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11:7.5 large, V. plane situated at right angles to the upper


72:2.7 Membership is for life, and when v. occur,


31:7.1 The v. place is occupied by the chief of Evangels of

31:7.5 this v. place in the corps will be filled by some type

46:5.32 And this same v. temple is found on every system

135:5.1 Why was the throne of David desolate and v.?

181:2.6 countenance as he stood by the betrayer’s v. seat.


16:1.3 when the Seven Master Spirits v. their individual

17:1.10 the Supreme Executives v. their seats of authority

72:1.4 baser of the remaining two, also v. his dictatorship.


73:3.2 the peninsula dwellers peaceably v. when Van and

73:7.1 After the first garden was v. by Adam, it was

74:6.1 Edenic plan had been disrupted and the Garden v..

76:1.2 Adam found all of the desired territory v. when he


72:4.3 Everyone takes one month’s v. each year.

72:4.3 the v. being spent with parents or friends in travel.

72:5.9  V. is usually spent in travel, and new methods of

73:0.2 and the temporary v. of authority on Jerusem.

123:3.5 the annual v. season of the whole Jewish people,

134:9.4 holiday of all Palestine; it was the Jewish v. time.

143:3.7 their three day’s v. from the routine duties of life.

162:4.2 combination of v. pleasures with the solemn rites


13:1.21 You mortals will spend most of your Havona “v.


191:0.4 Peter characteristically v. emotionally between


102:2.8 When certain v. and timid mortals attempt to

139:2.6 Peter was distressingly v.; he would suddenly swing

139:8.7 so tender but never v.; so pure and innocent but

155:1.3 are too v. and indefinite in your teaching conduct.

185:1.6 while this v. Roman ruler sacrificed Jesus to his fear

185:7.2 when asked by a man-fearing, weak, and v. judge


185:1.2 And this apparent v., or lack of moral courage,


41:4.6 such a v. that human beings would suffocate if they


103:9.1 the mythologic v. and the psychological illusions of

134:8.3 not phantasms evolved out of the intellectual v. of a


43:3.4 teachers confused their v. and indefinite deities

47:1.1 Spornagia have a v. feeling concerning the finaliters

63:1.4  their v. feeling of being something more than mere

63:3.5 Their ideas of survival after death were very v. and

68:3.2 for protection against the v. and unseen imaginary

87:1.1 ghost, a v. and primitive concept of pseudo heaven.

93:7.3 the tribes were so backward that the results were v.

97:0.2  v. and hazy at the time of the flight from Egypt

112:5.21 life would at first seem to be a v. and hazy dream.


23:2.13 Throughout the ascendant career you will be v., but

56:10.1 they v. discern the reality of the overshadowing

63:2.6  v. realizing that they had made a discovery which

86:3.4 he v. visualized as the source of these mysterious

152:6.5  v. discerned and dimly foresaw the approaching

158:7.7  They v. comprehended what he said about his death,

177:5.4 They v. sensed what was coming, and none felt

183:4.6 they all v. realize that Jesus has forewarned them of

vainsee vain, in

81:5.7 Liberty without restrictions is the v. and fanciful

103:5.7 the v. hope of having all the virtues of a noble

140:6.11 use not v. repetitions and meaningless phrases.

vain, in

1:0.2 the universe and created this world not in v.;

32:5.1 All of your mortal struggling is not in v..

51:0.3 Adam’s mission was not in v.; Urantia has profited

62:5.10 Nor was her sacrifice in v., for she held off the father

76:2.2 In v. did Cain appeal to traditions of the first Eden,

94:5.8 But the Salemites did not labor in v..

97:7.6 have created it not in v.; I formed it to be inhabited

109:6.1 No worth-while experience ever happens in v.;

131:2.12 you shall not take my name in v.; remember the

153:3.3 In v. do they worship me, teaching as their doctrines

155:1.1 ‘Why do the heathen rage and the people plot in v.?


68:2.11 the devious strivings of a v. generation threaten to

111:6.9 Courage is valorous, but egotism is v. and suicidal.

177:4.7 over the face of the hardhearted and v. Caiaphas;

179:3.4 but when Judas’s v. intellect passed judgment upon

180:2.5 pray for selfish ease and v. accomplishments,


170:3.1 scribes and Pharisees paraded so v. before the world.


124:3.7 as Jesus beheld these exhibitions of “heathen” v..


102:3.8 Science v strives to create the brotherhood of culture

125:5.10  v. endeavoring to think out some definite plan of

132:4.5 he spent the rest of his life v. trying to induce his

146:6.3  v. tried to explain that the lad was not really dead,

154:7.4 full week v. searching for Jesus in the neighborhood

155:1.3 whining over the present,and v. hoping for the future

181:1.7  v. longing for a peace which never really comes.


40:7.5 path of life through your so-called “v. of tears”?

149:5.5 Jesus hardly regarded this world as a “v. of tears.”

149:5.5 spirits of Paradise ascension, the “v. of soul making.”


22:5.3 this recognition because of their v. co-operation with

62:3.5 these mid-mammals wax v. and subdue the whole of

92:7.12 the v. and courageous hero—Joshua ben Joseph.

94:7.3 made a v. fight against the time-honored belief in

98:5.3 god taking origin in a great rock, engaging in v.

109:6.4 wisely did this v. Monitor direct the human nature

111:7.2 as you fight and toil—permit the v. Adjuster to fight

112:7.9 or has the v. human acquired immortality through

155:1.3 do they strive with v. and effective execution.

178:1.14 but you are also to be v. in defense of righteousness,

178:3.3 Let your souls be v. in defense of the gospel by

181:2.7 and that you will do v. work in its proclamation,

187:1.10 became a v. believer in the gospel of the kingdom,

196:2.4 lost sight of the struggling and v. human Jesus


2:5.8 struggling so v. with the manifold difficulties of time

33:3.4 who so faithfully and v. struggle for the welfare of

53:7.4 with Gabriel, v. contended for the Father’s will and

63:4.4  men v. fighting with one hand while he struggled on,

78:2.2 they v. fight off the influences of the surrounding

93:2.7 spirit of the Father to function so v. in the human

94:11.3 fearlessly fought, and which he had so v. denounced.

94:12.6 Will this noble faith, that has so v. carried on through

98:7.11 Christianity still v. portrays a beautiful religion about

108:4.1 Monitors that live and work so v. within the human

132:1.4 they strive v. to justify their continued survival by

160:1.8 honest and brave individuals are able to follow v.

195:10.21 it humbly bows itself before the cross it so v. extols,


1:6.4 mind carries, in its very presence, the v. proof of its

5:4.7 religions are of value in that they are v. approaches

5:5.12 but no matter how v. (real) religious experience is,

31:9.9 Architects, and if our former conjectures are v.,

42:9.4 not all the suppositions of natural philosophy are v.;

102:2.3 In the lives of such mortals there is a v. originality

103:8.2 The experiencing of God may be wholly v., but the

103:9.1 spiritual experience of personal religion remains v..

103:9.8 assumption that reason is v., that the universe can

103:9.8 assumption that wisdom is v., that the material

103:9.8 assumption that faith is v., that God can be known

106:7.4 eternity, but such a hypothesis is nonetheless v..

133:5.5 Logic is v. in the material world, and mathematics is

140:4.7 Religion is v. only when it reveals the fatherhood of

155:6.14 you cannot consciously produce such v. proof, albeit

175:2.1 this constitutes no v. reason why the individual


1:5.10 personality of God, but they do not altogether v. it

1:7.5 science, nor theology can v. the personality of God.

5:5.6 worship and v. the hope of personality survival.

101:10.6 Reason alone can never v. the values and goodness


72:7.14 v. by the federal budget commission of one hundred.

101:2.8 but revelation is v. only by human experience.

101:7.1 while a positive decision is a v. plan of action.

103:1.5 on the recognition of values and is v. by the faith of

103:9.6 in the last analysis, can be v. only by living faith.

196:0.4  and v. by the supreme authority of genuine personal


7:3.7 the motivating thought, the spiritual content, that v.

103:5.9 our ideals v. our belief that we are the sons of God

103:5.12  v. the brotherhood of man, and dares to remove all

195:6.8 but religion v. the conservation of men’s souls—


40:7.5 is equivalent to a divine v. of eventual Paradise

40:9.6  v. of an unremembered facet of mortal experience.

97:3.3 First, the v. of property exchange, contracts, and

101:2.3 for the v. of such a faith, such spiritual insight.

101:7.1 stereotype is a plan of action accepted without v..

196:0.10 the v. of consecration, a technique for the adjustment


1:5.11 Revelation affirms the v. of the personality concept

16:6.10 these three cosmic intuitions that give objective v.,

16:9.1  v. attaches to the unification of these three universe

101:10.6 to do the will of God shall comprehend the v. of

103:7.11 Religion starts out with the assumption of the v. of

103:7.13 Faith is the act of recognizing the v. of spiritual

103:7.14 the v. of this experience is not demonstrable to the

174:3.4 the v. of only the five so-called Books of Moses;

185:3.2 I question the v. of their charges and am only

valleysee Euphrates, Jordan, Nile; see valleysymbolic

58:7.7 are more graphically shown than in the St. Croix v.

59:3.9 from the eastern mountains to the Mississippi v.

59:4.16 the Susquehanna River has cut a v. exposing these

59:5.20 period of North America east of the Mississippi v.

61:7.5 only a short distance below the St. Lawrence v.,

61:7.10 Mississippi v., then eastward into the Hudson v.,

63:5.3 descendants is found along the course of this river v..

76:0.1 to join the Adamites in their new v. home.

78:7.1 But new perils threatened the v. of Mesopotamia

78:7.5 the river v. advocating that all houses be built of

78:8.4 of Mesopotamia, adopting the arts of the v. tribes

78:8.9 period of constant warfare between these v. cities

78:8.12 before the barbarian cavalrymen conquered the v.,

79:1.2 The Tarim v. was the easternmost outpost of the

79:6.5 The migration from Tibet to the Yangtze v. was not

79:7.1 and spreading out over the upper v. of the Yellow

80:4.1 the islands of the Aegean and up the Danube v.,

80:5.4 blue man were fought out in the v. of the Somme.

80:5.8 Danube v. and were never entirely displaced by the

80:8.4 moving slowly northward by way of the Danube v..

80:9.4 commerce with the broadheads of the Danube v.

94:7.1 a secluded mountain v. in the southern Himalayas.

124:1.9 the Dead Sea v. the climate of Palestine ranged from

124:6.5 led immediately down into the tropical Jordan v.,

124:6.5 as they journeyed south in this tropical v.,

124:6.6 looking east up this river v., they recounted the

135:3.1 Along the v. of this little brook John built no less

157:3.1 It nestled in a charming v. between scenic hills where

176:0.2 to avoid the crowds passing along the Kidron v.

178:3.1 to avoid the crowds passing through the Kidron v.

186:1.7 down into the terrible solitude of the v. of Hinnom,


48:6.12 Though I go down into the v. of uncertainty or

100:7.13 to walk through the “v. of the shadow of death.”

109:3.2 primitive men are arriving in the v. of decision,

131:2.7 I walk through the v. of the shadow of death, I

135:6.6 Every v. shall be filled, and every mountain and

135:6.6 while the rough places shall become a smooth v.;

165:3.8 “How long will you tarry in the v. of decision?


61:0.2 rolling hills, broad v., wide rivers, and great forests.

64:4.9 the alpine glaciers descended far down the river v..

78:1.5 from the river v. of farther Asia by the expanding

78:8.3 grain growers of the Euphrates and Tigris v. had

79:1.3 drought not only drove them to the v. of the Nile,

79:2.4 spreading out over the v. of the Indus and Ganges

79:3.6 centers of culture were located in the river v.,

79:6.1 the Chinese cleared the Andonites from the river v.

80:2.5 Adam journeyed northward from the v. of the

80:3.8 European hunters were being driven to the river v.

80:6.2 suffer from floods before the Mesopotamian v. but

80:8.4 pottery and tilled the land, preferring to live in the v..


3:5.12 The v. of devotion to duty consists in the implied

98:0.3 the Jews were famed as much for military v. as

107:3.9  The v. and wisdom exhibited by Adjusters suggest

140:8.20 constitute a religion of v., courage, and heroism.

174:4.3 better part of v. openly to commend the Master’s

196:2.4 who, by the v. of his personal religious faith and


69:5.2 The early banker was the v. man of the tribe.

91:5.2 of reform and courageous deeds of v. achievement.

111:6.9 Courage is v., but egotism is vainglorious and


22:9.2 Guardians become v. adjuncts to the superuniverse

40:5.10 they gain v. and actual experience in the nature

47:2.8 been deprived of the v. and essential evolutionary

48:4.19 does serve a v. purpose both as a health insurance

52:1.7 this early fear religion serves a very v. purpose in

54:6.5 Of the many v. repercussions of the Lucifer rebellion

63:4.8 the most v. strains of ability and intelligence were

66:5.5 careful breeding as to become a v. source of food;

66:5.29 dances were refined and made to serve v. social ends

70:2.9 War has served many v. purposes in the past,

70:7.5 the purpose of preserving v. “spirit” or trade secrets.

70:10.15 the punishment was not so v. a deterrent to crime as

71:1.23 the tribal government proving a v. transition from

71:2.7 public opinion is v., for, while retarding social

72:3.4 the most v. part of a child’s education and character

75:2.5 of Caligastia’s staff they had received much v. help

77:0.1 and are so v. as helpers that we have all long since

77:9.11 Because of the v. worked performed by midwayers,

80:7.4 the then most v. strains of the emerging white races.

81:6.21 man power for the accomplishment of more v. tasks.

82:3.7 was all the more v.; her fertility was thus assured.

83:3.3 initiated the custom of giving the pair v. presents

84:7.12 1. Children were v. as laborers.

96:7.4 group of Psalms constitutes the most v. and helpful

101:5.12 the still more v. testimony of the actual experience

109:3.2 The Adjusters receive v. training and acquire

109:3.8 Adjusters has served a v. preliminary experience in

110:7.3 Adjusters gain v. indwelling experience on planets of

113:2.3 Many guardians have gained much v. experience on

114:2.4 they perform a very v. service in keeping Lanaforge,

114:7.8 midwayers perform v. and indispensable services.

118:10.13 ideas of thought, and the v. ideals of spiritual insight.

123:2.3 The most v. part of Jesus’ early education was

130:6.3 most v. of all, your potential of real achievement is

132:0.4 the most v. of all the manifold experiences of his

133:4.13 for all three of them to gain much v. experience.

142:5.5 they learned many v. lessons which proved of great

143:3.8 the twelve gained a v. experience in this their first

148:7.2 How much more v. is a man than a sheep!

156:5.2 the foolish carpenter who wastes v. time squaring,

159:6.1 evangelists had a v. experience in carrying on their

160:2.6 so v. and satisfying an experience that it is worth

valuenoun or adjective; see value, spiritual; value, supreme;

  value, survival

0:2.1 a v. level—an experiential reality—which is difficult of

0:2.2 on three Deity-personality levels of subinfinite v.

1:1.2 man’s only possible gift of true v. to the Paradise

3:5.16 do not require the potential of relative v. levels as

5:4.7 All these religions are of v. in that they are valid

5:6.3 Personality is that quality and v. in cosmic reality

7:1.3 gravity in accordance with their qualitative v.,

7:1.10 All actual v. of spirit nature finds lodgment in the

9:3.3 but of no v. to illustrate the cause of antigravity.

9:4.5 Energy is thing, mind is meaning, spirit is v..

10:5.1 all living realities of personality v. are concerned.

10:7.5 interwoven into a meaningful pattern of high v. by

12:3.9 same v. for the actual and functional presence of

12:5.1 of space respiration destroys its v. as a time source.

12:7.9 love of God strikingly portrays the transcendent v.

12:7.9 unmistakably reveals the high v. which the

12:8.15 but they are not of equal v. to personality in the

12:9.1 allurements of such supernal goals of nonmaterial v..

16:7.4 and pass judgment on its worth-whileness, its v..

16:9.2 mortal is able to sense the unification v of these three

16:9.3 the soul of morontia status and increasingly divine v..

19:4.6 undoubtedly eventuates a new v. in ultimates.

22:2.3 a universe crisis is regarded as of even greater v.

22:7.10 no immediate practical v. to either the super- or

22:10.4 I was made acutely aware of the v. of the High

22:10.6 Because of their v. to the superuniverse

25:2.11 The conciliators are of great v. in keeping the

28:4.4 This is of great v. on the headquarters of the

28:5.17 they strive to enhance the v. of service and augment

28:6.3 hence the v. of having at our disposal a series of

31:9.10 the Universal and attained the v. of the Absolute.

39:4.14 the choice of the highest possible v., and always—

42:10.1 being absolute, is expansile in neither fact nor v.;

43:1.11 serves many purposes aside from its decorative v.,

44:0.20 is inadequate for conveying, the meaning, v., and

45:7.6 has a v. ranging from one up to one thousand.

46:5.29 There is great educational v. in mingling with

51:7.5 Urantians would immediately appreciate the v. of

64:7.20 we appreciate the v. of many of the refinements of

66:4.14 While of no v. to the evolutionary races, this

68:2.8 Almost everything of lasting v. in civilization has its

68:6.3 and land determined the estimated v. of both.

68:6.3 therefore the v. of human life was much enhanced;


70:2.3 War has had a social v. to past civilizations because

70:2.9 War has had a certain evolutionary and selective v.,

70:2.13 2. The worship of wealth-power, v. distortion.

71:2.7 to be of state v. it must be nonviolent in expression.

71:7.3 Education will jump to new levels of v. with the

72:7.6 more than one per cent on the v. of any property in

76:2.6 Abel’s conduct establishes the v. of environment

78:1.2 Adam and Eve contributed much that was of v. to

79:6.8 The yellow race early learned the v. of peace among

79:8.9 The great strength in a veneration of ancestry is the v

81:2.8 the scientific world, it was of little v. in this regard to

81:6.37 Ten men are of little more v. than one in lifting a

83:6.2 has been of great cultural v. to all advanced races.

84:3.10 In hunting and war man had learned the v. of

84:5.8 a woman’s v. consisted in her food-producing ability,

87:7.4 much of its v. has been destroyed in a scientific age

88:5.1 not from any appreciation of the hygienic v. of

89:4.1 Primitive man gauged the v. of his sacrifice by the

90:4.5 of v. in getting rid of a disease-producing spirit.

91:8.12 The word v. of a prayer is purely autosuggestive in

92:0.5 the supernal heights of morontia v. and spirit truth.

92:4.2 are characterized by a belief in some Deity of final v.

92:7.5 Primitive religion was largely a material-v.

94:11.12 anthropomorphic Yahweh is of greater religious v.

98:1.3 A God of final v. must, himself, be the arbiter of fate

98:6.5 philosophy supplied the concepts of ethical v.;

99:2.4 Religionists are of no more v. in the tasks of social

99:5.5 of an uplifting nature and of inspirational v..

100:3.2 to supreme reality and the recognition of divine v..

100:3.3 between that which is v. and that which has v..

100:3.4 Meaning is something which experience adds to v.;

100:3.5 expansion of meaning and exaltation of v., is

100:3.7 Man may manufacture a machine, but its real v. must

100:4.4 so much because he placed such a high v. upon

100:6.2 A religion is genuine to just the extent that the v.

101:4.5 such revelations are of immense v. in that they in

102:3.5 religion, experience, leads to v. consciousness;

102:3.5 the co-ordination of the consciousness of fact, v.,

102:3.9 religion is the experience of cognizance of the v. of

102:6.3 a v., a level of achievement, an exalted process,

103:1.6 Monitor presents a v., exudes a flavor of divinity,

103:8.6 the presence of change—can be of moral v. to man,

104:2.1 the exclusion of all but the One God of final v..

104:3.3 the morontia soul can grasp this concept of final v.

106:2.8 experience the realization of a new meaning-v. of

106:7.4 a potentially final destiny that is absolute in v.;

107:3.7 there is nothing on Divinington of real v. to me,

107:4.2 in intensiveness of meaning, v., and fact Adjusters

108:5.9 does not in the least detract from its v. and reality.

109:6.1 every meaningful v. in every will creature is certain

109:6.1 in vain; no true meaning or real v. ever perishes.

109:6.7 Everything of permanent v. which is intrusted to an

110:6.16 cosmic levels—actual meaning grasps and v.

110:6.18 fact-v. that mortal man is a son of the eternal God.

110:7.4 attributes which are meaningful and of v. on that

111:1.2 an entity-point of absolute v. in such human selves

111:2.3  unique v. of potentially eternal endurance, the soul.

111:2.7 spirit, which connotes a v. and carries a meaning

111:3.3 soul ascends to the true spirit levels of fusion v. with

111:3.4 meanings seek to co-ordinate with true spirit v..

111:5.1 has made such a life of inner meaning-v. possible.

112:1.4 V. status. Personality can be experientially realized

112:1.10 Length denotes meaning; depth signifies v.; breadth

112:1.13 personality imparts v. of identity and meanings of

112:5.13 This child of persisting meaning and surviving v. is

112:5.22 having neither spiritual meaning nor morontia v.,

112:5.22 personality relationships has cosmic v. and will

112:7.6 a secure v. in the universe, and this new v. is

112:7.6 having achieved the status of a true universe v.,

112:7.6 for the seeking of the highest universe v.—God.

115:2.2 V. is a unique element in universe reality.

115:2.2 We do not comprehend how the v. of anything of

117:1.5 yields a new meaning v. on deity levels of reality.

117:4.5 represents an irreplaceable meaning-v. in the finite;

117:4.10 Will you decide to personalize the experiencible v.

117:6.4 choosing to do the will of the Creator is a cosmic v.

118:1.8 The time unit of immaturity concentrates meaning-v.

118:3.1 motion exhibits v. only to a creature of personality

118:3.4 eventuates a new and emerging v. of the Supreme.

118:5.3 from the fact, to the meaning, and then to the v..

118:5.3 Creator consciousness proceeds from the thought-v.,

130:2.4 How much more of v. is this man’s soul floundering

130:4.2 quality and divinity of v.—constitutes the reality of

130:4.7 the v. of life is its progressability—even to the heights

130:4.14 establishes v levels of spirit recognition and response

132:0.5 three factors of paramount v. in the early setting of

133:5.6  v., ten persons would stand for ten times this v..

133:5.8 the quantitative fact and the qualitative v. have a

133:5.9 divergent the universe phenomena of fact and v.

133:6.3 they here accomplished the least of v. to the work of

134:5.2 and of v. only in so far as they enhance the welfare,

134:5.16 All other sovereignties are relative in v., intermediate

138:2.1 They discovered the great v. of direct and personal

140:8.20 Jesus placed great v. upon sincerity—a pure heart.

140:10.6 practical political, social, or economic v. there is

143:3.3 you must all learn the v. of rest and the efficacy of

147:5.7 the relative v. of status with God and progress in

149:6.11 to emphasize the v. of sincerity and perfect trust

150:4.3 you are of more v. than a great many sparrows.

151:3.3 Jesus emphasized the v. of utilizing the analogy

151:3.5 3. In teaching the apostles the v. of parables, Jesus

159:4.4 that in no way detracts from the v. of the truths

159:6.3 the great v. of the services of the messenger corps.

165:3.4 you are of much more v. than many sparrows.

165:5.2 of how much more v. are you than many birds!

167:6.5 Jesus impressed upon his apostles the great v.

167:6.5 the v. of worshiping the Creator in the midst of

170:2.6 a new endowment of moral v. and divine dignity.

173:1.2 the v. of a week’s labor for a pair of doves which

173:1.3 in case a coin of larger v. was offered for exchange

176:4.7 is an event of tremendous sentimental v. to both

180:5.3 Truth is a spiritual reality v. experienced only by

188:5.4 The real v. of the cross consists in the fact that it was

192:2.2 Let experience teach you the v. of meditation and

195:7.8 conscious of the nature or v. of another machine.

195:9.1 Do not overlook the v. of your spiritual heritage,

196:1.3 of greatest v. is to know the religious life of Jesus

196:2.10 He taught men to place a high v. upon themselves

196:3.2 designating these realities as thing, meaning, and v..

196:3.17 of those values selected by this spirit-v. sorter—

196:3.35 Only the spirit content of any v. is imperishable.

value, spiritualsee also values, spiritual


7:3.3 That which represents true s. in your petitions will

7:3.5 your consciousness that is fraught with supreme s.,

7:6.8 regarding everything of s. which exists in the hearts

17:3.5 Everything of true s. is registered in duplicate,

40:9.7 only those human experiences which were of s. are

40:9.7 which was of s. in the life of any one of them.

81:6.6 Individual character of moral and s. may be acquired

117:1.1 truth of intellectual meaning, and goodness of s..

151:0.1 mission of adversity and the s. of disappointment.”

180:5.3 Truth is a spiritual reality v. experienced only by

value, supreme

7:3.5 fraught with supreme spiritual v., when once you

44:2.1 spirit-morontia world has a thousand things of s.,

55:8.4 inculcate new mota meanings of s. into the teaching

96:0.1 finally excludes all but the one God of final and s..


100:3.6 The s. of human life consists in growth of values,

100:6.1 which the religionist deems to be of s. to himself

100:6.2 The accepted s. of the religionist may be base or

value, survival

22:5.1 your races and other mortals s. traverse Havona,

47:4.5 mental life which was worth while, and which had s.,

59:6.10 eliminated all forms of life except such as had s.,

68:1.5 because of the enhancement of s. in association that

70:0.3 Government does have s.; therefore it becomes

84:7.10 offspring is almost universal and is of distinct s..

108:1.6 to the certain evolution of an immortal soul of s..

109:3.2 Nothing of s. is ever lost in all the wide universe.

109:6.2 the Adjuster carries away everything of s. which

112:2.20 But selfhood of s., selfhood that can transcend

112:5.6 if your intentions and desires are of s., there are

112:6.9 The soul of s. faithfully reflects both the qualitative

133:6.5 represents the potential s. of human experience.

133:6.6 consciousness, thereby becomes possessed of s..


16:8.14 values and the wholehearted love of the divine V..


100:1.5 is really the criticism of oneself by one’s own v.,


0:3.23 do we conceptualize this philosophic v. as the I AM

0:3.24 the Infinite is an actual v. representing the eternity-

0:8.10 The Supreme, evolving on the v. of nonpersonal


20:10.3 Deities are co-ordinated on the highest time-space v.


99:4.3 If it is to serve as a v., it must not be stereotyped.


111:3.7 beauty, and goodness as the v. of God-consciousness


41:5.2 As you v. energy and power on your world, sunlight

130:2.4 “Since you know the ways of kindness and v.

148:6.2 and everything else which men v. in this temporal


28:7.1 They served as v. assistants to the members of the

49:1.7 these superior potentials of life are v. much more

69:5.12 Property became so highly v. that to give a feast

69:9.10 charms, such property being v. above necessities.

140:8.22 Jesus impressed the three that he v. the whole life,

143:5.2 and was therefore much v. for drinking purposes.

171:2.5 when that which is v. for its saltiness has lost its

173:1.3 for the exchange of a coin v. at about ten cents,


7:3.7 that validates the mortal supplication. Words are v..

48:6.32 Forms are v. when the lessons are learned.

66:6.3 but such knowledge is nearly v. on a barbaric planet

100:3.5 and exaltation of value, is v.—is potential evil.

100:3.6 Progress is always meaningful, but it is relatively v.

195:7.18 Any interpretation of the material universe is v unless

valuessee values, moral; values, social; values, spirit;

    values, spiritual; values, supreme

                  see also supervalues

0:0.3 of the things, meanings, and v. of universal reality.

0:1.13 Paradise-absolute v. and meanings are manifest.

0:2.17 eventuated-experiential v., co-ordinated on final

0:2.18 God of transcended superpersonal v. and divinity

0:4.2 to the reality realms of the nonpersonalizable v. of

0:4.10 the mind-spirit-personal meanings and v. of actuality

0:4.11 as regards v., meanings, and factual existence.

0:5.3 all personality orders or v. are associable and even

0:7.10 of all phases and v. of finite reality, in association

0:9.1 the eventuating levels of transcended time-space v.

0:9.3 reality v. of the finite, the absonite, and even of the

0:10.1 regarding the encompassment of all absolute v.

0:10.1 unachieved realities we cannot establish absolute v.

0:11.10 undeified—personalizable and nonpersonalizable—v..

0:11.14 realizable on time-eternity levels as finite-absolute v.

1:6.6 and appreciates the personality v. of his fellows,

2:0.3 in our efforts to portray divine v. and to present

2:7.12 when these v. of that which is real are co-ordinated

4:1.9 involving supreme adjustments and ultimate v..

5:4.2 God will be comprehended as the reality of v.,

5:4.4 the contemplation of the spiritual realities and v. of

5:5.2 may permeate all four levels of the realization of v.

6:0.3 and universal source of all the meanings and v. of the

6:2.7 of the exclusively spiritual beauty of universal v..

6:4.1 and v. are responsive to the infinite drawing power

7:1.1 holds all spirit realities and all spiritualized v., as it

9:0.4 whom all things consist—things, meanings, and v.;

9:4.6 Mind transmutes the v. of spirit into the meanings of

9:6.2 All true and genuine intellectual v., all divine

10:2.8 shall appear in seven variations of v., meanings,

10:5.2 eventuation, and deitization of new meanings, v.,

12:8.8 the ability to co-ordinate things, ideas, and v., is

14:2.8 Infinite Spirit draw all intellectual v. Paradiseward.

14:4.22 appreciation of supreme meanings, ultimate v.,

16:6.10 to man’s experience with things, meanings, and v..

16:8.14 7. Worship, the sincere pursuit of divine v. and the

16:9.3 The personality v. of such a nonsurvivor persist as a

16:9.13 4. The quest for personality v., the ability to

19:3.7 near-paradisiacal levels of meanings and reality v..

19:4.6 Censors formulate meanings and originate new v.

21:6.3 the appearance of new things, meanings, and v. on

31:9.14 constitute the Trinity Ultimate of transcendental v.

32:5.6 the crystallization of your thoughts about these v.

39:1.11 the comprehension of meanings and v. inherent in the

44:2.8 present personal experiences to future attainment v..

44:2.11 they can actually portray the eternal v. of the spirit

44:6.7 positional v. assigned to different morontia orders

44:7.3 v. of goodness are unified in the life experience of

48:6.37 the integration of meanings and the unification of v..

48:6.28 it has a stereoscopic effect on meanings and v..

49:6.8 intellectual, social, spiritual, and cosmic-insight v..

50:1.3 of failure to keep a proper grasp of the v. and

50:5.9 culture grasps at cosmic relationships and true v..

50:6.3 an essential part of the acquirement of survival v..

52:7.3 New v. and relationships are being established.

54:0.2 differential levels of perfection meanings and v..

54:6.10 and extend your horizon of meanings and v.;

55:0.12 the planetary v. of any stage may be attained by any

55:6.5 the Adjuster-fusion level of conjoint morontia v.

56:1.5 the absolute reality of the personal v. of the Father,

56:9.11 realized in the postultimate unity of absolute v.

56:10.8 cosmology leads to the pursuit of divine reality v.

56:10.9 truth, beauty, and goodness because these quality v.

56:10.9 goodness represents the revelation of infinite v. to

56:10.12 Goodness is the recognition of the relative v. of

56:10.18 The goodness v. of divinity are the merciful

56:10.19 These meaningful reality v. of divinity are blended

56:10.19 differing associations of divine meanings and v. on

67:3.9 are potential for the creation of superhuman v.,

67:7.4 harvest upon any related levels of universe v..

71:7.2 the meanings of reality, the nobility of v., the goals

71:7.8 3. The appreciation of v..

87:7.7 It must enhance cosmic meanings, augment moral v.,

87:7.8 exalt relations, and glorify the good v. of real nobility

89:10.4 and all v. are elevated from the human to the divine.

90:4.8 and the v. of raw cocoa and quinine were among the

91:1.1 secure (to actualize) this conservation of higher v..

91:1.2 prayer, are allied only with those v. which have

91:2.1 religion in the conservation of all worth-while v..

91:2.8 the experiential v. of the higher religions of ethical

91:3.3 of the highest v. and ideals of those who pray.

91:8.11 meaningful reach by the human for superhuman v..

91:8.13 Pray only for v., not things; for growth, not for

91:9.4 an enhancement of meanings and an elevation of v..

92:7.5 consciousness, but civilization elevates religious v.

92:7.7 1. Level v.—loyalties.

92:7.8 to the idealistic appreciation of these highest v..

92:7.9 intensity—the degree of devotion to these divine v..

92:7.14 readjustments of human v. in one generation than

97:10.5 has functioned to conserve the highest v. of its

99:3.13 spiritual insight and the appreciation of cosmic v..

99:4.1 groups destroys the very v. for the promotion of

99:4.1 It imparts new v. to play and exalts all true humor.

99:4.2 loyalties to the emerging new meanings and v..

99:5.8 That faith is concerned only with the grasp of ideal v.

100:1.1 produces growth of meanings and enhancement of v.

100:1.3 increased appreciation of v., new meanings of v.,

100:1.7 proportionally to the growing quest for final v..

100:1.7 meanings and the ever-expanding elevation of v..

100:1.8 growth embrace cultivated sensitivity to divine v.,

100:2.2 a discernment of meanings, then a discovery of v..

100:2.4 truth in meanings, and discover goodness in v..

100:2.5 Eternal life is the endless quest for infinite v..

100:2.8 as well as the development of a new standard of v..

100:3.2 moral v. do not grow out of wish fulfillment or

100:3.3 In the contemplation of v. you must distinguish

100:3.4 to value; it is the appreciative consciousness of v..

100:3.4 V. are experiential when realities are meaningful and

100:3.5 V. can never be static; reality signifies change,

100:3.5 V. are not conceptual illusions; they are real, but

100:3.5 but always they depend on the fact of relationships.

100:3.5 V. are always both actual and potential—not what

100:3.6 equals growth, the experiential realization of v..

100:3.6 The supreme value of life consists in growth of v.,

100:4.1 only in the face of refusal to espouse the higher v.

100:4.4 experience reveals to the individual the true v. of

100:4.4 your fellow men, you must have discovered their v.

100:4.4 You can best discover v. in your associates by

101:1.6 Faith insight with conscientious discriminations of v.,

101:2.14 the survival of personality and all those v. which you

101:5.2 deals with facts; religion is concerned only with v..

101:5.2 endeavors to unite the meanings of facts and v.,

101:7.3 Presently new systems of v. come into existence;

101:7.4 consists in the nature and level of recognized v.

101:7.6 a living experience in the ascending v. of cosmic

101:9.3 his highest interpretation of life’s greatest v. and

101:9.5 and awareness of ethical and emerging morontial v.

101:10.6 Reason alone can never validate the v. of religious

102:0.3 human v. may be translated in mortal experience

102:5.3 Human morality may recognize v., but only

102:5.3 religion can conserve, exalt, and spiritualize such v.

102:6.5 meanings and v. are approached by living faith.

102:7.4 but such an experience is devoid of survival v.,

102:7.10 and the most divine of all v., we have the right to be

102:8.4 its God conceptions out of its highest recognized v..

103:1.4 which is then followed by the pursuit of v..

103:1.4 Religion is primarily a pursuit of v., and then there

103:1.4 It is much easier for men to agree on religious v.

103:1.4 And this explains how religion can agree on v. and

103:1.5 religion is founded on the recognition of v. and is

103:2.7 The Adjuster does not disregard the personality v. of

103:3.1 a primitive distinction between the v. of the secular

103:7.13 the innate recognition of things, meanings, and v..

103:9.4 existence and reality of supermaterial v. and beings.

104:4.20 The existential v. of spirit have their primordial

104:4.47 deitize new v., disclose new potentialities, reveal

105:1.2 distortion of meanings and misconception of v..

105:1.2 the I AM is, in all personality meanings and v.,

105:5.10 of tertiary maximums—things, meanings, and v. that

105:7.1 the supervalues of absolutes with the maximum v. of

105:7.10 6. Certain v. of spirit.

106:0.19 of the cosmic growth of things, meanings, and v.

106:4.4 the personal v. of his transcendental divinity will be

106:6.1 meaning-v within the scope of a subabsolute cosmos

106:6.6 But in regard to the conceivable v. of divinity and

106:6.6 the appearance of those superpersonal v. and

106:8.11 of Universe Destiny in regard to all divinity v..

106:8.11 grouping have to do with other-than-divinity v. in

108:2.2 choose between the emerging v. of good and evil—


109:6.1 and there bestows these surviving meanings and v.

109:6.6 living v. which the greatest of all Urantians created

110:1.2 They are the careful custodians of the sublime v.

110:4.4 meanings and v. intrusted to their care and keeping.

110:7.4 all of the experience and all of the v. of the one

110:7.5 meanings and v. which the divine Monitor carries

111:2.2 of a character of enduring v. and divine meanings—

111:3.6 But quality—v.—is felt. That which feels is the

111:3.7 If there is no survival of eternal v. in the evolving

111:4.2 Meanings and v. are only perceived in the inner or

111:4.4 inner and the outer worlds have a different set of v..

111:6.7 appreciation of the meanings of ideas and the v. of

112:1.11 and certain new dimensional v. are realizable.

112:1.19 significant because of organization—positional v..

112:2.7 has forever changed all meanings and altered all v. of

112:6.4 and v. of the mortal mind have not perished.

112:6.4 certain experiential v. of the former human mind

112:6.8 the memory consciousness of the meanings and v.

112:7.2 can comprehend the true meaning of the actual v.

113:6.1 with all other v. related to your future existence,

113:6.5 seraphim is the custodial trustee of the survival v. of

113:6.8 the supreme and all-knowing Judges of survival v..

114:6.7 from one generation to another the imperishable v.

114:6.15 the seraphim who foster the v. of play, humor, and

115:2.2 To the experiential universes even divine v. are

115:6.1 the Eternal Son operates upon the fundamental v. of

115:7.3 reality, excepting the unqualified v. of the Absolutes,

116:2.3 and to understand the meaning v. of divinity.

117:4.11 prevent the evolution of these v. in his own personal

117:5.8 are receptive and reactive to the emerging v. in

117:5.8 and these v. are faithfully transmitted through the

117:5.10 circuits of cosmic ministry register the v., and facts

117:5.13 the meanings and the v. of this experience are

117:6.6 and a new synthesis of experiential v. of the entire

117:7.17 truth out of meanings, and goodness out of v..

118:1.7 in such manner as to enhance the v. of the future.

118:3.3 space condition its meanings and correlate its v..

118:10.14 the meanings of philosophy and the v. of true

118:10.14 the v. of human existence will be nearing the limits

130:2.8 moral meanings or choosing spiritual and eternal v.

130:2.9 the v. of eternal survival—unending progression of

130:4.2 even in an eternal universe of limitless v. and

130:4.4 All true v. of creature experience are concealed in

130:4.8 life, in the aggregate, struggles toward higher v.,

130:4.10 he spiritualized intellect discerns a world of true v..

132:1.0 1. TRUE VALUES

132:1.2 The standard of true v. must be looked for in the

132:2.2 good and evil as they are determined by the true v.

132:2.7 is found in the recognition of the positive truth-v. of

132:2.8 identifies these v and is able to choose between them

132:3.2 wisdom, with relationships; truth, with reality v..

133:5.4 with energy activities; religion deals with eternal v..

133:5.7 of mind interpretation, represents an estimate of v.,

136:6.10 There are higher v. in mortal existence—intellectual

139:12.6 Judas’s sense of v. and loyalties was defective.

143:6.3 In any religion it is very easy to allow v. to become

155:3.6 disturb their faith in eternal realities and divine v..

155:3.7 high purposes, dignifying life with transcendent v.,

155:5.5 The revelation of supernatural v., a partial insight

160:1.5 the recognition of v. and the comprehension of

160:1.13 those v. which are highest and most divinely real.

160:2.1 such forms of communication do not convey v.,

160:2.1 most certainly designate and identify meanings, v.,

160:2.10 marriage is entered by those who seek other v.

160:5.5 ideals, unexplored realities, superhuman v., divine

160:5.5 v. resident in the spiritual fact of the eternal God.

160:5.7 but positively declares that this divine source of v.

160:5.7 embraces the infinity of realities, the divinity of v.,

160:5.8 that there are no attainable ideals of reality or v. of

161:1.9 highest concept of human reality and divine v.;

161:1.9 highest concept of divine reality and infinite v.;

161:1.11 a group of extended v., such as superhuman,

177:4.10 the eternal worlds of divine v. and true spiritual

189:2.6 v. cannot always be built up by a combination of

195:2.5 the real v. of the hidden meanings held within the

195:5.8 Religion is designed to find those v. in the universe

195:5.8 with the relative v. discovered by the mind.

195:5.14 But of these v., love is the true guide to real insight.

195:6.5 phenomena; religion, with origins, v., and goals.

195:6.7 things; they are barren of all real v., sanctions, and

195:6.8 experience with spiritual realities and eternal v..

195:7.1 —human belief in spiritual realities and divine v..

195:7.4 Paradise v. of eternity and infinity, of truth, beauty,

195:7.5 The realities and v. of spiritual progress are not a

195:7.8 are concept reactions in a mind conscious of v. as

195:7.8 Without the consciousness of the concept of v.

195:7.16 true religion—insight into spiritual and eternal v..

195:7.16 Religion is the divine embrace of cosmic v. and

195:7.23 v. which are to be encountered in the progress of

195:9.8 realities of the divine v. of the worlds beyond.

196:0.3 Jesus’ great contribution to the v. of human

196:0.7 judgments concerning the proportional v. of

196:2.4 the lowest spirit levels up to the highest divine v.,

196:3.6 of divinity of v. because it is not wholly material.

196:3.10 The human mind does not create real v.;

196:3.16 child of the Center and Source of all absolute v. of

196:3.17 of those v. selected by this spirit-value sorter—

196:3.24 very source of all such superanimal insights and v.

values, moral

5:4.11 1. The Hebrew concept—God as a vindicator of m.,

5:5.9 man enjoys the substantiation of his ideals of m..

16:9.11 2. The quest for m., the sense of duty.

54:3.3 of Days refuse to annihilate any being until all m. are

71:3.1 after all, no state can transcend the m. of its citizenry

91:0.4 to the conservation of any social, spiritual, or m..

91:1.1 augment the essential social, spiritual, and m. which

91:7.11 6. To conserve currently recognized social, m.,

94:9.6 Buddhism succeeds in conserving the highest m. of

97:10.5 devoid of aesthetic qualities—it did conserve m.;

98:6.5 the technique for the conservation of social and m.

101:9.7 tend to cause man to project his estimation of m.

101:9.8 by faith derived from, antecedent concepts of m.

102:8.3 of reality and on his differing recognition of m.,

103:3.4 is the feeling regarding m. and social meanings,

114:6.7 has survived for the sake of the safe transit of m.

132:1.3 a civilization which has abandoned its sense of m.

132:1.4 in possession of a common standard of high m.

133:7.10 kind of mind would be utterly lacking in a sense of m

136:6.11 the new and better way, the higher m. of living

136:8.8 exceptional power for the purpose of enhancing m.

170:2.4 3. It was in itself a new standard of m., a new ethical

196:3.10 Concerning insight, the recognition of m. and the

196:3.11 m. of the universe become intellectual possessions

196:3.16 he could not possibly appraise m. and recognize

196:3.18 you cannot measure m.; neither can you estimate the

196:3.27 albeit real religion enhances all m., makes them

196:3.27 fails to provide for the survival of even its own m..

values, social

49:6.8 associated intellectual, spiritual, cosmic-insight and s.

91:0.4 to the enhancement of any moral, spiritual, or s..

91:1.1 is to augment the essential moral, spiritual and s.

91:1.4 reality of powers or beings who are able to enhance s

91:7.11 6. To conserve recognized moral, spiritual and s..

98:6.5 technique for the conservation of moral and s..

values, spirit

0:1.1 levels of cosmic realities, mind meanings, and s.,

2:3.4  s. survive in the reality of the continuing Adjuster.

7:1.1 present and unerring spiritual grasp of all true s..

7:1.1 holds all spirit realities and all spiritualized v., as it

7:1.10 seems to pervade the vast domain of potential s..

7:3.2 All genuine s. and all bona fide spiritualized

7:3.6 petitions do not ascend in the circuits of true s..

9:4.6 Mind transmutes the v. of spirit into the meanings of

12:6.5 the higher mind meanings and true s. of ultimate

14:2.7 All s. and spiritual personalities are unceasingly

14:6.26 Havona exhibits finality of s. existing as living will

14:6.38 human impulses towards the attainment of true s. on

16:6.8 recognition of s., the assurance of eternal survival,

101:6.11 and the ministry-revelation of the goodness of s..

103:6.6 Both energy-things and s. are colored by their

103:6.9 religion is man’s experience with the cosmos of s.;

104:4.20 essence of the Father, the active s. of the Son-Spirit

118:9.9 mind meanings, and the goodness of supreme s..

132:2.9 mortal capacity for identifying the self with true s.

160:4.16 related in life, but they represent vastly differing s.;

180:5.9 progressive attainment of righteous levels of true s.

196:0.8 The faith of Jesus visualized all s. as being found

values, spiritualsee also value, spiritual

0:12.12 embrace the highest existing concepts of s. as

0:12.12 and most advanced planetary knowledge of s.

0:12.13 to enable material man to grasp the reality of s.

1:0.6 for the attainment of higher and higher levels of s.

7:0.3 in the s. of the supernal personality of the Eternal

7:1.3 Spiritual v. and spirit forces are real.

7:1.4 of spirit gravity are ever true to the content of s.,

7:1.8 (the qualitative degree of reality) of all such s..

7:1.10 The Eternal Son dominates the realm of actual s.,

9:1.4 personality, especially in the higher spheres of s.,

16:7.8 cosmic insight which yields the consciousness of s..

16:9.3 the real s. of his human experience survive as a part

16:9.12 3. The quest for s., the religious experience.

22:4.4 Personal experience and s. determine the personnel

34:7.2 through levels of intellectual meanings and higher s..

43:9.5 for enlarged appreciation of divine meanings and s..

49:6.4 the s. and eternal realities of their newly evolved

49:6.8 levels of intellectual, social, cosmic-insight, and s..

54:1.4 fairness, social forbearance, moral duty, and s..

65:8.6 when s. receive proper recognition, then cosmic

71:7.1 wisdom, realization of selfhood, and attainment of s..

91:0.4 to the enhancement of any social, moral, or s..

91:1.1 is to augment the essential social, moral, and s.

91:1.3 Such a prostitution of prayer, debasing the s. of a

91:7.11 conserve currently recognized moral, ethical, and s..

95:3.2 Man can even evolve s. and derive cosmic insight

98:6.1 agency for the preservation of higher moral and s..

99:7.4 reckons with the realities of divine meanings and s..

101:9.8 and co-ordinated with superimposed concepts of s..

101:10.6 will of God shall comprehend the validity of s..

102:2.5 of material things, intellectual meanings, and s.;

103:1.6 The realization of the recognition of s. is an

103:7.3 the unity of Deity not only embraces the s. of the

103:7.8 The truth—an understanding of s.—can best be had

104:3.2 Regardless of the realization of the survival of s.,

109:6.6 of a life as it was lived to the exhaustion of the s.

112:4.2 in the Adjuster’s duplicate transcription of the s.

116:4.9 unification with the highest s. of material human

116:7.4 universal supermaterial cohesion of the eternal s. of

140:8.17 insist that it is eternally essential that s. come first.

160:2.7 Thus does the mind of one augment its s. by

166:3.8 way of grasping the all-important s. of the new life in

170:3.11 in the glories of those enhanced and enriched s.

195:5.13 The beauties of the s. of truth are more pleasurable

195:7.4 a spirit-born mortal to detect and discern these s..

195:7.15 is an effort to escape from material realities to s..

values, supreme

1:2.2 reality, not merely man’s traditional concept of s..

92:7.5 religion is devotion of the self to the service of s..

92:7.5 by the standards of highest meanings and s.—divine

98:2.5 develop a technique for fostering and conserving s..

99:6.2 beauty, and goodness; to foster the attractions of s.;

100:1.3 new meanings of values, and augmented loyalty to s..

100:1.6 maintain an attitude of wholehearted devotion to s..

100:6.1 are: loyalty and wholehearted devotion to s..

100:6.1 This religious devotion to s. is shown in the relation

101:5.13 more and more you will know the truth of s., divine

101:8.2 with spiritual meanings, divine ideals, and s.;

101:8.3 integrity and belittles loyalty to s. and divine ideals.

103:2.1 the recognition of s. with an enhancement of

111:3.5 Faith in the survival of s. is the core of religion;

111:3.5 religious experience consists in the union of s. and

112:2.11 of spirit can still perceive cosmic realities and s. of a

117:4.11 Mortal man cannot destroy the s. of human existence

118:9.9 meanings, and the goodness of supreme spirit v..

195:5.8 Religion discovers for the soul those s. which are in


48:4.18 Humor should function as an automatic safety v. to

59:2.12 The v.-shelled organisms also evolved, and these

83:7.8 must divorce function as the social safety v. which


59:2.12 other sorts of protective arrangements of their v..

Vanthe leader of the loyal staff during the rebellion;

  seeVan, Lake

66:5.31 This supreme council was directed by V. and was

67:2.2 demand was followed by the masterly appeal of V.

67:2.2 and he won the support of the entire staff.

67:2.2 V. made his memorable address of seven hours’

67:2.2 which he formally drew his indictment of Daligastia,

67:2.2 and he appealed to the Most Highs of Edentia for

67:2.6 Not until then did V. and his loyal associates receive

67:3.2 staff of one hundred (including V.) refused to join

67:3.3 while V. assembled the loyal midwayers and other

67:3.6  V. was wholly devoted to the work of the ministry

67:3.7 of Amadon, the modified human associate of V..

67:3.8 had been attached to V. as his associate and human

67:3.9 V. utilized both mind and spirit in a magnificent and

67:4.1 as follows: V. and his entire court of co-ordination

67:4.1 college of revealed religion remained loyal with V.

67:4.5 the loyal personalities (except V.) were returned to


67:6.1 The followers of V. early withdrew to the highlands

67:6.2 V. placed the administration of human affairs in the

67:6.3 days under the leadership of V. and Amadon.

67:6.4 V. was left on Urantia until the time of Adam,

67:6.4 He and Amadon were sustained by the technique of

67:6.5 V., the commander in chief of the midway creatures.

67:6.5 It is not strange that the courageous and loyal V.

67:6.6 planetary policies were faithfully executed by V..

67:6.6 Within one thousand years after the rebellion he had

67:6.7 V. and Amadon continued the work of fostering

67:6.8 V. and Amadon remained on earth until shortly after

67:6.8 Jerusem, where V. was reunited with his waiting

67:6.8 V. now serves in behalf of Urantia while awaiting the

67:6.9 when V. appealed to the Most Highs of Edentia

67:6.9 dispatched an immediate decision sustaining V. on

67:6.10 The technical status of V. on the legal records of

67:8.1 unswerving devotion to V.—they stood together

73:1.3 Andonites who chose to remain loyal with V. and

73:1.6 the rebellious Dalamatians subsequently joined V.

73:2.1 prior to Tabamantia’s inspection, V. and his

73:2.1 those who were in immediate contact with V. and

73:2.2 V. told his associates the story of the Material Sons

73:2.2 what he had known of them before ever he came to

73:2.2 He well knew that these Adamic Sons always lived

73:2.3 V. and Amadon recruited a corps of over three

73:2.4 V divided his volunteers into one hundred companies

73:3.2 peninsula dwellers peaceably vacated when V. and

73:4.1 V. well knew of these customs and accordingly

73:4.1 V.’ instructions were that Eden was to be a garden,

73:4.5 But it was a cause for great disappointment when V.,

73:4.5 seemed like an admission of lack of faith on V.’ part

73:4.5 but V. went forward with his plan of preparedness,

73:5.3 V. impressed upon his associates the importance of

73:6.1 In the center of the Garden temple V. planted the

73:6.1 V. well knew that Adam and Eve would also be

73:6.1 and whose fruit had so long sustained him on earth.

73:6.5 it was regrown from the central core by V. and his

73:6.5 it served V. and Amadon for more than one hundred

73:6.6 When V. and his associates made ready the Garden

74:2.1 two beings of whom they had heard much, V. and

74:2.2 V. and Amadon had improved this language by

74:2.4 the near-by tribesmen accepted the teachings of V.

74:2.6 and were proclaimed rulers of Urantia by V.,

74:2.6 for over one hundred and fifty thousand years he had

74:4.3 V. protested. Amadon was absent, being in charge

74:4.3 But V.’ protest was swept aside.

74:4.3 He was told that he was likewise too modest, too

74:4.3 that he was not far from a god himself, else how had

74:4.3 else how had he lived so long on earth, and how had

74:4.3 and how had he brought about such a great event as

74:4.3 V. made his way out through the throng and sent

74:5.2 the translation of V. and Amadon occurring

74:5.6 he fell back on V.’ method of organization,

74:5.7 these centers had been organized aforetime by V.

76:1.3 possible locations for the Garden proposed by V.

76:5.6 down through the times of V. and Amadon to the

77:1.7 functioning under the titular leadership of V. until

77:4.1 and several of V.’ group captains were Nodites.

77:4.10 leadership of Nod and his successors for that of V.

77:4.11 Some of the early associates of V. settled about this

77:4.11 commandments had been given to V. by the Gods

77:4.11 They firmly believed that V. and Amadon were taken

77:5.2 this eldest son of Adam had often heard from V. and

77:9.5 This noble midwayer stood steadfast with V. and

78:2.3 Only among the old settlements of V. and Amadon

78:3.4 India much of the culture of the days of V. persisted.

92:4.5 Except for the work of Van, the influence of the

93:7.2 clustered about the shores of the lake of V., were

Van, Lake

73:1.6 Here, in the vicinity of Lake V. and the Caspian Sea

93:7.2 clustered about the shores of the lake of V., were

93:7.2 ventured from Salem, Mesopotamia and Lake V. to


65:6.4 for this function, and the sea squirt utilizes v..


87:6.11 The use of a cock as a weather v. is in perpetuation


20:10.4 ever function in the v. of the personalities of Deity

153:1.1 they constituted the orthodox v. which had come


15:8.10 Nebulae may disperse, suns burn out, systems v.,

81:6.42 really jeopardized until able leadership begins to v..

97:7.6 “The heavens may v. and the earth wax old, but

97:9.21 Ephraim (Israel) thus v.. Judah—the Jews,

116:5.17 problems will gradually v. with the diminution of

134:6.10 interference with individual liberties will v. when the

174:0.2 remain firm in your faith when all appears to v.;


24:7.6 exactly equals the number of v. servitals.

55:5.2 Poverty and social inequality have all but v.,

59:6.2 the age when life nearly v. from the face of the earth

79:5.8 California, but this had long since v. by 35,000 B.C.

79:6.2 Here the v. green race has persisted in larger

85:3.4 animal symbol stands for a foreign god or a v. cult.

93:9.4 had learned from Melchizedek in the v. schools of

97:7.11 angry Yahweh of the desert Bedouins has almost v..

97:9.21 Ephraim (Israel) thus v..

98:2.1 v., and the Greeks were without a national religion,

107:2.5 4. V. Adjusters. Here occurs a break in our efforts to

112:4.5 1. Be mustered into the ranks of v. Monitors for

119:1.2 Michael v. from the sight of all those assembled

119:3.2 v.  from the dispatching field of Salvington

151:5.5 clouds, having spent themselves in a shower, v.,

158:1.10 when the cloud v., again was Jesus alone with the

186:1.6 fascination, and intoxication of wrongdoing had v.

190:2.5 He v. before me, saying, ‘Farewell until I greet you

190:2.6 to move toward him as if to embrace him, Jesus v.

190:3.1 when he had thus spoken, Jesus v. from their sight,

190:5.5 Master—,” the morontia Jesus v. from their sight.

191:1.3 the Master v. from their gaze, saying, “Farewell,

191:2.2 Jesus had spoken to them, he v. in an instant from

191:2.2 faces, praising God and venerating their v. Master.

191:4.5 “My peace I leave with you,” he v. from their sight.

191:5.6 After the Master said this, he v. from their sight.

191:6.4 the Master had so spoken, he v. from their sight.

192:2.14 When Jesus had thus spoken, he v. from their sight.

192:3.2 affectionate farewell to them, he v. from their sight

192:4.3 and had spoken to them, Jesus v. from their sight.

193:0.6 the Master had spoken to them, he v. from their sight

193:5.3 the Master had thus spoken, he v. from their sight.


103:7.10 the need for finite proof gradually v before the actual

112:2.11 matter v. to the material senses but may still remain

112:2.11 it v to mind, but the insight of spirit can still perceive


26:9.3 the temptation to doubt is v.; the injunction to be

52:7.5 Representative government is v., and the world is

64:2.1 the culture of Onagar were v. from the face of the

67:1.5 but iniquity is indicative of v. personality control.

79:1.7 diluted the Andites in central Asia to the v. point.

90:2.9 Even the v. red man had such a prophet within the

97:9.11 of the v. northern kingdom of Ephraimite Israel.

112:3.4 dissolution the Adjuster takes leave of the v. mind,

187:5.2 he was merely reciting in his v. consciousness


77:4.11 Ten thousand years ago the V. ancestors of the

77:4.13 Adamson visited one of the old V. settlements to

80:7.2 Andites who had intermarried with the V. division


77:4.10 4. The northern Nodites and Amadonites—the V..

77:4.11 the same meaning to later-day V. that Sinai had to

77:4.11 They firmly believed that Van and his associate were


43:6.3 heart, who has not lifted up his soul to v. nor sworn

62:5.4 and other beings and exhibited considerable v..

68:2.4 together and held them together were v. and fear,

68:2.6 Hunger, v., and ghost fear were continuous in their

68:2.10 If v. be enlarged to cover pride, ambition, and

68:2.10 Soon v. associated with itself other emotions and

68:2.11 V. contributed mightily to the birth of society; but

68:3.4 Hunger and love drove men together; v. and fear

68:3.4 influences of social mobilization—hunger, love, v.,

69:1.5 are the practices growing out of v. proclivities and

69:5.6 V.—longing to display one’s property accumulations.

69:5.6 Collection v. early appealed to the pride of man.

69:8.3 the king being saved to gratify the conqueror’s v.,

69:9.10 V. plus ghost fear led early man to resist all attempts

70:1.10 3. V.—the desire to exhibit tribal prowess.

70:7.7 Secrecy appeals to v.; the initiates were the social

83:1.4 potent factors in marriage stability are pride, v.,

83:7.6 expect every indulgence and full gratification of v.

84:8.4 V. and fashion cannot minister to home building and

147:8.4 refrain from oppression, condemnation, and v..

149:2.11 swept aside all pretensions of v. and hypocrisy.


87:6.13 if a powerful man could v. a weaker one, then

100:2.6 personality which must transcend space, v. time,

130:6.3 v. fear of men by the compelling presence of that

131:4.6 anger with mercy, and v. hate by benevolence.

194:3.11 to overcome evil with good, to v. hate by love,


55:3.1 Disease has not been entirely v., neither have the

70:2.18 among the conquerors but disintegrates the v..

70:8.5 by conquest, the relation of the victor to the v.,

95:2.6 after Set was v., this eye was restored by the god

148:4.2 But I have already v. these sinful rebels.

160:3.4 both the victor and the v. have sustained defeat.

184:4.5 Jesus was not v., merely uncontending in the material

195:8.1 materialism and mechanism have been more or less v


52:1.5 evolving man soon v. the larger unwieldy animals.


116:4.6 From their v. point midway between Paradise and

160:3.5 From such v. points of high living, man is able to


57:7.6 now containing some water v., carbon monoxide,

57:8.3 Water-v. condensation on the cooling surface of

57:8.17 was clearing of volcanic gases and water v., but

90:4.6 V. baths were highly regarded; natural hot springs

98:2.9 the concept of God resolved itself into a misty v. of

124:1.8 water could be had as a solid, a liquid, and a v.


23:3.3 Their velocity in traversing space is v., depending

40:10.3 The mysterious v. in associative technique whereby

41:1.2 of otherwise fluctuating and v. energies.

41:3.10 In one group of v. stars the period of light

41:10.1 Some of the v. stars, in or near the state of maximum

42:4.2 a subsequent universe as some form of v. matter

42:7.10 —also operate to produce v. electronic behavior.

57:5.2 sunspot cycles betray that it was a v. star in its youth

57:5.2 This v. state, this periodic pulsation, rendered your

59:5.21 of the less mild and more v. continental climate.

65:4.2 is a technique ever progressive, differential, and v.,

92:7.4 All these religions have arisen as a result of man’s v.

110:6.7 they are v. for each individual and are determined by

118:10.22 apparently v. reciprocal response in the Supreme.


2:2.2 affairs there “is no v. neither shadow of changing.”

12:7.4 In God there “is no v. neither shadow of changing.”

131:10.4 in whom there is no v. neither shadow of changing


12:8.14 which are experiential v. of progressive attainment.

40:5.18 you know nothing of the other v. that punctuate

41:3.9 Stellar v. have numerous origins.

87:4.6 did enable man to reconcile the v. of chance with a

104:3.4 no chance for the operation of differentials, v.,


106:8.15 The Ultimate consists in a v. regarded unity of many


13:4.4 its experiential v. is inherent in the freewill

36:2.15 On one world in each ten a greater v. in the standard

142:6.1 were the rulers of the Jews so at v. with Jesus

166:5.4 misfortune of Abner to be at v. with all of the early


9:4.3 Nebadon v. of the Orvonton type of cosmic mind.

89:1.5 A v. of the food taboo was the belief that a pregnant

112:5.17 morontia v. of the cosmic mind can be encircuited.


49:2.1 thousands of minor v. of these seven outstanding


4:4.2 from simplicity to complexity, from identity to v.,

23:1.3 no classes or subdivisions founded on personal v..

38:0.3 minimum of v.;seraphim are the most nearly standard

42:7.9 With a minimum v. in temperature and pressure,

43:1.3 atmospheric disturbances and of seasonal v. makes it

51:4.2 a distinct group of mortals represents v. at the

58:2.9 the height of sunspot cycles this v. of the compass is

65:4.8 Another outstanding v. of procedure was the late

82:5.1 selective opportunity for evolutionary v. and

109:3.1 There is also a slight v. in their work among the

130:7.6 Space is not merely an intellectual concept of the v.


15:8.9 encounter those v. and unpredictable phenomena


10:2.8 in seven v. of values, meanings, and personality.

30:0.1 imagination, let alone the countless subtypes and v..

36:2.14 numerous basic functional v. of life manifestations.

36:2.17 full potential for all future developmental v. and

40:5.18 cannot possibly embrace all of the fascinating v.

41:3.9 gravity v. produce regular and recurrent flares,

42:9.3 and with v. throughout the entire chemical table,

43:6.7 of physical life, not to mention the morontia v.,

43:7.2 these orders of univitatia exhibits ten major v. of

46:2.1 enjoy the beauteous highlands and other unique v. of

48:5.7 Irrespective of the individual v. of the route, you

49:1.3 These planetary v. in the system life types result from

49:2.22 But these slight physical v. in no way affect the

49:2.26 numerous additional physical v. in planetary life,

49:4.5 Seasons and temperature v. occur on all sunlighted

49:5.1 little about them, and because there are so many v..

49:5.11 the Life Carriers attempt to produce beneficial v.

51:4.4 the red man, provides certain very desirable v. in

56:10.4 the panorama of the unification of the v. which have

58:6.3 the result of the gradual accumulation of small v.;

59:1.14 uniformities coupled with certain well-marked v..

59:6.7 climatic change, great v. occurred in the land plants.

60:3.8 owing to the temperature v. of these two bodies of

68:4.5 the v. from type who have dared to inaugurate new

83:0.1 promiscuous matings of the herd through many v.

84:6.6 male and female; always will these two basic v. of


61:5.8 The coastwise climate v. greatly between the times

84:5.3 Woman’s social position has generally v. inversely

85:2.4 Ideas about tree spirits v. greatly among different

89:2.4 these places of future punishment have v. from one


0:1.22 3. Absolute, relative, and imperfect aspects in v.

0:6.8 activity of living ministry in addition to v. energy

0:7.10 finite reality,in association with v. phases of Paradise

4:2.3 whimsical withal, though stable underneath, and v.

6:6.2 Spirit is conscious, minded, and possessed of v.

7:5.10 this willingness to bestow themselves upon the v.

13:4.7 wide universe can one observe such v. activities,

15:4.4 mother wheels of the direct-origin suns and their v.

21:2.10 creatures native to the local universes are quite v..

32:0.2 the manifold creatures who inhabit the v. orders of

32:2.7 to become the homes of the v. mortal races of will

35:0.2 the offspring of a Creator Son in v. association

35:5.5 of Vorondadeks in the universes is extensive and v..

35:7.2 designed to co-ordinate the v. pronouncements of

35:8.1 Although occupied with v. tasks connected with the

36:5.16 The adjutants afford the Mother Spirit a v. contact

38:9.11 The work of primary and secondary midwayers is v.

39:5.4 Seldom do these races of different colors and v.

41:2.5 transforming the material energy of light into the v.

41:6.3 solar calcium ride the light beams for v. distances,

41:9.4 suns upholds the overlying layers of v. materials,

42:3.2 In the v. suns, planets, and space bodies there are ten

42:3.5 into the v. constitution of the electronic groups.

42:10.7 the presence-activity of living ministry plus v.

43:9.4 They also serve in v. capacities on Edentia itself,

44:6.6 These artisans create their v. symphonies for the

45:7.8 for the more extensive and v. socialization career of

47:3.8 so many and such v. defects of creature character

48:6.32 commissioners to harmonize the v. viewpoints of

49:5.17 the decisions of the Life Carriers to project these v.

56:9.13 the multiplication of v. types of intelligent creatures

57:3.6 These escaping suns pass through v. periods of

61:0.2 The animal types were both many and v..

116:3.2 mind circuits emanating from these v. intelligence

119:0.5 teeming with its v. forms of life and its myriads of

129:1.10 To these little gatherings Jesus gave v. instruction,

130:3.5 because their v. concepts of Deity seemed to be

134:2.3 his personal ministry to each of these v. races and

136:4.5 the eventful and v. career of the Urantia bestowal

136:5.5 excluded all of his attendant universe hosts of v.

140:7.7 week of this v. experience did much for the twelve;

194:2.1 be an effective solvent for man’s ever-new and v.


4:1.11 activity that causes a v. and apparently hopelessly

60:3.9 The sedimentations of these times are v., consisting

63:3.5 being derived from their fantastic and v. dream life.

94:1.7 the most v. system of theology ever developed by

96:7.5 The v. picture of Deity presented in the Book of Job


12:1.14 space zone of comparative quiet, which v. in width

28:6.22 The estimate of greatness v. from sphere to sphere.

30:4.34 The story v. considerably in different superuniverses,

31:3.1 The proportion of mortals and angels in any group v.

35:5.2 The number of Vorondadeks v. in each universe,

35:6.5 a corps of counselors, which v. in number and

37:4.1 Their number v. constantly but is always far up in the

41:4.2 Density v. directly with the quantity of mass in space

45:5.4 The number of Material Sons v. in the different

49:1.4 but the process itself v. greatly on different worlds.

49:2.22 magnetic, and electronic behavior of the worlds v.

49:3.5 The nonbreathing plan of life v. from the technique

49:4.6 The length of life v. on the different planets from

52:1.1 length of time consumed in this early life evolution v.

60:2.5 salt- and fresh-water deposits v. from 2,000 to 5,000

69:5.13 Man’s technique v., but his disposition remains quite

109:3.1 The character of the detailed work of Monitors v. in

115:2.4 the cosmos are brought into actual existence v. from

118:10.22 the fluctuations in creature attitude, which ever v.


42:6.4 Ultimatons have three v. of motion: mutual

43:6.6 of Urantia, consisting of material and morontia v..

46:5.29 are of three distinct v.: work, progress, and play.

47:4.8 and for the cure of all v. of mental disharmony.

49:2.22 These ten v. also react in slightly different ways to

58:1.8 in the atmosphere afforded the new land v. of life

59:1.18 Three thousand v. of brachiopods appeared at the

59:2.11 there were many v. of jellyfish which have since

59:2.12 There were many v. of shell animals, but their

59:4.6 coral, embracing more than two hundred v..

59:4.11 fish, some of the teeth-bearing v. being twenty-five

59:4.13 but these early v. had only rudimentary foliage.

60:2.7 and pines became more like the present-day v..

60:3.20 the smaller leaping kangaroo v. of the carnivorous

61:3.2 There was a great increase in the v. of grasses,

61:3.4 rhinoceroses, and many v. of the cat family.

65:2.12 not only giving rise to the common modern v. but

73:5.5 scores of v. of food plants were lost to the world.

84:6.3 and female are, practically regarded, two distinct v.


9:8.6 Personality of the finite-creature v. is characterized

15:5.7 occurs, and a new double star of this v. is born.

15:6.16 An almost endless v. of creature life and other living

23:3.1 They serve in an endless v. of assignments,

23:3.3 depending on a great v. of interfering influences,

25:1.7 Servitals engage in an endless v. of activities in

29:4.1 they can engage in a remarkable v. of autotransport,

32:3.3 And an almost infinite v. characterizes the plans of

33:8.2 there do function on Salvington a v. of advisory

37:10.5 are used in an almost endless v. of activities in the

44:3.2 There is abundant v. and ample opportunity for

48:6.37 V. is restful; monotony is what wears and exhausts.

56:10.3 V. is essential to the concept of beauty.

59:1.18 These animals represent a v. of early life which has

61:7.14 to Canada; the Siberian v. became wool covered.

64:6.31 1. V. is indispensable to opportunity for the wide

65:6.3 potentials of v. and versatility inherent in the seed.

74:3.7 the confusion of a world inhabited by such a v. of

74:6.3 Eve had access to the milk of a great v. of nuts and

88:5.2 Magical charms were concocted from a great v. of

124:1.3 in modeling a great v. of objects in potter’s clay.

139:7.1 and to get along smoothly with a great v. of people.

167:5.4 that divorce of this easy v. was a special dispensation

variousnot included

Various Reserve Corps, The

30:2.154 5. The V..

30:3.10 5. The V.. Vast reserves of beings not under our

30:3.10 they are dispatched on active service on the


1:1.5 worlds he is v. known as the Father of Fathers,

17:3.1 Thus they v. reflect the natures and characters of

17:4.2 the messages of the Image Aids are v. received by

20:1.12 They are v. organized, dependent on the nature

25:0.9 the messenger hosts v. serve in the universe of

26:1.13 Seconaphim v. serve in the seven superuniverses.

26:11.2 supergovernments, others are v. assigned, but

33:8.2 research assemblies, v. constituted and conducted

34:4.8 The Father-Son and Mother Spirit contribute v. to

36:2.18 life patterns are v. responsive to these adjutants

36:5.1 such mind is manifest, these spirits are v. functioning

36:6.6 Force-energy is v. gravity responsive; life is not.

38:9.4 They are v. derived from the planetary biologic

39:8.10 The graduates of Seraphington are v. assigned:

42:0.2 each v. expressive of the eternal and divine

45:1.10 seven satellites surrounding the Father’s world are v.

48:3.15 in the open enclosures of the v. designated circles,

49:2.22 There are ten designs of mortal life v. fashioned to

50:2.3 this is v. chosen and diversely constituted on the

56:9.6 to the evolutionary worlds have v. perceived him,

56:10.19 They are v. shown forth by God the Sevenfold in

73:7.1 the first garden was occupied v. by the Nodites,

78:8.9 the rulership v. shifted between Sumer, Akkad, Ur,

86:5.1 The nonmaterial part of man has been v. termed

92:6.15 man, and the universe as these are v. conceived.

98:6.3 v. depicted the sufferings of the savior who had

101:5.9 both may v. be associated with the exercise of faith

104:5.1 They are called v., associate triunities, co-ordinate

106:1.4 Deity are v. integrated in the present universe age,

117:3.1 The cosmic reality v. designated as the Supreme

119:8.3 revelation of the v. diversified wills of the Deities,

120:0.4 subordinate himself to the v. constituted wills of

136:1.6 The Jews had v. conceived of the Messiah as

157:5.1 these apostles had v. regarded him as the Messiah,

161:3.1 he possessed the power of v. limiting his human


2:2.3 his eternal purpose, may seem to v. in accordance

2:2.3 and superficially v.; but underneath the surface and

2:2.4 Trinity manifestations v. the exhibition of the divine

2:7.3 may sometimes v. in details owing to this relativity

14:2.3 reaction response v. in different types of beings

15:4.5 Nebulae v. greatly in size and in the resulting number

21:2.10 the other half v., being derived from the diversified

21:4.3 Though these seven bestowals v. in the different

21:5.9 A Master Son may at will v. the order of the

29:4.21 As requirements v., they can upstep and accelerate

32:1.3 may v. in visible-matter content from time to time.

35:6.5 headquarters and also as the local requirements v..

38:9.4 creatures, v. greatly in numbers on the different

39:3.8 They are fully able to v. speed of progression and

40:10.5 That mortal destinies do thus v. in no wise proves

43:7.2 the univitatia are alike; intellectually, they v. as do

49:2.20 The various planetary types of mortals v. in height,

49:4.7 governmental problems of the inhabited worlds v.

50:2.5 Planets v. greatly in nature and organization and in

51:1.3 Material Sons v. in height from eight to ten feet,

58:3.3 orbits of circulating matter, which v. from circles to

59:5.15 coal beds over central and eastern United States v. in

59:5.17 the number of times the land fell and rose, v. from

59:6.4 The strata of this transition period v. in thickness

60:1.3 deposits v. in thickness from 3,000 to 10,000 feet,

60:3.9 These layers v. in thickness from 200 feet in some

68:6.3 population must v. directly in accordance with the

72:7.6 economic and other conditions v. greatly in different

77:8.10 Midwayers v greatly in their abilities to make contact

86:1.1 The results of hunting must ever v., and this gives

102:1.3 the associated teachings about the physical world v.

108:1.1 they v. in experiential qualities proportional to

112:6.3 the personality form will v. directly in accordance

124:1.9 the hottest months, the temperature would v. from

149:3.3 divine spirits may v. somewhat in the nature and


29:4.21 by v. their positions and formations are able to effect

29:4.25 and by v. their liaison relationships, they are able

35:2.9 their number is stationary, although v. in each local

39:3.9 speed on their long journeys v. anywhere from

46:2.4 planet can proceed at a pace v. from two to five

varyingadjectivesee varying degrees

5:5.11 must consist of three v. factors, three differential

9:3.6 all possess v. attributes of power control, such as

15:5.1 a constantly v. quantity of matter originates in open

15:5.5 these explosive eruptions produce a series of v-sized

15:8.4 or to expand and liberate, v. quantities of energy.

15:12.1 ordinarily the verdict is formulated by a v.-sized

18:4.6 apprenticeships of v. duration under the Eternals of

29:2.15 and discloses v. response to local or linear gravity.

42:5.15 a ship through water initiates waves of v. amplitude

43:6.6 vegetative life have a violet or orchid tinge of v. hue

43:7.2 each of these v. intellectual types presides over the

49:2.1 to conform to the v. physical conditions which

57:2.1 enormous suns surrounded by a v. number of planets

57:2.4 of differential mass formation and v. revolutionary

57:5.2 three and one-half days to complete a cycle of v.

58:5.3 a molten sea of basalt of v. thickness, a mobile layer

65:6.4 adapt functions to v. or changing environment.

70:9.17 the v. rights of each with fairness and equity.

87:3.5 But regardless of v. beliefs in more advanced spirits,

95:0.1 bore fruit; in others they met with v. success.

96:1.2 there existed v. ideas of God among different groups

96:7.3 The Book of Psalms is the record of the v. concepts

104:4.43 The Conjoint Actor universally integrates the v.

104:4.43 inherent in the v. aspects of all incomplete reality,

112:1.7 the v. levels of self-realization and the phenomenon

114:2.5 advised by similar and v. sized commissions of its

120:4.5 Urantia mortals have v. concepts of the miraculous,

124:1.9 to live in about any and all of the world’s v. climates.

133:7.11 indicates, not only the v. endowments of heredity

151:3.1 When you stand before a multitude of v. intellects

157:7.3 Each of the other apostles was, in v. measure,

170:1.13 in v. circumstances it appears that Jesus may have

varying degrees

52:3.9 the resultant stocks show v. of anatomic blend,

84:0.2 an act of self-perpetuation associated with v. degrees

103:0.6 3. Practical or current religion, v. of the admixture of

110:5.6 In v. as you ascend the psychic circles, you do

114:7.9 the Most Highs are able to attain v. of contact with

151:2.2 when they have heard the truth, receive it with v.

151:2.2 hence manifest these v. of religious experience.”

151:2.3 the natural and v. of ability to comprehend truth

151:2.6 teaching is going to be attended by v. of success;

170:5.20 v. of socialization, but lack of spiritual brotherhood


81:2.20 It often occurs that the later v. and implements are

vastsee vast creation(s); vast domain(s); vast host;

vast majority; vast universe

0:5.12 Morontia is a term designating a v. level intervening

4:4.5 but in all his v. family relationship with the creatures

5:1.9 The fact that v. time is involved in the attainment

5:6.9 which constitutes the v. and universal family circle

6:4.8 the Conjoint Actor, is cognizant of the v. reflectivity

6:5.3 The Son gives origin to a v. spirit host, but such

7:5.1 the Eternal Son and his v. family of co-ordinate Sons

8:1.1 the v. stage of space is set for the stupendous drama

8:4.1 a v. stage whereon the Infinite Spirit and his spirit

9:6.9 there is a v. zone of activities wherein the Conjoint

9:8.6 The Third Source is represented by a v. array of

9:8.25 The spirit personalities of the v. family of the Divine

10:2.1 loving association with this v. family of universe

11:3.1 The v. region immediately surrounding the presence

11:4.3 We infer that these v. reserves belong to creations

11:5.4 The activities of this v. elliptical force center are

11:6.1 unpervaded space which exist in the v. reservoirs

11:7.7 These zones separate the v. galaxies which race

11:7.7 as a v. procession of galaxies swinging around

12:1.1 prove conclusively that the whole v. aggregation

12:1.14 v. and unbelievably stupendous circuits of force

12:2.1 the v. energy manifestations now characteristic of

12:3.9 information about these v. energy manifestations

12:6.6 the phenomenon of a v. preuniverse in the making

13:1.10 We tell you of the v. and universal phenomenon

13:1.16 there are v. numbers of orders unrevealed on Urantia

14:1.10 whirls around the stationary Isle in one v. plane,

14:1.14 On the outskirts of this v. central universe, far out

15:0.3 Of the v. body of knowledge concerning the

15:1.2 counterclockwise course around the v. swing that

15:3.1 The v. Milky Way starry system represents the

15:3.2 of Orvonton are traveling in a v. elongated plane,

15:3.5 from opposite sides of the v. Sagittarius subgalactic

15:4.4 these v. energy wheels had the same origin as did

15:4.8 The Milky Way galaxy is composed of v. numbers of

15:4.9 The v. star clouds of Orvonton should be regarded

15:5.9 From the v. quantity of matter circulating in space,

15:5.14 the most important of the v. material creations.

15:6.9 give out heat and light well illustrates the v. store

15:10.22 other members of the v. family of the Infinite Spirit.

15:11.3 the ultimate triumph, of the whole v. concept of

16:4.2 supreme directors of the v. and far-flung spirit-

16:4.16 we are confident there are two realms in the v. range

17:3.3 working of this v. scheme of universal intelligence.

17:3.5 belonging to the v. staff of the Reflective Spirits.

17:8.2 v. creature family of the Third Source and Center.

19:5.9 there is a v. body of essential spiritual knowledge,

21:0.2 In the v. work of organizing a local universe, these

21:5.6 this v. program of universe evolution goes on

23:1.1 the Infinite Spirit brought into being the v. corps of

23:4.5 v. energy evolutions now taking place throughout

24:1.1 The v. power currents of space and the circuits of

24:6.4 the director of their v. educational organization.

25:4.1 the Infinite Spirit as the nucleus of this v. group.

25:4.12 ascending levels of this v. experiential university

26:3.8 all information passing over the v. news circuits of

27:5.3 the final and living summaries of the v. network of

27:5.5 the residents of Paradise can consult this v. store

27:7.2 it is more nearly one v. sanctuary of divine service.

29:2.9 all the v. network of the far-flung functions of the

29:2.14 like a v. moving ocean of energy which engulfs

29:3.7 The power centers utilize v mechanisms of a material

29:4.15 The v. reserves of the physical controllers are

29:4.17 They keep the whole v. living energy aggregation in

29:4.37 v. reflectivity mechanism is to the minded universe.

30:2.9 The following listings make no mention of v. orders

30:3.10 V. reserves of beings not under our supervision are

31:8.1 Transcendentalers live in Paradise in a v. area

31:9.12 helpers, including two v. orders of force organizers,

31:10.16 There actually is a v. and new system of universes

32:2.7 existence of a v. and wonderful array of diverse

32:5.5 a delimited universe moving over a v., elongated

33:3.4 the Divine Minister and her v. assemblage of spirit

35:3.22 have so turned the whole universe into a v. clinic

35:4.2 are chiefly devoted to the v. educational system

37:6.2 The entire universe is one v. school.

39:1.10 spirit adventure before them in the v. superuniverse

40:10.8 a v. spirit-questing torrent from the now uncharted

41:1.1 produce that v. complex of communication lines.

41:1.5 Many of these dark islands are v. dynamos which

41:5.3 The interior of your sun is a v. X-ray generator.

41:8.3 gravity-electric changes give origin to v. quantities

41:8.3 This v. stellar body collapsed in forty minutes of

41:8.4 As a rule,the v. extrusion of matter continues to exist

41:10.1 a v. pinnacle of matter, the ancestor of the solar

42:0.1 v. stream of energy proceeding from the Paradise

42:5.16 spheres whirl and plunge on through a v. ocean of

43:1.7 The remainder of this sphere is one v. natural park,

45:1.6 the Satania home of a v. concourse of co-ordinate

45:5.5 They occupy v. estates on Jerusem and participate in

46:4.7 takes no account of the v. and beautiful estates of

46:5.23 I doubt not that this v. promenade overlooking the

46:5.24 exhibits occupy the outer edge of this v. wall.

46:5.26 are concentrically arranged around the v. temple of

46:5.30 v. astronomic observatory of Jerusem, the gigantic

46:7.1 their center is situated the v. circular headquarters

48:8.3 into one v. and intricate practical training school,

56:0.1 universes is one v. integrated mechanism which is

57:1.6 the energy whirl which grew into this v. cyclone of

57:3.3 These denser portions were v. systems and

57:5.6 the Angona side there was drawn out a v. column

57:7.7 Urantia was enveloped in one v. blanket of steam.

58:2.1 V. solar energies pour in upon Urantia embracing

58:3.1 regions are interspersed with v. hydrogen clouds,

58:3.2 fields, outer space, or the v. hydrogen dust clouds,

58:3.4 The v. hydrogen clouds are veritable cosmic

58:7.1 The v. group of rock systems which constituted

58:7.12 within the fossil pages of the v. “stone book” of

59:4.17 The earth was overspread by v. forests of ferns

59:6.12 The v. oceanic nursery of life on Urantia has served

60:3.2 the whole v. north and south mountain range

61:5.1 in North America v. areas rising up to 30,000 feet

61:7.7 three great ice sheets coalesced into one v. ice mass,

61:7.11 v. polar ice sheets began to form, and the center of

64:6.10 the piling up of v. mounds of stone just to see which

65:2.1 warm-water bays and lagoons of the v. shore lines of

65:2.3 all of the v. kingdom of plant life has evolved from

67:3.9 Caligastia, with intelligence and a v. experience in

67:8.5 of Mortal Finality and for recruiting this v. group of

70:4.1 that Urantia nations are still spending v. sums on war

73:7.1 Concomitant with this v. submergence the coast

74:3.4 Adam and Eve looked down upon the v. stretches of

75:8.7 if all creation were a v. aggregation of physical

81:6.5 protected on practically all sides by v. oceans.

89:1.7 cost v. treasure in effort, sacrifice, and self-denial,

94:2.2 The v. Vedic priesthood itself floundered and sank

97:9.16 Solomon created a v. Hebrew navy, operated by

102:3.13 There is a v. difference between the evolutionary

102:6.6 The v. gulf between the experience of the truth of

103:1.3 you should be exposed to the knowledge of a v.

105:1.7 universe of universes is a v. and complex organism,

106:8.23 are inclined to forecast a v. experiential difference.

110:4.5 There exists a v. gulf between the human and the

112:7.16 there are in process of organization v. galaxies of

113:0.1 of the v. survival scheme of spiritual progression

113:3.2 Having made more personal these v. ministries of

115:6.6 controllers, signifies the v. outsurge of Supremacy

116:1.5 of master universe function which is of v. extent.

118:1.10 creatures does there appear to be such a v. difference

119:0.6 v. stores of mercy for all these differing creatures,

119:0.7 just and merciful supremacy over all the v. realms

120:2.7 may yet form a part of the v. galaxy of your domain

121:8.12 From the v. store of information made available to

124:1.10 April the whole land was one v. flower garden.

127:6.14 As a child he accumulated a v. body of knowledge;

132:0.2 successor in the management of his v. commercial

136:5.2 not utilize a single personality of this v. assemblage

137:1.7 the family of Jesus’ advisers from the v. multitude of

145:3.8 No sooner had these words been uttered than a v.

145:3.10 The v. retinue descended into the midst of this

148:9.1 The house was surrounded by a v. concourse of

168:1.10 group little realized the presence of a v. concourse

168:4.6 prayers are often so v. and all-encompassing that

172:3.10 Looking down upon the v. multitude coming forth

175:4.15 while a v. concourse of celestial beings hovered over

178:2.1 the heavenly kingdom, extending over v. stretches

185:5.2 a v. crowd came marching up to the praetorium

188:3.11 In the v. court of the resurrection halls of the first

189:1.9 the Michael memorial in the center of the v. court

195:4.4 and the possession of v. recuperative resources.

195:6.1 this bank of experience has v. spiritual resources;

195:7.1 to deprive him of the v. spiritual resources of the

195:7.12 If universe reality is only one v. machine, then

vast creation(s)

1:3.6 does God deal directly with the personalities of his v.

3:2.9 embrace the highest and eternal welfare of all his v.

7:0.4 The Son is the actual upholder of the v. of spirit

11:2.1 the universal Ruler of all this v. of material realms

14:0.1 it is the eternal core around which the v. of time

14:0.1 the true magnitude of this v. is really beyond the

14:4.20 work indigenous to the normal conduct of this v.

14:5.6 There is a refreshing originality about this v.

15:0.1 Isle, thus constituting the v. one gigantic wheel,

15:5.14 as inhabited planets, the most important of the v.

16:4.2 of the v. and far-flung spirit-creature creation.

31:10.11 ultimacy, a v. lacking in only one important detail—

33:0.1 Universal Father most certainly rules over his v.

116:7.1 life pulsating throughout the mechanism of the v.

120:2.8 the supreme engagement of the affairs of your v.:

140:10.3 on this world but for all other worlds in his v.

182:3.8 The assembled hosts of a v. are now hovered over

vast domain

0:4.4 but to subdeified beings there exists a v. of

2:1.4 and constellation in every universe of his v..

3:5.2 of the evolutionary spheres of the Father’s v..

7:1.10 the Deity Absolute seems to pervade the v. of spirit

16:3.5 and rules this v. much as would the Eternal Son.

20:8.4 The v. of Daynal-sonship activities will be better

25:4.15 the lives and destinies of all who inhabit the v. of

27:6.3 At the southern extremity of the v. Paradise domain

32:5.7 a plan which embraces every creature of all his v.

118:2.3 there exists a v. of the ubiquitous becoming—

vast host(s)

13:1.19 is the home world of the v. of unrevealed beings

26:11.1 A v. and diverse host of beings are permanent and

28:6.4 ready-reference genealogies of the v. of beings—men,

29:1.4 the physical ancestors of the v. of the power centers

30:1.92 a v. of transcendental beings whose origin is not

30:1.13 There is a v. of other-than-personal beings of divine

31:8.2 The v. of Transcendentalers have nothing whatever

121:8.1 have benefited from the collaboration of a v. of

136:5.2 this v. remained with him throughout the balance of

168:2.1 a v. of celestial beings had swung into their places

168:2.3 the v. celestial host was all astir in unified action in

189:3.1 When the v. of the seraphim and the cherubim

vast majority

15:5.14 suggest the methods whereby the v of stellar systems

20:6.6 the v. of planets have afforded them a considerate

57:3.6 the v. of Orvonton suns have had an analogous birth.

64:7.17 v. perished from hunger and thirst on the open sea.

67:4.7 The v. of all human and superhuman beings who

79:4.7  Thus the v. of the population fell into the bondage

96:2.3 v. of the men and women who became incorporated

110:7.6 But with the v. of Urantians the Adjuster must await

134:2.2 but the v. of those who met and talked with Jesus

135:5.6 but the v. believed that God would interpose some

142:8.2 as did the v. of his disciples, but the twelve knew the

148:2.1 the v. of these benefited individuals ceased not to

162:1.9 the v. of the pilgrims from afar who had heard of him

vast universe or universes

1:5.7 there would be no personality throughout the v. of

2:2.5 himself upon all self-conscious creatures of the v. of

3:1.10 and loyalty to him on the part of the v. organization,

8:1.9 administrative wisdom that crystallized the v. which

12:4.15 greatest of all such distortions arises because the v.

12:6.6 the phenomenon of a v. preuniverse in the making

12:7.12 at the same time personally present in such a v.

14:1.14 On the outskirts of this v. central universe, far out

18:3.7 In all the v. of universes they alone are invested with

116:7.1 The v. is not without those co-ordinating centers of

118:6.2 of the children of Deity scattered through a v..

128:7.2 it was literally true—as concerned a v.—that “in him

132:3.10 of the confusion of his early orientation in such a v.,

133:2.2 Spirit, the mother of all the spirit children of a v..”

136:4.1 behalf of every inhabited world throughout his v..

136:8.8 Jesus portrayed to all the worlds of his v. the folly of

136:9.9 a worthy example for every world throughout a v.

140:5.11 the ideal meek man of Urantia, and he inherited a v..

146:2.7 the Father’s will is ever manifest throughout his v..

148:3.4 spirit intelligences charged with the running of a v.,

176:4.1 that Jesus of Nazareth, now sovereign ruler of a v.,

184:4.4 the shudder of indignation that swept out over a v.

184:4.6 long career as maker, upholder, and savior of a v.

185:6.4 This sight sent a shudder through the realms of a v.,

187:6.3 Thus ended a day of tragedy and sorrow for a v.

188:5.6 devotion of love was contagious throughout a v.;

188:5.9 it does stand forever, on earth and throughout a v.,

188:5.11 mission of bestowal upon the mortal races of his v..

195:6.8 But whence comes all this v. of mathematics without


39:1.10 the challenging mystery of a greater and v. universe.

vastlysee vastly different

17:2.5 was v. beyond their purposeful intent and greatly

55:5.5 Schools are v. improved and are devoted to the

65:3.6 v. higher levels of human development through

68:1.4 learned that groups are v. greater and stronger than

69:9.18 That which you have is v. better than any system

80:9.4 a suddenly appearing and v. superior white man.

84:1.9 v. superior in most ways to either two men or two

94:9.1 it was a religion v. superior to those which it

96:7.3 a tribal deity to the v. expanded ideal of the later

117:3.5 attainment is being unfolded as takes place, on a v.

121:5.6 rapid spread of the v. superior Christian teachings,

134:5.1 v. complicated by the political evolution of nation

134:5.8 the territorial state, v. complicates the evolutionary

147:5.8 living on a level which is v. below that of Simon

160:4.16 but they represent v. differing spirit values; wisdom

vastly different

29:4.33 make the same alphabetical symbols tell v. stories.

72:4.1 These schools are v. from those of Urantia.

94:5.2 Taoism arose in China, a v. religion than the one that

117:7.17 grand universe of those future days will be v. from

135:5.4 Another group of devout Jews held a v. view

151:3.6 The parable provides for a simultaneous appeal to v.

160:4.16 they represent v. differing spirit values; wisdom


32:5.1 the v. of the undertaking that renders it impossible

38:4.2 estates are characterized by both beauty and v..

44:1.1 There is a v. of range and a soul of expression,

56:10.3 v. of the cosmic extremes of Creator and creature.

106:7.3 destiny is established in the v. of the three great

106:7.5 the Father-I AM, the unexplored v. of which will

117:5.1 deity nature is the mosaic composite of the total v.

125:0.5 worshipers at one time, and while the v. of these


8:1.4 The God of Action functions and the dead v. of

95:2.4 sand, while those buried in brick v. decayed.


103:7.11 Science starts out on its v. career of reasoning by

Vedassee also Rig-Veda

94:1.7 and fourth V. followed as the Brahmans sought to

94:1.7 An examination of the V. will disclose some of the

94:4.1 returned in measure to the ancient rituals of the V.



94:1.1 These V. newcomers had brought along with them

94:1.2 The V. cult was then in process of growth and

94:1.4 energy-divinity principle activating the V. pantheon.

94:1.6 much to the loss of faith in all the ancient V. gods,

94:2.2 The vast V. priesthood itself floundered and sank

94:2.3 death which had been a part of the earlier V. faith.

94:2.4 Of all civilizations, the V.-Aryan paid the most

94:4.6 3. V. and post-V. deities. Many of the ancient gods

94:4.6 gods have arisen since the early days of V. India,

94:5.5 was exerted by the Indian teachers of the V. faith,

104:1.2 perpetuated in Agni, the V. three-headed fire god.


94:1.6 but the leaders, the priests of V., refused to accept

94:2.2 now, with the weakening of V. through the rejection


42:5.4 they are slowed down to that point where they v.

79:1.5 The tide of migration began to v. from northward to

vegetable or vegetable life

34:5.2 first endowing vl., then the animal organisms, then

36:2.17 many apparently useless forms of animal and vl..

36:6.1 of the protoplasmic forms of vl. and animal life,

41:2.5 You are familiar with the action of vl in transforming

41:2.5 into the varied manifestations of the v. kingdom.

43:6.4 you would quickly classify the first three as vl. and

43:6.6 The vl. is also very different from that of Urantia,

49:1.5 In the development of planetary life the v. form

49:1.5 the basic patterns of the preceding v. kingdom of

49:2.1 There is a standard and basic pattern of vl. and

52:3.9 a wide range of viands from both the animal and v.

57:7.9 generated by the seaweeds and other forms of vl..

58:1.3 All ancestral life—v. and animal—evolved in a salt-

58:4.3 500,000,000 years ago primitive marine vl. was

58:6.1 450,000,000 years ago the transition from vl. to

58:6.1 transitional stages between the primitive v. forms of

58:6.2 Although the evolution of vl. can be traced into

58:7.1 there will be found only the fossil remains of vl.

58:7.1 fossil remains of some of the earlier forms of vl.,

58:7.1 fossils of the early marine life, both animal and v.,

59:0.8 already developed from preceding v. organisms,

59:1.2 marine life, both v. and animal, is fairly well

59:3.4 being derived from the enormous collections of v.

59:5.16 Peat beds, the remains of past v. growth, would be

65:2.2 gradual transition from the v. to the animal took

65:2.2 true borderline organisms—neither v. nor animal—but

65:2.3 bacteria, simple v. organisms of a very primitive

65:5.2 to all diseases produced by the v. type of organism

68:5.8 food, woman’s business to provide the v. edibles.

68:5.8 woman must still toil to produce the v. necessities of

81:1.8 And the combination of the wheat, rice, and v. diet

84:3.6 pastoral ages woman must still provide the v. food.

96:1.1 There were spirits of the animal and v. worlds;

126:5.10 garden each day during the season of v. cultivation


70:7.7 whereas before boys gathered v. with the women.

73:5.5 Many modern v. and cereals were first cultivated

76:3.7 they had, for the first time, partaken of herbs and v..

80:7.9 These migrants cultivated both grain and v.,

84:3.6 today, the men cook the meat, the women the v.,


76:4.4 these v. tribes migrated to the east and survived


43:6.6 Such morontia v. is purely an energy growth;

58:7.11 overrun by a profuse and luxuriant growth of v.,

59:0.8 near-shore basins are covered with prolific v..

59:1.3 V. now for the first time crawls out upon the land

59:4.13 was rapidly overrun by the new order of land v..

59:5.2 The land was overrun by luxurious v.; this was

59:5.14 the prolific v. of the coastal swamps, contributed to

59:5.16 pressure-modified remains of the rank v. growing in

59:6.10 the land was largely covered with v. adapted to

65:2.2 Very few species of the early types of marine v. that

73:3.3 “mist would go up” to refresh the v. of the Garden.

98:4.8 annually recurring stoppage of v. growth followed


26:1.17 must obtain light-energy through the v. incarnation,

41:2.5 v. energy can be converted into the phenomena of

43:6.6 the morontia equivalents of v. life have a violet tinge


86:5.17 in three souls; the v. resided in the stomach, animal


135:10.2 he denounced with renewed v. the corrupt political


139:3.2 James was particularly v. when his indignation was

139:3.5 modified the v. temperament of his younger brother

150:9.3 giving expression to passionate and v. resentment,

175:0.1 the final indictment of his v. enemies and would-be


99:3.6 while v. repudiating institutionalized religion, are,

140:8.22 Jesus did not v. denounce even the Pharisees, as did

184:2.5 so Peter v. denied all connection with Jesus, saying,


2:3.4 is deprived of a continuing life v. by the creature’s

5:6.2 when put together, constitute the v. for personality,

5:6.6 until after the material life v. of the mortal creature

16:8.3 the organismal v. for personality manifestation.

16:8.4 of the v. of expression and manifestation of his

30:4.15 as the new life v. for the immortal soul and for the

36:6.4 to serve a transient v. for that life endowment

39:2.12 It is as if you went to sleep on a transport v. in one

42:10.5 the organization of the morontia type of life v.,

109:2.11 only await the dissolution of the material-life v.

111:2.10 a new identification in the evolving v. for selfhood

111:3.2 of the future morontia v. of personality identity.

112:2.20 on the continuing function of the material life v.,

112:2.20 from the transient life v.—the material body—to

112:5.4 created as a new v. for personality manifestation.


36:2.14 the v. of life transmission, the so-called germ plasm.

41:2.6 energy systems which may serve as the physical v.

81:3.6 Ages before, the wheel had been used, but now v.


82:2.5 clothing, v., seclusion, ornamentation, and rings.

83:4.7 The wearing of the bridal v. is a relic of the times

125:2.5 as to what really was behind the v. of separation,

125:5.3 1. What exists in the holy of holies, behind the v.?


53:3.2 It was this v. attack upon the finaliters that no

76:5.4 could comprehend the v. promise of a possible

87:5.4 Pretty women were v. to protect them from the

127:2.8 made several v. references to his “life mission”

142:7.2 There was a v. intimation that the Son of Man was

157:7.4 to regard this statement as a v. reference to himself


48:4.13 Some of your races have a rich v. of humor and are


11:7.9 and acts as a brake upon otherwise dangerous v..

12:4.12 are engaged in outward flight at ever-increasing v.

12:4.14 your spectroscopic estimations of astronomic v.

12:7.11 The relative v. of part and whole determine whether

23:3.2 who function between the instantaneous v. of the

23:3.4 the same time traverse space at such tremendous v..

23:3.6 and, by virtue of their tremendous transit v., are so

29:4.1 able to traverse local space at v. approaching the

42:6.6 in accordance with their axial revolutionary v.,

42:7.3 their orbital v. about the atomic nucleus are beyond

42:7.3 not to mention the v. of their component ultimatons.

42:7.10 due to differential ultimatonic axial revolutionary v.

118:8.6 operates to retard dangerous v. of progress.


12:4.14 recessional v. of the external universes increases at

14:1.12 and though their v. is enormous, owing to their

15:8.3 relative, depending on revolutionary v., mass, and

15:8.3 Mass in matter tends to retard v. in energy;

15:8.3 and the anywhere-present v. of energy represents:

15:8.3 initial endowment of v., minus retardation by mass

19:7.4 we cannot attain the almost unbelievable v. of the

23:2.22 cannot possibly exceed the v. of 558,840 Urantia

23:2.22 a long journey the v. will average about 550,000

23:3.2 The limit of v. for most nonenseraphimed beings is

23:3.2 can, often do, attain double v.—372,560 miles per

23:3.2 seraphim and others can traverse space at triple v.,

23:3.3 Their v. in traversing space is variable, depending

25:2.11 Traversing space at the seraphic rate of triple v.,

29:4.19 by enormous spheres revolving at tremendous v..

29:4.37 as automatic presence, pressure, and v. gauges.

39:3.8 are fully conscious of their v., direction, and

39:3.9 each having a clear space v. of 186,280 miles per

39:3.9 able to superimpose v. of energy upon v. of power

39:3.9 The v. is affected by the mass and proximity of

41:5.5 The great energy of v. required to escape the gravity

41:5.5 the sunbeam will travel on with unabated v. until it

41:10.3 Age, size, rate of revolution, and v. through space

42:4.10 under certain conditions of temperature, v., and

42:4.11 of energy divided by the square of the v. of light.

42:5.14 together with the initial v. of the energy beams,

42:6.3 revolutionary v. to the point of partial antigravity

42:6.3 attain the critical escape v. of deindividuation,

42:6.6 This same ultimatonic v. of axial revolution also

42:7.3 the negative particles attain a v. approximating that

42:8.2 are synchronized with electronic v. and ultimatonic

46:2.8 and do not attain standard v. until they are over two

57:2.4 of mass formation and varying revolutionary v..

65:6.1 simultaneously, the exact location and the v. of a

81:6.26 largely determines the cultural v. of that civilization.


41:4.6 The massive sun of V.,one of the largest in Orvonton


98:3.2 This religion of the Latin tribes was not trivial and v.


130:8.3 enough to change the life of a small boy, a fruit v.,


125:1.1 the money-changers and the v. of sacrificial animals


57:4.9 this v. mother of two mighty generations of the

61:2.6 the v. frog, the only remaining group representative

122:1.1 Abraham and through this v. patriarch to the earlier


79:8.4 overshadowed by a growing tendency to v. that

85:2.4 continued to v. their various deities in the groves.

87:7.9 they all crave mystery and v. the unknown.

92:5.5 men have always tended to v. the leader, even at

92:7.12 who have come to v. the divine and risen Christ

99:6.3 tendency to v. the past while ignoring present

114:3.1 because mortal man is so prone to v., even to deify,

128:4.6 v. the teacher in place of obeying the truth which


63:6.4 out about the body of one of these v. animals;

85:1.1 Jacob slept on a stone because he v. it; he even

85:1.5 the first hills to be v. were large stone formations.

85:2.3 plants and trees were v. because of their real or

85:4.1 primitive races v. springs and worshipped rivers.

85:4.4 purifying and purging spirit of their v. deities.

94:1.3 into tribal units, each tribe having its v. god.

94:6.9 a respect for ancestral conduct that is still v. by the

94:6.11 produced those achievements which were so v..


92:6.20 In the twentieth century this hero-v. nationalistic

191:2.2 fell on their faces, praising God and v. their Master.


5:3.3 because of anything we may derive from such v.;

45:4.4 pointed his fellows to the v. of “The Great Light.”

45:4.5 worship of many gods to the v. of “The Great Spirit.

63:6.4 from eating the flesh of the animal of tribal v..

79:8.3 developed family life equaled the birth of ancestor v.,

79:8.7 The religious development of ancestor v. became

79:8.8 The great weakness of ancestor v. is that it promotes

79:8.9 The great strength in a v. of ancestry is the value that

85:1.3 manifest a degree of v. for certain types of stones—

85:1.4 and peoples stones are still held in superstitious v..

85:2.6 Many of these earliest forms of nature v. became

85:5.1 worship naturally developed up through fearful v. of

85:5.2 V. of the moon was at its height during the hunting

85:5.2 In Persia sun v. gave rise to the later Mithraic cult.

85:6.5 when temporal rulers commanded such v. from their

88:2.8 to swear by some object of supreme v. is a form of

90:2.13 the v. for shamanism well illustrates the premium

92:6.1 fear, dread of the dark, and a crude ancestor v..

92:6.20 ancestor worship developed into the v. of national

92:7.12 the transfer of v. from the human and the visible to

95:2.7 solar v. became a species of ancestor worship.

135:1.2 regarded a Nazarite with almost the respect and v.


70:1.12 The war for v. was in good standing right on down

70:10.9 evolving tribes all recognized this right of blood v..

70:10.9 V. became the aim of primitive life, but religion has

70:10.9 always proclaimed, “‘V. is mine,’ says the Lord.”

70:10.9 V. killing in early times was not altogether unlike

70:10.12 also came into vogue as a substitute for blood v..

91:8.7 Prayer may be an angry cry for v. or a merciful

140:6.4 He who plans v. in his mind stands in danger of

140:8.7 The futility of evil: A wrong is not righted by v..

142:2.1 The prophets say God hates evildoers and takes v.

159:1.6 minimize the elements of unfairness, retaliation, v.

159:5.9 “You shall not take v. against the children of your

162:0.2 when Jesus heard these words of v., he turned

162:0.2 V. savors not of the outlook of the kingdom of

176:1.4 tribulation, for these will be the days of gentile v..

177:4.10 and motivated by sullen and long-suppressed v.!


2:6.7 God is never wrathful, v., or angry.

74:8.13 implying a v. Deity, who had vented wrath upon the

96:4.7 God was v. and easily influenced by man’s conduct.

97:7.11 The concept of the angry, v., and jealous Yahweh of

139:12.11 the sour and sordid dictates of a proud and v. mind

142:7.11 fathers do not hold v. memories against their

143:2.5 lusts, pleasures, malice, envy, and even v. hatred!

172:5.12 As this v. apostle looked upon the proceedings of

177:4.10 deliberate, persistent, selfish, and v. consciousness

184:3.3 Jesus should never live to escape their v. clutches.

193:4.13 In mind, Judas was suspicious and v..


172:2.4 the sacrifice of his life to the v. of the Sanhedrin.

174:1.5 You hold grudges and nurse v. in direct proportion


85:3.3 became genuine v. addicts and could not get along

88:5.2 claws, poison plant seeds, snake v., and human hair.


125:0.6 you would never pour out wrath upon me nor v.

125:6.5 Mary gave v. to her long-pent-up fear and anxiety

134:9.3 Jesus burned to give v. to the declaration of the real

149:2.11 And yet this fearless man of God did not give v. to

149:4.2 delivering you from the tendency to give v. to

184:4.5 there still lurks an evil brutality which seeks to v.


74:8.13 had v. wrath upon the human race in retribution for


90:1.4 and v. was first used by shrewd priests.


64:4.4 were able to spear the fish which came up to these v.


26:9.2 the transit trio announce that the last v. of time is

147:0.2 which was spiritual in nature and not a political v..

148:2.4 given ere he embarked upon the v. of the Urantia

160:1.15 Without doubts I can now enter upon the eternal v..

160:5.8 I am on my way with you in this eternal v..


24:3.1 I v. to estimate that their number extends high into

31:10.11 We v. the forecast of future and greater universes

49:3.3 Great danger confronts them when they v. beyond

106:8.19 We v. the opinion that these three experiential

133:2.1 I v. to say that, if you found me by the wayside,

139:9.10 Only once or twice did the twins v. to ask questions

168:0.6 did Martha v. to criticize or question the Master’s

190:4.1 were too much overcome with awe and fear to v.


93:7.2 of the men and women who v. forth from Salem,

139:2.3 Peter’s plans before he v. to make public proposals.

140:6.14 Peter v. to request of his Master that “I have just a

141:0.2 v. to approach Jesus and ask: “On this great day,

142:8.4 Joseph of Arimathea v. out to see Jesus but turned

148:3.2 Whenever any one of the apostles v. to ask Jesus

151:2.8 apostles v. to make an interpretation of the parable

164:1.2 hoping to embarrass Jesus, he v. to ask another

177:1.1 lunch basket from John’s hand, the young man v. to

189:4.6 Magdalene v. around the smaller stone and dared to

191:0.4 eight o’clock when he v. out into the courtyard.


79:3.7 and was v. on the waters of the Bay of Bengal


49:2.13 atmosphere similar to that of your near neighbor, V.,

VenusRoman goddess of fertility

98:3.3 Zeus became Jupiter; Aphrodite, V.; and so on down


62:5.7 early they learned to engage in v. communication;

70:11.13  v. arguments were substituted for physical blows.

91:3.1 this alter ego makes replies to his v. thinking and

121:8.12 Although I have sought to adjust the v. expression

140:10.2 What they could not gain from his v. instruction,


91:2.1 The first prayers were merely v. wishes,


143:3.4 neglected to give thanks—v.—when he broke bread


95:4.5 almost v. from Amenemope’s Book of Wisdom.


15:12.1 v. is formulated by a varying-sized commission

19:3.4 a v. has never been reversed by the Ancients of Days

22:4.3 those who are intrusted with v. rendering should

25:1.6 the v. reverberating through the high courts

25:2.10 participates in the formulation of the v. only at the

53:9.1 when the annihilation v. is issued, these repentant

53:9.7 We anticipate the v. of Uversa will be announced

54:3.3 But if this rebel refuses to approve the v., and if the

67:6.9 This v. failed to reach him because the circuits of

75:7.1 And this was the v.: The Planetary Adam and Eve

119:2.1 System Sovereign was not fully reconciled to the v..

159:1.6 There is always danger that the v. of an individual

185:8.1 adjudged without witnesses; punished without a v.

186:1.6 stood alone and face to face with the judgment v.


19:3.6 Such v. represent the nearest possible approach

19:4.4 the Censors always render their v. in liaison with

19:4.7 still unable to predict decisions or to forecast v..

20:3.2 V. of this nature are executed by none but the

35:9.5 and as executives for the application of judicial v.,

43:2.4 to digest pleas, and formulate provisional v., which


59:4.2 former times is becoming clothed with luxuriant v.,


175:1.5 are on the v. of finally rejecting the gift of God to

VergilRoman poet

195:2.6 A people that could produce Cicero and V. were ripe


48:4.12 and a morontia state of mind v. on merriment.

48:4.15 sublimely ridiculous, even v. on the humorous.


27:5.2 but their chief function is that of reference and v..


112:3.2 their reflective associates have v. these findings,


8:1.8 and he merely v. the fact that the central universe


27:5.3 supernaphim who is exactly what you desire to v.,


155:1.4 The Pharisees who seek our destruction v. think they

162:2.6 rulers of the Jews v. think they are doing God’s

verily, verily

153:2.5 V., I say to many who sit before me this day, you

156:1.8 V., I tell you that the Father’s kingdom shall be

verily, verily, I say to you

140:1.4 V., not every one who says, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter

141:2.2 V., when the Father’s will is your law, you are

142:6.4 V., Nicodemus, except a man be born from above,

143:2.3 V., he who rules his own self is greater than he

144:8.4 V., among those born of women there has not arisen

147:1.3 V., I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel.”

147:3.3 V.: He who hears the gospel of the kingdom and

153:4.3 V., all your sins shall be forgiven, even all of your

158:8.1 V., except you turn about and become more like

162:7.2 V., everyone who commits sin is the bondservant

162:7.5V. who believe the gospel that, if a man will keep

162:7.6V., I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

163:3.4V., there is no man who has left wealth, home,

165:2.8 V., friends and enemies, I am the true shepherd;

165:5.5 V. that a crisis is just ahead in your lives,

167:6.1 V., whosoever receives not the kingdom of God as

176:0.1 v.: In the days soon to come there shall not be left

179:3.8 V.: A servant is not greater than his master; neither

181:2.29 “Peter, v., this night the cock will not crow until

187:4.1V., you shall sometime be with me in Paradise.”


14:5.9 Each of these billion study worlds is a v. university

23:2.12 possessed of power to make Urantia a v. paradise,

41:9.1 a v. energy blast during adolescent solar times.

41:10.1 outer surface of the sun began to erupt v. streams—

49:0.1 the ascendant life is a v. training school for the

57:7.5 The whole earth is a v. fiery inferno, the surface

58:2.4 Your sun pours forth a v. flood of death-dealing rays

58:3.4 The vast hydrogen clouds are v. cosmic chemical

59:1.17 making that now ice-mantled continent a v. tropic

59:4.12 V. bone beds of fish teeth and skeletons may be

68:4.5 by custom; the savage was a v. slave to usage; but

68:6.11 such low-grade demands as to prove v. slavery for

89:3.6 the home, society’s v. foundation and the basic

96:1.1 a v. pantheon of spirits to be feared and worshiped.

107:0.2 the v. promise of man’s eternal career imprisoned

117:7.6 Adjusters that are v. predictions of man’s future

118:4.6 Architects of the Master Universe exist as the v.

148:7.4 making the Sabbath rest of religion a v. bondage of

155:2.2 two weeks at Chorazin constituted a v. baptism of


12:7.12 literally move, actually live, and v. have our being.

107:0.6  and v. actualize a new order of being for unending


24:6.2 God has prepared for those who love such eternal v..

Veronicawoman of Caesarea-Philippi who was healed

152:0.3 With the faith she had, it was only necessary to

152:0.3 Jesus called this woman, V. of Caesarea-Philippi

152:0.3 Jesus did not want V. to go away thinking that her


7:6.6 also unite to personalize the v. Trinity Teacher Sons,

9:1.7 in many ways apparently the most v. in action.

10:3.19 Spirit is amazingly universal and unbelievably v. in

16:4.2 These v. creators of the cosmic mind are the

18:3.8 the Ancients of Days are the most perfect, most v.,

22:9.6 are neither as v. nor dependable as their ascendant

23:1.8 a dependable, self-reliant, v., thoroughly spiritual,

23:3.1 the highest and most v. personalized beings who

23:3.8 affairs were it not for their v. co-operation.

25:0.1 These v. beings function as the connecting links

25:1.5 there are few limits to the range of work these v.

25:4.1 the Infinite Spirit as the nucleus of this v. group.

29:4.16 the superuniverse quota of these amazingly v. beings.

29:4.18 These are the exceedingly v. and mobile assistants of

29:5.7 would be intolerable even to the v. power centers

33:1.2 constitute a Creator Son the most powerful, v.,

33:4.1 creation of their v. family of sons and daughters,

35:0.7 in the production of the v. order of Life Carriers.

35:4.4 They are indeed the v. and volunteer emergency

35:5.1 the first group of the v. Melchizedeks, the Creator

35:8.15 most able and v. of all local universe administrators

36:0.1 the most interesting and v. of the diverse family of

37:2.5 The created beings of this interesting and v. order

39:3.1 This v. order of universe angels is assigned to the

39:4.3 is assisted by a corps of one thousand of this v. order

41:6.4 Calcium is an active and v. element at solar

42:2.14 This work is carried on by the v. directors, centers,

44:2.11 So v. are these artisans that, when they function

46:5.14 the almost endless activities of these v. Sons.

47:3.12 These beautiful and v. beings are companionable

65:7.1 The seven adjutant mind-spirits are the v. mind

79:3.1 This composite stock produced the most v.

79:4.8 cultural potentialities of a v. people long comatose

79:7.3 amalgamation with them produced a more v. stock.

82:5.1 The outbred individuals were more v. and had

93:5.3 contact with these v. children of Terah that had

110:5.7 the presence in his mind of this v. Adjuster is

124:1.4 Mary about the doings of their v and aggressive child

128:4.6 the building up of such a v. and spectacular career

132:4.4 such a v. and aggressive man could not thus function

133:5.1 interesting discussions of the lad and his v. teacher.

139:3.4 James got along well with the v. Andrew,


12:6.7 such amazing v. and such profound co-ordination

19:2.6 The v. of the Perfectors of Wisdom enables them

28:1.1 near-supreme v. are the gift of the Infinite Spirit to

33:4.3 being of unprecedented v. and unimagined brilliance.

35:5.3 not equal their Melchizedek brethren in brilliant v.,

50:7.3 contribute to the v. of ultimate performances in the

65:6.3 spore lacks the potentials of variety and v. inherent

79:2.7 that race mixture favors v. of culture and makes for

84:6.5 Such dual associations greatly multiply v. and

95:5.3 had Ikhnaton possessed the v. and ability of Moses,

96:3.1 v. and adaptability which enabled Moses to manage

104:4.47 The triunities multiply v., eternalize new depths,

109:0.1 As the child acquires adaptative v. for his adult

114:7.6 The possession of an Adjuster of extraordinary v.


95:4.5  v. seventeen, to chapter twenty-four, v. twenty-two,

162:4.4 the eighty-second, beginning with the fifth v..


22:9.2 They are v. in the affairs of the ascendant career,

25:8.6 are well v. in the careers of these arriving pilgrims

80:3.5 the women were well v. in the domestic arts and

122:5.7 children were well v. in the learning of that day.

130:1.2 this “scribe of Damascus” was so well v. in the


150:8.8 seven persons to read not less than three v. of the


74:8.9 more toward accepting a modified Mesopotamian v..

83:8.8 even this newer v. of marriage need not presume

89:9.2 was from this ceremonial that the later Christian v.

92:2.5 Christians went over to this less exacting v. of

96:2.5 a modified v. of the old Yahweh ritual of magic and

98:2.10 pantheon, a Greek v. of the worship of fertility;

98:7.7 tainted with the Roman v. of the miraculous birth of

98:7.10 was more in harmony with Paul’s v. of Christianity

112:4.2 Censors are able to appropriate the Adjuster’s v.

123:3.1 the copy of the Hebrew scriptures—a complete v.

147:4.1 you have taught us the positive v. of the old rule

160:0.1 authoritative v. of the gospel from either Jesus or

166:3.6 new and strange v. of the old and familiar proverb of

166:5.5 bitterly opposed the v. of Jesus’ teachings which

171:1.6 From Antioch the Pauline v. of the teachings of

171:1.6 the Abnerian v. of the kingdom of heaven spread

194:0.3 Paul, who created a new religion out of the new v.

194:2.1 the earth shall have a new and up-to-date v. of the

195:0.3 the new Christianized v. of Jesus’ message to the

195:0.11 compelling the pagan to accept the Hellenized v. of

195:0.18 the Pauline v. of the life and teachings of the Son

195:1.1 Roman citizen proclaimed to these Greeks his v.

195:1.7 the Christianized v. of the older Jewish religion came

195:1.10 Paul assaulted the West with the Christian v. of the

195:1.11 The Eastern v. of the message of Jesus,

195:1.11 It never progressed as did the Hellenized v. and


28:5.9 the harmonization of these two v. of wisdom,

96:1.4 his doctrines of Deity persisted in various v. but

98:7.6 Hellenized and Latinized v. of the teachings of Jesus.

versussee also vs.

87:6.1 in the one-sided struggle of man v. the cosmos.


59:2.9 where every type of life below the v. scale was

59:4.3 history characterized by the v. type of animal.


59:4.9 fish family, the v., one of the most important steps

59:4.10 crustaceans, were the ancestors of the first v..

59:4.10 the first v. of the animal world, made their sudden

60:0.2 ancestors of the land v. were no longer dominant,


11:6.1 the v. extensions of unpervaded space which exist in

11:6.2 the reservoirs of the v. extension of unpervaded

11:6.3 We do not know whether v. (reservoir) space is

11:7.3 The v. cross section of total space would slightly

11:7.3 the v. arms representing unpervaded (reservoir)

61:3.3 The great four-mile v. fault in the California region

112:1.7 2.  V. depth embraces the organismal drives and


11:6.4 The unpervaded-space reservoirs now extend v.

49:5.29 Planets are not only organized v. into systems,

49:5.30 Intelligent beings are v. related in twelve groups of


very abiding place

3:4.5 Even though I hail from near the v. of Deity, I

very absence

42:5.16 the v. of this hypothetical ether enables the planet to

115:3.2 in the v. of such divergencies, mind finds no basis

very acceptance

139:9.4 By their v. as apostles these mediocre twins were the

very accomplishments

110:3.4 the v. which are concerned with the development

very act

8:1.7 The Third Person deitizes by this v. of conjoint

118:8.8 by this v. proves itself possessed of the seeds of

146:2.3 the v. of such deliberate and conscious disdain by

162:3.2 Master, this woman was taken in adultery—in the v..

very age

106:9.1 present unification of infinity in this v. as in all past

very all-inclusiveness

115:2.4 this v. must, perforce, encompass even the possibility

very ancestors

175:2.2 whose v., in the times of Jesus, heartily accepted

very answer

164:1.4 lawyer was forced to give the v. to the question,

very arrangement

44:1.7 —the v. and association of different orders of spirit

very attitude

132:1.3 this v. presages the ultimate collapse of a civilization

very background

76:5.7 that this v. of darkness should so appeal to Michael

very bandages

189:4.9 since the v. in which it was wrapped were left in

very beginning

180:6.1 I have been talking so plainly to you from the v..

193:3.2 From the v. of our associations I always had two

very being(s)

28:5.7 reflectively see the v., of high or low origin, who

112:7.8 And there, at the hand of the v. whose creative

very bestowals

7:5.1 And in these v. the Sons of God have become “the

very brink

195:9.2 Urantia is now quivering on the v. of one of its most

very certainty

28:5.20 this v. and perfection of portraiture explains why

very civilization

92:3.7 has done much to cripple and handicap the v. which

very claim

195:7.14 The v. of materialism implies a supermaterial

very class

141:7.8 Jesus began his work with the poor, the v. which had

very concept

4:4.4 to a denial of this v. of his volitional absoluteness.

70:1.4 The v. of war implies some degree of organization.

195:7.6 This v mechanistic concept of the universe is in itself

very contentions

195:6.6 the false philosophies of mechanism belie their v..

very cornerstone

160:2.6 the father-child relationship as the v. of this new

very couches

189:4.1 the upper chamber, resting on the v. whereon they

very countenance

184:3.6 and his v. disconcerted the lying witnesses.

very Creative Mother Spirit

16:5.3 But this v. is, in nature and character, quite like the

very creatures

21:5.1 from actual experience as the v. subject to such

94:3.1 the ascending experience in the universe of these v.

119:0.6 the environment of their existence and as these v.

very day

127:2.8 That v. the chazan had rehearsed James in his

129:3.9 made clear in Jesus’ consciousness on the v. of

136:2.3 in the personality experience of Jesus on that v.

143:1.9 from that v. their message took on a new note of

145:2.6 words are fulfilled in what you behold this v.?

192:1.11 to go to Simon Zelotes and bring him back that v..

very decisions

110:6.6 likewise do these v. determine your advancement in

very defect-interruptions

4:2.7 It is these v. of perfection-continuity which make

very depths

128:6.5 had stirred and thrilled Jude to the v. of his soul,

130:1.2 Jonahs shall turn their hearts, even when in the v.

142:7.2 the very heart of God and into the v. of man’s soul.

very devotion

188:5.9 the evil and thereby saving them by this v. of love.

very diminishing series

8:4.6 By this v. the Infinite Spirit does actually draw near

very diversity

21:2.10 this v.  insures that their domains will be diverse in

very earth

93:2.3 the firmament and even of this v. on which we live

128:1.13 that he was the maker of the heavens and this v.

very effort(s)

45:7.1 v. which were prematurely interrupted by death.

88:2.6 Moses’ v. against fetishes became a supreme fetish;

very end

110:7.10 I will function with wisdom and power until the v.,

136:6.5 And Jesus pursued this policy consistently to the v.,

139:1.3 To the v. Andrew remained dean of the apostolic

139:12.8 reason why Jesus permitted Judas to go on to the v.,

142:7.17 I love you and will bear with you, even to the v.

166:5.7 to the v. Abner was a faithful believer in the gospel

181:2.11 and that I will go on with you to the v..

183:4.5 Until the v. of the crucifixion, John remained,

187:2.3 chose to retain human consciousness until the v..

very entrance

195:6.10 Jesus in his gospel introduced mortal man to the v.

very essence

91:3.7 is the v. of the living God, the Universal Father.

94:2.1 Since the Brahman priest caste was the v. of this

116:1.1 the v. of the evolutionary growth of unity in the

117:3.12 yet is the Supreme himself the v. of evolution.

132:1.2 such assertions of attitude are the v. of philosophy.

very evening

156:6.4 and accordingly, that v. a boat took them across.

very existence

9:5.4 is disclosed imperfectly in the v. of human mind.

16:5.4 The impress of a Master Spirit is basic to the v. of

22:10.2 These beings owe their v. to the fact that they are

very experience(s)

13:1.23 the ascendant finaliters know this v. as an absolute

22:10.5 attack and solve; and I have repeatedly had this v..

117:6.9 capacity, and this v. is in itself capacity enlarging.

128:7.6 in the gathering of this v. Jesus made the supreme

191:3.4 And it was by these v. morontia experiences that the

195:7.18 the religionist who, through this v., is seeking to find

very eyes

158:2.1 beheld him transfigured in glory before their v.,

180:4.3 I have wrought on earth and before your v. as one

very face

91:8.13 but rather a stimulus to growth in the v. of conflict.

141:5.2 enjoy all of this profound spiritual unity in the v.

148:6.3 even in the v. of the breakdown of his theological

171:3.4 ready to follow him into Jerusalem in the v. of the

196:0.3 In the v. of all the natural difficulties and temporal

very fact

16:9.7 self-consciousness is directly dependent on this v. of

31:10.11 the v. of his active presence precludes participation

34:4.7 this v. that enables the spirit of the Creator Son to

54:4.3 The v. that an evil-doing creature can choose to do

83:8.4 But the v. of marriage dissolution itself indicates that

112:2.9 The v. that a materialist can deny the existence of

195:7.8 be devoid of all conscious recognition of that v..

very fear

87:0.2 With the birth of this v. mankind started on the

very first

103:2.7 And this v. conflict in the child mind is between the

170:1.4 From the v. Jesus and the apostles taught both of

very flesh

2:1.7 also often partake of the nature of the v. and blood

very friend

3:1.4 searching for a friend while that v. lives within his

very function

104:2.5 But they perform this v. as a collective whole,

very generation

175:1.22 ways, this accounting may be required of this v..

very gift

190:0.2 is the v. of eternal life which he bestows upon

very God(s)

21:4.6 when the v. must pass through an equivalent

111:2.10 the overcontrol of an actual fragment of the v. of all

111:5.1 to share the inner life with God—with the v. who has

159:3.8 men die searching for the v. who lives within them

very good

131:2.2 And, behold, all he created was v..

139:3.3 could be quiet and taciturn one day and a v. talker

144:3.1 James said: “V., Master, but we do not desire a form

very goodness

143:2.7 It is the v. goodness of God that leads men into

very hairs

3:3.1 and also, “The v. of your head are numbered.”

38:2.3 You have been told that the “v. of your head are

150:4.3 Know you not that the v. of your head are all

165:3.4 To the seraphic guardians the v. of your head are

very heart(s)

14:0.1 absolute stability which rests motionless at the v.

140:8.20 character, while courage was the v. of his teachings.

142:7.2 who could simultaneously see into the v. of God and

181:1.5 teacher and to be with you and to abide in your v..

195:2.8 survival after death, and since this was the v. of

196:0.8 The v. of the prayer which he taught his disciples

very height(s)

34:6.3 soul is safely exalted to the v. of bliss from which the

136:2.1 Jesus was baptized at the v. of John’s preaching

152:1.3 Jesus’ reputation as a healer was at its v..

169:0.2 And thus it was at the v. of the second phase of the

very home

190:2.6 before two o’clock in this v. of Martha and Mary,

very hour

165:3.7 within you shall certainly teach you in that v. what

175:4.3 the Master in the v. they should hear of his arrest.

176:1.1 for the spirit will teach you in that v what you should

179:4.7 still the Master accepted him and had, up to this v.,

very identity

4:4.2 The v. of God is inimical to change.

very infinity

115:4.3 pause to consider that their v. must in itself contain

very influences

68:3.4 these v. of social mobilization—hunger, love, fear,

very insight

195:7.3 mind of the scientists whose v. supermaterial insight

very instant

7:6.3 that v. this creative idea is perfectly personalized in

8:0.3 The v. that God the Father and God the Son

8:1.4 the v. that one billion worlds materialize, there is in

8:3.5 The v. the Eternal Son accepted his Father’s plan

very jaws

127:6.12 skillful wrestling of victory from the v. of defeat;

139:4.10 dared to accompany his Master into the v. of death

very lake

192:1.8 their many experiences in Galilee and by this v..

very land

130:3.4 occupied the v. wherein Melchizedek had lived

very life

48:8.4 you actually live the v. of every possible phase and

117:3.12 v. was derived from, the potentiality of the Supreme.

180:3.9 or else believe me for the sake of the v. I have lived

very light

140:6.12 If the v. which is in you is turned to darkness, how

178:1.9 But the v. which you bear to the world, and even the

very likeness

21:3.17 the technique of incarnated bestowal in the v. of the

189:1.9 from this tomb of Joseph in the v. of the morontia

very limits

26:6.3 bestowing upon his children, up to the v. of their

very love

12:7.10 This v. of God for the individual brings into being

very manner

178:1.9 even the v. in which you will suffer and die for this

180:4.5 And in this v. will my Father and I be able to live

very manuscript

150:8.1 recall that this was the v. which he had presented

very marts

173:1.2 those v. merchandise marts which persisted to the

very mechanics

118:9.6 in these v. Deity has achieved one phase of eternal

very men

159:4.9 the light which these v God-knowing men of another

173:2.4 Jesus knew that these v. had long publicly taught

175:1.3 even to these v. who now seek my destruction.

very midstsee midst

very mind(s)

116:6.5 This v. may become dominated by the leadings of

163:6.2 we will send forth our spirits into the v. of men so

very moment

4:1.6 At this v., as during the remote ages of the past

8:0.3 —that v., the Infinite Spirit springs full-fledgedly into

19:5.7 indicates that there is with us at this v., not over

24:2.7 is at this v. personally conscious and aware of your

26:5.5 The v. your superaphic associate deems you to be

65:3.3 At that v. we were observing and fostering no less

106:9.4 within which, at this v., infinite reality is absolutely

very Monitor

109:6.4 that v. who guided him step by step when he lived

very morning

168:0.5 that v when they rolled the stone in front of the tomb

very mortals

38:9.13 ascent in company with those v. of animal origin,

very motives

66:8.2 actuated by the v. which were beginning to

very mount

192:3.1 This meeting occurred on the v. where the Master

very name

187:2.5 these Jerusalem Jews detested the v. of Nazareth,

very nature(s)

7:5.4 the Sons of God must assume the v. of creatures

14:4.13 In their v. Havona creatures are the will of God.

110:7.6 consists in this v. inherent material nature.

116:2.14 are the v. and source of the power of the Almighty

140:8.11 is a mercy-dominated Son; compassion is his v..

very night

165:4.3 wealth, for that v. was his soul required of him.

174:4.4 for that v. he went out to the Master’s camp near

180:3.6 But we will follow you this v. if you will show us the

181:2.27 from the experience you will pass through this v..

182:2.9 enemies of Jesus were coming with Judas that v..

183:4.2 reminded them that Jesus had that v. instructed

very occasion

164:5.1 The v. they had so ardently sought, Jesus now

very part

34:5.6 indwelling the mortal mind as a v. of that mind,

very peace

181:1.8 The peace which Michael gives is that v. which

very peak

168:5.1 Lazarus, who represented the v. of his wonder-

very person

128:3.6 the v. whom he later proclaimed the world’s savior

very personality

7:7.4 notwithstanding that your v. is a direct bestowal of

102:3.5 together with the belief in the possibility of that v..

118:6.5 constitutive in the v. exercising the power of choice.

very pessimism

195:7.8 The v. of the most pessimistic materialist is proof

very place

3:4.5 I hail from near the v. abiding place of Deity,

158:0.1 the foot of Mount Hermon, near the v. where Tiglath

194:1.2 when Peter stood up in that v. where his Master

very plan

118:9.6 are, indeed, the nonvolitional patterns of that v..

very point

135:6.7 the crossing of the “twelve tribes” at this v. when

very power of choice

112:5.5 And it is this v., the universe insignia of freewill

very practices

94:11.3 itself shackled with those v. ceremonial practices

very presence

1:6.4 which indwells the mortal mind carries, in its v.,

24:6.6 until he stood in the v. of the Source and Destiny of

34:1.1 immediately personalizes, in the v. of the Creator

45:2.3 in the v. of the default of his brother of superior

54:0.2 The v. conflicting presence of truth and untruth,

91:3.7 indwells him and is the v. and essence of God,

106:3.3 wherein the v. of the Master Creator Sons among

130:4.6 and retain its identity in the v. of all such changes,

133:3.8 their v. here in your house testifies how earnestly

149:6.9 with the divine spirit to the v. of the eternal Father.

159:3.8 souls who famish in the v. of the bread of life;

196:0.3 thrill of living, by faith, in the v. of the Father.

very problem

22:10.5 the v. I have been sent to attack and solve;

very procedure

136:2.6 Jesus was following the v. that obtains on the

very purpose

174:5.9 For this v. have I come into the world and even to

very quick

187:2.5 He knew that they would also be cut to the v. by

very reality

117:4.8 It is out of the v. of the Supreme that the Adjuster,

very realm(s)

7:4.5 to go into the v. of rebellion and there restore the

39:8.1 in these v. of their nativity some achieve service

118:8.9 and destructive in the presettled eras of that v..

very reason

147:0.2 And it was for this v. that Jesus and the apostles

very relationship

110:6.16 And it is this v. that makes it forever impossible to

140:10.4 out of this v. and eternal child-father relationship.”

140:10.5 individual to God—this v. child-father relationship.

very roots

135:6.7 And even now is the ax laid to the v. of the trees.

very routes

40:3.1 begin the long Paradise ascent by the v. ordained

very ruler

119:2.5 none other than Michael, the v. universe ruler

very secrecy

70:7.7 The v. of these societies conferred on all members

very secret

13:1.23 that sector concerned with this v. which is (or will

very seraphim

39:3.3 for these v. do faithfully and fully portray, not

very services

51:1.6 it is through these v. that they acquire capacity for

very session

164:4.1 the v. of the high Jewish court sitting in judgment

very sight

128:6.5 temple, the v. of which had stirred and thrilled Jude

188:5.9 And the v. of this great symbol of the bestowal life

very singleness

196:2.7 it was this v. of purpose and unselfish devotion

very site

156:4.2 a Christian church was built on the v. of this

very situation

183:4.6 realize that Jesus has forewarned them of this v.,

very skies

4:1.3 “His faithfulness is established in the v..”

very Solitary Messengers

23:3.4 But these v. actually come to, and go from, Urantia

very Son

10:2.1 he constitutes himself the Father of this v. and

very souls

40:5.3 inner communion with the v. of his mortal sons

very source

17:2.2 the creative potentials of the Trinity is the v. of the

103:7.1 faith is, with science, the v. of such a philosophy.

111:1.9 to the v. of the divine mind and on beyond, even

196:3.16 And this lover hails from the v. of infinite love;

196:3.22 divinely real, with that which is the v. of reality.

196:3.24 he is the v. of all such superanimal insights and

very sovereign will

3:6.4 to reject the idea of a sovereign will, the v. whose

very space

15:1.3 You are now passing through the v. same space

very space traversers

39:4.15 These v. will sometime carry you forward to

very spirit

36:5.16 the appearance of this v. in evolutionary man.

94:6.11 inimical to the v. Chinese spirit of investigation

151:6.6 they carried with them the v. evil spirits which

155:5.14 your Father, whose infinite life of love is the v. of the

159:4.7 “The authority of truth is the v. that indwells its

very story

128:4.5 to the recital of this v. of the strange Galilean who

very supernaphim

27:1.4 who welcomes you to the eternal shores as the v.

very synagogue

133:3.2 years afterward, when Paul was preaching in this v.,

147:1.1 the v. wherein you have so many times spoken.”

166:5.2 This v. later on became a Christian church and was

very teachings

130:2.3 These v. of Jesus, as were held by the Philadelphians,

very techniques

28:5.12 By these v. do the Perfectors of Wisdom adapt

very term

170:0.1 Although the v. kingdom of heaven should have

very testimony

140:9.3 and your v. shall be a witness for me to them.

very thing(s)

27:5.2 brilliant beings who are the v. you wish to know.

137:4.5 That was one of the v. he had decided not to do

151:2.5 I remember that you once told us to beware of this v.

163:2.9 been willing to do at this time the v. which Jesus

very threshold

56:10.9 v. of the spiritual level of human comprehension.

117:5.2 unified his evolving self to the v. of supremacy.

very time

135:6.2 made such a deep and universal appeal as at the v.

156:2.3 reception of Jesus’ teachings by gentiles at this v.

166:5.1 At this v., Abner was teaching three times a day in

186:5.3 At this v. Jesus’ duty on earth was done.

195:1.9 It was at this v. that the ideas and ideals of Jesus,

very truth(s)

26:9.4 the good news that in v. the conscientious creatures

39:3.7 quicken your appreciation of those v. of fraternity

52:5.4 truth in the flesh, that v.—even the Spirit of Truth—

92:4.3 in quest of truth; revelatory religion is that v..

120:1.3 you will know in v. the full meaning and the rich

132:6.1 suffering in sorrow when, in v., they are but a

141:2.2 then are you in v. in the kingdom because the

143:1.7 you are in v. the personal associates of the Son of

159:4.10 of the sanctity of this traditionalism know this v..

178:1.16 spiritual disloyalty to the v. which they profess to

very unifications

116:4.1 these v. of the factors of supremacy—the creators,

very unity

117:1.3 This v. trinitarian unity is expressed in the finite

very values

99:4.1 formalization of religious groups destroys the v.

176:1.5 And it was in conformity with this v. that the group

very waters

65:2.1 the inland seas, those v. in which the Life Carriers

very way

117:6.27 while the v. that he is traversing is the presence of

128:4.9 Father that the bestowal should unfold in this v..

very wisdom

22:10.2 they actually embody the v. of the divine Trinity

very words

159:4.1 effect that the words of the law are the v. of God,

very world(s)

23:2.20 dark planets, the v. which are best adapted to life

36:2.15 was planned and partially worked out on this v.,

45:1.2 have returned to the v. where you are beginning this

55:2.9 they go back as teachers to the v. they passed by,

102:3.2 the v. with which it should everlastingly stand in

143:1.4 the gospel which I declare to you will rule this v..

181:1.8 soul when he himself lived the mortal life on this v.

very year

136:2.8 The fifteenth year of his actual rule was this v. of


111:1.9 The master of the mortal v. should have the

130:2.1 because one of the huge steering paddles of the v.

136:9.7 you shall dash them in pieces like a potter’s v.’”

145:1.1 it was the former fishing v. of Simon Peter and

151:3.1 covers it up with a v. or puts it under the bed;

155:1.2 and dash them to pieces like a potter’s v..’

173:1.8 to carry even an empty v. across the temple courts


81:2.19 the making of clay v. had practically ceased for over

81:2.19 pre-Sumerian Nodites continued to make clay v..

123:5.12 make out the sailing v. on the distant Mediterranean.

137:4.11 the servants about these huge stone v., under the

140:6.14 “My brethren, you are earthen v.; it is best for you

151:4.6 the good into v. while the bad they threw away.”

153:3.3 properly wash your drinking cups and eating v..

166:1.4 while the spiritual-food v. are filthy and polluted!

185:1.6 where he claimed the temple v. were buried;

185:1.6 he failed to reveal the hiding place of the sacred v.,

VestaRoman goddess of the home

98:3.3 V. was the Roman goddess of the home.


85:4.4 V. virgins were charged with the duty of watching


14:3.3 planetary and is v. in the resident Eternal of Days,

53:5.2 not yet v. with “all power in heaven and on earth.”

72:2.16 3. Industrial courts—the jurisdictional tribunals v.

99:6.3 accumulation of v. interests with increase of

114:1.2 Michael as Prince has been recently v. in Machiventa

114:4.3 supreme authority seems to be v. in the commanding

116:1.3 power potential of the Supreme is v. in the Power

133:1.2 In the universe, judgment is v. in those who fully

133:1.2 such prerogatives are v. in the juridical groups of

175:4.9 attacks upon their v. prestige as religious teachers.


49:5.27 This epoch of the Teacher Sons is the v. to the final

52:7.16 of the transition from time to the v. of eternity.

112:0.1 life, to which your present mortal state is but a v..


67:5.4 every v. of the noble culture of those splendid ages

137:2.9 with completely destroying every v. of his writing


47:8.7 as you leave behind the coarse v. of planetary

52:3.8 anatomic v. belonging to both the herbivorous and

77:5.10 the v. of what was onetime the Adamsonite

78:7.7 But still older v. of the days of Dalamatia exist under

79:8.7 but lingering v. of a real concept of God remained


48:5.8 from the mortal survivors of such animal v. traits

86:3.2 v. traditions of the early attitude toward death.

89:1.6 Caste systems and social levels are v. remnants of

94:1.3 and the v. symbol of an earlier Trinity concept.


187:2.8 This left the tunic, or seamless v. reaching down to


92:1.3 v., bells, drums, and priesthoods are common to all

94:10.2 holy water, gorgeous v., and elaborate choirs.


49:5.12 is the v. finaliter known in Satania as Tabamantia.


30:4.31 evolutionary and perfected v. of time and space.

40:10.6 characterizes the Spirit-fused v. of the Nebadon

62:3.10 this couple, v. of so many struggles, proud parents of

72:2.7 third house—the elder statesmen—embraces the v. of


3:6.1 and unerringly wields the all-powerful v. scepter of

45:5.6 higher order of sonships reserve the v. functions of

55:8.1 body, subject to the v. of the Constellation Fathers,

114:5.1 the v. power resident in the Most High observer.

Vevonaseraphic soul of peace

39:5.5 V., chief of the souls of peace in Adam’s day,

39:5.5 same V. who, when Michael was born, heralded


143:3.2 recently experienced much v. of spirit and stress of

149:5.2 a superabundance with sorrow and v. of spirit.’


141:7.13 Jesus was never excited, v., or disconcerted.


43:1.2 Edentia can be navigated v. these water routes,

80:9.4 of the Danube valley v. the Brenner Pass.

108:1.2 patterns of life conduct are transmitted v. Paradise


52:3.9 v. from both the animal and vegetable kingdoms.

89:1.5 Such v. would be taboo to the child.

92:2.2 manufactured food, but of the most primitive of v.


116:7.1 mechanism of the vast creation of the v. cosmos.

118:3.3 never dead and formal, always v. and adaptable—

121:2.7 were v. with the expectation of the appearance of a


135:3.4 John fairly v. with the mounting impulse to go forth


48:7.12 of truth, and the melody v. throughout the cosmos,


39:5.14 seraphim has become an almost transparent, v.,

168:1.10 of celestial beings v. with expectancy and ready to


42:5.4 the ultimatons occasions v. in the content of space

42:5.5 These are the shortest of all purely electronic v. and

189:1.1 intense v. of commingled material and morontia


42:4.14 the v. or wavelike behavior of such units of energy

vicesee vice versa

82:2.4 eventually created concepts of v., crime, and sin.

89:2.4 The habitual violation of a taboo became a v.;

131:4.3 The Eternal Witness to v. and virtue dwells within

135:3.4 all John heard of the v. and wickedness of Rome

149:4.3 virtue, if carried to extremes, may become a v..

162:3.4 to betray his own wife in her commercialized v..

vicegerentsee Vicegerent Planetary Prince

21:3.1 sovereignty, he rules as v. of the Universal Father.

21:3.5 1. Initial v. sovereignty—the solitary provisional

21:3.6 2. Conjoint v. sovereignty—the joint rule of the pair

21:3.7 Augmenting v. sovereignty—the advancing authority

21:3.12 In accepting the initial v. sovereignty of a projected

24:1.12 rebel against the Universal Father and his v. Son.

32:3.5 represented by its Creator Son, sometime v. of

33:1.4 The Creator Son is the v. personalization of the

39:2.3 over which Gabriel preside as v. of the Master Son.

53:2.1 the Universal Father and his then v. Son, Michael.

53:5.2 Michael ruled by divine right, as v. of the Father,

93:10.7 Will Melchizedek be constituted V. Material Son of

114:1.2 V. authority to act for Michael as Planetary Prince

114:1.3 formal arrival of Melchizedek with the v. mandate

120:1.4 receive back from my hands, not the v. authority

vicegerent Planetary Prince

45:4.16 This Melchizedek has latterly been proclaimed v.

53:9.4 Melchizedek has since been proclaimed v. of

55:7.3 Machiventa Melchizedek, now the v. of Urantia,

56:10.22 with a certain Melchizedek, the v. of Urantia.]

93:10.5 the Creator Son, bearing the title V. of Urantia.

93:10.6 to function as v. representing Christ Michael,

93:10.7 the conferring upon this Melchizedek of the title V.

114:0.11 onetime incarnated Machiventa Melchizedek as v.

114:1.2 V. authority to act for Michael as Planetary Prince

114:1.3 during the present dispensation unless the v.

114:1.4 Others hold that the v. may not come, as such,

114:3.4 when Machiventa was designated v., that he would

vicegerentssee Qualified Vicegerents

13:1.12 to represent the Trinity, to act as v. of the Gods.

18:3.8 sovereign, whose v. they will undoubtedly become.

18:4.1 immediate and personal v. of the Ancients of Days.

21:4.5 no longer do they rule as v. of the Father but in

93:10.7 with the titles v. of the second Adam of Urantia?

117:7.16 Trinity administrators will continue as his v.,


13:1.11 4. VICEGERINGTON. This planet is the “bosom of

13:1.12 The secrets of V. include the secrets of trinitization

13:1.13 these secrets of V. will always be forbidden you.

13:1.13 high Trinity-origin being, all sectors of V. are open.

13:1.14 aspects are duly protected in the secret sector of V..

13:2.3 V. is the only sacred sphere that is wholly open to

13:2.3 in this universe age I do not regard V. as my home.

13:2.5 Father-Son origin, would regard V. as their home,

22:2.6 passing through V. in close and loving association.

22:7.1 among the secrets of V. and Solitarington and are

22:7.10 the citizens of eternity are all held in reserve on V.,

22:8.6 on V., the supreme destiny of all creature-trinitized

23:4.3 an unclassified personality is dispatched to V.,

23:4.3 world of his assignment and nevermore leaves V..

23:4.3 personalities have continued to forgather on V.,

23:4.4 Solitary Messengers going to be concentrated on V.?

23:4.4 that these couples forgathering on V. are under the

31:1.5 the Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters on V.

31:7.4 the numerous trinitized groups on Paradise, V.,

vice versa

11:6.2 extension of unpervaded space contract and v..

11:6.2 making pervadable space nonpervadable and v.


70:2.14 3. The v. of luxury, cultural immaturity.

80:3.4 wholly free from the sexual v. of the mixed Adamites

90:2.9 sun in 1808 and denounced the v. of the white man.

135:4.5 direct and blunt assault upon the sins and v. of his

140:8.21 Jesus had little to say about the social v. of his day;


47:3.6 free to explore the immediate v. of your new home

57:5.13 while Angona was yet in the v. of the sun, three of

66:5.30 In the v. of Dalamatia there developed a more

73:1.5 The central group remained in the immediate v. of

73:1.6 Here, in the v. of Lake Van and the Caspian Sea

74:0.1 the revolving planet in the v. of the temple of the

74:4.1 strange things were transpiring in the v. of the

87:1.4 feared they would die if they fell asleep in the v. of

87:2.3 “lay the ghost”—get it away from the v. of the grave.

93:5.14 Melchizedek but saw to it that all others in that v.

98:6.4 the majority of the Christian churches in the v. of

134:8.1 After spending some time in the v. of Caesarea

138:1.4 and other members of his family living in that v..

143:5.1 Sychar, for they were disposed to stay in this v.

156:0.1 They spent two and one-half weeks in Sidon and v.

157:0.1 Jesus took the twelve for a short sojourn in the v.

162:0.4 Jesus and the twelve remained in the v. of Jerusalem

162:9.6 twelve withdrew from the immediate v. of Jerusalem.

166:2.1 expected to appear in this v. at about this time;

168:0.4 extensive vineyards and olive orchards in this v.,


62:3.5 All of the great and v. animals of former times had

70:12.11 5. Domination by v. minorities.

72:5.2 reducing the numbers of degenerate and v. classes.

99:2.2 religion is now caught in the stalemate of a v. circle.


108:0.2 share the life v. experiences of human beings.


3:5.5 The uncertainties of life and the v. of existence do

10:7.5 the inexplicable v. of living are all interwoven into a

46:1.8 Jerusem are not subject to the v. of sun disturbances,

52:1.4 notwithstanding all the v. of the early ages of human


66:8.4 Prince shared the inevitable v. of isolated Urantia

77:9.9 immune to those temporal v. which beset human

86:3.4 visualized as the source of these mysterious v. of life.

86:7.4 erroneous doctrine of a spirit cause of the v. of life,

87:4.6 to reconcile spirit constancy with the v. of temporal

97:1.4 state of men’s minds and the v. of mortal

101:3.1 In and through all the historic v. of religion there

102:2.3 the painful stress of the v. inherent in the temporal

102:2.8 for bravely, even heroically, facing the v. of life.

103:3.5 the survival of religion throughout the v. of the ages

112:7.6 It is a fact in time and is responsive to the v. thereof.

117:1.6 of the v. attendant upon the solution of the manifold

117:4.1 Our struggles with the v. of time in the evolutions of

118:3.3 —forever exempt from all transient v., albeit never

120:1.3 safe conduct throughout the unrevealed v. of your

120:2.8 interpretation of man and the v. of his planetary

128:0.1 wrestling with the v. of his environment just as do

156:5.13 meeting all of the v. and harassments of mortal

178:1.17 Throughout the v. of life, remember always to love


2:4.3 God is never a v. of attitudinal antagonisms.

48:4.13 it portrays one’s supposed superiors falling v. to the

68:4.4 ancient man was held a helpless v. of the ritual of the

86:1.5 The farmer found himself the v. of drought, floods

94:3.8 fallen v. to the error of failing to differentiate

103:5.10 nor the v. of the hopeless fatality of a mechanistic

121:7.5 religion of good works and slavery to law fell v. to

135:12.2 John was also a v. of the intense and bitter hatred

139:12.5 to fall v. to the peaceful deception of pleasant

139:12.9 brooder, and finally Judas became a v. of resentment.

145:2.13 spirit or demon; he was a v. of ordinary epilepsy.

147:3.5 was such a v. of the feeling of his own helplessness

159:5.11 becoming just a passive sufferer or v. of injustice.

160:2.7 fall v. to distortion of v., prejudice of viewpoint,

166:4.7 2. You may chance to fall v. to one of the accidents

187:1.2 It was the custom, after the v. had been nailed to

187:2.3 the v. sometimes not dying for several days.

187:2.3 wine to the v. in order to lessen his suffering.


16:6.4 helpless v. of the implied a priori assumptions of

67:4.7 and superhuman beings who were v. of the Lucifer

86:2.1 When men and women fall v. to excessive anxiety,

116:0.1 stoical resignation in the unfortunate v. of social

125:6.9 subservient to the Roman yoke and v. of your own

132:0.9 they were not v. of a settles preconception as to all

132:5.13 the suffering v. of the unfortunate circumstances

149:2.6 Jesus was increasingly sought by the v. of moral

163:6.2 wrought in the cases of v. of nervous disorders.

166:4.4 simply innocent v. of one of the accidents of time.

167:3.5 Jesus frequently delivered such v. of fear from their

185:6.4 who are v. of intense emotional hatred and slaves to

187:5.8 it was common for the v of crucifixion to linger alive

188:0.2 the custom thus to dispose of the v. of crucifixion.

190:0.3 not the self-deceived v. of visions or hallucinations.


70:1.3 the tree; the one whose stick broke first was the v..

70:8.5 conquest, the relation of the v. to the vanquished,

104:0.2 Three cheers are given the v.. The dead are buried

157:6.4 Jesus rather taught that the spirit was easy v. over

160:3.4 the v. and the vanquished have sustained defeat.

194:3.12 There was but one v.; there was only one who came


137:8.7 by their moral decisions and by their spirit v.;

148:6.3 he did achieve great v.; even in the very face of

159:3.2 spiritual v. can be won only by spiritual power.

179:4.5 such v. are not won without the faith of the sincere

184:4.6 the moments of the Master’s greatest v. in all his

195:0.13 the older order won many minor v. of a ritualistic

195:2.9 the Roman-political v. had consolidated the lands


4:4.9 The consciousness of a v. human life on earth is born

40:6.5 truly related brothers of Christ, the v. Michael,

53:7.12 from the crucial test triumphant and altogether v.

59:4.1 for long periods the sea has been comparatively v.,

64:6.20 The remnants of the v. green men were subsequently

79:5.6 left its genetic imprint upon the v. yellow race.

79:6.4 v. tribes of the yellow man established their earliest

80:5.4 Thor, the v. commander of the armies of the north

93:5.13 caught up with his former disciple as he returned v.

94:6.6 Absolute Deity does not strive but is always v.;

130:6.4 your whole life become one of v. accomplishment


4:4.9 “the v. which overcomes the world, even your faith.”

32:5.8 certain v. will crown the efforts of every human

34:7.6 is the v. that overcomes the flesh, even your faith.”

47:10.2 those who had gained v. over the beast that was

59:4.1 victorious, but times of land v. are just ahead.

70:1.17 Deborah’s general in his v. over the gentiles caused

89:6.3 agreeing to pay a certain price for v over his enemies

92:5.12 Deity and of the ultimate v. of light over darkness.

93:4.14 barbarous practice after his v. over Chedorlaomer:

93:5.13 insisted that the God of Salem had given him v. over

97:1.10 the power and the glory and the v. and the majesty.

97:9.5 After Saul’s v. over the Ammonites (which he

97:9.22 After a signal v. Amaziah turned to attack his

101:3.10 6. Maintains a divine trust in ultimate v. in spite of

116:5.14 they achieve finite v. over the energies and masses

126:1.2 story of the Egyptian army winning its first great v.

127:6.12 experienced in the skillful wresting of v. from the

131:6.2 Man’s greatest v. is the conquest of himself.

133:2.5 founded some fifty years before as the “city of v.

133:7.12 this v. is achieved in the overcoming of evil with

135:5.5 faithful would sweep on to universal and eternal v.

136:10.1 And his face shone with the glory of spiritual v.

142:5.3 and this is the v. that overcomes all uncertainty,

155:5.10 the v. of spiritual faith over intellectual doubt

160:3.4 gain an equal v. by his superior and winsome

171:2.4 you need have no fear of that outward v. which

174:5.12 Let me assure you that v. shall eventually crown

188:5.6 symbol of the v. of truth over evil when he prayed,

195:0.3 Such a conflict must result in either decided v. for


97:7.9 Isaiah v. with Moses in the eloquence with which


50:5.6 Luxury v. with necessity in occupying the center of

viewnoun; see view, in

13:0.7 hope to gain anything like a consistent v. of them,

14:1.14 and enshroud Havona as to hide it from the v. of

24:7.1 If this v. is not correct, how then can we account

32:5.3 from behind the scenes, a more comprehensive v.

47:10.3 Paul also had a v. of the ascendant-citizen corps of

63:5.4 and in hillside grottoes which afforded a good v.

69:5.9 began to give death presents to the priests with a v.

69:9.12 red man could not comprehend the white man’s v..

73:0.1 Edentia asking that Urantia be inspected with a v. to

86:5.3 explains the inconsistencies of the savage v. of souls,

93:9.9 distorted and perverted their traditions with the v. of

96:5.8 then presented to his leaders was soon lost to v.,

97:7.11 mind of mortal man, never to be lost to human v..

103:7.6 logic may confirm the inward and the outward v.,

111:7.5 the long-distance v. of a far-seeing Monitor

115:3.18 From a circumscribed v. there are many ends, many

119:4.1 Salvington dispatching field and was lost to our v..

119:6.2 departed in full v. of everyone, accompanied by a

123:5.12 they could obtain a panoramic v. of all Galilee.

124:1.6 It was a clear day and the v. was superb.

124:3.9 hateful such things were from the Jewish point of v..

124:4.5 More and more he inclined to the v. of his father,

124:6.8 Jesus gained his first v. of the Mount of Olives and

124:6.10 Mount of Olives, drinking in his first v. of Jerusalem.

128:3.6 Stephen’s boldness in proclaiming his v. of the new

129:4.4 From a material point of v., Jesus might appear to

130:7.5 man, because of his sectional and circumscribed v.,

130:7.5 the enlarging v. of this event procession is such that

131:8.4 wise man who regards all parts from the point of v.

132:5.2 I minded to lay before you my v. of the solution of

134:3.8 commission of three to prepare our v. of the Urmia

135:5.4 group of devout Jews held a vastly different v. of

148:1.2 Each of the apostolic teachers taught his own v. of

156:5.8 speedily acquiring a long-distance v. of your destiny,

157:3.1 The heights of Mount Hermon were in full v. to the

157:3.1 a magnificent v. was had of the upper Jordan and the

171:6.1 he could obtain a good v. of the Master as he passed

172:3.10 the city and the temple towers came into full v.;

182:1.2 in full v. of Jerusalem Jesus bade them kneel on a

186:3.4 plain matter-of-fact v. of the Master’s assertion

191:6.1 the morontia Master appeared there in full v. of all.

192:4.3 by his side, in full v. of all, the Master appeared in

193:0.1 suddenly, the morontia Master appeared in full v.

196:2.9 did not share Paul’s pessimistic v. of humankind.

view, in

0:11.5 in v. of the infinite possibilities of all future eternity.

20:4.5 In v. of this prospect, only time can reveal the

30:4.24 such training is wise and necessary in v. of their

32:5.5 in v. of our belief in a delimited universe moving

39:5.4 In v. of the Adamic default, it is indeed remarkable

84:4.8 In v. of all this it was not strange that women were

96:4.5 In v. of this cataclysm it is not surprising that Moses

107:7.1 in v. of the spiritual phases of their present ministry

120:1.5 My brother, in v. of the authority of Paradise

120:2.9 in v. of the fact that your creator prerogatives will

123:6.9 not feeling strongly one way or the other, in v. of

135:10.3 In v. of all this, Herod decided to put John in

136:4.1 In v. of John’s precarious situation, Jesus began

136:6.1 in v. of the inherent potential of his new status of

139:4.4 In v. of the fact that John came nearer to being the

141:4.8 in v. of their limited knowledge of the early history

145:2.13 he did in v. of the fact that such cases of demon

145:3.11 in v. of Jesus’ preceding expression of healing

148:6.7 “And who can challenge the attitude of Job in v.

154:6.4 in v. of the fact that Mary and Jesus’ brothers had

161:1.6 In v. of the doctrine of the Trinity, the Greek was

176:3.3 in v. of the possible return of the Son of Man,

176:3.3 believer carries forward his lifework in v. of

178:2.10 in v. of the disturbed conditions in Jerusalem,

183:4.1 what should be done in v. of the Master’s arrest.

192:4.3 declaration of faith, there by his side, in full v. of all

193:0.1 the morontia Master appeared in full v. and

193:4.1 in v. of the accumulated enlightenment of succeeding


0:3.21 As a time-space creature would v. the origin of

3:5.4 As you glimpse the manifold workings and v. the

5:4.15 In the study of the religious life of Jesus, v. him

10:0.3 As I v. the past, present, and future of time, I

10:4.7 you should v. the Trinity in accordance with your

10:6.18 in the Trinity, as man would v. it, the personalities

14:6.28 The Michael and other Paradise Sons v. Paradise as

15:3.4 you are obliged to v. these phenomena from the

15:4.7 when you v. it, pause to consider that the light you

23:3.8 If you could v. these extraordinary beings in the light

31:10.19 As we v. this triune development, embracing

31:10.20 And as we v. this sublime spectacle, we all exclaim:

43:6.4 Were you to v. these ten divisions of Edentia life,

46:2.9 you may ascend the pearly observatory and v. the

55:2.6 if mortals could only learn to v. natural death with

55:6.9 If the mortals of distraught Urantia could only v. one

56:9.5 As creature minds may v. this problem, they are

57:3.2 when they turn their telescopes spaceward and v.

58:4.7 stratified records of past ages are exposed to v..

84:7.19 Ancestor worshipers v. the failure to have sons as

103:6.5 applied, are compelled to v. the cosmos in distortion,

106:8.22 But as we v. these remote eventualities as personal

117:4.1 As we v. the ceaseless struggles of the creature

118:1.8 to v. the landscape of time from the panoramic

118:10.3 When we desire to v. the Trinity as one God, and if

123:5.14 When they did not climb the heights to v. the distant

123:6.9 more safely than strangers who can only v. my

124:1.4 were inclined to v. the episode humorously, while

125:1.5 wisely led him around to v. the “gate beautiful,”

126:1.2 In the distance he could v. the hills of Dothan,

127:3.5 they paused on the brow of Olivet to v. the temple,

130:3.2 to v. this splendid lifesaving device of man,

132:0.5 We who v. human activities from behind the

146:3.7 able to v. your present experiences in retrospect.”

147:4.8 will begin to v. such a problem of interpretation as

147:4.8 wise, and impartial third person would so v. and

148:4.7 v. mankind as beginning on earth with a perfect

156:5.17 Defeat is the mirror in which you may honestly v.

159:4.1 the sacred writings—the best as I v. it—and I infer

160:1.6 Mature men v. immature folks with the love and

160:2.9 unfailingly become discouraged when they v. only

167:6.1 When the apostles went out to v. this assemblage of

173:5.3 When all was ready, the king came in to v. his

174:1.3 The parent is able to v. the immaturity of the child

180:5.7 cause the mortal sons of God to v. this injunction of

187:1.4 large number of persons might v. the condemned

188:5.11 when you v. the cross as a revelation of God, you

190:1.2 And they were the last to so v. the sepulchre, for

195:5.12 As you v. the world, remember the black patches of

195:5.12 You do not v. merely white patches of good which

196:3.2 Philosophy would be inclined to v. these activities as


3:2.3 V. as an unspiritual phenomenon, God is energy.

7:1.10 V. from the personality standpoint and by persons,

10:0.3 The present master universe, v. in retrospect or in

10:3.2 when v. from the domains of space, they appear to

14:2.3 v. from a purely physical standpoint, the natives of

15:3.3 Orvonton stellar density when the heavens are v. in

16:8.15 The Urantia type of human personality may be v.

46:6.12 system activities can be v. even by student visitors.

70:6.5 he was regarded as too sacred to be v. except on

84:8.2 marriage is often v. only as a means of pleasure.

86:1.2 they v. such good fortune as a certain harbinger of

87:5.1 Primitive man v. the spirits and ghosts as having

90:3.2 V. in this light, much of the inexplicable in the cults

94:8.16 it was not v. as a state of complete annihilation.

101:1.1 Religion is not the product of reason, but v. from

103:6.3 v. exclusively from the insideness of personality

105:5.6 is the genesis of reality; as v. by creature mind,

121:7.7 The Jews v. history as the providence of God—

121:7.12 rock and tree was v. by as being spirit possessed.

124:1.4 had v. it before the committee went to call on Joseph

125:5.9 as Jesus v. the city and its temple, he did not weep;

130:7.4 space is a time-related phenomenon as it is v. from

130:7.5 will be v. as a whole and perfectly related cycle;

133:0.3 they may be v. physically, mentally, socially,

134:9.3 Jesus v. it all as misrepresentative of the character

136:1.3 had they but v. these prophetic utterances in a

160:4.9 are best solved when they are v. from the religious

189:3.5 the events of the resurrection of Jesus as v. by those

190:5.3 they stood still and v. him with sad surprise.

196:2.9 Jesus was not a moral skeptic; he v. man positively


4:2.7 mortal man persists in v. the phenomena of nature

8:2.3 tend towards the error of v. matter as basic reality

44:0.16 by v. a spirit counterpart presented to our minds by

58:2.3 mortal mechanists insist on v. material creation

74:3.7 Adam and Eve were escorted all day, v. the animal

116:0.2 When v. the exquisitely perfect spheres of Havona,

116:0.2 when v. the turmoil, imperfections, and inequities of

125:1.5 v. the Asmonean palace, the stately home of

125:6.13 eventually v. his utterance on Olivet as prophetic

128:3.5 they both strolled about v. the Asmonean palace,

142:2.4 you persist in v. God as Moses and the prophets saw

172:4.1 the temple, v. the preparations for the Passover.

181:2.26 appreciate your critical way of v. new teachings.

189:5.2 John tarried at the door, v. the tomb, and it was

190:0.5 In v. the prominent part which Mary Magdalene


0:4.6 From the v. of time and space, reality is divisible as:

3:2.7 have their origin in the limited range of your v.,

3:2.10 sectional, finite, gross, and highly materialistic v.

7:1.3 From the v. of personality, spirit is the soul of

12:2.1 from the larger v. the space regions extending

12:4.7 Space is, from the human v., nothing—negative;

12:5.1 From a practical v., motion is essential to time, but

12:6.8 to the Paradise Trinity, but from an experiential v.

12:7.2 To you, with your limited vision and finite v.,

19:1.4 of succumbing to the error of the circumscribed v.,

19:3.7 the union of the human v. and the divine attitude on

20:6.2 From a material v., these human-divine Sons live

21:5.2 1. Embraces the sevenfold v. of Paradise Deity.

21:5.4 synthesizes Paradise attitude and creature v..

22:4.3 to render opinions when a spiritual v. is desirable,

22:4.6 If the v. of a mortal creature is ever in doubt,

25:3.7 fair adjustment of these honest differences of v.

28:2.2 from the v. of the Seven Supreme Executives.

31:1.1 They provide the v. of one born in perfection and

32:5.6 I have done my best to portray something of our v.,

37:5.11 to present a dual v. with ever-heightening wisdom.

54:5.13 The relative lapse of time from the v. of Uversa,

54:5.13 From the Paradise v. the adjudication is simultaneous

65:4.12 some of these things must be to the limited human v..

67:1.4 from the universe philosophic v. sin is the attitude

84:6.5 of v., and thinking between men and women,

84:6.6 The differences in v. between male and female persist

86:5.17 human existence was later reflected in the Greek v..

96:6.2 evolution of life practices and change of religious v.

98:7.9 6. The personal v. of Paul of Tarsus.

100:4.4 you should sympathetically seek to discern his v.,

101:2.2 compensates for the absence of the morontia v. by

101:10.9 gaze upon the universe from within, from God’s v.,

103:0.1 functions to enlarge man’s v. of ethics, religion,

103:6.3 Religion has to do with the spiritual v.,the awareness

103:7.6 faith is always logical from the basis of an inner v.,

103:7.6 appear to be unfounded from the inlooking v. of

103:7.15 while co-ordinating the scientific material v. with the

105:1.3 From the sequential, time v., all reality has its origin

105:2.7 From the finite mortal’s v., reality has its true

105:7.1 from the eternity v., in anticipation of the finite;

106:0.15 5. Your inability to grasp even a partial eternity v..

106:9.5 Trinities—the time v.—must be supplemented by

106:9.5 at this is already a factualization—the eternity v..

106:9.6 1. The limited human v., the inability to grasp the

111:7.3 to be enlightened and inspired by the universe v.

115:2.1 From a finite creature’s v., infinity contains much

115:3.11 From the time v., the Actual is that which was and is;

115:3.11 From the eternity v., the differences between the

115:3.12 From a creature’s v., actuality is substance,

115:3.17 From a practical v. the philosophers of the universe

115:3.18 v. on a higher universe level, there are no endings,

117:0.4 From the mortal v. both are evolutionary and

118:4.7 from the finite v. they certainly can and do create.

118:10.12 in planetary development, we observe that this v. is

119:0.6 has really acquired the v. of his own creatures by

119:6.4 this progressive acquirement of the creature’s v. in

120:0.5 sevenfold v. of Paradise Deity with the creature v.

121:6.1 the Western Jewish or modified Hellenistic v..

121:6.6 the light of the v. of the later Alexandrian Christians,

122:5.4 from Mary he derived a broader v. of religious life

124:1.4 Jesus had his say, courageously defended his v.,

127:6.7 shocked at first but came gradually to see his v.;

128:2.5 become better acquainted with the gentile v. of life.

134:6.11 having a global religion—or religions with a global v..

139:7.3 weakness was his shortsighted and materialistic v. of

140:6.7 spirit; the estimate of time and the v. of eternity.”

141:7.10 From the human v. Peter was a much more effective

144:6.11 to remain sympathetic with the other person’s v.

155:6.9 only uniformity of insight, not uniformity of v.

160:2.7 fall victim to distortion of vision, prejudice of v.,

168:4.5 the superior v. of the spiritual world has devised a

170:0.2 he discussed the subject from every v. and

170:2.13 apostles had acquired a double v. of the kingdom;

188:5.11 man nor with the v. of the later barbarian, both of

194:4.11 These Greeks did not so much have the Jewish v.,

196:0.10 a consecration of impulse, a clarification of v.,


1:6.3 Never lose sight of the antipodal v. of personality

25:2.4 collectively manifest forty-nine experiential v.,

25:3.8 differences of opinion and honest diversity of v.,

37:5.4 the high service of interpreting the v. of the evolving

37:5.5 In this capacity they interpret the v. and portray the

37:5.11 to unite the v. of these two widely separate levels

47:4.6 human and not far removed from the limited v. of

48:6.32 the race commissioners to harmonize the varied v.

48:6.28 to bring material and morontial v. into true focus

49:5.1 Mortal creatures may be studied from numerous v.,

55:4.17 represent differing universe v. and diverse personal

70:8.7 industrialist, with their divergent v. and reactions.

84:6.3 Their v. and entire life reactions are essentially

92:5.4 3. The personal v. of the great religious leaders,

106:9.5 created by the experiential and the existential v. is

106:9.5 But how can these two v. be reconciled?

116:4.9 acquire the natures and cosmic v. of their actual

117:6.14 the different v. of the citizens of the eternal Isle and

118:8.9 in light and life has experientially achieved those v.

124:4.5 the difference between the v. of Joseph and Mary

140:6.7 “Always must you recognize the two v. of all mortal

148:6.12 much to cause the other apostles to change their v.

155:6.8 the mind ever run true to these various racial v..


49:1.6 not altogether in conformity with your present-day v.

77:3.4 Three differing v were propounded as to the purpose

86:1.5 The later herders held the same v. of chance and

89:3.6 Paul was a devotee of this cult, and his personal v.

89:3.7 Nor did Jesus ever teach these unreasonable v. to his

94:8.8 the Eightfold Path: right v., aspirations, speech,

96:1.15 while the Jews thus changed their v. of Deity from

121:6.1 In the long contest between the v. of the Eastern

122:5.11 the Eastern, or Babylonian, v. of the Jewish religion;

123:5.10 thinkers of the entire Jewish world expound their v.,

124:0.1 the Western, or Hellenic, v. of Hebrew theology.

124:4.9 to adjust his personal v. of religious practices and

125:6.3 bade him state his own v. regarding prayer and

129:1.12 a mechanic but took little stock in Jesus’ religious v.

130:4.10 These two v., synchronized and harmonized,

133:8.3 and in many ways expanded his v. of religion.

137:7.11 Samaritans held v. similar to the Jewish teachings.

140:8.17 he sought to correct many erroneous Urantia v. of

148:1.2 many and divergent v. of the gospel at his weekly

154:4.1 who held, respectively, the following v. of Jesus:

155:6.9 spirit does not demand uniformity of intellectual v.

157:4.2 brethren around to the full acceptance of their v..

159:4.3 The teachings of these books represent the v. and

160:2.7 to unite these v. of temporal existence and eternal

161:1.5 Nathaniel effected this change in the Greek’s v. by

161:2.1 Thomas had fully approved Rodan’s v. of the gospel

161:2.1 Nathaniel and Thomas jointly presented their v. of

172:5.12 Judas shared the v. of the Greeks and Romans,

196:2.1 a religion embodying his own theologic v. and


1:6.3 Man v. and comprehends personality, looking from

14:6.11 eternal Father v. with never-ending satisfaction the

102:2.5 man v. even his physical environment from the

111:6.8 insecurity as man v. himself inextricably bound to


160:3.1 At least, that is the way the philosopher v. it.


62:6.1 had passed through the long v. of watchful waiting

75:5.2 a lonely v. on Urantia without Eve was more than

123:0.2 Mary maintained one long and constant v. lest

134:9.5 the watchman must keep v. while the city sleeps

182:2.12 John Mark took up his v. near the road which ran

189:1.2 the object of their v. had risen to a new and higher


70:7.16 they acted as v. societies, thus practicing lynch law.

157:0.1 Ruth endeavored to elude the v. of the Pharisees


138:10.3 to accompany Jesus on those night v. of prayer and

144:4.10 who so often accompanied Jesus on his long night v.,

158:0.2 the habit of accompanying him on such special v..


80:3.3 a unique blend of the v. and art of the blue men with

80:3.3 The blue men were a race of great v., but they

80:5.7 traits and much physical v. to the white races of

81:1.8 a step in the health and v. of these ancient peoples.

82:6.5 Hybridization augments v. and increases fertility.

131:5.3 he is our wisdom, life, and v. of soul and body.

155:2.2 they preached and taught with increased v. and

195:7.19 Idealists and spiritists dare to use their oars with v.


64:1.1 million years ago, and he had a v. experience.

75:3.4 plans were laid for the more v. prosecution of the

78:3.4 inhabitants of Turkestan were a virile and v. people.

78:8.4 less advanced but more v. tribes from the north

81:6.37 continue to be dependent on wise and v. leadership.

82:6.5 secret of the creation of new and more v. strains.

94:6.11 but his teachings failed before the v. opposition of

97:3.6 and launched his v. campaign against the Baalites.

97:9.19 The v. Elijah appeared on the scene denouncing

99:1.6 clear-cut and v. restatements of its moral mandates

101:3.18 And it is just such a vital and v. performance of faith

102:1.1 progress is wholly dependent on the v. exercise of

123:3.9 adjusting his strong feelings and v. impulses to

124:3.10 At the end of this eleventh year Jesus was a v.,

139:2.12 Peter’s v. style was better shown in his letter known

139:3.7 James was a v. individual but was never in a hurry.

151:2.4 they were involved in a v. and determined effort to

159:5.9 necessitates v., active, and courageous expression

175:3.1 resentment toward Jesus’ last and v. indictment of

178:1.16 do not hesitate to stand in v. defense of the truth

181:2.9 (and they all nodded a v. approval), “but that will

187:1.3 when Pilate wrote this legend made v. protest

192:4.8 under the v. leadership of Peter and ere the Master

195:3.3 contention between the v. teachings of the Stoics


72:11.4 they can v. defend civilization without yielding to

122:5.11 Joseph held v. to the Eastern, or Babylonian, views

126:5.10 intelligently and v. attacked his problem just as he

151:5.4 rushing over to Jesus, shook him v. in order to

178:1.16 them the new light, which they have so v. rejected.


66:3.6 Home building and v. architecture among the

78:7.5 the waters wiped out the entire v.; only Noah and

84:3.10 No camp or v. could be left unguarded day or night,

122:6.1 part of Nazareth, some distance from the v. spring,

123:1.6 that Joseph built a small workshop close to the v.

124:4.1 the way in which he had caused trouble in the v.,

124:6.3 they passed the ancient v. of Shunem, and Jesus

124:6.9 they paused for rest in the borders of a little v. called

126:0.4 All the v. recounted his childhood wisdom and

127:6.6 celebrate the Passover in an adjoining v. down the

134:8.1 Jesus proceeded along the Damascus road to a v.

135:0.2 small v. known in those days as the City of Judah,

135:0.4 There was no synagogue school in this little v.;

135:10.2 Near the v. of Adam, John tarried for several

136:4.14 a shelter in the side of the hills near a v. called Beit

137:0.1 journeyed to the v. of Pella to deliver the boy safely

137:2.8 crossed the Jordan and, going by the v. of Nain,

139:8.2 Thomas was regarded as the leading citizen of this v.

144:6.1 in a near-by v. buying food when they met some

146:4.2 Jesus as a healer had spread even to this remote v.,

146:4.4 his leprosy, and since he was known to all the v.,

146:4.4 forced to rise early the next day and leave the v..

146:4.6 they went on to the v. of Madon, where they fared

146:5.3 episode of this sort to attend his ministry in this v..

146:6.2 half of the v. followed the bearers of the bier of

146:6.3 the whole v. of Nain, were aroused to the highest

150:7.2 this v. became increasingly contaminated by the

150:7.2 offended that he had never included his native v.

151:6.2 level spot was the cemetery of the little v. of Kheresa

151:6.5 a considerable crowd had assembled from the v.,

151:6.6 As the swine herders rushed into the v. to spread

151:6.6 by the swine tenders, and the whole v. believed it.

154:7.3 They rowed over to near the v. of Kheresa,

156:6.2 on the Nazareth-Mount Lebanon trail to the v. of

162:0.1 Jesus sent Philip and Matthew over to a v. on the

162:0.2 reported how they had been driven out of the v.,

162:0.2 than dispute, let us journey over to the little v. by

162:0.3 Jesus and the ten stopped for the night at the v. near

168:0.4 who had been the leading resident of the little v. of

172:0.1 one Simon, the leading citizen of the little v. since

172:3.1 it was in this small v., where almost every man,

172:3.6 go over to Bethpage, a neighboring v. a little off

190:5.5 had come near to the v. where these brothers dwelt.


124:6.9 The hospitable v. poured forth to minister to the

162:0.1 these v. were greatly prejudiced against the Jews,

162:0.1 the infuriated v. chased them out of the little town

172:3.1 He did not raise Lazarus that the v. might believe,


69:3.6 After being driven out of the v., the smiths

79:7.2 Yellow River had forged ahead of the Yangtze v.

87:1.3 against the establishment of permanent v. and cities.

123:3.8 with his father to these surrounding towns and v..

124:2.9 It was a province of agricultural v. and thriving

124:6.7 The third day they passed by two v. which had been

138:9.3 Besides these towns they labored in many v. as well

142:8.1 and among the people of the surrounding v..

143:0.1 Thamna came over to invite Jesus to visit their v..

149:0.1 visited Bethsaida-Julias, and many other cities and v..

149:4.1 the believers in most of the cities and v. where Jesus

150:0.4 the principal cities and v. of central and southern

151:0.2 in Capernaum and the surrounding cities and v..

151:1.1 the people from Capernaum and near-by v. began

152:2.6 to the v. around about and buy themselves food.”

157:2.2 throughout all the cities and v. of the Decapolis

158:6.5 our mission to the cities and v. of the Decapolis.

159:0.2 to labor in the cities and v. of the Decapolis.

163:6.5 “You have heard how many cities and v. have

165:0.1 on a mission to all of the cities and v. of Perea.

165:0.1 cities and towns and some fifty additional v.:

166:0.1 Jesus and the twelve made a tour of all the v. of

167:0.3 gospel at Philadelphia and among the near-by v..

193:1.3 and they hastened off to the near-by towns and v.,


187:1.4 Beyond Golgotha were the v. of the wealthy,

Viltonsecretary of the Lanonandek ministry

45:3.6 5. The system recorder—V., secretary of the

45:3.6 V. was a member of the original Lanaforge group.


144:2.5 I will v. her lest she wear me out by her continual


150:2.2 women first demonstrated their usefulness and v.

194:1.2 that which v. their former devotion to Jesus and

194:3.2 the faith of the spirit-led creature will always be v..


54:6.1 the technique of dealing with the rebels is a v. of

65:5.4 the eventual v. of our original plans and life patterns.

67:2.6 then did Van and his loyal associates receive v. and

108:5.10 angel must be adjudicated in order to receive v.

153:0.2 unexpected manner for the v. and support of his Son

196:0.10 an ennoblement of desire, a v. of moral decision,


5:4.11 1. The Hebrew concept—God as a v. of moral values,

148:6.9 now utters that cry of triumph, ‘My V. lives!’


193:4.13 In temperament, Judas was surly and v.. Emotionally


97:5.5 “But every man shall sit under his own v., and no

136:6.7 and on one v. there will be a thousand branches,

137:4.15 well drunk, to bring forth the inferior fruit of the v.;

179:2.2 I shall not again drink with you the fruit of the v.


180:2.1 I am the true v., and my Father is the husbandman

180:2.1 I am the v., and you are the branches.

180:2.1 The v. is pruned only to increase the fruitfulness

180:2.1 the branch will die if it is separated from the v..

180:2.1 branch cannot bear fruit except it abides in the v.,

180:2.1 Remember: I am the real v., and you are the living

180:2.1 Herein is the Father glorified: that the v. has many

180:2.3 the Messiah would be “a stem arising out of the v.

180:2.3 the grape and its attached v. decorated the entrance

180:2.4 by and through Jesus even as the life of the v.

180:2.5 When the branch of the v. is alive, there can be

180:2.6 the Father’s hand of discipline is laid upon the v.,

180:3.1 ceased their discussions of the discourse on the v.

182:1.22 I am the true v.; you are the branches.

193:2.2 they are useless branches on the living v., and they


166:4.9 he called the v. before him and said: ‘Here have I


187:5.3 the sour wine, in those days commonly called v..


123:2.14 Mary taught him to know and care for the v. and


163:3.5 in the morning to hire laborers to work in his v..

163:3.5 pay them denarius a day, he sent them into the v..

163:3.5 ‘Go you also to work in my v., and whatsoever is

163:3.5 ‘Go you also to work in my v., and whatever is

163:3.6 this owner of the v. said to his steward: ‘Call the

173:3.1 one of them saying, ‘Son, go work today in my v.

173:3.1 likewise he said to him, ‘Son, go work in my v.

173:4.2 man who was a householder, and he planted a v..

173:4.2 Then he let this v. out to tenants while he went on a

173:4.2 and after casting him out of the v., they killed him.

173:4.2 When the lord of that v. shall hear how they have

173:4.3 will destroy those miserable men and let out his v. to


168:0.4 They had extensive v. and olive orchards in this


1:7.8 existence of these three eternal persons v. the truth

136:6.2 a policy which would transcend, v., or outrage his

153:1.7 have granted this request, and I will not v. my word.


75:7.1 and Eve have v. the covenant of their trusteeship as

89:1.2 he sometimes dies of fright when he has v. a taboo,

90:3.8 one cannot be afflicted unless one has v. a taboo.

145:3.11 whole if his Father’s will would not thereby be v..


1:7.8 The fact of the Paradise Trinity in no manner v.

164:4.3 Jesus v. the law, first, in making the clay, then, in


127:4.5 in particular was Jude guilty of v. the spirit of these


48:6.33 Evil is a transgression of law, not a v. of the rules

51:3.4 entrapped them into a v. of the covenant of their

70:7.3 displeasure of the rulers because of the v. of taboo.

84:4.8 thus detected was a grievous sin, the v. of a taboo.

87:2.7 had they lived in v. of custom, their fear of ghost

87:2.7 The habitual v. of a taboo became a vice; primitive

89:2.4 the v. of a taboo was a combined crime and sin.

89:10.3 of guilt is the consciousness of the v. of the mores;

90:3.8 4. Sin—punishment for taboo v..

97:9.15 possession of land in the north in v. of the mores

127:2.3 a v. of his pledge made upon their return from

127:4.5 No penalty was attached to the v. of personal

164:4.1 they did this in v. of a standing rule which forbade

164:4.1 on the Sabbath day and in direct v. of their own


70:10.12 the imposition of fines for taboo v., the provision

127:4.3 self-confessed and deliberate v. of the family rules

154:7.1 for trial on charges of blasphemy and other v. of the


149:3.3 v. of the cardinal teachings of the Jewish sacred law.


89:2.4 to invent hells for the punishment of taboo v.;


20:6.7 When bestowal Sons are not put to death by v., they

41:10.1 This kept up with ever-increasing v. until nearest

66:5.15 Deliver us from v. and anger; give us respect for our

70:1.1 V is the law of nature,hostility the automatic reaction

70:9.5 —prevention of personal v. and social disorder.

70:11.14 and thus prevent public disorder and private v..

71:5.1 progress, but competition, unregulated, breeds v..

71:5.2 to regulate social conduct only enough to take v. out

72:5.3 V. has been outlawed as a procedure in adjusting

81:5.5 securing freedom from v. through police regulation.

86:3.1 Among savage peoples death was ordinarily due to v

90:3.5 2. V.—obvious causes. The causes for some

99:0.2 True religion does oppose v. as a technique of social

110:2.2 they never do v. to the volitional selfhood of their

118:6.2 does any v. to the freewillness of the myriads of the

133:1.4 and surely we have no v. to fear from our friends.

135:6.8 To the soldiers he said: “Do no v. and exact nothing

164:4.10 the Sanhedrin broke up in confusion, almost v.,

187:4.5 the penitent brigand, had been led into a life of v.

187:5.6 Jesus wisely restrained Peter’s trouble-making v.


20:6.6 new dispensation, without imposing a v. death.

20:6.6 divine plan that this death be either v. or unusual.

41:10.4 pass through a less v. and stormy youthful career.

57:8.11 age was characterized by frequent and v. storms.

59:3.6 had such v. and extensive eruptions occurred

59:3.6 V. earthquakes took place in northern Europe,

60:1.1 great erosion from the v. and periodic cloudbursts on

63:2.2 Andon and Fonta they had been awakened by a v.

68:1.2 has become man’s insurance against v. death.

68:2.7 would stand great abuse without v. resentment,

70:1.1 reversion to these early methods of v. adjustment of

70:1.2 and the Eskimos are fairly free from v. antagonisms.

73:7.1 with the v. activity of the surrounding volcanoes

94:2.6 Brahmanic priesthood experienced a v. reaction

96:4.5 had it not been for the v. eruption of Horeb during

99:2.5 peaceful evolution in the place of v. revolution—

128:6.7 have had some possible excuse for his v. outburst.

145:2.12 seized with a v. epileptic attack and loudly cried out.

150:9.3 and effectively disarmed even his v. enemies had it

151:5.2  v. and sudden windstorms which are characteristic of

151:5.4 “Master, don’t you know we are in a v. storm?

156:1.6 the little girl was seized with a v. convulsion before

158:4.6 But the lad had only a more v. fit, while the scribes

158:5.2 the youth was seized with a v. attack and fell in

158:5.2 After a succession of v. convulsions he lay there

173:1.6 At the money table of a near-by exchanger a v.

184:3.11 he advocated laying v. hands on the sacred temple,

195:6.6 The v. swing from an age of miracles to an age of


98:2.11 no nation ever plunged so quickly, deeply, and v.

134:1.6 v. ill, and Jesus, being a linguist, volunteered to

156:5.4 since men so often and so v. ran into temptation,

188:1.1 In their raving the Jews sought v. to take possession


12:4.14 the normal towards the v. by an approaching star;

43:6.6 the morontia equivalents of vegetative life have a v.

51:1.3 glow with the brilliance of radiant light of a v. hue.

violet race, or people(s), or stock, etc.

45:4.12 10. Eve, the mother of the v. race of Urantia, who

45:4.14 12. Moses, the emancipator of a remnant of the v.

51:1.3 glow with the brilliance of radiant light of a v. hue.

51:3.3 is the origin of the v. race on the inhabited worlds.

51:4.4 subsequently upstepped by the imported v. race.

51:4.7 abolished soon after the arrival of the imported v.

51:5.2 Usually the v. peoples do not begin to amalgamate

51:5.5 The v. race is a monogamous people, and every

51:6.1 Even in early times when the v. peoples are

51:6.2 the v. race becomes the second center of world

51:6.5 the v. race, imparts that stability of growth to

52:1.3 are blended with the imported v. race, the Adamic

52:3.7 an olive shade of the v. hue, the racial “white” of the

52:3.10 languages give way to the tongue of the v. people.

64:6.24 by assimilating the greater portion of the v. race.

64:7.11 upstepped by the v. race of Adam, has persisted as

66:5.24 made little progress until after the arrival of the v.

66:8.4 through the infusion of the lifeblood of the new v.

72:1.1 greater proportion of v. than the so-called white race

73:7.2 date of the accumulation of the reserves of the v. for

74:6.2 Adamson was the first-born of the v. race of

74:7.23 intermarry with the superior children of the v. race.

75:2.3 plans were laid for entrapping the mother of the v.

75:3.5 awaiting the recruiting of large numbers of the v.

75:3.5 have a leader born to them of part origin in the v.

75:3.6 to the plan of building up a strong reserve of the v.

75:4.8 I talked to the father and mother of the v. race that

75:8.1 the divine plan of giving the v. race to the Urantia

76:2.4 Cain was not pure v. as his father was of the Nodite

76:3.3 Adamson founded a secondary center of the v. race

76:3.9 The home life of the v. peoples was, for their day,


76:4.1 Adam and Eve were the founders of the v. race of

76:4.1 the v peoples were characterized by fair complexions

76:6.1 and Eve’s mission in the material flesh of the v. race

77:5.1 the grandchildren of Adamson, the first-born of the v

77:5.10 onetime the Adamsonite headquarters of the v.


78:0.2 This paper depicts the planetary history of the v.

78:0.2 on to its final disappearance from the Mesopotamian

78:1.3 1. The v. race—Adamites and Adamsonites.

78:1.3 The secondary or northern center of the v. race was

78:1.4 in general, absorbed by the later expanding v. race.

78:1.12 the great expansions of the v. race, about twenty-five

78:2.4 The civilization of the v. race was predicated on

78:2.4 the naturally evolving cultural capacities of the v.

78:3.1 The v. race retained the Edenic traditions of

78:3.1 explains their delay in making territorial conquests.

78:3.1 When they suffered from population pressure,

78:3.1 they sent forth their excess inhabitants as teachers to

78:3.3 Very few of the pure-line v. peoples ever penetrated

78:4.1 Andites were the primary blends of the pure-line v.

78:4.1 racial inheritance was one-eighth to one-sixth v..

78:4.2 by concentric circles of diminishing v. blood,

78:4.3 appear on Urantia since the days of the pure-line v.

78:4.5 the v. race had retained the Adamic tradition of

78:8.12 And this is the story of the v. race after the days

80:0.1 ever to appear on Urantia since the times of the v.

80:1.1 During the earlier days of the v. race the

80:1.4 But they received a very limited amount of the v.

80:1.6 great sex attraction between the v. and the blue races

80:2.1 The early expansion of the v. race into Europe was

80:4.3 The earlier expansions of the purer v. race were far

81:0.2 The influence of the v. race, though in numbers

81:1.5 there was a high degree of race mixture with the v.

81:4.8 5. Adamites, the v. race.

82:5.4 tremendously influenced by the traditions of the v.

84:8.3 The v. race introduced a new and only imperfectly

103:6.10 It was the v. race and their Andite successors who

114:7.12 steadily declining with the dilution of the v. blood


135:6.7 “Who warned you to flee, as v. before the fire,

153:4.4 But some of you who are as v., how can you, having

175:1.21 John did truly call you the offspring of v., and I ask

virginsee virginwith Adjuster or Monitor

82:4.5 a v. was a commercial asset to the father—she

84:1.3 It was once universally believed that a v. could

84:1.3 believed to be capable of causing pregnancy in a v.

84:4.5 for a priest to have initial intercourse with a v..

85:5.3 the mystic father of the v.-born sons of destiny who

98:3.3 hearth—Hestia was the v. goddess of the hearth;

122:4.4 was made to read, “a v. shall bear a son.”

virginwith Adjuster or Monitor

40:5.13 mortals of this second series are often indwelt by v.

107:2.1 Adjusters are individuated as v. entities, and all are

107:2.2 1. V. Adjusters, those serving on their initial

107:2.4 Adjuster, though no more divine than a v. Monitor,

107:5.2 all forms of Monitors above the first or v. groups.

109:2.1 Adjusters in relation to experience—v., advanced,

109:3.2 V. Adjusters are usually sent to such worlds

109:3.6 v. Adjusters are seldom assigned to persons who

109:3.8 many a v. Adjuster has served a valuable experience

112:4.10 the training of Monitors belonging to the v. group.


82:4.5 to imprison for years, in order to assure their v..

82:4.5 standards and v. tests automatically gave origin to

89:8.1 dedication to life-long v., and was a moral reaction


70:1.15 all male children and all women who were not v.,

82:4.5 were found by the grooms’ mothers not to be v..

84:1.4 v. were greatly restricted in their bathing practices;

85:4.4 Vestal v. were charged with the duty of watching

89:8.1 v. dedicated themselves to the service of tending the

92:5.6 conceived of their leaders as being born of v.;

176:2.8 of Selta that the parable of the ten v. appeared.


78:3.4 inhabitants of Turkestan were a v. and vigorous

80:1.7 produced a dozen or more v. and progressive groups

80:5.7 by the later and v. conquerors of their homelands.

95:6.2 This founder of a new religion was a v. and

97:1.2 This teacher was a v. and resolute man.

127:1.2 Jesus was a v. and comely youth.

139:8.7 innocent but at the same time so v., aggressive,

140:8.20 of whom were rugged, v., and manly fisherman.


84:3.4 admiration and applause for his pugnacity and v..


15:5.11 full condensation, v. complete consolidation;

17:4.1 they are v. duplications minus the attribute of

100:3.4 purely selfish pleasure may connote a v. devaluation

170:5.7 Paul’s institutionalized church became a v. substitute


3:2.3 form of nonspiritual energy which is v. unknown

6:8.2 As divine personalities they are v. indistinguishable

12:0.2 your minds it is comparatively limitless, v. boundless.

15:0.1 —as a Father—the universes are v. nonexistent;

16:6.10 may become disproportionate and v. unrelated in

21:2.2 become the head—v. the God—of the local universe

21:5.8 are as Creators and Gods, supreme in v. all things.

32:5.2 are v. unable to comprehend the thought of eternity,

34:3.2 A Solitary Messenger is v. independent of space

45:5.6 Sons hope to be granted v. complete autonomy.

47:9.1 the more advanced and enlightened spheres are v.

49:6.6 human beings who are v. exempt from morontia life,

52:5.9 problems of disease and delinquency are v. solved.

52:7.5 long evolutionary struggle have been v. obliterated

55:8.1 Such a system of worlds becomes v. self-governing.

57:7.9 there was v. no free oxygen in the atmosphere;

57:8.3 cooling surface continued until it was v. complete.

60:2.1 had v. perished from the face of the earth by the end

64:4.7 new animals v. exterminated the saber-toothed tigers

64:7.7 These three races v. destroyed themselves before

65:2.8 Reptilia, a great animal family which is v. extinct,

68:6.9 Many primitive clans were v. exterminated by the

69:8.7 Slavery v. disappeared because the feudal lords

69:9.1 While primitive society was v. communal, man did

69:9.5 apportionment of earnings among the group was v.

70:8.13 development and v. prevents social co-operation.

73:3.3 fact that this area was v. an island in an inland sea.

74:4.1 a v. unanimous conclusion that Adam and Eve

76:2.6 influence of an inferior environment v. neutralized

77:4.7 Sumerian language, though v. lost to the world,

78:3.6 in Africa and, like the red race, were v. isolated.

80:7.8 The descendants of Adam had been v. swallowed up

80:9.10 peoples as to be v. indiscernible as a separate type,

82:1.6 What is called sex appeal is v. absent even in

84:2.3 the wife’s mother enjoyed v. supreme authority in

84:3.1 mores, that v. compelled her to remain in wedlock.

87:5.8 burden, rendering life tedious and v. unendurable.

89:6.2 Human sacrifice has been v. universal; it persisted

94:2.4 desire and human ambition were v. destroyed.

94:2.4 later cults and teachings which have v. shackled

94:5.3 the Chinese people became v. monotheistic;

95:1.8 side-tracked and v. lost in frustration and oblivion.

95:1.9 the propaganda of the belief in one God v. ceased

95:6.1 The doctrine of the Abrahamic covenant was v.

96:3.2 the Bedouin captives were v. without a true concept

102:8.2 notable religious teachers have been v. unlettered.

107:7.6 and all creatures throughout his v. infinite realms,

108:1.9 V. all of this time is occupied with registration on

108:6.2 are v. thwarted in their work by many of man’s

109:3.8 with those beings who are v. disqualified for survival

122:7.3 Joseph v. forbade Mary to accompany him, but it

125:0.2 Jesus v. refused to go unless his mother would

128:5.3 the Hellenistic trend of Jewish affairs had v.

129:3.9 By the end of this tour Jesus v. knew that he was

129:4.8 Jesus had v. finished the living of the life required of

134:8.9 the Caligastia secession on Urantia were v. settled.

142:3.7 this enlarging concept of God v. supplanted all

157:4.1 the apostles had v. accepted him as the Messiah.

168:3.4 the transactions of the Sanhedrin v. admitted the

168:4.10 Your sincere faith implies that you have in advance v

177:2.7 features of these olden Jewish homes have been v.

195:4.2 During these dark centuries, religion became v.

195:10.18 Christianity resurrected itself and v. reconquered

virtuesee virtue of, by


16:7.1 Morality, v., is indigenous to human personality.

16:7.4 And a moral being in choosing v. is nonetheless

16:7.6 V. is righteousness—conformity with the cosmos.

16:7.6 V. is not mere knowledge nor yet wisdom but rather

16:7.6 v.  is realized by the consistent choosing of good

16:7.7 sense of proportion is concerned in the exercise of v.

16:7.10 Supreme v., then, is wholeheartedly to choose to do

21:3.14 V. is volitional with personality; righteousness is

48:7.19 You have not truly acquired any v. until your acts

70:1.5 Early man regarded it a v. to shed alien blood.

89:3.4 were active in teaching the v. of physical suffering,

98:2.6 Plato and Aristotle, taught that v. is knowledge;

103:4.5 man on the basis, not of actual v. or worthiness, but

117:2.8 incompleteness of the Supreme be regarded as a v.

117:2.8 Emptiness does have its v., for it may become filled.

121:4.3 with God; thus v. came to be its own reward.

121:4.4 preached simplicity and v. and urged man to meet

131:3.2 true wealth; it is the endowment of v. and glory.

131:3.6 He alone is a superior person who esteems v. and

131:3.7 not only enjoy v. here during this brief life but

131:4.3 The Eternal Witness to vice and v. dwells within

131:4.4 for my worship is the v. common to all creatures.

131:4.7 Evil must be left behind in this world, but v.

131:4.8 deprive their souls of the joys of v. and the pleasures

131:4.8 v. alone walks by man’s side as he journeys ever

131:9.3 If there be found any v. in me, it is the manifestation

139:6.3 And this was Nathaniel’s great v.; he was honest and

140:8.20 Fidelity was a cardinal v. in his estimate of

140:8.21 Jesus was a positive teacher of true v..

149:4.3 He called attention to the fact that any v., if carried

virtue of, by

0:6.12 That quality of energy or of personality by v. of

0:11.2 By v. of the equipoising presence of the Universal

3:5.16 status, what they are by v. of the fact of existence.

6:4.8 Not only does the Son know all things by v. of his

6:7.1 escaped by the technique of trinitization, and by v. of

12:5.1 Time comes by v. of motion and because mind is

19:5.5 Messengers, who detect their nearness by v. of an

21:3.15 he rules by v. of his actual experience in the form

21:6.4 Supreme is actualizing by v. of experiential service,

23:3.6 and, by v. of their tremendous transit velocities,

26:3.8 By v. of personal contacts with the broadcasters

28:5.20 services by v. of inherent “spiritual insight,” if I

29:4.28 by v. of their unique attributes of energy-attraction,

39:3.3 well qualified to perform by v. of long experience

51:6.5 that stability of growth to Edenic culture by v. of

55:8.7 become settled in light by v. of the progress of their

74:2.6 held by v. of the action of the Melchizedek receivers.

83:5.13 overburdened wives only managed to exist by v.

105:2.9 to the volitional self-limitation of the I AM by v. of

105:4.9 the bestowal of personality, by v. of which all of

106:7.3 the Unqualified Absolute by v. of the Universal

109:0.1 achieve skill for the next stage of cosmic life by v.

112:5.20 function responsively to universe conditions by v.

115:1.4 The realms of the finite exist by v. of the eternal

115:4.7 spirit person of God the Supreme takes place by v.

116:3.5 the ever-present source of the mind ministry by v. of

116:6.1 all of this by v. of the creative and unifying presence

117:2.1 power controlled through mind by spirit by v. of the

117:3.10 The Supreme Being evolves by v. of his liaison with

120:4.1 arbitrarily and autocratically upheld in power by v.

130:2.4 Why not assert your mastery of evil by v. of the


16:7.6 To name v. is not to define them, but to live them is

16:7.7 enters into the practice of the v. of the moral realm.

83:6.6 in that acme of all human v., rugged self-control.

98:2.6 Their cardinal v. were: wisdom, courage, temperance

103:5.7 vain hope of having all the v. of a noble character

131:7.2 In both the beauties of nature and the v. of men

131:9.2 the v. of man are the fruit of this endowment of

140:8.22 he valued whole life, not just a certain few special v..

143:1.9 the preaching of the negative v. of their Master’s

163:4.9 to cherish in their experience the following v.:


16:7.10 Such conduct is v..

131:3.3 peace of mind follow pure thinking and v. living as


121:6.7 a v. wave of persecution, extending even to Rome,


65:2.3 disease-causing bacteria and their auxiliary v.

100:4.6 this benign v. of love would soon pervade the

134:5.10 remain infected with the delusional v. of national

134:6.7 The real disease is the v. of national sovereignty.


54:5.11 otherwise hide the hideous v. of rebels and rebellion.

Vishnuthird member of the Hindu Trimurti

85:3.4 The Hindus often show V. with a horse’s head.

94:4.5 of the second and third members, Siva and V.,

94:4.5 V. is extremely popular due to the belief that he

94:4.5 belief that he periodically incarnates in human form.

94:4.5 In this way, V. becomes real and living in the

94:4.5 Siva and V. are each regarded by some as supreme

94:4.9 Christ himself being claimed as incarnations of V..

104:1.5 A later Indian conception was Brahma, Siva, and V..

visiblesee visible, not

1:3.2 rarely may we gaze upon the v. manifestation of his

8:6.2 The Conjoint Creator is just as real and v. to the

9:8.12 A majority of them are v. to all orders of spirit

14:2.4 of the central universe would be v. to Urantians.

15:3.1 Practically all of the starry realms v. to the naked

15:4.7 This far-distant nebula is v. to the naked eye, and

18:2.2 The Eternals of Days are v. to all will creatures

20:2.6 Avonal may or may not appear in material and v.

20:4.1 a being fully v. to, and in physical contact with,

20:9.3 materialize themselves as to be v. to mortal beings;

26:3.1 associates of all orders will be fully v. to you.

29:4.30 transmitters can render a distant scene “v.” as well as

31:10.16 creations, are actually v. through your telescopes.

32:1.3 and may vary in v.-matter content from time to time.

32:2.1 these divine Sons materialize v. matter, project living

35:2.6 Melchizedeks are v. to mortal eyes if the Avonal Son

35:4.4 possible for such a Son to make himself v. to

36:6.4 conveyed to such a v. association of energy-matter

37:2.5 Both types of Brilliant Evening Stars are easily v. to

41:3.5 was so intense that the explosion was clearly v. in

41:5.7 the v. appearance of sheets of water and waves of

42:3.9 the component units of molecular or v. matter.

42:5.1 the v. rays embracing a single octave, number

42:5.1 Thirty-two octaves above the v. light of the sun are

42:5.1 downward from v. sunlight appear the infrared

42:5.10 8. The white light—the whole v. light of the suns.

43:7.1 spheres of Edentia possess different v. forms,

45:5.3 the Planetary Adams and Eves are plainly v. to the

46:3.3 broadcast so that everything heard becomes v..

50:2.7 in rendering these latter personalities v. to mortal

50:2.7 the Melchizedeks can and do make themselves v. to

51:3.4 the covenant of their trusteeship as the v. rulers of

51:3.9 continuing as the v. heads of planetary affairs even

51:6.5 the Planetary Prince and his entire staff, v. and

51:7.1 the latter two being v. to all the inhabitants of the

52:1.8 welcome the Planetary Prince and his v. staff;

55:1.2 this Lanonandek Son is v. to the more spiritual

55:7.2 To outward and v. appearances the actual rulers,

57:3.1 nebulae become clearly v. to the astronomers of even

66:4.10 This new being was wholly v. to the planetary staff

74:1.5 their parents were soon to become the v. heads, in

92:7.12 the transfer of veneration from the human and the v.

93:6.1 the v. Son of God, persuaded Abraham to abandon

95:7.6 Deity of all, “who knows the invisible and the v..

107:4.4 Nonpersonalized Adjusters are v. only to

107:4.6 Father, the Personalized Thought Adjusters are v..

115:6.7 may be discerned by observing its effects on the v.;

119:3.4 when they had been duly installed as v. planetary

131:7.2 manifested by being born into the world as a v.

133:5.10 to unrecognized energy as well as to v. matter.

134:8.6 present with Jesus and were made fully v. to him.

137:8.9 for my Father’s kingdom concerns not things v. and

141:6.1 fire was only the v. symbol of the Pure and Holy

146:1.3 or invisible patterns of all things v. and material,

148:3.5 Neither did they observe any v. manifestation of

152:2.10 the elimination of the time factor and the v. life

155:1.3 Their goal is near and more or less v.; wherefore do

158:6.4 mission without the v. exhibition of unusual works?

167:4.5 glory and the v. manifestation of the power of the

169:4.13 the spiritual lens in human likeness which makes v.

170:5.14 the gradual creation of a v. social organization, the

170:5.19 without in any way referring either to the v. church

176:3.2 overturn, the age ends, or all things v. crash, since

189:2.4 without any v. means to account for such motion—

189:2.7 and without the ordinary and v. processes of decay

190:2.1 Jesus made nineteen separate appearances in v. form

190:2.1 make spiritual use of his manifestation in v. form.

190:3.1 they beheld in their very midst the fully v. form of

193:2.3 could not recognize his morontia form when made v.

195:10.11 The v. church should refuse longer to handicap the

visible, not

20:2.6 Avonal may or may not appear in material and v.

25:2.8 almost, but not quite, v. to the short-range vision of

46:1.5 Jerusem were very near Urantia, it would not be v..

47:1.2 the temple of the finaliters, is not v. to the unaided

50:4.9 A Planetary Prince is not v. to mortal beings; it is a

66:4.10 but was not v. to the men and women of the various

137:8.9 for my Father’s kingdom concerns not things v. and

148:3.5 Neither did they observe any v. manifestation of


33:4.3 wonderful traits not v. present in either ancestor,

41:3.8 not pass through a pulsating stage, at least not v.,

190:2.6 when he appeared v. before his earthly family and


1:3.3 discern him by the faith-v. of the spiritualized

2:7.10 Such a new and righteous v. of morality will

3:2.8 their v. is so curtailed and localized, that it is almost

3:2.9 the personality of perfection, whose survey, v., and

3:2.10 It is because of the limits of human v., it is because

4:2.7 human v. unaided by morontia mota or by

5:1.1 the spiritual v. which will enable him to see even

9:8.13 as soon as you are delivered from the limited v. of

12:7.2 To you, with your limited v. and finite viewpoint,

24:6.2 On the mansion worlds, after your v. range is

24:6.2 not always to be so limited in the range of your v.

25:2.8 almost, but not quite, visible to the short-range v. of

28:4.12 synchronizing the reflective v. of the Ancients of

29:1.1 beings would be invisible to the short-range v. of

29:4.14 of conveying sound equivalents or of extending v.,

34:4.11 throne,” which the prophet saw in the symbols of v..

39:4.16 material energy but beyond the range of mortal v.;

39:5.14 spectacle will be lost even to reinforced seraphic v..

44:0.16 I cannot,with exclusive spirit v.,perceive the building

44:0.18 will add one more group of spirit beings to your v.

44:3.2 They would be invisible to your short-range v., but

45:1.2 are not ordinarily perceptible to morontia v.,

46:5.10 And since morontia v. is of enormous range, you

46:7.7 They have a v. which permits them to recognize—

47:1.2 visible to the unaided material or early morontia v..

47:1.3 not visualize finaliters until you acquire true spirit v..

47:10.2 John the Revelator saw a v. of the arrival of a class

48:6.33 Some of your wise men saw the v. of the greater

55:4.8 changes have already been made in the range of v.

55:6.3 Both v. and hearing are extended.

58:2.1 above and below the recognition range of human v.

71:7.3 Urantians should get a v of a new and higher cultural

77:8.11 midwayers exist just outside the range of mortal v.

79:4.8 benumbing influence of an unprogressing spiritual v..

91:7.3 But true prophetic v. is a superpsychologic

94:6.3 Lao was a man of great spiritual v..

95:5.5 Had this man of amazingly clear v. and singleness

96:5.4 Moses had a great v. of God, but he was sincere

96:5.8 The enlarged and more sublime v. of God which

100:4.2 Effort is attendant upon clarification of spiritual v.

100:6.8 The new loyalties of enlarged spiritual v. create new

102:0.2 such a v. is but the cry of despair uttered by some

102:6.1 deities may momentarily befog the spiritual v.,

111:7.3 the heavenly helper to cheer you with the clear v. of

118:10.9 is very handicapped by lack of farsighted v. into the

118:10.13 1. Mans augmenting v.increased understanding of

122:2.4 This v. greatly frightened Elizabeth.

122:2.6 to strengthen Mary’s faith in the v. of Gabriel, so

136:2.4 and the Son of Man saw the v., presented by the

136:2.4 This heavenly v. was seen only by Jesus.

136:3.4 assurance direct from Paradise in the baptismal v.

136:5.1 Jesus was presented with the v. of the assembled

139:5.7 Philip was almost without discerning v.; he was

141:6.2 to show you the perfected v. of that which your

145:4.1 They were thrilled by the v. of what was to come if

148:6.3 was there granted him the salvation of a v. of God.

148:6.3 When the suffering servant obtains a v. of God,


152:4.2 he saw a v. of Jesus coming to them walking on

152:4.4 Luke concluded that the episode was a v. of Peter’s

157:3.2 where he hoped the apostles might gain a new v.

158:1.9 as the dazzling v. faded from before them and they

160:2.7 concept of this world and a certain v. of the next.

160:2.7 present tendency to fall victim to distortion of v.,

160:4.11 Ability implies the gift of foresight, farseeing v..

160:4.15 the far-reaching v. of religion exerts its supreme

160:5.11 all mankind shall be thrilled by the communal v. of

164:3.11 to wash at Siloam, and who had promised him v.,

165:4.6 often obscures and even destroys the spiritual v..

168:4.4 the answer be conditioned by the v., aims, ideals,

181:2.13 you will be able to see the v. of a brotherhood in

181:2.20 And then, when you are blessed with spiritual v.,

189:3.5 the limitations of partial and restricted human v..

189:4.13 They thought at first that the women had seen a v.,

191:1.5 Although Andrew did not directly allude to the v.

193:5.3 no way different from other disappearances from v.

195:9.2 it languishes for lack of a new v. of the Master’s life


70:3.4 all the sentimental sophistry of v. peace planning.

100:5.8 no circumstances should the trancelike state of v.

149:4.3 whose imagination had led him off into v. and

185:3.6 or less than a harmless v., an innocent fanatic.


76:4.5 Both the physical and spiritual v. of Adam and Eve

100:5.6 danger in all these psychic speculations is that v.

100:5.6 not because of their mystic trances or morbid v.,

134:8.3 distinguish reality from the v. of a disordered mind.

135:3.3 In Daniel he read: “I saw in the night v., and,

136:4.5 were not the v. of a starved and weakened mind,

148:8.3 This supposed prophet had peculiar v. when in

150:6.1 he discussed “The Love of God,” “Dreams and V.,

172:5.10 Simon saw v. of wonderful doings in Jerusalem

190:0.3 they were not the self-deceived victims of v. or

196:0.10 and not by leadings, voices, v., or extraordinary


13:3.3 and deserted even if I were permitted to pay it a v..

20:2.6 Subsequent to this first and usual magisterial v.,

53:2.4 disloyalty was manifested on the occasion of a v. of

70:3.9 for a third party who might arrive on a later v..

70:3.11 The tribe so honored would pay a return v., with its

122:0.2 Gabriel made a personal v. to Urantia, and, as a

122:2.4 to anyone save her husband until her v. with Mary in

122:2.5 Upon her disclosure of the story of Gabriel’s v.,

122:2.5 consenting halfheartedly to believe in Gabriel’s v. to

122:3.2 Mary hastened to depart for a v. with Elizabeth.

122:4.1 never again doubted Mary’s story of Gabriel’s v.

122:7.2 Mary foresaw a possible pleasurable v. with her

122:8.6 was almost three weeks old at the time of their v..

122:10.1 When they reported to him the v. of the priests of

123:3.4 and John had a happy time during this, their first v.

125:0.1 thrilling, his first remembered v. to Jerusalem.

125:0.6 questions, after the conclusion of the temple v.,

125:1.2 women as Jesus had so recently seen when on a v. to

125:1.5 Jesus had had enough for his first v. at the temple.

125:2.1 slaughter that had so affected Jesus on his temple v..

125:2.11 deeply pained at his reactions to the Jerusalem v.,

126:0.2 began with the conclusion of the Jerusalem v. and

126:2.4 Jesus knew nothing of the Gabriel v. to his mother

127:2.12 young man’s career except the v. of a messenger,

127:3.3 such as he himself had experienced on his first v. to

127:3.12 When they had finished this v., they decided not

127:6.5 by the time of this v. Lazarus’s mother had been laid

127:6.6 On this v. occurred one of those periodic

128:3.4 Simon greatly enjoyed his v. to Jerusalem.

128:3.5 This young man was on his first v. to Jerusalem and

128:6.3 to accompany Jude on his first v. to the temple.

128:6.5 and were on their way for a first v. to the temple,

129:1.1 that he was going over to Tiberias and then on a v.

129:1.2 stopped to pay a v. to his father’s friend Zebedee.

130:1.1 so Gonod and his son desired to pay him a v. on

130:1.5 Jesus’ last v with Gadiah had to do with a discussion

130:2.1 they paid a formal v. to the governor’s palace,

130:3.1 It had been an eventful v. at Caesarea, and when the

130:4.1 Jesus had a long v. with one of the government

130:5.4 One thing happened on a v. to Fair Havens which

132:7.1 On their v. to the northern Italian lakes Jesus had

132:7.3 It was on the v. to Switzerland that Jesus had an

133:3.12 Paul had not intended to make a prolonged v..

133:7.2 a period of real rest and play on this v. to Cyprus

134:7.1 After a brief v. to Capernaum, he went to Nazareth

135:0.1 Excepting the v. of Gabriel to Elizabeth and the

135:0.3 occurrence in John’s early childhood was the v. to

135:0.3 This v. occurred in the month of June, 1 B.C.,

135:2.2 enjoyable v., John did not again see Jesus until the

135:3.3 at the time of his v. when he was eighteen years

135:8.7 to tell him the story of Gabriel’s v. to his mother ere

136:4.2 On his next v. to Nazareth, much to the sorrow of


137:3.1 Jesus prepared to pay a hurried v. to his mother at

141:0.2 Ruth was on a v. to her brother Joseph at Nazareth


143:5.13 John many times wanted to ask Jesus about this v.

145:0.3 Jesus’ baby sister, Ruth, secretly paid him a v..

145:0.3 save John Zebedee, ever knew of this v., and he


147:3.6 But John never told the other apostles of this v. of


154:6.1 Mary could never quite forget the v. of Gabriel ere

154:6.10 intended to finish his address and then have a v.

154:7.5 Ruth returned from a v. to the Zebedee house,

155:3.1 added to the group of believers as a result of this v.

156:3.1 paying a v. to the coast city of Beirut, where Jesus

157:0.1 this v. was to occur at the Zebedee boatshop.

157:0.1 Jesus must have been expected to pay them a v..

157:2.2 the twelve should return from their proposed v. to

158:1.3 Mount Hermon in connection with his former v. to


162:3.1 It was during this v. to Jerusalem that Jesus dealt


162:9.1 Jesus did not again teach in the temple during this v.

162:9.3 Throughout his v. to the feast of tabernacles, Jesus



171:5.1 Bartimeus had not known of Jesus’ last v. to


172:0.2 they dimly felt that this might be Jesus’ last v. to

172:1.1 remembered that on his previous v. to Bethany,

172:3.3 he well knew what was to be the outcome of this v..

177:1.2 We will go off by ourselves and have a good v..

177:1.5 Jesus said: “Well, John, we have had a good v.,

181:0.1 they were prone to forget that this return v. was

181:0.1 that Jesus was just going away for a brief v. with

190:2.7 their publishing abroad the fact of this morontia v.

190:2.7 But James never revealed more of his v. with the

192:1.4 in carefree Galilee, where we can have a good v..

192:2.14 Jesus returned from his v. with the Alpheus twins,


10:1.6 Since the Paradise Sons of God v. the evolutionary

13:2.6 you are not permitted to v. the other six sacred

13:2.7 you will not be allowed to v. all sectors of such

13:3.3 I have never been assigned to v. one of these

13:4.6 always open to all beings who desire to v. them,

14:5.5 you will be allowed to v. freely among the worlds

14:5.7 Not until you traverse the last Havona circuits and v.

18:2.2 they v. the headquarters spheres of the seven

18:2.3 The Eternals of Days v. each other’s planets, but

20:9.1 But the Teacher Sons even now v. your world for

27:2.3 very restful to v. with the angelic types of mind;

30:3.12 They may v. in a superuniverse capacity only after

30:3.12 “stopovers,” beings en route who pause to v. the

39:4.17 to talk and v., during recess periods, with these

45:1.11 v. the Satania prison worlds surrounding this planet,

47:5.2 you have permission to v. the first of the transition

47:5.2 you receive permission periodically to v. transition

47:5.2 you are granted a permit to v. the third transition

47:7.3 the pilgrim is given permission to v. the transition

47:8.1 Sojourners on this sphere are permitted to v. world

47:9.2 permission is granted to v. transition world number

48:3.10 You will have ample opportunity to v. within any

48:5.2 These teachers often v. the material worlds and

53:9.4 It is true that Satan did periodically v. Caligastia

55:2.10 Could you but v. a planet in an advanced stage of

67:7.5 Evil and sin v. their consequences in material and

68:4.3 v. dire punishment upon those living mortals who

70:10.10 as a ghost, he could return and v. wrath upon his

72:3.6 (comparable to Urantia pastors), who v. each family

77:5.7 Many times Adamson returned to v. his father and

119:5.2 If you should v. Uversa today, you would hear the

122:2.6 west of Jerusalem, in the hills, to v. Elizabeth.

122:3.3 Upon her return, Mary went to v. her parents,

123:3.4 Elizabeth and John came to v. the Nazareth family.

124:2.6 they were always more than willing to v. with him.

124:6.13 Joseph found time to take his son to v. the academy

127:3.5 James was insistent on going back to v. the temple

127:3.11 Elizabeth and John came to v. the Nazareth family.

127:6.3 was an opportunity to talk with Lazarus and to v.

128:3.8 his great interest in people, his urge to v. with them,

129:1.7 Frequently he would go down to v. at the caravan

129:1.13 hear Jesus talk and would tarry to v. with him.

129:2.7 personally taking Jesus to v. the many academies of

129:2.9 from India, and being on their way to v. Rome and

132:4.5 The only place in Rome he did not v. was the

133:1.4 anything my enemies might wish to v. upon me,

134:7.1 he went to Nazareth, stopping over a few days to v..

134:7.5 Jerusalem (Jesus did not v. Bethany), Beeroth,

135:2.2 John made a journey to Nazareth to v. Mary and

137:2.3 He was on his way with his friend Nathaniel to v.

138:1.4 Jesus went over to Nazareth to v. with Joseph and

138:2.2 Then Jesus announced that they would all v. these

140:7.3 “go fishing, seek carefree change, or perchance v.

142:8.4 inquirers came out to Gethsemane to v. with him.

143:0.1 came over to invite Jesus to v. their villages.

143:6.5 Jesus knew that he would not again v. the heart of

144:7.2 as to why Jesus did not go to v. John in prison,

145:0.1 Mary, going over to Nazareth to v. her son Joseph.

145:5.8 preached in many cities, but they did not v. Nazareth

149:7.2 two weeks’ recess to go home to their families, v.

150:7.4 in their criticism of his neglect to v. his brother and

154:2.3 This week of rest enabled Jesus to v. many families

156:0.1 they prepared to v. the coast cities to the north.

157:0.2 and therefore he made no attempt to v. his family.

159:0.2 Jesus promised to v. them often during this time.

159:2.1 Jesus went over to Gamala to v. John and those

160:0.1 went home to v. their families or to sojourn with

161:0.1 Jesus directed that the evangelists v. the believers in

162:1.6 was one of the reasons why Jesus could publicly v.

162:8.2 listen to Jesus’ teaching whenever he chanced to v.

164:0.1 of no avail; Jesus was determined to v. Jerusalem.

165:1.3 going out with Jesus to v. Abner’s associates from

165:6.4 the twelve went into the cities of northern Perea to v

166:5.1 Jesus and the twelve were on their way to v. Abner

167:0.1 When the Master left the camp at Pella to v. about

171:5.1 never allow Jesus to v. Jericho without appealing

171:6.1 man Jesus was the next time he chanced to v. Jericho

176:2.3 the Father will not fail to v. you with an enlarged

176:4.4 Planetary Prince will many times v. the world whose

188:2.2 a committee of Sanhedrists who were to v. Pilate

190:4.1 and hoping that the Master might again v. them.

192:1.8 Even the twins should sit down while I v. with you;

192:3.3 They were afraid to go fishing lest he come to v.

193:6.4 going to Philadelphia to v. Abner and Lazarus;


20:2.6 A planetary v. of this type usually occurs prior to

20:4.1 If it is an initial magisterial v., the Avonal is always

20:9.3 The Teacher Sons usually remain on their v. planets

20:9.3 contact with the world of v. maintained through the

52:4.5 After the initial v. of a Magisterial Son the races

64:2.7 journeyed on west from England after a later ice v.

72:10.1 death penalty, and the v. of justice is sure and swift.

86:3.2 while early man regarded death as a v. of some sort.

113:2.7 In the city of this v. a certain mortal was recently

122:3.2 Mary pondered this v. secretly in her heart for weeks

122:3.2 At first Joseph had doubts about the Gabriel v..

122:3.3 at this time they knew nothing of the Gabriel v..

126:3.5 any plan for responding to the Jerusalem v. directing

128:3.9 revived when Mary paused to recall the Gabriel v.

135:0.1 For five months Elizabeth kept secret Gabriel’s v.;

135:9.1 the story of the Gabriel v. to Mary before Jesus was

142:8.1 was done on this trip, only house-to-house v..

148:6.11 But man’s miseries are not a personal v. of divine

158:0.2 the v. of the celestial beings so soon to appear on

158:3.5 After this celestial v. Jesus sought to know his

158:3.6 After the formal v. of Gabriel and the Father Melch.

163:7.3 larger corps of fifty women in the work of home v.

166:1.4 but you knowingly spurn the v. of God and reject

170:5.15 became the concept of an age, the idea of a future v.,

172:3.10 because you knew not the time of your divine v..

172:5.11 and not being present during the time of quiet v.

176:2.6 know that the summertime of a new v. draws near.

194:3.14 hundred and twenty who received this special v. of


10:7.5 world-wide scourges—and ask whether such v. are

20:4.2 A planet may experience many magisterial v. both

20:4.5 “the angels in heaven know the time of such v.,”

20:4.5 only time can reveal the future order of the v. of

45:4.21 regardless of unexpected v. of divine Sons which

86:3.4 before the v. of sickness and death, that impelled

90:3.3 they set about to determine the causes of these v.,

91:7.3 Such v. are not pseudo hallucinations, neither are

92:4.1 then must such divine v. portray teachings which are

122:4.2 In all these v. nothing was said about the house of

128:1.9 Between these celestial v., one in his thirteenth year

149:2.10 calamitous happenings are not v. of divine

visitedsee visited upon

11:1.3 That you have not v. these places in no way

20:4.1 an inhabited world is usually v. by a Paradise

20:4.2 may be v. many times by the same or other Avonals,

20:4.5 Urantia may yet be v. by an Avonal commissioned

47:9.4 Hundreds or thousands of times you may have v.

49:5.25 limit, the planet is v. by a Paradise bestowal Son.

51:3.9 Your world has been v. by four orders of sonship:

55:3.2 the first stage of light and life which I recently v.

55:6.6 I have v. a few very old planets where abandonters

77:4.13 Adamson v. one of the easternmost of the old Vanite

89:0.1 in justice the spirits might have v. much more bad

119:7.6 These men of God v. the newborn child.

122:9.6 Blessed be the Lord, For he has v. us and wrought

122:9.20 because the dayspring from on high has now v. us

124:1.12 Even as a lad he frequently v. Sepphoris, three miles

124:3.1 Jesus also frequently v. his uncle’s farm and went

125:4.1 Jesus v. very little during the evening, spending time

128:5.9 the Sabbath, v. with his mother, taught the children,

130:0.3 They spent some time in Babylon, v. Ur and other

132:4.5 Jesus v. at dinner with a Greek physician, telling

133:6.3 Of all the large cities they v. on this tour of the

133:8.1 They v. everything about this polyglot city except

133:8.1 Ganid v. this notorious shrine of shame, but Jesus

133:8.2 Jesus v. with few people in Antioch; he seldom went

134:1.3 Jesus v. with his family and friends, spent some time

134:1.5 Jesus v. with the individual members of his family

134:7.3 longer in Antioch than at any other place he v. on

134:9.1 While he v. some with his companion on the way,

137:5.4 Jesus v. with them and at the end of the meal

139:2.11 Peter even v. and ministered to many of the churches

140:7.3 Jesus v. with Zebedee and Salome while he sent his

141:8.1 they v. every house in the city and sought to comfort

144:1.7 they rested, v., recounted their experiences since

146:4.2 While the apostles v. the homes and preached in the

146:4.6 to meet with success in these towns so recently v.

148:2.1 Jesus v. the sick of this encampment not less than

149:0.1 On this tour they v. Gadara, Ptolemais, Japhia,

150:0.4 They v. Magdala, Tiberias, Nazareth, and all the

150:0.4 and southern Galilee, all the places previously v.

150:6.3 And this was the first time Jesus had v. Nazareth

156:3.1 Beirut, where he v. with a Syrian named Malach,

165:6.3 prepare for that day when you will be v. suddenly

166:3.1 As Jesus and the twelve v. with the messengers of

174:0.3 of Olivet Jesus paused and v. with the four apostles.

177:1.4 Jesus v. much with John, talking freely about the

177:3.6 Jesus v. with the Greeks, and had it not been that

181:0.1 Jesus v. informally with them and recounted many

190:2.5 “I have just seen Jesus and talked with him, v.

192:1.8 And as they ate, Jesus v. with them and recounted

192:1.10 Jesus v. with the ten apostles and John Mark for

visited upon

2:4.5 and lovingly v. the manifold intelligences of the

164:2.4 You would multiply the wrath to be v. your own

175:2.1 suffer the persecutions which have been v. them by


33:2.5 Michael spends much of his time v. the constellation

39:4.17 in v., as spirit companions, with the newly arrived

54:5.4 3. No affectionate father is ever precipitate in v.

56:10.22 [Presented by a Mighty Messenger v. on Urantia,

122:7.6 v. the temple, and going on to their destination,

128:3.8 time “v. with the strangers, especially those from the

130:0.3 They spent considerable time v. and resting on

130:8.4 he and Ganid spent their leisure v. and exploring the

132:0.2 Ganid had regular hours for study and for v.

133:3.4 Ganid never grew weary of v. the citadel which

133:5.1 Jesus and Ganid, v. the many points of interest and

134:7.3 the Son of Man, working, observing, studying, v.,

138:0.1 began to disclose his plans for v. the cities around

139:2.11 Peter traveled extensively, v. all the churches from

140:0.2 v. with their father, Zebedee, and mending their nets.

140:9.1 no new teaching on this occasion, just v. and

142:8.1 Jesus and Abner spent at Engedi, v. the Nazarite

146:3.9 they kept up the practice of v. from house to house,


149:0.3 often v. two cities in one day to observe the work

149:5.1 When Jesus was v. the group of evangelists working

150:2.2 And when v. the sick, these women were able to

151:0.2 the women spent in v. from house to house,

163:0.1 devoting a few days to v. and the reorganization of

163:4.5 4. Avoid loss of time through overmuch social v.

167:0.1 when mention is made of Jesus and the apostles v.

167:1.3 Soon they were all seated and enjoying the v. among

171:0.1 v. numerous cities in southern Perea on the way.

171:1.1 They spent more than two weeks v. among the

171:1.2 followed him for two weeks, v. the towns in Perea.

171:3.1 v. all of the towns wherein the seventy labored.


177:1.3 The Master spent this last day of quiet on earth v.

177:2.1 In the course of this day’s v. with John Mark, Jesus

177:3.1 and v. with the disciples who were encamped with

183:2.1 where Judas expected to find Jesus still v. with the


193:0.1 This company of believers had been v. informally


46:5.15 home of all orders of the v. and observer Sons who

57:5.8 The v. system did not come quite close enough to

57:5.13 the circulating space material of the v. system.

70:3.9 When v. guests departed, a dish would be broken

88:1.1 indicating the arrival on earth of special v. spirits.

119:1.5 this v. Son of our order disappeared from our

129:1.2 and invited the v. carpenter to join him in the

153:3.2 One of the v. Pharisees, mounting a lampstand,

172:3.7 spread the report among the throngs of v. pilgrims

172:3.8 the crowd of disciples, believers, and v. pilgrims,

173:1.4 twenty sorts of money which the v. pilgrims

177:4.8 after all of the v. pilgrims had retired for the night.

182:2.6 Then Jesus turned to the chief of the v. Greeks who

191:4.7 he received v. morontia delegates from the mansion


30:3.12 one half of our v. colony consists of “stopovers,”

39:4.15 deposit some student v. or some other traveler of

45:1.4 you become eligible for a v.’ permit to transitional

45:1.4 you may, on invitation, become a v. and observer on

45:2.4 their welfare, and he is a frequent v. on Urantia.

48:3.13 You will never encounter a v. on any of these worlds

57:5.5 the gravity pull of the gigantic v. became so great

119:1.5 the certification that this v. lived as a Melchizedek,

122:2.4 long pondering the sayings of the majestic v., but

123:5.4 when no v. of prominence happened to be sojourning

142:6.2 In all his dealings with the distinguished v., Jesus

150:8.8 that the v. might read the lesson of his own selection.

visitorssee visitors, student

12:5.4 Time-conscious v. can go to Paradise without thus

26:11.6 children of eternity; the others go as v., as guests

28:7.4 these angels are frequent v. on your world,

30:3.11 a constant stream of celestial v. pours through the

46:4.7 in behalf of the supermaterial residents and v..

47:6.1 the morontia v. are enabled to draw very close to

48:3.10 3. Hosts to Celestial V.. These gracious creatures

66:7.20 the regular students but does not embrace the v. and

74:7.11 every activity of the Garden, were always open to v..

77:8.10 They act as companions and guides for celestial v.

123:3.4 Although the v. could remain only a few days,

123:5.10 It was customary to ask distinguished v., stopping

127:3.8 Several times a year, when v. were not present thus

127:6.5 upon the temple and the gathering throngs of v..

128:3.4 Jesus mingled with the throngs of v. and engaged in

136:8.5 at Jerusalem; the city would be thronged with v..

138:10.4 Philip’s duty to provide food and to see that v. had

140:7.2 one of the apostles and assign him to a group of v.

163:5.2 hospitality to almost fifteen hundred pilgrim v..

163:5.3 eight hundred v. were gathered about the Master,

167:1.1 in Philadelphia at this time; so a large number of v.,

171:1.4 David Zebedee closed the v.’ camp at Pella on

171:1.4 four thousand v. were in residence, and this does

172:0.2 Jesus received many v., and the common folks of

172:3.7 Since midforenoon the v. passing by on their way

172:3.7 several thousand of these v. flocked forth to greet

172:3.11 were joined by the multitude of v. who had come

172:3.12 They feared the attitude of the large numbers of v.,

172:4.1 as well as the tens of thousands of Passover v.,

173:1.5 especially the Jewish v. from foreign provinces,

185:1.5 increased water supply for the millions of v. to

194:1.1 the Jewish festival of Pentecost, and thousands of v.

visitors, student

30:2.155 6. Student V..

30:3.11 6. The Student V.. From all the universe a constant

30:3.11 Some of these v. may tarry a day, others may remain

30:3.12 Morontia mortals are s. only within the confines of

35:3.21 institution; s. are not received from other realms.

35:3.22 that the Melchizedek colleges are thronged with s.

37:3.3 that soon arrests the attention of extra-Nebadon s..

46:2.9 Near the polar crystal receiving station for s. you

46:6.12 hence all system activities can be viewed even by s..

47:1.1 all classes of spirit beings, transition mortals, and s..

48:3.10 to the entertainment of superhuman groups of s.

48:3.10 S. are allowed on all inhabited planets, even those in

114:5.5 among certain of the s. who may chance to be


20:2.7 Judicial v. are numerous, magisterial missions may

20:3.3 Their other v. are “technical,” and in this capacity

20:3.3 technical v. occur repeatedly in the long history of

43:1.8 During your periodic v. to Edentia, though the planet

46:5.15 Fathers take their abode in this circle when on v. of

46:5.23 you are permitted extended leisure on your earlier v..

47:1.5 These parents are permitted to journey there for v.

47:3.12 often accompany survivor groups on periodic v. to

47:5.2 V. to Jerusem from this world are increasingly

47:6.1 Now are you given permission to make v. to

47:6.1 during the periodic v. to Jerusem, for new sectors

47:6.1 make these repeated v. to the headquarters world.

47:8.2 The assistant System Sovereign makes frequent v. to

53:9.3 Satan was allowed to make periodic v. to the

54:4.8 This ends the ability of Satan to pay further v. to any

74:7.11 observers were freely admitted to Eden for short v..

75:2.1 Caligastia paid frequent v. to the Garden and held

75:2.4 confidential v. Eve was enjoying with a Nodite

75:3.2 Serapatatia had made several v. to the Garden and

93:9.7 “the angel of the Lord” refers to their numerous v.

123:6.2 secure his company for these monthly v. throughout

125:2.5 aside from a few v. to the holy of holies to gaze in

125:2.11 Jesus accompanied his parents on their v. to the

127:6.7 sacramental ritual whenever he paid subsequent v.

129:2.6 occasional v. to the various schools of the rabbis.

130:2.2 talked Greek fairly well, Jesus had several long v.

130:2.6 occupy yourself with these v. with strangers?”

133:3.5 to the recounting of these v. with the Indian lad

133:4.9 Jesus had many v. with a Chinese merchant.

133:5.2 university, and the trio made frequent v. to its halls

134:9.9 Few of the people who had enjoyed his v. and

135:2.4 Hebron, while he made more frequent v. to Engedi.

141:8.1 On these Jericho v. the apostles began to carry out

162:0.4 these brief v. were made during the days of the feast

172:4.3 recalling emotions in connection with previous v.,

176:4.3 on his return (at least on one of his possible v.) he

176:4.4 not have his specific promise to make these plural v.,


20:3.4 When a Paradise Son v. an evolutionary world and

81:5.3 disciplines, v. heavy penalties on all dissenters

86:6.6 if the spirit ghost in anger v. ill luck and in pleasure

96:7.6 Yahweh curses and v. dire judgments upon all others

190:4.2 and hoping that the Master might again v. them.


117:4.13 before you lies the enchanting v. of the universe


77:4.9 the Nodite culture led them to ignore these later v. of


8:1.10 mind of man must have a starting point for the v. of

45:1.2 once a year for these assemblies of finaliter v..

55:1.4 v. ceremonies designed to reveal the personality

83:8.7 dreams are the v. of the future goal of family life.

97:10.8 Hebraic concept of God was the highest human v. of


7:3.3 in addressing your supplications, you v. the Son

11:4.5 But a further attempt to v. to you the glories of

11:7.5 v. this plane in elliptical revolution about Paradise,

11:7.7 You may v. the first outer space level, where

12:5.10 powers of prevision (insight); he may v. the future.

32:5.6 I do not completely v. eternity, and even if I did, it

39:5.11 dimming consciousness seems to v. something of the

41:7.12 You might try to v. 35,000,000 degrees of heat,

47:1.1 feeling concerning the finaliters but cannot v. them.

47:1.2 But the energy transformers are able to v. many of

47:1.3 You will not spontaneously v. finaliters until you

47:8.1 they are not able to v. many of these celestial beings.

48:2.15 exceedingly difficult for humans to v. these spheres.

51:6.5 they v. the Planetary Prince and his entire staff,

68:3.2 Animals do not v. survival after death.

70:2.19 for society so that you may the more accurately v.

106:6.1 to v. the experiential personalization of God the

113:2.5 you would, if you could only v. the seraphim,

130:4.4 A one-eyed person can never hope to v. depth of

130:4.4 spiritual mystics and allegorists correctly v. and

139:7.2 His is a personality difficult to v., but Matthew was a

191:3.2 difficult to v. the Master to mortal and material eyes.


46:0.1 the system headquarters is truly the heaven v. by

57:8.20 of water should be v. as then covering nine tenths of

86:3.4 which he vaguely v as the source of these mysterious

91:1.4 until the agency of religious ministry is v. as personal

102:6.10 Mortal existence must be v. as consisting in the

136:4.8 a farseeing ideal of creature life v. by the high

140:8.19 can only be understood when that life is v. in its

196:0.8 The faith of Jesus v. all spirit values as being found


44:0.18 and at the same time he v. the Solitary Messenger,

87:5.3 The savage v. the good spirits as going about their


12:2.2 Most of the starry realms v. exposed to the search

vitalsee vital link(s)

7:3.4 the most important and v. incoming messages flash

28:6.3 though of equally v. importance at almost every turn

28:6.10 Time is a v. factor in everything this side of Havona

29:3.7 are not stationary as are the v. organs of man’s

29:3.7 these “v. organs” of power regulation are mobile

36:2.13 an effort to improve the v. formulas committed to

36:3.3 imparting through their persons the v. spirit spark;

36:3.4 The v. spark—the mystery of life—is bestowed

36:6.3 When the life formulas and the v. patterns are

36:6.4 Spirit of God who really contributes the v. spark.

40:10.6 this in itself is a v. factor in the settling of any local

44:4.12 Morontia recorders save for the future the v. scenes

61:6.1 Primates, the third v. mutation, suddenly appeared.

62:2.6 the ancestors of the next v. step in the evolution of

62:3.10 Primates constituting the next v. step in prehuman

67:3.7 the v. decisions of all evolutionary moral creatures.

67:7.7 No person is made to suffer v. spiritual deprivation

69:6.7 And cooking lessened the expenditure of v. energy

72:9.7 citizens represents a v. and functioning organ within

75:7.4 consequences of a v. departure from the divine plans.

75:7.5 When this v. sustenance is broken by mental

81:6.42 Leadership is v. to progress.

84:5.7 Man’s physical abilities became no longer a v.

94:1.6 salvation through faith marked a v. turning point for

94:3.7 this v. concept was fatally absent from Brahmanic

94:11.12 though helpful to philosophy, are not v. to religious

95:5.2 philosophic monotheistic channel which was v. to

101:3.1 Religion is so v. that it persists in the absence of

101:3.3 spiritual is divorced by the cessation of v. motion.

101:3.18 it is just such a v. and vigorous performance of faith

101:4.9 of information which will fill in v. missing gaps in

110:1.4 of your significant temporal choices and v. spiritual

111:0.2 something v. that is destined to endure beyond the

112:1.17 This distinction is v., for in a cosmic system the

112:3.3 When the v. circuits of higher adjutant ministry

112:3.4 the brain energies cease their rhythmic v. pulsations.

112:5.14 personality is disrupted through the cessation of v.

114:6.20 master seraphim insure progress against v. jeopardy

114:7.10 the death of a reservist, a transfer of certain v. data

115:6.1 Conjoint Actor unerringly clutches all v. meanings of

118:4.2 The v. distinction between first causes and second

120:4.3 God did not, at some v. moment in the life of Jesus,

121:6.2 This was a v. influence which later determined the

151:2.5 the illustration of the one central and v. truth which

151:3.14 it enabled him to proclaim v. truths to those who

153:1.3 final test, to make their v. decisions in accordance

157:5.1 The new and v. feature of Peter’s confession was

160:1.11 effect those v. reconstructions and readjustments

170:1.7 Jesus elected to appropriate the most v. heritage of

196:2.10 that made the golden rule a v. factor in his religion.

vital link(s)

62:4.7 The Primates tribes were the last v. in the evolution

95:4.4 of two v. in the growth of Occidental civilization—

96:6.2 the people who would serve as a v. in the spiritual

113:5.5 involving jeopardy to v. in the chain of evolution,

116:3.2 mind is the v. connecting matter and spirit.


36:6.1 Life is both mechanistic and v.—material and spiritual


155:3.7 Faith promotes spiritual v. and righteous fruitfulness.

178:1.15 this gospel must show increasing v. and exhibit

195:4.4 Such a pedigree is indicative of inherent v. and


36:3.5 catalytic presences which agitate, organize, and v.

144:05:31 And v. us with your infinite energy.


36:6.7 Mother Spirit actually v. the lifeless patterns and

101:8.4 Faith v. religion and constrains the religionist to live


94:4.10 all that is needed is the v. spark of the dynamic love


84:6.8 The family is v. linked to the mechanism of self-

119:6.5 appreciation of a Sovereign so v. interested in his


58:2.2 are ancestral to one of the most essential of your v.


94:3.6 completely v. by the belief that there is no human


87:7.5 A meaningless cult v. religion when it attempts to


94:2.6 a violent reaction against these v. beliefs;


87:5.7 was to heap v. upon some lucky or much loved thing


169:1.6 The younger lad was cheerful and v., but indolent


6:8.7 as you leave behind you the v. picture and deep

91:7.3 Religious persons must not regard every v.

97:10.5 concepts of Deity, was clear-cut, v., personal, and

100:5.9 are diffusion of consciousness with v. islands of focal

100:5.10 The mystic status is favored by: v. sex impulses,

145:2.15 with this incident so fresh and v. in their minds,

153:3.6 by experiencing an extraordinary and v. dream.


85:4.1 Moving waters v. impressed these simple minds with

85:4.4 A devotee of magic will v. remember one positive

93:3.8 one God, whom he so v. portrayed as the Father of

142:7.14 baptism, and they also v. recalled this experience in

143:5.13 with all Nalda’s past, came up so v. in her mind at

192:1.6 the scene reminded him so v. of the midnight fire of


6:8.6 the v. of your concept of the personality of the Son

87:4.3 but in its reality or reasonableness but rather in its v.

92:3.3 or truth, but rather in the v. of its human appeal.

110:6.5 his picturizations of destiny with augmenting v.


131:4.3 Let us long meditate on the adorable and divine V.


94:4.8 While Hinduism has long failed to v. the Indian


144:5.6 Give us this day the v. forces of light, And let us


47:7.2 it is only necessary to enlarge the superuniverse v.,

100:1.3 Enlargement of v. does not signify development of


123:6.5 Jesus did much to promote an interest in v. music


81:6.17 sounds and accent to the v. of subsequent alphabets.


20:6.3 You could hardly think of a v. that has not been

44:3.3 2. The v. builders—those who function in designing

44:3.3 these v. builders not only build better workshops but

101:7.1  V., marriage, and kindred influence the evolution

124:2.10 but close association with his father’s v. later on

140:4.5 one’s v. can be utilized as an effective “reflector” for

149:4.3 to devote themselves to the mastery of some v.,

149:4.6 themselves to some definite pursuit as a livelihood v.


43:8.8 make v. adjustment to, both groups of associates.

43:8.9 of the personality on intellectual and v. levels,

44:3.3 but contribute to the v. enhancement of the worker.

50:4.7  V. training. Schools of marriage and homemaking

70:8.9 V.—as vocations multiplied, they tended to establish


133:0.3 physically, mentally, socially, v., or morally,


70:8.9 7. Vocational—as v. multiplied, they tended to

76:2.2 about the relative merits of their v., and Abel was

90:2.1 the shamans began to specialize in such v. as rain

138:6.2 to your former v. or from discovering new sorts


63:6.3 During the v. of a particular animal, crude outlines

70:6.6 ancient social v. of suicide in certain circumstances

70:10.12 paying “blood money” also came into v. as

71:8.14 12. The world-wide v. of the pursuit of wisdom—

80:7.7 of the descendants of Cain attained its greatest v..

80:9.13 The v. of sun worship indicates that this was a

87:6.11 ancient methods still in v. at “wakes” for the dead.

95:1.7 Mesopotamian revival, fortunetelling became the v.,

98:5.1 in the Levant, where this religion was the v.,

173:1.1 it had become the v. to buy these animals directly

voicenounsee voiceJesus; see Voice of

19:4.5 testimony—or a million—when the v. of wisdom

25:3.13 and becomes the physical v. of the spirit trio.

28:4.6 Ancients of Days will perceive the v. of the Master

28:4.10 the Father’s will by equating the Spirit v.-flash

28:4.10 from above and the Michael v.-flashes from below

28:5.7 beings, of high or lowly origin, who gave v. to it.

37:3.6 personalities respond to “the v. of the archangel.”

73:7.5 by Solonia, the seraphic “v. in the Garden.”]

74:2.8 and the broadcast v. of Gabriel decreed the second

74:8.15 [Narrated by Solonia, seraphic “v. in the Garden.”]

75:4.2v. in the Garden” reproved them for disobedience.

75:4.2 And that v. was none other than my own

75:8.8 [Presented by Solonia, seraphic “v. in the Garden.”]

76:6.5 [Presented by Solonia, seraphic “v. in the Garden.”]

85:4.3 that thunder was regarded as the v. of an angry god.

92:2.6 Conscience is not a divine v. speaking to the soul.

95:3.5 conscience as the mandate of God, the v. of Deity.

96:7.7 Only at Ur did a v. arise to cry out the mercy of God

101:0.3 There really is a true inner v., that “true light which

109:5.2 hear the divine v. that continually speaks within you,

110:3.1 an echo, a faint and distant echo, of the divine v..

110:5.1 It is not to be despised, but it is hardly the v. of God

110:5.1 which indeed the Adjuster’s would be if such a v.

110:5.6 that which you accept as the Adjuster’s v is in reality

110:7.9 While the v. of the Adjuster is ever within you, most

110:7.9 rarely hear the Adjuster’s v. except in moments of

113:6.7 “And he shall send his angels with a great v. and

122:3.2 persuaded that Mary had really heard the v. and

131:2.2 There is no speech or language where their v. is

132:4.7 your logic is admirable, your v. is pleasant, but

132:5.17 possessor with a considerable equity as regards a v.

132:5.21 wealth should be accorded the major v. in the

133:3.7 Ganid’s v. choked up as he stammered out his

135:6.2 believing that they had heard the v. of a prophet.

135:6.6 have heard ‘the v. of one crying in the wilderness,’

135:8.6 they heard a v. saying, “This is my beloved Son in

135:9.7 lifting up his sonorous v., said: “Behold the Son of

135:9.7 I heard the v. of God declare, ‘This is my beloved

135:11.2 rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom’s v..

136:2.5 It was the v. of the Personalized Adjuster that John

137:1.8 and with tearful eye but steady v. the stalwart Judean

137:5.2 I heard the v. at the Jordan, and I am a believer in

137:6.2 A v. from the city, a v. from the temple, a v. from

137:6.2 a v. from the Lord says: ‘Before she travailed,

138:8.4 2. The v. at the baptism.

138:8.4 “Only those who heard the v. may refer to it.

145:3.8 A v. from the front yard exclaimed: “Master, speak

146:2.13 can transform this unruly member into a kindly v.

147:3.3 even those who are in the tombs shall hear the v.

148:6.10 still, small v., saying, ‘This is the way; walk therein

153:2.1 if this people will not hearken to the v. of God,

153:2.2 and reform your doings and obey the v. of the Lord

158:1.10 they heard a v., the same that had spoken on the

165:2.4 the door, and when he calls, the sheep know his v..

165:2.4 his sheep, knowing his v., come out at his word;

165:2.4 His sheep follow him because they know his v.;

165:2.4 flee from the stranger because they know not his v..

165:2.4 they know the shepherd’s v., and they follow after

165:2.4 you are not of my fold; you know not my v., and

165:2.4 sheep know not your v. and will not follow you.”

165:2.7 shall fail, and the sheep will not hear his v..

165:2.9 These other sheep also hear and know my v., and I

165:2.9 And then shall you all know the v. of one shepherd,

166:2.4 quest of Jesus, began to glorify God with a loud v..

167:3.1 straight, she lifted up her v. and glorified God.

171:5.2 he lifted up his v. and began to cry aloud, “Jesus,

174:5.11 the Jews and gentiles here assembled heard no v.,

185:3.2 a tone of possibly sincere inquiry in Pilate’s v.,

189:3.2 the v. of Gabriel, saying: “By the mandate of


28:4.6 Ancients of Days will perceive the v. of the Master

124:5.1 young manhood; his v. began to change, and other

125:5.1 almost within hearing distance of his fascinating v..

125:6.4 they recognized the v. of the missing lad and beheld

126:4.8 never had they heard his v. so earnest and so sincere;

127:1.2 His v. was musical but authoritative; his greeting

134:7.3 Paul little knew that his pupils had heard the v. of

135:8.6 was a tone of finality and authority in Jesus’ v..

139:7.6 that engaging v. of the Master saying, “Follow me.”

143:5.4 with a commanding v. said, “Woman, go get your

154:6.5 they heard his musical v. speak with increased

162:6.2 the pilgrims heard the fascinating v. of the Master

164:5.2 My sheep hear my v. and I know them and they

168:2.2 when he cried with a loud v., “Lazarus, come forth!”

172:3.10 with tearful v., said: “O Jerusalem, if you had only

183:3.5 the sight of Jesus and at the sound of his unusual v.,

185:3.4 that every one who loves the truth hears my v..”

187:5.5 Jesus, with a loud v., cried out, “It is finished!

189:4.10 addressed the Magdalene with a familiar v., saying,

189:4.10 Mary knew it was the v. of the Master, and she

189:5.3 tomb, where Mary thought she had heard the v. of

190:2.3 but few of them had any trouble recognizing his v.

Voice of

28:4.4 1. The V. of the Conjoint Actor.

28:4.5 2. The V. of the Seven Master Spirits. The second

28:4.6 3. The V. of the Creator Sons. The Infinite Spirit

28:4.11 4. The V. of the Angelic Hosts. The fourth primary

28:5.6 the first-born was a V. of Wisdom, and the seventh

28:5.7 1. The V. of Wisdom. Certain of these seconaphim

39:2.5 2. The V. of Mercy. Mercy is the keynote of


117:1.1 God the Supreme will v. the reality of volitional

143:5.9 As Nalda was about to v. her real and personal

164:0.2 to express their feelings and to v. their doubts about

167:1.4 The Pharisee was not slow to v. his resentment


67:1.2 The Creator Son v. this contempt when he said:

150:1.3 stood stanchly behind their chosen sisters and v.

voicessee Voices

16:2.2 the Infinite Spirit speaks only by the v. of the Master

17:3.4 personal v. to the courts of the Ancients of Days.

28:4.4 Hence these secoraphic v. come the nearest to

28:4.7 secoraphic v. have never erred in their presentations.

28:4.12 work in liaison with the angels of the reflective v. for

28:5.8 from these secoraphic v., there ensues a stream of

34:4.12 proceeded lightnings and thunderings and v.”—

39:5.3 seraphim are often known as the “v. of the Garden

90:2.10 shamans established their reputations as v. of God

97:10.3 the priesthood forever silenced the v. of the spiritual

145:3.5 Peter’s wife heard v. in the front yard and saw a

147:8.2 But you shall not fast in this way to make your v.

175:1.8 shall soon hear their v. ringing out with the call to

185:5.4 all shouted at the top of their v., “Barabbas,

196:0.10 unbroken communion with God—and not by v.,


28:4.6 the Chief of Nebadon V., who, upon request, will

28:5.3 To the Perfectors of Wisdom—the V. of Wisdom,

28:5.7 In specialized reflective service the V. of Wisdom

28:5.8 summon a battery of the V. of Wisdom and,

39:4.5 later appear as V. of Mercy in the higher spheres

39:5.3 1. The V. of the Garden.

39:5.3 seraphim are often known as the “v. of the Garden

40:10.2 Spirits—the secoraphic V. of the Creator Sons.

51:3.5 it was one of the seraphic V. of the Garden who


114:5.2 except when v. the mandates of the twenty-four

179:1.7 still engaged in v. angry recriminations when Jesus


153:3.3 make v. the commandment by your own tradition

156:2.7 must you maintain a conscience v. of offense.”



57:7.3 Definite v. action dates from these times.

57:7.5 V. action is now at its height. The whole earth is a

57:7.5 This is the v. age. Nevertheless, a crust, consisting

57:7.6 The atmosphere of a world in the v. age presents

57:7.6 it is heavily charged with numerous v.  gases and,

57:7.10 The primitive planetary atmosphere of the v. age

57:8.2 V. action early equalized internal-heat pressure and

57:8.17 V. eruptions and earthquakes continued to diminish

57:8.17 The atmosphere was clearing of v. gases and water

59:2.1 being accompanied by little or no v. action.

59:2.2 were less, while the v. action was more persistent.

59:2.5 of Kentucky, one of the greatest single v. activities

59:3.2 V. action was largely past. This was the height of

59:3.6 great v. activity of this age was in the European

59:3.6 violent and extensive v. eruptions occurred as

59:4.16  great v. activity occurred in the St. Lawrence region.

59:6.3 not due so much to the long absence of v. action

60:1.3 V action was extensive in different parts of the world

60:3.1 and widespread lava flows and great v. activities.

60:3.6 Great v. actions occurred south of the Alps and

60:3.15 This was an age of v. activity all over the world,

60:3.15 giving rise to numerous small isolated v. cones.

61:3.7 there was some v. activity throughout these regions,

96:1.11 associated with the eruptions of this v. mountain,


59:2.5 was the eruption of the great North American v. of

59:2.5 The ashes of this v. covered five hundred square

95:7.5 What Yahweh, the v. spirit, was to the Jewish

96:1.3 concept of deity with Mount Horeb, the Sinai v..

96:1.11 Mount Sinai was intermittently active as a v.,

96:1.12 Bedouin herders’ concept of the spirit of the Sinai v..

97:10.8 and cruel spirit god of the fulminating Sinai v.,


41:10.4 upheavals characterized by v., earthquakes, floods,

57:8.2 and as v. rapidly decreased, earthquakes made their

57:8.5  V. are still widespread and earthquakes are severe

58:5.2 the surface today represent the exudate of ancient v.,

58:5.4 and shifting of the solid outer crust and not by v..

58:7.6 of the upheavals of earthquakes and the early v..

59:3.2 the great v. of southern Europe and eastern Maine

59:4.16 at Montreal, is the eroded neck of one of these v..

59:5.20 V. were active in Alaska and California and in the

60:3.15 v. broke out in the submerged Himalayan region.

61:4.1 and isolated v. broke out all over the world.

73:7.1 with the violent activity of the surrounding v. and the

85:0.4 storms, floods, earthquakes, landslides, v., fire, heat,

88:1.1 V., but not mountains, became fetishes; comets, but


80:4.1 the northern route across the grazing lands of the V.


0:3.9 and is therefore limited or conditioned only by v..

0:4.1 reality originates in and by the infinite v of the Father

8:5.2 Father is infinite and is therefore limited only by v..

9:0.2 The Father is infinite in love and v., in spiritual

9:4.6 v. has power to bring the meanings of mind to fruit

10:3.6 except absolute fatherhood and absolute v..

10:3.6 We do not know whether v is an inalienable attribute

10:3.6 can only observe that he did not divest himself of v..

12:8.3 Only in the realms of creature v. has there been

14:2.9 but mind phenomena and personality v. are not.

38:7.5 creatures having actual or potential personality v.

40:5.9 man’s ascent to the level of higher spiritual v.,

104:4.8 This is the triunity of infinite v.; it acts throughout

105:1.5 as both cause and effect, as both v. and response.

105:5.1 of the I AM must be attributed to self-contained v.,

107:7.3 Adjusters must have v. on all prepersonal levels of

107:7.3 and these activities connote genuine v..

107:7.4 Why, if Adjusters possess v., are they subservient to

107:7.4 We believe it is because Adjuster v. is prepersonal

107:7.5 observe will, v., choice, and love manifested apart

112:5.5 Upon the integrity of the human v. depends the

112:6.5 Creature v. cannot exist without mind, but it does

115:1.4 prior acts and pre-existent v. of ancestral beings,

118:6.3 v. may appear to function as an uncaused cause,

118:6.4 All v. is relative. In the originating sense, only the

118:6.4 only the Father-I AM possesses finality of v.;

118:6.4 exhibit the prerogatives of v. unconditioned by time

118:6.5 V. on any level short of the absolute encounters

118:6.6 Temporal v. is linked to time, and it must await the

118:6.6 Spiritual v. has begun to taste liberation from the

118:6.6 spiritual v. is self-identifying with the will of God.

118:6.7 V., the act of choosing, must function within the

118:7.1 finite choice—constitute an abrogation of finite v..

195:6.14 the unqualified v. of the Second Source and Center,

volitionalsee also nonvolitional

2:6.9 Love identifies the v. will of God.

4:4.4 but to deny the possibility of his v. self-limitation

4:4.4 a denial of this very concept of his v. absoluteness.

6:0.3 all the meanings and values of the spiritual, the v.,

6:1.2 The First Source and Center is the V. Absolute;

7:0.5 and hence determines the actions of such v. beings

9:3.7  v. acts of the Conjoint Actor himself; they are not

9:6.4 gravity is always a v. act of the Universal Father.

10:0.3 v. liberation inherent in the threefold personalization

11:2.11 Motion is not inherent on Paradise; it is v..

12:7.4 The acts of God are all v. notwithstanding this

12:7.6 this uniformity of action is conscious, and highly v.,

15:8.2 lower orders are not v., they do not possess will,

17:2.5 This will to action was v. in the Supreme Being,

21:3.14 Virtue is v. with personality; righteousness is not

29:2.9 disclose unquestioned v. capacity of a high order.

35:9.8 v. service on the part of these thoroughly tested

48:6.35 they regard you as independent v. beings, and

62:6.1 the appearance of the first really intelligent and v.

101:10.8 but rather a liberated v. son of the Universal Father.

103:6.10 attempted to divorce the mathematical from the v..

104:4.8 This association yields v. infinity and provides the

104:4.33 manifests unlimited reactive capacity to the v.,

104:4.43 the limitless potentialities of active-v. Deity reality

105:2.2 theoretical moment of “first” v expression and “first”

105:2.9 bearing eternal witness to the v. self-limitation of the

105:5.1 the promulgation of finite reality be ascribed to the v.

105:5.2 but the v. act promulgating finite reality connotes a

106:7.3 Destiny is established by the v. act of the Deities

106:8.23 limitless galaxy of personalities who have become v.

106:8.23 absolute v. parts of the totality of infinity, final sons

107:7.3 human choice, and all these are highly v. reactions.

110:2.2 never do violence to the v. selfhood of their hosts.

112:2.15 through increasing spirit dominance, v. response to

112:2.16 two great phases of increasing v. dominance over the

112:3.3 The body minus the v. mind is no longer human,

112:6.5 the emergence of morontia will as a full-fledged v.

115:3.14 material levels with the v. purposes and motives of

115:4.1 Supreme is the culminating and personally v. focus

116:3.5 Father enable him to draw the personalities of the v.

116:6.4 And that spirit itself in v. personality can strive

117:1.1 the Supreme will voice the reality of v. experience in

117:3.5 Man, a v. personality, becomes creative in liaison

117:3.7 the Supreme is himself a v., creative participant in

117:3.7 The human morontial soul is likewise a v. partner in

117:4.11 but the v. creation has the choice of accepting or

117:5.2 the actualization of the finite God do not lose their v.

118:2.1 It is v. with the Universal Father that the Supreme,

118:4.5 in consequence of the v. mandates of the Trinity.

118:6.1 the v. acts of God the Supreme are not the doings

118:7.2 suggests foreknowledge of those v. beings who may

118:7.7 if personality has the prerogative of exercising v.

118:9.5 they ever function true to the v. concept that gave

118:9.7 are being actually united with their v. counterparts,

118:10.7 and the purposive v. acts of evolving personalities.


71:0.2 not even produced by v. intelligent human action;


128:6.5 a v. denunciation of pent-up anti-Roman feelings,


11:6.1 In attempting to imagine the v. outlines of these

11:7.5 would roughly outline the v. of pervaded space.

12:1.14 energy action which increases in v. and intensity

19:5.7 the Inspired order and of the third v. of power

19:5.7 The third v. of power presence suggests to us the

28:5.7 To the well-nigh infinite v. of information circulating

29:4.21 they can upstep and accelerate the energy v. and

41:3.2 and is sixty million times the v. of your sun.

42:6.8 the v. of such an electron would become as large as

42:6.8 If the v. of a proton should be magnified to the size

57:5.8 enormous v. of matter circulating about the sun as

57:8.26 stone pages, v. upon v., as era succeeded era and

79:7.6 nomadic invasions greatly reduced the v. of trade

154:6.5 heard his musical voice speak with increased v.:


57:5.6 enormous v. of matter were disgorged.

57:5.10 a brilliant light and emitted enormous v. of heat;

57:6.1 sun continued to pour forth diminishing v. of matter


1:1.2 own hearts—recognize, love, and v. worship him.

8:1.2 v., with transcendent willingness and inspiring

15:12.2 they v. submit matters for counsel or adjudication

20:6.7 they v. relinquish their lives and pass through the

25:4.13 All candidates v. enter this order of service; but

26:1.16 supernaphim must v. associate in pairs to be able

37:4.3 Any of these beings may be v. serving in Nebadon

37:4.3 they often v. place themselves wholly under the

39:1.18 Such ministers v. meet the differential of demand for

43:8.7 Acquire the ability v. and effectively to co-operate

50:2.2 if such aid is not v. requested, the Melchizedeks

65:1.8 And when such vows are v. taken by those Life

92:4.8 the loving worship which a creature son v. gives in

118:8.10 each transcended restraint a new and v. assumed

120:0.4 v. subordinate himself to the variously constituted

120:0.8 this Creator Son once more v. to subordinate

120:1.2 “Throughout your former bestowals you have v.

120:1.3 you have v. divested yourself of all extraplanetary

133:2.2 unless the woman has willingly and v. given him

136:5.3 Jesus v. deprived himself of all superhuman

178:1.5 while you v. assume a third and sacred obligation:


10:3.17 delegations of jurisdiction by the Father are wholly v.

12:7.4 the chronicity of the repetition of his own v. acts.

27:5.5 v. and wise efforts of the custodians of knowledge.

33:3.5 this v. relinquishment of power and authority by

33:3.6 the family and the human institution of v. marriage

35:2.3 but much of it is v. and altogether self-imposed.

47:7.5 Study is becoming v., unselfish service natural,

51:3.8 and the secondary midwayers effected a v. union

51:5.3 women for v. mating with the Adamic offspring.

53:4.2 should be limited to the local planets and their v.

53:4.6 desired only loyalty and devotion which was v.,

55:8.5 the Teacher Sons become v. collaborators with the

71:1.2 The early states did not originate in v. associations.

72:3.6 an institution supported by v. contributions.

72:11.3 Military service during peacetime is purely v.,

84:7.5 science—procreation is becoming more and more v.,

88:4.1 magic was the art of obtaining v. spirit co-operation

120:1.4 from the moment of your v. relinquishment of

120:1.5 throughout the period of your v. bestowal.

120:1.6 Your bestowal is, throughout, wholly v..

132:3.8 the v. choice of goodness attended by an equal and

132:3.10 self-understanding and consequent v. self-restraint

134:5.11 by v. surrender of certain prerogatives of sovereignty

134:6.6 the question of conscription or v. military service

140:8.20 “the v. conformity of man’s will to God’s will.”

150:5.5 they will be led to v. repentance of all known sin.

170:2.12 the liberated sons of God engaged in joyful and v.

186:5.9 by the v. relinquishment of his life in the flesh,

187:2.3 and conquer it by v. submission to the full human

188:5.11 the bestowal of v. salvation upon those who are


19:1.3 they v. for emergency duty and unusual service

20:9.1 the Trinity Teacher Sons always v. for this service.

25:8.10 These seraphim always v. and are permitted to

36:3.9 may v., by taking temporary renunciation vows,

71:3.10 is portrayed by the caliber of its citizens who v. to

107:7.2 how then can Adjusters v. to indwell these creatures

107:7.3 They v. to indwell human beings, Adjusters lay plans

108:1.2 before ever they v., they are in possession of full

108:1.2 The Adjusters thus v. to indwell minds of whose

108:1.7 our belief that the Monitors freely v. for assignment.

108:2.1 Though the Adjusters v. for service as soon as the

108:5.1 Adjusters v. to indwell such composite beings as live

109:6.3 When Adjusters of long universe experience v. to

113:2.7 guardians, seraphim always v. their services.

124:2.1 the lad, but neither did Mary v. any information.

133:9.1 and observed him v. to drive their own animal,

137:2.4 kingdom and strongly urged Philip to v. for service

139:4.3 Andrew would have liked to v. for such a blessed

188:4.8 almost equal to himself should v. to suffer for them,

192:1.11 Jesus directed that two of the apostles should v. to


25:8.11 A v. Paradise Citizen then becomes associated with

35:4.4 versatile and v. emergency ministers to all orders

39:3.7 as v. counselors to the planetary rulers and as

44:0.3 v. pupils drawn from the ascending mortals and

45:6.9 an equal number of v. midsonite parental groups who

48:6.34 through personal friendship with the v. servers of the

50:3.1 a Planetary Prince takes with him a group of v.

50:3.2 Such v. assistants are citizens of a system capital,

50:3.2 The status of the Adjusters of such v servers remains

55:4.1 wise administration of the v. Corps of the Finality,

55:4.11 a Life Carrier who becomes the v. adviser of the

55:4.17 come to the worlds as v. counselors and advisers to

55:4.22 Planetary Sovereign is joined by a v. adviser sent by

55:8.2 becomes the v. adviser to the system supreme court

55:9.1 capitals as v. advisers to the Most High Fathers.

55:10.6 the Trinity Teacher Sons are v. advisers, not only

66:2.7 into the hands of the highly skilled v. commission

67:6.5 a v. Teacher Son, a Brilliant Evening Star of Avalon

72:8.7 institutions devoted to the military training of v.

73:4.4 In the preparation of the Garden only v. laborers

108:3.6 apparently under my jurisdiction as v. ministers.

109:7.7 designate duties for the v. Personalized Adjusters.

113:6.10 for safekeeping in the custody of v. seconaphim.

114:6.2 This council also serves as the v. cabinet of the

114:6.3 I am a v. supernaphim of the primary order serving

190:1.5 to send you on your last mission as v. messengers


33:3.2 She v. to accompany Michael on the occasion of his

35:4.5 Melchizedek v. to incarnate in the likeness of mortal

55:4.26 imported pure-line children who have v. for a term

who v. for embarkation on the Urantia adventure.

66:4.9 when they v. and were accepted for planetary

67:3.1 Gabriel v. to act as the representative of the Creator

72:1.4 He v. to abdicate upon condition that one of the

74:1.3 senior corps of Material Sons and Daughters v..

93:1.3  v. to do that which had been done only six times

108:2.5 the release of the Adjusters who have v. to indwell

108:3.6 Monitors, who have v. to serve on this irregular

124:2.1 but made few comments; Joseph v. no information.

130:2.1 woodworkers for this task, so Jesus v. to assist.

134:1.6 ill, and Jesus, being a linguist, v. to take his place.

144:3.16 or social petitions. And Jesus never v. to do that.


37:4.1 The Most High Assistants are a group of v. beings,

51:2.1 two of the v. group—an Adam and an Eve of the

108:1.3 The v. Adjuster is particularly interested in three

108:1.7 select from this group of v. Adjusters the one best

108:1.8 The short time intervening between the v. and the

113:2.3 angelic assignments are made from a group of v.

185:2.1 pronounced upon Jesus, without v. a definite charge.


23:2.19 for exploration v.; and there is never a lack of v.,

25:8.11 and one of the v. is selected to accompany the

26:4.1 also attended by v. from the Mortal Finality Corps,

31:1.1 a registry of Havona v. presided over by the

36:4.1 among the v. who respond to the call of the System

37:6.1 are all v. who have qualified by experience to serve

45:6.9 Sons, v. from the Jerusem colony of their order.

48:4.9 All reversion directors are v., giving themselves to

48:6.34 service and, when unassigned, often minister as v..

50:3.3 provide such v. with new physical bodies, which they

50:3.4 mutual offspring and to certain superior native v..

55:4.12 During such missions they serve as v. and not by

66:2.5 The Jerusemite v were brought by seraphic transport

66:2.9 transports bearing the one hundred Jerusem v. until

73:2.4 Van divided his v. into one hundred companies with

73:4.5 filling the places of the deserters with younger v..

74:1.3 When the proclamation was issued calling for v. for

89:6.2 human sacrifice is still carried on by v., a sort of

108:1.2 firmly believe that all Thought Adjusters are v..

109:6.3 the Father of spirits grant personality to these v.

143:1.7 the first v. of a long line of sincere believers in the


55:4.23 sometimes it is a Melchizedek who v. to function in

108:1.7 Probably more than one Adjuster v.; perhaps the

119:0.3 is assumed by every Michael Son who v. to go out


65:2.5 V. and presently along the lines of the Hydra and


70:10.5 When poison was administered, if the accused v., he


88:6.1 the v. doctors of the twentieth century are typical of

Vorondadeksee Vorondadek observer;

             Vorondadek Son; Vorondadek Sons

18:7.4 are modest in comparison with the homes of the V.

35:5.4 never in all the history of Nebadon has a V. been

35:5.6 an observer V. is usually present pending restoration

35:6.5 the V. order to assist with the administrative work.


35:7.1 surrounding Salvington comprise the V. planets.

35:7.1 is devoted to a special phase of V. activities.

35:7.2 but here on these V. worlds they participate in the

35:7.2 The instruction to be had in the V. schools is

35:7.3 centered on these V. worlds of the Salvington

43:3.1 The rulers of the constellations are of the V. order of

43:5.2 expanded to include twelve Sons of the V. order.

43:5.3 is number 617,318 of the V. series of Nebadon.

93:3.3 he usually associated it with the three V. rulers of

109:7.6 of the constellations to confer with the V. rulers.

114:4.5  V. regencies are not peculiar to rebellion-isolated

Vorondadek observer(s)

35:5.6 an observer V. is usually present pending restoration

39:3.11 Sons on special assignment, such as the V.,

43:5.8 director of the V. stationed on the isolated worlds of

43:5.17 He does not participate in planetary administration

43:5.17 a V. has been stationed on the planet ever since the

109:7.7 When the planetary V. of Urantia—the Most High

109:7.7 he began his emergency administration of Urantia

109:7.7 He immediately assigned to all his associates and

109:7.7 But he did not choose the three Personalized Adj.

109:7.7 Adjusters who appeared the instant he assumed the

109:7.7 He did not even know they would thus appear, for

114:4.2 attached to the resident V., who acts as advisory

Vorondadek Son

35:4.4 It is easily possible for such a S. to make himself

36:6.8 [Indited by a V. stationed on Urantia as an observer

43:5.9 7. The Most High referee, the V. intrusted with the

43:5.10 V. charged with the task of adapting the emergency

43:5.11 Most High mediator, the V. assigned to harmonize

43:5.13 11. The Most High liaison, the V. attached to the

43:5.14 presiding officer is a V. of extraordinary experience.

43:5.17 Every quarantined or isolated world has a V. acting

114:3.5 represented directly by a V., the Edentia observer.

114:4.1 There is still resident on Urantia a V., an observer

114:4.2 Authority in these matters is exercised by a V.,

114:4.3 would be this V. of Edentia now on observation duty

Vorondadek Sonssee also Vorondadeks

15:2.4 sphere and is presided over by three V., the Most

18:7.2 the Faithfuls of Days are to the V. who rule the

18:7.2 undertakings are under the supervision of the V..

20:1.7 5. V..

30:2.43 5. V..

35:0.4 2. V..


35:5.1 They are more generally known as Constellation

35:5.2 These S., like their co-ordinates, the Melchizedeks,

35:5.2 no known method whereby they can increase their

35:5.3 In many respects these S. are a self-governing body

35:5.3 they are largely self-determinative, much as are the

35:5.4 Although the rulings of this order of S. are always

35:5.4 But these S. rarely fall into error,and they have never

35:5.7 Often a corps of twelve or more V. sits en banc as a

35:5.7 their work more largely pertains to the legislative

35:5.7 the V. have become the historians of the local

35:5.7 they are personally familiar with all the political

35:6.1 These S. are selected by the Creator Son and are

35:6.5 constellation, is at present administered by twelve V.

39:3.11 others may be attached to V. on special assignment,

43:3.1 no disaffection of the V. has ever occurred in

43:3.2 At least three V. are commissioned by Gabriel as the

43:4.4 structures comprising the residential unit of the V..

43:5.2 expanded to include twelve S. of the Vorondadek


20:1.10 Both V. and Lanonandeks are brought into being by

20:1.10  V. are best known as the Most Highs, Constellation

30:1.36 6. The V..

35:0.7 the Melchizedeks, the V., and the Lanonandeks;

35:5.1 great and diverse order of universe sonship, the V..

35:5.2 The number of V. varies in each local universe,

35:5.3 V. do not function through such a wide range of

35:5.3 They do not equal their Melchizedek brethren in

35:5.3 but they are even more reliable and efficient as rulers

35:5.3 Neither are they quite the administrative peers of

35:5.3 they excel all orders of universe sonship in stability

35:5.4 they have been cited for error to the Creator Son,

35:5.4 their decisions have sometimes been reversed on

35:5.4 into error, and they have never gone into rebellion;

35:5.5 The service of the V. in the local universes is varied.

35:5.5 They serve as ambassadors to other universes and as

35:5.5 they are the often intrusted with the full delegation of

35:5.6 that the V. have sometimes exercised such authority

35:6.1 At least three V. are assigned to the rulership of

35:6.1 the assigned V. resident on the Salvington worlds

35:7.2 local universe under the tutelage of the senior V..

35:8.1 After the creation of the V., the Creator Son and the

35:8.15 order of sonship than the Melchizedeks and the V.,

39:3.11 attached to the Salvington reserves of unassigned V.;

43:5.15 And this takes no account of the numerous V.,

46:5.15 The fourth circle is the home of the V. and all other


59:5.12 This epoch witnessed the beginning of the V.,


45:7.6 but the v. is differentially cast in accordance with the

45:7.6 The v. cast at a Jerusem election by any personality

72:2.12 judicial body are by at least a two-thirds v..

72:2.17 except upon the three-quarters v. of the third branch

72:9.2 and woman of twenty years and over has one v..

72:9.6 nation-wide ballot, and no citizen casts over one v..

139:8.8 when Andrew would put the proposition to a v.,

168:3.3 this resolution did not come to a v. since fourteen

184:3.1 the Sanhedrin, by a large majority v., had decreed the

190:3.3 did not come to a v. since the meeting broke up


72:9.6 All citizens now v. as members of industrial, social,

138:2.2 new apostleships, asked all the others to v. upon the


45:7.5 they are v. into authority from time to time by three

77:3.8 The religious group were promptly v. down.

133:3.2 v. to forbid his further preaching in the synagogue,

139:8.8 his conservatism was v. down or overruled, Thomas

144:6.5 It was unanimously v. to accept this prayer as the

144:6.7 the joint council had unanimously v. that baptism

144:6.9 was it v. that, in case of John’s death, the apostles of

175:3.1  v. to impose the death sentence upon both Jesus


72:9.3 The maximum suffrage of any multiple v. is ten.


72:9.3 may have additional v. conferred upon them

72:9.5 Heavy taxpayers are permitted extra v. up to five.


72:9.1 for a modified scheme of v. which embraces the

72:9.2 citizens must accept membership in two v. groups:

72:9.6 the territorial method of v. was abandoned in favor

72:9.8 V. is compulsory, heavy fines being assessed against


120:2.9 the Adjuster I will v. for your personality integrity.


54:5.3 Time to accept salvation is v. every evildoer.

155:6.2 the word of truth is v. one age and withheld from


89:6.3 this well-meaning man had made a foolish v.,

135:1.1 year for him to take the formal Nazarite v..

135:2.1 since the Nazarite v. forbade contact with the dead,

135:2.1 to comply with the restrictions of his v. regarding


36:3.9 volunteer, by taking temporary renunciation v.,

65:1.8 must either leave the planet or take renunciation v.

65:1.8 when such v. are voluntarily taken by those Life

87:6.16 Next came the practice of ritual v., followed by

89:3.5 stress, to make v. of self-denial and self-torture.

89:3.5 In time these v. assumed the form of contracts

89:3.5  V. were both negative and positive.

89:6.3 men are addicted to making foolish and needless v.,

89:7.1 escape the worst results of their rash and foolish v..

93:5.8 to the execution of his v. to the cause of Salem.

98:3.2 in the observance of mere forms, v., and taboos.

135:1.1 of the v. to abstain from all intoxicating drinks,

135:1.1 which were required of those taking Nazarite v..

135:1.2 John took the same life v. that had been administered

138:9.1 to their v. of devotion and loyalty to the Master.

173:1.3 for the payment of v. and the making of offerings.


14:5.10 life of anticipation, an eternal v. of discovery.

106:9.11 infinity, the never-ending v. of discovery into the

118:6.5 man can choose to embark upon the v. of universe

130:1.2 Jonah had embarked on his ill-fated v. to Tarshish.

130:3.2 Ganid was delighted with the v. and kept Jesus

133:7.1 They enjoyed the long water v. and arrived at their


155:5.11 mental uncertainties associated with those faith v.

vs.see also versus

53:9.1 a decision in the matter of Gabriel vs. Lucifer.

53:9.3 tribunals in the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer,

53:9.3 the adjudication of the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer.

53:9.4 the opening of the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer has

54:4.8 hearing in the pending case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer

70:7.17 The first party government was “the strong” vs.

97:3.5 on more strictly religious lines—Yahweh vs. Baal—


48:4.13 v. and unkind to become confused with your humor,




53:7.10 The ascending mortals were v., but they withstood

65:5.2 particularly in the more v. human species.

79:4.2 made them v. to absorption by the Dravidians of the

100:2.7 Temporal securities are v., but spiritual sureties are

195:7.1 to allow such v. theories as those of a mechanistic


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