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anot included


77:6.4 They are designated as A. the first, second, third,

Aaronthe brother of Moses

135:0.4 being a descendant of the “daughters of A..”

146:1.1 of the great sermons on “A. and the Golden Calf.”

Aaronstone mason healed by Jesus

148:9.2 and having talked with A. the stone mason, who had


162:1.7 His enemies were so taken a. by Jesus’ unexpected

173:1.10 so taken a. by this unexpected move of their Master

Abaddonthe chief of Caligastias staff

53:1.5 A. was the chief of the staff of Caligastia.

53:1.5 He followed his master into rebellion and has ever


84:8.4 real danger in curiosity, adventure, and pleasure-a.

134:9.4 the lighthearted and joyous a. of the young and old.


64:6.14 The yellow tribes were the first to a. the chase,

78:7.3 to a. the effort, to let the whole world drown in its

81:1.3 to compel Eurasian man to a. hunting for herding

87:5.14 Slow, very slow, is man to a. those methods he so

89:6.2 among the first to a. the sacrificing of humans for

93:6.1 persuaded Abraham to a. his scheme of conquest and

96:1.12 They were hardly willing to a. their national deities

97:8.3 Amos had threatened that God would a. Israel

98:3.9 Cynics, who exhorted the Romans to a. their wild

102:6.10 the more will he a. the theories of materialistic fact

131:4.8 They a. themselves to the enjoyment of their lusts

132:7.4 peoples never will enter this harbor unless they a.

158:7.3 you will not a. the idea that the Messiah must sit

170:2.11 to a. the use of the term kingdom of God in favor of

172:5.12 Judas had about made up his mind to a. the idea of

176:2.9 Judas had finally confirmed his decision to a. his

177:4.5 Judas arrived at the final decision to a. Jesus and

184:1.2 attempt to persuade Jesus to a. his claims and leave

188:4.8 a. all those primitive notions about God as an

188:5.5 have been tempted to a. the good fight of faith,


48:7.21 19. Anxiety must be a..

62:4.4 They largely a. tree life, though continuing to

68:4.6 but no civilization has endured which a. its mores

70:2.9 like slavery, war must sometime be a. as civilization

72:9.6 the territorial method of voting was a. in favor of the

74:5.7 Adam a. all effort to establish representative

84:7.8 Andon and his descendants having been a. long

91:8.8 Many have a. regular praying; they only pray when

93:9.2 Hebron he had a. when he gave up the ambition of

95:5.4 changed his name, a. his capital, built an entirely

132:1.3 a civilization which has a. its sense of moral values

134:5.13 through the arbitrament of war, they have a. all

134:5.14 The forty-eight states, having a. the twin sophistries

134:6.5 have surrendered their sovereignty and have a. all

168:0.5 Mary was a. to her grief, but Martha clung to hope

170:2.24 that they had largely a. the use of the term.

171:1.3 understood that the camp at Pella had been a., but


63:2.5 to climb a near-by tree to secure an a. bird’s nest.

90:2.8 recently a. practice throughout much of the world.

112:3.2 seraphim concerned with that Adjuster-a. individual.

151:6.2 roamed at will among the tombs and a. sepulchres.


124:5.6 would insure the a. of all such plans by causing Jesus

160:1.7 envy, or the a. of deep-seated prejudices,

160:1.13 Prejudice can be eliminated only by the a. of self-


30:1.44 1. A..

30:2.122 6. The Superuniverse A..

37:9.12 the a., the creation of the unrevealed agents of the

40:10.4 evolutionary complements of the a. and of the

43:7.4 the Uversa a. can equal the univitatia in artistic skill,

55:6.6 I have visited a few very old planets where a. were


62:2.3 possessing a sense of self-a. bordering on shame

110:3.4 mock piety, or hypocritical and ostentatious self-a.;

131:7.2 endured such a. even that man should not forget


188:0.3 sandstorm having a., a group of Jews representing


94:10.2 Their hierarchy embraces monks, nuns, a., and the


30:0.1 and an a. of the Uversa Personality Register.


67:2.1 demanded that all administrative groups a. by

70:2.1 thrown back into savagery; civilized reason had to a.

72:1.4 He volunteered to a. upon condition that one of the


7:5.9 the Eternal Son of God seven times a. the power

128:7.13 solemnly a. as head of Joseph’s house, and most


103:7.7 reason a. or else rapidly degenerates into a consort


130:3.9 Alexandria this famous Hellenistic Jew lay sick a..

AbelAdam and Eves first child in the second garden

76:2.0 2. CAIN AND ABEL

76:2.1 Less than two years after Cain’s birth, A. was born,

76:2.1 When A. grew up to the age of twelve years, he

76:2.1 he elected to be a herder; Cain had chosen to follow

76:2.2 Cain and A. likewise made periodic offerings to the

76:2.2 A. was not slow to note that preference was shown

76:2.2 this A. would not allow, and he taunted his brother

76:2.4 A. knew he was the son of both Adam and Eve

76:2.5 one day, when A.’ taunts so infuriated his brother

76:2.6 The observation of A.’ conduct establishes the

76:2.6 A. had an ideal inheritance, and heredity lies at the

76:2.6 A. was greatly influenced by his unfavorable

76:2.6 He would have become an entirely different person

76:2.6 had he lived to be twenty-five or thirty; his superb

76:2.7 The death of A. became known to his parents when

81:1.4 Even in the days of Cain and A. the sacrifices of

86:5.15 The “crying out of A.’ blood from the ground” is


102:2.9 A. of religious conviction have led to bloody

112:3.3 adjutant ministry are disrupted through the a. of


105:3.7 Static, reactive, and a.;the unrevealed cosmic infinity

106:7.9 the a. possibilities of all futurity, and more.


87:7.9 eschew superstition, and a. ignorance, while as

148:6.3 where Job could sincerely say, ‘I a. myself’;


69:5.12 Poverty became so a. that only the rich were

133:3.6 Jesus a. everything which partook of uncleanness

159:5.11 Jesus a. the idea either of retaliation or of becoming

166:1.2 that Jesus a. these purely ceremonial performances;


139:1.10 grew out of Andrew’s a. of flattery and insincerity.


149:6.11 My Father loathes hypocrisy, and a. iniquity.

165:4.8 read in the Psalms that ‘the Lord a. the covetous,’

abidesee abide by; abide in; abide with

4:1.4 the Most High shall a. under the shadow of the

43:3.4 the Most High shall a. under the shadow of the

89:3.6 and widows, it is good for them to a. even as I.”

131:1.9 then shall you a. free from fear throughout all the

131:2.10 the Most High shall a. under the shadow of the

131:4.2 creatures, the power whereby you a. immanent!

146:3.7 he who surrenders to the will of my Father shall a.

147:7.3 Said Jesus: “That which is old and also true must a..

152:5.3 the Most High shall a. under the shadow of the

158:1.9 If you are willing, let us a. here, and we will erect

162:7.2 the bondservant is not likely to a. forever in the

163:1.3 If those who love peace live therein, you shall a.

163:4.6 a headquarters proves to be a worthy home, a. there

165:3.2 Pharisees are honest of heart and some of them a.

171:6.1 and Jesus was minded to a. there for the night.

171:6.1 come down, for tonight I must a. at your house.”

171:8.1 Jesus and the apostles were going to a. that night on

174:5.13 You have believed that the Deliverer would a. on

193:5.2 dwell with you, and my peace shall a. upon you.

abide by

1:1.2 man can give to God except this choosing to a. by

101:9.5 duty demands that man shall a. by in the day-by-day

124:1.4 that Jesus would a. by the decision of his father in

133:1.5 does, we will have to a. by the Father’s will.”

136:9.3 Jesus would a. by the Father’s will.

137:2.5 Philip decided to a. by Jesus’ decision in this matter;

140:3.1 you will be obligated to a. by those teachings and

147:4.1 I do not fully discern how we can always a. by

166:4.11 man’s willingness always to a. by the Father’s will.”

abide in

131:1.3 the resplendent face of the Supreme would a. in

131:8.6 If you a. in the light of the Eternal, you shall enjoy

162:7.2 “If my words a. in you and you are minded to do

162:7.2 the bondservant is not likely to a. forever in the

171:6.2 but the great Teacher has come to a. in my house;

174:5.7 believe my teaching shall no longer a. in darkness.

180:2.1 You must a. in me, and I in you; the branch will

180:2.1 the fruits of loving service except you a. in me.

180:2.1 If you a. in me and my words live in you, you will

180:2.2 If you do as I have taught you, you shall a. in my

180:2.2 the Father’s word and evermore a. in his love.”

181:1.5 send the new teacher to be with you and to a. in

193:2.2 and my Spirit of Truth shall a. in your hearts.

abide with

43:8.6 2. A. joyfully and co-operate heartily with ten

43:8.12 two mortals a. with each native group of ten,

123:2.1 there came to a. with Jesus a Thought Adjuster,

133:9.4 may the blessing of the Father in heaven ever a.

140:9.3 And my Father’s presence will a. with you while

171:6.2 surprised that Jesus would consent to a. with the

180:4.1 this gift in your hearts, and he will a. with you.

181:2.10 In all of your discouragement my spirit shall a.

190:5.5 they constrained Jesus to come in and a. with them.


4:1.3 you have established the earth and it a..”

12:7.13 The Father indeed a. on Paradise, but his divine

24:4.1 and their reserve corps a. on Paradise.

93:9.11 made like a Son of God, he a. a priest continually.”

131:4.2 Our God is supreme in power and a. in the

131:9.3 it is the manifestation of Heaven who a. with me.

150:4.3 truly peace a. in that house; but when some of the

174:5.8 wheat falls into the earth and dies, it a. alone; but if

177:0.1 Make sure that the truth a. in your lives, and that

180:2.1 the branch cannot bear fruit except it a. in the vine,

180:3.9 My Father a. in me and works through me.


3:4.5 Even though I hail from near the a. place of Deity, I

11:0.1 the a. place of the Universal Father, the Eternal

11:9.7 will come forth from this central a. place of the Gods

15:10.2 The superuniverse headquarters are the a. places of

21:2.2 The Infinite Spirit, though a. with the Father and the

48:4.5 humor derives from the deep-seated and a. ability to

66:3.2 would evolve into a peace-loving, home-a. farmer.

75:6.4 of their children even before finding a new a. place!

83:3.1 they thought that a. unions must be guaranteed by

86:5.12 A person could be a law-a. citizen by day, but when

113:2.5 The angels develop an a. affection for their human

135:11.2 And these words which I speak are true and a..”

136:3.7 Many times they were not far from Jesus’ a. place,

142:5.2 uncertainty about their place of a. love in your

156:2.4 that the universe is wholly and ever law-a. and

157:6.10 shall be endowed with life that is more than age-a..”

190:0.4 A. faith in the resurrection of Jesus was the cardinal


138:9.3 Jotapata, Ramah, Safed, Gischala, Gadara, and A..

144:7.1 the Decapolis, chiefly in Scythopolis, Gerasa, A.,

159:0.2 labored in Gerasa, Gamala, Hippos, Zaphon, A.,

159:4.1 And then went Jesus over to A., where Nathaniel


5:1.4 may differ in innate a. and intellectual endowment

27:7.5 exalting the a. of self-expression and the

28:6.14 essay to read character and to estimate specific a.,

70:5.7 because of physique or outstanding personal a..

77:8.10 Midwayers vary greatly in their a. to make contact

84:5.7 Man’s physical a. became no longer a vital essential

133:0.3 differential human a. and endowments in matters

136:6.9 sin of prostituting divine talents and God-given a. for

139:1.6 seemed to be in the least jealous of each other’s a.

171:8.10 the accomplishment of that which is beyond your a..

176:3.4 he intrusted his goods according to their several a.;

177:4.4 not appreciated; that Judas’s a. were unrecognized

abilitysee abilitywith to

3:1.1 The a. of the Father to be everywhere present,

5:5.14 The a. of mortal parents to procreate is not

13:1.20 The a. of seraphim and allied spirit beings to envelop

16:7.6 such choosing a. is evidence of the possession of a

22:3.1 mortals who have superior administrative a. and

22:3.1 They are the cream of governing a. derived from the

23:4.1 who foster the a. of such beings to understand and

29:4.21 Master Physical Controllers function by inherent a.

35:8.2 teachers and examiners according to a., personality,

35:8.15 In executive a. they are excelled only by Gabriel

36:5.10 a. of will creatures to harmonize with their fellows;

39:0.10 augment their divine and inherent endowment of a.

39:4.1 by nature endowed with unusual administrative a..

42:11.3 depends entirely on the a., scope, and capacity of the

42:12.1 The a. of the mortal intellect to conceive, design,

44:5.3 the specialists who promote the a. of the morontia

44:8.2 are three possible sources of special human a.: At

44:8.2 Special a. is never an arbitrary gift of the Gods;

44:8.2 In addition to this natural a., there may be

44:8.3 No matter how lowly your origin, if you have a. and

44:8.3 the Gods do not arbitrarily bestow talents and a.

50:4.10 to the best of their a., are there establishing new

51:5.6 Following this procreative outpouring of imported a.

54:4.8 This ends the a. of Satan to pay further visits to any

59:1.19 The a. of the latter group to subsist on inorganic

63:4.8 strains of a. and intelligence were forever lost to the

65:2.3 plants which have lost their chlorophyll-making a.

65:6.3 was the development of chlorophyll-making a.,

65:6.4 the a. of the iron in the circulating blood cells to

65:6.7 The a. of animals to adapt themselves to air, water,

66:6.1 the rate of cultural expansion is determined by the a.

70:8.4 2. Personal—the recognition of a., endurance, skill,

70:12.2 system wherein leadership is based on a., but in

70:12.5 only those who are endowed with natural a. should

71:8.6 The a. of the citizenry to control the levying of taxes.

72:11.1 seven ranks, in accordance with a. and experience,

76:0.2 Sansa grew up to be a woman of great a..

78:6.8 barbarians who drove out the residual strains of a..

81:5.1 but the Adamic blood did augment the inherent a. of

81:6.30 And this diversification of a. and dissimilarity of

83:5.14 The number of wives was only limited by the a. of

84:5.8 woman’s value consisted in her food-producing a.,

93:0.1 The a. of the Melchizedek Sons to function in

95:5.3 Ikhnaton possessed the versatility and a. of Moses,

100:4.6 if this is the limit of your a., then you are certainly

109:1.3 Mystery Monitor with experienced ministrative a..

109:1.4 They progressively acquire Adjuster skill and a. as a

110:6.5 add to the a. of the Adjuster to function in your mind

112:1.15 The a. and willingness of the organism to make

115:1.1 a. of all mind, high or low, to form a universe

115:3.1 comprehension of which is really beyond man’s a..

126:3.2 to the best of his a. Jesus endeavored to take the

126:3.8 Jesus had an unerring a. for the recognition of

136:6.10 Man’s natural endowment of talent and a. should be

139:1.2 peer of his associates in almost every imaginable a..

139:1.6 Andrew was never jealous of Peter’s oratorical a..

156:5.7 Leadership is dependent on natural a., discretion,

160:4.5 3. A. and skill.

160:4.7 5. A. to withstand defeat.

160:4.11 A. is that which you inherit, while skill is what you

160:4.11 A. implies the gift of foresight, farseeing vision.

161:1.7 forever settled the question regarding the a. of God

161:1.8 the requirements of the a. of intercommunication

171:8.10 1. A. is the practical measure of life’s opportunities.

abilitywith to

3:1.1 The a. of the Father to be everywhere present,

3:4.4 in no wise lessens God’s a. to function as a divine

5:5.14 The a. of mortal parents to procreate is not

6:5.3 does not deprive the Son of the a. to create any or

6:6.2 The equivalent of mind,the a. to know and be known

6:6.2 Deity is never mindless, never without the a. to

9:3.2 This a. to withstand the pull of material gravity,

12:4.6 of stellar evolution, but their a. so to function must

12:8.8 the a. to co-ordinate things, ideas, and values, is

13:1.20 The a. of seraphim and allied spirit beings to envelop

14:6.18 he could demonstrate the a. and willingness to serve

15:8.4 Universe Power Directors have the a. to condense

16:3.18 with the a. eventually to penetrate the Trinity, to

16:7.8 discrimination embodied in man’s a. to scrutinize

16:8.6 self-consciousness includes the a. to recognize the

16:9.7 innate other-awareness, this innate a. to recognize

16:9.13 the a. to recognize the reality of God as a personality

22:4.1 the a. to worship beyond the skill of all the sons and

23:2.12 that the Paradise Rulers lack either interest or a. to

23:3.4 It is wholly beyond my a. to explain to the material

23:4.1 who foster the a. of such beings to understand and

23:4.2 an amazing a. to co-ordinate all types and orders of

25:4.12 you have demonstrated your a. and your willingness

25:6.1 peculiar a. simultaneously to manipulate both

26:2.6 endowed with the a. to make suitable creative

26:3.4 A great a. to co-ordinate a diversity of activities

26:4.15 A. to comprehend is the mortal passport to Paradise

28:4.2 This a.—to hear and see, as it were, all things—can

28:5.12 transactions is beyond even my a. to comprehend.

28:6.7 drawing credits are always far in excess of your a. to

28:6.14 the limitations of your a. to discharge responsibility,

29:3.8 It is utterly beyond my a. to explain the manner in

32:3.6 lose the a. to see the Father when beholding the

36:5.10 a. of will creatures to harmonize with their fellows;

36:5.12 their inexplicable a. to survive and, in survival, to

36:5.15 Creature mind, before acquiring the a. to recognize

36:5.17 when mind is devoid of the a. to worship and crave

36:6.3 while creature a. to reproduce is the specific and

39:0.10 ministry does not necessarily imply a. to function on

41:2.5 the physical controllers, who are endowed with a. to

42:11.3 The a. to discern and discover mind in mechanisms

42:12.1 The a. of the mortal intellect to conceive, design,

43:8.7 Acquire the a. effectively to co-operate with your

43:8.9 perfect the a. to live in intimate contact with beings

43:8.10 augment universe insight by enhancing the a. to

44:0.17 The angels are endowed with the a. to discern both

44:0.18 will you retain the a. to recognize and fraternize

44:0.18 the a. to recognize your friends and fellows of

44:4.4 The a. to translate thought into language in the

44:5.3 the specialists who promote the a. of the morontia

48:4.5 humor derives from the abiding a. to draw upon the

54:0.2 beings are endowed with the a. to choose between

54:3.1 Man’s a. to choose good or evil is a universe

54:4.8 This ends the a. of Satan to pay further visits to any

54:6.9 The a. to decline survival does not date from the

55:3.20 with their special a. to accomplish some definite task

56:10.12 personal mind with a. to discriminate between good

58:6.5 evolved the a. to reduce the saltiness of their body

58:6.5 a. to maintain the proper degree of sodium chloride

59:1.19 The a. of the latter group to subsist on inorganic

62:6.2 a. to contact with the successively expanding brain

65:0.6 human will—the a. to know God and the power of

65:1.7 though they are shorn of all a. to organize—create—

65:4.3 When a living cell is injured, it possesses the a. to

65:6.4 the a. of the iron in the circulating blood cells to

65:6.7 The a. of animals to adapt themselves to air, water,

65:6.8 The a. to learn, memory and differential response to

65:7.6 The acquisition of the potential of the a. to learn

66:0.1 signifies that will, the a. to choose the path of eternal

66:6.1 the rate of cultural expansion is determined by the a.

69:0.1 man transcends his animal ancestors in his a. to

71:8.6 The a. of the citizenry to control the levying of taxes.

76:4.5 and Eve retained the a. to see these celestial beings

77:9.4 Although their a. to traverse the energy circuits

79:5.5 a marked a. to live peaceably with his compatriots;

82:3.6 tests embraced skill in hunting, fighting, and a. to

82:3.7 The qualifications of a wife were the a. to perform

82:5.1 individuals were more versatile and had greater a. to

83:5.14 The number of wives was only limited by the a. of

93:0.1 The a. of the Melchizedek Sons to function in

100:2.4 Spirituality enhances the a. to discover beauty in

103:4.2 by geometrical progression, while our a. to live up to

107:5.2 are possessed of unlimited a. to communicate with

108:2.2 wisdom function by exhibiting the a. to choose

108:4.4 the Adjusters and their a. to communicate with any

110:6.5 add to the a. of the Adjuster to function in your mind

111:6.9 Man’s a. to transcend himself is the one thing which

112:1.15 The a. and willingness of the organism to make

112:3.7 There can be no a. to engage in communications

115:1.1 a. of all mind, high or low, to form a universe

127:3.15 Jesus possessed the a. effectively to mobilize all his

130:8.4 the man lacked the a. to respond to spirit leading.

132:2.6 The a. to entertain error or experience evil will not

133:6.5 spiritual attainment, the a. to know God and the

134:4.9 are tempted to try out their a. to gain power and

139:3.4 feature of James’s personality was his a. to see all

139:5.5 the absence of the a. to put two and two together to

139:7.1 gifted with the a. to make friends and to get along

139:9.11 The twins had not the a. to go on in the complex

139:12.5 It required tact, a., and patience to manage the

142:7.17 Thomas, how long before you will acquire the a. to

151:2.3 varying degrees of a. to comprehend truth and

151:2.5 I admire their a. to do these things, but I am equally

151:2.5 with our a. fully to grasp the great truth which you

155:6.12 grow in the a. to feel the presence of God.

156:5.17 character is your a. to resist the holding of grudges

160:2.3 It is this a. to communicate and share meanings that

160:2.3 wisdom become cumulative because of man’s a. to

160:4.7 5. A. to withstand defeat.

161:1.7 forever settled the question regarding the a. of God

193:4.3 slowly developed the a. to confide in their fellows.

Abimelechking of the Philistines

93:9.3 Abraham’s identity so that A. appropriated his wife.

93:9.4 he made converts among the Philistines and of A.’

126:1.2 himself the traditions of Abraham, Jacob, and A..

Abiramfoundation sacrifice

89:6.6 walls of Jericho, “laid the foundation thereof in A.,


54:1.5 garments of liberty is the forerunner of a. bondage.

66:7.20 by the horrible confusion and a. spiritual darkness

67:1.5 sin, a. spiritual poverty; but iniquity is indicative of

75:1.3 a world groping about in a. spiritual darkness and

84:4.2 power over man, even when held by him in a. slavery

87:0.2 this picture of man’s a. slavery to ghost-spirit fear.

94:5.7 measure of freedom from the a. fear of the gods,

130:6.3 your being, as you have been, its a. fear-slave and


94:9.3 Brahmanized and later a. surrendered to Islam,

99:1.5 lower social orders are no longer so a. ignorant nor

ablenon-exhaustive; see able-bodied

22:5.5 several billion seconaphim and other a. superuniverse

25:4.18 The Melchizedeks are provided with an a. corps.

33:4.6 He has at his command an a. corps of assistants,

35:8.15 are the most a. and versatile of all local universe

39:3.1 These a. ministers make their headquarters on the

39:4.1 They are the a assistants of the directors of the lower

39:4.2 These a. seraphim are the immediate assistants of a

48:5.9 understanding instructors, a. and efficient guides.

53:0.1 one hundred most a. and brilliant personalities in

53:2.2 months to corrupt the mind of Lucifer’s a. associate.

63:4.8 best elements of the more a. and advanced groups.

64:6.8 built on the American continent by these a. red men.

64:6.17 The green race was one of the less a. groups of men,

66:5.2 the human species were fostered by this a. corps.

66:5.4 This a. corps was directed by Bon.

67:2.2 a. jurist branded the proposed course of Caligastia

73:1.6 the Sangik races and had left behind an a. progeny.

75:3.3 Serapatatia became one of the most a. and efficient

77:4.1 times of Adam the Nodites were still an a. people.

78:6.4 The majority of the a. offspring of this racial union

78:8.6 to prize these peace-loving Sumerians as a. teachers

79:7.3 enough to mildly stimulate their innately a. minds but

80:4.3 the a., aggressive Andites who made actual military

80:7.12 of the more a. and advanced families fled to Crete,

81:6.42 Civilization is never really jeopardized until a.

83:5.14 Wealthy, a. men wanted large numbers of children

90:1.4 self-deceived; many were shrewd and a. tricksters.

121:3.9 the open door through which talented and a.

123:6.5 extraordinary interpretations and a. improvisations.

132:4.5 led this a. doctor to attempt a more far-reaching

137:1.2 a very a. and enthusiastic brother, named Simon,

137:1.3 the thought of losing two of John’s a. advisers and

139:2.14 Peter’s wife was a very a. woman.

139:3.2 This a. apostle was a temperamental contradiction;

139:5.4 Philip’s father was a very a. man, a deep thinker,

139:8.5 Thomas was an a. director of the work of the

139:11.1 Simon was an a. man of good ancestry and lived

139:12.5 Judas was a great executive, a farseeing and a.

171:0.5 James and John answered, “Yes Master, we are a..”

194:4.11 These a. Greeks did not so much have the Jewish


55:3.2 Every adult worker—and all a. citizens worked at

69:8.11 All a. persons should be compelled to do at least a

72:5.11 a. citizens over eighteen work at home and on farms,

81:6.32 charity becomes pernicious when extended to a.


139:1.2 line of ancestors and was the a. man of the twelve.


104:0.2 and the ghost is placated by three a. of water.

ablysee ably assisted by

28:5.13 these wise men of the universes are a. seconded by

48:4.2 are skillful play sponsors, and they are most a.

53:7.2 The Melchizedeks a. opposed the apostate Prince,

77:8.13 this secondary group, a. seconded by certain of

ably assisted by

22:9.3 and are a. a corps of ascendant Son-fused mortals.

24:1.12 are a. numerous staffs composed of personalities

25:7.1 skillful play sponsors and a. the reversion directors.

33:3.3 Son is always and ever perfectly sustained and a.

34:4.12 currents and are a. the first functioning mind-spirit,

46:5.13 Daynals are a. a division of certain co-ordinates of

48:5.1 existence the seraphim is a. cherubim and sanobim

53:6.4 the Melchizedeks, a. a majority of the Material Sons,

63:3.5 of the clan and was a. his wife, his eldest sister.

114:0.3 The angels, a. the midwayers, function on Urantia as


89:4.1 rituals of self-a., asceticism, fasting, deprivation,

108:4.1 this act of a. in behalf of the Supreme Creator

121:6.3 the philosophy of Plato and the self-a. doctrines of

Abnerchief of John the Baptists supporters

134:6.15 Cymboyton’s eldest son had appealed to A. at

134:6.15 but A.’ choice of teachers was most unfortunate in

135:2.4 But John was very fond of A., the leader and head

142:8.1 Jesus and A. spent at Engedi, visiting the Nazarite

142:8.1 and A. had been head of this group.

144:6.1 John had done this in response to the urging of A.,

144:6.2 A. had assembled all of his associates at the Gilboa

144:6.3 Andrew and A. alternated in presiding over these

144:7.4 A., the chief of John’s apostles, became a devout

144:07 04 he was later on made the head of a group of seventy

144:8.6 After the messengers had conversed with A., they

144:8.6 by the words of Jesus and the message of A..

144:9.1 John’s body burial at Sebaste, the home of A..

146:3.9 A. was the associate of Andrew; and this plan

146:4.6 Andrew and A. had much difficulty in upholding

147:2.3 they celebrated the feast with A. and many of the

147:2.4 Under the direction of A. they remained in Jerusalem

147:5.10 baptized by A. and his associates, who remained

148:1.3 the material from which (excepting A. and John’s

148:8.1 and was baptized in the pool of Siloam by A..

150:0.1 A., with the apostles of John, reached Bethsaida

150:0.1 A. and his associates made their headquarters at

150:0.4 A. and his associates worked with the evangelistic

152:7.2 Jerusalem believers were brought out by A. to meet

156:6.7 surreptitiously to open their synagogues to A. and

159:6.4 About this time A. moved his base of operations

160:0.1 Jesus through the teaching of one of A.’ associates

162:0.4 Jesus spent a portion of October with A. and his

162:1.6 The efforts of A and his associates throughout Judea


162:9.1 Jesus was throughout this time working with A.

162:9.2 A. was making his headquarters at Bethlehem,

162:9.2 Jesus and A. completed the arrangements for the

162:9.3 at Bethlehem Jesus gave much instruction to A.

162:9.3 finally and fully won over each of A.’ associates

162:9.4 A. and his associates were to join Jesus and the

162:9.5 A. and his eleven fellows cast their lot with Jesus

163:0.1 A. and a group of some fifty disciples arrived from

163:1.1 A. was placed at the head of these gospel preachers

163:1.1 This corps of seventy consisted of A. and ten of the

163:1.5 Jesus began with A. and, as they knelt in a circle

163:1.6 A. sent the seventy messengers into all the cities of

163:2.1 This committee consisted of Andrew, A., and the

163:7.3 leadership of the enlarged women’s work under A.

165:0.1 A., the former chief of the twelve apostles of John

165:0.4 Under A.’ instructions the seventy baptized believers

165:1.3 only going out with Jesus to visit A.’ associates from

165:1.3 A. was very familiar with the Perean district since

165:1.3 A. and the seventy never returned to the Pella camp.

165:6.4 were working in these regions under A.’ supervision.

166:0.1 associates of A. and the members of the women’s

166:5.1 Jesus and the twelve were on their way to visit A.

166:5.1 A. was teaching three times a day in the synagogue.

166:5.3 A. became the head of the Philadelphia church,

166:5.3 explains why nothing is heard of A. and his work

166:5.3 lasted throughout the lifetimes of James and A.

166:5.4 It was the apparent misfortune of A to be at variance

166:5.4 He fell out with Peter and James (Jesus’ brother)

166:5.4 he parted company with Paul over differences of

166:5.4 A. was more Babylonian than Hellenic in his

166:5.4 he stubbornly resisted all attempts of Paul to remake

166:5.5 Thus was A. compelled to live a life of isolation.

166:5.5 A. was head of a church which was without standing

166:5.5 He had dared to defy James the Lord’s brother, who

166:5.5 Then he dared to withstand Paul.

166:5.5 Although he was wholly sympathetic with Paul in his

166:5.5 though he supported Paul in his contentions with the

166:5.5 he bitterly opposed the version of Jesus’ teachings

166:5.5 A. denounced Paul as the “clever corrupter of the

166:5.6 During the later years of A. and for some time

166:5.7 A. lived to be 89 years old, dying at Philadelphia on

166:5.7 And to the very end he was a faithful believer in the

167:1.1 Pharisee who had accepted the teachings of A.,

167:1.2 As Jesus lingered by the door, speaking with A.,

167:1.2 reserved for the Master and that on the right for A.,

167:1.3 A. washed his hands at the beginning of the meal but

167:1.4 having recently been baptized by A.’ associates.

167:2.3 A. preached on this parable that night at the general

167:3.1 A. had arranged for the Master to teach in the

167:3.6 many were baptized by A. at noon on that day in the

168:5.2 Lazarus knew A. well, and here he felt safe from the

168:5.3 a strong supporter of A. in his controversy with Paul

171:1.1 southern Perea, where A.’ associates were at work.

171:1.5 there, in association with A. and Lazarus, David

171:1.5 their center at Philadelphia during the lifetime of A.

171:3.2 Jesus met A. at Heshbon, and Andrew directed

171:3.2 Jesus counseled A. to permit the women’s corps

171:3.2 was the last time A. ever saw Jesus in the flesh.

171:3.2 Jesus’ farewell to A. was: “My son, I know you

174:4.4 was baptized by Josiah, one of the disciples of A..

178:2.4 bringing word that A. heard of the plot to kill Jesus

178:2.4 and asking if he should depart for Jerusalem.

178:2.4 with this word for A.: “Go on with your work.

181:2.18 devotion to the Greeks in the West and to A. in the

182:2.5 said: “In all haste, go to A. at Philadelphia and say:

191:4.1 at Philadelphia, where Jesus showed himself to A.

191:4.1 called by A. to discuss the crucifixion of Jesus and

191:4.2 in the synagogue was just being opened by A. and

191:4.2 where Jesus had appeared between A. and Lazarus,

193:6.4 going to Philadelphia to visit A. and Lazarus;

195:1.11 to follow the uncompromising attitude of A..


171:1.6 remained the center of the A. kingdom of heaven.

171:1.6 from Philadelphia the missionaries of the A.


52:2.11 has weeded out most of the a. and defective strains.

52:2.12 degenerated, unsalvable a. and inferior mortals.

84:4.5 Men have regarded women as peculiar, even a..

85:6.2 believed that such a. beings were indwelt by the gods

90:1.2 anything a. was ascribed to spirit possession,

100:5.9 carried their mental dissociation to the level of a.


103:2.1 are characterized by a “stormy labor” and other a. of


90:1.2 any striking mental or physical a. constituted


139:12.9 Judas grew a. suspicious of his best friends, even of


130:4.12 They rose early the next morning to go a. the boat

abode or central abode or eternal abode; see abodeverb

1:3.1 by Mystery Monitors dispatched from the ca. of his

5:0.1 as the Father can descend from his ea. in infinite

5:2.2 the Father, whether at the ca. or at some other place,

11:0.1 Paradise is a material sphere as well as a spiritual a.

11:0.2 The glory and spiritual splendor of the divine a. are

11:1.1 well-nigh circular, but not spherical, a. of the Deities.

11:1.2 everlastingly will dwell in this same central and ea..

11:1.4 directly back to the Father’s presence, to his ca..

11:9.8 that this perfect a. of the Father is the real and far-

13:1.4 Universal Father fraternize and function on this a..

13:1.7 this supernal a. which have not been revealed to

13:1.9 At this celestial a. may be found numerous orders of

14:2.7 drawn inward towards the a. of the Gods.

14:6.34 the a. of the personality presence of the Infinite Mind

21:4.5 unqualifiedly supreme in the universes of their a..

27:1.5 you awake to life everlasting on the shores of the ea.

27:7.7 the threefold fluctuation of the light of the Deity a.,

32:4.9 by one of the Seven Master Spirits of ca. and by the

39:8.3 1. To gain admission to the Paradise seraphic a. in a

43:3.3 spoke of their a. in the plural: “There is a river,

43:4.4 is modest in comparison with the ca. of the Most

45:5.1 The ca. of this wonderful sector is the chief temple

46:5.15 The Constellation Fathers take up their a. in this

46:5.16 The fifth circle is the a. of the Lanonandeks,

47:1.2 the great spirit a. located at the center of activities,

48:4.11 Beings indigenous to the ca. are incapable of

56:1.3 energy and pure spirit and in his supermaterial a..

62:3.1 in the treetop a. of a superior pair of these agile

62:3.7 They largely forsook the trees as places of a.,

70:7.7 thus be compelled to remain outside the men’s a.

73:4.1 their place of a. is often called the Garden of Eden

95:2.7 of the fixed stars, the supposed a. of the kings.

107:3.10 go out from that a. only by the will of the Father.

114:7.13 far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial a., but I

130:7.4 interior position outside of the fixed a. of Paradise.

131:4.2 is supreme in power and abides in the supreme a..

137:1.6 Jesus was asleep when they reached his a., but

154:7.2 did Jesus have even the semblance of a settled a..

168:1.14 believed that such a soul had gone on to the a. of

168:2.6 Adjuster of Lazarus, now in waiting, to resume a. in


67:1.2 his self-exaltation because he a. not in the truth.”

135:9.1 twenty-five or thirty who a. with him constantly),

189:4.2 Only these women a. in Joseph’s house, and they

190:1.9 David a. there in Bethany with Martha and Mary


11:0.1 creation of the Father is domiciled on material a.;

13:3.2 little concerning these pure-spirit a. which can be

13:4.6 The executive a. of the Seven Master Spirits are,

14:1.12 time required for the planetary a. of the first or

15:7.3 They are indeed heavenly a., and they increase in

18:3.6 The personal a. of each trio of the Ancients of Days

18:7.4 Their a. are indeed modest in comparison with the

25:6.4 Their permanent headquarters are in the circular a.

26:4.13 secured your entrance to the settled a. of eternity;

27:1.3 status in the timeless and spaceless a. of Paradise.

32:2.9 The organization of planetary a. is still progressing in

36:4.1 These a. are known as the system midsonite

44:3.2 those who construct and remodel the a. assigned

44:3.2 planning and creation of their morontia or spirit a..

44:3.3 who function in designing and assembling the a. of

46:5.33 are on Jerusem numerous additional designated a..

47:1.3 finaliters as they function in their headquarters a..

47:3.12 journey back and forth between their residential a.

48:1.2 worlds, but all fifty-six of the system transition a.,

48:3.15 you are permitted to make certain changes in the a.

62:3.9 began the construction of new treetop a. and new

63:5.5 clever in disguising their partially sheltered a.

66:7.3 over exemplary a. which they maintained as homes

167:7.6 death of the flesh and the new life in the spirit a..”

178:3.4 in my Father’s universe and in mine are many a.,

180:6.3 into all truth as you pass through the many a. in my

181:1.2 guide you through the many a. in the future life in


70:10.12 Hebrews were the first to a. the practice of paying


51:4.7 slavery is a. soon after the arrival of the imported


71:8.5 3. The a. of all forms of slavery and human bondage.

72:5.2 No problems have arisen out of the a. of slavery


146:2.3 the known and established laws of God is an a. to

146:2.3 the divine law, even his prayer shall be an a..”

147:5.9 Such sinful practices are an a. in the sight of God.”


61:7.4 six colored races mutated from the a. human stock.

76:2.4 the blue and red man and with the a. Andonic stock.

79:2.2 of the red and yellow races with the a. Andonites.

81:4.9 come the nearest to preserving the a. Andonic type.


61:6.3 the sole survivors of these Urantia a., the Eskimos,

63:4.3 of religion were already present in these Urantia a..

63:5.4 These a. of Urantia were not tree dwellers, though


64:7.18 drove these Eskimo descendants of the Urantia a.

78:1.5 These a. still held the northlands of the Eurasian

79:2.2 the so-called a. of India are hardly representative of

81:4.4 1. Andonic, Urantia a..

85:1.5 ignorant and superstitious a. believed that caves led


133:1.4 to mitigate the attack in case of my failure to a. it.


51:3.2 the fragmentary account of the a. development of

59:2.10 to four thousand tiny eyelets; others had a. eyes.

92:4.6 But the a. teachings of Adam were carried on by the

110:4.5 religion and strange “ism” has arisen from the a.,


68:6.9 Many races learned the technique of a., this practice

68:6.9 were virtually exterminated by the practice of both a.


60:3.21 as did the a. attempt to produce mammals during this

72:1.4 different orders of government—a. republics,

86:5.9 The savage looked upon sneezing as an a. attempt of

103:6.12 his a. attempts at metaphysics, man has attempted


25:3.7 universes which a. in differences and teem with

46:5.31 monumental memorials which a. in every place of

46:5.31 All the architectural worlds a. in crystals and the

48:1.3 worlds not only a. in the heavy metals and crystals,


57:7.8 the various metals which a. in the superficial layers

73:3.5 surrounding the Garden a. in precious stones and


64:3.2 by forests, traversed by streams, and a. in game.

66:4.7 their residence in a warm region a. in fruits and nuts.

194:3.11 forgiveness, matchless good will, and a. love.


43:1.1 Edentia a. in fascinating highlands, elevations of

43:1.4 enhanced by the endless profusion of life which a.

49:3.2 section of Norlatiadek a. in meteoric space bodies;

aboutnon-exhaustive; see about

1:6.6 You can argue over opinions a. God, but experience

15:3.9 2. The circuit of your solar system a. the nucleus of

65:5.3 beings undoubtedly know exactly what they are a.;

68:4.4 the primitive savage was hedges a. by an endless

75:5.2 not beguiled; Adam knew exactly what he was a.;

92:6.18 The Christian religion is the religion a. the life and

94:12.7 not the gospel a. Jesus, but the living, spiritual reality

98:7.11 still valiantly portrays a beautiful religion a. Jesus

100:7.8 “He went a. doing good.”

101:4.7 The co-ordination of known or a.-to-be-known facts

102:7.1 you cannot be sure a. God unless you know him;

119:1.2 That which I am a. to do, you cannot do.

120:3.11 the safekeeping of the Son of Man a.-to-be until he

134:5.1 the subsequent appearance of the religion a. Jesus

141:3.6 only meant well, but he went a. actually doing good.

149:2.4 teaching so completely a. the person of Jesus.

155:6.6 discovered God; he was not merely talking a. God.

159:5.10 he so lived himself in that “he went a. doing good.

161:2.9 Jesus goes a. doing good, for God seems to be in

169:4.3 You learn a. God from Jesus by observing the

171:1.6 version of the teachings of Jesus and a. Jesus

171:7.9 It was literally true, “He went a. doing good.”

178:1.15 a mere tradition a. me and the times in which we

187:1.7 Jesus thought little a. himself, only of the terrible

193:6.4 differed with Peter regarding preaching a. Jesus in

194:1.2 discovered that this story a. Jesus had great power

194:2.8 this new message a. Jesus carried along with it

194:2.9 the new teachings a. his person and resurrection

194:4.6 all men were attracted to their teachings a. Jesus.

194:4.10 during which the gospel a. Jesus spread rapidly.

194:4.13 the active teachers of the new religion a. Jesus,

195:4.4 of the religion of Jesus into a religion a. Jesus.

196:1.2 suddenly supplant the theologic religion a. Jesus.


103:8.2 but the discourse a. God, being intellectual and

128:4.6 would be tempted to formulate a religion a. Jesus

138:6.3 teachings which might subsequently spring up a.

138:6.3 Be not sidetracked into preaching a. me and a. my

138:6.3 a cult having to do with beliefs and teachings a.

170:1.17 kingdom became more and more a religion a. him.

170:5.19 In a short time the teaching of this story a. Jesus

192:4.8 religion of Jesus into a new form of religion a. Jesus.

194:0.7 how these men came to preach a new gospel a. Jesus

195:9.8 twentieth century—is not only a religion a. Jesus,

195:10.15 which has more and more become a religion a. Jesus

196:2.1 You may preach a religion a. Jesus, but, perforce,


120:3.11 I commit the safekeeping of the Son of Man a. until


101:4.7 2. The co-ordination of known or a. facts and

abovesee above all; see above sea level or water

1:6.6 but experience with God and in God exists a. and

3:1.1 God is simultaneously present “in heaven a. and on

3:6.3 the cosmic mind must be a. the levels of their

11:2.11 below nether Paradise; time just a. upper Paradise.

11:6.1 space which exist in the vast space reservoirs a. and

11:6.4 The unpervaded-space reservoirs extend vertically a.

11:7.7 galaxies swinging around Paradise, bounded a.

14:4.10 even personalities far a. the human level require a

15:10.2 thus ministering to the central universe a. and to the

21:3.14 that “higher beings,” those of origin on levels a. a

22:4.1 their name would be “Those a. Name and Number.”

25:4.13 the ministering spirits a. the status of cherubim are

28:4.2 are thus perfectly reflective of the authority a. and

28:4.9 the personal presence of the Master Spirits a. and of

28:4.10 by equating the Spirit voice-flash from a. and the

28:4.11 all orders of angels, including the supernaphim a.

28:5.8 wisdom of divinity from the universe a. and a flood

28:5.16 attuned to the superaphic harmony supervisors a.

34:7.7 live on spiritual planes far a. the conflicts produced

35:2.2 All orders of intelligent beings, superiors from a.

39:5.13 seraphim moves into a horizontal position a. the

40:10.5 but this does not mean that they are preferred a. their

42:5.1 Thirty-two octaves a. the visible light of the sun

43:1.2 Spirit beings would naturally travel a. the surface of

43:4.6 saying: “I will exalt my throne a. the Sons of God;

45:3.5 controller of interned spirits a. the order of mortal

45:5.3 extending from divinity and perfection a. down to

46:5.18 All ex-mortals a. the status of Jerusem citizens and

50:1.2 the exaltation of their own minds over and a. the will

51:4.2 the red man stands far a. the indigo—black—race.

52:5.9 length of life, during this period, climbs well a. the

52:6.7 is that of applying spiritual pressure from a., thus

58:2.1 embracing wave lengths ranging both a. and below

58:2.2 ten miles a. the surface of the earth, and which

58:2.6 A. this region is the inner ionosphere and next a.

58:2.7 cyclones which whirl in opposite directions a. and

58:2.7 whirl in opposite directions when occurring a. or

58:5.1 the center it is slightly a. the surface temperature of

58:5.7 pressure of a continental mass 15,000 feet a. the

59:1.15 Only certain parts of North America remained a.

59:2.2 only coastal highlands remained a. these shallow

59:3.1 The land was not elevated far a. the sea so that not

59:3.6 and all of this was subsequently elevated high a.

59:5.20 this section has ever since remained a. the sea.

59:6.4 eastern part of North America was high a. the sea;

60:3.11 The lava flows, both a. and below ground, were

61:3.8 highlands appearing as islands a. this ancient sea.

63:1.4 the Primates tribes implies a quality of mind far a.

64:5.3 These Sangik children were not only intelligent a.

68:3.3 which rises far a. even the struggles to maintain

68:6.11 tasks requiring intelligence a. the animal level but

69:8.4 they were far a. those of the surrounding tribes.

69:9.10 charms, such property being valued a. necessities.

72:7.9 standard of living on this continent, which is far a.

77:8.10 their abilities to make contact with the seraphim a.

78:1.9 and black—maintained a culture slightly a. that of the

78:2.3 The cultural status of the Adamites were far a. the

79:3.5 religious status of the inhabitants of India was far a.

81:3.3 olden cities rose a. the surrounding ground quickly

82:1.7 putting race perpetuation high a. individual ease

82:2.3 Free love has never been in good standing a. the

85:6.1 else on the face of the earth and in the heavens a.,

86:5.2 All primitive tribes, except those little a. animals,

88:2.5 or any likeness of anything that is in heaven a.,

92:5.5 in the heart of evolutionary man for help from a.

94:2.2 priests presume to exalt themselves a even their gods

95:2.9 the Egyptians had a religion far a. that of the

95:5.9 He had a Deity concept far a. that of the Hebrews,

96:5.3 the advances which Moses made over and a. the

97:1.4 the evolving God concept to ascend to heights a.

99:7.2 loyalty to a transcendent object, a goal beyond and a.

100:5.4 over and a. purely psychologic involvement.

104:2.1 the henotheistic exaltation of one god a. the many,

106:8.2 stagger the imagination of beings far a. the human

107:5.2 all forms of Monitors a. the first or virgin groups.

108:3.6 “Now to you, superiors far a. me, I come as one

111:1.5 and touches the spirit-morontia energy system a..

111:3.2 as the Adjuster, function a. the morontia level.

113:3.6 angelic personality, created but a little a. the level of

121:4.6 ennobling but were usually a. the common people.

122:5.5 Joseph and Mary were educated far a. the average

124:2.3 Jesus’ interest in study was somewhat a. the average

128:1.10 God with us, having a name a. every name and on

130:4.9 Only in degree does man possess mind a. the level

131:2.2 he is God; there is none beside him in heaven a. or

133:6.5 part of man which forever elevates him a. the level

134:4.9 some supersovereignty, some authority over and a.

135:3.3 John was never able to rise a. the confusion

135:11.2 down to the earth from heaven and is a. us all.

136:7.2 expecting a Messiah who would be a. natural law.

136:8.8 triumphantly put loyalty to his Father’s will a.

139:12.4 special trait about Jesus which Judas admired a.

139:12.4 Judas was never able to rise a. his Judean

141:5.3 you desire a. everything to do the will of the Father

141:7.12 Jesus always lived independent of, and a., all human

142:6.4 Nicodemus, except a man be born from a., he cannot

142:6.5 not marvel that I said you must be born from a..

142:6.7 If you would be led by this spirit from a., very

143:2.5 tell you that the human heart is deceitful a. all things

144:2.5 will change the just and righteous Father a..

145:2.6 that the natural human heart is deceitful a. all things

150:4.2 Remember that the disciple is hardly a. his master

151:6.5 by the swine herders from the highland a. them,

153:3.4 you dare to set up your own teachings a. the law

161:1.2 even as the Creator is a. and beyond the creature.”

161:2.7 he unquestionably lives on a spiritual plane far a. the

161:2.8 has never denied that he came from the Father a..

162:3.3 of setting himself up a. Moses and the Jewish law.

162:5.3 reject this light are from beneath; I am from a..

162:6.1 From the Father a. I bring to this world the water

165:5.2 progress in the spirit is far a. the need of raiment.

176:0.2 camp near Gethsemane located a short distance a.

177:4.4 over and a. all, just then, a new and dominating

178:0.1 the Master led them to a spot a short distance a.

181:2.21 “Nathaniel, you have learned to live a. prejudice and

185:7.2 no power over me except it were permitted from a.

187:1.2 to nail this notice to the top of the cross, just a. the

187:2.5 captain nailed the title up a. his head, and it read in

187:2.7 the captain was nailing the title a. the Master’s head.

189:1.5 a. the tomb, the seven personalities from Paradise

195:9.9 calling to the best there is in man to rise a. all these

196:3.28 Religion stands a. science, art, philosophy, ethics,

above all

3:5.4 is but “one God and Father of all, who is a. all and

79:8.7 a. all else, the process of social standardization and

80:3.7 Blue men had courage, but a. all they were artists;

84:7.19 They desire a. all else to have sons to officiate in the

93:9.9 with the view of exalting themselves a. all races as

93:9.9 other national leaders high up a. all other persons,

94:2.2 the Brahman caste sought to exalt themselves a. all

96:4.3 resolutely maintain that Yahweh was over and a.

96:5.4 You shall be prospered a. all people, and the Lord

97:1.9 despite the maintenance that Yahweh was a. all.

97:1.9 O Lord, and you are exalted as head a. all.”

139:3.8 Herod feared James a. all the other apostles.

166:4.4 these Galileans were not in any manner sinners a.

166:4.4 men who were thus destroyed were offenders a.

174:0.2 your spirit shall rise a. all that may come upon you

above sea level or water

57:8.15 until the continental mass of land emerged well aw..

57:8.22 of years before so much land again appeared aw..

58:5.6 masses, and this is what keeps the continents aw..

58:5.6 When the sea bottoms are extruded as., they are

59:2.5 quiet all over the world, with much land again aw..

59:4.4 270,000,000 years ago the continents were all aw..

59:4.4 In millions of years not so much land had been aw.

59:4.8 southeast of the Cincinnati Island remained well aw..

59:4.16 Much of North America was aw., and great volcanic

59:5.2 areas, including most of North America, were aw..

59:5.11 inundation, and most of the land was soon well aw..

60:1.6 most of Europe, and all of Asia are well aw..

60:1.8 The Pacific coast, usually aw. during the continental

60:3.2 period much of the continental land was up aw.,

60:3.4 American continent and part of Europe were aw..

60:4.4 These two peaks held their heads aw. during several

61:1.1 the land areas of the world were very generally aw.

61:1.12 Carpathians, Apennines, and Pyrenees being up aw.

64:1.1 of the arid Tibetan land elevations, 30,000 feet as.;

64:2.6 but three or four are still aw. on the English coast.

133:3.4 citadel which stood almost two thousand feet as..

134:8.1 6,000 feet as., where they built a stone container in

Abrahamconvert to Salem teachings of Melchizedek;

   see also children of Abraham

35:4.5 The Melchizedek who lived during the time of A.

35:4.5 the truth of his day and safely pass it on to A. and

43:5.17 the relations of this Most High observer to A. when

45:4.16 likeness of mortal flesh at Salem in the days of A..

51:3.9 Melchizedek, the “sage of Salem” in the days of A.

66:8.5 mortal incarnation of Melchizedek in the days of A.;

74:8.10 Moses endeavored to trace the lineage of A. back to

76:5.6 A., who, with the power, patience, and authority of

77:2.11 This may be observed in the Biblical genealogy of A.

78:7.3 in a better position to trace A. right back to one of

80:8.2 This strain was carried in A.’ ancestry and

82:5.4 the days of A., cousin marriages were obligatory;

82:5.4 A. himself married his half sister, but such unions

89:6.8 The spectacle of A. constrained to sacrifice his son

93:3.1 which was introduced by his later convert A.,

93:3.3 even A. rather regarded this symbol as standing

93:3.3 as he had been instructed that the three Most Highs

93:3.8 represented to A. as a God who would accept man

93:4.5 But A. did believe halfheartedly, and even that was

93:4.14 Even A. resorted to this barbarous practice after

93:4.14 the religious practices of his followers, even of A..

93:4.14 he simply did not feel quite at ease until he had

93:4.14 at ease until he had offered a conventional sacrifice.

93:4.16 during this time A. attended the Salem school three

93:4.16 He finally became a convert to the Salem teachings,


93:5.1 not a mistake to refer to A. as a chosen individual.

93:5.1 Melchizedek did lay upon A. the responsibility of

93:5.2 to receive the doctrine of Salem as was that of A..

93:5.3 receivers had been observing the ancestors of A.,

93:5.3 The children of Terah, the father of A., in every way

93:5.4 Nahor, A.’ brother, not having seen Melchizedek,

93:5.5 A few weeks after the death of A.’ father, Terah,

93:5.5 the Hittite, to extend this invitation to A. and Nahor:

93:5.5 but Lot, A.’ nephew, decided to go with his uncle to

93:5.6 A. and Lot chose a hilly fastness near the city where

93:5.6 From their stronghold in the hills A. and Lot made

93:5.7 A. and Lot journeyed to the valley of the Nile to

93:5.7 A. found a distant relative on the Egyptian throne,

93:5.7 he served as the commander of two very successful

93:5.7 he and his wife, Sarah, lived at court, and when

93:5.7 he was given a share of the spoils of his military

93:5.8 It required great determination for A. to forego the

93:5.8 Pharaoh urged A. to return to the execution of his

93:5.9 A. had kingly ambitions, and on the way back from

93:5.9 he laid before Lot his plan to subdue all Canaan and

93:5.10 A. began to mature his military projects.

93:5.10 He was soon recognized as the civil ruler of Salem

93:5.10 Melchizedek restrained A., who was fired with a zeal

93:5.11 Melchizedek was willing that A. should formulate a

93:5.11 A. going over to Hebron to establish his military

93:5.12 A.,because of his close connection with Melchizedek

93:5.12 they all revered Melchizedek and unduly feared A..

93:5.12 A. knew of this fear and only awaited an opportune

93:5.12 Upon hearing of this, A., at the head of his seven

93:5.12 His own bodyguard of 318 officered the army,

93:5.13 When Melchizedek heard of A.’ declaration of war,

93:5.13 caught up with his former disciple as he returned

93:5.13 A. insisted that the God of Salem had given him

93:5.13 The other ninety per cent he removed to his capital

93:5.14 After this battle of Siddim, A. became leader of a

93:5.14 His diplomatic dealings with the king of Sodom,

93:5.14 the fear in which he was so generally held, resulted in

93:5.14 A. was really well on the way to establishing a state


93:6.1 A. envisaged the conquest of all Canaan.

93:6.1 His determination was only weakened by the fact

93:6.1 A. had about decided to embark upon the enterprise

93:6.1 when the thought that he had no son to succeed him

93:6.1 He arranged another conference with Melchizedek;

93:6.1 the visible Son of God, persuaded A. to abandon his

93:6.2 Melchizedek explained to A the futility of contending

93:6.2 the descendants of A., meanwhile greatly increased,

93:6.3 And Melchizedek made a formal covenant with A. at

93:6.3 Said he to A.: “Look now up to the heavens and

93:6.3 A. believed Melchizedek, “and it was counted to

93:6.3 then Melchizedek told A. the story of the future

93:6.4 This covenant of Melchizedek with A. represents the

93:6.5 that Isaac, the son of A., was born in accordance

93:6.5 After the birth of Isaac, A. took a very solemn

93:6.5 covenant he changed his name from Abram to A..

93:6.6 Now A. had always so opposed circumcision that

93:6.6 that on this occasion he decided to solemnize the

93:6.7 real and public surrender of his personal ambitions

93:6.7 three celestial beings appeared to him on the plains

93:6.8 the reconciliation between A. and Melchizedek

93:6.8 A. again assumed the civil and military leadership

93:6.8 A. greatly improved the Salem temple and provided

93:6.8 He not only extended the tithing system but also

93:6.8 he also instituted many improved methods of

93:6.8 He did much to effect improvement of the herds

93:6.8 A. was a shrewd and efficient business man,

93:6.8 A. was a wealthy man for his day;

93:6.8 he was not overly pious, but he was thoroughly

93:6.8 but he was thoroughly sincere, and he did believe in

93:6.8 and he did believe in Machiventa Melchizedek.

93:8.1 before A.’ death to insure that the truth of the one

93:9.1 It was a great trial for A when Melchizedek suddenly

93:9.2 a sadness in the heart of A. that he never overcame.

93:9.2 Hebron he had abandoned when he gave up the

93:9.2 he departed from Salem, going south to live near his

93:9.3 A. became fearful and timid immediately after the

93:9.3 He withheld his identity upon arrival at Gerar,

93:9.3 A. one night had overheard a plot to murder him

93:9.3 all his life he feared that someone would kill him

93:9.4 But A. was not long to be deterred in his mission

93:9.4 Soon he made converts among the Philistines and of

93:9.4 Thus did A. become a great leader in Palestine.

93:9.4 He was held in reverence by all groups and honored

93:9.4 He was the spiritual leader of all the surrounding

93:9.4 During the closing years of his life he once more

93:9.4 he had worked in association with Melchizedek.

93:9.4 A.’ last act was to send trusty servants to the city

93:9.4 It had long been the custom of A.’ people to marry

93:9.4 And A. died confident in that faith in God which

93:9.4 faith in God which he had learned from Melchizedek

93:9.5 due to memory of Joseph’s great-grandfather A..

93:9.5 the later teachings of A. and Isaac, Joseph elected

93:9.7 describe as conversations between A. and God

93:9.7 in reality conferences between A. and Melchizedek.

93:9.7 The record of so many contacts of A. and Sarah with

93:9.8 Joseph are far more reliable than those about A.,

93:9.8 Keturah was not a wife of A.; like Hagar, she was

93:9.8 All of A.’ property went to Isaac, the son of Sarah,

93:9.8 A. was not so old as the records indicate, and his

93:9.9 edited all their records for the purpose of raising A.

93:9.9 preserving only the narrative of the meeting of A.

93:9.9 which they deemed reflected great honor upon A..

93:10.3 the progeny of A. through Isaac as intermarried with

94:0.1 Melchizedek’s covenant with A. was the pattern

94:7.5 missionaries about Melchizedek’s covenant with A.;

95:3.5 religious circumstances that made it easy for A.

95:7.3 treasured the traditions of Melchizedek, A., Moses,

96:0.3 is predicated upon the covenant between A. and

96:1.4 Semites, including the immediate descendants of A.,

96:2.3 after the days of Machiventa Melchizedek and A.

96:2.3 A. was not the racial father of all the Hebrews;

96:2.3 he was not even the progenitor of all the Bedouin

96:5.3 Without the teaching of Machiventa to A. and his

96:5.9 thousands of the collateral descendants of A.,

97:1.4 reiterated the Melchizedek covenant with A. and

109:6.4 served with Melchizedek in the days of A. and had

121:7.3 regarded as having been ordained by Father A.

122:1.1 the father of Jesus went back to the days of A. and

122:9.12 his holy covenant—The oath which he swore to A.

126:1.2 Gerizim and recount to himself the traditions of A.

127:3.3 Jesus and his brother discussed the traditions of A.,

130:3.4 revelations of Melchizedek and the covenant of A..

130:3.4 The Jews were the offspring of A. and occupied

130:8.2 I want to be a true son of A., but I cannot find God

133:9.2 interested in the history of Ur, the birthplace of A.,

135:6.7 Tell me not that A. is your father.

136:1.1 regarded their national history as beginning with A.

136:1.1 no matter whether he was called the “seed of A.

142:3.4 Father was proclaimed by Melchizedek to A. and

142:3.4 A. left Ur because of the establishment of sun

150:5.3 By faith was A justified and made aware of salvation

150:8.6 the God of A., and the God of Isaac, and the God

150:8.6 Blessed are you, O Yahweh, the shield of A..”

151:0.1 of Damascus discourse on the glory of father A..

157:6.11 Before A. was, I am.

159:4.1 with God in heaven even before the times of A.

159:4.2 of the Scriptures were not in existence before A..

161:2.9 Jesus once declared, “Before A. was, I am.”

162:7.3 “I know that you are A.’ seed, yet your leaders

162:7.3 And when you reply that A. is your father, then do

162:7.3 you would do the works of A..

162:7.3 But A. did not so treat the truth of God.

162:7.5 statement proves that I have a devil, seeing that A.

162:7.5 And he asks: ‘Are you so much greater than A.

162:7.5 Even A. rejoiced to see my day, and by faith he

162:7.5 to see my day, and by faith he saw it and was glad.”

162:7.6 fifty years of age, and yet you talk about seeing A.

162:7.6 “Verily, verily, I say to you, before A. was, I am.”

166:3.5 seed of A. down with the believers of the gentile

167:3.3 a daughter of A. who has been bound down by

169:3.2 carried away by the angels to rest in A.’ bosom.

169:3.2 Dives lifted up his eyes and beheld A. afar off and

169:3.2 Dives cried aloud: ‘Father A., have mercy on me

169:3.2 then A. replied: ‘My son, you should remember

169:3.2 said Dives to A.: ‘I pray you send Lazarus back to

169:3.2 But A. said: ‘My son, they have Moses and the

169:3.2 And then answered Dives: ‘No, No, Father A.!

169:3.2 said A.: ‘If they hear not Moses and the prophets,

171:6.2 gone to lodge with a sinner, an apostate son of A.

171:6.3 home, and you have become indeed a son of A..”

174:3.2 Moses heard the Father say, ‘I am the God of A.,

174:3.4 “I am the God of A., Isaac, and Jacob,” not I was

174:4.6 this Psalm so as to make it refer to A. instead of

175:1.5 God of A., Isaac, and Jacob will keep his hands of

175:3.2 the Son of the God who made a covenant with A.,

181:2.7 “You are a true son of A., but what a time I have

Abrahammember of the Sanhedrin

148:8.1  A., a young and influential member of theSanhedrin,

148:8.5 A. the Pharisee, gave all of his worldly goods to the

149:3.2 as a result of the recent conversion of young A.


95:6.1 The doctrine of the A. covenant was virtually extinct

Abramsee Abraham

93:6.5 that he changed his name from A. to Abraham.


113:5.1 authority to curtail or a. the prerogatives of human

118:7.1 does not in the least a. the sovereignty of will


139:4.14 This Book of Revelation, which you now have in a.


28:7.3 tertiary seconaphim are the timesavers, space a.,


54:2.3 the unrecognized a. of the creature’s personal

118:8.8 That mind which can effect a partial a. of time and

136:5.4 Your wish in all such matters will constitute the a.


1:3.6 fragmented entities, the will of God a. in the universe

4:1.9 the not-fully-revealed presences a. in the universe

34:6.13 transcends fear because the love of God is shed a. in

52:7.3 and the glory of God is being shed a. in the world.

66:4.1 almost a thousand years for the news to spread a.,

67:6.6 and fifty advanced groups scattered a. in the world.

68:1.2 Even in the days of Cain it was fatal to go a. alone

71:1.22 at liberty to go a. in the land to become immoral.

74:2.4 As the news of Adam’s arrival spread a., thousands

80:7.9 contributed to the scattering a. of the biologic and

108:6.3 reflection of the image of God a. in the universe.

119:4.4 we all knew that our beloved Sovereign was a. in

121:2.3 the Jews were a. in the world, dwelling in many

133:9.5 Ganid spread a. many of the noble truths which he

135:6.3 the travelers carried a. the news of John’s preaching

137:3.6 they insisted on quietly spreading the news a. that

137:4.1 and the invitations had been sent a. for the wedding

144:5.21 Shed a. the spirit of your mercy in our creature

145:2.15 some of them rushed out to spread the news a.

146:4.4 the leper began to publish a. throughout the town

146:4.4 As a result of his spreading a. the news that Jesus

146:6.4 So the word went a. throughout Galilee and into

147:0.2 unduly alarmed by the spreading a. of the reports

151:6.6 this episode was published a. by the swine tenders

153:4.3 while he who gathers not with me scatters a..

156:2.2 they went a. in Sidon to teach and preach during the

163:7.2 It was no longer necessary for Jesus to go a. to teach

164:4.11 Then Josiah, standing upon a stool, shouted a. to all

181:1.6 even after you are scattered a. by persecution and

181:2.13 shall the Spirit of Truth lead each of you a. to labor

181:2.27 will be smitten and the sheep will be scattered a..

184:3.13 that Jesus was a dangerous teacher to be a. among

190:2.7 James forbade their publishing a. the fact of this

191:0.1 the agents of the Sanhedrin if they were found a..

191:4.3 pray the Father of truth to shed a. in your hearts a

192:2.7 When your brethren begin to scatter a. because of

193:1.3 they published a. the news that they had seen Jesus,

193:2.2 And so send I you a. to preach this salvation of

193:2.2 when you go a. to tell all nations the good news of


3:3.4 foreknowledge does not in the least a. their freedom

136:7.1 and provided Jesus would a. his second decision

146:2.5 love combined with mercy cannot effectively a..

146:2.6 Mercy does not wholly a. universe fairness.


103:4.4 such an intimate family relationship are forever a..

137:4.13 No law of nature was modified, a., or transcended.

175:3.2 The divine covenant had been a., and the end of the


31:0.9 this exalted equality in no way a. individuality or


71:5.4 even the slightest a. of any of the basic liberties of

118:7.1 all finite choice—constitute an a. of finite volition.

137:4.13 Nothing happened but the a. of time in association


65:7.7 individual never experiences a. transitions of spirit

110:4.3 Certain a. presentations of thoughts, conclusions,


11:4.1 The central Isle ends a. at the periphery, but its size

59:5.5 A., the first of the land animals appeared.

183:2.1 After Judas so a. left the table while eating the Last

Absaloma son of David

97:9.15 Today, A. might be called a demagogue; his mother


90:4.4 fractures and dislocations, to open boils and a.;

absencesee absence of

33:6.1 Michael’s a. from Salvington in no way interferes

35:1.2 in Gabriel’s a. the Father Melchizedek functions as

38:4.4 If a seraphim bears responsibilities which forbid a.

113:2.10 during her a. the associated cherubim functions as

120:0.8 the administration of his universe during his a. on

120:1.6 cannot occur during your a. from Salvington on

125:3.2 They did not discover Jesus’ a. until they reached

134:1.6 this trip would necessitate Jesus’ a. for a year,

145:4.2 full and perfect joy but for Jesus’ continued a..

148:3.3 During these periods of a., Jesus was accompanied

152:1.5 Jesus’ a. prevents such material manifestations,

158:1.6 When Jesus saw their anxiety over his prolonged a.

178:0.1 several of the apostles remarked about Judas’ a.,

179:0.3 on Passover night, they thought nothing of its a..

182:0.2 wonder about the meaning of Judas’s prolonged a.

184:5.8 charges against him without witnesses and in his a..

absence ofsee absence of, in the

2:6.5 presupposed a. of unity in the nature of Deity and

9:6.3 endows them with consciousness despite the total a.

15:8.10 Gravity and a. of heat (cold) organize and hold

18:6.7 In the event of the temporary a. of a Creator Son

33:6.1 During the a. of Michael, as recently on the mission

42:4.5 while cold merely signifies a. of heat—comparative

42:5.16 and the very a. of this hypothetical ether enables the

43:1.3 This a. of atmospheric disturbances and of seasonal

45:6.7 nativity world except for the a. of sex differentiation.

56:0.2 disharmony and indicate a. of co-ordination;

58:7.2 But the a. of such fossils in the early rock layers does

59:6.3 or to the long a. of volcanic action as to an unusual

70:3.5 The a. of a common language has always impeded

71:1.3 as a state and failed to survive because of the a. of

86:5.3 The a. of reasoned thought in the presence of

98:2.7 In Greece, the almost complete a. of priests and

100:6.6 that cosmic poise which betokens the a. of all doubt

101:2.2 Revelation compensates for the a. of the morontia

101:3.1 Religion is so vital that it persists in the a. of learning

102:3.2 paradoxes resulting from the a. of the experiential

103:6.7 futile effort to compensate for the a. of the mota of

103:6.8 only technique which can compensate for the a. of

110:4.1 subjects because of the a. of responsive recognition.

114:5.3 The a. of the corporeal staff of a Planetary Prince

114:5.3 The a. of the Planetary Prince is compensated by the

130:2.8 it is the a. of such mental powers in the animal

139:5.5 the weak point in Philip’s make-up was the a. of

144:6.4 they were so disconcerted by the a. of the Master.

160:1.10 atone for the a. of the hunger and thirst for true

160:1.15 my quest suffered from the a. of certainty of

165:0.2 there was, accordingly, an a. of miracle working.

180:1.6 The consciousness of sacrifice implies the a. of the

180:5.12 piety or creedal loyalty can compensate for the a.

absence of, in the

3:5.16 are able to identify and choose the good in the a. of

12:5.5 Sequentiality can consciousize time even in the a. of

29:5.6 But in the a. of such plans the associate force

33:5.2 In the a. of the Creator Son he might preside over

51:4.8 the a. of competent judges to pass upon the biologic

57:7.1 and in the a. of a protective combustion atmosphere

65:8.4 but not in the a. of mental capacity and desire—

81:5.1 Evolution may advance in the a. of culture, but

81:6.6 spiritual value may be acquired in the a. of wealth,

84:7.5 insured the appearance of children in the a. of all

89:10.3 There is no sin in the a. of conscious disloyalty to

103:2.6 In the a. of wrong teaching, the mind of the child

103:6.9 functions acceptably in the a. of mota and in the

103:7.8 Always, in the a. of revelation or in the failure to

108:2.9 in the a. of anything resembling a crisis decision—

114:4.1 in the a. of direct action by Michael, trustee of

115:3.2 but in the very a. of such divergencies, mind finds no

122:8.7 In the a. of printing, when most human knowledge

126:4.1 Many times before, in the a. of speakers, Jesus had

149:1.4 In the a. of direct word from the Master regarding

158:6.4 nor can you do spiritual work in the a. of spiritual


21:2.11 During these a. a Creator Son is able to invest the

absentsee absent from

18:4.2 From time to time one of this trio may a. himself to

18:5.4 or a. while representing the Ancients of Days at

25:6.4 as individuals they may be a., but never in large

32:3.4 the Father is personally present as such but a. in

32:3.4 in the universes of space the Father is a. in person,

44:7.3 the real soul of expression is a. unless these realities

58:4.7 sedimentation and intermittent lava flow is a. today,

62:5.2 grasping function of the toe was a., completely a..

63:4.2 and the sense of humor was almost entirely a..

73:3.1 The committee on location was a. for almost three

74:3.1 Silent were the familiar broadcasts, and a. were all

74:4.3 Amadon was a., being in charge of the guard of

82:1.6 What is called sex appeal is virtually a. even in

103:3.5 evolution the moral element was never wholly a..

113:2.10 case when the complemental seraphim is similarly a..

113:6.5 man’s slumbering soul as the a. Adjuster is the

119:1.1 while he (Michael) would be a. on an unexplained

120:1.5 insurrection in the universe while you are a. on

120:1.7 “As long as you are a. on this final bestowal, I

123:4.6 slight accident, occurring while Joseph was a. in

137:1.6 first before men had you not been a. engaged in a

152:1.5 Though the Master is a. as a material being, he is


177:0.2 the Master informed Andrew that he intended to be a

181:2.14 rejoiced that, though he who carried the bag is a.,

181:2.27 When I am a., there is great danger that some of

182:2.1 they returned to their camp and found Judas a..

184:5.8 were agreed upon while the accused prisoner was a..

187:4.3 the Apostle John was a., having gone into the city to

191:0.3 David, but they were all a. on their last assignment

191:2.1 Even now one of you is a..

absent from

18:2.2 When an Eternal of Days is a. from his sphere, his

21:2.11 When a Michael Son is a. from his universe, its

23:2.16 —was a. from the roll calls of Orvonton for almost a

24:7.2 A servital will be long a. from Havona on assignment

33:6.2 When the Bright and Morning Star is a. from

47:10.1 Power Supervisors are a. from these occasions of

49:5.11 are many common species a. from your planet.

55:10.4 be effective when and as the Master Son may be a.

75:5.6 their father was a. from home while their mother was

84:7.24 the parents are a. from the family picture so much of

86:5.10 proving that the ghost soul could be a. from the

86:5.10 during sleep while temporarily a. from the body.

94:3.7 concept was fatally a. from Brahmanic philosophy.

114:0.2 it follows that 191,924,362 angels were a. from this

119:2.3 extraordinary proclamations of intention to be a.

119:4.3 Michael was a. from Salvington during this,

122:5.9 transpire while they would be a. from home in

129:3.4 in the belief that all the time Jesus had been a. from

139:6.7 Nathaniel was often a. from the apostolic councils,

139:7.3 Matthew had to be a. from many of the precious

148:3.2 the apostles ventured to ask Jesus why he was a.

150:1.1 the evangelists were to be a. from Bethsaida on their

156:6.5 While Jesus was a. from Capernaum and Galilee,

157:1.3 tardy payment because they had been a. from

170:2.10 the belief that Jesus was then a. from the world for

177:4.8 Judas knew that Jesus was then a. from the camp


144:6.1 joint conference but a. himself the last two weeks.


42:2.6 On Uversa, space potency is spoken of as A..

absolutenoun; see Absolute

0:4.8 2. A. and Subabsolute. Absolute realities are

0:6.13 Eternal Paradise is the a. of patterns; the Eternal

10:3.7 with regard to the totality of Deity function in a..

10:3.18 As a. the Son functions as a person and only in the

21:1.2 Each Creator Son is the a. of the united deity

21:6.1 each Paradise Michael is the a. of the dual deity

101:6.16 faith of Jesus approached the status of a universe a.

102:7.8 Only an unqualified reality, an a., could dare to be

104:4.1 cause of the Absolutes; he is the a. of Absolutes.

104:5.6 The Eternal Son is the a. of spirit reality,

104:5.6 The Paradise Isle is the a. of cosmic reality,

104:5.6 The Conjoint Actor is the a. of mind reality,

105:3.6 The Deity Absolute is the qualifier of the a. and the

105:3.8 the undeified; correlator of the a. and the relative.

105:5.3 appearance of the finite as a derivative of the a.,

106:4.1 but functions in this respect as a self-qualified a.;

106:8.12 from the a. of existentials to the finality of

109:7.5 personality on the order of the infinite and a.,

112:1.1 the highest absonite, even to the borders of the a..

112:1.3 the absonite, and even as impinging upon the a..

112:1.9 This supreme dimension is an associable a. and,

112:1.9 potential for subinfinite penetration of the a..


0:1.13 nonexistent; the time-space status of Paradise is a..

0:11.12 Potential infinity is a. and inseparable from eternity.

0:11.12 neither can infinity of actual personality be a. except

1:3.4 God’s spirit is, in and of himself, a.; in the Son it is

1:3.8 I know that, while the great God is a., eternal, and

1:5.14 God, being eternal, universal, a., and infinite, does

1:6.3 God, the highest, even supreme, ultimate, and a..

1:7.7 therefore neither space nor time can be a. or infinite.

2:1.8 personality distributions which are diminishingly a.,

2:6.1 God could be great and a., somehow even

3:2.15 in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and a. in reality.

5:6.8 the material and mortal will, and that decree is a..

6:4.1 the spiritual power of the Son is a. in relation to all

7:0.5 gravity control of all spirit realities continues as a..

7:2.1 the Original Son is profound, a. in the spiritual sense.

7:2.3 are finite beings; they are neither absonite nor a..

9:0.5 the Father and the Son, is perfect and changeless—a..

9:1.5 herein is he a.—his sovereignty is unqualified.

9:4.3 The Conjoint Creator is a. only in the domain of

10:2.4 The Eternal Son is the unqualified personality-a.,

10:3.5 the Father, to have been a. in a total sense, must

10:3.7 forever impossible to act alone as the personality-a..

10:3.8 The Father is personally a. in liberty of action, but in

10:3.8 the Father is not discernibly a. as total Deity except

11:9.5 Paradise is the a. of patterns; Havona is an exhibit of

12:5.2 Space is not a., for it is pervaded by the Unqualified

12:5.2 space, but we do know that the a. of time is eternity.

12:6.2 God is a in the spiritual administration of the cosmos

14:4.8 7. A..

16:1.4 It might embrace much that is ultimate but not a..

21:6.1 they are probably a. in relation to that part of

27:0.1 but seraphim are not absonite, neither are they a..

42:10.1 This eternal cycle of energy is a. and, being a.

42:10.1 and, being a., is expansile in neither fact nor value;

56:9.4 comprehension and creature realization, as a..

56:9.7 Deity presence is a. only on Paradise,

69:9.17 The right to property is not a.; it is purely social.

102:1.5 God is so all real and a. that no material sign of

102:7.1 The cause is a., infinite, eternal, and changeless;

105:2.3 prereality which, though infinite, is revealed as a. in

105:2.5 The absolute personality of the Son makes a. the fact

105:3.4 nonvolitional reality, Paradise is the a. of patterns.

105:7.2 It is hardly a.—only the Paradise Isle is truly a. in the

105:7.2 something which is not exactly finite nor yet a..

106:6.4 as its name implies, is really a. in total function.

106:7.1 Eternity itself, though a., is not more than a..

106:7.4 have a potentially final destiny that is a. in value;

106:9.1 of all reality with an existential majesty that is a..

107:1.6 the possibility of the attainment of God as a..

107:4.2 intensiveness of meaning, value, and fact they are a..

115:3.1 infinite, is unqualified in extent and a. in fact.

115:3.10 potentiality is a. while actuality is emergent;

115:3.10 actuality is a. while potentiality is emergent;

115:3.16 the actuality of the potentials of the I AM is a.,

115:3.16 the potentiality of the actuals of the I AM is also a..

115:4.4 the a. God (as a.) can and does make contact with

118:1.10 To God, as a., an ascending mortal who has made

118:2.2 Undoubtedly the attainment of God in a. would

118:3.5 the nearest of all nonabsolute things to being a..

118:3.5 While there is much about space that is a., that does

118:3.5 that is absolute, that does not mean that space is a..

118:6.4 power of choice, and though such choosing is not a.,

130:4.2 intelligence, and spirit experience is changeless, a..

130:4.2 embrace, or spiritual identity which is a..

absolute act

0:11.10 inevitable in the Universal Father’s a. freewill act of

absolute actuality

0:4.7 The Eternal Son is an a. spiritual actuality; mortal

115:3.16 the actuality of the potentials of the I AM is a.,

115:4.1 they encompass all a. and all infinite potentiality

absolute actualization

106:6.3 infinity and will consummate the a. of all potentials.

absolute actuals

104:5.2 consists in the interrelationship of the three a.:

115:3.17 since the basis for growth—the a.—is unqualified,

absolute administration

7:6.4 A. is inherent in priority of existence and is

absolute allegiance

67:2.2 commanding a. and unquestioning allegiance to

absolute areas

11:2.11 Paradise is nonspatial; hence its areas are a. and

absolute aspects

0:1.22 3. A., relative, and imperfect aspects in varied

absolute associates

107:1.5 believe that none of the other a. of the First Source

absolute association(s)

7:6.7 which unites them in bonds of near-a. spiritual

10:4.1 Of all a., the Paradise Trinity (the first triunity) is

105:6.1 from potentials to actuals within the a. of functional

115:2.1 that infinity is thus existentially present in these a.

absolute assurance

107:0.3 the a. and unqualified assurance that man can find

112:5.18 your Monitor is the a. that you yourself and not

absolute attitude

19:3.6 the nearest possible approach to the a. of Deity

absolute attributes

118:4.1 and assignment of a. to subordinate Divinity and to

absolute authority

35:5.6 Most High observer could exercise a. and arbitrary

53:5.2 there was no a. and personal sovereign authority in

100:7.5 Jesus spoke with confidence and taught with a..

149:2.12 Jesus assumed a. over his disciples, but no one ever

absolute basis


absolute being(s)

7:2.3 are finite beings; they are neither absonite nor a..

7:5.6 possible for him, an a., to suspend consciousness of

34:3.7 Only a. are independent of time and space in the

94:3.2 It was definitely a belief in an a., even an infinite,

117:6.18 the revelation of the Infinite would be to an a..

absolute causation

105:1.1 A. primal causation in infinity the philosophers of the

absolute cause

102:7.1 The cause is a., infinite, eternal, and changeless;

105:0.1 almost limitless ellipse which is produced by one a.,

absolute center

1:2.10 through this a. gravity center the eternal God

11:0.1 hence must the a. controlling center be material,

115:5.1 Trinity, which ever remains as the a. center-source of

absolute certainty

102:2.4 In knowledge alone there can never be a., only

absolute circle

102:3.10 cosmic circle is universal, eternal, a., and infinite.

absolute circuit(s)

7:1.5 For there do exist within the a. spirit-gravity circuit

9:6.1 All these activities of mind are grasped in the a.

9:6.2 ideas, are unerringly drawn into this a. of mind.

12:3.1 the Father is infinite and acts over all four a.-gravity

12:3.6 They are a. presence circuits and like God are

absolute coexistence

14:6.17 while enjoying the satisfaction of a. with this divine

absolute coherence

105:2.11 as the a. of pure energy and of pure spirit in the

absolute concept

6:0.1 final expression of the “first” personal and a. of the

20:2.1 Every time an original and a. of being formulated by

21:1.1 encounters the fullness of a. personality concept

absolute confidence

14:6.12 It is the spiritual basis for a. in the Universal Father.

133:1.4 Ganid, I have a. in my Father’s overcare: I am

absolute co-ordinates

5:0.2 throughout the existential realities of his six a.,

133:5.10 in the nature and reactions of the Father and his a..

absolute cosmos

115:3.1 The a. is conceptually without limit; to define the

absolute creation

102:7.1 such a creation cannot be either final or a..

absolute Creator

116:0.2 believe they were made by a perfect, infinite, and a..

absolute cycle

42:10.1 This eternal cycle of energy is a. and, being a.

42:10.1 and, being a., is expansile in neither fact nor value;

absolute decree

5:6.8 the material and mortal will, and that decree is a..

absolute Deity or Deities

8:0.4 are co-ordinate, supreme, ultimate, a., and infinite.

10:3.5 (philosophically considered) an unqualified, a.

10:4.1 to those who can know God, but as a. only in the

10:8.7 be unable to attain the superultimate levels of a..

13:4.4 Whereas the spiritual presence of a. and existential

56:10.18 shadow of the Paradise energy-shining of the a..

106:3.3 is an eventuality of the exclusive association of a.;

107:4.7 an absolute fragment of the a. and infinite Deity,

118:1.1 While a. is eternal in nature, the Gods are related to

absolute dependence

5:4.1 But religion is not a passive feeling of “a.” and

5:6.8 liberated man’s inner self from the fetters of a. on

absolute despair

186:1.7 Judas’ despair was desperate and well-nigh a..

absolute destinies

42:12.8 of divine destinies—supreme, ultimate, and a..

106:8.22 What these a. might mean from a nonpersonal

absolute direction

11:2.3 make it possible to establish a. in the master universe

absolute distance

11:2.11 the concept of distance, even a., has very much

absolute divinity

0:3.21 from infinity produced the first a. divinity-tension.

0:10.1 would constitute the experiential realization of a.,

absolute essence

107:0.6 The Adjuster is an a. of an infinite being imprisoned

107:4.1 such a fragment of the a. of the universal presence of

absolute existences

10:5.6 Attitude of the Paradise Trinity is in relation to a.

absolute fact

3:4.6 Finite mind cannot think through such an a..

105:2.5 The absolute personality of the Son makes a. the fact

absolute faith

181:1.8 The peace of Jesus’ mind was founded on an a.

196:0.12 His faith was so a. that it responded to the charm

absolute Father

106:8.23 parts of the totality of infinity, final sons of the a..

117:5.14 are incapable of understanding the infinite and a..

absolute fatherhood

10:3.6 of absoluteness except a. and absolute volition.

absolute finality

106:8.21 there is included the a. of all reality realization.

absolute First Causes

118:6.3 establish relationship with the unique, original, and a.

absolute focal point

133:7.6 the bestowal of an a. for the human personality,

absolute force

42:2.4 Paradise probably embrace three zones of a presence

absolute foundations

10:0.2 this unity rests eternally upon the a. of the divine

116:3.4 The Adjusters are a., and upon a. freewill choice

absolute fragment(s)

107:4.2 we denominate the divine gifts as the qualified a. of

107:4.7 Do you really fathom what it means to have an a.

107:4.7 to have an a. of the absolute and infinite Deity,

absolute function(s)

10:5.1 a. as far as all living realities of personality value are

10:8.3 union in the Paradise Trinity and the a. of the Trinity

106:6.4 We do not know how an a. can achieve total

106:8.9 the Trinity implies a threefold function—an a.,

absolute God

102:1.5 God is so all real and a. that no material sign of

106:7.4 of the Deity Absolute as an attainable a. may be

107:1.6 the Father fragments must be the gift of the a. to

115:4.4 man are one of the eternal proofs that even the a.

118:1.10 To God, as a., an ascending mortal who has made

absolute grasp

6:4.1 spirit reality through his a. of spirit gravity.

7:1.11 spirit eventually finds final destiny in the a. of the

12:3.8 active functioning of the Paradise a.-gravity grasp.

14:2.6 Paradise, with an a. of material creation, perfectly

21:2.12 organization is independent of the a.-gravity grasp of

42:2.11 initial response to the circular and a.-gravity grasp of

absolute gravity

1:2.10 and through this a. center the eternal God exercises

7:1.5 For there do exist within the a. spirit-gravity circuit

7:1.7 material, the spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son is a..

9:6.1 All these activities of mind are grasped in the a.

9:7.3 mind operates under the dominance of the a. of the

10:3.19 dependent on three existential and a. controls,

11:8.2 The center and focal point of a. material gravity is

11:8.3 A. gravity is Paradise gravity.

11:8.7 both forms of physical gravity, linear and a..

12:1.1 in obedience to the incessant and a. pull of gravity.

12:3.1 the Father is infinite and acts over all four a. circuits

12:3.8 the estimated total of a. presence now operative.

12:3.8 These calculations all refer to a.; linear gravity is

12:8.4 is just as real and a. as is the all-powerful material

21:2.12 organization is independent of the a. grasp of

41:9.2 ultimatons are fully obedient to a. or Paradise gravity

42:2.11 level of initial response to the circular and a. grasp

42:2.12 to the circular grasp of Paradise (a.) gravity while

absolute I AM

105:1.1 functioning as the infinite, the eternal, and the a..

absolute idea

115:3.1 infinite, is unqualified in extent and a. in fact.

absolute ideal

160:1.14 our ideal is final, infallible, eternal, universal, a.,

absolute ideation

21:1.1 When the fullness of a. spiritual ideation in the

absolute identity

21:1.1 union is finally and fully attained, when such a. of

absolute inevitability

16:1.1 of the threefold personalization of Deity as the a.,

115:7.5 The Trinity is considered to be the a.; the Seven

absolute infinity

105:7.18 into the faraway and inconceivable stretches of a..

absolute influences

11:8.8 It may be roughly conceived to include all those a.

42:2.11 response to the collective group of a. operative

absolute integration


absolute Isle of Paradise

115:6.2 —the a. and the infinite Deities resident thereon.

absolute justice

94:8.18 teaching was his proclamation of a universe of a..

absolute level(s)

0:1.13 The a. is beginningless, endless, timeless, and

0:1.13 Whenever, wherever, and however the a. of Deity

0:10.1 divinity, the unification of absolute meanings on a.

1:3.5 Only the levels of infinity are a., and only on such

3:2.5 pertains to the everywhere dominance of the a.,

10:5.5 which are more than finite but less than a., and this

16:4.2 on all universe levels of reality excepting the a..

42:12.13 On the a. level spirit certainly is dominant.

94:3.8 levels of reality, such as a., transcendental, and

94:3.8 that what may be finite-illusory on the a. may be

104:3.14 seeks other personality association on a. as well as

105:5.2 appear that all reality diversification took place on a.;

105:5.4 the Father’s will could ever have so qualified the a.

105:7.15 thought of as existing on finite, transcendental, and a

106:5.2 And on the a. the Deity and the Unqualified

106:9.3 On the a. there is neither time nor space; all

106:9.7 status, the remoteness from the a. of experientials.

107:2.7 the Adjuster translates from the a. existential level

107:5.1 for Adjusters are fragmentations of God on an a. of

112:1.9 three on the absonite level, and one on the a..

115:1.3 levels have been designated as finite, absonite, and a.

115:1.3 Of these only the a. is unqualifiedly eternal, truly

115:3.5 One basic conception of the a. involves a postulate

116:6.3 On a. levels, energy and spirit are one.

116:6.3 But the moment departure is made from such a.,

116:6.8 The dominance of spirit, which is existential on a.

118:1.9 On the levels of the infinite and the a. the moment

118:1.10 On the a. and eternal level, potential reality is just as

118:6.5 Volition on any level short of the a. encounters

118:9.1 Finite creatures are insulated from the a. by time and

118:9.9 even as they are now existentially united on a. in the

130:7.6 the space potential is truly ultimate only on the a..

130:7.8 these concepts of the a. are to be envisioned by the

absolute life groups

14:4.8 7. A..

absolute limits

12:5.2 We do not know the a. of space, but we do know

absolute love

103:9.5 man to depend upon the a. of the infinite Father of

absolute majesty

2:2.1 He inhabits the present moment with all his a. and

106:9.1 of all reality with an existential majesty that is a..

absolute materialization

104:4.13 is fashioned after the pattern of Paradise, the a.;

absolute meanings

0:10.1 divinity, the unification of a. on absolute levels;

0:10.1 Superultimate destinies are involved in a. and

absolute mechanism

195:6.14 The fact of the a. of Paradise at the center of the

absolute mind(s)

3:1.8 The mind presence of God is correlated with the a.

6:6.3 intellect which is ancestral to the a. of the Third

8:6.3 The Spirit is endowed with a.: “The Spirit searches

9:0.1 as an unlimited spirituality co-ordinated with a.

9:1.4 thus bringing into existence the universal and a..


9:4.2 The a. is the mind of the Third Person; it is

9:6.1 All these activities of mind are grasped in the a.

9:6.2 are unerringly drawn into this a. circuit of mind.

9:7.3 mind operates under the dominance of the a. gravity

9:7.4 the finite cosmic mind and the divine a. appears to

42:10.6 levels of a.—the direct circuits of the Conjoint Actor.

42:10.7 On Paradise, mind is a.; in Havona, absonite;

absolute monarch

70:12.2 gradually concentrated in the person of the a..

absolute motion(s)

12:4.10 Primary and secondary motions are a., motion in

12:4.12 planets, disclosing many relative and a. in space,

15:3.15 The a. counterclockwise motion of Orvonton is also

absolute mystery

8:1.9 the transactions of eternity and depths of infinity—a..

absolute nature

4:4.5 the whole of this a. is subject to the relationship of

absolute nucleus

5:6.4 the a. Adjuster nucleus of the human personality,

absolute obligation

71:0.2 moral myth of the a. of the citizen to live and die for

absolute oneness

8:0.2 their mutual interdependence, their eternal and a.;

10:0.3 personalization in the face of the a. of Deity.

56:5.1 indivisibility, of Paradise Deity is existential and a..

105:2.7 this unity is the outward reflection of the a. of the

110:7.4 An a. oneness with the divine Monitor, a complete

absolute origins

105:1.2 partial comprehension of a. and infinite destinies.

absolute Paradise

105:7.2 Havona further acts as a buffer between a. and finite

absolute parts

106:8.23 who will remain eternally as a. volitional parts of the

absolute pattern

0:5.5 the a. master pattern of universal material reality.

104:5.6 Paradise Isle is the absolute of cosmic reality, the a..

105:3.3 the action and aid of this a. for all personalities.

105:3.4 the First Source through the a. of the Paradise Isle.

absolute perfection

0:1.20 1. A. perfection in all aspects.

0:1.21 2. A. in some phases and relative perfection in all

0:1.23 4. A. in some respects, imperfection in all others.

0:1.24 5. A. in no direction, relative perfection in all

0:1.25 6. A. in no phase, relative in some, imperfect in

0:1.26 7. A. perfection in no attribute, imperfection in all.

1:5.15 The a. of the infinite God would cause him to suffer

2:2.4 is undiluted; in certain phases perfection is even a..

20:5.7 Both are of origin too close to a. perfection to fail.

112:5.8 of Orvonton and Nebadon do not claim a. for the

159:4.6 this erroneous idea of the a. of the Scripture record

absolute performance

42:2.4 Paradise probably embrace three zones of a. force

absolute personality

0:3.13 But the a. of Deity exists on the upper or spiritual

0:5.5 The Eternal Son is the a., the secret of spiritual

6:0.3 concept of divine reality, unqualified spirit, and a..

6:5.6 such a divine and a. cannot be disintegrated or

6:7.1 The Son is a.; God is father personality—source of

6:7.2 The personality of the Paradise Son is a. and purely

6:7.2 this a. is also the divine and eternal pattern, first,

6:7.3 why I was unable to portray the character of this a.

7:7.2 qualities are spiritually present in the a. of the Son.

10:1.4 God gave himself as an a. personality to his Son.

10:2.1 As the a. and unqualified personality the Father

10:2.4 The Eternal Son is the unqualified personality-a.,

10:2.5 First Source is the personality of infinity minus the a.

10:2.5 the Father-personality and the a. Son-personality.

10:3.7 impossible to act alone as the personality-a..

21:1.1 the Son encounters the fullness of a. concept in the

56:9.5 the Universal Father is the existential Father of a.;

56:9.7 Spiritual personality is a. only on Paradise,

104:1.13 divinity of the Eternal Son, but they are not the a..

104:5.6 The Son is the absolute of spirit reality, the a..

105:2.5 The a. of the Son makes absolute the fact of God’s

105:2.11 in the divine Father of all personality—even of a..

105:3.3 the a. realities of the I AM and the basis for the

105:3.3 Center spirit is unqualified while personality is a..

105:3.4 energy is related to the Father through the a. of the

109:7.5 personality on the order of the infinite and a.,

absolute phases

106:7.10 the reuniting of the seven a. of the Father-I AM.

absolute plan

8:0.3 infinite action—the execution of an a. thought-plan—

absolute potential(s)

0:11.6 is superadditive in the encompassment of all a..

11:2.10 the First Source has concentrated all a. for cosmic

11:8.8 It may be roughly conceived to include all those a.

105:0.1 seeking some a. and infinite potential of destiny.

106:6.1 present potential of the master universe is hardly a.,

106:7.9 that, if the three a. could ever become actualized,

115:3.17 the possibilities for growth—the a.—are unlimited.

absolute potentiality

115:3.10 potentiality is a. while actuality is emergent;

115:3.16 the potentiality of the actuals of the I AM is also a..

absolute power

20:1.13 that a. spiritual drawing power of the Eternal Son

151:5.6 the Master as having a. over the natural elements.

absolute presence

12:3.6 They are a. presence circuits and like God are

42:2.4 Paradise probably embrace three zones of a. force

56:9.7 Deity presence is a. only on Paradise,

118:2.1 with his timeless and spaceless universal and a..

absolute primacy

0:3.25 The a. of the Father is not apparent on subinfinite

absolute proof

190:1.1 of unimpeachable evidence and the a. of their own

absolute pull

12:1.1 in obedience to the incessant and a. of gravity.

absolute reality or realities

0:4.8 2. A. and Subabsolute.

0:4.8 A. realities are eternity existences.

13:1.23 the finaliters know this very experience as an a..

14:4.22 of supreme meanings, ultimate values, and a..

56:1.5 we look aside from the infinite levels and a. of the

104:2.4 is a real entity—not a personality but a true and a.;

104:5.6 the co-ordinate of a. spirit reality, and the existential

105:2.1 that all a. is from eternity and is without beginning of

105:2.1 By a. we refer to the existential persons of Deity,

105:3.3 the a. personality realities of the I AM and the

105:3.6 qualifier of unqualified, a., and nondeity realities.

115:1.3 and attenuations of the original and primordial a. of

115:4.3 finite existence to the highest and unqualifiedly a..

absolute relation

0:3.13 his person is eternally fixed in a. to the force-energy

absolute relationship(s)

104:3.4 no possibility for the appearance of diversity of a.,

104:3.14 It would seem that triunity of a. is inevitable.

104:3.16 Thus does the Trinity stand unique among a.;

105:2.11 In so far as this relationship is conceivable as an a.,

105:4.2 and self-relationship to a., relationships with self-

absolute right

69:9.17 The right to property is not a.; it is purely social.

absolute security

196:0.12 that it yielded the joy and the assurance of a..

absolute self-determinism

4:4.3 God is the being of a.; there are no limits to his

absolute sense

34:3.7 beings are independent of time and space in the a..

118:6.4 in the a., only the Father, the Son, and the Spirit

absolute slave

134:6.1 be absolutely free, then another must become an a..

absolute Son-personality

10:2.5 union of the liberated Father-personality and the a..

absolute source

6:8.5 and the Infinite Spirit is the a. of your mortal mind.

11:8.9 Paradise is the a. and the eternal focal point of all

absolute sovereign

67:2.1 Prince Caligastia was about to proclaim himself a.

absolute sovereignty

5:6.8 can interfere to any degree with the a. of free will,

7:1.1 Thus does the Son exercise a. spiritual sovereignty

absolute space

12:5.2 Space is not a., for it is pervaded by the Unqualified

absolute spirit(s)

1:3.4 God’s spirit is, in and of himself, a.; in the Son it is

104:5.6 co-ordinate of a. reality, and the existential Deity

107:6.4 that Adjusters are spirits, pure spirits, presumably a..

absolute spirituality

111:2.6 and all potentials inherent in such a fragment of a.

absolute stability

14:0.1 Paradise is the gigantic nuclear Isle of a. which

116:7.5 does the Supreme everlastingly depend on the a.

absolute status

106:7.6 Eternal Son and to the Conjoint Actor in their a. of

absolute thought

7:6.3 original, identical, unique, and a. personal thought,

8:0.1 when the Father’s “first” infinite and a. finds in the

8:0.3 and infinite action—the execution of an a.-plan—

8:3.1 Eternal Son is the word expression of the “first” a.

20:5.1 Son is the perfect expression of the “first” a. and

absolute truth

3:4.6 Finite mind cannot think through such an a. or fact.

94:11.7 of ascertaining a. and the truth of the Absolute.

102:2.4 are you able to arrive at the full knowledge of a..

102:6.6 God is a. truth.

118:3.4 The linking of the a. and eternal truth of the Creator

absolute union

8:3.1 by the Father-Son personality partnership of a.

94:2.4 in the universal rest and peace of a. with Brahman,

absolute unity

1:5.10 personality of God and its grasp of the a. of Deity.

1:7.6 And the a. of these associations is so perfect that

2:6.7 In the Paradise Trinity there is a. despite the eternal


133:7.7 derived from the indwelling presence of a part of a.

absolute value(s)

0:1.13 functions, Paradise-a. and meanings are manifest.

0:9.3 values of the finite, the absonite, and even of the a..

0:10.1 not certain regarding the encompassment of all a.

0:10.1 these unachieved realities we cannot establish a..

0:11.14 realizable on time-eternity levels as finite-a. and as

56:9.11 realized in the postultimate unity of a. and meanings

106:6.1 to achieve the full revelation of a. meaning-values

111:1.2 with the creative presence of an entity-point of a.

196:3.16 is the child of the Center and Source of all a. of

absolute volition

10:3.6 of absoluteness except absolute fatherhood and a..

107:7.4 Adjuster volition, though a. in nature, is prepersonal

absolute will

0:3.24 the true infinity of the a. and unfettered free will of

4:4.1 God is purposive energy (creative spirit) and a.,

4:4.4 active, wholly divine and well-nigh ultimate, if not a.

118:9.6 come into existence in response to the a. of the First

absolute zero

42:4.6 what prevents the appearance of the theoretical a.,

42:4.6 for space does not have the temperature of a..

Absolutesee God the Absolute; Deity Absolute; Qualified

Absolute; Universal Absolute; Unqualified

Absolute; Trinity Absolute

  See also Absolutes

0:4.12 —Paradise not otherwise qualified—is the A. of the

0:11.5 Every response of this A. to any given situation

0:11.7 to penetrate the nature and character of this A.

0:11.9 but we do not fully perceive the relation of this A.

0:11.15 The A.. The two Absolutes—qualified and

0:11.15 and in the final comprehension all three are one A..

0:11.16 We never use the term the A. as a negation of aught

0:11.16 The A., in all that pertains to universe personality,

0:12.5 the Ultimate and the A. experiential Trinities, are not

0:12.7 2. The A. Trinity—the second experiential Trinity—

0:12.7 in universality would experientialize A. Deity.

0:12.8 possibility of such full unification of the A. Trinity.

4:4.4 The Father-A. is the creator of the central and

4:4.9 a part of the Father-A. of the universe of universes.

5:6.5 even reaching out for a realization of the A..

6:1.2 The First Source and Center is the Volitional A.;

6:1.2 Second Source and Center is the Personality A..

6:1.5 Source, the Cocreator, and the Associate A..

7:0.4 purpose of the perfect personality of the A. Son.

7:3.5 its flashing directly to the A. Spirit Personality of all

8:1.10 the Father as the First Source and the A. Center of

8:2.2 the Omnipresent Spirit, the A. Intelligence,

9:1.1 As the A. Mind, he is the source of the endowment

10:3.8 God is the Father-A. of all personalities in the

10:5.6 3. The A. Attitude of the Trinity is in relation to

16:1.4 presences of the three eternal phases of the A..

31:9.10 the mathematical level of the presence of the A..

31:9.10 of the Universal and attained the value of the A..

42:12.15 world of the Supreme, the Ultimate, and the A.:

56:3.4 the cosmic mind in subordination to the A. Mind,

56:4.3 up through supremacy and ultimacy to God the A.,


56:9.2 Did the A. (the three Absolutes as one in infinity)

56:9.2 and is the A. ancestral to the Trinity?

56:9.2 or is the Trinity antecedent to the A.?

56:9.4 the A. as ancestor to all things—even the Trinity—

56:9.4 The A. is, to all universe intelligences,

56:9.5 unqualified source of both the Trinity and the A..

56:9.5 we crave to entertain a personal concept of the A.,

56:9.5 consciousness of this otherwise impersonal A.,

56:9.5 the Eternal Son is the A. Person, though not, in the

56:9.5 the experiential sense, the personalization of the A..

56:9.7 the concept of the A. is unqualified only in infinity.

94:2.6 and metaphysical idea of an all-encompassing A..

94:3.2 truly grasped at the idea of some all-pervading A.,

94:3.3 Brahman-Narayana was conceived as the A.,

94:4.3 1. The Brahman, the A., the Infinite One, the IT IS.

94:5.5 The Brahman-A. concept of the Indian philosophers,

94:5.5 injected their conception of the Brahman—the A.

94:6.3 “Unity arises out of the A. Tao, and from Unity

94:6.6 said: “The A. Deity does not strive but is always

94:6.6 The will of the A. God always benefits, never

94:6.8 That faith in the A. God is the source of that divine

94:6.8 union with Tao, the Eternal Deity and Creator A. of

94:11.7 ascertaining absolute truth and the truth of the A..

94:11.8 The evolution of a high concept of the A. was

94:11.11 3. The A. Buddha. By the time the number of

94:11.11 unqualified existence, some A. Source of all reality

94:11.11 the Buddha Eternal can well be identified as the A.

94:11.12 this idea of A. Deity never found great popular favor

94:11.12 The concept of the Buddha A. is quasi-personal,

94:11.12 greater religious value than an infinitely remote A. of

94:11.13 At times the A. was even thought of as contained

94:12.2 the concept of God, as contrasted with the A., began

94:12.2 dual conception of God and the A. finally matured.

94:12.6 the presentation of new concepts of God and the A.

101:2.7 logically suggests the reality and existence of an A..

102:3.11 philosophy presents the idea of an A.; religion

102:3.11 the unity of the fact of Deity, the idea of the A.,

102:7.1 is wholly dependent on the Ultimate and the A..

102:7.8 or later be driven into the arms of the A. of energy,

104:2.2 an unrelated God to the status of a pantheistic A..

104:4.1 the First Universal Father-Source, A. Center, Primal

104:5.12 experiential Deities—Supreme, Ultimate, and A..

105:3.7 exhaust the boundless quiescence of this nondeity A..

105:4.7 because of the inevitability of A. interassociation.

106:6.3 the final developments of the A. Trinity will take

106:8.11 3. The A. Trinity. This is the grouping of God the

106:8.12 to Supreme-Ultimate and Ultimate-A., even to A.

106:8.16 3. The A.. There are many theories held as to the

106:8.17 of such a membership really implies just one A..

106:8.17 that, in infinity and existentially, there is one A..

106:8.22 union of the Supreme, Ultimate, and the complete A.

106:9.8 Only an A. can be both existential and experiential.

109:7.5 Ultimate, even to the levels of the Ultimate-A..

112:2.19 the divine wills of the Supreme, Ultimate, and A..

115:3.2 Mind can never hope to grasp the concept of an A.

115:6.2 dependent upon developments within the three A.

115:6.3 is involved in developments within the Deity A.

115:6.8 as a qualification of the three A. potentials of outer

115:7.4 qualifications of the natures of the A. Actual and

115:7.4 of the natures of the A. Actual and the A. Potential.

118:0.8 7. The A. is existential-experiential self.

118:2.1 the A. should compensate, co-ordinate, and unify

118:2.2 and that would be to begin the quest of the A..

118:2.5 by similar and enhanced revelations of God the A.?

118:10.23 Supreme, then in the Ultimate, and perhaps in the A..

absolutelysee absolutely nothing

2:1.6 The Father is a. and without qualification infinite in

2:1.9 And these things are a. true, notwithstanding the

3:4.4 there is a. no limit to the extent or number of such

4:4.2 Since God is self-existent, he is a. independent.

5:3.3 There is a. no self-request or other element of

6:0.1 however the Father personally and a. expresses

8:6.6 all three are divinely and a. interlocked in a service

10:3.19 these supercontrols a. transcend even the primal

12:1.10 the stationary and a. stabilized Isle of Paradise,

12:7.9 The love of the Father a. individualizes each

16:9.4 But you cannot become so a. certain of a fellow

25:3.4 is a. no limit to their authority to call witnesses

31:0.13 they are a. loyal and always co-operative with all our

37:8.2 we of the local universes have a. no authority over

39:8.9 Angels are not a. sure of their eternal future until

42:11.2 Mechanisms do not a. dominate the total creation;

44:7.4 divine qualities are perfectly and a. unified in God.

45:2.2 after this disastrous upheaval, a. no changes have

53:8.6 nefarious designs, but Caligastia has a. no power to

54:4.5 evil might have been instantly and a. annihilated.

56:0.1 one vast integrated mechanism which is a. controlled

56:1.4 The Father’s personality is a. unified.

65:8.2 we have a. no control over geologic evolution.

94:3.8 finite-illusory on the absolute level may be a. real

100:2.7 the citadel of the spirit, which is a. unassailable;

100:5.4 When the mental mobilization is a. total on any

102:7.2 The universe is regulated by a. unchanging laws,

103:7.10 In the mortal state, nothing can be a. proved;

104:4.27 The fourth triunity a. controls the fundamental units

105:3.4 The eternal Isle is a. at rest; all other organized and

105:7.16 And all of these manifold realities are unified a. by

106:9.4 at this very moment, infinite reality is a. unified.

108:3.4 and though we have a. no authority over them or

108:5.3 They are a. dependable, and this is equally true of all

112:0.1 there is one part of you that remains a. unaltered,

112:0.12 10. Personality is unique, a. unique: It is unique in

112:3.7 Such dis-Adjustered souls are a. unconscious during

114:5.1 And there are no a. authoritative judicial powers

115:5.1 The Supreme Being is a. dependent on the existence

118:3.5 Space is apparently a. ultimate.

119:0.5 bestowals are a. necessary to a fair, merciful, and

130:1.5 God is so positively good that there is a. no place in

133:1.4 I am a. assured that the entire universe is friendly

134:6.1 If one man is to be a. free, then another must

134:8.5 Jesus became a. assured of his nature and of the

135:5.2 an a. righteous state in which God (the Messiah)

140:8.4 Jesus a. refused to defend himself, and it appeared

196:0.5 that Jesus’ faith a. swept away any spiritual doubts

absolutely nothing

8:1.9 A. is known, and no records are in existence,

12:4.1 A. is stationary in all the master universe except the

26:5.3 “In liaison with God, nothing—a.—is impossible.

47:3.7 man gains a. aside from experiencing the fact of

137:7.2 Nothing, a. nothing, miraculous happened.


0:3.22 the divinity levels of Supremacy, Ultimacy, and A.

0:11.2 Deity on the levels of Supremacy, Ultimacy, and A..

1:5.6 universal a. of the infinite nature of the First Source

2:5.8 of all his attributes of supremacy, ultimacy, and a..

3:0.2 invisible because of the a. and infinity inherent in the

4:4.2 God can thus modify the manifestations of his a.

4:4.4 Sons fully share his divinity, even phases of his a.,

4:4.4 a denial of this very concept of God’s volitional a..

4:4.5 God’s a. pervades all seven levels of universe reality.

6:2.5 The Son is the fullness of God’s a. in personality and

7:1.2 pure spirit energies is inherent in the a. of the Son;

8:2.4 To sense the a. of the Spirit, you need contemplate

9:1.2 recognition of, the eternal fact of the a. of Paradise.

9:1.3 regardful of the material a. of the central Isle.

9:3.7 even dependent on, the a. of the eternal Isle.

10:0.1 of God’s infinite personal will with the a. of Deity.

10:0.1 changelessness, eternity, universality, a., and infinity.

10:0.3 the a. inherent in Deity unity coupled with the

10:3.4 each person of Deity is apparently limited in a..

10:3.6 has divested himself of all direct manifestations of a.

10:3.7 In bestowing a. of personality upon the Eternal Son,

10:3.19 right up to the superultimate borders of a..

10:4.7 You can know very little of the a. of the Trinity,

10:4.7 of Trinity supremacy and ultimacy, if not of a..

12:6.3 by the a. of his grasp of the cosmic mind and by

14:3.3 children with a perfection of wisdom bordering on a.

30:1.92 absonite; and absonity is neither infinity nor a..

42:2.8 to transcendental causation in proportion to a..

42:10.1 endless sweep of relative cosmic reality from the a.

42:10.1 a. of Paradise monota to the a. of space potency,

102:2.2 notwithstanding the a. of its affirmations and the

105:5.2 finite reality connotes a qualification of a. and

106:2.8 Supreme Being there will be associated all of the a.

106:2.8 the a. and infinity of the triodities as such is

106:6.3 ever-enlarging segments of reality will approach a. of

106:7.3 the vastness of the three great potentials whose a.

106:7.7 a condition of qualification within the relative a. of

106:8.12 the a. of self-existence, through the endlessness of

106:9.11 voyage of discovery into the a. of the First Source

107:1.3 separate existences apart from the a. of the First

107:4.2 the reality of the Adjuster must border on a..

112:7.1 immortality, and a phase of qualified potential a..

115:6.3 regard for the a. of these three basic actualities,

115:7.1 infinity of status, eternity of being, and a. of nature

116:2.3 Infinity of deity and a. of sovereignty are inherent in

absolutessee Absolutes

9:6.6 (the theoretical co-ordinate of the a. of spirit and

12:8.13 the a. of both the spirit and the thing converge in the

100:1.1 personal evaluations are elevated to the levels of a..

104:4.43 from finites through transcendentals and on to a..

105:3.9 First Source would appear to be antecedent to all a..

105:3.10 The relationships of a. in eternity cannot always be

105:7.1 an integrating level correlating the supervalues of a.

106:4.4 inherent capacity for functional association with a..

107:4.2 Adjusters are not a. in the universal sense,

107:4.2 they are probably true a. within the potentialities of

Absolutessee Absolutes of Infinity

0:3.1 in seven phases and as seven co-ordinate A.:

0:3.18 6. The two A.—Qualified and Unqualified—are

0:4.11 the personal and the nonpersonal focal A. of all


0:11.15 The two A.—qualified and unqualified—while so

1:2.10 the co-ordinate Persons and A. of Paradise does not

3:2.15 by the three existential A.—Deity, Universal, and

4:1.8 their mysterious co-ordinates, the three A. of

4:1.8 These A. seem to supersede matter, to transcend

4:1.9 These A. must be the not-fully-revealed presences

4:1.12 of the Infinite in his eternal manipulation of the A..

7:6.4 the First Source and Center and his co-ordinate A..

8:1.10 and of the Unqualified, Universal, and Deity A..

12:6.4 and reactions of experiential Deity and the A..

12:6.6 performances of the A., which antedate the

12:6.7 signify the presence and performance of the A.,

12:6.7 uniform causation discloses the reaction of the A.,

12:6.9 1. The A. in potential.

12:6.13 to the exact status of the Deity and Universal A.,

12:6.13 wherever the Deity and Unqualified A. function.

12:6.13 organization of the potentials of the three A..

15:8.9 the unfathomable presence-performances of the A.

15:9.2 in addition to the presence-performances of the A.

17:3.8 to the impersonal presence-performances of the A.

27:6.2 and attempt to grasp the techniques of the A..

27:6.5 the problems of eternity and performances of the A.,

56:1.2 both A. are functionally unified by the Universal

56:1.3 These primal forces, inhering in the A., are

56:9.1 The A. are co-ordinated in the Ultimate, conditioned

56:9.1 On subinfinite levels there are three A., but in infinity

56:9.2 Did the Absolute (the three A. as one in infinity)

56:9.8 But beyond subinfinite levels the three A. are one,

104:3.1 there are certain relationships between all seven A..

104:3.4 finite experience requires the postulate of plural A.

104:3.5 presented as total reality exists in the seven A.:

104:3.13 Thus is the Father related to the six co-ordinate A.,

104:4.1 The Universal Father is the personal cause of the A.;

104:4.1 cause of the Absolutes; he is the absolute of A..

104:4.46 unification of the uniqueness of the Seven Infinity A..

104:4.46 despite the diversification of infinity into seven A..

104:5.7 triodity consists in the association of the three A. of

105:2.1 persons of Deity, Isle of Paradise, and the three A..

105:2.8 —the unifier of the Deity and the Unqualified A..

105:3.9 Son, the Spirit, the three A., and the Paradise Isle.

105:7.18 In the eternity of the past the forces of the A.,

106:0.8 6. A.. This level connotes the eternity presence of

106:0.8 the eternity presence of the seven existential A..

106:5.1 Trinity has theoretical capacity to activate the A. of

106:5.2 the Deity and the Unqualified A. are inseparable

106:5.4 The three A.—Deity, Universal, and Unqualified—are

106:6.1 of the limitless possibilities of the three A. or even in

106:6.5 it impinges upon the existential A. of potentiality.

106:6.6 kind of experientialization of the A. of potentiality.

106:7.1 unexplored possibilities in the three potential A.

106:7.3 And these three A., experiential in possibility, are

106:7.9 the Unqualified, Universal, and Deity A., the three

106:8.17 witness the experiential unification of the three A.

106:8.17 consist of the Deity, Universal, and Unqualified A.

106:8.17 function short of the full unification of the three A.

106:8.17 the three A. can hardly be unified short of the

106:8.21 oneness of the Deity, Universal, and Unqualified A.,

115:3.7 The union of the three A. of actuality, the Second,

115:3.8 The union of the three A. of potentiality, the Deity,

115:3.8 the Deity, Unqualified, and Universal A..

115:3.10 Deity, Universal, and Unqualified A., potentiality

115:3.13 The three A. of potentiality are operative on the

115:4.6 the three great potential A. is the absonite function

115:6.3 within the Deity, Universal, and Unqualified A..

115:6.4 and extensively toward the limitlessness of the A. of

117:0.1 as the will of God is potentialized in the three A.,

117:1.9 potential in the three great A., is actual in Paradise,

118:10.2 The growth of the Almighty is centered on the A.

118:10.2 on the A. of actuality and predicated on the A. of

130:4.2 may, and oftentimes do, change except the A. and

130:7.8 the timeless and spaceless concepts of the A..

Absolutes of Infinity

56:4.2 Universal Father, unifies all seven constituent A.;

104:4.46 unification of the uniqueness of the Seven Infinity A..

104:4.46 despite the diversification of infinity into seven A..

105:2.4 may best be suggested in relation to the Seven A.:


105:3.1 within the I AM eternalize as the Seven A..

105:3.1 all A. are unqualifiedly and co-ordinately eternal.

105:3.1 the seven A. had no beginning; they are eternal and

105:3.1 The seven A. are the premise of reality.

105:3.2 Collectively, all seven A. equivalate to infinity, but

105:3.9 The Seven A. constitute the beginnings of reality.

105:3.9 They have been described in these papers as follows:

105:3.10 It is a truth that the A. are manifestations of the I

105:3.10 it is a fact that these A. never had a beginning but

105:3.10 confusion concerning the origin of the Seven A.,

105:4.1 postulate—the eternity appearance of the Seven A.

105:4.1 of the seven phases of the I AM and these seven A..

105:4.2 relationships, relationships with self-derived A..

105:4.2 existent in the eternal association of the Seven A.

105:4.2 eternalizing to the universes as the seven A.,

105:4.5 between the I AM as sevenfold and the Seven A..

105:4.6 are the functional associations of the Seven A..

105:4.9 Pre-existentials become existential in the seven A.,

105:4.9 functional in the triunities, the basic association of A.

106:2.7 The existential realities of the seven A. are not

106:8.22 which resulted in the appearance of the Seven A..

106:9.2 only the Seven A. really transcend experience,

115:2.1 in the I AM is eternally present in the seven A.,

115:6.6 Deities and outward toward infinity and the A.

115:7.3 excepting the unqualified values of the seven A.,

130:4.2 may, and oftentimes do, change except the A. and

130:7.8 the timeless and spaceless concepts of the A..

absolutism, personality

7:5.4 from the otherwise all-encompassing fetters of pa..

9:0.1 centralized perfection and from the fetters of pa..

10:0.1 of Deities facilitates the Father’s escape from pa..

10:3.7 the Universal Father escapes from the fetters of pa.,


105:3.6 qualifier of the absolute and the a. of the qualified


11:2.9 Melchizedeks of Nebadon long since named it a..

11:2.9 it is the original nonspiritual expression of the First

104:4.28 are centered around the a. of the Isle of Paradise,


109:1.3 no amount of divine endowment can a. you from


62:7.5 a. us from all future criticism of any of our efforts to

75:7.2 judges on Salvington had a. them from all charges of

113:6.3 the tribunals of the archangels, to be a. from blame


0:2.17 the realization of the synthesized a.-superpersonal,

0:8.11 thus enabling the finite to attain the a. and,

0:9.2 of Deity functioning on the divinity levels of the a.

0:9.3 the divine reality values of the finite, the a., and even

10:5.5 2. Attitude toward the A.. The Paradise Trinity has

10:8.2 manifestation of the Trinity in relation to the a.

10:8.3 of Deity transcends both the finite and the a..

14:4.5 4. A..

27:0.1 but seraphim are not a., neither are they absolute.

30:1.92 eventuators” are neither finite nor infinite—they’re a.;

31:10.10 in mustering the forces of the finite and the a. in

42:10.7 On Paradise, mind is absolute; in Havona, a.;

42:10.7 being existential-experiential, it is nearer the a. than

55:12.4 Supervisors of the Supreme are not finite, a., infinite

115:2.4 in the finite and experiential eventuation in the a..

115:7.8 the Supreme connects the finite with the a., even as

117:3.13 establishes its relationship with the destiny of the a..

absonite administrators

31:9.4 eventuation yielded three master planners and a.,

55:12.3 who are able to contact directly with the a.,

absonite agencies

115:4.6 thus factualizes through the co-operation of the a.

absonite approach

0:8.12 witness the inauguration of the transcendent and a.

absonite Architects

0:12.6 the a. of the Master Universe, those unique planners

106:3.1 The a. eventuate the plan; the Supreme Creators

106:7.7 but doubtless the a. thereof perceive its relatedness

absonite attributes

31:8.1 supercitizens of Paradise, eventuated beings of a..

absonite beings

0:2.5 the eventuated existences of certain a. and associated

0:9.2 is the unification of the Trinity comprehended by a..

7:2.3 are finite beings; they are neither a. nor absolute.

14:6.41 has capacity to serve as a training universe for a..

55:4.19 their places may be taken by a. from Paradise.

absonite collaboration

117:7.9 1. A. collaboration in the first experiential Trinity.

absonite creature

9:6.3 material creature—physical or morontial, finite or a..

absonite differential

44:8.5 the necessity of adjusting to that a. of personal

absonite function

0:1.10 a. in the master universe is tantamount to universal

115:4.6 the three great potential Absolutes is the a. of the

119:8.6 finality of the liberation of Michael’s potential for a..

absonite grandeur

55:6.5 upon mota insight, and eventually even taste of a..

absonite level(s)

0:1.12 The a. of reality is characterized by things and beings

0:7.10 purpose of embarking upon the attempt to reach a.

0:9.1 for all time-space creatures who have attained a.

0:9.2 of Deity functioning on the divinity levels of the a.

21:6.3 a seventh-stage Creative Spirit may attain to a. of

30:1.93 are functional on the seven levels of the a. in twelve

31:9.2 Master Architects exist in seven levels of the a..

31:9.3 Architect functions on this highest level of the a..

31:9.5 The third a. embraces the seven Master Architects

101:6.15 of the Ultimate on the postfinaliter levels of the a..

112:1.1 ranging from the lowly finite to the highest a.,

112:1.3 effectively on the levels of the finite, the a.,

112:1.9 three on the a., and one on the absolute level.

115:1.3 of cosmic reality have been designated as finite, a.,

115:2.4 in the finite and experiential eventuation in the a..

115:4.5 are derived through the eventuated level of the a..

absonite mind

56:8.1 the transcendental experience of consorting with a.,

absonite ministers

55:4.10 seventh stage will witness the coming of the first a.

absonite nature

10:8.7 this quest involves a grasp of the a. of the ultimate

absonite overcontrol

10:8.2 certain phases of the a. of the Paradise Trinity.

absonite peoples

42:2.18 of Paradise and only in connection with the a..

absonite personalities

55:6.6 the technique whereby the a. reveal the presence of

56:1.2 personalities—material, morontia, a., or spiritual—

absonite personification

106:8.15 Trinity, the transcendental and a. of divinity.

absonite phases

14:6.5 involving untold diversities of a. and other phases of

117:5.14 total finite will embark upon the a. of the eternal

absonite phenomenon

0:1.12 whenever time and space are transcended, such a. is

absonite qualities

105:7.12 8. A. qualities and realities.

115:3.19 only open up to the progressing creature those a. of

absonite quest

117:7.17 the alluring a. for the attainment of the Father on

absonite realities

0:1.12 of Ultimacy connotes a function in relation to a..

0:9.1 actualization of Paradise a. on the eventuating

105:7.12 8. A. qualities and realities.

absonite realms

109:7.5 the transcendental ministry of the a. of the Ultimate,

absonite regime

23:4.2 to make contact with the a. of the master universe

absonite sense

106:4.3 so also is the Ultimate there present but in the a. and

absonite significance

14:6.41 Havona will continue to function with a. even in

absonite spheres

109:7.3 throughout all the realms of the transcendental a. of

absonite spirit

1:3.5 the ultimate reality of the personal cosmos is a..

absonite superconsciousness

5:5.11 God, some phase of the a. of the Paradise Father.


0:2.17 implies the attained realization of the synthesized a.,

absonite techniques

56:7.8 able to approach Deity on ultimate levels and by a..

absonite unification

0:9.1 The actualization of Ultimate Deity signalizes a.

56:5.2 to undertake the consideration of a. deity unification

absonite upholders

0:1.10 as overcontrollers and a. of the master universe.


0:1.12 A. are not created; they are eventuated—they simply


0:4.8 levels: A.—realities which are relative with respect to

31:9.1 master minds, superb spirits, and supernal a..

31:10.10 of potentials, personalities, minds, spirits, a., and

115:1.3 A. and finites are derivatives, modifications,


31:9.10 Master Architect, but that this being failed to a.,


30:1.114 but how could an a. being ever be explained to you?

31:2.1 finaliter corps are not personalized; they are a..


0:11.7 experience nor revelation, philosophy nor a. are able

0:12.3 being ever enriched, if not enlarged, by finity and a.

21:6.4 it leads from supreme divinity through ultimate a. to

30:1.92 they are absonite; and a. is neither infinity nor

30:4.31 you begin the progressive course in divinity and a..

31:9.10 the Master Architects attained the limit of a. in the

31:9.10 the quality of a. equivalated to the level of the

36:4.8 with the transcendental and eternal spirit of a. by

117:3.3 so is the Supreme the living way to the insight of a..


14:1.14 These dark gravity bodies neither reflect nor a. light;

64:7.9 to encounter and a. their invading cousins of the

165:4.5 material possessions into treasures which may a.

196:3.1 destroy human troubles, but it does dissolve, a.,

absorbedsee absorbed by

2:3.4 personality is a. into the oversoul of creation,

23:4.4 the supply of Solitary Messengers has been a. as

42:4.13 that energy can be a. or released only in those exact

56:10.2 he finds himself increasingly a. in the experiential

64:7.14 The indigo races a. the remnants of the orange man

72:5.11 works where the temporarily unemployed are a.,

76:3.4 Seth became a in the work of improving the spiritual

78:8.10 the Sumerians had become a. into the ranks of the

80:3.2 blue men had a. a considerable amount of Andonite

80:5.3 While the blue man had been a. in the north and

80:5.6 who were not quickly a. into their own ranks,

80:9.8 This group a. a considerable amount of Sangik blood

82:6.2 peoples if their better strains could have been a..

93:7.3 Melchizedek gospel had been almost wholly a. in the

93:7.4 a tendency for the new doctrine to become a. into

94:5.1 a. much of the philosophy and religious thought of

95:2.7 other survivors they thought were a. into the sun.

98:0.2 gradually a. into many of the cults and ritual groups

117:4.2 nonsurvivor, it is a. into the oversoul of creation,

125:3.1 Jesus was completely a. in the discussion of angels

156:0.2 a. in their meditations regarding the discourses of

195:10.18 This same Christianity conquered—a. and exalted—

absorbed by

58:2.2 Most of these short wave lengths are a. by a layer

64:6.13 The shattered remnants of these people were a. by

64:6.18 The northern tribes were subdued, enslaved, and a.

64:6.20 the victorious green men were a. by the indigo race,

64:7.19 the result that these Eskimos were eventually a. by

78:1.4 were, in general, a. by the later expanding violet race

78:3.4 superior races of culture and character were a. by

79:2.2 never fully a. by either the early Andites or their

80:4.6 the superior blue strains had been fully a. by the

80:5.7 they have survived only as a. by the later and virile

82:1.2 this Andite inheritance was a. by the evolutionary


79:2.2 a. the greater portion of the extinct eastern green

80:3.9 quickly a. the Cro-Magnon type and culture and

80:4.5 As they moved across the Russian plains, a. the

82:1.2 The all-a. sex passion of the more highly civilized

95:5.6 approach the worship of the Father by a. all gods

173:0.2 The one a. thought of Judas was: What shall I do?


188:5.2 Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it a.


42:5.6 shifting of electrons results in the ejection or the a.

78:1.8 Neanderthal a. had greatly retarded the culture of the

78:3.1 but the a. of the Adamite teachers, traders, and

79:2.6 the people had been markedly improved by this a..

79:4.2 made them vulnerable to a. by the Dravidians of the

79:6.7 they had long suffered from a. of the green race,

94:6.1 jeopardized by general a. into the older Urantia

94:12.1 Just as Christianity has suffered from the a. of

98:5.2 greatly improved by the a. of many of Zoroaster’s


67:2.2 rebellion and appealed to Van’s conferees to a.

135:1.1 the making of the vows to a. from all intoxicating


134:8.3 Jesus a. from all food only a day or two at a time.

abstractnoun or adjective

2:7.9 a. and dissociated concept of isolated goodness.

5:5.4 The adoration of the a. beautiful is not the worship

86:2.3 strives to personalize everything intangible and a.,

98:2.9 in Greece, human thought became so a. that the

98:2.10 Greek philosophy of self-realization and an a. Deity;

131:0.1 in the making of this a. of the religious doctrines of

131:0.2 There is presented herewith an a. of Ganid’s

139:5.5 Philip was mathematical in the a but not constructive


104:2.2 philosophy tends to a. the personal qualities from


57:7.8 Much of the carbon of the atmosphere was a. to


2:7.5 error when they are misled into the fallacy of a.,

12:9.5 science fights for deliverance from the bondage of a.,

16:9.8 otherwise it is a purely subjective philosophic a.

97:0.1 their God concept without converting it into an a. of

102:7.3 serve an a., or hold loving fellowship with a law.


131:7.1 shown by the following a.: “Says the Lord: ‘You


86:4.6 a. doctrines of twentieth-century barbarians.

146:2.6 satisfaction from the making of such a. petitions.

161:2.9 statements which would be a. if he were not divine


110:5.4 a. of dream life testify to pressure of unexpressed

125:2.4 Jesus’ heart torn by the inconsistencies and a. of


103:9.3 a philosophic inconsistency and an intellectual a..


94:2.2 But they went so a. far with these presumptuous


50:4.3 every human habitation was provided with a. of land.

62:3.11 with their mild climates and an a. of tropical fruits,

64:4.12 with a. of game, enabled these people to live with

68:5.8 man need only go to his herds to provide an a. of

131:2.9 and shall delight themselves in the a. of peace.

140:8.17 “a man’s happiness consists not in the a. of his

146:2.10 pray in the spirit for the a. of the gifts of the spirit.

147:3.3 shall all find, not only justice, but an a. of mercy.

149:6.4 but having already received the a. of good things

151:1.4 who has shall be given so that he shall have an a.;

153:4.4 out of the a. of the evil in your hearts your mouths

165:4.1 a man’s life consists not in the a. of the things

165:4.5 by those who have an a. of this world’s goods,

176:3.5 who has, more shall be given, and he shall have a.;

189:4.3 They had prepared an a. of special embalming lotions


2:6.3 He is long-suffering and a. in goodness and truth.”

5:2.6 proofs are forthcoming and a. in the manifestation of

11:3.2 a. souvenirs of your material days in the Holy Land

14:6.21 They afforded the Spirit a. opportunity to test out

32:4.11 In this bestowal of himself we have a. proof of the

39:5.17 These a. reserves repletely provide for every phase

41:3.2 But there is a. space to accommodate all of these

44:3.2 There is a. variety and ample opportunity for

52:2.12 There is a. opportunity for the exercise of

59:2.11 Sea worms were a., and there were many jellyfish

60:2.5 lakes, as is shown by the a. fresh-water fossils of the

60:3.19 Fruits, grasses, and cereals were a., and these seed-

64:4.2 8000,000 years ago game was a.; many deer species

65:3.7 you will have a. and ample opportunity to make any

65:4.3 Many features of human life afford a. evidence

70:7.17 civil war, a. proof that the weak had become strong.

73:5.1 plans for Eden provided homes and a. land for one

87:7.5 A. truth and an adjustable cult have favored rapidity

91:6.2 the enjoyment of a. health and to the cure of mental,

121:4.1 in the hearts of the nobler gentiles a. soil of natural

121:4.1 Christianity to sprout and bring forth an a. harvest of

131:1.5 he gives us the a. harvest of the good things of this

131:2.3 he is long-suffering and a. in goodness and truth.

137:8.15 and all who enter therein shall find a. liberty and

140:3.20 shall find an a. entrance into my service and into my

142:6.7 would begin to bear in your daily life the a. fruits

152:6.3 shown in the a. yielding of the genuine fruits of

159:1.5 shall my heavenly Father show the more a. mercy to

160:1.4 affords the more a. satisfactions of progressive

162:2.3 then would you find a. life in that knowledge.

162:5.3 You all have had a. opportunity to learn who I am,

163:1.4 they shall find an a. entrance into the Father’s

165:4.2 thus will I have a. room in which to store my fruits

166:4.9 and good, they were rewarded with an a. yield.

174:5.3 of sonship with joy, liberty, and life more a. in the

174:5.8 for my sake and the gospel’s shall enjoy a more a.

180:2.1 spiritual connection with me, you will bear a. fruit.


2:4.1 the Lord shall be saved,” “for he will a. pardon.”

2:5.4 mercifully received, “for our God will a. pardon.”

7:6.2 mercy and service which so a. characterize all orders

20:5.3 service which so a. characterizes the primary Sons

26:2.6 seem a. endowed with the ability to make suitable

42:8.7 These mesotrons are found a. in the space rays

47:0.4 headquarters world, are a. provided with spornagia

97:7.7 upon him, and to our God, for he will a. pardon.”

101:6.17 In Jesus there is a. demonstrated both the beginnings

128:1.5 Jesus is a. able to understand and minister to those

131:2.11 and I will have mercy on them; I will a. pardon.

135:11.4 John shall be a. blessed in the age to come if he finds

138:3.6 wherein you shall more a. enjoy the good things

139:6.5 the flesh may have joy, gladness, and life more a..

157:6.2 that we all might have life and have it more a..

160:1.15 deficiencies have been a. supplied by this new gospel

160:2.4 between two persons of the same sex, as is so a.

165:2.8 that you all may have life and have it more a..

181:1.6 you that you might have peace and have it more a.


48:7.8 6. To enjoy privilege without a., to have liberty

68:2.7 companion who would stand great a. without violent

69:3.6 But through gross a. of these privileges the smiths

69:5.15 The a of capital by unfair capitalists does not destroy

124:2.4 from injustice or when subjected to personal a..

163:2.11 economic a. which Jesus many times condemned,

185:6.2 and before they had finished this wicked a., Pilate


178:1.17 Show mercy even to those who despitefully a. you.

184:4.3 who had been stimulated to a. Jesus by the example


35:2.2 they have never a. their prerogatives; not once


69:9.3 the gross a. attendant upon the misuse of capital.

72:5.3 for the correction of economic a. which are marked

184:4.2 When these a. first started, Jesus indicated to John,

195:3.9 paternalism, overtaxation and gross collection a.,


187:1.8 not to mention the a. scourgings with their


124:5.5 continue his education in the renowned Hebrew a..

125:2.11 long course of study in one of the best-known a. of

129:2.7 personally taking Jesus to visit the many a. of the

173:2.3 without having been instructed in the rabbinic a.

174:2.2 when a group of the younger students from the a.,


123:6.8 Nahor, one of the teachers in a Jerusalem a. of the

124:6.13 Joseph found time to take his son to visit the a.


154:2.1 This refusal to a. to the Jerusalem decree was

183:2.3 intended to arrest Jesus, he promptly refused to a.


29:4.21 can upstep and a. the energy volume and movement

66:6.6 they did markedly a. its normal and natural evolution

71:2.7 and cultural growth will increasingly a. as bullets

81:5.1 and a. the pace of economic development and

92:0.5 Spirit of Truth, all of which a. the rate of religious

104:3.2 his cosmic philosophy must a. in evolution to keep

136:6.6 he might a. natural law, but to transcend his own


61:7.4 a new development a. the course of human evolution

76:6.4 to the speedy civilization and a. biologic progress

78:0.1 who have enormously a. cultural progress on Urantia

78:7.2 This elevation of the highlands was greatly a.

79:1.4 Commerce in stone, metal, and pottery was a. on

80:3.7 Adamic mixture suddenly a. creative imagination.

81:3.7 a. by the rapidly developing arts and sciences of

81:6.9 cultural and inventive activities has enormously a.

81:6.30 from the rapid growth of invention and the a. pace

83:7.4 race as a result of suddenly a. social evolution,

92:7.13 discredited by man’s a. social metamorphosis and

99:0.3 that institutional modifications must be greatly a.,

136:6.2 in certain conceivable circumstances, be greatly a..

189:2.1 we merely wish to invoke the process of a. time.

189:2.8 this natural mode of dissolution was greatly a.,


15:5.6 if their revolutionary rate greatly a., begin to throw


42:6.3 Ultimatons are capable of a. revolutionary velocity

52:6.7 only technique for a. the natural trend of social

71:2.7 opinion is the only safe method of a. civilization.

74:3.3 the Caligastia scheme for a. the process of social

75:4.1 the long-nourished plan for a. world improvement

136:8.8 enhancing moral values or a. spiritual progress.


41:7.13 the a. of ultimatonic and electronic activities when

52:3.6 intellectual capacity and an a. of spiritual progress.

70:8.18 the wise, and patient manipulation of these a. factors

79:3.1 the blood of Adam produced a marked a. in social

81:6.9 Invention always precedes the a. of cultural

92:2.4 But it is only foolish to attempt the too sudden a. of


15:6.9 the suns serve as local a. of energy circulation,

31:5.2 technically defaulted in their mission as biologic a.


81:6.17 signs, cries, imitative sounds, intonation, and a. to

143:5.2 surmised that Jesus was a Galilean Jew from his a..


192:4.3 morontia form and, speaking to them in familiar a.,


89:5.6 inbreeding which was supposed to a. tribal solidarity.


64:1.5 further a. the development of its own peculiar fauna.

69:3.2 and fighter, engaging in a. periods of work and rest.

122:1.1 the nobility of the common people, a. ever and anon


11:7.9 physical gravity designed to prevent the a. of gravity

48:4.4 Spirit jest is never tinged with the a. of the

acceptsee acceptwith refused

1:5.4 by faith a. the truth which portrays that the Father

3:5.4 you should not fail to a. God as securely enthroned

5:1.5 equally choose to a. the uniform spiritual leading of

10:8.6 But I am unwilling to a. this solution of the mystery

22:8.5 Others may a. special assignments on the eternal Isle.

31:4.1 and forever a. the destiny of their mortal associates.

35:10.4 who choose to a. the proffered rehabilitation will

37:5.4 Spirit-fused ascenders may a. assignment as Universe

40:6.1 every one of you may choose to a the certain destiny

48:6.35 withal, cheerful; to a. challenges without complaint

53:9.7 We believe that all rebels who will ever a. mercy

54:5.3 Time to a. salvation is vouchsafed every evildoer.

67:1.6 the iniquiter would ever a. forgiveness for his sins.

70:2.20 Man will never a. peace as a normal mode of living

71:3.10 by the caliber of its citizens who volunteer to a. the

72:8.2 Individuals may a. political, elective, or appointive

72:9.2 all citizens must a. membership in two voting

74:3.10 disposed to a. the newly arrived Son and Daughter

74:4.4 Adam made it plain that he would a. any honor

83:3.3 so, while continuing to a. the bride purchase price,

86:7.4 they exhibit a surprising willingness to a. an equally

88:2.2 but supposedly all right to a. relics and miracles.

92:2.5 Races of men only superficially a. a strange and

92:6.19 minds suddenly to a. advanced revealed truth.

93:3.8 God who would a. man on the simple terms of faith.

93:4.3 I a. the Melchizedek covenant with the Most High,

94:1.5 Never would the Brahman priests a. the Salem

95:5.1 Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt, to a. these doctrines of

97:8.4 failed to recognize and a. the mission and ministry

102:4.1 The technique whereby you can a. another’s idea as

103:7.8 in the absence of revelation or in the failure to a. or

108:5.1 The Adjusters a. a difficult assignment when they

108:6.8 When clouds gather overhead, your faith should a.

110:2.1 it is not incumbent upon any human being to a.

110:2.1 it is not foreordained that you must a. this divine

110:5.6 which you a. as the Adjuster’s voice is in reality the

113:2.9 When a seraphic pair a. guardian assignment, they

113:4.3 To a. the guidance of a seraphim rarely means

118:6.8 But to a. the fallacy of omnificence is to embrace the

120:2.3 I counsel you to a. from Gabriel the conference of

121:7.2 which made it impossible for them to a. the Master’s

121:7.2 unwilling to a. as the Son of God one who taught

123:3.3 Jesus was willing to a. the doctrine of good spirits

125:0.6 Jesus simply would not a. explanations of worship

125:2.1 but Jesus persuaded his parents to a. the invitation to

128:4.2 to prevail upon Jesus to a. the proffered honor.

136:4.12 to believe in him and to a. his new spiritual kingdom.

142:2.3 you must now a. as a reality the love of the Father

142:3.3 The Father never fails to a. the sincere worship of

144:6.5 It was unanimously voted to a. this prayer as the one

147:5.3 to a. the gospel and change their mode of living;

147:7.3 new and also true, have the faith and courage to a..

149:2.4 Eastern religionists to a. the teachings of Jesus.

149:5.3 they should cheerfully a. their lot and exercise

150:5.2 answer, Believe this gospel; a. divine forgiveness.

155:6.12 Many of your brethren have minds which a. the

156:2.4 gentiles were not afraid of Jesus; they dared to a.

157:7.2 to a. the challenge of the Pharisees for a sign,

159:3.10 Those who a. this teaching are filled with joy and

161:1.11 I am satisfied to end the argument and to a. Jesus

162:2.2 if you honestly believe and dare to a. my teaching,

164:2.3 the majority of the Jewish leaders never would a.

165:0.2 the better classes of citizens a. the Master’s teaching.

165:3.8 Why should Jew or gentile hesitate to a. the good

167:4.2 that the Jewish leaders at Jerusalem would ever a.

167:4.2 Pharisees might have one more chance to a. Jesus’

170:5.6 Christians began early to a. the doctrines of Paul,

171:4.1 and distributed these arms to all who would a. them

171:4.3 —permit themselves to a. Jesus’ words as literal.

173:5.3 I will have none here except those who delight to a.

174:5.12 Father will receive me and a. my mission in your

175:1.3 if they would only turn to God and a. his mercy.

175:1.7 those who should be first to come forward and a.

176:3.8 such selfish stewards must a. the consequences of

178:1.10 many in high places nominally a. the gospel of the

189:0.1 They were disposed to a. the advice of Gabriel,

190:1.7 willing to believe Jesus’ word or to a. the evidence

193:1.2 free gift of God and is bestowed upon all who a. it

193:1.2 fatherhood of God implies that you also freely a. the

194:4.10 sect in jail until they were prevailed upon to a. the

195:0.11 compelling the pagan to a. the Hellenized version of

195:1.5 literally forced the Romans to a. this new religion,

195:2.3 were able to persuade them to a. Paul’s Christianity.

195:3.2 and nations at least nominally to a. one religion.

196:0.13 a. the security of the assurance of sonship with the

acceptwith refuse or refused

69:8.2 captives who refused to a. the conqueror’s religion.

88:2.7 men and women will refuse to a. positive evidence

94:1.6 priests of Vedism, refused to a. the Melchizedek

131:10.7 of God while I refuse to a. the brotherhood of man.

135:2.3 Since John refused to a. the priest’s allowance due

137:2.2 those who believed in John but refused to a. Jesus.

139:9.9 when the Master refused to a. a certain rich man as

142:8.1 these ascetic and eccentric men refused to a. Jesus

148:9.2 But the paralytic refused to a. defeat; he directed his

149:2.12 Only three men who received his call refused to a.

162:2.2 they steadfastly refuse to a. this new and gospel of

173:2.7 This the Jewish leaders refused to a. and were

195:0.2 priest-ridden Hebrews, as a people, refused to a.

195:9.5 The modern age will refuse to a. a religion which is

acceptable or more acceptable

20:2.9 on the inhabited spheres is just as effective and a. as

22:9.1 Those of ma. service are commissioned High Son

25:4.15 modes of procedure most a. to the rulers of eternity

26:10.3 The spirit of such candidates was wholly a.;

29:4.26 Master Controllers are hardly persons within any a.

35:8.15 of departing from the a. technique of government.

76:5.1 Eve were informed that their repentance was a.,

89:7.4 this whole ritual afforded an a. excuse for sexual

89:8.2 Physical mutilation was also considered to be an a.

117:5.3 Such finaliters thus become a. candidates for

121:5.13 the teachings of Jesus so as to render them ma. to

121:8.12 had origin in the human mind will prove ma. to all

123:0.2 ages near his own to make them a. play-fellows.

125:2.5 The next day’s services at the temple were ma. to

134:3.8 a statement of the Master’s teachings which was a.

143:2.4 of the gracious, a., and perfect will of God.

146:1.3 inclusion rendered the Christian teachings ma. to

147:8.3 Will you dare to call this a fast and an a. day in the

149:2.1 to make them the ma. to certain nations, races, and

149:2.1 the less a. to all other nations, races, and religions.

149:2.3 effort to make the gospel ma. to disbelieving Jews.

150:5.3 from the Father to make salvation more real and a..”

150:8.9 are bruised and to proclaim the a. year of the Lord.”

195:2.9 but Judaism was not a. as a religion to these Greeks.


5:3.2 register the bona fide adoration of their subjects a.

17:4.2 sometimes one Aid functions a., while on other

28:4.7 we know it works, and that it unfailingly works a.

40:10.8 evolutionary struggle will be a. contributing to the

45:7.1 will creatures—who function so a. on Jerusem and

66:1.2 and Caligastia a. filled five successive assignments of

72:1.1 blended, but they fraternize and socialize very a..

81:6.33 True, many common services can be a. socialized,

103:6.9 revelation, functions a. in the absence of mota and

103:8.3 his spouse, might pass such an examination most a..

112:6.5 And these guides to mansonia conduct function a. in

120:0.4 successfully and a. voluntarily subordinate himself

121:8.12 concepts of Jesus’ life and teachings have been a.

124:0.1 received a training which more a. prepared Jesus

134:5.10 minor wars and a. control the smaller nations, but

139:2.14 she labored a. as a member of the women’s corps,

139:5.4 do little things in a big way, do them well and a..

141:5.2 learned, and a., how to do the will of the Father in

144:3.1 ‘Teach us how a. to pray to the Father in heaven.’”

149:0.2 to do those things which others could a. perform.

178:1.15 unfolds itself in new manifestations and grows a. in

181:2.7 you would a. deport yourself as an ambassador of

181:2.10 Dedicate your life, Simon, to showing how a.

182:3.11 of the human nature had been met and a. passed.

191:3.4 and a. terminated his seventh and final bestowal.

196:2.9 he mastered a technique of a. doing the Father’s


14:5.4 arrival on the first circuit of Havona signifies the a.

21:4.4 right hand of the Father,”there to gain the Father’s a.

26:4.15 The a. of sonship, co-operation with the Adjuster, is

52:5.6 receives the assurance of the a. of the bestowal

62:7.5 This message from Lucifer contained the official a.

74:1.5 associated with the ceremonies of the bestowal a..

93:6.5 It was at this public and formal a. of the covenant

101:8.1 The a. of a teaching as true is not faith; that is mere

101:10.4 The faith a. of the truth of God enables man to

106:9.5 To finite mortals we suggest the a. of the truth that

110:3.10 4. Joyful a. of cosmic citizenship—honest recognition

112:5.1 with the actual choice of destiny a. or of rejection.

117:4.8 morality, the universal sensitivity to, and a. of, duty

121:7.4 to array the people against the a. of a new gospel.

125:0.6 that Jesus acknowledge a. of the orthodox Jewish

127:4.2 this year Jesus had fully won his mother to the a.

129:4.6 full and unqualified a. by the Father as constituting

132:0.4 It was this early a. of the teachings of the gospel

136:9.11 Neither will Jesus seek to win a. of a spiritual

139:9.4 By their very a. as apostles these mediocre twins

142:5.2 Concerning the kingdom and your assurance of a.

143:1.5 to heed the call to repentance and a. of sonship.

146:1.3 made Paul’s Christian teachings more easy of a.

150:5.2 spirit of God, whose a. makes you a son of God.

150:5.3 A. by faith on your part makes you a partaker of

153:1.2 and decision to that of open warfare and final a. or

155:3.1 of the spiritual joy of the a. of divine sonship.”

155:5.9 The a. of the traditional religions of authority

155:5.12 shall derive its authority from the fruits of its a.

157:4.2 all to the point of the wholehearted a. of the Master

157:4.2 to bring their brethren around to the full a. of their

158:3.2 1. The a. of the fullness of the bestowal of the life

160:5.7 thereby acknowledging the a. of sonship with God

162:9.3 each of Abner’s associates to a wholehearted a. of

167:5.2 and the a., by faith, of merciful forgiveness.

169:1.3 “You have been taught that divine a. comes after

170:2.1 The a. of such a teaching, Jesus declared, would

177:2.6 can hardly enjoy a world-wide a. until such a time

177:2.6 albeit the a. of Jesus’ gospel will result in the

193:1.2 The a. of the doctrine of the fatherhood of God

195:10.18 the more general a. of the real religion of Jesus.


7:4.4 a program unreservedly a. by the Eternal Son when

8:3.5 The very instant the Eternal Son a. his Father’s

20:6.8 the Avonal of service proceeds to Paradise, is a. by

25:2.12 But when a commission has once a. jurisdiction of a

27:0.2 ascends to the Universal Father, is a., and returns

28:1.3 resignations of the tertiaphim are tendered and a..

34:6.12 a life of spirit guidance is freely and intelligently a.,

34:7.8 having a. the assignment and received your orders to

40:6.4 faith sons; you have a. the status of sonship.

51:6.6 Daughter become a. as the common ancestors of

51:7.1 planets where this Magisterial Son is universally a.,

53:2.5 of his subordinates ever a. the proffered mercy.

53:9.1 None of the leaders a. this merciful proffer.

53:9.1 a. the mercy proclaimed by the Panoptians and

53:9.3 another Son of God should be a. by such apostate

57:8.9 of the Life Carriers, were finally a. on Salvington.

66:4.9 Adjusters; and when they volunteered and were a.

66:5.12 secured tokens which were a. in lieu of the actual

74:2.4 thousands of the tribesmen a. the teachings of Van

74:8.4 And many groups a. this story of man’s clay origin

77:0.1 so valuable as helpers that we have all long since a.

86:3.2 Early man a. life as a fact, while he regarded death as

92:6.17 never became widely a. until the days of Isaiah,

93:5.5 Nahor had not wholly a. the Melchizedek gospel;

95:3.5 Ikhnaton they a. but halfheartedly for one short

101:7.1 stereotype is a plan of action a. without validation.

103:7.11 certain assumptions which are a., though unproved,

114:3.3 rulings and decisions each day which are a. as final

119:2.5 followers a. the forgiveness of this new ruler,

119:8.1 Michael was not only a. by the Ancients of Days as

122:8.7 and for traditions eventually to become a. as facts.

126:2.3 Jesus cheerfully a. the responsibilities so suddenly

133:3.7 a. this distasteful means of obtaining a livelihood

134:3.7 There was but one doctrine which had to be a. in

137:1.3 Andrew went on to say that Jesus had a. his proffer

138:2.2 all six of the new apostles were formally a. by all of

139:5.1 Peter, James, and John had a. Jesus as the Deliverer.

146:2.1 people heard Jesus gladly and many a. the gospel of

157:1.3 The collector a. the tax, foregoing the penalty for

157:4.1 the apostles had virtually a. Jesus as the Messiah.

158:4.4 now that Jesus himself had a. their confession that

159:5.8 which his new religion required of those who a. it.

160:5.13 idealism of that which is wholeheartedly faith-a..

161:1.1 Rodan readily a. all that was presented to him

162:5.2 the witness of two reliable persons may be a.

163:4.17 Jesus would have a. no less than half a dozen

167:1.1 wealthy Pharisee who had a. the teachings of Abner,

169:4.8 Jesus a. the concept of Elohim and called this

171:4.9 Jesus had been a. by these believers as the Messiah,

171:8.3 he would have a. such a kingdom of men’s souls and

172:3.1 Jerusalem had rejected Jesus, but Bethany had a.

173:5.2 even those who had a. his preliminary invitation

175:2.2 very ancestors, in the times of Jesus, heartily a. his

176:3.3 That you have once a. sonship in the kingdom will

179:4.7 Master a. Judas and had done everything possible to

180:3.2 the light which would save you if a. can only

180:4.1 after he has fully a. the work I have done for you

186:2.8 little qualifying explanation he a. the designation,

189:2.5 the governor’s knowledge that they had a. a bribe.

195:3.1 The Christians a. the empire; the empire adopted

195:3.11 the gospel which had been a. in the place of Greek


0:6.2 We cannot follow your generally a. definitions of

36:2.12 If the plans are a departure from a. formulas, they

42:2.1 These narratives cannot altogether follow your a.

70:6.5 assistants of the early kings became the a. nobility,

71:2.12 legislative enactments in accordance with a. law.

92:2.3 generations have considered a part of their a. mores

94:11.1 the generally a. cult of the peoples of China, Korea,

100:6.2 The a. supreme value of the religionist may be base

101:5.5 certain generally a. bases for logical deductions.

117:7.12 This is one of the generally a. hypotheses of future

120:3.3 give precedence to the a. customs of family life as

121:5.6 These religions rapidly became the a. belief of the

124:2.5 Jesus was the generally a. leader of the Nazareth lads

137:1.5 the first a. counselors of the new kingdom,

148:6.5 soundness from the standpoint of the a. theology.

195:9.8 as handed down by their a. religious teachers.


21:3.12 In a. the initial vicegerent sovereignty of a local

48:6.36 by a. your lot when you have faithfully performed

74:1.4 the plans to be pursued in a. the responsibilities of

74:8.9 inclined more toward a. a modified Mesopotamian

81:6.32 demoralized by a. support from the public treasury

92:2.5 New Zealand tribe whose priests, nominally a.

93:6.6 he decided to solemnize the event by formally a. this

111:1.5 as they use this mind, they are either a. or rejecting

117:4.11 but the volitional creation has the choice of a. or of

119:6.3 the many restrictions imposed upon me in a. this

120:0.6 Immanuel, in a. the custody of the universe during

128:4.2 unstated but prior obligations would prevent his a.

136:2.1 In a. baptism at the hands of John, Jesus was only

136:5.4 a. this command of the universe hosts in attendance

147:5.3 She had, on a. the teachings of Jesus, closed up her

155:1.4 when men become thus misled into a. a narrow

155:3.8 the twelve the great danger of a. religious symbols

159:4.9 prevents the honest souls of today from a. the new

161:3.2 understand his performances only by a. the theory

193:4.7 Instead of a. disappointments as a regular feature of

195:3.8 The spiritual impetus of nominally a. Hellenized


8:4.4 When a Creator Son of God a. the creatorship

93:0.1 it is quite often a Melchizedek who a. the assignment

136:9.5 unfailingly a. the divine answers as final rulings in

169:1.3 I assure you that the Father a. you even before you

170:3.3 act which a. your faith as the price of admission.

186:2.11 a. the man of Nazareth as the satisfaction of the


5:2.2 The Paradise Sons always have a. to the presence of

5:2.2 his creature personalities have a. to the “bosom of

6:0.2 gaining a. to the thought channels of the human

13:2.7 Eventually you will have full a. to Ascendington

13:2.7 relative a. to the other spheres of the Father except

27:6.3 the knowledge, of all who have a. to their wisdom.

28:7.3 you will begin to gain a. to the tools of divinity

38:4.1 While the seraphim have a. to all forty-nine worlds

38:4.1 Each angelic order has free a. to all the worlds of

45:1.11 you have a. to the seventh transition world,

49:5.32 man escapes his terrestrial status and gains a. to the

66:4.13 staff to live on indefinitely as long as they had a. to it

74:6.3 Eve had a. to the milk of a great variety of nuts and

75:7.6 a. to this source of energy was denied Adam and Eve

80:1.5 the yellow man was likewise difficult of a. in Asia.

119:3.6 those who have a. to the inner circle of the records

121:8.1 Although we have enjoyed a. to the lost record of

123:5.5 When having a. to the written books of the law,

131:3.2 found the approach to the Immortal easy of a..

153:3.5 which enters the body by the mouth or gains a. to

160:4.10 only those who have a. to these channels may

168:1.2 While we have a. to the registration of the combined


27:5.5 and superuniverses, is not a. to the local creations.

45:1.2 The finaliter world is a. to the inhabitants of all

48:2.26 All morontia transition realms are a. alike to material

101:6.4 Truth is made a. to the wisdom-endowed individual

120:2.6 on that isolated sphere immediately and fully a. to


2:1.4 God is not a cosmic a.; neither is he a universe

3:6.2 The universe is not an a., neither is it self-existent.

38:9.5 Neither of these groups is an evolutionary a.;

49:1.6 Mortal man is not an evolutionary a..

55:3.6 the risk of incapacity for labor resultant from a.,

58:2.3 on viewing creation and human evolution as an a..

65:2.16 man on earth during the ice age was not just an a.;

65:3.3 mankind would have been terminated by an a. at this

65:4.3 that organic evolution is not a mere cosmic a..

65:4.3 cells which may have been destroyed by the a..

67:6.9 this apparent a. of interplanetary communication

77:0.1 They appear to be an a. of time, but they occur so

86:2.5 Men regard a natural occurrence as an a. or as bad

102:0.1 To the materialist, man is simply an evolutionary a..

123:4.5 The only real a. Jesus had up to this time was a fall

123:4.5 After this a. Joseph built a balustrade up both

123:4.6 There was no way in which this a. could have been

123:4.6 this slight a., occurring while Joseph was absent in

126:2.1 Joseph’s home, informing Jesus of his father’s a.,

127:2.8 release himself from the obligation which a cruel a.

130:2.5 Anaxand perished, by a., in the great slaughter of

132:6.2 He told Ganid about the loss of his father by an a.,

133:7.9 If the associations of consciousness were just an a.,

160:4.1 necessities of living may fall into our hands by a.,


36:5.1 explains why evolution is purposeful and not a..

49:1.7 organisms from lower groupings of life is not a..

55:3.1 the problems of caring for a. injuries and the

57:5.14 retrograde motion in any system is always a. and

58:2.3 to be incompatible with the laws of a. chance,

58:2.4 twoscore apparently a. protective operations similar

63:6.2 great comfort derived from his a. discovery of fire.

65:0.7 why evolution is always purposeful and never a..

65:2.14 elimination of inferior groups of creatures was a.,

65:4.2 haphazard, nor wholly experimental, in the a. sense.

70:10.3 A. murder was not therefore recognized,

81:2.18 the a. occurrences attendant upon the daily life of

86:2.6 Primitive man never regarded anything as a.;

86:4.1 born of the unconscious and purely a. association of

86:7.4 action, is the only antidote for so-called a. ills.

89:4.5 sacrifice for a. and personal sin evolved into the

113:4.5 Such superb co-operation could hardly be either a.

124:5.2 to Jesus’ watchcare when his father met his a. death

126:5.7 money due Joseph at the time of his a. death.

132:5.9 7. A. wealth—riches derived from the generosity of

132:5.21 A. riches should be regarded somewhat in the light

160:4.10 Barring the a. acquirement of wealth, the material

160:4.10 if you are an a. beneficiary of the flow of wealth,


66:4.10 the Danite group a. discovered a phenomenon

69:7.2 The domestication of animals came about a..

81:1.6 observation of the sprouting of seeds a. moistened

81:2.18 one of these clay-covered primitive huts a. burned.

132:6.2 with five children whose husband had been a. killed.

185:4.1 the money due his father, who had been a. killed


4:1.12 the apparent “a.” of the cosmos are undoubtedly a

10:7.5 catastrophic physical events, appalling a., horrific

48:7.9 Blind and unforeseen a. do not occur in the cosmos.

50:3.3 like the early morontia bodies, subject to certain a.

86:2.5 destroy man’s belief in chance, and so-called a.,

86:5.7 3. Coma and unconsciousness associated with a.

86:7.1 civilized man pays material premiums against the a.

86:7.4 not remedy the facts of birth and the a. of living.

90:3.5 The causes for some a. and deaths were so easy to

112:5.6 if, through no fault of your own, the a. of time and

123:4.7 Material a., commonplace occurrences of a physical

123:4.8 this was but one of a number of such minor a. which

147:3.3 Some suffer from the a. of time, others as a result

148:6.11 Man suffers, first, from the a. of time and the

149:2.10 Jesus dared to teach that a. of time, catastrophes

159:3.13 kingdom are not rendered immune to the a. of time


166:4.1 angels and other spirit beings are able to prevent a..”

166:4.4 simply innocent victims of one of the a. of time.

166:4.7 2. You may chance to fall victim to one of the a. of

166:4.12 and to answer their questions having to do with a.,


74:1.6 thus did Adam and Eve leave Jerusem amidst the a.

152:6.2 an experience with the fickleness of popular a.

152:6.5 people and the height of Jesus’ a. by the populace.

153:1.2 outward turning of the tide of popular fame and a..

172:3.2 Jesus always endeavored to suppress all public a. of

172:3.12 this sudden and unexpected outburst of popular a.

172:5.2 undertake to evaluate the popular outburst of a..

172:5.4 the Master’s purpose in permitting this wild a. and


172:4.1 Jesus had for allowing the multitude thus to a. him

172:5.13 cheer up and join us all while we a. this Jesus of


173:1.10 all the while loudly a. by the multitude, they


48:6.29 Ascenders must a. to every new morontia level,


11:4.4 Paradise is large enough to a. the activities of an

27:7.6 but these are not adequate to a. the ever-increasing

27:7.6 able fully to a. the spirit of worship on Paradise.

32:2.3 Such architectural worlds are designed to a. both

41:3.2 But there is abundant space to a. all of these suns.

41:4.7 ample room to a. your sun and the present orbit of

58:6.6 always are living organisms striving to a. themselves

125:0.5 The temple precincts could a. over two hundred

148:0.1 greatly enlarged to a. the growing family of Jesus.

148:9.1 built to a. these gatherings during the rainy season.

152:2.5 had no tented city here to feed and a. the crowds.

163:5.2 The apostolic camp could a. about five hundred.

195:10.15 groupings of Christians may serve to a. numerous


49:2.19 and larger than Urantia, thus being a. to the gravity

58:1.2 rapid life development than can be supported and a.

149:7.2 being a. in the homes of Bethsaida and near-by


46:3.2 morontia—besides a. innumerable spirit personalities.

134:3.6 they lived in cottages each a. about a dozen


43:1.9 provision is made for the a. of at least seventy major

124:6.12 prearranged for their a. during the Passover week,


163:5.2 This was the rainy season in Palestine, and these a.

accompaniedsee accompanied by

37:2.8 even as Gabriel a. Michael on his Urantia bestowal

63:1.3 sister, who unfailingly a. Andon on all of his tours

74:1.5 children a. their parents to the dematerialization

74:3.8 It greatly surprised those who a. Adam on this trip

124:3.6 About the middle of May the lad a. his father on a

125:2.11 Jesus a. his parents and teacher on their visits to the

134:8.1 Tiglath a. Jesus this first day up the mountain to a

137:1.1 Andrew a. Jesus to Pella with the injured boy.

139:2.14 when Peter was driven out of Jerusalem, she a. him

144:4.10 why Peter, James, and John, who so often a. Jesus

144:6.7 two of the apostles of John a. Jesus and his

147:1.4 servant, was not revealed to those who a. Jesus.

188:0.3 for the purpose of making sure that Jesus’ body a.

190:1.9 David a. them on their journey to join their brother,

accompanied by

15:5.12 Such an astronomic readjustment is a. by energy

15:6.8 You are familiar with suns that emit light a. by heat;

15:8.7 power disturbances and heat fluctuations a. by

20:2.9 on bestowal missions they are a. by Evening Stars,

20:9.2 planetary mission they are a. by a Magisterial Son

21:2.2 each Creator Son a. by a Creative Daughter of the

21:6.2 liberation of a Michael’s finite-action capacities a.

25:8.5 Even if it is known that you will be a. by someone

26:7.4 he is a. only by the transit trio: the superaphic

32:1.5 a Paradise Creator Son appears upon the scene, a. by

35:2.6 an Avonal Son, enters upon a bestowal, he is a. by

39:1.4 Creator Sons, when on a bestowal mission are a.

41:3.6 The enormous pressure, a by loss of heat and energy

41:5.7 just as, in a blinding rainstorm a. by a heavy wind,

42:8.5 The mesotronic disintegration is a. by the emission

46:8.2 into the system family of inhabited planets, a. by

48:5.1 a pilgrim is a. by his personal or group seraphim,

55:7.3 he will be a. by a son and daughter of the Urantia

56:7.1 is a. by ever-enlarging revelations of Deity to all

56:7.1 divinity realization is a. by certain well-defined

59:2.1 nonspectacular, being a. little or no volcanic action.

60:3.1 a by tremendous crustal deformations and lava flows

64:7.5 These tribes were a. by three small groups of

66:2.1 was not sent out on his mission alone but was a. by

66:5.9 of Fad consisted in supervision of employment a.

68:5.12 civilization was a. by less and less of nomadism;

74:0.1 the two seraphic transports, a. by the Jerusem

83:8.8 a loyal partnership for rearing offspring, a. by

86:5.9 sneezing was always a. by some religious expression,

86:5.13 ceremony of bestowing the Holy Spirit was a. by

87:6.16 Most of these oaths were a. by self-torture and self-

93:10.2 Neither his appearance nor departure were a. by

99:4.9 Transition is always a. by confusion, and there will

100:1.5 on the discovery of selfhood a. by self-criticism—

103:2.1 Many spiritual births are a. by much anguish of spirit

103:2.7 Moral choosing is usually a. by more or less moral

114:6.1 general was a. by twelve corps of special seraphim,

119:1.3 Son was a. by a solitary omniaphim who bore

119:1.5 disappeared from our world as he came, a. only by

119:2.4 This Son appeared at noon, unannounced and a.

119:3.3 a strange Material Son, a. by a lone seconaphim,

119:4.2 unknown seraphim, a. by a solitary supernaphim

119:5.1 certified by Immanuel of Salvington and a. by

119:6.2 and departed in full view of everyone, a. by a lone

120:2.4 a. by the termination of an age, the resurrection of

141:9.2 Jesus was a. only by the twelve when he arrived at

143:1.8 with manifest earnestness, a. by marked emotion.

144:9.2 Jesus and the apostles, a. by twenty-five disciples,

147:0.1 During this period Jesus, a. by James and John

148:3.3 these periods of absence, Jesus was a. by only two

152:7.1 April 3, Jesus, a. only by the twelve apostles,

158:4.4 considerably perturbed when this man, a. by

162:6.2 the Hallel, the responsive reading of the Psalms a.

163:6.1 seventy messengers were arriving by couples, a.

167:0.1 When Jesus arrived at Philadelphia, he was a. by

172:3.8 twelve women of the original women’s corps, a. by

174:5.1 a. by Andrew, he returned to the waiting Greeks.

175:0.1 Jesus, a. by eleven apostles, Joseph of Arimathea,

177:3.1 by himself in the hills, a. only by an errand boy.

183:2.4 Judas was a. by over sixty persons—temple guards,

185:0.1 bound, and was a. by about fifty of his accusers,

186:0.2 Jesus, a. by the soldiers who were to crucify him,

188:0.3 Joseph of Arimathea, a. by Nicodemus, had gone


23:4.3 This messenger a. the new son of destiny to the

37:3.5 A corps of one hundred a. every Paradise bestowal

52:7.8 A Magisterial Son of judgment a. the Teacher Sons

65:7.7 And still additional spirit ministry a. the action of

107:4.5 a characteristic light, a spirit luminosity, which a. this


166:0.1 the gospel could spread without the a. of miracles


136:5.5 or supposedly superhuman a. of Jesus’ ministry

160:2.10 lower than these superior a. of human maturity.

accompanysee accompany, not

22:9.4 They a. Spirit-fused mortals of the local universe

22:10.7 They very often a. us on our assignments to the

23:4.4 former service, will these sons of destiny a. them?

25:7.1 the work of the seraphic guardians who often a. their

25:8.10 defeat, she would elect to a. her mortal associate.

25:8.10 seraphim always volunteer and are permitted to a.

25:8.11 one of the volunteers is selected to a. the pilgrim.

28:1.2 And these majestic tertiaphim a. this Creator Son

28:5.20 discerners always a. the Censors on any mission

28:6.15 These seconaphim ever a. Those High in Authority

33:3.2 She volunteered to a. Michael on the occasion of his

34:0.1 a new and unique representation of himself to a. this

36:1.3 associated with the Life Carriers and always a. them

36:5.4 The seven adjutant mind-spirits always a. the Life

37:2.3 They always a. Gabriel on his planetary tours and

37:2.8 One of the high duties of the Evening Stars is to a.

39:8.8 guardians during the material life a. their associates

39:9.2 these master seraphim of planetary supervision a.

47:3.12 They are free to a. individuals or selected groups

47:3.12 They often a. survivor groups on periodic visits to

48:3.14 These companions will a. you on the longer trips to

50:3.1 These ascenders a. the prince as advisers in the work

52:1.6 The archangels always a. the Planetary Princes,

54:6.5 and disappointments which invariably a. the sin of

55:8.5 Teacher Sons a. the finaliters to the mansion worlds

55:10.11 the Divine Ministers will undoubtedly a. them.

55:11.3 other readjustments which would probably a. such

87:2.7 strangled in order that an adult ghost might a. and

87:2.8 to dispatch a number of subjects to a. a dead chief;

93:10.9 We know that Adam and Eve are thus destined to a.

113:7.4 they a. you through Jerusem and the associated

116:2.14 the Almighty Supreme; therefore must they ever a.

122:7.3 Joseph virtually forbade Mary to a. him, but it was

125:0.2 refused to go unless his mother would a. them.

125:0.5 to greet his mother and prepared to a. his father on

126:2.1 Mary directed that James should a. her to

128:6.3 Jesus decided to a Jude on his first visit to the temple

132:0.2 one of Gonod’s own employees would a. him as

132:4.5 Jesus refused to a. his friends to the baths because

133:3.6 Ganid observed that Jesus refused to a. them to

133:8.1 notorious shrine of shame, but Jesus declined to a.

138:10.3 and to a. Jesus on those night vigils of prayer and

139:4.10 dared to a. his Master into the very jaws of death.

142:3.21 more worthy utterances to a. the enlarging Yahweh

148:3.3 would summon to a. him any two of the apostles

154:5.2 Jesus selected twelve of the evangelists to a. him;

158:2.5 only the three apostles who were assigned to a. him

167:4.7 some of the apostles were loath even to a. Jesus,

167:6.6 introduced to worship in nature’s outdoors and a.

186:0.3 Since Ruth was determined to a. her mother, Jude

accompany, not

25:7.3 that these companionable creatures cannot a. you,

38:7.3 they do not a. seraphim on assignments beyond the

125:0.4 his mother was not to a. Jesus to the consecration

141:1.1 Jesus besought them not to a. the apostolic group on

177:0.3 These men may not a. me.


28:7.4 visitors on your world, a. assigned personalities,

51:3.5 always a. the Planetary Adams on their world

58:3.1 A. these diverse radiations is a form of space-energy

122:7.2 adventurous and aggressive person, insisted on a.

139:3.8 cognizant of the dangers a. the Master’s supposed

158:0.2 only the three who were in the habit of a. Jesus on

163:7.3 Perpetua remained with her illustrious husband, a.

189:4.11 certain of the morontia personalities then a. Jesus.


0:0.4 those who shall read the a. papers dealing with Deity

12:4.15 That is, these myriads of nebulae and their a. suns

29:4.29 can so augment these energies that the a. message

82:5.10 this outmarriage custom with its a. wife stealing

87:3.4 Romans had twelve ghost feasts and a. ceremonies

101:4.10 the spiritual teachings contained in the a. revelation.

102:8.2 We cannot judge religion by the status of its a.

123:0.6 Joseph and five a. kinsmen proceeded on foot;

187:1.8 the abusive scourgings with their a. suffering and


174:2.3 thus answered these scribes and their Herodian a.,

accomplishsee accomplishwith not

0:12.8 that Deity trinitization may a. what is nonattainable;

25:8.3 Paradise Companions have nothing especial to a.

28:6.13 seconaphim a. a double purpose in the economy of

29:4.20 They are able to a. much towards the management

37:9.8 They a. for ascending mortals during the traversal of

38:4.3 of assignments it requires two angels to a. the task.

39:3.5 ideal group to achieve a given purpose or to a. a

44:0.21 all I can hope to a. is to make emphatic the fact of

48:4.2 they really a. for us, in our state, just about what

55:3.20 their special ability to a. some definite task which

77:6.5 failing to a. this, they deserted their companions

81:1.3 Climatic evolution is now about to a. what all other

81:2.10 the only way in which man could a. work without

84:5.8 succeeded in doing what revelation failed to a..

91:1.2 If the individual sought to a. anything antisocial,

102:1.2 true wisdom admonishes us to allow faith to a.

118:10.18 To realize providence in time, man must a. the task

120:2.2 repeatedly declined arbitrarily to a. by power and

143:6.1 the will of Him who sent me and to a. His work.

152:6.3 that you can hope to achieve lasting success and a.

160:3.1 Whence the power to a. all this?

171:4.9 Jesus was to a. many things by his death which could

172:3.6 Jesus would attempt to a. by a symbolic appeal.

173:1.9 They did not know how to a. his death, for they

179:2.3 feared those who sought to a. his physical death.

179:4.6 into the night to do what he had set his mind to a..

181:2.22 If you learn to work with your brethren, you might a

accomplishwith not

75:7.7 in trapping Adam and Eve, but Caligastia did not a.

140:7.1 fear we are not yet able to a. this great undertaking

181:2.20 I was not able to a. when I sojourned with you as


28:4.7 We do not fully understand just how this is a.,

44:5.7 On Urantia much of their work must be a. over the

49:6.6 The reawakening of these mortals is a. by guardians

70:7.10 This purpose is better a. by athletic games and

75:3.6 discouraged by the little that had been a. toward

77:7.5 This was a. in much the same way as the loyal

81:6.19 an international language, much has been a. by the

97:10.8 successive teachers of Israel a. the greatest feat in

110:2.2 transformation has been a. with your co-operative

127:2.12 Jesus a. all this organization of intellect by the force

127:5.5 Jesus could not consider marriage until that was a.;

133:6.3 they here a. the least of value to the work of the

136:5.4 that his divine will of your choosing may be a.,

139:2.15 glory until the fullness of Peter’s ministry had been a.

141:7.4 Both of these essential revelations are a. in Jesus.

149:1.4 on our part to undertake to explain how they were a.

165:6.3 be baptized with, and I am on watch until this is a..

170:5.14 when they had a. this program of substitution,

182:1.3 Father, I have exalted you on earth and have a. the


142:6.8 Nicodemus was a. in self-development, self-restraint,


40:5.10 transient ministry of the Adjusters a. two things:


78:8.11 of Mesopotamia, climatic changes succeeded in a..

136:8.5 slow, and sure way of a. the divine purpose.


22:7.8 upon the a. of their purpose they immediately

33:8.2 Some are permanent; others disband upon the a. of

40:1.2 is a masterly achievement for an angel, an a. far

42:12.8 7. The a. of divine destinies—supreme, ultimate,

43:8.11 they more nearly quadruple their attainment and a.

48:2.17 require seven days of standard time for their a..

52:6.2 world-wide brotherhood of man is not an easy a..

81:2.1 they released man power for the a. of higher tasks.

81:6.21 liberates man power for the a. of more valuable tasks

84:5.10 prove worthy of all this new and unprecedented a.?

108:2.7 conquest of the third circle even before such an a.

108:5.7 the plan and purpose but as to the actual mode of a..

114:7.11 being limited to the a. of some specific task at hand.

121:8.12 I have chosen that which is best suited to the a. of

130:6.4 will your whole life become one of victorious a..

171:8.10 You will never be held responsible for the a. of that

181:1.9 was thoroughly devoted to the a. of his mission,


11:0.2 exhibited in the superb intellectual a. and mind

44:0.21 races were more advanced in art and other cultural a.

44:1.6 ranks among the highest a. of the celestial musicians.

50:5.10 These human a. are now blended, associated, and

91:6.7 every man, regardless of all other mortal a., can so

110:3.4 realities of everlasting import, those very a. which

131:8.3 is slow and patient in his designs but sure of his a..

139:1.10 this reticence to praise the worthy a. of his friends

180:2.5 ignorantly pray for selfish ease and vainglorious a.,

195:0.2 the inheritance of great a. in philosophy, art,

accordsee accord, one

113:4.5 seem to work in perfect harmony and exquisite a..

118:8.10 treatment which he conceives that God would a.

132:5.17 to take the same profit which he would gladly a.

133:4.7 And even as you a. justice dominated by fairness

159:3.3 remember to a. generous recognition for the most

161:2.4 Jesus lives in perfect a. with the Father’s will.

174:1.1 “Master, James and I are not in a. regarding your

179:4.1 to interfere with the good cheer and social a. of

189:2.4 the entrance of the tomb, apparently of its own a.

191:0.13 Thomas was too proud to go back of his own a. so

accord, one

121:6.8 all with one a. kept their hearts centered on the holy

125:4.3 a. derisively replied, “We might have known; Jesus

153:5.4 And as Peter ceased speaking, they all with one a.

157:3.5 eleven sitting apostles arose to their feet with one a.

167:2.2 And they all with one a. began to make excuses.

173:3.2 people spoke with one a., saying, “The first son.”

177:5.2 the Son of Man, and when they strike with one a.,

185:5.9 And they all shouted with one a., “Crucify him!

192:1.3 with one a. they cast in the net as they had been

194:4.3 continued steadfastly and with one a. in the temple

accordance with, in

1:1.3 then, i. your enlightenment and i. the method by

2:2.3 reactions of a changeless God may seem to vary i.

2:7.3 are i. the plans and technique of the Creator Sons

3:1.7 i. the mass, in response to the physical demands for

3:2.2 unfold i. the eternal purpose of the Universal Father,

3:2.6 detached way but rather i. the dictates of wisdom

3:5.1 the Father does act independently and i the mandates

4:0.1 God created them i. his all-wise and eternal purpose.

4:1.1 who, i. cosmic law, unceasingly labor for the honor

4:2.1 God acts i. a well-defined, unchanging, immutable

4:2.1 i. the local objects, aims, and plans of the finite

4:2.3 varied i. the operating procedures of a local universe

7:1.2 Spirit gravity does not decrease i. the square of the

7:1.3 the drawing power of the center of spiritual gravity i.

7:1.8 I. well-known laws, we can and do measure spiritual

7:1.8 this response is always i. the degree of actuality of all

10:4.7 As a mortal in the flesh you should view the Trinity i.

10:6.4 Judgment, the final application of justice i. the

12:3.10 for mind-gravity function i. this theory of totality.

12:6.6 other nonpersonal ultimates appear to react i. certain

13:4.3 But experiential spiritual presence is i. the underlying

14:2.6 The central universe is organized i. the threefold

14:5.6 and embellished i. the plans of the Eternal of Days.

15:1.1 but according to the records of Uversa, i. older

15:4.1 the phenomenon proceeds i. an ordained technique

15:8.8 are confronted with increasing inability to reckon i.

15:12.1 There presides, i. the nature and gravity of the case,

16:2.5 effectively distribute the Infinite Spirit i. their divine

16:3.9 fosters the fourth segment of the grand universe i.

17:1.1 who were trinitized by the Father, Son, and Spirit i.

18:2.3 have developed their respective spheres entirely i.

18:7.1 Faithfuls of Days rotate in service i. the rulings of

20:8.1 They begin their labors in the local systems and, i.

21:4.1 Creators Sons, and are so classified i. the number of

21:5.9 a Paradise Michael may freely rule i. his concept of

22:0.1 sonship is subdivided into three primary divisions i.

22:9.1 trinitized sons are assigned to the superuniverses i.

25:0.9 I.  inherent nature and attained status, the messenger

25:3.5 enforce the mandates of the conciliators i. the laws

26:1.11 are grouped for presentation i. their functions of

28:5.21 these transactions take place i. established usages

28:6.5 then, i. the findings of the Significance of Origins,

29:4.15 all orders of the Master Physical Controllers i. the

30:1.1 Living beings are classified on Paradise i. inherent

30:1.1 present are grouped i. origin: those of triune origin,

30:1.99 evolves the spirit soul upon the material mind i. the

30:4.23 There are three orders of student spirits i. their

31:0.9 The corps is organized i. the working associations of

31:10.22 Orvonton administrators acting i. a mandate issued

32:3.7 at the start, only i. their degree of kinship to Deity.

33:8.2 constituted and conducted i. their scope and purpose

34:2.3 In each universe the Divine Minister functions i. the

35:1.1 i. the divine purpose and creative plans of a given

35:5.4 the rulings of this order of Sons are i. the spirit of

35:6.1 Thus each of the Most High rulers, i. present policy,

35:6.5 varies in number and personnel from time to time i.

36:3.2 i. formulas previously approved for a new adventure

36:3.3 When, i. approved formulas, the physical patterns

36:3.5 start the required revolutions of matter i. the physical

36:3.8 the evolution of living things must proceed i. the

37:4.3 i. the instructions which constitute their mission in

38:4.4 for reunions every millennium and are all present i.

38:9.5 is i. the original designs and developmental plans of

39:1.8 every such misstep be fairly adjudged i. the creature

39:6.1 This ministry is diversified i. the following seven

40:5.4 mortals are primarily classified i. their relation to

41:0.2 local creations are administratively organized i.

41:0.2 these make their astronomical appearance i. certain

41:2.7 These intelligent creatures adjust their technique i.

42:0.2 The manipulation of universe energy is ever i. the

42:6.6 ultimatons do spread or cluster i their axial velocities

43:2.1 internal matters are adjudicated i. the laws prevailing

44:3.2 homes are fitted up and embellished i. the needs of

44:5.4 Spiritual energy acts i. established laws, just as does

45:0.3 lighted, heated, watered, and energized i. established

45:7.6 the vote is differentially cast i. the recognized and

45:7.6 citizens are thus classified i. their mota achievement.

45:7.7 status and assign suffrage qualifications i. therewith.

49:0.3 planets are numbered serially i. their registration as

49:1.3 the universes are conducted i. law and order.

49:4.7 governmental problems of the planets vary i. the age

49:6.10 mansion worlds i. previous planetary progression.

50:2.5 the affairs of his world domain are largely adjusted i.

50:5.8 Ethical and moral beings can learn how to live i. the

54:3.3 then must the execution of sentence be delayed i. the

55:3.20 i. their special ability to accomplish a definite task

55:6.3 Reproduction is regulated i. planetary requirements

56:7.5 executed exactly i. the technique herewith outlined

58:0.1 The majority of inhabited worlds are peopled i.

58:6.7 mind is a bestowal of the adjutant mind-spirits i.

65:7.2 if Urantia were operating more i. the original plans,

66:4.5 Prince’s staff were divided equally as to sex and i.

67:5.3 for the reconstruction of human society i. his ideas of

68:4.4 had to be done just so—i. the folkways of the tribe.

68:6.3 the population must vary directly i. the land arts and

70:10.3 judgment was rendered i. the injury done.

71:2.12 replaced by legislative enactments i. accepted law.

71:8.1 The universe is administered i. such a plan of

72:2.5 groups of workers, balloting i. economic function.

72:5.8 These shall first be met i. contract, or in the face of

72:9.2 in two voting groups: They will join the first i. their

72:11.1 seven ranks, i ability and experience, by the president

73:5.6 it being thought best to finish the park i. his ideas.

74:7.1 trained intellectually until they were sixteen i. the

76:2.2 i. this custom, Cain and Abel made periodic offerings

76:5.5 the temple of divine service which had been built i.

76:6.2 And i. this mandate of special resurrection, number

77:3.3 and construction was started i. Bablot’s plans.

77:8.5 organized for service with the planetary seraphim i.

82:1.4 sex be gratified in useful channels and i. the mores.

82:5.7 marriages were regulated more i. territorial residence

90:3.3 and i. their understanding, the shamans and scientists

93:6.5 Isaac, the son of Abraham, was born i. the promise

97:9.4 Saul was crowned king by the prophet Samuel i.

100:1.1 child evaluates experience i. the content of pleasure;

101:4.2 Revelators must act i. the instructions which form a

101:9.2 and to evaluate their religious experience i. their

106:2.1 all of this takes place i. the mandates of personality:

107:0.4 following the leading of his Adjuster is living i. the

107:7.3 they adapt, modify, and substitute i. circumstances,

107:7.3 Adjusters are always waiting to act decisively i.

108:1.1 we conjecture that these divine gifts are bestowed i.

108:4.3 Adjusters seem to function i. universe laws quite

109:3.1 the detailed work of Mystery Monitors varies i. the

110:5.6 and every human being must settle these problems i.

111:1.6 Likewise can this mind be made noble and good i.

112:6.3 the personality form will vary directly i. the nature

113:1.2 seraphim are assigned i. human intelligence, destiny,

113:1.4 most men and women are grouped in seven classes i.

113:1.6 seraphic assignments are made i. the attainment of

113:2.3 these appointments are always i. human needs and

114:2.1 and appointed by Gabriel i. the mandate of Michael.

114:3.4 i. an arrangement whereby the returning governor

114:6.17 all his rulings are subject to appeal i. the nature and

114:7.11 i. the corps organization, titular (mortal) heads of

117:3.10 divine presence of the Father and i. the personality

117:4.11 The mechanical creation moves on inexorably i. the

118:7.1 and creature will operates within the limits, and i.

118:8.10 a new and voluntarily assumed restraint i. the moral

118:10.6 a fatherly hand in the stream of cosmic events all i.

120:0.2 act in the drama of the acquirement of sovereignty i.

120:1.6 I function as would our Paradise Father and i. your

120:1.6 guarantee the safe administration of your universe i.

120:2.1 1. I. the usages and in conformity with the technique

120:2.4 4. I. your request, Gabriel and all concerned will

120:2.5 And then, i. your mortal wisdom, minister to the

120:3.3 Live your family and community life i. the practices

121:4.4 after the pattern, and i. the style, of Paul’s Epistles.

121:8.3 Peter died in A.D. 67, and i. the outline approved by

121:8.14 portrayed this narrative i. my concept of its effective

122:5.9 Joseph and Mary were married, i. Jewish custom,

123:2.2 assigned for the performance of definite duties i. the

123:5.14 studied nature in her various moods i. the seasons.

126:3.1 are reckoning time i. the twentieth-century calendar,

130:1.2 “My friend, we are all Jonahs with lives to live i. the

130:1.4 we shall, i. our permission, freely translate his words

130:7.8 Relatively, and i. transcendental attainment, these

131:9.3 Heaven deals with man’s soul i. its purpose.

132:2.6 increasing goodness and diminishing evil in perfect a.

132:5.13 then proceed to administer each portion i. the wise

132:5.15 you may disburse i. your convictions of justice,

132:5.25 I will begin the administration of all my wealth i.

132:7.9 measurably creative i. the degree of dedication to the

133:0.3 Mankind can appropriately be divided into classes i.

134:3.5 I. this arrangement, Jesus stopped off on the return

135:0.1 i. the promise that Gabriel made to Elizabeth in June

136:6.2 his lifework should be organized and prosecuted i.

136:8.1 that Jesus presently decided i. the will of the Father

139:6.3 Nathaniel was disposed to prejudge individuals i. his

140:3.2 to heal the sick i. the will of my Father in heaven.

140:6.5 and adjudges them i. their intents and real desires.”

141:5.2 service of God even while you render such service i.

141:5.4 standardized i. the religious interpretations of even

142:2.2 taught the children of their generation i. the light of

143:2.2 “John indeed taught you the way of righteousness i.

144:2.4 if his son asks unwisely, would hesitate to give i.

146:2.7 because your prayers will be in full a. the Father’s

146:2.10 I will present your petition i. your real needs and

146:2.10 your real needs and desires and i. my Father’s will.”

146:2.14 Jesus referred to praying sincerely and i. one’s

148:2.1 they treated the sick i. all known material methods

151:3.1 your parable i. his own intellectual and spiritual

153:1.3 the final test, to make their vital decisions i. prior

154:4.6 if everybody made an honest effort to live i. his ideas

155:2.2 I. Peter’s instructions the twelve evangelists had less

158:2.4 therefore I consented to be received i. your settled

158:5.3 “I will do this i. my Father’s will and in honor of

158:6.4 except when such things are i. the Father’s will?

158:7.4 his policy of pursuing to the end his earth bestowal i.

162:2.2 They circumcise i. the law on the Sabbath day, but

162:9.5 I. this understanding, Abner and his eleven fellows

163:0.2 The other apostles participated in this training i. their

163:3.4 The Father deals with his creatures i. their needs and

168:1.6 the Master was proceeding i. the limited knowledge

168:4.10 the full right to answer your petitions i. that wisdom

171:2.6 the kingdom would certainly be set up somewhat i.

172:3.15 that Jesus was not going to establish the kingdom i.

172:4.2 much in the receiving box and all giving something i.

174:4.3 lawyer perceived that Jesus had answered not only i.

175:3.2 left to finish their short lease of national life i. their

176:1.7 you insist on interpreting the gospel i. your beliefs.

176:3.7 I. the truth committed to your hands will the Master

177:0.2 the apostles be permitted to spend the time i. their

177:2.5 life is made happy or unhappy, easy or difficult, i. his

178:1.15 fruits in each individual and in each generation i. the

180:4.1 it is i. my promise to send them another teacher.

180:5.10 living readaptative interpretation of relationships i.

181:1.3 put forth your earnest efforts to live i. the spirit of

181:2.21 even a good thought must be modulated i. the status

181:2.23 by your persistent tendency to interpret my gospel i.

185:2.2 and pass judgment on him i. your own laws?”

187:5.2 not entertain the slightest doubt that he had lived i.

187:5.2 laying down his life in the flesh i. his Father’s will.

189:0.1 power to take it up again i. his own determination.”

190:1.5 all this time you have served me i. your oath to me

192:2.8 Remember that the reaping is in i. the sowing.

194:3.6 and every soul received him i. the love for truth and


3:1.11 co-operation a. these Adjusters by the minds of their

13:4.7 When I am a. a period of release from assignment,

20:6.6 that such inhuman treatment be a. a Son of God,

22:5.3 among the ascendant seraphim are a. this recognition

30:4.28 you are a. a period of leisure for free observation,

30:4.32 Paradise arrivals are a. a period of freedom,

45:6.7 such a mortal child will be a. repersonalization on

49:6.13 status of their parents, are a. personal guardians.

53:4.1 Satan proclaimed that worship could be a. the forces

53:8.2 Satan has not been a. such liberty on Jerusem since

57:8.10 broadcasts to all Nebadon, Urantia was a. full status.

79:8.9 paramount position a. the family, for civilization is

84:4.8 she was treated more considerately, being a. more

84:5.5 The Adamites and Nodites a. women increased

112:5.7 mercy is a. further opportunity for extending its

118:8.10 them that treatment which he himself would be a.,

124:5.6 longer experience rearing this family than was a. to

129:2.7 would never be a. the status of a regular teacher

132:5.17 The fairness of trade and the honest treatment a.

132:5.21 possessors of wealth should be a. the major voice in

135:1.2 almost the respect and veneration a. the high priest,

138:8.11 clear to them that women were to be a. equal rights

150:1.3 ministers were called deaconesses and were a.

167:5.4 only those teachings which a. women equality with

171:8.3 but if the Son of Man had been a. the spiritual rule of


2:2.1a. to the eternal purpose which I purposed in my

3:2.1 “He does a. to his will in the army of heaven and

14:5.4 Indefinitely, a. to the length and nature of the

15:1.1 long and uncharted plunge into new space; but a. to

15:5.13 These are the worlds which are built a. to plans and

22:1.9 further classified, a. to origin, nature, and function,

26:4.2 A. to their periodic assignment to the ministry of the

34:6.5 Your power and achievement is “a. to his mercy,

35:8.2 Melchizedek teachers and examiners a. to ability,

36:0.1 Life is constructed a. to plans formulated by the

42:11.5 when expressed as inversely a. to the square of the

43:2.1 administered a. to its own legislative enactments.

47:2.3 probationary creatures are grouped a. to whether

49:5.29 provides for horizontal groupings a. to type, series,

50:4.10 they carry on a. to the plan of the prince’s schools.

52:7.15 a. to His promise, look for a new heaven and a new

54:4.7 and are ascending Paradiseward a. to his eternal plan

55:1.3 to build the morontia temple a. to specifications.

55:2.8 but the elimination of death has not yet occurred a.

64:1.4 glacier, the first a. to the reckoning of geologists.

70:8.8 Social—classes have gradually formed a. to popular

70:11.13 that the fight was carried on a. to approved rules.

71:4.16 establish a progressive society in which they live a.

72:9.2 they will enter the second group a. to their political

89:4.10 meal, a communion service a. to modern usage.

89:6.6 is recorded as being “a. to the word of the Lord.”

89:7.1 properties, and children could be redeemed a. to the

89:9.3 A. to Paul, Christ became the last and all-sufficient

90:5.5 As religion evolved, priests began to specialize a. to

94:8.17 A. to the original teachings of Gautama, salvation

95:3.3 standard is righteousness; who walks a. to its way.”

97:5.5 will live, each one a. to his understanding of God.”

97:6.4 to give every one a. to his ways and a. to the fruit of

101:4.4 religion is to be judged by its fruits, a. to the manner

101:5.9 all a. to the status and temperamental tendency of

101:8.4 The zeal of faith is a. to knowledge, and its strivings

107:2.9 mysterious God fragments can be classified: a. to

109:4.5 a. to the records on Uversa, indwelt fifteen minds

112:1.6 movement through space and a. to time—evolution.

112:3.3 but a. to the prior choosing of the human will, the

112:4.4 the former system of service but will, a. to choice,

115:7.2 All this must be a. to the Father’s plan, which has

118:10.16 has begun to live a. to the trend of the universes;

121:8.3 Mark’s record is in reality the Gospel a. to Peter.

121:8.4 The so-called Gospel a. to Matthew is the record of

121:8.7 at Pella, Isador wrote the Gospel a. to Matthew.

121:8.9 Luke’s Gospel is in some ways the Gospel a. to Paul.

121:8.10 The Gospel a. to John relates much of Jesus’ work

121:8.10 This is the so-called Gospel a. to John the son of

122:8.2 on the eighth day, a. to the Jewish practice, Jesus

122:9.23 servant depart in peace, O Lord, a. to your word,

124:6.7 Joshua’s renowned exploits, a. to Jewish tradition.

126:4.1 when, a. to law, Jesus could conduct the service.

127:6.7 to eat the Passover “a. to the law of Moses.”

130:0.1 They made their journey a. to schedule, and Jesus

135:0.2 John was circumcised a. to the Jewish custom.

139:4.15 in the writing of the so-called “Gospel a. to John,”

139:7.5 has become known as the Gospel a. to Matthew.

140:8.26 trying to mold the disciples and believers a. to some

144:3.19 2. Believing—a. to faith.

144:3.21 4. Intelligent—a. to light.

145:2.2 a. to custom Jesus took the first text from the law,

145:2.5 not a. to the covenant which I made with their

145:2.5 I brought them out of the land of Egypt, but a. to

145:3.1 A. to Jewish teaching it was not permissible even

146:2.15 In everything I will give thanks a. to the will of

148:6.2 A. to the time-honored teachings of the children of

152:6.6 had ascertained that it was “a. to the Father’s will.”

162:2.2 Judge not a. to outward appearances but rather

169:3.1 And while this olden parable is not a. to the gospel

176:3.4 to each he intrusted his goods a. to their abilities;

181:2.7 still set on making this kingdom come a. to your

187:1.2 A. to custom the captain led the procession, carrying

188:1.5 observe the Passover feast a. to the laws of Moses.

189:2.4 body of Jesus from the tomb preparatory to a. it


0:12.11 A., in making these presentations about God

6:0.1 A., whenever and however the Father personally

17:3.1 One of each type was a. assigned to service in each

19:2.4 A., whenever in the conduct of the superuniverse

23:2.20 a. they can sometimes detect the probable presence

25:5.3 those of wider significance are dealt with a..

25:8.4 and provision is a. made for companionship, even on

26:2.5 one of the Master Spirits and in nature patterned a.

26:2.5 their creator and are a. diverse from the others.

40:6.3 to the divine family and a. called the sons of God.

43:3.3 a. spoke of their abode in the plural: “There is a river

57:8.8 Your world was a. registered on Jerusem as a

63:4.9 and a. make provision for the eventual separation of

66:2.7 A., fifty males and fifty females of the Andon and

67:2.2 A., appeal was taken to Jerusem, and forthwith

73:4.1 Van well knew of these customs and a. provided

75:2.3 the plans were a. laid for entrapping the mother of

75:6.2 Adam had no liking for war and a. elected to leave

76:4.8 A., Eve was made the head of a commission of

77:1.3 each couple of the corporeal staff was a. granted

77:1.4 original corps of 50,000 was a. brought into being.

77:3.1 A. a council of the tribes was called, and after

86:6.6 fortune, then must human conduct be regulated a..

87:5.3 A., primitive peoples paid more attention to their

91:5.1 are man’s ideals a. elevated from mere human levels

93:4.14 a. had wisely offered these people the bread and

93:8.1 A. Machiventa retired one night to his tent at

94:11.11 A. it began to be taught that all Buddhas were but

95:6.2 A., as the result of a dream, Zoroaster settled

95:6.2 a., Zoroaster created a galaxy of seven gods with

99:0.3 religion must a. quicken its adaptation to this new

101:4.1 A., future students of such a revelation are

112:2.11 A. does science give way to philosophy, while

114:7.1 A., as soon as men and women appear on the stage

118:3.3 of truth wedded to fact become concepts and are a.

119:6.5 Michael’s release, and a. we arranged a suitable

120:0.4 A., did Michael, during the experience of each of

121:8.10 a., in the year A.D. 101 John encouraged Nathan

122:7.7 Joseph a. sought lodgings with distant relatives,

122:8.4 A., they remained in Bethlehem more than a year,

122:9.1 A., Joseph and Mary went up to the temple at

123:0.6 A., they departed from Bethlehem for Nazareth,

123:2.13 a. on August 21, 2 B.C., Mary formally turned Jesus

123:5.1 A., in August of this year Jesus entered upon his

123:5.2 a., Jesus attended his first Passover that year in

127:3.5 A., they went to the temple and heard discussions

128:4.6 A., Jesus consistently sought to suppress everything

128:6.6 A., Jude remained in confinement until the morning

133:3.6 a. Ganid spoke sharply to these women and rudely

134:1.4 a. they had postponed these events, hoping for their

134:1.6 A., a few days after Jesus left with the caravan,

134:3.8 A., we three secondary midwayers completed such

134:8.9 A., it may be seen that the “great temptation” of

135:1.1 A., Zacharias and Elizabeth took their son to Engedi

135:2.3 A., the summer that John was twenty years of age

135:10.1 A., John and the remainder of his disciples began

135:10.3 A., the agents of Herod placed John under arrest.

136:2.1 A., not all who submitted to John’s baptism regarded

136:5.4 A. was Jesus admonished that, while the Adjuster’s

137:3.6 A., the entire countryside was preparing to gather

138:3.5 A., most of the Capernaum Pharisees were present

140:8.1 A., on Thursday Jesus went out from the shore in a

142:6.1 A., Nicodemus had arranged with Andrew to see

144:6.7 A., from that time until after the death of John, two

144:9.1 go into joint council and arrange your affairs a..

144:9.2 A., Jesus and the apostles, accompanied by some

145:2.13 He believed this teaching and behaved a. in all that

145:2.13 A. they believed that Jesus had cast a demon out of

147:6.2 A., it was decided that Jesus would have to be

150:6.3 A., from all parts of central and southern Galilee

150:8.6 a., only the first and last of the benedictions were

150:8.11 A., Jesus stepped down into the crowd which

151:2.1 A., Peter approached the Master, saying: “We are

152:5.5 A. they went by boat to the region of Gennesaret for

154:3.2 A., Herod signed the decree which authorized the

156:5.4 A., it became the habit of our forefathers to believe

156:6.4 and a., that very evening a boat took them across.

157:0.1 A. they installed themselves in Mary’s home and,

157:1.1 A., Peter replied: “Why of course the Master pays

157:6.1 this probable diminution of revenue and had a.

157:6.7 A., the apostles heard much that was new as Jesus

157:7.5 A., Jesus said to the twelve: “Lay in provisions and

158:0.2 A., only Peter, James, and John shared even a part

159:4.1 A., Nathaniel asked: “Master, could you trust me to

162:0.1 A., they passed down the eastern shore of the lake

162:2.6 A., Eber,with two assistants was dispatched to arrest

163:5.2 A., David, with the help of his messenger corps,

164:3.11 or a holy prophet; a. he did as Jesus directed him.

164:4.8 a., when they recalled Josiah, they attempted to

165:0.2 and there was, a., an absence of miracle working.

166:2.1 they were, a., posted on the outskirts of the city

166:2.3 A., when Simon Zelotes observed the Samaritan

167:1.1 A., about forty of these leading men were bidden to

167:4.4 A., Jesus said to his apostles: “Let us prepare to go

171:1.5 A., David betook himself to Philadelphia, having

171:6.1 a., Zaccheus sought to press through the crowd, but

171:8.6 master said, ‘I will a. make you ruler over five cities

172:3.6 A., Jesus called Peter and John, and after directing

172:3.7 A., several thousand of these visitors flocked forth to

173:1.3 A., accredited money-changers erected their booths

173:2.2 A., when Jesus had just begun his discourse on “The

174:1.1 A., Peter broke in on the conversation dealing with

174:2.1 A., several groups of learned men were designated

174:4.3 A., he said: “Of a truth, Master, you have well said

177:4.11 A. was Judas always inclined to assign to Jesus

183:1.2 A., Jesus elected to lay down his life in the flesh in

183:2.4 A., when Judas started out from the temple, he was

183:4.2 a., in this greatest of all crises in their lives, Andrew

184:3.14 A., Caiaphas rushed over to the side of Jesus and,

185:1.4 Pilate a. had the shields of the emperor put up on

187:2.2 A., after Jesus’ clothes had been removed, he was

187:5.8 arrived at Golgotha, they did a. to the two thieves,

190:3.1 A., after Mary had pledged all the women to secrecy

192:1.7 Jesus knew the fish were there and a. directed the

192:4.2 A., over five hundred believers from the environs of

192:4.4 A., early the next day, the eleven left Bethsaida for


12:3.10 this estimate is probably far from accurate, it a.,

33:3.3 the Son always a. the Spirit a co-ordinate position

195:7.18 No appreciation of art is genuine unless it a.


146:4.3 heard of his fame as a healer, made bold to a. him

183:3.2 As Judas strode forward to a. the Master, there the


133:3.6 they were a. by two public women.

163:2.4 this young man a. him and said: “Master, I would

174:5.1 Philip was a. by a delegation of strangers, a group

177:0.3 David Zebedee a. Jesus, saying: “You well know,

192:1.9 to be thus a. by the fish merchants of Tarichea,


12:1.13 this tentative estimate takes no a. of architectural

19:5.10 if the action of such Spirits is not taken into a..

26:1.14 Their story, with an a. of the seraphim and cherubim,

28:6.6 a living trial balance, a current statement of your a.

42:3.13 Neither does it take into a. the pre-emergent stages

43:5.15 And this takes no a. of the numerous Vorondadeks,

46:4.7 residential and administrative areas takes no a. of

51:3.2 beautiful centers of culture by the fragmentary a. of

58:2.3 And all of this takes no a. of their catalogue of more

64:7.12 Sangik ancestry of modern peoples must take into a.

74:8.7 The Old Testament a. of creation dates from long

74:8.12 And so this a. found its place among those writings

79:8.15 with greater accuracy than any other similar a.,

82:4.4 The reason for holding the wife to stricter sex a.

85:1.2 Men failed to take into a either erosion or the results

94:3.8 It has failed to take into a. that what may be finite-

97:9.8 the lengthy and prosaic a. of the sacred history

101:2.17 revelation, can afford any sort of intelligent a. of the

110:4.4 Adjusters will give good a. of their stewardship,

124:2.4 Jesus did not suffer much on a. of this trait because

135:5.1 In order to understand John’s message, a. should be

139:6.5 but leave Nathaniel to give a. of himself to God.”

139:7.5 Matthew gave an excellent a. of himself,

157:7.1 Andrew had not thought it of serious a. that Judas

171:8.6 on being called to a., reported: ‘Lord, behold, here

176:3.8 In the next world you will be asked to give an a. of

191:0.4 Peter thought Jesus did not come to them on a. of


11:5.9 Nor do the pulsations of this zone a. for the

19:4.2 present activities hardly a. for their assignment in

24:7.1 how can we a. for the continuous disappearance of

32:5.3 disconnected, and wholly unsuited properly to a.

42:8.6 it does not a. for the cohesion of proton to proton

49:2.14 Nonbreathers a. for the remaining one and one-half

68:2.4 instinct in natural man is hardly sufficient to a. for

87:4.5 enabled man to a. for both good luck and bad luck

90:2.6 unless he could offer a plausible excuse to a. for the

115:6.8 And these dual motions seem to a. for most of the

162:2.5 They could not otherwise a. for Jesus’ boldness in

172:5.9 Thomas was at a loss to a. for Jesus’ conduct on

175:1.22 Do you not understand that you must a. for all of

183:3.4 But the traitor had to do something to a. for his

189:2.4 —without any visible means to a. for such motion—

189:4.9 they were at a loss to a. for the orderly arrangement


98:7.9 Such well-meaning teachers must not be held a. for


9:7.4 the phenomenon of reflectivity can be a. for only by

21:4.6 they are a. experientially worthy and competent

38:2.2 For all who “shall be a. worthy to attain the mansion

74:8.13 the theory of the fall of man or superman which a.

88:4.7 the grip of magic on the race in that it a. for death.

90:1.2 many of the women hysteric, these two types a. for a

122:4.3 hence was Joseph also a. as of the “house of David.”

135:5.2 a system of belief that a. for the sufferings and

171:3.4 their Master, a. for the outward courage displayed

174:3.2 who are a. worthy to attain the worlds to come,


49:2.12 are mid-breathers, altogether a. for ninety-eight

156:5.4 a. for these unusual emotions by remarking: ‘The

157:3.5 his enemies greatly feared him, a. for his powers

169:2.3 required that he should give a. of his stewardship

171:8.6 when these stewards were called together for an a.,

175:1.22 shall require of this people an a. for the way they

175:1.22 And if you go on in your evil ways, this a. may be

176:3.4 And then there came to the a. he who had received

176:3.4 confess that you knew I would require of you an a.


89:8.7 A just man was one who had paid all a. to the

159:1.4 they had begun to conduct this examination of a.,

176:2.8 a. based on the memories of what the Master said


34:2.3 origin a. for the diverse techniques in the function of

36:5.12 that gift of living things which a. for their ability to

51:4.6 This a. for the origin of slavery on the planets during

52:2.9 a. for the presence of so many defective individuals

58:2.10 conducting regions in the superstratosphere that a.

88:1.8 Belief in skull fetishes a. for much of later-day head-


20:4.3 They receive and a. Adjusters on their return to the

174:4.6 in the Psalm which you a. to David, he himself,


4:1.7 the workings of the a. spirit intelligences of the

13:1.7 Sons of God when, and after, they are fully a. and

15:7.1 made to order and is peopled by a. personalities.

15:11.2 are tarrying on Uversa, a. for transport to Havona.

18:6.1 liaison personalities a. by the Paradise Trinity to the

26:4.11 who have been a. for the Paradise ascent will part

27:0.2 returns as the a. deliverer of this isolated world,

30:4.1 are denominated ascending pilgrims when a. for the

30:4.11 Those a. beings who have, for any reason, been

30:4.22 life of the local universe and are now a. spirits.

38:9.13 a. midway creatures will be mustered into the ranks

39:4.17 the system—the a. graduates of the mansion worlds.

40:2.2 liberated Adams and Eves are a. as ascending

45:6.8 This service of parental ministry may be later a. on

119:3.3 Son, accompanied by a lone seconaphim, a. by the

126:3.8 tucked away in this partially a. Book of Enoch;

134:3.6 teachers were chosen, supported, and fully a. by

173:1.3 a. money-changers erected their booths in the

176:3.2 Kingdom builders, the a. citizens of the heavenly


121:8.5 intent to deceive in a. the production to Matthew.


15:5.9 They grow by meteoric a. and by minor collisions.

41:3.9 capture of meteors by the a. of energy-material at

41:10.3 Both the gas-contraction and the solid-a. worlds are

57:6.10 and was still growing rapidly by meteoric a..

90:2.11 medicine men became very wealthy through the a. of


15:5.10 the dense dark islands are the direct result of the a.

42:4.9 by association with larger a. of materializing energy.


54:6.6 Gradually benefits began to a..

83:8.2 True, indeed, much spiritual progress may a.

110:7.10 humbly receive credit that may a. as a result of my

119:0.5 Though numerous incidental benefits a to the worlds


65:4.10 gains already a. are sufficient to justify the Urantia

69:2.7 the success which a. from patient practice was


101:1.5 that faculty of human personality which a. as a


132:5.8 6. Genius wealth—riches a. from the rewards of the


15:5.9 circulating in space, small planets may slowly a..

69:5.13 Individuals would a. property for years just to create

69:9.3 Man not only craves to a. property; he desires to

90:2.11 shaman would a. practically all the material wealth

132:5.18 No noble man will strive to a. by the enslavement of

165:4.11 1. How much wealth did you a.?


25:4.12 the wisdom and experience you have already a.;

16:9.3 but not of experiential values a. during the mortal life

57:8.20 Meteors falling into the sea a. on the ocean bottom,

69:5.8 were among the earliest form of property to be a.,

72:4.3 the funds for meeting such expenses being a. by the

127:6.14 As a child Jesus a. a vast body of knowledge;

132:5.22 if aught of your wealth has been a. by dishonest


16:7.4 and to select an approach based on a. experience.

25:3.17 they continue to function as quartets of a. cosmic

27:7.6 the expression of the a. emotions of the ages,

29:4.33 they are empowered to release these a. energies.

61:0.3 The a deposits of the five periods of this fifty-million

68:3.5 revealed religion, from the a. experience of the races,

69:0.3 but all human institutions are merely the a. mores of

70:11.6 The mores were the raw material of a. experience

71:0.1 statecraft is merely the a. technique for adjusting the

81:6.44 now society is plunging forward under the force of a.

88:2.7 Concerning the a. fetish writings which religionists

90:5.3 mystery cults was just one long performance of a.

94:12.7 of Michael, unencumbered by the a. doctrines and

107:3.8 correlate this a. data in order that such knowledge

111:7.5 the experience of the individual opposed by the a.

132:5.2 a wise and efficient steward of your a. wealth,

132:5.17 such honestly a. wealth endows its possessor with

139:12.10 the mobilization of all the a. hate, hurt, malice,

193:4.1 view of the a. enlightenment of succeeding centuries.


47:0.3 finaliter population which a. in these older and more

101:5.12 valuable testimony of the actual experience which a.


30:4.31 unrevealed mission of this a. host of the perfected

31:0.13 They are indeed the a. tried and true souls of time

31:7.4 possible assignment of some of the a. corps of the

31:10.13 the mission of the gradually a. reserves of perfected

36:4.8 every universe in Orvonton harbors such an a.

40:10.7 they represent a slowly a. body of insight-deepening

41:5.1 from a sun until the rising internal pressure of a.

70:2.20 to liberate those ever-a. emotions and energies


15:5.10 these dark islands have come into being by the a. of

27:5.3 And this living a. of knowledge is distinct from the

41:7.6 The a. and transmission of universal space-energies.

58:6.3 They do not evolve as the result of the gradual a. of

59:3.9 This is the a. of secondary subsidences.

61:7.11 the center of ice a. moved considerably northward.

69:5.2 Thus the a of individual capital and group wealth led

69:5.3 The basic urges which led to the a. of capital were:

69:9.3 The later capital-a. and property-inheritance mores

69:9.6 insecurity prevented the outward a. of capital.

73:7.2 the date of the a. of the reserves of the violet race

81:3.3 years as the result of the mere a. of dirt and trash.

81:6.8 of civilization must always await the a. of scientific

84:8.2 Property a. is becoming an instrument for

92:3.9 Religion facilitated the a. of capital; it fostered

99:6.3 a. of vested interests with increase of secularization

100:1.7 Cosmic growth thus attends on the a. of meanings

101:6.4 The evolutionary type of knowledge is but the a. of

117:5.13 character represents the creature’s capital a. of

118:8.5 provided for the slow a. of the racial heritage of

118:10.14 2. Mans increasing control—the gradual a. of the

132:5.15 any injustice involved in the unfair a. of wealth by

169:1.4 covered by the dust of time and obscured by the a.

193:4.3 Judas was impelled, by the a. of his emotional


58:7.1 And when it does emerge from below all the a. of

58:7.9 older conglomerates represents the sedimentary a. of

69:5.6 3. Vanity—longing to display one’s property a..

69:5.13 A. of wealth early became the badge of social

117:5.10 The mind-experience a. of the seven adjutant

147:3.1 bubble up at irregular intervals because of gas a. in

169:1.15 spiritually blinded by the material cares and a. of

177:4.11 And all these a. of human resentment and bitter


29:4.38 perform with almost intelligentlike precision and a..

29:4.38 more computations with even greater delicacy of a.,

77:2.12 with great a., introducing the year of 365 days.

79:8.15 And this story presents, with greater a. than any

101:7.2 with sensitivity to meanings and a. of evaluation.


2:7.1 relatively complete, locally a., and personally true.

12:3.10 While this estimate is probably far from a., it accords

19:4.7 conclusions are not always a. forecasts of Censor

41:3.10 to utilize such suns as universe lighthouses or a.

76:3.10 were more or less a., their health provisions were,

84:4.1 progress of marriage itself is a reasonably a. gauge

97:8.1 other more or less a. records of Hebrew history.


15:6.11 because of this function that we can locate them a.

19:4.7 We very a. determine the probable result of the

61:7.10 And Urantia geologists have very a. deduced the

65:6.1 It is impossible a. to determine, simultaneously,

70:2.19 so that you may the more a. visualize what war’s

70:11.14 the status of any civilization may be a. determined

118:7.1 forecast the decision of some associate most a.,


70:10.6 and her thighs shall rot, and the woman shall be a.

162:2.9 Do you not know that such untaught people are a.


38:2.4 although greater in power and might, bring no a.

184:2.8 And again Peter denied the a..

185:2.1 asked, “What a. do you bring against this fellow?”

185:3.2 “And now about the third a. against you, are you

187:1.3 Pilate reminded them that such an a. was part of


124:1.4 this was the most serious of all the a. which had thus

151:3.14 opportunity to find cause for offense and for a.

168:3.3 numerous other a. of flouting the Jewish sacred

169:0.3 to formulate their charges and to crystallize their a..

184:2.11 how cleverly he had eluded the a. of the servants,

184:3.6 Jesus made no reply to their many false a..

184:3.8 The very best refutation of their false a. was the

185:2.15 When Jesus heard these a., he well knew that he had

185:4.3 priests and the Sadducees and, giving ear to their a.,


147:6.4 have long to wait for their opportunity to a. Jesus

162:3.3 If Jesus forbade stoning the woman, they would a.

162:3.3 If Jesus remained silent, they would a. him of

164:4.4 for every Pharisee who dared to a. and denounce

184:2.6 When Peter heard the maid a. him, he denied all


70:10.5 When poison was administered, if the a. vomited, he

70:10.6 the a. wife was made to drink the nasty potion.

88:4.7 The a. individual usually confessed guilt, even when

90:3.7 his own witchcraft, in which event no one was a..

120:4.1 so unworthy children of Michael, who had a. their

132:4.8 Meeting a poor man who had been falsely a.,

184:5.8 were agreed upon while the a. prisoner was absent.

185:8.1 Jesus was arrested without indictment; a. without


139:3.9 even James’ a. and informer, who attended his trial


38:2.4 in spiritual status, but they are not your judges or a..

100:7.1 Master standing before his a., “Behold the man!”

124:1.4 so in Jesus marched, fearlessly confronting his a..

147:6.4 said Jesus to the a.: “You are indeed zealous for the

162:3.1 evil repute was brought into his presence by her a.

162:3.5 upon the ground for the benefit of her would-be a.

162:3.5 Jesus said: “Woman, where are your a.?

184:2.5 Peter saw no way of safely escaping from these a.;

184:2.8 Peter sought to escape contact with his a. by going

184:3.19 And these impassioned a. are exasperated by the

185:0.1 Master was accompanied by about fifty of his a.,

185:2.1 When Jesus and his a. had gathered in front of

185:2.15 Jewish court, and so did John Zebedee and his a.,

185:2.15 Even when Pilate bade him answer his a., Jesus

185:2.16 standing there in majesty before his bloodthirsty a.

185:3.2 do you take this question from these others, my a.

185:3.7 Pilate went to the chief priests and the a. of Jesus

185:4.1 Jesus was followed by his a. and an increasing

186:0.1 As Jesus and his a. started off to see Herod, he


53:1.2 “did not bring against him an a. judgment but simply

97:4.3 pointing a reproving and a. finger at them, Amos

148:6.9 Eliphaz grew more stern, a., and sarcastic.

150:9.2 they jostled Jesus and, pointing a. fingers at him,

164:3.8 occasion which they seek for a. the Son of Man.”

184:3.14 shaking his a. finger in the Master’s face, said: “I


52:1.2 By this time man is well a. to standing erect.

70:1.13 neighboring tribes were a. to go out in semifriendly

78:7.1 The river dwellers were a. to rivers overflowing their

119:3.4 Michael appeared in his a. place on Salvington,

119:5.3 appearing thereafter in his a. place on Salvington.

120:3.12 we saw him no more in his a. place until his return as

123:4.5 much of the dry season this was his a. playroom.

128:4.8 Mary becoming a. to Jesus’ being away from home.

137:6.5 Each of you must now return to his a. work just as

138:8.11 but early became a. to, Jesus’ treatment of women;

143:3.1 They had hardly become a. to living and working

150:9.3 his followers were not a. to seeing their beloved

156:3.2 the apostles and the evangelists were becoming a.


121:8.8 Luke wrote in the year 82 in A..

133:2.5 for Corinth, the capital of the Roman province of A..

139:1.12 was finally apprehended and crucified in Patrae in A..


174:5.9 heart a. for my people, and my soul is distraught by

achievesee achievewith cannot or never or not

1:0.5 when they do a. this destiny, they will, in all that

1:3.7 increasingly spiritual and ultimately to a. oneness

1:4.7 God-knowing mortal can a. the philosophic miracle

4:4.2 God is immutable; but not until you a. Paradise

5:1.2 circumstances in which you may a. the goal of the

6:5.4 the Son unite to personalize a Creator Son, they a.

10:0.3 how the Infinite could a. threefold and co-ordinate

13:2.9 you will a. a partial understanding of the Secrets of

14:2.8 attain Deity, to a. Paradise, and to know the Father.

14:3.4 circle, until they finally attain the Deities and a.

16:3.18 in their attempts to a. comprehension of the Deity

17:3.1 seven types is required in order to a. the perfect

19:2.4 to a. the maximum of administrative wisdom,

20:0.5 such as mortal creatures, a. this status by experiential

20:5.7 never fail to a. the goal of the bestowal mission.

21:3.23 7. To a. higher relationship with the Supreme Being.

22:5.4 many are translated and a. Paradise and, along with

22:7.6 Paradise-Havona personalities—finally a. their goal,

24:7.3 one quarter of those who a. the divine embrace never

26:1.10 evolutionary seraphim can a. the spiritual levels of

26:4.11 expecting to a., as seraphim, perfection of

26:6.2 It is in this circle that ascenders a. a new realization

26:6.3 to a. the eternal and existential Deities of Paradise.

26:7.1 the attempt to a. the personality recognition of the

26:8.1 go to Paradise to a. an understanding contact with

26:8.1 the descending pilgrims a. a new comprehension of

31:1.2 Havona natives must a. experiential developments in

31:2.4 finaliters a. a touching and profound affection for

31:8.1 the effort to a. comprehension of the nature and

32:3.15 Each requires the other to a. completion of function,

32:5.4 human beings die because, having failed to a. the

35:3.19 thus a. co-ordination of experience preparatory to

37:5.11 These beings may not attain Paradise, but they a. an

38:8.3 the gifted individuals may a. limited seraphic service.

38:9.8 The primary ministers can a. liaison co-operation

38:9.8 able to a. practical utilization of the entire energy

39:0.11 hope to a. the highest possible level of experiential

39:3.5 form the most ideal group to a. a given purpose

39:8.1 and in these very realms of their nativity some a.

39:8.4 angels sometimes a. Paradise in a much shorter time

39:8.7 these guardians attempt, and undoubtedly a.,

40:1.1 seraphim also a. the status of ascendant sonship.

40:4.1 When the mortals of time fail to a. the survival of

40:5.10 All God-seeking souls of this type a. eternal life

40:10.12 a finaliter will sometime a. as a seventh-stage spirit

43:8.4 on the constellation training worlds you are to a.

43:8.7 3. A. simultaneous adjustment to fellow morontians

43:8.8 like and unlike yourself, a. intellectual harmony with

43:9.5 glory of it augments as you a. increased capacity for

45:7.1 planets, where those mortals who fail to a. fusion

47:8.7 the mansion world students a. a status which is

47:10.7 ascenders of time who are destined to a. the portals

48:6.28 Mansion world students a. cosmic perspective—

48:6.37 the self element that exhausts, not the effort to a..

48:8.1 perfection by which ascenders a. the goal of time—

51:5.7 Having failed to a. race harmonization by Adamic

52:6.2 Unaided social evolution can hardly a. such happy

55:7.4 when the youngest world—the last to a. light and life

56:6.1 they a. perfect unity; likewise, when they create,

56:6.4 While ascending mortals a. power comprehension of

56:9.10 no matter if you a. attainment of God the Sevenfold,

65:8.4 desire—the choice of survival and the decision to a.

74:3.3 the folly of attempting to a. planetary advancement

75:4.6 evil because it represented the wrong way to a.

79:2.5 The failure of India to a. the hegemony of Eurasia

79:6.8 The yellow man was first to a. a racial solidarity—

91:1.2 attempted to gratify his baser emotions or to a.

93:4.15 Melchizedek came to a. two tasks: to keep alive the

94:5.7 the first to a. some measure of freedom from the fear

100:2.6 transcend space, vanquish time, and a. the eternal

100:4.6 If each day or each week you a. an understanding

106:6.1 we deem it impossible to a. the full revelation of

106:6.3 the Trinity Absolute will a. final expression in the

106:6.4 We do not know how an absolute function can a.

106:8.22 second level of the Trinity of Trinities could ever a.

106:9.2 except for experience, no creature could a. even a

109:0.1 so does the indwelling Adjuster a. skill for the next

109:1.4 they a. a reality of attainment that is eternally theirs.

110:1.2 help evolving mortals to a. a better understanding

110:5.3 Adjuster attempts to a. only that which the will of

110:6.14 to make the remaining circles, and a. the final stage

111:1.4 decisions which enable you to a. Adjusterlikeness,

111:1.8 Adjusters strive to a. the spiritual goals of thought

111:7.5 this soul did a. a fair degree of happiness and success

112:2.15 The purpose of cosmic evolution is to a. unity of

112:7.9 acquired immortality through sincere efforts to a.

113:7.5 guardians of destiny a. the circles of Seraphington.

113:7.8 a. ultimate spirit two-in-oneness, repercussing in a

116:1.5 whereas spirit may a. perfection of development,

116:4.11 can a. the maximum of experiential participation in

116:4.11 for the descending personalities, who thereby a.

116:5.14 the motions of mass never ceases until they a victory

116:6.6 evolutionary power of the Almighty to a. completion

117:0.2 If all grand universes should ever relatively a. the full

117:1.2 both descenders and ascenders a. mutuality of

117:1.4 in the incarnations of his Sons, who thereby a. the

117:2.6 status will a. completion (in the energy-spirit sense

117:4.1 are reflections of his efforts to a. reality of self and

117:4.12 so does the Supreme a. destiny on deity levels.

117:5.2 a. finite time-space Deity synthesis in the Supreme.

117:5.14 finite creatures for their inability ever to a. more

117:6.18 doubt that even such a divine gift can a. the task of

117:6.20 the seven superuniverses require each other to a. the

118:9.3 expression, will man a. perfected control thereof.

118:10.14 Man, the civilized, will someday a. relative mastery

118:10.15 they too a. a settledness indicating the exhaustion

120:2.2 I suggest that you graciously a. all you have

120:3.10 and a. the surrender of your consciousness of

130:7.7 surviving mortals a. identity in a seven-dimensional

132:3.7 when it does once a. this divine goal,it can never end

132:3.9 progression for every soul seeking to a. identity with

133:5.7 philosophy will begin to a. unity in the intelligent

133:5.8 How can the finite mind of man a. a logical, true,

140:5.3 Jesus did not expect his followers to a. impossible

141:5.2 You can a. the unity of the service of God even

148:6.3 Job did a. great victories; even in the very face of

152:6.3 you can hope to a. lasting success and accomplish

156:5.2 a. the evolvement of the soul of immortal destiny.

160:2.6 Without the love of a home, no child can a. the full

160:4.14 face facts and adjust them to ideals can a. wisdom.

177:4.9 to trade off his disappointment in failing to a. glory

181:2.11 the sword, while they who labor in the spirit a. life

184:4.5 that he cannot spiritually attain or intellectually a.?

195:7.22 of material things in an effort to a. a spiritual goal.

196:3.34 The great challenge to modern man is to a. better

achievewith cannot or never or not

1:7.2 Man does not a. union with God as a drop of water

26:7.4 They do not a. residential status on Paradise until

28:4.10 together; two would not be able to a. the answer.

32:5.4 human beings die because, having failed to a. the

45:7.1 planets, where those mortals who fail to a. fusion

51:5.7 Having failed to a. race harmonization by Adamic

52:6.2 Unaided social evolution can hardly a. such happy

54:6.10 I did not a. a full comprehension of these

80:0.1 the European blue man did not of himself a. a great

101:7.2 Moral cowards never a. high planes of philosophic

102:6.6 Reason alone cannot a. harmony between infinite

177:4.9 to trade off his disappointment in failing to a. glory

achievedsee achievedwith never or not

0:3.21 the eternal and infinite I AM a. Deity liberation from

0:3.22 theoretical I AM a. the realization of personality

0:7.6 Having a. existential Deity expression of himself in

14:5.1 And there is a definite task to be a. on each of the

14:5.5 are able to equip themselves to traverse “a.” space

15:10.23 persist until such time as their co-ordination is a.

19:2.5 unattained level of wisdom may possibly be a. by the

20:6.4 when he has a. perfection of attunement with his

31:3.6 They have a. the present limit of creature perfection

32:3.9 The perfection of creatures of time, when finally a.,

35:0.7 and having a. this threefold expression, they

39:0.9 Manotia has a. all seven of the seraphic services,

39:1.5 Such seraphim have all a. Paradise and the embrace

39:1.6 the bestowal attendants have a. the highest service

40:2.2 continuing until they have found God and have a.

40:10.7 so is it with those Son-fused mortals who have a.

43:8.4 attained Jerusem citizenship and a. the willingness to

48:4.12 the past savors of things already mastered and a.;

51:7.5 an administration of planetary activities has been a..

55:3.22 until a world has a. one language, one religion,

55:11.7 Jesus, as a man among men, personally a. the status

56:6.4 likely to until they have a. seventh-stage-spirit status,

57:5.2 Today, your sun has a. relative stability, but its

62:7.7 Biologic evolution had once again a. the human

63:7.2 their immediate descendants only a. Spirit fusion.

64:6.28 no cultural conquest of the world races had been a.

65:3.4 seven thousand favorable strains which could have a.

65:4.1 Nebadon life designs, and it is of record that we a.

79:2.5 superior stocks would have a. a higher civilization.

79:3.4 Sethite priests entered India and very nearly a. the

79:5.8 yellow races are the only human stocks that ever a.

79:7.2 forged ahead of the Yangtze villages and had a. an

86:6.7 man therein a. a natural consciousness of relative

94:8.17 the original teachings of Gautama, salvation is a.

94:11.8 The evolution of a concept of the Absolute was a.

96:7.8 they built, concept upon concept, until they had a.

98:1.3 And the Greeks would have eventually a. a true

101:7.3 new formulations of principles and standards are a.;

103:5.5 Human happiness is a. only when the ego desire of

105:2.9 the I AM by virtue of which there was a. threefold

107:2.8 many who have a. unusual distinction during the

108:2.3 that it has a. in potential the co-ordination of the

109:2.11 The superacting Adjusters are those who have a. the

110:2.5 the Adjuster’s will has a. personality expression.

110:7.4 of the endowment of an Adjuster, can only be a.

111:5.4 service in eternity—all these are a. (in spirit) now

112:7.6 And having a. the status of a true universe value,

112:7.9 they together have a. the evolution of a member of

113:7.8 the two beings have a. spiritual bi-unification on

115:7.1 Father-I AM has a. relatively complete liberation

116:5.17 control over the material creation has been a.; still

117:7.13 spirit, in the presence of personality, will have a. the

117:7.14 the Almighty will have a. co-ordinate development,

117:7.17 The time universes will have a. the fulfillment of

118:6.6 time, having a. partial escape from time sequence,

118:8.9 system settled in light and life has experientially a.

118:9.6 that in these very mechanics Deity has a. one phase

118:10.15 pictures of the beauty of a. goodness attained

119:8.3 Michael a. the revelation of the diversified wills of

121:4.3 Man’s soul a. liberty by living in harmony with

124:4.9 Jesus a. the satisfaction of effecting an increasingly

126:0.1 before Jesus a. a large measure of communication

133:1.2 I a. the deliverance of the assaulted lad; that was

133:7.11 the indwelling spirit which has been a. by the self,

133:7.12 this victory is a. in the overcoming of evil with the

136:3.4 The former was a. on the day of his baptism when

136:4.1 retirement until the work of John a. its purpose,

155:6.3 from a racial faith inherited to a personal faith a.

155:6.8 Human unity and mortal brotherhood can be a.

156:2.4 These so-called heathen a. a good understanding

161:1.7 this Son had a. the manifestation of personality to

171:4.9 by Jesus’ death which could never have been a. by

176:2.3 where I have lived this life in the flesh and a. the

181:1.8 a God-knowing individual who has a. the triumph

184:4.6 The Son of Man has finally a. the realization of

196:1.1 Jesus was a religious man who, by faith, a. the

196:2.2 that sublime consciousness of a. divinity which led

achievedwith never or not

14:4.19 but who have not yet a. that spiritual development

47:8.3 the actual working identity many times is not a. until

109:6.3 personality attainment can never be a. through this

129:4.1 not yet a. the complete mastery of his human mind;

achievement—see achievement, spiritual

0:2.15 the time-space experiential a. of creature-Creator

0:2.15 The Supreme Being is personally experiencing the a.

0:5.4 potential of co-ordinate attainment, progressive a.,

2:7.9 art, and the grandeur of genuine character a..

5:2.6 The self-realization of such an a. is mainly, though

5:6.3 Neither is personality a progressive a..

11:9.8 ascended from the lowly spheres of space, such an a.

14:6.7 Havona affords the Father supreme a. gratification.

14:6.17 satisfaction of absolute coexistence with divine a..

16:7.6 in the attainment of ascending levels of cosmic a..

20:8.1 in accordance with experience and a., are advanced

21:3.1 Until the a. of bestowal-earned sovereignty, he

21:3.6 the personality a. of the Universe Mother Spirit.

21:5.6 With the a. of supreme local universe sovereignty,

23:3.3 situations where personality is essential to the a. of

25:4.17 delay, facilitating progress, and counseling a..

25:7.2 light and life there is always time for worship and a..

26:5.4 This course of a. is quantitative, qualitative, and

26:5.5 advancement, but a. is the final and supreme test.

26:7.1 meet the demands of the high goal set for their a.

28:6.18 action, and a. is the child of imaginative adventure.

28:6.18 inherent in this capacity for a. is the responsibility

34:2.6 a transcendent development and unprecedented a.

34:6.5 Your power and a. is “according to his mercy,

37:10.5 From each level of a. these advancing mortals reach

39:1.10 Behind lie the realms of a., realms grown familiar by

39:4.7 attainment of each ascendant goal is a factual a.,

39:4.13 profound satisfaction—consciousness of a.

40:1.2 of sonship with God is a masterly a. for an angel,

40:7.5 heights of eternal a. which are spread out before

42:12.7 6. A. of spirit levels.

43:8.11 double their personal potentials of universe a. by

44:7.1 attempt to portray this unique field of spirit a., but

44:7.4 technique of the never-ending a. of Godlikeness—

44:8.3 all such satisfactions of artistic a. and expressionful

44:8.5 This is the a. of equality of the satisfaction of self-

45:7.6 are thus classified in accordance with their mota a..

45:7.8 until these Material Sons certify to the a. of mota

46:2.7 perfection of mechanical technique and physical a.

47:5.3 the third is a world of great personal and social a.

47:9.1 The experience on this sphere is the crowning a. of

48:4.9 work of assisting their fellows in the a. of thought

48:4.12 it bespeaks work, effort, and a.; but the past savors

48:4.18 struggle for developmental progress and noble a..

50:4.10 From such a world center of culture and a. there

50:7.1 where faith and sublime confidence are essential to a.

52:2.6 But the great social a. of the prince’s epoch is the

52:6.2 disordered planet like Urantia such an a. requires a

52:6.2 brotherhood on your world depends on the a. of

54:6.10 and to the a. of enhanced spiritual insight.

55:3.10 the advanced domains and divisions of diverse a.

55:3.22 Being of one race greatly facilitates such a., but

55:5.3 mechanism of material, intellectual, and cultural a..

55:5.6 humor, and other phases of personal and group a.

55:6.9 on such settled worlds of perfected a. would amply

56:5.4 the universes of time and space, Deity unity is an a..

56:10.3 —that is the supernal a. of the supremely beautiful,

65:2.4 he was the last and greatest a. in life evolution.

69:8.8 Slavery creates an organization of social a. but soon

70:2.21 conquests of peace: industry, science, and social a..

71:3.9 Such a plan of social a. would yield a cultural society

71:4.15 —the social a. of the brotherhood of man and the

72:5.10 transferred from industry to play, skill, scientific a.,

75:8.7 of personality survival, advancement, and a.;

76:3.8 Adamites excelled surrounding peoples in cultural a.

79:3.1 Dravidians possessed a capacity for cultural a.,

81:6.18 leading cultural peoples mightily influences the a. of

84:5.10 Will modern woman respond to this great a. of social

84:6.8 The family is man’s greatest purely human a.,

90:1.5 reputation as a class, after all, stood on apparent a..

91:5.2 of reform and courageous deeds of valorous a..

99:3.8 diverts the activities of religion into the a. of some

99:3.16 in the individual citizen as will direct him to the a. of

99:4.6 In the face of unprecedented scientific a. and

99:5.3 destroyed dogma, and called mankind to the a. of its

100:0.1 progress of each is augmented through the a. of all.

100:2.5 The a. of finality of spirituality is equivalent to the

101:6.14 6. Salvation from time, the a. of an eternal life of

102:6.3 something more than a reality, a value, a level of a.,

106:9.11 is directly proportional to the a. of Fatherlikeness,

107:0.3 the Adjuster to become man’s partner in the a. of the

108:2.7 2. The attainment of the third circle of intellectual a.

109:2.7 intrusted with the enactment of some cosmic a.

110:3.4 the great a. of mortal life is the attainment of a true

110:6.2 seven circles—the a. of comparative mortal maturity.

110:6.6 determine your advancement in the circles of a..

110:6.14 an unmistakable improvement in all phases of a.

110:6.15 in the first and final circle of progressive mortal a..

110:6.15 this a. of the first psychic circle is the nearest

110:6.16 worlds if they fail of such a. before natural death.

110:6.19 augments the potential of success and mortal a..

110:7.1 The a. of the seven cosmic circles does not equal

110:7.2 a human has completed the circles of cosmic a.,

110:7.10 On the human will our a. of personality depends.

112:5.7 Thus divine justice is certain of a., and divine mercy

113:6.7 when those in the lower circles of mortal a. are

114:7.2 in the higher cosmic circles of intellectual a. and

115:0.1 With God the Supreme,a. is the prerequisite to status

115:7.2 creature a. upon perseverance, and personality

116:6.8 All strive, personally strive, in the a.; all participate,

117:1.1 sweetness of success and the joy of everlasting a..

117:1.4 for creature and Creator can collaborate in the a. of

118:8.6 when material a. outruns the evolution of worship-

118:10.15 insight plus the increase of human experiential a.

120:2.2 lesser time lag involved in the realization of this a..

120:2.8 The a. of God seeking man and finding him and

120:2.9 any superhuman a., or power in view of the fact

127:6.12 Jesus is learning how to plan for the a. of a higher

127:6.12 spiritual drive to turn the mechanism of material a.

128:4.6 did not want to build up such a human record of a.

128:7.6 experience, the a. of the sovereignty of Nebadon.

130:6.3 But most valuable of all, your potential of real a. is

133:4.6 Do not let your a. as a temporal builder outrun your

133:5.8 reveals a spiritual goal of progressive personality a.

134:8.9 The universe announcement of this momentous a.

134:9.7 seemed to experience the satisfaction of human a.

136:10.1 with the glory of spiritual victory and moral a..

140:5.15 That would have been a worthy a.;

140:5.15 it would have indicated the a. of brotherly love.

143:1.6 is the supreme adventure of all time, the rugged a.

144:5.15 And glorify your name through our eternal a..

147:4.7 Your actual a. is not so important as the fact that

154:2.5 the a. of worthy goals of mortal progression

160:4.1 a temporal living and the a. of eternal survival.

160:4.11 deceived by the tempting rewards of dishonest a.;

160:4.15 To such men defeat is but a new tool for the a. of

160:4.16 failure yielded the culture of wisdom and spirit a..

160:5.7 Such a concept constitutes the a. of the experience

168:4.12 These answers will be on deposit, awaiting your a. of

170:1.6 the establishment of a divine kingdom as the a. of

195:8.10 notwithstanding its unparalleled materialistic a.,

195:10.8 traditions of past a. often leads to the defense of

196:0.8 the a. and fulfillment of the “will of God.”

196:1.3 and to strive for the a. of his exalted life purpose.

196:1.6 ascent from the human to divine by the conjoint a.

196:2.2 human to the divine was an exclusively mortal a..

196:2.11 The ultimate goal of society’s most advanced a. can

achievement, spiritual

35:3.22 stands low in the scale of universes as regards s.

35:10.5 have established wonderful records of service, and s..

45:4.15 13. Elijah, a translated soul of brilliant s. during

46:7.8 destiny of progressive intellectual growth and even s.

48:2.23 as soon as you register adequate s., they certify you

50:5.10 ages of intellectual expansion, social culture, and s..

54:6.10 and to the a. of enhanced spiritual insight.

55:5.6 and has overshadowed both with an exquisite s..

67:7.6 But sin does not prevent the highest s. by any

109:5.5 handicap (in normal minds) ever prevents eventual s..

113:1.5 of great decision and undoubted potential of s.;

121:4.1 bring an abundant harvest of moral character and s..

136:6.10 —intellectual mastery and s.—which far transcend the


0:12.4 the experiential a. of the post-Havona Creators

20:6.1 such a. are possible to the divine nature and waste

25:1.6 determined by material successes or quantitative a.

26:3.4 pilgrims of time for their subsequent Paradise a..

38:7.5 actual or potential personality volition seek new a..


46:7.2 Jerusem you will be amazed by the agricultural a. of

48:7.26 moment by moment by the a. of the day by day living

51:6.4 morals, and the higher intellectual and artistic a..

51:7.4 of the arts, social relations, and intellectual a..

52:1.7 nor compatible with your otherwise splendid a. in

52:2.10 One of the great a. of the age of the prince is this

55:1.4 receive planetary recognition for a. of high social

55:3.12 represents advancing a. in all phases of planetary

55:11.4 advanced a. in the supreme realization of wisdom.

55:11.5 progress by observing the results of such a. on the

63:6.8 The record of the a. of this master mind and

68:0.2 These cultural a. are preserved by the enlightened

71:7.13 And then, by means of these a., many will ascend to

72:9.3 their other degrees, to their lists of personal a..

72:12.5 spiritual foundation for the realization of great a. in

79:2.7 racial stocks predominate, such a. will be short-lived.

79:8.3 Consciousness of past a. (somewhat diminished in

79:8.17 human beings have lived and died, blessed by its a..

81:6.27 is resident in the least material of society’s a..

81:6.44 not so rapidly benefit from the a. of its predecessors.

89:1.7 these a. of self-control were the real rungs on which

94:6.11 spirit of investigation that had produced those a.

94:8.17 that such a. constitute true progress in cosmic self-

102:6.10 phenomena of the ever-ascending a. of evolution.

103:9.12 science, philosophy, wisdom, and all other human a..

106:2.4 power arising out of the divinity a. of God the

110:1.3 deeply interested in your welfare and in your real a.

110:7.1 on yet other greater and more sublime spiritual a.,

113:2.1 a soul who has realized one or more of three a.:

117:3.7 His sovereignty grows in and out of the acts and a.

117:4.9 Such a. in human evolution are at the same time a.

139:1.6 in the least jealous of each other’s abilities or a..

155:6.4 ever beckons you on toward higher and holier a. in

177:4.10 become blinded to the higher and more real a. of

195:0.2 all these a. they had no soul-satisfying religion.

195:7.2 to measure material adventures and physical a..


0:7.8 The Father a. freewill liberation from the bonds of

0:11.2 and a. expansion of experiential Deity on the levels

1:5.5 Mortal man cannot see God until he a. completed

27:7.3 worship, such homage a. the creature goal of

48:4.18 humor swiftly grasps—sees the point and a. insight—

48:7.11 Action a. strength; moderation eventuates in charm.

70:8.14 will persist until man gradually a. their evolutionary

85:7.3 When the spirit of wisdom a. effective ministration,

87:7.1 cult a. this end by fostering and gratifying emotion.

90:0.3 Religion eventually a. the profoundly simple

90:3.10 Evolution unerringly a. its end: It imbues man with

99:0.1 Religion a. its highest social ministry when it has

116:1.5 an experiential Deity and never a. completion of

118:7.8 freedom when the ascending personality a. divinity

118:8.10 while man a. the beginnings of spiritual brotherhood

118:8.11 he a. this transformation by the force and constancy

132:2.6 not be fully lost until the ascending human soul a.

196:2.2 which man begins on earth and ordinarily a. only at


0:7.6 the Father is now a. experiential expression on

1:3.6 gain divine perfection by a. those experiential

1:6.8 his life of a. the Father’s will becomes man’s most

14:6.11 his mortal grandchildren of space a. their Creator-

18:3.9 The Supreme Being is a. the sovereignty of the seven

21:6.4 so are the Creator Sons a. the personal realization of

28:6.10 had ample time for making decisions, a. choice.

38:8.5 embraced by the Universe Mother Spirit, thus a. a

39:5.4 task of a. racial harmony and social co-operation

39:8.3 by a. perfection of specialized service as a celestial

39:9.3 the whole mortal adventure of finding God and of a.

44:6.9 thus a. an inspiring portrayal of the divinely beautiful

45:5.6 and these Sons are a. a very high type of society.

45:6.4 that sublime experience of a. parental relationship to

54:5.11 the quickest technique of a. the perfect and final cure

67:3.9 a. an experiential level of personality realization of

79:8.8 truth lives always in the present, a. new expression

86:7.4 Mankind is a. emancipation from the bondage of

89:10.1 develop new techniques of a. the self-consciousness

91:2.1 Prayer became a technique of a. spirit co-operation.

91:4.4 are contributory to a. the answers to such prayers.

91:5.3 the quickest and surest way of a. such a change of

98:7.12 Machiventa was successful in a. the purpose of his

101:2.2 a technique for a. unity in the comprehension of the

101:10.4 rational hope of a. safe conduct from the material

107:0.2 masters the divine technique of a. the living of the

113:7.7 For seraphim, the surest way of a. the Deities is by

115:7.1 in a. liberation from eternity, the Almighty

116:4.7 Supreme is a. deity evolution in and by experience.

117:4.6 the God of experience a. almighty supremacy in the

117:4.11 the Supreme delayed in a. divinity expression in the

118:8.4 a. liberation from the fetters of the life mechanism,

118:10.18 man must accomplish the task of a. perfection.

120:0.7 incarnation for the sole purpose of a. sovereignty,

133:7.10 so essential to a. harmonious personality unity in

134:8.4 he finished the mortal task of a. the circles of mind-

136:9.6 The Son of Man, now in isolation and a. these

181:1.8 the full assurance that he was a. the Father’s will.

189:3.3 those a. the requisite attainment of spiritual progress

196:0.2 by a. a new revelation of God and by proclaiming


57:8.3 union with hydrogen, to render this water faintly a.

101:7.5 The a. test for any religious philosophy consists in

139:8.12 Thomas was a logical thinker; he was the a. test of


22:9.6 willingness to recognize and a. their deficiencies in

33:3.5 the Universe Spirit a. subordination to the Son,

53:3.3 personalities to a. allegiance to this unseen Father.

53:3.3 Lucifer was willing to a. him as his Creator-father

55:10.1 the first act of this supreme council is to a. the

117:7.7 then a. the jurisdictional authority of such new

121:8.14 I most gratefully a. our indebtedness to all sources of

125:0.6 insistent that Jesus a. acceptance of the orthodox

131:2.8 In all my ways I will a. him, and he shall direct my

131:9.2 We a., O God, the Most High and sovereign

134:4.9 as equals, unless they mutually a. themselves as

146:2.15 to a. his loving-kindness every morning and his

154:2.1 The rulers of the Hebron synagogue refused to a.

157:5.2 the third plan—openly to announce his divinity, a.

158:7.5 I will not be ashamed to a. you when in glory I

161:2.4 claims to live a perfect life, and we a. that he does.

161:2.5 generous to a. the presence of faith or any other

162:1.10 while Jesus’ friends feared to a. him openly for fear

165:2.9 true shepherd, and shall all a. the fatherhood of God.

165:3.5 I will presently a. before the angels of heaven; but

166:1.4 in their refusal to see the light and a. the truth,

191:5.4 You will a. the truth, for already in your heart you


1:1.6 a., on your planet, Urantia, by the name God.

3:6.3 is inexplicable unless the reality of the Father is a..

20:6.7 returns to the local universe, and is a. by the Son.

33:3.6 Michael nobly a. his eternal dependence on his

33:5.2 has never a. subordination to his brother Michael.

53:4.1 —but that allegiance could be a. only to the actual

131:9.1 the world’s great religions a. the monotheism of the

132:2.1 Mardus was the a. leader of the Cynics of Rome,

135:2.4 John was very fond of Abner, the a. leader and head

135:5.4 Messiah who would quickly be a. as the rightful

142:6.9 Nicodemus a. his faith and claimed the body of Jesus

174:3.4 this religio-political sect a. the validity of only the


8:1.2 pledges eternal loyalty to God the Father and a.

17:6.8 cosovereignty and a. the Spirit consort as his equal.

33:3.3 While the Spirit ever a. the Son as sovereign and

55:10.7 The finaliter corps now, for the first time, a. the


27:7.1 recognizing and a. the truth and fact of the intimate

160:5.7 thereby a. the acceptance of sonship with God and

164:4.8 Will you not atone for your sin by a. God as your



17:6.5 The Universal Father speaks in a. of the eternal

33:3.5 first makes public and universal a. of subordination

62:7.3 over which this initial message of a. is transmitting.”

74:4.5 Jerusem a. of the installation of the world’s rulers,

89:3.6 and Paul’s a. of this is illustrated by his statement,

108:3.5 delivered the following a. to the chief of Adjusters,

121:8.12 [A.: In carrying out my commission to restate the

141:2.1 the kingdom is the realization and a. of God’s rule

150:1.3 this tardy a. of woman’s place in religious work.

157:6.3 ministry was characterized by his a. of divinity and

160:1.7 Likewise, when the a. of our difficulties entails the

175:4.3 would make open a. of their allegiance to the Master

194:2.10 this gift of the Spirit of Truth and the personal a. of


1:5.1 The Universal Father is the a. of divine personality;

21:3.20 experientially to portray the a. of creature life to

35:7.1 ascending mortals secure the a. of their education

36:5.12 Wisdom is the a. of intellectual performance.

43:6.1 capitals of the constellations are the a. of morontia

45:5.7 Sons are the a. of perfection in scope, technique, and

54:1.5 equal unmitigated selfishness, the a. of ungodliness.

54:6.10 I had thus attained the a. of universe philosophy.


55:5.2 a world settled in light and life represent the a. of

83:6.6 in that a. of all human virtues, rugged self-control.

95:4.4 —the Hebrews, among whom evolved the a. of

96:7.8 Father of all, the a. of the evolution of the Yahweh



123:5.1 Jesus was to a. himself with the task of learning to

151:3.12 In this way Jesus sought to a. his followers with


122:5.4 secured his unusual a. with the Hebrew scriptures;

132:0.4 the a. of, the worth-while leaders of the Cynics,

184:1.2 Annas had thought to presume on this early a. and

194:1.2 other tongues with which they had a speaking a..


193:4.3 Judas’ unspiritual relatives or those chance a. who


3:3.2 God understands our thoughts afar off and is a.

28:7.2 enjoy their companionship when you become fully a.

43:4.5 mortals become more fully a. with various groups

66:5.29 due deliberation and full opportunity to become a..

128:2.5 become better a. with the gentile viewpoint of life.

128:3.2 This trip well a. Jesus with the whole of Palestine

128:3.3 Jesus and Simon became a. with a merchant from

129:4.4 was Jesus a “man of sorrows and a. with grief.”

130:0.6 Jesus a. himself with the higher material civilization

130:2.6 To become a. with one’s brothers and sisters,

132:0.2 a. with this city of two million inhabitants.

132:7.2 with the lives of those who are a. with the Father

137:7.2 one his own brother in the flesh, were getting a.

138:5.3 Jesus wanted them to become a. and desired that

161:1.3 as long as you are spiritually a. with the ideal of his


179:3.5 Peter made one of those decisions of blind a. in

181:2.13 ten of them signified their a. in the Master’s words.)

acquiresee acquire, not

28:1.3 They a. a mighty experience as Son assistants during

30:4.20 Mortals a. real spirit identity just before they leave

30:4.34 with what you may a. in connection with instruction

31:0.10 they a. the sevenfold concept of the Supreme Being.

38:7.5 By study in the schools of the realms they a.

39:0.11 Seraphim must a. knowledge and gain experience

40:5.9 primitive men a. survival capacity but fail to attain

40:10.6 Finaliters a. a marvelous and far-flung experience

41:5.8 until such a time as you a. a clearer concept of the

43:8.7 A the ability voluntarily and effectively to co-operate

44:3.6 Always is the way open to a. more knowledge,

45:6.3 opportunity to a. the essential mortal experiences

47:1.3 not visualize finaliters until you a. true spirit vision.

51:1.6 Material Sons a. experiential capacity for Adjuster

52:1.5 Before they a. a high order of intelligence,

58:7.12 record unfailingly tell the truth if you but a. skill in

90:4.5 was believed he would a. the infection or blemish.

103:2.9 But before a child has developed sufficiently to a.

109:1.3 Thought Adjusters must a. experience; they must

109:1.4 They progressively a. Adjuster skill and ability as a

109:3.2 The Adjusters receive valuable training and a.

113:4.4 a survival candidate may a. enhanced realization of

116:4.9 a. natures expressive of Paradise divinity in

116:4.9 the Michael Creators likewise a. the natures and

116:6.7 larger opportunity to a. experience in their solution.

117:6.12 Havona, where they a. capacity for Supremacy

117:6.14 3. The Havona natives a. a comprehension of the

131:3.3 you a. strength to resist future tendencies thereto.

133:5.10 so slowed down that they a. the requisite degree of

138:1.1 Jesus desired them to a. practical experience in

140:5.13 To see God—by faith—means to a. true spiritual

142:7.17 “Thomas, Thomas, how long before you will a.

143:1.9 The twelve continued to a. the spirit of positive

157:3.2 and a. new strength for the trying times just ahead.

158:6.2 strive to a. the mind of spiritual insight and to pray

160:4.11 is that which you inherit, while skill is what you a..

160:4.13 There is an art in defeat which noble souls always a.;

165:4.10 questions must be answered by all who a. wealth,

170:3.1 they must a., by faith, a righteousness which would

181:2.24 you must now prepare to a. at the hand of that

acquire, not

1:5.14 God does not a. experience, as finite man might

40:10.6 they do not ordinarily a. that intimate knowledge

45:7.1 not, or did not, a. during the lifetime in the flesh.

48:3.13 You will not a. new languages automatically; you


7:5.7 that whatever the Eternal Son a. on these missions

13:2.5 Status on any of these secret worlds is a. by

15:8.8 the experience a. in connection with observations

19:2.4 personal experience a. by evolutionary creatures.

21:4.5 And when this experience has been a., such Sons

22:4.1 They have a. a spiritual concept of the eternal

22:7.12 which they have experientially a. in their ascension

22:7.13 which they have experientially a. on a supersupreme

22:9.6 a. by actually climbing up to glory from the dark

25:3.1 adjudication of greater problems after they have a.

25:3.16 they have a. a unique grasp of the emerging reality of

30:3.9 giving new truth and experience just as soon as a..

31:0.9 and in keeping with the associative experience a.

31:10.13 But those of us who have a. this unique experience

33:2.3 the Son thereby a. jurisdiction over “all power in

37:6.3 keynote of the educational system: character a. by

39:4.8 which you have a. during the eight preceding life

40:9.4 the indwelling Adjuster has a. a spirit counterpart,

41:3.6 reddish, faintly glimmering stars have a. a density at

47:4.4 suitably adjusted morontia body is a. at the time of

48:5.7 on earth, but which you failed to learn, must be a.

48:7.19 You have not truly a. any virtue until your acts make

54:6.10 by actual experience I have a. conceptual capacity

57:2.4 the nebula had a. its maximum of mass.

58:6.5 organisms which learned to live in fresh water a. the

69:5.12 As civilization developed, men a. new incentives for

77:4.12 a. in connection with the Babylonian story of the

81:6.6 of spiritual value may be a. in the absence of wealth,

81:6.17 never flourished until social groups a. some leisure.

85:0.3 When religion evolved beyond nature worship, it a.

86:6.1 Man inherited a natural environment, a. a social

89:1.1 they early a. ghost or spirit sanction, and when thus

89:8.6 Evolutionary man eventually a. such moral dignity

100:7.1 perfection of character which Jesus of Nazareth a.

109:2.3 2. Has a. the balance of spiritual power in a human

112:7.9 or has the valiant human a. immortality through

119:0.6 until he has a. the viewpoint of his own creatures

119:1.2 when I have finished my mission and have a. this

120:0.3 these preceding bestowals Michael not only a. the

120:0.3 but Michael a. an essential experience in Paradise

120:0.5 his authority is unquestioned inasmuch as it was a.

120:0.7 his sovereignty, when finally and personally a.,

124:3.3 a. a store of information about international affairs

127:1.3 This physically strong and robust youth a. the full

128:2.3 Jesus worked six months with metals and a. skill

132:4.3 Jesus could never have a. in Jerusalem and hardly

139:3.4 James had a. a superior concept of Jesus’ message.

140:10.2 verbal instruction, they gradually a. by living with

155:1.5 after you that they may gain what you have so a..

160:1.2 character, commanding personality, is only a. by

170:2.7 Man’s mortal sojourn on earth a. new meanings

170:2.13 apostles had a. a double viewpoint of the kingdom;

186:2.5 Jesus had a. that type of human character which

193:4.7 3. Judas never a. a philosophic technique for meeting


36:5.7 This is the gift of the co-ordination of a. knowledge,

77:8.5 accordance with innate endowments and a. skills,

84:5.1 mores and by man’s increasing sense of a. fairness.

100:7.8 they differed in innate endowments and a. qualities.

109:6.2 all the a. experience of having indwelt all these

113:1.8 the third circle of intellectuality and a. spirituality,

123:0.6 Mary and the child riding on their newly a. beast

188:3.8 3. The a. spirit identity of the man of Nazareth

195:10.12 notwithstanding its inherent and a. defects.


0:5.10 4. Soul. The soul of man is an experiential a..

1:5.14 the a. of new experience by the finite creatures of the

7:4.5 his experiential bestowal career of sovereignty a..

17:6.4 requisite to the a. of spirit skill in her future work of

17:6.8 seventh bestowal and subsequent to his a. of full

21:3.5 authority exercised by a Creator Son before the a. of

21:5.6 The a. of supreme sovereignty by a Master Son

27:4.2 and the a. of this technique must await the pilgrims’

32:3.9 when finally achieved, is wholly an a., a bona fide

35:3.1 pass through training on all 490 worlds in the a. of

36:5.8 the basis of character a. and the intellectual root of

39:0.10 the experiential a. of functional skill in one or more

43:8.4 This supernal cultural a. consists in learning how to:

47:2.1 the a. of individual status on the universe records.

50:6.3 Effort and decision are an essential part of the a. of

52:1.6 Man’s a. of ethical judgment, moral will, is usually

54:6.10 to the a. of increased experiential capacity and to

68:0.2 Civilization is a racial a.;it is not biologically inherent

68:2.4 human society, much of man’s sociability is an a..

71:1.4 1. A. and inheritance of private property.

71:7.1 The purpose of education should be a. of skill,

84:8.6 the home—man’s supreme evolutionary a. and

101:5.1 the errors of evolution from the truths of spirit a..

101:5.12 of a character well on the road to the actual a. of a

109:3.2 beyond the hills of self-mastery and character a. to

109:7.1 Father fragment attains personality only by the a. of

113:7.2 assisting you in the a. of morontia and spirit status,

119:6.4 We had noted this progressive a. of the creature’s

120:0.2 to execute the final act in the drama of the a. of

126:5.12 opportunities for the a. of advanced experience in

128:1.10 of his purely mortal experience of sovereignty a.,

128:7.6 mission of Jesus in his seventh bestowal was the a.

136:8.7 the human endowments of Jesus were of natural a.

139:12.8 the a. of spiritual character as did the other apostles.

140:8.23 that the heart of Jesus’ religion consisted in the a. of

143:1.2 because it inspires to the a. of a strong, robust, and

160:4.10 Barring the occasional and accidental a. of wealth,

160:4.15 educational episode—a cultural experiment in the a.

169:2.8 the Pharisees were much given to the a. of riches.

170:2.22 the a. of the motive to be like God and to find God.

186:5.5 the price which they must pay for the final a. of

187:5.6 bestowal by handing over his spirit of mortal a. to


57:7.3 hence represent Urantia’s comparatively recent a.

91:6.7 men, social level, cultural status, or other mortal a..

124:1.13 a society for promoting the a. of manhood—


3:5.16 the human mind grasps and the human soul a. is

5:5.8 1. Intellectually man a. the satisfactions of a more

34:1.3 The local universe Mother Spirit thus a. a personal

49:6.12 A child a. physical entity at mortal birth, but in the

52:1.8 thousand years from the time man a. erect posture,

109:0.1 As the child a. adaptative versatility for his adult

160:2.7 Every human being sooner or later a. a certain


20:9.5 the finaliters are now engaged in a. the experience

22:9.7 in reserve for a. experience in a future universe age

25:4.12 journey toward your Paradise goal, constantly a.

33:3.1 a. full personality qualities by the technique of

36:5.15 Creature mind, before a. the ability to recognize

44:8.4 if, after a. true mota insight in the morontia career,

45:6.7 who perished on the evolutionary worlds before a.

66:6.6 The human race had spent ages in a the little religion

90:5.2 a. the sanctity and dignity of religious ceremonial.

127:6.12 He is steadily a. the art of adjusting his aspirations

136:8.8 prostitute his divine attributes for the purpose of a.

155:6.12 realized by a. the spiritual attitude of a sincere child

156:5.8 Lighten your burdens of soul by speedily a. a long-

169:2.5 I say to you who profess to be a. treasure in heaven:


36:5.12 opportunities for the a. of all of everything that all

37:6.6 Intellectual a. is also a part of universal education.

39:5.7 Trust is a human a. brought about by the ministry of

65:7.6 The a. of the potential of the ability to learn from

116:3.5 divine Sons to enrich their personalities by the a. of

130:4.11 possibility of making mistakes is inherent in the a.


40:9.4 a. are experiential possessions of departed Adjusters


78:1.13 of the erring Material Son and Daughter would a.

132:4.8 the sacred duty of a magistrate to a. the innocent

167:4.7 Master’s choice, then let us a. ourselves like men


70:10.6 was a. of the charges made by her jealous husband

185:5.7 Pilate would have a. Jesus and turned him loose.


168:3.2 more than two hours of discussion and a. debate,


41:6.5 The agility of this a. calcium electron is indicated by


195:1.1 There, under the shadow of the A., this Roman


32:5.3 flashing momentarily a. the infinite face of eternity

39:4.13 the very first in the long chain that is to stretch a.

59:5.7 Dragon flies measured thirty inches a..

60:3.20 The land type of turtle, twenty feet a., appeared as

61:3.8 through a narrow channel which extended a. France,

64:6.5 pure remnants of the red race went en masse a. to

73:3.4 thence a. the lowlands of Mesopotamia to the sea

73:4.2 The first task was the building of the brick wall a.

76:1.1 made their way a. to the land between the rivers

78:6.5 these fleeing Andites made their way a. Arabia and

79:3.7 Dravidian shipping was pushing coastwise a. the

79:6.1 after driving the red man a. to North America,

80:4.1 to northwestern Europe by the northern route a. the

80:4.5 As they moved westward a. the Russian plains,

81:1.1 the Nile valley eastward and slightly to the north a.

94:11.9 in myth as it traveled through the centuries and a.

111:1.9 faithful pilot will safely carry you a. the barriers of

124:1.10 hot winds from the eastern desert would blow a. all

124:6.8 they could look a. the Jordan to the mountains

130:4.11 incompleteness that must of necessity fall a man’s

133:0.2 while the three travelers walked leisurely a. Italy

133:8.4 made ready for the long trek a. the desert sands.

133:9.1 The caravan trip a. the desert was not a new

135:6.1 passed by on their way back and forth a. the river.

141:7.2 Jesus took Peter, James, and John into the hills a.

151:5.2 On the way a the lake they encountered one of those

151:5.4 Jesus directed them to sail him a. to the other side.

152:1.1 girl immediately rose up and walked a. the room.

152:5.1 Mark lad had started to walk around the lake and a.

154:0.1 reported the episode a. the lake when the people

156:6.4 accordingly, that very evening a boat took them a..

156:6.8 on learning that Jesus was sojourning a. the lake in

157:1.2 Judas carried their funds, and he was a. the lake.

158:8.1 While David made ready to take them a. the lake,

158:8.2 they entered the boat and sailed a. to Magadan.

164:1.3 Samaritan, as he journeyed to Jericho, came a. this

168:5.2 fleeing down through Jericho and a. the Jordan,

173:1.8 permit anyone to carry even an empty vessel a. the

188:1.2 located a short distance north of Golgotha and a.

188:1.3 started from Golgotha for Joseph’s tomb a. the way.


0:1.12 such an absonite phenomenon is an a. of the

0:4.10 the Father’s freewill a. which forever separated the

0:9.3 and amazing a. of personality focalization and power

0:11.1 the word of his Son and the a. of their Conjoint

0:11.10 inevitable in the Father’s absolute freewill a. of

0:11.10 resolution of the tension created by the freewill a.

2:3.3 the execution is by the direct a. of those judges

3:3.5 the power to do the nondoable, the ungodlike a..

4:5.6 This bestowal happened to be the final personal a.

5:3.8 Worship is the a. of the material mind’s assenting

5:6.3 the personal except by the direct a. of the Father.

6:5.4 divine a. of producing additional Sons possessing

8:1.2 The first a. of the Infinite Spirit is the inspection

8:1.7 The Third Person deitizes by this very a. of conjoint

9:6.4 personality gravity is a volitional a. of the Father.

9:8.2 The first Deity-creating a. of the Infinite Spirit,

9:8.4 The next and continuing creative a. of the Infinite

10:1.4 Eternal Son, for when the conjoint a. of creation

10:2.2 when this a. of self-bestowal is complete and perfect,

10:3.3 the children of the Spirit are truly the “A. of God.”

10:8.2 universe is the eventuating a. of the Ultimate

11:9.3 inevitable repercussion to the Father’s will and a.

12:6.3 such a mind phenomenon is an a. of the Infinite

12:7.2 nature is not the exclusive a. of Deity; other

12:7.3 execution of any purely personal a. in an inferior way

16:0.1 In this sevenfold creative a. of self-duplication the

17:2.5 Majeston signalized the first supreme creative a. of

17:4.1 The first creative a. of the seven Reflective Spirits

19:5.1 They come into being by the a. of the Trinity and

20:1.13 he is personally conscious of every a. and emotion

22:7.1 and perfected spiritual beings—the a. of trinitization.

24:2.8 existence of a new will creature when the first a. of

24:2.8 the death of a will creature when the last a. of will

27:7.1 Worship is the joyous a. of recognizing the truth and

27:7.1 the a. of worship becomes all-encompassing until it

30:1.99 mortal creature by the parental a. of God as a Father.

30:4.28 The first a. of your Havona career will be to

32:2.3 The first completed a. of physical creation in

32:2.6 When this first creative a. is formulated and

33:3.8 in no creative a. does the one do aught without the

33:4.1 first conjoint a. of this early and free association

41:6.4 whereupon it engages in a masterful a. of juggling

48:0.1 spirit by some mysterious a. of creative magic.

48:6.7 No a. of good is ever wholly lost; it may be long

48:7.13 The a. is ours; the consequences God’s.

49:3.4 Almost every a. of living, aside from reproduction,

53:8.6 The last a. of Michael before leaving Urantia was to

55:10.1 the first a. of this supreme council is to acknowledge

63:3.5 significance should not attach to this a. of burial.

66:8.6 to think a single thought or to perform a single a.

67:2.2 branded the proposed course of Caligastia as an a.

74:2.6 The next a. was the delivery of the charge of custody

74:4.5 And let this a. be the sincere pledge that you never

75:5.7 Eve learned of the rash a. of Serapatatia and did not

75:8.7 for thereby is evidenced the fact and a. of personality

84:0.2 Mating is purely an a. of self-perpetuation associated

84:7.2 sex a. imposes no biologic consequences upon man.

89:2.3 Sin was ritual, not rational; an a., not a thought.

89:4.1 but one step from the impulse of worship to the a.

89:4.7 The a. of propitiation included praise, glorification,

90:5.1 have been an intolerable burden to every a. of life,

92:4.7 faith was the a. by which men earned God’s favor.

93:9.4 Abraham’s last a. was to send trusty servants to

100:4.6 You cannot truly love your fellows by a mere a. of

101:2.14 Religion is the faith a. of the recognition of this urge

103:2.8 mind chooses a right moral judgment by an a. of the

103:7.13 Reason is the a. of recognizing the conclusions of

103:7.13 Faith is the a. of recognizing the validity of spiritual

104:2.5 his followers that justice is never a personal a.;

105:2.7 This creative a. of Deity is by and through the God

105:5.2 but the volitional a. promulgating finite reality

106:7.3 Destiny is established by the volitional a. of the

106:7.3 destiny is probably consummated by the a. of the

106:7.3 this a. is probably involved with the Supreme and

108:4.1 this a. of abnegation in behalf of the Supreme

115:4.6 The a. of maturing the qualified possibilities of the

116:4.5 that the offspring of this creative a. are spiritual,

116:5.10 Master Spirits unitedly engaged in their first a. of

116:6.6 of this effort is the a. of the Almighty Supreme.

117:5.5 “The a. is ours, the consequences God’s.”

117:6.4 The a. of the creature’s choosing to do the will of

118:4.6 This is the a. of the Ultimacy of Deity and of the

118:6.7 Volition, the a. of choosing, must function within the

118:8.8 by this very a. proves itself possessed of the seeds of

120:0.2 execute the final a. in the drama of the acquirement

120:2.2 By this a. the pending dissensions of your

120:2.9 unless you should, by an a. of conscious will,

124:6.16 This was the first a. of a long succession of events

130:2.7 between the will of God and that human mind a.

130:5.4 she could understand their a. of mercy and gave

131:3.5 Remember, every a. shall receive its reward.

131:5.4 God is our wise nature, and righteous a..

131:5.5 if I have offended in thought, word, or a.

136:2.3 ceremony was the final a. of his purely human life

136:5.3 certain a. or episode of the Son’s earth labors.

136:5.4 engage in any choice or a. of your divine-human will

136:5.5 nature or character of an a. transcending the laws

136:5.5 could only be avoided by the direct and explicit a.

136:5.5 time, as related to the a. or event in question

139:12.13 committed the final a. in the drama of fleeing from

140:6.4 But I look beyond the a. to uncover the motive.

140:9.1 Jesus engaged in the solemn a. of the consecration

140:10.5 explained that the morality of any a. is determined

142:7.6 personality existence depends on the a. of the parent.

143:7.2 True religion is the a. of an individual soul in its

143:7.8 Worship is the a. of a part identifying itself with the

143:7.8 Father; time in the a. of striking step with eternity.

143:7.8 Worship is the a. of the son’s personal communion

144:4.8 so worship may be compared to the a. of tuning in

145:3.11 Adjuster of Jesus instantly ruled that such an a. of

145:3.11 expression of healing desire—the creative a. was.

146:2.3 very a. of such deliberate and conscious disdain

146:2.8 7. The cry of the righteous is the faith a. of the child

151:3.14 natural phenomena as the product of the direct a.

157:1.1 the a. of refusing to pay the customary half shekel

159:5.9 The turning of the other cheek, or whatever a. that

162:3.2 this woman was taken in adultery—in the very a..

164:3.16 making this a. an open challenge to the Sanhedrin

164:4.1 sitting in judgment on Jesus for this a. of mercy

170:2.23 make forgiveness personally available by the a. of

170:3.3 but forgiveness is the a. of God which accepts your

170:3.9 The righteousness of any a. must be measured by

172:1.6 Mary has reproved all of you in that by this a. she

173:1.10 surprising a. of Jesus was beyond the comprehension

177:4.9 Judas’ betrayal of Jesus was the cowardly a. of a

179:1.4 This a. of Judas immediately stirred up a heated

179:4.3 the meaning of his words associated with his a.,

184:1.3 This a. had aroused the enmity of the high priest

185:5.3 been apprehended in the a. of robbery and murder

188:4.2 Death is the last a. in the mortal drama.

188:4.5 Sin is the a. of conscious and deliberate rebellion

189:1.10 The first a. of Jesus on arising from the tomb was

194:3.16 was an a. of intelligent self-surrender and unreserved

actverb; see act as

3:5.1 the Father does a. independently and in accordance

6:5.3 the Conjoint Creator, who may a. for the Father in

9:2.5 spirits all a. in unison and in perfect co-operation.

9:3.7 the Conjoint Actor does not a. for, or in response

9:8.10 The Infinite Spirit can also a. for the Father in the

10:2.8 know that the Father, Son, and Spirit exist and a. in

10:2.8 I positively know that they not only a. personally and

10:3.7 makes it forever impossible for God to a. alone as

16:1.2 When the Father, the Son, and the Spirit a. together,

16:2.2 the Father and the Son conjointly a. only through the

17:0.11 they a. personally and directly, and in others they

17:0.11 the Master Spirits a. in the persons of the Seven

17:0.11 through the channel of the Reflective Spirits and a.

17:3.11 all seven may and do a. in universal unison,

18:3.5 spheres of their administration they must a. jointly.

19:1.1 the Trinity Teacher Sons alone a. in a dual capacity.

19:3.3 When we a. in an executive capacity, always there

19:4.3 the Censors a. on all levels of the grand universe,

19:4.9 They a. on any level of universe administration or

19:5.2 appear to a. well-nigh independently of time and

20:2.5 They a. at the close of the planetary dispensations.

22:9.5 The Trinity embrace may a. solely upon the idea

28:4.10 the three Ancients of Days must a. together; two

28:5.12 they a. in concert with the Divine Counselors and

28:6.21 the superuniverse seconaphim can and do a. alone,

29:4.19 all ten of the mechanical controllers a. in unison

29:4.32 These beings simply a. by their presence.

29:4.32 Primary Associators a. like living catalytic agents.

34:3.8 One is free to choose and a. only within the realm of

35:4.2 it is in such emergencies that the Melchizedeks a..

35:4.4 Melchizedeks are the first to a. in all emergencies

42:0.2 divine beings a. personally and as individuals;

42:11.5 subject to this grasp except as motion and mind a.

45:4.16 on Jerusem and authority to a. in behalf of Michael,

48:7.9 lower being who refuses to a. upon his light of truth.

48:7.13 11. The weak indulge in resolutions, the strong a..

50:0.2 a. in the matter of assigning a ruler to a given planet

51:6.5 to Edenic culture by virtue of which it comes to a.

53:5.3 this authority would lead Michael to a. differently if

54:4.6 Supreme justice can a. instantly when not restrained

55:7.2 when a world can command such personalities to a.

94:6.6 purpose of the true believer is always to a. but never

97:1.3 Samuel did little preaching, but he did a..

100:7.14 When pressed to a. prematurely, Jesus would only

101:4.2 Revelators must a. in accordance with instructions

101:7.4 dares to think, a., and live honestly, loyally,

102:2.8 True religion must a..

107:7.3 in universe crises, Adjusters are always waiting to a.

113:5.3 The seraphim a. in your behalf quite independent of

113:5.4 but these angels then a. to make the best possible

114:1.2 Vicegerent authority to a. for Michael as Planetary

114:6.19 The seraphim often a. to intensify some higher ideal

114:7.8 in readiness to a. in possible planetary emergencies.

116:3.1 Paradise Deities a. directly in their gravity circuits

118:5.3 Always must God a. to break the deadlock of the

118:9.1 Without them no creature could a., but by them the

120:1.6 with your explicit request that I thus a. in your stead.

120:1.7 I a. in behalf of my Father and your Father and offer

123:4.7 beings can so a. only in obedience to the specific

129:2.3 John to a. in Jesus’ stead in the matter of sending

129:2.3 I will a. for you in this or any other matter, and I

129:2.3 I will a. in your stead in all these matters.”

131:5.2 The wise course in life is to a. in consonance with

131:5.2 pious souls who think purely and a. righteously.

145:3.8 made themselves ready to a. with creative power

146:2.9 your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will a..”

161:3.1 Jesus appeared to a. with such fullness of knowledge

164:3.14 ceremony about the transaction to induce him to a..

175:4.15 to assist their beloved Sovereign but powerless to a.

181:2.2 you have acted for me and must continue so to a. in

181:2.3 I must now depend upon you to a. in my stead in

181:2.16 where two or more will creatures a. in co-operation

192:2.9 Believe in God like a child but cease to a. so

act as

7:4.5 the Paradise Sons a. as rehabilitators of that which

10:3.7 makes it forever impossible for God to a. alone as

11:5.5 The inner zone of this force center seems to a. as a

12:5.11 the human personality can a. as the cosmic cause of

13:1.12 the Trinity, to a. as vicegerents of the Gods.

18:1.2 remaining three a. as the personal representatives of

18:6.1 In the evolving local universes they a. only as

18:7.2 They a. only as counselors; never do they

19:3.3 We a. as individuals, as I do in inditing this statement

20:3.4 Avonal Sons may a. as planetary judges prior to the

22:2.8 Mighty Messengers a. as defenders of both planets

22:3.2 reserves on Uversa a. as the central directing body of

22:5.6 they a. as the trustees of undertakings, personality

22:10.1 They a., from time to time, as clerks for special

23:2.23 is often asked to proceed there to a. as ambassador

25:2.6 competent and best qualified to a. as judicial head of

25:4.18 A special group a. as law counselors to the Life

29:3.9 the living power centers can a. as selective switches

31:9.11 the three supervising Architects of Havona a. as

31:9.11 The seven Architects of the superuniverses a. as

35:2.4 to receive suggestions, and to a. as counselors,

35:4.4 They sometimes a. as temporary custodians on

37:3.5 these archangels would a. as the directing heads of

37:5.7 but they do a. as friends of the court, advising the

39:3.10 The sixth order of supervising seraphim a. as the

42:0.2 divine beings a. personally and as individuals;

44:8.2 artisans may be delegated to a. as harmonizers of

48:6.29 These seraphim a. as liaisons with the Morontia

51:7.2 The Material Son and Daughter thus a. jointly as

53:7.1 The Panoptians not only a. as the literal custodians

55:3.14 Daughters brought from system headquarters to a. as

55:8.4 to a. as counselors to the legislative assemblies and

67:3.1 Gabriel volunteered to a. as the representative of the

70:5.8 One man would a. as priest, physician, and chief

76:3.5 and to a. as teachers in the schools of the garden.

77:8.10 They a. as companions and guides for celestial

99:1.4 Religion must a. as the cosmic salt which prevents

108:4.1 that he may so a. as to draw all creature creation to

114:1.3 one of the twenty-four counselors to Urantia to a. as

114:2.4 members of this commission of former Urantians a.

114:3.1 one of their number to sojourn on your world to a.

114:7.10 The reservists unconsciously a. as conservators of

120:2.9 although you will live and a. as a Son of Man,

132:7.2 divine Father before another human being can a. as

138:8.1 Judas Iscariot, the one chosen to a. as treasurer of

139:4.3 Jesus appointed Andrew to a. as director of the

140:3.14 “I am sending you to represent me and to a. as

157:6.1 should a. as collectors of money to be forwarded to

160:3.1 those lures which will a. as a stimulus to call forth

173:2.3 “rabbi” upon the teacher and qualified him to a. as

179:1.2 not be he who would seem to a. as the servant of the

183:5.4 a Roman counselor designated to a. as observer of


2:7.6 the recognition of truth because it can be a. out;

41:5.6 unbroken line or procession except as they are a. on

53:1.5 has since a. as chief executive of the Urantia rebels.

54:4.5 supreme justice of the superuniverse would have a.

70:5.8 were ruled by medicine men, who often a. as chiefs.

70:7.15 They a. as night police and otherwise functioned in

70:7.16 These orders a. as vigilance societies, thus practicing

73:6.7 which a. as a complement to the fruit of the tree.

79:2.1 Ancient India a. as a catch basin for the migrating

88:6.3 prayers were a. out; magical dances were nothing

113:5.5 evolution, in which seraphic guardians have a.,

154:6.1 Jesus was acting strangely, that he had a. strangely

168:3.3 these resignations were not formally a. upon for

168:3.3 When these resignations were subsequently a.

181:2.2 you have a. for me and must continue so to act in

181:2.16 In no other temporal matter have I a. to direct or to

actingnoun or adjective; see acting head; see self-acting

3:0.3 Creatorship is the aggregate of God’s a. nature.

18:6.7 the a. rulers are guided in their major decisions by

20:10.2 Paradise Sons are the divine presentation of the a.

29:4.17 At least one a. inspector is always present in each

35:6.3 the senior associate becomes a. director of affairs.

38:9.10 directing guidance of the a. custodian of the planet

39:4.3 The present a. ruler of Urantia is assisted by a corps

43:4.2 upon the petition of the a. rulers of such domains.

45:3.8 Hanavard functions as a. chairman of the executive

45:3.14 5. The a. director of the Satania Life Carriers.

45:3.20 11. The a. director of system midway creatures.

47:0.4 There is an a. governor on each world who is

55:1.2 On the left is the seat of the a. chief of finaliters

56:10.14 every electron, thought, or spirit is an a. unit in the

57:1.3 then a. inspector number 811,307 of the Orvonton

74:2.5 the a. chief of the midwayers; Annan, a loyal

76:6.2 burial, the orders of Lanaforge, sustained by the a.

98:3.7 the emperor appointed himself a. high priest of all,

104:4.7 the divinely fraternal, creature-loving, fatherly-a.,

114:1.3 As a. Planetary Prince he would undoubtedly

114:5.6 the a. chiefs of the twelve groups of special angels

114:6.2 the council of twelve, the a. chiefs of each group.

119:2.4 the deposed Lutentia and with full authority as a.

119:3.3 Immediately the a. System Sovereign appointed this

119:3.3 this new and mysterious Material Son a. Planetary

119:4.5 liaison between the bestowed Michael and the a ruler

120:3.11 I assume jurisdiction of all Nebadon as a. sovereign

124:1.13 often grew discouraged with their slow-a. minds.

125:2.9 longed to have their strangely a. son safely back in

128:5.5 strange-a. Galilean who had so unceremoniously

183:5.1 he should be taken to Caiaphas, the a. high priest.

184:1.1 temple revenues, his son-in-law the a. high priest,

acting head(s)

45:3.21 12. The a. head of the corps of ascending mortals.

48:5.4 they are supervised by the a. of the schools wherein

112:7.13 Grandfanda, the a. of the Corps of the Finality.

128:2.4 James, then just past eighteen years old, as a. of

128:2.7 When James had had two years’ experience as a. of

128:5.7 to have a chance to serve as the a. of the family.

163:2.1 committee consisted of Andrew, Abner, and the a.

181:2.16 “Andrew, you have faithfully represented me as a.

181:2.16 I designated you as the a. of these chosen ones.

actingverb; see acting by authority; acting by request

2:3.6 final decree of dissolution is executed by forces a.

5:6.4 personality, are the bestowals of the Father, a. in his

8:6.5 same Deity a. in and through the untold legions of

10:3.4 when a. alone, each person of Deity is apparently

10:4.5 as one and in one, and one as two and a. for two.

11:5.7 will and mandates of the infinite Deities when a. as

15:6.9 a. as automatic power-control stations.

17:8.1 a Creative Spirit a. in concert with a Michael Son,

19:2.4 Those High in Authority, when a. together, are

20:4.2 Avonals, a. as dispensational adjudicators, but

22:10.5 When I am a. on some remote assignment out in

23:2.18 or whether they are a. temporarily in liaison with

24:1.12 Whether a. in the local or higher universes, circuit

24:5.2 a. under the direct authority of Supreme Executive

24:7.8 Spirit, undoubtedly a. in behalf of the Supreme.

29:2.11 When a. in liaison, these fourteen beings are to

29:2.19 the seventh order a. as universe balance wheels or

29:5.6 a. in the superuniverse of astronomic jurisdiction.

31:10.22 Orvonton administrators a. in accordance with a

36:5.16 do not repercuss in the Supreme Being when a. on

36:6.8 a Vorondadek Son stationed as an observer and a. in

43:5.17 isolated has a Vorondadek Son a. as an observer.

54:6.11 a. in this matter by request of Gabriel of Salvington.]

55:4.8 A. as interpreters for the seraphic guardians and

56:10.23 and a. under the direction of Mantutia Melchizedek.

57:6.2 stabilization of planetary orbits while a. as a brake on

66:7.6 taught by both men and women and by the two a.

69:3.11 Presently trade expanded, the women a. as jobbers.

70:12.19 the aims of constitutional tribunals a. as governors

76:6.2 the Union of Days on Salvington, a. for Michael,

86:6.2 appearance of a new factor in human thinking and a..

92:3.6 drama originated in the a. for spirit guidance,

93:10.10 a. as resident governor general of the planet;

100:1.8 Religious habits of thinking and a. are contributory

103:9.2 Religion has to do with feeling, a., and living, not

104:4.7 the divinely fraternal, creature-loving, fatherly-a.,

105:6.2 of experiential mind a. on some level of supremacy

106:8.20 level by the Deity Absolute, a. through the Ultimate

108:4.2 a. independently in the minds of the children of

112:0.3 Father himself or by the Conjoint Actor, a. for the

112:5.1 is the bestowal of the Father a. in and of himself or

118:9.5 mind, creative mind a. on and in cosmic potentials.

119:8.9 authorized by a Nebadon commission of twelve a.

PART IV a commission of twelve Urantia midwayers a. under

120:0.7 of Nebadon, a. on behalf of the Universal Father.

120:4.6 the normal, natural, and dependable way of divine a..

121:0.1 A. under the supervision of a commission of

124:1.13 often grew discouraged with their slow-a. minds.

124:5.3 unfold in the thinking and a. of the now adolescent

125:2.9 longed to have their strangely a. son safely back in

130:0.5 each day a. as interpreter during Gonod’s business

153:1.1 These Jewish religious leaders were a. directly under

154:6.1 all were convinced that Jesus was a. strangely,

160:5.2 Religion embraces thinking, feeling, and a.

161:3.3 We frequently observed Jesus a. with only human

171:1.4 A. on the instructions of the Apostle Andrew, David

183:5.4 John was a. under Roman protection, and the

185:5.13 was terrorized by the insistent clamor of the mob, a.

193:6.1 A. upon the instruction of Peter, John Mark and

acting by authority

PART I   Superuniverse Personalities a. of the Orvonton

2:7.13 [Presented by a Divine Counselor a. of the Ancients

10:8.10 [Sponsored by a Universal Censor a. from the

12:9.7 [Presented by a Perfector of Wisdom a. of the

29:5.8 [Sponsored by a Universal Censor a. of the Ancients

PART II  Universe Personalities a. of Gabriel of Salvington.

35:10.6 [Sponsored by the Chief of Archangels a. of Gabriel

PART III Corps of Local Universe Personalities a. of Gabriel

65:1.8 presided over by the chief of the Evening Stars, a.

acting by request

38:9.14 [Presented by a Melchizedek a. of the Chief of the

39:9.4 [Presented by a Melchizedek a. of the Chief of the

actionsee Action, God of

0:3.16 4. The unlimited capacity for deity a. resides in the

0:6.3 term denoting all phases and forms of phenomenal a.

0:11.3 is designated the a. of the Universal Absolute.

1:2.10 least preclude the direct personal a. of the Father

2:3.3 by co-ordinate a. of all tribunals of jurisdiction,

2:3.5 transient mercy-tolerance pending the a. of the

2:7.5 The creator thought invariably precedes creative a..

3:1.7 his exclusive agencies upon the stage of universe a.

3:1.9 seem to exclude the direct a. of the Adjusters,

3:4.5 comprehend infinity of existence and eternity of a..

3:5.1 could be exercised direct; but, as a rule, such a.

4:2.1 The conduct, or a., of God is qualified and

4:2.1 but God modifies the patterns of his a. so as to

6:1.3 conjunction with the Son or with the co-ordinate a.

6:3.5 Mercy is applied love, the Father’s love in a. in the

6:5.3 This limitation of a. does not deprive the Son of

7:0.5 But no matter what may characterize the freewill a.

7:1.9 co-ordinate a. of the Deity Absolute in the realms of

8:0.1 infinite agent of mutual expression and combined a..

8:0.3 Son conjointly conceive an identical and infinite a.

8:1.8 the Father and the Son by, and in, the a. of their

8:2.2 the Absolute Intelligence, the Divine A.;

8:3.1 “first” creative concept or plan for combined a. by

8:4.8 combined A. of the Universal Father and the Son.

8:6.1 Infinite Spirit is a universe presence, an eternal a.,

9:1.3 and in a. is eternally regardful of the material

9:1.7 in many ways apparently the most versatile in a..

9:1.7 And such apparent superiority in a. is disclosed in

9:3.3 to material gravity, and it is not the a. of mind.

9:3.5 The Conjoint Creator is a.—motion, change,

9:4.5 purpose, and spirit mind is divine purpose in a..

9:5.2 mind a. and spiritual function of the Infinite Spirit.

9:7.1 The a. of reflectivity is shown in perfection on

10:3.8 The Father is personally absolute in liberty of a.,

10:5.1 administration, totality attitudes, co-ordinate a.,

10:5.2 powers, and capacities for universal revelation, a.,

10:5.6 existences and culminates in the a. of total Deity.

10:5.7 The Trinity Infinite involves the co-ordinate a. of all

11:8.3 Without the space cushion, explosive a. would jerk

11:8.3 space can actually neutralize such gravity a. even

11:8.6 the force-charge of space is produced by the a. of

11:9.3 The tension between them, in the face of will to a.

12:1.14 beginnings of a zone of an unbelievable energy a.

12:3.8 These calculations indicate that the total gravity a.

12:3.8 ninety-five per cent of the active cosmic-gravity a.

12:7.6 And all this uniformity of a. is personal, conscious,

12:8.5 Physical-gravity a. is a quantitative determiner of

12:8.5 spiritual-gravity a. is the qualitative measure of the

14:2.7 ever-present a. of the universal spirit-gravity pull

15:3.15 and purposeful a. of the Paradise force organizers.

15:5.1 superuniverse mass is organized by the direct a. of

16:0.10 We know very little about the a. of the Father and

16:1.4 may be roughly conceived as the finite domain of a..

16:3.11 as to suggest the combined a. of the Universal Father

17:2.5 This will to a. was volitional in the Supreme Being,

17:6.3 When a Creator Son is personalized by the joint a.

19:5.10 happenings which are difficult to explain if the a.

21:2.1 located in the superuniverse of his projected a..

21:3.1 Such a. constitutes title of physical possession,

21:6.1 we detect no a. that is more than finite;

21:6.2 the completed liberation of a Michael’s finite-a.

22:2.3 sin; for a. designed to prevent rebellion or to effect

23:0.1 They represent the initial creative a. of the Infinite

26:1.16 in “spirit polarity” regarding only one phase of a.,

28:6.18 advancement grows out of divine capacity for a.,

29:2.9 Directors are beings of high will freedom and a..

29:2.13 circuits of power go forth from their seat of united a.

29:3.4 all created in perfection and inherently perfect in a..

29:4.1 in overcoming the a. of gravity and the resistance of

31:10.12 will have passed from the stage of cosmic a..

36:2.17 appear upon the stage of a. only to disappear, but

36:5.4 subordinate to the a. and presence of their creative

40:6.7 spontaneity of freewill a. which God shares with all

41:2.4 Through the a. of physical controllers the power

41:2.5 You are familiar with the a. of vegetable life in

41:5.7 to be propelled in waves, but that is due to the a.

41:5.7 but the a. of the wind is such as to give the visible

41:5.8 The a. of certain secondary and other undiscovered

41:7.1 similar by the dissociative a. of the disruptive X rays.

41:7.9 6. Gravity a. at high temperatures transforms certain

42:2.1 used to denote all phases and forms of motion, a.,

42:2.12 Power Directors are assignable to that field of a..

42:2.13 but we recognize the intelligent a. of the Ultimate

42:2.23 unmistakable response to the a. of Paradise gravity—

42:4.3 of a. is enormously curtailed when electronically

42:4.6 Gravity presence and a. is what prevents the

42:11.5 material forces that operate to neutralize gravity a.

42:12.13 approach divinity of purpose and supremacy of a.,

42:12.14 physical repercussion of the creative a. of spirit-mind

44:0.19 of mortals by the a. of the indwelling Adjusters.

48:7.11 9. A. achieves strength; moderation eventuates in

52:0.1 there appear on the stage of world a. at least seven

53:4.5 fact that no a. ensued as evidence of the impotency

53:4.7 Constellation Fathers immediately confined the a. of

53:7.3 interplanetary communication suspended by the a.

55:2.4 arranged to protect the material mortals from the a.

57:1.7 made the space-energy conditions ready for the a. of

57:6.3 will go into reverse a., no longer driving the moon

57:6.3 the gravity a. of the latter will cause the moon to

57:7.1 this, together with the increased a. of gravity as the

57:7.3 Definite volcanic a. dates from these times.

57:7.5 Volcanic a. is now at its height.

57:8.2 Volcanic a. early equalized internal-heat pressure

57:8.14 they appear later on as a result of the a. of rain,

58:2.4 operations similar to the a. of this unique ozone layer

58:6.7 of life are in response to the a. of physical law, but

59:2.1 being accompanied by little or no volcanic a..

59:2.2 fluctuations, while volcanic a. was more persistent.

59:3.2 Volcanic a. was largely past.

59:6.3 the earth’s crust or to the long absence of volcanic a.

60:1.3 Volcanic a. was extensive in different parts of the

61:7.1 the a. of the ice overshadows all other phenomena in

64:1.3 The cold and hunger of the open lands stimulate a.,

64:3.5 this Badonite stock appeared on the stage of a. as an

65:4.4 This chemical a. and reaction concerned in wound

65:6.4 oxygenate their tissues by the a. of the iron of the

65:7.7 still additional spirit ministry accompanies the a. of

66:8.4 He was deprived of authority by the co-ordinate a.

71:0.2 was not even produced by volitionally intelligent a.;

72:2.7 and its members are elected by the majority a. of the

74:2.6 by virtue of the a. of the Melchizedek receivers.

75:5.5 home and began to plan for their future course of a..

75:8.4 of personal liberty and planetary freedom of a..

77:2.5 germ plasm metamorphosis by the a. of the system

77:4.7 so suddenly on the stage of a. in Mesopotamia.

79:8.5 and no call for military a. for thousands of years had

83:8.4 of marriage as being consummated by divine a..

86:3.3 complex systems of theology ascribe death to the a.

86:7.4 Scientific knowledge, leading to scientific a., is the

87:6.2 man’s efforts to influence ghost a. were confined

87:6.2 may coerce spirit a. and compel spirit assistance.

87:6.13 man was soon attempting to compel spirit a..

87:6.14 spirits and demigods could be forced into desirable a.

89:6.6 the foundation holes of the city’s gates, but his a. is

90:3.4 feared the malevolent a. of disease-producing ghosts

90:3.5 were early removed from the category of ghost a..

90:3.7 caused by bewitchment, the a. of the evil eye and

90:3.8 disease as the result of the a. of evil demons,

90:3.10 through the co-ordinate a. of revelation, this same

91:2.2 Prayer has always indicated positive a by the praying

91:4.2 be so prostituted as to become a substitute for a..

91:4.2 All ethical prayer is a stimulus to a. and a guide to

94:6.7 the distinction which Lao made between a. and

95:2.4 —embalmed—by the a. of the soda-impregnated

95:5.5 maintained their cults in secret and sprang into a.

95:6.3 this new religion was one of a.—work—not prayers

97:7.1 theology had it not been for the determined a. of

97:8.5 by miraculous a. in this stream of human history.

98:2.12 Philosophy is to religion as conception is to a..

98:2.12 welded into a meaningful unity by the conjoined a. of

99:2.5 the church must cease such a. if it is to survive.

101:6.7 human complement thus made ready for the a. of

101:7.1 An idea is only a theoretical plan for a., while a

101:7.1 while a positive decision is a validated plan of a..

101:7.1 A stereotype is a plan of a. accepted without

101:10.3 the unending response of effect to antecedent a.;

105:3.3 attain to spirit levels of existence apart from the a.

106:3.5 We observe gravity a. penetrating the space

106:6.3 take place out on such a superultimate stage of a.,

106:6.6 we would suggest that the eternity a. of the Trinity

108:2.11 bestowals are determined by some cosmic reflex a.

110:5.7 both to the Adjuster in the higher sphere of a. and

110:6.17 full realization of man’s sonship with God, but a.,

110:6.17 spiritual faith to material decisions in personality a.

110:6.20 third circle there occurs increased and unified a. of

110:6.21 as an influence of mind a. in the human personality.

111:6.2 a unique liberty—freedom of spiritual choice and a.

112:2.7 the whole personality are focused in intelligent a.;

112:3.3 circuits of human will-a. have been destroyed.

112:6.5 and by the newly appearing a. of morontia mota.


113:4.6 of the Adjuster, the encircuited a. of the Holy Spirit,

113:5.1 angels interfere with the free a. of the human will.

113:5.5 but their a. in this capacity is very rare.

113:5.5 the material realm proceed unaltered by seraphic a.

114:4.1 Most Highs, in the absence of direct a. by Michael,

114:6.18 control the affairs of their respective realms of a.,

114:6.20 But aside from these many means of positive a.,

114:7.1 appear on the stage of temporal a. with sufficient

115:5.1 is dependent on the existence and a. of the Trinity

115:5.2 so does the discernible a. of the Trinity as creator

115:6.2 exists farther and farther removed from direct a. by

115:7.3 Paradise power, Son personality, and Conjoint a.,

116:2.1 with the appearance on the stage of cosmic a. of the

116:6.4 That energy can be directionized by the a. of

116:6.4 discloses the responsiveness of energy to mind a..

116:6.4 That mass can be stabilized through the a. of these

116:6.7 experiential potential for mind a. in harmonizing

117:0.1 Son, conjoined for universe a. in the Infinite Spirit,

117:3.11 the finite possibilities of a. have been exhausted by

117:3.11 when the possibilities of finite a. in the matter of

117:4.1 and completion of sovereignty within the sphere of a.

117:4.2 evolution is predicated on the wisdom-a. of every

117:4.5 Any isolated a. of the personal parts of the finite is

117:4.7 Supreme evolve without purposeful and intelligent a.

117:4.10 lie dormant, awaiting the a. of another creature at

117:5.7 transmit impersonal repercussions of decision-a.

117:5.13 when man consummates this decision in a., man

117:6.4 of the ever-enlarging a. of the Supreme Being.

117:6.5 evolving mortal is really the son of the Adjuster a.

117:6.17 and the cosmic a. of the God of all experience.

118:1.4 to evaluate the future significance of possible a..

118:1.4 the plan of a. thus born of the past and the future

118:1.5 In this way does decision-a. begin to escape from the

118:5.3 through the word-meaning, to the fact of a..

118:6.6 is deciding between these many courses of a..

118:7.1 The Gods have wisely limited the range of the a. of

118:8.6 escape from the next-encompassing barriers to a..

118:9.1 exist, operate directly to limit the range of finite a..

118:9.2 but to some degree unvaryingly limit the a. of all

118:9.6 should not be thought of as limiting the a. of Deity;

119:2.1 rebellion adjudicated and ended by the a. of the

119:3.2 Upon the request of Michael, a. on the petition of

119:4.1 what had happened in times past following such a.,

119:8.6 manifestability to supremacy of finite a. and finality

127:4.8 Martha was slow in thought and a. but a dependable

130:4.7 it comes into being by the a. of the Universal Mind

135:5.1 at the time John appeared upon the stage of a..

139:2.4 Peter was a man of quick decision and sudden a..

147:4.6 Now come into a. the reason of mind and the

148:7.3 Herod refused to take a. against Jesus, advising

148:8.3 he intervened and allowed Kirmeth freedom of a.

151:3.9 analogy requires conscious intellectual a. which is

154:0.1 Herod refused to take a. against him as a political

154:1.2 On Friday of this week official a. was taken by the

154:1.2 This a. was taken at the instigation of the Pharisees.

154:2.1 This summary a. of the Sanhedrin was followed

159:1.3 let them take such a. as they deem wise;

159:5.8 Jesus put the spirit of positive a. into the passive

168:2.1 the signal for a. when it should be given by Gabriel,

168:2.3 the vast celestial host was all astir in unified a. in

168:3.3 resigned in a body when such an unheard-of a.

172:3.12 acclaim that they feared to arrest Jesus lest such a.

172:5.10 Simon saw the nationalists springing into a. as

181:2.17 legislative a. after I shall have gone to the Father.

190:3.3 It was at this meeting that a. was taken to throw

192:1.3 Peter was a man of thoughtless a., so when John

Action, God of

0:11.1 the Father and the Eternal Son, functioning in the G.,


8:1.1 The G. is existent, and the vast stage of space is set

8:1.3 the Eternal Son and by the execution of the G.,

8:1.4 The G. functions and the dead vaults of space are

8:2.2 the Absolute Intelligence, the Divine A.;

8:4.8 nature and matchless character of this combined A.

9:1.1 As the G., he is the apparent ancestor of motion,

9:3.6 other representatives of the G. who have to do with

9:3.7 All these material activities of the G. appear to

9:3.8 the God of A. is the activator of that pattern.

42:2.8 primal motions initiated by the G. and thereupon to

105:2.7 This creative act of Deity is by and through the G.,

105:3.5 This selfsame Conjoint Actor, this G., is the perfect

116:5.6 5. The God of A.—the Infinite Spirit.


3:1.6 between the presence of the Father and the a. of

7:0.5 hence determines the a. of such volitional beings.

7:1.8 recognize all a. and reactions of the omnipresent

9:1.6 but all his a. appear to recognize the Father-Paradise

12:6.4 the unpredictable phenomena resulting from the a.

15:8.8 we are living in the midst of force a. and energy

20:2.5 1. Judicial A..


29:3.5 they are thoroughly businesslike in all their a..

29:3.10 nothing whatever to do with those tremendous a. of

32:3.13 These transactions are the repercussions of a. and

37:3.6 planetary missions, whether involving judicial a.,

51:7.1 come to the inhabited worlds for judicial a., but

52:4.3 Avonals come to the mortal spheres on judicial a.,

52:7.8 these judicial a. continue from age to age throughout

55:0.2 settled status may be segregated by the judicial a. of

55:0.2 but all such judicial a. are purely technical, in no way

58:3.4 Great energy a occur in the marginal gases of binary

60:3.6 Great volcanic a. occurred south of the Alps and

75:8.7 precise laws characterized by unvarying energy a.,

77:7.5 inferior mortals and somewhat to control their a..

91:1.3 these material objectives by social and ethical a..

91:6.1 Prayer, unless in liaison with the will and a. of the

94:3.5 the repercussional synthesis of all time-space a. in

97:1.8 The Lord is a God of knowledge, and a. are weighed

102:3.3 emotions, lead directly to material a., selfish acts.

102:3.3 spiritual motivations, lead directly to religious a.,

102:5.3 But notwithstanding such a., religion is something

103:6.1 Theology is the study of the a. and reactions of the

104:4.33 the volitional, causative, tensional, and patternal a.

108:4.2 inevitable that the a. of Adjusters and sovereignty

108:5.4 trends of the material mind to the transforming a. of

111:2.1 even when hampered and hindered by the unwise a.

112:5.5 upon the steadfastness and wisdom of decision-a.

112:6.9 reflects both the qualitative and the quantitative a.

116:3.3 is revealed in the bestowal a. of the Eternal Son

117:3.11 the creative culminator of all antecedent creator a..

118:4.3 the Deity Absolute which are produced by the a.

118:4.3 certain transcendental agencies whose a. result in

118:4.5 destiny in the Universal Absolute by the a. of the

118:10.11 independent of the a. of all other individuals;

118:10.23 and this is the will, the a., the purpose of the Trinity


133:2.5 in commemoration of the battle of A., this site being


10:8.4 be the minimum number of beings required to a. the

12:2.4 energies which at present a. the grand universe.

34:4.13 so a. the hosts of microscopic bodies in the animal

65:0.6 The adjutant mind-spirits a. and regulate the

65:4.3 so to stimulate and a. the neighboring normal cells

99:5.3 Jesus is the most dynamic influence ever to a. the

99:7.5 sobering him so that religion can presently a. man

106:4.1 a. the eventuating presence of Ultimate Deity.

106:5.1 Trinity has theoretical capacity to a. the Absolutes

116:7.1 is permeated by energy lanes which effectively a.

130:6.3 inspire your mind to control itself and a. the body

159:3.1 guide those who preach truth, and which should a.


11:5.8 But with the emanations of the a. zone of the

36:6.7 and imparts to such a. plasm the prerogatives of

42:2.10 it is upon such an a. space field that these force

42:6.2 gravity responsive when a. by X ray and other

42:8.2 Throughout an atom this interelectronic space is a.

85:2.6 the earliest mind-adjutant-a. types of worship were

99:4.5 unless factual knowledge becomes emotionally a..

100:2.2 of a human personality a. by unselfish ministry,

104:4.13 the Father-Son, whose union first a. the Paradise

118:4.3 transmutation of these a. potentials to the status of

118:8.1 Material evolution is first mechanical, then mind a.,

118:9.4 living—a living mechanism a. by a Supreme Mind,

132:3.7 The faith-a. soul of man cannot stop short of the

161:3.3 combined personality of man and God as it was a. by

180:5.3 to new levels of meaning and a. by the presence of


133:7.7 spiritually a such a self-conscious animal-origin mind

170:5.12 the divine spirit which indwells and a. all believers,


9:1.7 and capable of a. the Paradise pattern, a being

36:6.2 only a creative force can supply the a. living spark.

94:1.4 the energy-divinity principle a. the Vedic pantheon.

103:3.1 genuine spirit presences a. the will to be unselfish.

105:5.4 First Source and Center, a. all triunity associations.

118:7.7 Subpersonal living things indicate mind a. energy-


0:5.1 of the higher mind a. of worship and wisdom

16:8.15 belonging to the electrochemical order of life a.

36:6.7 understand the nature and source of the life-a. spark.

99:4.5 But the a. of religion is superemotional, unifying the

104:4.26 Paradise is the center of the force-energy a. of the

105:6.3 2. The universe response involved an a. of the plans

115:3.14 Conjoint Actor is the mind a. of cosmic energy,

115:7.8 unifies Deity a. with the Unqualified reactivity.

118:4.5 1. A. of static potentials. The establishment of

130:4.7 the a. of the spirit spark of the God who is spirit.

180:5.3 its spirit of a. to live and reign within their souls.


16:4.10 2. The life a. of the adjutant mind-spirits bestowed


0:11.4 The Deity Absolute seems to be the all-powerful a.,

9:1.1 ancestor of the power-control creatures and the a.

9:3.8 of infinity; the God of Action is the a. of that pattern.

116:5.14 of the mind God, who is the a. of Paradise pattern.


4:4.4 creative free will becomes even more a., wholly

5:4.15 higher a. and creature-loving affection of a God who

5:6.6 personality of man is not observable as an a. and

6:4.3 rests upon the everywhere a. presence of the spirit of

7:4.5 provisions of the bestowal plan become a. forthwith.

9:4.3 it utterly transcends the a. and functioning mind

10:1.5 with the Son, is universally a. in the Infinite Spirit.

11:5.7 The outer zone is the largest and most a. of the three

12:3.8 making use of only about five per cent of the a.

12:3.8 ninety-five per cent of the a. cosmic-gravity action

12:3.9 arrived at the summation of the a. spirit gravity of

12:3.9 postulate for the present total of a. spirit gravity.

14:2.7 spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son is amazingly a.

15:4.7 There are not many sun-forming nebulae a. in

15:4.7 is outside the inhabited superuniverse, is very a..

15:10.21 who are not, at present, fully a. in their individual

16:1.2 sevenfold Deity, the a. and associative functions of

22:2.8 The Messengers take a. part in all phases of the

28:1.3 native angelic life, they retire from a. service in the

30:3.10 they are dispatched on a. service on the requisition

31:10.11 Supreme Being, but the very fact of his a. presence

32:4.1 he is apparently the least a. of the Paradise Deities

35:9.9 but they do not assume a. rulership of such worlds

41:6.4 Calcium is an a. and versatile element at solar

41:7.11 During the a. life of a sun the internal temperature of

42:2.8 Passive and potential force becomes a and primordial

42:2.10 force organizers begin their initial and a. operations.

42:2.12 and becomes the a. ancestor of all universe matter.

42:3.8 atoms stripped of the outer (chemically a.) electrons

42:9.3 the eighth chemically a. element resembles the

43:3.1 When commissioned to a. duty in the universe as

44:5.10 balances of divergent forces between a. cherubim

47:3.3 The mortal-mind transcripts and the a. creature-

55:4.1 These finaliters are a. in co-operation with Teacher

55:7.1 inaugurate their a. participation in planetary affairs.

55:12.3 administrators, who will forthwith become a. in the

56:6.2 the infinite mind of the Infinite Spirit to the a.

56:7.2 second phase of God the Sevenfold becomes a.

59:5.13 200,000,000 years ago the really a. stages of the

59:5.18 the mountains of North and South America were a.,

59:5.20 Volcanoes were a. in Alaska and California and in

60:2.3 These massive creatures became less a. and strong

60:3.20 agile and a. types of the smaller leaping kangaroo

60:4.5 this was an eventful and a. age on land and under

61:1.2 highly a., carnivorous, springing type of dinosaur.

61:2.7 or in water and was highly intelligent and very a..

62:2.1 They were a. little creatures, almost three feet tall;

63:4.6 developed by these a., restless, and curious people.

65:0.1 the Seven Master Spirits in conjunction with the a.

65:1.7 concerned in life propagation become forthwith a.,

65:3.6 to our retirement from a. participation in evolution.

72:5.10 competition is most a. in social service and

75:3.7 with Cano, the most brilliant mind and a. leader of

84:2.3 the wife’s brothers and their sons were more a. in

87:4.4 brought bad luck were believed to be the more a.

89:3.4 The priests of the mother cult were especially a. in

93:0.2 The Melchizedek order has been a. on Urantia.

96:1.11 Mount Sinai was intermittently a. as a volcano,

99:3.3 individual religionists as they become a. members of

100:7.4 Jesus was emotionally a. but never flighty.

102:2.7 There is no real religion apart from a highly a.

102:4.2 is any interplay between an a. and questioning self

102:4.2 questioning self and any other a. and external reality.

104:4.20 the pure spirit essence of the Father, the a. spirit

104:4.21 the Son-Spirit functions as a. creative spirit;

104:4.43 from the limitless potentialities of a.-volitional and

108:5.9 always participate in some definite and a. manner

109:7.7 three omnipersonal beings were among the most a.

110:1.4 regarding purely temporal welfare, is divinely a.

110:3.5 connote lack of a. co-operation with the Monitor

110:6.2 independent of the a. co-operation of mortal mind.

112:1.13 mechanisms are passive; organisms, inherently a..

112:3.7 dis-Adjustered human being after death manifest a.

112:6.7 character becomes a. memory when the patterns

113:4.5 The guardians are most a. at those times when the

113:4.5 active at those times when the Adjusters are least a.,

114:4.2 The race commissioners are very a. on Urantia,

116:1.5 is unquestionably a. throughout the grand universe

118:4.3 potentials forthwith become a. and responsive to

128:2.7 withdrawal from a. participation in the affairs of his

128:6.2 His mind was a., keen, and penetrating—compared

128:6.6 patriotic organization in which Jude was very a..

128:7.5 leave to begin the more a. prelude to his real ministry

129:1.15 intervene between his simple but intensely a. life

136:2.6 In thus retiring for a season from a. personality

137:7.14 tarried before embarking on their a. public preaching

139:9.8 wishes to welcome into a. and believing fellowship

140:5.17 Mercy sometimes may be passive, but here it is a.