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labornoun or adjective; see laborassociated with birth

24:2.9 would be useless in any other division of universe l..

28:6.20 quality of unselfishness revealed in disinterested l.

34:5.2 This l. of the Spirit is largely effected through the

44:3.3 of mutual ministry and specialized division of l..

48:8.3 you are not the recipients of all this divine l. only

50:4.4 1. Physical l.. Cultivation of the soil, associated

51:4.6 compulsory l. than Urantians would of buying cattle

51:4.7 are often still compelled to perform involuntary l..

55:3.6 against the risk of incapacity for l. resultant from

62:3.3 organization and a crude economic division of l..

63:4.2 in social organization and a new division of clan l..

66:5.9 by instruction in improved methods of l..

69:2.2 Wealth is not a natural gift; it results from l.,

69:2.3 the first result of organization was division of l.,

69:2.3 These specializations of l. arose by adaptation to

69:2.4 The time element in l., the idea of doing a given task

69:2.5 L., the efforts of design, distinguishes man from

69:2.5 The necessity for l. is man’s paramount blessing.

69:2.5 they did much to ennoble physical l. on Urantia.


69:3.1 divisions of l. in primitive society were determined

69:3.1 The early order of specialization in l. was:

69:3.4 These differences determined the next division of l..

69:3.7 the next differentiation of l. grew out of the relations

69:3.8 Further divisions of l. were favored by the inherent

69:3.9 clans dedicated themselves to certain sorts of l..

69:3.11 of commodities came the exchange of skilled l..

69:5.1 Capital is l. applied as a renunciation of the present

69:5.1 hoarding created the first problems of capital and l..

70:1.11 4. Slaves—need of recruits for the l. ranks.

70:2.17 L. is ennobling but drudgery is benumbing.

70:9.11 9. Improvement of l. conditions and rewards.

72:5.1 capital and l. still have their troubles, but both are

72:5.7 3. Fair and equitable wages for l..

72:5.8 prorated to all three divisions: capital, skill, and l..

72:5.11 L. is becoming more honorable on this continent,

72:6.2 they secure a permit from the state l. commissioner

72:6.6 3. The earnings of compulsory l. in the state mines.

72:6.6 profits on their l. are turned over to this pension fund

72:7.9 The upper industrial house is elected by l., the lower

72:9.4 3. All individuals sentenced to compulsory l. in the

76:1.4 by the l. of their own hands and in the “sweat of

81:6.7 with lessened effort and shortened days of l. and

81:6.29 enormously advanced by the early division of l. and

81:6.31 And as l. more and more diversifies, some technique

81:6.31 professional specialism add to the problems of l.

81:6.32 trained in one or more methods of commonplace l.

84:1.9 The sex division of l. also made for comfort and

84:2.4 wife might arise the next day and engage in hard l.,

84:3.10 lessened the disparity between the division of l.

84:3.10 greatly improved on woman’s loose methods of l..

85:0.3 envisioned a division of l. in the supermortal world;

88:6.6 The fruits of extra l. or of diligence were looked

92:3.7 religion has been wasteful of l. and has squandered

103:2.1 physical births are characterized by a “stormy l.

121:3.5 because they were forced to compete with slave l..

127:5.6 devotedly through his eventful years of public l.,

131:10.1 After the arduous l. of effecting this compilation of

132:5.12 riches derived directly from your own personal l.,

136:4.2 the advice given him concerning his methods of l.,

138:1.2 in preparation for this, our first l. for the kingdom?”

140:8.10 no generation is exempt from the l. of discovering

142:8.3 This sojourn in Judea was a fruitful season of l.;

143:6.1 and you are about to enter into their l..”

144:6.13 and baptized believers during this season of l. in the

156:5.2 thus bestowed all of his l. upon the unsound beam

173:1.2 the value of a week’s l. for a pair of doves which

181:2.19 there is no such thing as common l. or secular toil.

181:2.19 all earthly l. has become a service even to God the

182:3.7 exhausted from the long hours of strenuous l. and

laborassociated with birth

84:4.6 old women were permitted to attend during l., and

84:4.6 During l., scores of foolish things were said and

103:2.1 physical births are characterized by a “stormy l.


4:1.1 cosmic law, unceasingly l. for the honor of God and

12:6.8 have their respective rulers who l. for the good of

15:13.3 the wise beings who l. untiringly to prepare mortals

20:6.3 so do other Paradise Sons l. in various capacities on

29:4.33 They always l. in compliance with universal law,

31:0.10 They are assigned to l. successively in the different

39:3.4 seraphim l. to enhance all sincere social contacts

46:4.7 helpers who l. for the upkeep and embellishment

48:6.3 where they l. untiringly for the advancement of their

53:9.1 probationary souls now l. with the Panoptians in the

68:5.8 much as the animals were expected to l. and bring

72:5.9 These people l. six hours each working day and,

82:3.6 there to live and l. and prove that he was worthy of

93:9.5 that he could thus better l. for the advancement of

94:5.8 But the Salemites did not l. in vain.

101:6.7 to l. unremittingly at its noble task of transforming

102:3.1 Religion must continually l. under a paradoxical

108:3.6 shortcomings of all who l. on this confused planet.

108:5.5 Monitors l. with the material mind for the purpose of

114:6.6 l. incessantly to make things what they ought to be.

125:5.10 decide how best he might l. to reveal to his blinded

127:3.12 return home and l. for the support of his mother.

128:5.4 long as I have strong arms and my brothers can l..

137:1.1 that group of twelve who were to l. with him in the

137:6.5 we go forth to l. for a generation of sign seekers.

138:1.4 It had been arranged that the six were to l. for two

138:2.10 the Master’s plan of sending them out to l. in a quiet

140:8.11 Jesus was not a sociologist, but he did l. to break

141:3.7 “Come to me all you who l., and I will give you rest

141:6.2 How often have I told you to l. only to put

144:8.8 Come, therefore, all you who l. and are heavy laden,

150:4.3 L. earnestly to save the whole family lest a man’s

154:5.2 The evangelists were to l. as they saw fit until such

159:0.2 should go out in twelve groups to l. in the cities

160:2.7 fact that the Master never sends you out alone to l.

163:6.7 Come to me all you who l. and are heavy laden,

163:7.3 to go out, two and two, with the seventy to l. in

178:1.12 You may always l. to persuade men’s minds, but you

181:2.11 then will you return to l. as my ambassador, and

181:2.11 the sword perish with the sword, while they who l.

181:2.13 the Spirit of Truth lead each of you abroad to l. for


35:3.4 2. The world of the l. of living energies and the

36:2.15 The planetary life-planning l. are situated on the

36:2.15 In these l. the Life Carriers collaborate with the

39:3.7 living with the univitatia in the social l. of Edentia,

46:5.26 series of l. wherein the transport seraphim transform

58:3.4 hydrogen clouds are veritable cosmic chemical l.,

65:4.4 experiments made by the Life Carriers in their l.

65:8.5 In the cosmic evolutionary l mind is always dominant

72:7.10 encourages invention and creations in the regional l.,

74:1.2 with his mate, in the trial-and-testing physical l. of

116:4.7 But the local universes are the real l. in which are


14:6.20 The Havona worlds are the mind l. of the creators of

46:2.7 The manufacturing or l. sector of Jerusem is an


63:3.4 Andon and Fonta l. incessantly for the nurture and

66:5.30 Tut l. to promote group associations of a peaceful

66:6.5 Those who l. for the uplift and advancement of a

69:2.5 the God of the Hebrews l.—he was the creator and

73:2.5 midway creatures who so tirelessly l. to advance the

74:3.4 in honor of all who had l. to create this garden of

77:5.8 who l. with them throughout their long lives to assist

78:2.1 For thousands of years the sons of Adam l. along the

86:7.6 Adjusters have ever since l. to transmute God-fear

90:3.2 priests, should also have l. as doctors and surgeons.

128:1.2 Jesus l., grew weary, rested, and slept.

130:0.4 Jesus had l. much of the time on translations from

132:5.20 remember that it was as man among men that he l.

138:9.3 Besides these towns they l. in many villages as well

139:2.14 For years Perpetua l. acceptably as a member of the

139:4.15 John traveled much, l. incessantly, and settled down

139:11.11 Thus Simon l. until he was an old man and feeble.

143:6.1 sending you to reap that whereon you have not l.;

143:6.1 others have l., and you are about to enter into their

144:8.2 and most of this time Jesus had l. very quietly;

153:1.7 the Jerusalem leaders had l. long and earnestly with

153:2.6 might have more bread for which you had not l..

154:6.3 promised to keep Ruth quiet while the others l. with

157:4.2 they l. diligently to bring their brethren around to the

159:0.2 these twelve groups l. in Gerasa, Gamala, Hippos,

159:3.1 At Edrei, where Thomas and his associates l., Jesus

159:4.1 over to Abila, where Nathaniel and his associates l.

162:9.5 cast their lot with Jesus and the twelve and l. with

170:5.18 Christian church has l. under great embarrassment

171:3.1 Perea, visiting all of the towns wherein the seventy l..

176:3.4 expected gains where you had not personally l.;

185:7.3 This moral coward and judicial weakling now l.


72:5.1 every intelligent l. is becoming a small capitalist.

132:5.18 cannot be built on the practice of defrauding the l. of

136:0.1 but Jesus was a calm and happy l.; only a few

140:9.3 extra clothing, saying, “The l. is worthy of his hire.

163:1.3 do this because the l. is worthy of his sustenance.


51:4.6 more backward humans are usually employed as l. by

69:8.4 among the pastoral peoples, for they needed few l.

70:8.8 ruler-warriors, capitalist-traders, common l.,

70:8.9 the skilled workers, followed by the unskilled l..

72:5.11 or else in the corps of compulsory l. in the mines.

73:4.4 In the preparation of the Garden only volunteer l.

73:4.4 They cultivated the Garden and tended their herds

83:5.14 Many of these plural wives were mere l., slave wives.

84:7.12 1. Children were valuable as l..

95:5.12 The rank and file of the agricultural l. never grasped

96:2.2 entered Egypt as contract l. on the Egyptian public

96:2.2 hard daily toil of the common and downtrodden l. of

146:4.2 Jesus worked in the mines with the underground l..

150:4.1 that the harvest is plenteous, but the l. are few.

150:4.1 Lord of the harvest that he send forth still more l.

163:1.3 “The harvest is indeed plenteous, but the l. are few;

163:1.3 that the Lord of the harvest will send still other l.

163:3.5 went out early in the morning to hire l. to work in

163:3.5 he had agreed with the l. to pay them a denarius

163:3.6 his steward: ‘Call the l. and pay them their wages,

163:3.6 denarius, and so it was with each of the other l..

163:4.10 To pray always for more l. to be sent forth into the

178:3.2 in the experience of being l. together with God.


126:5.5 The pay of a common day-l. carpenter was slowly

139:11.8 Jesus was not afraid to identify himself with l. men,

147:2.4 quietly l. for the extension of the kingdom, while

150:2.3 Jesus’ life on earth, l. faithfully and effectively for

150:5.1 younger evangelists l. under the direction of Jacob,

154:6.1 The Pharisees had been l. to persuade Mary that

157:4.2 Peter and Simon had been earnestly l. with their


12:3.8 they have l. effected a comparison of this finding

27:3.2 what they have so l. learned properly interpreted

27:7.6 beings who have slowly and l. made their way

47:7.5 been so l. but so joyfully and auspiciously begun.

70:12.20 but must be slowly and l. discovered by the men and

126:3.11 l. making a living for himself, his mother, and eight

151:5.3 entirely dependent on their oars as they l. pulled


20:8.1 They begin their l. in the local systems and are

22:5.5 In their l. they are assisted by a corps of several

24:1.14 in all their manifold l. the Circuit Supervisors are

39:5.8 they have ever since continued their l. on Urantia.

66:5.13 (ghost worship) before their l. were interrupted by

68:1.6 the later l. of the Adamic group of racial uplifters.

80:3.5 Both parents participated in these l., and the services

102:0.1 The devotional l. and inspirational genius of the

109:3.1 But, on the whole, their l. are remarkably uniform,

122:0.2 When this commission ended its l., Gabriel was

129:1.11 Jesus enjoyed his l. with Zebedee in Capernaum,

130:6.5 the close associate of Titus in his l. for the uplift of

132:0.9 In his l. for these individuals the Damascus scribe

133:3.12 the Jewish tutor had prepared the way for his l..

136:2.5 this Adjuster was associated with him in all his l.;

136:3.3 the procedures for the prosecution of his public l.

136:4.1 Jesus began to plan his program of public l. in

136:5.3 in some certain act or episode of the Son’s earth l..

136:5.5 Jesus’ remaining earth l. could possibly be of the

136:6.2 consistent policy for the remainder of his earth l..

138:1.3 finally prevailed, and they went forth to their l..

138:6.2 Rest yourselves from the arduous l. of the

139:5.10 work for the Samaritans and in his subsequent l. in

140:2.2 tarry on earth a time to help them in their l. for the

143:1.1 experiences with the subjects of their personal l..

143:4.2 The Apostle Philip, in his l. for the Samaritans

156:2.2 As the twenty-four began their l. in Sidon, Jesus

157:6.3 and embraced the l. of his last year in the flesh.

158:6.5 We are about to begin those l. which shall lead to

159:2.3 with John’s subsequent l. in behalf of the kingdom.

159:6.5 made ready to start upon the last epoch of their l. in

163:7.1 the Master’s entering Jerusalem for his final l. on

165:0.1 From these l. Jesus went directly to Jerusalem to

165:0.1 The seventy, supplemented by the periodic l. of

167:0.3 and Friday resting from their recent travels and l..

171:0.6 That evening, in response to the l. of Peter, James

171:3.2 Andrew directed that the l. of the seventy should

177:0.1 custom of Jesus and his apostles to rest from their l.

178:1.11 but none of these humanitarian l., nor all of them,

181:2.14 I know much about your l. to keep the treasury

181:2.19 service of God, return to the l. of former days.

181:2.19 you should go back to your former l. with the new


7:5.9 each pilgrim of time who l. in the adventure of

84:5.1 in the partnership of self-maintenance woman l. at a


69:0.2 Most of man’s institutions have proved to be l. while

81:6.22 the too rapid invention of new types of l. machinery.


185:6.3 Then Pilate led forth this bleeding and l. prisoner


5:1.4 they may suffer from the l. of almost every human

5:5.13 unfortunate l. of educational, cultural, and social

7:6.1 The l. of a knowledge of the multiple Sons of God is

23:2.19 there is never a l. of volunteers, for they delight to

24:3.3 The l. of such a presence-form undoubtedly renders

25:4.16 Deities are existential, hence compensated for l. of

28:6.16 your l. of capacity for appreciation of the solemnity

61:3.10 elephant is handicapped by size and l. of agility.

67:1.5 Error suggests l. of intellectual keenness; evil,

68:1.1 it is this l. of natural brotherly attraction that now

73:4.5 seemed like an admission of l. of faith on Van’s part

74:2.8 the world-wide confusion occasioned by l. of the

83:7.7 Easy divorce, when the result of l. of self-control or

84:7.5 l of understanding insured the appearance of children

90:3.3 The primitive mind may be handicapped by l. of facts

95:0.1 Sometimes their failures were due to l. of wisdom,

110:3.5 connote l. of active co-operation with the Monitor

110:4.1 the l. of commonness of nature and the absence of

110:6.4 L. of spiritual capacity makes it very difficult to

118:10.9 handicapped by l. of farsighted vision into the true

126:5.1 However, l. of wealth did not imply social inferiority.

133:2.1 I am sorry for my l. of self-control, and I promise to

133:6.6 soul conflict consist in the l. of harmony between the

136:7.3 from the l. of control over the element of time in

139:1.10 temperamental handicap was his l. of enthusiasm;

139:5.2 l. of imagination was the great weakness of Philip’s

139:5.5 weak point in Philip’s make-up was l. of imagination,

149:4.2 Anger indicates your l. of tolerant brotherly love

149:4.2 plus your l. of self-respect and self-control.

156:5.18 of all who suffer from l. of emotional adjustment,

167:5.1 praying in public will not atone for l. of living faith

170:5.20 l. of spiritual brotherhood is both inexcusable and

173:2.3 L. of this authority in pretentious public teaching

178:1.13 roots of truth have not died from the l. of the living

180:5.12 atone for the l. of genuine compassion for one’s

185:1.2 this apparent vacillation, or l. of moral courage,

185:2.4 Sanhedrists’ l. of respect for the fairness, honor,

195:3.9 l. of individual participation in affairs of government,

195:9.2 it languishes for l. of a new vision of the Master’s

196:3.30 Art results from man’s attempt to escape the l. of


22:9.6 they l. that tremendous and profound personal

23:2.12 Rulers l. either interest or ability to manage affairs

28:5.8 It is written, “If any man l. wisdom, let him ask.”

68:5.11 is that agriculture l. excitement and adventure.

86:2.5 when the races l. initiative and adventure.

113:1.3 who cannot comprehend God; they l. capacity for

138:5.1 “Thomas, you l. faith; nevertheless, I receive you.

140:5.12 except that it does l. suspicion and revenge.

151:2.3 living up to this truth; they l. spiritual perception.

156:2.8 They also l. consistency; they strain at gnats and

163:2.5 price, if you will supply the one thing which you l.


60:2.3 they l. the intelligence to cope with the situation.

73:6.7 l. that endowment which acted as a complement to

98:6.1 their religious institutions l. a powerful driving

127:4.7 Jude l. Mary’s sense of proportion and discretion.

130:8.4 that the man l. the ability to respond to spirit leading

139:5.2 He was not necessarily dull, but Philip l. imagination.

149:2.9 it l. the moral courage to follow this noble example

156:2.5 Jesus had not fled from Galilee because he l. courage

160:1.15 my urge was impotent; my search l. driving power;

180:0.2 And you will all recall that you l. nothing.

181:2.26 “Thomas, you have often l. faith; however, when you

181:2.26 seasons with doubt, you have never l. courage.


1:5.4 God is l. in none of those superhuman and divine

2:2.5 There is no thing l. in the beauty and perfection of

14:2.4 Havona, he would there be deaf, blind, and l. in all

31:10.11 a vast creation l. in only one important detail—the

36:6.3 all such living organisms are l. in two essential

60:2.14 l the intelligence to provide sufficient food to nourish

79:8.1 ever-present danger of external aggression was l..

82:3.9 by individuals more or less l. normal sex urge.

109:3.7 so animalistic that they were l. in Adjuster capacity.

124:2.8 as l. in proper humility and youthful reserve.

125:4.3 Jesus replied, “thirteen years l. a trifle more than

133:7.10 mind would be utterly l. in a sense of moral values

139:0.4 The twelve were l. in so-called higher education.

139:5.5 almost entirely l. in certain types of imagination.

139:5.7 Philip was also greatly l. in spiritual insight.

156:2.8 regretted that his people were so l. in humor.

164:4.9 But Josiah was neither dumb nor l. in humor; so he

174:1.4 The child, being immature and l. in the fuller


26:10.5 it l. some of the anticipative enthusiasm of the

61:3.10 The horse l. the emotional control of the elephant,

65:6.3 but it l. the potentials of variety and versatility

103:6.12 Mortal man l. the concept of morontia mind and

ladsee ladJesus; ladJohn Mark; ladGanid

123:2.13 hold the father responsible for the l.’ education from

127:2.9 And thus did the l. bring to a fairly happy ending a

127:3.2 James was a very religious type of l., and while he

127:4.7 Simon was always a good and well-intentioned l..

128:6.7 You had better keep your eye on the l.; he’s liable

128:7.8 Jesus talked things over with the runaway l. and,

130:6.1 difficult circumstances which the l. encountered as

130:6.6 Jesus and Ganid gave first aid to a l. named Rufus,

130:8.3 The l. never forgot the words of Jesus and the kindly

130:8.3 “Farewell, my l., be of good courage as you grow up

130:8.3 The l. became a devotee of the Mithraic religion and

133:1.1 and bullying youth brutally attacking a smaller l..

133:1.1 tightly held on to the offender until the smaller l. had

133:1.1 If mercy requires that you rescue the smaller l.,

133:1.2 I must go to the rescue of the assaulted l., and in

133:1.2 I achieved the deliverance of the assaulted l.;

133:1.3 Jesus could not fully answer the l.’ question,

133:3.6 Though he would answer the l.’ questions, he

133:4.11 To the runaway l. Jesus said: “Remember, there are

134:8.1 securing a beast of burden and a l. named Tiglath,

134:8.10 Jesus took leave of the l., giving him the donkey.

135:0.4 his parents began the systematic education of the l..

135:1.1 there the l. was duly and solemnly inducted into

135:3.1 John talked with Ezda, an orphan l. of Beth-zur,

135:3.1 John and the l. lived very simply, subsisting on

136:3.4 from Mount Hermon to join the waiting l., Tiglath.

137:0.1 Jesus ministered to a l. who injured himself in a fall

137:1.4 The parents of the injured l. who lived at Pella had

139:12.1 When Judas was a l., his parents moved to Jericho,

146:6.3 vainly to explain that the l. was not really dead,

153:4.1 Leading this demented l. up to Jesus, he said:

153:4.1 beckoning for the l. to come to him, took him by

153:4.1 And immediately the l. was normal and in his right

158:0.1 where the l. Tiglath once waited while the Master

158:4.2 l. had become possessed by one of those wandering

158:4.6 the l. had only a more violent fit, while the scribes

158:5.1 the afflicted l. stepped forward and, kneeling at

158:5.2 And when James had brought the l. before Jesus,

158:5.3 and, taking the l. by the hand, said: “I will do this in

158:5.3 placing the hand of the l. in the hand of the father,

158:5.5 And the l. was permanently cured from that hour.

168:0.5 Martha instructed a neighbor l. to keep watch down

168:0.5 it was this l who brought tidings to Martha that Jesus

169:1.6 The younger l. was cheerful and vivacious, but

169:1.9 he had missed the cheerful, though thoughtless, l..

169:1.9 I am no more worthy to be called a son’—but the l.

169:1.10 the happy father had led the footsore and weary l.

173:1.7 going over to the l. who was driving the cattle


123:3.2 It had seemed to the l. that his father—at least his

123:4.6 having been assigned to the watchcare of the l.;

123:5.1 this l. was a fluent reader, writer, and speaker of two

123:5.9 questions” than he had “been able to teach the l..”

124:1.6 It seemed to this nine-year-old l. that he had really

124:1.8 boiling pots—caused the l. to think a great deal about

124:1.12 Even as a l. he frequently visited Sepphoris,

124:2.1 Mary listened to the pronouncements of the l., but

124:2.2 his chief teacher was intrigued by the l.’ curiosity,

124:2.4 Since he was such a well-developed l. for his age,

124:3.1 Throughout this year the l. continued to make trips

124:3.2 the l. was quick to refuse all special consideration.

124:3.6 the l. accompanied his father on a business trip to

124:3.6 Joseph was much perturbed by the l.’ enthusiasm

124:3.7 games, but he well knew that the l. was unconvinced

124:4.5 the l. became keenly conscious of the difference

124:5.1 the l. of Nazareth passed from boyhood to the

124:5.3 was, to outward appearances, an average Jewish l.

124:5.5 The elders were very proud of the l. and had already

124:6.2 think of associating that affair with this obscure l. of

124:6.8 and the l.’ heart beat fast with joyous anticipation of

124:6.14 his father well knew from the expression on the l.’

124:6.16 the celestial messenger to remind this l. that the hour

124:6.17 We could hardly comprehend that this l. was the

124:6.18 Thus ends the career of the Nazareth l., and begins

125:1.4 dying animals were more than this nature-loving l.

125:2.4 upset in their hearts by the l.’, to them, strange and

125:2.4 Both of them feared to talk frankly with the l.

125:2.11 Joseph was perplexed at the l.’ strange remarks and

125:2.12 the Nazareth l. personally met, and extensively

125:2.12 the l. began to entertain a desire to travel about the

125:4.3 grew impatient with the l.’ implied criticisms and,

125:4.3 it was ruled that the l. might continue undisturbed

125:5.1 of seeing a l. confuse the wise men of the law.

125:5.10 the clear light did not come to the truth-seeking l..

125:6.3 the leader invited the l. to come forward and,

125:6.4 had not occurred to them that this l. was their son.

125:6.4 recognized the voice of the missing l. and beheld

125:6.5 the l., now standing to greet his astonished parents,

125:6.7 But the l. was equal to the occasion.

125:6.8 was astonished at the l.’ manner of speaking.

125:6.9 when the l. raised his staff aloft and, quivering from

126:2.2 This carpenter l., now just past fourteen years of

126:2.2 This l. of Nazareth now became the sole support

126:2.6 to listen to stories (for the l. was a master storyteller)

126:3.13 Sometimes Mary thought the l. was beside himself,

128:1.9 the l., youth, and man of Nazareth, was in reality the

150:7.1 on the hill which he so much enjoyed when a l..

185:4.1 wicked Idumean never recalled the l. of former

ladJohn Mark

121:8.3 Mark was a l. lingering about many of the scenes

152:2.5 the custody of the Mark l., their boy of all chores.

152:2.7 Andrew sought out the Mark l. to ascertain how

152:2.7 “The l. has left only five barley loaves and two dried

152:3.3 Mark l., spoke, “And he refused to be our king.”

152:5.1 he and the Mark l. had started to walk around the

177:1.2 the l., said: “Since with all your heart you crave to

177:1.4 Jesus warned the l. not to become discouraged by

177:1.6 Always was the l. in hiding near by; he slept only

177:2.1 When the l. asked the Master how he could know

177:3.2 We stood by while the l. approached the Master

177:3.2 the Master took hold of it, the l. would not let go.

178:2.8 home of John Mark, where the l.’ father met them

192:1.8 when they were cooked, the l. served them to the ten

192:1.8 Jesus himself served the fish and the bread to the l..


130:0.7 the l.’ father many times tried to persuade Jesus to

130:3.10 impressed upon the l. the truth that these systems of

130:4.1 more trustworthy foundation for the l.’ thinking;

130:4.12 Jesus told all this to the l. in language best suited to

130:4.12 the l. had still further questions to ask about evil,

132:7.9 spectacle of the Indian l. proposing to the Creator

132:7.9 That which the l. wanted most to do he was

133:1.5 And that was about all the l. could get his teacher

133:3.5 the recounting of these visits with the Indian l. and

133:5.1 the interesting discussions of the l. and his teacher.

133:7.3 Jesus skillfully and tenderly cared for the l.,

133:7.5 the l. asked this question: “But, Teacher, what do

133:9.4 They were all brave, especially the l., but it was a


9:8.25 the living l. whereby man climbs from chaos to glory.

26:10.2 they climbed, as on a l., from chaos to glory—

32:3.10 joyfully climbed the l. of life, round by round, and

39:1.11 at the very bottom of the long l. of spiritual ascent to

81:6.43 And it was by these rungs on the evolutionary l. that

89:1.7 on which man climbed civilization’s ascending l..


148:9.2 to procure l. by which they ascended to the roof


80:1.4 the shifting water-l. winds dispersed the remnants

80:2.1 the water-l. winds from the west shifted to the north,

124:6.5 the beautiful oleanders l. with their pink blossoms,

138:8.9 to speak good cheer to a passing woman l. with

144:8.8 Come all you who labor and are heavy l., and you

163:6.7 Come to me all you who labor and are heavy l., and I

182:3.1 had they observed their Master to be so heavy-l.

189:4.5 when the five women, l. with their ointments, arrived

192:1.3 when John saw the heavy-l. net, he perceived that it

192:1.4 the apostles coming ashore with the heavy-l. net,


123:3.4 the l. played with blocks in the sand on top of the

123:5.15 Nathan was very fond of the l. and often gave

124:1.13 he had become the leader of a group of seven l.

124:2.5 the Nazareth l. who stood for the higher ideals of

192:1.3 man called to them, “L., have you caught anything?”


135:12.6 young l. drew aside and inquired of her mother


34:3.2 Many mind ministries suffer a time l. in effecting



54:4.6 time l., this saving interval between seedtime and

105:6.5 imperfection inherent in the time l. of evolution is

105:6.5 This time l. is inseparable from evolution, which is

105:6.5 This time l. makes possible creature participation

106:1.2 This time l., this obstacle to perfection attainment,

120:2.2 lesser time l. involved in the realization of this


78:8.10 L., the Sumerian capital built on flood mounds, fell.


102:8.6 that institutional religion has invariably l. behind the


158:1.5 the l. faith of the twelve arose in the next weeks to


58:6.1 the shallow waters of the sheltered tropic bays and l.

59:3.9 This salt settled in great l. which were alternately

65:2.1 the sluggish and warm-water bays and l. of the vast

laidsee laid down; laid to rest; laidwith hand(s)

61:1.9 ten feet and l. an egg nine by thirteen inches.

66:3.4 The city was l. out in ten subdivisions with the

68:4.3 l. the foundations for those powerful social

74:5.6 upsetting the best-l. plans for orderly progression

75:2.3 the plans were l. for entrapping the mother of the

75:3.4 plans were l. for the more vigorous prosecution of

76:3.8 They produced the third alphabet and otherwise l.

80:9.10 These racial mixtures l. the foundations for the

87:2.2 the great desire of a ghost was to be quickly “l.” so

87:5.1 and the least mischance was l. to ghost activities.

89:6.6 in building the walls of Jericho, “l. the foundation

90:3.7 otherwise the death would be l. to witchcraft, thus

92:3.5 Evolutionary belief in ghosts l. the foundation for a

93:5.8 when the full story was l. before Pharaoh, he urged

93:5.9 Abraham l. before Lot his plan to subdue all Canaan

96:5.1 out of slavery and uncivilized roaming while Moses l.

97:9.14 David next l. heavy tribute on neighboring tribes—

122:8.1 a possible contingency, and l. in a near-by manger.

124:6.5 They l. aside their outer garments as they

124:6.13 little interest Jesus evinced in these carefully l. plans.

128:5.8 After Miriam had l. her plans before Jesus, he

129:1.2 making improved boats; he now l. his plans before

130:5.1 thus l. the foundation for the quick reception of the

135:6.7 even now is the ax l. to the very roots of the trees.

136:3.4 Ancients of Days, now l. before Jesus information

137:7.13 Jesus l. emphasis on the proclamation of the “good

140:8.22 Jesus l. emphasis on “first making the tree good

141:7.6 Jesus l. great emphasis upon what he called the two

143:7.1 he l. emphasis on the following: True religion is the

149:4.5 His enemies continually l. snares for him, but they

150:9.3 these ruffians l. hold upon Jesus and rushed him

152:0.3 Veronica’s faith was of the sort that l. direct hold

153:2.2 l. hold of him, saying, ‘You shall surely die.’

159:1.5 who owed him a mere hundred denarii, he l. hold

165:4.2 I say to my soul, soul, you have much wealth l. up

165:4.3 This man l. up treasures for himself on earth, but he

165:5.4 You have l. up your treasures where the purse waxes

168:0.1 dead four days and had been l. away in their tomb

168:0.4 Both of their parents had already been l. away in

168:1.1 mourners, he asked them, “Where have you l. him?”

168:1.6 even asked the sisters, “Where have you l. him?”

168:1.13 l. hold upon the stone and rolled it away from the

169:1.2 how, when he had found the straying sheep, he l.

169:2.2 your future enjoyment of treasures l. up in heaven.

171:2.3 If you fail thus to reckon the cost, after you have l.

173:4.2 So they l. hold on him, and after casting him out

177:4.11 Judas had l. by in his soul in habiliments of hate

179:1.4 John Zebedee l. claim to the next preferred seat,

182:3.6 his humanity l. a firmer faith-hold upon his divinity;

184:3.6 agree upon any point before a charge could be l.

185:6.2 Before the scourgers l. their knotted whips upon

186:3.3 message went forth that the Master had been l. in

188:1.7 saw it and observed where the Master had been l..

189:4.6 In the recess of stone where they had l. Jesus, Mary

189:4.10 Where have they l. him? Tell us that we may go and

laid down

57:8.26 It was these seas that l. the life records of Urantia,

59:0.8 was so methodically l. during the succeeding ages.

59:1.6 Europe may be found the stone strata l. during these

59:2.3 much of its stone being l. by lime-secreting algae.

59:2.9 in the fossils of those rocks which were l. during

59:3.6 These rocks were l. by the intermittent lava flows

59:3.10 mild, and marine fossils are l. in the arctic regions.

59:4.12 teeth and skeletons may be found in the deposits l.

59:5.8 The building limestones were l. during this epoch.

59:5.10 Europe are very similar to those l. over N. America.

59:5.13 the earlier coal deposits were being l., but now the

59:5.19 Coal continued to be l. throughout the Americas and

60:1.4 Limestone was l. in the southern Alps as the result

60:2.6 lithographic stone of southern Germany was l.,

60:3.5 used for the manufacture of earthenware were l.

134:9.8 he l. his tools, declaring, “My hour has come,”

135:8.3 Jesus l. his tools, removed his work apron, and

137:8.2 Jesus l. his tools once more, removed his apron,

171:8.6 seeing that you take up where you have not l.,

189:0.1 since Michael had “l. his life of his own free will,

189:1.4 On Friday he l. his life as a mortal of the realm;

laid to rest

126:2.1 and on the following day he was l. with his fathers.

127:3.4 Simon had been l. with his fathers, and Jesus

127:6.5 time of this visit Lazarus’s mother had also been l..

128:7.12 in the home of Jacob, Jacob the elder having been l.

130:3.2 India, even after your father is l.; you will become

189:1.2 wrapped in the linen sheet, just as it had been l. by

189:4.10 “We seek for Jesus who was l. in Joseph’s tomb,

laidwith hand(s)

127:2.3 but in answer to this insinuation he only l. a kindly

136:2.3 As John l. his hands upon Jesus to baptize him,

137:4.9 Jesus l. his hand tenderly upon her head, saying:

158:7.3 Peter, rushing impetuously toward him, l. his hand

162:2.2 thought that they l. not hands upon him because they

163:1.3 Jesus l. his hands upon the heads of the seventy to

163:1.5 as they knelt in a circle about Jesus, l. his hands upon

163:4.9 the Master’s charge given at the time he l. his hands

167:6.1 women refused to depart until the Master l. his

173:5.2 but in open rebellion they l. hands on the king’s

180:2.6 the Father’s hand of discipline is l. upon the vine,

183:3.8 l. heavy hands on Jesus and quickly bound him.


188:1.2 No one had ever l. in this tomb, and they thought

189:4.6 back to the place where the Master’s body had l.


58:7.5 are so easy of interpretation as those at L. Superior

61:1.11 including lava flows, warping, l. formation, and

73:1.6 Here, in the vicinity of L. Van and the Caspian Sea

77:4.11 Van subsequently settled about the shores of the l.

80:2.4 of an earthquake, quickly raising this inland l. to the

93:7.2 clustered about the shores of the l. of Van, were

93:7.2 men who ventured forth from Salem and L. Van

124:2.10 to observe the fishing industry on the l. of Galilee,

128:7.8 Simon later found him with the fishermen at the l..

129:1.3 craft which were far more safe for sailing the l.

129:1.3 practically all the craft on the l. had been built in the

129:1.4 his boatbuilding shops were on the l. to the south of

129:1.4 his home was situated down the l. shore near the

134:2.1 from Jerusalem by way of Damascus and L. Urmia

134:2.5 gave up the direction of the caravan at L. Urmia,

134:3.1 city of Urmia on the western shores of L. Urmia.

134:9.1 John, going to the east of the l. and by Gerasa and

135:8.1 topic of conversation in all the towns about the l.

137:5.3 he sat out on the l. shore thinking, thinking until


145:1.1 shore from a fruitless night of fishing on the l..

148:8.3 taken Kirmeth out into the l. and, after repeatedly

148:9.4 and, going immediately to the l., were baptized by

151:5.2 On the way across the l. they encountered one of

151:5.2 There are steep gorges leading up from the l. into the

151:5.2 and as the heated air rises in a pocket over the l.

151:5.2 cooling air of the gorges to rush down upon the l..

151:5.3 that it was confined to this region of the l.,

151:6.1 the shore of the l. sloped up gently to the highlands

151:6.1 shore in some places dropping sheer down into the l..

152:2.1 escape, unnoticed, to the opposite shore of the l.,

152:2.2 on foot to walk around the upper end of the l..

152:4.1 toward Bethsaida on the western shore of the l..

152:5.1 and the Mark lad had started to walk around the l.

154:0.1 had correctly reported the episode across the l.

154:7.4 watching the two boats make their way over the l.

156:6.3 way to Gennesaret on the shores of the l. of Galilee,

156:6.4 then gathered together on the opposite side of the l.

156:6.8 across the l. in the territory of his brother Philip,

157:0.1 knowing that Jesus was on the other side of the l.

157:1.1 As Jesus, with Andrew and Peter, tarried by the l.

157:1.2 Judas carried their funds, and he was across the l..

158:8.1 David made ready to take them across the l.,

162:0.1 they passed down the eastern shore of the l. and,

163:1.2 assembled on the shore of the l. of Galilee to witness

163:3.3 And when they had walked down by the l., they sat

163:5.2 conducted the camp of Bethsaida by the l..

163:5.2 he proceeded down the l. shore and along the


192:1.8 their many experiences in Galilee and by this very l..


14:3.7 there are real rivers and l. on these perfect worlds.

43:1.1 There are tens of thousands of sparkling l. and

46:2.2 thousands of small l. but no raging rivers nor

46:2.2 canals interconnecting the sparkling l. of Jerusem.

59:6.4 The continents were covered by great and small salt l

59:6.6 Gradually the inland l. and seas were drying up all

60:1.7 many of the basins of the fresh- and salt-water l.

60:2.5 a fresh-water age characterized by many inland l.,

61:1.12 the continent was covered by l. and bays.

61:4.2 depositions made at the mountain bases, in l., and

61:4.2 Two great fresh-water l. existed in western North

61:7.1 such as potholes, l., displaced stone, rock flour,

61:7.10 or ice lobes, which carved out the present-day l.,

61:7.10 North American system of Great L. was produced.

61:7.10 the connected Great L. system began to empty out

79:1.1 made the westward turning around the inland l.

80:1.1 early maritime commerce was established on these l.,

80:8.3 in houses erected on log piers over the l. of Italy,

85:0.3 there were nature spirits for l., trees, waterfalls,

132:7.1 On their visit to the northern Italian l. Jesus had

132:7.1 thoughtless pagan on their journey up to the l.,



Lama, Grand

94:10.2 hierarchy embraces monks, abbots, and the L..

lamb or paschal lamb

85:3.4 Early in evolutionary religion the l. became the

125:2.1 Simon having purchased the pl. for the company.

125:2.3 celebrating the Passover without the slaughtered l..

127:3.4 family, having brought the pl. from the temple.

127:6.6 “But,” said Lazarus, “we have no paschal l..”

127:6.7 to be celebrated by devout Jews without the pl..

179:0.3 that Jesus had celebrated Passovers without the l.;

179:0.3 Jesus had many times partaken of the pl. as a guest,

179:0.3 always, when he was the host, no l. was served.

179:0.3 surprise to the apostles to have seen the l. omitted

179:0.3 one day earlier, they thought nothing of its absence.


97:7.8 he shall gather the l. in his arms and carry them in

125:2.1 It was the slaughter of these l. in such enormous

163:1.3 to send you to Jew and gentile as l. among wolves.

186:5.1 about the time of the sacrificing of the Passover l.

190:5.4 gathering the l. in his arms and tenderly carrying

192:2.2 Then said Jesus: “If you love me, Peter, feed my l..


167:1.5 the l. and the halt cannot repay you for your loving

167:2.2 the blind and the l., that the marriage feast may

Lamechfather of Tubal-Cain

159:1.7 the Scriptures referring to L.’ exultation because of


86:2.2 tribes even yet howl and l. over each new sunrise.


187:1.6 passed by, many of these women bewailed and l..


111:0.7 believed that “the spirit of man is the l. of the Lord.”

122:6.3 the table would be lighted by a small, flat clay l.,

126:3.4 Jesus sat down by the little squat l. on the low stone

131:4.3 ‘I dwell within their own souls as a l. of wisdom.

140:6.12 “The l. of the body is the eye; if, therefore, your eye

151:3.1 No man, when he lights a l., covers it up with a

151:3.1 he puts his l. on a stand where all can behold the

169:1.4 how she lit the l. and diligently swept the house


34:4.11 the “seven spirits of God,” “like l. burning before the

165:5.5 gird up the loins of your minds and let your l. be


122:6.2 a loom, a l., several small stools, and mats for

153:3.2 mounting a l., shouted out this question: “You tell

LanaforgeSystem Sovereign of Satania

45:2.2 no yet fully restored to L., the successor of Lucifer.

45:2.3 brilliant ruler, and he is a rebellion-tested sovereign.

45:2.3 L. was faithful to Michael in an earlier upheaval in

45:2.3 L., the first assistant to the erring chief, seized the

45:2.3 L. bears the distinction of being the only primary

45:2.3 L. will probably not be removed from Jerusem

45:2.4 L. discloses great interest in their welfare, and he

45:2.4 their welfare, and he is a frequent visitor on Urantia.

45:3.2 1. The System Sovereign—L., number 2,709 of the

45:3.3 Mansurotia was dispatched to Satania with L..

45:3.4 Sadib also came to Satania with L..

45:3.5 Holdant likewise came to Satania with L..

45:3.6 Vilton was a member of the original L. group.

45:3.7 Fortant has been attached to the staff of L. for

45:3.11 twelve members: 2. L., the System Sovereign.

53:7.12 I well remember the first message of L. to the

53:7.13 With the arrival of L. the archrebels were dethroned

72:0.1 By permission of L. and with the approval of the

74:1.3 The Melchizedek examiners, with the approval of L.

76:6.2 following his reverent burial, the orders of L.,

93:3.2 L., the System Sovereign, had little to do with

114:2.1 nominated to the twenty-four by the cabinet of L.,

114:2.4 in keeping L. in close and sympathetic touch with

landnounsee Holy Land; promised land

46:7.2 There the l. is cultivated largely for aesthetic effects.

49:2.15 to do with the relation of mortals to water, air, and l.

50:4.3 every habitation was provided with abundance of l..

57:8.5 one great continent of l. and one large body of water

57:8.15 until the continental mass of l. emerged well above

57:8.20 Meteors falling on the l. were largely oxidized,

57:8.21 almost one third of the earth’s surface consisted of l.,

57:8.22 hundred millions of years before so much l. again

57:8.24 the ocean penetrated the l. as long fingerlike seas

58:1.8 that primitive plant life found its way onto the l..

58:4.3 Antarctica, Australia, and the l. indicated by the

58:4.4 warm-water seas, as the l. subsequently separated.

58:5.6 would draw the edges of the oceans up onto the l.,

58:4.7 and twenty-seven successive lava flows on l. with

58:7.8 In these early ages when much l. was near sea level,

58:7.12 these ancient sea beds are now elevated high upon l.,

59:1.3 Vegetation for the first time crawls out upon the l.

59:1.5 mountains, or rather high elevations of l., rose along

59:1.6 390,000,000 years ago the l. was still elevated.

59:1.7 The sinking of the l. was principally due to crustal

59:1.15 later the seas were retreating before the rising l..

59:1.15 these phenomena of l. sinking and l. rising were

59:1.17 360,000,000 years ago the l. was still rising.

59:2.5 comparative quiet, with much l. again above water.

59:2.6 The waters of this inundation covered all the l.

59:3.1 The l. was not elevated far above the sea so that

59:4.1 In the agelong struggle between l. and water, the sea

59:4.1 practically all of the l. of the world is connected by

59:4.2 As the l. emerges from the last Silurian inundation,

59:4.4 In millions of years not so much l. had been above

59:4.8 Throughout all of this period the l. southeast of the

59:4.12 bays of the Pacific Ocean extended into the l. of the

59:4.13 few plants grew on l. except about the water’s edge.

59:4.13 quickly spread over the face of the rapidly rising l. in

59:4.14 As the l. rose, North America became connected

59:4.15 240,000,000 years ago the l. over parts of both

59:5.2 The l. was overrun by luxurious vegetation;

59:5.5 these animals that were able to live on l. or in water.

59:5.6 there crawled out upon the l. snails, scorpions, and

59:5.11 Toward the close of this epoch the l. of North Amer.

59:5.11 This was a short inundation, and most of the l. was

59:5.14 The l. was periodically going up and down due to

59:5.14 the settling and rising of the l.—in connection with

59:5.17 beds, which indicate the number of times the l. fell

59:6.2 perished, and life was hardly yet established on l..

59:6.4 L. was rising all over the world as the ocean beds

59:6.10 160,000,000 years ago the l. was largely covered

59:6.12 During the long ages when the l. was unsuited to

59:6.12 second stage of evolution begins to unfold on the l..

60:0.1 with a great increase of l. in northern latitudes,

60:2.3 the l. was so overrun by them that they starved to

60:2.10 Dinosaurs so overran the l. that two species had

60:2.10 when these two types of reptiles forsook the l..

60:2.11 serpents, these animals always returned to the l. to

60:2.12 to the air by the bitter competition of life on l..

60:3.1 the appearance of flowering plants and bird life on l..

60:3.2 much of the continental l. was up above water,

60:3.20 the dinosaurs continued as monarchs of the l.,

60:4.2 These lighter areas of l. are sometimes 15,000 to

60:4.2 Sometimes upthrusts of l. occur without folding.

60:4.4 Mountain region is not the original elevation of l.;

60:4.5 geologically this was an eventful age on l. and under

60:4.5 On l. the fern forests were largely replaced by pine

61:1.1 For a considerable time the l. gradually rose but was

61:1.10 The mammals of the early Cenozoic lived on l.,

61:1.12 The earth circuit of l. in northern latitudes was

61:1.14 North America was then connected by l. with every

61:2.3 In spite of the massing of l. in high latitudes, climate

61:2.3 was the l. elevated sufficiently to produce glaciers.

61:2.5 On l. this was pre-eminently the age of mammalian

61:2.7 a cross between a cat and a seal; it could live on l.

61:2.11 a whole tribe of placental mammals deserted the l.

61:4.1 The l. was greatly altered in topography.

61:4.3 For a short time all the l. of the world was again

61:6.1 Slightly to the west of India, on l. now under water

61:7.13 that followed the glaciers back and forth over the l.

64:1.3 luxuriating in the southern tropical forests of the l. of

64:1.5 the ice age England was connected by l. with France,

64:4.6 Gradually the forests spread north over l. which had

64:4.7 These animals persisted in that narrow belt of l. lying

64:4.10 man had plenty of room in the belt of l. stretching

64:7.18 Urantia aborigines to seek a better l., a new home;

65:6.7 animals to adapt themselves to air, water, and l. is

67:4.2 Nodites, and their dwelling place as “the l. of Nod.”

67:5.4 and this l. did not again emerge until almost every

68:5.1 L. is the stage of society; men are the actors.

68:5.3 ten miles long as it passed over the l. gleaning food.

68:6.1 how earnestly he may try to escape from the l.,

68:6.1 struggle of man was, is, and ever shall be, for l..

68:6.3 law of supply and demand as concerned men and l.

68:6.3 During times of plentiful l.—unoccupied territory—

69:8.5 the early origin of serfdom—man attached to the l..

69:9.7 The chiefs owned all the l. and were proprietors of

69:9.11 still later, a well constituted title to the adjacent l..

69:9.12 red man never understood private ownership of l.;

69:9.13 The priests would “consecrate” a piece of l., and it

69:9.14 was thus the genesis of the private ownership of l..

69:9.14 only a life tenureship; at death l. reverted to the tribe.

69:9.14 In later times l. belonged to those who fenced it.

69:9.15 rents, and l. became a source of income—capital.

69:9.15 Finally l. became truly negotiable, with sales,

69:9.16 but private ownership of l. was given social sanction

70:1.8 Scarcity of l. has always brought on war,

71:1.17 4. Private property and l..

71:1.22 at liberty to go abroad in the l. to become immoral.

72:3.1 homesite provide fifty thousand square feet of l..

72:3.1 All l. and other property used for home purposes are

72:11.3 the military defenses of the continent on l. and sea

73:5.1 Eden provided homes and abundant l. for one million

74:7.21 substitute the offerings of the fruit of the l. for the

74:8.8 the reference to Cain’s emigration to the “l. of Nod,”

76:1.1 made their way across to the l. between the rivers

76:1.2 When word had reached the dwellers in the l. of the

76:2.9 And so Cain departed for the l. of Nod, east of the

76:3.6 and cereals of the first garden with them to the l.

77:3.9 This region was long known as the l. of Babel.

77:4.5 allude to this Nodite settlement as “the l. of Nod”;

77:5.2 determined to go in search of this l. of his youthful

78:7.4 those Archeozoic ages before the l. had begun to

78:8.2 the river deposits having since built up the l. to its

79:1.2 In those days the Tarim region was a fertile l.;

79:1.4 wood and pottery was accelerated on l. and water.

79:3.7 an extensive export and import business, both by l.

79:7.4 early Chinese legends place “the l. of the gods” in the

80:1.4 The Sahara was an open grazing l. overspread by

80:1.4 upthrust of l. and the shifting water-laden winds

80:8.4 They made pottery and tilled the l., preferring to live

81:2.13 The institutions of slavery and private ownership of l

81:3.6 The opening up of the trade channels by l. and by sea

81:6.7 toil, learned how to wrest a living from the l. with

85:1.5 high elevations of l. were worshiped for this reason.

86:4.8 to Sheol; it could not return to the l. of the living.

95:5.9 even Syria and Kush, besides this l. of Egypt.

95:5.10 to Thebes, and the priests waxed fat upon the l.,

95:7.4 this desert l. was capable of producing a faith which

96:2.2 the l. that “flowed with milk and honey,” but just as

96:5.4 the fruit of your womb and the fruit of your l.

97:3.2 in their attitude toward private ownership of l..

97:3.2 Arabian tribes (the Yahwehites) looked upon l. as an

97:3.2 They held that l. could not be sold or mortgaged.

97:3.2 ‘The l. shall not be sold, for the l. is mine.

97:3.3 contracts, and covenants—the right to buy and sell l..

97:3.3 The cult was concerned with l., its ownership and

97:3.5 Out of this basic difference in the regard for l.,

97:3.6 Naboths in the intrigue to get possession of their l.,

97:9.15 began to get personal possession of l. in the north

97:9.18 the rule of city despots who began to trade in l..

97:9.19 New trouble started when King Ahab tried to buy l.

97:9.19 Ahab’s name to papers directing that Naboth’s l. be

97:9.21 had begun the concentration of l. in the hands of

121:2.8 Roman suzerainty when it finally fell upon their l..

122:0.1 selection of Palestine as the l. for Michael’s bestowal

122:5.9 was located near the foot of the near-by elevated l.

124:1.10 end of April the whole l. was one vast flower garden.

124:6.6 Midianites poured into this region to overrun the l..

126:5.10 Jesus rented a considerable piece of l. just to the

130:1.2 spew them out on the dry l. of fresh opportunities

130:3.4 occupied the very l. wherein Melchizedek had

131:7.2 multiplication of righteous men throughout the l..

131:7.2 I am the ruler of all creatures on l. and in the four

133:2.5 this site being the l. whereon Augustus camped with

133:5.1 had extended its borders even to his own l. of India.

134:0.1 he began to lay plans for a public career in the l. of

134:0.2 complete his career in the same l. in which he

134:9.9 ministrations as he had gone up and down in the l.

135:0.5 They hardly made a living on this l., but Zacharias

137:6.6 That evening, when they had returned to the l.,

142:3.5 learned during their captivity in the l. of the Nile.

145:2.5 fathers when I brought them out of the l. of Egypt,

148:4.7 how Cain went over into the l. of Nod and there

152:3.1 cause the l. again to flow with milk and honey,

152:5.4 enemies among the religious leaders of the l.

153:2.1 and all the l. shall fall into their hands.

165:0.3 generally referred to as “the l. beyond the Jordan.”

169:1.5 left his father’s house and went off into a foreign l.,

175:1.1 going up and down in the l. proclaiming the Father’s

175:1.13 indeed encompass l. and sea to make one proselyte,

190:5.4 shall be as the shadow of a great rock in a weary l..

195:0.5 message, which had almost failed in the l. of its birth,

195:1.1 religion which had taken origin in the Jewish l. of



49:2.18 land, and thirteen per cent combined l. types.


49:2.16 which very early provide a hospitable l. environment.


59:6.7 a food supply for the subsequently increased l. life.

59:6.10 covered with vegetation adapted to support l. life,

60:2.1 L. life reached its greatest development, in point of

60:3.17 North America was the great field of the l. evolution

land animals

58:1.3 more highly organized l. could not continue to live

59:2.9 No l. had yet appeared except a few types off worms

59:5.1 the stage ideally set for the appearance of the first l..

59:5.5 Abruptly, the first of the l. appeared.

59:5.10 The oldest strata yield the fossils of marine and l.

59:6.1 of the transition period leading to the ages of l..

59:6.8 Among the l. the frogs reached their climax in the

59:6.12 contained sufficient oxygen to sustain the higher l.,

60:1.2 The life of l. was continuous only in certain parts

60:3.7 No new l. appeared.

60:3.17 The l. were little changed, but because of greater

61:2.13 plant life, together with the marine life and the l.,

land area(s)

58:7.3 the surface, over about one eighth of the present l..

59:4.5 Five million years later the l. of North and South

59:5.2 220,000,000 years ago many of the continental l.,

61:1.1 50,000,000 years ago the l. of the world were very

61:1.11 the l. of the Northern Hemisphere began to elevate,


81:6.5 The configuration of continents and l. situations are

land arts

68:6.3 that the population must vary directly with the l. and

land basins

61:4.2 at the mountain bases, in lakes, and in the great l..

land bird(s)

60:3.22 dinosaurs nor from the earlier types of toothed l..

61:1.9 A large ostrichlike l. developed to a height of ten

land bodies

51:7.3 properly trained,subcapitals are founded on remote l.

59:2.1 continent did not share the history of the other l..

land bridgesee bridge(s)

land connection

61:4.6 Soon afterwards the l. between Africa and South

land cultivation

81:6.21 the only energy applied to l. was man power.

land dealings

97:9.23 the worship of Baal, whose private l. were against

land deposits

61:1.1 of this period are both l. and marine, but chiefly l..

61:1.11 and this was followed by new extensive l. and other

61:4.2 an age of widespread local l. on the lowlands of the


59:4.6 toward the end of this l. epoch, North America

land depressions

59:2.1 Throughout these successive land elevations and l.

60:1.7 these filled l. were greatly elevated by lava flows

land distribution

52:5.10 There are many nations, mostly determined by l.,

land dominance

60:4.1 These alternate periods of l. and sea dominance

land drift

57:8.24 The continental l. continued; increasingly the ocean

58:5.1 The continental l. drift continued.

60:3.2 But as the continental l. continued, it met with the

land dwellers

49:2.16 measure upon the ground, eventually evolving into l..

land elevation(s) or land-elevation

57:8.22 With this increase in l. the first climatic differences

57:8.22 L., cosmic clouds, and oceanic influences are the

59:2.1 The periodic phenomena of l. and land sinking

59:2.1 Throughout all of these successive l. and

59:5.15 deposits were washed away during subsequent l..

59:5.20 This l. period marks the beginning of the modern

59:5.21 L. began to modify the marine climate of the

59:6.5 The earth’s crust folded extensively during these l..

60:0.1 L., cooling crust and cooling oceans, sea restriction

60:3.3 Atlantic sea pressure was also working to cause l..

60:3.11 This circumpacific l., which culminated in mountain

60:4.3 extending from Europe over into the West Indies l..

60:4.3 in the Rocky Mountain system, where for ages, l.

61:3.1 L. and sea segregation were slowly changing the

61:3.3 land submergence following the long epoch of l..

61:4.1 This is the period of preglacial l. elevation in North

61:5.2 Simultaneously with these l. the ocean currents

61:7.11 regardless of future l. or modification of ocean

64:1.1 not migrate eastward because of the arid Tibetan l.,

81:1.2 By the time of the completion of these l. and climatic

land emergence or land-emergence

57:8.22 of almost nine miles at the time of the maximum l..

59:2.2 total l. being fifteen per cent greater than now exists.


59:4.4 one of the greatest l. epochs in all world history.

land epoch

57:8.19 witnessed the inauguration of the first great l.,

land erosion

60:4.2 with the comparatively lighter deposits of the l.

land extrusion

57:8.16 There was established a better balance between the l.

land flora

61:2.2 modern l., including the majority of plants and trees,

land formations

61:1.1 of this period are both l. and marine, but chiefly l..

land fluctuations

59:2.2 well marked off in Europe because the l. were less,

land forces

134:5.12 controls the world’s l., air, and naval forces, peace

land groups

49:2.16 air navigators intervene between the water and l.,

land issue

97:3.6 Elijah shifted the Yahweh-Baal controversy from a l.

land isthmus

64:6.5 shortly thereafter the Bering l. sank, thus isolating

land laws

69:9.12 But game laws, the right to hunt, long preceded l..

land levels

60:4.1 this rise and fall of ocean floor and continental l..

land-life or land life

58:4.4 in the later era of the emergence of l. life oceans of

59:0.5 4. The early l. era extends over the next one hundred


59:5.1 evolution of l. life becomes increasingly important.

59:5.3 decline in marine life and the opening of the l. period.

59:6.10 with vegetation adapted to support l.-animal life,


60:1.5 150,000,000 years ago the early l. periods of the

60:2.12 to the air by the bitter competition of life on l..

60:3.1 appearance of flowering plants and bird life on l..

60:4.6 extending from the early appearance of l. life down

60:4.6 and brings to a close the premammalian era of l. life,

61:5.8 Away from the ice the l. and water life of the world


68:5.1 evolution of the mores is dependent on the l. ratio.

68:5.10 Agriculture more than quadrupled the l. ratio of the

68:6.1 The l. ratio underlies all social civilization.

68:6.5 and industrial population slightly under the l. ratio.

79:8.2 a population well below the l. ratio for agriculture

land mass

57:8.4 The first continental l emerged from the world ocean

57:8.15 The continental l. of this era increased until it

57:8.21 Pacific Ocean operated to upthrust the continental l..

57:8.22 The backbone of the Asiatic l. reached a height of

57:8.23 the first breaks in the continental l. began as the

58:1.6 to await the further breakup of the continental l.,

58:4.3 Greenland and the arctic l., together with North

58:4.4 east-west cleavage of the breaking-up continental l.

58:4.4 to insure that each great l. would carry this life with

58:5.8 upthrust a solitary continental l. to such a height that

73:3.4 The coast line of this l. was considerably elevated,

land masses

57:8.23 severed the l. of Australia, the Pacific Islands,

57:8.25 witnessed the further separation of the l. and,

58:4.4 water would separate these drifting continental l..

58:5.6 The sea bottoms are more dense than the l., and this

58:5.6 lava considerably heavier than the granite of the l..

58:7.8 frequency of the periodic submergence of the great l.

59:0.8 along the extensive coast lines of the various l.

59:1.6 were many long fingerlike gulfs projecting into the l.

59:2.1 recent ages Asia has been the most stable of all the l.

59:2.2 The l. were repeatedly covered with water; only the

59:2.7 310,000,000 years ago the l. of the world were well

59:3.3 The l. were little changed until they were again

59:6.3 of the seas and increasing elevation of enormous l..

59:6.8 since the l. were still connected, this prereptilian

60:3.5 the American and European l. again began to sink.

64:7.18 then separated Greenland from the l. of North

land mores

97:3.6 Elijah made a moral issue out of the olden l. and

97:9.19 the old l. as against the land-selling attitude of the

land order

49:2.15 The Urantia races are of the l. order.

land organism

59:1.1 oceanic shore line; as yet no form of l. has evolved.

land ownership

97:9.7 —and so were devoted to the Hebrew idea of l..

land passage

79:5.6 when the l. to the east, over the Bering isthmus,

land path

64:1.5 there was a continuous l. from England in the west

land plants

59:2.8 the l. are migrating farther from the seashores.

59:2.9 nor had the l. yet overspread the continents;

59:4.14 And today Greenland holds the remains of these l.

59:5.10 The oldest strata yield the fossils of both l. and

59:6.7 climatic change, great variations occurred in the l..

60:3.7 These l. suddenly appeared along with fig trees,

60:3.19 Among l. the angiosperms predominated, and many

60:3.20 was due to the appearance of the grass family of l..

61:4.6 getting cooler; the l. were slowly moving southward.

land provision

66:7.1 The l. within the city walls was sufficient to provide

land ratio

81:6.11 the optimum of the normal man-l. means either a

land reptiles

60:1.2 but numerous sandstone footprints of the l. may be

60:2.9 the ferocious sea serpents, descended from the l.,

60:2.14 And so did these sluggish l. perish in ever-increasing

60:3.20 though the l. were on the decline, the dinosaurs

land ridges

60:3.3 there were few mountain peaks, merely elevated l. of

land rise

61:1.12 Following a slight l. the continent was covered by

land scarcity

68:6.3 During periods of l. and overpopulation, human life


97:9.19 as a defender of the old land mores against the l.

land serpents

61:2.11 Like the l. of a previous age which betook

land sinking

59:2.1 The periodic phenomena of land elevation and l.

59:2.3 another extensive l. except in Asia and Australia.

land situation

68:5.1 must adjust his performances to conform to the l..

land spread

59:1.7 the lateral l., or continental creep, was also a factor.

land stage


land struggles

68:6.1 associations were for the purpose of winning these l..

land submergence

59:3.1 300,000,000 years ago another great period of l.

59:3.4 matter carried down at the time of the previous l.,

61:3.3 there was a slight l. following the long epoch of land

land technique(s)


68:5.1 Man’s l., or maintenance arts, plus his standards of

land titles

69:9.14 The very first l. granted by tribes to individuals were

land track

133:4.14 on a small boat carried overland on a l. from one of

land trade

80:9.9 L. and traffic were nearly suspended during these

land traffic

80:9.9 L. and trade were nearly suspended during these

land travel

80:9.9 This interference with l. brought about the expansion


49:2.16 continue to fly even after they have become l. beings

60:2.11 crocodilians were a reversion from the l. of reptile,

60:3.20 The l. of turtle, twenty feet across, appeared as did

land types

49:2.18 are water, ten per cent air, seventy per cent l.,

land varieties

58:1.8 carbon in the atmosphere afforded the new l. of life

land vegetation

59:4.13 was being rapidly overrun by the new orders of l..

land vertebrates

60:0.2 but these ancestors of the l. were no longer dominant

land victory

59:4.1 comparatively victorious, times of l. are just ahead.

land yield

68:6.2 by means of the arts and sciences, increased the l.;

68:6.4 When the l. is reduced or the population is increased,

68:6.4 The improvement of the l., the extension of the arts,


11:4.1 all personality transports destined to Paradise l. in

13:2.7 But even when you are granted permission to l. on

13:2.7 Nor will you be permitted to l. on the shores of

35:3.11 are destined to l. on Melchizedek, where they are

48:2.18 all ascending creatures who l. on the spheres and

49:6.10 The less advanced l. on the initial or first mansion

64:7.19 white man first chanced to l. on the Atlantic coast.


13:1.2 never have I l. on Divinington;that world is forbidden

14:3.4 the pilgrims of time are l. on the receiving worlds

133:7.2 They l. at Paphos and at once began the assembly of

152:0.1 great crowd was waiting for Jesus when his boat l.

192:1.7 When they had l. their catch, they counted the fish,


173:3.1 parable: A certain great and respected l. had two


11:4.1 the l. and dispatching fields for various groups of

26:2.7 secondary supernaphim until the l. of Grandfanda.

26:5.1 the l. of Grandfanda on the pilot world of the outer

43:1.10 such a sea of glass facilitates the l. of seraphim.

53:7.12 the new Sovereign came, l. on the sea of glass with

83:4.7 carpets from the carriage l. to the church altar.

107:3.6 3. Never to attempt a l. on the shores of Divinington.

130:1.2 pointed out to Jesus the ship l. from which it was

130:3.4 By the fourth hour after l. they were settled near

133:2.1 While tarrying at the ship l., waiting for the boat to

138:5.1 met Jesus and the apostles at the fisher-boat l. at

155:0.1 Soon after l. near Kheresa on this eventful Sunday,

192:1.1 their boat drew near the shore close to the usual l.

192:1.2 they saw someone on the beach, near the boat l.,


69:9.16 by a succession of slaves, serfs, and l. classes.


97:9.19 reform did not succeed until the country l. Jehu



69:9.15 Having made secure their titles, l. could collect rents,

97:3.4 They were the aristocratic l. and lived in the cities.


69:9.13 “Cursed be he who removes his neighbor’s l..”


69:9.13 The Hebrews had great respect for these family l.:

115:3.18 relationships cannot be more than relative l. on the


70:6.6 l., the aristocracy, exerted a restraining influence.


59:3.7 the warm seas bathed the shores of the polar l..

60:4.3 though some of the higher l. remained as islands.

61:5.1 the l. of the northeastern part of North America

62:1.2 In these l. to the west of India they united with

63:2.6 independent of their animal relatives of the southern l

64:1.3 The cold and hunger of the open l. stimulate action,

64:4.5 move southward, back toward the l. of his origin.

64:7.17 They built boats and started in search of new l.

69:9.14 But the cities always reserved certain l. for public

73:1.6 joined Van and his loyal followers in the l. north of

73:3.4 watered the Garden came down from the higher l.

76:3.8 Here in the l. between the Tigris and Euphrates they

77:3.1 become too numerous to find subsistence in the l.

78:1.3 there went forth to the surrounding l. the culture and

78:3.5 The l. now called Russia and Turkestan were

78:3.5 European l. were held by tribes that were

78:5.7 civilization grew up on these now submerged l. as

78:8.8 on the conquest of Mesopotamia and adjoining l..

79:1.1 penetrated the mountains to the northern l. of the

79:1.1 into the Punjab and from the Iranian grazing l.

79:1.5 brought about the great Andite exodus from the l.

79:2.5 Had there been adjacent l. for emigration, then

79:5.4 began the crucial struggle for the fertile l. of Asia.

80:3.8 great open grazing l. of Europe became covered by

80:4.1 route across the grazing l. of the Volga and the Don.

81:3.6 general use throughout civilized and semicivilized l..

81:6.4 resting a livelihood from their decreasingly fertile l.

82:5.4 and throughout the l. once occupied by the Andites.

89:7.1 L., properties, and children could be redeemed

92:5.9 They functioned throughout the l. of the Andites,

94:5.4 Melchizedek missionaries had penetrated to the l. of

94:5.6 This composite belief spread through the l. of the

94:11.7 grossly contaminated with those of the l. to which it

94:11.9 traveled through the centuries and across the l. of

94:11.12 this idea did enable the intellectuals of these l. to

95:0.1 In some of these l. their teachings bore fruit;

95:5.9 “whole world, man and beasts, all the foreign l.,

95:7.3 but the Christian missionaries of the desert l. were

95:7.3 many l. would have received the simple gospel of

96:6.2 when they once reached the fertile l. of Palestine,

97:3.3 Baalites) freely bought, sold, and mortgaged their l..

97:3.4 In general, the Baalites owned houses, l., and slaves.

97:6.4 “And now have I given these l. into the hand of

98:2.10 that were then overspreading the Mediterranean l..

98:6.1 institution in the civilized l. of North Africa and

121:1.9 commercial intercourse with the l. to the East and

123:5.6 men from many l. passed in and out of his father’s

134:5.1 by the Parthian kingdom and other intervening l.

142:7.17 sordid affairs of slavery, poverty, houses, and l.,

148:0.4 persons from the l. east of the Euphrates were in

158:1.2 Jesus and the apostles were in the l. of the gentiles,

163:5.2 came from Mesopotamia and from the l. east of

167:2.2 they have gone every man after his l. and his

168:5.3 Martha and Mary disposed of their l. at Bethany and

171:2.3 build a watchtower on your l. without first sitting

192:2.11 go then into the l. of the gentiles and proclaim this

193:6.4 he went on into the l. beyond Mesopotamia

195:1.7 Greek culture had already penetrated the l. of the

195:2.9 victories had consolidated the Mediterranean l. into


26:4.12 The pilgrim l. on the receiving planet of Havona,


43:6.7 possibilities for the biologic beautification of the l.

46:2.1 and other unique variations of topography and l..

46:7.2 spornagia are the l. gardeners of the headquarters

59:4.2 The naked and unattractive l. of former times is

61:0.2 During this Cenozoic age the world’s l. presented an

66:3.2 The climate and l. in the Mesopotamia of those times

73:3.6 became a poem of exquisite and perfected l. glory.

73:4.2 the real work of l. beautification and home building

118:1.8 begins to view the l. of time from the panoramic

123:5.14 they did not climb the heights to view the distant l.,


124:1.3 Jesus delighted in drawing l. as well as in modeling


73:5.2 and paths were well built, and the l. was exquisite.


85:0.4 natural forces, such as, floods, earthquakes, l., fire,


29:2.16 Such a l. or line of energy, sometimes also called


29:2.16 centers are able to provide intensified l. of energy

41:1.1 power l. which firmly bind the manifold space bodies

42:4.4 Gravity acts positively on the power l. and energy

79:3.2 the later opening up of the sea l. and the caravan

116:7.1 This physical universe is permeated by energy l.

167:2.2 Go out quickly, therefore, into the streets and l. of


0:0.1 authorized to translate into the English l. of Urantia.

0:0.2 we are restricted to the use of a circumscribed l. of

0:6.2 There is such paucity of l. that we must assign

0:12.13 the impossibility of fully translating the l. of the

0:12.13 into the symbols of the l. of the finite concepts of

1:7.8 I am fully aware that I have at my command no l.

2:0.3 the limitations of l. and by the poverty of material

6:0.2 Such distortions of l. represent our best efforts at

10:5.8 But I do not command l. which would enable me to

29:4.26 They appear to understand the l. of the realm, but

30:1.113 neither mortal l. nor mortal intellect are adequate.

38:7.5 all bilingual, speaking the l. of the local universe of

40:5.15 they speak the same system l. but by a modified

42:2.1 It is difficult to find suitable words in the English l.

42:2.1 There is such paucity of l. that we must use these

44:0.20 distorting l. in an effort to unfold to the mortal

44:0.20 your l. is inadequate for conveying, the meaning,

44:1.15 Forever, music will remain the universal l. of men,

44:2.1 the gross and limited symbolism of your material l..

44:4.3 Each superuniverse has its own l., a tongue spoken

44:4.3 Each local universe also has its own l..

44:4.3 speaking both the l. of Nebadon and the tongue of

44:4.3 In the central universe there is little need of a l.;

44:4.3 than could be communicated by a mortal l. in a

44:4.4 The ability to translate thought into l. in the

44:4.4 The l. of Nebadon is not quite so elaborate, the

44:4.5 one hundred years of perusing ordinary written l..

44:4.7 But in the l. of Nebadon we could, in a half hour’s

47:7.2 Having mastered the local universe l. before leaving

48:3.13 you will learn a l. over there much as you do down

48:3.13 and these brilliant beings will be your l. teachers.

48:3.13 the tongue of Satania and then the l. of Nebadon.

52:1.2 the time that man is developing a simple l. and is

52:1.6 is usually coincident with the appearance of early l..

52:3.10 fairly well blended, and until they speak a common l..

52:5.10 by land distribution, but only one race, one l., and

52:6.3 Development of a common l. and the multiplication

55:3.1 progressing under the momentum of one l., one

55:3.22 of settledness in light until it has achieved one l.,

55:5.6 l. is so improved as to be symbolic of concepts as

55:6.6 learn the local universe l. before they are translated;

56:10.23 put them in the English l., by a technique authorized

62:5.7 they had worked out an improved sign and word l.

63:4.6 a well-developed l. had evolved from their early

63:4.6 This l. continued to grow, and almost daily additions

63:4.6 And this l. became the word of Urantia, the tongue

66:4.7 In skin color and l. these materialized members of

66:5.10 destroyed the hope of the world for a universal l.,

70:3.4 relations have been facilitated by development of l.

70:3.5 The absence of a common l. has always impeded the

70:3.5 money has become the universal l. of modern trade.

70:7.15 used signs and employed a special secret l.;

70:8.4 by the recognition of l. mastery, knowledge, and

71:1.1 a single nation whose people have a common l.,

71:8.12 conquest of dialects—the triumph of a universal l..

72:12.5 its laws, mechanisms, symbols, conventions, and l.

74:2.2 Van and Amadon had markedly improved this l. by

74:8.9 The Hebrews had no written l. in general usage for a

74:8.9 and having no written l. until such a late date, they

75:1.3 Instead of finding one l. ready for adoption, they

77:4.7 The Sumerian l., though virtually lost to the world,

78:5.3 Aryan was a blend of the Andonic dialect with the l.

78:5.3 This ancient l. gave the Occidental tongues all of

79:6.9 they formed a compact body speaking a common l..

80:8.2 derived from the Andites, spoke a very different l..

80:9.16 But the barrier of l. prevented the full reciprocation

81:6.10 Science teaches man to speak the new l. of

81:6.16 6. Effectiveness of l.. The spread of civilization

81:6.16 The spread of civilization must wait upon l..

81:6.16 the early ages important advances were made in l..

81:6.17 L. evolved out of group associations, each local

81:6.17 L. grew up through gestures, signs, cries, imitative

81:6.17 L. is man’s greatest and most serviceable thinking

81:6.17 but it never flourished until social groups acquired

81:6.17 The tendency to play with l. develops new words—

81:6.17 majority adopt the slang, then usage constitutes it l..

81:6.18 L. differences have ever been the great barrier to

81:6.18 A universal l. promotes peace, insures culture, and

81:6.19 on Urantia toward developing an international l.,

81:6.19 fostered, whether they involve l., trade, art, science,

87:2.6 In fact, they were often banished from the l..

87:6.14 You address one another in common, everyday l.,

88:6.7 L. contains many fossils which testify that the race

91:3.1 Children, when first learning to make use of l., are

96:5.2 Hebrews had no written l. at the time of the exodus.

97:7.13 In superb l. and with matchless grace this teacher

99:1.6 be restated every time the dictionary of human l. is

103:1.6 There is no word in any human l. which can be

105:2.1 we resort to time-space l. in presenting their origins

105:3.10 without involving paradoxes in the l. of time and

106:0.11 1. The limitations of mortal l..

114:7.9 these revelations were materialized in the English l.

115:3.1 There is no l. in the past, present, or future of

119:8.9 indited these narratives and put them in the English l.

121:1.1 the Greek l. had spread over Occident and near

121:1.5 2. The Grecian l. and culture—and philosophy to a

121:2.4 Greece provided a l. and a culture, Rome built the

121:6.2 Christian writing were soon to appear in the same l.

123:3.1 The textbook for the study of the Greek l. was the

123:5.1 of learning to read, write, and speak the Hebrew l..

130:0.4 Jesus had picked up the rudiments of the l. spoken

130:2.8 impossible for the animal world to develop l. in

130:4.12 Although Jesus told all this to the lad in l. best suited

130:5.4 Though they could not speak the girl’s l., she could

131:2.2 There is no speech or l. where their voice is not

134:6.11 Soon may a global l. evolve, and there will be at

142:7.17 When I speak the l. of the spirit, why do you insist

142:7.17 you insist on translating my meaning into the l. of

147:4.3 instruction which must be given you in human l.

153:4.2 that he admitted in the l. that he employed in casting

156:3.2 All of these peoples spoke the Greek l..

158:1.8 These three conversed in a strange l., but from

159:5.17 He shunned flowery l. and avoided poetic imagery

161:2.9 Jesus well-nigh exhausts the possibilities of l. in

167:7.4 I spoke not in figurative l. nor in poetic strains.

178:1.1 may be summarized in modern l. as follows:

194:3.9 be identified with no particular race, culture, or l..

195:2.9 the Mediterranean lands into one empire, with one l.

195:3.3 people whose l. had no word for “unselfishness.”

195:7.21 In l., an alphabet represents the mechanism of

196:3.28 but finite l. makes it forever impossible for theology


38:7.5 including a study of planetary usages and l..

39:0.11 Here they begin the study of the l., history, and local

44:4.4 These universe l. are far more replete than the

47:7.2 that you may be proficient in both l. before arriving

48:3.13 You will not acquire new l. automatically; you will

52:1.5 often being able to speak many words of the l. of

52:2.5 and the different races often develop separate l..

52:2.5 segregation is favored by the existence of many l..

52:3.10 gradually the l. of the races give way to the tongue

68:4.2 The origin of folkways, like the origin of l., always

78:5.3 Many modern l. are derived from this early speech of

81:6.16 Live and growing l. insure the expansion of civilized

87:2.6 These names became taboo, and in this way the l.

93:2.5 Melchiz. spoke Chaldean and a half dozen other l..

121:6.2 In the days of Jesus three l. prevailed in Palestine:

123:2.14 learned to read, write, and speak, fluently, all three l.

123:5.1 was a fluent reader, writer, and speaker of two l.,

123:5.9 great advantage since he was conversant with three l.

130:0.4 translations from Greek into one of the l. of India,

135:3.2 that all peoples, nations, and l. should serve him.

187:2.5 it read in three l., “Jesus of Nazareth—the King of

195:2.1 a new tolerance for strange l., peoples, and even


135:11.4 Why do I l. in prison?

136:1.5 the Jews believed they continued to l. under Roman

155:1.3 Why do you l. in futile yearning?

192:2.11 the good news of eternal life to your fellows who l.


73:1.1 the tribes l. in the depths of savagery and moral

78:1.2 here and there, but most of Urantia l. in savagery.

79:6.10 as India l., so China forged ahead under the stimulus

98:6.2 Occidental religion l. until the days of the Skeptics,

121:1.8 inhabitants of the empire l. in squalor and poverty.

135:11.1 this rugged man of God’s outdoors l. in that

173:1.4 the common people l. in poverty and continued to


88:6.8 facts of scientific discovery, while the other half l. in

160:2.9 Man l. in isolation.

195:9.2 it l. for lack of a new vision of the Master’s life on

195:10.5 but mankind l. and stumbles along in moral darkness

Lanonandeksee Lanonandek Son; Lanonandek Sons

35:5.3 their subordinates, the L. System Sovereigns, but

35:8.8 In round numbers the L. order of Sons is classified


35:9.4 The supreme L. councils are stationed on the various

35:9.6 seven hundred Sons of the L. order have rebelled

35:9.8 our Sons of the L. order have been created with such


35:10.1 constitute the L. cluster of administrative spheres.

35:10.3 the L. worlds are the centers for undertakings having

45:3.6 5. The system recorder—Vilton, secretary of the L.

45:3.9 the L. administration is supported by the Jerusem

45:3.10 1. Hanavard, the L. chairman.

50:2.3 one of his own order, a secondary L. associate.

53:7.4 This was a L. rebellion.

66:1.5 this noble L. would so shortly betray his sacred trust

119:2.7 upon the termination of the second or L. mission.

119:8.4 on his L. bestowal the will of the Father and Son;

Lanonandek Son or primary Lanonandek Son

35:9.1 Such a S. now rules on Jerusem, the headquarters of

39:4.2 are the assistants of a System Sovereign, a pL..

39:4.3 planets are under the jurisdiction of a secondary L.,

45:2.1 executive of a system of inhabited worlds is a pL.,

45:2.3 Lanaforge bears the distinction of being the only pL.

50:7.4 [Presented by a Secondary L. of the Reserve Corps.]

51:7.6 [Presented by a Secondary L. of the Reserve Corps.]

53:0.1 Lucifer was a brilliant pL. of Nebadon.

53:1.1 Lucifer was not an ascendant being; he was a S. of

53:1.4 the deposed Planetary Prince of Urantia and a S. of

55:1.1 invests such a faithful L. with new powers and

55:1.2 this L. is visible to the more spiritual individuals of

66:0.1 The advent of a L. on an average world signifies

66:1.1 Caligastia was a L., number 9,344 of the secondary

66:1.5 this noble L. would so shortly betray his sacred trust

66:2.2 Daligastia was also a secondary L., being number

66:5.15 “Father of all, whose S. we honor, look down upon

73:1.2 world were little better off than if this misguided S.

66:7.10 2. You shall not disobey the Father’s S., the world’s

66:7.10 You shall not disobey the Father’s S., the world’s

67:1.1 Satan was, and still is, a L. of great brilliance.

75:2.2 a misguided but nevertheless high S. of the local

119:2.1 This trouble involved a misunderstanding by a L.,

119:3.6 of Michael as a Melchizedek Son, then as a L.,

Lanonandek Sons

20:1.8 6. L..

30:2.44 6. L..

35:0.5 3. L..


35:8.2 these beings were required to pass through certain

35:8.2 They were the first students in the Melchizedek

35:8.2 they were classified and certified by their teachers

35:8.4 These are the S. designated as System Sovereigns

35:8.6 These S. function as subordinate assistants,

35:8.7 for these S. to progress from one group to another.

35:8.7 they serve continuously in the rank assigned.

35:8.7 Neither do these S. engage in reproduction;

35:8.8 In round numbers the Lanonandek order of S. is

35:9.6 seven hundred S. of the Lanonandek order have

35:9.6 practically all of these S. belonged to the second and

35:9.7 The large number of these S. who have lapsed

35:9.7 They could have been made divinely perfect, but

35:9.7 they were created that they might better understand

35:9.8 Henselon, lost the largest number of this order of S..

35:9.8 administrative trouble in Nebadon because our S.

35:9.8 such free-choosing S. make excessive trouble in the

35:9.8 service on the part of these thoroughly tested S. will

35:9.10 a plan for saving these wayward and unwise S.,

35:9.10 but never again may they function in those positions

35:9.10 After rehabilitation they are assigned to custodial

35:10.2 are supervised by a corps of L. who have had long

35:10.4 that most of the salvaged S. of that order serve as

35:10.5 the L. in the older systems have established records

35:10.5 They are a noble, faithful, and loyal group,

45:3.1 supported by two or three L., who function as first

45:3.8 The high counselor—Hanavard, number 67 of the L.

50:0.1 While belonging to the order of L., Planetary Princes

50:0.1 these local universe S. are assigned to the reserves of

50:1.3 S. are tested severely, and Nebadon has suffered the

50:1.3 a certain test of faith and loyalty on all these S..

53:0.2 In all the history of L., in all their work throughout

57:8.7 embracing Life Carriers, L., Melchizedeks, seraphim

119:2.4 L. of Nebadon, a new and unknown member.

119:2.6 and adored by his fellows of all groups of the L..

119:4.6 universe S.: the Melchizedeks, the Lanonandeks,


20:1.10 L. are brought into being by a Creator Son and his

20:1.10 L. as System Sovereigns and as Planetary Princes.

30:1.37 7. The L..

35:0.7 the Melchizedeks, the Vorondadeks, and the L.;

35:8.1 the third order of universe sonship, the L..

35:8.1 they are best known as System Sovereigns, rulers of

35:8.3 began its existence with exactly twelve million L.,

35:8.4 1. Primary L.. Of the highest rank there were

35:8.5 2. Secondary L.. Of this order emerging from

35:8.5 They are assigned as Planetary Princes and to the

35:8.6 3. Tertiary L.. This group contained 1,055,558.

35:8.15 Since L. are a somewhat lower order of sonship

35:8.15 they are of even greater service in the subordinate

35:8.15 they are capable of drawing nearer the lower

35:8.15 They also stand in greater danger of going astray,

35:8.15 But these L., especially the primary order, are the

35:9.1 The L. are the continuous rulers of the planets and

35:9.2 The Constellation Father names one of these L. as

35:9.6 and third orders, Planetary Princes and tertiary L..

35:10.1 On these realms the experienced L. belonging to the

35:10.4 spheres of the L. that most of the salvaged Sons of

45:3.1 of Satania is administered by a staff of seven L.:

45:3.3 —Mansurotia, number 17,841 of the tertiary L..

45:3.7 number 319,847 of the reserves of the secondary L.

45:3.9 This executive group of seven L. constitutes the

46:5.16 The fifth circle is the abode of the L., the sonship

50:0.1 their Melchizedek certification as secondary L.,

53:1.4 Satan was a member of the primary group of L. but

53:1.4 of Urantia and a Son of the secondary order of L..

119:4.6 his created universe Sons: the Melchizedeks, the L.,


183:3.1 armed soldiers and guards, carrying torches and l.,

Lao or Lao-tseChinese religious leader

92:5.12 Among these should be recorded Gautama, L.,

92:5.12 L envisioned more of God in Tao than did Confucius

94:5.8 and the spiritual sentiments of the times of L. and


94:6.2 In China, the two outstanding teachers were L.

94:6.3 L. built directly upon the concepts of the Salem

94:6.3 he declared Tao to be the One First Cause of all

94:6.3 L. was a man of great spiritual vision.

94:6.3 He taught “man’s eternal destiny was everlasting

94:6.3 for he wrote: “Unity arises out of the Absolute Tao,

94:6.4 L. also made one of the earliest presentations of the

94:6.5 He taught the return of the creature to the Creator

94:6.5 His concept of true faith was unusual, and he too

94:6.5 he too likened it to the “attitude of a little child.”

94:6.6 His understanding of the eternal purpose of God was

94:6.6 he said: “The Absolute Deity does not strive but is

94:6.6 And of the true religionist he said, in expressing the

94:6.7 L.’ teaching of nonresistance and the distinction he

94:6.7 the distinction he made between action and coercion

94:6.7 L. never taught such error, albeit his presentation of

94:6.7 his presentation of nonresistance has been a factor in

94:6.8 the old philosopher who taught the truth as he

94:6.9 (Kung Fu-tze) was a younger contemporary of L.

94:6.11 The teachings of L. have been lost to all but a few

94:6.12 both Confucius and L. were eventually deified by

94:7.1 Contemporary with L. and Confucius in China,

121:6.4 outstanding human teachers: Sethard, Moses, L.,

Laottahead of the Gardens western schools

75:5.2 Adam, the day after Eve’s misstep, sought out L.,

76:0.2 L., the mother of Sansa, perished at the birth of her

76:0.2 Eve took Sansa, the child of L., to her bosom, and


190:1.3 all the apostolic funds, in the l. of Matthew Levi.


80:4.6 Only in L. (and to a certain extent in Brittany) did


81:4.9 The L. and the Eskimos are blends of Andonite and


47:10.5 No more will a form-change necessitate the l. of

49:6.4 Throughout the life-l period of the sleeping survivors

54:5.13 The relative l. of time from the viewpoint of

74:1.5 fell asleep in the personality l. of consciousness

80:5.7 produced an immediate l. of Andite civilization,

89:10.6 the human consciousness of the l. of such relations

136:5.5 Any l. of time consciousness on his part, in

167:4.3 no one ever returned from the tomb after the l. of

188:3.9 To mortal consciousness there appeared no l. of time


35:9.7 The large number of these Sons who have l. from

42:0.1 the Paradise Presences has never l., never failed;

191:1.5 and immediately l. into crestfallen silence.

largesee large, at; number, large; numbers, large

4:1.8 Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and, to a l. extent,

11:4.4 Paradise is l. enough to accommodate the activities

11:7.5 If you imagine a finite,but inconceivably l., V-shaped

15:3.6 occasioned by the near approach of a l. nebula.

15:5.6 begin to throw off l. quantities of matter which may

15:6.11 These are the dead suns and other l. aggregations

15:6.11 The density of some of these l. masses is well-nigh

15:6.11 holding l. neighboring systems in effective leash.

16:4.7 but since a l. majority of these subordinate beings are

26:1.1 Angels all have a l. capacity for appreciation of the

28:4.14 A very l. group of seconaphim, the seventh primary

32:2.4 though a l. system does exist at its physical center.

35:2.3 the responsibility, of the eldest son in a l. family.

35:9.8 created with such a l. degree of personal liberty in

37:9.6 These orders of beings are by and l neither ascending

38:5.1 Melchizedeks also have a l. part in the education

39:2.17 L. reserves of all types of the superior seraphim are

39:3.10 A l. and efficient corps functions on Edentia,

41:3.3 When suns that are too l. are thrown off a nebular

41:3.3 the sun was not sufficiently l. to split equatorially,

41:8.3 In l. suns—small circular nebulae—when hydrogen

42:6.8 the volume of such an electron would become as l.

43:0.2 Edentia itself is one hundred times as l as your world

44:1.15 but the gift of harmony, so l. in their natures, has

45:0.1 each of which is about ten times as l. as Urantia,

45:2.1 sovereigns intrusted with l. executive responsibilities

45:7.1 The Melchizedeks are the directors of that l. corps

48:4.16 there is a l. place for the ministry of the reversion

48:6.34 A l. corps of all orders of the transition seraphim is

49:0.4 planets revolving around the central sun are too l. for

49:2.16 the superbreathers, when the planet is not too l.,

52:1.5 They also build crude huts in the l. trees.

54:6.3 If an affectionate father of a l family chooses to show

54:6.3 every member of any such group, l. or small, reap

55:1.5 On a l. world these departure flares are almost

57:6.1 the solar parent was able to recapture a l. portion of

57:7.2 l. enough to hold the primitive atmosphere which

57:7.10 fewer prove l. enough to resist the ever-stronger

57:8.5 one great continent of land and one l. body of water,

57:8.5 but the amount of carbon dioxide continues l..

58:4.4 l. oceans of water would separate these drifting land

59:2.4 l. portions of the American continents and Europe

59:4.15 the Atlantic inundated a l. part of Europe and Asia,

59:5.8 l. shell-feeding sharks were also highly evolved,

60:1.8 the southern part of California and a l. island which

60:2.11 because they did not have brains l. enough to afford

60:3.14 A l. segment of rock was overthrust fifteen miles at

61:1.9 A l. ostrichlike land bird developed to a height of

61:1.10 two successive sets of teeth and possessed l. brains

61:2.5 Even the mammals of l. size and small brain soon

61:3.6 elephants possessed l. brains as well as l. bodies,

61:3.6 dominated by a huge animal with a brain l. to

61:3.6 have survived unless it had possessed a brain of l.

61:3.13 the cat tribe, by panthers and l. saber-toothed tigers,

61:5.7 sloths, saber-toothed tigers, sloths as l. as elephants,

61:6.1 they possessed l. brains in proportion to their size

62:3.5 The l. beasts native to these regions were not

63:5.5 a l. stone that had been placed inside for this purpose

63:6.7 stones; later on they roasted l. pieces in the fire,

64:4.3 L. flints attached to wooden handles came back into

65:2.12 but having a comparatively l. brain that the placental

66:7.1 The buildings were not especially l. as it was the

69:9.6 funeral was held up until the family donated a l. sum

70:4.10 greatly delayed the growth of l. and strong nations.

72:7.5 police force is now only one tenth as l. as it was fifty

74:3.4 From the l. passenger birds—the fandorsAdam and

78:6.3 Ten per cent, including a l. group of Sethite priests,

79:6.3 races embracing l. proportions of the yellow and

79:6.8 yellow man—the first to attain a l.-scale cultural,

81:1.8 caused such a l. proportion of the human race to

81:6.3 The extent of a material civilization is in l. measure

81:6.32 civilization can survive the harboring of l. classes

82:6.7 race intermingling on a l. scale would be detrimental

83:5.14 required an assembly of wives to recruit a l. family.

84:3.5 Among the advanced races, women are not so l. or

84:7.11 The l. families among ancient peoples were not

84:7.22 1. The l. degree of race mixture.

85:0.2 which loomed l. in the commonplace experience of

85:1.5 first hills to be venerated were l. stone formations.

94:11.4 the small truth was for little minds, the l. truth for

97:7.3 fastened their erroneous ideas upon such a l. part

113:2.5 the legacy of animal fear that bulks so l. in the life

118:0.11 No matter how l. the number conceived, you can

118:8.5 worlds with any l. endowment of self-restraint.

122:2.1 branch of the same l. family group to which Mary

122:6.3 Joseph built an addition to this house, a l. room,

122:7.4 only one beast of burden, Mary, being l. with child,

123:0.1 the position of foreman of a l. group of workmen

124:1.4 being seated on a l. stone just outside the back door.

124:5.6 responsibility for the support and direction of a l.

124:6.12 the l. home of a well-to-do relative of Mary’s,

126:0.1 before he achieved a l. measure of communication

127:0.1 found himself head and sole support of a l. family.

129:2.4 and he was surprised that it was such a l. sum.

129:2.4 mortgage, and this, augmented by a certain l. fund

129:2.10 Jesus turned this l. sum over to John the son of

132:5.13 be a faithful and just steward of your l. fortune,

132:5.17 when business dealings are conducted on a l. scale

133:6.3 Of all the l. cities they visited on this tour of the

134:1.6 the conductor of a l. caravan which was passing

134:3.1 near Urmia was located a l. building—a lecture

134:5.14 populous state of New York or the l. state of Texas.

135:9.7 John stood upon a l. rock and, lifting up his voice,

138:5.4 so that their l. home could be turned over to Jesus

139:4.14 a great revelation, l. portions of which were lost,

141:7.1 Jesus, his apostles, and a l. group of followers

144:1.1 Their devotion was in l. part a matter of personal

145:2.15 housework at the l. Zebedee home, where Jesus

145:3.5 Perpetua saw a l. company of sick folks assembling,

145:3.7 suffering in l. measure as a result of the mistakes

147:3.1 five porches under which a l. group of sufferers

147:5.3 brought with her a l. flask of perfumed anointing

148:0.5 David Zebedee managed this l. tent city so that it

148:7.1 a l. group of those who were maimed, halt, sick,

148:9.1 at this time, speaking as he stood in this l. room,

152:0.2 As Jesus went along with Jairus, the l. crowd

154:4.6 tried to carry out the teachings of Jesus on a l. scale

157:1.3 presented him with several l. baskets of fish and

159:5.17 habitually put l. meanings into small expressions.

160:1.9 You cannot hope for a l. measure of success in either

160:2.7 the social group, small or l., mutually shares all

162:7.1 Finding a l. company of believers assembled in

163:3.5 kingdom is like a householder who was a l.

165:1.2 four thousand persons composed the l. audience

168:0.9 coming suddenly into the midst of a l. group of his

170:5.21 The kingdom has to a l. extent failed on earth;

171:1.3 A l. majority of his followers never were able to

171:1.5 the financial overseer of all those l. interests of the

172:1.5 a l. alabaster cruse of very rare and costly ointment

172:5.3 disliked to see such a l., and enthusiastic audience

173:0.3 They went at once to the l. court where Jesus taught,

173:3.1 help of his sons in the management of his l. estates

178:2.7 this householder will show you a l. upper room all

179:1.1 the apostles beheld a l. and commodious chamber,

179:5.7 when the kingdom grows to embrace l. groups of

180:2.3 a l. emblem of the grape and its attached vine

182:1.2 Jesus bade them kneel on a l. flat rock in a circle

184:1.4 himself in a l. chair, and commanded that Jesus be

184:3.1 the Sanhedrin, by a l. majority vote, had decreed the

185:1.3 A l. deputation of Jews waited upon Pilate for five

185:1.3 to a l. extent subject to the whims of the Jewish

185:1.5 the slaughter of a l. company of Galileans even as

187:2.1 The upright timber had a l. peg,inserted at the proper

188:0.3 Joseph went before Pilate with a l. sum of money,

188:1.4 brought with them l. quantities of myrrh and aloes,

192:1.7 they counted the fish, and there were 153 l. ones.

large, at

67:7.8 as they are reflected out upon the universe at l..

75:0.1 see little progress outside the Garden; the world at l.

78:1.2 years ago the world at l. possessed little culture.

79:3.5 of India was far above that of the world at l..

98:3.9 the people at l. rejected the Cynics; they preferred

109:7.6 Seldom are the Personalized Adjusters seen at l. in

188:3.6 consciousness of Michael must have been at l. and

large-scale yellow man—the first to attain a l. cultural, social,


0:4.7 man is very l. an unrealized spiritual potentiality.

44:1.12 react to music so l. with the material muscles and so

47:1.6 on Urantia that child culture is l. the task of mothers.

56:10.3 Beauty, art, is l. a matter of the unification of

84:0.2 marriage, home building, is l. a matter of self-

84:5.7 it was the modern factory which l. set woman free

86:2.4 or remote interest; self-interest l. obscures logic.

92:3.2 Religion has always been l. a matter of rites, rituals,

92:4.6 2500 B.C. mankind had l. lost sight of the revelation

92:7.11 the entire religious experience of such a child is l.

98:7.11 but has l. forgotten the Master’s personal gospel:

101:7.6 that religion which was l. a fairy tale of conscience

110:4.5 Urantia races are so l. electrically and chemically

111:4.8 your personality is so l. liberated from the fetters of

120:2.5 I counsel you to function l. in the role of a teacher.

120:3.4 confine your efforts l. to spiritual regeneration and

132:7.5 the Jews discovered God in mind but l. failed to

132:7.5 Jews have a God but are l. without a philosophy of

140:8.21 His denunciations were l. directed against pride,

150:3.9 7. The interpretation of dreams is l. a superstitious

151:3.10 he l. avoids all controversy and outward clashing

155:1.3 consists so l. in an attitude of regretting the past,

170:5.16 Jesus’ ideal concept l. failed,but upon the foundation

195:8.3 Religion has become l. a ritualistic exercise.

195:9.8 not only a religion about Jesus, but it is so l. one

largersee largerwith number(s); larger sense

2:7.12 with the l. realities of his expanding experience.

3:1.10 isolated from intercourse with the l. units of

11:7.3 These quiescent midspace zones grow l. and l. at

12:2.1 from the l. viewpoint the space regions extending

12:2.2 the l. telescopes penetrate far beyond the borders

15:4.5 the l. nebulae of outer space are giving origin to

15:5.5 the l. collections of matter unite and gradually draw

15:6.14 These are the l. aggregations of matter which

15:8.6 Eventually the l. physical systems become

25:3.9 In this l. work of a universe the commissioners are

35:9.3 group that is l. on Edentia than the average indicated

38:9.3 no planet enjoying their ministry has a l. group.

41:9.1 The l. suns maintain such a gravity control over

41:9.3 And it is just at this critical point that the l. suns are

42:4.9 later augmented by association with l. accretions of

42:6.7 while it may be no l. than a negative electron, weighs

42:7.8 only the outer ten electrons of the l. atoms revolve

46:5.11 so that each of the outer and l. circles overlooks the

49:2.19 can freely function on spheres both smaller and l.

49:2.20 Some of the l. worlds are peopled with beings who

49:2.20 mortals of the modified gravity types occupying l.

52:1.5 the planets are sometimes overrun with the l. types

52:1.5 vanquishes the l. and more unwieldy animals.

52:1.5 also make extensive use of the l. flying animals.

55:4.2 l. and l. groups of human beings reach the third

57:4.7 the period of the birth of the l. terminal suns and the

57:5.6 the solar extrusions grew l. and l.; more and more

57:6.2 the planet always turned toward the sun or l. body,

57:6.4 then, if the smaller progressively approaches the l.,

57:6.4 two and one-half times the radius of the l. body.

57:6.5 they are the fragments of l. bodies of matter which

57:6.5 gravity exerted by near-by and still l. space bodies.

57:6.7 satellites united to make the present-day l. moons.

57:7.1 the increased action of gravity as the sphere grew l.,

57:7.2 Always had the planet been l. than its satellite, but

58:3.1 atom disruption also occurs at the nucleus of the l.

59:3.5 was occupied by the l. mollusks, or cephalopods.

60:2.3 became less active and strong as they grew l. and l.;

60:2.8 Both corals and crinoids temporarily appeared in l.

62:3.2 They were in every way l. than their parents,

62:3.3 very superior to, and comparatively much l. than,

62:3.5 the l. species of the cat family, lions and tigers,

62:4.1 their heads grew l. in comparison with others among

63:6.3 To Andon, the l. food animals were symbols of

63:6.3 the custom to designate various of these l. animals

68:5.5 the more primitive races did not hunt the l. animals.

68:6.5 culture, have all thrived best in the l. centers of life

71:1.23 later and l. territorial states had a long and bitter

72:9.7 a vital organ within the l. governmental organism.

75:3.9 add Eve’s own little scheme of world saving to the l.

77:9.8 In the l. aspect the civilization of Urantia is the joint

78:5.7 the Polynesian group were more numerous and l.

79:6.2 Here the vanished green race has persisted in l.

79:6.13 attracted the l. part of the Andite migrations from

80:7.2 off the mainland by their l. and inferior fellows.

81:6.34 conflict between the interests and welfare of the l.,

89:1.3 As religion began to play a l. part in the evolution of

92:6.20 great universities and the l. industrial communities

93:6.7 surrender of his ambitions in behalf of the l. plans of

110:3.1 they continue to prosecute their l. tasks of eternity.

115:3.18 but from a l. viewpoint on a higher universe level,

116:6.7 and l. opportunity to acquire experience in their

116:6.7 a l. arena of evolutionary existence in which the

117:3.5 being unfolded as takes place, on a vastly l. scale,

118:10.15 greater things can happen to the l. units of the

122:5.10 The l. part of Joseph’s family became believers in the

123:3.7 The family grew l. and l.,and they spent much money

124:5.6 Jesus had a l. and longer experience rearing this

128:1.12 even after his emergence into the l. life on earth,

133:1.1 does not justice demand the punishment of the l.

134:5.7 As sovereignty passes from smaller groups to l.

134:5.7 the nations wielding sovereignty become l. and l..

134:5.9 and clans in relation to the tribe and l. groupings.

134:5.9 self-determination from the smaller to ever l. political

134:9.7 time on the interior finishing of some of the l. craft.

135:2.3 along a brook that was tributary to a l. stream

140:8.14 Jesus taught the new and l. brotherhood of man—

154:1.3 the gospel in its l. scope and in its far-flung

158:6.2 to seek for a l. knowledge of the Father’s will

163:5.3 David employed the l. part of his former messenger

163:7.3 with the seventy to labor in the l. cities of Perea.

163:7.3 twelve women had recently trained a l. corps of

173:1.1 was reserved for the temple treasury, but the l. part

173:1.3 in case a coin of l. value was offered for exchange,

189:2.4 The l. of these two stones was a huge circular

191:0.1 ten of them spent the l. part of the day in the upper

194:3.20 dig out l. channels wherein the divine bestowals may

largerwith number(s)

16:0.1 possible to produce a l. number of Master Spirits,

18:4.4 They have still l. numbers of Mighty Messengers,

22:10.6 We could use to great advantage much l. of these

47:3.12 but you will encounter l. as you progress through

82:6.7 Racial intermixture increases the likelihood of a l.

83:5.2 survival of the tribe by insuring the survival of l.

107:3.10 found in the domains of the local universes, but l.

121:5.13 Jesus so as to render them more acceptable to a l.

166:1.6 but the l. number persisted in the way of darkness,

larger sense

4:1.12 But in the l. the apparent “accidents” of the cosmos

14:4.11 so, in a l., do the Havona natives live and function on

39:4.7 in the l. such goals are simply milestones on the

117:2.2 even in the l. universe sense, for spirit-led existence

195:3.8 did not become a means of spiritual salvation in a l..


11:5.7 The outer zone is the l. and most active of the three

15:5.8 In the smaller systems the l. outer planet draws to

21:4.3 that racial group which contains the l. hereditary

31:9.9 This, the final and l. corps, consists of 24,010

35:9.8 Henselon, lost the l. number of this order of Sons.

38:6.2 make up the l. operating organization of seraphim,

41:3.2 The l. star in the universe, the stellar cloud Antares

41:4.6 The massive sun of Veluntia, one of the l. in

42:5.5 They emanate in the l. quantities from the densest

43:0.2 the centermost and l. of which is Edentia, the seat

43:7.3 although morontia students constitute by far the l.

43:7.4 the univitatia represent the l. group associated with

46:5.31 The studios of these artisans are among the l. and

57:5.10 The two l. of the solar system planets have remained

59:4.11 Many of the l. true fish belong to this age,

59:4.15 west bank of the Hudson River are one of the l.

60:2.2 The l. of the dinosaurs originated in North America.

61:7.7 This was the l. of all ice invasions in North America;

62:2.3 The members of this new species had the l. brains

64:6.10 just to see which tribe could build the l. mound.

64:7.5 by three small groups of mixed ancestry, the l. of

72:2.7 the person receiving the l. ballot among the list of

73:5.2 Seven was the l. number of houses composing any

77:3.5 1. The l. group, almost one half, desired to see the

77:3.6 2. The next l. faction wanted the tower designed to

77:4.3 This was the l. group of the dispersing Nodites,

80:9.2 But the l. inheritance was from the blue man.

104:4.9 from the smallest to the l. material organization,

114:7.8 The smallest corps numbers 41 and the l. 172.

114:7.12 The Urantia reserve corps had its l. membership in

125:0.2 the Passover company contained the l. number of

130:3.4 In this library Ganid saw the l. collection of Indian

130:3.8 and next to Rome the l. and most magnificent in the

130:3.8 Here was located the l. Jewish synagogue in the

132:4.1 the l. and most cosmopolitan city of the world.

132:5.16 sharing of these discoveries by the l. possible number

134:3.1 On the l. of a group of islands situated a short

166:5.1 in Philadelphia the l. group of Jews and gentiles,

169:4.7 to denote God, it should be understood in its l.

191:4.5 this group in Philadelphia embraced the l. number of


130:0.3 Mesopotamia, passing through Thapsacus and L..


170:5.21 that this church is only the l. stage of the thwarted


130:0.2 From Alexandria they sailed for L. in Crete.

130:4.12 aboard the boat bound for L. on the island of Crete.


133:1.2 One would impose forty l., another twenty, while

lastnoun; see last, at

4:4.5 First and l.—eternally—the infinite God is a Father.

5:5.11 L., dawns the spirit consciousness—the realization

5:6.14 [This is the fifth and l. of the series presenting the

10:7.1 “I am the first, and I am the l., and beside me there is

14:5.7 Havona circuits and visit the l. of the Havona worlds

16:9.14 because he is, then, because he is in us, and l.,

26:10.7 the l. of those orders of secondary supernaphim

29:0.1 Even now I am permitted to disclose only the l. of

30:4.27 From first to l., throughout all Havona, instruction

41:10.5 Sometimes the l. is first,while truly the least becomes

45:4.2 the l. of this group were assembled at the time of the

47:5.1 They will be among the l. to bid you an adieu

50:1.1 but the Planetary Prince is the l. of the orders of

55:7.4 the youngest world—the l. to achieve light and life—

57:4.8 the fifty-sixth from the l. of the Andronover solar

64:2.6 the remains of the Foxhall peoples were the l. to be

64:6.20 indigo race, the l. of the colored peoples to develop,

64:6.25 They were the l. to migrate from their highland

64:7.14 The l. of the Sangik peoples to migrate from their

65:2.11 have appeared on Urantia, the fishes being the l.,

72:5.2 fifty years ago they deported the l. of their slaves,

74:1.5 were the l. to bid them farewell and divine speed

77:5.5 Ratta was the l. of her race, having no living


78:8.1 regions were the l. of the Andites in Mesopotamia.

79:5.6 It is eighty-five thousand years since the l. of the red

81:6.23 the school l. but equally indispensable in a complex

89:5.9 The l. of cannibalism in Asia was this eating of

89:6.7 especially among the Phoenicians, who were the l. to

95:7.6 for is he not “the first and the l., also the seen and

97:7.6 I am the first and the l.; there is no God beside me.

97:7.9 “I am the first and the l., and beside me there is no

106:6.6 —the third and l. of the experiential Deities.

110:6.22 and l., when they are finally and eternally fused.

119:7.2 From first to l., up to the final and triumphant

121:6.6 Gospel of John, the l. of the narratives of Jesus’ life,

123:3.5 l., the most solemn of all, the feast of the new year

125:3.2 After making inquiry of the l. of the party to reach

127:4.10 Thus disappeared the l. of his recreational pleasures.

127:6.10 This was the l. of Joseph’s entire estate.

128:1.10 Omega, the beginning and end, the first and the l..”

131:1.3 The Most High is the first and the l., the beginning

135:3.4 feeling grew in John’s heart that he was to be the l.

135:4.2 John truly believed that he was to be the l. of this

135:4.4 by Malachi, the l. of the prophets up to that time.

137:4.15 kept the best of the wine until the l. of the feast.”

139:6.1 Nathaniel, sixth and l. of the apostles to be chosen by

145:2.13 John, who was the l. to write of Jesus’ doings,

147:4.9 And then l., but greatest of all, we attain the level of

150:6.3 By midafternoon, Andrew and Peter, the l. to arrive

150:8.6 only the first and l. of the benedictions were recited

151:3.15 Now will I tell you the l. of the parable of the sower

154:1.3 The l. of the seaside meetings was held on Sabbath

163:3.4 But many who are first shall be l., while the l. shall

165:3.8 The first I have done, but the l. I may not do

166:3.5 And, behold, many who are first will be l., and

166:3.5 and those who are l. will many times be first.”

168:1.6 just fifteen minutes before Lazarus breathed his l..

171:8.6 down through the others until the l. of the servants

174:5.4 I would address you as the first and l of such a group

181:2.20 now would I answer the l. of such questionings

183:3.9 one of the l. of the returning soldiers who had

185:1.5 The l. of these serious outbreaks had to do with

186:2.3 on Urantia, his whole human career, from first to l.,

186:2.6 From first to l., in his so-called trial before Pilate,

186:2.8 he would be the l. to afford them real national

187:5.4 When the Master finally breathed his l., there were

187:6.1 David Zebedee sent out the l. of the messengers

187:6.1 The l. of his runners he dispatched to the home of

190:1.2 And they were the l. to so view the sepulchre,

190:1.4 past nine o’clock when the l. of David’s twenty-six

194:2.20 Spirit of Truth bring to the world the l. of the spirit

last, at

11:1.3 inward through the starry realms, until a. you stand

28:6.17 difficult service, adventurous service, and a. divine

37:6.6 A. you are qualified to enjoy the unified urge of a

44:8.3 A. the aspirations of evolutionary mediocrity may

53:7.12 a. the new Sovereign came, landing on the sea of

55:5.6 man has a. co-ordinated a high state of mechanical

55:10.6 And a. these Sons find their place in the local

63:5.6 A. a tool-creating mind was functioning in

67:3.10 But a. the final decision of the last personality was

75:3.7 A. plans had developed to the point where Eve

86:6.6 But a. the mind of primitive man was occupied with

86:6.6 a. man was about to evolve an art of living based on

86:6.6 The concept of right and wrong had a. evolved;

87:4.4 A. good luck and bad luck were pictured as having

87:4.5 Man was a. able to conceive of supermortal forces

89:8.4 A., the gods were conceived of as entering into real

97:6.2 a. the concept of Yahweh had ascended to a Deity

97:7.6 A. Machiventa Melchizedek beheld human

97:7.11 A., man is introduced to a universe of law and

101:10.9 A. all creatures become conscious of the fact that

101:10.9 a. they gaze upon the universe from within, from

126:0.4 a great leader in Israel; a. a really great teacher was

126:3.4 A. Jesus gave up the idea of having each member of

127:3.13 Mary a. and in the fullest sense recognized Jesus as

128:7.9 A. the day had come when all Jesus’ brothers had

130:8.4 A. they reached Naples and felt they were not far

131:10.8 A. I have a religion with a God, a marvelous God,

133:5.11 A. my eyes have beheld a Jew who thinks something

133:9.4 A. the day came for the separation.

135:4.6 A he thought out the method of proclaiming the new

136:9.8 A., and finally, the human mind of the Son of Man

137:5.3 A. he recognized that there was no way to launch

140:0.3 A. the long-waited-for hour had come!

146:0.2 was a source of satisfaction to the apostles a. to feel

148:6.11 A. his faith pierced the clouds of suffering to

162:4.1 The apostles a. beheld their Master making the bold

163:6.1 A. Jesus was able to see men going out to spread the

171:1.3 their Master a. intended to go to Jerusalem and lay

172:4.2 A. there came along a poor widow, scantily attired,

173:5.3 a. the wedding chamber was filled with willing

173:5.6 Even the Alpheus twins were a. aroused to the

174:2.1 A., Pharisees, Sadducees, and even the Herodians

177:0.1 A. Jesus spoke: “I desire that you rest today.

177:4.2 Judas would a. be in a position to erase the stigma

177:4.3 he was a convinced that Jesus would allow himself

177:4.9 He a realized that there was to be no new kingdom

177:4.12 A. the chief priests and elders could breathe easily

181:0.1 A. it was beginning to dawn upon these Galileans

181:2.9 but what will you do when I go away and you a.

182:3.7 Jesus was a. convinced that the Father intended to

186:3.1 They were a. able to breathe easily, and so they

194:3.6 A., true religion is delivered from the custody of


last achievement

65:2.4 the l. and greatest achievement in life evolution.

last act(s)

24:2.8 indicate the death of a will creature when the l of will

53:8.6 The l. of Michael before leaving Urantia was to offer

55:4.8 One of the l. of the Trinity Teacher Sons on their

93:9.4 Abraham’s l. was to send trusty servants to the

188:4.2 Death is the l. act in the mortal drama.

last address

175:0.1 arrived at the temple and began delivery of his l. in

last adjudication

77:8.1 At the l. of this world, when Michael removed the

last adjutant(s)

38:9.7 to the joint ministry of the l. two adjutant spirits

42:10.4 as superhuman intellect in the l. two adjutants.

65:7.7 action of the seventh and l., the spirit of wisdom.

last analysis

0:11.15 In the l. and in the final comprehension all three are

2:3.2 In the l., such sin-identified individuals have

5:3.8 True worship, in the l., becomes an experience

12:8.8 And in the l. the unifying possibilities of human mind

21:2.8 In the l., spiritual design is controlled by the Trinity

101:4.4 In the l., religion is to be judged by its fruits,

103:9.6 the experiential claims of religion, which, in the l.,

106:2.3 Spirit, in the l.,comes from Paradise through Havona

106:8.2 and the triunities are, in the l., unfathomable.

107:1.6 In the l., the Father fragments must be the gift of

111:1.6 The Adjuster bestowed upon man is, in the l.,

112:6.2 these are investments which, in the l., are beyond

115:1.4 but in the l. it exists because God so willed.

140:4.11 because in the l. the “universe is truly fatherly.”

last Andites

80:1.1 Before the l. were driven out of the Euphrates valley,

last animal

59:1.19 inorganic—being the l. multicelled animal that could—

last appeal

167:4.2 he decided, his Father willing, to make this l. to

175:0.1 This discourse was intended to be his l. to the Jewish

175:3.1 This was the answer to the Master’s l. to the rulers

179:4.8 Jesus’ l. to the deserting Judas, but it was of no avail


185:6.2 Pilate would make one l. appeal to their pity.

last appearance

21:4.5 the divine Son of l. on your planet was a Creator


193:3.1 May 18, Jesus made his l. on earth as a morontia

last arrivals

80:4.1 the l. coming on horseback in three great waves.

last assignment

119:4.3 His l. or terminal assignment was as counselor and

191:0.3 on their l. as heralds of the resurrection to those

last battle

62:3.13 two weeks during the l. fierce battle of their tribe,

last benediction

150:8.7 Then followed the l.: “O bestow on your people

last bestowal

119:0.7 the l. taking place on Urantia nineteen hundred

119:7.4 All intelligences realized that the l. was in progress,

176:4.1 planet whereon he experienced his seventh and l.

186:5.3 completion of his seventh and l. universe bestowal.

last bid

172:3.3 to make this public entrance into Jerusalem as a l.

last books

159:4.3 As a revelation of truth, the l. are more dependable

last breath

86:5.13 the custom of the eldest son to try to catch the l. of

last broadcast

20:7.2 The l. universal census broadcast gave the number of

last century or centuries

72:3.2 home life of this people has improved during the l..

72:11.4 but during the l. two centuries these people have

last ceremonies

74:1.5 associated with the l. of the bestowal acceptance.

last chance

136:9.6 represented the l. of the Jews to attain dominion;

172:4.1 this one more and l. to hear the gospel and receive,

175:1.6 I am just now offering you your l. to come forward

last chapters

135:4.4 John read and reread the l. five chapters of Isaiah,

last circle

44:8.5 and equalized until after you have finished the l. of

last circuit(s)

14:5.7 Not until you traverse the l. of the Havona circuits

25:8.6 terminal days of the ascenders’ sojourn on the l. of

26:11.1 Much of an ascender’s time on the l. is devoted to a

last concept

37:9.9 Creator Son personalize in dual form his l. of being

last conference

140:7.7 At the l., the night after the Sabbath, Peter and

last continent

78:4.6 circumnavigated the globe and discovered the l.

last copy or copies

121:8.6 a private record, the l. having been destroyed in the

139:1.9 The l. of these few altered and amended copies was

last cup

181:2.3 death in the flesh, and I am ready to drink this l..

last cycle

57:4.1 embraces the second and l. of sun dispersion,

last day(s)

53:4.1 on the l. of the year, about two hundred thousand

124:6.8 By the fourth and l. day’s journey the road was a

136:10.1 On the l. of this memorable isolation, before starting

141:9.1 On Monday, the l. of March, Jesus and the apostles

142:8.5 affairs moved along quietly until the l. of June,


162:4.4 On the l. of the feast almost four hundred and fifty

162:4.4 the Psalm for the l. of the feast being the eighty-

162:5.1 On the evening of the next to the l. of the feast,

162:6.1 On the l., the day of the feast, as the procession

162:7.1 On the afternoon of the l. of the feast and after the

163:5.1 The l. ten days of November were spent in council at

168:0.6 that he will rise again in the resurrection of the l.;

177:1.3 The Master spent this l. of quiet on earth visiting


178:0.1 Jesus planned to spend this Thursday, his l. free

last denunciation

175:0.2 coupled with his l. of the false teachers and bigoted

last descendant

77:5.5 who claimed to be the l. pure-line descendant of

last destiny

131:4.2 this one God is our Maker and the l. of the soul.

last developments

72:1.5 the l. in industrial and political realms having been

last discourse


175:4.1 At the conclusion of Jesus’ l. in the temple,

175:4.1 so that all twelve heard this latter half of Jesus’ l.

175:4.12 angry because of Jesus’ l. of bitter denunciation

last dispersion(s)


78:8.1 When the l. Andite dispersion broke the biologic

last division(s)

43:6.4 classify the first three as vegetable and the l. three as

72:8.2 The fourth and l. of officeholders are not required

last effort

50:1.1 the Planetary Prince represents the l. of the Son

183:3.4 Jesus made one l. to save Judas from actually

last electrons

42:7.9 The l. ten electrons, present in only the ten

last episode

129:3.9 The l. of his prehuman experience to be brought

150:2.3 the l. and tragic episode in the drama of Jesus’ life

last epoch

159:6.5 rest before they made ready to start upon the l. of

last era

80:7.6 erelong the l. glorious era of art perished beneath

last exodus

80:6.3 When the l. from the Euphrates valley occurred,

last fact

102:6.6 God is the first truth and the l.; therefore does all

last farewell

193:5.1 Jesus now prepared to say his l. to the apostles

last feast

123:3.5 l., the most solemn of all, the feast of the new year,

last floods

59:4.15 This subsidence marked the appearance of the l.

last glaciation

61:7.6 250,000 years ago the sixth and l. began.

61:7.15 In North America, during the l., the horse, tapir,

last glacier

61:7.8 200,000 years ago during the advance of the l.,

61:7.9 150,000 years ago the sixth and l. reached its

61:7.11 during the retreat of the l., the vast polar ice sheets

61:7.12 This l. was one hundred thousand years advancing,

61:7.12 and it required a like span of time to complete its

64:7.17 drove them to take to the sea when the sixth and l.

79:5.6 with their backs to the retreating ice of the l.,

last group(s)

19:7.1 supernal intelligences, the l. having been personalized

22:2.4 And the l. of this order to qualify on Paradise

22:4.1 constitute the third and l. of the Trinitized Sons of

29:0.1 Even now I am permitted to disclose only the l. of

43:8.12 and so on up until, on the l. of seven major spheres

80:4.4 mobility, enabling the l. of Andite cavalrymen to

last half

183:4.8 This was the situation during the l. of Thursday night

last headquarters

163:5.1 Jesus and the twelve prepared to establish their l. in

last hour(s)

133:4.12 To the condemned criminal he said at the l.: “My

139:4.10 John was present right up to the l. earthly hour



183:1.2 Ordinary men cannot expect to have their l. on

187:4.2 but only in these l. of consciousness did he turn


last indictment

175:3.1 their reaction of bitter resentment toward Jesus’ l.

last influx

79:4.3 of Aryan blood into the Punjab, the l. being attendant

last instance

168:2.8 l., where a mortal creature had been resurrected in

last interview


last inundation

59:4.2 As the land emerges from the l. Silurian inundation,

last journey

147:2.1 they passed through Jericho again when on that l.

171:8.15 Master’s l. to Jerusalem in the likeness of the flesh of

178:2.12 this was the l. he ever made with all twelve of them.

last judgment

98:5.4 summon all the dead from their graves to face the l.

last level

17:8.8 the Master Spirits contribute to the l. of God the

116:2.12 Creators; the l. three levels are the Paradise Deities.

last link

18:7.5 The Faithfuls of Days are the l. in the long chain

40:5.1 Mortals represent the l. in the chain of those beings

45:5.3 These Material Sons are the l. and physical link in

51:6.5 we encounter the l. and the indispensable link

62:4.7 The Primates tribes were the l. vital link in the

last look

168:1.12 Jesus wanted only to take one l. look at Lazarus.

last manifestation

79:1.9 The l. of the submerged military genius of the Asiatic

last mark

47:10.2 mansion worlds and finally over the l. and trace,

last meal

178:2.9 Jesus wanted to be sure he would have this one l.

last measure

158:1.4 but he also elected to meet the l. and full measure

last meeting

148:9.1 when Jesus was holding his l. with the apostles,

154:1.3 The l. of the seaside meetings was held on Sabbath

193:6.2 Peter made a thrilling report of the l. of the eleven

last message

144:8.1 John’s special friends brought the Master the l.

150:0.4 This was their l. to Galilee, except to the northern

last messenger

135:4.2 John truly believed that he was to be the l. of this

last migration


61:4.3 the l. great world-wide animal migration took place

last ministry

165:0.1 almost three months and was the l. of the Master.


186:4.4 the site of the crucifixion was due to the l. decision

last mission


163:7.1 and his associates were about to enter upon their l.,

190:1.3 I will send them forth on their l., as heralds of the

190:1.5 I am about to send you on your l. as volunteer

last moment(s)

139:4.10 given during the l. of the Master’s mortal existence.

139:12.12 might exert his power and deliver himself at the l..

182:2.12 overheard all that transpired during those l. in the

last months

128:4.1 The l. four months of this year Jesus spent in

last motive

177:4.9 In its l. of conscious intention, Judas’ betrayal of

last night

177:5.6 Jesus, knowing this would be the l. he would ever

179:5.5 his simple spiritual symbolism of that l. in the flesh

last offer

175:3.1 the Sanhedrin’s reply to the l. of heavenly mercy

175:4.1 Judas did not hear this l. of mercy to the Jewish

last opportunity

144:1.7 sensed that this would be their l. for prolonged rest

last orders

29:4.12 the l. four orders seem to be wholly automatic and

last outbreak

185:1.5 The l. of these serious outbreaks had to do with

last outreach

104:4.38 This is the l. of divinity on the levels of infinity

last Passover

128:6.9 This was the l. Jesus attended with any member of

last period

61:7.17 The ice age is the l. completed geologic period,

61:7.19 This is the l.—the current—geologic period and is

157:6.3 The fourth and l. of his earth career began here at

last personality

67:3.10 But at last the final decision of the l. was made,

last phase

25:7.3 you finally leave the l. of the morontia experience,

158:6.5 The Son of Man now enters upon the l. of the

last phyla

65:2.11 have appeared on Urantia, the fishes being the l.,

last piece

127:3.1 The l. of Capernaum property (except an equity in

157:6.1 expected to have money from the sale of his l. of

last prayer


182:2.4 spoken in the course of the l., opened their eyes to

last price

134:8.9 Jesus had paid the l. required of him to attain the

last prophet

135:4.4 the first of the prophets was called Elijah, so the l.

last question

133:1.3 But Ganid asked one l., to which he never received

last rebellion

45:2.1 Lucifer rebellion in the system of Satania was the l.

last reckoning

68:6.1 escape from the land, in the l. he is certain to fail.

last registration

37:5.6 The l. recorded over one and one-half billion High

45:5.4 At the l. millennial registration on Salvington there

last registry

32:2.9 At the l. there were 3,840,101 inhabited planets in

37:3.1 at the time of the l. there were eight hundred

last remnants

47:9.1 The l. of the “mark of the beast” are eradicated

last rendezvous

178:3.5 the Son of God was passing by on his way to the l.

179:1.6 This supper is their l. with Jesus, and even in such

last report

19:1.2 I can, however, state that, at the l. periodic report to

23:0.2 From the l. Uversa report I observe that there were

25:1.7 the l. of Uversa indicates that almost 138 billion

25:3.15 The l. of registry on Uversa gives the number

last request

187:5.3 The l. which the mortal Jesus made of his fellows

last resistance

80:5.5 but the l. great military resistance was overcome

last rest

27:1.5 The l. of time has been enjoyed; the last transition

39:2.10 from world to world until after the l. of sleep on the

159:6.5 This was their l., for the Perean mission developed

last resurrection

26:11.6 their preparation for the transition slumber of the l.

47:10.5 But the l. hall, the final awakening chamber, was

last revival

95:1.7 astrology experienced its l. Mesopotamian revival,

last sacrifice

89:9.3 Christ became the l. and all-sufficient human sacrifice

last sermon

170:0.1 Saturday, March 11, Jesus preached his l. at Pella.

last sleep

26:10.6 and soon thereafter the l. transit sleep will terminate,

27:1.1 the pilgrim awakes from the l. transition sleep,

27:1.3 But the l. metamorphic sleep is something more than

27:1.5 the l. transition sleep has been experienced;

113:7.5 awaken from the l. transit sleep of time into the new

last sphere

47:5.1 from the mansion worlds to the l. of local universe

48:2.22 the first mansion world to the l. transition sphere,

last stage

157:6.3 Jesus now entered upon the l. of his human life in

last stand

98:3.9 The l. of the dwindling band of Salem believers was

last statement

192:2.5 Peter took this l. literally—that he should continue to

last step(s)

21:4.5 the l. in fulfilling the sacred oath of a Creator Son.

119:0.4 These bestowals are the l. in their education and

last stock

79:2.1 were blended, the Andite invasion adding the l..

last stretch

27:1.4 and you will recall the l. grand stretch of faith as you

last struggle

53:8.3 Michael had come with Lucifer to Urantia for the l.

64:6.13 The l. great struggle between the orange and green

110:7.10 until the l. earth struggle is over; I will be true to my

134:8.2 He requested that he be permitted to go up to his l.

Last Supper or last supper

98:5.3 specially built boat and a l. supper which Mithras

140:5.1 the Sermon on the Mount to the discourse of the L.,

178:0.1 led the twelve into Jerusalem to partake of the L..


179:2.2 with you the fruit of the vine since this is our l..

179:3.10 paste of dried fruits, for the next course of the L..

179:4.5 would not have told you these things at this, our l.,

180:0.1 After singing the Psalm at the conclusion of the L.,

181:2.1 as when they first sat down to partake of the L.,

183:2.1 Judas so abruptly left the table while eating the L.,

187:1.8 Jesus had had neither food nor water since the L.

188:3.2 upper chamber where they had partaken of the L.

189:4.1 very couches whereon they reclined during the l.

last system

55:8.7 the time comes when the l. in a given constellation

last talk

163:4.1 in his l. with the seventy, Jesus placed emphasis on

185:7.3 This l. with Jesus thoroughly frightened Pilate.

last teacher

124:6.10 the l. and the greatest of her heavenly teachers.

last teaching


last thing

92:1.3 religion is the l. to perish or change in a race.

last thought

187:5.2 The l. conscious thought of the human Jesus was

last time

39:1.10 creatures who are pausing for the l. on Salvington,

152:7.3 And Jesus well knew that that would be the l. he

162:9.4 Before leaving Bethlehem for the l., the Master made

171:3.2 this was the l. Abner ever saw Jesus in the flesh.

last trace

47:10.2 mansion worlds and finally over the l. and mark

last transition

39:2.6 the ascendant sojourners on Salvington for their l.

last universe

31:9.9 related to the fourth and l. of the universes of outer

last venture

26:9.2 when the transit trio announce that the l. of time is

last visit

130:1.5 Jesus’ l. with Gadiah had to do with a discussion of


171:5.1 Bartimeus had not known of Jesus’ l. to Jericho

172:0.2 they dimly felt that this might be his l. to Jerusalem

last wave(s)

77:5.10 to enter Europe with the blended stock of the l.

78:5.4 per cent of these l. of emigration entered Europe.

78:6.1 The l. three waves of Andites poured out of

78:8.3 driving forth the l. of culture which spread out over

79:7.4 especially true of the l. of migration from the west.

80:5.1 when the l. of Andite cavalry swept over Europe,

last week(s)

133:7.5 The l. of their sojourn in the mountains Jesus and

134:8.4 Jesus spent the l. three weeks of August and the first

134:8.6 During the l. on Mount Hermon the temptation


141:6.1 Near the end of the l. at Amathus, Simon brought

143:0.2 The l. of July Jesus and his associates made ready to

144:6.1 conference but absented himself the l. two weeks.

147:6.1 The l. of April, Jesus and the twelve departed from


148:8.1 The l. of the sojourn at Bethsaida the spies became

169:0.1 This was the l. of Jesus’ sojourn there, and he was

169:0.2 right up to the final and tragic experiences of the l. in

171:1.5 David was present in Jerusalem during the tragic l.,

last wish

187:5.2 His l.—concerning the care of his mother—had

last word(s)

135:11.4 And this was the l. John received from Jesus.

147:8.5 His l. that night were: “Grow in grace by means of


170:1.13 his l. always was, “The kingdom is within you.”

177:3.7 the Master’s l. to the multitude had been an



182:2.2 addressed his l. to all eleven, saying: “My friends,

187:5.2 His l. of mercy, forgiveness, and admonition had

last work

137:8.3 Jesus did his l at the carpenter bench on this Tuesday

last worlds

40:8.1 survival until they reach the l. educational worlds of

47:4.6 The spiritual progress is greatest on the l. three

last year

124:3.3 This was the l. in which he enjoyed much free play

124:4.7 During his l. at school, when he was twelve years

129:1.15 This was the l. year of his settled life.

152:5.6 preparing the way for the inauguration of this l. of

152:6.5 trying and testing ordeals of the l. of the Master’s

154:7.3 the wanderings of this eventful l. of the Master’s life

156:5.15 better righteousness recommender than you were l.?

156:6.9 his scattered, tested, and depleted forces for this l.

157:6.3 and embraced the labors of his l. in the flesh.

last years

37:2.6 the l. nineteen hundred Urantia years his associate,

44:5.4 During the l. few millions of years many improved

59:0.6 5. The mammalian era occupies the l. fifty million

79:2.1 Indus being the work of the l. fifty thousand years.

79:3.2 no time within the l. ten thousand years has India

81:4.10 the human remains of the l. twenty thousand years

83:4.9 while for the l. five hundred years church and state

98:7.4 Orient that have arisen in the l. four thousand years.

134:5.1 nation life during the l. nineteen hundred years

139:4.12 The l. twenty years of his life John was cared for by

166:5.5 In his l. Abner denounced Paul as the “corrupter

lastverb or adverb

53:8.1 They were l. on your world together during the time

138:7.1 He did not tell the apostles how long this was to l.;

163:3.6 beginning with the l. hired and ending with the first

163:3.6 ‘These men who were hired l. worked only one

163:3.7 my desire to give to those who came l. as much as I

194:1.2 in that very place where his Master had l. taught


59:4.18 This period of the world’s history l. almost fifty

84:1.8 mating came when these temporary partnerships l.

130:2.7 This was a conference which l. well into the night,

166:5.3 This feud between Jerusalem and Philadelphia l.

174:5.5 a conference at the home of Nicodemus, which l.

184:5.2 This session of the court l. only a half hour,

193:6.2 This part of the meeting l. not quite one hour.

195:3.11 this Roman Empire l. sufficiently long to insure the


123:2.9 4. The period of dependence on the mother, l. up to

123:3.5 the midwinter festive illumination, l. eight days,


5:4.2 experience, a l. peace and a profound assurance.

12:9.6 Real trouble, l. disappointment, serious defeat, or

27:6.5 you will feel a certain and l. satisfaction concerning

68:2.8 Almost everything of l. value in civilization has its

75:5.9 There was intense and l. “enmity between that man

80:9.7 the most serious and l. of all cultural setbacks up to

84:7.8 Adam and Eve exerted a l. influence on all

91:4.5 effects great and l. changes in the one who prays

99:1.4 upheavals can result in l. brotherhood only by the

100:4.3 Spiritual growth yields l. joy, peace which passes

134:4.10 There can be no l. religious peace on Urantia until

134:5.10 Urantia will not enjoy l. peace until the so-called

134:6.8 creating a real, bona fide, and l. world sovereignty

134:6.13 mankind government will bring l. peace on earth,

140:5.16 responsive to human need creates genuine and l.

152:6.3 you can hope to achieve l. success and accomplish

153:1.2 important task of winning l. spiritual converts for

160:1.2 higher longings which are capable of l. attainment,

164:3.13 Jesus arranged that this man might derive l. benefit

165:6.3 believers shall have great and l. peace in his own

195:5.9 A l. social system without a morality predicated on

195:7.2 True science can have no l. quarrel with true religion

195:10.7 reality of God can contribute in any l. manner to the


99:1.5 true religion is the only power which can l. increase

100:1.4 precept or even example is not l. influential.


1:0.1 think of God as a creator, then controller, and l. as

14:6.36 And l., since these Daughter Spirits of the Infinite

81:2.15 L. man entered the creative stage of home building,

96:0.3 Babylonian theologic thought; and l., by Iranian


57:3.12 stage of gravity-heat contention sometimes l for ages

167:4.5 As long as my day l., I fear not to enter Judea.

latesee late, too

61:7.14 The mammoth, until a l. date, ranged from Mexico

65:4.8 procedure was the l. arrival of the Planetary Prince.

74:3.4 And again, l. into the night of their third day, the Son

74:8.9 and having no written language until such a l. date,

78:8.1 Mesopotamia were already blended by this l. date,

89:6.3 even at that l. date and among a supposedly civilized

89:6.6 At that l. date, not only did this father put two of his

96:1.11 a volcano, occasional eruptions occurring as l. as the

122:2.2 It was l. in the month of June, 8 B.C., that Gabriel

123:0.4 bound for Joppa, arriving at that port l. in August of

124:1.3 in l. winter when Jesus dared to challenge the chazan

124:2.7 L. this year Jesus had a fishing experience of two

126:5.5 Jesus could earn, by working early and l., only the

128:3.7 Simon kept the family up l. that night relating his

133:3.8 Imagine the surprise of Justus’ wife when, at this l.

133:3.9 said: “As it is getting l., and since the young man’s

134:8.9 On an afternoon in l. summer, amid the trees and

137:1.8 L. that evening, James, John, Andrew, and Simon

137:2.8 going by the village of Nain, reached Nazareth l.

137:8.3 And they did not see him until l. that evening when

139:1.6 L. on the evening of the day of Pentecost, when,

140:7.1 when the twelve were assembled for a l. breakfast

140:7.3 teaching by day and holding private conferences l.

145:0.3 L. on Friday evening Jesus’ baby sister, Ruth,

145:4.2 who had been healed of diverse diseases lingered l.

145:4.2 When Jesus did return, the hour was l., and

146:4.3 L. on the afternoon of the third day at Iron, as

150:3.2 L. that evening Jesus gave the united group a

151:5.7 It was l. in the evening when Jesus and his associates

152:2.3 By l. afternoon more than a thousand persons had

152:7.1 They arrived at Bethany, near Jerusalem, l. on

157:3.7 their journey to Caesarea-Philippi, arriving l. that

157:4.2 It was l. forenoon on this Wednesday when the

162:0.3 the east Jordan highway, arriving at Bethany l.

162:9.6 Jordan highway directly to Magadan Park, arrived l.

167:4.1 Very l. on Sunday night, February 26, a runner from

168:0.1 laid away in a private tomb l. on Sunday afternoon.

169:0.1 L. on Monday evening, March 6, Jesus and the ten

171:5.1 L. on the afternoon of Thursday, March 30, Jesus

171:8.1 they sat up l. the night before while Jesus taught

176:2.9 It was a l. hour when David Zebedee, John Mark,

177:3.4 on the way to Jerusalem and should arrive l. on the

177:4.1 his brethren, not returning until l. in the afternoon.

182:2.9 to happen that night since it was already so l..

183:2.3 It was l. when they arrived at Pilate’s house, and

188:3.2 L. Saturday night, John Mark summoned the eleven

189:4.1 Thomas was with them for a few minutes l.

191:6.1 relay of runners, had arrived in Alexandria l. that

192:0.5 therefore did not arrive at Bethsaida until very l. on

192:4.4 did not arrive at the home of the Marks until l. on

late, too

163:2.7 then too l. to enjoy membership in the seventy,

168:0.2 learn of their brother’s illness until it was too l.,

175:1.3 Even now it is not too l. for this people to receive

185:8.1 it was too l. now to save Jesus even had the mob

195:3.8 Hellenized Christianity came to Rome too l. to


106:7.9 whose union constitutes the l. of the I AM,


16:9.9 four universe-reality realizations are l. and inherent:

77:5.9 a l. part of the cultural potential which blossomed

79:7.5 of the l. tendencies of the superior Chinese stocks.

80:5.7 the l. superiority of these northern barbarians

96:3.3 these slaves carried l. possibilities of development in

104:5.11 the infinity reservoirs of all l. energy reality—spirit,

104:5.11 yields the integration of all l. energy reality.

116:0.5 of the Supreme in the master universe is now l.,

117:6.6 a new awakening of the l. mother potential of the

139:1.8 gift for discovering the l. talents of young people.

160:3.1 How best can I awaken these l. powers for good

195:0.12 these compromised ideals of the Master are still l. in

195:2.5 within the l. truths of Hellenized and paganized

195:5.10 not try to gratify all the l. adventure surging within


106:0.2 These manifold existents and l. have been suggested

laternon-exhaustive; see later-day; see sooner or later

  see times, later

2:6.4 The l. Hebrew prophets proclaimed God to be a

18:4.6 The l. trinitized beings likewise passed through a

29:3.3 affiliate with the Creator Sons during the l. epochs

31:5.2 When an advanced world attains the l. eras of the

33:4.7 director of universe affairs during the l. bestowals.

34:0.1 first, in physical organization and, l., in creation and

34:2.5 In the l. evolution of mortal creatures the Life

35:8.2 Being a l. and lower—as concerns divinity levels—

36:1.4 In the l. and settled ages of an evolving universe

37:10.1 mortal orders, who will be considered in l. papers,

38:1.2 Universe Mother Spirit, not as the l. co-ordinate of

40:5.10 will be invaluable in connection with l. contacts on

40:10.6 less settled epochs to the l. and established eras of

43:3.4 Many l. teachers confused their vague and

45:4.20 kept open for l. assignment to ascending mortals

46:2.7 than your l. life of advancing spirit existence.

48:2.18 the l. transitions from one universe to another and

48:7.31 while the more advanced pupils on the l. worlds are

49:2.24 During the earlier and the l. stages of many

50:4.2 They are, in comparison with l. ages, simple, being

51:4.2 The earlier races are somewhat superior to the l.;

52:1.3 are usually blended with the l. imported violet race,

52:1.4 in keeping with the standards of l. dispensations of

52:2.4 early fears of primitive men and the l. revelations of

56:7.5 overcontrol of the universes during the l. stages of

57:7.9 Even in the l. periods the continuing lava flows and

57:7.10 the oxygen-enriching atmosphere of the l. eras.

57:8.13 l. deposits of the water ages have become mixed

58:1.5 the l. attempts to establish such life forms as we had

58:1.8 seashores of the mild and equable climes of a l. age

58:4.4 We foresaw that in the l era of the emergence of land

58:5.2 exudate of ancient volcanoes, l. and extensive lava

58:6.1 forms of life and the l. well-defined animal organisms

58:7.3 have been ascribed to this era belong to l. periods.

58:7.8 The earth’s crust was just entering upon its l. period

58:7.10 unstratified rocks and partly in these l. stratified

59:0.9 first and oldest layers are separated from the l. strata

59:1.5 In the l. portion of this time segment much of North

59:1.17 to the displacement of glacial debris of l. origin.

59:1.19 self-protection when attacked by their l. appearing

59:2.11 Corals and the l. types of sponges evolved.

59:4.6 deposits of these l. stages of the first Devonian

59:6.6 found even among some of the upper and l. coal


61:1.9 the ancestors of the l. kangaroos roamed Australia.

61:1.9 the ancestors of the l. gigantic passenger birds that

61:1.10 In common with the l. appearing orders, early

61:2.4 Florissant fossil beds of Colorado belong to the l.

61:2.7 The l. deposits of this period contain the fossil

61:2.9 development was not completed until the l. ice age.

61:6.4 man lived in these regions throughout the l. epochs

62:0.1 lemurs were derived from the l. American group of

62:2.1 The l. ape tribes retained the grasping big toe but

62:3.2 as well suited for walking as those of the l. human

63:1.4 their l. descendants who stooped to mate with their

63:4.2 Humor was the legacy of the l. Adamic race.

63:4.2 unpleasant situations as were many of the l. mortals.

63:4.6 family, until the l. appearance of the colored races.

63:5.4 in subsequent times the l. ice sheets came farther

64:2.7 journeyed west of England after a l. ice visitation

64:6.6 ancestors had been in touch with the l. activities of

64:6.7 Many of Onamonalonton’s l. descendants have come

64:6.9 upstepped by the admixture of the l. Adamic stock.

64:6.16 small but potent legacy of the l. imported Adamic

64:6.21 preferred them to all of the l. persisting colored races

64:7.1 And not until the l. retreat of the Mediterranean Sea,

64:7.12 the l. improvement of the racial strains by admixture

65:5.4 the l. celestial supervisors of this planet express

66:1.1 during l. ages, with the management of the local

66:2.8 the l. traditions concerning the installation of Adam

66:3.1 in the district corresponding to l. Mesopotamia.

66:4.12 until their sometime l. release to resume the journey

66:5.5 but the horse was not domesticated until a l. date.

66:5.13 their labors were interrupted by the l. confusion

66:7.7 Among the l. students trained in Mesopotamia for

66:8.3 blunder as well as by the l. failure of Adam and Eve

68:1.6 the l. labors of the Adamic group of racial uplifters

68:3.3 for the l. discovery of “the fear of the Lord which

68:4.3 L. developing primitive religion greatly reinforced

69:4.1 the early practices of silent barter and the l. trade by

69:9.3 The l. capital-accumulation and property-inheritance

69:9.6 And even at a l. time it was most dangerous to amass

70:1.2 The Sangik races, together with the l. deteriorated

70:1.3 The l. Andonites used to settle disputes by holding a

70:3.9 for a third party who might arrive on a l. visit.

70:5.3 was one of the forerunners of the l. tribal chief.

70:6.3 the tribe and l. state had no natural leader, and this

70:7.13 Many l. tribes sanctioned the formation of women’s

70:11.6 which l. ruling minds formulated the written laws.

71:1.23 castes persist in the l. state organizations as

71:1.23 The l. and larger territorial states had a long and

71:5.3 but l. civilizations are promoted by intelligent

73:5.4 Before the l. establishment of a sewage-disposal

74:8.8 clearly shown by the fact that l. editors, intending to

74:8.11 much as l. peoples regard mythological narratives.

74:8.12 a part of the l. collections of the “sacred scriptures”

75:4.8 “It was the practice of l. generations to attribute

76:3.10 debased and commercial priesthoods of the l. tribes

77:2.11 the l. introduced year of more than three hundred

77:4.3 uniting with the Andonites to found the l. Nodite

77:4.8 the l. Adamized Sumerians confused both the first

77:4.9 the Nodite culture led them to ignore these l. vistas

77:4.12 Ararat and its region were woven into the l. story of

78:1.4 in general, absorbed by the l. expanding violet race.

78:3.2 The mass movement of the l. days was extensively

78:3.9 The l. or Andite migrations extended from about

78:3.10 Only the l. Andites moved with sufficient speed to

78:4.6 But even so, their l. descendants never stopped until

78:5.3 Mesopotamia, especially by the l. Andite cavalrymen.

78:5.3 with the language of the Adamsonites and l. Andites.

78:5.4 when the l. and final exodus from Mesopotamia took

78:5.6 the so-called Dravidian and l. Aryan conquerors of

78:5.6 and added desirable qualities to the l. Chinese stocks.

78:5.7 the Andes established the ancestry of the l. rulers

78:6.7 the northern and eastern invaders at a much l. date.

78:6.8 prepared the way for the l. conquest of Mesopotamia

78:8.2 With the l. diminution of these floods, Ur became

78:8.7 l. city-states were ruled by the apostate descendants

78:8.7 l. city kings failed to form powerful confederations

79:2.3 descendants of Adam (and most of the l. ones)

79:2.8 l. waves of Mesopotamians flowed into Turkestan

79:3.3 in the earlier Andite and in the l. Aryan invasions.

79:4.3 the Aryans were reinforced by l. conquerors, traders,

79:5.2 driven off the mainland by the l. migrating yellow

79:5.8 South America the l. and more enduring civilizations

79:6.12 to the coming of the l. descendants of the Andites,

79:6.13 but for the l. decline in spiritual culture, the yellow

79:7.4 The l. waves of Andites brought with them certain

79:7.4 culture of the yellow race was short-lived, their l.

79:7.5 Turkestan and the arrival of the l. Andite immigrants.


79:8.5 This political reunification of the l. tribal groups was

80:0.1 Adamized strains were blended with the l. Andite

80:2.2 the nucleus of the l. Mediterranean long-headed

80:4.3 their l. semimilitary and conquest-loving Andite

80:4.4 these l. waves moved so rapidly that they reached

80:5.5 The l. conquest progressed by commercial

80:5.7 only as absorbed by the l. and virile conquerors of

80:7.4 These l. sons of Adamson carried the most valuable

80:7.6 slaves had been imported by the l. generations of

80:7.11 on the Mediterranean near the l. site of Carthage.

80:7.13 early Greek civilization persisted in the l. peoples

80:8.2 the characteristic facial appearance of his l. Jewish

80:8.5 tribes l amalgamated with groups of Andonite sailors

81:2.20 It often occurs that the l. vases and implements are

81:3.6 These l. races not only had the domesticated horse

81:3.7 missionary enterprises fostered by the l. religions

81:4.14 help to identify the l. ancestry of present-day races.

81:6.29 division of labor and its l. corollary of specialization.

82:3.5 l. peoples substituted contests for such raiding forays

82:3.9 Among l. peoples, puberty was the common age of

82:5.1 But the l. and advancing peoples did, and they also

82:5.4 such unions were not allowed under the l. mores of

82:5.8 The presence of the l. Andite peoples had much to

83:3.2 the l. tribes such a wife was not transferable.

83:3.3 And upon the l. discontinuance of payment for the

84:1.3 while l. beliefs connected the beginnings of life with

84:2.2 the l. and improved home life of the polygamous

84:7.2 into home building by the pressure of the l. mores

84:7.8 before the days of the Nodites and the l. Adamites.

85:1.5 the l. evolving concepts of good spirits and deities.

85:2.6 blended with the l. evolving techniques of worship,

85:3.4 promoted by a l. misinterpretation of the golden

85:5.2 sun veneration gave rise to the l. Mithraic cult.

85:5.2 L. civilizations honored the sun by giving its name to

85:6.4 to develop along with the l. appearing ghost cults,

86:1.5 The l. herders held the same views of chance and

86:1.5 the still l. agriculturists were increasingly conscious

86:3.3 L. and more complex systems of theology ascribe

87:1.1 its emergence at the time of death and its l. departure

87:2.10 L. races made paper models and substituted

87:6.12 Baptism was a feature of the l. water ritual; primitive

88:1.3 Tree fetishes were a l. development, but among some

88:1.6 The lucky numbers three and seven came from l.

88:4.6 superstition was the mother of l. scientific curiosity.

88:4.7 The l. idea of original sin helped much to weaken the

88:6.2 gave rise to the l. beliefs in white and black magic.

89:1.4 l. commandments definitely promised something in

89:2.3 taboos—sin—brought man down to his l. sorry plight.

89:3.6 in l. days it became the practice of “saints.”

89:4.1 fasting, deprivation, and the l. Christian doctrine of

89:6.2 The l. American Indians had a civilization

89:8.2 l. and well-nigh universal ancient rite of circumcision

89:9.1 The early rituals of sacrifice bred the l. ceremonies of

89:9.2 from this ceremonial that the l. Christian version of

90:1.1 Some of the l. tribes had the earlier shaman-medicine

90:1.1 medicine men and the l. appearing shaman-priests.

91:2.2 prayer often have been interrelated in their l. stages

91:4.3 not at first ethical, as it is in the l. revealed religions


92:3.7 possible for l. revealed religion to compensate for

92:5.5 of the Planetary Prince and the l. Material Sons.

92:5.10 formed the foundations on which l. teachers of truth

92:5.11 Moses was adulterated by his successors, but in l.

92:6.19 Jewish theology in connection with the l. Christian

93:0.2 A l. corps of twelve became receivers for your world

93:2.4 formed the nucleus of the l. community of Salem.

93:2.7 function valiantly in the human mind of the l. Son of

93:3.1 a tithing system, which was introduced by his l.

93:3.7 numerous l. teachers held that Jesus was a priest

93:5.9 after a l. disagreement, Lot went to Sodom to

93:9.5 the traditions of Melchizedek and the l. teachings

93:9.6 impossible and fantastic to the l. Hebrew priests,

93:9.7 L. scribes regarded the term Melchizedek as

93:9.11 designated Melchizedek as a type of the l. bestowal

93:10.6 l. confirmed by the Ancients of Days of Uversa,

94:1.4 the theologic battle the Brahman priests l. fought

94:1.7 this compilation, as l. revised, has come on down

94:2.4 opened the door for the entrance of those l. cults

94:2.6 the compilation of the l. scriptures of the Hindu

94:2.8 it could not compete with l. Hinduism; despite a

94:4.1 had been crystallized by the l. Brahman priesthood.

94:4.1 to the l. appearing influences of Mohammedanism

94:5.3 the One Truth, l. known as the Spirit of Heaven,

94:5.7 In China all of these beliefs were l. confused with

94:6.7 between action and coercion became l. perverted

94:7.7 his gospel’s grotesque perversion during l. centuries,

94:11.3 Some of his l. followers taught that Sakyamuni

95:1.11 so largely lost by the l. Babylonians who occupied

95:2.1 superior strains of Nodite, Adamite, and l. Andite

95:2.2 a supergod, a steppingstone to the l. doctrine of a

95:2.4 resulted in the l. practice of embalming the dead.

95:2.5 The l. evolution of magical practices, while

95:3.4 before they ever entertained the l. concepts of right

95:4.2 colored the l. appearing Hebrew philosophy.

95:4.3 The l. Alexandrian philosopher, Philo, possessed a

95:5.8 and was the inspiration of the l. superb family life of

95:5.9 a Deity concept far above that of the l. Hebrews,

95:5.13 even to the extent that the Egyptians l. believed in

95:6.4 Zoroaster’s l. followers did reverence and worship

96:0.3 this religion as it was l. adopted by the Hebrews

96:0.3 by Egyptian moral teachings; l., by Babylonian

96:1.8 philosophic circles of Egypt and l. Alexandrian

96:1.11 This spirit of Mount Horeb l. became the god of the

96:2.2 L., during an unusually severe famine, these roving

96:2.3 Egypt, did form the nucleus of the l. Jewish people

96:3.4 But the king l. saw fit to repudiate this treaty,

96:4.8 The l. captivity that enslaved the Jews in Babylon

96:6.2 thunderous desert god of Sinai into the l. appearing

96:7.3 to the vastly expanded ideal of the l. Hebrews,

97:4.7 Hosea struck the opening notes in the l. merciful

97:8.6 New Testament authors and l. Christian writers

97:9.2 the l. Jewish consciousness originated in the southern

97:9.17 the favor of the Pharaohs, who l. enslaved Judah,

97:10.8 god of the fulminating Sinai volcano, to the l. exalted

98:0.1 being thoroughly Hellenized and l. Christianized.

98:0.1 basically Socratic, and its l. religious philosophy

98:0.2 l. incorporated into the newly forming Christian

98:3.1 it was natural that the l. religion of the Latins was

98:5.2 exerted an influence upon l. appearing Christianity.

98:6.4 Mithraism’s tolerance for other religions (except l.

98:7.9 regarded by still l. Christians as the “word of God.”

99:3.1 Only did l. institutionalized Christianity become an

103:2.1 characterize religious episodes occurring l. in life as

103:3.1 tend to personalize, first, as animals, and l., as

103:3.2 L. religion is foreshadowed in the primitive belief in

103:6.2 The l. art of philosophy develops in an effort to

103:7.2 presage the l. appearance of morontia and spirit

103:9.4 the reality and truth of the l. revelational religions

103:9.4 magic and mythology prepared the way for l. religion

104:1.2 Melchizedek about thirty-five thousand years l.,

104:1.4 between the triads and the trinities in the l. Andite

104:1.5 (A l. Indian conception is Brahma, Siva, and Vishnu.

104:1.5 the l. ideas of the Trinity were imported by the Salem

104:1.6 The l. idea, developing among the northern branch of

106:9.10 to intrigue you on Salvington and l. as finaliters

111:0.3 organs—the eye, liver, kidney, heart, and l., the brain.

112:2.6 of life comes first, its evaluation or interpretation l..

118:5.3 Always must God first find man that man may l. find

121:4.4 to prepare the spiritually hungry populace for the l.

121:5.17 teachings of Jesus and l. the evolving Christianity

121:6.2 This was a vital influence which l. determined the

121:6.3 And it was this l. teaching of combined Greek

121:6.6 in the light of the viewpoint of the l. Alexandrian

121:8.3 Mark was early associated with Peter; l. with Paul.

121:8.3 passages having been taken out and some l. matter

122:1.1 Joseph himself was a carpenter and l. a contractor.

122:2.2 just as Gabriel l. made his presence known to Mary.

123:3.5 L. came the feast of the first-fruits, the harvest

123:4.2 few games, such as children of l. days so much enjoy


124:2.10 while still l. a combination of influences led him to

124:3.9 Jewish practice would permit, into the l. program of

125:0.1 the great event of his l. childhood and early youth.

125:0.4 to the scribes and teachers a week l. disclosed.

125:1.5 They then discussed the two l. established feasts

126:3.6 in the l. adoption of the term “Son of Man” as a

128:3.6 the very same person whom Stephen l. proclaimed

128:4.4 associate the l. citizen of Capernaum who turned all

128:7.8 Jude ran away, and Simon l. found Jude with the


130:1.3 This was the same Gadiah who listened to the l.

130:1.6 And then are such evils l. exalted into sin by the

130:2.5 L. this young Greek was appointed the steward of a

130:5.1 laid the foundation for the quick reception of the l.

130:5.1 the harsh words which Paul l. spoke concerning them

130:8.2 L., this Jew, in association with a well-to-do Greek

132:3.11 was of great assistance to the l. arriving preachers of

132:4.1 characterized his l. life as teacher of the twelve

133:3.3 being l. joined by Silas and Timothy, Paul met many

133:3.10 and l. became a lifelong member of the first Christian

133:9.4 to know that the man who l. appeared as Jesus

134:2.5 Jesus returned as a passenger with a l. caravan to

134:6.14 would have been much greater if the l. Christian

134:6.16 L. it was reopened as a Mithraic temple and burned

134:7.7 while the l. isolation marked the beginning of the

134:9.9 early beneficiaries to recognize him in his l. role of

136:1.6 the superhuman idea of Daniel and some of the l.

137:7.6 a doctrine only mentioned by a l. prophet, Daniel.

137:7.13 While Jesus l. directed that the apostles should go

138:1.1 Jesus went on to explain that l. he would permit

138:3.6 L. in the evening, when they were making speeches,

138:4.3 L. in the evening Jesus gave his apostles their first

138:8.10 to answer sincere questions during his l. discourses.

139:1.12 When the l persecutions finally scattered the apostles

139:8.10 had added to his temperamental problems of l. life.

140:8.17 In his l. teachings he sought to correct many

141:3.8 when Jesus said, “Resist not evil,” he l. explained

142:3.9 But when a l. writer narrated these events,

142:3.21 in a l. record the advancing religious beliefs of our

142:5.5 lessons which proved of assistance in their l. work.

142:6.1 l. they all went into the house where the discourse

142:6.9 he l. boldly acknowledged his faith and claimed the

142:7.8 prepared for the greater responsibilities of l. life.

143:4.2 L. they offended the Jews by extending friendly

143:5.11 Even nineteen centuries l. many show the same

144:9.1 his body, which they put in a tomb, l. giving it

145:2.4 one which many of the l. prophets also grasped,

145:2.16 Not until several hours l., after sundown, was her

146:1.1 Many of the earlier Babylonian and l. Zoroastrian

146:1.3 were l. incorporated in the doctrines of so-called

146:1.3 as l. adapted by Philo to the Hebrew theology,

146:1.4 and Todan l. carried this message into Mesopotamia

146:4.1 It was not until l. in Jesus’ public ministry that

146:5.2 and l. yielded up his life with those who suffered

148:1.3 the l. seventy gospel teachers and preachers were

148:1.4 not baptize believers until after they were l. ordained

151:4.1 And so when the young blades sprang up and l.

156:2.3 but the l. Jewish writers of the Gospels were wont

157:1.4 not surprising that the episode became l. expanded

157:6.4 Jesus did not place emphasis, as did his l. followers,

159:5.10 many parables which he l. spoke to his followers.

160:4.11 be willing to toil for the l. returns inherent in honest

161:1.6 (It was the l. consideration of these discussions

161:2.12 Rodan became a mighty man in the l. affairs of the

163:3.6 saw how the l. comers were paid, they expected to

167:6.6 introduced to worship in nature’s outdoors and l.

170:0.2 the kingdom idea as it is related to the l. Christian

170:1.5 3. The l. Jewish concept of a world-wide kingdom

170:2.25 It was more than fifty years l., not until after Roman


170:5.1 we are permitted to narrate certain l. ideas which

170:5.15 The early Christians (and too many of the l. ones)

174:0.1 flee to Philadelphia, where he l. became connected

174:1.2 prevent all those estrangements which l. necessitate


177:0.1 they ate breakfast somewhat l. than usual,

177:2.1 their early childhood and l. boyhood experiences.

179:0.1 for the celebration of the Passover not l. than noon

180:2.4 But great sorrow l. attended the misinterpretation

184:2.1 where he knew the real trial of the Master would l.

188:5.11 the viewpoint of the l. barbarian, both of whom

190:2.2 drifted into grave doubting regarding the l. claims of

194:4.13 first missionaries, as also the l. ones, followed the

195:0.10 the next and l. generations of Christian leaders make

195:2.7 the l. recording of the New Testament in the Greek

later-daysee also latter-day

44:1.13 and meaningful melodies of your l. musicians.

62:4.4 could walk and even run as well as any of their l.

64:7.18 westward and amalgamated with the l. Eskimos,

64:7.20 of your early ancestors have been lost to the l. races.

66:7.2 and primitive in comparison with l. developments.

69:5.11 Early man (and some l. ones) tended to squander his

70:1.22 more orderly system of the l. “civilized” nations.

70:11.2 the l. Hebrews, who had a different code of ethics

77:2.10 dig up the clay-tablet records of the l. Sumerian

77:2.10 did live longer than their l. successors and indicates

77:4.11 the same meaning to l. Vanites that Sinai had to the

80:9.13 much as did their l. descendants at Stonehenge.

82:5.4 The l. in-marriage mores were tremendously

85:2.5 ancient customs of tree worship and the l. tree cults.

86:4.6 Some l. races believed that man died from three to

87:6.8 5. Cremation, a l. invention to prevent ghost trouble.

88:1.8 skull fetishes accounts for much of l. head-hunting.

89:9.1 have evolved into the l. sacramental services.

90:4.2 his l. successors who engage in the nonscientific

94:4.7 sprites, monsters, goblins, and saints of the l. cults.

95:1.10 Psalms, inscribing them on stone, where l. Hebrew

97:7.3 It remained for l. men to assemble these and other

98:7.9 accountable for the use made of their writings by l.

175:2.2 even murdering the l. descendants of Peter, Philip,


49:5.29 This l. administration of the universe pertains more

58:5.8 land mass to such a height that its l. pressure tended

59:1.7 although the l. land spread, or continental creep, was

61:7.1 telltale drifts—the ground, l., and terminal moraines.


52:7.6 people scan the l. broadcasts with the same keen

52:7.6 you now manifest in the l. editions of your daily


98:3.2 This religion of the L. tribes was not trivial and venal

98:3.3 gods were incorporated into the L. pantheon.

98:3.4 The L. peoples maintained temples, altars, and

121:5.3 were a combination of Hellenic and L. mythology,

132:0.2 temple of Apollo, and the Greek and L. libraries.

187:1.2 written by Pilate himself in L., Greek, and Aramaic


98:7.6 cosmology of the Hellenized and L. versions of the


98:3.1 it was natural that the later religion of the L. was

98:3.4 They preserved the bones of heroes and later on


12:6.6 All phases are characterized by a l. of performance

49:1.4 The Life Carriers have great l. in their function of life

77:8.11 the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient l. of

146:2.5 Mercy has great l. of bestowal, but, after all, there


25:4.18 instructing them respecting their l. of function.

60:0.1 increase of land in northern l., all conspired greatly

61:1.12 The earth circuit of land in northern l. was broken

61:2.3 In spite of the massing of land in high l., the world

61:3.1 trees had largely disappeared from the northern l.,

61:3.13 otters, and raccoons thrived through the northern l..

61:7.1 ice overshadows all phenomena in the northern l..

64:1.3 made progress only in the open and in the higher l..


46:1.1 Jerusem is divided into one thousand l. sectors


9:6.3 wherever and whenever the l. two impinge, mind

12:6.13 we know the l. functions wherever the Deity and

18:7.5 These l. administrative units are wholly under the

19:2.6 universe and the superuniverse, particularly the l..

19:3.2 being associated with each of these l. personalities.

19:5.5 like the Solitary Messengers except that the l. are

24:7.8 the l. are inherently involved in certain phases of

26:1.13 and omniaphim are the exclusive servants of the l..

26:7.4 and the ever-present servital associate of the l..

28:0.6 Since the l. two orders are not so directly concerned

30:2.157 the capitals of the superuniverses, particularly the l..

39:1.6 the l. is the surest seraphic passport to Paradise,

41:7.13 the electrons, at least such of the l. as continue to

43:1.6 This l. college was established almost forty thousand

43:2.4 The mortal division of this l. tribunal consists of

43:8.9 The reversion directors contribute much to this l.

50:2.7 in rendering these l. personalities visible to mortal

51:7.1 the Magisterial Son, the l. two being visible to all the

52:2.6 during the l. part of the prince’s rule, national life

57:6.3 action of the l. will cause the moon to disrupt, and

57:8.20 the Pacific Ocean, this l. body of water should be

59:1.19 The ability of the l. group to subsist on inorganic

61:1.12 During the l. part of this epoch most of Europe

61:3.13 saber-toothed tigers, the l. first evolving in North

64:0.2 The l. half of the history of mankind begins at the

67:2.1 Daligastia, after which the l. called the ten councils

70:10.14 and Moses, the l. directing that many crimes should

80:3.3 It was very difficult for the l. to impress their religion

80:5.8 The l. were mainly situated in the Danube valley

80:7.5 All the art and genius of these l. people is a direct

80:9.6 Adamson’s descendants and, during the l. half of the

81:2.2 You who now live amid l.-day scenes of budding

82:6.10 Sangik race, the l. is considerably improved at the

92:5.9 Among the l. they have continued to the present time

93:5.7 During the l. part of his sojourn on the Nile he and

94:12.2 It was among the l. division of Buddhism that the

103:6.5 the l. realizing the nature of a universe turned outside

114:2.5 While the members of the l. commission are thus

114:7.9 the penetration of the minds of the l.’ indwelling.

121:8.3 to replace the l. one fifth of the original Gospel,

121:8.5 which the l. had made of the sayings of Jesus after

123:2.15 first minor illness, in the l. part of this, his fifth year.

124:1.6 In the l. part of June, Jesus, in company with his

124:4.3 of friction with Joseph and Jude, particularly the l..

128:2.3 The l. part of this year, when carpenter work was

133:2.3 Having heard the l. half of Jesus’ message to the man

135:5.5 And this l. group even believed that many devout

136:3.4 the l. was a fact of history on that day when he

144:8.1 The l. part of December they all went over near the

152:4.3 In connection with the l. part of his dream Peter

155:5.6 ecclesiastical authority, the l. is wholly based on

158:7.8 early hints of the impending tragedy of his l. days.

159:6.4 Bethlehem, and this l. place was the headquarters in

162:9.6 In the l. part of October Jesus and the twelve

171:4.5 Herod really desired to do the l. since he so feared

175:4.1 all twelve heard this l. half of Jesus’ last discourse

latter-daysee also later-day

81:2.2 You who now live amid l. scenes of budding culture


45:4.16 Melchizedek has l. been proclaimed vicegerent

45:7.4 This school is fostered by the Melchizedeks, l.

78:0.1 and l., as amalgamated with the Nodite and Sangik

81:6.21 L., machines have begun to displace men, and every

86:5.1 termed ghost, spirit, shade, specter, and l. soul.

131:6.1 L. these believers have become known as followers

136:1.1 then as “the Son of Man,” while l. some even went

139:8.2 but l. Thomas had become a fisherman and resided at


114:7.9 the penetration of the minds of the l.’ indwelling.


130:3.9 Philo was engaged in the l. but difficult task of

173:1.11 or for the furtherance of their l. life projects.

177:2.2 that parental love which insures l. self-confidence


50:4.9 there soon develops a keen and l. rivalry among the

175:1.9 They covet l. salutations in the market places and


128:6.11 They were learning to l., and to l. heartily.


152:1.1 the damsel was not dead, but they l. him to scorn.


155:1.2 My Father does not sit in heaven l. in derision at


48:4.1 morontial and a spiritual equivalent of mirth and l..

48:4.20 of the present, either mortal l. or morontia mirth.

48:4.20 to the joyous expressions, even spiritual l., of the

63:4.2 man smiled, but he never indulged in hearty l..

125:1.4 the court of the gentiles, and even the coarse l. and


103:9.7 faith dares to l. out upon the limitless and universe

135:2.2 John had just about made up his mind to l. out in his

137:5.3 there was no way to l. his message of the kingdom

137:7.3 Peter repeatedly sought to persuade Jesus to l. forth

138:9.2 Jesus was prepared to l. forth on his public work,

145:0.1 Jesus prepared to l. out in the first open and public

169:1.15 he would l. forth into the telling of this parable of


5:6.6 being thus l. upon the seas of experience as a self-

51:3.5 the work of Adam and Eve was prematurely l.,

53:3.7 that Lucifer l. his orgy of darkness and death.

97:3.6 and l. his vigorous campaign against the Baalites.


58:1.1 to l. life on world number 606 of the Satania system.

138:2.10 labor in a quiet and personal manner before the l. of

144:0.3 Jesus did not wish the l. of this undertaking to be in


79:8.17 great civilization has rested upon the l. of the past,


185:1.6 the new emperor, he retired to the province of L.,

lava or lava flows

57:7.9 the continuing lf. and the incoming meteors kept the

57:8.4 denser lf. came out upon the bottom of the Pacific

57:8.11 Surface cooling alternated with immense lf..

57:8.16 The flow of the subcrustal l. bed became well-nigh

57:8.18 The lf. had brought to the surface a mixture of

58:5.2 exudate of ancient volcanoes, later and extensive lf.,

58:5.3 a mobile layer of molten l. held under high pressure

58:5.5 The l. layers of the earth’s crust, when cooled, form

58:5.6 a form of l. considerably heavier than the granite of

58:5.8 downhill, over the underlying semiviscous l. beds,

58:7.6 The lf. of this age brought much iron, copper, and

58:7.7 one hundred and twenty-seven successive lf. on land

58:7.7 the upper rock sedimentation and intermittent lf. is

59:3.2 No fire rocks or l. are found in the stone layers of

59:3.2 Europe and eastern Maine and the lf. of Quebec.

59:3.6 This lf. over the British Isles region today appears as

59:3.6 Isles region today appears as alternate layers of l.

59:3.6 These rocks were laid down by the intermittent lf.

60:1.3 L. was later forced in between many of these layers.

60:1.3 Hudson were formed by the extrusion of basalt l.

60:1.7 filled land depressions were greatly elevated by lf.

60:3.1 crustal deformations and concomitant widespread lf.

60:3.3 gold-bearing quartz strata being the product of lf.

60:3.11 The lf., both above and below ground, were

60:3.16 there occurred one of the greatest lf. of all time.

60:3.16 preceding lf. are to be found all over the Americas,

61:1.11 including lf., warping, lake formation, and erosion.

61:2.3 Extensive lf. occurred in Greenland and Iceland,

61:3.7 comparable to the lf. of the Western Hemisphere.


57:8.11 mixed up too many times with extruding l. of deep


179:1.2 towels for l. their dusty feet; and since no servant


15:14.2 l. bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals of the

28:6.5 credit of l. proportions and one of sufficient grace

32:4.11 he is in l. generosity bestowing Thought Adjusters

69:5.13 modern peoples revel in the l. distribution of gifts,

97:9.16 Solomon bankrupted the nation by his l. court and

133:1.2 Ganid, mercy may be l., but justice is precise.

lawsee law of God; law of Moses; law, moral;

 law, natural; see also son-in-law, etc.; see Jewish law

3:2.8 almost impossible to formulate generalizations of l.

4:1.1 who, in accordance with cosmic l., labor for the

4:2.1 well-defined, unchanging, immutable l. throughout

4:2.5 the Paradise foundations of God’s universal l..

4:5.3 to realize that he lives in a realm of comparative l.

9:6.6 of spirit and energy) is apparently a l. in itself.

10:6.1 All l. takes origin in the First Source and Center;

10:6.1 takes origin in the First Source and Center; he is l..

10:6.1 The administration of spiritual l. inheres in the Son

10:6.1 The revelation of l., the promulgation of the divine

10:6.1 The application of l., justice, falls within the province

10:6.18 precision characterizes the operation of l.;

10:6.18 are adjusted to co-ordinate ministry of love and l.

12:0.3 We are convinced, from the study of physical l. and

12:7.1 inexorable and impersonal l. which is equivalent to

12:7.3 That would be the expression of a higher l., not the

12:7.3 expression of a higher l.,not the reversal of a lower l.

12:7.4 L. is the unchanging reaction of an infinite, perfect

12:8.3 is true and steadfast in its obedience to universal l..

16:7.9 Morality can never be advanced by l. or by force.

16:9.1 to discern the fact, the l., and the love of God.

23:3.8 Solit. Messengers are an exception to this general l..

25:1.4 Havona Servitals the l. of spirit dominance prevails;

25:4.12 their expertness in the concept of universal l. and

25:4.14 the “college of the ethics of l. and the technique of

25:4.15 they are students and teachers of applied l.,

25:4.15 they become the living l. libraries of time and space

25:4.16 Such a living library of applied l could not be created

25:4.18 A special group act as l. counselors to the Life

25:4.19 and to all others who desire to know the truth of l.;

25:4.20 the whole universe of l. and experience is open to

29:4.33 They always labor in compliance with universal l.,

32:4.3 The l. of the Creator Son, the rule of the

32:4.6 rule of a Creator Son, whose will is the supreme l. of

34:7.6 Jesus has made us free from the l. of animal living

37:8.7 living and circulating experiential l. libraries of space.

39:3.3 2. L. Forecasters.

39:3.3 The intellectual foundation of justice is l.,

39:3.3 in a local universe l. originates in the legislative

39:3.3 man may contribute to the evolution of universe l.,

42:11.1 universe is a creation of mind and a mechanism of l..

43:2.8 renders legislative enactments the l. of the realm;

43:2.8 constitute the fundamental l. of all Norlatiadek.

46:8.4 the l. of deliberately nourished evil is universally

48:6.7 On the mansion worlds they proclaim the great l. of

48:6.33 L. is life itself and not the rules of its conduct.

48:6.33 Evil is a transgression of l., not a violation of the

48:6.33 rules of conduct pertaining to life, which is the l..

49:1.3 the universes are conducted in accordance with l.

49:1.6 There is a precise system, a universal l., which

52:1.3 The l. of this age is the physical survival of the fittest

58:6.7 of life are in response to the action of physical l.,

66:7.16 This was the l. of Dalamatia for almost three

66:7.16 And many of the stones on which this l was inscribed

67:7.4 The transgression of universe l. may be fatal in the

68:1.2 paid by submission to society’s numerous l. demands

68:6.3 Human society is controlled by a l. which decrees

68:6.3 the l. of supply and demand as concerned men and

69:9.17 But all government, l., order, civil rights, social

70:0.1 The development of industry demanded l., order,

70:0.3 therefore government, comparative l. and order,

70:1.1 Violence is the l. of nature, hostility the automatic

70:7.16 acted as vigilance societies, thus practicing lynch l..

70:10.4 public opinion; officers of l. were not needed.

70:10.5 orders the first crime detectors and officers of the l..

70:10.9 murders under the pretense of the unwritten l..

70:10.11 One of the earliest formulations of advanced tribal l.

70:10.16 group resentment usually asserts itself as lynch l.;

70:11.2 L. is always at first negative and prohibitive;

70:11.2 it becomes increasingly positive and directive.

70:11.2 and this is effected by the taboo, primitive l..

70:11.6 L. is a codified record of long human experience,

70:12.3 executor of the mores, the original or unwritten l..

71:2.12 3. The reign of l.. Liberty can be enjoyed only when

71:2.12 in accordance with accepted fundamental l..

72:2.9 two systems—the l. courts and the socioeconomic

72:2.9 The l. courts function on the following three levels:

72:3.1 On this continent it is against the l. for two families

72:10.2 passing out of the negative to the positive era of l..

72:12.5 to the establishment of world-wide peace under l.

74:4.6 was never the l. in Eden, but it was the custom as

74:5.4 establishment of l. and order in a world of savages,

77:4.7 animals, pottery, weaving, commercial l.,

81:5.6 of equality of opportunity under the rules of l..

82:4.4 so-called crimes of honor under the unwritten l..

82:5.10 which embraced many degrees of in-l. relationships,

85:1.3 a stone may be employed as a talisman of the l.,

86:2.5 accidents, substituting therefor a universe of l. and

88:2.5 to the putting of certain relics alongside the l.

89:2.4 primitive l. made vice a crime; religion made it a sin.

89:8.4 L., a covenant, takes the place of luck, fear, and

91:4.4 that man lives in a physical universe of l. and order

93:4.6 along the lines of the ancient Dalamatian supreme l.

95:5.8 no Egyptian any advantage in the eyes of the l..

95:6.2 he associated with the idealization of Right L.,

97:7.11 At last, man is introduced to a universe of l. and

97:8.3 Ezra promised prosperity by adherence to the l..

101:10.3 The material level of l. provides for causality

101:10.6 eternity of life in a universal creation of love, l.,

102:7.2 The fact of God, the divine l., is changeless; the truth

102:7.3 an abstraction, or hold loving fellowship with a l..

104:1.6 a trinitarian nature: The earlier was Teacher, L.,

104:2.3 something of the interrelationship of love and l.

104:2.3 to the reality of Paradise Deity as universal l., that

111:6.6 until man has found divine l. and divine love and has

121:7.1 They worshiped the letter of the l. and indulged a

121:7.3 were not only held in subjugation to the l. but

121:7.3 Moses had given them their l. and they would not

121:7.4 spoken interpretation of the l. by the recognized

121:7.4 become a higher authority than the written l. itself.

121:7.5 Jeremiah had told of the “l. to be written in men’s

121:7.5 the Jewish religion of good works and slavery to l.

121:7.6 the philosophy of the Greeks, the l. of the Romans,

121:8.4 picturing Jesus as showing great respect for the l.

122:5.11 Hellenistic, interpretation of the l. and the prophets.

123:3.1 the Hebrew scriptures—a complete version of the l.

123:5.2 he studied the rudiments of the Book of the L. as

123:5.2 aloud, the deeper teachings of the sacred l..

123:5.3 passed on to the study of the other books of the l.,

123:5.5 When having access to the written books of the l.,

123:5.7 center of liberal interpretation of Jewish traditional l.

123:5.11 had just inaugurated a compulsory education l.),

124:1.13 in constant collision with the so-called “oral l.,”

125:0.4 to join that group of new sons of the l. who were

125:2.8 admitted to the consecration of sons of the l. until

125:4.3 here, since you are not of age as a son of the l.?”

125:5.1 enjoy seeing a lad confuse the wise men of the l..

125:5.10 so set them free from their terrible bondage to l.,

125:6.2 much time was devoted to the l. and the prophets,

125:6.4 who so deftly sparred with the expounders of the l.,

125:6.6 of a child, had been recognized as a son of the l.,

126:4.1 now the day had come when, according to l., Jesus

128:6.6 at the ceremony of receiving the sons of the l. into

131:2.12 ‘Great peace have they who love my l..

131:4.4 and the changeless guardian of everlasting l..

131:8.6 Ignorance of the divine l. is misery and disaster.

133:4.7 thus being guided by the spirit of the l. as well as


134:6.1 civilization made possible by enforcement of LAW..

134:6.9 World l. must come into being and must be enforced

135:6.8 instruct in the spirit as well as the letter of the l..

137:4.13 No l. of nature was modified, abrogated, or even

137:7.7 not such sticklers for the details of l. enforcement.

140:3.14 Be willing to suffer injustice rather than to go to l.

140:5.23 based on faith and love and not on l.—ethics and duty

140:6.2 mistake of thinking I have come to set aside the l.

140:6.2 I come not to transgress the l. but rather to write

140:6.4 “You have heard it said by those who teach the l.:

140:6.5 You have heard the teachers of the l. say, ‘You shall

140:6.9 The l. says, ‘An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a


141:2.2 you indeed are made to hear the l. of the Universe

141:2.2 when the Father’s will is your l., you are hardly in

141:2.2 When God’s will is your l., you are noble slave

142:1.5 fruits of the spirit in one’s personal life, is the l. of

142:2.1 and takes vengeance on those who obey not his l..

142:3.10 discerned the growth of the understanding of divine l

142:3.10 they had ten commandments which served as their l.

142:3.22 and positive l. of love, the injunction to love God

142:3.22 it is this supreme l. of love for God and for man that

142:7.1 mercy prevail so that we shall have no more l. and

143:2.4 The new l. of the spirit endows you with the

143:2.4 the liberty of self-mastery in place of the old l. of

145:2.2 he took the first text from the l., reading from the

145:2.5 I will even write my l. in their hearts.

146:2.3 lest they should hear my l. and the words which I

146:2.3 who turns away his ear from hearing the divine l.,

146:2.5 4. There is a basic l. of justice in the universe which

147:6.4 You do no wrong in eating, but you do break the l.

147:6.4 “You are indeed zealous for the l., and you do well

147:6.4 And have you not read in our l. that it is lawful to

147:6.6 you are unfortunate and already breakers of the l..”

148:4.3 Evil is the unintended transgression of the divine l.,

148:4.4 transgression of the divine l., the Father’s will.

148:4.5 transgression of the divine l., the Father’s will.

148:5.4 love of the Father just because some wise l. of his

148:5.5 afflicted, I went astray, but now do I keep the l..

148:6.3 transgression of divine l. is sooner or later

149:1.7 these cases of healing must be found in a great l.

149:2.8 “better that the words of the l. should be burned than

149:3.1 Jesus taught not so much from the l. as from life,

149:3.3 of the cardinal teachings of the Jewish sacred l..

150:8.3 Enlighten our eyes in the l.; cause our hearts to

150:8.4 consisted in repeating numerous passages from the l.

150:8.8 persons to read not less than three verses of the l.,

150:8.9 And when Jesus had ceased reading from the l., he

151:1.4 My children, do you not perceive the l. of the spirit

153:2.1 Jesus introduced this sermon by reading from the l.

153:3.3 and unwashed hands is a transgression of the l. of

153:3.3 you enact a l. of tradition which permits undutiful

153:3.3 The l. of the elders thus relieves such crafty

153:3.4 you dare to set up your own teachings above the l.

153:3.6 blasphemy or on one of flouting the sacred l. of

153:3.7 regulations which was represented by the oral l.

159:4.1 that the words of the l. are the very words of God,

162:2.1 Moses gave you the l., yet how many of you

162:2.1 Moses in this l. enjoins you, saying, ‘You shall not

162:2.2 They circumcise in accordance with the l. on the

162:2.9 this ignorant multitude who know not the l. or

162:2.9 And even then does not our l. require fairness?

164:1.1 Jesus answered, “What is written in the l. and the

164:1.2 could be construed as an attack upon the sacred l..

164:4.3 He violates the l., first, in making the clay, then,

167:5.2 The l. of the universe is: Ask and you shall receive;

168:3.3 other accusations of flouting the Jewish sacred l..

169:0.6 in many other ways he flouts the sacred l. of Israel.

173:1.1 from all “blemish” in the meaning of the Levitical l.

174:4.2 on these two commandments hang all the l. and

175:1.6 of eternal truth and the custodians of the divine l..

175:1.8 observe the essentials of the l. but do not pattern

175:1.17 and disregard the weightier matters of the l.—faith,

178:1.12 You must not forget the great l. of human fairness

180:5.1 divine endowment is not the letter or l. of truth,

180:5.8 the interpretation of the l. of conduct by the spirit

183:5.3 The Roman l. allows that any prisoner may have at

184:2.10 against the l. to keep poultry within the city proper.

184:3.17 nature regarding Jesus’ relation to the Roman l.

185:6.2 an unjust and illegal procedure since the Roman l.

185:6.7 “We have a sacred l., and by that l. this man ought

185:7.4 You should take him and judge him by your l..

187:1.7 strictly against the l. to show friendly feelings for

188:1.2 buried in a Jewish cemetery; there was a strict l.

188:1.2 Joseph and Nicodemus knew this l., and on the

192:2.11 There is but one l. to obey—that is the command to

195:0.3 education, magic, medicine, art, literature, l.,

195:2.3 Oriental l. was stern and arbitrary; Greek l. was

195:2.3 Greek l. was fluid and artistic;Roman l. was dignified

195:6.14 determiners are not the exclusive l. of the cosmos.

195:7.21 the scope defined by both material and spiritual l.,

196:3.26 The evolutionary mind is able to discover l., morals,

law of God

2:6.8 The love of God saves the sinner; the l. destroys the

3:2.14 3. By the l., by the righteousness and justice of the

88:2.3 a superfetish, the then existent concept of the l..

law of Moses

121:7.3 Moses had given them their l. and they would not

127:6.7 by year, to eat the Passover “according to the l..”

147:7.2 Fasting may be an appropriate part of the l., but in

159:4.2 The words of the l. and the teachings of the

162:2.1 Moses gave you the l., yet how many of you

162:2.1 Moses in this l. enjoins you, saying, ‘You shall not

162:3.2 Now, the l. commands that we should stone such a

162:3.3 the plan of Jesus’ enemies, if he upheld the l.

166:2.4 show yourselves to the priests as required by the l..”

175:1.18 with the letter of your interpretation of Moses’ l.

law, moral

2:6.5 that God is the source of the m. of the universe.

66:7.8 Hap presented the early races with a m..

70:11.5 while religion consecrated the custom as m.,

74:7.20 The m. of Eden was little different from the seven

77:4.11 ancestors of the Assyrians taught that their m. of

law, natural

1:2.2 for nature, neither is the Father n. personified.

14:2.6 All n. is co-ordinated on a basis entirely different

25:3.5 Though executing decrees in defiance of neither n.

118:10.12n. is so often apparently cruel, heartless, and

136:6.2 organized and prosecuted in accordance with n.

136:6.6 might accelerate n., but to transcend his own laws

136:7.2 expecting a Messiah who would be above n..

136:9.1 policy as pertained to his individual relations to n.

146:5.2 case of preknowledge concerning the course of n.,


86:5.12 A person could be a l. citizen by day, but when he

156:2.4 the universe is wholly and ever l. and unfailingly


12:7.6 not an automatic force; God is not a slavish l. power.


3:6.4 What unintended homage the mechanist pays the l.


188:5.11 a relentless Sovereign of stern justice and rigid l..


1:7.4 surrounded by an ever-changing and l. universe,


2:6.4 moral standard and created a l. people as a group,


141:2.2 look not upon yourselves as l. creatures of a king

Law Forecasters

39:3.3 2. L. Forecasters.


169:0.6 3. Jesus is a l.. Jesus heals disease on the Sabbath

175:4.10 2. They held that Jesus was a l.; that he had shown

184:3.15 What do you think should be done with this l. and


147:6.2 when they had amassed sufficient evidence of l.

184:3.1 he was worthy of death on informal charges of l.,


72:5.9 adjust and decree the l. hours of daily gainful toil.

140:5.11 by an unshakable faith in a l. and friendly universe.

147:6.4 it was not l. for anyone to eat save the priests?

147:6.4 And have you not read in our law that it is l. to do

148:7.2 ask if it would be l. to be healed on the Sabbath

148:7.2 Is it l. to do such things on the Sabbath day?”

148:7.2 “Yes, Master, it would be l. thus to do well on the

148:7.2 you all agreed that it was l. to lift the sheep out of

148:7.2 I call you to witness that it is l. to exhibit loving-

148:7.2 I proclaim that it is l. to do good to men on the

148:7.3 “I have just told you that it is l. to do good on the

163:3.7 Is it not l. for me to do what I will with my own?

167:1.4 Is it l. to heal the sick and afflicted on the Sabbath

174:2.2 Is it l. for us to give tribute to Caesar?

184:0.1 It was not l. to convene the Sanhedrin court before

185:2.3 Pilate: “It is not l. for us to put any man to death,


3:2.2 There is only one l.. He upholds the worlds in space

137:8.4 Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh is our l., Yahweh is

196:3.26 Adjuster, reveals to the evolving human mind the l.,


146:2.3 away from hearing the petitions of such l. mortals.

195:5.10 be not tempted to indulge in a l. plunge into cheap


124:1.4 that something be done to suppress the l. of his son.


4:1.2 unchanging and perfect nature of the supreme L..


39:3.3 to place before the constellation l. a forecast of

39:3.3 appear before the celestial l. to speak for those

89:1.1 reinforced, taboos became l. and institution builders.


43:2.2 Constellations function as the legislative or l. units,

43:3.5 associated with those legislative and l. functions of

lawssee lawswith God; laws withnature or natural;

see in-laws

2:5.3 results of his foolish transgression of the divine l..

2:7.3 While the l. and decrees, the thoughts and

3:2.7 you enjoy regarding the existence of the higher l.

3:6.4 elaboration of universe l. he so deeply reverences.

3:6.4 pays the law-Creator when he conceives such l. to be

4:2.2 a changeless Deity and his immutable l., modified

4:2.6 Nature is a qualification of the l. of perfection by the

7:1.8 In accordance with well-known l., we can and do

12:1.1 The l. of physical organization and administration

12:3.11 all computations are estimates based on assumed l..

12:6.6 with certain relatively stable but unknown l.

12:7.4 There is no conflict among the l. of the Infinite;

15:4.1 in conformity to the gravity l. of force, energy,

15:6.16 The l. of physical-energy behavior are basically

15:8.8 We are able to recognize most of the l. governing

15:8.8 which are not wholly amenable to the l. of energy

25:3.5 the conciliators in accordance with the higher l. of

25:4.1 experience in the application of the l. of perfection

25:4.15 teachers of applied law, the l. of the universe

25:4.19 equally devoted to the efficient interpretation of all l.

25:4.20 having been adjudged in contempt of the divine l.

28:5.21 and in harmony with the immutable l. of the universal

30:3.3 especially their physical l. of evolution and control.

33:8.5 If their advice is founded on the fundamental l. of

39:3.3 promulgate the basic l. of Nebadon, l. designed to

40:10.3 the established l. of the Supreme Universe Rulers.

42:1.9 All l., organizations, administration, and testimony of

42:7.10 Statisticians may announce l. governing a large

42:8.2 is not wholly dominated by your recognized l. of

43:2.1 matters are adjudicated in accordance with the l.

44:5.4 energy acts in accordance with established l.,

44:5.4 There are just as certain and reliable l. in the spirit

44:5.4 students of the fundamental l. of the Eternal Son

44:5.7 the knowledge of the l of transmittal and interference

49:1.3 The l. of Nebadon are the divine mandates of

52:5.10 fewer and fewer restrictive l. are necessary.

55:5.4 Self-control is rendering l. of human enactment

58:2.3 to be incompatible with the l. of accidental chance,

65:6.8 The l. of physics are not responsive to training; they

69:9.12 Following the loss of faith in the fetish, l. were

69:9.12 But game l., the right to hunt, long preceded land l..

70:11.0 11. LAWS AND COURTS

70:11.1 to draw sharp distinctions between mores and l. as

70:11.1 Mores are l. and police regulations in the making.

70:11.1 undefined mores tend to crystallize into precise l.,

70:11.2 originally these l. applied only to fellow tribesmen,

70:11.5 The ancients claimed that their olden l., the taboos

70:11.6 which later ruling minds formulated the written l..

70:11.6 The ancient judge had no l..

70:11.7 represents the effort of judges to adapt written l. to

71:3.7 The l. of the ideal state are few in number, and

71:3.7 they have passes out of the negativistic taboo age

72:3.8 Marriage and divorce l. are uniform throughout the

72:3.9 Notwithstanding their easy divorce l., the rate of

72:12.5 realization of a planetary government with its l.,

74:7.12 The l. of the Garden were based on the older codes

74:7.13 1. The l. of health and sanitation.

74:7.16 4. The l. of fair play and competition.

74:7.17 5. The l. of home life.

75:8.7 vast aggregation of physical matter dominated by l.

82:3.2 the mores, the l. regulating the external aspects of

83:8.8 restricted by the taboos, and enforced by the l. of

88:2.9 a superb collection of letters, l., legends, allegories,

91:9.1 you should bear in mind the l. of prevailing petitions:

97:10.2 into bondage to their own priest-ridden code of l.,

101:4.1 The l. of revelation hamper us greatly by their

102:2.3 not explained by the l. of physiology, psychology,

102:7.2 stabilized by absolutely unchanging l., the habits of

104:2.3 no influence on the ordained l. of the material

108:2.5 We do not fully comprehend the l. governing such

108:4.3 seem to function in accordance with universe l. apart

111:4.8 liberated from the fetters of the l. of antecedent

112:7.6 as such is subject to the l. of material existence.

118:10.14 gradual accumulation of the knowledge of the l. of

120:4.5 a miracle—the operation of universal l. beyond our

123:5.12 more liberal in the interpretation of the traditional l.

131:8.6 “They who know the l. of the Eternal are wise.

132:5.13 honest interpretation of the l. of justice, equity,

134:6.1 in peace without becoming subservient to such l.,

136:6.6 accelerate natural law, but to transcend his own l.,

136:7.2 defiance of his Father’s l. of gravity, be justified in

136:7.2 but a questionable trifling with the established l. of

140:6.9 The rulers of men may have such l., but not so in the

140:8.9 he was always duly observant of all civil l. and

140:8.14 Jesus repeatedly refused to lay down l. regarding

140:8.29 crystallized (during his day) into theological l.;

141:2.1 a king seated upon his throne and decreeing the l.

141:2.1 this place of miraculous power promulgating the l.

141:2.1 he fills all things and proclaims his l. to universes

141:7.4 departed from this world, left behind no books, l.,

142:7.4 restating the two fundamental l. of living: the first

143:2.2 in accordance with the light and l. of his fathers,

146:2.3 to the Gods as they speak to their creation in the l.

148:4.2 Never forget these l. of relation to the Father’s will:

148:6.11 of sin—the transgression of the l. of life and light.

153:3.3 traditions of the fathers and the l. of our elders?”

153:3.3 commandments of God by the l. of your tradition?

153:3.6 of the elders, or so-called oral l. of the nation.

154:3.2 of flouting the sacred l. of the Jewish nation.

154:7.1 and other violations of the sacred l. of the Jews.

156:2.4 Master’s teachings about the uniformity of the l.

161:2.4 because he transgresses none of the Father’s l..

163:3.4 in obedience to his just l. of merciful and loving

164:4.1 and in direct violation of their own self-imposed l..

165:4.8 Do you not know that the Jewish l. of inheritance

166:1.9 2. Scrupulous observance of the l. of purification.

166:4.8 to comply with the natural l. governing the world.

166:4.9 they had thus complied with the l. of fruitfulness,

167:5.2 into conflict with their l. concerning divorce.

167:5.2 contrast the better marriage l. of the Jewish code

167:5.5 Jesus did urge the Jews to live up to their own l. and

167:5.5 social practices represented by either their written l.

175:1.2 with the reasonable requirements of the l. of Moses

178:1.2 employ physical force in the execution of their l.

178:1.12 of civil governments or by the enaction of secular l..

178:1.15 in accordance with the l. of spiritual growth,

183:5.1 with the enforcement of the Jewish ecclesiastical l.

184:3.13 of death-deserving transgressions of the Jewish l.,

184:5.6 was irregular and wholly contrary to the Jewish l..

185:2.2 judgment on him in accordance with your own l.?”

185:2.5 to do with infringements of Jewish ecclesiastical l.;

188:1.5 the Passover feast according to the l. of Moses.

188:4.5 rebellion against the Father’s will and the Sons’ l. by

194:4.10 interfered with the observance of the Jewish l..

195:7.22 The universe is not like the l., mechanisms, and the

lawswith God

4:2.2 For example: As God’s l. have been ordained in

4:2.2 operation of these l. has been further influenced by

12:7.2 true that the l. of God are not inherently arbitrary.

12:7.2 The l. of God are merely the habits of God,

12:7.4 There is no conflict among the l. of the Infinite;

111:6.6 and man can discover the l. of God without love,

131:8.6 “They who know the l. of the Eternal are wise.

131:8.6 They who know the l. of God are liberal minded.

136:7.2 defiance of his Father’s l. of gravity, be justified in

146:2.3 is inconsistent with the known and established l.

161:2.4 because he transgresses none of the Father’s l..

164:4.10 of Moses, and we are the teachers of the l. of God.

195:2.6 he discerned in the laws of nature the l. of God.

lawswith nature or natural

2:3.2 wise natural l. and righteous spiritual mandates!

3:2.7 natural l. have been suspended, that misadaptations

42:1.3 the operation of natural l. apart from the cosmic

42:11.1 But while in practical application the l. of nature

79:6.11 research and fearless exploration of the l. of nature

86:7.4 manipulation within the l. of nature will enable man

136:5.5 character of an act transcending the natural l.

136:6.2 violate, or outrage his own established natural l..

136:6.2 by his Personalized Adjuster, that these natural l.

136:7.3 refused to work in defiance of his established l. of

136:9.9 when he refused presumptuously to defy natural l..

195:2.6 training a lawyer; he revered even the l. of nature.

195:2.6 Christianity, he discerned in the l. of nature the laws


164:1.1 a certain l., seeking to entangle Jesus in a

164:1.1 The l., knowing the teachings of both Jesus and

164:1.2 the l. was not wholly sincere in asking this question,

164:1.2 The l. asked this question hoping to entrap Jesus into

164:1.2 This l. was familiar with Jesus’ teachings and the

164:1.3 But Jesus discerned the l.’ motive, and instead of

164:1.3 when the l. perceived that he had fallen into his

164:1.4 The l. answered, “He who showed mercy,” that he

164:1.4 The l. was forced to give the very answer to the

164:1.4 Jesus not only confounded the dishonest l., but he

166:1.5 replied to the l.: “You, like the Pharisees, delight in

174:4.2 “Master, I am a l., and I would like to ask you

174:4.3 When the l. perceived that Jesus had answered not

174:4.3 When the l. answered thus discreetly, Jesus looked

174:4.4 Jesus spoke the truth when he referred to this l. as

174:4.5 were either disarmed by Jesus’ answer to the l.,

195:2.6 The Roman was by nature and training a l.;


71:7.4 passed from the control of the clergy to that of l.

148:9.3 together with other scribes and l. who sat with

166:1.2 with two or three l., were already there and seated

166:1.5 one of the l. who was at the table, addressing him,

166:1.5 nothing good in the scribes, the Pharisees, or the l.

166:1.5 Woe upon all of you l. who have taken away the

167:1.1 leading men and l. were bidden to this breakfast,

167:1.4 “My friends, teachers in Israel and learned l., I

167:2.1 one of the l. present, desiring to relieve the silence,


72:3.9 Divorce regulations are somewhat l., but decrees of

140:8.14 In Jesus’ time divorce practices were l. in Palestine

143:5.4 being a woman of l. morals, Nalda was minded

147:5.9 Jesus declared that the heavenly Father is not a l.,

167:5.3 Jesus intimated strong disapproval of the l. divorce


70:7.9 the earlier groups were remarkably free from sex l..

89:7.4 Many of the peculiar associations of sex l. with

167:5.2 the disgraceful l. of the Pharisaic interpretations of

laysee laywith down; laywith hands; laywith hold

28:6.19 high seconaphim l. bare the deep motives of the heart

29:4.14 When we l. lines of energy for the purpose of

59:5.6 Today frogs still l. their eggs in water, and their

60:2.11 animals always returned to the land to l. their eggs.

73:3.6 Without and beyond, the world l. in darkness,

75:2.3 only hope for success l. in the adroit employment of

76:5.6 l. the foundations for the further uplift and spiritual

78:1.12 The hope of future civilization l. in the second

78:3.8 The peoples of India l. stagnant, with a civilization

87:2.3 it required from three days to a year to “l. the ghost”

92:6.17 the hope of the survival of Occidental civilization l.

93:5.1 Melchizedek did l. upon Abraham the responsibility

95:5.12 The weakness of Ikhnaton’s doctrine l. in the fact

97:5.2 saying: “Judgment also will I l. to the line and

107:7.3 they l. plans for man’s eternal career, they adapt,

121:5.17 first European religions to l. one hand upon morals

123:5.12 and far beyond l. the rocky hills of Moab.

123:6.9 Nahor requested permission to l. the whole matter

124:6.8 and Joseph pointed out to him that the Holy City l.

130:3.9 Alexandria this famous Hellenistic Jew l. sick abed.

130:4.1 he sought to l. a more trustworthy foundation for

132:5.2 minded to l. before you my view of the solution of

132:5.16 presume to l claim to all the advantages and blessings

132:5.19 First cleanse your capital before you l. claim to the

132:5.20 do not l. claim to an unfair portion of such rewards

132:5.21 no man should l. personal claim to that wealth which

134:0.1 he began to l. plans for a public career in the land

135:2.3 Elizabeth returned to their home and began to l.

137:4.4 the eloquence of his rebuke l. in the expression of

140:1.7 I would l. no grievous burdens upon your minds, I

140:6.11 l. not up for yourselves treasures on earth, but by

140:6.11 but by your unselfish service l. up for yourselves

147:0.2 The greatest danger to Jesus l. in the Jerusalem

151:3.13 a forecast of what l. ahead of him for the remainder

151:5.4 Meanwhile Jesus l. asleep in the stern of the boat

152:1.1 Jesus, going up to where the child l., took her by

154:7.2 the Master truly “had not where to l. his head.”

155:1.3 even as the heathen take a city they l. siege to?

157:6.12 heaven have nests, I have not where to l. my head?”

157:7.5 Jesus said to the twelve: “L. in provisions and

158:5.2 convulsions he l. there before them as one dead.

163:2.2 but the Son of Man has nowhere to l. his head.

165:4.3 he had failed to l. up treasures in heaven for the

169:3.2 Lazarus, who l. at this rich man’s gate, covered

170:5.18 church dared to l. claim to those mysterious powers

171:1.3 to go to Jerusalem and l. claim to David’s throne.

172:3.10 will cast a trench around about you and l. siege to

174:1.1 They had both agreed to l. the matter before Jesus,

182:3.4 when he had finished praying, he l. for a moment

188:0.1 The day and a half that Jesus’ mortal body l. in the

188:1.1 they stood astride the Master’s body as it l. there on

188:3.13 Salvington while the Master’s body l. in the tomb.

188:5.6 stoned to death, “L. not this sin to their charge.”

189:1.4 remains of Jesus l. wrapped in burial cloths.

189:4.6 The covering sheet l. at the foot of the burial niche.

laywith down

21:2.12 They may l. their lines of power to incarnate as the

127:2.5 to support Jesus’ family if he would l. his tools

140:5.21 “Greater love has no man than to l. his life for his

140:8.14 He repeatedly refused to l. laws regarding marriage

143:1.6 calmly and all alone to l. your life for the love of

165:2.8 I am the true shepherd who is willing even to l.

165:2.8 he will protect his flock and, if necessary, l. his life

165:2.10 I will not hesitate to l. my life in the service of his

165:2.10 But, mind you, if I l. my life, I will take it up again.

165:2.10 I have the right and the power to l. my life, and I

174:5.8 but he who is willing to l. his life for my sake

176:2.7 when each of you is called to l. his life struggle

177:0.3 until that hour when I am ready to l. my life

180:1.3 greater love can no man have than this: he will l. his

181:2.15 my disciples will not hesitate to l. their lives for this

182:1.3 there remains only for me to l. my life in the flesh.

182:3.1 I know that the hour has come to l. this life in the

183:1.2 Jesus elected to l. his life in the flesh in the manner

186:5.1 True, the Master did l. his life in the flesh on this

187:0.3 Father sustains me because I am willing to l. my life.

187:0.3 No one takes my life away from me—I l. it down of

187:0.3 I have authority to l. it down, and I have authority to

188:5.6 first gospel teacher who was called upon to l. down

188:5.7 the cross discloses one who was willing to l. his life

188:5.7 that he would be willing to l. his life for his friends—

188:5.7 that he was willing to l. his life for his enemies,

189:0.2 within himself the power to l. his observable life

193:0.5 I have the power to l. my life and to take it up again

laywith hands

162:2.4 The agents of the scribes wanted to l. upon him,

162:5.5 And no man dared to l. hands upon him.

164:5.3 rushed out to l. upon the stones to cast at him, but

177:0.3 No man will l. on me until that hour when I am

183:3.1 that the apprehenders could easily l. on him before

183:5.3 to be with his Master, and no man shall l. on him.

laywith hold

3:5.13 Man could never l. saving hold on righteousness if

131:3.2 By faith let us l. upon true righteousness and

131:5.5 Through grace l. upon us and minister saving

133:4.11 l. firm hold on the assurances of sonship with God

142:6.7 Nicodemus said: “But how can I begin to l. upon

142:6.9 But Nicodemus did summon faith enough to l. of the

148:7.2 the Sabbath day, would you reach down, l. on it,

173:4.5 They greatly desired to l. on him then and there, but

175:1.9 they secretly l. of widows’ houses and take profit

175:1.14 “Woe upon you, chief priests and rulers who l. of the

176:2.1 to l. fast hold upon these promises to return.

183:3.9 got near enough to John to l. upon his coat, but


15:3.16 and there is increased superimposition, l. upon l..

41:6.3 This explains why there is a calcium l., a gaseous

58:2.2 short wave lengths are absorbed by a l. of ozone

58:2.2 would make a l. only one tenth of an inch thick;

58:2.2 But were this ozone l. just a trifle thicker, you

58:2.4 operations similar to the action of the unique ozone l

58:5.3 a mobile l. of molten lava held under high pressure

58:7.4 this ancient and primitive fossil-bearing stone l.

58:7.6 This stone l., the oldest fossil-bearing stratum in the

59:3.1 The thickness of this ancient rock l. averages about

59:3.9 This l. of rock extends from the eastern mountains

59:4.7 this red l. extends over much of the earth’s surface,

59:5.19 l. upon l., as the coastlands rose and fell during these

60:1.4 This l. is to be found all over Africa and Australia.


15:3.16 fewer and fewer systems, l., circuits, and universes.

41:7.1 what elements may appear in the outer l. of a sun,

41:9.4 gas elasticity of the suns upholds the overlying l.

41:9.4 a sun begins to throw its exterior l. off into space,

57:7.8 the metals which abounded in the superficial l. of the

57:8.12 These rock l. have been heated, bent, twisted,

57:8.12 they passed through these distorting metamorphic

57:8.13 enormous l. of fossil-free stratified stone were

57:8.13 ages have become mixed with these older prelife l..

58:5.5 The lava l. of the earth’s crust, when cooled, form

58:7.1 deposited rocks are commingled with subsequent l.

58:7.1 on the topmost l. occasionally may be found some

58:7.1 In many places these oldest stratified rock l.,

58:7.2 But the absence of such fossils in the early rock l.

58:7.3 the oldest stratified rock l., is about one and one-

58:7.3 many of the l. which have been ascribed to this era

58:7.5 primitive fossil-bearing rocks, existing in several l.,

58:7.9 rest directly upon those l. which date back beyond

58:7.10 the upper l. of these transition rock deposits

58:7.10 the copper in these rock l. results from water

59:0.9 The very first and oldest l. are separated from the

59:3.1 bottom gradually built up very thick l. of limestone

59:3.2 No fire rocks or lava are found in the stone l. of this

59:3.6 the British Isles region today appears as alternate l.

59:3.9 Several l. extend over Canada, portions of South

59:4.5 the resulting limestone l. run from 500 to 5,000 feet

59:4.16 the Susquehanna River cut a valley exposing these l.,

59:5.15 coal l. alternate with shale, stone, and conglomerate.

59:5.16 Coal l. often hold both gas and oil.

59:5.17 In North America the l. of coal in the various beds,

60:1.1 The red l. throughout these sedimentations over both

60:1.2 Few fossils are to be found in these l., but numerous

60:1.3 Lava was later forced in between many of these l..

60:1.10 They were egg l. and are distinguished from all

60:2.5 5,000 feet; but little limestone is present in these l..

60:3.5 The many colored l. of pure clay now used for the

60:3.9 These l. vary in thickness from 200 feet in some

60:3.10 these l. of porous semirock pick up water at

60:3.14 rocks are obliquely thrust out over the Cretaceous l..

60:3.14 here may be found the prelife stone l. shoved out

60:3.16 The deposition l. of these and preceding lava flows

60:4.2 coupled with enormous overthrusts of the various l.,

61:2.3 and Iceland, coal being deposited between these l..

layingsee laying down

61:1.9 small reptilian, egg-l. type of mammal flourished

87:2.2 ritual of l. the ghost was sure to delay its progress

90:4.4 Disease was treated by chanting, l. on of hands,

124:5.5 very proud of the lad and had already begun l. plans

127:5.1 by going direct to Rebecca, l. the whole story

130:6.2 Jesus, l. a gentle hand on his shoulder, said: “No,

135:12.7 to the prison for the body of John, and after l. it in

136:4.5 the careful l. of those plans for further ministry

137:1.6 And Jesus, l. a hand on the shoulder of each of

139:5.9 he refrained from l. hands on his converts in token

167:6.2 Jesus received all of the children,l. his hands on them

181:2.9 l. his hand on Simon’s shoulder, Jesus said: “It is

184:3.11 revolutionist in that Jesus advocated l. violent hands

laying down

187:5.2 he never doubted that he was now l. his life in the

188:5.5 inspired by the sight of God’s l. his incarnate life


196:1.4 an unpretentious l.; the world’s greatest religious

196:1.4 the world’s greatest religious teacher was indeed a l..


139:0.4 it was intended to convey the idea that they were l.

190:1.7 manifest fear and express doubts, while these l.,

190:1.7 And they engage in this eventful service ere Jesus’


101:5.11 revealed religion l. increasing emphasis on loving,

106:5.1 these two experiential Deities l. the foundation for

159:1.2 when the shepherd has found his lost sheep, he l.

Lazarusclose friend of Jesus

124:6.9 about the same age as Jesus—Mary, Martha, and L.

125:2.5 L. took Jesus in hand, and they began a systematic

125:2.7 Jesus was permitted to go home with L. to spend

125:2.7 L., Martha, and Mary heard Jesus discuss things

125:2.8 Jesus saw less of L. since he was not eligible for

125:2.8 he attended some of the public talks delivered in

125:2.8 L. was the same age as Jesus, but in Jerusalem

125:6.1 when L.’ mother remarked that his parents must be

127:3.5 L., and Jesus talked together far into the night.

127:6.3 what he wanted was an opportunity to talk with L.

127:6.5 Jesus wanted most of all to see L., Martha, and

127:6.5 L. was the same age as Jesus and now head of the

127:6.5 by the time of this visit L.’ mother had been laid to

127:6.6 L. had arranged to celebrate the Passover with

127:6.6 celebrate the feast where they were, at L.’ house.

127:6.6 “But,” said L., “we have no paschal lamb.”

128:6.5 soul, when they chanced to meet L. of Bethany.

128:6.5 While Jesus talked with L. and sought to arrange

134:9.2 Jesus and John stopped overnight at Bethany with L.

141:9.1 L. of Bethany had been down to the Jordan twice to

141:9.1 Jesus his apostles to make their headquarters with L.

141:9.2 only by the twelve when he arrived at L.’ home.

142:8.4 The Sabbath weekends they usually spent with L.

143:0.1 personal effects to be stored at the home of L. at

147:4.1 were assembled about the fire in L.’ garden,

152:7.1 For this one night they stopped at the home of L.,

152:7.1 a believer named Simon, near the house of L. in

162:7.6 Bethany where Martha, Mary, and L. awaited him.

162:8.1 It had been arranged that Jesus should lodge with L.

162:8.2 while L. and Mary sat at Jesus’ feet drinking in his

167:4.2 very fond of Martha, Mary, and their brother, L.;

167:4.5 do you not realize that our friend L. has fallen

167:4.6 “Master, if L. has fallen asleep, then will he the more

167:4.6 did not understand that Jesus meant that L. had

167:4.6 from this world, Jesus now said plainly: “L. is dead.


168:0.1 Martha’s brother, L., had been dead four days

168:0.2 Mary sent word to Jesus concerning L.’ illness,

168:0.2 he would just speak the curative words, and L.

168:0.2 And when L. died a few hours after the messenger

168:0.2 late, until he had already been dead for several hours

168:0.2 late, until he had already been dead for several hours

168:0.4 L. and his sisters were the children of a well-to-do

168:0.6 or question Jesus’ conduct as related to L.’ death.

168:0.6 answered Martha: “I know that he will rise again in

168:0.10 Jesus saw how they grieved over the death of L.,

168:0.12 moved by the contention between his love for L.

168:0.12 the show of forced and outward mourning for L.


168:1.5 Jesus truly hesitated about bringing L. back to life.

168:1.5 His sisters really needed him but Jesus regretted

168:1.5 bitter persecution Jesus well knew L. would have to

168:1.6 went to Jesus on Sunday, telling him of L.’  illness

168:1.6 orders for the indefinite detention of L.’ Adjuster

168:1.6 Adjuster on the planet subsequent to L.’ death,

168:1.6 just fifteen minutes before L. breathed his last.

168:1.7 Did the divine mind of Jesus know, even before L.

168:1.10 The small group assembled before L.’ tomb little

168:1.11 ready to enact the drama of the resurrection of L.

168:1.12 Mary hoped that L. was to be raised from the dead

168:1.12 by the fear that L. would not be presentable,

168:1.12 Jesus wanted only to take one last look at L..

168:1.15 in the minds of all who were present at L.’ tomb


168:2.1 they could dimly see the form of L., wrapped in linen

168:2.2 Jesus cried with a loud voice, “L., come forth!”

168:2.3 the hitherto lifeless form of L. began to move and

168:2.3 And as he stood up before them—alive—Jesus, said,

168:2.5 L. greeted Jesus and the apostles and asked the

168:2.5 asked the meaning of the grave cloths and why he

168:2.5 Martha told L. of his death, burial, and resurrection.

168:2.5 Martha had to explain to him that he had died on

168:2.5 inasmuch as he had had no consciousness of time

168:2.6 As L. came out of the tomb, the Personalized Adj.

168:2.6 gave command to the former Adjuster of L.,

168:2.7 Then went L. over to Jesus and, with his sisters,

168:2.7 Jesus, taking L. by the hand, lifted him up, saying:

168:2.9  L. could hardly comprehend what had occurred.

168:2.9 He knew he had been very sick, but he could recall

168:2.9 but he could recall only that he had fallen asleep

168:2.9 He was never able to tell anything about these four

168:2.9 in the tomb because he was wholly unconscious.

168:2.10 Scores of men and women went to look upon L.

168:3.4 L. and his sisters were summoned to appear before

168:3.4 no doubt could be entertained that L. had been

168:3.4 Sanhedrin virtually admitted the resurrection of L.,

168:3.7 assembled, by prearrangement, at the home of L.,

168:4.2 And yet, in spite of this promise, L. actually died.

168:4.5 When Jesus said that L.’ sickness was really not to

168:4.5 to the death, he had already been dead eleven hours.


168:5.1 L. remained at the Bethany home, being the center

168:5.1 he received warning that the Sanhedrin had decreed

168:5.1 useless to put Jesus to death if they permitted L.,

168:5.1 Already had L. suffered bitter persecution from

168:5.2 And so L. took hasty leave of his sisters at Bethany,

168:5.2 never permitting himself to rest long until he had

168:5.2 L. knew Abner well, and here he felt safe from the

168:5.3 L had become treasurer of the church at Philadelphia

168:5.3 He became a strong supporter of Abner in his

168:5.3 the same sickness that carried him off when he was

169:0.2 Word regarding the resurrection of L. had reached

171:1.5 David stopped with L. at Bethany and became

171:1.5 to become the self-appointed defender of L. when

171:1.5 there, in association with Abner and L., he spent

171:3.4 Philadelphia that he was going to Bethany to see L.

171:3.4 hushed expectancy was mostly because of L.’

171:4.5 The resurrection of L. frightened and alarmed Herod

171:4.9 While it was the resurrection of L. that nerved the

172:0.1 L., his sisters, and their friends were expecting them;

172:0.1 people came every day to talk with L. about his

172:0.1 of the little village since the death of L.’ father.

172:0.2 L., Martha, and Mary—more fully realized that Jesus

172:0.3 even on the Sabbath day, to see Jesus and L.,

172:1.1 L. had been raised from the dead, and Lazarus was

172:1.1 L. was becoming a problem to the enemies of Jesus.

172:1.2 This supper was in honor of both Jesus and L.;

172:1.5 Mary the sister of L. stepped forward from among

172:1.5 L. said nothing, but when some of the people

172:1.8 Both L. and Martha knew that Mary had long saved

172:1.9 heard of this dinner in Bethany for Jesus and L.,

172:1.9 to take counsel as to what should be done with L..

172:1.9 And presently they decided that L. must also die.

172:1.9 be useless to put Jesus to death if they permitted L.,

172:2.4 Jesus held converse with L. and instructed him to

172:2.4 It was in obedience to this admonition that L. fled to

172:3.1 work of his earth bestowal, the resurrection of L..

172:3.1 He did not raise L. that the villagers might believe,

172:5.12 And then Judas thought of the resurrection of L.,

174:0.1 At this meeting he said farewell to L., giving him

174:0.1 flee to Philadelphia in Perea, where he later became

175:3.1 impose the death sentence upon both Jesus and L.

177:5.3 certain ones knew that L. had taken hasty flight from

178:2.2 the disciples had learned about the hasty flight of L.

178:3.3 even as I directed that L. flee from the wrath of

183:4.2 Jesus had counseled L. against exposing himself

186:0.1 at the home of Martha and Mary, the sisters of L.

186:3.3 Jesus’ earthly family, assembled at the home of L.

190:1.8 These twenty-six were dispatched to the home of L.

190:1.9 their journey to join their brother, L., at Philadelphia.

190:1.10 Ruth remained at Bethany with L.’ sisters.

190:2.2 James, was standing in the garden of L. before the

190:2.2 Even as James stood before L.’ empty tomb, Mary

190:2.7 with the risen Master on this day at the L. home in

191:4.1 showed himself to Abner and L. and one hundred

191:4.1 Inasmuch as the resurrected L. was now a

191:4.2 synagogue was just being opened by Abner and L.,

191:4.2 where he had appeared between Abner and L.,

193:6.4 going to Philadelphia to visit Abner and L.;

Lazarusbeggar in Nazarite allegory

169:3.2 a beggar named L., who lay at this rich man’s gate

169:3.2 and beheld Abraham afar off and L. in his bosom.

169:3.2 Abraham, have mercy on me and send over L.

169:3.2 enjoyed the good things while L. in like manner

169:3.2 now all this is changed, seeing that L. is comforted

169:3.2 ‘I pray you send L. back to my father’s house,

169:3.3 Jesus questions about the parable of Dives and L.,


103:5.7 does not foster moral indolence and spiritual l. by


69:2.6 long struggle between the l. devotees of magic and

69:8.6 slavery compelled backward and l. peoples to work

86:2.5 to supernatural causes is nothing less than a l. and

132:2.2 If you are ethically l. and socially indifferent, you

132:3.3 and dogmatize truth because man is mentally l. in


60:3.20 the l. now being taken by the more agile and active


42:4.12 matter is indicated by the two atomic weights of l..

42:4.12 The l. of original formation weighs slightly more

58:7.6 The lava flows of this age brought much copper, l.,

59:3.4 age that much of the gas, oil, zinc, and l. are found,

59:5.9 stone deposit, in some places containing zinc and l..

leadverbsee leadimperative

5:5.4 Morality does not biologically l. to the higher levels

5:5.11 in time l. to the realization of the supremacy of

9:2.4 ever l. the true of purpose and the honest of heart

9:5.7 human intellect should l. only to reactions of humility

19:1.5 But that path does not l. to spiritual wisdom.

27:6.2 The master philosophers of Paradise delight to l. the

34:5.4 to l. the peoples dwelling on the evolutionary

34:6.11 the Spirit will lovingly l. you along the pathway of

43:6.3 l. all Edentia in the worshipful contemplation of God

45:4.8 the first of the yellow men to teach and l. his people

48:6.10 Side by side they l. me in the beautiful paths and

53:5.3 but we doubt that this authority would l. him to act

58:6.2 progressively l. up from the most simple organisms

61:0.3 mammalian dynasties and l. right up through the

62:5.9 all conspired to l. the human twins northward and

72:12.5 of world-wide peace under law and could l. to the

74:7.24 it was a difficult task to l. these mixed and mongrel

79:4.8 a greater Gautama may arise to l. all India in the

83:2.4 Man has usually taken the l. in courtship, but not

83:8.4 beliefs l. directly to the concept of the indissolubility

88:2.7 A doctrinal fetish will l. mortal man to betray

89:10.4 l. quickly and surely to those faith conquests which

91:1.6 danger that prayer may l. to a morbid sense of sin,

91:1.6 sufficient time at prayer to l. to this harmful brooding

91:4.4 unvaryingly l. to those efforts and exertions which

91:7.1 but when such practices l. to social isolation, they

98:4.8 were supposed to l. up to the “enthusiasm” of the

101:1.3 thoughts, not your feelings, that l. you Godward.

101:1.7 merely l. men to want to believe in God, but rather

101:2.3 Reason, through the study of science, may l. back

101:10.4 Energy and mind do l. back to Paradise and Deity,

102:2.4 does not l. such a sound-minded religionist to take

102:3.3 Material feelings, human emotions, l. directly to

102:3.3 Religious insights, spiritual motivations, l. directly to

103:7.5 following the truth wherever it may l. regardless of

103:9.5 such a faith-trust as would l. man unqualifiedly to

104:4.14 l. all such spirit-born personalities into the supernal

106:3.2 This happening will certainly l. to the completed

106:4.4 Transcendence of the finite can l. only to ultimate

106:8.22 l. directly to the realization of the I AM as an

116:4.10 the everlasting highways of progression which l.

121:5.17 a priest of religion was supposed to l. a moral life.

126:3.3 Jesus endeavored to l. them along by suggestive

126:3.6 never expected to l. Jewish armies in overthrowing

126:3.14 would l. to his being regarded as peculiar or

128:4.7 would l. them to believe in him against their honest

128:6.11 they would l. him out by tugging at his hands until

130:1.2 selfishness which l. eventually to darkness and

130:2.4 brought this erring man near that you may l. him

130:6.2 happiness highways which l. from the sorrows of

131:1.8 He will take us by the hand and l. us to himself.

131:4.3 From this unreal world l. us to the real!

131:4.3 From darkness l. us to the light!

132:2.5 l. directly to an increased desire to do the Father’s

132:6.1 So do those who l. men to God experience the

132:7.1 l. up to the discussion of spiritual questions.

132:7.2 you cannot l. unwilling souls into the joys of

133:2.1 to such a strong man to l. him to attack his wife,

133:3.7 This good spirit ever strives to l. us to God, to help

133:4.4 this spirit will l. all truth-loving and God-serving

133:4.5 whose spirit lives within you and seeks to l. you

133:4.8 seeking to transform their minds and l. their souls to

136:6.8 while Jesus sought to l. his earth children to join him

136:9.7 refused the offer of the Zealots to l. them in

137:4.1 when Jesus consented to l. the wedding procession.

137:8.7 The Son of Man will not l. forth armies in battle

140:3.18 You have heard it said: ‘If the blind l. the blind, they

140:7.6 To l. men to become son-conscious—to faith-realize

140:9.3 And when they l. you to judgment, be not anxious

141:7.4 to l. this individual man to become son-conscious;

142:2.5 “Rabbi, I believe; I desire that you l. me into the

144:2.3 ”Prayer is the breath of the soul and should l. you

144:4.4 Prayer will l. the mortals of earth up to communion

149:4.4 sometimes l. unthinking souls on to recklessness and

149:4.4 when carried too far, l. to cowardice and failure.

149:6.3 And now from reverence I would l. you up,

150:8.11 They sought to l. the Master away, but he would

152:5.4 We fed the multitude, but it did not l. them to

153:3.5 if the blind l. the blind, both shall fall into the pit.

156:5.3 do we pray that God will l. us not into temptation

157:6.6 Jesus had sincerely endeavored to l. his followers

158:6.5 shall l. to the great and final testing of your faith.

159:5.9 to l. your brother in error away from the evil paths

160:1.8 living to where the logic of a fearless mind may l..

164:1.1 this, if you really do, will l. to life everlasting.”

164:1.2 the lawyer hoped to l. him into saying something

165:2.6 you are not true shepherds unless you l. your flocks

165:3.8 reveal the Father to you and to l. you to the Father.

167:3.3 loose his ox from the stall and l. him forth for

175:1.15 What can be expected of a nation when the blind l.

176:1.1 many will come as deliverers and will l. many astray.

177:5.2 blinded rulers l. the teachers of the gospel truth to

178:1.3 l. them also to the recognition of the Father in

178:1.10 Tempt not the angels of your supervision to l. you in

178:2.3 he did l. Jesus aside and, making bold, asked him

178:2.12 The Master prepared to l. his twelve apostles over

180:4.2 shall guide and comfort you and shall eventually l.

180:6.1 things they will do to you and to those you l. into

180:6.2 send this spirit teacher to live in your souls and l.

181:1.2 I can the better l. you on through this life and

181:2.13 then shall the Spirit of Truth l. each of you abroad

181:2.14 follow on as he will l. you and let your brethren

181:2.17 and who ultimately will l. you into all truth.

181:2.20 as the spirit of the new teacher, to l. you forward

183:2.1 informed him that he was ready to l. them to Jesus

185:8.2 The soldiers will l. him forth.”

189:2.6 must necessarily l. to truthful spiritual conclusions.

191:5.3 you will l. them into a saving knowledge of the

191:6.3 Spirit of Truth come upon you, and he shall l. you

193:0.5 He shall l. you into the enlarged truth, and I will go

194:2.7 the Spirit of Truth comes really to l. all believers

195:8.5 this godless philosophy of human society will l. only

195:8.12 liberty, nor property and wealth will l. to peace.

195:8.13 science, industry, and society can l. only to disaster.


141:6.2 L. men into the kingdom, and the great and living

144:5.22 L. us by your own hand, step by step, through the

144:5.29 Ever l. us in the ways of eternal progress.

144:5.48 L. us everlastingly beside the waters of life.

144:5.62 l. us moment by moment in the pathway of loving

144:5.80 Step by step l. us out of darkness and into the

144:5.92 L. us by the hand in the ways of your own choosing

144:5.13 May the Son guide and l. us to the end of the age.


38:6.1 pairs, 288 seraphim), which is commanded by a l..

39:5.5 Michael was born, heralded to the worlds, as the l.

45:4.5 3. Onamonalonton, a far-distant l. of the red man

45:4.6 4. Orlandof, a prince of the blue men and their l. in

45:4.7 5. Porshunta, the oracle and the l. of the orange race

45:4.9 7. Fantad, deliverer of the green men and their l. in

45:4.10 8. Orvonon, the enlightener of the indigo races and l.

45:4.18 1-2-3 the First, the l. of the loyal midway creatures

53:1.5 Beelzebub was the l of the disloyal midway creatures

53:6.2 The seraphic l. was spiritually blinded by the brilliant

63:6.8 spiritual l. of the pre-Planetary Prince days is a

64:6.7 Onamonalonton appeared as their l. and spiritual

64:6.8 another l. succeed in bringing universal peace among

66:5.11 Its l. was Nod.

66:5.23 Their l. was Mek.

67:1.2 he said: “You are like your l., Lucifer, and you have

67:3.2 joined their l. and Daligastia in support of the

67:4.2 staff who went into rebellion chose Nod as their l..

70:6.3 the clan, a selected natural l.; the tribe and later state

70:6.3 the tribe and later state had no natural l., and this

72:12.2 for the first time a great religious l. has arisen who

73:1.3 their name deriving from their first l., Nod, chairman

74:4.3 Van sent their l. in great haste to Adam.

75:2.4 visits Eve was enjoying with a certain Nodite l.

75:3.5 a l. born to them of part origin in the violet stock,

75:3.7 with Cano, the most brilliant mind and active l. of the

75:3.7 Cano was the sincere spiritual l. of those neighboring

75:6.2 followers who pledged themselves to follow their l.,

76:2.9 Cain became a great l. among one group of his

76:3.3 Adam’s second son, Eveson, became a masterly l.

77:7.4 Beelzebub, l. of the apostate secondary midwayers.

78:8.7 refused to subordinate themselves to a common l..

84:6.4 the moral standard-bearer and spiritual l. of mankind.

92:5.5 And men have always tended to venerate the l.,

92:5.8 with the life and teachings of some religious l..

92:5.11 genius of the post-Melchizedek era was the l. of a

93:5.14 Abraham became l. of a second confederation of

93:9.1 were not reconciled to the loss of their wonderful l..

93:9.3 became a terror to the otherwise brave and daring l.;

93:9.4 did Abraham again become a great l. in Palestine.

93:9.4 He was the spiritual l. of all the surrounding tribes,

95:1.6 until Nabodad, the l. of the school at Kish, decided

95:2.2 Each tribal l. in Egypt, after fighting his way to the

96:3.1 under that great l., teacher, and organizer, Moses.

96:3.3 No l. ever undertook to reform and uplift a more

96:5.1 Moses was an extraordinary combination of military l

96:5.1 the most important world teacher and l. between the

96:5.2 one thousand years after the death of the great l..

97:1.8 As the years passed, the grizzled old l. progressed in

97:7.5 no man-made God that this spiritual l. proclaimed.

97:7.6 Like Isaiah the first, this l. preached a God of

99:3.15 individual citizen, may become the outstanding l. of

114:3.2 l. of the celestial beings functioning on Urantia.

119:7.6 a group of Chaldean priests whose l. was Ardnon.

122:2.8 idea that he was to grow up to become a spiritual l.

124:1.13 Before he was ten years old, he had become the l.

124:2.5 Jesus was the generally accepted l. of the Nazareth

125:4.3 But the l. insisted that Jesus was not to be blamed

125:6.3 the l. invited the lad to come forward and bade him

126:0.4 predicted that he was destined to become a great l.

127:2.9 you will have not just one l. from Joseph’s family,

127:5.1 and considering his reputation as a spiritual l., it

127:5.1 destiny; that he was to become a great religious l.,

130:6.5 Fortune became the l. of the Christians in Crete

131:4.4 God is our sure l. and unfailing guide.

132:1.1 It was with Angamon, the l. of the Stoics, that Jesus

132:2.1 Mardus was the acknowledged l. of the Cynics of

133:4.4 To the earnest l. of the Mithraic cult he said: “You

135:2.4 John was very fond of Abner, the acknowledged l.

135:9.5 Would he become a military l. and a Davidic king?

139:2.4 Peter was also a natural and inspirational l. of men,

140:5.16 Moses was a superb l., but he was also a man of

141:1.4 did not prevent the cruel death of their beloved l..

147:7.2 the l of the six spies said to him: “I was today talking

148:7.2 The l. of the spying Pharisees, as Jesus stood

148:9.4 the l. and two of his associates returned with the

152:2.8 in companies of one hundred and appoint a l. over

153:5.2 Joab, the l. of the evangelists, returned and

157:2.1 Said the l. of the disturbers: “Teacher, we would like

163:2.9 Matadormus would become the ultimate l. of all of

181:2.17 you have earned in your capacity as spiritual l.,

187:0.2 would later have been put to death with their l. if he

190:1.7 under the orders of their fearless and efficient l., go

191:0.10 and the apostles were without an authoritative l..

194:4.2 of a living Lord, not a dead and defeated l..

194:4.12 Stephen, l. of the Greek colony of Jesus’ believers in

leaders or Jewish leaders; see leaders, spiritual

22:2.1 loyally function in the places of such unfaithful l..

31:0.12 choose their own permanent, and assignment l. and

31:5.3 a group, and they are invariably chosen as its l..

39:2.5 the inspired l. who foster the higher impulses and

52:4.6 Such worlds advance and honor only those l. who


53:1.6 and bound the dragon (all the rebel l.) for an age.”

53:4.4 majority of the intelligences failed to follow their l..

53:9.1 None of the l. accepted this merciful proffer.

53:9.2 Paul knew of the status of these rebellious l.

54:4.5 Rulers did not immediately destroy or intern the l.

62:3.9 treetop home had been struck were really the l. of

64:6.19 many of their l. being eight and nine feet in height.

64:6.22 subsequent perverted teachings of those traitorous l..

64:6.29 But mention is made only of those outstanding l. and

66:3.8 sent them back as teachers and l. of their peoples.

66:5.22 the pressure of the teachings of their superior l.,

66:5.29 These l. contributed to bringing about intertribal

66:5.29 They fostered courtship and marriage after due

67:4.6 misled by their superiors, deceived by their trusted l..

68:5.13 an industrial era cannot hope to survive if its l. fail to

70:2.21 To discover l. society must turn to the conquests of

70:12.20 with selecting such administrative l. as are truly wise.

71:3.1 values of its citizenry as exemplified in their chosen l.

71:3.12 excellency of their children, and purely religious l.,

71:7.4 Teachers must be free beings, real l., to the end that

72:9.1 l. of this nation discovered a serious weakness in

74:4.1 women listened to the impassioned pleas of their l.

77:3.1 adjoining their borders, it occurred to their l. that

77:3.4 Neither were their l. altogether agreed concerning

77:8.12 thrown into prison by the ignorant religious l. of that

80:6.4 Several different l. sought to revive the remnants

81:6.37 of the citizenry with wise and progressive l.;

81:6.39 advancing civilization is always delayed when its l.

88:2.1 The ancients always revered the bones of their l.,

90:5.8 religious l. have been invaluable in pointing the way


92:5.4 3. The personal viewpoints of the great religious l.,

92:5.5 man has been deprived of these superhuman l. and

92:5.5 enshrouding his human l. with legends pertaining

92:5.6 have conceived of their l. as being born of virgins;

92:5.8 There have been hundreds of religious l. in the

93:9.9 the purpose of raising Abraham and other national l.

94:1.6 but the l., the priests of Vedism, refused to accept

95:3.3 moral l. taught justice, fairness, and the avoidance

96:3.3 there were a sufficient number of educated l. who

96:5.5 To his assembled l. he thundered, “The Lord your

96:5.8 God which Moses presented to his l. was soon lost

96:6.1 and the l. of Israel continued to harbor the Mosaic

97:8.4 the l. of the Jews were so confused they failed to

97:10.1 Their l. had taught the Israelites that they were a

97:10.7 This has ever been the error of the religious l.:

99:6.3 inclination of l. to become administrators instead

108:3.5 charges to the chiefs of seraphim and to the l. of

110:1.2 The Adjusters are loving l., your safe and sure guides

114:2.1 were all real l. when they functioned on Urantia,

121:2.12 the Jerusalem religious l. and rabbinical teachers.

121:7.4 And all this made it easier for certain religious l. of

122:8.7 beautiful myths about the lives of their religious l.

126:0.3 he looked with disdain upon all those religious l.

128:4.3 He who was rejected by the Jerusalem religious l.,

132:0.4 contact with the religious l. of the empire’s capital.

132:0.4 sought the worth-while l. of the Cynics, the Stoics,

132:0.4 of the Cynics, and sixteen of the mystery-cult l.

132:0.5 this group of thirty-two Jesus-taught religious l. in

132:3.1 Nabon was a Greek Jew and foremost among l. of

136:4.10 the custom to have all great prophets and human l.

139:1.8 in counseling these early l. about the organization of

144:0.2 augmenting tension between the l. of John’s

144:6.1 for John had recently appointed twelve of his l. to

146:4.1 Although the religious l. at Jerusalem became

147:0.2 were so influenced by the religious l. at Jerusalem

147:0.2 danger to Jesus lay in the Jerusalem religious l.

147:1.1 captain did this because he thought the Jl. would

147:6.2 The chief priests and the religious l. of the Jews

148:9.1 meeting with the apostles, evangelists, and other l.


149:3.1 the religious l. at Jerusalem became increasingly

149:3.2 The religious l. at Jerusalem were becoming well-

149:3.2 The Jl. were increasingly blinded by fear and

149:3.3 But many of the l. of the Jews had closed the doors

151:3.14 refutation of the studied effort of the religious l. to

152:2.5 avoid trouble with both Herod and the Jerusalem l.

152:5.4 enemies among the religious l. of the land without

152:5.6 and stirred up the fears of both the religious l. and

153:1.1 the l. and rulers of the neighboring synagogues were

153:1.1 These Jewish religious l. were acting directly under

153:1.1 Sitting by the side of these Jl. were the official

153:1.7 the Jerusalem l. had labored long and earnestly with

153:2.3 ask you: What will the chief priests and religious l.

153:3.7 an open rupture of relations with these religious l..

153:4.2 the religious teachers and l. at Jerusalem had decided

153:5.2 The l. from Jerusalem were not slow to feed this

154:3.1 the religious and the political l. from Jerusalem

154:3.1 The Jl. were able to report to Herod that practically

154:5.3 I have appointed first and second l., even a third.

154:6.1 They had talked with the Jerusalem l. long into the

154:6.2 the l. at Jerusalem had suddenly turned against him

155:5.12 “At Jerusalem the religious l. have formulated the

155:6.7 To honor the God-knowing l. of the past may indeed

156:4.3 Many of the l. in the manufacture of Tyrian purple

156:6.4 learned that many l. were then gathered together on

156:6.7 resentment against the Sanhedrin l. at Jerusalem.

162:1.3 had fled because he feared the Jl. and Herod Antipas

162:1.10 to acknowledge him openly for fear of the Jl.,

162:2.5 they took counsel with their l. and decided that

162:2.5 The l. of the Jews, in general, were disposed to

162:3.1 dealt with them as to indicate that these religious l.

162:7.3 “I know that you are Abraham’s seed, yet your l.

163:4.7 that the time for an open break with the religious l.

164:2.1 just one purpose: to give the Sanhedrin and the Jl.

164:2.1 Here were gathered together some twenty-five Jl.

164:2.3 Jesus surmised that the majority of the Jl. never

164:3.1 to the notice of the Sanhedrin and the other Jl.

164:3.6 once more prominently to the notice of the Jl., but

164:3.16 Sanhedrin and the Jewish teachers and religious l..

164:4.1 the l. of the Sanhedrin decided to convene the

164:4.5 The l. were greatly troubled and, knowing not what

164:4.5 They were loath to believe that the beggar had been

164:4.10 for the l. rushed upon Josiah, angrily exclaiming:

165:2.1 was in the presence of these Jewish teachers and l.,

165:2.3 with your darkened and deluded l., seek to kill the

165:2.6 of my Father’s flocks must not only be worthy l., but

166:1.4 Your l. even dare to plot and plan the murder of

166:5.4 misfortune of Abner to be at variance with the l. of

167:4.2 had almost given up hope that the Jl. at Jerusalem

167:4.4 the l. sought your death, while the people were

168:3.1 had no influence on the attitude of the religious l.

168:3.3 Time and again had this august body of Jl. decreed

168:3.5 Jl. were persuaded that, if he were not stopped, soon

171:0.3 The l. understood something of his teachings

171:4.8 preliminary skirmish with the Jewish religious l..

172:5.7 impressed the Jl. that they would refrain from

173:2.1 entry into Jerusalem so overawed the Jl. that they

173:2.5 the religious teachers and l. of Israel, could not

173:2.7 This the Jl. refused to accept and were seeking to

173:4.5 that Jesus referred to themselves and the other Jl..

174:2.1 between the Sanhedrin and some fifty additional l.

174:5.3 the children of Abraham and their l. are about to

174:5.3 Truly have the l. of my people deliberately blinded

175:1.2 sought peace, but the l. of Israel will not have it.

175:1.3 these hypocritical l. if they would only turn to him

175:1.5 your l. are about to commit the supreme folly of

175:1.8 You well know how these l. bind heavy burdens on

175:4.1 the Master’s final indictment of the Jl. and rulers

175:4.2 heard Jesus swing from his merciful appeal to the Jl.

176:1.2 Even the Jl. subsequently recognized that it was

178:1.16 We clashed with these established l. and rulers

183:1.1 the unfeeling attitude of the professed religious l.,

185:1.3 to a large extent subject to the whims of the Jl.,

185:2.7 Pilate saw the Jl. were determined to proceed with

185:7.3 superstitious fear of Jesus and dread of the Jl..

187:0.4 Only a few of the Jl. went out to see Jesus die on

187:2.6 Many of the Jl., when they learned how Pilate had

187:2.6 but they dared not attempt to remove this inscription

187:2.6 Not being able to remove the title, these l. mingled

188:2.2 group of the Jl. gathered at the home of Caiaphas,

189:2.5 The Jl. began the sordid business of supposedly

189:2.5 And the Jl. made solemn promises to the soldiers


192:0.1 Galilee, the Jl. had quieted down considerably.

194:1.3 The l. of the Jews were astounded at the boldness of

194:4.10 the Sadducees began to put the l. of the Jesus sect in

195:0.9 4.The Christian l. were willing to make compromises

195:0.10 Christian l. make such further compromises with

195:0.12 Wisely or unwisely, these early l. of Christianity

195:6.10 But religious l. are making a great mistake when they

195:9.4 Religion does need new l., spiritual men and women

leaders, spiritual

72:9.3 teachers, philosophers, and s. are thus recognized

96:4.9 up through the teachings of their successive s. to the

97:0.1 The s. of the Hebrews did what no others before

97:0.1 they deanthropomorphized their God concept

97:0.2 generation in response to the teaching of the s..

97:7.1 from the international preachments of the s..

97:10.1 destiny, they would become the s. of all peoples,

97:10.3 silenced the voices of the s. (excepting Daniel,

109:4.3 many of the great intellectual and s. of Urantia have

127:2.6 are always difficult for s. to relate themselves to,

175:2.1 The fact that the s. and the religious teachers of

leadershipsee leadership of

27:0.3 Isle of Light and have gone forth on missions of l. to

38:9.10 under unified l. as do the united midway ministers

53:7.11 ascending mortals who, under their Melchizedek l.,

63:4.5 The Andonic clan maintained an unbroken line of l.

67:6.3 continued to furnish l. for the world down through

68:6.11 the great test of the wisdom of world l. will present

70:2.21 war did select the innately great men for l., but war

70:3.2 In the prefamily days of the horde, l. was provided

70:12.2 government is the representative system wherein l. is

77:2.2 shall never know what an aristocracy of benign l.

77:5.6 They gave origin to a great line of the world’s l.,

77:9.5 his fearless l. was instrumental in reducing the

81:6.37 13. Effective and wise l.. In civilization much, very

81:6.37 teamwork—social co-operation—is dependent on l..

81:6.37 continue to be dependent on wise and vigorous l..

81:6.42 L. is vital to progress.

81:6.42 Civilization is never really jeopardized until able l.

81:6.42 the quantity of such wise l. has never exceeded one

89:7.1 by this loss of sons, but even the succession of l. was

92:5.5 l. has originated a majority of the worth-while

93:5.2 some human family embodying the potentials of l..

93:5.10 Salem territory and had confederated under his l.

95:5.3 a political genius to match his surprising religious l.,

96:3.1 fled from Egypt to the Arabian Desert under his l..

99:2.1 religion cannot afford inspiration and provide l. in

99:4.2 Social l. is transformed by spiritual insight; religion

99:5.1 religious groups depends much on intelligent l..

99:5.11 presenting Christ as the supreme ideal of spiritual l.,

114:2.1 Machiventa Melchizedek) these qualities of l. have

127:5.2 this man of her choice and to share his career of l..

128:4.3 leaders, even after Jesus had demonstrated his l.,

138:7.3 earnest talk the apostles all arose, under Peter’s l.,

156:5.7 L. is dependent on natural ability, discretion,

181:2.16 this I did in order to provide for l. in the direction

181:2.16 relationships we unfailingly provide for definite l..

181:2.16 there is always provided the authority of l..

183:4.2 disposed to follow his aggressive l. had it not been

186:2.8 he would be the last to afford them real national l.,

191:0.6 the Master had released him from the burdens of l.

194:4.13 before the time of Paul the l. was in Greek hands;

195:9.4 will these spirit-born souls quickly supply the l. and

leadership of

27:7.3 on Paradise are conducted under the l. of a special

48:4.8 directors are also occupied with the l. of diversion,

51:3.8 They serve under the l. of loyal midwayers chosen

53:7.1 young woman of that mortal realm, grasped the l. of

53:7.5 and remained under the l. of the Faithful of Days

55:4.7 who function jointly as the unifiers of the dual l. of

63:3.5 seriously injured foot, immediately assumed the l. of

63:6.1 years until the days of Onagar, who assumed the l. of

64:6.12 higher living as a result of the wise l. of Porshunta,

64:6.15 one hundred thousand years ago, assumed the l. of

64:6.17 a great revival of culture under the l. of Fantad,

66:7.19 in the follies of the Lucifer rebellion under the l. of

67:6.2 senior resident Life Carriers assumed temporary l. of

67:6.3 the end of their mortal days under the l. of Van

75:3.1 Serapatatia came to the l. of the western or Syrian

75:3.2 shortly after assuming the l. of the Syrian Nodites,

77:1.7 functioning under the titular l. of Van until the days

77:4.10 who had forsaken the l. of Nod and his successors

77:6.6 the loyal majority then enlisting under the l. of the

78:2.2 The heroism displayed in the l. of the second garden

78:5.1 and the l. of Amosad inaugurated a brilliant era.

92:5.9 The Sethite priests, as regenerated under the l. of

93:6.8 Abraham again assumed the civil and military l. of

94:1.3 into a pantheon under the triune l. of Dyaus pitar,

96:2.3 fellow nomads who chose to follow the l. of Moses

96:7.1 Under the l. of their sheiks and priests the Hebrews

99:5.11 to reject the historic l. of the God-knowing men who

125:6.13 task of preparing her son to assume the l. of those

126:0.3 When he scrutinized the l. of Israel, he was

127:2.5 moderate patriots, expecting Jesus to assume the l.

127:2.5 if he would lay down his tools and assume l. of

132:0.8 these thirty Romans for the l. of the new religion in

150:9.3 And so, under the l. of hirelings, these ruffians laid

163:7.3 intrusted with the l. of the enlarged women’s work

163:7.4 its terminal phase under the personal l. of Jesus.

168:1.10 all orders of celestial beings assembled under the l. of

176:1.1 the l. of those who have rejected the Son of Man,

179:1.6 under the l. of Judas the apostles are led once more

182:2.13 setting out, under the l. of the betrayer, to arrest

185:5.13 clamor of the mob, acting under the direct l. of the

188:3.8 released for l. of the Nebadon Corps of the Finality

192:2.7 I once trusted you with the l. of your brethren.

192:4.8 And so, under the vigorous l. of Peter and ere the

194:4.12 church at Jerusalem had organized under the l. of


2:5.5 if you will submit to the l. of the indwelling spirit,

5:1.5 equally choose to accept the uniform spiritual l. of

32:5.8 trust, depending every step of the way on the l. of

34:6.4 have espoused the l. and teaching of the Adjuster,

34:6.9 in subjecting the flesh more and more to the l. of

92:7.4 intellectual response to his identical spiritual l..

101:0.3 And spirit l. is distinct from the ethical prompting of

103:9.10 and wrong, truth and error, it demonstrates spirit l..

107:0.4 is consciously or unconsciously following the l. of his

107:6.1 they disclose the presence and l. of a spirit influence.

110:3.5 Only conscious resistance to the Adjuster’s l. can

110:3.7 1. Choosing to respond to divine l.; sincerely basing

110:5.1 and as you are able to perceive the Monitor’s l..

111:1.8 co-operatively choose to follow the Adjuster’s l.

111:1.8 follow the Adjuster’s l. when and as such l. differs

112:2.15 response to the teaching and l. of the Adjuster.

113:4.2 Mortal man, subject to Adjuster l., is amenable to

113:4.3 In following this l. you are sure to encounter, and if

117:0.3 mortal finally attunes to the divine l. of the Adjuster,

120:3.9 we would commit you to the l. of the Adjuster,

128:0.4 the more effective l. of these same mortals to a better

130:8.4 that the man lacked the ability to respond to spirit l..

131:7.3 yields to anxiety, he takes a step away from the l. of

132:7.9 human imagination of spiritual teaching and l.

140:5.11 masters all temptations to rebel against the divine l..

142:6.8 child is willing to submit to the guidance and l. of a

144:5.11 spirit; Give us grace to yield to the l. of this spirit.

146:3.7 “Every earth child who follows the l. of this spirit

180:5.10 in accordance with the l. of the Spirit of Truth.

196:3.1 Religious faith—the positive l. of the indwelling


15:1.4 turned into the bend l. to the southerly plunge.

19:1.9 (experiential) reality, thus l. to the distortion of facts,

31:5.2 universe ascent l. to the Corps of Mortal Finaliters.

34:5.2 unitedly l. the races of men towards higher ideas

38:8.1 of service are open to cherubim and sanobim l. to

56:5.3 levels of God the Sevenfold l. inward to the Father

59:6.1 the transition period l. to the subsequent ages of land

63:5.2 the great rivers l. to the then warm waters of the

63:6.7 travel trail l. up northward from the Mesopotamian

75:7.7 Caligastia did not accomplish his purpose of l. them

84:7.25 The advancing ideals of family life are l. to the

86:7.4 Scientific knowledge, l. to scientific action, is the

95:6.9 show man in his darkened world the path of light l.

101:10.4 only through the morontial avenue l. to spiritual

103:2.7 slight preference upon the altruistic impulse as l. to

104:1.1 first Urantian revelation l. to the comprehension of

122:1.1 patriarch to the earlier lines of inheritance l. to the

122:6.1 and the road l. out of Nazareth toward Cana.

122:7.4 with the provisions while Joseph walked, l. the beast.

124:6.8 They now began to climb the hills l. up to Jerusalem.

125:3.2 to Jerusalem with the women, l. Mary’s donkey.

127:6.16 supreme mission of l. men to God and revealing God

132:7.2 can act as the means of l. such a fellow mortal to

135:6.7 Before l. them down into the water, John,

139:2.9 Peter was either l. the procession or trailing behind—

139:7.6 the means of l. thousands of other business men,

140:6.14 Jesus said, “Come with me, Peter”—l. the way into

146:2.15 prayer as a means of l. up through thanksgiving to

151:5.2 There are steep gorges l. up from the lake into the


153:4.1 L. this demented lad up to Jesus, he said: “What can

155:4.1 thence to the crossing with the road l. to Sidon,

156:5.15 artistic in your technique of l. hungry souls into the

158:7.6 sending them alone into the conflict; he was l. them.

159:5.17 were striking, such as, “The blind l. the blind.”

162:1.10 mischievous meddler, that he was l. the people

162:4.3 The worshipers passed down the steps l. from the

162:4.4 to the silver funnels l. to the base of the altar

164:5.5 but behold the Creator of a universe l. him forth to

167:6.1 bringing their children in their arms and l. them by

167:6.5 beauty as an influence l. to the urge to worship,

171:2.6 Jesus, l. the twelve, started on the way to Heshbon,

176:0.2 As they turned to leave the road l. on to Bethany,

176:2.3 experience of revealing God to man and l. man to

176:3.7 the Spirit of Truth is ever l. the children of light into

178:3.1 western brow of Mount Olivet to meet the road l.

180:2.7 Jesus had great difficulty in l. even his apostles to

181:2.20 dedicating your life to the cause of l. mankind to

183:3.3 the hope of the betrayer that he could, after l. the

183:3.10 guards, and servants, who were now l. Jesus back

185:0.3 the public trial was held outside on the steps l. up

186:5.1 The events already narrated and l. up to this hour

188:1.2 of Golgotha and across the road l. to Samaria.

195:1.1 The Greek taught intellectual liberalism l. to

195:1.1 taught spiritual liberalism l. to religious liberty.


62:4.1 to the two l. members of the mid-mammal tribe:

70:10.14 If “the daughter of a priest” or other l. citizen turned

79:2.8 India have become one of the world’s l. centers of

79:3.5 India bid fair to produce the l. cultural, religious,

81:6.18 mastery of these tongues by the l. cultural peoples

94:10.3 The Tibetans have something of all the l. world

121:8.3 Mark, like the apostles and other l. disciples, was

128:1.15 Joseph asked Jesus many l. questions concerning his

132:0.4 Jesus selected five of the l. Stoics, eleven of the

137:1.1 During this Sabbath two of John’s l. disciples

137:1.8 Judean prophet surrendered two of his l. disciples to

139:2.11 before Paul became the l. spirit among the gentile

139:8.2 Thomas was regarded as the l. citizen of this village.

154:4.1 in Capernaum a group of fifty l. citizens met at the

167:1.1 l. men and a few lawyers were bidden to breakfast.

167:1.2 there came into the room one of the l. Pharisees of

168:0.4 honorable Jew, one who had been the l. resident

171:2.6 His apostles, together with the l. disciples, thought

172:0.1 one Simon, the l. citizen of the little village since the

174:5.2 he spoke to his apostles and a number of l. disciples

176:2.9 a number of the l. disciples welcomed Jesus

177:3.6 disturbed his apostles and many of his l. disciples,

181:0.1 Many of the apostles and the l. disciples really

186:3.4 David Zebedee was the only one of the l. disciples

189:4.2 some fifteen or twenty of the l. women believers.

193:0.1 and about fifty other l. disciples of the Master,

193:6.1 to call the l. disciples together at the home of Mary

194:4.10 accept the counsel of one of the l. rabbis, Gamaliel


5:1.12 If you yield to the l. of the spiritual forces in you

5:2.4 in harmonizing with the Adjuster’s spiritual l.,

5:2.5 of recognizing the spirit l. and other supermaterial

34:5.5 those mortals who the more fully obey the divine l..

44:8.2 the l. of the Adjuster in those individuals whose

100:5.7 has been mistaken for divine revelations and spirit l..

103:1.1 no two human beings can similarly interpret the l.

103:2.10 have their origin in the l. of the indwelling Adjuster,

103:5.3 is in response to the inner spirit l. of the Adjuster.

110:3.5 does not necessarily signify resistance to the l. of the

110:6.4 perverted interpretation of the spirit l. of the divine

110:7.6 almost impossible to register these inspiring spirit l.

113:4.4 mind adjutants, reinforced by the l. of the Adjuster.

116:6.5 become dominated by the l. of purposive spirit,

133:4.9 If you follow the unconscious l. of this immortal

146:3.6 has made you more conscious of the inner l. of

155:6.5 forever free to follow the truth wherever the l. of

159:3.6 feelings of emotion are not equivalent to the l. of the

159:3.6 not necessarily mean that such impulses are the l. of

195:5.14 We find God through the l. of spiritual insight, but

196:0.10 —unbroken communion with God—and not by l.,


2:6.3 The “richness of the goodness of God l. erring man

3:5.10 and the willingness to go wherever it l., desirable?

7:1.1 this exclusively spiritual circuit, l. directly back to

21:6.4 path as it l. from supreme divinity through ultimate

34:6.11 The Spirit never drives, only l..

48:6.8 of “the goodness of God, which l. to repentance,”

54:0.1 the persistent pursuit of divinity l. to the kingdom of

54:0.1 with its rejection, which l. to the domains of iniquity.

54:1.6 Self-control l. to altruistic service; self-admiration

54:1.8 that species of self-deception which l. beings to crave

56:10.8 appreciation of beauty l. to the sense of the fitness of

56:10.8 cosmology l. to the pursuit of divine reality values—

56:10.9 the intellectual appeal and l. towards unified and

71:4.15 the arts of civilization l. directly to the realization of

83:0.3 compels man to think and eventually l. him to love.

83:7.7 only l. directly back to those crude societal stages

84:6.8 marriage l. directly to home founding and home

89:3.6 the ancient continence cult l. directly to a war

91:5.1 In ancestor worship, prayer l. to the cultivation of

91:5.1 since prayer l. to the cultivation of divine ideals.

100:5.2 progression of religious growth l. from stagnation

100:6.5 temporal and trivial never l. to social isolation, and

101:6.17 the new illumination of the path of eternity that l.

102:3.4 Real religion l. to increased social service.

102:3.5 Science, knowledge, l. to fact consciousness;

102:3.5 religion, experience, l. to value consciousness;

102:3.5 wisdom, l. to co-ordinate consciousness;

102:3.5 revelation l. to the consciousness of true reality;

102:3.6 Knowledge l. to placing men, to originating social

102:3.6 Religion l. to serving men, thus creating ethics and

102:3.6 Wisdom l to the higher and better fellowship of ideas

102:3.14 religion often l. to man’s creating his concepts of

103:4.2 thirst for righteousness l. to the discovery of truth,

103:9.11 Faith l. to knowing God, not merely to a mystical

106:9.12 life predicated on the living of the Father’s will l.

108:6.7 Adjusters are the unceasing urge that l. man to

112:2.13 thinking l. to wisdom and wisdom l. to worship;

112:2.13 in eternity, worship l. to wisdom, and wisdom

130:2.7 deliberate choice of a self-conscious being which l.

131:2.7 down in green pastures; he l. me beside still waters

131:2.7 He l. me in the paths of righteousness.

131:3.6 Selfishness l. to grief; perpetual care kills.

131:5.4 We know that the religion is right which l. to union

132:3.4 goodness which l. a mortal to develop a singleness

137:8.9 for where the spirit of God teaches and l. the soul of

143:2.7 It is the very goodness of God that l. men into true

144:2.2 Prayer l. to co-operative spiritual progress.

144:2.2 The ideal prayer is a form of communion which l. to

146:3.6 it unfailingly l. in the directions of divine worship

149:6.4 The goodness of God l. to repentance;

149:6.4 the beneficence of God l. to service;

149:6.4 the mercy of God l. to salvation; while

149:6.4 while the love of God l. to intelligent and worship.

153:2.3 you refuse to walk in the way of light which l. to

160:4.13 l. directly to the creation of a world of unreality

162:2.7 seek to find me shall sometime attain the life that l.

162:6.3 true teacher of the way which l. to life everlasting,

163:3.2 in riches shall hardly enter into the spiritual life that l.

164:2.4 as the spirit l. you while I once more bring the

165:2.4 shepherd, he l. the way and the sheep follow him.

165:4.1 the love of riches many times l. to such devotion

165:4.5 There is a great difference between wealth which l.

166:3.3 That the way which l. to eternal life is straight and

166:3.3 that the door which l. thereto is likewise narrow so

166:3.3 the way which l. to destruction is broad, that the

170:3.9 being a member of the family of believers l. to the

176:4.7 that succession of universe events which l. directly to

178:2.7 When he l. you to a certain house, go in after him

184:4.5 l. man to want to insult and physically assault that

189:1.9 l. us to conjecture that the Master’s resurrection on

194:3.4 is a mighty world influence which l. man upward and

194:3.19 l. the recipient to formulate a life purpose single to

195:6.3 insight, eventually l. to pessimism and human despair

195:6.5 and in the end only l. the scientist straight back to the

195:6.17 The pursuit of goodness, beauty, and truth l. to God.

195:10.8 l. to the defense of outgrown systems of worship.

196:0.6 strong spiritual faith so many times l. directly to


59:4.17 not a sound was heard, not even the rustle of a l.,

88:1.9 when a savage went on a spree, he put a l. in his hair


123:3.5 the time when they camped out in l. booths and

162:4.1 the people lived much in the open air, in l. booths.


74:5.5 federated all of these companies into the Edenic l..

134:5.10 one of the world powers will withdraw from the L.

153:4.2 could do these things because he was in l. with devils

154:4.4 3. That he was in l. with devils, that he might even be

157:3.5 by the indictment that he was in l. with the prince

168:3.4 devils, with whom Jesus was declared to be in l..

169:0.7 4. Jesus is in l. with devils. Jesus works wonders and


53:1.4 Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia were l. together to


134:5.10L. of Nations—can never bring permanent peace to

134:5.17 how many l. of nations must fail before men will be

Leahdaughter of the Apostle Philip

139:5.11 Their eldest daughter, L., continued their work, later


41:9.1 not so much due to light escape as to ultimatonic l.

190:3.3 the unconscious l. of intimations concerning this


103:6.14 When philosophy is so unfortunate as to l. upon

131:2.8 I will l. not upon my own understanding.

195:6.4 rank and file of the people still l. in that direction as


74:5.6 those confused minds that l. toward the Caligastia

121:4.3 Paul l. heavily toward Stoicism when he wrote, “I

122:5.10 Joseph l. more toward the spiritual concept of the

122:5.11 Mary l. strongly toward the more liberal and broader

135:5.2 teachers l. heavily on the predictions of Daniel,

135:7.1 l. more toward the doctrine of a spiritual kingdom

179:4.3 John l. over and asked the Master: “Who is it?

192:1.3 he l. over and whispered to Peter, “It is the Master.”


159:3.11 Teach believers to avoid l. upon the insecure props

179:4.4 and l. forward over the table, Peter addressed John,

179:4.6 l. over toward Judas, “What you have decided to do


79:3.3 The superior religious l. of the peoples of India date

193:4.3 Andrew and Matthew had many l. in this direction


103:6.14 When the philosophy of man l. heavily toward the

196:0.11 He depended on the heavenly Father as a child l.


65:2.9 the greatest single l. of all pre-human evolution was


14:1.12 thousand years of the present Urantia l. calendar.

57:0.1 —the present l. calendar of 365¼ days to the year.


16:7.3 can therefore learn from looking as well as from l..

16:7.3 A nonpersonal animal ordinarily learns only by l..

60:2.12 They evolved from the hollow-boned l. dinosaurs,

60:3.20 by the more agile types of the smaller l. kangaroo

65:2.10 peculiar forms were perpetuated in the l. kangaroos.

137:4.9 L. up, Mary threw her arms around Jesus’ neck,


16:7.3 A personality can look before it l. and can learn from

learnsee learn from; learn how; learn of; learn that;

learn to  

12:0.1 you may l. much about the various groups of

39:4.10 you begin to l. self-government for the benefit of all

39:4.13 It is not so much what you l. in this first life;

39:6.9 ministers to transitional ascenders you will l. in

40:9.9 A Spirit-fused survivor is also able to l. much about

47:8.1 world number six, where they l. more about the high

48:3.13 you will l. a language over there much as you do

48:5.7 have learned on earth, but which you failed to l.,

48:7.14 Mortals only l. wisdom by experiencing tribulation.

50:5.7 Every child is provided an opportunity to l. by doing;

52:6.1 of world-wide peace; the nations no more l. war.

55:6.6 human beings fully l. the local universe language

65:6.8 The ability to l., memory and differential response to

68:1.1 Rather did the early races l. by sad experience that


77:9.6 as mortals talk with travelers from afar and l. about

77:9.6 do midwayers converse with celestial travelers to l.

84:7.28 unit of fraternity in which parents and children l.

90:3.9 Mankind has been very slow to l. the material

94:12.5 The desire to l. has been rekindled in the hearts of

107:3.8 Since we can l. little or nothing of the nature and

119:8.2 As you ascend the local universe, you will l. about

128:3.8 to visit with them, to l. about their way of living,

132:4.1 Jesus desired to l. their reactions to the life they

137:1.1 I would sit at your feet and l. the whole truth about

137:2.3 l. more about the reported coming of the kingdom

138:7.1 And when shall we l., each of us, the positions we

143:3.3 “My brethren, you must all l. the value of rest and

148:5.5 Affliction was good for me that I might thereby l. the

149:6.2 was only through fear that man could l. reverence,

155:3.2 they did l. much that was highly profitable from their

157:0.1 decided to call upon Mary to l. what they could of

159:5.6 “Neither shall the nations l. war any more.”

160:1.3 Every ten generations mankind must l. anew the art

162:5.3 You all have had abundant opportunity to l. who I

164:4.5 decided to send for Josiah’s parents to l. whether he

169:2.3 “You may all l. a lesson from the story of a certain

169:4.3 You l. about God from Jesus by observing the

181:2.15 You should l. sagacity to go along with your

181:2.21 But there is much more for you to l..

181:2.29 you will l. through much trouble and many sorrows.

186:1.1 waiting to l. what had been done with Jesus.

195:10.21 to l. anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths

learn from

16:7.3 and can l. from looking as well as from leaping.

36:5.15 Living mind, prior to the appearance of capacity to l.

65:6.8 But mind can profit from experience, can l. from

65:7.6 The acquisition of the potential of the ability to l.

81:6.13 Such a people are able to l. from experience;

124:1.13 his parents were beginning to l. from him as well as

126:2.3 Jesus was willing to l. from even the humblest of

130:7.3 Alexandria, and he really desired to l. from Jesus.

139:5.8 Even parents may l. from Philip the better way of

148:6.5 You should l. from the history of God’s dealings

174:0.2 What you have failed to l. from me, my spirit will

179:3.8 What lesson should you l. from this parable in which

181:2.29 And thus what you have failed to l. from peaceful

195:10.21 to l. anew from Jesus of Nazareth the greatest truths

learn how

43:8.12 As you l. how better to socialize with the univitatia

50:5.8 Ethical and moral beings can l. how to live in

66:5.7 but man must also l. how to protect himself from

89:3.7 Someday man should l. how to enjoy liberty without

118:8.2 man can increasingly l. how to subordinate this

130:2.6 Ganid was beginning to l. how his tutor spent his

130:7.2 l. how to love them and watch for the opportunity to

130:8.3 and after you have fed the body l. how also to feed

131:10.2 And we who are the children of God should l. how

156:5.12 Believers must increasingly l. how to step aside from

160:1.9 unless you can l. how to persuade your fellows,

160:4.13 a burden of existence unless you l. how to fail

177:2.2 they also encouraged you to l. how to live in this

learn of

17:5.4 you will l. of the Spirits of the Circuits, but you will

30:1.112 These are the unclassified few; you have yet to l. of

46:3.2 the broadcast station, there to l. of the welfare and

47:7.4 On the fifth mansonia you begin to l. of the study

50:4.12 shocking episodes of this rebellion for me to l. of the

107:3.8 Since we can l. little or nothing of the nature and

121:8.8 Luke began to follow Paul and l. of the life and

163:6.7 Take my yoke upon you and l. of me, for I am true

168:0.2 the Master did not l. of their brother’s illness until

178:2.9 Judas did not l. of their place of meeting until later

178:2.11 the next day did the apostles l. of this transaction.

188:3.1 l. of the resurrection of Jesus and to carry the report

193:6.1 message of the Master and to l. of his ascension.

learn that

48:6.37 You will l. that you increase your burdens and

54:6.10 you will increasingly l. that many problematic

68:1.1 Rather did the early races l. by sad experience that

70:5.5 hard for mankind to l. that neither peace nor war can

79:5.5 the Chinese were the first to l. that in union there

86:2.3 Mankind has been slow to l. that there is not

103:2.9 Very early in life the normal child begins to l. that it

121:2.8 the Jews refused to l. that their world mission was

134:5.3 Someday civil rulers will l. that the Most Highs rule

137:1.5 they returned to l. that others had been preferred

158:5.2 How long ere you l. that the works of faith come

158:6.4 “How long will it take you to l. that you cannot

162:8.3 Can you not l. that there is a time for everything—

179:3.8 to l. that the secret of greatness in the kingdom is

181:2.15 you would l. that true wisdom embraces discretion

181:2.21 You should l. that the expression of even a good

183:4.7 in advance of the rest of Jesus’ family, only to l. that

learn to

39:4.11 first you l. to be loyal, then to love, then to be filial,

44:8.4 The ascending morontians l. to socialize their former

45:7.1 continuing planets, where they must l. to master

48:6.32 Even now you should l. to water the garden of your

48:6.35 From them you will l to let pressure develop stability

48:6.36 And from them you will l. to suffer less through

50:5.8 When mortals l. to think and begin to profit by

52:1.5 in this era mortals l. to kindle and maintain fire,

55:2.6 if less advanced mortals could only l. to view death

68:1.1 men often l. to like one another, but primitive man

69:7.1 human beings had to l. to protect themselves from

100:4.6 to love all men today as it is that each day you l. to

126:4.4 cease to do evil and l. to do good; seek justice,

130:2.6 to know their problems and to l. to love them,

131:3.2 Let us l. to meditate on justice and mercy.

131:4.2 —and those who l. to know him become immortal.

131:8.4 Those who aspire to greatness must l. to humble

131:10.8 I am going to l. to love my enemies; I have not truly

137:1.6 “You should l. to search for the secret of the new

137:6.3 tarry with me and l. to do the will of my Father who

137:6.6 And now may they l. to be one, even as we are one.”

140:5.22 And every child should early l. to sacrifice.

141:5.1 “Master, how shall we l. to see alike and thereby

149:2.7 L. to approach the miracle through Jesus, but do not

149:6.7 ‘love God and l. to do his will, for that is the highest

149:6.8 l. to reverence him as the Creator; honor him as

155:1.5 If you l. to exemplify in your lives this beautiful

156:2.7 “My disciples must not only cease to do evil but l. to

156:5.11 mean life if you l. to love only those who love you.

159:1.3 and therefore should you l. to love one another;

159:1.3 therefore should you l. to forgive one another.

162:8.3 when will both of you l. to live as I have taught

171:6.2 and l. to do righteousness in the sight of God.”

171:7.10 to l. to minister as “they pass by”—to do unselfish

177:4.10 loved Jesus and were doing their best to l. to love

178:1.10 L. to be faithful to the kingdom even in times of

181:2.5 “And so I will, my Master, but how can I l. to love

181:2.5 “You will l. to love your brethren more when you

181:2.5 you first l. to love their Father in heaven more,

181:2.18 you must l to believe the gospel without my personal

181:2.22 “If you would l. to work with your brethren, you

181:2.27 before you will l. to set a guard upon your lips?

181:2.29 to l. from peaceful association with me, you will l.

192:2.1 John, give up your intolerance and l. to love men as

192:2.8 L. to weigh the consequences of your sayings and


26:5.3 children of time have l. to feast upon uncertainty,

27:3.2 Ethics has been duly taught and adequately l. by

27:3.2 have what they have so laboriously l. interpreted

27:7.2 who have l. enough of God to attain his presence.

28:5.14 One of the most important lessons to be l. during

48:1.7 Paul l. of the existence of the morontia worlds and

48:1.7 l. of the reality of morontia materials, for he wrote,

48:5.7 Those things which you might have l. on earth, but

48:6.32 Forms are valueless when lessons are l..

50:5.7 when a culture has l. how to profit and improve by

56:10.20 have l. that love is the greatest thing in the universe

58:6.5 organisms which l. to live in fresh water acquired the

62:4.1 Their ancestors had always l. to walk on their hind

62:5.7 early they l. to engage in verbal communication;

63:1.2 first l. to throw stones and to use clubs in fighting.

63:2.7 the twins l. that moss would kindle fire just as well as

64:4.13 The sun, they early l., would regularly return, but

66:7.6 an industrial school in which the pupils l. by doing

68:1.4 early l. that groups are vastly greater and stronger

68:5.7 slavery; man l. to live on the interest of his capital,

68:6.9 Many races l. the technique of abortion, this practice

69:7.1 First man ate the animals but later l. to domesticate

69:7.4 first dogs only howled, but later on they l. to bark.

69:8.8 was in the schools of oppression that man l. industry.

70:5.5 l. that an army commanded by a group of clan heads

70:10.15 it was l. that the severity of the punishment was not

70:12.1 universe administrators have l. from experience that

72:1.3 they have l. how to compensate for their deficiencies

74:3.3 and Eve l. more about the details of the Caligastia

74:3.3 They l. all the facts regarding the utter collapse of

74:8.9 They l. the use of an alphabet from the Philistines,

75:5.3 When they l. what had happened to Eve, infuriated

75:5.7 Eve l of the rash act of Serapatatia and did not know

75:6.1 When Adam l. that the Nodites were on the march,

76:3.2 gradually l. to forget the days of glory in Eden.

78:8.6 l. to trust and prize these peace-loving Sumerians as

79:6.8 The yellow race early l. the value of peace among

81:1.6 early l. to plant seeds and to cultivate crops through

81:2.15 l. to manufacture brick and other building materials.

81:3.4 the Andites l. to work in iron, gold, and copper,

81:5.4 insurance which human beings have l. is profitable;

81:6.7 toil, l. how to wrest a living from the land with

81:6.8 before man l. how to harness wind and water,

82:5.8 groups had l. to live together in relative peace.

84:3.5 woman early l. to trade upon her sex charms.

84:3.10 In hunting and war man l. the value of organization,

88:1.10 these humans soon l. to resort to fraud and trickery

90:4.4 The shamans l. to treat fractures and dislocations,

91:2.3 When man l. that prayer could not coerce the gods,

93:5.4 they l. of Melchizedek through the preaching of

93:9.4 faith in God which he had l. from Melchizedek in

94:5.6 the peoples l. of the incarnation of Machiventa

95:6.2 had l. of the traditions of the Caligastia and the

95:6.2 He had l. of the story of the Seven Master Spirits

96:5.7 They l. of God as “the Almighty; the Lord is a man

100:1.7 Religion cannot be bestowed, received, loaned, l., or

100:5.1 Too few have l. how to install a philosophy of living

113:7.4 And when you have l. the wisdom and culture of

115:6.7 Human beings have l. that the motion of the invisible

115:6.7 have long since l. to detect the trends of Supremacy

119:7.2 for his final bestowal was made shortly after we l.

119:7.6 wise men of spiritual insight l. of the bestowal of the

121:4.3 he wrote, “I have l. in whatsoever state I am,

121:8.11 of Jesus as they saw, remembered, or had l. of him,

123:2.14 for in time Jesus l. to read, write, and speak, fluently,

123:5.5 the student l. his lesson by reading aloud and by

123:5.9 he feared he ‘had l. more from Jesus’ searching

123:5.10 Jesus l. much and derived great inspiration from the

123:5.15 This year Jesus l. to milk the family cow and care

123:5.15 he also l. to make cheese and to weave.

124:3.9 Jesus saw the amphitheater and l. how hateful such

124:4.1 This year he also l. the wisdom of keeping such

126:2.4 Jesus l. of this from John on the day of his baptism,

127:5.1 decided to make an effort to stop it before Jesus l.

127:6.12 Jesus has l. well to bear responsibility.

127:6.12 Jesus has l. how to be fair and just even in the face

129:1.5 they l. that Jesus was an experienced fisherman as

129:3.7 Jesus had just about l. how man lived and wrought

130:0.6 Jesus l. a great deal about the culture of India and

130:0.7 Ganid, the young man, l. much from Jesus during

130:7.1 They also l. that he was reared in Galilee and not in

131:4.5 “We have l. to win faith by the yearning of our hearts

132:0.4 Jesus l. much about men while in Rome, but the

133:9.5 of the noble truths which Ganid had l. from Jesus,

138:6.1 for a review of all they had l. and experienced in

138:8.9 The disciples early l. that the Master had a profound

139:0.2 The apostles l. from Jesus about the kingdom of

139:0.2 Jesus l. much from them about the kingdom of men,

139:2.3 Peter very early l. to talk over many of his plans

139:4.13 l. to practice wise conciliation when John appeared

139:4.13 John also l. to represent the church as a “spiritual

139:5.5 Jesus l. much about the way some human minds

139:7.10 the faith of a salvation Matthew had so surely l. from

139:8.11 Thomas soon l. that such a course was not wise; he

140:1.1 Each of you has l. more about the Father’s kingdom

140:1.7 that men will know you have l. of the realities of

140:6.13 Already have you l. that willing hands and earnest

141:5.2 have thereby l., and acceptably, how to do the will

142:3.5 they l. about during their captivity in the land of the

142:5.5 the twelve l. many valuable lessons which proved of

142:8.5 When the rulers of the Jews l that Jesus had returned

143:3.6 They had l. that all such perplexities are best handled

144:6.11 They l. to differ, to debate, to contend, to pray,

148:1.1 What the students l. during the forenoon they

148:2.4 those who ministered to the sick l. many helpful

148:6.10 you have already l. that the Father does not thus

152:7.2 the twelve l. how bitter the feeling was becoming

154:7.5 Ruth l. from David that her father-brother was safe

155:3.3 The apostles l. that the Jews were spiritually stagnant

155:3.4 Increasingly they l. from Jesus to look upon human

155:3.4 They l. that many souls can best be led to love the

155:3.7 They l. when religion is wholly spiritual in motive,

156:6.4 During a brief conference with David they l. that

160:1.10 greatest of all methods of problem solving I have l.

161:2.11 l. much from the recounting of these experiences by

162:7.3 which they have l. only from their temporal fathers.

164:4.2 Since his healing that morning Josiah had l. from

164:5.5 When Josiah l. that he had been cast out of the

171:1.2 when they l. Jesus was going over to Heshbon,

177:4.5 they l. to admire truth and to love Jesus, at least

178:2.2 had l. about the hasty flight of Lazarus from Bethany

181:2.21 “Nathaniel, you have l. to live above prejudice and

181:2.29 And after you have really l. this needful lesson,

183:2.3 but when he l. that they intended to arrest Jesus,

183:3.4 others had l. about his mighty works, and when

187:1.5 the Romans l. this method of execution from the

187:2.6 when they l. how Pilate had sought to deride them

191:3.1 l. from their directors the life of morontia transition

193:4.11 Judas never l. that the real rewards for noble living


72:8.2 various l. professions functioning in governmental

72:8.6 the technical training for the various l. professions,

79:8.7 writing system placed a limit upon the l. classes

92:3.9 The l. professions and science itself emerged from

101:2.15 Religious faith is available alike to the l. and the

124:3.5 to continue his education under the l. rabbis.

125:4.3 embarrassing to the l. teachers of the Jewish law,

130:3.7 L. professors here gave daily lectures, and in those

130:4.1 Jesus interpreted for the l. Greek teacher but injected

131:0.1 employed more than threescore l. translators in the

133:3.1 That day they heard a l. rabbi discourse on the

133:6.4 This l. Greek finally asked Jesus what he meant by

136:1.2 more l. Jews had developed an idea of the Messiah

139:12.5 Judas Iscariot was a matchless treasurer, a l. man,

140:8.30 Jesus was liberal, big-hearted, l., and tolerant.

149:4.5 The wise and l. endeavored to trip him, but he did

162:2.9 Have you heard that any of our l. men or any of

164:2.2 On this occasion Jesus’ hearers were all l. men,

164:3.11 would-be benefactor was a great man, a l. teacher

166:5.1 Jews and gentiles, rich and poor, l. and unlearned,

167:1.4 l. lawyers, I would like to ask you a question: Is it

174:2.1 several groups of l. men were designated to be on

174:3.1 this time a company of the l. and crafty Sadducees


34:6.11 If you are a willing l., if you want to attain spirit

130:3.7 his intellectual integrity by ever remaining a l..”

learningnoun or adjective

19:2.3 wellsprings of discrimination to the institutions of l.

44:3.6 of morontia training and advanced spirit l..

50:4.9 to gain entrance to these various institutions of l..

50:4.10 establishing new and potent centers of l. and culture

52:4.8 the age of the flowering of art, music, and higher l.

64:6.23 after Caligastia’s downfall a revival of l. and religion

69:5.13 men endow great institutions of philanthropy and l..

71:8.7 universal education—l. extended from the cradle to

79:6.5 a dozen strong centers of primitive culture and l.,

96:5.3 these teachings, joined to the l. of the Egyptians,

101:2.15 never will be, dependent on great l. or clever logic.

101:3.1 religion is so vital that it persists in the absence of l..

102:0.2 by the confusion and distortion of a complex l..

122:5.7 their children were well versed in the l. of that day.

122:7.6 Jerusalem and Alexandria as centers of Jewish l.

122:10.4 l. of the order to slaughter the Bethlehem boy babies,

123:6.8 remoteness of Galilee from centers of Hebrew l.

128:4.1 He planned to create a center of l. which would

128:4.2 earth was not to be supported by institutions of l.;

129:3.4 the time had been spent in that city of l. and culture.

130:3.7 The pride of unspiritualized l. is a treacherous

132:7.2 him for the reception of wisdom and higher l..

133:5.1 arrived at the olden center of Greek science and l.,

133:5.2 and the trio made frequent visits to its halls of l..

138:8.7 cheerfully ignorant of much of the l. of the rabbis

148:1.1 school was conducted on the plan of l. and doing.

148:1.1 informally discussed both the l. of the forenoon

157:2.2 Be not deceived by their show of much l. and by

162:1.1 preached at the center of Jewish culture and l.;

162:2.1 told that you are untaught in the l. of the rabbis?”

164:2.2 had Jesus exhibited such l. and shown such a grasp

166:5.2 stood alone in this region as a center of Christian l.

194:3.4 the truth-l. believer is the one progressive and

195:1.9 l. was advancing but genius was declining.

195:1.9 became a part of the salvage of Greek culture and l..

195:3.1 the Greek, a unity of culture and l.; Christianity,


43:8.4 This cultural acquirement consists in l. how to:

48:3.5 after l. to recognize them as a class, you will soon

48:6.32 And while you are l. to think as men, you should

48:6.32 you should also be l. to pray as children.

52:4.1 and the nations are l. to live on earth in peace and

52:4.8 mortals are l. to live more naturally and effectively.

62:4.1 While early l. to communicate with each other by

64:6.14 various tribes l. to live together in relative peace,

65:0.6 response mechanisms of organisms capable of l. from

68:2.8 the man and woman l. how to adjust antagonisms

81:6.36 civilization is dependent on human beings l. how to

91:3.1 Children, when first l. to make use of language, are

102:2.4 Knowledge is an eternal quest; always are you l.,

103:9.5 concerns itself only with l. and doing the will of

123:0.2 would deprive Jesus of the helpful experience of l.

123:5.1 the task of l. to read, write, and speak the Hebrew

123:6.3 and l. some new techniques of numbers, Jesus spent

124:4.4 Joseph and Mary lived and died without ever l. that

125:2.12 utilized such contacts as a means of l. how people

125:2.12 to travel about the world for the purpose of l. how

125:3.2 last of the party to reach Jericho and l. that none of

126:3.14 But Jesus was l. not to speak of all his thoughts,

127:6.12 He is l. how to adjust his ideals of spiritual living

127:6.12 Jesus is l. how to plan for the achievement of a

127:6.12 He is slowly l. how to live the heavenly life while

127:6.12 the very jaws of defeat; he is l. how to transform

128:6.11 They were l. to laugh, and to laugh heartily.

131:10.5 I am going to practice worshiping God by l. how

131:10.7 “I am l. to prove all things and adhere to that which

133:1.5 On l. how Jacob appointed himself to defend

134:7.3 all the while l. how man lives, how he thinks, feels,

137:7.2 they called him Rabbi, they were l. not to be afraid

139:0.4 had enjoyed separate experiences of l. how to live.

140:4.10 Education should be a technique of l. (discovering)

141:6.1 and there l. that Jesus had gone with his apostles

148:6.6 I am l. that I can get no satisfaction from appealing

149:1.1 they did not find the Master, on l. from David

156:6.8 on l. that Jesus was sojourning across the lake in the

157:2.1 And many of the Pharisees, l. that Jesus was here,

166:3.7 Slowly the apostles were l. the meaning of Jesus’

180:2.4 taking God’s way, an experience of l. how to

181:1.8 has achieved the triumph of l. fully how to do the

182:1.4 These men are l. that all I have comes from you,


8:4.8 As man l. more of the loving and tireless ministry of

16:7.3 A nonpersonal animal ordinarily l. only by leaping.

39:4.10 Your mind l. co-operation, l. how to plan with other

68:1.4 But co-operation is not a natural trait of man; he l.

82:0.2 A child l. most of the essentials of life from his family

91:3.1 the child l. to convert his monologue conversations

99:7.2 by the techniques it l. from the social sciences and

103:5.8 energized when man l. that these higher urges of his


71:2.14 Man craves the right to use, bestow, sell, l., and

103:5.7 efforts to progress during the mortal l. on life.

175:3.2 the Jews were left to finish their brief and short l. of


21:3.1 constitutes title of physical possession, a cosmic l..


15:6.11 holding large neighboring systems in effective l..

94:11.11 anthropomorphic limitations that have held it in l..


72:7.12 The government earns a considerable sum from the l.

leastnon-exhaustive; see least, not in the

2:1.9 without in the l. detracting from the fact and reality

7:1.7 the quarantine of your planet in the l. affected the

8:4.6 all this the Spirit does without in the l. invalidating

10:2.3 but this is l. of all the many reasons for believing in

11:5.6 The l. of these pulsations is in an east-west

15:4.3 they do not have the l. conception of the origin of

26:11.2 not the l. of which is their common destiny in the

29:0.1 the power directors have been the l. understood on

32:4.1 he is apparently the l. active of the Paradise Deities

39:3.8 space flight without the l. danger of collision.

39:4.14 the humblest citizen of Jerusem or even the l. of

41:10.5 You were among the l. of all creation until Michael’s

41:10.5 Sometimes the last is first, while truly the l. becomes

44:0.18 your vision range without in the l. depriving you

44:7.1 If I had the l. possible basis for comparison, I would

46:5.19 the Son’s bestowal on Urantia, the l. of Satania.

54:6.4 or in the l. degree deprive you of your divine right of

58:3.4 exerts the l. influence upon the phenomena of life-

59:4.15 the last and l. extensive of the Devonian floods.

64:6.25 peoples, so the black men were the l. progressive.

67:7.7 soul has never been in the l. eternity-jeopardized.

68:0.3 red man to some extent, and the black man l. of all.

71:3.9 is best which co-ordinates most while governing l..

79:2.8 had they driven out or destroyed the l. desirable third

80:1.8 not the l. of which was more favorable paths of

80:2.2 The l. progressive division to the east of the Sahara

81:6.27 resident in the l. material of society’s achievements.

87:5.1 and the l. mischance was laid to ghost activities.

89:6.1 and Adamites were the l. addicted to cannibalism.

97:10.6 Jews contributed l. of all peoples to the intellectual

99:0.1 ministry when it has l. connection with the secular

103:5.2 those who practice this ideal l., admit that it is right

103:5.11 pressures of home, community, and state are l..

106:7.10 Such eventualities are rather remote to say the l.;

106:8.17 While it is l. clear as to who this third member can

113:4.5 are most active when the Adjusters are l. active,

115:4.4 make direct contact with even the lowest and l. of all

120:3.5 not even in the l. detail, should you interfere with the

128:4.2 in the l. to be directed by the “councils of men,”

130:6.2 unthinkingly to go away without making the l.

131:9.1 Even the l. God-recognizing of the world’s great

132:4.2 As a rule, to those he taught the most, he said the l..

133:6.3 the l. of value to the subsequent work of the

135:7.1 in the l. lessen his conviction of the certainty of the

136:0.1 the l. of those who saw the great light of the new

136:5.2 always in readiness to obey the l. expression of their

139:1.6 and Peter never seemed to be in the l. jealous of

139:9.5 They were “the l. of all the apostles”; they knew it

145:2.5 For they shall all know me personally, from the l.

151:4.2 Now a mustard seed is the l. of seeds, but when it is

155:3.4 “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the l. of my

165:5.6 in an hour that you l. suspect and in a manner you

167:1.5 say to you: ‘My friend, why sit in the seat of the l.?

169:1.12 never transgressing the l. of your commands,

176:3.5 inasmuch as you minister to the l. of my brethren,

176:3.9 blame, oftentimes upon those who l. deserve it!

179:1.4 see him in the place of l. honor, would call him up

184:2.12 the first step along the path of compromise and l.

186:2.8 Jesus never displayed the l. interest in Pilate’s

least, not in the

1:2.10 not in the l. preclude the direct personal action of

3:3.4 such foreknowledge does not in the l. abrogate their

5:2.4 contact with the Adjuster does not in the l. disprove

12:7.12 comprehension should not in the l. lessen your faith.

55:11.7 but this does not in the l. handicap the progress of

103:8.3 the true nature of the beloved does not in the l.

106:7.9 does not in the l. prevent the entertainment of ideas

108:5.9 to the human partner does not in the l. detract from

110:3.5 emotional difficulties do not in the l. interfere with

118:7.1 does not in the l. abridge the sovereignty of will

146:3.2 genuine inward certainty does not in the l. fear

164:2.4 you would not in the l. mitigate the hatred which

168:3.7 he was not in the l. perturbed and continued resting

172:5.7 He was not in the l. surprised that the Master made


123:1.6 Joseph also did some work in l. and with rope and

126:1.1 a good yoke maker and worked with canvas and l..

130:1.3 the wealthy l. merchant, to embrace Christianity.

131:4.7 When man shall roll up space as a piece of l., then

135:1.4 John always wore a hairy garment with a l. girdle.

leavesee leavewith cannot, not or never;

see leavewith take, takes, taken, took or taking

see leave you

6:8.7 as you l. behind you the vivid picture and deep

25:7.3 when you finally l. the last phase of the morontia

30:4.20 acquire real spirit identity just before they l. the local

32:2.5 A Creator Son is unable to l. his headquarters world

36:3.9 the arrival of a Planetary Prince they prepare to l.,

39:8.6 Before mortal ascenders l. the mansion worlds,

39:8.7 When mortal ascenders l. Uversa to begin the

43:9.5 And on that day when you are prepared to l. Edentia

44:8.5 Before ascending mortals l. the local universe to

47:1.5 While one or both parents may l. a mansion world

47:3.7 You begin over there right where you l. off down

47:8.7 You are becoming more adorable as you l. behind

48:3.8 welcomed on awakening to that day when you l. the

48:5.7 is true after you once l. the world of your nativity.

48:6.37 you can do several things as easily as one if you l.

49:5.22 Before the Life Carriers l. a planet, they duly install

51:2.3 that a Planetary Adam or Eve shall l. their world.

55:1.1 Before Teacher Sons l. a world at the conclusion

55:2.8 half the mortals l. the planet by translation from

55:10.10 If Michael should ever l. Nebadon, Gabriel would

61:7.1 Glaciers alone l. behind them those telltale drifts—

62:7.6 permission was granted to l. behind two senior

65:1.8 the Life Carriers must either l. the planet or take

69:4.2 barter conducted by armed traders who would l.

70:7.11 the boy that he must l. other men’s wives alone.

70:10.11 The Eskimos of today still l. the penalty for a crime,

72:3.7 children must l. home on reaching the age of thirty

72:6.5 2. Bequests—many wealthy citizens l. funds for this

74:1.6 And thus did Adam and Eve l. Jerusem amidst the

74:3.6 until the Melchizedek receivers should l. Urantia.


75:6.2 elected to l. the garden to the Nodites unopposed.

76:0.1 When Adam elected to l. the first garden to the

76:2.7 they encouraged Cain in his decision to l. the garden.

76:4.8 Adam elected to l. behind as much of his life plasm

77:5.4 decided to l. for the north at the earliest opportunity.

78:6.6 the inferior neighboring tribesmen, refused to l. their

86:4.3 He knew the breath could l. the body, and his dreams

86:5.4 The ancients believed that the soul could l. the body

87:1.1 They were always anxious to induce the ghost to l.

93:8.1 Melchizedek wanted to l. the scene of his earthly

96:3.4 permission peaceably to l. the valley of the Nile

109:2.10 Supreme and self-acting Adjusters can l. the body

109:2.10 rarely, even temporarily, l. their mortal tabernacles

112:7.5 authority for the fused personality eventually to l. the

117:5.9 When you l. the domains of the local universe,

119:6.1 announcing that he was soon to l. Salvington for the

120:3.5 limiting your efforts to l. behind you on Urantia an

120:3.7 still further: L. no writings behind you on the planet.

120:3.10 sustain you from the moment you l. us and

127:5.6 Rebecca importuned her father to l. Nazareth until

128:7.5 preparing for the day when he could consistently l.

128:7.7 Mary sensed that he was making ready to l. them.

128:7.7 L. them to go where?

128:7.13 James, confidentially, that he was preparing to l.

129:0.3 realization that Jesus was making ready to l. them.

131:3.3 L. no fault unconfessed to the Noble One.

133:0.1 When preparing to l. Rome, Jesus said good-bye

134:1.6 About the time Jesus was preparing to l. Nazareth,

135:12.2 before Herod, but never would he agree either to l.

136:4.2 he was to l. no permanent writing on the planet.

137:1.5 that they were to l. with their new Master on the

137:5.3 He decided to l. the untangling of this complicated

138:5.4 “If the civil rulers are to be rebuked, l. that task to

139:6.5 but l. Nathaniel, your brother, to give account of

140:5.18 and persecutions he said, “My peace I l. with you.”

140:9.1 the day when he would be compelled to l. them alone

142:5.2 Neither does your Father in heaven l. his faith

142:7.12 Temporal fathers like to l. an inheritance for their

142:8.1 his apostles decided to l. Jerusalem for a while,

145:5.5 Master, why do you l. us alone with the multitude

145:5.10 The apostles were loath to l. the great interest which

146:3.1 and added: “Where you l. off, we begin.

146:4.4 forced to rise early the next day and l. the village.

146:6.2 When Jesus sought to l. Cana and go to Nain,

147:5.2 to l. the doors open so that even the street beggars

147:5.6 As Jesus arose with his friends to l., he turned to

148:9.2 This paralytic had heard that Jesus was about to l.

152:2.1 But more than one half of his disciples refused to l.

152:6.2 transient religious hysteria after he should l. them

155:6.6 back into the dim and distant past and there l. them!

157:6.1 Matthew was loath to l. Jesus and his brethren at

157:6.11 I declare to you that I must presently l. this world

159:1.2 does he not immediately l. the ninety and nine and

161:0.2 When the hour came to l. for Jerusalem, Nathaniel

163:1.4 saying, even as you l., to those who reject your

163:6.1 The Master now knew that he could l. this world

164:5.6 until near the time when he prepared to l. this world.

165:4.8 he must l. all these things to others when he dies.

167:0.1 it was the practice to l. at least two of the apostles

167:5.7 for this cause shall a man l. his father and mother

167:6.1 long before Jesus and the apostles prepared to l.,

168:0.2 hardly dared hope that Jesus would l. his work

169:4.11 again, I will l. the world and go to the Father.”

173:5.5 indicated that he desired to l. the temple and to go

176:0.2 As they turned to l. the road leading on to Bethany

176:2.1 that, while he intended presently to l. this world,

176:2.1 the conviction grew that he was going to l. them,

177:3.7 he had said, “I l. your house to you desolate.”

179:5.9 This is the new Passover which I l. with you, even

180:6.2 none of you have asked me, Why do you l. us?

181:0.1 that their friend and teacher was going to l. them,

181:1.5 Peace I l. with you; my peace I give to you.

181:2.3 remain near at hand that I may l. any message with

182:1.4 I must l. these men behind to represent us and our

182:3.9 ignorant his apostles were, he dreaded to l. them.

184:1.2 persuade Jesus to abandon his claims and l. Palestine

184:1.2 reasoned that Jesus might choose to l. the country

184:1.6 that Jesus must either l. Palestine or die;

186:0.1 although reluctant to l. him alone among his enemies,

186:1.5 Judas stood, motioned that he should l. the hall and

187:2.9 Jesus wanted to l. mankind only the memory of a

188:1.1 centurion ordered the soldiers to l. the two thieves

190:1.1 The apostles did not want Jesus to l. them; therefore

191:2.1 My peace I l. with you.”

191:4.4 And my peace I l. with you.”

191:4.5 “My peace I l. with you,” he vanished from sight.

192:4.3 “Peace be upon you, and my peace I l. with you.”

193:0.5 I am with you always, and my peace I l. with you.

193:2.2 My peace I l. with you.”

leavewith cannot, not or never

14:5.5 a pilgrim cannot l. Havona nor go forward beyond

18:3.5 They never personally l. their residential worlds,

22:1.14 Trinitized Sons of Perfection do not l. the universe

24:6.9 Graduate Guides never l. the Havona worlds; they

25:6.4 They never l. the custody of these records to

47:4.4 Adjuster does not l. you during these transit sleeps

52:7.8 They do not l. a world until they observe that the

77:9.4 pledged themselves not to l. the planet prior to their

116:5.13 the Creator Son does not l. his capital planet until the

120:3.7 still further: L. no writings behind you on the planet.

131:3.3 L. no fault unconfessed to the Noble One.

135:12.2 before Herod, but never would he agree either to l.

142:5.2 Neither does your Father in heaven l. his faith

156:1.3 But it was futile; Norana would not l..

157:6.13 he will never l. me alone in my mission, even as I will

158:1.6 Be of good cheer; I will not l. you until my work is

159:1.2 does he not immediately l. the ninety and nine and

180:3.3 “But I will not l. you alone in the world.

180:4.1 You thus perceive that I am not going to l. you

180:4.1 I will not l. you desolate.

181:1.5 and I would not l. you, but it is the Father’s will.

leavewith take, takes, taken, took or taking

37:5.1 they take eternal l. of the creatures of temporary

40:9.2 the Adjusters take eternal l. of these Spirit-fusion

45:6.2 on the headquarters world until they t. for Edentia.

112:3.4 this dissolution the Adjuster t. of the vanishing mind,

119:2.4 Michael again t. of his headquarters sphere.

119:2.7 transient ruler of a rebellious system t. of the planet

119:3.2 he t. of the Universe Mother Spirit and vanished

119:3.4 or emergency Planetary Prince took formal l.,

119:5.3 took sudden and unceremonious l. of Uversa,

120:0.3 and the associated Paradise Sons would have t. of

120:3.1 “And now, my brother, in t. of you as you prepare to

123:0.4 Joseph and Mary finally t. of Alexandria on a boat

125:0.4 great shock of the day came when his mother t. of

128:5.4 Before t. of Jesus, they presented him with a purse

129:1.1 Jesus took unceremonious l. of his family, explaining

129:2.1 A.D.22, Jesus t. of Zebedee and of Capernaum.

129:2.2 When Jesus t. of Zebedee’s family, he agreed to

130:6.2 saying good-bye and making as if he were t.,

133:3.9 Jesus, taking unexpected l. of them, said: “As it is

133:3.10 Thus did Jesus and Ganid t. of the women.

133:5.11 when the Greek t. of them, he said: “At last my eyes

133:9.4 this friend they had just t. of—Joshua their teacher.

134:1.1 After t. of Gonod and Ganid at Charax, Jesus

134:8.10 where Jesus t. of the lad, giving him the donkey.

134:9.5 Jesus t. of John, saying that he desired to retire to

135:8.6 coming up out of the water in silence he t. of them

135:9.9 Early in the morning of the next day Jesus t. of John

136:2.3 indwelling Adjuster took final l. of the perfected

136:3.4 they met directly for the first time since Michael t.

136:3.6 When the Most High Father of Edentia had t., Jesus

137:2.1 Jesus t. of John the Baptist by the river near Pella,

137:4.17 before the Son of Man took final l. of his mortal life

137:5.1 for Capernaum, going away without t. of anyone.

137:5.2 And before Jude t. of Jesus, he said with much

142:0.2 he took immediate l., saying as he departed: “Fear

147:5.6 And Jesus, with Peter, James, and John, t. of their

156:1.7 As Norana and the child t., Jesus entreated them

158:1.6 Jesus t. of the three apostles, saying: “I go apart by

167:4.1 and just as he was t. of the apostles for the night.

167:4.6 in preparation for that day when I shall t. of you and

168:3.7 the home of Lazarus, and t. of the Bethany family,

168:5.2 And so Lazarus took hasty l. of his sisters at Bethany

171:1.1 Jesus and his twelve apostles t. of the Pella

175:1.24 “And now I take l. of you. You have heard my

184:5.8 three of the Pharisees took their l.; they wanted to

189:2.9 one thousand human beings before he finally t. of

190:1.3 chief of communication and intelligence t. of the

190:1.9 When David had t. of his brethren, he went over to

190:4.1 And when he had thus charged them, he t., and they

190:5.5 and Jesus was about to t. of them, going on down

192:1.11 Before t. of them this morning, Jesus directed that

193:5.1 last farewell to the apostles before he t. of Urantia.

193:5.2 I am now about to t. of you; I am about to ascend

leave you

119:1.2 with these words: “I l. you but for a short season.

133:3.9 pray to be excused while we l. you here together—

140:1.7 when I shall presently l. you as I now represent

144:6.3 And now, in order to l. you unhampered in your

176:1.1 I am about to l. you; I go to the Father.

176:1.1 After I l. you, take heed that no man deceive you,

176:2.3 Very soon must I l. you and take up the work the

178:3.2 I have plainly told you that I must l. you in the

180:0.3 In just a short time I am going to l. you, you will

180:1.1 and I would do this now as I am about to l. you.

180:3.4 Even though I must l. you, I will not be far from

180:3.5 Even though I must l. you, I will be present with

180:4.1 that I l. you in the flesh so that I may the better

180:6.1 “And I am telling you about all this before I l. you

180:6.5 “In just a little while I will l. you for a short time.

180:6.6 ‘In just a little while I will l. you,’ and ‘When you

181:1.3 “If you would follow after me when I l. you, put

181:1.5 “And now, as I am about to l. you, I would speak

181:2.17 and as I am about to l. you and go to my Father,

181:2.17 As I prepare to l. you, I would liberate you from

182:2.2 My peace I l. with you.”

182:3.3 —wherefore do you fall asleep when I l. you?”

192:2.7 Now must you trust others as I l. you to go to the

192:2.13 Master, we do believe,” he said: “I will soon l. you

193:3.2 more needful since I am this day going to l. you


40:8.3 the Personalized Monitors, and upon this l. the

119:2.4 Three days after this unexplained l. there appeared


67:6.3 They were the biologic l. which multiplied and

97:4.4 Amos spread enough l. of truth to save the doctrine

151:4.3 “The kingdom of heaven is also like l. which a

157:2.2 “I say to you, beware of the l. of the Pharisees and

157:7.4 to the apostles to “beware the l. of the Pharisees”;

159:5.17 current meanings of many terms, such as salt, l.,

165:3.2 Beware of the l. of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy,

170:2.16 as a gradual development, like the l. in the dough

178:1.15 I have told you it is like the l. in the dough, like the

178:1.16 you are skillfully to put the l. of new truth in the

185:0.3 who refused to enter any gentile building where l.


123:3.5 that no l. bread was to be eaten for the whole week

142:3.17 not offer the blood of any sacrifice with l. bread.

151:4.3 way it came about that all of the meal was l..”


59:4.13 later on, l. evolved, but these early varieties had

67:3.5 to partake of the fruit and l. of this energy plant.

73:6.1 the tree of life, whose l. were for the “healing of the

142:6.5 When the wind blows, you hear the rustle of the l.,

176:2.6 tree shows its tender branches and puts forth its l.


1:5.11 l. only the choice of two philosophic dilemmas:

23:4.3 to the world of his assignment and nevermore l.

34:4.7 Universe Mother Spirit never l. the local universe

36:4.2 a race of supernal creatures eventually l. the planet

37:3.7 career until an individual either l. Salvington for the

45:7.8 No ascending mortal l. the system headquarters for

59:4.17 not even the rustle of a leaf, for such trees had no l..

61:7.1 No other terrestrial activity l. such characteristic

82:2.1 reproduction but indifferently l. the problems to be

112:6.10 When a creature l. his native planet, he leaves the

112:6.10 he l. the adjutant ministry behind and becomes solely

112:6.10 When an ascender l. the local universe, he has

117:5.6 The progressing personality l. a trail of actualized

155:6.5 The religion of the spirit l. you forever free to

180:1.6 has called them brethren, and now, before he l., he

181:2.20 ‘What shall I do if the Master goes away and l. us

195:6.9 makes a report and l. the people as he found them.

leavingsee leaving, before

22:9.5 l. the embraced son otherwise unchanged, but such a

30:4.28 for Havona since the time of your l. Uversa.

39:5.14 lightninglike speed, l. a trail of celestial luminosity

48:1.5 From the time of l. the material worlds until you

49:5.14 l. two superior brains free for higher engagements:

49:6.21 of the mortals l. a realm are embraced in this class,

57:6.2 until axial revolution ceases, l. one hemisphere of

69:3.3 agreeable work, l. the routine drudgery to woman.

72:0.3 and this Son also defaulted, l. the sphere isolated,

74:6.2 They had forty-two children after l. the Garden

76:3.7 Up to the time of l. the first garden, Adam and his

79:2.1 subcontinent of India in their early days, l. behind

84:3.7 thus l. the man’s hands free for fighting or hunting.

93:5.7 his wife, Sarah, lived at court, and when l. Egypt,

120:3.8 mandates of Sonarington forbids the l. of offspring

121:0.1 how his Master so scrupulously avoided l. written

121:1.9 then recent past, l. Syria in the hands of the Romans.

122:7.7 L. the donkey in the courtyard, Joseph shouldered

123:3.1 —which had been presented to them on l. Egypt.

127:2.8 loyalty to a dead father forbade his l. the family

133:6.1 On l. Athens, the travelers went by way of Troas to

134:8.1 and l. his supplies in the custody of Tiglath, Jesus

137:8.3 l. them in a grove by the shore, Peter went in quest

139:2.11 After l Jerusalem and before Paul became the leading


144:6.3 unhampered in your deliberations, I am l. you for

156:6.3 L. Zebulun, they journeyed over to the junction with

158:1.4 as the celestial messengers departed, l. Jesus alone

158:7.2 and now we hear these strange words about l. us,

163:4.14 They were warned against l. a modest home to be

165:4.1 “Master, my father died l. much property to me

174:3.1 Moses said that if a married man should die, l. no

174:3.1 took his wife but also soon died, l. no children.

174:3.1 take the wife, but he also died l. no offspring.

174:3.1 and all six of them passed on without l. children.


180:6.2 “Now that I am l. you, seeing that the hour has

181:1.6 l. the Son of Man in the hands of his enemies,

181:2.12 the times of your training, but now that I am l. you

184:1.7 Annas went into another room, l. Jesus alone with

185:3.1 John into a private chamber, l. the guards outside in

leaving, before

30:4.24 B. the superuniverse for Havona, these ascending

37:6.7 B. the universe of Nebadon, most mortals will be

47:7.2 Having mastered the language b. the fourth mansion

48:6.31 B. Jerusem, you will become quite familiar with the

50:3.4 B., they customarily assign their various duties to

53:8.6 The last act of Michael b. Urantia was to offer mercy

96:4.3 these Bedouins the idea of El Elyon, but b. Egypt,

113:7.4 B. the mansion worlds, all mortals will have

119:6.2 B. Salvington for the sixth bestowal, Michael

129:2.3 B. Capernaum, Jesus had a long talk with his new-

137:1.4 B. Andrew and his brother, Jesus said, “Early on the

137:3.2 B. Nazareth, the new associates of Jesus told Joseph

141:0.2 Just b., the apostles missed the Master,

154:6.10 his address and then have a visit with them b., but

162:9.4 B. Bethlehem for the last time, the Master made

187:1.1 B. the courtyard of the praetorium, the soldiers

187:1.10 After the resurrection and b. Jerusalem, he became


97:9.16 building program: There was the house of L.,

155:4.1 of junction with the Magdala-Mount L. trail road,

156:6.2 going north on the Nazareth-Mount L. trail to the

Lebbeusother name for Judas Alpheus

139:9.5 James and Judas were called Thaddeus and L.,


134:7.5 Beeroth, L., Sychar, Shechem, Samaria, Geba,


134:3.1 Urmia was located a building—a l. amphitheater—


130:4.1 professors at the university who l. on the teachings


130:3.7 Learned professors here gave daily l., and in those

130:3.7 Day by day Jesus interpreted the l. to Ganid;

130:3.9 Philo’s teachings and to attend some of his l., but

133:5.2 the teachings of Plato when they attended the l. in

133:6.3 making tents for a living and conducting l on religion


134:3.3 The l. and discussions in this school of religion began

134:3.4 give twenty-four l. on “The Brotherhood of Men,”

134:3.4 of questions, discussions, and debates on Jesus’ l. in

134:3.5 stopped off on the return trip and delivered these l..

134:3.5 these l. and discussions on the brotherhood of men.

134:3.5 In reality these l. were on the “Kingdom of God”

134:6.15 the oft-referred-to l. of the caravan conductor had

ledsee ledwith by; see spirit-led

1:3.7 gradually becomes spirit taught and spirit l..

2:6.5 and l. directly to the elaboration of the atonement

11:1.4 we are l. directly back to the Father’s presence,

20:9.5 we are often l. to speculate regarding their possible

30:4.11 work on earth, “He l. a great multitude of captives.

44:7.1 painting, or anything similar, as you might be l. to

54:5.12 three times the number of beings would be l. astray if

56:9.5 are l. to the final postulate of the Universal I AM as

61:7.16 The migration of life before the advancing ice l. to an

62:2.4 fear which l. to those wise precautionary measures

63:6.1 l. all of them in the worship of the “Breath Giver to

64:4.12 This new religion of fear l. to attempts to placate

64:6.23 became a great teacher among the blue race and l.

64:7.10 these Sangik tribes with the Neanderthal peoples l. to

65:2.2 neither vegetable nor animal—but they eventually l.

65:2.15 they were therefore l. to migrate from the arena of

66:7.4 until the supermen of Dalamatia l. mankind to love

68:2.5 all l. to the closer association of mankind.

68:5.3 Food coercion, hunger, l. to the first form of

69:2.3 Association l. to organization, and the first result of

69:3.6 this extra leisure l. to their becoming, as a class,

69:4.8 Commerce, linked with adventure, l. to exploration

69:5.2 group wealth immediately l. to military organization.

69:5.3 The urges which l. to the accumulation of capital

69:6.6 These ideas of supernatural origin l. directly to fire

69:6.6 fire worship l. to the custom of “passing through fire

69:6.7 Fire l. to cooking, and “raw eaters” became a term

69:6.8 and l. to the subsequent discovery of steam power

69:7.4 The dog’s keen sense of smell l. to the notion it

69:9.10 Vanity plus ghost fear l. early man to resist attempts

70:1.8 1. Hunger, which l. to food raids.

70:9.15 in that it l. to the belief that all men are born equal.

73:4.3 walled paths l. between these groups to the twelve

74:8.13 the fiat creation of the human race, and all this l. to