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Referrals to Study Groups and Local Readers

Find Urantia Book Study Groups

Urantia Foundation encourages readers of The Urantia Book to attend or organize study groups in their communities. Studying and discussing The Urantia Book with others enhances understanding by presenting a variety of perspectives. Each study group is independent and develops its own style of studying the book that best fits the needs of its members. Our Reader Services Department assists by sharing experiences gleaned from those who have participated in study groups and provides contact information to nearby study groups or individual readers.

To receive a list of study groups and referrals in your area, please fill out our Mailing List Form and include your wish to receive such information in the comment section. We will make every effort to answer your request on a timely basis. You may also call Urantia Foundation at 773-525-3319 during normal working hours and speak to a staff member.

In addition to Urantia Foundation's study group list, both Urantia Association of the United States and The Urantia Book Fellowship have lists online. Urantia Foundation can not guarantee the accuracy of information on these lists, but your search may benefit from them.

Social Groups

Urantia Association International

"UAI is a membership organization that serves all readers of The Urantia Book around the world. Our mission is to foster in-depth study of the text of The Urantia Book and to disseminate its teachings to all mankind."

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The Urantia Book Fellowship

"The Urantia Book Fellowship is an inclusive association of individuals, families, and groups inspired by the transformative teachings of The Urantia Book."

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Discussion Boards

Truthbook Discussion Board & Online Study Group

"This discussion board has one primary goal: To be a safe place where newcomers to The Urantia Book can ask questions and explore the teachings of The Urantia Book in a communal setting. In a sense, this forum is a Virtual Urantia Book Study Group. Specifically, it is a place for new readers to meet long-time readers. We welcome long-time readers as a valuable resource for assisting newcomers to better understand the teachings of The Urantia Book; this discussion board is provided for the benefit of long-time readers too, keeping our primary goal in mind."

The Urantia Book Forum (UAI)

"Urantia Association’s Urantia Book Discussion Forum provides a friendly “web-home” for both new and seasoned readers to converse and study. It is moderated by a team dedicated to helping participants and to insuring that it remains courteous, spiritually fragrant, and focused on issues related to The Urantia Book and its teachings. If you are not close to a study group, or you simply want to supplement your study, the One-Page-a-Day (OPAD) online study session is always open. Readers from around the world meet at this Forum daily to grow in understanding and to make or connect with new and old friends in the global reader community. Please come visit with us at

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