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111:0.4 tribes also believed in two factors, the ka and the ba;

Baalthe Canaanite god of soil fertility

97:1.3 with his associates and overthrow a score of B. sites.

97:1.3 One day he was mocking the priest of B.; the next,

97:2.1 overthrowing the altars of B. and demolishing the


97:3.1 the followers of B. was a socioeconomic clash of

97:3.3 The word B. means owner.

97:3.3 The B. cult was founded on two major doctrines:

97:3.3  B. was supposed to send rain—he was a god of

97:3.3 —he was a god of fertility of the soil.

97:3.3 Good crops depended on the favor of B..

97:3.4 Each B. had a sacred place, a priesthood, and the

97:3.5 B.—and it ended in the triumph of Yahweh and the

97:3.6 Elijah shifted the Yahweh-B. controversy from the

97:9.12 he called the name of the place B.-Perazim.”

97:9.19 to destroy the prophets (real estate agents) of B. at

97:9.21 there was in Jerusalem a temple of B. alongside

97:9.23 economy favored the return of the worship of B.,

97:9.24 B. political party returned to power in Jerusalem,

97:9.24  B. worship was an economic and social system

97:9.26 The Yahweh-B. struggle ended with the captivity.

123:5.12 who reproved Ahab and exposed the priests of B..

126:1.2 years previously, had been the “high place of B.,”


97:9.19 mores as against the land-selling attitude of the B.,

97:9.24 a period in which the B. politicians controlled both


97:3.3 (the B.) freely bought, sold, and mortgaged their

97:3.4 In general, the B. owned houses, lands, and slaves.

97:3.4 They were the aristocratic landlords and lived in the

97:3.6 and launched his vigorous campaign against the B..

97:9.12 because eighty per cent of David’s soldiers were B..


97:3.6  B. were many, Yahweh was one—monotheism won


125:1.1 with the bleating of sheep and the b. of noises which

173:1.5 surrounded by all this b. and confusion of trade


20:2.6 them will he be born into the world as a helpless b.

21:4.3 born of woman as you have the record of the b. of

119:7.3 from Salvington telling that the b. of Bethlehem

120:1.1 not as a fully developed mortal, but as a helpless b.

122:2.6 was so soon to present to the world as a helpless b.

122:8.5 No shepherds came to pay homage to the b. of

122:8.6 light of life” was about to appear on earth as a b.

122:8.6 to Bethlehem, where they found the b. and left

122:8.6 The b. was almost three weeks old at the time of

122:8.7 to the manger, where they beheld the newborn b..

122:10.1 explaining that the b. had been born of a woman

122:10.1 could not tell him whither the pair had taken the b.

122:10.3 the suspicion that the b. was concealed in Bethlehem

122:10.4 and Mary departed from Bethlehem with the b. for

123:0.1 Mary did not wean the b. until they had arrived

124:6.2 since the first Herod had sought to destroy the b. of

127:6.15 Born into the world a b. of the realm, he has lived

128:1.9 Notwithstanding this, the b. of Bethlehem, the lad,

128:5.5 few surmised that he was the b. of Bethlehem grown

134:0.2 he entered the human experience as a helpless b..

176:4.5 ruler of a universe and not as the obscure b. of



77:3.3 later became known as Bablod and eventually as B..

77:3.9 second attempt to erect the tower of B. was made.

77:3.9 tower of B. fell of its own pretentious weight.

77:3.9 This region was long known as the land of B..

77:4.1 of the internecine conflict over the tower of B..

78:8.4 They even sought to build a third tower of B. and


133:4.2 Jesus: “Give the milk of truth to those who are b. in

144:8.8 wise and haughty, while he has revealed them to b..

173:1.8 “Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouths of b.


62:4.1 These animal b. were of an unusual order; they

68:6.8 Girl b. were frequently killed before the times of

68:6.10 in the death of about twenty-five per cent of all b..

69:3.2 child; women naturally love b. more than men do.

84:1.3 conceived the idea that b. were made in spiritland;

84:1.4 Deformed or premature b. were regarded as the

84:3.9 of milk for the young led to earlier weaning of b.,

84:3.9 mothers used to nurse their b. until they were four

119:7.5 was born into the world just as all other b. before

122:8.2 In just the same manner as all b. before that day and

122:10.3 all boy b. under two years of age should be killed.

122:10.3 And thus perished in one day sixteen boy b. in

122:10.4 of the order to slaughter the Bethlehem boy b.,

195:3.5 death when they were not wanted, particularly girl b.


77:3.3 later became known as B. and eventually as Babel.


77:3.1 and after much deliberation the plan of B. was

77:3.2  B. proposed to erect a pretentious temple of racial

77:3.3  B. planned that the new buildings should become the

77:3.3 His council finally prevailed, and construction was

77:3.3 The new city was to be named B. after the architect

77:3.6 B. would become a great center of commerce, art,

77:4.2 established immediately following the B. conflict:

77:4.10 This group arose prior to the B. conflict.


62:3.12 the modern types of monkey, b., chimpanzee, and

baby or baby brother or baby sister

68:2.6 The presence of a helpless b. determined the early

81:6.17 illustrated by indulgence in “b talk” in a family group

81:6.24 The human b. is born without an education;

84:7.10 an Eskimo mother even yet licks her b. in lieu of

119:7.5 Joshua ben Joseph, the Jewish b., was conceived

119:7.5 this particular b. was the incarnation of Michael of

122:10.1 The boy b. was secreted with Joseph’s relatives.

123:1.5 Jesus was thrilled by the thought of having a bb.,

123:1.5 he would stand around by the hour to observe the b.’

123:2.4 Jesus greatly enjoyed his little brother and his bs.

124:1.1 childhood this year, along with his brothers and bs..

124:5.2 On January 9, A.D. 7, his bb., Amos, was born.

124:5.2 and the bs., Ruth, was yet to come; so it may be seen

126:3.2 Ruth, the b. of the family, was born, and to the best

127:3.13 Little Amos, their bb., died after a week’s illness

127:4.8  B. Ruth was the sunshine of the home; though

145:0.3 Jesus’ bs., Ruth, secretly paid him a visit.

145:0.3  B. Ruth was the chief comfort of Jesus, as regards


85:4.1 Baptism became a religious ceremonial in B., and

92:5.6 In B. the god Marduk was a perpetuation of the

93:9.6 en masse editing of the Old Testament records in B..

95:1.10 These beautiful psalms from B. were not written in

96:4.8 The later captivity that enslaved the Jews in B.

97:6.4 of Nebuchadnezzar, the king of B., my servant.”

97:7.1 Their nation had fallen before the armies of B.,

97:7.14 of many nations as they listened by the river in B..

97:8.7 record were so altered in B. by the Jewish priests

97:9.24 coast from Egypt for the aid of Assyria against B..

97:9.25 Judah fell under the rule of B. and was given ten

97:9.26 destroyed, and the people were carried away into B..

97:9.27 In B. the Jews arrived at the conclusion that they

97:9.27 religion of the Old Testament really evolved in B.

97:9.28 The doctrine of immortality also took form at B..

121:5.5 This pseudo science of B. developed into a religion

130:0.3 They spent some time in B., visited Ur and other

134:1.1 Jesus returned by way of Ur to B., where he joined

135:3.2 the great kingdoms of the world, beginning with B.

139:2.11 traveled extensively, visiting the churches from B. to


121:2.2 The travel, trade, and armies of B., Assyria, Egypt,

Babyloniansee Babylonian captivity

77:4.12 acquired in connection with the B. story of the flood,

79:1.5 B. cavalrymen began to push into Mesopotamia.

95:1.2 they had found resting on the B. observance of the

95:1.4 the B. triad: Bel, Ea, and Anu, the gods of earth,

95:1.7 the B. priests turned anew to stargazing; astrology

95:1.10 to the magical conglomerations of the B. priests.

95:7.2 Long the struggle continued between B. Ishtar,

96:0.3 by Egyptian moral teachings; later, by B. thought;

97:7.2 the Jews were much influenced by B. traditions

97:8.1 After the priests of the B. exile had prepared their

97:9.25 When the B. army withdrew, the Hebrews rejoiced

121:6.8 by the timely intervention of certain B. teachers.

121:6.9 or philosophic differences of the Eastern (B.) and

122:5.11 Joseph held vigorously to the Eastern, or B., views

124:0.1 idea of the relative merits of the Eastern, or B., and

128:5.3 Jewish affairs virtually outdistanced the B. school of

146:1.1 dedicated to the worship of a B. god of the air,

146:1.1 the earlier B. and later Zoroastrian teachings were

146:1.3 the better of the B. and Persian ideas of light and

166:5.4 Abner was more B. than Hellenic in philosophy,

Babylonian captivity

74:8.9 stories of creation in circulation, but after the B.

78:7.3 as the Hebrew priests in B. captivity sought to trace

78:7.4 invention of the Hebrew priesthood during the B..

93:9.8 compilation of records by the priests during the B..

93:9.9 national ego of the Jews was depressed by the B..

135:5.2 assigned to explain the B. and other captivities of

143:4.2 dated from the return of the former from the B.,


74:8.6 The B., because of immediate contact with the

74:8.6 they taught that man had descended from the gods.

74:8.6 They held to an aristocratic origin for the race which

95:1.5 the B. and their neighbors had never completely

95:1.11 and lost by the later B. who occupied the Euphrates

95:2.1 their idea of the creation of the world from the B.,

96:1.8 had come under the political influence of the B..

96:2.1 of the fertile crescent and there united with the B..

97:6.2 no Osiris for the Egyptians, Bel for the B., Ashur

104:0.3 B., Romans, and Scandinavians all had triad gods,

121:2.1 the older Semitic race, which also included the B.,

150:3.11 from the superstitions of the Egyptians, the B.,


72:7.5 Most of the states assess a rather heavy b. tax,


123:3.10 lying on his b. and gazing wonderingly up into the

126:3.8 had turned his b. upon all this grandeur and glory

172:5.13 slapping him on the b., said: “Why so troubled of

181:2.8 I have turned my b. upon everything that I might

183:3.7 and made ready to bind his hands behind his b.,

184:3.5 and with his hands bound together behind his b..

189:4.10 recognize him with his b. turned to the dim light.

backnon-exhaustive; see back and forth;

see—come back; look back

8:0.1 B. in eternity, when the Universal Father’s “first”

10:1.1 It would seem that the Father, b. in eternity,

26:5.1  B. in those far-distant days the pilgrims from

31:9.10 b. in eternity there was attempted the eventuation

33:4.1 b. to the times before the beginning of the creation

37:10.5 mortals reach b. and down to extend a helping hand

41:6.4 masterful act of juggling the nineteenth electron b.

41:6.4 By tossing this nineteenth electron b. between

48:4.12 amusing to look b. upon certain episodes of our

62:4.1 Going b. to the birth of the superior twins, one male

65:4.12 meet your gaze as you dig b. into the planetary past,

68:1.7 The modern phrase, “b. to nature,” is a delusion of

69:8.12 Civilization is reaching b to fire—the inorganic world

70:10.9 Society early adopted the paying-b. attitude of

95:2.2 The idea of monotheism wavered b. and forth in

101:10.4 Energy and mind do lead b. to Paradise and Deity,

102:8.7 The quest for miracles is a harking b. to the religions

118:1.5 As the self matures, it reaches further b. into the past

123:1.0  1. BACK IN NAZARETH


137:7.14 the apostles looked b. upon these four months as the

146:2.13 Purge me from secret sins and keep b. your

146:5.0  5. BACK IN CANA

146:6.2 Master and besought him to bring the son b. to life

146:6.3 that he had not brought him b. from the grave, but



168:1.5 He truly hesitated about bringing Lazarus b. to life.

168:2.5 died on Sunday and was now brought b. to life on

176:4.1 sometime to come b. in person to this world.

176:4.6 sure of only one thing: He has promised to come b..

194:2.8 paid in order to purchase man b. from the clutch

196:2.1 b. to the unadulterated religious teachings of Jesus

back and forth

39:4.2 journeying b. in large numbers to the transition

39:4.15 they carry passengers b. from Jerusem and serve

41:6.4 masterful act of juggling the nineteenth electron b.

41:6.4 By tossing this nineteenth electron b. between its

42:8.4 to be tossed b. between protons and neutrons.

45:1.2 transport seraphim carry ascending personalities b.

47:3.12 they freely journey b. between their residential

53:5.6 would journey b. between these discussions until

58:6.8 all living organisms swing b. from age to age.

61:7.13 Those animals which followed the glaciers b. over

93:5.11 never attacked by the armies as they moved b..

95:2.2 The idea of monotheism wavered b. in Egypt for

125:2.6 the many questions which surged b. in his mind;

135:6.1 the people who passed by on their way b. across the

147:2.2 and the Master would go b. from Bethany to

178:3.1 the crowds passing through the Kidron valley b.

189:2.4 that it could be rolled b. to open or close the tomb.


57:8.22 The b. of the Asiatic land mass reached a height of

68:6.11 The normal man should be fostered; he is the b. of

78:8.1 the last Andite dispersion broke the biologic b. of

121:3.4 provided the moral b. of the early Christian church,

195:3.6 The b. of the early Christian church consisted of


65:2.6 The stage was set for the appearance of the first b.


59:4.10 and tail, while the other was a b., jawless prefish.


61:1.9 45,000,000 years ago the continental b. were


2:0.2 If the incarnated life of Michael is taken as the b.

4:2.2 foundation and fundamental b. of a changeless

22:7.13 supersupreme b. bordering on the Ultimate and the

26:10.3 of approach or in some part of their experiential b..

53:5.4 three azure blue concentric circles on a white b..

76:5.7 that this very b. of darkness should so appeal to

76:5.7 afforded the Creator Son a more striking b. against

81:5.1 civilization not flourish without an adequate b. of

82:3.15 with the thought of convenient divorce in the b. of

95:5.2 vital to the religious b. of the then future bestowal

97:9.6 of Saul and Samuel as a b. for the kingship of David.

98:2.4 held loosely to the b of a belief in the Salem doctrine

133:5.8 which can sense the unchanging b. of a living

135:5.7 Such was the religious b. of the Jewish world

140:8.19 when that life is visualized in its immediate b..

195:5.12 evil which you see are shown against a white b. of

195:5.12 good which show up miserably against a black b. of


98:6.3 altars whose b. depicted the sufferings of the savior


88:4.5 Man is gradually b. into the truth, beginning in error,


79:5.6 the red race were fighting with their b. to the ice of

166:3.4 When in spirit and soul you have turned your b.

172:3.10 reject the Son of Peace and turn your b. upon the

175:1.12 You stand with your b. to the doors of salvation and


130:8.2 the rehabilitation of Ezra, the b. Jew, who kept the


97:4.6 saying, “I will heal their b.; I will love them freely,


60:3.13 The b. of the halted continental drift continued the


87:1.5  B. and scores of other tactics were practiced to


34:2.6 We are tardy and b. in comparison with other

48:4.19 are they the echoes of a b. glance, a reminiscence of

51:4.6 The more b humans are usually employed as laborers

51:4.6 the services of their b. fellows in compulsory labor

52:6.8 If you could be transplanted from your b. world to

55:2.10 mortal arriving from a disordered and b. world like

60:2.10 These sea serpents represent a b. step in evolution.

64:1.3 their b. cousins were luxuriating in the southern

64:1.7 contaminated with the b. stocks of mutual

64:4.12 human sacrifice has been perpetuated by the more b.

66:6.6 superior beings undertake to uplift the b. races by

68:1.6 Among these b. peoples may be observed

68:1.6 These b. and suspicious antisocial races that speak

69:6.2 many b. tribes refuse to sleep unless a flame burns

69:8.6 slavery compelled b. peoples to work and thus

69:8.7 The b. tribes of ancient times, like the native

69:9.18 Do not take a b. step.

71:1.19 6. Conquest and reorganization of weak and b.

79:8.8 ancestor veneration is that it promotes a b.-looking

82:2.2 the Pygmies and other b. groups have no marriage

84:3.6 In many b. tribes today, the men cook the meat,

85:1.4 among all b. tribes and peoples stones are still held

86:2.2 certain b. tribes even yet howl and lament over each

86:5.14 b. tribes still believe that the making of pictures,

89:5.16 even among the more b. tribes dog-eating greatly

89:6.2 even on to recent times among the b. African and

89:6.2 Among certain b. tribes, human sacrifice is still

89:7.1 such b. tribes were not only greatly weakened by

93:6.2 that these b. clans were certainly committing suicide

93:7.3 But the task was so great and the tribes were so b.

96:6.1 And this b. drift of the concept of Deity continued

108:3.6 guardians of the good in the souls of this b. realm.

124:1.4 when one of the more b. pupils discovered Jesus

134:8.6 your records was intended for the b. ages of the

149:2.13 They marveled at his patience in dealing with b.

155:5.8 religious practices of primitive and b. peoples.


10:0.3 looking b. into the endless past, we can discover

39:4.15 But under no circumstances will they carry you b.

60:2.10 strains remain stationary and others gravitate b.,

69:9.18 Go forward, not b.! Let evolution proceed!

81:6.26 determine whether civilization goes forward or b..

118:1.4 As the human mind reckons b. into the past, it is

183:3.4 identity, those in the front ranks fell suddenly b..


64:6.27 Notwithstanding their b., these indigo peoples have

95:6.3 which dared to battle with evil, inaction, and b..


59:4.13 usually destroyed by the still earlier appearing b..

65:2.3 The b., simple vegetable organisms of a very

65:2.3 they even exhibit a degree of retrogression in their

65:2.3 The majority of disease-causing b. and their

65:2.3 life has evolved from ancestors from which the b.

65:2.4 are to the animal creation what b. are to the plant

65:5.2 to the prechlorophyll levels of parasitic b. on such


91:6.2 And even in actual b. disease, prayer has many times

badsee luck

45:6.3 whom circumstances or b. judgment deprived of

69:3.5 superstition of good and b ghosts, good and b spirits

76:2.6 a b. environment can very effectively spoil an

82:5.1 It was not that inbreeding was always b., but that

82:5.2 spectacular cases of the b. results of the inbreeding

83:4.9 all premarital tests certain marriages turned out b.,

85:3.5 In religion, symbolism may be either good or b.

86:4.7 a separate destiny for good ghosts and b. ghosts—

86:6.4 with good spirits and b. luck with b. spirits.


87:4.4 concept of both good and b. supernatural agencies

87:4.5 When the doctrine of good and b. spirits finally

87:4.5 spirits could be counted on to be either good or b.;

87:4.6 two kinds of spirits, one good and the other b..

87:4.7 in the primitive mind of man, there really were no b.

87:5.3 It is the b. ghosts and spirits who must be kept in

87:5.4 Because of this fear of b. spirits, children were

87:6.2 to the concept of good as well as b. spirits, these

87:6.13 The dual-spiritism concept of good and b. forces

88:6.2 The concept of dual spiritism, good and b. spirits,

89:2.2 point where it envisaged both good and b. spirits,

90:4.8 be driven out of the body by b.-tasting medicines.

92:5.12 the concept of dual spiritism, the good and the b.,

95:3.4 the later concepts of right and wronggood and b..

97:9.22 After Uzziah, things went from b. to worse, and

111:7.5 the good retarded by the inertia of the b.; the art of

112:1.19 In a b. system something is missing or displaced—

121:7.12 The ideas of spirit possession, good and b., applied

128:6.5 anti-Roman feelings, all of which only made a b.

133:3.7 stained faces, do you see anything b. or wicked?”

139:8.10 Thomas had some very b. days; he was blue and

151:4.6 fish, gathering the good into vessels while the b.

154:0.2 Herod had a b. conscience for having put John to

167:5.2 and the Pharisee illustrated good and b. religion,

173:5.3 as many as they found, good and b., rich and poor

193:4.2 as if to make a b. matter worse, Judas harbored

195:3.10 Conditions, however, were not so b. at Alexandria.


125:6.3 and, sitting beside him, b. him state his own views

135:9.8 Jesus b. them return to their food while he sat down

145:2.12 Jesus b. the people be quiet and, taking the young

146:6.4 her son was not really dead when he b. him awake

147:7.2 as we Pharisees fast and as John b. his followers.”

148:7.3 Jesus b. them be calm, saying: “I have just told

154:5.2 he b. them farewell for the time being, knowing

155:1.6 before they b. Jesus good night and sought rest upon

158:5.2 he touched the kneeling father and b. him rise

169:1.2 and b. them rejoice with him over the finding of

181:2.21 As Nathaniel stood up, Jesus b. him be seated and,

182:1.2 he b. them kneel on a large flat rock in a circle about

182:2.10 he b. farewell to Jesus, saying: “Master, I have had

182:3.1 he b. the three sit down and watch with him while

182:3.7 drink the cup, but as the human Jesus b. farewell

183:4.2 Jesus b. Simon Peter and his fellow swordsmen

184:2.6 one of his followers b. me let you in the courtyard,

185:2.15 Even when Pilate b. him answer his accusers, he

190:2.4 but Jesus b. him stand while he spoke with him.

192:1.8 Jesus b. John Mark sit down while he himself served

193:3.3 on the Mount of Olives, where he b. them farewell

193:5.2 the Master said: “I b. you tarry in Jerusalem until


16:5.2 man or angel, will forever bear this b. of natal

36:5.11 Worship is the b. of spiritual-ascension candidacy.

69:5.13 Accumulations of wealth early became the b. of

70:7.10 the tattoo originated as such a b. of membership.

82:3.4 the possession of a wife was a b. of distinction.

89:10.4 the sense of guilt is a b. of transcendent distinction

140:4.6 Unselfishness is the b. of human greatness.

147:5.3 compelled to wear her hair down—the b. of harlotry.

160:1.4 But the true b. of social maturity is the willingness


69:5.6 Extra clothing was one of the first b. of distinction.


62:3.9 parents were severely shocked and b. burned;

133:5.5 they would get in one another’s way so b. that the

158:1.9 The three apostles were so b. frightened that they

Badonana great-great-grandson of Andon

64:2.4 the B. tribes northwest of India continued to hold on


64:3.1 the tribes of B., a great-great-grandson of Andon.

64:3.4 To the east of the B. peoples, in the Siwalik Hills of

64:3.5 superior B. tribes began a warfare of extermination

64:5.1 B. tribes of the highlands of India became involved

79:0.1 their descendant B. founded a primitive center of

86:5.17 The children of B. developed a belief in two souls,


64:3.5 the mixed descendants of this improved B. stock

67:6.1 early B. predecessors had all unwittingly worked for


64:3.1 This group was located in the foothills of the Indian

64:3.1 These people were the only descendants of Andon

64:3.2 These highland B. occupied an extensive plateau

64:3.2 they lived in crude stone huts, hillside grottoes,

64:3.3 They observed the Mesopotamian peninsula sinking

64:3.3 explains why they sought out the highlands as a safe

64:5.2 among the highland B. there was a new and strange


9:7.3 but there are many phases which truly b. us.

10:8.8 the Absolute will continue to intrigue, mystify, b.,


182:3.9 His soul was tortured by b. love and rejected


101:3.8 sustaining tranquillity notwithstanding b. diseases


88:3.3 A fetish b., a medicine b., was a pouch containing a

88:3.3 and the medicine man of old never allowed his b.,

138:10.10 Judas carried the b.. He paid all expenses and kept

172:5.12 Besides, he carried the b., and he would not desert

179:4.6 the Master since they supposed he still carried the b..

181:2.14 I am rejoiced that, though he who carried the b. is

186:1.2 servant of Caiaphas handed Judas a b. containing

186:1.3 automatically dropped the money b. in his pocket,

186:1.3 same pocket wherein he had so long carried the b.

186:1.6 he removed the thirty pieces of silver from the b.

190:1.3 he dropped the b. of Judas, containing all funds,


91:0.5 The B. tribes of Africa have only recently emerged


148:8.3 a trance prophet from B., one Kirmeth.

148:8.3 Kirmeth shortly returned to B., taking with him

148:8.3 But before Jesus interceded for the B. prophet,


122:7.7 Joseph shouldered their b. of clothing and


66:5.26 works of clay, hardened by b., adorned the gardens

81:2.18 practice of hardening pottery by b. was discovered

balancesee balance wheel

7:2.2 this pattern universe are in perfect and perpetual b..

14:2.6 a perfect b. between all cosmic realities and spiritual

14:3.6 forces to b the various attractions of this tremendous

15:6.11 the gravity b. of power in many constellations;

15:8.1 They exert a powerful influence over the b. of the

15:8.7 quickly restore the b. between circulating energy

28:6.6 The Memory of Mercy is a living trial b., a current

29:4.24 important task of maintaining universal energy b.,

41:1.2 to maintain the b. and distribution of fluctuating

57:8.16 established a better b. between the land extrusion

70:12.1 proper b. of power between the well-co-ordinated

78:2.4 b. with the status of the surrounding peoples and

94:6.3 “All reality is ever in b. between the potentials and

109:2.3 2. Has acquired the b. of spiritual power in a human

117:7.13 The energy circuits will be in perfect b. and in

118:8.5 for the maintenance of a b. between the restraints

136:5.2 this vast host remained with him throughout the b. of


184:2.4 this identification as a disciple threw him off his b.,

196:3.18 you cannot weigh love in a b.; you cannot measure

balance wheel(s)

13:4.2 The Master Spirits are, in reality, the mind-spirit b.

15:6.11 enables the dark islands to function as powerful b.,

29:2.19 centers of the seventh order acting as universe b.

104:4.46 The triunities are the functional b. of infinity,

139:3.7 James was an excellent b. wheel for Peter.

balancedsee well-balanced

4:2.1 to contribute to the co-ordinate and b. conduct of

12:6.1 is the product of b. energies, co-operative minds,

14:1.9 Each circuit differs, but all are perfectly b. and

14:1.15 to render the central universe a physically b. and

14:2.3 one thousand basic chemical elements and the b.

14:2.9 The control and b. stability of the central universe

15:8.6 and are swung into the b. and established circuits

15:8.7 get out of control in the more delicately b. circuits,

34:2.6 a spirit intelligence embodying the b. union and

100:7.1 as its symmetry, its exquisite and b. unification.

110:6.4 habits, stabilized neural energies, and b. chemical

110:6.4 By such a b. growth does man ascend the circles

124:0.1 b. idea of the relative merits of the Eastern views

138:3.1 Matthew was awaiting them, having b. his books

138:10.6 It was Matthew’s duty to see that the budget was b.,

139:8.7 Thomas revered his Master because of his b.

143:7.3 alternate with play; religion should be b. by humor.

149:4.5 Jesus taught about the b. character that impressed


3:3.1 who “b. the clouds” is also “perfect in knowledge.”

28:6.15 weighed in the secoraphic b. and pronounced “not

44:5.10 the most helpful b of divergent forces between active

95:2.9 If this soul were weighed in the b. and found

115:3.12 Originality is that which first causes and then b. the

134:6.9 diplomacy, foreign policies, alliances, b. of power,


14:1.18 processions of stupendous gravity-b. bodies as

14:3.6 the b. effect of the immense dark gravity bodies,


80:8.4 and herders who had entered Europe through the B.


80:9.6 penetrated Europe by way of both the B. and the


16:3.15 to cast the b. for the combined personal attitude of

72:2.7 the person receiving the largest b. among the list of

72:7.14 Every six years this body, by a three-fourths b.,

72:9.6 chief executive every six years is by nation-wide b.,

72:9.8 per cent is inferior or defective and possesses the b.,

184:5.7 they failed to cast a formal b. for the death sentence.


72:2.5 workers, b. in accordance with economic function.


71:2.7 will increasingly accelerate as bullets give way to b..

72:9.5 but in no case can any person cast over ten b..

72:9.8 fines assessed against all who fail to cast their b..


152:4.2 was like the b. of Gilead to Peter’s disturbed soul;


80:4.2 Siberia by way of the Russian rivers and the B..

80:9.4 Nordics continued to trade in amber from the B.


79:1.1 and from the Iranian grazing lands through B..

79:2.4 peoples poured in through the highlands of B.,


123:4.5 Joseph built a b. up both sides of the stairway.


50:6.5 worlds of Satania have rested under the spiritual b.

73:0.3 retarded by rebellion and resting under the b. of

89:1.3 the article resting under b. was regarded as unclean,

89:1.6 the negative-b. system not only maintained useful


48:6.33 fossilized truth, the iron b. of so-called unchanging

53:7.12 noble Jerusem b. of faithful mortals numbered just

67:4.1 religion remained loyal with Van and his noble b..

67:6.3 The remainder of this noble b. continued on earth

67:8.4 this one child of nature and his determined b. of

93:3.4 to Nordan the Kenite and his b. of earnest students

98:3.9 The last stand of the dwindling b. of Salem believers

150:9.5 and not as an enthusiastic and all-conquering b. of

162:4.4 One b. remained at the temple to attend the

171:5.1 Jesus and his apostles, at the head of a b. of about

183:3.1 Judas stepped well out in front of the b. that he

183:3.2 saw the armed b. with torches swing around the

183:3.4 Many of this armed b. had heard Jesus teach in the

183:3.4 to account for his presence with this armed b.,

184:2.1 As the b. of guards and soldiers approached the

192:0.1 the story that a b. of his followers had removed the


168:2.1 Lazarus, wrapped in linen b., resting on the right

188:1.4 they now wrapped the body with b. saturated with

189:4.3 lotions, and they carried many linen b. with them.

189:4.3 and more carefully to wrap it up with the new b..

189:4.6 the b. wherewith he had been wrapped lying intact

189:4.9 since the very b. in which it was wrapped were left in

189:5.3 also raised the question as to how the b. happened


95:1.9 Small b. scattered here and there continued their


87:6.11 Foul-smelling concoctions were utilized to b. spirits.

87:6.13 employment of one spirit to control or b. another,

90:2.7 Again and again did the Caesars b. the astrologers,

138:7.1  B. from your minds this idea that my kingdom is a


87:2.6 names of the dead were often b. from the language.

121:6.7 even to Rome, from which many thousands were b..

139:4.13 John was in prison several times and was b. to the

145:3.3 his sermon had intimated that sickness should be b.;

145:4.1 Their lingering doubts of Jesus’ divinity were b..


148:2.2 and beneficent personality whose ministry b. fear


59:4.15 The Catskill Mountains along the west b. of the

135:6.2 John mysteriously appeared on the b. of the Jordan.

135:6.7 he was preaching and baptizing on the west b. of

139:8.2 at Tarichea, situated on the west b. of the Jordan

147:2.1 a deposit of some of their common funds in the b.

195:6.1 an unthinking run on the moral b. of the ages, but

195:6.1 but this b. of human experience has vast spiritual

195:6.1 it can stand the demands being made upon it.

195:6.1 The spiritual b. of the kingdom of heaven will be


69:5.2 The early b. was the valorous man of the tribe.

69:5.2 He held the group treasures on deposit, while the

130:3.9 Gonod transacted business was a certain Jewish b.,

171:8.6 you should have at least given my money to the b.


121:3.3 The merchant princes and the b., the traders—

128:4.2 b. who agreed to support this projected school.

128:4.3 hailed as a master teacher by the b. of Damascus,

169:2.6 If you are not good stewards and faithful b., if you

173:1.3 Likewise did these temple b. profit from the

176:3.4 to have put my money into the hands of the b.


173:1.3 there was fostered an extensive system of b. and

173:1.4 money-changers not only conducted a regular b.

173:1.4 all other kinds of transactions pertaining to the b.


70:2.9 but it is rapidly becoming culturally b.—incapable of

102:6.9 Scientific materialism has gone b. when it persists,

112:3.2 pronounced spiritually insolvent, morontially b.,

195:6.1 is over, the religion of Jesus will not be found b..


54:5.14 evil to run the full course of its own moral b. and


97:9.16 Solomon b. the nation by his lavish court and by his


59:4.6 coral deposits are exposed in the b. of the Ohio

78:7.1 accustomed to rivers overflowing their b. at certain

135:9.9 two great men separated that morning on the b. of

151:5.2 the level of the sea and is surrounded by high b.,


53:5.4 displayed the b. of Michael, the material emblem of

53:5.5 The Lucifer emblem was a b. of white with one red

53:7.1 that strife-torn world enlisted under the Lucifer b..

136:9.3 once decided to unfurl the b. of sovereignty,


53:7.11 evil forces which so swiftly gathered around the b. of

185:1.3 removing the images of Caesar from their b.,


74:3.4 This day of inspection ended with an enormous b.

135:12.6 And the young woman, returning to the b. table,

135:12.7 presenting it to the woman at the rear of the b. hall.

138:3.2 Matthew told Jesus of the b. he had arranged for

138:3.4 many of the guests bidden to this b. by Matthew

138:3.5 In those days, when a reception-b. of this sort was

138:3.5 for all interested persons to linger about the b. room

147:5.2 when they provided a b. for distinguished guests,

150:3.1 meeting was held in the b. room of Herod’s palace,

167:1.5 When you give a b., sometimes bid the poor,

172:1.2 in celebrating the arrival of Jesus by a public b. at the

172:1.2 custom of the Jews for a woman to sit at a public b..

172:1.4 The b. went along in a very cheerful and normal

174:5.4 “In this b. chamber I perceive there are assembled


135:12.6 presented her daughter to dance before the b..

147:5.2 of food which might be tossed to them by the b..


147:5.10 Many other semiprivate meetings and b. did Jesus


96:1.14 demons, fates, Nereids, fairies, brownies, dwarfs, b.,


150:9.1 and in reply to their rude questions and sinister b.


85:4.1  B. became a religious ceremonial in Babylon, and

87:6.12  B. was a feature of the later water ritual; primitive

98:6.4 Both religions employed b. and partook of the

101:6.5 of evolutionary religion up to the time of his b..

126:2.4 only learned of this from John on the day of his b.,

127:3.12 when the Son of Man presented himself for b..

128:1.3 Until after his b he availed himself of no supernatural

128:1.8 at least this was true right up to the event of his b..

128:1.8 the episode attendant upon his b. by John in the

128:1.9 one in his thirteenth year and the other at his b.,

128:1.9 the living of his human life up to the day of his b.

128:1.13 After his b. Jesus thought nothing of permitting his

129:0.1 Jesus continued, right up to the event of his b., to

129:3.9 in Jesus’ consciousness on the very day of his b.

129:4.2 incarnated mortal of the realm, on the day of his b. in

134:7.7 alone in the hills near Pella just subsequent to his b..

134:8.9 achievement was not made until the day of his b.,

134:8.9 Jesus took place some time before his b. and not

134:9.8 and presently presented himself to John for b..

135:2.2 did not again see Jesus until the event of his b. in the

135:6.4 b. was not a new ceremony among the Jews, they

135:6.4 Jews been asked to submit to the b. of repentance.

135:6.7 came forward and presented themselves for b..

135:8.1 Capernaum to join John’s cult of repentance and b.

135:8.1 near Pella, and had offered themselves for b..

135:8.2 Jude had talked about going down to John for b.;

135:8.2 with his brothers and to advise them concerning b.

135:8.5 And Jesus answered, “To be subject to your b..”

135:9.1 what had just happened in connection with Jesus’ b..

135:9.4 for those who have heard me and received my b.

135:10.2 In the weeks following the b. of Jesus the



136:2.1 not all who submitted to John’s b. regarded

136:2.1 they presented themselves for b. that they might

136:2.1 Jesus in no sense received John’s b. as a rite of

136:2.1 In accepting b. at the hands of John, Jesus was

136:2.6 His was the b. of consecration to the performance

136:2.6 At his b. he heard the unmistakable call of his

136:2.7 This day of b. ended the purely human life of Jesus.

136:2.8 therefore, this very year of A.D. 26, that of Jesus’ b..

136:3.1 temptation of his mortal bestowal before his b.

136:3.2 After his b. he entered upon forty days of adjusting

136:3.4 on the day of his b. when the personalization of

136:9.7 Before his b. he had again refused the offer of the

136:9.10 its nature when he went up in the hills after his b.,

137:3.3 Jude was present at Jesus’ b. and, with his brother

137:3.4 For years previous to his b. and the isolation periods

137:3.6 about the phenomena attendant upon his b.,

137:6.1 Jesus’ first public appearance following his b. was

137:6.1 The story of the b. in the Jordan was now

137:7.4 the reports about his b. and the wine of Cana had

138:7.3 Jesus now recounted the coming of John, the b. in

138:8.4 2. The voice at the b.. Said Jesus: “Only those who

140:10.1 Said Jesus: “John preached a b. of repentance,

140:10.1 You are to proclaim the b. of fellowship with God.

141:1.2 one year before, and where Jesus had received b..

141:1.5 had previously followed John and had received his b.

141:6.5 in the important matter of b., all that Jesus said was:

142:7.14 which John made at the time of Jesus’ b.,

143:6.2 Sychar believed the gospel and made request for b.,

144:1.6 hills during the forty days immediately after his b..

144:1.8 Subsequent to the b. of Jesus and the forty days in

144:6.7 of all their problems was the question of b..

144:6.7 voted that b. was to become the initial step in the

144:6.9 to baptize with water as the emblem of the b. of the

144:6.9 repentance be attached to the preaching of b. was

144:7.1  B. was the price which the followers of Jesus paid

144:7.1 gave up just about everything except water b..

144:8.5 Jesus that day submitted themselves to John’s b.,

146:5.2 Jesus frequently resorted to subsequent to his b..

148:3.2 Not since his b. had the Master been so much alone

148:3.4 Ever since about the time of his b. this incarnated

148:4.8 The new birth—the b. of the spirit—is essential to

149:0.3 the kingdom, the apostles would administer b..

150:7.1 Not since the day of his b. by John in the Jordan

155:2.2 two weeks constituted a veritable b. of adversity

157:4.1 Since the occasions of Jesus’ b. by John and the

157:5.1 Ever since his b. and the wedding at Cana these

157:6.3 experiences and revelations associated with his b..

157:6.3 the Master’s earth experience extended from the b.

157:7.5 Some of them were present at his b. in the Jordan

158:1.3 in the hills to the east of Jordan shortly after his b.

158:1.10 on the occasion of Jesus’ b., say: “This is my

161:3.1 in the mind of Jesus up to the occasion of his b..

161:3.1 from his b. until the crucifixion it was optional

162:2.4 Jesus’ work since his b. had become well known to

165:6.3 I have a b. to be baptized with, and I am on watch

170:5.13 opposed the apostles’ practicing the rite of John’s b..

170:5.13 organization of disciples by the outward rite of b..

173:2.4 The b. of John, whence was it? Did John get his

173:2.5 “Concerning the b. of John, we cannot answer;

186:5.3 At the time of the Master’s b. he had already

194:1.5 Pentecost was the great festival of b., the time for

194:1.5 the Jews and believing gentiles to submit to b. on

194:2.10 The term “b. of the spirit,” which came into such

194:4.9  B. was all that was required for admission into the

196:1.9 3. The manifestations attendant upon Jesus’ b..


83:4.6 candles, as well as the b. sprinkling of holy water,

135:8.4 expected to greet him in the line of b. candidates.

136:3.4 this assurance direct from Paradise in the b. vision

136:6.4 Before his b. illumination he had lived in perfect


135:8.6 announcing that he would resume b. at noon the

Baptistsee John the Baptist

114:2.3 one John, known to you as “the B.,” is chairman of


144:8.1 the last message which he ever had from the B..


135:6.4 It had long been the practice thus to b. the gentile

135:6.4 between the time John began to preach and b. and

135:6.7 I will b. you, but I warn you to bring forth fruit

135:7.2 I b. you with water, but he will baptize you with

135:7.2 I baptize you with water, but he will b. you with

135:8.6 atremble with emotion as he made ready to b.

135:8.6 Thus did John b. Jesus and his two brothers James

135:9.4 why do you b. the people and create all this stir?”

135:9.4 while I b. with water, there has been among us one

135:9.4 there has been among us one who will return to b.

135:9.7 to preach repentance and to b. with water,

135:9.7 comes one who shall b. you with the Holy Spirit.

136:2.3 As John laid his hands upon Jesus to b. him, the

137:2.2 And this group continued to b. in John’s name

137:8.10 “John did indeed b. you in token of repentance

138:1.1 Jesus forbade them to b. and advised against public

141:1.4 since they did not at this time even b. their new

141:6.5 “John did indeed b. with water, but when you enter

142:4.4 because the apostles of Jesus did not yet b. believers.

143:6.2 for baptism, but the apostles of Jesus did not yet b..

144:6.7 only the apostles of John would b. believers,

144:6.7 John accompanied Jesus and his apostles to b.

144:6.8 and that they would b. no more unless authorized by

144:6.9 the apostles of Jesus would begin to b. with water as

146:3.9 The apostles continued to preach and b. believers,

148:1.4 did not b. believers until after they were ordained by

150:0.4 the apostles going out two and two to b. believers

194:4.9 before they began to b. in “the name of the Father,


134:9.8 The kingdom of heaven is at hand; repent and be b.

135:6.4 John b. every one of his believers in the Jordan

135:6.4 John b. considerably over one hundred thousand

135:7.3 his early and cryptic message: “Repent and be b..”

135:8.5 John replied: “But I have need to be b. by you.

135:8.6 And when John had b. these three, he dismissed

135:10.1 But John preached, b., and journeyed on southward.

136:1.5 “Repent and be b., for the kingdom of is at hand.”

136:2.1 Jesus was b. at the very height of John’s preaching

136:2.1 Many devout souls were b. by John for the good

136:2.2 Jesus went down into the Jordan to be b., he was a

136:2.3 into the Jordan with his two brothers to be b. by

136:2.6 When Jesus was b., he repented of no misdeeds;

136:2.8 thirty-one and one-half years old when he was b..

136:2.8 Luke says that Jesus was b. in the fifteenth year of

137:8.10 enter the heavenly kingdom, you will be b. with the

139:5.4 and after the resurrection Philip b. his entire family

141:1.4 those who came from Perea and Judea had been b.

141:6.5 kingdom of heaven, you shall be b. with the Spirit.”

142:4.1 the gate, having been neither circumcised nor b.;

142:4.4 Flavius went to Bethany beyond Jordan and was b.

144:6.9 John’s apostles preached, “Repent and be b..”

144:6.9 Jesus’ apostles proclaimed, “Believe and be b..”

144:6.13 They all worked together and b. believers during this

144:7.3 the apostle of John b., the apostle of Jesus instructed

145:5.10 one thousand believers could have been b. into the

146:0.1 apostles of John,preached the gospel and b. believers

147:5.10 were subsequently b. by Abner and his associates,

148:8.1 espoused the teachings of Jesus and was b. in the

148:9.4 were b. by Peter and fellowshipped by the apostles

149:3.2 the desertion of the three spies who had been b.

150:2.2 Mary believed the good news and was b. by Peter

156:4.1 heard them gladly, and many were b. into the

163:5.1 near Pella, where the Master was b. in the Jordan.

165:0.4 the seventy b. all believers, although Jesus had not

165:3.9 went forth to be b. by the apostles in the Jordan

165:4.1 As the apostles b. believers, the Master talked with

165:6.3 I have a baptism to be b. with, and I am on watch

167:1.4 This man was a believer, having recently been b.

167:2.3 for he was b. that day and made public confession of

167:3.6 and many were b. by Abner at noon on that day in

174:4.4 and was b. by Josiah, one of the disciples of Abner.

177:2.2 John’s disciples b., with your young friend Amos.

191:5.3 but when you shall have been b. with the Spirit of

194:1.4 Siloam, where Peter, Andrew, James, and John b.

194:4.9 At first they b. in the name of Jesus; it was almost

195:10.1 Modern culture must become spiritually b. with a


134:9.8 John who was preaching while b. penitents in the

135:6.7 One day when he was preaching and b. on the

135:8.3 Jordan valley and arrived on the scene of John’s b.

135:8.4 John had just begun b. the candidates for the day.

135:8.5 Being engrossed with the details of rapidly b. such

135:10.1 John never again preached as he had before b. Jesus.

135:10.3 arrived to hear the preaching and witness the b.,

139:5.9 when he went into Samaria preaching and b.

139:6.9 proclaiming the glad tidings of the kingdom and b.

139:7.10 north, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and b.

139:7.10 on Matthew went, preaching and b., through Syria,

139:8.13 preaching the glad tidings of the kingdom and b.

139:8.13 And Thomas continued preaching and b. until he

139:11.11 everywhere preaching the gospel of Jesus and b.

141:9.2 teaching and b. the multitudes, so that Jesus was

145:3.13 apostles did the work of public preaching and b.

146:0.2 sick, and b. believers, with great earnestness and joy.

147:6.3 remained three days, preaching, teaching, and b..

150:0.4 with the evangelistic groups, advising them and b.

165:4.8 the people went down by the river to witness the b.

165:4.14 When the apostles had finished with the b., they

165:5.1 “Master, while we were b. the believers, you spoke

194:1.4 And it was dark when they had finished with b. this


72:2.11 bring any case at once to the b. of the supreme court

132:1.4 that they are on trial before the b. of human need.

133:0.3 mortals appear before the judgment b. of God,

133:4.7 come to judgment before the b. of the Rulers of a

183:5.3 friend to stand with him before the judgment b.,

Barabbasrobber released by Pilate

185:5.3 Pilate heard them calling out the name of one B..

185:5.3  B. was a political agitator and murderous robber,

185:5.4 would you prefer that I release to you, this B.,

185:5.4 all shouted at the top of their voices, “B., B.!”

185:5.4 while they loudly shouted for the release of B..

185:5.6 they all let loose their mighty shouts for B.’ release

185:5.8 and urged the people to call for the release of B.

185:5.11 And again the crowd shouted, “Give us B.!”

185:5.12 Then said Pilate: “If I release the murderer, B.,

185:8.2 mob cheered when he ordered the release of B..

187:0.2 thieves crucified with Jesus were associates of B.

187:0.2 if he had not been released as the Passover pardon

187:0.2 Jesus was thus crucified in the place of B..

187:4.5 This young man had looked upon B. as a hero.

BarakIsraelite military leader

126:1.2 Taanach, where Deborah and B. defeated Sisera.


78:8.5 When these b. cavalrymen from the northeast

78:8.12 But long before the b. cavalrymen conquered the

80:7.10 two thousand years subsequently by the b. hordes

89:3.2 b. man was recovering from the wasteful practice of

92:0.1 operating within, and impinging upon, savage, b.,

95:1.1 and the b. horsemen who had come down from the

188:5.11 the b., both of whom regarded God as a relentless

195:9.11 an ancient pagan swamp and many a b. morass;


74:5.4 the establishment of law and order in a world of b.,

77:3.7 cultural and religious center for the surrounding b..

77:4.4 a civilization superior to that of the surrounding b..

78:6.8 later conquest of all Mesopotamia by the northern b.

78:8.3 valleys had been harassed by the raids of the b. of

78:8.11 What the b. failed to do to effect the ruination of

80:5.7 the latent superiority of these northern b. manifested

80:9.7 the b. of the hills of Turkestan constituted the most

86:4.6 otherwise absurd doctrines of twentieth-century b..

89:4.8 These b. regarded the animals as their actual kin.

98:1.2 partly based on the cults of the incoming Hellenic b.,

195:10.18 on to triumph over the b. who overthrew Rome.


66:5.30 the Prince’s headquarters was different from the b.

66:6.3 but such knowledge is nearly valueless on a b. planet

69:8.3 a faithful picture of the b. slaughter practiced by

70:5.2 experience were early appreciated even by b. man,

94:5.7 The yellow race was the first to emerge from b.

97:10.8 the continuous transformation of the b. concept of


49:4.4 We do not regard a planet as having emerged from b

52:2.1 do not struggle so long in b. as did the Urantia races.

70:8.2 As society emerged from savagery to b., its human

70:10.8 relic of b. within the pages of a collection of sacred

70:12.2 in the days of b. there was entirely too much war

79:8.15 ascent of a superior people from the levels of b..

88:6.6 Indeed, in the days of b. it was dangerous to know


53:5.7 While displaying none of the b. so characteristic of


4:5.4 b. idea of appeasing an angry God, of propitiating an

44:1.12 to elevate musical taste from the b. monotony of

52:6.6 civilized adjudication for the b. arbitrament of war.

88:2.7 intolerance, and the most atrocious of b. cruelties.

93:4.14 Even Abraham resorted to this b. practice after his

183:1.1 had nothing whatever to do with instigating the b.


83:2.1 matchmakers were at first the b.; later, the priests.


28:6.19 but these high seconaphim lay b. the deep motives of

82:0.3 civilizations continued to evolve with a b. minimum


63:6.2 Andon had b. escaped becoming a fire worshiper

95:5.3 it is b. possible that Jesus might have lived his life in


162:3.4 He had entered into a b. with the hirelings of the

183:2.3 their b. with the traitor called for Jesus’ arrest by

183:3.4 carrying out his part of the betrayal b. with the

195:0.11 But the Christians made a shrewd b. with the pagans

195:0.11 They made a better b. with the pagans than they did


87:6.17 man still evinces a disposition to b. with Deity.

89:8.6 such moral dignity that he dared to b. with his gods.

140:10.4 precludes all disposition to b. for the Father’s love


89:6.3 a foolish vow, had b. with the “god of battles,”


89:8.6 into the game of man’s philosophic b. with God.

89:8.7 were nothing more nor less than b. with the spirits,

89:8.8 Early prayer was hardly worship; it was a b. petition


69:7.4 dogs only howled, but later on they learned to b..


69:7.4 When the dog b., man or beast approached, but


66:5.9 early peoples utilized tree b., clay tablets, stone


81:1.7 the descendants of Adam had grown wheat and b.,

152:2.7 to Jesus, saying: “The lad has left only five b. loaves


151:4.1 then gather up the wheat to be stored in my b..

Barnabasan early convert to the gospel

194:4.11 Among their early converts were Stephen and B..


59:4.3 by the arthropods, and b. made their first appearance.


165:4.2 ‘This I will do; I will pull down my b. and build

165:4.3 and after they had plundered his b., they burned

165:5.2 they have no storehouses or b., and yet the Father


29:4.37 These living b. are concerned with the automatic


15:5.5 When a sun is born of a spiral or of a b. nebula,

191:0.1 of the day in the upper chamber behind b. doors.

191:5.2 and while the doors were securely shut and b.,


36:3.1 the Life Carriers must initiate it on the b. planets.

48:7.17 appear wise, the attempt of the b. soul to appear rich

59:6.6 the earth’s higher regions had become arid and b..

80:2.1 great open pasture regions of Sahara into a b. desert.

80:3.8 the happy hunting grounds into dry and b. deserts.

82:3.14 If a wife was b., she had to be redeemed by her

88:6.4 first employed as a magic talisman by the b. wife.

152:6.3 to the intellect of man is likewise empty and b.; it

160:4.14 both of those b. extremes of philosophy—the man

166:4.9 Cut down this b. tree; why should it encumber the

167:6.6 public worship in cold and b. rooms so devoid of

176:3.7 spiritual indolence will not justify the b. steward

187:1.6 Blessed are the b. and those whose breasts have

195:6.7 and secularism are b. of all real values, sanctions,

195:9.1 down through the centuries, even to the b. times of


83:4.4 Childlessness was greatly dreaded, and since b. was

83:7.2 The most frequent cause for separation was b.,

84:3.9 temporary b., while the use of cow’s milk and

84:5.10 of social liberation with idleness, indifference, b., and

135:3.4 wickedness of Rome and moral b. of the empire,

155:6.10 they have fallen on these evil days of traditional b..

166:1.11 At this time Jesus sought to expose the spiritual b. of

195:3.9 institutionalized nearly to the point of spiritual b..

195:9.7 to the discovery of the b. of formalized religion,


3:1.6 his infinite nature; space constitutes no b. to Deity.

61:7.3 advancing ice stopped just short of the mountain b.

80:9.16 But the b. of language prevented the reciprocation

81:6.18 Language differences have ever been the great b. to

82:5.3 Religion has been an effective b. against outmarriage

118:8.8 can serve in lieu of the transcended b. of restraint.

140:1.6 it shall break down every b. and bring all men to

195:8.10 And nationalism is the chief b. to world peace.


79:3.2 the mountain b. greatly favored western intercourse.

79:6.13 And but for the mountain b. and the later decline in

80:2.5 they encountered mountainous b. and the then

87:6.12 were believed to constitute impassable b. to ghosts.

92:5.16 less toward the strengthening of interreligious b. and

106:1.3 the recognition by Paradise Deity of the b. of time

106:9.2 Time, space, and experience constitute b. to

111:1.9 faithful pilot will safely carry you across the b. of

115:7.1 the Almighty encounters the b. of time; and the

118:8.5 successfully overstrides increasingly difficult b.,

118:8.6 escape from the next-encompassing b. to human

118:8.7 the gratuitous destruction of restraining b., barriers

118:8.7 b. which the mortal minds of those times had not


81:1.2 the early migrations of the Adamites, b. them from

160:4.10  B. the occasional and accidental acquirement of


66:5.12 were accepted in lieu of the actual objects of b..

69:3.11 Growth of group b. developed into commerce;

69:4.1 by capture, so trade by b. followed seizure by raids.

69:4.1 intervened between the early practices of silent b.

69:4.2 The first b. was conducted by armed traders who

69:4.3 stand guard over the deposits of goods for silent b..

69:4.3 nothing would be removed except by b. or purchase;

69:4.4 For ages silent b. continued before men would meet,

69:4.5 Later the cow became a unit of b..

69:5.10 But never did the b. in sex slaves advance society;

89:8.7 of trade and had developed the shrewdness of b.;

125:5.6 the presence of those who engage in secular b. and

132:5.5 fair profit in the exchange and b. of material goods.

132:5.17 to conduct the world’s business by trade and b.,

173:1.5 by all this babble and confusion of trade and b..


89:8.7 a kind of b. in which pleading and persuasion were

Bartholomewthe father of Nathaniel

139:6.9 Nathaniel’s father (B.) died shortly after Pentecost,

Bartimeusblind beggar healed in Jericho

171:5.1 throng of beggars, among them one B., an elderly

171:5.1 He had not known of Jesus’ last visit to Jericho until

171:5.1  B. had resolved that he would never again allow

171:5.2 B., hearing the heavy tramping of the multitude,

171:5.2 he asked those standing near him what was going on

171:5.2 When B. heard that Jesus was near, he lifted up his

171:5.2 he lifted up his voice and began to cry aloud, “Jesus,

171:5.2 And as he continued to cry louder and louder, some

171:5.2 of no avail; he cried only the more and the louder.

171:5.3 they went over to B., saying: “Be of good cheer;

171:5.3 When B. heard these words, he threw aside his cloak

171:5.3 Addressing B., Jesus said: “What do you want me

171:5.3 Immediately he received his sight, and he remained

171:5.3 then he went before the multitude declaring to all


58:5.3 outer shell rested directly upon a molten sea of b. of

58:5.4 upon this noncrystallized cushiony sea of molten b..

58:5.6 they are found to consist largely of b., a form of lava

60:1.3 the Hudson River were formed by the extrusion of b.


12:4.10 they are not evaluated with Paradise as a b. point.

14:6.13 Havona affords the Son an almost unlimited b. for

79:2.1 The b. of the peninsula was formerly narrower than

80:9.5 and Mediterranean races, with the broad b. resting in

94:11.9 At the b. of the concept was the historic fact of the

96:4.5 the third week of their worshipful sojourn at its b..

122:6.1 midway between the b. of this elevation and the

122:6.1 a narrow trail winding about the b. of the hill in a

124:6.4 As they rounded the b. of Gilboa, the pilgrims could

124:6.6 they camped near the b. of the highest mountain

159:6.4 About this time Abner moved his b. of operations

162:4.4 to the silver funnels leading to the b. of the altar


68:2.11 translating themselves into b. and threatening forms

71:2.3 2. Choice of b. and ignorant rulers.

71:6.3 profit motive of economic activities is altogether b.

76:2.6 really overcoming the character handicaps of a b.

100:6.2 accepted supreme value of the religionist may be b.

139:12.12 Judas then entered into the b. and shameful intrigue

based on

5:4.6 The Hebrews b. their religion on goodness;

5:4.14 doctrines of early Christianity were generally b. on

12:3.11 But all these computations are at best estimates b. on

12:5.1 there is no universal time unit b. on motion except in

14:1.12 The Paradise-Havona standard day is b. on the

15:1.1 as a result of conclusions b. on these and other

16:6.6 the reflective conclusions b. on cosmic response.

16:7.4 select an approach b. on accumulated experience.

23:1.3 classifications are b. wholly on the type of work to

24:3.1 From conservative deductions b. on our knowledge

28:6.18 The universal economy is b. on intake and output;

39:1.8 —of fairness b. on the knowledge of the underlying

39:2.6 The third group of superior seraphim are b. on

47:6.3 A new social order is being introduced, one b. on

64:6.14 the first to develop a home life b. on agriculture.

69:3.2 1. Specialization b. on sex. Woman’s work was

69:3.5 3. Differentiation b. on religion. The medicine men

69:3.8 5. Differentiation b. on diverse physical and mental

70:6.3 idea of royal families and aristocracy was also b. on

70:8.3 the first social distinctions were b. on sex, age, and

70:8.11 The original caste system of India was b. on color,

70:12.2 While primitive authority was b. on strength,

70:12.2 wherein leadership is b. on ability, but in the days

71:1.13 The successful Roman state was b. on: 1. The father

71:3.5 2. Intelligent patriotism b. on wise ideals.

71:6.1 Ruthless competition b. on narrow-minded self-

74:7.12 The laws of the Garden were b. on the older codes

74:8.1 story of the creation of Urantia in six days was b. on

79:4.9 a superior civilization b. on human brotherhood.

81:6.33 or dictatorial regulative institutions b. on force.

84:3.10 the disparity between the division of labor b. on sex.

86:6.6 to evolve an art of living b. on something more than

87:7.8 spiritual attainment unless it is b. on the biologic,

89:9.3 The ancient social brotherhoods were b. on the rite

94:8.3 The original gospel of Gautama was b. on the four

95:1.4 b. on the belief of the Salemites in Melchizedek’s

96:0.1 it was b. exclusively on creative power and very

98:1.2 This new religion was partly b. on the cults of the

101:6.3 will embraces decisions b. on reasoned knowledge,

101:9.8 a spiritualized consciousness of divine reality b. on

102:1.2 The reason of science is b. on the observable facts of

102:1.5 and our belief in him is wholly b. on our personal

103:1.5 Religion, then, is b. on experience and religious

103:6.15 The highest philosophy of man must be logically b.

103:7.14 The consciousness of the Adjuster is b. on the

112:2.8 mortal concepts of reality are b. on the assumption

112:2.8 all concepts of superhuman realities are b. on the

121:7.6 gospel of spiritual liberty formulated by Paul and b.

123:5.7 social restrictions b. on the fears of contamination

130:2.7 which leads to decision-conduct b. on intelligent

139:8.9 Thomas’s outward expressions of doubt were b. on

140:5.23 the beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount are b. on

140:8.14 Jesus b. his teachings about God on the family,

141:7.4 The religion of Jesus was wholly b. on the living of

154:2.1 refusal to accede to the Jerusalem decree was b.

155:5.6 authority, the latter is b. on human experience.

158:6.3 Your procedure was not b. on love, and your goal

160:2.10 the fickleness of mere sex attraction; it must be b.

160:5.3 All religions b. on fear, emotion, tradition, and

160:5.3 those b. on true spirit experience I would term the

170:5.3 the activities of Paul and his successors and b. on the

171:8.2 and was largely b. on the experience of Archelaus

176:2.8 written accounts b. on the memories of what the

188:4.13 Human salvation is real; it is b. on two realities

189:2.6 belief in the resurrection of Jesus has been b. on

194:3.14 set free from all religious discriminations b. on sex

195:6.12 Moral convictions b. on spiritual enlightenment and

195:6.12 just as real as mathematical deductions b. on physical

196:0.4 a new and higher type of religion, religion b. on

196:2.11 Jesus’ brotherhood of men b. on the recognition of

based upon

81:6.37 The civilizations of the past and present have been b.

92:6.18 and teachings of Christ b. the theology of Judaism,

94:6.9 Confucius b. his doctrines upon the better moral

121:7.1 a form of self-righteousness b. the false pride of

124:4.9 a masterful concept of group solidarity b. loyalty

135:4.3 And all his early teaching was b. the current idea

187:4.4 records were b. the recital of the Roman centurion


68:3.3 The b. fears of evolution are designed to be


84:4.4 celibate priesthood, the chief was the b. of woman.


4:3.1 sight of his being dominated by his own b. passions,

63:1.4 a quality of mind far above the b. intelligence which

71:4.17 permit themselves to be exterminated by the b.

72:1.4 b. of the remaining two, also vacate his dictatorship.

91:1.2 primitive man attempted to gratify his b. emotions

97:1.2 tribal gods of the country and in the b. conception


61:4.2 depositions were made at the mountain b., in lakes,

70:12.4 have codified these mores into documentary b. for

101:5.5 certain generally accepted b. for logical deductions.


69:8.3 The raid upon Og, the king of B., was equally


7:3.3 The spirit-gravity circuit is the b. channel for

8:2.3 who tend towards the error of viewing matter as b.

11:5.5 is concerned with the diffusion of this b. form of

12:1.1 all forms of b. energy ever swing around the

12:3.8 on the basis of the gravity response of b. physical

12:3.10 a disturbing factor in the effort to arrive at a b. unit

12:9.1 Spirit is the b. personal reality in the universes,

12:9.1 and personality is b. to all progressing experience

13:1.10 much, we do comprehend, but many b. details are

14:2.3 organization of exactly one thousand b. chemical

14:2.3 Each of these b. energies manifests seven phases

14:2.5 The b. organization of a threefold creation is unlike

14:4.1 There are seven b. forms of living things and beings

14:4.1 and each of these b. forms exists in three distinct

14:4.1 These b. life groups might be classified as:

14:5.6 constitution of the b. orders of intelligent beings

15:2.3 The b. unit of the supergovernment consists of

16:5.4 The impress of a Master Spirit is b. to the existence

16:6.2 these same Master Spirits dominate the b. reactions

16:6.10 These three b. factors in reflective thinking may be

16:8.15 recognition of three b. mind realities of the cosmos

17:1.2 largely determine the b. constitutive trends of the

18:1.5 with these seven b. groupings of universe beings

21:2.1 the b. creative units of the seven evolutionary

26:3.6 They can operate all of the b. circuits of space.

29:3.10 work with the three b. currents of ten energies each.

29:3.11 ten forms of energy contained in each b. universe

29:4.14 are chiefly occupied in the adjustment of b. energies

29:4.37 one frandalank for each form of b. universe force,

29:5.5 primordial or b. space-forces of the Unqualified

30:0.1 something of two b. classifications of living beings—

32:3.10 one of the two b. types of finite will creatures.

32:5.3 underlying purposes and b. reactions of eternity.

34:2.3 While there is a b. uniformity of character in all

36:2.11 multiples and combinations of these b. numbers.

36:2.11 these three b. forms of life are segregated on three

36:2.11 multiples, runs throughout all b. life patterns of all

36:2.14 the b. functional variations of life manifestations.

36:2.16 specialists in the expert manipulation of the b. life

36:2.16 four and twenty b. orders of psychic organization.)

36:5.11 creatures into the two b. classes of mortal existence.

39:2.18 The b. reserves for the entire local universe are held

39:3.3 and formally promulgate the b. laws of Nebadon,

40:0.11 a discussion of the three b. orders of ascending

41:1.2 light and electricity are not the b. energies of space

41:1.3 And these energy circuits are b. to all physical-

41:2.4 perfect control of a majority of the b. energies of

41:3.6 bringing the orbits of the b. material units closer and

41:6.2 Stone is literally the b. building matter for the

41:9.1 the maintenance of the b. ultimatonic associations

42:2.7 This represents the first b. change in space potency

42:4.3 manipulation of the b. units of materialized energy

42:4.9 many of the b. associations of nuclear matter, are

42:8.1 there is present in and among these b. physical units

42:8.1 the secret of their b. constitution and ultimate

42:9.2 The number seven is b. to the central universe and

42:9.3 periods of seven when the b. elements are

44:0.15 nothing material excepting certain of the b. energies.

44:4.4 the b. alphabet contains only seventy symbols.

44:4.4 the b. symbols, or alphabet, being forty-eight in

44:5.2 They are conversant with the three b. currents and

44:5.10 essential to effective utilization of the b. energies of

48:2.22 While the b. morontia forms of life and matter are

48:6.32 the offspring of these different b. types of human

49:1.2 association of chemical, electrical, and other b.

49:1.5 All animal types are developed from the b. patterns

49:2.1 There is a standard and b. pattern of vegetable and

49:2.1 modifying these b patterns to conform to the varying

49:4.2 There are six b. evolutionary races: three primary—

49:5.13 are three b. organizations of the brain mechanism:

52:1.1 There are six b. types or races of primitive men,

56:0.2 experienced in this art of detecting the b. unity

56:1.4 and directive overcontrol of all b. energy systems.

56:9.4 reaction of the Trinity (of Trinities) to all b. and

58:1.1 institute modifications in the b. and standard life

59:1.14 the trilobite fossils of these times present certain b.

59:2.9 many of the b. changes, such as the transition from

61:1.3  B. mammalian instincts began to be manifested in

65:0.1 B. evolutionary material life—premind life—is the

68:3.3 society was founded on fundamental needs and b.

68:6.1 The b. struggle of man was, and is, and ever shall be


69:5.3 The b. urges which led to the accumulation of capital

69:6.2 animal; fire is the b. human invention, or discovery.

71:2.4 Failure to recognize the b. facts of social evolution.

71:2.7 Public opinion, the mores, is the b. and elemental

71:5.4 the slightest abrogation of any of the b. liberties of

72:3.4 These people regard the home as the b. institution of

72:7.6 Every state has ten b. constitutional provisions

72:8.1 In addition to the b. compulsory education program

81:0.1 the b. organic evolution of the human species

81:4.1 blending and reblending of the five b. human stocks

81:6.23 the home will ever be the b. institution.

82:2.1 the unending war between b. instincts and ethics.

84:6.6 male and female; always will these two b.

84:8.2 Originally, property was the b. institution of self-

84:8.3 The b type of self-gratification, aside from appeasing

89:1.1 it is still a b. unit of the social regulative structure.

89:3.6 the home, society’s veritable foundation and the b.

92:1.4 Fear has always been the b. religious stimulus.

92:6.1 The b. belief of primitive religion was survival after

94:4.9 it is an integral part of the b. social fabric of India.

97:3.5 Out of this b. difference in the regard for land,

98:0.4 The b. doctrines of Greek philosophy, Jewish

98:7.4 1. The Melchizedek teachings, which are a b. factor

101:2.4 There are two b. reasons for believing in a God who

101:7.2 religion evolves out of a b. growth of ideas plus

102:7.4 graft many purely humanistic branches onto his b.

105:4.2 eternalize the b. foundations for all universe reality.

105:4.9 in the triunities, the b. association of Absolutes.

112:2.14 the b. energies, the master tissues, the fundamental

114:6.13 the home, the b. institution of human civilization.

115:3.5 One b. conception of the absolute level involves a

115:3.18 But even these b. divisions of sequence relationships

115:6.1 Paradise gravity grasps the b. units of material

115:6.3 with due regard for the absoluteness of these three b.

115:6.8 the dual motions seem to account for most of the b.

118:0.9 the Ultimate constitutes the b. association of derived

118:4.4 existentials, is threefold in its b. constitution.

118:9.6 The b universe mechanisms have come into existence

121:6.5 eliminated from his pre-Christian b. theology.

146:2.5 4. There is a b. law of justice in the universe which

147:4.7 more beautiful interpretation of this b. rule of life.

152:6.1 changes in their b. and fundamental concepts of

196:3.11 possessions by the exercise of the three b. judgments


15:6.16 laws of physical-energy behavior are b. universal,

16:0.1 why the number seven is b. fundamental in its

18:3.2 The Ancients of Days are all b. identical; they

29:1.4 Such physical-control organisms are b. uniform,

48:2.22 Your adaptation to this b. uniform but advancing

49:0.2 All inhabited worlds are b. grouped for celestial

84:0.3 The home is b. a sociologic institution.

98:0.1 The ideals of the Western world were b. Socratic,

106:9.4 reality, is b. twofold: existential and experiential.

140:4.7 Personality is b. changeless; that which changes—

180:5.9 Master’s teaching is b. a spiritual pronouncement.


58:4.3 the Mediterranean b., between itself and the mother

59:5.10 and plants, along with much gravel and b. sediments.

59:6.9 India, and the Sicilian Bay of the Mediterranean b..

60:1.8 extended eastward to connect with the old sea b. of

60:1.12 as India and the islands of the southern Pacific b..

78:1.8 in the then fertile valleys of the Mediterranean b.

78:1.11 9. The Mediterranean b.. The most highly blended

78:1.11 India occupied what is now the Mediterranean b..

78:3.7 drought and that of the Mediterranean b. by flood.

79:1.2 Andite culture persisted in the b. of the Tarim

79:1.8 and the brunet-Mongolian types in the Tarim b. of

79:2.1 Ancient India acted as a catch b. for the migrating

79:6.5 centers so advanced as those of the Tarim b..

80:2.4 the isthmus of Gibraltar, protecting the western b. of

80:2.5 This engulfment of the Mediterranean b. curtailed

80:9.7 and the Danube b. by the barbarians of the hills of

80:9.9 the entire coastal territory of the Mediterranean b..

129:3.8 The purpose of his trip around the Mediterranean b.

185:8.2 Then he ordered a b. and some water, and there


41:1.3  B. their activities on such focal points of energy

110:3.7 b. the human life on the highest consciousness of


49:2.17 midst the shallow waters of sheltered tropic b.,

57:8.20 worn down by erosion, and washed into the ocean b.

59:0.8 near-shore b. are covered with prolific vegetation.

60:1.7 many of the b. of the fresh- and salt-water lakes of

61:4.2 mountain bases, in lakes, and in the great land b..

166:1.2 without going to the water b. to wash his hands.

179:1.2 water, the b., and towels for laving their dusty feet;

179:3.1 the water pitchers, b., and towels had been placed.

179:3.1 and begin to pour water into one of the foot b..

basissee basis for, basis of

14:2.6 All natural law is co-ordinated on a b. different than

39:3.6 on the mating, complemental, or partnership b.,

68:5.13 developments must rest upon a sound agricultural b..

92:7.1 Philosophy may, indeed, rest on a scientific b., but

103:4.4 the relationship was placed on a child-parent b..

106:6.4 on a qualified, limited, or otherwise restricted b..

115:3.2 mind finds no b. upon which to attempt to formulate

188:5.1 relations between God and man upon the family b..

basis for

14:6.12 the material b. for absolute confidence in the Father.

19:1.6 the b. for a wise estimate of the current status.

44:7.1 If I had the least possible b. for comparison, I would

48:4.20 memories of the past there would be no b. for the

48:4.20 past experiences that provides the b. for present

68:1.7 The only b. for the legend of the golden age is the

70:8.6 possession of slaves was a genetic b. for one class of

90:3.4 Regardless of the erroneous b. for these beliefs,

91:2.5 although affording the b. for certain forms of mystic

101:6.2 is inherently the b. for the superfinite eventuation of

105:1.2 the I AM does afford finite beings some b. for an

105:2.4 the I AM is establishing the b. for a sevenfold self-

105:3.3 realities of the I AM and the b. for the realization-

105:3.4 b. for the realization-revelation of “I AM force”


115:3.17 b. for growth—the absolute actuals—is unqualified,

118:10.14 new and enlarged factual b. for the comprehension

186:2.7 they desired as a b. for convicting him of blasphemy.

basis of

0:12.12 we have selected as the b. of these papers more than

10:6.3 Evidence, the b. of fairness (justice in harmony with

12:3.8 computed on the b. of the gravity response of

28:6.2 Origin is the b. of the relational reaction of the Gods.

36:5.8 the b. of character acquirement and the intellectual

39:3.4 the interassociation of will creatures on a b. of real

42:0.1 energy is the b. of all existence, and pure energy is

42:5.6 This stage of energy is the b. of all materialization in

52:2.5 Color is the b. of tribal and national groupings,

56:10.10 Truth is the b. of science and philosophy, presenting

69:5.15 capitalists does not destroy the fact that it is the b. of

82:0.1 but marriage is the b. of all social evolution and is

84:3.1 and the b. of family unity under the herder and early

84:6.2 Marriage, the b. of home building, is the highest

84:6.8 maintenance, which is the structural b. of society.

94:6.11 of Confucius have ever since constituted the b. of

98:7.10 Paul’s theology, still forms the b. of European ethics.

99:5.7 effect co-operation on the b. of unity of ideals and

99:5.7 to do so on the b. of psychological opinions and

103:2.8 of social service, the b. of the brotherhood of man.

103:4.4 Jesus destroyed the b. of all this fictitious guilt and

103:4.5 God the Father deals with man his child on the b.

103:7.6 faith is always logical from the b. of an inner

108:1.1 We cannot explain the b. of Adjuster assignment,

118:0.11 it does provide the finite mind with a conceptual b.

PART IV  The b. of this narrative was supplied by a midwayer

121:8.3 the written b. of all subsequent Gospel narratives

122:8.7 Upon the b. of these extraordinary but wholly

139:7.5 notes were used as the b. of Isador’s narrative of the

174:3.4 teachings of the prophets were admissible as a b. of

184:4.6 and on the b. of the fact and truth of that supreme


126:0.2 But Mary was not for long to b. in this sunshine of


81:2.17 the whole creation resembling a huge inverted b..

81:2.18 early huts that the subsequent idea of all sorts of b.

152:2.8 And when Andrew had brought the b. to Jesus,

177:0.4 Mark came forward with a small b. containing food

177:0.4 smiled on John and reached down to take the b..

177:1.1 As Jesus was about to take the lunch b. from John’s

177:1.1 “But, Master, you may set the b. down while you

177:1.1 I will ask no questions and will stay by the b. when

177:1.2 John Mark had made bold to hold on to the b..

177:1.2 There they stood, John and Jesus holding the b..

177:3.2 lad approached the Master and offered him the b.,

177:3.2 while he went off to the hills with b., boy, and all.”


152:2.9 gathering up the fragments, they had twelve b..


152:3.3 they stood in silence gathered about the twelve b.

157:1.3 presented him with several large b. of fish and


80:9.11 The B. and the Berbers represent the survival of two


100:2.7 there is one inner b., the citadel of the spirit, which

batsee also batlike

49:2.17 a group of diminutive mammals (the b. family)

65:2.12 and seals, and into air navigators like the b. family.


138:2.4 just to the east of the city, near the borders of B..

154:7.4 were journeying northward through B., the Pharisees

155:0.1 the plans for their projected tour through B. and


85:4.1 and the Greeks practiced the annual ritual b..


6:5.5 bestow as an unlimited spirit to b. all creation and

59:1.17 deflected eastward to b. and warm the shores of


13:0.5 And all Havona is b. in these spiritualizing influences

59:3.7 and the warm seas b. the shores of the polar lands.


29:2.14 vast moving ocean of energy which engulfs and b.

58:1.3 blood stream which freely b., literally submerses,


58:1.4 b. each individual cell with a chemical liquid in all

66:5.21 Before the Prince’s arrival, b. had been a religious

84:1.4 virgins were greatly restricted in their b. practices;

84:1.4 young women were far more afraid of b. in the sea

84:1.4 into a woman’s body as a result of careless b. or

87:6.12 water ritual; primitive b. was a religious ceremony.

87:6.12 Only in recent times has b become a sanitary practice


90:4.6 Vapor b. were highly regarded; natural hot springs

132:4.5 place in Rome he did not visit was the public b..

132:4.5 Jesus refused to accompany his friends to the b.

133:3.6 Jesus refused to accompany them to the public b..

Bathshebaone of Davids wives

97:9.10 six wives, not to mention B., the wife of the Hittite.

97:9.15 contenders for the throne besides the son of B.

122:1.2 ancestors such well-known women as Annon, B.,


60:2.12 dinosaurs, and their wings were of b. formation


38:4.4 seraphim also have group, company, b., and unit

38:6.1 Twelve companies constitute a b. (1,728 pairs or

113:1.3 one company, with one b. of cherubim, assigned to

113:2.6 is number 3 of group 17, of company 126, of b. 4,

113:6.2 angels, successively, of the group, company, b., unit


38:6.1 and twelve b. under a director equal a seraphic unit

136:9.3 to marshal his wonder-working b. in militant array!


41:6.2 even after it has been b. by the destructive X rays


29:4.21 The Master Physical Controllers often function in b.

39:5.14 summons the auxiliary b. of the living energy

144:4.8 prayer may be likened to recharging the spiritual b.


28:5.8 Wisdom summon a b. of the Voices of Wisdom and,

29:4.19 while a b. of one thousand energy transmitters

29:4.24 are able to increase or to diminish the “storage-b.

73:6.4 the tree of life was like a superchemical storage b.,

88:1.2 once a collection of sacred stones, a b. of charms.

battlesee battle cry

5:5.1 Man’s physical environment entails the b. for

53:5.6 This “war in heaven” was not a physical b. as such

62:3.13 during the last fierce b. of their tribe, emerging only

64:6.13 This long-drawn-out b. was waged for almost one

67:3.3 began the great b. for the salvation of the planetary

70:1.6 divide up into two groups and engage in an all-day b.

70:1.13 engage in a foray as a holiday, to enjoy a sham b..

70:1.20 fed and nursed the soldiers and urged them on to b..

78:6.7 Asia Minor, were there to give b. to the northern

80:5.4 the armies of the north in the final b. of the Somme,

84:7.26 displayed in assisting the child to win the b. of life.

86:1.6 the race is not to the swift, nor the b. to the strong,

89:3.6 as a ritual among soldiers prior to engaging in b.;

93:5.13 disciple as Abraham returned victorious from the b..

93:5.14 After this b. of Siddim, Abraham became leader of

93:9.9 meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek after the b. of

94:1.4 Brahma, was submerged in the theologic b. which

95:2.6 In the legendary b. of Horus with Set the young god

95:6.3 religious philosophy which dared to b. with evil,

95:6.4 And Zoroaster heroically died in b. for that which he

97:9.3 “Judah” to the list of tribes participating in the b..

97:9.11 After a fierce b. they were defeated, and once

97:9.18 groups and resisted at Karkar; the b. was a draw.

101:10.9 fighting the b. of reality’s triumph over the partial

101:10.9 even the stars in their courses are now doing b. for

111:7.2 you fight the b. of life as it is lived on your planet;

133:2.5 the “city of victory” in commemoration of the b. of

133:2.5 where Augustus camped with his army before the b..

136:9.7 The idea of b., contention, and slaughter was

137:8.7 The Son of Man will not lead forth armies in b. for

139:3.8 to sacrifice his life upon the new b. line of the

143:1.6 It is easy to die in the line of physical b. when

156:6.10 The issues of b. are clearly drawn as the Master and

159:3.8 believer has only one b., and that is against doubt-

159:4.5 directed your forefathers to go forth in b. to slay

160:3.4 All too often, when we b. for the right, it turns out

181:2.9 I know you would not hesitate to go forth in b.

191:1.2 Gird yourself, Simon, for the b. of a new day, the

195:6.10 to b. with the trumpet blasts of the Middle Ages.

battle cry

26:5.3 Long since, the b. of these pilgrims became: “In

53:4.2 Self-assertion was the b. of the Lucifer rebellion.

140:1.3 b. shall be: Peace on earth and good will to all men.


79:0.1 first home, their first hunting ground, their first b..

84:3.5 Man was woman’s superior on the b. and in the hunt

95:5.9 augment the morale of the Egyptian army on the b.

127:6.4 around Megiddo, the international b. of Palestine.


48:6.19 will raise me up to sit with you on the b. on high.


41:6.1 of the fierce encounters of the solar elemental b..

62:3.8 series of internecine b. that nearly destroyed the

63:4.4 their constantly recurring b. with the inferior tribes,

70:1.15 The Hebrews believed in such a “God of b.”;

70:2.9 warfare supported the concept of a God of b.,

89:6.3 bargained with the “god of b.,” agreeing to pay a

96:5.7 “the Almighty; the Lord is a man of war, God of b.,

133:2.2 to go through life with you, to help you fight its b.,

139:9.11 to go on in the more complex b. of the kingdom.

158:1.4 and dream of the b. which had been fought by the

160:2.8 the courage to fight those b. consequent upon the

193:4.4 Judas met defeat in his b. of the earth struggle

195:4.4 eventful crises which have characterized its past b.

Bautanstudent of Gautama who was a Salem believer

94:7.5 and it was during its second year that a pupil, B.,


57:8.12 than in northeastern Canada around Hudson B..

59:6.9 the Ganges B. of India, and the Sicilian Bay of the

59:6.9 and the Sicilian B. of the Mediterranean basin.

64:7.19 an Eskimo group on the shores of Hudson B..

79:3.7 was venturing on the waters of the B. of Bengal


57:8.24 sheltered b. which are so suitable as a habitat for

58:1.6 would afford still more inland seas and sheltered b.,

58:1.7 a shore line of shallow waters and sheltered b.;

58:4.4 marine life in the sheltered tropic b. of the central

58:6.1 in the shallow waters of the sheltered tropic b. and

59:4.12 the coast of California since many sheltered b. of

61:1.12 land rise the continent was covered by lakes and b.

65:2.1 of the ocean bed in the sluggish and warm-water b.

99:1.3 The social ship has steamed out of the sheltered b. of


173:1.2 had already begun to establish their b. in the

173:1.7 uproarious shouting they moved toward the b.

benon-exhaustive; see perfect; would-be

2:3.2Be not deceived; God is not mocked, for whatever

11:9.7 Everything which has been, now is, or is yet to be,

21:5.5 future sovereignty of the sometime-to-be-completed

26:11.4Be you understanding of your ascendant brethren,

28:6.22 To be great is to be Godlike.

37:2.8 bids the Son, “Be about your brother’s business.”

40:6.2 While “it does not yet appear what you shall be,”

43:5.17 Abraham when he said, “And blessed be the Most

44:1.15 be not discouraged; some day a real musician may

53:9.7 you have been a terror, but never shall you be any

65:3.7 Be patient! If you have good ideas, if your minds

82:4.5 of rearing a chaste bride for the husband-to-be.

91:4.3 In all your praying be fair; do not expect God to

97:7.6 with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God.”

100:3.5 potential—not what was, but what is and is to be.

100:7.9 word of exhortation was, “Be of good cheer.”

100:7.13 was Jesus saying, “Rejoice and be exceedingly glad.”

101:4.7 co-ordination of known or about-to-be-known facts

102:5.1 the potential is what is to be, and what is to be is the

105:6.2 power supremacy in the grand universe to be,

109:6.5 will, saying, “Not my will, but yours, be done.”

111:5.6 of creature will—“Not my will but yours be done”

111:5.6 affirmation: “It is my will that your will be done.”

115:0.1 —one must do something as well as be something.

118:1.9 I AM signifies also I WAS and I WILL BE.

118:8.11 declaring, “It is my will that your will be done.”

120:3.11 the safekeeping of the Son of Man about-to-be until

122:2.6 Gabriel had informed each of these mothers-to-be

124:4.9 Be loyal to the dictates of your highest convictions

126:4.6 Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I

127:2.8 never-to-be-forgotten statement that “money

128:7.4 Jesus would only counsel: “Be patient.

128:7.4 Be wise in your counsel and eloquent in your lives,

130:8.3 “Farewell, my lad, be of good courage as you grow

131:2.6 Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

131:5.2 As you supremely desire, so shall you be.

132:4.6 he said: “Be brave of heart as well as of hand. Dare

134:8.2 back the guardian seraphim to “be with Tiglath.”

134:9.8 of heaven is at hand; repent and be baptized.”

135:7.3 early and cryptic message: “Repent and be baptized.

136:1.5 “Repent and be baptized, for the kingdom is at hand.

136:2.4 Your will be done on earth, even as it is in heaven

136:4.4 human mind say, “Not my will but yours be done.”

137:1.6 Jesus answered them, “Be calm in your hearts and

137:1.6 be of good cheer, making ready also to go with us

137:1.6 In the coming kingdom, be not mindful of those

137:6.3Be patient and you shall see the glory of God;

137:6.5 Be patient, be gentle. Be ever obedient to the

137:7.3 Jesus’ reply to Peter ever was: “Be patient, Simon.

137:8.4 “You shall be to me a kingdom of priests, a holy

137:8.4 Blessed be the glory of the Lord for he is our King.”

137:8.9Be not deceived by those who come saying here is

138:6.3 Be not sidetracked into preaching about me and

139:12.5 Be assured that Judas was always financially loyal

140:3.14 Be willing to suffer injustice rather than to go to law

140:3.16 Be merciful, even as God is merciful, and in the

140:6.11 be not given to fasting with a sad countenance to

140:6.13 be not anxious for your lives;much less be concerned

140:6.13 Be not, therefore, unduly anxious for the morrow.

140:8.13Be as wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.”

140:9.3 be you therefore as wise as serpents and as

140:9.3 be not anxious about what you shall say, for the

140:10.1 trying to show the twelve what they must be, not

140:10.1 “In the kingdom you must be righteous in order to

141:5.1 or even think alike in order spiritually to be alike.

141:6.4 Do not strive with men—always be patient.

144:5.20 Be patient with us as we show loving-kindness to

144:5.50 Be pleased to make us more and more like yourself.

144:5.63 Be you ever and unfailingly patient with us Even

144:5.95 But be you merciful and love us as we desire to love

144:6.3 Be not anxious about me, for I will return to you.

144:6.9 John’s apostles preached, “Repent and be baptized.”

144:6.9 apostles proclaimed, “Believe and be baptized.”

146:2.16Be not constantly overanxious about your needs.

146:2.16 Be not apprehensive concerning the problems of

146:4.3 hand and, touching him, said: “I will—be clean.”

147:5.4 Be not discouraged by the thoughtless and unkind

147:7.2 Be reminded that a wise tailor does not sew a piece

148:4.10 ‘I will be his Father and he shall be my son.

148:4.10 ‘I have chosen him to be my son—I will be his

149:2.11 his fellows the superior thing which ought to be.

149:4.2Be not hasty in spirit, for anger rests in the bosom

150:4.2 be not afraid of those who can kill the body, but

150:4.3 Be not ashamed of my teaching; go forth

150:4.3 be not deceived—peace will not always attend your

151:5.5 Peace, be quiet.”

152:4.2Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.”

152:5.3Be patient, wait upon the Lord and be of good

153:4.4 And as you now choose, so shall you eventually be.

153:5.4 Be of good cheer! I have not deserted you.

154:6.5 Bid them be of good courage and put their trust in

156:5.5 be not overcome by evil but rather overcome evil

156:5.8 Be not downcast by your failure wholly to forget

157:2.2 Be not deceived by their show of much learning

157:2.2 Be only concerned with the spirit of living truth

158:1.6 Be of good cheer; I will not leave you until my

158:1.10 “Arise and be not afraid; you shall see greater

158:5.2 Safed spoke those long-to-be-remembered words

158:7.5 Be not ashamed of me and my words in this sinful

159:3.2 be fair; exercise self-control and exhibit due

159:3.4 Be not cynical with my fear-ridden children.

159:3.5 Never be guilty of such unworthy tactics as

160:4.11 Be not deceived by the tempting rewards of

163:1.3 therefore be as wise as serpents while you are also

165:3.3 seek to destroy the Son of Man, be not afraid of

165:4.2 take now your ease; eat, drink, and be merry, for

165:5.2 be not anxious or worried about the things of the

165:5.6 Be you also on watch for yourselves, for in an hour

167:5.1 his breast, saying, ‘God be merciful to me a sinner

171:4.2 when they kill the Son of Man, be not dismayed,

171:5.3Be of good cheer; come with us, for the Master

174:0.2 said: “Be not dismayed by the events just ahead.

174:0.2Be gentle; love even your enemies; be tolerant.

174:0.2 be true to your commission as an ambassador of

174:0.2Be unmoved by the events now impending.

174:0.2 Be loyal to your oath of consecration.”

174:0.2 be willing to be steadfast.”

174:0.2 Be true to the affections of your hearts and put not

174:0.2 Be not weary in well doing; and I would warn you

176:1.1 When you hear of wars and rumors of wars, be not

176:1.1 when you stand before judges, be not anxious

176:1.1 Be patient! Doubt not that the gospel of the kingdom

176:1.4 In the meantime, I warn you, be not deceived.

176:2.3 but be of good courage, for I will sometime return.

176:4.7 Be you therefore ever ready to welcome him on

177:5.6 and peace be upon you till we rise on the morrow,

178:1.7 Be you always as wise as serpents but as harmless as

178:1.14 be gentle in your dealings with erring mortals,

178:2.4 I will be with you to the end.”

178:3.3 be valiant in defense of the gospel by spirit power

178:3.3 be not misled into any foolish attempt to defend

179:5.1 This shall be the cup of my remembrance.

179:5.7 Be you all as brethren.And when the kingdom grows

181:1.5 be not dismayed, but rather believe, inasmuch as

181:1.6 you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer;

181:2.18 be content to be the teacher and counselor of

181:2.25Be not dismayed that you fail to grasp the full

181:2.25 Be patient and of good courage since you have the

182:1.4 Be near them, Father, until we can send the new

182:2.6 be not disturbed by what is about to take place since

182:2.11 Jesus only said: “Let it be so, David.”

182:3.4 Not my will, but yours, be done.”

185:8.2 replied, “His blood be on us and on our children.”

189:5.4Be not doubting; have the courage to believe what

190:3.1 And I will be with you always, even to the ends of

191:4.4 be wise in your choice of methods for presenting the

191:5.4 Thomas, I bid you be not faithless but believing—

192:2.3 Be a good and a true shepherd to the flock.

192:2.3 Be not taken by surprise at the enemy’s hand.

192:2.3 Be on guard at all times—watch and pray.”

192:2.4 Be an example and an inspiration to all your fellow

192:2.5 Jesus said: “Peter, be not concerned about what your

192:2.8 But never be dismayed; when you are through on

192:2.9 And be not weary in this well-doing but persevere as

192:2.9 be strong in faith and mighty in the kingdom of God.

192:2.10 Be faithful to men as I have watched over you.

192:2.10 Be less critical; expect less of some men and

192:2.11 Cease to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good

193:1.2 But be not deceived; while salvation is the free gift

193:1.2 shall go before you, and I will be with you always.”

195:5.10 Be patient! Be not tempted to indulge in a lawless

195:5.10 be calm while you await the majestic unfolding of an

195:9.1 But be patient! When the present superstition revolt

196:3.33 Be not discouraged; human evolution is still in


139:2.4 in their astonishment at seeing Jesus on the b., Peter

140:6.1 Afterward, while Jesus went for a walk along the b.,

141:0.2 he found Jesus sitting in a boat down the b.,

151:4.6 net was filled, the fishermen drew it up on the b.,

192:1.2 they neared the shore, they saw someone on the b.,

192:1.3 the man on the b. called to them, “Lads, have you

192:1.4 ran down the b. to greet them; and when he saw

192:1.5 they neglected to haul the net of fish in upon the b..

192:1.6 the sight of the coals of fire glowing there on the b.;

192:1.10 Jesus walked up and down the b., talking with them

192:2.1 that they should come with him for a stroll on the b..


88:1.2 string of b. was once a collection of sacred stones,


140:3.17 a mote out of your brother’s eye when there is a b.

140:3.17 Having first cast the b. out of your own eye, you can

156:5.2 has bestowed all of his labor upon the unsound b.,


160:4.13 attempt to hide failure under deceptive smiles and b.


41:6.3 remnants of solar calcium literally ride the light b.

42:5.14 together with the initial velocity of the energy b.,


61:7.13 the glaciers back and forth over the land were the b.,

62:5.2 They would climb up the trunk of a tree like a b.

bearverb; see bear in mind; bearwith fruit;

see witness, bear

2:4.2 any influence be brought to b. upon the Father to call

2:5.8 I b. these lesser rulers of the universes a great and

16:5.2 must b. the characteristic stamp of individuality

16:5.2 man, will forever b. this badge of natal identification.

21:0.2 that love which even mortal parents b. their children.

28:6.15 to gracefully b. these added responsibilities,

31:0.12 No outside influence can ever be brought to b. upon

33:8.6 activities of Urantia which b. corresponding names.

48:7.21 The disappointments hardest to b. are those which

52:4.6 those rulers who are most fit to b. social and political

54:5.5 admonish the upright children to b. with an erring

68:1.6 the nonsocial peoples of ancient times b. eloquent

68:5.8 consigned to work and to b. human offspring,

77:8.6 This group b. names; they are a small corps and

82:3.7 the ability to perform hard work and to b. children.

83:3.2 the elders would often bring pressure to b. upon

84:7.6 undesired children to die; moderns refuse to b. them.

94:12.1 so does Buddhism b. its human birthmark.

102:3.10 And we b. testimony that the Infinite I AM is also

118:1.4 purpose of bringing it to b. on a present situation.

122:2.3 will shortly b. a son who shall be the forerunner of

122:3.1 shall presently also b. a son, whose name shall be

122:4.1 you concerning the son whom Mary shall b.,

122:4.4 Even the passage, “a maiden shall b. a son,” was

122:4.4 was made to read, “a virgin shall b. a son.”

123:2.13 the custom for the mother to b. the responsibility for

126:3.14 unusual situation compelled him to b. his burdens

127:6.12 Jesus has learned well to b. responsibility.

128:4.7 Jesus did not want to bring any undue influence to b.

131:2.11 “Love your neighbor as yourself; b. a grudge against

133:2.2 who must carry, b., and nurture the children.

134:9.5 “It is not required of you to b. the burden of the

135:8.5B. with me now, for it becomes us to set this

136:7.2 They shall b. you up in their hands lest you dash

138:7.1 “My little children, how long shall I b. with you!

139:4.1 he continued to b. this responsibility as long as Mary

139:11.9 head of the government whose credentials we b..”

140:10.4 replied to Thomas: “How long shall I b. with you!

142:7.17 I love you and will b. with you, even to the very

146:5.2 the sick boy, said: “How long shall I b. with you?

149:2.4 of Jesus in a religion which might b. his name,

151:2.2 which fell on good ground and sprang up to b.,

151:2.3 seed which fell on good soil, springing up to b.,

152:5.3 Jesus said: “How long shall I b. with you?

154:3.2 Strong pressure was brought to b. upon Herod

158:5.2 and perverse generation, how long shall I b. with

159:4.4 not written by the persons whose names they b.,

159:5.10 exhorted his followers patiently to b. obligations

160:1.6 with the love and consideration that parents b.

162:2.7 “I b. none of you ill will. The Father loves you,

164:2.4 not in the least mitigate the hatred which they b.

168:5.1 to live and b. testimony to the fact that Jesus had

169:1.6 hard-working, and willing to b. responsibility.

174:2.2 Whose image and superscription does this coin b.

175:1.8 heavy burdens on your shoulders, grievous to b.,

175:1.8 they will not lift as much as one finger to help you b.

175:1.11 I b. no malice toward these chief priests and rulers

177:2.2 are the product of a home where the parents b. each

178:1.9 But the very light which you b. to the world, and

182:3.9 everything seems to b. down with crushing cruelty

190:1.5 message which you shall b. to the believers is:

191:0.9 whether Jesus’ body would b. the physical marks of

192:2.7 which he is not qualified by experience to b..

bear in mind

1:7.8 Ever b that these profound truths pertaining to Deity

56:8.3 B., all that God the Father and his Paradise Sons do

58:2.6  B. that one half of all your atmosphere is to be found

77:1.2 It is well always to b. that the successive bestowals

91:9.1 engage in effective praying, you should b. the laws

105:2.1 In considering the genesis of reality, ever b. that all

120:2.7 b. constantly in mind that you are living a life for

120:2.9 9. I caution you ever to b. that, while in fact you

132:5.2 I would suggest that you b. the following ten

145:3.11 neglected to b. in his human mind the admonitory

195:10.3 Ever b. in mind—God and men need each other.

bearwith fruit

34:7.1 does not naturally b. the fruits of the divine Spirit.

48:6.36 before it can be reborn to b. the fruits of new life

70:8.18 But these measures can b. their true fruits only in the

142:6.7 you would begin to b. in your daily life the fruits

156:5.1 truth and actually b. the noble fruits of the spirit.”

178:1.15 I desire that it shall b. appropriate fruits in each

180:2.1 the Father requires of me only that you shall b.

180:2.1 the Father will cleanse that it may b. more fruit.

180:2.1 As the branch cannot b. fruit except it abides in

180:2.1 He who lives in me, and I in him, will b. much

180:2.1 spiritual connection with me, you will b. abundant

180:2.6 love, in order that the branches may b. much fruit.

193:2.2 If professed believers b. not these fruits of the

193:2.2 Father requires of the children of faith that they b.


84:3.7 Woman has always been the burden b., carrying the

84:6.4 Woman has always been the moral standard-b.

89:4.3 sacrifice might function as a message b. to the gods;


22:9.4 functioning as court messengers and as b. of the

26:3.7 b. of all messages requiring personal transmission.

39:5.17 These angels are also the personal message b. of

69:4.2 they were the burden b.; the men were warriors.

81:2.12 hundred thousand men in his colony of burden b..

146:6.2 and half of the village followed the b. of the bier of

175:1.6 lose your position in the world as the standard-b.

175:3.2 plan to make the children of Abraham the light-b.

195:10.13 and persecute truth b. who chanced to appear in


42:4.10 power directors also have a b. on all transmutation

132:0.1 “If I had that fellow’s kingly b. and gracious manner,

184:3.19 are exasperated by the superb b. of this God-man.

185:2.15 so impressed by Jesus’ silent and masterly b. that he

bearingverb; see fossil

58:7.1 these oldest stratified rock layers, b. the fossils of

59:4.11 some of the teeth-b. varieties being twenty-five feet

59:5.15 Europe the coal-b. strata are 18,000 feet in thickness

59:5.22 The plants of these times were spore b., the wind

60:0.2 Even the spore-b. plants were nearly extinct.

60:3.3 The Sierras were beginning to form, their gold-b.

60:3.19 these seed-b. grasses and trees were to the plant

66:2.9 seraphic transports b. the one hundred Jerusem

66:5.4 animals best adapted to help human beings in b.

66:5.5 Men were taught to use oxen for burden b., but

71:4.16 which all men delight in b. one another’s burdens;

74:4.5 arrival of the seraphic messenger b. the Jerusem

82:3.13 the b. of a child before marriage greatly increased a

83:5.13 Such a wife often grew tired of b. children and

84:3.9 earlier weaning of babies, hence to the b. of more

93:10.5 b. the title Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia.

94:7.8 has survived in the modern cults b. Gautama’s name.

96:7.3 b. in mind that no other single collection covers

98:7.7 witnessed by only a handful of gift-b. shepherds who

100:2.1 and, second, on the continuous b. of spiritual fruit:

105:2.9 This is the infinity bench mark b. eternal witness to

122:3.4 experience of carrying and b. the child of promise.

128:2.4 motive was to train James and Joseph in the b. of

133:2.2 to assume the far greater share of the burden of b.

136:7.3 b. in mind that there had, as yet, been found no way

162:4.4 priest b. the water pitcher joined by the priest b.

163:6.6 rejoice with you when you came back b. the good

172:3.9 a carpet of honor for the donkey b. the royal Son,

176:3.3 the progressive spiritual fruit-b. of the sons of God

178:1.4 service which is the natural outgrowth of the b. of

178:2.7 the gate, you will meet a man b. a water pitcher.

180:2.1 And when the world sees these fruit-b. branches—

180:2.5 more and increased b. of the fruits of the spirit on

180:2.5 one answer to all its petitions: increased grape b..

180:2.5 and can do nothing except, fruit b., yielding grapes

180:2.5 the true believer exist only for the purpose of b.

186:0.2 before John arrived b. the request of Jesus to see

187:1.9 Jesus staggered on b. the crossbeam, his strength

187:5.6 He started out to Golgotha b. his own crossbeam

188:2.2 b. the official request of the Sanhedrin that a

188:3.11 “Michael Memorial,” now b. the seal of Gabriel.

193:1.2 the experience of b. the fruits of this spirit life as it


61:4.3 sloths, antelopes, and b. entered North America,


33:5.2 He b. the distinction of being the only personality in

34:6.12 “the Spirit b. witness with your spirit (the Adjuster)

34:6.12 the record testifies that the Spirit b. witness “with

38:4.4 If a seraphim b. responsibilities which forbid absence

45:2.3 Lanaforge b. the distinction of being the only

46:5.32 it b. this inscription: “Undedicated to the seventh

57:5.9 retrograde motion of certain of their satellites b.

77:4.11 about the shores of the lake which still b. his name,

92:5.13 evolution of that faith which b. the name of Christ.

94:5.2 a vastly different religion than the one which b. that

101:2.13 “the Spirit itself b. witness with our spirit that we are

119:4.2 b. credentials from the Uversa Ancients of Days,

127:6.12 Jesus b. up bravely when his plans are thwarted

128:1.2 he still b. among his numerous well-earned titles

139:4.4 the writing of the Gospel which now b. John’s name,

140:3.19 forth good fruit, but the corrupt tree b. evil fruit.

140:4.7 The tree which b. no fruit is “hewn down and cast

166:4.9 then, next year, if it b. no fruit, it shall be cut down.’

174:5.8 soil, it springs up again to life and b. much fruit.

180:2.1 Every branch coming out of me which b. no fruit,

180:2.1 Every branch which b. fruit, the Father will cleanse

180:2.1 branches, and that every branch b. much fruit.

188:3.11 b. this inscription: “In commemoration of the mortal

196:1.2  as the living Jesus to the church that b. his name,

beast or beast of burden

47:9.1 The last remnants of the “mark of the b.” are here

47:10.2 and those who had gained the victory over the b.

68:2.7 Woman was a food provider, a bb., a companion

69:2.2 Competition-gravity pulls man toward the b. level

69:2.5 the efforts of design, distinguishes man from the b.,

69:7.4 When the dog barked, man or b. approached, but

81:2.12 Man was himself at one time the bb..

94:2.3 endless round of successive incarnations as man, b.,

122:7.4 since they had only one bb., Mary, being large with

122:7.4 the provisions while Joseph walked, leading the b..

123:0.6 riding on their newly acquired bb., while Joseph and

134:8.1 Jesus made ready his supplies, and securing a bb. of

164:1.3 and setting the man upon his own b., brought him


34:4.12 the description of these four creatures—called b.

62:3.5 The large b. native to these regions were not

66:5.8 ancient city wall was to protect against ferocious b.

69:6.2 it not only protected against cold and wild b. but was

69:7.1 had to learn to protect themselves from the b..

73:4.3 of wild b., served as an additional defense against

77:8.11 of time and space, not excepting the b. of the realm.

81:2.12 They employed as b. of burden the ox, camel, horse,

85:6.1 savage makes no clear distinction between b., men,

88:1.4 and savages were often named after their favorite b..

95:5.9 the “whole world, man and b., and all the foreign

139:2.14 Perpetua was thrown to the wild b. in the arena at

163:7.3 Rome, Perpetua was fed to the wild b. in the arena

188:0.2 the Master would have been exposed to the wild b..


84:4.8 It was for long the custom to brutally b. a girl after

100:2.7 of cruelty, malice, and jealousy b. about the soul,

124:6.8 and the lad’s heart b. fast with joyous anticipation of

164:1.3 brigands, who robbed him, stripped him and b.

173:4.2 Some they b., others they killed, and when the


62:5.11 was set upon by hostile gibbons and b. to death.

88:1.9 idiots were either b. to death or revered as fetish

164:1.3 and when he saw how he had been robbed and b.,


70:1.3 taught to settle disputes by each b. a tree with a stick

130:5.4 the poor fellow had exhausted himself b. the air with

173:4.2 instead, they fell upon his servants, b. one, stoning


131:6.2 bondage of sin and introduces him to the final b.;

140:5.6 The faith and the love of these b. strengthen moral

140:5.10 easy to teach a child mind these first two of the b.,

140:5.23 the b. of the Sermon on the Mount are based on faith


104:4.28 the heart of the infinite cosmos b. in harmony with


11:3.1 the b. grandeur of the Most Holy Sphere of

11:9.6 His home is the b. pattern for all headquarters

46:2.1 but you will enjoy the b. highlands and other unique

131:5.3 We worship the most b., the bountiful Immortal,


2:7.9 and to the b. of the physical creation, the charm of

43:6.8 an adequate concept of these b. of the heavenly

44:6.9 the artistic glories and aesthetic b. of the morontia

118:9.9 the harmonious b. of the galaxies of time, the truth

124:3.6 were face to face with the b. of this gentile city,

131:7.2 In both the b. of nature and the virtues of men

141:6.4 Do not undertake to show men the b. of the

155:5.13 the b. of the realities of a living and personal

195:5.13 The b. of the spiritual values of truth are more


43:6.7 possibilities for the biologic b. of the landscape and

44:0.1 in morontia embellishment and in spiritual b..

44:6.5 for the inspiration and b. of morontia progressors

44:6.7 arts of self-adornment or the technique of creature b.

72:7.1 sanitation, building regulations, b., water supply,

73:4.2 the real work of landscape b. and home building


43:6.1 The system capitals are particularly b. with material


132:4.6 Choose the b. in place of the ugly.

142:4.1 he was a great lover of the b. in art and sculpture,

5:5.4 The adoration of the abstract b. is not the worship of

44:6.9 achieving an inspiring portrayal of the divinely b.,

56:10.3 the supernal achievement of the supremely b.,

56:10.4 ugliness, the climax of the finite antithesis of the b..

56:10.7 Love of the b. and ever-advancing appreciation of

88:2.6 and to retard the enjoyment and adoration of the b..

111:7.5 the art of the b. besmirched by the presence of evil;

125:0.6 impressed his sense of the b. and the symbolic,

192:2.1 all goodness, the essence of the true and the b..”

195:5.14 this insight of the soul through the love of the b.,


1:5.2 an eternal, infinite, true, good, and b. personality.

2:1.2 “How pure and b., how deep and unfathomable is

2:5.11 exquisitely b. significance of the divine affection

2:6.2 is none more tender and b. in mortal experience.

2:7.4 Truth is b. because it is both replete and symmetrical

2:7.11 truth—material, philosophic, or spiritual—is both b.

2:7.11 equity, or divine ministry—is equally true and b..

4:2.8 nature is marred, her b. face is scarred, her features

5:4.7 the spiritual unification of all that is good, b., and

14:3.8 Manifold activities take place on these b. worlds

21:0.2 the wellspring of that b. and well-nigh divine love

22:9.6 realities of universe ascension is transcendently b.

28:6.8 True mercy comes only as the b. climax to these

34:7.1 the Adjuster to bring forth the b. harvest of the fruits

37:9.9 then creates the b. and superb Sons and Daughters

43:0.4 the efficient spironga and the b. spornagia.

43:4.4 The most holy mount is exquisitely b. and

43:6.2 This explains why the extraordinarily b. places on the

43:9.5 the most b. and most refreshing of all your epochs of

44:1.1 a material range of b. sound unrecognized by the

44:1.15 While you have assembled some b. melodies on

44:3.2 short-range vision, but they are very real and b. to

44:7.3 creature may be intellectually true, emotionally b.,

46:4.7 areas takes no account of the vast and b. estates of

46:4.7 a wonderful group of intelligent and b. beings who

46:5.31 largest and most b. of all the matchless structures

46:5.31 other courtesy colonies maintain extensive and b.

46:7.7 Urantia minds something of the nature of these b.

46:7.7 b., as judged by the physical standards of Urantia.

47:1.5 And it is one of the most touchingly b. scenes of

47:3.12 These b. and versatile beings are companionable

48:3.4 but they manifest a touchingly b. affection for one

48:6.10 Side by side they lead me in the b. paths and

51:3.2 You can judge nothing of these b. centers of culture

51:3.9 How much more effective and b. it would have

55:2.5 what a b. occasion when mortals thus forgather to

60:1.12 the b. ammonites, whose fossil remains are found all

60:2.6 the b. lithographic stone of southern Germany was

62:7.5 the b. message of Lucifer began to planetize.

66:3.3 Prince’s settlement was a very simple but b. city,

66:7.1 The Prince’s headquarters, though exquisitely b.

66:7.2 the ten council mansions were indeed b. works of art

67:5.2 And years before the b. headquarters went down

73:3.6 the Garden was the most b. spot of its kind in all the

73:5.8 Urantia harbored such a b. and replete exhibition of

73:7.1 this was the end of the most b. natural creation that

74:1.5 all present in the b. temple of the Material Sons

74:3.4 through the air over this, the most b. spot on earth.

75:3.8 Eve had never met the b. and enthusiastic Cano—

75:8.4 a well-nigh hopeless task when, with his b. mate,

77:5.5 he discovered a wonderful and b. woman, twenty

80:7.4 physically regarded, the most b. of men since the

83:8.6 Though this b. dream is seldom realized in its

84:5.3 The modern idea of sex equality is b. and worthy of

87:5.4 women who desired to be considered b. adopted

87:7.8 It must recognize true meanings, exalt b. relations,

89:6.3 this b. maiden, after two months to mourn her fate,

91:7.13 when prayer consists exclusively in b. contemplation

95:1.10 These b. psalms from Babylon were not written in

97:7.9 No more b. pronouncements about the Father

98:3.7 built many temples, stocked them with b. images,

98:7.11 it still valiantly portrays a b. religion about Jesus to

102:0.1 insult to everything in human desire which is b.,

107:6.2 The Adjusters are saturated with the b. love of the

108:6.2 are distressed by irreverence for that which is b.

111:1.6 Likewise can this mind be made noble, b., true,

112:6.3 In the physical life, mortals may be outwardly b.

116:2.3 most distant and b. expression in the earth lives of

118:10.12 heartless, and indifferent to all that is true, b., and

122:8.7 The b. legend of the star of Bethlehem originated

122:8.7 continually spinning such b. myths about the lives

124:2.9 Galilee was a more b. and prosperous district than

124:3.6 and admired the b. marble temple dedicated to the

124:6.3 Jesus heard about the most b. maiden of all Israel

124:6.5 the luxurious fields of grain and the b. oleanders

124:6.7 their superior architecture and their b. palm gardens.

125:1.5 “gate b.,” the artistic gate made of Corinthian

125:5.10 b. concept of the heavenly Father and set them free

127:4.8 Ruth was a b. child but not quite so comely as

127:6.2 her brother had forsaken the love of a b. maiden

129:1.7 he took it upon himself to build a b. synagogue in

129:4.7 that in his full, rich, b., and noble life we may all find

130:2.1 strolled about on the b. wall which served as a

130:2.7 the source and destiny of all that is good and b.

130:6.1 why so downcast on such a b. day?

131:1.2 Everything that is high, holy, true, and b. is like God.

131:3.1 a great and b. religion without God, without a Deity.

131:4.7 not to forsake this body for a more fit and b. form

131:10.8 I find him in ‘our religion’ as being more b., loving,

140:7.8 to grasp the significance of the charmingly b. life he

140:10.2 Jesus would present to them the b spirit of the soul’s

142:4.1 when sojourning in Jerusalem was a b. edifice.

147:4.7 far more b. interpretation of this basic rule of life.

150:8.1 This Sabbath was a b. day, and all Nazareth,

151:5.7 and since it was a calm and b. night, they all rested

152:2.1 proposed to obtain much needed rest in a b. park

153:0.3 Jesus went forth on this b. Sabbath afternoon to

154:7.1 It was almost half past eight this b. morning when

155:0.1 they spent the night in a b. park south of Bethsaida-

155:1.5 learn to exemplify in your lives this b. wholeness of

158:1.6 this b. afternoon that Jesus took leave of the three

159:5.1 b. teachings, such as: “Create in me a clean heart,

162:4.3 then the faithful marched on toward the b. gate,

164:1.4 a b. admonition to all his followers and a stunning

165:0.3 Perea was the most b. and picturesque province of

165:4.1 the soul becomes blinded to the b. attractions of

166:1.5 while outwardly they appear b., are inwardly full

167:6.6 at least as artistically b. as the home in which he is

170:5.21 surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the b.

172:2.1 in Simon’s b. garden, the Master called his twelve

173:0.3 It was about nine o’clock on this b. morning when

175:1.19 outwardly appear b. but within are full of dead men’s

176:0.1 See the massive stones and the b. adornment; can

178:0.1 this b. morning, the Master led them to a secluded

186:5.5 These touching and divinely b. relations between

195:9.8 Descriptive words of things b. cannot thrill like the

196:0.2 just, and great, as well as being true, b., and good.

196:3.26 the Father-source of all that is true, b., and good;

196:3.35 Even that which is true, b., and good may not perish


16:9.6 Man thus becomes so b. real because Jesus had so

43:1.4 sites of special residences and are b. embellished

67:8.5 all this is a b. touching and superbly magnificent

110:7.10 followed a b. touching and appealing admonition.

119:3.5 this isolated world is one of the most b. touching

140:9.1 after a long and b. touching personal message of

beautysee truth, beauty, and goodness

1:7.3 the concept of b. may exist without personality,

1:7.3 b. and truth would be divorced from survival hope if

2:2.5 There is no thing lacking in the b. and perfection

2:6.1 In the physical universe we may see the divine b.,


2:7.6 self-consciousness can discover the b. of truth,

2:7.8 The discernment of supreme b. is the discovery and

2:7.8 the goodness in the eternal truth, that is ultimate b..

2:7.9 factual truths of science and the appealing b. of art

2:7.9 to the relative exclusion of truth and neglect of b.,

2:7.11 All real b.—material art or spiritual symmetry—is true

2:7.12 Truth is coherent, b. attractive, goodness stabilizing.

3:5.11 in an environment of relative goodness and b.,

4:5.7 to know the Father in all that b. of character and

5:4.5 disharmony, ugliness, by the realization of b.;

5:4.6 based their religion on goodness; the Greeks on b.;

5:5.3 The emotional artist sees God as the ideal of b.,

6:2.7 In the love of truth and in the creation of b. the

6:2.7 the realization of the exclusively spiritual b. of values

6:7.3 to convey to the mind a word picture of the b. and

7:0.3 revealed in the material b. of the exquisite patterns of

8:2.8 The Conjoint Creator inherits all the Father’s b. of

9:5.5 a true revelation of the b. and harmony of Paradise.

11:0.2 The material b. of Paradise consists in the

11:0.2 But the depths of the spiritual b. and the wonders

13:2.1 and they are equal to Paradise in their matchless b.

14:0.1 consists of one billion spheres of unimagined b.

14:3.7 Havona; to understand its b. and grandeur you must

14:4.13 creatures satiates the perfect ideals of divine b. and

14:4.13 Havoners exult in the divine b., while you both enjoy

14:6.8 enjoys the Havona reciprocation of the divine b..

15:7.3 increase in material size, morontia b., and spirit glory

18:2.4 Every world is a place of everlasting b. and is unlike

20:10.3 as living truth, divine goodness, and true spiritual b..

34:4.12 has been sadly marred; they are of unparalleled b.

38:4.2 the seraphic estates are characterized by both b. and

43:1.4 their b. is enhanced by the endless profusion of life

43:6.8 then will you feast your eyes upon the botanical b.

44:0.14 their b. and your appreciation of their b will heighten

44:4.8 These burning concepts are gems of b. in diadems of

44:6.3 peal forth their exquisite messages of harmonious b..

44:6.8 designers endeavor to increase the appreciation of b.

44:7.2 B., rhythm, and harmony are intellectually associated

44:7.2 and associated with the philosophic concepts of b..

44:7.2 bound up together with living truth and divine b..

44:7.3 to depict the human recognition of divine b. can

44:7.3 absent unless these realities of truth, meanings of b.,

44:8.6 spheres with the artistic portrayals of the divine b. of

46:2.5 the b., the harmony, and the perfection of the eternal

46:3.3 foretastes of advancing b. and grandeur are

46:4.9 Your most imaginative concept of perfection of b.

46:4.9 the way to the supernal perfection of Paradise b..

47:1.2 finaliter world is a sphere of exquisite physical b. and

48:1.2 the physical b. and the morontia grandeur of the

53:1.3 “Your heart was lifted up because of your b.;

55:1.1 There in this temple of unparalleled b., this

55:3.4 2. Three per cent was devoted to b.—play, social

55:5.5 experiential religion are creations of b. and grandeur.


56:10.3 but the pursuit of b.—cosmology—you all too often

56:10.3 B., art, is largely a matter of the unification of

56:10.3 Variety is essential to the concept of b..

56:10.3 The supreme b., the height of finite art, is the

56:10.4 Highest b. consists in the panorama of the variations

56:10.6 Hunger for harmony and thirst for b..

56:10.8 appreciation of b. leads to the sense of the eternal

56:10.9 Universal b. embraces the harmonious relations and

56:10.10  B. sponsors art, music, and the meaningful rhythms

56:10.11 The existence of b. implies the presence of mind

56:10.11  B. is the intellectual recognition of the harmonious

56:10.17 Universal b. is the recognition of the reflection of

59:1.8 uninteresting lowlands, utterly devoid of scenic b..

66:5.23 of early man and to elevate his concepts of b..

66:5.24 and the ideals of human b. were greatly enhanced.

73:4.1 Eden because it is characterized by the floral b. and

73:5.8 arrival, the place was already a gem of botanic b.;

73:5.8 and assumed new proportions of b. and grandeur.

74:3.4 who had labored to create this garden of Edenic b.

76:3.1 Adam and Eve greatly missed their former home of b

79:7.4 But the Andite traditions of the b. of Eden did

82:1.2 imagination and b. appreciation of the Nodites and

82:1.6 appreciation of the b. and physical attractiveness of

83:4.7 hide her b. from the gaze of the otherwise jealous

87:5.6 Said he, “If the spirits are jealous of our b. and

87:5.7  B. aroused the envy of spirits; it betokened sinful

91:8.11 revelation of truth, an enhanced appreciation of b.,

92:6.17 goodness and the advanced Hellenic concepts of b.

94:1.7 equal of any other body of similar character in b.

97:7.4 sheer respect for their b. and grandeur led to their

100:2.4 Spirituality enhances the ability to discover b. in

101:8.1 One believes truth, admires b., and reverences

101:9.4 The search for b. is a part of religion only in so far as

103:9.10 Through truth man attains b. and by spiritual love

109:5.2 truth, goodness, and b. of the potential personality

117:1.1 The Supreme is the b. of physical harmony, the truth

117:7.17 b. out of potentials, truth out of meanings, and

118:10.15 poems of harmony, pictures of the b. of achieved

124:3.6 extolling the b. and grandeur of the Jewish temple

126:4.2 to comfort all mourners, to give them b. for ashes,

130:1.5 resistant to goodness, rejectful of b., and disloyal to

131:4.4 His splendor is sublime and his b. divine.

132:2.5 is good when it heightens the appreciation of b.,

132:2.7 and correlated with the discernment of truth and b..

132:2.9 the positive and supreme qualities of goodness, b.,

132:3.4 this truth-discerning and b.-loving soul is assured

132:3.8 a perfection of b. and holiness whose righteousness

142:4.2 “Because you appreciate the b. of things created

142:4.2 men frown upon the reproduction of grace and b.?

142:4.3 without confusing such material appreciation of b.

155:5.5 a glimpse of the goodness and b. of the character of

155:6.11 Spirit of Truth but also the spirit of idealistic b..

156:5.5  B. is always triumphant over ugliness in the hearts

157:3.1 Philippi was situated in a region of wondrous b..

159:4.5 that the concepts of Yahweh grow in b. and glory

160:2.8 The presence of a friend enhances all b. and exalts

160:4.12 for yourself and in yourself reserve galleries of b.,

167:6.5 value of b. as an influence leading to the urge to

167:6.6 men should do their best to provide houses of b.,

167:6.6 Truth, b., and holiness are powerful and effective

167:6.6  B. is most religious when it is most simple and

167:6.6 worship in barren rooms so devoid of the b.

176:0.2 and beheld the b. of the illuminated temple;

176:3.7 new b. and actual spiritual gains will be disclosed

180:5.9 true spirit values: divine b., infinite goodness, and

188:5.3 The b. of divine love,once fully admitted to the heart

191:5.3 the Greeks have exalted b.; the Hindus preach

195:1.6 The Greek revered b., the Jew holiness, but both

195:5.5 2. Man’s aesthetic appreciation of b. contrasted with

195:6.17 The pursuit of goodness, b., and truth leads to God.

195:10.2 The b. and sublimity, the humanity and divinity,

196:3.19 the Greeks evolved a religion of b.; Paul and his

196:3.30 man’s attempt to escape from the lack of b. in his


61:2.7 the same time the gnawing rodents, including b.,

61:5.7 deer, musk oxen, bison, ground sloths, giant b.,

74:8.5 Indian tribes believed they originated from b. and


40:6.5 A Creator Son of God b. one of you; he is your elder


becausenot included


137:1.3 Then Andrew b. to Jesus to draw aside while he

151:2.6 After Jesus had b. Thomas to speak, he said: “My

155:6.19 Jesus b. to Andrew and, pointing to the west toward

157:3.6 When Jesus had b. them again to be seated, and

158:8.1 b. to one of Peter’s little ones and, setting the child

167:1.2 the host b. the Jerusalem Pharisee to sit four seats to

173:5.5 Jesus b. to his apostles and indicated that he desired

175:1.25 the Master b. his followers to depart from the temple

180:3.10 speech when Jesus returned and b. them to be seated

192:2.1 and while the others sat by the fire, Jesus b. to Peter

193:3.3 Jesus b. for them to come with him, and he led them


108:6.8 on the b. heights of the mansion worlds of Satania.

138:7.1 And b. the other apostles standing near by to join

153:4.1 Jesus was moved with compassion and, b. for the lad


1:0.6 which ever urges man onward and b. him inward in

155:6.4 b. you on toward higher and holier achievements in


134:9.6 no matter what doubts came up to b. James’s


0:11.1 b. one in the functioning of the Universal Absolute,

1:0.3 to b., as they are in their spheres, like him as he is in

5:1.7 a human soul desires to know God and b. like him,

5:4.1 for a God of love because they crave to b. like him.

5:5.14 seeks God and sincerely desires to b. like him,

13:2.8 You may b. creature perfect even as the Father is

40:9.2 never b. everlastingly one with their pupil souls.

47:2.7 They simply b. as though they had not been.

53:9.7 these traitors “b. as though they had not been.”

56:9.12 ascend to the Father to b. like him in all possible

65:8.5 knows God and desires to find him and b. like him,

73:6.7 told that they would b. as “gods if they partook of

100:1.4 The quickest way for a tadpole to b. a frog is to live

107:0.3 has descended as the Adjuster to b. man’s partner in

107:2.7 who have b. one with the ascending creatures of

109:5.4 Man must b. adept in the art of a continuous human

118:6.5 except that man can elect to b. more than a man;

129:4.8 Jesus had now b. well-nigh the perfection of man

130:2.10 every spiritually minded human being can b. creative

130:3.2 you will b. like the light of life to those who sit

130:4.3 unanimity of will can the creature b. as one with

130:7.2B. interested in your fellows; learn how to love

131:2.13 Have I not called you to b. like me and to dwell

131:10.6 said that by searching for him I shall b. like him.

132:3.4 do the Father’s will, to find God and to b. like him.

132:3.7 it can never end because it has b. like God—eternal.

133:4.9 by seeking him you have b. more and more like

136:4.4 The mind of man has b. the mind of God from this

137:8.16 all who enter the kingdom of heaven shall b. the sons

138:1.2 “Yes, John, the men you choose shall b. one with us

140:8.32 God’s will coupled with the eternal urge to b perfect

140:10.4 “Master, you say that we must b. as little children

140:10.4 When I asked you to b. as little children as the

141:5.3 proving to the universe that you have b. like him.”

142:5.4 I will b. surety for their reception into the eternal

142:7.13 b. perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect.

143:2.3 In the Father’s kingdom you are to b. new

143:2.3 behold I show you how all things are to b. new.

144:8.4 the spirit and knows that he has b. a son of God.”

145:2.9 the Creator, to know God and to seek to b. like him.

148:6.10 he has b. what you are that he may make you

149:6.9 human soul which shall have b. the reborn child of

153:2.1 You shall b. an astonishment, a proverb, and a

153:3.2 you can b. one in spirit with me even as I am one

155:1.4 “In all you do, b. not one-sided and overspecialized.

156:5.8 Do not b. discouraged by the discovery that you are

167:5.7 cleave to his wife, and they two shall b. as one.”

180:5.9 to know God and to b. increasingly like him.

181:1.4 Spirit of Truth will b. in them a well of living water

181:2.20 b. as a little child in the kingdom of the spirit and

182:1.3 I will give eternal life to all who will b. faith sons of

184:4.6 he admonishes every kingdom believer to b. one

185:3.3 through faith and by love, have b. the sons of God.

186:5.4 man may, by faith, b. spirit-conscious that he is a son

192:2.11 By faith have you b. a God-knowing kingdom son.

193:0.5 and serving you, I have b. God-revealing to you.

193:2.2 those who, by faith, b., in deed and in truth,

196:0.3 in the life of any one mortal, did God ever b. such

196:0.12 “Except you b. as a little child, you shall not enter

196:2.4 ascended from the lowly levels of humanity to b.


1:6.8 achieving the Father’s will b. man’s most real and

2:1.7 and one with you; thus, as it were, God b. man,

2:3.4 the sin-identified being instantly b. as though he

2:3.4 its identity b. as though it had never been.

13:1.8 When a Son of God b. a Son of Man, is literally

19:1.10 But the knowledge of how a being b. does not

20:3.4 Son visits an evolutionary world and b. like one of

65:5.3 so it b. Life Carriers and behooves mortal minds to

102:6.5 but the individual b. God-knowing only by faith,

112:7.2 a creature of time b. eternally one with the spirit of

116:3.3 When divinity b. like humanity, inherent in this

118:7.5 Only as a creature b. God-identified, does he become

130:1.5 consciously embraced and willfully endorsed, b. sin.


135:8.5 to John: “Bear with me now, for it b. us to set this

135:11.4 suffer also this, for it b. us to fulfill all righteousness.

141:2.2 when the Father’s will b. truly your will, then are

141:2.2 my Father’s will b. your will, and you are elevated

149:6.9 b. indwelt by my Father’s spirit, that man b. divine

149:6.10 “Humility, indeed, b. mortal man who receives all

171:4.7 that which b. us in fulfilling the will of the Father


0:3.22 I AM achieved the realization of personality by b.

0:3.22 simultaneously with b. the Eternal Source of the

2:1.7 b. one of you and one with you; thus, as it were,

8:2.6 thus b. the mercy minister of the Paradise Deities to

8:4.3 thereby b. the sympathetic and understanding

28:6.22 through grace become good,you are thereby b. great

47:7.5 You are b. universe minded.

47:8.7 You are b. more and more adorable as you leave

55:6.4 are passing away; behold, all things are b. new.”

56:9.13 and who, by thus b. God-knowing, may choose to

56:10.3 the creature b. perfect as is the Creator—that is the

100:7.18 are passing away; behold, all things are b. new.”

103:4.3 his purpose of finding God and b. more like him.

111:1.5 is not so important as what you are b. day by day

112:2.7 The fact of God’s b. man has forever changed all

115:3.11 the Potential is that which is b. and will be;

118:2.3 there exists a vast domain of the ubiquitous b.

124:2.1 he was b. self-conscious of the unusual nature of

124:4.1 Jesus was b. conscious of the way in which he had

126:1.1 Jesus was gradually b. more self-conscious of the

127:6.12 Jesus is rapidly b. a man, not just a young man but

127:6.12 Jesus is b. experienced in the skillful wresting of

127:6.15 Jesus is b. expert in the divine art of revealing his

130:2.4 the exhilaration of b. the material life partner with

130:2.7 the experience of b. more and more like God, and

133:5.7 Quantity may be identified as a fact, thus b. a

142:1.3 enter the kingdom of heaven, thus b. the sons of God

142:6.8 thereby b. in reality a son of God, a progressive heir

143:5.11 thereby b. daughters of God and candidates for

146:2.10 Guard against the great danger of b. self-centered in

147:5.7 What you are b. day by day is of infinitely more

149:4.3 b. narrow-minded and circumscribed in life’s

156:5.15 Are you b. increasingly artistic in your technique of

156:5.18 you b. more tactful in dealing with troublesome

157:6.2 healer was b. the newly conceived Messiah—

160:4.9 of the Gods, the spirit of God b. the spirit of man.

165:4.6 Fail not to recognize the danger of wealth’s b., not

170:5.11 b. members of the spiritual brotherhood of man.

178:1.4 assist you in b. the ideal citizens of the kingdoms

178:1.8 as a result of b. enlightened sons of the kingdom;

181:2.25 the experience of b. perfect, even as your Father in

186:2.9 the will of the Father, thus b. an active son of God.

194:3.9 mistake of b. permeated with some national

196:2.4 thus b. the new and living way whereby all mortals


50:6.3 as spheres whereon life is a flowery b. of ease.

57:8.16 between the land extrusion and the heavier ocean b..

57:8.16 The flow of the subcrustal lava b. became well-nigh

57:8.21 while the b. of the Pacific Ocean engaged in further

59:3.6 lava flows which spread out over a shallow sea b.,

65:2.1 were literally the slime and ooze of the ocean b. in

83:4.8 a priest bless the wedding b. to insure the fertility of

84:2.4 and at childbirth he went to b., along with the wife,

84:2.4 husband remained in b. to receive congratulations;

100:5.1 of growth, albeit the river b. is not the river.)

144:2.3 door is now shut and the children and I are in b.;

147:3.5 rejoiced at Jesus’ words and, picking up his b., went

147:3.5 in order to effect recovery—take up his b. and walk.

148:5.5 ‘The Lord will strengthen him upon the b. of

148:9.3 sins are forgiven, or arise, take up your b., and walk

148:9.3 Arise, take up your b., and go to your own house.”

151:3.1 covers it up with a vessel or puts it under the b.;


83:4.8 guests were expected to file through the b. at night,


4:5.5 in the primitive minds of his childlike B. followers,

95:1.1 the B. Semites who had filtered in from the desert

96:1.7 this term included still other of the B. nature gods.

96:1.12 the golden calves which symbolized the B. herders’

96:2.3 was not even the progenitor of all the B. Semites

96:3.1 liaison officer between the government and the B.

96:3.1 B. Semites who fled from Egypt to the Arabian

96:3.2 the B. captives hardly had a religion worthy of the

96:3.4 spies had discovered disloyalty among the B. slaves.

96:4.1 the B. slaves knew little about such teachings, but

96:4.3 symbolized by the golden calf of the B. tribes.

96:5.8 when Moses passed on, these B. tribes reverted to


85:4.2 ancient B. believed that a nature spirit produced

92:5.11 leader of a group of Levantine B. and the founder

95:5.15 these B. carried away much of these teachings and

96:1.11 The fire and smoke all impressed and awed the B. of

96:2.2 roving B. entered Egypt as contract laborers on the

96:3.2 they were virtually without a true concept of God

96:3.4 king claimed they sought freedom for the purpose of

96:4.1 they had never entirely forgotten the god of Mount

96:4.3 Moses had endeavored to teach these B. the idea

97:7.11 vengeful, and jealous Yahweh of the desert B. has

104:1.3 found it difficult to teach the B. about the Father,


123:2.14 (the summer b) shallow boxes of sand in which Jesus

123:4.5 stone stairs which led up to the canvas-roofed b..

124:1.7 building of an addition, a combined workshop and b.


62:3.8 and this lone surviving tribe built anew its treetop b.


58:5.6 if the continents were not lighter than the ocean b.,

58:5.7 a factor in the increase of pressure on the sea b..

58:5.7 The lower but comparatively heavier ocean b.,

58:5.7 cause the continents to slide toward the ocean b..

58:5.8 downhill, over the underlying semiviscous lava b.,

58:7.12 these ancient sea b. are now elevated high upon land,

59:3.9 In some regions these rock salt b. are seventy feet

59:4.12 Veritable bone b. of fish teeth and skeletons may be

59:4.12 fossil b. are situated along the coast of California

59:5.11 sea returned to cover about half of its previous b..

59:5.15 These coal b. over central and eastern United States

59:5.16 roots grew in the clay underlying the present coal b.

59:5.16 Peat b., the remains of past vegetable growth,

59:5.17 In North America the layers of coal in the various b.,

59:5.17 fresh- and salt-water fossils are found in the coal b..

59:6.4 Land was rising all over the world as the ocean b.

60:1.12 water around Europe and Asia, the richest fossil b.

60:2.5 the fresh-water fossils of the so-called Morrison b.

61:2.4 The Florissant fossil b. of Colorado belong to the


123:3.10 gazing up into the starry heavens after his usual b.

172:5.9 By b. the Master’s cleverness in staging the


60:3.19  first appeared, including b., birch, oak, walnut,

Beelzebubleader of the disloyal midway creatures

53:1.5  B. was the leader of the disloyal midway creatures

77:7.4 of B., leader of the apostate secondary midwayers.

150:4.2 to call the master of the house an associate of B.,

153:4.2 Jesus did his so-called miracles by the power of B.,

153:4.3 And so, if I by the power of B. cast out devils,

169:0.7 miracles by the power of B., the prince of devils.


2:3.4 being instantly becomes as though he had not b..

2:3.4 its identity becomes as though it had never b..

11:9.7 Everything which has b., now is, or is yet to be, has

47:2.7 They simply become as though they had not b..

53:9.7 traitors “become as though they had not b.


134:7.5 Jerusalem (Jesus did not visit Bethany), B., Lebonah,


134:7.4 From Gaza Jesus took the inland trail to B., where

134:7.5 going from B. in the south to Dan in the north.

190:1.8 to all of the believer centers, from B. in the south


86:1.6 nor favor to men of skill; but fate and chance b. them

123:0.2 long and constant vigil lest anything b. her child

128:7.13 to meet the unexpected emergencies which may b.

131:9.3 Good and evil do not b. men without cause.

132:4.8 see that injustice shall not b. even its most humble

133:1.4 I do not believe that real harm can b. me; I do not

136:7.2 There shall no evil b. you, neither shall any plague

162:2.6 you should understand that nothing will b. the Son

172:3.10 And all this shall b. you because you knew not the

174:5.9 as I look ahead and discern what is about to b. me

181:1.9 The Master knew all that was to b. him, and he was

181:2.19 You may not understand all that will b. you and


193:0.6 admonitions and contemplating all that had b. them.


177:0.3 with you well prepared to see that no harm b. you.

181:2.27 to doubts and stumble because of what b. me.


123:4.8 accidents that subsequently b. this inquisitive youth.


28:4.3 and it is b. that the first serials of this order should

171:4.7 b. that the Son of Man should go up to the city of

172:5.11 It was the most b. entry of the king the twins could


102:6.1 man-made deities may b. the spiritual vision,


130:3.7 you have told me; they are b. by much thinking.

beforenon-exhaustive; see before, never; see long before

16:7.3 Only a personality can know what it is doing b. it

38:2.5 seer “fell down to worship b. the feet of the angel,”

68:2.10 emotions are futile without an audience to parade b..

96:4.4 explains why they tarried long b. the holy mountain

106:9.10 The I AM, in the final analysis, must exist b. all

117:4.13 b. you lies the enchanting vista of the universe career

131:2.6 Says the Almighty God: ‘Walk b. me and be perfect.





185:2.4 To come b. the Roman governor with this attempt at

185:2.4 What effrontery for these subject citizens to appear b


190:5.3 was a prophet mighty in word and in deed b. God

before, never

22:10.2 some universal ideal, as it has n. been conceived,

33:3.5 N. this momentous occasion did the Universe

47:9.4 n. have you proceeded toward the system capital in

63:2.7 fire which had been kindled by lightning, but n. had

73:5.8 N. this time nor after has Urantia harbored such a

75:3.8 Eve had n. met the beautiful and enthusiastic Cano—

99:1.3 the soul of man, as n. in the world’s history, needs

99:4.6 unsettled; as n. in the world’s history they need the

119:1.3 and n.-before-heard-of transaction: “At noon

120:2.8 in the flesh, as it has n. been seen in all Nebadon,

124:3.8 Jesus had n. been made to feel the personal sting

134:3.5 N. or after did he say so much on one subject as was

140:3.21 N. had the apostles heard Jesus speak in this way,

141:4.1 even as a Father of the nation, but n. had large

142:3.9 N. had the apostles been so shocked as they were

145:5.5 n. have so many sought after your teaching.

148:9.3 that they had n. seen such strange happenings.

152:1.5 N. Jesus was on earth, nor since, has it been

152:4.1 Jesus had n. sent them all away and refused to go

173:5.6 These twelve men, as n., were beginning to sense

175:3.1 body determined to put a stop to his work, but n.

177:4.4 as n., Judas found himself becoming strangely

182:3.1 n. had they observed their Master to be so heavy-

192:3.2 with words of power such as the apostles had n.

193:6.2 It was a meeting the like of which had n. occurred


109:2.4 The Adjuster looks b. to the time of actual fusion

136:1.6 in the form of the creature had not been revealed b.

158:0.2 Jesus knew b. what was to transpire on the

176:1.1 be not anxious b. as to what you should say, for the

176:1.4 not be deceived, for I have told you all this b..”

178:2.9 believing if Jesus knew b. of their place of meeting

179:0.5 It had been understood b. that the Master was to

181:1.5 but rather believe, inasmuch as you knew it all b..

193:0.2 I now call you to witness that I told you b. that my


1:5.8 can “love and be loved,” and one who can b. us;


130:6.6 cross he bore was the stranger who once b. his son.

187:1.10 the Jewish tutor who once b. his injured son, were


169:2.4 I have not the strength to dig; to b. I am ashamed.


32:3.10 all the more honor to those who b. at the bottom

35:8.3 The universe of Nebadon b. its existence with twelve

48:6.28 counselors of the supreme order of seraphim b.

57:3.5 critical stage was reached and the great breakup b..

57:3.7 400,000,000,000 years ago b. the recaptive period of

57:4.5 years ago the quartan cycle of Andronover b..

57:4.6 8,000,000,000 years ago the terminal eruption b..

57:5.4 the enormous Angona system b. its approach to the

57:8.6 Then b. the administrative recognition of the small

57:8.15 When they once b., they increased in frequency and

57:8.16 real epoch of the stabilization of the earth’s crust b..

57:8.23 the first breaks in the continental land mass b. as the

58:1.1 from Jerusem arrived on Urantia and b. the study of

59:5.13 really active stages of the Carboniferous period b..

60:1.5 the early land-life periods of the world’s history b..

60:2.1 years ago a new phase of the reptilian age b..

60:3.5 Before this great submergence b., the eastern

61:2.8 suddenly there b. the evolution of the hoofed type,

61:4.2 10,000,000 years ago b. an age of widespread local

61:4.2 North America b. its creep toward the Atlantic

61:7.6 250,000  years ago the sixth and last glaciation b..

62:3.9 and b. the construction of new treetop abodes and

63:2.5 and then b. the first search for firewood by the

64:3.5 the Badonan tribes b. a warfare of extermination

64:4.13 they grew panicky and b. the sacrifice of their best

65:2.6 it was the frog which b. that series of progressive

65:2.16 man himself first appeared and b. his eventful career.

65:6.5 then b. an adaptative readjustment toward thirty-six

66:4.3 They b. their mission on Urantia as extraordinary

66:6.2 the Caligastia one hundred b. the proclamation of the

67:2.4 each group drew off by itself and b. deliberations,

67:3.3 b. the great battle for the salvation of the planetary

67:5.3 biologic level, and the forward struggle b. all over,

69:7.4 experience of taming it b. when a certain dog,

70:7.9 Commercialized prostitution b. when these men’s

73:0.3 and Daughter of the local system, arrived and b. the

73:2.4 These commissions all b. in earnest their work,

74:6.8 after marriage they b. their lifework or entered

79:1.9 Genghis Khan b. the conquest of the greater portion

79:5.4 and thus b. the crucial struggle for the fertile lands of

83:6.8 Marriage, which b. in crude coercion, is gradually

86:4.2 presently this new dream-ghost-future-life concept b.

92:6.1 primitive man was when the evolution of religion b..

93:2.3 Melchizedek b. his mission of the revelation of the

97:2.1 warrior for righteousness, Elijah, b. his teaching.

97:3.6 The prophet b. as an agrarian reformer and ended up

97:9.19 Elijah b. his teaching as a defender of the old land

97:9.21 Then b. the three years’ siege followed by the total

97:9.24 Jerusalem, and thus b. the real Egyptian bondage.

100:7.16 The prayer of even his youth b., “Our Father who is

109:7.7 he b. his emergency administration of Urantia with

119:0.7 he b. the organization of your local universe about

119:2.1 trouble b. to brew in system 11 of constellation 37.

121:8.3 Rome, he b. his writing soon after Peter’s death.

122:5.8 destined to become the parents of Jesus really b..

123:3.1 tongue; and now his father b. teaching him Greek.

123:3.2 Thus b. that disconcerting disillusionment in the

124:4.1 Jesus b. doing regular work in the home carpenter

125:0.3 temple’s sacred portals, the great disillusionment b..

125:2.5 Lazarus took Jesus in hand and they b. a systematic

126:0.2 Jesus’ youthful development b. with the

126:3.2 (until he b. his public ministry) no father could have

126:3.8 he did when he subsequently b. his public work.

126:3.12 and with the aid of Miriam they b. the sale of milk to

126:5.8 Jesus b. sending James up to the camel lot to gather

126:5.12 and now b. the real career of this young man of

127:2.5 the other half b. the formation of an opposing

127:3.7 Jesus b. work in the old family repair shop and was

127:4.3 Jesus b. wise discipline upon his brothers and sisters

127:5.4 Then b. that eventful talk with Rebecca.

127:6.9 Jesus b. anew the task of further weaving his mortal

128:1.1 Jesus b. in earnest and with full self-consciousness

128:1.8 This revelation and self-realization of divinity b. in

128:2.2 This year Simon graduated from school and b. work

128:3.5 Jesus b. the casual conversation that resulted in their

128:6.1 This year b. with the Nazareth family all in good

128:7.1 As this year b., Jesus of Nazareth became strongly

130:4.1 so he b. a long dissertation concerning the nature of

133:2.4 Ganid b. work on the steward of the ship, but on the

133:7.2 at Paphos and at once b. the assembly of supplies for

134:0.2 His Urantia career b. among the Jews in Palestine,

134:1.7 transition stage of that being who b. life as God

134:3.3 The discussions in this school of religion b. at 10:00

135:10.1 John and the remainder of his disciples b. their

136:0.1 Jesus b. his public work at the height of the

136:2.8 this was also the year that Pontius Pilate b. his rule

138:1.2 Before they b. this first two weeks of service, Jesus

138:3.6 onlooking Pharisees b., in their hearts, to criticize

138:10.6 was never necessary after they b. their public work;

139:1.9 Andrew b. the writing of a personal record of many

139:5.11 when his strength failed, Philip’s wife b. the recital

141:7.8 Jesus b. his work with the poor, the very class which

141:8.1 the apostles b. more specifically to carry out Jesus’

141:9.1 Jesus and the apostles b. their journey up the hills

142:6.1 were in Flavius’s garden when the interview b.,

145:3.1 all who were sick or afflicted b. preparations to go

146:0.1 The first public preaching tour of Galilee b. on

147:6.1 and b. their journey back to Capernaum by way of

147:8.1 Jesus b. this special instruction by quoting from the

148:6.9 “Then b. the second session with his friends.

149:0.1 The second public preaching tour of Galilee b. on

150:6.3 groups of apostles and evangelists b. moving

150:8.6 b. the recitation of the nineteen prayer eulogies,

150:8.10 b. by saying: “Today are these Scriptures fulfilled.

151:1.1 Jesus b. the recital of the parable of them sower,

153:1.2 which b. with the feeding of the five thousand,

153:1.4 This crisis in Jesus’ earth life b. with the feeding of

153:1.4 crisis in the lives of the apostles b. with this sermon

154:5.4 Jesus b. his parting address to almost one hundred

154:7.4 the officers hurried up and b. their search for Jesus.

156:6.7 the rulers of the synagogues b. surreptitiously to

156:6.9 returned from the Phoenician mission and b. the

157:6.3 The fourth and last period of his earth career b.

158:1.1 Jesus and the three apostles b. the ascent of Mount

158:2.1 Jesus then b. the conversation by remarking:

160:1.1 Rodan b. a series of ten addresses to Nathaniel,

163:0.1 Jesus and the twelve b. a course of intensive

163:0.1 This regular instruction b. on Friday, November 4,

163:1.5 Jesus b. with Abner and, as they knelt in a circle

163:5.2 David returned to Bethsaida and b. to curtail the

165:1.2 time when Jesus b. his journey toward Jerusalem,

172:3.11 they b. the descent of Olivet and presently were

175:0.1 arrived at the temple and b. the delivery of his last

175:4.1 Before the Master b. his terrible denunciation of

176:4.2 his followers b. the formulation of that belief

181:0.2 and b. the impartation of his final admonitions and

184:5.1 the court b. the formulation of the charges which

185:3.1 Pilate b. his talk with Jesus by assuring him that he

185:3.8 he heard them say that he b. his work in Galilee,

188:0.1 This period in the Master’s career b. shortly before

189:1.12 Jesus now b. the contacts of the morontia level,

189:2.5 The Jewish leaders b. the sordid business of

192:4.8 well-meaning representatives b. that subtle process

194:4.5 speedy return to this world to finish the work he b..

195:1.7 stretching from the Adriatic to the Indus, trouble b..


20:6.2 They do not b. offspring on the worlds of their

82:5.5 but required the living brother to b. children for his

149:6.5 righteousness of his personality b. reverence, love,

174:3.2 the brothers of a dead man seeking to b. children


94:6.4 “Goodness b. goodness, but to the one who is truly

94:6.4 to the one who is truly good, evil also b. goodness.”

105:4.3 It has been sometime stated that unity b. duality,

105:4.3 that duality b. triunity, and that triunity is the eternal


21:1.2 Each Creator Son is the only-begotten and only-b.


51:1.8 Adams and Eves of the power of b. undying sons


130:8.4 after he had given a coin to a street b., he refused

147:5.2 they were about to bestow charity upon some b..


164:3.1 they encountered a well-known b., a man who had

164:3.1 Jesus paused and looked upon the b..

164:3.7 Jesus decided to use this b. in his plans for that

164:3.9 Having always been a b., he knew nothing else; so,

164:3.9 all said, “Is this not Josiah the blind b.?”

164:4.3 first, in making the clay, then, in sending this b. to

164:4.4 We all know this b. and that he was born blind;

164:4.5 were loath to believe that the b. had been healed.


169:3.1 the Nazarites concerning the rich man and the b.?

169:3.2 there was a certain b. named Lazarus, who lay at

169:3.2 And it came to pass that the b. died and was

171:5.1 This blind b. had heard much about Jesus and


97:1.6 raises the poor out of the dust and lifts up the b. to

147:5.2 the doors open so that even the street b. might come

164:3.5 in a high degree to give alms to these blind b..

171:5.1 they encountered a throng of b., among them one

171:5.2 one of the b. replied, “Jesus of Nazareth is passing


125:1.4 clutched his father’s arm and b. to be taken away.

139:2.6 hearing the Master’s reply, b. to be washed all over.


69:9.1 b. and prostitution were almost unknown among


133:1.5 to defend Jesus, Ganid said: “Oh, I b. to see!

146:3.1 and added: “Where you leave off, we b..

189:3.1 let the roll call of the planetary resurrection b..”


48:7.31 Such is the work of the b. on the first mansion world

beginningnoun or adjective

0:0.5 which circle the never-b., never-ending creation of

0:3.23 To a time-space creature, all things must have a b.

0:12.1 This never-b. Trinity was inherent in the fact of the

2:1.2 He is the b. and the end, the Father of every good

2:1.4 but the Universal Father sees the end from the b.,

2:1.5 He is without b. or end of days.

2:2.1 olden prophets understood the eternal, never-b.,

2:2.1 He “declares the end from the b..”

6:0.2 nor could the Eternal Son ever have had a b..

6:1.3 In the b. was the Word, and the Word was with God

6:1.4 “He who was from the b., whom we have heard,

6:4.7 the Son comprehends the end from the b..

8:0.4 They are without b. or ending of days; they are

12:1.10 This never-b., never-ending universe consists of

14:5.10 death is only the b. of an endless career of adventure,

16:8.19 endowment is the b. realization of Deity kinship.

18:3.4 They represent the b. of the personality records of

18:3.4 and search the written records of the b. of things,

21:5.6 the first step, the b., of a settled administration in

21:5.7 sovereignty of his universe means the b. of the end

23:1.2 Solitary Messengers are all aware of a b. of selfhood.

27:7.8 entrance into the mortal finaliter corps and the b.

32:5.3 time; everything seems to have a b. and an end.

33:4.1 back to the times before the b. of the creation of

33:5.1 supervision, the b. of the father-mother concept.

42:2.3 —which emanated eternitywise from the never-b.,

42:2.23 time of the b. of the function of the superuniverse

49:5.23 near the b. of such an administration on Urantia

52:4.9 one marks the end of one dispensation and the b. of

53:0.1 From such a magnificent b., through evil and error

53:7.12 the b. of the “war in heaven” until the installation of

57:1.2 At the time of the b. of this recital, the Primary

57:1.7 In reality the story has its proper b. at this point—

57:4.6 And this was the b. of the end of the nebula.

57:6.11 the setting of the stage for the b. of the evolution of

57:8.1 is the date of the actual b. of Urantia history.

59:2.2 the b. of the great flood period of all the continents

59:2.5 marks the b. of a time sector of comparative quiet

59:2.10 trilobites perished during the b. of the next period.

59:5.3 the union of these marine fauna marked the b. of the

59:5.12 epoch witnessed the b. of the Vosges, Black Forest,

59:5.20 the b. of the modern mountains of North America,

60:2.15 the height and the b. decline of the reptiles,

61:2.3 marks the b. of the age of placental-mammalian

61:6.3 about the time of the b. of the third glacial advance;

61:7.18 and the b. of the Adamic dispensation, roughly

61:7.18 to the b. of the Holocene or postglacial period.

62:2.4 The b. of the fear tendencies of mankind dates from

62:4.1 but these Primates twins stood erect from the b..

63:3.6 social friction brought about the b. of dispersion.

65:7.6 the ability to learn from experience marks the b. of

67:1.2 He was a falsifier from the b. of his self-exaltation

67:5.3 of where it was at the b. of the Caligastia regime,

68:0.1 This is the b. of the narrative of the long forward

68:3.3 “the fear of the Lord which is the b. of wisdom.”

69:3.7 conquered, and that meant the b. of human slavery.

69:9.7 the home had its b., and the prevailing polygamous

70:5.1 Every human institution had a b., and government is

71:8.15 the civilized races have made a b.—mankind is on the

74:8.11 the writing of their narrative of the b. of things.

75:5.9 the b. of a long and bitter warfare between Nodites

77:4.7 follow these tribes back to the b. of the Sumerians,

77:4.7 At the b. of the historical era they had long since

78:5.2 Mesopotamia proper until near the b. of the terminal

78:8.4 in the Euphrates valley at the b. of historic annals.

81:2.2 of budding culture and b. progress in social affairs,

81:3.6 appearance of crude manufacture and b. industry,

81:5.2 this was the b. of the striving for higher standards of

84:1.9 pairing of the sexes was the very b. of human society

88:0.1 prevailed since the b. of the evolution of religion.

90:0.3 between the b. and the consummation of religious

90:1.1 marking the b. of the church domination of the state.

92:1.2 real religion, even a b. of the revelation of truth itself

93:9.11 having neither b. of days nor end of life but made

96:3.1 The b. of the evolution of the Hebraic concepts

96:6.2 During the times of the b. of the transmutation of

97:9.20 was the real b. of the Jewish and Christian Bibles.

103:4.1 with the divine, and this is the b. of group worship.

104:4.16 The entirety of spiritual manifestation has its b. and

105:1.5 To the finite mind there simply must be a b., and

105:1.5 and though there never was a real b. to reality, still

105:2.1 all absolute reality is from eternity and is without b.

105:3.1 the realization that the seven Absolutes had no b.;

105:3.10 it is a fact that these Absolutes never had a b. but

105:5.6 These transactions mark the b. of universe history,

105:5.6 To a creature, the b. of the finite is the genesis of

106:0.4 present universe age may be no more than a real b.

106:7.8 all look back upon its entire history as only the b.,

110:6.1 the seventh circle marks the b. of true personality

112:6.1 from the b. morontia level of soul existence up to the

114:6.10 functioned since the b. of the current dispensation;

114:6.16 This corps has served since the b. of the current

115:3.1 that limitless, boundless, never-b., never-ending

118:5.2 In the b. the Father does all, but as the panorama

120:1.5 surrender consciousness, upon the b. of the mortal

123:2.10 5. The b. independence of the child and, with sons,

124:4.3 relations with them up to the b. of his public ministry

124:5.1 the lad of Nazareth passed from boyhood to the b. of

125:2.2 This was the b. of the seven-day ceremonies of the

126:2.4 day of his baptism, at the b. of his public ministry.

128:1.4 Prior to the b. of his public work his knowledge of

128:1.8 which event marked the b. of his public career of

128:1.10 “I am Alpha and Omega, the b. and the end, the first

129:4.4 from the bottom to the top, from the b. to the end.

131:1.3 The Most High is the first and the last, the b. and

131:2.2 “In the b. God created the heavens and the earth

131:2.6 fear of the Lord is the b. of wisdom; the knowledge

134:0.1 returned to Galilee to await the b. of his lifework

134:1.2 almost up to the time of the b. of his public ministry.

134:5.11 will serve as the b. of the sovereignty of all mankind.

134:7.7 isolation marked the b. of the more divine phase of

137:1.3 “This is but the b.; presently will my work end,

137:1.6 you have been with me in the kingdom from the b.

138:8.1 them together for the b. of their public ministry.

139:7.9 after the b. of the persecutions, Matthew was

139:12.7 From the b. the Master understood the weakness of

140:1.7 small b. of twelve commonplace men, shall

140:8.24 was really a fresh b. for the whole human race.

141:7.13 at how Jesus seemed to see the end from the b..

142:1.7 This was the b. of the spread of the gospel of the

142:3.6 “In the b. the Gods created the heavens and the earth

142:7.12 Death only ends one generation to mark the b. of

143:3.7 Their return from this holiday marked the b. of a

144:0.3 the next move involved the b. of the full and final

144:1.7 mark the b. of the final proclamation of the

145:4.1 manifestation of healing power was just the b..

147:6.2 up to the time of the b. of the second preaching

148:5.2 I have come to make a b. of setting these things in

149:6.2 In the b. it was only through fear that man could

149:6.5 that ‘the fear of the Lord is the b. of wisdom.

150:6.3 first time Jesus had visited Nazareth since the b. of

153:4.4 you have come to a b. of the making of the inevitable

153:5.4 From the b. I knew that these halfhearted believers

157:6.2 They little realized that this was the b. of a new

157:6.3 Peter’s confession marked the b. of the new period

157:7.5 the Jordan and had witnessed the b. of his career

162:2.3 You have been among your brethren from the b..

162:4.1 end of the winter or Pentecost at the b. of summer.

163:3.6 When the men who were hired at the b. of the day

164:4.11 You know that not since the b. of the world have

167:1.3 Abner washed his hands at the b. of the meal but not

174:5.6 perceived the end of one dispensation and the b. of

176:2.3 but this will be a new b. out of which the gospel of

180:6.1 been talking so plainly to you from the very b..

184:3.9 after the b. of the testimony of the false witnesses,

193:0.3 From the b. of my sojourn as one of you, I taught

193:3.2 From the very b. of our associations I always had

194:2.4 From the b. Jesus taught that the spirit would not

195:0.4 by the b. of the second century the best of Greco-

195:8.13 this is only the b. of the dire harvest of materialism

196:2.4 from the b. to the end of all personal religious

beginningverb; non-exhaustive

25:7.1 hosts to those who are just b. the long inward ascent

32:3.8 b. in lowly estate and climbing ever upward,

32:5.2 the thought of eternity, something never b. and never

45:1.2 are b. this long journey, as the pledge of assurance

48:5.9 B. service on the lowest of the tarrying spheres,

52:1.1 in the order of the spectrum colors, b. with the red.

88:4.5 Man is gradually backing into the truth, b. in error,

107:1.3 As to the time of their b. separate existences apart


142:7.3 b. here on earth and progressing up through life

162:4.4 the eighty-second Psalm, b. with the fifth verse.

179:0.1 And since the Jews reckoned the day as b. at sunset,


187:1.6 times of terrible trouble for Jerusalem are just b..


0:1.13 The absolute level is b., endless, timeless, and


0:1.11 may not have endings, but they always have b.

0:1.12 is characterized by things and beings without b. or

0:9.5 never have an end, but they do have personality b..

12:1.14 we observe the b. of a zone of an unbelievable

14:4.10 above the human level require a concept of “b..”

14:6.23 spirit nature of God the Supreme before the b. of the

19:1.11 Eternal ends are not shown in time b..

27:5.4 but experiential knowledge, largely has its b. in the

47:4.6 presenting the early b. of the morontia regime.

50:2.5 The judicial system of the local universe has its b. in

53:2.5 Whatever these first b. were, they had their origin

59:5.21 the b. of the less mild and more variable climate.

62:6.3 growth of the herd instinct and the b. of primitive

63:4.2 foreshadowed the b. of numerous social conventions

68:2.10 gave origin to the early b. of all art, ceremonial,

68:4.1 From these early b. all of the institutions of human



69:8.7 society; it gave origin to the b. of government.


76:4.8 they constituted the early b. of the Andite race.

78:1.12 prior to the b. of the great expansions of the violet

82:1.8 As an institution, marriage, from its early b. down to

83:0.1 recital of the early b. of the institution of marriage.

84:1.3 connected the b. of life with the breath and with the

86:6.6 The b. of a primitive philosophic life policy were

100:4.5 the b. of much that is fine and noble in the human

101:6.17 demonstrated both the b. and endings of the faith

104:4.22 Within this triunity there eternalizes the b. and the

104:4.46 in him all things have their unqualified b., eternal

105:2.7 reality has its true b. with the eternity appearance of

105:3.1 necessary for mortal minds to conceive of their b.,

105:3.9 The Seven Absolutes of Infinity constitute the b. of

106:0.3 It pertains to universes from early physical b. up to

106:0.5 It implies the prefinite genesis of finite b. and the

106:0.9 unity of infinity is a hypothetical reality before all b.

106:0.17 or by postexperientials—that which lies before b. and

106:8.12 finals; inceptors, realizers, and consummators; b.,

118:0.9 constitute the experiential bridge linking the b. and

118:8.10 man achieves the b. of spiritual brotherhood when

118:10.12 In the b. on an evolutionary world the natural

122:1.2 or one extending back to more auspicious b..

129:4.5 He has lived the human life from the b. of physical

140:5.3 men as God loves themto show forth the b. of a



0:8.9 the realization of God b. with the recognition of the

5:5.5 The picture of human existence b. and ends with

14:5.8 By the time an ascendant mortal b. the exploration

17:6.4 becomes space cognizant and b. preliminary training

20:6.4 he b. that part of his planetary mission designed to

30:4.19 regime does not function until the spirit career b..

30:4.26 your spiritual education b. in reality and in earnest;

30:4.27 Now b. your personal education, your individual

34:5.2 On the inhabited worlds the Spirit b. the work of

38:1.1 Thus b. the creation of the seraphic hosts of a local

39:0.10 Man b. life as a helpless infant; hence every mortal

39:5.14 a strange metamorphosis b. as the seraphim is made

41:8.1 it b. to emit protons as fast as new ones arrive.

41:9.4 a sun b. to throw its exterior layers off into space,

42:4.6 at about three thousand miles it b. to shade off

47:7.5 average mortal ascender b. to manifest bona fide

47:9.3 Now b. the formation of classes for graduation to

48:5.1 when the postmaterial or morontia life b., the

52:2.1 arrival of the Planetary Prince a new dispensation b..

52:2.6 national life b. to replace tribal organization or rather

52:2.6 chiefly tribal; now, the home b. to materialize.

52:3.10 and the brotherhood of man really b. to materialize.

52:3.10 Representative government b. to take the place of

52:4.8 society b. to return to more simplified forms of

56:7.2 Time-space evolution b. on a planet with the first

56:7.2 there also b. that ever-expanding revelation and

57:3.11 completed universe mechanism of Nebadon first b.

57:3.12 and the spectacular period of sun dispersion b..

57:8.3 real geologic history of Urantia b. with the cooling

58:2.6 temperature b. to rise, and this increase continues

59:0.8 As this era b., the sea bottoms, the continental

59:6.12 second stage of evolution b. to unfold on the land.

64:0.2 The latter half of the history of mankind b at the time

72:4.6 Then b. the study of books and the pursuit of special

81:6.42 really jeopardized until able leadership b. to vanish.

85:7.3 b. to develop into the phenomenon of real religion.

85:7.3 then in worship man b. to turn away from nature to

97:9.3 Pretentious Hebrew history b. with Saul’s rallying

101:10.7 a liberated soul immediately b. to feel at home in

103:2.9 Very early in life the normal child b. to learn that it is

108:2.3 the seventh adjutant mind-spirit b. to function and

112:7.14 Now b. the human attempt to realize and to actualize

114:5.5 administrative day on Urantia b. with a conference,

117:3.6 and once the soul comes into being, it b. to grow

118:0.12 But sooner or later, this same person b. to hunger

118:1.5 b. to take on the aspects of past-future significance.

118:1.8 self b. to gain insight into the wholeness of events,

118:1.8 b. to view the landscape of time from the panoramic

118:1.8 b. perhaps to suspect the nonbeginning, nonending

124:6.18 lad, and b. the narrative of that adolescent youth—

124:6.18 who now b. the contemplation of his world career as

127:6.14 now as a man of the realm Jesus b. to organize these

131:8.6 When man dies, the spirit b. to wing its long flight

133:7.7 There b. to be something of an approach to unity in

133:7.11 The human mind early b. to manifest qualities


148:6.2 parable b. with the recital of the prosperity of the

148:6.9 Finally, the human sufferer b. to see the light of life

149:6.3 when man b. to understand and experience the

160:1.6 The mature human being soon b. to look upon all


165:6.3 “But if the servant is slothful and b. to say in his

165:6.3 ‘My master delays his coming,’ and b. to mistreat

187:5.2 twenty-second Psalm, which b. with “My God,

189:1.13 He now lives as Jesus of morontia, and as he b. this

196:2.2 spiritual progression which man b. on earth and


186:1.5 what is that to us? See you to that—and b.!”


77:2.3 the daughters of men b. an ancient race of heroes.


6:1.1 The Eternal Son is the original and only-b. Son of

10:1.4 the “personality of infinity” upon his only-b. Son,

21:0.1 each is the “only-b. Son” of the perfect deity ideal of

21:1.1 the only-b. Son of the perfect ideal and the powerful

21:1.2 Creator Son is the only-b. and only-begettable

33:1.1 The Michael of Nebadon is the “only-b. Son”

136:9.7 ‘You are my Son; this day have I b. you.


163:3.7 or do you b. my generosity because I desire to be


75:5.2 Adam was not b.; he knew exactly what he was


1:0.1 truth about the Universal Father had b. to dawn

15:8.6 the struggle for universal equilibrium is b. anew.

25:4.14 training of Technical Advisers, b. in the colleges of

26:10.5 adventure of the eternal assignment has not yet b.;

32:1.5 work is b. upon the architectural sphere which is to

47:4.8 the significance of morontia mota, b. on the first

47:7.5 so laboriously but so joyfully and auspiciously b..

47:8.2 the initial instruction is here b. in the technique of

54:5.13 even if his adjudication, now b., should not be

57:8.3 condensation on the surface of the earth, once b.,

63:3.1 The human race had b., and with this new evolution

67:4.7 the Satania rebellion, which they have so recently b..

72:10.3 Efforts to prevent the breeding of criminals were b.

78:3.8 the brown man had not yet b. his civilization on

81:2.12 Chinese farmers had b. the raising of sheep, goats,

82:2.4 the long evolution of marriage and the home had b..

84:7.20 Among ancient savages, discipline of children was b.

93:10.2 as suddenly and unceremoniously as he had b. it.

94:9.5 north Indian groups of Gautama’s followers had b.

97:7.11 b. the destruction of primitive magic and biologic

97:9.21 the Jews had b. the concentration of land in the

99:1.3 has b. its cruise upon the high seas of evolutionary

108:6.8 You humans have b. an endless unfolding of an

122:2.1 Jesus’ lifework on Urantia was really b. by John

124:5.5 very proud of the lad and had already b. laying plans

128:2.4 He had b. the slow process of weaning his family.

135:8.4 John had just b. baptizing the candidates for the day.

135:10.2 the Bethany ford, where he had b. his preaching of

136:4.9 as he had so nobly b. it, always subject to the

136:9.1 John had already b. this work; how might he

136:9.2 and he proposed to finish his work as he had b. it,

150:8.2 the service was b. by the recital of two prayers:

158:1.7 the apostles’ eyes grew heavy, for they had b. their

158:8.1 continued the discussion b. at Mount Hermon as

168:1.12 so that by this time decay of the body has b..”

171:2.3 you are unable to finish that which you have b.,

172:3.7 had passed over the brow of Olivet and had b. the

173:2.2 Jesus had just b. his discourse on “The Liberty of

174:0.2 that I am able to finish the work I have b.,

177:2.4 you will go through with the course you have b..”

178:3.2 forth to represent me and finish the work I have b..

178:3.4 and complete the work which you have b. with me

189:1.13 midway between the material and the spiritual has b..

190:3.3 real trouble with the man of Nazareth had just b..

192:4.7 had b. the first steps of changing the gospel of the

195:1.9 attained its highest levels; its retrogression had b.;

behalfsee behalf of

8:4.7 bestows the universal ministry of mercy in his own b.

9:8.10 but this the Infinite Spirit does in his own b.,

113:5.3 The seraphim act in your b. quite independent of

132:4.8 been granted special permission to appear in his b.,

147:1.1 Would you, therefore, go to Jesus in my b. and

174:5.12 will receive me and accept my mission in your b.,

187:1.7 authorities by daring to show compassion in his b..

195:4.2 be able to intercede in man’s b. before the Gods.

behalf of

5:3.8 Adjuster presence conducts such worship in b. of

16:3.4 he always speaks for, and in b. of, the Eternal Son.

20:10.1 The work of each Paradise Son in b. of each world

22:3.4 the cause of justice in b. of the superuniverse

22:8.3 noble assignments in self-denial in b. of their chosen

24:7.8 Spirit, undoubtedly acting in b. of the Supreme.

25:8.3 have nothing especial to accomplish in b. of those

26:11.5 especially towards the weak and in b. of the needy

38:9.10 celestial entertainers in b. of the Planetary Prince,

42:2.16 Conjoint Actor, functioning in b. of the Trinity.

45:4.16 authority to act in b. of Michael, who is actually

46:4.7 These beings are devoted to spiritual ministry in b. of

50:4.2 from which their work in b. of the races is

52:2.12 altruism in b. of those unfortunate and needy

55:7.2 to act in b. of still higher but invisible rulers.

67:6.8 Van now serves in b. of Urantia while awaiting the

93:6.7 his ambitions in b. of the larger plans of Melchizedek

95:3.5 throughout Egypt in b. of the Salem teachings of

100:4.2 Loyalties are not exercised in b. of the great, the

102:7.4 prove his contentions in b. of a godless religion,

108:4.1 this act of abnegation in b. of the Supreme Creator

113:3.4 function in b. of the human creature during this

113:5.5 to function in a wide range of activities in b. of

113:6.8 shall respond to the dispensational roll call in b. of

114:3.5 general acts on b. of the twenty-four counselors,

120:0.7 of Nebadon, acting on b. of the Universal Father.

120:1.7 I act in b. of my Father and your Father and offer

121:8.14 In b. of the Brotherhood of the United Midwayers of

127:6.14 ministry, and service in b. of his fellow mortals on

128:6.6 propaganda work in b. of the Zealots, the patriotic

128:6.7 Jesus appeared before the military magistrate in b. of

130:2.2 This young man exerted a great influence in b. of

132:0.9 Jesus’ work in b. of the original thirty-two was

133:2.1 Jesus intervened in b. of the person subjected to

136:2.5 Adjuster that John and Jesus heard, speaking in b. of

136:3.3 the prosecution of his public labors in b. of this

136:4.1 to plan his program of public labors in b. of his

136:4.1 in b. of every inhabited world throughout his vast

136:4.13 to conduct his work in b. of other worlds in need,

136:5.3 in connection with, or in b. of, his earth career

138:7.7 personal work in b. of the kingdom for two weeks

139:5.9 to observe his work in b. of the mother church.

139:5.10 and in all his subsequent labors in b. of the gospel.

145:2.7 Ezekiel foresaw this day when he spoke in b. of

148:2.2 Jesus in connection with his ministry in b. of Elman’s

154:2.4 or in b. of any one of his immediate followers.

159:2.3 with John’s subsequent labors in b. of the kingdom.

159:6.5 the last epoch of their labors in b. of the kingdom.


125:2.9 They had never seen him b. like this, and not

172:3.13 rebuke your disciples and exhort them to b. more


54:6.3 hardship upon all the other and well-b. children.

145:2.13 He believed this teaching and b. accordingly in all


12:1.2 but we never find force, energy, or matter thus b.;

77:5.6 When the second strangely b. offspring arrived,


12:1.1 The observable b. of the material creation

12:6.6 whether pertaining to the b. of a primordial unit of

15:6.16 The laws of physical-energy b. are basically universal

15:8.7 to understand such likely b. of the blazing suns

15:8.8 laws of energy control and matter b. known to us.

16:4.12 4. The b. of emergent energy when fully liberated

16:7.2 of an animal is limited to the motor level of b..

16:8.5 and characteristic phenomena of mortal reactive b.:

34:6.6 transform human character or to control mortal b..

41:5.8 to arrive at a better understanding of the b. of light

42:2.23 conversant with all phases of emergent-energy b.

42:4.10 the antigravity b. of the ultimatonic energies under

42:4.14 vibratory or wavelike b. of such units of energy is

42:4.14 the wave mechanics of quantum b. is due to the

42:5.16 Primordial-force b. does give rise to phenomena

42:6.3 the point of partial antigravity b., but they cannot,

42:7.5 tendency to fly to pieces, as illustrated by radium b..

42:7.6 Chemical b. is wholly dependent on the activity of

42:7.8 This same comparative ratio of electronic b. in

42:7.10 also operate to produce variable electronic b..

42:8.1 the secret of their basic constitution and ultimate b.,

42:8.2 negative attraction; its b. is sometimes unpredictable.

49:2.22 The electric, magnetic, and electronic b. of the

58:3.3 opposite direction from that of the grosser matter b.,

62:6.3 instinctive and reflex b. of the primordial animal life.

65:2.3 exhibit a degree of retrogression in their parasitic b.

65:6.8 can learn from reactive habits of b. in response to

65:7.6 mysterious b. and incompletely understood quick

70:10.4 some degree of control over the b. of each individual

71:2.8 degree that public opinion can control personal b.

74:3.8 at an animal, he would indicate its nature and b..

84:5.13 never can obliterate the b. gulf between the sexes.

87:4.5 who were to some extent consistent in their b..

87:4.5 of supermortal forces that were consistent in b.,

89:3.7 Self-control is a better human policy of b. regulation

92:2.6 sanctioned all sorts of contrary and inconsistent b.,

108:2.8 Such human b. in a personal planetary crisis is

110:4.5 highly animallike in their common b., so emotional

134:1.5 by this unusually peculiar b. of her first-born son.

140:6.6 teach you rules of government, trade, or social b.,

140:10.2 translating such teachings into rules of personal b..

148:4.6 such natural imperfections of b. are neither sin nor

156:5.5 habits of b. that you recognize as temptation.

162:2.9 How does it come that you are influenced by the b.

172:5.11 could not possibly understand the downcast b. of

181:2.15 By such b. you angered your brethren at that time.

183:1.1 instigating the barbarous b. of those supposedly

194:3.10 all forms, ceremonies, sacred places, and special b.


135:12.7 So was John that night b. in the prison, the soldier

144:9.1 Herod has b. him.

177:4.11 critic of Jesus ever since John the Baptist was b. by


43:4.9 the Son of Man “b. Satan fall as lightning from

53:8.3 “And I b. Satan fall as lightning from heaven.”

62:6.3 we b. the spirit of knowledge manifesting itself in

75:6.3 No one could have b. the sorrowful parting of this

85:1.2 meteoric stones that primitive humans b. hurtling

87:6.11 they would flee in haste when they b. themselves.

97:7.6 Melchizedek b. human teachers proclaiming a real

119:5.3 We had heard of such things but now we b. them.

122:3.2 Mary had really heard the voice and b. the form of

122:8.7 where they b. and worshiped the newborn babe.

124:3.7 shocked to observe his son’s enthusiasm as he b.

124:6.11 never had Jesus b. such throngs of human beings.

125:1.3 was shocked by the spiritual ugliness which he b. on

125:1.4 heard were a relief from the sights he had just b..

125:4.2 Olivet he paused and wept over the sight he b.

125:6.4 recognized the voice of the missing lad and b. him

132:0.2 he b. this magnificent temple dedicated to Jupiter,

133:5.11 At last my eyes have b. a Jew who thinks something

134:9.4 as Jesus b. the lighthearted and joyous abandon of

135:9.7 looked up toward the north and b. Jesus coming to

135:9.7 I b. the divine spirit descending upon this man,

136:2.3 Only the eyes of Jesus b. the Personalized Adjuster.

137:4.16 occurrence which they had just inadvertently b..

139:9.9 When the people heard this and b. the twins among

141:0.2 b. his brief seasons of serious preoccupation of

142:2.4 as none of those who have gone before ever b. him.

143:5.4 Nalda b. in the Master’s face the countenance of

143:5.8 the divine eye b. as having been sinned against more

144:8.3 But what did you see when you b. John?

153:2.8 have seen me, lived with me, and b. my works,

158:1.8 they b. Jesus in intimate converse with brilliant

158:2.1 they had just b. him transfigured in glory before

162:3.5 writing, he b. the woman standing alone before

162:4.1 The apostles at last b. their Master making the bold

163:6.2 that I b. Satan falling as lightning from heaven.

167:6.3 b. the children of Jericho playing with the Creator of

169:3.2 lifted up his eyes and b. Abraham and Lazarus in

172:3.10 great silence came upon all as they b. him weeping

172:5.5 as John b. his Master sitting there astride the colt,

173:1.6 close by he b. a simple-minded Galilean, a man he

174:4.1 but when they b. the fate of their comrades who

176:0.2 saw the lights of the city appear and b. the beauty

176:4.3 whereas the eye of flesh had b. him when he lived

179:1.1 they b. a large and commodious chamber, which was

184:2.8 commingled pity and love as man had never b. in

190:2.3 he b. the gradual appearance of a strange form by

190:3.1 they b. in their very midst the fully visible form of

191:5.4 finger in the nail marks of my hands, have now b.


70:1.15 made war at the b. of their chiefs or medicine men.

127:2.3 his refusal to espouse the nationalist cause at her b.

138:7.1 Master, we come at the b. of our associates to

148:6.11 the superstition that God afflicts man at the b. of

186:3.2 to be crucified by the Romans at the insistent b. of

behindsee leave; see left

2:7.5 the creative design which is b., and pre-existent to,

30:3.9 by serving as teachers to those pupils just b. you

32:5.3 But when we look at all this from b. the scenes, a

39:1.10  B. lie the realms of achievement, realms grown

39:1.13 helpers to those of their kind who are just b. them in

50:3.6 are a whole dispensation b. their Jerusem class,

52:3.6 Your world is a dispensation and more b. the

53:8.4 divine assurance replied, “Get you b. me, Satan.”

64:4.12 placate the invisible forces b. these natural elements

74:4.3 guard of honor which had remained b. with Adam

78:2.4 left a great intellectual and spiritual culture b. him,

80:2.5 culture of the blue man thousands of years b. that

89:7.4 The mores always drag b. in the evolutionary

93:5.5 Nahor remained b. and built up a strong city-state

94:6.12 fell b. because of temporary failure to progress in

97:5.2 shall hear a word b. you, saying, ‘this is the way,

100:4.5  B. him, a woman and two children.

102:8.6 that institutional religion has invariably lagged b. the

104:4.13 b. all of this ceaseless manipulation is the presence of

112:6.10 he leaves the adjutant ministry b. and becomes solely

121:0.1 scrupulously avoided leaving written records b.

125:2.5 to gaze in wonder as to what really was b. the veil

125:5.3 1. What really exists in the holy of holies, b. the veil?

125:6.1 be somewhat worried about his having lingered b..

131:4.7 Evil must be left b. in this world, but virtue follows

132:0.5 We who view human activities from b. the scenes

133:2.1 Jesus stepped up b. the irate husband and, tapping

137:2.6 Nathaniel, who still tarried b under the mulberry tree

139:2.9 the procession or trailing b.—“following afar off.”

140:8.29 theological laws; he left not a line of writing b. him.

141:1.1 Though they consented to remain b., many of them

141:7.4 When Jesus departed from this world, he left b. no

145:3.2 paralyzed daughter just as soon as the sun sank b. his

147:5.2 the walls of the room b. the couches of the diners,

147:5.3 standing b. Jesus as he reclined at meat, began to

147:5.10 were baptized by Abner who remained b. to foster

150:1.3 stood stanchly b. their chosen sisters and voiced

158:5.5 journeyed southward while the crowd followed on b.

158:6.1 Master, while we who tarried b. still remain ignorant

158:7.4 Peter and the others, saying: “Get you b. me.

162:3.5 the crowd, saw her husband standing b. the others.

162:4.4 formed a procession to march from the temple b.

173:0.2 Jesus led the way, the apostles following closely b.

173:1.11 to entrench themselves b. political, financial, or

173:2.7 to the Pharisees’ question as to the authority b. his

176:0.1 curiosity of the apostles as they walked along b.

179:0.4 the upper chamber while Jesus lingered b. to talk

183:3.7 to Jesus and made ready to bind his hands b. his

183:3.10 John followed close b. the mob, but Peter

183:5.3 so ashamed that he dropped back b. the marchers,

184:2.1 Judas had dropped some distance b., and Simon

184:3.5 and with his hands bound together b. his back.

186:0.3 his sister Ruth refused to remain b. with the rest of

186:1.1 his Sanhedrist associates followed close b. the

191:0.1 of the day in the upper chamber b. barred doors.

191:5.3 you will not hide your light here b. closed doors;

192:1.3 His brethren came up close b. him, having come

195:8.9  B. the gains of the twentieth century are not only

196:2.7 Jesus burned all bridges b. him; he sacrificed all

beholdsee beholdimperative

1:3.2 not even to b. the presence of his delegated spirit of

1:3.3 No material man could b. the spirit God and

1:5.9 as we b. him in the persons of his Sovereign Sons;

6:3.3 the Father, who is love, and then b. the unfolding of

8:6.5 Even though we b. the phenomenon of the ministry

12:2.1 the mysterious stretches of outer space and there b.

15:4.7 pause to consider that the light you b. left those

28:5.20 When the Universal Censors b. these presentations

28:6.22 The more steadfastly you b., and the more

32:4.10 we b. the outworking of the ideal and infinite love

44:0.14 b. the inspiring masterpieces of the supernal artists of

53:9.2 the rulers b. the end of the unfaithful Sovereign of

67:3.8 And it was an inspiring sight to b. this child of the

74:3.5 an astounding innovation to b. Eve, a woman,

93:10.7 And now we b. the conferring upon Melchizedek

97:7.7 I not forget my children, for b. I have graven them

101:7.4 It is indeed pitiful to b. giant intellects held so

102:3.14 in the life of Michael we b the phenomenon of God’s

113:1.1 their angels do always b. the presence of the spirit of

120:1.4 will b. a new and more understandable revelation

125:0.3 its temple; now he was soon to b. them in reality.

132:7.9 What a scene for the celestial intelligences to b.,

136:5.2 Although Jesus did not constantly b. these attendant

136:5.2 eyes, his Personalized Adjuster did constantly b.,

137:6.1 expected to b. some extraordinary manifestation

140:1.7 “And this which your eyes now b., this small

141:5.2 so unified that all who b. your lives will of a surety

142:6.5 you can b. the manifestations of the spirit, but you

144:8.3 What did you b. in Johna reed shaken with the

145:2.6 prophet’s words are fulfilled in what you b. this day?

145:3.10 for those of us who were present to b. this creative

146:5.2 except you see signs and b. wonders, you refuse to

149:2.14 to hear his gracious words and b. his simple life.

150:1.3 to b. them being recognized as authorized teachers

151:3.1 puts his lamp on a stand where all can b. the light.

158:5.1 they were greatly encouraged to b. the good cheer

158:8.1 little ones, for their angels do always b. the faces

160:2.10 world will b. a great and glorified social structure,

161:3.3 then would we b. Jesus in conference with the

163:6.4 men of the past have desired to b. what you now see

164:5.5 but b. the Creator of a universe leading him forth to

167:7.4 see the heavens opened and b. the angels of God

175:1.8 But you all b. how the Father’s mercy is slighted

175:2.2 as they b. the professed followers of Jesus indulge

176:2.4 “You b. me now in weakness and in the flesh, but

176:2.4 The eye of the spirit will b. the Son of Man glorified

176:3.7 will be disclosed to all who b. your spiritual fruits

176:4.5 But if every eye is to b. him, and if only spiritual

186:2.11 millions have ever since continued to b. that man,

191:6.2 when they b. how fervently you serve them, they


1:5.3 “Lift up your eyes on high and b. who has created all

2:1.1 B., the heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot

2:5.4B. what manner of love the Father has bestowed

4:1.4B., he who keeps us shall neither slumber nor sleep.

40:6.2B., what manner of love the Father has bestowed

55:6.4 are passing away; b., all things are becoming new.”

96:6.4  B., God is great and we know him not.

97:5.2B. God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid

97:7.5B. he takes up the isles as a very little thing.”

97:7.7 I not forget my children, for b. I have graven them

100:7.1 Master standing before his accusers, “B. the man!”

100:7.18 are passing away; b., all things are becoming new.”

126:4.6 Lift up your eyes and b. who has created all these

131:2.2 And, b., all he created was very good.

135:3.3 the night visions, and, b., one like the Son of Man

135:4.4 in Malachi: “B., I will send you Elijah the prophet

135:9.7B. the Son of God, the deliverer of the world!

137:2.7B. a genuine Israelite, in whom there is no deceit.

137:6.2B. I will extend peace like a river, and the glory of

140:9.3B. I send you forth as sheep in the midst of

143:2.3 b. I show you how all things are to become new.

143:6.1  B. these people coming out from a Samaritan city

144:8.3 Of John it was written: ‘B., I send my messenger

144:8.7B., a gluttonous man and a winebibber, a friend

145:2.5  B., the days shall come when I will make a new

145:2.7 says the Lord God, ‘b. all souls are mine; as the

145:5.5  B., all men seek you; never before have so many

147:6.4B., Teacher, your apostles do that which is unlawful

147:8.2  B., you fast for the sake of strife and contention

153:2.2 As for me, b. I am in your hands.

154:6.4B., your mother and your brothers are outside,

154:6.5  B. my mother and b. my brethren!

159:3.2B., I stand at the door and knock, and if any man

162:6.3 B., as the waters are poured out upon the dry

164:5.5 but b. the Creator of a universe leading him forth to

166:3.5 And, b., many who are first will be last, and those

166:3.7 B., I stand at the doors of men’s hearts and knock,

168:1.1 his tears, one of them said: “B. how he loved him.

171:2.3B., this man began to build but was unable to finish

171:4.7  B., your house is about to be left to you desolate!

171:8.6 ‘Lord, b., here is your pound, which I have kept

172:3.4  B., your king comes to you.

172:3.14B., all that we do is of no avail; we are confounded

173:5.2 ‘Tell all those who were bidden, to come, for, b., my

175:1.24  B., I now go forth with my children, and your house

176:1.4B., here is the Deliverer,’ or ‘B., there is he,’

176:3.4 two talents; b., I have gained these other two

180:6.9 said to each other: “B., he does speak plainly to us.

182:3.4 for, b., he who betrays me is at hand, and the hour

184:1.6  B., all Jerusalem has heard that which I have

184:3.15  B., now have you all heard this man’s blasphemy.

185:6.3 before the mixed multitude said: “B. the man!

185:7.5 pointed to him and tauntingly said, “B. your king.”

186:2.11 before the multitude, exclaiming, “B. the man!”

186:2.11 echoed throughout all Nebadon, “B. God and man

187:1.6  B., the days are coming in which you shall say:

187:4.7 and he said to his mother, “Woman, b. your son!”

187:4.7 to John, he said, “My son, b. your mother!”


20:8.4 In all universes all the Sons of God are b. to these

133:1.2 As an individual I am b. to show mercy; I must go

140:6.8 you are b. to live your lives as I have in spirit lived

140:6.8 I have sheep not of this flock, and that I am b. to

147:3.3 After all, we are all b. to do the will of the Eternal.


28:5.11 instead of b. the likeness of your finite and

32:3.6 ability to see the Father when b. the Creator Son.

124:6.8 heart beat with joyous anticipation of soon b the city

146:6.2 They were bent on b. miracles and wonders, and

171:2.4 listening to the teaching and b. the works; you will

187:4.5 In b. Jesus, there sprang up in his heart a sense of


3:3.2 Lord looks from heaven; he b. all the sons of men;

14:6.9 Our Father b. the central universe with perfect

131:5.2 he b. both the evil deeds of the wicked and the

153:2.9 That every one who b. the Son and who believes

176:2.4 The eye of flesh b. the Son of Man in the flesh, but


128:1.7 Wherefore it b. him in every respect to be made like


65:5.3 it b. mortal minds to enlist in patient waiting and

134:9.6 “It b. me to keep busy while I wait for my hour to

137:5.4 it b. us to await the completion of John’s preaching

138:7.1 it b. us now to submit to the will of the Father and

157:1.4 it b. us to afford no stumbling block for the

165:5.5 crisis is just ahead, and it b. you to watch and be

171:7.10 And it b. the Master’s followers in all ages to learn


107:2.5 simultaneously with b. at one with the Father.

140:10.1 b. righteous, by faith, must precede doing

beingentity; seebeing, spirit; see beingexistence;

  see Supreme Being; human being; well-being

0:3.11 No thing or b., no relativity or finality, exists except

0:3.19 7. The potential personality of an evolutionary b.

0:3.19 moral b. is centered in the personality of the Father.

1:4.3 There sojourns within each moral b. of this planet a

1:5.16 ascending spirits of every entity, b., and

2:1.3 He is the only b. in the universe, aside from his

2:1.10 it is inherently impossible for any finite b. ever to

2:2.6 in the evolving career of every moral b. of the

2:3.4 the sin-identified b. instantly becomes as though

3:0.2 a revelation of an otherwise invisible b., invisible

3:2.8 of the best good, not always of an individual b.,

3:6.3 Man as a moral b. is inexplicable unless the reality of

4:1.7 A b. of my order is able to discover ultimate

4:3.1 and never will be jealous of man or any other b. in

4:3.5 he is a b. with a father’s affection, and his heart is

4:4.1 the only stationary, self-contained, and changeless b.

4:4.3 God is the b. of absolute self-determination; there

4:4.3 is God related to the universe as the b. of final

4:4.7 the one b. who exists by himself, not dependent on

4:4.7 not dependent on any other b. for existence but

5:1.2 yearn for the association of every created b. who can

5:1.9 are attainable by any b. who has been indwelt by a

5:6.8 No other b., force, creator, or agency in all the

6:1.4 those who fraternized with this divine b. in human

6:5.3 he bestows personality upon no b. and of himself,

6:5.5 Son, as an infinite and exclusively personal b.,

6:7.1 Every personal b. derives personality from the Father

6:8.8 of such an infinite b., doubt not, he is a person.

7:1.4 as certainly as mortal man becomes a spiritized b.,

7:5.6 It is not possible for him, an absolute b., to suspend

8:4.6 and as a person, draw very near to every b. of the

9:1.7 there springs into existence a b. equal to God in

9:1.7 a b. provisionally subordinate in sovereignty but in

9:6.4 mind-material b. who is unresponsive to spirit

9:6.4 mind-spirit b. who is unresponsive to material

10:2.2 still another b. like themselves; and this conjoint

10:2.4 that divine b. who stands throughout all time as the

11:3.1 A purely spiritual reality is, to a purely material b.,

11:9.5 Paradise is not ancestral to any b. or living entity; it

11:9.8 And when such an animal-origin b. does stand, as

12:0.1 staggers the concept of even my order of b..

12:6.5 unable to predict the decisions of such a freewill b.

12:7.6 He is the Universal Father, a b. surcharged with

12:7.9 silhouetting the unique nature of each personal b.

12:7.12 that God is a highly personal self-conscious b.

13:0.4 No personal b. may sojourn on any of these seven

13:1.6 beyond the conceptual capacity of my order of b..

13:1.13 But to me, a high Trinity-origin b., all sectors of

13:1.23 experience and possession of your type of b..

13:4.4 by the loyalty and devotion of the individual b.,

14:2.4 self-conscious b. deprived of environmental stimuli

14:5.2 it transcends the concept of anything a created b.

16:3.2 b. who presides over the College of Personalized

16:3.12 This divine b. seems to portray the combined

16:7.4 a moral b. possesses an insight which enables him

16:7.4 a moral b. in choosing virtue is nonetheless

16:7.5 of his cosmic-mind endowment as a personal b..

16:7.8 man ascends to the level of a moral b. because he is

16:8.4 enables us to identify such a b. at some future time

16:9.4 cannot become so certain of a fellow b.’ reality as

17:1.6 worlds of the Spirit amazes even a b. of my order.

17:3.1 was productive of a type of b. in nature resembling

17:4.3 Always some b. of the reflective nature will be

19:1.10 But the knowledge of how a b. becomes does not

19:1.10 the present status and true character of such a b..

19:2.4 A divine b. can have perfection of divine knowledge.

19:5.3 the evolving universes in which any b. of Trinity

19:5.6 of all things, but they are not the same order of b..

19:5.9 my entire order of b. shares it, it may be the

20:3.3 adjudicator, he arrives on a planet as a spiritual b.,

20:4.1 the Avonal is always incarnated as a material b..

20:4.1 a b. fully visible to, and in physical contact with,

21:0.4 has never experienced incarnation as a material b.,

21:1.1 there flashes into full-fledged b. a new and original

21:2.2 Infinite Spirit, that b. who is destined to become the

21:2.5 Son engage in the creation of any new type of b.,

21:2.11 first-born native b., the Bright and Morning Star,

22:7.1 Therefore is it beyond the possibility of any b. to

22:7.2 times successful in the production of a new b.,

22:7.4 among those who can essay to trinitize a creature b..

22:7.6 union of two members of the same order of b..

22:7.7 a new and original b. is trinitized by the Gods,

22:7.8 No created b. in the universe can fully explain this

23:2.22 An enseraphimed b. cannot possibly exceed the

25:2.5 fourth creatures of the servitals, is a semimaterial b..

25:8.3 Almost every other b. you mortals will encounter

27:7.3 But no ascendant b. is ever required to enter upon

28:4.1 hear the certain responses of another b. a thousand

28:6.3 the genesis of any b. in either the central universe or

28:6.21 report of every b. upon whom they focalize.

29:1.2 energies, of a semiphysical b. and a spirit personality.

29:4.29 to be recognized by any other type of living b.,

30:1.55 created by any one b. of direct or indirect descent

30:1.10 fragment constitutes the creature a Father-fused b..

30:1.113 This type of b. is nonresponsive to spirit gravity

30:1.114 could an absonitized b. ever be explained to you?

30:3.3 Any b. on any world in any system of any universe

30:4.26 through the local universe you were a morontia b.;

31:7.2 —any b. required in the prosecution of a transient

31:7.5 filled by some type of b of origin in the new universe

31:9.10 this b. failed to absonitize, experiencing

32:4.10 function that it is possible for another b. to perform.

33:4.2 Only one such b. of wisdom and majesty is brought

33:4.2 a b. like themselves and partaking freely of their

33:4.3 a b. of unprecedented versatility and unimagined

33:4.3 Such a b. is also capable of a broad understanding

33:5.2 Immanuel is a b. of sublime dignity and such superb

34:2.1 To many universe types of b., this representation

35:1.1 Melchizedek—that unique b. who subsequently

35:5.6 arbitrary authority over every celestial b. assigned

36:3.8 have once succeeded in producing a b. with will,

37:2.7 Evening Stars always work in pairs—one a created b.

38:8.6 assigned as guardians of destiny to some mortal b.,

40:5.1 a b. much like yourselves, one you can see, hear,

40:7.3 fragments of God are with your order of b. from the

40:10.3 a mortal b. does not or cannot become fused with

42:12.9 personality form is the pattern aspect of a living b.;

43:6.5 nothing in all Edentia to make any living b. afraid.

43:9.2 you will be evolving from a morontia b. to the

44:0.4 any b. below the rank of inherent divine sonship.

44:0.18 an ascendant Adjuster-fused, onetime mortal b.,

44:1.10 celestial harmony of b. placement and personality

47:8.5 the new morontia b. is introduced to his fellows for

47:9.5 a mortal b. minus a material body, a human mind

48:2.19 with this b. there are always associated two system

48:4.10 of development or to a less experienced status of b..

48:7.9 Neither do the celestial beings assist the lower b.

51:6.5 Here is a b. of high origin who is physical, material

53:1.1 Lucifer was not an ascendant b.; he was a created

53:1.2 Lucifer was a magnificent b., a brilliant personality;

54:1.9 No b, in the exercise of his supposed personal liberty

54:1.9 a right to deprive any other b. of those privileges of

54:2.5 No b. in all the universe has the rightful liberty to

54:2.5 to deprive any other b. of true liberty, the right to

54:3.1 not permit any b. or group of beings to deprive a

54:3.3 And the Ancients of Days refuse to annihilate any b.

54:6.5 Every b. who stood the test of that evil episode

55:4.31 a b. must humanize to receive a Thought Adjuster.

56:10.14 The universe is a whole; no thing or b. exists or lives

66:4.5 becoming coparental to a new order of physical b.,

66:4.10 new b. was wholly visible to the planetary staff and

67:7.4 survival only when it is the attitude of the whole b.

67:7.5 but never does the sin of any b. rob another of the

70:10.8 that no divine b. ever gave mortal man such unfair

74:7.22 those life factors which unite to form a new b..

75:1.4 could they communicate with any b. off the planet.

77:1.3 staff was granted permission to produce a similar b..

77:8.10 They are considerably nearer the angelic type of b.

82:1.9 but since man is so largely a self-controlled b., sex

91:2.5 man’s communion with a personal and superior b..

91:3.3 One God, a divine b. embodying the highest ideals

93:2.2 his ninety-four years of life as a material b..

93:8.1 a demigod, to look upon him as a supernatural b.,

94:3.2 definitely a belief in an absolute, even an infinite, b.,

94:11.2 teachings of the cult as to make of him a divine b.,

95:6.3 Its God was a b. of supreme wisdom and the patron

97:4.2 a Divine B. who would countenance sin among his

101:1.1 of divinity in the consciousness of a moral b. of

101:6.6 and insure for such a onetime mortal b. the eternal

102:3.4 there is experienced within the soul of that b. such

103:2.8 When a moral b. chooses to be unselfish when

104:1.5 the Hindus the trinitarian concept took root as B.,

106:7.4 we doubt that any b. or universe will ever attain all

107:0.6 The Adjuster is an absolute essence of an infinite b.

107:0.6 a new order of b. for unending universe service.

107:7.2 This is a question easy to ask, but probably no b. in

107:7.5 entirely permissible to term such a b. prepersonal.

107:7.6 To our orders of b. these fragments of Deity are

108:0.1 Adjusters bring into existence a unique type of b.,

108:0.1 a b. consisting in the eternal union of the perfect

108:5.10 is beyond the possibility of criticism by any b.

109:1.5 in fusion with the surviving soul of a mortal b..

109:3.4 fusion, the making of man and Adjuster one b..

109:7.1 attributes through service-ministry to a personal b..

110:6.1 circle denotes the relative maturity of the mortal b..

110:6.4 danger or risk to the real welfare of such a b..

110:6.5 rarely can they speak directly, as another b., to you.

110:7.4 In a certain sense, this new b. is of the eternal past

111:3.7 such a resultant b. becomes indestructible.

111:7.5 the progressive plans of an ascending b. modified by

112:2.7 when a human being sincerely loves another b.,

112:2.9 personality identifies man as a spiritual b. since the

112:3.7 return to earth as the b. of former indwelling;

112:5.1 To say that a b. is personal is to recognize the

112:5.1 to recognize the relative individuation of such a b.

112:5.7 advance such a soul to the status of a transitional b.,

112:5.9 The Judges of the universes will not deprive any b.

112:5.13 You will not function as a conscious b., following

112:7.8 the fused individual is really one personality, one b.

112:7.8 there, at the hand of the very b. whose creative

112:7.12 The headquarters of this fused b. is Ascendington,

113:2.2 a guardian of destiny is assigned to the very first b.

113:2.9 The complement of b. (one of the two angels)

113:6.5 the Adjuster is the identity of such an immortal b..

114:2.2 identical b. who attended upon Jesus throughout the

116:0.2 same reason and logic would compel any honest b.,

117:1.9 the Supreme is both actual and potential, a b. of

117:4.3 regardless of the choice of the mortal b..

117:6.18 revelation of the Infinite would be to an absolute b.

118:10.5 Providential intervention with regard to any b. is

118:10.5 the importance of the function of that b. as concerns

119:3.5 likeness of some subordinate order of intelligent b..

119:5.1 This unidentified b. presents the status of a true

119:5.2 This b. received the assignments and performed the

120:1.1 a fully developed b. of the order of your choosing.

120:1.5 instantaneous and automatic extinction of any b.

120:4.2 Christ Michael, while truly a dual-origin b., was not

120:4.2 And he was always just that combined b..

123:2.1 with the incarnation of a supermortal b. living in

129:4.4 He was a child of joy and a b. of rare good humor;

130:2.7 Will is the deliberate choice of a self-conscious b.

130:2.8 truth choosing that makes mortal man a moral b.,

131:4.3 and we worship this divine B. as our inseparable

131:8.2 This wondrous B. existed before the heavens and the

131:10.3 mercy may be received by the humblest b. on earth.

131:10.8 this great and glorious B. is my spiritual Father; I am

134:1.7 that b. who began life as God appearing as man,

139:12.7 to give every created b. a full and equal chance for

142:7.17 kingdom, and that my Father is also a spiritual b.?

145:3.15 inherent in having on earth a divine b. of unlimited

146:2.17 one increasingly like the b. who is worshiped.

148:4.9 Any b. who in any manner falls short of the divine

148:6.7 he hungered to commune with a divine B. who

152:1.4 any world in this entire universe, will a b. appear in

152:1.5 Though the Master is absent as a material b., he is

160:5.4 This thing, b., state, or order of existence, or

161:2.3 only a divine b. could possibly be such a friend.

168:4.7 The prayer of the material b. can many times be

169:4.13 who, in the flesh, makes known to you a B. of

178:1.15 I declare that it is like the seed of the living b.,

188:3.4 maintained an existence apart from Jesus’ mortal b..

188:4.8 punished, unless some b. almost equal to himself

189:1.4 he took it up again as a morontia b. of the system

191:3.2 mortal on earth, it was as a second-stage morontia b.

196:0.7 he was a perfectly endowed divine b.; he was also

196:0.7 co-ordinated as a combined human and divine b.

being, spirit

1:4.6 To every s. and to every mortal creature in every

1:5.15 This progressive experience of every s. and every

9:6.4 a mind-s. who is unresponsive to material gravity

16:3.19 He is the one high s. that all ascenders are certain

23:4.1 Every type of s. is served by special groups of

30:4.23 going to school as a s. in the superuniverse career is

37:3.1 the highest type of high s. produced in large numbers

39:1.11 a first-stage s. stands, not at the end and climax of

44:0.16 This material building is not exactly real to me, a s.,

beingexistence; see being, into

1:1.2 In God, man lives, moves, and has his b.; there is

1:5.2 concept of the reality of b. consists in the idea and

1:5.16 for “in Him we all live and move and have our b..”

2:1.11 that “In Him we live and move and have our b..”

2:6.8 and would experience eventual extinction of b..

3:2.10 limitations inherent in the nature of your b.

5:6.9 by that kinship of b. which constitutes the vast and

7:6.3 in the b. and personality of a new Creator Son.

8:1.4 operative, but they have no actuality of b.;

10:1.3 is disclosed as the Father, who shares reality of b.

10:3.4 Son, and Spirit are equal in nature, co-ordinate in b.,

11:1.4 from his infinite b. there flow the flood-streams of

11:9.3 expression of his spirit self in the b. of the Eternal

12:7.12 move, actually live, and veritably have our b..

13:1.6 beyond the conceptual capacity of my order of b..

19:5.6 of all things, but they are not the same order of b..

19:5.9 my entire order of b. shares it, it may be the

20:2.1 Every time an original and absolute concept of b.

21:2.7 mind are determined by the precreature factors of b..

21:3.17 to penetrate seven creature levels of b. through the

21:4.2 involve his appearing on seven creature levels of b.

22:7.6 union of two members of the same order of b..

27:1.2 the transition rest from one stage of b. to another,

27:6.2 personalities of space experience the heights of b.:

32:2.3 the intervening morontia or transition stages of b..

36:0.1 plans formulated by the (unrevealed) Architects of B.

37:9.9 Son personalize in dual form his last concept of b.,

38:4.3 alone; neither do seraphim require complements of b.

38:4.3 seraphim retain their original complements of b.,

38:7.2 charged angel, is the sanobim—the complement of b..

40:7.3 These fragments of God are with your order of b.

40:10.9 then would such transformations of b. be wrought

48:4.10 of development or to a less experienced status of b..

65:1.1 capable of functioning in three diverse phases of b..

65:1.8 personality existence—the semispiritual level of b..

65:1.9 fourth stage of b. wherein we shall be wholly

67:7.4 survival only when it is the attitude of the whole b.

84:7.25 realize that parents were creators of the child’s b..

102:3.5 awareness of personality reality, maximum of b.,

105:2.11 in him we all live and move and have our b.,

105:3.4 all relative existence has its b. within this domain.

107:0.6 a new order of b. for unending universe service.

107:0.7 traverse three general developmental stages of b.:

109:7.4 beings who embrace within their b. all the known

110:1.6 that oneness of b. which is so perfect and final that

115:7.1 inherent in infinity of status, eternity of b., and

115:7.1 incompleteness of nature, nonabsoluteness of b..

117:3.12 we actually live, move, and have our b. within the

117:4.1 creation for perfection of status and divinity of b.,

131:3.2 all my b. shall be at peace with this supermortal

131:4.4 And we long to know this God in our inner b..

136:1.4 taught that God had put into his b. both good and

141:3.4 all those spiritual charms of b. which have become

146:3.1 the gospel of the kingdom unfolds the truths of b..

167:7.2 he does traverse a state of b. at one time analogous

being, into

3:1.2 the sum total of creation that has come into b. as a

3:4.1 the universes as they are brought into b. in no wise

9:0.1 His coming into b. completes the Father’s

10:1.4 With the coming into b. of the Conjoint Actor and

12:7.8 universality of his love brings into b. a relationship

12:7.10 This very love of God for the individual brings into b

13:1.12 Personalities brought into b. by the trinitizing acts

15:4.4 are brought into b. the spiral and other nebulae,

15:5.10 islands have come into b. by the accumulation of

15:6.7 they have not been brought into b. by fiat of Deity,

15:9.17 There must have come into b. a state of harmonious

17:0.5 The remaining four groups are brought into b. by the

19:5.1 They come into b. by the act of the Trinity and

20:1.10 Lanonandeks are brought into b. by a Creator Son

20:1.10 threefold order of Life Carriers is brought into b. by

20:1.11 The primary or Creator Sons are brought into b. by

20:7.1 Paradise Sons are brought into b. by the Trinity.

22:7.6 chosen concept of universal truth into actual b..

23:1.1 the Infinite Spirit brought into b. the vast corps of

25:2.1 seven Universal Conciliators are brought into b.,

29:3.3 power centers and directors are brought into b. by

31:10.11 a universe will come into b. under a handicap:

32:2.6 there springs into b. the Bright and Morning Star,

37:2.1 brought into b. by the Creator Son and the Creative

66:4.10 Thus did the Prince’s staff eventually bring into b.

77:0.2 who came into b. back in the days of Dalamatia,

77:1.4 the corps of 50,000 was accordingly brought into b..

77:5.6 ceased, almost two thousand were brought into b..

97:9.1 The Hebrew nation came into b. as the result of the

102:3.8 religion brings into b. the brotherhood of the spirit.

103:6.2 man brings into b. the various physical sciences;

105:5.5 into b. a new cycle of reality—the growth cycle—

115:4.6 of bringing the evolving universes into factual b..

116:2.14 as in eternity the Conjoint Actor flashed into b.

116:6.7 situation brings into b. a larger arena of evolutionary

117:3.6 and once the soul comes into b., it begins to grow

118:1.7 founded on past experience, are coming into b. in

130:4.7 comes into b. by the action of the Universal Mind

134:6.9 World law must come into b. and must be enforced

144:4.3 The child comes into b. by the will of its parents.

beingssee beings, evolutionary; beings, material;

  beings, spirit; beings, spiritual; see human beings

0:1.12 is characterized by things and b. without beginnings

0:2.4 evolutionary experience of created and procreated b.

0:2.5 existences of certain absonite and associated b..

0:3.20 REALITY, as comprehended by finite b., is partial,

0:3.25 Much of the confusion of all orders of b., high and

0:4.4 but to subdeified b. there exists a vast domain of

0:4.13 conduct of all b. having to do with force, energy,

0:7.1 and God the Spirit are eternalare existential b.

0:7.3 1. Existential—b. of eternal existence, past, present

0:7.4 2. Experiential—b. actualizing in the post-Havona

0:9.2 the Trinity unification comprehended by finite b.;

0:9.2 the Paradise Trinity comprehended by absonite b..

0:10.2 the realization-attainment goal of all superabsonite b.

0:11.5 the welfare of the whole creation of things and b.,

1:0.1 the First Source and Center of all things and b..

1:0.2 b. who could know God, receive the divine affection

1:1.6 emotion are inherent in the hearts of its intelligent b.,

1:5.1 the full comprehension of material and finite b..

1:5.3 He is unapproachable to so many orders of b. only

1:7.8 personalities belonging to my group of Paradise b..

2:1.7 intelligences who draw near to the material b. of

2:1.11 shares with large numbers of the higher Paradise b.,

2:5.8 love the Universal Father and all other b., divine or

2:5.10 manifestation of the divine love for mortal b. is

3:2.4 the Paradise-Personality center of all things and b..

3:4.3 As the universes multiply, and b. of the realms

3:4.3 to be bestowed upon these b. of high and low estate,

3:5.4 and as the beneficent Father of all intelligent b..

3:5.16 such perfect b. are able to identify and choose the

3:5.16 all such perfect b. are, in moral nature and spiritual

4:1.1 in the interlocking activities of the celestial b. and

4:1.5 upholds all things material and all b. spiritual.

4:2.2 the errors, defaults, and insurrections of certain b.

4:4.4 characteristics, God shares with man and other b.,

4:4.7 of existence on all things and upon all other b..

4:5.4 Such beliefs are utterly repulsive to the celestial b.

5:0.2 and parental contact with all these personal b.

5:1.1 the finiteness and material limitations of created b..

5:3.1 their spiritual relations with such b as inhabit Urantia

5:4.3 to the service of the universe family of fellow b.,

5:6.5 insuring that these same b. may survive mortal death

5:6.9 the personalities of all such moral b., evolutionary

6:0.4 the relationships of the eternal and infinite b. of

6:0.4 an idea of the relationship of these eternal b. in the

6:4.8 whereabouts of all the spirits and spiritualized b. in

6:4.9 personal contacts with the ascendant b. of the lower

6:5.1 Actor, in the levels of mind ministry to creature b..

6:5.3 and of himself, alone, never creates personal b..

6:6.1 mind when associated with supermaterial b. and as

6:6.2 at least to communicate with similar entities, b., or

6:8.2  B. of nativity in the central universe and on

6:8.4 b. of material origin could hardly hope to attain the

7:0.1 universes with their manifold groups of living b..

7:0.5 hence determines the actions of such volitional b..

7:1.8 response of the Son’s spirit to all spirit things, b.,

7:2.3 they are finite b.; they are neither absonite nor

7:7.2 and nonspiritual, for revelation to creature b..

7:7.5 to b. of the onetime human order the Eternal Son

8:1.6 effectively to draw all things and b. Paradiseward.

8:3.7 are the ascendant b. of time able to discover the Son.

8:4.3 ministering to the created b. on the worlds of time

8:5.2 but in the contact of spirit forces with intelligent b.,

8:6.4 Spirit exerts a personal influence upon created b.,

8:6.5 untold legions of the manifold b. who take origin in

8:6.5 the Conjoint Creator of all things and all b. and all

9:0.1 to create b. well adapted to serve as ministering

9:4.2 Mind, in functioning b., is not separated from

9:6.3 endowment of mind even in impersonal b. qualifies

9:8.6 Not all of these b. are personalities in the strict

9:8.9 b. who are personal to the Infinite Spirit, but who

9:8.9 who are not unqualifiedly personal to creature b..

9:8.11 Spirit treat as personalities numerous groups of b.,

9:8.12 form and distinct individuality; they are real b..

9:8.20 imply that these b. are Third Source personalities

10:5.1 This association of divine b. may more properly be

10:5.8 the never-ending interassociation of the three b. of

10:6.3 and to the minds of the intelligent b. of all creation.

10:6.4 Sons of the Trinity, b. partaking of the Trinity nature

10:8.4 the minimum number of b. required to activate the

10:8.6 a certain group of b. taught that the finaliters were

11:0.1 reiterated that spirit things and spiritual b. are real.

11:1.1 but to creature b. Paradise exists primarily as the

11:1.4 trillions of celestial b. who spring from the Infinite

11:2.1 far-flung creation of material realms and living b..

11:3.3 Paradise home of the b. and ascendant creatures

11:9.3 the central universe of material worlds and b..

12:0.1 learn about the various groups of intelligent b.

12:0.3 To created b. the master universe might appear to be

12:3.9 spirit-endowed b. are in possession of little or no

12:6.3 with the spiritual powers and b. of the spirit level.

12:7.2 In all his dealings with all his b. it is true that the

12:7.5 assurance of stability for all created things and b..

12:7.12 contact with such a well-nigh infinite number of b.

12:7.14 how can any of the divine b. of the Second and Third

12:8.7 becomes the universal minister to all intelligent b.,

12:8.7 b. who may represent a union of both the material

13:0.6 Many b. and entities other than personal sojourn on

13:0.6 inhabited by uniform types of other-than-personal b..

13:1.2 Such information concerns only those b. who

13:1.3 the Secrets of Supremacy are highly personal b.,

13:1.4 and other b. taking origin in the Universal Father.

13:1.4 other b. of direct and exclusive origin in the Father

13:1.6 and of hosts of other b. unrevealed to you.

13:1.9 the Paradise home of the high b. that exclusively

13:1.9 b. assigned to the manifold activities of the universe

13:1.11 unrevealed b. who take origin by the acts of the Son

13:1.11 glorified b. of complex ancestry, those whose origin

13:1.11 Many groups of b. forgather on this world whose

13:1.12 only to those b., revealed and unrevealed, who are

13:1.13 Nontrinitized b do not fully understand the technique

13:1.15 rendezvous of a magnificent host of unrevealed b.

13:1.15 b. who partake of the traits of the Father in addition

13:1.16 You know of very few of these b.; there are vast

13:1.17 b. unknown to mortal man, who look upon

13:1.19 the home world of the vast hosts of unrevealed b.

13:1.20 discussing the secrets of such closely related b.

13:1.23 do not reveal it to us nor to any other order of b..

13:2.3 Trinity-origin b. and trinitized b. are not the same.

13:2.4 The Trinity-origin b. do not fully share the Father’s

13:2.9 These b. are fully known only by their special world

13:3.2 otherwise-than-personal life of the b. of the Son.

13:4.1 types of unrevealed b. concerned with the effective

13:4.4 loyalty or disloyalty on the part of created b.,

13:4.4 choices, and will-attitudes of such finite creature b.

13:4.5 in the freewill reactions of intelligent personal b.,

13:4.5 b. whom the Universal Father has ordained shall

13:4.6 and though residential status is limited to native b.

13:4.6 are always open to all b. who desire to visit them,

13:4.7 involving so many different orders of living b.,

14:1.11 germane to the Havona circuits and to numerous b.

14:2.3 reaction response vary in different types of b. from

14:2.4 None of the physical b. of the central universe would

14:2.7 those b. who have attained Havona are more fully

14:2.9 these supernal b. have been consistently loyal to

14:3.2 for they are b. of native perfection interspersed with

14:3.5 the Corps of the Finality, b. eternally settled in light

14:3.5 These exalted b. have their personal residences on

14:3.8 harboring the numerous orders of differing b. who

14:4.1 There are seven basic forms of living things and b.

14:4.10 creature parents, and they are nonreproducing b..

14:4.10 of the central universe, b. who never were created.

14:4.13 b. of the central universe live to gratify the ideals of

14:4.18 embrace numerous classes of pattern b. for various

14:4.18 All b. in all universes are fashioned along the lines of

14:4.19 Then there are those b. who have attained the Father

14:4.20 b. of grace and glory, who administer the details of

14:4.21 b. native to the Paradise-Havona system that are in

14:4.21 Only the major groups of superhuman b. and those

14:4.22 teems with the life of all phases of intelligent b.,

14:5.4 When intelligent b. first attain the central universe,

14:5.6 the basic orders of intelligent b. and other living

14:6.21 mind graduate schools for all b. destined for Paradise

14:6.30 Here dwell the b. who co-operate with him in

14:6.41 to serve as a training universe for absonite b..

14:6.41 for all past, present, or future types of created b..

15:6.15 not one cool planet in forty is habitable by b. of your

15:10.1 b. who sit upon seats of Paradise authority and

15:10.2 marvelous b. conduct their tremendous reflectivity

15:10.21 groups of b. who are influential in the superuniverse

15:10.22 to find representatives of all groups of created b. on

15:11.1 the b. representative of the autocracy of perfection

15:12.4 exercise jurisdiction over all things and all b. in their

15:13.3 the wise b. who labor untiringly to prepare mortals

16:3.1 The Seven Master Spirits are indescribable b., but

16:3.8 the chief director and adviser of those ascendant b.

16:3.10 enormous group of b. known as the power directors,

16:3.14 Spirit, the fostering adviser of all triune-origin b.,

16:3.14 those lowly b. who have attained the courts of glory

16:4.7 these subordinate b. are not directly concerned with

16:5.2 every creature of every order of intelligent b.,

16:8.1 Father bestows personality on numerous orders of b.

16:9.14 has himself bestowed personality upon all such b.

17:0.12 his function in relation to the native b. of Nebadon is

17:1.1 the specifications of the Seven Master Spirits for b.

17:1.8 body is chosen by the perfecting and ascending b.

17:2.1 fifty of these unique and somewhat mysterious b..

17:2.6 unexpected and undreamed of b. who will possess

17:3.2 They pertain to the nature and character of these b.

17:3.3 is transmissible to all b. concerned in the working

17:3.3 the creators of all these marvelously endowed b..

17:4.3 these seemingly personal b. are devoid of will;

17:5.5 they consort with the perfect minds of Havona b.

17:6.1 universe experiences of these marvelous b. which

17:8.2 secondary b. of this order are created by the

18:0.9 These b. of administrative perfection are of definite

18:0.11 All Trinity-origin b are created in Paradise perfection

18:0.11 of default or risk of rebellion with Trinity-origin b..

18:1.4 with the sevenfold grouping of created b..

18:1.5 with these seven basic groupings of universe b.

18:1.6 To b. of even high universe attainment these secret

18:1.6 of the Paradise Rulers with all of their creature b..

18:3.5 These high b. always govern in groups of three.

18:4.3 In recording the names of these b. of the spiritual

18:4.4 Certain of these two orders of creature-trinitized b.

18:4.6 The later trinitized b. passed through a season of

18:5.2 of the various subordinate orders of celestial b..

18:5.4 the Paradise conclaves of the high Trinity-origin b.

18:6.2 There are seven hundred thousand of these b. in

18:6.4 Since they are Trinity-origin b., all of the Paradise

18:6.6 glorified b. associate freely with the Union of Days,

18:7.5 units are wholly under the jurisdiction of b. native to


19:0.1 group, designated the Co-ordinate Trinity-origin B.,

19:0.1 with numerous groups of b. resident on Paradise.

19:0.1 Those Trinity-origin b. to be considered in this

19:1.1 They are the liaison b. who bridge the universe gulf

19:1.3 These b. are the only group of the Sons of God

19:2.1 There are seven billion of these b. in existence,

19:2.4 perfection of divine insight inherent in perfect b.

19:2.4 neither of these b. alone exhausts the potentials of

19:2.6 Censors, constitute the highest orders of b. who

19:3.1 These Trinity-origin b. are the counsel of Deity to

19:4.1 These unique b. are the judgment of Deity.

19:5.1 they are one of the few wholly secret orders of b.

19:5.3 sufficiently for recognition by b. of Trinity origin.

19:5.3 be possible for the lower orders of celestial b. to

19:5.8 Of more than twelve orders of b. associated with me

19:5.10 excepting Trinity-origin b., none of the celestial

19:6.2 develop an eternal friendship for these superb b..

19:6.2 high personal b. native to the perfect spheres of

19:6.4 may be peopled by a mixed group of resident b.,

19:7.1 numerous groups of superb b., the Paradise Citizens.

19:7.3 This completes the story of those b. who are brought

19:7.4 Trinity-origin b. possess prerogatives of transit

20:0.5 composite origin which includes all b. embraced by

20:4.2 Avonals always appear as adult b. of the realm;

20:4.3 fusion with the human-divine b. of their indwelling

20:5.1 that the Word thus dwells among the lowly b. of

20:7.3 associated with the Paradise ascension of creature b..

20:8.1 Paradise Spiritual Sons are unique Trinity-origin b.

20:8.2 concerned with the instruction of seraphic b. and

20:8.2 drawn from the ranks of the creature-trinitized b..

20:9.3 materialize themselves as to be visible to mortal b.;

21:2.7 source of mind ministry to all b. below the level of

21:2.10 administered or inhabited by dual-origin native b.

21:2.10 those imported b. who are native to the central or

21:3.14 the creatures of their own making or by higher b.

21:3.14 It might be inferred that “higher b.,” those of

21:4.6 Such b. embody all that can be secured from

21:5.6 types of creature b. during the present universe age.

21:5.6 to originate entirely new orders of b. in no way

21:5.6 develop an almost endless evolution of diverse b.,

21:6.2 in the production of new types of creature b.,

22:0.1 There are three groups of b. who are called Sons of

22:1.13 Trinity-embraced b. have never gone astray; they

22:3.1 the Sons of Attainment, are all Adjuster-fused b. of

22:3.2 Like all separate orders of celestial b., they maintain

22:3.4 these brilliant b. assume to present the cause of

22:4.4 Such b. are equal in authority and uniform in

22:4.4 diverse characters; they are not standardized b..

22:4.5 many of the unrealized potentials of creature b..

22:7.2 these superb b. may embark upon the unique

22:7.6 finaliters who are designated as b. who have made

22:7.7 but when exalted creature b. enact such a creative

22:7.9 the united parental b. function neither with the

22:7.9 forgather in a special corps made up of similar b..

22:7.9 parental b. are conscious of, and can communicate

22:8.1 numerous unrevealed orders of creature-trinitized b.

22:8.1 But all these creature-trinitized b., revealed and

22:8.4 destiny of this unique group of twice-trinitized b..

22:9.2 When these unique b. have been Trinity embraced,

22:9.4 they go forth from Uversa to bring back b. whose

22:9.6 These twice-trinitized sons are marvelous b., but

22:10.1 retrinitized trinitized sons of glorified ascendant b.

22:10.2 These b. owe their very existence to the fact that

22:10.5 we only get one seventh of these b.; so it is only

22:10.5 we enjoy the personal association of these b. even

22:10.6 great advantage much larger numbers of these b. on

23:0.2 I have one of these extraordinary b. associated with

23:1.5 Messengers are the only b. in all creation who can

23:1.6 those b. doing the same kind of work in the same

23:1.7 Solitary Messengers are among the few types of b.

23:1.8 sympathetic group of created b. derived from the

23:2.11 that the Deities can and do create perfect b..

23:2.14 the contact of the minds of these divinely perfect b.

23:3.1 personalized b. who can come so near to defying

23:3.2 Certain other gravity traversers are personal b.,

23:3.2 with angels and men and other highly personal b.,

23:3.2 The limit of velocity for most nonenseraphimed b. is

23:3.3 b. who can synchronize with the combined

23:3.6 Of the myriads of b. who co-operate with us in the

23:3.7 The Solitary Messengers are the only class of b.

23:3.8 If you could view these extraordinary b. in the light

23:3.9 by those b. who take origin in these new creations,

23:4.1 who foster the ability of such b. to understand and

23:4.4 to be more nearly administered by Trinity-origin b.,

23:4.4 the exclusive direction of those mighty mystery b.,

23:4.4 and ask numerous other orders of celestial b., but

24:1.9 universe, but on Uversa there are 84,691 of these b.

24:1.12 these efficient b. utilize all agencies, forces, and

24:1.15 They are truly personal b., but they possess a type of

24:2.9 These b. always have been, and always will be,

24:3.3 Paradise-origin b. are always aware of the proximity

24:5.5 co-ordination of the grand universe of things and b..

24:6.1 These highly personal b. take their name from the

24:6.9 you will sometime meet these noble b. face to face if

24:7.7 these supposedly separate orders of b. understand

24:7.8 transactions which bring these b. into existence.

25:0.1 These versatile b. function as the connecting links

25:0.1 hosts include the following orders of celestial b.:

25:1.1 neither do the higher orders of b. look down upon

25:1.5 few limits to the range of work these versatile b.

25:2.8 being fourth creatures—quasi-material b.—are almost

25:3.16 marvelous group of b. which is constantly increasing

25:4.16 law could not be created; such b. must be evolved by

25:4.18 These exceedingly wise and practical b. are always

25:4.18 They are the advisers of all classes of b. regarding

25:4.19 interpretation of all laws concerning creature b.

25:4.20 Technical Advisers are selected and tested b.;

25:5.4 While certain of these b. have been dispatched to the

25:6.2 their records always available to all classes of b.,

25:8.3 and are assigned as associates to all classes of b.

26:1.15 hosts minister to the higher orders of celestial b.;

26:2.1 the skilled ministers to all types of b. who sojourn on

26:2.4 are the directors of the affairs of ascending b. on the

26:2.5 Spirits create many different groups of unique b.

26:3.1 fraternal and understanding b. of mutual contact

26:3.9 These b., of origin on circuit number six, usually

26:3.10 The fluctuations in the work with the ascendant b.,

26:3.10 Paradise pilgrims, and other orders of b. sojourning

26:4.12 the co-operative effort of the celestial b. to assist in

26:5.1 b. of quick understanding and broad sympathy

26:9.1 colleges of technique wherein all the b. inhabiting the

26:11.1 A vast and diverse host of b, the majority unrevealed

26:11.1 the problems of adjustment to the many groups of b.

26:11.2 these two unique groups of trinitized b. are going

27:0.1 These high supernaphim are perfect b., supreme in

27:1.2 in the lower life orders, discovery in the higher b.,

27:1.2 the recharging of b. with physical or with spiritual

27:1.3 as are the seraphim and associated b. to the mortal

27:2.3 contact with a host of exalted and divine b. and

27:3.3 to adjust to numerous groups of majestic b. during

27:3.3 inner Havona circuit, where these b. are receiving

27:3.4 but you also impart to each of these fraternal b.

27:4.1 in the usages of the perfect conduct of the high b.

27:5.2 the b. who are the very thing you wish to know.

27:5.2 Supreme knowledge you thus obtain from the b.

27:5.5 freely giving out their living treasures to all b. on

27:6.2 the b. of wisdom who make use of the truth of

27:6.5 interpretation of the universe to those b. who have

27:7.1 the most exquisite pleasure known to created b..

27:7.2 the b. who have learned enough of God to attain his

27:7.3 all ascendant b. would enjoy forever remaining in

27:7.5 All the arts of all the b. of the entire universe

27:7.6 brilliant b. of experiential ascension to the eternal

27:7.6 b. who have slowly and laboriously made their

27:7.9 those b. who, as a universal class, ever attend you

28:1.1 These supernal b. of divine originality and near-

28:3.2 are not directly reflective of the b. and entities,

28:4.9 the Ancients of Days have at their command living b.

28:4.9 enjoy the reflective presence of all those exalted b.

28:5.7 these superb b. are so reflective and selective, so

28:5.7 of this wisdom but also reflectively see the very b.,

28:5.13 the relationships and associations of intelligent b..

28:5.14 who have mastered this art of working with other b..

28:5.15 also selectively reflective of the counsel of all b.,

28:5.16 By nature these b. are reflectively attuned to the

28:5.21 The b. of every newly created order, immediately

28:6.3 With the higher descendant b., origin is simply a fact

28:6.3 with the ascending b., including the lower orders of

28:6.4 ready-reference genealogies of the vast hosts of b.

28:6.9 time is the “one talent” intrusted to all intelligent b..

28:6.12 You will first encounter these b. on the mansion

28:6.18 are filled with a multitude of differing types of b..

28:6.20 worthy b. in need and in distress, that is the real

28:7.1 and a host of others, including the ascendant b. in

28:7.3 the emergency help of these marvelous b., who are

28:7.4 marvelous b., the living mirrors of space and the

29:0.1 existence of angels and similar orders of celestial b.,

29:0.1 the last of the following three groups of living b.

29:0.5 They are a unique group of living b. having to do

29:0.10 no more b. of these orders have been created.

29:1.1 they produce these high types of semimaterial b..

29:1.1 even these quasi-physical b. would be invisible to the

29:1.4 These mighty b. are the physical ancestors of the

29:2.1 Spirits, they can and do reproduce—create—other b.

29:2.9 Power Directors are b. of high will freedom and

29:2.11 When acting in liaison, these fourteen b. are to

29:2.17 From these b. there go forth the power lines for

29:3.5 never for a fraction of a second can these b.

29:3.8 in which these living b. encompass the manipulation

29:4.1 These b. are the mobile subordinates of the Power

29:4.1 other types of b. in overcoming the action of gravity

29:4.13 Nonetheless all of them are highly intelligent b..

29:4.15 These marvelously efficient b. are intrusted with

29:4.16 superuniverse quota of these amazingly versatile b..

29:4.18 These b. are called mechanical controllers because

29:4.19 endowment of antigravity in excess of all other b.,

29:4.20 These mighty b. have much to do with the

29:4.22 The number of these b. in a superuniverse is

29:4.24 neither do transformers change the forms of living b.

29:4.27 These b function chiefly in an intraplanetary capacity

29:4.31 These b., together with the energy transformers, are

29:4.32 These b. simply act by their presence.

29:4.34 utterly incompatible with the existence of living b..

29:4.35 these b. of enormous antigravity endowment are the

29:4.36 These b. are the joint creation of all three orders of

29:4.36 joint creation of all three orders of energy-control b.:

29:4.38 Then if you would conceive of these b., draw upon

29:5.1 These extraordinary b. are neither creators nor

29:5.7 The only other types of revealed b. capable of

30:0.1 constitute a well-nigh limitless number of living b..

30:0.1 something of two basic classifications of living b.


30:1.1 Living b. are classified on Paradise in accordance

30:1.1 to interpret the Paradise classification of living b.


30:1.2  B. created by all three Paradise Deities, either as

30:1.2 which designation refers to all groups of trinitized b.,

30:1.18 C. Trinity-origin and Trinitized B..

30:1.23 5. Unrevealed Trinity-origin B..

30:1.24 6. Unrevealed Deity-trinitized B..

30:1.29 II. DUAL-ORIGIN B.. Those of origin in any two

30:1.29 created by any two b. of direct or indirect descent

30:1.54 5. Unrevealed Dual-origin B..

30:1.55 III. SINGLE-ORIGIN B.. Those of origin in any

30:1.63 7. Unrevealed Deity-origin B..

30:1.87 17. Unrevealed Spirit-origin B..


30:1.92 a vast host of transcendental b. whose origin is not

30:1.93 These eventuated b. include the following orders:


30:1.13 There is a host of other-than-personal b. of origin

30:1.13 Certain of these b. are resident on Paradise worlds

30:1.14 it would not be possible to place all b. within

30:1.113 are fairly good illustrations of mind-dominated b.,

30:1.114 b. who live and worship and serve in the swarming

30:1.114 hence we can describe b. who are personalized, but

30:2.1 The divine family of living b. is registered on Uversa

30:2.4 3. The Trinity-origin B..

30:2.9 b. who have been revealed in these narratives,

30:2.9 make no mention of vast orders of universe b. who


30:2.130 of intelligent b., b. that are also closely related to the

30:2.148 provision is made for these b. who are engaged in

30:2.157 These seven groups of b. will be found organized

30:2.157 for almost all classes and orders of intelligent b..

30:3.9 the practice of giving out to other b. new truth and

30:3.10 Vast reserves of b. not under our supervision are

30:3.11 various types of b. flock in upon us as observers,

30:3.11 colony contains almost every class of universe b.

30:3.12 b. en route elsewhere who pause to visit the

30:3.12 is a part of the career of all ascending b..

30:4.11 accredited b. who have been unable to attain that

30:4.19 Survivors are still three-natured b..

30:4.28 you are presented to those b. who will sponsor

30:4.31 Other b. of Paradise perfection or attainment may

30:4.33 the present assignment of these ascendant b. would

31:0.8 These six groups of glorified b. compose this body

31:1.1 These perfect b. of direct and divine creation are of

31:1.2 Corps has as permanent members only such b. as

31:2.2 We know they are highly personal b., divine,

31:2.2 they are superspirit b., unlimited and boundless

31:3.6 Such b. have attained the present limit of spirit

31:3.7 mortals of the Corps of Finality are ascendant b. in

31:4.1 pass through the ascending experience of mortal b.

31:6.2 finaliter companies have one of these glorified b. in

31:7.1 But these b. are only transient members of the corps.

31:7.2 These b. do not take the finaliter oath, and though

31:7.2 to have these b. attached to the eternal mission,

31:8.1 supercitizens of Paradise, eventuated b. of

31:8.2 These b. are in no way connected with the mortal

31:8.3 intelligent b. who are neither Creators nor creatures.

31:8.3 These Transcendentalers create no b., neither were

31:8.3 but these unique b. are not now dominated by the

31:9.13 All b. produced by the union of the children of time

31:10.11 peopled with new orders of exquisite and unique b.

31:10.17 the mobilization of the perfected and ascendant b. of

32:2.1 by the power directors and other b. originating in the

32:3.4 he does not indwell the minds of the b. originating

32:3.5 and someone of almost every class of intelligent b.

32:3.8 Excepting perfect b of Deity origin, all will creatures

32:3.11 the Universal Father to make all mortals perfect b.,

32:4.8 his presence to, the b. of his immense creation.

32:4.8 of all the thoughts and acts of all the b. in all the

32:5.4 born, live, and die just as the temporary b. of time

33:1.2 powerful, versatile, and influential of all divine b.

33:1.2 personality contact with immature creature b..

33:2.4 No other b. in the universes have thus personally

33:2.4 and no other b in the universes possess qualifications

33:4.6 may employ any and all of the orders of celestial b.

33:6.3 more concerned with the physical status of living b.,

33:6.5 All higher orders of celestial b. are able to utilize this

33:6.7 Chronology is reckoned by a special group of b. on

34:1.2 destined to pervade all the worlds and b. of that local

34:2.5 Spirit increasingly approach the order of created b.

34:3.7 Only absolute b. are independent of time and space

34:4.13 sense of orientation forever fixed in the living b. of

34:5.1 the creation of new orders of b. up to the time of his

34:6.8 Spirit-motivated b. “never thirst, for this spiritual

34:7.7 The normal urges of animal b. and the natural

35:0.7 These b. are classified with the descending Sons of

35:1.1 After bringing into existence the b. of personal aid,

35:2.2 at self-determination on the part of local universe b.

35:2.2 All orders of intelligent b., superiors from above and

35:2.3 the full confidence of all classes of intelligent b..

35:3.11 is the common meeting ground for all b. who are

35:3.13 the b. who reside on the six tributary worlds of the

35:4.4 for such a Son to make himself visible to mortal b.

35:7.3 these undertakings to the material mind of mortal b..

35:8.2 these b. were required to pass through courses of

36:1.4 and development of the world and its glorified b..

36:2.7 6. The sphere of mind and spirit in living b..

36:4.2 the Mother Eve of this special order of universe b.

36:4.3 creatures live as reproducing b. on their magnificent

36:4.3 Midsoniters are nonreproducing b thereafter because

36:4.4 present status of these b. can hardly be reckoned as

36:4.8 such an accumulating corps of these mysterious b.

36:5.8 courage—the fidelity endowment—in personal b.,

36:6.3 material forms, or physical patterns, of living b.,

37:2.1 b. function as his representatives at the capital of

37:2.5 The created b. of this interesting and versatile order

37:4.1 Most High Assistants are a group of volunteering b.,

37:4.2 ministry and assistance of such Paradise-origin b. as

37:4.3 Any of these b. may be voluntarily serving in

37:5.1 just as in those b. with whom they hope to fuse,

37:5.6 These b. are not finaliters, but they are ascendant

37:5.6 but they are ascendant b. of long experience and of

37:5.11 These b. may not attain Paradise, but they achieve

37:6.1 These b. are a recruited corps embracing all types of

37:8.2 these unique b. are always willing to help us with the

37:8.7 These b. are the living and circulating experiential

37:9.6 These orders of b. are neither ascending nor

37:9.7 These marvelous b. reside and function as permanent

37:9.8 a residential order of b. known as the univitatia.

37:9.8 nonreproducing b. existing on a plane of life about

37:9.8 Salvington; but the univitatia are not morontia b..

37:9.11 certain superhuman but materialized b. are of

37:9.11 The transactions of such b. and the efforts of the

37:9.11 These unique b. are often midway between the

37:9.11 they are the only group of intelligent b. to remain

37:9.11 Even the superhuman b. who serve on the planets

37:9.12 an amazing group of b. known as the abandonters,

37:9.12 Even Havona has its native b., and the central Isle of

37:10.1 there are additional b. concerned in the maintenance

37:10.2 but they are not evolutionary or ascending b..

37:10.6 increasingly reveal these interesting and charming b..

38:0.3 most nearly standard of all spirit types of personal b..

38:2.1 material bodies, but they are definite and discrete b.;

38:2.2 seraphim are very affectionate and sympathetic b.,

38:2.2 sex creatures it is our custom to speak of those b.

38:3.1 six other orders of related b., the unrevealed angels

38:5.4 making contact between these b. of the spirit world

38:7.5 Only such as the subordinate b. of power control

38:7.7 midway creatures are distinctly separate orders of b.

38:8.2 These b. are by nature candidates for seraphic status.

38:8.3 are the inherently limited b. of the angelic creations.

38:9.3 standardized order of b. who are uniformly derived

38:9.10 on only three other worlds in Satania do these b.

39:1.2 to the service of the high Sons and Spirit-origin b.

39:3.4 who seek to divest the associations of intelligent b.

39:3.6 Two b. are regarded as operating on the mating,

39:3.8 carrying b. to and from the headquarters of the

39:3.9 There are numerous types of b., similar to the

39:3.9 who also are able to transport other b. who have

39:4.10 mind learns how to plan with other and wiser b..

39:4.16 Material Sons and the higher transition b. consult

39:4.18 Here fraternize b. who are wholly spiritual and

39:5.10 majority of enseraphimed b. brought to this planet

39:5.13 When celestial b. are to be enseraphimed for transfer

39:9.1 They gain attachment to the high trinitized b. of

40:0.1 As in many of the major groups of universe b., seven

40:0.9 The story of these b., from the lowly animal-origin

40:0.10 has descended the universal scale of living b. until

40:1.1 origin are not the only b. privileged to enjoy sonship;

40:4.2 Personalized Adjusters are b. of a unique order.

40:5.1 the last link in the chain of those b. who are called

40:5.10 later contacts on other worlds with b. of higher

40:5.14 these b. enjoy the same devoted service of the Sons

40:5.15 These b. are identical with your order of creature life

40:5.16 Life Carriers, in their efforts to formulate b. capable

40:6.3 faith sons of God,sons of grace and mercy, mortal b.

40:8.2 Such b. have ascended through a system,

40:9.2 Adjusters do work in the minds of such b. during

40:9.3 Such b. are in every way your equals in mind and

40:9.4 as if they were newly created b., creatures without

40:9.9 ascendant b. are mustered into the ranks of those

40:10.7 these b. hail from the earliest epochs of Orvonton,

40:10.10 and these b. are to be encountered ever and anon on

41:1.2 These b. receive the incoming lines of power from

41:2.6 The b. of the energy realms do not directly concern

41:2.8 b. are not responsible for all energy misbehavior on

42:0.2 These divine b. act personally and as individuals;

42:3.13 rather than to forms of its appearance to created b..

42:4.3 These unique b. control and compound power by

42:4.4 these b. have only a negative relation to gravity—

42:12.10 Nearly all b. encountered in the superuniverses are

43:1.10 other b. arriving from points outside the sphere;

43:2.6 who preside over the various activities of such b. as

43:7.3 universe and are open to all classes of intelligent b..

43:7.4 In all Orvonton no extra-Havona b. excepting the

43:8.6 who, though similar intellectually to morontia b.,

43:8.7 to co-operate with your own order of b. in close

43:8.8 4. While thus socially functioning with b. like and

43:8.9 contact with similar and slightly dissimilar b. with

43:8.12 ten morontia b. are domiciled with ten univitatia.

44:0.1 These b. are the master artists and artisans of the

44:0.3 recruited corps of b. composed of certain teacher

44:0.17 certain types of b. who are capable of discerning

44:0.18 the supernaphim, and other celestial b. present.

44:0.18 and fraternize with the fellow b. of your previous

44:1.1 I have seen millions of enraptured b. held in

44:1.11 semimaterial b. are taught the harmonies of sound.

44:3.3 there is diversity of function among morontia b. and

44:3.4 whereon takes place the training of ascendant b.

44:5.2 These b. are of inestimable assistance to the Power

44:5.3 between morontia and other types of intelligent b..

44:5.3 promote the ability of the ascending morontia b. to

44:5.4 to the morontia and other orders of celestial b.

44:5.5 the adventurous group of well-trained b. who are

44:5.7 long-experienced b. are expert in the knowledge of

44:5.9 after you have become morontia b. and have begun

44:6.7 in the composite ensembles of these diversified b..

44:6.7 These artists arrange supermaterial b. as you would

45:1.3 helpers, both morontia b. and ascending mortals.

45:1.6 concourse of co-ordinate and near-co-ordinate b..

45:1.6 seven major groups of these unnamed celestial b..

45:1.9 No group of b. is domiciled on it.

45:1.9 All b. of all the system worlds are welcomed as

45:2.5 the fraternity between all the various orders of b.

45:5.3 Sons are the highest type of sex-reproducing b. to

45:7.3 divine ideal of self-government among nonperfect b..

46:2.4 morontia b. must utilize these mechanical means

46:2.9 the receiving stations for the various orders of b.

46:3.1 displayed so as to be discernible by all types of b.

46:3.2 unknown on Urantia and seating over five billion b.

46:4.7 These b. are devoted to spiritual ministry in behalf

46:4.7 beautiful b. who are the transition servants of the

46:4.8 at home on Jerusem; so also do the combined b.,

46:5.13 Trinity Teacher Sons are at least Trinity-origin b..

46:8.1 created b. who have fallen from light into darkness.

47:0.2 there are one thousand glorified b. in each of these

47:1.1 hospitable hosts to all b. whom they can recognize.

47:3.2 function with these celestial b. in the resurrection of

47:3.12 These beautiful and versatile b. are companionable

47:7.1 progressive types of b. who sometimes inhabit

47:7.3 He has heard of these superb b. and has met them on

47:8.1 are not able to visualize many of these celestial b..

47:8.6 But still are these brilliant b. more or less material;

48:0.1 When the Creators desire to produce perfect b., they

48:0.1 -origin creatures into b. of perfection in a single step.

48:2.1 These unique b. are exclusively concerned with the

48:2.13 These are the unique b. who co-ordinate physical

48:2.14 These b. are morontia power generators as well as

48:2.19 One of these highly mechanical b. is always stationed

48:2.20 I can compare or illustrate the ministry of such b..

48:3.1 at present over seventy billion of these unique b..

48:3.3 are, in general, an intelligent and loyal group of b.;

48:3.3 Your local system now has its full quota of these b.,

48:3.5 touchingly affectionate and charmingly social b..

48:3.13 these brilliant b. will be your language teachers.

48:3.18 You can forecast that these b. are probably going to

48:4.8 the high humor of the various orders of intelligent b.;

48:4.9 they are a recruited corps embracing b. ranging from

48:4.11 All b. enjoy this sort of reversion except those

48:4.11  B. indigenous to the central abode are incapable of

48:4.11 And with such b. of eternal Paradise perfection

48:4.16 humor is greatest in those orders of ascendant b.

48:4.16 Primitive men have no capacity therefor, and b. of

48:4.17 b. who most need the refreshment of periodic

48:4.20 As ascendant b. you are in possession of personal

48:6.4 are no longer mortal b.; you have embarked upon

48:6.32 All races of mortal b. are not alike.

48:6.32 these brilliant b. have hardly had a fair opportunity

48:6.34 are devoted to the effective grouping of morontia b.

48:6.35 will; they regard you as independent volitional b.,

48:7.9 Neither do the celestial b. assist the lower being who

48:8.4 orders of intelligent, perfected finite creature b..

48:8.4 there will be no created orders of experiential b.

49:1.3 But these b. are neither capricious nor whimsical;

49:2.13  B. such as the Urantia races are classified as mid-

49:2.16 to fly even after they have become land-type b..

49:2.19 intelligent b. are so constructed that they can freely

49:2.20 with b. who are only about two and one-half feet in

49:2.21 It is possible to create living b. who can withstand

49:2.21 There are five distinct orders of b. as they are

49:2.24 b. of your present order could not exist; and when

49:2.24 b. who are competent to effect their life-process

49:3.1 are peopled with the breathing type of intelligent b..

49:3.5 these b. enjoy life and carry forward the activities of

49:3.6 b. inhabits a sphere in close proximity to Urantia.

49:5.9 general classifications make no provision for such b.

49:5.24 These imported b. are of service as biologic uplifters;

49:5.30 Intelligent b. are vertically related in twelve groups

49:5.30 living b. is probably effected by some not fully

49:5.31 one half of the worlds harbor b. who are Adjuster-

49:6.11 and all indwelt b. are on the roll calls of justice.

49:6.18 These glorified b. are exempt from passing through

50:0.2 have established life and developed evolutionary b..

50:1.1 of the guardians of destiny and other angelic b.;

50:1.3 of divine b. and their gradations of authority.

50:2.2 selected from the evolutionary b. of the realms.

50:2.4 of the Infinite Spirit and certain types of evolved b.

50:2.7 angels and other orders of celestial b. in rendering

50:3.1 takes with him a group of volunteer ascending b.

50:3.5 Two classes of b. result from these unions:

50:4.9 A Planetary Prince is not visible to mortal b.; it is a

50:4.9 believe the representations of the semimaterial b. of

50:5.4 These evolving b. spend their waking hours seeking

50:5.8 mortals of such an era are truly becoming moral b..

50:5.8 Wise moral b. are capable of establishing human

50:5.8 Ethical and moral b. can learn how to live in

51:1.1 these b. are destined to function as physical uplifters

51:1.2 The Creator Son produces only one pair of these b.

51:1.2 nonfunctional with that of the evolving mortal b. of

51:1.4 materialized energy much as do the physical b. of

51:1.6 These unique and wonderfully useful b. are the links

51:2.2 in the Material Sons and in other semimaterial b.

51:2.3 these b. would be carried away to the new world

51:5.1 improvement of the existing races of intelligent b..

52:1.6 b. become receptive to the temporary indwelling of

52:6.5 Only moral b. will ever seek for that spiritual insight

53:3.5 the native b. would only assert their independence.

53:3.5 that all b would live eternally except for the arbitrary

53:4.6 b. would be left free and unmolested in their choice;

53:4.7 was a time of great trial and testing to the loyal b. of

53:6.2 his ways fascinated the lower orders of celestial b..

53:7.5 No b. of Paradise origin were involved in disloyalty.

53:9.1 of the angels and the lower orders of celestial b.,

53:9.1 These b. have been transferred to the Father’s

53:9.5 no more b. have been won to the deceiver’s cause.

54:0.2 Sin is potential in all realms where imperfect b. are

54:1.6 sake of possessing unjust power over his fellow b..

54:1.8 leads b. to crave the exercise of power over other b.

54:2.3 to deprive every one of these b. of the thrilling

54:3.1 they will not permit any group of b. to deprive a

54:3.1 not even to satisfy such misguided and ignorant b.

54:4.4 to respect the rights and liberties of all other b.

54:4.7 work together for good to all b. who know God,

54:5.10 To keep open the Paradise doors to the b. of

54:5.10 determination of attitude on the part of all b. in

54:5.12 three times the number of b. would be led astray if

54:6.1 involved many innocent b. in trials and tribulations,

54:6.2 all dealings with intelligent b., both the Creator Son

54:6.10 to understand why such b. as Lucifer and Satan

55:2.10 You would readily understand that b. passing on

55:4.19 conjecture their places may be taken by absonite b.

55:6.2 such b. are still mortal; they continue to breathe,

56:5.2 creation and to the different orders of intelligent b..

56:5.3 These b. constitute the first three levels of God the

56:6.3 cannot exceed the conceptual capacity of the b.

56:7.4 of, and contact with, these Deities as personal b..

56:7.8 the new orders of b. that may sometime inhabit these

56:7.9 a part of the Paradise-ascension careers of those b.

56:9.14 in reality, all things and b. center in the Father.

56:9.14 God is all and in all, and no things or b. exist without

56:10.8 of divine goodness in Deity relations with all b.;

56:10.13 —the living spirit relationship of all things and all b.

58:0.1 improve the standard universe types of living b..

58:3.4 life—the germ plasm of living things and b..

61:3.12 neither species is concerned in the line of living b.

62:5.4 experienced admiration for both objects and other b.

62:6.1 the first really intelligent and volitional b. brought to

63:3.3 they were an isolated and unique group of living b.

63:4.2 emotions and augmented brain powers of these b.,

63:4.9 It is impossible to induce such primitive b. to live

65:1.6 When these b. are properly encircuited, they can

65:5.3 The wise and all-powerful b. who are responsible for

65:6.2 endowment of adaptation in living things and b..

66:2.3 host of celestial b. assigned to advance the interests

66:2.9 threefold b. of the realm, consumed exactly ten days.

66:4.3 mission on Urantia as extraordinary threefold b.:

66:4.6 These special b. therefore had little or no idea as to

66:4.8 The one hundred were material but superhuman b.,

66:4.9 But these Jerusemites were superhuman b.—they

66:4.10 staff undertook the production of similar b., and

66:4.13 mortal b. of the Prince’s staff to live on indefinitely

66:6.1 is measured by the social heritage of its native b.,

66:6.3 wise b. knew better than to undertake the sudden

66:6.6 when superior b. undertake to uplift the backward

67:2.5 other celestial b. were involved in the decisions of

67:3.2 remainder of these b. remained true to their trust.

67:4.2 they had been degraded to the status of mortal b..

67:4.4 to perpetuate the memory of these highly honored b.

67:4.6 It was difficult for such b. as angels and midwayers

67:4.6 Those b. who fell into sinthey did not deliberately

67:4.7 The vast majority of all human and superhuman b.

67:8.1 rebellion was withstood by many courageous b. on

71:7.4 Teachers must be free b., real leaders, to the end

74:2.1 Adam and Eve were face to face with two b. of

74:5.2 left the planet with fourteen b. for Jerusem,

75:8.4 the reproducing b. once attached to the staff of the

76:4.5 and Eve retained the ability to see these celestial b.

77:0.1 unique b. existing on a life-functioning level midway

77:1.5 when one thousand such b. had been born to each

77:2.2 Such b. were designed for social sovereignty, not

77:5.6 that both of these b. were really superhuman.

77:8.3 Both orders are nonmaterial b. as regards nutrition

77:8.7 which are of import to supernatural b. of the realm.

77:8.8 In the contacts made with the mortal b. of the

77:9.2 Unlike the various orders of celestial b. who are

80:7.5 directly descended from gods and superhuman b..

84:8.5 Advancing celestial b. all enjoy rest and the ministry

85:1.4 in ghosts and the spirits of departed fellow b..

85:6.2 he so feared such b. as to hold them in reverential

85:6.2 who believed that such abnormal b. were indwelt by

86:4.5  B. who could not count over twenty could hardly

87:4.5 b. who were to some extent consistent in their

87:5.2 practiced in relation to belief in supernatural b.,

91:1.4 powers or b. who are able to enhance social values

92:4.9 but a composite presentation by many b..

93:6.7 the three celestial b. appeared to him on the plains of

94:3.3 approachable by created and evolving b.,

98:3.7 God, a final Deity presiding over all supernatural b.;

100:2.4 and the measure of one’s usefulness to fellow b..

100:5.6 In times past, divine b. have revealed themselves

101:2.1 the experience of rational and average human b..

101:6.11 the human realization of the fraternity of mortal b.

101:6.13 with the attainments of all other self-conscious b..

102:7.2 and purpose of the whole creation of things and b..

103:1.2 that phenomenon indicates that these two b. have

103:6.2 avenues of approaching the universe of things and b..

103:6.7 domain of the morontia world of things and b..

103:7.13 on the constitutive mind endowments of mortal b.,

103:9.4 existence and reality of supermaterial values and b..

104:2.2 in equality with other and co-ordinate personal b..

105:1.2 concept of the I AM does afford finite b. some

105:6.4 resulted in the appearance of perfect b. on the order

106:2.3 a wide range of living b. including even Creator

106:3.3 subabsolute b. had nothing to do with this primal

106:8.1 Finalities are difficult for relative b. to comprehend

106:8.2 inevitabilities that stagger the imaginations of b. far

106:8.22 From the standpoint of personal b. it could mean

107:1.2 They are not created b.; they are fragmentized

107:2.7 Adjusters follow the course of ascendant b..

107:3.3  B. of high spiritual orders receive only three divine

107:3.7 I probably should be unable to see any resident b.

107:4.6 To all b. who have attained the Universal Father,

107:4.6 Adjusters of all stages, together with all other b.,

107:5.4 numerous evolving types of nonmortal b. and even

107:5.4 a limited number of nonevolutionary b. who have

107:7.1 marvelous fragments are commonly referred to as b.

107:7.5 Throughout a universe of created b. and nonpersonal

107:7.7 There are no created b. that would not delight to be

107:7.7 but no orders of b. are thus indwelt excepting will

108:3.5 orders of b. attached to the administration of an

108:3.6 You are marvelous b., guardians of the good in the

108:5.1 volunteer to indwell such composite b. as live on

108:6.1 probationary union with the animal-origin b. of earth

109:1.3 in common with all b. living and functioning within

109:3.1 duties of any of the created orders of celestial b..

109:3.2 utilize this experience for the benefit of superior b.

109:3.3 the Adjusters are merely loaned to mortal b..

109:3.7 early races of Urantia, three groups of b. existed.

109:3.8 But with those b. who are virtually disqualified for

109:4.2 are not personality; Adjusters are prepersonal b..

109:7.2 Adjusters are conjoint time and eternity b..

109:7.4 Adjusters are the exclusive b. of the universes who

109:7.7 these three omnipersonal b. were among the most

109:7.7 most active of the numerous orders of celestial b.

110:0.1 The endowment of imperfect b. with freedom entails

110:4.6 fewer b. who could function safely with self-acting

110:5.6 More often, in b. of your order, that which you

110:6.16 but such lower circle b. are far less conscious of

110:7.8 are one—you are not distinguishable as separate b.

112:3.7 establish communication with the living b. of earth.

112:5.15 These b. are not the custodians of personality

112:6.4 the numerous b. who are concerned with the final

112:6.4 b. extending in range from seraphim to Universal

112:7.4 Celestial b. are tested throughout a long experience,

112:7.7 fused b. are twofold in their universe reactions:

112:7.7 they are also b. in potential on the order of the

112:7.18 We conceive that such amalgamated b. will become

113:1.3 The subnormal b. of Urantia have a corps of

113:1.6 In the ministry to so-called normal b., seraphic

113:1.7 Upon attainment of the fourth circle, mortal b. are

113:2.3 Like the Adjusters, the seraphim attend these b. for

113:5.4 They are the b. who are going to follow you for

113:7.8 the two b. have achieved spiritual bi-unification on

114:3.2 leader of the celestial b. functioning on Urantia.

115:1.4 prior acts and pre-existent volition of ancestral b.,

115:7.8 -Cause and Source-Pattern of all things and all b..

116:2.14 These b. of the first three levels of God the

117:3.13 the destiny of all experiential-evolutionary b..

117:6.1 He is the within and the without of all things and b.,

117:6.7 of created, creating, or evolving things and b..

118:5.1 also gives origin to the nature of all things and b..

118:7.2 foreknowledge of those volitional b. who may,

118:9.8 Such b. would embrace unique prerogatives of

118:9.8 Such b. could be ultimate in that they would

119:0.6 full and just sympathy for the various orders of b.

119:6.5 Millions upon millions of b. were assembled from

119:7.5 creator of all this local universe of things and b..

120:0.1 identical lives as he imposes upon the intelligent b.

120:0.1 in the likeness of his various orders of created b.,

120:0.1 sovereignty of his universe of things and b..

120:0.2 six orders of his diverse creation of intelligent b..

120:0.3 the finite experience of one group of his created b.,

120:1.5 enhanced revelation of God to the intelligent b. of

120:2.8 enhancement, our Father, to the supermortal b. of all

120:3.6 or a segregated ethical grouping of mortal b..

120:4.3 are, one, even as the Paradise Trinity of three b. is

121:8.1 from the collaboration of a vast host of celestial b.

123:4.7 these b. can so act only in obedience to the specific

124:4.4 actual creator of this local universe of things and b..

127:0.4 the understanding refuge of the b. of all ages and of

128:1.13 And the hosts of celestial b. throughout the great

130:4.3 And even then such b. of finality destiny go on

130:4.13 shadow cast by a finite universe of things and b. as

130:7.6 Space is relatively and comparatively finite to all b.

131:4.2 O Supreme Person, source of b., Lord of creation,

131:8.5 he supports all creation and indwells all true b..

131:10.2 he is the Creator, having made all things and all b.,

133:2.2 with God in that they co-operate to create b. who

134:4.9 Freewill b. who regard themselves as equals, unless

134:8.3 The superhuman b. who confronted him on this

136:2.2 Adjuster indwells all normal b. living on Urantia

136:5.4 that Adjusters are nontime b. when once they are

136:6.1 the fully self-conscious creator of all things and b.

140:2.3 host of celestial b. looked down upon this solemn

140:10.3 inspirational ideal for all mortal b. on all worlds.

142:4.3 Father in Paradise, the God of all things and all b..”

145:3.4 were not the only b. to hear that momentous closing

145:3.11 But of all the b. who were astonished at this

146:7.1 no more could such b.—so-called unclean spirits—

147:1.4 whether or not invisible b. ministered healing to the

148:3.5 observe any visible manifestation of celestial b. who

148:4.9 such b. are in no sense sinful, much less iniquitous.

149:6.8 head of this far-flung brotherhood of intelligent b.

151:5.5 the control of spirit forces and supernatural b..

158:0.2 full experience of the visitation of the celestial b.

158:1.8 Jesus in intimate converse with two brilliant b.

158:1.8 Peter erroneously conjectured that the b. with

160:1.5 Suicide among men testifies that such b. have

160:5.9 past, present, and future universes of things and b..

161:1.2 communication between b. of equality, b. who are

161:1.2 is infinite and eternal, the Creator of all other b.,

161:1.2 regards b. of equality, God is alone in the universe.

161:1.6 at least two other b. who are fully equal to himself

167:7.2 The angelic hosts are a separate order of created b.

167:7.5 existence of other and higher orders of celestial b.

168:1.10 presence at hand of a vast concourse of celestial b.,

168:2.1 a vast host of celestial b. had swung into their places

168:4.10 as always actuating those b. to whom you pray.

169:4.8 Elohim and called this supreme group of b. God.

174:1.5 true longings of your children and your fellow b..

175:2.2 of horror passes over the onlooking celestial b. as

175:4.15 a vast concourse of celestial b. hovered over this

177:2.3 when bestowed by all-wise b., but it is a dangerous

180:5.3 experienced only by spirit-endowed b. who function

180:5.5 speak the full thought of your mind to your fellow b.

180:5.6 In the lives of such moral b. the golden rule

189:1.9 those who, as resurrected morontia ascendant b.,

190:0.3 such b. do not partake of ordinary material food;

196:0.12 responded to the charm of the contact of fellow b.

196:3.21 objective reality that is associated with mortal b.,

beings, evolutionary

15:11.3 e. can really attain the heights of perfected wisdom

19:2.5 b. of evolutionary ascent undoubtedly become the

19:3.6 perfected and Trinity-embraced b. of evolutionary

24:6.8 the first of the e. to attain entrance upon the goal

30:4.10 Mortals are all animal-origin e of ascendant potential

31:1.2 with e. which will create reception capacity for the

35:8.7 It is not possible, as it is with e., for these Sons to

46:7.6 Spornagia are not e., having been projected by the

55:2.1 The majority of advanced e., citizens on worlds

73:6.4 sustenance was wholly useless to the ordinary e.

76:4.7 more resistant to disease than are those of the e.

117:3.13 culmination as regards the destiny of experiential-e..

beings, material

1:5.1 forever beyond the full comprehension of finite m..

2:1.6 all direct personal communication with finite m.

6:6.1 mind when associated with supermaterial b. and as

6:8.4 b. of material origin could hardly hope to attain the

7:4.2 gigantic attainment plan for advancing the m. of time

9:6.5 While mind is energy associated in purely m.

11:9.3 the central universe of material worlds and b..

12:2.5 no m. on the order of humans, no angels or other

12:8.7 b. who may represent a union of both the material

17:4.2 such an order as to be incomprehensible to m..

23:1.4 Mortals start out as well-nigh m. on the worlds of

23:3.1 helping out the spiritual and m. of the realms,

25:1.3 fourth creatures are somewhat on the order of m.

25:2.8 nature to make contact with the m. of the realms

25:2.8 being fourth creatures—quasi-material b.—are almost

25:3.6 system headquarters there live both spiritual and m.,

29:1.1 they produce these high types of semimaterial b..

37:2.5 personalities and certain types of supermortal m..

43:1.2 m. make use of material and semimaterial means to

44:0.15 To m. the spirit world is more or less unreal; to spirit

44:0.17 with the ability to discern both spirit and m.

44:1.11 semimaterial b. are taught the harmonies of sound.

44:6.7 These artists arrange supermaterial b. as you would

46:2.4 the m. of the planet can proceed at a pace varying

46:2.4 M. and early morontia beings must utilize these

46:3.2 on Urantia and seating over five billion beings—m.

46:5.25 are greatly appreciated by both morontia and m..

46:5.26 the transport seraphim transform m. into a state like

46:7.7 to recognize—in addition to m.—the morontia

47:8.6 But still are these brilliant b. more or less material;

48:2.26 morontia transition realms accessible alike to m.

50:3.5 m. who remain attached to the prince’s staff after

50:4.9 believe the representations of the semimaterial b. of

51:1.4 Thereupon they become practically m., destined

51:2.2 in the Material Sons and in other semimaterial b.

66:4.8 The one hundred were material but superhuman b.,

66:4.13 the fruit of the tree of life that enabled the m.

77:8.10 are attached to the ministry of the m. of the realm.

86:5.11 world when they seek to communicate with m..

103:9.4 existence and reality of supermaterial values and b..

168:4.9 material answers to the spirit petitions of even m..

168:4.9 M. can pray effectively only when they “pray in the

189:2.3 it can become discernible and contactable to m.,

beings, spirit

0:6.9 personality manifestation characteristic of s. beings

1:3.1 S. are real, notwithstanding they are invisible to

1:3.3 impossible of approach by the lower groups of s.

1:4.6 that can be discerned or comprehended by such s.

6:6.2 no spiritual consciousness in the fraternity of s..

7:1.8 an unvarying response of the Son’s spirit to all s.,

8:2.7 the Son’s constancy are made very real to the s. of

9:8.25 These s. constitute the living ladder whereby man

11:9.1 not all of the lower s. of the local universes are

12:3.11 Even if a few s. were located in outer space,

12:8.1 s. and spirit ascenders live and work on physical

13:1.20 ability of seraphim and allied s. to envelop within

13:2.1 When you become seventh-stage s., possibly you

14:2.1 S. do not dwell in nebulous space; they do not

14:6.28 pattern possibilities for his mortal children and s..

23:1.3 dawn of time as full-fledged, perfectly endowed s..

23:3.7 which is discernible by all higher types of s..

23:4.1 to be personality co-ordinators for all types of s..

23:4.1 contribute much to the development, in all s.,

24:0.1 Ministering Spirits, those s. who are concerned with

24:3.3 they do not manifest a spirit presence to other s..

24:3.4 Of all the revealed orders of s. taking origin in the

25:3.6 the understanding friends of men, angels, and s..

26:1.16 When such s. are associated as pairs, the one is

31:2.2 they are superspirit b., unlimited and boundless

37:8.1 the higher-origin s. of the family of the Infinite Spirit

38:3.1 Numerous orders of s. function throughout the

38:7.5 sanobim, like seraphim and all other orders of s.,

39:2.6 highest morontia level to the status of newborn s.

42:12.10 s. have form, and these spirit forms (patterns) are

43:1.2 S. would naturally travel above the surface of the

44:0.15 To spirit b. the spirit world is a reality.

44:0.15 to s. the material world is almost entirely unreal,

44:0.17 with the ability to discern both material and s.

44:0.18 will add one more group of s. to your vision range

44:1.7 of different orders of morontia and s. produce

44:3.2 all s. may share with the builders certain details

44:4.11 Rhythm is less exhausting to both morontia and s.

44:6.9 of the divinely beautiful, an enduring inspiration to s.

47:1.1 is made for the entertainment of all classes of s.,

48:2.26 transition realms accessible alike to material and s..

48:2.26 you will increasingly discern and fraternize with s.;

51:6.5 Daughters able to see all of the lower orders of s.;

55:1.4 designed to reveal the personality presence of s.,

56:3.3 encounter spiritual phenomena or contact with s.,

56:9.10 of Deity and reality to all intelligent creatures and s.

108:5.3 Angels and other high types of s., not excepting the

166:4.1 to ask whether s. are able to prevent accidents.”

168:4.8 must the intervening s. so translate such a prayer that

168:4.9 S. cannot bestow material answers to the spirit

beings, spiritual

2:4.5 justice as it is fairly applied to the subordinate s.

6:4.1 All pure unfragmented spirit and all s. and values

4:1.5 constantly upholds all things material and all bs..

7:0.4 the upholder of the creation of spirit realities and s..

11:9.3 the central universe of material worlds and s..

12:6.3 with the spiritual powers and b. of the spirit level.

12:8.6 the intelligent universe of material, morontial, and s.

13:2.1 These home worlds of the diverse orders of s. are

15:7.4 All kinds of material, morontial, and s. are at home

16:1.1 inhabited by intelligent and potentially s.,

20:8.1 ministry to mortal creatures and lower orders of s..

22:7.1 creative performance of perfect and perfected s.

23:3.1 helping out the material and s. of the realms,

24:1.1 the maintenance of both the highly developed s.

25:1.4 the ratio yields three s. to one semiphysical.

25:1.6 joy of high duty is the eclipsing emotion of s..

25:3.6 system headquarters there live both material and s.,

26:7.2 host of other s. engaged in instructing the ascenders

29:0.11 you have at least a contrastive conception of s.;

87:5.2 response to the belief in s. and higher spirit forces

151:3.14 phenomena as the product of the direct act of s.

166:4.1 I would like to inquire whether s. are concerned in

168:4.9 6. All true prayers are addressed to s., and all such

170:4.4 3. The supermortal brotherhood of invisible s. which


156:3.1 the coast city of B., where he visited with a Syrian

Beit Adis

136:4.14 the side of the hills near a village sometime called B..

Beit Jenn

134:8.1 to a village sometime known as B. in the foothills of

BelBabylonian god

95:1.4 bringing the chief deities down to seven: B.,

95:1.4 Babylonian triad: B., Ea, and Anu, the gods of earth,

97:6.2 Osiris for the Egyptians, B. for the Babylonians,


95:1.10 Babylon were not written in the temples of B.;

96:0.1 their gods to the more centralized concept of B..


119:3.4 rebellion, located in a b. system without any direct


61:4.2 still under water, including parts of England, B.,

80:8.4 settlement of the Danubians was at Liege in B..


195:6.6 dexterity of the false philosophies of mechanism b.

beliefsee belief in; belief that

5:3.2 evidence to substantiate such a b., and I know that

31:10.19 It is increasingly the b. of all Uversa that the Corps

36:4.8 It is the b. of the Melchizedek life carriers that their

42:9.1 of chemistry, he might have advocated such a b.

69:3.5 And this b. later became involved in the superstition

70:10.10 since this b. was very general, the threat of suicide

75:1.3 converting to the most simple forms of religious b.

85:3.1 This b. was a survival of the still earlier practice of

86:4.6 This b. (residual from the teachings of Adam about

87:4.6 And while this b. did enable man to reconcile the

87:5.1 It was the general b. of mankind that ghosts levied

88:0.1 entering an animal is a very ancient and honorable b.,

88:2.1 This b. explains the efficacy of many modern relics.

88:4.8 were sufficient to substantiate this erroneous b..

90:0.2 most Urantia systems of organized religious b. are

90:2.5 Primitive astrology was a world-wide b. and practice

92:4.3 the human b.-reflex, excited by the realization of

92:6.1 The basic b. of primitive religion was survival after

93:3.3 And they were allowed to continue in that b.;

93:4.1 to memory, and subscribed to, the following b.:

94:5.6 This composite b. spread through the lands of the

94:7.5 advanced stand on salvation through faith—simple b..

94:11.7 to time, embraced this system of thought and b..

95:6.5 the b. gain credence that good and evil contended on

96:4.2 commonness of religious b. being the explanation

98:5.1 this religion was the vogue, for they carried this b.

98:7.3 The Christian religion, as a Urantian system of b.,

99:4.10 1. The spiritistic b. (in a providential Deity) of many

99:4.11 The humanistic and idealistic b. of many philosophies

99:5.6 Any religious b. which is effective in spiritualizing

100:7.16 religious traditions or assaulting errors of human b..

101:1.1 True religion is not a system of philosophic b.

101:1.4 experience is not dependent on prior acts of b.,


101:8.1 B. has attained the level of faith when it motivates

101:8.1 of a teaching as true is not faith; that is mere b..

101:8.2  B. is always limiting and binding; faith is expanding

101:8.2  B. fixates, faith liberates.

101:9.5 is not concerned with some specific intellectual b.

102:5.1 the establishment of the fact of b. is not equivalent to

102:6.4 the truth of that b. which has grown into faith.

102:6.7  B. may not be able to resist doubt and withstand fear

103:5.12 personal interpretation of the truths of religious b.

108:1.8 a b. which we hold as the result of putting together

117:2.3 It is our b. and understanding that these creature-

121:5.5 has not been fully delivered from this superstitious b.

121:5.6 These religions rapidly became the accepted b. of

121:6.3 fairly consistent system of religious b. and practice

122:1.2 In culture and b. Mary was a Jew, but in hereditary

123:3.3 In harmony with the prevailing b. of the Jewish

130:3.10 these systems of b., like the indefinite teachings of

131:7.1 This b contained remnants of the earlier Melchizedek

131:10.1 a summary of the b. he had arrived at regarding God

138:5.2 new gospel into their old forms of religious b..

140:8.28 the kingdom is conditioned by faith, personal b..

146:3.2 of secret doubts as to the trueness of one’s b..

147:1.3 were with them: “I marvel at the b. of the gentile.

152:0.3 was merely the superstitious part of Veronica’s b..

153:0.2 Simon Zelotes expressed the b., in reality a hope,

155:4.2 Why is it we are at such diversity of b. when we all

155:6.9 religions of authority require uniformity in b., but

155:6.9 destinymaking full allowance for diversity of b..

157:4.5 you could not entertain this b. as a result of mere

160:5.2 can never be a matter of mere intellectual b. or

160:5.3 that what you call a religion is only a traditional b.

161:1.11 permit me to qualify my confession of such a b. by

167:4.3 the b. of the Jews that, while the spirit might linger

168:1.14 the common b. of the Jews that the drop of gall on

170:3.2 that faith, simple childlike b., is the key to the door

170:5.19 b. regarding the fact of Michael’s sojourn on earth

176:4.2 b. which eventually associated the second coming

179:3.2 and to make full and public confession of that b..

186:3.4 the grave; therefore did he say little about his b.

189:2.6 led to the formulation of a b. which was not true:

195:0.4 turning to this new order of Christian b., this new

195:1.6 of a new order of human religious b. and practice.

195:9.11 a cultural movement as well as a religious b. and

196:0.5 nor a mere intellectual b. which he held as a sacred

belief in

32:5.5 in view of our b. in a delimited universe moving over

42:1.9 this confirms our b. in a circular, somewhat limited,

68:1.7 “back to nature,” is a delusion of ignorance, a b. in

70:6.2 hereditary, due to b. in the divine origin of kings.

74:8.4 The b. in man’s having been created from clay was

74:8.5 tended toward the b. in the gradual ascent of the

74:8.13 The Christian teachers perpetuated the b. in the fiat

74:8.13 predicated upon a b. in retrogression rather than

77:7.7 confounding a b. in demoniacal possession with

79:8.4 The b. in, and worship of, the “One Truth” as taught

85:4.2 even in the times of Moses b. in nature spirits was

86:2.5 destroys man’s b. in chance, luck, and so-called

86:4.2 The dream origin of the b. in a future existence

86:4.4 And this b. in the existence of disembodied spirits

86:4.5 after death was not necessarily a b. in immortality.

86:4.6 The orange race was given to b. in transmigration

86:4.6 and other ancestors was due to b. in reincarnation.

86:5.1 The b. in dream doubles led directly to the notion

86:5.15 onetime b. in the presence of the ghost in the blood.

86:5.17 of Badonan developed a b. in two souls, the breath

87:4.1 many tribes clung to the old b. in one class of ghosts.

87:5.2 art of self-maintenance practiced in relation to b. in

87:5.2 evolve in response to the b. in higher spirit forces

87:5.14 the civilized races are cursed with the b. in signs,

87:6.16 a b. in the efficacy of self-torture and self-denial


88:1.2 and fire worship, together with b. in holy water,

88:1.3 nature worship led to b. in charms indwelt by some

88:1.8  B. in skull fetishes accounts for much of later-day

88:1.9 Hysteria confirmed the popular b. in witchcraft;

88:2.2  B. in relics is an outgrowth of the ancient fetish cult.

88:2.3 Israelites never gave up the Canaanite b. in the stone

88:3.1 the earliest b. in sacred stones, through idolatry,

88:6.5  B. in astrology led to the development of astronomy;

88:6.5 b. in a philosopher’s stone led to the mastery of

88:6.5 b. in magic numbers founded the science of math

90:2.7 returned because of the popular b. in their powers.

91:0.3 prayers antedated the b. in spirits and superhuman

92:3.5 Evolutionary b. in ghosts laid the foundation for a

92:4.2 characterized by a b. in some Deity of final value

92:4.3 It is man’s reaction to b in a hypothetical ghost-spirit

93:5.1 one God as distinguished from the prevailing b. in

93:7.1 carrying Machiventa’s gospel of b. and faith in God.

94:2.3 none was so stultifying as this b. in transmigration

94:2.3 This b. in the weary and monotonous round of

94:3.2 It was definitely a b. in an absolute, even an infinite,

94:7.3 fight against the time-honored b. in transmigration

94:9.1 it offered salvation through b. in the Buddha,

94:12.2 finally came to fruit in the b. in Amida Buddha.

95:1.3 gave way to the older b. in a multiplicity of deities.

95:1.4 the b. of the Salemites in Melchizedek’s insignia of

95:1.9 propaganda of the b. in one God virtually ceased

95:1.9 their b. in the one Creator and fought against the

95:2.2 in Egypt for many centuries, the b. in one God

95:2.6 the b. in the efficacy of spittle as a healing agent,

96:1.1 fully destroyed the b. in these subordinate spirits

96:2.4 these nomads maintained a lingering b. in Yahweh as

97:4.2 b. in a Divine Being who would countenance sin

97:10.5 Hebrew religion of sincere b. in the one God

98:1.4 the popular b. in the happy-go-lucky gods of Mount

98:2.3 would serve as a substitute for the b. in survival,

98:2.4 a b. in the Salem doctrine of “the Intelligence of the

98:7.5 and b. in both Providence and the supreme Yahweh.

99:4.10 1. The spiritistic b. (in a providential Deity) of many

99:5.2 Religion is not a slavish b. in threats of punishment

101:2.9 Nature does not afford ground for logical b. in

101:2.16 your b. in, and experience with, things spiritual.

101:3.11 7. Persists in the unswerving b. in God despite all

101:3.15 11. Steadfastly adheres to a sublime b. in unity and

101:5.4 assurance of, and b. in, the conservation of eternal

102:1.5 and our b. in him is wholly based on our personal

102:3.5 the b. in the possibility of the survival of that very

103:1.4 religion is at first a primitive b. in something which

103:1.4 maintaining a b. in hundreds of conflicting beliefs

103:3.1 While the b. in spirits, dreams, and diverse other

103:3.1 In spite of their b. in spirits, primitive Australians

103:3.2 Later religion is foreshadowed in the primitive b. in

104:1.8 monotheistic b. in the One Lord, the God of Israel.

104:2.3 Irrespective of the firmness of man’s b. in God as

104:3.2 Still, with all this b. in the unity of the cosmos,

124:4.6 Joseph entertained a growing b in the spiritual nature

125:0.6 involved b. in the wrath of God or the anger of the

130:2.8 never again entertained b. in the transmigration of

137:7.6 as b. in the resurrection of the dead, a doctrine only

140:10.9 second, b. in the truth of sonship with God; and third

150:3.6 the b. in all such material means of influencing the

150:3.8 The b. in magic numbers, omens of good luck, and

150:3.12 10. Jesus exposed and denounced their b. in spells,

155:6.4 religion shall change from the mere intellectual b. in

155:6.5 to a b. in things which are spiritually repugnant,

156:5.12 an implicit faith, a whole-souled b., in the triumph of

160:5.8 I am mightily moved to profess my b. in his

161:2.4 Jesus seems to approve of our b. in his divinity.

164:3.4 all these regions, a lingering b. in reincarnation.

165:2.12 half of these Jewish teachers professed b. in Jesus,

171:4.3 blinded by their persistent b in the temporal kingdom

189:2.6 The Christian b. in the resurrection of Jesus has

191:0.7 either b. or disbelief in the Master’s resurrection.

194:3.15 end of special priesthoods and b. in sacred families.

195:7.1 faith—human b. in spiritual realities and values.

belief that

10:8.2 We are inclined to the b. that the unification of the

12:3.10 our b. that intelligent force organizers are at present

19:5.1 we incline to the b. that their number is not fixed.

20:5.2 widespread b. that the purpose of a Son’s bestowal

20:9.5 it is our b. that, when the superuniverses are finally

23:4.6 We incline to the b. that the eternal future will

31:7.5 inclines to the b. that this place will be occupied by

40:5.16 b. that the Life Carriers, in their efforts to formulate

42:2.19 We incline to the b. that monota is the living energy

53:2.2 It is our b. that the idea took origin and form in his

68:4.3 the b. that the dead were jealous of the ways by

70:9.15 in that it led to the b. that all men are born equal.

70:10.10 he died entertaining the b. that, as a ghost, he could

76:5.4 they communicated to their loved ones the b. that

82:3.8 It was also a general b. that unmarried persons

84:1.5 the b. that sex relations opened up the way for the

85:2.5 The b. that water or precious metals beneath the

89:1.5 b. that a pregnant woman could think so much about

89:2.3 the b. that man had his origin in a special creation,

89:5.5 b that wizards attained their powers by eating human

89:6.8 a b. that it was necessary to offer a human sacrifice

90:3.1 led him to the b. that ghosts, spirits, and gods were

90:4.7 the b. that there existed a beneficent plant remedy

93:4.5 the b. that man was born under forfeit to the gods.

93:10.5 It is our b. that, as long as Urantia remains an

93:10.9 the b. that he is destined to follow the mortals of

94:3.6 the b. that there is no human individuality apart from

94:4.5 Vishnu is extremely popular due to the b. that he

103:5.9 ideals validates our b. that we are the sons of God

104:1.10 difficult to entertain any b. that seemed to conflict

108:1.7 it is our b. that the Monitors freely volunteer for

109:3.6 is our b. that on such worlds practically all Adjusters

122:8.6 his b. that Jesus was the object of their quest and

126:5.3 to cling to the b. that Jesus was to become a teacher

127:5.1 Rebecca about their b. that Jesus was a son of

129:3.3 family inclined to the b. that he was in Alexandria,

129:3.4 Jesus permitted them to continue in the b. that all the

135:5.2 These new teachers evolved a system of b. that

135:5.4 their b. that the event was impending, near at hand

137:3.2 gave free expression to their b. that Jesus was the

147:3.1 b. that the first person who entered the water after

148:2.3 The b that physical sickness and mental derangement

153:3.6 It was their b. that “it is better to die than to

154:4.1 inclined to the b. that Jesus might be the Messiah,

158:7.3 insist on clinging to the b. that I am the Messiah,

161:1.6 it was the general b. that Jesus was the Eternal Son.)

162:1.7 in the b. that his sudden and bold appearance in

170:2.10 the b. that Jesus was then absent from the world

170:5.6 led to the general b. that Jesus was the Redeemer

171:2.6 the b. that, after a brief period of adversity and trial,

177:2.6 It is our sincere b. that the gospel of Jesus’ teaching,

beliefssee beliefs in

4:5.1 Such ancient b. have been invariably altered by the

4:5.4 Such b. are utterly repulsive to the celestial beings

48:0.2 Such b. are but ignorant superstitions and pleasing

52:7.16 b. which depict heaven as the immediate destiny and

78:5.8 their presence usually improved the religious b.

83:8.4 b. lead directly to the concept of the indissolubility

84:1.3 later b. connected the beginnings of life with the

85:2.2 and predicate religious b. on, the sprouting grain.

85:4.1 impressed these simple minds with b. of spirit

86:2.7 with animism, and these b. also led to worship.

86:5.1 tended long to perpetuate the nature-spirit b.;

87:3.2 but such b. did definitely contribute to the spread of

87:4.5 most widespread and persistent of all religious b..

88:6.2 one’s own cult, and it also referred to older ghost b..

89:1.3 things clean and unclean,holy and unholy, but their b.

89:3.6 all such b. fostered the formation of celibate

90:3.4 Regardless of the erroneous basis for these b.,

90:3.8 of the Almighty within them” is typical of such b..

91:0.5 the oudah b. of the African Pygmies, and manitou

91:1.5 Prayer is little associated with animism, but such b.

92:1.2 mankind espoused the more mystic and symbolic b.,

92:1.3 Religion arises as a biologic reaction of mind to b.

92:3.1 religions and mythology faithfully portray the b.

92:4.7 Melchizedek’s teachings commingled with the b. and

92:5.1 synthesized b. compounded from the teachings of

92:5.11 large numbers of people to adopt advanced b..

92:6.7 5. The Taoist b..

92:7.2 are merely advancing expressions of the old b.,

93:7.3 the older and more universal superstitions and b..

93:7.4 is always contaminated by the older evolutionary b..

94:2.3 And of all the contaminating b. which could have

94:2.6 a violent reaction against these vitiating b.;

94:5.7 In China all of these b. were later confused with the

94:6.1 by general absorption into the older Urantia b..

94:6.7 into the b. of “seeing, doing, and thinking nothing.”

95:1.1 b. of two groups of invaders, the Bedouin Semites

95:2.9 concept of a future life in comparison with the b.

95:7.5 about the primitive and unorganized b. of the desert,

96:1.5 it became thoroughly colored with the Yahweh b. of

96:2.3 Semites, because of their peculiar religious b.,

96:4.2 concept of Deity (derived from all his former b.),

96:7.1 drifted back into the benighted b. of the desert and

96:7.5 divinity found in the compilation of Mesopotamian b

97:3.1 ideologies rather than a difference in religious b..

98:1.1 adulterated with the notions and b. of the hordes

98:7.3 the following teachings, influences, b., cults, and

99:5.7 Just as certainly as men share their religious b.,

99:5.7 basis of psychological opinions and theological b..

99:5.10 a form of words indicative of their common b..

99:6.3 dangers of formalized religion are: fixation of b.

100:2.2 of religion as contrasted with mere theological b..

101:8.2 faith is more than the association of noble b.; it is

101:8.2  B. may become group possessions, but faith must be

101:8.2 Theologic b. can be suggested to a group, but faith

102:0.1 his fears, loves, longings, and b. are but the

102:7.9 challenge of the facts of science and b. of philosophy

103:1.4 then there formulates a system of interpretative b..

103:1.4 religious values—goals—than on b.—interpretations.

103:1.4 a belief in hundreds of conflicting b.—creeds.

103:1.4 giving up or changing many of his religious b..

103:1.4 in spite of revolutionary changes in religious b..

103:1.5 Such interpretative b. may be right or wrong, or a

103:3.1 Bushmen, who are not even totemic in their b.,

103:3.5 became focalized and crystallized into tribal b.,

104:0.1 not be confused with the triad b. of evolutionary

107:1.1 only impart the traditions of Salvington and the b. of

110:3.2 depends not so much on the theories of your b. as

111:0.2 has appeared in the various systems of planetary b..

120:3.7 the creation of stereotyped systems of religious b.

121:5.7 The mystery religions spelled the end of national b.

121:6.3 Though the Hellenized Jewish b. were very little

124:4.9 social amenities to the established b. of his parents of

125:0.6 acknowledge acceptance of the orthodox Jewish b.

131:3.1 he did find some record of certain earlier b. which

131:10.1 the habit of referring to such b. as “our religion.”

132:3.4 may be conflict between knowledge and human b.

132:3.4 b. colored with prejudice, distorted by fear, and

134:1.2 Jesus never confirmed these b., neither did he make

134:3.3 and died without revealing his personal religious b..

134:6.15 to make their religion dominant over the other b..

137:7.8 Essenes had adopted many Persian b. and practices,

138:6.3 with b. and teachings about my b. and teachings.”

138:6.4 Jesus never hesitated to correct erroneous b..

140:8.16 Jesus’ sayings in harmony with his personal b..

142:3.7 By the times of Isaiah these b. about God had

142:3.21 the advancing religious b. of our forefathers

146:1.1 Zoroastrian teachings were still embraced in the b. of

146:1.1 making plain the difference between these older b.

150:3.2 Andrew asked Jesus if these b. were well founded.

153:3.6 such b., when they once become a part of one’s

155:5.12 an established system of intellectual b., a religion of

160:1.4 the lure of established b. and conventional ideas

160:5.5 True religion does all of this; all other b. are not

160:5.5 a human institution of lifeless intellectual b. and

160:5.9 Such b. are merely religions of wishful fancy.

160:5.12 Other religions may consist in traditional b., feelings,

166:4.3 I declare that such b. are superstitions.

166:4.12 One hour of teaching will not wholly change the b.

168:1.15 These b. and opinions regarding the dead and the

176:1.7 the gospel in accordance with your established b..

178:1.16 the leaven of new truth in the midst of the old b..

181:0.1 conformed both with their preconceived b. and

181:0.1 their lifelong b. and hopes of wish fulfillment were

195:4.3 b. suited to special intellectual, emotional, and

beliefs in

69:3.5 gave origin to the early b. in white and black magic.

74:8.4 in the place of the b. in progressive creation—

85:1.4 in connection with b. in ghosts and the spirits of

87:3.5 But regardless of varying b. in more advanced spirits

88:6.2 gave rise to the later b. in white and black magic.

88:6.7 an immediate reversion to the primitive b. in magic.

93:7.3 absorbed in the b. in the Great Mother, the Sun,

95:6.8 b. in sophistries which Zoroaster never stooped to

97:8.2 reaction to these overoptimistic b. in Providence.

174:3.4 Pharisaic b. in the resurrection of the literal human

believesee believeimperative; believewith I;

     with they; with we; with you

3:5.9 predicament where it ever knows less than it can b..

4:5.4 an affront to God to b., hold, or teach that innocent

22:2.5 reason to b. that the number serving in each of the

26:4.15 Willingness to b. is the key to Havona.

46:7.8 There are those who b. that, in a future universe age,

50:4.9 it is a test of faith to b. the representations of the

50:7.2 evolutionary will creatures who can b. without

53:3.4 to b. that none of these rulers could do aught to

69:7.4 b. that a dog’s howling at night betokens death.

85:1.5 custom to b. that the gods inhabited the mountains,

86:1.4 civilized people still b. in chance and evince lingering

86:2.4 Man tends to b. that which he deems best for him,

86:5.14 tribes still b. that the making of pictures, drawings,

86:5.17 The Eskimos b. that man has three parts: body, soul,

87:2.3 The Eskimos still b. that the soul stays with the body

88:1.5 many moderns b. in the charm powers of reptiles.

88:2.2 It is heathenish to b. in fetishes and magic but

88:6.7 And intelligent human beings still b. in good luck,

90:2.7 intelligent people still b. that one may be born under

92:3.4 respect because its followers b. it is The Truth;

92:4.3 mortal hunger to b. in, and depend upon, the Deities.

92:6.1 some of them b. slightly in a spirit environment.

93:4.5 a free gift to all who would b. in the Melchizedek

93:4.5 But Abraham did b. halfheartedly, and even that

93:6.4 man only agrees to b. God’s promises and follow his

93:6.8 sincere, and he did b. in Machiventa Melchizedek.

94:9.6 Those who b. this philosophy live better lives than

96:6.3 all too willing to b. their old and native religion but

101:1.7 as would merely lead men to want to b. in God,

101:1.7 with the conviction that they ought to b. in God.

101:1.7 he concludes that he has no right not to b. in God.

101:7.4 Such mortals b. in letting well enough alone.

101:9.3 wrong for him not to b. in those morontial realities

102:3.13 a vast difference between the evolutionary will-to-b.

103:9.9 to b. these assumptions of reason, wisdom, and faith.

104:1.13 difficult for many who are cosmic minded to b.

107:2.5 inclined to b. they are at one with the First Source

114:1.4 Some b. that Machiventa will not come to take

116:0.2 logical to b. they were made by a perfect, infinite,

116:0.5 Some b. that, when the superuniverses are settled

118:2.2 Such finaliters will no doubt b. that, even if they

122:2.5 consenting halfheartedly to b. in Gabriel’s visit to his

122:9.2 to b. that Jesus was the expected deliverer of the

123:0.5 Joseph did not really b. that their son was to

126:3.6 Neither did he b. that his mission was that of a

126:4.7 that all may know and b. me and understand that I

128:4.7 to b. in him against their honest convictions.

128:4.7 did not want men to b. in him unless their hearts

135:3.4 John was minded to b. that the end of the age was

136:1.4 brought up to b. in the doctrine of the Shekinah.

136:4.12 win his people—and the whole world—to b. in him

137:6.6 little ones who, in spite of their doubts, even now b..

139:4.10 John was the first really and fully to b. in the

140:1.6 all men to know my Father and b. in the saving

140:6.2 and be willing to trust my teaching and b. in God.

140:10.4 to ease of deception, mere willingness to b., nor to

142:5.4 And for all who truly b. this gospel, I will become

144:7.2 to b. as a result of their contact with the Master

145:5.7 Go and tell the people to b. in that which we have

146:3.2 about those things which one professes to b..

147:3.2 and presently be won to b. in the gospel of the

150:5.5 When men b. this gospel, which is a revelation of

151:5.5 for the men of that day to b. in nature miracles

153:2.8 But to those who do b.fear not.

153:2.11 those who truly b. this Son already have eternal

155:3.2 truly a great and testing adventure to b. in Jesus

156:5.4 our forefathers to b. that God led them thither for

157:4.6 the Master began to b. in the faith of his apostles,

157:6.14 association with the souls of all who b. this gospel.”

158:7.2 have come fully to b. that you are the Son of God,

159:2.1 How can you expect that all who will b. the gospel

159:2.4 This man, Aden, had been led to b. in Jesus through

159:4.5 never permit yourself to b. the Scripture records

161:1.5 Nathaniel had won Rodan to b. in the personality of

162:2.1 and the joy of those who b. the good news,

162:2.5 the officers of the Sanhedrin did not b. this rumor.

162:2.9 the midst of the multitude because many b. in him

162:9.3 intimate contact that finally led them to b. in him.

163:2.6 Pharisee had been raised to b. that wealth was the

163:6.5 communities which have elected to b. the gospel

164:3.4 The Master found it difficult to make men b. that

164:3.14 He did b. in the superstition of the efficacy of spittle,

164:4.5 were loath to b. that the beggar had been healed.

165:6.3 two members of a family b. in me and three reject

165:6.3 until all are willing to b. and enter into their

166:2.2 more willing to b the gospel preached by the seventy

166:4.3 why do the rich so many times refuse to b. this good

167:4.5 Jews; I would give them one more chance to b.,

167:4.6 that you shall now have new cause to b.  in me;

167:7.1 since the Sadducees do not b. in angels, what shall

168:2.7 will also be experienced by all who b. this gospel

168:3.5 very soon all the common people would b. in him;

169:4.2 Jesus never asked men to b. in his Father; he took it

171:3.5 inner disciples did not b. it possible for Jesus to die;

172:3.1 He did not raise Lazarus that the villagers might b.,

174:5.7 I am the light of the world, and whosoever will b.

175:1.7 refused to b. the revelation of the truth of God—

176:4.1 It is only natural to b. that Jesus of Nazareth, now

176:4.4 are inclined to b. that Jesus will return to Urantia

177:4.2 to b. that he would forthwith receive high honors

177:4.3 Judas could not quite b. that the mighty works of the

177:5.2 who heard us in the temple, and who seemed to b.

177:5.2 multitudes listen to the truth and b. it superficially

179:3.2 was the first human being wholeheartedly to b. in

180:3.4 You believe in God; continue to b. in me.

180:6.1 not bring peace on earth until man is willing to b.

181:2.11 Continue to b. in me and in that which I have

181:2.14 who dared to follow the Son of Man and to b. the

182:1.6 for all others who now b., or who may hereafter b.

182:1.6 all men will then b. that I came forth from you and

185:3.1 by assuring Jesus that he did not b. the first count

185:4.3 was glad to b. that he was finally to be rid of Jesus

186:1.3 Judas could not b. that these rulers of the Jews

187:4.2 he had been constrained to b. in Jesus, but only in

187:5.5 And from that hour he began to b. in Jesus.

188:4.9 Salvation is taken for granted by those who b. in the

189:4.13 but the apostles were not inclined to b. them.

189:5.4 “Be not doubting; have the courage to b. what you

190:1.2 the apostles refused to b. the report of the five

190:1.2 Joseph and David were disposed to b. the report,

190:1.3 Only John Zebedee was disposed to b., even

190:1.7 are willing to b. his word or to accept the evidence

190:2.2 James had always inclined to b in his eldest brother’s

190:5.2 Cleopas was half a mind to b. these reports, but

190:5.4 That those who b. in him shall have eternal life.

191:0.4 he must b. that the women had really seen and

191:4.1 it was not difficult for them to b. the report that

191:5.1 appearances, but he steadfastly refused to b..

191:5.5 Blessed are those in the ages to come who will b.

191:6.3 This gospel of the kingdom belongs to all who b. it;

192:2.9  B. in God like a child but cease to act so childishly.

193:1.2 Salvation is the gift of God to all who b. they are

193:5.2 By the spirit fruits of your lives impel souls to b.

194:1.2 at the same time so constrained men to b. in him.

195:7.13 by what technique does this man come to b. or claim

195:10.6 should thrill all who b. in him as men have not been

196:0.13 Jesus does not require his disciples to b. in him but

196:0.13 but rather to b. with him, b. in the reality of the love

196:0.13 not only to b. what he believed, but also to b. as he

196:0.14 an unfailing confidence to b. what Jesus believed

196:1.5 to trust God as he trusted God and to b. in men as


144:6.9 Jesus’ apostles proclaimed, “B. and be baptized.”

150:5.2 shall we do to be saved, you shall answer, B. this

152:1.1 said to the grief-stricken father: “Fear not; only b..

164:5.3 If I do not the works of God, b. me not, but if I do

176:1.4 ‘Behold, there is he,’ b. it not, for many false

180:3.9  B. me when I say that the Father is in me, and that

180:3.9 or else b. me for the sake of the very life I have

181:1.5 be not dismayed, but rather b., inasmuch as you

believewith I

4:1.11 I am inclined to b. that it is this far-flung control of

19:2.5 I b. that such is the high destiny of finaliters.

19:5.11 I do not b. the Inspired Trinity Spirits are playing

93:4.2 1. I b. in El Elyon, the Most High God, the only

108:4.5 I b. that much of this inscrutable work is wrought by

108:4.5 I do not b. that Adjusters are devoted solely to the

125:0.6 I refuse to b. that my Father in heaven loves me

131:10.5 “I will no longer be satisfied to b. that God is the

131:10.5 I will henceforth b. that he is also my Father.

133:1.4 I do not b. that real harm can befall me; I do not

133:1.4 I do not b. that my lifework can really be

137:1.1 I b. you are the new Teacher, and though I do not

137:4.8 Said Mary, “But I b. your hour has come; cannot

142:2.5 Jacob answered: “Rabbi, I b.; I desire that you lead

146:5.2 “My Lord, I do b., but come ere my child perishes,

156:1.4 heard of his mighty works in Galilee, and I b. in him.

158:5.2 words of commingled faith and doubt, “Lord, I b..

163:2.4 And Matadormus answered: “Yes, Master, I do b.

164:5.4 Josiah answered, “Tell me who he is that I may b. in

164:5.4 And Josiah said, “Lord, I b.,” and falling down, he

168:0.6 I b. that whatever you shall ask of God, our Father

182:2.3 I b. this; I do not think the Master needs to have us

190:1.3 he would rise on the third day, and I b. him.”

191:1.2 “I b. he has risen from the dead; I will go and tell

191:5.2 “I will not b. unless I see the Master with my own

191:5.5 before the morontia Master and exclaimed, “I b.!

believewith they

48:7.6 The majority of souls are rich, but they refuse to b. it

72:9.8 b. the dominance of mediocrity spells the downfall

94:10.2 They practice confessions and b. in purgatory.

94:10.2 and b. that such ceremonials bestow salvation.

94:10.2 turning they b. the petitions become efficacious.

101:1.7 with the conviction that they ought to b. in God.

139:9.11 (save John) were the first to b. in his resurrection.

154:7.4 They refused to b. he had escaped them, and while

156:1.6 and dares even to heal the gentiles when they b..

168:2.2 they may b. that you have sent me into the world,

174:5.3 hardened their hearts lest they b. and be saved.

180:3.1 all of this will they do to you because they b. not in

181:2.18 when they come fully to b. this gospel; manifest

182:1.3 and that they should b. in him whom you sent into

185:6.1 adjudged worthy of death because they b. Jesus’

189:4.14 but they would not b.; and they would not go to find

189:5.3 grave, but when they all refused to b. her report,

189:5.5 again talked with Jesus, but they would not b. her.

190:1.1 and they refused to b. until they were confronted

190:1.3 They were all disposed to b. that the Jews had

190:2.5 they all began to b. in the resurrection of Jesus.

believewith we

1:1.1 If we b. that we are the children of this Creator, it

5:3.2 We further b. that such registry of the homage of

6:0.4 We b. the Son sprang from the Father; we are

6:4.4 We do b that in all situations of Father-Son presence

7:5.7 We do b. that whatever the Eternal Son acquired on

9:6.8 We b. that this unpredictability is partly attributable

17:3.9 we have every reason to b. that all Father fragments

19:6.4 but we do not b. that Havona will ever be entirely

20:9.5 We firmly b. that the Teacher Sons and the

21:6.1 we b., that each Paradise Michael is the absolute of

21:6.3 we b. that the liaison between a sevenfold Master

21:6.4 And we b. that in eternity the Michaels are literally

22:7.7 We b. that this status of bi-unification of certain

24:7.1 we b. that the Graduate Guides are the perfected

24:7.8 We b. that this transformation takes place in

53:9.7 We b. that all rebels who will ever accept mercy

55:12.3 we b. that the now advisory Unqualified Supervisors

56:9.4 we b., that the Universal Father and his Trinity

67:4.7 and we truly b. that all such sincere penitents will in

106:7.5 And we b. that this is just as true on transcendental

106:7.10 we b. we detect the theoretical possibility of the

107:1.5 reason to b. that none of the other absolute

107:7.4 We b. it is because Adjuster volition is prepersonal

108:1.2 firmly b. that all Thought Adjusters are volunteers.

108:3.4 we firmly b. that there is a very close administrative

108:3.7 we b. that the Adjusters are thoroughly organized,

112:7.17 We b. that the mortals of Adjuster fusion, together

115:6.8 we b. that, as a finite reflection of Paradise Deity,

117:3.11 And we b. he will again function as a culminator in

117:4.1 we cannot but b. that these unending efforts bespeak

117:5.10 but we b. that this registry takes place through the

117:7.1 We b. that the Supreme, in this stage of development

117:7.15 but we b. that the present demarcations between the

118:10.23 And in infinity we b. there is the same providence,

119:8.7 we b. he will be collaborating with the Supreme

149:1.4 We b. that many of the apparent miracles of healing,

157:4.4 We b. that you are the Son of the living God.”

161:2.2 1. Jesus has admitted his divinity, and we b. him.

161:2.3 We do not b. that a mere human could live such a

161:2.4 We b. that he is consistently sinless.

161:2.10 We b. that he is divine.

168:1.2 We b. Jesus wept because of a number of thoughts

176:4.5 b. that Michael will again come in person to

187:3.3 come down from the cross, and we will b. in you.”

188:3.8 personality, we do not know, but we b. it did.

188:3.9 to b. that the human Jesus knew nothing of what

191:0.11 says she talked with the Master, and we b. her.”

192:2.13 they both answered, “Yes, Master, we do b.,”

believewith you

40:6.4 You b. in the reality of your sonship, and thus does

52:6.8 You would hardly b. that you were observing the

100:7.10 Jesus taught that you must b. to receive salvation.

103:8.4 If you truly b. in God—by faith know him and love

131:1.8 and as you b. in his name, so shall your prayer be

137:8.17 If you would but b. that my Father loves you with

140:3.15 And whatsoever you b. that I would do to men, do

140:9.3 you b. this gospel, and your very testimony shall

141:2.2 when you b. in this new gospel of divine sonship,

141:6.4 good news, if you wholeheartedly b. it, is your

142:5.2 If you b. my words, you thereby b. in Him who

142:5.4 You, then, who hear this message and b. this

142:6.6 will you b. us if we tell you of the heavenly truths?

142:6.6 Do you have the courage, Nicodemus, to b. in one

143:2.3 rebirth of the spirit, you are taught to b. and rejoice

143:5.6 But you should b. me when I say that the hour will

145:2.6 Do you not b. the Scriptures?

146:3.6 At first you b. that you are sons of God because

146:5.2 you see signs and behold wonders, you refuse to b..”

153:2.7 ‘This is the work of God, that you b. him whom he

153:2.8 yet you b. not that I came forth from the Father.

155:6.17 into the light are expected to b. with a whole heart;

157:6.12 Can you b. the truth about me in the face of the fact

159:3.13 If you dare to b. in me and proceed to follow after

162:2.2 if you honestly b. and dare to accept my teaching,

162:2.9 Are you about to b. in this deceiver?

162:7.3 Some of you b. my teaching, but others seek to

162:7.3 and living the truth, and many of you refuse to b..

162:7.4 truth shown me by the Father, why do you not b.?

162:7.5 “Verily, verily, I say to you who b. the gospel that,

163:2.4 Do you b. this gospel of the kingdom?”

164:4.9 what did he say to you? Did he ask you to b. in him?

164:4.10 and if you did not b. my testimony, why would

164:5.2 and my Father many times, but you will not b. me.

164:5.2 But many of you b. not because you belong not to

164:5.3 blasphemy because you refused to b. me when I

164:5.3 even though you b. not in me, I should think you

164:5.3 not in me, I should think you would b. the works.

164:5.4 said: “Josiah, do you b. in the Son of God?”

167:3.1 “Woman, if you would only b., you could be

168:0.7 Martha, do you b. this?”

168:1.12 if you would only b., you should see the glory of

168:1.12 How long before you will b. and obey?”

168:2.2 they may b. that you have sent me into the world,

171:2.5 kingdom is not of this world, but you will not b.

173:2.5 Why did you not b. him, and perchance will add

173:3.2 neither do you b. my teaching, but the common

174:0.2 soon know of the reality of that which you b..”

175:1.3 “Many of you have dared to b. my teachings and

175:1.11 I know that many of you b. in secret, and I know

176:3.2 What does it matter to you who b. this gospel of

178:1.9 you who b. this gospel can expect only trouble,

180:3.4 You b. in God; continue to believe also in me.

180:3.9 Do you not b. that I am in the Father and the Father

181:2.18 to b. this gospel without my personal presence

184:5.10 Jesus answered: “If I tell you, you will not b. me;

191:2.1 How long will you refuse to b. my promises?

191:2.1 And now that you actually see me, will you b.?

191:5.4 “And you, Thomas, who said you would not b.

191:5.4 already in your heart you had begun to b. even

191:5.4 and I know you will b., even with a whole heart.

192:2.13 he asked, “James and Judas, do you b. in me?”

192:2.13 You b. in meyou are my apostles, and you

193:0.2 You failed to b. me because you heard my words

believedsee believed in; believed that

11:5.7 This is b. to be the central focalization, the Paradise

11:7.4 all outer regions is b. to be actually pervaded by the

12:2.3 island universes formerly b. to be in outer space are

41:7.1 even your own, is much higher than is commonly b..

68:6.8 multiple births were b. to be caused either by

70:3.6 and clan membership was b. to survive death—

72:10.2 by sentencing those b. to be potential murderers

74:6.5 of individuals b. to be extraordinary in spiritual

74:8.5 Indian tribes b. they originated from beavers and

76:5.1 Adam and Eve fully b. this gospel of resurrection

78:8.7 Each city b. its municipal god to be superior to all

83:7.2 childless wives were b. to become snakes in the spirit

84:1.3 pregnancy was b to be the result of a woman’s being

84:1.3 diet and the evil eye were also b. to be capable of

84:4.7 she was b. to have been guilty of spirit adultery.

86:3.3 All human disease and natural death was at first b. to

86:6.2 world of ghosts and spirits became universally b.,

86:7.3 men b. they could do something to influence fate.

87:2.2 This was b. to be displeasing to the ghost,

87:2.8 Ghosts of murdered persons were b. to be delighted

87:4.4 the group that brought bad luck were b. to be more

87:5.1 The spirits were b. to look down upon man as