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pacesee pacewith keep or keeping or kept

46:2.4 material beings of the planet can proceed at a p.

51:6.2 Planetary Prince, sets the p. for the development of

81:3.8 Infusion not only quickened the p. of civilization, but

81:5.1 accelerate the p. of economic development and

81:6.30 invention and accelerated p. of cultural expansion.

94:6.9 Confucius set a new p. for the shamans in that he

97:1.9 but hardly maintained the p. set by Samuel;

152:1.1 home; so they now hastened on at quickened p..

pacewith keep or keeping or kept

70:1.20 standing armies soon developed to keep p. with the

81:6.25 But the improvement in education has not kept p.

81:6.39 to keeping p. with the scientific developments of the

87:5.2 Religious ceremonial must keep p. with spirit

98:2.7 religion as a personal experience failed to keep p.

99:1.6 But it must actively keep p. with all these advances

102:2.7 To keep p. in his life experience with the impelling

104:3.2 philosophy must accelerate in evolution to keep p.

121:6.5 only one matter did Paul fail to keep p. with Philo

123:3.7 always Joseph’s increasing income kept p. with the

160:1.3 If the evolution of the art of living fails to keep p.

195:0.6 organizer and his successors kept up the p. Paul set.


157:4.4 Peter, stepping a few p. forward toward Jesus,


71:4.16 fellows who might seek either to exploit their p.

79:8.2 which contributed further to their p. tendencies,

80:4.3 the purer violet race were far more p. than were

80:4.3 The Adamites were p.; the Nodites were belligerent.

94:6.7 development of the p. predilections of the Chinese

140:5.18 But Jesus’ peace is not of the p. and negative kind.

Pacific or Pacific Ocean

57:8.4 lava flows came out upon the bottom of the P.,

57:8.5 of land and one large body of water, the P. Ocean.

57:8.20 into the world ocean and subsequently into the P.,

57:8.21 The increasing downthrust of the P. operated further

57:8.21 Europe and Africa began to rise out of the P. depths

57:8.21 the P. engaged in a further compensatory sinking

57:8.23 severed land masses of Australia, the P. Islands,

58:4.3 land indicated by the islands of the P. broke away on

58:5.8 lava beds, into the waters of the surrounding P..

59:1.5 elevations of land, rose along the Atlantic and P.

59:1.7 Within a few million years the P. began to invade the

59:2.4 In the Western Hemisphere only an arm of the P.

59:2.4 near the close of this epoch the Atlantic and P coasts

59:4.5 North American inland sea found an outlet to the P.

59:4.6 seas having simultaneous connection with the P.,

59:4.12 many sheltered bays of the P. extended into the land

59:4.15 while the southern P. covered most of India.

59:5.3 the Atlantic and P. coastal highlands were situated

59:5.18 The great Atlantic and P. high coastal regions began

59:5.19 with an outlet to the P. through northern California.

60:1.3 to 10,000 feet, even being 18,000 on the P. coast.

60:1.7 North America, paralleling the Atlantic and P. coasts

60:1.8 The P. coast, usually above water during the

60:1.8 large island which then existed in what is now the P.

60:1.12 as well as India and the islands of the southern P.

60:1.13 A unique marine life appeared on the Californian P.

60:2.4 later invaded by both the northern sea and the P.,

60:3.2 the first great obstruction on the deep floor of the P..

60:3.3 Now the P. coast range was beginning to elevate,

60:3.8 life of the Atlantic-Gulf waters and that of the P.

60:3.11 the hinter continental mass upcrumpled the P.

60:3.11 profound repercussional changes along the P.

60:3.12 the long P. coast mountain ranges were completed,

61:1.12 the Atlantic and P. Oceans were separated.

61:3.9 but the P. coast remained warmer than at present.

61:5.8 slipping out through Puget Sound into the P.,

78:3.8 begun his civilization on the near-by islands of the P..

78:5.7 They crossed the P. by easy stages, tarrying on the

78:5.7 the Andites who navigated the P. of long ago none

78:5.8 India, China, northern Africa, and the P. Islands.

78:8.11 the nomads on a rampage from the Atlantic to the P..

79:1.6 the island peoples of the P. were to some extent

79:6.3 Many different races occupied the islands of the P..

79:6.12 China is protected by the P. to the east and the

81:4.1 the P. Islands is overspread with the composite races


133:0.2 they sent all their belongings on ahead by p. train to

159:5.15 if a stranger forced me to carry his p. for a mile?”

159:5.15 to do, you can at least carry the p. a second mile.

pack animals

130:8.6 they journeyed on beside their p. toward Rome,

133:7.2 they started for the hills with their well-loaded p..

150:1.2 and directed Judas to provide funds for their p.

163:5.2 loaded on to the p. the camp equipage, then stored


86:6.3 mortal fear has p. all of the superstition and religion

122:7.3 the food was p. for the trip of three or four days,


130:2.4 who worked with Jesus one day on the steering p.


130:2.1 one of the huge steering p. of the vessel on which


4:5.5 old and p. idea that the Gods could not be appeased

4:5.7 to find deliverance from these ancient errors and p.

79:4.7 Brahman priests were not able to withstand the p.

121:5.3 1. The p. cults.These were a combination of Hellenic

132:7.1 They had casually met a thoughtless p. while on

132:7.1 teacher why he evinced so little interest in this p.,

143:5.6 a mixture of the religion of many p. gods and gentile

195:0.11 pageantry of the p. while compelling the p. to accept

195:3.6 by the Mithraic ritual; much p. pageantry was added.

195:9.11 modern Christianity drains many an ancient p swamp


195:0.10 such compromises with p. that even the emperor

195:10.18 as a result of an overdose of mysteries and p.,


195:0.13 By this p. of Christianity the old order won many

195:4.4 the history of having experienced Hellenization, p.


195:0.18 they yet slumber in this religion of p. Christianity,

195:0.18 And Christianity, even before it was p., was first

195:2.5 the latent truths of Hellenized and p. Christianity.

195:4.3 But Christianity was sufficiently socialized and p.

195:9.2 But p. Christianity stands in need of new contact


195:0.11 But the Christians made a shrewd bargain with the p.

195:0.11 They made a better bargain with the p. than they did


158:3.1 transfiguration was a glimpse of a celestial p. which

172:5.5 symbolic significance of this Sunday-afternoon p..

172:5.8 Matthew was nonplused by this p. performance.

172:5.11 they enjoyed every moment of the whole p..


44:2.6 4. The historic p.those who dramatically reproduce


195:0.11 that Christians adopted the ritualistic p. of the pagan

195:3.6 Mithraic ritual; later on, much pagan p. was added.


38:9.12 formulate the p. and design the portrayals of history


27:5.2 must you seek enlightenment from engrossed p.;

57:8.26 subsequently discovered in well-preserved stone p.,

58:7.12 within the fossil p. of the vast “stone book” of world

58:7.12 the p. of this gigantic biogeologic record unfailingly

70:10.8 such a relic of barbarism within the p. of a collection

78:8.10 Mesopotamian Andites passed from the p. of history.

114:7.9 seldom emblazoned on the p. of human history.

155:6.12 cease to seek for the word of God only on the p. of

paidsee paidwith attention

0:6.11 of reality which has already p. all gravity debt;

27:3.1 the more attention must be p. to universe ethics.

28:6.7 Sons of God has been fully and faithfully p. out

43:5.17 he p. respectful homage to the Most High observer

55:3.2 Every adult worker p. ten per cent of his income

58:2.1 If the light falling upon North America were p. for

68:1.2 the premiums are p. by submission to society’s law

70:2.1 The terrible price p. for these certain war advantages

70:7.9 these men’s clubs p. money for the use of women

70:10.11 kill his wife without punishment provided he had p.

70:10.12 Such damages were usually p. in women or cattle;

70:10.12 to have a price which could be p. as damages.

72:9.5 of suffrage reflecting the average yearly taxes p. for

75:2.1 Caligastia p. frequent visits to the Garden and held

83:3.1 Once the purchase price of a bride had been p.,

84:2.5 after a man had p. or worked out the bride price,

84:3.2 The scant courtesy p. womankind during the Old

86:7.1 willingly p. his burdensome premiums of fear, dread,

87:4.6 Evolutionary religion has p. a terrible price for the

89:8.7 A just man was one who had p. all accounts to the

93:5.14 not only p. tithes to Melchizedek but saw to it that

94:2.4 the Vedic-Aryan p. the most terrible price for its

127:2.8 He p. compliment to his mother and eldest brother

127:6.7 to engage in this sacramental ritual whenever he p.

128:3.1 purchase price of the repair shop was one third p..

129:2.4 John p. up the remainder of the mortgage when it

130:2.1 they p. a formal visit to the governor’s palace,

134:8.9 Jesus had p. the last price required of him to attain

138:10.10 Judas p. all expenses and kept the books.

138:10.10 Judas p. out funds on Andrew’s authorization.

144:7.1 Baptism was the price the followers of Jesus p.

145:0.3 Jesus’ baby sister, Ruth, secretly p. him a visit.

155:5.9 the price to be p. for its satisfactions and assurances,

159:1.5 the jailers that they might hold him until he had p.

163:3.6 the beginning saw how the later comers were p.,

163:3.6 worked only one hour, and yet you have p. them

173:1.2 be somewhat high, no more fees had to be p.,

173:1.3 all other temple fees to be p. with this Jewish coin.

175:2.1 The Jews p. in full the terrible price of rejecting the

185:3.1 explained that Jesus and his apostles p. taxes both to

189:2.5 They p. each of these twenty men a sum of money

192:1.6 While John Mark had p. homage to the Master,

194:2.8 the ransom which had been p. in order to purchase

paidwith attention

72:7.2 In all industry first attention is p. to health;

87:5.3 peoples p. more attention to their malevolent ghosts

89:3.6 should have p. attention to sexual gratification.

124:4.5 Jesus p. more attention than ever to music,

128:6.12 Jesus p. a great deal of attention to these little ones.

141:4.9 the apostles p. more attention to the healing ministry

141:7.12 Jesus p. no attention to public opinion, and he was

165:1.3 The twelve p. little or no attention to the field work,

166:1.7 just three things to which the Pharisees p. attention:

191:5.1 he really enjoyed the attention p. him; he derived

195:1.6 Few Greeks had p. much attention to religion; they


3:5.14 live in a world where the alternative of p. and the

3:5.17 the sweetness of the pleasure escape from the p.

27:1.5 nor crying, neither shall there be any more p.,

63:4.2 early human beings were not so sensitive to p. nor

65:4.6 affords more p. relief and exercises better control

68:2.2 just as fast as society has succeeded in lessening p.

68:3.1 fear was physiological in origin: fear of physical p.,

68:4.2 tribal reactions grew out of the effort to avoid p. and

69:8.3 tribute on p. of the “destruction of all males.”

70:10.5 in conducting ordeals of poison, fire, and p..

76:4.2 Eve did not suffer p. in childbirth; neither did the

86:2.1 P and suffering are essential to progressive evolution

89:4.1 man gauged the value of his sacrifice by the p.

89:4.1 was contemplated which was not productive of p..

90:4.6 Early man discovered that heat would relieve p.;

94:7.2 salvation through physical affliction and personal p..

100:7.2 even though such sincerity sometimes caused p..

131:3.3 P. and sorrow follow in the path of evil as the dust

131:3.5 Evil results in sorrow and sin ends in p..

137:6.2 before her p. came, she was delivered of a man


2:5.11 At times I am almost p. to be compelled to portray

125:2.11 Mary was deeply p. at his reactions to the Jerusalem


10:7.5 appalling accidents, horrific disasters, p. illnesses,

52:1.4 you will begin to see why this long and p. struggle

63:4.2 Childbirth was not a p. or distressing ordeal to Fonta

70:7.10 Much self-torture and p. cutting entered into these

86:2.1 when anxiety becomes actually p., it inhibits activity

86:2.2 The struggle for life is so p. that certain backward

94:8.17 human striving for attainment is distasteful and p..

102:2.3 emancipation from harrying haste and the p. stress

154:2.4 were acutely afflicted with a p. digestive disturbance.

158:7.6 thus did Jesus make plain to the twelve the p. path

160:2.9 are more p. and disheartening when borne alone.

182:3.7 p. anxiety concerning the safety of his apostles.


74:3.1 Adam and Eve became p. aware of their isolation

86:1.3 take it for granted—but they p. remember bad luck.

87:5.14 man so p. ascended the evolutionary scale of life.

88:4.5 rather through long experience, gradually and p..

118:8.5 racial heritage of p. garnered experiential wisdom—

148:6.11 note how even the p. afflicted Job found the God

179:4.3 But Judas was p. conscious of the meaning of the


123:2.3 taking p. and spending time answering the boy’s

134:9.7 Jesus took great p. with all his handiwork and

136:5.4 Personalized Adjuster took great p. to point out to

141:6.1 a “fire worshiper,” although Teherma took great p.

176:2.2 the Master took particular p. to prevent just such a

179:5.4 Jesus took great p. to suggest his meanings


48:8.3 p. training only that you may survive just to enjoy

57:8.8 After making a p. survey of the planet,

128:2.5 make a close and p. study of their habits of living

134:9.7 he was a p. workman when it came to the essentials

139:12.5 p. devotion, to manage the financial affairs of such


32:2.1 since has been p. devoted to their administration.

66:4.10 they did p. study their personal constitutions,

99:1.3 and p. to observe the compass of religious guidance.

119:2.5 while he p. ministered to all his subjects, even

167:6.4 had not departed so far from that which he p. taught


43:6.7 Whereas your artists must resort to inert p. and


125:1.2 just such p. women as he had so recently seen when


44:2.4 you might call p.,artists who preserve passing scenes


44:7.1 These artists are not concerned with music, p., or


79:1.8 p. which faithfully record the presence of the blond-

141:3.6 These p. of the Christ have exerted a deleterious

pairsee pair marriage

21:3.6 the joint rule of the Paradise p. subsequent to the

22:7.6 but not so with a homogeneous p. of creatures,

23:4.3 not even a single p. has ever gone forth therefrom.

31:5.3 If both of the Edenic p. are attached to the same

38:7.4 cherubim may serve in the place of a seraphic p., but

39:2.5 each angelic p. has guided at least one soul of

39:8.4 But no matter how fitted any seraphic p. may be,

51:0.3 and experiences of the interesting p., Adam and Eve,

51:1.2 The Creator Son produces only one p. of these

51:1.2 were descended from the original p. of Material Sons

51:3.3 The chief business of such an imported p. is to

51:3.4 by a wily stratagem, outmaneuvered the Edenic p.

51:5.1 much is left to the judgment of the ministering p.,

62:3.1 dawn mammals, in the treetop abode of a superior p.

62:3.12 two pairs of twins:the inferior p. destined to produce

62:3.12 the superior p. destined to continue the line of ascent

62:5.10 gave her life in the attempt to save the wonderful p..

63:1.1 Andon and Fonta were the most remarkable p. of

63:1.1 This wonderful p., the actual parents of all mankind,

66:4.10 following the instructions of the pioneer Danite p..

74:1.4 the p. were called before the System Sovereign and

74:1.5 This Jerusem p. left behind them on the capital of

74:4.2 the proposal to bring the noble p. up to the Father’s

75:4.2 my own announcement to the Edenic p. that they

75:4.4 Every time the Garden p. had partaken of the fruit of

75:7.3 The Edenic p. were informed that they had degraded

76:5.4 so the Edenic p. always proclaimed that a Son of

82:3.14 The mores demanded that every p. have children.

83:0.1 which culminated in the realization of p. matings,

83:3.3 the custom of giving the p. valuable presents which

83:4.9 decisions of the contracting parents—later of the p.

83:5.2 marriage mores were not strong enough to make p.


113:1.7 In the sixth circle, a seraphic p. with one company

113:1.7 p. of guardian seraphim with a group of cherubim

113:1.7 charge is given to a p. of seraphim, assisted by one

113:2.3 the status of the angelic p.—in the light of seraphic

113:2.7 selected a certain p. of equally qualified seraphim;

113:2.7 one of this seraphic p. will always be on duty.

113:2.8 either of the angelic p. can discharge all ministering

113:2.9 When a seraphic p. accept guardian assignment, they

113:2.9 The records are kept by the p. of cherubim

122:5.8 a noontime meal, that the courtship of the p. who

122:10.1 not tell him whither the p. had taken the babe.

173:1.2 the value of a week’s labor for a p. of doves which

pair marriage


83:6.3 had become habituated to the practice of real p..

83:6.4 While pursuing the monogamic goal of the ideal p.

83:6.6 This ideal of true p. entails self-denial, and therefore

83:6.8 P. favors and fosters that intimate understanding

84:5.10 In the ideals of p., woman has won recognition,


84:1.9 This p. of the sexes enhanced survival and was the


26:1.16 voluntarily associate in p. to be able to function.

26:1.16 must work in p. in order to synchronize with the

26:1.16 able to encircuit only when polarized as liaison p..

26:1.16 When such spirit beings are associated as p.,

31:5.3 Such ascendant p. are far more successful in the

37:2.7 exists other than their customary association in p.

37:2.7 Evening Stars always work in p—one a created being

37:2.9 Similar p. of these superangels are assigned to the

38:4.2 means the domicile of two seraphim; they live in p..

38:6.1 chiefs into groups of twelve (12 p., 24 seraphim),

38:6.1 constitute a company (144 p., 288 seraphim),

38:6.1 constitute a battalion (1,728 p. or 3,456 seraphim),

38:6.1 a seraphic unit (20,736 p. or 41,472 individuals),

38:6.1 constitute a legion numbering 248,832 p. or

38:6.2 numbering 2,985,984 p. or 5,971,968 individuals,

38:6.2 twelve such hosts (35,831,808 p. or 71,663,616

38:7.2 in solitary function; hence they usually serve in p..

39:5.13 Then both the upper and lower p. of shields are

48:5.5 These advanced cherubim usually work in p. as they

51:1.2 these original p. are diverse in nature, being attuned

51:1.3 designed to serve on almost all assignments in p..

55:4.18 now assigned to these worlds to collaborate in p.

61:1.10 They had from one to eleven p. of mammary glands,

62:3.12 birth and subsequent segregation of two p. of twins:

74:0.1 They are designed to work in p.; seldom do they

77:8.3 Midwayers often work together in such p..

84:1.9 Regardless of the antagonisms of these early p.,

113:2.8 Like cherubim, seraphim usually serve in p., but

113:7.8 such p. have engaged in the supreme adventure of

114:0.2 others on Urantia was 501,234,619 p. of seraphim.

114:0.2 two hundred seraphic hosts—597,196,800 p. of

144:7.3 worked in p., one of Jesus’ apostles going out with

150:4.1 Then he designated the p. of apostles as he desired


83:5.1 associations were the first step toward living p. in


97:9.16 house of Lebanon, the p. of Pharaoh’s daughter,

97:9.16 the king’s p., and the restoration of the walls of

125:1.5 the crowds for an hour, viewing the Asmonean p.,

126:5.7 now Jesus stood in the p. and heard Herod decree

126:5.11 the money due his father for work on Herod’s p.,

128:3.5 While they strolled about viewing the Asmonean p.,

130:2.1 they paid a formal visit to the governor’s p.,

130:3.4 library, the royal mausoleum of Alexander, the p.,

135:12.5 Herod made a great feast in the Machaerian p. for

150:3.1 was held in the banquet room of Herod’s new p.,

171:8.2 Jericho was very near the ornate p. of Archelaus,

173:5.2 is ready for the marriage supper at the king’s p..’

183:3.10 near the entrance to the gate of the high priest’s p..


183:5.1 directed that Jesus be taken to the p. of Annas,

183:5.3 the marchers, coming up to the p. of Annas alone.

183:5.4 the captain of the guards at the gate of Annas’s p.,

183:5.5 way to the p. of Annas, Jesus opened not his mouth.

184:0.1 Roman soldiers to bring Jesus to the p. of Annas

184:0.2 that a court of Sanhedrists was in waiting at the p. of

184:0.3 Jesus spent about three hours at the p. of Annas

184:0.3 John Zebedee was free and safe in the p. of Annas

184:0.3 having many times been guests at the p. as the

184:1.6 the chief steward of the p. struck Jesus in the face

184:1.9 messengers arrived from the p of Caiaphas to inquire

184:2.1 approached the entrance to the p. of Annas,

184:2.1 After John had entered the p. courtyard with Jesus

184:2.1 just as they were about to take Jesus into the p..

184:2.3 shortly before he came up to the p. gate so that he

184:2.3 as to how John came to be admitted to the p.,

184:2.4 that the girl let him pass through the p. gates; but

184:2.8 the p. doors opened, and the guards led Jesus past

184:2.9 After Jesus and the guards passed out of the p. gates

184:2.10 occurred in the courtyard of the p. of Annas on

184:2.10 He did not follow Jesus to the p. of the high priest,

184:3.2 and was convened in the p. of the high priest.

184:5.10 some of the women about the high priest’s p.,

185:1.3 Jews drew themselves up defiantly before his p.,

185:1.4 put up on the walls of Herod’s p. in Jerusalem.

185:4.1 dwelt in the old Maccabean p. of Herod the Great,


124:6.10 the Holy City, the pretentious p., and the inspiring


123:0.3 Alexandrian believers, assembled at the p. home of

Palatine hill

132:0.2 on P., where were located the emperor’s residence


70:5.5 The primitive “p.” were seldom useful.


80:8.2 the Andonite stock; their p. skins and broad heads

168:2.4 were p. with fright and overcome with astonishment.


59:0.4 million years and is best known to you as the P..

59:6.11 the Permian, also marks the end of the long P. era,

Palestinesee Palestine, in; Palestine, of

64:7.14 the great black exodus started south through P.

74:8.9 general usage for a long time after they reached P..

80:2.2 moved north and east to the Nile valley and into P..

93:2.4 soon known throughout P. as the priest of El Elyon,

93:5.2 determined by geography, by the fact that P. was

95:0.1 spread out all over southwestern Asia, through P.,

95:1.2 The Jews carried to P. many of the Mesopotamian

95:1.7 cult of Ishtar, a ritual which had already invaded P.

95:6.1 From P. some of the Melchizedek missionaries

97:1.5 throughout all P. there sounded the call back to the

97:10.2 the Jews returned to P. only to fall into bondage to

121:1.9 In the times of Jesus, P. and Syria were enjoying a

121:2.2 joining the nations of antiquity passed through P.,

121:2.2 Parthia, and Rome successively swept over P..

121:2.3 Although P was the home of Jewish religious culture

121:2.8 Egypt against each other necessitated fostering P.

121:2.11 aided in making P. the crossroads of the civilized

123:0.3 a short time before the return to P. to wish the

123:0.3 These persuasions delayed their departure for P. for

124:1.10 from the eastern desert would blow across all P..

125:2.12 in which the youth of other regions near P. grew up.

128:1.13 eyes were continuously focused on Urantia—on P..

129:3.4 When Jesus returned to P., he did nothing to change

129:3.4 the belief that all the time he had been absent from P.

130:3.4 from all the civilized world: Greece, Rome, P.,

132:3.1 suggested that he return to P. as a Mithraic teacher.

133:8.2 became sober and reflective as Jesus drew nearer P.

133:8.2 induced Jesus to say: “This city is not far from P.;

134:0.2 that P. was the best place in all the Roman world

134:0.2 among the Jews and gentiles of his native P..

134:7.2 the year of Jesus’ solitary wanderings through P.

135:3.2 that Rome was even then divided, as Syria, P.,

135:6.3 strange preacher created a mighty stir throughout P.

135:8.1 Jordan, his fame had extended throughout all P.,

135:10.3 was not released, his disciples scattered over all P.,

136:2.1 height of John’s preaching when P. was aflame with

137:3.5 Mary expected all P. to be startled and stunned by

142:1.7 No longer was Jesus’ work to be confined to P..

159:6.3 the messengers keep the believers throughout P. in

163:7.2 from all parts, not only from P. but from the Roman

167:0.3 further advancement of the kingdom throughout P.,

173:1.3 many sorts of currency in circulation throughout P.

176:1.6 They believed this New Jerusalem would fill all P.;

184:1.2 persuade Jesus to abandon his claims and leave P..

184:1.6 determined that Jesus must either leave P. or die;

185:1.9 Rome sent the second-rate Pilate to govern P..

Palestine, in

88:1.5 The serpent was revered in P., especially by the

89:6.6 A petty king in P., in building the walls of Jericho,

93:1.3 near what was to become the city of Salem, in P..

93:5.2 The Melchizedek mission in P. and the subsequent

93:5.4 it was a long time after they arrived in P. before

93:5.7 obtain food supplies as there was a drought in P..

93:5.14 well on the way to establishing a powerful state in P.

93:7.3 Salem gospel found lodgment, but except in P.,

93:9.4 did Abraham again become a great leader in P..

95:5.8 of the later superb family life of the Jews in P..

95:5.14 work persisted for centuries both in P. and Greece,

96:0.1 the appearance of Melchizedek at Salem in P..

96:0.3 Salem religion persisted among the Kenites in P.

96:7.1 the Hebrews became loosely established in P..

96:7.5 God was best preserved during the dark days in P..

96:7.6 In P. the wisdom and all-pervasiveness of God was

97:1.1 Hostile pressure of the surrounding peoples in P.

97:2.2 known Micaiah, kept the light of truth alive in P..

97:4.1 Moses had such ringing truths been proclaimed in P..

97:9.1 the Israelites—only three or four tribes settled in P..

97:9.27 that they could not exist as a small group in P.,

98:2.7 In P., human thought was so priest-controlled and

98:2.8 in P., thinking was held subject to believing.

98:2.9 In P., religious dogma became so crystallized as to

98:3.8 during his lifetime except in P., the home of the Jews

121:3.10 Roman Empire than in her restricted position in P.,

121:5.18 such complex cults of religion, Jesus was born in P..

121:6.2 In the days of Jesus three languages prevailed in P.

121:6.3 Hebrew theology that prevailed in P. when Jesus

122:1.3 Of all couples living in P. at about the time of

122:4.4 to establish the Jews in P. as a powerful nation,

123:0.3 of Alexandria than of any designated place in P..

123:6.6 why there was a dry season and rainy season in P..

124:1.10 There were two seasons in P., summer and winter,

128:5.3 the rumblings of rebellion in Jerusalem and P.

128:5.5 the boatbuilder was creating such a commotion in P.,

130:0.7 pleading the necessity for returning to his family in P.

133:9.5 when Ganid heard of the strange teacher in P. who

134:0.1 provided that he be born of Jewish parents in P.,

134:0.2 His Urantia career began among the Jews in P.,

134:0.2 he chose to terminate his life in P. and among the

135:5.2 a new school of religious teachers arose in P.,

135:5.4 literally looked expectantly for a new king in P.,

140:8.14 In Jesus’ time divorce practices were lax in P. and

143:4.1 king of Assyria, in subduing a revolt in central P.,

154:2.1 every synagogue in P. bowed to this manifesto of

163:5.2 was the rainy season in P., and accommodations

167:6.4 Woman’s status in P. was improved by Jesus’

Palestine, of

93:5.2 The choice of P. as the site for Machiventa’s

93:5.6 were raiding the tribes of central and southern P..

94:5.6 and in this country, far distant from Salem of P.,

96:2.1 mixed Semites who held the western section of P.,

96:5.3 the best in the religion and mores of Egypt and P.

96:6.2 but when they once reached the fertile lands of P.,

97:3.2 The inhabitants of P. differed in their attitude toward

97:9.1 The Hebrews never drove the Canaanites out of P.,

121:2.8 The secret of the survival of P., the kingdom of the

121:5.17 Outside of P. it not always occurred to people that

122:0.1 the many reasons which led to the selection of P. as

124:1.9 the climate of P. ranged from the frigid to the torrid.

126:3.6 in overthrowing the foreign domination of P..

127:6.4 around Megiddo, the international battlefield of P..

128:3.2 trip fairly well acquainted Jesus with the whole of P.

130:2.1 Caesarea was the capital of P. and the residence of

131:2.1 The Kenites of P. salvaged much of the teaching of

134:7.1 Jesus made only one more trip outside of P.,

134:7.5 tour, as a private individual, through the heart of P.,

134:9.4 This feast was the annual holiday of all P.;

135:5.2 To the Jews of P. the phrase “kingdom of heaven”

136:0.1 a time when the Jewish people of P. were eagerly

137:7.5 the religious groups and the political parties of P..

137:7.11 In the very midst of P. there lived the Samaritans,

149:0.4 workers in various parts of P. and adjacent regions

149:1.1 particularly as a healer, had spread to all parts of P.

154:2.1 passed a decree closing all the synagogues of P. to

163:0.1 other true and tried disciples from all parts of P..

163:5.2 Daily, pilgrims arrived from all parts of P. and

165:0.2 No other part of P. was so thoroughly worked by the

165:0.3 most beautiful and picturesque province of all P..

173:1.3 erected their booths in the principal cities of P. for


96:1.3 1. Yahweh was the god of the southern P. tribes,

96:5.8 calves, the P. herdsman’s symbol of Yahweh.

104:1.3 Machiventa found it very difficult to teach the P.

121:2.8 desired to maintain control of the P. highway of

122:7.1 year 8 B.C., except in the P. kingdom of Herod,

128:5.2 of Alexandrian Jews at some point on the P. coast.

128:5.3 and assured him that any uprising of the P. Jews

135:3.2 Elizabeth kept John posted about P. and world

175:2.2 Matthew, and others of the P. Jews who yielded up


166:4.1 While most P. ate only two meals a day, it was the


60:1.3 The P. of the Hudson River were formed by the


124:6.7 superior architecture and their beautiful p. gardens.

162:4.4 in the right hand a sheaf of myrtle, willow, and p.

172:3.11 had come from Jerusalem waving p. branches,


60:3.7 fig trees, breadfruit trees, and p. overspread Europe

60:3.19 oak, walnut, sycamore, maple, and modern p..

97:7.7 I have graven them upon the p. of my hands;

184:3.18 mockingly slapped Jesus with the p. of their hands.


119:2.5 age as the Savior Sovereign of the system of P..

119:2.6 all P. mourned the departure of the most noble and


126:5.7 the treasurer at Sepphoris had offered them a p.

136:9.6 The kingdoms of earth were p. things to interest


118:10.1 shortsighted affection which would p. and spoil the

140:5.12 father’s love need not p., and it does not condone


83:7.6 Two p. and spoiled youths, educated to expect every

139:12.6 When very young, Judas was p. and petted; he was


195:6.10 Neither democracy nor any other political p. will


61:0.2 Twice during this sector of time the P. Isthmus went

61:1.12 The Isthmus of P. was up; the Atlantic and Pacific


11:1.4 Did he move, universal p. would be precipitated,

54:5.13 commit a crime which precipitated world-wide p.,

67:5.1 indescribable confusion and racial p. was the result

76:3.2 p. would have broken loose upon Adam’s death.


84:4.4 and racial traditions relegate trouble to Eve, P.,


76:4.2 with the Andites suffered the severe p. of childbirth.

84:5.2 —makes woman alone suffer the p. of childbirth.

122:8.1 By the break of day the p. of childbirth were well in

187:4.2 The Master had time amidst the p. of mortal death to


113:2.5 so thoroughly demoralized by the thoughtless p.

146:6.3 Fear seized many, p. others, while still others fell to

189:2.4 for such motion—they were seized with fear and p.

189:4.5 soldiers fleeing to the city more or less p.-stricken,

190:3.3 the meeting broke up in confusion bordering on p.

195:6.1 have precipitated mankind into a materialistic p.;

195:6.1 When the materialistic-secular p. is over, the religion


64:4.13 in the dark of the moon they grew p. and began

189:4.7 on edge ever since meeting the p. soldiers at the

195:6.1 Only unthinking men become p. about the spiritual


70:12.13 7. Disastrous disruption of p..


101:10.9 eternity cast by Paradise realities on the p. of space.


53:7.1 Only on P. did the Planetary Prince fail to carry his


53:7.1 And ever since have these loyal P. served on the

53:7.1 The P. not only act as the literal custodians of

53:9.1 accepted the mercy proclaimed by the P. and were

53:9.1 These probationary souls now labor with the P. in


1:4.4 the increasing unfolding of the endless p. of the truth

8:1.1 —the universal adventure—the divine p. of the ages.

8:1.3 space is set for the manifold and never-ending p. of

46:5.23 These seven circles are surrounded by the exhibit p.

56:10.4 Highest beauty consists in the p. of the unification of


105:7.18 the stupendous repercussions of the cosmic p. of

108:6.8 begun an endless unfolding of an almost infinite p.,

117:3.2 triodities that crystallizes into the galactic p. of space

118:5.2 In the beginning the Father does all, but as the p.

118:10.23 the Paradise Trinity thus motivating the cosmic p. of


46:8.1 The triangles are surrounded by the p. depiction of

67:3.10 The Caligastia p. reign-records on Jerusem were

118:1.8 begins to view the landscape of time from the p.

123:5.12 from which they could obtain a p. view of all Galilee.

143:5.13 brought all of Nalda’s checkered life in p. review

Pantaenusbeliever who taught in India

195:3.10 P. taught Clement and then went on to follow


1:5.11 choice of philosophic dilemmas: materialism or p..

1:5.12 in p., since God has no body, he is not, therefore,

103:8.6 should avoid the extremes of materialism and p..

118:6.8 omnificence is to embrace the colossal error of P..

195:4.1 bordering unreality and philosophically akin to p..


0:11.9 all-pervading influence comparable either to the p.

0:11.16 as self-determinative, a p. and impersonal Deity.

5:5.3 to posit a God of universal unity, even a p. Deity.

91:2.5 that of an impersonal Deity, such as in p. idealism,

94:4.4 for close identification with the p. Infinite One,

98:2.6 taught one God, but his deity concept was too p. to

98:2.9 concept of God resolved itself into a vapor of p.

104:2.2 of an unrelated God to the status of a p. Absolute.


85:6.4 nature worship did evolve a p.—nature spirits

94:1.3 The many gods were organized into a p. under the

94:1.4 Agni was often exalted as the father-head of the p..

94:1.4 the energy-divinity principle activating the Vedic p..

94:4.6 these have also been incorporated into the Hindu p..

96:1.1 a veritable p. of spirits to be feared and worshiped.

98:1.3 head of the whole Greek p. of subordinate gods.

98:2.10 Eleusinian mysteries grew within the Olympian p.,

98:3.3 were transplanted and incorporated into the Latin p..

104:2.1 It developed first through p. organizations with the


61:3.13 the cat tribe, by p. and large saber-toothed tigers,


20:1.15 activities will be reserved to the next p. in this series,

24:0.11 and service have been discussed in the preceding p..

30:2.139 The Corps of the Finality is dealt with in the next p.

35:0.7 consideration will occupy the whole of the next p..

37:0.2 This p. is chiefly concerned with an intervening

37:7.2 will receive further consideration in the next p.,

37:7.2 be more extensively discussed in the p. of that name.

37:10.1 are much too numerous to be catalogued in this p.,

38:3.1 In this p. the word “angel” is purposely limited to

42:2.1 In this p., for example, the word energy is used to

49:5.28 will receive particular attention in a succeeding p..

56:10.23 This p. on Universal Unity is the twenty-fifth of a

78:0.2 This p depicts the planetary history of the violet race

87:2.10 Later races made p. models and substituted

98:7.2 It is not the province of this p. to deal with the origin

119:8.9 [This p., depicting the seven bestowals of Christ

129:3.1 of the narratives which immediately follow this p..


66:5.9 crude form of p. material made from wasps’ nests.


0:0.1 be hereinafter used in those p. which the Orvonton

0:0.3 the part of every mortal who may peruse these p.,

0:0.4 to assist those who shall read the accompanying p.

0:2.11 The word GOD is used, in these p., with the

0:12.12 we have selected as the basis of these p. more than

1:7.9 I am commissioned to sponsor those p. portraying

13:0.7 These p. afford only a fleeting glimpse of certain

20:1.10 Sons of God more properly portrayed in those p.

26:1.14 the seraphim and cherubim, is presented in those p.

30:0.2 It would require numerous additional p. to cover the

30:1.114 These p. do not—cannot—even begin to exhaust the

31:10.22 These thirty-one p. depicting the nature of Deity,

32:2.13 P. dealing with the superuniverse introduce this

37:0.2 Preceding p. have dealt with the created orders of

37:1.1 but as presented in these p., the Universe Aids

37:10.1 mortal orders, who will be considered in later p.,

51:0.3 other p. depict the life and experiences of Adam and

PART III  These p. were sponsored by a Corps of Local Univ.

92:4.9 5. The Urantia P.. The p., of which this is one,

92:4.9 These p. differ from all previous revelations, for

92:6.2 the world in the times of the inditement of these p..

97:9.19 His Phoenician wife forged Ahab’s name to p.

104:3.5 In these p. total reality (infinity) has been presented

104:4.45 fifteen, eight of which are unrevealed in these p..

105:3.1 They have been described in these p. as follows:

106:0.2 latents have been previously suggested in these p.,

115:3.3 unity in infinity that has been expressed in these p. as

119:8.9 These p. were authorized by a Nebadon commission

PART IV  This group of p. was sponsored by a commission


133:7.2 They landed at P. and at once began the assembly of


141:4.3 restate his message and employ another type of p.

144:5.1 Jesus enjoined that these “p. prayers” should not be

148:6.2 Do you not recall how this wonderful p. begins

148:6.3 Satan or God the parts they play in this unique p..

149:3.1 (And when he employed a p. for illustrating his


151:1.1 About this time Jesus first began to employ the p.

151:1.1 then Jesus began the recital of the p. of the sower,

151:1.2 And when he had finished speaking this p., he said


151:2.1 conclusion that the p. of the sower was an allegory

151:2.1 We are not able to penetrate the meaning of this p.

151:2.1 talking about; what is your interpretation of the p.?

151:2.2 “Master, we have talked much concerning the p.,

151:2.3 after listening to Peter’s interpretation of the p.,

151:2.3 things about Simon Peter’s interpretation of the p.,

151:2.3 My idea of this p. would be: The seed represents

151:2.4 sought to defend Nathaniel’s explanation of the p..

151:2.5 “Before I tell you about this p., do any of you have

151:2.5 are both wrong in their attempts to interpret this p..

151:2.5 such attempts to make a natural p. yield spiritual

151:2.5 misconception of the true purpose of such a p..

151:2.5 who hold different opinions concerning this p. and

151:2.5 truth you had in mind when you presented this p. to

151:2.6 what meaning he attaches to the p. of the sower.”

151:2.6 this p. was spoken to teach us one great truth.

151:2.8 to make an interpretation of the p. of the sower

151:3.1 The apostles were p.-minded, so much so that the

151:3.1 be able to make his own interpretation of your p.

151:3.6 The p. provides for a simultaneous appeal to vastly

151:3.6 The p. stimulates the imagination, challenges the

151:3.6 it promotes sympathy without arousing antagonism.

151:3.7 The p. proceeds from the things which are known to

151:3.7 The p. utilizes the material and natural as a means of

151:3.8 The p. evades much prejudice and puts new truth

151:3.9 The p. conduces to the forcing of thought through

151:3.10 The use of the p form of teaching enables the teacher

151:3.11 The p. possesses the advantage of stimulating the

151:3.13 Jesus made his first comment on the p. of the sower.

151:3.13 Jesus said the p. referred to two things: First, it was

151:3.15 “Now will I tell you the last of the p. of the sower.

151:3.16 made mention of this addition to the p. of the sower.

151:4.2 Jesus spoke another p.: “The kingdom is like a grain

152:6.3 Master again told the apostles the p. of the sower

155:2.3 Jesus made further reference to the p. of the sower

156:5.2 Jesus made use of his first and only p. having to do

158:7.3 And I speak not a p. to you; I speak the truth to you

165:2.2 I will present my teaching in a p., so that you may

165:2.5 And when Jesus had spoken this p., no one asked

165:2.5 began again to speak and went on to discuss the p.:

165:2.7 now, lest some of you too easily comprehend this p.,

165:6.1 asked: “Do you speak this p. to us, your apostles,


167:2.1 And then Jesus spoke a p., which even his friendly

167:2.3 that morning comprehended the meaning of this p.,

167:2.3 Abner preached on this p. that night at the general

167:2.4 to interpret the meaning of this p. of the great supper

167:2.4 to offer them further help in understanding the p..

167:5.1 told the p. of the Pharisee and the publican (a tax


169:1.1 and then added his favorite p. of the prodigal son.

169:1.15 launch forth into the telling of this p. of the lost son

169:1.16 This p. and the story of the good Samaritan were his


169:3.1 Some of us heard John the Baptist thunder this p.

169:3.1 while this olden p. is not according to the gospel

169:3.3 After Peter had recited this ancient p. of the Nazarite

169:3.3 asked Jesus questions about the p. of Dives and


171:8.2 The p. of the pounds, unlike the p. of the talents,

171:8.4 “And now, as the rejected nobleman of this p., I

171:8.8 the meaning of this p. and that of the former p. of


173:3.1 give ear while I tell you a p.: A certain great and


173:4.1 told another p.: “There was a good man who was

173:4.3 And when the people heard this p. and the question

173:4.3 perceived that this p. referred to the Jewish nation


173:5.1 to the crowd and spoke the p. of the wedding feast.

173:5.4 After speaking this p., Jesus was about to dismiss

176:2.8 these writings of Selta that the p. of the ten virgins

176:3.4 hear me while I speak a p.: There was a certain man

179:2.3 now prepared to enact the p. of brotherly love.

179:3.6 perform this service for you as a p. to illustrate the

179:3.8 What lesson should you learn from this p. in which

179:4.2 and self-confidence by the p. of the feet washing

180:1.1 “When I enacted for you a p. indicating how you


138:8.10 Though Jesus’ public teaching mainly consisted in p.

140:8.17 erroneous views of life by narrating numerous p.

149:3.1 taught not so much from the law as from life, by p.

149:3.1 by attempting to make allegories out of his p..)

151:1.1 sower, one of the first of a long series of such p.

151:1.3 Why do you speak in p. to those who seek the truth?

151:1.4 mysteries of the kingdom shall be presented in p..

151:1.4 will I henceforth speak to the people much in p. to

151:2.7 you have discerned the true meaning of p.; but

151:2.7 of undertaking to make an allegory out of my p..

151:2.8 attempt to figure out the Master’s p. as they would

151:2.8 Jesus more and more employed p. in connection


151:3.1 evening was devoted to the further discussion of p.

151:3.2 The continued discussion of p. and instruction as to

151:3.3 recommend the free use of p., especially nature p..

151:3.4 2. Jesus narrated three or four p. from the Hebrew

151:3.5 3. In teaching the apostles the value of p., Jesus

151:3.8 P. favor the making of impartial moral decisions.

151:3.12 Jesus’ practice of increasingly using p. in his public

151:3.14 Jesus also resorted to the use of p. as the best


151:4.7 Many other p. spoke Jesus to the multitudes.

151:4.7 After speaking to a public audience in p., Jesus

158:7.2 Are you speaking to us in p.?

159:5.10 aspect of the gospel was well illustrated by many p.

169:1.14 one of the most touching and effective of all the p.

171:8.2 This is one of the few p. to be founded on an

171:8.9 Nathaniel who taught the meaning of these two p.

179:5.4 the Master, as was always his habit, resorted to p.

180:6.8 have taught you in proverbs and spoken to you in p..


151:3.9 To reject the truth contained in p. analogy requires


68:2.10 such emotions are futile without an audience to p.

110:5.2 Man’s dream experiences, that disconnected p. of


170:3.1 scribes and Pharisees p. so vaingloriously before the


125:1.2 outraged by the sight of the frivolous courtesans p.


23:2.12 possessed of power to make Urantia a veritable p.,

59:1.17 that now ice-mantled continent a veritable tropic P.

61:0.2 with birds, and the whole world was an animal p.,

73:3.6 to becoming such a p. of botanic expression.

77:4.8 Sumerian clay tablets which tell of this earthly p.

77:4.8 these tablets, descriptive of Dilmun, the p. of men

89:2.3 the traditions of Dilmun and the days of a little p. on

162:4.4 each carried a branch of the p. apple—the citron,

Paradise or Isle of Paradisenoun; see aboveparadise

     see also central Isle, eternal Isle

0:0.5 is the stationary I., the geographic center of infinity

0:1.13 On P., time and space are nonexistent;

0:1.13 the time-space status of P. is absolute.

0:3.5 4. The I..

0:3.13 are convergent in the gravity center of nether P..

0:3.13 energy center of the nether or material plane of P..

0:3.13 of Deity exists on the upper or spiritual plane of P..

0:3.22 with becoming the Eternal Source of the I..

0:3.22 the Son from the Father, and in the presence of P.,

0:4.10 those things which center and inhere in the eternal I..

0:4.11 P. is a term inclusive of the personal and nonpersonal

0:4.11 P., properly qualified, may connote any and all forms

0:4.11 All share P. as the place of origin, function, and

0:4.12 The I.P. not otherwise qualified—is the Absolute

0:4.12 P. is motionless, being the only stationary thing in

0:4.12 The I. has a universe location but no position in

0:4.13 P. is not a creator; it is a unique controller of many

0:4.13 Throughout the material universes P. influences the

0:4.13 but P. itself is unique, exclusive, and isolated in the

0:4.13 P. represents nothing and nothing represents P..

0:4.13 It is neither a force nor a presence; it is just P..

0:5.5 But the I. is nonpersonal and extraspiritual, being

0:6.1 the material-gravity circuit centering in nether P.,

0:6.13 Eternal P. is the absolute of patterns; the Eternal Son

0:6.13 But P. does not bestow pattern, and the Son cannot

0:8.9 the divine personality of the Universal Father on P..

0:9.4 The first three and past-eternal Deities of P.

0:11.13 and reality actuality, P. and space, man and God.

1:0.3 In love and mercy the messengers of P. have carried

1:2.3 the spirit Monitor sent from P. to live in the mind of

1:2.9 as the Creator, and he is the personal creator of P.

1:2.10 Center functions in the patterns of the eternal IP.,

1:2.10 with the co-ordinate Persons and Absolutes of P.

1:3.6 but he is contactable (outside of P.) only in the

1:5.5 until he achieves spirit transformation and attains P..

1:5.16 P. responds to all the physical metamorphoses of

1:6.2 attain the divine embrace of the living God on P..

1:7.8 successive epochs of the long mortal ascent to P..

2:2.4 but in the central universe and especially on P.,

2:2.7 or evolved by every Creator Son going out from P..

2:7.7 The far-flung physical universe coheres in the IP.;

3:1.6 without limitation, discernibly present only on P.

3:1.6 of the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and the IP..

3:1.7 present in the gravity circuits of the IP. in all parts

3:2.4 in the gravitational control centering on nether P..

3:2.15 Otherwise, outside of P. and the central universe

3:4.2 control and co-ordination reposing in the IP.

3:5.17 from the status of an animal up to the portals of P.

4:0.1 Even the exalted citizens of P. hold very diverse

4:0.2 school for the pilgrims of time on their way to P.;

4:0.3 after their attainment of P. and the Corps of

4:1.8 the Infinite Spirit, and, to a large extent, the IP..

4:2.4 Nature is the perfection of P. divided by the

5:1.7 soul from securely ascending to the portals of P..

5:1.8 He has on P. a place to receive all those whose

5:2.2 place, as on one of the seven sacred spheres of P..

5:6.11 As all gravity is circuited in the IP., as all mind is

6:6.4 to his seven spiritual spheres encircling P. and to the

6:7.3 You must await your attainment of P., and then

6:8.2 Beings of nativity in the central universe and on P.

6:8.4 the God-conscious mortal will certainly attain P.

6:8.9 this statement depicting the Eternal Son of P..]

7:0.3 Second Source is the eternal counterpoise of the IP.,

7:0.5 revelatory of the perfection and immutability of P.

7:1.1 the person of the Second Source and Center on P..

7:1.7 Like the material gravity of P., the spiritual gravity

7:2.1 On P. the presence and personal activity of the Son

7:2.1 As we pass outward from P. through Havona and

7:5.6 the inner Havona circuit and the shores of P..

7:5.9 seven times abdicated the power and glory of P. to

7:6.4 Creator Sons go out from P. into the universes of

7:7.7 this statement depicting the Eternal Son of P..]

8:1.4 the space-energies inherent in P. are existent and

8:1.4 adequate to hold them in the everlasting grasp of P.

8:1.10 disregardful of the reality and eternity of the IP.

8:5.3 to designate the Infinite Spirit on P. and the Creative

9:0.1 strange thing occurred when, in the presence of P.,

9:0.2 P. is infinite in potential for force endowment and

9:1.2 with the eternal fact of the absoluteness of P..

9:1.4 the IP. unifies the domain of physical energy

9:1.4 manipulator of the forces and energies of P., thus

9:1.7 revealed his infinity in the Son and as P.,

9:1.7 gravity—the universal manifestation of the IP..

9:2.3 the people of Urantia directly with the Deities of P..

9:3.1 IP. is the source and substance of physical gravity;

9:3.5 energies subject to the direct or indirect control of P.

9:3.7 of Action appear to relate his function to the IP.,

9:3.7 Conjoint Actor does not act for, or in response to, P.

9:3.7 P. is not a person.

9:3.8 P. is the pattern of infinity; the God of Action is the

9:3.8 P. is the material fulcrum of infinity; the agencies of

9:5.5 a true revelation of the beauty and harmony of P..

9:6.7 on P., energy and spirit are essentially one.

9:6.8 it emanates from the Third Person of Deity on P.,

9:7.1 Reflectivity finally focalizes on P..

9:7.2 be traced back to the Son, physical energy to P.,

9:8.2 in the existence of the Seven Master Spirits of P.,

9:8.16 1. The Seven Master Spirits of P..

9:8.24 These groups serve on P., in the central universe,

10:3.2 Looking from P. out on the universes, these

10:3.11 2. As controller, through the gravity center of P..


11:0.1 P. is the eternal center of the universe of universes

11:0.1 P. is a material sphere as well as a spiritual abode.

11:0.2 The material beauty of P. consists in the

11:0.2 And P. is from eternity; there are neither records

11:1.1 P. serves many purposes in the administration of the

11:1.1 it exists primarily as the dwelling place of Deity.

11:1.3 so few have found God on P. in no way disproves

11:1.4 we trace the lines of material gravity to nether P.

11:2.2 In form P. differs from the inhabited space bodies:

11:2.2 it is not spherical.

11:2.2 It is definitely ellipsoid, being one-sixth longer in the

11:2.5 1. Upper P..

11:2.6 2. Peripheral P..

11:2.7 3. Nether P..

11:2.8 We speak of that surface of P. which is occupied

11:2.8 The periphery of P. provides for activities that are

11:2.8 presence of this Absolute as focalized on nether P..

11:2.9 This literal substance of P. is a homogeneous

11:2.9 and Center; it is P., and P. is without duplicate.

11:2.10 absolute potential for cosmic reality in P. as a part of

11:2.10 But it does not follow that P. is time-space limited

11:2.10 P. exists without time and has no location in space.

11:2.11 space seemingly originates just below nether P.;

11:2.11 below nether Paradise; time just above upper P..

11:2.11 Motion is not inherent on P.; it is volitional.

11:2.11 as it may be applied to relative locations on P..

11:2.11 P. is nonspatial; hence its areas are absolute and


11:3.1 On upper P. there are three grand spheres of

11:3.1 beauteous grandeur of the Most Holy Sphere of P.

11:3.2 in the reminiscent historic areas of peripheral P..

11:3.3 P. is sometimes called “the Father’s House” since it

11:3.3 of Havona who may chance to be dwelling on P..

11:3.4 Each of the seven sectors of P. is subdivided into

11:3.4 staggering number of residential designations on P.


11:4.1 The peripheral surface of P. is occupied, in part by

11:4.1 all personality transports destined to P. land in these

11:4.1 Neither upper nor nether P. is approachable by

11:4.2 the seven spheres of the Spirit, which circle about P.

11:4.3 Here on peripheral P. are the enormous historic

11:4.4 That portion of P. which has been designated for the

11:4.4 P. is large enough to accommodate the activities of

11:4.5 a further attempt to visualize to you the glories of P.


11:5.1 Concerning nether P., we know only that which is

11:5.1 cosmic-force circuits have their origin on nether P.,

11:5.2 in the central portion of nether P., is the unknown

11:5.4 the focal point of the force-energy activities of P.

11:5.9 force-energy originally proceeded from nether P.

11:5.9 from nether P. in their present phenomenal states;

11:6.1 exist in the space reservoirs above and below P..

11:6.2 and unpervaded space just underneath nether P..

11:6.4 theoretically, now approximately equidistant from P.

11:6.4 reservoirs now extend vertically above upper P.

11:6.4 below nether P. just as far as the pervaded space of

11:6.4 extends horizontally outward from peripheral P. to


11:7.1 Space does not exist on any of the surfaces of P..

11:7.1 “looked” directly up from the upper surface of P.,

11:7.1 Space does not touch P.; only the quiescent zones

11:7.2 P. is the actually motionless nucleus of the quiescent

11:7.2 these zones appear to be a relative extension of P.,

11:7.3 larger at greater and greater distances from P.

11:7.4 It is a bestowal of P., and the space of the grand

11:7.4 From near approach to peripheral P., this pervaded

11:7.5 right angles to the upper and lower surfaces of P.,

11:7.5 with its point nearly tangent to peripheral P.,

11:7.5 visualize this plane in elliptical revolution about P.,

11:7.6 and farther at greater and greater distances from P.;

11:7.7 separate the vast galaxies which race around P. in

11:7.7 a vast procession of galaxies swinging around P.,

11:7.8 and energy as they circle forever around the IP..

11:8.1 all-powerful grasp of the physical presence of P..

11:8.2 focal point of absolute material gravity is the IP.,

11:8.2 All known emanations of nether P. invariably and

11:8.8 This primal endowment of P. is not an actual level

11:8.8 influences and potentials which emanate from P.

11:8.9 P. is the absolute source and the eternal focal point

11:8.9 regulator, and repository of that which has P. as its

11:8.9 the fact that everything is drawn inward towards P.

11:8.9 indicative of the differential dimensions of P. and


11:9.1 P. is unique in that it is the realm of primal origin and

11:9.1 the local universes are immediately destined to P.,

11:9.1 P. still remains the goal of desire for all supermaterial

11:9.2 P. is the geographic center of infinity; it is not a part

11:9.2 P. is an eternal and exclusive existence.

11:9.3 the infinity potential of his nonpersonal self as P..

11:9.3 Nonpersonal and nonspiritual P. appears to have

11:9.4 personal and the nonpersonal (Eternal Son and P.),

11:9.4 P. is not Deity; neither is it conscious as mortal man

11:9.5 P. is not ancestral to any being or living entity;

11:9.5 it is not a creator.

11:9.5 P. is the absolute of patterns; Havona is an exhibit of

11:9.7 P. is the universal headquarters of all personality

11:9.7 P. is the center of all creation, the source of all

11:9.8 most important thing about eternal P. is the fact

11:9.8 countless numbers now do, before the Gods on P.,

12:1.3 Proceeding outward from P. through the horizontal

12:1.10 is the stationary and absolutely stabilized IP.,

12:3.5 4. The Cosmic Gravity of the IP..

12:3.8 very small part of the estimated gravity pull of P.,

12:3.8 of the active cosmic-gravity action of the IP.,

12:4.1 of Havona, the eternal IP., the center of gravity.

12:4.10 that they are not evaluated with P. as a base point.

12:4.10 are absolute, motion in relation to unmoving P..

12:4.15 The seven superuniverses revolve about P. in a

12:4.15 superuniverses, revolves counterclockwise about P.

12:5.1 Like space, time is a bestowal of P., but not in the

12:5.2 Space is not infinite, though it takes origin from P.;

12:5.4 The motionless midspace zones impinging on P.

12:5.4 Time-conscious visitors can go to P. without thus

12:6.2 Father exercises priority and primacy through the IP.

12:6.8 from P. to the fourth and outermost space level?

12:7.13 The Father indeed abides on P., but his divine

12:8.1 “God is spirit,” but P. is not.

12:8.2 domain of cosmic gravity, is the function of the I..

12:8.2 All original force-energy proceeds from P.,

12:8.3 in the outlying universes, having gone out from P.,

12:8.3 stability, constancy, and eternity of the central IP..

12:8.4 as is the all-powerful material grasp of the IP..

12:8.6 What P. is to the physical creation, and what the Son

12:8.14 On P. the three energies, physical, mindal, and


13:0.1 Between the central IP. and the innermost of the

13:0.2 As far as we know they have always been; like P.

13:0.3 circulating about P. in proximity to the eternal Isle,

13:0.3 shedding this light of divine glory throughout P. and

13:0.4 With spiritual glory they illuminate all P. and Havona

13:0.4 spheres emit their light (light without heat) to P.

13:0.5 And all Havona, but not the IP., is bathed in these

13:1.1 Nether P. and the worlds of the Son are likewise

13:1.7 progression through the universes and on to P..

13:1.21 through the Havona universe on their way to P..

13:2.1 worlds are equal to P. in their matchless beauty and

13:2.1 As finaliters you will be domiciled on P., but

13:2.1 you will give up your residential status on P..

13:2.4 have their sole homes on the IP. in close proximity

13:2.5 to understand these things which are so near P..

13:2.9 After you attain P., you will know and ardently love

13:3.1 These orbs are the source of the threefold light of P.

13:3.3 worlds in all my long experience in and out of P..

13:4.2 their power focuses, on the periphery of P., but all

13:4.6 literally no phase of the sub-P. administration of the

13:4.7 most interesting and intriguing spots outside of P..

13:4.7 if I chance to be on P. or in Havona, I usually

14:0.1 P. is the gigantic nuclear Isle of absolute stability

14:1.1 From the periphery of P. to the inner borders of the

14:1.2 1. The quiescent midspace zones impinging on P..

14:1.7 dark gravity bodies, revolving clockwise around P..

14:1.10 The central universe whirls around the stationary IP.

14:1.11 Time is not reckoned on P; the sequence of events is

14:1.11 length of year since they uniformly swing around P.,

14:1.12 circuit to complete one revolution around the IP.;

14:1.12 between the dark gravity bodies and gigantic P.,

14:2.6 P., with an absolute grasp of material creation,

14:2.6 On P. nothing is experimental, and the Paradise-

14:2.8 souls to find God, to attain Deity, to achieve P.,

14:3.4 training worlds of the high personalities native to P.

14:3.4 attain the Deities and achieve residence on P..

14:3.5 exalted beings have their personal residences on P..

14:4.12 have relative meaning quite apart from either P. or

14:4.14 a progression that involves neither ascent to P. nor

14:5.4 of the candidates of time into the service of P..

14:6.10 for Havona and P. as the eternal power nucleus for

14:6.28 The Michael and other Paradise Sons view P. and

14:6.30 Havona and P. are the source of a Michael Son’s

14:6.30 From P. come the Mother Spirits, cocreators of local

14:6.32 in the methods of co-operation with the Sons of P.,

14:6.34 The Universe Mother Creator remembers P. and

14:6.36 in Havona and personalized in Majeston on P..

14:6.38 stands before every will creature as the portal to P.

14:6.39 P. is the home, and Havona the workshop of the

15:0.1 one gigantic wheel, the hub being the eternal IP.,

15:2.9 administered indirectly and reflectively from P. by

15:3.14 Orvonton and associated superuniverses around P.

15:4.1 pervaded space in the exact gigantic outlines of P..

15:4.1 does always respond to the presence of nether P.,

15:7.1 forth light without heat, like the satellites of P.,

15:7.3 worlds partake of the nature and grandeur of P.,

15:8.8 as we proceed outward in the universes from P..

15:9.1 The universal circuits of P. do actually pervade the

15:9.4 intelligence circuit of one of the Master Spirits of P..

15:9.6 routed by Divinington to the Universal Father on P..

15:9.9 6. The broadcasts of P., the space reports of Havona

15:10.1 of the Infinite Spirit, the outermost satellites of P..

15:10.12 Having attained P., they were mustered into the

15:10.20 representatives of the Seven Master Spirits of P..

15:12.4 that Master Spirit who, from P., presides over the

15:14.8 That is the registry number on Uversa and on P.,

16:0.1 The Seven Master Spirits of P. are the primary

16:0.11 In spirit character and nature the Seven Spirits of P.

16:0.12 which slowly circulates around the periphery of P.,

16:2.1 not all who attain P. are immediately able to discern

16:2.2 Outside of P. and Havona the Infinite Spirit speaks

16:4.4 Spirits are all directed from the periphery of P.;

16:4.4 phenomena identified with the nether surface of P..

16:5.2 of every order of intelligent beings, outside of P. and

17:1.2 Periodically they journey to P. to sit in council with

17:1.3 are not concerned with the internal affairs of P.,

17:1.6 worlds on their universe journeys to and from P.,

17:1.9 together with the ascenders who have attained P.,

17:1.10 vacate their seats of authority and go to P., where

17:3.2 seven universal mysteries of the secret spheres of P..

17:6.5 touching episodes which ever take place on P..

17:6.7 ensue on P. the “personalization ceremonies,”

17:6.7 Simultaneously with this phenomenon on P.,

17:8.1 extends from the presence of the Trinity on P. to

18:1.1 supervise these seven sacred spheres nearest P.,

18:2.4 spheres on your way inward through Havona to P..

18:2.4 natural, on your world, to speak of P. as upward,

18:3.4 When you reach P. and search the written records of

18:5.4 the Ancients of Days at the supreme councils on P.

18:6.2 The reserve corps of Unions of Days functions on P.

18:6.4 other personalities up to the supreme councils of P..

19:0.1 along with numerous groups of beings resident on P.

19:1.3 numbers of Teacher Sons are held in reserves on P.,

19:1.3 They also function on P., but it will be more helpful

19:2.2 passed through the wisdom of P., of Havona,

19:2.2 They serve neither on P. nor on the worlds of the

19:7.1 There are resident on P. numerous groups of superb

20:2.2 order, being directed by their supreme council on P.,

20:5.2 primary Creator Sons and the Eternal Son of P..

20:6.8 is finished, the Avonal of service proceeds to P.,

20:10.4 the revelation of the Deities of P. to the creatures

20:10.4 from the everlasting IP. into the unknown depths

21:0.3 As they go forth from P. to found their universes,

21:2.2 When a Creator Son departs from P. to embark upon

21:2.12 Sons journey to P., and still their universes swing

21:2.12 is independent of the absolute-gravity grasp of P.

22:1.10 fused ascendant mortals who have attained P.

22:1.11 who have traversed Havona and have attained P.,

22:1.14 from the worlds of time and space to the eternal IP..

22:2.2 with the stream of the pilgrims of time, attain P.,

22:2.4 And the last group of this order to qualify on P.

22:4.4 The selective techniques of P. are not in any sense

22:4.7 who read this message may yourselves ascend to P.,

22:5.1 traverse Havona, attain P., and sometimes find

22:5.2 have passed through Havona and have attained P.

22:5.4 many are translated and achieve P. and, along with

22:6.1 and Son-fused mortals reach Havona and attain P..

22:7.4 Mortal-finaliter companies, when stationed on P.,

22:7.10 comprehension of either the eternal creatures of P.

22:7.11 the superb creatures of the central universe and P.

22:7.12 in their ascension through time and space to P..

22:8.5 and ambassadors of the Seven Master Spirits of P.,

22:10.4 Concerning our third problem, the records of P.

22:10.6 the pilgrims of space and also the residents of P. to

23:1.1 is pre-existent to the Solitary Messengers except P.

23:1.8 the authority of the Infinite Spirit resident on the IP.

23:4.5 of the grand universe, even that of Havona and P.,

24:0.11 Solitary Messengers are encountered from P.

24:1.1 all such spirit-energy circuits outside the IP..

24:1.16 and know them as you journey inward towards P.,

24:2.2 But they do not function on P.; there is no need for

24:2.2 P. knowledge is inherent; the Deities know all things

24:2.6 reports are transmitted neither to Havona nor to P..

24:3.2 directly to the Infinite Spirit and located on P.,

24:3.4 you will not encounter on your inward ascent to P.

24:4.1 personalized, and their reserve corps abides on P..

24:5.1 They were personalized on P. by the Infinite Spirit

24:6.1 prepare the ascending pilgrims for admission to P.

24:6.6 subsequently crossing the threshold of eternity to P..

24:6.7 the evolutionary creatures of space would attain P.,

24:7.5 from the superuniverse service, was received on P.,

25:0.5 4. Custodians of Records on P..

25:1.3 at their joint area in the far northerly sector of P..

25:1.5 have attained Havona, and who seek to attain P..

25:2.1 reflective response to transactions taking place on P..

25:3.14 Aids until such time as they are advanced to P..

25:3.16 they are translated to the council of perfection on P.,

25:4.15 function in harmony with the requirements of P.;

25:4.20 They continue as advisers even to the portals of P.;


25:5.1 sometimes designated the “living library of P..”

25:5.2 From Urantia to P., both recordings are encountered

25:5.2 on P., more of the living and less of the formal;

25:5.3 P. also has a relevant summary of superuniverse

25:6.6 of that realm which testify to the transactions of P.

25:7.2 Throughout the journey to P. there will always be

25:8.2 by the Reflective Spirits, and by Majeston of P..

25:8.2 Aside from permanent status on P., this temporary

25:8.3 all classes of beings who chance to be alone on P.,

25:8.4 accordingly made for companionship, even on P..

25:8.5 If you, as an ascendant mortal, should reach P. in

25:8.5 into eternity on the everlasting shores of P..

25:8.7 During your prefinaliter sojourn on P., if for any

25:8.7 to an ascendant mortal of solitary residence on P.,

25:8.8 If a Urantia mortal were arriving on P. today, there

26:0.1 Supernaphim are the ministering spirits of P. and the

26:0.1 are to be encountered from the IP. to the worlds of

26:2.1 ministers to all types of beings who sojourn on P.

26:3.5 files of their order, and for the formal records of P..

26:3.5 true-knowledge import to the living libraries of P.,

26:3.6 of the space reports of all Deity phenomena on P..

26:4.13 the problems of Havona and the immensities of P.,

26:4.15 Ability to comprehend is the mortal passport to P..

26:5.1 Back in those far-distant days the pilgrims from P.

26:6.3 to achieve the eternal and existential Deities of P..

26:7.4 When an ascendant soul actually starts for P., he is

26:7.4 excursions from the Havona circles to P. are trial

26:7.4 They do not achieve residential status on P. until

26:7.5 Any ascendant pilgrim on P. can discern the

26:8.1 pilgrims go to P. to achieve an understanding contact

26:8.3 On P., disappointment is never regarded as defeat;

26:9.2 another creature of space seeks entry to P. through

26:10.1 The attainment of P. entails responsibilities of a new

26:10.4 the chiefs of assignment on P. and are remanded to

26:11.1 many groups of beings soon to be encountered on P.

26:11.6 These are the angels of P. coming out to greet

26:11.6 You are not really a child of P. until you have

26:11.6 of Havona, but they awaken on the shores of P..

27:0.1 supernal servants of the Deities on the eternal IP..

27:0.1 Seraphim do not function extensively outside P.,

27:0.3 as now classified only since the arrival on P. of the

27:1.1 The instigators of rest are the inspectors of P. who

27:1.1 The one essential to the enjoyment of P. is rest,

27:1.3 status in the timeless and spaceless abodes of P..

27:1.4 Havona circuit and are eternally resurrected on P..

27:2.1 their mutual chief, the first angel of P., who ever

27:2.2 have much to do with glorified mortal residents of P.

27:2.2 part in the prefinaliter educational experiences of P..

27:2.3 When you mortal ascenders attain P., your societal

27:2.3 sustained contact with these mighty intellects of P.

27:3.2 pilgrims in their long ascent to the glories of P..

27:3.2 until, by the time the mortals of ascent reach P.,

27:4.2 central universe, and detectable order prevails on P..

27:4.2 this technique must await the pilgrims’ arrival on P..

27:4.3 be avoided; and confusion never appears on P..

27:4.4 P. is still inexpressibly strange and unexpectedly new

27:5.1 epistles” known and read by all who dwell on P..

27:5.2 Any sojourner on P. may at will have by his side

27:5.3 knowledge is distinct from the formal records of P.,

27:5.5 The facility with which the residents of P. can

27:6.2 The master philosophers of P. delight to lead the

27:6.2 On P the ascendant personalities of space experience

27:6.4 hour’s instruction on P. would be the equivalent

27:6.6 These intellectual pursuits of P. are not broadcast;

27:7.2 While the IP. contains certain places of worship,

27:7.2 it is more nearly one vast sanctuary of divine service.

27:7.2 worship is a growing passion until on P. it becomes

27:7.3 adoration and spiritual praise enjoyed on P. are

27:7.4 hundreds of years for a mortal who reaches P. to

27:7.5 P. existence; it is the refreshing play of P..

27:7.5 worship will do for your perfected souls on P..

27:7.5 The mode of worship on P. is utterly beyond

27:7.6 are appointed times and places for worship on P.,

27:7.6 fully to accommodate the spirit of worship on P..

27:7.6 of time attain the presence of the Powers of P.,

27:7.6 a spectacle astounding to the angels of P. and

27:7.7 all P. becomes engulfed in a dominating tide of

27:7.7 satisfied by the sincere worship of the residents of P.

28:1.1 are personalized on P. in groups of one thousand.

28:1.2 Son is detached from the parental regime of P.

28:4.1 midway between the inhabited worlds and P.

28:4.2 close touch with the central universe and with P..

28:4.13 operating inward to P. and outward to the worlds of

28:5.7 in perpetual liaison with the living libraries of P.,

28:5.11 synchrony with the masters of philosophy on P..

28:5.11 the wisdom of divinity and the philosophy of P..

28:5.13 reflective liaison with the interpreters of ethics on P.

28:5.15 of the high minds of Havona and even of P..

28:5.17 of the attitude of the directors of conduct on P.,

28:6.10 vital factor in everything this side of Havona and P..

28:7.1 liaison fellows they range from the shores of P. to

29:0.10 the supervision of the Master Force Organizers of P..

29:1.3 The Power Directors are stationed on peripheral P.,

29:1.3 They operate from P. but maintain themselves as

29:1.4 they would merely have to return to P. for retoning.

29:2.14 Directors direct the force-energies of nether P. as

29:4.2 They are directly governed from P. by the Seven

29:5.1 The force organizers are resident on P., but they

29:5.5 Unqualified Absolute to the gravity grasp of the IP.

30:0.1 other-than-personal entities now functioning on P.

30:1.1 Living beings are classified on P. in accordance with

30:1.92 There is to be found on P. a vast host of being

30:1.19 Majeston of P..

30:2.9 mortals of time on their progressive climb to P..

30:2.78 4. Custodians of Records on P..

30:2.127 11. The Created Citizens of P..

30:2.128 12. Adjuster-fused Mortal Citizens of P..

30:3.5 Except on P., knowledge is not inherent;

30:3.12 gratified during the long and eventful climb to P.

30:4.1 when accredited for the progressive ascent to P.,

30:4.26 your appearance on P. will be as a perfected spirit.

30:4.31 On reaching P. with residential status, you begin

30:4.31 Your residence on P. signifies that you have found

31:0.8 the Corps of the Mortal Finality is mobilizing on P.,

31:0.13 The finaliters maintain their own headquarters on P.,

31:1.1 On P. there is maintained, at the administrative

31:1.5 into the Corps of Transcendental Finaliters on P..

31:3.2 At present they reside on P. and temporarily serve in

31:3.3 mortals have attained P., have been mustered into

31:3.7 lowest material worlds to the spiritual heights of P.,

31:5.1 universe capitals and thence proceed onward to P.

31:5.2 attaining P. and the Corps of the Finality.

31:6.1 citizenship status and start on the ascension to P.,

31:7.4 corps of the numerous trinitized groups on P.,

31:8.1 Part of the perfected mortal’s experience on P. as

31:8.1 groups of the transcendental supercitizens of P.,

31:8.1 order of the Transcendentalers live in the west of P.

31:8.2 these disclosures concerning the personalities of P..

31:8.4 Although all mortals who attain P. fraternize with

31:9.3 now functions as the exquisite co-ordinator of P.

31:9.5 in the company of the Seven Master Spirits on P.

31:9.10 On P. there is a tradition that far back in eternity

31:10.9 constitute the Supreme Council of Destiny on P.;

31:10.10 mobilized the then existing personalities of P.

31:10.19 with their subsequent mobilization on P. in the

31:10.20 traverse the Havona spheres, find God, attain P.,

31:10.22 depicting the nature of Deity, the reality of P.,

33:1.3 that the Eternal Son of P. would exert if he were

33:2.2 by the pre-existent gravity circuits centering at P.

33:2.5 Periodically he journeys to P. and often to Uversa,

33:5.1 personalities from the central universe and P..

33:5.3 This ambassador of P. to Nebadon is not subject to

33:6.1 mission of reunion of Orvonton Master Sons on P.,

34:2.3 embodied in one of the Seven Master Spirits of P..

34:4.5 analogous to that of the Seven Master Spirits of P..

35:1.4 to journey to P. on missions having to do with the

35:10.3 All the way in to P. the ascending pilgrims pursue

36:2.10 and advisers from Uversa and Havona, even from P..

37:4.2 with the ideas of Orvonton and the ideals of P..

37:5.2 as a class they are not destined to attain P..

37:5.11 Except for those few who attain Uversa and P.,

37:5.11 These beings may not attain P., but they achieve an

37:8.10 Urantia seraphim is a primary supernaphim of P..

37:10.6 eventually to P. and the high destiny of the finaliters

38:8.5 are granted clearance for Seraphington and P.,

38:8.6 attainment, even to P. and the Corps of the Finality.

39:1.5 Such seraphim have all achieved P. and the personal

39:1.6 the latter is the surest seraphic passport to P.,

39:2.10 circle of Havona and the eternal awakening on P..

39:2.16 of Havona and the custodians of knowledge on P..

39:4.7 simply milestones on the long ascending path to P..

39:1.11 the long ladder of spiritual ascent to the Father on P.

39:8.1 Seraphington is the angelic threshold to P. and

39:8.2 Seraphim may attain P. in scores—hundreds—of ways

39:8.4 in other circumstances angels sometimes achieve P.

39:8.4 destiny guardians can be sure of proceeding to P. by

39:8.5 3. To attain P. by the evolutionary mortal technique.

39:8.10 frequently rejoin their mortal associates on P.,

39:9.1 and to the exalted services of P. and Havona.

40:1.1 also share the supernal opportunity to attain P..

40:1.1 Such angels attain P. through Seraphington,

40:2.2 immediately begin the journey to Havona and P.,

40:7.3 and Orvonton and on through Havona to P. itself.

40:7.5 all traverse the Havona circuits and find God on P.

40:8.4 are journeying inward towards the far-distant IP..

40:8.5 Aside from residential destiny on P. they are in every

40:8.5 They frequently journey to P. on superuniverse

40:10.2 The Adjuster, hailing from the Father on P., never

40:10.9 few who are in turn summoned to the service of P.

40:10.10 Son fusers neither traverse Havona nor attain P.

40:10.10 the Spirit-fused mortals do actually ascend to P.,

41:5.6 in mass and the circular-gravity presence of the IP..

42:1.1 the eternity-source of the original pattern, the IP..

42:1.2 phenomena are derived from, and dependent on, P..

42:1.2 measurable form of energy, has P. as its nucleus.

42:1.3 natural laws apart from the cosmic technique of P.

42:1.6 Energy proceeds from P., fashioned after the divine

42:1.6 force is circuited in P., comes from the Presences

42:1.8 force and energy go on; having gone out from P.,

42:2.3 never-ending, never-moving, never-changing IP..

42:2.4 The phenomena indigenous to the nether side of P.

42:2.4 Unqualified Absolute, the zone of the IP. itself,

42:2.7 that the space presence going out from nether P. is

42:2.11 influences operative from the nether side of P..

42:2.11 to the circular and absolute-gravity grasp of P.,

42:2.18 system operates on and from the upper level of P.

42:2.19 that monota is the living, nonspirit energy of P.

42:3.13 of energy nor the eternal materializations on P.

42:4.11 energy expended in bringing parts together from P.

42:10.7 P. mind is beyond human understanding; it is

42:10.7 the mind-gravity grasp of the God of mind on P..

42:12.13 On P. the three energies are co-ordinate,

42:10.7 On P., mind is absolute; in Havona, absonite;

43:4.2 This Faithful of Days is a Trinity Son of P. and has

43:4.2 The high Sons of P. never participate in the conduct

43:4.3 throughout all the universes, even Havona and P..

43:4.5 assemble to hear this Son of P. tell of the long and

43:4.5 Havona and on to the indescribable delights of P..

43:9.1 attend the “assemblies of P.” and hear the story of

43:9.3 of Havona and to the preabsonite training on P..

43:9.5 refreshing of your epochs of training this side of P..

44:4.3 We are taught that a chance meeting on P. reveals

44:4.9 The broadcasts of P., the superuniverses, and the

44:5.2 persistent students of the cosmic projections of P..

44:5.9 be inducted into the long and revivifying rest of P..

45:6.4 mortal, midwayer, or seraphim may ascend to P.,

47:2.8 constitute permanent ascendant citizenship of P..

47:4.5 one section of the universe to another—even to P..

47:7.2 enlargement being required for residence on P..

48:2.18 one universe to another and from Havona to P..

48:4.11 the universe of universes but not on the IP..

48:4.16 therefor, and beings of P. have no need thereof.

48:4.16 On P. the quality of worship obviates the necessity

48:4.17 But proceeding down the scale of spirit life from P.

48:4.20 the circuits of Havona to the eternal shores of P..

48:5.7 are no royal roads, short cuts, or easy paths to P..

48:6.33 Uversa; the sixth, Havona; and the seventh, P..

48:8.1 achieve the goal of time—the finding of God on P..

49:5.25 there comes an Avonal Son of P. on a magisterial

49:6.17 They all proceed to P. by the ordained routes of

50:1.1 (aside from incarnation) that the Eternal Son of P.

50:1.1 the orders of personal Sons extending out from P.

50:7.2 but promptly reappears upon the attainment of P.

51:6.13 Universal Father, who dwells on P. and bestows his

51:7.1 From time to time the Avonal Sons of P. come to

52:4.2 universe origin; the Magisterial Son hails from P..

52:7.3 is now extended to the central universe and to P..

53:3.2 Father’s actual personality as it is discernible on P.

53:7.12 And on to Salvington, Uversa, and P. went this

54:6.7 Fathers on Edentia to the Universal Father on P..

54:6.10 After you attain P., you will really be enlightened

55:1.1 this bestowal Son of P. proclaims the long-time

55:2.9 going on inward to P. by the established route of

55:3.1 but such worlds are like P. in comparison with the

55:4.10 the coming of the first absonite ministers from P.

55:4.19 places may be taken by absonite beings from P..

55:4.30 to humanize, receive Adjusters, and start for P..

55:10.5 one hundred of these Avonal Sons of P. constitute

55:10.7 have recognized no supervision this side of P..

55:10.8 such settled universes spend much of their time on P.

55:12.2 of outer-spacers on their way in to Havona and P.;

56:0.1 evolutionary creature ascend to P. in obedience to

56:1.1 universe, triune; but P. is of single constitution.

56:1.1 And P. is the actual source of all material universes

56:1.1 As the cosmic source, P. functions prior to space

56:1.2 material reality to the gravity centering on nether P..

56:2.1 Word-Son and attains reality expansion through P.

56:2.2 the Father eternalizes in dual expression: the IP. and

56:4.1 will all his ascendant children who are carried to P.

56:4.1 the Adjusters, who went forth from P. to indwell

56:4.2 contact with the Father of all personality on P..

56:4.3 the Absolute, the personality circuit, centering on P.

56:5.3 Ancients of Days, and Seven Master Spirits of P..

56:5.4 On P. and in the central universe,Deity unity is a fact

56:7.1 Extending outward from P., each new domain of

56:9.1 On P. there are three personalizations of Deity, but

56:9.6 and though his creatures from P. to the evolutionary

56:9.7 Spiritual personality is absolute only on P.,

56:9.7 Deity presence is absolute only on P.,

56:9.13 may choose to be like him, may elect to attain P. and

56:10.17 beauty is the recognition of the reflection of the IP.

57:1.2 the Primary Master Force Organizers of P. had long

57:3.8 epoch that Michael of Nebadon, a Creator Son of P.,

59:1.17 now ice-mantled continent a veritable tropic P..

65:8.2 under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Rulers of P.,

65:8.2 Supreme Rulers of P., and time is nonexistent on P..

65:8.3 On P., where time is nonexistent, these things are all

66:4.12 resume the interrupted journey to Havona and P..

67:3.6 personality to the doing of the will of the Father in P.

67:3.7 devotion to the will and the way of the Father in P..

67:8.5 plan for mobilizing the Corps of Mortal Finality on P

75:8.5 Never, in all your ascent to P., will you gain anything

91:3.7 to grasp the concept of the Universal Father on P.;

94:7.3 real and supernal home of ascending mortals—P.

94:12.3 to enjoy a sojourn in P. prior to entering Nirvana,

94:12.3 loving care of Amida, God of the P. in the west.

94:12.3 to fail in the attainment of the happiness of P..

97:8.4 accept the mission and ministry of a divine Son of P.

98:5.4 keys of heaven would unlock the gates of P. for

99:4.13 mind, and energy proceeding from the Trinity of P.

101:6.12 the harmony of Havona and the perfection of P..

101:10.4 Energy and mind do lead back to P. and Deity, but

103:9.5 with learning and doing the will of the Father in P..

103:7.3 energy facts of the Universal Controller and the IP.

104:1.11 the Second Person of Deity, the Eternal Son of P..

104:2.3 the Trinity sovereignty extending outward from P.

104:3.9 4. The Isle of P..

104:3.13 to the Eternal Son, is also Pattern to the PI..

104:4.11 2. The P. Isle.

104:4.13 Source; energy is fashioned after the pattern of P.,

104:4.14 of the universe fact of the pattern which is P..

104:4.15 the PI. and the Eternal Son are co-ordinate but

104:4.24 2. The P. Isle.

104:4.26  P. is the center of the force-energy activation of the

104:4.28 Absolute centered around the absolutum of the IP.,

104:5.4 2. The P. Isle.

104:5.6 The PI. is the absolute of cosmic reality,

105:2.1 the three existential persons of Deity, the IP.,

105:2.6 I AM cause of eternal P..

105:2.7 union of the Father and Son (in the presence of P.)

105:2.11 from the creatures of space to the citizens of P.;

105:3.4 Second nondeity pattern, the eternal IP.; the basis

105:3.4 nonvolitional reality, P. is the absolute of patterns.

105:3.4 and Center through the absolute pattern of the PI..

105:3.4 P. is not in space; space exists relative to P.,

105:3.4 and the Unqualified is co-ordinate with P..

105:3.4 P. exists at the focus of space, the Unqualified

105:3.5 forever weaving the pattern of P. into the energies

105:3.9 the Son, the Spirit, the three Absolutes, and the PI..

105:5.5 the finite, forever swinging inward to P. and Deity,

105:5.9 differences, which are so important this side of P.,

105:7.2 It is hardly absolute—only the PI. is truly absolute in

105:7.2 Havona acts as a buffer between absolute P. and

106:0.3 It appears to be moving outward from P.,

106:0.14 which do not pertain to the mortal ascent to P..

106:1.3 No matter how remote from P., how deep in space,

106:2.3 in the last analysis, comes from P. through Havona.

106:9.3 -space phenomenon which does not take place on P.

107:0.1 the Universal Father is personally resident on P.,

107:0.5 and incessant longing to be like God, to attain P.,

107:3.3 something of all the seven secret spheres of P.,

107:6.3 Your path to P. is the path of spirit attainment,

107:6.4 the instantaneous, universal gravity circuits of the PI.

107:6.5 follow the gravity presence of P. into these regions,

108:0.2 does the spirit of the Father descend from P. to

108:1.2 patterns of life conduct are transmitted via P. to the

109:5.5 and eventually to the Father of Adjusters on P..

111:5.6 actually stand in the factual presence of God on P.

112:0.12 personality is unique in eternity and on P.; it is

112:5.3 The Adjuster is truly the path to P., but man himself

112:7.9 of the actual personality of the Father on P..

113:7.5 And they will be in waiting on the shores of P. when

113:7.7 a soul of evolutionary origin to the portals of P..

114:7.17 on down to Jerusem, even in Havona and on P.,

115:1.2 will be attained in Orvonton, in Havona, and on P..

115:3.14 in this association of the Son, the Spirit, and P..

115:3.14 The substance of the PI. is the master pattern of

115:3.14 the Son, Spirit, and P. function in and upon the

115:4.6 the co-operation of the absonite agencies of P.

115:4.6 the Supreme Creator Personalities emerge from P.

115:6.2 —the absolute IP. and the infinite Deities resident

115:6.3 Infinite Spirit, or nonpersonal realities of the IP..

115:6.3 only predicated on these actualities of Deity and P.

115:6.4 of the Supreme is twofold: intensively toward P.

115:6.6 dual correlation, inward toward P. and the Deities

116:2.3 qualify the extra-P. personalizations of divinity,

116:3.4 unify the evolving creatures with God on P..

116:4.6 From their vantage point midway between P. and

116:5.7 6. The Isle of P..

116:5.8 7. The Source of P.—the Universal Father.

116:5.10 the conjoint presence of the Eternal Son and PI.)

116:6.3 and as energy and spirit move spaceward from P.,

116:6.7 On P.,monota and spirit are as one—indistinguishable

116:7.2 the unfailing energies emanating from nether P. to

117:0.1 and eternalized in the everlasting patterns of P..

117:1.2 the Gods have descended from P. to the domains of

117:1.7 in the ministry of the Spirit, the grandeur of P.,

117:1.9 the three great Absolutes, is actual in P., in the Son,

117:3.4 experiences of the descending personalities from P.

117:3.8 Conjoint Actor in manipulating the energies of P.

117:4.14 he has set up tensions in the creations circling P..

117:5.3 mind and the Adjuster, ascends as such to P. and

117:6.14 through contacts with descending pilgrims from P.

117:7.1 the Eternal Son,as concretely powerized as is the IP.

117:7.5 extending from the Father on P. to Creator Sons

117:7.7 ascenders are admitted to the finaliter corps of P.,

118:2.2 On P. you find him as a person, and then as

118:4.7 The Creator Sons going out from P. are, in actuality,

118:6.2 to disenfranchising a million Creator Sons of P.,

118:6.8 possess assurance of safety in the journey to P..

118:9.7 mechanism of P. is correlated with the personality of

119:0.3 Michael Son who volunteers to go out from P. to

119:1.2 when preparing for departure to Uversa or P.

119:7.5 Michael of Nebadon, a divine Son of P. and creator

119:8.1 while from P. came the joint pronouncement of the

119:8.1 to signify his intention of withdrawing to P..

119:8.1 to comply with this request to their directors on P.,

120:1.4 return as Universe Sovereign, confirmed by P.,

120:1.5 (knowing full well that I am the assurance of all P.

120:1.5 My brother, in view of the authority of P. inherent

120:2.1 compliance with the mandates of the Son of P.

129:4.7 universe of universes and on through Havona to P.

130:7.4 interior position outside of the fixed abode of P..

130:7.4 In the universe of universes P. and its Deities

131:2.13 become like me and to dwell forever with me in P.?”

131:4.8 onward toward the gladsome and sunlit fields of P..”

131:5.3 Our God is the divine and holiest Spirit of P.,

132:2.9 By the time of the attainment of P. the ascending

132:2.9 of the divine light of the infinite Rulers of P..

134:8.8 made reply, “The will of my Father in P. be done.”

136:2.2 spirit Adjuster, the divine gift of his Father in P..

136:3.4 Jesus already had this assurance direct from P.

137:8.16 will certainly attain the right hand of his glory in P..

142:2.2 Our Father in P. is changeless.

142:4.3 with the worship and service of the Father in P.,

142:7.3 progressing through successive life stations to P..

143:1.4 But I declare to you that my Father in P. does rule

146:2.5 The unselfish glories of P. are not possible of

147:5.7 with God and progress in the eternal ascent to P..

148:4.6 long ascent to the perfection of the Father in P..

158:1.4 embraced in the mandate of the Eternal Son on P.,

158:3.2 Michael on Urantia by the Eternal Mother-Son of P..

160:1.14 one’s goal from time to eternity, from earth to P.,

160:5.8 certainty of our ultimate arrival at the portals of P..

161:1.6 The Father in P. enjoys equality of communication

162:6.3 kingdom on earth and in the Father’s P. over there

165:2.7 on to the attainment of the eternal pastures of P..

167:7.2 man progresses in the journey to the Father in P.,

168:4.6 that the answer can be received only on P..

169:4.6 relationship with the First Source and Center of P..

176:2.5 the Son of Man are known only in the councils of P.;

181:2.25 becoming perfect, even as the Father in P. is perfect.

183:1.1 was truly doing the will of the Father in P..

186:5.2 the Father in P. did not decree, demand, or require

187:4.1 to you today, you shall sometime be with me in P.

187:4.7 his promise that they should sometime meet in P.,

189:1.5 perceived the seven personalities of P. surround the

189:1.5 above the tomb, the seven personalities from P.

189:1.10 and further reveal the will of my Father in P..”

193:0.3 the experience of finding God the Father on P..

195:6.5 to the first great cause—the Universal Father of P..

195:6.14 The fact of the absolute mechanism of P at the center

Paradiseadjectivesee Avonals; Citizens;

Companion(s); Deities; Deity; Father;

Paradise-Havona; Master Spirits; Son; Sons;


Paradise abode

39:8.3 1. To gain admission to the seraphic P. in a personal

Paradise achievements

26:3.4 work of preparing the pilgrims of time for their P..

Paradise Adjuster(s)

5:2.3 communion with the indwelling Monitor, the P..

5:2.5 the spirit activities of such divine entities as the P..

53:8.7 are servile before the divine majesty of the P. and

194:2.19 the fusion of the mortal spirit-born soul with the P.

Paradise administration

13:4.6 There is literally no phase of the sub-P. of the seven

93:10.9 destined to accompany their earth fellows on the P.

111:7.1 Uncertainty with security is the essence of the P.

117:4.11 If mortal man proceeds upon the P., he is following

136:04.08 life visualized by the high personalities of the P. of

Paradise advisers

015:10.16 3. Unions of Days—the P. to the rulers of the local

18:7.1 These high Trinity-origin personalities are the P. to

18:7.5 no such P. are permanently situated on their

54:5.10 The issues of rebellion having been raised, the P.

Paradise ambassadors

33:5.4 These P. to the constellations represent the final

Paradise Architect(s)

31:9.11 Havona act as associate assistants to the solitary P..

32:0.4 were originally projected and planned by the P. of

Paradise area

12:5.3 but the only truly nontemporal place is P. area.

Paradise arrival(s)

13:2.3 will be unreservedly open to your inspection as a P..

22:2.4 mortals of time who were among the earlier P.,

27:2.2 instruction are not the exclusive occupations of P.;

27:3.3 inestimable assistance to the P. in helping them to

30:4.8 7. P. Arrivals.

30:4.31 7. P. Arrivals.

30:4.32 P. are accorded a period of freedom, after which

30:4.32 after which they begin their associations with the

030:04.32 They are designated Paradise graduates when they

Paradise ascenders

22:6.1 From among these P., candidates are selected for

47:10.6 an immortal survivor of Adjuster association, a P.,

49:5.32 and gains access to the inward moving stream of P..

Paradise ascension(s)

0:5.10 destined to survive mortal death and begin the P..

7:3.2 Eternal Son constitutes the inherent secret of the P.

16:4.6 make their great contribution to the plan of man’s P..

20:7.3 Infinite Spirit and is closely associated with the P. of

37:3.4 archangels activities having to do with the P. scheme

38:3.1 connected with the evolutionary plan of P..

45:1.2 personalities who have actually completed the P.,

47:7.5 destiny awaits all who complete the progressive P.

51:1.6 capacity for Adjuster indwellment and the P. career.

54:6.4 you of your divine right of P. and God attainment.

55:4.9 receiving Thought Adjusters, start out on their P..

55:6.7 of that endless and incomprehensible career of P.

91:9.7 the specific human problems encountered in the P.

108:5.1 to the material mind; they are indispensable to the P..

114:2.6 that all but Machiventa may be released for P.

117:6.15 each of these P. passes through the divinity of one

149:5.5 birth sphere of the eternal and immortal spirits of P.,

Paradise ascent

9:4.6 The P. involves a relative and differential growth in

16:4.7 way does it directly pertain to your problem of P..

22:2.1 At some time in their P. they stood firm and loyal in

25:4.11 these advisory commissions while pursuing the P.,

25:8.9 returned to the central universe to resume the P..

26:4.11 who have been accredited for the P. will part with

38:3.1 with those universe activities pertaining to the P.

38:9.13 be duly initiated into the long adventure of the P.

39:4.7 Ever and anon there is a pause in the P., a short

40:3.1 though the P. is long deferred, nevertheless, soon

40:3.1 Sons of God and immediately begin the long P. by

47:2.5 translate to the mansion world and begin their P..

49:0.1 this is true of every stage of man’s progressive P.;

49:6.16 constellation headquarters and there begin the P..

55:2.10 prepared to resume their P. far in advance of the

55:4.18 from planetary duties in order to begin their P.;

55:4.28 service they will receive Adjusters and begin the P..

55:6.2 sublime foreshadowing of the worlds of the P..

77:9.1 citizens are encountered at various points in the P..

84:6.6 and women will still be aiding each other in the P..

89:10.6 are service-loving, and ever-progressive in the P..

107:06.03 Beyond the P. and in the postfinaliter stages of the

107:6.3 the P. and the finaliter career are the partnership

111:7.1 uncertainty as to the events of the unfolding P.;

115:3.15 Actuality (of Deity) is what man seeks in the P..

116:4.11 as meaningful as the P. is to an evolving creature.

117:4.11 the human self thus refuses to take part in the P.,

117:5.9 you will be guided in your P. by the comforting

117:5.13 and spirit circuits of the grand universe in his P..

117:6.17 the P. and subsequent universe career will create in

143:1.6 The P. is the supreme adventure of all time,

148:6.7 innocence as a part of this first life of the long P.?

Paradise assembly

43:4.5 Most Highs and is known as the “mount of P..”

Paradise associate(s)

000:12.11 the character of the Father and the nature of his P.,

18:3.8 Aside from the Deities and their P., the Ancients of

24:7.8 when these P. collaborate to create the Havona

33:1.2 Creator Son is not the Eternal Son, the existential P.

Paradise association

104:1.3 still fewer even remotely grasped the idea of the P.

Paradise attainment

17:1.8 is a secondary cabinet, consisting of mortals of P.

30:3.9 You work your way through the long school of P. by

39:1.6 universe service of the completion seraphim of P..

40:7.5 is equivalent to a divine validation of eventual P.,

47:1.3 aware of the presence of your glorified brethren of P.

47:8.5 and to select from the differential techniques of P..

55:4.1 the volunteer Corps of the Finality, ascenders of P.

117:2.5 You now living on Urantia who may aspire to P.

Paradise attitude

21:5.4 3. Perfectly synthesizes P. and creature viewpoint.

Paradise authority or authorities

15:10.1 supervision, beings who sit upon seats of P. and

55:10.7 time, acknowledges the jurisdiction of an extra-P.,

108:3.2 each ascending creature are reported out by the P.

Paradise Avonals - see Avonals

Paradise awakening

27:7.8 jubilee was the occasion of the P. from the final

Paradise beauty

46:4.9 step on the way to the supernal perfection of P..

Paradise beings

1:7.8 the high personalities belonging to my group of P..

2:1.11 the Father shares with large numbers of the higher P.

Paradise bestowal

37:5.1 joined in union with a Mystery Monitor of P.;

112:2.14 the supreme goals, and the divine spirit of P.

Paradise bestowal Son(s)

49:5.25 of natural attainment, the planet is visited by a P..

51:3.9 and Christ Michael, who came as the P..

52:4.10 these same Magisterial Sons will be born as the P..

52:5.1 attained on an inhabited world, a P. always arrives.

55:1.1 honored by the personal presence of the P. of that

55:1.1 this bestowal Son of P. proclaims the long-time

55:1.2 three parts: Centermost is the sanctuary of the P..

55:7.1 by the mandate and personal presence of the P. of

76:5.4 of this universe would elect to function as the P..

77:7.5 any mortal mind subsequent to the life of a P..

108:3.4 following the appearance of a P., an evolutionary

108:4.1 Said your P. when yet on Urantia, “I, if I am lifted

108:6.2 Following the completion of the mission of a P.,

109:3.6 subsequent to the sojourn of a P., virgin Adjusters

109:6.3 the spirit transcript of the human divinity of the P. of

117:5.9 ascent by the comforting directive spirit of the P. of

Paradise brethren

20:7.5 Unlike their P., Michaels and Avonals, Teacher Sons

31:8.1 introducing the evolved finaliters to their new P..

Paradise broadcast(s)

44:4.9 making a superuniverse adaptation of all P. and

46:3.3 reflectivity phenomena to the technique of the P.

Paradise brother(s)

18:6.7 Deity origin, but he has constantly by his side a P.,

20:5.6 effective and all wise as would have been their P.,

35:2.6 goes alone; but when one of his P., an Avonal Son

53:5.1 Satania rebellion, Michael took counsel of his P.,

119:2.3 and concentrating all authority in the hands of his P.,

136:4.9 it was indicated to Jesus that it would afford his P.,

141:7.11 referring to the prebestowal instructions of his P.,

148:02.04 the instructions of his P., Immanuel, given ere he

Paradise career

0:8.9 evolutionary creatures of the P.-ascension career.

27:0.11 That is, you enter upon your P. under the tutelage of

47:2.4 before death had not made a choice concerning the P

49:6.11 and many die in youth before choosing the P..

50:3.6 system headquarters for the resumption of the P.,

50:7.3 All through the P., reward follows effort as the result

51:1.6 Adjuster indwellment and the P. ascension career.

54:6.9 evolving planet would choose to enter upon the P. if

54:6.9 the endowment of freewill choice regarding the P..

55:4.25 universe headquarters start out immediately on the P.

55:4.26 go to universe headquarters and there begin the P..

76:5.2 they also knew that the P. was still open to them

145:2.9 should begin that eternal ascent of the P. which

196:2.2 schools of the successive levels of the pre-P..

Paradise center

1:7.9 and have long resided at the P. center of all things.

3:2.4 circles eternally around the P.-Personality center

3:5.4 as securely and everlastingly enthroned at the P.

11:5.5 force is definitely greater at the north end of the P.

11:5.7 his is believed to be the central focalization, the P.,

11:5.9 Though the outer zone of the P. force center is the

15:4.1 apparently circuited in and out of the nether P..

17:2.2 Majeston, the reflectivity chief and P. of all the work

17:8.7 with Majeston, the P. of universal reflectivity.

Paradise Central Shining

24:7.2 the privilege of “personal contact” with the P.,

Paradise chief

31:10.20 Grandfanda, first mortal ascender, presides as P. of

Paradise circuits

14:1.3 3. The clockwise processional of the three P.

14:1.10 Physically regarded, the Havona and the P. are all

15:9.2 In addition to the universal P. and in addition to the

18:6.4 Since they are Trinity-origin beings, all of the P. are

23:1.9 cut from the sustenance and direction of their P.;

56:3.4 perfectly correlated with the P. gravity circuit of the

Paradise Citizens - see Citizens

Paradise citizenship

12:5.4 during this transit when it is to culminate in P..

Paradise classification

30:0.1 basic classifications of beings—a suggestion of the P.


30:1.1 It is difficult to interpret the P. of living beings to the

30:1.112 together except that none of them appear in the P.

Paradise clearinghouse

15:10.23 They know of mutual affairs only through the P.

39:2.4 only through the provisions and facilities of the P..

Paradise climb

11:3.4 for those who shall not start the P. until the times

20:1.1 there to facilitate the progress in the P. of the lowly

Paradise command

26:11.4 Mortals have received the P.: “Be you perfect, even

Paradise Companion(s)—see Companion(s)

Paradise companionship

25:8.2 this temporary service of P. is the highest honor ever

Paradise conclaves

18:5.4 while representing the Ancients of Days at the P.

Paradise conduct

27:4.3 All P. is wholly spontaneous, in every sense natural

Paradise co-operation

120:0.3 but he also acquired an essential experience in P.

Paradise co-ordination

24:1.8 in the sub-P. of all material and spiritual circuit

Paradise corps

1:2.9 all created and organized by the P. of the Creator

112:7.16 you have also been told that the finaliters of the P.

176:4.6 duly adjudicated by his associated Sons of the P..

Paradise Corps of the Finality

17:1.7 by the chief of the Supreme Council of the P..

19:6.4 they are constantly filtering into the several P.,

20:9.5 be transferred to eternal association with the P..

22:8.6 the Corps of Trinitized Finaliters, one of the seven P.

26:11.2 their common destiny in the reserves of the P.

30:2.131 A. The P. Corps of the Finality.

30:2.133 2. The Corps of P. Finaliters.

31:3.7 The glorified mortals of the P. are ascendant beings

31:3.8 the mystery of the ultimate destiny of the P..

31:6.2 but they are all destined to one or another of the P..

31:10.3 2. The Corps of P. Finaliters.

40:9.9 not share your high and exalted destiny in the P.;

93:10.9 scheme of progression and ascension even to the P..

102:3.8 revelation portrays the eternal brotherhood, the P..

107:2.7 the eternity partners of the time ascenders of the P.

112:7.11 is identical with that of the ascending mortal—the P..

112:7.15 present known destiny of surviving mortals is the P.;

117:7.7 ascenders are admitted to the finaliter corps of P.,

194:2.19 the divinity and glorification of the status of the P..

Paradise council

16:3.15 inherently becomes the presiding head of the P. of

23:1.7 in all the annals of the master universe has this P.

Paradise counselor(s)

15:10.17 4. Faithfuls of Days—the P. to the Most High rulers

18:6.1 Each local universe has assigned to it one of these P.

18:6.6 But he is still a Trinity ambassador and P..

119:2.1 approved by the Faithful of Days, the P. to that

120:0.6 presented himself before his elder brother and P.,

Paradise Creator(s)—see also Son(s)

2:0.1 and looks up to the P. as a true spiritual Father.

18:1.5 The P. respect the privacy and sanctity of personality

021:02.07 of mind ministry to all beings below the level of P..

44:8.6 the artistic portrayals of the divine beauty of the P..

116:5.13 In the early days of universe building even the P. are

117:4.6 so has the Supreme again found the P. of all things.

Paradise creatures

4:2.3 and imperfection of wisdom of the extra-P.,

Paradise culture

16:5.5 Even the subsequent intense P. does not suffice to

22:7.4 mortal finaliters who have attained certain levels of P

Paradise cycle

13:3.2 The Paradise philosophers maintain that each P.,

29:2.14 All energy is circuited in the P., but the Power

42:2.4 These triconcentric zones are the centrum of the P.

Paradise Daynals

35:0.1 These P. are neither magistrates nor administrators

Paradise days

39:9.3 assignment as destiny guardians in the pre-P.,

Paradise Deities - see Deities

Paradise Deity - see Deity

Paradise derivatives

105:4.9 by virtue of which all these Deity and P. are unified

Paradise descenders

014:04.12 Havoners minister in many ways to P. and to

Paradise destination

35:3.11 world, not even after you have reached your P..

42:1.8 which is of Paradise Deity origin can have only a P.

Paradise destiny

13:1.17 with helping mortal man ascend to his divine P..

31:3.5 the mortal career does not go beyond present P..

40:5.17 these three types is the same, and their eventual P.

40:9.9 they may aspire to P., but they cannot be sure of it.

40:10.4 the consignment of all mortals to an ultimate P.

Paradise differentiation

17:6.3 1. Initial P. Differentiation.

Paradise divinity

116:4.8 Creator evolves from the nature of existential P.

116:4.9 worlds eventually acquire natures expressive of P.

117:3.4 Joshua ben Joseph, to the P. of Michael of

Paradise divorcement

119:8.1 those mandates of P. which forever attached these

Paradise domain

27:6.3 At the southern extremity of the P. the masters of

Paradise doors

54:5.10 To keep open the P. of ascension to the beings of

Paradise dwellers

26:2.2 the essential training of both groups of P..

Paradise embrace

144:5.15 And at our end receive us into the eternal P..

182:1.6 with me in glory and go on to join you in the P..

Paradise endowment

0:6.12 attributed to God—Deity—to P. force endowment,

Paradise energy or energies

11:4.2 location of the seven flash stations for certain P.


42:2.19 Energy is close of kin to divinity when it is P..

56:10.18 matter is the time-space shadow of the P. shining

105:3.5 infinite integrator of P. cosmic energies with the

Paradise existence

11:2.11 Time, as you understand it, is not a feature of P.

27:7.5 Worship is the highest joy of P. existence;

27:7.5 P. existence; it is the refreshing play of Paradise.

Paradise experience

39:9.3 the post-P. they most desire to serve as bestowal

40:10.12 they pass through the P. with the Adjuster-fused

129:3.9 the Son of Man shadowy memories of his P. in

Paradise Father - see Father

Paradise Father-Son

33:1.3 personality centers for the spiritual forces of the P.

33:2.3 Michael is the personification of the P. to and in the

Paradise finaliter(s)

19:2.5 wisdom may possibly be achieved by the P. after

39:9.1 of divine personalities, and the peers of the P..

40:10.8 when the P. are pioneering the expanding frontiers

48:8.4 From mortal man to P. embraces all that now can be

48:8.4 If the future destiny of the P. is service in new

103:7.2 the actuality and divinity of man the eternal, a P..

107:1.6 Nor has the ascending progression of the P. as yet

112:7.7 are also beings in potential on the order of the P..

112:7.15 At present the P. are working throughout the grand

112:7.15 they will have other and even more supernal tasks

112:7.17 the P. whose natures are the cosmic consequence of

118:1.10 who has made the eternal decision is already a P..

Paradise focal point

16:0.12 the P. of its specialized power control and segmental

Paradise force(s)

0:6.12 to P. endowment, to the coexistence of personality


42:1.5 the universal and united stream of P. going forth

56:9.13 The ceaseless and expanding march of the P. through

Paradise force center

11:5.9 Though the outer zone of the P. is the source of

12:3.6 These four circuits are not related to the nether P.;

Paradise force organizers

11:8.6 -charge of space is produced by the action of the P..

12:2.4 in these outer space levels is a function of the P..

15:3.15 by the intelligent and purposeful action of the P..

15:4.2 The P. force organizers transmute space potency

15:4.3 difficulty lies in the relative inaccessibility of the P.,

15:4.4 P. are nebulae originators; they are able to initiate

041:01.01 wheels of the spheres of space, are initiated by P.;

42:2.7 function of the tension-presence of the living P..

57:1.7 the P. are preparing to withdraw, having made the

105:7.8 4. The two orders of P..

Paradise foundations

4:2.5 rebellion, upon the P. of God’s universal law.

Paradise functions

42:2.7 one of the nether P. of the Unqualified Absolute.

Paradise glory

27:7.6 laboriously made their way to P. from the depths

47:6.3 a supreme destiny—the P. of worshipful and divine

Paradise goal

14:6.38 Havona is the pre-P. training goal of every ascending

22:10.9 their immediate Havona destination and eventual P..

24:6.3 the sleep of eternity transit to the P., where,

25:4.12 As you journey toward your P., acquiring added

34:5.4 the evolutionary planets ever towards their P. of

39:9.3 upon the long and enticing journey towards the P. of

40:10.14 insuring your ultimate attainment of the P. of divine

Paradise graduates

30:4.32 They are designated P. when they have finished their

Paradise grasp

12:3.8 active functioning of the P. absolute-gravity grasp.

Paradise gravity

0:6.5 Absolute but which are as yet unresponsive to P..

000:06.06 embraces the energies which are responsive to P.,

000:06.07 forms of energy which, while still responding to P.

008:04.01 Paralleling the physical universe wherein P. holds

11:5.5 physical gravity but are always obedient to P..


11:8.3 Absolute gravity is P. gravity.

11:8.4 not perfectly clear-cut, stages of response to P.:

11:8.6 of energy systems responsive to the pull of P..

12:1.1 obedience to the incessant and absolute pull of P..

12:3.8 can be computed only by knowing the actual P..

12:4.13 alternately move against and with the pull of P..

15:4.1 Though nonresponsive to P., this force-charge of

29:5.5 (pre-energy not responsive to direct P.) into

41:9.2 but ultimatons are fully obedient to absolute or P.,

042:02.12 to the circular grasp of P. (absolute) gravity while

42:2.23 direct and unmistakable response to the action of P.

56:3.4 well-nigh perfectly correlated with the P. circuit of

115:6.1 P. grasps the basic units of material existence,

Paradise group

19:0.1 This P., designated the Co-ordinate Trinity-origin

33:5.1 the head of this P. in Nebadon is the ambassador

Paradise guide

112:5.18 reassembly to take up once more the role of P. to

13:1.7 Paradise headquarters

It is the P. of the descending and ascending Sons

13:4.6 are, in reality, the P. of the seven superuniverses

016:00.12 do actually converge at the P. of the supervising

17:2.3 Majeston maintains permanent P. near the center of

112:7.12 The P. of this fused being is Ascendington, not

Paradise heart

104:4.28 And the endless throbbing of the material P. of the

Paradise home

011:03.03 subdivided into seven immense divisions, the P. of

13:1.7 This world is the P. home for all Sons of the

13:1.9 This world is the “bosom of the Spirit,” the P. of the

13:1.11 This is the P. of many glorified beings of complex

13:1.17 who look upon Solitarington as their P. sphere.

13:1.19 activities look upon Seraphington as their P..

13:1.21 Ascendington is the actual P. of the ascendant

13:2.2 to look upon Ascendington as their P. world.

14:6.36 Mother Spirit will not likely ever return to their P.,

Paradise hosts

14:5.4 where they become more familiar with the P..

Paradise ideal

28:5.13 concurrently portray the P. of the best adjustment of

Paradise incarnation

189:1.1 Sunday morning, the P. commission, consisting of

Paradise Infinite Spirit

33:3.3 Son, a faithful and true manifestation of the P..

34:1.3 incompletely differentiated from the spirit of the P.

Paradise inhabitants

27:2.3 Transcendentalers, and with other types of P.,

Paradise intelligences

31:9.1 the Master Architect, is co-ordinating head of all P.

Paradise Isle

104:3.13 Father to the Eternal Son, is also Pattern to the P..

104:4.11 2. The P. Isle.

104:4.15 the P. and the Eternal Son are co-ordinate but

104:4.24 2. The P. Isle.

104:5.4 2. The P. Isle.

104:5.6 The P. is the absolute of cosmic reality,

105:3.4 and Center through the absolute pattern of the P..

105:3.9 the Son, the Spirit, the three Absolutes, and the P..

105:7.2 It is hardly absolute—only the P. is truly absolute in

107:6.4 the instantaneous, universal gravity circuits of the P..

115:3.7 the P. constitutes the actual revelation of the

115:3.14 The substance of the P. is the master pattern of

116:5.10 the conjoint presence of the Eternal Son and the P.)

Paradise journey

1:0.3 universe have embarked upon the long, long P.,

25:7.1 often accompany their mortal associates on the P..

46:2.7 consider that this first world of detention in the P.

47:3.6 period of leisure begin the second step in the P.,

67:4.1 transferred to Jerusem, where they resumed their P.

Paradise knowledge

27:5.5 reflectively are the benefits of P. secured in the

Paradise level(s)

12:5.3 Nonspatial time exists in mind of the P. of function.

13:1.9 upstepping the mortal creatures of time to the P. of

31:9.3 1. The P. Level. Only the senior or first-eventuated

132:2.8 Until you attain P., goodness will always be more of

Paradise lodgment

7:5.6 during the times of these bestowals the central P. of

Paradise luminosity

107:4.5 this P. is widespreadly known as the “pilot light”;

Paradise mansions

11:3.3 seven zones are often designated “the Father’s P..”

Paradise Master Force Organizers

32:1.1 and the primordial energies are the work of the P.;

Paradise Master Spirits - see Master Spirits

Paradise messages

46:3.3 and when P. are in reception, the entire population

Paradise messengers

39:8.4 All others must patiently await the arrival of the P. of

Paradise methods

27:6.4 higher graph technique of Havona and certain P.

Paradise Michael(s)

14:6.27 Havona is the educational training ground where P.

21:1.3 stated that some universes are presided over by P.

21:3.23 the supreme local universe sovereignty of a P..

21:4.3 a bestowal Son is a P. born of woman as you have

21:5.9 to settled sovereignty in a local universe a P. is in

21:6.1 we believe, that each P. is the absolute of the dual

26:8.1 the P. maintain special service schools of mutual

32:0.2 The creative plan of the P. always proceeds along

Paradise millennium

17:1.10 Once in each P. the Seven Supreme Executives

Paradise mobilization

31:10.17 mysterious P. of the perfected and ascendant beings

Paradise monota

3:2.5 Creature mind, being neither P. nor Paradise spirit,

42:2.20 differentiate the nature of Paradise spirit and P.;

42:10.1 relative cosmic reality from the absoluteness of P.

Paradise Mother Spirit

8:2.2 the Infinite Mind, the Spirit of Spirits, the P.,

Paradise obligations

33:3.2 Michael on the occasion of his liberation from P.

Paradise observation

21:2.1 completed his long and unique experience of P.

Paradise order(s)

7:1.5 power is inherent to a lesser degree in many P. of

20:1.12 the P. of Days proved to be divine administrators,

32:0.1 the handiwork of a Creator Son of the P. of Michael.

35:0.1 Of the first P. of sonship, the Creator Sons, there

035:03.21 all orders—even P.of the Sons of God co-operate

116:3.5 The creature bestowals of the P. of sonship enable

Paradise origin

15:4.1 are confident that these ancestral forces have a P.

35:0.1 Sons of God previously introduced have had a P..

53:7.5 No beings of P. origin were involved in disloyalty.

117:5.10 through the persons of the Supreme Creators of P.

117:7.7 amenable to the mandates of P. until the eventful

120:3.8 offspring on any planet by a bestowal Son of P..

136:2.3 he heard this same spirit of P. now speak, saying,

Paradise pair

21:3.6 Conjoint vicegerent sovereignty—joint rule of the P.

Paradise parent(s)

21:1.3 derived equally from the attributes of both P..

21:2.10 that all Creator Sons are divinely like their P.,

56:4.5 and that unified and personal Deity is our P.,

84:7.30 series of ascending disclosures of the love of the P.

119:0.2 Sons are reflecting the divine nature of their P..

Paradise path

6:8.5 But as you ascend in the P. of spiritual progression,

37:5.2 Spirit-fused mortals as they ascend the P. with you

47:2.8 But if they choose the P. of perfection, they are

52:1.4 as you go forward in the P., you will understand

116:3.5 unfailingly reveal to the creatures themselves the P.

Paradise pattern

9:1.7 spiritual nature, and capable of activating the P.

104:4.13 the Father-Son, whose union first activated the P. in

115:7.8 personal Son with the immutable energies of the P.,

116:5.14 the children of the mind God, who is activator of P..

130:4.2 creation are the time-space repercussions of the P.

Paradise perfection

0:1.18 complete—as on existential and creator levels of P.;

1:0.3 they are in their spheres, like him as he is in his P.

2:2.5 destiny of the experience of sharing the Father’s P.

4:2.4 modifies nature by augmenting the content of P.

8:3.5 surviving will creatures to the divine heights of P..

16:4.7 mortal scheme of mortal progression in the path of P

18:0.11 All Trinity-origin beings are created in P. in all their

19:2.4 Perfectors of Wisdom are the wisdom of the P. of

19:4.6 This association of P. and universe experience

22:7.2 Under specialized conditions of P., these superb

26:4.10 comfort, and assist you in all your efforts to attain P.

026:04.14 comprehension which are so indispensable to P.

30:4.31 Other beings of P. or attainment may temporarily

45:7.2 they impart the touches of P. to these progressive

48:4.11 And with such beings of eternal P. there can be no

48:4.16 who start their careers far below the goal of P.,

67:6.8 the order to go forward on the long, long trail to P.

106:2.6 is like the Paradise Father because he shares his P.;

108:0.1 up to the divine heights and spiritual levels of P..

108:5.10 Thought Adjusters work in the manner of P.;

116:7.6 Man’s urge for P., his striving for God-attainment,

117:1.5 The union of P. and time-space experience yields a

130:4.11 fall across man’s ascending universe path to P..

Paradise periphery

11:4.2 they maintain force-focal headquarters on the P..

Paradise personality or personalities

000:02.16 of the time-space descension of P. in reciprocal

2:5.5 until you finally stand in the presence of the P. of the

3:1.12 he confers differential honor only on the P. of God

3:2.4 circles eternally around the P. center of all things

12:2.1 suggestive of the presence of certain P. influences

17:2.4 Majeston is not included in our catalogue of P.

17:8.1 of “Days” and with the P. of the order of “Sons.”

21:3.2 assumed an unearned supreme sovereignty, the P.

21:3.3 thereby retaining the full co-operation of all P.

31:7.5 that this place will be occupied by some type of P.

37:4.5 this corps is enlisted in assisting the Nebadon P.

43:4.3 These Trinity Sons, with the staffs of Havona and P.,

56:8.1 consorting with absonite mind, eternal spirit, and P..

104:3.14 And the association of the three P. eternalizes the

104:4.7 and personal association of the three eternal P..

104:4.14 The P. enlist the freewill adoration of all creatures by

106:2.1 P. in the highest sense, Creator personality in the

107:3.2 there is actual contact with the Father’s P. as well as

189:1.1 commission, consisting of seven unidentified P.,

extra-Paradise personalizations

116:02.03 Deity attenuate and otherwise qualify the extra-P.

Paradise phenomena

34:1.1 In response to these P. there personalizes, in the

Paradise philosophers

13:3.2 The P. maintain that each Paradise cycle, about

27:6.4 These P. teach by every possible method of

Paradise pilgrim(s)

12:5.4 hence the necessity of P. becoming unconscious

26:3.7 their fellows, the celestial personalities, the P.,

26:3.10 in the work with the ascendant beings, the P.,

26:4.1 the entire order is assigned to the training of the P.

26:5.1 these high ministers begin their work for the P. of

40:10.8 stand ready to welcome the incoming stream of P.

117:5.9 every crisis of ascension unfailingly directing the P.,

129:4.7 is everlastingly the inspiration and guide of all P.

Paradise plan

2:3.6 the execution of the P. of progressive ascension,

40:10.14 freely provided in and by the P. for mortal survival,

77:9.12 enthusiastically devoted to the furtherance of the P.

Paradise possibilities

38:8.6 complete career of a seraphim, with all of its P., is

Paradise presence

2:5.6 physically and spiritually separates you from the P.

5:1.1 safe conduct into the P. of the Universal Father.

5:1.3 Although the approach to the P. of the Father must

5:1.8 worthy intelligence of every universe to the P. of the

5:6.9 They are ever drawn towards his P. by that kinship

9:2.4 In addition to these P., Urantians benefit by the

11:1.1 This P. of the Father is immediately surrounded by

11:8.9 infinity of gravity extension, an elastic tension of P.

24:3.2 Spirit exist for the exclusive assistance of the P. of

56:3.1 As the universal mind gravity is centered in the P. of

56:3.1 the spirit gravity center in the P. personal presence

112:4.13 registers at Divinington, proceeds to the P. of the

Paradise Presences

42:0.1 This vast stream of energy proceeding from the P.

42:1.6 all force is circuited in Paradise, comes from the P.

Paradise progenitors

29:3.1 perfect synchrony and complete liaison with their P.,

Paradise progeny

56:6.1 their P. exhibit the characteristic unity of divinity

Paradise progression

30:3.13 to various services in connection with their P.,

117:6.26 will discover the great result of your career of P..

Paradise pull

56:9.12 become gravity responsive to the P. of the Father;

Paradise quarantine

54:5.10 would the P. against all such possible halfhearted

Paradise reality or realities

0:7.10 finite reality, in association with varied phases of P.,

0:9.1 actualization of P. absonite realities on eventuating

56:3.2 P. spirit realities are likewise one, but in all time-

101:10.9 becomes but the shadow of eternity cast by P. upon

189:1.3 of eternity and space as the fleeting shadow of P.?

196:3.24 of the experience of mortals ascending toward P..

Paradise recognition

34:1.1 Upon the P. of this declaration of intention, there

Paradise records

17:6.3 but we know that this fact finds place on the P. of

19:1.2 the P. indicated 21,001,624,821 of these Sons in

24:6.5 On the P. of Havona, in the section denominated

Paradise reflectivity

17:3.10 the space range of the extra-P. service seems to be

Paradise regime

13:2.6 Subsequent to your passage through the P. and

27:7.4 give attention to the essential activities of the P..

112:4.6 2. Be assigned for a period to observation of the P..

Paradise relationship(s)

9:1.6 but all his actions appear to recognize the Father-P..

27:4.1 already been fully instructed in the ethics of P.

55:9.2 government in matters pertaining to Havona and P..

105:3.4 the chronicity of motion is determined through P..

Paradise rendezvous

13:1.4 Divinington is the P. of the Adjusters, but it is also

Paradise requirements

26:5.2 outline of every P. is taught by the pilgrim helpers.

Paradise reserve corps

18:7.1 Their P is the Advisory Commission of Interuniverse

Paradise reserves

20:7.2 twenty-one billion, and this is exclusive of the P.,

Paradise residence

14:4.19 that development which will enable them to claim P..

14:5.4 circuit the ascending pilgrims pass inward to P.

15:1.4 to the P. of the Great Sources and Centers

26:11.1 of the study of the impending problems of P..

27:0.11 Not until the ascending pilgrims actually attain P. do

Paradise residents

44:8.5 then will the P. be confronted with the necessity of

Paradise rule

119:2.6 While I continue in rejection of the P., I am

119:3.4 restoration of the planet to the service of the P.

Paradise Rulers

15:8.8 borders of the personal administration of the P.,

15:13.2 outworking of the mortal-ascension plans of the P.

18:1.6 to penetrate all of the personal relations of the P.

19:3.5 And it is in this manner that the P. make personal

23:2.12 turmoil of Urantia do not signify that the P. lack

120:0.2 in accordance with the mandates of the divine P. of

Paradise satellites

12:1.11 in orbits around the gigantic aggregation of the P.

13:0.7 The twenty-one P. serve many purposes in both

13:1.1 These satellites of P., the innermost of the three

13:3.2 Personality is not present on these P.; therefore is

14:1.9 immediately surrounding the three circuits of P..

14:1.12 determined on, and are sent out from, the seven P.

15:7.1 forth light without heat, like the satellites of P.,

17:0.10 periphery of the eternal Isle, through the seven P. of

017:01.01 The headquarters of the Master Spirits occupy the P.

17:1.5 working from the seventh P. of the Spirit and

17:1.5 for the P. of the Spirit have the same names as the

17:1.9 time to time, great conclaves take place on these P.

18:1.1 are seven worlds in the innermost circuit of the P.,

28:2.2 on executive sphere seven in the outer ring of P..

Paradise scheme

37:3.4 activities having to do with the P. ascension scheme?

25:4.14 Paradise school(s)

the P. for the perfecting of Technical Advisers.

25:8.11 comrade and in the meantime teaches in certain P.,

Paradise service

25:8.1 those duties they performed when summoned to P..

47:8.4 an ascending mortal upon the eternal career of P..

Paradise society

14:6.21 mind graduate schools for all beings destined for P..

27:4.1 who instruct the new members of P. in the usages of

Paradise sojourn

25:3.14 During the P. they report to the Master Spirit who

25:8.3 being you mortals will encounter during your P.

31:8.3 their present P. is in every way Trinity supervised

Paradise Son(s) - see Son(s)

Paradise sonship

7:6.6 And there are numerous other orders of P. that have

7:6.8 thoughts, and manifold activities of all orders of P.,

20:1.15 be concerned with the two remaining orders of P.:

35:0.1 Of the second order of P., the Avonal or Magisterial

193:5.4 status of P. and supreme sovereignty on Salvington.

Paradise Source(s)

11:2.9 This P. material is neither dead nor alive; it is the

19:1.12 from the infinite, eternal, and divine P. and Center

21:2.3 liberates his creator prerogatives from the P. and

36:2.11 different life plans, after the order of the three P.

105:3.4 3. The P. Source and Center.

113:3.2 Omnipresent Spirit presence of the P. Third Source

115:3.7 Absolutes of actuality, the Second, Third, and P.

115:3.10 in the association of the Second, Third, and P. and

116:2.3 carry the light of life farther and farther from its Ps.

Paradise sphere(s)

13:1.5 of the evolutionary worlds is a secret of this P..

14:1.10 concentric stabilized units—the three circuits of P.

18:0.10 of administrative perfection extending from the P. of

19:2.2 and except for Divinington, of the Father’s P..

22:8.2 dispatched for periods of service on the seven P. of

22:8.5 secret worlds of the Father and the P. of the Spirit.

24:1.7 headquarters on the seven P. of the Infinite Spirit,

24:1.8 On these P. of the Spirit the seven associate circuit

24:4.1 The Seven Supreme Executives, on the seven P. of

30:2.125 9. Natives of the P. Spheres of the Spirit.

30:2.126 10. Natives of the Father’s P. Spheres.

Paradise spirit(s) or Spirit(s)

1:3.6 This Ps. that indwells the minds of the mortals of

3:2.5 Creature mind, being neither Paradise monota nor Ps

8:4.3 Here the ministry of the PS. is the exemplary and

8:5.3 of this Creative Daughter of the P. Infinite Spirit.

16:5.2 ancestral nature of some one of these Seven PS..

21:2.9 Creative Spirit focalization of the P. Infinite Spirit

42:2.20 We cannot differentiate the nature of P. and monota;

56:3.2 Ps. realities are likewise one, but in all time-space

104:4.20 From spirit potency to Ps., all spirit finds reality

105:4.9 the outspreading of Ps., and the endowment of

132:3.9 The presence of the Ps. in the mind constitutes the

141:5.2 of the identity of each of your indwelling Ps.;

Paradise status

4:4.2 God is immutable; but not until you achieve P.

12:7.9 children from the highest creator personality of P.

13:1.21 souls of time and space until they attain P..

25:2.3 Conciliators of pre-P. don’t serve interchangeably

26:7.4 are trial trips; the ascenders are not yet of P..

Paradise supernaphim

026:01.12 Primary or P. are created by the Infinite Spirit.

27:7.9 thus ends the story of the P., the highest order of all

Paradise system

43:4.3 Faithful of Days is the constellation center of the P.

Paradise tradition

31:9.4 P. asserts that the three Architects, with the counsel

Paradise Transcendentalers

31:8.2 The vast host of the P. have nothing whatever to

31:9.1 Master Universe are the governing corps of the P..

Paradise trail

011:09.08 has already embarked upon the long, long P. of

Paradise training

25:3.16 By experiential ascent and P. they have acquired a

025:04.14 P. school for the perfecting of Technical Advisers.

Paradise transit

028:07.03 eyes in the Havona sleep preparatory to your P.,

Paradise Trinity - see Trinity

Paradise truth

52:5.4 his life is an incarnation of P. in mortal flesh,

101:6.7 time-space manifestations of P.—universal truth.

Paradise union

16:1.3 Such a P. of the primal sevenfold expression of

Paradise universe

1:2.9 God the Father is the personal creator of the P.

Paradise values

0:1.13 Deity functions, P.-absolute values and meanings are

195:7.4 P. of eternity and infinity, of truth, beauty, and

Paradise viewpoints

54:5.13 From the P. the adjudication is simultaneous with

Paradise worlds

13:1.2 The P. of the Father are directed by the highest order

24:2.3 and the reserves of the order on the P. of the Spirit,

30:1.13 Certain of these beings are resident on the P. of the

112:4.8 spheres which constitute the Father’s circuit of P..


0:1.13 Deity functions, P. values and meanings are manifest.


103:7.4 philosophy is part of man’s long P. experience.

Paradise-ascension career(s)

0:8.9 Deity of the mortal evolutionary creatures of the P..

43:8.10 furtherance of progressive co-ordination of the P.;

45:5.2 worlds of space or until embarkation upon the P..

56:7.9 will become a part of the P. of those beings who may


40:10.3 unexplained failures in some detail of the P. plan;

117:1.2 to create and to evolve creatures with P. capacity


133:4.9 delightful stopping-places for those who are P..”


115:6.6 The mighty eruption of the P. divinity personalizing


21:6.4 the personal realization of the P. potentials bound up


115:3.11 triune qualities are not so distinguished on P. levels.


42:2.11 energy is not at first responsive to the P. pull

42:6.3 attraction, responding only to the circular P. pull.


12:5.1 except in so far as the P. standard day is arbitrarily

14:1.12 Besides Havona-circuit time, there is the P. day

14:1.12 The P. standard day is based on the length of time

14:1.12 One P. day is just seven minutes, three and one-

14:1.13 This P. day is the standard time measurement for the

14:6.11 And God takes pleasure in the P. universe as the

14:6.27 his own universe eventually attain to these P. levels

15:2.10 Excluding the P. spheres, the plan of universe

19:2.2 on Paradise nor on the worlds of the P. circuits;

32:3.12 of the ever-perfect natures of the P. creatures.

39:9.1 as assistants to the high P. orders of supernaphim.

46:3.1 The superuniverse and P. broadcasts are received

56:5.2 From the original P. level of existential reality, two

104:3.13 The Father is energy revealed in P. and at the same

106:0.5 Much of P. appears to be on the transcendental order

106:0.6 P. (especially the circuit of the Father’s worlds) is

117:6.12 through observation of the P. reality differential and

Paradise-Havona personalities

17:1.7 consist for the greater part of the trinitized sons of P.

18:4.4 from among the trinitized offspring of either P.

19:7.2 natives are sometimes designated collectively as P.

22:1.12 They are the creature-trinitized sons of P. or of

22:7.2 Aside from the Deities, only P. and certain members

22:7.2 these superb beings may embark upon the unique

22:7.2 they are many times successful in the production of

22:7.4 association with some fellow finaliter or some P.,

22:7.6 determined onetime mortals—and sometimes P.

22:7.9 involves a mortal (or other) finaliter and a P.,

22:7.10 sanction the trinitizing union of finaliters and P.,

22:8.1 the multiple liaisons of seven finaliter corps and P.

22:9.1 These trinitized offspring of perfected humans and P.

22:10.1 the Finality and of their eternal associates, the P..

Paradise-Havona system

12:1.11 The P., the eternal universe encircling the eternal


14:2.6 Throughout the whole P. there is maintained a

14:2.6 On Paradise nothing is experimental, and the P. is a

14:4.10 Nevertheless, the P. system is eternal.

014:04.21 beings native to the P. that are in no way associated

16:2.3 of personal presence within the confines of the P.;

18:2.1 wise fathers ruled their exquisite worlds of the P.,

26:1.12 The three orders of supernaphim serve in the P..

26:3.7 They range the P. as bearers of messages requiring

27:3.3 have met numerous unrevealed residents of the P.

32:3.12 the existentially perfect creatures of the P. with

84:6.5 even as do certain triune associations in the P..

Paradise-Havona-trinitized Sons

22:7.13 2. P. Sons.

22:8.2 When new ascender-trinitized and P. sons are

22:8.2 they are dispatched for long periods of service on the

22:8.2 they serve under the tutelage of the Seven Supreme

22:8.2 they may be adopted for further training in the local

30:2.63 9. P.-trinitized Sons.

55:4.17 Such couples—P. sons and ascender-trinitized sons—


22:7.14 But when a finaliter and a P. together trinitize a


23:4.4 Will the trinitizations between finaliters and P. cease

30:2.157 With the exception of numerous groups of P.,


24:3.3 P. beings are aware of the proximity of these Aids;

28:3.1 associated with three groups of P. administrators

37:4.2 from the ministry and assistance of such P. beings as


3:2.4 All creation circles eternally around the P. center


110:6.18 the grasp of living faith upon the P. fact-value that


28:3.1 There is a definite P. technique associated with the


22:7.9 united parental beings function neither with the P.,


6:8.7 nearness will ever augment as you progress P..

7:3.2 gravity circuit literally pulls the soul of man P..

8:1.6 and begin effectively to draw all things and beings P..

10:4.7 as you ascend P., you will many times experience

14:2.8 the Infinite Spirit draw all intellectual values P..

42:2.16 In concept this narrative has been moving P. as

42:2.16 Continuing P., there is encountered a pre-existent

54:4.7 know God, love to do his will, and are ascending P.

54:6.10 As you ascend P., you will increasingly learn that

56:8.4 may you augment this revelation as you ascend P..

103:7.3 But as ascending man reaches inward and P. for


14:6.3 2. P..

15:7.3 In reality, all headquarters worlds are p..

19:3.7 the attitude on near-p. levels of spiritual meanings

22:7.5 jointly elected to make the p. effort to spiritualize,

46:2.6 Jerusem is indeed a foretaste of p. glory and

62:1.3 And it was in this then almost p. area, and from the

77:4.9 the grandeur and p. traditions of the city of Dilmun.

91:7.13 in beautiful and blissful contemplation of p. divinity,


5:5.6 the human realization of God creates a p. in finite

12:7.8 the brotherhood of man present the p. of the part

65:6.1 The same sort of a p. confronts mortal man when he

84:4.2 Woman’s status has always been a social p.; she has

102:2.2 wisdom of religious experience is something of a p.

103:5.6 Jesus referred to such a p. when he said:“Whosoever

105:7.2 Perhaps the best illustration of such a p is the central

106:9.5 The p. created by the experiential and the


111:6.2 Such a p. is inseparable from temptation, potential

115:3.4 is the maximum p. of creature philosophy and


5:5.6 The difficulties and p. of religion are inherent in

10:5.7 be avoided, and certain p. may be partially resolved.

102:3.2 will religion always be characterized by p.,

102:3.2 p. resulting from the absence of the experiential

105:3.10 cannot always be presented without involving p. in

106:9.10 While these ideas may not clarify the p. of eternity

116:0.1 of temporal inequalities cease to be religious p..


42:8.6 The p. force of atomic cohesive integrity is a form of

102:3.1 Religion must labor under a p. necessity:


91:6.2 many an irritable and complaining invalid into a p. of


48:7.1 teach the less advanced students by the p. technique;

94:3.7 the soul’s return to the Brahman is closely p. to the


41:0.2 these divisions are astronomically p. in the space


8:4.1 P. the physical universe wherein Paradise gravity

60:1.7 Great troughs developed in North America, p. the


44:0.21 I can do no more than attempt to sketch a crude p.


9:6.8 Throughout all known creation there p. this circuit


148:9.2 a man long afflicted with p. was carried down from

159:3.3 the loss of self-respect often ends in p. of the will.



148:9.2 This p. had heard that Jesus was about to leave

148:9.2 But the p. refused to accept defeat; he directed his

148:9.2 Said the p.: “Master, I would not disturb your

148:9.2 Jesus, seeing his faith, said to the p.: “Son, fear not

148:9.3 What is the difference whether I say to this p.,

148:9.3 And when Jesus had thus spoken, the p. arose,


145:3.2 One man started out with his p. daughter just as

157:2.2 allow yourselves to become p. by fear and blinded


86:1.3 This ever-present dread of bad luck was p..

101:10.8 no longer is he staggered by the p. fear that he has


28:6.2 the significance of origin is the p. question in all our

39:4.13 Even the work of this world, p. though it is, is not

50:5.4 The food quest is p. in the minds of these early

69:2.5 The necessity for labor is man’s p. blessing.

79:8.9 Chinese culture is a consequence of the p. position

99:1.3 The p. mission of religion as a social influence is to

103:3.4 the experience which is p. is the feeling regarding

127:5.5 Jesus made it clear that his first and p. duty was the

132:0.5 recognize just three factors of p. value in the early


90:1.2 were of a class which has since been denominated p..


140:0.1 were repairing their nets and tinkering with fishing p.


140:8.12 teach that they were to be imposed upon by social p.


65:2.3 a degree of retrogression in their p. behavior.

65:2.3 chlorophyll-making ability and have become p..

65:2.3 really belong to this group of renegade p. fungi.

65:5.2 plant life to the prechlorophyll levels of p. bacteria

112:5.4 just as the human embryo is a transient p. stage of


71:5.2 and keep the state from becoming p. or tyrannical?

92:3.9 and science itself emerged from the p. priesthoods.


1:4.3 sojourns a fragment of God, a part and p. of divinity.


162:6.3 upon the dry ground and spread over the p. soil,

187:3.5 raised it to Jesus so he could moisten his p. lips.


66:5.9 stone slabs, a form of p. made of hammered hides,

124:4.7 the Jewish custom of touching the bit of p. nailed

124:4.7 and then kissing the finger that touched the p..

124:4.7 nature of this habitual obeisance to the doorpost p.

124:4.7 And Joseph removed the p. after Jesus had thus


2:4.1 Lord shall be saved,” “for he will abundantly p..”

2:5.4 are mercifully received, “for God will abundantly p..”

97:7.7 him, and to our God, for he will abundantly p..”

131:2.11 I will have mercy on them; I will abundantly p..’

185:5.2 choose an imprisoned or condemned man for p.

185:5.6 the sight of the chief priests clamoring for the p. of a

185:5.9 assembly of Jewish rulers and p.-seeking crowd,

187:0.2 if Barabbas had not been released as the Passover p.


72:10.2 become more normal, they may be paroled or p..


2:5.9 analogous to that given by a child to an earthly p.;

2:6.5 fellowship such as exists between p. and child.

8:1.11 by first mastering the relationships of the child-p.

9:8.4 Father and Eternal Son become p. to a Creator Son,

10:2.7 the Son is conscious of being joint p. to the Spirit.

15:5.6 small worlds that continue to encircle the p. sun.

33:1.5 we have a ruler and divine p. who is just as mighty,

36:2.14 cosmic chemical formulas which constitute the p.

36:2.16 fundamental or p. pattern of the architectural

45:6.4 The relationship of child and p. is fundamental to the

49:6.11 youths follow the p. of most advanced spiritual

49:6.12 concomitant with the arrival of either p. on the

49:6.13 in general similar to that of the more advanced p.

49:6.13 equivalent to that of the p. in case one survives.

51:5.5 to go forth to the race of their evolutionary p.,

54:6.3 from the reality situation of having a loving p. and

56:4.5 and that unified and personal Deity is our Paradise p.

57:4.4 the far-flung starry systems derived from p. nebula.

57:6.1 the solar p. was able to recapture a large portion of

64:5.3 tended toward the skin color of the Sangik p..

82:3.8 One p. would arrange for these intermediaries to

84:7.26 The true p. is engaged in a continuous service-

84:7.30 of the love of the Paradise p. of all universe children.

100:7.7 trusted his Father as a little child trusts his earthly p..

103:4.4 -Creator relationship was placed on a child-p. basis.

108:6.6 And as you are the human p., so is the Adjuster the

108:6.6 so is the Adjuster the divine p. of the real you,

110:3.8 fatherhood and loving worship of the heavenly P..

117:6.1 The Supreme is your experiential p., and even as in

131:4.4 He is the great p. of heaven and earth, possessed

140:5.12 that faith which a p. has in his child, and which

140:5.12 for the best in man; that is the attitude of a true p..

140:5.17 A loving p. experiences little difficulty in forgiving

141:3.3 a wise p. never takes sides in the petty quarrels of

142:7.6 personality existence depends on the act of the p..

144:5.12 Our creative P., who is in the center of the universe

144:5.55 Glorious Father and Mother, in one p. combined,

147:5.9 Father is not a lax, loose, or foolishly indulgent p.

168:4.11 within his rights when he presumes to petition the p.;

168:4.11 and the p. is always within his parental obligations to

174:1.2 that understanding sympathy which the wise p.

174:1.2 repentance by the child with forgiveness by the p..

174:1.3 all matters connected with the child-p. relationship

174:1.3 The p. is able to view the immaturity of the child

174:1.3 the divine p. possesses infinity and divinity of

188:4.5 hereditary, but sin is not transmitted from p. to child.

195:8.9 But secularism is not the sole p. of all these recent

196:0.11 Jesus trusted God much as the child trusts a p..

196:0.11 heavenly Father as a child leans upon its earthly p.


2:6.2 level of intimate family morality of the p. relationship

92:7.11 fear or love has dominated the p. relationship.

103:4.5 The relationship is one of p. association and is


13:3.3 all types of impersonal spirits—regardless of p.—are

20:7.1 Trinity Teacher Sons, so named because of their p..

21:4.6 embody all that can be secured from divine p.

74:6.2 the two offspring of joint p. with the mortal stock

74:6.2 this does not include the Adamic p. to the Nodite

77:6.1 of ancestors common to the p. of the senior corps.

103:9.4 The magical and mythological p. of natural religion

112:5.12 This child of human and divine p. constitutes the

parentalsee parental courts

1:1.6 in a world where the impulses of p. emotion are

2:5.10 the love of God is an intelligent and farseeing p.

2:6.4 Selflessness is inherent in p. love.

5:0.2 the prerogative of maintaining direct and p. contact

5:5.14 The union of the p. factors under natural

10:2.7 but is not p. to a co-ordinate Deity personality.

10:3.14 5. As a Father he maintains p. contact with all

14:6.6 God the Father derives supreme p. satisfaction from

14:6.14 This universe affords the Son the gratification of p.

16:8.15 of the cosmic mind of p. reproductive pattern.

16:9.7 Unselfishness, aside from p. instinct, is not natural;

21:0.5 fifty thousand Creator Sons assembled in the p.

22:7.9 If p. bi-unification involves a mortal (or other)

22:7.9 the united p. beings function neither with the

22:7.9 p. beings are conscious of, and can communicate

28:1.2 When a Michael Son is detached from the p. regime

30:1.99 a mortal creature by the p. act of God as a Father.

45:6.4 that sublime experience of achieving p. relationship

45:6.6 Material Sons and as p. associates of these superb

45:6.7 choice whether or not it elects to follow the p. path

45:6.8 and who are deficient in essential p. experience,

45:6.8 This service of p. ministry may be later accredited on

45:6.9 an equal number of volunteer midsonite p. groups

47:1.4 must pass the requirements of the p. commission

47:1.4 Urantia commission consists of twelve p. couples,

47:1.4 fail to satisfy these commissioners as to their p.

47:1.5 But irrespective of p. experience, mansion world

47:1.6 fathers as well as mothers, and fathers need this p.

47:2.2 This awakening occurs at the exact time of the p.

47:4.7 to sex life, family association, and p. function were

48:6.33 the restatement of p. life in the lives of offspring—

66:4.6 rebellion, those who later functioned in the p. role

66:6.7 these children should be free from all p. restraint

72:2.17 decisions of the p., educational, and industrial courts

72:3.2 at the p. schools of child culture is compulsory.

72:3.3 to the home displaying the best p. qualifications.

72:3.7 right to marry without p. consent is not bestowed

72:3.8 they have been duly instructed in the p. schools

72:8.7 P. consent is required before twenty-five in order to

72:11.1 nominated by the highest p., educational, industrial

76:4.3 did not inherit the p. endowment of energy intake

77:1.2 these one hundred could function in the p. role on

83:1.5 marriage is slowly becoming mutual, romantic, p.,

83:6.8 co-operation which is best for p. happiness, child

84:6.2 but the weaker p. instinct and the social mores hold

84:7.4 new role of religion—the teaching that p. experience

84:7.7 4. The enhancement of p. instinct.

84:7.7 individuals in whom p. instinct is strong to insure the

84:7.25 instead of conferring certain p. rights, entails the

84:7.26 not in the obligation implied in p. procreation, but

84:7.27 And any attempt to shift p. responsibility to state or

84:7.29 In an ideal family filial and p. affection are both

84:7.30 family—a good family—reveals to the p. procreators

123:3.9 co-operative with p. wishes and family regulations.

124:4.4 so successfully discharging their p. responsibilities.

134:5.6 Starting out with p. power in the family group,

136:9.8 p. training, chazan teaching, Jewish expectations,

142:7.6 in the family: Children inherit certain p. traits.

144:2.4 hesitate to give in accordance with p. wisdom

149:6.6 more appreciative of the benefits of the p. ministry

168:4.11 the parent is always within his p. obligations to the

174:1.3 child in the light of the more advanced p. maturity,

177:2.2 You have enjoyed that p. love which insures laudable

196:0.11 such a trust as the child has in its p. environment.

parental courts

72:2.14 1. P., associated with the legislative and executive

72:2.17 decisions of educational, industrial, and p. are final.

72:3.3 under that of the guardians designated by the p..

72:3.9 are lax, but decrees of separation, issued by the p.,

72:4.2 the commitment decrees are handed down by the p..


3:1.11 While the Father p. encircuits all his sons—


45:6.5 evolutionary seraphim must pass through this p.

45:6.5 obtain the experience of p. by assisting the Adams

45:6.6 All mortal survivors who have not experienced p. on

66:4.5 carefully instructed to resort to p. only under certain

72:4.2 where they are segregated by sex to prevent p.,

117:6.1 so has he grown in the experience of divine p..


4:3.5 sorrow in the personalities of their Creator p..

8:1.2 is the inspection and recognition of his divine p.,

8:4.1 the divine p. towards the intelligent children of

10:1.4 executed the combined concepts of his divine p.,

14:6.19 in universe administration with both divine p.

14:6.31 the central creation as the home of their divine p.

21:0.2 No doubt the profound affection of the Deity p. for

21:1.3 equally from the attributes of both Paradise p..

21:2.10 all Creator Sons are divinely like their Paradise p.,

22:7.7 the divine p. are in deity potential unchanged; but

22:7.8 the two trinitizing p. become one on the ultimate

22:7.9 While these p. of creature-trinitized sons become

22:7.9 all trinitization-united p. are inseparable in

26:11.3 Like their p., these sons derive great benefits from

29:0.10 they collaborated with their p. in the production of

33:1.4 his Son and his Spirit associate are your creator p..

33:2.1 Son, while others are a blend of both their infinite p..

33:3.4 welfare of men and the glory of their divine p..

33:4.3 This first-born of the p. of a new universe is a unique

45:6.8 are granted opportunity to function as associate p. to

47:1.5 mansion world p. who have growing children in

47:1.5 These p. are permitted to journey there for visits as

47:1.5 mansion world p. embrace their material offspring

47:1.5 While one or both p. may leave a mansion world

117:6.5 The influence of the Deity p. becomes more equal

119:0.2 are reflecting the divine nature of their Paradise p..

parentsnon-specific mortal

5:5.14 The ability of mortal p. to procreate is not

14:4.10 without creature p., and they are nonreproducing

21:0.2 that well-nigh divine love which even mortal p. bear

45:6.7 The ascension of either of its natural p. insures that

47:2.1 the survival of either or both of such a child’s p.,

47:2.8 where many of them arrive in time to join their p. in

49:6.12 children are reckoned as still attached to their p..

49:6.13 the third circle, regardless of the status of their p.,

50:3.5 remain attached to the prince’s staff after their p.

51:6.6 common ancestors of mankind, the common p. of

54:4.2 P., those who have borne and reared children, are

62:3.2 They were in every way larger than their p., having

66:6.7 remain under the control and direction of their p.

66:6.7 of their parents throughout the lifetime of the p.,

66:7.15 7. You shall not show disrespect to your p. or to the

70:7.8 It became the custom to take boys away from p.

71:3.12 P. are rewarded by the excellency of their children,

72:3.2 Attendance of p., both fathers and mothers, at the

72:3.3 they are under the full control of their p. or, in case

72:3.3 Competitive examinations are held among p.,

72:3.4 and character training will be secured from his p.

72:3.5 sex instruction is administered in the home by p.

72:3.5 which is deemed to be the exclusive privilege of p.

72:3.6 if they have been properly instructed by their p.,

72:3.7 Children remain legally subject to their p. until they

72:3.7 their obligations to p. are lessened, while new civic

72:4.3 the vacation being spent with p. or friends in travel.

74:7.2 regarded as the province of the home, the duty of p..

75:5.6 The consequences of the follies of misguided p. are

77:2.4 would resemble the offspring of other Andonite p..

80:3.5 Both p. participated in these labors, and the services

82:3.3 P., children, relatives, and society had conflicting

82:3.11 they expressed it, that both p. would not be fools,

82:3.14 wife was barren, she had to be redeemed by her p.,

82:4.2 and arranged by the group, their p. and elders.

83:2.1 Primitive marriages were always planned by the p. of

83:3.4 mutual deposit was made with the p. of both bride

83:4.3 the p. simply took their daughter to the husband;

83:4.9 consisting in the decisions of the contracting p.

84:1.5 p still endeavor to keep their children in more or less

84:7.7 children, the prospective p. of the next generation.

84:7.10 The higher the civilization, the greater the joy of p.

84:7.24 3. Inability of the child to gain culture by imitating p.

84:7.24 —the p. are absent from the family picture so much

84:7.25 realization that p. were creators of the child’s being.

84:7.26 Civilization regards the p. as assuming all duties,

84:7.26 Respect of the child for his p. arises, not in

84:7.28 family is the fundamental unit in which p. and

84:7.30 while at the same time such true p. portray to their

89:5.7 Among some tribes aged p. would seek to be eaten

92:7.11 transfers his ideas of omnipotence from his p. to

93:4.13 7. You shall not show disrespect for your p. and

102:7.3 gather fruit without trees, have children without p..

103:2.2 But those persons who were so reared by their p.

122:9.1 a son might live provided his p. would redeem him

124:2.8 was well thought of in Nazareth except by the p.

131:10.3 If our earth p., being of evil tendency, know how

132:5.3 1. Inherited wealth—riches derived from p. and

134:0.1 plan which provided that he be born of Jewish p.

139:5.8 Even p. may learn from Philip the better way of

140:5.14 Children are naturally trustful, and p. should see to it

142:7.6 children take origin in the p.; personality existence

144:4.3 The earth child comes into being by the will of its p..

147:5.9 that God is like some overindulgent and unwise p.

148:6.10 God afflicts children in order to punish their p..

149:6.6 must necessarily be admonished to honor their p.;

149:6.6 where they actually love their p. for what they are

153:3.3 children to say that the money wherewith the p.

160:1.6 love and consideration that p. bear their children.

160:2.4 groups is the family, more particularly the two p..

163:2.4 bear false witness, do not defraud, honor your p.

163:3.4 no man who has left wealth, home, wife, p., or

167:5.7 the creation of whom these p. become copartners

167:6.6 accompany his p. to public houses of religious

174:1.2 doubtful whether intelligent and affectionate p. are

174:1.4 If you are wise p., this is the way you will love and

177:2.3 as it is manifested in the experience of mortal p..

177:2.5 to John how a child is wholly dependent on his p.

177:2.6 Notwithstanding that p. of the twentieth century

178:1.17 neighbors, devoted kinsmen, understanding p.,

parentsspecific; see parentsJesus

62:3.9 Both these mid-mammal p. were severely shocked

62:3.10 struggles, found themselves the proud p. of twins,

62:3.13 same tribe and species but not from the same p..

62:4.1 they had still less hair on their bodies than their p.

62:5.6 the twins—were a great trial to their Primates p..

62:5.7 a few of their new signs and symbols to their p..

63:0.1 before they had become the p. of the first-born of

63:0.2 these p. of the new race shall be called Andon and

63:1.1 This wonderful pair, the actual p. of all mankind,

63:1.2 The p. of this first human couple were apparently

63:1.3 While still living with his p., Andon had fastened a

63:2.5 first search for firewood by the p. of all mankind.

63:3.5 Upon the death of his p., Sontad assumed the

63:3.5 to roll up stones to effectively entomb their dead p.,

63:7.4 and eternal survival of the unique p. of all mankind.

74:1.5 stewards of universe trust at the time of their p.’

74:1.5 accompanied their p. to the dematerialization

74:1.5 their p. were soon to become the visible heads,

75:6.3 the option of remaining on Urantia with their p. or

75:6.3 about one third elected to remain with their p..

76:2.7 The death of Abel became known to his p. when his

77:5.3 Adamson wanted to remain with his p. and assist

77:5.4 Adamson would not desert his p. on Urantia, he was

96:4.2 the emancipator’s p. were believers in El Shaddai.

122:2.8 John was judiciously impressed by his p. with the

122:3.3 \ Mary went to visit her p., Joachim and Hannah.

122:3.3 Mary’s brothers and sisters, as well as her p., were

122:7.4 Joseph had also to contribute to the support of his p.

123:3.4 the p. talked over many things, including the future

135:0.3 the visit, in company with his p., to Jesus and the

135:0.4 John’s p. began the systematic education of the lad.

135:1.1 but his p. had selected this as the appropriate year

135:1.4 his p. expected great things of this their only son,

135:3.3 what he had heard from his p. concerning Jesus

135:3.3 did not harmonize with what his p. had taught him

135:7.1 the teachings of his p. that Jesus, born in the City

137:0.1 to deliver the boy safely into the hands of his p..

137:1.4 The p. of the injured lad who lived at Pella had

138:2.9 6. Judas Iscariot was an only son of wealthy p.

138:2.9 the Baptist, and his Sadducee p. had disowned him.

139:3.1 James lived near his p. in the outskirts of Capernaum

139:4.1 John was unmarried and lived with his p at Bethsaida

139:6.2 and the only support of aged and infirm p.,

139:8.2 reasoning mind and was the son of excellent p.,

139:8.3 home life of Thomas had been unfortunate; his p.

139:12.1 When Judas was a lad, his p. moved to Jericho,

139:12.1 Judas’s p. were Sadducees,and when their son joined

139:12.6 Judas was an only son of unwise p..

150:1.1 Jesus requested David to summon his p back to their

162:8.2 With the loss of their p., Martha had assumed the

164:3.2 “Master, who did sin, this man or his p., that he

164:3.7 “Neither did this man sin nor his p. that the works

164:4.5 decided to send for Josiah’s p. to learn whether he

164:4.7 When Josiah’s p., poor and fear-burdened souls,

168:0.4 their p. had already been laid away in this tomb.

177:2.1 John’s p. possessed more of this world’s goods than

177:2.1 things which helped John better to understand his p.

177:2.2 home where the p bear each other a sincere affection

177:2.2 in consequence of your p.’ loveless maneuvering

177:2.2 your p. possessed wisdom as well as love;

177:2.2 When you returned to Jerusalem, your p. consented

177:2.2 Amos’s p. refused; they loved their son so much

177:2.2 Wise p., such as yours, see to it that their children


119:7.7 Jesus’ human p. were average people of their day

122:1.3 as Joseph and Mary to become the bestowal p..

122:3.2 had been chosen to become the p. of the Messiah,


122:5.3 Jesus was a blending of his p.’ traits;

122:5.8 pair who were destined to become the p. of Jesus

122:5.9 expectant p. had thought to welcome the child of

123:2.3 Jesus’ early education was secured from his p. in

123:3.2 Jesus found out that his earthly p. were not all-wise

123:3.6 with Deity was a bit disconcerting to his p.,

123:4.3 but Jesus never failed to conform to his p.’ wishes.

123:4.8 imagine about how much anxiety Jesus caused his p.,

123:5.2 his thirteenth year and was turned over to his p. by

123:6.6 all did not run smoothly for either p. or teachers.

123:6.9 such a difference of opinion among his p. and

124:1.3 Jesus had managed to disarm his p.’ objection to

124:1.13 even his p. were beginning to learn from him

124:2.1 Jesus spoke to his p. concerning this revelation

124:2.2 His p. were loath to forbid his asking disquieting

124:2.6 his p. were constantly seeking to influence him to

124:3.2 Jesus’ p. were extraordinarily wise and sagacious in

124:4.4 Increasingly Jesus’ p. realized that there was

124:4.5 He pondered much over his p.’ differing opinions,

124:4.9 social amenities to the established beliefs of his p..

124:4.9 admonition of dutiful submission to his p.;

124:6.1 was qualified to proceed to Jerusalem with his p.

124:6.3 Jesus’ p. recounted the doings of Ahab and Jezebel

124:6.18 his expanding life purpose with the desires of his p.

125:0.4 In company with his p. Jesus passed through the

125:0.6 the real meanings of these ceremonies which his p.

125:0.6 Jesus turned suddenly upon his p. and, looking

125:2.1 but Jesus persuaded his p. to accept the invitation to

125:2.2 he somewhat disconcerted his p. by the inclusion of

125:2.3 though he said nothing about such matters to his p.,

125:2.4 His p. likewise slept little.

125:2.4 Jesus would gladly have talked with his p. if they

125:2.9 his p. would find Jesus sitting off by himself with his

125:2.11 Jesus accompanied his p. and teacher on their visits

125:3.1 the temple to listen to the discussions while his p.

125:3.1 the passing of the time for the departure of his p..

125:6.1 Jesus was strangely unmindful of his earthly p.;

125:6.1 when Lazarus’s mother remarked that his p. must be

125:6.4 The evening before, Jesus’ p. had heard about this

125:6.5 to the lad, now standing to greet his astonished p.,

125:6.8 withdrew and left him standing alone with his p..

125:6.8 “Come, my p., none has done aught but that which

125:6.10 Jesus said little; neither did his p. say much in his

125:6.10 They were truly at a loss to understand the conduct

125:6.10 but they did treasure in their hearts his sayings,

125:6.10 they could not fully comprehend their meanings.

125:6.11 Jesus made a brief statement to his p., assuring them

125:6.12 misguided efforts of his p. to dictate the course of

126:0.2 increasingly both his p. failed to comprehend his

126:1.5 the confusion of his p. steadily increased as they

127:2.3 from Jerusalem that he would be subject to his p.;

128:0.1 come; he had nothing to do with selecting his p..

177:2.1 more of this world’s goods than had Jesus’ p.,

parksee Gethsemane; Magadan

43:1.7 The remainder of this sphere is one vast natural p.,

73:4.1 domesticated species were to be found in the p..

73:5.2 of houses composing any one cluster in the p..

73:5.6 best to finish the p. in accordance with his ideas.

142:8.4 in tents, which they pitched in a shaded p., or

142:8.4 This p. was situated on the western slope of the

152:2.1 proposed to obtain rest in a beautiful p. south of

152:2.4 women, and children were assembled in this p. to

155:0.1 spent the night in a beautiful p. south of Bethsaida-

156:6.4 quietly in the hills, going on the next day to the p.,

173:5.5 hillside ravine overlooking the public camping p.


152:2.1 they were all familiar with these p. on the eastern

152:2.3 persons had located the Master in one of the p.,


195:1.7 empire, their rather p. gods seemed a little queer.


72:10.2 become more normal, they may be p. or pardoned.


74:8.5 from the lemur, a New Guinea group from the p..

132:2.4 Such a soul is destined to become an intellectual p.,


69:6.6 The fire myth still persists in the symbolism of the P..

88:1.4 the dog came to be the sacred animal of the P..

95:6.8 to the modern perversions of his gospel by the P.

partnoun; see partwith whole; part, in; part of

15:14.4 creation of which your world and system are a p..

20:9.5 that the administrators of the superuniverses are p.

20:9.5 and p. Trinity-embraced ascendant evolutionary

22:7.6 and that through no discoverable error on their p..

26:4.1 P. are devoted to the service of the pilgrims of time,

27:2.2 service also plays its essential p. in the prefinaliter

30:1.13 They are for the most p. unmentioned in these

32:4.2 there is on God’s p. an actual, literal, and personal

36:6.7 Ancients of Days have some p. in this inauguration

37:7.2 as teachers playing an important p. in the morontia

38:5.1 The Melchizedeks have a large p. in the education

43:0.4 groups of native life, for the greater p. unrevealed

44:6.1 Every attempt on my p. to explain the work of spirit

49:2.17 civilization by living for the most p. in the treetops

52:3.8 Primitive man is for the most p. carnivorous;

61:2.8 Formerly the mammals had lived for the greater p. in

61:3.11 The horse has played an important p. in the

69:1.3 superstition have played a prominent p. in the early

73:4.5 seemed like an admission of lack of faith on Van’s p.

75:3.5 leader born to them of p. origin in the violet stock,

77:8.13 of revelations of which this presentation is a p..

77:9.10 will faithfully enact their p. in planetary evolution

82:6.3 modern racial crossbreeding is, for the greater p.,

83:2.4 women have had an increasing p. in all phases of

89:1.3 As religion began to play a larger p. in the evolution

91:7.2 for the most p. Jesus kept them in service-contact

92:5.13 concepts of religion have played a dominant p. in the

96:3.4 The Hebrews for their p. entered into an agreement

97:9.5 being for the most p. made up of social misfits

97:10.6 theology refused to expand, played an important p.

98:3.2 the Hebrews; it consisted for the most p. in the

99:3.6 is playing a great p. in the present-day program of

103:3.1 and diverse other superstitions all played a p. in the

110:5.5 influence of a Thought Adjuster is for the most p.,

115:3.13 may fail to time-actualize with respect to a p., but

121:1.1 Jews, a Levantine race, in nature p. Occidental and

121:1.1 race, in nature p. Occidental and p. Oriental,

126:3.3 phrases, and presently, without intention on his p.,

128:4.1 This p.-Jewish merchant proposed to devote an

135:7.1 was sorely in doubt as to the p. Jesus would play

136:2.1 They feared lest some sin of ignorance on their p.

136:5.5 Any lapse of time consciousness on his p.,

142:8.4 They lived for the most p. in tents, which they

144:1.1 Their devotion was in large p. a matter of personal

145:2.3 This sermon was an effort on Jesus’ p. to make clear

145:2.15 was for the most p. done by Simon Peter’s wife

148:3.4 Jesus chose to designate such activities on his p. as

149:1.4 presuming on our p. to undertake to explain how

150:5.3 Acceptance by faith on your p. makes you a partaker

157:6.6 elected to meet his believers p. way and in so doing

159:5.9 of this Scripture while rejecting the negative p..

162:8.3 since Mary has chosen this good and needful p., I

173:1.1 but the larger p. went indirectly into the hands of the

179:3.5 if I do not wash your feet, you will have no p. with

183:5.2 all that was said, but took no p. in the dispute,

186:1.1 appeared before them to claim his reward for the p.

186:5.3 his death, was a purely personal ministry on his p.

190:0.5 viewing the prominent p. which Mary Magdalene

193:6.3 But Matthias had little p. in the subsequent activities

partwith whole

3:2.8 In the epochs of time the welfare of the p. may

3:5.15 universe, every unit is regarded as a p. of the whole

3:5.15 Survival of the p. is dependent on co-operation


12:7.1 will of God does not necessarily prevail in the p.

12:7.8 brotherhood of man present the paradox of the p.

12:7.10 the whole in contradistinction to qualities of the p..

12:7.11 The p. profits or suffers in measure with the whole.

12:7.11 As moves the p., so moves the whole.

12:7.11 the progress of the whole, so the progress of the p.

12:7.11 The relative velocities of p. and whole determine

12:7.11 whether the p. is retarded by the inertia of the whole

118:10.11 Deity manifests regard for the whole, not for the p..

143:7.8 Worship is the act of a p. identifying itself with the

part, in

0:12.4 personalities of power is dependent in p. on their

0:12.4 in the universes of power and personality and in p.

11:3.3 This second zone is in p. subdivided into seven

11:4.1 The peripheral surface of Paradise is occupied, in p.,

15:3.15 motions are of composite origin, being derived in p.

15:3.15 in p. produced by the intelligent and purposeful

19:6.4 resident beings, a citizenship consisting only in p. of

28:5.20 very certainty and perfection of portraiture in p.

47:1.4 the homes of the Material Sons on Jerusem or in p.

79:3.3 times of Dravidian domination and are due, in p.,

93:5.2 as the site for Machiventa’s activities was in p.

103:6.7 by material personalities; it is predicated, in p.,

106:9.5 viewpoints is inevitable and is predicated in p. on

106:9.5 of the experiential Trinity of Trinities is in p. due to

116:6.5 the mechanism of physical life is responsive, in p.,

118:10.20 Providence is in p. the overcontrol of the Supreme

127:6.4 Lydda, in p. covering the same route traversed when

138:1.1 still they saw, at least in p., Jesus’ reason for thus

141:6.2 vision of that which your fathers saw only in p..

141:6.4 Jesus said in p.: “When you enter the kingdom, you

172:5.5 why Jesus did this; at least John grasped in p. the

176:2.8 the Matthew Gospel and added (in p.) to the Mark

part ofsee part of, on the

0:0.6 They are all a p. of the master universe, which also

0:1.12 No matter in what p. of the master universe,

0:4.12 neither are the material creations a p. of Deity;

0:5.9 though destined to become a p. of the personality of

0:12.12 highest existing concepts of spiritual values as a p.

1:4.3 a fragment of God, a p. and parcel of divinity.

1:5.15 creature is a p. of the Father’s ever-expanding Deity-

1:5.16 His prepersonal divine spirit is a real p. of you.

2:1.11 the Deity of the Father which indwells man is a p. of

2:2.7 Human limitations, potential evil, are not a p. of the

2:2.7 all man’s relations thereto are most certainly a p. of

2:3.4 absorbed into the oversoul of creation, becoming p.

2:6.1 This goodness of God is a p. of the personality of

3:1.4 “The true God is not afar off; he is a p. of us;

3:1.6 The omnipresence of God is in reality a p. of his

3:2.9 We are all a p. of the family of God, and we must

3:3.1 divine entities going out from him are a p. of him;

4:1.12 “accidents” of the cosmos are undoubtedly a p. of

4:2.8 misthinking the myriads of creatures who are a p. of

4:4.9 there lives in me one who can and will do it, a p. of

5:0.1 The indwelling Adjusters are a p. of the eternal

5:0.2 make direct personal contact with any p. or phase of

5:1.9 Your ascension is a p. of the circuit of the seven

5:1.12 direct contact with mortal man and gives a p. of his

5:2.4 you but do not function as an integral p. of you.

5:3.4 should not be addressed to God the Father as a p. of

5:5.4 always an antecedent of evolved religion and a p. of

5:5.6 God within and a p. of every individual,

6:4.6 but not within you and a p. of you like the Monitor.

6:6.1 associated with supermaterial beings and as a p. of

7:1.4 Such a new spirit is actually a p. of the Second

7:1.5 subabsolute focalizations of spirit gravity are a p. of

7:4.6 the spirit of mercy ministry which is so much a p. of

7:5.3 Son finds it impossible to become a p. of creature

9:6.1 focalizes in the Third Source and Center and is a p.

9:8.9 These Third Source personalities are not a p. of the

10:1.2 Father all along has divested himself of every p. of

11:2.10 potential for cosmic reality in Paradise as a p. of his

11:9.2 is the geographic center of infinity; it is not a p. of

11:9.2 not even a real p. of the eternal Havona universe.

12:2.3 believed to be in outer space are really a p. of the

12:3.8 small p. of the estimated gravity pull of Paradise,

12:4.14 these far-distant systems are in flight from this p. of

12:7.14 Father, who has given a p. of himself to be in you,

12:9.3 such knowledge is not necessarily a p. of the

14:2.6 the Eternal Son, as a p. of his all-embracing spirit

14:4.9 Decay and death are not a p. of the cycle of life on

14:5.9 Monotony is not a p. of the Havona career.

14:5.11 the drive of exploration—is a p. of the inborn and

15:4.6 embraces exactly one one-hundred-thousandth p. of

16:5.4 The physical stamp of a Master Spirit is a p of man’s

16:7.5 spiritual insight which are an integral p. of his cosmic

16:8.4 Personality is that p. of any individual which

16:9.3 values of his human experience survive as a p. of the

17:0.12 Your local universe is administered as a p. of our

17:1.7 the Supreme Executives consist for the greater p. of

17:3.1 Deities as such phenomena might occur in any p. of

17:3.2 are a p. of one of the seven universal mysteries of

17:5.5 Spirits of the Circuits never become a permanent p.

17:6.1 marvelous beings which may be narrated as a p. of

17:6.5 lost to our recognition, becoming apparently a p. of

19:4.3 an organic p. of all dispensational adjudications of

19:5.3 But they are not a p. of the manifest and definitely

20:5.2 the Avonal and the Michael Sons are a necessary p.

20:6.4 indwelling Adjuster, thereupon he begins that p. of

20:6.7 physical death is nothing more than a necessary p. of

20:7.3 The Daynal order of sonship is not an organic p. of

21:6.1 but they are probably absolute in relation to that p.

22:0.5 the experience of trinitization, either as a p. of their

23:1.1 There is no p. of the universal creation which is

23:2.12 trials and disappointments, are just as much a p. of

24:2.2 immediately aware of the birth of will in any p. of

24:2.2 and whereabouts of all will creatures in any p. of the

26:0.1 No major p. of the organized and inhabited creation

26:2.6 seven subsidiary Spirits of Havona were not a p. of

26:10.3 or in some p. of their experiential background.

29:4.31 an integral p. of the technique of life on nonbreathing

30:3.12 intrauniverse travel and observation is a p. of the

30:4.15 The physical body of mortal flesh is not a p. of the

31:8.1 P. of the perfected mortal’s experience on

32:5.1 We are all p of an immense plan,a gigantic enterprise

32:5.1 We are all a p. of an eternal project which the Gods

32:5.4 sectors of time connected with, and forming a p. of,

32:5.4 continue on in touch with, even as a p. of, eternity,

33:7.6 The question of the readmission of a constituent p.

34:5.6 actually indwelling the mortal mind as a very p. of

35:7.3 other activities, not a p. of the ascendant regime,

36:6.5 energy evolution and survives only as a p. of the

37:6.6 Intellectual acquisition is also a p. of universal

38:6.3 are a p. of that group which has been denominated

39:1.4 might also form a p. of the attending host,

39:5.16 the major affairs of the planet as it functions as a p.

40:0.11 Since the greater p. of this narrative will be devoted

40:5.16 Is this an intended or an unintended p. of the plan?

40:7.3 a probationary and evolutionary planet are not a p.

40:10.4 represent an intended p. of the all-wise plans of

41:6.2 the great space blanket, consists for the most p. of

42:8.4 At one infinitesimal p. of a second a given nuclear

44:0.19 through with you, as a p. of you, in reality, as you.

47:3.3 creature personality are forever a p. of Adjusters.

47:3.4 creature would forever continue as an integral p. of

47:4.5 by the Adjuster and is retained as a p. of personal

48:0.3 typical of the morontia transition regimes in this p. of

48:1.6 the spirit will become a real p. of your personality,

48:3.18 They are not essential to any p. of your survival

48:4.11 functional duty are a regular p. of life on all worlds

48:4.20 And that p. of God (the Adjuster) which becomes

48:4.20 which becomes an eternal p. of the personality of

48:8.3 training school, requisition a substantial p. of the

48:8.4 mortal finaliters have lived on some world as a p. of

50:2.7 as a p. of the staff of the Planetary Prince is to

50:6.3 Effort and decision are an essential p. of the

52:2.6 during the latter p. of the prince’s rule, national life

53:7.7 “And his tail drew a third p. of the stars of heaven

56:7.9 become a p. of the Paradise-ascension careers of

57:1.1 organized as a component p. of the physical power

57:2.1 throughout the early p. of their gaseous existence.

57:6.11 All of this tremendous activity is a normal p. of the

57:8.4 p. of the water-covered surface became depressed.

59:4.15 the Atlantic inundated a large p. of Europe and

59:6.4 The eastern p. of North America was high above the

60:1.4 the southern regions of South America as that p. of

60:1.8 went down excepting the southern p. of California

60:2.4 the eastern p. of North America, which had long

60:2.4 The western p. of the continent was still up, but

60:3.3 In the eastern p. of North America, Atlantic sea

60:3.4 the North American continent and a p. of Europe

61:1.12 During the latter p. of this epoch most of Europe

61:5.1 the northeastern p. of North America and of Europe

61:5.6 snow falling on Greenland and on the northeastern p.

62:3.5 this creature became the terror of this p. of the world

63:6.4 this is the origin of sacrifices as a p. of worship.

64:4.13 human sacrifice as a p. of religious ceremonial

64:5.2 A man and woman living in the northeastern p. of

65:3.7 with better methods of administration for any p. of

66:3.2 necessary to have such a favoring climate as a p. of

66:5.21 cleansing with water as a p. of the purification

68:6.8 they were never a p. of the Andonite mores;

69:5.5 A p. of this future need may have to do with one’s

69:9.9 be charged with some p. of the owner’s personality.

70:7.10 The tribal marks were cut on the body as a p. of the

72:3.4 It is expected that the most valuable p. of a child’s

72:3.5 religion is looked on as an integral p. of home life.

72:4.3 This travel is a p. of the adult-education program

74:8.12 those writings which subsequently became a p. of the

75:8.6 We are a p. of a gigantic creation, and it is not

76:3.7 but Adam and Eve never partook of flesh as a p. of

77:5.9 to become a latent p. of the cultural potential which

77:9.11 an essential p. of the spirit economy of the realms.

79:6.13 larger p. of the Andite migrations from Turkestan

83:2.3 mock capture became a p. of the regular wedding

84:2.1 the only p. of inheritance which was at all certain.

84:2.4 all a p. of the early mores designed to establish the

84:5.4 provide for those social adjustments which are a p.

85:4.2 regarded as beneficent in one p. of the world may

85:4.4 in the twentieth century candles still burn as a p. of

86:5.1 The nonmaterial p. of man has been termed ghost,

86:5.10 believes his dreams to be just as real as any p. of

86:5.14 models, or images removes all or a p. of the soul

87:2.1 fire; so the savage thought it the better p. of wisdom

88:6.4 one of their number would play the p. of a buffalo

89:3.3 Poverty was a p. of the ritual of the mortification

89:3.6 Paul well knew that such teachings were not a p. of

89:4.1 Sacrifice as a p. of religious devotions, like many

89:4.10 drove these semisavages to eat the material p. of

89:5.1 ideas of cannibalism are entirely wrong; it was a p. of

89:5.1 horrible to modern civilization, it was a p. of the

89:5.5 Eating human flesh became p. of a solemn ceremony

89:8.2 the idea that the offering of some p. of the body

89:9.2 The Hebrews long practiced this ritual as a p. of

90:5.3 Words become a p. of ritual, such as the use of

91:0.5 Prereligious praying was p. of the mana practices of

91:2.8 religions of racial evolution which also forms a p. of

92:0.1 Man possessed a religion of natural origin as a p. of

92:2.3 as obscene, have considered a p. of their accepted

93:5.7 During the latter p. of his sojourn on the Nile he

94:2.3 which had been a p. of the earlier Vedic faith.

94:4.9 it is an integral p. of the basic social fabric of India.

96:1.8 the trinitarian Elohim never became a real p. of

97:1.2 maintaining the truths of Melchizedek as a p. of

97:7.3 ideas upon such a large p. of the Occidental world,

97:9.8 A p. of the secular story of how his immediate

99:2.1 unfortunately become more or less of an organic p.

99:2.2 so much an integral p. of the established order,

99:3.1 institutionalized Christianity become an organic p. of

101:4.1 cosmology presented as a p. of revealed religion

101:4.2 instructions which form a p. of the revelation

101:5.4 It is a p. of the plan of the universe that evolutionary

101:5.9 nor emotion (feeling) is essentially a p. of religious

101:6.6 of God—constitute him, in potential, a living p. of

101:9.4 The search for beauty is a p. of religion only in so far

101:10.1 man knows that he is a child of nature, a p. of the

101:10.2 A human being is aware that he is a p. of the cosmos

101:10.8 you are no longer a slavish p. of the mathematical

102:4.3 he could not become a living p. of the real religious

102:4.5 Prayer is indeed a p. of religious experience, but it

102:6.1 To isolate p. of life and call it religion is to

103:4.4 All ceremonials not a legitimate p. of such a family

103:7.4 mediation of experiential philosophy is p. of man’s

107:1.6 when the Father gives of himself to be a p. of the

107:3.2 as a p. of this experience, there is actual contact with

108:4.4 Adjusters and their ability to communicate with p. of

109:2.10 The indwellers are not an organic or biologic p. of

110:2.1 at full liberty to reject any p. or all of the Adjusters’

110:6.16 attainment of these cosmic circles will become a p.

111:0.2 the omnipresence of Deity has long formed a p. of

111:5.3 has he—and first—trusted a p. of himself to be with

111:6.1 Man is a p. of nature—he exists in nature—and yet he

112:0.1 is one p. of you that remains absolutely unaltered,

112:5.2 directly, becoming a p. of the Supreme Being.

112:5.22 those memories and experiences which are a p. of

113:3.6 seraphim are an essential p. of continuing mortal

116:1.1 every physical segment of the superuniverses is a p.

116:1.1 creative synthesis of power and personality is a p. of

116:5.16 no p. of the cosmic whole can find real stability until

117:2.6 ending of creature evolution as a p. of Supremacy.

117:3.4 descending personalities from Paradise are that p. of

117:4.2 But if a creature rejects the eternal career, that p. of

117:4.2 becoming a p. of the Deity of the Supreme.

117:5.5 the experience of all men do thus form a p. of the

117:5.7 these ministries remain forever a p. of Supremacy.

117:5.8 but man never possesses them as a p. of his eternal

117:5.10 ministry to the physical level of intellect, are a p. of

117:5.12 manifold experiences of all creation become a p. of

117:5.12 utilization remain forever a p. of the living cosmos,

117:5.13 the values of this experience are forever a p. of his

117:5.14 all creature experiencing registers in, and is a p. of,

120:0.1 a p. of the price which every Creator Son must pay

120:1.3 require all your creatures to master as a p. of their

120:2.2 challenges to authority can never recur in any p. of

120:2.7 forms, or may yet form a p. of the vast galaxy of

121:2.1 The Jews were a p. of the older Semitic race,

121:2.1 During the fore p. of the first century after Christ,

121:2.2 caravan routes from the Orient passed through p. of

121:7.1 envisaged a Messiah who would come as a p. of

122:5.10 The larger p. of Joseph’s family became believers in

122:6.1 was not far from the high hill in the northerly p. of

123:2.3 The most valuable p. of Jesus’ early education was

123:2.15 his first minor illness, in the latter p. of his fifth year.

124:0.1 classes of men and women hailing from every p. of

124:1.6 In the latter p. of June, Jesus, in company with his

124:4.7 As a p. of this ritual it was customary to say, “The

124:6.8 the Mount of Olives (the region to be so much a p.

125:2.4 Mary became nervously agitated during the fore p.

127:3.12 convinced that he was to be a p. of Jesus’ mission,

128:1.3 Jesus employed no agency not a p. of his human

128:2.3 The latter p. of this year, when carpenter work was

129:2.6 For almost two months Jesus spent the greater p. of

131:8.1 the doctrine of one God became a p. of the earlier

131:9.4 Let compassion be a p. of all punishment; in every

132:5.24 10. That p. of your fortune which represents the

133:6.5 truth-discerning, and spirit-perceiving p. of man

133:6.5 the soul is that p. of man which represents the

133:7.7 unity derived from the indwelling presence of a p. of

136:5.3 the Adjuster, being a onetime p. and essence of

137:4.9 gladly would I do what you ask of me if it were a p.

142:8.1 A p. of this time, while the apostles taught the

144:4.9 Prayer is a p. of the divine plan for making over that

144:8.1 The latter p. of December they all went over near the

145:3.15 not a p. of his plan of proclaiming the kingdom.

146:7.2 as a p. of the spiritual administration of the planet.

147:7.2 but fasting is not a p. of the gospel of the kingdom

147:7.2 Fasting may be appropriate p. of the law of Moses,

148:0.4 Interested persons from every p. of the Roman

148:4.10 While there is a material p. of the human father in

148:4.10 there is a spiritual p. of the Father in every son of

148:5.2 But many ages will be required to restore this p. of

148:5.3 which are a p. of life as it is lived on this world.

148:6.7 that the just must often suffer in innocence as a p. of

148:9.1 were straining their ears to catch some p. of Jesus’

151:2.7 such conclusions as a p. of your public teaching.”

152:0.3 his garment; that was merely the superstitious p. of

152:4.3 In connection with the latter p. of his dream Peter

153:3.6 such beliefs, when they once become a p. of one’s

154:2.5 planetary obstacles must be encountered as a p. of

155:1.2 anger and wrath are not a p. of the establishment

157:5.1 regarded him as the Messiah, but it was not a p. of

158:0.2 only Peter, James, and John shared even a p. of

160:4.10 as a p. of some one of the channels of wealth.

160:5.6 the ideal of God, can become a p. of any religion,

162:9.6 In the latter p. of October Jesus and the twelve

163:2.7 entrance into the kingdom requires as a p. of the

163:5.3 David employed the larger p. of his messenger corps

165:0.2 No other p. of Palestine was so thoroughly worked

166:4.6 may share in those normal happenings which are a p.

167:1.5 When you are bidden to a feast, it would be the p. of

167:3.3 platform and said: “Why play the p. of hypocrites?

167:7.4 But these angelic spirits do function to keep one p.

170:4.15 intimate that such an event might appear as a p. of

172:2.3 Judas had placed the greater p. of this money in the

173:1.1 P. of the gains was reserved for the temple treasury

174:1.3 “A p. of every father lives in the child.

174:1.4 experience of creature consciousness; it is not a p. of

174:4.3 thought it the better p. of valor openly to commend

176:2.8 No p. of the gospel record ever suffered such

178:2.1 the Master’s hearers were able to take in even a p. of

178:2.3 David knew all about the p. of Judas in this plot,

183:1.1 hours of his mortal life were not in any sense a p. of

183:3.4 show of carrying out his p. of the betrayal bargain

186:5.5 likeness of their created intelligences as a p. of the

187:1.3 Pilate reminded them that an accusation was p. of

188:3.8 to become a p. of the resurrected personality,

188:4.2 Death is, ordinarily, a p. of life.

189:1.7 1. Jesus’ material or physical body was not a p. of

189:2.9 the Master became a p. of the personal experience of

191:0.1 ten of them spent the larger p. of the day in the

193:0.4 the good news, not just a p. of the saving gospel.

193:2.2 are all related to this gospel in that they are a p. of

193:4.1 It was in the first p. of the Master’s farewell message

193:6.2 This p. of the meeting lasted not quite one hour.

194:3.5 the outpoured spirit for a p. of the new gospel which

194:4.11 he reached the objectionable p. of the discourse,

195:0.16 3. The hope of immortality became a p. of the

195:1.5 to accept this new religion as a p. of Greek culture.

195:1.9 partially embodied in Christianity, became a p. of the

195:10.20 it has become identified as a p. of the social system,

196:3.16 this interpreter is a p. of Universal Unity;

196:3.23 but the God-consciousness is not necessarily a p. of

196:3.35 And all these things are a p. of the Universal Father.

part of, on the

0:0.3 preventing confusion on the p. of every mortal who

3:1.10 recognition of God and loyalty to him on the p. of

13:4.4 by attitudes of loyalty or disloyalty on the p. of

33:2.2 by the reservation on the p. of the Ancients of Days

35:2.2 the first attempt at self-determination on the p. of

35:9.8 higher loyalty and fuller volitional service on the p.

40:4.1 duty, service, or devotion on the p. of the Adjuster.

52:7.6 hour each day on the p. of every adult individual;

54:5.10 the complete determination of attitude on the p. of

86:6.5 which will give cause for further smiling on the p. of

102:0.2 dispelled by one brave stretch of faith on the p. of

121:0.1 A similar attitude on the p. of the other apostles of

139:7.3 the cause for overwhelming gratitude on the p. of

180:1.1 even that sincere devotion on the p. of my children


22:2.8 The Messengers take active p. in all phases of the

26:4.11 for the Paradise ascent will p. with their mortal

117:4.11 human self refuses to take p. in the Paradise ascent,

125:4.2 his mind made up to take p. in the discussions.

163:2.6 While the disciples of Jesus did not p. with all their

163:2.6 the reason for Jesus’ requiring him to p. with all of

176:2.2 If they were to p. with their Master and Teacher,

191:0.11 The Alpheus twins took little p. in these serious


2:1.7 often p. of the nature of the very flesh and blood

7:4.6 personalities of the Third Source and Center all p. of

7:5.10 unrevealed orders of sonship, p. of this wonderful

8:4.1 all the spirit offspring of the Conjoint Actor p. of

13:1.15 beings who p. of the traits of the Father in addition

15:7.3 headquarters worlds of the seven superuniverses p.

20:7.4 These Sons of the Trinity p. of the combined natures

21:1.3 All p. of the fullness of the divine nature of the

26:1.17 They p. of the circulating teachings of the Trinity

26:2.5 the children of each Master Spirit p. of the nature

26:7.4 Not until after the divine rest do they p. of the

31:3.8 the perfected evolutionary creatures p. of the nature

34:4.10 and all p. alike of the nature of the Universe Spirit,

47:4.6 You p. of the morontia order of food, a kingdom

48:1.2 These creations p. of the physical beauty and the

67:3.5 their associated modified mortals to p. of the fruit

76:4.4 descendants of Adam began to p. of dairy products,

77:8.3 midwayers p. of many human traits and are able to

89:9.1 the priest alone would p. of a bit of the sacrifice

89:9.1 and then all would p. of the animal substitute.

99:5.10 actually do something—p. of the communal supper

125:4.1 arriving just as Simon’s family made ready to p. of

139:6.5 not the Father’s will that his children should p. only

145:3.1 Jesus and his apostles had made ready to p. of

165:3.8 Whosoever will, let him come and freely p. of the

166:3.5 in this glorified kingdom to p. of the bread of life

167:3.3 and led forth to p. of the waters of liberty and life,

168:2.7 But let us all go into the house and p. of nourishment

178:0.1 before Jesus led the twelve into Jerusalem to p. of

179:2.2 when you p. of it, realize that I shall not again drink

181:2.1 when they first sat down to p. of the Last Supper,

185:0.3 after sundown, before they would be eligible to p.

190:0.3 and such beings do not p. of ordinary material food;

192:0.5 apostles were all awake and ready to p. of breakfast.


75:4.4 Every time the Garden pair had p. of the fruit of the

76:3.7 had, for the first time, p. of herbs and vegetables.

93:2.2 long career that Machiventa had p. of material food,

157:4.4 After they had p. of their meal and were engaged

158:7.2 And after they had p. of food, Andrew, speaking to

179:0.3 Jesus had many times p. of the paschal lamb as a

179:3.1 after they had p. of this first cup, he arose from

179:5.3 When they had p. of the bread of remembrance,

179:5.6 This supper of remembrance, when it is p. of by

188:3.2 upper chamber where they had p. of the Last Supper


128:1.2 Jesus was truly a p. of flesh and blood, and even

150:5.3 Acceptance by faith on your part makes you a p. of


2:5.3 our own profit, that we may be p. of his holiness.”

21:0.4 they are in fact p. not only of the divine nature but

23:1.8 They are constant p. of the direct circuit emanating

98:4.6 death and resurrection, would thereby become p. of

143:2.4 promises of God that ensures your becoming p. of

178:3.2 have been p. in the experience of being laborers


16:2.4 While each one individually p. of this endowment,

42:1.6 Energy—pure energy—p. of the nature of the divine

47:5.3 The culture of the third mansion world p. of the

56:3.5 Adjuster from the Father, p. of the threefold spirit

111:3.4 The soul p. of the qualities of both the human mind

146:3.6 This spirit of the Father p. of the love of the Father


10:6.4 the Stationary Sons of the Trinity, beings p. of the

16:3.8 P. of the combined natures of the Father and the

26:2.6 Though p. of the nature of the Third Source and

33:4.2 being like themselves and p. freely of their natures

51:1.4 dual in nature and constitution, p. of materialized

98:5.4 It was believed that the p. of the sacrament ensured

103:4.1 P. of a common meal was the earliest type of

163:6.3 just before p. of the evening meal, that Jesus

166:1.6 Jesus went out of the house without p. of food.

185:0.3 ceremonially unclean and debar them from p. of


41:6.6 Your sun has p. with an enormous quantity of its

150:9.3 mob p. and permitted him to pass on unmolested.

163:2.7 If Matadormus had p. with his wealth, it probably

166:5.4 Abner p. company with Paul over differences of


121:2.2 armies of Babylonia, Assyria, Egypt, Syria, P.,

121:2.8 of the Seleucids before the rising power of P.,

125:2.12 how people lived in Mesopotamia, Turkestan, and P.

130:3.4 all the civilized world: Greece, Rome, Palestine, P.,

134:2.1 and Lake Urmia through Assyria, Media, and P. to


121:1.9 The first struggles between the expanding P. states

121:2.3 trading in every province of the Roman and P. states.

121:7.12 The Mediterranean Roman Empire, the P. kingdom,

134:5.1 these were widely separated by the P. kingdom


4:2.4 is thus expressive of both the perfect and the p.,

101:10.5 the divine, the p. with the perfect, man and God.

129:4.7 new and living way from man to God, from the p.

130:4.11 scheme of progressing from the p. and temporal

130:4.14 The fact of the p. in the presence of the complete

partialadjective; see partial to

0:3.20 REALITY, as comprehended by finite beings, is p.,

0:11.12 Actual infinity in time can never be anything but p.

1:6.5 the effort; halfhearted, p. devotion will be unavailing.

2:7.4 Such p. knowledge is potentially evil; it is knowledge

4:5.2 During the past dispensations of p. understanding,

9:7.5 reflectivity in any of its phases is equivalent to p.

13:1.20 betrayal of trust to present even our p. knowledge

13:2.9 a p. understanding of the Secrets of Supremacy on

15:8.2 superuniverses assume direction and p. control of

21:6.1 The Michaels must be p. in relation to total infinity,

24:2.8 The p. emergence of will observed in the reactions of

28:7.4 This sphere is still under p. spiritual quarantine,

42:6.3 revolutionary velocity to the point of p. antigravity

56:9.7 the revelation of God must always be p., relative,

57:5.6 internal convulsions, experienced a p. disruption;

67:1.4 Evil is a p. realization of, or maladjustment to,

70:1.1 Before the p. socialization of the advancing races

78:1.1 biologic status, notwithstanding the p. failure of the

80:9.12 In spite of the p. Adamic default, the higher types

89:8.2 circumcision was an outgrowth of the cult of p.

89:10.2 There are degrees of disloyalty: the p. loyalty of

92:4.9 All other celestial ministrations are no more than p.

99:4.8 Man’s greatest spiritual jeopardy consists in p.

99:4.13 And these three p. approaches to the reality of the

100:5.5 To the extent that such psychic mobilization is p.,

101:3.13 crushing overload of the p. civilizations of modern

101:10.9 fighting the battle of reality’s triumph over the p.

102:1.3 with the statements of p. and transient cosmologies.

103:7.10 science and religion are capable of p. proof by mota

104:4.26 and the master universe are only p. manifestations.

105:1.2 an attempted approach to the p. comprehension of

105:1.7 creation can be no more than a p. revelation of the

106:0.15 Your inability to grasp even a p. eternity viewpoint.

112:3.3 the p. destruction of the mechanism of the brain,

115:1.1 P., incomplete, and evolving intellects would be

118:6.6 time, having achieved p. escape from time sequence,

118:8.8 That mind which can effect a p. abridgment of time

118:10.3 the evolving Supreme Being is the p. portraiture of

118:10.21 1. P.—due to the incompleteness of the actualization

132:1.2 standards must be recognized as transient, p., and

132:2.8 satisfaction in the p. attainment of goodness.

132:2.9 such spirit personalities, goodness is no longer p.,

146:5.1 Titus, who was a p. believer, and whose son was

148:4.6 To be imperfect or p. in natural endowment is not

155:5.5 The revelation of supernatural values, a p. insight

159:4.8 shine, but always of relative purity and p. divinity.

164:5.2 people sought the p. shelter of Solomon’s Porch;

169:4.7 the term Father, being capable of p. definition, may

170:5.14 When Jesus’ followers recognized their p. failure

177:4.3 he derived pleasure from even the p. entertainment

185:2.6 his wife, Claudia, who was a p. convert to Judaism,

185:3.2 in a tone of p. indignation, the governor answered:

189:3.5 free from the limitations of p. and restricted vision.

190:5.1 Cleopas, the elder, was a p. believer in Jesus;

partial to

66:5.10 The blue man was p. to alphabet writing and made

135:3.2 This rugged shepherd was very p. to the writings

135:12.4 and Herod was p. to the fortress of Machaerus.

169:1.15 Jesus was very p. to telling these three stories at


91:4.3 be fair; do not expect God to show p., to love you

101:10.3 the inquiring mortal an avenue of escape from p. of

107:0.5 man’s removal from God and the degree of his p.

111:4.11 Evil is a p. of creativity which tends toward

115:7.1 growth and development as a consequence of p.

119:8.6 the ascent from p. of manifestability to supremacy

128:1.14 Jesus never exhibited any degree of p. in dealing


0:0.2 can be employed to convey such a new concept p.

1:5.3 “the invisible things of God are p. understood by the

2:7.2 Evolving personalities are only p. wise in their

3:1.10 in a certain sense quarantined, or p. isolated from

10:5.7 avoided, and certain paradoxes may be p. resolved.

10:8.1 the Trinity can only be even p. comprehended by

10:8.2 the Supreme p. represents the Trinity in relation to

10:8.8 It may be possible that the finaliters will p. attain the

12:1.2 pervaded space—total creation, p. inhabited or yet

12:1.12 one seventh of the organized and p. inhabited

12:6.5 energies or forces become p. predictable when

15:1.3 local universe is in proximity to numerous p.

19:4.2 age in which the Havona population may p. change.

26:7.5 Third Person, but not all can recognize or even p.

30:0.2 that stimulus to creative speculation which these p.

31:5.2 Certain of these Material Sons have p. failed or

34:5.5 p. conditioned by the decisions and co-operation of

35:9.9 until the results of insurrection are p. overcome

36:2.15 The life evolving on Urantia was p. worked out on

41:6.4 a mutilated stone atom is able p. to defy gravity

41:9.5 It will probably experience a p. efficient period of

42:5.1 sixty-four are wholly or p. recognized on Urantia.

45:7.1 corps of instructors—p. spiritualized will creatures

46:8.2 your system rests under a Norlatiadek quarantine p.

48:4.10 When p. exhausted by the efforts of attainment,

50:5.6 After food problems have been p. solved and some

52:2.11 the false sentiment of your p. perfected civilization

54:5.14 not stopping the Lucifer rebellion which would be p.

59:4.6 North America was p. overspread by seas having

62:5.9 and far from their hairy and p. tree-dwelling people.

63:5.5 became clever in disguising their p. sheltered abodes

64:7.8 way was p. open for these Sangik peoples to migrate

65:2.10 one p. progressive, the bird family, and the fourth,

67:5.1 Among the superior and p. trained sojourners in

70:0.1 No sooner had man p. solved the problem of making

73:5.6 artificial cultivation, fifteen per cent p. cultivated,

76:1.4 They found the first garden p. prepared for them,

77:6.6 They were p. brought under control by Machiventa

83:7.5 the self-centered and but p. controlled sex impulses

86:1.4 It is no wonder that p. civilized people still believe in

96:5.9 had whipped them into a p. self-regulating nation of

97:1.2 And even then he was only p. successful; he won

101:2.7 doing, and what even philosophy fails p. in doing,

105:0.1 of intelligences infinity is only p. comprehensible,

105:2.5 This phase of the I AM is p experiencible on spiritual

106:7.3 Any experiential destiny can be p. comprehended

109:5.2 that you may become p. conscious of the wisdom,

111:3.4 the evolving soul—the Adjuster fully, the mind p..

114:5.3 regime of an Adamic Son is p. compensated by the

118:10.3 all phases of universe activity are being p. reunited

121:0.1 they were p. recorded by the human subject of my

121:6.5 was p. Mithraic in origin, having little in common

126:3.8 away in this only p. accredited Book of Enoch;

130:7.6 only thing man knows that can even p. transcend

139:2.12 Peter’s style is shown in the sermons p. recorded by

149:0.4 While thus employed, he p. supported himself by

152:4.4 Peter only p. convinced Mark, which explains why

152:6.2 but he was only p. successful in this effort.

154:4.6 the teachings of Jesus—and they are p. right.

157:5.2 concept of the Messiah as would enable him p. to

195:1.9 and ideals of Jesus, were p. embodied in Christianity,

195:7.7 The p. evolved mental mechanism of mortal man is


117:3.7 the Supreme is himself a volitional, creative p. in


0:8.11 Sons and their associated Divine Ministers are p.

20:2.8 a Creator Son, becoming p. in the administration of

67:4.5 rebellion is finally adjudicated and the fate of all p.

106:2.5 Since creatures, even mortals, are personality p. in

106:4.4 experiencible by all personalities who have been p. in

106:8.23 volitional p. in the self-revelation of the I AM,

108:3.10 It is possible that we may be p. in the experiential

117:2.5 experiential orders that are p. in the growth process

117:2.5 are p. in the cycle of the growth of the Supreme.

117:5.2 the individual personality p. in the actualization of

191:3.1 p. in the Master’s morontia-transition experience

194:3.12 All p. in these terrible struggles met with defeat.

participatesee participate, cannot or not or never

7:5.9 abdicated the power and glory of Paradise to p. in

8:4.3 likewise did he p. with the original Michael Son in

12:4.12 superuniverses p. in the two-billion-year cycles of

14:6.19 creation afforded the Infinite Spirit opportunity to p.

18:3.7 all three Ancients of Days must p. in the final decrees

19:2.6 the Perfectors of Wisdom enables them to p. in

19:3.2 orders p. in the government of the Ancients of Days,

22:7.3 engage in such adventures of trinitization may p. in

27:0.1 seraphim do p. in the various millennial gatherings

31:3.3 sent back in large numbers to p. in the conduct of

31:10.12 the opportunity to p. in this wonderful experience

35:7.2 but here on these Vorondadek worlds they p. in

35:10.1 but here they p. in the actual co-ordination of the

36:1.1 in whose creation the rulers of a superuniverse p..

36:1.1 p. in the creation of the Life Carriers, who are

40:10.6 automatically shuts them off from the chance to p.

41:5.4 captured by a meteor, to p. in the birth of an atom,

45:5.5 occupy vast estates on Jerusem and p. liberally in the

47:6.3 for evolutionary creatures to p. in social activities

53:6.3 I refused to p. in the projected insult to Michael;

55:4.11 Thus do the Life Carriers actively p. in the further

57:8.6 undertaking of mortal bestowal, would p. in those

70:9.17 pursue self-maintenance, p. in self-perpetuation,

72:2.6 All citizens in good standing p. in the election of

75:4.3 Eve had consented to p. in the practice of good and

101:4.2 Mankind should understand that we who p. in the

103:0.1 the Adjusters increasingly p. in the development

108:0.2 the spirit of the Father descend from Paradise to p.

108:5.9 the Adjuster will always p. in some definite manner

109:2.8 Such Adjusters p. in numerous activities of the realm

114:7.8 Many times numerous celestial personalities p. in

116:3.6 and many other ways do the Paradise Deities p. in

116:6.8 the achievement; all p., personally p., in the destiny.

117:6.21 maturity which qualifies them simultaneously to p. in

118:1.10 not limited in awareness but can know of, and p. in,

124:6.1 to proceed to Jerusalem with his parents to p. with

125:1.5 only three times a year to p. in the temple worship:

127:3.5 secretly in his heart he wanted to hear Jesus p. in

136:5.3 unless the Father might independently choose to p.

140:0.3 They were going apart with the Master to p. in some

141:3.3 Jesus refused to p. in any of these conferences;

141:3.3 not wise for the host to p. in the family troubles of

142:7.2 and that they, the twelve, had been called to p. in the

144:6.2 but he steadfastly refused to p. in their discussions

147:3.1 as the Master and the apostles were about to p. in

148:3.3 might p. in the work of training new evangelistic

150:0.2 Again did Jesus decline to p. in their discussions

152:5.4 all this, in which many of you did more or less p.,

155:5.10 surrender the right to p. in that most thrilling

173:1.10 coming as it did, they were wholly unprepared to p..

184:1.2 Annas was reluctant to p. in the murder of a good

191:0.8 Simon Zelotes was too much crushed to p. in the

participate, cannot or not or never

6:5.7 Though the Eternal Son cannot personally p. in the

17:3.9 While Adjusters do not p. in the operation of the

18:6.5 but he does not p. in the technical consideration of

18:7.2 They act only as counselors; never do they p. in

24:5.3 but they never p. in deliberations concerned with

33:5.2 but would not otherwise p. in the executive affairs

33:7.1 Michael does not personally p. in the judicial work

37:5.7 Not that they p. in the proceedings of justice, but

43:4.2 The high Sons of Paradise never p. in the conduct of

43:5.17 He does not p. in planetary administration except

51:1.1 the Mother Spirit does not p. in the production of

53:6.3 I refused to p. in the projected insult to Michael;

124:6.4 lest they so defile themselves that they could not p.

134:9.4 Jesus did not p. in the merriment of the occasion,

139:6.9 though Nathaniel did not p. in the organization of

141:3.3 Jesus refused to p. in any of these conferences;

143:3.1 —I will not p. in these personal social difficulties—

144:6.2 but he steadfastly refused to p. in their discussions

150:0.2 Again did Jesus decline to p. in their discussions

173:3.4 they did not in any manner p. in these transactions.

179:0.3 knew that he did not personally p. in any sacrificial

189:0.2 you are about to observe, but you may not p. in it.

189:2.1 Said the chief of the archangels: “We may not p.


8:4.3 In this divine universe the Infinite Spirit fully p. in

16:0.10 instructed that both the Father and the Son p. in their

17:6.7 the “personalization ceremonies,” p. in by the

21:0.4 space in which the Michaels have not personally p.

23:0.1 Neither the Father nor the Son directly p. in this

31:10.13 their experiential deficiencies in not having p. in the

53:7.10 resident on Jerusem p. in the Lucifer rebellion.

61:7.7 all of the western mountains p. in this glacial activity.

65:2.2 the early types of marine vegetation that p. in those

66:8.7 the Ancients of Days, of all who p. in the rebellion.

67:4.3 ancestors had p. in these contacts with the Nodites

80:3.5 Both parents p. in these labors, and the services of

84:4.6 those groups where the husband p. in the lying-in,

89:5.9 The blood guilt ceases to be a crime when p. in by

97:9.4 No priest or prophet p. in this affair.

98:2.2 neither Europe nor northern Africa extensively p.

125:4.1 afternoon discussions, in none of which Jesus p.,

125:4.3 he p. in the temple discussions but always in a

134:3.4 On several occasions Jesus p. in these discussions,

139:5.10 Philip p. in the reorganization of the twelve,

149:7.3 Of the 117 evangelists who p. in this preaching tour

157:2.2 The Master p. in planning for the Decapolis

157:3.5 More than half the apostles p. in answering Jesus’

163:0.2 The other apostles p. in this training in accordance

163:7.2 Although the Master p. with the seventy in the tour

177:4.6 and that, as evidence of his sorrow in having p. in

189:1.5 We know that no creature of the local universe p. in

194:1.2 Six of the apostles p. in this meeting: Peter, James,


1:5.15 the Father directly p. in the personality struggle of

2:2.6 the Father actually p. in the experience with

7:5.3 experience in the sense that the Father-Adjuster p.

8:3.2 the First Source no more personally p. in creation.

10:3.19 he more or less p. in all other universe activities.

12:4.12 Your own local creation (Nebadon) p. in this

25:2.10 advocate is detached during adjudication and p. in

36:6.7 Master Spirit p. in the initial episode of life bestowal

52:5.6 The Universe Mother Spirit also p. in this bestowal

119:8.7 In this universe age he reveals the Supreme and p. in


22:7.7 a creative episode, one of the contracting and p.

42:6.3 p. in the terminal disruption of a cooled-off sun.

51:7.5 which their world has lost through p. in rebellion.

54:2.4 divine privilege of p. in the creation of their own

77:2.2 purpose of p. in the plan of procreating offspring

77:3.7 atonement for the folly of their progenitors in p. in

97:9.3 added “Judah” to the list of tribes p. in the battle.

108:3.8 unconsciously p. with numerous other personal and

136:5.5 intelligences from p. in his ensuing public ministry

149:0.1 P. in this effort were Jesus and his twelve apostles,

172:5.9 what could be the Master’s motive for p. in such a

185:6.1 before Pilate, only the enemies of Jesus are p..


17:8.8 5. In their p. in the individualization of the Divine

20:0.5 by p. in the creative technique known as evolution.

31:10.11 handicap: the deprivation of p. in the evolution of

31:10.11 very fact of his active presence precludes their p.

32:4.2 is on God’s part an actual, literal, and personal p. in

40:4.2 have experientialized by p. in the lives and careers of

48:8.2 surviving mortal climb up and by actual p. in every

54:2.1 eternal pattern of co-ordinate p. in creation—sharing.

54:2.3 abridgment of the creature’s personal p.—freewill p.

55:4.1 Teacher Sons, but they do not begin their real p. in

55:7.1 the finaliters inaugurate their active p. in planetary

65:3.6 to our retirement from active p. in evolution.

66:7.19 man’s p. in the follies of the Lucifer rebellion

67:2.2 and appealed to his conferees to abstain from all p.

72:0.2 Satania worlds that became isolated because of p. in

91:5.2 the group; they are all made better because of p..

102:1.5 our belief in him is wholly based on our personal p.

105:6.5 This time lag makes possible creature p. in divine

106:1.2 provides for creature p. in evolutionary growth.

112:5.2 The cycle is foreordained, but man’s p. therein is

116:4.11 the maximum of experiential p. in the cocreation of

117:2.7 Almighty Supreme, hence excluding creature p. in

117:4.11 rejecting the role of personality p. in the adventure

117:4.13 the divine p. in the search for, and the evolution of

117:5.2 augmented by p. in this great Deity adventure;

117:7.11 3. Coinfinite p. in the Trinity of Trinities, but we

128:2.7 the way for his eventual withdrawal from active p. in

138:3.6 to criticize Jesus for his p. in such a lighthearted and

148:3.4 during these weeks of decreased p. in the affairs of

155:5.8 which entails active p. of mind and soul in the faith

173:1.7 who refrained from p. in what so soon followed,

195:3.9 of lack of individual p. in the affairs of government,


42:5.6 the individual electron always gives up a p. of light-

42:5.14 The spacing of the p.-intervals of matter, together

42:8.3 a p. of matter 180 times as heavy as the electron.

42:8.4 infinitesimal part of a second a given nuclear p. is

42:8.4 the mesotron function as an “energy-carrier” p.


15:6.9 The actual energy stored in these invisible p. of

15:6.12 The meteors and other small p. of matter circulating

41:4.2 the p. which whirl around these centers as well as

41:4.2 centers as well as the space within such material p..

41:5.6 The actual p. of material existence traverse space

41:5.6 They go in a straight and unbroken line except as

41:5.6 except as they are acted on by superior forces,

41:5.6 except as they ever observe the linear-gravity pull

41:8.1 In this reaction the ingoing hydrogen p. come

41:8.3 changes give origin to vast quantities of tiny p.

41:8.3 such p. readily escape from the solar interior, thus

41:8.3 It was such an emigration of these “runaway p.

42:3.3 the energy p. which go to make up electrons.

42:5.1 with their associated highly energized minute p. of

42:5.6 definite and uniform measurable p. of light-energy,

42:5.14 aggregations of energy are uniform p. of matter,

42:5.14 consist of a succession of definite energy p. which

42:5.14 That these processions of energy p. appear as wave

42:5.15 wavelike reaction to the passage of moving p. of

42:6.2 free, unattached, and uncharged electronic-energy p.

42:7.3 The positive p. of radium fly off into space at the

42:7.3 the negative p. attain a velocity approximating that

42:8.4 which is able to hold charged and uncharged p.

42:8.4 mesotron causes electric charge of the nuclear p.

42:8.5 by the emission of certain small uncharged p..

57:6.3 gravity explosion will shatter the moon into small p.,

58:2.8 Such magnetic fields are able to hurl charged p. from

65:1.1 as a fabricator of physical energies and material p.

132:3.6 from one generation to another identical p. of

particularsee particular, in

12:7.2 because that is the best way to do that p. thing in a

13:1.3 comprehended by those p. groups of intelligences

13:1.3 intelligences resident on, or admissible to, that p.

16:0.12 but at the present time their p. domain is the central

18:1.2 they function individually in p. fields of responsibility

22:6.3 Ambassadors render p. and important services on

22:10.2 As far as that p. concept is revealable to the

26:5.4 adapted to helping that p. type of ascendant creature,

27:5.2 have by his side the living repository of the p. fact

32:3.3 established for the advancement of those p. worlds

35:2.5 Melchizedek may, for the purposes of that p. mission

35:3.21 This p. school of the Melchizedek University is an

38:5.3 to prepare for service in some p. local system.

40:9.4 There is one p. in which Spirit-fused mortals differ

48:2.15 unit for the associated spheres of any p. group.

48:6.34 The majority of this p. division of seraphic ministers

49:5.28 This classification of human beings will receive p.

51:1.2 evolving mortal beings of the worlds of any one p.

51:7.4 Adam and Eve pay p. attention to the physical,

55:3.20 task which is needful in that p. planetary sector.

63:6.3 During the vogue of a p. animal, crude outlines of

65:3.3 This p. ancestral frog represented our third selection

95:2.10 and that p. psalm was written by an Egyptian.

99:5.11 contributed to their p. national or racial illumination

101:9.5 specific intellectual belief or with any one p. mode of

108:3.2 concerned and relayed to the p. planet involved.

109:1.4 regardless of the survival or nonsurvival of their p.

110:2.5 through your decision, and as far as that p. project

117:4.4 of the universes but never again as that p. person;

118:6.7 finite-limited except in one p.: When man chooses to

119:5.2 Eventod sojourned there, this p. pilgrim of time and

119:7.5 except that this p. baby was the incarnation of

128:0.1 Jesus did choose this p. world as the planet whereon

140:6.8 in expecting all men to live as you do in every p..

142:6.1 to see Jesus privately and after nightfall on this p.

142:6.2 In receiving Nicodemus, he showed no p. deference;

145:1.1 On this p. morning the boat was being used by

145:2.1 At this p. time more people believed in Jesus in

147:5.3 On this p. occasion at Simon’s house, among those

149:2.6 While, at that p. time, the fame of Jesus rested

151:6.1 at this p. spot there was a steep hillside, the shore

162:0.1 these feelings were heightened at this p. time as so

166:1.7 just three things to which the Pharisees paid p.

176:2.2 Master took p. pains to prevent just such a mistake.

177:0.1 On this p. Wednesday they ate breakfast

194:3.9 gospel was to be identified with no p. race, culture,

particular, in

21:5.9 special planetary needs, in p. regarding the worlds

36:2.17 evolutionary antecedents of any one life level in p..

66:1.1 management of the local system of Satania in p..

75:2.4 had in p. warned Eve never to stray from the side

91:0.4 now observes this practice of praying to no one in p.,

91:3.2 prayers that were not addressed to any one in p..

127:4.5 in p. was Jude guilty of violating the spirit of these

132:0.4 and the mystery cults, in p. the Mithraic group.

134:3.4 of discussions, and debates on his lectures in p.

143:7.1 Jesus taught many great truths, and in p. he laid

193:4.7 resorted to the practice of blaming someone in p.,


13:1.10 and universal phenomenon of reflectivity, more p.

19:2.6 through a local universe and the superuniverse, p.

22:0.5 two groups, more p. the Trinity-embraced sons of

22:10.9 who are called the Trinitized Sons of God, more p.

23:3.1 the spiritual and material beings of the realms, p.

28:5.18 information about what the others, p. the best, are

28:6.20 labor for the welfare of one’s earthly fellows, p.

29:5.1 function throughout the master universe, more p. in

30:2.157 up to the capitals of the superuniverses, p. the latter.

33:6.3 it is more p. concerned with the physical status of

40:0.10 ascending orders of sonship, more p. with regard to

43:6.1 The system capitals are p. beautified with material

45:6.3 without having benefited p. from the disciplines

49:5.19 it refers primarily to gland chemistry, more p. to the

49:5.29 administration of the universe pertains more p. to the

52:2.5 the orange and green men are p. subject to such

55:9.1 but is p. characterized by readjustments on the

59:1.2 various continents, p. of North and South America.

59:2.1 first in one direction and then another, more p. in

60:4.1 P. is this true of North America, where there had

61:7.1 These drifts, p. the ground moraines, extend from

65:5.2 the higher mammals, p. in the more vulnerable

67:6.6 the Sangik races, p. the blue men, and Nodites.

68:2.4 together were vanity and fear, more p. ghost fear.

70:10.14 that many crimes, p. those of a grave sex nature,

78:3.3 become admixed with the other races, p. the Nodites

79:5.1 the primary Sangiks, p. the red man and yellow man.

83:5.11 more p. after the blending of the evolutionary tribes

88:1.8 looked upon as potential fetishes, p. hair and nails.

93:9.4 p. with their practice of sacrificing first-born sons.

95:2.3 more p. did each of the twoscore separate tribes

99:4.8 Modern science, p. psychology, has weakened only

103:6.14 When philosophy inclines p. toward the spiritual

108:1.3 The volunteering Adjuster is p. interested in three

108:6.2 The indwelling Adjusters are p. tormented by

110:3.6 with your Adjuster as a p. conscious process,

114:2.5 are especially and p. concerned with the welfare

114:6.8 It is p. through the ministry of this seraphic division

116:4.2 there seems to be a p. close relationship between

123:4.8 anxiety Jesus caused his parents, p. his mother.

123:6.6 science, p. regarding geography and astronomy.

124:4.3 arose out of friction with Joseph and Jude, p. the

125:2.12 Jesus was p. interested in those who hailed from

126:3.8 There was one passage which p. impressed him,

127:3.3 p. at Bethel and when drinking from Jacob’s well.

127:4.6 all of the children, p. the girls, would consult Jesus

133:5.12 Athens was pleasant and profitable, but not p.

139:3.2 James was p. vehement when his indignation was

144:3.13 Jesus was p. averse to praying in public.

144:3.23 in prayer, it was for his disciples, p. for the twelve.

149:1.1 the fame of Jesus, p. as a healer, had spread to all

151:5.5 but the apostles, p. Peter, never ceased to regard

160:2.4 social groups is the family, more p. the two parents.

167:5.4 special dispensation granted the Jewish people, p.

172:5.2 by their emotions during the excitement, p. Peter,

187:5.2 passages in the Hebrew scriptures, p. the Psalms.

191:0.9 Philip was p. desirous of knowing, provided Jesus

195:3.5 to death when they were not wanted, p. girl babies.


14:1.14 dark masses are unlike other space bodies in many p.

122:5.3 In some p. Jesus was a blending of his parents’


70:7.17 These societies gave rise to the first political p..

79:5.5 red men were generally successful, their raiding p.

83:4.4 to ascertain the birth stars of the contracting p..

83:6.6 fail just because one or both of the contracting p. are

83:8.4 the circumstances or wishes of the contracting p..

90:3.6 Their medicine men indicate the guilty p..

99:2.3 and in politics as individuals, not as groups, p.,

135:9.6 Some of John’s disciples organized scouting p. to go

137:7.5 religious groups and the political p. of Palestine.

137:7.7 Pharisees and Sadducees were really religious p.,

137:7.12 All of these p. and sects, including the Nazarite

141:3.3 managed to induce the contending p. to come to


74:5.2 Melchizedeks gave Adam and Eve their p. advice

75:6.3 beheld the sorrowful p. of this Material Son and

138:3.6 criticism to Jesus before he spoke the p. blessing

150:4.2 in p., he said: “On this mission go not to any city of

153:2.5 Today, many of you stand at the p. of the ways.

153:4.4 “Many of you have come to the p. of the ways;

154:5.4 Jesus began his p. address to almost one hundred

154:6.4 Jesus was in the midst of delivering his p. address to

154:6.4 how important was the giving of this p. message to

154:6.6 Jesus spoke the concluding words of his p. message.

173:5.3 so go now into the p. of the ways and into the

174:0.1 said good-bye to Simon, and gave his p. advice to

181:2.1 of personal advice, together with his p. blessing.

182:3.9 The experience of p. with the apostles was a great


9:6.8 believe that this unpredictability is p. attributable to

29:3.11 basic universe current; those forms which are p. or

34:5.5 The Holy Spirit is p. independent of human attitude

35:1.3 Melchizedeks are in constitution p. of self-origin

58:7.10 deposits and extrusions lying p. in the older rocks

58:7.10 and p. in these later stratified rocks of the transition

80:3.6 log huts, p. below ground and roofed with hides.

81:6.4 and was p. occupied by an Andonic-yellow race.

96:5.5 Moses made a brave and p. successful stand against

98:1.2 This new religion was p. based on the cults of the

146:7.3 At home they will have by this time p. recovered

170:5.17 Paul and his successors p. transferred the issues of

171:4.5 And this was p. true.

partner or human partner

12:8.7 domain of the Conjoint Actor, who becomes the p.

38:4.4 Each seraphic p. is thereby present at least every

54:2.2 to do the Father’s will is destined to become the p.

68:2.7 woman was an essential p. in self-maintenance.

69:8.1 Pastoral man enslaved woman as his inferior sex p..

82:4.4 the mores also decreed the chastisement of her p.,

84:4.3 was not to man a friend, sweetheart, lover, and p.

84:4.3 a servant or slave and, later on, an economic p.,

84:5.11 Woman is man’s equal p. in race reproduction, hence

105:6.5 material mind of the mortal creature becomes p.

107:0.3 the Adjuster to become man’s experiential p. in the

107:6.3 the Adjuster may possibly contact with the onetime h

108:5.9 that such Adjuster activity be unconscious to the hp.

108:6.6 in liaison with your faithful p.—God, the Adjuster.

109:6.2 if the hp. declines to pursue the ascending career,

110:2.2 you will have been a willing p. with the Adjuster in

110:5.7 to the hp. from the standpoints of health, efficiency

110:6.2 The Adjuster is your equal p. in the attainment of the

110:6.22 then, when the hp. attains the first psychic circle,

110:7.10 possible to transmit a message to the mortal p..

110:7.10 the Adjuster pleaded “that he more faithfully give me

112:4.11 believing that the hp. may have rejected survival.

112:5.22 If the Adjuster has been a p. in the evolution of

117:3.7 volitional, cocreative p. in its own immortalization.

118:5.2 When man realizes that the Father is his p. in

129:1.4 and enjoyed this period of working with a father-p..

130:2.4 the exhilaration of becoming the material life p.

133:2.2 protection which man can give to woman as the p.

133:2.2 relates thereto on equal terms with the mother p.

139:1.1 His father, now dead, had been a p. of Zebedee in

174:1.3 maturity, the riper experience of the older p..


8:3.3 The Eternal Son and Conjoint Creator have, as p.

10:2.2 the eternal p. conjointly bestow those qualities and

15:0.1 the Infinite Spirit are concerned—as creator p.

62:2.3 separated them, they would choose new p..

82:5.6 the custom to choose p. from outside the tribe.

83:2.5 to displace cold calculation in the choosing of life p..

104:3.16 Its members are p. rather than corporative.

105:6.5 creature personalities to become p. with Deity

107:2.4 whose human p. for some reason declined survival,

107:2.7 the eternity p. of the time ascenders of the Paradise

108:6.7 messages straight to the intellects of their human p.!

109:1.4 Adjusters are equal p. of the human mind in fostering

110:1.6 or recognize as separate identities the fusion p.

118:5.2 that creatures, even men, are to become God’s p.

133:2.2 Do you not know that men and women are p. with

139:1.1 Both were fishermen and p. of James and John the

139:2.1 Both Peter and Andrew were fisher p. of the sons of


8:0.2 into an infinite and everlasting covenant of divine p..

8:1.3 the reality performances of the Father-Son creator p.

8:3.1 Father-Son personality p. of thought-word union.

8:3.6 All knowledge of the Father-Son p. must be had

9:1.1 Conjoint Actor is the joint representative and p.

9:1.2 except by assuming that the Father-Son p. which

9:1.6 Actor seems to be motivated by the Father-Son p.,

14:6.12 superb central creation affords eternal proof of the p.

26:5.2 the spiritual comprehension of the Father-Son p.;

29:1.2 their working p. results in a unique association of

32:4.1 he is a silent or inactive member of the Deity p..

34:6.3 then, in the p. of faith, lovingly to embrace the soul

35:1.1 personality offspring resulting from this creative p.

39:3.6 operating on the mating, complemental, or p. basis

43:8.11 personal potentials of achievement by p. technique;

54:2.2 neither would he indwell them, actually go into p.

75:5.7 by their long and difficult life p. of toiling service.

77:9.12 God down to man and then, by a sublime sort of p.,

83:7.6 and home building—a lifelong p. of self-effacement,

83:8.8 family is becoming a loyal p. for rearing offspring,

83:8.8 it is the evolving social p. of a man and a woman,

84:0.3 in self-maintenance and p. in self-perpetuation,

84:5.1 is man’s equal, but in the p. of self-maintenance she


84:7.8 But the home as an institution, a p. between one

101:3.3 when a transient p. of the material and the spiritual

102:2.2 but rather the outworking of that sublime p. of man

102:3.7 man and discloses his capacity for p. with God.

106:1.2 makes it possible for the creature to enter into p.

106:8.12 The Father-Son p. has become Son-Spirit and then

107:1.6 possibilities inherent in this supernal p. of man and

107:4.7 destiny of an unprecedented and unimaginable p..

107:6.3 p. between the God-knowing spiritualizing mortal

110:6.14 before natural death dissolves the unique p..

110:7.5 to endow the personality p. with the meanings and

111:5.6 —the birth of another eternal p. of the will of man

112:7.11 This extraordinary p. is one of the most engrossing

112:7.14 the possibilities that are inherent in the p. with God

116:0.3 Experiential growth implies creature-Creator p.

118:5.2 when man and God enter into p., no limitation can

118:5.2 be placed upon the future possibilities of such a p..

126:3.1 which Joseph and his neighbor Jacob owned in p..

130:2.7 The will of God is the way of God, p. with the

132:7.9 When man goes in p. with God, great things may,

136:8.3 Adjuster as sufficient proof of divinity in p. with

139:4.1 worked with his brother James in p. with Andrew

153:4.2 nothing to do with this man; he is in p. with Satan.”

161:2.9 claimed divinity; he professes to be in p. with God

186:2.9 the kind of human character man can perfect in p.


23:4.3 For ages these p. of unique personalities have

83:6.5 attain membership in the ranks of those ideal sex p.

84:1.8 evolution of mating came when these temporary p.

84:1.9 for survival were improved by these male-female p..

112:7.18 such p. of Creator and creature, will become superb


66:4.7 They p. of food as did the mortals of the realm with

73:6.6 And Adam and Eve periodically p. of its fruit for the

73:6.7 become as “gods if they p. of the fruit of the tree.”

76:3.7 Adam and Eve never p. of flesh as a part of their diet

98:6.4 Both religions p. of the sacrament of bread and

119:4.5 As these successive bestowals p. increasingly of the

122:7.6 They p. of their noontide meal at the foot of Mount

127:6.1 From this time on human affection for Jesus p. more

127:6.7 these four sat down and p. of the first Passover

133:3.6 he abhorred everything which p. of uncleanness

140:6.1 Jesus and the twelve p. of a simple meal.

147:2.3 the first time they p. of the bloodless Passover feast.

158:1.7 As they p. of their meager evening meal, Peter asked

186:3.5 that night p. of the Passover and the following day

187:3.4 As they p. of their wine, they derisively offered a

194:4.8 and p. of the sacrament at the end of the meal.

partssee parts, all; partswith whole

15:7.12 the projected local universes and their component p.

21:2.11 care and spiritual ministry to the uttermost p. of

21:3.13 supremely when there is no dissent in any of its p..

22:10.4 group of new universes in the south p. of Orvonton

24:1.1 of the component p. of the grand universe.

24:3.2 they flash to and fro to the uttermost p. of creation.

28:2.1 headquarters in the northerly p. of Uversa, where

42:4.11 is equal to the energy expended in bringing its p.

42:4.11 the attraction exerted by the p. of matter on one

44:1.1 melodies can be broadcast to the uttermost p. of a

55:1.2 A morontia temple has three p.: Centermost is the

55:10.11 destined to play ever-increasingly responsible p. in

59:1.6 Over p. of eastern and western America and Europe

59:1.15 Only certain p. of North America remained above

59:1.17 the British Isles were emerging, except p. of Wales

59:2.7 well up excepting the southern p. of North America.

59:4.15 240,000,000 years ago the land over p. of Europe

59:5.15 In some p. of North America and Europe the coal-

60:1.2 animals was continuous only in certain p. of Africa.

60:1.3 Volcanic action was extensive in different p. of the

60:1.6 the eastern and central p. of North America,

60:3.16 North and South Africa, Australia, and p. of Europe.

61:4.2 still under water, including p. of England, Belgium,

80:2.2 migrated to Spain and then to adjacent p. of Europe,

80:6.4 stone structures had been erected in different p. of

81:2.11 progressed faster in that locality than in other p. of

86:5.17 The Eskimos believe that man has three p.: body,

88:1.8 P. of the human body were looked upon as fetishes,

89:5.11 only certain p. or organs of the body were eaten,

89:5.11 those p. supposed to contain the soul or portions of

89:5.11 it was customary to mix the “edible” p. of the body

90:2.11 This practice still obtains in some p. of Tibet, where

90:4.5 Cupping and sucking the affected p., together with

94:0.1 training centers in different p. of the world where

95:2.1 the Nile valley it spread to many p. of the world.

102:3.10 classify the segmented p. of the limitless cosmos.

106:8.23 as absolute volitional p. of the totality of infinity,

107:1.2 divinity, unqualified and unattenuated p. of Deity;

110:1.1 Adjusters are not organic p. of the physical creatures

111:2.1 the totality of mind is dominant over the p. of

112:1.18 the summation of its p. constitutes selfhood—

112:1.19 In aggregations p. are added; in systems p. are

112:1.19 p. are added; in systems p. are arranged.

112:2.7 P. of the self may function in numerous ways—

112:5.14 personality, while transcending its constituent p.,

112:5.16 The reassembly of the constituent p. of a onetime

112:5.20 virtue of the unceasing changing of constituent p.;

116:4.1 is dependent on the unification of the finite p.;

118:7.2 may, or may not, elect to become contributory p. of

118:10.11 apparent as the successive p of the universe progress

121:2.4 new gospel spread to the uttermost p. of the world.

122:10.1 bringing him a copy of p. of the Simeon song

124:6.11 Jews had assembled here from the uttermost p. of

133:5.6 for a force far greater than the simple sum of its p..

133:9.2 Gonod and Ganid extended their stay in these p.

134:7.2 Jesus was known by various names in different p. of

136:9.7 the uttermost p. of the earth for your possession.

141:1.1 spread well over all Galilee and even to p. beyond.

142:1.7 from this Passover to the uttermost p. of the Roman

148:6.3 would hardly assign to either Satan or God the p.

149:0.4 David carried on between the workers in various p.

151:6.2 This demented man was well known about these p.,

154:5.3 you shall know of the kingdom in other p.,

159:5.1 p. of the Scripture were more truth-containing

167:7.4 concerning the doings of other and remote p. of

171:4.4 to Jesus and said: “Flee in haste from these p.,

181:2.26 I will go before you even to the uttermost p. of the

193:5.2 Jerusalem and then to the uttermost p. of the world

194:4.13 on to Rome and to the uttermost p. of the empire.

196:2.1 aside from certain p. of Matthew, Mark, and Luke,

parts, all

3:1.2 The Universal Father is all the time present in all p.

3:1.7 the gravity circuits of the Isle of Paradise in all p.

56:10.16 an understanding grasp of the relation of all p. to

59:4.13 face of the rapidly rising land in all p. of the world.

119:7.4 all eyes in all p. of this local universe were focused

124:3.3 shop, by conversing with the travelers from all p. of

127:3.7 able to meet so many people each day from all p. of

131:8.4 He is a wise man who regards all p. from the point

135:6.5 came to hear him from all p. of Judea, Perea, and

149:1.1 Jesus, particularly as a healer, had spread to all p. of

149:5.2 the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward p.?

150:6.3 from all p. of central and southern Galilee these

156:4.1 two and two they taught and preached in all p. of

162:1.4 believers from all p. of the Roman Empire saw Jesus,

162:4.4 At daybreak the pilgrims assembled from all p. of

163:0.1 and fifty other true and tried disciples from all p.

163:5.2 Daily, pilgrims arrived from all p. of Palestine and

163:7.2 all p., not only from Palestine but from the Roman

164:2.1 proclaim the gospel to the pilgrims from all p. of

188:3.1 Jerusalem, hailing from all p. of the Roman Empire

194:1.1 Pentecost, and thousands of visitors from all p. of

partswith whole

56:10.16 All insight into the relations of the p. to any given

56:10.16 an understanding grasp of the relation of all p. to

56:10.16 the relation of created p. to the Creative Whole.

106:8.23 who will remain eternally as absolute volitional p. of

110:6.3 The growth of the p. does not equal the maturation

110:6.3 the p. really grow in proportion to the expansion of

116:6.6 And as it is with the p., so it is with the whole;

116:6.6 thus a totalizing of the collective growth of the p.,

116:6.6 the evolution of the p. is a segmented reflection of

117:0.4 The p. and individuals of the grand universe evolve

117:4.5 Any isolated action of the personal p. of the finite is

117:4.5 is dependent on the total acts of the manifold p..

131:8.4 He is a wise man who regards all p. from the point

133:5.6 for a force far greater than the simple sum of its p..


57:8.7 arrival on Urantia of the first Satania scouting p.

66:8.1 to take sides with almost every p. of protest,

70:3.9 would serve as a suitable introduction for a third p.

70:7.13 attend the “bride show,” the coming-out p. of those

70:7.17 The first p. government was “the strong” vs. “weak.”

70:11.11 3. By arbitration—a third p. decided.

70:11.13 On entering a court combat, each p. made a deposit

77:5.5 In a little over three years Adamson’s p. actually

83:8.4 that Deity is not a conjoining p. to such unions.

84:7.2 children conspired to make her the interested p. in

97:9.24 The Baal political p. returned to power in Jerusalem,

99:2.3 apart from religious activities, becomes a political p.,

123:1.1 On the fourth day of the journey the p. reached its

125:3.1 It had been arranged that the Nazareth p. should

125:3.1 But as the Nazareth p. moved on toward Bethany,

125:3.2 After making inquiry of the last of the p. to reach

127:2.1 was coming into existence a strong nationalist p.,

127:2.2 he asked many questions but refused to join the p..

133:1.2 a sufficient length of time to enable the weaker p.

134:2.4 conduct of the travelers making up the caravan p..

137:7.10 Herodians were a purely political p. that advocated

138:4.4 After a night of rest the entire p., now numbering

138:5.1 and Thomas led the p. to his near-by home.

138:10.6 if donations sufficient to maintain the p. were not

139:11.7 Simon had identified himself with the p. of protest,

139:11.7 but Simon now joined the p. of progress, unlimited

143:1.1 first half of the month of August the apostolic p.

146:5.1 The apostolic p. was greatly cheered when Jesus

147:2.1 Jesus and the apostolic p. started on their journey

147:2.2 The p. had an uneventful trip to Jerusalem, but

147:2.2 The apostolic p. spent almost three weeks at

147:6.2 These six Jews caught up with the apostolic p.,

148:0.1 Jesus and the apostolic p. were in residence at the

149:7.1 supper time on that rainy day all of the apostolic p.

149:7.2 after which the entire p. was granted a two weeks’

150:2.1 As the apostolic p. journeyed from Bethsaida,

150:2.2 When the p. entered Magdala, these ten women

150:3.1 The Sabbath services of the apostolic p. had been

154:6.11 flight augmented by the arrival of a p. of David’s

154:7.4 while Jesus and his p. were journeying northward

158:4.3 James did not catch up with the apostolic p. until

162:3.5 that he was a p. to the despicable transaction.

171:8.1 the p. paused for lunch while the multitude passed

paschal lamb

125:2.1 Simon having purchased the p. for the company.

127:3.4 family, having brought the p. from the temple.

127:6.6 “But,” said Lazarus, “we have no p. lamb.”

127:6.7 ever to be celebrated by devout Jews without the p.

179:0.3 Jesus had many times partaken of the p. as a guest,


79:7.1 were traversing the p. of Ti Tao and spreading out

80:9.4 broadheads of the Danube via the Brenner P..

passverb; see pass away; pass through

    pass, came to or come to;

4:4.2 even begin to understand how God can p. from

7:2.1 As we p. outward from Paradise through Havona

7:3.3 by the universal circuit of spirit gravity and will p.

7:3.4 others p. on to the less automatic but habit-trained

14:5.4 ascending pilgrims p. inward to Paradise residence

15:4.7 is occasioned by the fact that their suns p. out of

15:8.8 As we p. beyond the borders of the personal

16:2.3 the combined lines of spirit force and intelligence p.

16:7.4 can also examine the goal itself and p. judgment

20:6.2 These Sons of supreme service all p. from infancy

22:2.2 these ascending mortals p. on through Havona with

22:7.6 an age seems to p. before these faithful onetime

23:2.22 to be so remote in space that a long time will p.

25:2.12 referee trios do not p. upon matters of eternal import

25:3.8 a conciliating commission can always be had to p.

26:5.5 associate deems you to be competent to p. inward

26:5.5 you will be required to p. the tests of the circle

26:8.3 no one but the Gods presumes to p. upon this

29:3.4 Never do they p. from one function to another;

30:4.12 Aside from this time delay these survivors p. on

33:7.4 are denied the right to p. upon those cases involving

33:8.5 they must p. down to the legislative assemblies of

35:4.5 he did foster the truth of his day and safely p. it on

37:9.11 You are born, live, die, and p. on to other worlds

38:8.5 forsake their former subordinates when they p. out

39:3.8 They may p. near one another during space flight

39:4.15 Seldom does a day p. in which a transport

42:5.6 When electrons p. from higher to lower energy levels

43:7.1 as they p. successively from world number one to

43:8.2 While you are re-keyed each time you p. from one

45:7.7 who p. upon their status of experiential attainment

46:0.1 administered most efficiently, and as the ages p.,

47:1.4 On the first mansion world all survivors must p. the

47:4.4 Your personality remains intact after you once p.

47:9.5 You really p. from the mortal state to the immortal

48:2.17 When mansion world ascenders p. from one sphere

48:5.2 summoned to universe headquarters, where they p.

49:6.9 But as the ages p., personal guardians of destiny are

49:6.16 they p. by the entire morontia regime of the local

51:4.8 p. upon the fitness of the reproducing strains.

51:4.8 judges to p. upon the biologic fitness or unfitness

52:5.5 suspended the procedure whereby mortals can p.,

55:4.3 attainment on the inhabited worlds as they p. from

55:6.4 in former evolutionary eras, and as the epochs p.,

55:9.3 As the ages p., the Constellation Fathers take over

69:6.4 nor would they ever p. between anyone and a fire.

70:7.7 a tribal disgrace, to fail to p. the puberty tests and

72:2.17 The federal supreme court does not p. upon cases

78:3.10 for the earlier waves of Adamites to p. over Eurasia

81:1.5 of climatic necessity would cause whole tribes to p.

87:2.10 was to “kill it,” thus releasing its ghost to p. on for

103:8.3 may be in love with his wife but utterly unable to p. a

103:8.3 having little or no love for his spouse, might p.

108:6.6 discern when they decree your survival and p. you

111:5.6 though an age must p. before the creature son may

112:3.3 if these conditions p. a certain critical point of

113:3.4 in your terminal transition slumber, when you p.

117:4.13 can you allow yourself to p. into the realm of the

117:6.3 the great avenue through which finite creatures p.

127:6.13 so, as the years p., this young man of Nazareth

131:2.10 to the Lord—trust him—and he will bring it to p..

133:1.2 to sit in judgment on the aggressor, thus to p. upon

135:5.2 consistently taught that creation was about to p.

140:1.4 Faith alone will p. you through its portals, but you

142:2.4 And should not mankind, as the centuries p.,

148:1.1 committee designated by Jesus to p. upon applicants

150:4.1 two and two that they may p. quickly over all

150:9.3 parted and permitted him to p. on unmolested.

151:1.2 “A sower went forth to sow, and it came to p. as

151:2.5 The Master permitted this confusion to p. the point

155:6.3 And so may you p. from death to life, from the

155:6.3 the experience of knowing God; thus will you p.

156:2.1 “This world is only a bridge; you may p. over it, but

156:2.3 writers of the Gospels were wont lightly to p. over

156:5.15 As the days p., every true believer becomes more

156:5.18 as the days p. you will become more alert and

159:3.7 fringe of conflict that must be traversed by all who p.

161:2.7 Hardly does a day p. but something transpires to

166:2.3 sought to induce the Master to p. on into the city

171:7.10 as “they p. by”—to do unselfish good as they go

176:2.7 reach the end of your natural life and thereby p. on

179:5.3 broke it in pieces, directing them to p. it around,

182:3.4 And now, O Father, if this cup may not p., then

185:2.2 why do you not take this man and p. judgment on

pass away

112:5.22 material brain; much of material experience will p.

131:1.3 “Even if the earth should p., the resplendent face of

132:1.4 false, then must it either purify its activities or p.

135:3.2 is an everlasting dominion, which shall not p.,

143:2.3 are to become new creatures; old things are to p.;

156:2.5 “even though heaven and earth shall p., my words of

176:1.6 “Master, we know that all things will p. when the

176:2.6 even this generation will not p. until my words are

pass through

6:6.4 as you p. the superuniverse and on to Havona,

7:5.6 Neither did the Eternal Son p the rest that intervenes

14:5.1 On Urantia you p. a short and intense test during

14:5.1 On the training worlds of the superuniverse you p.

17:1.6 Inspired Trinity Spirits and Thought Adjusters) p.

18:4.9 you will have to p. every one of the ten major

18:5.5 since you must p. their hands on your way inward

18:5.5 In ascending to Uversa, you will p. only one group

20:6.6 A bestowal Son must encounter death, must p. the

20:6.7 voluntarily relinquish their lives and p. the portals of

21:4.2 Without exception, all Creator Sons p. this seven

21:4.6 the very Gods must p. an equivalent experience

22:1.10 The new sons of this order p. specific courses of

25:1.5 p. the courses of training which the senior guides

26:3.2 pilgrims from the seven superuniverses p. Havona in

27:0.11 supernaphim, then they p. a training experience

30:4.11 in the custody of personal guardians of destiny, p.

31:4.1 Angels who p. the ascending experience of mortal

31:5.2 peoples of the realm, receive Adjusters, p. death,

31:10.20 p. the morontia worlds, ascend the spirit universes,

35:3.1 mortals from all the constellations of Nebadon p.

35:8.2 these beings were required to p. certain courses of

36:4.3 the technique of dematerialization which they p.

39:8.8 certain other seraphim p. the circuits of the central

39:8.8 seraphim traverse Seraphington, the majority p. this

40:8.4 you will greatly enjoy their association as you p.

40:10.12 are trinitized, they p. the Paradise experience with

41:3.8 While all adolescent suns do not p. a pulsating stage,

41:10.4 Planets having a dual origin like Urantia p. a less

42:2.10 Primordial force is destined to p. two distinct phases

44:0.15 The higher forms of spirits freely p. ordinary matter.

45:6.5 the evolutionary seraphim must p. this parenthood

47:1.6 Fathers must p. this essential experience just as

47:10.5 Seven times do those mortals who p. the entire

48:1.6 successively p. the 570 progressive transformations,

48:3.2 they do not p. the central Melchizedek schools.

50:5.3 an average world will successively p. the following

55:2.9 the settled spheres do not p. the mansion worlds.

55:2.9 do not p. any of the earlier phases of morontia life.

55:2.11 all of everything which they failed to p. because of

57:3.6 These escaping suns p. varied periods of evolution

97:7.7 “When you p. the waters, I will be with you since

107:6.7 And those whose subjects do not p. the portals of

109:1.4 Adjusters p. a definite developmental career in the

112:7.4 mortals p. a relatively short and intensive testing on

127:0.2 No youth of Urantia will ever be called upon to p.

127:6.13 world ripe in the experience which his creatures p.

128:6.6 Jude did not p. this formal ceremony for several

146:4.3 Jesus returning from the mines, he chanced to p.

148:5.5 ‘When you p. the waters of affliction, I will be with

158:7.1 Jesus and the apostles would fear to p. the territory

165:0.1 Jesus went directly to Jerusalem to p. his final

176:2.7 lay down his life struggle and p. the portal of death

178:3.1 since Jesus did not wish to p. the city until after

178:3.4 You must first p. much tribulation and endure

180:6.3 shall eventually guide you into all truth as you p.

181:2.15 a service by the experience you are about to p..

181:2.27 What experience must you p. before you will learn

181:2.27 receive great help from the experience you will p.

181:2.30 each of you for that which you must so soon p..

184:2.4 John who had requested that the girl let Peter p. the

187:5.2 which he so well knew by heart, would p. his mind

189:0.2 Your Creator-father has elected to p. the whole of

190:0.1 Satania mortals who p. the progressive morontia life

191:3.1 of Satania as they p. the system morontia spheres.

pass, came to or come to

52:7.12 and it shall c. that from one new moon to another

77:5.5 the predictions of Van and Amadon had really c.,

118:6.5 son desires and the Father wills will certainly c..

146:2.3 And so it c. that they cried for mercy, but there

153:2.1 in Deuteronomy: “But it shall c., if this people

153:2.1 And it shall c. that you will be driven to eat the

153:2.2 And it c. that, when Jeremiah had made an end of

157:2.1 when the same shall c., all men will know that

169:3.2 And it c. that the beggar died and was carried

176:0.2 we know when these events are about to c.?”

176:2.5 when the fullness of the age has c., the Father will

178:2.9 all of this c. as the result of an understanding

178:3.2 while I talk with you about what must shortly c..

179:4.5 by saying: “I sorrow that this evil should have c.

180:4.2 And when this has c., you shall surely know that

180:6.7 who will understand these things after they have c.

181:1.5 And when you see all this c., be not dismayed,

182:2.6 And when you have seen all this c., glorify God and

193:0.2 become so disconcerted by all this when it c.?


79:5.6 to the east, over the Bering isthmus, became p.,


11:1.3 Likewise, if you had the time and means of p.,

13:2.6 Subsequent to your p. through the Paradise regime

27:1.2 when enseraphimed, when in p. from one sphere

39:1.11 task of the universe orientators to facilitate the p. of

42:5.15 produces a wavelike reaction to the p. of rapidly

42:5.15 just as the p. of a ship through water initiates waves

43:1.2 and semimaterial means to negotiate atmospheric p..

43:9.2 midway in their p. from evolutionary animal to

46:1.3 The natural resistance to the p. of these energies

48:8.1 Your p. through this wonderful borderland life will

49:2.16 type which can readily negotiate atmospheric p..

79:5.6 the land p. to the east, over the Bering isthmus,

85:1.2 believed that such blazing streaks marked the p. of

88:2.8 these sacred books to let the eye chance upon a p.,

95:2.4 the body facilitated one’s p. through the future life

95:2.7 The sloping entrance p. of the great pyramid pointed

112:4.12 Sovereign will decree the p. of the surviving soul to

122:4.4 Even the p., “a maiden shall bear a son,” was

126:3.6 Jesus found a p. in the so-called Book of Enoch

126:3.8 There was one p. which particularly impressed

126:3.8 a p. in which this term “Son of Man” appeared.

130:3.2 three enjoyed a most pleasant p. to Alexandria.

172:5.5 hearing Jesus onetime quote the p. of Scripture,


64:3.2 stone huts, hillside grottoes, and semiunderground p.

121:8.3 changed, numerous p. having been taken out

122:4.4 many figurative p. found throughout the Hebrew

126:3.8 As Jesus would read these p. (well understanding

127:3.8 but usually he so selected the p. that comment was

127:3.8 arranging the order of the reading of the various p.

135:3.3 and by these p. which he read in the Scriptures.

136:1.3 The rabbis had gathered almost five hundred p. from

137:8.4 he read from the Scriptures these p.: “You shall be

150:8.4 This ritual consisted in repeating numerous p. from

159:5.1 to suggest to us how we may choose the better p.

187:5.2 human mind of Jesus resorted to repetition of p. in

187:5.2 he was too weak to utter the words as these p.,

187:5.2 And this happened to be one of the three p. which

passedsee passed away; passed by; passed out;

    passed through; passedwith time units

14:3.2 with creatures who have long since p. the scrutiny of

15:1.4 from which your superuniverse has nearly p..

15:11.3 the deliberative body ever p. a recommendation

15:13.6 to be p. on to the courts of the Ancients of Days.

17:3.6 The formal records of the universes are p. up by

20:6.6 cruel experience through which Jesus p. has

25:3.15 do not enumerate those conciliators who have p.

26:10.3 circle and are certified as having p. the Havona test;

31:10.12 will have p. from the stage of cosmic action.

36:2.12 must be p. upon, and endorsed by, the Creator Son

39:8.10 Other guardians, having p. their Havona separation

43:2.4 formulate provisional verdicts, which are p. on to the

61:6.4 But during the interglacial epochs they p. westward

64:1.6 the west they p. over Europe to France and England.

68:5.3 line of hunger march would be ten miles long as it p.

69:8.6 It was the bridge over which society p. from chaos

71:7.4 Education recently p. from the control of the clergy

72:5.2 Those slaves who satisfactorily p. mental, moral,

72:5.3 all disputes arising out of industry are p. upon by the

74:2.8 The dispensation of the Prince has p., age of Adam,

78:8.10 the Mesopotamian Andites p. from pages of history.

79:8.15 they p. from a primitive agricultural society to a

82:0.3 they effectively p. on to the next generation.

82:0.3 heritage, and it should be wisely and effectively p. on

84:4.8 But when a woman p. beyond the childbearing age

85:6.3 Later, distinguished souls p. on and were sainted.

90:0.1 The technique of religious ritual p. from the forms of

95:4.4 and in his writings p. them on both to the Hebrews

95:5.5 sprang into action as soon as the young king p. from

95:5.11 priests, long after the young reformer had p. on.

95:6.1 From Palestine the Melchizedek missionaries p. on

96:5.8 when Moses p. on, these Bedouin tribes reverted

97:10.4 of faithful teachers who p. the monotheistic torch of

111:0.5 life and p. before him into the future estate.

112:6.10 the spiritual level of existence, having p. beyond the

112:7.8 so, having p. the tribunals of the local universe

121:7.5 the motion of religious evolution p. westward to the

122:8.7 printing, when human knowledge was p. by word

123:5.3 Beginning with the Book of Leviticus, they p. on to

123:5.6 men from many lands p. in and out of his father’s

124:5.1 In this year the lad of Nazareth p. from boyhood to

124:6.3 on the left, they p. the ancient village of Shunem,

125:1.4 They now p. down to the priests’ court beneath the

127:6.5 Jesus p. on through Jerusalem, only pausing to look

129:1.2 he p. on successively through Magdala and

133:3.1 as they p. the synagogue and saw the people going

133:8.4 the camel caravan, they p. on down to Sidon

134:0.1 he met and the countries through which he p.,

135:6.1 ford over which Joshua and the children of Israel p.

143:2.3 convince the world that you have p. from bondage

145:0.3 p. on to the worlds beyond never having doubted

145:3.10 Jesus had p. the responsibility of this healing

146:4.3 made bold to accost him as he p. his door, saying

147:6.4 As the company p. along the narrow road, wheat

147:6.4 for travelers to help themselves to grain as they p.

151:6.2 As Jesus and his associates p. near this burial ground

152:2.9 broke the bread and gave to his apostles, who p. it

152:4.2 As the hours of darkness and hard rowing p., Peter

154:2.1 the Sanhedrin p. a decree closing the synagogues

154:6.4 had word p. in to Jesus, from person to person,

155:4.1 They p. around the marsh country, by way of Luz,

156:2.1 In entering Sidon, Jesus and his associates p. over a

156:6.5 great sifting through which gospel believers had p..

162:0.1 they p. down the eastern shore of the lake and,

162:4.3 The worshipers p. down the steps leading from the

164:0.1 Not until they p. over the Jordan at the Bethany

164:3.9 first excitement of the creation of his sight had p.,

171:8.1 the party paused for lunch while the multitude p. on

172:3.7 the crowd going into the city just after they had p.

174:3.1 and all six of them p. on without leaving children.

177:4.1 the death sentence which they had already p. upon

179:3.4 but when Judas’s vainglorious intellect p. judgment

182:3.11 the human nature had been met and acceptably p..

184:2.8 As the Master p. Peter, he saw, by the light of the

187:1.6 As the death procession p. along the narrow streets

188:3.13 that at least one message p. between Michael and

192:0.4 when they had p. well beyond Bethany, Mark boldly

passed away

27:1.5 be any more pain, for the former things have p..”

76:3.2 But long before Adam and Eve p., they recognized

135:4.1 John was twenty-eight years of age, his mother p..

passed by

49:6.17 as teachers in realms which they p. as students.

55:2.9 they go back as teachers to the very worlds they p.

122:8.7 printing, when human knowledge was p. word of

124:6.6 their second day’s journey they p. where the Jabbok,

124:6.7 The third day they p. two villages which had been

135:6.1 the ford and began to preach to the people who p.

150:7.1 Jesus p. the home of his childhood and the carpenter

164:1.3 seeing his sorry plight, he p. on the other side of

164:1.3 along and saw the man, p. on the other side.

171:6.1 As Jesus p. the customs house, Zaccheus the chief

171:6.1 could obtain a good view of the Master as he p..

171:6.1 And he was not disappointed, for, as Jesus p., he

171:7.0 7. “AS JESUS PASSED BY”

171:7.5 Jesus had time to comfort his fellow men “as he p..”

171:7.9 that Jesus did seemed to happen casually, “as he p..”

187:1.6 As he p., many of these women bewailed and

187:3.3 Many who p. wagged their heads and, railing at

191:1.2 the loving look of the Master as he p. on Anna’s

passed out

71:3.7 laws have p. of the negativistic taboo age into the

164:5.3 cast at him, but he p. through the temple precincts;

167:3.1 long been fear-ridden, and all joy had p. of her life.

176:0.1 as Jesus and the apostles p. of the temple on their

184:2.9 After Jesus and the guards p. of the palace gates,

189:4.5 As they p. of the Damascus gate, they encountered

passed through

7:5.8 the Eternal Son, who literally p. the circuits of the

7:5.8 first-born Son, and he p. the life experiences of the

13:1.8 penetrated by none save those who personally p.

15:10.12 up through the ascendant regime and p. Havona

18:4.6 The later trinitized beings likewise p. a season of

18:5.1 the Recents of Days p. their Havona training under

19:2.2 Perfectors of Wisdom p. the wisdom of Paradise,

21:0.4 he p. the experience of spiritual creature ascent

22:2.1 all have p. some definite test of universe allegiance.

22:5.2 translated midway creatures who have p. Havona

22:7.1 understandable by, none save those who have p. the

22:10.9 who have p. the divine embrace of the Trinity,

26:4.13 disturb the trust of an ascendant mortal who has p.

26:7.4 on Paradise until they have p. the terminal rest of

27:6.6 these teachings only from those who have p. this

35:3.15 review of the experiences p. on the mansion worlds

35:8.3 and when they had p. the Melchizedek sphere, they

37:3.5 not until they have p. extensive preliminary training

45:6.4 into the Corps of the Finality without having p.

46:0.1 Your local system has p. some stormy experiences

50:5.9 When evolving mortals have p. the physical,

55:0.1 such an inhabited world has p. the successive ages

57:8.12 twisted, upcrumpled, and again have they p. these

62:6.1 We, the Life Carriers, had p. the long vigil of waiting

75:0.1 At least that is what often p. Adam’s mind, and he

76:6.3 Adam and Eve quickly p. the worlds of progressive

80:7.6 The Aegean region p. five distinct cultural stages,

84:3.1 national or familial, p. the stage of the autocratic

88:3.4 the fetish of the state supreme has p. many stages

92:6.18 It has p. many phases of evolution since the time of

94:5.1 As the Salem missionaries p. Asia, spreading the

94:11.8 the Buddhists reached, tarried upon, and p. on their

96:1.14 The Hebrews p. henotheism and long believed in the

119:4.6 Now has Michael p. the bestowal experience of three

119:7.5 divine Sons who have p. the bestowal experience.

119:8.7 the Creator Son has p. the experience of revealing

121:2.2 joining the nations of antiquity p. Palestine,

121:2.2 many caravan routes from the Orient p. some part

121:2.2 more than half of this caravan traffic p. or near the

125:0.4 In company with his parents Jesus p. the temple

125:0.5 He p. the consecration rituals but was disappointed

126:0.1 a more crucial testing than that which Jesus p.

126:5.9 Jesus p. all those conflicts and confusions which the

127:1.1 The incarnated Son p. infancy and experienced an

127:6.5 Jesus p. on through Jerusalem, only pausing to look

127:6.15 he has lived his childhood life and p. the successive

129:4.5 Jesus not only p. these usual and familiar human

134:7.7 experience he p. when alone in the hills near Pella

134:8.6 understand what a great struggle the Son of Man p.

146:0.1 proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom as they p..

147:2.1 deposit was left undisturbed until they p. Jericho

157:4.6 what his chosen representatives had recently p.

162:6.1 procession from the pool of Siloam p. the temple

170:1.15 the idea of the “kingdom” as it p. the progressive

176:2.6 when the world has p. the long winter of material-

177:5.5 and they p. its anxious hours more gracefully.

194:3.12 Urantia has p. the ravages of great and destructive

passedwith time or time units

60:2.11 As time p., the sea serpents grew to such size that

62:3.8 As time p., the natural increase in numbers resulted

63:4.7 As time p., the Andonic clans grew in number,

64:6.8 As time p., the teachings of Onamonalonton became

65:2.13 But as the ages p., the eastern life emplacement

70:10.15 But as time p., it was learned that the severity of the

74:0.1 And from the time of their arrival ten days p.

75:5.8 Time p., but Adam was not certain of the nature of

76:3.1 As time p. in the second garden, the consequences of

79:8.4 Singlangton never entirely died out; but as time p.,

81:6.1 as time p. until finally the whole of the Adamic

84:4.8 But when a woman p. beyond the childbearing age

85:1.5 As time p., certain mountains were associated with

87:6.3 As the ages p., the living began to devise methods of

89:0.1 As time p., this concept developed into the doctrine

89:4.8 As time p., man became shrewd in his sacrificing,

90:2.2 As time p., all such purported contact with the

93:7.1 And as the decades p., these teachers journeyed

97:1.8 As the years p., the grizzled old leader progressed in

124:4.5 And, as the years p., this breach of understanding

124:4.8 As time p., Jesus did much to modify their practice

124:6.2 Twelve years had p. since the first Herod had sought

124:6.17 As time p., the mystery of the incarnation became

125:2.3 of sacrificial offerings, and as the years p., he became

126:2.5 As the years p., this young carpenter of Nazareth

126:3.1 Before this year had p., their savings had about

127:0.1 As time p., he became increasingly conscious of his

127:4.1 spoke of his lifework, as time p., all their thought

127:4.9 As time p., Jesus did much to liberalize and modify

128:4.9 As the years p., it became more difficult to realize

134:9.8 As time p., rumors came to Capernaum of one

135:2.4 As time p., John returned less often to Hebron,

135:10.3 As weeks p. and he was not released, his disciples

136:9.4 As the days p., with ever-increasing clearness Jesus

139:4.13 As the years p., John, together with James, learned

144:1.1 As time p., the twelve became more devoted to Jesus

145:4.2 understand the Master’s conduct as the hours p.

149:2.6 As time p., more and more he was sought for

150:7.2 As the years p., this village became increasingly

151:3.13 ministry from generation to generation as time p..

152:4.2 As the hours of darkness and hard rowing p., Peter

157:4.4 “Now that a full day has p. since you assented to

158:7.7 As the days p., Peter, James, and John, recalling

170:2.10 centuries have p. with no signs of the appearance

173:5.6 intervene between the events of the day just p. and

176:4.6 Jesus may not come until age after age has p. and

177:4.5 as time p. they learned to admire truth and to love

177:5.3 Before the evening had p., certain ones knew that

182:2.2 As the hour p., he grew more and more serious,

193:4.3 their fellow apostles more, and not less, as time p..


39:5.12 made ready to receive a p. for interplanetary transit,

134:2.5 returned as a p. with a later caravan to Damascus,

passenger birds

52:1.5 Such p. have been long extinct on Urantia,

61:1.9 These were the ancestors of the later gigantic p.

66:5.6 were successful in training the great fandors as p.,

74:3.4 From the large p.—the fandors—Adam and Eve

74:4.4 even while the p. were swiftly winging to bring


39:4.15 they carry p. back and forth from Jerusem and

123:1.6 gossip of the caravan conductors and p. from the

126:5.8 the opportunity of mingling with the caravan p..

128:3.3 so frequently heard spoken of by the caravan p.

134:2.2 interesting experience with his caravan family—p.,


89:6.5 substituted the walling in of the shadow of a p. for

187:1.9 Then he ordered a p., one Simon from Cyrene, to


164:3.5 these blind men constantly to chant to the p., “O


90:5.6 by sundry magical p. so to mystify the worshipers

passesverb; see passeswith understanding

1:3.2 I see him not; he p. on also, but I perceive him not.”

10:7.5 we do observe that, as time p., all these difficult

21:3.4 sovereignty of a Creator Son p. through six stages

21:5.6 p. from a Michael Son the power and opportunity to

25:4.15 As time p., they become the living law libraries of

28:4.11 Never a day p. on your world that the chief of

29:4.25 a profound influence upon the energy which p.

39:4.12 onward, p. ever downward through a succession of

40:5.1 The personal touch of the Eternal Son p. on down

42:2.12 space-energy rapidly p. from the puissant to the

57:7.10 But as time p., fewer and fewer meteors prove large

112:2.16 An ascending onetime human personality p. through

112:4.13 p. into the “realization of identity transition,”

117:5.6 leaves a trail of actualized reality as it p. through the

117:5.9 As the ascending mortal p. beyond the boundaries of

117:6.15 and each of these Paradise ascensions p. through the

130:7.8 And as personality p. on, upward and inward,

134:5.7 As sovereignty p. from smaller groups to larger

142:2.2 As time p., fathers and their children will love each

158:7.1 by the Damascus road which p. through Galilee.

175:2.2 What a shudder of horror p. over the onlooking

passeswith understanding

100:4.3 Spiritual growth yields lasting joy, peace which p. all

100:6.6 that peace which p. all human understanding,

144:8.8 the peace of God, which p. all understanding.”

148:6.3 vision of God, there follows a soul peace which p.

181:1.10 this is, indeed, a peace which p. the understanding of

passingsee passing through; passingwith time or

time units; see passingadjective

6:8.7 the p. of this material and morontia experience will

15:2.25 while other organizations are temporarily p. out of

15:7.4 As mortal creatures ascend the universe, p. from the

24:1.8 co-ordination of material and spiritual circuits p. out

26:3.8 instantly conversant with all information p. over

29:4.24 against the powerful energy streams p. between

29:4.29 the weakening currents of specialized energy p. from

30:4.20 P. from the final morontia stage to the first spirit

41:9.5 Your sun is now p. out of its six billionth year.

49:6.16 their local system, p. by only the mansion worlds.

52:5.10 The military branches of national resistance are p.

52:7.5 world is p. under the rule of individual self-control.

55:2.10 beings p. on from such highly evolved spheres are

55:6.4 Even so, “old things are p. away; behold, all things

57:3.4 embrace of the nebular nucleus, p. out into space on

64:7.4 on the heels of the retreating ice, p. around the

65:2.8 but which, before p. out of existence, gave origin to

69:8.9 Slavery, like polygamy, is p. because it does not pay.

69:8.12 nearly disappeared; domesticated animals are p..

69:9.7 With the p. of communism, women were held

70:2.21 But even in p., war should be honored as the school

71:7.3 new levels of value with the p. of the purely profit-

72:10.2 These people are p. out of the negative into the

79:7.6 reduced the volume of trade p. over the caravan

81:1.5 this phenomenon of p. from hunting to agriculture

81:6.23 In this work of p. on the cultural torch to the next

84:2.6 With the p. of the hunter mores, when herding gave

84:2.6 wife purchase hastened the p. of the mother-family.

84:7.3 Marriage is now p. out of the property stage into

87:3.5 ghosts were envisioned as p. from the incomplete to

95:5.10 monotheistic ideal suffered with the p. of Ikhnaton,

95:5.15 great era of spiritual growth in the Nile valley was p.

98:5.4 immediate p., after death, to the bosom of Mithras,

100:7.18 are p. away; behold, all things are becoming new.”

110:7.10 Circle by circle I am p. on to judgment.

118:8.7 The iniquity of Caligastia was the by-p. of the time

124:6.3 In p. by Jezreel, Jesus’ parents recounted the doings

124:6.3 In p. around Mount Gilboa, they talked much about

125:2.9 spirit by the experience through which he was p.,

128:6.5 improper remarks regarding a girl who was p..

130:2.9 “human wills which are fully occupied with p. only

132:3.6 by the technique of p. on from one generation to

133:1.2 justice presupposes the p. of just sentence

134:7.5 and p. east of the Waters of Merom, Jesus went by

138:8.9 out in the road to speak good cheer to a p. woman

139:12.10 the chief actor in the episode which marked his p.

140:6.14 And now the night was p.; the light of another day

147:3.3 already are such believers p. from judgment to

157:3.2 about the time of p. south of the Waters of Merom

171:5.2 the beggars replied, “Jesus of Nazareth is p. by.”

172:3.7 Since midforenoon the visitors p. by on their way to

175:3.1 The p. of death sentence (even before his trial)

176:0.2 In order to avoid the crowds p. along the Kidron

178:3.5 knew that the Son of God was p. by on his way to

179:3.7 the feet of his twelve apostles, not even p. by Judas.

181:2.6 And then the Master, p. around his own seat,

182:3.6 material dissolution in p. from the existence of time

183:3.9 who had pursued the fleeing disciples was p. near

184:3.18 the court, in p. out of the room, spit in Jesus’ face,

184:4.1 in the matter of p. the death sentence, there should

195:4.3 of Christianity, following the p. of the dark ages,

passing through

13:1.21 receiving sphere of the pilgrims of time who are p.

15:1.3 You are now p. the very same space that your

21:3.2 If, prior to p. the creature bestowals, he assumed an

22:2.6 spent our time p. Vicegerington in close and loving

26:3.2 no pilgrim may avoid p. all seven of the Havona

31:6.1 start on the ascension to Paradise, p. the morontia

37:9.8 Havona natives contribute to the pilgrim spirits p.

45:1.4 In p. the seven mansion worlds, you will progress

47:2.8 After p. Havona and attaining the Deities, these

47:7.1 advanced evolutionary worlds are exempt from p.

49:6.15 natural death, but they are exempt from p. the seven

49:6.18 These beings are exempt from p. the portals of death

55:3.11 some sort of transient assignment on a planet p. the

56:7.2 while p. the worlds of the sixth Havona circuit.

57:3.9 the nebular system was p. a transient period of

65:4.7 the red man and p. on down through the colors to

69:6.6 and fire worship led to the custom of “p. fire,”

69:6.6 And there still persists the idea of p. fire after death.

90:0.2 Urantia systems of organized religious belief are p.

103:5.7 as a result of p. the portals of natural death.

104:3.2 Mortal man is p. a great age of expanding horizons

110:1.6 Today you are p. the period of the courtship of your

110:5.2 without the necessity of p. the experience of death.

117:6.10 Father’s love can become real to man only by p.

119:8.7 In p. the experience of revealing the Seven Master

120:0.4 representative of the Paradise Trinity only after p.

124:6.1 into the Jordan valley in order to avoid p. Samaria.

126:0.1 No human youth, in p. the early confusions and

127:3.2 In p. Samaria, they saw many strange sights.

127:3.13 After p. this time of sorrow with her first-born son

128:4.1 merchant had sought out Jesus when p. Nazareth

130:0.3 by caravan to Mesopotamia, p. Thapsacus

134:1.6 the conductor of a large caravan which was p. the

134:7.5 p. Magdala and Capernaum, Jesus journeyed north;

136:8.6 Jesus was now p. the great test of civilized man,

146:0.2 and to be discreet when p. Capernaum and Tiberias.

146:4.6 And so, p. quietly through Capernaum, they went

147:2.1 P. Jericho, they paused to rest while Judas made a

153:1.3 many of his disciples were slowly but certainly p.

154:6.10 In p. these events, Jesus chose to be guided by the

168:0.6 Many fears were p. Martha’s mind, but she gave

176:3.7 Your revelation of truth must be so enhanced by p.

178:3.1 Seeking again to avoid the crowds p. the Kidron

182:3.6 desired his Son to finish his earth bestowal by p. the

186:1.6 Judas was now p. the experience of the realization

187:1.9 Shortly after p. the gate on the way out of the city,

passingwith time or time units

18:0.11 Only in the realms of experience has the p. of time

19:6.3 p. of time may add to their stores of experiential

20:3.4 the incarnated Son will judge the p. planetary age;

30:4.12 The p. of time is of no moment to sleeping mortals;

39:2.12 You are not directly aware of the p. of time.

46:7.4 When, with the p. of time, the physical bodies of

51:6.6 With the p. of centuries, through amalgamation of

54:6.3 With the p. of twenty-five thousand years of

54:6.7 The p. of time has enhanced the consequential

62:1.3 With the p. of time the seacoast of India southwest

64:6.29 With the p. of time, many lesser teachers arose in

78:1.4 With the p. millenniums, this group became admixed

78:2.4 traditions grew dim through the p. millenniums,

80:5.2 increasingly white as the p. centuries witnessed the

81:6.40 require the p. of time for the full outworking of

89:8.8 prayers have not much changed with the p. of ages.

93:2.5 was soon forgotten with the p. of a few generations.

93:3.1 With the p. of a decade, Melchizedek organized his

94:4.1 With the p. of the centuries in India, the populace

118:6.6 it must await the p. of time to find opportunity for

118:8.7 The iniquity of Caligastia was the by-p. of the time

122:9.1 a mother, after the p. of a certain period of time,

124:6.17 With the p. of time, we could see that Jesus’ human

125:2.9 They welcomed the p. of the days of the Passover

125:3.1 being wholly unmindful of the p. of the time for

126:0.3 the Jewish people deepened, but with the p. years,

126:5.1 the produce of their garden, but each p. month

130:5.3 sundown follows sunrise only with the p. of time.

146:7.2 Only after the p. of a dispensational age would it be

152:0.3 The p. of time demonstrated that this woman was

194:4.7 With the p. of time, the dwindling resources of


20:3.4 the incarnated Son will judge the p. planetary age;

29:2.16 astronomical catastrophes are of p. concern to these

44:2.4 artists who preserve p. scenes, transient episodes for

65:2.10 the massiveness of the p. Reptilia found echo in the

77:3.2 to be a monumental memorial to their p. greatness.

78:1.4 With the p. millenniums, this group became admixed

78:2.4 traditions grew dim through the p. millenniums,

78:8.4 They revived many phases of the p. civilization of

80:5.2 increasingly white as the p. centuries witnessed the

86:6.5 p. generation smiles at the foolish superstitions of

89:7.2 An outgrowth of the p. child sacrifice was the

92:2.3 pause to consider that p. generations have feared

100:1.2 and in the p. stages of advancing civilization.

111:7.3 gaze in perplexity at the problems of the p. hour?

112:5.4 seat of identity from the p. material-intellect system

113:5.3 thus seraphim function regardless of your p. whims

114:6.7 the imperishable values of the old and p. forms

126:0.3 the Jewish people deepened, but with the p. years,

126:5.1 the produce of their garden, but each p. month

194:2.6 in the individual believer of each p. generation of the

195:6.4 this age of physical realism is only a p. episode in


27:7.2 Worship is the first and dominant p. of all who climb

27:7.2 worship is a growing p. until on Paradise it becomes

52:5.3 The mortal p. of this dispensation is the penetration

68:2.7 not so much because of the fleeting sex p. as in

82:1.2 all-absorbing sex p. of the more highly civilized

82:1.6 The Sangik races had normal animal p., but they

84:6.2 P. insures that man and woman will come together,

86:1.4 the p. of getting something for nothing and the fear

99:7.3 religion joins patience with p., insight to zeal, ideals

132:2.5 fostering the divine p. to find God and to be more

159:1.6 may be warped by prejudice or distorted by p..

160:1.8 demands that the mind shall be free from bias, p.,

195:7.14 They do not motivate their lives with the p. to serve


150:9.3 giving expression to p. and vehement resentment,

155:6.10 forefathers gave themselves up to the p. search for


4:3.1 sight of his being dominated by his own baser p.,

82:1.2 Sex interest and desire were not dominating p. in

82:1.2 to provide sufficient self-control for the animal p.

88:6.4 a suggestive appeal to the sex p. of the plant world.

110:5.4 Your own p., urges, and other innate tendencies

131:6.2 manifested as man’s four greatest p.: anger, pride,

131:8.2 manifest itself as evil, and thus do the p. of sin arise.

195:5.10 Harness your energies and bridle your p.; be calm


5:4.1 But religion is not merely a p. feeling of “absolute

5:4.15 Jesus upstepped the p. love disclosed in Hebrew

42:2.8 P. and potential force becomes active and primordial

42:2.10 The p. presence of the primary force organizers is

44:5.10 forces between active cherubim and p. sanobim.

47:3.3 The creature mind-matrix and the p. potentials of

83:6.3 But this p. monogamy did not mean that mankind

99:1.5 In the past, institutional religion could remain p.

100:5.9 attention operating on a comparatively p. intellect.

103:2.1 Religion is never a p. experience, a negative attitude

110:1.4 The Adjuster, while p. regarding purely temporal

110:5.7 Adjusters of his day and generation, and yet his p.

112:1.13 It is ever true that mechanisms are innately p.;

140:5.17 Mercy sometimes may be p., but here it is active and

140:8.2 the overcare of the Father not a blind and p. fatalism.

140:8.4 but Jesus did not teach p. tolerance of wrongdoing.

143:1.2 men into enfeebled specimens of p. nonresisters

143:1.9 the p. injunctions of their Master’s many-sided

155:5.9 assurances, only a p. and purely intellectual assent.

155:6.17 conformity to a p. attitude of assent to religions of

159:5.8 put the spirit of positive action into the p. doctrines

159:5.9 Jesus opposed negative or purely p. nonresistance.

159:5.9 do not stand there dumb and p. but in positive

159:5.11 becoming just a p. sufferer or victim of injustice.

159:5.15 Righteousness comes not from such p. attitudes.

178:1.14 You are not to be p. mystics or colorless ascetics;

186:2.8 Jesus was wholly p. to all the Roman governor’s

194:3.11 taught his followers that his religion was never p.;


75:8.7 not merely mechanical or even p. perfect!

111:1.8 But man does not p., slavishly, surrender his will to


117:4.7 Creatures do not attain perfection by mere p., nor


123:3.5 Then followed the solemn P., which the adults

123:5.2 he attended his first P. that year in company with

124:6.1 to participate in the celebration of his first P..

124:6.4 solemn and sacred ceremonies of the P. at Jerusalem.

124:6.13 While Jerusalem was astir in preparation for the P.,

125:0.1 undirected living, during the week following the P.

125:0.2 in proportion to men, ever to go up to the P. from

125:1.5 to participate in the temple worship: at the P.,

125:1.5 at the feast of Pentecost (seven weeks after P.),

125:1.5 and made ready for the celebration of the P..


125:2.1 of the family of Simon in the celebration of the P.,

125:2.1 the plan to eat the P. with Mary’s relatives, but Jesus

125:2.2 covenant, was asked to recount the origin of the P.,

125:2.2 of the seven-day ceremonies of the feast of the P..

125:2.3 the propriety of celebrating the P. without the lamb.

125:2.3 someday to establish the celebration of a bloodless P.

125:4.3 that he had received consecration during the P.,

127:3.1 Jesus decided to take James to the P..

127:3.2 very appreciative of Jesus’ taking him up to the P.,

127:6.3 a strange longing to go up to Jerusalem for the P..

127:6.4 Jesus spent four days going up to the P. and thought

127:6.6 Lazarus arranged to celebrate the P. with friends

127:6.7 bread and wine had been made ready for this P.,

127:6.7 did not intend to introduce this new idea of the P.

127:6.7 to eat the P. “according to the law of Moses.”

128:1.14 went to Jerusalem with Joseph to celebrate the P..

128:1.15 Jesus, with Joseph, spent this P. with his three

128:3.1 three weeks to take Simon to Jerusalem for the P.,

128:5.2 The week following the P. a man from Alexandria

128:6.5 to arrange for their joint celebration of the P.,

128:6.6 years, until he was next in Jerusalem at a P.

128:6.9 This was the last P. Jesus attended with any member

129:2.8 Presently the time of the P. drew near, and along

129:2.8 home of Annas, where they celebrated the P. as one

129:2.9 had arranged to arrive in Jerusalem during the P.,

136:8.5 Soon the P. would be celebrated at Jerusalem;

141:9.2 themselves before going on to Jerusalem for the P..


142:1.6 The multitudes who came to celebrate the P. heard

142:3.18 8. The sacrifice of the feast of the P. shall not be left

146:3.9 until they went down to Jerusalem for the next P..

147:1.1 ready to go to Jerusalem for the feast of the P.,

147:2.1 started on their journey to Jerusalem for the P.,

147:2.3 At Bethany they quietly celebrated the P..

147:2.3 The apostles of John did not eat the P. with Jesus

147:2.3 This was the second P. Jesus had observed with his

151:0.2 This time of waiting before starting for the P. at

152:2.1 before preparing to go up to Jerusalem for the P..

152:2.4 to see and hear Jesus on their way to the P.,

152:5.5 they made ready to go up to Jerusalem for the P.,

152:6.2 homes, others going on up to Jerusalem for the P..

152:7.2 Jesus entered Jerusalem only once during this P.,

162:4.1 the P. at the end of the winter or Pentecost at the

171:0.1 that he and the apostles would depart for the P. at

171:0.2 the announcement that he was going to the P. set all

171:1.1 and then went directly to Jerusalem for the P..

171:3.2 such as desired, to go to Jerusalem for the P..

171:3.3 by the time Jesus started for the P., the number of

171:3.4 that Jesus was going to Jerusalem for the P..

171:4.7 let us go up to Jerusalem to attend the P. and do

171:6.4 “road of robbers” to Bethany on their way to the P.

172:1.2 Six days before the P., on the evening after the

172:3.7 the visitors passing by on their way to the P. had

172:4.1 the temple, viewing the preparations for the P..

173:1.3 the 15th to the 25th of the month preceding the P.,

177:3.7 the city as they simultaneously prepared for the P.

177:4.6 necessity of postponing his arrest until after the P..

178:0.1 details of their forthcoming celebration of the P..

178:2.5 “Master, seeing that the time of the P. draws near,

178:2.5 As for the P., that you will have to consider after we

179:0.1 when Philip reminded Jesus about the approaching P.

179:0.1 begin the preparations for the celebration of the P.

179:0.2 the announcement that they would celebrate the P.

179:1.1 the celebration of the P. in a well-to-do household.

179:2.1 said: “I have greatly desired to eat this P. with you.

179:3.1 After drinking the first cup of the P., it was custom

179:4.1 this secret chamber and a day in advance of the P.

179:5.2 The old P. commemorated the emergence of their

179:5.9 This is the new P. which I leave with you, even the

179:5.10 ended this celebration of the old but bloodless P.

182:2.9 done after noon on the preparation day for the P..

184:3.17 not only because it was the preparation day for the P

185:0.3 might be used on this day of preparation for the P.

185:2.7 not only the forenoon of preparation for the P.,

185:3.8 Herod, who was then in the city attending the P..

185:5.2 condemned man for pardon at the time of the P..

185:5.2 this man of Galilee as the token of P. good will.

186:3.1 every man going his way to prepare for the P..

186:3.5 that night partook of the P. and the following day


186:5.1 between the death of Jesus and the Jewish P..

186:5.1 the day of the preparation for the Jewish P.,

187:1.10 from Cyrene, in northern Africa, to attend the P..

187:4.7 After the P. Mary returned to Bethsaida, where

187:5.7 Because this was the preparation day for the P.

194:1.1 but a majority had tarried in the city since the P..

Passover celebration

125:2.6 Jesus refrained until the P. had ended and these

128:6.6 a hearing for Jude or his release in time for the P.

142:1.7 carried the news of Jesus’ message from this P. to

179:0.2 special occasion that was to precede the regular P..

184:3.17 Caesarea, since he was in Jerusalem only for the P..

186:3.3 David dismissed his corps of runners for the P.

Passover ceremonies

89:9.2 The Hebrews practiced this ritual as a part of their P.

128:3.4 While Simon attended the P., Jesus mingled with the

128:6.3 his other brothers to Jerusalem for their first P.,

Passover commemoration

124:6.15 assembled for the celebration of the ancient P..

Passover company

125:0.2 that the P. contained the largest number of women,

Passover consecration

128:3.4 received into the commonwealth of Israel at the P. of

Passover crowds

142:1.1 When the P. were too great to find entrance to the

Passover family

127:3.4 presided over this household as the head of the P.,

Passover feast

124:6.1 The P. of this year fell on Saturday, April 9, A.D. 7

125:0.2 Women seldom went to the P. at Jerusalem;

127:6.7 these four sat down and partook of the first P. ever

141:0.1 they were going up to Jerusalem to attend the P.

142:3.18 8. The sacrifice of the feast of the P. shall not be left

147:1.1 ready to go to Jerusalem for the feast of the P.,

147:2.3 Jesus and the twelve partook of the bloodless P..

171:3.1 and since few were going up to the P. at Jerusalem,

171:3.2 of the seventy should not be interrupted by the P.;

185:5.2 for the release of a prisoner in honor of the P..

188:1.5 returned to Jerusalem, in sorrow, to observe the P.

Passover festival

125:3.1 on the first day of the week after the P. had ended.

Passover festivities

142:2.1 There was in Jerusalem in attendance upon the P.

185:5.3 This man was under sentence to die as soon as the P.

186:4.4 just as well die with him as wait for the end of the P..

Passover good will

185:5.2 he release this man of Galilee as the token of P..

Passover lambs

186:5.1 the time of the sacrificing of the P. in the temple.

Passover multitudes

174:2.1 this effort to discredit Jesus in the eyes of the P..

Passover night

179:0.3 apostles to have seen the lamb omitted even on P.,

Passover pardon

187:0.2 if Barabbas had not been released as the P. of Pilate.

Passover pilgrims

172:5.7 reason for enlisting the popular support of the P..

Passover prisoner

185:5.11 appealed to them regarding the release of the P.,

Passover rites

125:2.2 That night they assembled for the P., eating the flesh

Passover Sabbath

124:6.12 made ready for the appropriate celebration of the P..

124:6.15 On the day before the P., flood tides of illumination

Passover sojourn

172:2.1 refrain from doing any public work during this P.

Passover supper

127:3.4 Jesus took James to Bethany for the P. supper.

127:3.5 After the P. Mary sat down to talk with James

128:6.8 they had failed to keep their appointment for the P.,

129:2.2 They even arranged to celebrate the P. together.

179:0.1 Philip had in mind the P. which was due to be eaten

179:0.1 meant that Saturday’s P. would be eaten on Friday

179:0.2 be placed under arrest before the time of the P. on

185:0.3 before they would be eligible to partake of the P..

188:2.2 This Friday night, after the P., about midnight

Passover throngs

142:1.7 were engaged in doing personal work among the P..

Passover time

129:2.2 family, he agreed to remain in Jerusalem until P.,

185:5.11 prisoners shall I release to you at this, your P.?”

185:8.2 dared not risk having such a disturbance during P.

Passover visitors

172:4.1 high and low, as well as tens of thousands of P.,

Passover week

124:6.12 prearranged for their accommodation during the P.,

125:2.6 Throughout the P., Jesus kept his place among the

125:2.7 On Wednesday of the P., Jesus was permitted to go

125:2.9 Again and again, during the P., his parents would

125:2.9 They welcomed the passing of the days of the P.

125:2.12 After all, P. had been a great event in Jesus’ life.

125:3.2 many of his unusual reactions to the events of P.,

125:4.1 the great crowds of P. having about disappeared.

125:4.2 where they had lodged as a family during the P., but

128:3.5 chanced to meet Jesus on Thursday afternoon of P..

128:3.7 On the Sunday after P. Simon and Jesus started on

129:2.9 Before the end of this P., by apparent chance,

142:5.1 sermons which Jesus preached in the temple this P.

142:7.1 busy period of teaching and personal work of P.

172:5.3 no teaching or preaching while in Jerusalem this P.

173:0.1 to engage in no public teaching throughout this P..

173:3.4 from all public teaching and preaching during this P..

173:5.5 they could occupy during the remainder of the P..

174:5.1 not to engage in any public teaching during the P.,

188:3.1 This was the beginning of the P., and all these

190:5.1 two brothers, shepherds, who had spent the P. in


123:5.2 entailed his attendance at the P. in Jerusalem;

179:0.3 that Jesus had celebrated other P. without the lamb;


26:4.15 Ability to comprehend is the mortal p. to Paradise.

26:9.2 The attainment of the Father is the p. to eternity,

39:1.6 the latter is the surest seraphic p. to Paradise,

101:10.6 Faith is the only p. to completion of reality and to

106:9.11 living the will of God is the eternal p. to the endless

109:6.5 Such decisive consecration constitutes the true p.

pastnon-exhaustive; see past ages; see pastwith future

        or present

0:9.4 The first three and p.-eternal Deities of Paradise—

2:1.1 “How unsearchable and his ways p. finding out!”

2:2.2 yesterday when it is p. and as a watch in the night.

4:5.2 the p. dispensations of partial understanding,

6:5.7 did sit in council with the Father in the eternal p.,

8:1.1 In the eternity of the p. upon the personalization of

11:9.3 In the eternity of the p., when the Father gave

15:1.5 to which Urantia belongs is a few billion years p.

18:0.9 Their creation is a p. event; no more are being

19:0.9 numbers; their creation is a finished and p. event.

26:4.11 pilgrims of time are transported p. the dark gravity

29:3.5 Having no ascendant p. to revert to in memory,

30:3.7 relaxation and humor—reversion to p. memories.

40:9.5 to these unremembered events of p. experience.

40:9.6 is told about the events of the unremembered p.

41:5.5 through space, p. the hosts of detaining influences of

45:6.3 Sex experience in a physical sense is p. for these

48:4.5 Quips growing out of the memories of p. episodes in

48:4.12 contemplation of the p. permits of relaxation and

48:4.19 of a backward glance, a reminiscence of the p..

53:5.1 Michael’s dealings with similar upheavals in the p.,

59:3.2 Volcanic action was largely p..

59:5.16 Peat beds, the remains of p. vegetable growth,

65:4.12 meet your gaze as you dig back into the planetary p.,

67:0.1 without a knowledge of great epochs of the p.,

69:0.3 are merely the accumulated mores of the p. as they

69:1.1 institutions minister to social need, p. or present,

70:2.3 War has had a social value to p. civilizations because

70:2.9 War has served many valuable purposes in the p.,

72:1.5 political realms having been made within the p.

74:3.10 The experience of the day just p. in which Adam

77:9.9 treasured memories of p. events are made available,

79:6.9 not been weakened by an overreverence for the p.,

79:8.2 state gradually disintegrated—p. wars were forgotten

79:8.3 Consciousness of p. achievements (diminished in the

79:8.3 honoring the men of the p. as to border on worship.

79:8.8 wisdom from the p., it is folly to regard the p. as the

79:8.13 education of children in arts and sciences of the p..

79:8.15 preserves the hazy record of the evolutionary p.;

79:8.17 civilization has rested upon the laurels of the p., but

80:9.16 During the p. century this culture has been

82:0.3 recognize that most of these civilizations of the p.

82:6.8 For the p. hundred years more racial hybridization

83:8.9 the tardy evolution of the mores of p. generations.

87:7.5 In the p., truth has grown rapidly when the cult has

90:2.9 vanishing red man had such a prophet within the p.

92:3.1 a true picture of the racial religions of the p..

92:5.8 each renaissance of Urantian religion has, in the p.,

94:6.11 precepts, while perpetuating the best of the p.,

94:12.6 valiantly carried on through the dark ages of the p.,

94:12.1 of Gautama have continued to evolve during the p.

95:5.4 determination this young ruler broke with the p.,

99:0.3 the occasional social reforms of p. centuries, but

99:1.5 In the p., institutional religion could remain passive

99:2.5 church may have appeared to serve society in the p.

100:5.6 In times p., divine beings have revealed themselves

101:4.8 concerning epochal transactions in the distant p..

105:1.3 I AM, whose solitary existence in p. infinite eternity

105:1.5 infinitely distant, hypothetical, p.-eternity moment

105:7.18 In the eternity of the p. the forces of the Absolutes,

106:8.23 As we philosophically conceive of the I AM in p.

112:5.22 But much of your p. life and its memories, having

112:7.1 fixation of divinity quality, p.-eternity experience

118:9.8 In the eternity of the p. the Father and the Son

119:4.1 recalling what had happened in times p. following

120:0.3 At any moment throughout all p. local universe time,

120:3.10 who has ever sustained us in all p. performances,

121:1.9 Roman states had been concluded in the recent p.,

124:6.11 On reaching the city, they journeyed p. the temple,

126:2.2 This carpenter lad, now just p. fourteen years of

126:3.11 when differences of opinion had arisen in the p.,

127:1.7 Mary might choose since all he had said in the p.

127:6.4 the Passover and thought much about the p. events

129:1.15 his simple but intensely active life of the p.

129:3.9 in the various epochs of the well-nigh eternal p..

131:10.3 While his justice may be p. finding out, his mercy

137:3.2 about the wonderful events of the then recent p.

139:7.5 Though Matthew was a man with a p., he gave an

143:5.13 associated all of this self-revelation of her p. life

143:5.13 husband cast her aside, and this, with all her p.,

154:6.8 how difficult it is for men to break with their p..

154:6.8 more difficult it is to persuade men to disown the p..

155:6.4 religion of the mind ties you hopelessly to the p.;

155:6.6 drag hungry souls back into the dim and distant p.

155:6.7 To honor the God-knowing leaders of the p. may

156:2.6 “forget those things which are in the p. while you

157:6.1 over to Judas as he had so many times done in the p.

158:7.2 They traveled on through Galilee until well p. the

159:4.9 fear of the authority of the sacred writings of the p.

166:1.5 But of all the generations that are p., the blood of

177:4.12 their jurisdiction as he had so many times in the p..

182:3.4 now and take your rest; the time of decision is p..

184:2.8 the guards led Jesus p. on the way to Caiaphas.

186:1.4 the temple and, forcing his way p. the doorkeeper,

195:0.2 Greek culture, had a revered tradition of a great p..

195:4.4 crises which have characterized its p. battles for

195:10.8 The praiseworthy desire to preserve traditions of p.

past ages

4:1.6 very moment, as during the remote ages of the p.

4:5.1 the experiences of the God-knowing men of p.,

58:4.7 sixty-five or seventy of these stratified records of p.

70:2.1 In p. a fierce war would institute social changes

70:2.9 During p. war was a social ferment which pushed

78:7.4 the story of a world-wide flood some time during p..

83:8.9 marriages are high in comparison with those of p.,

84:3.3 to blame for his low opinion of woman during p.

91:7.2 The great religious teachers and the prophets of p.

92:3.1 examination of the fossil-bearing social strata of p.

94:12.6 valiantly carried on through the dark ages of the p.,

99:0.1 In p., since social reforms were largely confined to

99:1.3 Urantia society cannot hope to settle down as in p..

99:5.11 particular national or racial illumination during p..

103:6.14 In p., most of man’s knowledge and intellectual

113:0.1 In p. on Urantia, these destiny guardians were

163:6.4 many great men of the p. have desired to behold

195:9.1 to rid yourselves of the superstitious creeds of p.,

pastwith future or present

0:4.12 is the actual source of the physical universes—p.,

0:7.3 1. Existential—beings of eternal existence, p., present

0:9.5 universes, are not existential—not p. eternals, only

0:12.12 assembled from the God-knowing mortals of the p.

2:1.5 To God there is no p., present, or future; all time is

3:1.7 potentially pervades the universes of the p.,

4:1.6 during the remote ages of the p. and in the eternal

4:4.1 having no outside, no beyond, no p., and no future.

10:0.3 looking backward into the endless p., we can only

10:0.3 As I view the p., present, and future of time, I

10:5.3 as the Trinity towards the entire universe of the p.,

12:2.6 the same enthralling spectacles that the endless p.

12:5.10 Unspiritual animals know only the p. and live in the

14:6.41 serve as an experiential training universe for all p.,

19:1.11 interpreted only in the light of the correlated p. and

19:4.9 that pertains to the p., present, and future evolution

23:4.6 far transcend all that the eternal p. has experienced.

36:5.12 to utilize the co-ordination of all their p. experience

44:2.3 —harmonists who reiterate the harmonies of the p.

48:4.5 abiding ability to draw upon the p. for memory

48:4.12 but the p. savors of things already mastered and

48:4.12 contemplation of the p. permits of relaxation and

48:4.20 without such identity memories of the p. there

48:4.20 It is this recalling of p. experiences that provides

56:1.1 is the actual source of all material universes—p.,

56:1.1 derivation is an eternity event; at no time—p.,

66:6.2 by sentimentally linking the p. with the present,

68:6.11 has never been a serious problem in the p., but if

79:8.3 Consciousness of p. achievements (diminished in the

81:6.37 The cultural civilizations of the p. and the present

81:6.41 transition from the established methods of the p. of

94:11.10 come to the peoples of India, then, in the remote p.

99:6.3 tendency to venerate the p. while ignoring present

104:0.2 Aside from certain natural couplets, such as p. and

104:4.8 and in all of the p.-present-future flow of time.

106:3.5 gigantic universe developments of p. and future

106:9.1 unification of infinity in this very age as in all p.

109:7.4 the personality of the Father as in the eternal p.,

110:7.4 this new being is of the eternal p. as well as for the

110:7.5 Monitor carries forward from the eternity of the p..

111:4.12 It is forever true: The p. is unchangeable; only the

113:0.1 helpers of mortal man in the great events of the p.

115:3.1 There is no language in the p., present, or future of

117:6.16 even the incompletion of all creatures—p., present,

118:1.4 As the human mind reckons backward into the p.,

118:1.4 reckons backward into the past, it is evaluating p.

118:1.4 present, and the plan of action thus born of the p.

118:1.5 In the maturity of the developing self, the p. and

118:1.5 the self reaches further and further back into the p.

118:1.5 the self extends this reach ever further into both p.

118:1.5 to take on the aspects of p.-future significance.

118:1.7 The plans of maturity, founded on p. experience,

118:1.8 true relationship to the not-present—the p.-future.

118:1.8 the co-ordinate relationship of p.-present-future that

118:1.9 the moment of the present contains all of the p.

118:3.2 the more truth you are, the more of the p. you can

118:7.2 Even the supreme correlation of all p., present, and

131:3.3 By your efforts to make amends for p. sins you

132:5.15 moral obligation to represent the p. generation in

135:9.9 guide you now and in the future as he has in the p..”

155:1.3 in an attitude of regretting the p., whining over the

160:2.9 The present, when divorced from the p. and the

160:5.9 if that ideal is real, be devotion to this God of p.,

161:2.10 Jesus seems to know the future as well as the p..

188:5.3 Jesus portrayed a deliverance from the p. which in

191:1.3 walked through the garden and talked of things p.,


0:9.4 The first three and p. Deities of Paradise—the Father,


105:1.5 some infinitely distant, hypothetical, p. moment,

112:7.1 may be mentioned: p. experience and memory,


118:1.5 it begins to take on the aspects of p. significance.

118:1.8 of its true relationship to the not-present—the p..


104:4.8 the eternal present and in all of the p. flow of time.

118:1.8 so to reveal the co-ordinate relationship of p. that


179:3.10 wine, with the bitter herbs and the p. of dried fruits,


124:1.5 to give up such a favorite p. constituted one of the


84:8.5 refreshing sleep, rest, recreation, and all p. which


68:5.6 3. The p. stage.

68:5.6 the natives of Africa are among the more recent p.

68:5.7 P. living afforded further relief from food slavery;

68:5.8 when man entered the p. era of his existence,

68:5.8 throughout the p. age woman’s status steadily

68:5.8 men of the p. ages had great love for their cattle;

68:5.10 It may be combined with the p. pursuits of the

69:8.1 P. man enslaved woman as his inferior sex partner.

69:8.4 Slavery was not prevalent among the p. peoples,

81:1.4 sacrifices of the p. life were held in greater esteem

84:3.1 P. living tended to create a new system of mores,

84:3.6 these p. ages woman must still provide the vegetable

96:5.9 and partially self-regulating nation of p. warriors.


72:3.6 the spiritual teachers (comparable to Urantia p.),


66:7.1 within the city walls was sufficient to provide for p.

69:9.14 the cities always reserved certain lands for public p.

73:4.1 P. and animal husbandry were projected for the


80:2.1 turning the open p. regions of Sahara into a desert.

85:1.2 appear on the surface of a cultivated field or p..

131:2.5 we are his people, the sheep of his p..


66:5.15 Give us this season green p. and fruitful flocks to

73:4.3 the gates of the Garden, the river and its adjacent p.

78:8.3 about by the increasing drought of the highland p..

131:2.7 He makes me to lie down in green p.; he leads me

165:2.6 shepherds unless you lead your flocks into green p.

165:2.7 go on to the attainment of the eternal p. of Paradise.


85:2.4 The P. still worship trees, as did the early Semites.


195:5.12 As you view the world, remember that the black p.

195:5.12 You do not view merely white p. of good which


72:7.10 authors, and scientists—and protecting their p..


2:5.2 It is in response to this p. affection that God sends

35:9.5 almost p. in their direction of the Planetary Princes

52:3.10 begins to take the place of the monarchial or p. form

122:4.3 Joseph’s p. ancestor of that generation, being an


195:3.9 overmuch p., overtaxation and collection abuses,


72:7.1 federal government is p. only in the administration

72:7.1 while the local governments are much more p.


10:2.7 consciousness of sonship with the Father and p. to

pathsee path of

12:1.2 off on a straight-line p. into trackless space; but we

15:1.2 This cosmic p. is well charted and is just as known

15:1.4 the northernmost segment of the great space p.,

15:1.5 long and comparatively straightaway northern p..

19:1.5 But that p. does not lead to spiritual wisdom.

19:1.5 the easiest p. to a certain form of genetic knowledge,

21:6.4 the way, the truth, and the life,” ever blazing the p.

22:9.8 less fortunate brethren who ascend the universal p.

29:2.16 line of energy, sometimes also called an energy p.,

29:4.28 the transmitters deploy along the desired energy p.,

37:5.2 Spirit-fused mortals as they ascend the Paradise p.

39:4.7 goals are milestones on the long ascending p. to

42:4.2 the p. ordained by the Infinite Personality who sent

52:1.4 occurs, and as you go forward in the Paradise p.,

64:1.5 there was a continuous land p. from England in the

84:3.7 Man has usually chosen the easier p., inequality has

94:8.8 the philosophy of the Eightfold P.: right views,

107:6.3 Your p. to Paradise is the p. of spirit attainment,

112:5.3 The Adjuster is truly the p. to Paradise, but man

112:5.3 but man must pursue that p. by his own deciding,

117:1.6 beset all finite creation as it pursues the eternal p. in

130:4.11 man’s ascending universe p. to Paradise perfection

144:5.93 forsake us not when the p. is hard and the hours are

147:5.8 her p. toward heaven is not blocked by spiritual

155:5.11 Tradition is a safe refuge and an easy p. for those

158:7.6 painful and conflicting p. which they must tread if

path of

6:8.5 But as you ascend in the Paradise p. of spiritual

11:7.8 constitute a curved space p. of lessened resistance to

12:1.1 ever swing around the curved p. of the space levels

13:1.12 such creatures may ascend the p. of Deity embrace

15:1.3 You are following the predetermined p. of the

16:4.7 mortal progression in the p. of Paradise perfection,

18:0.11 from the divine and perfect p. of personality conduct

31:3.6 they have ascended the universal p. of attainment;

32:0.2 the Paradise Michaels always proceeds along the p.

39:8.4 sure of proceeding to Paradise by a progressive p. of

39:8.5 guard mortal creatures in the p. of divine destiny,

40:7.5 even you who now trudge on in the lowly p. of life

45:6.7 whether or not it elects to follow the parental p. of

47:2.8 But if they choose the Paradise p. of perfection,

57:3.6 Its orbit was determined by its p. of escape.

66:0.1 will, the ability to choose the p. of eternal survival,

68:4.6 The p. of human history is strewn with remnants of

92:7.10 the personality in this cosmic p. of idealistic living,

94:6.12 temporary failure to progress in the true p. of the

95:6.9 burned to show man in his darkened world the p. of

101:6.17 the new illumination of the p. of eternity that leads

107:6.3 Your path to Paradise is the p. of spirit attainment,

109:6.4 the choosing of the p. of the Father’s perfect will.

110:3.2 they are to be advanced along the ascending p. of

110:7.10 persistently, cheerfully tread the p. of my choosing,

116:3.5 reveal to the creatures themselves the Paradise p. of

117:3.4 the traversal of this universe p. of progression,

131:2.11 The p. of the just is as a shining light which shines

131:3.3 Pain and sorrow follow in the p. of evil as the dust

131:3.3 Evil is the p. of false doctrines.

136:6.2 now deliberately chose to pursue the p. of normal

136:9.5 Step by step this human mind follows in the p. of the

144:2.6 difficulty which may chance to lie in the p. of soul

144:5.18 Sustain us in our progress along the p. of truth.

155:5.13 which one of you would prefer to take this easy p. of

155:5.13 Will you go back to the easy p. of the certainty

169:1.15 when men unintentionally stray away from the p. of

184:2.12 taken the first step along the p. of compromise

184:2.12 mind tends to justify continuance in the p. of error

194:4.13 followed the p. of Alexander’s march of former days


22:9.6 is beautiful and sometimes most touchingly p..

22:10.8 it is well-nigh p. to observe them seeking knowledge

75:5.1 Eve’s disillusionment was truly p..

76:3.1 It was indeed p. to observe this magnificent couple

89:6.3 There is no more tragic and p. experience on record

91:8.5 Prayer is sometimes the p. expression of spiritual

101:7.4 It is equally p. to observe those who trade their

134:9.3 To the Son of Man this performance was p. and


25:1.6 There is divine p. in the separation of the servitals

pathssee paths of

7:3.4 body: Sensations travel inward over the neural p.;

12:8.3 volition has there been deviation from the divine p.

48:5.7 no royal roads, short cuts, or easy p. to Paradise.

48:6.10 Side by side they lead me in the beautiful p. and

73:4.3 organized in twelve grand divisions, and walled p.

73:5.2 and twelve thousand miles of paved p. and roads.

73:5.2 The roads and p. were well built, the landscaping

102:1.1 to insure capacity for comprehending the faith p. to

116:7.1 is traversed by a network of neural sensation p..

131:2.8 I will acknowledge him, and he shall direct my p..

131:5.3 Worship God by joyfully walking in the p. ordained

131:5.4 Teach us the good p., and we will go right.

147:8.4 rebuilders of broken walls, the restorers of safe p. in

148:5.2 to restore this part of the universe to former p. and

159:5.9 to lead your brother in error away from the evil p.

paths of

8:4.5 by your side and guide you through the lowly p. of

12:8.3 swinging on forever around the eternal space p. of

14:1.6 dividing the two space p. of the dark gravity bodies.

15:3.15 The space p. of your planet and your solar system

27:0.1 Never have they been known to depart from the p.

34:6.13 they yet tread the lowly p. of toil and in human

36:5.9 of courage into useful and progressive p. of growth.

69:2.3 arose by adaptation to pressure—pursuing the p. of

80:1.8 least of which was more favorable p. of migration,

94:11.8 channels of thought and devious p. of reasoning.

110:1.2 urge their subjects forward in the p. of progressive

111:0.6 guide the associated mortal soul into the better p. of

111:7.3 even though your feet must tread the material p. of

113:4.3 footsteps of the human personality into p. of new

116:4.10 they are not creating these p. of divinity attainment;

118:6.6 In the mortal life, p. of differential conduct are

131:2.7 He leads me in the p. of righteousness.

131:6.2 those who walk in the p. of righteousness shall find

139:12.5 of pleasant adjustment to the p. of sin and death.

140:4.5 our fellows will be guided into new and godly p. of

144:5.47 Let us not stray into p. of darkness and death;

148:4.6 knowingly and deliberately chosen the p. of sin

155:2.2 his own soul and its progress in the spiritual p. of

160:5.10 provided we continue to walk in these spiritual p. of

174:0.2 warn you to beware the slippery p. of flattery


34:6.11 the Spirit gently and lovingly lead you along the p.

94:7.3 but he failed to show them the p. to that real home

118:10.16 is following the p. of Supremacy to the attainment of

140:6.9 may return to the less rigorous p. of discipleship.”

144:5.34 Guide us ever upward in the p. of light; Justify us

144:5.43 Show us the p. of eternal progress And give us the

144:5.62 And lead us moment by moment in the p. of loving

146:2.14 that the prayer for divine guidance over the p. of

159:3.13 shall by so doing enter upon the sure p. to trouble.

182:1.17 I am the p. of infinite perfection.


2:6.9 universal tendency to love, show mercy, manifest p.,

8:4.1 spirit offspring show forth the combined mercy, p.

9:1.8 Spirit is superbly endowed with those attributes of p.

15:14.2 by mercy and power rules as conditioned by p.,

21:5.7 When the provisions of mercy and nameless p.

39:4.12 These seraphim teach the fruitfulness of p.: That

54:4.7 from this technique of p. in dealing with sinful rebels.

54:5.4 P. cannot function independently of time.

68:5.11 association with plants instills p., quiet, and peace.

76:5.6 in the times of Abraham, who, with the power, p.,

76:5.7 the matchless love, mercy, and p. of the Father.

84:7.28 children learn those lessons of p., altruism,

91:6.2 an irritable, complaining invalid into a paragon of p.

94:6.6 the will of God is eternal in p. and eternal in the

99:7.3 religion joins p. with passion, insight to zeal, ideals

100:6.4 always characterized by increasing p., forbearance,

100:7.14 His courage was equaled only by his p..

112:5.8 but they do claim to, and actually do, manifest p.,

118:1.6 P. is exercised by those mortals whose time units are

118:1.6 true maturity transcends p. by a forbearance born of

119:0.6 practical mercy, fair judgment, and the p. born of

119:3.5 I do not have permission to narrate the p., fortitude,

127:3.15 Jesus’ untiring p., enabled him serenely to endure the

128:6.8 Jude never forgot the p. and forbearance his brother

128:7.4 When their p. would be severely tried, Jesus would

135:5.2 God’s p. with the gentile foreigners was about

139:12.5 required tact, ability, and p., as well as painstaking

140:5.11 It embraces p. and forbearance and is motivated by

140:8.13 purpose in all social situations to teach p., tolerance,

141:3.4 associated with his personality—p., tenderness,

142:7.11 Real families are built upon tolerance, p., forgiveness

144:5.64 Even as we show forth your p. to our children.

144:5.67 Bestow upon us your p. and loving-kindness

146:3.1 Jesus listened with p. and sympathy to this Greek

149:2.13 They marveled at his p. in dealing with backward

151:1.4 Jesus answered: “In p. have I instructed you all

159:1.3 go to him and with tact and p. show him his fault.

159:1.4 ‘Lord, have a little more p. with me, and I will pay

159:1.5 ‘Only have p. with me, and I will presently pay

173:4.2 And still, in p. and with forbearance, he dispatched

181:2.15 ministry be long or short, possess your soul in p..

186:2.10 love for ignorant mortals is fully disclosed by his p.

187:3.2 held their peace while they witnessed Jesus’ great p.

192:2.8 Pray for tranquillity of spirit and cultivate p..


70:2.1 war sometimes kills the p., destroys the society.

90:4.4 howling, laying on of hands, breathing on the p.,

156:0.1 home of a well-to-do woman who had been a p. in

patientadjective; see patient, be

6:4.9 the Son is just as kind and considerate, just as p. and

6:8.4 and through the p. ministry of the Infinite Spirit.

8:3.7 Only by the p. ministry of the Spirit are the beings of

28:6.7 the p. personalities of the Third Source and Center.

28:6.8 in being first just, next fair, then p., then kind.

31:3.7 as well as merciful and p., administration of all the

35:4.1 Much of this training is conducted by the p. and wise

38:9.13 midwayers will be duly rewarded for their p. ministry

46:8.4 The Supreme Rulers are merciful and p., but the law

48:1.5 these p. and skillful Morontia Power Supervisors

48:3.13 will be your efficient interpreters and p. translators.

48:5.7 under the tutelage of these faithful and p. teachers.

65:5.3 and behooves mortal minds to enlist in p. waiting

69:2.7 the success which accrued from p. practice was

70:8.18 intelligent, wise, and p. manipulation of these factors

75:1.6 with success had they been more farseeing and p..

75:8.4 had they been more p., they would have met with

91:5.7 minds of greater spiritual illumination should be p.

97:8.3 too much for even the p. and long-suffering Jews.

110:1.2 they are the p. teachers who so constantly urge their

110:7.7 Adjusters must be p. through the long years of silent

110:7.10 not to deprive me of the reward of my p. struggle.

124:5.6 a wise, p., understanding, and effective teacher

131:8.3 The heavenly Reason is slow and p. in his designs

139:5.7 he was p. with him and considerate of his inability

139:11.4 transformation, but Jesus was always p. with Simon.

140:8.20 “Fear not” was his watchword, and p. endurance

158:7.8 Jesus had always been p. with their shortcomings,

159:3.9 that I am not only p. with their frailties, but that I

178:1.14 are to be p. in your intercourse with ignorant men,

186:2.2 His conduct exemplified the p. submission of the

patient, be

65:3.7 Be p.! If you have good ideas, if your minds are

128:7.4 severely tried, Jesus would only counsel: “Be p..

137:6.3 said: “Be p. and you shall see the glory of God;

137:6.5 Be p., be gentle.

137:7.3 But Jesus’ reply to Peter ever was: “Be p., Simon.

141:6.4 Do not strive with men—always be p..

144:5.20 Be p. with us as we show loving-kindness to our

144:5.63 Be you ever and unfailingly p. with us

152:5.3 Be p., wait upon the Lord and be of good courage.

153:2.11 Jesus stood up and said: “Let us be p.; the truth

176:1.1 Be p.!

181:2.25 Be p and of good courage since you have the eternal

195:5.10 Be p.!

195:9.1 But be p.!


1:6.3 better concepts of the divine personality have p. to

2:5.5 —the Adjuster who so p. awaits the hour when you

32:4.11 the Mystery Monitors of time, who so p. indwell the

39:8.4 All others must p. await the arrival of the Paradise

48:6.28 who so p. teach the mansion world students and

66:6.5 Always they p. worked to uplift and advance the

66:8.2 both Lucifer and Caligastia had been p. instructed

110:7.6 the Adjuster must p. await the arrival of death

110:7.10 more p. go through the trials of my selection,

110:7.10 Circle by circle I have p. ascended this human mind,

111:7.2 The divine indweller can only p. forbear while you

117:6.25 find him slowly and p. as a river quietly wears away

139:5.5 as Jesus so p. listened to Philip’s foolish questions

143:5.6 therefore Jesus dealt p. with her, saying: “Woman,

145:5.10 Jesus listened to them p., but he would not consent

157:0.1 summoning reinforcements, waited p. for Jesus’

159:5.10 Jesus never exhorted his followers p. to bear their

181:2.18 while you p. await the arrival of the new teacher,

183:1.1 fact that Jesus, in p. submitting to all this suffering

189:0.3 such phenomena, they waited p. for developments.


132:4.5 Greek physician, telling him that his p. had minds

148:2.2 Jesus’ ministry in behalf of Elman’s p. did, indeed,


139:4.13 was banished to the Isle of P. for a period of four

139:4.14 in exile on P., John wrote the Book of Revelation,


139:1.12 was finally apprehended and crucified in P. in Achaia


122:1.1 the days of Abraham and through this venerable p.


70:5.2 the oligarchy of age gradually grew into the p. idea.

70:6.2 When a p. kinglet became a real king, he was called

84:3.1 a new system of mores, the p. type of family life;

84:3.1 the stage of the autocratic authority of a p. order.

84:7.29 Andites did not maintain the p. or autocratic form of


84:3.2 The Hebrew p. were all herdsmen, as is witnessed


128:6.5 too much for the young p., and before Jesus could