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Connect With Readers

Connect With Readers

Study Groups

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The Urantia Book Study Group Directory contains up-to-date listings for both virtual and in-person study groups around the world.
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Social Groups

Urantia Association International

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Urantia Association International is a worldwide network of ordinary people who have found an extraordinary book—The Urantia Book. Students believe that the teachings of this book have the potential to rejuvenate spirituality in the world and enhance the comfort, happiness, and well-being of every person.
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The Urantia Book Fellowship

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The Urantia Book Fellowship is a membership and service organization dedicated to learning, sharing, and living the teachings of The Urantia Book. It is a welcome and inclusive home for all those seeking to enhance their personal spiritual journey.
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Discussion Boards


Truthbook Discussion Board and Online Study Group

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This discussion board has one primary goal: to be a safe place where newcomers to The Urantia Book can ask questions and explore the teachings in a communal setting. We welcome long-time readers as a valuable resource for assisting newcomers to better understand the teachings of The Urantia Book.
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The Urantia Book Forum (Urantia Association International)

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Urantia Association’s Discussion Forum provides a friendly place for both new and seasoned readers to converse and study. Readers from around the world meet daily to grow in understanding and to make or connect with new and old friends in the global reader community.
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Get in Touch With Other Readers

Many Readers of The Urantia Book enjoy contact with other readers in their communities. If this interests you as well, please fill out this form.

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