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Translation Program: Urantia Foundation is committed to producing high quality translations of The Urantia Book that faithfully represent the English text in all major languages. Thanks to the many dedicated, multi-lingual readers working with the Foundation, the Book has been translated into French, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, Korean, Lithuanian, Portuguese, German, and Italian, and is distributed in countries where those languages are spoken. In 2010-2011 we will be publishing editions in Swedish, Estonian, Polish, and Hungarian. Chinese, Japanese, and Farsi (Persian) translations that are currently under development. Additional translations by readers as "works of love" are under review and may be published by Urantia Foundation in the future.

After a translation is printed the work of revising and correcting the translation begins. No translation is ever really finished; there is always room for improvement. Teams of revisers work with the Translation Manager to improve translation already in print. Currently revision teams are working on the Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean texts.

To assist in translating the book Urantia Foundation has created a Translation Program. Donors can give to support a current ongoing translation, or they can donate to the general translation fund, which supports all current and future translations. Read more...

Book Print Program: Urantia Foundation works in partnership with top-notch distributors worldwide to develop both domestic and international markets for The Urantia Book. We partner with the best printers and freight consolidators available to ensure efficient delivery of quality products. Our goal is to make the book available in bookstores worldwide, in the languages of the readers who buy books in those stores.

To support these efforts we have established a Book Print Program which helps to underwrite the significant costs of providing The Urantia Book in its original form and in translation to the world. Read more...

Building Maintenance Program: Urantia Foundation is headquartered in a beautiful Art Nouveau building in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. It was in this building that many of the transactions, meetings, and study groups associated with the early days of The Urantia Book transpired. Besides serving as Urantia Foundation's headquarters many meetings and gatherings are held in the building.

The building at 533 W. Diversey Parkway was 100 years old in 2008. Like any older building it is in constant need of maintenance and repair. Currently maintaining the building costs $80,000 to $100,000 a year. To help defray the costs of maintaining the building Urantia Foundation established the Building Fund to which regular donations are made by numerous supporters. Read more...

Book Giving and Dissemination: Urantia Foundation's object, from its declaration of trust, includes "...to disseminate the principles, teaching, and doctrines of The Urantia Book." To further this objective Urantia Foundation has established educational outreach programs, including this website and The Urantia Book Internet School. Urantia Foundation's staff respond daily to reader's questions which come via phone, letter, email, and in person. The staff also works to put readers in touch with other readers and with study groups near their home. An Education Outreach Program and a Website Program were established to help support these efforts. Read more...

Library, Gift, and Book Clubs Program: Urantia Foundation provides subsidized books to libraries, book clubs, and needy individuals through a variety of programs, all of which are supported by generous donations from concerned readers via the Library Gift Program. Read more...

Please see the Urantia brochure for more information.

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