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What We Do

The mission of Urantia Foundation is to seed The Urantia Book and its teachings globally.

Owen Atwebembire

The values of Urantia Foundation expand upon the acronym TRUST.

  • Teamwork. We are dedicated to mastering the art of teamwork.
  • Respect. We respect the personality of our fellows, which we regard as a gift from God.
  • Unity. We have unity of spirit purpose which comes from our desire to live the will of God and to serve our fellows.
  • Service. We view service as sacred and exhilarating and are motivated by love and the fruits of the spirit.
  • Transparency. We are open, communicative, accountable, and responsible so as to cultivate trust.
Conference room table in the Forum Room of Urantia Foundation Headquarters

The vision of Urantia Foundation is to foster the spiritual transformation of humankind by presenting to the world the teachings of The Urantia Book by means commensurate with our values and with our faith in a loving God.

Urantia Foundation Programs

Book Publishing

There are many important facets to the publishing efforts of Urantia Foundation. Text files must be formatted and edited before The Urantia Book and its translations can be made available electronically and in print to readers around the globe. Text files must also be preserved and updated as needed

Book Distribution

Urantia Foundation works in partnership with top-notch distributors to develop worldwide markets for The Urantia Book and its translations. In areas where distribution channels are nonexistent or challenging, the Foundation disseminates books through its outreach programs and the programs of service organizations.


Urantia Foundation is committed to providing quality translations of The Urantia Book that faithfully represent the original English text. No translation is ever really finished; there is always room for improvement. Therefore, the revision process is ongoing. To date, there are enough translations to allow 80% of the world to read The Urantia Book in English or their native language.


Urantia Foundation has established educational outreach programs, including free online classes in multiple languages through the Urantia Book International School. Additional offerings include workshops, retreats, seminars, and symposiums.


The primary goal of this program is to provide Urantia Books to individual readers, local groups, libraries and institutions, and service organizations. In addition, readers are kept informed with quarterly newsletters and may subscribe to our daily Thoughts to Ponder. The Foundation also sponsors conferences and events of social organizations.


The Urantia Revelation spreads exponentially through the digital world. Readers worldwide benefit from a 27-language website and multiple social media platforms. The online text, downloads, and the Android app give people free access to the book and its teachings. The online search engine enhances study like never before. A strong digital presence is essential to the mission of Urantia Foundation.

Building Preservation

The headquarters of Urantia Foundation is located in a beautiful historic building in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. Built in 1908, it served as the site of the early transactions, meetings, and study groups associated with The Urantia Book. It continues to host the board of trustees, service organizations, workshops and seminars, and a weekly study group. Visitors are always welcome!

What The Urantia Book Means to Me

Declaration of Trust

Urantia Foundation is a non-profit, educational foundation that operates under a Declaration of Trust. This is a legal document and governing charter that defines activities of our trustees and staff.  Activities include responsibility for publishing the book while protecting the integrity of the text and spreading the sublime teachings all over the world in a way that is befitting each country. Trustees are not only responsible to the current generation but also to generations to come. The fifth epochal revelation will bring light for centuries.

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