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54:2.3 Lucifer manifesto, masquerading in the h. of liberty,

107:6.2 the limitations of material investiture and h. of time.

110:6.15 liberation of the morontia soul from the h. of the

158:1.8 converse with two brilliant beings clothed in the h.

177:4.11 Judas had laid by in his soul in h. of hate were now


4:2.1 Nature is in a limited sense the physical h. of God.

6:1.6 the h. of reserving the designation “the Eternal Son”

7:0.4 The spirit world is the h., the personal conduct, of

7:3.4 others pass on to the less automatic but h.-trained

12:7.4 God is not a h.-bound slave to the chronicity of

47:9.2 spiritual worship of the unseen Father, a h. you will

63:6.4 Andonic peoples formed the h. of refraining from

68:4.1 What h. is to the individual, custom is to the group;

90:5.3 The h. of swearing, profanity, represents a

91:5.3 If you truly desire to overcome the h. of criticizing

91:5.3 establish the h. of praying for that person every day

110:6.6 essential to the h.-forming certainty of such reactions

123:4.5 Jesus was on the housetop playing, as was his h.,

131:10.1 This young man was in the h. of referring to such

139:12.6 Judas had cultivated the h. of getting even with those

148:4.1 It was the h. of Jesus to hold special converse with

150:0.1 in the h. of coming up to Bethsaida periodically for

156:5.4 he was in the h. of accounting for these unusual

156:5.4 the h. of our forefathers to believe that God led

158:0.2 decided to take only the three who were in the h.

160:1.10 In this h. of Jesus’ going off so frequently by

167:1.2 as was his h., he made straight for the seat of honor

167:4.3 The Jews were in the h. of burying their dead on

178:3.4 cities whose builder is God and worlds whose h.

179:5.4 Master, as was always his h., resorted to parables

183:5.1 the Romans were in the h. of dealing directly with

193:1.1 The believers were in the h. of meeting at this place,

196:3.2 We are in the h of designating these realities as thing


15:6.15 not one cool planet in forty is h. by beings of your

129:3.6 true of all those worlds which have become h.


49:2.16 animal life to remain in its marine nursery h. for

49:2.17 whales, of marine h., are also of the mammalian

57:8.24 bays which are so suitable as a h. for marine life.

58:1.3 vegetable and animal—evolved in a salt-solution h..

59:1.3 soon makes progress in adaptation to a nonmarine h.

62:2.4 keen minds to realize the dangers of their forest h.,

63:2.2 fully made up their minds to flee from the tribal h.

122:3.1 home has been chosen as the mortal h. of the child


3:3.2 from the place of his h. he looks upon all the

15:2.3 other spheres not suitable for creature h. are not

15:5.12 formation of planetary bodies adapted to mortal h..

15:6.15 location, is in many respects ideal for human h..

20:2.9 of a Creator Son upon such worlds of mortal h..

39:1.16 and on the architectural spheres of creature h..

40:6.3 All worlds of mortal h. harbor faith sons of God,

49:0.4 revolving around the central sun are too large for h.,

49:0.4 that of Urantia, so that they are almost ideal for h..

49:2.10 The physical differences of the worlds of mortal h.

50:4.3 every human h was provided with abundance of land

52:6.8 the evolutionary workings of a sphere of human h..

53:1.6 who kept not their first estate but left their own h.,

62:7.7 was formally recognized as a planet of human h.

81:2.17 clay, would make a very serviceable weatherproof h.

81:6.7 While these warmer zones of h. afforded some

127:6.14 mortals on this world and on all other spheres of h.

168:1.9 he had been liberated from the bonds of mortal h..


52:2.8 the practices of settled h. and the cultivation of the

133:7.3 They were far from human h., and the boy was too

169:2.5 you shall be joyfully received into the eternal h..


49:0.4 rate of axial revolution are wholly unsuited for life h.

49:2.15 of intelligent life as they are related to these h..

156:4.3 these dye makers went forth in search of new h. of


5:4.8 worship and the nature of his personal h. of prayer.

12:7.2 The laws of God are merely the h. of God, his way

39:0.11 the study of the languages, history, and local h. of

45:6.2 observing and studying the life h. and conduct of

64:1.3 avoided the forests in contrast with the h. of their

65:2.12 an agile little reptilian dinosaur of carnivorous h.

65:6.8 profit from experience, can learn from reactive h. of

66:4.7 this custom spread near and far to affect the eating h.

66:6.5 one hundred would not attempt to impose the h. and

93:4.15 to reform the mores, to change the h. of the world,

100:1.5 the criticism of oneself by one’s own value-h.,

100:1.8 Religious h. of thinking and acting are contributory

100:1.8 H. which favor religious growth embrace cultivated

100:4.1 initiate the choosing of new and better reaction h. in

101:7.3 h. and ideals are reshaped; some idea of a personal

102:7.2 by unchanging laws, the h. of an unchanging God.

110:6.4 mind of perfect poise, housed in a body of clean h.

128:2.5 study of their h. of living and of the gentile mind.

132:3.3 Natural man is slow to initiate changes in his h. of

139:12.2 many outwardly appearing traits of culture and h.

145:1.3 fisherman and knew the h. of the fish in the Sea of

151:2.3 seed which fell by the wayside represent one’s h.

156:5.5 of substituting for these lower and less idealistic h.

160:3.2 crystallize into h., strength-giving and worshipful h.,

160:3.2 h. eventually formulate themselves into a spiritual

167:6.5 training of children in h. of divine worship,


39:5.11 h. concept of angels held in that individual’s mind.

67:1.6 and so often been repeated, sin may become h..

67:1.6 H. sinners can easily become iniquitous, become

72:10.1 The more serious h. criminals and incurably insane

89:2.4 The h. violation of a taboo became a vice; primitive

89:5.4 eating of human flesh goes on to h. cannibalism.

100:5.8 with the h. practice of religious daydreaming;

124:4.7 of this h. obeisance to the doorpost parchment.

153:1.3 prior and h. mental attitudes and spirit reactions.

160:3.2 time-consuming at first, but when they become h.,

160:3.2 such protective h. practices designed to conserve


62:2.1 and while they did not h. walk on their hind legs,

69:9.5 weakness of communism: The improvident h. lived

159:5.17 Jesus h. put large meanings into small expressions.


83:6.3 monogamy did not mean that he had become h. to


6:1.3 H. the New Testament writer referred to the Eternal

16:0.1 H. it been possible to produce a larger number of

20:4.4 H. Urantia followed the general plan of inhabited

32:3.11 to be h. only by those who are so fortunate as to

39:5.4 And h. your Adam adhered to the original plan for

57:8.22 H. there been much moisture in the air hovering over

62:3.9 H. the ancestral frog of all humanity jumped two

64:6.32 Stronger and better races are to be h. from the

76:3.2 H. it not been for this foresight, pandemonium

79:2.5 H. there been adjacent lands for emigration, then

79:2.8 H. the Andite conquerors been in numbers three

93:2.6 H Machiventa remained for any long period on earth

93:6.4 that salvation, favor with God, is to be h. by faith.

94:3.3 H. the philosophers of those days been able to

95:5.5 H this man of amazingly clear vision had the political

95:7.3 H. the followers of Jesus taken more seriously his

96:3.1 H. he not been of this mixed type, Moses would

97:7.14 H. the priests not dedicated themselves to the work

122:5.6 H. Joseph lived, he undoubtedly would have become

124:0.1 H. he remained at Alexandria, his education would

132:7.4 H. your people remained true to the spirit of Buddha

135:5.1 H. not Moses taught that righteousness was always

139:4.13 H. not John been tactful and sagacious, he would

140:10.1 was to be h. only by believing, by simple faith.

152:4.1 H. Jesus forsaken them? He had never before sent

159:2.2 H. he not heard the Master say, “He who is not


86:4.8 so they invented H. as a fit place for the reception

169:3.2 he waked up in H., and finding himself in torment,

Hagarone of Abrahams concubines

93:9.8 Keturah was not a wife of Abraham; like H., she

HaggaiHebrew prophet

97:10.3 the spiritual leaders (excepting Daniel, Ezekiel, H.,


63:6.3 the elements—thunder, lightning, rain, snow, h.,

85:4.3 rain, and h. have all been feared and worshiped by

86:1.5 farmer found himself the victim of drought, h.,


3:4.5 Even though I h. from near the very abiding place of

11:3.3 spirit beings and ascendant creatures who h. from

22:6.2 those worlds from which the Spirit-fused mortals h..

26:8.4 who do fail on the first adventure, almost all h.

26:8.4 after finding both the Spirit and the Son, h. from

31:2.2 Gravity Messengers h. from Divinington, and they

35:3.14 in classes composed of those who h. from a given

40:10.7 Some of these beings h. from the earliest epochs of

109:4.2 But Adjusters do h. from the source of personality,

183:3.5 Jesus and, placing a kiss upon his brow, said, “H.,

185:6.2 and mocked him, saying, “H., king of the Jews!”

187:3.4 offered a toast to Jesus, saying, “H and good fortune


24:6.8 discoverer of Havona is Grandfanda, and he h.

44:0.13 The original teachers of these seven groups all h.

83:5.13 The new wives were therefore usually h. with

125:2.12 was interested in those who h. from the Far-Eastern

128:4.3 was recognized and h. as a master teacher by the

129:2.9 These travelers h. from India, and being on their

131:4.2 All the prophets have h. him, and he has revealed

140:0.2 Jesus first h. Andrew and Peter, who were fishing

177:4.2 assured him that his withdrawal would be h. by


2:7.3 numerous individuals h. from various spheres,

15:14.10 [Presented by a Universal Censor h. from Uversa.]

24:5.3 heads of the four and twenty administrators h.

40:10.2 The Adjuster, h. from the Father on Paradise,

47:9.1 mortals h. from the isolated and retarded worlds

50:7.1 It may turn out, eventually, that mortal creatures h.

113:4.6 Though h. from different sources and different levels

124:0.1 all classes of men and women h. from every part

132:7.4 They live within h. distance of the safe waters of rest

133:3.4 At Corinth they met people of every race h. from

172:3.8 and visiting pilgrims, many h. from Galilee and Perea

188:3.1 half million Jews present in Jerusalem at this time, h.


0:0.5 from whose capital, Uversa, our commission h..

16:2.1 from which the newly arrived space pilgrim h..

44:4.3 if one of them h. from another superuniverse, they

52:4.2 the Magisterial Son h. from Paradise.

196:3.16 And this lover h from the very source of infinite love


48:6.33 The shadow of a h.’ turning, premeditated for an

61:1.10 glands, and all were covered with considerable h..

62:3.1 They had little h. on their bodies, but this was no

62:4.1 they had still less h. on their bodies than their parents

63:4.1 they had little more h. on their bodies than present-

76:4.1 were characterized by fair complexions and light h.

86:5.15 was located by various peoples in the head, h., heart,

86:5.16 lived in the breath, one in the head, one in the h.,

88:1.8 as potential fetishes, particularly the h. and nails.

88:1.9 he put a leaf in his h. for the purpose of disavowing

88:4.8 can be killed by practicing sorcery on his shingled h.

88:5.1 the earliest magic had to do with h. and nails.

88:5.2 poison plant seeds, snake venom, and human h..

89:4.1 The first sacrifices were such acts as plucking h.,

89:8.2 H., nails, blood, fingers and toes were sacrificed.

89:8.3 Shaving the head and cutting the h. were forms of

131:7.3 every h. of pride shuts off saving light, as it were,

135:1.1 abstain from intoxicating drinks, to let the h. grow,

135:1.4 With his flowing h. and peculiar mode of dress John

147:5.3 forced to wear her h. down—the badge of harlotry.

147:5.3 with her tears of gratitude, wiping them with the h.

147:5.4 with tears and wiped them with the h. of her head.

172:1.5 to pour it upon his feet as Mary took down her h.


62:3.9 escaped death no less than five times by mere h.


82:2.5 set them apart as a class by themselves, such as h.,


3:3.1 also, “The very h. of your head are numbered.”

38:2.3 You have been told that the “very h. of your head

150:4.3 Know you not that the very h. of your head are all

165:3.4 To the seraphic guardians the very h. of your head


62:2.1 They were h. and agile and chattered in monkeylike

62:5.9 lead the twins northward and far from their h. and

64:1.1 the idea of going southward to live among their h.

135:1.4 From that day on John always wore a h. garment


85:1.3 and by its prestige an offender can be h. into court.

88:6.6 he might be h. before the chief and charged with

halfsee half billion; half hour; half million; half past;

  see dozen

21:2.10 Within any superuniverse, one h. of their inherent

21:2.10 other h. vary, being derived from the diversified

26:4.1 one h. of the entire order is assigned to the training

29:4.28 they are living superconductors for more than h. of

30:3.12 Fully one h. of our visitor colony consists of

33:6.7 hours of Urantia time, plus two and one-h. minutes.

37:2.6 Jerusem, where he spends about h. of his time.

41:3.8 lengthened from the former three and one-h. day

41:3.8 the present eleven and one-h. year sunspot cycles.

41:4.1 about one and one-h. times the density of water.

43:1.7 One h. of Edentia is divided into seventy triangular

43:6.2 About one h. of Edentia is devoted to the exquisite

45:6.7 finaliters’ world, one h. of the planet being devoted

45:6.8 accredited on Jerusem as the fulfillment of one h. of

49:2.12 about two and one-h. per cent are subbreathers,

49:2.12 for ninety-eight and one-h. per cent of the Satania

49:2.14 remaining one and one-h. per cent of Satania worlds.

49:2.20 who are only about two and one-h. feet in height.

49:5.31 scarcely more than one h. of the worlds harbor

54:5.11 mandate directing that nothing be done to h. cure,

54:5.13 Lucifer was brought to trial within two and a h.

55:2.8 h. the mortals leave the planet by translation from

55:6.3 produce only one h. as many children as the higher

55:6.4 More than one h. of the human inhabitants on

57:5.2 its eleven and one-h. year sunspot cycles betray that

57:5.2 These titanic heaves required three and one-h. days

57:6.4 two and one-h. times the radius of the larger body.

58:2.6 Bear in mind that one h. of all your atmosphere is

58:5.5 little more than five and one-h. times that of water;

58:7.3 stratified rock layers, is about one and one-h. miles.

58:7.9 sank beneath the seas from a few feet to h. a mile.

59:5.11 sea returned to cover about h. of its previous beds.

60:1.6 the northern h. of South America, most of Europe,

61:5.3 One h. of the glacial ice was in North America,

62:3.9 following their example, more than h. the tribe,

62:5.7 sign and word language of almost h. a hundred ideas

63:2.3 a crude treetop retreat some h.-day’s journey

63:3.2 association of almost h. a hundred grandchildren

64:0.2 the first h. of its story roughly corresponds to the

64:0.2 The latter h. of the history of mankind begins at the

66:7.6 One h. of this group instruction was by sexes; the

66:7.6 was by sexes; the other h. was coeducational.

67:3.2 Almost one h. of the administrator and transition

70:3.9 When guests departed, a dish would be broken in h.,

72:6.7 One h. of the income from natural resources goes to

72:7.10 In return the government takes one h. the profits

72:11.2 received one h. of the education imparted in any

72:11.2 securing the first h. of a technical or professional

77:1.5 A period of one-h. year intervened between the

77:2.1 the early days of the second garden, furnished one h.

77:3.4 After four and one-h. years of work a great dispute

77:3.5 1. The largest group, almost one h., desired to see

77:5.1 give consideration to the Adamic h. of their ancestry,

79:3.4 achieved the religious conquest of the western h. of

79:4.2 Aryan centers were scattered over the northern h. of

79:7.1 infiltration from the west was about h. Andonite

79:7.1 from the west was about h. Andonite and h. Andite.

80:9.6 Adamson’s descendants and, during the latter h. of

82:5.4 Abraham himself married his h. sister, but such

83:5.4 raising up seed for his brother,” was the custom of h.

83:7.2 only about one h. the marriages proved satisfactory.

85:3.2 creatures were regarded as h. human and h. animal

87:3.4 H. the days of the year were dedicated to some sort

88:6.8 One h. the world is grasping eagerly for the light of

88:6.8 the facts of scientific discovery, while the other h.

90:2.11 parts of Tibet, where one h. the male population

94:9.1 he made Buddhism the dominant religion of one h.

94:12.1 evolve during the past two and one-h. millenniums

94:12.4 appear among religious believers during the first h.

96:4.1 the Mosaic teaching has influenced almost one h. of

97:1.2 only the more intelligent h. of the Hebrews;

97:1.2 the other h. continued in the worship of the tribal

97:5.6 emancipating messages more than two and a h.

98:1.4 feeling for Zeus and his family of h. men and h. gods

121:2.2 And more than h. of this caravan traffic passed

121:3.6 H. the population of the Roman state were slaves;

123:6.8 Mary was h. persuaded to consent; she was

124:2.8 the advantage of being three and one-h. years older

124:6.7 Joseph, Mary, and Jesus walked a mile and a h. to

126:5.5 assessments and the temple tax of one-h. shekel.

127:2.5 About h. had joined the nationalist organization,

127:2.5 the other h. began the formation of an opposing

128:7.11 his quota was cut in h. because of his marriage,

129:1.7 the services in this new synagogue more than h.

130:0.5 Jesus spent about h. of each day teaching Ganid

133:2.3 Having heard the latter h. of Jesus’ message to the

133:3.11 all these apparently casual contacts more than h. of

135:4.3 For two and a h. years John lived at Engedi,

135:11.1 For more than a year and a h. this rugged man of

135:12.6 I will give it to you, even to the h. of my kingdom.

136:2.8 (Jesus was almost thirty-one and one-h. years old

136:2.8 coemperor with Augustus for two and one-h. years

137:2.8 Jesus had now assembled one h. of his future corps

143:1.1 The first h. of the month of August the apostolic

144:6.13 Two months and a h. from this time John was

144:8.2 John had now been in prison a year and a h.,

146:6.2 woman was much respected, and h. of the village

150:9.1 he h. humorously remarked: “Yes, I am Joseph’s

151:5.3 the shore, a little more than a mile and a h. distant.

152:2.1 more than one h. of his disciples refused to leave

152:2.5 for almost h. of this multitude, the food the people

156:0.1 They spent almost two and one-h. weeks in Sidon

157:1.1 the act of refusing to pay the customary h. shekel

157:3.5 More than h. the apostles participated in

158:2.1 For about h. the distance down the mountain not a

159:5.9 to appropriate the better h. of a Scripture while he

162:0.4 the following month, about four and one-h. weeks.

163:5.2 along the Jordan to a point about one-h. mile north

164:1.3 and beat him, and departing, left him h. dead.

165:2.12 On the morrow about h. of these Jewish teachers

165:2.12 teachers professed belief in Jesus, and the other h.

171:1.2 About one h of this group left him at the Jordan ford

171:1.2 They went on up to Jerusalem, while the other h.

171:2.6 After a brief delay the other h. of the multitude went

171:6.2 that I am going to bestow one h. of all my goods

173:1.3 practice to require the temple dues of one-h. shekel

173:1.3 women, slaves, and minors, was one-h. shekel,

175:4.1 twelve heard this latter h. of Jesus’ last discourse

175:4.1 not have heard the first and mercy-proffering h. of

177:0.1 ominous silence; little was said during the first h.

177:3.2 made his speech on “Supreme Desire” to about h.

183:2.4 h. after eleven o’clock, Judas was accompanied by

183:4.8 This was the situation during the last h. of Thursday

185:3.5 Then said Pilate, h. in ridicule and h. in sincerity,

188:0.1 The day and a h. that Jesus’ mortal body lay in the

188:3.4 Jesus during this period of a day and a h. when he

189:5.1 Peter was h. persuaded that Jesus was really alive;

189:5.1 John was h. convinced that the women really had

190:5.2 Cleopas was h. a mind to believe these reports, but

194:1.2 They talked for more than an hour and a h. and

195:0.9 compromises with Mithraism that the better h. of its

half billion

22:6.1 Almost one-h. are registered on Uversa.

37:5.6 over one and one-h. of these High Commissioners

37:8.7 of the realm, we have our quota, about one-h..

half hour(s)

44:4.7 But in the language of Nebadon we could, in a h.’

52:4.5 be represented by two and one-h. hours of your time

66:0.2 There were almost one-h. primitive human beings

150:7.1 carpenter shop and spent a h. on the hill which he

158:1.8 When the three had been fast asleep for about h.,

165:2.1 After h. an hour of informal discussion, speaking to

184:5.2 This session of the court lasted only a h.,

186:3.3 David sent messengers about every h. with reports

186:4.2 of more than h. an hour Jesus never spoke a word.

187:5.8 life in the flesh in a little less than five and one-h..

193:0.1 visiting informally for more than h. an hour when,

194:1.2 They talked for more than an hour and a h. and

half million

12:1.14 But about one-h. light-years beyond the periphery

36:3.6 a new world, one-h. years of the time of that planet.

41:5.4 one-h. years for an X-ray-stimulated electron to

44:4.4 over h. a million words, or thought symbols, can

63:5.7 their retrogressing descendants did not attain in h.

64:4.1 They dominated the world for almost h. a million

65:4.4 More than h. a million specific experiments were

66:0.1 the Planetary Prince arrived almost h. years after

66:1.5 than did Caligastia on that eventful day one-h.

73:7.3 blending until his family had numbered one-h..

78:2.5 around 19,000 B.C., numbering four and a h.,

79:0.1 center of culture that persisted for over one-h.

81:2.19 introduced by the staff of the Prince about one-h.

84:7.8 the days of Dalamatia, about one-h. years ago,

104:1.1 made by the staff of Prince Caligastia about one-h.

121:6.9 two and one-h. of these dispersed Jews used to

133:8.1 Antioch had h. a million inhabitants; it was the third

188:3.1 There were almost one and one-h. Jews present in

half past

154:7.1 It was almost h. eight this beautiful morning when

183:2.4 h. after eleven o’clock, Judas was accompanied by

164:0.2 They reached Jericho about h. four and prepared to

168:1.9 this Thursday afternoon at about h. two o’clock,

172:3.1 it was h. one that Sunday afternoon when Jesus

178:2.12 It was about h. four o’clock when the three apostles

183:4.2 By h. two o’clock that morning the camp was

184:3.1 It was about h. three o’clock this Friday morning

184:3.18 session of the Sanhedrist trial of Jesus ended at h.

186:1.1 It was about h. eight o’clock this Friday morning

187:3.1 about h. nine o’clock this Friday morning, Jesus was

187:3.4 this special preparation day, by h. eleven o’clock

187:5.3 the mortal Jesus made of his fellows was about h.

187:6.1 darkness of the sandstorm, about h. three o’clock,

188:1.3 At about h. four o’clock the burial procession of

189:3.1 A little after h. four o’clock this Sunday morning,

189:4.5 was about h. three o’clock when the five women,

190:1.2 the captain of the temple guards to the tomb at h.

190:1.4 about h. nine o’clock when the last of David’s

190:4.1 About h. four o’clock, at the home of one Flavius,

191:1.1 It was near h. eight o’clock this Sunday evening

191:6.1 on Tuesday evening, April 18, at about h. eight

193:5.1 It was almost h. seven o’clock this Thursday,

194:1.4 By h. four o’clock more than two thousand new


82:6.8 The chief troubles of “h” are due to social prejudices


82:6.3 Present-day prejudice against “h.,” “hybrids,” and


184:4.5 In the h. man there still lurks an evil brutality which


63:2.3 crude treetop retreat some h. journey to the north.


72:9.5 the average yearly taxes paid for each h. period.


67:5.1 Liberty was translated into license by the h.


157:1.4 Jesus remarked, h.: “Strange that the sons of the


97:4.3 denouncing his h., timeserving, and immoral fellows,


1:6.5 must be wholly consecrated to the effort; h., partial

54:5.10 the Paradise quarantine against all such possible h.

93:5.4 Terah and his whole family were h. converts to the

147:5.1 Simon was a h. believer, and notwithstanding that he

151:6.3 at that time had become a h. believer in the gospel

152:5.6 kingdom in the souls of material-minded and h.

153:5.3 divested of these lukewarm multitudes and these h.

153:5.4 From the beginning I knew that these h. believers

154:4.6 of Jesus on a large scale, notwithstanding that h.

155:5.11 an easy path for those fearful and h. souls who

156:6.6 Philip, the brother of Herod, had become a h believer

177:3.2 “What is wrong with most of us is that we are h..

186:2.8 Pilate’s well-meant but h. efforts to effect his release


93:4.5 But Abraham did believe h., and even that was

95:3.5 Ikhnaton they accepted but h. for one generation;

122:2.5 only consenting h. to believe in Gabriel’s visit to his

159:3.11 pity from those cowardly souls who only h. stand up


136:1.5 sins and because of the h. of the gentile proselytes.


15:3.6 the arms of this distorted spiral, situated about h.

37:9.8 a plane of life about h. between the semimaterial

41:4.1 It now exists about h. between the most dense and

124:6.8 About h. up to Jerusalem, Jesus gained his first view

133:0.3 about h. to Tarentum, Ganid asked Jesus a direct

151:6.2 About h. up the hillside on a small, relatively level

158:1.3 They reached their destination, about h. up the

171:8.1 About h. up the ascending road to Bethany the party

174:0.3 About h. down the slope of Olivet Jesus paused and

hallsee resurrection

46:5.22 in triplicate in this threefold h. of archives.

46:5.30 the immense assembly h. of the reversion directors,

82:3.10 reward for her sex service in the bride’s exhibition h.

95:2.9 and make its way to the judgment h. of Osiris,

135:12.7 to the young woman at the rear of the banquet h..

185:2.1 accusers gathered in front of Pilate’s judgment h.,

185:2.15 that Pilate decided to take the prisoner inside the h.

185:3.1 private chamber, leaving the guards outside in the h.,

186:1.1 meeting place in the h. of hewn stone in the temple

186:1.2 called him just outside the h. and said: “Judas, I

186:1.3 Judas rushed back to enter the h. but was debarred

186:1.5 Judas stood, motioned that he should leave the h.


162:6.2 the chanting of the H., the responsive reading of the


100:7.16 “Our Father who is in heaven, h. be your name.”

136:2.4 My Father who reigns in heaven, h. be your name.

144:3.13 Our Father who is in heaven, H. be your name.

hallssee resurrection

39:4.16 transition beings consult those of the morontia h.,

44:0.14 brighten until you stand in the spirit h. of Salvington

44:4.12 preserving them in the archives of the morontia h. of

47:3.5 wings terminating in the circular class assembly h.,

47:3.5 These h. are surrounded by the personality

111:7.5 now ascended to the judgment h. of mansonia.”

133:5.2 and the trio made frequent visits to its h. of learning.

185:0.3 of Jesus’ examination within the praetorium h.,


91:7.3 Such visitations are not pseudo h., neither are they

190:0.3 were not the self-deceived victims of visions or h..


63:3.2 interconnected by h. which had been excavated in


74:6.5 The origin of the traditional h. encircling the heads


148:7.1 a large group of those who were maimed, h., sick,

155:5.16 they came to a h., and Peter, going up to Jesus, said:

165:3.8 Why do you h. between two opinions?

167:1.5 you well know that the lame and the h. cannot repay


60:3.13 The backthrust of the h. continental drift continued

75:6.3 The Edenic caravan was h. on the third day out

75:7.1 It was while the Edenic caravan was h. that Adam

92:4.6 The disruption of the first Eden h. the course of the

135:8.5 John recognized Jesus, the ceremonies were h. for


143:4.1 descendants of the Cuthites, Sepharvites, and H..


168:1.9 was the stage all set in this little h. of Bethany for

168:3.7 Sabbath with friends in Bethpage, a h. near Bethany.


168:0.4 friends from near-by h. came over to comfort the


9:1.8 forged out between the anvil of justice and the h. of

9:1.8 but those who wield the h. are the children of mercy,


66:5.9 stone slabs, a form of parchment made of h. hides,


23:2.12 the anvils of necessity and the h. of anguish.

66:5.13 between the anvil of necessity and the h. of fear.

68:5.4 of h. represented one of the great forward steps in

HammurabiBabylonian king

70:10.14 many ancient rulers, including H. and Moses,

78:8.10 By the time of the establishment of the rule of H.


73:2.5 to frustrate and h. the work of preparing the Garden.

101:4.1 The laws of revelation h. us greatly by their

112:5.11 There are two difficulties that h. my efforts to

147:0.2 and, later on, did much to h. their public activities.


67:8.4 misled associates has temporarily h. the progress

90:5.1 rituals have h. society and cursed civilization,

92:3.7 Religion has h. industrial activities and economic

111:2.1 fail to manifest this constitutive unity, even when h.

134:5.8 embarrassed and h. by the “scaffolding stages” of

178:2.10 anything should happen to me, you would not be h..

HanChinese emperor

79:8.16 the civilization of the sons of H. comes the nearest

134:5.1 the Roman Empire in the West and the H. Empire

Hanavardchairman of the executive council of Satania

45:3.8 7. The high counselor—H., number 67 of the primary

45:3.8 He functions as acting chairman of the executive

45:3.8 H. is the twelfth of this order so to serve on Jerusem

45:3.10 1. H., the Lanonandek chairman.

handsee hand, at; hand, his; hand, in; hand, on;

hand, on the other, hand, right; see handverb

3:5.4 no one is able to pluck them out of my Father’s h..

37:10.5 reach back and down to extend a helping h. to their

38:7.2 The left-h. deflector, or negatively charged angel,

43:5.16 Long ago the prophet recognized the controlling h.

43:5.17 High, who has delivered your enemies into your h..”

53:4.4 Lucifer was given a free h. to prosecute his plan

62:4.4 human type of h. and foot had fully developed,

63:4.4 these primitive men valiantly fighting with one h.

63:5.6 in conjunction with an implement-using h.,

65:7.2 aught but the h. of nature and the outworking of

70:3.8 the oath taken while the h. of the candidate rested

84:6.4 The h. that rocks the cradle fraternizes with destiny.

87:6.12 and h. washing at the cemetery is still a Jewish ritual.

90:1.4 Sleight-of-h. feats were regarded as supernatural

97:1.10 In your h. is power and might, and you are able to

97:6.4 given these lands into the h. of Nebuchadnezzar,

97:7.9 “And the Lord’s h. is not shortened that it cannot

97:8.5 true that God has many times thrust a Father’s h. of

97:9.20 State and church went along h. in h..

112:7.8 And there, at the h. of the very being whose

115:3.4 While infinity is on the one h. UNITY, on the

118:10.6 interpose a fatherly h. in the stream of cosmic events

121:5.17 Paul were the first European religions to lay one h.

122:9.3 Anna to indicate, by the salute of his upraised h.,

122:9.10 Salvation from our enemies and from the h. of all

122:9.13 To grant us that we, being delivered out of the h. of

126:2.2 an apparently cruel h. struck down the head of this

127:2.3 Jesus only laid a kindly h. on Mary’s shoulder and,

127:5.6 to the many men who sought her h. in marriage,

128:5.3 that the iron h. of Rome would crush the rebellion

128:5.8 Jacob had sought to gain Miriam’s h. in marriage.

130:3.2 And as Ganid squeezed Jesus’ h., he said, “I will.”

130:6.2 And Jesus, laying a gentle h. on his shoulder, said:

131:1.8 He will take us by the h. and lead us to himself.

131:5.2 God stretches out his beneficent h. to both the

131:8.5 he is on the left h. and on the right; he supports all

132:4.6 Tiber, he said: “Be brave of heart as well as of h..

133:8.3 “Whatsoever your h. finds to do, do that with all

135:8.1 and brought back to Jesus fresh, first-h. reports of

137:1.6 And Jesus, laying a h. on the shoulder of each of

138:7.1 but Jesus raised an admonitory h. and stopped him.

139:3.8 places on the right h. and the left h. of Jesus,

139:9.3 always were they ready to lend a helping h. to any

140:6.11 let not the left h. know what the right hand does.

140:8.5 these matters to civil government, on the one h.,

140:8.26 in bestowing charity not allowing the left h. to

143:3.3 your troubles with a clearer head and a steadier h.,

144:5.22 Lead us by your own h., step by step, through the

144:5.92 Lead us by the h. in the ways of your own choosing

145:2.12 the young man by the h., said, “Come out of it”—

145:2.15 Jesus stood over this sick woman, holding her h.,

146:2.5 I stretched out my h., but no man regarded.

146:6.2 And then, taking the young man by the h., he said,

147:5.4 took her by the h. and, lifting her up, said: “You


148:7.2 induced a man with a withered h. to approach him

148:7.2 Jesus, addressing the man with the withered h.,

148:7.2 the faith to be healed, I bid you stretch out your h..

148:7.3 And as this man stretched forth his withered h.,

151:6.5 reached down and, taking him by the h., stood

152:0.1 and, falling down at his feet, took him by the h.

152:0.3 Jesus took Veronica by the h. and, lifting her up,

152:1.1 took her by the h. and said, “Daughter, I say to you

153:4.1 took him by the h. and said: “You know who I am

156:5.4 looked for the h. of God in all natural occurrences

158:5.3 he stepped forward and, taking the lad by the h., said

158:5.3 And placing the h. of the lad in the h. of the father,

162:4.4 while in the left h. each one carried a branch of the

164:5.2 perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my h..

164:5.2 no one is able to pluck them out of my Father’s h..

167:1.5 where the sick man sat and, taking him by the h.,

168:2.7 Jesus, taking Lazarus by the h., lifted him up, saying

171:0.4 your right hand and the other to sit on your left h.

171:0.5 but to sit on my right hand and on my left h. is not

171:0.7 asking for places on the right h. and on the left h. of

173:1.10 they never lifted a h. to further this cleansing of the

175:1.22 now I proffer the loving h. of eternal fellowship.

177:1.1 was about to take the lunch basket from John’s h.,

178:3.3 I need no defense by the h. of man; the armies of

179:2.2 when he had received it from the h. of Thaddeus,

179:3.1 observed these rites of ceremonial h. washing,

180:2.6 And when the Father’s h. of discipline is laid upon

181:2.17 your brethren together with a firm and loving h.

181:2.24 to acquire at the h. of that master of all teachers—

183:3.7 Jesus raised a forbidding h. to Peter and, speaking

187:5.2 “Your h. shall find out all my enemies,” and “My

192:2.3 Be not taken by surprise at the enemy’s h..

hand, at

3:1.2 “‘I am a God a. as well as afar off,’ says the Lord.

28:5.19 information, no matter how meager the evidence a.

28:7.4 conducting our affairs with the instrumentalities a.,

30:3.2 no gigantic living or dead suns near a. to disturb the

37:5.9 commissioners a. to present their recommendations;

53:5.6 sophistries from his headquarters taken up near a.

76:2.2 make offerings to the priesthood of the things a..

85:0.2 consisted of the things of nature which were close a.,

91:6.5 resolutely and courageously attack the problems a..

114:7.11 limited to accomplishment of some specific task a..

128:6.5 Close a. stood a Roman guard who made some

133:1.5 to be near a. some other mortal who will fly to

134:9.8 John preached: “The kingdom of heaven is a.;

135:4.3 the brotherhood that “the end of the age was a.”;

135:5.4 their belief that the event was impending, near a.,

135:5.7 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is a.!”

135:6.2 John’s message, “the kingdom of heaven is a.,”

135:6.8 the end of the age—the kingdom of heaven is a..”

135:9.7 proclaiming that the kingdom of heaven is a..

136:1.5 and be baptized, for the kingdom of heaven is a..”

136:2.1 “the kingdom of God is a.”—when all Jewry was

136:6.1 and produce suitable bodily nourishment ready a.?

137:4.11 Near a. stood six waterpots of stone, filled with

137:8.15 The kingdom is a., and all who enter therein shall

139:4.10 John was present and near a. right up to the last

140:1.6 Even now is the kingdom a., and some of you

141:2.1 that this long-looked-for kingdom is near a.,

142:1.2 1. The kingdom of heaven is a..

142:2.1 new kingdom, which you proclaim is so near a..”

142:5.1 which you and your disciples declare is near a.?”

147:6.4 wheat, which was just then ripening, was near a. on

160:2.9 “Happy are they who mourn”—if a friend is a. to

163:1.4 preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is a.,’

164:5.1 Jesus was walking about near a., teaching the

168:1.10 Lazarus’s tomb little realized the presence near a. of

170:5.19 to arise proclaiming “the kingdom of God is a.”—

173:1.7 To the amazement of his apostles, standing near a.

176:1.1 will happen, the end of Jerusalem is not yet a..

176:1.4 then will you know that her desolation is a.;

178:3.3 the armies of heaven are even now near a.; but I

180:3.4 the hour is now a. when I must return to my

181:2.3 remain near a. that I may leave any message with

182:3.4 to the camp, for, behold, he who betrays me is a.,

183:4.5 as Jesus had directed him, always near a.,

183:5.3 his Master’s instructions to remain always near a.

184:2.2 The Master had not instructed him to keep near a.

188:1.7 the women were hiding near a. so that they saw

193:3.2 you constantly by my side or else very near a.

194:4.5 an event which they deemed to be very near a..

hand, his

1:5.3 God “measures the waters in the hollow of his h.,

1:5.3 measures a universe with the span of his h..

3:6.1 his h. is on the mighty lever of the circumstances of

7:1.1 spiritualized values, as it were, in the hollow of his h.

33:3.5 heaven and on earth has been committed to his h..”

130:8.3 placing his h. on the boy’s shoulder, Jesus said:

135:7.2 And his shovel is in his h. thoroughly to cleanse

137:4.6 as “the Deliverer,” would show his h. during the

137:4.9 laid his h. tenderly upon her head, saying: “Now,

146:4.3 the Master stretched forth his h. and, touching him

147:6.4 When they saw Andrew rub the grain in his h.,

148:7.3 And as this man stretched forth his withered h.,

149:6.4 order that they may receive good gifts from his h.;

152:4.2 Jesus came to the rescue and, stretching forth his h.

155:5.14 Jesus raised his h. and stopped them, saying: “Go

157:3.5 pointed to them with a sweeping gesture of his h.

158:4.6 Then Simon stepped forward and, placing his h.

158:7.3 Peter, rushing impetuously toward him, laid his h.

159:1.7 “If Cain, with no weapon in his h., was avenged

163:2.3 No man, having put his h. to the plough, if he turns

169:1.9 put the son’s ring on his h. and fetch sandals for

172:1.6 put his h. upon Mary’s head as she knelt by his

178:2.3 The Master, holding up his h., stopped him, saying

179:4.2 even as he now dips his h. with me in the dish.”

181:2.9 then, laying his h. on Simon’s shoulder, Jesus

181:2.10 but Jesus raised his h. and, stopping him, went on

181:2.23 Jesus, putting his h. on Nathaniel’s shoulder, said:

181:2.28 Then said Peter, placing his h. on Jesus’ shoulder:

184:1.6 standing near, struck Jesus in the face with his h.,

184:3.18 stepped forward and smote him in the face with his h

185:6.2 And when they had put a reed in his h. as a mock

185:6.2 took the reed from his h. and struck him upon the

192:3.2 had all power and authority committed to his h..

hand, in

45:7.8 on the new morontia levels, are taken in h. by the

97:9.20 State and church went along h. in h..

121:6.3 until these problems were taken in h. by Philo of

125:2.5 young Lazarus took Jesus in h., and they began a

127:1.5 As soon as Ruth grew up, she was taken in h. by

127:3.15 mind, soul, and body on the task immediately in h..

hand, on

48:3.8 One of them will certainly be o. to welcome you

89:6.3 that one of his trusty slaves would thus be o. to greet

126:2.7 a sum of money o. at the time of Joseph’s death.

133:1.5 there’ll always be someone o. to defend you.”

139:5.4 did Philip fail to have food o. to satisfy the needs of

149:7.3 survived the test of actual experience and were o. to

174:2.1 groups of learned men were designated to be o.

183:4.2 David remained o. with three or four messengers,

184:3.6 More than a score of false witnesses were o. to

186:3.4 they would be o. to spread the news in case Jesus

192:1.9 fish merchants of Tarichea, who were usually o. to

hand, on the other

56:7.8 o. the new orders of beings that may inhabit these

101:2.11 O., nature discloses nothing which would preclude

174:2.4 O., if he should advise the payment of tribute

hand, right

5:2.2 to the presence of God, “the r. of the Father,”

13:2.7 surely stand repeatedly at the “r. of the Father.”

21:4.4 a Creator Son proceeds to the “r. of the Father,”

32:2.7 now that the right-h. helper and chief executive of

38:0.1 Jesus, “who has gone to heaven and is on the r. of

38:7.2 The right-h. deflector, or positively charged angel,

43:4.2 Ever the Faithful of Days stands at the r. of the

52:5.6 life, he ascends to the r. of the Universal Father,

120:3.10 your ascension to our Father’s r. of sovereignty.

122:8.4 John was to be his chief of aides, his right-h. man of

126:4.6 I will uphold you with the r. of my righteousness

126:4.6 And I will hold your r., saying to you, fear not,

131:2.6 I will uphold you with the r. of my righteousness.’

131:8.5 he is on the left h. and on the right; he supports all

135:5.7 one who had long sat at God’s r. in heaven.

136:3.5 in completion at the r. of the Universal Father.

136:3.5 ascend to the r. of your Father, receive your

137:8.16 will certainly attain the r. of his glory in Paradise.

139:3.8 asked that her sons be granted places on the r.

139:4.10 John usually sat on Jesus’ r. when the twelve were

139:4.11 the right-h. support of Peter on the day of Pentecost.

140:6.11 alms, let not the left hand know what the r. does.

140:8.26 allowing the left hand to know what the r. does.

142:7.13 The Son of Man is prepared to ascend to the r. of

151:5.4 Peter was at the right-h. oar near the stern.

152:3.2 stepped upon a huge stone and, lifting up his r.

159:5.5 “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your r., saying,

162:4.4 each carrying in the r. a sheaf of myrtle, willow,

171:0.4 have honor with you, the one to sit on your r.

171:0.5 share in my humiliation, but to sit on my right r.

171:0.7 In asking for places on the r. and on the left h. of

174:4.6 ‘The Lord said to my lord, sit on my r. until I

179:4.3 John, who reclined on Jesus’ r., leaned over and

182:1.3 this world was and receive me once more at your r..

193:5.5 eleven apostles to begin the ascent to the r. of his

194:4.4 Being, by the r. of God, exalted and having


53:9.1 until the Uversa courts h. down a decision in the

157:6.1 had no ready funds of his own to h. over to Judas

190:5.5 as Jesus began to break and h. to them, their eyes


165:5.2 Which of you by anxiety can add a h. to your

handedsee handed down

137:6.2 the ruler of the synagogue h. him the Scripture roll,

137:6.3 this reading, Jesus h. the roll back to its keeper.

150:8.1 when the ruler of the synagogue h. him the roll of

153:1.1 Jairus presided and h. Jesus the Scriptures to read.

173:4.2 another, and sending the others away empty-h..

174:2.2 And when they h. him a denarius, he looked at it

179:4.3 Jesus, dipping the bread in the dish of herbs, h. it to

182:2.3 speech, he h. his sword back to Simon Zelotes.

185:2.9 then h. to Pilate the written charges against Jesus.

186:1.2 the servant of Caiaphas h. Judas a bag containing

192:1.8 Then Jesus broke the bread and h. it to John, who

handed down

28:5.15 Hearts of Counsel, and presently there is h. down

53:7.14 the system government, but they have never h. down

70:11.6 When he h. down a decision, he simply said, “It is

72:4.2 commitment decrees are h. down by parental courts.

74:7.21 continued to use the prayers and forms h. down from

85:3.3 The art of snake charming has been h. down from

89:3.1 rooted in many ancient religions and has been h. to

93:3.5 a compelling tradition of the days of Melchizedek h.

93:10.6 Recent rulings h. from the Most Highs of Edentia,

155:6.3 progress from a theology of mind h. down by

195:9.8 They take their religion wholly as h. down by their


98:7.7 witnessed by only a h. of gift-bearing shepherds who

145:3.4 The h. of Jews in the Capernaum synagogue were

149:5.2 ‘Better is a h. with composure than a


3:2.10 in the nature of your being constitute such a h.

13:1.6 if revealed, would merely confuse and h. me in my

19:6.2 to no small extent overcomes the experiential h. of

31:10.11 come into being under a tremendous experiential h.

44:8.3 There can be no h. of human heredity or

45:7.1 Or if, for any other reason of hereditary h.,

55:3.21 The great h. confronting Urantia in the matter of

55:11.7 but this does not in the least h. the progress of an

65:8.5 Physical status may h. mind, and mental perversity

84:5.1 h. of enforced maternity can only be compensated by

87:5.7 the cult was a great h. to the advancement of art,

87:7.10 stifling stereotyped ceremonials which can only h.

89:3.2 Property was regarded as a spiritual h..

92:3.7 natural religion has done much to h. the civilization

99:4.2 it can be lived without religion, but such a h.

109:5.5 no hereditary h. (in normal minds) ever prevents

114:5.4 in an emergency this h. can now be circumvented

139:1.10 His temperamental h. was his lack of enthusiasm;

140:10.2 Another great h. in this work of teaching the twelve

195:10.11 The visible church should refuse longer to h. the

195:10.20 Christianity suffers under a great h. because it has


2:0.3 human concept of God, we are tremendously h.

2:0.3 We are also seriously h. in the execution of our

5:5.13 divine spirit in such unfortunate and humanly h.

23:2.14 These messengers, who are so functionally h. when

23:3.2 they are h. by time and space: The limit of velocity

34:3.5 A Creator Son is not h by time, but he is conditioned

36:5.5 We are h. for words adequately to designate these

44:1.14 the human mind is tremendously h. in any attempt to

61:3.10 the elephant is greatly h. by size and lack of agility.

65:5.1 intelligent life on Urantia should have been so h. by

67:8.4 If the Lucifer rebellion has h. the local system and

79:1.9 h. the growth of the monotheistic concept in Asia.

84:3.3 mother love h. women in the tribal defense.

90:3.3 The primitive mind may be h. by lack of facts, but

92:3.6 Religion has h. social development in many ways,

100:7.5 was not bound by tradition or h. by enslavement to

118:10.9 his judgment of such matters is very h. by lack of

139:8.5 businessman, but Thomas was h. by his many moods

181:2.23 you are so h. by your preconceptions of Jewish


71:5.2 at the same time prevent taxation from h. industry

84:1.7 This compelling mother love is the h. emotion which

102:3.1 their overdevelopment is likewise sometimes h. and


1:3.3 away from the lowly creatures of materialistic h.

2:4.1 the natural weaknesses and environmental h. of

2:5.6 because the limitations of human nature and the h.

22:9.8 Notwithstanding their h. and limitations they are a

22:10.2 seemed to call attention to the limitations and h. of

23:3.6 the universes of space we must reckon with the h. of

23:3.8 to increase any creature’s liberation from the h. of

28:4.8 in their tasks of mastering the difficult h. of space.

34:6.9 deliverance from material bondage and finite h..

37:6.6 you are forever free from the h. of mortal flesh.

37:8.2 render service to us in our efforts to overcome the h.

50:6.5 require age upon age to retrieve the resultant h. of

65:8.5 then survival is assured regardless of the h. of time.

65:8.6 increasingly the personality is released from the h. of

72:1.1 Notwithstanding all these planetary h. a superior

76:2.6 overcoming the character h. of a base heredity,

87:7.6 Regardless of the drawbacks and h., every new

101:7.4 freedom from all conventional and traditional h.

102:3.1 deficiency or educational poverty unavoidably h.

108:4.4 a means of circumventing the h. of planetary


109:5.3 Because of these h., many times only their

111:1.9 carry you across the barriers of time and the h. of

111:7.3 while you toil amidst the h. of time and flounder in

112:5.6 no fault of your own, the h. of material existence

146:2.9 to avoid the delays of time or to transcend the h.

147:3.3 some of you struggle under the h. of the imperfect

148:5.3 The imperfections and h. of evil are inherent;

149:4.2 Anger depletes the health, and h. the spirit teacher

195:10.2 spirit of love triumphed over the material h. of time


150:8.10 Jesus closed the book and, after h. it back to the

187:5.6 finished up his loving bestowal by h. over his spirit


32:0.1 A local universe is the h. of a Creator Son of the

101:2.11 being looked upon as the h. of the God of religion.

111:6.3 made by an infinite Creator—it is the h. of his Sons—

131:2.2 the glory of God, and the firmament shows his h..

134:9.7 Jesus took great pains with all his h. and seemed to


150:8.2 Blessed is the Lord our God for the glory of his h.


129:1.3 new boats, than his small establishment could h.;

130:5.4 Ganid felt a strong impulse to help Jesus h. the affair

174:5.1 a bit perplexed as to the right way to h. this matter.


6:1.4 and our hands have h., even the Word of life.”

70:11.8 Property disputes were h. in many ways, such as:

128:6.7 led up to the arrest of his brother, Jesus so h. the

134:6.8 Local affairs will be h. by local governments;

143:3.6 all such perplexities are best h. by being forsaken;


64:4.3 Large flints attached to wooden h. came back into


29:4.33 h. and manipulating atoms, electrons, and ultimatons

93:6.8 the better h. of the department of missionary

172:5.7 sagacity and cleverness in h. difficult situations.


103:6.11 reason is a stabilizing influence and a helpful h..


83:5.12 The concubines were frequently the h. of the wife.

handssee hands, his; handswith laid, lay, or laying;

   hands, my; hands of, at the; hands of, in the;

   hands of, into the; hands, our; hands, your

   see handsverb

18:5.5 since you must pass through their h. on your way

43:1.4 these highlands contain no work of creature h..

43:6.3 He who has clean h. and a pure heart, who has not

62:4.4 The increased use of their h. did much to develop

65:3.6 man’s evolutionary destiny is in his own h.,

67:3.2 nineteen of the primary midway creatures joined h.

76:1.4 had to be created by the labor of their own h. and

76:6.2 acting for Michael, were placed in Gabriel’s h.,

84:3.7 leaving the man’s h. free for fighting or hunting.

90:1.6 the direction of tribal affairs out of the h. of the old

90:4.4 Disease was treated by chanting, laying on of h.,

120:2.2 wrest dominion from the h. of these fallen Sons;

123:0.3 sacred writings was not placed in Joseph’s h. until

125:1.4 and the washing away of the blood from the h. of

125:1.4 bloodstained pavement, the gory h. of the priests,

128:2.4 Never again did he take the reins out of James’s h.

129:2.4 As Jesus had left the matter so entirely in their h.,

130:8.1 the Cynics, and still later on he joined h. with Peter

133:6.1 about the worship of things made with human h..

136:7.2 They shall bear you up in their h. lest you dash

138:7.5 the next few years had been built by Jesus’ own h..

138:10.6 he always had sufficient funds in the treasurer’s h. to

140:2.2 place all the affairs of the coming kingdom in their h.

140:6.13 Already have you learned that willing h. and earnest

141:2.1 also sits upon a throne, but not one made with h..

142:4.2 by my Father and fashioned by the h. of man,

144:2.3 win the bread of life for you from the willing h. of

145:1.1 Simon Peter and had been built by Jesus’ own h..

145:3.5 who were on their way to seek healing at Jesus’ h..

149:2.11 when he boldly substituted clean hearts for clean h.

149:5.3 making the most of that which has fallen to their h.

153:2.1 come down; and all the land shall fall into their h..

153:3.3 a practice as eating with defiled and unwashed h.

153:3.5 that they eat bread with ceremonially unclean h..”

153:3.6 with the required ceremonial washing of the h.

153:3.6 is a matter of clean hearts rather than of clean h..”

153:3.6 these Jews looked upon eating with unwashed h.

167:6.1 children in their arms and leading them by their h.,

171:4.1 Peter, having conspired to have delivered into their h

172:0.3 called upon all Jewry to deliver him into their h..

173:4.5 both the Sadducees and the Pharisees joined h. in the

176:3.4 servants before him and delivered into their h. all his

179:3.1 of the guests likewise rose up and washed their h..

180:3.1 faint-hearted believers turn against you and join h.

183:3.4 for his promise to deliver Jesus into their h..

183:3.7 would deliver me from the h. of these few men?”

184:3.3 of their authority, was now securely in their h.!

184:3.7 that he would “destroy this temple made with h. and

184:3.7 and in three days make another temple without h..”

184:3.12 promised to build a new temple, and that without h..

184:3.18 mockingly slapped Jesus with the palms of their h..

185:6.2 spit on him and struck him in the face with their h.

186:1.7 Ere Judas was dead, the knot which his nervous h.

186:3.1 to rescue Jesus from the h. of his executioners.

186:5.9 if Jesus had not been put to death by the cruel h. of

188:3.4 That which Jesus put in the Father’s h. for the

190:2.3 Join earnest h. with your brethren and follow me.”

194:0.2 proclamation of the good news committed to their h.

194:4.13 the time of Paul the leadership was in Greek h.;

hands, his

81:2.10 Domestication of animals placed in h. living tools,

125:2.9 sitting off by himself with his youthful head in h.,

128:1.13 while Jesus wrestled with poverty and toiled with h.

128:6.11 Then they would lead him out by tugging at h.

132:5.21 that wealth which chance may cause to fall into h..

136:2.3 As John laid h. upon Jesus to baptize him,

136:9.6 Most Highs had resigned all these powers into h.,

140:2.1 Then the Master placed h. upon the head of each

140:2.1 he extended h. and prayed: “My Father, I now bring

146:4.2 and many sick and afflicted sought help at h.,

151:2.5 then Jesus clapped h. and called them about him.

152:2.9 Jesus took up the loaves in h., and after he had

154:6.5 And stretching forth h. toward all of his disciples

163:1.3 Before Jesus laid h. upon the heads of the seventy

163:1.5 as they knelt in a circle about Jesus, laid h. upon the

163:2.7 it probably would have been put right back into h.

163:4.9 the Master’s charge given at the time he laid h. upon

166:1.2 without going to the water basins to wash h..

166:1.2 that he washed h. only for purposes of cleanliness,

166:1.2 directly to the table without having twice washed h.

166:1.2 Neither did Jesus wash h., as did the Pharisees,

167:1.3 he did not observe the ceremonial washing of his h.

167:1.3 Abner washed h. at the beginning of the meal but not

167:6.1 women refused to depart until the Master laid h. on

167:6.2 Jesus received all of the children, laying h. on them,

171:4.6 Herod, having stained h. with the blood of John,

172:5.8 Matthew kept h. off of him only by exercising great

175:1.5 the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will keep h.

175:4.1 to forsake the gospel movement and wash h. of

176:4.3 power in heaven and earth had been placed in h..

179:3.1 for the host to arise from the table and wash h..

179:5.1 taking the cup in h., blessed it, saying: “Take this

183:3.7 stepped up to Jesus and made ready to bind h.

183:3.8 And as they tied h. with heavy cords, Jesus said to

184:3.5 clothed in his usual garments and with h. bound

185:8.2 there before the multitude he washed h., saying: “I

186:4.1 After Pilate had washed h. before the multitude,

187:2.1 the crossbeam, and then they nailed h. to the wood.

hands, laid or lay or laying

90:4.4 was treated by chanting, howling, laying on of h.,

139:5.9 he refrained from laying h. on his converts in token

162:2.2 thought that they laid not h. upon him because

162:2.4 The agents of the scribes wanted to lay h. upon him,

162:5.5 And no man dared to lay h. upon him.

164:5.3 many of them rushed out to lay h. upon the stones

173:5.2 but in open rebellion they laid h. on the king’s

177:0.3 No man will lay h. on me until that hour when I

183:3.1 so that the apprehenders could easily lay h. on him

183:3.8 laid heavy h. on Jesus and quickly bound him.

183:5.3 with his Master, and no man shall lay h. on him.

184:3.11 revolutionist in that he advocated laying violent h. on

hands, my

97:7.7 behold I have graven them upon the palms of m.;

97:7.7 I have even covered them with the shadow of m..”

120:1.4 confirmed by Paradise, and receive back from m.,

137:6.2 All these things have m. made,’ says the Lord.

138:7.1 heaven and on earth will presently be given into m.

153:2.5 “What new sign is it that you seek at m.?

163:6.3 realize you are about to deliver all authority into m.

165:2.10 all of his flocks in this domain in m. for keeping;

176:2.3 take up the work the Father has intrusted to m.,

176:3.4 saying: ‘Lord, you delivered into m. two talents;

179:3.5 “Then, Master, wash not my feet only but also m.

181:2.3 As concerns the work put in m. by the Father, it is

182:1.6 so that they may see all you have given into m.

191:5.4 see me and put your finger in the nail marks of m.

191:5.4 though you see no nail marks on m., since I am

hands of, at the

63:2.1 the possibility of meeting death at the h. of their

63:4.7 injustice or insult at the h. of the neighboring tribes.

78:8.10 the Sumerians suffered severe reverses at the h. of

79:5.5 suffer defeats at the aggressive h. of the Chinese,

90:4.2 which is required to experience healing at the h. of

95:5.12 resurrected from a cruel death at the h. of Set,

124:2.4 suffered swift and certain retribution at the h. of his

133:3.7 they have suffered much at the h. of an apparently

133:4.7 consideration at the h. of the Supreme Arbiter.

136:2.1 In accepting baptism at the h. of John, Jesus was

148:6.6 what chance has he for consideration at the h. of

159:1.5 received mercy and forgiveness at the h. of the king,

171:4.6 to Jerusalem to suffer and die at the h. of the priests;

hands of, in thesee also hands, into the

5:3.5 practical affairs of your daily life, you are in the h. of

23:2.18 Before the concentration of all power in the h. of a

25:3.4 jurisdictional difficulties have been placed in the h.

67:6.2 placed the administration of human affairs in the h.

70:10.13 and lodging it in the h. of the social group, the state.

71:2.5 4. Danger of suffrage in the h. of uneducated and

72:1.4 the sovereignty of the continent placed in the h. of

76:6.2 acting for Michael, were placed in Gabriel’s h.,

82:3.6 the tests of male endurance in the h. of the women;

90:1.6 and lodged it in the h. of the shrewd, the clever,

93:1.2 conduct of affairs of Satania is fully in the h. of the

97:9.21 the concentration of land in the h. of the few,

119:2.3 concentrating all authority in the h. of his Paradise

119:3.2 to place universe direction in the h. of Immanuel,

119:4.1 to place the government of Nebadon in the h. of

121:1.9 recent past, leaving Syria in the h. of the Romans.

130:5.3 My tomorrow is wholly in the h. of my Father in

135:9.6 “Our times are in the h. of the God of heaven; he will

135:11.2 will presently put all things in the h. of this Son.

138:6.1 Each day the six new apostles were put in the h. of

139:6.7 their families’ welfare was safe in the h. of Nathaniel.

150:3.1 had been put in the h. of the women by Andrew,

155:5.13 Are you afraid to trust your future in the h. of the

164:0.1 the folly and danger of placing himself in the h. of

172:2.3 the greater part of this money in the h. of Simon,

179:2.1 for, as concerns the morrow, we are all in the h. of

181:1.6 leaving the Son of Man in the h. of his enemies,

184:1.1 make sure that the Master’s trial was kept in the h.

185:5.5 not when he was a nonresisting prisoner in the h. of

hands of, into the

27:1.4 commend the keeping of your identity into the h. the

47:2.1 this undeveloped soul into the h. of the Mansion

66:2.7 one hundred human subjects were given into the h.

67:2.1 their functions and powers into the h. of Daligastia

75:3.6 that he was playing into the h. of Caligastia and

83:2.2 preferred to fall into the h. of men of their own age

97:1.8 “Let us fall now into the h. of the Lord, for his

117:4.3 God gives a portion of his divine nature into the h.

134:5.10 fully surrender their sovereign powers into the h.

134:5.12 nation surrenders its power to make war into the h.

134:5.14 surrender their respective sovereignties into the h. of

134:6.10 international affairs into the h. of global government.

136:6.2 again he surrendered everything into the h. of his

137:0.1 village of Pella to deliver the boy safely into the h. of

140:9.1 and gave them into the h. of his heavenly Father

153:2.1 and the king you have set up over you into the h.

158:6.5 I shall be delivered into the h. of the men who seek

164:1.3 fell into the h. of cruel brigands, who robbed him,

171:2.4 priests and the Sadducees and is given into the h.

171:4.2 that the Son of Man will be delivered into the h. of

171:4.2 will condemn him and then deliver him into the h.

173:1.1 went into the h. of the ruling high-priestly families.

176:3.4 at least put my money into the h. of the bankers

178:3.5 to betray the Master into the h. of his enemies.

179:2.3 to deliver him that night into the h. of his enemies.

179:4.1 you should betray me into the h. of my enemies.”

182:2.1 intended to betray him into the h. of his enemies.

182:2.5 he will be delivered into the h. of his enemies, who

182:3.4 the Son of Man will be betrayed into the h. of his

185:3.3 fight that I should not be delivered into the h. of the

hands, our

6:1.4 and our h. have handled, even the Word of life.”

138:7.4 weeks and fish or do whatever our h. find to do;

147:6.4 the rubbing out between our h. is hardly more work

160:4.1 the necessities of living may fall into our h. by

177:4.8 when he has been delivered by you into our h.,

hands, your

111:1.4 But into your h., subject to your own decisions,

132:5.11 9. Trust funds—wealth lodged in your h. by your

147:6.4 plucking and rubbing out the grain between your h.;

153:2.2 As for me, behold I am in your h..

153:3.3 that neither you nor your apostles wash your h.

158:8.1 If the things you do with your h., or the things you

159:1.3 it has been committed to your h. that you should

165:5.2 Since such matters are not in your h., why do you

171:8.4 giving into each of your h. the sum of one pound,

176:3.7 In accordance with the truth committed to your h.

181:2.11 And when the work given into your h. is finished

182:1.4 They are yours—as all life is in your h.—you gave

187:5.5 finished! Father, into your h. I commend my spirit.”

188:3.4 “Father, into your h. I commend my spirit.”

190:1.5 have never yet sent out false information at your h.


114:3.3 he h. down scores of rulings and decisions each day


66:5.22 These guardians of health also sought to introduce h.


62:3.1 Compared with their ancestors, they were really h.


174:4.2 on these two commandments h. all the law and the


97:9.13 Saul’s descendants over to the Gibeonites to be h..

158:8.1 it would be better for him if a millstone were h.


89:2.1 a thousand branches h. with all sorts of taboos.

89:8.8 for emplacement on wheels and for h. on trees,

171:0.7 their beloved teacher would be h. on a Roman cross


4:1.6 He h. the earth upon nothing.”


153:2.7 “My brethren, h. not after the meat which perishes


136:8.1 gratification of the Jewish h. for the spectacular

Hannahmother of Mary

122:3.3 Mary went to visit her parents, Joachim and H..

Haphead of the college of revealed religion

66:5.13 The head of this council was H..

66:5.14 But H. did yield to the desire of the inhabitants of

66:5.14 His group provided the Dalamatians with the seven

66:7.8 H. presented the early races with a moral law.

67:4.1 H. and the entire college of revealed religion


4:1.7 Much that seems disjointed and h. to the mortal

65:4.2 progressive, differential, and variable, but never h.,

86:2.6 the spirit world, was just as unorganized and h. as

111:4.9 this creativity shall be spontaneous and wholly h.


194:4.10 lest h. you be found to be fighting against God.”

happensee happen to be

28:5.10 these things actually h. just as I have portrayed

35:4.2 many things out of the ordinary are destined to h.,

55:11.8 what will h. when a whole superuniverse is settled in

55:12.5 concept of what will h. when the grand universe

70:9.1 what would likely h. if an unarmed man met a tiger

72:12.2 nation, great things could quickly h. on this world.

91:8.3 pray because they fear something direful may h. if

106:9.1 theorize that all this may h. in the utter remoteness

115:2.1 From the existential standpoint, nothing new can h.

118:10.15 if such things can h. to a planet, then even greater

118:10.15 then even greater things can h. to a system and

120:1.5 nothing of serious import can h. in all Nebadon.

123:0.2 Mary feared something might h. to him if he were

127:5.1 What next could h.?

128:5.8 And now things began to h.—marriage was in the air.

132:7.9 partnership with God, great things may, and do, h..

133:2.1 I very much desire that you tell me what could h. to

133:3.6 Do you h. to know all of the circumstances which

134:4.10 They well knew what would h. to any teacher who

136:7.1 and that nothing could h. to harm him provided he

137:3.7 in small groups, wondering what was going to h..

137:4.6 that something extraordinary was about to h..

139:2.10 the apostles tarried to find out what was to h. after

149:2.7 inevitable that some extraordinary things should h..

152:0.2 father’s request followed on to see what would h..

153:0.2 that “something out of the ordinary is about to h..”

154:5.3 Nothing that might h. to me will interfere with this

158:7.3 but I declare that these things shall never h. to you.”

171:3.2 work in complete disregard of what was about to h.

171:7.9 really important things which Jesus did seemed to h.

172:5.4 by his profound feeling of fear as to what would h.

172:5.8 was certain that something extraordinary would h.

172:5.10 Simon believed something great was going to h..

173:5.6 to sense that something tragic was about to h..

173:5.6 all felt that something tremendous was about to h.,

176:1.1 be not troubled, for though all these things will h.,

178:2.10 the Master, and in case anything should h. to me,

181:2.7 I am distressed about what may h. to you when I

182:2.1 “My friends, nothing can h. to the Son of Man

182:2.9 anything out of the ordinary to h. that night since it

188:2.2 If we should permit this to h., this mistake would

194:3.2 Many things which h. in the course of a human life

happen to be

15:6.14 floating space material, when they h. to be in

15:10.19 6. Eternals of Days who may h. to be present at

16:3.4 all orders of the Sons of God whenever they h. to be

118:6.5 because the human choice and the divine will h. to be

175:1.12 sincere men because they h. to be unlearned in the

happenedsee happened to be

21:3.2 But this has never h. throughout all the creations of

53:2.5 That this h. is proved by the subsequent conduct

57:3.5 this is what h. in Andronover ages upon ages ago.

60:2.10 And this is what h. when these two types of reptiles

75:5.3 When they learned what h. to Eve, the inhabitants

75:5.4 Upon the realization of what had h., Serapatatia was

77:1.2 on a supermaterial level, but that is exactly what h.

89:6.8 offer a human sacrifice if anything extraordinary h..

92:3.3 Remember, that is what h.; it is a historical fact.

95:5.3 monotheistic nation of that age; and if this had h.,

114:4.4 it is of record that this has h. thirty-three times in the

119:1.6 But it so h..

119:4.1 recalling what had h. in times past following such

121:2.1 they h. to occupy a peculiarly strategic geographic

123:4.5 It h. during an unexpected July sandstorm from

124:2.4 As it h., Jesus did not suffer much on account of this

124:3.7 It so h. that just at this time the annual competitive

124:6.9 and it h. that Joseph and his family had stopped near

125:3.2 turning over in their minds what might have h. to

126:1.5 again, nothing extraordinary or miraculous ever h..

127:2.12 nothing supernatural had h. in this young man’s

130:5.4 One thing h. on a visit to Fair Havens which Ganid

130:6.1 If something has h. to distress you, perhaps I can

133:2.1 I perceive that something terrible must have h to you

133:2.4 reminiscing about all that had h. to them since they

135:9.1 what had just h. in connection with Jesus’ baptism.

136:9.3 You can hardly imagine what would have h. on

137:4.12 It was gradually dawning upon Jesus what had h..

137:4.13 Nothing h. but the abrogation of time in association

137:6.5 to his accustomed work just as if nothing had h..

137:7.2 Nothing, absolutely nothing, miraculous h..

137:7.4 Jesus saw to it that no more apparent miracles h.

139:6.7 sickness or anything out of the ordinary had h. to

139:8.11 But no matter what h. in his emotional life, Thomas

144:1.6 Jesus also revealed something of what h. in the hills

145:4.2 The Master was much perturbed by what had h..

145:5.4 to explain to these three apostles what had h..

147:1.4 But we never knew just what h. on this occasion.

152:3.1 pity plus creative power equaled that which h..

152:6.1 even after all that had h., and as subsequent events

154:5.2 he directed to remain with him no matter what h..

156:1.4 What has h. to you, his disciples, that you would

156:5.4 disposed to see God in almost everything that h..

157:0.1 but it so h. that a group of the Pharisees, knowing

158:2.5 prepared than the other apostles to witness what h.,

158:6.1 seeing that those things which h. on the mountain

159:1.5 When his fellow servants saw what had h., they

161:2.2 Many remarkable things have h. in connection with

162:0.1 It so h. that these villagers were greatly prejudiced

162:3.2 What really h. was this: Early the third morning of

163:4.17 only coincidental that this group h. to number just

164:4.2 directed Josiah to tell them what had h. to him.

164:4.8 why do you not tell us the truth about what h.?

164:4.10 impatiently: “I have told you exactly how it all h.,

166:4.4 sinners above all their fellows just because this h.

167:4.3 It often h. that they put in the tomb one who was

168:2.7 “My son, what has h. to you will be experienced by

171:7.8 Great things h. not only because people had faith in

172:1.5 Nothing out of the ordinary h. until near the close

173:1.6 his address, two things h. to arrest his attention.

174:5.12 “All this has not h. for my sake but for yours.

177:0.1 Take time to think over all that has h. since we

183:2.2 Judas h. to know that, in the afternoon when they

183:3.9 When he had told David what had h., they both

186:0.2 John Zebedee had told them all that had h. since

188:3.4 We are not able fully to explain just what h. to Jesus

189:4.1 coupled with the thought of what had h. to Jesus,

189:4.13 related to the ten apostles all that had h. to them;

189:5.2 but they could not clearly perceive what had h..

190:2.7 city to tell the doubting apostles about what had h.,

190:3.1 Mary proceeded to relate what had so recently h.

190:5.3 and know not the things which have recently h.?”

192:1.2 things which had so recently h. to them at Jerusalem


194:3.17 the same thing h. in Philadelphia, Alexandria, and

194:4.4 What has h. to these men whom Jesus had

195:3.11 often conjectured what would have h. in Rome if

happened to be

4:5.6 This bestowal also h. to be the final personal act of

81:3.5 Adamsonites of Turkestan whose copper mine h.

123:5.4 when no visitor of prominence h. to be sojourning in

139:12.10 just because Jesus h. to be the chief actor in the

171:6.1 Zaccheus the chief publican, or tax collector, h. to

187:5.2 And this h. to be one of the three passages which

189:5.3 raised the question as to how the bandages h. to

194:1.1 This day h. to be the Jewish festival of Pentecost,


15:5.11 a collision or some equally revivifying cosmic h..

106:3.2 This h. will certainly lead to the completed function

137:4.9 Mary seemed to sense that something was h..

157:4.3 took some h. related to themselves, too seriously.

171:5.2 multitude, knew that something unusual was h.,

186:4.2 to keep advised as to what was h. to the Son of Man


4:1.10 co-ordination of apparently unrelated universe h..

18:6.3 they report intellectual and quasi-spiritual h. to the

19:5.10 do look back in their experiences and recount h.

40:9.7 Concerning those h. which were not of spiritual

40:10.3 we are taught that all these h. unfold in obedience to

77:2.3 postrebellion era on Urantia witnessed unusual h..

86:1.1 of chance—so-called luck, commonplace h..

93:6.7 these legends of the h. of those days indicate how

106:6.6 these conjectured h. imply the personalization of

123:3.3 unseen influences responsible for the physical h.

148:9.3 that they had never before seen such strange h..

149:2.10 calamitous h. are not visitations of divine

166:4.6 You may share in those normal h. which are a part of

173:1.9 the chief priests and the scribes heard about these h.,

190:1.2 where they related all these h. to Joseph, David


41:5.8 And, practically considered, that is exactly what h.

58:2.9 This h. every day, but during the height of sunspot

88:1.1 A man is sick, something h., and he gets well.

88:2.7 If one of these sacred books h. to speak of the

99:5.1 What h. to these religious groups depends very

108:4.4 No matter what h. on a world or in a universe,

109:6.1 No worth-while experience ever h. in vain; no true

112:5.11 my efforts to explain just what h. to you in death,

112:7.13 What h. on the records of Divinington, I do not

113:1.5 No matter in what circle a human h. to be, if such

116:7.6 this is what h. in the experience of a single mortal

177:2.5 entire afterlife is enormously influenced by what h.


103:3.2 do something to make other people h. and better.


43:8.5 1. Live h. and work effectively with ten diverse

142:6.7 And so finding yourself born of the spirit and h. in


2:7.6 H. ensues from the recognition of truth because it

2:7.11 Health, sanity, and h. are integrations of truth,

3:2.10 welfare, to the planetary h. and personal prosperity

3:5.14 9. Is pleasure—the satisfaction of h.—desirable?

48:7.10 joy, but there is no h. without intelligent effort.

55:5.6 The pursuit of h. is an experience of joy and

68:2.9 survival, not merely the realization of personal h.;

69:9.17 rights, social liberties, conventions, peace, and h.,

70:9.17 the sum of all three constituting human h..

79:8.17 ancient culture has contributed much to human h.;

81:6.18 promotes peace, insures culture, and augments h..

83:6.8 effective co-operation which is best for parental h.,

83:8.6 luring mankind on to greater strivings for human h..

84:1.9 division of labor made for comfort and increased h..

91:6.3 is a mighty force for the promotion of personal h.,

94:8.17 the highest h. is linked with the intelligent and

94:9.6 calmness and self-control, augments serenity and h.,

94:12.3 heart to fail in the attainment of the supernal h. of

100:4.3 Health, mental efficiency, and h. arise from the

100:4.3 much, but of h. he has truly realized very little.

100:4.3 The highest h. is indissolubly linked with spiritual

101:2.8 Science yields knowledge; religion yields h.;

103:2.7 altruistic impulse as leading to the goal of human h.

103:5.5 Human h. is achieved only when the ego desire of

110:1.2 safely inward and upward to the celestial haven of h.

110:1.3 They are delighted to contribute to your health, h.,

111:4.7 H. and joy take origin in the inner life.

111:4.7 A solitary life is fatal to h..

111:7.5 this soul did achieve a fair degree of h. and success

121:4.2 school of thought was dedicated to the pursuit of h..

124:4.3 considerate of their welfare and h., and enjoyed

129:0.1 for the comfort and h. of his widowed mother.

130:6.2 while I tell you of the h. highways which lead

131:3.3 H. and peace of mind follow pure thinking and

131:3.5 Joy and h. are the outcome of a good life.

131:3.6 The tamed mind yields h..

131:3.7 Those who torture the living will hardly find h.

131:10.6 is very full of joy, and it generates an enduring h..

134:6.2 problems associated with such a goal of human h.

136:0.1 the kingdom but hardly entered into the h. thereof.

136:6.10 alone and of themselves, are not able to confer h.

140:4.10 h. is the resulting total of these enhanced techniques

140:4.10 H. is little dependent on environment, though

140:5.6 beatitudes strengthen moral character and create h..

140:5.6 Fear and anger weaken character and destroy h..

140:5.6 momentous sermon started out upon the note of h..

140:5.7 To a child, h is the satisfaction of immediate pleasure

140:5.7 to reap subsequent harvests of augmented h..

140:5.7 In Jesus’ times and since, h. has all too often been

140:5.7 their own hearts, and they experience such h. now.

140:5.16 the best of logic would never suggest that h. could

140:5.16 responsive to human need creates lasting h.,

140:8.17 that “a man’s h. consists not in the abundance of

149:1.1 afflicted found restoration of health and h.

159:3.10 Increasing h. is always the experience of all who are

159:3.12 reinforce the personality, augment the h., deepen the

165:4.1 H. comes not from the power of wealth, and joy

171:7.9 Jesus dispensed health and scattered h. naturally and

happysee happy are

48:4.16 assemblage of supremely h. personalities.

52:6.2 social evolution can hardly achieve such h. results

76:2.8 Cain’s life had not been exactly h. since he was in

80:3.8 the world’s h. hunting grounds into dry deserts.

80:5.6 the rites of initiation to the “h. hunting grounds”—

83:4.4 in this effort to insure a h. and fertile marriage,

84:4.11 women were, after all, fairly h. and contented;

89:10.6 all the loyal sons of God are h., service-loving, and

110:3.1 And how h. they are when your co-operation permits

121:1.8 There was no h. and prosperous middle class in

123:1.1 work as a carpenter, and they were supremely h..

123:1.4 Jesus and Jacob were always h. in their play,

123:2.3 Jesus was made very h. by the coming of his sister

123:3.4 Jesus and John had a h. time during this, their first

126:0.2 At first Mary was h. in the thought that she had

127:2.9 And thus did the lad bring to a fairly h. ending a very

128:7.10 Even Mary was once more h. except every now and

129:2.8 they celebrated the Passover as one h. family.

133:7.12 The supremely h. and efficiently unified mind is

136:0.1 worker, but Jesus was a calm and h. laborer;

137:3.7 carefree and h., so thoughtful and understanding

139:3.5 James and John had always been h. playmates.

139:8.3 Thomas’s parents were not h. in their married life,

140:4.6 The h. and effective person is motivated, not by fear

141:8.3 h in the knowledge of the new truths of the kingdom

143:5.11 The world should be more concerned with his h.

145:4.1 rejoicing and h. throng overran Zebedee’s home,

149:5.1 “Why are some persons so much more h. than others

149:5.2 “Simon, some persons are naturally more h. than

161:2.3 We are a h. community; we share things in common.

169:1.10 “And then, after the h. father had led the footsore

177:2.4 Your whole afterlife will be more h. because you

177:2.5 The child’s subsequent life is made h. or unhappy,

181:2.7 I would be made h. if I could know that, after I go

happy are

140:3.3H. are the poor in spirit, the humble, for theirs are

140:3.4 H. are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

140:3.5 H. are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

140:3.6 H. are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

140:3.8 H. are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.

140:3.8 H. are they who weep,for they shall receive the spirit

140:3.9 H. are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.

140:3.10 H. are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the

140:3.11 H. are they who are persecuted for righteousness’

140:3.11 H. are you when men shall revile and persecute you

140:5.7 1. “H. are the poor in spirit—the humble.”

140:5.8 H. are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

140:5.11H. are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”

140:5.12H. are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”

140:5.16 1. “H. are they who mourn, for they shall be

140:5.17H. are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.”

140:5.18H. are the peacemakers, for they shall be called

140:5.20 H. are they who are persecuted for righteousness’

140:5.20 H. are you when men shall revile you and persecute

160:2.9H. are they who mourn”—if a friend is at hand to


98:1.4 the popular belief in the h. gods of Mount Olympus,


93:5.4 was lukewarm and persuaded them to tarry at H..


53:8.8 have the power to invade the minds or to h. the souls

150:7.3 hired numerous rough and uncouth men to h. Jesus

171:1.5 the Pharisees had begun to persecute and h. him

174:2.5 wise in his dealings with those who sought to h. him.


21:3.14 Sons can be troubled or h. only by the creatures of

76:6.4 for their world and its rebellion-tossed and evil-h.

78:8.3 Tigris had long been h. by raids of the barbarians of

86:1.1 on the ragged edge of a precarious and h. existence.

111:6.8 It is only natural that mortal man should be h. by

139:8.10 thus afflicted with depression and h. by doubts.

146:2.12 True, you do well to pray when h., but you should

154:6.1 Though Mary was h. by doubts, she could never

155:5.9 distraught soul of man may flee when h. by fear and

185:6.7 bewildered by superstition, and h. by the stubborn


106:7.6 Far from h. the creature, the infinity of God should

174:4.2 of the groups of the Pharisees to ask h. questions,

175:2.2 indulge themselves in persecuting, h., and even


78:6.1 to the east and the h. of the plainsmen of the west.


149:2.6 by the victims of moral enslavement and mental h.

156:5.12 to step aside from the rush of life—escape the h. of

156:5.13 technique for meeting all of the vicissitudes and h.

188:5.10 the severest hardships of life, much less at petty h.


86:1.2 they viewed good fortune as a certain h. of calamity.

87:1.3 they observed sickness was often a h. of death.


150:3.8 h. of bad luck, is pure and unfounded superstition.


121:2.11 Herod built the h. of Caesarea, which aided in

130:3.2 As they approached the city’s h., the young man

130:3.2 desire the way to reach the h. of salvation in safety

132:7.4 guided his ship of salvation right up to the safe h.,

132:7.4 the misfortune of grounding just outside the h..

132:7.4 never will enter this h. unless they abandon the craft

133:6.2 the river to observe the dredging of the h.’ mouth.

139:1.1 business at Bethsaida, the fishing h. of Capernaum.


15:6.14 the more ideal planets to h. intelligent inhabitants.

15:6.15 the frigid outlying worlds are unfit to h. higher life.

15:6.15 only three planets are at present suited to h. life.

40:6.3 All worlds of mortal habitation h. faith sons of God,

49:0.4 Not all planets are suited to h. mortal life.

49:4.2 the three-brained planets h. only the three primary

49:5.31 one half of the worlds h. beings who are Adjuster-

49:6.6 the older worlds of mortal existence h. those highly

77:0.1 Most of the inhabited worlds of Nebadon h. one

78:7.4 Many races h. the story of a world-wide flood

96:6.1 and the leaders of Israel continued to h. the Mosaic

156:2.7 but you must refuse to h. even the feelings of guilt.

157:7.4 his unfortunate tendency to h. feelings of revenge.


67:5.5 it h. only the lowest types of the Sangik races of

73:5.8 has Urantia h. such a beautiful and replete exhibition

73:7.1 beautiful natural creation that Urantia has ever h..

85:2.4 kindly spirits; other trees h. the deceptive and cruel.

88:2.3 was elevated to that place where it h. a superfetish,

95:2.1 As India in these days h. the highest mixture of

193:4.2 h. grudges and fostered such psychologic enemies


14:3.8 worlds are fittingly adapted to their purpose of h. the

58:3.4 cosmic chemical laboratories, h. all phases of

81:6.32 No civilization can survive the long-time h. of


110:1.2 guiding the soul of man toward the divine h. of

111:1.9 to guide the ascending soul into the morontia h. of

130:3.2 creating two magnificent h. and thereby making

133:4.14 overland on a land track from one of Corinth’s h. to


4:3.5 the Father neither makes mistakes, h. regrets, nor

29:2.19 one space body in a million h. such a living power

36:4.8 every local universe in Orvonton h. such an

46:8.1 Norlatiadek so long as it h. archrebels, high created

64:7.16 India h. a blend of the secondary Sangik races, and

132:1.3 A purely materialistic science h. within itself the seed

146:2.2 heart deliberately and persistently h. the concepts of

hardsee hard pressed; hard work

19:5.11 They are probably trying just as h. to disclose

39:0.10 Human beings sometimes find it h. to understand

53:9.8 great truth “that the way of the transgressor is h.”;

62:5.7 But try as h. as they might, they were able to teach

68:5.4 using a long stick for his arm and a piece of h. flint,

70:5.5 It had been h. for mankind to learn that neither peace

75:6.3 realizing that the way of the transgressor is h..

84:2.4 The wife might arise the next day and engage in h.

84:4.4 Man found it h. to understand woman, regarding

88:5.3 superstitious persons would chew a bit of h. wood

93:9.5 It was h. for the next generation to comprehend

96:2.2 of enslavement at the h. daily toil of the common

96:4.6 his followers that Yahweh was a h. taskmaster,

97:5.2 from your fear and from the h. bondage wherein man

113:2.5 The angels really find it h. to understand why you

118:10.12 rather h. for mortal man to understand—natural law

126:1.5 he was so difficult to understand, so h. to fathom,

131:9.3 this Heaven within me often makes h. demands on

134:5.8 human loyalties, once mobilized, are h. to change.

137:4.9 Mary, grieve not over my apparently h. sayings,

137:7.3 This period of waiting and teaching was h. on Peter.

140:3.1 things which I am about to say to you may seem h.

140:6.9 if these are h. sayings, you can even now turn back.

140:6.9 If you find the requirements of apostleship too h.,

144:5.93 And forsake us not when the path is h. and the hours

147:5.3 the so-called high-class brothels located h. by the

152:4.2 As the hours of darkness and h. rowing passed,

153:3.5 “Are you also h. of understanding?

153:3.6 a part of one’s religion, are h. to get away from.

159:1.4 this officer of the king’s court pleaded that h. times

181:2.19 H. times are just ahead of us.

194:3.2 in the course of a human life are h. to understand,

196:2.7 Many of his apparently h. sayings were more of a

hard pressed

91:6.4 most persons, if sufficiently h. pressed, will pray in

143:3.5 Matthew was h. pressed for funds inasmuch as

144:3.13 They were really h. pressed to know what to

185:3.8 Pilate was h. pressed to know what to do with Jesus;

hard work or work hard

69:2.4 Primitive man disliked h. work, and he would not

71:6.2 keeps many otherwise slothful mortals h. at work.

82:3.7 the ability to perform h. work and to bear children.

83:5.13 frequent childbearing coupled with h. work.

86:1.3 Why work h. and reap bad luck—nothing for

86:2.5 way of avoiding all forms of intellectual h. work.

102:2.7 Evolutionary man does not naturally relish h. work

127:1.8 His mother grieved to see him work so h.; Mary

169:1.6 his older brother was serious, sober, h.-working,


80:4.5 the h. Andite horsemen made their appearance in the


169:1.6 while his older brother was serious, sober, h., and


70:7.10 with much privation, was designed to h. these youths


66:5.26 clay, h. by baking, adorned the gardens of Dalamatia

96:5.7 who also “h. Pharaoh’s heart” and “cursed their

149:3.2 their hearts were h. by the continued rejection of

151:2.2 snatched away the seed that fell on the h. ground

151:2.3 The seed which fell by the wayside on h. ground

151:2.3 are indifferent to the message, and who have h.

155:1.4 that they are blinded by prejudice and h. by fear.

156:5.4 They thought he h. the heart of Pharaoh and

168:2.10 others only h. their hearts the more to reject him.

174:5.3 and h. their hearts lest they believe and be saved.


81:2.18 practice of h pottery by baking was discovered when


81:3.5 until it was admixed with tin to make the h. bronze.

93:9.5 but it was h. for Jacob to grasp the significance of

121:2.8 an attitude of racial superiority made it all the h.


48:7.21 The disappointments h. to bear are those that never

194:3.3 To Jesus, mortal life had dealt its h., cruelest, and


177:4.7 over the face of the h. and vainglorious Caiaphas;


0:4.12 Isle of Light is a Deity derivative, but it is h. Deity;

1:0.5 Urantia mortals can h. hope to be perfect in the

1:6.5 a loving personality can h reveal himself to a loveless

3:0.3 Creatorship is h. an attribute of God; it is rather

3:3.5 such statements can h. be made comprehensible to

3:3.5 The creature can h. understand the range of the will

3:5.17 are innately kind and considerate, but h. altruistic

4:3.2 sentiments are mean and despicable; they are h.

6:8.4 beings of material origin could h. hope to attain the

7:1.9 but we h. regard the reactions associated with the

9:1.2 either the Father or the Son—attributes that can h. be

9:4.1 Such a nature is h. contactable, but it is associable—

9:5.7 mind can h. become the object of great admiration,

10:5.1 The personal Deities have attributes, but it is h.

11:2.8 We h. conceive of the Unqualified Absolute as a

11:5.5 It directs and modifies force-energies but h. drives

11:9.4 is h. proper to call that which is nonpersonal “Deity”

11:9.4 material repercussions of the acts of Deity could h.

12:6.13 Deity Absolute may be universally present but h.

12:8.9 Though it is h. possible for the mortal mind to

16:1.2 While the Seven Master Spirits are h. expressive of

16:4.15 h. be reasonably explained or rationally understood

16:5.4 It is h. strange that the subsequent spirit career of

16:8.2 Though we can h. undertake to define personality,

17:3.8 personality co-operation and therefore can h. be

19:4.2 Censors present activities h. account for their

20:6.3 You could h. think of a vocation that has not been

20:8.4 functions of the Teacher Sons I can h. instruct you.

21:3.13 Limited rulership would h. be manifest if sovereignty

22:3.4 it is h. likely that you would suffer injustice since

26:6.3 a new sensitivity for divinity, which can h. be

29:4.26 the Master Physical Controllers are h. persons within

29:4.35 a form of energy which is h. known on Urantia

30:0.2 Such conceptual expansion would h. be desirable as

30:1.11 though h. comparable to the Father fragments,

31:8.3 you can h comprehend that there exists an enormous

32:5.5 Eternity can h. be conceived as a straightaway drive,

34:4.10 although they are h. regarded as personalities apart

34:6.9 they can h. be harmonized and unified; but

36:4.4 The present status of these beings can h be reckoned

36:4.4 creatures are not Adjuster indwelt, hence h immortal

39:0.9 is inferior to an angel of any other group would h. be

40:7.2 h. yet ascending sons; but you are indeed sons of

40:10.13 Thus, in the final analysis, it would be h. proper to

41:5.8 You can h. hope to arrive at a better understanding

42:2.20 They have different names, but you can h. be told

43:8.1 they could h. equal the spiritual grandeur of the

44:1.1 limited range of mortal hearing, you can h.

44:2.1 Mortal man can h. hope for more than a meager

44:2.1 which have h. “entered into the mind of man,”

44:6.6 Urantia mortals could h. recognize this ministry by

46:2.6 Until you actually arrive on Jerusem, you can h.

46:2.7 one which Urantians would h. recognize since it

46:4.9 beauty and repleteness of appointment would h.

47:3.1 you would h. notice the difference except for the fact

48:3.4 And while they are h. companionate in the material

48:6.32 these brilliant beings have h. had a fair opportunity

50:5.2 The progress of civilization is h. alike on any two

52:1.7 survival of superstition in the Urantia races is h.

52:6.2 Unaided social evolution can h. achieve such

52:6.8 You would h. believe that you were observing the

54:2.2 Were this not true, the Father would have h.

55:5.1 self-seeking, isolated world, such as Urantia, can h.

58:2.6 But temperature in such a rarefied atmosphere is h.

58:6.1 they can h. be classified either as plants or as animals

59:6.2 Thousands of species perished, and life was h. yet

61:7.11 it is h. possible for another glacial age to occur,

62:3.9 You can h. realize by what narrow margins your

64:4.13 These early Neanderthalers could h. be called sun

65:3.1 It will h. be possible to explain to the present-day

68:2.4 The herd instinct in natural man is h. sufficient to

73:5.8 Although the work of embellishment was h. finished

77:2.3 While h. “sons of the gods,” the staff and their early

78:5.2 But it is h. correct to speak of the Andites as a race

79:2.2 the so-called aborigines of India are h representative

82:2.1 Nature h. recognizes individuals; it takes no

83:1.4 disapproved on high, they are h. made in heaven.

83:7.6 full gratification of vanity and ego, can h. hope to

86:4.5 Beings who could not count over twenty could h.

87:1.2 credited ghosts with supernatural powers, he h.

87:1.4 h. yet completely eliminated the fear of dead bodies

89:8.8 Early prayer was h. worship; it was a bargaining

94:3.1 While the highest phase of Brahmanism was h. a

94:8.16 Siddhartha h. believed in the immortality of human

96:0.2 Michael could h. come to Urantia until there existed

96:1.12 They were h. willing to abandon their national deities

96:3.2 the Bedouin captives h. had a religion worthy of the

97:1.9 present Yahweh as a covenant-keeping God but h.

98:1.4 half gods, but they h. reverenced or worshiped them.

98:6.1 personal religion h. developed as an independent

100:4.5 Such a picture h. depicts the divine dignity of man.

101:5.9 experience, but it is h. the experience of feeling.

105:0.3 The human mind can h. form an adequate concept of

105:2.3 of certain other realities that can h. be so classified.

105:7.2 It is h. absolute—only the Paradise Isle is truly

106:6.1 The present potential of the master universe is h.

106:6.6 While it is h. profitable for the human mind to

106:7.3 destiny which impinges on infinite existentials is h.

106:8.17 Certainly, the Trinity of Trinities could h. attain to

106:8.17 the three Absolutes can h. be unified short of the

110:5.1 is not to be despised, but it is h. the voice of God to

111:4.3 Civilization can h. progress when the majority of the

113:4.5 Such superb co-operation could h. be accidental or

117:3.5 From a physical standpoint this statement is h. true,

117:7.3 The Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme could h

117:7.4 2. The Supreme could h. function in the Trinity

118:3.7 it would h. be safe to postulate that the immaterial

121:7.3 They could h. regard with favor the teachings of

122:0.1 It will h be possible fully to explain the many reasons

122:1.2 Racially considered, it is h. proper to regard Mary

122:3.2 the parents of the Messiah, though it had h. been

122:4.1 to his own people, but they will h. receive him;

122:5.2 And Mary had h. recovered from this shock when

123:5.10 and many also who were h. orthodox Jews since the

123:6.9 and observe my mind but can h. truly know me.”

124:1.1 it could h. be said that Jesus was ever seriously ill,

124:6.17 We could h comprehend that this lad was the creator

125:6.3 they had h. begun to answer his question relating to

127:6.3 Although they could h. afford it, Jesus had a longing

129:2.9 Jesus told him about his family and that it was h.

130:3.5 their religion was h. more than emperor worship.

130:3.5 a philosophy but h. a religion with a personal God.

130:7.1 and commercial; h. a word was said about religion.

131:3.7 Those who torture the living will h. find happiness

132:4.3 he could never have acquired in Jerusalem and h.

132:4.7 your voice is pleasant, but your teaching is h. true.

133:7.9 Such an ununified mind could h. attain conscious of

134:8.7 I can h. judge you justly, and my mercy you have

135:0.5 They h. made a living on this land, but Zacharias

135:4.5 the Jewish sacred writings, but John was h. cultured.

135:4.5 John was h. an example to his age, but he was an

136:0.1 an example; John was h. a comfort or an example.

136:0.1 He preached the kingdom of heaven but h. entered

136:9.3 You can h. imagine what would have happened on

138:7.4 When it developed that they had h. sufficient funds

139:4.2 You would h. suspect such a magnanimous

139:8.1 as “doubting Thomas,” but his fellow apostles h.

140:5.21 —things which brotherly love can h. encompass.

141:2.2 Father’s will is your law, you are h. in the kingdom.

141:3.6 the temple merchants would h. have fled before him

143:3.1 They had h. become accustomed to living and

143:3.3 Throughout the entire trip h. a word was said

144:1.8 Jesus and the forty days in the Perean hills, it is h.

146:3.11 the people were of a mixed race, h. Jew or gentile,

147:2.2 but they had h. got themselves settled at Bethany

147:6.4 surely the rubbing out between our hands is h.

147:7.2 bridegroom remains with them, they can h. fast.

148:6.3 you would h. assign to either Satan or God the

149:5.5 Jesus h. regarded this world as a “vale of tears.”

150:4.2 Remember that the disciple is h. above his master

151:5.5 Jesus had h. uttered this rebuke to Peter and the

151:5.5 he had h. bidden Peter seek peace wherewith to

152:3.2 This mighty shout of the multitude had h. ceased

152:4.1 H. a word was spoken; they were all thinking of

154:6.9 Jesus had h. realized how near this prediction would

155:1.3 You are h worthy of the kingdom when your service

157:4.1 But h. would such hopes spring up in their hearts

157:5.1 he was to be the “anointed one,” but h. had they

157:5.2 But he now recognized that such a plan could h.

160:1.9 you can h. expect success unless you are equipped

161:2.7 H. does a day pass but something transpires to

162:7.3 If you are the children of darkness, you will h.

163:3.2 but all who put their trust in riches shall h. enter into

164:3.14 But Josiah would h. have gone there had it not been

165:3.6 to blaspheme against God shall h. find forgiveness.

165:3.6 such deliberate rebels will h. seek forgiveness for

166:2.2 the twelve apostles were h. yet willing to entertain

167:6.1 the kingdom as a little child shall h. enter therein to

168:0.2 though they h. dared hope that Jesus would leave

168:2.9 Lazarus could h. comprehend what had occurred.

170:2.9 This great concept was h. embraced in the confused

171:2.3 to pay the full price, you can h. be my disciple.

177:2.6 can h. enjoy a world-wide acceptance until such a

181:2.8 Jesus had h. ceased speaking to Simon Zelotes when

185:1.1 Tiberius would h. have suffered him to remain as

185:7.2 But Jesus could h. answer such questions when

186:3.1 David had h. left the camp when the temple guards

188:3.10 we are h. competent to undertake their interpretation

188:4.7 it is h. proper to speak of Jesus as a sacrificer,

188:5.10 as he offers up his life on the cross, they will h. again

189:5.3 But John reasoned that the grave would h. have

192:1.3 so much so that they were h. able to draw it up.

194:4.1 he could h. be the Messiah they had hoped would

195:2.5 moral culture of Rome but h. its religion in the sense

195:10.11 The non-Christian world will h. capitulate to a

195:10.14 evolution and spiritual progress are h. sufficient to


4:5.6 his fatherly heart in all its austere coldness and h.


34:6.13 throughout every h., spirit-born souls are sustained

54:6.3 to this misbehaving child will work a temporary h.

77:5.4 Adamson was disinclined to flee from h. or danger,

83:6.1 it tends to work a biologic h. on those who are not

83:6.4 but it must inevitably work great h. on those who

90:1.4 to serve an apprenticeship of ten years of h.

156:5.20 he is uncomplaining when faced by inescapable h..

160:2.8 human associations tend to rob h. of its bitterness.


3:5.6 an environment which necessitates grappling with h.

64:1.3 the pioneers of the present human race amidst the h.

64:7.1 were tested by the rigors and h. of the glacial age

70:7.10 impressed with the reality of life and its inevitable h..

75:5.7 their subsequent deprivations and material h. ever

84:1.7 many strange conditions and to endure untold h..

111:7.2 the Adjuster cannot lessen the h. of life as you

132:5.13 those who suffer the misfortune of undeserved h..

142:7.10 a father is ever ready to share their h. and assist them

188:5.10 themselves to complain at even the severest h. of life


61:3.1 their places taken by more h. plants and trees.

65:2.16 fostering the production of a h. type of human being

141:3.5 intellectual Nicodemus and the h. Roman soldier,


83:5.15 The purpose of a h. was to build up a strong and

83:5.15 was once convinced that he should not have a h.,

83:5.15 be contented with one wife; so he dismissed his h..

97:9.16 Solomon’s h. numbered almost one thousand.


102:8.7 The quest for miracles is a h. back to the primitive

136:6.6 miracle working as a h. back to the olden days of


153:3.6 hands in the same light as commerce with a h.,


89:7.5 Temple h. spread throughout southern Europe and

89:8.1 and was a moral reaction to the older temple h..

95:1.6 attack upon the prevalent practices of temple h..

147:5.3 compelled to wear her hair down—the badge of h..


169:1.12 having squandered your substance with h., you

173:3.2 I declare that the publicans and h., even though


71:1.22 The h. to society consisted not in these reforms

71:2.11 plan wisely—freedom usually does more h. than good

82:1.10 so much h. and sorrow as this powerful sex urge.

123:4.3 always difficult for Jesus to comprehend the h. of

132:5.24 your exercise of this right does not work h. upon

133:1.4 I do not believe that real h. can befall me; I do not

136:7.2 in order to protect himself from possible h. or,

148:7.3 but I did not instruct you to do h. and give way to

154:6.5 neither shall any h. come upon my family.

172:3.2 no h. could come from allowing his disciples to give

177:0.3 three men with you well prepared to see that no h.


66:8.7 this rebel of the realm, shorn of all power to h. his

136:7.1 that nothing could happen to h. him provided he

143:5.1 only our brethren, the Jews, seek to h. us.”


53:6.3 on Jerusem, but not a single loyal seraphim was h..


89:3.5 Pledges of this h. and extreme nature are best

91:1.6 sufficient time at prayer to lead to this h. brooding

99:3.8 Loveless zeal is always h. to religion, persecution

144:4.6 Prayer is an antidote for h. introspection.


140:8.13 to say, “Be as wise as serpents but as h. as doves.”

140:9.3 therefore as wise as serpents and as h. as doves.

154:0.2 regarded his as either a prophet or a relatively h.

154:4.2 1. That Jesus was a deluded and h. religious fanatic.

163:1.3 wise as serpents while you are also as h. as doves.

178:1.7 Be you always as wise as serpents but as h. as doves.

185:3.6 Jesus was nothing more or less than a h. visionary,


44:1.14 forces on record as the musical melodies of sound h..

44:1.15 mortal lives is there any great appreciation of h..


44:1.11 semimaterial beings are taught the h. of sound.

44:1.14 your musicians, who left but snatches of these h. of

44:2.3 1. The singers—harmonists who reiterate specific h.


15:9.17 There must have come into being a state of h.

29:4.17 keep the whole vast living energy aggregation in h.

42:11.7 Progress towards h. unity, a growing experiential

44:6.3 peal forth their exquisite messages of h. beauty.

51:6.2 far apart, and they work together in h. co-operation.

56:10.4 which have been born of pre-existent h. reality.

56:10.6 Persistent attempts to discover new levels of h.

56:10.9 Universal beauty embraces the h. relations and

56:10.11 Beauty is the intellectual recognition of the h. time-

101:6.8 first Urantian religion which so fully embraced a h.

103:6.7 Your difficulty in arriving at a more h.

110:3.4 the development of a more h. working agreement

110:6.3 demands the h. functioning of the entire personality,

116:6.7 while different, are at the same time innately h..

118:8.4 compensate this loss of stability by effecting a h.

118:9.9 the embodiment of the h. beauties of the galaxies of

124:4.9 an increasingly h. blending of personal convictions

133:7.10 essential to achieving h. personality unity in time,

143:3.1 in maintaining h. relations with John’s disciples.

196:0.7 a matchless religious unity of h. association with


139:2.11 worked together h. for the upbuilding of churches


44:2.3 The singers—h. who reiterate the specific harmonies


28:5.9 If confusion arises regarding the h. of these two

44:4.11 this exquisite form of self-expression and social h..

51:5.7 Having failed to achieve race h. by the Adamic

103:7.12 The maximum h. of the energy-spirit divergence is


5:5.6 impossible for human logic and finite reason to h.

36:5.10 the ability of will creatures to h. with their fellows;

39:5.4 the efforts of the Material Sons to h. and advance

43:5.11 the Vorondadek assigned to h. the special bestowal

48:2.15 these co-ordinators operate to h. and blend differing

48:6.32 further the efforts of the race commissioners to h.

94:11.12 to unify their philosophy and to h. their cosmology.

103:6.2 later art of philosophy develops in an effort to h. the

110:5.2 adequate proof of the failure of the Adjusters to h.

117:6.14 3. The Havona natives are inherently in position to h.

121:6.3 Philo, who proceeded to h. and systemize Greek

135:3.3 But these words of the prophet did not h. with

141:5.3 two things, which always will be found to h. in the

149:6.1 How are we to h. these teachings?”

195:8.10 never h. its divergent and rivalrous interests, races,


34:6.9 they can hardly be h. and unified; but throughout

94:6.3 and these are eternally h. by the spirit of divinity.”

99:4.1 significantly illuminating if the growth in each is h..

99:4.13 reality of the cosmos must eventually become h. by

130:4.10 These two views, synchronized and h., reveal the


103:6.6 The intellect is the h. and the ever-present


44:8.2 the spirit artisans may be delegated to act as h. of


77:9.2 the one regime which h. and connects the changing


5:2.4 as you progress in h. with the Adjuster’s spiritual

25:3.7 differences and for h. all this seeming confusion.

103:7.4 the certainties of insight will always require the h.

103:7.5 logic can never succeed in h. the findings of science

116:6.7 greater experiential potential for mind action in h.

130:3.9 exceedingly difficult task of h. Greek philosophy and

148:1.2 in the things of the kingdom, unfailingly h. and

160:0.1 Rodan was now earnestly engaged in the task of h.

harmonysee Harmony Supervisors; Harmony Workers

1:6.5 Some degree of moral affinity and spiritual h. is

2:7.3 in h. with the local plans and procedures of the

2:7.8 Even the charm of human art consists in the h. of

3:2.2 in h. and order and in keeping with the all-wise plan

4:1.7 A being of my order is able to discover ultimate h.

7:2.2 in the exquisite spiritual h. of the eternal creation.

8:4.4 this work of creature ministry is done in perfect h.

9:0.3 the Son’s mercy and the Father’s love, even in h.

9:5.5 a true revelation of the beauty and h. of Paradise.

10:4.7 with your individual enlightenment and in h. with the

10:6.3 the basis of fairness (justice in h. with mercy),

14:6.8 divine mind to afford a perfect pattern of exquisite h.

15:0.3 there function in majestic power and perfect h..

15:1.1 in accordance with older observations, in h. with the

15:9.15 When there develops such a spiritual h. in a local

15:11.3 There always has prevailed the most perfect h. and

18:3.3 uniformity on creative diversity and insure the h. of

20:10.4 In the h. of their triune activities these Paradise

25:4.15 enable them to function in h. with the requirements

26:3.4 to maintain system and to insure h. in all the work

26:9.4 space is swallowed up in worshipful identity and h.

27:4.2 H. is the keynote of the central universe,

28:5.16 beings are reflectively attuned to the superaphic h.

28:5.21 h. with the immutable laws of the universal domains.

28:6.8 fellowship, spiritual communion, and divine h..

34:5.6 Adjusters ever work in perfect h. with the combined

35:5.4 sonship and in h. with the policies of the Creator Son

37:4.2 the effort to bring all Nebadon into fuller h. with the

39:5.4 task of achieving racial h. and social co-operation

43:8.8 like and unlike yourself, achieve intellectual h. with

44:0.12 7. H. Workers.

44:1.1 the inconceivable scope of morontia and spirit h..

44:1.2 are occupied with the production of celestial h. by

44:1.7 5. H. of associated spirits—the very arrangement

44:1.10 to approach the celestial h. of being placement and

44:1.11 H., the music of the seven levels of melodious

44:1.11 the other forms of morontia melody and celestial h..

44:1.13 monotony of primitive man to the expressionful h.

44:1.13 the exertion of the higher intellectual powers of h.

44:1.15 you have had music in reality; but the gift of h.,

44:1.15 H. is the speech of Havona.

44:4.8 There is h. of music and euphony of expression in


44:7.2 Beauty, rhythm, and h. are intellectually associated

46:2.5 adaptation which foreshadows the beauty, the h.,

48:7.12 10. Righteousness strikes the h. chords of truth,

52:5.10 the era of international h. is really arriving.

56:10.6 1. Curiosity. Hunger for h. and thirst for beauty.

64:6.28 enlightened groups lived together in comparative h.,

84:6.2 which have been adjusted to practical working h.,

91:6.3 individual self-control, social h., moral progress,

98:7.10 The philosophy of the Greeks was more in h. with

101:2.1 science and religion, thus creating a h. of mind and

101:2.8 revelation confirms the experiential h. of this triune

101:6.12 through the eventual realization of the h. of Havona

102:2.5 only in the h. of the triunity of functional reality is

102:6.6 Reason alone cannot achieve h. between infinite

104:4.28 the Paradise heart of the infinite cosmos beats in h.

110:1.6 will ensue that morontia oneness, that supernal h.,

110:3.6 You can consciously augment Adjuster h. by:

110:6.4 mental, and spiritual powers are in triune h. of

111:6.6 appreciate the infinite symmetry, the supernal h.,

113:4.5 seraphim, they always seem to work in perfect h.

116:5.15 has to do with bringing cosmic energy into h. with

117:1.1 The Supreme is the beauty of physical h., the truth of

117:7.17 the evolving of h. out of chaos, beauty out of

118:9.6 they will therefore eternally function in perfect h.

118:10.15 experiential achievement brings him into closer h.

118:10.15 Such advanced planets are indeed poems of h.,

118:10.19 insight enables the ascending personality to detect h.

120:2.1 in h. with the plans formulated by you and placed

121:4.3 Man’s soul achieved liberty by living in h. with

121:4.3 Its followers sought to attune their minds to the h.

122:9.28 Joseph was not in h. with this premature effort to

123:3.3 In h. with the prevailing belief of the Jewish people

130:4.3 Only in the perfection, h., and unanimity of will

133:5.6 A group of human beings in co-ordinated working h.

133:6.6 All forms of soul conflict consist in the lack of h.

134:1.7 effecting working h. between his human mind and

136:6.2 prosecuted in h. with existing social organization.

140:8.16 Luke did much to interpret Jesus’ sayings in h. with

140:8.32 goodness—the will to be in h. with God’s will,

141:5.1 we learn to see alike and thereby enjoy more h.

141:5.1 I do not desire that social h. and fraternal peace

141:5.1 Your apostolic h. must grow out of the fact that

170:2.10 the “New Age” is in no way out of h. with Jesus’

181:2.18 do your utmost to promote peace and h. among

195:7.20 is the spiritual rhythm of the soul in time-space h.

195:9.5 religion that is inconsistent with facts and out of h.

Harmony Supervisors

26:3.4 1. The H. Supervisors.

26:3.4 Such is the real mission of the h.—to keep everything

26:3.4 they serve throughout Havona, and their presence

26:3.4 They contribute to the mutual understanding of the

Harmony Workers

44:0.12 7. H. Workers.


44:7.1 These artists are not concerned with music, painting,

44:7.1 They are occupied with the manipulation and


131:8.3 water in that it blesses everything and h. nothing.


81:6.8 before man learned how to h. wind and water,

195:5.10 H. your energies and bridle your passions; be calm


47:10.2 is made possible by carrying the “h. of God,”

123:6.5 to exchange dairy products for lessons on the h..

126:1.6 music lessons; Jesus was very fond of playing the h..

126:2.6 the winter evenings to hear Jesus play upon the h.,

126:5.5 revenue out of Jesus, even threatening to take his h..

127:4.10 it was necessary for Jesus to sell his h. in order to

127:4.10 Jesus much loved to play the h. when tired in mind

127:4.10 that the h. was safe from seizure by the tax collector.


123:6.5 Jesus was eleven years of age, he was a skillful h.


63:5.6 made effective use of the throwing stick and the h..


47:10.2 standing on the sea of glass, having the h. of God,


102:2.3 to live in effective emancipation from h. haste


130:5.1 loved these Cretans, notwithstanding the h. words


59:6.3 h. continental type of weather was fast developing.


131:3.6 Speak h. of no one.

165:4.8 inasmuch as he thought Jesus had dealt h. with


2:3.2 even in the justice of reaping the h. of wrongdoing,

34:7.1 indwelling Adjuster to bring forth the beautiful h. of

54:4.6 lag, this saving interval between seedtime and h..

54:6.7 beneficent h. of wrongdoing could only be brought

67:7.1 Such a soul-destroying h. of iniquity is the inner

67:7.4 is destined to exhibit its inherent negativistic h.

69:2.1 during a h. of plenty, store up food against the days

70:3.9 functioning during either the hunting or h. seasons.

111:1.5 —the morontia self—will faithfully portray the h. of

121:4.1 Christianity to bring forth an abundant h. of moral

123:3.5 the feast of the first-fruits, the h. ingathering;

124:1.11 Jesus for the first time helped with the h. of the grain

128:7.8 Before h. Jesus took Jude to the farmer uncle south

128:7.8 Nazareth, but Jude did not remain long after the h..

130:1.6 wheat and the tares to grow side by side until the h.

131:1.5 he gives us the abundant h. of the good things of

131:3.5 inevitably there must come the full h. of evil-doing

132:7.2 That man was not ripe for the h. of salvation;

140:5.21 progress has always been the final h. of persecution.

143:6.1 no longer say it is such and such a time until the h.

143:6.1 I tell you the fields are already white for the h..

148:6.3 sooner or later followed by the h. of punishment,

148:6.11 And finally, man reaps the h. of his own iniquitous

150:4.1 “You see for yourselves that the h. is plenteous,

150:4.1 Let us all, therefore, pray the Lord of the h. that he

151:3.15 he put forth the sickle, and the h. was finished.

151:4.1 let them both grow together until the time of the h.

162:4.1 It was the feast of the h. ingathering, and coming,

163:1.3 said: “The h. is indeed plenteous, but the laborers

163:1.3 I exhort all of you to pray that the Lord of the h.

163:1.3 the harvest will send still other laborers into his h..

163:4.10 more laborers to be sent forth into the gospel h..

166:4.8 3. You may reap the h. of your direct efforts to

180:2.1 the supreme joy of yielding this spiritual h..

182:1.6 all you have given into my hands as the eternal h.

186:1.6 but now must the h. of the naked and unromantic

187:1.5 A terrible h., indeed, of the seed-sowing of this day.

195:8.7 there followed the unlooked-for h. of world wars

195:8.13 this is only the beginning of the dire h. of secularism;


140:5.7 seeds of self-denial in order to reap subsequent h. of

hasnon-exhaustive; see hasinterrogative

1:1.2 In God, man lives, moves, and h. his being;

2:2.1 “The Father h. life in himself, and this life is

4:4.2 does not imply immobility; God h. will—he is will.

11:1.2 God dwells, h. dwelt, and everlastingly will dwell in

11:9.7 Everything which h. been, now is, or is yet to be,

11:9.7 h. come, now comes, or will come forth from this

100:3.3 between that which is and that which h. value.

100:7.18 It is literally true: “If any man h. Christ Jesus within

101:1.7 concludes that he h. no right not to believe in God.

109:4.5 From him who h. not survival qualities, shall be

109:4.5 even that experienced Adjuster which he now h.,

109:4.5 while to him who h. survival prospects, shall be

117:4.14 Father’s will, when man gives God all that he h.,

135:11.2 He who believes in the Son h. eternal life.

140:5.21 “Greater love h. no man than to lay down his life for

140:8.28 in order to possess which a man sells all that he h..

142:5.3 whosoever has been born of the spirit h. in himself

146:3.7 He who enters the kingdom h. eternal life already—

149:5.2 ‘A little that a righteous man h. is better than the

151:1.4 decrees that to him who h. shall be given so that

151:1.4 but from him who h. not shall be taken away even

151:1.4 h. not shall be taken away even that which he h..

151:3.1 To him who h. shall be given more, while from

151:3.1 while from him who h. not shall be taken away

151:3.1 taken away even that which he thinks he h..”

163:2.7 Almost every human being h. some one thing

165:4.8 that ‘the little a righteous man h. is better than the

170:2.23 Regarding sin, Jesus taught that God h. forgiven;

171:8.7 ‘To every one who h. shall be given more, but from

171:8.7 but from him who h. not, even that which he h. shall

176:3.5 “To every one who h., more shall be given, and he

176:3.5 but from him who h. not, even that which he h.

189:3.1 “As my Father h. life in himself, so has he given it


112:7.9 H. the triumphant Adjuster won personality by the

112:7.9 h. the valiant human acquired immortality through

125:5.5h. the teaching of Moses been misunderstood?

143:6.1H. any man brought him aught to eat?

160:5.10 H. not the Master said: “Whoso would save his life

haste or great haste

74:2.3 joy throughout Eden as the runners went in gh. to

74:4.3 the midwayers, sent their leader in gh. to Adam.

76:1.2 Eden was marching on them, they had fled in h. to

87:6.11 ghosts would flee in h. when they beheld themselves.

102:2.3 to live in effective emancipation from harrying h.

127:4.5 to such teachings at home, made h. to defend

132:5.22 make h. to restore all these ill-gotten gains to the

137:1.5 They inquired where Jesus had gone and made h.

154:5.1 one of David’s messengers arrived in gh. from

154:6.6 messenger arrived in h. from Tiberias bringing word

154:6.11 The h. of their flight was augmented by the arrival of

156:6.5 concluded that Jesus’ h. in withdrawing indicated he

162:1.3 Judas had dared to think that Jesus had fled in h. into

162:3.5 sand a few words that caused him to depart in h..

169:1.12 you make h. to kill the fatted calf and make merry

171:1.5 the object of his indignant solicitude fled in h. to

171:4.4 “Flee in h. from these parts, for Herod now seeks to

171:6.1 “Make h., Zaccheus, and come down, for tonight I

171:6.1 he almost fell out of the tree in his h. to get down,

177:4.1 in h. to keep his appointment with Jesus’ enemies

182:2.5 Jesus, addressing him, said: “In all h., go to Abner at

183:3.9 Jesus’ followers fled in h. back into the ravine.

183:3.9 John Mark made his way in all h. to David

188:1.6 There was considerable hurry and h. about the burial

189:2.4 fear and panic, and they fled in h. from the scene.

189:4.7 anguish, they were terror-stricken and fled in gh..

189:4.13 John, in gh. to reach the tomb and see these things


126:2.1 Mary would hear to nothing but that she must h.

130:6.3 do great things with your body if you would h. off

130:6.4 H. back to duty and live your life in the flesh as a son

146:5.3 Again was Jesus compelled to h. away from Cana

152:0.1 by the hand and besought that he would h. away

168:3.1 h. their decision to destroy Jesus and stop his work.

172:3.7 messenger associates took it upon themselves to h.

179:4.6 the apostles saw Judas h. off after Jesus had spoken

183:4.2 h. on after the mob and effect the rescue of Jesus.


84:2.6 wife stealing and later wife purchase h. the passing

122:3.2 Mary h. to depart for a visit with Elizabeth.

125:4.2 First, they h. to the house of their relatives, where

133:1.1 Jesus h. to the assistance of the assaulted youth,

137:2.2 drew away with many disciples and h. south.

145:0.1 Mary the mother of Jesus h. away, going over to

146:5.1 Titus heard that Jesus was at Cana; so he h. over to

146:5.2 Titus believed the word of Jesus and h. back to

148:7.3 they h. forthwith to Tiberias and took counsel with

151:4.1 his enemy came and sowed weeds and h. away.

151:5.1 On Sabbath Jesus h. away to the hills, but when

152:0.2 before they reached the ruler’s house, as they h.

152:1.1 his home; so they now h. on at quickened pace.

154:5.1 Rachel h. word to all of Jesus’ family who dwelt

154:6.11 h. through the front entrance to the waiting boat.

165:2.1 followed Jesus north to Pella when he h. away from

167:7.7 And Martha now h. to greet Jesus.

168:0.8 when Mary heard this, she rose up quickly and h. out

168:2.4 While some tarried, many h. to their homes.

172:3.14 The Pharisees h. on ahead of the procession to rejoin

174:5.1 As he h. away, they supposed that he went in

178:2.4 This runner h. off for Philadelphia with this word for

183:0.3 John Mark h. around through the olive trees and

183:3.1 Judas had even thought to pose as having h. out to

183:3.9 they both h. back to the tents of the sleeping

183:4.7 he h. back down the Jericho road to carry this

186:0.1 John h. off to Bethany, where the family of Jesus

186:3.1 a detachment of the temple guards h. out to

186:3.1 burning the camp and then h. back to the temple.

186:3.2 a messenger h. away to Gethsemane to inform David

187:2.6 by placing this inscription on the cross of Jesus, h.

187:4.7 and then h. back to the scene of the crucifixion.

187:5.1 the sun was hid, and the remainder of the crowd h.

189:2.8 mode of dissolution was greatly accelerated, h. to

189:4.13 h. back to the city and to the home of Elijah Mark,

189:5.1 As John h. out of the city, a strange ecstasy of joy

193:1.3 they h. off to the near-by towns and villages,


66:5.15 We pray for the h. of the coming of the promised

81:5.1 greatly h. the processes of natural evolution.

190:5.7 they rushed from the house, h. back to Jerusalem to


72:5.10 a day in the office of his machine shop and then h.


157:1.2 Now Peter had spoken h..

168:2.10 Pharisees h. called a meeting of the Sanhedrin that

179:4.6 Judas arose from the table and h. left the room,


83:7.9 the h. and unsuccessful marriages of modern times

128:6.4 got into slight trouble because of his h. disposition,

149:4.2 while ‘he who is h. of temper exalts folly’?

149:4.2 ‘Be not h. in spirit, for anger rests in the bosom of

154:5.1 And in response to this h. call, presently there

154:6.12 Jesus did say to David as he entered the boat in h.


154:7.1 engaged in this h. flight from the Sanhedrin officers

168:5.2 so Lazarus took h. leave of his sisters at Bethany,

177:5.3 certain ones knew that Lazarus had taken h. flight

178:2.2 learned about the h. flight of Lazarus from Bethany.

190:3.3 After a h. consultation with Annas, Caiaphas


48:6.32 and no shell is of any worth after the chick is h..


50:5.5 fear and by the inculcation of h. for foreign groups.

62:5.5 were acutely conscious of love, h., and revenge,

100:2.7 tides of human adversity, selfishness, cruelty, h.,

100:4.5 standing, legs spread, club upraised, breathing h.

100:4.6 intelligent and wise, love is more catching than h..

111:4.9 is preoccupied by prejudice, h., fears, resentments,

131:3.6 Let not anger and h. master you.

131:4.4 “With our hearts purged of all h., let us worship

131:4.6 conquer anger with mercy, and vanquish h. by

139:12.6 he was given to the indulgence of h. and suspicion.

139:12.10 the mobilization of all the accumulated h., hurt,

140:5.16 soul from the destructive influences of anger, h.,

145:3.4H. is the shadow of fear; revenge the mask of

172:1.3 the walls of prejudice, self-righteousness, and h.

177:4.11 Judas had laid by in his soul in habiliments of h. were

177:4.11 resentment, be eventually turned into actual h..

178:1.4 should prove to be the effective destroyer of the h.

188:5.2 True love does not compromise nor condone h.;

188:5.6 an eternal symbol of the triumph of love over h.

194:3.11 to vanquish h. by love, to destroy fear with a

194:3.12 challenge the evils of h. and anger by the fearless

195:7.21 of grand ideas, and noble ideals—of love and h.,


2:6.8 and persons can only love and h. other persons.

122:9.10 from our enemies and from the hand of all who h. us;

126:4.3 H. the evil and love the good; establish judgment in

131:2.11 Whatsoever you h. do to no man.

140:3.15 Love your enemies, do good to those who h. you,

162:4.2 how the Jews did h. this ever-present reminder of

169:2.7 no man can serve two masters; either he will h.

178:1.10 the persecutions by those who h. this gospel of joy

180:3.1 If the world shall h. you, you should recall that it

180:3.2 what have I done to these men that they should h.

182:1.5 The world may h. them, even as it has hated me,


69:3.6 these privileges the smiths became universally h.,

70:1.5 always disliked and h. the out-group, foreigners.

95:3.4 what is loved; the guilty is he who does what is h..”

137:6.2 ‘Your brethren h. you and cast you out for my

140:9.3 will be h. by many peoples because of this gospel;

149:2.13 he was h. only by those who regarded him as the

176:1.1 For a time you may be h. by all men for my sake,

180:3.1 you should recall that it h. me even before it h. you.

180:3.2 the saying: ‘And they h. me without a cause’?

181:2.14 —what the Father can do for a h. tax-gatherer who

182:1.5 The world may hate them, even as it has h. me,


124:3.9 Greek amphitheater and learned how h. such things

177:4.10 these h. and evil desires of revenge and disloyalty.


2:6.8 God loves the sinner and h. the sin: such a statement

142:2.1 The prophets say he h. evildoers and takes

161:2.6 Jesus strongly loves goodness and equally h. sin.

180:3.2 He who h. me h. my Father.


165:0.1 Amathus, Adam, Penuel, Capitolias, Dion, H.,


2:6.7 cannot help being exhibited as equal h. for sin.

69:3.6 the medicine men lost no time in fostering h. for their

76:2.4 further contributed to the growing h. between them.

76:2.4 caused him to nourish an ever-increasing h. for his

100:7.11 outspoken in love for the sinner and in his h. for sin.

131:3.4 of salvation are forever free from lust, envy, h.,

135:12.2 John was also a victim of the intense and bitter h.

140:6.4 He who nurses h. in his heart and plans vengeance

143:2.5 pleasures, malice, envy, and even vengeful h.!

149:5.2 where love is than a fatted ox and h. therewith.

153:1.5 opposition and eventually turned into actual h..

164:2.4 you would not in the least mitigate the h. which

175:2.2 un-Christlike h. and persecution of modern Jews

175:2.3 a historical recital in no way justifies the unjust h.,

179:4.8 the most kindly spirit, as a rule, only intensifies h.

180:3.2 that they should hate me with such a terrible h.?

183:1.2 every bit of all this astounding manifestation of h.

184:3.8 H., fanaticism, and unscrupulous exaggeration so

185:1.2 Pilate did not love the Jews, and this h. early

185:2.5 had come to despise with a bitter and envious h..

185:5.6 Pilate saw their malice and h. and perceived their

185:6.4 the hearts of those who are victims of emotional h.


111:4.10 explanation of poverty, divorce, war, and racial h..


131:2.6 pride goes before destruction and a h. spirit before

144:8.8 hidden some of these truths from the wise and h.,


192:1.5 neglected to h. the net of fish in upon the beach.


192:1.7 Peter joined his comrades as they h. in the net.


192:1.3 in the small boat, h. the net of fishes after them.

havenon-exhaustive; see haveimperative;

haveinterrogative; see have to

1:3.1 human eyes; even though they h. not flesh and blood.

1:4.2 nevertheless, mortal men h. something from God

1:5.16 “in Him we all live and move and h. our being.”

2:1.11 that “In Him we live and move and h. our being.”

2:5.2 God would “h. all men be saved by coming into the

12:7.12 move, actually live, and veritably h. our being.

26:1.17 are encircuited; they “h. food that you know not.”

28:6.8 if you choose and h. it in your heart, you can take

30:1.113 that there are spirit personalities who h. mind there

30:1.113 there are mind personalities who h. spirit.

39:4.14 All men h. these keys.

48:1.7 “They h. in heaven a better and more enduring

48:4.14 as you might say, “h. fun,” except when we are in

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith that they really h..

91:9.8 7. And you must h. faith—living faith.

99:5.7H. you faith? Then h. it to yourself.”

99:6.1 It is far better to h. a religion without a church than

102:1.3 the more of religion you h., the more certain you are.

104:4.46 in him all things h. their unqualified beginnings,

105:2.11 in him we all live and move and h. our being,

111:1.5 Mind is about all you h. of universe reality that is

117:3.12 we actually live, move, and h. our being within the

130:7.2 “A man who would h. friends must show himself

139:6.5 I have come that my brethren in the flesh may h.

143:2.7 Even this saving faith you h. not of yourselves;

147:5.8 Better by far to h. a small but living and growing

148:4.10 ‘They who h. the spirit of God are indeed the sons

148:5.5 and to them who h. no might he increases strength

150:5.2 says, ‘In the Lord h. I righteousness and strength.

152:2.2 But the people would not h. it so.

157:6.2 Jesus came that we all might h. life and h. it more

159:3.3 who h. lost it and to restrain it in those who h. it.

163:2.5 go and sell all that you h. and, when you have

163:3.4 everything to follow you, what then shall we h.?”

165:2.8 I h. come that you all may h. life and have it more

169:1.13 have been with me, and all this which I h. is yours.

171:2.4 all that you are and to dedicate all that you h.,

179:4.3 handed it to Judas, saying, “You h. said.”

181:1.6 that you might h. peace and h. it more abundantly.

182:1.4 These men are learning that all I h. comes from

188:5.7 Greater love no man can h. than this: that he would

191:1.2 “Peter, the enemy desired to h. you, but I would

193:3.2 ‘He who would h. friends must show himself


99:5.7H. you faith? Then h. it to yourself.”

137:4.7 Mary confidently said: “H. no worry—I will speak

140:8.8 H. faith—confidence in the eventual triumph of divine

143:5.1H. no fear for me; these Samaritans will be

147:7.3 But that which is new and also true, h. the faith and

150:8.3 You taught them the statutes of life; h. mercy

153:4.2 Said the Pharisee: “H. nothing to do with this man;

159:1.4 ‘Lord, h. a little more patience with me, and I will

159:1.5 ‘Only h. patience with me, and I will presently be

166:2.1 “Master, h. mercy on us; cleanse us from our

168:0.6 said, “Only h. faith, Martha, and your brother shall

169:3.2 ‘Father Abraham, h. mercy on me and send over

171:5.2 to cry aloud, “Jesus, Jesus, h. mercy upon me!”

181:2.8 Simon replied: “Master, h. no fears for my loyalty.

182:3.4 see my sleeping apostles; h. mercy upon them.

189:5.4 “Be not doubting; h. the courage to believe what you

191:2.1 H. faith in God; h. faith in one another; and so

192:2.9 H. courage; be strong in faith and mighty in the

192:2.13 H. faith in God to the end of your days on earth.


99:5.7H. you faith? Then h. it to yourself.”

130:8.2 H. you not read in the Prophet Jeremiah, ‘You

130:8.2 And h. you not also read in the Scriptures where it

131:2.13 H. I not said of my creatures on earth, you are the

131:2.13 And h. I not loved you with an everlasting love?

131:2.13 H. I not called you to become like me and to dwell

138:7.1 H. I not made it plain to you that my kingdom is not

142:3.9 H. you not read in Samuel where it says: ‘And the

145:2.5 H. you not read in the Scriptures where the

145:2.6H. you not read these promises?

145:2.7H. you not read also where Ezekiel taught even

145:2.12 the holy one of God; h. you come to destroy us?”

145:5.6 “Andrew, h. I not taught you and these others that

145:5.6 H. we not been among these people all these

145:5.6 h. they flocked in multitudes to hear the good

147:6.4 And h. you not read in our law that it is lawful to

148:4.10 “Thomas, h. you not read about this in the

148:6.2 H you not read that masterpiece of Semitic literature

149:4.2 H. you not read in the Scriptures that ‘wrath kills

149:5.2 H. you not read in the Scriptures the words of the

149:6.12 And h. you not also read that direful warning of

149:6.12 H. you not been well warned against those who

150:5.2 H. you not read in the Scriptures where it says, ‘In

150:5.2 H. you not also read of the Father that his name

152:3.2 H. I so failed in revealing to you the Father of

152:5.3 H. you not even read in the Scriptures where

152:5.4 H. we not sufficient enemies among the religious

158:6.3 H. not I told you that he who would be greatest in

159:4.5 H. you not noted that the concepts of Yahweh

162:2.9 H. you heard that any of our learned men or any

162:2.9 H. any of the scribes or Pharisees been deceived

162:2.9 turning upon him, said: “H. you gone mad?

162:6.3H. you not read in the Scripture: ‘Behold, as the

165:4.8 H. you not read the Scripture: ‘There is he who

165:4.8 H. you not read the commandment: ‘You shall not

165:4.8 H. you read in the Psalms that ‘the Lord abhors

165:4.8 H. you read where Jeremiah said, ‘Let not the rich

166:4.2H. I been so long with you, and yet you continue to

166:4.2 H. you failed to observe how the Son of Man lives

168:1.12 H. I not come to fulfill my promise?

169:3.1 H. you not also heard the allegory of the Nazarites

173:1.8H. you never read, ‘Out of the mouths of babes

176:2.3 H. I not told you all these years that my kingdom

176:3.2 H. I not all this time taught you that your

180:3.2 But h. you not read in the Scripture the saying:

180:3.9 “Philip, h. I been so long with you and yet you do

180:3.9 H. I not taught you that the words which I speak are

185:3.2 Tell me, h. you said that you are the king of the

185:3.2 and h. you sought to found a new kingdom?”

190:5.4 H. you not been told all this?

190:5.4 And h. you never read in the Scriptures

192:1.3 “Lads, h. you caught anything?”

193:3.2 H. you not read in the Scripture where it is written:

have to; see have to, not

6:6.4 h. to await your attainment of spirit status following

15:14.4 much that you do not understand would h. to be

18:4.9 you will h to pass through every one of the ten major

29:1.4 would merely h. to return to Paradise for retoning.

54:1.10 Evolutionary man may h. to contend for his material

54:6.4 no matter what you may h. to endure because of the

103:6.10 philosophy will h. to bridge ever-widening gulfs

107:4.3 personal creatures may sometimes h. to contend with

110:5.5 These are problems which will h. to be solved

117:6.23 man will h. to search for the Supreme in the hearts of

127:6.1 not again did Jesus h. to reject the personal proffer

133:1.5 we will h. to abide by the Father’s will.”

147:6.2 it was decided that he would h. to be apprehended

152:1.5 we would h. to go into the immediate presence of

155:1.5 extent to which you h. to go with your message to

162:5.3 Much I h. to tell you, but you are unable to receive

167:1.5 the host will h. to come to you and request that

168:1.5 persecution which he well knew Lazarus would h. to

169:4.10 we shall h. to be content with the teaching that they

178:2.5 you will h. to consider after we have first done this.”

181:2.12 you will h. to find yourselves new associates.

have to, not

5:0.1 Man does not h. to go farther than his own inner

5:5.5 Man does not h. to be religious against his will.

9:4.2 Mind does not h. to be added to pure spirit, for spirit

18:3.5 but then they do not h. to, for these worlds are the

28:4.6 of Days do not h. to call him on the lines of space;

62:7.1 We did not h. to wait long. At noon, the day after

87:4.3 This new dual spiritism did not h. to spread from

89:10.6 The forgiveness does not h. to be sought, only

99:0.1 religion did not h. to adjust its attitude to extensive

112:0.14 (Mind does not h. to be added to spirit.)

140:5.7 And such seekers after truth do not h. to wait for

141:5.1 You do not h. to see alike or feel alike or even

177:2.2 see to it that their children do not h. to wound love

177:4.12 They would not h. to arrest Jesus in public,


30:4.26 long flight to Havona, the h. of evolutionary spirits.

110:1.2 inward and upward to the celestial h. of happiness.

132:7.4 up to the entrance to the h. of mortal salvation,

132:7.4 you would have long since entered your h. of spirit

148:5.5 ‘The Lord also is a refuge for the oppressed, a h.


42:12.12 you think of a body as h. a spirit, but we regard the

42:12.12 as h. a spirit, but we regard the spirit as h. a body.

93:9.11 without pedigree, h. neither beginning of days nor

103:8.3 Another man, h. little or no love for his spouse,

123:1.5 Jesus was thrilled by the thought of h. a baby

123:3.6 he insisted on h. “just a little talk with my Father in

128:1.10 God with us, h. a name above every name and on

130:4.8 toward higher values, h. for its final goal the Father.

130:4.9 Therefore animals (not h. worship and wisdom)

140:6.13 if they should “continue h. everything in common.”

145:2.11 Jesus taught, indeed, as one h. authority and not as

165:2.11 “He speaks like one h. authority; besides, who ever

165:2.11 who ever saw one h. a devil open the eyes of a man

194:4.3 praising God and h. favor with all the people.

196:2.4 the human Jesus was recognized as h. a religion,


70:6.3 the anarchy which had previously wrought such h.

79:5.5 their raiding parties spreading h. among the yellow

Havonanoun; see Havona, in; Havona, of; Havona, to

see circuit(s); see also Paradise-Havona;

post-Havona; pre-Havona

3:1.6 observably present in the creations encircling H.,

4:0.2 H. may serve as the pattern creation for all other

6:8.7 As you progress through Orvonton and H., as you

7:2.1 As we pass outward from Paradise through H. and

7:2.2 H. is so marvelously perfect that the spiritual status

7:3.1 In H. the ascenders become still more conscious of

7:5.8 of Grandfanda, the first of all mortals to attain H..

11:8.2 dark gravity bodies encircling H. and equilibrated by

11:8.7 The dark gravity bodies encircling H. are neither

11:9.5 H. is an exhibit of these potentials in actuality.

12:1.4 1. The Central Universe—H..

12:1.10 H., the central universe, is not a time creation;

12:6.8 H. and even the grand universe are watched over by

13:0.4 spiritual glory they illuminate all Paradise and H.,

13:0.5 And all H., but not the Isle of Paradise, is bathed in

13:2.6 When you mortals attain H., you are granted

14:0.1 This central planetary family is called H. and is far-

14:0.2 This is the one and only settled, perfect aggregation

14:0.2 This is a wholly created and perfect universe;

14:0.2 it is not an evolutionary development.

14:0.2 This is the eternal core of perfection, about which

14:1.12 Besides H.-circuit time, there is the Paradise-

14:1.14 bodies so completely encircle and enshroud H. as to

14:2.6 sustains the spiritual status of all who indwell H..

14:2.7 but because those beings who have attained H. are

14:2.9 H. is a spiritually perfect and physically stable

14:2.9 sin appeared in any creature who has entered H. as

14:3.1 H. is so exquisitely perfect that no intellectual system

14:3.1 H. requires only administrative direction.

14:3.7 You cannot be told much about H.; to understand

14:4.22 H. teems with the life of all phases of intelligent

14:5.5 a pilgrim cannot leave H. nor go forward beyond

14:6.5 Many superfinite activities take place in the H. of

14:6.7 H. affords the Father achievement gratification.

14:6.10 The God of universes has favorable regard for H.

14:6.13 H. affords the Eternal Son an almost unlimited base

14:6.14 H. is the reality foundation for the Eternal Son’s

14:6.22 H. is a compensation to the Infinite Spirit for his

14:6.22 H. is the perfect home and retreat for the untiring

14:6.25 H. is a perfect pattern of the universality potential of

14:6.26 H. exhibits finality of spirit values existing as living

14:6.27 H. is the educational training ground where the

14:6.28 Paradise Sons view Paradise and H. as the divine

14:6.30 H. and Paradise are the source of a Michael Son’s

14:6.34 The Universe Mother remembers Paradise and H. as

14:6.36 reflectivity associated with the Supreme Being in H.

14:6.37 H. is the home of the pattern personality of every

14:6.38 H. is the pre-Paradise training goal of every mortal

14:6.38 H. stands before every will creature as the portal to

14:6.39 Paradise is the home, and H. the workshop of the

14:6.41 H. will unquestionably continue to function with

14:6.41 H. has capacity to serve as a training universe for

15:0.1 outside H. there are just seven inhabited universes,

15:3.14 associated superuniverses around Paradise and H.,

15:3.16 universes are in closer proximity as they approach H.

15:7.10 departing graduates are always dispatched for H.

15:10.12 and passed through H. in the days of Grandfanda.

15:13.3 concerned with your spiritual preparation for H.,

16:2.2 Outside of Paradise and H. the Infinite Spirit speaks

16:5.2 of intelligent beings, outside of Paradise and H.,

18:2.4 thrilling spheres on your way inward through H. to

19:6.4 that H. will ever be entirely depleted of its natives.

19:6.4 thus destined to residential status in the future H.,

19:6.8 We know that the H. of the previous universe age

19:6.8 somewhat different from the H. of the present age.

22:1.11 translated midway creatures who have traversed H.

22:2.2 these ascending mortals pass on through H. with the

22:2.4 having traversed H. in the times of Grandfanda.

22:5.1 other mortals of survival value traverse H., attain

22:5.2 and midway creatures who have passed through H.

22:6.1 these Spirit- and Son-fused mortals reach H. and

23:2.13 but not until you reach H. will you recognize them

23:2.15 personalities make such excursions by way of H.

24:6.7 pilgrims from our superuniverse would reach H..

24:7.2 A servital will be long absent from H. on assignment

24:7.9 The H. now traversed by ascending mortals differs

25:1.5 orders of ascending creatures who have attained H.

25:3.7 have made the local universes just as perfect as H..

25:8.9 the central universe alone and, while traversing H.,

25:8.10 met defeat in the Deity adventure while traversing H.

26:3.1 entering H. through the pilot world of the first

26:3.2 The pilgrims from the superuniverses pass through H

26:3.4 on the first circuit, they serve throughout H.,

26:3.6 children of the Circuit Spirit function throughout H.,

26:4.10 When you mortals of Urantia attain H., you will be

26:4.13 By the time you reach H., your sincerity has

26:5.3 But long before reaching H, these ascendant children

27:7.2 during the inward journey through H., worship is a

30:4.24 Before leaving the superuniverse for H., these spirits

30:4.24 Before spirit mortals reach H., their chief study is the

30:4.27 From first to last, throughout all H., the instruction

30:4.28 who of your fellow pilgrims have departed for H.

30:4.30 But I cannot tell you about H.; you must see these

31:6.1 through the morontia worlds, and H. in company

36:2.10 function teachers and advisers from Uversa and H.,

37:9.12 Even H. has its native beings, and the central Isle of

40:7.3 career in Nebadon and Orvonton on through H. to

40:10.10 the Son fusers neither traverse H. nor attain Paradise

42:11.1 Father appears personally in the extra-H. universes

43:7.4 In all Orvonton no extra-H. beings excepting the

44:0.13 and H. contains the patterns, the pattern studies,

47:2.8 After passing through H. and attaining the Deities,

48:2.18 one universe to another and from H. to Paradise.

48:6.33 the sixth, H.; and the seventh, Paradise.

54:2.1 the Son and in the Spirit did God project eternal H.,

55:12.5 (the seven superuniverses as dependent on H.)

56:4.1 be fully unified personalities ere they reach H..

56:7.9 we may witness outer-spacers approaching H.

105:7.2 H. is eternal but not changeless in the sense of

105:7.2 H. thus illustrates something which is not exactly

105:7.2 H. further acts as a buffer between absolute

105:7.2 But H. itself is not a transcendental—it is H..

106:2.3 the last analysis, comes from Paradise through H..

106:5.1 from H. to the fourth and outermost space level.

113:7.5 the course of the ascending pilgrims through H..

115:3.14 Isle is the master pattern of which H. is a perfect,

116:0.3 H. did not grow; H. is and always has been;

116:0.3 it is existential like the everlasting Gods who are its

117:6.12 Citizens descend from the eternal Isle through H.,

117:6.20 H. and the seven superuniverses require each other

117:7.13 and within their potentials, perfect, even as is H..

118:0.13 H., in and of itself, is a perfect, but perfection-limited

118:2.2 Through H. you discover God the Supreme.

129:4.7 through a universe of universes and on through H.

Havona, in

0:7.7 God the Supreme in H. is the spirit reflection of the

7:3.1 In H. the ascenders become still more conscious of

7:5.1 Be you perfect, even as your Father in H. is perfect.”

7:5.7 The bestowals of the Eternal Son in H are not within

8:4.3 in H. you shall know him as a personal presence of

13:4.7 if I chance to be on Paradise or in H., I usually

14:5.0 5. LIFE IN HAVONA

14:5.3 When you arrive in H., you will naturally enjoy

14:5.5 During your sojourn in H. as a pilgrim of ascent,

14:5.9 as you advance from circuit to circuit in H., but your

14:6.7 The perfection realization in H. compensates for the

14:6.17 In H. the Infinite Spirit derives the satisfaction of

14:6.18 In H. the Infinite Spirit found an arena wherein he

14:6.24 In H the power potentials of the Almighty are unified

14:6.29 influence of the Supreme and of the Ultimate is in H.

17:1.3 transpires in the seven superuniverses and in H..

17:5.3 Circuits make contact with those who sojourn in H.

19:4.2 activities hardly account for their assignment in H.,

19:6.1 glorious creatures; you must await your arrival in H.,

19:6.4 number of natives remaining in H. is constantly

20:7.1 They are known in H. as the order of Daynals.

20:7.4 but in H. they seem more to reflect the nature of the

22:1.11 after a brief training in H., the Trinitized Sons of

24:2.3 Seven Census Directors operate in H., one being

25:5.1 From among the tertiary supernaphim in H.,

26:1.12 The secondary and tertiary orders, serving in H.,

26:2.7 prior to the arrival in H. of the pilgrims of time,

26:3.4 influence would be required, even in perfect H.,

26:3.10 and other orders of beings sojourning in H.,

27:5.3 chief recorders of the tertiary supernaphim in H..

27:7.8 the fourth was the awakening in H.;

29:2.12 power centers were not required in H., but

39:5.5 “Glory to God in H. and on earth peace and good

42:10.7 On Paradise, mind is absolute; in H., absonite;

42:12.13 three energies are co-ordinate, in H. co-ordinated,

50:7.2 it disappears during the sojourn in H. but promptly

55:12.4 of time-space supremacy and do not function in H..

56:6.2 God the Supreme as a person existed in H. before

56:6.2 with the spiritual person of the Supreme in H. by

84:6.6 And even in H., the pilgrims who were once men

105:6.2 the actuality of personal-spirit supremacy in H.,

106:1.1 in the spirit person of God the Supreme in H..

106:4.3 Supreme is spiritually and personally present in H.,

114:7.17 on down to Jerusem, even in H. and on Paradise,

115:1.2 of Deity which will be attained in Orvonton, in H.,

116:6.7 In H., matter and spirit, while distinguishably

Havona, ofsee Havona worlds or worlds of Havona

0:0.5 of divine perfection—the central universe of H..

0:3.22 of the Infinite Spirit and the central universe of H..

3:2.15 outside of Paradise and the central universe of H.,

3:5.16 righteousness of the inerrant personalities of H..

3:5.17 The creatures of H. are naturally brave, but they

4:0.2 the purpose in creating the perfect universe of H.

7:5.5 advancement of the inhabitants and pilgrims of H.,

7:5.7 Eternal Son added to the experience of all H. then

7:5.9 the Original Mother Son real to the creatures of H..

10:3.9 The First Source functions outside of H. in the

12:1.10 At the center of H. is the stationary and absolutely

12:4.1 the master universe except the very center of H.,

13:3.1 the source of the threefold light of Paradise and H.,


14:2.2 The physical realities of H. represent an order of

14:2.3 The material of H. consists of the organization of

14:2.9 the native freewill creatures of H. have never been

14:2.9 never in the records of H. has an error occurred;

14:3.3 The administration of H. is not automatic, but it is

14:4.10 The entire story of the creation of H. is an attempt

14:4.11 The natives of H. live on the billion spheres of the

14:5.1 On the seven circuits of H. your attainment is

14:5.3 In every requirement of H. there is disclosed the

14:5.5 possible to those who sojourn on the circles of H.

14:6.1 The range of the activities of seven-circuited H. is

14:6.28 Son uses the creatures of H. as personality-pattern

14:6.41 the opinion that the potentials of eternal H. are

15:1.4 Sources and Centers and the central universe of H.

15:2.9 spheres and the billion inhabited spheres of H..

15:9.9 The broadcasts of Paradise, the space reports of H..

16:3.14 adviser and director of the ascending pilgrims of H.,

16:5.5 on the one billion educational spheres of H..

17:2.5 Not since the eternity-appearance of H. had the

17:5.5 Circuit Spirits related to the native inhabitants of H.

19:2.2 passed through the wisdom of Paradise, of H.,

23:2.15 personalities make such excursions by way of H.

23:4.5 the personnel of the grand universe, even that of H.

24:1.7 The supreme supervisors of H. and the associate

24:6.5 On the records of H., in the section denominated

24:6.6 did greet and instruct the pilgrim discoverer of H.

24:6.8 The name of this discoverer of H. is Grandfanda,

24:6.8 the arrival of Grandfanda at the portals of H.

24:7.5 “And servital number 842,842,682,846,782 of H.,

25:8.6 through the worlds of space and the circles of H..

26:2.6 these seven subsidiary Spirits of H. were not a part

26:3.5 triplicate, executing records for the literal files of H.,

26:3.8 They minister to all the inhabitants of H.,

26:3.8 these “living newspapers” of H. are instantly

26:3.9 all who must come and go in the service of H.,

26:4.11 are transported past the dark gravity bodies of H.

26:4.12 The pilgrim lands on the receiving planet of H.,

26:4.13 traverse in order to attain the perfect spheres of H..

26:4.13 you come face to face with the problems of H.

26:7.6 of the Son finders on the fourth circle of H..

26:8.5 own motion, they return to the outer circle of H.,

26:9.1 When the pilgrim soul attains the third circle of H.,

26:9.4 The broadcasts of H. flash forth the space reports of

26:11.6 begin this rest, go to sleep, on the first circle of H.,

26:11.7 the pledge of H. that your transition is complete,

27:4.2 spirit of it has been imparted on the circles of H.,

27:6.4 including the higher graph technique of H.

28:4.13 worlds of the superuniverses to the outer circle of H.

28:5.15 in the light of the counsel of the high minds of H.

28:6.10 Time is a vital factor in everything this side of H. and

28:7.1 course for the seven-circuited university of H..

29:3.9 Outside of H. the Supreme Power Centers

31:1.4 Corps of the Finality is one of the superb thrills of H.

31:3.4 graduate spirits after reaching the sixth circle of H.

31:8.2 nothing whatever to do with the affairs of either H.

31:9.4 senior Architect, contributed to the planning of H.,

31:9.11 the three supervising Architects of H. act as

31:9.11 act as co-ordinates of the three supervisors of H..

31:10.10 the then existing personalities of Paradise and H.

39:2.10 after the last rest of sleep on the inner circle of H.

39:2.16 through this channel, with the recorders of H. and

39:8.7 step by step, world by world, to the portals of H..

39:8.7 ascenders leave Uversa to begin the circles of H.,

39:9.1 and to the exalted services of Paradise and H..

40:10.9 summoned to the service of Paradise and H..

41:0.2 astronomically paralleled in the separation of H.

42:2.17 Uversa these energies of H. are known as TRIATA.

43:4.3 These Trinity Sons,with the staffs of H. and Paradise

43:9.3 analogous to prefinaliter spiritual experience of H.

44:0.13 undertake to transfer these arts of H. to the worlds

44:0.14 first begin to glimpse these transplanted arts of H.

44:1.8 so perfected as to burst forth in the melodies of H..

44:1.15 Harmony is the speech of H..

44:5.9 You know of the innermost circle of H. and that,

46:2.6 of the universe, the superuniverse, and of H..

48:4.16 The hosts of H. are naturally a joyous and

93:3.4 taught the truths of the superuniverse and even of H.

101:6.12 through the eventual realization of the harmony of H

104:4.13 the appearance of H. concomitant with the birth of

105:6.4 beings on the order of the eternal inhabitants of H.

106:0.4 Some phases of H. appear to be on the maximum

112:7.5 for the long flight to the central universe of H. and

115:5.2 But as the age of H. gives way to the age of the

116:0.2 When viewing the exquisitely perfect spheres of H.,

117:6.13 traversal of H. as a preliminary to the augmenting

186:2.11 continued to behold that man, while the God of H.

Havona, to

6:6.4 you pass through the superuniverse and on to H.,

14:2.4 If a Urantia mortal could be transported to H., he

14:3.4 the high personalities native to Paradise and H.

14:4.12 There is a life that is native to H. and possesses

14:5.1 and are prepared for eventual transit to H..

15:7.10 re-examined preparatory to their long flight to H..

15:11.2 tarrying on Uversa, accredited for transport to H..

17:5.2 Spirit of the Circuits’ work is wholly confined to H..

22:2.6 separated in the agelong inward ascent to H.,

24:2.6 reports are transmitted neither to H. nor to Paradise.

25:4.12 all the way in to H. you enact the role of a pupil-

26:4.11 their mortal associates before the long flight to H.

26:4.15 Willingness to believe is the key to H..

26:11.7 transit trance preparatory for the journey to H..

30:4.26 surviving mortal prepares for the long flight to H.,

31:8.2 are in no way connected with the mortal ascent to H.

32:3.1 The only creation that is perfectly settled is H.,

32:3.1 H. is an existential, perfect, and replete universe,

32:3.12 In the universes encircling H. there are provided

32:3.14 superuniverses depend on perfect H. to provide the

39:2.9 by such a long journey as that from Uversa to H..

40:2.2 may immediately begin the long journey to H.

43:4.3 their order throughout all the universes, even to H.

47:7.2 bilingual from the system headquarters up to H..

47:8.5 and to choose some one of the optional routes to H.

48:6.5 the optional routes to Edentia, Salvington, and H..

54:6.3 through the universe and superuniverse, even to H..

55:12.2 sometime arrival of outer-spacers on their way to H.

66:4.12 later release to resume the interrupted journey to H.

119:5.3 advancement of a group of ascending mortals to H.


Havona activity or activities

17:1.3 they direct their limited spheres of H. through the

30:4.28 to those beings who will sponsor your early H..

Havona administrations

19:4.2 Counselors are permanently attached to the H.,

Havona adventure

47:2.7 decide against the H., death automatically terminates

Havona age

106:0.18 underwent no evolutionary change in the H.,

115:3.18 is concerned with the several universe ages, the H.,

Havona arrival

24:6.8 the initial universe broadcast reported the H. of the

30:4.28 This concludes the formalities of the H.;

Havona ascent

47:2.8 many arrive in time to join their parents in the H..

47:7.5 bona fide experiential enthusiasm for the H..

Havona attainment

7:5.9 pilgrims on the seven circuits of progressive H..

Havona beings

17:5.5 they consort with the perfect minds of H. much as

Havona bestowal

7:5.8 we do comprehend the H. of a Son of the Eternal

Havona career

14:5.9 Monotony is not a part of the H. career.

26:11.7 culmination of the H., as you mortals go to sleep

30:4.28 The first act of your H. will be to recognize your

44:8.5 after you have finished the last circle of the H..

Havona Centers

29:2.3 2. H. Centers.

29:2.12 2. H. Centers.

30:2.94 2. H. Centers.

Havona circle(s)

26:2.7 Each of them, on the separate H., is empowered by

26:5.4 definite requirement of the pilgrims on each of the H.

26:5.5 Time is of little consequence on the H..

26:5.6 When the work of the outer H. is finished and the

26:7.4 excursions from the H. to Paradise are trial trips;

28:5.19 the counselors and advisers of the second H.

39:8.8 accompany their mortal associates through the H.,

39:8.10 Destiny guardians of H. experience usually enter the

Havona circuit(s)—see circuit(s)

Havona citizens

31:1.5 The H. regard these three destinies as constituting

Havona comprehension

16:3.18 these three factors equals H. of Trinity reality

Havona course

24:6.1 through the H. of instruction and training which

Havona creation

14:6.11 the H. as the worthy and alluring goal for ascension

14:6.23 The H. is the eternal and perfect proof of the reality

105:2.7 beginnings with the eternity appearance of the H..

106:1.1 find expression on universe levels as the perfect H..

Havona creatures

3:5.17 H. are naturally brave, but they are not courageous

3:5.17 They are innately kind and considerate, but hardly

3:5.17 They are expectant of a pleasant future,

3:5.17 they are not hopeful in the exquisite manner of the

3:5.17 They have faith in the stability of the universe, but

3:5.17 they are utter strangers to that saving faith whereby

3:5.17 They love the truth, but they know nothing of its

3:5.17 They are idealists, but they were born that way;

3:5.17 they are wholly ignorant of the ecstasy of becoming

3:5.17 They are loyal, but they have never experienced the

3:5.17 They are unselfish, but they never gained such levels

3:5.17 They enjoy pleasure, but they do not comprehend the

7:5.9 bestowal of the Original Mother Son real to the H..

14:2.9 the native freewill H. have never been guilty of

14:4.13 exalted adoration of the H. satiates the perfect ideals

14:6.28 A Creator Son uses H. as personality-pattern

Havona culture

19:6.2 During your long sojourn on the billion worlds of H.

Havona data

25:5.3 a relevant summary of superuniverse and H.;

Havona destination

22:10.9 toward their immediate H. and their Paradise goal.

Havona energy or energies

14:2.2 H. are threefold;superuniverse units of energy-matter

14:2.3 the balanced function of the seven forms of H..

29:2.14 There is a difference between H. and the energies

42:2.16 5. H. energy.

42:2.16 H. systems are not dual; they are triune.

Havona experience

39:8.10 Destiny guardians of H.-circle experience usually

Havona Father

1:1.5 the Paradise Father, the H., and the Spirit Father.

51:6.13 7. The spirit or H.—the Universal Father, who dwells

Havona Finaliters

30:2.136 5. The Corps of H. Finaliters.

31:1.5 their possible admission to the Corps of H. Finaliters

31:10.6 5. The Corps of H. Finaliters.

Havona flight

113:7.4 until you finally enseconaphim for the long H..

Havona graph method

26:3.8 They secure intelligence by the H., which enables

Havona gravity

14:1.15 so effectively equalize the lines of H. as to render the

Havona instructors

44:0.3 Master Spirits and consisted of seven thousand H.,

Havona level(s)

0:1.18 neither perfect nor imperfect, as on certain H. of

31:9.4 2. The H. Level.

Havona life

13:1.21 During your H. Ascendington will be to you what

Havona mind

42:10.7 H. is subabsolute but superevolutionary;

Havona mystery

55:12.5 that the Supreme Being will emerge from the H.

Havona native(s) see also Havoners

11:3.3 the natives of H. who may chance to be dwelling on

14:2.3 the H. respond to forty-nine differing sensation

14:4.10 The H. are all the offspring of the Paradise Trinity.

14:4.10 They are without creature parents, they are

14:4.11 The H. live on the billion spheres of the central

14:4.11 the H. live and function on the billion worlds of the

14:4.18 In addition to the H., the inhabitants of the central

17:5.5 Circuit Spirits related to the native inhabitants of H.

18:2.3 for the established orders of life, such as the H. and

19:0.1 Even the H. may properly be included in this

19:0.7 6. H..


19:6.1 The H. are the direct creation of the Paradise Trinity,

19:6.2 in their long and loving association with the H.,

19:6.2 The good to both ascending mortal and H. is great

19:6.3 H., like all other Trinity-origin personalities, are

19:6.4 The status evolution of H. has occasioned much

19:6.4 number of natives remaining in H. is constantly

19:6.4 that H. will ever be entirely depleted of its natives.

19:6.4 citizenship consisting only in part of the original H..

19:7.2 Paradise Citizens and H. are sometimes designated

23:2.14 enjoy special relations with the natives of H. worlds.

23:2.14 a very close and personal communion with the H..

30:1.21 3. H..

30:2.35 13. H..

30:2.124 8. The H..

31:0.2 1. H..

31:0.9 a finaliter, whether he is an ascendant mortal, H.,


31:1.1 Many of the H. who serve as teachers in the

31:1.1 Today, you will find millions upon millions of H.

31:1.2 H. must achieve certain experiential developments in

31:1.3 the ascendant creatures numbering 997 to one H.

31:1.3 The H. takes the same oath and becomes forever

31:1.5 The H. are also received, in the same ratio, into the

31:3.1 The H., glorified Material Sons, glorified midway

37:9.8 what the H. contribute to the pilgrim spirits passing

48:4.9 corps embracing beings ranging from the H. down

105:7.2 It is inhabited by creatures (H.) who never were

105:7.2 were actually created, for they are eternally existent.

117:6.14 3. The H. acquire a comprehension of the Supreme

117:6.14 H. are inherently in position to harmonize the

117:7.16 the present relationship between the H. and the

Havona perfection

10:6.17 and H. precludes all possibility of disharmony.

118:0.13 H., expanding out into the superuniverses, finds not

Havona personalities

17:5.5 the Circuits never become a permanent part of H..

19:7.2 sometimes designated collectively as Paradise-H..

43:4.3 These Trinity Sons, with the staffs of H. and

Havona pilgrims or Pilgrims

16:3.19 The inability of the H. fully to find God the Supreme

27:0.3 only since the arrival on Paradise of the H. of time.

30:4.7 6. H. Pilgrims.

30:4.26 6. H. Pilgrims.

Havona population

19:4.2 future universe age in which the H. may change.

Havona presence

0:11.1 differentiating his H. from the potentials of infinity.

106:2.4 the spirit personality of the H. of God the Supreme

Havona progression

24:6.3 Guide will follow you to the end of your H.

Havona reciprocation

14:6.8 The Father enjoys the H. of the divine beauty.

Havona recruits

31:1.4 The H. follow the company of their assignment;

Havona relationships

55:9.2 government in matters pertaining to Paradise and H..

Havona return

25:8.11 who tarries on the central Isle awaiting the H. of the

Havona sense

25:1.3 on the order of material beings (material in the H.),

Havona Servital(s)

24:7.1 another order of central universe creatures, the H..

24:7.1 actual service in the superuniverse realms as the H.

24:7.3 On returning from superuniverse service, a H. may

24:7.7 supposing the Graduate Guides to be evolved H.,

24:7.8 Paradise associates collaborate to create the H.,

24:7.8 H. are thus, in actuality, a reflection in the perfect

25:0.2 1. H..


25:1.2 The H. are the joint creative work of the Master

25:1.4 in the production of H. the law of spirit dominance

25:1.6 The H. and the Graduate Guides manifest a

25:1.7 On superuniverse service the H. are always assigned

25:2.1 For every H. created, seven Universal Conciliators

25:2.2 directors for the purpose of creating a group of H.,

25:3.15 and is the equivalent of the total number of H.,

30:1.78 8. H..

30:2.75 1. H..

38:7.6 characterized by “fourth creatures” much as are H.

44:0.17 class are the so-called fourth creatures of the H.

Havona sleep

28:7.3 you close your eyes in the H. preparatory to your

Havona Sons

22:7.13 2. Paradise H.-trinitized Sons.

Havona sojourn

26:8.1 this circuit are the most intriguing of the entire H..

Havona sphere(s)

12:1.11 aggregation of the Paradise satellites and the H..

14:3.3 each H. being directed by one of these Trinity-origin

14:3.6 The planetary construction of the H. is entirely

14:3.7 the biologic and artistic embellishment, of the H.,

18:2.1 number exactly one billion, one for each of the H..

30:4.27 to the H. receiving spheres is always made alone.

31:10.20 traverse the H., find God, attain Paradise, and are

73:6.3 the local and superuniverses as well as on the Hs.,

Havona stage

16:5.4 impress is basic to the very existence of every pre-H.

Havona status

14:4.14 This progression to higher H. may be suggested as

Havona system


Havona teachers

22:6.2 for the Trinity embrace upon the advices of their H..

Havona test(s)

26:10.3 this circle and are certified as having passed the H.;

39:8.10 guardians, having passed their H. separation tests,

Havona thought

14:5.2 Even the technique of H. is unlike the process of

Havona time

14:1.12 Besides H.-circuit time, there is Paradise-Havona

22:7.4 companies granted a recess every millennium of H..

Havona training

18:5.1 passed through their H. under the Eternals of Days.

21:2.1 completed his long and unique experience of H.

26:7.1 the tireless ministers of the fifth circle of the H.

Havona transport

28:7.1 including the ascendant beings in waiting for H..

Havona type

105:5.7 the supremely perfect reality, the H. of universe

Havona universe

3:5.15 In the H. there are a billion perfect worlds with

11:9.2 part of creation, not even a real part of the eternal H.

13:1.21 pilgrims who are passing through the H. on their

14:2.9 ever created in, or admitted to, the central H..

14:6.17 The H. affords the Infinite Spirit proof of being the

15:8.10 future activities; the central H. is eternally stabilized.

18:4.6 of Days on the various worlds of the perfect H..

24:0.10 The Graduate Guides are resident in the H. and

24:7.6 “spontaneously” appears on the circuit of the H..

Havona vacations

13:1.21 mortals will spend most of your H. “vacations”

Havona volunteers

31:1.1 a registry for H. presided over by the associate of

Havona world(s) or world(s) of Havona

3:5.16 The inhabitants of the H. do not require the

8:1.7 eternalizes concurrently with the birth of the H.,

11:4.2 shining orbs of the Son and inner circuit of the H..

14:1.9 The billion w. are arranged in seven concentric

14:1.10 of Paradise spheres and the seven circuits of H..

14:1.11 Each H. has its own local time, determined by its

14:1.14 far out beyond the seventh belt of H., there swirl

14:2.1 The H. are actual and literal, albeit their literal


14:3.5 beings who often sojourn and minister on the H..

14:3.8 Spiritually these worlds are ideally appointed;

14:3.8 they are fittingly adapted to their purpose of

14:3.8 Manifold activities take place on these beautiful

14:4.1 basic forms of living things and beings on the H.,

14:4.9 and death are not a part of the cycle of life on the H..

14:4.18 pattern creature living on some one of the billion w..

14:4.19 every H. will be found the attainment candidates,

14:4.20 The Infinite Spirit is represented on the H. by a host

14:5.6 there is nothing in common between the w..

14:5.7 visit the last of the H., will the tonic of adventure

14:6.15 The H. and their perfect inhabitants are the first and

14:6.20 The H. are the mind laboratory of the creators of the

14:6.20 Mind is different on each H and serves as the pattern

14:6.32 secure their prepersonal training on the w. in close

14:6.33 On the w. the Spirit and the Daughters of the Spirit

15:2.9 The billion w. are administered by the Eternals of

17:5.2 the Eternals of Days, the rulers of the individual H..

18:2.1 Each of the w. is directed by a Supreme Trinity

18:4.6 the Eternals of Days on the worlds of the perfect H.

19:1.3 in the local and superuniverses, and on the w..

19:4.3 from the perfect w. to the councils of the System

19:6.2 During your long sojourn on the billion w. culture

23:2.14 enjoy special relations with the natives of the H..

24:2.4 are equal excepting those on the H. pilot worlds

24:6.3 pilgrims of time through the seven circuits of H..

24:6.9 Graduate Guides never leave the H.; they are

26:4.13 you are finally deposited on the receiving w.,

26:5.2 helpers, functioning on the seventh circle of H.,

26:11.1 and transient residents of this inner ring of H..

29:2.12 center having the supervision of a thousand H..

30:4.26 with your arrival on the receiving w. your education

30:4.29 The fact of your arrival on the receiving w. will be

37:10.6 superuniverse and thence on to the spirit-training w.

43:4.5 long journey through the one billion perfection w.

44:0.13 these seven groups all hailed from the perfect w.,

106:2.4 cohesion on the pilot sphere of the outer belt of H.


39:8.10 Destiny guardians of H. experience usually enter the


14:1.12 Besides H. time, there is the Paradise-Havona

Havona-trinitized Sons

22:7.13 2. Paradise H.. The creative efforts of the Paradise


14:6.2 In general, they may be described as: 1. H..


7:5.5 none did he function as either an ascender or a H..

22:7.14 But when a finaliter and a Paradise-H. together

Havonerssee also Havona natives

14:4.11 You might possibly regard these H. as material

14:4.12 H. minister in many ways to Paradise descenders

14:4.12 they live lives that are unique in the central universe

14:4.13 Man rejoices in the goodness of God, H. exult in the

14:4.14 H. have both optional present and future unrevealed

19:6.2 H. gain an experience which to no small extent

19:6.3 H. may evolve in status, may have an unrevealed

19:6.3 is illustrated by those H. who service-factualize

19:6.4 We have entertained the theory that H. will possibly

22:7.9 beings function neither with the Paradisers, H., nor

22:7.13 creative efforts of the Paradise Citizens and the H.

23:4.4 the trinitizations between finaliters and Paradise-H.

30:2.157 the exception of numerous groups of Paradise-H.,


51:0.2 world having a Planetary Prince is not much of a h.,

112:5.8 the risk of a system rebellion than to court the h. of

132:5.23 Do not h. or jeopardize such a trust.


41:7.11 and prevent h. fluctuations of heat dissipation.

51:3.9 Planetary Adams always been so difficult or so h..

74:3.1 of Adam and Eve difficult and to some extent h..

98:1.6 intellectual and spiritual growth was as h. to Greece

110:5.5 Likewise, it is h. to attempt the differentiation of


66:5.3 Man was taught to provide for the h. of famine,

87:0.1 The ghost cult evolved as an offset to the h. of bad

90:2.1 rather, to know and to control the h. of living.

160:1.6 suffer the consequent h. of emotional casualties—

160:1.8 material problems and manifold intellectual h..


157:6.3 and the recognition of that fact, at least h., by his


96:1.7 Amid all this confusion of terminology and h. of


64:6.8 teachings of Onamonalonton became h. traditions.

79:8.2 struggle with the red race there persisted only h.

79:8.15 And Chinese tradition preserves the h. record of

86:3.2 the nebulous concept of a h. and unorganized spirit

92:4.5 the Great Spirit was but a h. concept in Amerindian

93:1.1 concept of God had grown h. in the minds of men.

95:7.3 clans that held on to the h. idea of the one God.

97:0.2 vague and h. at the time of the flight from Egypt

112:5.21 life would at first seem to be a vague and h. dream.

he or Henon-exhaustive; see he who

1:0.2 he established the universe and created this world

1:0.2 world not in vain; he formed it to be inhabited.”

1:1.5 he is variously known as the Father of Fathers,

1:1.6 He is best known, most universally acknowledged,

1:1.6 The name he is given is of little importance;

1:2.1 he is the First Source and Center of eternal reality.

1:2.2 neither is he “the noblest work of man.”

1:2.2 in the minds of men, but he is more.

1:2.2 He is a saving person and a loving Father to all

1:2.9 he is the personal creator of Paradise and the

1:2.9 he does control them in many of their universal

1:3.1 He is a universal spiritual presence.

1:3.1 he is “the sovereign, eternal, immortal, invisible,

1:3.2 “Lo, he goes by me, and I see him not; he passes on

1:3.3 The Father is not invisible because he is hiding

1:3.6 but he is contactable (outside of Paradise) only in the

1:3.8 and infinite, he is also good, divine, and gracious.

1:5.1 he is the origin and destiny of personality throughout

1:5.1 infinite and personal; he is an infinite personality.

1:5.2 he is even far more than any possible concept of a

1:5.3 He is unapproachable to so many orders of beings

1:5.3 he “dwells in a light which no material creature

1:5.3 He “measures the waters in the hollow of his hand,

1:5.4 should rejoice in the assurance that he is a person;

1:5.4 lowly inhabitants; that he “delights in his children.”

1:5.8 though he is all these and infinitely more,

1:5.8 he is truly and everlastingly a perfect Creator

1:5.8 He is a real spirit and a spiritual reality.

1:5.9 he remains a true person and everlastingly maintains

1:5.12 in pantheism, since God has no body, he is not,

1:5.14 but he does, within the realms of his own eternal

1:5.16 literally true: “In all your afflictions he is afflicted.”

1:5.16 “In all your triumphs he triumphs in and with you.

2:1.1 to his lowly creatures he apparently “dwells in the

2:1.1 but “he does great and marvelous things without

2:1.2 He is the Supreme Soul, the Primal Mind, and the

2:1.2 He is resplendent in majesty and glory.”

2:1.2 He is immortal, eternal, self-existent, divine, and

2:1.2 “The Infinite is most excellent in that he imparts

2:1.2 He is the beginning and the end, the Father of

2:1.3 he is unqualifiedly self-conscious of both his infinity

2:1.3 likewise he knows fully his perfection and power.

2:1.3 He is the only being in the universe, aside from his

2:1.4 he is infinitely self-conscious of all his primal at

2:1.4 accident; neither is he a universe experimenter.

2:1.5 as a surprise; he inhabits the circle of eternity.

2:1.5 He is without beginning or end of days.

2:1.5 He is the great and only I AM.

2:1.8 attenuate his infinity in order that he may be able to

2:1.9 All this he has done and now does, and evermore

2:2.1 He inhabits the present moment with all his

2:2.1 discloses not only that he is the Father of lights,

2:2.1 He “declares the end from the beginning.”

2:2.1 He says: “My counsel shall stand; I will do all my

2:2.5 He is final, complete, and perfect.

2:2.5 he never ceases to bestow himself upon all

2:2.6 he cannot personally know imperfection as his

2:2.6 but he does share the consciousness of all the

2:3.1 God is righteous; therefore is he just.

2:4.1 shall be saved,” “for he will abundantly pardon.”

2:5.1 He makes his sun to rise on the evil and on the good

2:5.2 He would “have all men be saved by coming into the

2:5.2 He is “not willing that any should perish.”

2:5.3 therefore does he sometimes “chasten us for our

2:5.3 that “in all our afflictions he is afflicted with us.”

2:5.6 he has in his own way already bridged the gulf.

2:5.6 He has sent of himself, his spirit, to live in you a

2:5.7 I think I would love God just as much if he were not

2:5.7 and powerful, as long as he is so good and merciful.

2:5.8 continue to love him supremely, even though he

2:6.1 God must also be moral; he must be good.

2:6.3 “God is good; he is the eternal refuge of the souls

2:6.3 He is long-suffering and abundant in goodness and

2:6.3 He is the God of salvation.”

2:6.3He heals the brokenhearted and binds up the

2:6.3 He is man’s all-powerful benefactor.”

2:6.4 He is the Father of every universe personality.

2:6.9 facing the spiritual world, he is a personal love;

2:6.9 in religious experience he is both.

3:0.1 But he rules in the local universes in the persons of

3:0.1 Creator Sons, even as he bestows life through these

3:1.2 He is “the fullness of him who fills all and in all,

3:1.4 “We know we dwell in him because he lives in us;

3:1.4 he has given us his spirit.

3:1.4He is the ever-present and all-pervading God.”

3:1.4 “The true God is not afar off; he is a part of us;

3:1.4 He is the guiding spirit of eternal destiny.”

3:1.6 He is not thus observably present in the creations

3:1.7 He is the primordial foundation of the coherence

3:1.8 so is he potentially present in the tensions of the

3:1.12 The Father does not retire in seclusion because he

3:1.12 He is no respecter of persons, planets, systems, or

3:1.12 In the sectors of time he confers differential honor

3:2.1He does according to his will in the army of heaven

3:2.2 He upholds the worlds in space and swings the

3:2.4 he has made “a way for the lightning”;

3:2.4 he has ordained the circuits of all energy.

3:2.4 He has decreed the time and manner of the

3:2.6 he has foreseen them all, and therefore he does

3:2.6 he does not react to the affairs of the universe in a

3:3.1He tells the number of the stars; he calls them all

3:3.2 He also says: “I have surely seen the affliction of

3:3.2 he beholds all the sons of men; from the place of

3:3.2 from the place of his habitation he looks upon all

3:3.2He knows the way I take, and when he has tried

3:3.2 when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold.”

3:3.2 he understands our thoughts afar off and is

3:3.2he knows your frame; he remembers that you are

3:4.4 The fact that he sends forth spirit messengers from

3:4.4 number of such spirit Monitors which he can

3:5.2He removes kings and sets up kings.”

3:5.4 “and he is before all things, and in him all things

3:6.1 he is still primal; his hand is on the mighty lever of

3:6.1 he has reserved all final decisions and unerringly

3:6.6 He has said of mortal races, “In all your afflictions I

3:6.6 He unquestionably experiences a fatherly and

3:6.6 he may truly suffer, but I do not comprehend the

3:6.7 But he is more; he is personal; he exercises a

3:6.7 he exercises a sovereign will, experiences

4:0.1 which he is executing throughout all time.

4:0.1 he created them in accordance with his all-wise

4:1.3He is a faithful Creator.”

4:1.5 And when new worlds are born, he “sends forth his

4:1.5 God not only creates, but he “preserves them all.”

4:1.6 of the universes; he is not an inactive Deity.

4:1.6He stretches out the north over the empty space

4:2.1 but he modifies the patterns of his action so as to

4:3.4 God repents of nothing he has ever done, now does,

4:3.4 He is all-wise as well as all-powerful.

4:3.5 he is a being with a father’s affection, and his heart

4:4.2 Since God is self-existent, he is absolutely

4:4.2 not imply immobility; God has will—he is will.

4:4.5 all the possible titles by which he might be known,

4:4.6 He is eternally motivated by the perfect idealism of

4:5.6 not forthcoming until he saw his blameless Son

5:0.2 but he may, at any time, make direct personal

5:0.2 while he has further reserved the prerogative of

5:1.2 Our Father is not in hiding; he is not in arbitrary

5:1.2 He has mobilized the resources of divine wisdom in

5:1.8 He has on Paradise a place to receive all those

5:3.1 True, we can and do worship the Father as he is

5:4.3 he is man’s eternal destination.

5:6.4 the living energy systems which he endows with the

6:0.1 expresses himself,he does so through his Eternal Son

6:4.5 he appears in the fragments of the totality of his

8:5.2 he utilizes the spirits and personalities of the Eternal

8:5.2 He is at will spiritually present equally with the Son

8:5.2 he is present with the Son and in the Spirit.

9:0.2 thought and purpose; he is the universal upholder.

9:2.1 He himself is spirit; in his Son he appears as spirit

9:8.10 Why he does so we can only conjecture;

9:8.10 how he does so we do not know.

10:1.1 authority which he apparently finds it impossible to

10:1.2 He has delegated to his divine Sons and their

10:1.2 He has actually transferred to his Sovereign Sons,

10:1.2 he has made each Sovereign Creator Son just as

10:1.2 He has given away, actually bestowed, with the

10:1.2 everything he possibly could divest himself of,

10:2.1 but in so doing he constitutes himself the Father of

10:2.1 but as a personal Father he continues to bestow

10:2.1 he forever maintains personal relations of loving

10:3.5 But he never had such a solitary existence;

10:3.6 observe that he did not divest himself of volition.

10:3.7 in so doing he takes a step which makes it forever

10:3.14 As a Father, he maintains parental contact with all

10:3.15 As a person, he acts directly throughout creation by

10:3.16 As total Deity, he functions only in the Trinity.

10:3.19 He performs in the spheres of mind, matter, and

10:6.1 origin in the First Source and Center; he is law.

11:1.4 Did he move, universal pandemonium would be

11:9.3 he revealed the infinity potential of his

12:3.1 he is not excluded from the other circuits; the Father

12:7.2 doing things; and he ever does all things well.

12:7.5 He is God; therefore he changes not.

12:7.6 automatic force; he is not a slavish law-bound power

12:7.6 He is a freewill and primal personality.

12:7.6 He is the Universal Father, a being surcharged with

12:7.8 God thus loves every individual; he is no respecter

12:7.12 he dwells within you, and in him do we all literally

12:7.13 he also enjoys the most intimate inner contact

13:1.16 in this universe age he does have to do with their

14:6.6 He enjoys the experience of love satiety on near-

15:0.1 he deals with personalities; he is the Father of

15:2.1 he calls them all by name and number.

16:2.2 while he and the Son conjointly act only through the

16:9.14 We worship God, first, because he is, then,

16:9.14 then, because he is in us, and last, because we are

32:3.4 he does not indwell the minds of the beings

32:3.4 as he does literally dwell with the souls of the

32:3.4 while he is intimately present in the minds of his

32:3.5 he is personally represented by its Creator Son,

32:4.1 so much of himself and his power to others, he is

32:4.1 he is apparently the least active of the Paradise

32:4.1 in that he allows his Deity co-ordinates, his Sons,

32:4.1 He is the silent member of the creative trio only in

32:4.1 he never does aught which any of his co-ordinate

32:4.7 Thus does he who is invisible to mortal man

32:4.7 and could he do so, he would show himself to us

32:4.8 each one of us “he takes note where we were born

32:4.10 He lives and acts, not only in the Deities, but also in

32:4.10 also in his Sons, whom he intrusts with the doing of

32:4.11 he is in lavish generosity bestowing the Adjusters

32:4.12 he has reserved for himself of power and glory only

32:4.12 things for the love of which he has thus divested

33:0.1 he functions in a local universe administration

40:5.3 he is in you and of you in the identity of the

40:6.2 “As many as received him, to them gave he the

40:7.4 therefore does he demand ultimate perfection of you

40:10.13 he is no more a respecter of ascendant destinies

40:10.13 a respecter of ascendant destinies than is he of the

74:7.20 be shed, for in the image of God made he man.”

94:3.1 commanded them to be perfect, even as he is perfect.

94:6.6 he does not coerce mankind but always stands

94:12.3 he will not suffer one mortal who calls on his

95:5.9 He sets all in their place and provides all with the

95:7.6 He is the merciful and the compassionate.”

95:7.6 for is he not “the first and the last, also the seen

96:4.6 that he “will not forsake you, neither destroy you,

96:4.6 forget the oath by which he swore to your fathers.

96:4.7 wrath, and severity, even that he was vengeful and

96:4.8 where he presently was conceived of as the God of

96:5.4 if they would obey God, “He will love you, bless

96:5.4 He will multiply the fruit of your womb and the

96:5.6 “your God kills when you disobey him; he heals and

96:6.3 “Yahweh is a holy God; he is a jealous God;

96:6.3 he will not forgive your transgressions nor your

96:6.4 cannot serve the Lord, for he is a holy God.”

96:7.6 he prospers his own and obedient children,

96:7.6 while he curses and visits dire judgments upon all

96:7.6He disappoints the devices of the crafty;

96:7.6 he takes the wise in their own deceit.”

96:7.7He shall pray to God and shall find favor with him

96:7.7He is gracious to the repentant and says, ‘Deliver

97:1.3 “The pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he has

97:1.4 always regretting that he had done thus and so;

97:1.4 repent, for he is not a man, that he should repent.”

97:1.5He has made with us an everlasting covenant,

97:1.6 “The Lord enriches and impoverishes; he debases

97:1.6 He raises the poor out of the dust and lifts up the

97:1.8 and with the upright man he will also be upright.”

97:4.2 crime and sin in their lives than he would among

97:5.3 “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has

97:5.3 he has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to

97:5.3 he has clothed me with the garments of salvation

97:5.3 “In all their afflictions he was afflicted,

97:5.3 In his love and in his pity he redeemed them.”

97:5.6 He has shown me, O man, what is good; and what

97:6.3 “For he does not afflict willingly the children of men.

97:7.5 “Behold he takes up the isles as a very little thing.”

97:7.7 let him return to the Lord, and he will have mercy

97:7.7 and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.”

97:7.8He shall feed his flock like a shepherd;

97:7.8 he shall gather the lambs in his arms and carry

97:7.8 He gives power to the faint,

97:7.8 to those who have no might he increases strength.

101:3.16 “Even though he slay me, yet will I serve him.”

102:1.6 he cannot, in our hungry and finite concept, be less.

102:4.3 If God were not a personality, he could not become

102:7.1 he actually lives in every rational mortal.

102:7.2 He is the secret of the order, plan, and purpose of

103:1.6 If God were not at least personal, he could not be

103:1.6 if not conscious, then would he be infrahuman.

104:3.13 He is personality unqualified in the Son but

104:3.13 he is eternally functioning in the compensating

104:4.1 He is, was, and ever will be: the Universal Father

104:4.1 of the Absolutes; he is the absolute of Absolutes.

105:1.6 When we speak of the Father, we mean God as he

106:8.23 conceive of the I AM in past eternity, he is alone,

107:0.1 he is also actually present on the worlds of space

107:0.1 for he indwells them as the Mystery Monitors.

107:0.3 having commanded man to be perfect, even as he is

108:0.2 God cannot do wrong; he is infallible.

108:0.2 God cannot experientially know what he has never

108:4.1 the end that he may so act as to draw all creature

108:6.4 He is the power, privilege, and the possibility of

108:6.4 He is the higher and truly internal spiritual stimulus

109:7.5 but he chose to reserve for his own ministry the

110:7.10 the Adjuster pleaded “that he more faithfully give me

111:5.3 As men trust themselves to him, so has he—and first

112:0.12 it is unique in relation to God—he is no respecter of

112:0.12 neither does he add personalities together, for they

112:7.14 he has fulfilled the promise, and consummated the

113:6.7 “And he shall send his angels with a great voice

115:7.6 He is the indispensable focalizer, summarizer, and

115:7.6 And all this he appears to do for the purpose of

117:1.1 He is the sweetness of true success and the joy of

117:1.1 He is the oversoul of the grand universe, the

117:3.8 but he also functions alone in these matters.

117:4.3 so loving, that he gives a portion of his divine nature

117:4.14 he does not alienate creation from himself,

117:4.14 but he has set up tensions in the creations circling

117:6.1He is the within and the without of all things and

117:6.1 in his mystery, though distant, yet is he near.”

117:6.1 He is your experiential parent, and even as in the

117:6.1 He knows you because he is creaturelike as well as

117:6.2 “How universal is the Supreme—he is on all sides!

117:6.3 he is the great avenue through which creatures pass

117:6.22 The Father is no respecter of persons; he treats each

118:6.1 God is truly omnipotent, but he is not omnificent—

118:6.1 he does not personally do all that is done.

120:4.6 God the Father chose to manifest himself as he

122:9.6 For he has visited us and wrought redemption for his

122:9.7 He has raised up a horn of salvation for all of us

122:9.9 Even as he spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets

122:9.12 The oath which he swore to Abraham our father,

123:5.11 he has sent me to bring good news to the meek,

126:4.2 he has sent me to bring good news to the meek,

126:4.6 He does all these things by the greatness of his

126:4.6 and because he is strong in power, not one fails.

126:4.6 He gives power to the weak, and to those who are

126:4.6 and to those who are weary he increases strength.

130:1.5 “How can God, if he is infinitely good, permit us

130:1.5 brother, God is love; therefore he must be good,

130:8.2He looks down upon men, and if any will say: I

131:1.2 “God is supreme; he is the Most High of heaven

131:1.2 of eternity, and he rules the universe of universes.

131:1.2 He is the sole maker of the heavens and the earth.

131:1.2 When he decrees a thing, that thing is.

131:1.2 Our God is one God, and he is compassionate and

131:1.2 he is the God of the east, the west, the north,

131:1.3 God is self-existent, and he is devoid of all anger and

131:1.3 he is immortal and infinite.

131:1.3 While he has many manifestations, we worship only

131:1.3 he also knows what each of us deserves.

131:1.4 He gives salvation to all who serve him.

131:1.5 he causes the sun to shine upon the sprouting

131:1.5 and he gives us the abundant harvest of the good

131:1.5 and he is our helper in every time of need.

131:1.5 not a great distance from us; he is omnipresent.

131:1.6 He will guide the honest of heart into the truth,

131:1.7 Lord God is merciful and loving; he is forgiving.

131:1.7 Let us love God, for he first loved us.

131:1.8 he really loves us, his children on earth.

131:1.8 He will take us by the hand and lead us to himself.

131:1.8 he does not compel man to serve his name.

131:2.2 And, behold, all he created was very good.

131:2.2 The Lord, he is God; there is none beside him in

131:2.2 and in wisdom has he made all things;

131:2.2 He knows the number of the stars;

131:2.2 he calls them all by their names.

131:2.3 he is long-suffering and abundant in goodness and

131:2.3 and upright; the meek will he guide in judgment.

131:2.4 he heals the brokenhearted and binds up their

131:2.4 None can hide himself from our God, for he fills

131:2.7 the universal hosts, and he preserves them all.

131:2.7 He causes us to drink of the river of his pleasures,

131:2.7 He makes me to lie down in green pastures;

131:2.7 he leads me beside still waters.

131:2.7 He restores my soul.

131:2.7 He leads me in the paths of righteousness.

131:2.8 acknowledge him, and he shall direct my paths.

131:2.8 The Lord is faithful; he keeps his word with those

131:2.10 The eternal God is my strength; he is our dwelling

131:2.10 he saves all who have a childlike spirit.

131:2.10 the Lord—trust him—and he will bring it to pass.

131:4.2He is the great God, in every way supreme.

131:4.2 He is the Lord who encompasses all things.

131:4.2 He is the creator and controller of the universe of

131:4.2 God is one God; he is alone and by himself;

131:4.2 he is alone and by himself; he is the only one.

131:4.2 he is the Light of Lights.

131:4.2 God is our protector—he stands by the side of his

131:4.2 the great source of energy; he is the Great Soul.

131:4.2 He exercises universal lordship over all.

131:4.2 eternal and divine; he is the primal Lord of heaven.

131:4.2 the prophets have hailed him, and he has revealed

131:4.2 and the stars; he is bright, pure, and self-existent.

131:4.2 Inasmuch as the universe sprang from God, he

131:4.2 He is the cause of creation, and hence are all thing

131:4.3 He is a loving protector, a blessed defender.

131:4.3 He is all-prevailing, bountiful, omnipresent, and in

131:4.4 Our God is the Lord of prayer; he hears the cry of

131:4.4 We worship him because he is man’s faithful and

131:4.4 He is the great parent of heaven and earth,

131:4.4 He is the supreme refuge of the universe and the

131:4.4 he is the lover of mankind and the helper of those

131:4.4 He is our life giver and the Good Shepherd of the

131:4.5 he inhabits the other six wide-spreading universes.

131:4.5 He is supreme over all and in all.

131:4.6 He never fears who knows the blissful security of

131:5.2 He is the Creator, the God of all good purposes,

131:5.2 he beholds both the evil deeds of the wicked

131:5.3 at the same time nearest to us in that he dwells

131:5.3 he is more friendly to man than the most friendly

131:5.3 he is our wisdom, life, and vigor of soul and body.

131:8.2 He is truly spiritual; he stands alone and changes

131:8.2 He is indeed the world’s mother, and all creation

131:8.3 He is supreme in power, yet he remains hidden

131:8.3 He unceasingly transmutes his attributes while

131:8.3 He guides and directs, but without self-assertion.

131:8.3 He ministers progression, but without domination.

131:8.4 He is a wise man who regards all parts from the

131:8.5 he is on the left hand and on the right;

131:8.5 he supports all creation and indwells all true

131:8.5 neither can you go to a place where he is not.

131:8.5 he is the guardian and savior of mankind.

131:8.5 Since he can forgive sins, he is indeed most

131:10.2 Since he is the Creator, having made all things and

131:10.3 Father fills the universe, he also lives in our hearts.

131:10.4 He intends that all men should be brothers.

131:10.5 I will henceforth believe that he is also my Father.

131:10.5 we may ask many things of God, and he will give

131:10.6 To me he is the Almighty, the Creator, the Power,

131:10.6 but best of all, he is my spirit Father, and as his child

131:10.8 God, and he is a God of eternal salvation.”

133:4.8 minister to God in the persons whom he indwells by

136:1.4 he observed the outworking of this arrangement,

136:1.4 he was greatly disappointed, and that “He

136:1.4He repented that he had thus made man.”

136:7.2 For he shall give his angels charge over you,

137:4.7 He will help us.”

137:6.2 He shall appear to you in joy, and all others shall be

137:8.4 our lawgiver, Yahweh is our king; he will save us.

137:8.4 He is a great king over all the earth.

137:8.4 Blessed be the glory of the Lord for he is our King.”

140:3.16 likewise he sends rain on the just and the unjust.

141:2.1 he fills all things and proclaims his laws to

141:2.1 the spirit which he has sent to live within the souls

142:2.1 The prophets say he hates evildoers and takes

142:2.1 who so loves all men that he would welcome them

142:3.9 kindled against Israel, so much so that he moved

145:2.2 God, and he shall bless your bread and your water

145:4.2 heal the body, but rather that he is mighty to save

146:2.9 and he shall surely give you the sincere desires of

146:2.9 your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act.

146:2.9 and he will regard the prayer of the destitute.”

146:3.5 when I return to the Father, he will send his spirit

147:8.4 will you call upon the Lord, and he shall answer;

147:8.4 you will cry out, and he shall say—Here am I.

147:8.4 all this he will do if you refrain from oppression,

148:4.10 ‘I will be his Father and he shall be my son.

148:5.5 correction, for whom the Lord loves he corrects,

148:5.5 He knows your body;

148:5.5 he remembers that you are dust.

148:5.5He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their

148:5.5He is the hope of the poor, the strength of the

148:5.5He gives power to the faint, and to them who

148:5.5 to them who have no might he increases strength.

148:5.5 ‘A bruised reed shall he not break,

148:5.5 and the smoking flax he will not quench.

148:5.5He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to

148:6.2 as much as the rich; he is no respecter of persons.

148:6.10 but rather that he speaks within the human heart

148:6.10 that he has become what you are that he may

148:6.10 that he may make you what he is!”

149:6.5 “Your forebears feared God because he was

149:6.5 You shall adore him because he is magnificent in

149:6.5 of God are led to praise the Infinite for what he is

149:6.5 what he is rather than to fear him for what he does

149:6.11 he also dwells ‘with him who is of a contrite mind

150:4.1 pray the Lord of the harvest that he send forth still

150:5.2 joyful in the love of my God, for he has clothed me

150:8.2 for the light-giving lights which he has made for his

150:8.3 and with much overflowing pity has he pitied us,

150:8.9 “The spirit of the Lord is upon me because he has

150:8.9 He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives

152:5.3 He shall strengthen your heart.’

152:5.3 ‘Cast your burden on the Lord, and he shall

153:2.7 of God, that you believe him whom he has sent.’”

153:2.9 of all those he has given me I should not lose one.

153:3.2 has sent me into the world to show how he desires

155:1.2 He is not wrathful in his great displeasure.

155:6.6He will be kept in perfect peace whose mind is

155:6.17 He takes note of the physical and superstitious

156:5.3 from your revelation of the Father that he never does

156:5.4 They thought he softened the heart of Moses and

157:6.13 and he will never leave me alone in my mission,

160:3.1 How shall we induce men to let go of God that he

161:1.1 Rodan found it still more difficult to prove he is not

161:1.2 there are none with whom he can communicate as

161:1.2 but as such he is transcendent to personality, even

161:1.4 reveal himself personally; that he is still a mystery.

161:1.10 God must be a personality since he is the Creator of

161:1.11 than a personality, he cannot be anything less.

169:4.11 of relationship with his creatures, he is a Father.

171:8.13 4. He grants a like reward for like faithfulness when

172:3.4 He is just and he brings salvation.

172:3.4 He comes as the lowly one, riding upon an ass,

179:2.1 when I have finished that for which he sent me into

180:4.1 “When I have gone to the Father, and after he has

181:2.30 make supplication to the Father that he strengthen

183:3.4 majesty of the God of all creation, said, “I am he.”

183:3.6 again answered Jesus: “I have told you that I am he.

184:3.19 Man sits in judgment on God, but even then he loves

184:3.19 he loves them and would save them if he could.

188:4.11 he would not be satisfied with the childish scheme of

189:3.1 “As my Father has life in himself, so has he given

193:2.2 If, therefore, you are not fruitful, he will dig about

194:3.13 spirit to dwell within him when he has found him.

194:4.2 he has become a living presence in their souls.

195:7.10 But he cannot do it.

196:3.1 aver this First Cause is He, the heavenly Father

196:3.24 is not the mere invention of man’s idealism; he is

196:3.24 he is the personality of love from whom all of


196:3.1 aver this First Cause is He, the heavenly Father

he who

1:5.1He who planned the ear, shall he not hear?

1:5.1 He who formed the eye, shall he not see?”

1:5.3 It is he who sits on the circle of the earth, who

2:5.4 “I am he who blots out your transgressions for my

3:1.5 “You are of God” because “he who dwells in love

3:3.1 he who “balances the clouds” is also “perfect in

4:1.4He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High

4:1.4 “Behold, he who keeps us shall neither slumber nor

6:2.2He who has seen the Son has seen the Father.”

8:6.4He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit

28:6.18He who would be greatest among you let him be

28:6.20 The great man is not he who “takes a city” or

28:6.20 but rather “he who subdues his own tongue.”

32:3.6 It is a fact: He who has seen a Creator Son has

32:4.7 Thus does he who is invisible to mortal man

37:8.3 It was he who isolated Urantia at the time of the

43:6.3 He who has clean hands and a pure heart, who has

53:8.8 It is true: “He who is born of God keeps himself,

95:3.4 “The peaceful is he who does what is loved;

95:3.4 the guilty is he who does what is hated.”

95:7.6 “And when I am sick, it is he who heals me.”

96:5.4 “Remember the Lord your God, for it is he who

97:4.3 Said Amos: “He who formed the mountains and

97:7.10 I, even I, am he who blots out their transgressions

107:0.4 he who is indwelt by a divine Adjuster is indwelt by

131:2.6 He who rules his own spirit is mightier than he who

131:2.6 own spirit is mightier than he who takes a city.

131:2.10 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most

131:4.5 He who is full of faith worships truly when his inner

137:8.11 I declare that he who would be great in my Father’s

140:1.4 rather he who does the will of my Father who is in

140:6.4 He who nurses hatred in his heart and plans

140:8.2 Hebrew saying: “He who will not work shall not eat.

143:2.3 I say to you, he who rules his own self is greater

143:2.3 his own self is greater than he who captures a city.

143:5.7 he who will be called the Deliverer, and that, when

143:6.1 He who reaps receives wages and gathers this fruit

144:2.3 For every one who asks receives; he who seeks

144:8.4 yet he who is but small in the kingdom of heaven is

146:2.3He who turns away his ear from hearing the

146:3.7 he who surrenders to the will of my Father shall

146:3.7 He who enters the kingdom has eternal life already

149:4.2 That ‘he who is slow of wrath is of great

149:4.2 while ‘he who is hasty of temper exalts folly’?

149:4.2 while ‘he who has no control over his own self is

150:4.3 I declare to you that he who loves father or mother

151:3.15 He who has an ear to hear, let him hear.”

152:5.3He who dwells in the secret place of the Most

153:2.8 He who comes to me shall not hunger, while he

153:2.8 while he who believes me shall never thirst.

153:2.8 he who comes to me shall in nowise be cast out.

153:4.3 You compel me to declare that he who is not with

153:4.3 while he who gathers not with me scatters abroad.

157:6.13 He who has seen me has seen the Father.

158:6.3 that he who would be greatest in the kingdom

159:2.1 to reckon that he who is not against us is for us.

159:2.2 Master say, “He who is not with me is against me”?

162:2.1 He who speaks for himself seeks his own glory,

162:5.2 He who follows me shall not walk in darkness but

162:5.3 he who sent me is true and faithful; my Father

162:5.4 And he who sent me is even now with me; he has

162:5.4 And he who sent me is even now with me;

162:6.1 He who believes me shall be filled with the spirit

162:7.4 He who is of God hears gladly the words of God;

163:1.4 He who hears you hears me.

163:1.4 And he who hears me hears Him who sent me.

163:1.4 He who rejects your gospel message rejects me.

163:1.4 And he who rejects me rejects Him who sent me.”

164:1.4 The lawyer answered, “He who showed mercy,”

165:3.5 but he who shall knowingly deny the truth of my

165:3.6 but he who presumes to blaspheme against God

165:4.8 Have you not read the Scripture: ‘There is he who

167:1.5 while he who truly humbles himself shall be

167:2.1 “Blessed is he who shall eat bread in the kingdom”—

167:5.1 but he who humbles himself shall be exalted.”

168:0.7 he who believes in me, though he dies, yet shall he

168:0.7 God, even he who should come to this world.”

169:2.6 “I affirm that he who is faithful in little will also be

169:2.6 while he who is unrighteous in little will also be

169:4.2 that he who knows the Son knows also the Father;

162:2.3 the Father, and he who sent me is true and faithful.

169:4.12He who has seen me has seen the Father.”

171:0.6 He who would be first in the kingdom, let him

171:2.5 He who has ears to hear let him hear what I say.”

171:8.11 He who is faithful in little things is also likely to

172:3.9 “Hosanna to the son of David; blessed is he who

174:5.7 the Master said: “He who believes this gospel,

174:5.8 He who selfishly loves his life stands in danger of

174:5.8 he who is willing to lay down his life for my sake

174:5.13 He who walks in the darkness knows not where he

175:1.10 I have taught you that he who would be greatest

179:3.6He who is already clean needs only to have his feet

179:3.8 neither is one who is sent greater than he who sends

179:3.9 He who would be great among you, let him

179:3.9 while he who would be chief, let him become as

179:3.9 Who is the greater, he who sits at meat, or he who

179:3.9 Is it not commonly regarded that he who sits at

180:0.2 Henceforth, he who has a purse, let him take it

180:2.1 He who lives in me, and I in him, will bear much

180:3.2 He who hates me hates my Father.

180:3.9 Again do I declare: He who has seen me has seen

181:2.20 Philip, he who has seen me has seen the Father.”

182:3.4 camp, for, behold, he who betrays me is at hand,

193:3.2He who would have friends must show himself

headnounanatomical or mind

3:3.1 also, “The very hairs of your h. are numbered.”

38:2.3 told that the “very hairs of your h. are numbered,”

39:5.12 wings extending from the h. to the foot of the angel.

42:6.8 electron—should be magnified to the size of the h. of

42:6.8 a pin’s h. would attain a diameter equal to that of the

42:9.1 because there are seven openings in the human h.,

59:4.10 one had a long body connecting a h. and tail,

70:1.12 Mourning continued until a h. was brought home.

82:3.5 might not marry until he possessed at least one h.,

85:3.4 The Hindus often show Vishnu with a horse’s h..

86:5.15 was located by various peoples in the h., hair, heart,

86:5.15 H. hunting was a method of capturing an enemy’s

86:5.16 One soul lived in the breath, one in the h., one in the

86:5.17 the animal in the heart, the intellectual in the h..

87:2.8 slaves; this notion motivated men to h. hunting.

87:6.4 1. Cutting off the h. and tying the body in the grave.

89:4.9 had sacrificed: 113,433 slaves, 493,386 h. of cattle,

89:8.3 Shaving the h. and cutting the hair were forms of

125:2.9 find Jesus sitting off by himself with his youthful h.

125:5.9 did not weep; he only bowed his h. in silent devotion

125:6.9 the lad raised his staff aloft and, quivering from h.

133:1.5 In my heart, Teacher, I agree with you, but in my h.

133:2.1 or did you foolishly lose your h. and thoughtlessly

133:6.2 young man who had received promotion over his h..

135:8.6 for a moment an apparition over the h. of Jesus,

135:12.6 Herodias, “Go to Herod and ask for the h. of John

135:12.6 “I request that you give me the h. of John the

135:12.7 a soldier, commanding him to bring the h. of John.

135:12.7 soldier bringing the h. of the prophet on a platter

137:4.9 tenderly upon her h., saying: “Now, now, Mother

139:2.6 Jesus knew that Peter’s faults were of the h. and

139:2.7 bring down upon Peter’s h. the fearless denunciation

140:2.1 Then the Master placed his hands upon the h. of

143:3.3 you are able to attack troubles with a clearer h.

143:3.5 When they went up the mountain, Andrew’s h.

146:5.2 when Jesus had bowed his h. a moment in silent

147:5.3 of gratitude, wiping them with the hair of her h..

147:5.4 with tears and wiped them with the hair of her h..

147:5.4 My h. with oil you neglected to anoint, but she has

147:8.3 Is it to bow down his h. like a bulrush, to grovel in

148:8.4 so fanatical that Beth-Marion went out of her h.

150:4.3 Know you not that the very hairs of your h. are all

154:7.2 life, the Master truly “had not where to lay his h..”

156:5.1 of the white lily which rears its pure and snowy h.

157:6.12 heaven have nests, I have not where to lay my h.?”

158:4.6 stepped forward and, placing his hand on the h. of

163:1.5 about him, laid his hands upon the h. of every man.

163:2.2 but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his h..

165:3.4 To the seraphic guardians the very hairs of your h.

172:1.5 after anointing the Master’s h., she began to pour

172:1.6 put his hand upon Mary’s h. as she knelt by his

173:1.3 The temple h. tax, payable by all except women,

179:3.5 not my feet only but also my hands and my h..”

184:4.2 started, Jesus indicated to John, by a nod of his h.,

185:6.2 the reed from his hand and struck him upon the h..

187:1.2 top of the cross, just above the h. of the criminal,

187:1.6 the Master turned his h. toward them and said:

187:2.5 cross, the captain nailed the title up above his h.,

187:2.7 captain was nailing the title above the Master’s h..

187:5.5 And when he had thus spoken, he bowed his h. and

189:4.6 Mary saw only the folded napkin where his h. had


89:0.1 The h., in addition to practicing the cult of skull


82:3.5 Among the h. a youth might not marry until he

89:7.4 In olden times, if a woman met h., she could


88:1.8 in skull fetishes accounts for much of later-day h..


152:5.6 bringing to a h. the miracle-seeking, king-craving

127:2.1 They proposed to bring things to a h. through revolt.

headleader or director or front

16:3.15 presiding h. of the Paradise council of the Seven

17:1.2 Supreme Executives have no presiding h.; each time

21:0.5 The original Michael is the presiding h of the primary

21:2.2 to become the h.—virtually the God—of the local

21:3.24 the universal h. of all power, personality, and

22:10.4 Not long since I was directed to h. a commission

25:2.6 and best qualified to act as judicial h. of the group.

31:8.4 the presiding h. of the Architects of the Master

31:9.1 the senior Master Architect, is the co-ordinating h.

31:10.9 Each of these destiny corps has a presiding h.,

33:5.1 At the h. of this Paradise group in Nebadon is the

35:5.1 a Son of this order is uniformly found at the h. of

35:6.1 senior associate becomes the h. of the government

35:9.2 Sometimes no change in the h. of the trio is made,

37:0.1 At the h. of all personality in Nebadon stands the

37:2.6 The h. of these superangels is Gavalia, the first-born

38:5.1 Nebadon seraphim, and at their h. is the original

43:5.12 10. The Most High judge-advocate, the h. of the

45:2.3 The present h. of Satania is a gracious and brilliant

45:3.16 7. The original Adam of Satania, the supervising h.

45:3.21 12. The acting h. of the corps of ascending mortals.

46:5.25 associate h. of this powerful group of superangels,

50:0.2 the dispatch of an administrative h. to function on

53:4.3 of the new h. of “the liberated worlds and systems.”

53:6.2 the h. of the seraphic hosts joined the Lucifer cause.

53:9.2 Upon Michael’s becoming the settled h. of the

55:8.3 Such a sovereign remains perpetually at the h. of his

66:2.2 At the h. of this group was Daligastia, the associate-

66:5.13 The h. of this council was Hap.

67:6.4 remaining as titular h. of superhuman personalities

70:6.3 The family had a biologic h.; the clan, a selected

71:1.9 6. A strong executive h..

75:5.2 Laotta, the brilliant Nodite woman who was h. of the

76:2.9 son, Enoch, became the h. of the Elamite Nodites.

76:3.3 Jansad, became the successor of Adam as the h. of

76:3.4 the h. of the new priesthood of the second garden.

76:4.8 Eve was made the h. of a commission of twelve on

83:5.10 the home was dominated by the h. wife, the status

93:5.12 Abraham, at the h. of his seven confederated tribes,

94:1.4 Agni was exalted as the father-h. of the pantheon.

94:6.12 China, once at the h. of human society because of

95:6.2 seven supreme gods with Ahura-Mazda at its h..

97:1.9 O Lord, and you are exalted as h. above all.”

98:1.3 h. of the whole Greek pantheon of subordinate gods.

112:7.13 Grandfanda, acting h. of the Corps of the Finality.

114:2.3 But the ex officio h. of this council is the Assigned

114:3.2 is the respected h. and universally recognized leader

114:4.3 the actual and sovereign h. of the government,

114:7.11 corps of destiny, though having no permanent h.,

119:8.1 this union of God and man sole h. of the universe

121:0.1 sponsored by the presiding h. of our order and

126:2.2 an apparently cruel hand struck down the h. of this

126:2.2 attendant upon becoming the h. of a human family

127:0.1 he found himself the h. and sole support of a family.

127:3.4 Jesus presided over this household as the h. of the

127:3.13 real h. of the family; and he was truly a worthy h..

127:4.9 Jesus had become unquestioned h. of the house.

127:5.1 now become the indispensable h. of the family?

127:5.2 the dread of losing the h. and sole support of her

127:6.5 Lazarus was the same age as Jesus and now h. of the

128:2.4 solemnly installed James as acting h. of the family.

128:2.7 James had had two years’ experience as acting h. of

128:4.1 preparatory to becoming the h. of this new project.

128:5.7 for him to have a chance to serve as the acting h. of

128:7.11 Joseph was installed by Jesus as h. of the family.

128:7.13 formally and solemnly abdicated as h. of Joseph’s

128:7.13 James as “h. and protector of my father’s house.”

133:6.2 young man who had received promotion over his h..

134:1.4 they regarded James as the h. of the family in most

134:4.10 authority rested in their presiding h.—Cymboyton.

135:2.4 John was very fond of Abner, the leader and h. of

139:1.3 his appointment by Jesus as the h. of the apostolic

139:11.9 character of the divine Father who stands at the h.

142:7.4 first commandment of love for the father, the h. of

142:8.1 this place, and Abner had been h. of this group.

144:7.4 believer in Jesus and was later on made the h. of

149:6.8 unreservedly worshiped center and h. of this

157:7.1 related himself to the h. of the apostolic corps.

163:1.1 Abner was placed at the h. of the gospel preachers

163:2.1 Abner, and the acting h. of the evangelistic corps.

163:2.7 James the Lord’s brother in the flesh was the h..

165:0.1 John the Baptist, a Nazarite and onetime h. of the

166:2.8 when they receive gifts from the h. of the house,

166:4.9 But the h. gardener answered his master: ‘Let it

166:5.3 church, of which James the Lord’s brother was h.,

166:5.3 Abner became the h. of the Philadelphia church,

166:5.5 Abner was h. of a church which was without

169:4.1 h. of this brotherhood as the Father in heaven.

170:5.9 Jesus as the Redeemer-Creator and spiritual h. of a

170:5.17 Christ thus became the h. of the church rather than

171:5.1 Jesus and his apostles, at the h. of a band of about

172:5.8 when the Master arrived at the temple at the h. of

181:2.16 you have faithfully represented me as acting h. of the

181:2.16 I designated you as the acting h. of these chosen

181:2.17 release from responsibility as the administrative h.

182:3.7 employ none of his power as the supreme h. of a

191:5.6 then, as the Master’s form moved over near the h. of

192:0.2 Peter was the generally recognized h of the apostolic

194:4.12 brother of Jesus had been installed as its titular h..


22:10.4 Not long since I was directed to h. a commission


90:4.4 of trephining the skull to allow a h. spirit to escape.


15:1.2 are not plunging h., without chart and compass,

151:6.6 herd of swine, causing them forthwith to rush h. to

159:2.4 entered the herd of swine and rushed them h. over


70:4.9 The clan h. were subordinate to the tribal chief,

70:4.10 the tribal chiefs and early kings consisted of the h. of


29:2.10 Each center supervisor is h. on one of the special

39:2.8 The fifth group of the superior seraphim are h. on

41:2.3 serving as liaison chief of the power inspectors h. on

headquarterssee headquarters sphere(s);

     headquarters world; headquarters worlds;

     headquarterswith constellation

     headquarterswith local universe(s)

     headquarterswith sector

     headquarterswith superuniverse(s)

     headquarterswith system

11:2.1 a h. commensurate with the dignity and infinitude of

11:3.4 suitable for the lodgment h. of one billion glorified

11:4.2 maintain force-focal h. on the Paradise periphery.

11:9.7 Paradise is the universal h of all personality activities

12:7.12 personal self-conscious being with residential h.,

13:0.1 the executive-h. worlds of the Seven Master Spirits.

13:1.7 the Paradise h. of the descending and ascending

13:4.6 Seven Master Spirits are, in reality, the Paradise h.

15:3.13 the so-called star drifts, about the Uversa h. of

16:0.12 Master Spirit maintains an enormous force-focal h.,

16:0.12 converge at the Paradise h of the supervising Master

17:1.1 The executive h. of the Master Spirits occupy the

17:2.3 He maintains permanent Paradise h. near the center

17:6.8 when the Creator Son returns to universe h. after the

22:1.10 on the circuit h. planets of the Havona circuits

24:0.10 Solitary Messengers are without known general h.;

24:1.7 who maintain h. on the seven Paradise spheres of

25:4.11 Technical Advisers maintain common h. on the

29:1.3 the whereabouts of the h. of the Master Spirits.

29:4.15 directors to the h. of the universes, constellations,

31:0.13 The finaliters maintain their own h. on Paradise,

31:1.1 at the administrative h. of the corps, a registry for

35:2.9 The number of Melchizedeks of record on their h.

36:2.2 1. The Life Carrier h..

37:3.3 divisional h. of the archangels has been maintained

37:3.4 confused planet has become a divisional h. for the

39:0.11 schools attached to the h. of the Planetary Prince

39:5.3 The planetary h. of such an Adam and Eve is

39:5.13 they are brought to the h. of the sphere and, after

39:5.15 at noon at the meridian of the designated spiritual h.,

40:9.2 to Divinington, the h. of all divine Monitors,

42:1.6 Gods embraced in one, as they function at the h. of

43:1.7 The sea of glass is encircled by the h. amphitheater.

43:1.7 whose boundaries converge at the h. buildings of

43:1.9 thirty-fifth triangle adjoining the h. of the finaliters,

43:1.9 The general h. of the univitatia occupies an

43:4.4 the extensive administrative h. buildings wherein the

43:4.10 This temporary edifice is the h. of the Most High

44:3.6 —those who build the h. of morontia training and

46:7.1 are occupied by the lower native life of the h. planet,

46:7.1 is situated the vast circular h. of the spornagia.

47:0.2 being the h. of the finaliter corps assigned to Satania.

47:0.2 This world now serves as the h. for more than one

47:0.4 The Uversa conciliators maintain h. on each of the

47:0.4 directors and celestial artisans maintain group h.

47:1.3 perceive finaliters as they function in their h. abodes.

47:5.1 Mansonia the third is the h. of the Mansion World

47:5.1 they maintain their group h. at the center of the

47:5.2 the h. of the finaliters and the system probationary

47:5.2 the morontia supervisor h. for all Satania and the

47:5.2 the h. of the angelic orders and the home of their

47:6.1 there to become familiar with the h. and training

47:7.3 world of corresponding number, the Sons’ h..

48:2.11 They maintain h. on each of the first mansion worlds

48:3.3 The Morontia Companions maintain ten thousand h.

48:3.15 the abodes assigned as h. for your sojourn on the

49:0.1 the final universe h. school of the Melchizedeks,


50:4.1 schools of the prince are located at the material h. of

50:4.2 connected with the establishment of this h. city

50:4.2 Such h. cities, or settlements, of the early times of

50:4.2 the Adamic regime centering around a garden h.,

50:4.3 In the h. settlement on your world every habitation

51:6.2 On normal worlds the garden h. of the violet race

51:6.2 the h. city of the Planetary Prince, sets the pace for

51:6.2 For centuries the city h. schools of the Planetary

51:6.3 still another and older h. of celestial ministry whose

53:5.6 exposure of the rebel sophistries from his h. near

53:6.1 second in command of the Satania h.’ seraphim.

53:7.5 with the Solitary Messengers they took up h. on the

55:7.1 the morontia temple at the new planetary h. to the

63:6.7 Onagar maintained h. on the northern shores of

64:6.6 later activities of the world h. of the Planetary Prince

64:6.7 maintained his h. among the great redwood trees of

64:6.12 when their h. was at Armageddon some three

64:6.15 traveled far from the influences of the spiritual h.

64:6.28 near the h. of the Planetary Prince the more recently

66:0.2 The Prince’s h., established in Mesopotamia, was

66:2.7 at the threshold of the planetary h. of the Prince.

66:3.1 The h. of the Planetary Prince was situated in the

66:3.3 The h. of the Planetary Prince on Urantia was typical

66:3.4 The city was laid out in ten subdivisions with the h.

66:3.4 The administrative h. of the Prince was arranged in

66:3.5 Dalamatia were all one story except the council h.,

66:3.7 Near the Prince’s h. there dwelt all colors and strata

66:4.1 tribes near the Mesopotamian h. were influenced by

66:4.11 of service in carrying on the affairs of the world’s h..

66:4.16 children of the Andon tribes were kept at h. as the

66:5.30 pattern of civilization prevailing at the Prince’s h.

66:7.1 The Prince’s h., though exquisitely beautiful and

66:7.2 At this h. of culture no methods were employed

66:7.3 at the world’s social center and educational h..

67:5.2 years before the beautiful h. went down beneath the

67:5.4 the planetary h. sank beneath the waters of the sea,

72:8.7 Near the national h. and at the twenty-five coastal

73:2.1 Van and his associates, from their highland h. of

73:2.3 From the highland h. and from sixty-one settlements,

73:3.2 were occupied in transferring the world’s cultural h.,

73:5.1 To the north the administrative h. was established;

73:7.4 was to establish racial, continental, and divisional h.

74:1.5 accompanied parents to the dematerialization h. of

77:1.3 service in carrying on the affairs of the Prince’s h.,

77:1.6 of influencing society remote from the planetary h..

77:3.1 new city of Dilmun as their racial and cultural h..

77:5.10 onetime the Adamsonite h. of the violet race.

78:1.3 The center of the violet race was the Adamsonite h.,

78:1.5 settlements to the north and east of the Adamson h..

78:8.2 as the h. for the peculiar artcrafts of that day.

80:5.2 the military h. of the Andites was in Denmark.

80:6.1 became the successor of Mesopotamia as the h. of

94:5.1 hundred years, the Salemites maintained their h.,

95:1.9 In one generation the Salem h. at Kish came to an

95:3.2 Eden, later on from Melchizedek’s h. at Salem.

97:9.7 David with his small army made his h. at the city of

98:3.5 religion of the Mother of God sect, which had its h.

112:7.12 The Paradise h. of this fused being is Ascendington,

114:4.3 commanding archangel attached to the divisional h.

114:7.16 location on the planet of a circuit and divisional h.

119:2.2 Lutentia, reigned supreme on his h. planet for twenty

119:1.3 the Melchizedek sphere, the h. of that order in

119:4.2 this significant news item from the seraphic h. of

119:6.1 Michael called the sojourners on the h. planet

119:6.1 Most High on the h. planet of the fifth constellation.

124:3.1 engage in fishing with the uncle who made his h.

128:3.3 he insisted they stop with him at his Jerusalem h..

128:5.3 that Alexandria was destined to become the h. of

129:1.4 situated down the lake shore near the fishing h. of

129:2.1 Jude’s fishing h. was only a few miles south of

130:2.3 early Christian church, having its h. at Philadelphia,

131:0.1 Melchizedek, who went forth from their Salem h.

134:8.1 Jesus established his h., and leaving his supplies in

135:1.1 was the southern h. of the Nazarite brotherhood,

141:0.1 twelve apostles made ready to depart from their h.

141:9.1 Jesus and his apostles to make their h. with Lazarus

143:1.1 the apostolic party made its h. at the Greek cities

145:0.1 made their h. at the home of Zebedee in Bethsaida.

145:2.15 Zebedee, where Jesus and the twelve made their h.

147:0.1 two weeks at the Bethsaida h. before they departed

147:2.1 and established their h., as usual, at Bethany.

147:6.1 Jesus and the twelve departed from their Bethany h.

149:0.4 David Zebedee maintained a permanent h. for the

150:0.1 Abner and his associates made their h. at Hebron

154:7.2 the home of Zebedee, which had served as h. for the

156:4.1 Jesus maintained his h. at the home of a Jew named

159:6.4 this place was the h. in Judea for David’s messengers

162:9.2 At this time, Abner was making his h. at Bethlehem,

163:4.6 5. If the first house to be selected for a h. proves to

163:5.1 the twelve now prepared to establish their last h. in

163:6.1 accompanied by numerous believers, at the Pella h..

163:7.1 Throughout this period the h. of Jesus and the

166:5.2 became a Christian church and the missionary h. for

166:5.3 Philadelphia was really the h. of the early church

171:0.2 some kind of nationalistic government with h. at

171:1.6 Antioch became the h. of Pauline Christianity,

171:4.3 belief in the temporal kingdom on earth, with h. at

174:0.1 the missionary movement having its h. in that city.

174:0.3 made their h. for the remainder of the Master’s life

183:4.2 to maintain a clearinghouse and messenger h. for

183:4.8 which David continued to operate from his h. at the

185:0.2 of Antonia, where Pilate and his wife made their h.

186:1.1 guards marched with his men to their temple h..

192:4.5 And the eleven made this upper chamber their h.

headquarters sphere(s)

15:8.1 The h. of the superuniverses are so constructed

15:8.1 they are able to function as efficient power-energy

15:8.1 They exert a powerful influence over the balance of

15:13.6 as Trinity observers and advisers on the h. of the

17:4.2 Even on a superuniverse h. they require the

18:2.2 Periodically, the Eternals of Days visit the h. of the

18:3.6 located at the point of spiritual polarity on their h..

22:5.5 They serve on Uversa and on the major and minor h.

23:1.8 and as personalized on the h. of the local universes.

24:4.2 An inspector is stationed on the h. of each local

25:1.5 to serve on the study worlds encircling the h. of

25:3.9 orders of seraphim and other residents of the h. of a

30:3.13 domiciled as a courtesy colony on the various h..

30:4.22 the higher cultural spheres of the superuniverse h..

32:2.3 projected constellations and the ten thousand h. of

36:1.3 tests for such purposes on the Life Carriers’ h..

36:2.10 World Number One, the h., together with its six

36:2.12 transmitted to the h., where they are scrutinized

37:9.12 But the Uversa h. are continuously fostered by an

39:3.6 seventy morontia progress worlds encircling the h..

39:5.13 are brought to the h. of the sphere and, after due

41:1.4 Power Centers are not stationed on the h. sphere but

41:2.3 A Master Physical Controller, stationed on this h.,

44:0.1 seven hundred seventy worlds surrounding each h.

48:1.2 and the morontia grandeur of the local universe h..

48:3.14 will accompany you on the longer trips to the h.

73:6.3 nonintelligent life is native to the constellation h.,

119:2.4 bestowal, Michael again took leave of his h..

headquarters world

1:1.4 out in the starry creation, he is known, as on the h.

15:2.5 Each universe has a magnificent architectural h. and

15:2.6 has a wonderful h., wherefrom its rulers administer

15:2.8 Each is provided with an enormous and glorious h.

15:11.2 assembly of the superuniverse is confined to the h.

15:14.6 Satania has a h. called Jerusem, and it is system

15:14.6 hundred local systems and has a h. called Edentia.

15:14.7 consists of one hundred minor sectors and has a h.

24:1.10 A tertiary circuit supervisor functions on the h. of

30:2.129 universes as they are of record on the h. of Uversa.

32:1.5 the architectural sphere which is to become the h. of

32:2.3 in Nebadon consisted in the organization of the h.,

32:2.5 A Creator Son is unable to leave his h. until such a

34:4.7 Mother Spirit never leaves the local universe h..

34:4.7 spirit presence seems to be fixed on the universe h.

34:4.12 the local universe, the living compasses of the h..

35:3.18 of the ascendant sojourn on the constellation h..

36:5.3 the adjutant spirits on the Life Carrier h. indicate

43:4.2 representative of Immanuel since creation of the h..

44:0.5 corps of morontia supervisors functioning on the h.

45:2.5 various orders of personalities domiciled on the h..

45:6.2 from the time they attain citizenship on the h. until

46:4.9 perfection of the spiritual appointments of this h.!

46:5.21 the Infinite Spirit who may be stationed on the h.

46:5.32 this same vacant temple is found on every system h.

47:0.4 the other transitional-culture planets and the h.,

47:6.1 mortals as they make these repeated visits to the h.

47:9.4 soon be welcomed on the receiving field of the h. as

51:3.2 are patterned after the botanic grandeur of the h.

55:8.1 system legislative assembly is constituted on the h.,

55:10.4 and as the Master Son may be absent from the h..

55:10.5 become the supreme counselor stationed on the h.

55:12.3 become the high administrative body on the h. of the

119:3.3 there appeared, unannounced, on the h. of system 87

headquarters worlds

9:7.1 reflectivity is shown in perfection on each of the h.

9:7.2 disclosed on the superuniverse h. in the amazing

11:9.6 His home is the beauteous pattern for all universe h.;

13:0.1 the executive-h. worlds of the Seven Master Spirits.

13:1.10 more particularly as it is operative on the h. of the

15:0.2 the h. of these superuniverse governments were

15:7.1 These h. are architectural spheres, space bodies

15:7.1 These h. belong to one of the greater systems

15:7.3 The h. of the seven superuniverses partake of the

15:7.3 In reality, all h. are paradisiacal.

15:7.3 They are indeed heavenly abodes, and they increase

15:7.3 all the satellites of these h. are architectural spheres.

15:7.4 The various h. are provided with every phase of

15:10.22 of created beings on the h. of the superuniverses.

15:13.5 Minor sector h. are the grand rendezvous of the

15:13.5 These h. are surrounded by the seven instruction

18:0.10 from the Paradise spheres of the Father to the h. of

18:5.4 may be away on a tour of inspection of the h. of

22:2.8 are stationed on the various h. and on individual

24:1.9 On the h. of each superuniverse are stationed the

25:2.2 On the h. of the seven superuniverses there

25:2.2 number of Universal Conciliators appear on the h.

25:3.13 on the educational spheres surrounding the h. of

28:4.2 Ancients of Days and only on their respective h..

28:4.13 who carry the pilgrims of time from the h. of the

29:3.9 and other material necessities of these special h..

29:4.15 the physical controllers are maintained on the h.

30:2.148 On all h. of both local and superuniverses,

30:2.157 will be found thus organized and governed on all h.

30:3.5 astronomer colonies to be found on the sector h.

30:3.11 of celestial visitors pours through the various h..

30:4.23 sectors, and superuniverse h. of spirit progression.

32:2.3 followed by the creation of the one hundred h. of the

33:8.1 The universe h. are concerned with adjudication.

35:7.2 legislative assemblies as they functioned on the h.

37:9.8 the permanent population of the constellation h..

37:10.3 The architectural h. of the local universe are real

37:10.3 care and culture of the material phases of these h.,

38:4.2 These h. are among the magnificent realms of

38:9.12 for the exhibits of the planets on the system h..

43:0.3 the constellation h. are fully supplied with all orders

43:2.4 on the evolutionary planets and on the system h. are

43:6.1 On the constellation h. living embellishment is

43:7.5 function beyond the confines of the constellation h..

44:0.1 colonies of the various divisional and universe h.

44:0.1 throughout the grand universe—on the h. of the

45:2.3 few personalities were lost either on the h. or

46:1.5 Thus it will be recognized that h. are not luminous

46:7.2 spornagia are the landscape gardeners of the h.,

48:5.6 On the universe h. you will enter the schools of pure

55:8.4 first time midsoniters come from the universe h. of

73:6.3 found on the h. of the local and superuniverses

109:7.6 the sevenfold Creator Sons come to the h. of the

113:7.4 you through the superb career of the universe h..

119:1.3 those dwelling on the constellation and system h.

119:6.5 assembled from the constellation h. of Nebadon,

headquarterswith constellation

1:1.5 On your c. God is referred to as the Universal

15:2.4 Each constellation has an architectural h. sphere and

15:7.6 Edentia, the h. of your constellation of Norlatiadek,

15:13.6 attached to the councils of the Most Highs at the h.

18:7.2 architectural training spheres surrounding a c..

25:3.8 Not many problems developing on the c. fall under

29:4.15 dispatched by the power directors to the h. of the

32:1.5 creating architectural worlds which are to serve as c.

33:2.5 visiting the constellation and system h. and even the

33:5.3 brethren, the Faithfuls of Days, serving on the h. of

33:6.5 The broadcasts are simultaneously directed to the c.,

33:6.6 broadcasts are periodically sent from the h. of the

33:8.1 located on the h. of the one hundred constellations.

34:3.3 such a Universe Spirit on either the system or c..

35:4.2 On Edentia, your c., they are known as emergency

35:6.1 present policy, has a period of service on the h. of

35:6.5 with the presence of the various groups at c. and

35:9.3 made by the supreme council located on the c. from

35:9.4 Lanonandek councils stationed on the various c..

37:9.8 Each of the one hundred c. clusters of architectural

37:9.12 Edentia, your c., has the univitatia, while the citizens

38:5.3 the h. of the assigned constellation to begin their

39:3.1 These able ministers make their h. on the capitals but

39:3.8 transporters, carrying beings to and from the h. of

39:3.10 on Edentia, the h. of the constellation of Norlatiadek

39:3.11 seraphim are held on the h. of the constellations.

43:0.4 They make their h. on the capital spheres and


43:1.7 The sea of glass is encircled by the h. amphitheater.

43:1.7 whose boundaries converge at the h. buildings of

43:1.9 thirty-fifth triangle adjoining the h. of the finaliters,

43:1.9 The general h. of the univitatia occupies an

43:2.3 are two subsidiary but major tribunals at the h. of

43:4.4 the extensive administrative h. buildings wherein the

43:4.10 This temporary edifice is the h. of the Most High

43:7.1 surrounding the c. being under their supervision.

46:3.1 of broadcasts from the local worlds, from the c.,

49:6.16 many survivors awaken on the c. and there begin the

50:0.1 are assigned to the reserves of their order on the c..

50:2.2 there is an analogous council of seventy at the c.

53:4.2 legislative activities on the c. and the conduct of

55:9.1 characterized by readjustments on the c.,

57:3.8 the one hundred c. groups of planets were begun.

73:6.3 form of nonintelligent life is native to the c. spheres

119:6.3 Michael appeared on the h. of constellation five as

119:8.1 The Faithfuls of Days on the c. were instructed to

191:3.4 from the sojourn on the h. even on to, and through,

headquarterswith local universe

6:1.5 On Salvington, the h. of your local universe,

15:5.13 such as Salvington, the h. of your local universe,

17:0.12 Mother Spirit resident on Salvington, the h. of your

17:3.8 of import transpiring on a l. is inherently reflected

17:6.8 when the Creator Son returns to universe h. after

18:3.1 the training worlds surrounding the h. of a local

18:6.7 temporary absence of a Creator Son from the h. of

18:7.4 Like the Union of Days on a universe h., Faithfuls of

20:3.1 tasks of the new dispensation, and return to the h. of

20:5.3 Spirit of Truth is dependent upon the return to h. of

20:5.6 At the h. of his local universe a Creator Son,

21:2.11 Spirit of a local universe remains always at its h.,

23:2.18 they are traveling out directly from universe h.,

24:5.2 to the Associate Inspector stationed at universe h..

29:2.16 On the h. of each local universe are stationed one

29:4.15 dispatched by the power directors to the h. of the

29:4.17 always present in each local system, maintaining h.

30:4.20 real spirit identity just before they leave the l. for the

30:4.29 be duly transmitted to the h. of your local universe

32:2.4 Salvington, the h. of Nebadon, is situated at the

32:2.5 Salvington is the personal h. of Michael, but he will

32:3.5 On the h. of a local universe there reside all those

32:4.10 the Creator Son who rules in God’s stead at the h.

33:1.1 His h. is in the threefold mansion of light on

33:1.3 spiritual drawing power, spirit gravity, from the h. of

33:2.5 Michael’s h. is officially located on Salvington,

33:3.1 the Infinite Spirit functions from the h. of each local

33:6.4 constellations to one another and to the universe h.;

33:8.1 On Salvington, the h. of Nebadon, there are no true

33:8.2 true legislation is not enacted at the universe h.,

34:4.11 two presentations, one pertaining to the universe h.

35:2.3 independent of information coming to universe h.

35:3.1 world of their own near Salvington, the universe h.

35:6.2 This council is in frequent session at universe h.

35:6.3 Const. Father is in attendance upon duties at the h.

37:4.3 Their general h. is situated in the Salvington sector

37:6.1 From their h. on the Salvington worlds of the

37:6.2 On the universe h. itself are numerous schools,

37:8.4 The Nebadon Census Director, Salsatia, maintains h.

37:9.7 citizens on Salvington, the h. of this local universe.

38:4.1 each such group maintains h. on one of these six

38:4.4 seraphim have group, company, battalion, and unit h.

38:6.1 the second millennium of sojourn at seraphic h.

39:0.1 Inf. Spirit, as personalized on the local universe h.,

39:2.8 and serve as space traversers to and from the h. of

39:4.15 by a transport seraphim of the universe h. group.

40:8.1 reach the last educational worlds of the universe h.;

43:6.1 the universe h. is more reflective of spiritual glory,

45:3.22 local system on the supreme council at universe h.,

45:3.22 Satania now has an observer at the h. of the local

45:4.1 Jerusem is located the h. of the Urantia advisory

45:4.16 vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia with h. on

45:5.1 The great divisions of celestial life have their h. and

48:1.2 spheres around the constellations and the universe h.

48:2.18 from the mansion spheres up to the universe h.,

48:3.3 The Morontia Companions maintain ten thousand h.

48:5.2 seraphim are often summoned to universe h.,

48:5.2 educational spheres connected with the universe h..

49:0.1 the final universe h. school of the Melchizedeks,

49:6.14 the universe h. for the Adjusterless children of the

49:6.16 The less perfected group reawaken on the h. of their

49:6.18 in the presence of the Sovereign Son on the h..

52:5.6 mission, and returns to the Creator Son at the h..

53:0.2 these thousands of systems and at the universe h.,

55:2.9 of the progression worlds of the universe h..

55:4.25 secure planetary release and from the universe h.

55:4.26 Subsequently they may all go to universe h. and

55:4.29 indwelt at the time of transfer to the universe h..

55:8.1 and only appeals are taken to the universe h..

55:9.3 which were formerly centered on the universe h..

55:10.4 the individual inhabited worlds to the universe h..

56:3.3 as it is directed from the h. of the local universes.

56:3.4 unified in the personalities resident on the h. and

62:7.3 and Jerusem in honor of the registration on the h. of

65:7.1 This order of mind is ministered from the l. or from

108:3.2 from there are communicated to the h. concerned

112:4.1 From the h. and the superuniverse a reflective

113:2.6 At the universe h. seraphim are registered by name

113:6.3 the attending seraphim must proceed to the h.,

119:2.3 of intention to be absent from the universe h. for the

119:4.2 this significant news item from the seraphic h. of

headquarterswith sector

15:2.6 Supreme Trinity Personalities, on each minor s..

15:2.7 Each major sector is provided with a superb h. and

15:7.8 Uminor the third, the h. of your minor sector, Ensa,

15:7.9 Umajor the fifth, the h. of your major sector,

18:4.7 the Perfections of Days when you advance to the h.

18:4.8 The work on the worlds surrounding a major s.

18:5.3 The minor sector spheres are the h. of the Master

18:5.4 always remains on duty at the h. of a minor sector.

22:6.3 important services on the h. of the minor sectors,

22:9.3 Perfections of Days on the h. of the major sectors

57:8.10 the records of the minor and the major s. planets of

headquarterswith superuniverse(s)

1:7.9 on Uversa, the h. of the seventh superuniverse,

2:3.3 judges residential on, and operating from, the h..

6:1.5 On Uversa, the h., we designate the Son as the

9:8.3 direct representative of the Third Source on the h..

15:3.13 the so-called star drifts, about the Uversa h. of

15:7.2 Time is standardized on the h. of the superuniverses.

15:10.1 The h. are the seats of the high spiritual government

15:10.2 The s. are the abiding places of the Reflective Spirits

15:10.18 5. Teacher Sons who may chance to be on duty at s.

15:10.19 Eternals of Days who may happen to be present at s..

15:11.3 the deliberative assemblies on the s. reveals the

15:12.2 always formulated on, and executed from, the h.

15:13.6 constellations of the local universes up to the h..

16:3.3 liaison with the seven Reflective Spirits at the h. of

16:3.7 in liaison with the Reflective Spirits at the h. of the

16:3.9 is in liaison with the Reflective Spirits of the h. of the

16:3.11 is in liaison with the Reflective Spirits at the h. of the

16:3.13 with the Reflective Spirits at the h. of the sixth

16:3.20 of Uversa, the h. of the seventh superuniverse,

17:0.11 on the h. of the seven superuniverses they reveal

17:1.8 The children of the Infinite Spirit on the h. of each

17:1.8 beings who transiently dwell on the seven s..

17:3.1 seven of these Reflective Spirits on the h. of each

17:3.1 seven dissimilar Reflective Spirits maintain h. on

17:3.8 outward to the local universe capitals from the h.

17:3.11 On the h. of each superuniverse the reflective

17:4.1 just seven Aids on the h. of each superuniverse.

17:4.2 Even on a s. sphere they require the assistance of

18:4.8 the four hundred ninety university worlds of a s..

19:7.4 can reach any point in a superuniverse, from its h.,

20:7.5 dispatched directly to the h. of the superuniverses

22:2.7 They maintain constant connection with their h.

22:3.2 High in Authority maintain their own h. on Uversa,

23:2.15 from the h. of one superuniverse directly to the h.

24:0.10 Supervisors and the Census Directors maintain h.

24:2.4 One Census Director presides at the h. of each

24:5.4 not report to the Supreme Executives through a s..

25:3.1 Conciliators maintain group h. on the capital of their

25:3.2 They take origin on the h. of a superuniverse and

28:1.1 These high angels are of record on the s., and despite

28:2.1 corps maintains h. in the northerly parts of Uversa,

28:3.1 by the seven Reflective Spirits assigned to the h.

28:4.4 is of great value on the h. of the superuniverses,

28:4.9 these means, God is potentially present on the h..

28:5.20 effective out in the universes as at their Uversa h..

28:5.21 the creature nature and potential is flashed to the s..

28:7.1 The seconaphim have their origin and h. on the

29:2.16 modify the seven power circuits emanating from s.,

29:4.2 Seven Supreme Power Directors as far as the h. of

30:4.22 ten sectors on to the higher cultural spheres of the s..

30:4.27 The journey from the s. to the Havona receiving

34:1.1 phenomenon discernible as far away as the h. of

44:0.5 All celestial artisans are registered on the s. but are

55:4.18 to collaborate with the seconaphim from the h. of the

55:12.1 extending from the inhabited worlds to the s..

55:12.2 trinitized sons are to be assembled on the h. and

55:12.5 spirit person and will become residential on the h. of

108:1.2 from the capitals of the local universes to the h..

108:3.2 complete record (outside of Divinington) on the h.

108:3.2 reported out by the Paradise authorities to the h.,

112:4.1 From the h. and the local universe a reflective

112:7.5 of the local universe to proceed sometime to the h.

117:7.16 may then be personally resident on Uversa, the h. of

119:5.1 he announced that his destination was Uversa, h. of

191:3.4 even on to, and through, the service of the h..

headquarterswith system

15:2.3 local system has an architectural sphere as its h.

15:7.5 Jerusem, the h. of your local system of Satania,

15:7.10 Uversa, the h. of Orvonton, your superuniverse,

15:7.11 Uversa is the spiritual and administrative h. for

15:13.6 local system h. do not have Trinity representatives

25:3.6 2. Conciliators to the System H..

25:3.6 commissions of four are advanced to duty on a s..

25:3.6 on a s. there live both spiritual and material beings,

29:4.15 dispatched by the power directors to the h. of the

32:2.11 From Jerusem, the h. of Satania, it is over two

33:2.5 visiting the constellation and system h. and even the

33:6.5 headquarters, the s., and to individual planets.

34:3.3 a Universe Spirit on either the constellation or s..

34:4.11 four and twenty elders are on Jerusem, the h. of your

35:3.15 mansion worlds encircling the premier satellite of s..

35:3.16 remainder of the architectural worlds of the s. cluster

35:9.1 Such a Son now rules on Jerusem, the h. of your

35:9.2 rule in commissions of two or three on the h. of each

35:9.9 In the event of rebellion on a s., a new sovereign

36:4.1 midsonite worlds are dispatched from the s. of

37:2.6 Galantia, has maintained h. on Jerusem, where he

37:9.8 status of the Material Sons domiciled on the s. and

39:4.2 the intricate details of the executive work of the s..

39:4.10 On the s. the seraphic teachers will quicken your

39:4.15 to and from the various worlds of the s. group,

39:5.1 These seraphim maintain h. on the system capitals

39:5.17 Material Sons as well as others domiciled on the s.

40:5.17 From the s. on, the progression of these three types

41:2.2 not far from the h. of the system government.

43:8.13 initial contact with universe affairs on the s. or your

44:1.11 expression in the schools of Jerusem, the s., where

44:8.1 celestial artisans do come from the h. of the system

45:1.2 This is the h. of the finaliter corps of the local system

45:1.3 This planet is the h. of the supervisors of morontia

45:1.4 for a visitor’s permit to transitional h. number two,

45:1.5 This is the h. of all the seraphic hosts engaged in

45:1.7 This planet is the h. of the divine Sons of all orders,

45:2.4 council assembles from time to time on the h. of the

45:2.6 at these weekly relaxations meet at their own h..

45:5.7 strong faculties of teachers on the h. of each system

45:6.5 with the Material Sons and Daughters of the s..

45:7.8 No ascending mortal leaves the s. for the more


46:0.1 Jerusem, the h. of Satania, is an average capital of

46:0.1 your traditions, for the s. is truly the heaven

46:2.9 view the immense relief map of the entire h. planet.

46:5.18 mortals may be temporarily functioning on the s.,

46:5.18 reckoned as belonging to the group having its h. in

46:5.22 On a s., records are always preserved in material,

46:5.25 3. The circles of the Universe Aids have the h. of

46:5.25 Here is located the s. of Galantia, the associate head

46:5.25 The Galantia h. is a monolithic cast crystal, wholly

46:5.31 courtesy colonies maintain extensive and beautiful h.

46:8.1 surrounded by panoramic depiction of the s. history.

47:3.12 journey between their residential abodes and the s.

47:7.2 All ascending mortals are bilingual from the s. up to

47:10.4 After mortals have attained residence on the s.,

48:6.37 souls in transit to the higher schools of the s..

50:3.1 of volunteer ascending beings from the local s..

50:3.2 remains as of the residential standing on the s.

50:3.6 for this “reversion staff” to be returned to the s. for

51:1.6 Material Sons are concentrated on the s., where they

55:1.3 in reality no actual material is transported from the s.

55:3.14 Material Sons and Daughters brought from the s.

55:4.16 of the Assigned Sentinel stationed on the s..

55:4.28 4. They may decide to return to the s., there for a

57:3.8 The local s. planets were constructed over a period

67:3.1 There was “war in heaven,” the h. of Satania,

112:7.3 on any one of the mansion worlds or on the h.;

119:2.6 a great celebration was arranged when he left the s..


60:4.4 These two peaks held their h. above water during

62:4.1 attained a height of over five feet, and their h. grew

73:3.4 these are the “four h.” of the river which “went

74:4.2 Adam and Eve’s h. were in a whirl; they were swept

74:4.5 Daughter stood alone on the mount with bowed h.

74:6.5 The origin of the traditional halo encircling the h. of

74:6.5 by clothing, only the radiating glow from their h.

80:8.2 the Andonite stock; their pale skins and broad h.

94:10.2 overgrown brotherhood of priests with shaven h.

139:4.8 wanted to call down fire from heaven on the h. of

146:2.3 thinking come as a great wrath upon their guilty h..

163:1.3 Jesus laid his hands upon the h. of the seventy to set

164:2.4 multiply the wrath to be visited upon your own h.,

171:6.1 being short of stature, could not see over their h..

181:2.4 since you wanted me to call fire down upon the h. of

187:3.3 wagged their h. and, railing at him, said: “You who

headsleaders or directors or headings

2:1.4 the system h. may practice; but the Father sees the

16:4.1 While they function as the co-ordinating h. of the

17:8.3 The association of their directing h., the Seven

20:0.1 the Sons of God are classified under three general h.:

20:8.2 Many of the h. of departments in the Melchizedek

24:5.3 In the local systems they serve as the ex officio h.

35:6.2 actual presiding h. of the constellation governments,

35:8.1 Princes, the administrative h. of the inhabited worlds.

37:3.5 these archangels would act as the directing h. of all

44:6.2 corps is grouped under the following seven major h.:

48:5.4 as teachers they are supervised by the acting h. of

51:3.9 continuing as the visible h. of planetary affairs

53:3.1 The cause of the rebels was stated under three h.:

55:7.2 The actual and literal h. of the planetary regime are

62:3.3 soon recognized as the h. of the whole tribe of dawn

70:5.5 an army commanded by a group of clan h. had no

71:8.13 recruited from the periodically retiring h. of the

73:3.4 these are the “four h.” of the river which “went

74:1.5 their parents were soon to become the visible h.,

74:7.12 of Dalamatia and were promulgated under seven h.:

114:7.11 titular (mortal) h. of the whole reserve corps have

131:0.2 Ganid collected this material under ten h., as follows

184:5.2 of Jesus, as being worthy of death, under three h.:


136:2.2 on Urantia since the ascension of Michael to the h.


3:1.10 isolating consequences of the acts of a h., wicked,

139:3.5 especially such h. and determined brothers.


73:1.5 their original home near the h. of the Persian Gulf.

78:5.5 farther south in Africa than the h. of the Nile.


95:6.1 hundred years the Salem teachers made h. in Iran,

127:2.2 were making good h. until they reached Nazareth.

191:0.3 informed them as to the many rumors gaining h.


90:2.1 To h. diseases was not the chief function of a

97:4.6 “I will h. their backsliding; I will love them freely,

120:2.5 h. the souls of men, and emancipate their minds from

140:3.2 h. the sick in accordance with the will of my Father

145:3.8 speak the word, restore our health, h. our diseases,

145:4.2 “Rejoice not that my Father is powerful to h. the

146:5.1 The believers at Capernaum thought Jesus could h.

146:5.2 hurry over to Capernaum and h. his afflicted son.

146:5.3 but also sending messengers requesting that he h.

147:1.1 go to Jesus in my behalf and beseech him to h. my

149:1.8 of record that Jesus did frequently suffer men to h.

150:3.6 4. Charms and relics are impotent to h. disease,

150:9.1 remind me of the proverb, ‘Physician h. yourself,’

152:0.1 I pray that you will come and h. her.”

156:1.5 that, if he shall but look upon her, he will h. her.

156:1.6 I have been told loves all men and dares even to h.

158:4.6 We can h. him; you need not wait for the Master’s

158:5.1 Master, will you do this for us, will you h. my son

161:2.4 He even professes to forgive sins and h. diseases.

165:5.3 the sustenance of all who teach and preach and h..

166:2.1 H. us as you have healed others.”

167:1.4 Is it lawful to h. the sick and afflicted on the

168:0.2 they had such confidence in his power to h. disease

174:5.3 All these years have I sought to h. them of their


95:2.6 wise god Thoth, who spat upon the wound and h. it.

145:2.13 on that day, after sundown, was this man really h..

145:2.14 that Jesus had cast a demon out of a man and h. him

145:2.16 Amatha was not miraculously h. by Jesus at this time

145:3.10 were perfectly h. of all their physical diseases and

145:4.2 These men, women, and children who had been h.

146:4.3 And immediately he was h.; the leprosy no longer

146:4.4 spreading abroad the news that Jesus had h. him,

146:5.3 he was supposed to have h. the nobleman’s son

146:6.1 to their friends announcing that Jesus had h. them.

147:1.2 word where you stand and my servant will be h..

147:3.1 the water after such a disturbance would be h. of

147:3.3 If you could all be h. of your physical afflictions,

147:3.3 and find yourselves h. of all moral infirmities.

148:1.4 Only seven of the large number h. at the sundown

148:2.1 individuals ceased not to proclaim that Jesus had h.

148:7.2 ask if it would be lawful to be h. on the Sabbath

148:7.2 if you have the faith to be h., I bid you stretch out

149:1.9 her retinue, came seeking to be h. of her infirmities,

152:0.2 I know that I have been h. of my affliction.”

154:0.2 cases of sickness which had been apparently h. by

154:2.4 Jesus could have instantly h. these two men, but that

159:2.4 the testimony of the demented man whom Jesus h.

164:3.10 where they could find the strange man who had h.

164:4.1 for adjudication of the charge of having h. a blind

164:4.5 were loath to believe that the beggar had been h..

166:2.1 Heal us as you have h. others.”

166:2.4 But when the Samaritan saw that he was being h.,

167:1.5 You have not asked to be h., but I know the desire

167:3.2 the people thought that Jesus had h. a real physical

167:3.2 the opinion of the congregation that Jesus had h. a

167:3.2 In these working days come, therefore, and be h.,

167:3.3 congregation rejoiced with her that she had been h.


122:2.3 proclaim the coming of the soul-h. of your people

146:4.2 The fame of Jesus as a h. had spread even to this

146:4.3 the afflicted one, having heard of his fame as a h.,

146:4.6 and preaching, from referring to him as a h..

146:6.2 and why could not such a h. even raise the dead?

147:0.2 Herod had no objections to Jesus’ work as a h. or

149:1.1 the fame of Jesus, particularly as a h., had spread

149:2.6 of Jesus rested chiefly upon his reputation as a h.,

152:1.3 About this time Jesus’ reputation as a h. was at its

156:1.1 woman who had heard much of Jesus as a great h.

156:1.3 I will not go until the h. has looked upon my

157:6.2 time when the teacher-h. was becoming the newly

157:6.3 through the years of his ministry as teacher and h.

157:6.6 then as a teacher-h., but they would not have it so.

164:4.8 for your sin by acknowledging God as your h.,

healingnoun or verb

65:4.3 secretion of certain substances which facilitate h.

65:4.4 This chemical reaction concerned in wound h. and

73:6.1 tree, whose leaves were for the “h. of the nations,”

86:3.3 and depend upon religious ceremonies to effect h..

90:2.1 in such vocations as rain making, disease h.,

90:3.5 that the spirits were still responsible for delayed h.

90:4.2 which is required to experience h. at the hands of

90:4.4 resort to temple sleep, during which h. supposedly

131:5.2 His touch is the touch of h..

141:8.2 sick; that their message carried h. for the afflicted.


145:3.1 its environs agog over these reputed miracles of h.;

145:3.5 who were on their way to seek h. at Jesus’ hands.

145:3.6 assisting their loved ones in this effort to secure h..

145:3.10 were present to behold this creative wave of h.,

145:3.11 sudden and unexpected outbreak of supernatural h.

145:3.11 earth life did another such en masse physical h.

145:3.12 the fame of this sundown h. at Bethsaida spread

145:3.13 of this unintended demonstration of physical h.,

145:3.14 recipients of supernatural or creative physical h. at

145:3.14 by this amazing eruption of timeless creative h..

145:4.1 the evening following this great outburst of h.,

145:5.3 to be troubled by the outpouring of the spirit of h.

145:5.4 not be built upon wonder-working and physical h..

145:5.6 Is it not because of the h. of their physical bodies

145:5.6 not for truth and salvation but rather in quest of h.

145:5.7 I must not become engrossed in h. to the exclusion

146:3.11 they had heard of the h. of the sick at Capernaum.

146:4.2 the Master perform a so-called miracle of h. save in

146:4.4 “See that you tell no man about your h. but rather

146:6.1 And such cases of mental h. these ignorant people

146:6.1 and simple-minded people regarded as physical h.,

146:7.1 the clamoring multitudes in quest of physical h..

147:0.2 the reports concerning Jesus’ teaching and h..

147:1.4 as to whether or not invisible beings ministered h.

147:2.2 from near and far those seeking h. for their bodies,

147:3.1 a large group of sufferers lingered in quest of h..

147:3.2 that he would be moved to perform a miracle of h.

147:3.2 to substitute the working of wonders and the h. of

148:2.1 no so-called miracles of supernatural h. occurred

148:5.1 why you refuse to practice h. indiscriminately,

148:7.1 and afflicted crowded up around him, seeking h..

148:7.4 proving to be one of those whose h. was followed by


148:9.2 carried into Jesus’ presence, where he could seek h..

148:9.2 I am not like those who received h. and forgot

149:1.1 deliberately perform any so-called miracles of h..

149:1.1 intense faith which impelled them to seek for h..

149:1.2 were beneficiaries of this unconscious h. by Jesus

149:1.2 he observed one of these cases of spontaneous h.,

149:1.3 in these cases of spontaneous or unconscious h..

149:1.4 regarding the nature of these cases of spontaneous h.

149:1.4 believe that many of these apparent miracles of h.,

149:1.5 in the heart of the being who persistently sought h.,

149:1.5 h. was desired for its spiritual benefits rather than

149:1.7 the h. occurred unconsciously to the human Jesus

149:1.7 The explanation of many of these cases of h. must

149:1.8 were truly compelling in the manifestation of h. by

149:1.9 Many others sought h. for wholly selfish purposes.

150:0.2 certain forms of oil in connection with prayers for h..

152:0.3 in the minds of those who witnessed this h.: Jesus

152:0.3 in associating the touch of his garment with her h.

152:1.3 led by a dumb boy followed him and cried out for h..

152:1.3 of teaching and h. to the point of actual collapse.

152:5.6 an end to the early era of teaching, training, and h.,

155:2.2 the twelve evangelists had less to say about h.

156:1.2 anxious mother to bring her afflicted daughter for h..

156:1.3 that Jesus was weary with much teaching and h.,

156:1.7 ceased not to proclaim the fact of the little girl’s h.

158:4.5 I seek h. for my afflicted son.

158:5.5 This was a true h. of a double affliction, a physical

159:0.2 Throughout this tour no miracles of h. or other


164:3.11 This man did not ask for h..

164:3.14 2. As the blind man had not asked for h., and since

164:3.15 from despising material means in the h. of the sick.

164:4.1 By midafternoon the h. of Josiah had raised such a

164:4.2 Since his h. that morning Josiah had learned from

164:4.2 Pharisees were angry about his h. on the Sabbath,

164:4.12 meager ideas about Jesus and the nature of his h..

166:2.1 heard much of Jesus and his earlier miracles of h.,

166:2.1 they hoped to attract his attention and ask for h..

166:2.4 nine others, the Jews, had also discovered their h.,

166:2.8 neglect to give thanks when the Father bestows h.

166:4.2 the revelation of the Father and the sometime h. of

167:1.4 He made no request of Jesus for h., but the Master

168:1.8 What is the good of h. strangers in Galilee if he

171:5.1 and knew all about his h. of the blind Josiah

171:7.8 the gross superstition of the woman who sought h.

175:1.1 this proclamation of truth and h. of disease has not


65:4.3 secretion of certain substances which facilitate h.

65:4.5 When scientists know more of these h. chemicals,

65:4.6 the Life Carriers have improved this h. technique

95:2.6 general belief in the efficacy of spittle as a h. agent,

136:8.1 admonished the recipients of his h. ministry to tell

141:4.9 the apostles paid more attention to the h. ministry of

145:3.10 Jesus had passed the responsibility of this h.

145:3.11 in view of Jesus’ preceding expression of h. desire

145:3.15 The h. wonders which every now and then attended

145:4.1 if this amazing manifestation of h. power was just

145:4.2 practically all of the beneficiaries of the h. episode

146:4.2 many were greatly benefited by his h. ministry.

148:0.1 by an ever-changing population of h. candidates,

148:6.11 the light of life pouring forth from the Father as h.

148:7.4 miracle, not as a demonstration of his h. power,

149:1.2 peculiar and unexplained series of h. phenomena.

149:1.4 to record our opinion of all such h. phenomena.

149:1.6 and timeless creative h. powers and prerogatives.

190:5.4 shall rise upon the world with h. light and saving


149:1.3 never explained to his apostles how these h. were


2:6.3 He h. the brokenhearted and binds up the wounds of

95:7.6 “And when I am sick, it is he who h. me.”

96:5.6 he h. and gives life when you obey him.”

131:1.5 When you are sick, it is the Most High who h. you

131:2.4 he h. the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds

148:5.5 ‘He h. the brokenhearted and binds up their


169:0.6 3. Jesus h. disease on the Sabbath and in many other


2:7.11 H., sanity, and happiness are integrations of truth,

66:5.17 7. The guardians of h. and life.

66:5.19 Many of the early teachings of Lut’s guardians of h.

66:5.22 guardians of h. sought to introduce handshaking as

67:4.1 Lut and the whole board of h. were lost.

72:7.1 concerns itself with such matters as h., sanitation,

72:7.2 In all industry first attention is paid to h.;

74:7.4 1. H. and the care of the body.

74:7.13 1. The laws of h. and sanitation.

75:3.1 the onetime chief of the Dalamatia commission on h.

76:3.5 a threefold undertaking, embracing religion, h.,

76:3.10 high-minded and noble teachers of h. and religion,

81:1.8 flesh of the herds marked a forward step in the h.

89:8.8 hardly worship; it was a bargaining petition for h.,

90:3.2 directed to the end of prolonging life and insuring h..

91:6.2 prayer contributed to the enjoyment of abundant h.

91:7.6 1. To enjoy better and more complete physical h..

95:6.2 Noble Government, Holy Character, H.,

98:2.6 that virtue is knowledge; goodness, h. of the soul;

100:1.6 experience is markedly influenced by physical h.,

100:4.3 H., mental efficiency, and happiness arise from the

100:4.3 Of h. and sanity man understands much, but of

110:1.3 Adjusters are delighted to contribute to your h.,

110:5.7 the standpoints of h., efficiency, and tranquillity.

111:7.5 buoyancy of h. neutralized by the debility of disease;

114:6.12 8. The angels of h.. These are the seraphic ministers

114:6.12 the mortal agencies dedicated to the promotion of h.

121:7.12 geography of the world, astronomy, h., and disease;

123:0.3 Jesus enjoyed good h. and continued to grow

123:1.2 Jesus was in excellent h. and full of childish glee

123:6.2 his mother had become unduly anxious about his h.

128:6.1 year began with the Nazareth family all in good h.

131:2.10 God is the h. of my countenance and the joy of

133:7.3 prepared as best they could to nurse him back to h.

136:7.1 the care of the h. of himself and his associates,

145:3.1 not permissible even to go in quest of h. during the

145:3.8 exclaimed: “Master, speak the word, restore our h.

147:1.3 mend and was eventually restored to his normal h.

147:6.4 you would do better to guard the h. and well-being

147:8.4 the morning while your h. springs forth speedily.

148:6.2 blessed with children, wealth, dignity, position, h.,

149:1.1 scores of afflicted found restoration of h. and

149:4.2 Anger depletes the h., debases the mind, and

154:6.1 They assured Mary that soon Jesus’ h. would

154:7.5 that her father-brother was safe and in good h.

160:3.1 possession of a normal body, reasonably good h.,

160:4.3 1. Good physical h..

160:4.9 Even the physical problems of bodily h. are best

166:4.10 “In the matter of sickness and h., you should know

166:4.10 h. is not the smile of heaven, neither is affliction the

171:7.9 He dispensed h. and scattered happiness naturally

194:3.19 a tonic for h., a stimulus for mind, and an unfailing


48:4.19 does serve a valuable purpose both as a h. insurance

58:2.2 the highly important and h.-giving ultraviolet rays

66:5.20 of knowledge regarding the h.-giving properties of

66:5.21 primitive men to wash their bodies as a h. practice.

66:5.22 not slow in reverting to their former h.-destroying

72:7.2 family h. problems are matters of personal concern

76:3.10 their h. provisions were, for their time, excellent,

90:4.6 hot springs soon blossomed as primitive h. resorts.


100:5.10 The more h. attitude of spiritual meditation is to be

154:1.3 but more h. and dependable growth in favorable


64:6.33 3. Competition is h. stimulated by diversification of


123:2.16 of a h., carefree, but exceedingly inquisitive child

127:1.3 Jesus possessed a h. and well-proportioned body,

186:1.2 of silver—the current price of a good, h. slave.


87:5.7 from becoming jealous of human prosperity was to h


183:1.1 so brutally tortured the Master and so horribly h.

183:3.4 honors which he believed would be h. upon him


184:4.1 amused themselves by h. every sort of indignity


118:10.9 cruelty of a perverse fate that h. tribulation upon

hearsee hearimperative; see hear not or not hear;

see hearwith you

8:6.4 “He who has an ear, let him h. what the Spirit says

9:7.1 unique and inexplicable power to see, h., sense,

17:1.3 they see all, h. all, feel all, even know all, that

24:6.2 of those realities which “eye cannot see nor ear h.,

28:4.1 living mirror and therein to see and therewith to h.

28:4.1 —can instantly look both ways, h. both ways,

28:4.2 This ability—to h. and see, as it were, all things—

28:5.7 the Perfectors of Wisdom not only h. the actual

43:4.5 the ascending mortals periodically assemble to h. this

43:9.1 h. the story of their far-flung career as it is depicted

49:4.3 can see and h. considerably more than the Urantia

91:3.1 thoughts in words, even if no one is present to h.

94:11.13 comfort to the hungry multitudes who craved to h.

94:11.13 to h. the simple gospel of Salem, that faith in God

97:5.2 “And your ears shall h. a word behind you, saying,

97:7.7 to h. such words as: “Thus says the Lord, ‘I have

97:7.9 cannot save, neither his ear heavy that it cannot h..

98:2.10 with a personal God who could h. their prayers.

109:5.2 sometimes possible to h. the divine voice that speaks

110:7.9 beings rarely h. the Adjuster’s direct voice except in

123:3.2 to h. Joseph say, “My son, I really do not know.”

125:6.5 All eyes were turned on Jesus to h. what he would

126:2.1 Mary would h. to nothing but that she must hasten

126:2.6 drop in during the winter evenings to h. Jesus play

126:2.6 harp, and to h. Jesus read from the Greek scriptures.

126:2.8 he died ere they could speak to him or h. his farewell

127:3.5 to visit the temple, explaining that he wanted to h.

127:3.5 secretly in his heart he wanted to h. Jesus

128:6.6 even the Romans would not presume to h. charges

129:1.13 Jude came over on the Sabbath to h. Jesus talk in the

131:7.2 If any creature will worship me, I will h. his prayer

131:7.3 ‘If I h. your prayers, it is because you come before

135:6.5 but many earnest and serious, came to h. Jesus

135:10.3 before the multitude arrived to h. the preaching

138:2.1 sense how hungry were the common people to h.

138:4.2 We will sit at meat with all who desire to h. of the

139:5.5 among the multitudes who came to h. Jesus teach

139:7.6 also to h. that engaging voice of the Master saying,

139:7.7 despairing men and women flocked to h. Jesus,

139:7.9 Matthew preferred to remain and h. the instruction,

140:6.4 if you have a new commandment, we would h. it.

141:6.1 his intention of remaining for several days to h. the

141:7.3 sincere seekers for the truth are always glad to h. the

142:6.1 so he went one afternoon to h. him as he taught in

142:6.1 Nicodemus would have gone to h. Jesus teach,

143:0.1 came from as far as Antipatris to h. the good news

143:5.10 crowd had assembled at Jacob’s well to h. Jesus.

143:6.1 people coming out from a Samaritan city to h. us;

144:6.3 take their troubles to Jesus, only to h. him say: “I

144:6.3 come to me, and I will h. you and counsel you in

144:8.1 Both Jews and gentiles came to camp to h the gospel

145:3.4 not the only beings to h. that momentous closing

145:5.6 they flocked in multitudes to h. the good news

145:5.7 to all who had ears to h. and hearts to receive the

146:2.3 lest they should h. my law and the words which I

146:2.3 cried for mercy, but there was no ear open to h..”

146:2.6 also shall some day cry for help, and no one will h.

146:2.12 Do not let men h. your personal prayers.

146:3.8 refreshing and inspiring for Jesus’ followers to h.

147:3.3 even those who are in the tombs shall h. the voice

149:2.14 Multitudes would follow him for weeks, just to h. his

150:8.1 and all Nazareth, friends and foes, turned out to h.

150:8.1 there was not room for all who had come to h. him

150:8.8 and bring it down to us that we may h. and do it?

150:8.8 the commandment to us that we may h. and do it?

150:9.2 We h. big things about you, but we notice that you

151:0.1 they attended the synagogue to h. an aged Jew of

151:1.2 the multitude, “He who has ears to h., let him h..”

151:1.4 will see without seeing and will h. without hearing.

151:1.4 love not the truth may h. without understanding.

151:2.2 unthinking persons who, when they h. the glad

151:2.2 which fell among thorns represents those who h.

151:3.1 Think not only of the multitudes and how they h.

151:3.15 He who has an ear to h., let him h..”

152:2.4 to stop over at Capernaum to see and h. Jesus

153:2.11 that ‘Those whom the Father teaches will h. also

154:5.4 to believers who had crowded indoors to h. him.

155:5.16 We would h. more; we beseech you to speak to us

155:6.5 which other generations have refused to h.?

156:3.2 the eagerness of these gentiles to h. the gospel

157:7.5 present to h. his authority for the assumption of the

158:4.1 to h. the loud words of argument and disputation of

158:7.2 now we h. these strange words about leaving us,

158:7.8 a few times did they h. such swift words of rebuke

159:1.3 Now if he refuses to h. your brethren, you may tell

159:1.3 if he refuses to h. the brotherhood, let them take

159:5.16 not until Jesus came, did men h. about a God who

160:2.6 human impulses die because there is no one to h.

162:2.3 By refusing to h. me, you are refusing to receive

162:2.9 You would all do well to go over to h. him.”

162:2.9 Do we condemn a man before we h. him?”

163:5.2 came into Perea to see Jesus and to h. his teaching.

163:6.1 truly inspiring to h. these newly ordained teachers of

163:6.4 “Blessed are the ears which h. these things.

163:6.4 the children of light yet to come will, when they h.

164:3.8 speaking of all this so that the blind man could h.,

164:4.11 all who could h., saying: “Hearken, you who claim

164:5.2 My sheep h. my voice and I know them and they

165:2.9 These other sheep also h. and know my voice, and I

168:1.15 at Lazarus’s tomb and to all who might h. of what

169:3.2 have Moses and the prophets; let them h. them.

169:4.12 To h. Jesus’ teaching is not equivalent to knowing

171:2.5 He who has ears to h. let him h. what I say.”

172:4.1 this one more and last chance to h. the gospel

173:3.2 but the common people h. my words gladly.”

173:4.2 When the lord of that vineyard shall h. how they

174:5.7 If you gentiles will h. me, you shall receive the

175:0.2 this audience which was so soon to h. his farewell

175:4.3 Master in the very hour they should h. of his arrest.

180:6.7 you may also ask in my name, and I will h. you.

185:7.5 angry words which the entire multitude could h.:

187:2.1 Jesus was therefore able to h. all that was said of

187:2.1 also could those present easily h. all that Jesus said

190:5.4 he will h. the cry of the needy and save the souls

191:5.3 all present to h. once more the commission to go

192:4.2 assembled at Bethsaida to h. Peter preach his first

193:6.1 forgathered to h. the report of the farewell message

195:10.21 from Jesus the greatest truths mortal man can ever h.


8:6.4 “He who has an ear, let him h. what the Spirit says

92:5.11H., O Israel, the Lord our God is one God.”

97:7.11 H. this great Hebrew demolish the concept of a God

137:6.2 H. the word of the Lord, you who tremble and fear:

138:7.1 My friends, h. me once more.

144:5.49 H. these our prayers for your own sake; Be pleased

151:1.2 the multitude, “He who has ears to h., let him h..”

151:3.15 He who has an ear to h., let him h..”

169:3.2 have Moses and the prophets; let them h. them.

171:2.5 He who has ears to h. let him h. what I say.”

171:6.2 upon a stool and said: “Men of Jericho, h. me!

174:4.2 that commandment is: ‘H. O Israel, the Lord our

176:3.4 h. me while I speak a parable: There was a certain

hear not or not hear

1:5.1 “He who planned the ear, shall he not h.?

24:6.2 of those realities which “eye cannot see nor ear h.,

131:2.8 iniquity in your heart, the Lord will not h. you;

136:2.3 by the water’s edge, did not h. these words,

141:2.1 and you h. not with the understanding of the spirit.

146:2.3 and stopped their ears that they should not h..

146:2.5 scriptures: “I have called and you refused to h.;

146:2.12 Do not let men h. your personal prayers.

147:4.2 Do you not h. the truth as men of wisdom and

148:6.6 saying: ‘I well know that God does not h. my cry

157:2.2 that your eyes see not and your ears h. not.

159:1.3 But if your brother will not h. you, if he persists in

162:7.4 for this cause many of you h. not my words,

165:2.7 without me shall fail, the sheep will not h. his voice.

165:5.1 to the lingering multitude which we did not h..

169:3.2 Abraham: ‘If they h. not Moses and the prophets,

173:1.8 to Jesus, “Do you not h. what the children of the

175:4.1 Judas did not h. this offer of mercy to the Jewish

179:4.3 But the others did not h. Jesus speak to Judas.

185:2.14 Jesus did not even h. these charges when first stated,

hearwith you

40:5.1 much like yourselves, one you can see, h., and touch.

44:4.11 privileged to h. some of the poetic broadcasts of

90:2.5 “When you h. the sound of a rustling in the tops of

93:5.5 “Come to Salem, where you shall h. our teachings of

109:5.2 sometimes possible to h. the divine voice that speaks

110:7.9 most of you will h. it seldom during a lifetime.

119:5.2 If you should visit Uversa today, you would h. the

124:3.8 “My son, never again let me h. you give utterance

131:2.8 iniquity in your heart, the Lord will not h. you;

141:2.1 and you h. not with the understanding of the spirit.

141:2.2 you are made to h. the law of the Universe Ruler;

142:5.4 You, then, who h. this message and believe this

142:6.5 When the wind blows, you h. the rustle of the leaves,

144:6.3 come to me, and I will h. you and counsel you in

146:2.5 scriptures: “I have called and you refused to h.;

147:4.2 Do you not h. the truth as men of wisdom and

151:3.1 the truth; take heed also to yourselves how you h..

152:5.4 open your ears that you may h., to the end that

159:1.3 But if your brother will not h. you, if he persists in

162:7.4 for this cause many of you h. not my words,

164:4.10 believe my testimony, why would you h. it again?

168:2.2 I know that you always h. me, but because of those

173:1.8 to Jesus, “Do you not h. what the children of the

174:5.7 If you gentiles will h. me, you shall receive the

175:1.8 but you shall soon h. their voices ringing out with

176:1.1 When you h. of wars and rumors of wars, be not

181:2.9 “It is indeed refreshing to h. you talk like that,

181:2.19 And when you h. the news of the doings of your

194:4.4 he has poured forth this which you see and h..

heardsee heard Jesus; Jesus heard

3:3.2 I have h. their cry, and I know their sorrows.”

6:1.4 “He who was from the beginning, whom we have h.,

11:4.5 for truly, “Eye has not seen, nor ear h., neither has

25:3.4 formulate a decision until the evidence has been h.

27:5.1 You have h. about records in the “book of life.”

44:1.14 just a fleeting echo of the magnificent strains h. by

44:4.2 I saw records and h. broadcasts of the ideation of

44:4.8 one of the rare treats which await you who have h.

46:3.3 broadcast so that everything h. becomes visible.

46:5.19 Michael was present in person, and all Jerusem h.

47:7.3 He has h. of these superb beings and has already met

53:1.4 Very little was h. of Lucifer on Urantia owing to the

59:4.17 silent forests; not a sound was h., not even the rustle

62:7.5 Now the Life Carriers h. the welcome words of their

71:2.15 government assumes the right of citizens to be h..

71:2.16 It is not enough to be h.; the power of petition must

74:2.1 face to face with two beings of whom they had h.

74:2.2 this son of Andon h. the exalted ruler of his world

74:2.8 Then was h. the archangels’ proclamation, the voice

74:4.4 Adam and Eve h. the startling news of the proposal

75:4.1 now, for the first time, Adam h. the entire story of

77:5.2 Now this eldest son of Adam had often h. from Van

77:5.5 Ratta h. the story of Eden, how the predictions of

86:5.2 The ghost soul could be h. and seen, but not touched

90:0.2 only the extraordinary man or woman would be h. by

93:5.13 When Melchizedek h. of Abraham’s declaration of

95:6.2 to the ranks of the demons of which he had h. in

96:4.2 Moses had h. of the teachings of Machiventa

96:7.7 the Levantine world h. such a ringing and cheering

97:1.4 h. these startling words, “The Strength of Israel

97:1.4 now they h. the onetime spirit of Horeb exalted as

97:4.2 the ears of man h. the denunciation of the double

97:4.2 For the first time in their history Hebrew ears h.

97:5.6 were indeed stirring times when mortal man h.,

110:5.1 the Adjuster’s would be if such a voice could be h..

111:7.4 Not long since I was present on Salvington and h. a

119:1.1 chiefs h. Michael announce that his elder brother,

119:1.3 extraordinary and never-before-h.-of transaction:

119:5.3 We had h. of such things but now we beheld them

119:6.1 And then we h. for the first time the announcement

122:3.2 When Joseph h. all about this, although he had

122:3.2 persuaded that Mary had really h. the voice

122:8.5 manger, but these utterances of praise were not h. by

124:1.4 Mary indignant, but Jesus insisted on being h..

125:0.7 When Joseph and Mary h. these words of their son,

125:5.1 the gathering of many spectators who, having h. of

125:6.4 Jesus’ parents had h. about this strange youth who

126:4.8 never had they h. his voice so earnest and sincere;

127:3.5 they went to the temple and h. the discussions, but

128:5.5 when they h. rumors of the Capernaum boatbuilder

129:2.5 When the family at Nazareth h. that Jesus had

130:2.10 It was on this same day that we first h. that truth

131:1.8 you believe in his name, so shall your prayer be h..

131:2.2 is no speech or language where their voice is not h.

131:7.1 the one world religion of which Ganid had never h..

132:0.10 in Rome h. about this scribe of Damascus who

132:4.7 This was the Marcus who h. Peter preach in Rome

133:3.1 That day they h. a learned rabbi discourse on the

133:8.3 When Ganid h. this, he betook himself to his

133:9.5 Later on in life, when Ganid h of the strange teacher

134:7.3 the Apostle Paul was preaching in Antioch and h. his

134:7.3 Paul little knew that his pupils had h. the voice of the

135:3.3 above the confusion produced by what he had h.

135:3.4 From all John h. of the vice and wickedness of Rome

135:6.2 It was apparent to all who h. John that he was

135:6.2 believing that they had h. the voice of a prophet.

135:6.6 have h. ‘the voice of one crying in the wilderness,’

135:8.4 John had h. of Jesus’ remarks concerning his

135:8.6 the four men still standing in the water h. a strange

135:8.6 they h. a voice saying, “This is my beloved Son in

135:8.7 his mother ere either had been born, as he had h. it

135:9.4 “It should be for those who have h. me and

135:9.7 I h. the voice of God declare, ‘This is my beloved

135:11.4 Tell John what you have seen and h.—that the poor

135:12.7 When John’s disciples h. of this, they came to the

136:2.3 John, with Jesus’ two brothers, also h. these words

137:1.5 When they h. Simon Peter tell how he and his

137:2.6 he had h. concerning John the Baptist, the coming

137:5.2 I h. the voice at the Jordan, and I am a believer in

137:5.4 You have h. John say that he came to prepare the

137:6.2 Who has h. such a thing?

138:1.2 have been with you since the Jordan and have h. all

138:8.4 Jesus: “Only those who h. the voice may refer to it.

138:8.4 Speak only that which you have h. from me;

139:6.7 when Nathaniel h. that sickness or anything out of

139:9.9 When the people h. this and beheld the twins among

140:3.18 You have h. it said: ‘If the blind lead the blind, they

140:6.4 Jesus answered Peter: “You have h. it said by

140:6.5 “You have h. the teachers of the law say, ‘You shall

141:6.1 Teherma had h. of Jesus and had come to

142:6.1 Nicodemus had h. much about the teachings of

142:7.14 When the apostles h. these startling words,

143:6.1 When the apostles h. this, they said among

144:8.3 Tell him what you have seen and h., that the poor

144:8.3 Let me ask you who h. John preach before Herod

144:9.1 of John’s disciples who had gone to Machaerus h.

145:3.5 Peter’s wife h. voices in the front yard and saw a

146:1.4 It was at Rimmon that Todan first h. the gospel of

146:2.6 of any prayer is the assurance of its being h.;

146:3.8 And all who h. these blessed words were cheered.

146:3.11 they had h. of the healing of the sick at Capernaum.

146:4.3 the afflicted one, having h. of his fame as a healer,

146:4.3 I have h. the message of your teachers, and I

146:5.1 Titus h. that Jesus was at Cana; so he hastened over

146:6.4 the widow’s son from the dead, and many who h.

147:3.4 And many of those who h. believed the gospel of the

147:5.5 Simon and his friends who sat at meat with him h.

147:7.2 And when they h. these words, the disciples of John

147:8.2 not fast in this way to make your voices h. on high.

148:8.1 were impressed by what they had seen and h..

148:8.3 All who h. his preaching soon recognized that his

148:9.2 This paralytic had h. that Jesus was about to leave

148:9.3 other scribes and lawyers who sat with them, h.

148:9.4 When they h. this message, they fell to earnest

150:4.4 When the twelve had h. these words, they made

150:5.4 there was great rejoicing among those who had h.

150:7.2 While the inhabitants of Nazareth had h. much

150:7.2 had indeed h. of Jesus’ fame, but the majority of

150:9.1 challenge me to do in Nazareth what you have h. I

151:2.2 represents those who, when they have h. the truth,

151:2.3 on hardened ground represents those who have h.

151:6.3 to Bethsaida, where he h. the preaching of Jesus

151:6.5 have already h. the good news that you are a son

152:0.2 the large crowd which had h. the father’s request

152:0.2 Then I h. of you, and I thought if I may but touch

152:1.1 And when the girl h. these words, she immediately

152:4.2 those who were in the rear of the boat h. him say

152:4.2 And many of the twelve h. him utter this cry.

153:2.2 And the priests and the teachers h. Jeremiah speak

153:2.2 And when the princes of Judah h. these things,

153:2.2 has prophesied against our city, and you have h. him

153:2.2 against this city all the words which you have h..

153:5.4 Already you have h. that many of my disciples have

154:5.1 When the sister-in-law of Jude (Jesus’ brother) h.

154:6.2 James and Jude had h. rumors concerning the

154:6.5 they h. his musical voice speak with increased

154:6.6 And when Mary h. these words, she collapsed in

154:6.7 mother, having h. the words, “I have no mother,”

156:1.1 a Syrian woman who had h. much of Jesus as a great

156:1.4 I have h of his mighty works in Galilee, and I believe

156:4.1 The polyglot population of this busy seaport h. them

157:6.7 Accordingly, the apostles h. much that was new as

158:1.10 down on their faces to worship, they h. a voice,

158:2.1 what you have seen and h. on this mountain until

158:3.4 spoken in words to be h. also by the three apostles.

158:6.2 saying: “Everything which your brethren h. on the

159:1.4 When this chief steward h. this stern decree, he fell

159:1.5 When the king h. of the doings of his chief

159:3.14 And they who h. these sayings treasured them in

159:5.16 The Jews had h. of a God who would forgive sinners

161:1.11 When Rodan h. these arguments, he said: “I am

161:2.10 We have h. few of his prayers, but these few

162:1.9 vast majority of the pilgrims from afar who had h. of

162:2.2 When the crowd h. these words, they fell to

162:2.5 When the Pharisees and their agents h. the people

162:2.9 Besides, we never h. a man speak like this man.

162:2.9 And when the chief rulers h. these words, they

162:2.9 Have you h. that any of our learned men or any of

162:6.2 the pilgrims h. the fascinating voice of the Master

162:7.6 Sanhedrin who had gathered about by this time h.

163:2.6 When Matadormus h. this, his countenance fell.

163:3.2 When Peter and the apostles h. these words, they

163:6.4 these things, envy you who have h. and seen them.”

163:6.5 he said: “You have h. how many cities and villages

164:2.4 they were too much amazed by what they had h.

164:4.11 a certainty, from the testimony which you have h.,

164:4.11 since the beginning of the world have you ever h.

164:5.3 when the people h. these words, many of them

164:5.4 not go in search of Josiah at his home until they h. he

164:5.4 And Jesus said: “You have both seen and h. him,

165:2.11 When they h these words,his apostles were confused

165:5.7 Some of these warnings they had h. before but not in

166:1.6 And of the Pharisees who h. these words, some

166:2.1 They had h. much of Jesus and his earlier miracles

166:5.3 explains why nothing is h. of Abner and his work

167:2.2 When the master of the house h. this, he was very

167:2.3 And when they h. these words, they departed;

168:0.8 And when Mary h. this, she rose up quickly and

168:1.12 When Martha and Mary h. this command of Jesus

168:2.2 “Father, I am thankful that you h. and granted my

168:3.4 When their testimony had been h., no doubt could

169:1.6 And when the father h. this request, knowing how

169:1.11 and as he drew near the house, he h. the music and

169:1.12 “But when the older brother h. this, he was so hurt

169:1.12 When his father h. of his resentment of the

169:2.8 When the Pharisees who were present h. this, they

169:3.1 Have you not also h. the allegory of the Nazarites

169:3.1 Some of us h. John the Baptist thunder this

169:4.12 never did Jesus say, “Whoso has h. me has h. God.”

171:0.6 When the apostles h. these words, they withdrew

171:5.1 This blind beggar had h. much about Jesus and

171:5.2 When Bartimeus h. that Jesus was near, he lifted

171:5.3 When Bartimeus h. these words, he threw aside

171:6.1 This chief publican was very rich and had h. much

171:6.1 And when Zaccheus h. these astonishing words,

172:1.1 when the people h. that Jesus was at Bethany,

172:1.9 When the chief priests h. of this dinner in Bethany

172:3.12 visitors, who had h. much of Jesus, and who,

173:1.9 When the chief priests and the scribes h. about these

173:2.5 And when his questioners h. this, they withdrew

173:4.2 And when the householder h. about all this, he sent

173:4.3 And when the people h. this parable and the question

173:4.3 And when some of them who h. perceived that this

173:4.5 When the Pharisees h. these words, they understood

173:5.2 When the king h. of these rejections of his invitation,

174:3.2 he h. the Father say, ‘I am the God of Abraham,

174:5.11 the Jews and gentiles here assembled h. no voice,

175:1.24 You have h. my message and have made your

175:4.1 so that all twelve h. this latter half of Jesus’ last

175:4.1 unfortunate that Judas Iscariot could not have h.

177:4.8 When Judas h. this, he went forth from the

177:5.1 asked if anyone had h. recently from his mother,

177:5.2 to be deceived by the great crowds who h. us in

178:2.4 bringing word that Abner h. of the plot to kill Jesus

178:3.3 have h. my words telling of the end of Jerusalem.

179:3.5 When Peter h. this declaration, coupled with the

179:4.2 When the twelve h. this, having already been

179:4.6 And when Judas h. these words, he arose from the

181:2.20 Jesus went over to Philip, who, standing up, h. this

181:2.20 showing you that which eye has not seen, ear h.,

182:2.3 When Andrew h. Nathaniel’s speech, he handed

183:5.3 But when the Roman captain h. this and, looking

183:5.3 And when Judas h. this, he was so ashamed and

184:1.6 Behold, all Jerusalem has h. that which I have

184:1.6 even if you have not yourself h. these teachings.”

184:2.6 When Peter h. the maid accuse him, he denied all

184:2.6 I do not even know him; I never h. of him before.”

184:5.8 before Pilate, on which no witnesses had been h.,

185:1.7 Claudia Procula, Pilate’s wife, had h. much of Jesus

185:2.6 that Pilate had h. further concerning Jesus and his

185:2.9 When the high priest and the others h. Pilate say this,

185:2.15 well knew that he had not been h. on these matters

185:3.1 “Ask him or any other man who has h. my teaching.

185:3.7 And when the Jews h. this, they were moved with

185:3.8 when Pilate h. them say that he began his work in

185:4.1 Herod had long h. of Jesus, and he was very

185:4.1 Herod had h. much about the miracles wrought by

185:4.3 and, giving ear to their accusations, h. all and more

185:5.3 Pilate h. them calling out the name of Barabbas.

185:5.10 But when they h. Pilate speak in defense of Jesus,

185:6.7 When Pilate h. this, he was all the more afraid, not

186:0.1 When John h. his Master’s request, he hastened off

186:1.5 When the rulers of the Jews h. Judas, they scoffed at

187:4.3 Luke h. this story from the converted Roman captain

187:4.4 the centurion who, because of what he saw and h.,

187:4.7 after the repentant thief h. the Master’s promise that

187:5.2 sufficient clearness to be h. by those standing by.

187:5.7 When Pilate h. this request, he forthwith sent three

188:0.3 When he h. the request, he quickly signed the

188:2.3 When Pilate h. this request of the Sanhedrists, he

189:0.3 When they h. the Personalized Adjuster so speak,

189:4.10 when Mary h. that word of well-known sympathy

189:4.13 when Peter h. his name, he rushed out of the upper

189:5.2 ponder the meaning of what they had seen and h..

189:5.3 she thought she had h. the familiar voice of Jesus.

189:5.4 the courage to believe what you have seen and h..

190:2.3 When James h. his name spoken, he knew that it

190:5.1 although he was much intrigued by what he had h.

190:5.3 you are the only one in Jerusalem who has not h.

191:0.13 have time, after they h. of his resurrection, to think

191:5.4 nail marks of my hands have now h. my words;

191:5.5 When Thomas h. these words, he fell on his knees

191:5.5 they have not seen with the eye of flesh nor h. with

192:3.2 of power such as the apostles had never before h..

193:0.2 You failed to believe me because you h. my words

heard Jesus

119:1.1 chiefs h. Michael announce that his elder brother,

124:3.7 Joseph received the surprise of his life when he h.

124:3.8 When Joseph h. his first-born son express such

125:0.7 When Joseph and Mary h. these words of their son,

125:2.7 Lazarus, Martha, and Mary h. Jesus discuss things

126:4.8 never had they h. his voice so earnest and sincere;

133:2.3 Having h the latter half of Jesus’ message to the man

137:8.18 All who h. Jesus were astonished at his words.

137:8.18 About one third who h. him believed the message

138:1.2 have been with you since the Jordan and have h. all

140:1.1 Some of you h. me speak of this kingdom in the

140:3.21 Never before had the apostles h. Jesus speak in this

142:1.6 multitudes who came to celebrate the Passover h.

143:0.2 The people of southern Samaria h. Jesus gladly,

144:3.13 Up to this time the twelve had h. him pray only a

144:4.10 on his long night vigils, never h. Jesus pray, because

144:8.5 Many who h. Jesus that day submitted themselves to

146:2.1 While the common people of Jotapata h. Jesus and

147:5.5 Simon and his friends who sat at meat with him h.

148:3.5 changes, although they h. him speak no words.

150:1.3 many times h. the Master say that “in the kingdom

151:1.3 when they h. Jesus teach the people in this manner,

151:6.5 And when Amos h. Jesus speak these words, there

152:4.2 in Peter’s mind, he dreamed that he h. Jesus say:

154:6.5 they h. his musical voice speak with increased

159:1.4 when he h. Jesus thus speak, he asked: “Lord, how

159:2.2 Had he not h. the Master say, “He who is not with

160:3.4 I h. the Master say only yesterday that the “wise

161:2.8 Even John the Baptist, when he h. Jesus speak,

162:1.4 all parts of the Roman Empire saw Jesus, h. him

162:6.2 the pilgrims h. the fascinating voice of the Master

163:2.4 a member of the Jerusalem Sanhedrin; he had h.

164:5.4 And Jesus said: “You have both seen and h. him,

165:1.2 the large audience which h. Jesus or Peter preach

167:4.4 And when the apostles h. their Master say this,

168:0.3 The messenger insisted that he h. Jesus say, “. . . this

173:1.9 the people h. Jesus’ teaching and literally hung on his

174:4.7 these experiences the common people h. him gladly.

174:5.14 They had just h. the Master say that this was to be

175:4.2 The multitude who h. Jesus swing from his merciful

178:2.1 Of all who h. him, the Greeks comprehended

178:2.6 When Judas h. the Master speaking with Philip about

180:6.9 When the eleven had h. him speak, they said to each

181:2.26 Thomas, who, standing up, h. him say: “Thomas,

183:3.4 Many of this armed band had h. Jesus teach in the

183:3.4 they h. him thus boldly announce his identity,

184:1.6 all the Jews and many of the gentiles have h. me.

184:1.6 Why do you not summon those who have h. me

184:3.7 when two men testified that they had h. Jesus say

184:3.15 When the high priest h. Jesus utter these words, he

184:3.15 Behold, now have you all h. this man’s blasphemy.

186:3.4 David had once h. him make this prediction and,

186:4.5 the first time, but the other had often h. him speak,

187:1.6 tenderhearted Jewish women who had h. Jesus’

187:3.5 the captain of the guard h. Jesus say, “I thirst,”

187:4.1 the other thief, who had many times h. the Master

187:4.7 after the repentant thief h. the Master’s promise that

188:3.4 We h. him say, “Father, into your hands I

189:5.3 she thought she had h. the familiar voice of Jesus.

190:1.3 I h. the Master say that, after he should die, he

190:5.2 Cleopas had often h. Jesus teach and had eaten

191:0.4 the women had really seen and h. the risen Master.

191:1.4 Peter had just h. the glorified Master exhort him to

191:5.5 Thomas, because you have really seen and h. me.

192:2.7 when the former chief of the apostles h. Jesus ask

192:3.2 knelt in a circle about the Master and h. him repeat

196:1.4 The common people h. Jesus gladly, and they will

196:1.4 The people h him gladly because he was one of them

Jesus heard

123:5.10 As Jesus grew up, he h. many great thinkers of the

123:5.12 many times Jesus h. his father relate the story of

124:5.6 As Jesus h. these plans discussed from time to time,

124:6.3 Jesus h. about the most beautiful maiden of all Israel

125:0.3 All through a joyful childhood he had reverently h.

125:1.4 laughter and profane jesting which he there h. were

125:2.2 by the things which he had so recently seen and h..

126:5.7 now Jesus stood in the palace and h. Herod decree

127:3.5 the discussions, as he had h. his mother tell about.

128:3.3 and the Far East, countries he had so frequently h.

136:2.3 he h. this same spirit of Paradise origin now speak,

136:2.5 the Personalized Adjuster that John and Jesus h.,

136:2.6 At his baptism he h. the unmistakable call of his

140:6.6 when Jesus h. this question, he said: “I have not

140:6.11 Jesus h. this, he said: “Be willing, then, to take up

141:5.1 When Jesus h. this question, he was stirred within

143:1.3 After Jesus had h. similar objections to the gospel

143:6.1 When Jesus h. them talking among themselves,

144:6.12 Jesus returned, h. of their deliberations, listened to

144:9.1 When Jesus h. their report, he dismissed the

145:5.6 When Jesus h. this, he answered: “Andrew, have I

146:4.3 And when Jesus saw him in his affliction and h.

147:1.2 And when Jesus had h. them, he said, “I will go with

147:1.3 And when Jesus h. these words, he turned and said

147:4.2 When Jesus h. Nathaniel’s question, he stood

147:5.5 when Jesus h. them thus murmuring, he turned to

148:4.1 When Jesus h. these questions, he said to Thomas:

148:7.2 When Jesus saw the man, h. his words, and

150:5.1 When Jesus h. this question, he answered: “When

150:7.1 he h. the familiar sounds of the trumpet blast

150:7.1 as he had so many, many times h. it when a boy

151:2.1 when Jesus h. this, he said to Peter: “My son, I

151:6.7 when Jesus h. them, he said to Andrew, “Let us

152:0.1 When Jesus h. the request of this father, he said:

152:0.3 When Jesus h. this, he took the woman by the hand

153:3.3 when Jesus h. him speak, he answered: “Why is it

153:4.5 when Jesus h. this, he said: “This faithless generation

156:1.7 Jesus, who had h. all of this conversation through

158:5.2 And when Jesus h. these words, he looked down

158:5.3 When Jesus h. these words, he stepped forward and

159:4.1 When Jesus h. the question of his bewildered

162:0.2 But when Jesus h. these words of vengeance, he

163:2.5 When Jesus h. this, he looked down upon him

165:4.8 when the Master had again h. him, he replied:

171:0.5 When Jesus h. Salome’s request, he said: “Woman,

171:4.6 When Jesus h. what the Pharisees had to say, he

171:5.3 When Jesus h. the blind man crying out, he stood

171:5.3 And when Jesus h. this request and saw his faith,

171:6.2 when Jesus h. this, he looked down at Zaccheus

173:5.4 when the Master h. this, he said, “Only one sign

176:1.7 When Jesus h. this, he was thoughtful for some time

178:2.5 And when Jesus h. Philip’s question, he answered:

180:3.7 When Jesus h. Thomas, he answered: “Thomas, I am

184:1.5 When Jesus h. this, he said: “Annas, you know

184:5.9 know (as a man) of their formal charges until he h.

185:2.15 When Jesus h. these accusations, he well knew that

187:4.1 When Jesus h. the thief say this, he turned his face


181:2.21 intellectual status and spiritual development of the h.


97:4.3 Amos further startled his h. when, pointing a finger

127:2.8 an appreciative response in the hearts of his h.;

135:5.8 exhorted his h. to “flee from the wrath to come.”

139:5.8 who exhorted his h. to “Go”—do this and do that.

140:5.18 Jesus’ h. were longing for military deliverance, not

142:5.1 was in answer to a question asked by one of his h.,

145:3.3 clear, and personal appeal to the hearts of his h..

145:3.4 Neither could his h. forget his blessed words,

147:5.9 Jesus cautioned his h. not mistakenly to apply his

147:7.3 Then the Master proceeded to warn his h. against

149:4.4 Jesus exhorted his h. to strive for originality while

151:0.1 and his h. never forgot the lesson he imparted.

151:3.1 cannot speak different words for each class of h.,

153:3.5 “Lest some of your h. be unnecessarily offended,

155:5.14 All twenty-four of his h. rose to their feet, intending

159:5.1 admonished his h. to feed their souls upon the best

164:1.3 he proceeded to tell his h. a story, a story which

164:1.4 the dishonest lawyer, but he told his h. a story

164:2.2 On this occasion Jesus’ h. were all learned men,

168:4.10 in advance virtually granted your prayer h. the full

169:1.14 which Jesus ever presented to impress upon his h.

169:2.8 These unfriendly h. sought to engage Jesus in

171:0.2 not wholly remove from the minds of his Jewish h.

173:2.7 he really supplied all his h. with the answer to the

174:2.4 greatly wound the national pride of his Jewish h.,

176:2.1 Jesus had made statements which led his h. to infer

178:2.1 Not many of the Master’s h. were able to take in

192:4.2 few of Peter’s h. doubted that the Master had risen

hearingnoun; before a council or tribunal

25:2.10 of the verdict only at the conclusion of the h..

53:8.4 since the first step in the h. of this case has already

53:9.4 when there occurred the first h. of Gabriel’s plea

54:4.8 the first h. in the pending case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer

54:5.7 they seldom execute wrongdoers without a full h..

128:6.6 Jesus endeavored to obtain either an immediate h.

142:6.9 the Sanhedrin sought to condemn Jesus without a h.;

185:2.7 Pilate would have liked to postpone this h., but he

185:2.14 insisted that these charges be repeated in Jesus’ h..

186:1.1 Friday morning when the h. of Jesus before Pilate

186:1.2 the Sanhedrin and there h. himself eulogized while

186:3.1 soldiers at the conclusion of the h. before Pilate,

187:1.8 there had been one h. right after another up to the

hearingsense of hearing

44:1.1 With the limited range of mortal h., you can hardly

44:1.1 sound unrecognized by the human sense of h.,

55:6.3 Both vision and h. are extended.

151:1.4 heart has waxed gross, and their ears are dull of h.,

151:3.9 to the forcing of thought through the sense of h..

hearingverb or adjective

93:5.12 Upon h. of this, Abraham, at the head of his seven

125:5.1 almost within h. distance of his fascinating voice.

128:6.5 impropriety directly to and within h. of the soldier.

124:4.5 much over his parents’ differing opinions, often h.

134:9.3 the real significance of what Jesus said in their h.

135:11.1 but had to be content with h. of his work through

139:2.6 on h. the Master’s reply, begged to be washed all

139:6.4 Jesus greatly enjoyed h. Nathaniel discourse on

139:12.10 sweepingly disallowed by Jesus right there in the h.

140:6.10 On h. these startling words, the apostles drew apart

142:0.2 Annas had been h. about Jesus and his teachings,

142:3.9 the apostles been so shocked as they were upon h.

146:2.3 turns the ears of spirit personalities away from h.

146:2.3 “He who turns away his ear from h. the divine law

146:5.1 knew they would have a sympathetic h. at Cana,

151:1.4 will see without seeing and will hear without h..

157:4.4 On h. this, the twelve stood upon their feet, and

162:1.11 They were unaccustomed to h. Jesus make such

165:2.1 in the h. of the twelve apostles, that Jesus preached

166:4.1 “Master, from h. your remarks as we journeyed this

167:4.1 addressed the messenger in the h. of the apostles,

167:6.1 loudly rebuked these mothers, Jesus, h. the tumult,

171:5.2 Bartimeus, h. the heavy tramping of the multitude,

172:1.6 knowing what they thought and h. what they said,

172:5.5 Master sitting there astride the colt, he recalled h.

177:0.4 Upon h. these words, David and his armed guards

182:0.1 but on h. them coming downstairs, he arose and,

185:2.14 insisted that these charges be repeated in Jesus’ h..

186:3.1 On h. their report, the Sanhedrin was satisfied that

193:0.3 lest you again make the mistake of h. my teaching


39:4.4 They prepare the statements for all preliminary h.


146:2.3 the Prophet Zechariah: “But they refused to h. and

153:2.1 “But it shall come to pass, if this people will not h.

153:2.1 because you would not h. to the word of the Lord.

153:2.2 from Jeremiah: “‘If you will not h. to the words of

153:3.5 Jesus said: “But h. to me all of you.

153:3.5 But h. while I tell you the truth concerning those

164:4.11H., you who claim to be the teachers of all Israel,


101:1.3 the mind that really discerns God, h. the Adjuster,

131:4.4 Our God is the Lord of prayer; he h. the cry of his

135:11.2 friend of the bridegroom stands near-by and h.

140:3.20 But every one who h. this charge and sincerely

146:2.2 Naturally God h. the petition of his child, but when

146:2.4 When man h. God’s spirit speak within the human

146:2.4 fact that God simultaneously h. that man’s prayer.

146:2.9 “For the Lord h. the cry of the needy, and he will

147:3.3 Verily, verily, I say to you: He who h. the gospel

154:6.7 “No, rather is the one blessed who h. the word of

162:7.4 He who is of God h. gladly the words of God;

163:1.4 He who h. you h. me.

163:1.4 And he who h. me h. Him who sent me.

185:3.4 that every one who loves the truth h. my voice.”


138:8.4 that which you have heard from me; speak not h..”

heart or human heartsee heart, her; heart, his;

    heartof Jesus; heartwith man; heart, my;

    heart, whole; heart, your; heartorgan;

    heartcenter or core; see Heart of Counsel

5:1.11 There is never a closure of the Father’s h. to the

6:3.4 Sons are a direct revelation of the Father’s h. of

7:3.3 the genuine prayers of the believing hh. from the

9:2.4 ever lead the true of purpose and the honest of h.

11:5.5 this force center seems to act as a gigantic h.

12:7.1 God does not necessarily prevail in the part—the h.

12:7.7 will of God does not uniformly prevail in the h.

27:7.7 signifying that the divine h. of the Gods has been

28:6.7 if you are sincere of purpose and honest of h..

28:6.19 These angels are indeed the h. searchers, and soul

28:6.19 high seconaphim lay bare the deep motives of the hh.

39:8.9 sin will never find response in the h. of a seraphim

43:6.3 He who has clean hands and a pure h., who has not

63:4.3 Altruism was as yet unborn in the hh.,

67:3.7 seven years of waiting was a time of h. searching and

72:1.4 powerful dictator-triumvirs had a change of h..

88:5.3 chew a bit of hard wood in order to soften the h. of

89:6.3 on record, illustrative of the h.-tearing contentions

93:9.2 loss of Melchizedek produced a sadness in the h. of

94:12.3 calls on his name in true faith and with a pure h. to

96:5.7 loved them, but who also “hardened Pharaoh’s h.

97:8.3 —the covenant written on the tablets of the h..

101:8.2 but faith can rise up only in the h. of the individual

102:0.3 This saving faith has its birth in the hh. when the

104:4.28 the endless throbbing of the material Paradise h. of

111:0.6 that they were to “spend eternity in gladness of h. in

118:10.11 The love of the Father operates directly in the h. of

118:10.17 when this kingdom becomes actual in the h. of every

121:7.5 “create a clean h. within and renew a right spirit.”

122:2.8 And the soil of John’s h. was ever responsive to the

123:5.8 his real education—that equipment of mind and h. for

124:6.15 filled his hh. to overflowing with pity for the blind

127:2.8 this was a matter so near the h. of every noble Jew

127:4.8 thoughtless of speech, Ruth was most sincere of h..

128:3.7 They had many h.-to-h. talks as they journeyed

129:2.10 on several occasions, kept hope alive in Mary’s h..

130:4.1 the teacher and his pupil had a long and h.-to-h. talk

130:8.2 prophet say: ‘And I will give you a h. to know me,

131:1.6 He will guide the honest of h. into the truth,

131:1.8 When you stand before God with a clean h., you

131:2.4 him who is of a contrite h. and a humble spirit!

131:2.9 A merry h. does good like a medicine.

131:3.2 Buddhist literature: “Out of a pure h. shall gladness

131:3.4 Cultivate the assurance of the h. which springs

131:4.2 Every h. and every world is illuminated by this

131:4.7 the Great Soul, who is ever seated in the h. of his

131:4.7 they who know that God is enthroned in the hh.

131:7.3 it is because you come before me with a clean h.,

131:8.5 the evil of his ways and repents of sin from the h.,

131:9.2 and that all mercy proceeds from the divine h..

132:3.11 These truths continued to burn within Nabon’s h.,

132:4.6 Tiber, he said: “Be brave of h. as well as of hand.

133:3.7 Ganid, some people are really wicked at h.;

133:4.5 the realization of the presence of God in the hh.?

133:9.4 They were tearful of eye but courageous of h..

135:3.4 The feeling grew in John’s h. that he was to be the

135:5.2 so taught the apocalyptists, Israel should take h.;

136:4.11 Jesus was always torn in his hh. by two opposing

137:2.2 through much kindness of h. has our teacher been

138:1.1 they started out in good h. and with confident

138:1.3 there was a bit of concealed depression in each h..

139:1.8 He knew that trouble was brewing in the h. of Judas

139:2.6 Peter’s faults were of the head and not of the h..

139:6.5 long lived in the self-deceiving h. of Judas Iscariot.

139:9.11 They never lost their h. faith in Jesus and (save John)

140:3.6 Happy are the pure in h., for they shall see God.

140:5.5 endured meekness, and who were pure in h..

140:5.12Happy are the pure in h., for they shall see God.

140:8.20 Jesus placed great value upon sincerity—a pure h..

140:8.22 knew many scribes and Pharisees were honest of h.;

142:5.2 place of security in the affections of his father’s h.

142:7.2 simultaneously see into the very h. of God and

143:2.5 the Prophet Jeremiah tell you that the hh. is deceitful

143:3.3 a steadier hand, not to mention a more resolute h..

143:5.6 After all, there was in Nalda’s h. a true thirst for the

144:3.20 3. Sincere—honest of h..

144:4.10 praying was done in the spirit and in the h.—silently.

145:2.6 exhort you to make religion an affair of the h.,

145:2.6 were you not warned that the natural hh. is deceitful

145:2.7 he spoke in behalf of God, saying: ‘A new h. also

145:4.3 twelve disappointed, perplexed, and h.-sorrowing

146:2.2 when the hh. deliberately and persistently harbors

146:2.4 When man hears God’s spirit speak within the hh.

146:2.13 “Create in me a clean h., O God, and renew a right

146:3.1 being sincerely honest of h., he quickly believed

147:5.6 the gospel has already wrought in the h. of your

148:6.10 he speaks within the hh. as a still, small voice,

149:1.5 strong, dominant, and living faith in the h. of the

149:5.2 ‘A merry h. makes a cheerful countenance and is a

149:5.2 ‘A merry h. does good like a medicine.’

149:6.12 near God in the mouth but far from him in the h..

149:6.12 who ‘flatter with the lips while the h. is given to

151:1.4 he said: ‘For this people’s h. has waxed gross,

152:3.2 let the Father of lights be enthroned in the h. of

153:3.3 ‘This people honors me with their lips, but their h.

153:3.5 which proceeds out of the mouth and from the h..”

153:3.5 defiled by that evil which may originate in the h.,

153:3.5 Do you not know it is from the h. that there come

156:5.4 They thought he softened the h. of Moses and

156:5.4 softened the heart of Moses and hardened the h.

156:6.8 Even Herod Antipas experienced a change of h. and

157:2.2 And there can be no peace in the h. or progress in

158:5.1 his mother and I are of a sad h. and a broken spirit.

159:5.2 teachings, such as: “Create in me a clean h., O Lord

160:5.6 ideas of God to meet the natural state of the hh.;

160:5.6 the higher religions demand that the hh. shall be

165:3.2 albeit many of these Pharisees are honest of h. and

165:6.2 is revealed; trial discloses what really is in the h..

165:6.3 if the servant is slothful and begins to say in his h.,

166:3.7 to all who are honest of h. and sincere in faith,

167:2.1 even his friendly host was compelled to take to h..

167:5.1 will not atone for lack of living faith in the h..

169:1.2 And all such teaching should be taken to h..

169:1.15 of the lost son into his Father’s house and h..

170:5.8 Master taught exists within the h. of the believer,

170:5.17 to Jesus’ concept of the divine kingdom in the h. of

170:5.19 dominant and transcendent in the h. of the believer

172:5.13 At h., this ordained ambassador of the kingdom

174:4.3 and that to love him with all the h., understanding,

176:3.3 that divine spirit which first inspired it in the hh..

177:1.3 a youth, if the desire of the h. is really supreme,

177:4.11 there was always left in Judas’s h. a scar of bitter

177:4.11 presently that h., so often wounded, lost all real

177:5.2 permit the word of truth to strike down into the h.

177:5.2 mind, and who have not experienced it in the h.,

178:1.11 ministrations and transformations wrought in the h.

179:3.2 he spoke the h. feelings of all his fellow apostles.

179:3.4 scene at first touched the h. of even Judas Iscariot;

179:4.2 the coming to fruit of the concealed evil in the h.

180:1.2 the delights of the bestowal of your h.’ affection

181:1.10 which can be enjoyed to the full by the believing hh..

181:2.10 “None of my apostles are more honest at h. than you

183:2.2 not only disloyal, but he was a real coward at h..

184:2.8 As he stood there, heavy of h. and crushed with

184:4.4 The hh. cannot possibly conceive of the shudder of

187:5.2 as these passages, which he so well knew by h.,

188:5.2 his love awakens the response of love in the hh..

188:5.3 beauty of divine love, once fully admitted to the hh.,

191:1.2 knew it was not from the h. that you disowned me

194:3.1 the Spirit of Truth, in the h., reveals the Creator

194:3.6 as did all the honest of h. throughout the world.

194:3.17 “there was one h. and soul among the multitude of

194:3.19 The coming of the Spirit of Truth purifies the hh.

194:3.20 Prayer does not move the divine h. to liberality of

194:4.3 took their food with gladness and singleness of h.,

194:4.3 the multitudes of those who believed were of one h.

heart, her

77:5.5 but Ratta lost her h. to the majestic Adamson.

122:3.2 Mary pondered this visitation secretly in her h. for

123:0.2 can know the burden that Mary carried in her h.

143:5.9 Nalda was ready to speak the real desire of her h.,

172:1.6 seeing that Mary has done a good thing in her h.?

172:1.8 heartily approved of Mary doing as her h. desired

heart, his