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1:5.1 “He who planned the ear, shall he not hear?

1:5.1 He who formed the eye, shall he not see?

2:1.1 “Will God indeed dwell on the earth?

3:1.1 “Whither shall I go from your spirit?

3:1.1 or whither shall I flee from your presence?

3:1.2 ‘Do not I fill heaven and earth?’”

3:5.6 Is courage—strength of character—desirable?

3:5.7 Is altruism—service of one’s fellows—desirable?

3:5.8 Is hope—the grandeur of trust­—desirable?

3:5.9 Is faith—the supreme assertion of human thought—

3:5.10 Is the love of truth and the willingness to go

3:5.11 Is idealism—the approaching concept of the divine—

3:5.12 Is loyalty—devotion to highest duty—desirable?

3:5.13 Is unselfishness—the spirit of self-forgetfulness—

3:5.14 Is pleasure—the satisfaction of happiness—desirable?

3:6.6 Does the Paradise Father suffer? I do not know.

12:4.2 Is motion inherent therein?

12:4.2 Who, or what, is really responsible for the gigantic

12:6.6 What is the explanation of the unpredictable freedom

12:6.8 But who fosters and cares for the fundamental needs

12:7.14 how can any of these divine beings ever hope to

16:4.5 Who, aside from these ancestors of both physical

16:9.15 Is it strange that the cosmic mind should be self-

17:6.10 that we should ask: Is there a seventh career?

23:4.4 Who will take up their work in the grand universe?

23:4.4 Will their service be assumed by some new

23:4.4 Is the grand universe at some remote period going to

23:4.4 If the messengers return to their former service, will

23:4.4 Will the trinitizations between finaliters and

23:4.4 Are all our efficient Solitary Messengers going to

23:4.4 Are these extra-ordinary spirit personalities going to

23:4.4 What significance should we attach to the fact that

24:7.1 how then can we account for the continuous

30:1.114 how could an absonitized being be explained to you?

31:3.8 “Why should the Gods be so concerned in training

31:10.19 can we be criticized for anticipating that something

31:10.19 Is it not natural that we should associate this agelong

39:4.11 What is loyalty? It is the fruit of an intelligent

40:5.16 Is this an intended or an unintended part of the plan?

40:10.4 Does all this represent an intended part of the

40:10.4 affairs of these realms in the universe ages to come?

43:6.3 “Who shall ascend the hill of the Most Highs?

43:6.3 Who shall stand in this holy place?

48:0.2 What magic could death, the natural dissolution of

55:6.10 If the grand universe should be settled in light and

56:7.6 what then will be the future function of the Creator-

56:7.6 Are these organizers and pioneers of the time-space

56:9.2 Did the Absolute exist before the Trinity?

56:9.2 and is the Absolute ancestral to the Trinity?

56:9.2 or is the Trinity antecedent to the Absolute?

56:9.3 Is the Unqualified Absolute a force presence

56:9.3 Does the presence of the Deity Absolute connote the

56:9.3 and is the Universal Absolute the final function of the

67:8.3 “What of Amadon of Urantia, does he still stand

68:6.11 Will Urantia rulers have the insight and courage to

70:10.3 the savage asked, not what killed him, but who?

71:4.17 Can an advanced society maintain that military

71:5.2 How can you guarantee peace and quiet in industry

74:4.3 how had Van brought about such a great event as

75:4.8 Eve in the Garden and asking, ‘Where are you?’”

83:8.4 who shall presume to sit in judgment, to say which

84:5.10 but will woman prove worthy of all this new and

84:5.10 Will modern woman respond to this achievement of

86:1.3 Why work hard and reap bad luck—nothing for

86:2.2 Primitive man asked, “Who is tormenting me?”

93:10.7 Will he be constituted Vicegerent Material Son of

93:10.7 Or is there a possibility that an unexpected events is

94:12.6 Will this noble faith, that has so valiantly carried on

94:12.6 Will this ancient faith respond once more to the

95:7.6 for is he not “the first and the last, also the seen and

96:5.5 “Who is like your God among all the gods?”

96:6.4 “Shall mortal man be more just than God?

96:6.4 shall a man be more pure than his Maker?”

96:6.4 Can you by searching find out God?

96:6.4 Can you find out the Almighty to perfection?

97:1.7 Who can be compared to this holy Lord God?

97:5.6 Shall I come before God with burnt offerings?

97:5.6 Will the Lord be pleased with a thousand rams or

97:5.6 Shall I give my first-born for my transgression,

97:7.7 Can a woman forget her suckling child that she

97:8.3 began to cry: “How long, O Lord, how long?”

99:5.7 “Have you faith? Then have it to yourself.”

102:4.2 What is human existence? It is simply any interplay

102:6.5 only replies, “How do you know that I do not know?

106:0.4 itself a relative term—maximum in relation to what?

106:8.22 If the second level of the Trinity of Trinities could

106:9.5 But how can these two viewpoints be reconciled?

107:7.4 Why then, if Thought Adjusters possess volition, are

108:1.4 Is the mind normal?

108:1.4 What is the intellectual potential, the intelligence

108:1.4 Can the individual develop into a bona fide will

108:1.4 Will wisdom have an opportunity to function?

108:1.5 What is the potential of soul, the probable capacity

111:4.9 How can a creative imagination produce worthy

112:7.9 Has the triumphant Adjuster won personality by the

113:3.6 how does such a subordinate angelic personality do

117:2.9 Does the Supreme Being actualize in response to the

117:2.9 is it possible that they are mutually interdependent

117:2.9 is it possible that they are evolutionary reciprocals,

117:5.10 How do these manifold circuits of cosmic ministry

118:2.5 will a corresponding emergence of God the Ultimate

118:3.7 Does the pattern—the reality—of an ideal occupy

118:9.8 what would their unity create as the combined

122:3.2 How could the offspring of human beings be a child

123:5.7 saying, “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?”

126:4.5 “Wherewith shall I come before the Lord, to bow

126:4.5 Shall I come before him with burnt offerings,

126:4.5 Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of rams,

126:4.5 Shall I give my first-born for my transgression

126:4.5 And what does the Lord require of you but to deal

126:4.6 “To whom, then, will you liken God who sits upon

127:5.1 Was she about to lose her son, now become

127:5.1 Would troubles never cease?

127:5.1 What next could happen?

128:7.7 Leave them to go where? To do what?

132:0.1 and gracious manner, I would be a real emperor, eh?

135:4.4 What did Malachi mean?

135:4.4 Was the prophecy literal or figurative?

135:4.4 How could he know the truth?

135:5.1 Had not Moses taught that righteousness was always

135:5.1 Were they not God’s chosen people?

135:5.1 Why was the throne of David desolate and vacant?

135:5.3 “How soon will the kingdom come?” 

135:5.7 Who would this Messiah be?

135:6.7 Who warned you to flee, as vipers before the fire,

135:7.2 his disciples asked him, “Are you the Messiah?”

135:9.4 they made bold to ask, “Are you the Messiah?”

135:9.4 then why do you baptize the people and create all

135:9.5 What was to be the relation of John to Jesus?

135:9.5 Would he become a military leader and a Davidic

135:9.5 Would he smite the Roman armies as Joshua and the

135:9.5 Or would he come to establish a spiritual kingdom?

136:7.2 Would this sort of presumption, this defiance of his

137:1.3 he was sent by God, but what about John?

137:1.3 Are we to forsake him?

137:1.3 Is this the right thing to do?”

137:2.2 Can such a gift of God come out of Nazareth?

137:2.4 Philip was in a quandary. What should he do?

137:2.4 suggested to Philip, “Why not ask the Teacher?”

137:2.6 looking up, inquired, “Whence comes this teacher?”

137:2.6 “Can any such good thing come out of Nazareth?”

137:3.7 What would this strange person do next?

137:3.7 How would he usher in the glory of the coming

137:4.5 “I cannot understand him; what can it all mean?

137:4.5 Is there no end to his strange conduct?”

137:4.7 how was he to know that the marriage of his son was

137:6.2 Where is the house that you built for me?

137:6.2 And where is the place of my dwelling?

137:6.2 Who has heard such a thing?

137:6.2 Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day?

137:6.2 Or can a nation be born at once?

139:6.3 “Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?”

140:3.20 Did we not prophesy in your name and by your name

140:8.11 had long debated the question: Who is my neighbor?

143:6.1 “Has any man brought him aught to eat?

143:6.1 Can it be that the woman gave him food as well as

145:2.5 one man to his neighbor, do you know the Lord?

145:4.3 We cannot understand him. What does all this mean?

146:6.2 and why could not such a healer even raise the dead?

147:1.1 Would you go to Jesus in my behalf and beseech him

147:5.5 “Who is this man that he even dares to forgive sins?”

147:6.4 “Do you not know that it is unlawful to pluck and

147:6.4 since when did it become sinful to eat grain on the

147:6.4 allow, wherefore do you quibble over such trifles?

147:8.2 “‘Why have you fasted?

147:8.2 For what reason do you afflict your souls while you

147:8.3 “‘Is it such a fast that I have chosen—a day for a man

147:8.3 Is it to bow down his head like a bulrush, to grovel

147:8.3 Will you dare to call this a fast and an acceptable day

147:8.3 Is not this the fast I should choose: to loose the

147:8.3 Is it not to share my bread with the hungry and to

148:6.6 How can God be just and at the same time so utterly

148:6.6 Cannot you discern that God tolerates persecution

148:6.6 And since man is so weak, what chance has he for

148:6.6 And why did God ever create me just to suffer in this

148:9.3 “How dare this man thus speak?

148:9.3 Does he not understand that such words are

148:9.3 Who can forgive sin but God?

150:8.8 who shall go up for us to heaven and bring it down

150:8.8 who will go over the sea for us to bring the

151:4.1 ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field?

151:4.1 Whence then come these weeds?’

151:4.1 Would you have us go out and pluck up these weeds

152:3.1 And was not all of this expectation now fulfilled right

152:4.1 Had he forsaken them?

152:4.1 What could all this mean?

153:1.5 “Why did he himself so deliberately and effectively

154:4.1 “What shall we do with Jesus?”


155:1.1 ‘Why do the heathen rage and peoples plot in vain?

156:1.4 What has happened to you, his disciples, that you

157:1.1 “Does not your Master pay the temple tax?”

158:4.5 father and his son, saying, “Whom do you seek?”

159:1.5 Why did you not also show mercy to your fellow

159:2.2 Master say, “He who is not with me is against me”?

160:3.1 Whence the power to accomplish all this?

160:3.1 how can we induce man to release these soul-bound

160:3.1 How shall we induce men to let go of God that he

160:3.1 How best can I awaken these latent powers for good

160:3.1 Whence then comes the energy to do these things?

160:5.10 But are we willing to pay the price of this entrance

160:5.10 Are we willing to be born again? To be remade?

160:5.10 Are we willing to be subject to this terrible process

160:5.10 Has not the Master said: “Whoso would save his life

162:2.8 “Where will this man go that we cannot find him?

162:2.8 Will he go to live among the Greeks?

162:2.8 Will he destroy himself?

162:2.8 What can he mean when he declares that soon he will

162:2.9 to Eber: “Are you also led astray?

162:2.9 Are you about to believe in this deceiver?

162:2.9 Have you heard that any of our leaned men or any of

162:2.9 Have any of the scribes or the Pharisees been

162:2.9 How does it come that you are influenced by the

162:2.9 Do you not know that such untaught people are

162:2.9 What can there be wrong in these teachings even

162:2.9 And even the does not our law require fairness?

162:2.9 Do we condemn a man before we hear him?

162:2.9 “Have you gone mad?

162:2.9 Are you by any chance also from Galilee?

162:7.2 bondage to none; how then shall we be made free?

163:3.5 inquired, ‘Why do you stand here idle all the day?’

163:3.7 Did not each of you agree to work for a denarius a

163:3.7 Is it not lawful for me to do what I will with my own

163:3.7 do you begrudge my generosity because I desire to

164:1.4 answer to the question, “Who is my neighbor?”

164:3.9 “Is this not Josiah the blind beggar?”

164:4.4 “If this man is not sent by God, how can he do these

164:4.4 Will you still say that this prophet does all these

164:4.4 “What do you have to say about this man, this Jesus,

164:4.7 “Is this your son? And do we understand aright that

164:4.7 If this is true, how is it that he can now see?”

164:4.8 “Why do you not give God the glory for this?

164:4.8 why do you not tell us the whole truth about what

164:4.8 Why do you refuse to discern the truth?

164:4.8 Will you not atone for your sin by acknowledging

164:4.9 “Just how did he open your eyes?

164:4.9 what did he actually do to you?

164:4.9 what did he say to you?

164:4.9 did he ask you to believe in him?

164:4.10 believe my testimony, why would you hear it again?

164:4.10 Would you by chance also become his disciples?”

164:4.11 “You were born in sin, and do you now presume to

165:2.11 who ever saw one having a devil open the eyes of a

165:4.2 ‘What shall I do with all my riches?

165:4.11 How much wealth did you accumulate?

165:4.12 How did you get this wealth?

165:4.13 How did you use your wealth?

166:3.4 ‘Did we not eat and drink with you, and did you not

166:4.9 Cut down this barren tree; why should it encumber

167:1.5 ‘My friend, why sit in the seat of the least? come up

167:3.2 “Are there not six days in which men should do all

168:1.1 Could not he who opened the eyes of the blind have

168:1.7 Did the divine mind of Jesus know, even before

168:1.8 “If he thought so much of this man, why did he tarry

168:1.8 If he is what they claim, why did he not save his dear

168:1.8 What is the good of healing strangers in Galilee if he

168:1.12 Said Martha: “Must we roll away the stone?

168:3.2 question, “What shall we do with Jesus of Nazareth?

169:2.4 ‘What shall I do since I am about to lose this

169:2.4 ‘How much do you owe my master?’

169:2.4 said to another debtor, ‘How much do you owe?’

172:1.1 “What do you think? will Jesus come to the feast?”

172:1.5 “Why was this ointment not sold and the money

172:3.16 insomuch that everyone asked, “Who is this man?”

173:0.2 What will the Master do today?

173:0.2 absorbing thought of Judas was: What shall I do?

173:0.2 Shall I go on with Jesus and my associates, or shall

173:0.2 And if I am going to quit, how shall I break off?

173:5.3 ‘Friend, how is it that you come into my guest

174:5.3 he wrote: ‘Lord, who has believed our teachings?

174:5.3 And to whom has the Lord been revealed?’

174:5.9 What shall I say as I look ahead and discern what is

174:5.9 Shall I say, Father save me from this awful hour?

175:4.2 just one question: “What will they do with Jesus?”

176:4.5 Will his second advent on earth be timed to occur

176:4.5 Will he come in connection with the termination of

176:4.5 Will he come unannounced and as an isolated event?

177:4.7 but what are you willing to give me for this service?

178:2.7 ‘Where is the guest chamber wherein the Master is

178:2.10 Judas, might it not be well, under the circumstances,

179:1.2 Who shall wash our feet?

179:4.2 they hesitatingly inquired, “Is it I?”

180:2.4 How long will it take the world of believers to

180:6.2 none of you have asked me, Why do you leave us?

180:6.6 “What is this that he tells us?

180:6.6 What can he mean by this ‘little while’ and ‘not for

180:6.9 But why does he say he must return to the Father?

181:2.20 What shall I ever do if the Master goes away and

184:2.4 “Are you not also one of this man’s disciples?”

184:2.5 “Did I not see you in the garden when they arrested

184:2.5 Are you not also one of his followers?”

184:2.6 in the temple with this man. Why do you deny this?”

184:3.11 the sacred temple, else how could he destroy it?

184:3.15 “What further need have we of witnesses?

184:3.15 What do you now think should be done with this

185:2.1 “What accusation do you bring against this fellow?”

185:2.2 why do you not take this man and pass judgment on

185:3.5 “Truth, what is truth—who knows?”

185:5.4 would you prefer that I release to you, this Barabbas,

185:5.6 “How could you choose the life of a murderer in

185:5.9 “What shall I do with him who is called the king of

185:5.10 “Why would you crucify this man?

185:5.10 What evil has he done?

185:5.10 Who will come forward to testify against him?”

185:5.11 which of these prisoners shall I release to you at this

185:5.12 “If I release the murderer, Barabbas, what shall I do

185:6.6 shall die, but what has he done to deserve death?

185:6.6 Who will declare his crime?

185:7.4 Why should you expect that I would consent to his

185:7.5 much irony and sarcasm, “Shall I crucify your king?”

186:1.5 as for your guilt, what is that to us? See you to that

187:4.1 “Do you have no fear even of God?

187:4.1 Do you not see that we are suffering justly for our

187:5.2 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

187:5.2 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

189:4.6 “Who will help us roll away the stone?”

189:4.9 how could the body have been removed since the

189:4.10 “Where have you taken the Master?

189:4.10 Where have they laid him?

189:4.10 Do you know where they have taken him?”

191:0.4 why does he not show himself to us, his apostles?

194:4.4 What has happened to these men whom Jesus had


?—asked of the reader

4:1.2 Can you not advance in your concept of God’s

22:10.3 Can you not see that such living concentrations of a

37:3.4 Do you grasp the significance of the fact that your

40:7.5 Do you fully appreciate what has been done for you?

40:7.5 Do you comprehend the grandeur of the heights of

40:7.5 even you who now trudge on in the lowly path of life

48:6.35 If you fail, will you rise indomitably to try anew?

48:6.35 If you succeed, will you maintain a well-balanced

54:5.13 If a Urantia mortal of average length of life should

107:4.7 Can you really realize the true significance of the

107:4.7 Do you fathom what it means to have a fragment of

111:7.2 May I admonish you to heed the distant echo of the

111:7.3 Why do you not aid the Adjuster in the task of

111:7.3 Why do you not allow the Adjuster to strengthen

111:7.3 Why do you not encourage the heavenly helper to

111:7.3 Why do you refuse to be enlightened and inspired by

111:7.3 Why not allow the Adjuster to spiritualize your

117:4.10 Will you decide to personalize the experiencible

117:4.10 will you allow these secrets of Supremacy to lie

117:4.13 Will you fail the God of time, who is so dependent

117:4.13 will you fail the Supreme personality of the universes

117:4.13 will you fail the great brother of all creatures, who is

117:4.13 can you allow yourself to pass into the realm of the

184:4.5 What is this trait of the animal in man which leads

189:1.3 How long before you will regard time as the moving

194:3.2 Does faith triumph over evil, sin, and iniquity?

194:4.4 What has happened to these men whom Jesus had

195:5.13 why should men dwell so much upon the evil in the

195:6.8 whence comes all this vast universe of mathematics

195:7.13 If man is only a machine, by what technique does this

196:1.2 Do professed Christians fear the exposure of a self-

196:1.2 Does institutional Christianity fear the possible

196:2.10 What mortal can fail to be uplifted by the faith Jesus


?asked of Jesus

125:4.3 “why are you here, since you are not of age as a son

125:6.5 “My child, why have you treated us like this?

125:6.5 Whatever possessed you to desert us?

130:1.2 “But do you suppose the big fish really did swallow

130:1.5 “How can God, if he is infinitely good, permit us to

130:2.4 “If the Gods are interested in me, then why do they

130:2.6 “Why do you occupy yourself so continuously with

131:2.4 Whither shall I go from God’s spirit?

131:2.4 whither shall I flee from the divine presence?

130:2.13 Have I not said of my creatures on earth, you are the

131:2.13 And have I not love you with an everlasting love?

131:2.13 Have I not called you to become like me and to

131:4.8 What can be greater than to experience salvation

132:5.2 “But what do you think a man in my position should

132:5.2 Should I keep it, or should I give it away?

133:1.1 If mercy requires that you rescue the smaller lad,

133:1.3 “But, Teacher, if a stronger and ill-tempered creature

133:1.3 Would you make no effort to defend yourself?

133:2.1 “er—why—yes, what do you want with me?”

133:7.5 But, Teacher, what do you mean when you say that

135:8.5 why do you come down into the water to greet me?

135:8.5 to be baptized by you. Why do you come to me?

135:11.1 why did he do nothing to deliver John from this

135:11.4 “Is my work done? Why do I languish in prison?

135:11.4 Are you truly the Messiah, or shall we look for

137:1.6 “How is it that, while we who have so long lived

137:1.6 will James and I be associates with you in the new

137:4.8 I believe your hour has come; cannot you help us?

137:4.8 help us; won’t you please do something for me?

138:1.2 “But, Master, will these six men come into our midst

138:7.1 And will you proclaim the kingdom at Capernaum,

138:7.1 And when shall we learn ,each of us, the positions

139:9.10 how will you favor us with special manifestations of

140:3.20 Did we not prophesy in your name and by your name

140:5.9 How could one ever hunger for something negative

140:6.6 “Master, what shall we teach the people regarding

140:6.6 Shall we allow a man to divorce his wife as Moses

140:6.9 “Master, shall we give no place to justice?

140:6.9 eye, and a tooth for a tooth.’ What shall we say?”

140:6.14 shall I arouse them to inquire if they would talk with

140:7.1 Would you consent for us to stay hereabouts for just

140:10.7 “But, Master, are all men the sons of God?”

140:10.9 asked, “Master, what is the kingdom of heaven?”

141:0.2 why is it that you weep?

141:0.2 Which of us has offended you?”

141:4.2 “Who is this God of the kingdom?”

141:5.1 “Master, how shall we learn to see alike and thereby

141:6.2 “Why is it that I could not persuade him?

141:6.2 Why did he so resist me and so readily lend an ear to

142:2.3 Master,who told you I was the father of six children?

142:2.3 How did you know this about me?

142:5.1 “But Rabbi, how shall we know of a certainty that

142:6.4 “But how can a man be born again when he is old?

142:6.6 “But I do not understand—how can this be?”

142:6.7 “But how can I begin to lay hold upon this spirit

142:7.1 but what shall we teach the multitude?

142:7.1 How are these people to live after the kingdom

142:7.1 Shall your disciples own slaves?

142:7.1 Shall your believers court poverty and shun property

142:7.1 Shall mercy alone prevail so that we shall have no

142:7.16 Where do we fail to grasp the meaning of your

143:1.2 now, Master, what shall we say to these gentiles?

143:2.2 are we to strive for the self-control of your teaching?

143:2.2 Wherein does your teaching differ from that of John?

143:5.2 “How is it that you, being a Jew, ask for a drink of

143:5.2 whence, then, have you this living water?

143:5.2 Are you greater than our father Jacob who gave us

143:5.5 which then, is the right place to worship God?

143:5.10 Can this be the Converter?

144:8.2 to ask—are you truly the Deliverer, or shall we look

145:2.12 “What have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth?

145:2.12 the holy one of God; have you come to destroy us?”

145:5.5 why do you leave us alone with the multitude?

145:5.5 Will you not return with us to minister to them?

146:3.3 “Master, how can a new believer in your teaching

147:3.2 suffering ones; is there nothing we can do for them?”

147:4.1 How can we teach that this evil-intending man

148:4.1 “Why is it necessary for men to be born of the spirit

148:4.1 Is rebirth necessary to escape the control of the evil

148:4.1 Master, what is evil?”

149:5.1 “Why are some persons so much more happy and

149:5.1 Is contentment a matter of religious experience?”

149:6.1 “Master, why is it that the Scriptures instruct us to

149:6.1 How are we to harmonize these teachings?”


150:5.1 when women ask us, What shall I do to be saved?”

150:9.2 Where are they today? We hear big things about you,

151:1.1 Peter said to Jesus, “Master, shall I talk to them?”

151:1.3 “Master, what is the meaning of the dark sayings

151:1.3 Why do you speak in parables to those who seek the

151:5.4 “Master, don’t you know we are in a violent storm?

152:0.2 ‘someone has touched me.’ What do you mean?”

152:2.6 “What shall we do with the multitude?

152:2.6 where can we buy bread for this multitude?

152:2.7 What food have we with us?

153:2.7 ‘What must we do to perform the works of God?’

153:2.10 “Do I understand you to say that you are the bread

153:2.10 “But are you not Jesus of Nazareth, the son of

153:2.10 Are not your father and mother well known to many

153:2.10 How then is it that you appear here in God’s house

153:3.2 How can you give us your flesh to eat or your blood

153:3.2 What avail is your teaching if it cannot be carried out

153:3.3 Why is it that you show such disrespect for the

153:3.3 “Why is it that you transgress the commandments of

153:3.5 would you explain to us the meaning of these words?

153:4.1 “What can you do for such affliction as this?

153:4.1 Can you cast out devils?”

153:4.5 Will you agree to such an arrangement?”

155:4.2 why is it that we flee from the threats of our enemies

155:4.2 Why do we refuse to confront the foes of truth?”

155:4.2 just what is wrong with the religion of our enemies

155:4.2 What is the real difference between their religion and

155:4.2 Why is it we are at such diversity of belief when we

156:5.3 “Master, why do we pray that God will lead us not

158:1.7 How long do we remain on this mountain away from

158:2.2 “Master, why is it that the scribes say that Elijah

158:5.1 Master, will you do this for us, will you heal my son?

158:7.2 Are you speaking to us in parables?

159:1.4 “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me,

159:1.4 Until seven times?”

159:4.1 “Master, could you trust me to know the truth about

159:4.1 What is the truth about the Scriptures?”

159:5.1 “Would you be good enough, Master, to suggest to

159:5.15 “Master, what should I do if a stranger forced me to

162:2.1 “Teacher, how is it you can quote the Scriptures and

162:2.2 “Why do the rulers seek to kill you?”

162:2.3 Do you really claim to be the Messiah?

162:3.2 What do you say should be done with her?

162:5.2 darkness you asked me, ‘Where is your Father?’

162:7.2 bondage to none; how then shall we be made free?

162:7.5 ‘Are you so much greater than Abraham and the

162:7.5 Who do you claim to be that you dare to utter such

162:8.3 “Master, do you not care that my sister has left me

162:8.3 Will you bid her to come and help me?

163:2.2 could I be permitted to return home to bury him?

163:2.4 to know what more I must I do to gain eternal life?”

163:3.2 “Who then, Lord, can be saved?

163:3.2 Shall all who have riches be kept out of the kingdom

163:3.3 Shall we require those who would follow you to give

163:3.4 everything to follow you, what then shall we have?

164:1.1 ask you just what I should do to inherit eternal life?”

164:1.2 “But, Teacher, I should like you to tell me just who

164:3.2 “Master, who did sin, this man or his parents, that he

164:5.2 “How long will you hold us in suspense?

164:5.2 If you are the Messiah, why do you not plainly tell us

165:4.1 Will you, then, bid my brother divide this inheritance

165:4.5 would you have all of us who are your disciples do

165:4.5 Is it a sin to possess honest wealth?”

165:6.1 “Do you speak this parable to us, your apostles, or is

166:1.5 Is there nothing good in the scribes, the Pharisees,

166:3.1 “Lord, will there be few or many really saved?”

167:7.1 what shall we teach the people regarding heavenly

168:1.12 Said Martha: “Must we roll away the stone?

169:2.1 “Master, what did you mean when you said today

173:1.8 Do you not hear what the children of the Levites say

173:2.2 “By what authority do you do these things?

173:2.2 Who gave you this authority?”

173:5.4 But, Master, how shall we know about these things?

173:5.4 how shall we be ready for the king’s invitation?

173:5.4 what sign will you give us whereby we shall know

174:1.1 Which of us is right? What do you say?”

174:2.2 Is it lawful for us to give tribute to Caesar?

174:2.2 Shall we give or shall we not give?

174:3.1 In the resurrection whose wife will she be since all

174:4.2 I would like to ask you which, in your opinion, is the

176:0.1 can it be that these buildings are to be destroyed?

176:0.2 “Tell us, Master, how shall we know when these

176:1.4 to direct us, when should we forsake Jerusalem?”

176:1.6 how shall we know when you will return to bring all

176:3.1 what should be our attitude while you are away on

178:2.5 where would you have us prepare to eat it?

179:3.3 “Master, do you really mean to wash my feet?”

179:4.2 they hesitatingly inquired, “Is it I?”

179:4.3 they all began to ask, “Is it I?

179:4.3 on the left of his Master, again asked, “Is it I?”

179:4.3 leaned over and asked the Master: “Who is it?

180:4.4 how shall we know you when you no longer

180:4.4 If the world sees you not, how shall we be certain

180:4.4 How will you show yourself to us?”

180:6.2 none of you have asked me, Why do you leave us?

181:2.5 but how can I learn to love my brethren more?

181:2.13 “But, Master, who will send us, and how shall we

181:2.13 Will Andrew show us the way?

181:2.23 Can you help me?

184:1.4 What are the names of your disciples, besides Simon

184:1.5 “Do you have no cares as to whether I am friendly

184:1.5 Do you have no regard for the power I have in

184:1.6 “Just what is it you are trying to teach the people?

184:1.6 What do you claim to be?

184:1.6 “How dare you answer the high priest with such

184:1.8 “Do you claim to be the Messiah, the deliverer of

184:1.8 you have claimed to be the Messiah; is that true?”

184:3.8 “Do you not answer any of these charges?”

185:3.1 “Did you ever teach that tribute should be refused

185:3.2 the third accusation, are you the king of the Jews?

185:3.2 the governor answered: “Am I a Jew?

185:3.2 have you said that you are the king of the Jews,

185:3.4 “Then you are a king after all?”

185:3.5 “Truth, what is truth—who knows?”

185:7.1 “Where do you come from?

185:7.1 Really, who are you?

185:7.1 What is this they say, that you are the Son of God?”

185:7.2 Then said Pilate, “Do you refuse to speak to me?

185:7.2 Do you not realize that I still have power to release

187:3.3 “If you are the Son of God, why do you not come

187:4.1 “If you are the Son of God, why do you not save

189:4.10 “Where have you taken the Master?

189:4.10 Where have they laid him?

189:4.10 Do you know where they have taken him?”

190:5.3 “Can it be that you sojourn in Jerusalem and know

192:2.5 “If I follow on after you, what shall this man do?”

193:3.2 Then, Master, will you restore the kingdom, and will

195:0.5 How did this new message of Jewish origin, which


? - asked by Jesus

100:2.7 what does it matter if all things earthly crash?”

100:7.16 saying, “Who among you convicts me of sin?”

125:5.3 What really exists in the holy of holies, behind the

125:5.4 Why should mothers in Israel be segregated from the

125:5.5 why all this slaughter of animals to gain divine favor

125:5.6 is it consistent to permit the presence of those who

125:5.7 Is the expected Messiah to become a temporal prince

126:2.5 What does it do for the human soul?

126:2.5 does it bring man to God? does it bring man to God?

126:3.7 But when the time came for him to go forth as a

126:3.7 What claim should he make concerning his mission?

126:3.7 By what name would he be called by the people who

126:3.10 To what event did these prophecies refer?

126:3.10 Was not he a Jew? Or was he?

126:3.10 Was he or was he not of the house of David?

126:3.10 had the prophets confused the nature and mission of

126:3.11 could it be possible that his mother was right?

126:3.11 how should he recognize the Jewish Messiah if such

126:3.11 what should be his relation to this Jewish Messiah?

126:3.11 And what should be his relation after embarking on

126:3.11 to the Jewish commonwealth and religion?

126:3.11 Roman Empire? To the gentiles and their religions?

127:2.3 into her face, said: “My mother, how could you?”

127:2.9 are there not five of us boys to grow up and come

130:2.4 Why not assert your mastery of evil by virtue of the

130:2.6 and does it seem strange that one should enjoy the

130:6.1 my friend, why so downcast on such a beautiful day?

130:6.2 do you know the direction of the trails?

130:6.2 could you inform me as to the best route to Phenix?

130:8.2 Have you not read in the Prophet Jeremiah, “You

130:8.2 And again, does not this same prophet say: ‘And I

130:8.2 And have you not also read in the Scriptures where it

130:8.4 Said Jesus: “Why waste words upon one who cannot

132:5.2 find the honest answer, whence came this wealth?

132:6.1 Did we not supremely enjoy this ministry of restoring

133:1.2 Cannot you discern that no two persons are likely to

133:1.2 Can you not see that on this world responsibilities

133:2.1 “My friend, may I speak with you in private for a

133:2.1 What did the woman do to deserve such treatment

133:2.1 Now, my friend, tell me what is the matter?

133:2.1 Did the woman do something wrong, or did you

133:2.2 Do you not know that men and women are partners

133:3.6 Who are we that we should sit in judgment on these

133:3.6 Do you happen to know all of the circumstances

133:3.7 tear-stained faces,do you see anything bad or wicked

133:4.4 Know you not that the mystery of eternal salvation

133:4.4 Do you not know that the God of heaven has sent his

133:4.5 are you wise when you fail to discern the greater

133:5.8 How can the finite mind of man achieve a logical,

133:9.1 “Teacher, is there anything that you cannot do?”

134:5.17 How many world wars must be fought and how

136:6.1 What would he do with these creator prerogatives

136:6.1 Should he go in quest of food as any ordinary man

136:6.1 should he merely exercise his normal creative powers

136:7.1 What would be his attitude when confronted by

136:7.2 Would this sort of presumption, this defiance of his

136:8.1 Should he in any manner lend his universe powers to

136:8.3 Would it be consistent with “the Father’s will” for

136:8.4 Would he utilize this knowledge in the furtherance of

136:9.1 how might he continue the message?

136:9.1 How should he take over John’s mission?

136:9.1 How should he organize his followers for effective

137:1.6 ‘who directed that you should search for the Son of

137:4.8 “My good woman, what have I to do with that?”

137:4.8 Why do you trouble me again with these matters”

137:4.8 “Woman, what have you to do with making such

137:4.9 have I not many times told you that I have come only

138:3.6 Need I remind you that they who are whole need not

138:7.1 Have I not made it plain to you that my kingdom is

138:7.1 how is it that you are inquiring which place each of

138:7.1 Can you not perceive that I have called you as

138:7.1 Do you not understand that soon, very soon, you are

138:7.1 Can it be that I have chosen you and instructed you

139:6.5 Who of us is competent to judge his brother?

140:3.12 But if this salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be

140:3.19 Do men gather grapes from thorns or figs from

140:3.20 Did we not prophesy in your name and by your name

140:4.2 But if this salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it

140:8.17 “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world

141:5.1 “James, James, when did I teach you that you should

141:6.2 Simon, how many times have I instructed you to

141:6.2 How often have I told you to labor only to put some

141:6.2 did he come denouncing Moses and the prophets and

142:0.2 will you betray yourself into bondage to both of

142:2.4 would it not be folly for them to cling to these earlier

142:2.4 And should not mankind, as the centuries pass, come

142:2.4 What profit have you from successive generations of

142:3.2 Do you not know the traditions of Israel relating to

142:3.6 Do you not recall how the Scriptures begin by

142:3.9 Have you not read in Samuel where it says: ‘And the

142:3.9 Cannot you discern that records in the Scriptures

142:3.21 did you never take notice of these commandments

142:4.2 hands of man, why should you expect to be rebuked?

142:4.2 why should all men frown upon the reproduction of

142:4.2 what has that to do with this day when the Father is

142:5.2 what father among you who is a worthy and

142:5.2 Do you earth fathers take pleasure in torturing your

142:6.6 “Can it be that you are a teacher in Israel and yet

142:6.6 But will you believe us if we tell you of the heavenly

142:6.6 Do you have the courage, Nicodemus, to believe in

142:7.17 Thomas, how long before you will acquire the ability

142:7.17 How long will it be before you discern that this

142:7.17 Do you not understand that I am teaching you as

142:7.17 Will you not allow me to use the earth family as an

142:7.17 In your minds cannot you separate the spiritual

142:7.17 When I speak the language of the spirit, why do you

142:7.17 Must I ever address you only as children?

142:7.17 Will you never grow up in spirit perception?

143:1.5 “But who told you that my gospel was intended only

143:1.5 Do you, my chosen apostles, resemble weaklings?

143:1.5 Did John look like a weakling?

143:1.5 Do you observe that I am enslaved by fear?

143:2.5 Did not the Prophet Jeremiah long ago tell you that

143:3.2 Can I depend upon you to co-operate with me in this

144:2.4 “Which of you who is a father, if his son asks

144:2.4 If the child needs a loaf, will you give him a strong

144:2.4 If your son needs a fish, will you give him a

144:2.4 how much more shall your heavenly Father give the

144:8.3 What did you behold in John—a reed shaken with
144:8.3 A man of changeable moods and clothed in soft

144:8.3 But what did you see when you beheld John?
144:8.3 A prophet?

144:8.7 “But to what shall I liken this generation?

145:2.5 Have you not read in the Scriptures where Jeremiah

145:2.6 “Have you not read these promises?

145:2.6 Do you not believe the Scriptures?

145:2.6 Do you not understand that the prophet’s words are

145:2.6 And did not Jeremiah exhort you to make religion an

145:2.6 Did not the prophet tell you that the God of heaven

145:2.6 And were you not warned that the human heart is

145:2.7 “Have you not read where Ezekiel taught even your

145:2.8 Do you not realize that the hope of a better nation—

145:5.6 “Andrew, have I not taught you and these others that

145:5.6 How is it, then, that you would have me turn aside

145:5.6 Have we not been among these people all these

145:5.6 have they flocked in multitudes to hear the good

145:5.6 Why have they now come to besiege us?

145:5.6 Is it not because of the healing of their physical

146:3.1 will you now listen while I tell you about the eternal

146:5.2 How long shall I bear with you?

147:3.2 “John, why would you tempt me to turn aside from

147:3.2 Why do you go on desiring to substitute the working

147:4.2 Nathaniel! What manner of thinking is going on in

147:4.2 Do you receive my teachings as one who has been

147:4.2 Do you not hear the truth as men of wisdom and

147:5.4 Which of them do you think would love him most?”

147:5.4 And what is the meaning of all this?

147:6.4 did you never read in the Scripture that, one day

147:6.4 And have you not read in our law that it is lawful to

147:6.4 And shall I not, before the day is finished, see you

147:7.2 “Do the sons of the bridechamber fast while the

148:4.7 But why do you refuse to comprehend the meaning

148:4.7 And why do you refuse to interpret the meaning of

148:6.2 Have you not read that masterpiece of Semitic

148:6.2 Do you not recall how this wonderful parable begins

148:6.7 “And who can challenge the attitude of Job in view

148:6.7 Do you not see that Job longed for a human God,

148:7.2 If you had a sheep and it should fall into a pit on the

148:7.2 Is it lawful to do such things on the Sabbath day?”

148:9.3 “Why do you so reason in your hearts?

148:9.3 Who are you that you sit in judgment over me?

148:9.3 What is the difference whether I say to this paralytic

149:4.2 Have you not read in the Scriptures that ‘wrath kills

149:4.2 That ‘he who is slow of wrath is of great

149:5.2 Have you not read in the Scriptures the words of the

149:6.12 And have you not also read that direful warning of

149:6.12 Have you not been well warned against those who

150:4.3 “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny?

150:4.3 Know you not that the very hairs of your head are all

151:2.1 what is your interpretation of the parable?”

151:2.5 “Before I tell you about this parable, do any of you

151:5.5 “Why are all of you so filled with fear?

151:5.5 Where is your faith?

152:2.6 to send them away hungry; can you feed them?”

152:3.2 How many times have I told you that my kingdom is

152:4.2 “O, you of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?”

152:5.3 “How long shall I bear with you?

152:5.3 Are you all slow of spiritual comprehension and

152:5.3 Have you not even read in the Scriptures where

152:5.4 And now do you all see that the working of miracles

152:5.4 Have we not sufficient enemies among the religious

153:2.3 What will the chief priests and religious leaders of

153:2.3 Will you also seek to put to death the teacher who

153:2.4 “What is it you seek as evidence of my mission on

153:2.5 “What new sign is it that you seek at my hands?

153:2.6 during a storm to go in pursuit of me, and what for?

153:2.9 Will you now take the bread of the spirit as you then

153:3.3 Why is it that you in this way void the commandment

153:3.5 “Are you also hard of understanding?

153:3.5 Know you not that every plant which my Father has

153:3.5 Do you not know it is from the heart that there come

153:4.3 “How can Satan cast out Satan?

153:4.3 Can a city withstand a siege if it is not united?

153:4.3 against himself, how then shall his kingdom stand?

153:4.3 so, if I by the power of Beelzebub cast out devils, by

153:4.4 how can you, having already chosen evil, bring forth

153:5.3 was there any good reason why you should stumble

153:5.3 Why is it that you are filled with fear and

153:5.3 Why do you grieve when the new day is dawning for

153:5.3 what, then, will you do when the Son of Man must

153:5.3 When and how will you prepare yourselves for the

153:5.4 Did I not choose you twelve men and set you apart

153:5.4 And now at such a time as this would you also desert

154:6.5 after all,who is my mother and who are my brothers?

155:1.3 If you desire to enter the kingdom, why do you not

155:1.3 Why do the heathen rage?

155:1.3 Why do you languish in futile yearning?

155:5.13 “And now, which one of you would prefer to take

155:5.13 Are you fearful, soft, and ease-seeking?

155:5.13 Are you afraid to trust your future in the hands of

155:5.13 Are you distrustful of the Father, whose children you

155:5.13 Will you go back to the easy path of the certainty

155:5.13 or will you gird yourselves to go forward with me

155:6.5 And who can judge—perhaps this spirit may have

155:6.7 why should you sacrifice the supreme experience of

155:6.13 But what chance does the Father have to appear as

156:5.15 Are you more resourceful in revealing goodness to

156:5.15 Are you a better righteousness recommender this

156:5.15 Are you becoming increasingly artistic in your

156:5.16 Are your ideals sufficiently high to insure your

156:5.18 are you becoming more tactful in dealing with

157:1.2 But wherewith will you redeem your promise?

157:1.2 Will you again become a fisherman that you may

157:2.1 How is it that you so well know how to discern the

157:3.3 surprising question, “Who do men say that I am?”

157:3.5 and asked, “But who say you that I am?”

157:4.4 I would ask if you still hold to your decision?

157:6.12 “And now can your faith comprehend the truth of

157:6.12 Can you believe the truth about me in the face of the

158:1.6 Jesus said: “Why were you afraid?

158:1.6 wherefore do you doubt when I am not with you?

158:5.1 “What were you disputing about as we drew near?”

158:5.2 perverse generation, how long shall I bear with you?

158:5.2 How long shall I be with you?

158:5.2 How long ere you learn that the works of faith come

158:5.2 “How long has the boy been afflicted in this way?”

158:6.3 Have not I told you that he would be greatest in the

158:6.4 “How long will it take you to learn that you cannot

158:6.4 Must you always have material manifestations as an

158:6.4 Can you not grasp the spirit significance of my

158:6.4 When can you be depended upon to adhere to the

158:7.5 What does it profit a man to gain the whole world

158:7.5 What would a man give in exchange for eternal life?

158:8.1 what was it that you talked about so earnestly among

159:1.2 “If a kindhearted man has a hundred sheep and one

159:1.2 And if he is a good shepherd, will he not keep up his

159:1.5 How can you come to God asking consideration for

159:2.1 Do you not perceive that this gospel shall presently

159:2.1 How can you expect that all who will believe the

159:2.1 Do you not see, John, that those who profess to do

159:4.5 Have you not noted that the concepts of Yahweh

162:2.1 should you not rather follow the light you already

162:2.1 how many of you honestly seek to fulfill its demands

162:3.5 “Woman, where are your accusers?

162:3.5 did no man remain to stone you?”

162:6.3 “Have you not read in the Scripture: ‘Behold, as the

162:6.3 Why will you thirst for the ministry of the spirit while

162:7.3 Will you not see that I come forth from the Father,

162:7.3 Why do you not understand my words?

162:7.3 Is it because you have chosen to become the children

162:7.4 “Which of you convicts me of sin?

162:7.4 shown be by the Father, why do you not believe?

162:8.3 Martha, why are you always anxious about so many

162:8.3 when will both of you learn to live as I have taught

162:8.3 Can you not learn that there is a time for everything

163:2.4 Do you believe this gospel of the kingdom?”

163:6.6 But why were you so surprisingly elated?

163:6.6 Did you not expect that your message would

163:6.6 Did you go forth with so little faith in this gospel that

164:1.1 “What is written in the law and the prophets; how

164:1.3 Which of these three turned out to be the neighbor of

164:1.4 answer to the question, “Who is my neighbor?”

164:5.2 Can you not see that the works I do in my Father’s

164:5.3 for which one of these good works do you think to

164:5.4 “Josiah, do you believe in the Son of God?”

165:3.4 “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?

165:3.4 why should you live in fear of the many trifles which

165:3.8 “How long will you tarry in the valley of decision?

165:3.8 Why do you halt between two opinions?

165:3.8 Why should Jew or gentile hesitate to accept the

165:4.1 Said Jesus: “Man, who made me a divider over you?

165:4.1 Where did you get the idea that I give attention to

165:4.8 “My son, why do you miss the opportunity to feed

165:4.8 Do you not know that the Jewish laws of inheritance

165:4.8 Can you not see that my work has to do with making

165:4.8 Have you not read the Scripture: ‘There is he who

165:4.8 Have you not read the commandment: ‘You shall not

165:4.8 Have you read in the Psalms that ‘the Lord abhors

165:4.8 Have you read where Jeremiah said, ‘Let not the

165:4.9 My son, what shall it profit you if you gain the whole

165:5.1 Would you be willing to repeat these words for our

165:5.2 Which of you by anxiety can add a handbreadth to

165:5.2 why do you give anxious thought to any of these

165:5.3 If you are anxious about your bread, wherein are you

166:1.3 what next will you honor me with as your guest on

166:1.4 Do not you foolish men understand that the God of

166:2.3 “But what if the Samaritan loves God as well as the

166:2.3 Should we sit in judgment on our fellow men?

166:2.3 Who can tell?

166:2.3 Do you feel certain about your opinions, Simon?

166:2.5 “Were not ten cleansed? Where, then, are the other

166:4.2 “Have I been so long with you, and yet you continue

166:4.2 Have you failed to observe how the Son of Man lives

166:4.2 Do we not all live by the same means whereby all

166:4.2 Do you see the power of the spiritual world

166:4.3 Do you not observe that far greater numbers of the

166:4.3 why do the rich so many times refuse to believe this

167:1.4 Is it lawful to heal the sick and afflicted on the

167:1.5 which one of you, having a favorite animal that fell

167:3.3 “Why play the part of hypocrites?

167:3.3 Does not every one of you, on the Sabbath, loose his

167:3.3 should not this woman, a daughter of Abraham who

167:4.5 “But do you not understand that there are twelve

167:7.4 “And do you not remember that I said to you before

167:7.4 have I not repeatedly told you that I have sheep

167:7.5 have I not told you of the seraphic joy when one soul

168:0.7 Martha, do you believe this?

168:1.1 he asked them, “Where have you laid him?”

168:1.6 asked the sisters, “Where have you laid him?”

168:1.12 “Did I not tell you at the first that this sickness was

168:1.12 Have I not come to fulfill my promise?

168:1.12 And after I came to you, did I not say that, if you

168:1.12 Wherefore do you doubt?

168:1.12 How long before you will believe and obey?

169:2.2 why should you show less diligence in gaining souls

169:2.6 how can you hope to be faithful and prudent when

169:2.6 who will be foolish enough to give you treasure in

169:3.1 Have you not heard the allegory of the Nazarites

171:0.4 asked her, “What do you want me to do for you?”

171:0.5 Are you able to drink the cup I am about to drink?

171:2.3 Which one of you would undertake to build a

171:2.3 Again, what king, when he prepares to make war

171:2.5 And when that which is valued for its saltiness has

171:5.3 “What do you want me to do for you?”

171:8.3 Do you not remember about a certain prince who

172:1.6 Why do you trouble her about this, seeing that she

173:1.8 Have you never read, ‘Out of the mouths of babes

173:2.4 The baptism of John, whence was it?

173:2.4 Did John get his authority from heaven or from men?

173:3.1 which of these sons really did his father’s will?

173:4.2 what will he do to those ungrateful and wicked

173:4.4 “Did you never read in the Scripture about the stone

174:2.2 “Why do you thus come to tempt me?

174:2.2 “Whose image and superscription does this coin bear

174:4.6 What do you think of the Deliverer?

174:4.6 That is, whose son is he?

174:4.6 how is it that, in the Psalm which you accredit to

174:4.6 If David calls him Lord, how then can he be his son?

174:5.9 What shall I say as I look ahead and discern what is

174:5.9 Shall I say, Father save me from this awful hour?

175:1.11 But how will your rabbis justify themselves since

175:1.14 You who refuse to show mercy, can you hope for

175:1.15 What can be expected of a nation when the blind

175:1.16 for which is the greater, the gold or the temple which

175:1.16 Again are you blind to the truth, for which is the

175:1.16 How can you justify such hypocrisy and dishonesty

175:1.18 Do you not recognize how much better it would be

175:1.21 I ask how can you escape the judgment that John

175:1.22 Do you not comprehend that a terrible day of

175:1.22 Do you not understand that you must account for

176:2.3 Why do you still look for the Son of Man to sit upon

176:2.3 Have I not told you all these years that my kingdom

176:2.7 “But what is the significance of this teaching having

176:2.7 Do you not perceive that when each of you is called

176:3.2 Have I not all this time taught you that your

176:3.2 What more shall I say?

176:3.2 what have these things to do with one who believes

176:3.2 What does it matter to you who believe this gospel if

179:3.8 “Do you really understand what I have done to you?

179:3.8 why was it that you were unwilling to wash one

179:3.8 What lesson should you learn from this parable in

179:3.8 But why are you so slow to learn that the secret of

179:3.9 Do you not know that there can be no place for

179:3.9 Do you not understand that I love each of you as I

179:3.9 Do you not know that the place nearest me as men

179:3.9 Who is the greater, he who sits at meat, or he who

179:3.9 Is it not commonly regarded that he who sits at meat

180:3.2 And what have I done to these men that they should

180:3.2 But have you not read in the Scriptures the saying:

180:3.9 “Philip, have I been so long with you and yet you do

180:3.9 How can you then say, Show us the Father?

180:3.9 Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the

180:3.9 Have I not taught you that the words which I speak

180:4.1 Do you not discern that it is better for me to go

180:6.7 “Do you inquire among yourselves about what I

180:6.7 Can you not discern the meaning of my words?

181:2.9 what will you do when I go away and you at last

181:2.18 have I not many times told you that I have sheep

181:2.27 What experience must you pass through before you

182:3.2 can you not watch with me even for one hour?

182:3.2 Cannot you see my soul is exceedingly sorrowful,

182:3.3 —wherefore do you fall asleep when I leave you?

183:3.4 “Whom do you seek?”

183:3.5 Would you even betray the Son of Man with a kiss?

183:3.6 Jesus again asked, “Whom do you seek?”

183:3.7 Do you not understand that it is the Father’s will that

183:3.7 And do you not further know that I could even now

183:3.8 “Why do you come out against me with swords and

184:1.5 How can you, therefore, reject the light of God?”

184:1.6 why, then, do you ask me about my teaching?

184:1.6 Why do you not summon those who have heard me

184:1.6 spoken the truth, why, then, should you smite me?

184:5.10 asked him, “Are you the Messiah, the Son of God?”

185:3.2 “Pilate, do you ask this for yourself or do you take

185:3.3 “Do you not perceive that my kingdom is not of this

187:5.2 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

187:5.2 “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

189:4.10 saying, “Whom do you seek?”

189:4.10 “Did not this Jesus tell you, even in Galilee, that he

190:2.6 How could you doubt?

190:2.6 Why have you lingered so long before choosing to

190:5.3 “What were the words you exchanged so earnestly

190:5.3 Then asked the Master, “What things?”

190:5.4 Do you not remember that this Jesus always taught

190:5.4 Do you not recall how this Son of Man proclaimed

190:5.4 Do you not know that this man of Nazareth told his

190:5.4 Have you not been told all this?

190:5.4 have you never read in the Scriptures concerning this

190:5.4 Did you not understand how great was the gospel

190:5.4 Do you not perceive how great a salvation has come

191:2.1 Why are you so frightened when I appear, as though

191:2.1 Did I not tell you about these things when I was

191:2.1 Did I not say to you that the chief priests and the

191:2.1 Wherefore all your doubtings and all this discussion

191:2.1 How long will you doubt my words and refuse to

191:2.1 And now that you actually see me, will you believe?

191:4.3 should you not also equally love those who are your

191:5.4 from this world, what will you say to your brethren?

192:1.3 called to them, “Lads, have you caught anything?”

192:2.1 Jesus said to John, “John, do you love me?”

192:2.2 Peter and asked, “Peter, do you love me?”

192:2.3 to Peter and asked, “Peter, do you really love me?”

192:2.4 third time, asked, “Peter, do you truly love me?”

192:2.5 If I will that John should tarry after you are gone,

192:2.7 “Andrew, do you trust me?”

192:2.8 “James, do you trust me?”

192:2.9 “Thomas, do you serve me?”

192:2.10 “Nathaniel, do you serve me?”

192:2.11 “Philip, do you obey me?”

192:2.12 “Matthew, do you have it in your heart to obey me?”

192:2.13 “James and Judas, do you believe in me?”

193:0.2 Why, then, did you allow yourselves to become so

193:0.2 and why were you so surprised when I rose from the

193:3.2 Have you not read in the Scriptures where it is

193:3.2 And also where is says: ‘He who would have friends

193:3.2 And did I not even send you out to teach, two and

196:0.9 instantly replied, “Why do you call me good?”

196:2.2 “Why do you call me good? None is good but God,”

196:2.2 “Which one of you convicts me of sin?”



2:1.1 “How unsearchable are his judgments and his ways

2:1.2 “How pure and beautiful, how deep is the supernal

2:3.2 How futile to make puerile appeals to such a God to

2:5.11 the affection of the living God for his creatures!

2:6.3 “Taste and see that the Lord is good!

3:6.4 What unintended homage the mechanist pays the

4:2.6 What a travesty to worship nature because it is in a

4:5.6 What a travesty upon the infinite character of God!

4:5.6 Son bleeding and dying upon the cross of Calvary!

5:2.3 What a mistake to dream of God far off in the skies

6:3.4 How wrong to envisage the Eternal Son as appealing

7:3.5 But how much more perfect is the superb technique

19:6.2 And how deep is that friendship which grows up

21:4.6 Why should man bemoan his lowly origin and

26:11.5 What a mistake!

27:7.7 What a triumph of technique!

27:7.7 What a fruition of the eternal plan and purpose of

30:4.30 What a preparation for some future work is afforded

31:10.20 What a glorious destiny for the animal-origin

32:5.7 And the infinite treasures of such a matchless career

32:5.8 The goal of eternity is ahead!

32:5.8 The adventure of divinity attainment lies before you!

32:5.8 The race for perfection is on!

40:5.1 And then you are made spiritually aware of the truth

40:7.5 What dignity of destiny and glory of attainment

44:4.8 But I cannot do it!

44:4.8 I cannot convey to the human mind the breadth and

44:6.1 How I wish I knew how to portray the exquisite

44:6.8 And how can you be told of these artists!

46:4.9 If I only had words to tell you of the morontia

46:4.9 If I could only go on to portray the sublime grandeur

51:3.9 How much more effective and beautiful it would

52:5.10 This truly is a great and glorious age!

53:1.3 “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of

51:1.3 How are you cast down, you who dared to confuse

54:1.9 How dare the self-willed creature encroach upon the

55:2.5 And what a beautiful occasion when mortals thus

62:7.3 “To the Life Carriers on Urantia—Greetings!

65:3.7 Be patient! If you have good ideas, if your minds are

68:4.7 No! indeed no! for there have been many, many

69:9.18 Go forward, not backward! Let evolution proceed!

71:2.1 Go slowly! Select carefully!

72:12.2 What a wonderful thing could be done on this world

74:4.4 any honor and receive all respect, but worship never!

74:7.23 And what a different world Urantia would have

75:6.4 Could anything have been more tragic!

75:6.4 To have come to a world in such high hopes, to have

75:8.7 What a glorious universe, in that it is personal and

84:5.10 Today,in the twentieth century,woman is undergoing

84:8.6 But look you well to the goal of destiny!

86:5.9 some religious expression, such as “God bless you!”

86:6.7 relative right and wrong; human ethics was born!

89:2.5 of defilement, a ritual crying “unclean, unclean!”

100:7.1 standing before his accusers, “Behold the man!”

102:2.9 but always religion does something; it is dynamic!

106:7.5 The quest for God is endless!

108:3.6 I honor you! I all but worship you!

108:6.7 And how they do enjoy communicating with their

108:6.7 How they rejoice when they can dispense with

111:7.5 Such a life on such a planet!

112:7.18 What an adventure! What a romance!

117:6.2 How universal is the Supreme—he is on all sides!

117:7.17 The time universes will have achieved the fulfillment

117:7.17 But not for long!

125:6.9 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, what slaves you are—

126:4.5 No! for the Lord has showed us, O men, what is

127:2.7 And to think that he was to blame for it all!

130:2.4 Surely you are not the coward who could stand by

130:2.4 How much more of value is the man’s soul

130:6.1 Jesus said: “Greetings, my friend! Why so downcast

130:6.3 Said Jesus: “My friend, arise! Stand up like a man!

130:6.4 Arise, young man! Say farewell to the life of fear

131:1.8 What a great honor it is to worship the Most High!

131:2.3 Taste and see that the Lord is good!

131:2.4 him who is of a contrite heart and a humble spirit!

131:2.4 Let all nations say: The Lord reigns! Give thanks to

131:2.5 Let the earth be filled with his glory!

131:2.5 O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness

131:4.2 O Supreme Person,source of beings,Lord of creation

131:4.3 From this unreal world lead us to the real!

131:4.3 From darkness lead us to the light!

131:4.3 From death guide us to immortality!

131:4.7 O God, save us from the threefold ruin of hell—lust,

131:4.7 O soul, gird yourself for the spirit struggle of

131:5.4 May God grant us unity with the divine spirit and

131:8.2 How pure and tranquil is the Supreme One and yet

131:8.3 How great and mighty are his overflowing influence

132:4.8 Woe upon any nation when only those who possess

132:7.9 What a scene for the celestial intelligences to behold,

133:1.5 Ganid said: “Oh, I begin to see!

135:3.4 Repent! Get right with God! Get ready for the end;

135:5.7 “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”

135:9.7 “Behold the Son of God, the deliverer of the world!

136:0.2 Repent! flee from the wrath to come!

136:2.4 Your kingdom come! Your will be done on earth,

136:8.4 in the furtherance of his mission on earth? No!

136:9.3 You can hardly imagine what would have happened

137:4.9 the mother of Jesus was crushed; she was stunned!

138:7.1 “My little children, how long shall I bear with you!

138:7.6 And they all so much enjoyed Jesus!

139:7.9 But Levi did so wish that Jesus might know that

139:8.8 Thomas was the first to say, “Let’s go!”

139:8.11 it was always Thomas who said, “Let’s go!”

139:10.9 But only a divine institution—the kingdom of

140:0.3 At last the long-waited-for hour had come!

140:6.12 If the very light which is in you is turned to darkness,

140:10.4 to Thomas: “How long shall I bear with you!

143:2.5 How easy for you to become self-deceived and

144:2.1 your spirit sanctify our hearts forevermore, Amen!

144:8.7 ‘Behold, a gluttonous man and a winebibber, a friend

145:2.5 do you know the Lord? Nay! For they shall all know

145:3.3 he had spoken with such unprecedented power and

145:3.3 His message was so compelling!

145:5.10 “Let’s go! The Master has spoken.

146:4.6 How they wished he would cleanse another leper

147:4.2 Nathaniel! What manner of thinking is going on in

148:6.9 utters that cry of triumph, ‘My Vindicator lives!’

148:6.10 Do you not comprehend that God dwells within you,

148:7.2 How much more valuable is a man than a sheep!

150:4.2 how much more shall they so regard those of his

150:8.6 O King, helper, savior, and shield!

152:1.1 “Daughter, I say to you, awake and arise!”

152:3.1 rose as one man and shouted, “Make him king!”

152:3.2 Have I so failed in revealing to you the Father of

152:4.2 he cried out, “Lord, save me!”

153:2.6 Not for truth and righteousness or that you might

153:4.3 Let me utter a solemn warning to you who would

153:5.4 Be of good cheer! I have not deserted you.

154:6.5 Behold my mother and behold my brethren!

155:6.6 Shame on those false religious teachers who would

157:1.4 Go hence! maybe you will catch the fish with the

158:2.1 now he began to talk about “rising from the dead”!

158:5.3 My son, arise! Come out of him, disobedient spirit,

158:7.6 What a shock these words were to these Galilean

162:2.7 If you could only realize that I am to be with you

162:4.2 And how the Jews did hate this ever-present

162:7.6 you are a child of the devil!”

163:3.1 “You see how difficult it is for those who have riches

164:4.11 Look, then, all of you, upon me and realize what has

165:5.2 And of how much more value are you than birds!

165:5.3 O you of little faith!

166:1.4 How carefully you cleanse the outside of the cups

166:1.4 Woe upon you Pharisees who have persisted in

166:1.4 Woe upon all who shun justice, spurn mercy, and

166:1.4 Woe upon all those who despise the revelation of

166:1.5 Woe upon you who take your greatest delight in

166:1.5 Woe upon all of you lawyers who have taken away

167:4.5 Besides, do you not realize that our friend Lazarus

167:6.6 How unfortunate that little children should have

168:0.6 “Master, if you had been here, my brother would not

168:0.10 “If you had only been here, my brother would not

168:2.2 Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!”

169:1.8 ‘How many hired servants of my father have bread

169:1.13 was lost and is found; he has returned alive to us!’”

169:3.2 ‘No, No, Father Abraham! but if one go to them

169:4.12 But mark you! never did Jesus say, “Whoso has

170:5.21 Mistake not! There is in the teachings of Jesus an

171:4.2 “Awake your brethren! I have something to say to

171:4.7 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which kills the prophets and

171:4.7 How often would I have gathered your children

171:4.7 your house is about to be left to you desolate!

171:5.2 “Jesus, Jesus, have mercy upon me!”

171:6.2 “Men of Jericho, hear me! I may be a publican and a

172:3.10 “O Jerusalem, if you had only known, even you,

172:4.2 What a strange day it had been!

172:5.8 “Look, everybody, see who comes here, the king of

174:5.9 No! For this very purpose have I come into the

175:1.12 “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!

175:1.13 “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites

175:1.14 “Woe upon you, chief priests and rulers who lay hold

175:1.15 “Woe upon you, false teachers, blind guides!

175:1.16 “Woe upon you who dissimulate when you take an

175:1.17 “Woe upon you, scribes and Pharisees and all other

175:1.18 “Woe upon you scribes, Pharisees, and hypocrites!

175:1.18 You wicked reprobates! you make the outward

175:1.19 “Woe upon all of you who reject truth and spurn

175:1.20 “Woe upon you, false guides of a nation!

175:1.20 Go on, then,and fill up the cup of your condemnation

175:1.21 “Woe upon you, children of evil!

175:1.23 “O Jerusalem and the children of Abraham, you who

175:1.24 Behold, I now go forth with my children, and your

175:2.2 What a shudder of horror passes over the onlooking

175:2.3 How cruel and unreasoning to compel innocent

175:2.3 And to do such wicked deeds in the name of one

176:1.1 Be patient! doubt not that this gospel will triumph

176:3.3 But make no mistake! this survival faith is a living

176:3.9 How prone is man, when he is confronted with the

177:4.10 And how dangerous ambition can become when it is

179:3.3 Peter said, “Master, you shall never wash my feet!”

179:4.2 How deceitful is the intellectual pride that precedes

181:2.20 O, you of little faith! And yet you have almost as

181:2.27 How much trouble have you made for us by your

182:3.2 What! can you not watch with me even for one hour

183:3.5 Jesus said, “Friend, is it not enough to do this!

183:4.6 Surely, the shepherd is smitten and the sheep are

184:3.3 How these chief priests, scribes, Sadducees, and

185:2.4 What effrontery for these subject citizens to appear

185:5.4 at the top of their voices, “Barabbas, Barabbas!

185:5.9 shouted with one accord, “Crucify him! Crucify him!

185:5.10 cried out all the more, “Crucify him! Crucify him!

185:5.11 And again the crowd shouted, “Give us Barabbas!”

185:5.12 shouted in unison, “Crucify him! Crucify him!

185:6.2 and mocked him, saying, “Hail, king of the Jews!”

185:6.3 “Behold the man! Again I declare to you that I find

185:6.5 louder, “Crucify him! Crucify him! Crucify him!”

185:7.5 the Jews answered, “Away with him. Crucify him!”

185:7.5 “Yes, crucify him! We have no king but Caesar.”

186:1.5 what is that to us? See you to that—and begone!”

186:2.11 the multitude, exclaiming, “Behold the man!”

186:2.11 throughout all Nebadon, “Behold God and man!”

187:3.4 “Hail and good fortune! to the king of the Jews.”

187:4.7 he said to his mother, “Woman, behold your son!”

187:4.7 he said, “My son, behold your mother!”

187:5.5 “It is finished! Father, into your hands I commend

189:3.2 “By the mandate of Michael, let the dead of a

189:4.8 “Here is not there—they have taken him away!”

189:4.10 while she exclaimed, “My Lord, and my Master!”

190:2.5 He is not dead; he has risen!

190:5.4 “How slow you are to comprehend the truth!

190:5.6 “No wonder our hearts burned within us as he spoke

190:5.6 to our understanding the teachings of the Scriptures!

191:5.5 and exclaimed, “I believe! My Lord and my Master!”

192:1.6 Master’s feet, exclaimed, “My Lord and my Master!”

195:0.12 But mistake not! These compromised ideals of the

195:5.10 Be patient! Be not tempted to indulge in a lawless

195:7.17 How foolish to presume that an automaton could

195:8.5 But beware! This godless philosophy of human

195:8.6 But mark you well! Do not be quick to surrender the

195:9.1 But be patient! When the present superstition revolt

195:9.8 What an awakening the world would experience if it

196:1.1 How unfortunate that religion itself should be so

196:1.2 What a transcendent service if, through this revelation

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