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Gabrielchief executive of Michael

PART II   Personalities acting by authority of G. of Salvington.

32:5.9 and assigned to this mission by G. of Salvington.]

33:0.1 delegates executive power to G. and jurisdictional

33:2.5 Michael’s place is assumed by G.,who then functions


33:4.2 G. is like the Universe Son in divinity of nature

33:4.4 important universe procedures without G.’ presence.

33:4.5 G. is chief executive of the universe of Nebadon

33:4.5 but he has gained experience with the growth and

33:4.6 G. is the chief officer of execution for mandates

33:4.6 the Ancients of Days, are also delegated to G. and

33:4.6 G. is thus the combined chief executive of both the

33:4.6 He has at his command an able corps of assistants,

33:4.6 G. may employ any and all of the orders of

33:4.6 he is also the commander in chief of “the armies of

33:4.7 G. and his staff are not teachers; they are

33:4.7 During such bestowals G. was ever attendant on

33:4.7 he became the actual director of universe affairs

33:4.7 G. has been closely identified with the history and

33:4.8 Aside from meeting G. on the bestowal worlds

33:4.8 mortals will seldom encounter him as they ascend

33:4.8 or degree, you will come under the direction of G..

33:6.1 G. is the chief executive and actual administrator

33:6.1 Sons on Paradise, G. is the regent of the universe.

33:6.1 G. always seeks the counsel of Immanuel regarding

33:6.2 The Father Melchizedek is G.’ first assistant.

33:7.2 judicial mechanism is under the supervision of G..

33:8.4 these councils constitute the working cabinet of G..

35:1.2 G. is occupied more with universe policies,

35:1.2 G. presides over the regularly constituted tribunals

35:1.2 G. and the Father Melchizedek are never away from

35:1.2 in G.’ absence the Father Melchizedek functions as

35:2.5 a Melchizedek goes to a world in the name of G.,

35:6.1 are commissioned by G. as the Most Highs of the

35:8.15 In executive ability they are excelled only by G. and

35:10.6 by the Chief of Archangels acting by authority of G.

36:1.2 by the life-determining trio, consisting of G., Nambia

37:1.9 The Bright and Morning Star is known as G. of

37:1.9 He is the chief executive of all Nebadon, functioning

37:1.10 During the earlier times of Nebadon, G. worked

37:1.10 he was provided with a personal staff of unrevealed

37:2.1 many capacities but chiefly as liaison officers of G.,

37:2.2 As chief executive of Nebadon, G. is ex officio

37:2.2 The Brilliant Evening Stars represent G. on these

37:2.2 he cannot be in two places at the same time,

37:2.3 G maintains contact with all other phases of universe

37:2.8 even as G. accompanied Michael on his Urantia

37:3.2 who are not normally under the jurisdiction of G..

37:8.4 Salsatia, maintains headquarters within the G. sector

38:6.2 Evening Stars or other immediate lieutenants of G..

38:6.2 And G. is the “supreme commander of the armies of

39:2.3 These seraphim belong to the personal staff of G.,

39:2.3 corps of the mighty hosts over which G. presides as

40:10.15 Messenger temporarily attached to the staff of G. of

42:12.16 on duty in Nebadon and by the request of G..]

43:3.2 three Vorondadek Sons are commissioned by G.

43:5.7 personal representative of G. stationed on Edentia

45:4.1 agents for executing the special requests of G. and

45:4.18 the loyal midway creatures in the service of G. at

45:4.19 on G.’ request, and we have no idea how long they

46:5.32 G. placed the seal on this temple of mystery, and

50:2.1 under the universe administrative jurisdiction of G.,

52:7.17 Messenger temporarily attached to the staff of G..]

53:1.6G. came from Salvington and bound the dragon

53:1.6 he has reserved in sure chains of darkness to the

53:2.4 a visit of G. to Jerusem just a few days before the

53:2.4 G. was so profoundly impressed with the certainty

53:2.4 that he went direct to Edentia to confer with the

53:4.6 G. was personally present throughout all these

53:4.6 and only announced that he would speak for Michael

53:4.7 to organize his rebel government before G. made any

53:5.4 G. called his personal staff together on Edentia and

53:5.4 Michael remained on Salvington while G. proceeded

53:5.4 he displayed the banner of Michael, the material

53:5.6 G. conducted an unceasing exposure of the rebel

53:7.4 with G., valiantly contended for the Father’s will and

53:7.12 I was among the reserves mobilized by G., and I well

53:8.4 appeal of G. praying for the destruction of the rebels

53:9.1 hand down a decision in the matter of G. vs. Lucifer.

53:9.3 of the tribunals in the case of G. vs. Lucifer,

53:9.3 begin the adjudication of the case of G. vs. Lucifer

53:9.4 and the opening of the case of G. vs. Lucifer has

53:9.4 when there occurred the first hearing of G.’ plea

54:4.8 the first hearing in the pending case of G. vs. Lucifer

54:5.10 counseled G. to foster full opportunity for every

54:5.10 the Paradise emergency adviser of G. portrayed

54:5.12 They advised G. that at least three times the number

54:5.12 in advising G. to permit the rebellion to take its full

54:6.11 acting in this matter by request of G. of Salvington.]

55:10.2 The universe administration, as far as concerns G.

55:10.4 G. establishes contact with the Ancients of Days to

55:10.10 G. would undoubtedly become chief administrator

PART III  Universe Personalities acting by authority of G. of

65:1.6 who acts in this capacity by the mandate of G. and

65:1.8 the System Sovereign and with permission of G.;

67:3.1 G volunteered to act as the representative of the Son

74:2.8 the broadcast voice of G. decreed the second roll of

75:7.1 G. appeared to pronounce judgment.

76:6.2 acting for Michael, were placed in G.’ hands,

92:2.5 to have received direct revelations from G. to the

93:10.2 the approval of the chief executive of Nebadon, G.

113:6.2 to the Evening Star (or other lieutenant of G.) in

114:2.1 the Assigned Sentinel of Jerusem, appointed by G.

114:3.5 who are directly representative of Michael and G..

119:0.1 I am assigned to Urantia by G. on the mission of

119:1.2 only with the chief executive of the universe, G.,

119:3.2 he intrusted command of the celestial forces to G.,

119:4.1 the government of Nebadon in the hands of G. and

119:4.2 accompanied by a solitary supernaphim and G. of

119:4.5 G. became more and more an associate of these

119:5.1 Immanuel of Salvington and accompanied by G.

119:5.3 knowing full well, by the presence of G., that this

119:5.3 in the company of G., took sudden leave of Uversa

119:5.5 Even G. confesses that he does not comprehend the

119:6.5 We were informed in advance by G. of the time of

119:7.1 G. had taught us that this terminal bestowal would

120:0.1 Assigned by G. to supervise the restatement of the

120:0.6 Michael held the prebestowal conference with G.

120:0.6 which had not previously been conferred upon G.,

120:1.7 I pledge (with G.’ co-operation) the faithful

120:2.1 formulated by you and placed in my keeping by G.

120:2.3 I counsel you to accept from G. the conference of

120:2.4 G. and all concerned will co-operate with you in the

120:3.1 that have been arrived at in consultation with G.,

120:3.11 to you, G., I commit the safekeeping of the Son of

120:3.11 G., I am your sovereign until Michael thus returns.”

122:0.2 prepared by the Melchizedeks, in counsel with G.,

122:0.2 G. made a personal visit to Urantia, and, as a result

122:0.2 G. decided that the Hebrews possessed those relative

122:0.2 G. appointed and dispatched to Urantia the Family

122:0.2 G. was present on Urantia and received the report

122:0.3 G. made the personal choice of Joseph and Mary,

122:0.3 he imparted to Mary the glad tidings that she had

122:1.3 G. selected just such persons as Joseph and Mary to


122:2.2 that G. appeared to Elizabeth at noontide one day,

122:2.2 just as he later made his presence known to Mary.

122:2.2 Said G.: “While your husband, Zacharias, stands

122:2.3 I, G., have come to announce that you will shortly

122:2.4 After G.’ departure Elizabeth turned this experience

122:2.5 Upon Elizabeth’s disclosure of the story of G.’ visit,

122:2.5 consenting halfheartedly to believe in G.’ visit to his

122:2.6 G. appeared to Mary about the middle of

122:2.6 G. had informed each of these mothers-to-be of

122:2.6 to strengthen Mary’s faith in the vision of G.,

122:2.7 that a son had come to them as G. had promised,


122:3.1 G. appeared to Mary by the side of a low stone

122:3.2 At first Joseph had doubts about the G. visitation.

122:3.3 at this time they knew nothing of the G. visitation.

122:3.4 G.’ announcement to Mary was made the day

122:4.1 Joseph never again doubted Mary’s story of G.’

122:5.6 steadied in her final attitude by the memory of G.’

126:2.4 Still he knew nothing of the G. visit to his mother

128:3.9 Mary paused to recall the G. visitation before the

135:0.1 the promise that G. made to Elizabeth in June of the

135:0.1 For five months Elizabeth kept secret G.’ visitation

135:0.1 Excepting the visit of G. to Elizabeth and the dream

135:8.7 to tell him the story of G.’ visit to his mother ere

135:9.1 John now made known to them the story of the G.

136:3.4 Jesus encountered his universe chief executive, G.,

136:3.4 G. now re-established personal communication

136:3.4 G., by direction of Immanuel and on authority of

136:3.5 While he tarried on the mountain, talking with G.,

136:3.5 appeared to Jesus and G. in person, saying:

136:3.6 Jesus held converse with G. regarding the welfare of

136:4.6 G. had reminded Jesus that there were two ways in

137:3.5 Mary anticipated that the promise of G. was nearing

154:6.1 could never quite forget the visit of G. ere Jesus

158:1.6 Jesus withdrew for a long conference with G. and

158:1.8 were Moses and Elijah; in reality, they were G.

158:3.2 And G. brought Jesus that assurance.

158:3.6 After the formal visitation of G. and the Father

168:1.10 celestial beings assembled under the leadership of G.

168:2.1 the signal for action when it should be given by G.,

168:2.8 G. dismissed the extra groups of the assembled host

168:2.8 while he made record of the first instance on Urantia,

182:3.8 joint command of G. and the Personalized Adjuster

186:4.2 G. and the chief rulers of Nebadon were assembled

188:3.11 the “Michael Memorial,” now bearing the seal of G..

188:3.12 a meeting on Urantia under the presidency of G..

189:0.1 own responsibility; G. had not assembled them.

189:0.1 They were disposed to accept the advice of G.,

189:0.3 the attitude of anxious expectancy, from G. down to

189:1.5 Just as soon as Jesus appeared beside G., just above

189:1.10 on arising from the tomb was to greet G. and

189:2.1 approached G. and asked for the mortal body of

189:2.2 when G. had conferred with the senior Most High

189:3.1 G. summoned the archangels to his side and made

189:3.1 Michael appeared before G., saying: “As my

189:3.2 G. and the archangel hosts moved to the place of

189:3.2 when G. gave the signal, there flashed to the first

189:3.2 voice of G., saying: “By the mandate of Michael,

189:3.2 because of the necessity of G.’ presence here in

189:3.4 But G. remained on Urantia with the morontia Jesus


128:1.14 the experiences of the reputed tribes of Ruben, G.,


138:2.5 and onetime carpenter and stone mason of G..

138:9.3 Galilee, Jotapata, Ramah, Safed, Gischala, G., and

144:7.1 chiefly in Scythopolis, Gerasa, Abila, and G..

149:0.1 On this tour they visited G., Ptolemais, Japhia,

159:0.2 labored in Gerasa, Gamala, Hippos, Zaphon, G.,

165:0.1 and some fifty additional villages: Zaphon, G.,


165:0.1 Adam, Penuel, Capitolias, Dion, Hatita, G.,

Gadiaha Philistine interpreter

130:1.1 During the stay in Joppa, Jesus met G., who worked

130:1.1 While they tarried at Joppa, Jesus and G. became

130:1.2 G., not knowing that this “scribe of Damascus”

130:1.2 And when he had concluded his remarks, he asked

130:1.2 he asked Jesus this question: “But do you suppose

130:1.2 destroy the foundations of G.’ present motivation

130:1.3 G. was mightily moved by Jesus’ teaching, and they

130:1.3 This was the same G. who listened to the preaching

130:1.3 And G. had very much to do with the final decision

130:1.5 Jesus’ visit with G. had to do with good and evil.

130:1.5 He said: “How can God, if he is infinitely good,

130:1.6 G. was fully satisfied with Jesus’ answer to his


162:4.2 The entire city was g. decorated except the Roman


54:6.7 and adjudication of the Satania rebels, this one g.

57:7.4 Earth’s rapid g. over the moon in size enabled it to

69:1.3 They include industry, property, war for g., and all

70:2.9 incapable of producing dividends of social g. in

70:3.5 The g. motive is a mighty civilizer when augmented

71:0.1 the state represents society’s net g. from the ravages

71:4.17 purposes of selfish g. or national aggrandizement?

76:5.7 Urantians should count it all g. if the blunders of

103:5.7 Every mortal g. is a direct contribution to the

136:6.9 personal aggrandizement or for purely selfish g.

162:3.4 thus prostitute her physical charms for financial g..

165:4.8 but their hearts are set upon their own selfish g..”

169:2.3 only oppressed his master’s clients for his own g.,

176:3.4 and I am glad to present five other talents as my g.


1:3.6 g. divine perfection by achieving those experiential

13:0.7 you cannot hope to g. anything like a consistent

15:0.3 It is important first to g. an adequate idea of the

19:6.2 the Havoners g. an experience which to no small

20:5.7 and thereby g. the unique creature experience, but

21:4.4 “right hand of the Father,” there to g. the Father’s

25:1.7 servitals g. that preliminary experience of ministering

27:5.1 it is impossible for an untruth to g. lodgment in the

27:7.4 how to worship that they may be enabled to g. this

27:7.4 enabled to g. the full satisfactions of worship in

28:7.3 you will begin to g. access to the tools of divinity

39:0.11 Seraphim acquire knowledge and g. experience

39:8.3 1. To g. admission to the Paradise seraphic abode in

39:9.1 They g. attachment to the high trinitized beings of

40:5.10 First, they g. valuable and actual experience in the

42:1.4 though you g. control of the energy revolutions of

44:3.6 to g. additional information respecting one’s present

44:4.5 by this method I could g. more knowledge in one

44:4.5 than you could g. in one hundred years of ordinary

44:8.3 you will g. adequate recognition and receive due

46:2.6 But you can never hope to g. an adequate idea of

47:5.3 Surviving mortals now g. practical insight into true

50:4.9 efforts to g. entrance to these various institutions of

55:2.11 spheres afford them ample opportunity to g. in

57:7.2 the earth began decidedly to g. on the moon.

68:5.4 tools enabled man to become a hunter and thus to g.

71:3.12 the wisest and noblest of citizens g. civil recognition,

72:8.7 required before twenty-five in order to g. entrance to

75:8.5 will you g. anything by impatiently attempting to

83:6.4 Failure to g. mates in the social arena of

84:7.24 3. Inability of the child to g. culture by imitating

95:6.5 Only in later times did the belief g. credence that

101:1.2 mechanism through which to g. self-expression;

103:6.5 hope to g. an adequate understanding of universal

104:1.12 Christian concept of the Trinity, which began to g.

109:0.1 the virgin Adjusters must g. experience while

109:3.5 the Adjusters are able to g. far more actual contact

110:2.1 they may g. more influence over the personality

110:7.3 Adjusters g. valuable indwelling experience on

110:7.3 it does not follow that Adjusters only g. experience

112:0.1 if you will sincerely run the race of time and g. the

112:4.2 the Universal Censors are able to g. possession of

118:1.8 self begins to g. insight into the wholeness of events,

125:5.5 why all this slaughter of animals to g. divine favor

128:5.8 Jacob had sought to g. Miriam’s hand in marriage.

131:1.4 We g. knowledge from the experience of man, but

131:3.3 who avoid evil by seeing things as they are g. joy by

131:7.3 If you would g. immortality, forsake the world and

132:5.19 to employ money-power to g. unfair advantage over

133:4.13 all three of them to g. much valuable experience.

134:2.3 Jesus nearest to the Orient and enabled him to g. a

134:3.7 doctrine which had to be accepted in order to g. a

134:4.9 tempted to try out their ability to g. power and

137:8.8 the faith of a child, you shall in no wise g. admission.

138:4.2 in the face of any hungry soul who may seek to g.

140:8.17 “What shall it profit a man if he g. the whole world

140:10.2 What they could not g. from his verbal instruction,

140:10.4 we must become as little children before we can g.

148:9.2 His friends tried to g. entrance to Zebedee’s house

149:4.2 g. control of the intellectual and physical natures.

154:6.4 They sought to g. entrance to the house, but it was

155:1.5 seek after you that they may g. what you have so

157:3.2 where he hoped the apostles might g. a new vision

158:7.5 What does it profit a man to g. the whole world

160:1.14 that he shall g. entrance into the brotherhood of the

160:3.4 gracefully g. an equal victory by his superior and

161:2.7 Jesus asks us questions to draw us out, not to g.

163:2.4 to know what more I must do to g. eternal life?”

164:3.5 “O tenderhearted, g. merit by assisting the blind.”

165:4.9 “My son, what shall it profit you if you g. the whole

171:2.4 that outward victory which you must presently g.

171:8.2 Archelaus and his futile attempt to g. the rule of

176:3.4 his servants set themselves at work to g. profits

185:3.8 at least to g. time for thought, by sending Jesus to

195:9.6 institutionalize it, thereby hoping to g. control of it.


3:5.17 They are unselfish, but they never g. such levels of

20:9.1 g. comparative deliverance from the shackles of

24:7.1 they have g. this culture by actual service in the

28:6.9 If survival is g., all other losses can be retrieved.

32:3.10 they do reach the heights of glory, will have g. a

33:4.5 but Gabriel has g. experience with the growth and

45:7.5 a candidate must have g. requisite recognition from

47:10.2 those who had g. the victory over the beast that

50:3.6 have g. a unique and extraordinary experience,

67:7.3 and retarded that the human race had g. very little

70:6.6 Unscrupulous rulers g. great power by the

76:5.5 wore out; the process of disintegration gradually g.

82:4.3 As civilization advanced and private property g.

84:4.10 woman g. the legal right to own, control, and even

84:4.10 Woman has not yet g. world-wide freedom from

88:4.7 Magic g. such a strong hold upon the savage because

92:3.9 the race, in the end, g. much as a result of all these

95:1.3 Such teaching g. the ascendency for more than one

97:9.14 David g. possession of the “ark of Yahweh,”

97:9.15 g. control of the caravan tariffs formerly collected by

113:2.3 Many guardians have g. much valuable experience

123:3.8 Jesus was a keen observer and g. much practical

124:6.8 Jesus g. his first view of the Mount of Olives and

125:6.13 Mary g. comfort, eventually viewing his utterance

128:1.3 Jesus obtained knowledge, g. experience, and

128:6.12 as he g. more leisure, and before the grandchildren

132:4.2 dejected mortals who g. much relief because of the

132:4.3 Jesus thus g. a knowledge of the different races of

136:4.5 which afterward g. record as the “temptations of

136:8.4 He knew the methods of the world—how people g.

140:8.23 The one thing which John g. from this day’s teaching

143:3.8 the twelve apostles g. a valuable experience in this

146:2.14 knowledge and special skill could be g. by prayer.

176:3.4 he who had received two talents soon had g. two

176:3.4 behold, I have g. these other two talents.

187:2.9 if his followers had g. possession of the garments,

195:0.13 but the Christians g. the ascendancy in that:


72:5.9 adjust and decree the lawful hours of daily g. toil.

72:6.2 all persons must retire from g. pursuit at sixty-five


6:0.2 the purpose of g. access to the thought channels

49:6.17 instructors to the worlds they missed, g. experiences

80:6.3 Egypt was fortunate in g. so many of the skillful

93:2.7 thus g. that experience and practical introduction to

95:2.2 the belief in one God always g. ground but never

95:5.10 eventually g. possession of one seventh of all Egypt;

123:2.1 served with Machiventa Melchizedek, thus g. the

124:2.9 began to instruct Jesus in the diverse means of g. a

128:5.8 James’s success in g. Jesus’ assent to his marriage

132:4.1 Jesus spent much time g. an intimate knowledge

136:8.8 unearned popularity or for g. political prestige.

140:3.19 In g. an entrance into the kingdom of heaven,

146:2.9 aggrandizing self or for g. unfair advantage over

160:2.7 the mind of one augment its spiritual values by g.

169:2.2 why should you show less diligence in g. souls for

188:0.3 for the privilege of g. possession of such bodies.

191:0.3 informed them as to the many rumors g. headway


35:9.8 the g. of higher loyalty and fuller volitional service

58:6.8 Through almost endless cycles of g. and losses,

65:4.10 But the g. already accrued are sufficient to justify

66:7.20 all of the wonderful human g. of those days were

73:1.2 all the g. of the Prince’s administration had been

74:7.23 tremendous g. resulted from small amount of blood

84:5.9 The weaker always makes disproportionate g. in

89:3.3 and self-control were two of the greatest social g.

132:5.22 restore all these ill-gotten g. to the rightful owners.

169:2.2 If you were so diligent in making g. for yourselves

171:8.5 report of stewardship and to be made glad by your g.

173:1.1 Part of these g. was reserved for the temple treasury,

173:2.3 percentage of their g. was supposed to go directly

176:3.4 so did all of these servants make g. for their master

176:3.4 you expected g. where you had not personally

176:3.7 new beauty and actual spiritual g. will be disclosed

195:8.6 do not be quick to surrender the beneficent g. of the

195:8.9 secularism is not the sole parent of these recent g.

195:8.9 Behind the g. of the twentieth century are not only


47:3.7 mortal man g. absolutely nothing aside from

49:5.32 man escapes his terrestrial status and g. access to the

104:2.3 Through spiritual faith man g. insight into the love

109:4.5 this human being (and your whole world) now g..

110:7.5 Adjuster are finally and eternally fused, each g. all

153:3.5 not that which enters the body by the mouth or g.

165:2.4 Every shepherd who g. entrance to the sheepfold by


132:5.24 No man can g your right to hold and use such wealth

Gaiusa supporter of Paul

133:3.11 Jesus and Ganid met one G., who became a loyal


12:2.3 in outer space are really a part of the g. system of

104:4.15 pattern is the g. manifestation of the second triunity.

116:4.7 laboratories in which are worked the g. adventures,

117:3.2 that crystallizes into the g. panorama of space,

Galantiaascendant superangel

37:2.6 his associate, G., has maintained headquarters on

37:2.6 on Jerusem, where he spends about half of his time.

37:2.6 G. is the first of the ascendant superangels to attain

46:5.25 Here is located the system headquarters of G.,

46:5.25 The G. headquarters is a monolithic cast crystal,


139:7.10 preaching and baptizing, through Syria, G., Bithynia,


11:7.7 These zones separate the vast g. which race

11:7.7 a vast procession of g. swinging around Paradise,

11:7.9 the clockwise and counterclockwise flow of the g.,

12:2.3 astronomers no less than 375 million new g. in the

12:4.15 It appears that the second outer universe of g.,

40:10.8 now uncharted and uninhabited g. of outer space.

112:7.16 in process of organization vast g. of universes far

112:7.17 in due time these enormous g. will become inhabited

115:2.1 nothing new can happen throughout the g.,

117:7.17 thrilling adventures of the organization of the g. of

118:9.9 embodiment of the harmonious beauties of the g. of

118:10.23 Providence is the sure and certain march of the g. of


15:3.4 recognize the ten major sectors of the seventh g..

15:4.8 The Milky Way g. is composed of vast numbers of

15:4.9 in the space regions external to the Milky Way g..

32:4.2 God retires from activity in favor of the g. of

95:6.2 he created a g. of seven supreme gods with Ahura-

98:2.4 scant recognition to the whole g. of Olympian gods

98:3.2 the Etruscan priesthood with its new g. of gods and

106:8.23 it embraces that limitless g. of personalities who have

120:2.7 now forms, or may yet form a part of the vast g. of

195:4.2 new menace arose in the creation of a g. of “saints”


151:5.3 It was just such an evening g. that caught the boat


151:5.2 These g. come on quickly and sometimes go away

151:5.4 one of the worst g. they had ever encountered.


98:7.2 Levant and Occident by the followers of this G.,

122:9.2 Simeon was a Judean, but Anna was a G..

123:1.3 be unwise to spread the word among their G. friends

123:2.13 It was the custom of the G. Jews for the mother to

123:2.13 Jesus entered upon the fifth stage of a G. Jewish

123:3.1 Jesus had mastered the G. dialect of the Aramaic

123:5.12 G. priesthood was more liberal in the interpretation

126:3.11 Each of these momentous problems this young G.

127:2.4 this group, becoming an officer in the G. division.

128:3.6 Stephen never even faintly surmised that the G. he

128:4.5 the recital of this very story of the strange G. who

128:5.5 the strange-acting G. who had so unceremoniously

129:1.3 Jesus became well known to the G. fisherfolk as the

137:1.8 the apostles of the G. Prince of the coming kingdom.

137:2.2 This G. carpenter, this Capernaum boatbuilder,

137:4.1 Everybody wanted to greet this near-famous G.,

137:4.7 the honor of numbering the celebrated G. among

138:5.1 I pray that you will always be loyal to your G.

139:0.2 Many of these G. fishermen carried heavy strains of

139:12.4 to rise above his Judean prejudices against his G.

140:10.1 a difficult task to persuade these G. fishermen that,

141:3.5 And red-blooded, G. fishermen called him Master.

142:6.1 He had heard much about the teachings of this G.,

143:5.2 she surmised that he was a G. Jew from his accent.

152:3.2 There was a brief pause; this stalwart G. was there

157:7.2 some strangeness between this Judean and his G.

158:7.6 What a shock these words were to these G fishermen

172:3.14 we do is of no avail; we are confounded by this G..

173:1.6 simple-minded G., a man he had once talked with

177:4.6 formal renunciation of his association with the G.

179:3.2 This G. fisherman was the first human being

183:5.4 not assassinate him, and see that his friend, the G.,

184:1.2 Annas stood before the stalwart and determined G.,

184:2.7 This Jesus is a G., and your speech betrays you,

184:2.7 your speech betrays you, for you also speak as a G..”

185:3.9 Pilate, calling the guards, said: “This man is a G..

187:2.5 be cut to the very quick by seeing this executed G.

192:4.4 make a public appearance before a group of the G.

195:9.11 this cultural stream as well as the high G. tablelands

196:0.9 this G., God’s G., when addressed as Good Teacher


121:2.12 The G. were not regarded with full favor by the

166:2.2 had likewise been more readily received by the G.,

166:4.4 You know about those G. whose blood Pilate

166:4.4 I tell you these G. were not in any manner sinners

172:5.1 These sturdy G. were confused and disconcerted;

177:0.3 looked over the three well-armed and stalwart G.

177:4.2 but “unfortunate association with untaught G..”

181:0.1 At last it was beginning to dawn upon these G.

181:2.14 the first, Levi, I loved you as I did these other G..

185:1.5 the slaughter of a large company of G. even as

195:6.9 unlearned G. surveyed Jesus giving his life as a

Galileesee Sea of Galilee

100:7.13 This man of G. was not a man of sorrows; he was a

100:7.18 And today, as in G., Jesus continues to unify mortal

121:2.2 through or near the little town of Nazareth in G..

121:2.11 and his son Herod Antipas governed G. and Perea

121:2.11 Antipas rebuilt many of the cities of G., including

121:2.12 G. was more gentile than Jewish when he was born.

122:6.1 the highest of all the hills of southern G. save the

123:0.5 of his father, Herod, than would Antipas in G..

123:0.5 Joseph was outspoken in his preference for G. as

123:0.6 They feared to go to G. by Jerusalem and the

123:2.5 and religious training than the Jewish homes of G..

123:3.8 Joseph did considerable work at Bethlehem (of G.),

123:4.1 Early in January a great snowstorm occurred in G..

123:5.7 In G. the Jews mingled more freely with the gentiles

123:5.7 And of all the cities of G., the Jews of Nazareth

123:5.12 they could obtain a panoramic view of all G..

123:6.8 he attributed it to the remoteness of G. from the

124:0.1 opportunity for schooling at Alexandria than in G.,

124:1.12 capital of G. and one of the residences of Herod

124:2.9 G. was a more beautiful and prosperous district

124:2.9 it cost only about one fourth as much to live there as

124:2.9 It was a province of agricultural villages and thriving

124:2.10 to observe the fishing industry on the lake of G.,

125:1.5 the dwellers in G. came up only three times a year

125:5.1 spectators who, having heard of this youth from G.,

126:0.4 great teacher was to come out of Nazareth in G..

127:2.2 A group of organizers from Jerusalem arrived in G.

129:1.2 was soon to succeed Sepphoris as the capital of G.

130:7.1 kept Jesus busy telling tales about his early life in G..

130:7.1 They learned that Jesus was reared in G. and not in

134:0.1 he therefore deliberately returned to G. to await

135:6.5 Even a few came from G..

135:7.3 By this time throngs were arriving from G. and the

135:8.1 conversation in all the towns about the lake of G..

135:9.9 leave of John and his disciples, going back to G..

135:10.1 Since Jesus had gone north into G., John felt led to

135:10.1 John’s immediate followers had departed for G. in

135:10.3 many of them going into G. to join the followers

135:12.1 Herod ruled over Perea as well as G., and he

135:12.1 In G. the official residence had been moved from

135:12.5 men high in the councils of the government of G.

136:6.1 which would confront him when he returned to G. to

136:9.8 Jesus would return to G. and quietly begin the


137:1.4 Jesus said, “Early on the morrow we go into G..”

137:1.5 leave with their new Master on the morrow for G.,

137:1.6 making ready also to go with us tomorrow into G..

137:1.7 with their two associate apostles, to depart for G.

137:2.2 Jesus and his four disciple-apostles departed for G.

137:2.3 disciple-apostles were well on their way toward G.

137:2.3 Nathaniel, who lived at Cana of G., did not know

137:2.4 Jesus was outlining to James the trip through G.

137:7.3 to launch the preaching of the kingdom in G. while

138:9.3 Gerasa, Hippos, Magdala, Cana, Bethlehem of G.,

139:0.2 forcible conversion of the gentile population of G.

139:0.3 and there were no better Jewish schools in all G..

139:5.1 from John’s rendezvous on the Jordan to Cana of G..


141:1.1 the fame of Jesus had begun to spread over all of G.

141:1.2 they had come from G., Phoenicia, Syria, Perea,

143:4.1 the Jews of Judea, and later on those of G. also,

144:0.2 to plan for aggressive work in either Judea or G..

144:1.4 2. To allow opposition to their work in both G. and

144:1.7 G. would mark the beginning of the final

144:9.1 Tomorrow we go into G..”

145:0.1 in the first open and public preaching tour of G..

145:3.12 at Bethsaida in Capernaum spread throughout G.

145:5.7 make ready for our departure for the cities of G.,

145:5.8 public and open preaching tour of the cities of G..

145:5.10 forth to preach the good tidings in the cities of G..


146:0.1 The first public preaching tour of G. began on

146:4.1 At Iron, as in many of even the smaller cities of G.

146:4.1 At this time all the synagogues of G. and Judea

146:6.1 By this time the people of central and southern G.

146:6.4 So the word went abroad throughout G. and into

147:0.2 did most of their public preaching in G. rather than

147:2.4 while Jesus and the twelve returned to work in G..

147:6.2 the beginning of the second preaching tour in G.;

148:3.1 upon their second public preaching tour of G..

148:7.1 of evangelists on the second preaching tour of G.,

148:8.2 won for the kingdom on the previous tour of G.

148:8.5 go home or else to follow the evangelists into G..

149:0.1 The second public preaching tour of G. began on

149:1.2 men, women, and children from Judea, G., Syria,

149:1.9 rich widow followed Jesus about through G., she

149:2.8 of the gospel in connection with his third tour of G..

149:3.2 the evangelists on this second preaching tour of G.

149:7.3 who participated in this second preaching tour of G.,

150:0.3 being sent forth on the third preaching tour of G..

150:0.4 cities and villages of central and southern G.,

150:0.4 This was their last message to G., except to the

150:4.1 two and two that they may pass quickly over all G.

150:6.3 from all parts of central and southern G. these

151:6.7 “Fishermen of G., depart from us and take your

152:5.6 and the civil rulers throughout all G. and Judea.

152:6.2 of Jesus, who numbered fifty thousand in G. alone

154:3.1 practically all the synagogues in both G. and Judea

154:3.1 industriously spreading the rumor throughout G.


155:0.1 their projected tour through Batanea and G. to the

155:2.2 No city of all G. yielded so few souls for the

156:1.4 I have heard of his mighty works in G., and I believe

156:2.5 he had not fled from G. because he lacked courage

156:6.3 Gennesaret on the western shores of the lake of G.,

156:6.5 While Jesus was absent from Capernaum and G.,

156:6.8 while Herod had signed warrants for his arrest in G.,

156:6.8 would not be molested if he remained outside of G.;

157:1.3 they had been for some time absent from G..

157:6.1 as they made their way through Judea, and G., they

158:7.2 They traveled on through G. until well past the time

159:6.2 welfare of the believers throughout Judea, G., and

161:0.1 directed that the evangelists visit the believers in G.,

162:1.1 Long before they fled from G., the followers of

162:2.2 Others said this was indeed the prophet of G. whom

162:2.4 “Even though this teacher is from G., and even

162:2.9 Are you by any chance also from G.?

162:2.9 the Scriptures, and you will discover that out of G.

162:6.4 not be the Christ, seeing that he came from G.,

163:1.2 lake of G. to witness the ordination of the seventy.

163:1.6 the seventy messengers into all the cities of G.,

163:4.16 they started out, two and two, on their mission in G.,

163:6.6 by so many people scattered throughout G.,

163:7.4 Master during the former days of popularity in G..

164:3.11 had promised him vision, was the prophet of G.

167:5.2 and divorce, as did their fellows one time in G.,

168:1.8 What is the good of healing strangers in G. if he

171:6.1 rich and had heard much about this prophet of G..

172:3.6 “If your Master is Jesus from G., let him have the

172:3.8 and visiting pilgrims, many hailing from G. and Perea

172:3.16 “This is the prophet of G., Jesus of Nazareth.”

177:2.6 to nurture boys and girls as Jesus’ home in G. and

177:5.2 Jesus recounted their experiences in G. when time

181:2.27 while, and that I will then go before you into G..”

182:3.10 childhood in Nazareth and to his early work in G..

184:4.1 reviling and mistreating this unresisting man of G..

185:3.7 “This man stirs up the people, beginning in G. and

185:3.8 Pilate heard them say that he began his work in G.,

185:4.1 about him when his work had been centered in G..

185:4.3 believe that he was finally to be rid of Jesus in G.,

185:5.2 he release to them this man of G. as the token of

185:5.4 this Barabbas, the murderer, or this Jesus of G.?”

188:1.3 followed by the faithful women watchers from G..

188:3.3 The women of G., who prepared spices for the

189:4.10 Did not this Jesus tell you, even in G., that he would

189:5.4 presently I will go before them into G. as I promised.

190:1.10 The rest of Jesus’ family returned to G..

190:2.5 James announced that he would not return to G.,

191:0.13 also the reason why they did not go at once to G.

191:2.1 Son has risen from the grave, go hence into G..

191:2.1 with you until you are ready to go into G..

191:4.5 With the exception of one of his appearances in G.,

191:5.3 You may tarry here and in G. for a short season

191:5.6 “And now go all of you to G., where I will appear to

191:5.7 before the break of day, they started out for G..

191:6.1 While the eleven apostles were on the way to G.,


192:0.1 By the time the apostles left Jerusalem for G.,

192:0.2 After their return from G., Matthias, whom they

192:0.4 when the apostles departed for G., John Mark went

192:0.5 apostles paused several times on the way to G. to tell

192:1.1 Jesus made his thirteenth appearance, the first in G.,

192:1.2 Jesus had told them that, if they would go into G.,

192:1.4 John, I am glad to see you again and in carefree G.

192:1.8 Jesus recounted their many experiences in G. and

192:1.10 more and more despondent as they drew near G.,

192:4.1 appearances of Jesus was spreading throughout G.,

193:0.6 their experiences with the morontia Master in G.

193:6.1 apostles came back from their recent sojourn in G..

193:6.4 Pentecost the twins returned to their homes in G..

195:1.1 which had taken origin in the Jewish land of G..

196:1.2 if the Jesus of G. is reinstated in the minds and

196:2.1 the personal religious experience of the Jesus of G.

196:2.4 the struggling and valiant human Jesus of G., who,


168:1.14 the common belief of the Jews that the drop of g. on


125:0.5 the temple and its various courts, g., and corridors.

160:4.12 Thus build up for yourself reserve g. of beauty,


46:5.30 the gigantic art g. of Satania, and the immense hall

125:0.4 took leave of them on her way to the women’s g..

150:1.3 the synagogue (being confined to the women’s g.)


136:6.7 grapes, and each grape will produce a g. of wine.”


137:4.11 filled with water, holding about twenty g. apiece.


149:0.1 visited Jezreel, Scythopolis, Tarichea, Hippos, G.,

149:6.1 It was at G., during the evening conference, that

159:0.2 this month these twelve groups labored in G.,

159:2.1 Jesus went over to G. to visit John and those who

Gamalielone of Jerusalems leading rabbis

126:5.3 was probably the successor of the renowned G. at

194:4.10 G., who advised them: “Refrain from these men and

194:4.10 They decided to follow G.’ counsel, and there


86:1.4 an exciting game of chance; existence was a g..

86:1.4 And this g. of existence was the main interest and

87:5.8 Under the spirit cult, life was at best a g., the result


69:2.7 But primitive man was a natural-born g.;


86:1.4 chance and evince lingering predispositions to g..

88:6.7 Gradually science is removing the g. element from


70:9.13 rules of the g.—recognized adjustments of relations

86:1.4 Life was an exciting g. of chance; existence was a

89:8.6 the g. of man’s philosophic bargaining with God.

90:2.4 must die; now, he is only it in some childish g..

110:3.1 Adjusters are playing the sacred and superb g. of the


64:3.2 forests, traversed by streams, and abounding in g..

64:4.2 800,000 years ago g. was abundant; many species of

64:4.12 abundance of g., enabled these people to live with

68:5.5 snares and traps were employed in catching g., but

69:9.12 g. laws, the right to hunt, long preceded land laws.

84:3.6 the women never attack g., while a man would not

91:1.3 reasoned that food, shelter, rain, g., and other goods


66:5.29 Many competitive g. were introduced,but these folks

68:2.10 of all art, ceremonial, and all forms of sportive g.

69:1.5 war for glory, dancing, amusement, g., and other

70:7.10 the later appearing athletic g. and physical contests.

82:3.5 raiding forays, athletic contests and competitive g..

84:8.5 Competitive g., storytelling, and even the taste of

90:2.4 not only in the many g. of chance, but also in the

123:4.2 They danced and sang but had few organized g.,

124:1.13 Jesus succeeded in introducing many new g. and

124:3.7 annual competitive g. and public demonstrations of

124:3.7 was insistent that his father take him to see the g.,

124:3.7 The boy was thrilled with the g. and entered most

124:3.7 After the g. were finished, Joseph received the

124:3.8 boy even in the slightest manner allude to the g.


42:5.1 are the X rays, followed by the g. rays of radium.

42:5.7 5. G. rays—those emanations which characterize the


26:11.5 Both traverse the g. of the experiential universe

38:9.8 the entire energy g. extending from the gross power

106:2.3 It encompasses the whole g. of divinity attainment

128:1.2 Jesus experienced the full g. of human feelings


59:6.9 in three favorable retreats: the G. Bay of India,

79:2.1 the deltas of the G. and Indus being the work of the

79:2.4 spreading out over the valleys of the Indus and G.

79:3.6 in the river valleys, principally of the Indus and G.,

81:3.1 the G. to the Yellow River, the chief business of


79:4.4 On the G. plain Aryan and Dravidian eventually

79:7.6 thereby, as did the peoples of the G. plain.


97:9.20 there ruled in Samaria a g. whose depredations

GanidIndian lad whom Jesus tutored

130:0.1 the two natives from India—Gonod and his son G.

130:0.3 Charax, from which place Gonod and G.

130:0.4 rudiments of the language spoken by Gonad and G..

130:0.5 teaching G. and acting as interpreter during Gonod’s

130:0.7 G., the young man, learned much from Jesus during

130:2.1 G. greatly enjoyed Jesus’ explanation of the water

130:2.1 G. was much impressed with the temple of Augustus

130:2.1 These were the first exhibitions of this sort G. had

130:2.1 and he asked Jesus many questions about them.

130:2.6 G. was beginning to learn how his tutor spent his

130:2.6 He asked, “Why do you occupy yourself so

130:2.6G., no man is a stranger to one who knows God.

130:2.8 Jesus and G. had both enjoyed playing with a very

130:2.8 G. wanted to know whether the dog had a soul,

130:2.8 G. never again entertained belief in transmigration

130:2.9 The next day G. talked all this over with his father,

130:3.2 G. was delighted with the voyage and kept Jesus

130:3.2 device of man, and amidst the exclamations of G.

130:3.2 And as G. squeezed Jesus’ hand, he said, “I will.”

130:3.4 and G. went to the library, the greatest in the world

130:3.4 In this library G. saw the largest collection of

130:3.4 Jesus told G. about the translation of the Hebrew

130:3.5 Under Jesus’ direction G. made a collection of the

130:3.5 Jesus and G. decided the Romans had no real God in

130:3.6 G. did not finally arrange these selections and add

130:3.6 He was much surprised to discover that the best of

130:3.7 Jesus and G. spent much time in the museum

130:3.7 Day by day Jesus interpreted the lectures to G.;

130:3.9 G. and Jesus talked much about Philo’s teachings

130:3.10 Jesus commended to G. much in Greek philosophy

130:4.1 G. and Jesus had a long visit with one of the

130:4.1 Jesus said to G.: The source of universe reality is

130:4.12 at the end of the discussion G. was heavy of eye

130:5.1 Jesus and G. won many souls to higher levels of

130:5.2 G. was delighted with the thought that Jesus might

130:5.3 when G. asked Jesus why he had not devoted

130:5.3 he told G. the story of Moses and the forty years

130:5.4 which G. never forgot; the memory of this episode

130:5.4 wish he might do something to change the caste

130:5.4 G. felt a strong impulse to help Jesus handle the

130:5.4 explain to G. why he did not smite the drunken man.

130:5.4 G. thought this man should have been struck at least

130:6.6 Jesus and G. gave first aid to a lad named Rufus,

130:7.1 G. discovered that Jesus was a good storyteller,

130:7.2 When G. inquired what one could do to make friends

130:8.4 he and G. spent their leisure visiting and exploring

130:8.4 G. was becoming adept at sighting those who

130:8.4 G. never understood the meaning of Jesus’ words

131:0.1 Jesus, Gonod, and G., the young man spent much

131:0.1 G. employed more than threescore learned

131:0.2 an abstract of G.’ manuscript, which he prepared at

131:0.2 He collected this material under ten heads, as follows

131:1.1 G.’ selection embraced the following: “God is

131:2.1 preserved and modified by the Jews, Jesus and G.

131:3.1 G. was shocked to discover how near Buddhism

131:3.1 he did find some record of certain earlier beliefs

131:3.1 Jesus and G. collected the following statements from

131:4.1 Jesus and G. made the following excerpts: “He is the

131:5.1 From the records of this religion G. made the

131:7.1 Shinto was the one world religion of which G. had

131:8.1 G. collected the following from the teachings of its

131:9.1 G.’ summary of Confucianism was: “What Heaven

131:10.1 G. set himself to the task of formulating what he

131:10.1 what he deemed to be a summary of the belief he

131:10.1 the belief he had arrived at regarding God as a result

131:10.1 This young man was in the habit of referring to such

131:10.1 This was his record: “The Lord our God is one Lord,

132:0.2 While at Rome, G. had regular hours for study

132:0.2 His Father had much business to transact,

132:6.1 Jesus and G. were on their way to the libraries, but

132:6.1 G. never forgot Jesus’ comment: “You know,

132:6.1 G., most human beings are like the lost child.

132:6.1 G. was continually on the lookout for lost children

132:6.1 lost children whom he might restore to their homes.

132:6.2 Jesus told G. about the loss of his own father by an

132:6.2 G. sought money from his father to provide food

132:6.3 then can he enjoy a fourfold satisfaction in life as his

132:6.3 I—” but he stopped, saying to G., “My son, it is time

132:7.1 Jesus, Gonod, and G. made five trips away from

132:7.1 Jesus had the long talk with G. concerning the

132:7.1 G. was surprised that Jesus did not follow out his

132:7.1 When G. asked his teacher why he evinced so little

132:7.2 answered: “G., the man was not hungry for truth.

132:7.3 G. had asked Jesus direct questions about Buddha,

132:7.3 he had always received more or less evasive replies.

132:7.6 Then exclaimed G.: “Teacher, let’s you and I make a

132:7.6 And Jesus replied: “G., religions are not made.

132:7.7 night after they had retired, G. could not sleep.

132:7.7 He talked a long time with his father and finally said,

132:7.8 G. continued to evolve a religion of his own.

132:7.8 He was mightily moved in his own mind by Jesus’

133:0.2 Gonod and G. had purchased so many things in

133:0.3 G. asked Jesus a direct question as to what he

133:1.1 The moment Jesus released the little bully, G.

133:1.1 to G.’ astonishment Jesus promptly interfered.

133:1.1 After he had restrained G. and permitted the

133:1.1 the young man, as soon as he got his breath,

133:1.2 In answering, Jesus said: “G., it is true, you do not

133:1.2 G., mercy may be lavish, but justice is precise.

133:1.3 G., at least to some extent, understood why Jesus

133:1.3 But G. asked one last question, to which he never

133:1.4G., I can well understand how some of these

133:1.4 G., I have absolute confidence in my Father’s

133:1.5 But G. was not fully satisfied.

133:1.5 to defend Jesus, G. said: “Oh, I begin to see!

133:1.5 And Jesus replied: “That test has not yet come, G.,

133:1.5 he did draw from Jesus the opinion that organized

133:2.4 G. was becoming imbued with the spirit of personal

133:2.4 He began work on the steward of the ship, but on

133:2.4 when he got into deep religious water, he called on

133:3.1 G. was becoming much interested in the Jewish

133:3.1 he requested Jesus to take him to the service.

133:3.1 G. grew to be very fond of Crispus, his wife, and

133:3.1 He much enjoyed observing how a Jew conducted

133:3.2 While G. studied family life, Jesus was teaching

133:3.4 G. never grew weary of visiting the citadel which

133:3.4 He also spent a great deal of his spare time about the

133:3.4 He was at first shocked, and later on charmed, by

133:3.4 it was a revelation to this young Indian.

133:3.5 Jesus and G. were often guests in another Jewish

133:3.6 G. observed that Jesus refused to accompany

133:3.6 the young man sought to induce Jesus further to

133:3.6 G. had imbibed the idea, and rightly, that Jesus

133:3.6 accordingly he spoke sharply to these women and

133:3.6 he said to G.: “You mean well, but you should not

133:3.6 astonished at what he said even more than was G..

133:3.7 G., that neither of these women is willfully wicked.

133:3.7 G., some people are really wicked at heart; they

133:3.7 G.’ voice choked up as he stammered out his

133:3.8 Jesus appeared with G. and these two strangers,

133:3.8 You will forgive us for coming at this hour, but G.

133:3.10 Thus did Jesus and G. take leave of the women.

133:3.10 the two courtesans had said nothing; likewise was G.

133:3.11 Jesus and G. met one Gaius, who became a loyal

133:4.1 Jesus and G. had many more interesting experiences

133:5.1 G. was thrilled with the thought of being in Athens,

133:5.1 Gonod spent most of his time with Jesus and G.,

133:5.2 G. had thoroughly discussed the teachings of Plato

133:6.1 Not all of G.’ early training to respect images as

133:6.1 he thought it best to purchase a little silver shrine in

133:7.3 without warning, young G. was suddenly taken ill.

133:7.3 For two weeks he suffered from a raging fever,

133:7.4 During G.’ convalescence of three weeks Jesus told

133:7.5 Jesus and G. had a long talk on the functions of mind

133:8.1 transact; so Jesus and G. were much by themselves.

133:8.1 Gonod and G. visited this notorious shrine of shame,

133:8.2 G. finally induced Jesus to say: “This city is not far

133:8.3 G. had a very interesting experience in Antioch.

133:8.3 When G. heard this, he betook himself to his

133:8.3 G. told him about the Father in heaven and in

133:8.3 But of all that G. said, the quotation of a Hebrew

133:9.1 After G. had watched his teacher help with the

133:9.1 he exclaimed, “Teacher, is there anything that you

133:9.2 Gonod and G. extended their stay in these parts

133:9.3 It was at Ur that G. had a long talk with Jesus

133:9.3 And he was greatly charmed with the saying of the

133:9.4 G. said: “Farewell, Teacher, but not forever.

133:9.5 In India, G. grew up to become an influential man,

133:9.5 he spread abroad many of the noble truths which

133:9.5 the noble truths which he had learned from Jesus,

133:9.5 Later on in life, when G. heard of the strange teacher

133:9.5 he recognized the similarity between the gospel of

133:9.5 it never occurred to him that these two were actually

134:1.1 After taking leave of Gonod and G. at Charax, Jesus


19:5.9 to bridge this g. in the universal scheme of moral

38:9.9 The g. between the material and spiritual worlds is

77:9.10 Midwayers are the ministers who compensate that g.


101:4.9 of information which will fill in vital missing g. in


187:2.2 Jesus was thus g. before he was put upon the cross.


44:4.7 your disordered and g. dream life—how you can in

66:4.1 mythology grew out of the g. legends of these early

66:5.19 the days of Moses,even though they became much g.

110:4.5 and g. communications of the Thought Adjusters.

garden or Garden of Eden

38:6.1 in the g. of Gethsemane when he said: “I can even

39:5.3 The Voices of the G.. When the planetary course

39:5.3 an Adam and Eve is usually denominated the GE.

39:5.3 seraphim are often known as the “voices of the G..

43:6.2 of Norlatiadek are so often called “the g. of E..”

43:6.3 located in this magnificent g. is the worship shrine of

48:6.32 Even now you should learn to water the g. of your

50:4.2 Adamic regime centering around a g. headquarters

51:3.1 Sons and Daughters construct their own g. homes,

51:3.1 Usually the site of the g. has been selected by the

51:3.2 Such g. homes are usually located in a secluded

51:3.3 interbreeding between the people of the g. and those

51:3.5 it was one of the seraphic Voices of the G. who

51:3.5 the angel of the G. was none other than the chief

51:5.2 the superior racial strains may proceed to the GE.

51:5.3 the prince’s staff bring to the GE. the superior men

51:5.3 for mating with the sons and daughters of the g..

51:5.4 to qualify for recognition and admission to the g..

51:5.7 But while the pure-line children of a planetary GE.

51:6.1 the industrial developments of the g. open up new

51:6.2 On normal worlds the g. headquarters of the violet

51:6.2 the Planetary Prince and the g. schools of Adam

51:6.4 The g. schools of Adam and Eve are usually devoted



73:2.2 Adamic Sons lived in simple but charming g. homes

73:2.2 to the preparation of a g. home for their reception.

73:2.4 the committee on location for the G. sallied forth in

73:2.5 frustrate and hamper the work of preparing the G..


73:3.1 location subsequently occupied as the second g.;

73:3.3 would go up” to refresh the vegetation of the G..

73:3.4 The great river that watered the G. came down

73:3.4 branches of the rivers surrounding the second g..

73:3.5 The mountains surrounding the G. abounded in

73:3.6 The site chosen for the G. was probably the most


73:4.1 their place of abode is often called the GE. because

73:4.1 that the entire peninsula be given over to the G..

73:4.1 were that Eden was to be a g., and only a g..

73:4.1 All flesh eaten by the G. workers throughout all the

73:4.3 A zoological g. was created by building a wall just

73:4.3 between these groups to the twelve gates of the G.,

73:4.4 In the preparation of the G. only volunteer laborers

73:4.4 They cultivated the G. and tended their herds for


73:5.1 of the Universal Father, the sacred shrine of the G..

73:5.2 though the G. was only one-fourth finished, it had

73:5.2 it had thousands of miles of irrigation ditches and

73:5.2 And though the structures of the G. were simple,

73:5.3 The sanitary arrangements of the G. were far in

73:5.3 allowing nothing to fall in the water supply of the G..

73:5.4 a mile beyond the outer or lesser wall of the G..

73:5.6 of the G. was under high artificial cultivation,

73:5.7 And so was the GE. made ready for the reception of

73:5.7 And this G. would have done honor to a world under

73:5.8 the whole G. took on new form and assumed new

73:6.1 In the center of the G. temple Van planted the tree

73:6.6 When Van and his associates made ready the G. for

73:6.6 they transplanted the Edentia tree to the GE., where,

73:6.7 to carry the core of the tree away from the G..

73:6.7 by fire; only the stone wall stood until the G. was

73:7.1 After the first g. was vacated by Adam, it was

73:7.1 for almost four thousand years after Adam left the G

73:7.2 We cannot regard this disappearance of the G. as

73:7.2 but it does seem to us that the sinking of the G. was

73:7.3 It was never intended that the G. should be the

73:7.5 [Presented by Solonia, seraphic “voice in the G..”]

74:0.1 It was in midseason when the G. was in the height

74:2.1 the first to welcome them in their new g. home.

74:2.5 Noah, the son of the architect and builder of the G.

74:3.1 who walked through the G. under the shining of

74:3.4 The third day was devoted to an inspection of the G.

74:3.4 Eve looked down upon the vast stretches of the G.

74:3.4 in honor of all who had labored to create this g. of

74:3.4 the Son and his mate walked in the G. and talked

74:3.5 day Adam and Eve addressed the G. assembly.

74:3.10 won the hearts and overcome the intellects of G.

74:4.2 And the G. dwellers were really sincere in all of this.

74:5.4 the cream of the population, assembled in the G.,

74:5.5 trouble, ensued when he went outside the G. and

74:5.5 Adam’s associates began to work outside the G.,

74:6.1 whole Edenic plan had been disrupted and the G.

74:6.2 When Adam and Eve left the G., their family

74:6.2 They had forty-two children after leaving the G.

74:6.9 of the first and second generations of the G. were


74:7.1 were taught in the schools at the other end of the G.,

74:7.2 western school system of the G. was socialization.

74:7.11 The schools, in fact every activity of the G., were

74:7.11 To sojourn in the G. a Urantian had to be “adopted.”

74:7.12 The laws of the G. were based on the older codes of

74:7.14 2. The social regulations of the G..

74:7.21 made little progress before the disruption of the G..

74:7.22 a profound impression upon all dwellers in the G..

74:8.1 spent just six days in their initial survey of the G..

74:8.1 Adam’s spending six days inspecting the G. and

74:8.14 but Eden was a fact, and the G. civilization was

74:8.14 Adam and Eve carried on in the G. for one hundred

74:8.15 [Narrated by Solonia, seraphic “voice in the G..”]

75:0.1 was able to see very little progress outside the G.;

75:2.1 Caligastia paid frequent visits to the G. and held

75:2.5 The G dwellers had been in contact with the Nodites

75:3.2 Serapatatia had made several visits to the G. and

75:3.2 affiliation with the work of Adam and Eve in the G.

75:3.4 of winning the remote tribes to the cause of the G..

75:3.5 tie binding these peoples more closely to the G..

75:3.5 this child, to be reared and educated in the G.,

75:3.7 Nodites who favored friendly relations with the G..

75:3.8 (Outside of the G., multiple mating was a common

75:4.1 Adam asked Eve to come aside with him in the G..

75:4.2 Son and Daughter thus communed in the moonlit G.,

75:4.2 “voice in the G.” reproved them for disobedience.

75:4.2 pair that they had transgressed the G. covenant;

75:4.4 Every time the G. pair had partaken of the fruit of

75:4.8 mother of the violet race that night in the G. as

75:4.8 “the Lord God calling to Adam and Eve in the G.

75:5.2 who was head of the western schools of the G.,

75:5.3 the inhabitants of the G. became unmanageable;

75:5.9 a great host was assembling to march on the G..

75:5.9 Adam and his followers emigrated to the second g.


75:6.2 no liking for war and elected to leave the first g. to

75:6.3 caravan halted on the third day out from the G.

75:8.8 [Presented by Solonia, seraphic “voice in the G..”]


76:0.1 When Adam elected to leave the first g. to the

76:1.1 the rivers which was to become the second g..

76:1.2 had reached the dwellers in the land of the second g.

76:1.2 the king and high priest of the GE. was marching on

76:1.3 assigned to choose possible locations for the G.

76:1.3 a short way north of the second g. the Euphrates and

76:1.4 They found the first g. partially prepared for them,

76:2.1 the first child of Eve to be born in the second g..

76:2.3 who had served in these capacities in the first g.;

76:2.7 they encouraged Cain in his decision to leave the g..

76:3.1 As time passed in the second g., the consequences of

76:3.3 derived hereditarily from the sons of the first g..

76:3.4 eldest son of Adam and Eve born in the second g..

76:3.4 the head of the new priesthood of the second g..

76:3.5 and to act as teachers in the schools of the g..

76:3.6 bulbs plants and cereals of the first g. with them to

76:3.6 the benefits of the previous culture of the original G..

76:3.7 Up to the time of leaving the first g., Adam and his

76:3.7 eating of meat was introduced into the second g.,

76:3.7 first generation of the first g. become flesh eaters.

76:4.8 After becoming established in the second g. on the

76:5.2 when they functioned on Urantia in the first g..

76:6.2 of their associates in the experience of the first g..

76:6.5 [Presented by Solonia, seraphic “voice in the G..”]

77:2.1 in the early days of the second g., furnished one half

77:2.3 of the later appearing Adamites in the second g..

77:4.1 mixed descendants were numbered among the G.

77:4.5 After the establishment of the second g. it was

77:4.9 regard the g. dwellers to the north as an alien race.

77:5.2 after the establishment of the second g. Adamson

77:5.3 father of thirty-two pure-line children of the first g..

77:5.3 parents and assist them in upbuilding the second g.,

77:5.4 Adamson found the associations of the second g. far

77:5.5 as Ratta listened to the recital of the G. default,

77:5.7 Adamson and Ratta journeyed south to the second g.

78:1.3 The center of Adamite culture was in the second g.,

78:1.12 The hope of future civilization lay in the second g.


78:2.2 heroism displayed in the leadership of the second g.

78:4.2 The second g. was surrounded by concentric circles

78:5.1 twenty thousand years the culture of the second g.

78:5.1 the great renaissance of the G. consequent upon the

78:5.2 the races in the second g. had become so blended

78:6.8 The cultural age of the second g. was terminated by

78:7.6 this period of deluge, the second g. was no more.

78:8.12 much of the G. culture had spread to Asia, Africa,

79:3.3 from the teachings of the Adamites in the second g..

79:4.6 cultural descendants of the priests of the second g.,

79:4.7 lingering traditions of the religion of the second g..

81:1.6 chief pursuits within the boundaries of the second g..

81:1.7 had grown wheat and barley, as improved in the G.,

84:7.8 were observed working side by side in the G..

89:2.3 The tradition of Adam and the GE. lent substance

97:7.12 You shall be like a watered g. and like a spring

119:7.6 former attachment to Adam and Eve in the first g..

123:0.2 allowed to play in the g. with the other children,

123:0.2 little folks were at play about the house or in the g.

123:2.14 care for the vines and flowers growing about the g.

124:1.10 end of April the whole land was one vast flower g..

125:4.1 evening, spending much of the time alone in the g.

125:4.4 again Jesus went out in the g. to meditate and pray.

125:5.10 to join the merry circle but instead went to the g.,

126:5.1 In season they enjoyed the produce of their g., but

126:5.10 home, which was divided up as a family g. plot.

126:5.10 Each of the older children had an individual g.,

126:5.10 spent some time with them in the g. each day

126:5.10 worked with his brothers and sisters in the g.,

127:3.1 all the family property, except the home and g.,

137:4.7 ended and the guests were strolling about in the g.,

137:4.8 As Jesus was standing alone in a corner of the g.,

137:4.16 but Jesus withdrew to a sheltered nook of the g.

138:6.1 Evenings they all assembled in Zebedee’s g. to

140:6.1 I have come to ask you to join us in the g. and help

140:6.2 When he had entered the g., he gathered the

140:6.6 it was not so in the days of Adam and in the G..”

140:6.14 “Master, the twins have fallen asleep in the g. by

142:6.1 Peter, James, and John were in Flavius’s g. when

142:8.4 in tents, which they pitched in a shaded park, or g.,

147:4.1 were assembled about the fire in Lazarus’s g.,

147:5.6 join the rest of the apostles at the camp in the g. of

147:8.4 You shall become like a watered g., like a spring

148:4.1 in a secluded and sheltered corner of the Zebedee g..

148:5.1 At another of these private interviews in the g.

148:6.12 result of this conversation with the Master in the g.,

151:1.3 the Zebedee g. Matthew said to Jesus: “Master, what

151:1.5 other apostles withdrew to another portion of the g.

153:0.1 together in small groups about the house, in the g.,

154:6.6 They carried Mary out in the g. to revive her while

154:6.7 mother,” was recovering from the shock in the g..

157:4.2 the apostles assembled in Celsus’ g. for their meal.

157:4.3 They were all seated in the g. at just about noon

157:6.7 was new as Jesus talked to them this day in the g..

158:6.0 6. IN CELSUS’ GARDEN

158:6.1 overnight with Celsus, and that evening in the g.,

168:0.1 laid away in their private tomb at the far end of the g.

168:1.1 rose up thirty feet at the far end of the g. plot.

168:2.5 the grave cloths and why he had awakened in the g..

171:4.1 sword on the night of the Master’s betrayal in the g..

172:2.1 in Simon’s beautiful g., the Master called his

182:2.12 that transpired during those last moments in the g.

182:3.6 Each time he prayed in the g., his humanity laid a

183:1.1 in the threefold prayer which he indited in the g.

183:3.1 carrying torches and lanterns, approached the g.,

183:4.5 information they carried to David at the g. camp,

183:5.1 Before they started away from the g. with Jesus,

183:5.3 I saw him in the g., and he did not draw a sword to

184:0.3 not far from the g. of Gethsemane, where they had

184:2.5 “Did I not see you in the g. when they arrested this

189:4.6 This tomb of Joseph was in his g. on the hillside on

189:4.10 Mary thought he might be the caretaker of the g.,

190:0.5 she considered to be the caretaker of Joseph’s g.

190:2.2 James, was standing in the g. of Lazarus before the

190:2.3 while he stood there in the g. near the tomb, he

190:2.4 they walked through the g. and talked for almost

190:2.5 he retold the experience of meeting Jesus in the g.

190:2.7 Jesus had said to him as they conversed in the g..

191:1.1 when Jesus appeared to Peter in the g. of the Mark

191:1.3 Peter and the morontia Jesus walked through the g.

191:1.4 “I have seen the Master; he was in the g..

191:1.5 Peter’s declaration that he had seen Jesus in the g.


69:2.5 Adam was a g.; the God of the Hebrews labored—

166:4.9 But the head g. answered his master: ‘Let it alone


46:7.2 spornagia are the landscape g. of the headquarters

68:5.9 Adam and Eve were g., not shepherds,and gardening

84:7.8 The Edenic ideal, the whole family as g.,


66:7.1 pasturage and g. for the support of a population of

68:5.9 Adam and Eve were gardeners, not shepherds, and g.

81:1.6 who had made farming and g. the chief pursuits


43:1.7 this sphere is one vast natural park, the g. of God.


43:6.1 causes these worlds to be called “the g. of God.”

43:6.2 About half of Edentia is devoted to the exquisite g.

43:6.2 these g. are among the most entrancing morontia

43:6.8 the floral grandeur of the supernal g. of Edentia.

49:2.17 the bottom, sides, and shores of these marine g.

51:3.2 These G. of Eden are so named in honor of

51:3.2 they are patterned after the botanic grandeur of the

51:3.2 They are wonderful creations on an average world.

51:6.1 the G. of Eden remain as superb cultural centers

66:5.26 hardened by baking, adorned the g. of Dalamatia.

104:1.2 made by Adam and Eve in the first and second g..

124:6.7 their superior architecture and beautiful palm g..


84:4.8 causes of defilement, the other two being g. and


1:0.1 The Creator covers himself with light as with a g.

135:1.4 John always wore a hairy g. with a leather girdle.

147:7.2 a piece of new and unshrunk cloth upon an old g.,

152:0.2 and I thought if I may but touch the hem of his g.,

152:0.2 Master, I touched the border of your g., and I was

152:0.3 It was not at all necessary to touch his g.;

152:0.3 her superstition in associating the touch of his g.

159:5.11 one unjustly took away the coat, offer the other g.,

171:7.8 who sought healing by touching the hem of his g..

173:5.3 surprise he saw there a man without a wedding g..

173:5.3 chamber on this occasion without a wedding g.?

179:3.1 as they saw the Master remove his outer g., gird

183:3.9 coat, but the young man freed himself from the g.,

187:2.8 when the soldiers saw what an unusual g. it was,


54:1.5 License masquerading in the g. of liberty is the

97:5.3 for he has clothed me with the g. of salvation and

118:8.10 Man even qualifies himself for the restraining g. of

124:6.5 They laid aside their outer g. as they journeyed

150:5.2 for he has clothed me with the g. of salvation and

172:3.9 the festive crowd threw their g. on the ground and

173:5.3 The king, since he had freely provided wedding g.

173:5.3 and who do me the honor to wear those guest g.

184:3.5 Jesus appeared before the court clothed in his usual g

184:3.15 he was exceedingly angry, and rending his outer g.

186:4.1 had put on him, they dressed him in his own g..

187:2.8 Jesus looked down on them as they divided his g.,

187:2.9 if his followers had gained possession of these g.,


135:7.2 he will gather the wheat into his g., but the chaff


118:8.5 accumulation of the racial heritage of painfully g.


175:1.20 You g. the tombs of the righteous and flatter


129:1.7 the g.’ commanding officer was a gentile believer


15:4.9 The energy potential of these stellar g. clouds is

41:5.1 There is a tremendous light or g. pressure within a

41:8.3 internal pressure of support for the outer g. regions

41:9.4 The interior g. elasticity of the suns upholds the

43:1.3 the usual three-g. mixture which is characteristic of

43:1.3 Urantian atmosphere plus that morontia g. suitable

46:1.6 On Urantia it is this same g. shield which prevents

46:1.6 reflecting them earthward when they strike this g.

46:2.2 (The dew point is higher on a three-g. world than

46:2.2 three-gas world than a two-g. planet like Urantia.)

46:2.3 The atmosphere of Jerusem is a three-g. mixture.

46:2.3 air similar to that of Urantia with the addition of a g.

46:2.3 third g. in no way unfits the air for the respiration of

57:2.4 At this time it was a gigantic circular g. cloud in

57:3.3 and there ensued the stage of g. escapement,

57:3.3 the g. streaming forth as two gigantic and distinct

57:3.3 spiral appearance to the two projecting g. streams.

57:5.5 At first these flaming g. tongues would invariably

57:5.5 so great that these tongues of g. would break off at

57:5.7 The repercussional ejection of g. from the opposite

57:5.11 solar system had a double origin: nucleuses of g.

59:3.4 It is in the deposits of this age that much of the g.,

59:3.4 the g. and oil being derived from the enormous

59:5.16 Coal layers often hold both g. and oil.

72:10.1 insane are sentenced to death in the g. chambers by

74:6.6 thought exchange was effected by means of the g.

147:3.1 bubble up at intervals because of g. accumulations


41:10.3 Both the g. and the solid-accretion worlds are

41:10.4 especially is this true of the g. spheres, worlds born

57:5.11 The g. nucleuses of the other ten planets reached the


12:9.3 predict or know that the union of two g. hydrogen

12:9.3 with one g. oxygen atom would result in a new

15:4.9 star clouds of space consist of g. material only.

15:5.5 Such a sun is highly g., and subsequently, after it has

15:6.14 range in size from planetesimals to enormous g.,

41:3.3 All suns are originally truly g., though they may later

41:4.1 your sun is neither a liquid nor a solid—it is g.—and

41:4.1 the difficulty of explaining how g. matter can attain

41:4.2 G., liquid, and solid states are matters of atomic-

41:4.3 Cooling stars can be physically g. and dense at the

41:4.3 and yet be in a highly heated g. state and continue

41:4.4 The weight of this hot-cold g.-solid is about one ton

41:6.3 This explains why there is a calcium layer, a g.

57:2.1 material creations are born of circular and g. nebulae,

57:2.1 are circular throughout the early part of g. existence.

57:3.3 the gravity control of the g. content commenced to

57:3.3 whirling through space in the midst of the g. cloud

57:3.4 the outer g. regions began actually to escape from

57:5.5 streams of g. material were shot out into space as

57:5.10 the solar system planets have remained largely g.


15:5.4 are thrown off the mother wheels of highly heated g..

15:6.13 the electrical reaction of its highly expanded g. and

41:5.2 Light, in the presence of the propulsive g., is highly

41:7.11 There exists a regulating blanket of hot g. which

41:8.4 residual cooling sun as extensive clouds of nebular g.

41:9.4 pressure of the underlying and interior g..

46:1.6 The g. which reflect this light-energy from the upper

49:2.24 ocean suited to respiratory exchange of g., such as

57:2.4 about to begin their work of converting space g. into

57:5.6 side there was drawn out a vast column of solar g.,

57:5.7 This great column of solar g. which was separated

57:5.10 the enormous column of superheated solar g.,

57:7.6 In addition to the g. enumerated it is heavily

57:7.6 it is heavily charged with numerous volcanic g.

57:7.8 g. were consumed by the early and prolific plant life.

57:8.17 The atmosphere was clearing of volcanic g. and

58:3.4 Great energy actions also occur in the marginal g.


59:2.12 The g. were present in the waters of the ancient

59:2.12 The bivalve g. have come on down through the

59:3.7 G., brachiopods, sponges, and reef-making corals


125:1.5 wisely led him around to view the “g. beautiful,”

125:1.5 the artistic g. made of Corinthian bronze.

126:4.3 evil and love the good; establish judgment in the g..

142:4.1 Flavius, the Greek Jew, was a proselyte of the g.,

146:6.2 As Jesus and his apostles drew near the g. of the

157:1.1 You wait by the g., and I will presently return with

162:4.3 the faithful marched on toward the beautiful g.,

162:4.4 to near Siloam, where was located the fountain g..

162:4.4 back to the temple, entering by way of the water g.

169:3.2 Lazarus, who lay at this rich man’s g., covered

171:5.1 As they came near the g. of the city, they

172:5.13 occurred just as Jesus reached the g. of the city:

178:2.7 as you enter the g., you will meet a man bearing a

178:2.8 they met the man with the water pitcher near the g.

178:3.6 after they entered the g., he hurried on by another

183:3.10 ahead of the mob, hiding near the entrance to the g.

183:5.4 captain of the temple guards at the g. of Annas’s

184:2.1 Judas came up to the g. but, seeing Jesus and John

184:2.1 Simon Peter arrived, and as he stood before the g.,

184:2.1 The portress who kept the g. knew John, and

184:2.3 sword shortly before he came up to the palace g.

184:2.6 the portress of the g. drew Peter to one side and said

187:1.4 went by the most direct route to the Damascus g.,

187:1.9 Shortly after passing through the g. on the way out

189:4.5 As they passed out of the Damascus g., they

189:4.7 since meeting the panicky soldiers at the city g.,

189:4.7 until they had run all the way to the Damascus g..

194:1.5 the time for fellowshipping the proselytes of the g.,


184:2.3 servants, since he had bidden the g. admit him.

184:2.8 the g. and her sister chanced to meet him, and


27:4.3 are ever by the side of the “strangers within the g.

46:5.11 The many g.—from fifty to one hundred and fifty

73:4.3 paths led between these groups to the twelve g. of

75:5.3 They swept out through the g. of Eden and down

89:6.6 set up the g. thereof in his youngest son, Segub.”

89:6.6 sons alive in the foundation holes of the city’s g.,

98:5.4 the Mithraic keys of heaven would unlock the g. of

147:3.1 conducted Jesus out one of the Jerusalem g. to a

172:5.13 rides through the g. of Jerusalem seated on an ass.

173:1.7 proceeded to open the g. of every stall and to drive

173:1.10 tumultuous procession through the g. of the city,

177:0.2 no circumstances should they go within the g. of

184:2.4 that the girl let him pass through the palace g.; but

184:2.9 Jesus and the guards passed out of the palace g.,


152:6.4 mind thus aroused and quickened as the g to the soul

155:6.13 the seat of the spiritual nature, it is indeed the g.


79:1.1 and Tibet were the ancient g. through which these


97:9.5 At G. the Philistines ordered David off the field;


49:6.5 they shall g. together his elect from the four winds.”

97:7.8 he shall g. the lambs in his arms and carry them in

99:5.10 they should g. together to actually do something—

102:7.3 a religion without God are like those who would g.

107:3.8 are compelled to g. information from a thousand

108:6.8 When the clouds g. overhead, your faith should

113:6.7 he shall send his angels with a great voice and shall g

125:3.1 the Nazareth party should g. in the region of the

126:5.8 sending James to the camel lot to g. information

126:5.11 Jesus faintly hoped that he might be able to g. up

131:4.3 Where two or three g. together, there am I also.

135:7.2 he will g. the wheat into his garner, but the chaff

137:3.6 preparing to g. together at Cana for the wedding

140:3.19 Do men g. grapes from thorns or figs from thistles

140:10.4 What I did desire that you should g. from the

145:5.5 afflicted souls and curiosity seekers began to g.

147:3.2 but g. together these sick and afflicted that I may

151:4.1 G. up first the weeds and bind them in bundles to

151:4.1 and then g. up the wheat to be stored in my barn.

152:2.9G. up the broken pieces that remain over so that

164:3.10 when the people who began to g. about him asked

175:1.23 even now would I g. your children together as a hen

191:0.3 but it did not occur to him to g. up news from the

gatheredsee gathered together

53:7.11 all the subtle evil forces which so swiftly g. around

55:2.6 The spirit permeating those g. around the shrine

57:5.1 isolated blazing orb, having g. to itself most of the

62:7.2 when our small group g. about the planetary pole of

63:2.4 stones suitably shaped for various uses,g. up a supply

66:3.8 The Prince’s corporeal staff continuously g. about

69:6.3 but the family g. about the fire, the family hearth.

70:7.7 men; whereas before they had g. vegetables with the

93:2.4 Melchizedek had g. around himself a group of pupils,

96:5.3 Moses and his father-in-law, Jethro, g. up the

96:5.9 the command of the Hebrews to Joshua, he had g. up

97:9.18 King Ahab of Ephraim g. ten other groups and

121:8.8 in his record as Luke g. up these facts from Paul and

135:9.2 the overflowing throngs which g. around John at the

137:5.4 He visited with them and at the end of the meal g.

140:0.2 Two by two he g. up the other apostles, and when he

140:6.2 he g. the apostles around him and taught them

142:4.1 adorned with priceless treasures which he had g.

147:6.3 but such a crowd g. here they remained three days

151:1.1 teaching the multitudes that so frequently g. about

151:2.5 When they had all g. around him once more, he

151:4.6 was cast into the sea, and it g. up every kind of fish.

152:2.3 they g. about in small groups while Jesus’ apostles

152:3.3 they stood in silence g. about the twelve baskets of

158:4.1 they discerned a considerable crowd g. around the

158:6.1 the twelve g. about Jesus, and Thomas said: “Master,

162:7.6 the Sanhedrin who had g. about by this time heard

163:3.1 Peter and a number of the apostles had g. about

163:5.3 eight hundred visitors were g. about the Master,

164:1.1 considerable company g. about Jesus and the two

165:2.4 This multitude which is g. about us here are like

169:1.10 And they all g. about the father to rejoice with him

171:4.7 How often would I have g. your children together

172:3.7 several hundred pilgrims had g. around Jesus and

176:3.1 As they g. about the campfire, some twenty of them,

183:3.1 so that the apostles and others g. about Jesus

184:0.2 the Sanhedrin had g. at the home of the high priest

185:2.1 When Jesus and his accusers had g. in front of

188:2.2 about midnight a group of the Jewish leaders g. at

gathered together

15:13.3 here are g. the wise beings who labor untiringly to

26:11.2 but the great majority are being g. in the conjoint

119:6.5 worlds adjacent to Salvington were g. to welcome

136:1.3 The rabbis had g. almost five hundred passages from

145:3.6 that was the number of persons g. before him.

150:4.1 The next evening, having g. the twelve apostles,

150:9.3 one of the younger evangelists, had meanwhile g.

151:5.7 When they were g., about forty in all, Jesus said:

153:0.1 the twelve and their associates were g. in small

156:6.4 many leaders then g. on the opposite side of the lake

159:1.3 for, where two or three believers are g., there am I

159:4.2 Only in recent times have the Scriptures been g.

164:2.1 Here were g. some twenty-five Jewish leaders who

165:1.1 more than twelve hundred persons were g. at Pella

165:5.1 Jesus and the twelve g. for their daily conference,

169:1.7 Within a few weeks the young man g. all his funds

173:5.3 and they g. as many as they found, good and bad,

179:1.6 They are g. to celebrate, in spirit, an institution

183:3.10 they g. near the olive press to debate what should

189:1.10 here g. to greet and welcome their Creator as a

189:4.2 At the home of Nicodemus there were g., with David

190:1.3 and when they have g., I will send them forth on

191:2.1 When you are g. once more, and after all of you

194:3.9 men of various races and nations g. at Jerusalem,


181:2.14 what the Father can do for a hated tax-g. who


23:2.17 function as intelligence g. for the good of the realm.

80:3.6 The blue men were hunters, fishers, and food g.;

135:6.8 to the tax g. he said: “Extort no more than that

139:7.1 Matthew belonged to a family of tax g., but was


103:4.1 between a social occasion and a religious g. is that

125:5.1 scribes and teachers in the temple witnessed the g. of

137:4.5 But he returned to the g. and was once more joyous

138:3.5 to observe Jesus’ conduct at this unusual social g..

138:3.7 Simon Zelotes desired to make a speech at this g. in

158:4.1 fifty persons, embracing the nine apostles and a g.

181:2.14 the publican ambassador is here at my farewell g.


gatheringverb or adjective

13:1.10 in channels other than those of intelligence g. and

17:3.7 The reflectivity organization is also the news-g. and

25:3.8 they are kept busy going from system to system g.

31:10.10 The g together of these seven finaliter corps signifies

39:2.3 They range the local universe g. the information of

45:2.6 sea of glass, the great g. field of the system capital.

68:5.3 industrial organization, the primitive food-g. lines.

125:5.1 scribes and teachers in the temple witnessed the g. of

127:2.6 when complicated by tax-g. foreign oppressors,

127:6.5 look upon the temple and the g. throngs of visitors.

128:7.6 And in the g. of this very experience Jesus made the

138:3.4 family had long been engaged in business and tax g.;

151:4.1 ‘No, lest while you are g. them up, you uproot the

151:4.6 g. the good into vessels while the bad they threw

152:2.9 And when they had finished g. up the fragments,

160:1.10 found the technique, not only of g. strength and

173:0.3 the teaching platforms and began to address the g.

190:5.4 like a true shepherd, g. the lambs in his arms and


17:1.9 Executives always preside over such fraternal g..

27:0.1 seraphim do participate in the various millennial g.

30:1.1 During the grand g. of the central and superuniverses

43:4.5 it is at these special g. on Mount Assembly that the

44:2.10 spectacles representative of the purpose of such g..

66:5.1 such liaison g. were presided over by Daligastia.

129:1.10 To these little g. Jesus gave varied and advanced

138:4.2 concerning attendance upon festive g., concluding

143:1.1 well-nigh exclusive g. of gentiles—Greeks, Romans

148:9.1 to accommodate these g. during the rainy season.

162:9.1 The Sanhedrin made no effort to molest these g.


143:6.1 He who reaps receives wages and g. this fruit to

153:4.3 while he who g. not with me scatters abroad.

165:2.4 “The true shepherd g. his flock into the fold for the

171:4.7 gathered your children together even as a hen g.

175:1.23 your children together as a hen g. her chickens under


84:4.1 marriage itself is a reasonably accurate g. registering


27:7.6 Always is there an excess of worshipfulness as g.

89:4.1 Primitive man g. the value of his sacrifice by the


29:4.37 and automatic presence, pressure, and velocity g..

Gautama Siddharthafounder of the Buddhist faith

79:4.8 a greater G. may arise to lead all India in the search

92:5.12 Among these should be recorded G., Confucius,

92:5.12 The teachings of G. have become widespread in

92:5.12 and he is revered as the Buddha by millions.

94:4.9 G. Buddha and even Christ himself being claimed as


94:7.1 GS. was born in the sixth century before Christ in

94:7.1 made it appear that he was the son of a wealthy ruler

94:7.1 but, in truth, he was the heir apparent to the throne

94:7.2 G. formulated those theories which grew into the

94:7.2 S. made a determined but unavailing fight against

94:7.2 He detracted from the practice of seeking salvation

94:7.2 And he exhorted his followers to carry his gospel to

94:7.3 the saner and more moderate teachings of G. came

94:7.3 He denounced gods, priests, and their sacrifices,

94:7.3 but he too failed to perceive the personality of the

94:7.3 G., of course, made a valiant fight against the time-

94:7.3 He made a noble effort to deliver men from fear,

94:7.3 but he failed to show them the pathway to that real

94:7.4 G. was a real prophet, and had he heeded the

94:7.4 had he heeded the instruction of the hermit Godad,

94:7.4 he might have aroused all India by the inspiration of

94:7.5 At Benares G. founded his school, and it was during

94:7.5 S. did not have a very clear concept of the Father,

94:7.5 he took an advanced stand on salvation through faith

94:7.5 He so declared himself before his followers and

94:7.6 G.’ wife believed her husband’s gospel and was the

94:7.6 His son became his successor and greatly extended

94:7.6 he grasped the new idea of salvation through faith

94:7.7 G.’ gospel of salvation, free from sacrifice, torture,

94:7.7 his gospel came surprisingly near to being a revival

94:7.7 his gospel brought succor to millions of despairing

94:7.7 his gospel still persists as the hope of millions of

94:7.8 S. taught far more truth than has survived in the cults

94:7.8 Modern Buddhism is no more the teachings of G.

94:8.2 G.’ followers called him Sasta, meaning master or

94:8.2 While he made no superhuman claims for either

94:8.3 The original gospel of G. was based on the four

94:8.8 It was not G.’ intention to attempt to destroy all

94:8.9 The moral commandments of G.’ preachment

94:8.16  S. hardly believed in the immortality of the human

94:8.16 his philosophy only provided for a sort of functional

94:8.16 He never clearly defined what he meant to include

94:8.16 defined what he meant to include in the doctrine of

94:8.17 According to the original teachings of G., salvation

94:8.17 G., in his attempt to minimize the superstitions of

94:8.17 he left the door wide open for his successors to

94:8.18 The great truth of S.’ teaching was his proclamation

94:8.18 He taught the best godless philosophy ever invented

94:8.19 G. forbade their receiving money and thereby sought

94:8.19 G. himself was highly social; indeed, his life was

94:8.19 his life was much greater than his preachment.

94:9.1 he trained and sent forth more than seventeen

94:9.1 In one generation he made Buddhism the dominant

94:9.2 The teachers of G.’ gospel not only braved the perils

94:9.2 Buddhism was no longer the simple doctrine of G.;

94:9.2 the more unlike the teachings of G. it became,

94:9.3 Buddhism degenerated into a ritual which GS. would

94:9.4 the teachings of S. persisted in Ceylon, Burma,

94:9.5 Chinese and north Indian groups of G.’ followers

94:11.2 after G.’ followers had so perverted the traditions of

94:11.3 ritualistic incantations against which he had fought,

94:11.3 and which he had so valiantly denounced.

94:11.6 But a great limitation in the original gospel of S.,

94:11.9 1. The G. legend. At the base of the concept was the

94:11.9 was the historic fact of the life and teachings of S.,

94:11.9 the idea of G. as the enlightened one and began to

94:11.10 It was reasoned that, if G. had come to the peoples

94:11.11 becomes divorced from the human person of GS.

94:12.1 of India and China and its sublimation of G.,

94:12.1 But the teachings of G. have continued to evolve

94:12.1 is no more the human personality of G. than the

94:12.4 it has revived the ancient missionary spirit of G.’

100:5.3 GS. had a similar experience the night he sat alone

104:1.6 Brotherhood; that was the presentation made by G..

GavaliaChief of the Evening Stars of Nebadon

37:2.6 The head of these superangels is G., the first-born of

37:2.6 G has been assigned to the ascendant mortal ministry

119:0.1 I am assigned to Urantia by Gabriel on the mission of

119:0.1 the seven bestowals of Michael, and my name is G..

119:0.1 I will adhere strictly to the limitations imposed by my

119:0.7 I will now proceed to unfold the nature of these

gavesee gave origin or gave rise; gave up; gave way

1:4.3 the indwelling “Spirit shall return to God who g. it.”

3:5.4 Said Jesus: “My Father, who g. them to me,

10:1.4 God g. himself as an absolute personality to his

11:9.3 when the Father g. infinite personality expression

11:9.3 Father and the Son, g. existence to the Conjoint

20:7.2 The last universal census broadcast g. the number of

28:5.7 beings, of high or lowly origin, who g. voice to it.

40:6.2 “As many as received him, to them g. he the

48:6.10 but to the best of his memory he g. it much as it is

57:4.3 during which it g. origin to 876,926 sun systems.

57:4.8 g. birth to 136,702 suns, most of them solitary orbs.

60:3.2 This contention of geologic forces g. impetus to the

62:3.9 hairbreadth margins before she g. birth to the new

62:3.11 both mentally and physically inferior—also g. birth

62:4.6 the Primates suddenly g. birth to two remarkable

62:5.10 fearlessly g. her life in the attempt to save the pair.

63:0.3 They g. themselves these names, and the meanings

66:5.14 g. them the daily praise-phrase and eventually taught

66:7.6 of character; but it g. first place to manual training.

66:8.1 those who g. mild expression to implied criticism.

69:4.8 And all of these g. birth to transportation.

70:10.8 that no divine being ever g. mortal man such unfair

74:5.2 the individual Melchizedeks g Adam and Eve parting

74:6.5 The bodies of Adam and Eve g. forth a shimmer of

75:4.8 led up to the default of Mother Eve and g. both of

76:2.8 Adjuster, dwelling within and looking out, g. Cain

78:5.3 This ancient language g. the Occidental tongues all

78:8.3 of horses which g. them a tremendous military

80:4.4 The horse g. the dispersing Andites the hitherto

81:2.9 fearless search for true causes g. birth to science:

82:5.7 marriage with a woman of one’s own totem g.

84:2.4 The earliest races g. little credit to the father,

84:2.6 when herding g. man control of the chief food supply

84:4.9 did some good since they g. overworked females,

85:7.1 The spirit of worship g. definite origin to the

87:6.11 of ghosts, and that dogs g. warning by howling;

89:3.3 Self-control g. man a new philosophy of life;

95:4.3 Translated into Greek, they g. color to all Hellenic

95:5.8 position or wealth g. no Egyptian any advantage in

97:9.1 and g. their daughters to the sons of the Canaanites.”

98:2.4 In so far as the Greek philosophers g. recognition to

98:2.4 were frankly monotheistic; they g. scant recognition

118:9.5 true to the volitional concept that g. them origin.

121:5.18 Jesus subsequently g. his gospel of personal religion

121:8.12 by a human mind, I invariably g. preference to

122:10.1 new “king of the Jews,” but they g. him little

123:0.1 This new experience g. him the idea of becoming a

123:0.2 finally g. assent to the plan of permitting the child

123:3.5 in leafy booths and g. themselves up to mirth and

123:5.15 was very fond of the lads and often g. them clay to

124:0.1 understand the gentiles, and which g. him a better

124:2.1 first g. expression to feelings and ideas which

124:5.1 g. evidence of the oncoming status of manhood.

125:6.5 Mary g. vent to her long-pent-up fear and anxiety

127:4.9 and to all these changes Mary g. hearty assent.

127:6.8 to become the father of children in the flesh, he g.

128:3.3 While Simon g. attendance at the temple, Jesus

128:5.7 Jesus g. consent for James’s marriage two years later

129:1.10 To these little gatherings Jesus g. varied and

130:2.4 overcome the evil in him if you g. it a fair chance.

130:3.7 Learned professors here g. daily lectures, and in

130:4.1 While Jesus g. qualified approval of some of the

130:5.4 she could understand their act of mercy and g. token

130:6.6 It was here that Jesus and Ganid g. first aid to a lad

132:0.2 Jesus would have whole days to himself; this g.

132:0.4 gospel preachers which g. that powerful impetus

132:4.5 g. freedom to one hundred and seventeen slaves.

134:2.3 the Far East alike g. attention to his words of hope

135:5.6 To all such holy persons the Jews g. the title of

135:9.9 Jesus g. them no word as to when they would again

135:11.4 when these two disciples g. this message to Jesus,

135:12.7 And the damsel g. the platter to her mother.

137:3.2 g. free expression to their belief that Jesus was the

137:6.1 Jesus g. seats of honor to his six apostles, and

138:4.3 Later in the evening Jesus g. his apostles their first

138:8.9 unvarying consideration which he consistently g.

139:1.2 Jesus never g. Andrew a nickname, a fraternal

139:2.2 When Jesus g. Simon the name Peter, he did it with

139:5.2 The nickname which the apostles g. Philip signified

139:7.2 Jesus never g. Levi a nickname, but his fellow

139:7.5 Though Matthew was a man with a past, he g. an

139:7.8 Matthew g. practically the whole of his fortune to

139:7.8 Matthew g. much in the names of other believers.

139:8.13 He g. wise counsel to the apostles after Pentecost

140:9.1 the apostles around him on the hillside and g. them

141:2.1 Jesus g. the apostles some further instruction with

142:3.21 Moses g. them the new ten commandments,

143:4.2 Alexander g. the Samaritans permission to build a

143:5.2 Are you greater than our father Jacob who g. us this

143:6.1 Can it be that the woman g. him food as well as

143:6.3 Instead he g. them that memorable talk on “The

144:1.10 Jesus g. this lesson one afternoon in the third week

144:3.16 Jesus g. the apostles the prayer in collective form

145:3.15 But such so-called miracles g. Jesus much trouble in

146:3.10 Jesus g. his followers very little instruction regarding

147:5.4 invited guest, yet you g. me no water for my feet.

147:5.4 You g. me no kiss of friendly greeting, but this

147:6.4 and David also g. this bread to those who were

148:8.5 Abraham the Pharisee, g. all of his worldly goods to

150:1.3 The charge which Jesus g. these ten women as he

150:3.2 Late that evening Jesus g. the united group a

152:2.9 Jesus broke the bread and g. to his apostles, who

153:2.10 that the manna which Moses g. to our fathers in

155:5.1 phraseology g. expression to the following truths: 155:06.10 Our forefathers g. themselves up to the persistent

158:2.2 not knowing what else to talk about, g. expression

158:5.2 the kneeling father and bade him rise while he g.

159:3.1 g. expression to the principles which should guide

160:1.15 My philosophy g. me the urge to search for the

162:2.1 Moses g. you the law, yet how many of you

162:9.3 at Bethlehem he g. much instruction to Abner and

163:0.2 Jesus g. a talk to this company each morning.

164:2.3 Master g. them all this one more chance to choose.

164:3.16 Jesus g. this man his sight by miraculous working,

164:5.1 had so ardently sought, Jesus now g. them, but

165:0.1 g. them final instructions before sending them on a

166:2.4 he fell on his knees at his feet and g. thanks for his

167:2.2 Jesus said: “A certain ruler g. a great supper, and

167:4.4 At that time you g. these men their chance to

167:5.4 He never sanctioned any divorce practice that g. man

168:0.6 Martha’s mind, but she g. expression to no doubt,

168:2.6 g. command to the former Adjuster of Lazarus,

168:3.6 the high priest first g. expression to that old adage,

169:1.12 yet you never g. me even a kid that I might make

169:4.2 Jesus never g. his apostles a systematic lesson

170:4.1 Jesus never g. a precise definition of the kingdom.

172:2.1 called his twelve apostles around him and g. them

172:4.2 this poor woman, even though she is in want, g. all

173:2.2 Who g. you this authority?”

174:0.1 and g. his parting advice to the women’s corps,

176:2.8 Of all the discourses which the Master g. his

176:3.4 To one he g. five talents, to another two, and to

176:3.4 saying, ‘Lord, you g. me five talents to invest, and

176:3.7 nothing; we have faithfully preserved all you g. us;

176:3.7 which you taught us; here is the truth you g. us.”

178:2.10 When Judas g. David a certain sum of money for

179:4.3 have I told you, even he to whom I g. the sop.”

182:1.3 accomplished the work which you g. me to do.

182:1.4 whom you chose from the world and g. to me.

182:1.4 They are yours—you g. them to me, and I have

182:1.4 These men are mine; you g. them to me; but all

182:1.5 “You g. me twelve men, and I have kept them all

182:1.6 The glory which you g. me I have revealed to these

183:3.9 to rescue him, g. orders that they be seized; but

183:3.9 seeing this young man in his linen coat, g. chase,

183:5.1 The captain of the temple guards g. orders that he

183:5.3 looking around, saw John, he g. orders that the

184:3.8 in silence while all of these false witnesses g. their

184:5.1 second meeting of the court, but he g. no testimony.

185:1.2 And it was these blunders that g. the Jews such

186:4.1 and g. the word to their captain that he was to be

187:1.2 the centurion had notices which g. their names,

188:5.11 required—only that which Jesus so willingly g.,

189:3.2 when Gabriel g. the signal, there flashed to the first

190:5.5 They g. him the bread to bless, and as Jesus began to

192:0.2 Jesus never g. Peter any such authority, and his

194:3.16 At Pentecost they g. themselves to God, and the Son

194:4.6 Jesus lives; he died for men; he g. the spirit;

195:3.4 That which g. greatest power to Christianity was the

gave origin or gave rise

61:6.1 mid-mammal stock g. origin to the simian ancestry

62:4.7 g. origin to the mid-mammals, and the mid-mammals

65:2.8 The frogs g. rise to the Reptilia, a great animal family

65:2.8 g. origin to the whole bird family and the numerous

65:4.12 which finally g. rise to the mammalian ancestors of

66:2.8 the Caligastia one hundred, g. origin to legends,

67:4.3 easily g. origin to those traditional stories of the gods

68:2.10 This group of emotions g. origin to the early

69:3.5 “black smiths” g. origin to the early beliefs in black

69:8.7 slavery g. origin to the beginnings of government.

70:6.6 suicide, which g. origin to the ancient social vogue

70:7.17 These societies g. rise to the first political parties.

77:5.6 g. origin to a great line of the world’s leadership,

82:3.11 age groups that first g. origin to ideas of incest.

82:4.5 and virginity tests automatically g. origin to the

84:2.1 and g. origin to the blood-bond concept of human

84:4.6 practice g. origin to the profession of midwifery.

85:5.2 sun veneration g. rise to the later Mithraic cult.

87:5.5 The evil eye g. origin to the first superstitions

88:1.1 into a fetish; chance therefore g. origin to many.

88:6.2 g. rise to the later beliefs in white and black magic.

90:4.7 This g. rise to the belief that there existed a remedy

94:11.10 This g. rise to the teaching that there were many

95:0.1 As India g. rise to many of the religions of Asia,

123:5.7 And these conditions g. rise to the common saying

151:6.6 curing of the lunatic, that g. origin to the legend

gave up

21:4.5 he g. up the conscious grasp of the incarnated life

55:7.3 37,000 years ago at the time they g. up their bodies

75:2.3 Caligastia g. up working on Adam and decided to try

87:2.7 And those who thus g. up their lives usually did so

88:2.3 the Israelites never g. the peculiar Canaanite belief

93:9.2 Hebron he had abandoned when he g. up the

123:3.5 and g. themselves up to mirth and pleasure.

126:3.4 At last Jesus g. up the idea of having each member of

126:5.11 they g. up the ambition of owning a home in the

133:0.1 and loved him g. up hope of seeing him again.

134:2.5 Jesus g. up the direction of caravan at Lake Urmia,

134:6.3 fighting each other until they g. up their respective

134:9.6 James never again really and wholly g. up his faith in

138:2.8 a position which he g. up to join Jesus’ apostles.

144:7.1 John’s followers, in joining Jesus’ followers, g. up

155:6.10 Our forefathers g. themselves up to the persistent

161:1.5 By Monday night Thomas g. up.

187:5.1 When the Master g. up his life shortly after this

187:5.5 Jesus bowed his head and g. up the life struggle.

gave way

69:9.2 growth of primitive society, but communism g. way

80:2.4 the Mediterranean, g. way as the result of an

83:5.3 Group marriages gradually g. way before the

94:2.8 Buddhism finally g. way in northern India before the

95:1.3 g. way to the older belief in a multiplicity of deities.

98:5.1 Phrygian and Egyptian mysteries eventually g. way

143:3.7 Many of the twelve really g. way to mirth when they

186:1.7 the knot which his nervous hands had tied g. way,

187:1.9 the crossbeam, his strength momentarily g. way,


134:7.4 Jesus traveled inland to Jamnia, Ashdod, and G..

134:7.4 From G. he took the inland trail to Beersheba,

194:4.13 going by way of G. and Tyre to Antioch and then


1:3.2 rarely may we g. upon the visible manifestation of

12:2.3 new telescopes will reveal to the wondering g. of

13:1.23 all Ascendington will be open to your wondering g.

28:5.9 of Days, like an open book before their beneficent g..

65:4.12 our efforts are certain to meet your g. as you dig

83:4.7 to hide her beauty from the g. of the jealous spirits

101:10.9 at last they g. upon the universe from within,

111:7.3 as you g. in perplexity at the problems of the passing

122:5.2 so rapidly unfolding before Mary’s astonished g..

124:6.5 Jesus was to have exposed to his wondering g. the

125:2.5 a few visits to the holy of holies to g. in wonder as

126:1.2 Jesus would g. upon Megiddo and recall the story

126:1.2 Jesus then would shift his g. over to Ebal and

131:8.3 in power, yet he remains hidden from our g..

173:1.7 he strode majestically before the wondering g. of

173:4.4 then, looking with searching g. upon those priests

177:4.10 those foolish persons who, in fastening their g. on

191:1.3 Then the Master vanished from his g., saying,


124:1.6 he had really g. upon the entire world excepting

124:3.6 Jesus had often g. curiously upon this magnificent

124:6.4 They g. upon the marble structures from a distance

127:3.5 in wonder, Jesus g. on Jerusalem in silence.

145:3.6 Jesus g. upon almost one thousand sick and ailing

164:3.1 As he g. upon this man who had been born blind,

184:3.5 Never had they g. on such a prisoner nor witnessed

186:4.5 led into the courtyard, where they g. upon Jesus,

187:3.1 the hosts of a universe stood in silence while they g.

187:3.2 and fortitude and g. upon his intense sufferings.


12:2.1 they are g. upon the mighty outworking of the

15:3.3 When the angle of observation is propitious, g.

123:3.10 on his back and g. wonderingly up into the starry

138:4.1 Jesus, g. on them, nodded and said, “Follow me.”

172:5.9 g. at the spectacle and honestly wondering what

185:2.16 in majesty before his bloodthirsty accusers and g.

186:2.11 just that moment the universe stood at attention, g.


195:10.18 religion, and therefore must it operate in low g..

195:10.18 High-g. spiritual performances must await the new


134:7.5 Beeroth, Lebonah, Sychar, Shechem, Samaria, G.,


89:4.9 jars of wine, 680,714 g., 6,744,428 loaves of bread,


188:0.2 have Jesus’ body thrown in the open burial pits of G.

188:1.5 The soldiers then departed for G. with the bodies of


73:5.8 time of Adam’s arrival, the place was already a g. of


44:4.2 On the morontia worlds they truly treasure the g. of

44:4.8 These burning concepts are like g. of beauty in

46:5.11 These walls are constructed of crystal g. of gleaming

46:5.31 these buildings are constructed wholly of crystal g..

100:7.5 did not cause him to overlook the g. of truth in the

121:8.13 the Apostle Andrew—embrace thought g. and

140:3.18 your pearls before swine, lest they trample your g.


28:6.4 living ready-reference g. of the vast hosts of beings

122:4.4 This was also true of the many g. of both Joseph


77:2.11 may be observed in the Biblical g. of Abraham

generalnoun; see governor(s)

67:6.5 the director g. of subordinate angelic life, and Van,

70:1.17 Deborah’s g. in his victory over the gentiles caused

138:10.2 designated chairman and director g. of the twelve.

157:4.2 While Andrew continued as the director-g. of the

generaladjective; see general, in

4:1.7 I have a g. understanding of how these agencies

11:8.4 various materializations disclose three g. stages of

20:0.1 the Sons of God are classified under three g. heads:

20:4.4 Had Urantia followed the g. plan of inhabited worlds

23:2.18 function under the g. direction of the Ancients of

23:3.8 Solitary Messengers are an exception to this g. law.

24:0.10 Messengers are without known g. headquarters;

25:1.7 the Master Spirit whom they most resemble in g.

25:3.14 All conciliators serve under the g. supervision of the

26:8.2 In addition to the g. work of preparing candidates

26:11.2 supernaphim are the g. custodians of the conjoint

28:5.16 In a more g. manner and in collaboration with the

29:2.10 with these co-ordinators of g. universe affairs.

29:2.11 what the Seven Supreme Executives are to g. affairs,

30:3.10 Similar g. reserves are maintained on Salvington and

30:4.11 and this is the g. practice throughout all Nebadon.

30:4.25 They receive the same g. education, but special

33:4.8 at the times of g.- and special-resurrection roll calls,


33:7.2 are occupied with problems of g. universe import

35:3.2 Each of these groups is under the g. supervision of

35:4.1 this educational work is under the g. supervision of

35:7.2 in the enactment of the actual g. legislation of the

36:2.1 The Melchizedeks have the g. oversight of the fourth

36:2.12 When the g. life plans for a new world have been

37:4.3 Their g. headquarters is situated in the Salvington

38:5.3 Following this g. education they are advanced to the

39:1.18 thus constituting the g. reserve of this order.

39:3.11 G. reserves of the supervisor seraphim are held on

40:0.1 seven g. classes of the Ascending Sons of God have

42:12.10 this g. rule: Thought Adjusters appear to be

43:1.9 The g. headquarters of the univitatia occupies an

43:9.2 while maintaining a g. and a typical morontia status

44:4.9 g. supervision of this group of thought conservers.

48:3.2 They serve under the g. supervision of the Sons of

48:4.4 Our humor embraces three g. levels of appreciation:

48:5.6 such schools are organized in three g. groups of one

49:4.6 Mortals have the same g. struggles with microscopic

49:5.9 But even these g. classifications make no provision

49:5.10 There are three g. groups of inhabited worlds from

49:5.11 planetary conditions follow the g. physical patterns

59:1.2 There is a g. inundation of the seashores of the

61:1.9 backbones elevated in association with a g. sinking

62:2.6 improving in physical type and g. intelligence.

65:3.6 In a g. way, man’s evolutionary destiny is in his

67:7.3 the human race had gained very little over the g.

69:1.2 Human institutions are of three g. classes:

70:1.21 Next came the g. recognition of the right of asylum;

70:8.2 grouped in classes for the following g. reasons:

70:8.4 language mastery, knowledge, and g. intelligence.

70:8.5 slavery brought about the first g. division of society

70:10.10 since this belief was very g., the threat of suicide on

73:5.7 Adam and Eve were well pleased with the g. plan of

74:8.9 The Hebrews had no written language in g. usage for

77:8.13 under the g. designation of “spiritualism.”

78:2.3 the status of the Adamites were far above the g. level

81:3.6 the horse was in g. use throughout civilized lands.

82:3.8 It was also a g. belief that unmarried persons could

82:5.1 they also made the observation that g. weakness

83:5.3 But polyandry was never g., being usually limited to

87:5.1 It was the g. belief of mankind that ghosts levied a

89:5.4 It was once a g. practice for primitive mothers to

89:5.16 animal substitutes came into g. use for sacrificial

90:2.9 or priests of any age who oppose g. education and

91:1.2 allied only with those values which have g. social

94:6.1 unduly jeopardized by g. absorption into the older

95:2.6 g. belief in the efficacy of spittle as a healing agent,

95:7.5 the g. respect which almost all Arabian tribes were

107:0.7 will creatures traverse three g. developmental

108:2.3 set for the reception of Adjusters, but as a g. rule

112:1.7 the g. phenomenon of reaction to environment.

114:2.1 the g. management of Urantia has been intrusted

114:6.2 angels, while functioning under the g. supervision of

114:7.1 It is the g. practice in the conduct of the affairs of

120:3.1 regarding the g. conduct of your bestowal, allow me

122:1.2 racial inheritance being more g. than that of Joseph

125:0.4 Jesus was a little disappointed by the g. demeanor

128:2.7 and intrusted with the g. management of the home.

135:5.3 There was a g. feeling that the end of the rule of the

136:1.1 In a g. way, the Jews regarded their national

136:4.2 first thing Jesus did, after thinking through the g.

136:5.2 Notwithstanding this g. decision, this vast host

138:6.2 As a g. rule, they never prosecuted their regular

138:10.7 Thomas to arrange lodgings and in a g. way select

139:9.3 were the g. servants and errand boys of the twelve.

141:3.2 the twins continued their g. police supervision,

141:3.2 developed into a g. managerial committee of three,

143:5.7 Once more she resorted to questions of g. religion,

146:4.6 had he met with such a g. rejection of his message.

148:0.1 This tented city was under the g. supervision of

148:0.1 a model in order and sanitation as well as in its g.

148:0.3 While Andrew continued in g charge of the apostolic

149:4.2 represents, in a g. way, the measure of the failure

150:1.3 deaconesses and were accorded g. recognition.

153:5.2 the revulsion of feeling toward the Master was g.

155:5.8 more g. recognition of the realities of spiritual

156:6.7 there was g. resentment against the Pharisees and

158:0.2 In a g. way, Jesus knew beforehand what was to

161:1.6 Of course, it was the g. belief that Jesus was the

167:0.3 a g. council was called for the following evening.

167:2.3 Abner preached on this parable that night at the g.

170:5.6 that led to the g. belief that Jesus was the Redeemer

171:1.3 In a g. way, most of Jesus’ followers understood that

173:1.1 the more g. practice to purchase sacrificial animals

189:3.1 made ready to inaugurate the g. resurrection of the

194:2.10 “baptism of the spirit,” which came into such g. use

195:10.18 await the more g. acceptance of the real religion of

general, in

14:6.1 In g., they may be described as: 1. Havonal.

24:1.1 energy and superessence of divinity, but in g. they

24:1.14 In g. the functions of each order are expanded by

33:6.3 While, in g., a system government looks after the

36:2.17 to the study of the evolution of creature life in g.

37:3.5 In g., the archangels are assigned to the service and

40:9.9 they are in g. confined to the service of the local

43:0.3 In g., these personalities are not very different from

47:7.1 this mansion world corresponds in g. to that of the

48:3.3 in g., an intelligent and loyal group of beings; but

49:6.13 probationary-dependent orders of survival is in g.

52:1.5 In g., these primitive mortals are cave dwellers or

53:8.9 In g., when weak and dissolute mortals are supposed

59:1.8 but in g. the continents were uninteresting lowlands,

59:5.23 In g., these were the epochs of development for

60:1.5 Life, in g., did not fare well but did better than at the

61:4.4 In g., the life of the preceding period continued to

63:4.1 In g. appearance and skin color the early Andonites

64:7.10 In g. and to start with, the Sangik tribes were more

66:1.1 the affairs of the local universe in g. and, during

72:1.4 This continental nation, in g., followed the trend

72:5.3 wages are in g. controlled by industrial legislatures,

78:1.4 groups that had settled in the Levant were, in g.,

78:4.1 In g., Andites should be thought of as having a far

79:6.3 In g., the southern and then more extensive islands

80:9.10 but in g. its members are short, long-headed, and

81:4.10 In g., therefore, as the human remains of the last

84:3.10 In g., the coming of agriculture has enhanced

92:5.6 it was, in g., Adam’s return as a material ruler.

97:3.4 In g., the Baalites owned houses, lands, and slaves.

112:5.10 proceed immediately to the mansion worlds; in g.,

121:6.1 the Levant in g. adopted the Western Jewish or

121:6.2 and the better strata of Jews in g. spoke Greek.

127:4.6 In g., all of the children, particularly the girls, would

128:5.9 in g. conducted himself as a worthy and respected

134:3.4 in particular and on the brotherhood of men in g..

136:6.2 in g. even in his relations with other personalities,

160:4.1 living may fall into our hands by accident, but in g.

162:2.5 The leaders of the Jews, in g., were disposed to


3:2.8 that it is almost impossible to formulate g. of law


11:5.6 in every direction, a g. expansion and contraction.

28:4.14 Their usual tasks are the performance of those g.

49:2.1 Life Carriers foster a g. system type of creature,

49:5.9 these seven g. classes of evolutionary creature life.

78:4.4 that g. homogeneity which has been called Caucasoid

80:9.1 migrations became g. into the three white races as

81:4.9 they can be detected only as a g. Caucasoid order.

91:2.2 But aside from this g. relationship, prayer and magic

95:5.6 Ikhnaton took the g. doctrines of the then existent

193:4.2 the g. craving to “get even” with somebody for all


0:6.2 We cannot follow your g. accepted definitions of

0:6.4 we g. use the terms cosmic force, emergent energy,

1:1.4 the Father is g. known by names which may be

1:1.5 God is g. known by some name indicative of

4:1.11 it is this far-flung and g. unrecognizable control of

5:4.14 the doctrines of early Christianity were g. based on

12:2.1 the outer borders of the seven superuniverses are g.

23:2.10 While they are g. designated by number, Solitary

23:3.3 Solitary Messengers are, therefore, g. used for

33:6.9 These times are g. known as Salvington time,

35:5.1 They are more g. known as Constellation Fathers

37:1.1 Many of the unique orders g. grouped in this

40:10.1 Spirit-fused mortals are, g. speaking, confined to a

43:6.1 living embellishment is more g. utilized, and it is

44:1.13 powers of harmony appreciation and thus more g.

45:1.1 worlds swinging around Jerusem are g. known as the

48:5.4 are g. supervised by the Morontia Companions,

51:3.5 and subordinates have been so g. attributed to him

55:12.2 It is g. believed that large numbers of the unattached

57:8.20 and meteors are, g. speaking, composed of heavy

58:2.8 at which time the spots are g. equatorially situated.

59:2.3 waters of the world’s oceans were g. commingled.

61:1.1 the land areas of the world were very g. above water

77:8.2 The members of the older or primary order are g.

79:5.5 the earlier struggles the red men were g. successful

80:3.6 The southern Cro-Magnons g. lived in caves and

81:1.4 Since slaves were g. employed by the agriculturists,

82:3.12 restriction since remarriage was g. disapproved.

83:4.9 marriage was g. recognized as consisting in the

84:4.1 G. speaking, during any age woman’s status is a fair

84:4.6 Childbearing was once g. looked upon as

84:5.3 Woman’s social position has g. varied inversely with

84:7.29 more g. return to the family-council practices of the

86:5.15 The soul was g. thought of as being identified with

87:4.6 gods of evolutionary religion have g. been opposed

92:4.8 Father, and this teaching has g. persisted ever since.

93:5.14 the fear in which Abraham was so g. held, resulted in

93:7.3 Salem missionaries had become g. submerged in the

94:9.1 And g. speaking, it was a religion vastly superior

94:11.1 the g. accepted cult of the peoples of China, Korea,

95:5.5 activities of the priests, whom he g. discredited,

96:1.4 but g. connoted by the term El Elyon, the Most High

101:4.1 Because your world is g. ignorant of origins, even

101:5.5 certain g. accepted bases for logical deductions.

104:0.2 man g. tends to think in triads: yesterday, today, and

107:4.5 has become g. associated with Thought Adjusters.

112:3.1 Urantians g. recognize only one kind of death,

117:7.12 This is one of the g. accepted hypotheses of future

121:3.9 the people were g. content with their social rank.

124:2.5 Jesus was the g. accepted leader of the Nazareth

134:5.9 ever larger political organizations has g. proceeded

139:12.4 trait about Jesus which Judas admired above the g.

162:4.1 was more g. attended by the Jews of the world than

165:0.2 better classes of citizens so g. accept the Master’s

165:0.3 the Jews having been g. removed from these regions

165:0.3 Perea was g. referred to by the Jews as “the land

170:5.15 Christians g. lost sight of the Father-and-son idea

192:0.2 Peter was the g. recognized head of the apostolic

194:2.16 —the Spirit of Truth, g. regarded as the spirit of the

194:2.17 —the Holy Spirit, g. regarded as the spirit of the Son.


16:9.7 God-knowingness, to g. an unselfish and altruistic

160:4.14 Success may g. courage and promote confidence,


42:5.8 of solar X rays together with artificially g. X rays.

42:5.8 are identical with those which are mechanically g. for

57:7.9 until it was later g. by the seaweeds and other forms

82:3.1 has progressed to the stage at which mores are g.,


48:2.14 Much as a dynamo apparently g. electricity out of

100:6.5 it g. new types of enthusiasm, zeal, and courage.

101:3.7 3. G. profound courage and confidence despite

103:4.1 human association g. a feeling of fellowship with

131:10.6 This new religion of ours is very full of joy, and it g.

196:3.32 This concept of love g. in the soul of man that effort


134:5.7 sovereign nations cannot rub elbows without g.

generationsee generation, day and; generation, one

5:5.12 God-consciousness remains the same from g. to g.,

36:4.2 Eve departs upon the appearance of the seventh g.

51:1.8 decreasing longevity with each succeeding g..

52:7.7 G. after g., more and more of the race step into line

52:7.13 of such an age who are described as “a chosen g.,

57:3.10 enormous heat g. in the Andronover central cluster,

61:6.1 In the seventieth g. of this order of life a new and

63:0.1 the parents of the first-born of the second g. of

63:3.6 Andon and Fonta held together until the twentieth g.,

63:4.5 the twenty-seventh g., when, no male offspring

66:6.7 when missionaries seek, in a single g., to supplant

68:0.2 while each succeeding g. of youth must receive anew

68:2.11 the devious strivings of a vainglorious g. threaten to

68:4.3 the mores and customs of society from g. to g..

69:5.15 Through capital and invention the present g. enjoys

71:4.17 if the idealists in each g. permit themselves to be

73:4.5 suggested that the younger g. also be trained in the

76:3.7 nor Eveson nor the other children of the first g. of

76:4.3 toward the human norm with each succeeding g..

76:4.4 Adam and Eve and their first g. of children did not

76:4.4 After the first g. all of the descendants of Adam

76:4.5 and tended to diminish with each succeeding g..

77:2.2 Prince’s staff with the first-g. offspring of Adam

77:2.5 These mutant traits appearing in the first Nodite g.

79:8.8 achieving new expression in each g. of men—even in

81:5.6 commonly recognized rights of each succeeding g..

81:6.23 work of passing on the cultural torch to the next g.,

81:6.24 controlling the educational training of the younger g.

81:6.26 predetermine the character trend of the succeeding g.

82:0.3 faithfully and effectively passed on to the next g..

84:7.7 Each g. tends to eliminate from the reproductive

84:7.7 of children, the prospective parents of the next g..

86:6.5 Each passing g. smiles at the foolish superstitions of

87:5.8 From age to age and from g. to g., race after race

87:5.8 but no g. has ever yet dared to wholly reject it.

87:6.14 prayer, you resort to the older style of another g.,

92:3.5 The cult advances slowly in g. epochs and agelong

93:5.3 they confidently expected offspring in a certain g.

93:9.5 It was hard for the next g. to comprehend the

95:3.5 they accepted but halfheartedly for one short g.;

95:5.8 This was a g. of amazing personal piety and was

97:0.2 gradually evolved in the Hebraic mind from g. to g.

97:7.6 shall endure forever and my salvation from g. to g.

100:7.2 was constrained to proclaim saving truth to his g.,

102:1.3 Truth remains unchanged from g. to g., but the

105:2.2 In our attempts to portray the genesis and g. of

108:2.1 In the present g. it is running five years, ten months,

110:4.6 in each g. there have lived fewer and fewer beings

111:4.3 when the majority of the youth of any g. devote

114:6.5 the oversight and direction of the affairs of each g.

114:7.1 made up of the men and women of each g. who

119:3.4 working alone for one whole g. of planetary time.

120:2.5 the planet of your bestowal and the immediate g. of

120:2.7 nor for any subsequent g. of human beings on

121:5.18 Into such a g. of men, dominated by such incomplete

121:5.18 to this same g. Jesus subsequently gave his gospel of

121:8.12 not only be enlightening to the g. of men now

122:4.3 Joseph’s paternal ancestor of that g.,being an orphan

122:8.7 the well-meaning zealots of the succeeding g.

130:1.1 Jesus was a truth giver; he was the truth for that g.

132:3.6 The second g. of the soul is the first of a

132:5.15 are under moral obligation to represent the past g.

132:5.15 a fair toll for the benefit of the present g..

132:6.3 “Not a book—my mission is to live a life in this g.

135:5.3 the ages would occur during the lifetime of that g..

135:5.6 the minds of the Jews of the g. of John and Jesus.

137:6.5 we go forth to labor for a g. of sign seekers.

139:2.9 messengers to the four corners of the earth in a g..

140:8.10 no g. is exempt from the labor of discovering how

142:2.2 olden prophets who taught the children of their g.

142:2.2 Amos and even to the g. of the prophet Isaiah.

143:1.4 by Jews or gentiles of this day or of another g..

143:1.5 the poor and oppressed of this g. have the gospel

144:8.7 to teach, saying: “But to what shall I liken this g.?

145:2.17 a wonder-seeking g. and a miracle-minded people

146:6.1 believed in signs; they were a wonder-seeking g..

150:7.4 the younger g. was prone to resent his fame with

151:3.13 expect in their ministry from g. to g. as time passed.

152:1.4 Neither has any subsequent g. been able to evaluate

153:4.5 “This faithless and sign-seeking g. seeks a token,

155:6.5 this spirit may have something to impart to this g.

157:2.1 but to an evil-minded and hypocritical g. no sign

158:5.2 “O faithless and perverse g., how long shall I bear

158:7.5 me and my words in this sinful and hypocritical g.,

159:4.7 and supposedly inspired men of another g..

159:4.7 For this g. it is best that we live these truths while

159:4.9 very men of another g. so intensely longed to see.

160:1.3 be remastered in less time, perhaps every single g..

160:4.10 you can bestow a devoted life upon your g.

162:6.3 But now has come to this g. the revelation of the

166:1.5 all be required of this perverse and self-righteous g.

169:2.1 the children of the world are wiser in their g. than

170:0.1 the Jewish mind thus to be dislodged in a single g..

174:5.13 time will the living light be among this darkened g.

175:1.4 G. after g. have we sent our prophets to teach and

175:1.4 g. after g. have they killed these heaven-sent teachers

175:1.22 this accounting may be required of this very g..

176:2.1 every subsequent g. of disciples has devoutly

176:2.6 even this g. will not pass away until my words are

176:3.3 “Each g. of believers should carry on their work,

176:3.4 “As individuals, and as a g. of believers, hear me

178:1.15 the seed of the living being, which, from g. to g.,

178:1.15 peculiar needs and conditions of each successive g..

178:1.15 appropriate fruits in each individual and in each g.

178:1.15 From g. to g. this gospel must show increasing

194:2.1 for each new g., to restate the Jesus message so

194:2.6 afresh in the individual believer of each passing g. of

194:4.7 the establishment of the kingdom during their g..

196:3.17 a man, or even a g. of men, may elect to suspend

generation, day and

20:4.1 physical contact with, the mortal creatures of his d.

50:3.5 —are in status as of the superior races of their d..

77:7.6 confused in the minds of those who lived in his d..

110:5.7 one of the highly experienced Adjusters of his d.,

119:7.7 Jesus’ parents were average people of their d.,

120:2.8 and living as a man in your d., you will so function

120:3.3 family life as you find them established in the d. of

122:1.2 Although Mary was an average woman of her d.,

123:4.3 for expression in the environment of his d.,

124:2.5 lads who stood for the higher ideals of their d..

129:3.7 with the diversified peoples of the world of his d..

136:8.7 and social and economic conditions of that d..

140:8.10 it would have been applicable only to that d..

149:2.8 In a d. when a man was not supposed to salute even

162:3.1 among the most thoroughly moral men of that d..

164:5.5 associated with the spiritual nobility of that d..

generation, one

61:7.4 Suddenly and in o. the six colored races mutated

68:0.2 transmitted from o. to another by direct inheritance.

79:8.12 2. Pooling of the experience of more than o..

81:6.26 The ideals of o. carve out the channels of destiny for

81:6.26 homes, churches, and schools of o. predetermines the

81:6.44 of printing, progress was relatively slow since o.

84:0.2 the river of culture and knowledge flows from o. to

84:7.27 willingness of o. to invest in the welfare of the next

92:2.3 A great deal that o. might look upon as obscene,

92:7.14 making more readjustments of human values in o.

93:7.3 From o. to another the Salem gospel found lodgment

93:7.4 to lose sight of a new doctrine from o. to another.

94:9.1 In o. he made Buddhism the dominant religion of

95:1.9 In o. the Salem headquarters at Kish came to an end,

95:3.5 they accepted but halfheartedly for one short g.;

97:10.4 who passed the monotheistic torch of light from o.

114:6.7 from o. to another the imperishable values of the

120:3.9 perfect as regarded by any one man in any o. on

122:8.7 knowledge was passed by word of mouth from o.

132:3.6 by the technique of passing on from o. to another

132:5.1 a wise and effective trustee of the resources of o.

132:5.15 equity and transmit in security as the trustee of o.

142:3.9 the nature of God continued to grow from o. to

142:7.12 The family continues from o. to another.

142:7.12 Death only ends o. to mark the beginning of another.

149:2.9 In o. Jesus lifted women out of the oblivion of the

159:4.6 Father does not limit the revelation of truth to o.

generationssee generations, all

15:1.1 the records, observations, and memories of the g. of

41:1.1 the physical evolution of the ensuing g. of stellar

45:5.7 the instruction of the younger g. of Material Sons.

50:5.10 evolutionary attainment by the advancing g. who

51:3.3 for many g. Adam and Eve remain biologically

52:3.5 the Material Son and Daughter are mobilized for g.

52:3.8 do not eat meat, but their offspring within a few g.

52:4.3 They may live on for g. in those cases where they

57:4.9 mother of two mighty g. of the monarchs of light.

60:4.4 extending over two or more g. of mountain lives.

62:2.6 And it was just seventy g. after this new tribe had

62:3.5 for almost fifteen thousand years (six hundred g.),

62:4.6 now, after almost nine hundred g. of development,

63:6.8 the like of which was not attained by succeeding g.

74:6.2 their family consisted of four g. numbering 1,647

74:6.9 The marriage ceremonies of the first and second g.

75:4.8 practice of later g. to attribute everything unusual

77:9.9 The g. of men forget; the corps of midwayers

80:2.5 And for many g. the Adamites hunted, herded,

80:7.6 slaves who had been imported by the later g. of

82:0.3 wisely and effectively passed on to succeeding g..

83:8.9 denied her in the evolution of the mores of past g..

84:3.10 agriculture, extending down through successive g..

84:7.27 to invest in the welfare of the next and future g..

84:8.4 to enhance the survival qualities of succeeding g..

88:2.7 to speak of the earth as being flat, then, for long g.,

91:3.3 As it is conceived by successive g. of praying men,

92:2.3 that passing g. have feared to eliminate what their

92:2.3 might look upon as obscene, preceding g. have

93:2.5 it was soon forgotten with the passing of a few g..

93:6.2 suicide by their foolish practices so that in a few g.

98:2.3 the progeny of the slaves of former g had no capacity

118:8.10 as man bridges g. and centuries with his records,

121:2.8 several g. a small and unpowerful group of Jews

121:7.2 For g. the Jews had nourished an attitude toward

121:8.14 who have lived on earth during the intervening g.,

122:4.3 six g. previously, Joseph’s paternal ancestor of that

122:4.4 promises had been construed by successive g. as

128:4.6 spectacular career as would cause subsequent g. to

132:5.1 and ennoblement of the next and succeeding g..”

132:5.15 transmittal of legitimate wealth to succeeding g.

132:6.3 You must write a book for future g..”

132:7.4 There it has rested these many g., motionless and

134:8.6 And subsequent g. should understand what a great

142:2.4 What profit have you from successive g. of spiritual

142:3.9 concept of God in the Jewish minds of previous g.

143:7.9 other worlds did, and other g. on earth will.

144:4.7 Worship is salvation for the pleasure-seeking g. of

147:8.4 they shall raise up the foundations of many g.;

150:1.3 fell back to the olden customs in subsequent g..

154:4.6 And the men of many subsequent g. have said the

155:6.2 My father is no respecter of races or g. in that the

155:6.5 generation which other g. have refused to hear?

155:6.10 For weary g. the Jews have not ceased to toil,

159:2.1 In the g. to come many who are not wholly

159:3.10 Future g. shall know also the radiance of our joy,

159:4.10 teaching of the God-knowing men of other g..”

160:1.3 Every ten g. mankind must learn anew the art of

160:2.3 to communicate these possessions to succeeding g..

163:6.4 many g. of the children of light yet to come will,

166:1.5 of all the g. that are past, the blood of the prophets

170:4.16 And so have successive believing g. lived on earth

176:3.7 What a sorry sight for successive g. of professed

178:2.1 to future political kingdoms and to successive g. of

179:5.4 sought to prevent successive g. from crystallizing

182:1.6 and they will make known your name to other g..

195:0.3 for any one people to assimilate in one or two g..

195:0.10 5. Likewise did the next and later g. of Christian

195:9.10 to effect the spiritual transformation of successive g.

generations, all

4:1.3 Your faithfulness is to all g.; you have established the

34:7.4 and robbed all subsequent g. of the moral assistance

77:3.5 would challenge the admiration of all future g..

120:2.7 all lives upon all Nebadon worlds throughout all g.

121:8.12 but which may also be helpful to all future g..

131:2.5 mercy is everlasting, and his truth endures to all g..

131:2.7 and his dominion endures throughout all g..

132:6.3 on is to live a life in this generation and for all g..

145:2.4 All these g. have you had a national or racial religion

149:2.3 and alienate many honest souls in all subsequent g..

149:2.4 all subsequent g. have persisted in perpetuating,

160:1.14 new religion of maturity, the ideal of all future g..

166:1.5 of all the g. that are past, the blood of the prophets

182:1.26 the living revelation of the name of God to all g..


70:3.8 the candidate rested upon the g. organ of the tribal


41:5.3 The interior of your sun is a vast X-ray g..

131:4.6 The Great Controller is the g. of all things—all


48:2.14 These beings are morontia power g. as well as circuit


3:6.1 With divine selflessness, consummate g., the Father

5:1.2 There is an infinite grandeur and an inexpressible g.

32:4.11 he is in lavish g. bestowing the Thought Adjusters

100:7.10 yet, with all of his unbounded g., Jesus was never

131:3.7 liberality and continue to increase in noble g..

132:5.9 7. Accidental wealth—riches derived from the g. of

132:5.15 in accordance with your convictions of justice, g.,

139:5.6 continuously admired was the Master’s unfailing g..

139:7.8 but they never knew of this g., save Jesus, who knew

139:7.8 Levi would burn to reveal to them his g., but always

163:3.7 do you begrudge my g. because I desire to be good


39:4.5 insure that unerring justice is dealt out with g. mercy

100:7.10 The Master was always g..

124:1.13 and more g. understanding of his own family,

126:2.7 Jesus was liberal but frugal; he was saving but g..

130:6.2 neither kind nor fair for me to receive such g. help

131:3.6 among the turbulent, and g. among the grasping.

139:6.8 never grew weary of contemplating the g. sympathy

139:9.8 but they were also big-hearted, kind, and g..

140:6.12 if, therefore, your eye is g., your whole body will be

159:3.3 remember also to accord g. recognition for the

161:2.5 Jesus is quick to recognize and g. to acknowledge

180:5.12 that spontaneous, g., and sincere friendliness


82:6.7 improvement because of the role of the dominant g..


28:6.3 respecting the g. of any being in the central universe

69:9.14 agriculture was the g. of the private ownership of


71:0.2 But the state is not of divine g.; it was not even

77:1.1 The primary midwayers have their g. in a unique

82:3.1 the mating mores, the g. of the marital institution.

103:0.2 primitive religions are always evolutionary in their g.

104:4.20 existential values of spirit have their primordial g.,

105:1.2 But in all our attempts to elucidate the g. and

105:2.1 In considering the g. of reality, ever bear in mind that

105:2.2 In our attempts to portray the g. and generation of

105:5.6 To a creature, the beginning of the finite is the g. of

106:0.1 know something of the relations of Deity to the g.

106:0.5 It implies the prefinite g. of finite beginnings and

106:6.5 Though experiential in g. and constitution,it impinges


15:3.15 paths of your planet and your solar system are g.,

15:3.15 The counterclockwise motion of Orvonton is also g.,

19:1.5 the easiest path to a certain form of g. knowledge,

58:6.4 supernatural connected with these g. mutations.

70:8.6 Wealth and the possession of slaves was a g. basis

79:5.6 the long struggle left its g. imprint upon the yellow

79:6.7 1. G.. Unlike their blue cousins in Europe, both the


12:5.5 But time itself is not g. a quality of mind.

106:1.1 superuniverse qualification which is not g. found

106:8.13 the experiential Deities, who are g. associated with

Genghis KhanMongol conqueror

79:1.9 when the Mongols under G. began the conquest of

92:5.6 Asia the tribesmen still look for the return of G.;


22:3.1 ability and have shown extraordinary executive g.

72:7.1 is paternalistic only in the fostering of g. and creative

78:2.4 limited by available natural resources, inherent g.,

79:1.9 great manifestation of the submerged military g. of

79:8.4 Slowly the g. of the yellow race became diverted

80:6.4 erected by Imhotep, an Andite architectural g.,

80:7.5 All the art and g. of these latter people is a direct

88:1.9 Primitive man could not distinguish between g. and

92:2.4 current evolutionary status, plus its g. for adaptation.

92:5.11 outstanding religious g. of the post-Melchizedek

95:5.3 had he manifested a political g. to match his religious

102:0.1 The devotional labors and inspirational g. of the

111:0.6 The ka was thought to be a superior spirit g. which

111:7.5 flight of g. neutralized by the gravity of mediocrity;

132:5.8 6. G. wealth—riches accruing from the rewards of

132:5.20 6. If you chance to secure wealth by flights of g.,

132:5.20 The g. owes something to both his ancestors and

132:5.20 likewise is he under obligation to the race, nation,

132:5.20 he should also remember that it was as man among

132:5.20 that he labored and wrought out his inventions.

132:5.20 It would be equally unjust to deprive the g. of all

139:6.4 In many respects Nathaniel was the odd g. of the

173:2.8 And it was this g. of the Master for dealing with his

195:1.8 securing from the West the Roman political g. for

195:1.9 learning was advancing but g. was declining.

195:10.12 the combined moral g. of the God-knowing men of

196:0.6 In a religious g., strong spiritual faith so many times


28:5.15 This is the first group of these reflective g. to be

44:4.11 constellation g. who are masters of this exquisite

68:6.11 and the source of the mutant g. of the race.

72:6.7 such as disease prevention, education of g.,

72:7.10 assisting all g.—artists, authors, and scientists—

88:1.10 Many people looked upon g. as fetish personalities


152:5.5 they went by boat to the region of G. for two days of

152:6.0 6. AT GENNESARET

152:6.1 resting at the home of a wealthy believer in the G.

152:6.2 While Jesus and the twelve were resting at G.,

152:6.3 The second night of their sojourn at G. the Master

152:6.6 Before they left G., Jesus instructed them regarding

156:6.3 they made their way to G. on the western shores of


97:9.11 David’s cosmopolitan tribe of Judah was more g.

121:2.12 Galilee was more g. than Jewish when he was born.

123:5.8 close association with his fellow men, Jew and g.,

125:4.3 the justice of putting to death a drunken g. who

137:4.1 was most cordial to all, young and old, Jew and g..

137:8.6 shall include the worshiping souls of Jew and g.,

137:8.11 Father’s kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor g.,

140:1.2 to you that my Father is not the God of Jew or g..

143:1.5 kingdom is to be preached to all men—Jew and g.,

146:3.11 the people were of a mixed race, hardly Jew or g.,

147:1.3 were with them: “I marvel at the belief of the g..

156:1.5 Simon: “Woman, you are a Greek-speaking g..

163:1.3 I am about to send you to Jew and g as lambs among

163:4.2 kingdom must be proclaimed to all the world, to g.

163:6.5 have been received by both the Jew and the g..

165:0.3 Perea at this time was about equally g. and Jewish,

165:3.8 Why should Jew or g. hesitate to accept the good

174:5.8 “But to both Jew and g. I declare the hour has

175:2.3 and salvation is for the Jew as well as for the g..

181:2.13 to see the vision of a brotherhood in which g. sits

181:2.27 proclamation of this gospel to Jew and g., but I am

184:1.8 I have been sent to all men, g. as well as Jew.”

185:3.3 And this salvation is for the g. as well as for the Jew.

190:3.1 there shall be neither Jew nor g., rich nor poor,

190:4.1 In the kingdom there shall be neither Jew nor g.;

190:5.4 concerning this day of salvation for Jew and g.,

191:4.3 the good news, whether they be Jew or g., Greek or

191:6.2 This gospel belongs to both Jew and g., to rich and

192:2.12 Remember, both Jew and g. are your brethren.

194:3.14 that he was “Not born a woman, a leper, or a g.,”

gentile believer(s)

121:2.5 Each Jewish synagogue tolerated a fringe of g.,

129:1.7 garrison’s commanding officer was a g. in Yahweh,

156:2.4 In many ways these g. appreciated Jesus’ teachings

gentile blood

139:0.2 these Galilean fishermen carried heavy strains of g.

gentile bondage

185:5.6 a Messiah who would deliver them from g. with a

gentile building

185:0.3 who refused to enter any g. where leaven might be

gentile Christians

170:5.6 2. The g. began very early to accept the doctrines of

gentile churches

139:2.11 the leading spirit among the g. Christian churches,

gentile city or cities

124:3.6 they were face to face with the beauties of this g.,

124:6.4 went not near the g. lest they so defile themselves

143:4.3 not averse to preaching in the Greek and other g. of

gentile convert

121:8.8 Luke, the physician of Antioch in Pisidia, was a g.

gentile dogs

164:1.2 The Jews looked upon all others as “g. dogs.”

gentile foreigners

135:5.2 God’s patience with the g. was about exhausted.

gentile mind

128:2.5 a close study of their habits of living and of the g..

gentile nations

135:5.3 a general feeling that the end of the rule of the g. was

166:3.5 seed of Abraham sit with the believers of the g. in

174:2.5 the guidance of the Jews dispersed among the g.,

gentile overlords

121:2.6 the downfall of a succession of g. national overlords

135:5.1 a loss to explain their continuous subjugation to g..

gentile philosophy or philosophies


143:5.6 mixture of the religion of many pagan gods and g..

gentile population(s)

123:5.7 way station and crossroads of travel and largely g. in

139:0.2 as a result of the forcible conversion of the g. of

143:3.5 humorous since they had come in contact with the g.

143:3.8 in this their first extensive work with exclusively g..

gentile proselytes

128:3.4 interesting personal conferences with numerous g..

135:6.4 the practice thus to baptize the g. into the fellowship

136:1.5 sins and because of the halfheartedness of the g..

gentile religions


gentile rulers

135:4.3 the Jewish nation from the domination of their g..

gentile soil

170:1.16 transplantation of Christianity from a Jewish to a g..

170:5.3 of the teachings of Jesus from a Jewish to a g. was

gentile vengeance

176:1.4 be great tribulation, for these will be the days of g..

gentile viewpoint

128:2.5 to become better acquainted with the g. of life.

gentile ways

121:7.1 the Jews looked upon all g. with utter contempt.

gentile world

121:3.10 affection of the Jews far transcended that of the g..

121:4.1 The g. was dominated by four great philosophies,

121:7.1 wall of separation between themselves and the g.;

123:2.5 There were few homes in the g. of those days that

gentile yoke

125:6.13 and forever cast off the g. of political bondage.


69:4.3 separate code of ethics in their dealings with the g..

70:1.17 in his victory over the g. caused “all the host to fall

70:11.2 a different code of ethics for dealing with the g..

97:9.27 ideologies were to prevail, they must convert the g..

121:2.5 at Jerusalem possessed its ornate court of the g..


121:4.1 The g. were, from a moral standpoint, inferior to the

121:4.1 but there was present in the hearts of the nobler g.

121:5.17 Morality among the g. was not necessarily related


121:7.2 unwilling to share Yahweh on equal terms with the g

122:9.26 A light for even the unveiling of the g. And the glory

123:5.7 In Galilee the Jews mingled more freely with the g.

123:5.7 of contamination as a result of contact with the g..

124:0.1 more acceptably prepared him to understand the g.

125:1.1 his father escorted him into the court of the g. with

125:1.4 They walked back through the court of the g.,

125:4.3 who had wandered outside the court of the g. and

126:3.11 the Roman Empire? To the g. and their religions?

127:2.5 a wealthy Jew, Isaac, a moneylender to the g.,

128:2.5 Jesus worked with g., lived with g., and in every

133:3.2 when he then went to the g., that Crispus with his

134:0.2 revealing his divine identity among the Jews and g.

135:5.5 believed that many devout g. might be admitted to

137:6.2 and the glory of even the g. shall be like a flowing

139:2.7 Philip among the Samaritans and Paul among the g.;

139:2.7 Judaizers, temporarily withdrawing from the g. only

140:9.3 you while you go first to the Jews, then to the g..”

143:1.1 preaching to well-nigh exclusive gatherings of g.

143:1.2 And now, Master, what shall we say to these g.?”

143:1.4 misunderstanding of my teachings by Jews or g.

143:3.1 The contact with the g. and the Samaritans was a

143:3.5 as they had been sojourning among the g..

143:3.8 Not many of the g. in the two Greek cities of

144:7.3 And they won many souls among these g. and Jews.

144:8.1 Both Jews and g. came to camp to hear the gospel.

145:2.2 Even the g. shall come to this light, and many

147:5.3 brothels located hard by the temple court of the g..

150:4.2 said: “On this mission go not to any city of the g.,

151:6.7 awakened by a delegation of these swine-raising g.

155:1.2 And I will receive these g. with open arms of

156:1.6 and dares even to heal the g. when they believe.

156:1.8 see for yourselves how the g. are able to exercise

156:1.8 the Father’s kingdom shall be taken by the g. if the

156:2.3 cheered by the manner in which the g. of Sidon

156:2.3 this warm reception of Jesus’ teachings by these g.

156:2.4 These g. were not afraid of Jesus; they dared to

156:2.8 the keen sense of humor which these g. exhibited.

156:3.1 They were well received by the g., and many were

156:3.2 accustomed to working among these so-called g.,

156:3.2 observe the eagerness of these g. to hear the gospel

156:4.2 such an interest in the gospel among these g. that,

158:1.2 Jesus and the apostles were in the lands of the g.,

158:1.2 that it actually transpired on a mountain of the g..

162:4.3 beautiful gate, which opened on the court of the g.

163:6.1 message had been received by hungry Jews and g.

166:2.2 had just been explaining to the twelve why the g. of

166:3.2 that only the g. of adoption can hope for salvation.

166:5.1 in Philadelphia the largest group of Jews and g.,

166:5.5 sympathetic with Paul in his mission to the g.,

170:5.11 community; to the g. it became the Christian church.

171:0.6 “You well understand how the rulers of the g. lord

171:3.1 Many g. lived in this region, and since few were

171:4.2 him and then deliver him into the hands of the g..

174:5.1 to meet these prominent and inquiring Greek g. in

174:5.1 disconcerted because these men were foreign g..

174:5.1 If they had been Jews or near-by and familiar g.,

174:5.4 I perceive there are assembled Jews and g. in equal

174:5.7 If you g. will hear me, you shall receive the words

174:5.9 but I am rejoiced to receive these truth-seeking g.

174:5.11 While the Jews and g. here assembled heard no voice

175:1.7 both the Jews and the Samaritans, and even the g.,

176:1.4 and so shall Jerusalem be trodden down by the g..

178:0.1 of apostles and chosen disciples, both Jews and g..

179:3.9 You know that the kings of the g. have lordship

181:2.13 fully satisfied and then turn with power to the g..

184:1.6 all the Jews and many of the g. have heard me.

190:5.3 who would deliver Israel from the yoke of the g..

192:2.11 If you would obey me, go into the lands of the g.

194:1.5 fellowshipping the proselytes of the gate, those g.

194:1.5 large numbers of the Jews and believing g. to submit

194:3.9 refused to subject the g. to these Jewish practices.

195:0.1 Paul carried the Christian message to the g.,


43:6.5 all the various species are surprisingly g. and

46:1.4 these energies are reflected back and down as a g.,

61:7.1 The ice is also responsible for those g. swells,

100:7.17 Jesus was g. and unassuming in his personal life,

130:6.2 Jesus, laying a g. hand on his shoulder, said: “No,

137:6.5 Be patient, be g..

139:8.7 so strong but at the same time so g.; so positive

140:6.9 My messengers must not strive with men, but be g.

141:3.6 Jesus did not pose as a sweet, g., and kindly mystic.

174:0.2 To John he said: “Be g.; love even your enemies;

178:1.14 You are indeed to be g. in your dealings with erring

184:4.3 To this g. and sensitive soul of humankind, joined in

185:3.6 was enough to convince even Pilate that this g.


34:6.13 “for the fruits of the spirit are love, joy, peace, g.,

95:3.3 They taught g., moderation, and discretion.

122:5.3 Jesus derived much of his unusual g. and

133:7.3 the father was amazed by both the g. and adeptness

141:3.4 associated with his personality—patience, g.,


34:6.11 then the divine Spirit will g. and lovingly lead you

111:1.5 consciousness rests g. upon the electrochemical

133:2.1 behind the irate husband and, tapping him g. on

151:6.1 the near-by eastern shore of the lake sloped up g. to

genuinesee genuinewith experience;

see genuinewith religion

2:7.9 art, and the grandeur of g. character achievement.

2:7.11 All g. goodness—whether personal morality, social

7:3.2 All g. spirit values and all bona fide spiritualized

7:3.3 is the basic channel for transmitting the g. prayers

9:6.2 All true and g. intellectual values, all divine thoughts

28:6.8 be traversed; otherwise there can be no g. mercy.

28:6.22 greatness, in true magnitude of g. survival character.

39:3.4 of real self-understanding and g. mutual appreciation.

54:1.6 True liberty is the associate of g. self-respect; false

54:1.8 Only true and g. liberty is compatible with the reign

71:4.16 The appearance of g. brotherhood signifies that a

85:3.3 became immune, in fact, became g. venom addicts

87:7.5 philosophy and to enslave reason; a g. cult grows.

91:0.3 such expressions attained to the levels of g. prayer.

91:3.7 face to face, as it were, with a real and g. alter ego

91:7.3 G. spiritual ecstasy is usually associated with great

91:8.10 G. prayer adds to spiritual growth, modifies attitudes

92:3.10 revealed religion and the fiery furnace of g. science.

95:5.8 characterized by a g. aspiration among the intelligent

100:4.6 But only g. and unselfish love is truly contagious.

100:5.8 sometimes been a means of g. spiritual communion.

100:6.2 supreme is truly a cosmic reality of g. spiritual worth

100:7.2 from affectation; he was always so refreshingly g..

101:0.3 a true and g. inner voice, that “true light which lights

101:3.4 G. spiritual faith (true moral consciousness) is

101:4.1 tempted to discard any element of g. religious truth

102:2.2 One of the characteristic peculiarities of g. religious

103:3.1 the true religious impulse has its origin in g. spirit

103:5.5 predicated on spiritual insight—g. religious reflection.

103:7.6 reason is always amenable to g. logic;

107:7.3 and these activities connote g. volition.

110:3.8 g. recognition of the divine fatherhood and loving

116:7.6 creates a g. divinity tension in the living cosmos

122:4.4 but on the whole they are not g. and may not be

131:3.2 lay hold upon true righteousness and g. manliness.

133:4.12 meet the judgment of God if your repentance is g.

134:6.11 and enjoy the personal liberties of g. democracy.

136:8.7 His humanity was g., natural, wholly derived from

137:2.7 “Behold a g. Israelite, in whom there is no deceit.

139:8.12 If Jesus and his work had not been g., it could not

140:5.11 G. meekness has no relation to fear.

140:5.16 responsive to human need creates g. happiness,

140:8.11 a love of one’s fellow men so g. that it expanded

140:8.30 to deter his believers from the pursuit of g. culture;

142:5.2 will witness in your hearts that our message is g..

143:2.7 of God that leads men into true and g. repentance.

144:2.6 G. faith will remove mountains of material difficulty

146:3.2 True and g. inward certainty does not in the least

152:2.10 miracles, but this was a g. supernatural ministration.

152:6.3 shown in the abundant yielding of the g. fruits of

153:4.1 but this was a g. case of demoniac possession,

160:2.4 as is illustrated in the devotions of g. friendships.

160:2.6 Without the g. love of a home, no child can achieve

160:2.10 mere sex attraction; it must be based on g. mutual

168:1.3 1. Jesus felt a g. and sorrowful sympathy for Martha

168:4.13 All g. spirit-born petitions are certain of an answer.

170:2.21 full confidence and g. trustfulness of the Father’s

171:7.3 therefore could he manifest g. sympathy and show

177:4.11 man knows full well how love, even when once g.,

180:5.12 worship can atone for the lack of g. compassion

181:2.29 emotion and overflowing with g. love for him,

185:2.16 with an expression of g. pity and sorrowful affection.

187:4.5 overwhelming sense of love, and g. greatness.

188:4.2 significance and the g. import of the Master’s death.

188:4.10 Neither do g. believers trouble themselves so much

195:7.18 No appreciation of art is g. unless it accords

195:10.5 there are so few g. second-milers—so few professed

195:10.13 And the g. lovers of truth will be slow to forget that

genuinewith experience

1:6.4 grasped only by the spiritual insight of g. religious

16:6.10 a moral philosophy, and a g. religious experience.

100:6.8 in loyalty and grandeur because it is a g. experience.

101:8.1 Faith is a living attribute of g. personal religious

102:6.7 such believers, faithers, yield as a result of this g.

103:9.1 spiritual experience of personal religion remains g.

103:9.5 Such a g. religious experience far transcends the

111:3.5 g. religious experience consists in the union of values

112:2.11 surrender to the conclusions inherent in g. spiritual

140:10.6 daily ministry of g. personal religious experience.

145:2.4 the individual believer as a g. personal experience.

170:3.9 religion of the kingdom is a g. personal experience

195:5.8 Such superhuman insight can be had only through g.

196:0.4 validated by the authority of g. personal experience.

196:3.5 certainty, in the truth of g. religious experience.

196:3.23 and goodness is not a substitute for g. religious

genuinewith religion

99:4.1 Gr. renders the religionist socially fragrant and

99:4.4 religion is g. and worth while if it fosters in the

100:6.2 A religion is g. to just the extent that the value which

100:6.5 Gr. takes nothing away from human existence, but

100:6.5 but religion does add new meanings to all of life;

100:6.5 it generates new types of enthusiasm, zeal, and

100:6.5 It may even engender the spirit of the crusader,

100:6.8 But revelatory religion is excellent as well as g..

103:9.2 one’s religion may be wholly g and everlastingly true

160:5.1 told me that your Master regards g. human religion

160:5.5 You cannot have a g. spiritual religion without the

177:2.6 Such a home life enhances religion, and gr. always


50:5.9 Such evolving mortals are g. cultured, truly

129:4.7 this is because he lived a true and g. human life.

147:4.3 you so often fail to put a g. spiritual interpretation


118:7.1 takes nothing away from the freedom and g. of the

135:11.1 tempted to doubt even the g. of his own mission


0:0.5 the stationary Isle of Paradise, the g center of infinity

0:3.13 That is just why the g. location of his person is fixed

11:9.2 Paradise is the g. center of infinity; it is not a part of

12:1.12 Each superuniverse is simply a g. space clustering of

26:7.5 trio are not required to enable him to locate the g.

26:7.5 discern the g. or locational presence of the Trinity,

64:1.2 in the shut-in environment of this g. situation—

70:8.7 5. G.—classes arose consequent upon urban or rural

79:6.12 4. G. China is protected by the mountains to the west

117:5.9 confined to the g. limitations of a given local

121:2.1 occupy a peculiarly strategic g. position in the world

122:0.2 survey of the spiritual, intellectual, racial, and g.


11:1.2 and g. resident at this center of the universe of

11:1.3 Rome, or Singapore, cities definitely and g. located

11:2.4 The central Isle is g. divided into three domains of

11:7.2 G. these zones appear to be a relative extension of

60:1.6 North America for the first time is g. isolated, but


63:5.1 The g. of those times pointed them north,

93:5.2 people were in no small measure determined by g.,

121:7.12 primitive ideas regarding the g. of the world, health,

123:6.6 science, particularly regarding g. and astronomy.


57:8.3 The real g. history of Urantia begins with the


59:0.7 by well-defined developments in both the g. realms

59:4.15 bank of the Hudson River are one of the largest g.

60:3.2 Near the close of the preceding g. period much of

60:3.2 This contention of g. forces gave impetus to the

60:3.3 the modern mountain-building stage of g. history.

61:7.17 The ice age is the last completed g. period,

61:7.19 This is the last—the current—g. period and is known

64:7.1 the fifth glacier, the third of g. count, was well

65:8.2 we have absolutely no control over g. evolution.

78:7.1 valley of Mesopotamia as a result of progressive g.


80:2.1 by certain rather sudden climatic and g. changes.

81:1.2 the great climatic and g. changes in northern Africa


60:4.5 Biologically as well as g. this was an eventful age on


59:1.20 million years, designated by your g. as the Cambrian

59:2.13 life, which is known to your g. as the Ordovician.

61:7.10 And Urantia g. have very accurately deduced the

64:1.4 glacier, the first according to the reckoning of g..


102:4.6 Revelation unifies history, co-ordinates g., physics,


103:4.2 our ideals tend to grow by g. progression, while our


93:9.2 Salem, going south to live near his interests at G..

93:9.3 Abraham withheld his identity upon arrival at G.,


128:3.2 Jerusalem by way of the Decapolis and through G.

134:9.1 to the east of the lake and by G. and on down the

138:9.3 work in Capernaum, Bethsaida-Julias, G., Hippos,

144:7.1 cities of the Decapolis, chiefly in Scythopolis, G.,

152:7.1 they journeyed by way of G. and Philadelphia.

159:0.2 these twelve groups labored in G., Gamala, Hippos

165:0.1 Ramath, Edrei, Bosora, Caspin, Mispeh, G.,


166:3.1 visited with the messengers of the kingdom at G.,

Gerizim or Mount Gerizim

126:1.2 Jesus then would shift his gaze over to G. and

143:4.2 Samaritans permission to build a temple on MG.,

143:4.2 John Hyrcanus destroyed their temple on MG..

143:5.5 Pointing to MG., Nalda continued: “Our fathers

143:6.2 days before they established their camp on MG..

143:6.3 The first night of the camp on MG. the apostles

143:6.4 The theme of Jesus’ teaching on MG. was: That he

143:6.6 Jesus and the twelve camped on MG. until the end

143:7.1 At the evening conferences on MG., Jesus taught

185:1.6 a false Messiah who led troops to MG., where he

193:1.2 time has come when you worship God neither on G.


132:3.6 the divine spark, the immortal g., that lives within

germ plasm

36:2.14 material vehicles of life transmission, the so-called g..

58:3.4 the phenomena of organized life—the g. of living

58:3.4 modification of the inheritance factors of the g.

65:2.13 and irretrievable losses of its highest types of g. that

66:4.15 one hundred Andonites contributed their human g. to

77:2.4 corporeal members of the Prince’s staff carried g. of

77:2.5 of the inheritance factors of the Andonic g..

77:2.5 The technique of this g. metamorphosis by the

77:2.5 whereby Urantia scientists modify the g. of plants

77:2.7 It will be recalled that the one hundred Andonite g.

77:2.8 individuals who carried the modified Andonite g.,


80:4.5 Nordic races, forefathers of the Scandinavian, G.,


14:1.11 But time is g to the Havona circuits and to numerous

29:3.3 They are not g. to the administration of the Sons of

31:9.12 power directors, who are g. to the grand universe.

35:3.10 Melchizedek spheres are devoted to activities g. to

58:3.4 These energy conditions of space are g. to the


59:4.8 In Wales, G., and other places in Europe the rocks

60:1.4 Over Europe,especially G. and Russia, may be found

60:2.6 that the beautiful lithographic stone of southern G.

80:5.8 northern G., northern France, and the British Isles.

80:9.3 by the existence of two racial groups in G. today.


103:2.3 in the mind in which the seed of revealed religion g.


101:1.5 The g. of true religion originate in the domain of


97:9.10 then marrying the daughter of Talmai, the king of G..


88:6.4 G., being older than speech, was the more holy and

91:8.6 a wholly selfish request or a true and magnificent g.

91:8.11 Prayer is a subjective g., but it contacts with mighty

99:1.5 humanitarianism is, humanly speaking, a noble g.,

103:7.8 mortal man resorted to his futile g. of metaphysics,

114:1.1 in practice the Sovereign Creator Son made no g. of

114:3.4 but thus far he has made no g. in this direction.

145:1.2 consented to follow his directions because of a g.

157:3.5 he pointed to them with a sweeping g. of his hand

157:4.3 With a commanding g. Jesus indicated that they

179:3.4 Judas concluded that this g. of humility was just one

182:3.4 Jesus surveyed them and, with a pitying g.,

185:3.8 Pilate also thought that this g. would help to antidote

196:3.30 environment; it is a g. toward the morontia level.

196:3.30 Religion is man’s supreme g., his magnificent reach


100:7.1 he g. toward the Master standing before his accusers,


81:6.17 Language grew up through g., signs, cries, imitative

getsee getimperative; see get along; get away

15:8.7 tendencies for matter to condense, and to g. out of

16:7.4 where he is going, and how he will g. there.

22:10.5 we only g. one seventh of these beings; so it is

48:4.7 humor, but we do g. a peculiar satisfaction out of the

69:2.7 he always wanted to g. something for nothing,

71:7.3 Urantians should g. a vision of a new and higher

82:5.6 to g. a wife from the outside insured greater freedom

82:6.3 You g. unsatisfactory offspring when the degenerate

84:3.3 She failed to g. social recognition during primitive

86:2.6 kicks and curses those inanimate objects which g. in

86:5.10 the soul might have time to g. back into the body.

86:7.4 laws of nature will enable man to g. what he wants

87:2.3 designed to instruct the new ghost how to g. there.

87:2.3 days to a year to “lay the ghost”—to g. it away from

87:2.7 The ancients were so anxious to g. rid of a ghost

88:5.1 out of fear that an enemy might g. possession of

88:5.5 The savage could g. a new name by buying it from

89:4.6 and sacrifices throughout an entire lifetime to g. him

90:4.2 The faith required to g. well under the foolish

92:6.19 in the main must g. his religion by evolutionary

93:9.3 a plot to murder him in order to g. his brilliant wife.

93:9.3 that someone would kill him in order to g. Sarah.

96:5.4 for it is he who gives you the power to g. wealth.”

97:3.6 murdered the Naboths in the intrigue to g. their

97:9.15 David’s corrupt political machine began to g.

99:5.7 Someday religionists will g. together and actually

119:1.3 for universe intelligence, hoping to g. some word

122:2.6 Naturally they were anxious to g. together,

127:6.8 Mary frankly asked him if he would g. married if he

129:2.1 Jude would come to Capernaum, g. the money from

133:1.5 And that was about all the lad could g. his teacher

133:3.8 the best way to help these women g. a new start

133:5.5 they would g. in one another’s way so badly that the

134:1.4 and Jude had for some time wanted to g. married,

136:8.5 Caligastia method of trying to g. ahead of the slow

138:5.4 inquire why nothing was done to g. John out of

139:2.3 The only reason Peter did not g. into more trouble

139:8.11 Thomas would g. permission from Andrew to go off

139:12.10 Judas made up his mind to g. even with he knew not

141:1.4 announced, did nothing to g. him out of prison.

143:5.4 Woman, go g. your husband and bring him hither.

144:2.3 yet because of your importunity he will g. up and

148:6.4 No wonder poor Job failed to g. much comfort

148:6.6 I am learning that I can g. no satisfaction from

165:4.1 Where did you g. the idea that I give attention to

165:4.12 2. How did you g. this wealth?

167:5.1 I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I g..

171:6.1 he almost fell out of the tree in his haste to g. down,

173:2.4 Did John g. his authority from heaven or from

174:3.1 Before Jesus could g. started with his teaching,

177:1.6 permitted the Master for long to g. out of his sight.

177:2.3 When you g. married and have children of your own

177:4.4 Judas had set out to g. honor for himself, and if

181:2.24 what you have not been able to g. from my

183:3.7 But before they were able to g. started, as Jesus

185:1.8 to Pilate—to g. him up at six o’clock to try Jesus—

189:4.10 Tell us that we may go and g. him.”

191:0.5 doing something to g. to the bottom of the mystery.

193:0.1 first attempt to g. together since the resurrection.

193:4.2 revenge and the generalized craving to “g. even”

196:2.1 the Christian church may strike deep enough to g.


53:8.4 divine assurance replied, “G. you behind me, Satan.”

133:9.3 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore g. wisdom.

133:9.3 With all your quest for knowledge, g. understanding.

135:3.4 G. right with God!

135:3.4 G. ready for the end; prepare yourselves for the

158:7.4 and the other apostles, saying: “G. you behind me.

get along

64:4.13 long as the moon shone a little, they managed to g.

85:3.3 became genuine venom addicts and could not g.

129:2.5 believed the time had come for them to g. without

139:7.1 the ability to make friends and to g. smoothly with

139:8.3 which made it difficult to g. peaceably with Thomas.

143:3.5 perplexed about how to g. peaceably with John’s

169:1.6 Now these two brothers did not g. well together;

get away

87:2.3 days to a year to “lay the ghost”—to g. it away from

130:6.2 I understand you come up in these hills to g. away

141:0.1 They did not g. away from Zebedee’s house until

152:2.1 March 27, he sought to g. away from the people.

153:3.6 a part of one’s religion, are hard to g. away from.

180:6.9 These eleven men could not g. away from their long-

191:0.4 Peter could not g. away from the sight of the grave

Gethsemane or Gethsemane Park

38:6.1 a group of angels that night in the garden of G.

142:8.4 a shaded park, or garden, known in that day as G..

142:8.4 large number of inquirers came out to G. to visit

147:2.2 Therefore they pitched tents at G., and the Master

147:2.2 from Bethany to G. to avoid the crowds which so

147:5.6 rest of the apostles at the camp in the garden of G..

173:5.5 ravine overlooking the public camping park of G.,

174:0.3 apostles set about the establishment of the G. camp,

174:4.4 that night he went out to the Master’s camp near G.,

174:5.1 camp which was that day being established near G.

175:4.1 them that Tuesday night at the new camp near G..

176:0.1 out of the temple on their way to the G. camp,

176:0.2 crowds passing along the Kidron valley toward G.,

176:0.2 follow a trail over to their private camp near G.

177:1.5 just as they were about to return to the G. camp,

178:3.1 valley back and forth between GP. and Jerusalem,


182:0.1 and Mary Mark on their way back to the G. camp

182:0.1 on to their private encampment adjacent to GP..

182:2.10 watch the road coming up by the Kidron to G..


183:0.3 toward the olive press near the entrance to GP..

183:2.3 that it would be necessary to go to G. to arrest him

183:3.3 after leading the guards to G., simply point Jesus out

183:4.4 Peter wandered back to the G. camp, a dejected

183:4.8 to operate from his headquarters at the G. camp.

184:0.3 on Mount Olivet, not far from the garden of G.,

186:3.1 detachment of the guards hastened out to G. to

186:3.2 a messenger hastened away to G. to inform David,

187:0.1 soldiers the previous night to arrest Jesus in G..

190:4.1 Greeks who were at G. when the soldiers arrested

193:5.1 could look out over Jerusalem and down upon G..


88:1.1 A man is sick, something happens, and he g. well.


139:7.2 fellow apostles referred to him as the “money-g..”

gettingsee getting along; see even

50:1.3 the personalization of a concept that has been g.

61:4.6 The climate was gradually g. cooler; the land plants

63:2.5 But the autumn sun was g. lower in the sky,

70:10.2 Justice, as conceived by man, means g. one’s rights

76:1.4 After g. settled in the new Eden, it became necessary

76:2.6 indispensable soil and atmosphere for g. the most out

86:1.4 passion of g. something for nothing and the fear

86:1.4 and the fear of g. nothing for something.

90:4.5 bloodletting, were thought to be of value in g. rid

93:4.5 They simply could not grasp the idea of g. divine

123:2.4 his new shop and g. his business started again.

127:4.7 Simon was slow in g. settled down in life and was

132:6.1 they devoted themselves to g. the child back home

133:3.9 “As it is g. late, and since the young man’s father will

134:1.4 when it came to g. married, they wanted the blessing

137:7.2 his own brother in the flesh, were g. acquainted

137:7.2 they were g. used to the idea of living with this

139:2.3 Peter was constantly g. into difficulties because he

139:6.7 his charges, Nathaniel lost no time in g. to that home

140:8.4 Jesus had great difficulty in g. them to understand his

143:5.2 Jesus was thirsty, but there was no way of g. water

159:3.13 Believing the gospel will not prevent g. into trouble,

180:2.4 that prayer is not a process of g. your way but

183:2.1 was some delay in g. started for the Mark home,

184:2.7 G. cold, Peter returned to the fireside, and one of the

189:2.5 the sordid business of supposedly g. rid of Jesus

192:2.6 had much to do with g. Simon Zelotes back into

getting along

124:4.3 more successful in g. with his brothers and sisters.

127:4.1 By this time Jesus and Mary were g. much better.

129:1.9 Perhaps his great secret in g. with them consisted in

141:1.5 the delicate and difficult task of g. smoothly with the

164:4.8 They were not g. well with their scheme of holding

181:2.21 that your frankness will interfere with your g. well


79:3.6 three great rivers flowing through the Eastern G.

79:3.6 settlements along the seacoast of the Western G.

ghostsee ghost cult(s); ghost fear

66:5.13 substitute Creator fear for creature fear (g. worship)

68:3.2 in the evolution of human society was the g. dream.

68:3.2 the g. dream actually terrorized early men, driving

68:3.2 The g. dream was one of the earliest appearing

68:3.3 Except for this g. factor, all society was founded

70:10.10 died entertaining the belief that, as a g., he could

70:11.4 transgression of taboos which enjoyed g. sanction,

84:1.3 woman’s being entered by a spirit, an evolving g..

84:1.5 the way for the impregnating g. to enter the female.

84:4.6 sprinkle the newborn with holy water to prevent g.

84:7.19 to offer the required sacrifices for the g.’ progress

85:6.4 The g. gods, who are of supposed human origin,

85:6.4 a dual concept of deity, nature gods and g. gods;

85:6.4 as is illustrated by Thor, a g. hero who was master of

86:4.1 the occurrences of everyday life plus the g. dream.

86:4.2 presently this new dream-g.-future-life concept

86:4.3 The most primitive idea of the human soul, the g.,

86:4.4 The breath minus the body equaled a spirit, a g..

86:4.8 different idea regarding the destiny of the g. soul.


86:5.1 variously termed g., spirit, shade, phantom, specter,

86:5.2 The g. soul could be heard and seen, but not touched

86:5.2 death was finally regarded as “giving up the g..”

86:5.3 The savage was confused as to whether the g. soul

86:5.10 as proving that the g. soul could be absent from

86:5.15 onetime belief in the presence of the g. in the blood.


86:6.1 social environment, and imagined a g. environment.

86:6.1 the church to man’s illusory g. environment.

86:6.6 if the spirit g. in anger visits ill luck and in pleasure

86:7.5 the illusory environment of the imaginary g. world.

87:1.1 because death meant the liberation of another g.

87:1.1 avoid the trouble of having to contend with a new g..

87:1.1 They were always anxious to induce the g. to leave

87:1.1 The g. was feared most of all during the supposed

87:1.1 death and its later departure for the g. homeland,

87:1.5 despite all this fear, men still sought to trick the g..

87:1.5 These measures were taken to confuse the g.,

87:1.5 a funeral by a different road, lest the g. follow.

87:1.5 insure that the g. would not return from the grave.

87:1.5 often exchanged clothes in order to deceive the g..


87:2.1 In religion the negative program of g. placation

87:2.1 wisdom to provide insurance against g. bad luck.

87:2.2 It was once thought that the great desire of a g. was

87:2.2 the acts of the living in the ritual of laying the g. was

87:2.2 This was believed to be displeasing to the g.,

87:2.2 angered g. was supposed to be a source of calamity,

87:2.3 originated in man’s effort to induce the g. soul to

87:2.3 designed to instruct the new g. how to get there.

87:2.3 to provide food and clothes for the g.’ journey,

87:2.3 required from three days to a year to “lay the g.”—

87:2.4 death so the g. would not be attracted back home.

87:2.7 The ancients were so anxious to get rid of a g. that

87:2.7 was often strangled in order that an adult g. might

87:2.7 might accompany and care for the child g..

87:2.7 their fear of g. wrath would have denuded life of

87:2.8 to make the g. journey with his deceased master.

87:2.10 article was to “kill it,” thus releasing its g. to pass

87:3.2 even feared to yawn lest a malignant g. enter their

87:3.3 planning for safe conduct of his own g. after death.

87:3.4 The Romans had twelve g. feasts and accompanying

87:4.1 They taught that man had good luck when the g. was

87:4.1 was pleased, bad luck when he was angered.

87:5.1 and the least mischance was laid to g. activities.

87:5.8 has sought to improve this superg. doctrine but no

87:6.2 man’s efforts to influence g. action were confined

87:6.8 5. Cremation, a later-day invention to prevent g.

87:6.13 But man did not stop with g. coercion;

87:6.13 certainly a strong spirit could dominate an inferior g..

88:0.2 the spirit of a fetish was believed to be the g. of a

88:1.4 If the fetish is an animal and the g. is permanently

88:4.1 real problems of an illusory g. environment by magic.

88:6.2 own cult, and it also referred to older g. beliefs.

89:1.1 but taboos early acquired g. or spirit sanction,

89:1.2 men who were thought to be directed by a spirit g.,

89:5.2 Since g. spirits were merely modified men, then food

89:5.5 it was believed that an enemy’s g. could be destroyed

89:6.4 This provided a g. spirit to watch over and protect

90:3.5 were early removed from the category of g. action.

92:1.2 from nature worship up through g. worship to

104:0.2 The dead are buried on the third day, and the g. is

ghost cult(s)

85:6.4 continued to develop along with later appearing g.,


87:0.1 The g evolved as an offset to the hazards of bad luck

87:0.1 its religious observances were the outgrowth of

87:0.1 The g. was nothing more nor less than insurance

87:0.1 had nothing to do with investment for future returns.

87:0.2 Man has had a long struggle with the g. cult.

87:2.1 constituted the techniques and rituals of the g..

87:3.1 The advancing g. made ancestor worship inevitable

87:3.1 it became the connecting link between common

87:3.2 Devotees of the early ancestor-g. even feared to

87:3.5 The g. cult was in continuous evolution.

87:4.7 this cultural birthmark of the days of the emerging g..


87:5.2 now the simple g. is followed by the practices of

87:5.2 more advanced and relatively complex spirit-g.,

87:5.14 superstitious remnants of the advancing g. of old.

87:6.2 the evolution of the g. progressed to the concept

92:5.11 Moses sought to uproot the remnants of the g.

92:6.1 have progressed very little since the days of the g..

ghost fear

68:2.4 held them were vanity and fear, more particularly g.

68:2.6 Hunger, vanity, and g. were continuous in their


68:3.1 but g. held it together and imparted an extrahuman

68:3.1 but g. was a new and sublime sort of terror.

68:3.3 But g. introduced a new factor in civilization,

68:3.3 The early cult of g. became a powerful social bond

68:3.4 love drove men together; vanity and g. held them

68:4.3 G. drove primitive man to envision supernatural

68:4.3 developing primitive religion greatly reinforced g.

69:9.10 Vanity plus g. led early man to resist all attempts to

84:7.17 6. G. fear produced a dread of being alone.

86:7.3 The religion of g. impressed upon men that they

86:7.4 Modern civilized races are just emerging from g. as

87:0.2 this picture of man’s abject slavery to g.-spirit fear.

87:1.0 1. GHOST FEAR

87:3.2 did definitely contribute to the further spread of g.

87:4.1 G. was the fountainhead of all world religion;

87:4.2 As the cult of g. expanded, there came about the

87:4.4 The early monospiritism of g. was gradually evolving

89:5.10 the growth of g. did not always operate to reduce

92:3.2 —they all go back to the early times of primordial g..

92:6.1 Present-day native Australians have only a g.,

92:6.1 The Zulus are just evolving a religion of g. and


88:3.3 a pouch containing a reputable assortment of g.





86:7.4 from the bondage of the g. explanation of ill luck.

87:0.2 than this picture of man’s abject slavery to g. fear.

92:3.3 struggle into the domain of an imagined g. world.

92:4.3 man’s reaction to belief in a hypothetical g. world


87:2.2 laying the ghost was sure to delay its progress to g..

87:2.8 their master died that they might serve him in g..

87:2.10 thus releasing its ghost to pass on for service in g..

87:4.2 ghosts who progressed beyond the domain of g. to


69:3.5 involved in the superstition of good and bad g.,

69:5.9 6. Fear of the g. of the dead—priest fees for

69:6.2 beasts but was also employed as security against g..

70:7.15 ritual developed into a pseudo I at which g.

70:10.5 It was very early believed that g. administered justice

83:4.6 were always considered the best means of resisting g.

83:4.6 suddenly postpone the event so as to put the g. off

83:4.7 to disguise the bride so that g. might not recognize

84:1.4 Many early peoples associated g. with the sea;

85:1.4 carved in stone in connection with beliefs in g. and

86:2.3 both nature and chance become personalized as g.

86:4.4 While having a very definite human origin, g.,

86:4.7 Later on, a separate destiny for good g. and bad g.

86:4.8 The early Andites thought their g. returned to the

86:5.3 the inconsistencies of the savage view of souls, g.,

86:6.2 the realities of the imaginary world of g. and spirits

86:6.4 regarded as ill luck, the displeasure of the spirit g..

87:0.1 were negative, designed to avoid, expel, or coerce g.

87:1.2 Though the savage credited g. with supernatural

87:1.2 practiced in an effort to hoodwink and deceive the g.

87:1.5 show respect for the dead and thus appease the g..

87:2.4 self-denial were thought to be pleasing to the g.,

87:2.7 G. wanted wives and servants; a well-to-do savage

87:2.8 G of murdered persons were believed to be delighted

87:2.8 delighted to have the g. of their murderers as slaves;

87:2.9 G. supposedly enjoyed the smell of food;

87:2.10 The dead were supposed to use the g. of the tools

87:2.10 Modern man is not supposed to fear g., but

87:3.1 it became the connecting link between common g.

87:3.3 The savage lived in fear of the g. of his fellows and

87:3.5 As g were envisioned as passing from the incomplete

87:3.5 spirits, all tribes and races once believed in g..


87:4.1 tribes clung to the old belief in one class of g..

87:4.2 They were graduate or glorified g. who had

87:4.3 The notion of two kinds of spirit g. made slow but

87:4.4 some g. never evolved to the level of good spirits.

87:4.5 being completely temperamental as the early g.

87:5.1 Primitive man viewed the spirits and g. as having

87:5.1 that g. levied a continuous tribute of service as the

87:5.3 It is the bad g. and spirits who must be kept in good

87:5.3 peoples paid more attention to their malevolent g.

87:5.6 since man had once practiced deception upon the g.,

87:6.1 When men believed in g. only, religious ritual was

87:6.3 first efforts at defense were directed against the g..

87:6.3 techniques were developed for frightening g. and

87:6.11 G. were supposed to be frightened by noise; bells,

87:6.11 believed that dogs could detect the approach of g.,

87:6.12 water was regarded as the best protection against g..

87:6.12 believed to constitute impassable barriers to g..

87:6.13 these tactics were also utilized for frightening g. and

88:0.2 incorporated all of the primitive ideas of g., souls,

88:2.1 It was a supposed preference of g. to indwell some

89:1.1 keep from offending the spirit g. by the avoidance of

89:2.1 From magic and g., religion evolved through spirits

90:1.3 alleged communications with the g. of the dead.

90:3.1 being directly responsive to the whims of the g.

90:3.1 led him to the belief that g., spirits, and gods were

90:3.4 1. G.–direct spirit influences.

90:3.4 the malevolent action of disease-producing g. that

90:3.5 the spirit g. were still held responsible for disease

90:3.9 contagion is gradually obliterating man’s fear of g.

90:4.3 to assist the shaman in howling the disease g. away.

91:0.3 When the concepts of g. and spirits evolved,

91:0.5 godslocal and nationalto fetishes, amulets, g.,

91:3.3 the alter ego evolves up through g., fetishes, spirits,

92:1.1 religion has been traced from early fear and g. down

92:3.5 Evolutionary belief in g. laid the foundation for a

92:6.1 very meager concepts of God; they believed in g.

94:4.7 4. The demigods: supermen, semigods, heroes, g.,

94:5.7 not even fearing the g. of the dead as other races

94:8.18 superstition, magical rituals, and fear of g. or demons


41:3.7 Most of the g. suns are relatively young; most of the

41:8.3 the collapse of the g. nova of the Andromeda

41:9.3 the g. suns lose matter at a prodigious rate during

57:5.4 The center of this system was a dark g. of space,

57:5.13 orbits of considerable distance from the dark g.;

60:1.10 footprints have been mistaken for those of g. birds

61:3.5 the g. pigs, more than six feet tall, became extinct.

61:5.7 deer, musk oxen, bison, ground sloths, g. beavers,

64:6.19 this struggle since each carried strains of the g. order

64:6.19 These g. strains of the green man were confined to

101:7.4 It is indeed pitiful to behold g. intellects held so

196:0.12 In this g. intellect of the full-grown man the faith


51:4.2 on Urantia unexpected strains of g. appeared among


15:8.6 the occurrence of a collision among the dead g. of

41:2.7 Even the enormous cold and dark g. of space and

41:3.1 These solar furnaces, together with the dark g. of

41:4.7 Another of the Orvonton g. now has a surface

57:6.4 Collisions among the g. of space are rare indeed,


62:5.10 the home forests they lost their mother in a g. raid.


62:1.1 not directly related to the pre-existent tribes of g.

62:3.11 branches which mated with the earlier types of g.

62:3.13 (excepting certain pre-existent types of lemurs, g.,

62:5.11 he was set upon by hostile g. and beaten to death.


97:9.13 that Saul had attacked a Canaanite city, G.,


97:9.13 turned seven of Saul’s descendants over to the G.


61:3.8 The Strait of G. closed, and Spain was connected

80:1.1 the Mediterranean trough was protected by the G.

80:2.4 while the isthmus of G., protecting the western basin

Gideonone of the judges of Israel

124:6.6 up this river valley, they recounted the days of G.,

gift or divine gift or free gift

0:5.4 Personality is never spontaneous; it is the g. of the

1:1.2 the doing of the Father’s will is man’s choicest g.

1:1.2 creature will constitutes man’s only possible g. of

1:1.4 the G. of Life, and the All-powerful One.

1:2.8 and is bestowed upon man as the fg. of the Father.

2:1.7 Adjusters, the actual g. of the great God himself

2:5.5 supreme reason for loving him is the indwelling g. of

2:6.3 “Every good g. and every perfect g. comes down

3:1.4 This g. from the Paradise Father is man’s

3:1.5 Even in wrongdoing you torment the indwelling g. of

5:1.5 They all enjoy the same divine presence of the g.

6:5.3 Personality is the exclusive g. of the Father.

7:5.2 Father through the g. of the prepersonal Adjusters,

16:8.15 The bestowal of the dg. of personality upon such a

16:8.19 only discloses capacity for the reception of the g. of

28:1.1 originality and near-supreme versatility are the g. of

28:4.6 seventh serial thereafter possess the remarkable g. of

28:6.7 mercy is not a g. to be trampled under foot by the

36:5.7 This is the g. of the co-ordination of acquired

36:5.12 that g. of living things which accounts for their

40:8.3 mortal is fused with an individualized g. of the spirit

44:1.15 but the g. of harmony, so large in their natures, has

44:8.2 Special ability is never an arbitrary g. of the Gods;

44:8.3 if you have ability and the g. of expression, you

51:0.2 These Sons are the material g. of the Creator Son to

51:0.3 profited immeasurably from the g. of Adam and Eve,

51:3.3 Adam and Eve are, in potential, the full g. of grace

51:5.6 great progress has been made since the g. to your

52:3.6 The result of the g. of the Adamic life plasm to the

52:4.9 the planet is made ready for the g. of the bestowal

52:5.2 one world in near ten million can enjoy such a g.;

53:3.2 He denied that personality was a g. of the Father.

62:6.3 endow such creatures with the g. of spontaneous

63:0.2 be endowed with the personal indwelling of the g. of

66:5.16 held out the promise of the Adamic g. of a new race

69:2.2 Wealth is not a natural g.; it results from labor,

70:9.1 Society’s prime g. to man is security.

73:6.1 Adam and Eve would also be dependent on this g. of

89:4.2 two conceptions of the sacrifice: the idea of the g.

89:5.2 man offered human flesh as a food g. to the spirits

89:7.5 held sacred among all peoplesa high g. to present

89:8.6 the mistaken idea that these sacrifices were a fg. to


93:4.5 that salvation, divine favor, was a fg. to all who

95:4.2 Amenemope taught that riches were the g. of God,

95:5.3 g. of the Hebrew race and the Egyptian royal family;

97:3.2 land as an inalienableas a g. of Deity to the clan.

98:7.7 by only a handful of g.-bearing shepherds who had

101:2.12 functions in mortal personality as the Adjuster g. of

101:3.2 with the Adjuster, which is the Father’s g. to man.

101:3.2 of the Holy Spirit, the Creative Spirit’s g. to man.

101:3.2 Spirit of Truth, the combined g. of the bestowal Sons

101:4.2 While divine or spiritual insight is a g., wisdom

107:0.5 of Deity to worship the infinite source of the dg..

107:1.6 the Father fragments must be the g. of the absolute

108:5.5 such a dg. should confer a sublime peace of mind

108:6.3 rather to the g. of the spirit presence of the Father

109:5.5 your Adjuster, the dg. will, sooner or later, evolve

110:1.5 serve as the earthly tabernacle of this marvelous g.

110:2.2 survival is a g. of the Gods which must be desired by

110:2.4 spheres of Divinington, an indwelling g. from God.

112:0.10 It can make a g. to Goddedication of the free will

112:1.1 Such a dg. is designed to function on numerous

112:7.14 the Father has completed his promise of the g. of

117:6.18 we doubt that even such a dg. can achieve the task

122:5.3 he inherited his g. as a great teacher and his

123:2.1 to abide with him a Thought Adjuster, a dg. of the

128:7.11 a neat little home on the west side of town, the g. of

128:7.13 in return for the g. of the repair shop, James would

131:9.2 Benevolence is Heaven’s choicest g. to men.

133:3.7 mind a divine spirit, the g. of the Father in heaven.

133:6.2 olden Hebrew proverb: “A man’s g. makes room for

134:6.1 Freedom is the g. of civilization made possible by the

136:2.2 spirit Adjuster, the dg. of his Father in Paradise.

137:2.2 Can such a g. of God come out of Nazareth?

137:8.17 now have I come proclaiming faith, the g. of God,

139:1.8 Andrew had a great g. for discovering the hidden

139:5.8 Philip had that great and rare g. of saying, “Come.”

141:5.1 and increasingly dominated, by the spirit g. of the

141:7.3 always glad to hear the glad tidings of the faith g.

143:2.7 faith you have not of yourselves; it also is the g. of

143:5.10 about the water of life, the g. of the indwelling spirit.

144:4.3 In all praying, remember that sonship is a g..

144:5.9 the eternal g. of the infinite love of your Son.

144:5.58 By the g. and bestowal of your divine spirit, Thus

146:3.5 with the Father’s living spirit, the g. of eternal life.

150:4.3 when men reject my g., division and turmoil result

150:5.3 “Salvation is the g. of the Father and is revealed by

150:5.5 Salvation is the g. of God, and righteousness is the

150:5.5 saved, have recognized sonship as the g. of God

153:2.12 my revelation to the world and my saving g. to all

157:6.9 to minister and to bestow his life as the g. for all.

160:4.9 and mind of man are the dwelling place of the g. of

160:4.11 Ability implies the g. of foresight, farseeing vision.

167:5.1 this salvation is a fg. to all who have the faith to

170:2.21 to receive the bestowal of sonship as a g.; to submit

172:3.10 You are about to reject the g. of God, and all men

172:4.2 cast in some trifle as a g., but this poor woman,

174:5.7 to sit in judgment on such as reject the g. of mercy

175:1.5 on the verge of finally rejecting the g. of God to all

175:1.16 that, if one swears by the g. that is upon the altar,

175:1.16 is greater, the g. or the altar which sanctifies the g.?

175:1.24 To you who have chosen to reject the g. of God, I

176:3.2 crash, since you know that your life is the g. of the

179:5.3 the united life of the Father and the Son in one g..

180:4.1 This new g. is the spirit of living truth.

180:4.1 and you will receive this g. in your hearts, and he

181:2.11 and you shall receive the g. of eternal life.”

190:0.2 enabled him to rise from the dead, is the very g. of

191:4.3 gospel of the kingdomthe good news of the g. of

191:5.3 you already have eternal life, as the g. of God,

193:1.2 coming to possess, by faith, the g. of eternal life.

193:1.2 Salvation is the g. of God to all who believe they

193:1.2 But be not deceived; while salvation is the fg. of God

193:2.2 Salvation is the fg. of God, but those who are born

193:6.6 they might be prepared to receive the g. of the spirit

194:2.10 conscious reception of this g. of the Spirit of Truth

194:3.5 the Spirit of Truth became the personal g. from the

194:3.6 this g. of the spirit did not come only to the apostles.

194:3.15 They received no more of the good g. than did their

194:3.15 No special g. was bestowed upon the members of

195:1.10 Alexander charged on the East with the cultural g. of


38:8.3 g. individuals may achieve limited seraphic service.

44:0.4 the artisan corps and, if sufficiently g., may choose

44:8.1 to proffer help to the naturally g. individuals of the

66:5.26 the Andon stock produced an artistically g. type,

113:3.3 The angelic servers are g. in combining the love of

139:4.7 was g. with a remarkable and creative imagination.

139:7.1 and was g. with the ability to make friends and to get

gifts or divine gifts

2:3.1 our God, no respect of persons, no taking of g..”

8:6.3 In the bestowal of his g. it is recorded: “But all these

12:7.13 Knowing what you do of these g. of God, you

16:9.4 these cosmic g., socialized, constitute civilization.

20:10.2 Teacher Sons are the g. of the eternal Deities to the

36:6.3 Animal mind and human mind are g. of the local

39:1.17 Many of these high angels were born with their g.

40:4.1 souls in planetary association with the spirit g. of the

40:5.4 relation to the dg., the indwelling Mystery Monitors.

69:5.13 revel in the lavish distribution of Christmas g.,

84:4.10 forward when a woman could own the wedding g..

86:7.1 premiums of fear, superstition, dread, and priest g.

89:4.7 G. and bribes are given to men; but when tendered

89:4.7 they are described as being dedicated, made sacred,

93:4.5 sacrificed and made g. to the priests to be able to

107:1.5 Adjusters are simply and eternally the dg.;

107:4.2 we sometimes denominate the dg. as the qualified

107:7.6 these fragments of Deity are known as the dg..

108:0.1 Father; that is the fundamental work of the dg..

108:1.1 but we conjecture that these dg. are bestowed in

108:3.1 It is difficult to keep track of these dg. since they

108:3.4 the central lodgment of the dg. on Divinington.

108:3.7 efficient directive administration of these dg. from

108:5.7 in finding an appropriate name for these supernal g.

108:6.2 Through the bestowal of the dg. the Father makes

109:3.4 as Urantia there is a real betrothal with the dg.,

110:7.4 the Father of spirits, ever the source of these dg..

117:4.14 God’s g.—his bestowal of reality—are not

122:8.6 they found the babe and left their g. with Mary,

131:2.5 and for his wonderful g. to the children of men!

131:10.3 how to love their children and bestow good g.

131:10.6 “I will every day thank God for his unspeakable g.;

133:4.8 the Father of all the bestowed g. of the divine spirit.”

135:2.3 from g. which wealthy Jews made to the order.

144:2.4 to answer prayer and give good and appropriate g.

146:2.8 these good g. have long been in waiting for the son’s

146:2.10 pray in the spirit and for the abundance of the g. of

149:6.4 their father in order that they may receive good g.

149:6.10 man who receives all these g. from the Father

156:5.18 If you possess these rare and charming g.,

166:2.8 but the strangers, when they receive g. from the

166:4.11 When it comes to the bestowal of spiritual g.,

166:4.11 in the bestowal of spiritual g. the Father is limited by

180:4.3 And these g. of heaven will ever work the one with

181:1.5 I make these g. not as the world gives—by measure

188:5.11 who are willing to receive such g. and devotion.


7:4.2 the formulation and prosecution of this g. plan for

8:4.5 As the Sons of God are engaged in the g. task of

11:0.1 This central Isle is the most g. organized body of

11:5.5 this force center seems to act as a g. heart whose

11:5.8 This outer zone pulsates in agelong cycles of g.

12:1.11 revolve in established orbits around the g. central

12:1.14 circuits of the superuniverses and this g. outer belt

12:4.2 Who, or what, is really responsible for the g.

12:4.6 the production of the g. universe wheels which are

14:0.1 Paradise is the g. nuclear Isle of absolute stability

14:1.12 between the dark gravity bodies and g. Paradise,

14:5.9 traverse these circuits and tour these g. spheres.

15:0.1 thus constituting the vast creation one g. wheel,

15:1.2 traverse a great ellipse, a g. and elongated circle.

15:4.1 swing through pervaded space in the exact g.

15:4.8 enormous aggregations to appear as g. luminous

15:5.3 a central sun surrounded by numerous g. clouds of

15:5.5 some enormous mass of matter, a g. sun or a dark

15:5.7 may be formed as a by-product of this g. disruption.

17:2.5 factualization of such a g. and far-flung alignment

25:2.4 Each superuniverse thus becomes like a g. mirror

29:3.8 these g. and almost perfectly efficient power centers,

29:4.24 the powerful energy streams passing between g.

29:4.32 They work on a g. scale, converting the energies of

29:5.5 and directionizers of these g. manifestations.

30:3.2 but also because there are no g. living or dead suns

31:9.8 infer that they may be occupied with the g. plans for

31:10.16 enormous and g. circles of swarming universes upon

32:5.1 We are all part of an immense plan, a g. enterprise,

37:10.1 perfecting of such a g. organization as the universe

41:3.8 younger stars whose g. respiratory heaves require

41:8.3 thus bringing about the collapse of a g. sun within

41:9.5 those disturbances which produce the g. pulsations

42:2.11g. energy systems set in motion by the activities

44:0.13 While it is a g. task to undertake to transfer these

46:5.30 the g. art gallery of Satania, and the immense hall of

47:3.2 This g. structure consists of the central rendezvous

48:8.3 through this g. universe school of experiential

57:2.3 the Andronover system was assuming g. proportions,

57:2.3 was held within the confines of this g. space wheel,

57:2.4 At this time it was a g. circular gas cloud in shape

57:3.3 the gas streaming forth as two g. and distinct arms,

57:5.5 material were shot out into space as g. solar tongues.

57:5.5 the gravity pull of the g. visitor became so great that

57:5.7 in tidal sympathy with the extrusion of this g. solar

57:5.9 tapering ends of the g. gravity bulge which Angona

58:7.12 the pages of this g. biogeologic record unfailingly tell

60:4.3 This g. uprising is almost ten thousand miles long,

60:4.5 and other modern trees, including the g. redwoods.

61:1.9 the ancestors of the later g. passenger birds that

70:2.11 the g. struggle between nationalistic militarism and

75:8.6 We are a part of a g. creation, and it is not strange

85:4.2 the rainbow is thought to be a g. celestial snake;

97:2.1 an idolatrous monarch; his task was even more g.

106:3.5 Throughout all the g. universe developments of

112:7.18 A g. creation to be administered by the children of

128:6.2 it had developed g. proportionsand his spirit was

195:4.5 In this g. struggle between the secular and spiritual

Gilboa or Mount Gilboa

97:9.6 Saul’s tragic defeat at G. by the Philistines brought

97:9.13 David explained Saul’s defeat at G. by pointing out

122:7.5 of travel carried them around the foothills of MG.,

123:5.13 country of Esdraelon, stretching off toward MG.

124:6.1 turned east, going around MG. into the Jordan

124:6.3 In passing around MG., they talked much about Saul

124:6.4 As they rounded the base of G., the pilgrims could

134:9.5 spent a day and a night alone on the slopes of G.,


144:0.1 retirement at a secluded camp on the slopes of MG..


144:1.6 While tarrying on G., Jesus told the twelve about his

144:1.10 in the third week of their sojourn on MG..

144:6.1 about a three weeks’ conference at the G. camp

144:6.1 Jesus was present at the G. camp throughout the

144:6.2 Abner had assembled all of his associates at the G.

144:6.13 The G. camp was broken up on November 2,

144:7.2 Before coming to the G. camp, they had believed

162:0.1 a village on the slopes of MG. to secure lodging


128:1.14 the experiences of the reputed tribes of Ruben, G.,

152:4.2 was like the balm of G. to Peter’s disturbed soul;

165:0.1 Dion, Hatita, Gadda, Philadelphia, Jogbehah, G.,


97:9.3 their fellow tribesmen—the G.—east of the Jordan.


61:4.4 The g. appeared in Africa, having just as long a


61:4.4 g. camels mingled with the horses on the grazing


131:4.7 O soul, g. yourself for the spirit struggle of

152:6.5 to g. themselves for the trying and testing ordeals of

155:5.13 the religion of traditional authority, or will you g.

165:5.5 Every one of you, g. up the loins of your minds

178:3.4 But first must you g. yourselves and complete the

179:3.1 remove his outer garment, g. himself with a towel,

191:1.2 G. yourself, Simon, for the battle of a new day,


172:0.3 by twos, and many of them were g. with swords.

182:2.3 All of them received these arms and g. themselves

183:2.2 only Peter and Simon Zelotes were g. with swords;


135:1.4 John always wore a hairy garment with a leather g..

186:1.7 the g. of his cloak, fastened one end to a tree,

187:2.8 one taking the sandals, one the turban, one the g.,


68:6.8 G. babies were frequently killed before the times

68:6.9 illegitimate children became the wards of the g.’

70:8.12 while the g. was left in the care of her mother until

71:1.22 the unconditional release of the g. so that she was

82:3.10 Each of these men would give the g. a present,

82:3.13 the bearing of a child before marriage increased a g.’

83:2.1 were always planned by the parents of the boy and g.

83:2.3 A modern g.’ pretensions to resist “capture,” to be

83:3.2 he could be adopted as a son by the g.’ father

84:4.8 It was for long the custom to brutally beat a g.

89:6.4 the g. chosen was thrown alive into the molten metal

128:6.5 some improper remarks regarding a Jewish g.

130:5.4 A drunken degenerate was attacking a slave g. on

130:5.4 When Jesus saw the plight of the g., he rushed

130:5.4 Though they could not speak the g.’ language, she

130:5.4 at least as many times as he had struck the g..

139:2.6 Peter permitted a servant g to tease him into denying

152:1.1 And when the g. heard these words, she rose up

152:1.2 futile; they all believed he had raised the little g.

156:1.6 the little g. was seized with a violent convulsion

156:1.7 And the little g. was well from that hour.

156:1.7 ceased not to proclaim the fact of the little g.’

184:2.4 it was John who had requested that the g let him pass

195:3.5 death when they were not wanted, particularly g.


70:7.13 which was to prepare adolescent g. for wifehood

70:7.13 After initiation g. were eligible for marriage and were

82:3.11 widowers, would allow them to marry the young g.,

82:3.13 Chastity in g. was a great hindrance to marriage;

82:4.5 at first to married women but not to unmarried g..

82:4.5 that it became the practice literally to cage up g.,

127:1.5 the g. of Jewish families received little education,

127:1.5 Jesus maintained (and his mother agreed) that g.

127:4.1 upbringing of their family of four boys and three g..

127:4.6 particularly the g., would consult Jesus about their

127:5.4 little distinction in his association with boys and g.

139:5.4 came from a family of seven, three boys and four g..

177:2.6 are such good places in which to nurture boys and g.


138:9.3 Bethlehem of Galilee, Jotapata, Ramah, Safed, G.,

146:0.1 believers in Rimmon, Jotapata, Ramah, Iron, G.,

146:4.6 From Iron they went to G., spending two days

156:6.3 the junction with the Magdala-Sidon road near G.,


81:6.44 This is the g. of the long, long struggle of the earth

givesee giveimperative; see give up; give way;

  see origin; see rise

0:12.11 shall g. preference to the highest existing concepts

1:1.2 there is nothing which man can g. to God except

2:7.9 g. equal consideration to the truths of science,

5:3.6 the adoration of worship and g. ear to the pleas of

7:3.5 when once you g. it expression, no power in the

15:2.1 I can g. only the approximate number of inhabited

15:6.9 ordinary sun will continue to g. out heat and light

15:14.4 but each supercreation will g. fullest expression to

16:6.10 it is these three cosmic intuitions that g. validity,

22:10.9 there to g. wise and understanding co-operation with

24:2.2 They are always competent to g. us the number,

25:4.12 continuously afforded the opportunity to g. out to

26:3.4 these supernaphim to g. assistance wherever and

27:7.4 be able to g. attention to the essential activities of

27:7.4 the average mortal who reaches Paradise to g. full

27:7.7 intelligent love of the creature child should g. full

28:6.18 The Gods have decreed, “It is more blessed to g.

37:0.2 but it will also g. brief consideration to certain of the

38:6.1 presently g. me more than twelve legions of angels

39:4.11 one could not take so much and g. nothing.

40:6.2 “Even to them will I g. in my house a place and a

40:6.2 I will g. them an everlasting name, one that shall

41:5.7 the action of the wind is such as to g. the visible

48:4.14 But we do not g. rein to it freely, as you might say,

57:0.1 As a rule, no attempt will be made to g. exact years,

57:4.9 a reddish glow and continues to g. forth light and

60:3.9 The deposits of chalk and greensand marl g. name to

62:5.4 phenomena, is about to g. birth to primitive religion.

69:5.9 Men early began to g. death presents to the priests

69:5.12 to g. a pretentious feast would wipe a dishonor from

69:6.3 by enabling him to g. live coals to a neighbor without

70:2.10 the international bloodletting of war g. place to the

74:3.8 Adam could g. names descriptive of the origin,

77:5.1 narrative should now g. consideration to the Adamic

78:6.7 the Andonites of Asia Minor, were there to g. battle

82:3.10 Each of these men would g. the girl a present,

84:5.4 woman’s rights and then grudgingly g. them back to

86:6.5 fallacies of thought and worship that will g. cause for

94:6.6 in expressing the truth that it is more blessed to g.

96:7.7 joy, for God will g. to man divine righteousness.”

97:1.10 you are able to make great and to g. strength to all.

97:5.2 “The Lord will g. you rest from your sorrow and

97:5.6 Shall I g. my first-born for my transgression, the

97:6.4 to g. every one according to his ways and according

100:7.10 saying, “It is more blessed to g. than to receive.”

103:2.9 learn that it is “more blessed to g. than to receive.”

104:2.3 expanding cosmic horizons demand that he also g.

108:5.2 or failure, to g. a sufficient degree of co-operation.

109:3.3 far more than they are able to g. to Urantia mortals.

110:4.4 they will g. good account of their stewardship,

110:7.10 Adjuster pleaded “that he more faithfully g. me his

115:4.1 the growth of the Supreme must g. consideration to

120:3.2 you also g. some attention to the realization and

122:9.18 To g. knowledge of salvation to his people

123:2.5 that could g. a child a better intellectual, moral,

124:1.13 His trips away from home did much to g. him a

124:3.8 “My son, never again let me hear you g. utterance

125:6.11 they need not fear he would again g. any occasion

126:4.2 comfort all mourners, to g. them beauty for ashes,

126:4.5 Shall I g. my first-born for my transgression,

127:1.7 that no one living on earth could g. him advice

128:2.4 plan, to g. advice and offer helpful suggestions.

130:3.5 though they might also g. more or less recognition to

130:8.2 ‘And I will g. you a heart to know me, that I am

131:2.6 The Lord shall g. you rest from your fear.

131:2.7 It is good to g. thanks to the Lord and to sing

131:4.4 ‘I will g. you the wisdom to attain me, for my

131:10.5 he will g. us the desire of our hearts that we may

132:5.2 Should I keep it, or should I g. it away?”

133:2.2 that special protection which man can g. to woman

134:3.4 g. twenty-four lectures on “The Brotherhood of Men

134:9.3 Jesus burned to g. vent to the declaration of the real

135:8.2 following day, when he would g. them his answer.

135:12.6 my birthday for whatever you desire, and I will g.

135:12.6 request that you forthwith g. me the head of John

136:7.2 For he shall g. his angels charge over you, to keep

136:9.7 Ask of me, and I will g. you the heathen for your

138:2.2 they would all visit these candidates and g. them the

138:3.2 that Matthew wished to g. such a dinner to his family

139:6.3 Jesus did not himself g. Nathaniel a nickname, but

139:6.5 but leave Nathaniel, your brother, to g. account of

139:12.7 But it is the nature of the Sons of God to g. every

140:2.2 And now, my Father, g. these men wisdom as I place

140:5.16 or otherwise to g. evidence of emotional feeling or

140:6.1 while the twins built a small fire to g. them warmth

140:6.9 Nathaniel: “Master, shall we g. no place to justice?

140:6.11 Do your good deeds in secret; when you g. alms,

140:8.1 He decided to g. some special instruction to Peter,

140:8.18 that “it is more blessed to g. than to receive.”

141:3.3 neither would he g. any advice about the proper

141:3.7 Come to me all you who labor, and I will g. you rest

141:6.5 very much disappointed that Jesus would g. them no

143:3.4 shocked when Jesus even neglected to g. thanks—

144:2.3 in bed; therefore I cannot rise and g. you bread,’

144:2.3 your neighbor will not rise and g. you bread

144:2.3 will get up and g. you as many loaves as you need.

144:2.4 if his son asks unwisely, would hesitate to g.

144:2.4 If the child needs a loaf, will you g. him a stone

144:2.4 If your son needs a fish, will you g. him a

144:2.4 to answer prayer and g. good and appropriate gifts

144:2.4 how much more shall your heavenly Father g.

144:2.5 For some time he would not g. ear to her, but

144:3.1 they desired Jesus to g. them a model prayer which

145:2.4 now have I come to g. you a personal religion.

145:2.7 ‘A new heart also will I g. you, and a new spirit

145:3.8 creative power should their Sovereign g. the signal.

146:2.9 surely g. you the sincere desires of your heart.”

146:2.15 “It is a good thing to g. thanks to the Lord and to

146:2.15 In everything I will g. thanks according to the will

147:4.3 I hoped you would g. us further instruction

149:0.2 Andrew and Peter asked Jesus to g. the final charge

149:2.11 And yet this fearless man of God did not g. vent to

149:4.2 in delivering you from the tendency to g. vent to

149:6.7 come to g. you a new and higher commandment.

150:8.8 “For this commandment which I g. you this day is

152:1.1 Jesus directed that they should g. her something to

152:4.4 vision of Peter’s and refused to g. place to this story

152:6.2 Jesus desired to g. his apostles such an experience

153:2.8 While Moses did not g. your fathers bread from

153:2.8 stands ready to g. you the true bread of life.

153:2.12 And this bread of life which I g. to all who will

153:3.2 How can you g. us your flesh to eat or your blood

153:4.5 “Teacher, we would have you g. us a predetermined

155:6.13 souls of men who g little or no time to the thoughtful

157:1.2 Let us g. these men no occasion for offense at our

157:2.1 “Teacher, we would like you to g. us a sign of your

158:4.8 they could g. him no idea as to when Jesus might

158:7.5 What would a man g. in exchange for eternal life?

158:8.1 or the things you see with your eyes g. offense

162:0.2 “Master, we pray you to g. us permission to bid

162:6.3 so will I g. the spirit of holiness to be poured out

163:3.3 Shall we require those who would follow you to g.

163:3.7 my desire to g. to those who came last as much as I

163:6.7 who labor and are heavy laden, and I will g. you rest.

164:0.1 “I would g. these teachers in Israel another

164:1.4 The lawyer was forced to g. the very answer to the

164:2.1 for just one purpose: to g. the Sanhedrin another

164:3.5 that it was meritorious in a high degree to g. alms to

164:4.8 “Why do you not g. God the glory for this?

164:5.2 And to all who follow my teaching I g. eternal life;

165:4.1 my brother refuses to g. me that which is my own.

165:4.1 Where did you get the idea that I g. attention to

165:5.2 why do you g. anxious thought to any of these

165:5.3 If you g. your lives truly to the gospel, you shall

165:5.4 I declare that it is my Father’s good pleasure to g.

166:1.4 Though it is all right for you to g. attention to these

166:2.5 Only one, this alien, has returned to g. glory to God.

166:2.8 think it a small matter if they neglect to g. thanks

166:2.8 filled with wonder and are constrained to g. thanks

167:1.5 to come to you and request that you g. your place to

167:1.5 when you entertain at dinner or g. a supper, invite

167:1.5 When you g. a banquet, sometimes bid the poor,

167:4.5 I would g. them one more chance to believe, even

167:5.1 I fast twice a week; I g. tithes of all that I get.

168:0.6 whatever you shall ask of God, our Father will g.

168:2.7 and his sisters, knelt at the Master’s feet to g. thanks

169:1.7 the swine ate, but no one would g. him anything.

169:2.3 rumors and required that he should g. accounting of

169:2.6 who will be foolish enough to g. you great treasure

171:0.5 my right hand and on my left hand is not mine to g..

171:8.6 in this matter, I will g. you authority over ten cities

172:3.2 allowing his disciples to g. free expression to their

172:4.1 Master desired to g. the inhabitants of Jerusalem,

172:5.2 the apostolic corps to g. serious consideration to

173:2.5 among themselves as to what answer they might g.

173:4.2 refused to g. these servants the fruits due their

173:5.4 what sign will you g. us whereby we shall know

174:2.2 is this: Is it lawful for us to g. tribute to Caesar?

174:2.2 Shall we g. or shall we not g.?”

175:1.9 hypocrites make long prayers in public and g. alms

176:1.3 did Jesus g. these instructions to his followers.

176:3.4 one talent from this unprofitable servant and g. it

176:3.8 In the next world you will be asked to g. account of

177:4.7 but what are you willing to g. me for this service?”

178:2.5 “Go and bring Peter and John, and I will g. you

179:2.1 the kingdom which my Father will g. me when I

179:3.6 new commandment which I will presently g. you.”

179:4.3 But it was so natural for the host to g. a sop to the

180:1.1 I said that I desired to g. you a new commandment

180:1.1 And so I g. you this new commandment: That you

180:1.2 “When I g. you this new commandment, I do not

180:4.2 As my Father has given me of his spirit, so will I g.

181:1.5 Peace I leave with you; my peace I g. to you.

181:1.5 gifts not as the world gives—by measure—I g. each

181:2.5 but I exhort you always to g. due consideration to

182:1.3 I will g. eternal life to all who will become faith sons

182:2.5 that he will then g. you guidance to the time when

183:0.2 they had posted a sentinel to g. the alarm in case

183:2.3 requested the Roman commander to g. them this

187:2.6 ridicule, lest any g. serious regard to the inscription

188:2.3 he said: “I will g. you a guard of ten soldiers.

189:4.3 their purpose more thoroughly to g the body of Jesus

191:1.2 the enemy desired to have you, but I would not g.

191:1.2 but rather be exercised about what you can g. to

191:4.4 and you will freely g. the good news to all nations.

191:5.1 Thomas was slow to surrender; he disliked to g. in.


48:7.16 g. advice only when it is asked for.

63:6.6 “O Breath of Life, g. us this day our daily food,

66:5.15 Deliver us from violence and anger; g. us respect for

66:5.15 G. us this season green pastures and fruitful flocks

100:1.3 G. every developing child a chance to grow his own

100:7.10 Said he, “Freely you have received, freely g..”

120:2.5 G. attention, first, to the liberation and inspiration of

120:3.3 2. As concerns family relationships, g. precedence to

131:1.8 And with all your prayers g. thanks—ascend to

131:2.4 G. thanks to God, for his mercy endures forever.

133:4.2 Said Jesus: “G. the milk of truth to those who are

135:12.6 request that you forthwith g. me the head of John

140:9.2 Freely you have received, freely g..”

143:5.2 from the well, Jesus said to Nalda, “G. me a drink.”

143:5.3 Nalda then said: “G. me this water that I thirst not

144:3.7 G. us this day our bread for tomorrow;

144:5.6 G. us this day the vivifying forces of light,

144:5.13 Bestow upon us your nature and g. to us your

144:5.16 Your adjusting and controlling spirit g. to live and

144:5.41 G. your children on earth this day To see the way,

144:5.44 And g. us the will to walk therein.

144:5.61 G. us day by day your sweet ministry of

144:5.65 G. us the divine wisdom that does all things well

144:5.78 G. us moment by moment the sustenance of the

144:5.11 G. us grace to yield to the leading of this spirit.

153:2.8 And when you say to me, G. us this living bread, I

157:2.2 g. expression to such urges of affection in

158:1.10 say: “This is my beloved Son; g. heed to him.”

158:3.4 saying, “This is my beloved Son; g. heed to him.”

159:1.5 therefore freely g. to your fellows on earth.”

162:0.2 “Master, we pray you to g. us permission to bid

163:1.4 of the good things of the kingdom; freely g..

169:1.6 said: ‘Father, g. me the third portion of your

171:8.7 ‘Take the money from this slothful servant and g. it

173:3.1 g. ear while I tell you a parable: A certain great and

176:3.10 therefore freely should you g. of the truth of heaven,

181:2.5 but I exhort you always to g. due consideration to

185:5.11 And again the crowd shouted, “G. us Barabbas!”

193:0.3 “And now you should g. ear to my words lest you

193:0.5 Freely you have received, freely g..

give up

13:2.1 possibly you will g. up your residential status on

89:6.7 among the Phoenicians, who were the last to g. it up.

93:5.4 were slow to g. up the many gods of Mesopotamia

94:10.2 Tibetans would not wholly g. their ancient magic

124:1.5 to g. up such a favorite pastime constituted one of

140:8.14 Jesus did not hesitate to g. up his family when the

151:2.3 equally quick to g. up the truth when confronted

154:6.3 —they would forgive and forget—if he would only g.

155:6.7 I admonish you to g. up the practice of quoting the

158:4.8 But James of Safed would not g. up.

171:1.3 they would not g. this Jewish idea of the kingdom.

171:2.2 must be willing to g. up even your life just as the Son

188:5.5 may have been tempted to g. up the moral struggle

191:1.2 the enemy desired to have you, but I would not g.

192:2.1 “Then, John, g. up your intolerance and learn to love

give way

29:5.6 Associate Master Force Organizers g. to the orders

42:2.11 the primary force organizers g. to the functioning

52:3.10 the languages of the races g. to the tongue of the

69:2.7 Magic was slow to g. way before foresight,

71:2.7 will increasingly accelerate as bullets g. to ballots.

112:2.11 Accordingly does science g. way to philosophy,

115:1.2 serviceable scaffolding which must eventually g.

115:5.2 action of the Trinity as immediate creator g. to the

148:7.3 but I did not instruct you to g. to the desire to kill.”

162:8.3 everythingthat the lesser matters of life should g.

179:1.6 the apostles are led once more to g. to their old

givenverb; see given toinclined towards; see given up;

  see origin

1:1.6 The name he is g. is of little importance;

2:5.9 will yield to God an affection analogous to that g. by

3:0.1 “God has g. us eternal life, and this life is in his Sons.

3:1.4 because he lives in us; he has g. us his spirit.

10:0.3 G. the Paradise Trinity, we can postulate alternate

The Father has g. away, actually bestowed, with the

12:7.14 the Father, who has g. a part of himself to be in you,

14:5.11 These natural impulses were not g. you merely to be

15:8.5 G. a sufficient duration of retarding influence,

18:1.6 It is g. us fully and personally to know the eternal

19:4.5 When a thousand witnesses have g. testimony

21:3.1 A Creator Son is g. the range of a universe by the

32:4.12 God has g. us himself that we may be like him,

34:4.10 The seven adjutants have been g. the following

35:3.22 course of training in universe administration is g.

36:3.6 The Life Carriers of a planetary corps are g. a period

37:6.4 You are g. a definite task to perform, and at the

38:2.2 you will “neither marry nor be g. in marriage but

38:2.2 worlds neither marry nor are g. in marriage;

40:0.11 consideration will first be g. to the nonmortal orders

40:6.7 the Father has g. you your creature personalities.

41:7.13 The total heat now g. out by the solar system sun

42:4.14 The quantity of energy taken in or g. out when

42:5.6 levels of orbital revolution, quanta are always g. off.

43:7.3 you are g. clearance for each of the ten surrounding

45:7.8 in hand by the Material Sons and are g. intensive

46:4.1 other portions of the system capital are g. over to the

47:1.5 growing children in the probation nursery are g.

47:2.2 And then are these children g. every opportunity,

47:6.1 Now are you g. permission to make visits to

47:7.3 the pilgrim is g. permission to visit the transition

47:10.6 such a Jerusem citizen is g. clearance for Edentia

48:6.6 You are not g. unrestricted choice as to your future

49:0.3 Thus was Urantia g. the number 606 of Satania,

49:5.12 a special domain of universe affairs which is g.

53:4.4 Lucifer was g. a free hand to prosecute his plan

53:8.9 The devil has been g. a great deal of credit for evil

53:9.1 mercy proclaimed by the Panoptians and were g.

54:2.4 In short, what God had g. men and angels Lucifer

54:5.10 if such full and free opportunity were not g. all

55:7.2 that has g. prestige to the idea of kings and queens

57:6.9 registry of Nebadon and g. its name, Monmatia.

57:8.1 registries of Nebadon and g. its name, Urantia.

66:2.7 Here the one hundred human subjects were g. into

69:8.10 Involuntary slavery has g. way to a new and

69:9.14 Individuals were first g. only a life tenureship;

69:9.16 private ownership of land was g. social sanction only

70:3.9 one piece being g. the departing friend so that it

70:6.6 were often g. the option of committing suicide,

70:11.5 taboos, had been g. to their ancestors by the gods.

71:7.4 education must be g. over to the philosophers and

72:3.5 Purely religious instruction is g. publicly only in

72:11.2 Military training is never g. without this associated

73:4.1 that the entire peninsula be g. over to the Garden.

73:7.4 The instructions g. Adam by the Melchizedeks

75:6.3 were g. the option of remaining on Urantia with

76:5.3 “I have g. consideration to the circumstances of

77:4.11 law of seven commandments had been g. to Van by

77:8.2 midwayers are often g. names such as 1-2-3 the first,

77:9.9 story of the life and teachings of Jesus has been g. by

82:0.1 Marriage has g. mankind the home, and the home is

82:3.10 relations with the bride just before she was to be g.

84:4.3 this has always g. intelligent women considerable

87:7.6 every new revelation of truth has g. rise to a new cult

89:4.7 Gifts and bribes are g. to men; but when tendered to

93:5.7 was g. a share of the spoils of his military campaigns.

93:5.13 Abraham insisted that the God of Salem had g. him

95:3.4 people who believed that “Life is g. to the peaceful

96:7.3 consideration could be g. to the chronology of

97:6.4 said: “And now have I g. these lands into the hand of

97:9.25 Judah fell under the rule of Babylon and was g. ten

103:5.6 G. an eternal life, such antagonisms can be worked

104:0.2 Three cheers are g. the victor.

104:2.2 G. a sufficient time, philosophy tends to abstract

109:4.5 to him who has survival prospects, shall be g. even

109:4.6 But they are seldom g. two indwelling experiences

111:1.4 subject to your own decisions, has been g. mind,

112:2.20 which, on Urantia, has been g. the name life.

112:5.9 the soul of man must and will be g. full and ample

113:1.7 and again charge is g. to a pair of seraphim,

113:2.5 Divested of material bodies, g. spirit forms, you

116:7.3 Mind has been g. to mortals wherewith they may

117:4.10 The great challenge that has been g. to mortal man is

117:4.12 Into the keeping of man has been g. not only the

119:8.2 Creator Son before he is g. unlimited control

121:7.3 Moses had g. them their law and they would not

124:4.9 “Honor your father and mother, for they have g.

126:5.11 Jesus had really g. serious thought to this plan of

127:1.4 eldest brother’s life because their mother had g. them

127:5.4 “about his Father’s business” ever to have g.

127:6.8 his marriage, he had g. the subject little thought.

129:0.2 and since Jesus had g. himself so fully to his family,

129:2.10 the family at Nazareth had just about g. him up as

130:7.4 Time is a name g. to the succession-arrangement

130:8.4 after he had g. a coin to a street beggar, he refused

131:3.6 What is g. wisely is well saved.

132:5.14 I admonish you to receive my counsel as g. only to

133:2.2 unless the woman has willingly and voluntarily g.

134:1.6 in the home which he had so recently g. to James.

135:3.2 “And there was g. him dominion and glory and a

135:3.2 the kingdom under the whole heaven shall be g. to

135:3.3 was g. him dominion and glory and a kingdom.”

135:11.2 This man can do nothing unless it has been g. him

136:4.2 Carefully he thought over the advice g. him

136:6.9 sin of prostituting talents and God-g. abilities for

138:7.1 power in heaven and on earth will presently be g.

138:10.9 8. Simon was g. charge of recreation and play.

139:4.3 the Master had already g. Andrew his commission;

139:4.10 receive such additional instructions as might be g.

139:9.5 nicknames g. them were good-natured designations

139:11.2 Simon Zelotes was g. charge of the diversions and

140:2.2 I go on to finish the work you have g. me to do.”

140:6.1 do not able to begin this work until you have g. us

140:8.1 summary of this momentous afternoon as it was g.

140:8.13 Judas that no apostolic funds were to be g. out as

144:2.3 Again I say to you: Ask and it shall be g. you; seek

146:3.10 The special instruction g. by Jesus during their stay

147:4.3 instruction that must be g. you in human language

148:2.4 the instructions of his brother, Immanuel, g. ere he

150:1.1 These women had all listened to the instruction g.

151:1.4 you it is g. to know the mysteries of the kingdom

151:1.4 decrees that to him who has shall be g. so that he

151:2.1 since you say it is g. us to know the mysteries of

151:3.1 To him who has shall be g. more, while from him

152:2.9 the loaves in his hands, and after he had g. thanks,

153:2.7 the Father has g. the Son this life without measure.

153:2.9 that of all those he has g. me I should not lose one.

153:2.11 while all those who are g. to the Son by the Father,

153:3.3 might have been assisted has been ‘g. to God.’

153:4.5 but no sign shall be g. you other than that which you

157:2.1 would know the truth, already has a sign been g.;

157:2.1 and hypocritical generation no sign shall be g..”

158:2.4 but the training which I have g. you should suffice to

158:4.6 “If it has been g. you to do these works, I pray that

159:2.1 I tell you that, even when a cup of cold water is g.

163:3.7 to give to those who came last as much as I have g.

163:4.9 an elaboration of the Master’s charge g. at the time

163:6.3 and the work which you have g. me to perform.

164:1.4 which Jesus wished g., and which, if Jesus had so

164:5.2 My Father, who has g. me these children, is

165:4.5 liberal men and women of means have g. funds to

165:6.3 Remember, much has been g. to you; therefore

168:2.1 the signal for action when it should be g. by Gabriel,

171:2.4 and is g. into the hands of mocking unbelievers.

171:8.6 should have at least g. my money to the banker

171:8.7 he said: ‘To every one who has shall be g. more,

172:1.6 ointment should have been sold and the money g.

173:4.4 kingdom be taken away from you and be g. to a

173:5.4 he said, “Only one sign shall be g. you.”

174:3.2 that the sons of this world can marry and are g. in

174:3.2 the righteous, neither marry nor are g. in marriage.

175:1.6 the kingdom of heaven shall be g. to other peoples

175:3.3 The officers of the Sanhedrin were g. the orders for

175:4.2 all Jerusalem was g. over to the serious discussion of

176:2.8 g. this Tuesday evening on the Mount of Olives,

176:3.5 “To every one who has, more shall be g.,

176:3.7 You are not g. truth to crystallize into settled, safe,

178:3.2 return to the work the Father has g. me to do;

179:0.3 and since this supper was g. one day earlier, they

180:0.3 to the kingdom which my Father has g. to me.”

180:4.2 As my Father has g. me of his spirit, so will I give

181:2.4 new commandment which I have this night g. you.

181:2.11 And when the work g. into your hands is finished

182:1.3 I know that you have g. me full authority over all

182:1.4 The truth which you have g. to me I have revealed

182:1.4 I am about to return to the work you have g. me to

182:1.5 I have g. these men your word and have taught

182:1.6 so that they may see all you have g. into my hands

187:0.1 but Jesus was g. no further physical punishment;

189:2.2 spokesman for the celestial hosts was g. permission

189:3.1 “As my Father has life in himself, so has he g. it to

193:2.2 The bread of life and the water thereof are g. only

195:0.15 2. A new and greatly enlarged concept of God was g

195:0.17 4. Jesus of Nazareth was g. to man’s hungry soul.

196:2.6 a unified religion which might have g. proper

given toinclined towards

6:4.2 Deities are not g. to useless duplication of ministry.

13:3.3 spirit personalities are not g. to the gratification of

41:9.3 that the larger suns are g. to convulsive pulsations.

62:3.6 were greatly g. to the collection of smooth pebbles

70:7.14 men’s and women’s clubs were g. to persecuting

86:4.6 The orange race was g. to belief in transmigration

95:2.3 the Egyptian peoples had been g. to the worship of

121:4.2 The better Epicureans were not g to sensual excesses

124:3.10 Jesus was more and more g. to peculiar seasons of

124:3.10 Jesus was much g. to thinking about how he was to

131:9.4 The superior man is g. to self-adjustment, and he

139:12.6 Judas was g. to the indulgence of hate and suspicion.

140:6.11 And be not g. to fasting with a sad countenance to

149:6.12 ‘flatter with the lips while the heart is g. to double-

169:2.8 to sneer and scoff since they were much g. to the

175:4.2 all Jerusalem was g. over to the serious discussion of

193:4.8 4. Judas was g. to holding grudges; he was always

given up

123:0.5 Mary had never fully g. up the idea that Jesus

127:2.8 had been g. up in order that he might be able to

128:7.7 Mary had about g. up the thought that Jesus was the

129:2.10 at Nazareth had just about g. him up as dead.

167:4.2 Jesus had about g. up hope that the Jewish leaders

168:0.5 Mary had g. up the thought of Jesus’ coming and

194:3.16 Before Pentecost the apostles had g. up much for


0:11.5 Every response of this Absolute to any g. situation

1:1.3 in the hearts of his creatures of any g. realm.

1:4.6 any child enjoys at any g. moment is limited only by

2:1.5 past or future; all time is present at any g. moment.

2:3.2 justice and mercy which shall be meted out in any g.

2:4.3 at the same time and in any g. universe situation.

11:7.6 horizontal space with reference to any g. location in

12:0.2 we know that at any g. moment in time it is limited,

12:7.2 to do that particular thing in a g. circumstance;

14:1.11 All worlds in a g. circuit have the same length of year

14:4.17 —progression within the worlds of a g. circuit.

15:6.11 function to hold a g. system steady in its course.

15:6.16 in a group of worlds associated in a g. system,

16:8.4 Persons of a g. series, type, order, or pattern may

19:4.7 the functioning of a Censor in any g. situation,

21:5.8 wisdom regarding the functioning of a g. universe.

25:3.4 that the commission closes its records at a g. point,

25:4.19 Deity may be depended upon to react in a g situation

29:4.24 against a g. power disposition or directionization.

30:4.17 From here on, within a g. group of spheres like the

32:3.7 The personalities of a g. universe are settled and

32:4.2 intervene between himself and any g. universe

32:4.4 or of two or more individuals within any g. group;

35:1.1 divine purpose and creative plans of a g. universe,

35:3.14 classes composed of those who hail from a g. world

36:5.3 the adjutants on any world and in any g. living

37:6.5 Progress within a g. realm is individual, but transition

37:9.11 few of them are long attached to a g. sphere.

39:2.4 can and do intercommunicate but only within a g.

39:3.5 form the most ideal group to achieve a g. purpose

39:4.3 The majority of planets in a g. universe are under the

41:5.7 A g. form of organized energy does not proceed in

42:8.4 At one infinitesimal part of a second a g. nuclear

42:9.3 thus arranged in a row, any g. quality or property

44:4.10 of every report on every world in a g. circuit.

48:6.32 and tendencies of the various races of a g. world;

50:0.2 act in the matter of assigning a ruler to a g. planet

55:8.7 when the last system in a g. constellation attains

56:10.16 insight into the relations of the parts to any g. whole

66:6.5 labored for the uplift and advancement of a g. tribe

68:6.3 land arts and inversely with a g. standard of living.

69:2.4 idea of doing a g. task within a certain time limit,

70:8.11 the presence of two or more races within a g. nation

82:3.7 a certain piece of agricultural work within a g. time.

92:2.6 ideal of reaction in any g. set of circumstances.

103:1.4 This also explains why a g. person can maintain

113:6.9 can serve on many different worlds in a g. system

117:5.9 confined to the geographic limitations of a g. local

118:0.12 the infinite series can be totaled at any g. point,

118:0.12 of the sweetness of goal attainment for a g. person

118:0.12 attainment for a g. person at a g. time and status.

118:1.3 and the unit of time consciousness in any g. intellect.

133:0.3 reckoned among the animals of any g. realm.

134:9.7 when it came to the essentials of any g. undertaking.

139:5.7 to grasp the dramatic possibilities of a g. situation.

161:3.3 we are not always able, in a g. instance, to specify

173:1.11 to protect the majority of any g. human group


16:8.14 and the wholehearted love of the divine Value-G..

45:4.3 his fellows in the worship of “The Breath G..”

63:6.1 led them in the worship of the “Breath G. to men

64:1.7 settlements maintained worship of the Breath G..

128:1.10 the G. of life eternal, the True Shepherd,

130:1.1 Jesus was a truth g.; he was the truth for that

130:1.1 When a great truth seeker and a great truth g. meet,

131:1.4 “God is a peace g. and a faithful protector of all who

131:4.4 God is our life g. and the Good Shepherd of the

162:6.2 the Master declare that he was the g. of living water

givessee origin

2:2.1 it has been the Father who “g. to all life.”

2:6.5 But love g. and craves affection, seeks fellowship

5:1.12 God g. a part of his infinite and eternal self to live

15:7.1 Each has a sun which g. forth light without heat,

17:6.5 g. expression to the “prayer of identification”

25:3.15 The last report of registry on Uversa g. the number

27:1.5 sun, for the Great Source and Center g. them light;

33:5.2 He functions as adviser to the Sovereign Son but g.

34:6.5 “The Spirit g. life.”

42:5.6 the individual electron always g. up a particle of

42:5.8 movement g. rise to an electric current; the current

43:3.4 The Most High rules in the kingdom of men and g.

52:2.7 The idea of tribal rule gradually g. way to the dual

78:4.4 But it is Andite inheritance that g. to the polyglot

86:1.1 this g. certain origin to those experiences which man

92:4.8 loving worship which a creature son voluntarily g. in

96:5.4 “Remember the Lord your God, for it is he who g.

96:5.6 he heals and g. life when you obey him.”

96:7.3 No collection of religious writings g. expression to

97:7.8 He g. power to the faint, and to those who have no

102:8.4 Every intelligent creature g. the name of God to the

103:2.9 And it is this factual situation that g rise to the theory

103:5.4 Failure to resolve this problem g. origin to the

107:1.6 what really transpires when the Father g. of himself

112:5.2 and this is just as true of personality, which God g.

115:5.2 But as the age of Havona g. way to the age of the

117:4.3 God is so trusting, so loving, that he g. a portion of

117:4.14 when man g. God all that he has, then does God

126:4.6 He g. power to the weak, and to those who are

131:1.4 He g. salvation to all who serve him.

131:1.5 he g. us the abundant harvest of the good things

134:4.7 God is spirit, and God g. a fragment of his spirit self

135:11.2 For the Father in heaven g. not the spirit by

140:3.13 but on a candlestick; and it g. light to all who are in

140:4.4 but on a candlestick; and it g. light to all who are in

146:2.8 The motive of the prayer g. it right of way to the ear

148:5.5 ‘He g. power to the faint, and to them who have

150:8.2 who, in mercy, g. light to the earth and to those who

153:2.7 this is the bread of life which the Son g. to all who

153:2.8 which comes down from God and g. eternal life

167:5.1 “You see, then, that the Father g. salvation to the

181:1.5 I make these gifts not as the world g.—by measure

181:1.7 Jesus g. peace to his fellow doers of the will of God

181:1.8 The peace which Michael g. his children on earth

193:0.5 down my life and to take it up again; the Father g.

givingsee giving up; see givingadjective

3:4.4 This g. of himself to his creatures creates a

15:4.5 the larger nebulae of outer space are g. origin to

21:4.2 all Creator Sons pass through this seven times g. of

27:5.5 freely g. out their living treasures to all beings on

30:3.9 by the practice of g. out to other beings new truth

30:4.23 to master new worlds while they practice at g. out to

41:10.1 are in process of g. origin to subsidiary systems,

48:4.9 All are volunteers, g. themselves to the work of

54:4.4 these precious endowments were lost by g. way to a

60:3.15 g. rise to numerous small isolated volcanic cones.

61:2.7 soon g. rise to many species of small dogs.

64:4.2 g. the most successful hunters the choice of women

65:2.12 not only g. rise to the common modern varieties but

75:8.1 Although the divine plan of g. the violet race to the

82:3.10 was the origin of the custom of g. wedding presents.

83:3.3 fathers initiated the custom of g. the pair valuable

84:7.4 of the privilege of procreationg. sons to the Father.

85:5.2 Later civilizations honored the sun by g. its name to

91:8.11 God answers man’s prayer by g. him an increased

93:5.13 Abraham persisted in g. a tenth of his spoils to the

96:3.4 the king later saw fit to repudiate this treaty, g. as

110:6.11 the embryonic nature of a seventh circler is g. way to

121:5.9 g. rise to religious brotherhoods and numerous

132:5.2 because you have asked for my counsel, and in g.

134:8.10 where he took leave of the lad, g. him the donkey.

144:9.1 they put in a tomb, later g. it burial at Sebaste,

149:2.12 and no man ever resented his g. a command.

150:1.3 this liberation of women, g. them due recognition,

150:9.3 they found themselves g. expression to passionate

153:0.1 were cognizant that the Master was g. unusual

154:6.4 how important was the g. of this parting message to

157:7.4 g. in to his unfortunate tendency to harbor feelings

160:3.1 in the hills taking in power while we are here g. out

164:1.3 he took out some money and, g. it to the host,

166:1.4 Think not that the g. of alms and the paying of

169:1.6 he divided his property, g. the youth his share.

171:8.4 special stewards, and g. into each of your hands the

172:4.2 rich putting much in the receiving box and all g.

174:0.1 Jesus said farewell to Lazarus, g. him that instruction

176:3.10 and in the g. will this truth multiply and show forth

179:5.3 the Master took up the bread and, after g. thanks,

181:2.1 The Master had finished g. his farewell instructions

181:2.1 good-bye and to g. each a word of personal advice,

185:0.4 while g. meticulous attention to things of trifling

185:4.3 to the chief priests and the Sadducees and, g. ear to

189:2.1 I ask for a mandate g. me the custody of the body of

191:0.10 Matthew got around to g. serious consideration to

194:3.16 responded by g. themselves to man—sending their

195:6.9 unlearned Galileans surveyed Jesus g. his life as a

giving up

86:5.2 that death was finally regarded as “g. up the ghost.”

86:7.4 But while men are g. up the erroneous doctrine of

103:1.4 the face of g. up or changing many of his religious

128:3.9 Mary was slowly g. up the idea that Jesus was to

134:6.8 the nations are not g. up sovereignty so much as


58:2.2 the highly important and health-g. ultraviolet rays

66:5.20 the health-g. and disease-destroying properties of

150:8.2 the light-g. lights which he has made for his praise.

153:2.12 Fatherthat is my life-g. revelation to the world

155:3.3 such teachings lose their creative and life-g. power

160:3.2 into habits, strength-g. and worshipful habits,

160:4.12 your memory to hold in sacred trust the strength-g.

195:9.8 on earth and know, firsthand, his life-g. teachings!


59:1.17 The supposed g. deposits appearing in connection

59:1.17 glaciers or to the displacement of g. debris of later

59:6.6 in many regions the g. deposit of these local ice

61:5.1 to be ice-free until almost the close of the g. period.

61:5.2 the central points of subsequent g. pressure flows.

61:5.3 One half of the g. ice was in North America,

61:5.7 in numbers by the increasing cold of the g. period.

61:5.8 The climate varied between the times of g. inaction

61:6.1 The great event of this g. period was the evolution

61:6.3 the time of the beginning of the third g. advance;

61:7.1 Throughout the g. period other activities were in

61:7.7 western mountains participated in this g. activity.

61:7.11 it is hardly possible for another g. age to occur,

61:7.13 The rigorous g. period destroyed many species and

64:7.1 were tested by the rigors and hardships of the g. age

64:7.17 During the periods of farthest g. advance the

64:7.17 it was the tradition of these repeated g. advances

65:2.16 The rigors and climatic severity of the g. era were


59:6.6 Two new climatic factors appearedg. and aridity.

61:7.6 250,000 years ago the sixth and last g. began.

61:7.15 In North America, during the last g., the horse, tapir,


61:5.5 2,000,000 years ago the first North American g.

61:5.5 this g. consumed one million years in its advance

61:5.6 1,500,000 years ago the first great g. was retreating

61:7.1 And a g., as it advances, displaces rivers and

61:7.5 In North America the advancing fifth g. consisted of

61:7.8 during the advance of the last g., there occurred an

61:7.9 150,000 years ago the sixth and last g. reached its

61:7.10 This is the g. that sent forth the many tongues, or ice

61:7.11 during the retreat of the last g., the vast polar ice

61:7.12 last g. was one hundred thousand years advancing,

61:7.16 they had journeyed to escape destruction by the g..

63:5.1 hindered by the slowly advancing ice of the third g..

64:1.4 These events occurred during the times of the third g

64:4.5 the Siberian g. was making its southernmost march,

64:4.6 700,000 years ago the fourth g., the greatest of all in

64:4.6 land which had been so recently covered by the g..

64:4.7 Mammalian life had been little changed by the g..

64:4.7 the ice and the Alps and, upon the retreat of the g.,

64:4.10 550,000 years ago the advancing g. pushed man

64:7.1 for expansion into adjacent territory, the fifth g.,

64:7.1 This g. was so extensive in Asia that for thousands of

64:7.8 the fifth g. did not extend so far south in Europe,

64:7.9 Neanderthalers had been driven south by the g.

64:7.17 to take to the sea when the sixth and last g. finally

79:5.2 subhuman types were pushed south by the fifth g.,

79:5.6 with their backs to the retreating ice of the last g.,


59:1.17 and Australia are due to isolated mountain g. or to

59:6.6 Isolated mountain and regional g. began to appear,

61:2.3 nor was the land elevated sufficiently to produce g..

61:5.8 The g. were, after all, local phenomena, though they

61:5.8 they spread out to cover enormous areas.

61:6.4 the later epochs of the advancing and retreating g..

61:7.1 G. alone leave behind them those telltale drifts

61:7.13 Those animals which followed the g. back and forth

62:1.3 was repeatedly cut off by the invasions of the g..

63:5.3 The Somme is the one river unchanged by the g.,

64:1.4 The first two g. were not extensive in Europe.

64:4.9 the alpine g. descended far down the river valleys.

64:4.11 These times of the fourth and fifth g. witnessed the

gladsee glad tidings

43:3.3 “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make g.

100:7.13 was Jesus saying, “Rejoice and be exceedingly g..”

124:5.5 on a new public building, to be present on this g.

131:2.4 Let the heavens be g. and let the earth rejoice.

138:3.6 I am g. to witness your lightheartedness and social

139:1.6 “I could not do that, but I am g. I have a brother

139:8.3 Even his wife was g. to see Thomas join the apostles;

140:3.11 Rejoice and be exceedingly g., for great is your

140:5.20 Rejoice and be exceedingly g., for great is your

141:7.3 All such sincere seekers for the truth are always g.

146:2.15 for God has made me g. through his work.

162:7.5 to see my day, and by faith he saw it and was g..”

167:4.6 And I am g. for your sakes, even if the others are not

169:1.13 being g. and merry because of your brother’s return.

171:8.5 receive your report of stewardship and to be made g.

172:1.1 people were g., but the chief priests and Pharisees

176:3.4 and I am g. to present five other talents as my gain

181:2.26 Thomas, I am g. you joined us, and I know, after a

185:4.3 Though he was g. to believe that he was finally to be

192:1.4 “Well, John, I am g. to see you again and in

glad tidings

94:7.5 to proclaim to the people of India “the g. of free

122:0.3 at which time Gabriel imparted to her the g. that

122:3.1 To you, Mary, I bring g. when I announce that the

137:8.14 “I have come to preach the g. of the kingdom.

138:1.1 to go forth, two and two, to teach the g. of the

138:10.11 ambassadors of the kingdom and preachers of its g..

139:1.12 Andrew continued effectively to proclaim the g. of

139:2.15 Peter went forth from Jerusalem proclaiming the g.

139:5.11 to proclaim the g. even to his murderers, and when

139:6.9 into Mesopotamia and India proclaiming the g. of the

139:8.13 North African coast, and Sicily, preaching the g.

140:3.14 as you go forth to proclaim the g., put your trust in

140:7.1 Now must you begin your work of preaching the g.

140:9.2 “Go into all the world and preach the g. of the

141:7.3 seekers for the truth are always glad to hear the g. of

141:8.2 Jesus’ commission to the twelve to preach the g. of

150:2.2 were free to enter the evil resorts and preach the g.

151:2.2 unthinking persons who, when they hear the g.,

153:2.4 while we preached g. to the poor and the outcast.

181:2.15 that you might live and continue to preach the g..

192:2.11 You now are free to preach the g. just as are your

194:0.3 preaching g. to the peopleeven salvation through


66:5.15 green pastures and fruitful flocks to g. our hearts.

122:2.3 and when he has come to full years, he will g. your

141:2.3 words sank into their hearts and came forth to g.

141:7.15 greatly to enrich and g. their subsequent ministry.

145:4.3 the Master do something to cheer the souls and g.


48:2.23 they will g. certify you for advanced standing.

95:7.3 many lands would g. have received the simple

122:8.3 had a room at the inn, and who said he would g.

125:2.4 lad about these problems, though Jesus would g.

127:5.2 Rebecca rightly reckoned that he would g. supply the

132:5.17 same profit which he would g. accord his fellow

137:4.9 Most g. would I do what you ask of me if it were a

143:0.2 The people of southern Samaria heard Jesus g.,

146:2.1 the people of Jotapata heard Jesus and his apostles g.

156:4.1 The polyglot population of this seaport heard them g

162:7.4 He who is of God hears g. the words of God;

173:3.2 but the common people hear my words g..”

174:4.7 these experiences the common people heard him g..

180:4.1 but the sons of light will all receive him g. and with

184:2.1 requesting that she let Peter in, she g. assented.

195:10.9 Many earnest persons who would g. yield loyalty to

196:1.4 The common people heard Jesus g., and they will

196:1.4 The people heard him g. because he was one of them


26:10.4 they go with joy and g. to the tasks of former days

100:7.13 Jesus was not a man of sorrows; he was a soul of g..

111:0.6 believed that they were to “spend eternity in g. of

111:7.5 the g. of anticipation disillusioned by the bitterness

128:6.10 he might share in the childish joy and youthful g. of

131:3.2 Buddhist literature: “Out of a pure heart shall g.

131:3.4 “Cheerfulness and g. are the rewards of deeds well

139:6.5 come that my brethren in the flesh may have g.,

147:7.3 friend; if it becomes old, you shall drink it with g..’”

175:1.6 to those who will receive it with joy and g..

194:4.3 They took their food with g. and singleness of heart,


100:7.13 Jesus was g. but at the same time humble.

131:4.8 onward toward the g. and sunlit fields of Paradise.”


137:6.5 my kingdom is not to come with noise and g., but

186:1.6 All the g., fascination, and intoxication of


48:4.19 exertion; always are they the echoes of a backward g

128:6.5 before Jesus could caution him by a warning g.,

151:5.5 at the struggling oarsmen, he turned his g. back

184:2.8 It was such a g. of commingled pity and love as


74:3.8 The instant he g. at an animal, he would indicate


152:2.6 Philip and Andrew exchanged g., and then Philip


167:1.4 after g. significantly at the man with dropsy, said:


49:5.19 refers primarily to g. chemistry, more particularly to

49:5.19 The races on some worlds have one g., on others


49:5.19 of certain g. comparable to the pituitary bodies.

61:1.10 They had from one to eleven pairs of mammary g.,

65:6.6 between the hormone output of a dozen ductless g..


41:2.1 of Assuntia, Porogia, Sortoria, Rantulia, and G..


162:4.2 g. of scores of torches standing about the temple

glasssee sea of glass


15:6.10 there are as many suns as there are g. of water in the


101:10.7 Religion assures man that, in following the g. of

110:4.5 to flash a g. of new truth to the evolving mortal


11:8.1 strand on which are strung the g. stars, blazing suns,

46:5.11 These walls are constructed of crystal gems of g.


79:8.8 However wise it may be to g. wisdom from the past,


2:7.1 Information and intelligence, g. from even high

159:4.2 those truths which are to be g. for the gospel of the


68:5.3 line ten miles long as it passed over the land g. food.


123:1.2 Jesus was in excellent health and full of childish g.

137:4.10 Mary was dancing with g..


172:5.13 rushed up to him in a spirit of g. ridicule and,


172:3.11 shouting hosannas, and otherwise expressing g. and


34:6.13 begun to discern the lights of eternal life as they g.

41:4.4 sun shines with a faint reddish glow, the senile g. of


41:3.6 Some of the reddish, faintly g. stars have acquired

glimpse or fleeting glimpse

2:1.10 Mortal man can g. the Father’s purposes only now

3:5.4 As you g. the manifold workings and view the

4:2.7 to catch a fg. of divine reality in time and space.

11:2.1 Since you are beginning to g. the enormousness of

13:0.7 These papers afford only a fg. of certain activities

15:14.4 This entire narrative presents only a fg. of the

30:4.34 recital affords a g. of the average plan of progression

44:0.14 You will first begin to g. these transplanted arts of

45:1.2 the Power Supervisors enable you momentarily to g.

103:0.1 through which the finite creature may faith-g. the

155:1.2 the Psalmist did g. the true light when, in finishing

155:5.5 a g. of the goodness and beauty of the infinite Father

158:3.1 witnessed on the mount of transfiguration was a fg.

160:2.9 Only a g. of the circle of eternity can inspire man to


121:6.5 Philo also possibly g. the reality and presence of

195:7.5 let not your dabblings with the faintly g. findings


28:4.8 one of your first fleeting g. of the technique of the

96:5.8 Moses presented fleeting g. of a universal Deity to


39:5.14 vibrating, torpedo-shaped outline of g. luminosity.

123:5.12 3,000 feet of the upper slopes g. white with snow.

124:6.5 ever-winding Jordan with its g. and rippling waters

global or global government

134:5.14 surrender their sovereignties into the hands of a gg.

134:6.4 But g. wars will go on until the government of

134:6.4 G. sovereignty will prevent g. warsnothing else can

134:6.8 In the creation of the gg. of mankind, the nations are

134:6.8 international affairs will be administered by gg..

134:6.10 as regards international affairs into the hands of gg..

134:6.11 Under gg. the national groups will be afforded a real

134:6.11 With g. regulation of money and trade will come the

134:6.11 Soon may a g. language evolve, and there will be

134:6.11 having a g. religion—or religions with a g. viewpoint.


41:3.2 interior of Urantia, and were the planet a hollow g..

57:8.16 metals had settled down toward the center of the g.;

78:4.6 never stopped until they circumnavigated the g.


15:3.1 double stars, g. clusters, star clouds, spiral and

15:3.6 near collision changed Andronover into a g.

15:4.8 The g. type of star clusters predominates near the

57:4.1 the mother nucleus ending either as a g. cluster or as


131:4.4 God is the illuminator of the g. and the power of


11:4.5 attempt to visualize to you the g. of Paradise would

27:3.2 the pilgrims of time in their long ascent to the g. of

43:6.8 Truly, eye has not seen such g. as await your arrival

43:8.1 spheres of Salvington, but they far surpass the g. of

44:6.9 before you can begin to conceive of the artistic g.

47:10.2 world to their first heaven, the g. of Jerusem.

71:7.2 the goals of living, and the g. of cosmic destiny.

140:3.1 as those who have tasted the g. of a better life

146:2.5 The unselfish g. of Paradise are not possible of

147:8.4 who do these things shall restore the wasted g.;

160:2.8 One of the crowning g. of human friendship is this

163:6.3 the spirit has revealed these spiritual g. to these

170:3.11 but rather in the g. of those enhanced and enriched

172:3.10 now are these g. about to be hid from your eyes.


48:4.15 our own self-g. becomes sublimely ridiculous,

71:2.2 1. G. of mediocrity.

73:3.5 The dominant idea was to be the g. of horticulture

77:3.2 Bablot proposed to erect a temple of racial g. at the

80:7.7 under the guise of the g. of Mary the earth mother of

89:4.7 The act of propitiation included praise, g., flattery,

97:7.3 the g. of Hebrew traditions, and the exaltation of

111:5.5 an expansion of will, a g. of will, a perfecting of will;

136:6.9 aggrandizement or for purely selfish gain and g..

161:2.6 his death, some mystic reference to his future g..

175:1.10 Seek in your daily lives, not self-g., but the glory of

177:4.9 whose only thought was his own safety and g.,

194:2.19 the subsequent attainment of the divinity and g. of

196:3.27 Religion provides for the enhancement, g., and


80:7.7 This cult g. Eve in the worship of the “great mother.

97:0.2 this concept was eventually heightened and g. by 098:07.11 Christianity has g. Jesus as the Christ, but has largely

117:5.3 will become g. in union with the experiential mind

117:5.13 illuminated by worship, g. by intelligent love,

126:4.2 the planting of the Lord, wherewith he may be g..

137:6.2 But let the Lord be g..

148:9.3 many prayed and g. God, confessing that they had

161:2.6 human emotions, but they are magnificently g..

167:3.1 made straight, she lifted up her voice and g. God.

170:2.5 g. spiritual realities and exalted superhuman ideals.

174:5.8 has about come when the Son of Man will be g..

174:5.10 “I have g. my name in your bestowals many times,

176:0.2 they observed the temple, g. by the rays of the sun

176:2.4 the eye of the spirit will behold the Son of Man g. by

180:0.3 “The time has come for the Son of Man to be g.,

180:0.3 to be glorified, and the Father shall be g. in me.

180:2.1 Herein is the Father g.: that the vine has many

180:6.4 of Truth will glorify me even as I have g. my Father.

182:1.2 in the midst of them g. in the mellow moonlight,

196:3.32 when he does find them, he is g. in their embrace;


5:4.9 and divine concept of the person of the g. Christ.

11:3.4 lodgment headquarters of one billion g. individual

13:1.11 This is also the Paradise home of many g. beings of

13:1.12 the trinitizing acts of certain types of g. creatures

13:1.13 unless, in the far-distant future of your g. career, you

13:4.1 by the trinitized sons of g. created personalities,

15:10.12 Name and Number, are g. ascendant mortals.

15:10.12 enlarged to include the g. and perfected children

17:1.7 the trinitized offspring of the g. mortal graduates

17:1.8 attainment and of the trinitized sons of g. mortals;

18:4.4 Paradise-Havona personalities or g. mortal finaliters.

18:6.6 its g. beings associate freely with Union of Days,

22:7.3 The g. creatures who engage in such adventures of

22:7.5 to promulgate mandates permitting these g. mortal

22:8.3 These adopted sons of high and g. creature origin are

22:10.1 retrinitized trinitized sons of g. ascendant beings

25:3.17 Even in their g. service they continue to function as

27:2.2 The angels of assignment have much to do with g.

27:2.3 and with a familiar multitude of g. fellow mortals.

27:3.3 The g. mortals have also enjoyed intimate contact

27:4.4 The directors of conduct really serve as g. teachers

31:0.4 3. G. Mortals.

31:0.6 5. G. Material Sons.

31:0.7 6. G. Midway Creatures.

31:0.8 These six groups of g. beings compose this unique

31:2.4 Gravity Messengers and g. mortal finaliters achieve


31:3.1 Together with the adopted and g. seraphim they

31:3.1 The Havona natives, g. Material Sons, g. midway

31:3.7 3. The g. mortals of the Paradise Corps of Finality

31:4.1 Large numbers of the adopted and g. seraphim are



31:6.2 Many finaliter companies have one of these g. beings

36:1.4 further development of the world and its g. beings.

37:6.6 are qualified to enjoy the unified urge of a g. mind

37:7.1 The Mansion World Teachers are g. cherubim.

37:10.5 ascending mortals, including the g. midway creatures

39:2.1 have returned to a g. assignment as directors of their

39:2.15 g. intelligence co-ordinators of the Seraphic Corps

40:10.4 by the efforts of certain groups of g. mortals who

47:0.2 are one thousand g. beings in each of these groups.

47:1.3 aware of the presence of your g. brethren of Paradise

47:5.1 These advanced and g. cherubim serve as teachers

47:8.7 great tribulation” serves to make g. mortals very

48:5.1 a corps of deserted but g. cherubim and sanobim.

49:2.18 neither superfishes nor g. birds but distinctly mortal.

49:6.18 These g. beings are exempt from passing through the

51:7.2 be called joint prime ministers of the g. realm.

54:5.12 Mighty Messengers, g mortals who had had personal

55:3.10 Never fear but that even such g. spheres present

55:8.4 creatures now do for these unified and g. humans in

55:10.8 fraternity of association with the g. finaliter mortals.

84:8.3 the potential of pleasure, a new and g. form of self-

85:5.1 the stars were regarded as the g. souls of great men

85:6.3 never originated gods higher than the g., exalted,

87:3.1 The early gods were simply g. departed humans.

87:4.2 They were g. ghosts who had progressed beyond the

98:7.8 the reality of Jesus of Nazareth as the g. Christ,

100:2.3 Such a g. religion can function on three levels of

101:9.8 a form of g. moral trust and confidence in reality,

117:5.3 will become g. in union with the experiential mind

141:2.1 developed a concept of the kingdom as a g. rule

160:2.10 the world will behold a great and g. social structure

161:2.6 human emotions, but they are magnificently g..

166:0.2 church around the g. memories of his divine-human

166:3.5 believers of the gentile nations in this g. kingdom

167:7.2 neither are they the g. spirits of mortal men who

180:2.1 Herein is the Father g.: that the vine has many

180:5.2 of a peculiar form of intellectualized g. wisdom.

189:4.10 the Master who stood before them in g. form,

191:1.4 Peter had just heard the g. Master exhort him to go

194:0.4 of believer-fellowship with the risen and g. Christ.

195:7.5 a “psychologic projection”a mere g. daydream of

196:1.2 to even the splendid concept of the g. Christ.

196:2.1 new religion, the religion of the risen and g. Christ.

196:2.5 the risen Christ, the g. and soon-returning Lord Jesus

196:2.6 Paul founded a religion in which the g. Jesus became

196:3.32 when he does find them, he is g. in their embrace;


12:7.9 The Father’s love g. each child of God,

102:3.7 but revelation g. man and discloses his capacity for

160:2.8 Friendship enhances the joys and g. the triumphs of

160:4.16 wisdom dominates knowledge and always g. culture.

177:2.6 religion, and genuine religion always g. the home.


6:1.4 “And now, O my Father, g. me with your own self,

44:8.6 workers who do so much to g. the architectural

84:0.1 evolving love is beginning to g. marriage as the

87:7.8 a cult must g. that which unifies the stream of social

87:7.8 a cult must g. the good values of real nobility.

99:6.2 g. the potentials of family life; to promote religious

138:7.1 Father’s will that we use this endowment to g.

140:3.13 that they may see your good works and be led to g.

140:4.4 they may see your good works and be led to g. your

144:5.15 And g. your name through our eternal achievement

144:5.85 And we shall g. the Father, the Son, and the Holy

160:2.6 I do not hesitate thus to g. family life, for your

162:7.5 I say to all such that, if I g. myself, my glory is as

162:7.5 But it is the Father who shall g. me, even the same

166:2.4 quest of Jesus, began to g. God with a loud voice.

167:3.3 And as the woman continued to g. God, his critic

167:4.1 Doubt not that it may be used to g. God and exalt

174:5.9 pray that you will join me: Father, g. your name;

174:5.10 bestowals many times, and I will g. it once more.”

176:3.7 fruits and in consequence thereof are led to g. the

180:6.4 he will g. me even as I have glorified my Father.

182:1.3 “Father, my hour has come; now g. your Son that

182:1.3 now glorify your Son that the Son may g. you.

182:1.3 O my Father, g. me with the glory which I had with

182:2.6 And when you have seen all this come to pass, g.


70:2.19 Do not make the mistake of g. war; rather discern

99:2.5 by g. the established political and economic orders,

171:5.3 received his sight, and he remained near Jesus, g.


1:5.8 presence, a transcendent ideal, and a g. spirit,

3:4.1 nor divested of any attribute of his g. personality

6:8.8 The Eternal Son is a grand and g. personality.

11:9.6 God’s residence is central and eternal, g. and ideal.

15:2.8 an enormous and g. headquarters world and is ruled

18:5.1 these personally g. and efficient Trinity personalities.

19:6.1 You can never truly envisage these g. creatures;

30:4.33 of these ascendant beings would be adequate and g..

31:10.20 all exclaim: What a g. destiny for the animal-origin

32:5.1 There is a great and g. purpose in the march of the

33:3.7 —a grand and g. family but one of responsibilities

40:0.9 presents a g. recital of the unstinted bestowal of love

40:6.1 to accept the certain destiny of a g. experience, but

40:10.5 ascenders do indeed have a grand and g. career as

44:6.4 superb reflections of the naked and g. spirit-souls of

46:2.6 an adequate idea of these g. architectural worlds

48:6.10 beautiful paths and g. refreshing of life everlasting.

48:6.15 minister to me, and your g. angel will comfort me.

52:5.10 This truly is a great and g. age!

53:3.6 the finaliters had encountered a destiny no more g.

56:10.2 Throughout this g. age the chief pursuit of the ever-

67:8.1 Amadon’s g. rejection of the flood tides of sedition

75:8.7 What a g. universe, in that it is personal and

80:7.6 and erelong the last g. era of art perished beneath the

83:8.6 it endures as a g. ideal, ever luring mankind on to

96:5.7 Lord is a man of war, God of battles, g. in power,

113:7.1 Such an experience constitutes a g. awakening, a real

131:4.2 This one God is loving, g., and adorable.

131:5.2 all-wise, good, righteous, holy, resplendent, and g..

131:9.4 and to ascend to the g. light of final brightness.”

131:10.8 this great and g. Being is my spiritual Father; I am

133:4.4 but you err to go in quest of such a g. truth among

134:8.6 with the sovereignty of a mighty and g. universe.

142:7.13 God and, ere you have finished the g. progression,

144:5.3 Uplifted be your name and all-g. your character.

144:5.8 For yours is the g. indwelling, the everlasting power

144:5.55 G. Father and Mother, in one parent combined,

149:6.5 he is magnificent in love, and g. in truth.

162:2.2 refuse to accept this new and more g. gospel

165:6.3 until all are willing to believe and enter into their g.

168:2.7 except they shall be resurrected in a more g. form.

176:4.7 We confidently look for his g. appearing, even for

180:6.9 these deep-rooted notions regarding the g. triumph

188:5.10 His life was so g. and his death so triumphant that


14:5.11 urges are to be fully realized and g. gratified during

128:1.5 It is forever and g. true: “We have a high ruler who

175:2.2 Palestinian Jews who so g. yielded up their lives as

194:3.2 but it was g. bright on the resurrection morning;

195:9.1 truths of Jesus’ gospel will persist g. to illuminate a

196:2.6 so g. set forth in the original gospel of the kingdom.

glorysee glory of God

1:3.3 The g. and the spiritual brilliance of the divine

2:1.2 He is resplendent in majesty and g..”

2:1.7 they descend from the heights of g. to grace the

6:1.4 Father, glorify me with your own self, with the g.

7:5.9 seven times abdicated the power and g. of Paradise

9:8.25 living ladder whereby man climbs from chaos to g..

11:0.2 the g. of the central Isle is shown forth in the

11:0.2 The g. and spiritual splendor of the divine abode

11:1.1 while they are both invested by the unspeakable g. of

11:1.3 the central shining of the spiritual g. of the Father.

12:7.12 grandeur and g. of the matchless character of God

13:0.2 spheres of unexcelled grandeur and unimagined g..

13:0.3 the eternal Deities, shedding this light of divine g.

13:0.4 With spiritual g. they illuminate all Paradise and

13:2.1 to Paradise in their matchless beauty and superb g..

14:3.5 seven circuits are maintained in all their supernal g.,

14:4.20 by a host of personalities, beings of grace and g.,

14:4.20 have climbed to g. from the dark worlds of space.

15:7.3 they increase in size, morontia beauty, and spirit g.

15:7.11 The g., grandeur, and perfection of the Orvonton

16:3.14 those lowly beings who have attained the courts of g.

16:3.19 and comprehend when they reach the centers of g..

22:9.6 acquired by actually climbing up to g. from the

24:6.8 the inauguration of the “space reports of g.,”

26:9.4 The broadcasts flash forth the space reports of g.,

26:10.2 they climbed, as on a ladder, from chaos to g.

27:7.1 eventually attains the g. of the highest experiential

27:7.6 laboriously made their way upward to Paradise g.

27:7.7 the residents of Paradise, the perfect citizens of g.

30:4.30 you must see these worlds to appreciate their g.

32:3.10 and who, when they do reach the heights of g.,

32:4.12 God has reserved for himself of power and g. only

33:3.4 struggle for the welfare of mortal men and the g. of

34:6.3 From the heights of eternal g. the divine Spirit

39:5.5G. to God in Havona and on earth peace and

40:7.2 ascension potentialeven to the highest heights of g.

40:7.5 What dignity of destiny and g. of attainment await

43:1.1 with morontia life and overspread with spiritual g.,

43:6.1 headquarters is more reflective of spiritual g., but

43:9.5 But the g. of it all augments as you ascend inward

44:4.8 concepts are like gems of beauty in diadems of g..

44:6.7 sights, and then blend them into the anthems of g..

46:2.6 Jerusem is indeed a foretaste of paradisiacal g. and

48:4.4 blasphemous of the righteousness and g. of divinity.

48:6.18 For I know that in the fullness of time and the g. of

52:5.7 but would come “in g. with the seraphic hosts.”

53:7.10 to the g. of the wisdom of the ascension scheme that

55:1.5 not destroyed by the blazing g. of the consuming

55:2.5 fires of consuming grandeur and ascending g..

69:1.5 social usages, war for g., dancing, amusement,

73:3.6 a poem of exquisite and perfected landscape g..

76:3.2 learned to forget the days of their g. in Eden.

77:4.8 The Egyptians called this city of ancient g. Dilmat,

77:4.9 culture led them to ignore these later vistas of g. in

78:2.1 preserve their traditions of the g. of the first Eden.

78:7.6 the Sumerians did any trace of the former g. remain.

82:0.1 the home is the crowning g. of the whole arduous

89:10.4 creature of potential greatness and ever-ascending g..

95:5.15 The g. of this great era of moral development and

97:1.6 princes to make them inherit the throne of g..”

97:1.10 O Lord, is the greatness and the power and the g.

97:5.3 Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the g.

97:7.2 Jews distorted these legends to reflect honor and g.

97:7.10 who is called by my name I have created for my g.,

97:7.11 demolish the concept of a national God while in g. he

97:9.12 But Yahweh must, perforce, share some of this g.

100:6.7 associated with the realization of triumphing g.,

120:3.11 in g. be returned to me as the Son of Man and Son

122:8.5 did sing anthems of g. over the Bethlehem manger,

122:9.27 And the g. of your people Israel.

126:3.8 had walked through the courts of heavenly g. with

126:3.8 he had turned his back upon all this grandeur and g.

128:1.10 in later years when he was called Lord of G.,

131:1.3 face of the Supreme would abide in majesty and g..

131:2.5 righteousness, and all the people have seen his g..

131:2.5 Let the earth be filled with his g.!

131:3.2 true wealth; it is the endowment of virtue and g..

131:3.4 are the rewards of deeds well done and to the g. of

133:5.12 those earlier periods when there was g. in Greece

135:3.2 “And there was given him dominion and g. and a

135:3.3 was given him dominion and g. and a kingdom.”

136:1.3 looking for a restoration of Jewish national g.

136:6.6 against a magnificent program of power and g..

136:9.9 grasp temporal power as the prelude to spiritual g..

136:10.1 And his face shone with the g. of spiritual victory

137:2.2 with the clouds of heaven, in power and great g..

137:3.7 How would he usher in the g. of the kingdom?

137:6.2 the g. of even the gentiles shall be like a flowing

137:8.4 Blessed be the g. of the Lord for he is our King.”

137:8.7 of a throne of power or a kingdom of worldly g..

137:8.16 they will certainly attain the right hand of his g. in

138:7.1 that my kingdom is a rule of power or a reign of g..

138:7.1 age you shall indeed sit with me in power and g.,

139:2.15 the glad tidings of the kingdom with power and g.

140:1.3 rather in the g. of the divine spirit that shall come

141:4.8 kingdom will come in great power and spiritual g..

142:2.2 I come in the flesh to reveal the Father in new g.

142:7.3 revisit this world in spiritual power and divine g..

144:2.1 “O Father, cleanse us from sin, show us your g.,

144:3.6 For yours is the kingdom and the power and the g.,

144:5.4 Your presence encompasses us, and your g. is

144:5.36 Make us like yourself in eternal g.

144:5.17 And for the honor and g. of the Supreme Father.

145:2.2 Arise and shine, for your light has come, and the g.

145:2.2 upon you, and the divine g. shall be seen with you.

145:5.10 We follow a teacher who seeks no g. for himself.”

147:8.4 while the g. of the Lord shall be your rear guard.

148:4.10 by my name, for I have created them for my g..

150:8.2 Blessed is the Lord our God for the g. of his

151:0.1 to hear an aged Jew discourse on the g. of Abraham.

153:5.3 new day is dawning for the shining forth in new g. of

157:4.7 living temple of sonship erecting to the g. and honor

157:6.14 for a little while that you may comprehend the g.,

158:1.7 “Until you shall see the g. of the Son of Man and

158:1.9 We rejoice to see this g..

158:2.1 beheld him transfigured in g. before their very eyes

158:2.3 the foretaste of his postresurrection g. because Jesus

158:7.5 not be ashamed to acknowledge you when in g. I

159:4.5 the concepts of Yahweh grow in beauty and g. as

162:2.1 He who speaks for himself seeks his own g., but

162:2.1 Father, I thereby seek the g. of him who sent me.

162:7.4 I seek not my own g., only the glory of my

162:7.4 I seek not my own glory, only the g. of my Father.

162:7.5 such that, if I glorify myself, my g. is as nothing.

163:4.4 outward kingdom of worldly power and material g..

164:4.8 saying: “Why do you not give God the g. for this?

165:4.8 Jeremiah, ‘Let not the rich man g. in his riches’;

165:5.3 yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his g. was

166:2.5 Only one, this alien, has returned to give g. to God.”

166:3.4 seek entrance thereto when the g. of the better way

166:3.4 those who would enter the kingdom for selfish g..

167:1.5 thus will such a one have g. in the presence of fellow

167:4.5 even on their own termsconditions of outward g.

170:2.10 return to establish the kingdom in power and g.

170:4.16 the kingdom in its fullness and with power and g..

171:0.3 return to the world in great power and majestic g. to

171:2.5 If you seek honor and g., if you are worldly

174:5.3 Some of you are tempted to love the g. of men

175:1.5 show forth the spiritual g. of a God-knowing race,

176:3.6 And having thus lived for the g. of the Father and

176:4.2 the Master did not reveal himself in power and g.,

177:4.5 as much as possible of that honor and g. which he

177:4.7 his heart was too much set on self-g. and craving for

177:4.9 camp intoxicated with thoughts of grandeur and g.

177:4.9 failing to achieve g. in an anticipated new kingdom

177:4.11 led him so often to refuse to grasp for power or g.

179:3.9 in power, still doing the Father’s will in future g..”

181:1.2 a ceaseless progression in grace, truth, and g..

181:1.2 And so will the children of light go on from g. to g.

181:2.19 where in g you shall tell of your salvation to seraphic

181:2.20 failures we utilized to manifest the Father’s g..

182:1.3 O my Father, glorify me with the g. which I had with

182:1.6 to receive the revelation of truth and g. which I have

182:1.6 The g. which you gave me I have revealed to these

182:1.6 that they may presently come to be with me in g.

182:1.6 I would have with me in g. so that they may see all

182:1.6 I long to show my earthly brethren the g. I had

185:5.6 gentile bondage with a great show of power and g..

192:2.6 and hoped, to establish the kingdom in power and g..

192:2.9 with me on earth, you shall serve with me in g..

194:0.6 another world, a new existence of joy, power, and g..

glory of God

4:1.11 moral phenomena so unerringly to work out to the g.

12:7.12 grandeur and g. of the matchless character of God

52:7.3 earth, and the g. is being shed abroad in the world.

131:2.2 The heavens declare the g., and the firmament shows

137:6.3 he simply said: “Be patient and you shall see the g.;

160:1.11 and to do all of this with an eye single to the g.

168:1.12 if you would only believe, you should see the g.?

174:5.3 tempted to love the glory of men more than the g..

175:1.10 in your daily lives, not self-glorification, but the g..

178:3.3 the wrath that he might live to make known the g..

182:2.1 all things will work together for the g. and salvation

193:3.2 Master, will we see the g. manifested on earth?”


41:3.7 collisional dwarfs may be very young and may g.

41:3.7 and very old suns usually shine with a reddish g..

41:4.4 And still this sun shines with a faint reddish g.,

51:1.3 in height from eight to ten feet, and their bodies g.

57:4.9 this magnificent nebula still burns with a reddish g.

74:6.5 only the radiating g. from their heads was discernible

152:3.2 majestically posed in the enchanting g. of that


125:4.3 and, g. down upon him, asked how old he was.


158:1.7 seated about the g. embers of the fire until darkness

192:1.6 shocked at the sight of the coals of fire g. there on


144:8.7 ‘Behold, a g. man and a winebibber, a friend of


50:5.6 is too often characterized by tyranny, intolerance, g.,

89:3.7 enjoy liberty without license, nourishment without g.,


158:5.2 with a violent attack and fell in their midst, g. his


175:1.17 blind; you strain out the g. and swallow the camel.


156:2.8 consistency; they strain at g. and swallow camels.”


61:2.7 the g. rodents, including beavers, squirrels,

gonon-exhaustivesee goimperative; go back;

go down; go forth; go out; see also come and go

3:1.1 “Whither shall I go from your spirit? or whither

3:5.10 5. Is the love of truth and the willingness to go

5:0.1 Man does not have to go farther than his own

67:6.8 while awaiting the order to go forward on the long,

73:3.3 artificial irrigation channels, a “mist would go up”

77:9.2 The seraphim come and go, but midway creatures

97:4.3 “And though they go into captivity before their

103:9.7 Faith carries reason along as far as reason can go

107:3.7 or I should not have been forbidden to go there.

108:4.3 Adjusters appear to come and go independent of any

110:7.10 more patiently go through the trials of my selection,

119:1.1 under the care and keeping of Immanuel while I go

119:1.2 Many of you, I know, would go with me, but

119:1.2 but whither I go you cannot come.

119:1.2 I go to do the will of the Paradise Deities, and

122:9.17 For you shall go before the face of the Lord to

128:7.7 Leave them to go where?

128:7.10 Mary realized that Jesus was preparing to go away.

130:8.3 my Father will be with you and go before you.”

131:1.5 You go in quest of a dear friend, and then you

131:2.4 Whither shall I go from God’s spirit?

131:3.7 The unselfish go to heaven, where they rejoice in

131:5.4 Teach us the good paths, and we will go right.

131:8.5 You cannot find the Supreme, neither can you go

133:4.11 Wherever you may go, you take with you yourself

135:8.3 repeating, “My hour has comelet us go to John.”

136:6.1 Should he go in quest of food as any ordinary man

137:1.4 said, “Early on the morrow we go into Galilee.”

139:8.8 Thomas was the first to say, “Let’s go!”

139:8.8 “Come on, comrades, let’s go and die with him.”

139:8.11 it was always Thomas who said, “Let’s go!”

140:6.11 And when you pray, go apart by yourselves and

140:7.3 sent his apostles off to “go fishing, seek carefree

140:9.3 my spirit shall go before you into all the world.

144:9.1 Tomorrow we go into Galilee.”

145:1.2 Let us go fishing; put out into yonder deep and let

147:8.3 to let the oppressed go free, and break every yoke?

147:8.4 Your righteousness shall go before you while the

151:5.7 said: “Let us go up into yonder hills and tarry for a

151:6.1 Jesus said: “Let us go up on this hillside for our

152:0.1 request of this father, he said: “I will go with you.”

156:2.6 they must go forward in righteousness or retrogress

157:7.5 to yonder mountain, where the spirit bids me go to

158:1.6 “I go apart by myself for a season to commune

159:1.2 that one of these little ones should go astray,

160:3.1 How shall we induce men to let go of God that he

162:2.7 for where I am about to go you cannot come.

162:5.2 I know whence I came, who I am, and whither I go

162:5.2 not whence I came, who I am, or whither I go.

163:6.2 you are thus to go forward in an endless career of

165:5.5 that which remains for you after I go to the Father,

167:4.6 when I shall take leave of you and go to the Father.”

169:4.11 again, I will leave the world and go to the Father.”

174:5.4 instruct in the affairs of the kingdom before I go to

176:1.1 I am about to leave you; I go to the Father.

177:2.2 Both of you desired to go with us.

177:3.2 the Master took hold of it, the lad would not let go.

178:3.3 I must go, but you are to remain to witness to this

179:4.2 “While it is necessary that I go to the Father, it was

180:0.3 even as I now prepare to go to my Father.

180:3.5 “If I thus go before you into the Father’s heavenly

180:3.5 I go to the Father, and though you cannot now

180:4.1 Do you not discern that it is better for me to go

180:6.2 that the hour has come when I am about to go to

180:6.2 It is really profitable for you that I go away.

180:6.2 If I go not away, the new teacher cannot come into

181:2.2 I go to the Father, John, having full confidence

181:2.7 happy if I could know that, after I go to the Father,

181:2.9 but what will you do when I go away and you

181:2.11 and that I will go on with you to the very end.

181:2.13 will send us, and how shall we know where to go?

181:2.17 as I am about to leave you and go to my Father,

181:2.24 I will go before you and the Spirit of Truth shall be

181:2.26 I will go before you even to the uttermost parts of

181:2.27 and that I will then go before you into Galilee.”

182:2.6 be with you a short time before I go to the Father.

184:2.12 having started out wrong, to turn about and go right.

184:3.14 Soon I go to the Father, and presently shall the

189:5.4 I will go before them into Galilee as I promised.”

192:2.11 And I will go before you and be with you even to

192:2.12 And where I go, you shall presently come.”

193:0.5 Only tarry here in Jerusalem while I go to the

193:0.5 truth, and I will go with you into all the world.

193:2.2 And when you go abroad to tell all nations the

193:2.2 I will go before you, and my Spirit of Truth shall

193:3.2 you will presently go into all the world preaching

193:3.2 The hour has come; I am about to go to the Father.

195:10.1 of primitive Christianity; you must go forward

195:10.10 youths would not hesitate to go all the way through


69:9.18 Go forward, not backward!

71:2.1 Go slowly!

74:4.5Go you now to the material emblem of the

95:7.3 his injunction to “go into all the world and preach

129:2.3 “My Teacher, go about your business, do your

129:2.3 Go your way in peace.

135:6.6Go tell your masters that you have heard ‘the

135:11.4 the Son of Man replied: “Go back to John and tell

135:12.6 Herodias said, “Go to Herod and ask for the head

138:6.2 away, saying: “My children, go for a day of play.

138:6.4Go seek for the sinners; find the downhearted and

139:5.8 exhorted his hearers to “Godo this and do that.

139:5.8 to their children notGo do this and go do that,”

140:1.5 You are not to go hence in the proclamation of the

140:9.2Go into all the world and preach the glad tidings of

141:6.2 Go then, Simon, teaching and preaching the

141:6.4 Simply g. proclaiming: This is the kingdom of

142:3.9 saying, go number Israel and Judah’?

143:3.1 Go to your brethren and announce that all of you

143:3.2 “Now you should go to each of your eleven brethren

143:5.4 “Woman, go get your husband and bring him

143:5.9 “Woman, go your way; God has forgiven you.

143:5.10G. to Jacob’s well and go quickly, for there you will

144:8.3Go back and tell John that he is not forgotten.

145:5.7 Go and tell the people to believe in that which we

145:5.7 Go, then, and prepare for our immediate departure

145:5.10 addressed his fellow apostles, saying: “Let’s go!

146:4.4 healing but rather go quietly about your business,

147:1.2 I have soldiers under me, and I say to this one go,

147:1.3 turning from the house, said, “Let us go hence.”

147:5.4 go on in the joy and liberty of the kingdom

147:5.5 “Woman, go in peace; your faith has saved you.”

148:9.3 Arise, take up your bed, and go to your own house

149:0.2Go now forth to do the work as you have been

150:4.2 “On this mission go not to any city of the gentiles,

150:4.2 neither go into Samaria, but go instead to the lost

150:4.3 not ashamed of my teaching; g. forth proclaiming

152:0.3 your faith has made you whole; go in peace.”

152:3.2 Now all of you go hence to your own homes.

153:5.5 Then said Jesus: “Go to your rest, for busy times are

154:2.2 He said: “Go to your several places to play or fish

154:5.3 David said: “Go forth to your work, Master.

155:1.3 Cease your useless yearning and go forth bravely

155:5.14Go now apart by yourselves, each man alone with

156:1.7 that which you desire; go your way in peace.

156:5.4 ‘The Lord spoke to me saying, go here and there,

157:1.4 Go hence!

157:3.6 Let us go hence.”

157:7.1 only go on placing the utmost confidence in this

158:5.3 disobedient spirit, and go not back into him.”

158:5.3 the hand of the father, Jesus said: “Go your way.

158:6.5 “And now go to your rest, for on the morrow we

159:1.3 If your brother sins against you, go to him and with

159:1.3 if he persists in the error of his way, go again to him,

162:3.5 Go your way in peace.”

163:2.5 “If you would be my messenger, go and sell all

163:3.5Go you also to work in my vineyard, and

163:3.5 Then said the householder: ‘Go you also to work

163:3.7 Take now that which is yours and go your way,

163:6.7 I have shown you the way; g. forth to do your duty

164:1.3 And Jesus said, “Go and do likewise.”

164:2.4 Go, each of you, about the Father’s business as

164:3.8Go, my son, wash away this clay in the pool of

165:6.3 go into all the world proclaiming this gospel to all

166:2.4 “If you would be made whole, go forthwith and

166:2.5 “Arise and go your way; your faith has made you

167:1.5 taking him by the hand, said: “Arise and go your way

167:2.2 G. quickly, therefore, into the streets and lanes

167:2.2 Then said the lord to his servants: ‘Go now out

171:4.6 Go and tell that fox that the Son of Man preaches in

171:5.3 “You shall receive your sight; go your way;

171:8.14 “Come, my brethren, let us go on into Jerusalem,

172:3.6Go to Bethpage, and when you come to the

173:3.1 saying, ‘Son, go work today in my vineyard.

173:3.1 he said to him, ‘Son, go work in my vineyard.

173:5.3 so go now into the parting of the ways and into the

175:1.20 Go on, then, and fill the cup of your condemnation

176:3.6 “And so should you go about the work of the

177:0.2 except that under no circumstances should they go

177:4.8 “Judas, you go to the captain of the guard and

177:5.6Go to your sleep, my brethren, and peace be upon

178:2.4 with this word for Abner: “Go on with your work.

178:2.5Go and bring Peter and John, and I will give you

178:2.7Go immediately into Jerusalem, and as you enter

178:2.7 When he leads you to a certain house, go in after

181:2.13 go on with your urge to win your Jewish brethren

181:2.18 Go on with your work on earth to the end,

181:2.19 you should g. to your former labors with the new

181:2.20 when you are blessed with spiritual vision, g. to

182:2.2 to all eleven, saying: “My friends, go to your rest.

182:2.5 “In all haste, go to Abner at Philadelphia and say:

183:5.4Go along with this prisoner and see that these

187:1.6 My work is about donesoon I go to my Father

186:0.1 Go to my mother and bring her to see me ere I die.”

188:2.3 Go your way and make the tomb secure.”

189:4.12 go, all of you, now and tell my apostlesand Peter

189:5.4 G. to my apostles and again tell them that I have

190:3.1 Go to all the world proclaiming this gospel and

190:4.1 Go you, therefore, to all the world, proclaiming this

191:0.4 by the women, “Go tell my apostlesand Peter.”

191:1.2Go tell my apostlesand Peter”as he

191:2.1 has risen from the grave, go hence into Galilee.

191:4.4 Go, then, into all the world proclaiming this gospel

191:5.6 “And now go all of you to Galilee, where I will

191:6.3 Go you, therefore, into all the world preaching this

192:2.7 And then go on trusting, for I will not fail you.

192:2.11 “If you would obey me, go then into the lands of

192:2.12 Matthew, if you would obey me, go forth to teach

192:2.13 Go on believing and remembering your

193:0.5 Therefore, go you now into all the world preaching

193:1.2 Go, then, into all the world telling this good news to

go back

74:8.8 Moses very wisely did not attempt to g. of Adam’s

92:3.2 purification, prophecy, original sinthey all g. to the

93:6.4 Semitic tribesmen subsequently preferred to g. to

107:3.2 When Adjusters return to the Father, they g. to the

122:1.1 Joseph’s ancestry, neither did Joseph’s lineage g.

124:3.8 trends of Jewish thought as to suggest that they g.

128:2.6 made it wise, in the opinion of Jesus, for him to g.

129:2.6 But let us g. to observe Jesus in Jerusalem.

130:5.2 Gonod first proposed to Jesus that he g. to India

130:8.1 I will g. to my people and begin all over again.”

135:11.4 the Son of Man replied: “G. to John and tell him that

136:4.9 Jesus promised himself he would g. to the world

143:3.3 Then when you g. fresh from your rest or worship,

144:8.3G. and tell John that he is not forgotten.

147:2.2 the Master would g. and forth from Bethany to

150:9.4 they made ready that evening to g. to Capernaum

151:6.8 Amos besought Jesus to permit him to g. with

155:5.13 Will you g. to the easy path of the certainty and

156:5.23  to g. by a route different from that which Jesus and

174:5.13 rejected by men, and that he will g. to the Father.

174:5.13 And now, all of you, come with me while we g. to

181:2.19 you should g. to your former labors with the new

183:3.7 Jesus was ready to g. to Jerusalem with the guards,

188:1.7 for burial, and they agreed among themselves to g.

189:5.3 She longed to g. near the tomb, where she thought

189:5.4 G. to my apostles and again tell them that I have

190:1.3 I now g. to the home of Nicodemus, where I have

191:0.13 he was too proud to g. of his own accord so soon.

go down

48:6.12 Though I g. into the valley of uncertainty or ascend

120:2.8 You are to g. to Urantia in the likeness of mortal

129:1.7 Frequently he would g. to visit at the caravan

137:2.5 asking, “Teacher, shall I g. to John or shall I join my

158:1.9 We are loath to g. down to the inglorious world.

158:7.1 knew that those who followed after him would g.

go forth

75:6.4 then to g. in disgrace from Eden, only to lose more

93:5.10 restrained Abraham, who was fired with a zeal to g.

126:3.7 But when the time came for Jesus to g. as a world

135:3.4 he fairly vibrated with the mounting impulse to g.

137:6.5 Make no mistake; we g. to labor for a generation

137:7.13 While Jesus later directed that the apostles should g.

138:1.1 Jesus directed them to g., two and two, to teach

138:7.1 now to submit to the will of the Father and to g.

138:7.6 “And then will you g. to become fishers of men.”

139:5.10 the first to g. to win souls for the kingdom outside of

140:1.3 This kingdom, that you are so soon to g. proclaiming

140:2.2 I have chosen these twelve to g. to represent me as

140:3.14 as you g. to proclaim the glad tidings, put your trust

140:7.7 to Jesus, saying, “We are ready—let us now g. to

140:9.2 Jesus commissioned them to g. in the world as his

141:6.4 Simply g. proclaiming: This is the kingdom of

143:1.7 by you and your loyal successors who shall g. to

147:2.2 the Master would g. and forth from Bethany to

149:0.2Go now forth to do the work as you have been

150:4.1 the pairs of apostles as he desired them to g.,

150:4.3 Be not ashamed of my teaching; g. proclaiming

154:5.3 David said: “Go forth to your work, Master.

155:1.3 Cease your useless yearning and g. bravely doing

155:3.2 and testing adventure to believe in Jesus and g. to

157:4.6 thereby be able to g. to enlighten a world sitting in

157:6.13 as I will never forsake you when you presently g. to

159:4.5 that the God of love directed your forefathers to g.

163:1.3 carry neither purse nor extra clothing, for you g. on

163:1.3 Remember, as you g. proclaiming peace on earth

163:2.2 you must let others bury the dead while you g.

163:4.12 They must g. on this short mission unprovided for;

163:6.6 Did you g. with so little faith in this gospel that you

167:7.4 the spirit world who watch upon you and then g.

169:1.4 that the Father and his Son g. to search for those

175:1.24 Behold, I now g. with my children, and your house is

178:1.16 Do not forget that you are commissioned to g.

180:1.4 I have ordained you to g. into the world to yield the

181:2.9 I know you would not hesitate to g. in battle and

181:2.20 when you are blessed with spiritual vision, g. to

183:4.2 preserve their lives for the time when they g. into

190:1.7 g. to proclaim the risen Savior of a world and a

191:5.3 you will bravely and joyously g. to meet the new

192:2.11 but one law to obeythat is the command to g.

192:2.12 “Matthew, if you would obey me, g. to teach all

192:4.7 upper chamber and all pledged themselves to g. in

194:4.4 men whom Jesus had ordained to g. preaching the

go out

54:2.1 the Sons and Daughters of God who g. into space to

70:1.13 tribes were accustomed to g. in semifriendly combat

72:12.2 nation of advanced culture would only g. and bring

77:5.4 grieved to lose their eldest son, to have him g. into a

97:1.3 a practical reformer who could g. in one day with

97:9.24 came to a tragic end when Josiah presumed to g.

107:2.2 They are uniform in experiential nature as they first g

107:3.10 Adjusters g. from that abode only by the will of the

119:0.3 by every Michael Son who volunteers to g. from

122:7.8 Joseph had thought to g. at once and enroll, but

138:8.1 In this way he was able to g. at least once with

138:8.9 the midst of a profound discourse that he might g.

140:0.1 so this morning they did not g. far from shore to fish.

143:5.10G. to Jacob’s well and go quickly, for there you will

151:4.1 ‘Would you have us g. and pluck up these weeds?

159:0.2 that with others of the evangelists they should g.

163:7.3 The women’s corps prepared to g., two and two,

167:2.2 G. quickly, therefore, into the streets and lanes

169:1.6 allow me to g. into the world to seek my own

173:2.2 they agreed upon appointing five groups to g.

180:0.2 When you g. into the world to proclaim this gospel

181:2.12 you will g. alone, and to the ends of the earth,

194:0.1 a strong urge to g. and publicly proclaim the gospel

194:3.11 They are to g. to conquer the world with unfailing

194:4.2 they g. at once to preach their gospel with new

goalsee goal of

1:0.5 to attain the supernal and divine g. which God has

9:5.6 you are far short of that divine g. as you function in

14:4.18 Even the mortals of time have their g. and ideals of

14:6.11 the Havona creation as the worthy and alluring g. for

16:7.4 able to examine the different ways of attaining a g.

16:7.4 But a personality can also examine the g. itself and

22:7.6 Havona personalitiesfinally achieve their g.,

22:10.9 Havona destination and their eventual Paradise g..

24:6.3 the sleep of eternity transit to the Paradise g.,

25:4.12 As you journey toward your Paradise g., acquiring

26:7.1 will be required to meet the demands of the high g.

34:6.11 if you sincerely desire to reach the eternal g., then

37:2.4 As an attainment g. this high corps is never closed to

39:4.7 While the attainment of each ascendant g. is a factual

39:4.7 full though transient satisfaction of g. attainment.

39:4.7 personality tastes the sweetness of g. fulfillment.

40:10.6 the attainment of this g. automatically shuts them

40:10.10 mortals do ascend to Paradise, do attain a g. equal to

43:8.10 the ability to grasp the eternal g.-meanings concealed

50:6.4 noble culture and find some way to attain such a g..

58:6.8 while those that fall short of this g. cease to exist.

68:2.2 extinction or survival—depending on whether that g.

75:8.6 Perfection is our eternal g., not our origin.

91:2.2 Magic has sometimes ascended by g. elevation from

99:7.2 loyalty to a transcendent object, a steadying g. above

100:3.1 price essential to the attainment of the supreme g.,

106:7.4 The improbability of g. attainment does not,

112:1.14 directive patterns are highly influential in g. choosing

112:7.11 neither Adjuster nor mortal can attain that unique g.

118:0.10 of transient g. attainment which serve so effectively

118:0.12 the fullness of the sweetness of g. attainment

130:4.8 values, having for its final g. the Universal Father.

132:2.8 more of a quest than a possession, more of a g. than

132:3.7 and when the soul does once achieve this divine g.,

140:4.9 Without a worthy g., life becomes aimless and

147:5.8 motion; she is on the way toward an eternal g..

155:1.3 Their g. is near and more or less visible; wherefore

160:1.8 drive man on in the pursuit of a g. which is beset

160:1.14 And thus to transfer one’s g. from time to eternity,

160:4.1 While the spirit is our g., the flesh is a fact.

195:1.1 had a common g.both aimed at the emergence of

195:7.22 material things in an effort to achieve a spiritual g..

goal of

0:10.2 God the Absolute is the realization-attainment g. of

1:0.3 The transcendent g. of the children of time is to find

5:1.2 you may achieve the g. of the journey of mortal

5:1.12 established by a loving God as the universe g. of his

9:2.4 ideals of divinity and the g. of supreme perfection.

11:9.1 and the final g. of destiny for all spirit personalities.

11:9.1 Paradise still remains the g. of desire for all

12:8.13 The g. of existence of all personalities is spirit;

14:4.18 Even the mortals of time have their g. and ideals of

14:6.38 Havona is the pre-Paradise training g of every mortal

16:4.6 The g. of personality existence is spiritual, but the

18:2.4 to refer to the divine g. of ascension as inward.

19:1.8 to perceive the final and completed evolutionary g.

20:5.2 The career of sevenfold bestowal is the supreme g.

20:5.7 They never fail to achieve the g. of the bestowal

20:9.4 the evolutionary g. of all the mortal-inhabited

20:10.2 the creatures of time attain the high spiritual g. of

24:6.1 the g. of the ages: God, rest, and then eternity of

24:6.8 evolutionary beings to attain entrance upon the g. of

26:9.4 mastered, and the g. of Deity has been attained.

27:7.3 such homage achieves the creature g. of supreme

28:6.17 at last divine and perfect service—is the g. of time

29:2.12 Perfection of energy regulation is the ultimate g. of

32:5.8 The g. of eternity is ahead!

34:5.4 evolutionary planets ever towards their Paradise g.

36:5.12 Wisdom is the g. of a purely mental and moral

37:2.4 spirits who have attained this g. of exalted service.

39:5.1 themselves for the attempt to attain the g. of eternity

39:8.1 but Seraphington ever remains the eternal g. of all

39:9.3 long and enticing journey towards the Paradise g. of

40:10.14 insuring your ultimate attainment of the Paradise g.

47:6.3 the Paradise g. of worshipful and divine perfection

48:4.16 those who start their careers far below the g. of

48:8.1 the g. of timethe finding of God on Paradise.

48:8.3 There is a g. of transcendent service concealed

52:3.12 era; the brotherhood of man is the g. of its society.

52:7.5 The golden age is coming on apace; the temporal g.

55:6.7 This is the story of the magnificent g. of mortal

56:10.16 becomes the transcendental, even the infinite, g. of

66:5.16 promise of the Adamic gift of a new race as the g. of

68:2.2 whole social body push on slowly toward the g. of

68:2.3 worthy of becoming the g. of many cultural groups.

71:8.1 the citizenry is ever progressing toward the g. of

72:5.10 public service is rapidly becoming the chief g. of

77:9.10 in planetary evolution until this world attains the g.

81:5.7 regulation is the legitimate g. of social evolution.

81:6.28 quality of thinking, the coming g. of human existence

83:6.4 While pursuing the monogamic g. of the ideal pair

83:6.6 will be the idealistic g. of human sex evolution.

83:8.7 are the visualization of the future g. of family life.

84:8.6 But look you well to the g. of destiny!

91:5.7 some symbol of the object-g. of their devotions.

94:3.4 their theoretic monotheistic g. of Brahman-Narayana

100:2.6 The g. of human self-realization should be spiritual,

100:6.7 the reality of the Supreme, and who pursues the g. of

103:2.7 the altruistic impulse as leading to the g. of human

108:5.10 therefore is the g. of perfection certainly attainable.

110:3.4 The great g. of human existence is to attune to the

112:0.1 sincerely run the race of time and gain the final g. of

112:2.8 with the personality of Deity is the eternal g. of

112:7.15 this is the g. of destiny for all Adjusters who become

116:6.1 The g. of the evolutionary universes is subjugation

117:7.13 The present g. of the superuniverses is to become,

127:6.12 plan for the achievement of a higher and distant g. of

127:6.12 for the attainment of a nearer and immediate g. of

130:6.2 regarding the best route to the g. of destiny which

131:3.7 Immortality is the g. of sincerity; death, the end of

131:9.4 To attain the perfection of Heaven is the g. of man.

132:1.3 which has repudiated its spiritual g. of attainment.

132:3.7 not stop short of the attainment of this g. of destiny;

133:5.8 reveals a spiritual g. of progressive personality

134:6.2 and political problems associated with such a g. of

134:8.4 The mortal g of this earth creature was there attained

141:5.3 Second, you all have a common g. of existence;

143:1.4 The ultimate g. of human progress is the reverent

158:6.3 your g. of attainment was not the will of the Father

160:1.14 and embraced the living God as the eternal g. of

160:1.15 for the realities of true attainment, the g. of maturity.

160:3.5 It presents a new and exalted g. of destiny,

160:3.5 these new concepts of the eternal and divine g. of

170:2.6 new gospel held up spiritual attainment as the true g.

170:2.19 The kingdom of God, the g. of mortal believers,

180:5.10 the environment of present evil and the eternal g. of

195:0.4 this new concept of the purpose of living and the g.

195:7.14 to serve other machines and to choose as their g. of

195:10.5 toward the higher and divine g. of mortal existence.

196:2.11 The ultimate g. of society’s most advanced

goalssee goals of

12:9.1 destiny consists in the creation of new and spirit g.

39:4.7 in the larger sense such g. are simply milestones

42:12.6 5. Attainment of wisdom g..

71:3.6 3. Cosmic insight interpreted in terms of planetary g..

71:7.10 5. The motivation of g.morality.

87:7.10 But a culta symbolism of rituals, slogans, or g.

94:8.8 pinning hope and aspirations entirely on temporal g.

94:8.17 the intelligent and enthusiastic pursuit of worthy g.

99:3.8 distorted and perverted into the pursuit of false g.,

99:5.7 of some sort which eventually creates common g..

99:5.7 G. rather than creeds should unify religionists.

100:6.3 for the highest universe objectivessupreme g..

100:6.4 to attain the highest universe and superuniverse g..

103:1.4 easier for men to agree on religious values—g.

103:1.4 religion can agree on values and g. while exhibiting

111:1.8 to achieve the spiritual g. of thought adjustment and

118:0.12 begins to hunger and yearn for new and greater g.,

156:5.4 into higher channels and toward more idealistic g..

160:1.4 of progressive advancement toward permanent g..

160:1.15 insights, elevation of ideals, and settledness of g..

195:6.5 phenomena; religion, with origins, values, and g..

goals of

12:9.1 cosmic allurements of such supernal g of nonmaterial

31:1.5 these three destinies as constituting the supreme g. of

71:4.15 the realization of the highest human and divine g. of

71:7.2 the g. of living, and the glories of cosmic destiny.

79:8.17 reawakening to envision anew the transcendent g. of

87:7.7 The new cult must provide supreme g. of living

91:4.2 a guide to the progressive striving for idealistic g. of

112:2.14 the supreme motives, the supreme g. of Paradise

118:10.23 the personalities of time toward the g. of eternity,

140:5.7 The poor in spirit seek for g. of spiritual wealth

154:2.5 achievement of worthy g. of mortal progression

160:1.4 the attainment of undiscovered g. of idealistic

160:1.14 is impossible to maintain settled and established g. of


69:4.5 The first medium of exchange was a fish or a g..

84:3.9 use of cow’s milk and g.’ milk greatly reduced infant

135:3.1 lived very simply, subsisting on mutton, g.’ milk,


80:1.2 Nodite-Andonites imported sheep, g., cattle, and

81:2.12 Chinese farmers had begun the raising of sheep, g.,

135:3.1 over and safeguard his herds of sheep and g..


79:1.2 To the east the G. was an open grassland where


94:4.7 demons, ghosts, evil spirits, sprites, monsters, g.,


63:6.3 an animal g. was engraved on various ornaments.

67:5.5 a shrine dedicated to Nog, the false g. of fire and fire

74:4.3 unassuming; that he was not far from a g. himself,

78:8.7 Each city believed its municipal g. to be superior to

78:8.8 each city having its own municipal g. and its own

79:3.4 had degenerated into the triune symbol of the fire g..

80:5.4 northern white tribes and later was revered as a g. by

85:3.4 an animal symbol stands for a forgotten g. or

85:4.1 refused succor for fear of offending some river g..

85:4.2 The east wind is a g. in South America, for it

85:4.3 that thunder was regarded as the voice of an angry g.

85:5.3 The sun g. was supposed to be the mystic father of

88:3.2 the same time symbols of the group and their g..

88:3.2 Such a g. was the clan personified.

89:1.2 thought to be directed by a spirit ghost, or by a g..

89:4.5 even the resentment and jealousy of an unknown g..

89:6.3 foolish vow, had bargained with the “g. of battles,

92:5.6 In Babylon the g. Marduk was a perpetuation of the

94:1.3 into tribal units, each tribe having its venerated g..

94:1.3 and Agni, the three-headed fire g., lord of the earth

94:4.5 Siva is lord of life and death, g. of fertility, master of

94:9.2 it was the miraculized gospel which made him a g..

95:2.2 perpetuate his dynasty by proclaiming his tribal g.

95:2.3 twoscore separate tribes have a special group g.,

95:2.6 the legendary battle of Horus with Set the young g.

95:2.6 this eye was restored by the wise g. Thoth, who spat

95:5.6 establish monotheism under the guise of the sun-g..

95:5.7 maintain the outward worship of Aton, the sun-g.,

95:5.12 cruel death at the hands of Set, the g. of darkness

96:1.3 1. Yahweh was the g. of the southern Palestinian

96:1.11 This spirit of Mount Horeb later became the g. of the

96:1.14 They conceded the actuality of Chemosh, g. of the

96:1.15 thus changed their views of Deity from the tribal g.

96:4.1 had never entirely forgotten the g. of Mount Horeb,

96:4.2 expanded concept of their olden tribal g., Yahweh.

96:4.3 compromise adoption of their tribal g. of the desert

96:4.3 as the one and only g. of his followers.

96:4.4 The fact that Yahweh was the g. of the fleeing

96:4.4 Moses promulgated in the name of Yahweh, the g. of

96:4.8 Under the teachings of Moses this tribal nature g.,

96:4.9 the concept of Deity from the primitive g. of Mount

96:6.2 crude, exacting, and thunderous desert g. of Sinai

97:1.7 not progress far beyond the concept of a tribal g..

97:3.3 Baal was supposed to send rainhe was a g. of

97:4.1 A great step in the transition of the tribal g.

97:4.1 —the g. who had so long been served with sacrifices

97:7.1 It was resentment of the loss of their national g.

97:10.8 demon Yahweh, the jealous and cruel spirit g. of the

98:1.3 Greeks imposed upon these peoples their man-g.,

98:1.6 presently advanced far beyond the g. concept,

98:3.1 into the tribal reverence for Mars, the g. of war,

98:3.6 the cults, rituals, mysteries, and g. concepts of Egypt

98:3.7 did not hesitate to proclaim himself the supreme g..

98:4.6 and who celebrated the anniversary of the g.’ death

98:4.8 was built around the legend of the Nile g. of old,

98:4.8 a g. who died and was resurrected, which concept

98:5.3 The Mithraic cult portrayed a militant g. taking

98:5.3 This sun-g., or Sol Invictus, was a degeneration of

98:5.3 supper which Mithras celebrated with the sun-g.

98:5.3 conceived as the surviving champion of the sun-g.

98:5.3 the sun-god in his struggle with the g. of darkness.

98:5.4 weekly ceremonials on the day of the sun-g. and

104:1.2 perpetuated in Agni, the Vedic three-headed fire g..

104:2.1 then through the henotheistic exaltation of one g.

111:0.5 little prince is pictured on the arm of the Nile g.,

121:5.8 this mystery pertained to the story of some g.’ life

121:7.10 and salvation by the sacrifice made by some g..

142:3.3 1. Yahweh–the g. of the Sinai clans.

142:3.11 1. You shall worship no other g., for the Lord is a

146:1.1 the worship of a Babylonian g. of the air, Ramman.

Godsee God of Israel; God the Absolute; God the

Father; God the Sevenfold; God the Son; God the

Spirit; God the Supreme; God the Ultimate;

see also child; children; fatherhood; god; God’s;

know; son(s); Son(s); will; see also He; him; Source

0:0.1 the meaning of such terms as G., divinity, and deity.

0:0.5 of infinity and the dwelling place of the eternal G..

0:1.2 DEITY is personalizable as G., is prepersonal and

0:2.0 II. GOD

0:2.1 an urge to symbolize their finite concepts of G..

0:2.2 G., the Universal Father, functions on three Deity-

0:2.6 GOD is a word symbol designating personalizations

0:2.7 term G., as we make use of it, may be understood:

0:2.9 doubt as to the exact interpretation of the word G.,

0:2.10 The term G. always denotes personality.

0:2.11 The word G. is used, in these papers, with the

0:2.15 4. God the Supreme–the actualizing or evolving G.

0:2.15 of Deity unity as the evolving and experiential G. of

0:2.17 God the Ultimate–the eventuating G. of supertime

0:2.18 7. God the Absolute–the experientializing G. of

0:3.9 G., as the First Source and Center, is primal in

0:3.10 G.the Universal Fatheris the personality of the

0:5.3 Even G. and man can coexist in a unified personality,

0:6.12 pattern is caused to appear may be attributed to G.

0:8.9 enables mortal man to attain the presence of G.,

0:8.9 the realization of G. begins with the recognition of

0:8.10 This power manifestation of the immediate G. of

0:11.1 and the Eternal Son, functioning in the G. of Action,

0:11.13 reality actuality, Paradise and space, man and G..

0:12.12 in making these presentations about G. and his

0:12.13 there dwells within the mind a fragment of G.

1:0.1 The Universal Father is the G. of all creation,

1:0.1 First think of G. as a creator, then as a controller,

1:0.1 “You, G., are alone; there is none beside you.

1:0.1 the concept of the Fatherone G. in the place of

1:0.2 of intelligent creatures, beings who could know G.,

1:0.2 The universe of universes is the work of G. and the

1:0.2G. created the heavens and formed the earth; he

1:0.3 goal of the children of time is to find the eternal G.,

1:0.4 of all the struggling creature creation of the G. of

1:0.5 the supernal and divine goal which the infinite G.

1:0.5 as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as G.

1:0.6 This sublime search for the G. of universes is the

1:1.2 of the Father’s will is man’s choicest gift to G.;

1:1.2 In G., man lives, moves, and has his being; there is

1:1.2 there is nothing which man can give to G. except

1:1.3 reveal G., you will find a name for the Father which

1:1.4 In one near-by constellation G. is called the Father

1:1.4 He has also been designated the Father of Lights,

1:1.5 G. is generally known by some name indicative of

1:1.5 On your constellation headquarters G. is referred

1:1.5 Those who know G. through the revelations of the

1:1.5 Creator association and refer to G. as “our Father.

1:1.6 expressive and appropriate name for the eternal G..

1:1.6 acknowledged, on your planet by the name G..

1:1.6 Your prophets truly called him “the everlasting G.


1:2.1 G. is primal reality in the spirit world; God is the

1:2.1 G. is the source of truth in the mind spheres;

1:2.1 G. overshadows all throughout the material realms.

1:2.1 To all created intelligences G. is a personality, and

1:2.1 G. is neither manlike nor machinelike.

1:2.2 The eternal G. is infinitely more than reality idealized

1:2.2 G. is not simply the supreme desire of man,

1:2.2 Neither is G. merely a concept, the power-potential

1:2.2 G. is a transcendent reality, not merely man’s

1:2.2 G. is not a psychological focalization of spiritual

1:2.2 G. may be any or all of these concepts in the minds

1:2.2 these concepts in the minds of men, but he is more.

1:2.2 He is a saving person and a loving Father to all who

1:2.3 actuality of the existence of G. is demonstrated in

1:2.4 1. The intellectual capacity for knowing G.God-

1:2.5 2. The spiritual urge to find G.God-seeking.

1:2.6 3. The personality craving to be like G.the desire to

1:2.7 The existence of G. can never be proved by

1:2.7 G. can be realized only in the realms of experience;

1:2.7 the true concept of the reality of G. is reasonable to

1:2.8 Those who know G. have experienced the fact of his

1:2.8 only positive proof of the existence of the living G.

1:2.8 The existence of G. is utterly beyond all possibility

1:2.9 In theory you may think of G. as the Creator, and

1:2.10 through this absolute gravity center the eternal G.

1:2.10 As mind, G. functions in the Deity of the Infinite

1:2.10 as spirit, G. is manifest in the person of the Eternal


1:3.1G. is spirit.” He is a universal spiritual presence.

1:3.1 “the eternal, immortal, invisible, and only true G..”

1:3.1 Even though you are “the offspring of G.,” you

1:3.2 see him not; he passes on also, but I perceive him not

1:3.2 We may constantly observe the works of G., we may

1:3.3 No material man could behold the spirit G. and

1:3.3 But it is not necessary to see G. with the eyes of

1:3.5 G. is a universal spirit; G. is the universal person.

1:3.6 by means of his personality circuit does G. deal

1:3.8 I know that, while the great G. is absolute, eternal,

1:3.8 great declarations: “G. is spirit” and “G. is love,”


1:4.1 The infinity of the perfection of G. is such that it

1:4.1 the greatest of all the unfathomable mysteries of G.

1:4.2 The physical bodies of mortals are “the temples of G.

1:4.2 mortal men have something from G. himself which

1:4.3 indwelling “Spirit shall return to G. who gave it.”

1:4.3 each moral being of this planet a fragment of G.,

1:4.4 We are constantly confronted with this mystery of G.

1:4.5 The G. of universal love unfailingly manifests himself

1:4.6 G. is no respecter of persons, either spiritual or

1:4.7 As a reality in human spiritual experience G. is not a

1:4.7 the discernment of the eternal G. by the mortals of

1:5.1 Do not permit the magnitude of G., his infinity, to

1:5.1 G. is both infinite and personal; he is an infinite

1:5.2 G. is much more than a personality as personality

1:5.2 although you may know that G. must be much

1:5.3 G. is not hiding from any of his creatures.

1:5.3 “the invisible things of G. are partially understood by

1:5.4 though material mortals cannot see the person of G.,

1:5.4 G. is lacking in none of those superhuman and divine

1:5.5 G. has no personal or residential manifestation aside

1:5.5 Mortal man simply cannot see G. until he achieves

1:5.7 Without G. and except for his great and central

1:5.7 G. is personality.

1:5.8 Notwithstanding that G. is an eternal power,

1:5.8 other humans have been known, as the friend of G..

1:5.10 Father is an enlarged and truer concept of G. which

1:5.10 experience all infer and imply the personality of G.

1:5.10 to its concept of the infinite personality of G. and

1:5.10 has first formulated the concept of the unity of G..

1:5.11 affirms the validity of the personality concept of G.

1:5.11 any person begin to comprehend the unity of G..

1:5.12 not indispensable to personality in either man or G..

1:5.12 in pantheism, since G. has no body, he is not,

1:5.13 Personality is not simply an attribute of G.;

1:5.13 personality is the revelation of G. to the universe of

1:5.14 G., being eternal, universal, absolute, and infinite,

1:5.14 G. does not acquire experience, as finite man might

1:5.15 The absolute perfection of the infinite G. would

1:6.2 G. is to science a cause, to philosophy an idea,

1:6.2 G. is to the scientist a primal force,to the philosopher

1:6.2 finally attain the divine embrace of the living G. on

1:6.3 viewpoints of personality as it is conceived by G. and

1:6.3 G. looks from the infinite to the finite.

1:6.3 Man possesses the lowest type of personality; G.,

1:6.6 You can argue over opinions about G., but

1:6.8 G. is spirit—spirit personality; man is also a spirit—

1:6.8 real and ideal revelation of the personality of G..

1:6.8 a realization and revelation of the personality of G.

1:7.1 When Jesus talked about “the living G.,” he

1:7.1 relation of father and son, as between G. and man,

1:7.2 Man does not achieve union with G. as a drop of

1:7.2 by personality intercourse with the personal G.,

1:7.3 hope if they were not attributes of a personal G.,

1:7.4 We cannot fully understand how G. can be primal,

1:7.5 conformity to the divine will of a personal G..

1:7.5 nor theology can validate the personality of G..

1:7.5 actual spiritual realization of the personality of G..

1:7.6 “The Lord G. is one.”

1:7.9 papers portraying the nature and attributes of G.


2:0.1 Inasmuch as man’s highest possible concept of G.

2:0.1 The nature of G. can best be understood by the

2:0.2 The nature of G. can be studied in a revelation of

2:0.2 as the background of the revelation of G. to man,

2:0.3 enlarge and spiritualize the human concept of G.,

2:0.3 All our efforts to enlarge the human concept of G.

2:0.3 assistance in the enlargement of the concept of G.,

2:0.3 to attempt the further portrayal of the nature of G.


2:1.1G. is great; we comprehend him not, neither can

2:1.1 “Will G. indeed dwell on the earth?

2:1.2 “There is but one G., the infinite Father, who is

2:1.2 The Creator G. is wholly devoid of fear and enmity

2:1.2 “With G. all things are possible; the eternal

2:1.4 The great G. knows and understands himself; he is

2:1.4 G. is not a cosmic accident; neither is he a

2:1.5 No thing is new to G., and no cosmic event ever

2:1.5 To G. there is no past, present, or future; all time is

2:1.7 thus, as it were, G. becomes man, as occurred in

2:1.7 Adjusters, the actual gift of the great G. himself sent

2:2.1 G. is literally and eternally present in his universe

2:2.2 “Whatsoever G. does, it shall be forever; nothing can

2:2.3 The reactions of a changeless G., in the execution of

2:2.3 the purpose, the everlasting plan, of the eternal G..

2:2.5 G. is neither self-centered nor self-contained; he

2:2.6 G. is eternally and infinitely perfect, he cannot

2:2.6 The personal and liberating touch of the G. of

2:3.1 G. is righteous; therefore is he just.

2:3.1 “for there is no iniquity with the Lord our G.,

2:3.2 How futile to make puerile appeals to such a G. to

2:3.2 “Be not deceived; G. is not mocked, for whatsoever

2:3.2 deliberate rebellion against the government of G. is

2:4.1 “Our G. is full of compassion, gracious, long-

2:4.1 “the Father of mercies and the G. of all comfort.”

2:4.2 G. is inherently kind, naturally compassionate, and

2:4.2 Since G. knows all about his children, it is easy for

2:4.3 wisdom enables a righteous G. to minister justice

2:4.3 G. is never a victim of attitudinal antagonisms.

2:5.0 5. THE LOVE OF GOD

2:5.1G. is love”; therefore his only personal attitude

2:5.2 It is wrong to think of G. as being coaxed into loving

2:5.2 G. sends the marvelous Adjusters to indwell the

2:5.4 G. is divinely kind to sinners.

2:5.4 are received, “for our G. will abundantly pardon.”

2:5.5 the greatest evidence of the goodness of G. is the

2:5.5 Though you cannot find G. by searching, if you will

2:5.6 How unreasonable that you should not worship G.

2:5.6 Between you and G. there is a tremendous

2:5.6 separates you from the personal presence of G.,

2:5.6 ponder the solemn fact that G. lives within you;

2:5.7 I think I would love G. just as much if he were not

2:5.8 Knowing that G. loves me, I should continue to

2:5.9 As you ponder the loving nature of G., there is only

2:5.9 you will yield to G. an affection analogous to that

2:5.10 But the love of G. is an intelligent and farseeing

2:5.10 G. is love, but love is not G..

2:5.10 Adjuster who individualizes the love of G. to each

2:5.11 to indicate the matchless affection of the living G.

2:5.12 When man loses sight of the love of a personal G.,


2:6.1 the goodness of G. is found only in the spiritual