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September 12-15


Daughters of God ~ Boulder Retreat

In a sacred circle of trust with other women, we invite you to explore the dignity of being daughters of God by honoring our value and importance, and by cooperating with the divine spirit within to bring forth the beautiful harvest of the fruits of The Spirit.

Contemplating the metaphor “Dancing with God” as a woman for whom the door of possibilities is open, how do you let the Spirit choreograph your life-dance? How is this Dance encouraging you to carry the torch of morality, spirituality, and God’s love?

We will be an intimate circle of trust of 12-15 women, facilitated by the Daughters of God (Line St. Pierre, Doreen Heyne, Katharina Becker and Carrie Prentice).


Peaceful Meadow Retreat
7075 Valmont Rd
Boulder, CO 80301-4729


How do I get from the airport to Peaceful Meadow Retreat

Here is a link to the shuttle that can pick you up at Denver International Airport and deliver you to the Retreat Center. If you ride with another guest, the cost per person is much cheaper.

Where to Stay:

Sleeping rooms and bathrooms are shared. If you have a preferred roommate or special concerns, please contact us.

Where to Eat:

Three meals a day are provided where we will commun together sharing in common meals. Please include dietary restriction, after you have purchased your ticket, through the instructions on the Events page.


To register for the Boulder, Colorado retreat, the $400 registration fee is due by March 9th. Meals and lodging included. $100 deposit due today and $300 balance due by March 9th.



To register please email [email protected] for instructions.


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Bee hovering while collecting pollenCALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS!

Are you looking for an opportunity to serve the Urantia Revelation? Here is your chance to be a valued volunteer for Urantia Foundation. For a few hours a week (or more), we welcome you to serve on the following "labor of love" projects:

  1. Translation help with the "Thoughts to Ponder." This daily send-out of inspiring quotes from The Urantia Book is now available only in English. We need volunteers to translate titles for these gems of wisdom into the following languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Korean, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, and Estonian.
  2. Urantia Foundation News Online: Help inform readers around the world of Foundation news. We need volunteers to translate Urantia Foundation News Online into the following languages: German, Lithuanian, Korean, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish and Estonian. Native-speakers who are fluent in English are encouraged to volunteer.

Please contact us at [email protected] and join the team!

Urantia Study GroupJOIN A STUDY GROUP

Looking for a study group in your area? Visit the Study Group Directory

attractive girl reading book in coffee shopLIBRARY PLACEMENT OF URANTIA BOOKS

Are you familiar with our Library Placement Program?

Spread the teachings by placing The Urantia Book in libraries or alternative libraries.

For years readers have placed The Urantia Book in public libraries. Another library placement opportunity-the alternative library-remains untapped. Libraries in coffee shops, hotels, cruise ships, bed and breakfast inns, youth hostels, restaurants, truck stops, waiting rooms, nursing homes, churches and fraternity and sorority houses are the perfect spots for people to find The Urantia Book. So next time you stay at, or pass by, an establishment that has a library, place a copy of The Urantia Book on their library shelf.

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