was a matter of fact as

52:6.2 While Jesus has shown the w. to the immediate

52:6.7 The quickest w. to realize the brotherhood of man

53:9.8 great truth “that the w. of the transgressor is hard”;

66:7.8 This code was known as “The Father’s W.” and

67:3.7 loyal devotion to the will and the w. of the Father in

71:2.8 they represent the right w. even to do a wrong thing.

74:8.14 they presumed to turn aside from the ordained w.,

75:4.6 represented the wrong w. to achieve righteous ends,

75:4.6 project departed from the right w., the divine plan.

75:6.3 realizing that the w. of the transgressor is hard.

84:7.9 the individual family, and eventually she had her w..

90:5.8 invaluable in pointing the w. to higher and better

92:7.14 religion is a w. of living as well as a technique of

94:6.10 theory that the earthly w. is the distorted shadow of

94:6.10 earthly w. is the distorted shadow of the heavenly w.;

94:6.10 to the emphasis placed upon the W. of Heaven,

94:8.7 4. The w. to the destruction of suffering.

95:3.3 is righteousness; who walks according to its w..”

97:5.2 word behind you, saying, ‘this is the w., walk in it.’”

97:7.14 teachings of the Isaiahs would have prepared the w.

98:7.11 as sincerely seek to follow in the w. of its teaching.

99:4.3 True religion is a meaningful w. of living dynamically

100:1.4 The quickest w. for a tadpole to become a frog is to

101:2.14 which you become conscious as the w. of salvation,

101:3.3 by means of the living w provided by the divine Sons

101:6.8 The faith of Jesus pointed the w. to finality of human

101:6.17 Jesus was and is the new and living w. whereby

102:1.1 to do the divine will, he shall know the w. of truth.

108:5.3 evil, may sometimes depart from the divine w., but

113:7.7 For seraphim, the surest w. of achieving the Deities

117:3.3 “I am the living w.,” and so he is the living w. from

117:3.3 And even as he is this living w. of ascension from

117:3.3 Supreme the living w. from finite consciousness to

117:4.10 another creature at another time who will in his w.

117:5.9 ”This is the w..”

117:6.27 the Father walks beside him each step of the w.,

117:6.27 the very w. that he is traversing is the presence of the

118:7.8 creature identification with the will and w. of God.

120:4.6 as God always does—in the usual w.in the normal,

120:4.6 normal, natural, and dependable w. of divine acting.

122:3.1 whose name shall be John, who will prepare the w.

123:5.7 Nazareth was a caravan w. station and crossroads

128:2.7 Jesus prepared the w. for his eventual withdrawal

128:3.5 which led to a four-hour discussion of the w. of life

128:3.8 to visit with them, to learn about their w. of living,

129:4.7 Jesus is the new and living w. from man to God,


130:1.6 negative of the positive w. of light and life; but

130:1.6 wills their existence by mischoosing the w. of life.

130:2.7 The will of God is the w. of God, partnership with

130:2.7 The will of man is the w. of man, the sum and


131:2.6 The Lord knows the w. of the righteous, but the

131:2.6 but the w. of the ungodly shall perish.

131:2.10 Commit your w. to the Lord—trust him—and he

131:2.11 Let the wicked forsake his evil w. and the

131:9.4 Such is the w. of Great Heaven.

132:6.1 And all those who know the w. of truth and enjoy

132:7.9 —this new w. of salvation, the revelation of God to

133:4.12 You lost your w.; you became entangled in the

135:6.6 ‘make ready the w. of the Lord, make straight a

135:11.2 I am one sent on before to prepare the w. for him.

136:0.1 least of those who saw the great light of the new w.

136:4.7 1. His own w.—the w. that might seem most pleasant

136:4.8 2. The Father’s w.—the exemplification of a farseeing

136:8.5 to get ahead of the natural, slow, and sure w. of

136:8.5 Son of Man bowed obediently to the Father’s w.,

136:9.4 Jesus discerned that God’s w. was not going to be

136:9.4 that God’s way was not going to be the easy w..

137:5.4 that he came to prepare the w. for the kingdom;

138:5.2 and to establish a new w. of finding God;

139:5.4 he was a man who could do little things in a big w.,

139:5.8 “Come”—“come with me; I will show you the w..”

139:12.5 “There is a w. that seems right to a man, but the

139:12.11 to prevent Judas’s choosing to go the wrong w..

140:5.16 This is the wrong w. to create courageous men.

140:6.4 Reveal the new w. to us.”

140:6.7 the ways of the flesh and the w. of the spirit;

141:7.4 became, indeed, “the w., the truth, and the life.”

142:7.13 in me is the w. now open still wider for all of you

143:2.2 “John indeed taught you the w. of righteousness

143:2.2 I show to you the w. of life as revealed to me by my

143:2.4 “By the old w. you seek to suppress, obey, and

143:2.4 by the new w. you are first transformed by the

143:2.6 all who follow in the w. of this heavenly peace are

143:5.9 for better things and a more noble w. of living,

143:5.9 “Woman, go your w.; God has forgiven you.

144:5.42 To see the w., the light, and the truth.

144:8.3 your face; he shall prepare the w. before you.

145:2.1 had taught, his subject being “The New W..”

145:2.5 of the land of Egypt, but according to the new w..

146:2.5 Having rejected the w. of life, you may seek me

146:2.8 The motive of the prayer gives it right of w. to the

146:2.9 “Commit your w. to the Lord; trust in him, and he

146:3.7 The w. from the earth life to the eternal estate has

146:3.7 has not been made plain to you, but there is a w.,

146:3.7 and I have come to make that w. new and living.

147:3.2 would you tempt me to turn aside from the w. I

147:5.8 but you are making daily progress on the living w.

147:6.6 you are blessed; but if you know not the divine w.,

148:6.10 small voice, saying, ‘This is the w.; walk therein.

149:2.6 he invariably taught them the w. of deliverance.

151:1.4 these people follow not in the w. of the truth.

152:5.6 thereby preparing the w. for the inauguration of this

153:1.3 for choosing between the right and the wrong w.

153:2.3 wherein you refuse to walk in the w. of light which


155:5.9 religions of authority presents the easy w. out for

155:6.19 west toward Phoenicia, said: “Let us be on our w..”

159:1.3 if he persists in the error of his w., go again to him,

160:2.1 material or animal w. and the spiritual or human w..

160:5.8 from the Father, and that he will show us the w..

162:2.7 I proclaim the new and living w., the deliverance

162:3.5 Go your w. in peace.”

162:6.3 the true teacher of the w. which leads to life

163:1.3 Salute no man by the w., attend only to your work

163:2.8 will not coerce man; they allow him to go the w. of

163:3.7 Take now that which is yours and go your w.,

163:4.13 had been instructed to “salute no man by the w.,”

163:6.7 I have shown you the w.; go forth to do your duty

165:2.4 he leads the w. and the sheep follow him.

165:2.7 Every soul who enters upon the eternal w. by the

166:1.5 You yourselves refuse to enter into the w. of truth,

166:1.6 the larger number persisted in the w. of darkness,

166:3.3 That the w. which leads to eternal life is straight

166:3.3 You also have a teaching that the w. which leads to

166:3.3 and that there are many who choose to go this w..

166:3.3 Even if the door to the w. of life is narrow, it is

166:3.6 and familiar proverb of the straight and narrow w..

166:3.7 “I am the door, I am the new and living w.,

167:1.5 taking him by the hand, said: “Arise and go your w..



171:5.3 he said: “You shall receive your sight; go your w.;

173:3.2 call to repentance, shall see the error of their w.

173:5.3 into the highways and the out-of-the-w. places,

174:0.2 unshaken, even when you cannot see the w..

174:1.4 If you are wise parents, this is the w. you will love

174:5.9 who come here today inquiring for the w. of light.

175:1.7 to live among you and personally show you the w..

176:3.3 the kingdom if you find that you love not the w. of

177:4.10 But it was ever just that w..

178:1.7 In every possible w.—in everything short of spiritual


179:3.8 You have seen the w. of service in my life among

180:2.4 that prayer is not a process of getting your w. but

180:2.4 but rather a program of taking God’s w.,

180:3.3 one who will continue to teach you the w. of truth,

180:3.6 follow you this very night if you will show us the w..

180:3.7 “Thomas, I am the w., the truth, and the life.

180:3.7 If you know me, you know the w. to the Father.

181:1.6 triumphed in the world and shown you the w. to

181:2.13 Will Andrew show us the w.?”

182:1.4 lived among them, teaching them the w. of life,

182:1.20 I am the w., the truth, and the life.

182:2.11 be dangerous to come up the bloody w. by night.”

183:3.6 therefore, you seek me, let these others go their w..



188:1.3 from Golgotha for Joseph’s tomb across the w..

188:2.3 Go your w. and make the tomb secure.”

188:4.1 the wrath of God and to open the w. for sinful man

188:4.6 his bestowal greatly illuminated the w. of salvation;

188:4.7 Jesus forever made the w. of salvation (survival)

188:4.7 did better and more surely show the w. of salvation

188:4.12 is related to the enlargement of the w. of salvation,

195:3.4 even the w. believers died for their faith during the

196:2.4 thus becoming the new and living w. whereby all

way, better; see also ways, better

12:7.3 God function in that better and more suitable w..

25:4.17 how to direct us all in the finding of this better w..

74:7.24 lead these mixed and mongrel peoples in the better w

128:7.4 that your young brother may first know the better w.

130:2.4 near that you may lead him into this better w..

133:2.1 one of your brothers who taught me the better w.

136:6.11 new and better w., the higher moral values of living

137:8.14 I proclaim the new and better w., and those who are

138:6.4 was the pioneer of the new and better w. to God,

139:5.8 Even parents may learn from Philip the better w. of

139:5.8 while we show and share with you the better w..”

141:6.2 and proclaiming a new and better w. of life?

143:5.6 in her soul a desire to know the better w. of life.

151:3.14 truths to those who desired to know the better w.

155:5.13 the mission of proclaiming a better w. of salvation

166:3.4 the better w. becomes revealed in the age to come.

195:9.1 persist gloriously to illuminate a new and better w..

waysnon-exhaustive; see ways, better

2:1.1 “How unsearchable are his judgments and his w.

2:3.1 “The Lord is righteous in all his w..”

3:3.2 thoughts afar off and is acquainted with all our w..

3:6.8 finding God the Father by the w. ordained by God

5:1.8 the w. and means of divine administration are all

5:1.10 his Son by the choosing of their own perverse w.

10:0.3 we can postulate alternate or even multiple w. of

16:6.1 the Third Source and Center and, in certain w.,

28:4.1 can look both w., hear both w., and know both w..

39:8.2 may attain Paradise in scores—hundreds—of w.,

53:1.1 “You were perfect in all your w. from the day you

53:6.2 the brilliant personality of Lucifer; his charming w.

67:2.5 sin and righteousness—between the w. of Lucifer and

68:4.5 who have dared to inaugurate new w. of thinking

84:8.6 find pleasure in a thousand and one w.;

89:10.1 but intellectual progress has destroyed the olden w.

91:3.5 Prayer induces the ego to look both w. for help:

92:2.5 adjust it to their mores and old w. of believing.

96:4.7 and without iniquity, just and right in all his w..”

97:6.4 His eyes are open upon all the w. of all the sons of

97:6.4 sons of men, to give every one according to his w.

97:7.5 so are my w. higher than your w. and my thoughts

97:7.7 “Let the wicked forsake his w. and the unrighteous

110:6.7 levels of cosmic evolution is reflected in three w.:

111:6.5 discovered the w. and means of controlling matter

116:4.6 see both w., know both w., and co-ordinate both w..

116:4.10 When the bestowal Sons reveal new w. for man to

119:2.6 “Just and righteous are you in all your w..

121:7.1 they looked upon all gentile w. with utter contempt.

122:9.22 To guide our feet into w. of peace.

130:2.4 “Since you know the w. of kindness and value

130:2.4 As it is, this man is your master in that his evil w.

131:1.8 and guide our footsteps into the w. of salvation.

131:2.3 so are my w. higher than your w., and my thoughts

131:2.8 In all my w. I will acknowledge him, and he shall

131:8.2 he can still walk in the w. of the Supreme;

131:8.5 If a man recognizes the evil of his w. and repents

131:10.4 to repent of their evil w. and forsake all known sin.

136:4.6 Gabriel had reminded Jesus that there were two w.

136:4.9 two w. he would always choose the Father’s will.

136:7.2 angels charge over you, to keep you in all your w..

140:6.7 the w. of the flesh and the way of the spirit;

141:6.4 to instruct them in the advanced w. of the spirit.

141:7.3 be led to inquire concerning the w. of the kingdom.

144:5.29 Ever lead us in the w. of eternal progress.

144:5.92 Lead us by the hand in the w. of your choosing

148:6.8 admit that it is impossible to comprehend God’s w..

153:2.2 Now, therefore, amend your w. and reform your

153:2.5 Today, many of you stand at the parting of the w..

153:4.4 “Many of you have come to the parting of the w.;

153:4.4 will of the Father and the self-chosen w. of darkness.

158:7.4 Mind not the w. of men but rather the will of God.

159:5.11 the three w. of contending with, and resisting, evil:

160:2.1 There are just two w. in which mortals may live

162:7.3 The children of evil follow only in the w. of their

163:1.3 As you go your w., two and two, I instruct you to

173:5.2 they went their w., one to the farm, another to the

173:5.3 so go now into the parting of the w. and into the

174:2.2 and we know that you proclaim the w. of truth,

175:1.12 happen to be unlearned in the w. of your teaching.

175:1.22 And if you go on in your evil w., this accounting

177:5.2 returned to their former w. of believing and living.

178:1.10 the angels to lead you in troublous w. as a loving

178:1.16 You are not to attack the old w.; you are skillfully

181:2.15 You and your brother John will go different w.,

ways, better; see also way, better

50:4.1 sent forth to teach these better w. to their people.

81:2.14 to think, to plan, to imagine new and better w. of

133:3.2 Jesus was teaching Crispus the better w. of living.

148:5.3 refusal to walk in the better w. of the divine will.

159:5.9 the evil paths into the better w. of righteous living.

188:5.3 He thereby set men free to choose better w. of living.


128:3.7 the country and prepared their meals by the w..

133:2.1 if you found me out by the w., attacked by robbers,

151:1.2 some seed fell by the w. to be trodden underfoot

151:2.2 The seed which fell by the w. represents those

151:2.3 The seed which fell by the w. on hardened ground

151:2.3 seed which fell by the w. represent one’s habits of


35:4.4 act as temporary custodians on w. planets, serving

35:9.10 There exists a plan for saving these w. Sons,

43:3.7 this assumption of control over these w. worlds.

144:5.91 While we beseech you to guide our w. steps in the


16:9.14 because he is in us, and last, because we are in him

129:4.7 thus to live our lives in our day and as we are.


26:11.5 mercy and tenderness, especially towards the w.

48:4.4 with the accentuation of the misfortunes of the w.

48:7.13 11. The w. indulge in resolutions, but the strong act.

53:8.9 when w. and dissolute mortals are supposed to be

70:2.7 because war: 4. Destroyed w. and unfit peoples.

70:7.17 party government was “the strong” vs. “the w..”

70:7.17 war, abundant proof that the w. had become strong.

70:9.16 The w. and the inferior have always contended for

70:9.16 they have always insisted that the state compel the

71:1.19 6. Conquest and reorganization of w. and backward

71:4.16 ideal society cannot be realized when either the w.

71:4.17 can prevent the strong from oppressing the w..

77:7.7 since that day even the w. minds of inferior mortals

78:8.8 The end of this long period of the w. rule of the city

86:4.8 Greeks believed that w. men must have w. souls;

91:5.7 The strong must not look with disdain upon the w..

121:4.6 religions of salvation for even the poor and the w..

126:4.6 He gives power to the w., and to those who are

133:4.2 things of divine life readily receivable by even the w.

139:5.5 the w. point in Philip’s make-up was his utter lack of

139:9.5 Lebbeus, had neither strong points nor w. points.

139:12.8 to transform and save this w. and confused apostle.

144:5.68 That our charity may enfold the w. of the realm.

148:6.6 And since man is so w., what chance has he for

155:6.17 those honest but fearful souls whose faith is so w.

163:2.11 the unfair exploitation of the w., unlearned, and

182:1.5 These men are w. and frail, but I know we can trust

182:3.4 The spirit is indeed willing, but the flesh is w..

182:3.9 He realized how w. and how ignorant his apostles

185:7.2 such questions when asked by a man-fearing, w.,

187:5.2 he was too w. to utter the words as these passages,

190:5.4 That he will not destroy the w. but minister

192:2.2 Do not neglect to minister to the w., the poor, and

196:2.9 He saw most men as w. rather than wicked, more


57:3.3 control of the gaseous content commenced to w.,

81:6.30 will w. and disintegrate human society if effective

88:4.7 The later idea of original sin helped much to w. the

140:5.6 Fear and anger w. character and destroy happiness.


64:6.4 this so w. them that the yellow tribes were able to

64:6.17 they were greatly w. by extensive migrations in

75:1.4 Slowly their courage w., their spirits drooped,

76:5.5 Eve died nineteen years previously of a w. heart.

79:2.2 This group was later w. by absorbing the greater

79:3.1 continuously w. as their Andite inheritance became

79:6.7 further w. by the infiltration of the swarms of

79:6.9 had not been w. by an overreverence for the past,

81:6.1 the Euphrates valley in waves, which successively w.

89:7.1 tribes were not only greatly w. by this loss of sons,

93:6.1 Abraham’s determination was only w. by the fact

93:6.2 would be so w. that the descendants of Abraham,

99:4.8 psychology, has w. only those religions which are

134:8.3 vagaries of a w. and starving mortal who could not

136:4.5 not the fantastic visions of a starved and w. mind,


29:4.29 which are effective in rehabilitating the w. currents

64:7.14 killing off the orange race in Egypt and greatly w.

92:4.9 make such frank statements, even at the risk of w.

94:2.2 now, with the w. of Vedism through the rejection of

121:2.8 progressive w. of the Seleucids before the rising

156:5.4 avoid these wasteful and w. conflicts between the


140:4.8 Deficient unification w. the moral nature and


50:5.6 The w elements of the races incline towards excesses

84:3.5 Woman, being the w., therefore became more tactful

84:5.9 The w. always makes disproportionate gains in every

84:6.2 but the w. parental instinct and the social mores hold

87:6.13 for, if a powerful man could vanquish a w. one,

133:1.2 time to enable the w. party to the dispute to make


143:1.5 Did John look like a w.?

144:8.3 John is no w..

185:7.3 This moral coward and judicial w. now labored


50:5.6 these pleasure-seeking w. are subjugated by the

140:8.29 a religion for everybody, not alone for w. and slaves.

143:1.2 saying that such teachings are fit for only w. and

143:1.5 my gospel was intended only for slaves and w.?

143:1.5 Do you, my chosen apostles, resemble w.?

weakness or great weakness

68:5.11 But the w. of both, as world social activities, is that

69:9.5 This was the suicidal w. of communism:

71:1.22 The gw. in Roman civilization, and a factor in the

72:9.1 a serious w. in their plan of universal suffrage and

79:8.8 The gw. of ancestor veneration is that it promotes a

82:5.1 and they also made the observation that general w.

86:3.4 together with the recognition of human w. before the

94:8.19 The gw. in the original gospel of Buddhism was that

94:12.1 The gw. in the cosmology of Buddhism was

95:5.9 The fatal w. of Ikhnaton’s gospel was its greatest

95:5.12 The w. of Ikhnaton’s doctrine lay in the fact that he

95:7.6 Allah as the one and only Deity; Islam’s w.,


99:3.7 The gw. of all this unrecognized and unconscious

120:2.2 thus, as a mortal creature of the realm, in w. made

139:3.3 James’s one gw. was these spells of unaccountable

139:4.5 John’s greatest w. was this characteristic conceit.

139:5.2 lack of imagination was the gw. of Philip’s character.

139:6.3 The w. of Nathaniel’s character was his pride; he

139:7.3 Matthew’s w. was his shortsighted and materialistic

139:8.4 Thomas’s gw. was his suspicious doubting, which he

139:11.4 Simon’s gw. was his material-mindedness.

139:12.7 the Master fully understood the w. of this apostle

142:0.2 “Fear is man’s chief enslaver and pride his gw.;

160:3.1 And this interchange of strength for w., courage

176:2.4 “You behold me now in w. and in the flesh, but when

181:2.27 that your brethren love you in spite of this w., and

185:1.3 Jewish leaders, who had discovered his w. in

188:5.2 love destroys forever the sin and all w. resulting

193:4.4 factors of personal tendencies and character w.:

195:8.11 The inherent w. of secularism is that it discards

195:10.15 such division of Christendom presents a grave w.


2:4.1 knowledge and the recognition of the natural w.

wealthsee wealthnon-monetary

69:2.2 W. is not a natural gift; it results from labor,

69:5.2 accumulation of individual capital and group w. led

69:5.2 raids on the property and w. of neighboring tribes.

69:5.11 Some sought w. because it conferred power;

69:5.13 Accumulations of w. became the badge of social

69:5.14 sacrificed scores of slaves to show disdain for w..

69:8.5 herders were disinclined to trust w. to the keeping of

69:8.6 provide w. and leisure for the social advancement of

69:8.12 man seeks to wrest new secrets and sources of w.

69:9.6 was most dangerous to amass too much w.; the king

70:2.13 2. The worship of w.-power, value distortion.

70:6.2 grew out of the idea of family authority or w..

70:8.6 W. and the possession of slaves was a genetic basis

72:5.12 disgust—disgust for both idleness and unearned w..

72:6.7 All natural w. on the continent is held as a social

79:8.11 1. Conservation of property and w..

81:6.6 value may be acquired in the absence of material w.,

81:6.38 are born of the sagacious correlation of material w.,

84:5.8 invention and w. have enabled her to create a new

87:2.10 much terrestrial w. is still consumed on funeral

89:8.8 it was a bargaining petition for health, w., and life.

90:2.11 would accumulate all the material w. of his tribe.

95:5.8 position or w. gave no Egyptian any advantage in

96:5.4 God, for it is he who gives you the power to get w..”

118:10.9 undeserved w. may be the greatest of afflictions;

126:5.1 among these Jews lack of w. did not imply social

128:4.4 dared to refuse the honor which their combined w.

131:3.4 free from lust, envy, hatred, and the delusions of w..

132:5.1 citizen asked Jesus what he would do with w. if he

132:5.1 Jesus answered him: “I would bestow material w.

132:5.1 I would administer material w. as a wise trustee of

132:5.2 think a man in my position should do with his w.?

132:5.2 having to do with the responsibilities of w..

132:5.2 I am not concerned with the w. of any other rich

132:5.2 If you honestly desire to regard your w. as a trust,

132:5.2 wise and efficient steward of your accumulated w.,

132:5.2 to find the honest answer, whence came this w.?

132:5.2 ten different methods of amassing material w.:

132:5.3 1. Inherited w.—riches derived from parents and

132:5.4 2. Discovered w.—riches derived from the

132:5.5 3. Trade w.—riches obtained as a fair profit in the

132:5.6 Unfair w.—riches derived from the unfair exploitation

132:5.7 5. Interest w.—income derived from the fair earning

132:5.8 6. Genius w.—riches accruing from the rewards of

132:5.9 7. Accidental w.—riches derived from the generosity

132:5.10 8. Stolen w.—riches secured by unfairness,dishonesty

132:5.11 9. Trust funds—w. lodged in your hands by your

132:5.12 10. Earned w.—riches derived directly from your

132:5.13 you must approximately divide your w. into these

132:5.14 suggestions concerning your attitude toward w.,

132:5.14 a dictator as to how other rich men regard their w..

132:5.15 1. As steward of inherited w. you should consider

132:5.15 honest transmittal of legitimate w. to succeeding

132:5.15 the unfair accumulation of w. by your ancestors.

132:5.15 Any portion of your inherited w. which turns out

132:5.15 The remainder of your legitimate inherited w. you

132:5.16 2. Everyone who enjoys w. as a result of discovery

132:5.17 the world create many different sorts of profit w.,

132:5.17 these sources of w. must be judged by the highest

132:5.17 While this sort of w. is not identical with earned

132:5.17 honestly accumulated w. endows its possessor

132:5.18 will can stoop to engage in the oppressions of w..

132:5.18 will strive to accumulate riches and amass w.-power

132:5.18 All such w. should be restored to those who have

132:5.19 5. Honest w. is entitled to interest.

132:5.19 collected provided the capital lent was legitimate w..

132:5.20 6. If you chance to secure w. by flights of genius,

132:5.20 to deprive the genius of all his increment of w..

132:5.20 these problems of the equitable distribution of w..

132:5.21 no man should lay personal claim to that w. which

132:5.21 The possessors of such w. should be accorded the

132:5.22 aught of your w. has been accumulated by dishonest

132:5.23 9. The trusteeship of the w. of one person for the

132:5.24 right to hold and use such w. as you may see fit

132:5.25 tomorrow I will begin the administration of my w.

139:7.1 Matthew was a man of moderate w., the only one

140:5.7 associated with the idea of the possession of w..

140:8.15 to the injustice of the unequal distribution of w..

140:8.15 Jesus was not preaching against w. and property,

140:8.18 It was not w. that he denounced, but what w. does

148:6.2 remember that Job was blessed with children, w.,

160:4.6 4. W.—the goods of life.

160:4.10 one’s daily work will insure the rewards of w..

160:4.10 the occasional and accidental acquirement of w.,

160:4.10 poverty must be the lot of all men who seek for w.

160:4.10 a part of some one of the channels of material w..

160:4.10 you are an accidental beneficiary of the flow of w.,

163:2.6 raised to believe that w. was the token of God’s

163:2.6 from the love of w., not necessarily from the w..

163:2.7 If Matadormus had parted with his w., it probably

163:2.10 entrance into the kingdom, but the love of w. does.

163:2.11 Jesus never taught that it was wrong to have w..


163:3.3 If one’s w. does not invade the precincts of the soul,

163:3.4 verily, I say to you, there is no man who has left w.

163:4.17 were unwilling to pay the price of forsaking w. and

165:4.1 Happiness comes not from the power of w.,

165:4.1 W., in itself, is not a curse, but the love of riches

165:4.2 have so much that I have no place to store my w..’

165:4.2 I say to my soul, soul, you have much w. laid up for

165:4.3 enjoy the pleasure of consuming his hoarded w.,

165:4.5 Is it a sin to possess honest w.?”

165:4.5 “My friend, it is not a sin to have honorable w.;

165:4.5 is a sin if you convert the w. of material possessions

165:4.5 There is a great difference between w. which leads

165:4.6 “But never forget that, after all, w. is unenduring.

165:4.6 Fail not to recognize the danger of w.’ becoming

165:4.10 must be answered by all who acquire great w.,

165:4.11 1. How much w. did you accumulate?

165:4.12 2. How did you get this w.?

165:4.13 3. How did you use your w.?”

165:4.14 talked with Jesus about w. on earth and treasure in


165:5.2 I will speak to you about these matters of w. and

169:3.1 to those who love riches and covet dishonest w..

176:3.4 set themselves at work to gain profits from the w.

177:2.2 and many luxuries which w. can buy while they

195:8.12 and liberty, nor property and w. will lead to peace.

195:10.20 politics without principles, w. without work,

196:2.8 commend the consecrated and worshipful man of w..


23:1.6 are constantly in touch with the w. of the intellect

96:7.3 of writings gives expression to such a w. of devotion

110:4.1 unable to transmit very much of this w. of wisdom

131:3.2 Faith is man’s true w.; it is the endowment of virtue

131:3.6 Contentment is the greatest w..

140:5.7 poor in spirit seek for goals of spiritual w.—for God.


69:5.14 W. men commonly sacrificed scores of slaves to

69:9.6 when a w. man died, the funeral was held up until

72:6.5 2. Bequests—many w. citizens leave funds for this

83:5.14 W. and able men wanted large numbers of children,

90:2.11 The medicine men often became very w. through the

90:2.11 Upon the death of a w. man it was customary to

93:6.8 Abraham was a shrewd business man, a w. man

94:7.1 appear that he was the son of a fabulously w. ruler,

121:6.5 with Philo or to transcend the teachings of this w.

127:2.5 a w. Jew, Isaac, a moneylender to the gentiles,

127:5.1 that Rebecca, the eldest daughter of Ezra, a w.

129:1.7 This officer belonged to a w. Roman family, and

129:2.9 by apparent chance, Jesus met a w. traveler and his

130:1.3 the final decision of Simon, the w. leather merchant,

132:4.5 Jesus spent one evening with a w. slaveholder,

132:5.1 After many intimate conferences this w. citizen

132:5.25 Jesus had finished counseling him, this w. Roman

134:3.2 This temple of religion had been built by a w. citizen

135:3.1 by sheep raising and from gifts which w. Jews

137:7.7 Sadducees consisted of the priesthood and w. Jews.

138:2.9 6. Judas Iscariot was an only son of w. Jewish

142:2.1 one Jacob, a w. Jewish trader from Crete, and he

142:6.1 one Nicodemus, a w. and elderly member of the

147:5.2 The w. Pharisees were devoted to almsgiving,

147:5.4 said Jesus: “A certain w. moneylender had two

148:8.2 returned with certain w. Jews of Alexandria,

150:1.1 Elizabeth, the daughter of a w. Jew of Tiberias and

152:6.1 While resting at the home of a w. believer in the

163:2.6 This w. young Pharisee had been raised to believe

165:4.10 asked Jesus how the w. would stand in the day of

165:4.10 Whatever else may concern the w. in the judgment,

166:1.1 where there lived a w. Pharisee named Nathaniel;

167:1.1 There lived in Philadelphia a very w. Pharisee who

168:0.4 that they were w. was further attested by the fact

187:1.4 Beyond Golgotha were the villas of the w.,


123:0.1 Mary did not w. the babe until they had arrived


100:4.2 And the human intellect protests against being w.

123:2.8 3. The w. child.


66:5.18 reduced infant mortality and facilitated early w..

84:3.9 milk for the young led to earlier w. of babies,

110:6.20 the task of w. the mortal mind from its dependence

128:2.4 Jesus had begun the slow process of w. his family.

128:7.5 the difficult task of w. his family from dependence on


63:1.3 Andon made good use of such a w. in saving both

68:5.4 The invention of w. tools enabled man to become a

159:1.7 “If Cain, with no w. in his hand, was avenged seven

172:5.2 that his own brother, Peter, was carrying such a w.


69:3.4 and cripples were set to work making tools and w..

69:4.2 to prevent the traders reaching each other with w..

69:9.8 At first, all property, including tools and w., was the

70:1.18 Very early in the history of the race, poisoned w.

78:8.5 because of superior intelligence, better w., and

87:2.10 use the ghosts of the tools and w. that were theirs

87:6.2 the savage is beginning to invent w. wherewith he

95:5.9 provided effective w. for the priests to use against

140:8.7 not make the mistake of fighting evil with its own w..

159:1.7 to Lamech’s exultation because of the metal w. of

171:4.2 apostles had received and were wearing these w.,

174:0.2 “Put not your trust in the arm of flesh nor in w. of

194:3.11 new religion are now equipped with spiritual w..


48:6.37 feel important, you lose energy to the w. and tear of

140:6.13 nor yet for your bodies, what clothing you shall w..

144:2.5 I will vindicate her lest she w. me out by her

147:5.3 to w. her hair down—the badge of harlotry.

153:2.1 You shall endure hunger and thirst and w. this

165:5.2 shall eat, nor yet for your body, what you shall w..

171:4.1 arms to all who would accept them and w. them

173:5.3 who do me the honor to w. those guest garments


68:2.5 the twentieth century groans w. under the overload


131:1.6 who ignore their brothers in the flesh, have only w.


69:9.10 of personal effects originated in the w. of charms.

74:6.5 Though w. little during the day, at eventide Adam

83:4.7 The w. of the bridal veil is a relic of the times when

166:1.5 delight in w. long robes while you put heavy

171:4.1 Simon Peter was still w. his sword on the night of

171:4.2 apostles had received and were w. these weapons,


48:6.37 Variety is restful; monotony is what w. and

117:6.25 slowly and patiently as a river quietly w. away the

131:4.5 Our God w. the heavens as a mantle; he also inhabits

wearysee weary, grew; see weary, grow

94:2.3 This belief in the w. and monotonous round of

97:7.8 with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be w.;

122:7.8 but Mary was w.; she was considerably distressed

126:4.6 and to those who are w. he increases strength.

127:4.10 loved to play the harp when tired in mind and w. in

131:1.9 The w. soul of the wandering mortal finds eternal

131:2.6 run and not be w.; they shall walk and not be faint.

135:6.2 No wonder the souls of these w. and expectant Jews

143:5.1 Jesus, being w. from the journey, tarried by the

148:5.5 neither be w. of his correction, for whom the Lord

151:5.1 “I am w. of the throngs; let us cross over to the other

151:5.4 The Master was w. when they left Bethsaida, and it

155:6.10 For w. generations the Jews have not ceased to toil

156:1.3 explained that Jesus was w. with much teaching

159:3.8 the kingdom with yearning hearts and w. feet

163:6.7 go forth to do your duty and be not w. in well doing.

169:1.10 the happy father had led the footsore and w. lad

174:0.2 Be not w. in well doing; and I would warn you to

182:3.7 just now he was w. from work, exhausted from

183:1.1 w. apostles slept the sleep of physical exhaustion.

185:3.6 to convince even Pilate that this gentle and w., but

187:1.8 on the way to the crucifixion, he was very w.;

190:5.4 shall be as the shadow of a great rock in a w. land.

191:0.7 during the long and w. hours of this tragic day,

192:2.9 be not w. in this well-doing but persevere as one

195:0.2 civilization was at this time intellectual, war w.,

weary, grew

100:7.10 Jesus never g. of saying, “It is more blessed to give

128:1.2 Jesus labored, g. weary, rested, and slept.

133:3.4 Ganid never g. of visiting the citadel which stood

137:7.3 Andrew never g. of contemplating how one who

139:2.5 Peter never g. of contemplating Jesus’ forbearance.

139:6.8 He never g. of contemplating the broadmindedness

151:5.6 Peter never g. of reciting how “even the winds obey

152:4.2 Peter g. weary and fell into a sleep of exhaustion.

155:3.8 And Jesus never g. of pointing out to the twelve the

weary, grow

32:3.6 they g. in progression, entertain spiritual doubts,

109:5.4 this is why so many falter and fail, g. and succumb

141:4.3 Nevertheless, the Master did not g. in his teaching.

156:5.21 The true believer does not g. in well-doing just

177:1.2 carrying the lunch, and when you g., I will help you


61:2.7 the fossil remains of dogs, cats, coons, and w. in

61:3.13 W., martens, otters, and raccoons thrived and


58:2.6 and air currents which provide w. phenomena.

59:6.3 harsher continental type of w. was fast developing.

60:2.8 The return of the seas improved the w..

60:3.18 The arctic regions were enjoying w. much like that

61:3.1 segregation were slowly changing the world’s w.,

73:3.3 stabilized w. was due to the encircling mountains

81:6.3 Climate, w., and numerous physical conditions are

87:6.11 The use of a cock as a w. vane is in perpetuation of

90:2.6 the rain makers, or w. shamans, have persisted right

90:2.6 w. control was the object of much ancient magic.

90:2.6 Civilized man still makes the w. the common topic

127:3.8 He never failed, w. permitting, to take his brothers

128:2.4 but he purposely remained away, assigning w. and

150:3.4 animal recently killed can reveal nothing about w.,

152:2.4 The w. was pleasant, it being near the end of the

157:2.1 “When it is evening, you say it will be fair w.,

157:2.1 the heaven is red; in the morning it will be foul w.,


90:5.4 up through oracles, diviners, singers, dancers, w.,


81:2.17 sun, would make a very serviceable w. habitation.


48:2.14 which the morontia supervisors w. into the bodies

123:5.15 he also learned to make cheese and to w..


122:5.7 Mary was an expert w. and more than averagely

128:3.1 milk and butter; Martha had become an expert w..


117:4.8 Adjuster, with the consent of the human will, w.


66:5.2 w. was introduced by the teachers of art and science.

69:3.10 some tribes sewing and w. were done by women,

74:2.7 w. was still practiced in the days of Eden.

76:3.8 the arts of metalworking, pottery making, and w.

77:4.7 metalwork, agriculture, animals, pottery, w.,

81:2.18 idea of all sorts of basket w independently originated

81:6.8 W., pottery, the domestication of animals, and

105:3.5 forever w. the pattern of Paradise into the energies

127:6.9 the task of further w. his mortal and divine natures


118:3.3 Such realities of truth w. to fact become concepts

177:4.10 dangerous ambition can become when it is once w.

181:2.21 the work of the kingdom when it is w. to discretion.


82:3.14 w. was not celebrated until the first child was born.

128:7.10 In November a double w. occurred.

128:7.11 for the fishing grounds, the day after the double w.,

128:7.13 The day after this double w. Jesus held an important

129:1.6 to Nazareth in October to attend Martha’s w.,

129:1.6 Jesus returned shortly before the double w. of Simon

134:1.4 So Simon and Jude were married at a double w. in

137:3.1 on to Cana, since all of them were invited to the w.

137:3.6 journeyed over to Cana for the w. of Naomi,

137:3.6 Messianic authority at the forthcoming w. at Cana,


137:4.1 and the invitations had been sent abroad for the w.

137:4.1 more like a public reception for Jesus than a w..

137:4.6 The w. proceeded with a hush of expectancy, but

157:5.1 Ever since his baptism and the w. at Cana these

173:5.3 ‘They who were first bidden to the w. were not


wedding bed

83:4.8 have a priest bless the w. to insure the fertility of

wedding celebration

137:4.11 use in the final purification ceremonies of the w..

wedding chamber

173:5.3 good and bad, rich and poor, so that at last the w.

wedding ceremony or ceremonies

83:2.3 An early type of w. was the mimic flight, a sort of

83:2.3 Later, mock capture became a part of the regular w..


83:4.1 The w. grew out of the fact that marriage was a

83:4.2 advanced, the w. became increasingly pretentious.

83:4.3 At first the w. was more on the order of a betrothal

83:4.8 One of the most ancient forms of the w. was to have

83:5.10 She alone had the ritual w., and only the children

137:4.4 at what point in connection with the w. he had

wedding day

82:3.4 The savage looked upon his w. as marking entrance

83:4.6 it was customary to set a false w. and then postpone

wedding feast

137:3.6 was preparing to gather together at Cana for the w.

137:4.1 more than four times the number bidden to the w..

173:5.1 assembled crowd and spoke the parable of the w..

173:5.2 his invitation and had promised to attend the w.,

173:5.3 he appointed yet another day for the w. and said

173:5.3 bid even strangers to come in and attend this w..’

wedding festivities

137:5.1 many of the guests remained for the full week of w.

wedding garment(s)

173:5.3 to his surprise he saw there a man without a w..

173:5.3 The king, since he had freely provided w. for all

173:5.3 my guest chamber on this occasion without a w.?

wedding gifts

84:4.10 was a forward step when a woman could own w..

wedding guests

83:4.8 w. were expected to file through the bedchamber

wedding presents

82:3.10 and this was the origin of the custom of giving w..

wedding procession

137:4.1 when Jesus consented to lead the preliminary w..

wedding ritual

83:4.8 was done long before any formal w. was established.

wedding supper

137:4.6 during the evening festivities, perhaps at the w..

137:4.6 when he called them together just before the w.

137:4.6 And they all sat down to enjoy the w. and the

137:4.7 but before the w. was over, the servants brought


83:4.3 first to develop the more elaborate celebration of w..

83:4.4 the human sacrifice was a regular feature of all w.

83:4.5 w. celebrated at the full of the moon were thought to

83:4.6 the sprinkling of holy water, were in evidence at w..

83:4.9 movement culminated directly in modern church w..

123:4.2 They played much at w. and funerals, ceremonies

128:7.11 The w. of James and Miriam had a very beneficial

137:4.1 a Jewish custom to celebrate w. on Wednesday,


80:9.5 They are driven like a w. between the Nordic and



84:3.1 mores, that virtually compelled her to remain in w..

160:2.6 and woman in the mutual embrace of intelligent w.

Wednesday or Wednesday morning

123:4.9 Joseph, was born Wm., March 16, A.D. 1.

124:3.4 On W. evening, June 24, A.D. 5, Jude was born.

125:2.7 On W. of the Passover week, Jesus was permitted to

126:3.2 On W. evening, April 17, A.D. 9, Ruth, the baby of

137:4.1 on W. almost a thousand guests had arrived in Cana,

137:4.1 was a Jewish custom to celebrate weddings on W.,

138:6.2 they never prosecuted their regular activities on W..

138:10.9 Simon managed the W. programs and also sought to

141:3.1 It became impossible to continue the W. playtime;

142:7.1 Jesus spent the next W. at Bethany with his

145:0.2 W., Thursday, and Friday Jesus spent at the Zebedee

147:0.1 Jesus and the apostles arrived in Capernaum on W.,

152:2.4 By W. noon about five thousand men, women,

152:2.6 This was the stage setting about five o’clock on W.

152:7.1 They arrived at Bethany, near Jerusalem, late on W.

155:2.3 They arrived about noontime on W. and spent the

156:3.2 On W., July 6, they all returned to Sidon and

156:5.1 On this W. afternoon, in the course of his address,

156:6.2 W. they stopped at Jotapata and instructed believers

157:4.2 It was late forenoon on this W. when the apostles

158:7.1 Early this Wm. Jesus and the twelve departed from

162:0.3 Jordan highway, arriving at Bethany late W. evening.

162:9.6 Magadan Park, arrived late on the afternoon of W.,

167:0.3 and the ten apostles arrived at Philadelphia on W.,

167:4.4 on Wm. he said to his apostles: “Let us prepare to

167:5.1 At their noon lunchtime, on W., he talked to his

171:1.4 David closed the visitors’ camp at Pella on W.,

171:4.1 On W. evening, March 29, Jesus and his followers

175:3.3 Understanding Jesus might not return that day (W.)


177:0.1 and his apostles to rest from their labors each W..

177:0.1 On this particular W. they ate breakfast somewhat

177:1.3 the unique experience of John Mark on this W. in

177:5.1 Since it was W., this evening at the camp was a

177:5.5 This W. evening was the low-tide mark of their

191:4.7 W., Jesus spent without interruption in the society of

192:0.5 not arrive at Bethsaida until very late on W. night.

192:4.4 home of the Marks in Jerusalem until late on W.,


52:2.11 and rugged competition in race survival has w. out


94:2.3 of successive incarnations as man, beast, or w..

131:3.6 Love of self is like w. in a goodly field.

151:4.1 but while he slept, his enemy came and sowed w.

151:4.1 to bring forth fruit, there appeared also the w..

151:4.1 Whence then come these w.?

151:4.1 ‘Would you have us go out and pluck up these w.

151:4.1 Gather up first the w. and bind them in bundles to

weeksee week, Passover

45:2.5 Once a w., every ten days on Jerusem, the Sovereign

66:5.21 water, once a w., in the worship of the Father of all.

66:7.16 of these commands in mind for each day of the w.,

66:7.17 The seven-day w. was introduced by the Dalamatia

72:3.2 —every two weeks, for they maintain a five-day w..

72:5.9 Industry now operates on a five-day w., working

74:8.1 almost sacred sanction to the time period of the w.,

83:5.13 were put in isolation one w. out of each month

84:4.8 complete family and social quarantine one full w.

84:4.9 overworked females, at least when young, one w.

85:5.2 the sun by giving its name to the first day of the w..

88:1.6 Certain days of the w. were fetishes.

89:2.5 for sins they intended to commit the following w..

95:1.2 peoples in honoring the seventh day of the w. never

96:4.5 the violent eruption of Horeb during the third w. of

100:4.6 If each day or each w. you achieve an

122:8.4 The following w. Joseph went to Jerusalem to

123:1.1 In less than a w. Joseph secured work as a carpenter,

123:3.5 no leavened bread was to be eaten for the whole w..

123:6.1 Jesus was excused from attendance one w. out of

123:6.1 This w. Jesus usually spent either with his fisherman

123:6.2 His first w.’ sojourn on his uncle’s farm was in

123:6.2 the first w.’ fishing experience on the Sea of Galilee

124:1.2 favored pupil, having one w. each month at liberty,

124:3.5 The chazan spent one evening each w. with Jesus,

124:5.4 On the first day of the w., March 20, A.D. 7, Jesus

124:5.5 Friday of the w. before, Joseph had come over from

125:0.1 This brief period of undirected living, during the w.

125:0.4 as his questions to the scribes and teachers a w.

125:2.8 By the end of the w., Jesus saw less of Lazarus since

125:2.10 By the end of the w. he had made many adjustments;

125:3.1 on the first day of the w. after the Passover festival

127:3.13 Amos, their baby brother, died after a w.’ illness

128:2.4 sometimes during the w. when occasion required,

128:5.2 The w. following the Passover of this year a young

128:5.9 continued to teach evening school three times a w.,

129:1.2 Jesus spent one w. at Tiberias, the new city which

129:1.9 Jesus spent five evenings a w. at intense study.

129:1.11 Once a w. Jesus held a meeting with the household,

130:3.7 to Ganid; one day during the second w. the young

130:8.2 At Syracuse they spent a full w..

132:0.4 Before the end of the first w. in Rome Jesus had

133:7.5 The last w. of their sojourn in the mountains Jesus

134:3.3 began at 10:00 o’clock every morning in the w..

134:7.4 trail to Beersheba, where Jesus remained for a w..

134:8.1 in which Tiglath was to deposit food twice a w..

134:8.6 During the last w. on Mount Hermon the great

134:9.4 Jesus planned to remain throughout the w. of the

134:9.5 In the midst of the w. of celebration and ere the

134:9.5 After almost a w. alone in the hills near Bethany,

135:8.1 They went to see John once a w. and brought back

137:5.1 remained for the full w. of wedding festivities,

137:7.14 Jesus and the seven spent two evenings each w. at


138:6.1 The next w. was devoted to a program of intense

138:6.2 It was at this time that Jesus established the mid-w.

138:6.2 pursued this plan of relaxation for one day each w.

138:7.1 long this was to last; they worked from w. to w..

138:7.1 And early on this first day of the w., just as Jesus

138:10.5 Judas, the treasurer, would send funds each w. to

138:10.10 made budget estimates for Matthew from w. to w.

139:7.9 When the funds for the w. were short of the


140:7.4 During this w. of rehearsing, Jesus many times

140:7.7 One w. of this varied experience did much for the

140:10.10 now the w. of waiting was over, and they prepared

141:0.1 On the first day of the w., January 19, A.D. 27,

141:1.2 By the end of the first w. several hundred people

141:3.1 two should rest each day of the six days in the w.,

141:4.9 From w. to w., the apostles paid more attention to


141:6.1 Near the end of the last w. at Amathus, Simon

141:7.2 The second w. of the sojourn at Bethany beyond

141:8.1 each w. Andrew would assign apostolic couples to

142:0.1 Jesus himself spent one or two nights each w. in

143:0.2 The last w. of July Jesus and his associates made

144:1.10 Jesus gave this lesson one afternoon in the third w.

144:6.1 present at the Gilboa camp throughout the first w.

144:6.2 By the beginning of the second w. of this month,

144:6.2 session three times a day and for six days each w..

144:6.2 The first w. Jesus mingled with them between their

144:6.4 However, within a w. they were again in the heart of

144:6.6 and that joint meetings for one w. would be held

145:1.1 On Friday morning of this same w., when Jesus

146:4.6 Chorazin, where they spent almost a w. preaching

147:6.1 The last w. of April, Jesus and the twelve departed

148:0.2 the apostles would go fishing at least one day a w.,

148:0.2 spend one w. out of each month with their families

148:0.3 five nights a w., the apostles conducted question

148:0.3 Once a w. Jesus presided at this question hour,

148:2.1 of this encampment not less than three times a w.

148:4.1 It was the habit of Jesus two evenings each w. to


148:8.1 The last w. of the sojourn at Bethsaida the spies

151:5.1 multitude continued to increase throughout the w..

152:2.1 On Friday he declared a furlough of one w. that all

153:2.6 hired the Tiberias fishing fleet, which a w. before

154:0.3 Thus matters rested for one w., during which time

154:1.0 1. A WEEK OF COUNSEL

154:1.2 On Friday of this w. official action was taken by the

154:2.0 2. A WEEK OF REST

154:2.2 Sunday morning, Jesus declared a w.’ holiday,

154:2.3 This w. of rest enabled Jesus to visit many families

154:2.3 no public teaching of any sort during this w. of rest.

154:2.4 This was the w. that Nathaniel and James Zebedee

154:7.4 Pharisees spent almost a full w. vainly searching for

154:7.5 spent almost a w. in talking, debating, and praying.

156:3.1 many were added to the kingdom during this w. of

159:6.5 Jesus and his associates prepared to take a w.’ rest

160:0.1 that no work would be planned for the coming w..

160:0.1 This w. Jesus enjoyed a period of almost complete

161:0.2 The w. prior, in which Rodan had expounded his

161:2.11 their fellow apostles, arriving on Friday of that w..

162:9.1 Throughout the w. that followed the feast of

163:5.2 less than a w. he was prepared to offer hospitality

163:7.2 They came to him in increasing numbers each w.

167:5.1 I fast twice a w.; I give tithes of all that I get.

168:3.4 The following w. Lazarus and his sisters were

168:5.1 until the w. of the crucifixion of Jesus, when he

169:0.1 This was the last w. of Jesus’ sojourn there, and he

169:0.2 that Jesus planned to teach this one short w. at Pella

169:0.2 up to the final and tragic experiences of the last w. in

171:1.5 was present in Jerusalem during the tragic last w.,

172:3.15 willing quickly to reject Jesus later on this w. when

172:5.11 on through all of the tragedy of this eventful w.,

173:1.2 the value of a w.’ labor for a pair of doves which

190:1.10 In about one w. from this time John took Mary to

191:0.13 Thomas was so depressed that it required a w. for

191:5.1 Thomas spent a lonesome w. alone with himself in

191:5.1 Thomas had missed them for a full w., and he

191:5.3 For a full w. have I tarried that I might appear

192:0.3 During the w. they tarried in Jerusalem, Mary spent

192:3.3 And no one saw Jesus for a full w..

192:3.3 During this entire w. Jesus was occupied with the

192:4.1 Peter, early in the w., sent out word that a public

week, Passover

124:6.12 prearranged for their accommodation during the P.,

125:2.6 Throughout the P., Jesus kept his place among the

125:2.7 On Wednesday of the P., Jesus was permitted to go

125:2.8 By the end of the w., Jesus saw less of Lazarus since

125:2.9 during the P., his parents would find Jesus sitting off

125:2.9 They welcomed the passing of the days of the P. and

125:2.10 By the end of the w. he had made many adjustments;

125:2.12 After all, P. had been a great event in Jesus’ life.

125:3.2 many of his unusual reactions to the events of P.,

125:4.1 the great crowds of P. having about disappeared.

125:4.2 where they had lodged as a family during the P.,

128:3.5 chanced to meet Jesus on Thursday afternoon of P..

128:3.7 On the Sunday after P. Simon and Jesus started on

129:2.9 Before the end of this P., by apparent chance, Jesus

142:5.1 of the great sermons which Jesus preached this P.

142:7.1 the busy period of teaching and personal work of P.

172:5.3 no teaching or preaching while in Jerusalem this P..

172:5.11 on through all of the tragedy of this eventful w.,

173:0.1 to engage in no public teaching throughout this P..

173:3.4 from all public teaching and preaching during this P..

173:5.5 they could occupy during the remainder of the P..

174:5.1 not to engage in any public teaching during the P.,

188:3.1 This was the beginning of the P., and these pilgrims

190:5.1 lived two brothers, shepherds, who had spent the P.


146:4.1 apostles would often teach and preach at the w.


142:8.4 The Sabbath w. they usually spent with Lazarus


45:2.6 entertained by the Sovereign at these w. relaxations

66:7.17 But there is no natural origin for the w. period.

98:5.4 Three times a day they worshiped, with special w.

128:2.4 Jesus making his w. payments to his brother.

138:6.2 On this w. holiday Jesus would usually take

138:10.10 week to week and also made w. reports to Andrew.

148:1.2 views of the gospel at his w. question hours.

weekssee weeks, two; weeks, three; etc.

87:2.5 W. and even months of each year were wasted in this

93:5.5 A few w. after the death of Abraham’s father, Terah,

122:2.5 Zacharias was very skeptical and for w. doubted

122:3.2 this visitation secretly in Mary’s heart for many w.

122:3.2 several w. of thought, both he and Mary reached

122:8.6 After many w. of futile search in Jerusalem, they

124:3.4 Mary was so very ill for several w. that Joseph

132:4.1 His religious teachings during these w. were no

133:7.2 assembly of supplies for their sojourn of several w.

134:1.3 During his stay of a few w. at Nazareth, Jesus visited

134:7.4 coast to Caesarea, where Jesus tarried for a few w.

134:8.4 During these w. Jesus finished the mortal task of

135:10.2 John tarried for several w., and it was here that he

135:10.2 In the w. following the baptism of Jesus the

135:10.3 As w. passed and he was not released, his disciples

137:7.4 By the end of these many w. of waiting the reports

139:8.13 Just a few w. before his death Thomas had begun

140:7.2 For w. and w. small groups of earnest truth seekers

144:1.7 During these September w. they rested, visited,

148:3.4 during these w. of decreased participation in the

149:1.1 For w. after they left Bethsaida, the sick continued

149:2.14 Multitudes would follow him for w., just to hear his

152:6.1 Events of the preceding few w. had moved too

154:5.4 The seriousness of w. had gone, and Jesus inspired

158:1.5 lagging faith of the twelve arose in the next few w.

163:6.1 this news to the apostles during previous w., but it

167:4.4 “Master, you were in Jerusalem a few w. back, and

169:1.7 “Within a few w. the young man gathered together

194:1.1 apostles emerged from their w. of seclusion to boldly

weeks, five

134:8.5 After more than f. of unbroken communion with his

weeks, four

141:7.1 remained here, teaching and preaching, for f.

141:8.1 Throughout the f’ sojourn at Bethany beyond Jordan

150:2.3 together with Rebecca, at Jotapata about f.

159:0.2 Jesus allotted f. to this tour, instructing his

159:6.1 The mission of f. in the Decapolis was successful.

162:0.4 month (October), about four and one-half w..

weeks, seven

125:1.5 at the feast of Pentecost (s. after Passover),

150:0.3 This third mission continued for a period of s..

weeks, six

76:1.1 s. before they made their way across to the land

122:2.5 It was not until about s. before John’s birth that

134:7.7 And Jesus lived alone with God for s. on the slopes

135:0.1 he had an unusual dream about s. before the birth of

136:3.1 been wet with the dews of Mount Hermon for s..

156:2.3 This period of about s. in Phoenicia was a very

163:1.6 went forth preaching and teaching for about s.,

weeks, three or three weeks’

122:2.6 Mary remained with her distant cousin for t..

122:8.3 moved to the inn, where they lived for almost t.

122:8.6 The babe was almost t. old at the time of their

123:0.5 but it required t. to overcome Mary’s objections.

124:1.7 T. after the coming of Martha, Joseph, who was

128:3.1 such that Jesus stopped work for t. to take Simon to

128:6.8 a long talk with Jude about this episode t. after their

133:7.4 During Ganid’s convalescence of t. Jesus told him

133:9.2 Ganid extended their stay in these parts t. in order to

134:7.3 For t. of this period he worked as a tentmaker.

134:8.4 Jesus spent the last t. of August and the first t. of

134:9.2 They spent almost t. in an around the city,

135:9.4 About t. after Jesus had left them, there arrived

141:3.1 Jesus and his apostles remained near Amathus for t..

144:6.1 a t.’ conference at the Gilboa camp between the

144:6.2 For t. these twenty-four men were in session

147:2.2 The apostolic party spent almost t. at Jerusalem,

150:0.4 For a period of almost t. Abner and his associates

weeks, two or two weeks’

62:3.13 a subterranean food-storage retreat for more than t.

72:3.2 for oral instruction once in ten days—every t.,

133:7.3 For t. the trio greatly enjoyed themselves,

133:7.3 For t. he suffered from a raging fever, oftentimes

134:2.5 Lake Urmia, where he tarried for slightly over t..

134:3.4 with Jesus to sojourn with them for t. on his trip

138:1.2 Before they began this first t. of service, Jesus

138:1.4 It had been arranged that the six were to labor for t.

138:7.4 sufficient funds to maintain themselves for t.,

138:7.4 We will remain here by the sea t. and fish or do

138:7.6 enjoined them to devote themselves to fishing for t.,

138:7.7 This plan of fishing t. and going out to do personal

138:7.7 do personal work in behalf of the kingdom for t.

138:8.1 After disposing of the fish catches of t., Judas

138:8.1 The first t. Jesus went out with Andrew and Peter

138:8.1 the second t. with James and John, and so on

138:8.6 they worked as fishermen every alternate t.,

138:8.6 in the field for each succeeding t. of missionary work

141:1.2 Here they tarried for more than t., teaching and

143:0.1 his apostles spent more than t. teaching the Jews

144:6.1 joint conference but absented himself the last t..

144:6.3 in your deliberations, I am leaving you for t..

144:6.4 the twenty-four saw him no more for two full w..

144:6.11 men had a truly remarkable experience these t. when

147:0.1 and spent t. at the Bethsaida headquarters before

147:0.1 These t. the apostles taught the people by the seaside

149:7.2 entire party was granted a t.’ recess to go home to

149:7.3 be assigned to service at the end of the t.’ recess.

150:1.1 At the beginning of the t.’ period during which

154:2.1 Within the short space of t. every synagogue in

155:2.1 into that city, where they tarried and taught for t.

155:2.2 and the evangelists sojourned in Chorazin for t.,

155:2.2 t. at Chorazin constituted a veritable baptism of

155:3.1 Jesus did no public work during this t.’ sojourn

155:3.2 it was a difficult t. for the apostles to live through.

155:3.2 Though they made few converts during these t.,

156:0.1 They spent almost two and one-half w. in Sidon

156:4.2 Daily, for this period of t., the apostles and

158:4.3 For almost t. this anxious father, a minor official of

168:3.3 were not formally acted upon for almost t.,

171:1.1 They spent more than t. visiting among the seventy

171:1.2 Jerusalem, while the other half followed him for t.,

171:3.1 For more than t. Jesus and the twelve journeyed


113:5.2 figuratively “w. because of your willful intolerance

125:5.9 as he viewed the city and its temple, he did not w.;

140:3.8 Happy are they who w., for they shall receive the

141:0.2 of mind, but none of them had ever seen him w..

141:0.2 the Father’s kingdom, why is it that you w.?

146:6.2 avert; so, turning to the mother, he said: “W. not.

168:0.8 supposing that Mary was going to the tomb to w..

187:1.6 said: “Daughters of Jerusalem, w. not for me, but

187:1.6 but rather w. for yourselves and for your children.

189:4.10 the stranger did not answer Mary, she began to w..


55:2.5 The scenes of w. and wailing characteristic of

131:2.9 W. may endure for a night, but joy comes in the

141:0.2 sitting in a boat down the beach, and he was w..

147:5.3 anointing, she continued w. and kissing his feet.

152:1.1 were the relatives engaged in w. and wailing

172:3.10 great silence came upon all as they beheld him w..

187:1.6 could not refrain from w. when they saw him

189:5.3 they found Mary Magdalene returned and w.


28:6.14 These seconaphim w. trustworthiness in the living

41:3.6 cubic inch of such a star, if on Urantia, would w.

67:8.4 then w. the effect of the far-flung presentation of

192:2.8 Learn to w. the consequences of your sayings and

196:3.18 you cannot w. love in a balance; you cannot measure


28:6.15 candidates have been w. in the secoraphic balances

60:2.11 Their brains w. less than two ounces notwithstanding

95:2.9 If this soul were w. in the balances and found

97:1.8 is a God of knowledge, and actions are w. by him.


60:1.10 having brains w. less than one pound to control

60:1.10 to control bodies later w. as much as forty tons.


42:4.12 The lead of original formation w. slightly more than

42:6.7 while an electron w. a little more than 1/2,000th of

42:6.7 a negative electron, w. almost two thousand times

65:6.1 Dead protoplasm w. the same as living protoplasm,


15:6.13 associated energies; it demonstrates that light has w..

15:8.3 Evolving energy has substance; it has w., although

15:8.3 w. is always relative, depending on revolutionary

41:4.4 The w. of this hot-cold gaseous-solid is about one

41:5.8 into infinitesimal portions of definite length and w.

41:9.4 when gravity and heat are in equilibrium, the w. of

42:4.12 this difference in atomic w. represents the actual loss

42:6.1 masses of definite dimensions and established w.

46:1.2 The standard w., the “gradant,” is built up through

46:1.2 and represents almost exactly ten ounces of your w..

57:8.20 the w. of a body of water at places ten miles deep.

58:5.7 The w. of the oceans is also a factor in the increase

58:5.7 ocean beds, plus the w. of the overlying water,

58:5.7 approximate the w. of the higher but much lighter

77:3.9 for the enterprise; it fell of its own pretentious w..

80:7.6 the last glorious era of art perished beneath the w. of

159:3.2 Man’s mind is not to be crushed by the mere w. of

162:3.3 the whole plot fell to pieces of its own sordid w..

184:5.1 charge of blasphemy would carry no w. with Pilate.

185:7.3 judicial weakling now labored under the double w. of

187:1.9 and Jesus fell beneath the w. of his heavy burden.

187:2.1 as a sort of saddle for supporting the body w..


166:1.4 should not have left these w. requirements undone

175:1.17 and disregard the w. matters of the law—faith, mercy,


42:4.12 of matter is indicated by the two atomic w. of lead.

42:9.3 are arranged in the order of their atomic w..

69:4.5 The first w. were grains of wheat and other cereals.


125:4.4 concerned with the contemplation of w. problems.

127:0.2 had or ever will have more w. problems to resolve

175:1.8 lift one finger to help you bear these w. burdens.

welcomesee welcome you

13:2.6 Ascendington, where you are most w., but you are

43:1.8 You will always be w as an observer in the legislative

47:10.1 for all Jerusem to assemble as a committee of w..

62:7.5 Now the Life Carriers heard the w. words of their

84:4.9 one week each month for w. rest and profitable

119:6.5 In response to our many addresses of w. and

128:6.11 The children were always w. at the repair shop.

150:7.3 not a w. homecoming, but a decidedly hostile and

169:1.12 When his father heard of his resentment of the w.

172:0.2 and Bethpage did their best to make Jesus feel w..

172:3.15 This w., although it was joyous and sincere, did

179:0.4 After receiving the greetings of w. extended by the

welcomeverb; seewelcome you

26:5.1 who w. the much-traveled ascenders of space to

28:4.5 therefore do the Master Spirits w. the services of

30:2.148 We w. these Universe Aids on Uversa, but we

40:10.8 stand ready to w. the incoming stream of pilgrims

52:1.8 Primitive mortals usually w. the Planetary Prince

63:7.3 morontia personalities who w. the pilgrims of time

74:2.1 presence of the mighty throng assembled to w. them,

74:2.1 were the first to w. them in their new garden home.

74:2.4 into Eden to w. Adam and Eve and to do homage to

89:6.3 his daughter and only child came out to w. him home

119:6.5 gathered together to w. him back to the rulership

120:3.10 we shall w. your return to us as the supreme and

122:5.9 parents had thought to w. the child of promise,

138:3.6 “In coming here tonight to w. Matthew and Simon

139:8.13 Thomas was present with them to w. Jesus on the

139:9.8 he wishes to w. into active and believing fellowship

142:2.1 kind Father who so loves all men that he would w.

158:5.1 nine apostles were more than relieved to w. him,

172:3.12 the multitude which poured out to w. the Master,

172:3.13 “It is only fitting that these children should w. the

172:5.4 pilgrims who poured forth to w. the Master,

175:1.3 receive the word of heaven and to w the Son of Man

176:4.7 Be you therefore ever ready to w. him on earth as

178:3.6 Mark was waiting to w. them to his father’s home

181:2.2 the kingdom, while you all will w. them joyously,

181:2.2 I depend upon you, John, to w. them for me.

189:1.10 here gathered together to greet and w. their Creator

192:1.2 they thought it was Mark, who had come down to w.

welcome you

24:6.3 the Paradise Companion assigned to w. you and

25:8.5 if you arrive alone, a companion will certainly w.

25:8.5 companions will be designated to w. you to the

48:3.8 on hand to w. you when you awaken on the initial

176:4.7 on earth as he stands ready to w. you in heaven.

181:2.22 I will some day w. you to the enlarged service of my


25:8.5 You may be certain of being warmly w. when you

45:1.9 All beings of the system worlds are w. as worshipers.

47:9.4 You will soon be w. on the receiving field of the

48:3.8 And from the time you are thus formally w. on

51:3.9 w. to your world by a loyal and efficient Planetary

74:2.5 the Urantia reception committee w. this Son and

125:2.9 They w. the passing of the days of the Passover

137:1.1 And Jesus, with hearty assurance, w. Andrew as

139:9.8 Jesus w. these young men of one talent to positions

141:8.1 the majority of them w. the more advanced teachings

153:5.1 w. the appearance of this more militant attitude,

158:3.4 Jesus w. this testimony regarding the success of his

169:2.4 I will be w. into the houses of all who do business

176:2.9 a number of the leading disciples w. Jesus and the


27:1.4 the instigator of rest who w you to the eternal shores


137:1.3 And in w. Simon as his second apostle, Jesus said:


98:2.12 in which philosophy, religion, and science are w. into


71:3.2 chosen people doctrine has been a factor in tribal w.

welfaresee welfare of

43:9.4 with group, racial, national, and planetary w..

45:2.4 Lanaforge discloses great interest in their w.,

66:5.2 1. The council on food and material w..

69:9.6 until the family donated a large sum to public w.

70:2.20 convinced that peace is best for his material w.,

76:5.6 no comprehensive plan for far-reaching world w.

82:1.7 effectively tricks selfish man into putting race w.

83:6.8 which is best for parental happiness, child w.,

91:1.3 rain, and other material goods enhanced the social w.

99:6.2 conserve morality, promote neighborhood w.,

100:7.7 No matter how indifferent to man’s w. on earth,

101:3.10 the utter indifference of natural forces to human w..

110:1.2 faithful to the task of fostering man’s spiritual w..

110:1.3 Adjusters are deeply interested in your temporal w.

110:1.4 while passive regarding purely temporal w., is active

123:0.2 befall her child which might jeopardize his w. or

124:4.3 always compassionate and considerate of their w.

139:6.7 their families’ w. was safe in the hands of Nathaniel.

160:2.9 others likewise live for your w. and advancement.

181:2.5 more interested in their w. in time and in eternity.

185:0.4 trifling importance to human w. in time and eternity.

192:2.4 devote yourself to their w. even as I have devoted

192:2.4 welfare even as I have devoted my life to your w..

welfare of

0:11.5 appears to be made in terms of the w. of the whole

2:4.5 to meet the highest interests and universe w. of the

2:5.9 the Father loves and forever seeks the w. of his sons

3:2.8 they are for the w. and best good of all concerned,

3:2.8 In the epochs of time the w. of the part may appear

3:2.8 part may sometimes appear to differ from the w. of

3:2.9 and eternal w. of all his vast and far-flung creation.

3:2.10 by such utter indifference to the comfort and w. of

3:6.1 unchallengeable authority over the w. and destiny of

7:3.1 always concerned with the w. and spiritual security

10:7.5 mysterious situations always work out for the w. of

11:3.3 sectors is dedicated to the w. and advancement of

15:10.23 work in the councils of divine wisdom for the w. of

16:3.11 This Spirit directs the w. of the fifth superuniverse in

18:4.2 the Ancients of Days concerning the w. of his realm.

18:7.2 supremely devoted and divinely faithful to the w. of

24:5.3 fully informed on all matters relating to the w. of

25:2.12 beyond the temporal existence and the cosmic w. of

25:3.5 work is sometimes carried out for the apparent w. of

28:6.20 disinterested labor for the w. of one’s earthly fellows

32:4.2 the w. of the humblest of his creatures, God retires

32:4.2 working through all these channels for the w. of all

33:3.4 and valiantly struggle for the w. of mortal men and

33:6.3 system government looks after the w. of its planets,

35:6.2 chiefly concerned with the w. of the constellations

35:6.3 occupied with the physical w. of the constellation.

37:5.5 are supremely devoted to the w. of the mortal races

39:4.2 executing commissions for the w. of the system

39:4.4 the summary of evidence concerning the eternal w.

40:10.7 ever-augmenting service contributions to the w. of

43:4.7 the Edentia conclaves which deliberate on the w. of

46:3.2 there to learn of the w. and state of the universe.

52:6.6 Wise statesmen will sometime work for the w. of

66:1.4 enviable record of loyalty and devotion to the w. of

66:2.3 the interests and promote the w. of the human races.

67:1.3 Prince who assumes responsibility for the w. of the

67:6.1 all unwittingly worked for the w. of mankind just

67:7.7 but the future w. of such souls has never been in the

74:7.24 And thus did Adam work for the w. and uplift of the

75:4.6 the highest motives concerning the w. of the world,

77:5.7 the midwayers kept him informed regarding the w. of

81:6.34 conflict between the interests and w. of the larger,

82:4.2 The ancients married for the advantage and w. of the

84:7.10 the mother’s interests for the w. of the child;

84:7.27 willingness of one generation to invest in the w. of

84:7.27 suicidal to the w. and advancement of civilization.

100:7.14 moved to resist that which was inimical to the w. of

103:1.1 that gives origin to his unselfish interest in the w. of

103:2.10 as to work serious injury to the w. of the self.

110:6.4 temporal danger or risk to the real w. of such a being

114:2.5 concerned with the w. and advancement of the

123:3.9 deference to the w. and tranquillity of the family.

127:4.2 and everything relating to the w. of the family.

129:0.1 spiritual w. of every one of his brothers and sisters.

130:2.4 the Father was interested in the w. of his children

130:2.5 both sought Jesus’ advice as to the w. of their souls

134:5.2 of value only in so far as they enhance the w.,

136:3.6 Jesus held converse with Gabriel regarding the w. of

138:9.3 work without having to worry about the financial w.

142:7.10 father is supremely interested in the progressive w.

146:2.11 Pray for the w. of your families, friends, and fellows,

147:4.7 level of unselfish devotion to the w. of one’s fellows.

149:7.3 regarding the w. and extension of the kingdom.

151:0.2 w. and direction of the new corps of evangelists.

159:1.3 concern the temporal w. of the brotherhood on

159:5.7 like the solicitude of a loving father for the w. of

159:6.2 and made reports concerning the w. of the believers

160:2.9 strength in the knowledge that you live for the w. of

163:3.4 and loving consideration for the w. of a universe.

165:4.7 temporal must be subordinated to the w. of the soul

165:5.2 The w. of the soul is more than food and drink;

165:6.2 will I soon know who can be trusted with the w. of

167:7.5 who are likewise concerned in the spiritual w. of man

186:5.3 for the w. and uplifting of his mortal creatures on

188:5.9 the devotion of one’s life to the w. and salvation of

192:2.10 make sure that you are devoted to the w. of my

193:4.3 either indifferent, or actually hostile, to the w. of

194:3.19 a life purpose single to the will of God and the w. of

wellnon-exhaustive; see wellnoun; wellverb

12:7.2 doing things; and he ever does all things w..

25:1.6W. done, good and faithful servant; you have

38:2.5 You do w. to love angels, but you should not adore

47:8.4 “This is a beloved son in whom I am w. pleased.”

48:6.36 If your own mind does not serve you w., you can

48:6.36 for the mind of Jesus, who always serves you w..

48:7.13 Life is but a day’s work—do it w..

69:9.18 but mankind will do w. to move slowly in making

84:8.6 But look you w. to the goal of destiny!

88:1.1 A man is sick, something happens, and he gets w..

88:5.3 Effigies were made, and when treated ill or w.,

124:3.8 only replied, “Very w., my father, it shall be so.”

131:2.8 If you do not w., it is because sin lies at the door;

131:3.6 What is given wisely is w. saved.

131:9.2 And we do w. when we call the Great Heaven our

133:1.5 w., most likely there’ll always be someone on

135:8.6 “This is my beloved Son in whom I am w. pleased

135:9.7 ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I am w. pleased.

136:2.3 “This is my beloved Son in whom I am w. pleased

139:5.4 things in a big way, do them w. and acceptably.

139:6.5 and do w. that which has been intrusted to you but

140:6.14 to Andrew, “They do w.—trouble them not.”

141:3.6 Jesus not only meant w., but he went about doing

144:8.8 But the Father does all things w.; the Father reveals

149:6.12W. did the Prophet Jeremiah describe many

151:2.7W. done, Thomas; you have discerned the true

156:1.7 And the little girl was w. from that hour.

156:2.7 must not only cease to do evil but learn to do w.;

160:4.11 is not real to one who cannot do some one thing w.

162:5.2 reliable persons may be accepted—w., then, I bear

163:6.7 forth to do your duty and be not weary in w. doing.

171:8.6W. done; you are a good servant; because you

174:0.2 Be not weary in w. doing; and I would warn you

176:3.4W. done, good and faithful servant, you have

176:3.4W. done, good and faithful steward; you also

177:1.5W., John, we have had a good visit, a real day of

179:3.8 You call me Master, and you say w., for so I am.

192:1.4W., John, I am glad to see you again and in

195:8.6 But mark you w.! do not be quick to surrender the

wellnoun; see also Jacob’s well

34:6.8 for this spiritual water shall be in them a w. of

66:5.2 They taught w. digging, spring control, and irrigation

69:9.11 still later, a w. constituted title to the adjacent land.

143:5.1 Jesus tarried by the w. while Philip took the

143:5.1 Jesus sat down by the w. to await the return of the

143:5.2 but there was no way of getting water from the w..

143:5.2 her water pitcher and prepared to draw from the w.,

143:5.2 to have a Jewish man thus speak to her at the w.

143:5.2 you have nothing to draw with, and the w. is deep;

143:5.2 greater than our father Jacob who gave us this w.,

143:5.3 And this living water shall become in him a w. of

167:1.5 having a favorite animal that fell in the w. on the

181:1.4 and this Spirit of Truth will become in them a w. of

190:5.4 this Spirit of Truth shall be in each believer a w. of


157:2.2 emotions of love for your neighbor w. up within


79:3.8 the Sangik races, but they did find a w. civilization.


55:3.1 These worlds still have w. hospitals, homes for the


177:0.3 Jesus looked over the three w. and stalwart


34:2.6 to the evolution of an extraordinarily w. creation in

48:6.35 If you succeed, will you maintain a w. poise—

103:7.9 separate domains of thought into a w. philosophy of

127:4.7 James was growing up to be a w. and even-tempered

127:4.8 Miriam was a w. and level-headed daughter with a

139:3.7 James Zebedee was a w. thinker and planner.

149:4.3 about the desirability of possessing w. characters.

195:10.17 the development of a majestic and w. personality.

196:0.7 for it never attempted to run away with his w.

196:3.34 Man’s greatest adventure consists in the w. and sane


54:6.3 work a hardship upon all the other and w. children.


72:7.2 phases of physical w. are regarded as community

120:2.5 minister to the physical w. and material comfort of

133:3.7 Creator put there to serve the w. of the individual

134:5.2 and of value only in so far as they enhance the w. of

147:6.4 but you would do better to guard the health and w.


132:4.4 spiritual ennoblement by w. words or some obliging


70:12.1 proper balance of power between the w. executive,


139:4.4 so lovely was his inordinate but usually w. conceit.


4:2.1 God acts in accordance with a w., unchanging,

50:5.2 all evolutionary spheres progress in w. directions.

56:7.1 divinity realization is accompanied by certain w.

58:6.1 the vegetable forms of life and the later w. animal

59:0.7 certain w. developments in both the geologic realms

62:3.6 Mid-mammals possessed a w. hoarding instinct;

70:11.1 into concrete regulations, and w. social conventions.

80:9.15 fairly w. division of the white race into such classes,

94:2.8 its early portrayal of God was even less w. than was

95:7.6 The strength of Islam has been its clear-cut and w.

108:5.9 w. conflicts between the higher and lower tendencies

121:3.1 the society of the Mediterranean consisted of five w.


135:5.5 relegate the unrighteous to their w. judgment of


57:6.10 Urantia was a w. sphere about one tenth its present

61:1.4 1. Bring forth relatively mature and w. offspring.

63:4.6 a w. language had evolved from their early efforts to

79:8.3 and a w. family life equaled the birth of ancestor

124:2.4 Since he was such a w. lad for his age, it seemed

124:3.10 Jesus was a vigorous, w., moderately humorous,


29:2.13 these power centers, but seven specialized and w.,


156:5.21 The true believer does not grow weary in w. just

192:2.9 And be not weary in this w. but persevere as one


72:5.12 they are beginning to appreciate their w. leisure,

81:6.7 able to enjoy a w. and profitable margin of leisure.

128:1.2 he still bears among his numerous w. titles that of

136:3.5 your w. unconditional rulership of all Nebadon.


128:3.3 Jesus spent much of his time talking with this w.


74:3.1 running along smoothly with a w. Planetary Prince

195:3.8 the already w. and increasing racial deterioration.


177:3.8 camp, for its establishment had been kept a w. secret


98:7.9 Paul little dreamed that his w. letters to his converts

125:6.12 the w. but misguided efforts of his parents to

127:4.7 But Simon was always a good and w. lad.

128:4.2 by the “councils of men,” no matter how w..

137:1.6 engaged in a w. but self-appointed task of seeking

177:4.11 distasteful experience upon a w. but cowardly and

193:4.3 conspired to destroy a w. man who failed to


177:2.4 You possess a strong and w. character because


7:1.8 In accordance with w. laws, we can and do

12:1.1 w. fact that all forms of basic energy ever swing

41:6.1 spectra of your sun are due to modifications of w.

90:2.4 of chance, but also in the w. “counting-out” rhymes.

122:1.2 Mary reckoned among her ancestors such w.

135:5.2 They fell back onto the w. reasons assigned to

164:3.1 they encountered a w. beggar, a man who had

174:2.5 enemies of Jesus were defeated since it was a w.

189:4.10 And when Mary heard that word of w. sympathy


96:2.1 The Semites were well-organized and w. horsemen


133:7.2 they started for the hills with their w. pack animals.


51:7.5 Mortal existence on such a w. sphere is profitable


59:1.14 basic uniformities coupled with certain w. variations.


74:4.4 the proposal of these w. but misguided mortals;

76:6.4 personal triumph for your w. but deluded Material

89:6.3 w. man had made a foolish vow, had bargained

98:7.9 Such w. teachers must not be held accountable for

103:8.4 of w. souls who would create religion without God.

122:8.7 but wholly natural events the w. zealots of the

127:4.7 Simon was a w. boy but too much of a dreamer.

147:5.8 vastly below that of Simon and his w. associates;

154:4.6 Many intelligent and w. men, even in the more

177:4.2 that, while Jesus was a w. dreamer and idealist, he

177:4.3 that Jesus, while he was a w. fanatic, was probably

187:4.5 adventure, led many otherwise w. youths to enlist

192:4.8 and ere the Master ascended to the Father, his w.

193:4.14 evil which, taken altogether, explain why a w. and


97:8.6 the distortion of Hebrew history by their w. attempts

103:6.7 Metaphysics stands for man’s w. but futile effort

149:2.1 The w. efforts of Jesus’ early followers to restate

158:7.4 recognized in these words of w. affection the subtle

177:4.2 stigma of his w. but “unfortunate association with

186:2.8 Pilate’s w. but halfhearted efforts to effect his release

188:4.2 In your w. efforts to escape the superstitious errors

194:4.7 But the final results of this w. experiment in

195:10.8 The w. desire to foster ancient thought systems


0:5.2 both are capable of w. unlimited Deity co-ordination

0:12.6 expanding arena of the w. limitless master universe.

2:0.3 the human concept of God would be w. futile

3:5.4 the staggering immensity of God’s w. limitless

4:4.4 wholly divine and w. ultimate, if not absolute.

5:5.6 It is w. impossible for human logic and finite

7:3.2 mustered into the Corps of the Finality as a w.

11:1.1 at the center of the upper surface of this w. circular

12:7.12 in contact with such a w. infinite number of beings

15:6.9 in these invisible particles of physical matter is w.

15:6.11 The density of some of these large masses is w.

15:14.9 you belong to a w. infinite family of worlds, but your

19:5.2 operate over all known circuits and appear to act w.

21:0.2 the wellspring of that beautiful and w. divine love

21:3.13 a Creator Son rules his domain w. supremely when

22:10.8 is w. pathetic to observe them seeking knowledge

23:1.4 Mortals start out as w. material beings on the worlds

23:3.7 w. all the advantages of a formless spirit coupled

27:7.8 The ascendant career is w. finished, and the

28:5.7 To the w. infinite volume of information circulating

30:0.1 constitute a w. limitless number of living beings.

35:2.8 The Melchizedeks are w. perfect in wisdom, but they

35:9.5 they are w. sovereign in the local affairs of the

39:0.9 the seraphic services, having functioned in w. every

42:1.9 a circularity of endless existence, w. limitless but,

42:7.7 the w. instantaneous disruption of the central proton

42:7.9 extending from electron to electron and w. from

42:9.5 is present in nature only because of the w. infinite

43:4.9 doors of sympathy were so w. universally closed

43:8.1 Edentia and its surrounding spheres is w. perfect;

44:4.3 exists perfect and w. complete understanding;

46:4.8 they are the only worlds which exhibit w. perfectly

55:9.3 have reached the position of w. complete autonomy.

56:3.4 the Divine Ministers, who are in turn w. perfectly

57:8.16 The flow of the subcrustal lava bed became w.

68:6.8 these taboos on twins were once w. universal,

74:8.4 belief in man having been created from clay was w.

75:8.4 Adam was confronted with a w. hopeless task

77:2.3 This, then, is the origin of the w. universal folk tale

77:3.8 while their fellows fought until w. obliterated.

77:6.1 the primary midwayers had a w. superhuman origin,

87:5.5 and the phallic cult was at one time w. universal.

89:5.3 Cannibalism was once w. universal among the races.

89:8.2 The later and w universal ancient rite of circumcision

101:10.9 that God and all the divine hosts of a w. limitless

106:7.7 the concept of the master universe seems to be w.

110:7.6 the liberation of the emerging soul from the w.

118:6.2 equal to disenfranchising w. a million Creator Sons

122:3.2 Then when he became w. persuaded that Mary

122:5.5 was a brunet; Mary, a brown-eyed w. blond type.

123:2.15 Jesus appeared to be a w. perfect child physically and

126:5.2 Already had this youth w. encompassed the

129:3.9 in the various epochs of the w. eternal past.

129:4.2 the Son of Man w. reached the apex of attainment

129:4.8 he had become w. the perfection of man awaiting the

143:1.1 preaching to w. exclusive gatherings of gentiles—

145:3.15 a divine being of w. unlimited creator prerogatives

148:2.3 in the mind or body of the afflicted person was w.

149:2.14 Devoted men and women loved Jesus with a w.

149:3.2 religious leaders were becoming w. frantic as a

155:3.2 The apostles were w. depressed, and they missed the

157:4.2 The two Simons were w. agreed in their estimate of

161:2.9 Jesus w. exhausts the possibilities of language in

172:5.2 Andrew was thoroughly bewildered, w. confused.

177:5.1 to cheer his apostles, but that was w. impossible.

185:1.2 a series of almost fatal and w. suicidal blunders.

186:1.4 The betrayer was w. breathless and highly distraught,

186:1.7 Judas’s despair was desperate and w. absolute.

189:2.8 to that point where it became w. instantaneous.

190:2.2 The whole family was startled and w. confounded by


33:7.8 You are living in a w. universe, and sooner or later

34:7.4 the moral assistance which a w. society would have

123:3.10 long after his usual bedtime in this w. household.

124:3.6 impressed with the clean appearance and w.


81:6.14 W. and superior minorities have largely ruled this

96:2.1 Semites of the East were w. and well-led horsemen

96:2.1 The Phoenicians were a superior and w. group of

121:2.4 hundred synagogues and w. religious communities

148:0.4 This was the longest settled and w. period of the

160:4.10 the temporal life are found to flow in certain w.

170:5.15 they substituted therefor the w. social fellowship


74:5.5 the w. resistance of Caligastia and Daligastia.

171:7.9 There was so little of the professional, the w., or the


100:7.4 The Son of Man was always a w. personality.

100:7.4 he was so w. because he was so perfectly unified.


57:8.26 discovered in w. stone pages, volume upon volume,


127:1.3 Jesus possessed a healthy and w. body, a keen and


103:6.7 man’s unavailing attempt to span this w. chasm.


126:5.11 tots had their regular duties to perform in the w.

177:2.4 your first eight years in a normal and w. home.


195:3.8 to Rome too late to prevent the w. moral decline or


83:4.4 regular feature of all weddings among w. people.

87:2.7 a w. savage expected that at least one slave wife

122:8.3 Joseph was taken by him to a w. friend who had a

122:10.4 Mary and Jesus lodged with w. relatives of Joseph’s

124:6.12 the Passover week, the large home of a w. relative of

129:1.4 Zebedee was a moderately w. man; his shops were

130:8.2 this Jew, in association with a w. Greek proselyte,

156:0.1 they stopped at the home of a w. woman who had

163:2.11 Jesus many times advised his w. disciples as he

168:0.4 Lazarus and his sisters were the children of a w.

169:1.5 the story of a thoughtless son of a w. farmer who

172:1.8 w. and could easily afford to make such an offering.

179:1.1 for the celebration of the Passover in a w. Jewish

187:1.4 side of the road were the tombs of many w. Jews.


44:5.5 This is the adventurous group of w. beings who are

68:1.4 a score of w. guardians of the peace can restrain an

163:0.1 and from this w. and experienced aggregation of


15:1.1 that the universes are engaged in an orderly, w.,

15:1.2 pursuing a definite and w. counterclockwise course


103:2.9 already developed a strong and w. egoistic nature.


17:1.10 their millennial conclave of universal greeting and w.

74:1.6 and Eve leave Jerusem amidst the acclaim and w.

153:0.3 The only word of cheerful greeting or w. from any


189:5.1 a strange ecstasy of joy and hope w. up in his soul.


102:3.4 rather to allow the overflow of the w.-up of eternal

191:1.4 And with all this w. up within his heart, he rushed


69:9.12 Water holes and w. were among the first private

69:9.12 fetish practice was utilized to guard water holes, w.,

143:5.2 Jacob’s well was less mineral than that from the w.


21:0.2 is the w. of that beautiful and well-nigh divine love

40:4.2 Thought Adjusters takes origin, and has its w., in the

102:6.3 Love is the essence of religion and the w. of superior

108:6.4 The Adjuster is the w. of spiritual attainment and


19:2.3 they are the fountains of discretion and the w. of


123:5.13 Jesus could observe the caravan trains as they w.

125:5.9 Simon and Jesus w. their way back to Bethany.

wentnon-exhaustive; see forth, went

73:3.4 “four heads” of the river which “w. out of Eden,”

100:7.8 “He w. about doing good.”

159:5.10 so lived himself in that “he w. about doing good.”

171:7.1 Jesus spread good cheer everywhere he w..

171:7.9 It was literally true, “He w. about doing good.”

173:3.1 ‘I will not go’; but afterward he repented and w..


124:6.10 on this same spot Jesus stood and w. over the city

125:4.2 On the brow of Olivet he paused and w. over the

168:1.1 in silence with the two sorrowing sisters, he w..

168:1.2 It is difficult to explain to human mind why Jesus w..

168:1.2 We are inclined to believe that Jesus w. because of

184:2.9 Peter sat down by the side of the road and w. bitterly

werenon-exhaustive; see were, as it

5:1.1 W. it possible for the lower orders of intelligence

25:2.11 W. it not for these mobile and eminently fair

41:4.6 W. it in composition similar to your atmosphere

43:6.4 W. you to view these ten divisions of Edentia life,

54:2.2 W. this not true, the Father would have hardly

55:6.9 W. there no future of eternal creature progression,

58:2.5 W. it not for the “blanketing” effect of the atmos.

58:5.4 W. it not for this protective condition, the more

94:4.4 W. it not for close identification with pantheistic

120:4.3 And this God and this man w., and now are, one,

135:5.1 W. they not God’s chosen people?

166:2.5 at Simon Zelotes, said: “W. not ten cleansed?

were, as it

2:1.7 thus, as it w., God becomes man, as occurred in

7:1.1 values, as it w., in the hollow of his hand.

28:4.1 to be able to turn, as it w., to a living mirror and

28:4.2 This ability—to hear and see, as it w., all things—

28:5.11 of stepping up to a huge living mirror, as it w., but

32:4.12 The Father has poured out himself, as it w., to make

48:6.28 man sees the universe, as it w., with but one eye—

51:5.2 the children of the Gods have come down, as it w.,

80:9.4 As it w., one day in northern Europe there is a

91:3.7 Adjuster so that man can talk face to face, as it w.,

131:7.3 every hair of pride shuts off saving light, as it w.,

136:9.6 Jesus saw, as it w., “the kingdoms of this world,”

137:5.2 to Bethsaida with Jesus, walking, as it w., on air.

161:2.10 few would indicate that he talks with God, as it w.,

162:4.1 his mission on earth before all the world, as it w..

186:1.3 walked away from the temple, as it w., in a trance.


86:5.12 culminated in the w. ideas of animal identification.

westsee West

11:2.2 north-south diameter than in the east-w. diameter.

11:2.2 surface is one tenth that of the east-w. diameter.

11:5.5 are also noted differences in the east-w. pressures.

11:5.6 The least of these pulsations is in an east-w.

15:1.4 position, with the corresponding one to the w.,

31:8.1 the Transcendentalers live in the w. of Paradise in

57:8.23 The long east-and-w. cleavage separated Africa from

58:2.9 rises and slightly to the w. as the sun nears setting.

58:4.3 Africa moved south, creating an east and w. trough,

58:4.4 bays of the central seas of the east-w. cleavage of the

58:7.4 There is also an intermittent east-w. ridge of this

58:7.4 Adirondack Mountains on w. through Michigan,

59:3.9 to the Mississippi valley region but not farther w.

59:4.15 The Catskill Mountains along the w. bank of the

59:5.20 both in the Appalachian regions and in the w..

59:6.4 North America was high above the sea; the w. was

60:3.3 but it was located seven hundred miles w. of the

60:4.3 northern Europe among those of the older east-w.

60:4.3 second European east-w. system, which was born

61:1.13 and Australia, on the w. coast of South America,

61:6.1 Slightly to the w. of India, on land now under

61:7.2 displacing the Mississippi fifty miles to the w.,

62:1.2 In these lands to the w. of India they united with

62:4.2 they fled from the tribe, going w. to raise their family

62:4.3 Primates came to occupy a region on the w. coast of

64:1.1 neither could he go south nor w. because of the

64:1.5 was a continuous land path from England in the w.

64:1.6 and Fonta had migrated far to the east and to the w..

64:1.6 To the w. they passed over Europe to France and

64:1.7 The groups going w. became less contaminated

64:2.5 The Foxhall peoples were farthest w. and succeeded

64:2.7 journeyed on w. from England after a later ice

64:3.1 Besides the Foxhall peoples in the w., another

64:4.1 the highland centers in India to France on the w.,

64:6.11 Africa as the Mediterranean Sea withdrew to the w..

65:2.13 the western implantation of life in the ancient east-w.

67:6.1 The followers of Van withdrew to the highlands w.

73:5.1 to the w. was provided the allotment of ground for

76:0.1 and his followers could not go w., for the Edenites

76:1.1 they remained camped on the plains w. of the stream

77:5.10 residue of Adamson’s descendants migrated w.

78:5.5 Egyptians followed down the east and w. coasts of

78:6.1 east and the harassment of the plainsmen of the w..

78:8.6 all peoples to the north and from Egypt in the w. to

79:3.2 entirely out of touch with Mesopotamia on the w.

79:6.1 pushing them north into Siberia and w. into

79:6.12 China is protected by the mountains to the w. and

79:7.1 This infiltration from the w. was about half Andonite

79:7.4 is true of the last waves of migration from the w..

79:7.4 early Chinese place “the land of the gods” in the w..

80:2.1 water-laden winds from the w. shifted to the north,

80:2.2 The superior tribes to the w. migrated to Spain and

80:7.12 the more cultured families moved on w. to Greece.

80:7.13 in planting so many outposts of culture to the w.

80:8.1 to Europe to mingle with the blue men and w. into

81:1.2 and by the expanding forests in Europe to the w..

93:5.2 and the descendants of the Andites to the w. and

94:1.1 the Aryan-Andite invaders from the north and w..

94:12.3 loving care of Amida, God of the Paradise in the w.

122:2.6 let her journey to the City of Judah, four miles w.

123:5.12 to the w. they could make out the sailing vessels

124:1.10 a cool sea breeze usually blew from the w. from

128:7.11 bride, Esta, moved into a neat little home on the w.

131:1.2 he is the God of the east, the w., the north, and the

135:0.2 City of Judah, about four miles w. of Jerusalem.

135:6.7 he was preaching and baptizing on the w. bank of

139:8.2 at Tarichea, situated on the w. bank of the Jordan

140:1.2 Many shall come from the east and from the w. to sit

151:5.2 is surrounded by high banks, especially on the w..

155:6.19 Jesus beckoned to Andrew and, pointing to the w.

157:2.1 When you see a cloud rising in the w., you say

162:9.6 the w. Jordan highway directly to Magadan Park,

166:3.5 north and the south and from the east and the w..

166:5.3 south and east as Antioch was in the north and w..

190:1.8 Philadelphia in the east to Alexandria in the w..

190:5.1 At Emmaus, about seven miles w. of Jerusalem,


98:2.2 But the W. did not share in this new development;

121:1.1 effective spread of a new religion to both W. and

121:1.9 intercourse with the lands to the East and the W..

121:6.2 the drift of Paul’s Christian cult toward the W.

128:3.3 and the even more remote countries of the Far W.

130:2.3 as did the preaching of Peter and Paul in the W..

134:2.3 The Europeans from the Far W. and the Asiatics

134:5.1 great world powers—the Roman Empire in the W.

134:5.9 In the W. it obtained for more than a thousand years

181:2.18 and impartial devotion to the Greeks in the W.

195:1.8 endured only after securing from the W. the Roman

195:1.10 Paul assaulted the W. with the Christian version of

195:1.10 the Greek culture prevailed throughout the W.,

West Indies

59:1.5 along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, over the W.,

60:4.3 extending from Europe over into the W. land

61:1.13 the west coast of South America, and about the W..

westernsee Western

58:4.2 the eastern or Australasian, and the w., embracing

58:5.8 its lateral pressure tended to cause the eastern, w.,

59:1.6 Over parts of eastern and w. America and w. Europe

59:1.17 W. Europe and the British Isles were emerging,

59:2.6 Eastern North America and w. Europe were from

59:4.8 very much of w. Europe, including the British Isles,

59:4.15 inundated a large part of Europe and w. Asia,

59:5.20 Eastern America and w. Europe were connected

60:2.2 The largest of the dinosaurs originated in w. North

60:2.2 over w. Europe, South Africa, and India, but not in

60:2.4 The w. part of the continent was still up, but even

60:3.4 gradual elevation of the w. plains of North America.

60:3.7 palms overspread Europe and the w. plains of

60:3.9 in some places to 10,000 feet in w. North America

60:3.11 The w. advance of the continental drift was

60:3.13 continental drift continued the elevation of the w.

61:2.9 the middle of this period and overran the w. plains.

61:2.10 a notable thing occurred in w. North America:

61:3.10 herds of horses joined the camels on the w. plains

61:4.2 Two great fresh-water lakes existed in w. North

61:5.4 and the ice overspread w. Europe down to France.

61:5.5 Kansas; the eastern and w. ice centers were not then

61:6.4 In the caves of w. Europe may be found bones

61:7.5 Lawrence valley, and the w. ice sheet made little

61:7.7 into one vast ice mass, and all of the w. mountains

61:7.9 w. ice sheet crossing just over the Canadian border;

62:0.1 lemurs were derived from the w. or later American

64:4.6 and primitive man thrived in Europe and w. Asia.

65:2.13 mammals derived from the w. implantation of life in

65:2.15 led to migrate from the arena of w. life implantation

65:2.15 Man thus evolved out of certain w. and central life

66:7.7 Andonites from the highlands of w. India together

72:1.2 greatly facilitates the irrigation of the more arid w.

73:1.5 The w. group was situated on the northeastern

74:7.1 except for four years’ attendance at the w. schools,

74:7.2 The purpose of the w. school system of the Garden

75:3.1 came to the leadership of the w. confederation of the

75:3.1 wielded a great influence among the w. Nodite tribes

75:5.2 Laotta, head of the w. schools of the Garden,

77:4.3 1. The w. or Syrian Nodites.

78:8.3 culture which spread out over all of w. Asia,

79:1.1 continual drifting of the Andite tribes into w. India

79:2.3 the population of w. India had already become

79:3.2 mountain barriers greatly favored w. intercourse.

79:3.4 the religious conquest of the w. half of that polyglot

80:2.4 the isthmus of Gibraltar, protecting the w. basin of

80:9.14 of the original Andonite inhabitants of w. Europe,

81:1.2 geologic changes in northern Africa and w. Asia

92:6.17 The Hebrews were the only w. people to follow

94:1.1 and w. portions of the peninsula had been extensively

95:1.1 the Bedouin Semites who had filtered in from the w.

96:2.1 mixed Semites who held the w. section of Palestine,

121:2.8 the w. terminals of the caravan routes between the

123:0.6 the Jordan valley, and the w. routes were not

130:3.3 attention to the w. civilization of the Roman world.

130:3.4 to the w. limits of this city of one million people.

134:3.1 at the old Persian city of Urmia on the w. shores of

135:6.1 John journeyed around the w. coast of the Dead Sea

142:8.4 This park was situated on the w. slope of the

146:1.3 more easy of acceptance by the w. Greeks.

151:5.3 there being no evidence of a storm on the w. shore

152:4.1 began to row toward Bethsaida on the w. shore of

156:6.3 they made their way to Gennesaret on the w. shores

158:4.3 Herod Antipas, had wandered about through the w.

173:5.6 a silent group of Jews made their way up the w.

176:0.2 were minded to climb up the w. slope of Olivet for

178:3.1 Jesus and the twelve walked over the w. brow of

193:5.1 when Jesus arrived on the w. slope of Mount Olivet

195:1.7 penetrated the lands of the w. Mediterranean when

Westernsee Western civilization;

    Western Hemisphere; Western world

79:3.6 The settlements along the seacoast of the W. Ghats

121:6.1 of the Eastern and W. schools of Hebrew thought,

121:6.1 and the Levant in general adopted the W. Jewish

121:6.6 The Gospel of John was addressed to the W. peoples

121:6.9 Eastern (Babylonian) and the W. (Hellenic) Jews,

122:5.11 the more liberal and broader W., or Hellenistic,

124:0.1 the W., or Hellenic, views of Hebrew theology.

125:2.12 Parthia, as well as in the Far-W. provinces of Rome.

125:2.12 from the Far-Eastern and the remote W. countries.

195:0.3 presented to the hungry hearts of these W. peoples

195:8.3 For three hundred years W. thinking has been

195:8.4 to free the thinking and living of the W. peoples

Western civilization

195:0.2 W. was at this time intellectual, war weary, and

195:0.3 in the ethics, morality, and religions of W..

195:4.3 And it did persist on through the long night of W.

195:8.2 domination of W. by the institutionalized Christian

195:8.3 The majority of professed Christians of W. are

195:8.6 W. today enjoys many liberties and satisfactions as a

195:8.7 and the unprecedented material progress of W..

195:10.15 would-be believers among the various peoples of W.

195:10.20 the industrial life, and the moral standards of W.;

195:10.21 sponsor social systems and industrial policies of W.

Western Hemisphere

59:1.14 animals appearing in the W. were slightly different

59:2.4 In the W. only an arm of the Pacific Ocean remained

61:3.7 but nothing comparable to the lava flows of the W..

61:4.3 were extinct in the W. by the close of this period.

61:4.6 and the W. was isolated much as it is today.

61:4.6 types of life began to develop in the Eastern and W..

61:6.4 Human beings were not present in the W. until near

62:1.2 While these early lemurs evolved in the W.,

79:5.9 the peoples of the W. had no contact with the rest of

Western world

98:0.1 The ideals of the W. were basically Socratic,

136:9.6 Rome was mistress of the W. world.

171:1.6 of Jesus and about Jesus spread to all the W.;

195:0.2 The peoples of the W., the beneficiaries of Greek

195:2.1 Rome brought into the whole W. a new tolerance for

195:2.9 culture, and had made the W. ready for one God.

195:3.7 for a good religion to make progress in the W..

195:10.18 resurrected and virtually reconquered the whole W.


64:7.17 the w. of the Andon tribes came very near being


15:1.4 number two is in the north, preparing for the w.

57:8.23 prepared the way for the w. drift of the continents of

58:4.3 America, were beginning their long and slow w.

59:5.19 190,000,000 years ago witnessed a w. extension of

60:3.1 of the termination of the w. drift of the continents,

61:6.4 But during the interglacial epochs they passed w.

61:7.1 eastern seaboard north and w. in North America

62:1.2 the North American type lemurs had migrated w.

63:5.2 descendants of Andon and Fonta pushed on w. over

63:6.7 settlement called Oban, the tarrying place on the w.

64:7.8 migrated w. along the old trails of the Andon tribes.

64:7.13 newly elevated land bridge which separated the w.

64:7.18 the mixed stock of the blue man journeyed w. and

73:3.1 narrow peninsula—almost an island—projecting w.

77:5.10 groups that migrated w. to Greece and the islands

78:3.2 the Adamites journeyed w. to the valley of the Nile;

78:3.2 days was extensively northward and thence w..

78:3.2 north and then circling w. around the Caspian Sea

78:6.8 Civilization moved w. to the Nile and the islands

79:1.1 the Andites made the w. turning around the inland

80:1.4 was little to hinder the w. migration of the Adamites.

80:2.5 curtailed the w. movements of the Adamites,

80:4.5 As they moved w. across the Russian plains,

80:7.3 These progenitors of the Greeks were led w. by Sato

80:7.9 more adventurous peoples poured w. to the islands.

80:9.7 the w. thrust of the Andonites reached Europe.

121:7.5 inertia, the motion of religious evolution passed w.

162:4.3 Here they turned about to face w., to repeat their

171:8.14 dignity and gracious majesty pointed his finger w.,


136:3.1 he had been w. with the dews of Mount Hermon

147:5.3 she also w. his feet with her tears of gratitude,

147:7.2 cloth upon an old garment, lest, when it is w.,

187:5.3 moistened Jesus’ lips with the same sponge w. in the


49:2.17 and your seals and w., of marine habitat, are also

61:2.11 ever since remained in the sea, yielding modern w.,

65:2.12 evolving into marine types, such as w. and seals,

130:1.2 conflicts with the difficult w. of selfishness which

whatnon-exhaustive; see whatinterrogative

2:5.4 “Behold w. manner of love the Father has bestowed

3:6.4 W. unintended homage the mechanist pays the

4:2.6 W. a travesty to worship nature because it is in a

4:5.6 W. a travesty upon the infinite character of God!

5:2.3 W. a mistake to dream of God far off in the skies

5:3.3 we simply worship God for w. we comprehend

8:6.4 “He who has an ear, let him hear w. the Spirit says

16:7.4 He knows w. he is doing, why he is doing it, where

26:11.5 an anthropomorphic God. W. a mistake!

27:7.5 W. play does for your jaded minds on earth,

27:7.7 W. a triumph of technique!

27:7.7 W. a fruition of the eternal plan and purpose of the

28:5.9 to rule immediately as to “w. manner of spirit”

28:5.21 made fully cognizant of exactly “w. manner of spirit”

28:6.2 “take note of the man, in w. manner he was born.”

30:4.30 W. a preparation for some future work is afforded

31:10.20 W. a glorious destiny for the animal-origin children

34:6.6 W. the world of today needs is the truth which your

39:4.13 It is not so much w. you learn in this first life;

40:6.2 “Behold, w. manner of love the Father has

40:6.2 While “it does not yet appear w. you shall be,”

40:7.5 W. dignity of destiny and glory of attainment

48:7.24 The evolving soul is not made divine by w. it does,

48:7.24 but by w. it strives to do.

54:2.4 In short, w. God had given men and angels Lucifer

55:2.5 And w. a beautiful occasion when mortals thus

55:8.4 W. the Material Sons did for the mortal races

68:4.1 W. habit is to the individual, custom is to the group;

70:9.14 W. may be regarded as right in one age may not be

71:3.1 It is not w. a state is but w. it does that determines

72:12.2 W. a wonderful thing could be done on this world if

74:7.23 And w a different world Urantia would have become

75:8.7 W. a glorious universe, in that it is personal and

81:6.15 might does make w. is and w. has been in history.

92:3.3 Remember, that is w. happened; it is a historical fact.

95:7.5 W. Yahweh, the volcano spirit, was to the Jewish

97:5.6 w. does the Lord require of you but to do justly

99:4.5 it is w. one believes rather than w. one knows that

99:5.11 W. a mistake for Christians to make when they dare

100:3.5 and potential—not w. was, but w. is and is to be.

102:5.1 In the evolving cosmos the potential is w. is to be,

106:4.3 W changes will be inaugurated by the full emergence

107:2.6 W. functions may be theirs, we do not know.

109:4.5 W. others have lost, in that they refused to survive,

111:1.5 W. you are today is not so important as w. you are

111:3.7 W. you begin in time you will assuredly finish in

112:7.18 W. an adventure!

112:7.18 W. a romance!

117:5.13 W. man himself takes with him as a personality

117:6.3 W. Michael is to Nebadon, the Supreme is to the

118:6.5 And w. a son desires and the Father wills will come

125:2.5 as to w. really was behind the veil of separation,

125:6.9 “O Jerusalem, and the people thereof, w. slaves you

126:4.5 No! for the Lord has showed us, O men, w. is good.

131:1.4 W. man does must come to an end, but what God

131:1.4 but w. the Creator does goes on forever.

131:1.8 W. a great honor it is to worship the Most High!

131:1.9 God is just: W. fruit we receive not from our

131:3.5 W. you do shall be done to you, in the judgment

131:3.6 W. is given wisely is well saved.

131:8.5 God does not reward man for w. he does but for w.

131:9.2 was: “W. Heaven appoints is without error.

131:9.4 W. you do not like when done to yourself, do not

132:7.9 W. a scene for the celestial intelligences to behold,

133:1.2 And that is just w. I did.

133:2.1 It was not so much w. he said that touched this

133:4.12 Your fellows must judge you by w. you did, but

133:5.4 scientists can never (scientifically) tell you w. these

133:7.4 And w. fun they had as they wandered over the

141:5.1 W. I require of you, my apostles, is spirit unity—

145:3.11 W. a Creator Son desires and his Father wills IS.

146:2.7 W. the true son desires and the Father wills IS.

146:2.10 if you are ever in doubt as to w. you would ask of

147:4.2 W. manner of thinking is going on in your heart?

147:5.7 W. you are becoming day by day is of infinitely

147:6.6 It consisted in w. he did and in w. he affirmed.

148:6.10 become w. you are that he may make you w. he is!

149:1.7 W. the Creator Son desires and the eternal Father

149:4.5 It was not so much w. Jesus taught about the

149:6.5 for w. he is rather than to fear him for w. he does.

149:6.6 love their parents for w. they are more than for w.

157:5.3 He now proposed boldly to reveal to them w. he is

158:7.6 W. a shock these words were to these Galilean


169:4.4 not by understanding w. Jesus said, but by knowing

169:4.4 but by knowing w. Jesus was.

171:6.3 “And marvel not at w. I say nor take offense at w.

172:4.2 W. a strange day it had been!

175:2.2 W. a shudder of horror passes over the onlooking

176:3.7 W. a sorry sight for successive generations of the

177:4.10 W. a crushing thing is disappointment in the lives

179:4.6 Jesus said: “W. you have decided to do, do quickly.”

180:3.5 And w. I have told you is true and everlasting,

181:2.7 w. a time I have had trying to make you a son of

182:3.2 As Jesus awoke them, he said: “W.!

185:2.4 W. effrontery for these subject citizens to appear

187:0.3 W. Jesus is now about to do, submit to death on the

187:1.3 only replied, “W. I have written, I have written.”

187:2.4 “Father, forgive them, for they know not w. they do.

188:3.4 —we do not really know w. Jesus commended to

188:5.6 “Father, forgive them, for they know not w. they do.


195:9.6 their fears of w. it will do to them—and with them.

195:9.8 W. an awakening the world would experience if it

196:0.10 look not so much for w. he taught as for w. he did.

196:0.13 not only to believe w. he believed, but also as he

196:0.14 to believe w. Jesus believed and as he believed.

196:1.2 W. a transcendent service if, through this

196:1.3 to find out w. Jesus believed, to discover his ideals,


12:4.2 Who, or w., is really responsible for the gigantic

12:6.6 W. is the explanation of this unpredictable

23:4.4 W. significance should we attach to the fact that

39:4.11 W. is loyalty?

40:7.5 Do you fully appreciate w. has been done for you?

48:0.2 W. magic could death, the natural dissolution of the

56:7.6 w. then will be the future function of the Creator-

67:8.3W. of Amadon of Urantia, does he still stand

70:10.3 the savage asked, not w. killed him, but who?

100:2.7 w. does it matter if all things earthly crash?”

102:4.2 W. is human experience?

106:0.4 is itself a relative term—maximum in relation to w.?

106:8.22 w. then would transpire as a consequence of such

108:1.4 W. is the intellectual potential, the intelligence

108:1.5 W. is the potential of soul, the probable spiritual

118:9.8 w. would their unity create as the combined

125:5.3 W. really exists in the holy of holies, behind the veil?

126:2.5 unvarying test: W. does it do for the human soul?

126:3.7 go forth as a world teacher, w. would he call himself

126:3.7 W. claim should he make concerning his mission?

126:3.7 By w. name would he be called by the people who

126:3.10 To w. event did these prophecies refer?

126:3.11 w. should be his relation to this Jewish Messiah?

126:3.11 And w. should be his relation, after embarking on

126:4.5 And w. does the Lord require of you but to deal

127:5.1 W. next could happen?

128:7.7 Leave them to go where? To do w.?

130:8.4 who cannot perceive the meaning of w. you say?

131:4.8 W. can be greater than to experience salvation from

132:5.2 “But w. do you think a man in my position should

133:1.3 and threaten to destroy you, w. would you do?

133:2.1 out—“er—why—yes, w. do you want with me?”

133:2.1 W. did the woman do to deserve such treatment

133:2.1 Now, my friend, tell me w. is the matter?

133:7.5 Teacher, w. do you mean when you say that man

135:4.4 W. did Malachi mean?

135:9.5 W. was to be the relation of John to Jesus?

136:6.1 W. would he, now the fully self-conscious creator of

136:7.1 W. would be his attitude when confronted by

137:1.3 believed he was sent by God, but w. about John?

137:2.4 W. should he do?

137:3.7 W. would this strange person do next?

137:4.5 “I cannot understand him; w. can it all mean?

137:4.8 “My good woman, w. have I to do with that?”

137:4.8 “Woman, w. have you to do with making such

140:6.6 “Master, w. shall we teach the people regarding

140:6.9 and a tooth for a tooth.’ W. shall we say?”

140:8.17W. shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world

140:10.9 Jesus, “Master, w. is the kingdom of heaven?”

142:2.4 W. profit have you from successive generations of

142:4.2 w. has that to do with this day when the Father in

142:5.2 let me ask w. father among you who is a worthy

142:7.1 mode of life, but w. shall we teach the multitude?

143:1.2 now, Master, w. shall we say to these gentiles?

144:8.3 W. did you behold in John—a reed shaken with the

144:8.3 But w. did you see when you beheld John?

144:8.7 saying: “But to w. shall I liken this generation?

145:2.12W. have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth?

145:4.3 W. does all this mean?”

147:5.4 And w. is the meaning of all this?

147:8.2 For w. reason do you afflict your souls while you

148:4.1 Master, w. is evil?”

148:6.6 And since man is so weak, w. chance has he for

148:9.3 W. is the difference whether I say to this paralytic,


150:5.1 “Master, w. shall we answer when women ask us,

150:5.1 when women ask us, W. shall I do to be saved?”

151:1.3 “Master, w. is the meaning of the dark sayings which

151:2.1 w. is your interpretation of the parable?”

152:0.2 W. do you mean?”

152:2.6 Said Jesus: “W. shall we do with the multitude?

152:2.7 I would like to feed them. W. food have we with us?

152:4.1 W. could all this mean?

153:2.3 Today, I desire to ask you: W. will the chief priests

153:2.4W. is it you seek as evidence of my mission on

153:2.5W. new sign is it that you seek at my hands?

153:2.6 during a storm, to go in pursuit of me, and w. for?

153:2.7W. must we do to perform the works of God?’

153:3.2 W. avail is your teaching if it cannot be carried out

153:4.1W. can you do for such affliction as this? Can you

153:5.3 If you find it difficult to endure this test, w., then,

154:4.1 momentous question: “W. shall we do with Jesus?”

155:4.2 just w. is wrong with the religion of our enemies

155:4.2 W. is the real difference between their religion and

155:6.13 w. chance does the Father have to appear as a God

156:1.4 W. has happened to you, his disciples, that you

158:5.1W. were you disputing about as we drew near?”

158:7.5 W. does it profit a man to gain the whole world

158:7.5 W. would a man give in exchange for eternal life?

158:8.1 w. was it that you talked about so earnestly among

159:4.1 W. is the truth about the Scriptures?”

159:5.15 “Master, w. should I do if a stranger forced me to

162:2.8 W. can he mean when he declares that soon he will

162:2.9 W. can there be wrong in these teachings even

162:3.2 W. do you say should be done with her?”

163:2.4 to know w. more I must do to gain eternal life?”

163:3.4 Master, we have left everything to follow you, w.

164:1.1 ask you just w. I should do to inherit eternal life?”

164:1.1 Jesus answered, “W. is written in the law and the

164:4.4 Turning to Josiah, he said: “W. do you have to say

164:4.8 why do you not tell us the whole truth about w.

164:4.9 w. did he actually do to you? w. did he say to you?

165:4.2 himself, saying: ‘W. shall I do with all my riches?

165:4.9 “My son, w. shall it profit you if you gain the whole

166:1.3 w. next will you honor me with as your guest on

166:2.3 w. if the Samaritan loves God as well as the Jews?

167:7.1 w. shall we teach the people regarding the heavenly

168:1.8 W. is the good of healing strangers in Galilee if he

168:3.2 question, “W. shall we do with Jesus of Nazareth?”

169:2.1 “Master, w. did you mean when you said today that

169:2.4 unfaithful steward began to say to himself: ‘W.

171:0.4 he asked her, “W. do you want me to do for you?”

171:2.3 Again, w. king, when he prepares to make war upon

171:5.3 Jesus said: “W. do you want me to do for you?”

172:1.1 authorities, had all been asking: “W. do you think?

173:0.2 Judas, and that was: W. will the Master do today?

173:0.2 absorbing thought of Judas was: W. shall I do?

173:1.8 Do you not hear w. the children of the Levites say

173:2.2 question: “By w. authority do you do these things?

173:4.2 how they have rejected and killed his son, w. will

173:5.4 w. sign will you give us whereby we shall know

174:1.1 Which of us is right? w. do you say?”

174:4.6 W. do you think of the Deliverer? That is, whose son

174:5.9 W. shall I say as I look ahead and discern what is

175:1.15 W. can be expected of a nation when the blind lead

175:4.2 of just one question: “W. will they do with Jesus?”

176:2.7 “But w. is the significance of this teaching having

176:3.1 w. should be our attitude while you are away on the

176:3.2 W. more shall I say?

176:3.2 the end of the world, w. have these things to do

176:3.2 W. does it matter to you who believe this gospel of

177:4.7 but w. are you willing to give me for this service?”

179:3.8 “Do you really understand w. I have done to you?

179:3.8 W. lesson should you learn from this parable in

180:3.2 w. have I done to these men that they should hate

180:6.6 to talk with each other: “W. is this that he tells us?

180:6.6 W. can he mean by this ‘little while’ and ‘not for

181:2.9 but w. will you do when I go away and you at last

181:2.20W. shall I ever do if the Master goes away and

181:2.27 W. experience must you pass through before you

184:1.4W. are the names of your disciples, besides Simon

184:1.6 “Just w. is it you are trying to teach the people?

184:1.6 W. do you claim to be?”

184:3.15 exclaimed: “W. further need have we of witnesses?

184:3.15 W. do you now think should be done with this law-

184:4.5 W. is this trait of the animal in man which leads

185:2.1W. accusation do you bring against this fellow?”

185:3.5 half in sincerity, “Truth, w. is truth—who knows?”

185:5.9W. shall I do with him who is called the king of the

185:5.10 W. evil has he done?

185:5.12 “If I release the murderer, Barabbas, w. shall I do

185:6.6 man shall die, but w. has he done to deserve death?

185:7.1 W. is this they say, that you are the Son of God?”

186:1.5 the Romans, and as for your guilt, w. is that to us?

190:5.3W. were the words you exchanged so earnestly

190:5.3 Then asked the Master, “W. things?”

191:5.4 from this world, w. will you say to your brethren?

192:2.5 “If I follow on after you, w. shall this man do?”

192:2.5 are gone, even until I come back, w. is that to you?

194:4.4 W. has happened to these men whom Jesus had

195:7.13 If man is only a machine, by w. technique does this

196:2.10 W. mortal can fail to be uplifted by the faith Jesus

whateversee whatever, nothing

7:5.7 We do believe that w. the Eternal Son acquired on

7:5.8 W. our difficulty in comprehending the bestowals

7:5.9 W. else this original Michael revealed, he made the

12:3.10 W. the nature of this postulated intelligence, it is a

12:7.1 with regard to all reality of w. nature an inexorable

12:8.3 W. the transformations of force in the outlying

13:4.4 existential Deity is in no manner w. influenced by

29:3.6 they have anything w. to do with physical gravity

33:4.8 As administrators, of w. order or degree, you will

35:4.4 are the first to act in all emergencies of w. nature

53:2.5 W. these first beginnings were, they had their

53:3.1 W. the early origins of trouble in the hearts of Satan

54:6.1 W. the difficulties evolutionary mortals may

89:4.3 his sacrifice of w. nature might function as a message

102:1.6 W. more God may be than a high and perfect moral

110:2.2 w. the Adjuster has succeeded in doing for you,

117:0.1 To the extent that we do the will of God in w.

118:9.8 W. the attributes of such third persons of these

125:6.5 W. possessed you to desert us?”

127:1.7 Jesus decided to allow Mary to entertain w. ideas

133:3.5 Justus wondered w. became of such a wise Hebrew

135:12.6 Ask me on this my birthday for w. you desire, and

137:4.9 quarters, saying, “W. my son says, that do.”

137:8.14 And w. it shall cost you in the things of the world,

138:7.4 remain here by the sea two weeks and fish or do w.

140:10.6 w. of practical political, social, or economic value

147:3.1 disturbance would be healed of w. infirmity he had

159:5.9 The turning of the other cheek, or w. act that may

163:1.3 that city, eating and drinking w. is set before you.

163:3.3 W. thing or person comes between you and the love

163:3.5 ‘Go you also to work in my vineyard, and w. is

165:4.10 W. else may concern the wealthy in the judgment,

168:0.6 even now I believe that w. you shall ask of God,

171:0.4 have Jesus promise in advance to grant w. request

whatever, nothing

11:5.1 It has n. to do with the affairs of spirit intelligences,

16:4.16 universe activities with which they have n. to do:

29:3.10 The Universe Power Directors have n. to do with

31:8.2 the Transcendentalers have n. to do with the affairs

112:1.18 but such a process has n. to do with personality,

150:3.3 1. The courses of the stars in the heavens have n.

183:1.1 the Father in heaven had n. to do with instigating


2:2.2W. God does, it shall be forever; nothing can be

2:3.2 God is not mocked, for w. a man sows that shall he

28:5.22 and w. the divine Spirit knows of you is immediately

82:5.10 relationships, cases representing no blood relation w.

115:3.16 W. is identified with the I AM can never find an

121:4.3 “I have learned in w. state I am, therewith to be

131:2.11 W. you hate do to no man.

131:10.7 W. I would that men should do to me, that I will do

133:8.3W. your hand finds to do, do that with all your

140:3.15 w. you believe that I would do to men, do you also

158:1.7 and know that w. I have declared to you is true.”

158:2.2 received him not but did to him w. they willed.”

159:1.3 w. you shall decree on earth shall be recognized in

163:3.5 work in my vineyard, and w. is right I will pay you

175:1.8 do w. they bid you and observe the essentials of the

178:1.12 W. you would that men should do to you, do even

180:2.1 my living spirit so infuse you that you may ask w.


69:4.5 The first weights were grains of w. and other cereals.

81:1.7 the descendants of Adam had grown w. and barley,

81:1.8 the combination of the w., rice, and vegetable diet

97:4.3 will sift the house of Israel among all nations as w. is

130:1.6 just as nature allows the w. and the tares to grow

135:7.2 he will gather the w. into his garner, but the chaff

147:6.4 the waving w., which was just then ripening, was

151:4.1 his enemy came and sowed weeds among the w.

151:4.1 you are gathering them up, you uproot the w. also.

151:4.1 and then gather up the w. to be stored in my barn.

169:2.4 And he replied, ‘A hundred measures of w..’

174:5.8 You well know that, except a grain of w. falls into


13:4.2 The Master Spirits are the mind-spirit balance w. of

15:0.1 thus constituting the vast creation one gigantic w.,

15:4.5 and the mother w. is still throwing off suns,

41:3.3 that are too large are thrown off a nebular mother w.

57:2.3 held within the confines of this gigantic space w.,

57:3.3 securely within the gravity grasp of the mother w..

57:3.5 The energy w. grew until it attained its maximum of

57:3.10 even in the regions near the central mother-sun w..

66:5.5 this corps first taught men to use the w. for the

81:3.6 Ages before, the w. had been used, but now vehicles

94:10.2 Prayers are fastened to a w., and with its turning

104:4.46 The triunities are the functional balance w. of infinity

123:5.15 Nathan’s fingers mold the clay on the potter’s w.,

139:3.7 James was an excellent balance w. for Peter.


12:1.14 These tremendous w. of energizing forces are

12:4.6 the gigantic universe w. which are now in process of

15:4.4 the mother w. of the direct-origin suns and their

15:4.4 these vast energy w. had the same origin as did those

15:5.1 planets of a universe originates in the nebular w.;

15:5.4 those suns which are thrown off the great mother w.

15:6.11 dark islands to function as powerful balance w.,

15:6.13 unestablished wild offspring of the solar mother w.,

29:2.19 acting as universe balance w. or energy governors.

41:1.1 The spiral and other nebulae, the mother w. of the

89:8.8 formally, and written out for emplacement on w.


132:7.9 W. man goes in partnership with God, great things

141:5.1 “James, James, w. did I teach you that you should

146:2.11 “But w. to pray, I will not say. Only the spirit that

147:6.4 since w. did it become sinful to eat grain on the

153:5.3 W. and how will you prepare yourselves for the

158:6.4 W. can you be depended upon to adhere to the

162:8.3 But w. will both of you learn to live as I have

176:0.2 “Tell us, Master, how shall we know w. these

176:1.4 to direct us, w. should we forsake Jerusalem?”

176:1.6 how shall we know w. you will return to bring all

176:4.3 But Jesus did not say how, where, or w. he would


1:4.3 mortal tabernacle “returns to the earth w. it came”;

2:3.4 the cosmic potentials w. they once emerged.

41:5.4 up to the solar surface, w. it starts out on its space

51:1.6 carry on as material citizens of the realm, and w. they

86:3.2 an unorganized spirit world, a domain w. came all

104:4.28 the Isle of Paradise, w. emanate the unimaginable

121:2.2 the Mediterranean, w. ships carried their cargoes to

121:5.8 Some mythical legend, a mystery—w. their name.

130:0.2 From Naples they went to Capua, w. they traveled

132:5.2 to find the honest answer, w. came this wealth?

137:2.6 looking up, inquired, “W. comes this teacher?”

142:6.5 you do not see the wind—w. it comes or whither it

143:2.8 translated into the joyous kingdom of the spirit, w.

143:5.2 well is deep; w., then, have you this living water?

146:3.1 to explain “w., why, and whither,” and added:

151:4.1 W. then come these weeds?

153:5.3 when I ascend to the place w. I came to this world

155:6.12 the word of God regardless of w. it appears to take

160:3.1 W. the power to accomplish all this?

160:3.1 W. comes the energy to do these great things?

162:2.3 We know w. you are.

162:2.3 “You claim to know me and to know w. I am.

162:5.2 for I know w. I came, who I am, and whither I go.

162:5.2 You who would kill the Son of Man know not w. I

164:4.10 but as for this man Jesus, we know not w. he is.”

164:4.11 since you confess that you know not w. this man

166:3.4 I say to such selfish ones: I know not w. you are.

173:2.4 The baptism of John, w. was it?

195:6.8 But w. comes all this vast universe of mathematics


0:1.12 w. time and space are transcended, such an absonite

0:1.13 W., wherever, and however the absolute level of

5:2.2 This refers to the personality circuit, w., wherever,

6:0.1 w. and however the Father personally expresses

6:4.5 wherever and w. they appear in the universes.

7:4.5 W. and wherever there occurs a delay in the

9:1.4 He functions specifically wherever and w. energy

9:6.3 gravity, but wherever and w. the latter two impinge,

12:6.3 W. and wherever there occurs a liaison between

16:3.4 all orders of the Sons of God w. they may happen to

16:3.12 W. the creatures jointly created by the Son and the

16:3.12 it is this Master Spirit who is their adviser; and w.,

19:2.3 Wherever and w. a Perfector of Wisdom functions

19:2.4 w. in the conduct of the superuniverse it is desired

19:3.3 but we function as a trio w. the occasion requires.

19:4.4 W. and wherever a Universal Censor is present,

25:3.3 W. the supervising personalities of the individual

26:3.4 supernaphim to give assistance wherever and w.

28:5.15 W. the Divine Counselors are called upon for

28:5.22 whatsoever the Spirit knows of you is available w.

31:2.1 Wherever and w Gravity Messengers are functioning

35:4.2 W. and wherever special help is needed, there you

36:5.1 Wherever and w. such mind is manifest, these spirits

37:5.9 W. fairness and justice require an understanding of

42:12.13 w. a real spirit-mind is functioning, there always

66:8.1 w. a test had come, he had always proved loyal to

70:1.1 And w. the fabric of civilization becomes stressed by

73:1.4 This feud was constantly coming to the surface w.

84:7.3 W. the mores fluctuate, there is fluctuation in the

95:7.6 “For w. as many as three speak together, God is

112:3.3 personality is considered to have met with death w.

117:3.11 again function as a culminator in future ages w.

123:3.5 which adults celebrated in Jerusalem w. possible,

127:6.1 But for many years, w. the story of Jesus’ human

127:6.7 his custom to engage in this sacramental ritual w.

128:7.5 W. this subject was referred to, Jesus only replied,

136:2.6 procedure that obtains on the morontia worlds w.

148:3.2 W. any one of the apostles ventured to ask Jesus

162:8.2 to drop everything and listen to Jesus’ teaching w.

163:1.3 W. you go to stay at a home, first say: Peace be to


75:4.8 Eve in the Garden and asking, ‘W. are you?’”

103:5.11W. the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.”

128:7.7 Leave them to go w.? To do what?

137:6.2 W. is the house that you built for me?

137:6.2 And w. is the place of my dwelling?

150:9.2 W. are they today? We hear big things about you,

151:5.5 W. is your faith? Peace, be quiet.”

157:6.12 heaven have nests, I have not w. to lay my head?”

162:2.8W. will this man go that we cannot find him?

162:3.5 Jesus said: “Woman, w. are your accusers?

162:5.2 your darkness you asked me, ‘W. is your Father?

165:4.1 W. did you get the idea that I give attention to the

166:2.5 W., then, are the other nine, the Jews?

168:1.1 mourners, he asked them, “W. have you laid him?”

168:1.6 even asked the sisters, “W. have you laid him?”

176:4.3 But Jesus did not say how, w., or when he would

178:2.5 Passover, w. would you have us prepare to eat it?”

178:2.7W. is the guest chamber wherein the Master is to

185:7.1 of Jesus, Pilate inquired: “W. do you come from?

189:4.10 the garden, said, “W. have you taken the Master?

189:4.10 W. have they laid him?

189:4.10 Do you know w. they have taken him?”


6:4.8 The Father and the Son really know the w. of all the

20:1.12 dependent on the nature and w. of their service,

24:2.1 is cognizant of the presence and w. of all thinking

24:2.2 the number, nature, and w. of all will creatures in

29:1.3 their slowly circulating presences indicate the w. of

34:4.7 Creator Son to function independently of the w. of

39:3.8 of their velocity, direction, and astronomic w..

75:5.6 mother was in complete ignorance of his w. or fate.

106:4.3 you have not been informed of their present w. or

112:5.15 As to the exact w. of mortal personality during the

119:1.3 word of the mission and w. of the Creator Son.

129:2.10 never did disclose his knowledge of Jesus’ w.

150:6.2 being informed as to the w. and movements of all

154:7.2 and to see that information of their w. and safety was

157:0.1 call upon Mary to learn what they could of his w..

171:3.4 knowing his w. should inform the Sanhedrin;


7:1.10 w. the Deity Absolute seems to pervade the vast

13:4.4 W. the spiritual presence of absolute and

22:7.3 w. with the Paradise Deities there seems to be no

26:3.2 But, w. adequately developed individuals may be

34:1.3 w., after the reappearance of the supervising Master

41:0.2 w. their physical components, the spheres of space

43:6.7 W. your artists must resort to inert paint and

62:3.13 w. the modern simians (excepting certain lemurs,

68:5.8 w. the man need only go to his herds to provide an

70:7.7 the men; w. before boys had gathered vegetables

77:8.10 w. the secondary creatures are almost exclusively

81:1.4 soil toil is a curse, w. it is the greatest of blessings.

116:1.5 W. physique may attain completed growth,

116:1.5 and w. spirit may achieve perfection of development,

132:3.10 w. prayer becomes the great unifier of the various

151:2.5 w. we were all of one mind an hour ago, now are we

164:4.9 but one thing I do know—that, w. I was blind, now I

165:4.8 this is the portion of his reward: W. he says, I have

176:4.3 he intimated that, w. the eye of flesh had beheld him


187:0.4 their meeting in the temple, w. they discussed


0:8.11 God the Sevenfold provide the mechanism w. the

1:3.7 those transformations in the mortal mind w. such a

3:5.17 utter strangers to that saving faith w. mortal man

7:3.6 there exists no plan w. such unworthy prayers can

9:8.25 These spirit beings constitute the living ladder w.

12:8.8 Mind is the technique w. spirit realities become

15:5.14 the foregoing procedures suggest the methods w.

20:6.1 The method w. a Paradise Son becomes ready for

28:4.9 ultimate precision w. they may enjoy the reflective

31:5.1 w. the Adamic citizens of the local systems, when

32:4.8 the mechanism w. the Sons enjoy intimate and

32:4.8 we cannot fully comprehend the methods w. God

32:4.8 recognize the avenue w. the Father can receive

32:5.4 death constitutes the only possible procedure w.

34:7.6 the new way of mortal living w. human beings may

35:5.2 There exists no known method w. Vorondadeks can

36:6.7 But we do not comprehend the technique w. the

40:6.2 the spirit of sonship, w. you cry, ‘our Father.’”

40:9.4 no mechanism w. human memory may persist.

40:10.3 technique w. a mortal being does not or cannot

41:2.5 method w. this vegetative energy can be converted

42:2.1 to find suitable words in the English language w. to

48:0.2 is the only possible approach w. material mortals

49:5.32 numerous techniques w. man escapes his terrestrial

52:5.5 Lucifer rebellion had suspended the procedure w.

55:6.6 the technique w. the absonite personalities reveal the

74:3.5 methods w. they would seek to redeem the social

77:2.5 not unlike those procedures w. Urantia scientists

87:5.14 Slow is man to abandon those methods w. he so

87:6.2 began to devise schemes w. he could compel spirit

91:3.4 w. the conversations with the fictitious alter ego

91:5.6 Prayer is the technique w., sooner or later, every

91:6.7 There is no other technique w. every man,

93:6.4 agreement between divinity and humanity w. God

93:10.1 the technique w. Machiventa was to be released from

96:3.4 entered into a compact with the king of Egypt w.

101:5.1 Revelation is a technique w. ages upon ages of time

101:6.17 Jesus was and is the new and living way w. man

102:4.1 The technique w. you can accept another’s idea as

102:4.1 w. you may “let the mind which was in Christ be also

103:3.5 and animal worship to the various ceremonials w. the

104:4.8 volitional infinity and provides the mechanisms w.

110:3.2 succeed or fail to co-operate with the scheme w.

114:3.4 an arrangement w. the returning governor general

115:2.4 apparent method w. the possibilities of the cosmos

116:7.3 w. the spirit of this emerging personality of the

118:9.1 They are the devices w. finite creatures are enabled

119:5.5 not comprehend the method w. this Paradise Son

124:4.1 his study of the methods w. men make a living.

130:2.1 the technique w. the tides were utilized to flush the

130:7.4 Time is the succession-arrangement w. events are

131:4.2 your creatures, the power w. you abide immanent!

134:6.13 there is no other way w. peace on earth and good

136:7.3 found no way w. he could be wholly delivered from

146:2.17 Worship is a transforming experience w. the finite

151:1.2 because it had no root w. to secure moisture.

166:4.2 Do we not all live by the same means w all men exist

167:4.2 a plan w. the scribes and Pharisees of Jerusalem

167:7.6 w. man’s spirit is released from the tabernacles of the

173:5.4 what sign will you give us w. we shall know that

184:4.6 Jesus becomes the sure and certain technique w.

196:2.4 the new and living way w. mortals may so ascend


52:7.15 W., beloved, seeing that you look for such things,

81:1.4 For ages it was considered menial to till the soil; w.

82:4.2 w. their marriages were planned and arranged by the

122:1.3 w. Gabriel selected just such persons as Joseph and

126:1.5 Jesus did none of these things; w. the confusion

128:1.7 W. it behooved him in every respect to be made like

136:1.5 There was much talk about repentance; w. the appeal

147:1.2 did I think myself worthy to come to you; w. I

147:6.4 you allow; w. do you quibble over such trifles?”

148:6.7 W. has the Son of Man come forth from the Father

148:7.2 “I know w. you have sent this man into my

152:4.2 saying: “O, you of little faith, w. did you doubt?”

153:3.6 on one of flouting the sacred law of the Jews; w.

155:1.3 w. do they strive with valiant and effective execution

157:6.11 w. I speak boldly to you concerning these mysteries.

158:1.6 w. do you doubt when I am not with you?

158:7.3 w. do I persist in telling you that the Son of Man

159:4.2 w. must I choose from among the better teachings

168:1.12 W. do you doubt?

170:4.7 W. must we always examine the Master’s teaching

176:1.3 connection with the destruction of Jerusalem; w. did

180:6.4 w. did I say that this new teacher would take of that

182:3.3 temptation—w. do you fall asleep when I leave you?”

191:2.1 W. all your doubtings and all this discussion about


15:2.6 it has a wonderful headquarters world, w. its rulers


0:12.12 W. these human concepts, assembled from the

8:4.1 Paralleling the physical universe w. Paradise

8:4.1 spiritual universe w. the word of the Son interprets

9:6.9 a vast zone of activities w. the Conjoint Actor and

12:8.1 The material universe is always the arena w. take

14:6.13 afforded the Eternal Son the arena w. he could

14:6.18 In Havona the Infinite Spirit found an arena w. he

15:7.10 devoted to universe training and spirit culture w.

16:8.2 constitutes the mechanism w. and whereon and

17:2.6 the future ages, w. the Supreme and the Ultimate

26:9.1 schools of wisdom and colleges of technique w. all

32:3.13 within the Sevenfold Deity, w. the eternal divinity of

34:6.10 experience w. you shall be “filled with all the fullness

34:7.6 the spirit kingdom, w. the faith sons of God enjoy

35:1.3 Being an order of sonship w. one of their own

35:9.10 never function in those positions w. they defaulted.

36:2.10 the college of life planning, w. function teachers and

36:2.19 the schools of creature co-ordination, w. teachers

37:10.6 enormous training schools, schools w. the pilgrims

42:10.1 arena of changing relationships w. energy-matter is

43:1.5 the resurrection halls of Edentia, w. awaken the

43:1.5 special resurrection halls, w. the mortals of the

43:4.4 extensive administrative headquarters buildings w.

45:7.3 schools of Jerusem citizenship, w. the Material Sons

46:5.26 the vast temple of power, w presides the power chief

46:5.26 a series of laboratories w. the transport seraphim

47:8.5 of retirement from routine activities w. to commune

48:2.17 the seventy radiating wings w. are the chambers of

48:3.11 They maintain extensive areas w. they assemble

48:5.4 the acting heads of the schools or spheres w. they

50:4.1 schools of training and culture, w. the cream of the

52:7.15 heaven and a new earth, w. dwells righteousness.

56:3.4 the Paradise gravity circuit of the Eternal Son, w.

65:1.9 a stage of being w. we shall be wholly spiritual, but

68:2.10 which required a social arena w. they might exhibit

70:12.2 the representative system w. leadership is based on

73:6.8 to the ascension scheme of the local universe w.

76:5.7 that he selected this world as the arena w. to reveal

84:7.28 The home is the natural social arena w. the ethics

85:3.5 symbolism must not be confused with idolatry w. the

86:2.5 substituting therefor a universe of law and order w.

90:0.2 Religion thus enters upon a new phase, a stage w.

91:2.6 a domain of prayer w. the intellectually alert

91:6.7 that realm w. he can communicate with his Maker,

94:6.12 a pitiful theology w. swarmed devils, dragons,

94:8.16 enlightenment and supernal bliss w. all fetters binding

96:7.3 expanded ideal of the later Hebrews, w. Yahweh is

97:5.2 the hard bondage w. man has been made to serve.”

97:9.8 the sacred history w. is depicted how the prophet

101:10.4 whereon is death, to the spiritual realm, w. is life

102:3.10 W. philosophy fails in this attempt, revelation

106:3.3 the Trinity Ultimate, w. the very presence of the

111:5.5 that higher estate w. the personality of the creature

114:7.9 spiritual exigencies w. these reserve personalities

119:8.2 throughout all Nebadon as the arena w. Michael

130:3.4 occupied the very land w. Melchizedek had lived

130:4.10 reveal the world of reality, w. wisdom interprets

131:1.9 The noble man seeks for that high estate w. the

134:0.2 best place in all the Roman world w. to set forth

135:3.1 and night corrals, consisting of piled-up stones, w.

138:3.6 entrance into the coming kingdom of the spirit, w.

140:1.3 This is the brotherhood of love w. righteousness

142:2.4 enter the kingdom w. such a merciful Father rules,

142:3.8 Our teaching provides a religion w. the believer is a

143:2.2 W. does your teaching differ from that of John?”

147:1.1 even built us the very synagogue w. you have

153:2.1 the high fortified walls w. you have trusted come

153:2.3 who fears not to point out w. you refuse to walk

165:5.3 If you are anxious about your bread and water, w.

170:2.19 believers, the estate w. the love for God is perfected,

170:2.19 and w. the will of God is done more divinely.”

171:3.1 visiting all of the towns w. the seventy labored.

172:3.10 days will soon come upon you w. your enemies

178:2.1 his forenoon discourse, w. he repeatedly alluded to

178:2.7 ‘Where is the guest chamber w. the Master is to eat

179:5.2 a symbol of the new dispensation w. the enslaved

181:1.2 glory to glory until they attain the divine estate w.

181:2.15 those supreme moments w. my disciples will not

182:3.4 The hour is now upon us w. the Son of Man will

186:1.3 money bag in his deep pocket, that same pocket w.

191:1.5 vision of the night on the Sea of Galilee w. Peter

194:3.20 larger and deeper channels w. the divine bestowals


1:7.9 with unchallengeable authority; I know w. I speak.]

6:8.8 I know w. I speak.

43:3.3 “There is a river, the streams w. shall make glad the

109:4.6 I know w. I speak since we have their numbers in the

128:1.9 And we who thus testify know w. we speak.

189:0.2 the Paradise Father, and I know w. I speak.”


3:2.5 the absolute level, w. the three energies, material,

8:4.1 there is a vast stage w. the Infinite Spirit and his

16:8.2 the mechanism w. and wherewith the Father causes

20:5.4 the one planet in each local universe w. a Creator

21:5.10 but all worlds w. a Magisterial Son has bestowed

26:10.2 the long list of such experiences w. they climbed,

36:4.1 there is a single sphere w. the Melchizedeks have

38:4.1 Each of these worlds has six tributary satellites, w.

44:3.4 those transition spheres w. takes place the training of

45:1.3 the seven spheres w. the morontia chiefs train their

45:1.11 Satania prison worlds surrounding this planet, w.

45:4.16 is actually the Planetary Prince of the world w. he

47:3.7 the exact level w. they were interrupted by death.

49:0.2 evolutionary planets w. mortals of survival status are

50:0.2 an administrative head to function on this planet w.

50:6.3 ideal, as spheres w. life is a flowery bed of ease.

55:1.5 in the far north w. twenty-five morontia shrines

55:2.4 central stage w. the fusion candidates are resting,

57:8.6 destined to be the planet w. Michael would engage

57:8.9 Urantia would become the stage w. the Life Carriers

76:5.4 possibly be the realm w. the ruler of this universe

89:8.5 his concept of God had advanced to the level w. the

95:2.8 the letting down of a celestial stairway w. the king

95:2.8 stairway under his feet w. to ascend to his mother.”

100:2.3 Religion can progress to that level of experience w.

101:10.4 safe conduct from the material realm, w. is death,

104:4.14 the architect of the space stage w. these transactions

111:4.9 produce worthy children when the stage w. it

112:2.20 beyond to those levels w. the soul becomes infused

120:0.6 having selected the planet w. this extraordinary

122:0.2 Michael finally chose Urantia as the planet w. to

128:0.1 He did choose this particular world as the planet w.

128:1.13 the maker of the heavens and this very earth w. he

133:2.5 of Actium, this site being the land w. Augustus had

143:6.1 sending you to reap that w. you have not labored;

152:4.3 latter part of his dream Peter arose from the seat w.

168:2.3 sat up on the edge of the stone shelf w. it had rested.

168:4.12 this world or on others, w. it will become possible

176:4.1 interested in sometime returning to the planet w.

176:4.1 but even many times, to the world w. he lived

181:2.13 counselor until that day w. the new teacher comes,

189:4.1 the upper chamber, resting on the very couches w.


6:4.6 the human mind to progressively divine attitudes, w.

17:6.5 adventure of space; w. the Master Spirit commits

30:4.28 the Havona arrival; w. you are accorded a long

32:2.6 his plan of life creation; w. does this representation

36:4.3 they are one thousand standard years of age; w. they

41:5.5 w. it is quickly transformed into heat with the

41:6.4 in the atomic struggle it loses its outer electron; w.

51:7.2 the era of light and life; w. the Planetary Prince is

55:4.19 finaliters may go forth to minister in outer space; w.

57:5.6 Angona made its closest approach to the sun; w.

65:1.7 W. the Life Carriers are immediately returned to

70:3.10 to prick the skin until it bled; w. they would suck

70:3.11 its offering of maidens; w. peace would be firmly

89:6.2 W. the old man had his own son dispatch him; the

98:5.4 the reception of the faithful; w. all the unbaptized

119:2.2 w., the Most Highs ordered Lutentia’s segregation

119:5.3 w. he held converse with the Ancients of Days and

129:2.9 W., this traveler from the Orient proposed to

137:1.3 W. they agreed to go at once to consult John.

147:6.2 preaching tour in Galilee; w. three of them returned

156:1.3 w. Norana replied that she and the child would

185:3.2 W., in a tone of partial indignation, the governor


0:1.13 Whenever, w., and however the absolute level of

3:5.10 5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go w. it

5:2.2 This refers to the personality circuit, whenever, w.,

6:4.5 have a solitary, unique, and exclusive function w.

7:4.5 Whenever and w. there occurs a delay in the

9:1.4 He functions specifically w. and whenever energy

9:6.3 material and spiritual gravity, but w. and whenever

11:8.3 and outer universes, w. suitable materialization has

12:6.3 Whenever and w. there occurs a liaison between

12:6.13 the latter functions w. the Deity and Unqualified

19:2.3 W. and whenever a Perfector of Wisdom functions

19:4.4 Whenever and w. a Universal Censor is present,

24:3.2 W. the circuits of the Conjoint Creator extend, there

26:3.4 —enables these supernaphim to give assistance w.

30:4.29 guardian, w. that seraphim may chance to be.

31:1.4 of their assignment; w. the group goes, they go.

31:2.1 W. and whenever Gravity Messengers are

35:4.2 Whenever and w. special help is needed, there you

36:5.1 W. and whenever such mind is manifest, these spirits

37:8.10 The reflective seconaphim are encountered w. the

39:6.1 seraphim of transitional ministry serve w. they can

42:12.13 w. a divine spirit reality is present, whenever a real

70:1.1 w. and whenever the fabric of civilization becomes

81:4.13 will be found through Africa, India, and Indonesia w.

82:3.1 W. social evolution has progressed to the stage

98:5.1 the vogue, for they carried this belief w. they went.

103:7.5 desirous of following the truth w. it may lead

113:7.6 but w. seraphic assignment may take them, seraphim

117:7.6 Such phenomena may be observed w. finite makes

131:1.5 W. you turn to pray, there is the face of the Most

131:4.1 carried the teachings of the one God with them w.

133:4.11 W. you may go, you take with you yourself and the

139:5.12 was a mighty man in the kingdom, winning souls w.

155:6.5 spirit leaves you forever free to follow the truth w.

172:1.6 w. this gospel shall be preached throughout the

180:4.1 you and all other men who desire my presence, w.

195:1.10 And w. the Greek culture prevailed throughout the


16:8.2 mechanism wherein and whereon and w. the Father

42:2.1 the English language w to describe the various levels

42:12.11 morontia material w. the morontia life can begin to

72:4.6 he is granted an award of time and means w. he may

81:5.2 about to find w. to sweeten the process of living;

87:6.2 the savage is beginning to invent weapons w. he

99:3.4 social mechanisms w. such a citizenry may control

116:7.3 Mind has been given to mortals w. they may

126:4.2 the planting of the Lord, w. he may be glorified.

126:4.5W. shall I come before the Lord, to bow myself

140:3.12 if this salt has lost its savor, w. shall it be salted?

140:4.2 if this salt has lost its savor, w. shall it be salted?

147:5.4 when neither of them had w. to pay, he forgave

151:5.5 he had hardly bidden Peter seek peace w. to quiet

153:2.1 the straitness w. your enemies shall press you.”

153:3.3 undutiful children to say that the money w. the

155:1.5 The measure w. truth seekers are drawn to you

157:1.2 But w. will you redeem your promise?

159:1.4 and that he did not have w. to pay this obligation.

160:3.4 destroy the door but rather seek for the key w. to

160:5.11 And we seek for those symbols of meaning w. to

170:2.4 new ethical yardstick w. to measure human conduct.

171:2.5 saltiness has lost its savor, w. shall it be seasoned?

171:8.4 trust fund while I am away that you may have w. to

172:1.8 Mary had saved the money w. to buy this cruse of

181:2.30 I love you all with the love w. the Father loves me,

189:4.6 the bandages w. he had been wrapped lying intact

193:0.3 the eternal life w. you shall ascend the universe of

193:5.2 Love men with the love w. I have loved you and

195:7.2 an intellectual yardstick w. to measure material


48:7.16  14. W. the appetites of your associates for truth;

whethersee whether or not

2:1.11 but we question w. infinity and consequent primacy

2:7.11 All genuine goodness—w. personal morality, social

3:0.3 We sincerely doubt w. any one characteristic of

4:0.1 It is doubtful w. anyone except the Paradise

5:2.2 contact and communion with the Father, w. at the

7:3.3 immaterial w., in addressing your supplications,

7:5.7 but we do not know w. he added to the supposed

8:6.4 W. we observe the Infinite Spirit as Paradise Deity

10:3.6 We do not know w volition is an inalienable attribute

10:7.5 world-wide scourges—and ask w. such visitations

10:8.7 Eternity will disclose w. such an attainment is

11:1.4 W. we trace the personality circuit back through

11:1.4 w. we trace the lines of material gravity to nether

11:1.4 w. we trace the lines of spiritual gravity to the

11:1.4 w. we trace out the mind circuits or follow the

11:6.3 We do not know w. vertical (reservoir) space is

11:6.3 we do not know w. there is a creative intent

12:6.6 These unknown, unfathomable unpredictables—w.

12:7.11 w. the part is retarded by the inertia of the whole or

17:8.1 W. it is a Reflective Spirit group in liaison with the

19:1.7 to approach the higher, w. in biology or theology,

19:2.6 truth to the individual planets and systems, w. in

19:5.1 We do not know w. these Spirits are of completed

19:5.8 We really do not know w. they are merely interested

19:5.8 merely interested observers of our doings, or w. they

23:2.18 all messengers operating in a local universe, w.

23:2.18 or w. they are acting temporarily in liaison with

24:1.12 W. acting in the local or higher universes, circuit

28:5.13 W. in human associations of commerce and trade,

28:5.15 the counsel of all beings, w. of high or low estate.

31:0.9 w. he is an ascendant mortal, Havona native, midway

32:3.7 w. we are dealing with the Sons of God or the

35:4.2 —physical, intellectual, or spiritual—w. on a planet,

37:3.6 all planetary missions, w. involving judicial actions,

41:5.6 Energy, w. as light or in other forms, in its flight

45:6.3 deprivations suffered on their worlds of origin, w.

46:4.8 W. you are a material, morontia, or spirit personality

48:3.11 It is a matter of chance as to w. you will be

48:3.18 the mansion worlds, w. your sojourn is to be long or

52:7.1 no one knows w. his second coming will precede or

52:7.14 no difference w. a realm has been wholly loyal,

56:9.8 thereby is infinity Deity-realized regardless of w. any

58:3.2 The output of short space rays, w. coming from

67:1.6 we doubt w. the established iniquiter would ever

68:2.2 of destiny—extinction or survival—depending on w.

70:3.7 And all ceremonies of association, w. marriage or

72:2.6 are differently grouped, depending on w. the election

72:7.6 homesites, w. in city or country, being exempted.

72:7.10 inventions and creations, w. pertaining to books,

75:4.8 everything unusual and extraordinary, w. natural

75:5.7 the rash act of Serapatatia and did not know w. her

79:2.3 admix with the darker colored peoples, w. in India,

81:6.19 be fostered, w. they involve language, trade, art,

81:6.26 quality of the social torchbearers will determine w.

84:3.1 All society, w. national or familial, passed through

86:5.3 The savage was much confused as to w. the ghost

91:4.3 All praying, w. individual or communal, may be

91:7.5 mysticism, ecstasy, and inspiration is to observe w.

92:7.11 such a child is largely dependent on w. fear or love

100:2.8 After such spiritual attainment, w secured by gradual

101:2.6 The revelation of truth,w. by direct personal ministry

104:4.9 W. it be a tiny ultimaton, a blazing star, or a nebula,

108:3.5 acknowledgment to the chief of Adjusters, w.

109:4.5 We do not know w. this Monitor has had similar

111:4.9 choosing as to w. this creativity shall be wholly

111:6.10 Pride is deceitful, intoxicating, and sin-breeding w.

112:2.7 mutual regard of whole personalities, w. human or

112:4.3 depend chiefly on w. the human being ascends to the

112:5.1 Selfhood is a cosmic reality w. material, morontial,

112:5.15 w. they experience personality reassembly on the

117:5.8 circuits of spiritual ministry, w. Spirit of Truth,

118:6.7 eternity can disclose w. this choice is superabsonite.

123:0.4 their friends and relatives concerning w. they should

130:2.8 Ganid wanted to know w. the dog had a soul, w. it

130:6.2 like to know w. you are familiar with these hills;

131:2.8 with every secret thing, w. it be good or evil.

131:3.3 Evil is degrading, w. held in thought or wrought out

135:6.6 Levites sent a delegation out to inquire of John w.

136:1.1 no matter w. he was called the “seed of Abraham”

136:7.4 No matter w. the Pharisees taunted him for a sign,

137:5.2 I do not know of a certainty w. you are what my

138:7.1 to inquire w. the time is not now ripe to enter into

139:1.5 W. Jesus privately taught the apostles or preached to

139:12.5 Judas must have believed in Jesus, but we doubt w.

144:6.6 decided that, as long as John lived, w. in prison or

148:9.3 What is the difference w. I say to this paralytic,

161:3.1 with Jesus w. to depend only on the human mind

162:2.1 teaching, w. it be God’s or w. I speak for myself.

164:4.5 decided to send for Josiah’s parents to learn w. he

164:4.9W. this man is a sinner, I know not; but one thing I

166:3.7 And so, w. few or many are to be saved altogether

166:3.7 few or many are to be saved depends on w. few or

166:4.1 I would like to inquire w. spiritual beings are

166:4.1 to ask w. the angels and other spirit beings are able

171:2.3 sitting down to count up the cost to see w. you had

171:2.3 does not first sit down and take counsel as to w. he

174:1.2 doubtful w. intelligent and affectionate parents are

176:3.8 W. inherent talents are few or many, a just reckoning

176:4.7 no serious concern w. we go to him or w. he should

177:3.1 debating throughout the day as to w. the Master

178:1.13 you should seriously question w. the roots of truth

178:2.3 lead Jesus aside and, making bold, asked him w. he

179:1.4 in a quandary as to w. they should seat themselves

181:2.15 W. your ministry be long or short, possess your

182:3.9 his human heart longed to find out w. there might

184:1.5 “Do you have no care as to w. I am friendly to you

184:3.14 tell us w. you are the Deliverer, the Son of God.”

186:2.2 always elicit an answer, w. asked by friend or foe,

191:0.9 w. Jesus’ body would bear the physical marks of the

191:4.3 proclamation of the good news, w. they be Jew or

192:3.3 not knowing w. the Master had gone to the Father.

whether or not

3:1.11 determined by w. or not they are indwelt by Father

3:3.4 We are not wholly certain as to w. or not God

31:7.2 W. or not the corps is to have these beings attached

39:5.14 the routine tests to ascertain w. or not the angel is

45:6.7 to demonstrate by subsequent freewill choice w. it

47:2.3 probationary creatures are grouped according to w.

56:7.7 Neither do we know w. or not the Supreme Being

101:7.5 acid test for any religious philosophy consists in w.

109:3.1 as to w. or not they are liaison or fusion Adjusters.

109:7.1 We cannot state w. or not non-Adjuster Father

112:5.2 but man must choose w. or not he will be present

127:2.8 “life mission” but explained that, regardless of w.

132:0.4 W. or not it was apparent to Jesus that the Jews

133:1.4 I would determine w. or not the aggressor was a son

133:6.6 “The saving or losing of a soul has to do with w.

135:7.1 he was far from certain as to w. or not Jesus was

136:5.1 great decision of Jesus’ isolation had to do with w.

136:8.1 the question as to w. or not any of his superhuman

144:6.9 As to w. or not repentance should be attached to the

147:1.4 as to w. or not invisible beings ministered healing to

174:4.6 disciples, as to w. or not he was the son of David,

188:3.8 W. or not this spirit reality returned to become a


156:5.21 Difficulty w. the ardor of the truth lover, while


141:0.2 W. of us has offended you?”

143:5.5 w., then, is the right place to worship God?”

144:2.4W. of you who is a father, if his son asks

147:5.4 W. of them do you think, Simon, would love him

162:7.4W. of you convicts me of sin?

164:1.3 W. of these three turned out to be the neighbor of

165:5.2 W. of you by anxiety can add a handbreadth to

171:2.3 W. one of you would undertake to build a

173:3.1 w. of these sons really did his father’s will?”

174:1.1 W. of us is right?

174:4.2 like to ask you w. is the greatest commandment?”

175:1.16 for w. is the greater, the gold or the temple w. has

175:1.16 w. is the greater, the gift or the altar w. sanctifies

185:5.4W., therefore, would you prefer that I release to

185:5.11 w. of these prisoners shall I release to you at this,

196:2.2 to exclaim, “W. one of you convicts me of sin?”

whilenot included; see—little while; worth while


4:5.3 domination of the w. of such imaginary gods.

65:5.3 much less to gratify our w. and satisfy our curiosity.

71:2.12 Liberty can be enjoyed only when the will and w. of

90:3.1 being directly responsive to the w. of the ghosts

97:1.4 Yahweh was conceived to be a God of jealous w.,

113:5.3 thus seraphim function regardless of your passing w.

185:1.3 large extent subject to the w. of the Jewish leaders,


4:2.3 must nature ever be of a changing mood, w. withal,

13:4.4 But this spiritual presence of divinity is not w. nor

49:1.3 But these beings are neither capricious nor w.;

86:2.6 Luck was looked upon as the w. reaction of the spirit

86:6.4 in the place of fictitious spirits and w. gods.

100:7.3 The Master was never capricious, w., or hysterical.

118:10.23 But providence is not w., neither is it fantastic nor


155:1.3 regretting the past, w. over the present, and vainly


173:1.7 his w. of cords and swiftly drove the animals from


96:5.9 Moses had w. them into a self-sustaining nation of


68:3.3 contributed to w. the loose social orders of early

185:6.2 whips upon Jesus as he was bound to the w. post,


185:6.2 Before the scourgers laid their knotted w. upon


12:1.2 ever they w., always swinging onward in the tracks

15:3.13 The w. of the ten major sectors, the so-called star

21:2.12 still their realms w. on about their respective centers.

41:4.2 central cores of matter and the particles which w.

42:5.16 Space is not empty; the spheres of all space w. and

42:6.6 Ultimatons do not describe orbits or w. about in

42:7.1 Surrounding this energy center there w., in endless

57:1.6 liaison staff was required to inaugurate the energy w.

57:2.3 gigantic space wheel, which continued ever to w.

57:2.3 to w. faster and faster as it continued to condense

58:2.7 related to sunspots, those solar cyclones which w. in

58:2.7 Such atmospheric disturbances w. in opposite

74:4.2 Adam and Eve’s heads were in a w.; they were

98:2.11 flung themselves into the mad w. of the mystery cults

184:2.3 His mind was in a w. of confusion; he could


57:3.5 when contraction set in, it w. on faster and faster

whirled stars

15:5.4 2. The W. Stars embrace those suns that are thrown

15:5.4 They are not thrown off as rings but in right- and left

15:5.4 W. stars are also of origin in other-than-spiral


3:0.1 of the w. planets of the evolving universes of space.

3:6.1 over the welfare and destiny of the outstretched, w.,

11:8.1 are strung the gleaming stars, blazing suns, and w.

57:3.3 matter w. through space in the midst of the

57:3.4 The ever-increasing rate of w. was soon to throw off

98:7.12 they live their intriguing temporal lives on the w.

104:4.9 it be a tiny ultimaton, a blazing star, or a w. nebula,

106:2.1 spirit nucleus over the encircling and w. domains of


14:1.10 The central universe w. around the stationary Isle of

42:4.3 electronically organized energy swings into the w.

85:4.2 believed that a nature spirit produced the sand w.,


131:2.9 they who sow the wind shall reap the w..

148:6.10 While the speech of God spoken from the w. was


147:5.5 to w. among themselves, “Who is this man that he


48:6.30 the story w. in the night season to the shepherd boy.

127:6.1 The story of Rebecca’s love for Jesus was w.

135:8.5 And Jesus w. to John: “Bear with me now, for it

137:3.7 they all w. among themselves, in small groups,

137:4.6 it was w. about that the carpenter and boatbuilder,

138:3.6 Peter w. this criticism to Jesus before he spoke the

152:2.5 It was being quietly w. about that Jesus, desiring

154:6.4 so that it finally was w. to him by Simon Peter,

192:1.3 John leaned over and w. to Peter, “It is the Master.”

192:1.3 when John w. this in his ear, Peter quickly arose and


166:1.3 After considerable w. between Nathaniel and an

168:0.8 Martha went at once into the house and, w. to her


162:1.3 sufficed forever to put an end to all w. about fear

179:4.5 brought their w. to an end by saying: “I sorrow

whitesee whitewith race or men or peoples

41:3.7 very young and may glow with an intense w. light,

41:3.7 the brilliant w. light signifies robust adult life.

41:8.2 such a star will become a so-called w. dwarf,

42:5.10 8. The w. light—the whole visible light of the suns.

45:4.1 and twenty elders sitting, clothed in w. raiment.”

53:5.4 azure blue concentric circles on a w. background.

53:5.5 The Lucifer emblem was a banner of w. with one red

69:3.5 The “w. smiths” and the “black smiths” gave origin

69:3.5 gave origin to the early beliefs in w. and black magic.

88:6.2 gave rise to the later beliefs in w. and black magic.

90:2.2 was called w. art when practiced by either priests,

97:5.2 your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as w. as snow;

123:5.12 almost 3,000 feet of the upper slopes glistening w.

126:1.6 smooth w. boards which were used as writing slates,

131:2.10 your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as w. as snow.

143:6.1 I tell you the fields are already w. for the harvest.

156:5.1 Jesus first told his followers the story of the w. lily

187:1.2 the captain led the procession, carrying small w.

195:5.12 evil which you see shown against a w. background

195:5.12 You do not view merely w. patches of good which

whitewith race or men, or peoples

51:4.3 as they persist in your amalgamated “w. race.”

52:3.7 of the violet hue, the racial “w.” of the spheres.

61:7.14 until exterminated by the red man much as the w.

64:6.9 until the red man was later discovered by the w. man.

64:6.9 As it was, the red man could not rule the w. man,

64:6.24 so-called w. races of Urantia are the descendants of

64:6.24 they were modified by slight mixture with yellow and

64:6.24 they were later greatly upstepped by assimilating

64:7.19 the w. man first chanced to land on the Atlantic coast

68:0.3 the yellow race and the w. race have presented the

69:9.12 red man could not comprehend the w. man’s view.

71:1.12 of the w. man, who was pursuing the governmental

72:1.1 greater proportion of violet than the so-called w. of

78:4.1 Modern Urantians, even the northern w. races,

78:4.4 They were not w.; they were pre-w..

78:4.4 the so-called w. races that generalized homogeneity

78:6.2 amalgamate with the newly appearing w. races—

79:5.7 they were discovered by the w. races of Europe.

79:5.7 Up to that time the Eskimos were the nearest to w.

79:7.3 curiosity so characteristic of the northern w. races.

79:8.3 A similar attitude prevailed among the w. races in

79:8.16 mechanical and religious developments of the w.

79:8.16 they have never excelled the Chinese in family loyalty

80:0.2 The modern w. peoples incorporate the surviving

80:0.2 percentage of the Andonite stock in all the w. races

80:3.9 culture and initiating the civilization of the w. races

80:5.2 grew decreasingly Andite and increasingly w. as the

80:5.3 eventually succumbed to the w. cavalry raiders who

80:5.3 the advancing tribes of the mixed w. race met with

80:5.3 enabled them to wipe the older race out of existence.

80:5.4 The decisive struggles between the w. man and the

80:5.4 succumbing to the military strategy of the w.

80:5.4 Thor became the hero of the northern w. tribes and

80:5.6 the w. invaders of Europe exterminated all peoples

80:5.7 sturdy traits and much physical vigor to the w. races

80:5.7 Andite-blue union, resulting in the northern w. races

80:5.8 the evolving w. races were dominant throughout

80:7.4 the most valuable strains of the emerging w. races.

80:8.1 And these two branches of the w. race were widely

80:8.5 these mixed types of the broad-headed w. races


80:9.1 migrations became generalized into the three w.

80:9.2 1. The northern w. race. This so-called Nordic race

80:9.2 The northern w. race thus encompassed these four

80:9.2 thoroughly mixed with all of the branches of the w.

80:9.4 This explains why remains of the earlier w. races,

80:9.4 These w. men also built dwellings; they never lived

80:9.4 explains why there are so few evidences of the w.

80:9.4 a suddenly appearing and vastly superior w. man.

80:9.5 2. The central w. race. While this group includes

80:9.5 They are driven like a wedge between the Nordic

80:9.8 3. The southern w. race. This Mediterranean race

80:9.8 the w. race was infused by strong Andite elements

80:9.13 The European w. races were energetic builders,

80:9.15 it is a fallacy to presume to classify the w. peoples

80:9.15 a fairly well-defined division of the w. race into such

81:4.11 Occidental w. races, together with some Indian and

82:6.1 the so-called w. race is predominantly descended

82:6.1 it is admixed more or less with all other races

82:6.9 The Pitcairn experiment of blending the w. and

82:6.9 Polynesian races turned out well because the w.

82:6.9 Interbreeding between the highest types of the w.,

82:6.9 Mixtures of the w. and black races are not so

82:6.9 Physically, such w.-black hybrids are excellent

83:3.1 A love wife, or a w. man’s wife, they compare to a

90:2.9 the sun in 1808 and denounced the vices of the w..

94:4.1 so Occidentalized as to be a “w. man’s religion,”

94:4.10 tended to make Michael’s life bestowal a w. man’s

98:7.11 the social, economic, and political mores of the w..

129:3.8 rich and poor, high and low, black and w., cultured


166:1.5 and untrue shepherds who are like w. sepulchres

175:1.19 Many of you are like w. sepulchres, which appear


3:1.1 Psalmist exclaimed: “W. shall I go from your spirit?

3:1.1 or w. shall I flee from your presence?”

61:7.16 mountain peaks, w. they had journeyed to escape

119:1.2 would go with me, but w. I go you cannot come.

122:10.1 could not tell him w. the pair had taken the babe.

131:2.4 W. shall I go from God’s spirit?

131:2.4 w. shall I flee from the divine presence?

142:6.5 not see the wind—whence it comes or w. it goes—

146:3.1 human existence to explain “whence, why, and w.

162:5.2 for I know whence I came, who I am, and w. I go.

162:5.2 know not whence I came, who I am, or w. I go.

164:4.4 The presiding officer saw w. they were drifting,


1:5.1 “He w. planned the ear, shall he not hear?

1:5.1 He w. formed the eye, shall he not see?”

3:1.2 He is “the fullness of him w. fills all and in all,”

3:1.2 and “w. works all in all,” and further, the concept of

4:1.4 “He w. dwells in the secret place of the Most High

4:1.4 he w. keeps us shall neither slumber nor sleep.”

4:1.4 all things work together for good to those w. love

8:5.4 Supreme, “w. is ever able to keep you from failing

8:6.4 “He w. has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says

12:4.2 W., or what, is really responsible for the gigantic

12:6.8 But w. fosters and cares for the fundamental needs

16:4.5 W., aside from these ancestors of both physical

23:4.4 W. will take up their work in the grand universe?

28:6.18 “He w. would be greatest among you let him be

28:6.20 The great man is not he w. “takes a city” or

28:6.20 “overthrows a nation,” but rather “he w. subdues

34:6.10 “for all those w. are led by the spirit of God are sons

40:5.19 that “true light which lights every man w. comes into

43:6.3 wrote: “W. shall ascend the hill of the Most Highs?

43:6.3 W. shall stand in this holy place?

43:6.3 He w. has clean hands and a pure heart, who has

56:10.14 Said Jesus: “He w. would be greatest among you,

70:10.3 the savage asked, not what killed him, but w.?

83:8.4 w. shall presume to sit in judgment, to say which

86:2.2 Primitive man asked, “W. is tormenting me?”

96:5.5W. is like your God among all the gods?”

97:1.7 W. can be compared to this holy Lord God?”

100:7.16 fellows, saying, “W. among you convicts me of sin?”

130:1.5 suffer the sorrows of evil; after all, w. creates evil?

133:3.6 W. are we that we should sit in judgment on these

135:5.7 W. would this Messiah be?

135:6.7W. warned you to flee, as vipers before the fire,

137:1.6w. directed that you should search for the Son of

137:6.2 W. has heard such a thing?

139:6.5 W. of us is competent to judge his brother?

140:8.11 had long debated the question: W. is my neighbor?

141:4.2 Thomas’s question, “W. is this God of the kingdom?

142:2.3 Jacob said: “But, Master, w. told you I was the

143:1.5 “But w. told you that my gospel was intended

147:5.5W. is this man that he even dares to forgive sins?”

148:6.7 “And w. can challenge the attitude of Job in view

148:9.3 W. can forgive sin but God?”

148:9.3 W. are you that you sit in judgment over me?

149:4.2 ‘he w. is slow of wrath is of great understanding,’

149:4.2 while ‘he w. is hasty of temper exalts folly’?

149:4.2 ‘he w. has no control over his own self is like a

150:8.8 w. shall go up for us to heaven and bring it down

150:8.8 w. will go over the sea for us to bring the

154:6.5 after all, w. is my mother and w. are my brothers?”

157:3.3 this surprising question, “W. do men say that I am?”

157:3.5 his hand and asked, “But w. say you that I am?”

159:2.1 to reckon that he w. is not against us is for us.

159:2.2 Master say, “He w. is not with me is against me”?

162:7.5 W. do you claim to be that you dare to utter such

163:3.2 so that Peter said: “W. then, Lord, can be saved?

164:1.2 “But, Teacher, tell me just w. is my neighbor?”

164:1.4 very answer to the question, “W. is my neighbor?”

164:3.2 man’s blindness, asked: “Master, w. did sin, this man

165:2.11 w. ever saw one having a devil open the eyes of a

165:4.1 Said Jesus: “Man, w. made me a divider over you?

166:2.3 W. can tell? if we make these ten men whole,

169:2.6 w. will be foolish enough to give you great treasure

172:3.16 insomuch that everyone asked, “W. is this man?”

173:2.2 W. gave you this authority?”

174:5.3 he wrote: ‘Lord, w. has believed our teachings?

179:1.2 began to think within himself,W. shall wash our feet?

179:3.9 W. is the greater, he w. sits at meat, or he w. serves

179:4.3 hand, leaned over and asked the Master: “W. is it?

179:4.4 “Ask him w. it is, or if he has told you, tell me w. is

181:2.13 “But, Master, w. will send us, and how shall we

185:3.5 half in sincerity, “Truth, what is truth—w. knows?”

185:5.10 W. will come forward to testify against him?”

185:6.6 W. will declare his crime?”

185:7.1 Really, w. are you? What is this they say, that you

189:4.6 the way out, “W. will help us roll away the stone?”

193:3.2 ‘He w. would have friends must show himself

wholenoun; see whole, as a; whole, on the; whole, made

   see Whole

3:2.8 may appear to differ from the welfare of the w.;

3:5.15 universe, every unit is regarded as a part of the w..

3:5.15 co-operation with the plan and purpose of the w.,

4:4.5 And the w. of this absolute nature is subject to the

5:5.4 a part of even revealed religion, but never the w. of

8:1.11 enlarging the concept to embrace the family as a w..

12:1.1 a space unit, as an organized and co-ordinated w..

12:1.14 activity encircling the w. of the known, organized,


12:7.1 personality—but his will does actually rule the w.,

12:7.7 frame is enlarged to embrace the w. of the first life,

12:7.8 present the paradox of the part and the w. on the

12:7.8 his love brings into being a relationship of the w.,

12:7.10 And this brotherhood is a relationship of the w..

12:7.10 discloses qualities of the w. in contradistinction to

12:7.11 The part profits or suffers in measure with the w..

12:7.11 As moves the part, so moves the w..

12:7.11 the progress of the w., so the progress of the part.

12:7.11 The relative velocities of part and w. determine

12:7.11 whether the part is retarded by the inertia of the w.

15:14.3 being interassociated into a meaning-of-the-w.;

18:3.3 and insure the harmony of the w. in the face of the

20:6.6 must encounter death, must pass through the w. of

29:2.14 ocean of energy which engulfs and bathes the w.

35:0.7 consideration will occupy the w. of the next paper.

42:7.8 an electron may so spread out as to occupy the w.

48:3.7 These companions are responsible for the w. of the

56:10.14 thought, or spirit is an acting unit in the w. universe.

56:10.14 The universe is a w.; no thing or being exists or lives

56:10.16 the relations of the parts to any given w. requires an

56:10.16 grasp of the relation of all parts to that w.;

60:2.2 the Rocky Mountain regions, along the w. of the

62:3.5 these mid-mammals wax valiant and subdue the w. of

73:7.1 beneath the waters the w. of the Edenic peninsula.

78:7.4 The traditions of a time when water covered the w.

78:8.8 the conquest of the w. of Mesopotamia and adjoining

80:7.9 The w. of Mesopotamia was being deteriorated by

81:6.1 until finally the w. of the pure-line Adamic posterity

93:4.5 that was the w. of the creed of the Salem colony.

102:3.10 Religion grasps the idea-of-the-w., the entire

102:3.10 science with the spiritual-insight concept of the w..

103:5.2 the neighbor scope to embrace the w. of humanity,

104:2.5 they perform this very function as a collective w.,

110:6.3 parts does not equal the true maturation of the w.;

112:1.17 concept of the personality as the meaning of the w.

112:1.17 to the w. and through the individuality of the w..

112:5.1 which are relatively subject to the destiny of the w..

116:5.16 no part of the cosmic w. can find real stability until

116:6.6 And as it is with the parts, so it is with the w.;

116:6.6 And while the growth of the w. is thus a totalizing of

116:6.6 is a reflection of the purposive growth of the w..

117:4.5 but the w. is nonetheless dependent on the total acts

117:7.15 entire grand universe will function as a perfected w..

118:9.9 finite diversities into one experientially meaningful w.

118:10.11 Deity manifests regard for the w., not for the part.

120:3.10 on through the w. of your bestowal experience

128:3.2 This trip acquainted Jesus with the w. of Palestine

128:6.8 patience Jesus manifested throughout the w. of this

129:3.1 The w. of Jesus’ twenty-ninth year was spent

131:8.4 regards all parts from the point of view of the w..

138:3.6 Need I remind you that they who are w. need not a

138:5.2 could encompass the w. of his teaching.

139:7.8 Matthew gave practically the w. of his fortune to the

151:3.1 the w. of the next evening was devoted to the

189:0.2 Creator-father elected to pass through the w. of the

195:8.13 more human beings than were killed during the w. of

196:2.1 Almost the w. of the New Testament is devoted,

196:3.20 It signifies the w. of the subjectivity of the individual

whole, as a

7:1.6 operate not only on the universe as a w. but even

12:6.8 fundamental needs of the master universe as a w.,

25:3.11 keeping the commission as a w. in sympathetic touch

35:5.3 body; as individuals and as groups, even as a w.,

51:4.4 are beneficial to the progress of mankind as a w.

70:1.19 Early wars were fought between tribes as a w., but

71:5.1 war has never been outlawed by mankind as a w..)

81:4.3 origins, the skeleton as a w. is far more dependable

134:5.2 and the collective sovereignty of mankind as a w..

142:2.2 not only loves his family as a w.—as a family—but

145:2.4 while a kindhearted father loves his family as a w.,

whole, on the

48:4.13 become confused with your humor, but on the w.,

64:4.11 improving in certain directions, but, on the w.,

72:2.2 On the w., these municipal governing schemes are

74:3.3 And it was, on the w., a disheartening story, this

96:5.8 beneficent Deity to the children of Israel, on the w.,

109:3.1 But, on the w., their labors are remarkably uniform,

122:4.4 much of the Master’s ancestry, but on the w. they

127:3.3 on the w. greatly enjoyed his sojourn at Jerusalem.

150:7.2 their opinions were, on the w., unfavorable to him.

whole, made

145:3.9 I would desire to see my children made w.—and—”

145:3.10 683 men, women, and children were made w.,

145:3.11 desired to see these suffering mortals made w. if

148:7.3 stretched forth his withered hand, it was made w..

148:9.2 stone mason, who had been so recently made w.,

148:9.2 your teaching, but I am determined to be made w..

148:9.2 I would be made w. that I might serve in the

152:0.2 hem of his garment, I shall certainly be made w..

152:0.2 the border of your garment, and I was made w.;

152:0.3 “Daughter, your faith has made you w.; go in peace.

152:0.3 was her faith and not her touch that made her w..

156:1.7 Your daughter already has been made w..”

162:2.2 to make a grievously stricken man completely w.

166:2.3 if we make these ten men w., perhaps the

166:2.4 “If you would be made w., go forthwith and show

166:2.4 And as they went, they were made w..

166:2.5 Arise and go your way; your faith has made you w..”

168:0.2 and Lazarus would immediately be made w..

171:5.3 sight; go your way; your faith has made you w..”

175:1.1 Many sick and afflicted have been made w. because


56:10.16 the relation of created parts to the Creative W..

116:4.1 The unity of the Supreme W. is dependent on the

117:4.5 to the eventual appearance of the Supreme W.,

143:7.8 Worship is the act of a part identifying with the W.;

wholeadjective; see whole world

0:11.5 in terms of the welfare of the w. creation of things

1:5.16 every entity, being, and personality of the w.

2:2.5 the w. scheme of living existences on the worlds

2:7.5 pronouncing an isolated aspect to be the w. truth.

4:1.10 that seems to underlie the w. fabric of cosmic events.

4:4.1 only self-contained, and changeless being in the w.

9:3.1 most real and eternally dependable things in the w.

12:1.1 prove conclusively that the w. vast aggregation of

12:1.13 unsettled condition of the w. astronomical plot,

12:9.3 The entire science of mathematics, the w. domain

14:2.6 Throughout the w. Paradise-Havona system there

15:4.1 the w. phenomenon proceeds in accordance with

15:11.3 of the w. vast evolutionary concept of the Father

20:9.4 the w. order of Daynal sonship is intimately

23:3.4 the w. economy of universal administration would be

24:5.2 represents the Seven Supreme Executives to a w.

25:3.4 its opinions, and transfers the w. question to the

25:4.20 the w universe of law and experience is open to them

26:7.2 the undivided attention, and enjoys the w. affection,

29:4.17 They keep the w. vast living energy aggregation in

30:1.113 There are even w. unrevealed orders of such mind

32:5.1 The w. marvelous and universal mechanism moves

34:6.5 w. ascendant experience is real as well as spiritual.

35:2.7 They are the teachers who so often win w. worlds of

35:3.22 turned the w. universe into a vast clinic for other

37:5.5 the articulate expression of w. groups of struggling

37:6.3 this is the keynote of the w. educational system:

38:2.6 Throughout the w. morontia and subsequent spirit

39:3.2 the unification and stabilization of a w. constellation.

39:3.3 greatest possible co-ordination of a w. constellation

39:9.3 Throughout the w. mortal adventure of finding God

40:7.3 elaboration of this truth embraces your w. career.

41:6.2 Our w. superuniverse is sprinkled with minutely

41:7.1 In the interior of a sun practically no w. atoms exist;

41:10.1 attracting body sometimes draws off w. planets,

42:5.10 8. The white light—the w. visible light of the suns.

42:5.13 to just one octave, the w. light of ordinary sunlight.

43:6.5 The w. animal creation is of an entirely different

43:9.2 During your w. stay on Edentia and its worlds you

44:1.15 w. peoples will be enthralled by the magnificent

44:1.15 could forever change the course of a w. nation,

46:8.2 your w. system rests under a quarantine partially

47:8.2 first lessons embracing the affairs of a w. universe

47:9.4 bidding an eternal farewell to the w. mansonia career

48:2.20 The w. morontia organization of existence is

48:6.31 the gospel of perfection attainment for the w. system

48:8.3 turn the w. universe into one vast and intricate

49:2.23 number 10, two per cent—in w. percentages.

50:3.6 They are a w. dispensation behind their Jerusem

50:4.11 the w. enterprise was brought to a rather sudden end

51:5.4 This w. scheme of race improvement was wrecked

52:2.5 sometimes results in the obliteration of w. peoples;

52:3.8 gravitate to the omnivorous level,although w. groups

53:3.3 Lucifer asserted that the w. plan of worship was a

55:9.1 The unification of a w. constellation of settled

55:11.8 when a w. superuniverse is settled in light, even if we

56:10.14 thought, or spirit is an acting unit in the w. universe.

57:0.1 We will use the nearest w. numbers as the better

57:7.5 The w. earth is a veritable fiery inferno, the surface

60:3.2 gave impetus to the formation of the w. vast north

61:2.11 a w. tribe of placental mammals deserted the land

61:7.1 displaces rivers and changes the w. face of the earth.

62:3.3 as the heads of the w. tribe of dawn mammals,

62:3.9 the w. course of evolution would have been changed

64:6.29 who markedly influenced and inspired a w. race.

65:2.8 gave origin to the w. bird family and the numerous

65:8.5 but none of these obstacles can defeat the w.-souled

67:4.1 Lut and the w. board of health were lost.

67:7.4 survival only when it is the attitude of the w. being

68:2.2 Thus does the w. social body push on slowly toward

68:2.11 generation threaten to swamp and submerge the w.

69:2.2 man had to compete with the w. animal world for

69:3.9 w. families and clans dedicated themselves to certain

69:7.4 watchdogs made it first possible for the w. clan to

69:9.12 The w. fetish practice was utilized to guard wells,

70:11.2 The w. idea of the taboo is inherently negative,

70:11.14 The w. idea of primitive justice was not so much to

72:5.9 so recently developed, the w. nation is travel bent.

73:5.8 the w. Garden took on new form and assumed new

74:5.2 The farewell of the receivers occupied the w. day,

74:5.7 found no government on the face of the w. earth.

74:6.1 w. Edenic plan had been disrupted and the Garden

75:2.4 The w. affair developed so gradually and naturally

75:5.1 Adam discerned the w. predicament and, while

77:3.7 that the w. purpose of the new city should be to take

77:6.5 the death of Adamson, endeavored to swing the w.

78:8.5 barbarian cavalrymen overran the w. Euphrates

79:2.6 but the w. mass of the people had been markedly

80:3.9 so greatly deteriorated the w. Cro-Magnon type.

81:1.5 climatic necessity would cause w. tribes to pass from

81:2.17 the w. creation resembling a huge inverted basket.

82:0.1 the home is the crowning glory of the w. long and

84:7.8 The Edenic ideal, the w. family as gardeners, was a

87:5.5 Koran contains a w. chapter devoted to the evil eye

87:5.5 The w. phallic cult grew as a defense against evil eye

87:5.9 The w. cult was a scheme designed to placate,

88:6.2 magic supposed to be for the good of the w. tribe.

89:0.2 And the w. subsequent sacrificial system grew up

89:7.4 this w. ritual afforded an acceptable excuse for

91:0.2 form of ceremony which included the w. clan or tribe

91:5.2 Even a w. city or an entire nation can be helped by

91:5.2 prayer have led individuals, cities, nations, and w.

93:5.4 Terah and his w. family were halfhearted converts

93:7.3 God able to claim the allegiance of a w. tribe or race.

93:9.5 years many regarded the w. narrative as a myth.

94:2.2 the w. precarious system collapsed before the cults

95:5.4 king so methodically proceed to swing a w. nation

95:5.4 created a new art and literature for a w. people.

95:5.5 Ikhnaton would have changed the w. history of the

95:6.1 Salem teachers made headway in Iran, and the w.

96:4.5 of a furnace, and the w. mountain quaked greatly.”

97:5.4 and fearlessly attacked the w. sacrificial system.

97:5.6 would have overthrown the w. bloody ceremonial

98:1.3 head of the w. Greek pantheon of subordinate gods.

98:2.4 scant recognition to the w. galaxy of Olympian gods

102:1.4 body, mind, and spirit, even to the w. personality.

102:7.2 of the order, plan, and purpose of the w. creation of

106:2.3 It encompasses the w. gamut of divinity attainment

110:6.3 —the w. self—material, intellectual, and spiritual.

112:1.15 drive) represents the attitude of the w. personality.

112:2.7 love connotes mutual regard of w. personalities,

112:2.7 the co-ordinated attributes of the w. personality are

114:6.11 groups, schools, communities, nations, and w. races.

114:7.11 titular (mortal) heads of the w. reserve corps have

118:6.2 There is one uncaused Cause in the w. universe.

118:8.5 The w. principle of biologic evolution makes it

119:3.4 working alone for one w. generation of planetary

119:5.4 lent new and added interest to the w. scheme of

120:2.2 these fallen Sons; and so would your w. local

120:2.9 which would terminate in w.-personality choice.

123:3.5 no leavened bread was to be eaten for the w. week.

123:3.5 the annual vacation season of the w. Jewish people

123:6.9 permission to lay the w. matter before Jesus.

123:6.9 in view of the w. situation, Jesus had finally decided

124:1.10 of April the w. land was one vast flower garden.

125:2.4 absurdities of the theology of the w. Jewish

127:5.1 by going direct to Rebecca, laying the w. story

128:5.6 the most uneventful six months of his w. career.

129:1.15 Never again did Jesus spend a w. year in one place

130:1.2 fallen, when they seek the light with a w. heart,

130:6.4 and henceforth will your w. life become one of

130:7.5 succession of events then will be viewed as a w.

131:1.9 the soul turn away from sin and put your w. trust in

131:2.9 his commandments, for this is the w. duty of man.

131:3.3 the Noble One, turn away from sin with a w. heart.

132:0.2 so that Jesus would have w. days to himself;

132:4.6 reach out for God with a w. heart, for God is your

133:7.4 and the father marveling at the w. performance.

135:3.2 the greatness of the kingdom under the w. heaven

135:11.1 this w. experience was a great test of John’s faith

136:4.5 this a season for thinking over the w. eventful and

136:4.5 Jesus thought over the w. span of human life on

137:1.1 I would sit at your feet and learn the w. truth about

139:4.6 traits made such an impression on John that his w.

139:8.3 Master began to transform Thomas’s w. disposition

139:8.4 Thomas never overcame throughout his w. lifetime

139:12.5 whether Judas really loved the Master with a w heart

140:1.7 multiply and grow until eventually the w. earth

140:6.12 if, therefore, your eye is generous, your w. body will

140:6.12 But if your eye is selfish, the w. body will be filled

140:8.5 Jesus discountenanced the w. concept of private

140:8.22 Jesus impressed the three that he valued the w. life,

140:8.24 was really a fresh beginning for the w. human race.

141:4.4 The Master taught them much about the w. man—

142:3.22 I declare to you as constituting the w. duty of man.”

143:3.4 The w. day was devoted to reminiscences and to

144:3.23 When Jesus spent w nights on the mountain in prayer

145:3.3 The w. day’s events had set the stage for this scene.

146:5.2 And Titus henceforth believed with a w. heart,

146:5.3 And when Jesus saw that the w. countryside was

146:6.3 the w. village of Nain, were aroused to the highest

149:6.7 keep his commandments, that is the w. duty of man.’

150:1.3 The w. country was stirred up by this proceeding,

150:3.2 a discussion of the w. subject of human superstition.

150:4.3 Labor earnestly to save the w. family lest a man’s foe

151:6.6 by the swine tenders, and the w. village believed it.

153:1.4 sermon in the synagogue and continued for a w. year

153:1.6 supernatural power to characterize Jesus’ w. career.

153:3.7 elect to discuss and expose the folly of the w rabbinic

155:1.5 is the measure of your failure to live the w. life,

155:3.8 Jesus’ w. earth life was devoted to the mission of

155:6.10 they found God as no other w. race of men have ever

155:6.17 into the light are expected to believe with a w. heart;

156:6.5 Jesus’ enemies reckoned that the w. movement had

159:1.3 you may tell the w. story to the congregation,

160:4.16 though the w. temporal-life enterprise may appear as

162:3.3 the Master so managed the situation that the w. plot

163:4.8 7. Teach that man’s w. duty is summed up in this one

163:4.8 (This they were to teach as man’s w. duty in place of

163:7.2 not only from Palestine but from the w Roman world

164:4.8 why do you not tell us the w. truth about what

172:1.5 w. house became filled with the odor of ointment,

172:3.16 But the w. city was mightily stirred up, insomuch

172:5.6 was tempted to doubt the w. idea of the kingdom;

172:5.9 in his heart Thomas regarded the w. performance as

172:5.10 Simon was the noisiest man in the w. multitude.

172:5.11 This day was the satisfying climax of their w. career

172:5.11 the twins enjoyed every moment of the w. pageant.

172:5.12 Judas was disgusted with the w. spectacle.

172:5.12 Judas heartily resented the w. performance.

172:5.12 Judas had about made up his mind to abandon the w.

173:1.10 they remained throughout the w. episode huddled

175:4.1 movement and wash his hands of the w. enterprise.

177:1.3 ecstasy of being alone with God, and for a w. day.

177:2.4 Your w. afterlife will be more happy and dependable

177:4.2 of withdrawing gracefully from the w. movement.

177:4.10 mind and grew to love this desire with his w. heart;

177:5.3 Mark had spent the w. day in the Master’s company.

179:4.2 of one who failed to love the truth with his w. soul.

179:5.4 only sacrament associated with his w. life mission,

180:4.1 light will all receive him gladly and with a w. heart.

181:2.14 And so, Matthew,dedicate your w. future life service

185:2.11 Pilate was so astonished at the unfairness of the w.

186:2.3 Jesus lived and died on Urantia, his w. human career

186:2.8 Throughout the w. sorrowful ordeal Jesus bore

187:1.1 Such a condemned man did not carry the w. cross,

187:1.7 tragedy ahead for Jerusalem and the w. Jewish nation

187:4.2 hours of consciousness did he turn with a w. heart

188:4.6 Jesus lived and died for a w. universe, not just for

188:4.8 The w idea of ransom and atonement is incompatible

188:5.10 true drawing power in the w. bestowal of Michael,

188:5.13 to broadcast these universal truths to a w. universe.

190:2.2 The w. family was startled and well-nigh confounded

190:2.6 choosing to follow the light of truth with a w. heart?

190:4.2 the w. city is being wrought up to a high pitch of

190:05..02 was insistent that the w. affair was probably a fraud.

191:0.4 between faith and doubt throughout the w. day,

191:0.8 not speak half a dozen times throughout the w. day.

191:5.4 and I know you will believe, even with a w. heart.”

192:2.10 “If, therefore, you serve me with a w. heart, make

193:0.4 Proclaim the w. truth of the good news, not just a

195:0.1 Greek believers carried it to the w. Roman Empire.

195:2.1 that Rome brought into the w. Western world a new

195:6.9 and turned the w. Roman Empire upside down.

195:10.18 conquered—absorbed and exalted—the w. stream

195:10.18 virtually reconquered the w. Western world.

196:2.5 The w. Christian movement tended away from the

whole world

44:1.15 literally true, “melody has power a w. to transform.

51:6.3 which eventually spreads the ideals of Eden to a w..

59:1.2 and animal, is fairly well distributed over the w..

61:0.2 and the w. was an animal paradise, notwithstanding

61:4.3 Rhinoceroses migrated over the w. except South

66:6.2 The w. was caught in the stalemate of tradition-

67:5.1 The complete and radical reorganization of the w.

78:7.3 to abandon the effort, to let the w. drown in its

80:4.5 The w. inhabited world, outside of China and the

81:6.18 culture throughout a race, a continent, or to a w..

92:4.5 Dalamatian revelation was practically lost to the w.

95:5.9 not only the creator of Egypt but also of the “w.,

109:4.5 refused to survive, this human being (and your w.

121:6.8 Throughout the w. wide world, no matter where the

134:6.5 religions and religious sects and cults of the w.,

136:4.12 a strong desire to win his people—and the w.—to

136:8.5 in which the attention of the nation, and the w.,

140:8.11 it expanded the neighborhood to include the w.,

140:8.17 “What shall it profit a man if he gain the w. and

155:6.10 Amos and Hosea, did reveal increasingly to the w.

158:7.5 What does it profit a man to gain the w. and lose

162:1.9 divinity of Jesus to the Jewish people and to the w..

165:4.9 what shall it profit you if you gain the w. and lose

172:1.6 this gospel shall be preached throughout the w.,

176:2.7 What the w. must face as a literal fact at the end of

178:1.9 enlighten the w. and result in the divorcement of

194:3.6 as did all the honest of heart throughout the w..

195:2.1 Rome brought into the w. Western world a new

195:10.18 resurrected itself and virtually reconquered the w.


120:2.9 decision which would terminate in w. choice.


65:8.5 none of these obstacles can defeat the w. choice of

156:5.12 a w. belief, in the certain triumph of righteousness.


53:4.6 the Father desired only that loyalty which was w.,

90:4.1 the error in their theories, ancient men were w. in

wholehearted acceptance

157:4.2 bring them all to the point of the w. of the Master,

162:9.3 fully won over each of Abner’s associates to a w.

wholehearted affection

180:1.6 sacrifice implies the absence of that w. which would

wholehearted choice

91:9.5 4. You must make a w. choice of the divine will.

142:6.7 by the w. of spirit guidance would you be born of

wholehearted confession

139:2.8 was the first one of the apostles to make w. of Jesus’

wholehearted conformity

1:7.2 the divine nature through intelligent and w. to the

wholehearted consecration

196:1.1 a w. of himself to such an unreserved bestowal of

wholehearted moral decision(s)

123:2.1 Jesus arrived at the age of his first personal and w.

130:2.9 Those who make w. and unqualified spiritual choices

wholehearted dedication

114:7.5 2. W. to some special social, economic, spiritual,

166:3.4 for those who are unwilling to pay the price of w.

170:5.11 thereby declaring their w. to the doing of the will of

171:2.2 must be willing to pay the price of w. to the doing of

wholehearted desire

1:2.6 3. The personality craving to be like God—the w. to

3:5.15 w. and perfect willingness to do the Father’s will.

156:5.7 —hunger and thirst for righteousness—the w. to find

wholehearted devotion

3:5.17 the thrill of intelligent and w. to duty in the face of

16:8.13 6. Personality dedication, w. to doing the Father’s

34:7.6 enlightened and liberating service of w. to doing the

100:1.6 is to maintain an attitude of w. to supreme values.

100:6.1 True religion is a w. to some reality which the

100:6.1 unquestioning loyalty and w. to supreme values.

139:7.3 Levi’s strong point was his w. to the cause.

160:2.8 power is inherent in the consciousness of w. to a

163:4.5 and other trivialities which might detract from w. to

wholehearted doing

141:5.1 your united dedication to the w. of the will of my

wholehearted effort

196:3.34 a w. to reach the borderland of spirit-consciousness

wholehearted faith

196:0.1 Jesus enjoyed a sublime and w. in God.

196:0.11 Jesus’ w. in the fundamental goodness of the

wholehearted identification

54:3.2 Although conscious and w. with evil (sin) is the

wholehearted love

16:8.14 the sincere pursuit of divine values and the w. of the

177:4.10 failed to develop loyal trust and to experience w.

wholehearted loyalty

53:2.4 but always professed w. to the Supreme Rulers.

53:4.6 desired only that loyalty which was voluntary, w.,

wholehearted ministry

188:5.9 full bestowal of a righteous life in the service of w.,

wholehearted obedience

127:4.3 was ever required to secure their prompt and w..

wholehearted praise

35:2.2 are w. in their praise of the government of the

wholehearted prayer

100:5.7 faith and sincere worship, w. and unselfish prayer.

wholehearted purpose

100:2.1 desire to know God and be like him, the w. to do the

141:7.11 Being motivated by a w. singleness of purpose, Jesus

wholehearted rebels

67:1.6 can easily become iniquitous, become w. against the

wholehearted recognition

110:3.9 3. Loving man and desiring to serve him—w. of the

wholehearted religionist

196:2.7 he was the world’s most w. and devoted religionist

wholehearted service

91:7.1 facilitated by loving and w. in unselfish ministry to

99:5.9 dedicate themselves to the w. of the brotherhood of

106:9.12 devoted to the w. of the brotherhood of all

147:4.7 On this higher plane of w. social service growing out

wholehearted sin

2:3.2 The final result of w. sin is annihilation.

wholehearted trust

133:1.4 I insist on believing with a w. in spite of all

wholehearted worship

100:2.2 dominated by the w. of the perfection ideals of

wholehearted yearning

91:8.6 for daily bread or may embody a w. to find God


5:1.6 If man is w. spiritually motivated, unreservedly

5:6.1 finite personalities who w. choose to do the divine

16:7.10 Supreme virtue, then, is w. to choose to do the will

67:4.2 They worked w. for the rebel Prince but soon

74:3.10 the Garden dwellers that they were not only w.

120:2.8 decision to live a life w. motivated to do the will of

132:7.9 imagination of spiritual teaching and leading w.

136:1.5 The Jewish nation had not w. repented; therefore

140:6.13 God and at the same time w. serve mammon.

141:6.4 this good news, if you w. believe it, is your eternal

143:5.8 who desired salvation, desired it sincerely and w.,

146:2.14 to praying w. and intelligently, earnestly and

146:3.2 confidence in the truth of that which he w. believes

154:6.1 only one, Ruth, believed w. and continuously in

157:2.2 unless you fall w. in love with truth, the ideals of

159:3.13 If you dare to believe in me and w. proceed to follow

160:1.15 Without doubts and misgivings I can now w. enter

160:5.13 and idealism of that which is w. faith-accepted.

165:5.3 w. devote yourselves to the proclamation of the

175:2.2 died unflinchingly for that truth which they so w.

179:3.2 the first human being w. to believe in the divinity

180:6.1 until man is willing to believe my teaching w. and

195:9.7 will man be disposed to turn w. to the gospel of the


139:12.7 when doubts exist as to the w. of a creature’s


118:1.8 the self begins to gain insight into the w. of events,

130:7.5 is such that it is discerned more and more in its w..

155:1.5 learn to exemplify in your lives this beautiful w. of

195:5.2 truth seeker aright only when truth is embraced in w.


68:4.6 the continuance of civilization to undertake their w.

69:8.3 The ambush of Ai, with the w. slaughter of men,

70:1.17 Even when Deborah ruled the Hebrews, the same w.

195:2.5 embraced the new religion in such a w. manner.


28:5.18 A refreshing and w. rivalry is promoted even among

73:5.3 The drinking water of Eden was kept w. by the

84:8.5 All efforts to obtain w. diversion and to engage in

100:7.4 Even his enemies maintained a w. respect for him;

124:3.7 be thus benefited by w. outdoor physical activities.

124:3.9 he endeavored to introduce the idea of w. recreation


40:6.1 yet by nature of the divine order; you are w. mortal.

110:6.18 status of this immortal soul is w. dependent on the

whomnon-exhaustive; see whominterrogative

3:3.2 open to the eyes of him with w. we have to do.”

6:1.4 w. we have heard, w. we have seen with our eyes,

6:1.4 w. we have looked upon,and our hands have handled

9:0.4 the unity of God, in w. all things consist—things,

11:8.1 all things, fills all things, and in w. all things consist.

40:5.2 angels—than w. you were created but a little lower—

47:8.4 “This is a beloved son in w. I am well pleased.”

110:5.7 The Adjuster of the human being through w. this

126:4.6 “To w., then, will you liken God who sits upon the

128:1.10 the Universe Mind of this creation, the One in w.

128:1.10 was before all things and in w. all things consist,

131:10.2 our heavenly Father, in w. all things consist,

131:10.4 the Father of light, in w. there is no variableness

135:8.6 “This is my beloved Son in w. I am well pleased.”

135:9.7 ‘This is my beloved Son in w. I am well pleased.

136:2.3 “This is my beloved Son in w. I am well pleased.”

137:2.7 “Behold a genuine Israelite, in w. there is no deceit.

137:6.2 As one w. his mother comforts, so will I comfort

139:4.2 said that John was “the disciple w. Jesus loved.”

139:4.4 to refer to himself as the “disciple w. Jesus loved.”

139:4.4 to regard himself as the “disciple w. Jesus loved”

139:12.10 made up his mind to get even with he knew not w.;

143:5.6 The Jews at least know w. they worship; they have

144:5.2 Our Father in w. consist the universe realms,

147:5.4 answered, “He, I suppose, w. he forgave the most.

148:5.5 neither be weary of his correction, for w. the Lord

148:5.5 as the father corrects the son in w. he takes delight.

153:2.5 forefathers, ‘choose you this day w. you will serve.’

153:2.7 ‘This is the work of God, that you believe him w. he

153:2.11 ‘Those w. the Father teaches will hear also his Son

153:4.3 cast out devils, by w. do your sons cast them out?

167:4.1 which said, “Lord, he w. you love is very sick.”

168:1.8 heal strangers if he cannot save those w. he loves?”


158:4.5 this father and his son, saying, “W. do you seek?”

174:5.3 And to w. has the Lord been revealed?’

183:3.4 captain of the Romans, said, “W. do you seek?”

183:3.6 and soldiers and again asked, “W. do you seek?”

189:4.10 spoke Jesus to them, saying, “W. do you seek?”


43:3.4 in the kingdom of men and gives it to w. he will.”

173:4.4 but on w. this stone falls, he will be ground to dust


44:3.1 There are cities “w. builder and maker is God.”

48:1.7 “the city which has foundations, w. builder and

174:2.2W. image and superscription does this coin bear?

174:3.1 this: In the resurrection w. wife will she be since all

174:4.6 think of the Deliverer? That is, w. son is he?”

178:3.4 revelation of cities w. builder is God and worlds


74:7.20 They taught that “w. sheds man’s blood by man shall

131:3.5 But w. is thoughtful, prudent, reflective, fervent,

146:2.6W. stops his ears to the cry of the poor, he also

158:8.1 And w. receives such a little one receives me.

160:5.10 Master said: “W. would save his life must lose it.

162:7.5 say that w. keeps your word shall not taste death?

169:4.9 he did say that w. had seen him had seen the Father.

169:4.12 never did he say, “W. has heard me has heard God.”

173:4.4 there is a mystery about this stone, seeing that w.

175:1.10 but w. truly humbles himself will surely be exalted.

175:1.16 but that w. swears by the gold in the temple must


2:4.1 Therefore “w. calls upon the Lord shall be saved,”

2:5.2 God’s love is universal; “w. will may come.”

7:5.11 It is literally true, w. has seen a Paradise Son has

20:6.5W. has seen the Son has seen the Father,” as did

20:6.5W. has seen me has seen the Eternal Son of God.

32:5.8 w. will may enter, and certain victory will crown the

100:7.6 Always his invitation was, “W. will, let him come.”

101:10.6 W. wills to do the will of God shall comprehend

103:5.6W. shall save his life shall lose it, but whosoever

103:5.6 but w. shall lose his life for the sake of the kingdom,

131:2.9 W. sows iniquity shall reap calamity; they who

131:10.7 W. calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

139:12.7 The door of eternal life is wide open to all; “w. will

140:1.6W. would become great in my Father’s kingdom

140:1.6 and w. would be first among you, let him become

140:5.19W. will save his life shall lose it, but w. will lose his

140:6.4 not kill, that w. kills shall be subject to judgment.

142:5.3 w has been born of the spirit has in himself the power

143:5.3 but w. drinks of the water of the living spirit shall

153:4.3 w. shall blaspheme against God with deliberation

154:6.5 For w. does the will of my Father who is in

157:6.10 he will draw all men to himself, and w. believes this

158:7.5 For w. would save his life selfishly, shall lose it,

158:7.5 but w. loses his life for my sake and the gospel’s,

158:8.1 W. shall humble himself and become as this little

158:8.1 But w. causes one of these little ones to stumble, it

159:5.10W. wishes to be my disciple, let him disregard

165:3.8 W. will, let him come and freely partake of the

166:3.7 I am the new and living way, and w. wills may

167:6.1 Verily, verily, I say to you, w. receives not the

168:0.7 w. lives and believes in me shall never really die.

171:0.6 W. would be great among you, let him first

174:5.7 w. will believe my teaching shall no longer abide in

whysee whyinterrogative

0:3.13 That is just w. the geographic location of his person

5:3.4 no reason w. prayer should not be addressed to God

6:7.3 you will understand w. I was unable to portray the

9:8.10 W. he does so we can only conjecture; how he does

9:8.10 Neither do we know w. the Third Source bestows

11:8.9 explains w. gravity always acts preferentially in the

12:3.9 it would satisfactorily explain w. spirit-endowed

13:1.23 And that is just w. all Ascendington will be open

14:5.6 And this is just w. no two of them are alike.

16:0.1 And this explains w. the universe is operated in

16:0.1 and w. the number seven is basically fundamental

16:1.2 that is just w. he can function personally for the

16:7.4 He knows what he is doing, w. he is doing it,

19:4.2 understand w. Universal Censors are stationed in the

20:5.5 you discern w. so much interest attaches to Urantia

22:2.9 that is w. they are such useful and sympathetic

23:1.9 There is a technical reason w. these Solitary

28:5.20 portraiture in part explains w. the Censors can

36:5.1 explains w evolution is purposeful and not accidental

40:5.16 As to just w this type of creature is never able to fuse

41:6.3 This explains w. there is a calcium layer, a gaseous

41:6.4 And this is w. stone is the chief component of the

43:6.2 This explains w. the extraordinarily beautiful places

47:7.1 from this you can understand w. it is so arranged

48:4.10 exactly w. these artists are called reversion directors

52:1.4 will begin to see w. this long and painful struggle on

53:6.2 This no doubt explains w. such a large number of the

54:3.1 unthinking question as to w. the all-wise Creators

54:4.2 children, are better able to understand w. Michael,

54:4.5 many reasons known to us w. the Supreme Rulers

54:5.1 Of the many reasons known to me as to w. Lucifer

54:6.7 explain w. these sinners were not sooner interned,

54:6.7 w. they have not been adjudicated and destroyed.

54:6.10 the better to understand w. such beings as Lucifer

63:5.3 that explains w. so much evidence of the Andonic

64:3.3 river floods, explains w. they sought the highlands

65:0.7 And this is w. evolution—on Urantia or elsewhere—is

69:9.4 This motive explains w. it was so long the custom to

72:0.2 similarity of the spheres undoubtedly explains w.

76:4.7 These facts explain w. the Urantia peoples must do

77:1.5 no explanation available as to w. this power was

78:4.5 tradition of peace-seeking, which explains w. the

80:9.4 This explains w. remains of the earlier white races,

80:9.4 w. there are so few evidences of the white man’s

81:2.11 This was one reason w. civilization progressed faster

81:2.12 reason w. their culture was for so long predominant.

84:2.2 the chief reasons w. the progressive Iroquois never

88:4.7 This is one reason w ancient peoples did not increase

93:3.7 that he would be born of a woman; and that is w.

93:9.3 And this explains w., on three separate occasions,

96:4.4 that Yahweh was the god of the Hebrews explains w.

96:4.4 and w. they there received the Ten Commandments

101:2.15 reason w. some of the world’s greatest religious

102:6.1 And this is just w. the God of worship claims all

103:1.4 This explains w. a given person can maintain his

108:2.11 As to w. these Adjusters can not or do not fuse with

108:4.4 And this is the reason w. contacts with the supreme

108:5.7 And this is just w. we are confronted with such

109:5.4 spiritual allegiance to but one master; and this is w.

113:2.5 The angels really find it hard to understand w. you

113:3.4 And herein is revealed the reason w. the seraphic

119:3.5 evident to all Nebadon as to w. their beloved ruler

121:2.8 before the rising power of Parthia, explain w. it

122:0.1 just w. the family of Joseph and Mary should have

123:6.6 insistent on finding out w. there was a dry season

124:3.5 he was never able to comprehend w. Jesus was so

124:6.4 Mary could not understand w. neither Joseph nor

124:6.14 as to w. the heavenly Father required the slaughter

127:2.10 the chief reasons w. he moved to Capernaum in later

128:4.7 This same motive explains w. Jesus permitted himself

128:6.8 w. they had failed to keep their appointment for the

130:1.6 This is w. our Father in heaven permits the good

130:5.3 One day when Ganid asked Jesus w. he had not

130:5.4 to Ganid w. he did not smite the drunken man.

132:0.3 chief reason w. Jesus consented to make this journey

132:7.1 When Ganid asked his teacher w. he evinced so

133:1.3 w. Jesus would not engage in personal combat.

133:2.1 stammered out—“er—w.-yes, what do you want

133:8.2 After much questioning as to w. Jesus manifested so

137:2.9 little understood w. their new-found teacher was so

138:5.4 w. nothing was done to get John out of prison.

138:6.3 again they did not understand w. he thus spoke,

138:6.3 and no man dared to ask w. he so taught them.

139:12.8 This is just the reason w. Jesus permitted Judas to go

140:8.20 this is w. he chose as his personal representatives

141:1.4 John’s disciples never could understand w. Jesus

144:0.2 There were a number of reasons w. Jesus and his

144:4.10 One of the reasons w. Peter, James, and John never

144:7.2 more understanding as to w. Jesus did not go to

144:7.2 and w. he made no effort to secure his release.

144:7.2 But they never could understand w. Jesus did no

144:7.2 understand w. he refused to produce outward

145:5.3 desired to know w. he appeared to be troubled by

145:5.4 the real reasons w. the kingdom could not be built

146:3.1 to explain “whence, w., and whither,” and added:

147:7.2 at a loss to understand w. you never command your

148:3.2 ask Jesus w. he was absent so much from their midst,

148:5.1 to understand w. you refuse to practice healing

148:5.1 I am at a loss to understand w. the Father permits

148:6.1 asked Jesus w. so many apparently innocent people

152:4.4 explains w. Mark left a portion of the story out of his

152:6.6 feeding of the five thousand, telling them just w. he

153:5.3 was there any good reason w. you should stumble

154:6.11 this explains w. Jesus did not see his family waiting

155:6.12 that is just the reason w. I have so often taught

162:1.5 There were many reasons w. Jesus was able

162:1.6 was one of the reasons w. Jesus could publicly visit

165:2.10 “And so shall you know w. the Father loves me

166:2.2 explaining to the twelve w. the gentiles of Perea

166:5.3 explains w. nothing is heard of Abner and his work

168:0.3 Neither could they understand w. Jesus sent no word

168:0.9 That is w. Martha had come out to meet him alone,

168:0.9 and w. Martha went in secretly to inform Mary that

168:1.2 It is difficult to explain to you just w. Jesus wept.

168:1.4 explain w. Jesus groaned as they came near the tomb

168:1.12 to w. the Master had requested that the stone be

168:2.5 grave cloths and w. he had awakened in the garden.

170:5.13 is w. he never opposed the apostles’ practicing the

171:0.5 Said Jesus: “I am saddened that you know not w.

172:3.6 If any one asks you w. you do this, merely say,

172:3.6 untie the colt, the owner came over and asked w.

172:5.3 Peter could not understand w. Jesus did not speak

172:5.5 John came somewhere near understanding w. Jesus

175:2.1 no valid reason w. the individual descendants of

177:3.7 could not understand w. he would be willing to

183:3.1 there was yet another reason w. Judas chose to be

183:5.4 And this explains w. John Zebedee was permitted

185:1.8 It is easy to understand w. the Jews presumed to

185:1.8 get him up at six o’clock to try Jesus—and also w.

191:0.13 And this is the reason w. they did not go at once to

192:1.2 did not altogether understand w. Jesus wanted to

193:4.14 explain w. a well-meaning and otherwise sincere


21:4.6 W should man bemoan his lowly origin and enforced

31:3.8W. should the Gods be so concerned in so

86:1.3 W. work hard and reap bad luck—nothing for

107:7.4 W. then, if Thought Adjusters possess volition, are

111:7.3 W. do you not aid the Adjuster in the task of

111:7.3 W. do you not allow the Adjuster to strengthen

111:7.3 W. do you not encourage the heavenly helper to

111:7.3 W. do you refuse to be enlightened and inspired

111:7.3 W. not allow the Adjuster to spiritualize your

125:4.3 irate teacher, “w. are you here, since you are not of

125:5.4 2. W. should mothers in Israel be segregated from

125:5.5 w. all this slaughter of animals to gain divine favor—

125:6.5 said: “My child, w. have you treated us like this?

125:6.7W. is it that you have so long sought me?

130:2.4 “If the Gods are interested in me, then w. do they

130:2.4 W. not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the

130:2.6W. do you occupy yourself so continuously with

130:6.1 w. so downcast on such a beautiful day?

130:8.4W. waste words upon one who cannot perceive

135:5.1 W. was the throne of David desolate and vacant?

135:8.5 w. do you come down into the water to greet me?”

135:8.5 W. do you come to me?”

135:9.4 nor the Messiah, then w. do you baptize the people

135:11.1 If Jesus were the Messiah, w. did he do nothing to

135:11.4 W. do I languish in prison?

137:2.4 suggested to Philip, “W. not ask the Teacher?”

137:4.8 W. do you trouble me again with these matters?”

141:0.2 the Father’s kingdom, w. is it that you weep?

141:6.2 Master: “W. is it that I could not persuade him?

141:6.2 W. did he so resist me and so readily lend an ear to

142:4.2 w. should you expect to be rebuked?

142:4.2 the worship of false gods, w. should all men frown

142:7.17 w. do you insist on translating my meaning into

145:5.5 w. do you leave us alone with the multitude?

145:5.6 W. have they now come to besiege us?

146:6.2 w. could not such a healer even raise the dead?

147:3.2 “John, w. would you tempt me to turn aside from

147:3.2 W. do you go on desiring to substitute the working

147:8.2 from the Prophet Isaiah: “‘W. have you fasted?

148:4.1W. is it necessary for men to be born of the spirit

148:4.7 But w. do you refuse to comprehend the meaning

148:4.7 And w. do you refuse to interpret the meaning of

148:6.6 And w. did God ever create me just to suffer in

148:9.3 saying: “W. do you so reason in your hearts?

149:5.1W. are some persons so much more happy than

149:6.1 Master, w. is it that the Scriptures instruct us to ‘fear

151:1.3 W. do you speak in parables to those who seek truth

151:5.5 and said: “W. are all of you so filled with fear?

153:1.5W. did he himself so deliberately and effectively

153:3.3 W. is it that you show such disrespect for the

153:3.3W. is it that you transgress the commandments of

153:3.3 W. is it that you in this way make void the

153:5.3 W. is it that you are filled with fear and

153:5.3 W. do you grieve when the new day is dawning


155:1.1 W. do the heathen rage and the peoples plot in vain?

155:1.3 If you desire to enter the kingdom, w. do you not

155:1.3 W. do the heathen rage?

155:1.3 W. do you languish in futile yearning?

155:4.2 w. is it that we flee from the threats of our enemies

155:4.2 W. do we refuse to confront the foes of truth?”

155:4.2 W. is it we are at such diversity of belief when we

155:6.7 but w., in so doing, should you sacrifice the supreme

156:5.3 Master, w. do we pray that God will lead us not lead

157:1.1W. of course the Master pays the temple tax.

158:1.6 prolonged absence, he said: “W. were you afraid?

158:2.2 “Master, w. is it that the scribes say that Elijah

159:1.5 W. did you not also show mercy to your fellow

162:2.2 asked Jesus, “W. do the rulers seek to kill you?”

162:6.3 W. will you thirst for the ministry of the spirit

162:7.3 W. do you not understand my words?

162:7.4 shown me by the Father, w. do you not believe?

162:8.3 “Martha, Martha, w. are you always anxious about

163:3.5 of them, ‘W. do you stand here idle all the day?

163:6.6 But w. were you so surprisingly elated?

164:4.8 saying: “W. do you not give God the glory for this?

164:4.8 w. do you not tell us the whole truth about what

164:4.8 W. do you refuse to discern the truth?

164:4.10 if you did not believe my testimony, w. would you

164:5.2 If you are the Messiah, w. do you not plainly tell

165:3.4 And if all of this is true,