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Yahweh or supreme Yahweh

74:8.10  Y. was the creator, and since Adam was supposed

74:8.10 he must have made the world just prior to making

94:11.12 an anthropomorphic Y. is of greater religious value

95:7.2 continued between Babylonian Ishtar, Hebrew Y.,

95:7.5  Y., the volcano spirit, was to the Jewish Semites,


96:1.3  1. Y. was the god of the southern Palestinian tribes,

96:1.3  Y. was merely one of the hundreds and thousands of

96:1.4 Semites at various times worshiped Y. and El Elyon.

96:1.5 it became thoroughly colored with the Y. beliefs of

96:1.10 to designate the completed concept of Y. which

96:1.11 the Bedouins and caused them greatly to fear Y..

96:1.11 believed him to be supreme over all other gods.

96:1.12 The Canaanites had long revered Y., and although

96:1.12  Y. and the silver and golden calves which symbolized

96:1.13 while worshiping their gods, also believed in Y. of

96:1.14 long believed in the existence of gods other than Y.,

96:1.14 that these foreign deities were subordinate to Y..

96:1.14 but maintained that Chemosh was subordinate to Y..

96:1.15 The idea of Y. has undergone the most extensive

96:1.15  Y. concept finally led to the idea of the Universal

96:1.15 continued to call this evolving concept of Deity Y..

96:2.4 lingering traditional belief in Y. as their racial deity.

96:2.5  Y. was worshiped by more than one hundred tribes,

96:2.5 a version of the old Y. ritual of magic and sacrifice.


96:4.1 of Mount Horeb, who their ancestors had called Y..

96:4.2 an expanded concept of their olden tribal god, Y..

96:4.3 did resolutely maintain that Y. was over and above

96:4.3 slaves under the guise of the ancient term Y.,

96:4.4 The fact that Y. was the god of the fleeing Hebrews

96:4.4 which Moses promulgated in the name of Y.,

96:4.5 “The mountain of Y. was consumed in fire, and the

96:4.6 Moses proclaimed that Y. was the Lord God of

96:4.6 telling his followers that Y. was a hard taskmaster,

96:4.6 that Y. was the “God of the spirits of all flesh,”

96:4.6 Moses taught that Y. was a covenant-keeping God

96:4.7 Moses made a heroic effort to uplift Y. to the dignity

96:4.8 tribal nature god, Y., became the Lord God of Israel,

96:4.8 captivity finally liberated the evolving concept of Y.

96:5.6 Moses feared to proclaim the mercy of Y., preferring

96:5.8 their day-by-day concept of Y. was that of a God

96:5.8 calves, the Palestinian herdsman’s symbol of Y..

96:6.1 Moses his lofty concept of Y. rapidly deteriorated.

96:6.1 people rapidly reverted to the older desert idea of Y..

96:6.2 of their conception of the nature of their God, Y..

96:6.3 the concept of a sY. in the minds of the tribesmen,

96:6.3 Joshua’s teaching became: “Y. is a holy God; he is

96:6.3 pictured Y. as a “God of power, judgment, and

96:7.3  Y. is pictured as a loving ruler and merciful Father.

96:7.6  The Y. of these times “sends evil spirits to dominate

96:7.6 he prospers his own and obedient children, while

96:7.6 he curses and visits dire judgments upon all others.

96:7.6 “He disappoints the devices of the crafty; he takes

96:7.8 Father, the acme of the evolution of the Y. concept.

97:0.1 to regard the matured concept of Y. as a Father,

97:0.2 The perception of Y.’ personality was much more

97:1.2 to turn all Israel back to the worship of the sY. of

97:1.2 won back to the service of the higher concept of Y.

97:1.2 of the country and in the baser conception of Y..

97:1.4 ringing pronouncement that Y. was changeless,

97:1.4 In these times Y. was conceived to be a fitful God

97:1.5 there sounded the call back to the worship of the sY.

97:1.6 the Hebrews had regarded the favor of Y. mainly in

97:1.7 Samuel proclaimed a Y. who made all men but was

97:1.9 development of the concept of the character of Y.

97:1.9 attempted to present Y. as a covenant-keeping God

97:1.9 despite the maintenance that Y. was above all.

97:2.3 the better classes returning to the worship of the sY.


97:3.1 The controversy between the believers in Y. and the

97:3.2Y. spoke, saying, ‘The land shall not be sold, for

97:3.5  Y. vs. Baal—and it ended in the triumph of Y. and

97:3.6 Elijah shifted the Y.-Baal controversy from the land

97:3.6 It was chiefly under Elijah that Y. became Elohim.

97:3.6 Baals were many, Y. was one—monotheism won

97:4.1 served with sacrifices and ceremonies, the Y. of the

97:4.2  Y., would no more tolerate crime and sin in their

97:4.3 to portray the inexorable justice of an unchanging Y.

97:4.3 declared in the name of Y.: Surely I will never forget

97:4.4 Amos proclaimed Y. the “God of all nations” and

97:4.4 enough leaven of truth to save the doctrine of the sY

97:4.7 that Y. would not condone crime and sin among

97:6.1 the next bold step in the internationalization of Y.,

97:6.2 Jeremiah declared that Y. was not on the side of

97:6.2 that Y. was God of all the earth, of all nations, and

97:6.2 preacher proclaim that Y. was God of all nations,

97:6.2 the concept of Y. had ascended to a Deity level of

97:6.2 difficult to conceive of Y. apart from the Hebrew

97:7.1 nationalistic Y. had suffered from the international

97:7.4 believed with Jeremiah that Y. had become the

97:7.9 of the gospel of the enlarging concept of a sY..

97:7.11  Y. of the desert Bedouins has almost vanished.

97:7.11 A new concept of the supreme and universal Y. has

97:7.13 Isaiah effectively eclipsed the nationalistic Y. by his

97:7.13 of the majesty and universal omnipotence of the sY.,

97:9.5 over the Ammonites (which he ascribed to Y.)

97:9.6 Saul’s defeat at Gilboa by the Philistines brought Y.

97:9.6 defeat would have been ascribed to apostasy from Y.

97:9.11  Y. was established as “The Lord God of Hosts.”

97:9.12 But Y. must, perforce, share some of this glory with

97:9.12 statement: “Y. has broken my enemies before me.

97:9.12 he called the name of the place Baal-Perazim.”

97:9.13 Because of this, Y. forsook him. Even in Saul’s time

97:9.14 David gained possession of the “ark of Y.,”

97:9.14 made the worship of Y. official for his kingdom.

97:9.16 the palace of Pharaoh’s daughter, the temple of Y.,

97:9.17 By this time Y.’ temple at Shiloh was discredited,

97:9.21 a temple of Baal alongside the temple of Y.

97:9.21 Joash, who crusaded for Y. for thirty-five years.

97:9.22 Jerusalem, being the city of Y., would never fall.

97:9.23 private land dealings were against the ideology of Y..

97:9.25 reforms, such as releasing slaves, to influence Y..

97:9.26 The. Y.-Baal struggle ended with the captivity.

97:9.27 the Jews must become the chosen servants of Y..

97:10.4 exhorted the people to adhere to the worship of sY.,

97:10.5 The sY., as compared with other concepts of Deity,

97:10.8 of the barbaric concept of the savage demon Y.,

97:10.8 the sY., creator of all things and the loving Father of

98:1.3 man-god, Dyaus-Zeus, who had become, like Y.

98:7.5 theology, and belief in both Providence and the sY..

104:1.8 but their monotheistic zeal for the one God, Y., so

104:1.10 to conflict with their dominating concept of Y..

121:2.8 “chosen people,” to the direct interposition of Y..

121:7.2 They were unwilling to share Y. on equal terms with

121:7.7 viewed history as the providence of God—Y. at work

129:1.7 the commanding officer was a gentile believer in Y.

130:3.4 “But Y. is the God developed from the revelations

131:2.8Y. is the God of my salvation; therefore in the

132:7.6 and maybe we can trade it to the Jews for Y..”

137:8.4  Y. is judge, Y. is our lawgiver, Y. is our king;

137:8.4 he will save us.

137:8.4  Y. is my king and my God. He is a great king over

142:2.1 the olden prophets tell us that Y. is a jealous God,

142:2.1 The prophets say he hates evildoers and takes

142:3.2 of Israel relating to the growth of the idea of Y.,

142:3.3  1. Y.—the god of the Sinai clans.

142:3.7 5. The Supreme Y.. By the times of Isaiah these

142:3.9 Abraham really believed that Y. created both good

142:3.9 did not dare attribute evil to Y., therefore he said:

142:3.10 Egypt in the days before the enlarged revelation of Y

142:3.21 to accompany the enlarging Y. concepts of Deity.

143:4.2 where they worshiped Y. and their tribal gods

143:5.6 by concentrating their worship upon one God, Y..

145:2.4 The prophets have all taught you that Y. cares for

150:8.5 “True it is that you are Y., our God and the God of

150:8.5 King and say Y. shall reign, world without end.

150:8.6 Blessed are you, O Y., the shield of Abraham.”

150:8.7 Blessed are you, Y., who blesses his people Israel

159:4.5 Have you not noted that the concepts of Y. grow

169:4.5 not the word Y., which stood for the progressive

169:4.8 the God of gods, while Y. was the God of Israel.

169:4.8 In the place of the concept of Y., the racial deity,

169:4.8 He exalted the Y. concept of a deified racial Father

170:1.7 the era in which all mankind would worship Y..

194:1.5 of the gate, those gentiles who desired to serve Y..

194:3.11 No longer did believers look upon Y. as “the Lord


97:3.2 The southern or wandering Arabian tribes (the Y.)

97:3.2 They held that land could not be sold or mortgaged.


81:2.12 as beasts of burden the ox, camel, horse, and y..


111:0.4 two aspects of a human being, the y. and the yin.


79:6.5 learning, especially along the Yellow River and Y..

79:6.5 The migration from Tibet to the Y. valley was not so

79:7.2 progressive than the southern settlements on the Y..

79:7.2 Yellow River had forged ahead of the Y. villages

79:8.5 the cultural union of the Y. and Yellow river centers


122:6.2 In the back y., near the animal annex, the shelter

123:4.5 a fall down the back-y. stone stairs which led up to

145:2.16 which occurred in the front y. of the Zebedee home.

145:3.5 Peter’s wife heard voices in the front y. and saw a

145:3.8 voice from the front y. exclaimed: “Master, speak

147:1.2 before they had entered his y., the Roman soldier

152:1.1 Even before they entered the ruler’s y., one of his

164:5.4 Thomas called him out in the y., and Jesus, speaking

166:4.9 was a certain man who planted a fig tree in his y.,


147:6.3 distance of only one thousand y., the legal journey


65:8.3  y. for time measurement is the length of his life.

70:1.1 peace is the y. measuring civilization’s advancement.

83:6.7 Monogamy is the y. which measures the advance

118:10.13 As long as men measure only by the y. of the things

143:7.6 Worship is the y. which measures the extent of the

170:2.4 ethical y. wherewith to measure human conduct.

180:5.6 same golden rule as the y. for measuring all social

195:7.2 The “scientific method” is merely an intellectual y.


87:3.2 feared to y. lest a malignant ghost enter their bodies

yearnon-specific; see year, this

11:5.9 are synchronized with the two-billion-y. expansion

12:4.12 participate in the two-billion-y. cycles of space

14:1.11 same length of y. since they uniformly swing around

14:1.12 years of the present Urantia leap-y. calendar.

15:7.2 Orvonton y. equals one hundred standard days.

15:7.2 Uversa y. is standard in the seventh superuniverse,

19:7.4 headquarters, in less than one y. of Urantia time.

30:3.11 a y., all dependent on the nature of their mission.

33:6.7 The Nebadon y. consists of a segment of the time of

41:3.8 the present eleven and one-half y. sunspot cycles.

41:9.5 Your sun is now passing out of its six billionth y..

45:1.2 at least once a y. for these assemblies of finaliter

46:1.1 Sovereign is present in each at least once a y..

46:1.2 system y. consists of one hundred Jerusem days.

47:1.5 journey there for visits as often as four times a y..

47:2.3 ranging in ages from one y. and under up to five

53:4.1 assembled hosts of Jerusem, on the last day of the y.,

57:0.1 the present leap-y. calendar of 365¼ days to the y..

57:5.2 its eleven and one-half y. sunspot cycles betray that

60:4.1 sea dominance have occurred in million-y. cycles.

61:0.3 the five periods of this fifty-million-y. era contain

62:6.5 a y. later, they finally resolved to flee from home

66:4.10 the thirty-third y. of their sojourn in Dalamatia,

67:3.8 throughout the seven-y. struggle Amadon and his

69:5.8 one hundred per cent a y. being the loan rate of these

70:1.6 at least once a y., to permit the tribal stone fights.

70:4.10 to invite into the king’s presence several times a y..

72:1.2 on which heavy rains fall eight months in the y.,

72:3.8 Permission to marry is granted after one y.’ notice of

72:3.9 the parental courts, may not be had until one y. after

72:3.9 and the y. on this planet is longer than on Urantia.

72:4.3 Everyone takes one month’s vacation each y..

72:4.3 schools are conducted for nine months out of the y.

72:5.2 gradually by the liberation of two per cent each y..

72:5.9 and, like students, nine months in the y. of ten.

72:5.9 climate favors travel about eight months in the y.,

72:7.6 per cent on the value of any property in any one y.,

74:2.3 faithfully, y. after y., kept up the supply of pigeons

74:6.3 ceased to nurse the mother’s breast at one y. of age.

76:1.1 It required almost a full y. for the caravan of Adam

77:1.4 After a y. of observing the work of this unique group

77:1.5 of one-half y. intervened between the production

77:2.11 the later introduced y. of more than three hundred

77:2.12 with great accuracy, introducing the y. of 365 days.

78:7.5 record of the days of the river’s rise from y. to y..

78:7.5 neighboring river settlements every y. and warn

78:7.5 Finally a y. came in which the annual floods were

82:3.6 required to enter the bride’s family for at least one y.

87:2.3 it required from three days to a y. to “lay the ghost”

87:2.5  each y. were literally wasted in this useless mourning

87:3.4 tribes instituted an all-souls’ feast at least once a y..

87:3.4 ghost feasts and accompanying ceremonies each y..

87:3.4 Half the days of the y. were dedicated to some sort

87:3.4 by reducing the number of feast days to 135 a y..

89:7.2 in connection with one of the sacred feasts of the y.,

92:5.8 religious leaders in the million-y. human history of

94:7.5 during its second y. that a pupil, Bautan, imparted

96:3.5 in less than a y., when the Egyptian military forces

97:9.22 assassinated the king and put his sixteen-y.-old son

100:1.3  y.-by-y. progress through an educational regime

102:1.3 physical world vary from day to day and y. to y..

118:1.3 The time unit may be a day, a y., or a longer period,

122:2.4 with Mary in early February of the following y..

122:7.1 of this census in the Jewish kingdom for one y..

122:8.4 they remained in Bethlehem more than a y., Joseph

122:8.7 on September 29 and December 5 of the same y..

122:10.3 more than a y. of searching, Herod’s spies had not

122:10.4 6 B.C., when Jesus was a little over one y. of age.

123:1.4 Jesus’ fourth y. was a period of normal physical

123:2.1 a y. after the return to Nazareth the boy Jesus

123:2.3 we will refer to this as his fifth (calendar) y. of life.

123:2.9 on the mother, lasting up to the end of the fifth y..

123:2.15 illness, in the latter part of this, his fifth (calendar) y..

123:3.5 last, the feast of the new y., the day of atonement.

123:3.7 Before the y. was over,the family income had trebled

123:4.1 This was, indeed, an eventful y. in Jesus’ life.

123:5.2 school of the synagogue during his thirteenth y.

123:5.2 first Passover that y. in company with his father

123:5.3 the Scriptures was studied prior to the twelfth y..

123:5.15 the following y. he also learned to make cheese

123:6.1 This was an interesting y. at school.

124:2.4 of Jacob, a neighbor boy who was one y. older.

124:3.3 was the last y. in which Jesus enjoyed much free play

124:3.10 At the end of this eleventh y. Jesus was a vigorous,

124:4.1 This was an eventful y. in Jesus’ life. He continued

124:4.7 During his last y. at school, when he was twelve

124:5.2 his father met his accidental death the following y..

124:6.4 not know about their controversy of the previous y.

125:1.5 dwellers in Galilee came up only three times a y. to

126:1.1 This is the calendar y. of his fourteenth birthday.

126:1.4 go to Jerusalem in August of the following y. when

126:3.1 By the middle of this fifteenth y.—and we are

126:3.1 twentieth-century calendar, not by the Jewish y.

126:4.2 to proclaim the y. of God’s favor and the day of

126:4.5 before him with burnt offerings, with calves a y. old?

126:5.5 the next y. they found it difficult to pay the taxes,

126:5.7 The great shock of his fifteenth y. came when

126:5.10 This was the y. that Jesus rented a considerable

126:5.12 With the close of his fifteenth y. Jesus completed

127:3.8 Several times a y., when visitors were not present

127:3.14  y. by y. they felt the pinch of increasing poverty.

127:6.5 Martha was a little over one y. older than Jesus,

127:6.7 continued, y. by y., to eat the Passover “according

128:1.9 one in his thirteenth y. and the other at his baptism

128:5.1 This was Jesus’ first y. of comparative freedom from

128:5.2 meeting, later in the y., between Jesus and a group of

128:7.12 organization was working smoothly before the y.

129:1.3 worked with Zebedee only a little more than one y.,

129:1.4 Jesus lived in the home of Zebedee during the y.

129:1.15 This was the last y. of his settled life. Never again

129:1.15 Never again did Jesus spend a whole y. in one

129:2.9 proposed to advance to Jesus the wages of one y.

129:3.1 Jesus’ twenty-ninth y. was spent finishing up the tour

129:4.2 apex of attainment during this, the twenty-ninth y..

129:4.8 end of the twenty-ninth y. Jesus had virtually finished

130:0.1 and the entire twenty-ninth y. of Jesus’ life on earth.

133:0.1 It was a full y. before those who knew and loved

133:0.1 Before the end of the second y. small groups of

134:1.6 this trip would necessitate his absence for a y.,

134:2.1 It was a full y. before he returned from this journey.

134:7.2 This is the y. of Jesus’ solitary wanderings through

134:9.6 the following y., in the boatshop, by the side of his

135:0.1 Gabriel made to Elizabeth in June of the previous y..

135:0.2  y. by y., in the small village known in those days as

135:1.1 his parents had selected this as the appropriate y.

135:10.2 preaching of the coming kingdom more than a y.

135:11.1 more than a y. and a half this rugged man of

136:2.8 Luke says that Jesus was baptized in the fifteenth y.

136:2.8 The fifteenth y. of his actual rule was, therefore,

136:2.8 this was also the y. that Pontius Pilate began his rule

139:1.2 Andrew was 33, a y. older than Jesus and the oldest

141:1.2 near Pella where John had preached one y. before,

141:1.5 During the first y. of Jesus’ public ministry more

141:4.9 from month to month, throughout this entire y.,

142:3.16 and the feast of the ingathering at the end of the y..

143:4.3 in the y. and more they had been with Jesus, they

144:8.2 John had now been in prison a y. and a half,

150:8.9 and to proclaim the acceptable y. of the Lord.”

151:5.2 the Sea of Galilee, especially at this season of the y..

152:5.6 this last y. of proclaiming the higher and more

152:6.5 ordeals of the last y. of the Master’s ministry

153:1.4 for a whole y., ending only with the Master’s trial

154:7.3 this eventful last y. of the Master’s life on earth.

156:3.1 and who had been at Bethsaida the y. before.

156:5.15 better righteousness recommender this y. than last y.

156:6.9 this last and eventful y. of his mission on earth.

157:6.3 and embraced the labors of his last y. in the flesh.

166:4.9 ‘Let it alone for one more y. so that I may dig

166:4.9 next y., if it bears no fruit, it shall be cut down.’

172:1.7 a sum equal to the earnings of one man for one y.

187:4.7 Mary did not live quite one y. after the death of

193:6.4 after tarrying there more than a y., he went on into

year, this

123:1.6 It was midsummer of this same y. that Joseph built

123:1.7 In July of this y., one month before Jesus was four

123:2.3 Jesus was five years old in August of this y.,

123:2.13 This y. Jesus entered upon the fifth stage of a Jewish

123:3.1 Before this y. ended, Jesus had assumed custody

123:3.6 During this y. Joseph and Mary had trouble with

123:3.7 In June of this y. Joseph turned the shop over to his

123:3.9 This y. Jesus made great progress in adjusting his

123:5.1 in August of this y. Jesus entered upon his eventful

123:5.15 This y. Jesus learned to milk the family cow and

123:6.2 uncle’s farm (since infancy) was in January of this y.;

123:6.4 this y. Jesus had begun to teach him the alphabet.

123:6.5  This y. Jesus made arrangements to exchange dairy

124:1.1 some of the minor ailments of childhood this y.,

124:1.11 In May of this y., on his uncle’s farm, Jesus helped

124:2.6 This y. he began to show a marked preference for

124:2.7 Late this y. he had a fishing experience of two

124:3.1 Throughout this y. the lad continued to make trips

124:3.10 from this y. on Jesus was more and more given to

124:4.1 This y. he also learned the wisdom of keeping

124:4.2 Throughout this y. Jesus experienced many seasons

124:4.5 This y. Jesus paid more attention than ever to

124:5.1 In this y. the lad of Nazareth passed from boyhood

124:6.1 The Passover feast of this y. fell on Saturday,

126:1.4 this y. Joseph arranged to set aside the income

126:1.5 this y. both Joseph and Mary entertained frequent

126:1.7 this y. it can truly be said that Jesus “grew in favor

126:2.6 This y. it became the custom for the neighbors to

126:3.1 Before this y. had passed, their savings had about

126:3.3 During this y. Jesus first formulated the prayer

126:3.5 This y. Jesus was troubled with confused thinking.

126:3.6 In the course of this y. Jesus found a passage in

126:3.12 this y. Mary saw the family funds diminishing.

126:3.14 From this y. on, Jesus’ disclosures about what was

126:5.5 this y. Jesus could earn, by working early and late,

126:5.5 During this y. the tax collector tried to squeeze extra

127:1.2 This y. he attained his full physical growth.

127:1.5 This y. Simon started to school, and they were

127:1.6  y. Jesus was closely confined to the workbench.

127:1.7 this y. he had just about made up his mind that he

127:1.7 this y. on he talked less and less with his mother,

127:2.11 James graduated at school this y. and began full-time

127:2.12  This y. Jesus made great progress in the organization

127:3.1 this y. all the family property except the home and

127:3.13 this y., death for the second time struck at this family

127:3.14 this y. they faced one of the most difficult

127:4.2 this y. Jesus had fully won his mother to the

127:4.10 This y. Jude started to school, and it was necessary

127:6.8 during this y. that Mary had a long talk with Jesus

127:6.9 This y. Jesus began anew the task of further weaving

127:6.10 this y. they received financial help from the sale of

127:6.11 Joseph graduated at the synagogue school this y.

128:1.14 This y. Jesus went up to Jerusalem with Joseph to

128:2.2 This y Simon graduated from school and began work

128:2.3 Jesus continued this y. at house finishing but spent

128:2.3 latter part of this y., when carpenter work was slack

128:3.1 This y. the financial pressure was slightly relaxed as

128:4.1 four months of this y. Jesus spent in Damascus

128:4.4 this y. found him back in Nazareth going about his

128:4.8  y. the Nazareth home was running fairly smoothly.

128:5.2 this y. a young man from Alexandria came down to

128:5.6 The remainder of this y. was the most uneventful six

128:6.1 This y. began with the Nazareth family all in good

128:6.10 This y. his seasons of deep meditation were often

128:7.1 As this y. began, Jesus became strongly conscious

128:7.3 All this y. the family affairs ran smoothly except for

128:7.7 This y. Jesus enjoyed more than usual leisure,

128:7.8 Jesus spent a great deal of time this y. with the

129:1.6 All this y. Jesus sent money each month to James.

129:1.7 Throughout this y. Jesus built boats and continued

129:1.7 new synagogue more than half the time this y.,

129:1.14 This y. Jesus made great advances in the ascendant

134:2.4 he functioned during this y. in an executive capacity,

134:7.2 Throughout this y. of travel Jesus was known by

135:2.2 this y Elizabeth and John made a journey to Nazareth

135:6.6 this y., while he still lingered at Bethany ford,

156:5.15 better righteousness recommender this y. than last


31:10.22 in Norlatiadek of Nebadon, in the y. A.D. 1934.

56:10.23 technique authorized by our superiors, in the y. 1934

62:5.1 From the y. A.D. 1934 back to the birth of the first

62:7.7 It is just 993,408 years ago (from the y. A.D. 1934)

74:0.1 Urantia, from the y. A.D. 1934, 37,848 years ago.

119:8.9 authorized by our superiors, in the y. A.D. 1935

121:8.7 In the y. 71, while living at Pella, Isador wrote the

121:8.8 Luke wrote in the y. 82 in Achaia.

121:8.9 brief record made in the y. A.D. 78 at Antioch by

121:8.10 in the y. A.D. 101 he encouraged his associate,

122:7.1 this census was registered in the y. 8 B.C., except

122:7.1 Herod, where it was taken in 7 B.C., one y. later.

123:0.4 arriving at that port late in August of the y. 4 B.C.

123:2.0 2. THE FIFTH YEAR (2 B.C.)

123:2.3 In this y., 2 B.C., a little more than one month before

123:3.0 3. EVENTS OF THE SIXTH YEAR (1 B.C.)

123:4.0 4. THE SEVENTH YEAR (A.D. 1)

123:6.0 6. HIS EIGHTH YEAR (A.D. 2)

123:6.7 born on Friday evening, April 14, of this y., A.D. 2.

124:1.0 1. JESUS’ NINTH YEAR (A.D. 3)

124:2.0 2. THE TENTH YEAR (A.D. 4)

124:3.0 3. THE ELEVENETH YEAR (A.D. 5)

124:4.0 4. THE TWELFTH YEAR (A.D. 6)

124:5.0 5. HIS THIRTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 7)

126:1.0 1. HIS FOURTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 8)

126:3.0 3. THE FIFTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 9)

127:1.0 1. THE SIXTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 10)

127:2.0 2. THE SEVENTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 11)

127:3.0 3. THE EIGHTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 12)

127:4.0 4. THE NINETEENTH YEAR (A.D. 13)

127:6.0 6. HIS TWENTIETH YEAR (A.D. 14)

128:1.0 1. THE TWENTY-FIRST YEAR (A.D. 15)

128:2.0 2. THE TWENTY-SECOND YEAR (A.D. 16)

128:3.0 3. THE TWENTY-THIRD YEAR (A.D. 17)

128:5.0 5. THE TWENTY-FOURTH YEAR (A.D. 18)

128:6.0 6. THE TWENTY-FIFTH YEAR (A.D. 19)

128:7.0 7. THE TWENTY-SIXTH YEAR (A.D. 20)

129:1.0 1. THE TWENTY-SEVENTH YEAR (A.D. 21)

129:1.1 In January of this y., A.D. 21, on a rainy Sunday

129:2.0 2. THE TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR (A.D. 22)

129:3.0 3. THE TWENTY-NINTH YEAR (A.D. 23)

130:0.1 twenty-eighth and entire twenty-ninth y. of Jesus’

130:0.1 the tenth day of December the following y., A.D. 23.

134:1.0 1. THE THIRTIETH YEAR (A.D. 24)

134:1.4 a double wedding in early March of this y., A.D. 24.

134:7.0 7. THE THIRTY-FIRST YEAR (A.D. 25)

134:9.8 January of the next y., A.D. 26, when he laid down

135:10.2 By June of this y. (A.D. 26) John was back at the

136:2.8 this very y. of A.D. 26, that of Jesus’ baptism.

138:7.7 five months, even to the end of this y. A.D. 26,

138:8.1 in the y. A.D. 26, they went forth two and two to

139:1.2 In A.D. 26, the y. Andrew was chosen as an apostle,

141:1.5 This entire y. of A.D. 27 was spent in quietly taking

154:7.1 the y. A.D. 29, that Jesus, with his twelve apostles


124:1.6 It seemed to this nine-y. lad that he had really gazed


72:9.5 suffrage reflecting the average y. taxes paid for each


5:1.2 love which causes him to y. for the association of

118:0.12 this person begins to hunger and y. for new goals,

133:4.4 the sons of God if you truly y. to be like him.”


91:8.6 a wholehearted y. to find God and to do his will.

107:0.5 unquenchable y. and incessant longing to be like God

131:4.5 We have learned to win faith by the y. of our hearts.

155:1.3 you are guilty of too much chronic y..

155:1.3 Why do you languish in futile y.?

155:1.3 Cease your useless y. and go forth bravely doing

159:3.8 Men seek for the treasures of the kingdom with y.


111:1.5 man y. for God that results in universe ascension.

yearsnon-specific; see yearsspecific number

  see years old or years of age; see years ago;

  see also light years

2:1.1 neither can the numbers of his y. be searched out.

14:1.11 the length of these planetary y. decreases from the

15:1.1 of a million or a billion of your short y., to all

44:4.7 you can in a few seconds traverse y. of experience in

53:4.7 All was chaotic for a few y., and there was great

55:3.10 It is not best for too many y. to intervene between

57:0.1 no attempt will be made to give exact y., though they

57:0.2 back that number of y. from the early decades of the

61:2.4 fossil beds of Colorado belong to the later y. of these

64:7.17 They lived for y. on a narrow southern strip of the

67:5.2  And y. before the beautiful headquarters went down

67:6.8 Some y. thereafter they were translated to Jerusem,

69:5.13 would accumulate property for y. just to create an

70:7.12 Following these y. of rigorous discipline and training

73:4.1 by the Garden workers throughout all the y. of

73:6.7 They ate freely of the fruit for y., but it did nothing

75:5.7 days were as long y. of sorrow and suffering to Eve.

76:2.6 Abel, especially during his younger y., was greatly

76:2.6 inheritance, at least during the younger y. of life.

77:2.11 due to the confusion of months and y as time periods

78:6.8 Even in later y. the cultured residue still resented the

79:6.4 The coastal settlements fared poorly in later y. as the

82:4.5 In later y., chastity was more demanded by the

82:4.5 to cage up girls, actually imprison them for y.,

93:2.4 Within a few y. Melchizedek had gathered a group

93:7.1 Melchizedek continued for some y. to instruct his

93:9.4 During the closing y. of his life he once more

93:10.1 During the y. of Machiventa’s incarnation the

94:7.6 in Gautama’s later y. wavered regarding the Salem

97:1.8 As the y. passed, the grizzled old leader progressed

100:5.10 as occurred in the later y. of Jesus’ life in the flesh,

101:4.2 within a few short y. many of our statements

108:4.4 In recent y. the archangels’ circuit has functioned

110:7.7 Adjusters must be patient through the long y of silent

112:3.4 as unceremoniously as entry was made y. before,

122:2.1 they had been married many y., were childless.

122:2.3 when he has come to full y., he will gladden your

122:5.1 earlier y. of married life (during Jesus’ childhood)

122:6.3 In later y., as the family grew in size, they would all

123:0.2 All through these early y. of Jesus’ help less

123:0.2 during these y. of his infancy and early childhood

123:0.6 safe for two lone travelers with a child of tender y..

123:3.8 The next few y. Joseph did considerable work at

123:5.9 his y. at the synagogue he was a brilliant student,

123:6.2 visits throughout this and immediately subsequent y..

123:6.3 spent much time on mathematics for several y..

123:6.9 many y. before the subject of Jesus’ going away

124:1.7 for many y. Jesus worked at this bench and became

124:3.4 to return to the childlike attitude of his earlier y..

124:4.5  y. passed, this breach of understanding widened.

124:6.10 in after y., on this same spot Jesus stood and wept

125:0.1 it was many y. subsequent to this before he again

125:2.3 of sacrificial offerings, and as the y. passed, Jesus

126:0.3 with the passing y., there developed in his mind a

126:2.5 As the y. passed, this young carpenter of Nazareth

126:3.2 For a score of y. (until he began this public ministry)

126:5.1 his family returned to the simple life of their earlier y.

126:5.12 of transition between the more complacent y. of


127:0.1 As Jesus entered upon his adolescent y., he found

127:0.1 Within a few y. after his father’s death their property

127:0.2 than Jesus endured during those strenuous y. from

127:0.3 of living these adolescent y. on a world beset by evil

127:1.2 to become manifest, even in these adolescent y..

127:2.4 several y. there was something of an estrangement

127:2.10 reasons why Jesus moved to Capernaum in later y.,

127:3.12 Jesus was to occupy many y. with the rearing of

127:5.6 In after y., to the many men who sought Rebecca’s

127:5.6 she followed him devotedly through his eventful y.

127:6.1 in the y. to follow many women loved Jesus even as

127:6.1 for many y., whenever the story of Jesus’ human

127:6.13 And so, as the y. pass, this young man of Nazareth

127:6.13 during the short and strenuous y. of their first life,

128:0.1 As Jesus entered upon the early y. of his adult life,

128:1.1 With the attainment of adult y Jesus began in earnest

128:1.10 throughout all these y. of his life in the flesh Jesus

128:1.10 He made no protest in later y. when he was called

128:1.11 the later y. of his self-consciousness of the ministry

128:1.13 the universe of Nebadon throughout these y.;

128:1.15 remembered during the events of subsequent y..

128:2.1 several y. during which Jesus’ brothers and sisters

128:4.5 in subsequent y. Jesus listened to the recital of this

128:4.9 As the y. passed, it became more difficult to

128:5.5 in subsequent y., when they heard rumors of the

128:6.3 and for the first time in y. had some funds ahead.

128:6.6 pass through this formal ceremony for several y.,

128:7.3 For y. James had trouble with his youngest brother,

129:1.3 For several y. Zebedee had more work, turning out

129:1.15 a few y. of extensive travel and highly diversified

129:4.3 these y., while Jesus did not appear to engage in so

130:0.5 during these y. that just preceded his public ministry.

132:0.10 in the y. so soon to follow that Peter, Paul, and the

132:7.4 have many of your people remained all these y..

133:3.2  y. afterward, when Paul was preaching in this very


134:1.7 This was one of the more unusual y. in the inner

134:9.9 and loved as a private individual in former y..

134:9.9 For long y. this transformation of mind and spirit

135:12.4 matter of several y. before all the public buildings

137:3.4 himself as he was during the earlier y. at Nazareth.

137:3.4 For y. previous to his baptism and the isolation

137:3.7 Mary had not been so joyous in y.. She journeyed

137:4.8  y., Mary had always turned to Jesus for help in every

137:7.14 In later y. after seasons of intense public work,

138:7.5 of the boats which they used the next few y. had

139:2.11 the upbuilding of the churches during their later y..

139:2.14 For y. Perpetua labored acceptably as a member of

139:4.5 But the John of after y. was a very different type of

139:4.6 for y. John’s only utterance was, “My children, love

139:4.12 Several y. after the martyrdom of James, John

139:4.13 As the y. passed, John, together with James the

139:11.10 in a few y. Simon rallied his hopes and went forth to

141:2.3 to gladden their ministry during later y. of service.

142:0.2 Jesus called upon his friend of former y., Annas,

146:1.2 they made great trouble for their brethren in later y..

147:3.3 afflicted, because of your many y. of wrong living.

147:3.5 One man who had been many y. downcast and

147:3.5 afflicted man had waited all these y. for somebody to

150:7.2 As the y. passed, this village became increasingly

152:0.2 “For y. I have been afflicted with a scourging

153:3.6 many y. after this day the Apostle Peter was still

155:4.2 throughout all their y. of association with him.

156:4.2 in subsequent y. a Christian church was built on

156:5.18 As you grow older in y. and more experienced in

157:6.3 the y. when he was only dimly conscious of his

157:6.3 was the increasingly self-conscious y. of youth

157:6.3 from the baptism through the y. of his ministry as

161:2.3 all these y. of failure to comprehend his mission

162:8.2 For y. it had been the custom for these three to

163:2.9 Jesus asked, and which, several y. subsequently,

163:5.1 John had occupied with his camp several y. before.

165:2.3 some of them will so offer themselves in the y. to

165:4.2 soul, you have much wealth laid up for many y.;

165:5.2 Already have you had several y.’ experience, and

166:5.5 In his last y. Abner denounced Paul as the “clever

166:5.6 During the later y. of Abner and for some time

169:1.12 saying: ‘Here these many y. have I served you,

169:1.12 I have remained here to care for you all these y.,

169:1.16 many times during his y. of teaching, Jesus told

171:8.9 the meaning of these two parables in the after y.,

172:4.2 Never, in their y. of association with Jesus, had

174:5.3 All these y. have I sought to heal them of their

176:2.3 Have I not told you all these y. that my kingdom is

177:2.4 not certain about what he will do in the y. to come.

177:2.5 influenced by what happens during the first few y.

177:5.1 Master recounted their y. of eventful and loving

178:3.2 All these y. have I lived with you as brethren, and

179:4.2 My friend of many y., who even now eats my

181:2.15 your life of many y. may be fruitful in souls won

181:2.27 your y. of such close association with me have not

182:3.5 During the y. that Jesus lived among his followers,

184:1.2 Annas had not seen Jesus for several y., not since

185:4.1 never for one moment recalled the lad of former y.

191:0.3 the first time in all these y. the apostles realized

193:4.10 In all the y. of their association Judas never once

193:4.14 after several y. of intimate association with his

194:3.10 y. of solitary meditation in order to receive the spirit.

196:2.2 up through y. of personal spiritual communion

yearsspecific number

2:2.2 “A thousand y. in his sight are but as yesterday

11:5.8 more than one billion Urantia y. the space-force

11:6.4 phase for a little more than one billion Urantia y..

11:6.5 For a billion y. of Urantia time the space reservoirs

11:6.5  y. to complete the entire expansion-contraction cycle

13:3.2 cycle, about two billion y. of Urantia time,

14:1.12 requires almost one thousand y. for these spheres

14:1.12 A day is as a thousand y. with God, as but a watch

14:1.12 and one-eighth seconds less than one thousand y.

15:1.1 of a million or a billion of your short y., to all

15:1.5 few billions y. past the swing around the southern

15:6.9 trillions of y. that an ordinary sun will continue to

15:7.2 of Urantia time, about eight and one fifth of your y..

15:8.2 968 million y. to complete the encirclement of

15:11.2 average term of service is about one hundred y. of

20:9.3 on their visitation planets for one thousand y. of

21:3.8 has existed just slightly over nineteen hundred y. of

23:2.16 the roll calls of Orvonton for almost a million y. but

23:2.23 require hundreds of y. for a native ambassador to

26:3.8  y. for your most rapid telegraphic technique to

27:6.4 equivalent of ten thousand y. of the word-memory

27:7.4 hundreds of y. for the average mortal who reaches

30:0.2 deprive the thinking mortals of the next thousand y.

30:4.12 those who have slept five thousand y. will react no

32:2.3 there intervened a little over one billion y. of your

33:6.7 standard universe time, about five y. of Urantia time.

35:1.3 own administrative chief for a term of seven y.

35:6.1 10,000 standard y., about 50,000 y. of Urantia

35:6.1 three dekamillenniums, about 150,000 Urantia y..

36:3.6 approximately one-half million y. of the time of the

37:2.6 the last nineteen hundred y. his associate, Galantia

41:5.4 half million y. for an X-ray-stimulated electron to

41:7.13 horsepower exerted continuously for two y..

41:9.3 rate during their earlier growth, the first billion y..

41:9.5 present efficiency for more than twenty-five billion y.

42:4.2 in untold millions of y. it may reappear as some form

43:3.2 for ten thousand y. (about 50,000 Urantia y.),

44:0.4 for less than one millennium, one thousand y. of

44:1.12 appreciation for more than thirty-five thousand y..

44:4.3 by a mortal language in a thousand y..

44:4.5 hundred y. of perusing ordinary written language.

44:5.4 millions of y. many improved techniques for the

45:3.7 to the staff of Lanaforge for nineteen hundred y. of

45:7.4 Every one hundred y. of universe time each

46:7.3 to the extent of forty to fifty thousand standard y..

47:1.4 is rotational and is for only ten y. as a rule.

47:2.3 one year and under up to approximately five y.,

49:0.3 life implantation within the next few million y..

49:4.6 varies on the different planets from twenty-five y. on

50:6.5 that for two hundred thousand y. all the worlds of

51:5.6 in one hundred thousand y. more progress is made

51:5.6 more progress is made than in a million y. of former

51:6.3 which had functioned uninterruptedly for 37,000 y..

51:6.3 force of 500,000 y. of integrated evolutionary

52:1.1 fifty thousand y. to over one million y. of Urantia

52:1.8 Within one hundred thousand y. from the time

52:2.1 social stride are made during a few thousand y. of

52:2.2 hundred thousand y., some longer, some shorter.

52:3.3 Ten thousand y. of this dispensation of the biologic

52:3.3 Twenty-five thousand y. of such an administration of

52:3.9 Within ten thousand y. of racial amalgamation the

52:4.10 from twenty-five thousand to fifty thousand y. of

52:5.8 extend from ten thousand to a hundred thousand y..

52:5.9 the equivalent of three hundred y. of Urantia time.

52:7.2 era of light and life- not less than one thousand y. of

52:7.5 length of life approaches five hundred Urantia y.,

53:2.1 on Jerusem for more than five hundred thousand y.

53:2.3 his silence, for more than one hundred y. of

53:5.3 a free course for almost two hundred thousand y. of

53:7.12 It was over two y. of system time from the

53:7.15  y. they have been unable to deceive another world.

53:9.5 For nineteen hundred y. the status has been

54:5.12 even if it should require a million y. to wind up the

54:5.13 be completed for a hundred thousand Urantia y..

54:6.3  y. of system time (twenty thousand y. of Urantia

55:4.15 These mortal chief executives serve for twenty-five y

57:0.2 even periods of thousands, millions, and billions of y.

57:3.8 It was scarcely a million y. subsequent to this epoch

57:3.8 almost one million y. to complete these clusters of

57:4.6 extended over a period of almost two billion y..

57:5.6  y. until Angona made its closest approach to the

57:6.1 thousand y., the sun continued to pour forth

57:6.5 tidal disruption and, within a few million y., will

57:6.6 continued to increase in size for several billions of y..

57:7.7 thousands of y. Urantia was enveloped in one vast

57:8.15 upon millions of y. earthquakes have diminished,

57:8.22 millions of y. before so much land again appeared

59:0.2 million y., from about the time the planet attained its

59:0.3 extends over the next one hundred fifty million y..

59:0.4  million y. and is best known to you as the Paleozoic.

59:0.5 one hundred million y. and is known as the Mesozoic

59:0.6 The mammalian era occupies the last fifty million y..

59:1.7 a few million y. the Pacific Ocean began to invade

59:1.15 Five million y. later the seas were retreating before

59:1.15 undramatic, taking place slowly over millions of y..

59:1.20 y., designated by your geologists as the Cambrian.

59:2.4  y. later large portions of the American continents

59:2.12 on down through the intervening millions of y.

59:3.6 upon millions of y. had such violent and extensive

59:3.12  y. and known to your researchers as the Silurian.

59:4.4 millions of y. not so much land had been above water

59:4.5 Five million y later the land areas of North and South

59:4.18  y.; it has become known to your researchers as the

59:5.8 and for more than five million y. sharks dominated

59:5.13  y. prior to this time the earlier coal deposits were

59:5.13 epoch was a little over twenty-five million y..

59:6.11 planetary history, two hundred and fifty million y..

60:1.11 Several million y. later the first mammals appeared.

60:1.14 twenty-five million y. and is known as the Triassic.

60:2.15 five million y. and is known as the Jurassic.

60:3.6 millions upon millions of y. took place in Mexico.

60:4.6 This, the Cretaceous age, covers fifty million y. and

60:4.6 hundred million y. and is known as the Mesozoic.

61:0.1 the ice age, covering a little less than fifty million y..

61:2.13 of this Oligocene period, covering ten million y.,

61:4.7 this period of almost ten million y.’ duration draw to

61:5.5 glacier consumed nearly one million y. in its advance

61:7.10  y. since the connected Great Lakes system began to

61:7.12 last glacier was one hundred thousand y. advancing,

61:7.12 free from the ice for a little over fifty thousand y..

61:7.17 so-called Pleistocene, over two million y. in length.

61:7.19 historic times, covers a span of almost fifty million y.

62:2.2 potential life span, on the average, of about twenty y.

62:2.6 over the peninsula for more than one thousand y.,

62:3.5 almost fifteen thousand y. (six hundred generations),

62:3.6 life span was longer, being about twenty-five y..

62:4.5 and having a natural life span of about forty y..

62:4.6 thousand y. from the origin of the dawn mammals,

62:4.7 five thousand y. not a single individual of these

62:5.1 birth of the first two human beings is just 993,419 y..

62:5.3 a potential life span of about seventy-five y..

63:3.1 two y. from the night of the twins’ departure from

63:5.3 along the river Somme for tens of thousands of y..

63:5.7 their descendants did not attain in half a million y.,

63:6.1 for nearly ten thousand y. until the days of Onagar,

64:3.5 thousand y. most of the borderland animal groups

64:4.1 half a million y. until the times of the migration of

64:4.9 of a few thousand y., started south again on its fifth

64:4.9 little modification of climate for fifty thousand y..

64:4.11 of a million y. these primitive peoples drifted on,

64:5.1 For one hundred y. this relentless warfare raged,

64:6.13 This battle was waged for almost one hundred y..

64:6.23  y. after Caligastia’s downfall a widespread revival

64:7.1 thousands of y. migration to eastern Asia was cut off

64:7.2 hundred thousand y. these Sangik peoples spread out

64:7.5 Within five thousand y. this amalgamated race

64:7.18 hundred y. after the red man arrived in Alaska.

65:4.8 and Fonta instead of five hundred thousand y. later,

65:8.2 completed evolution of life in less than one million y.

66:0.1 the Planetary Prince arrived almost half a million y.

66:4.1 a thousand y. for the news to spread abroad,

66:5.12 business methods for hundreds of thousands of y..

66:5.20 thousands of y. to persuade them to burn refuse.

66:7.5 and then, after three y. in the schools of the Prince

66:7.16 of Dalamatia for almost three hundred thousand y..

66:7.19 thousand y. which intervened between their arrival

66:8.3 normal manner for almost three hundred thousand y..

67:1.1  y. Caligastia had been in charge of Urantia when

67:2.6 For more than seven y. this struggle continued.


67:3.6 Throughout the seven crucial y. of the Caligastia

67:3.7 seven y. of waiting was a time of heart searching and

67:5.1 for almost fifty y. after the instigation of rebellion.

67:5.4 sixty-two y. after the rebellion a tidal wave swept up

67:6.2 which functioned throughout the seven y. of waiting.

67:6.4 ministry for over one hundred and fifty thousand y..

67:6.6 Within one thousand y. after the rebellion Van had

67:7.3 By fifty thousand y after the collapse of the planetary

67:7.3 Caligastia’s arrival three hundred fifty thousand y.

67:8.3 for seven long y. the first inquiry of all subordinate

68:0.3  y. mankind was nurtured in the idea of group

70:2.1 would not have occurred naturally in ten thousand y.

70:7.10 initiation ceremony extended over a period of five y..

72:1.1 The length of life on this continent is now ninety y.,

72:1.4 strong rulers and kings occupied thousands of y..

72:1.4 strong monarchial rule for over one hundred y.,

72:1.5 has now been in existence just two hundred y.,

72:2.1 states elect their governors and legislators for ten y.,

72:2.3 The federal chief executive is elected every six y. by

72:2.8 their term of office is concurrent with his—six y..

72:2.12 served two or more y. on some state tribunal,

72:3.7 every five y. for five successive periods similar public

72:4.1 after the first three y. all pupils become assistant

72:4.2 measures have been in operation for seventy-five y.;

72:5.9 Every ten y. the regional executives adjust the lawful

72:7.4 are fireproof—have been for over seventy-five y..

72:7.7 But no debt may run for more than seventy-five y..

72:7.14 twenty-four y., one quarter being elected every six y.

72:7.14 Every six y. this body by a three-fourths ballot,

72:9.2 Every man and woman of twenty y. and over has

72:9.2 in these groups cannot be changed for twelve y..

72:9.3 conferred upon them not oftener than every five y.

72:9.6 every six y. is by nation-wide ballot, and no citizen

72:11.2 such commissioned officers are four y. in length

72:11.2 four y.’ course, received one half of the education

72:11.2 where the courses are likewise four y. in length.

72:11.3 in all branches of the service are for four y.,

72:11.4 one hundred y. employed these military resources

73:0.3 hundred y. from the time of this inspection, Adam

73:1.2 Ten thousand y. after the rebellion practically all

73:2.1 hundred y. prior to Tabamantia’s inspection, Van

73:2.2 eighty-three y. before the arrival of Adam and Eve,

73:3.1 The committee on location was absent for three y..

73:3.2 and two y. were occupied in transferring the world’s

73:6.5 for more than one hundred and fifty thousand y..

73:7.1 lower grade Nodites for almost four thousand y.

73:7.1  y. being required completely to submerge the entire

74:1.2 fifteen thousand y. they had been directors of the

74:2.6 thousand y. Van had held by virtue of the action of

74:5.1 For seven y. after Adam’s arrival the Melchizedek

74:6.8 upon a two y.’ course of instruction in preparation

74:7.1 The children of Adam, except for four y.’ attendance

74:8.2 in fact, more than thirty thousand y. afterwards.

74:8.3 four hundred and fifty thousand y. previously.

74:8.10 almost a thousand y. after Moses’ sojourn on earth

74:8.14 in the Garden for one hundred and seventeen y..

75:0.1  y. of effort on Urantia, Adam was able to see little

75:2.4 these instructions for more than one hundred y.,

75:3.1 his first one hundred y. on earth when Serapatatia,

75:3.6 this would require hundreds of y. to consummate,

75:3.7 For five y. these plans were secretly matured.

75:5.6 in fifty y. did the older of these children recover from

75:6.3 who had arrived at the age of choice (twenty y.)

76:2.1 Less than two y. after Cain’s birth, Abel was born,

76:2.1 When Abel grew up to the age of twelve y., he

76:2.9 for hundreds of y. the Elamites and the Adamites

76:3.4 and twenty-nine y. after Adam’s arrival on Urantia.

76:3.8 architecture that was not excelled in thousands of y..

76:4.5 to see these celestial beings for over one hundred y.

76:5.5 Adam lived for 530 y.; he died of what might be

76:5.5 Eve had died nineteen y. previously of a weakened

76:5.6 four hundred and fifty thousand y., came to an end.

77:2.9 Ten thousand y. after the rebellion the Nodites had

77:2.10 Sumerian kings running back for several thousand y.;

77:2.10 thirty y. up to one hundred and fifty y. and more.

77:2.11 records of a man who lived over nine hundred “y.

77:2.11 This period represents not quite seventy y., and

77:2.11 “threescore y. and ten” as such a life span was

77:3.1 fifty thousand y. after the death of Nod, when the

77:3.4  After four and one-half y. of work a great dispute

77:4.1  y. until it was upstepped by Adamic infusion.

77:4.6 They persisted for thousands of y. and furnished the

77:5.5 over three y. Adamson’s party actually found the

77:5.6 Within one hundred y., before this phenomenon

77:5.7 Adamson lived for 396 y..

77:5.7 Every seven y. he and Ratta journeyed south to

77:5.9 a high culture for almost seven thousand y. from the

78:0.1 cradle of civilization for almost thirty thousand y..

78:1.6 driven out of Asia over fifty thousand y. before

78:2.1 For thousands of y. the sons of Adam labored along

78:3.9 extended over a period of ten thousand y., from

78:5.1 For twenty thousand y. the culture of the second

78:7.2 For thousands of y. after the submergence of the

78:7.2 For almost a thousand y. scores of cities were

78:7.3  y. later,as the Hebrew priests in Babylonian captivity

78:8.10 Erech held out for thirty y. after the fall of Akkad.

79:0.1 culture that persisted for over one-half million y..

79:1.1 five thousand y., on down to nearly 2000 B.C.,

79:1.2 almost fifteen thousand y. centers of mixed Andite

79:2.1 Indus being the work of the last fifty thousand y..

79:3.2 last ten thousand y. has India ever been entirely out

79:3.4 Within five thousand y. their doctrines of the Trinity

79:3.5 seven thousand y. down to the end of the Andite

79:4.1 invasion during a period of almost five hundred y.

79:5.2 thousand y. before the yellow tribes arrived.

79:5.5  y. these two superior races waged bitter and

79:5.6 eighty-five thousand y. since the last of the pure

79:5.7 some fifty thousand y. before the coming of Adam

79:7.2 Within a few thousand y. after the arrival of even the

79:8.3  hundred y. following the disruption of Greco-Roman

79:8.5 thousands of y. rendered this people ultrapeaceful.

79:8.16  y. since the first important advances were made in

80:1.3 thousand y. Egypt received a steady stream of

80:2.5 culture of the blue man thousands of y. behind the

80:3.3 ten thousand y. religion in Europe was at a low ebb

80:4.5 very limited cultural progress for ten thousand y.

80:5.2 For three thousand y. the military headquarters of

80:5.4 five hundred y. these Cro-Magnoids defended their

80:6.5 social progress steadily declined for five hundred y..

80:7.2  y. before the descendants of these mariners spread

80:7.3 thousand y. after the settlement of Crete a group of

80:7.10  thousand y. subsequently by the barbarian hordes

80:9.4 thousands of y. cremation of the dead was almost

80:9.6 twenty thousand y. the Andonites had been pushed

80:9.6 push southward continued for over a thousand y.

80:9.14 Although Christianized for over fifteen hundred y.,

80:9.16 European culture for five thousand y. continued

81:0.2 its entire previous existence of almost a million y..

81:1.1  y. after the days of Adam, the cradle of civilization

81:1.7 For thousands of y. the descendants of Adam had

81:2.19 ceased for over one hundred and fifty thousand y..

81:3.3 rose from one to two feet every twenty-five y. as

81:4.10 as the human remains of the last twenty thousand y.

82:5.4  The Nodites for over one hundred fifty thousand y.

82:6.8 past hundred y. more racial hybridization has been

82:6.8 on Urantia than has occurred in thousands of y..

83:4.9 last five hundred y. church and state have assumed

83:8.1 thousands of y. after Eden, mating continued as a

84:8.5 a million y., man could obtain salt only by dipping

90:1.4 to serve an apprenticeship of ten y. of hardship

90:2.9 the past hundred y., the Shawnee Tenskwatawa,

90:5.1 so for tens of thousands of y. endless rituals have

92:4.5 thousand y. until it was suddenly terminated by

92:5.10 and taught at Salem two thousand y. before Christ.

92:7.14 generation than have been made in two thousand y..

93:2.1 1,973 y. before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa

93:2.2 his ninety-four y. of life as a material being.

93:2.6 terminated his bestowal mission in ninety-four y.

93:3.5 with whom Melchizedek lived for more than thirty y.

93:4.16 taught revealed truth at Salem for ninety-four y.,

93:9.5 within five hundred y. many regarded the whole

93:10.10 present on Urantia for a period of one hundred y.,

93:10.10 the same capacity in a little over one thousand y..

94:2.4 two thousand y. the better minds of India have

94:2.8 despite its successes of a thousand y., it could not

94:5.1 At See Fuch, for more than one hundred y.,

94:6.1 About six hundred y. before the arrival of Michael,

94:7.2 Buddhism after six y. of the futile practice of Yoga.

94:9.1  y. he trained and sent forth more than seventeen

94:9.3 a thousand y., in India Buddhism simply withered

94:11.7 two thousand y. many of the best minds of Asia have

95:1.3  fifty y. and gradually gave way to the older belief in

95:3.3  y. before the Salem gospel penetrated to Egypt,

95:3.3 Three thousand y. before the Hebrew scriptures

95:3.5 In six thousand y. only four great prophets arose

95:6.1 five hundred y. the Salem teachers made headway in

95:7.2 of Arabia continued as it had for thousands of y..

96:1.10 did not come into use until fifteen hundred y. after

96:5.2 one thousand y. after the death of the great leader.

96:7.5 extending over a period of almost three hundred y..

97:8.3  y. of the overlordship of alien rulers was too much

97:9.18 four y. of civil war and three dynasties, Israel fell

97:9.21 the three y.’ siege followed by the total dispersion

97:9.21 Joash, who crusaded for Yahweh for thirty-five y..

97:9.22 for a hundred y. by paying tribute to the kings of

97:9.25 the rule of Babylon and was given ten y. of grace,

98:7.4 Orient that have arisen in the last four thousand y..

98:7.12  y. since this emergency Son of Nebadon bestowed

101:4.2 anticipate the scientific discoveries of a thousand y.

104:1.2 of Melchizedek about thirty-five thousand y. later,

107:0.7 attainment of the age of discretion, about forty y.,

108:2.1 In the present generation it is running five y., ten

110:4.6 For many thousands of y., so the records of Jerusem

114:3.1 Every one hundred y. of Urantia time, the Jerusem

119:0.7 about one hundred and fifty million y. apart.

119:1.2 did not reappear for twenty y. of standard time.

119:1.4 Nothing more appears until after one hundred y.

119:1.6 work as a Melchizedek Son for one hundred y..

119:2.1 fifty million y. after the Melchizedek bestowal of

119:2.1  y. of dissatisfaction he led his associates in one of

119:2.2 on his headquarters planet for more than twenty y.

119:2.5 seventeen y. of universe time this strange and

119:4.3 for a period of over forty standard universe y..

119:4.4 Never, throughout the seven y. of this assignment,

119:5.2 and functioned on Uversa for a period of eleven y.

119:7.1 y. we all looked forward to the seventh and final

119:7.2  y., your world occupied a very conspicuous place

119:8.2 billion y. of Urantia time to complete the bestowal

121:8.11 the history of Urantia for almost two thousand y..

122:5.9 a normal courtship of almost two y.’ duration.

122:10.4 They sojourned in Alexandria two full y., not

123:0.3 the two y. of their sojourn at Alexandria, Jesus

123:1.1 occupied for more than three y. by one of Joseph’s

123:4.1 and one of the deepest at Nazareth in a hundred y..

123:5.2 For three y.—until he was ten—he attended the

123:5.2 For these three y. he studied the rudiments of the

123:5.2 three y. he studied in the advanced school and

123:5.11 When entering school at seven y., it was customary

124:2.1 two y. before Jesus again spoke to his parents

124:2.8 being three and one-half y. older than the oldest of

124:3.4 two full y. before these burdens should normally

124:4.9 the two following y. Jesus suffered great mental

124:6.2 Twelve y. had passed since the first Herod had

124:6.13 for him to resume his education two y. later,

125:4.3 Jesus replied, “thirteen y. lacking a trifle more than


126:0.1 fourteenth and fifteenth y. were the most crucial.

126:0.1 These two y., after he began to be self-conscious

126:0.1 It is this period of two y. which should be called

126:1.2  y. previously had been the “high place of Baal,”

126:3.2 a score of y. (until he began this public ministry)

127:3.1 had taught him on a similar journey five y. before.

127:3.14 For four y. their standard of living had steadily

127:6.5 older than Jesus, while Mary was two y. younger.

128:2.7 When James had had two y.’ experience as acting

128:2.7 and two full y. before he (James) was to be married—

128:3.6 the Galilean he had talked with some fifteen y.

128:5.7 Jesus gave consent for James’ marriage two y. later,

129:0.3 For four y. they discerned that Jesus was planning

129:1.3 less than five y. practically all the craft on the lake

129:1.5 group, having been deposed only eight y. previously.

129:1.6 and he was not again in Nazareth for over two y.,

129:2.4 For two y. the rent of this house was applied on

129:2.9 that it was hardly fair to go away for almost two y.,

129:2.10 during this long period of almost two y..

130:5.3 the story of Moses and the forty y. of watchful

131:0.2 preserved in India for hundreds of y. after his

133:2.5 city which Augustus had founded some fifty y before

133:6.3 efforts of Paul, who resided here more than two y.,

134:5.1 of nation life during the last nineteen hundred y.

134:5.9 In the West it obtained for more than a thousand y.

134:6.16 financial support, and after five y. the school closed.

134:7.3 Ten y. later, when the Apostle Paul was preaching in

135:2.3 the end of two y. they had all but lost their home;

135:4.3 For two and a half y. John lived at Engedi,

135:4.4 of Elijah held him back for more than two y..

135:5.1 For one hundred y. all Israel had been in a quandary;

135:5.2 one hundred y. before the days of Jesus and John

136:2.8 coemperor with Augustus for two and one-half y.

136:5.3 four y. of Urantia time did these selected

139:0.2 population of Galilee one hundred y. previously.

139:1.9 by fire at Alexandria about one hundred y. after

139:4.12 The last twenty y. of his life John was cared for by

139:4.13 banished to the Isle of Patmos for a period of four y.

139:5.4 Only a few times in four y did Philip fail to have food

139:9.11 blessed with four y. of close and personal association

139:11.4 Four y. was too short a time in which to make such

143:4.1 For more than six hundred y. the Jews of Judea,

143:4.1 seven hundred y. B.C., Sargon, king of Assyria,

157:5.3 For three y. Jesus had been proclaiming that he

157:5.3 while for these same three y. the apostles had been

167:3.1 the depressions of fear for more than eighteen y.,

167:3.3 has been bound down by evil these eighteen y.,

170:2.25 It was fifty y. later, not until after the destruction of

173:1.2 of their final overthrow by a mob three y. before

173:5.4 “Almost fifty y. has this temple been in building,

177:2.4 first eight y. in a normal and well-regulated home.

185:1.1 him to remain as procurator of Judea for ten y.

187:1.5 just forty y. after the crucifixion of Jesus, all of

188:5.4 twenty-five y. on the cross of a real and intense

189:1.2 lived and wrought on earth for almost thirty-six y.

194:2.9 four y. of personal and loving association with the

194:4.9  y. before they began to baptize in “the name of the

195:8.3 For three hundred y. Western thinking has been

195:10.18 conquered the Roman world in three hundred y.

195:10.18 became comatose for more than a thousand y.

years of age or years old

36:4.3 worlds until they are one thousand standard y.;

47:2.5 spheres, but very few children under sixteen y.,

57:7.3 Urantia is more than one billion y. on its surface.

62:2.2 mammals attained full growth when three or four y.

62:4.2 When about fourteen y., they fled from the tribe,

62:4.5 superior animals, reaching maturity at about ten y.

62:5.3 first human beings reached full maturity at twelve y.

62:5.6 on numerous occasions before they were eight y..

62:5.8 When about nine y., the twins journeyed off down

62:6.5 —the twins were about ten y.—when the spirit of

63:0.1 first two human beings—the twins—were eleven y.,

63:6.8 (from A.D. 1934), and he lived to be sixty-nine y..

64:0.2 The human race is almost one million y.,

64:6.7 Onamonalonton lived to be ninety-six y. and

72:2.12 twelve men over forty and under seventy-five y.

72:5.4 The industrial courts are only thirty y. but are

72:8.7 of volunteer citizens from eighteen to thirty y..

72:9.2 Every man and woman of twenty y. and over has

72:11.1 Such members serve until they are seventy y..

76:2.5 The boys were respectively eighteen and twenty y.

77:5.3 Adamson was 120 y. at this time and had been the

77:5.5 beautiful woman, twenty y., who claimed to be the

84:3.9 nurse their babies until they were four and five y..

107:0.7 comparative full growth, about twenty y. on Urantia

122:5.9 Nazareth environs when Joseph was twenty-one y.

122:10.3 that all boy babies under two y. should be killed.

123:1.2 Jesus was about three y. and two months old at the

123:1.7 before Jesus was four y., an outbreak of intestinal

123:2.3 Jesus was five y. in August of this year, and we will

123:2.3 From the time Jesus was five y. until he was ten,

123:3.2 his young life occurred when he was not quite six y..

123:3.4 Before Jesus was six y., in the summer of 1 B.C.,

123:5.1 Jesus was seven y., the age when Jewish children

123:5.11 often expatiated at their graduation when thirteen y..

123:5.15 Before he was eight y., he was known to all the

123:5.15 When he was ten y., he was an expert loom

123:6.5 By the time he was eleven y., he was a skillful

124:1.13 Before he was ten y., he had become the leader of

124:3.4 just before he was eleven y.—he was compelled to

124:4.7 when he was twelve y., Jesus remonstrated with

124:5.2 Jude was not yet two y., and the baby sister, Ruth,

124:6.14 For the first time since he was four y., Jesus was too

124:6.16 messenger to remind this lad, not quite thirteen y.,

125:2.8 of sons of the law until they were a full thirteen y..

126:0.4 forward to the time when he would be fifteen y.

126:2.1 Mary directed that James, then ten y., should

126:2.2 This carpenter lad, now just past fourteen y.,

127:2.6 Jesus, then scarcely seventeen y., was confronted

127:3.6 former trip over this road when he was thirteen y..

128:1.8 thirteen y. with the first supernatural occurrence of

128:2.4 solemnly installed James, then just past eighteen y.

128:5.7 to the fact that Joseph would soon be eighteen y.,

128:6.12 joyous playfulness of these tots of from five to ten y.

129:2.9 and his son, a young man about seventeen y..

129:4.8 And Jesus did all of this before he was thirty y..

130:6.1 the loss of his father when he was twelve y..

134:1.3 Ruth was nearly fifteen y., and this was Jesus’ first

135:0.3 of June, 1 B.C., when he was a little over six y..

135:1.4 When sixteen y., John, as a result of reading about

135:2.1 July A.D. 12, when John was just past eighteen y..

135:2.3 the summer that John was twenty y. witnessed

135:3.3 at the time of his visit when he was eighteen y.,

135:4.1 when John was twenty-eight y., his mother passed

136:2.8 (Jesus was almost thirty-one and one-half y. when

137:3.7 Not since he was thirteen y. had Jesus’ family and

139:2.1 When Simon joined the apostles, he was thirty y..

139:3.1 Jesus nicknamed “sons of thunder,” was thirty y.

139:4.1 John was twenty-four y. and the youngest of the

139:4.15 to John,” at Ephesus, when he was ninety-nine y..

139:4.15 in A.D. 103 when he was one hundred and one y..

139:5.2 Philip was twenty-seven y. when he joined the

139:6.2 Nathaniel joined the apostles, he was twenty-five y.

139:7.1 Matthew was thirty-one y. and married and had

139:8.2 Thomas joined the apostles, he was twenty-nine y.,

139:8.10 The loss of his twin sister when Thomas was nine y.

139:9.1 James and Judas were twenty-six y. and married,

139:11.1 Simon was twenty-eight y. when he became attached

139:12.2 Judas was thirty y. and unmarried when he joined

156:1.1 The child, about twelve y., was afflicted with a

158:4.2 James of Safed, had a son about fourteen y.,

162:7.6 “You are not fifty y., and yet you talk about seeing

166:5.7 Abner lived to be 89 y., dying at Philadelphia on the

168:5.3 died, when 67 y., of the same sickness that carried

196:1.8 to Jesus at Jerusalem when he was about twelve y..

years ago

13:1.8 as occurred on your world nineteen hundred y..

15:4.7 light left those distant suns almost one million y..

20:4.4 Son on his terminal bestowal nineteen hundred y..

20:6.6 who sojourned on your world nineteen hundred y.

41:8.3 giant nova of the Andromeda nebula about fifty y.,

41:8.4 nebula, which had its origin about nine hundred y.,

43:1.6 college was established almost forty thousand y.,

45:4.1 in position no more than nineteen hundred y.,

45:4.2 resurrection roll call of Michael, nineteen hundred y..

45:4.8 Thousands of y the yellow man knew of the one God

46:5.19 until nineteen hundred y. there existed a great open

46:5.19 Michael memorial, completed some five hundred y.

46:5.19 Four hundred and ninety-five y., when this temple

53:4.1 about two hundred thousand y., Urantia time.

53:9.1 the time of Jesus’ resurrection nineteen hundred y..

53:9.3 supreme court almost two hundred thousand y.,

55:7.3 deprived of procreative powers almost 37,000 y.

55:11.7 status of light and light over nineteen hundred y. on

57:0.2 referring to an event as of one or two millions of y.

57:1.3 987,000,000,000 y. associate force organizer and

57:1.4 900,000,000,000 y. the Uversa archives testify,

57:1.6 875,000,000,000 y. the enormous Andronover

57:2.2 800,000,000,000 y. the Andronover creation was

57:2.3 700,000,000,000 y. the Andronover system was

57:2.4 600,000,000,000 y. ago the height of Andronover

57:3.6 500,000,000,000 y. the first Andronover sun was

57:3.7 400,000,000,000 y. began the recaptive period of the

57:3.8 extending from that time to about five billion y..

57:3.9 300,000,000,000 y. the Andronover solar circuits

57:3.10 200,000,000,000 y. witnessed the progression of

57:3.12 100,000,000,000 y. the nebular apex of condensation

57:4.2 75,000,000,000 y. this nebula had attained the

57:4.3 50,000,000,000 y. this first period of sun dispersion

57:4.4 25,000,000,000 y. witnessed the completion of the

57:4.5 10,000,000,000 y. the quartan cycle of Andronover

57:4.6 8,000,000,000 y. the terrific terminal eruption began.

57:4.7 7,000,000,000 y. witnessed the height of the terminal

57:4.8 6,000,000,000 y. marks the end of the terminal

57:5.1 5,000,000,000 y. your sun was a comparatively

57:5.4 4,500,000,000 y. the enormous Angona system

57:6.6 4,000,000,000 y. witnessed the organization of the

57:6.7 3,500,000,000 y. the condensation nucleuses of the

57:6.8 3,000,000,000 y. the solar system was functioning

57:6.10 2,500,000,000 y. the planets had grown in size.

57:7.2 2,000,000,000 y. the earth began decidedly to gain

57:7.4 1,500,000,000 y. the earth was two thirds its present

57:8.1 1,000,000,000 y. is the date of the actual beginning

57:8.5 950,000,000 y. Urantia presents the picture of one

57:8.7 900,000,000 y. witnessed the arrival on Urantia of

57:8.16 850,000,000 y. the first epoch of the stabilization of

57:8.19 800,000,000 y. witnessed the inauguration of the

57:8.23 750,000,000 y. the first breaks in the continental

57:8.24 700,000,000 y. Urantia was approaching the ripening

57:8.25 650,000,000 y. witnessed the separation of the land

58:1.1 600,000,000 y. the commission of Life Carriers sent

58:4.2 550,000,000 y. the Life Carrier corps returned to

58:4.3 500,000,000 y. primitive marine vegetable life was

58:6.1 450,000,000 y. the transition from vegetable to

59:0.1 history of Urantia as beginning about one billion y.

59:1.2 400,000,000 y. marine life, both vegetable and

59:1.6 390,000,000 y. the land was still elevated.

59:1.8 380,000,000 y. Asia was subsiding, other continents

59:1.15 370,000,000 y. the almost total submergence of

59:1.17 360,000,000 y. the land was still rising.

59:2.2 350,000,000 y. saw the beginning of the great flood

59:2.3 340,000,000 y. there occurred another extensive

59:2.5 330,000,000 y. marks the beginning of a time sector

59:2.6 320,000,000 y. the third major flood of this period

59:2.7 310,000,000 y. the land masses of the world were

59:3.1 300,000,000 y. another great period of land

59:3.3 290,000,000 y. the sea had largely withdrawn from

59:3.9 280,000,000 y. the continents had largely emerged

59:4.4 270,000,000 y. the continents were all above water.

59:4.6 260,000,000 y., toward the end of this land-

59:4.9 250,000,000 y. witnessed the appearance of fish

59:4.15 240,000,000 y. the land over parts of Europe and

59:4.16 230,000,000 y. the seas were continuing their retreat

59:5.2 220,000,000 y. many of the continental land areas,

59:5.4 210,000,000 y. the warm-water arctic seas covered

59:5.13 200,000,000 y the active stages of the Carboniferous

59:5.19 190,000,000 y. witnessed a westward extension of

59:5.20 180,000,000 y. brought the close of the

59:6.4 170,000,000 y. great evolutionary changes were

59:6.10 160,000,000 y. the land was largely covered with

60:1.5 150,000,000 y. the early land-life periods of the

60:1.9 140,000,000 y., suddenly and with only the hint of

60:1.13 130,000,000 y. the seas had changed very little.

60:2.1 120,000,000 y. a new phase of the reptilian age

60:2.9 110,000,000 y. the potentials of marine life were

60:2.14 One hundred million y. the reptilian age was drawing

60:3.4 100,000,000 y. the North American continent and

60:3.5 95,000,000 y. the American and European land

60:3.7 90,000,000 y. the angiosperms emerged from

60:3.8 85,000,000 y. Bering Strait closed, shutting off the

60:3.11 80,000,000 y. great disturbances occurred in the

60:3.12 75,000,000 y. marks the end of the continental drift.

60:3.14 70,000,000 y. the crustal distortions connected with

60:3.16 65,000,000 y. there occurred one of the greatest lava

60:3.20 60,000,000 y., though the land reptiles were on

60:3.22 55,000,000 y. the evolutionary march was marked by

61:1.1 50,000,000 y. the land areas of the world were very

61:1.9 45,000,000 y. the continental backbones were

61:1.11 40,000,000 y. the land area of the Northern Hemis.

61:2.3 35,000,000 y. marks the beginning of the age of

61:2.8 30,000,000 y. the modern types of mammals began

61:3.3 25,000,000 y. there was a slight land submergence

61:3.4 20,000,000 y. was the golden age of mammals.

61:3.7 15,000,000 y. the mountain regions of Eurasia

61:4.2 10,000,000 y. began an age of widespread local

61:4.5 5,000,000 y. the horse evolved as it now is

61:5.5 2,000,000 y. the first North American glacier started

61:5.6 1,500,000 y. the first great glacier was retreating

61:6.2 1,000,000 y. Urantia was registered as inhabited

61:7.2 750,000 y. the fourth ice sheet, a union of the North

61:7.4 500,000 y., during the fifth advance of the ice,

61:7.6 250,000 y. the sixth and last glaciation began.

61:7.8 200,000 y., during the advance of the last glacier,

61:7.9 150,000 y. the sixth and last glacier reached its

61:7.11 100,000 y., during the retreat of the last glacier,

61:7.18 35,000 y. marks the termination of the great ice age

62:0.1 About one million y. the immediate ancestors of

62:1.2 Several million y. the North American type lemurs

62:2.1 one million y. the Mesopotamian dawn mammals,

62:7.7 It is just 993,408 y. (from the year A.D. 1934) that

63:6.8 Onagar was born 983,323 y. (from A.D. 1934),

64:0.1 the days of Andon and Fonta, almost one million y.,

64:1.1 appearance on earth a little less than one million y.,

64:1.6 950,000 y. the descendants of Andon and Fonta

64:2.1 900,000 y. the arts of Andon and Fonta and the

64:3.5 850,000 y. the superior Badonan tribes began a

64:4.2 800,000 y. game was abundant; many species of deer

64:4.4 750,000 y. the fourth ice sheet was well on its way

64:4.6 700,000 y. the fourth glacier, the greatest of all in

64:4.8 650,000 y. witnessed the continuation of the mild

64:4.9 600,000 y. the ice had reached its then northernmost

64:4.10 550,000 y. the advancing glacier again pushed man

64:5.1 500,000 y. the Badonan tribes of the northwestern

64:6.5 eighty-five thousand y. the comparatively pure red

64:6.7 sixty-five thousand y., Onamonalonton appeared as

64:6.12 at Armageddon some three hundred thousand y..

64:6.13 orange man ceased to exist a hundred thousand y..

64:6.15 when Singlangton, about one hundred thousand y.,

64:6.17 Fantad, some three hundred and fifty thousand y..

64:6.26 maintain a form of worship up to a few thousand y..

64:7.18 eighty thousand y., shortly after the red man

64:7.19 About five thousand y. a chance meeting occurred

64:7.19 one thousand y. when the white man first chanced

66:0.2 About five hundred thousand y. and concurrent with

66:1.5 Caligastia on that eventful day one-half million y..

66:5.6 they became extinct more than thirty thousand y..

70:1.15 mores of a tribal chieftain of two hundred thousand y

70:10.8 techniques of justice administration three thousand y.

72:1.4 This growth continued until about five hundred y.

72:3.6 Until twenty y. the spiritual teachers who visit each

72:5.2 out of the abolition of slavery (over one hundred y.)

72:5.2 fifty y. they deported the last of their inferior slaves,

72:5.10 Two hundred y. the profit motive was dominant in

72:7.5 force is now only one tenth as large as it was fifty y..

72:9.1 fifty y. made constitutional provision for a scheme

72:10.3 the breeding defectives begun over one hundred y.

73:0.1 forty thousand y., when the Life Carriers on duty

74:0.1 on Urantia, from the year A.D. 1934, 37,848 y..

77:2.12 to reform the calendar, about seven thousand y.,

77:3.9 twelve thousand y. a second attempt to erect the

77:4.4 The Elamites of thirty to forty thousand y. had

77:4.7 two hundred thousand y. after the submergence of

77:4.11 Ten thousand y. the Vanite ancestors of the

78:1.2 thirty-five thousand y. the world at large possessed

78:1.12 of the violet race, about twenty-five thousand y..

78:3.3 thousand y. the purer elements of the Adamites were

78:4.2  y. and consisted of a blend of the Adamites and

78:8.2 About seven thousand y. Ur was on the Persian Gulf,

79:3.1 civilization of India almost twelve thousand y..

79:5.3  y. the main body of the yellow race entered China

79:5.6  y. the decimated tribes of the red race were fighting

79:6.5  y. the ancestors of the Chinese had built a dozen

79:6.11 The Chinese of even six thousand y. were still keen

79:7.1  thousand y. the Andites, in considerable numbers,

80:1.3 its lowest cultural level some fifteen thousand y..

80:3.2  thirty-five thousand y. the European blue races were

80:3.7 the blue man’s art was about fifteen thousand y.,

80:3.8 About fifteen thousand y. the Alpine forests were

80:9.9 commerce was in full swing forty-five hundred y..

81:2.19 by the staff of the Prince about one-half million y..

81:3.3  twelve thousand y. the era of the independent cities

84:7.8 one-half million y., the monogamous practices of

89:6.2 two thousand y. a tenderhearted Japanese emperor

89:6.2 a thousand y. that these sacrifices died out in

93:10.10 Less than a thousand y. this same Machiventa

104:1.1 staff of Prince Caligastia about one-half million y..

114:5.4 Spirit of Truth upon all flesh nineteen hundred y..

119:0.7 your local universe about four hundred billion y..

119:0.7 Urantia was taking on its present form, a billion y..

119:0.7 last taking place on Urantia nineteen hundred y..

119:1.1 solemn occasion on Salvington almost a billion y.

119:1.6 who served with the Melchizedeks a billion y. was

119:5.1 three hundred million y., as time is reckoned on

133:2.1 brothers who taught me the better way many y..

176:3.7 you committed to us a hundred or a thousand y..

195:6.9 Nineteen hundred y., unlearned Galileans surveyed

yellowsee Yellow River

41:3.7 The y tinge indicates moderate youth or approaching

yellowwith race, man, etc.; see also yellows

45:4.8 6. Singlangton, the first of the y. men to teach his

45:4.8 of years ago the y. man knew of the one God.

49:4.2 evolutionary races: three primary—red, y., and blue;

51:4.3 third, and fifth races—the red, the y., and the blue.

51:4.5 for the red, the y., and the blue men to interbreed;

51:4.6  The y. and red men often fraternize, but not always.

51:4.6 The y. race usually enslaves the green, while the blue

52:1.2 The races of color—red, orange, y., green, blue, and

63:4.1 complexion, something of a cross between y. and

64:5.3 were five red, two orange, four y., two green, four

64:6.4 and prolonged trouble with their y. brethren in Asia.

64:6.4 the y. tribes were able to drive them off the Asiatic

64:6.14 3. The y. man. The primitive y. tribes were the first

64:6.14 Intellectually they were somewhat inferior to the red

64:6.14 socially and collectively they proved superior to all

64:6.14 Because they developed a fraternal spirit, the various

64:6.14 they were able to drive the red race before them as

64:6.15 They traveled far from the influences of the spiritual

64:6.15 there occurred one brilliant age among this people

64:6.16 survival of comparatively large numbers of the y. is

64:6.16 the y. race has been numbered among the more

64:6.16 This race received a small but potent legacy of the

64:6.18 were enslaved, and absorbed by the y. and blue races

64:6.21 associated with the soul and sentiment of the y..

64:6.24 they were first modified by slight mixture with y.

64:7.3 northeast to Asia, closely followed by the y. man,

64:7.4 They were closely followed by the y. tribes, who

64:7.5 later joined by a small group of mixed y. and reds.

64:7.6 the early red and y. men mingled in Asia,

64:7.6 driven by the y. race onto the near-by islands of the

64:7.7  The y. race continued to occupy the central regions

64:7.7 Of all the six colored races they have survived in

64:7.7 While the y. men now and then engaged in racial war

64:7.7 they did not carry on such incessant wars as were

64:7.11 amalgamated with certain others, primarily the y.;

64:7.16 red man holds North America, the y. man eastern

64:7.16 the brown man, a blend of the red and y., holds the

66:5.10 while the y. races drifted into the use of symbols for

66:7.7 a small number of the y. race were also received.

68:0.3 In more recent times the y. race and the white race

68:4.3 reverence of the y. race for their ancestors.

72:1.1 blue and y., having a slightly greater proportion of

76:4.1 complexions and light hair color—y., red, and brown.

78:1.5 river valleys of farther Asia by the expanding y. race.

78:1.7 5. The y. race. The Chinese peoples were well

78:3.5 with Nodites, Andonites, and red and y. Sangiks.

78:3.8  y. man was consolidating his holdings in central

78:4.3 some of the best strains of the y., blue, and green

78:6.4 where they blended with the Andite-y. inhabitants.

78:6.4 to the improvement of the northern division of the y.

79:1.1 the mountains to the northern lands of the y. men.

79:2.2 a blending of the migrating red and y. races with


79:5.1 primary Sangiks, particularly the red man and y. man

79:5.2 off the mainland by the later migrating y. tribes.

79:5.2 one hundred thousand years before the y. tribes

79:5.3 the main body of the y. race entered China from the

79:5.3 Each millennium, they penetrated farther inland,

79:5.3 but they did not make contact with their migrating

79:5.4 population pressure caused the y. race to begin to

79:5.5 story of this agelong contest between the red and y.

79:5.5 their raiding parties spreading havoc among the y.

79:5.5 the y. man was an apt pupil in the art of warfare,

79:5.5 he manifested a marked ability to live peaceably with

79:5.6 left its genetic imprint upon the victorious y. race.

79:5.8 The red and the y. races are the only human stocks

79:5.8 but containing a considerable admixture of the y.,

79:6.3 embracing large proportions of the y. and red

79:6.4 victorious tribes of the y. man established centers

79:6.6 The superiority of the ancient y. race was due to four

79:6.7 the red and y. races had largely escaped mixture

79:6.8 The y. race early learned the value of peace among

79:6.8 The y. man was first to achieve a racial solidarity—

79:6.13 the y race undoubtedly would have attracted to itself

79:7.4 their influence upon the religious culture of the y.

79:7.5 did not add so much to the civilization of the y. man

79:8.4 Slowly the genius of the y. race became diverted

79:8.5 500 B.C. the political reunification of the y. race was

79:8.6 early development of advanced statehood, the y. did

79:8.16 And so the ancient civilization of the y. race has

80:0.2 admixed with the Sangik races, some red and y.

80:1.5 and they were kindly disposed toward the y. man,

80:1.5 he was likewise difficult of access in faraway Asia.

80:3.2 a blended people carrying strains of both red and y.,

80:9.2 with smaller amounts of the red and y. Sangik.

80:9.5 While this group includes strains of blue, y., and

80:9.10 notably with the blue-y.-Andite peoples of Arabia.

81:4.2 the y. and blue men tending to broad-headedness.

81:4.5 2. Primary Sangik, red, y., and blue.

81:4.12 type, including the original red, y., and blue races.

81:6.4 and was partly occupied by an Andonic-y. race.

82:6.1 persisting in the world, the y. man and black man;

82:6.2 Though the primary races—blue, red, and y.—were

82:6.9 between the highest types of the white, red, and y.

84:7.21 the children of the red and the y. men are equally

93:5.2 were equally endowed families among the y. men,

94:5.1 taught throughout all the domains of the y. race.

94:5.3 And the y. race never fully lost this early concept of

94:5.4 missionaries had penetrated to the lands of the y.,

94:5.6 composite belief spread through the lands of the y.

94:5.7 The y. race was the first to emerge from barbaric

94:6.9 better moral traditions of the long history of the y.

94:6.12 the religion of the y. race degenerated into a pitiful

94:11.1 fitted well into the religious customs of the y. race.

94:11.1 they had long prayed to the dead; now they could

130:0.6 three extensive trips to the empire of the y. race.

Yellow River

79:1.3 valleys of the Nile, Euphrates, Indus, and Y. rivers,

79:1.8 to the north of the peaceful settlements of the Y.,

79:6.5 learning, especially along the Y. and the Yangtze.

79:7.1 over the upper valley of the Y. among the Chinese

79:7.2 The northern centers of culture along the Y. had

79:7.2 the settlements along the Y. had forged ahead of the

79:8.5 the cultural union of the Yangtze and Y. centers had

81:3.1 the Hindu Kush and from the Ganges to the Y.,


64:7.5 later joined by a small group of mixed y. and reds.


2:4.1  y., “his mercy endures forever.”

97:4.5  y., I will betroth you to me in righteousness and

97:6.3Y., I have loved you with an everlasting love;

97:7.7  Y., she may forget, yet will I not forget my children

122:9.16  Y., and you, child of promise, shall be called the

126:4.6  y., I will uphold you with the right hand of my

131:2.6  y., I will uphold you with the right hand of my

131:2.7  Y., even though I walk through the valley of the

133:2.1 stammered out—“er—why—y., what do you want

138:1.2Y., John, the men you choose shall become one

139:12.9 anything to avenge himself, y., even betrayal of his

140:6.13Y., my brethren, I would that we should live

140:10.7 answered: “Y., Simon, all men are the sons of God.”

143:5.7Y., I know, Sir, that John has preached about the

144:8.3  Y., I say to you, and much more than a prophet.

145:3.4 a great day in the earth life of Jesus, y., in the life of

146:2.3  Y., they made their hearts adamant like a stone,

148:7.2Y., Master, it would be lawful thus to do well on

149:5.2 ‘The lines are fallen to me in pleasant places; y., I

150:9.1Y., I am Joseph’s son; I am the carpenter, and I

151:2.5 Thomas spoke up: “Y., Master, I wish to say a few

152:2.6Y., Master, I think it best that you dismiss the

153:5.4 Peter said: “Y., Lord, we are sad and perplexed,

156:1.5 Norana replied only: “Y., teacher, I understand

157:4.4Y., Master, we do. We believe that you are the

159:5.1 Jesus replied: “Y., James, when you read the

160:5.9 Y., you can have a religion without this God, but it

162:2.3Y., Teacher, we do look for the Messiah, but

163:2.4 Matadormus answered: “Y., Master, I do believe

163:6.3  Y., my Father, it must have been pleasing in your

165:5.2Y., Andrew, I will speak to you about these

168:0.7Y., I have long believed that you are the Deliverer,

169:3.2  y., even the dogs came and licked his sores.

171:0.5 and John answered, “Y., Master, we are able.”

173:3.1 unfaithful son answered, ‘Y., my father, I will go.’

174:2.5 to have answered “Y.” would have shocked the

176:1.1 Jesus said: “Y., I will tell you about the times when

178:2.3 saying: “Y., David, I know all about it, and I know

178:2.10 he answered: “Y., David, I think it would be wise.

185:3.4Y., I am such a king, and my kingdom is the family

185:7.5Y., crucify him! We have no king but Caesar.”

191:6.4 saying: “Y., we know, for we have seen him.

192:2.1 John answered, “Y., Master, with all my heart,”

192:2.3 said Simon, “Y., Lord, you know that I love you.”

192:2.7Y., Master, of a certainty I trust you, and you

192:2.8 James replied, “Y., Master, I trust you with all my

192:2.9 Thomas replied, “Y., Lord, I serve you now and

192:2.10Y., Master, and with an undivided affection.”

192:2.11 Philip answered, “Y., Lord, I will obey you even

192:2.12 answered, “Y., Lord, I am fully dedicated to doing

192:2.13 they both answered, “Y., Master, we do believe,”


2:2.2 “A thousand years in his sight are but as y. when it

60:2.6 wings of olden insects, are preserved as of but y..

68:4.1 today are the modified and expanded customs of y..

104:0.2  y., today, and tomorrow; sunrise, noon, and sunset;

146:5.2y. about the seventh hour the fever left him,”

153:2.9 Only y. did I feed you with bread for your bodies;

156:5.15 goodness to humanity today than you were y.?

158:5.1 About noon y., seeking for you, I caught up with

158:6.2 ascended yonder mountain y. to seek for a larger

159:2.1 “Master, y. I went over to Ashtaroth to see a man

160:3.4 say only y. that the “wise man, when seeking

162:5.2 when I told you this y., in your darkness you

191:6.4 Jesus appeared to us day before y..”

yetnon-exhaustive; see yet, not

101:3.16 “Even though he slay me, y. will I serve him.”

195:8.13 still more terrible destruction is y. to come.

yet, not

1:4.3 It is n. yours by right of possession, but it is

9:5.6 destiny, but your minds are n. of divine dignity.

12:0.3 that the infinite Creator is n. manifest in finality of

13:1.20 types of spirit servers n. revealed to mortals.

14:4.19 who have n. achieved that spiritual development

15:9.18 Although Nebadon does n. have representation on

17:8.6 sovereignty of the Supreme Being that he does n.

24:7.8 potential of the Supreme Being which he does n.

26:7.4 trial trips; the ascenders are n. of Paradise status.

26:10.5 but the adventure of the eternal assignment has n.

31:7.5 of personality n. created, eventuated, or trinitized.

35:2.5 true on those spheres where a higher Son has n.

37:10.6 the finaliters—the eternal assignment on missions n.

38:5.2 Seraphim are n. commissioned as ministering spirits,

40:6.1 but you are n. by nature of the divine order; you are

40:6.2 While “it does n. appear what you shall be,”

45:2.2 which the Ancients of Days have n. fully restored to

46:8.1 the tribunal of the Ancients of Days has n. finished

48:6.4 True, you are n. spirits in reality, but you are no

52:2.10 the Urantia peoples have n. even yet undertaken

52:3.2 the fusion Adjusters are n. universally bestowed.

52:4.7 The Adjusters of fusion destiny are n. bestowed

53:5.2 of the Father, but n. in his own personal right.

53:5.2 he had n. been vested with “all power in heaven and

53:8.4 True, the Uversa tribunals have n. rendered the

55:2.8 death is theoretically possible, but it has n.

55:11.7 epoch—whose local systems are n. settled in light.

57:5.10 gaseous to this day, n. even yet having cooled off to

60:4.5 while the placental mammal has n. evolved,

61:4.7 a close, and n. has the ancestor of man appeared.

62:3.5 species of the cat family, lions and tigers, had n.

62:4.4 but they did n. possess minds that could really be

70:8.1 A dawning civilization has n. begun differentiation

72:1.1 These different races are n. fully blended, but they

78:3.8 the brown man had n. begun his civilization on the

81:2.9 natural phenomena has required ages, and it is n.

83:5.2 because the marriage mores were n. strong enough

84:4.10 Woman has n. gained world-wide freedom from

92:6.1 n. beyond the fetish stage of religious evolution.

97:2.3 N. had the Hebrews ascended even to the Mosaic

100:7.14 he would only reply, “My hour has n. come.”

105:1.5 and potentials have n. appeared within the infinity

108:4.5 We are n. masters of all that is transpiring about us;

112:2.18 the God-seeking intelligences who have n. attained

115:3.11 In eternity all is—only has all n. been revealed in time

124:4.2 His naturally developing human mind did n. fully

124:5.2 Jude was n. two years of age, and the baby sister,

127:3.5 Jesus only made reply, “My hour has n. come.”

127:3.14 James had n. begun to earn much, and expenses

128:1.15 Jesus would only reply, “My hour has n. come.”

128:5.4 in substance said, “My hour has n. come.”

128:7.5 Jesus only replied, “My hour has n. come.”

129:4.1 Jesus had n. achieved the complete mastery of his

133:1.5 And Jesus replied: “That test has n. come, Ganid,

134:9.3 Monitor admonished him that his hour had n. come.

135:8.2 as it was n. time for the midday recess, and they

140:7.1 to enter upon the work, but I fear we are n. able to

142:4.4 the apostles of Jesus did n. baptize believers.

142:7.16 Thomas was n. satisfied, for he said: “But, Master,

143:6.2 for baptism, but the apostles of Jesus did n. baptize.

144:3.1 But the apostles were n. satisfied; they desired Jesus

145:2.15 Jesus had n. had time to explain to his apostles

151:5.5 who, in his agitation, had n. returned to his oar,

152:6.1 these twelve men were n. fully delivered from their

156:2.5 They comprehended that he was n. ready for an open

157:6.11 “We may n. proclaim openly that the Son of Man is

162:1.1 Jesus had replied, “The hour has n. come.”

164:2.3 he had n. decided upon the method he would pursue

164:3.10 I do n. know the meaning of much that I see.”

164:4.2 but Josiah did n. perceive that Jesus was he who

176:1.1 will happen, the end of Jerusalem is n. at hand.

180:6.9 And Jesus saw that they did n. comprehend him.

185:6.1 His many friends either do n. know of his arrest and

189:1.13 the seal of the governor about the rocks has n. been

189:3.1 Although I have n. fully resumed the exercise of

189:4.9 It had n. occurred to them that Jesus had been

189:4.10 the Master was so changed that they did n. recognize

195:10.15 do n. understand that there is a religion of Jesus


68:6.2 of the arts and sciences, increased the land y.;

68:6.4 When the land y. is reduced or population increased

68:6.4 The improvement of the land y., the extension of the

166:4.9 good, they were rewarded with an abundant y..

176:3.8 higher duty of obtaining increased y. of the fruits of


1:1.5 eventually y. to the sentimental appeal of the

2:5.9 you will y. to God an affection analogous to that

5:1.1 he can attain a plane that will y. the spiritual vision

5:1.12 If you y. to the leadings of the spiritual forces in you

42:4.6 most empty space known in Nebadon would y.

52:4.3 When their missions are concluded, Avonals y. up

58:7.1 sometimes they y. fossil remains of some of the

58:7.2 Fossils of this era y. algae, corallike plants, primitive

59:5.10 The oldest strata y. the fossils of land and marine

66:5.14 But Hap did y. to the desire of the inhabitants of the

71:3.9 Such a plan of social achievement would y. a society

102:2.5 mind perspective will not y. the existential unity

102:6.7 the spirit which such believers, faithers, y. as a

103:7.12 be made to y. analogous interpretations of origins,

111:6.2 who can transcend self might y. to the temptation

113:4.4 y. increased co-operation with the spiritual mission

118:4.2 Secondary causes y. effects which invariably exhibit

132:5.19  Y. not to the temptation to take usury from your

136:6.7 when “the earth will y. its fruits ten thousandfold,

139:7.8 them with their daily bread, but Matthew did not y..

140:3.19 A good tree cannot y. evil fruit, neither can a

140:6.6  I should y. to the temptation to teach you rules of

144:5.11 Give us grace to y. to the leading of this spirit.

147:5.6 I pray for you that you may y. to the light and

149:5.4 the sureties of divine sonship which y. composure,

151:2.5 such attempts to make a natural parable y. spiritual

152:6.6 he did not thus y. to his sympathy for the multitude

156:5.2 “In order to y. the fruits of the spirit, you must be

169:1.12 older son would not y. to his father’s persuasion.

176:3.5 You who know these truths must y. the increase

180:1.4 to go forth into the world to y. the fruit of loving

180:2.1 so neither can you y. the fruits of loving service

181:2.11 more fully to y. your will to the will of the Father

181:2.26 spirit-born men and women who y. the fruits of the

182:1.4 faithful as I prepare to y. up my life in the flesh.

193:2.2 Increasingly, must you y. the fruits of the spirit

195:10.9 would gladly y. loyalty to the Christ of the gospel

196:3.10 human experience does not y. universe insight.


1:3.7 mind y. to spirit is destined to become increasingly

5:2.4 the fruits of the spirit which are y. in the life

31:9.4 The second Architect eventuation y. three master

56:10.20 there are y. the fruits of divinity: intellectual peace,

72:10.3 years ago and have already y. gratifying results.

126:0.3 expectation, but he never y. to such a temptation.

128:3.6 When Stephen y. up his life as the price of his

139:2.14 the day Perpetua’s illustrious husband y. up his life,

139:12.11 Judas y. to the sour and sordid dictates of a proud

143:6.6 Samaritan cities y. many souls for the kingdom

146:3.6 you have y. the control of your soul powers to the

146:5.2  y. up his life with those who suffered in Rome.

151:1.2 thorns grew up, it was choked so that it y. no grain

151:1.2  y., some thirtyfold, some sixtyfold, and some

155:2.2 No city of all Galilee y. so few souls for the

158:6.2  y. to the temptation and fell into your old evil

160:4.16 each life failure y. the culture of wisdom and spirit

175:2.2 Jews who so gloriously y. up their lives as the

176:3.2  y. the fruits of the spirit as the righteousness of

193:2.2 fruits of the divine spirit which are y. in the lives

196:0.12 so complete and so confident that it y. the joy


42:2.11  y. an aggregate-mass or space-directional energy—

50:3.6 the Life Carriers for the purpose of y. up their

52:5.6 on the third day after y. up his incarnated life,

54:4.4 and y. to a desire to possess what one craves now

60:1.9 soon y. crocodiles, scaled reptiles, and eventually

61:2.11  y. the modern whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals,

71:4.17  y. to the temptation to employ this military strength

72:11.4  y. to the temptation to utilize their war powers in

75:4.4 to refrain from y. to the suggestions of Caligastia to

96:3.5 who all fell before the fugitives’ defense, y. much

100:2.1  y. the ministry to one’s fellows of that which has

101:9.3 religion is simply the experience of y. intellectual

142:1.5  Father, y. the fruits of the spirit in one’s personal life,

152:6.3 shown in the abundant y. of the genuine fruits of

159:3.5 does not frighten his children into y. obedience to his

161:2.12  y. up his life in Greece when the persecutions were

180:2.1 the supreme joy of y. this spiritual harvest.

180:2.5 and can do nothing except, fruit bearing, y. grapes.


16:7.8 insight which y. the consciousness of spiritual values.

25:1.4 the established ratio y. three spiritual beings to one

41:7.8 the cooling and consequent contraction of a sun y.

42:5.8 the slowing down of the electron y. the various

44:5.4 That is, spirit force, when studied, y. dependable

46:1.3 the physical channels of conduction y. the heat

91:8.10  y. that satisfaction which comes from communion

99:5.6 Religious experience unfailingly y. the “fruits of the

100:0.2 —yet love y. the supreme subjective satisfaction.

100:4.3 Spiritual growth y. lasting joy, peace which passes

101:2.8 Science y. knowledge; religion y. happiness;

101:2.8 philosophy y. unity; revelation confirms the harmony

102:3.9 Knowledge y. pride in the fact of personality;

104:4.8 This association y. volitional infinity and provides the

104:4.33 This grouping y. the eternalization of the functional

104:5.11 This association y. the integration of all latent energy

109:5.4 compromise while he y. spiritual allegiance to

115:3.9 the Potential y. the tensions within infinity which

117:1.5 of Paradise perfection and time-space experience y.

117:6.24 Such an exhaustion of all finite potentials y. the

131:3.6 The tamed mind y. happiness.

131:7.3 “‘Every time man y. to anxiety, he takes one step

133:4.10 is difficult and seldom y. consciousness of success;

133:5.8 Such a conception of reality y. a broader insight

153:2.11 Every one who y. to the teaching of the Father’s

170:2.18 the unselfish love of man which y. the good fruits of

194:3.1 When man y. the “fruits of the spirit” in his life,


111:0.4 two aspects of a human being, the yang and the y.,


94:7.2 Buddhism after six years of the futile practice of Y..


125:6.9 the Roman y. and victims of your own traditions—

125:6.13 forever cast off the gentile y. of political bondage

126:1.1 Jesus had become a good y. maker and worked well

137:7.9 struggle to escape the bondage of the Roman y..

141:3.7 The Master’s y. is, indeed, easy, but even so, he

141:3.7 every individual must take this y. of his own free will

144:8.8 Take upon you the divine y., and you will experience

147:8.3 to let the oppressed go free, and to break every y.?

150:8.4 the worshipers took upon themselves the y. of the

150:8.4 also the y. of the commandments as applied to the

153:2.1 hunger and thirst and wear this alien y. of iron.

159:3.7 The gospel y. is easy and the burden of truth is light.

162:4.2 hate this ever-present reminder of the Roman y.!

163:6.7 Take my y. upon you and learn of me, for I am true

167:2.2 ‘I have bought five y. of oxen, and I must go to

172:3.4 deliverer of all Israel from the y. of foreign

185:5.6 subject to the Roman political y. but hoping for

190:5.3 would deliver Israel from the y. of the gentiles.


123:1.6 he remained at the shop making y. and plows and

124:1.7 and Jesus became highly expert in the making of y..

127:2.11 took over the making of y. and plows while Jesus

137:8.15 this world, nor upon the breaking of captive y..

yonsee hither and yon


125:6.9 but I will return to cleanse y. temple and deliver my

145:1.2 put out into y. deep and let down your nets for a

151:5.7 ‘Let us go up into y. hills and tarry for a few days

157:1.2 and when you have sold them at y. market, pay

157:7.5 prepare yourselves for a journey to y. mountain,

158:6.2 ascended y. mountain yesterday to seek for a

165:4.5 and lodged in y. tented city because liberal men

175:1.20  Over y. have you built a monument to the martyred

178:3.3 “You look down on y. city in sorrow, for you have

younon-exhaustive; see you must

32:5.2 Everything familiar to y. has an end.

40:7.5 What dignity of destiny await every one of y.!

44:0.19 going through with y., as a part of y., in reality, as y..

109:5.4 in the life y. now live on Urantia every man must

110:6.5 The Adjusters are always near y. and of y., but rarely

110:7.4 share your destiny and experience; they are y..

112:5.11 just what happens to y. in death, the surviving y.

112:5.12 efforts of the human y. in liaison with the divine y.,

112:5.13 Y. will not function as a conscious being, following

113:5.3 This does not imply that y. may not make their tasks

118:3.2 The more truth y. know, the more truth y. are,

123:2.16 had y. been there, y. would only have observed the

142:2.3 as a reality the love of the heavenly Father for y.

143:5.5 Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, and yet y.

145:2.4 the later prophets also grasped, that God loves y.

you must

1:5.3 Today, and as you are, y. discern the invisible Maker

6:3.3 To comprehend the love of the Eternal Son, y. first

6:7.3 Y. await your attainment of Paradise, and then you

11:4.5 Y. wait, and ascend while you wait, for truly, “Eye

14:3.7 understand Havona’s beauty and grandeur y. see it.

18:5.5 y. pass through their hands on your way inward to

19:5.12 y. advance a long way before you will progress by

19:6.1 y. await your arrival in Havona, when you can greet

27:2.3 Y. also fraternize with upwards of three thousand

30:4.30 y. see these worlds to appreciate their glory or to

34:6.9 Even though y. live your material life through,

44:6.9 But y. await your deliverance from the animal body

48:2.21 y. be re-keyed or advance-tuned, and it is the task

51:5.7 y. now work out your planetary problem of race

56:1.6 y. postulate MIND as the inevitable technique of

85:7.2 Y. remember that feeling, not thinking, was the

91:9.2 1. Y. qualify as a potent prayer by sincerely and

91:9.2 Y. possess cosmic stamina.

91:9.3 2. Y. have honestly exhausted the human capacity

91:9.3 Y. have been industrious.

91:9.4 3. Y. surrender every wish of mind and every craving

91:9.4 Y. have experienced an enhancement of meanings

91:9.5 4. Y. make a wholehearted choice of the divine will.

91:9.5 Y. obliterate the dead center of indecision.

91:9.8 7. And y. have faith—living faith.

100:3.3 y. distinguish between that which is value and that

100:3.3 Y. recognize the relation between pleasurable

100:4.4 If you love your fellow men, y. have discovered

100:7.10 Jesus taught that y. believe to receive salvation.

110:2.1 it is not foreordained that y. accept this divine

110:3.6 Y. not regard co-operation with your Adjuster as a

113:5.4 they do not seek directly to influence you; y. chart

118:4.1 Y. not forget that, while there is indeed a true First

129:3.5 decipher the meaning of Jesus’ life on Urantia, y.

129:3.5 many of his apparently strange doings, y. discern

130:5.3 Y., in all such matters, wait upon time.

132:5.13 y. approximately divide your wealth into these ten

132:5.20 Y. first recognize man as your brother, and if you

132:6.3 Y. write a book for future generations.” And Jesus

133:2.1 I am sure y. feel that you have some good reason

137:6.5 Each of y. now return to his accustomed work just

140:1.4 but y. bring forth the fruits of my Father’s spirit if

140:3.18 If you would guide others into the kingdom, y. walk

140:6.2 upon the old, but I declare that y. be reborn.

140:6.2 Y. start out afresh as little children and be willing

140:6.3 If you would enter the kingdom, y. have a

140:6.4 Y. judge your fellows by their deeds; the Father in

140:10.1 “In the kingdom y. be righteous in order to do the

142:2.3 y. now accept as a reality the love of the heavenly

142:2.4 and when y. chastise them, they may reflect that

142:6.5 But you should not marvel that I said y. be born

142:7.13 for all that y. attain of sonship in the eternal future

143:3.3 y. all learn the value of rest and the efficacy of

143:3.3 Y. realize that the best method of solving some

148:6.4 Y. deserve this punishment, else you would not be

148:6.5 y. be in error, else you would not be so afflicted.

151:3.1 “My beloved, y. always make a difference in

152:3.2 If y. have a king, let the Father of lights be

153:3.3 Y. well know that such a practice as eating with

153:4.4 Y. either make the tree good and its fruit good, or

153:5.4 y. remember that it is the spirit that quickens;

155:6.12 Y. cease to seek for the word of God only on the

156:2.7 y. not only be cleansed from all conscious sin, but

156:2.7 but y. refuse to harbor even the feelings of guilt.

156:5.2 “In order to yield the fruits of the spirit, y. be born

156:5.2 Y. be taught by the spirit and be led by the spirit if

156:5.5 y. come to that place of spiritual advantage where

158:2.4 y. prepare to suffer many disappointments and

160:4.1 y. also make provision for the necessities of

160:4.13 y. know how to lose cheerfully; you must be fearless

160:4.13 to lose cheerfully; y. be fearless of disappointment.

163:1.3 y. contend with bitter and self-deceived enemies;

163:2.2 If you would be an ordained teacher, y. let others

163:2.3 “If you would be ordained, y. be willing to forsake

165:2.6 but y. also feed the flock with good food;

165:5.3 y. earn your own bread and contribute to the

165:5.5 Y. all be on your watch against fear and doubts.

171:2.2 If you would be my disciples, y. be willing to forsake

171:2.2 If any one of you would now be my disciple, y. be

171:2.4 have no fear of that outward victory which y.

174:0.2 may be, just now y. walk by faith and not by sight.

175:1.22 Do you not understand that y. account for all of

177:5.2 “And so y. not allow yourselves to be deceived by

178:1.11 and y. not allow anything to divert your devotion

178:1.12 Y. not seek to promulgate truth nor to establish

178:1.12 labor to persuade men’s minds, but y. never dare to

178:1.12 Y. not forget the great law of human fairness which

178:3.2 The experience you have had with me, y. now

178:3.4  Y. first pass through much tribulation and endure

179:3.9 but y. also fall to disputing among yourselves as to

180:1.5 If you would share the Master’s joy, y. share his

180:2.1 word I have spoken, but y. continue to be clean.

180:2.1 Y. abide in me, and I in you; the branch will die if

181:2.4 And y. change yet more.

181:2.9 y. adjust your misconceptions to the reality of

181:2.18 y. learn to believe this gospel without my personal

188:4.8 y. forthwith, in all consistency, utterly abandon all

195:10.1 y. go forward from where you find yourselves.

196:1.1 y. not take the human Jesus away from men.

196:2.1 about Jesus, but, perforce, y. live the religion of


49:4.4  Y. are usually born singly, multiple births being the

59:5.6 Today frogs still lay their eggs in water, and their y.

68:5.8 the herd were expected to labor and bring forth y..

84:1.4 premature babies were regarded as the y. of animals

84:3.9 The provision of milk for the y led to earlier weaning

134:9.4 the lighthearted and joyous abandon of the y. and old

137:4.1 was most cordial to all, y. and old, Jew and gentile.

143:1.5 free and bond—and equally to y. and old, male and

187:1.6 those whose breasts have never suckled their y..

192:2.2 neglect to minister to the weak, the poor, and the y..

194:3.8 it is to be dominated neither by the old nor the y..

youngadjective; see man; see men; see woman; women

22:3.2 Though Nebadon is a comparatively y. creation, it

22:8.2 When Paradise-Havona-trinitized sons are y. and

30:4.22 As y. spirits they begin the ascension of the system

32:2.9 this universe is, indeed, a y. cluster in the starry

35:3.22 While the y. universe of Nebadon stands low in

39:2.1 Being a y. universe, Nebadon does not have many of

41:3.7 Most of the giant suns are relatively y.;

41:3.7 The collisional dwarfs may be very y. and may glow

41:3.7 Both very y. and very old suns usually shine with a

48:5.8 The mansonia life teaches the y. morontia pupils that

48:6.31 Even now in the y. system of Satania their teachings

49:6.12 Children who die too y. to have Thought Adjusters

50:3.1 On going to a y. world, a Planetary Prince usually

53:7.2 for deceiving the primitive peoples of a y. world.

55:3.14 1. Y. Material Sons and Daughters brought from the

57:3.6 Such y. suns quickly become spherical and start out

62:4.1 and, when very y., insisted on walking upright.

62:5.11 Soon after this y. couple forsook their associates to

66:3.3 typical of such stations on a y. and developing sphere

75:2.1 Even the y. offspring of Adam were uninfluenced by

82:3.11 widowers, would allow them to marry the y. girls,

84:4.9 overworked females, at least when y., one week

84:7.10 nourished and cared for their children when very y.

94:7.2 a unique unselfishness about this y. prophet prince

95:2.6 the battle of Horus with Set the y. god lost his eye,

95:5.2  y. Egyptian king is one of the most remarkable

95:5.4 most amazing determination this y. ruler broke

95:5.5 and sprang into action as soon as the y. king passed

95:5.7 This y. teacher-king was a prolific writer, being

95:5.9 weapons for the priests to use against the y. king

95:5.11 priests, long after the y. reformer had passed on.

97:7.4 a y. and indomitable prophet, Isaiah the second,

97:7.4 And this y. preacher left on record his teachings,

106:7.8 be always y. in the face of the limitless possibilities

122:5.9 these y. and expectant parents had thought to

122:10.2 offering for Mary two y. pigeons as Moses had

123:3.2 The first great shock of Jesus’ y. life occurred when

123:3.5 observances were difficult for Jesus’ y. mind to

123:5.8 this close association with his fellow men, y. and old,

124:1.5 constituted one of the great trials of his y. life.

124:5.1 from boyhood to the beginning of y. manhood;

124:6.1 having now reached the threshold of y. manhood

125:1.1 Jesus received the shock of his y. life when his father

125:2.5 The following morning y. Lazarus took Jesus in

125:2.12 thousands of y. people in Jerusalem at this time,

125:6.6 the most serious and sublime effort of his y. life,

126:0.1 his transition from childhood to y. manhood.

126:2.2 but that his y. human nature must also shoulder

126:2.5 this y. carpenter of Nazareth increasingly measured

126:3.11 these momentous problems this y. Galilean turned

126:5.9 confusions which the average y. persons of previous

127:1.1 and y. manhood—he became the adolescent Jesus.

127:2.7 In all Jesus’ y. life this was the very first time he

127:6.15 the successive stages of youth and y. manhood;

128:3.5 was the one with a y. Hellenist named Stephen.

128:6.4 trouble if he took his y. brother through Samaria.

128:6.5 This was too much for the y. patriot, and before

128:6.7 the y. Jew might have had some possible excuse

128:6.8 did not tell the family about his y. brother’s arrest

128:7.4 that your y. brother may first know the better way

129:1.9 folks, and one evening he spent with the y. people.

129:1.9 the personality of Jesus which invariably attracted y.

130:1.1 This y. Philistine was a truth seeker. Jesus was a

130:1.2 Jesus and the y. Philistine strolled down by the

130:1.5 This y. Philistine was much troubled by a feeling of

130:2.4 this y. Greek, Anaxand, said: “If the Gods are

130:2.5 this y. Greek was appointed the steward of a

130:2.6 the y. Indian set about to find out the motive for

130:3.4 endeavoring to point out to this y. mind the truth

133:3.4 Jewish home; it was a revelation to this y. Indian.

133:6.2 they talked with a y. Phoenician who was homesick

133:7.3 without warning, y. Ganid was suddenly taken ill.

135:12.6 The y. lady drew aside and inquired of her mother

139:1.8 the hidden resources and latent talents of y. people.

139:12.6 When very y., Judas was pampered and petted;

140:5.21  But y. people and brave adults never shun difficulty

142:2.4 “When your children are very y. and immature,

142:7.8 When y. they are prepared for the greater

142:7.9 and restraint of their y. and immature offspring.

148:8.1 Abraham, a y. and influential member of the

149:3.2 as a result of the recent conversion of y. Abraham

149:6.6 When children are y. and unthinking, they must be

149:7.2 the older teachers were edified by the y. preachers

150:1.1 listened to the instruction given the y. evangelists,

150:7.2 Throughout Jesus’ youth and y. manhood there

151:4.1 And so when the y. blades sprang up and later

152:2.5 plot to make him king was Joab, one of the y.

152:5.1 the y. evangelists searched all night and much of the

158:5.2 father answered, “Since he was a very y. child.”

163:2.6 wealthy y. Pharisee had been raised to believe that

174:2.3 When he had thus answered these y. scribes and their

177:2.2 disciples baptized, with your y. friend Amos.

177:2.4 “Your y. friend Amos believes this gospel of the

177:2.5 the family represents to the y. child all that he can

184:1.3 When Jesus was y., Annas had taken a great interest


15:2.3 in the y. systems only a comparatively small

25:3.1 The y. and less experienced commissioners begin

39:9.2 Nebadon is, comparatively speaking, one of the y.

41:3.8 you may observe many of these y. stars whose

41:3.8 legacy of the mighty upswellings of its y. days,

41:9.4 In many of the y. stars continued gravity

41:9.5 the gigantic pulsations of many of the y. stars.

45:5.7 instruction of the y. generations of Material Sons.

45:5.7 provided for the development of the y. Material Sons

53:7.15  those y. worlds peopled since that day of rebellion.

55:11.7  Y. planets may delay system unification, but this

66:7.6 trained to fraternize with y. groups, older groups,

73:4.5 suggested the y. generation be trained in the work of

73:4.5 filling the places of the deserters with y. volunteers.

74:6.7 they were sixteen, the y. being taught by the elder.

76:2.4 nourish an ever-increasing hatred for his y. brother.

76:2.6 Abel, especially during his y. years, was influenced

76:2.6 inheritance, at least during the y. years of life.

77:0.2 days of Dalamatia, and the secondary or y. group,

81:6.24 by controlling the educational training of the y.

83:5.13 request her husband to take a second and y. wife,

93:9.8 as the records indicate, and his wife was much y..

94:6.9 Confucius (Kung Fu-tze) was a y. contemporary

114:7.10 the mind of the dying reservist to a y. successor is

118:7.1 able to forecast the decision of some y. associate

123:3.8 help with the housework and care of the y. children,

124:2.8 got along fairly well at home with his y. brothers

124:4.3 the two y. (as yet unborn) children, Amos and Ruth,

126:2.1 Jesus remained at home with the y. children until

126:3.10 The great confusion of Jesus’ y. days now arose.

126:5.10 As Jesus worked with his y. brothers and sisters

127:2.7 even his y. brother James, all urged him to join

127:6.5 year older than Jesus, while Mary was two years y..

128:2.1 manifest in the lives of Jesus’ y. brothers and sisters.

128:5.8 Jacob, the y. stone mason, onetime self-appointed

133:3.10 the y. woman worked at Justus’ place of business

138:6.1 carefully reviewed, for the benefit of the y. six,

139:1.6 profound influence over a y. and talented brother.

139:3.1 plying his calling in company with his y. brother John

139:3.5 the vehement temperament of his y. brother John.

149:4.1 one of the y. evangelists asked Jesus a question

150:4.1 I remain to comfort and instruct the y. teachers,

150:5.1 in teaching a group of twelve of the y. evangelists

150:6.1 With the older apostles away, these y. groups of

150:7.4 the y. generation was prone to resent his fame

150:9.3 Nahor, one of the y. evangelists, had meanwhile

151:5.3 other boats containing some of the y. evangelists

152:2.5 such notions, and especially the y. evangelists.

164:4.4 one of the y. men who secretly believed in Jesus,

168:5.3 carried Lazarus off when he was a y. man at Bethany

169:1.6 “A certain man had two sons; one, the y., was

169:1.6 The y. lad was cheerful and vivacious, but indolent

169:1.6 The y. son enjoyed play but shunned work;

169:1.6 the y. son came to his father and said: ‘Father,

169:1.12 his resentment of the welcome of his y. brother,

174:2.2 a group of the y. students from the academies,

179:3.9 be great among you, let him become as the y..

181:2.15 “James, when you and your y. brother once came

189:5.2 John, being y than Peter, outran him and arrived first


18:5.1 The Recents of Days are the y. of the supreme

55:7.4 when the y. world—the last to achieve light and life—

60:4.3  y. mountains are in the Rocky Mountain system,

89:6.6 and set up the gates thereof in his y. son, Segub.”

128:7.3 For years James had trouble with his y. brother, who

134:1.4 only Ruth, the y., remained at home with Mary.

137:5.1 Jude, Jesus’ y. brother, set out in search of him.

138:0.1 Only Ruth, the y., remained unswervingly loyal to

139:4.1 John was twenty-four years old and was the y. of the

139:4.2 Since John was the y. of the twelve and so closely

139:4.5 the y. member of his father’s family and the y. of the

139:6.2 twenty-five and Nathaniel was the next to the y. of

139:6.2 Nathaniel was the y. of a family of seven, unmarried,

147:3.2 John, the y. of the twelve, was especially restive

177:5.1 his mother, his y. sister, or other members of his

181:2.2 Jesus said: “You, John, are the y. of my brethren.

181:2.3 the y. and will therefore very likely outlive these

190:1.10 day after David’s marriage to Ruth, Jesus’ y. sister.

191:0.2 influenced them more if John had not been the y.


63:2.1 As y., the twins had spent most of their time in each

125:4.1 The three y. were overjoyed to greet Jesus, and he

127:1.8 Jesus spent every possible hour with the y., and they

128:6.10 the childish joy and youthful gladness of these y.,

128:6.11 bevies of y. flocked there to amuse themselves.


103:6.1 Theology is always the study of y. religion; the study

111:5.6 affirmation: “It is my will that y. will be done.”

129:4.7 but you can resolve to live y. lives even as, and by

130:6.3 all dominating love of y. fellows which will so soon

140:10.4 You are the child, and it is y. Father’s kingdom

141:4.2 God is y. Father, and religion—my gospel—is nothing

111:5.6 affirmation: “It is my will that y. will be done.”


1:4.3 It is not yet y. by right of possession, but it is

15:4.5 the majority of which are many times the size of y..

32:5.7 treasures of such a career are y. for the striving!

36:2.16 On planets such as y. the highest form of life is

37:5.1 mortals in the prebestowal ages of worlds like y.,

41:3.1 the thirty suns nearest y., only three are brighter.

41:4.4 which started life with about the same mass as y.,

41:10.2 solar systems had an origin entirely different from y.,

49:5.15 which would somewhat shame y. by comparison.

97:1.9Y. is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are exalted

97:1.10Y., O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the

102:4.1 technique whereby you accept another’s idea as y. is

109:6.5 Father’s will, saying, “Not my will, but y., be done.”

111:5.6 creature will—“Not my will but y. be done”—as it

112:0.1 goal of faith, the reward of the ages shall be y.;

112:7.19 surely the heritage of the ages is y., and you shall

117:4.10 will be his contribution to the Supreme, not y..

120:1.6 all this delegated authority is y. again to exercise

136:4.4 human mind say, “Not my will but y. be done.”

144:3.6 “For y. is the kingdom and the power and the glory,

144:5.8 For y. is the glorious indwelling, the everlasting

144:5.14 Make us sons and daughters of y. by grace

144:5.53 Even so, not our will but y. be done.

160:1.11 favorite prayer, “Not my will, but y., be done.”

163:3.7 Take now that which is y. and go your way, for it

169:1.13 have been with me, and all this which I have is y..

174:5.12 “All this has not happened for my sake but for y..

177:2.2 Wise parents, such as y., see to it that their

182:1.4 They are y.—as all life is in your hands—you gave

182:1.4 mine are ever y., and all that which was y. you

182:3.4 Not my will, but y., be done.”

188:1.1 Joseph: “This body is y. to do with as you see fit.


5:4.8 The Greek religion had a watchword “Know y.”;

5:4.8 good news of “knowing God, and y. as a son of God

25:4.12 not reckoned as having possessed y. of knowledge

28:6.18 All of this magnificent creation, including y.,

28:7.3 you will avail y. of the emergency help of these

43:8.8 socially functioning with beings like and unlike y.,

47:3.6 to familiarize y. with the program which lies

48:2.23 You may repeatedly subject y. to the test of these

48:6.35 “to see y. as others see you” and “to know y. as

48:6.37 decrease the likelihood of success by taking y. too

48:6.37 several things as easily as one if you leave y. out.

70:3.8 one born among you, and you shall love him as y..”

90:2.5 tops of the mulberry trees, then shall you bestir y..”

91:6.5 while you y. resolutely and courageously attack the

99:5.7 “Have you faith? Then have it to y.

102:3.7 Science sorts men; religion loves men, even as y.;

110:4.2  you y. are mostly unconscious of this inner ministry.

111:4.7 You cannot experience real joy all by y..

112:5.6 will be afforded additional time in which to prove y..

112:5.18 your Monitor is the absolute assurance that you y.

117:4.13 can you allow y. to pass into the realm of the

120:1.2 have voluntarily chosen to subject y. to the will of

120:1.3 have voluntarily divested y. of all extraplanetary

120:1.6 at any time you may choose to reinvest y. with

120:1.6 If you should choose to reinstate y. in power and

120:3.4 especially devote y. to living the ideal religious life

120:3.6 you are to identify y. with existing religious and

120:3.7 make no images or other likenesses of y. in the flesh.

130:2.6 “Why do you occupy y. so continuously with

130:6.4 when you become so readjusted to life within y.,

131:1.5 You may hide y. from men, but not from God.

131:1.9 Fret not y. because of the prosperity of the ungodly;

131:2.8 Fret not y. because of evildoers.

131:2.11 “Love your neighbor as y.; bear a grudge against no

131:4.7 gird y. for the spirit struggle of immortality!

131:8.4 Relate y. to every man as if you were in his place.

131:9.3 When you find y. in the wrong, do not hesitate to

131:9.4 What you do not like when done to y., do not to

131:10.2 very best to love all his children as you love y..

132:5.2 Ask y., and do your best to find the honest answer

132:5.19 Never permit y. to be so selfish as to employ money-

132:5.23 Take for y. of any trust only that which all honest

133:1.3 Would you make no effort to defend y.?”

133:1.5 just because they thought you would not defend y.

133:4.6 secure your title to the mansions of eternity for y..

133:4.7 remember that you y. will also someday come to

133:4.11 two things you cannot run away from—God and y..

133:4.11 Wherever you may go, you take with you y. and

133:4.11 My son, stop trying to deceive y.; settle down to the

139:9.10 Master, when you do thus declare y. to the world,

140:5.1 would love your neighbor as you love y., and that

142:0.2 will you betray y. into bondage to both of these

142:1.4 —devotion to God while loving your neighbor as y..

142:3.22 to love God supremely and your neighbor as y..

142:4.2 If you love your neighbor as you love y., you

142:6.7 And so finding y. born of the spirit and happily in

142:7.4 love among the children, to love your brother as y.

144:3.12 And increasingly make us perfect like y..

144:5.36 Make us like y. in eternal glory

144:5.50 Be pleased to make us more and more like y..

144:5.83 Receive us to y. and send us forth in eternity.

144:5.14 Make us ever and increasingly like y.

146:2.10 Avoid praying much for y.; pray more for the

146:4.4 showing y. to the priest and offering those sacrifices

147:1.2 “Lord, trouble not y. to enter my house, for I am

150:9.1 remind me of the proverb, ‘Physician heal y.,’

155:6.3 experience of finding God for y., in y., and of y.,

155:6.5 force y. to subscribe to a belief in things which

156:5.14 It is not possible to respect y. more than you love

158:8.1 to these idols and find y. shut out of the kingdom.

159:4.5 “Nathaniel, never permit y. for one moment to

159:5.4 “You should love your neighbor as y..

159:5.9 His great exhortation, “Love your neighbor as y.,”

159:5.9 people, but you shall love your neighbor as y..”

160:4.12 build up for y. and in y. reserve galleries of beauty,

160:5.9 deluded y. by putting an idea in the place of an ideal,

163:4.8 with all your mind and soul and your neighbor as y..

164:1.1 soul, mind, and strength, and your neighbor as y..”

164:5.3 you, being a man, dare to make y. equal with God.

165:2.2 take for y. that which finds a reception in your heart.

170:3.6 3. To love your neighbor as y. is the highest ethics.

171:2.4 If you have already conquered y. within your own

171:2.5 “Now should you examine y. to find out your

174:0.2 Establish y. on the spiritual foundations of the

174:4.2 and it is: ‘You shall love your neighbor as y..’

176:3.3 have by faith once established y. as a son of God,

177:1.1 stay by the basket when you go apart by y. to pray.”

180:1.1 that you love your neighbor even as y..

180:4.4 you no longer manifest y. to us save by this spirit?

180:4.4 How will you show y. to us?

180:5.7 of true religion: that you love your neighbor as y..

181:2.7 deport y. as an ambassador of the heavenly

181:2.20 have you been saying to y., ‘What shall I ever do if

181:2.22 if you find y. going off in quest of those who think

181:2.27 much more trouble for y. if you do not master this

184:1.6 I have spoken even if you have not y. heard these

185:3.2 Pilate, do you ask this for y., or do you take this

187:3.3 the temple and build it again in three days, save y..

187:4.1 If you are the Son of God, why do you not save y.

191:1.2 must you cease to think about y. and the troubles

191:1.2 Gird y., Simon, for the battle of a new day,

192:2.4 devote y. to their welfare even as I have devoted my

192:2.11 No more, Philip, shall you busy y. with money

193:1.2 neighbor, whom the Father requires you to love as y.

193:1.2 but you will also serve as you would serve y..


1:3.1 ought not to think that the Father is like y. in form

22:4.7 You mortals who read this message may y. ascend to

40:5.1 there arrives a being much like y., one you can see,

40:10.14 the obligation to avail y. of the advantages so freely

126:4.4 “Wash y., make y. clean; put away the evil of your

133:2.2 of reproducing y. in the lives of your children.

135:3.4 prepare y. for the appearance of the new and

137:1.6 ask y., ‘who directed that you should search for

137:1.6 concern y. only with doing the will of the Father

137:6.5 Make y. ready for the call of the kingdom.

138:6.2 Rest y. from the arduous labors of the kingdom

138:7.4 shall so organize y. as to provide for everything

140:3.14 suffer injustice rather than to go to law among y..

140:3.18 you must y. walk in the clear light of living truth.

140:6.11 go apart by y. and use not vain repetitions and

140:6.11 lay not up for y. treasures on earth, but by your

140:6.11 lay up for y. treasures in heaven, for where your

141:2.2 faith-discover y. as sons, you henceforth look not

141:2.2 look not upon y. as law-subject creatures of an

143:2.6 to cleanse y. from all evils of mind and body

143:2.7 Even this saving faith you have not of y.; it also

143:2.7 of self but rather the triumphant masters of y.,

145:2.6 affair of the heart, to relate y. to God as individuals?

147:3.3 disease and find y. healed of all moral infirmities.

149:0.2 when you have shown y. competent and faithful,

149:6.2 I would deliver you from the bondage of driving y.

150:4.1 “You see for y. that the harvest is plenteous, but

151:3.1 the truth; take heed also to y. how you hear.

153:2.2 you shall bring innocent blood upon y. and upon this

153:5.3 When and how will you prepare y. for the time

155:5.13 discovering for y. the beauties of the realities of

155:5.13 will you gird y. to go forward with me into that

155:5.14 “Go now apart by y. each man alone with the Father,

155:6.3 making for y. the greatest discovery possible for

155:6.7 finding God for y. and knowing him in your own

156:1.8 you see for y. how the gentiles are able to exercise

157:2.2 Do not allow y. to become blinded by prejudice

157:6.14 And now have I brought you apart with me and by y.

157:7.5 “Lay in provisions and prepare y. for a journey to

158:6.2 evil tendencies to seek for y. preferred places in

158:6.3 you fall to discussing among y. as to who should

158:8.1 that you talked about so earnestly among y.?”

165:4.1 “Take heed and keep y. free from covetousness;

165:5.3 When you wholeheartedly devote y. to the

165:5.3 support of y. or the families you have forsaken.

165:5.3 Devote y. to your w., believing that both the

165:5.5 Keep y. like men who are watching for their

165:5.6 Be you also on watch for y., for in an hour that

165:6.3 prepare y. for that day when you will be visited

166:1.5 You y. refuse to enter into the way of truth, and

166:2.4 show y. to the priests as required by the law of

169:2.2 in making gains for y. when in the service of self,

169:3.1 brethren, it is not seemly to dispute among y..

171:4.2 I have called you apart here by y. that I may once

171:4.2 Take heed to y. and remember that I have

174:5.3 many of you have believed my gospel for y., but the

175:1.10 If you presume to exalt y. before God, you will

175:1.20 garnish the tombs of the righteous and flatter y. that

175:1.20 witness to y. that you are the wicked sons of them

177:5.2 so you must not allow y. to be deceived by the

178:1.7 By discretion show y. to be expert in ironing out

178:1.17 Show y. to be loyal citizens, upright artisans,

178:3.2 “Sit down and rest y. while I talk with you about

178:3.3 take heed lest you needlessly expose y. to peril

178:3.3 Take heed to y. lest they kill you also.

178:3.4 first must you gird y. and complete the work

179:2.2 “Take this cup and divide it among y. and, when you

179:3.9 disputing among y. as to who should have the

179:5.7 contend not among y. as to who shall be greatest.

180:6.7 Do you inquire among y. about what I meant

181:2.12 you will have to find for y. new associates.

182:2.2 Prepare y. for the work of tomorrow.

187:1.6 me, but rather weep for y. and for your children.

193:0.2 did you allow y. to become so disconcerted by

193:0.5 “Among y., here, you share the knowledge that I

195:9.1 In your worthy efforts to rid y. of the superstitious

195:10.1 you must go forward from where you find y..


20:6.2 all pass from infancy through y. to manhood just

26:10.5 sometimes look back over the struggles of y. and

31:10.13 this unique experience during the y. of the universe

41:3.7 The yellow tinge indicates moderate y. or old age.

41:9.5 the combined periods of its y. and stabilized function

49:6.11 many die in y. before choosing the Paradise career.

57:5.2 cycles betray that it was a variable star in its y..

70:8.12 10. Age—y. and maturity. Among the tribes the boy

100:7.16 The prayer of even his y. began, “Our Father who is

121:2.11 Antipas governed Galilee and Perea during Jesus’ y.

122:5.1 As a y., among his eight brothers and sisters, he

123:4.8 If you envisage the average childhood and y. of an

124:1.13 thinker and a skillful teacher, even in his y..

125:0.1 great event of his later childhood and early y..

125:2.6 Being thus made conscious of his y., Jesus refrained

125:4.3 but always in a manner consistent with his y..

125:5.8 As a y., and later on as man, he seemed to be

125:6.2 not so much by his knowledge of truth as by his y..

127:6.14 as a y. he classified, and correlated this information;

127:6.15 passed through the successive stages of y. and young

128:6.7 By making apologies for his brother’s y. and by

129:4.5 selfhood up through infancy, childhood, y., and

149:6.8 honor him as the Father of your spirit y.; love him

150:7.2 Throughout Jesus’ y. and young manhood there

150:7.2 none of his great works in the city of his y..

150:7.4 the doting chazan teacher of his y., were dead or

157:6.3 was the increasingly self-conscious years of y.

163:2.4 I have observed all the commandments from my y.

171:5.1 an elderly man who had been blind from his y..

181:2.5 No man should despise your y., but I exhort you

184:1.8 you have known me from the times of my y..

188:5.10 the days of Jesus’ y. to this overwhelming spectacle


50:4.8 the enlightenment of childhood and y. groups,

68:0.2 each succeeding generation of y. must receive anew

70:9.9 7. Provision for educating and training y..

99:6.3 it fails to hold the interest of adventurous y. and

111:4.3 when the majority of the y. of any generation devote

111:4.4 when three quarters of its y. enter materialistic

111:4.4 Civilization is in danger when y. neglect to interest

125:2.12 conversant with the way in which the y. of Egypt

127:0.3 life experience of the y. of all the realms of Nebadon,

140:5.22 Y. is always willing to “take a dare.”

141:3.6 Christ have exerted a deleterious influence on y.;

195:10.17 work of teaching y. how to engage in life planning


82:3.5 Among the head-hunters a y. might not marry until

95:6.2 of a new religion was a virile and adventurous y.,

123:4.8 which befell this inquisitive and adventurous y..

124:1.8 the personality embodied in this growing y. was all

124:3.3 responsibilities rapidly multiplied in the life of this y..

124:3.4 Never again did this y. find it possible to return to

124:3.10 moderately humorous, and fairly lighthearted y.,

124:5.3 plans, were formulating in the mind of this y., who

124:6.18 lad, and begins the narrative of that adolescent y.

125:5.1 having heard of this y. from Galilee, came to enjoy

125:5.8 this Nazareth y. plied these Jewish teachers with

125:6.4 Jesus’ parents had heard about this strange y. who

126:0.1 No human y., in passing through the early

126:2.5 While this y. did not wholly neglect the recreational

126:5.2 Already had this y. well-nigh encompassed the

126:5.10 Jesus, being a thoroughly practical y. as well as

127:0.2 No adolescent y. who has lived or ever will live on

127:0.2 No y. of Urantia will ever be called upon to pass

127:1.2 Jesus was a virile and comely y..

127:1.3 This physically strong and robust y. acquired the full

127:4.7 up to be a well-balanced and even-tempered y.,

128:1.9 the babe of Bethlehem, the lad, the y., and man of

130:2.1 y. of India was much impressed with the temple

130:6.1 this y. had sought the solitude of the hills;

130:6.2 this y. was very familiar with these mountains,

130:6.2 The y. was almost overcome, but he managed to

130:6.5 And this y., Fortune, subsequently became the leader

132:7.8 this y. never experienced feelings of resentment or

133:1.1 rough and bullying y. brutally attacking a smaller

133:1.1 Jesus hastened to the assistance of the assaulted y.,

133:1.1 the punishment of the larger and offending y.?”

133:7.3 manifested in all Jesus’ ministry to the afflicted y..

135:1.4 and mode of dress John was indeed a picturesque y..

146:6.2 the y. who was supposed to be dead presently sat

153:4.1 brought to Jesus a distraught y. who was possessed

153:4.1 when the Master looked upon the y., he was moved

158:4.2 that the y. was both epileptic and demon-possessed.

158:5.2 as they talked, the y. was seized with a violent

165:4.1 indignant that this material-minded y. should bring

169:1.5 intention, but this y. left his home with premeditation

169:1.6 he divided his property giving the y. his share.

177:1.3 visiting with this truth-hungry y. and talking with

177:1.3 Even a y., if the desire of the heart is really

192:1.4 the y. rushed up to the Master and, kneeling at his


41:3.7 never having known an initial red stage of y. shining.

41:10.4 pass through a less violent and stormy y. career.

77:5.2 to go in search of this land of his y. dreams.

83:7.8 so long as unwise and immature y. idealism is to be

83:8.6 y. idealization should be tempered with some degree

83:8.7 The y. idealization of marriage should not be

106:7.8 eternity moment the master universe will still seem y.

123:4.8 you will have a good idea of the y. career of Jesus,

123:6.5 an interest in vocal music among his y. associates.

124:2.5 Jesus was really loved by his y. associates, not only

124:2.8 pert, as lacking in proper humility and y. reserve.

124:2.8 to direct the play activities of his y. associates

124:3.3 Jesus enjoyed much free play and y. joyousness.

124:4.9 great commands were uppermost in his y. mind.

124:6.16 the Nazareth family descended upon his y. shoulders,

125:1.2 This profanation of the temple fully aroused his y.

125:2.2 the impressions made on his y. but thoughtful mind

125:2.9 sitting off by himself with his y. head in his hands,

125:2.10 Jesus’ y. mind was still swarming with perplexities

126:0.2 This important period in Jesus’ y. development

127:1.8 Jesus was a real though y. father to the family;

127:2.2 had the effect of keeping out many of his y. fellows

127:2.7 family was in a turmoil, his y. friends in division,

128:6.10 he might share in the childish joy and y. gladness of

129:1.10 The y. neighbors also came in frequently to attend

139:8.10 occasioned Thomas much y. sorrow and had added

162:3.4 a troublemaker for Jesus throughout his y. days.


125:5.8 him even to those who more or less resented his y.


47:2.5 The Adjuster-indwelt children and y. on the finaliter

47:2.6 The guardian seraphim attend these y. in the nursery

49:6.11 Adjuster-indwelt children and y. follow the parent

63:6.4 to impress the minds of their y., they evolved a

64:5.3 when these y. later mated with their fellow tribesmen

70:7.8 very early taught their adolescent y. sex control.

70:7.10 harden these y., to impress them with the reality of

74:6.8 these y. then entered upon a two years’ course of

82:3.11 would be the case if two y. were allowed to mate.

83:7.6 Two pampered and spoiled y., educated to expect

83:7.8 society fails to properly educate children and y.,

83:7.8 falls short of providing marriage preparation for y.,

84:7.21 adventurous y. require more training and discipline

98:3.4 The religious initiation of Roman y. was the occasion

123:2.11 6. The adolescent y. and maidens.

124:2.4 Several times older and uncouth y. attacked Jesus,

125:2.6 these restrictions on the newly consecrated y. were

125:2.8 y. were seldom admitted to the consecration of sons

126:3.13 a child of promise and different from other y..

127:2.5 creating a division among the Jewish y. of the city

173:1.8 a throng of y. stepped out from the crowd to sing

174:2.3 the y. who had endeavored to entrap Jesus marveled

187:4.5 led many otherwise well-meaning y. to enlist in

195:10.10 thousands of apparently indifferent y. would rush

195:10.10 they would not hesitate to go all the way through


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