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Zaccheustax collector


171:6.1 As Jesus passed by the customs house, Z. happened

171:6.1 to be present, and he much desired to see Jesus.

171:6.1 He had resolved that he would see what sort of a

171:6.1 Z. sought to press through the crowd, but it was

171:6.1 short of stature, he could not see over their heads.

171:6.1 center of the city and not far from where he lived.

171:6.1 When he saw that he would be unable to penetrate

171:6.1 he ran on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree

171:6.1 He knew that in this way he could obtain a good

171:6.1 And he was not disappointed, for, as Jesus passed by

171:6.1 looking up at Z., said: “Make haste, Z., and come

171:6.1 when Z. heard these astonishing words, he almost

171:6.1 he expressed great joy that the Master should be

171:6.2 They went at once to the home of Z., and those

171:6.2 while the Master and his disciples lingered with Z.

171:6.2 when Jesus heard this, he looked down at Z. and

171:6.2 Z. stood upon a stool and said: “Men of Jericho,

171:6.3 When Z. had ceased speaking, Jesus said: “Today

171:6.4 They lodged with Z. for the night.

171:8.1 while Jesus taught Z. and his family the gospel of the

171:8.2 the house of Z. in Jericho was very near the ornate

Zachariasfather of John the Baptist

122:2.1 Z., John’s father, belonged to the Jewish priesthood,

122:2.1 Z. and Elizabeth, though they had been married

122:2.3 “While your husband, Z., stands before the altar in

122:2.5 Z. was very skeptical and for weeks doubted the

122:2.5 his wife when he could no longer question that she

122:2.5 Z. was very perplexed regarding the prospective

122:2.5 but he did not doubt the integrity of his wife,

122:2.5 that Z., as the result of an impressive dream, became

122:2.7 Z. and Elizabeth rejoiced greatly in the realization

122:2.7 a nephew of Z. departed for Nazareth, carrying the

122:8.4 to Jerusalem to talk over all their affairs with Z..

122:8.4 Joseph went to Jerusalem to confer with Z..

122:8.4 Both Z. and Elizabeth had become possessed with

122:8.5 priests, who were sent down from Jerusalem by Z..

122:8.6 Z. met them and disclosed his belief that Jesus

122:9.2 Simeon and Anna were intimates of the priest Z.,

122:9.2 their confidence in Z. led them to believe that Jesus

122:9.3 Z. knew the day Joseph and Mary were expected

122:9.3 and he had prearranged with Simeon and Anna to

122:10.1 Knowing Herod pursued the Nazareth family, Z.

122:10.4 communicated with Z., who in turn dispatched a

122:10.4 They went to Alexandria on funds provided by Z.,

123:3.4 Z. and Elizabeth and their son John came to visit the

123:6.8 on a similar mission to Z.’ home near Jerusalem.

124:6.12 the early history of both John and Jesus, through Z..

125:6.4 to the home of Z. as they thought Jesus might

125:6.4 Thinking Z. might perhaps be at the temple, they

135:0.1 and when Elizabeth told her husband, Z., he was

135:0.1 he was greatly troubled and fully believed her only

135:0.1 only after he had an unusual dream six weeks before

135:0.1 visit of Gabriel to Elizabeth and the dream of Z.,

135:0.4 as he was a priest, Z. was fairly well educated,

135:0.4 Z. had only short periods of service at the temple in

135:0.4 he devoted much of his time to teaching his son.

135:0.5 Z. and Elizabeth had a small farm on which they

135:0.5 Z. received a regular allowance from the temple

135:1.1 Z. and Elizabeth took their son to Engedi, down


135:2.1 Z. died in July, A.D. 12, when John was just past

135:3.2 which Z. had told him represented the history of

Zadocpaternal ancestor of Joseph

122:4.3 being an orphan, was adopted by one Z., who was a


159:0.2 groups labored in Gerasa, Gamala, Hippos, Z.,

165:0.1 towns and some fifty additional villages: Z.,


93:5.10 Abraham, who was fired with a z. to go forth and

98:7.2 their missionary z. equaled that of their illustrious

99:3.8 Loveless z. is always harmful to religion, persecution

99:7.3 religion joins patience with passion, insight to z.,

100:6.5 religion generates new types of enthusiasm, z., and

101:8.4 The z. of faith is according to knowledge, and its

104:1.8 their z. for the one God, Yahweh, so eclipsed all

140:7.7 “May your wisdom equal your z. and your courage

160:1.8 intelligent enthusiasm which borders on religious z..

163:4.13 4. Z. and initiative. They must be possessed with

163:4.13 They must be possessed with z. and intelligent

175:4.6 2. His z. for temple reform struck directly at their

187:4.5 Here was a hero who fired his z. and inspired his

Zealotsee also Simon Zelotes

138:3.3 they all went with Peter to call upon Simon the Z.

139:11.0 11. SIMON THE ZEALOT


122:8.7 the well-meaning z. of the succeeding generation


127:2.1 nationalist party, presently to be called the Z..

127:2.1 The Z., unlike the Pharisees, were not willing to

128:6.6 with his propaganda work in behalf of the Z.,

136:9.7 again refused the offer of the Z. to lead them

137:7.9 The Z. were a group of intense Jewish patriots.

137:7.9 They advocated that any and all methods were

138:2.8 a high officer in the patriotic organization of the Z.,

138:2.8 Before joining the Z., Simon had been a merchant.

138:3.7 kingdom to become confused with the Z.’ movement

139:11.1 his attention to the patriotic organization of the Z..


147:6.4 “You are indeed z. for the law, and you do well to

147:6.4 you do well to be z. for the Sabbath, but you

195:2.3 They were honest, z., and dedicated to their ideals,


95:5.11 the one God whom Ikhnaton so z. proclaimed

99:3.6 are z. religious in the propagation of their social

Zebedeeboatbuilder of Bethsaida; see Zebedee, sons of;

see Zebedee house or home;

see also David, James and John Zebedee

127:6.10 in Capernaum was with a boatbuilder named Z..

129:1.2 he stopped to pay a visit to his father’s friend Z..

129:1.2 he himself was a boatbuilder.

129:1.2 he was a master at working with wood;

129:1.2 and Z. had long known of the skill of the Nazareth

129:1.2 For a long time Z. had contemplated making

129:1.3 Jesus worked with Z. only a little more than

129:1.3 Jesus and Z. began to build boats of a very superior

129:1.3 For several years Z. had more work, turning out

129:1.3 the craft on the lake had been built in the shop of Z.

129:1.4 Z. was a moderately well-to-do man; his shops were

129:1.4 Jesus lived in the home of Z. during the year and

129:1.5 Z.’ wife, Salome, was a relative of Annas, onetime

129:1.7 a short time before Jesus came to live with Z..

129:1.10 The Z. family almost worshiped Jesus, and they

129:1.11 and shore helpers, for Z. had many employees.

129:1.11 Jesus enjoyed his labors with Z. in Capernaum, but

129:2.1 In March, A.D. 22, Jesus took leave of Z. and of

129:2.1 While working with Z. Jesus had drawn only small

129:2.2 When Jesus took leave of Z.’ family, he agreed to

129:2.2 Jesus left them, especially the daughters of Z..

129:2.4 John consulted with his father, Z., regarding the

129:2.4 since Z. knew of a little house in Capernaum

129:2.4 he directed John to buy this house with Jesus’

129:2.4 and Z. supplied the difference, so that John paid

129:2.7 a letter from Salome, Z.’ wife, introducing Jesus to

129:2.8 Jerusalem from Capernaum, Z. and his entire family.

129:2.10 Jesus took Z. fully into his confidence regarding

129:2.10 and Z. never did disclose his knowledge of Jesus’

129:2.10 Only the assurances of Z., who went up to

129:3.3 departed from this world without anyone (save Z.

129:3.4 Only Z. the boatbuilder of Bethsaida knew the facts

129:3.4 the facts about these matters, and Z. told no one.

134:1.1 Capernaum, where he paused to call on Z.’ family.

134:1.1 had come over to work in his place in Z.’ boatshop.

134:1.2 But aside from Z. and the people whom Jesus met on

134:9.6 in Z.’ workshop, put on his apron, and presented

137:1.3 “Ever since this man came to work in Z.’ shop, I

137:3.5 the questions which his mother, James, Jude, and Z.

137:5.4 while he made ready to go with Z. to the boatshop,

138:5.4 Z. and Salome had gone to live with their son

138:6.1 they all assembled in Z.’ garden to receive Jesus’

139:1.1 had been a partner of Z. in the fish-drying business

140:0.2 visiting with their father, Z., and mending their nets.

140:7.3 On the third day Jesus visited with Z. and Salome

142:0.2 high priest and relative of Salome, Z.’ wife.

148:0.1 camp was maintained by the seaside near the Z.

148:4.1 secluded and sheltered corner of the Z. garden.

151:1.3 in the Z. garden Matthew said to Jesus: “Master,

157:0.1 this visit was to occur at the Z. boatshop.

189:4.4 Salome the mother of the Z. brothers, Joanna

Zebedee house or home

129:1.4 Jesus lived in the home of Z. during the year and

137:3.4 his mother; he went directly to the home of Z..

137:5.1 and his apostles went directly to the home of Z.

137:5.2 in this home of Z. and Salome, there was held

137:8.3 when he returned to Z.’ house and asked for food.

138:1.4 were to return to the home of Z. for a conference.

140:6.1 Sunday evening, on reaching the home of Z. from

140:9.4 they journeyed back to their home in Z.’ house.

141:0.1 They did not get away from Z.’ house until near

144:9.2 to Capernaum and lodged that night in Z.’ house.

145:0.1 they made their headquarters at the home of Z. in

145:0.2 and Friday Jesus spent at the Z. house instructing

145:2.15 large Z. home, where Jesus and the twelve made

145:2.15 Peter’s home was near that of Z.; and Jesus and

145:2.16 which occurred in the front yard of the Z. home.

145:3.2 scores began to make their way toward the Z. home

145:3.6 Jesus stepped out of the front entrance of Z.’ house,

145:4.1 the rejoicing and happy throng overran Z.’ home,

145:5.5 seekers began to gather about the house of Z..

145:5.8 apostles sorrowfully made their way back to Z.’

145:5.9 James and Jude came to see him, calling at Z.’ house

148:0.1 and the apostolic party were in residence at the Z.

148:9.1 spacious and enlarged front room of the Z. home,

148:9.2 While the house was thus thronged with people and

148:9.2 His friends tried to gain entrance to Z.’ house by

149:7.1 the teaching evangelists had arrived at the Z. home.

149:7.3 Peter, James, and John, remained at the Z. home

150:0.3 about seventy-five in number, at the Z. house in

152:3.3 “Take your brethren back to Z.’ house and pray

152:5.1 they anchored their boat offshore near Z.’ house

154:1.1 counsel with his followers at the Z. house.

154:5.1 summoning them forthwith to assemble at Z.’

154:5.2 women he instructed to remain at the Z. house

154:6.1 all five of them started at once for Z.’ house,

154:6.2 On the way to Z.’ house they talked these things

154:6.4 When they reached the Z. house, Jesus was in the

154:6.7 some twenty-five sentinels about the Z. house,

154:6.11 David’s messengers at the rear entrance of the Z..

154:7.2 safety was regularly transmitted to the home of Z.

154:7.2 never again to make his home at the house of Z..

154:7.4 The crowd lingered about the home of Z. watching

154:7.5 when Ruth returned from a visit to the Z. house,

192:1.2 waiting at the Z. home, Simon Peter suggested

192:4.1 increasing numbers of believers arrived at the Z.

Zebedee, son(s) of or Zebedee’s sons

121:8.10 so-called Gospel according to John the son of Z.,

129:1.2 Z.’ sons were fishermen; he was a boatbuilder.

129:1.12 Of the sons of Z., James was the most interested in

129:2.10 turned this large sum over to John the son of Z..

134:9.1 started for Jerusalem with John the son of Z.,

135:8.1 fishermen sons of Z. had gone down in December,

135:8.4 John had been inquiring about Jesus of Z.’ sons.

136:3.7 James and John the sons of Z. were engaged in

137:1.5 James and John the sons of Z. arrived upon the

139:1.1 and partners of James and John the sons of Z..

139:2.1 and Andrew were fisher partners of the sons of Z..

139:3.1 James, the older of the two apostle sons of Z.,

139:3.5 these two sons of Z. were much more tolerant of

139:4.11 son of Z. was very closely associated with Peter in

143:5.1 and the Z. sons would have remained with Jesus

162:0.2 turned upon the sons of Z. and severely rebuked

171:0.7 sons of Z. little realized that in less than one month


134:2.5 when in Capernaum he made his home with the Z..


146:0.1 believers in Rimmon, Jotapata, Ramah, Z., Iron,

146:3.10 The instruction given by Jesus during their stay at Z.

146:3.11 In Z. the people were of a mixed race, hardly Jew or

156:6.2 Nazareth-Mount Lebanon trail to the village of Z.,

156:6.2 They reached Z. on Sunday, the 31st, holding a

156:6.3 Leaving Z., they journeyed over to the junction with

ZechariahHebrew prophet

146:2.3 Jesus quoted to his apostles from the Prophet Z.:

172:3.4 This Scripture was found in Z., and it said:

172:5.5 Z., which described the coming of the Messiah

172:5.8 in Z. where the prophet had alluded to the rejoicing

175:1.22 the first prophet killed down to the times of Z.,

Zelotessee Simon Zelotes


42:4.6 the appearance of the theoretical absolute z.,

42:4.6 space does not have the temperature of absolute z.

58:2.6 height it registers around 70 degrees below z. F.

58:2.6 range of from 65 to 70 degrees below z. F.

158:1.5 the five thousand, and then it rapidly fell almost to z..


160:2.8 fellows is essential to the renewal of the z. for life

Zeushead of Greek pantheon

98:1.3 upon these people their man-god, Dyaus-Z., who

98:1.3 achieved a true monotheism in the concept of Z.

98:1.4 They had a patriotic and racial feeling for Z. and

98:3.3 Z. became Jupiter; Aphrodite, Venus; and so on


59:3.4 that much of the gas, oil, z., and lead are found,

59:5.9 deposit, in some places containing z. and lead.


47:10.3 “But you have come to Mount Z. and to the city of

172:3.4 “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Z.; shout, O

zonesee Zone of Infinity

0:11.13 the z. of progressing evolutional reality actuality,

9:6.7 Here mind seems to function in a mid-z. between

9:6.9 a vast z. of activities wherein the Conjoint Actor and

11:3.1 nor purely intellectual creations in this z.;

11:3.3 inner or first z. is occupied by Paradise Citizens

11:3.3 second z. is the residential area of the natives

11:3.3 This second z. is in part subdivided into seven

11:5.4 concerning the space functions of the mid-z..

11:5.5 The inner z. of this force center seems to act as a

11:5.5 forces emanating from this z. are not responsive to

11:5.6 The mid-z. of the force center immediately

11:5.6 This mid-z. appears to be static except that it

11:5.6 that the mid-z. is the control mechanism of the

11:5.7 The outer z is the largest and most active of the three

11:5.8 of the activated z. of the Unqualified Absolute

11:5.8 This outer z. pulsates in agelong cycles of

11:5.9 Though the outer z. of the Paradise force center

11:5.9 Nor do the pulsations of this z. account for the

11:5.9 the incoming and outgoing phases of this z. are

12:1.14 there is a space z. of comparative quiet, which

12:1.14 this z. of relative quiet which encircles the seven

12:1.14 beginnings of a z. of an unbelievable energy action

14:1.4 3. The semiquiet space z. separating the Havona

14:1.6 The second unique space z. dividing the two space

14:1.8 7. A third z.—a semiquiet z.—separating the outer

14:1.17 This z. is characterized by enormous wave

15:5.5 beyond the gravity-reclamation z. of the erupting sun

42:2.4 the fulcral z. of the Unqualified Absolute, the z. of

42:2.4 intervening z. of certain unidentified equalizing and

42:7.9 constitute the second family, or energy z., and

42:7.9 The next thirty electrons, the third energy z., are

46:1.3 and circulates about the sphere in the z. channels,

51:3.2 located in a secluded section and in a near-tropic z..

57:6.5 dangerously near the critical z. of tidal disruption

57:6.5 until it entered the critical z. of gravity-tidal

58:3.3 grosser matter behavior, even in the same physical z..

60:0.1 climate in regions far removed from the equatorial z..

88:6.8 Urantia is in the twilight z. of this intellectual

100:5.6 the z. of immediate contact with the indwelling

100:5.9 in the direction of the z. of spiritual contact,

196:3.25 The moral z. intervenes between the animal and

Zone of Infinity

11:5.2 nether Paradise, is the unknown and unrevealed Z..

11:5.3 2. This Z. is immediately surrounded by an unnamed


11:3.3 residential region, is divided into seven concentric z..

11:3.3 seven z. are often designated “the Father’s House”

11:4.1 Since the nonpervaded-space z. nearly impinge upon

11:5.4 This center consists of three concentric elliptical z.:

11:5.6 between the inner and outer z. of the force center.

11:5.6 control mechanism of the mid-space or quiet z.

11:7.1 only the quiescent midspace z. come in contact

11:7.2 the motionless nucleus of the relatively quiescent z.

11:7.2 Geographically these z. appear to be a relative

11:7.2 we observe that these z. of lessened space motion

11:7.2 Similar z. once existed between the levels of

11:7.3 midspace z. separate pervaded and unpervaded

11:7.3 These quiescent midspace z. grow larger and

11:7.7 The relatively quiet z. between the space levels,

11:7.7 These z. separate the vast galaxies which race

11:7.7 bounded above and below by the midspace z. of

11:7.7 and outer margins by relatively quiet space z..

12:1.2 motion, alternating with z. of relative quiescence,

12:1.14 These space z. are free from star dust—cosmic fog

12:5.4 The motionless midspace z. impinging on Paradise

12:5.4 unpervaded space are the transition z. from time to

14:1.2 1. The quiescent midspace z. impinging on Paradise.

36:4.7 restricted z. which they are not permitted to enter.

42:2.4 embrace three z. of absolute force presence and

42:2.4 These triconcentric z are the centrum of the Paradise

46:1.1 latitudinal sectors and ten thousand longitudinal z..

46:4.9 the embellishment of the purely spiritual z. is no

49:3.3 when they ventured beyond these protected z..

81:3.3 cities were always surrounded by z. of agriculture

81:6.7 While these warmer z. of habitation afforded

100:5.7 the better approach to the morontia z. of possible

106:7.7 the relative absoluteness of the quiet z. of midspace.


11:7.9 This alternate z. of the master universe is a factor in


73:4.3 A z. garden was created by building a smaller wall

ZopharJobs third friend

148:6.8 Z., then spoke less comforting words when he said:

148:6.8 he said: ‘You are foolish to claim to be righteous,

148:6.9 Z. reiterated his melancholy advice.

Zoroasterreligious leader of 6th century B.C.

92:5.12 Confucius, Lao-tse, Z., and the Jainist teachers.

92:5.12 Z., while much affected by the prevalent concept

95:6.1 Z. appeared to revive the smouldering embers of the

95:6.2 This founder of a new religion was a virile youth,

95:6.2 on his first pilgrimage to Ur in Mesopotamia

95:6.2 all of which had made a strong appeal to his religious

95:6.2 he settled upon a program of returning to his

95:6.2 He had imbibed the Hebraic idea of a God of

95:6.2 and he set down all other gods as devils, consigned

95:6.2 the demons of which he had heard in Mesopotamia.

95:6.2 He learned of the story of the Seven Master Spirits

95:6.2 he created a galaxy of seven supreme gods with

95:6.2 These subordinate gods he associated with the

95:6.4 Z. did not teach the worship of fire but sought to

95:6.4 his later followers did reverence and worship this

95:6.4 And Z. heroically died in battle for that which he

95:6.4 he believed was the “truth of the Lord of light.”

95:6.6 Z., like the Egyptians, taught the “day of judgment,”

95:6.6 he connected this event with the end of the world.

95:6.7 priests sought to overthrow the teachings of Z.,

95:6.7 The teachings of Z. thus came successively to

95:6.8 from the exalted teachings and noble psalms of Z. to

95:6.8 sophistries which Z. never stooped to countenance.

95:7.3 of Melchizedek, Abraham, Moses, and Z..

98:5.2 despite the militant opposition of the followers of Z..

98:5.2 improved by the absorption of many of Z.’ teachings.

98:5.2 Z.’ religion exerted an influence upon later appearing

121:6.4 outstanding human teachers: Sethard, Moses, Z.,

131:5.1 Z. was himself directly in contact with descendants

131:5.1 teaching in the religion which he founded in Persia.


92:6.18 the assimilation of certain Z. teachings and Greek

98:7.6 3. The Z. conception of the struggle between cosmic

146:1.1 later Z. teachings were still embraced in the beliefs of


92:6.8 6. Z..

95:6.3 it was a militant religious philosophy which dared to

95:6.5 Z. is the only Urantian creed that perpetuates the

95:6.5 Original Z. was not a pure dualism; though the early

95:6.7 Even the religion which succeeded Z. in Persia was

98:5.3 a degeneration of the Ahura-Mazda concept of Z..



5:4.7 The Z. had a religion of morals; the Hindus a religion

95:6.6 derived from Z. during the times when the Jews were


92:6.1 The Z. are just evolving a religion of ghost fear and


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