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realities, spirit

0:11.9 perceive the relation of this Absolute to the s. of the

7:0.3 As the upholder of s., the Second Source is the

7:0.4 the actual upholder of the vast creation of s. and

7:0.4 impersonal r. of spirit nature are always responsive

7:0.5 grasp of the universal gravity control of all s.

7:1.1 He literally holds all s. and all spiritualized values,

7:1.3 S. respond to the drawing power of the center of

11:8.8 is ancestral to all relative functional nonspirit r.

12:8.8 Mind is the technique whereby s become experiential

44:0.15 unreal, being merely a shadow of the substance of s..

44:0.17 are able to recognize material, morontia, and s..

56:3.2 Paradise s. are likewise one, but in all time-space

101:3.2 Spiritual philosophy, the wisdom of s., is the

102:8.3 of moral values, ethical relationships, and s..

141:7.3 having tasted of the good s. of the kingdom, so to

141:7.3 to the kingdom with its eternal and divine s..

141:7.5 worldeternal life in the progress of the divine s. of

142:6.6 the duty of those who know about the r. of the spirit

143:1.4 Love is the greatest of all s..

149:6.11 entrance of mortal man into the s. of the kingdom

151:3.3 natural as “the unreal and fleeting shadow of s..”

160:5.8 that these ideals of s. are attainable; that you and I

162:5.2 the flesh; you do not perceive the r. of the spirit.

170:2.16 that these r. of the spirit experience are progressively

174:0.2 Seek the true r. of the spirit and cease to be

191:5.3 so to exhibit in your daily experience these s. of

195:7.23 not religion, proves the existence of the s. and values

realities, spiritual

5:4.4 man is inveigled into the contemplation of the s. and

6:5.5 and draw all spirit personalities and s. to himself.

9:2.1 And in addition to these s., we think we discern

12:8.4 gravity of the Son, ever drawing all s. to himself,

12:8.7 The Conjoint Actor reacts to both material and s.

12:9.3 of truth or of the personal appreciation of s..

20:9.2 of a spiritual age, with the dawn of the era of s. on

34:0.2 A Creative Spirit reacts to physical and spiritual r.;

42:10.1 the nonspiritual r. of the First Source and Center

44:3.1 we have thousands of s. that serve to enrich and

48:6.29 and morontia levels and to a certain extent with s..

54:3.3 being until all moral values and all s. are extinct,

56:2.1 s. of Deity and the material repercussions of Deity

56:2.2 of communication between spiritual and material r..

91:8.11 it contacts with mighty objective r. on the spiritual

100:2.6 The only r. worth striving for are divine, spiritual,

101:6.7 ever-expanding and increasingly s. of the morontia

102:5.2 this craven fear is translated into living faith in s..

102:6.7 theory, s. over the isolated facts of time and space.

128:4.7 unless their hearts were responsive to the s. revealed

130:4.1 reflections of invisible but more substantial s.,

132:3.2 as human experience, even spiritual and living r..

142:7.17 In your minds cannot you separate the s. of the

143:1.7 to the enlightened convictions of profound s..

143:7.6 and its secure attachment to the s. of all creation.

146:3.1 is a revelation to man’s soul dealing with s. which

146:3.1 while I tell you about the eternal and s. which cast

155:5.8 general recognition of the r. of spiritual experience

155:5.11 truth in search for the farther shores of s. as they

155:6.18 in fear of facing the rugged r. of spiritual progress

157:2.2 faith in a living experience in the s. of the kingdom

158:6.4 as an attraction for the s. of the kingdom?

158:6.4 be depended upon to adhere to the higher and s.

160:1.4 of undiscovered goals of idealistic spiritual r..

160:4.9 the mediator between material things and spiritual r..

160:5.1 religion as the individual’s experience with spiritual r

165:4.1 the beautiful attractions of the s. of the kingdom

168:4.9 spiritual terms, and all answers must consist in s..

169:4.3 your capacity to perceive r. spiritual and divine,

170:2.5 gospel glorified s. and exalted superhuman ideals.

176:3.7 develop the capacity for divine appreciation of s.,

177:4.10 of the eternal worlds of divine values and true s..

189:2.6 Truth having to do with s. and eternal values

193:4.3 the welfare and progress of the s. of the kingdom,

194:3.6 truth and the capacity to grasp and comprehend s..

195:5.9 A social system without a morality predicated on s.

195:6.8 men’s soulsit concerns their experience with s. and

195:6.12 truth, neither can it love mercy nor delight in s..

195:7.1 the overthrow of religious faithhuman belief in s.

195:7.2 utterly useless in the evaluation of s. and religious

195:7.5 The r. and values of spiritual progress are not a

195:9.8 man’s soul open for the entrance of the eternal s.

realitysee reality; see reality, spirit; reality, spiritual;

  see reality, in

0:0.3 of the things, meanings, and values of universal r..

0:1.2 actual or potential—on all supermaterial levels of r.;

0:1.11 The finite level of r. is characterized by creature life

0:1.12 The absonite level of r. is characterized by things

0:2.1 represent a value level—an experiential r.—which is

0:2.2 of a First Cause, the one and only uncaused r..

0:2.17 co-ordinated on final creative levels of Deity r..

0:3.1 Total, infinite r. is existential in seven phases and

0:3.9 God is primal in relation to total r.unqualifiedly.

0:3.20 R., as comprehended by finite beings, is partial,

0:3.20 The maximum Deity r. fully comprehensible by

0:3.20 to portray the origin and nature of universal r., we

0:3.21 would view the origin and differentiation of R.,


0:4.1 R. differentially actualizes on diverse universe levels;

0:4.1 r. originates in and by the volition of the Father

0:4.2 energy domains of the nonpersonal to the r. realms

0:4.4 3. Interassociated r.. Universe r. is supposedly

0:4.4 there exists a vast domain of interassociated r.,

0:4.4 Much of this co-ordinate r. is embraced within the

0:4.5 This is the primal concept of original r.: The Father

0:4.5 reality: The Father initiates and maintains R..

0:4.5 The primal differentials of r. are the deified and

0:4.6 From the viewpoint of time and space, r. is further

0:4.11 personal focal Absolutes of all phases of universe r..

0:4.11 any and all forms of r., Deity, divinity, personality,

0:5.1 Personality is a level of deified r. and ranges from

0:5.2 R. is subject to universal expansion, personality to

0:5.2 While the metamorphic range of nonpersonal r. is

0:5.5 The Father is the secret of the r. of personality,

0:5.5 the absolute master pattern of universal material r..

0:5.6 These qualities of universal r. are manifest in human

0:5.10 mind is the mother of this same emerging r..

0:5.10 The substance of this new r. is neither material nor

0:5.11 Personality is the one changeless r. in an otherwise

0:6.11 Pattern is a configuration of r which has already paid

0:7.10 All time-space finite r., under the directive urge of

0:7.10 all phases and values of finite r., in association with

0:7.10 in association with varied phases of Paradise r.,

0:9.3 the divine r. values of the finite, the absonite, and

0:10.1 features of the eternal r. of the Deity Absolute

0:11.2 revelation-realization as the enrichment of all r. is

0:11.6 was segregated from total, infinite r. by the freewill

0:11.10 the freewill act of thus differentiating universe r.,

0:11.11 the adjustment of differential between deity r. and

0:11.11 differential between deity reality and undeified r.

0:11.13 between r. potential and r. actuality, man and God.

0:11.13 the zone of progressing evolutional r. existent in the

0:12.2 this Trinity constitute the only Deity r. embracing

0:12.12 drawing on our own superior knowledge of the r.

0:12.13 spirit forces conspire to enable man to grasp the r.

0:12.13 ever-progressing r. of personal religious experience

1:1.2 constitute the r. of that true worship which is so


1:2.1 God is primal r. in the spirit world; God is the source

1:2.1 he is the First Source and Center of eternal r..

1:2.1 Father is universal spirit, eternal truth, infinite r.,

1:2.2 The eternal God is infinitely more than r. idealized or

1:2.2 God is a transcendent r.,not merely man’s traditional

1:2.7 true concept of the r. of God is reasonable to logic,

1:3.5 The supreme personal r. of the finite creation is spirit

1:3.5 ultimate r. of the personal cosmos is absonite spirit.

1:4.7 As a r. in human spiritual experience God is not a

1:5.2 whose maximum concept of the r. of being

1:7.5 universe r. cannot be grasped by mathematics, logic,

1:7.8 Paradise Deity are, in all universe r. reactions and

1:7.9 I portray the r. and truth of the Father’s nature and

2:1.9 without in the least detracting from the fact and r. of

2:3.4 values survive in the r. of the continuing Adjuster.

2:3.5 any universe contest between actual levels of r.,

2:3.5 fact that divinity of quality equals the degree of r.

2:6.8 God loves the sinner because he is a personality r.

2:7.5 focusing the attention upon one aspect of r. and then

2:7.6 not being a r., it cannot be realized in experience.

2:7.8 supreme beauty is the discovery and integration of r.:

2:7.12 R. is finite on the human level, infinite and eternal on

3:0.3 of the infinite and divine r. of the First Source and

3:2.15 in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and absolute in r..

3:6.3 by recognizing the r. of higher orders of thought

3:6.3 Man as a moral being is inexplicable unless the r. of

3:6.7 pattern, principle, presence, and idealized r..

4:1.9 respond to demands made in a complex r. situation

4:2.4 of the evil, error, and disharmony of relative r..

4:2.7 to catch a fleeting glimpse of divine r. in time and

4:4.5 absoluteness pervades all seven levels of universe r..

4:4.7 beneficently conferring r. of existence on all things

5:0.1 soul’s contemplation of this spiritual-r. presence

5:2.1 The physical presence of the Infinite is the r. of the

5:3.7 Man’s realization of the r. of the worship experience

5:4.2 God is destined to be comprehended as the r. of

5:4.7 Religion is destined to become the r. of the spiritual

5:5.11 three varying factors, three differential levels of r.

5:5.12 religious consciousness, is a universe r.,

5:6.3 Personality is that quality and value in cosmic r.

5:6.6 man is not observable as an active and functional r.

6:0.3 Father’s universal and infinite concept of divine r.,

6:4.1 Eternal Son motivates the spirit level of cosmic r.;

6:5.3 to create any or all types of other-than-personal r..

6:8.5 you find it easier to grasp the r. of both the Father

6:8.5 and the r. of his infinitely spiritual mind will become

6:8.7 the Eternal Son of Paradise, whose r. and nearness

7:1.8 the degree of actuality (the qualitative degree of r.)

8:1.3 the God of Action, the executive agency for the r.

8:1.10 without in any sense being disregardful of the r. and

8:1.11 that any child can best relate himself to r. by first

8:2.3 the error of viewing matter as basic r. and mind,

8:2.3 Source and Center if he were called the Infinite R.,

9:1.3 The Conjoint Actor is the correlator of all actual r.;

9:1.3 No actual or actualizing r. can escape eventual

9:5.4 The r. of the Conjoint Creator is disclosed in the

9:8.13 its enlarged sensitivity to the r. of spiritual things.

10:1.3 is disclosed as the Father, who shares r. of being

10:3.19 even the primal manifestations of cosmic r..

11:0.1 is the most gigantic organized body of cosmic r. in

11:1.3 in no way disproves their r. or actual existence.

11:1.3 in no way disproves either the r. of his existence or

11:2.9 form of materialization—stationary systems of r..

11:2.10 concentrated all absolute potential for cosmic r. in

11:5.5 The r. pressure-presence of this primal force is

11:8.2 Every known form of cosmic r. has the bend of the

11:8.8 endowment of Paradise is not an actual level of r.,

11:9.3 Thus did the Father project r. in two actual phases

11:9.4 When r. is differentiated into the personal and the

11:9.8 such an achievement represents the r. of a spiritual

12:5.9 creates a unique time sense out of insight into R.

12:5.10 are dynamic and progressive, alive with universe r..

12:7.1 regard to all r. of whatever nature an inexorable

12:7.10 Brotherhood is a r. of the total and therefore

12:8.1 live and work on physical spheres of material r..

12:8.3 Physical energy is the one r. which is true and

12:8.5 R., measured by physical-gravity response, is the

12:8.5 by physical-gravity response, is the antithesis of r.

12:8.9 comprehend the seven levels of relative cosmic r.,

12:8.9 the meaning of three functioning levels of finite r.:

12:8.12 3. Spirit. The highest personal r..

12:8.13 Total Deity r. is not mind but spirit-mind—mind-

12:8.14 Spirit is the fundamental r. of the personality

12:8.15 but this does not invalidate the r. of matter-energy.

12:8.16 A cosmic r. can be nonexistent in personality

12:9.1 Spirit is the basic personal r. in the universes,

13:1.23 finaliters know this experience as an absolute r..

13:4.7 performances on all seven levels of universe r..

14:0.2 divine completeness, supreme finality, ultimate r.,

14:4.22 supreme meanings, ultimate values, and absolute r..

14:6.14 Havona is the r. foundation for the Eternal Son’s

14:6.26 r and unity of intelligence with an unlimited potential

14:6.38 true spirit values on the highest conceivable r. levels.

15:4.2 secondary energy manifestations of physical r..

15:6.13 constitutes one of the positive proofs of the r of light

16:3.18 factors equals Havona comprehension of Trinity r.

16:4.2 they function on all universe levels of r. excepting

16:4.5 produce a hitherto nonexistent phase of universe r.

16:4.6 Much of the r. of the spiritual worlds is of the

16:4.6 a phase of universe r. wholly unknown on Urantia.

16:6.4 quality that might be denominated the “r. response.”

16:6.4 This r. sensitivity of the cosmic mind responds to

16:6.4 the cosmic mind responds to certain phases of r. just

16:6.5 (recognizes response) on three levels of universe r..

16:6.5 These levels of r. are: 1. Causation–the reality

16:6.6 1. Causation–the r. domain of the physical senses,

16:6.7 2. Duty–the r. domain of morals in the philosophic

16:6.8 Worship–the spiritual domain of the r. of religious

16:6.10 is the religion of the r. of spiritual experience.

16:6.10 give objective validity, r., to man’s experience in

16:7.6 mere knowledge nor yet wisdom but rather the r. of

16:8.6 it includes the ability to recognize the r. of other


16:9.1 innate recognition-realization of energy r., mind r.,

16:9.1 realization of energy r., mind r., and spirit r..

16:9.1 the unification of these three universe r. responses

16:9.4 self-consciousness implies the recognition of the r.

16:9.4 become so absolutely certain of a fellow being’s r.

16:9.4 as you can of the r. of the presence of God

16:9.7 innate ability to recognize and grasp the r. of other

16:9.9 In human self-consciousness four universe-r.

16:9.13 the ability to recognize the r. of God as a personality

16:9.14 Fatherhood becomes, or may become, a universe r.

16:9.15 and at the same time conscious of the physical r. of

16:9.15 Son, and the personality r. of the Universal Father?

19:1.4 evil inherent in a segmentalized conception of r. and

19:1.6 The true perspective of any r. problem—human or

19:1.6 study and correlation of three phases of universe r.:

19:1.9 oversimplifying evolutionary (experiential) r., thus

19:1.12 and Center of all personality r. and cosmic existence.

19:3.7 paradisiacal levels of spiritual meanings and r. values

21:1.2 every feature of every possibility of every divine r.

21:3.23 experience augments the superuniverse r. of God the

21:5.7 cannot be sometime co-ordinated with cosmic r.

22:7.11 Being is the unification of three phases of Deity r.:

22:7.11 Source and Center and his co-ordinates to the r. of

22:10.3 a single supreme concept of universe r. would be of

25:1.7 career to study you and to inspire you with the r.

25:3.16 have acquired a unique grasp of the emerging r. of

26:6.2 awareness of the r. of an almighty overcontrol of the

26:7.5 great majority are able to contact the intellectual r.

26:7.5 can recognize or even partially comprehend the r.

28:3.2 sufficient to demonstrate the r. of the universal

30:1.10 the only fragmentations of the prepersonal r. of the

31:10.10 finaliter corps signifies r. mobilization of potentials

31:10.22 These thirty-one papers depicting the r. of Paradise,

32:3.15 The two prime manifestations of finite r., innate

34:3.2 lag in effecting co-ordination of diverse levels of r..

34:5.6 individualizations of the prepersonal r. of the Father,

34:6.13 the r. of that comforting truth, “The kingdom is not

37:10.6 grasp of the r. and grandeur of the survival existence

38:9.8 to the higher spirit-r. forces of the celestial realms.

40:6.4 You believe in the r. of your sonship, and thus does

40:9.6 the narrated event with the emotional tinge of r.

42:1.2 are but diverse manifestations of the same cosmic r.,

42:2.3 of this concept implies the totality of cosmic r.

42:2.4 are the centrum of the Paradise cycle of cosmic r..

42:2.20 you can hardly be told very much about a r. whose

42:9.1 of the r. of the electronic organization of prematter.

42:9.3 indicative of the fundamental r. of the sevenfold

42:10.1 The endless sweep of relative cosmic r. from the

42:11.2 functioning on and from creator levels of divine r..

42:11.4 but only true spirit levels of r. are independent of

42:11.4 Spirit-r. levels are recognized by their spirit

42:12.14 The spirit is the creative r.; the physical counterpart

44:0.15 To spirit beings the spirit world is a r..

44:0.17 beings who are capable of discerning the r. of the

44:0.20 in an effort to unfold to the mortal mind the r. of

44:0.21 emphatic the fact of the r. of these transactions of

44:1.15 survived, then would you have had music in r.;

46:7.5 mind equivalates to a totality or sixth r. level,

48:1.7 the r. of morontia materials, for he wrote, “They

48:7.23 by its illusions, to foreshadow a higher universe r.,

52:5.3 the penetration of cosmic r. and communion with

54:1.2 Enduring liberty is predicated on the r. of justice

54:1.3 True liberty is progressively related to r. and is ever

54:1.4 Liberty is nonexistent apart from cosmic r., and all

54:1.4 all personality r. is proportional to its divinity

54:3.1 Man’s ability to choose good or evil is a universe r.

54:3.3 But if this universe rebel against the r. of truth and

54:6.3 such a risk is inseparable from the r. situation of

56:1.2 motivates exquisite overcontrol of all material r.;

56:1.2 response of all bona fide material r. to the gravity

56:1.5 Father there could not possibly exist duality of r.,

56:1.5 absolute r. of the personal values of the Father,

56:2.1 spirit expression in the Word-Son and attains r.

56:2.2 Such duality of eternal r. renders the mind God,

56:5.2 the original Paradise-Havona level of existential r.,

56:6.1 constitutes a r. tension that can be resolved only

56:9.7 these two potentials of infinity become r.-unified in

56:9.10 the source of all manifestations of Deity and r. to all

56:9.11 of absolute values and meaningsunqualified R..

56:10.1 for the realization of the r. of God the Sevenfold,

56:10.1 they vaguely discern the r. of the overshadowing

56:10.4 which have been born of pre-existent harmonious r..

56:10.7 touch of all creative manifestations on all levels of r..

56:10.8 cosmology leads to the pursuit of divine r. values

56:10.11 of the far-flung diversification of phenomenal r.,

56:10.19 These meaningful r. values of divinity are blended in

56:10.20 goodness embrace the full revelation of divinity r..

65:7.8 and spiritual gravity are distinct realms of cosmic r.,

67:1.4 a personality who is knowingly resisting cosmic r..

67:1.4 be regarded as a misconception or distortion of r..

67:1.4 But sin is a purposeful resistance to divine r.

67:1.4 in an open and persistent defiance of recognized r.

67:7.4 Sin, being an attitude of the person toward r., is

67:7.5 spiritual progress on certain levels of universe r.,

68:1.7 belief in the r. of the onetime fictitious “golden age.”

70:7.10 harden these youths, to impress them with the r. of

70:10.1 Natural justice is a man-made theory; it is not a r..

71:7.2 the meanings of r., the nobility of values, the goals

77:7.7 not imagine that such was not a r. in former ages.

87:4.3 power of an idea lies not in its r. or reasonableness

89:10.1 The r. of the spiritual need persists, but intellectual

91:1.4 that level where the human mind recognizes the r. of

91:2.2 signified an attempt to manipulate r without affecting

91:3.4 a bona fide consciousness of the r. of the eternal

91:6.7 his Maker, where the creature contacts with the r.

91:8.9 But real praying does attain r..

91:9.2 and courageously facing the problems of universe r..

92:0.2 of superanimal potentials for r. perception.

92:0.3 and toward ever-expanding concepts of Deity r..

93:2.3 mission of the revelation of the truth of the r. of God

94:3.1 Having started out to discover final r., the Indian

94:3.8 to differentiate between the several levels of r.,

94:6.3 existence, and Trinity is the primal source of all r..

94:6.3 “All r. is ever in balance between the potentials

94:11.6 the technique of isolating the self from objective r..

94:11.6 results from identification with cosmic r. and with

94:11.11 existence, some Absolute Source of all r..

94:12.3 Amidists hold to an Infinite R. which is beyond all

95:1.8 a definite gospel, to proclaim the truth of the r. of

95:6.5 eternity-submerged in the ultimate r. of the good.

98:2.7 probings into the nature and r. of the cosmos.

98:7.8 the r. of Jesus of Nazareth as the glorified Christ,

99:4.4 for such is the true spiritual concept of supreme r..

99:4.13 these three partial approaches to the r. of the cosmos

99:7.5 Economic necessities tie man up with r. and personal

100:1.4 persons, and growth is an impressive and inspiring r..

100:1.9 The experience of the realization of the r. of

100:2.2 this entire experience constitutes the r. of religion

100:2.5 equivalent to the attainment of the maximum of r.,

100:3.2 a symbol signifying the approach to supreme r. of

100:3.5 Values can never be static; r. signifies change,

100:4.4 mind discovers the r. of meanings; but spiritual

100:5.8 mysticism can become a technique of r. avoidance,

100:6.1 True religion is a wholehearted devotion to some r.

100:6.2 is truly a cosmic r. of genuine spiritual worth.

100:6.7 the religionist who has grasped the r. of the Supreme

101:1.4 the experience of experiencing the r. of believing

101:1.4 believing in God as the r. of such a purely personal

101:2.2 for achieving unity in the comprehension of the r.

101:2.7 discriminating study of science suggests the r. and

101:2.7 Religion believes unreservedly in the r. of a God

101:2.8 harmony of this triune approach to universal r..

101:2.13 True religion is an insight into r., the faith-child of

101:2.16 no argument about the personality or r. of God is

101:5.5 start its career upon the assumption of the r. of three

101:5.9 faith in the furtherance of spiritual insight into r.,

101:5.12 its expanded presentation of the truths of r. and

101:6.2 is the secret of the personal realization of the r. of

101:6.5 unlimited capacity to experience r. of the Supreme

101:6.16 And all this, in potential, is contained within the r. of

101:7.6 experience in the ascending values of cosmic r..

101:9.8 a spiritualized consciousness of divine r. based on,

101:9.8 a form of glorified moral trust and confidence in r.,

101:9.9 consciousness and spiritual concept of enduring r..

101:10.3 the intolerable suspense of being a transient r. in the

101:10.5 that man’s concepts of ideality are endowed with r..

101:10.6 offering proofs of the r. of religious experience.

101:10.6 Faith is the only passport to completion of r. and to

101:10.9 in fighting the battle of r.’ triumph over the partial

102:1.5 so-called miracle may be offered in testimony of his r

102:1.5 in the divine manifestations of his infinite r..


102:2.5 not yield the existential unity of the source of r.,

102:2.5 succeed in this unification of the diversity of r.

102:2.5 only in the harmony of the triunity of functional r.

102:3.4 Religious desire is the hunger quest for divine r..

102:3.5 consciousness of fact, value, and true r. constitutes

102:3.5 awareness of personality r., maximum of being,

102:3.12 the Adjuster that attaches the feeling of r. to man’s

102:4.2 and questioning self and other active and external r..

102:4.2 plus totality of recognition of the r. of the external.

102:4.2 discovery of the external qualities of contacted r..

102:4.3 the recognition of God as the r.source, nature, and

102:4.3 such a knowledge of God is ever and always a r. of

102:4.4 erroneous ideas of the nature of God and of the r. of

102:6.3 God of salvation, something more than a r., a value,

102:6.5 but when contacting with cosmic r., certainty may

102:6.9 must not be arrayed against the truth of the r. of

102:6.10 the r. of the meeting of the human upreach and the

102:7.8 Only an unqualified r., an absolute, could dare to be

102:7.9 If the nonreligious approaches to cosmic r. presume

102:8.1 The highest evidence of the r and efficacy of religion

102:8.3 on the difference in man’s comprehension of r.


103:6.4 Such a technique of studying r. consists in turning

103:6.6 Likewise must man’s experience of material r. be

103:6.7 universe consists of three degrees, or stages, of r.

103:6.7 Mota is a supermaterial r. sensitivity which is

103:6.7 a superphilosophical reconciliation of divergent r.

103:6.14 Philosophy dare not project its interpretations of r.

103:6.14 never fail to reckon with the elliptic symmetry of r.

103:7.3 while these two phases of universal r. are perfectly

103:7.8 co-ordinate science and religion with the truth of r..

103:7.10 vanishes before the actual experience of and with r.,

103:7.11 constitutive r. sensitivity of the mind endowment of

103:7.11 its vaunted career of reasoning by assuming the r. of

103:8.1 of the probability of God becomes a religious r..

103:8.3 beloved does not in the least invalidate either the r.

103:8.4 —by faith know and love him—do not permit the r. of

103:8.6 Only a philosophy which recognizes the r. of

103:9.4 natural religion does not invalidate the r. and truth of

103:9.4 assuming the existence and r. of supermaterial values

103:9.5 toward the highest realms of universe objective r..

103:9.9 The full realization of the r. of mortal life consists in

103:9.9 love; and these are the ideals of objective cosmic r.

103:9.12 There is a r. in religious experience that is

103:9.12 such a r. is transcendent to reason, science, wisdom,

104:2.3 demand that he give recognition to the r. of Deity

104:2.3 eternal persons whose deity union is the fact and r.

104:2.4 a personality but nonetheless a true and absolute r.;

104:2.4 Trinity is a supersummative Deity r. eventuating out

104:3.4 reason demands a monotheistic unity of cosmic r.,

104:3.5 In these papers total r. (infinity) has been presented

104:3.18 In them is total r. functionalized, and through them

104:4.15 loving person are one and the same universal r.;

104:4.20 all spirit finds r. expression in this triune association

104:4.22 the beginnings and the endings of all energy r.,

104:4.33 that is actualizable within the domains of nondeity r..

104:4.38 realities which lie outside the domain of deified r..

104:4.43 the varying functional aspects of all actualized r. on

104:4.43 inherent in the varying aspects of all incomplete r.,

104:4.43 volitional and causative Deity r. to the boundless

104:4.43 possibilities of static, reactive, nondeity r. in the

104:4.47 subinfinite and subabsolute manifestations of his r..

104:5.6 The Paradise Isle is the absolute of cosmic r.,

104:5.6 The Conjoint Actor is the absolute of mind r.,

104:5.6 the co-ordination of the sum total of actualized r.

104:5.11 the infinity reservoirs of all latent energy r.spirit,

104:5.11 association yields the integration of latent energy r..


105:0.1 and the finality of r. is only relatively understandable.

105:0.2 mortal intellect attempts to grasp the concept of r.

105:0.2 such a finite mind is face to face with infinity-r.;

105:0.2 r. totality is infinity and therefore can never be

105:0.3 it is impossible to portray even our concepts of r.

105:1.2 attempts to elucidate the genesis and fruition of r.,

105:1.2 identifiable in undeified realms of universal r..

105:1.3 all r. has its origin in the infinite I AM, whose

105:1.3 connotes unqualified infinity, the undifferentiated r.

105:1.5 and though there never was a real beginning to r.,

105:1.5 source relationships which r. manifests to infinity.

105:1.6 an actual experiential r., but the I AM ever remains

105:1.6 far short of the unfathomed infinity of original r..

105:1.8 of self-limitation and is susceptible of r. expression

105:2.1 In considering the genesis of r., ever bear in mind

105:2.1 all absolute r. is from eternity and without beginning

105:2.1 By absolute r. we refer to the existential persons of

105:2.2 the chronological portrayal of the origins of r.,

105:2.2 attempts to portray the genesis and generation of r.

105:2.3 differentiation of deified r. and of undeified r.,

105:2.3 potential and actual r., and of certain other realities

105:2.7 From the finite mortal’s viewpoint, r. has its true

105:2.8 is the association of the statics and potentials of r..

105:2.11 the eternal fact of infinity-r. and the universal truth

105:2.11 infinity-reality and the universal truth of r.-infinity.

105:3.1 But though we may portray r. origins and infinity

105:3.1 The seven Absolutes are the premise of r..

105:3.4 nonspiritual, impersonal, and nonvolitional r.,

105:3.5 force; unifier of all actual and actualizing r..

105:3.6 The potentially personal possibilities of universal r.,

105:3.7 the I AM; totality of nondeified r. and finality of all

105:3.9 Absolutes of Infinity constitute the beginnings of r..

105:3.10 that all r. is predicated upon their eternity existence

105:4.1 existence of the I AM as the primal source of all r..

105:4.2 eternalize the basic foundations for all universe r..

105:4.7 associations eternalize the potential of all r.;

105:4.7 they encompass both deified and undeified r..

105:4.8 The dualities eternalize r. foundations.


105:5.1 so must the promulgation of finite r. be ascribed to

105:5.2 it would appear that all r. diversification took place

105:5.2 the volitional act promulgating finite r. connotes a

105:5.5 With the appearance of relative and qualified r.

105:5.5 a new cycle of r.the growth cyclea majestic

105:5.6 the beginning of the finite is the genesis of r.;

105:5.6 This newly appearing finite r. exists in two original

105:5.7 1. Primary maximums, the supremely perfect r.,

105:5.8 Secondary maximums, the supremely perfected r.,


105:6.4 The creature repercussion to finite-r. promulgation

105:7.18 the original r. of the First Source and Center may


106:0.1 Deity to the genesis and manifestations of cosmic r.;

106:0.2 universe are made of many forms and phases of r.

106:0.9 Unqualified unity of infinity is a hypothetical r.

106:0.10 These levels of r. are convenient compromise

106:0.10 There are a number of other ways of looking at r.

106:0.18  R. growth is conditioned by the circumstances of

106:0.19 of their synthesis on ever-ascending levels of r..

106:1.1 The primary or spirit-origin phases of finite r. find

106:1.4 the source of the relative unity of the functional r.


106:5.1 The Ultimate is the apex of transcendental r. even

106:5.1 is the capstone of evolutionary-experiential r..

106:5.3 Trinities are always deity r. but never personality r..

106:6.3 of ever-enlarging segments of r. will approach

106:6.3 proportional to the inclusion of all r. within the

106:7.1 of the difficulties in forming concepts of infinite r.

106:7.4 the universes themselves and all other phases of r.,

106:7.9 possible to conceive of the final integration of total r.

106:8.12 provides for a possible unlimited integration of r..

106:8.12 Father-Infinitethe completion of the cycle of r..

106:8.12 self-realize the limitlessness of r. around the circle

106:8.16 Deity Absolute is an existential r. of eternity status.

106:8.21 the correlation of every phase of every kind of r. that

106:8.21 is included the absolute finality of all r. realization.

106:9.1 the possible experiential unification of limitless r.,

106:9.1 Infinity unification as an experiential r. is remote,

106:9.1 unites the divergencies of all r. with an existential

106:9.2 achieve a limited comprehension of universe r..

106:9.3 are man’s greatest aids to relative r. perception

106:9.3 yet his most formidable obstacles to complete r.

106:9.4 The concept of the unification of all r., be it in this

106:9.4 qualifications and imperfections of r. in the cosmos.

106:9.4 total integration of r. is unqualifiedly and eternally

106:9.4 at this very universe moment, infinite r. is unified.

106:9.9 are due to increased capacities for r. reception and

107:0.6 Adjuster is the divine universe r. which factualizes

107:4.2 the r. of the Adjuster must border on absoluteness.

107:5.1 are fragmentations of God on an absolute level of r.

107:7.4 will functions on the personality level of universe r.,

108:5.9 does not in the least detract from its value and r..

108:6.5 re-creations are being preserved in the emerging r. of

109:1.4 achieve a r. of attainment which is eternally theirs.

110:6.10 The degree of selfhood r. is directly determined by

110:6.11 The shadowy r. of the embryonic nature of a seventh

111:1.5 Mind is about all you have of universe r. that is

111:2.7 The r. of this unique relationship is neither material

111:2.10 And thus does the material and mortal r. of the self

111:3.5 cosmic meanings as a realization of universal r..

111:3.6 Mind knows quantity, r., meanings.

111:3.6 knows, and the associated spirit, which r.-izes.

111:6.5 When man wishes to modify physical r., be it himself

112:0.3 1. Personality is that quality in r. which is bestowed


112:1.10 capacity to experience consciousness of cosmic r..

112:1.17 signifies the unification of all factors of r. as well as

112:2.8 All mortal concepts of r are based on the assumption

112:2.11 As mind pursues r. to its ultimate analysis, matter

112:2.11 When spiritual insight pursues that r. which remains

112:2.12 is the experiential realization of the cosmic r. of

112:5.1 Selfhood is a cosmic r. whether material, morontial,

112:5.2 but with regard to identity a conditioned eternal r..

112:5.17 new survivor can make contact with nonspiritual r.,

112:5.20 The true r. of all selfhood (personality) is able to

112:7.6 self has become a new and enduring universe r.,

115:1.3 the diverse levels of cosmic r. have been designated

115:1.3 of the original and primordial absolute r. of infinity.

115:2.2 Value is a unique element in universe r..

115:2.2 actualities by enlarged comprehension of r. meanings

115:3.1 to define the extent and nature of this primal r. is

115:3.1 to express the r. of infinity or the infinity of r..

115:3.2 attempting first to break the unity of such a r..

115:3.4 less and less are they true designations of r.;

115:3.6 source manifestation of the I AM from which all r.

115:3.12 the dual motions of the cycle of r. metamorphosis

115:3.13 On the descending levels of r. the triodity of

115:3.16 the transfer of r. from potentiality to actuality.

115:3.16 every human decision not only actualizes a new r.


115:4.6 Supreme r., which is total finite r., is in process of

115:5.1 the Trinity for the r. of his personal and spirit nature.

115:7.3 all r., excepting the unqualified values of the seven

115:7.6 effectively unifying the results of this mode of r.

116:2.3 Eternity and infinity connote a level of deity r. which

116:2.3 the Trinity is a r. which lies somewhat beyond the

116:3.2 Mind is the flexible r. which creatures and Creators

116:3.4 freewill choice can cause to be evolved the divine r.

116:6.5 unification of the several kinds of cosmic r..

116:7.1 The physical r. of the universes is symbolic of the

116:7.1 is symbolic of the perceivable r. of the Supreme;

116:7.5 total and indestructible universe r.—fusion with the

117:1.1 of the finite cosmos, the completion of finite r.,

117:1.1 God the Supreme will voice the r. of volitional

117:1.3 the Supreme,whose r. becomes increasingly apparent

117:1.5 yields a new meaning value on deity levels of r..

117:3.1 The cosmic r. variously designated as the Supreme

117:3.5 creative of a new power potential of Deity r..

117:3.9 an actual fragment of the highest and eternal r.,

117:4.1 are reflections of his efforts to achieve r. of self

117:4.8 It is out of the r. of the Supreme that the Adjuster,

117:4.14 God’s giftshis bestowal of r.are not

117:4.14 upon him the potential of immortality—eternal r..

117:4.14 love, the greater the r.—actuality—of that man.

117:5.6 personality leaves a trail of actualized r. as it passes

117:6.12 through observation of the Paradise-Havona r.

117:6.15 a creature’s consciousness of the r. and actuality of

117:6.20 Only existential r. is self-contained and self-existent.

117:6.24 the liberation of all finite r. from the limitations of

117:7.4 yet the Trinity Ultimate is even now a qualified r.,

118:1.2 will is tantamount to the realization of eternity-r.

118:1.10 On the absolute and eternal level, potential r. is just

118:1.10 potential reality is just as meaningful as actual r..

118:3.7 All patterns of r. occupy space on the material levels

118:3.7 Does the pattern—the r.—of an idea occupy space?

118:4.7 all actualization of potential r. is limited by ultimate

118:7.2 become parts of the experiential actualization of all r.

118:7.3 enjoy progression by making freewill contact with r..

118:7.5 the transient r. of all God-unidentified selfhood.

118:7.7 the prerogative of exercising volitional choice of r.

118:9.4 the finite creation is to deny fact and to disregard r..

118:9.8 they would embrace personal and impersonal r.,

118:9.9 maximation of all creature r., the consummation of

121:6.5 Philo also possibly glimpsed the r. and presence of

124:4.2 mind did not fully grasp the r. of his dual nature.

125:0.3 its temple; now Jesus was soon to behold them in r..


130:4.1 began a dissertation concerning the nature of r. in

130:4.2 to Ganid: The source of universe r. is the Infinite.

130:4.4 comprehend the true depths of universe r..

130:4.6 that phase of universal r., which can coexist with

130:4.10 reveal the world of r., wherein wisdom interprets

130:4.14 presence of the complete constitutes relativity of r.,

130:7.4 the only physically related r. which can transcend

130:7.6 the scientist grows out of failure to recognize the r.

130:7.7 universal r. has an expanding and always relative

132:1.2 the spiritual world and on divine levels of eternal r..

132:2.8 positive proof of the existence and r. of man’s will,

132:2.10 Evil becomes a r. of personal experience only when

132:3.2 wisdom, with relationships; truth, with r. values.

133:5.8 Such a conception of r. yields a broader insight

133:5.10 R. of material existence attaches to unrecognized

133:7.8 self-conscious existence, associated with the r. of his

134:8.3 starving mortal who could not distinguish r. from

139:2.8 indulgence to the plain matter-of-fact world of r..

140:8.31 and goodnessas the divine ideal and the eternal r..

142:2.3 you must now accept as a r. the love of the Father

143:2.7 led to doubt the r. of the Father’s love and mercy.

143:7.3 must alternate with service, contact with material r..

145:2.7 religion become a r. in your individual experiences

149:2.11 Jesus put r. in the place of tradition and swept aside

153:3.2 Son of Man subject to the will of God, constitute r.

155:6.4 that living faith which is able to grasp the r. of God

158:7.8 did not awaken to the r. of these coming events until

160:4.14 Men who prefer optimistic illusions to r. can never

160:4.15 for the achievement of higher levels of universe r..

160:5.1 represents our highest concept of the ideals of r.

160:5.2 acting reverently toward some r. which we deem

160:5.7 only portrays his Father as the ideal of infinite r.

160:5.8 convinced that there are no attainable ideals of r.

160:5.9 if you seek to substitute the word God for the r. of

160:5.9 putting an idea in the place of an ideal, a divine r..

160:5.11 the spirit worlds of the higher idealism of divine r..

160:5.11 of the r. of the idealism of the religion of Jesus,

160:5.13 True religion has reference to destiny and r. of

160:5.13 the r. and idealism of that which is wholeheartedly

161:1.9 personality represents man’s highest concept of r.

161:1.9 God represents man’s highest concept of divine r.

161:1.9 a divine and infinite personality, a personality in r.

169:4.2 offering arguments in proof of the r. of the Father.

170:1.2 presented the kingdom of God as: 1. A present r.;

170:2.23 the r. of God’s forgiveness of your own misdeeds.

174:0.2 in your faith, and you shall soon know of the r. of

177:2.3 “Love, John, is the supreme r. of the universe when

180:5.2 Divine truth is a spirit-discerned and living r..

180:5.8 enduring and living r. of such a divine declaration.

180:5.8 that is the r. of the realization of the love of God.

181:2.9 that you must adjust your misconceptions to the r.

182:1.15 I am the r. of endless life.

184:2.3 Peter could not grasp the r. of the situationthat

193:0.4 gospel of the kingdomthe r. of the fatherhood of

194:2.7 the r. of eternal and ascending sonship with God.

194:3.3 Jesus met life in all its terrible r. and mastered it—

195:5.4 1. Man’s logical attitude toward things of material r..

195:6.10 False religions may represent an evasion of r., but

195:6.10 mortal man to the very entrance upon an eternal r. of

195:7.12 If universe r. is only one vast machine, then man

195:7.16 the human and time-space evaluation of r..

195:7.16 which eternity reflects as the r. shadows of time.

195:7.23 The scientist, not science, perceives the r. of an

195:10.1 until it is made divine by the discovery of the r. of

195:10.7 No political regime which denies the r. of God can

196:0.7 of the r. and sacredness of all human loyalties

196:0.13 but rather to believe with him, believe in the r. of the

196:1.6 (all the while fully conscious of the r. of humanity)

196:3.2 There are just three elements in universal r.: fact,

196:3.2 activities as reason, wisdom, and faith—physical r.,

196:3.2 reason, wisdom, and faith—physical r., intellectual r.,

196:3.3 The progressive comprehension of r is the equivalent

196:3.3 finding God, the consciousness of identity with r.,

196:3.3 The experiencing of total r. is the full realization of

196:3.16 Source of all absolute values of divine and eternal r..

196:3.18 This profound experience of the r. of the indwelling

196:3.21 The one truly divine and objective r. associated with

196:3.21 Man’s contact with the highest objective r., God, is

196:3.22 divinely real, with that which is the very source of r..

196:3.23 and idealism are not the equivalent of religious r..

196:3.30 supreme gesture, his magnificent reach for final r.,

196:3.31 experience, spiritual possibility is potential r..


0:4.2 1. Undeified r. ranges from the energy domains of

0:4.3 2. Deified r. embraces all of infinite Deity potentials

0:4.4 3. Interassociated r.. Universe reality is supposedly

0:5.10 the indwelling spirit becomes the father of a new r.

0:6.11 the r. of any pattern consists of its energies, its mind,

0:8.10 the spirit person of God the Supreme are one r.

0:11.8 the Unqualified Absolute is a positive r. pervading

3:5.16 is an experiential attainment; it is a r. of personal

4:1.6 Except for God, there would be no such thing as r.

5:5.11 spirit consciousnessthe realization of the spirit r.

16:6.10 recognition of the r. of these three manifestations

53:3.2 1. The r. of the Universal Father. Lucifer charged

94:2.6 was a definite effort to seek and to find true r..

101:5.2 values, thereby arriving at a concept of complete r.

102:3.5 morontia mota) leads to the consciousness of true r.;

110:6.10 3. Personality r.. The degree of selfhood r. is

130:4.2 divinity of value—constitute the r. of the Supreme.

133:7.6 now let me emphasize that self-consciousness is a r..

161:1.4 proved only the r. of God, not his personality.

196:0.3 one mortal, did God ever become such a living r.

reality, spirit

6:4.1 control over all actualized s. through his absolute

14:6.9 pleasure because it is a worthy revelation of s. to all

16:9.1 realization of energy reality, mind reality, and s..

42:12.13 wherever a divine s. is present, whenever a real

42:12.13 produced a material or physical counterpart of s..

42:12.14 counterpart is the time-space refection of the s.,

104:5.6 The Eternal Son is the absolute of s., the absolute

104:5.6 absolute mind reality, the co-ordinate of absolute s.,

104:5.11 the infinity reservoirs of all latent energy r.—spirit,

107:6.4 But the Adjuster must be something more than s..

111:1.4 the Father has endowed you with the purest s known

112:2.20 infused with, and eventually attains the status of, s.

160:5.3 your object of worship must be the universal s.

160:5.4 of the name applied to this ideal of s., it is God.

180:5.8 their ideals of s. are satisfied only when they love

188:3.8 Whether or not this s. returned to become a part

189:1.3 that both are the reflected shadow of enduring s..

reality, spiritual

1:3.1 The Father is an infinite s.; he is “the sovereign,

1:5.8 God is a real spirit and a s..

2:6.8 God strikes no personal attitude, for sin is not a s.;

7:1.4 Every time a s. actualizes in the universes, this

9:6.2 as the Son attracts all s., so does the Conjoint Actor

9:8.13 its enlarged sensitivity to the r. of spiritual things.

11:3.1 A purely s. is, to a purely material being,

12:9.1 personality is basic to progressing experience with s..

14:6.23 and perfect proof of the s. of the Supreme Being.

16:9.15 the s. of the Eternal Son, and the personality reality

26:6.2 of time-space unitythe s. of God the Supreme.

32:5.2 to the promised land of s. and supernal existence.

52:5.3 of cosmic reality and communion with s..

94:12.7 not the gospel about Jesus, but the living, s. of the

100:5.5 conversion be an intellectual, emotional, and s..

101:3.18 to affirm the personal possession and s. of that

101:6.11 the service-discovery of s and the ministry-revelation

101:10.1 Nor can man ever discern s. through examination of

103:6.6 experiences s. in the soul but becomes conscious

103:7.14 There is a real proof of s. in the presence of the

112:5.17 new survivor can make contact with nonspiritual r.,

157:4.5 Upon this rock of s. will I build the living temple

176:3.7 leading the children of light into new realms of s.

180:5.3 Truth is a s. value experienced only by spirit-

188:3.4 There must have been some s. in the experience of

195:5.2 seeker aright only when embraced as a living s.,

196:0.9 to his unique life a profound endowment of s..

196:3.2 and faithphysical reality, intellectual reality, and s..

196:3.23 a substitute for genuine religious experience—s..

196:3.35 self with the universe, and on its highest levels of s..

reality, in

2:3.2 greatest punishment (in r. an inevitable consequence)

3:1.6 The omnipresence of God is in r. a part of his

3:2.15 in attributes, eternal in wisdom, and absolute in r..

8:0.4 In r. the Deities are all three existent from eternity;

13:4.2 The Seven Master Spirits are, in r., the mind-spirit

13:4.6 the Seven Master Spirits are, in r., the Paradise

15:7.3 In r., all headquarters worlds are paradisiacal.

26:8.4 apparent failures; in r., simply unescapable delays.

26:9.4 become in r. and eternally the perfected sons of God.

27:5.1 They are in r. living, automatic libraries.

30:4.26 your spiritual education begins in r. and in earnest;

31:2.2 Gravity Messengers personalities, but in r. they are

32:3.8 lowly estate and climbing ever upward, in r. inward.

32:3.12 In r., both perfect and perfected creatures are

33:3.3 Such a Divine Minister is in r. the mother of spirits

33:8.5 These high councils are, in r., the universe

34:1.2 In r., this new and personal presence is but a

37:9.11 midway ministers are in r. the actual custodians of

39:5.12 In r. these wings are energy insulators—friction

42:11.1 the physical and the spiritual, in r. they are one.

44:0.19 through with you, as a part of you, in r., as you.

44:1.15 survived, then would you have had music in r.;

44:5.5 These are the keen personalities who are in r seeking

44:6.4 These impulses are in r. the superb reflections of the

48:1.6 almost as a thing apartin r. an invasion of man by

48:6.4 True, you are not yet spirits in r., but you are no

53:3.6 they were in r. traitors to their mortal fellows since

55:1.3 spoken of as “coming down from heaven, in r. no

56:9.14 in concept and in r., all things and beings center in

57:1.7 In r. the story has its proper beginning at this point

57:5.10 they were in r. secondary suns for a short period

59:5.8 echinoderms are in r. the guide fossils of this epoch.

65:2.14 accidental, but in r. it was altogether purposeful.

74:1.5 the visible heads, in r. the sole rulers, of planet 606

74:4.1 that Adam and Eve were in r. gods or else so near

82:3.15 they are in r. entering upon a form of trial marriage

83:3.4 either deserted the other, in r. a marriage bond.

88:2.3 their God dwelt in such stone altars, which were in r.

89:8.1 and temple prostitution were in r. modifications of

90:5.3 primitive tribal secret societies were in r. a crude

91:2.3 the truest prayer is in r. a communion between man

93:2.6 while resembling that of the human male, was in r.

93:9.7 as conversations between Abraham and God in r.

98:3.4 Oaths and admissions to citizenship were in r.

101:9.8 a form of glorified moral trust and confidence in r.,

103:1.1 In r., every human being defines religion in the terms

110:5.6 that which you accept as the Adjuster’s voice is in r.

112:0.3 1. Personality is that quality in r. which is bestowed

113:1.8 a personal angel (in r. two) will henceforth be

113:6.8 constitutes the “resurrection of the unjust,” in r.

118:10.9 tribulation upon some suffering mortal may in r.

120:4.3 as the Trinity of three beings is in r. one Deity.

121:8.3 his record is in r. the Gospel according to Peter.

125:0.3 its temple; now he was soon to behold them in r..

128:1.9 the lad, youth, and man of Nazareth, was in r. the

134:3.5 In r. these lectures were on the “Kingdom of God”

137:8.9 the soul of man, there in r. is the kingdom of heaven.

141:6.2 easier persuade him that he is in r. a son of God.

141:7.7 They often listened to his teachings when in r. what

142:6.8 thereby becoming in r. a son of God, a progressive

143:2.4 transformation, you become in r. the temples of

143:2.5 your acts to the influence of the evil one when in r.

143:3.6 discovery that many human perplexities are in r.

146:2.14 In r. this means a prayer for divine wisdom.

146:3.6 telling you that you are in r. the sons of God.

153:0.2 Simon Zelotes expressed the belief, in r. a hope,

155:1.2 heathen (in r. his ignorant and untaught brethren)

156:3.2 these so-called gentiles, who were in r. descended

158:1.8 beings with Jesus were Moses and Elijah; in r.,

161:1.9 a divine and infinite personality, a personality in r.

170:5.14 began to teach that the kingdom was in r. to appear

174:5.1 supposed that he went in search of Jesus, but in r.

188:5.4 In r., Jesus spent upward of twenty-five years on the

195:6.2 In r., true religion cannot become involved in any


105:2.11 fact of infinity-reality and the universal truth of r..


111:3.6 which knows, and the associated spirit, which r..


56:9.7 while these two potentials of infinity become r. in the


0:4.1 volition of the Father and is r. in three primal phases

0:11.14 potential of the static-dynamic Deity functionally r.

112:1.9 These dimensional phenomena are r. as three on the

112:1.11 enhanced, and certain new dimensional values are r..

112:6.8 the former Adjuster to become immediately self-r.

117:2.5 such a destiny is only r. because you are in and of

117:6.17 spirit are the substance of the Supreme as he is r. in

realizationsee self-realization

0:2.17 God the Ultimate implies the attained r. of the

0:3.22 the theoretical I AM achieved the r. of personality

0:8.9 an experiential discovery-career of the r. of God

0:9.1 attained absonite levels through the completed r.

0:10.1 constitute the experiential r. of absolute divinity,

0:10.2 God the Absolute is the r.-attainment goal of all

0:11.2 progressive revelation-r. as the enrichment of all

0:12.4 Deity realities always seek r. and manifestation in

0:12.5 fully manifest; they are in process of universe r..

1:1.3 to experience the r. of the indwelling presence of the

1:6.8 Jesus attained the full r. of this potential of spirit

1:6.8 inspired by the perfect demonstration of such a r.

1:7.5 effect the actual spiritual r. of the personality of God

3:6.7 the satisfaction of the r. of an eternal purpose,


5:3.7 Man’s r. of the reality of the worship experience is

5:4.5 salvation from disharmony by the r. of beauty;

5:5.2 Religion may permeate all four levels of the r. of

5:5.6 The essential doctrine of the human r. of God

5:5.6 in the r. of the indwelling presence of a fragment

5:5.11 factors, three differential levels of reality r..

5:5.11 the soul consciousnessthe r. of the ideal of God.

5:5.11 spirit consciousnessthe r. of the spirit reality of

5:5.11 By the unification of these factors of the divine r.,

5:5.11 conscious levels with a r. of the personality of God

5:5.11 will in time lead to the r. of the supremacy of God

5:5.11 may eventuate in the r. of the ultimacy of God,

5:6.5 Ultimate, even reaching out for a r. of the Absolute.

6:2.7 the Son appears to devote himself more to the r. of


12:9.3 knowledge is not necessarily a part of the higher r.

14:4.22 in their efforts to attain higher levels of divinity r.

14:5.4 After ascenders have attained a r. of Supremacy and

14:6.7 The perfection r. in Havona compensates for the

14:6.13 base for the ever-expanding r. of spirit power.

14:6.16 opportunity for the r. of reciprocation of equality

15:7.6 of personality mobilization, unification, and r..

16:3.18 Creature r. of these three factors equals Havona

16:6.8 the personal r. of divine fellowship, the recognition

16:7.1 Moral intuition, the r. of duty, is a component of

16:8.6 the r. of relative independence of creative free will.

16:8.19 endowment is the beginning r. of Deity kinship.

16:9.1 possesses innate recognition-r. of energy reality,

16:9.1 intuitive r. of validity attaches to the unification of

16:9.6 and the r. (recognition) of God is inalienable and

16:9.13 the concurrent r. of our fraternal relationship with

21:6.4 so are the Creator Sons achieving the personal r. of

26:4.12 the fulfillment and r. of that tremendous command

26:5.5 the spiritual recognition and r. of the Master Spirit

26:6.2 in this circle that the ascenders achieve a new r. of

26:8.2 general work of preparing their candidates for a r. of

27:7.8 The attainment of the seventh stage of spirit r. by a

28:6.20 way is prepared for the r. of the solemnity of trust

35:1.3 for the r. of a supernal type of self-government.

36:6.7 expression in the Son, and life r. in the Spirit.

39:1.11 values inherent in the r. that a first-stage spirit being

39:5.4 foster and bring to r. even as much of brotherhood

43:7.5 for the r. of the magnificent artistic possibilities of

47:6.3 overmastering motivation of the r. of a common

52:2.7 This is the dispensation of the r. of sex equality.

52:2.7 preliminary to the fuller r. of the ideals of home life.

52:6.2 the r. of the world-wide brotherhood of man is not

52:6.2 revelation is essential to the r. of brotherhood on

52:6.2 the r. of social brotherhood on your world depends

52:6.7 in the world-wide r. of the brotherhood of man.

52:7.16 The planetary r. of this era of light and life far more

55:11.4 achievements in the supreme r. of cosmic wisdom.

55:11.5 readjustments which would probably attend the r. of

56:3.6 threefold in expression and Trinity-unified in final r..

56:3.6 in finality spirit must and does attain its full r. in that

56:7.1 divinity r. is accompanied by certain well-defined

56:7.2 expanding revelation and r. of God the Supreme

56:9.4 of personal comprehension and creature r.,

56:10.1 grasp for the r. of the reality of God the Sevenfold,

56:10.2 a fuller r. of the comprehensible elements of Deity—

56:10.8 Through the r. of truth the appreciation of beauty

62:6.6 we knew we were upon the threshold of the r. of our

62:7.1 all astir with the r. that a great event was impending;

65:6.2 organismal adaptation, and augmented life r..

67:1.4 Evil is a partial r. of, or maladjustment to, universe

67:2.1 planetary administration was on the eve of the r.

67:3.9 achieving an experiential level of personality r. of the

67:7.5 never can the sin of any being rob another of the r.

68:1.1 immediate r. of the brotherhood of man on Urantia.

68:1.7 societies were far from the r. of utopian dreams.

68:2.5 r. of various needs, all led to the closer association

68:2.9 is the insurance of race survival, not merely the r. of

70:9.17 The sudden and nonevolutionary r. of supposed

71:3.4 1. Love loyalty derived from the r. of brotherhood.

71:4.15 progress in the arts of civilization leads to the r. of

71:7.1 The purpose of education should be r. of selfhood,

71:7.7 2. The r. of meanings.

71:8.15 Urantia is far from the r. of these exalted ideals,

72:12.5 Spirit of Truth provides the foundation for the r. of

72:12.5 better prepared for the r. of a planetary government

74:3.3 They arrived at a full r. of the folly of attempting

75:0.1 The r. of race betterment appeared to be a long way


75:5.2 It was in the despair of the r. of failure that Adam,

75:5.4 Upon the r. of what had happened, Serapatatia was

76:5.2 new presence within them and awakened to the r.

79:8.6 did move forward in the r. of the arts of civilization,

81:6.11 in numbers prevents the full r. of national destiny,

83:0.1 that eventually culminated in the r. of pair matings,

83:8.7 it does not produce an insensitivity to the r. of the

84:1.3 the conscious r. of the obligations of sex relations.

84:5.11 evolution worked toward the r. of women’s rights.

84:7.10 thus the new and higher r. of name pride comes

84:7.25 growing out of the r. that parents were creators of

84:7.28 essential to the r. of brotherhood among all men.

86:3.4 It was the r. of impotency before the mighty forces

87:7.1 which will insure survival and augment r.

90:0.3 Religion eventually achieves the simple r. of an

91:6.4 to the r. of those reserve powers of human nature

91:8.6 true gesture toward the r. of unselfish brotherhood.

92:4.3 human belief-reflex, excited by the r. and fear of the

92:4.8 sons bestow upon their brethren in the joyous r. that

92:7.3 man to God and bring the r. of the Father to man.

92:7.10 of idealistic spiritual living, r. of sonship with God

94:3.6 Brahmanism came near to the r. of the indwelling of

94:6.6 riches upon his fellows, for that is the r. of truth.

94:11.5 endeavors, could attain to the r. of this inner divinity.

95:4.2 that every moment should be lived in the r. of the

96:7.8 achieved the r. of the ideal of the Universal Father

97:7.11 The r. of divine justice has begun the destruction of

98:4.8 to lead up to the “enthusiasm” of the r. of divinity,

98:7.1 Father’s love and to the r. of their sonship with God.

99:5.7 interpretation of the r. of that spiritual experience.

100:1.9 The experience of the r. of the reality of unconscious

100:3.3 enhanced r. on ever progressively higher and higher

100:3.6 potentials equals growth, the experiential r. of values

100:3.6 in growth of values, progress in meanings, and r. of

100:4.6 that would be the r. of the brotherhood of man.

100:6.7 There is a sense of security, associated with the r. of

101:1.1 the r. of spiritual satisfactions while yet in the flesh

101:2.15 The r. of religion never has been, and never will be,

101:6.2 the Adjuster is the secret of the personal r. of the

101:6.5 experience of Supremacy, the r. of the Supreme;

101:6.9 1. Salvation from material fetters in the personal r. of

101:6.11 3. Salvation from spiritual blindness, the human r. of

101:6.12 through the eventual r. of the harmony of Havona

101:6.16 of the r. of the ultimate experience of the Father.

102:1.6 be satisfied with anything less than the personal r. of

102:2.5 the personality satisfaction of the r. of cosmic

102:3.4 Religious experience is the r. of the consciousness of

102:3.13 In science, the idea precedes the expression of its r.;

102:3.13 in religion, the experience of r. precedes the

102:6.10 the r. of the reality of the meeting of the human

103:1.6 The r. of the recognition of spiritual values is an

103:4.3 the r. that one’s highest ideals are not necessarily

103:6.6 as to their conscious r., by the mind activity.

103:9.9 The full r. of the reality of mortal life consists in a

104:3.2 Regardless of the r. of the survival of spiritual

104:4.33 the eternalization of the functional infinity r. of all

105:3.1 overshadowed by the r. that the seven Absolutes are

105:3.3 basis for the r.-revelation of “I AM personality.”

105:3.4 the basis for the r.-revelation of “I AM force”

105:4.8 The triunities eventuate the r. of infinity as function.

106:2.8 they will experience the r. of a new meaning-value

106:7.1 some kind of an experiential r. of all that could be.

106:7.4 absolute God may be practically impossible of r.;

106:7.6 which mean to you what the infinite r. of God the

106:7.9 This developmental r. is predicated on the completed

106:8.1 is manifested in a theoretical infinity of eternity r..

106:8.17 short of the complete r. of all infinite potentials.

106:8.21 there is included the absolute finality of all reality r..

106:8.22 lead directly to the r. of the I AM as an experiential

106:9.4 a unity is in process of experiential r. in the Trinity

110:3.10 is the birth of cosmic morality and the dawning r.

110:6.1 The sum total of personality r. on a material world is

110:6.12 and maximum limits of these stages of maturity r.:

110:6.15 highest possible r. of mind-Adjuster relationship in

110:6.17 faith makes experiential the full r. of man’s

110:6.17 only by and through the r. of choice-experience.

110:6.17 spiritual forces greatly augments both cosmic r. of

110:6.18 to attain further quantitative r. of cosmic growth

111:3.5 and cosmic meanings as a r. of universal reality.

111:3.7 truth, beauty, and goodness as the value-r. of God-

111:7.5 of anticipation disillusioned by the bitterness of r.;

112:1.9 seven dimensions of self-expression or person-r..

112:1.12 are not co-ordinated in experiential personality r..

112:2.12 true spiritual experience, is the experiential r. of

112:4.13 at once, passes into the “r. of identity transition,”

112:5.5 mortal choice the Father depends for the r. of a new

113:4.4 acquire enhanced r. of the presence of the Adjuster

114:6.10 angels, who forecast a future age and plan for the r.

115:3.16 new avenues of the r. of hitherto impossible

117:0.3 Supremacy advanced another step toward cosmic r..

117:6.6 latent mother potential of the Supreme, a new r. of

117:6.6 It appears that this r. of self will continue in the

117:6.7 experience, ripening wisdom, and divinity r..

117:6.20 All creations are interdependent in their r. of destiny.

117:7.1 The completed r. of all finite potentials equals the

117:7.1 completion of the r. of all evolutionary experience.

118:1.2 Such a consecration of will is tantamount to the r.

118:5.2 even men, are to become God’s partners in the r.

120:2.2 time lag involved in the r. of this achievement.

120:3.2 give some attention to the r. and exemplification of

120:4.2 the progressive self-conscious r. and recognition of

122:2.7 Zacharias and Elizabeth rejoiced greatly in the r. that

124:4.5 his mother was destined to be hurt by the r. that

126:2.2 fourteen years of age, awakened to the r. that he

129:0.3 the r. that Jesus was making ready to leave them.

130:4.14 insufficiencies, is equivalent to the r. of actual evil

131:5.3 attaining the r. of all that is divinely perfect.

133:4.5 derived from the r. of the presence of God in the

133:4.5 The great thing in all human experience is the r. of

133:4.8 a fine art through the increasing r. that you minister

140:5.15 the r. of the chief purpose of all human struggling

140:10.4 a salvation growing out of the faith-r. of this very

141:2.1 I declare that the kingdom of heaven is the r. and

143:7.3 faith contemplation of the Father and attempted r. of

149:6.3 I would lead you up, through recognition, r., and

149:6.8 your more mature spiritual r. and appreciation.

150:5.5 R. of sonship is incompatible with the desire to sin

152:6.5 the r. of the real nature of their task as ambassadors

153:2.12 every soul who attains the r. of this united nature of

155:3.1 the “kingdom is not meat and drink but the r. of

155:5.10 the actual r. of the victory of spiritual faith over

155:6.3 the r. of the possibility of making for yourselves

155:6.9 but this is impossible of r. in the present state of

157:6.3 the new period of the more complete r. of the truth

160:1.13 it constantly seeks for the r. of those values which

162:1.7 their jurisdiction before they awakened to the r.

167:5.2 a means of stirring up his soul to the r. of the need

170:5.4 gospel, nearly failed of r. as his followers distorted

171:4.3 bewildered apostles wake up to the r. that Jesus

173:5.6 Even the Alpheus twins were aroused to the r. that

176:3.2 the spirit by the faith-r. that you are a son of God?

177:4.9 immediate r. of honor and reward in the old order,

178:1.11 supreme joy of the faith r. of sonship with God

178:1.11 by the personal r. that the faith of a spirit-born man

180:5.2 Truth exists only on high spiritual levels of the r.

180:5.2 truth, even at best, can eventuate only in the r. of a

180:5.3 after the r. of truth, permit its spirit of activation to

180:5.7 the golden rule takes on living qualities of spiritual r.

180:5.8 But the highest r. of the golden rule consists in the

180:5.8 relationship is revealed only in its spiritual r.,

180:5.8 Jesus loved us all, and that is the reality of the r. of

181:2.9 when I go away and you at last wake up to the r.

181:2.19 sonship with God and with the exalted r. that,

182:2.7 preoccupied with the sudden r. of Judas’s desertion

182:3.11 The supreme test of the full r. of the human nature

184:2.10 That Peter was brought to the r. that he had denied

184:4.6 Son of Man has finally achieved the r. of identity

184:4.6 the eternal r. of the divine destiny of perfection

186:1.6 Judas was passing through the experience of the r.

188:5.13 but to stimulate man’s r. of the Father’s eternal love

191:1.4 Peter was overcome by the r. that he had talked with

196:0.7 keen r. of the reality and sacredness of all human

196:0.8 he devoted himself to the cause of its r. with

196:1.6 consciousness of the human to the r. of the divine,

196:1.6 The fact-r. of the attainment of totality of divinity

196:2.2 to the sublime spiritual heights of the positive r. of

196:3.3 The experiencing of total reality is the full r. of God,

196:3.25 the personal r. of the Adjuster’s inner presence,

196:3.25 of duty, the r. of the existence of right and wrong.


0:10.2 God the Absolute is the r. goal of all superabsonite


105:3.3 I AM and the basis for the r. of “I AM personality.”

105:3.4 Isle of Paradise; the basis for the r. of “I AM force


16:9.9 four universe-reality r. are latent and inherent:

110:6.16 cosmic levels–actual meaning grasps and value r.

realizesee realize, not

4:5.3 But mortal man is beginning to r. that he lives in a

6:3.4 Rather should you r. that all the merciful

12:2.1 should r. that they are gazing upon the mighty

16:6.11 life experience to r. them; of religion to ennoble

28:6.8 You should r. that there is a great reward of

34:5.7 consciously to r. the faith-fact of sonship with God.

39:5.4 These primitive men only come to r. the wisdom

39:5.5 The worlds first r. “peace on earth and good will

39:5.9 Seraphim help the mortal philosophers to r. that,

41:7.13 You will r. what high temperature means by way of

47:7.1 Here you begin to r. the high destiny of the loyal

52:6.7 The quickest way to r. the brotherhood of man on

62:2.4 keen minds to r. the dangers of their forest habitat,

62:3.9 You can hardly r. by what narrow margins your

63:3.3 Andonites seemed to r. that they were an isolated

86:2.3 Human beings are only just beginning to r. that

86:3.1 required age upon age for man to r. its inevitability.

91:1.3 encouraged the effort to r. these material objectives

92:7.4 but they can, and some day will, r. a unity in true

106:9.11 all universe personalities begin to r. that the final

106:9.11 Mortals will sometime r. that success in the quest of

107:4.7 Can you really r. the true significance of the

110:3.4 a determined effort to r. eternal destiny is wholly

112:7.14 Now begins the human attempt to r. and to actualize

115:2.1 in no way makes it impossible to r. new cosmic

118:10.18 To r. providence in time, man must accomplish the

127:0.1 began more fully to r. that he was present on earth

128:4.9 more difficult to r. that this man was a Son of God

134:6.2 Religion makes it spiritually possible to r. the social,

134:6.11 opportunity to r. and enjoy the personal liberties of

136:9.4 Jesus began to r. that the cup of the remainder of his

140:7.6 to faith-r. that they are the children of the Most High

143:3.3 You must r. that the best method of solving some

143:5.4 Nalda was frightened; she began to r. that she stood

150:9.4 They were beginning to r. the meaning of some of

152:6.5 twelve began to r. more fully (though not finally)

152:6.5 They began to r that the feeding of the five thousand

155:5.13 while you r. the satisfaction of discovering for

155:6.12 the theory of God while they spiritually fail to r.

158:7.8 they began to r. what the Master must endure,

159:3.6 Sometime the children of the kingdom will r. that

160:2.10 Such a race might begin to r. something of your

162:2.7 If you could only r. that I am to be with you only

163:6.3 I r. you are about to deliver all authority into my

164:4.11 Look, then, all of you, upon me and r. what has

170:5.14 partial failure to r. his ideal of the establishment of

171:2.1 his disciples began to r. that he was not going to

177:5.1 They were all beginning to r. that disconcerting

179:2.2 r. that I shall not again drink with you the fruit of the

180:5.8 when such spirit-led mortals r. the true meaning of

182:1.5 but I do this that they may the better r. the Father

183:4.6 While they all vaguely r. that Jesus has forewarned

184:1.4 “You r. that something must be done about your

184:2.3 he could scarcely r. that Jesus had been arrested.

184:2.11 Not until Jesus looked upon him, did he r. that he

185:7.5 did Pilate r. that there was no hope of saving Jesus

193:0.4 faith they can actually r., and daily experience,

196:3.9 Only the spirit-indwelt man can r the divine presence

196:3.16 interpreter lived in the mind, man could not truly r.

realize, not

125:3.1 And he did not r. that he had been left behind until

145:2.8 Do you not r. that the hope of a better nationor a

167:4.5 Besides, do you not r. that our friend Lazarus has

167:5.6 The apostles did not fully r. that his earth mission

177:4.11 Judas did not r. it at this time, but he had been a

177:4.11 Judas did not r. it, but he was a coward.

185:7.2 Do you not r. that I still have power to release you

realizedto obtain as a profit or return

72:7.10 the government takes one half the profits r. from all

172:2.3 David turned over to Judas the funds r. from the sale

realizedto make real or concrete

1:2.7 God can be r only in the realms of human experience

2:7.6 not being a reality, error cannot be r. in experience.

5:3.8 becomes an experience r. on four cosmic levels:

5:5.1 the spiritual experience (having r. God) demands

14:5.11 but urges are to be fully r. and gloriously gratified

16:7.6 virtue is r. by the consistent choosing of good rather

28:4.2 and see, as it were, all thingscan be perfectly r. in

44:8.3 aspirations of evolutionary mediocrity may be r..

47:10.6 invested by the Spirit of Truthis not mobilized, r.,

52:7.5 The reward of the ages is soon to be r.;

56:7.1 each new domain of r. and attained evolution

56:9.8 Absolutes are one, and thereby is infinity Deity-r.

56:9.11 r. in the postultimate unity of absolute values and

71:4.16 an ideal society cannot be r. when either the weak

79:3.5 the south, this destiny would probably have been r..

83:8.6 Though this beautiful dream is seldom r. in its

84:8.3 violet race introduced a new and only imperfectly r.

94:4.10 brotherhood of all men, that is personally r. in loving

99:5.9 r. and expressed only by “feelings that lie too deep

100:4.3 much, but of happiness man has truly r. very little.

103:2.1 Religion is functional in the mind and has been r. in

103:2.10 The impulse of the spirit Monitor is r. in human

106:7.1 that infinity could ever be completely r. in finality.

110:2.6 To the extent that this identity is r., you are mentally

112:1.4 Personality can be experientially r. in the realms of

113:2.1 a human soul who has r. one or more of three

117:3.9 and, in mortals, creature-r. in Adjuster fusion.

117:6.8 this assurance of Deity kinship must be faith r..

120:2.8 8. Your great mission to be r. and experienced in

134:6.13 peace on earth and good will among men can be r..

136:9.2 Jesus knew that this hope would never be r..

144:4.4 which can be consciously r. as an answer to prayer.

155:6.8 The hope of human brotherhood can only be r.

155:6.12 taught you that the kingdom can best be r. by

170:1.3 2. A future hop—when the kingdom would be r. in

170:2.8 a far-reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and r. in

196:2.11 The ideal of all social attainment can be r. only in the

196:3.24 unity of truth, beauty, and goodness can only be r. in

realizedto understand or appreciate

62:6.6 We were alive with expectation; we r. that the long-

62:7.6 we r. that our work was finished, and our group

75:3.9 Before Eve quite r. what was transpiring, the fatal

75:4.7 found Cano pleasant to the eyes, and she r. all that

84:7.20 the child early r. that disobedience meant failure or

98:7.1 the great advocate of the atonement doctrine r.

111:0.3 Before man r. that his evolving soul was fathered by

119:7.4 We then not only r. that our Creator and friend was

119:7.4 All intelligences r. that the last bestowal was in

124:4.4 Increasingly Jesus’ parents r. that there was

128:7.10 when Mary r. that Jesus was preparing to go away.

132:0.9 neither Stephen nor the thirty chosen ones ever r.

132:3.1 Nabon little r. that Jesus was preparing him to

136:7.1 Jesus r. that he could cast himself off the ledge

137:4.9 Jesus now r. that he had already saidor rather

139:7.9 Matthew little r. that the Master knew all about it.

140:8.27 shocked when they r. that their Master’s religion

143:5.13 the moment when she r. Jesus was a man of God

144:1.7 They r. that their next public effort in either Judea

145:2.10 All of them r. more fully that the gospel is a message

145:5.1 He r. that the world was filled with physical distress

149:2.2 none of them r. that some of these writings would

154:6.9 Jesus had hardly r. how near this prediction would

157:6.2 They little r. that this was the beginning of a new

167:6.3 mothers little r. that the onlooking intelligences of

168:1.10 The group assembled before Lazarus’s tomb little r.

170:5.12 The Master fully r. that certain social results would

171:0.7 sons of Zebedee little r. that in less than one month

172:0.2 fully r. that the Master was not that kind of a king;

172:3.15 became disillusionedwhen they r. that Jesus was

173:5.6 They r. that only a few short days could intervene

176:1.2 The Master r. that the rejection of the spiritual

176:3.4 ‘Lord, I knew you and r. that you were a shrewd

177:4.9 Judas r. that there was to be no new kingdom such

177:5.4 terrible isolation which they r. was about to descend

179:2.3 Jesus fully r. that this traitorous betrayal was the

182:3.9 Jesus r. how weak and how ignorant his apostles

185:1.3 Pilate then r. that he had made a threat which he

191:0.3 apostles r. how much they had been dependent on


106:8.12 r., and consummators; beginnings, existences,


0:11.2 First Source and Center r. extension of experiential

1:5.16 The Universal Father r. in the fullness of the divine

56:2.1 The Thought-Father r. spirit expression in the Word-

102:0.3 when the moral consciousness of man r. that values

103:5.9 when man once fully r. that there lives and strives

118:5.2 When man r. that the Universal Father is his

realizingsee realizing

0:2.15 Personal Deity associatively r. the time-space

22:9.8 one could not help r. that these possessors of

63:2.6 they sat up watching their fire burn, vaguely r. that

75:6.3 Son and Daughter and their children without r.

103:6.5 latter r. the nature of a universe turned outside in.

122:5.9 thought to welcome the child of promise, little r.

123:0.2 Mary, r. that such a program of undue sheltering

127:6.2 forsaken the love of even a beautiful maiden (not r.

128:1.1 Jesus entered upon this stupendous task fully r. his

138:2.1 They returned to Jesus more fully r. that religion is

154:6.8 that he had lost interest in them, little r. that it was

170:2.16 their personal experience of r. the higher qualities of

172:2.5 were prevented from fully r. its seriousness by the

179:2.1 once more before I suffered, and r. that my hour

180:5.11 can only be comprehended by living them, by r. their

196:3.21 knowing him, of worshiping him, of r. sonship with


143:7.4 is designed to make man less thinking but more r.;


14:0.1 true magnitude of this vast creation is r. beyond

26:11.6 You are not r. a child of Paradise until you have

28:4.6 If the Ancients of Days would like to know—r. know

48:6.35 angels who are r. able to help you “to see yourself

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the faith which they r. have

48:7.18 and many truths are not r. felt except in adversity.

70:9.13 But human rights are not r. natural; they are social.

78:7.5 But Noah r. lived; he was a wine maker of Aram,

101:0.3 There r. is a true and genuine inner voice, that “true

101:1.3 But the mind that r. discerns God, hears the

108:5.9 between what r. is right or wrong (not merely what

108:6.5 thus slowly and surely re-creating you as you r. are

111:0.1 may be r. known only through cosmic insight and

112:7.8 But the fused individual is r. one personality, one

112:7.19 But if you actually will, if you r. desire, surely the

125:2.5 holy of holies to gaze in wonder as to what r. was

125:5.3 What r. exists in the holy of holies, behind the veil?

130:1.2 “But do you suppose the big fish r. did swallow

131:1.8 and mother; he r. loves us, his children on earth.

133:3.7 Ganid, some people are r. wicked at heart;

134:5.11 When there are only a few r. sovereign powers,

139:2.6 Peter r. and truly loved Jesus.

139:2.13 Jesus was, after all, r. and truly the Jewish Messiah.

139:4.10 the first of the twelve r. and fully to believe in the

139:5.1 it had not occurred to Philip that Jesus was a r. great

139:12.2 Judas was not r. sincere in dealing with himself.

139:12.5 Judas r. was a great executive, a farseeing and able

139:12.5 The apostles loved Judas; he was r. one of them.

139:12.5 but we doubt whether Judas r. loved the Master with

146:3.3 Master,how can a new believer r. know, r. be certain

146:6.2 Discovering that the young man was not r. dead,

146:6.3 vainly tried to explain that the lad was not r. dead,

146:6.4 understand that the widow’s son was not r. dead

148:6.4 You know that the wicked never r. prosper.

148:6.5 if you are r. righteous, God will certainly deliver you

152:4.2 “Lord, if it r. is you, bid me come and walk with

153:4.1 this is the first case where Jesus r. cast an “evil spirit

158:5.2 All things are possible to him who r. believes.”

162:2.1 If any man r. desires to do my Father’s will, he

162:2.3 Do you r. claim to be the Messiah?”

162:3.2 What r. happened was this: Early the third morning

162:8.3 Only one thing is r. worth while, and since Mary

164:1.1 “You have answered right; this, if you r. do, will

164:4.11 Maybe you were not r. born blind, and even if

165:6.2 is revealed; trial discloses what r. is in the heart.

166:2.7 But the Samaritan r. had leprosy.

168:0.7 whosoever lives and believes shall never r. die.

171:7.3 Jesus r. understood men; therefore could he manifest

173:3.1 which of these sons r. did his father’s will?”

177:1.3 if the desire of the heart is r. supreme, can

179:3.3 said, “Master, do you r. mean to wash my feet?”

179:3.8 “Do you r. understand what I have done to you?

179:4.8 own selfish projects, when love is once r. dead.

179:5.6 for upon all such occasions the Master is r. present.

185:7.1 R., who are you? What is this they say, that you are

187:4.5 Here on the cross beside him he saw a r. great man

189:3.5 viewed by those who saw them as they r. occurred,

189:5.1 Peter was half persuaded that Jesus was r. alive;

189:5.1 convinced that the women r. had seen the Master.

190:0.3 they r. saw him; they were not the self-deceived

191:5.5 “You have believed, Thomas, because you have r.

192:2.3 turned to him and asked, “Peter, do you r. love me?”

192:2.4 therefore do you know that I r. and truly love you.

195:9.8 if it could only see Jesus as he r. lived on earth

195:10.5 —so few professed followers of Jesus who r. live and

realmsee realm, of the; realm of

1:1.3 in the hearts of his creatures of any given r..

6:4.2 The Son is omnipotent only in the spiritual r..

11:3.1 This r. is wholly spiritual, and you are almost

13:1.8 Sonarington, a r. penetrated by none save those

13:1.17 provided with spirit ministers as is the r. concerned

16:4.6 It is in this r. that the Master Spirits make their great

16:6.7 —the reality domain of morals in the philosophic r.,

16:7.7 enters into the practice of the virtues of the moral r..

17:0.11 directors of this far-flung administrative r..

17:3.1 superuniverses at the reflective focus of each r.,

18:4.2 the Ancients of Days concerning the welfare of his r.

20:1.13 endowed with this drawing power in his own r.;

20:3.1 Magisterial Sons sit in judgment on the r.,

23:2.22 to represent and interpret one r. to another.

23:2.22 When a newly inhabited r. is discovered, it may

25:6.6 Custodians of Records guard the archives of that r.

30:4.11 to call the rolls of the age and adjudicate the r.,

32:5.3 As regards an individual life, the duration of a r.,

33:1.2 our Master Son possesses in his r. all of the divine

34:3.8 a circumscribed “space domain” as hers, a r. in

37:3.6 this Paradise Son has finished the judgment of a r.

37:4.3 instructions which constitute their mission in our r..

37:5.6 long experience and of great service to their native r.

37:6.1 to serve as educational advisers to the entire r..

37:6.5 Progress within a given r. is individual, but transition

39:9.2 graduates as would be found in an older r.;

40:10.2 ascend beyond the confines of their native r.,

48:3.10 You will have ample opportunity to visit in any r.

49:6.7 with regard to the nonsalvable personalities of a r.,

49:6.21 when the majority of the mortals leaving a r. are

50:5.1 Planetary Prince continues on as the ruler of his r..

51:0.2 on an apostate planet, a r. without a spiritual ruler

52:6.8 These worlds are in the spiritual circuits of their r.,

52:7.14 no difference whether a r. has been wholly loyal,

53:7.1 Ellanora, a young woman of that mortal r.,

55:3.1 You would instinctively describe such a r.could

56:7.2 Sevenfold becomes active throughout such a r..

67:7.4 universe law may be fatal in the physical r. without

76:5.3 I come to Urantia if the subordinate Sons of my r. do

76:5.4 might possibly be the r. whereon the ruler of this

91:6.1 the spiritual forces and material supervisors of a r.,

91:6.7 that r. wherein he can communicate with his Maker

101:10.4 the material r., whereon is death, to the spiritual r.,

103:7.15 But history is a r. in which science and religion may

108:3.6 guardians of good in the souls of this backward r..

111:2.8 is a morontia phenomenon since it exists in the r.

112:4.12 If you have attained the third circle or a higher r.

118:8.9 and destructive in the presettled eras of that very r..

120:0.8 the superuniverse had decreed the safety of his r.

120:1.6 As a mortal incarnate in the r. you are without

133:0.3 are reckoned among the animals of any given r..

159:3.7 To those who live quite wholly within either r.,

182:1.3 given full authority over all living creatures in my r.,

realm, of the

0:0.2 to the use of a circumscribed language of the r..

2:3.3 the dispensational or epochal adjudication of the r.

3:2.7 regarding the existence of the higher laws of the r.,

8:4.7 the power to minister to the creatures of the r. in

20:2.6 appears as an adult of the r. by a technique of

20:3.3 being, invisible to the material creatures of the r..

20:3.4 a dispensation and constitutes a judgment of the r..

20:4.2 Avonals always appear as adult beings of the r.;

20:6.2 of woman and grows up as a male child of the r.,

23:2.17 or as intelligence gatherers for the good of the r..

25:3.3 before the regularly constituted tribunals of the r.,

25:3.4 the whole question to the higher tribunals of the r..

25:3.5 carried out for the apparent welfare of the r.,

25:3.5 neither natural law nor ordained usages of the r.,

28:6.2 cosmic advancement of the living creatures of the r..

29:4.26 They appear to understand the language of the r.,

31:5.2 to take the natural course of the peoples of the r.,

32:2.5 until such a time as gravity stabilization of the r. has

33:3.3 and equality of authority in all the affairs of the r..

34:2.5 out of the existing organized material of the r.,

34:5.2 starting with the lifeless material of the r.,

35:2.3 concerned with the routine administration of the r.

35:2.5 not appeared in the likeness of the creatures of the r.

37:2.9 Stars serve as liaisons between the mortals of the r.

37:8.7 Of the Technical Advisers, the legal minds of the r.,

39:1.7 the conciliators up to the highest tribunals of the r..

39:4.16 the higher spirit personalities of the r. peruse the

39:5.14 Now the transport dispatcher of the r. summons the

43:2.8 renders legislative enactments the law of the r.;

44:1.1 held in sublime ecstasy while the melody of the r.

44:8.2 their enhanced portrayal for the edification of the r..

45:5.6 of sonship reserve the veto functions of the r., but

47:3.8 the major activities of the r. are occupied with the

48:2.20 association with physical and spirit forces of the r..

49:3.5 enjoy life and carry forward the activities of the r.

49:5.22 they duly install a Planetary Prince as ruler of the r..

50:2.7 facilitate communication with the inhabitants of the r

51:1.4 energy much as do the physical beings of the r.,

51:1.6 reproduce and carry on as material citizens of the r.,

51:6.5 and interpret him to the mortal creatures of the r.,

51:6.8 2. The father of the r.the Planetary Adam.

51:7.1 latter two being visible to all the inhabitants of the r.

51:7.2 be called joint prime ministers of the glorified r..

51:7.4 the physical, scientific, and economic status of the r..

52:1.5 to speak many words of the languages of the r..

52:1.6 adjudication of the r. is simultaneous with the arrival

52:3.4 eliminated from the reproducing stocks of the r..

52:4.3 birth, neither do Avonals die the death of the r..

55:1.2 is visible to the more spiritual individuals of the r..

55:1.4 here also do the mortals of the r. receive planetary

55:4.8 mission is to liberate the midwayers of the r. and

55:4.21 of new functions of the mind circuits of the r..

58:4.2 and planted them in the hospitable waters of the r..

59:6.12 sea mothered and nurtured the early life of the r..

66:2.9 they became conscious, threefold beings of the r.,

66:4.7 They partook of food as did the mortals of the r.

66:8.7 And now this rebel of the r., shorn of all power to

73:6.7 they were all material mortals of the r.; they lacked

75:4.4 you shall surely become as the mortals of the r.;

75:7.3 had degraded to the status of the mortals of the r.;

76:3.1 reduced to the status of the common flesh of the r.;

76:4.7 microscopic and ultramicroscopic organisms of the r.

76:6.2 of the unconscious sleep of the mortals of the r..

77:1.2 marked changes in the spiritual economy of the r.

77:6.3 (except for their peculiarities) as mortals of the r.,

77:8.7 are of import to the supernatural beings of the r..

77:8.10 attached to the ministry of material beings of the r..

77:8.11 of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the r..

93:1.3 personalize on earth as a temporary man of the r.,

93:2.6 Machiventa lived after the manner of men of the r.,

109:2.8 Such Adjusters participate in many activities of the r.

113:5.5 circumstances of the material r. proceed unaltered

113:6.7 gather together his elect from one end of the r. to

114:7.1 who are chosen by the spirit directors of the r. to

114:7.3 Mortals of the r. are chosen for service in the reserve

119:7.3 would appear on earth as a helpless infant of the r..

120:0.2 as such a human of the material r., to execute the

120:0.6 presently grow up on Urantia as a mortal of the r..

120:2.1 You will grow up on Urantia as a child of the r.,

120:2.2 the Son of Man; thus, as a mortal creature of the r.

120:2.4 a dispensational judgment of the r., accompanied by

120:2.9 you are to become an ordinary human of the r.,

122:2.6 helpless babe, an average, normal infant of the r..

127:6.14 and now as a man of the r. Jesus begins to organize

127:6.15 Born into the world a babe of the r., he has lived his

127:6.16 And now as a full-grown manan adult of the r.he

128:0.1 growing up as a child of the r. and wrestling with

128:1.2 was “made flesh and dwelt as a man of the r. on

128:1.3 these into wisdom, just as do other mortals of the r..

128:4.9 quite like an individual of the r., just another man

129:1.15 His training as a man of the r. had to be completed

129:4.2 as an incarnated mortal of the r., on the day of his

130:0.5 those intimate associations with the mortals of the r.,

132:4.3 contact with upward of five hundred mortals of the r

136:1.6 made flesh and dwelt among the mortals of the r..

136:2.2 the Jordan to be baptized, he was a mortal of the r.

136:2.3 Ordinarily, when a mortal of the r. attains such

136:3.1 on Mount Hermon, as an unaided mortal of the r.,

141:2.1 upon his throne and decreeing the laws of the r..

141:7.7 he lived his life for all the world as a mortal of the r..

144:5.68 That our charity may enfold the weak of the r..

166:4.7 otherwise produced by the spiritual forces of the r..

176:4.1 his seventh and last bestowal as a mortal of the r..

181:2.20 when I sojourned with you as a mortal of the r..

189:0.2 As a mortal of the r. he has experienced death;

189:1.4 Friday he laid down his life as a mortal of the r.;

189:2.3 to material beings, such as the mortals of the r..

189:2.9 the testimony of many mortals of the r. who met,

192:2.13 son of God, all upright work of the r. is sacred.

196:0.10 Jesus brought to God, as a man of the r.,

realm of

4:1.10 This must be the function of Providence—the r. of

4:5.3 man is beginning to realize that he lives in a r. of

5:3.2 Supplications of all kinds belong to the r. of the

5:3.2 ordinarily proceed out of the r. of the jurisdiction

5:5.2 Religion is an independent r. of human response

7:1.10 The Eternal Son dominates the r. of actual spiritual

8:5.3 and is confined to the spiritual r. of that creation;

11:9.1 Paradise is unique in that it is the r. of primal origin

12:8.4 the domain of spiritual gravity, is the r. of the Son.

15:3.3 propitious, gazing through the main body of this r. of

18:6.6 then functions in an enlarged capacity in such a r. of

20:5.6 It is true that your Creator Son selected for the r. of

21:5.9 still more concerning the r. of terminal bestowal,

27:1.1 which graduates a creature of space into the r. of

28:6.3 or throughout the entire r. of a superuniverse.

31:3.5 by actual advancement from one r. of universe

31:3.5 from one r. of universe service to another r. of

34:3.8 One is free to choose and act only within the r. of

34:7.3 the intense conflicts of Urantia mortals in this r. of

36:2.14 the r. of the universe physicists and electrochemists

42:2.14 This domain of power-energy-matter is the r. of

42:2.15 we refer to the r. of universe power as GRAVITA.

44:0.1 but their chief r. of activity is in the constellations

51:2.1 from their home of associated service to the new r.

58:2.6 this r. of constant temperature is the stratosphere.

77:8.7 Sentinels patrol the invisible spirit r. of the planet.

86:7.2 the business of insurance from the r. of priests and

100:5.6 one should postulate a similar and corresponding r.

101:1.3 the r. of the highest and most spiritualized thinking.

101:5.2 philosophy the r. of wisdom, and religion the sphere

107:3.2 go back to the r. of supposed origin, Divinington;

111:4.5 superconscious mind as it impinges on the spirit r. of

113:3.6 Throughout the entire r. of progressive survival in

116:0.4 the grand universe, is also a growing r. of power

117:4.13 allow yourself to pass into the r. of the unrealized

118:10.7 a real and emerging providence in the finite r. of

181:2.16 Our kingdom is a r. of order, and where two or

195:6.16 Freedom or initiative in any r. of existence is directly

196:3.31 In the r. of religious experience, spiritual possibility

realmssee realms, of the; realms of

0:6.2 a term applied to spiritual, mindal, and material r..

1:2.1 God overshadows all throughout the material r..

5:3.6 contact with the children of these r. through the

6:4.9 contacts with the ascendant beings of the lower r.

9:1.5 and the universal administrator of the mind r.;

10:6.3 the representative of the Father and the Son to all r.

11:1.3 circuit, ever journeying inward through the starry r.,

11:2.1 of all this vast and far-flung creation of material r.

12:2.2 Most of the starry r. visually exposed to the search

12:2.4 have nothing to do with these far-distant r.,

12:2.5 little more about these r. than do the astronomers

12:4.14 are fairly reliable when applied to the starry r.

12:4.15 because the vast universes of outer space in the r.

13:0.4 being may sojourn on any of these seven shining r..

13:1.1 are closed to personalities, but neither of those r. is

15:0.3 there is operative throughout these r. a technique

15:3.1 Practically all of the starry r. visible to the naked

15:7.4 universe, passing from the material to the spiritual r.,

15:13.2 they do not sit in spiritual judgment upon the r..

16:4.16 we are confident there are two r. in the vast range of

18:1.4 Always will we be unable fully to penetrate the r.

18:3.1 spiritual rulers and directors of these advanced r.,

18:7.4 from those of the administrative directors of such r..

19:5.10 and ascendant souls from the evolutionary r.—but

20:2.1 the magistrates of the time-space r.—of all races,

20:4.3 dispatch of Mystery Monitors to the inhabited r..

20:7.3 the spiritual awakening and moral guidance of all r..

20:7.5 In their ministry to these evolutionary r. they utilize

21:2.10 and makers of the life plans of their respective r.,

21:2.12 still their r. whirl on about their respective centers.

21:3.24 and government throughout all the universal r..

21:4.1 bestowed themselves upon the creatures of their r..

21:5.9 accordance with his concept of the needs of his r..

23:1.7 few types of beings operating throughout the r. who

23:2.17 In the more needy r. we all enjoy the satisfaction of a

23:2.20 unnoticed even by the intelligences of adjacent r..

23:3.1 available in all r. for the quick transmission of

23:3.5 remote space regions, r. not embraced within the

24:0.10 attached to the administrations of the evolutionary r..

24:7.1 service in the superuniverse r. as Havona Servitals

28:5.9 coming in from r. where rebellion has been rife,

29:4.24 the living and dead energies of their respective r..

30:3.3 Uversa contains individuals from many near-by r.,

32:3.3 other r. must attain that perfection by the methods

35:3.21 student visitors are not received from other r..

35:3.22 with student visitors and observers from other r..

35:7.1 On these forty-nine r. the ascending mortals secure

35:10.1 On these r. the experienced Lanonandeks belonging

37:4.3 these personalities from the higher r. are usually

37:6.2 on the seventy socializing r. attached to Edentia,

39:1.10 Behind lie the r. of achievement, r. grown familiar by

39:3.1 all Nebadon in the interests of their assigned r..

39:4.5 at one time served as justice guides in the lower r.

39:7.1 angels do not minister extensively except in older r.

39:9.2 the evolutionary r. disclose increasing need for

40:10.4 services of those who were in transit to higher r..

40:10.4 competent to carry forward the affairs of these r. in

42:1.5 transition r. between the material and the spiritual

42:4.2 through successive ages and throughout countless r..

42:4.13 This wise provision in the material r. serves to

44:0.1 and artisans of the morontia and lower spirit r..

44:0.14 masterpieces of the supernal artists of the spirit r..

44:1.4 control of the light of the morontia and spiritual r..

44:3.3 and routine workers of the spirit and morontia r..

44:3.5 are the most exquisite creations of the morontia r.

44:3.7 the association of all the personalities of all r. as they

44:4.5 permanent recording unknown on the material r.,

44:5.4 laws in the spirit world as obtain in the material r..

46:7.2 the employment of the power agencies of their r.

46:7.7 join in the outward spiritual devotions of their r..

48:1.1 The morontia r. are the local universe liaison spheres

48:2.26 All morontia transition r. are accessible alike to spirit

48:3.17 numerous other r. not at present revealed on Urantia

48:4.3 of the exalted humor of the morontia and spirit r..

48:6.30 the morontia transactions of the lower universe r..

49:6.17 gaining many experiences as teachers in those r.

54:0.2 Sin is potential in all r. where imperfect beings are

55:7.2 idea of kings and queens throughout the universe r..

59:0.7 well-defined developments in both the geologic r.

67:7.5 sin visit their consequences in material and social r.

72:1.5 the last developments in industrial and political r.

90:0.1 increasingly complex concept of the supermaterial r.,

99:0.1 social reforms were largely confined to the moral r.,

103:9.2 and, in its nonmaterial reaches toward the spirit r.,

107:3.9 his bestowal upon the peoples of his universe r..

107:7.6 material creatures throughout his virtually infinite r.,

109:2.9 Adjusters can communicate with those in other r..

112:5.11 on the borderland of the physical and morontia r..

119:6.4 even the lowest form of created intelligence in his r..

119:8.8 a Melchizedek minister to the r., a system savior,

121:5.11 survival after death, and enduring life in blissful r.

133:4.5 things of mortal life that are embodied in the spirit r.

140:8.9 he ignored the civic, social, and economic r..

144:5.2 Our Father in whom consist the universe r.,

144:6.3 my Father’s business, for we have other r. besides

169:4.13 the divine Son of the spiritual r., only as a Father.

realms, of the

2:1.8 intelligences of the many r. of his far-flung universe.

2:3.3 or epochal adjudication of the realm or r..

2:5.8 I think we all, including the mortals of the r., love

3:4.3 freely distributed to the thinking of the r. in no wise

3:4.3 As the universes multiply, and beings of the r.

3:6.1 mighty lever of the circumstances of the universal r.;

4:1.5 upheavals and the physical cataclysms of the starry r.

5:1.4 The mortals of the r. of time and space may differ

5:3.6 contact with the children of these r. through the

5:5.11 as it is experienced by an evolving mortal of the r.,

6:4.9 contacts with the ascendant beings of the lower r.

11:1.1 purposes in the administration of the universal r.,

12:0.3 of physical law and from observation of the starry r.,

12:2.2 Most of the starry r. visually exposed to the search

13:4.1 the many enterprises of the various r. of universe

13:4.3 receptivity inherent in the individual minds of the r..

13:4.5 obedient to the choosing of the creatures of the r..

15:3.1 Practically all of the starry r. visible to the naked

15:13.2 concerned with spiritual administration of the r. or

15:14.2 bestowal of merciful ministry to mortals of the r..

19:5.9 techniques, are functioning as teachers of the r..

20:2.1 the magistrates of the time-space r.of all races,

20:3.1 Magisterial Sons are the high magistrates of the r.,

20:6.2 as do the children of the r. in which they serve.

20:6.6 whole of the actual experience of mortals of the r.,

21:5.7 loyalty and devotion of the will creatures of the r.,

23:1.6 “listening in” on all the broadcasts of the r. of their

23:2.20 clues furnished by the space contemplators of the r..

23:3.1 helping out spiritual and material beings of the r.,

24:0.10 attached to the administrations of the evolutionary r.

24:7.3 divine embrace never return to the service of the r..

25:2.8 to make contact with the material beings of the r.

25:2.11 with the minor misunderstandings of the r..

25:4.18 personally deal with the material creatures of the r.

26:8.5 are remanded to the work of the r. of space for a

28:4.14 duties and the emergency assignments of the r..

28:5.16 seeking to upstep the pleasure reactions of the r.

28:6.5 the justice of righteousness to the status of the r.,

28:6.6 your account with the supernatural forces of the r..

29:4.15 of the constantly changing energy status of the r..

29:4.25 The status of the physical r. seems to undergo a

32:4.11 bestowing Adjusters upon the mortals of the r.,

33:3.7 and to regard the creatures of the r. as their sons and

33:6.3 are more occupied with the spiritual status of the r..

34:2.5 who actually contact with the mortals of the r..

35:2.4 as mobile and advisory review courts of the r.;

36:5.1 her personal ministry to the material minds of the r..

37:4.3 supervising directors of the r. of assigned function.

38:5.4 the spirit world and the mortals of the material r..

38:7.5 By study in the schools of the r. they acquire

38:9.8 the higher spirit-reality forces of the celestial r..

39:1.6 as destiny guardians to the mortals of the r.;

39:1.8 position to be unfair to the lowly creatures of the r.,

39:2.3 gathering the information of the r. for his guidance

39:5.5 Peace is not the natural state of the material r..

40:5.2 and nearer to the struggling creatures of the r.,

41:2.6 These beings of the energy r. do not directly concern

42:4.2 disappearance in some great cataclysm of the r..

42:4.9 converting these energies into the matter of the r..

44:0.14 masterpieces of the supernal artists of the spirit r..

44:1.4 control of the light of the morontia and spiritual r..

44:3.3 and routine workers of the spirit and morontia r..

44:3.5 are the most exquisite creations of the morontia r.

44:4.1 and reproduction of the superior thought of the r.,

44:4.2 to the preservation of the higher thought of the r..

44:5.7 interference as applied to communications of the r..

45:5.3 Planetary Prince and the material creatures of the r..

45:6.7 parents insures that such a mortal child of the r. will

46:8.2 their restoration to the spiritual communion of the r..

48:3.12 of a local universe; they are the linguists of the r..

48:4.3 of the exalted humor of the morontia and spirit r..

48:4.8 the reversion directors of the r. are not concerned

48:6.30 the morontia transactions of the lower universe r..

50:1.1 the Creator Son touches the creatures of the r.

50:2.2 also selected from the evolutionary beings of the r.

50:3.3 while exempt from the ordinary diseases of the r.,

56:3.5 threefold spirit endowment of the evolutionary r..

77:0.1 midway between those of the mortals of the r. and

77:9.11 a truly essential part of the spirit economy of the r..

90:0.1 increasingly complex concept of the supermaterial r.,

108:4.5 unexplained contact with the creatures of the r..

108:5.1 admonitions of the spiritual intelligences of the r.

109:2.9 data essential to the Adjuster ministry of the r. of

109:7.5 of the transcendental ministry of the absonite r. of

110:1.1 not organic parts of the physical creatures of the r..

112:5.11 on the borderland of the physical and morontia r..

113:7.6 affectionate attachments of the r. of human origin

118:10.7 The circumstances of the material r. find final

118:10.14 unlock the storehouse of secrets of the natural r.,

120:2.6 Paradise Father, the Thought Adjusters of the r..

127:0.3 life experience of the youth of all the r. of Nebadon,

129:4.5 ascendant mortals of the r., from birth to death.

142:7.15 presented in himself the perfected son of the r. to

146:2.5 reception by a thoroughly selfish creature of the r. of

167:6.5 inspiring spectacle of the starry r. of the Creator

169:4.13 the divine Son of the spiritual r., only as a Father.

183:0.4 Jesus well knew that these rebels of the r. would be

186:5.1 but as the Son of Man he was a mortal of the r..

188:3.8 with the uncreated universes of the unorganized r.

188:4.6 While the mortals of the r. had salvation even before

190:0.1 the ascending morontia career of a mortal of the r..

190:0.3 The mortals of the r. will arise in the morning of the

194:2.19 new-name spirit of the ascending mortals of the r.

196:0.9 reveal himself through him to the mortals of the r..

realms of

0:4.2 the reality r. of the nonpersonalizable values of

0:4.3 Deity potentials ranging upward through all r. of

0:4.4 is embraced within the r. of the Universal Absolute.

1:2.7 God can be realized only in the r. of experience;

1:5.14 he does, within the r. of his own eternal personality,

5:1.1 within the r. of possibility ask for safe conduct

5:2.6 mainly limited to the r. of soul consciousness, but

5:5.1 the making of choices in the highest r. of reason;

5:6.8 free will, as it operates within the r. of choice,

6:4.7 In the r. of knowledge, omniscience, we cannot

7:1.9 Absolute in the r. of emerging spiritual potentials.

7:2.1 from Paradise through Havona and into the r. of the

7:4.5 to go into the very r. of rebellion and there restore

8:1.10 Father in all phases of universe history and in all r. of

9:1.4 The Father presides over the r. of pre-energy,

9:4.3 is absolute only in the domain of mind, in the r. of

9:5.2 The r. of creature mind are of exclusive origin in the

12:3.10 now in progress throughout the r. of outer space.

12:4.14 reckonings with reference to the r. of outer space

12:8.3 Only in the r. of creature volition has there been

12:8.6 universe, the Conjoint Actor is to the r. of mind—

12:9.3 Not only in the r. of life but even in the world of

13:1.19 All these spirit workers in all levels and r. of universe

13:2.8 phases which are wholly outside our r. of experience

15:8.8 Even in the r. of the seven superuniverses we are

15:9.1 The circuits of Paradise do actually pervade the r. of

15:11.1 branch of the supergovernment originates in the r. of

16:4.6 intervene, bridging the gulf between the material r.

16:6.6 scientific r. of logical uniformity, the differentiation

16:6.10 and self-conscious personality in the r. of science,

17:0.10 the adjutants bestowed upon the r. of evolutionary

17:2.6 of personality function, may witness in the r. of the

18:0.11 Only in the r. of experience has the passing of time

19:3.1 the counsel of Deity to the r. of the superuniverses.

20:2.1 the magistrates of the time-space r.—of all races,

20:2.3 is individually unique in the r. of their sojourn,

21:5.10 to the lowly races of planetary life in the r. of time.

22:8.3 in self-denial in behalf of their chosen r. of service.

23:2.1 immediate supervision of those who direct the r. of

23:2.21 information we possess of transactions in the r. of

23:4.4 creatures move on into the r. of outer space?

23:4.5 evolutions now taking place throughout the r. of

24:1.1 Circuit Supervisors are concerned, not with the r. of

24:1.11 agelong study of the problems found in the r. of their

24:6.4 There is no record of a Graduate Guide in all the r.

25:0.9 subject to the direction of those who rule the r. of

25:1.7 graduation from the universes of time to the r. of

29:3.11 control must represent the unpredictable r. of energy

29:4.17 with equal periods of inspection service to the r. of

29:5.7 capable of functioning in these r. of outer space are

30:4.23 anything that has ever entered the imaginative r. of

32:0.4 The Sons of God may choose the r. of their activities

32:2.1 your Creator Son, established the inhabited r. of the

32:2.9 cluster in the starry and planetary r. of Orvonton.

34:0.1 to accompany this Creator Son to the r. of space,

38:4.2 headquarters worlds are among the magnificent r. of

39:1.9 the Corps of Completion function in the higher r. of

39:8.1 and in these very r. of their nativity some achieve

40:7.4 mortal spheres of time to the divine r. of eternity

41:6.3 escaping from the solar interior to the r. of space.

42:2.8 domain of the Unqualified Absolute into the r. of

42:2.10 distinct phases of transmutation in the r. of energy

42:4.7 heat and coldis secondary only to gravity in the r.

42:11.1 laws of nature operate in what seems the dual r. of

42:12.13 from there on out through the r. of time and space,

54:0.1 eventuates in the divergent r of sin and righteousness

55:8.4 humans in the ever-advancing r. of philosophy and

56:4.3 in all the r. of the perfect, perfected, and perfecting

56:10.9 values embrace the revelation of Deity to the r. of

58:2.10 the terrific storms which occasionally rage in the r.

65:7.8 spiritual gravity are distinct r. of cosmic reality,

79:8.6 especially in the r. of agriculture and horticulture.

82:3.2 been and always will be two distinct r. of marriage:

87:4.2 beyond the domain of ghostland to the higher r. of

91:6.4 are stored and conserved in the unconscious r. of the

95:2.5 magical ritual early became involved with the r. of

95:2.9 selfishness,” it would be admitted to the r. of bliss.

97:10.5 philosophic creative discovery in the r. of truth.

100:1.9 functioning in the supposed subconscious r of human

100:4.2 commotion in the philosophic r. of the mind.

101:7.2 to attempt the exploration of unknown r. of living.

103:7.2 matter identification through the r. of morontia

103:9.5 and living faith attitude toward the highest r. of

105:1.2 the I AM is not clearly identifiable in undeified r. of

109:7.3 unusual, and the unexpected throughout all the r. of

109:7.5 of the transcendental ministry of the absonite r. of

110:4.3 revelations of the Adjuster appear through the r. of

110:5.3 that have become lodged in the r. of the supermind,

110:6.17 but potentials become actuals in the finite r. of the

111:4.10 but ideals are born only in the creative r. of the inner

112:1.4 can be experientially realized in the progressive r. of

114:6.18 cannot fully control the affairs of their respective r.

115:1.4 The r. of the finite exist by virtue of the eternal

115:2.3 equally with the r. of space potency, mind potency,

117:6.6 Then, throughout the r. of finaliter activity in the

118:9.8 should attain creative union in the r. of outer space

118:10.4 the Almighty on up through the transcendental r. of

119:0.7 in just and merciful supremacy over all the vast r. of

124:4.9 daily adjustments between these r. of loyalty to

129:4.7 example for all the mortals of all ages on all the r. of

131:4.7 to awake in the r. of the Supreme and Immortal,

132:2.10 as a decision stimulus in the r. of moral progress on

160:1.2 higher r. of unexplored ideas and undiscovered ideals

167:6.5 inspiring spectacle of the starry r. of the Creator

176:3.7 leading the children of light into new r. of spiritual

185:6.4 This sight sent a mighty shudder through the r. of a

188:3.8 with the uncreated universes of the unorganized r. of

196:3.34 the dim r. of embryonic soul-consciousness in a


168:1.14 the end of the third day, seeking to r. the dead body;


2:3.2 for whatsoever a man sows that shall he also r..”

39:2.13 you “r. a morontia form” on the mansion worlds.

54:6.3 every member of any such group, large or small, r.

54:6.7 time in which to r. increasingly beneficial results.

69:6.4 They failed to r. the sanitary benefits of fire because

86:1.3 Why work hard and r. bad lucknothing for

131:2.8 men r. the evil they plough and the sin they sow.

131:2.9 Whosoever sows iniquity shall r. calamity;

131:2.9 they who sow the wind shall r. the whirlwind.

140:5.7 is willing to sow seeds of self-denial in order to r.

143:6.1 I am now sending you to r. that whereon you have

148:6.3 while men certainly eventually do r. what they sow

164:3.4 the Essenes, tolerated the theory that men may r. in

165:5.2 consider the ravens; they sow not neither r.,

166:4.8 3. You may r. the harvest of your direct efforts to

171:8.6 and that you seek to r. where you have not sown.

171:8.6 You knew that I r. where I have apparently not


143:6.1 consequently the sowers and the r. rejoice together

151:4.1 when I will say to the r., Gather up first the weeds


2:3.2 even in the justice of r. the harvest of wrongdoing,

67:7.1 a soul-destroying harvest of iniquity is the inner r. of

192:2.8 Remember that the r. is in accordance with the


20:6.6 enter the portals of death, they r. on the third day.

24:7.2 fellows, never more to r. among those of his kind.

32:5.5 then they are lost to human sight, only to r. as new

42:4.2 in untold millions of years it may r. as some form of

42:9.3 elements, but on reaching the eighth, it tends to r.,

112:5.14 that creature cannot subsequently r. until a cosmic

119:1.2 and did not r. for twenty years of standard time.


30:4.15 entirely explain the r. of the surviving personality.

34:1.3 after the r. of the supervising Master Spirit from

71:1.24 the small castle groups, the r. of the clan and tribal

112:4.3 time of awaiting the factual r. of the surviving mortal

114:2.6 adjudication, or the r. of Michael on the world of


139:4.4 this self-esteem r. to a certain extent, so that, when


176:1.6 r. of the Messiah would result in the establishment of

176:2.5 But the times of the r. of the Son of Man are known


50:7.2 but promptly r. upon the attainment of Paradise


72:2.8 regional executives, and while they may not be r.,

185:1.6 to Rome, and he was not r. as procurator of Judea.


143:6.1 He who r. receives wages and gathers this fruit to

143:6.1 herein is the saying true: ‘One sows and another r.

148:6.11 man r. the harvest of his own iniquitous

rearnoun or adjective

135:12.7 a platter and presenting it to the woman at the r. of

139:2.6 coward when surprised with an assault from the r..

147:8.4 while the glory of the Lord shall be your r. guard.

150:2.1 from Bethsaida, the women traveled in the r..

152:4.2 And those who were in the r. of the boat heard

154:6.11 the arrival of a party of David’s messengers at the r.


68:6.10 a tribe in Australia whose mothers refuse to r. more

84:1.8 temporary partnerships lasted long enough to r. the

123:0.5 Galilee as a better place in which to r. and educate

127:5.3 to r. his father’s family, to “fulfill the most sacred

177:2.3 you get married and have children of your own to r.,


3:5.6 Then must man be r. in an environment which

47:2.5 youths on the finaliter world are also r. in families of

54:4.2 Parents, those who have borne and r. children, are

68:0.2 hence must all children be r. in an environment of

74:2.3 faithfully kept up the supply of home-r. pigeons for

75:3.5 this child, to be r. and educated in the Garden,

76:0.2 the child of Laotta, to her bosom, and she was r.

76:4.8 These children were born and r. in the tribal

103:2.2 But those persons who were so r. by their parents

119:7.7 this Son of God was thus born of woman and was r.

123:0.5 the new candidate for David’s throne could be r.,

130:7.1 They learned that Jesus was r. in Galilee and not in


45:6.5 by assisting the Jerusem Adams and Eves in r. and

45:6.7 of the planet being devoted to this work of child r..

47:1.4 had mortal experience in r. three or more children

47:1.6 No ascending mortal can escape r. children—

69:9.7 exquisite enterprise of home building, offspring r.,

70:3.1 The evolving family displaced the horde in child r.,

82:4.5 bride fee in recognition of the service of properly r.

83:8.5 and for the purpose of procreating and r. offspring.

83:8.8 the family is becoming a loyal partnership for r.

100:2.8 wreck temporal creations preliminary to the r. of the

123:2.5 These Jews had a systematic program for r. and

124:4.4 and Mary to undertake the r. of this unprecedented

124:5.6 Jesus had a larger and longer experience r. this

127:1.7 made up his mind that he would, after r. his family

127:3.12 that Jesus was to occupy many years with the r. of

127:5.5 his paramount duty was the r. of his father’s family,

133:2.2 far greater share of the burden of bearing and r.


161:2.1 of the Master, and the following narrative is a r.,


15:4.8 such r. as to cause these enormous aggregations to


156:5.1 story of the white lily which r. its pure and snowy

reasonnoun; the power of comprehending, inferring or


0:5.5 source of intelligence, r., and the universal mind.

1:2.7 be proved by scientific experiment or by the pure r.

1:5.10 R., wisdom, and religious experience all infer and

5:5.1 Morality has origin in the r. of self-consciousness;

5:5.1 the making of choices in the highest realms of r.;

5:5.2 the moral or duty level of r.; the spiritual level of

5:5.6 well-nigh impossible for human logic and finite r.

9:8.12 they have minds embracing memory, r., judgment,

14:5.3 disclosed the r. of righteousness and rule of justice.

16:6.7 of morals in the philosophic realm, the arena of r.,

16:9.7 It requires the enlightenment of r., morality, and

54:2.3 stand forth in the clear light of r. as a monumental

63:6.2 R. directed Andon from his own discovery to the sun

70:2.1 thrown into savagery; civilized r. had to abdicate.

87:7.5 attempts to supplant philosophy and to enslave r.;

88:4.5 from magic to science, not by meditation and r., but

92:2.1 wisdom—knowledge directed by experiential r. and

92:2.3 reprehensible practices with newly advanced r.,

92:2.6 Conscience, unaided by r., never has been, and never

92:3.9 forward and upward to the higher levels of r. and

101:0.3 The assurance of religion transcends the r. of mind,

101:1.1 Religion is not the product of r., but viewed from

101:1.5 and inexplicable in terms of purely intellectual r.

100:7.15 was linked with discretion and controlled by r..

101:2.2 R. is the method of science; faith is the method of

101:2.3 R., through the study of science, may lead back

101:2.7 Science ends its r.-search in the hypothesis of a

101:2.8 R. is the proof of science, faith the proof of religion,

101:3.2 Spiritual r., soul intelligence, is the endowment of

101:10.2 will the exhaustion of the possibilities of logic and r.

101:10.6 R. alone can never validate the values of religious

102:1.2 The r. of science is based on the observable facts of

102:1.2 What knowledge and r. cannot do for us, wisdom

102:3.13 the will-to-believe and the product of enlightened r.,

102:6.6 Though r. can always question faith, faith can

102:6.6 faith can always supplement both r. and logic.

102:6.6 R. creates the probability which faith can

102:6.6 R. alone cannot achieve harmony between infinite

102:6.8 R. demands that a philosophy which cannot find

102:8.5 Religion,when reduced to terms of r. and intellectual

103:6.7 R. is the understanding technique of the sciences;

103:6.9 failure of man’s r. substitute for motametaphysics.

103:6.11 Science must always be grounded in r., although

103:6.11 r. is a stabilizing influence and a helpful handmaid.

103:6.13 Faith and r., unaided by mota, cannot conceive

103:6.15 of man must be logically based on the r. of science,

103:7.1 Science is sustained by r., religion by faith.

103:7.1 Faith, though not predicated on r., is reasonable;

103:7.2 presage the appearance of morontia and spirit r. and

103:7.6 Within the domain of true science, r. is always

103:7.6 R. grows out of material awareness, faith out of

103:7.7 from the stage of facts, r. abdicates or else rapidly

103:7.13 R. is the act of recognizing the conclusions of

103:7.13 truth-seeking progression of the unity of faith and r.

103:8.1 assume the probability of God by their r. and logic,

103:9.2 thinking should be in the main dominated by r. and

103:9.6 the universe, wisdom, like r., becomes allied to faith.

103:9.6 R., wisdom, and faith are man’s highest human

103:9.6 R. introduces man to the world of facts, to things;

103:9.7 Faith most willingly carries r. along as far as r. can

103:9.8 inherent (adjutant spirit) assumption that r. is valid,

103:9.9 willingness to believe these assumptions of r., faith,

103:9.10 When r. once recognizes right and wrong, it exhibits

103:9.10 R. deals with factual knowledge; wisdom, with

103:9.12 such a reality is transcendent to r., science, wisdom,

104:2.6 Theological r. may be fully satisfied by the

104:2.6 but philosophical and cosmological r. demand the

104:3.4 While r. demands a monotheistic unity of cosmic

116:0.2 But that same r. and logic would compel any honest

131:8.3 The heavenly R. is slow and patient in his designs

133:1.4 did not possess moral judgment and spiritual r.,

138:9.1 in the hearts of these apostles all r., judgment, and

147:4.6 Now come into action the r. of mind and intelligence

154:6.8 emotional appeal as the mind does to logic and r.,

161:1.11 the satisfaction of all unsatisfied factors in logic, r.,

175:1.17 Within r., the one you ought to have done but not

195:7.7 Man’s conceit outruns his r. and eludes his logic.

196:3.2 would be inclined to view these activities as r.,


121:4.3 Stoics believed that a controlling R. dominated all


120:3.9 r. of your expanding human mind of hereditary


101:2.7 Science ends its r. in the hypothesis of a First Cause

reasonnoun; explanation or justification

2:5.5 the supreme r. for loving him is the indwelling gift of

5:3.4 exists no r. why prayer should not be addressed to

12:7.3 if the demands of perfection might for any r. dictate

13:1.23 But even after it is revealed to you, for some r. it

15:14.3 into a meaning-of-the-whole; and it is for this r.

17:3.1 For this r. it is necessary to have seven of these

17:3.9 we have every r. to believe that all Father fragments

22:2.5 there is every r. to believe that the number serving in

22:9.4 for any r., their presence is required on Uversa.

23:1.9 There is a technical r. why these Solitary

24:7.7 There is an additional r. for supposing the Graduate

25:8.7 if for any r. you should be temporarily separated

26:8.4 good and sufficient r. for these apparent failures;

28:4.10 And for this r., even were there no others,

30:4.11 Those accredited beings who have, for any r.,

30:4.24 The r. for all of this experience is not now apparent,

39:0.1 but for some unknown r. these seraphic offspring are

45:7.1 Or if, for any other r. of hereditary handicap,

45:7.1 not completed, no matter what the r., all who are

48:6.34 but their wards, for some r., failed to personalize on

50:2.7 The principal r. for bringing mortal ascenders from

58:6.2 links” will forever remain missing, for the simple r.

62:5.9 And so, by r. of their own intelligent choice, Andon

63:2.1 for this r. had never been overly popular with their

65:6.1 for no other r. than that he must kill protoplasm in

70:1.6 And this for no other r. than just the fun of it;

70:6.3 this was an additional r. for making the chief-kings

72:10.3 For one r., there are only about ten per cent as many

74:7.20 Adjuster was presented as an additional r. for not

79:8.4 And this is the r. for the stagnation of what had been

81:2.11 This was one r. why civilization progressed faster in

81:2.12 to domesticate the horse, and this is another r. why

82:3.2 and this is the r. for this agelong sex problem:

82:4.4 The r. for holding the wife to stricter sex account

83:3.1 For this r., the purchase price of a wife was regarded

84:7.3 she was his chattel, and she obeyed for the same r.

85:1.5 elevations of land worshiped for this additional r..

88:4.7 This is one r. why ancient peoples did not increase

89:5.4 though this has seldom been the underlying r..

92:2.2 For this r. and no other, stone implements

92:5.5 And this is not without r.; there is an instinctive

96:3.4 saw fit to repudiate this treaty, giving as his r.

101:2.15 that is just the r. why some of the world’s greatest

107:1.5 We have every r. to believe that none of the other

107:2.4 whose partners for some r. declined eternal survival,

107:4.2 For this r. we sometimes denominate the divine gifts

108:4.4 And this is the r. why contacts with the supreme

110:6.7 progression, for the r. that these levels are personal;

111:0.6 I was thus successful by r. of that which it caused

113:3.4 And herein is revealed the r. why the seraphic

115:1.4 neither can a finite creature offer a rational r. for his

131:8.3 The heavenly R. is slow and patient in his designs

132:0.3 chief r. why Jesus consented to make this journey.

133:2.1 must feel that you have some good r. for this assault.

134:9.9 And there was a r. for this failure of his beneficiaries

138:1.1 Jesus’ r. for thus beginning the proclamation of

139:2.3 The only r. Peter did not get into more trouble

139:12.8 This is just the r. why Jesus permitted Judas to go on

140:8.17 the simple r. that he would not take sides in

142:3.21 deliverance from Egypt is assigned as the r. for

142:3.21 fact of creation as the r. for Sabbath observance?

144:0.2 There was a third r.: the slowly augmenting

145:5.3 Jesus to tell them the r. for his strange conduct.

145:5.4 Jesus confided to them the r. for his coming forth to

147:0.2 it was for this very r. that Jesus and the apostles

147:8.2 For what r. do you afflict your souls while you

152:1.4 the simple r. that such an extraordinary situation

153:5.3 any good r. why you should stumble at my words

155:6.12 And that is just the r. why I have so often taught

163:2.6 that was the r. for Jesus’ requiring him to part with

164:3.15 3. Jesus had a third r. for resorting to these material

167:5.3 poor cook, a faulty housekeeper, or for no better r.

168:4.5 although one which is for some good r. delayed.

172:5.4 James could not understand the r. for throwing

172:5.7 the Master’s r. for enlisting the popular support of

172:5.7 Understanding the real r. for the Master’s entering

175:2.1 no valid r. why the individual descendants of these

183:3.1 And there was yet another r. why Judas chose to

187:5.1 the sky darkened by r. of the fine sand in the air.

188:3.9 We have r. to believe that the human Jesus knew

188:3.14 There is good r. for believing that some personality

191:0.13 this is the r. why they did not go at once to Galilee


13:2.5 Nor can you successfully r. out these questions;

15:12.1 r. that we must have a third or judicial branch,

16:9.14 Fatherhood is the relationship out of which we r.

50:5.8 they become philosophicalthey start out to r. within

82:5.1 savage did not consciously r. about such problems

97:5.2 “‘Come now and let us r. together,’ says the Lord,

102:6.9 Intelligent men should cease to r. like children and

131:2.10 “‘Come now, let us r. together,’ says the Lord,

148:9.3 saying: “Why do you so r. in your hearts?

156:1.3 Peter endeavored to r. with Norana and persuade

165:4.2 he began to r. with himself, saying: ‘What shall I do

169:1.13 he tried to r. with this older one: ‘But, my son, you

180:5.5 the golden rule of wisdom you might r. that, since



103:0.7 thought-out theologic doctrines and r. religions.


103:6.8 Revelation authoritatively clarifies the muddle of r.


1:2.7 the true concept of the reality of God is r. to logic,

2:5.9 ponder the nature of God, there is only one r. and

5:5.12 to subject itself to r. philosophic interpretation;

19:6.8 We deem it no more than r. to assume that we are

72:5.6 R. salary for skill employed in industrial operations.

94:3.4 philosophers failed to evolve a r. personal approach

100:1.5 of curiosity and the enjoyment of r. adventure,

100:7.3 But the Master was so r., so approachable.

101:1.1 reason, but viewed from within, it is altogether r..

101:6.7 concepts which are so r. as ideas and so logical as

103:6.9 like a r. and unified attitude toward the cosmos.

103:7.1 Faith, though not predicated on reason, is r.;

106:6.6 This would appear to be a r. conclusion with

111:6.9 R. self-confidence is not to be deplored.

112:4.11 r. cause for believing that the human partner may

116:0.2 it is both r. and logical to believe they were made

130:4.14 of unjustified deficiency in r. spiritual rectification

136:7.1 r. precaution to prevent the untimely termination

175:1.2 with the r. requirements of the laws of Moses and

176:3.4 would require of you an accounting with r. profit,

177:3.7 an exhortation to conform in every r. manner with


87:4.3 the power of an idea lies not in its reality or r. but


16:4.15 phenomenon can hardly be r. explained or rationally

84:4.1 the progress of marriage itself is a r. accurate gauge

92:2.4 is r. consistent and compatible with its current status,

108:5.5 they concerned in making your life r. difficult and

160:3.1 Granted the possession of a normal body and r.

185:1.1 If Pontius Pilate had not been a r. good governor of


42:9.1 When a renowned religious teacher r. that seven was

91:1.3 These simple-minded souls r. that food, shelter, rain,

94:11.10 It was r. that, if Gautama had come to the peoples of

101:1.1 not a system of philosophic belief which can be r.

126:3.5 Jesus r. that the watchcare of his earthly father’s

148:9.3 Jesus, perceiving in his spirit that they thus r.

162:2.5 They r. that the Roman rulers would not do such a

166:3.2 Some of you have r. that, since the Scriptures record

167:1.4 he had r. in his heart that his sorry plight might

168:0.2 they r. that it was because the Master did not learn

172:5.7 Nathaniel r. it out, before they reached the temple,

173:2.5 they so answered the Master because they had r.

173:4.2 tenants saw the son, they r.: ‘This is the heir;

184:1.2 had r. that Jesus might choose to leave the country

189:5.3 But John r. that the grave would hardly have been

191:0.4 “But,” r. Peter, “if he has risen and can show

191:5.1 Nathaniel r. with him, but it did no good.


16:8.17 The r. recognition of the obligation of moral conduct

86:5.3 absence of r. thought in the presence of perplexity

101:6.3 will embraces decisions based on r. knowledge,

103:7.2 instinct precedes the appearance of r. knowledge in


101:10.2 reason ever reveal to the logician or to the r. the

139:2.4 a leader of men, a quick thinker but not a deep r..


0:3.20 forced to employ the technique of time-space r. in

19:1.7 it is always in danger of committing four errors of r.:

36:5.7 acquired knowledge, the phenomenon of quick r.,

67:3.6 universe government was the product of wise r.,

88:2.7 tendency up to the higher levels of thinking and r..

94:11.8 many channels of thought and by devious paths of r..

102:6.5 convictions about God arrived at through wise r.,

103:7.11 Science starts out on its vaunted career of r. by

121:7.9 1. The philosophic r. of the Greek proselytes to

124:2.6 Jesus’ depth of r. and keenness of observation

141:3.4 lucid logic, his strength of r., his sagacious insight,

160:5.2 matter of mere intellectual belief or philosophic r.;

160:5.13 The wisdom of the r. that this religion is the best

161:1.5 in the Greek’s views by the following steps of r.:


5:5.3 The r. philosopher is sometimes inclined to posit a

16:6.5 These responses are self-evident to clear-r. minds

124:6.14 unsatisfactory to his deep-thinking and keen-r. son

139:8.2 Thomas possessed a keen, r. mind and was the son

reasonssee reasons for

8:5.5 In recognition of this and for many additional r. the

10:1.5 For these and other r. beyond the concept of the

10:7.2 the Trinity is the total of Deity and for many other r..

15:10.21 who are not, at present, for various r., fully active in

19:1.12 and for still other r., do we employ the technique of

22:5.4 and, along with the seraphim and for the same r.,

26:8.3 In the event of failure no r. are ever assigned,

40:10.10 For good and sufficient r., such changes have been

44:5.8 certainly as physical energy, but not for the same r..

49:6.2 There are practical r. and sentimental associations

54:4.5 There are many r. known to us why the Supreme

54:4.5 There are no doubt still other and possibly better r.

54:5.1 Of the many r. known to me as to why Lucifer and

54:5.14 I doubt not that there are just as many additional r.

64:6.30 be in a position fully to appreciate all of these r.,

70:8.2 grouped in classes for the following general r.:

80:1.8 these and other r., the early waves of Mesopotamian

84:2.2 North American red men is one of the chief r. why

84:4.4 the r. cited in support of a celibate priesthood,

93:8.1 In addition to these r., Melchizedek wanted to

95:5.2 other r., that the child Jesus was taken to Egypt,

98:3.6 Augustus, who, purely for political and civic r.,

105:6.5 Because of it, as well as for other r., the almighty

120:1.6 remember, it will be wholly for personal r. since I

122:0.1 the many r. which led to the selection of Palestine as

123:0.5 And besides all these r., Joseph was outspoken in

124:4.6 And but for other and more important r. it does

127:2.10 one of the chief r. why Jesus moved to Capernaum

128:2.4 remained away, assigning weather and other r.,

128:2.6 And there were still other r. which made it wise,

129:1.8 legal residence, although Jesus did, for various r.,

129:3.2 many r., Jesus was known as the Damascus scribe.

134:5.6 become united, for various r., into tribal units

135:5.2 They fell back onto the well-known r. assigned to

138:1.1 but that for a season, and for many r., he desired

144:0.2 There were a number of r. why Jesus and his

144:1.2 his apostles that they were in retirement for three r.:

144:4.10 One of the r. why Peter, James, and John, who so

145:5.4 the real r. why the kingdom of the Father could not

151:3.12 the r. underlying his practice of using parables in his

162:1.5 There were many r. why Jesus was able publicly

162:1.6 This was one of the r. why Jesus could publicly visit

164:3.12 to wash in the symbolic pool of Siloam for three r.:

167:4.3 And it was for these r. that Jesus tarried yet two

167:5.3 man to divorce his wife for the most trifling of r.,

169:4.1 For these and other r., the Master thought best to

172:4.1 one of the r. Jesus had for allowing the multitude

175:4.4 of making away with Jesus for the following r.:

191:0.13 first appearance to the apostles for a number of r..

reasons for

10:2.3 the r. for believing in the inevitability of the Conjoint

13:1.3 One of the r. for the secrecy of these worlds is

20:2.2 We have r. for believing that the total number of

21:1.4 Creator Sons in existence, but I have good r. for

26:11.2 There are many r. for conjecturing that these two

41:2.8 There are a number of r. for such disturbances,

54:4.1 pertains to the r. for permitting Lucifer, Satan, and

54:5.14 There are an equal number of r. for not arbitrarily

54:5.14 on Uversa we teach forty-eight r. for permitting evil

54:6.7 Regardless of the many additional r. for delaying

55:2.10 you would quickly grasp the r. for providing for the

64:6.30 There are many good and sufficient r. for the plan of

70:7.2 There were many r. for the secrecy of these societies

74:7.20 But the Adamites taught many additional r. for these

100:4.4 viewpoint, his r. for such objectionable conduct.

101:2.4 There are two basic r. for believing in a God who

107:2.8 We have r. for believing that such Adjusters are

117:7.5 there are many r. for deducing that he is quite real

123:3.9 and underlying r. for the necessity of disciplinary

124:4.7 instructed Jesus as to the r. for not making images

127:2.2 Jesus declined to disclose his r. for not enlisting,

136:3.3 Jesus’ r. for seeking this retirement were entirely

155:4.2 misunderstand my r. for avoiding an open clash

172:4.1 one of the r. Jesus had for allowing the multitude


113:6.7 it is their group guardians who r. them in the halls of


43:1.5 mortals of the modified orders of ascension are r..

45:6.7 Here are received and r. certain children of surviving

47:3.4 personality of mortal origin should never be thus r.,

76:6.2 Adam and Eve were repersonalized and r. in the

184:5.1 At five-thirty o’clock the court r., and Jesus was led


47:3.3 Adjuster that r. creature personality and constitutes

112:3.5 and the soul that r. the surviving personality,


30:4.12 On r. of personality at the end of an age, those who

30:4.15 physical body of mortal flesh is not a part of the r.

30:4.15 called a resurrection, a r. of personality factors;

39:2.13 directly concerned in your personality r. on the

43:1.5 chambers of creature r. are under the supervision of

47:3.5 the real and conscious r. of actual and complete

51:2.4 When the r. of the physical organism is completed,

106:8.22 there could occur the functional r. of those aspects

112:3.6 seraphim are indispensable to the r. of personality.

112:5.15 they experience personality r. on the third period

112:5.16 The r. of the constituent parts of a onetime material

112:5.18 the Adjuster will be present at your personality r. to

112:5.19 this completes the repersonalization, r. of memory,

113:6.5 there occurs the r. of the constituent factors of the


191:1.5 they believed him and to r. that their own mother


20:3.1 they r. the space creatures of planetary ministry to


40:4.1 adjudication of the nonsurvivor, they may be r. to

113:6.4 guardians are r. to numerous ministering missions


18:2.1 the Eternals of Days function without rotation or r..


39:3.5 have found themselves r. on the mansion worlds for

42:10.2 The universal nonspiritual energies are r. in the living


30:4.15 Such a r. of soul and Adjuster is quite properly


127:1.2 searching; his smile was always engaging and r..


30:4.14 All surviving mortals who r. on the mansion worlds

49:6.16 The less perfected group r. on the headquarters of


40:9.1 only at the time of mortal r in the morontia existence

49:6.6 The r. of these mortals is accomplished by the

79:8.17 it is even now r. to envision anew the transcendent

Rebeccadaughter of Ezra


127:5.1 that R. should discover that she was slowly falling

127:5.1 She first confided her affection to Miriam, Jesus’

127:5.1 going direct to R., laying the whole story before

127:5.2 R. listened intently; she was thrilled with the recital

127:5.2 She argued (to herself) that such a man would all

127:5.2 She interpreted Mary’s efforts to dissuade her as a

127:5.2 she rightly reckoned that he would gladly supply

127:5.2 R. had further conferences with Mary and Miriam,

127:5.2 when she failed to win their support, she made bold

127:5.2 their support, she made bold to go directly to Jesus.

127:5.2 This she did with the co-operation of her father,

127:5.2 Jesus to their home for the celebration of R.’

127:5.3 these things, first by the father, then by R. herself.

127:5.3 R.’ father was deeply touched by Jesus’ words of

127:5.4 Then began that eventful talk with R..

127:5.5 After listening attentively, Jesus sincerely thanked R.

127:5.6 R. was heartbroken. She refused to be comforted

127:5.6 many men who sought her hand in marriage, R.

127:5.6 She lived for only one purposeto await the hour

127:5.6 she followed him devotedly through his eventful

127:5.6 she stood “among the other women” by the side

127:6.1 The story of R.’ love for Jesus was whispered

127:6.1 was recited, the devotion of R. was recounted.

127:6.2 Miriam, knowing fully about the affair of R. and

127:6.3 His mother, knowing of his experience with R.,

Rebeccadaughter of Joseph of Arimathea

150:1.1 women to this groupMary Magdalene and R.,

150:2.3 together with R., at Jotapata about four weeks

150:2.3 Mary and R., with the others of this group, went

Rebeccawoman of Sepphoris

187:3.2 Mary Magdalene, and R., onetime of Sepphoris.

187:5.4 Mary Magdalene, and R., onetime of Sepphoris.

188:1.7 sister of Jesus’ mother, and R. of Sepphoris.

rebelnoun or adjective

53:1.6 bound the dragon (all the r. leaders) for an age.”

53:2.2 when once converted to the r theories, Satan became

53:3.2 steadfast in resistance to all the r.’ proposals.

53:4.7 to organize his r. government before Gabriel made

53:4.7 of secession or to counterwork the r. propaganda.

53:5.3 Michael never interfered with the r. forces of Lucifer

53:5.3 r. forces were allowed to run a free course for two

53:5.6 Gabriel conducted an unceasing exposure of the r.

53:7.4 the Life Carriers stationed on the r. planets were

53:7.6 over one third followed their chief into the r. ranks.

53:7.14 tribunal that could detain or destroy this wicked r.;

54:3.3 But if this universe r. against the reality of truth

66:7.19 when Caligastia threw in his lot with the r. Lucifer.

66:8.7 now this r. of the realm, shorn of all power to harm

67:3.3 disloyal midway creatures and other groups of r.

67:4.2 They worked wholeheartedly for the r. Prince but

73:1.3 Nodites were the descendants of the r. members of

77:2.1 follow out the line of descent from the r. members of


77:7.3 Both groups of r. midwayers are held in custody

77:7.4 not be confused with certain of the r. cherubim and

77:7.5 these r. midwayers were actually able to influence

77:7.7 Even prior to Pentecost no r. spirit could dominate

77:7.8 The entire group of r. midwayers is at present held

77:7.8 No more do they roam this world on mischief bent.

119:2.2 This r. System Sovereign, Lutentia, reigned supreme

119:3.8 recent times been led astray by higher types of r.

134:8.6 loyalty in the face of the misrepresentations of r.

136:4.3 Neither was Jesus tempted by any evil spirits or r.

139:11.7 Simon was a r. by nature and iconoclast by training,

187:2.5 Pilate could have written “Jesus, a r..”


24:1.12 if its Planetary Prince should r. against the Father

51:1.4 or even consciously and deliberately r., this order

140:5.11 It masters all temptations to r. against the divine


35:9.6 Sons of the Lanonandek order have r. against the

67:7.7 Caligastia r., Adam and Eve did default, but no

97:9.25 Babylon and given ten years of grace, but soon r..

rebellion or Lucifer rebellion or Satania rebellion

2:3.2 deliberate r. against the government of God is loss

4:2.5 sometimes, the consequences of insurrectionary r.

4:2.8 her face is scarred, her features are seared, by the r.,

4:3.3 God is due to the far-reaching consequences of the L

7:1.7 Sin and r. may interfere with the operation of local

7:1.7 The L. produced many changes in your system of

7:4.5 if r., perchance, should mar or complicate this

7:4.5 to go into the very realms of r. and there restore

18:0.11 There is never any danger of default or risk of r. with

21:3.13 a prebestowal Creator Son in a universe without r. is

21:3.13 without r. is no greater than in a universe with r.;

22:2.1 a class of perfected mortals who have been r. tested

22:2.3 experience who functions loyally in the face of r. is

22:2.3 for action designed to prevent r. or to effect higher

22:2.3 greater value than loyalty in the face of actual r..

27:0.2 hosts ministering on worlds isolated because of r..

28:5.9 coming in from realms where r. has been rife,

32:3.7 of disharmony, confusion, and sometimes r.sin.

33:3.4 Never can the Spirit undertake to contest r. or

34:7.6 escape the dire consequences of the Caligastic r.

34:7.7 have never been tainted with sin nor touched by r..

35:4.3 summoned to function in the presence of sinful r.,

35:5.4 rarely fall into error, and they have never gone into r.

35:5.6 those spheres which have, through r. and default,

35:5.6 even of inhabited worlds that were untouched by r..

35:9.9 In the event of r. on a system headquarters, a new

35:9.9 R. by a Planetary Prince instantly isolates his

35:10.4 these Planetary Princes and their associates in r. who

37:8.3 of the planet during the testing seasons of the L..

39:4.6 In the L. in Satania very few of the justice guides

43:1.6 to the study of problems growing out of the S..

43:3.6 and planetary conditions growing out of the L..

43:4.7 After the S. the archrebels were wont to come up to

43:4.10 Since the L. a new structure has been provided near

43:4.10 and attitude of the order of Days toward sin and r..


43:5.1 on Edentia was suspended at the time of the L..

43:5.7 of Gabriel stationed on Edentia since the L..

43:5.9 duty of adjusting all difficulties consequential to r.

43:5.10 the Norlatiadek legislature to the r.-isolated worlds

43:5.12 growing out of the confusion consequent upon the S.

43:5.13 the management of problems pertaining to r. and

43:5.16 since the L. the Edentia Fathers have exercised a

45:1.10 detention spheres for the interned groups of the L..

45:1.10 and cherubim who went over to the rebels in the S.

45:1.11 those personalities who followed him in r. against

45:2.1 The L. in the system of Satania was the last and most

45:2.3 a gracious and brilliant ruler, and he is a r.-tested

45:2.3 At the time of the second system r. in Nebadon,

45:2.3 and the products of r. removed from Satania.

45:3.8 of this order so to serve on Jerusem since the L..

45:3.9 made necessary by the exigencies of the L..

45:3.22 but this representation is suspended by r..

46:0.1 from numerous irregularities occasioned by the L.

46:8.1 yet finished the adjudication of the affairs of the L.

46:8.4 There will come an end for rebels and r..

48:3.3 useful creatures were lost during the L. in Satania.

48:3.3 loss of the L. having only recently been made up.

49:5.23 Planetary Prince, Caligastia, cast his lot with the r. of

50:4.11 inglorious end by Caligastia’s adherence to the L..

50:4.12 the most profoundly shocking episodes of this r.

50:6.5 spiritual ban of Norlatiadek in consequence of the L..

50:7.1 quarantined in consequence of r. are fortunate.

50:7.2 the quarantined spheres involved in the first r. ever

51:1.5 thirteen Planetary Adams have been lost in r.

51:1.5 of these defections occurred at the time of the L..

51:3.4 but he failed in his effort to involve them in the L..

51:3.7 earlier midway creatures went into r. with Caligastia

51:7.5 lost through embracing evil and participating in r..

52:2.1 But life on an inhabited world is so changed by r.

52:5.5 The isolation of Urantia in the L. had suspended



53:1.5 Abaddon followed his master into r. and has ever


53:2.2 system of Satania which suggested or favored r..

53:2.2 he might have instigated such a r. no matter where

53:2.3 No one ever suggested r. to Lucifer.

53:2.4 the measures to be employed in case of open r..

53:2.5 cause or causes which finally culminated in the L..

53:2.5 persuaded himself that his contemplation of r. was


53:4.2 Self-assertion was the battle cry of the L..

53:4.5 inability the government of the Sons to stop the r..

53:5.1 Upon the outbreak of the S., Michael took counsel

53:5.2 At the time of this r. and the two which preceded it

53:5.3 From the outbreak of r. to the day of enthronement

53:5.4 to remain aloof from the actual warfare of the L.,

53:6.2 At the outbreak of r. on Jerusem the head of the

53:6.3 the experiences associated with the onset of the L.

53:6.3 the thrilling adventure connected with the L. when

53:6.5 spirit of truth were inherently triumphant over r.,


53:7.1 The L. was system wide.

53:7.4 This was a Lanonandek r..

53:7.4 rebel planets were somewhat influenced by the r. of

53:7.8 ninety-five per cent were casualties of the L..

53:7.9 In many respects this r. was the most widespread

53:7.10 but they withstood the sophistries of r. better than

53:7.10 citizenship resident on Jerusem participated in the L..

53:7.11 intently perused the bulletins of the S. and rejoiced

53:7.12 mortal ascension is the greatest security against r.

53:7.15 those younger worlds peopled since that day of r..

53:8.3 The bestowal of Michael terminated the L. in Satania

53:8.4 That was, in principle, the real end of the L..


53:9.1 Early in the days of the L., salvation was offered all

53:9.3 intern all personalities concerned in the L. pending

53:9.7 The r. has ended on Jerusem.


54:0.2 The Gods neither create evil nor permit sin and r..

54:1.1 Of all the perplexing problems growing out of the L.,

54:2.3 The L. thus threatened the maximum possible

54:4.5 immediately destroy or intern the leaders of the L..

54:4.5 If such an episode as the L. had occurred in

54:4.8 in adjudicating the L., we may record that, during

54:5.8 remain aloof from the rebels and allow r. to pursue

54:5.10 The issues of r. having been raised, the Paradise

54:5.10 necessary to provide for the full development of r.

54:5.11 otherwise hide the hideous visage of rebels and r..

54:5.12 in advising Gabriel to permit the r. to take its full and

54:5.14 number of reasons for not arbitrarily stopping the L.

54:6.1 may encounter in their efforts to understand the L.,

54:6.2 attitude of universe rulers toward rebels and r.—sin

54:6.4 some fellow citizen or fellow mortal, even r. in the

54:6.5 and disappointments which accompany the sin of r..

54:6.5 Of the many valuable repercussions of the L. which

54:6.3 now teach that the good resulting from the S. is

54:6.9 survival does not date from the times of the L..

54:6.10 as Lucifer and Satan are permitted to continue in r.

54:6.11 Messenger of experiential survival in the system r. in

61:7.8 do with the march of events on Urantiathe L..

64:6.28 disruption of this regime by the outbreak of the L..

64:6.29 the long and dark ages between the Caligastia r.

66:4.6 their world work the entire regime was upset by r.,

66:4.12 they not lost contact with the life circuits through r.,

66:5.10 to the world during the confusion attendant upon r..

66:5.27 lost in the long and dark ages of r., never to be

66:7.19 man’s participation in the follies of the L. under

66:7.20 At the outbreak of the r., Dalamatia had a resident

66:8.3 in its planetary career up to the times of the L. and

66:8.4 Prince went into darkness at the time of the L.,

66:8.7 Ancients of Days, of all who participated in the L..


67:0.1 the occurrence and consequences of the planetary r..

67:0.1 it did markedly modify the course of social evolution

67:1.2 betray the planet upon the announcement of the r..


67:2.2 of Caligastia as an act bordering on planetary r.

67:3.1 The outbreak of r. on Jerusem, the capital of Satania

67:3.1 With this broadcast of the fact of r. in Satania the

67:3.5 Upon the outbreak of r., loyal cherubim assumed the

67:3.5 disloyal staff refusing to go into r. with their masters.

67:3.6 during the seven crucial years of the Caligastia r.,

67:3.8 Amadon is the outstanding human hero of the L..


67:4.1 board of animal husbandry were all swept into r.

67:4.2 staff who went into r. chose Nod as their leader.

67:4.3 these supermen and superwomen, stranded by r. and

67:4.5 until the entire L. is finally adjudicated and the fate

67:4.6 did not deliberately or premeditatedly enter upon r.

67:4.7 superhuman beings who were victims of the L. on

67:4.7 complete the adjudication of the affairs of the S.,


67:5.1 out for almost fifty years after the instigation of r..

67:5.2 Very soon after the r. the entire staff of sedition

67:5.4 after the r. a tidal wave swept up over Dalamatia,

67:6.6 Within one thousand years after the r. he had more

67:6.7 Notwithstanding the terrible setback of r. there many

67:7.7 Every mortal born on Urantia since Caligastia’s r.


67:8.1 The L. was withstood by many courageous beings

67:8.3 regarding the S., ever and always, was: “What of

67:8.4 If the L. has handicapped the local system and its

67:8.4 by the sum total of all the evil and sorrow of the L.

72:0.2 became isolated because of participation in the L.,

72:0.3 disloyalty of its Prince in connection with the L..

73:0.3 the confused affairs of a planet retarded by r. and

73:1.2 Ten thousand years after the r. practically all the

73:6.5 Upon the outbreak of the r. it was regrown from the

74:1.4 and Eve had remained loyal to Michael during the L.

74:3.1 But on Urantia r. had changed everything.

74:3.3 learned more about the details of the Caligastia r.

74:3.5 levels to which it had fallen as a result of sin and r.

75:1.1 The Adamic mission on experimental, r.-seared,

75:2.1 enough of the results of r. to produce immunity

75:7.2 Adam and Eve had not been held guilty of r..

75:7.7 Caligastia’s purpose of leading them into open r.

75:7.7 neither did Adam and Eve knowingly enlist in r.

76:5.1 and not the sin of conscious and deliberate r..

76:6.4 a story of ultimate triumph for their world and its r.

77:1.7 continued until the tragic days of the planetary r.,

77:2.1 Prince Caligastia from the days of the planetary r. to

77:2.2 staff later reproduced, it was subsequent to the r.

77:2.7 modified Andonites who followed the staff into r.

77:2.9 Ten thousand years after the r. the Nodites had lost

77:3.7 their progenitors in participating in the Caligastia r..

77:3.8 the teaching that their ancestors had been guilty of r.

77:7.1 midwayers went into sin at the time of the L..

77:7.1 When the devastation of the planetary r. was

77:7.3 the final adjudication of the affairs of the system r..

77:9.5 Amadon during the tragic days of the planetary r.,

77:9.10 The United Midwayers are a r.-tested corps, and

77:9.11 And where r. has not marred a planet’s affairs,

78:1.1 quite unaffected by the exigencies of the Caligastia r.

87:4.7 did not develop until after the Caligastic r. and only

89:10.6 such relations as the consequence of conscious r..

93:10.8 era of light and life, after the affairs of the L. and

95:6.2 of the traditions of the Caligastia and the L.

97:9.15 No wonder r. broke out.

102:1.3 Owing to the isolation of r., the revelation of truth

104:1.1 in the unsettled times following the planetary r..

108:4.4 When a world is isolated by r., when a planet is cut

112:5.8 We had rather assume the risk of a system r. than to

113:6.10 in the system of Satania who went astray in the L.,

113:6.10 detained on Jerusem until final adjudication of the r..

114:0.3 especially of worlds which have been isolated by r..

114:0.6 2. The exigencies of the L..

114:1.1 at the time of the L., Urantia had no sure and

114:1.3 of the planet until the final adjudication of the L.

114:2.4 as supervisors of the thirty-six r.-isolated worlds of

114:2.6 Melchizedek, the final adjudication of the L.,

114:4.1 the government of Norlatiadek after the planetary r..

114:4.2 over them having been seized at the time of the L..

114:4.5 regencies are not peculiar to r.-isolated planets,

114:7.17 by sin and shut away from divine watchcare by r..

119:2.1 a r. long since adjudicated and ended by the action

119:3.1 the second such r. in all Nebadon up to that time.

119:3.4 career on a quarantined world of secession and r.,

119:3.7 the Planetary Prince of a world in isolation and r.,

119:3.8 Son or Daughter has ever knowingly joined in r.

119:7.4 as we had long known of the L. in Satania and of

120:1.5 and automatic extinction of any being guilty of r.

120:1.6 R., such as has three times occurred in Nebadon,

120:1.6 decreed that r. in Nebadon shall be invested with

120:2.2 additional task of technically terminating the L.

120:2.2 of the inception of this sinful and unjustified r..

120:2.6 6. On the planet of your bestowal, set r.-segregated

127:2.1 in favor of r. against the payment of taxes to Rome.

127:6.6 those periodic outbreaks of r. against tradition

128:5.3 reminded Jesus of the ominous rumblings of r. in

128:5.3 that the iron hand of Rome would crush the r. in

128:7.6 affairs of this planet as they were related to the L..

134:8.9 down from his sojourn on Mount Hermon, the L.

135:10.3 alarmed lest he and his disciples should start a r..

135:12.2 Herod feared to release John lest he instigate r..

136:3.4 of his universe and the termination of the L..

136:3.4 personal status in relation to sovereignty and r..

136:3.5 the termination of all sin-r. in your universe and

136:4.5 to the betterment of all other r.-isolated spheres.

136:4.6 his universe sovereignty or the termination of the L..

136:9.7 refused the offer of the Zealots to lead them in r.

148:4.2 went into deliberate r. against the rule of my Father

148:4.6 sin is an attitude of conscious r. which was brought

148:5.2 the children of men from the burdens of sin and r..

148:6.11 the harvest of his own iniquitous persistence in r.

154:0.1 stirring up the populace to dissension and to r..

154:4.3 Jesus was a dangerous agitator who might stir up r..

158:0.1 spiritual destinies and technically to terminate the L..

158:1.7 they talked over the affairs of the L. while seated

159:3.9 deliberate evildoing and sinful r. against the will of

173:2.3 indicating either ignorant presumption or open r..

173:5.2 in open r. they laid hands on the king’s messengers

173:5.2 wedding feast, had finally rejected his call and in r.

174:2.5 equivalent to inciting r.; to have answered “Yes”

184:5.3 he deceived the people and incited them to r..

185:2.11 Perverting our nation and stirring our people to r..

185:3.1 he was a perverter of the nation and an inciter to r..

186:5.7 knowing, deliberate r. against the will of the Father

186:5.8 Sin and r. have nothing to do with the fundamental

188:4.5 Sin is the act of conscious and deliberate r. against


50:1.3 Nebadon has suffered the misfortune of several r..

53:4.4 While there had been two previous r. in Nebadon,

119:2.1 in one of the most widespread and disastrous r.


3:1.10 acts of a headstrong, wicked, and r. minority.

43:3.7 seized certain phases of authority on the r. worlds

50:6.5 a result of the double tragedy of a r. Planetary Prince

51:3.4 planetary dangers inherent in the presence of the r.

53:5.6 dragon and his r. angels fought but prevailed not.”

53:9.2 Paul knew of the status of these r. leaders

73:1.6 some of the descendants of the r. Dalamatians joined

77:7.4 older writers designated these r. midway creatures as

82:3.2 Always has the individual been r. against the sex

119:2.5 offering his r. predecessor the privilege of sharing

119:2.7 And then did this transient ruler of a r. system take

130:1.6 deliberate choice of such a willful and r. creature.

131:2.11 forsake his evil way and the unrighteous man his r.

134:8.6 Satan (representing Lucifer) and the r. Planetary

134:8.7 and you, my r. son, may the Ancients of Days judge

146:2.5 because of this r. attitude it becomes inevitable

146:7.1 Jesus plainly told his apostles that the stray and r.

148:5.2 upset by the sinful adventures of certain r. traitors to

153:4.1 youth who was possessed of an unruly and r. spirit.

158:4.2 those wandering, mischievous, and r. midwayers

173:5.2 and instructed them to destroy these r. murderers


2:3.6 to the rehabilitation of r. and wrong thinkers, but

2:5.4 When r. return to righteousness, they are mercifully

28:6.7 a gift to be trampled under foot by the persistent r.

43:4.9 all Norlatiadek is being cleansed of sin and r..

45:1.10 few seraphim and cherubim who went over to the r.

46:8.4 There will come an end for r. and rebellion.

53:1.5 ever since acted as chief executive of the Urantia r..

53:1.6 Of the seraphic r. it is written: “And the angels who

53:2.5 plan of Michael for the saving of these flagrant r.,

53:3.1 The cause of the r. was stated under three heads:

53:6.3 the powerful r. sought my destruction by means of

53:8.4 appeal of Gabriel praying for destruction of the r.,

53:9.1 rebellion, salvation was offered all r. by Michael.

53:9.5 to the prison worlds to minister to the interned r..

53:9.7 We believe that all r. who will ever accept mercy

53:9.7 will effect the annihilation of these interned r..

54:4.7 this technique of patience in dealing with sinful r..

54:5.7 of Days could have immediately annihilated these r.,

54:5.8 counseled Michael to remain aloof from the r.

54:5.9 advised the Constellation Fathers to allow the r. free

54:5.11 otherwise hide the hideous visage of r. and rebellion.

54:6.1 the technique of dealing with the r. is a vindication

54:6.1 The loving mercy extended to the r. does seem to

54:6.2 the attitude of universe rulers toward r. and rebellion

54:6.7 apprehension and adjudication of the Satania r.,

67:1.6 become wholehearted r. against the universe and

67:4.4 The staff r., deprived of spiritual sustenance, died

67:4.5 We know not the fate of the sixty staff r.;

67:4.5 their Adjusters still tarry on Jerusem.

77:2.4 when the sixty r. of the staff, the followers of Nod,

120:2.2 Having steadfastly declined to discredit these r.

134:8.9 which in itself regulates the status of all r. and

148:4.2 But I have already vanquished these sinful r..

153:4.1 forever impossible for these few celestial r. to take

165:3.6 such deliberate r. will hardly seek forgiveness for

183:0.4 Jesus well knew that these r. of the realms would be


100:4.2 The slothful animal mind r. at the effort required


143:2.3 as the new creature of the r. of the spirit, you are

148:4.1 Is r. necessary to escape the control of the evil one

148:4.6 “By nature, before the r. of the spirit, mortal man

195:10.6 a transformed society by means of the spiritual r. of


81:4.1 races of today resulted from a blending and r. of the


38:8.6 seraphim is open to such r. cherubim and sanobim.

48:6.36 death of your fondest hopes, before it can be r. to

130:6.4 “This day, my son, you are to be r., re-established

140:1.3 rule the hearts of the r. citizens of this kingdom,

140:6.2 upon the old, but I declare that you must be r..

141:6.4 in part: “When you enter the kingdom, you are r..

149:6.9 soul of mortal man which shall have become the r.

178:1.5 good citizens, all the better for having become r.

179:5.4 Jesus rather sought to set man’s r. soul free upon


56:4.1 who are carried to Paradise by the r. momentum of


147:8.4 they shall be called the r. of broken walls,


143:4.2 Samaritans worked to prevent the r. of Jerusalem.


121:2.11 Antipas r. many of the cities of Galilee, including the


125:6.7 the boy’s reply to his mother’s unintended r..

135:4.5 an example to his age, but he was an eloquent r..

137:1.7 James and John received the r. in good grace; never

137:4.4 But the eloquence of his r. lay in the expression of

137:4.7 notwithstanding the r. of but a few hours before.

140:6.14 perchance, I should deserve a r. from my Master, I

140:8.21 the sensual urges are not suppressed by religious r.

151:5.5 Jesus had hardly uttered this r. to Peter and the

158:7.5 recovered from the first shock of Jesus’ stinging r.

158:7.8 swift words of r. as were administered to Peter and

164:1.4 a stunning r. to all Jews regarding their attitude

172:1.7 It was because of this r., which he took as a

172:5.12 a disagreeable ferment because of the Master’s r.

175:4.2 the Jewish leaders into that sudden and scathing r.

184:1.6 Annas spoke no words of r. to his steward, but


53:1.2 an accusing judgment but said, ‘the Judge r. you.’”

143:6.3 the apostles expected that Jesus would r. them for

166:1.11 remarks designed to r. the Pharisees’ refusal to

172:1.5 should speak to the Master that he r. such waste.”

172:3.13 “Teacher, you should r. your disciples and exhort


97:10.4 while they unceasingly r. unscrupulous rulers,

137:2.2 When John r. Ezra for these utterances, he drew

138:5.4 “If the civil rulers are to be r., leave that task to me

139:5.7 Jesus well knew that, if he once r. Philip for asking

142:4.2 hands of man, why should you expect to be r.?

162:0.2 turned upon the sons of Zebedee and severely r.

167:6.1 when the apostles loudly r. these mothers, Jesus,

171:5.2 some of those near to Jesus went over and r. him,


139:2.3 the cause of Peter’s receiving many mild r. from

157:7.2 John the Baptist, severely hurt by the Master’s r.


142:4.1 when Jesus entered the home that, instead of r.

recallsee recall, not

6:8.3 merely r. that God is the initiating thought and the

27:1.4 and you will r. the last grand stretch of faith as you

44:6.1 only r. to material minds your own pitiful but worthy

47:3.5 Throughout all eternity you will r. the profound

92:3.3 And further r. that the power of any idea lies, not in

112:5.22 The Thought Adjuster will r. and rehearse for you

126:1.2 Jesus would gaze upon Megiddo and r. the story

127:5.1 she r. the fact that Jesus was a “child of promise.”

128:3.9 revived when she paused to r. the Gabriel visitation

150:8.1 the Scripture lesson, none present seemed to r.

151:2.6 Thomas caused them to r. what Jesus had taught

155:1.1 Said Jesus: “You should all r how the Psalmist spoke

158:6.6 ask aught concerning what he had said, they did r.

160:4.12 worth-while episodes of life, which you can r. at will

168:2.9 Lazarus knew he had been sick, but he could r. only

169:1.5 You r. that the sheep strayed away without intention

179:4.5 I desire that you should r., after I have gone, that I

179:5.7 “When you do these things, r. the life I have lived on

179:5.9 first look back upon my life in the flesh, r. that I was

180:0.2 And you will all r. that you lacked nothing.

180:3.1 If the world shall hate you, you should r that it hated

180:3.1 you should r. that I also suffered before you for

194:2.5 The spirit also came to help men r. and understand

recall, not

142:3.6 Do you not r. how the Scriptures begin by asserting

148:6.2 Do you not r. how this wonderful parable begins

154:6.7 Andrew did not r. that David had posted some

190:5.4 Do you not r. how this Son of Man proclaimed


35:9.3 When System Sovereigns or assistants are r.,

54:6.2 It should also be r. that the Creator Sons are mercy

77:2.7 It will be r. that the one hundred Andonite germ

126:1.2 And thus he r. and turned over in his mind the

127:1.7 he r. that his father had never been able to say

136:2.8 it should be r. that Tiberius was coemperor with

136:3.3 Jesus now fully r. the bestowal charge and its

136:8.4 Jesus had traveled much; he r. Rome, Alexandria,

137:4.12 And then the Son of Man r. the admonition of his

142:7.14 they r. the pronouncements which John made at

142:7.14 the time of Jesus’ baptism, and they also vividly r.

146:5.2 the seventh hour the fever left him,” the father r. that

153:3.6 r. that Jews looked upon eating with unwashed

164:4.8 when they r. Josiah, they attempted to ensnare

167:0.1 it should be r. that, as a rule, only ten were with

168:4.2 They all r Jesus’ statement to the Bethany messenger

172:5.5 his Master sitting there astride the colt, he r. hearing

172:5.8 until he also r. the Scripture in Zechariah where the

173:5.4 after his resurrection, they r. what he had said.

180:2.3 The apostles r. these things while the Master talked

185:4.1 the wicked Idumean never for one moment r. the

188:2.1 The chief priests, Pharisees, and Sadducees r. that

189:4.1 it should be r. that the ten apostles were sojourning

189:5.1 alive; Peter r. the promise to rise on the third day.


48:4.20 It is this r. of past experiences that provides the

119:4.1 hands of Immanuel and Gabriel; and, of course, r.

145:2.15 and r. the water and the wine at Cana, they seized

148:8.1 dispatched to Bethsaida r. the six spying Pharisees.

158:7.7 Peter, James, and John, r. their experience upon the

162:1.1 sought to bring Jesus to Jerusalem for trial and r. the

170:4.16 kingdom failed to materialize as they expected, r.

172:4.3 Jesus surveyed these familiar scenes once more, r.

185:6.7 but r. his wife’s note and the Greek mythology of


44:2.10 the reversion directors in combining memory r. with


41:7.10 7. R. light and other matter which are drawn back

57:3.7 400,000,000,000 years ago began the r. period of


57:6.1 the solar parent was able to r. a large portion of this

112:6.8 the mortal survivor to re-explore and relearn, to r.,


57:3.7 Many of the near-by and smaller suns were r. as a

57:5.7 this matter was subsequently r. by solar gravity as


86:5.16 the open air with the hope of r. their strayed souls.


97:8.2 the complete rewriting and r. of their history,

170:1.15 progressive phases of its r. by Jesus and his apostles.


41:3.9 would speedily r. to normal brightness for that sun

118:8.6 human societies will r. from high but premature


57:5.7 recaptured by gravity as the Angona system r. into


12:4.14 lines are displaced towards the red by a r. star.


25:3.3 then, upon the r. of a petition of two personalities,

51:2.1 Upon r. of the news that another inhabited world has

126:5.7 Jesus and Mary hoped for the r. of a considerable

150:6.2 the progress of the tour, and the r. of news from

154:5.1 The r. of the news of this impending danger


178:2.11 David received all the apostolic cash funds and r. for


133:4.2 render the difficult things of divine life readily r. by

receivesee receive, not, receive, to

1:0.2 beings who could know God, r. the divine affection,

5:3.6 These Universe Sons r., in the name of the Father,

15:13.6 The Recents of Days r. all reports of observations

19:5.3 under certain conditions we may command and r.

20:4.3 They also r. and accredit Adjusters on their return

20:6.9 world honored by a Magisterial bestowal will r.

20:7.5 Trinity Teacher Sons r. no preliminary training in the

24:4.3 The Associate Inspectors r. reports only from their

26:2.7 supernaphim will therefore r. first consideration.

26:7.1 the pilgrims r. advanced instruction concerning the

28:5.7 be able to segregate and r. the essence of wisdom

29:2.19 in the charge of Master Physical Controllers and r.

30:4.10 The human races of each world r. the same ministry

30:4.24 these ascending spirits r. the same thorough course

30:4.25 They r. the same education, but special groups and

31:5.2 and Eve, may elect to humanize, r. Adjusters,

31:5.2 course of the peoples of the realm, r. Adjusters,

31:8.1 the ascendant finaliters r. great assistance from the

32:4.8 the avenue whereby the Father can r. information

35:6.5 ask for, and will quickly r., additional Sons of the

37:7.2 Mansion World Teachers will r. consideration in the

39:2.1 Superior seraphim r. their name, not because they

41:1.2 These beings r. the incoming lines of power from

44:5.9 You will r. your first lessons in these matters when

44:8.3 you will gain adequate recognition and r. due

47:2.4 who will subsequently r. the Mystery Monitors after

47:5.2 you r. permission periodically to visit transition

47:8.1 Here they r. their first lessons in the prospective

47:9.1 here you will r. the instruction of many teachers,

48:6.37 These ministers r. their name because they are

49:5.28 This classification of human beings will r. attention

49:6.19 where they r. their initial morontia investiture just as

51:6.1 their schools r. suitable candidates from among

52:5.6 will r. Adjusters as soon as they attain the age of

55:1.4 the mortals of the realm r. planetary recognition

55:4.26 often a Planetary Adam and Eve will r. Adjusters

55:4.28 after which service they will r. Adjusters and begin

55:4.30 to humanize, r. Adjusters, and start for Paradise.

56:9.12 evolve intelligent creatures who r. unto themselves

58:2.1 it should be remembered that you r. from the sun

63:6.6 from our forest enemies, and with mercy r. us into

64:7.5 The South American offshoot did r. a faint touch

65:8.6 when spiritual values r. proper recognition, then

67:2.6 Not until then did Van and his loyal associates r.

67:6.9 energy transmitters can r. and transmit intelligence

68:0.2 each succeeding generation of youth must r. anew

71:3.12 being ambassadors, r. their real rewards in another

72:7.3 Cities r. per capita allowances from the treasury

74:4.4 any honor and r. all respect, but worship never!

74:6.6 Adam and Eve could send and r. thought oscillations

93:9.10 few were able or willing to recognize and r. Michael

93:9.11 literally true that Christ did r. provisional title to

94:12.6 on through the dark ages of the past, once again r.

100:7.10 “For every one who seeks shall r..”

107:3.3 Beings of high spiritual orders r. only three divine

109:3.2 The Adjusters r. valuable training and acquire

110:2.5 minds become one, and you r. the reinforcement

110:7.10 more humbly r. credit that may accrue as a result

113:1.8 efficient Adjusters, r. the undivided assistance of

113:5.4 But when they r. instructions from their superiors

120:1.4 confirmed by Paradise, and r. back from my hands

122:1.3 the common people might understand him and r. him

122:4.1 come to his own people, but they will hardly r. him

122:4.1 to as many as shall r. him to them will he reveal

129:4.6 still, the life which Jesus lived in the flesh did r. full

131:1.9 God is just: What fruit we r. not from our plantings

131:1.9 our plantings in this world we shall r. in the next.”

131:3.5 Remember, every act shall r. its reward.

131:5.5 Those who do evil shall r. punishment, but those

131:10.6 and that I will surely r. the crown of eternal life.

133:2.2 it is only fair that she r. from you that special

135:6.7 fruit worthy of sincere repentance if you would r.

136:3.5 the right hand of your Father, r. your sovereignty,

137:8.14 pay to enter the kingdom, you shall r. manifold more

138:5.1 “Thomas, you lack faith; nevertheless, I r. you.

138:5.1 “Judas, we are all of one flesh, and as I r. you into

140:3.8 Happy are they who weep, for they shall r. the spirit

142:5.2 If you r. God as your Father, then indeed and in

143:5.3 anything which a Samaritan woman could r. from

144:4.3 —but you r. sonship by grace and through faith.

144:5.23 And when our end shall come, r. into your own

144:5.37 And r. us into your endless service on high.

144:5.52 R. us into the eternal arms.

144:5.83 R. us to yourself and send us forth in eternity.

144:5.15 And at our end r. us into the eternal embrace.

144:8.7 Many of you will r. neither John’s message nor

146:2.6 5. They who would r. mercy must show mercy;

149:6.4 do not fear their father in order that they may r.

150:4.3 When all of a family r. the gospel of the kingdom,

151:2.2 hear the glad tidings, r. the message with joy; but

151:2.2 when they have heard the truth, r. it with varying

151:3.15 I would test you to know how you will r. this: The

153:2.11 the Son by the Father, the Son will r. to himself.

153:2.12 this bread of life which I give to all who will r. is my

153:4.3 of iniquity will never seek nor r. forgiveness,

155:1.2 I will r. these gentiles with open arms of mercy

156:5.19 Love, freely r. from both divine and human sources

158:8.1 And they who r. me r. also Him who sent me

159:1.2 In your religion God may r. repentant sinners;

160:0.1 into such a conference with Rodan, he did r. him

162:2.3 You, if you will r. this gospel, shall come to know

162:6.1 Those who r. this spirit shall never know spiritual

163:1.4 If the people of any city r. you, they shall find an

164:3.8 in the pool of Siloam, and you shall r. your sight.”

164:3.11 This man had little faith that he would r. his sight,

166:2.8 but the strangers, when they r. gifts from the head

166:4.3 greater numbers of the poor joyfully r. the gospel

167:5.2 The law of the universe is: Ask and you shall r.;

168:4.12 doubt not you shall r. the answer to your petitions.

168:4.13 Ask and you shall r..

169:1.11 greet your brother and r. him back into your father’s

171:5.3 “You shall r. your sight; go your way; your faith

172:4.1 one more and last chance to hear the gospel and r.

173:4.2 many other servants, but none would they r..

174:5.7 If you gentiles will hear me, you shall r. the words

174:5.12 I know of a certainty that the Father will r. me and

175:1.3 And even now would my Father r. these blinded

175:1.6 to those who will r. it with joy and gladness.

177:4.2 to believe that he would forthwith r. high honors

177:4.8 hands, you shall r. your reward for this service.”

180:2.4 sort of supreme magic, thinking that they would r.

180:4.1 but the sons of light will all r. him gladly and with

180:4.1 and you will r. this gift in your hearts, and he will

180:5.7 they will r. the highest possible good as a result of

181:1.4 But as many as do r. him shall be enlightened,

181:1.5 —by measureI give each of you all you will r..

181:2.11 to you, and you shall r. the gift of eternal life.”

181:2.19 your lifework is finished, I will r. you on high,

181:2.27 But you will undoubtedly r. great help from the

182:1.3 world was and r. me once more at your right hand.

191:4.3 news of the gift of eternal life which men r. by faith.

193:3.2 But you will r. spiritual power after the spirit has

194:4.4 Jesus, whom the heaven must r. until the times of

receive, not

108:3.3 mortals do not r. real universe names until after

127:1.5 since the synagogue school would not r. girls,

129:2.3 if I do not r. money from you, and if your mother

131:1.9 God is just: What fruit we r. not from our plantings

147:4.2 Do you not r. my teachings as one who has been

158:2.4 “You would not r. me as the Son of Man; therefore

163:3.4 the sake of the kingdom who shall not r. manifold

163:6.5 the cities which did not well r. these messengers.

164:3.1 these mendicants did not solicit or r. alms on the

166:3.4 I will not r. you to be among those who have

167:1.2 was offended because he did not r. the seat of honor.

181:1.4 but all men will not choose to r. this new teacher

receive, to

1:4.6 limited by the capacity of such a creature to r. and

5:1.8 He has on Paradise a place to r. all those whose

21:4.4 the Father’s acceptance of the bestowal and to r.

25:4.13 above the status of cherubim are permitted to r.

26:10.1 the second circle affords ample opportunity to r. the

27:4.1 ascendant mortals find it helpful to r. the counsel of

28:6.18 decreed, “It is more blessed to give than to r.,”

29:4.26 They seem fully able to r. our communications but

35:2.4 to take depositions, to r. suggestions, and to act as

37:6.4 and then affords you opportunity to r. instruction as

39:5.12 seraphim being made ready to r. a passenger for

45:7.1 are rehabilitated in transient form to r. further help

45:7.5 To r nomination for representative honor a candidate

54:4.4 Lucifer sought he already had; others he was to r. in

55:3.11 before attaining the minor sector, to r. some sort of

55:4.27 world for a brief sojourn, there to r. their Adjusters.

55:4.31 a being must humanize to r. a Thought Adjuster.

66:1.3 fail to r. the assent of the Constellation Fathers.

66:7.5 they were eligible for marriage and ready to r. their

74:3.1 Prince and an experienced staff ready to r. them

80:1.6 highest aspiration of a superior blue woman to r. the

84:2.4 the husband remained in bed to r. congratulations;

93:3.6 taught his followers all they had capacity to r. and

93:5.2 many families on earth just as well prepared to r.

94:6.6 the truth that it is more blessed to give than to r.:

96:3.4 They were to r. a modest payment of money and

98:1.1 never to r. fees for religious service, only food,

100:7.10 of saying, “It is more blessed to give than to r..”

100:7.10 Jesus taught that you must believe to r. salvation.

101:5.4 evolutionary religion is destined to r. the spiritual

103:2.9 to learn that it is “more blessed to give than to r..”

108:2.10 may be apparently in readiness to r. Adjusters,

108:5.1 the task of existing in your minds, there to r. the

108:5.10 guardian angel must be adjudicated in order to r.

110:4.1 Adjusters are able to r. the continuous stream of

120:2.1 prepare for ascension to your Father to r. from him

126:5.7 went over to Sepphoris to r. the decision of Herod

130:6.2 kind nor fair for me to r. such generous help from

131:10.5 the children of God enlarges our capacity to r. and

132:5.14 wealth, I would admonish you to r. my counsel as

132:7.2 the eyes of his mind were not open to r. light for

133:4.4 heights of light where God waits to r. his children?

137:8.18 the people were not prepared to r. the good news

138:6.1 they all assembled in Zebedee’s garden to r. Jesus’

139:4.10 ready to r. such additional instructions as might be

139:12.7 Judges of men fully to r. the doubtful candidate.

140:6.2 “You find it difficult to r. my message because

140:8.18 associates that “it is more blessed to give than to r..”

145:5.7 all who had ears to hear and hearts to r. the truth.

146:2.5 inevitable that you shall call upon me and fail to r.

146:2.14 one’s capacity to r. the presence of the divine spirit

147:5.2 be in position to r. portions of food which might be

148:6.9 Failure to r. help from man drives Job to God.

151:2.3 emotional souls who are quick to r. new teaching

154:6.5 he paused in his speaking to r. the message,

158:1.4 he ascended Mount Hermon to r. the endowment

159:4.2 who are not all prepared to r. this teaching.

162:2.3 By refusing to hear me, you are refusing to r. him

162:5.3 Much I have to tell you, but you are unable to r.

163:1.4 if the people of any city refuse to r. this gospel,

163:2.4 devout believer, and who desired to r. ordination.

163:3.6 expected to r. more than the amount agreed upon.

167:2.2 bought five yoke of oxen, and I must go to r. them

167:4.4 you gave these men their chance to r. the truth,

167:5.1 a free gift to all who have the faith to r. sonship

169:1.14 the Father’s willingness to r. all who seek entrance

170:2.21 To come as a little child,to r. the bestowal of sonship

171:8.3 Son of Man goes up to Jerusalem to r. a kingdom,

171:8.3 a certain prince who went into a far country to r. for

171:8.3 I will return again to r. from others such a kingdom

171:8.5 return, another Son will be sent to r. this kingdom,

171:8.5 send for all of you to r. your report of stewardship

171:8.14 let us go on into Jerusalem, there to r. that which

173:4.2 he sent servants to the tenants to r. his rental.

173:4.4 away from you and given to a people willing to r.

174:5.3 those to whom I first came have refused to r. me.

174:5.7 they who reject me and refuse to r. my teaching

174:5.9 but I am rejoiced to r. these truth-seeking gentiles

175:1.3 not too late for this people to r. the word of heaven

176:1.2 rejected his spiritual bestowal and refused to r. the

180:6.1 refused to know the Father by refusing to r. me;

180:6.1 and they refuse to r. me when they reject you,

181:1.4 but only a few of you have chosen fully to r. me.

181:1.4 but all men will not choose to r. this new teacher as

182:0.2 observed that he was not there, waiting to r. them.

182:1.4 ambassadors, have sincerely willed to r. your word

182:1.6 be willing to r. the revelation of truth and glory

182:2.5 John were standing by to r. the Master’s orders,

185:0.2 Pilate was up and ready to r. this group of early

186:1.2 disillusioned regarding the reward he was to r. as

188:5.11 salvation upon those willing to r. such gifts

191:6.1 call the believers together to r. this tragic word

193:5.5 ascent to the right hand of his Father, there to r.

193:6.6 might be prepared to r. the gift of the spirit which

194:3.10 years of solitary meditation in order to r. the spirit.

195:2.6 had only the better prepared all Rome to r. Christ,

receivedsee received, not

2:5.4 rebels return to righteousness, they are mercifully r.,

11:2.9 It has r. many names in different universes, and the

14:5.4 they are r. and domiciled on the pilot world of the

15:7.10 The arriving pilgrims of time are always r. on these

17:4.2 the messages of the Image Aids are variously r. by

20:6.9 with that Magisterial Son, which it would have r.

24:7.5 was r. on Paradise, knew the Father, entered the

25:4.14 they are r. into the “college of the ethics of law and

25:6.1 They are r., classified, and assigned to their spheres

26:4.11 have attained the Father and have r. assignment to

26:11.4 Mortals have r. the Paradise command: “Be you

28:4.12 a special class of broadcast messages which are r. by

30:4.24 course in superuniverse management that they r.

31:0.9 ascendant creatures admitted to this corps are r. in

31:1.3 are r. into the corps in the ratio of one in a thousand

31:1.5 The Havona natives are also r., in the same ratio,

34:6.1 additional spiritual influences may be r. by mature

34:6.7 Those who have r. and recognized the indwelling

34:7.8 having accepted the assignment and r. your orders to

39:5.15 While planetary space reports are r. at noon at the

40:6.2 “As many as r. him, to them gave he the power to

40:6.2 you have r. the spirit of sonship, whereby you cry,

43:7.3 When you are r. on any one of the seventy major

44:1.1 not material sound waves but spirit pulsations r.

45:6.7 Here are r. and reassembled certain children of

46:3.1 Paradise-Havona broadcasts are r. on Jerusem in

46:3.3 word of the Most High Constellation Fathers is r.

48:4.13 Apparently you r. much in the way of humor from

49:6.20 they have r. the benefits of numerous sojourns of the

50:6.4 the extent to which enlightenment is r. by the ages

55:3.19 schools of administration who have also r. the order

62:7.2 and r. the first message from Salvington over the

62:7.5 heard the welcome words of their own chief and r.

63:6.9 Although both Andon and Fonta had r. Adjusters,

63:7.1 Fonta, the splendid founders of the human race, r.

63:7.1 announcement was r. that Michael had selected their

63:7.3 and Fonta, shortly after their arrival on Jerusem, r.

64:6.16 This race r. a small but potent legacy of the later

64:6.26 indigo peoples, like the red man, r. little or none

66:7.7 a small number of the yellow race were also r..

66:7.18 and otherwise carried out the instruction they had r.

70:1.21 the right of asylum; political fugitives r. protection.

72:0.3 It r. a Material Son shortly after Adam came to

72:11.2 his four years’ course, r. one half of the education

73:3.5 in precious stones and metals, though these r. little

73:4.4 contributions of food were r. from near-by believers.

74:7.11 r. instructions in the plan and purpose of the Adamic

75:2.5 the defaulting members of Caligastia’s staff they r.

75:6.4 in such high hopes, to have been so auspiciously r.,

76:4.6 your ancestors r. so little of Adam’s life plasm,

76:5.3 to ponder the only personal message they ever r.

79:7.3 The northern Chinese r. just enough of the Andite

80:1.3 For thirty thousand years Egypt r. a steady stream of

80:1.4 But they r. a very limited amount of the violet

80:3.9 retrogression of culture continued until it r. a fresh

82:3.10 earn her dowry, which consisted of the presents r.

84:5.9 industrialized races woman has r. almost all rights

88:1.7 fetish out of sex; the reproductive function r. only

89:2.2 when the taboo r. the solemn sanction of evolving

89:10.6 The forgiveness does not have to be sought, only r.

90:2.1 that the shaman actually r. such revelations.

90:4.9 Both the Greeks and the Egyptians r. their medical

92:2.5 accepting Christianity, professed to have r. direct

92:4.5 Of all who r. the teachings of the one hundred,

93:1.2 the Father Melchizedek for help but only r. word

93:2.7 This incarnated Melchizedek r. a Thought Adjuster,

93:10.2 his emergency bestowal had r. the approval of the

95:2.1 The Jews r. much of their idea of the creation of

95:7.3 then many lands would gladly have r. the simple

96:3.3 they had r. some education because of Moses’

96:4.4 Sinai, and why they there r. the Ten Commandments

100:1.7 Religion cannot be bestowed, r., loaned, learned, or

100:2.1 ministry to one’s fellows of that which has been r.

100:7.10 Said he, “Freely you have r., freely give.”

109:3.7 undoubted capacity for Adjusters and promptly r.

111:4.1 the process of fitting the sensory impressions r. from

113:0.1 heaven have been “r. by the ministry of angels.”

113:6.3 soul fails of survival after having r. the assignment

117:1.8 And having discovered and r. this divine affection,

119:1.3 departure was any message of possible significance r.

119:1.3 directing that this new Melchizedek Son be r. into

119:5.1 presents the status of a true spirit and has been r.

119:5.2 This being r. the assignments and performed the

121:3.8 Superior slaves often r. wages and by saving their

122:0.2 Gabriel was present on Urantia and r. the report

122:8.4 word to Elizabeth that her child had come and r.

123:0.3 some time after they r. the news of Herod’s death.

123:2.1 likewise r. these Thought Adjusters to indwell

123:5.8 Jesus r. his moral training and spiritual culture in his

124:0.1 he secured an education and r. a training which

124:3.7 Joseph r. the surprise of his life when he heard Jesus

125:1.1 Jesus r. the shock of his young life when his father

125:4.3 when Jesus explained that he had r. consecration

125:6.6 and had r. consecration as a citizen of Israel.

127:1.4 After they had r. from Mary such intimations as

127:1.5 the girls of Jewish families r. little education, but

127:3.5 and James was r. into the commonwealth of Israel

127:6.10 this year they r. a little financial help from the sale of

128:3.4 Simon was duly r. into the commonwealth of Israel

128:5.4 saying: “The house of Joseph has never r. alms,

130:3.3 The teachings of Jesus would have been readily r. by

131:10.3 mercy may be r. by the humblest being on earth.

132:7.3 Buddha, but he had always r. more or less evasive

132:7.3 asked Jesus a direct question about Buddha, and r.

133:1.3 to which he never r. a fully satisfactory answer;

133:4.1 persons who greatly profited by the instruction r.

133:6.2 he was envious of a certain young man who had r.

134:1.2 Jesus had r. sufficient money to meet his living

135:0.5 Zacharias r. a regular allowance from the temple

135:4.1 When John r. word of the death of his mother, he

135:9.4 “It should be for those who have heard me and r.

135:11.4 And this was the last word John r. from Jesus.

136:2.1 Jesus in no sense r. John’s baptism as a rite of

136:3.6 he would be ever mindful of the counsel he had r. in

136:8.1 to tell no man about the benefits they had r..

136:8.3 he would never be r. by the Jews as the Messiah if

137:1.6 even before these others made request to be r..

137:1.7 James and John r. the rebuke in good grace; never

138:4.3 the twin brothers were r. into the apostolic family.

138:10.5 Nathaniel r. regular reports as to the requirements

139:2.10 and knew he had been r. back into the Master’s fold,

139:5.9 in token of their having r. the Spirit of Truth.

139:7.8 Matthew r. freely tendered offerings from believing

140:1.6 But when you are once truly r. as citizens in the

140:9.2 Freely you have r., freely give.”

141:1.2 one year before, and where Jesus had r. baptism.

141:1.5 had previously followed John and had r. his baptism.

142:0.2 high priest’s home, he was r. with much reserve.

143:5.9 You have r. the living water, and a new joy will

144:4.3 kingdomdivine sonshipbe r. as by a little child.

145:0.2 Jesus r. and taught many earnest inquirers, singly

146:3.5 many more have r. this spirit because they believed

146:4.3 This man really believed that he could not be r.

147:5.4 But those who have r. but little forgiveness

148:0.2 The funds thus r. were turned over to the treasury.

148:9.2 I am not like those who r. healing and immediately

149:2.12 Jesus r. the obedience of followers without exacting

149:2.12 Only three men who r. his personal call refused to

149:6.4 but having already r. the abundance of good things

152:5.2 But before these r. word that Jesus was back in

154:6.4 to them the moment he r. word they were waiting.

154:6.6 Andrew r. this message and, interrupting Jesus, told

156:2.3 by the manner in which the gentiles of Sidon r.

156:3.1 They were well r. by the gentiles, and many were

157:3.2 and to recounting how their message had been r.,

158:2.3 foster the notion that, being now r. as the Messiah,

158:2.4 Son of Man; therefore have I consented to be r. in

158:3.2 Jesus had now r. assurance of their fulfillment.

159:1.5 “And this chief steward, having thus r. mercy and

159:1.5 I say to all of you: Freely you have r. the good things

159:6.1 Hundreds of souls were r. into the kingdom,

162:7.3 I have told you the truth which I r. from God.

162:9.1 scores of believers forgathered at Bethany and r.

163:1.4 Freely you have r. of the good things of the

163:3.6 about five o’clock came, they r. a denarius each,

163:3.6 But like the others every man r. only a denarius.

163:3.6 And when each had r. his pay, they complained to

163:6.1 message had been r. by hungry Jews and gentiles.

163:6.5 many cities and villages have r. the good news of

163:6.5 and how my ministers and teachers have been r.

164:3.10 this man told me, and immediately I r. my sight.

165:2.10 but I r. such authority from my Father even before

166:2.2 had likewise been more readily r. by the Galileans,

167:6.2 Jesus r. all of the children, laying his hands on them,

168:0.11 Martha and Mary talked with the Master and r.

168:3.7 Although Jesus had r. warning of the doings of the

168:4.6 so all-embracing that the answer can be r. only on

168:4.7 mind are often of such a nature that they can be r.

168:5.1 he r. warning that the Sanhedrin had decreed his

169:2.5 you shall be joyfully r. into the eternal habitations.

170:2.6 Human life r. a new endowment of moral value and

171:4.1 one hundred swords, r. and distributed these arms to

171:4.2 which of his apostles had r. these weapons, but he

171:5.3 Immediately he r. his sight, and he remained near

171:8.3 the children of Abraham now reject will be r. and

172:0.2 Jesus r. many visitors, and the common folks of

173:2.5 perchance will add that he r. his authority from

174:0.2 To Matthew he said: “Forget not the mercy that r.

174:5.2 Greeks to the home of Joseph, where Jesus r. them;

176:3.2 God-knowing and gospel-believing have already r.

176:3.4 Immediately he who had r five talents began to trade

176:3.4 In like manner he who had r. two talents soon had

176:3.4 for their master except he who r. but one talent.

176:3.4 he who had r. the five talents came forward with

176:3.4 then he who had r. the two talents came forward,

176:3.4 then there came to the accounting he who had r.

176:3.4 on my return I might have r. my own with interest.

176:3.10 “Freely have you r.; therefore freely should you

178:2.11 David r. all the apostolic cash funds and receipts for

179:2.2 brought the cup to Jesus, who, when he had r. it

180:4.1 I have r. the final sovereignty of my own domain,

182:2.3 All of them r. these arms and girded themselves

184:2.13 saw that he was r. just as before the experiences of

185:5.8 wished to read the communication which he had r.

185:8.2 Pilate had recently r. a reprimand from Caesar,

186:5.9 If the Master had been favorably r. by the mortals of

187:0.3 I have r. such a commandment from my Father.”

187:4.6 of Jesus, he would have been r. with the same loving

188:2.1 and Sadducees recalled that they had r. reports of his

188:3.15 that he r. instructions from Michael during this

189:3.4 the signal of the planetary resurrection had been r.

190:4.1 proclaiming this gospel of salvation as you have r. it

191:4.4 Freely you have r. this gospel of the kingdom, and

191:4.7 Jesus r. visiting morontia delegates from the mansion

192:2.6 This remark spread among the brethren and was r. as

192:4.4 the apostles r. the impression that their Master

193:0.5 Freely you have r., freely give.

193:4.3 he invariably sought the advice and r. the unwise

194:1.1 the disciples were conscious of having r. some new

194:3.6 all r. the new teacher, as did all the honest of heart

194:3.6 every soul r. him in accordance with the love for

194:3.10 special behavior by those who r. the fullness of its

194:3.14 Among the one hundred and twenty who r. this

194:3.15 group of disciples, they also r. the outpoured spirit.

194:3.15 r. no more of the good gift than did their fellows.

194:4.4 having r. from the Father the promise of the spirit,

received, not

19:5.9 spiritual attainment, that cannot be consciously r.;

35:3.21 student visitors are not r. from other realms.

40:6.2 “for you have not r. the spirit of bondage again to

100:1.7 Religion cannot be bestowed, r., loaned, learned,

129:4.6 not have r. the unqualified and universal approval of

137:1.6 my brethren—you needed not to be r. by me—

138:10.6 donations sufficient to maintain the party were not r.

139:12.8 But when light is not honestly r. and lived up to, it

146:4.3 This man really believed that he could not be r.

158:2.2 that Elijah has already come, and they r. him not


93:10.5 Machiventa continued as a planetary r. up to the

receivers or Broadcast Receivers or

    Melchizedek receivers

26:3.6 These master technicians are the b. and senders of

28:4.12 5. B.. There is a special class of broadcast messages

28:4.12 B. are the fifth serials, the fifth primary seconaphim

28:5.8 directionize these living r. of the enminded and

29:4.29 Their services are invaluable to the b..

35:4.4 serving as r. of a defaulting planetary government.

35:4.5 with the approval of the M. of the planet, who feared

39:2.15 Broadcasters—r. and dispatchers—a specialized

39:4.3 these seraphim become attached to the M. and their

48:2.17 delivered by the transport seraphim to the r. of the

48:3.8 2. Pilgrim R. And Free Associators. These are the

50:4.13 These loyalists were encouraged by the M. of

51:3.4 notwithstanding that the M. of Urantia had duly

51:3.5 and requisitioned the return of the M. to Urantia.

67:4.5 Immediately upon the arrival of the M. the loyal

67:6.2 Before the arrival of the M., Van placed the

67:6.5 a council of planetary r., twelve Melchizedeks,

67:6.5 Associated with the M. was an advisory council

67:6.5 was assigned a place on the council of planetary r.

67:6.6 The twelve M. of Urantia did heroic work.

67:6.7 Under the supervision of the M., Van and Amadon

73:0.1 The M., concurring in this opinion, readily agreed

74:1.4 to the Urantia corps of M. until that governing

74:2.6 Van had held by virtue of the action of the M..

74:3.3 on earth was spent in session with the planetary r.

74:3.6 administration which was to function until the M.

74:5.1 after Adam’s arrival the M. remained on duty, but

74:5.2 The farewell of the r. occupied the whole of a day,

75:1.4 more heightened by the early departure of the M..

75:5.8 when the M. returned to Urantia and assumed

75:6.2 Eve had failed; the presence of the M. told him that,

77:1.7 The loyal corps entered the service of the M.,

77:6.5 primary midwayers returned to the service of the M.,

77:6.5 over in a body to the service of the planetary r..

93:0.2 A later corps of twelve became r. for your world

93:0.2 they continued thereafter as planetary r. on down to

93:1.2 The twelve M. knew of Michael’s impending

93:1.2 The r. then appealed to the Father Melchizedek for

93:1.3 Melchizedek, one of the twelve planetary r.,

93:1.3 the planetary r. with the co-operation of the Life

93:2.8 Aside from the M., he had no more contact with

93:5.3 For some time the M. had been observing the

93:9.11 “upon the orders of the twelve M.” on duty at the

93:10.1 incarnation the Urantia M. functioned as eleven.

93:10.1 interrupted career as one of the planetary r. of 606


53:6.5 I was assigned to the corps of the Melchizedek r. of

53:9.9 Melchizedek, onetime attached to the r. of Urantia.]

74:2.6 the senior Melchizedek, chief of the council of r. on


16:5.1 of all Seven Master Spirits but r. the personal touch

21:4.4 the seventh and final bestowal a Creator Son r. from

26:7.2 and each pilgrim r. the undivided attention of a

28:2.2 Our colony of omniaphim on Uversa r. instructions

34:4.5 Son after he r. spiritual title to such a sphere.

35:2.8 in audience with the Creator Son, r. that instruction

46:1.8 Jerusem r. faint light from several near-by suns

52:2.3 each mortal epoch, r. an enlarged presentation of

52:5.6 to the right hand of the Father, r. the assurance of

110:6.14 the human ascender attains the third circle and r. a

112:4.13 r. the recognition of the chief Personalized Monitor

113:6.2 such an angel r. certification by the planetary chief

117:6.10 All true love is from God, and man r. the divine

135:11.2 who was with you at the Jordan prospers and r. all

143:6.1 He who reaps r. wages and gathers this fruit to

144:2.3 For every one who asks r.; he who seeks finds;

149:6.10 “Humility, indeed, becomes mortal man who r. all

158:8.1 And whoso r. such a little one receives me.

158:8.1 And whoso receives such a little one r. me.

167:6.1 Verily, verily, I say to you, whosoever r. not the

169:0.4 Jesus r. the ungodly and even eats with them.

receivingsee receiving worlds or receiving spheres

26:4.12 The pilgrim lands on the r. planet of Havona,

27:3.3 where these beings are r. much of their education.

28:5.10 in the special r. chambers of the temple of wisdom

28:5.21 immediately upon r. the breath of life, are instantly

31:5.1 when long delayed in r. planetary assignment,

31:8.4 the mortal ascender stands in the finaliter r. circle as

43:1.7 The sea of glass, the r. area of Edentia, is near the

43:1.10 This magnificent crystal serves as the r. field for all

46:1.7 Only the broadcast-r. stations are in operation during

46:2.9 Around this area are the r. stations for the various

46:2.9 Near the polar crystal r. station for student visitors

46:3.1 there are three distinct groups of r. stations.

46:3.2 This Jerusem broadcast-r. station is encircled by an

46:3.3 At this broadcast-r. amphitheater the Salvington

47:2.1 The infant-r. schools of Satania are situated on the

47:2.1 These infant-r. schools are enterprises devoted to

47:9.4 You will soon be welcomed on the r. field of the

55:1.4 are not used for worship, play, or for r. broadcasts

55:4.9 and, after r. Thought Adjusters, start out on their

55:4.25 r. Adjusters at the conclusion of the morontia

55:4.26 concomitant with the r. of Adjusters by some of their

72:2.7 the person r. the largest ballot among the list of

94:8.19 Gautama forbade their r. money and thereby sought

109:4.1 speech, they are on the highroad to r. Adjusters.

112:5.16 in the resurrection halls of the morontia r. planets of

113:5.4 they are thus r. an introduction to their future work

114:6.11 Urantia is r. the help of the third corps of seraphim

119:1.3 assembled about their respective r. stations for

119:1.3 “At noon today there appeared on the r. field of

128:6.6 the ceremony of r. the sons of the law into the full

139:2.3 cause of his r. many mild rebukes from his Master.

142:6.2 In r. Nicodemus, Jesus showed no deference;

143:5.6 by r. into your own heart this living water which I

155:4.1 after r. word regarding the progress of the kingdom

166:4.11 the Father is limited by man’s capacity for r. these

170:3.3 of the technique of r. God’s forgiveness that the

172:4.2 the rich putting much in the r. box and all giving

179:0.4 After r. the greetings of welcome extended by the

179:2.3 even to the r. of all power and authority in heaven

183:2.3 at the high priest’s home preparatory to r. Jesus,

184:1.2 left upon observing his coldness in r. him.

194:3.5 mistook the experience of r. the outpoured spirit for

receiving worlds or spheres

13:1.7 sphere the “bosom of the Son,” the personal r.

13:1.21 the r. of the pilgrims of time who are passing

14:3.4 the pilgrims of time are landed on the r. of the

24:6.3 guide who greets you upon your arrival on the r.

26:4.13 you are finally deposited on the r. of Havona,

26:5.1 Paradise and the pilgrims of time first met on the r.

30:4.16 They are the r. for the majority of ascending mortals.

30:4.20 leave the local universe headquarters for the r. of the

30:4.21 their native local universes for the superuniverse r.,

30:4.22 culture, extending from the r. of their minor sector

30:4.26 with your arrival on the r. of Havona your spiritual

30:4.27 the superuniverse headquarters to the Havona r. is

30:4.29 The fact of your arrival on the r. of Havona will be

43:1.5 The first of the r. of Edentia (like the planet Melch.

45:1.2 surrounded by the r., the seven mansion worlds,

47:5.1 origin, when you enseraphim for transit to the r.

55:8.5 spheres are no longer to be utilized as differential r.

113:7.4 major sectors of the superuniverse and on to the r.

recentsee Recent of Days; recent times

12:3.7 record certain observations made on Uversa during r

15:1.3 You belong to one of the relatively r. universes.

22:9.8 so longingly and appealingly at even the r. arrivals

41:3.5 The most r. of the major cosmic eruptions in

45:1.11 sad spectacle has been observable during these r.

46:5.25 even though it is among the more r. constructions.

57:5.1 circulating matter, remnants of the r. upheaval which

57:7.3 comparatively r. acquirements of these elements.

58:5.2 later lava flows, and the more r. meteoric deposits.

59:2.1 In r. ages Asia has been the most stable of all the

60:3.14 the prelife stone layers shoved out over the then r.



68:1.6 That contemporary cultural society is a rather r.

68:5.6 the natives of Africa are among the more r. pastoral

72:5.4 The most r. development provides that industrial

74:4.4 from the mount of their so r. reception that Adam

80:9.14 this comparatively r. sun-worshiping era even now

82:4.5 And so the more r. standards and virginity tests

88:2.7 Modern respect for wisdom and truth is but the r.

90:2.3 stage set for the many comparatively r. exhibitions

92:4.9 papers, of which this is one, constitute the most r.

92:4.9 the most r. of the revelations of truth to the mortal

92:6.1 The comparatively r. Eskimos and Amerinds had

92:6.13 11. Sikhismthe most r..

93:6.7 how retarded were the morals of even so r. a time.

93:10.6 R. rulings handed down from the Most Highs of

95:7.1 in the Arabian desert at a comparatively r. date.

108:4.4 In r. years the archangels’ circuit has functioned on

114:0.11 The more r. designation of the onetime incarnated

121:1.9 Parthian states had been concluded in the then r.

121:2.1 the more r. enemies of Rome, the Carthaginians.

121:2.7 remembering the then only r. heroic exploits of Judas

122:10.1 informers returned and made full report of the r.

127:3.9 lost at the time of the r. nationalistic controversies.

127:6.3 Mary, knowing of Jesus’ r. experience with Rebecca,

137:3.2 Jesus’ family about the events of the then r. past

138:7.3 marriage feast at Cana, the r. choosing of the six,

139:7.10 the teachings of the Master during his r. sojourn on

143:3.1 the r. utterances of Jesus had augmented their

149:3.2 frantic as a result of the r. conversion of Abraham

151:0.2 not recovered from the sorrow of his r. rejection at

157:3.2 to talking about their r. experiences in Phoenicia

157:7.4 Judas took personal offense at Jesus’ r. warning to

167:0.2 No miracles had attended the r. preaching tour

167:0.3 spent Friday resting from their r. travels and labors.

168:4.2 considerable time discussing their r. experiences

173:2.3 as concerned his r. conduct in clearing the temple

191:4.1 to discuss the crucifixion of Jesus and the more r.

193:6.1 when the apostles came back from their r. sojourn

195:4.4 fragmentation, and more r. relative rehabilitation.

195:8.9 But secularism is not the sole parent of all these r.

Recent of Dayssee also Recents of Days

18:5.4 Meanwhile, another R. may be away on a tour of

recent-times or recent times

37:2.11 During r. these superangels have been identified

37:3.3 more r. a divisional headquarters of the archangels

44:5.5 these artisans have in r. met with some success.

59:0.6 This r.-times era is known as the Cenozoic.

60:4.6 early appearance of land life down to the more r.

61:7.19 your researchers as the Cenozoic or r.-times era.

64:6.24 these blue men, for they persisted in Europe until r..

68:0.3 In more r. the yellow race and the white race have

70:1.14 Only in r. has religion begun to frown upon war.

70:6.4 Even in r. it was believed that the touch of kings

70:10.10 custom, while in more r. leisure, comforts, religion,

70:12.4 In r. some Urantia nations have codified mores into

79:5.3 migrating Tibetan brethren until comparatively r.

83:2.6 In r., religion has established a sex taboo on the

83:8.8 ideals of marriage have made great progress in r.

86:1.6 Even in r. in the Wisdom of Solomon it is said: “I

86:5.15 In r. the eyes have been regarded as the windows of

87:6.12 Only in r. has bathing become a sanitary practice.

89:5.4 In r. cannibalism has been deliberately resorted to

89:6.2 even on to r. among the backward African tribes

89:8.1 In more r virgins dedicated themselves to the service

89:9.1 In more r. the priest alone would partake of a bit of

90:2.1 only in r. has the technique of positive suggestion

90:3.8 comparatively r. it has been believed that sickness

92:5.8 In considering the teachers of r., it may prove helpful

96:1.10 Jehovah is a term which in r. has been employed to

119:3.8 the Adams of r. been led astray by higher types of

122:5.10 with the Maccabean activities of the then but r..

159:4.2 Only in r. have the Scriptures been gathered

161:2.8 From the day of our ordination right on down to r.


22:3.2 young creation, it has representatives among a r.

33:6.1 During the absence of Michael, as r. on the mission

44:2.10 I r. witnessed such a stupendous presentation in

44:3.4 but r. removed from the evolutionary planets.

46:5.19 of the more r. transplanted Salvington activities.

47:1.4 consists of twelve parental couples, r. arrived, who

48:3.3 the loss of the Lucifer rebellion having only r. been

49:3.2 this more r. organized section of Norlatiadek still

55:3.2 in the first stage of light and life which I r. visited

64:1.6 as far as Java, where their bones were so r. found

64:4.6 forests spread north over land which had been so r.

64:6.28 more enlightened and more r. taught groups lived

67:4.7 the Satania rebellion, which they have so r. begun.

67:6.9 Only r. was this actual ruling discovered lodged in

70:10.15 even r. horse stealing has been similarly punished.

71:7.4 Education r. passed from the control of the clergy to

72:5.2 the last of their inferior slaves, and still more r. they

72:5.3 These people have r. developed new techniques for

72:5.9 and new methods of transportation having been so r.

72:10.2 R. they have gone so far as to attempt the prevention

74:8.11 claims that this recital was a r. discovered story of

81:6.15 Only r. has Urantia reached that point where society

83:2.1 then a family matter; only r. has marriage become an

83:7.7 societal stages from which man has emerged so r.

84:4.11 women did not pity themselves as their more r.

84:5.12 now enjoy, and which they have so r. won from men.

90:2.8 It is an only r. abandoned practice throughout much

91:0.5 The Baganda tribes of Africa have only r. emerged

93:10.5 one of the four and twenty directors, only just r.

93:10.6 events which have so r. taken place suggest that

94:1.1 India was a cosmopolitan country which had r. come

113:2.7 In the city of this visitation a certain mortal was r.

114:1.2 to act for Michael as Planetary Prince has been r.

114:4.3 of that order which was r. established on Urantia.)

119:1.4 And this record, which I have so r. reviewed, ends

119:2.5 the very universe ruler whom he had so r. defied.

122:7.4 the support of his parents, as his father had been r.

124:6.7 passed two villages which had been r. built by Herod

125:1.2 just such painted women as he had so r. seen when

125:2.2 by the things which Jesus had so r. seen and heard.

131:7.1 Only r. had the manuscripts of this Far-Eastern

134:1.6 live in the home which he had so r. given to James

136:5.3 personalities to his r. Personalized Adjuster,

136:9.11 not deal out bread to the multitudes as he has so r.

137:2.6 the carpenter, more r. residing at Capernaum.”

137:4.5 very things he had decided not to do when so r.

139:5.2 Philip had r. been married, but he had no children

143:3.2 Since we all have r. experienced much vexation of

143:3.5 Peter was overwrought and had r. been more

144:6.1 John had r. appointed twelve of his leaders to be

144:6.5 the adoption of the prayer which Jesus had so r.

146:4.6 failure to meet with success in these towns so r.

147:5.3 was a woman of unsavory reputation who had r.

148:9.2 Aaron the stone mason, who had been so r. made

150:3.2 Such a star having then r. been observed, Andrew

150:3.4 the internal organs of an animal r. killed can reveal

153:1.6 Jesus had r. engaged in the greatest demonstration

157:4.6 what his chosen representatives had r passed through

157:7.2 resort to manifestations of power, and now, more r.

158:2.1 They had so r. reaffirmed their faith in him as the

158:5.4 apostles who had r. enjoyed the spiritual ecstasy of

160:0.1 This Greek had r. become a disciple of Jesus

161:1.4 and that Rodan allowed, affirming that he had r. had

161:2.1 the divine nature of Jesus, a doctrine only so r.

161:2.8 7. R. the Master does not hesitate to assert his

162:1.1 recalling the Master’s r. reiterated declarations that

163:7.3 twelve women had r. trained a larger corps of fifty

164:2.1 then, or had r. been, members of the Sanhedrin.

167:1.4 This man was a believer, having r. been baptized

177:5.1 asked if anyone had heard r. from his mother,

179:3.1 who had so r. refused to wash one another’s feet,

184:1.3 revenues were threatened by what Jesus had so r.

185:5.2 the release of a prisoner, and since Jesus had so r.

185:5.3 murderous robber, the son of a priest, who had r.

185:8.2 Pilate had r. received a reprimand from Caesar,

190:3.1 Mary proceeded to relate what had so r. happened

190:5.3 and know not the things which have r. happened?”

192:1.2 which had so r. happened to them at Jerusalem.

195:8.5 More r., secularism has assumed a more militant

Recents of Dayssee also Recent of Days

10:6.10 5. R..

15:2.6 headquarters world, wherefrom its rulers, the R.,

15:2.6 There are three R., Supreme Trinity Personalities,

15:10.15 2. R.the directors of the superuniverse minor

15:13.4 minor sector governments are presided over by R..

15:13.4 Their administration is concerned mainly with the

15:13.6 The R. receive all reports of observations and

18:0.6 5. R..

18:4.5 the Perfections of Days, and the R..

18:4.6 Ancients of Days, Perfections of Days, and the R..


18:5.1 The R. are the youngest of the supreme directors

18:5.1 they preside over the affairs of the minor sectors.

18:5.1 they are co-ordinate with the Perfections of Days,

18:5.1 but in administrative authority, they are subordinate.

18:5.1 There are just twenty-one thousand of these glorious

18:5.1 They were created simultaneously, and together they

18:5.2 The R. have a corps of associates and assistants

18:5.2 they have assigned to them enormous numbers of the

18:5.2 they utilize large numbers of the resident ascending

18:5.4 three R. are seldom together on the capital sphere.

18:5.5 You will all sometime know the three R. in charge of

18:6.3 of a physical and semi-intellectual nature to the R.

30:1.12 5. R..

30:2.27 5. R..

receptionsee reception of

13:4.4 the fluctuating differential in its recognition and r. by

19:5.9 would effectively jeopardize the certainty of r..

20:6.6 planets have afforded them a more considerate r.,

25:8.6 R. companions are assigned during the terminal days

26:1.16 When they are in power r. on the Father’s direct

31:1.2 will create r. capacity for the bestowal of a fragment

34:5.3 develops r. capacity for the adjutants of worship

36:5.2 from the degree to which its fellows may find r. and

44:4.10 universe broadcasts must also be modified for r. by

46:3.3 Salvington, and when Paradise messages are in r.,

48:2.17 on the initial world of r. for earth-origin mortals,

49:5.4 3. Spirit-r. series.

49:5.19 3. Spirit-r. Series. There are three groups of mind

49:5.20 Of the spirit-r. types, sixty-five per cent are of the

62:7.1 circuit signals at the planetary r.-focus of Urantia.

73:2.2 and to the preparation of a garden home for their r..

74:2.5 Adam and Eve were escorted to the formal r. on the

74:2.5 the Urantia r. committee welcomed this Son and

74:4.4 mount of their so recent r. that Adam held forth in

91:2.6 spiritual phase of true prayer which concerns its r. by

106:9.9 are due to increased capacities for reality r. and

109:3.7 they had capacity for Adjuster r., but the Monitors

113:7.8 bi-unification on Seraphington prior to their r. into

119:6.5 accordingly we arranged a suitable r. on Salvington

121:2.4 the new gospel of the kingdom found initial r.,

137:4.1 more like a public r. for Jesus than a wedding.

138:3.5 In those days, when a r.-banquet of this sort was

142:5.4 I will become surety for their r. into the eternal

146:2.5 unselfish glories of Paradise are not possible of r. by

165:2.2 may each take that which finds a r. in your heart.

reception of

16:8.19 capacity for the r. of the gift of the divine presence

25:8.5 the reservation made ready for the r. of you and

26:1.17 have a r. of knowledge and an intake of wisdom

34:5.4 automatically prepared for the r. of the Adjusters.

34:5.5 limited in function and power by man’s personal r. of

39:2.14 concerned with the r., filing, and redispatch of the

43:4.9 When there exists no open door for the r. of evil,

44:4.10 back registry to insure the proper r. of every report

46:3.1 In addition to provisions for the r. of these extra-

46:3.1 stations are adjusted to the r. of broadcasts from

47:10.1 The r. of a new class of mansion world graduates is

47:10.2 your anywhere r. of such communications is made

47:10.2 immature morontia sensory mechanism to the r. of

48:4.10 and while awaiting the r. of new energy charges,

49:5.21 as they affect man’s terrestrial status and his r. of

50:0.2 signal is the r. of a request from the Life Carriers for

52:3.2 legitimate candidates for r. of the Mystery Monitors.

55:2.10 differential r. of ascending mortals on the mansion

73:2.1 began to plan for the actual r. of the promised Son.

73:5.7 And so was the Garden of Eden made ready for the r

74:5.4 were at all ready for the r. of the Adamic culture.

86:4.8 Hades as a fit place for the r. of such anemic souls

97:7.14 for the recognition and r. of the promised Messiah.

98:2.3 no capacity for the r. of this new substitute for belief

98:5.4 unlock gates of Paradise for the r. of the faithful;

100:6.9 capacity for subsequent r. of increased bestowals of

101:1.2 there is no mystic religious faculty for the r. of

103:7.14 the Adjuster is based on the intellectual r. of truth,

108:2.2 thus qualify the human mind for the r. of an Adjuster

108:2.3 stage of the human mind set for the r. of Adjusters

110:5.5 from the more or less continuous and conscious r. of

110:6.13 Spirit of Truth, together with the r. of an Adjuster

112:4.13 the actual personality form made ready for the r. of

113:7.8 repercussing in a new capacity for the r. of,

119:2.3 Simultaneously with the r. of this request on

120:2.9 Prior to the arrival and r. of the Adjuster I will

122:7.7 cleared of animals and cleaned for the r. of lodgers

130:5.1 the foundation for the quick r. of the later gospel

132:0.4 the better and more certain r. of their message.

132:7.2 to prepare him for the r. of wisdom and higher

136:4.9 nothing to do with his r. of universe sovereignty;

145:5.6 their physical bodies rather than as a result of the r.

149:3.1 Notwithstanding the favorable r. of Jesus and his

156:2.3 wont lightly to pass over the record of this warm r.

162:4.2 was the occasion of the r. of the temple offerings;

163:6.6 the good tidings of the r. of the gospel by so many

166:4.11 Father’s human children have equal capacity for the r

167:5.7 the establishment of homes for the r. and training of

168:4.4 prayer and the r. of the full spiritual answer thereto.

168:4.13 your personal r. of the full answers to your prayers

169:1.15 the r. of the returning prodigal, to show how

170:2.23 capacity in your own soul for the r. of the reality of

170:3.3 And the r. of the forgiveness of God by a kingdom

187:4.3 the conversion and r. of the thief into the kingdom

194:2.10 signified the conscious r. of this gift of the Spirit of

194:3.9 with the bestowal of the “new teacher,” and the r. of

195:2.4 was ideal soil for the r. and growth of Christianity.


62:7.1 universe circuit signals at the planetary r. of Urantia.


9:4.2 energy is r. and responsive to mind; mind can be

48:1.5 a morontia form of materialization which is r. to

49:5.20 the first type, naturally less r., while twenty-three

52:1.6 these beings become r. to the temporary indwelling

117:5.8 are r. and reactive to the emerging values in

134:2.3 all of them were r. to the living truth which Jesus

172:5.3 he disliked to see such a large, r., and enthusiastic

195:0.2 the rest of the Roman Empire was found to be r.


3:4.6 strictly limited by the human capacity for spiritual r.

5:2.1 It is determined by the spiritual capacity of r. and by

5:5.5 elevated man to the level of r. to revealed religion,

13:4.3 the underlying conditions or states of spiritual r.

34:6.2 and as creatures grow in appreciation of, and r. for,

36:5.2 each seeking r. capacity for manifestation quite apart

49:5.19 spiritual r. is definitely influenced by this differential

51:6.1 potential, and the enhancement of spiritual r..

52:2.3 The evolution of the religious capacity of r. in the

65:6.10 mind possesses a certain innate capacity for spirit r.

65:7.6 the animal mind attains the human levels of spirit r..

92:4.1 of revelation be limited by man’s capacity of r..

108:1.5 potential of soul, the probable spiritual capacity of r.

117:6.15 made possible by an enlargement of experience r.

133:4.2 suited to the capacity of r. of each of your inquirers.

144:2.5 and to enlarge your soul’s capacity for spirit r..

144:4.2 fails to expand the soul’s capacity for spiritual r..

144:4.4 The soul’s spiritual capacity for r. determines the

146:2.17 they should remain for a time in silent r. to afford

160:3.1 relaxation determines the capacity for spiritual r..

168:4.6 to await the creation of adequate capacity for r.;

194:3.20 determining the capacity of r. which characterized


22:7.4 are granted a r. every millennium of Havona time.

22:7.5 these glorified mortal ascenders to extend their r.

39:4.17 Jerusem will be to talk and visit, during r. periods,

48:4.14 “have fun,” except when we are in r from the serious

74:7.2 The forenoon periods of r. were devoted to practical

135:8.2 for him, as it was not yet time for the midday r.,

149:7.2 the entire party was granted a two weeks’ r. to go

149:7.3 be assigned to service at the end of the two weeks’ r.

189:4.6 In the r. of stone where they had laid Jesus, Mary

193:6.2 choose a successor to Judas Iscariot, and that a r.


109:5.1 deep spiritual transformations in the higher r. of the


12:4.14 But this apparent speed of r. is not real; it results

46:1.3 during the period of light r. it falls to a little lower

46:1.7 Jerusem day, and then there is a gradual r. until,

46:2.2 time of lowest temperature attending the light r..

46:2.8 the light period and, sometimes, far into the r..

46:3.2 which is not slowed down during the r. of light.

64:4.6 fourth glacier, the greatest of all in Europe, was in r.;


12:4.14 interpose to make it appear that the r. velocity of


61:5.4 there were scores of advances and r. associated


15:5.11 masses of highly condensed matter to be r. in the

41:7.15 can be r. by certain nonluminous energy islands of

41:7.15 Those which are not thus eventually r. are destined


27:1.2 the normal rest of energy intake, the r. of beings

41:7.14 stars far removed from these chief channels of r. are

44:3.4 of reminiscent humor during periods of spiritual r..

113:2.10 For purposes of rest and r. with the life energy of the

144:4.8 prayer may be likened to r. the spiritual batteries of


120:1.6 I would remind you that I am r. of your universe

139:2.15 r. of high honors when Peter’s captors informed him

160:5.4 r. of the religious devotion of those who worship,

194:3.19 the Spirit of Truth purifies the heart and leads the r.


30:4.21 the mortals of time are r. of spirit confirmation from

48:8.3 you are not the r. of all this divine labor and

72:9.3 the r. are proud to attach the symbols of such civic

131:7.2 “Says the Lord: ‘You are all r. of my divine power

136:8.1 almost invariably admonished the r. of his healing

145:3.14 But the majority of those who were r of supernatural

164:5.6 Josiah proved to be one of the r. of the Master’s

171:7.5 the r. of his mercy did not so much feel that they

171:7.5 They had unbounded confidence in him because they

174:5.3 to heal them of their unbelief that they might be r.


0:2.16 Paradise personalities in r. association with the time-

1:7.2 Man attains divine union by progressive r. spiritual

11:5.6 it must have something to do with r. adjustment

39:2.15 with these common symbols maintain r. contact with

42:8.4 The integrity of the nucleus is maintained by the r.

52:1.7 capacity for seeking r. contact with divinity.

65:7.7 always are these changes gradual and r..

78:2.4 deteriorated until it reached a state of r. balance

106:9.5 experiential Trinity of Trinities is in part due to r.

110:6.19 attainments are r. and therefore mutually beneficial.

118:10.22 apparently variable r. response in the Supreme.

156:5.11 Human love may indeed be r., but divine love is

177:2.6 loyal devotion of true religion exert a profound r.


117:0.4 viewpoint both are evolutionary and experiential r..

117:2.9 they are evolutionary r., each initiating the growth


42:8.3 the nucleus of the atom are held together by the r.


14:6.8 The Father enjoys the Havona r. of the divine beauty

14:6.16 the realization of r. of equality fraternity between the

49:5.15 and development of intellectual and spiritual r.,

80:9.16 But the barrier of language prevented the full r. of

149:6.2 and r. of the Father’s profound and perfect love.


68:1.3 Primitive society was thus founded on the r. of


18:3.4 is the r. of the trinitization of these Ancients of Days.

30:4.34 but this r. affords a glimpse of the average plan of

40:0.9 presents a glorious r. of the unstinted bestowal of

40:0.10 continue the r. of the eternal purpose of the Gods

40:7.4 an intriguing r. not included in my assignment, but

57:1.2 At the time of the beginning of this r., the Primary

63:6.8 of the pre-Planetary Prince days is a thrilling r. of

63:7.4 the r. of the most heroic and fascinating chapter in

67:3.10 There is no end to the r. of the stirring events of

70:1.15 the Midianites is a typical r. of the atrocious cruelty

72:12.3 This r. of the affairs of a neighboring planet is made

74:3.3 this long r. of the mismanagement of world affairs.

74:8.11 that this r was a recently discovered story of creation

75:4.8 I listened fully to the r. of all that led up to the

77:5.5 as Ratta listened to the r. of the Garden default,

83:0.1 This is the r. of the early beginnings of the marriage

97:8.7 A brief r. of the high points in Hebrew history will

101:3.17 the foregoing r. of twelve spiritlike performances in

113:3.6 This is a r. of the manifold and intricate function of

119:1.4 a r. of the service of this unique Melchizedek Son

127:5.2 Rebecca was thrilled with the r. and more than ever

127:5.3 Jesus listened attentively and sympathetically to the r

128:4.5 he listened to the r. of this very story of the strange

132:6.3 as Gonod listened to the r. of these experiences,

139:5.11 when his strength failed, Perpetua began the r. of

148:6.2 r. of the material prosperity of the Lord’s servant?

150:8.2 the service was begun by the r. of two prayers:

151:1.1 then Jesus began the r. of the parable of the sower,

158:5.2 When Jesus had listened to this r., he touched the

170:1.1 In connection with the r. of Jesus’ sermon it should

175:2.3 has become necessary, in this r. of the life of Jesus

175:2.3 a historical r. in no way justifies the unjust hatred,

187:4.4 records based upon the r. of the Roman centurion

189:3.5 And this is the r. of the events of the resurrection of

190:3.1 Mary was in the very midst of this thrilling r. when

191:6.1 Nathan ended his touching r. with these words:

196:0.10 a declaration of loyalty, a r. of personal devotion,


91:8.5 Prayer may be a meaningless r. of theologic formulas

150:8.6 began the r. of the nineteen prayer eulogies,


91:3.2 the semimagical r. of the present-day Toda tribe,


54:5.1 or adjudicated, I am permitted to r. the following:

99:5.10 should periodically assemble and r. a form of words

159:3.14 treasured them in their hearts and did often r. them

169:1.15 Jesus then would r. the story of the coin lost in the


89:8.8 Prayers are still read out of books, r. formally,

127:6.1 was r., the devotion of Rebecca was recounted.

137:1.6 “After they had r. the details of their long search

144:3.13 thirty set prayers which they r. in the synagogues

150:8.4 The congregation then r. the Shema, the Jewish

150:8.6 only the first and last of the benedictions were r..

150:8.7 The congregation looked not at the ruler as he r. the

169:3.3 After Peter had r. this ancient parable of the Nazarite

172:1.3 and r. how Joshua and the Israelites had come up to

184:5.9 their formal charges until he heard them r. by Pilate.

193:0.6 and r. how he had three times appeared to them.


8:0.4 In thus r. the order of the origin of the Deities, I do

94:8.1 by r. the Refuge: “I take my refuge in the Buddha;

151:5.6 Peter never grew weary of r. how “even the winds

187:5.2 he was merely r. in his vanishing consciousness


100:7.4 Jesus was courageous but never r.; prudent but


100:7.15 It was courage born of faith, not the r. of blind

147:5.9 who is ever ready to condone sin and forgive r..

149:4.4 how they sometimes lead unthinking souls on to r.


9:4.4 intellect must increasingly r. with the fact and

9:5.5 do not presume to r. that all phenomena of mind are

15:1.5 having not long since (as we r. time) turned the

15:8.8 we are confronted with increasing inability to r. in

23:3.6 In the universes of space we must r. with handicaps

34:3.2 the personalities of the Infinite Spirit must often r.

34:3.4 Creative Spirit must r. with time in the ministration

42:4.10 we must r. with the influence of gravity pressure

53:9.3 two hundred thousand years ago, as you r. time.

57:0.1 we are directed to r. time in terms of current usage

59:0.1 We r. the history of Urantia as beginning about one

103:6.14 it must never fail to r. with the elliptic symmetry

104:3.2 man has ever to r. with the mathematics and

159:2.1 better for you to r. that he who is not against us is

168:4.13 must you constantly r. with the time-space factor in

171:2.3 If you fail thus to r. the cost, after you have laid the

reckonedsee reckoned with

14:1.11 Time is not r on Paradise; the sequence of successive

14:2.9 We do infer that sin can be r. as impossible of

15:9.18 Your local universe is not even r. as belonging to the

21:4.6 are r. as a separate order, sevenfold Master Sons.

22:7.9 they continue to be r. as two personalities in the

25:4.12 In the universal regime you are not r. as having

26:4.11 hoping to rejoin the pilgrims of time, to be r.

33:6.7 Chronology is r., computed, and rectified by a group

33:6.9 The day in Satania, as r. on Jerusem, is a little less

36:4.4 beings can hardly be r. as either mortal or immortal,

40:6.1 You will be r. as ascending sons the instant fusion

41:4.1 who have r. it as about two octillion (2x1027) tons.

46:5.18 Jerusem citizens and below that of finaliters are r. as

47:2.5 sixteen years of age, as r. by Urantia standards,

49:0.2 in the prehuman stage of life development are r. in

49:6.12 all Adjusterless children are r. as still attached to

51:0.3 Adam and Eve’s work is not r. as a total loss.

54:4.8 long delay (as time is r. on Urantia) in adjudicating

66:7.17 lunar month,this period being r. as twenty-eight days

77:7.1 the devastation of the planetary rebellion was r. up,

84:2.1 In early times all descent was r. in the female line,

119:5.1 three hundred million years ago, as time is r. on

122:1.2 r. among her ancestors such well-known women

123:0.5 his being r. among the offspring of David was due

127:5.2 attraction for the carpenter’s son, Rebecca rightly r.

133:0.3 who cannot know God are r. among the animals

156:6.5 his enemies r. that the whole movement had been

158:7.1 they r. that Jesus and the apostles would fear to

179:0.1 And since the Jews r. the day as beginning at sunset,

reckoned with

10:4.6 be r. with in our attempts to explain the totality of

38:9.1 they are functionally r. with the ministering spirits of

41:2.7 the swarming clouds of star dust must be r. with;

102:6.5 In much that pertains to life, probability must be r.,

118:1.4 having thus r. with both experience and wisdom,


12:4.14 By this method of r., subsequent to the perfection

43:0.3 Edentia time r. and distance measurement are those

58:2.6 atmosphere is hardly comparable with heat r. at

64:1.4 third glacier, first according to the r. of geologists.

66:7.17 was the only time r. known to the early peoples.

66:7.17 a spiritual reminder into the common r. of time.

68:6.1 man may try to escape from the land, in the last r. he

77:2.12 The r. of time by the twenty-eight-day month

79:7.6 Mesopotamian methods of time r., astronomy,

86:6.4 science puts an actuary with mathematical r. in the

126:3.1 By the middle of this fifteenth yearand we are r.

126:4.2 year of God’s favor and the day of our God’s r.;

159:1.4 likened to a certain king who ordered a financial r.

171:8.4 when I return, when a r. shall be required of you.

171:8.6 you knew this r. would be required of you.

175:1.22 a terrible day of r. will come when the Judge of all

176:3.4 returned and called upon his stewards for a r..

176:3.6 thereby shall you be ready for the r. call of death.

176:3.7 to your hands will the Master of truth require a r..

176:3.8 inherent talents, a just and merciful r. must be faced.


12:4.14 such r. with reference to the realms of outer space


99:7.4 in the presence of the sovereignty of God and r. with

109:2.4 actual fusion and r. the union as an event of fact.

118:1.4 As the human mind r. backward into the past, it is


27:0.2 ministering spirits on duty in the newly r. sphere.


15:5.5 beyond the gravity-r. zone of the erupting sun,

119:3.4 the repentance and r. of the defaulting Planetary

119:3.5 The r. of this world is one of the most touching


179:1.4 host, and signified that he intended there to r. as


147:5.3 standing behind Jesus as he r. at meat, began to

172:1.5 going up to where Jesus r. as the guest of honor,

172:1.5 Judas stepped over to where Andrew r. and said:

179:3.1 the lowest seat of the feast, where Simon Peter r.,

179:4.3 John, who r. on Jesus’ right hand, leaned over and

189:4.1 resting on the very couches whereon they r.

191:0.8 Most of the time Simon r. on a couch in a corner of


179:1.1 long table was surrounded by thirteen r. couches,

179:1.5 seated about the U-shaped table on these r. divans in

recognitionsee recognition of

1:1.2 Father never imposes any form of arbitrary r.,

3:5.13 the incessant clamoring of an inescapable self for r.

6:8.2 They are not so difficult of separate r. by those

13:4.4 the fluctuating differential in its r. and reception by

15:3.4 The other two are difficult of separate r. because

16:9.1 personal creature possesses innate r.-realization of

16:9.1 these three universe reality responses of cosmic r..

17:6.5 Spirit, this entity is immediately lost to our r.,

19:5.3 can individualize themselves sufficiently for r. by

20:8.3 R. indicative of effort and attainment is granted to all

22:5.1 may become candidates for the same Trinity r.

22:5.3 accorded this r. because of their valiant co-operation

26:7.5 Spirit sufficiently to constitute personality r..

27:3.1 Ethical awareness is simply the r. by any individual

39:4.18 able to enjoy mutual r. and sympathetic personality

40:9.5 an experiential-r.-response to these unremembered

40:9.6 response of experiential r. within the soul (identity)

40:9.6 r.,and validation of an unremembered facet of mortal

40:9.7 depend upon the attribute of r.-response in the

40:9.8 we do not grasp the technique of personality r..

40:9.8 mutual personality response with the fullness of r..

44:8.3 will gain adequate r. and receive due appreciation

45:7.5 gained requisite r. from the Melchizedek schools of

48:6.2 for r. on the higher levels of the morontia spheres

51:5.4 strive to qualify for r. and admission to the garden.

55:1.4 planetary r. for achievements of high social service

55:3.8 of “supreme service,” being the only degree of r.

55:3.8 This r. was bestowed upon those who had long

57:3.9 extended physical r. to the local universe of Nebadon

58:2.1 both above and below the r. range of human vision


63:0.1 on this occasion of formal planetary r., closed with

63:7.1 splendid founders of the human race, received r. at

65:8.6 when spiritual values receive proper r., then cosmic

71:3.12 ambition of the wisest citizens is to gain civil r.,

71:3.12 such governments confer their highest honors of r.

72:9.3 are proud to attach the symbols of such civic r.,

72:9.5 This grant is independent of all other r., but in no

82:4.3 private property gained further r. in the mores,

84:3.3 Woman failed to get social r. during primitive times

84:5.5 Adamites and Nodites accorded women increased r.,

84:5.10 woman has finally won r., dignity, independence,

91:0.1 the dual potential of social response and God r..

91:1.2 only with those values which have general social r.,

91:2.6 true prayer which concerns its reception and r. by

91:4.4 even if such petitions are not worthy of spiritual r..

97:4.7 conscience of the Hebrews to the r. that Yahweh

98:2.4 the Greek philosophers gave r. to the divine and

98:2.4 scant r. to the whole galaxy of Olympian gods and

101:6.14 an eternal life of unending progression in God-r.

104:1.12 The concept of the Trinity, which began to gain r.

104:2.3 expanding cosmic horizons demand that he give r. to

106:1.3 God the Sevenfold signifies the r. by Paradise Deity

110:4.1 commonness of nature and absence of responsive r..

111:4.1 R. is the intellectual process of fitting the sensory

111:4.2 Meanings are derived from a combination of r. and

113:0.1 were about the only group of angels that had r..

114:7.5 willingness to serve without human r. and rewards.

117:5.3 experiential r. as personalities of God the Supreme

120:2.3 of ‘Planetary Prince of Urantia’ as the eternal r. by

130:3.5 might give more or less r. to subordinate deities.

130:4.4 of creature experience are concealed in depth of r..

130:4.14 establishes value levels of spirit r. and response.

133:7.8 associated sensation-r. and memory thereof, but

149:6.3 from reverence I would lead you up, through r.,

150:1.3 And this liberation of women, giving them due r.,

150:1.3 called deaconesses and were accorded general r..

156:5.19 Seek no unearned r. and crave no undeserved

157:5.1 feature of Peter’s confession was the clear-cut r. that

159:3.3 remember also to accord generous r. for the most

160:2.6 Some degree of r. is essential to the development of

184:2.4 Peter should not have been surprised at this r.,

190:2.6 for the fourth appearance of Jesus to mortal r.

191:4.1 tenth morontia manifestation of Jesus to mortal r.

194:4.12 This new crisis was met by the r. that believers

195:7.18 valueless unless it provides due r. for the scientist.

195:7.18 of art is genuine unless it accords r. to the artist.

196:2.6 proper r. to both the human and the divine natures

recognition ofsee recognition of, in

0:2.2 Cosmic consciousness implies r. of a First Cause,

0:8.9 the realization of God begins with the r. of the

0:8.9 the discovery and r. of the divine personality of

1:1.1 name of our choosing, and it grows out of the r. of

1:4.7 mortal can achieve the philosophic miracle of the r.

2:4.1 grows out of the full r. of the natural weaknesses

2:7.6 Happiness ensues from the r. of truth because it can

3:1.10 Supreme Being: It is determined by the en masse r.

5:1.3 you should rejoice in the r. of the ever-present

5:3.3 the r. of the Father’s matchless personality and

6:7.3 almost equal influence to prevent the conceptual r.

8:1.2 is the inspection and r. of his divine parents,

8:1.3 in mutual r. of the personality independence of each

9:7.1 the simultaneous r. of the mental, the material, and

10:2.7 The Eternal Son has the experience of sonship, r. of

10:3.1 acts and doings of plural Deity, clearly showing r. of

15:9.17 There must exist a state of universal r. of the Son of

16:6.7 arena of reason, the r. of relative right and wrong.

16:6.8 r. of spirit values, the assurance of eternal survival,

16:6.10 Stated otherwise, the r. of the reality of these

16:8.6 Self-consciousness connotes r. of the actuality of

16:8.15 the constitutive r. of the three basic mind realities

16:8.16 1. The mathematical or logical r. of the uniformity of

16:8.17 The reasoned r. of the obligation of moral conduct.

16:9.1 personal creature possesses innate r.-realization of

16:9.4 Human self-consciousness implies the r. of the reality

16:9.6 and the realization (r.) of God is inalienable and

16:9.14 we reason ourselves into the r. of brotherhood.

20:1.14 to win the planets to the willing r. of the loving rule

24:7.2 the Luminous Persons, and disappear from the r. of

26:5.2 and third, the intellectual r. of the Infinite Spirit.

26:5.5 the spiritual r. and realization of the Master Spirit

26:7.1 to achieve the personality r. of the Infinite Spirit.

26:8.2 second, in the satisfactory personality r. of the Son;

27:7.6 expanding divinity r. of the brilliant beings of

34:1.1 Upon the Paradise r. of this declaration of intention

34:1.1 the Deity-embraced Master Spirit emerges to the r.

35:2.7 the final and full r. of the Creator Son and his Father.

42:11.1 In the evaluation and r. of mind it should be

44:6.6 spirit activities to the physical r. of chemical odors is

44:7.3 the mortal attempt to depict the human r. of divine

45:4.6 in the r. of the divinity of “The Supreme Chief.”

48:7.12 throughout the cosmos, even to the r. of the Infinite.

52:6.7 the brotherhood of man is predicated on the r. of

56:6.3 Mortal man must, through the r. of truth,

56:6.3 evolve the r. of a God of love and then progress

56:7.4 adequately educated to attain experiential r. of

56:10.8 impinge upon the r. of divine goodness in Deity

56:10.11 Beauty is the intellectual r. of the harmonious time-

56:10.12 Goodness is the mental r. of the relative values of

56:10.12 The r. of goodness implies a mind of moral status,

56:10.13 The r. of true relations implies a mind competent to

56:10.17 Universal beauty is the r. of the reflection of the Isle

57:8.6 r. of the small and insignificant sphere which was

62:7.1 be apprised of the r. of intelligent life on the planet.

70:1.20 hostilities, and then came the r. of noncombatants.

70:1.21 Next came the general r. of the right of asylum;

70:8.4 2. Personal–the r. of ability, endurance, skill, and

70:8.4 soon followed by the r. of language mastery,

71:3.10 the r. of the obligation and privilege of social service

71:8.10 8. The due r. of sex equality and the co-ordinated

75:8.4 justice demands r. of the condition of the planet.

86:3.4 together with the r. of human weakness before the

87:0.1 early religions had much to do with the r. of Deity

87:4.2 there came about the r. of higher types of spirits,

87:6.1 r. of higher spirits necessitated the employment of

88:1.6 from the early r. of the four points of the compass.

89:10.4 The possibility of the r. of the sense of guilt is a

89:10.5 But confessionsincere r. of the nature of sinis

95:1.3 the various peoples to the permanent r. of one God.

97:1.9 a steady drift back toward the r. of other gods,

97:7.14 two Isaiahs would have prepared the way for the r.

98:2.2 and a new awakening to the r. of monotheism.

98:7.1 to win all mankind to the r. of the Father’s love and

100:1.8 to divine values, r. of religious living in others,

100:2.1 Spiritual progress is predicated on intellectual r. of

100:3.2 becomes a symbol signifying the r. of divine value

100:6.4 The morbid r. of human limitations is changed to the

101:2.14 Religion is the faith act of the r. of this inner urge to

101:9.5 just a name applied to the human r. and awareness of

102:4.2 determined by depth of concept plus totality of r. of

102:4.3 the r. of God as the realitysource, nature, and

102:6.9 Consistency demands the r. of the activities of a

102:8.3 differing r. of moral values, ethical relationships,

103:1.5 religion is founded on the r of values and is validated

103:1.6 The realization of the r. of spiritual values is an

103:2.1 normal growth of the r. of supreme values with an

103:3.1 are not even totemic in their beliefs, do have a r. of

103:7.13 Logic, the innate r. of things, meanings, and values.

104:2.3 Through the r. of the Trinity concept the mind of

104:2.6 philosophical and cosmological reason demand r. of

104:4.14 spiritual insight must never eclipse the intelligent r.

105:2.2 by the r. of the eternal continuum of The Infinity,

106:2.2 must provide for the differential r. of spirit person,

108:3.6 I bow before you in humble r. of your exquisite

109:5.3 mental situations, safety lies only in the prompt r. of

110:3.8 Loving God and desiring to be like himgenuine r.

110:3.9 wholehearted r. of the brotherhood of man coupled

110:3.10 4. Joyful acceptance of cosmic citizenshiphonest r.

112:4.13 receives the r. of the chief Personalized Monitor of

112:7.9 stands in worshipful r. of the actual personality of

112:7.12 in all matters concerned with the r. of personality.

113:6.8 “resurrection of the unjust,” in reality the formal r.

117:6.5 finite manifestation upon the r. of the Father

117:6.17 gradually create in your consciousness the r. of the

120:2.9 your progressive r. of the nature and import of

120:3.10 gradual return to r. of your divine identity incarnate

120:4.2 r. (by the human mind) of this fact of being God and

126:3.8 Jesus had an unerring ability for the r. of truth,

130:3.4 portrayed a clearer r. of the Lord God of Israel as

130:4.3 r. of the Father and the knowing of the Supreme.

132:0.4 prepared for the r. of additional and similar truths

132:2.7 Goodness is found in the r. of the positive truth-

132:6.3 as his ear for the r. of human melody will be able to

133:0.3 you cannot escape the r. of differential human

133:7.8 but none experience a meaningful r. of sensation or

134:4.9 equality never brings peace except in the mutual r. of

136:1.3 a r. of Jesus as the terminator of one age and the

140:10.9 first, r. of the fact of the sovereignty of God; second,

141:4.2 the believing r. of the truth that you are his son.

141:7.6 of human liberty through the sincere r. of truth,

141:7.8 To insure the r. of his Father in the unfolding of the

142:3.21 r. of the fact of creation as the reason for Sabbath

143:1.4 ultimate goal of human progress is the reverent r. of

147:4.7 and the consequent r. of the brotherhood of man,

149:2.5 approach other religions with the r. of the truths

149:6.2 a son’s affectionate r. and reciprocation of the

149:6.4 children are led to love their father in responsive r.

149:6.10 and the r. of the destiny of your spirit-born souls.

155:5.8 general r. of the realities of spiritual experience,

157:6.3 the r. of that fact, at least hazily, by his chosen

160:1.5 man not only possesses capacity for the r. of

160:1.13 Prejudice blinds the soul to the r. of truth, and

170:2.7 new meanings consequent upon the r. of a noble

170:5.14 to provide for the r. of the Master’s teaching

178:1.3 earthly rulers and in this way lead them to the r. of

181:2.10 simultaneous r. of temporal duty to civil powers

185:0.4 Jews have not been the only ones to fail in the r. of

190:3.1 The fifth morontia manifestation of Jesus to the r. of

194:4.6 not from the r. of the brotherhood of mortal man.

195:5.6 3. Man’s ethical r. of social obligations and political

195:7.8 be devoid of all conscious r. of that very fact.

195:7.18 No r. of philosophy is edifying if it ignores the

196:2.11 transcend Jesus’ brotherhood of men based on the r.

196:3.10 Concerning insight, the r. of moral values and the

196:3.25 Morality is equivalent to the r. of duty, realization

recognition of, in

2:5.7 the Father more because of his nature than in r. of

3:1.6 God has limited his direct and actual presence in r.

8:5.5 In r. of this and for many additional reasons the spirit

9:1.1 all designative of relationship and in r. of function:

9:1.2 Third Source functions in consonance with, and in r.

14:1.10 separation is in r. of functional and administrative

82:4.5 it was the practice to pay the father a bride fee in r.

92:4.8 worship which a creature son voluntarily gives in r.

95:5.2 it was in r. of this exploit, among other reasons,

98:5.3 And in r. of his slaying the mythical sacred bull,

103:4.5 not of actual virtue or worthiness, but in r. of the

113:1.1 It was in r. of this that Jesus said: “Take heed that

166:2.8 constrained to give thanks in r. of the good things

185:0.4 Jews have not been the only ones to fail in the r.


24:2.9 Directors are persons; they have r. spirit presence

42:5.14 Light and all other forms of r. energy

42:7.5 Not every world will have one hundred r. elements

42:12.10 and which are r. and personally distinguishable.

48:3.5 each of you possesses a distinct and r. personality.

recognizesee recognizewith we; see recognizewith you

1:0.3 The enlightened worlds all r. and worship the Father,

1:0.3 to comprehend the divine nature, to r. the Father.

1:1.2 own heartsr., love, and voluntarily worship him.

9:1.6 but all his actions appear to r. the Father-Paradise

16:3.19 all ascenders are certain to r. and comprehend when

16:8.4 that part of any individual which enables us to r.

16:8.6 the ability to r. the reality of other personalities.

16:9.7 ability to r. and grasp the reality of other personality,

16:9.13 the ability to r. the reality of God as a personality

18:3.1 that point where they are able to r. and communicate

19:5.3 lower orders of celestial beings to r. one of them.

22:9.6 Their willingness to r. and acknowledge their

26:7.5 Third Person, but not all can r. or even partially

29:4.38 I r. that the frandalanks are intelligent, but I cannot

30:4.28 The first act of your Havona career will be to r.

34:3.8 Creative Spirit is preparing to r. a circumscribed

36:5.15 Creature mind, before acquiring the ability to r.

40:6.2 the power to r. that they are the sons of God.”

44:0.17 the ascenders are able to r. material, morontia, and

44:0.18 power to r. your associates of former existences.

44:0.18 the scale of life, will you retain the ability to r. and

44:0.18 the ability to r. your friends and fellows of former

44:6.6 Urantia mortals could hardly r. this ministry by any

46:2.7 would hardly r. since it has no smoking chimneys;

46:7.7 They have a vision which permits them to r.

47:1.1 are hospitable hosts to all beings whom they can r..

48:3.5 mansion worlds, after learning to r. them as a class,

49:5.16 group of worlds should in fairness r. planetary age;

52:6.4 are so primitive that they fail to r. the folly of

55:4.8 the range of human vision as enable mortals to r.

56:1.5 observe the existence of these two realities and r.

68:5.13 era cannot hope to survive if its leaders fail to r. that

69:2.3 Primitive man was not slow to r. the advantages of

71:2.4 3. Failure to r. the basic facts of social evolution.

72:5.4 the industrial courts shall r. legal compensation as

72:9.8 These people r. that, when fifty per cent of a nation

79:3.8 did not r. in the Dravidians their Andite cousins

81:2.8 man refused to r. natural causes as explanations for

83:4.7 to disguise the bride so that ghosts might not r. her

87:7.8 It must r. true meanings, exalt beautiful relations,

90:3.9 the first to r. that all disease is the result of natural

91:3.7 Enlightened prayer must r. not only an external

91:3.7 then to r. that the idea of this alter ego has evolved

93:9.10 few were able or willing to r. and receive Michael

97:8.4 the Jews were so confused they failed to r. the

98:2.6 Anaxagoras was a mechanist except that he did r. a

100:2.4 to discover beauty in things, r. truth in meanings,

100:5.6 If one is disposed to r. a theoretical subconscious

101:7.5 Neither does it r. the aesthetic cult of pure wonder

101:9.1 it failed to r. the duty demands of ethical obligation

102:5.3 Human morality may r. values, but only religion

103:5.3 All men r. the morality of this universal urge to be

104:2.3 he r. the Trinity sovereignty extending outward

107:4.1 To say that an Adjuster is divine is merely to r. the

110:1.6 never r. as separate identities the fusion partners—

112:3.1 Urantians generally r. only one kind of death,

112:5.1 To say that a being is personal is to r. the relative

118:6.8 To r. Deity omnipotence is to enjoy security in your

120:2.2 forever r. the justice of your doing in the role of

124:4.2 rendered it difficult to r. the double origin of those

126:3.11 then how should he r. the Jewish Messiah if such

130:4.15 of relativity so to mislead you that you fail to r. the

130:7.6 confusion of the scientist grows out of failure to r.

131:8.4 To know one’s mother is to r. one’s sonship.

132:1.4 religionists must r. that they are on trial before the

132:6.3 melody will be able to r. four tones instead of one.

134:4.3 If different religions r. the spirit sovereignty of God

134:9.9 reason for this failure of his early beneficiaries to r.

137:6.5 be slow to r. in the revelation of my Father’s love

139:4.10 John was the first to r. the Master when he came to

141:4.4 Jesus taught them to r.: 1. Diseases of the flesh

141:5.2 they will r. that you have been with me and have

141:7.12 beginning to r. the unaffected friendliness of Jesus.

147:4.9 impels us to r. in this rule of life the divine command

150:5.2 By faith r. the indwelling spirit of God, whose

150:8.11 and were not slow to r. that trouble was brewing.

151:2.3 Said he: “Master, while I r. many good things

152:6.4 that spiritual nature of man which must r. truth and

153:5.3 “I r. that this sifting of the kingdom distresses you,

160:1.7 problem, and frankly to r. its nature and gravity.

161:2.4 All men, good and evil, r. these elements of

161:2.5 Jesus is quick to r. and generous to acknowledge

165:4.6 Fail not to r. the danger of wealth’s becoming, not

168:4.8 petitioner fails to r. it as the answer to his prayer.

180:2.4 an experience of learning how to r. and execute

180:2.7 apostles to r. that prayer is a function of spirit-born

181:2.17 leader, and which your brethren therefore freely r..

189:4.10 the Master was so changed that they did not yet r.

190:5.2 But he did not r. the Master even when he spoke

193:2.3 were quick to r. Jesus when he began to teach them.

193:2.3 While his friends could not readily r. his morontia

195:7.3 machine, such a man would be wholly unable to r.

195:7.3 mechanistic science has failed to r. the fact of the

195:7.12 in order to r. such a fact and become conscious of

196:3.10 all that the human mind can do is to discover, r.,

196:3.16 he could not possibly appraise moral values and r.

recognizewith we

0:12.13 r. the impossibility of fully translating the language

7:1.8 We r. all actions and reactions of the omnipresent

8:6.5 even though we r. the omnipresence of the Spirit,

9:2.5 the Eternal Son we know–we can unmistakably r. it.

12:3.12 We r. the circuit, but we cannot measure either

15:8.8 We are able to r. most of the laws governing

19:5.3 their assistance, sometimes r. their presence.

24:3.3 Aids; but we do not r. a personality presence.

32:4.8 we at least can r. the avenue whereby the Father

32:5.4 we are forced to r. that such temporary epochs are

42:2.13 we r. the intelligent action of the Ultimate in both

107:7.6 We r. that the Adjusters are divine in origin,

108:4.1 Paradise Sons and their creative associates we r.

111:4.11 then must we r. that freewill creativity embraces the

132:0.5 r. just three factors of paramount value in the early

160:1.7 excite our profound fears, we refuse to r. them.

163:3.2 should we r. that with God all things are possible.”

180:5.11 so must we clearly r. that neither the golden rule nor

recognizewith you

4:1.2 r. that the watchword of the universe is progress?

12:4.12 You fail to r. the present outward and uniform

15:3.4 you would immediately r. the ten major sectors of

17:5.4 even though you may r. the impersonal presence of

23:2.13 but not until you reach Havona will you r. them

24:1.16 Although you will r. and know them as you journey

26:3.1 You will also fully r. and exquisitely fraternize

27:1.4 you will immediately r. the instigator of rest who

40:10.14 As mortals you can now r. your place in the family

41:3.10 you will at least r. eight of these immense sectors

47:4.3 As you go forward, you will r. more and more of the

81:6.12 shocked at the ravages of war, but you should r. the

82:0.3 And you should r. that most of these civilizations of

91:9.6 You not only r. the Father’s will and choose to do it,

96:7.5 you will r. that it was in the neighborhood of Ur of

100:3.3 You must r. the relation between pleasurable

100:4.5 Immediately you r. that such a picture stands for

109:2.1 You should r. a certain functional classification

116:5.1 you should now r. that the Sevenfold encompasses

131:8.6 You are truly wise when you r. your insignificance.

132:5.20 You must first r. man as your brother, and if you

140:6.7 “Always must you r. the two viewpoints of all mortal

156:5.4 I admonish you that, while you r. temptation

156:5.5 habits of behavior that you r. as temptation.

168:4.12 to r. and appropriate the long-waiting answers to

175:1.18 Do you not r. how much better it would be first to

recognizedverb; see recognized by

3:2.7 that misadaptations have been r., and that an effort

12:2.1 borders of the seven superuniverses are generally r.

12:5.1 the Paradise-Havona standard day is arbitrarily so r..

14:5.4 when they have r. the Father, they go to sojourn

27:3.2 one more level of ethics to be r. and complied with

29:4.35 Urantia from a form of matter which is r. still less.

34:6.7 Those who have received and r. the indwelling of

38:9.13 most certainly be r. for their age-long service in

42:5.1 sixty-four are wholly or partially r. on Urantia.

43:5.16 Long ago the prophet r. the controlling hand of the

46:1.5 Thus it will be r. that such headquarters worlds are

55:10.7 Heretofore the finaliters have r. no supervision this

57:8.10 Shortly after Urantia was first r. on the universe

62:3.3 displayed superior intelligence and were soon r. as

62:7.7 that Urantia was formally r. as a planet of human

63:2.1 being set upon by hostile relatives and thus r. the

65:7.8 be r. as phenomena apart from spiritual activities.

69:4.3 the early Hebrews r. a separate code of ethics in

70:9.15 Few human rights were r. in the European Middle

70:10.3 Accidental murder was not therefore r.,

70:10.9 evolving tribes all r. this right of blood vengeance.

72:9.3 spiritual leaders are also thus r. and honored with

74:8.8 the earlier traditions r. pre-Adamic civilization is

75:4.1 Adam r. that something was wrong, and he asked

76:3.2 long before Adam and Eve passed away, they r.

77:7.6 Jesus knew and r. the difference between insanity

82:4.3 Adultery was r. as a form of stealing,

82:5.1 It was r. that outbreeding greatly increased the

83:4.9 marriage was r. as consisting in the decisions of the

83:5.5 The institution of polygyny r. four sorts of wives:

83:6.3 The Chaldean tribes r. the right of a wife to

93:5.10 Abraham was soon r. as the civil ruler of the Salem

94:9.3 which Gautama Siddhartha would never have r..

95:5.6 created a religion which r. an intimate worshipful

103:6.7 But many mortals have r. the desirability of having

106:0.10 Thus it should be r. that the concepts herewith

111:0.4 The Chinese r. two aspects of a human being, the yin

112:1.13 Thus it will be r. that the phenomenon of stimulus-

112:2.6 In all concepts of selfhood it should be r that the fact

112:5.4 When it is said that man has identity, it is r. that he

116:0.1 If man r. that his Creators, while being divine were

121:6.5 Paul r. and eliminated from his pre-Christian basic

125:6.4 amazement when they r. the voice of the missing lad

125:6.6 had been r. as a son of the law, and had received

126:3.8 r. in his mind that of all the Messianic predictions

127:3.13 Mary in the fullest sense r. Jesus as the real head of

128:4.3 Jesus was r. as a master teacher by the businessmen

128:4.6 Very early he r. that his followers would be

129:2.7 Annas r. the foolishness of suggesting that Jesus

130:3.5 of all those religions of the world which r. a Deity,

130:3.6 world’s sacred literature all clearly r. the existence of

130:7.4 arrangement whereby events are r. and segregated.

132:1.2 material standards must be r. as transient, partial,

133:9.5 Ganid r. the similarity between the gospel of this

134:3.7 every teacher must represent a religion which r. God

134:9.9 r. in the public teacher the same person they had

135:8.5 When John r. Jesus, the ceremonies were halted

137:4.3 Jesus r. that his family and his six disciple-apostles

137:5.3 At last he r. that there was no way to launch his

139:3.8 be r. that they were cognizant of the dangers

140:8.15 Jesus r. the need for social justice and industrial

140:8.20 The Master r. the many good things which these

141:7.14 More clearly John r. that, notwithstanding all of his

146:2.4 divine and human forgiveness was r. and linked

146:6.2 widow and her friends r. the Master and besought

148:8.3 soon r. that his teaching was not sound as judged

149:4.3 He r. that it was necessary for most men to devote

150:1.3 to the women’s gallery), to behold them being r.

150:5.5 you have already been saved, have r. sonship as

151:6.4 When Amos r. Jesus, he fell down at his feet and

157:5.2 But he now r. that such a plan could hardly be

158:7.4 but the Master’s human nature r. in these words

159:1.3 whatsoever you shall decree on earth shall be r. in

168:4.7 received and r. only after that same praying mind

170:3.10 But Jesus also r. that man develops his character by

170:5.14 When Jesus’ immediate followers r. their partial

176:1.2 Even the Jewish leaders subsequently r. that it was

177:4.6 Judas r. it would be best for the peace of Israel if

178:3.5 The crowds jostled them, but no one r. them nor

186:2.2 he r. as belonging to the governor’s jurisdiction.

189:2.9 the testimony of mortals of the realm who met, r.,

189:4.10 all of the other women r. that it was the Master who

190:5.5 Cleopas r. that their guest was the Master himself.

196:2.4 while the human Jesus was r. as having a religion,

recognized by

8:3.8 must always be first r. by all who are candidates for

16:6.10 Matter-energy is r. by the mathematical logic of

29:4.29 detect currents which are much too feeble to be r. by

34:1.4 And she is so r. and regarded by the Creator Son.

34:2.1 as to be personally r. by all contacting individuals.

42:11.4 Spirit-reality levels are r. by their spirit content,

44:7.1 in the spirit world, but which are not r. by mortals.

53:8.5 Caligastia was r. by the Son of Man as the Prince of

70:10.14 burning alive was r. by many ancient rulers, Moses

100:3.4 such relationships are r. and appreciated by mind.

119:8.1 Michael was also r. by the Father as the established

142:3.8 is r. by the indwelling spirit as homage rendered to

149:1.7 but was immediately r. by his divine nature.

160:3.2 such a character is finally r. by one’s fellows as a


4:1.7 more or less conversant with, the r. forces, minds,

15:9.18 holding membership in the r. spiritual family of the

42:2.7 the openly r. transmutation of space potency into

42:8.2 This force is not wholly dominated by your r. laws of

45:7.6 vote is differentially cast in accordance with the r.

62:6.5 on Urantia and in these two now r. human minds.

67:1.4 in an open and persistent defiance of r. reality and

70:9.13 the rules of the gamer. adjustments of relations

72:5.11 work at home and on farms, at some r. industry,

81:5.6 but might does enforce the commonly r. rights of

90:2.3 miracles performed by regular spirits and r. gods

91:7.11 6. To conserve currently r. social, moral, ethical,

101:7.4 of living consists in the nature and level of r. values

102:8.4 created its God conceptions out of its highest r.

103:6.7 unavailing attempt to span this well-r. chasm.

111:4.1 Understanding connotes that these r. sensory

114:3.2 r. leader of the celestial beings functioning on

121:7.4 spoken interpretation of the law by the r. teachers,

149:6.8 The universally r. and unreservedly worshiped

159:4.1 detract from authority of the r. Hebrew scriptures.

178:1.16 clashed with these established leaders and r. rulers

192:0.2 Peter was the generally r. head of the apostolic corps

195:0.16 immortality became a part of the assurance of a r.


16:6.5 The cosmic mind unfailingly responds (r. response)

49:5.21 This classification r. the succession of temporal

82:2.1 Nature hardly r. individuals; it takes no cognizance

89:0.2 only advanced civilization r. a consistently even-

90:3.1 he r. that matter is responsive to the intelligent

91:1.4 the human mind r. the reality of beneficent powers

103:5.3 the religionist more correctly r. that the unselfish

103:8.6 Only a philosophy which r. the reality of personality

103:9.10 When reason once r. right and wrong, it exhibits

131:8.5 If a man r. the evil of his ways and repents of sin

147:8.5 while at the same time it r. every man as a brother.

149:6.3 When man r. only the works of God, he is led to

180:5.6 Another mortal r. this same golden rule as the

195:7.9 the universe cannot be scientific because science r.

196:3.1 the intellectual logic which r. the First Cause as It

196:3.27 and assured survival of everything morality r. and


3:6.3 Man’s mind can be truly comprehended only by r.

5:2.5 capable of r. the spirit leadings and supermaterial

10:8.1 the Trinity can only be partially comprehended by r.

26:7.5 assistance to a pilgrim in his difficult task of r.,

27:7.1 Worship is the conscious and joyous act of r. and

28:6.18 the responsibility of ethics, the necessity for r. that

29:4.38 draw upon your imagination to the extent of r. that

51:6.6 that mortals have the experience of r. seven fathers:

100:7.8 Jesus loved men as brothers, at the same time r. how

101:7.5 while at the same moment r. their unification in

101:9.6 Though r. that religion is imperfect, there are at least

103:7.13 Reason is the act of r. the conclusions of

103:7.13 Faith is the act of r. the validity of spiritual

131:9.1 Even the least God-r. of the world’s great religions

157:1.1 tax collector came upon them and, r. Jesus, called

182:3.1 The three apostles could not help r. that he was

190:2.3 difficulty in r. the morontia form of the Master,

190:2.3 but few of them had any trouble r. his voice or


13:2.1 home of sentimental memories and reminiscent r..

160:4.12 But the noblest of all memories are the treasured r.


101:6.4 from protoplasmic memory in process of r. and


151:3.3 He did r. the free use of parables, especially nature


15:11.3 has the deliberative body ever passed a r. that the


15:13.6 co-ordinate all r. which come up to a superuniverse

24:4.3 The Associate Inspectors receive reports and r. only

28:5.12 the Perfectors of Wisdom adapt decisions and r. to

33:8.5 are without authority or power to enforce their r..

33:8.5 courts issue rulings of execution; but if their r.

37:5.9 these commissioners are at hand to present their r.;

48:6.5 These seraphim then make r. to the four and twenty

72:7.9 the industrial congress have ratified the r. of the

107:2.8 Adjusters are personalized on the r. of the Ancients

112:4.12 agree in every item of their life records and r.


73:0.3 after his survey of racial progress,duly r. that Urantia


156:5.15 Are you a better righteousness r. this year than you


57:8.8 r. that Urantia be placed on the life-experiment


131:8.4 R. injury with kindness.

131:9.4 Every good deed has its r..

133:1.2 the punishment which I might dictate as just r. for


167:1.5 may bid you to their feasts, and thus will you be r..


87:4.6 Man’s early philosophy was able to r. spirit

87:4.6 enable man to r. the variables of chance with a

91:6.3 how difficult it may be to r. the scientific doubtings

92:2.3 never-ending attempts to r. olden but reprehensible

94:11.4 Buddhists have been able to r. and correlate the

98:7.1 bestow himself upon the humanity of Urantia to r. an

104:1.8 Hebrew mind could not r. the trinitarian concept

122:3.2 Never could Joseph r. these conflicting ideas until,

143:3.5 Simon was unusually upset in his efforts to r. his

178:2.1 Jesus’ most devoted followers could not r. the

178:2.1 they could not r. such an impending disaster with

194:3.2 a human life are hard to understand, difficult to r.


34:6.9 diverse and opposing urges can seldom be fully r.;

93:9.1 they were not r. to the loss of their wonderful leader.

99:1.1 The human race must become r. to a procession of

103:5.5 higher self (divine spirit) are co-ordinated and r. by

104:3.3 the eternal repleteness of infinity must be r. with the

106:9.5 But how can these two viewpoints be r.?

119:2.1 System Sovereign was not fully r. to the verdict.

122:4.1 Joseph did not become r. to the idea that Mary

122:7.3 But before they actually set forth, Joseph was r. to

123:6.2 gradually became r. to these trips away from home.

139:7.3 Iscariot, to become r. to the publican’s presence in

179:3.5 he not only became r. to the thought of allowing


28:5.13 the wise experience of their order as the “oil of r.

93:6.8 the r. between Abraham and Melchizedek was

103:6.7 Mota is a superphilosophical r. of divergent reality

129:4.5 more advanced phases of human and Adjuster r.

157:6.4 victor over both and effective in the profitable r. of

188:5.13 death on the cross was not to effect man’s r. to God


98:7.1 that “God was in Christ r. the world to himself.”

103:6.7 method of r. the interplay between the widely


61:2.3 The southern land bridge was extensive, r. the


195:10.18 resurrected itself and virtually r. the whole Western


112:3.5 that r. you at the time of the morontia awakening.


112:5.16 which makes possible the r. of the sleeping survivor.


66:4.8 r. on Urantia as unique men and women of a high


40:9.7 store of Adjuster-remembered events and to r. any

99:2.2 It cannot r. society without first reconstructing

99:2.2 it cannot r. itself until society has been radically


99:2.2 reconstruct itself until society has been radically r..


99:2.2 It cannot reconstruct society without first r. itself;


40:9.6 this dual response constitutes the r., recognition,

40:9.8 While we understand such techniques of memory r.

40:9.8 albeit, memory itself and the techniques of its r. are

51:2.4 seraphic slumber throughout this entire period of r..

67:5.3 The Caligastia scheme for the immediate r. of human

87:7.2 greatest obstacle to social r. and spiritual progress.

99:0.3 face adjustment to extensive and continuing social r..


99:1.6 not organically involved in the work of social r. and

99:2.1 leadership in this impending world-wide social r.

99:2.1 economic system which is destined to undergo r..

99:2.4 are of no more value in the tasks of social r. than

99:3.3 Religion influences social r. directly because it

99:3.6 a great part in the present-day program of social r..

99:3.15 of some social, economic, or political r. movement.

99:7.2 Political science must effect the r. of economics and

99:7.2 In all social r. religion provides a stabilizing loyalty

112:6.8 seraphic associates for the r. of human memory;

160:5.10 and testing process of self-destruction and soul r.?


99:3.6 Many individual social r., while vehemently


160:1.11 to effect those vital r. and readjustments of one’s


149:1.1 health and happiness as a result of the r. power of

recordnoun; see record, of; record, on

4:5.1 Religious tradition is the imperfectly preserved r. of

7:6.1 persists in the face of such statements as the r. of a

8:1.8 There exists no r. of these stirring times.

13:0.2 There exists neither r. nor tradition of their origin.

19:4.9 for there are transactions of superuniverse r. which

20:5.7 I have yet to see the r. of the failure or default of

21:4.3 born of woman as you have the r. of the babe of

23:1.6 There is no r. that a Solitary Messenger ever

23:3.3 but the r. shows that on the journey to fulfill this

24:6.4 There is no r. of a Graduate Guide in all the realms

34:4.11 This r. represents the confusion of two presentations

34:6.12 the r. testifies that the Spirit bears witness “with your

37:3.6 judgment of a realm and the dead are called to r.

37:3.7 busy themselves with keeping straight the r. of each

43:4.8 the r.: “And there was a day when the Sons of God

44:4.4 Our rate of reducing thought to a permanent r. can

58:7.12 the fossil pages of the vast “stone book” of world r..

58:7.12 the pages of this gigantic biogeologic r. unfailingly

63:6.8 The r. of the achievements of this master mind and

66:1.4 his trust of world dominion with an enviable r. of

68:2.5 History is but the r. of man’s agelong food struggle

70:11.6 Law is a codified r. of long human experience,

77:7.6 It is no mere figure of speech when the r. states:

78:7.5 Noah kept a written r. of the days of the river’s rise

79:8.15 And Chinese tradition preserves the hazy r. of the

93:9.7 The r. of so many contacts of Abraham and Sarah

93:9.9 The Hebrew scribes therefore destroyed every r. of

96:5.1 many reforms in Israel of which there is no r..

96:5.2 The r. of the times and doings of Moses was derived

96:7.3 This Book of Psalms is the r. of the varying

97:8.1 custom of looking upon the r. of the experiences

97:8.1 the Babylonian exile had prepared their new r. of

97:8.2 their history, we should briefly survey the r. of their

97:8.7 Hebrew history will illustrate how the facts of the r.

97:9.1 the priests’ r. of these things unhesitatingly declared

97:9.2 defame and blacken the r. of the northern Israelites

97:9.4 But the priests later on put it in the r. that Saul was

97:9.8 made him king was inadvertently left in the r. by

97:9.12 in your r. (overlooked by the Judahite editors)

110:7.10 discourage, for me, make r. of this my plea to him.”

112:5.15 r. of personality constitution is faithfully preserved

113:6.7 even as your r. tells; “And he shall send his angels

119:1.4 But a strange r. is to be found on the Melchizedek

119:1.4 This r. is preserved in a simple temple which now

119:1.4 And this r., which I have so recently reviewed,

119:1.5 and this r. is now closed with the certification that

119:8.8 And your r. tells the truth when it says that this same

121:8.1 enjoyed access to the lost r. of the Apostle Andrew

121:8.3 Andrew), briefest, and most simple r. of Jesus’ life

121:8.3 his r. is in reality the Gospel according to Peter.

121:8.3 Mark wrote this r. at the instigation of Peter and

121:8.3 The r. has since been considerably changed,

121:8.3 This r. by Mark, in conjunction with Andrew’s

121:8.4 The so-called Gospel according to Matthew is the r.

121:8.4 The author of this r. seeks to show in Jesus’ life that

121:8.5 remembrance of these events but also a certain r.

121:8.5 This r. by Matthew was written in Aramaic; Isador

121:8.6 Matthew’s original r. was edited and added to in

121:8.6 a private r., the last copy having been destroyed in

121:8.8 the “grace of the Lord Jesus Christ” in his r. as Luke

121:8.9 first four fifths, Isador’s narrative, and a brief r.

121:8.10 When this r. was made, John had the other Gospels

121:8.12 Jesus, I have drawn freely upon all sources of r.

121:8.12 My ruling motive has been to prepare a r. which

121:8.13 —aside from the memory of the r. of the Apostle

121:8.13 permission has been utilized when the human r.

128:4.6 Jesus did not want to build up such a human r. of

131:0.1 And it should be made plain in this r. that all these

131:3.1 Ganid did find some r. of certain earlier beliefs

131:10.1 This was Ganid’s r.: “The Lord our God is one Lord

133:4.13 of hungry souls, too many to find a place in this r..

133:7.7 Ideas are not simply a r. of sensations; ideas are

136:4.5 afterward gained r. as the “temptations of Jesus in

136:10.1 in all other matters, as in these now of decision-r.,

139:1.9 Andrew began the writing of a personal r. of many

139:1.9 copies of this private r. were made and circulated

140:8.1 most profitably be put in this r. by reorganizing

141:7.2 For the purpose of this r. we will reorganize and

142:3.6 This indicates that when that r. was made the Trinity

142:3.21 the reason for Sabbath keeping, while in a later r.

142:7.1 For the purposes of this r. we present the following

144:5.18 transcribing the seven specimen prayers into this r..

147:1.4 This is simply the r., and as to whether or not beings

148:3.4 It has not been revealed for the purposes of this r.,

148:4.7 the meaning of the r. which discloses how Cain,

148:4.7 the r. which portrays sons of God finding wives

155:1.2 the r. which intimates that the triumphant Son

156:2.3 pass over the r. of this warm reception of Jesus’

157:1.4 not strange that you have a r. of Peter’s catching a

159:2.1 the Father’s messengers shall ever make r. of such

159:4.6 idea of the absolute perfection of the Scripture r.

159:4.7 Today we make no r. of the teachings of this

162:3.1 The distorted r. you have of this episode would

168:2.8 while Gabriel made r. of the first instance on Urantia

168:3.4 admitted the resurrection of Lazarus, the r. carried

176:2.8 No part of the gospel r. ever suffered such

180:2.4 as the r. was made, believers eventually regarded

188:0.1 the burial of the Son of Man and put in this r. the

196:2.5 omit from the r. those references which portrayed

record, of

6:1.5 this Son is of r. as the Second Eternal Source and

17:6.10 they are of r. as entering upon the career of sixth-

20:7.1 In Orvonton they are of r. as Trinity Teacher Sons,

21:4.5 It is of r. that the divine Son of last appearance on

22:4.2 There are of r. on Uversa over one hundred million

23:0.2 how many are of registry-r. as functioning for the

24:3.1 Their number must be legion, but it is not of r. on

25:5.3 organized and inhabited creation is a matter of r..

25:6.4 stationed on the subordinate spheres of r. in the

28:1.1 These high angels are of r. on the superuniverse

28:4.6 request, will present the Michael seconaphim of r.;

30:2.129 the personalities of the universes as they are of r. on

31:3.3 the significant fact that they are of r. as only sixth-

35:0.1 exclusive of 9,642 creature-trinitized assistants of r.

35:2.9 number of Melchizedeks of r. on their headquarters

35:5.6 It is of r. on Salvington that the Vorondadeks have

37:8.6 the exact number operating in Nebadon is not of r.,

45:5.4 were of r. in Nebadon 161,432,840 Material Sons

47:8.4 for resurrected survivors and of the archangel of r.

57:0.1 be made to give exact years, though they are of r..

58:7.12 the fossil pages of the vast “stone book” of world r..

65:4.1 the Nebadon life designs, and it is of r. that we

92:2.2 This statement is of r.: “And if you will make me

93:4.14 It is of r., “Melchizedek, king of Salem, brought

108:3.2 Adjusters are of r. (outside of Divinington) only

110:7.3 highly experienced and of r. as previous indwellers

114:4.4 it is of r. that this has happened thirty-three times in

121:0.1 head of our order and the Melchizedek of r.,

121:8.12 Jesus, I have drawn freely upon all sources of r.

121:8.14 under the supervision of the Melchizedek of r.,

121:8.14 acknowledge our indebtedness to all sources of r.

149:1.8 fact of r. that Jesus did frequently suffer men to heal

155:6.2 and to reject the authority of the traditions of r.

168:1.2 as of r. in the mind of the Personalized Adjuster,

168:1.6 Lazarus’s death, and that this order was made of r.

record, on

36:1.2 on r. the creation of a hundred million Life Carriers.

44:1.14 of morontia forces on r. as the musical melodies of

69:5.15 This is placed on r. as a fact and not in justification

89:6.3 There is no more pathetic experience on r.,

96:5.2 There is so little on r. of the great work of Moses

97:7.4 And this young preacher left on r. his teachings,

121:0.1 Apostle Andrew, I am authorized to place on r.

159:4.4 in these writings left on r. their highest concepts of

168:1.7 We know only what we are herewith placing on r..

168:3.3 on r. as desiring to decree his death in advance of

188:3.10 And this is about all we can place on r. regarding the


12:3.7 it is interesting to r. certain observations made on

16:6.9 But it is sad to r. that so few persons on Urantia take

26:3.5 They r. in triplicate, executing records for the files of

26:3.8 for your most rapid telegraphic technique to r..

36:5.3 central lodgments r. only a qualitative function.

48:7.2 I am permitted to r. the twenty-eight statements of

54:4.8 in adjudicating the Lucifer rebellion, we may r. that,

69:3.3 But strange to r., both men and women have always

69:5.14 But it is only fair to r. that many an ancient rich man

79:1.8 The early Chinese annals r. the presence of the red-

79:1.8 paintings that faithfully r. the presence of the blond-

132:0.5 can the better be understood when we r. the fact

149:1.4 it will be permissible to r. our opinion of all such

156:4.2 to r. that in subsequent years a Christian church

166:3.2 since the Scriptures r. that only Caleb and Joshua

189:1.4 We can also r. that all known phenomena

191:0.9 Strange to r., the usually inexpressive Philip did


17:3.5 seconaphim, are also retentive or r. personalities.

37:3.7 satellites are occupied by the personality r. keepers.

37:8.4 domiciled on the r. worlds of the archangels.

59:0.8 that great “stone book” of the life-r. preservation


8:6.3 In the bestowal of his gifts it is r.: “But all these

19:4.5 has spoken and the counsel of divinity has r.,

21:0.5 we r. a universal broadcast of a conclave on the

27:5.1 primary supernaphim, actually r. in these angels;

29:1.1 creation by the Seven Master Spirits is the first r.

30:1.11 to the Father fragments, should be here r..

35:2.2 And it should be r. that they have never abused their

35:5.2 just one million being the r. number in Nebadon.

37:3.7 is “blotted out of r. existence” by the mandate of the

37:5.6 The last registration r. slightly over one and one-half

44:0.16 building in which this narrative is translated and r..

47:10.2 John r.: “I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled

48:6.30 best of his memory he gave it much as it is r. today.

53:7.10 it is r. to the glory of the wisdom of the ascension

57:1.4 the Uversa archives testify, there was r. a permit

67:6.9 It should be r. that, when Van appealed to the

67:6.10 this ruling of the Edentia Fathers was r. on Jerusem.

72:3.9 until one year after application therefor has been r.,

72:11.4 by the surrounding hostile peoples, it may be r. to

89:6.6 his action is also r. as being “according to the word

92:3.7 it should be r. that natural religion has done much to

92:5.12 Among these should be r. Gautama, Confucius,

95:5.14 it should be r. that the repercussions of his work

95:6.6 heaven and hell and the doctrine of devils as r. in the

96:7.1 and which are r. in some of the Psalms and in the

98:7.9 And it should be r. that Mithraism was the dominant

102:8.6 it is regretfully r. that institutional religion has lagged

106:8.10 be r. that there are other phases of this Trinity,

109:2.10 Nevertheless it should be r. that Adjusters rarely

112:3.2 when such co-ordinate advice has been r. on Uversa,

112:4.1 is registered out by the same number that r. entry

119:1.3 r. this extraordinary and never-before-heard-of

119:1.4 when there was r. the fact of Michael’s return and

121:0.1 partially r. by the human subject of my temporal

123:5.2 Book of the Law as it was r. in the Hebrew tongue

128:1.6 even as it is r.: “Let this mind be in you which was

139:1.6 it must be r. everlastingly to their credit that they

139:2.12 teaching is shown in the sermons partially r. by Luke

139:9.2 What may be said of one should be r. of the other.

142:3.21 these commandments as twice r. in the Scriptures,

146:6.4 except that of Luke, who r. it as the episode had

157:1.4 later expanded into a miracle as r. by the writer of

170:2.10 distortion of Jesus’ teachings, as they are r. in the

170:4.15 sometime to return to Urantia, it should be r. that

180:2.4 been remembered and subsequently truthfully r..

190:0.5 it should be r. that Mary was the chief spokesman

195:3.10 of Christianity, it should in all fairness be r. that,


25:2.9 4. The R.. The remaining member of the commission

25:2.9 He makes certain that records are properly prepared

25:2.9 automatically becomes the r.,the clerk of the tribunal

25:6.3 have I known of the defection of a Celestial R.,

39:8.3 celestial artisan, a Technical Adviser, or Celestial R..

45:3.6 The system r.Vilton, secretary of the Lanonandek

113:2.9 (one of the two angels) becomes the r. of the

113:2.10 absence the associated cherubim functions as the r.,


39:6.7 6. R..

48:6.30 6. R..

48:6.30 They serve as instructors regarding the efficient and

recorderssee Recorders, Celestial; Recorders, Chief;

  Recorders, Thought; Recorders, Transcendental

17:3.6 records are passed up by and through the angelic r.,

24:2.6 From time to time the official r. of Uversa place on

25:5.1 senior chief r. are chosen as Custodians of Records,

25:5.2 Throughout the universes other r. function regarding

25:6.1 These are the r. who execute all records in

25:6.2 As the r. advance in universe service, they continue

25:6.3 The r. are a tested and tried corps.

25:6.4 the advancing r. stationed on the subordinate

25:6.4 These senior or graduate r. are the superuniverse

31:2.1 Similar types of messenger-r. attached to other

35:8.13 Custodians and R. . . . . . . 100,000

37:3.7 This enormous corps of r. busy themselves with

37:8.4 He works in close association with the personality r.

37:8.8 These are the senior or supervising r..

39:1.17 6. The R.. These are the official r. for the supreme

39:1.17 Many of these high angels were born with their gifts

39:1.17 others have qualified for their position of trust and

39:2.14 6. The R.. These personalities are concerned with

39:2.14 They also serve as special r. for resident groups of

39:2.15 —are a specialized subdivision of the seraphic r.,

39:2.16 Seraphic r. of the superior order thus effect a close

39:2.16 corps of their own order and with all subordinate r.,

39:2.16 constant communication with the higher r. of the

39:2.16 through this channel, with the r. of Havona and the

39:2.16 Many of the superior order of r. are seraphim

39:3.10 6. The R.. The sixth order of supervising seraphim

39:3.10 seraphim act as the special r. of constellation affairs.

39:4.16 6. The R.. These seraphim are the keepers of the

39:4.16 The r. of this order preside over and maintain this

39:5.16 6. The R.. These are the custodians of the major

39:5.16 They function in the recording of planetary affairs

44:4.4 can be so speeded up by the expert r. that the

44:4.5 2. Concept r.. This second group of r. are concerned

44:4.6 3. Ideograph r.. We have the equivalent of your

44:4.6 one thousandfold upon the work of the concept r..

44:4.7 This group of r. are occupied with the task of

44:4.11 6. The rhythm r.. Urantians would undoubtedly

44:4.12 7. The morontia r.. I am at a loss to know how to

44:4.12 the function of this important group of thought r.

46:5.21 inspectors, and r. as they may chance to function on

46:5.22 The r. of all these groups of angels do not sojourn

48:2.25 The morontia world has its own r., who serve in

48:2.25 who serve in association with the spirit r. in the

48:6.30 These seraphim are the r. of the transactions of the

48:6.31 The r. of all the seraphic orders devote a certain

48:6.31 much of this story will be imparted by the seraphic r.

48:6.32 These angels are all in the chain of r. extending from

Recorders, Celestial

25:0.6 5. C..

25:5.4 Chief Records directing the activities of the C., not


25:6.1 C. are not created as such; they are ascendant

25:6.1 There also are located the schools for training C..

25:6.3 They are subjected to a dual inspection, their records

25:6.5 the corps of C. is of permanent assignment.

25:6.5 they will respectively remain C. and Custodians of

25:6.6 On Uversa these senior C. can show the records of

26:1.10 some become C.; others ascend to the ranks of the

27:5.4 the seraphim and supernaphim sponsored by the C..

30:2.79 5. C..

37:8.8 Of the C., the ascendant seraphim, we have seventy-

53:7.5 apostatized, nor did a single one of the C. go astray.

Recorders, Chief

26:3.5 2. The C.. These angels are created on the second

26:3.5 These angels are created on the second circuit but

26:3.5 They record in triplicate, executing records for the

26:3.5 they automatically transmit the transactions of true-

27:5.3 to the c. of the tertiary supernaphim in Havona.

39:2.15 higher ideographic techniques of the superaphic c.

Recorders, Thought

44:0.9 4. T..


44:4.2 T. preserve such noble ideas in the tongue of Uversa

44:4.12 the function of this important group of t. assigned to

Recorders, Transcendental

23:3.2 beings, such as Gravity Messengers and T., but they

30:1.95 2. T..

42:12.10 Gravity Messengers, T., and certain others are also

recording or recording angels or recording seraphim

17:3.6 are perfectly preserved in the living minds of the r.

18:4.3 In r. the names of these beings of the spiritual

21:1.3 implied criticisms; they are simply a r. of fact.

24:2.7 —only to the extent of r. the fact of will function.

24:2.7 The Census Directors are not r. personalities.

25:5.2 The ra. of the inhabited planets are the source of all

25:5.3 no more than local importance find only a local r.,

25:5.3 those episodes are advanced to higher r. which

25:6.1 original spirit r. and a semimaterial counterpart

25:6.2 the recorders continue their system of dual r., thus

27:5.3 and living summaries of the vast network of the ra.,

27:5.4 the rs. and supernaphim sponsored by the Celestial

39:5.16 They function in the r. of planetary affairs but are

40:9.5 the records of the mortal career filed by the ra..

44:4.5 This is a form of permanent r. unknown on the

48:6.30 the efficient and effective techniques of fact r..

48:6.30 ascending mortals become thus affiliated with the rs..

57:1.5 The r. of this permit signifies that the force organizer

113:2.9 These complemental seraphim are the ra. of the

195:2.7 later r. of the New Testament in the Greek tongue.


25:5.2 From Urantia to Paradise, both r. are encountered:

141:4.1 entries against his erring children on earth, r. of sin

recordsnoun; see Records, Chiefs of;

Records, Custodians of

4:5.1 the God-knowing men of past ages, but such r. are

4:5.2 and various orders of angels, have been, in your r.,

8:1.9 Absolutely nothing is known, and no r. are in

11:0.2 And Paradise is from eternity; there are neither r.

14:2.9 never in the r. of Havona has an error occurred;

15:1.1 Within the limited range of the r., observations,

15:1.1 plunge into new space; but according to the r. of

17:1.6 The system of material, morontial, and spiritual r.

17:3.6 The formal r. of the universes are passed up by

17:3.6 the true spiritual r. are assembled by reflectivity and

17:3.6 These are the live r. in contrast with the dead r. of

17:3.6 they are perfectly preserved in the living minds of the

17:6.3 the Paradise r. of the career of such a Creator Son.

18:2.1 but like the Secrets of Supremacy there are no r. of

18:3.4 They represent the beginning of the personality r. of

18:3.4 When you reach Paradise and search the written r. of

19:1.2 Paradise r. indicated 21,001,624,821 of these Sons

22:2.2 With such personal r. of fidelity and devotion,

22:5.6 They are the custodians of r., plans, and

22:10.4 the r. of Paradise disclosed that such an idea had

22:10.5 the r. indicate that the idea has been trinitized.

24:2.6 the official recorders of Uversa place on their r. the

24:2.7 They are not concerned with the r. of your life and

24:2.7 he will afford the r. confirmation of your death

24:6.5 On the r. of Havona, in the section denominated

24:7.4 There appears on the high r. a succession of such

24:7.6 When such an entry appears on the r., the career of

25:2.9 He makes certain that all r. are properly prepared for

25:2.9 for the archives of the superuniverse and for the r. of

25:2.9 of the executioner, is prepared for the physical r. of

25:3.4 that the commission closes its r. at a given point,

25:3.5 decisions are placed on the planetary r. and, if

25:4.20 We have no r. on Uversa of their ever having been

25:5.1 archives which stand in contrast to the living r. of

25:5.2 inhabited planets are the source of all individual r..

25:5.2 function regarding both formal r. and living r..

25:5.2 more of the written r. and less of the living;

25:6.1 are the recorders who execute all r. in duplicate,

25:6.2 their system of dual recording, thus making their r.

25:6.2 you will be able to consult the r. of the history and

25:6.3 has there been discovered a falsification in their r..

25:6.3 dual inspection, their r. being scrutinized by their

25:6.3 the quasi-physical duplicates of the original spirit r..

25:6.4 forwarders of the sponsored r. of time and space.

25:6.4 in the circular abodes surrounding the area of r. on

25:6.4 They never leave the custody of these r. to others;

25:6.6 these senior Celestial Recorders can show the r. of

25:8.6 companions carefully examine the r. of mortal origin

26:3.5 They record in triplicate, executing r. for the literal

26:3.5 files of their order, and for the formal r. of Paradise.

27:5.1 They are the divine r. of truth, the living books of

27:5.1 You have heard about r. in the “book of life.”

27:5.1 just such living books, r. of perfection imprinted

27:5.3 knowledge is distinct from the formal r. of Paradise,

28:4.1 R. are essential to the conduct of the universes,

28:6.5 These are the actual, full and replete, living r. of

28:6.6 These are the living r. of mercy ministration which

28:6.6 the living r. of the tertiary seconaphim of the

28:6.6 The formal r. are on file to corroborate the

30:2.130 There are on Uversa the r. of numerous additional

31:3.4 1. We know from the r. that mortals are spirits of the

35:3.20 energy, matter, organization, communication, r.,

35:10.5 established wonderful r. of service, administration,

37:3.8 It is on these worlds that personality r. are classified,

39:2.14 with the reception, filing, and redispatch of the r. of

39:2.15 being concerned with the dispatch of r. and with the

39:4.4 with the r. of such cases to the higher tribunals of

39:4.16 These seraphim are the keepers of the threefold r.

39:4.16 The temple of r. on a system capital is a unique

39:4.16 preside and maintain this threefold system of r..

39:4.16 higher spirit personalities of the realm peruse the r.

40:2.2 as perfected Material Sons on the r. of the local

40:8.3 or failure to attain fusion, they so certify on the r. of

40:9.5 by consulting the r. of the mortal career filed by the

43:3.4 In the Urantia r. it is very difficult at times to know

44:2.6 reproduce crucial events of universe r. and history.

44:4.2 I saw r. and heard broadcasts of the ideation of some

44:4.12 preserved in the archives of the morontia halls of r..

46:5.22 being domiciled in the Jerusem temple of r..

46:5.22 All r. are preserved in triplicate in this threefold

46:5.22 On a system headquarters, r. are always preserved

47:2.1 acquirement of individual status on the universe r..

48:2.25 the r. and other data indigenous to the morontia

48:2.25 The morontia r. are available to all orders of

48:6.4 you are classified as evolving spirits in the r. of the

49:6.7 While some of your r. have pictured these events as

53:9.3 Lucifer, placed on the r. of the Uversa supreme

57:0.1 for the r. of Urantia respecting its antecedents and

57:8.10 registered in the r. of the minor and the major sector

57:8.26 their successors that laid down the life r. of Urantia,

58:4.7 stratified r. of past ages are now exposed to view.

61:0.3 the fossil r. of the successive mammalian dynasties

66:5.9 separate r. and was known as the “house of Fad.”

67:3.10 The Caligastia panoramic reign-r. on Jerusem were

67:6.10 The technical status of Van on the legal r. of Satania

67:8.1 the r. portray Amadon as the outstanding character

69:4.6 Modern writing originated in the early trade r.;

75:4.8 in your r. as “the Lord God calling to Adam and

77:2.10 When archaeologists dig up the clay-tablet r. of the

77:2.10 as these r. go further back, the reigns of the kings

77:2.11 The r. of such long-lived individuals are also due

77:2.11 Biblical genealogy of Abraham and in the early r.

77:2.11 There are r. of a man who lived over nine hundred

77:4.8 The elaborate r. left by the Sumerians describe the

83:4.2 Primitive man had no r.; therefore must the marriage

89:1.3 The r. of the Hebrews are full of the mention of

93:9.6 Melchizedek was full and replete, but the r. of these

93:9.6 the en masse editing of the Old Testament r. in

93:9.7 What the Old Testament r. describe as conversations

93:9.8 the compilation of these r. by the Hebrew priests

93:9.8 Abraham was not so old as the r. indicate, and his

93:9.9 edited their r. for the purpose of raising Abraham

93:10.6 it does not appear from the r. what Machiventa’s

97:8.1 destroyed the existing r. of Hebrew affairs

97:8.1 other more or less accurate r. of Hebrew history.

97:9.9 matter-of-fact statements that already rested in the r.

101:4.2 revelatory presentations will stand on the r. of the

101:4.2 humanly undiscovered facts in the revelatory r..

108:3.2 But the local universe r. do not disclose the full

108:3.2 the Nebadon r. contain only the local universe

108:3.4 Though we have the r. of Thought Adjusters in

108:3.5 the r. reveal that, in addition to his admonitions

108:3.6 Not on the r. of Nebadon nor before the

109:4.5 according to the r. on Uversa, indwelt fifteen minds

109:4.6 whereof I speak since we have their numbers and r.

110:2.2 the Adjuster has succeeded in doing for you, the r.

110:4.6 For many thousands of years, so the r. show,

110:5.4 to put into the psychic r. during unconscious sleep

112:3.3 On the universe r. a mortal personality is

112:4.2 and all this data, together with the seraphic r.,

112:4.12 and Adjuster agree in every item of their life r.

112:6.4 the r. of the human life as it was lived in the flesh,

112:7.13 the number of that Adjuster is stricken from the r. of

112:7.13 What happens on the r. of Divinington, I do not

113:2.6 All seraphim have individual names, but in the r. of

113:2.9 The r. are kept by the pair of cherubim ( a cherubim

113:2.9 these r. are always sponsored by one of the seraphim

113:6.1 Upon your death, your r., identity specifications,

113:6.3 to witness to the complete r. of her complement as

118:8.10 his machines, generations and centuries with his r.,

119:1.4 this is about all that appears on the r. of Salvington

119:1.6 The r. do not specifically state that this unique and

119:1.6 cannot be found outside of the r. of Sonarington,

119:1.6 and the r. of that secret world are not open to us.

119:3.6 those who have access to the inner circle of the r. on

121:0.1 Master so scrupulously avoided leaving written r.


121:8.1 the existing r. having to do with the life of Jesus on

121:8.2 These New Testament r. had their origin in the

121:8.10 Jerusalem which is not contained in the other r..

121:8.10 from memory and by reference to the three r.

121:8.10 John had no written r. of his own.

121:8.11 And these r., imperfect as they are, have been

121:8.12 have I resorted to those r. which are superhuman.

121:8.12 unable to find necessary concepts in the human r.

131:2.1 of the teaching of Melchizedek, and from these r.,

131:5.1 From the r. of this religion Ganid made the following

134:8.6 The symbolism of your r. was intended for the

135:4.2 John knew only of the r. of such as Elijah, Samuel,

136:3.1 That eventful day, on the universe r., Jesus had

136:3.5 Gabriel in person, saying: “The r. are completed.

136:3.5 I also testify to the completion of the r. of the

136:4.9 was a matter already settled and sealed on the r. of

139:0.4 When your r. refer to the messengers of the kingdom

142:3.9 Cannot you discern that such r. in the Scriptures

146:6.4 keep it out of all subsequent r. except that of Luke,

155:6.12 the word of God only on the pages of the olden r. of

159:4.5 yourself for one moment to believe the Scripture r.

159:4.5 Such r. are the words of men, not very holy men,

159:4.5 in beauty and glory as the prophets make their r.

159:4.7 live these truths while we shun the making of r..

166:5.3 his work in the Gospel r. of the New Testament.

168:1.6 r. of the universe reveal that Jesus’ Personalized

170:5.20 within a few centuries students of the r. of his

176:2.8 Consequently, when the r. were left blank

176:2.8 subsequently added to the Mark and Luke r..

187:4.4 The other r. were based upon the recital of the

188:3.12 There are r. extant which show that during this

188:3.12 There are also r. showing that the Ancients of Days

188:3.15 r. of Edentia indicate that the Constellation Fathers

Records, Chiefs of

25:5.4 dispatched to the superuniverses to serve as C.

25:6.1 to their spheres of work by the councils of the C.

Records, Custodians of

25:0.5 4. C. on Paradise.


25:5.1 certain of the senior chief recorders are chosen as C.,

25:6.5 Like those supernaphim who have become C.,

25:6.5 remain Celestial Recorders and C. until the day of

25:6.6 while on the eternal Isle the C. guard the archives of

30:2.78 4. C. on Paradise.


70:10.6 The Old Testament r. one of these ordeals,

121:8.9 the numerous episodes of Jesus’ life which Luke r.,


19:5.10 look back in their experiences and r. happenings

112:0.2 definition of personality, it may prove helpful to r.

125:2.2 Jesus was asked to r. the origin of the Passover,

126:1.2 shift his gaze over to Ebal and Gerizim and r. to

139:7.4 Matthew would never cease to r. that faith only was


124:3.6 On the way Joseph r. much of the olden history of

124:6.3 In passing by Jezreel, Jesus’ parents r. the doings of

124:6.6 they r. the days of Gideon, when the Midianites

126:0.4 All the village r. his childhood wisdom and conduct

127:3.6 Jesus r. many things by the way, including his former

127:6.1 was recited, the devotion of Rebecca was r..

137:4.12 Jesus r. how the Adjuster had warned him about

138:7.3 Jesus now r. for them the coming of John, the

144:1.7 they rested, visited, r. their experiences since Jesus

146:7.1 the Master r. for the instruction of the apostles the

150:9.4 proceeded to their encampment, where all this was r.

159:2.3 But John oftentimes r. this experience in connection

162:2.4 as many of these people r. these things, they said

177:5.1 the Master r. their years of eventful and loving

177:5.2 Jesus r. their experiences in Galilee when time and

181:0.1 Jesus visited informally with them and r. many

191:0.2 John r. no less than five different times when Jesus

192:1.8 And as they ate, Jesus visited with them and r. their


119:5.2 you would hear the r. of the days when Eventod

125:3.2 what might have happened to him, r. many of his

133:2.4 spent many hours r. their experiences in Rome

133:3.5 listen to the r. of these visits with the Indian lad and

142:3.9 this r. of the growth of the concept of God in the

157:3.2 and to r. how their message had been received,

161:2.11 learned much from the r. of these experiences by

191:6.4 believers remained there together r. their experiences


49:1.7 ages to r. the damage occasioned by the loss of a


44:4.3 superuniverse, they must have r. to a translator.

48:3.12 you will have frequent r. to the interpreters and the

108:4.4 R. is had to such a technique as a means of


75:5.6 Not in fifty years did the older of these children r.

75:5.7 Never did this noble soul fully r. from the effects of

139:8.10 sometimes it was Nathaniel who helped him to r.,

147:4.10 Nathaniel was slow to r. from his supposition that

158:1.9 collecting their wits, but Peter, who was first to r.

167:4.6 has fallen asleep, then will he the more surely r..”

190:2.6 As they began to r. from the first shock of their

191:5.3 here and in Galilee for a short season while you r.


64:6.22 never r. from the turmoil produced by the Caligastia

93:2.2 When the herder had r. from his astonishment,

122:3.1 Mary had r. her composure, said: “I come at the

122:5.2 And Mary had hardly r. from this shock when she

146:7.3 At home they will have by this time partly r. from

151:0.2 Jesus had not fully r. from the sorrow of his recent

152:1.1 after she had r. from her daze, Jesus directed that

158:7.5 r. from the first shock of Jesus’ stinging rebuke,

172:5.10 Simon never fully r. from the depression which

173:0.1 they had not r. from the experience of the preceding

181:2.12 but now that I am leaving you, after you have r.

185:1.6 Pilate never r. from the regretful condemnation of

185:4.3 Herod never had fully r. from the fear that cursed

185:6.5 When they had r. from the first shock of seeing the

189:4.13 After these women had r. from the shock of their

191:0.8 very personal and altogether too keen to be r. from

196:1.2 of Man should be r. from the tomb of traditional


89:3.2 man was r. from the wasteful practice of burning

145:2.12 At the end of the seizure, when r. consciousness, he

150:8.9 to proclaim release to the captives and the r. of sight

154:6.7 words, “I have no mother,” was r. from the shock


147:1.4 only know of the fact of the servant’s complete r..

147:3.5 to do in order to effect r.take up his bed and walk.

191:4.6 in Jerusalem awaiting the emotional r. of Thomas,


44:3.4 what mortals would call r. and, in a certain sense,

46:5.30 theater of morontia activities devoted to rest and r..

48:4.8 diversion, spiritual r. and morontia entertainment.

70:1.13 6. R.war was looked upon as r. by the young men

72:7.1 beautification, water supply, lighting, heating, r.,

72:11.5 are quite fully employed in trade, commerce, and r..

84:8.5 refreshing sleep, rest, r., and all pastimes which

124:1.13 new games and improved methods of physical r..

124:3.9 he endeavored to introduce the idea of wholesome r.

138:6.2 established the mid-week holiday for rest and r..

138:10.9 8. Simon Zelotes was given charge of r. and play.


72:7.12 of naval equipment for commercial and r. usages.

114:6.15 They ever seek to uplift man’s r. diversions and

126:2.5 While this youth did not wholly neglect the r. and

127:4.10 Thus disappeared the last of his r. pleasures.

138:6.2 or from discovering new sorts of r. activity.”

139:11.2 efficient organizer of the play life and r. activities of


134:4.8 there will start dissensions, r., even religious wars,

179:1.7 They were still engaged in voicing angry r. when the


83:5.14 it required an assembly of wives to r. a large family.


22:1.11 They are r. from certain of the evolutionary seraphim

22:6.1 the Custodians, are r. from two types of ascendant

25:4.2 The Technical Advisers are r. from the ranks of the

25:8.1 a composite or assembled group r. from the ranks of

37:6.1 These beings are a r. corps embracing all types of

37:7.1 The Mansion World Teachers are r. and glorified

43:2.5 On Edentia this body is not fully r. at the present

44:0.3 are a selected and r. corps of beings composed of

45:4.2 These twenty-four counselors have been r. from the

48:4.9 they are a r. corps embracing beings ranging from

66:3.7 the first students of the Prince’s schools were r..

71:8.13 by a supreme planetary tribunal automatically r. from

72:7.5 This department is r. almost entirely from unmarried

73:2.3 Van and Amadon r. a corps of over three thousand

94:0.1 missionaries were r. from many peoples and races,

98:5.1 through the propagandizing of Roman legions r. in

149:0.1 assisted by the newly r. corps of 117 evangelists


31:10.13 in association with the other six similarly r. corps,

67:8.5 and for r. this vast group of mysterious servants of

75:3.5 while awaiting the r. of large numbers of the violet


31:1.4 Havona r. follow the company of their assignment;

70:1.11 4. Slaves–need of r. for the labor ranks.


46:4.4 3. The r.the rendezvous of the lower native life.

46:4.6 of the system activities into circles, squares, r., and


46:7.1 The one thousand r. of Jerusem are occupied by

46:7.1 their center is situated the vast circular headquarters


22:3.4 foster the r. of misadaptations in the evolutionary

47:4.7 were either corrected or were projected for future r.

48:6.32 sometimes error is so great that its r. by revelation

54:4.6 merciful delay provides time for repentance and r..

130:4.14 reasonable spiritual r. of these originally inherent


33:6.7 Chronology is reckoned, computed, and r. by a

148:6.9 the inequities of existence may be more justly r..


3:2.7 that an effort is being made to r. the situation; but

45:7.8 intensive training designed to r. such deficiencies.


4:2.3 the immutability, perfection, and r. of Deity, and

149:5.2 with righteousness than great revenues without r..


39:2.9 take on energy for flight while in transit and r. power

44:5.8 enter the divine rest and r. our depleting energies.


48:4.9 mind rest, for such attitudes are most helpful in r.


134:3.1 Jesus had stopped several days for rest and r. at


195:4.4 vitality and the possession of vast r. resources.


42:9.3 any given quality or property tends to r. by sevens

120:2.2 similar challenges to your authority can never r. in


42:9.3 is exhibited in the chemical domains as a r. of


3:5.8 be confronted with insecurities and r. uncertainties.

41:3.9 gravity variations produce regular and r. flares,


4:4.9 that creature faith which dares to challenge each r.

52:7.9 Each r. mission of the Trinity Teacher Sons exalts

63:4.4 their constantly r. battles with the inferior tribes,

63:6.3 But hunger was the constantly r. urge of these

86:4.5 and eternity; they rather thought of r. incarnations.

98:4.8 of the annually r. stoppage of vegetation growth

101:9.5 reacting to ever-r. situations of mortal existence.

102:6.9 bankrupt when it persists, in the face of each r.

109:6.5 mindthat mind which in each of life’s r. situations

123:3.5 sermons, and the r. feasts of commemoration.

132:5.20 just and impartial settlement of every r. problem

136:6.1 these creator prerogatives in the r. life situations

136:9.13 three constantly r. situations: the clamor to be fed,

141:3.3 adjusting the constantly r. misunderstandings and

153:1.3 choosing between the r. situations of good and


42:9.2 periodic characterization which r. in groups of seven

42:9.3 This periodic change by sevens r. diminishingly

redsee redwith man, people, race, etc.

12:4.14 lines are displaced towards the r. by a receding star

41:3.7 white light, never having known an initial r. stage of

53:5.5 Lucifer emblem was a banner of white with one r.

53:7.7 John saw this when he wrote of the great r. dragon,

59:4.7 There is a r. sandstone stratum which characterizes

59:4.7 r. layer extends over much of the earth’s surface,

59:4.7 Such r. deposits are suggestive of arid or semiarid

60:1.1 The gypsum and r. layers throughout these

60:1.2 the one thousand feet of r. sandstone deposit of this

60:1.4 In England the New R. Sandstone belongs to this

63:4.1 complexion, something of a cross between r. and

64:5.3 Among these nineteen children were five r., two

65:6.4 this performance of the r. blood cells illustrates

65:6.4 by the action of the iron of the r. blood cells,

70:3.8 In later times, blood diluted with r. wine was used,

97:5.2 though they be r. like the crimson, they shall be as

131:2.10 Though they be r. like crimson, they shall be as

157:2.1 you say it will be fair weather, for the heaven is r.;

157:2.1 be foul weather, for the heaven is r. and lowering.


141:3.5 r., rugged Galilean fishermen called him Master.


79:1.8 The Chinese annals record the presence of the r.


66:5.25 a piece of r. metal was a terrorizing object to man.

redwith man, people, race, etc.; see also Indians

45:4.5 3. Onamonalonton, a far-distant leader of the r. man

49:4.2 six basic evolutionary races: three primaryr.,

51:4.1 the early ages of the inhabited worlds is the r. man,

51:4.1 while the r. man is the senior race of the planets,

51:4.2 the r. man stands far above the indigo—black—race.

51:4.2 full bestowal of the living energies to the initial or r.

51:4.2 mortal stature tends to decrease from the r. man

51:4.3 peoples are the first, third, and fifth racesthe r.,

51:4.4 to deteriorate the original endowment of the r. man

51:4.5 there is a slight tendency for the r., the yellow,

51:4.6 The orange men are usually subdued by the r. and

51:4.6 The yellow and r. men often fraternize, but not

52:1.1 order of the spectrum colors, beginning with the r..

52:1.2 The evolutionary races of colorr., orange, yellow,

61:4.5 the continent of its origin long before the r. man

61:7.14 exterminated by the r. man much as the white man

64:5.3 Among these nineteen children were five r., two

64:6.1 the r. is the first to evolve, and for ages he roams the

64:6.1 for ages he roams the world before the succeeding

64:6.3 1. The r. man. These peoples were remarkable

64:6.3 They were a most intelligent group and were the first

64:6.3 They were always monogamous; even their mixed

64:6.4 They were aided by their early invention of the bow

64:6.4 they unfortunately inherited much of the tendency of

64:6.4 yellow tribes were able to drive them off the Asiatic

64:6.5 comparatively pure remnants of the r. race went

64:6.5 No r. man ever returned to Asia.

64:6.5 they left behind much of their stock blended with the

64:6.6 When the r. man crossed over into America, he

64:6.6 he brought along much of the teachings and

64:6.6 His immediate ancestors had been in touch with the

64:6.6 the r. men began to lose sight of these teachings,

64:6.6 of this remnant of the comparatively pure r. race.

64:6.7 Because of this great retrogression the r. men

64:6.7 brought temporary peace among the American r.

64:6.8 American continent by these able and intelligent r..

64:6.9 the northern r. man never again came in contact with

64:6.9 until he was later discovered by the white man.

64:6.9 It was most unfortunate that the r. man almost

64:6.9 As it was, the r. man could not rule the white man,

64:6.9 the white man, and he would not willingly serve him.

64:6.14 Intellectually they were somewhat inferior to the r.

64:6.14 they were able to drive the r. race before them as

64:6.21 The blue man had the brain power of the r. man

64:6.24 first modified by slight mixture with yellow and r.,

64:6.25 As the r. men were the most advanced of all the

64:6.26 Isolated in Africa, the indigo peoples, like the r. man,

64:7.3 r. man going northeast to Asia, closely followed

64:7.4 The r. men early began to migrate to the northeast,

64:7.4 They were closely followed by the yellow tribes,

64:7.5 pure-line remnants of the r. race forsook Asia,

64:7.5 three groups never fully fraternized with the r.

64:7.5 joined by a small group of mixed yellows and r..

64:7.5 was much less warlike than the pure-line r. men.

64:7.6 To a certain extent the early r. and yellow men

64:7.7 and wars of extermination as were waged by the r.,

64:7.16 the r. man holds North America, the yellow man

64:7.16 and the brown man, a blend of the r. and yellow,

64:7.18 shortly after the r. man entered North America,

64:7.18 about twenty-one hundred years after the r. man

64:7.19 Eskimos were absorbed by the more numerous r.

64:7.19 the only contact of the North American r. man

65:4.7 beginning with the r. man and passing on down

65:4.11 first appearing among the superior types of the r.

66:5.10 The r. man preferred pictorial writing, while the

66:7.7 India together with representatives of the r. men

68:0.3 profited by these early social teachings, the r. man

69:8.4 The hunter, like the American r. man, did not

69:9.12 The American r. man never understood private

69:9.12 he could not comprehend the white man’s view.

70:5.4 Certain tribes of the r. man preserved the teaching of

70:5.7 The r. men often had two sets of chiefsthe peace

71:1.3 The northern tribes of the American r. men never

71:1.3 They never progressed beyond a loose confederation

71:1.3 Their nearest approach was the Iroquois federation,

71:1.7 These r. men clung to the mother-family inheritance.

71:1.12 The r. men were too democratic; they had a good

71:1.12 they would have evolved a state had they not

76:2.4 Nodite race later admixed with the blue and the r.

76:4.1 by fair complexions and light hair coloryellow, r.,

78:1.6 4. The r. man occupied the Americas, having been

78:3.5 Adamites mixed with Nodites, Andonites, and r.

78:3.6 Africa and, like the r. race, were virtually isolated.

79:2.2 in India were a blending of the migrating r. and

79:2.3 it was a real calamity that both the blue and the r.

79:2.3 As it developed, the r. man was destroying himself


79:5.1 that of the primary Sangiks, particularly the r. man

79:5.2 And when the r. man moved northeast around the

79:5.2 he found northeastern Asia free from subhuman

79:5.2 The tribal organization of the r. races was formed

79:5.2 But the r. man had reigned supreme in eastern

79:5.4 to push into the hunting grounds of the r. man.

79:5.5 The story of this agelong contest between the r.

79:5.5 In the earlier struggles the r. men were generally

79:5.5 The r. tribes continued their internecine conflicts,

79:5.6 the decimated tribes of the r. race were fighting with

79:5.6 since the last of the pure r. men departed from Asia,

79:5.6 the Andonite Siberians, assimilated much of the r.

79:5.7 the pure r. strains were spreading out over North

79:5.7 the nearest to white men the northern tribes of r.

79:5.8 The r. and the yellow races are the only human

79:5.8 were founded by a race predominantly r. but