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179:1.5 They were seated about the U. table on these divans


117:6.4 by some unrevealed but u. force of co-ordination,

118:2.3 there exists a vast domain of the u. becoming—


117:7.16 the u. of his Deity presence will probably continue


118:2.1 The u. of Deity must not be confused with the

118:2.1 co-ordinate, and unify his time-space u. and his time-

118:2.1 while Deity u. may be so often space associated,

118:2.1 it is not necessarily time conditioned.

118:2.3 Deity, but he is literally a manifestation of divine u..

118:3.1 Only by u. could Deity unify time-space


5:4.5 religion promised salvation from disharmony, u.,

56:10.4 Hence materialism, atheism, is the maximation of u.,

125:1.3 Jesus was shocked by the spiritual u. that he beheld

156:5.5 Beauty is always triumphant over u. in the hearts

195:5.5 aesthetic appreciation of beauty contrasted with u..


87:5.7 same motive, it became the fashion to look u..

87:5.7 The savage sought for an u. name.

87:5.7 of art, and it long kept the world somber and u..

111:1.6 rendered evil and u. by the sinful machinations of

132:4.6 Choose the beautiful in place of the u..

139:8.3 Thomas was “mean, u., and always suspicious.”


80:9.6 Europe by way of both the Balkans and the U..

ultimacysee Ultimacy

2:5.8 his attributes of supremacy, u., and absoluteness.

5:5.11 eventuate in the realization of the u. of God,

10:4.7 discoveries of Trinity supremacy and u., if not of

12:1.16 destined to eventuate-evolve the u. of creation.

16:2.4 the exercise of these powers of supremacy and u.

29:4.38 delicacy of accuracy, even with u. of precision.

30:1.92 they are the eventuated children of divinity, u.,

31:10.11 a material universe sublime in its u., a vast creation

56:4.3 up through supremacy and u. to God the Absolute

56:5.2 deity unification on transcendental levels of u.,

56:9.4 stands in finality, eternity, supremacy, and u. and,

56:9.5 co-ordinated Deity associations of supremacy, u.,

106:8.15 those phases of u. which are control directing,

118:2.1 ubiquity of Deity must not be confused with the u.

130:7.6 does the concept of potential space approach u..


0:1.10 supersustenance, sometimes called the U. of Deity.

0:1.12 Deity level of U. connotes a function in relation to

0:1.12 absonite phenomenon is an act of the U. of Deity.

0:3.22 divinity levels of Supremacy, U., and Absoluteness

0:11.2 experiential Deity on the levels of Supremacy, U.,

1:7.7 transcendence of time and space by the U. of Deity;

10:5.5 this relationship is denominated the Trinity of U..

10:8.2 to discuss the functions of the Trinity of U., but

16:1.3 the three eternal Deities in Supremacy and in U..

106:8.9 function, a transcendental function (Trinity of U.),

118:4.6 act of the U. of Deity and of the manifold agencies

118:4.7 capacity-producing presence of the U. of Deity

118:10.4 the transcendental realms of the U. of Deity.


11:8.6 We designate these stages u..

42:2.13 collectively, are spoken of on Uversa as U..

ultimatesee Ultimate

0:1.10 7. U.—self-projected time-space-transcending Deity.

0:9.1 unfoldment is designed to afford u. service-destiny

0:9.5 Deities of supreme, u., and possibly supreme-u.

1:3.5 u. reality of the personal cosmos is absonite spirit.

1:6.3 of personality; God, the highest, even supreme, u.,

1:7.5 U. reality cannot be grasped by mathematics, logic,

2:7.8 divine goodness in the eternal truth, that is u. beauty.

4:1.7 being of my order is able to discover u. harmony

4:1.9 situation involving supreme adjustments and u values

4:4.4 wholly divine and well-nigh u., if not absolute.

5:6.5 creatures with the potential of u. spirit attainment.

8:0.4 the Deities are co-ordinate, supreme, u., absolute,

9:4.4 Infinite mind ignores time, u. mind transcends time,

10:5.1 These functions are actively supreme, u., and

10:8.7 a grasp of the absonite nature of the u. attributes

10:8.7 even if the finaliters do grasp this u. of divinity,

11:9.6 universes in their ideals, organization, and u. destiny.

12:6.5 and true spirit values of u. universe realities.

13:0.6 the worlds of the Father are u. status spheres for all

13:4.2 The Seven Master Spirits are the supreme and u. of

14:0.2 the ideal of divine completeness, u. reality, eternal

14:4.6 5. U..

14:4.22 appreciation of supreme meanings, u. values,

15:11.3 foreshadows the u. triumph, of the whole vast

16:0.11 Seven Master Spirits of supreme and u. supervision.

16:1.4 It might embrace much that is u. but not absolute.

16:2.4 the supreme-u. attributes of the Third Source and

18:1.1 They are not creators, but they are supreme and u.

19:6.4 The u. consequences of these transactions have

21:6.3 on transcendental levels of u. universe significance.

21:6.4 leads from supreme divinity through u. absonity to

22:7.8 the two trinitizing parents become one on the u.

28:4.9 cosmic mechanisms of reflective perfection and u.

29:2.12 Perfection of energy regulation is the u. goal of all

30:1.93 They are existent on four u. levels of personality

31:3.6 spirit progression but not finality of u. spirit status.

31:3.8 the mystery of the u. destiny of the Paradise Corps

31:9.3 This u. personality—neither Creator nor creature—

31:9.6 the u. plans for the first universe of outer space,


31:10.9 universe assignment for the children of u. destiny.

32:3.12 the sublime heights of the u. of creature status.

40:7.4 therefore does he demand u. perfection of you.

40:10.4 the consignment of all mortals to an u. Paradise

40:10.8 What the u. destiny of these stationary orders of

40:10.14 for insuring your u. attainment of the Paradise goal

42:0.2 all force-energy is under the u. control of a God

42:8.1 secret of their basic constitution and u. behavior,

42:12.8 7. The accomplishment of divine destinies—u.,

42:12.13 on the u. level spirit-mind may become all but

42:12.15 is in turn responsive to the u. overcontrol of spirit.

44:8.5 the group attainment of the u. of creature status—

45:1.2 to cultivate their faith in the u. destiny of transition

50:7.3 contribute to the versatility of u. performances in the

54:6.10 better comprehend how u. (if not immediate) good

55:12.4 of the Supreme are not finite, absonite, u., or infinite;

56:1.1 the Unqualified Absolute, their u. repository in

56:7.7 expression of associate-creator identity of an u.

56:7.8 able to approach Deity on u. levels and by absonite

56:8.4 supreme levels—even u.—as seventh-stage finaliters.

65:5.4 in the u. evolutionary triumph of the human race and

71:1.22 Roman civilization, and a factor in the u. collapse of

71:7.13 many will ascend to the mortal u. of mind attainment

76:6.4 a story of u. triumph for their world and its

81:2.14 the prolific invention of machinery, the u. benefits

92:5.12 one eternal Deity and of the u. victory of light over

94:3.5 the u. engulfment of all personality by the Oversoul.

94:6.3 His comprehension of u. causation was most

94:12.3 prior to entering Nirvana, the u. of existence.

95:6.5 eternity-submerged in the u. reality of the good.

101:3.10 6. Maintains a divine trust in u. victory in spite of the

101:5.13 relationships, eternal realities, and u. destinies.

101:6.8 salvation, to the u. of mortal universe attainment,

101:6.16 of the realization of the u. experience of the Father.

101:6.16 even realities beyond the u.; the faith of Jesus

102:6.3 a transmutation, the u. of time-space, an idealization,

103:9.12 and the destinies final—eternal, u., and universal.

104:4.45 Not knowing the u. level of the triunities, you cannot

105:5.4 absolute level of existence as to eventuate an u. or

106:0.6 Father’s worlds) is in many respects of u significance

106:3.4 provides for group attainment of u. eventualities.


106:4.1 The Trinity certainly co-ordinates in the u. sense

106:4.4 Transcendence of the finite can lead only to u.

106:6.1 is hardly absolute, though it may well be near-u.,

106:7.7 Even space itself is but an u. condition, a condition

111:2.2 a surviving soul of u. destiny and unending career,

112:2.11 As mind pursues reality to its u. analysis, matter

112:2.11 the disappearance of matter and pursues it to an u.

113:7.8 achieve u. spirit two-in-oneness, repercussing in a

115:3.19 absonite qualities of u. divinity which lie beyond the

117:7.17 levels revealed in the u. of creature experience.


118:2.2 at the end of the supreme and u. ascensions he

118:3.5 Space is apparently absolutely u..

118:4.7 potential reality is limited by u. capacity for

118:7.1 Neither does u. foreknowledge—full allowance for

118:9.8 Such beings could be u. in that they would embrace

123:2.1 to work for the u. spiritualization of these minds

127:6.12 More and more he depends upon the u. guidance

130:7.6 But the space potential is truly u. only on the

130:7.8 are to be envisioned by the children of u. destiny.

131:4.7 evil and u. salvation from all material fetters.

132:1.3 very attitude presages the u. collapse of a civilization

143:1.4 The u. goal of human progress is the reverent

160:4.13 and to the inevitable crash of u. disillusionment.

160:5.7 the experience of the idealism of the u. and the

160:5.8 certainty of our u. arrival at the portals of Paradise.

163:2.9 without his riches, he would become the u. leader

195:5.12 are shown against a white background of u. good.

196:2.11 The u. goal of society’s most advanced achievement

196:3.27 Morality without religion fails to reveal u. goodness,


106:8.12 Spirit-Supreme and on to Supreme-Ultimate and U.

109:7.5 the Supreme-Ultimate, even to the levels of the U..

Ultimate or God the Ultimate or Trinity Ultimate or

    Ultimate Trinity; see Supreme-Ultimate

0:1.10 7. U.—self-projected time-space-transcending Deity.

0:2.17 6. GU.—the eventuating God of supertime and

0:2.17 GU implies the attained realization of the synthesized

0:4.9 but the emerging Supreme and U. are experiential.

0:7.1 existential beings—while God the Supreme, GU.,

0:7.5 The Supreme and the U. are wholly experiential.

0:7.6 unrevealed deity levels as God the Supreme, GU.,

0:8.11 actualizations, to attempt the attainment of the U..


0:9.1 does GU. eventuate from the potentials of divinity

0:9.1 The actualization of U. Deity signalizes absonite

0:9.2 GU. is designative of personal Deity functioning on

0:9.2 The U. is a supersupreme eventuation of Deity.

0:9.2 the U. is the unification of the Paradise Trinity

0:9.4 evolutionary Deities—God the Supreme, GU., and

0:9.5 God the Supreme and GU., now evolving in the

0:12.2 the actualization of God the Supreme, GU., and God

0:12.4 GU., and even God the Absolute are therefore

0:12.5 two post-Havona Trinities, the U. and the Absolute

0:12.6 1. The UT., now evolving, will eventually consist of

0:12.6 GU. will eventually and inevitably powerize as the

0:12.6 the unification of this experiential UT. in the arena of

0:12.7 GU., and the unrevealed Consummator of

0:12.8 The UT. is experientially unifying in completion,

0:12.8 the sometime appearance of the Supreme-U.

3:2.15 conditioned by the eventuating presence of the U.,

5:6.5 the eternal and aspire to a destiny akin to the U.,

7:1.11 and incomplete grasps of the Supreme and the U.;

7:2.1 the experiential realities of the Supreme and the U.,

9:1.6 the experiential Deities—God the Supreme and GU..

9:2.1 spirit phenomena—the spirits of U. Deity, and Deity

10:5.5 Neither the U. nor the Supreme are representative of

10:7.3 that they sustain a similar relationship to the U..

10:8.2 but it may be disclosed that GU. is the Trinity

10:8.2 the master universe is the eventuating act of the U.

10:8.2 The U. is a qualified manifestation of the Trinity in

11:7.4 qualified Absolute, neither is it a function of the U..

12:6.6 space—probably disclose the activities of the U.

12:6.10 2. The U. in direction.

12:6.13 The U. is, or sometime will be, space present to the

12:6.13 We doubt that the U. will ever have a space

12:6.13 within this limit the U. is progressively integrating

13:1.18 Trinity, and with the spirits of the Supreme, the U.,

13:1.18 spirits of the Supreme, the U., and the Supreme-U..

13:2.10 are related to the U. and to the future Supreme-U..

13:2.10 of the U., even the secrets of the Supreme-U..

14:4.6 5. U..

14:6.4 Ascendant-finite—Supreme-U. evolutional.

14:6.25 Supreme and is suggestive of the potential of the U..

14:6.29 the presence of the ever-present influence of the U.

15:10.21 the Qualified Vicegerents of the U., the unnamed

16:3.17 Spirit is similarly expressive of the attitudes of the U.

17:2.6 the Supreme and the U. may attain new levels of

22:7.13 on a supersupreme background bordering on the U.

25:4.19 They even essay to elucidate the technique of the U..

27:6.2 they may seek to encompass the concepts of the U.

27:7.10 the finaliter is face to face with the challenge of GU..

30:1.93 loyal to the Paradise Trinity and obedient to the U..

30:1.16 The Qualified Vicegerents of the U..

31:8.3 They are subject to GU., and their present Paradise

31:9.14 constitute the TU. of transcendental values and


31:10.10 activity of the UT. engaged in mustering the forces

36:4.8 transcendental and eternal spirit of absonity by G..

42:2.13 but we recognize the intelligent action of the U. in

42:12.15 the Supreme, the U., and the Absolute: the Infinite.

56:7.5 Even GU. foreshadows his transcendental

56:9.1 The Absolutes are co-ordinated in the U.,conditioned

56:9.10 comprehend God the Supreme, find GU., or attempt

56:10.1 the reality of the overshadowing ministry of GU..

100:6.7 of the Supreme, and who pursues the goal of the U..

101:6.1 of the Sevenfold, the Supreme, and even the U..

101:6.2 your faith in the transcendental attainment of the U..

101:6.15 attempts the transcendental discovery of the U.

102:7.1 A finite universe is wholly dependent on the U.

104:5.12 the experiential Deities—Supreme, U., and Absolute.

105:7.3 finites, so the U. is identified with transcendentals.

105:7.3 But though we thus compare Supreme and U., they

105:7.3 The U. is something more than a super-Supreme

105:7.3 The U. is all of that, but more: The Ultimate is an

105:7.3 The U. is an eventuation of new Deity realities,

105:7.5 1. The Deity presence of the U..

106:3.3 Certainly this is true of the TU., wherein the very

106:3.4 Paradise Deities as they are dictated by the TU.,

106:3.5 co-ordinating on transcendental levels as the TU..


106:4.1 experiential TU. co-ordinates the transcendental as a

106:4.1 further activate the eventuating presence of U. Deity.

106:4.2 While the TU. is destined to co-ordinate the master

106:4.2 GU. is the transcendental power-personalization of

106:4.2 The completed eventuation of the U. implies the

106:4.3 will be inaugurated by the full emergence of the U.

106:4.3 so also is the U. there present but in the absonite and

106:4.3 the existence of the Qualified Vicegerents of the U.,

106:4.4 repercussions attendant upon emergence of U. Deity

106:4.4 GU. exists in transcendence of time and space but is

106:5.1 The U. is the apex of transcendental reality even as

106:5.1 Absolute, the union of God the Supreme, GU.,

106:5.2 Neither can GU. as a person be considered apart

106:5.2 from the other-than-personal aspects of U. Deity.

106:6.2 for the formation and full function of the TU.,

106:6.2 the eventuation of GU., and even for the inception of

106:6.5 and while the experiential TU. is subinfinite,

106:7.3 is probably involved with the Supreme and the U.

106:7.6 levels of the Sevenfold, the Supreme, and the U.,

106:8.10 2. The UT.. This is the deity association of the

106:8.11 This is the grouping of God the Supreme, GU.,

106:8.12 and then Spirit-Supreme and on to Supreme-U.

106:8.12 on to Supreme-Ultimate and U.-Absolute, even to

106:8.15 2. The U.. This is the deity consequence of the

106:8.15 The U. consists in a variably regarded unity of

106:8.15 While the U. and the Supreme are comparable,

106:8.15 neither is the U. an amplification of the Supreme.

106:8.19 to postulate the union of God the Supreme, GU.,

106:8.20 acting through the U. and in response to the initial

106:8.21 The U. is all this and much more, while, in the

106:8.22 In the union of the Supreme, U., and the complete

109:7.3 the absonite spheres of the domain of GU., even to

109:7.5 the absonite realms of the U., the Supreme-Ultimate,

109:7.5 even to the levels of the U.-Absolute.

112:2.19 executing the divine wills of the Supreme, U., and

115:3.9 nature of the Sevenfold, the Supreme, and the U..

115:3.13 the triodity of potentiality is manifest with the U.

115:3.14 function in and upon the U. as he is conditioned

115:7.3 Including the Supreme and even the U., all reality,

115:7.6 superexperience and superfinite manifestation of G..

115:7.7 universe of activity,and the TU. of immediate destiny

117:5.14 of the eternal career in quest of the Father as U..

117:7.4 2. The Supreme could hardly function in the TU.

117:7.4 and yet the TU. is even now a qualified reality,

117:7.4 existence of the Qualified Vicegerents of the U..

117:7.7 directed by the Supreme as a member of the UT..

117:7.17 GU. will challenge these perfected citizens of the


118:0.7 6. The U. is transcendental-experiential self.

118:0.9 indispensable to the eventual emergence of the U..

118:0.9 And the dual presence of the Supreme and the U.

118:2.1 the U., and the Absolute should compensate,

118:2.2 you will presently attempt to know him as U..

118:2.2 one course to pursue after having attained the U.,

118:2.4 it will function under the overcontrol of the U..

118:2.4 In such an event GU. would begin to become

118:2.5 is attended by augmented manifestations of GU.,

118:2.5 will a corresponding emergence of GU. in the

118:9.7 But in the evolving Deities of Supreme and U. we

118:9.8 a hitherto unrevealed manifestation of U. Deity,

118:10.7 the interlocking presences of the Supreme and the U.

118:10.11 the U gradually emerges as the transcendental unifier

118:10.23 Supreme, then in the U., and perhaps in the Absolute

119:8.6 a member of one of the corps constituting the TU..

130:4.11 finite to the ascending levels of the Supreme and U.


0:11.4 supremely unified and u. co-ordinated universe of

1:3.7 increasingly spiritual and u. to achieve oneness

2:3.5 the personality of the higher level will u. triumph

12:1.1 force-energy and matter-power functions u. as a

14:6.26 mind existing as u. equivalent to spirit; reality and

52:6.6 Selfish political sagacity is u. suicidal—destructive of

56:3.6 Spirit must always and u. become threefold in

56:9.11 universal unity as it must be supremely, even u.,

69:0.3 and traditions u. metamorphose into conventions.

71:6.1 narrow-minded self-interest is u. destructive of those

99:7.5 social fraternity will u. conduce to brotherhood.

101:1.7 enlightened and disciplined individuals u. instructs

103:3.2 U., religion is destined to become the service of God

115:3.13 The will of God does prevail u. prevail, not always

118:4.6 Their plans appear to be u. space limited in extent

130:7.7 U., surviving mortals achieve identity in a seven-

146:2.17 the finite gradually approaches and u. attains the

149:6.8 love him as a merciful defender; and u. worship

151:3.1 any secrets which shall not u. be made known.

155:3.3 lose their creative and life-giving power and u.

155:3.6 supposed supernatural origin of things, u. deprive

160:4.14 defeat as they u. awaken from the dream world of

168:5.3 u. died, when 67 years old, of the same sickness that

181:2.17 your hearts, and who u. will lead you into all truth.


12:6.6 nonpersonal u. appear to react in accordance with

19:4.6 undoubtedly eventuates a new value in u..

105:5.3 Transcendental u. are, in relation to the finite, both

106:0.6 4. U.. This level encompasses that which is of master

195:6.5 confess ignorance of u. and in the end only leads the


41:9.1 These u. energies escape out into space, to engage

42:1.2 The u., the first measurable form of energy, has

42:4.3 much concerned in the work of transmuting the u.

42:5.4 And long before physicists ever discover the u.,

46:1.2 up through the decimal system from the mature u.

104:4.9 Whether it be a tiny u., a blazing star, or a whirling

105:2.11 true of the master universe as of the infinitesimal u.


15:4.1 the material creations from the u. stage forward,

15:4.4 the appearance of the u. units of universe matter.

41:3.6 and critical explosion point of u. condensation.

41:4.3 suns have largely lost their free u. stores of energy.

41:7.13 the acceleration of u. and electronic activities when

41:7.15 critical level of u. condensation of energy pressure.

41:9.1 maintenance of the basic u. associations of energy.

41:9.1 not so much due to light escape as to u. leakage.

41:9.2 U. energy does not obey the linear or direct gravity

41:9.2 but it does ever swing true to the circuit of the great

42:3.3 1. U. matter—the prime physical units of material

42:3.12 there is still some u. even electronic activity, but

42:4.6 energy currents, power circuits, and u. activities,

42:4.9 slow down electronic and u. activity to the point of

42:4.10 and with the antigravity behavior of the u. energies

42:5.4 2. U. rays.

42:6.6 This same u. velocity of axial revolution also

42:6.6 functions of the component u. interassociation.

42:7.10 due to differential u. axial revolutionary velocities

42:8.2 with electronic velocity and u. revolutions.


15:4.1 fully comprehend the cosmic ancestry of the u..

29:4.33 manipulating atoms, electrons, and u. much as you

41:7.12 associations of u. may be broken up, but the suns are

41:7.12 but the suns are not able to degrade the u..

41:7.13 enormously speed up the u. and the electrons,

41:9.2 The u. are not subject to local gravity, the interplay

41:9.2 they are obedient to absolute or Paradise gravity,

42:4.3 the basic units of materialized energy, the u..

42:4.5 are at work creatively organizing u. into electrons.

42:4.6 yield about one hundred u.—the equivalent of one

42:4.7 U. are humbly obedient to temperature extremes.

42:4.8 But no known solar heat or pressure can convert u.

42:4.14 860 times the diameters of the u., electrons, atoms,

42:5.3 rays—the borderland revolutions of u. as they begin

42:5.4 energy into the minute spheres of the u. occasions

42:5.4 initial activity of the u. as they are slowed down

42:5.4 that point where they veer towards the electronic

42:5.4 As the u. aggregate into electrons, condensation

42:5.14 U., electrons, and other mass aggregations of


42:6.2 electronic-energy particles or on unassociated u..

42:6.3 U. function by mutual attraction, responding only to

42:6.3 Without linear-gravity response they are thus held in

42:6.3 U. are capable of accelerating revolutionary velocity

42:6.3 but they cannot, independent of force organizers

42:6.3 In nature, u. escape the status of physical existence

42:6.4 The u., unknown on Urantia, slow down through

42:6.4 they attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to

42:6.4 U. have three varieties of motion: mutual resistance

42:6.4 of the one hundred mutually interassociated u..

42:6.5 Mutual attraction holds one hundred u. together in

42:6.5 there are never more nor less than one hundred u.

42:6.5 loss of one or more u. destroys typical electronic

42:6.6 U. do not describe orbits or whirl about in circuits

42:7.3 not to mention the velocities of their component u..

42:7.10 and to the unexplained “huddling” proclivity of u..


175:4.9 The Pharisees were u., and they bitterly resented


66:8.1 that might have challenged attention; he was u..

193:4.13 this self-centered and u. apostle had many psychic,


76:4.7 disease-producing microscopic and u. organisms of


98:6.4 one encouraged militarism while the other was u..


79:8.5 thousands of years had rendered this people u..


106:6.6 those superpersonal values and those u. meanings


114:6.7 they are not the source of u. and meaningless


81:6.36 civilization is jeopardized by the dangers of u.:


81:6.33 but highly trained and u. human beings can best be


24:6.2 it is so u. that I despair of being able to adequately


42:5.1 The u. group comes next, while ten octaves up are

42:5.9 7. The u. or chemical rays of sunlight and the various

58:2.2 radiation at the extreme u. end of the spectrum.

58:2.2 and destructive u. radiations present in sunlight.

58:2.2 health-giving u. rays which now reach the earth’s

Umajor the fifth

15:7.9 U., the headquarters of your major sector, Splandon,

15:13.3 so are the seventy satellites of U. devoted to your

15:14.7 minor sectors and has a headquarters world called U.

umbilical cord

88:1.8 The u. was a highly prized fetish; even today it is so

88:1.8 Mankind’s first toy was a preserved uc..

88:1.8 Set with pearls, it was man’s first necklace.

Uminor the third

15:7.8 U. the headquarters of your minor sector, Ensa, is

15:14.7 hundred local universes and has a capital called U..


70:11.13 fistic encounters; the judges were merely u. or


175:2.2 Many times has this unreasoning and u. hatred


124:3.8 Joseph heard his son express such u. sentiments,


41:5.5 the sunbeam will travel on with u. velocity until it

134:5.9 u. in the East since the establishment of the Ming


3:2.10 you are u. to see, comprehend, or know the wisdom

5:0.1 If the finite mind of man is u. to comprehend how

6:7.3 understand why I was u. to portray the character

10:0.3 Father, Son, and Spirit we are u. to conceive how

10:8.7 probably be u. to attain the superultimate levels of

12:6.5 u. fully to predict the decisions of such a freewill

16:4.4 We are u. to trace any personal connection between

18:1.4 u. fully to penetrate the realms containing

19:4.7 still u. to predict decisions or to forecast verdicts.

19:4.7 u. to explain many of their decisions and rulings.

30:4.11 u. to attain that level of intelligence mastery and

32:2.5 A Creator Son is u. to leave his headquarters world

32:5.2 virtually u. to comprehend the thought of eternity,

39:2.8 personalities who are u., of themselves, to journey

39:2.11 you are u. to oppose, resist, or otherwise hinder

40:5.10 primitive men but are u. to form eternal unions

40:5.16 the Adjusters of the Universal Father, I am u. to say.

40:8.2 opportunities for fusion and have been u. to attain

41:4.5 in the interior of this sun, you would be u. to discern

43:6.4 you would be utterly u. to comprehend the nature of

44:3.9 would be u. to see these temples could you be there

53:7.15 years they have been u. to deceive another world.

57:5.13 Angona was u. to capture any of the solar mass,

68:3.4 are u. to endure the strain of the suspicions and

70:10.10 If one were u. to avenge himself in life, he died

86:2.5 phenomena that men are u. or unwilling to penetrate.

89:8.5 man was u. to conceive of a dependable Deity until

98:3.2 and were u. to overcome the influence of Etruscan

98:4.1 u. or unwilling to grasp the meaning of Greek

99:3.7 that it is u. to profit from open religious criticism

103:8.3 in love with his wife but utterly u. to pass a written

107:3.7 I probably should be u. to see any resident beings

110:4.1 mighty indwellers are u. to transmit very much of

110:7.7 Adjusters are u. to break through animal resistance

114:6.19 While u. to inject new and higher conceptions into

115:1.1 would be u. to form the first rational thought

117:3.11 the Supreme Being is apparently u. to function as a

121:8.12 u. to find the necessary concepts in the human

139:5.7 u. to grasp the dramatic possibilities of a given

140:6.1 “Master, my brethren are u. to comprehend what

146:4.6 u. to win many believers for the kingdom

156:2.4 men have not been u. to comprehend Jesus; they

157:2.1 but are so utterly u. to discern the signs of the times?

162:5.3 but you are u. to receive my words.

162:7.6 Jesus was u. to continue the discourse.

166:3.8 the apostles were u. fully to comprehend his teaching

170:2.10 u. to grasp the real meaning of the Master’s

171:2.3 you may discover that you are u. to finish that which

171:2.3 man began to build but was u. to finish his work.’

171:6.1 saw that he would be u. to penetrate the crowd,

195:7.3 a man would be wholly u. to recognize himself as


139:3.3 James’s great weakness was these spells of u. silence


153:4.6 They were wholly u. to seeing him perform in such

162:1.11 were u. to hearing Jesus make such positive claims


0:10.1 without both these u. realities we cannot establish

14:5.5 the ordained technique to negotiate “u.” space;

21:3.9 This stage pertains to the u. future of your local


195:8.9 the unrecognized and u. spiritual workings of the life


102:2.8 be content with mere thinking or u. feeling.


120:2.2 brought to a close the u. affairs of all preceding


196:2.1 get back to the u. religious teachings of Jesus,


84:3.6 man shunned the soil; it was too peaceful, too u..


78:1.1 quite u. by the exigencies of the Caligastia rebellion.

127:1.2 musical but authoritative; his greeting cordial but u.

139:1.11 because of his consistent sincerity, his u. dignity.

141:7.12 beginning to recognize the u. friendliness of Jesus.


81:6.40 Man should be u to experiment with the mechanisms

91:8.8 Man should be u. to talk to God, but only a spiritual

100:7.4 Jesus was u..

146:3.2 Sincere men are u. of the critical examination of

156:5.20 mortal is u. of life; he is honest and consistent.

159:3.13 that you shall be u. when trouble does overtake you.

181:1.9 Jesus knew all that was to befall him, and he was u..

192:2.11 Cease to fear men; be u. to preach the good news


4:2.7 human vision u. by morontia mota or by revelation

12:2.2 the u. human eye can see only two or three nebulae

47:1.2 is not visible to the u. material or early morontia

52:6.2 U. social evolution can hardly achieve such happy

85:6.3 U. evolution never originated gods higher than the

92:2.6 Conscience, u. by reason, never has been, and never

94:2.5 salvation could come only by man’s own u. efforts.

103:6.13 Faith and reason, u. by mota, cannot conceive and

111:6.5 U. mind is impotent to influence anything material

136:3.1 There on Mount Hermon, as an u. mortal of the


112:0.1 there is one part of you that remains absolutely u.,

113:5.5 the material realm proceed u. by seraphic action,


32:4.3 The Deities are in perfect and eternal u..

104:3.14 a triunity, a threefold functional aggregate u..

104:3.15 The Trinity is not a triunity; it is not a functional u.;

130:4.3 Only in the perfection, harmony, and u. of will can

168:3.3 to condemn Jesus with a solidarity bordering on u.

185:5.9 The u. of this demand from the mixed multitude


15:12.3 render decisions, and these rulings are always u..

25:2.12 its rulings are final and always u.; there is no appeal

45:4.20 They are temporarily filled by the u. consent of the

70:5.4 in following the u. rule of the “council of seven.”

74:4.1 a virtually u. conclusion that Adam and his mate

127:4.3 Jude’s punishment was fixed by the u. decree of the

152:3.1 there was but one u. reaction: “Here is our king.”

163:2.1 committee of three were not u. in agreement, they


25:2.6 The one u. designated by the other three as the most

43:4.9 all Edentia closed against Satan; he was u. rejected

73:3.2 The committee almost u. favored the third selection.

144:6.5 It was u. voted to accept this prayer as the one to be

144:6.7 u. voted that baptism was to become the initial

144:6.11 were considered and their solutions u. agreed upon.

173:2.2 u. agreed that Jesus must be speedily destroyed,

175:3.1 the Sanhedrin officially and u. voted to impose the


74:0.1 At high noon and u., the two seraphic transports,

119:1.4 Michael’s return and u. resumption of the

119:2.4 This new Son appeared at noon, u. and

119:3.3 the third day thereafter there appeared, u., a strange

119:4.2 “Reporting the u. arrival of an unknown seraphim,

119:5.1 u. and unnumbered ascendant pilgrim of mortal

123:1.1 They arrived u. at the Nazareth home, which had

176:4.5 Will he come u. and as an isolated event?


125:2.10 by a host of u. questions and unsolved problems.

146:2.7 Such a prayer cannot remain u., and no other sort of

168:4.5 2. When a prayer is apparently u., the delay often


195:6.11 mind were u. from matter, we would never have two


1:5.3 He is u. to so many orders of beings only because


69:4.4 men would meet, u., on the sacred market place.

70:9.1 if an u. man met a hungry tiger face to face in the

74:7.11 U. observers were freely admitted to Eden for short

184:2.3 gate so that he entered the courtyard of Annas u..


100:2.7 the citadel of the spirit, which is absolutely u.;

103:9.12 The convictions of such an experience are u.;


35:6.1 the duties of the senior, while the u. Vorondadeks

39:3.11 to the Salvington reserves of u. Vorondadeks;

48:6.34 Angels take delight in service and, when u., often

109:7.2 Adjusters are the untrammeled, u., and sovereign


42:6.2 free electronic-energy particles or on u. ultimatons.


74:4.1 were altogether too modest and u..

74:4.3 Van was told that he was likewise too modest, too u.

100:7.17 Jesus was gentle and u. in his personal life, and yet

119:5.3 this u. and unnumbered pilgrim spirit was none


37:4.3 When serving in u. groups, these personalities

39:1.18 7. Unattached Ministers.

39:1.18 Large numbers of u. seraphim of the supreme order

42:6.2 gravity pull is exerted on free, u., and uncharged

55:12.2 large numbers of the otherwise u. creature-trinitized

70:7.14 of u. women formed their separate organizations.

77:6.6 a strange, unorganized, and u. influence on Urantia.


51:4.4 an otherwise u. expression of diverse human

87:7.9 masterful mystery and conceals some worthful u..


19:2.5 a high and hitherto u. level of wisdom may possibly

39:1.11 from the attained to the u. level of universe service,

55:11.5 of hitherto u. levels of evolutionary progress by


107:1.2 unqualified and u. parts of Deity; they are of God,


59:4.2 The naked and u. landscape of former times is


1:6.5 the effort; halfhearted, partial devotion will be u..

94:7.2 Siddhartha made a determined but u. fight against

103:6.7 metaphysics is the result of man’s u. attempt to


153:5.3 is sifting of the kingdom distresses you, but it is u..

156:5.20 mortal knows how bravely to endure u. suffering;

163:2.11 form of insurance against future and u. adversity.


83:7.5 older property motive, has u. caused the marriage

102:3.1 educational poverty u. handicaps higher religious


76:2.8 had not been u. of their subconscious resentment

113:4.2 but in the first life men are usually u. of them.


75:2.4 so gradually and naturally that Eve was taken u..

119:4.4 lest any of us should find that we had u. been host


81:3.3 quickly because their u. mud huts were short-lived


15:8.6 threatens to u. energy, to deplete the physical


112:2.20 the u. equilibrium of energies and intellect which,

154:4.5 4. That Jesus was beside himself, mentally u..

195:3.9 gross collection abuses, u. trade with the Levant


98:5.4 u. of the living and the dead would be annihilated


75:5.7 and awful nights of loneliness and u. uncertainty.

82:3.12 mourning and u. social restriction since remarriage

135:11.1 nothing to deliver him from this u. imprisonment?

135:11.4 This long suspense in prison was humanly u..


147:5.8 dead stores of worldly wisdom and spiritual u..”

150:6.1 “Evil, Sin, and Temptation,” “Doubts and U.,”

158:5.2 faith come not forth at the bidding of doubting u.?

158:5.2 I pray you help my u..”

159:3.8 has only one battle, and that is against doubt—u..

174:5.3 I sought to heal them of their u. that they might be

191:5.4 believe even when you so stoutly asserted your u..

196:0.11 U. did not inhibit the free and original expression


12:1.14 beginnings of a zone of an u. energy action which

12:4.14 at the u. rate of more than thirty thousand miles a

14:0.1 almost u. mass and consists of one billion spheres

14:1.14 an u. number of enormous dark gravity bodies.

15:6.11 of some of these large masses is well-nigh u..

17:4.3 at their disposal an u. host of helper seconaphim.

19:7.4 the almost u. velocity of the Solitary Messengers,

24:2.9 powers and u. prerogatives, they are persons;

29:4.20 enabled to effect u. changes in power adjustment

29:4.22 The number of these beings in a superuniverse is u..

39:5.4 would have worked u. transformations in the

41:7.2 it attains the u. height of about 35,000,000 degrees

67:8.2 told from day to day of the u. steadfastness of this

75:5.6 the inexplicable sorrow of the u. tragedy which had

178:1.9 bring to all nations a new and u. liberation,

183:1.2 with horrible certainty toward his u. humiliation


10:3.19 The Infinite Spirit is amazingly universal and u.

12:1.14 vast and u. stupendous circuits of force and energies.

15:4.9 potential of these stellar gas clouds is u. enormous,

22:7.6 U. long periods of time are sometimes consumed in

42:8.4 alternations of energy status are so u. rapid that

52:1.5 most intelligent, very obedient, and u. affectionate

70:1.1 man was extremely suspicious, and u. quarrelsome.


102:6.5 knowledge of God is questioned by the u. who

103:8.5 the uncertainty of the u. be mightily challenged by

178:1.13 If the u. can qualify as a superior civil servant, you

178:1.16 But when the willful u. attacks you, do not hesitate


1:6.6 not to convince u., but for the edification of believers

135:5.5 that a war would ensue which would destroy all u.,

143:1.7 “Today, the u. may taunt you with preaching a

153:3.1 caviling u. who sought only to embarrass and entrap

155:2.3 in rehearsing their experiences among the u. of

162:7.6 Many of the u. rushed forth for stones to cast at

170:5.20 thus spiritually divided in their attitude before u..

171:2.4 and is given into the hands of mocking u..

178:1.6 ministry of loving service to believers and u. alike.

178:1.17 Do not strive with men, even with u..

180:3.1 If my words offend the u., so also will your words

180:4.1 The u. will not at first listen to the teachings of this

181:2.4 fire upon the heads of ignorant and thoughtless u..

181:2.15 better to placate the wrath of u. that you might live

191:4.3 ennobled, by the grace of faith, to love u., should

194:4.12 agreed that they must separate themselves from u.;


101:0.3 over the logic of despair born in the u. material mind

102:0.1 To the u. materialist, man is simply an accident.

139:7.10 certain u. Jews conspired with the Roman soldiers to

150:4.2 But you should not fear these u. enemies.

152:5.3 Moses exhorted the u. children of Israel, saying:

162:7.6 When the u. Jews and the agents of the Sanhedrin

163:1.4 message as you depart from that u. community,

164:5.2 Some of the u. Jews rushed over to where they

168:0.12 these u. and murderously intentioned Jews.

174:3.3 Master, you have well answered these u. Sadducees.

176:3.2 the destruction of the u. Jews, the end of an age,

178:1.4 effective destroyer of the hate urge of the u. and

178:1.7 exhibit sagacity in your dealings with u. civil rulers.

181:1.7 U. materialists and fatalists can hope to enjoy only


184:3.4 Caiaphas was more prosecutor than an u. judge.


100:7.17 His associates called him Master u..

147:5.6 in the heart of your u. and unwelcome guest.


63:4.3 Altruism was as yet u. in the human heart,

74:7.22 merely a provision for nurturing the u. and nursing

75:5.3 And Cano, the father of Cain yet u., also perished.

122:4.1 Gabriel’s visit and of the promise that the u. child

124:4.3 two younger (as yet u.) children, Amos and Ruth,


88:1.10 rulers wield great power and exercise u. authority.

90:4.1 they had u. faith in their methods of treatment,

100:7.10 And yet, with all of his u. generosity, he was never

171:7.5 They had u. confidence in Jesus because they saw he

196:0.8 with amazing self-forgetfulness and u. enthusiasm.


39:4.6 and deluded by the sophistries of u. personal liberty.

53:7.2 the sophistries of u. liberty and the delusions of

54:1.5 U. self-will and unregulated self-expression equal

68:2.11 u. self-gratification unfailingly destroys civilization.

74:5.6 the Caligastia teaching of u. personal liberty; and

82:1.10 when u., can produce so much harm and sorrow as


2:3.3 following an u. confirmation of the indictment

3:5.2 u. chain of rulers ending with the Planetary Princes,

20:4.1 the universal spiritual forces is complete and u..

21:5.10 These Master Sons also maintain an u. connection

26:1.15 the angelic hosts form that u. chain of spirit ministers

39:4.13 portray mortal life as an u. chain of many links.

41:5.6 They go in a straight and u. line or procession except

41:5.7 direct line of u. procession, but the action of the

51:1.5 dependent for continuing life on u. intellectual

56:4.2 evidential of its u. contact with this same source

63:4.5 The Andonic clan maintained an u. line of leadership

79:8.16 presenting an u. picture of continual progression

80:7.5 descended in an u. line from the pure Nodite staff

96:1.2 monotheism was not an u and continuous conceptual

97:0.2 u. ideational growth of the personality of God

97:10.4 an u. line of faithful teachers who passed the torch

101:2.1 co-ordinated and u. explanation of both science and

120:1.4 u. communion between you and your Paradise

120:1.4 the security and u. administration of your universe

134:8.5 five weeks of u. communion with his Paradise Father

168:4.4 an u. continuity of material phenomena between the

184:3.14 Master standing there in perfect composure and u.

189:1.2 the seal of Pilate was still u.; the soldiers were still

194:3.20 to maintain u. communion with their Maker through

196:0.10 and sincere worship—u. communion with God—


132:4.2 relief because of the opportunity to u. their souls to


0:2.2 implies a First Cause, the one and only u. reality.

0:3.23 must have a beginning save only the ONE U.

42:1.6 manifestation of the u. Cause—the Universal Father,

118:6.2 There is but one u. Cause in the whole universe.

118:6.3 volition may appear to function as an u. cause, but


53:5.6 Gabriel conducted an u. exposure of the rebel

87:6.2 religionist stand defenseless before the u. demands

87:7.8 which is permanent in the presence of u. change;

101:10.3 ideational continuity, the u. flow of conceptual

108:6.7 the u. urge that leads man to attempt the mastery of

112:5.20 universe conditions by virtue of the u. changing of

113:1.5 ministry and u. watchcare of a guardian angel.

117:4.1 the u. struggle of the Supreme for self-realization.

117:4.7 power of the Almighty without u. service ministry to

186:2.3 the entire universe of his creation and u. upholding.


3:1.3 The Father’s presence u. patrols the master universe.

4:1.1 u. labor for the honor of God and for the spiritual

4:1.6 The Father u. pours forth energy, light, and life.

6:5.5 u. draw all spirit personalities and spiritual realities

9:0.3 The Spirit u. ministers the Son’s mercy and the

14:2.7 spiritual personalities are u. drawn inward towards

20:10.2 u. devoted to the work of helping the creatures of

97:10.4 they u. rebuked unscrupulous rulers, denounced

108:4.2 men, u. do these mysterious presences urge the

110:2.4 u. seeking to produce morontia duplicates of every

131:8.3 He u. transmutes his attributes while perfecting his

195:7.18 I AM, the infinite God who made it and u manages it


119:2.6 His departure was not u.; a great celebration was

119:5.3 took sudden and u. leave of Uversa, appearing

129:1.1 Sunday morning, Jesus took u. leave of his family,


89:5.7 failed to control population, the surplus was u. eaten

93:10.2 and blood just as suddenly and u. as he had begun

112:3.4 takes leave of the vanishing mind, just as u. as entry

128:5.5 the Galilean who had so u. declined the invitation to

134:3.6 He would be u. dismissed, and his alternate in

191:0.10 Judas was gone, David had u. turned the funds over


0:0.1 still more confused and u. about the relationships of

3:5.17 the trusting mortal of the u. evolutionary spheres.

42:2.13 We are quite u. regarding the exact causes of the

49:6.11 But temporal life on the evolutionary worlds is u.,

99:4.6 restless, fearful, u., and unsettled; as never before

110:1.2 sure guides through the dark and u. mazes of your

117:7.17 the planting of life on the u. worlds of time, and

123:6.8 destiny would prove to be he was profoundly u..

144:1.7 Philip, and Simon Zelotes were u. and confused;

144:5.22 by step, through the u. maze of life, And when

146:3.8 The Jewish teachings had been confused and u.

150:1.3 no u. approval of this tardy acknowledgment of

154:2.3 most trusted messengers, who had no u. orders from

155:5.13 forward with me into that u. and troublous future

160:1.6 craving for one of adventurous art and u. logic,

188:3.5 u. regarding the status of the personality of Jesus


3:5.5 The u. of life and the vicissitudes of existence do not

3:5.8 must be confronted with insecurities and recurrent u.

26:4.13 your deliverance from the u. of time is full and

33:3.5 final creature bestowal, the u. of periodic isolation

48:6.35 complaint and to face difficulties and u. without fear.

101:10.9 from the u. of material isolation to the sureties of

111:7.3 flounder in the maze of u. which beset your mortal

118:2.2 the u. of the attainment of the Deity Absolute

123:0.1 Owing to the u. and anxieties of their sojourn in

155:5.11 mental u. associated with those faith voyages of

160:1.6 conflicts, unhappiness, and u.—at least until the time

171:4.2 warn you not to put your trust in the u. of the flesh


21:5.7 beginning of the end of agelong u. and relative

26:5.3 these children of time have learned to feast upon u.,

26:9.3 The days of u. are ending; the temptation to doubt is

26:10.5 circuit the stimulus of evolutionary u. is over, but

27:4.3 confusion and u. that would otherwise be inevitable.

28:7.3 in moments of great perplexity and spiritual u..

36:4.8 Regardless of our u. as to the future of the

39:5.9 the truth that u. is the secret of contented continuity.

39:5.9 They heighten man’s taste for the sweetness of u.,

48:6.12 Though I go down into the valley of u. or ascend

75:5.7 and awful nights of loneliness and unbearable u..

86:1.4 Early man lived in u. and in constant fear of chance—

93:1.2 rescue the planetary titles from forfeiture and u..”

93:10.8 Urantia a planet of future u. and render it one of

103:8.5 should not be disturbed by the u. of the doubting

103:8.5 rather should the u. of the unbeliever be mightily

108:6.8 matchless adventure, sublime u., and boundless

108:6.8 beyond the mists of mortal u. into the clear shining

110:3.5 neither can confusional doubts nor fearful u..

111:6.1 situations fraught with u. and not a little anxiety.

111:7.1 U. with security is the essence of the Paradise

111:7.1 of the Paradise adventure—u. in time and in mind,

111:7.1 u. as to the events of the unfolding Paradise ascent;

111:7.1 u. as an inexperienced citizen of the universe;

124:4.2 experienced many seasons of u., if not actual doubt,

128:7.10 Mary suffered under the burden of a great u.: If

135:7.1 never did this intellectual u. concerning the nature

142:5.2 torturing your children with u. about their place of

142:5.2 in doubtful u. as to their position in the kingdom.

142:5.3 the victory that overcomes all u., even your faith.

153:0.1 There was a tension of u. and a suspense of

155:5.9 may flee when harassed by fear and tormented by u..

159:3.7 are doomed to experience more or less u. during the

172:5.4 firmly in the grip of a distressing and dreadful u..

173:5.6 and were held in the firm grasp of a terrible u..

192:3.3 In this state of u. they tarried at Bethsaida.


1:7.9 Father’s nature and attributes with u. authority; I

3:6.1 eternal purpose with u. authority over the welfare of

102:7.7 that u. dogma, the statement of his actual sonship

108:4.1 to himself the u. right to be present in the minds

112:1.10 the capacity to experience u consciousness of cosmic

134:4.10 full and u. authority rested in their presiding head


111:4.12 It is forever true: The past is u.; only the future can


22:7.7 the divine parents are in deity potential u.; but

22:9.5 leaving the embraced son otherwise u., but such a

30:4.20 The mind, and character are u. by such an advance;

53:9.5 For nineteen hundred years the status has been u..

55:10.2 Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek, is quite u..

58:2.6 is u. in the further ascent for forty miles; this realm

59:1.18 has come down to the present time practically u..

63:5.3 The Somme is the one river u. by the glaciers,

69:5.13 Man’s technique varies, but his disposition remains u

102:1.3 Truth remains u. from generation to generation,


3:1.6 fulfill all the infinite requirements of his u. purpose

4:1.2 Providence is always consistent with the u. and

4:2.1 a well-defined, u., immutable law throughout the

4:2.3 Nature therefore carries a uniform, u., majestic,


12:7.4 Law is the u. reaction of an infinite, perfect, and

12:8.14 Spirit is u., and therefore, in all personality relations,

48:6.33 iron band of so-called u. truth, holds one blindly in

65:6.8 responsive to training; they are immutable and u..

87:4.6 of chance with a concept of u. supermortal forces,

97:1.4 Horeb exalted as an u. God of creator perfection.

97:4.3 inexorable justice of an u. Yahweh when Amos said

97:5.2 nature of God, his infinite wisdom, his u. perfection

102:7.2 by absolutely u. laws, the habits of an u. God.

112:5.20 of life unified by the stability of the u. personality.

118:3.4 co-ordination of the divine and u. overworld with the

133:5.8 unity which can sense the u. background of a


42:6.2 gravity pull is exerted on free, unattached, and u.

42:8.3 The charged protons and the u. neutrons of the

42:8.4 mesotron, which is able to hold charged and u.

42:8.4 is a charged proton and the next an u. neutron.

42:8.5 by the emission of certain small u. particles.


12:2.4 energy and matter of these outer and u. regions

15:1.1 adventure of one long and u. plunge into new space;

15:1.3 are not, today, plunging on wildly into u. space

23:2.21 on expeditions to the u. regions of all outer space.

40:10.8 vast spirit-questing torrent from these now u. and

106:7.8 and more enthralling metamorphoses in u. infinity.

107:6.5 presence of Adjusters in the u regions of outer space

112:7.16 tertiary function in these now u. regions of outer

115:6.2 of creative activity proceeds out through u. space,

167:7.6 guides of the soul of man during that u and indefinite


94:8.12 3. You shall not be u..


78:6.8 And this u. influx of inferior peoples prepared the


96:5.1 Hebrews out of slavery and u. roaming while Moses

unclassifiedsee Unclassified Centers

23:4.3 and when such an u. personality is dispatched to

28:4.14 primary serials, are held in reserve for the u. duties


30:1.112 These are the u. few; you have yet to learn of the

Unclassified Centers

29:2.8 7. U..

29:2.19 7. U.. These are the centers who function in special

30:2.99 7. U..


93:5.5 Lot, Abraham’s nephew, decided to go with his u. to

123:6.1 Jesus usually spent either with his fisherman u. on

123:6.1 or on the farm of another u. (his mother’s brother)

123:6.2 His first week’s sojourn on his u.’ farm was in

124:1.2 cities with his father, sojourns on his u.’ farm

124:1.11 In May of this year, on his u.’ farm, Jesus helped

124:2.7 fishing experience of two months with his u. on the

124:3.1 but Jesus also frequently visited his u.’ farm and

124:3.1 over to Magdala to engage in fishing with the u. who

125:6.13 the efforts of Mary’s brother, Jesus’ favorite u.;

126:5.8 taken over by his u., and Jesus worked altogether

127:2.4 something an estrangement between Jesus and his u..

127:2.7 more difficult because his mother and u., and even

128:6.11U. Joshua, come out and tell us a big story.”

128:6.11 And how the little folks did enjoy their U. Joshua.

128:7.8 Before harvest he took Jude to the farmer u. south


84:4.6 upon as rendering a woman dangerous and u..

89:1.3 the article resting under ban was regarded as u.,

89:1.3 are full of the mention of things clean and u., holy

89:2.5 notification of defilement, a ritual of crying “u., u.!”

138:4.3 with the origin, nature, and destiny of u. spirits, but

141:4.8 evil spirits, in that day often also called u. spirits.

145:2.13 This young man was not possessed of an u. spirit

145:2.13 were directly caused by the presence of u. spirits.

146:7.1 no more could such semispirit beings—so-called u.

148:2.3 caused by the dwelling of a so-called u. spirit in the

151:6.4 evil or u. spirits entered into him and dominated his

153:3.5 eat bread with ceremonially u. hands.”

153:3.6 traditions about things clean and u., only being

156:1.2 that her child was possessed by a demon, an u. spirit.

158:4.6 “Come out of him, you u. spirit; in the name of

185:0.3 would not only render them ceremonially u. and


92:3.2 salvation, redemption, covenant, u., purification,

122:9.1 Mary’s ceremonial purification from the alleged u.

133:3.6 he abhorred everything which partook of u. or

166:1.5 of dead men’s bones and all manner of spiritual u..

175:1.19 within are full of dead men’s bones and all sorts of u.


83:5.3 being loosely tolerated as “u.” of the joint progeny.

123:6.2 Jesus’ u. and aunts were all very fond of him,

127:2.4 One of Jesus’ u. (Mary’s brother Simon) had


88:6.1 it was customary for the practitioner to work u..


110:5.2 that disconnected parade of the u. sleeping mind,


15:5.12 regions of thicker clustering, collisions are not u..

80:3.7 not u. during the rigors of winter for their sentinels

88:4.7 at all u. for ten innocent persons to be put to death

90:4.3 was not u. for a woman to be the diagnosing shaman

167:0.1 Perea, it was not u. for from three to five hundred

173:1.4 not u. for the temple treasury to hold upwards of

188:0.3 not u. for friends of crucified persons to offer


128:7.10 Jesus was consistently u.; he was profoundly silent

153:0.2 had they seen the Master so preoccupied and u..


156:5.20 mortal is u. when faced by inescapable hardship.

186:4.3 Jesus’ extraordinary dignity, by his u. silence.


12:1.13 that even the seven superuniverses are, as yet, u..

105:3.8 the tension between the ever-existent and the u..


179:1.8 they were still engaged in making u. remarks about


195:9.2 need of new contact with the u. teachings of Jesus;


132:3.5 sincere self-criticism, and u. moral consciousness.

134:6.15 in that they turned out to be unyielding and u..

143:1.7 u. loyalty to the enlightened convictions of

171:1.6 when these u. emissaries of the teachings of Jesus

195:1.11 continued to follow the u. attitude of Abner.


110:5.7 consciously quite u. about the entire procedure.

172:0.3 apostles were astounded that he should be so u.


71:1.22 the boy at twenty-one and the u. release of the girl

72:1.4 The u. monarchs were succeeded by many different

120:1.5 until you return to us as supreme and u. sovereign

120:3.10 u. sovereign of this universe of your own making,

136:3.5 your well-earned u. rulership of all Nebadon.


81:6.39 neither should an idea be u. embraced just because it

112:4.12 character submitted by the Adjuster is u. certified by

196:3.7 indwelt intellect is unselfishly altruistic and u. loving.


0:11.8 and primacy of the u. and the unqualified.

8:2.8 of the u. and limitless mind of the Third Source.

45:4.18 Michael after his entrance upon u. sovereignty.

51:1.5 cannot transmit u. immortality to their procreated

54:1.3 when liberty’s motivation is unintelligent, u., and

106:6.4 any such totality function will be u. (in potential).

106:6.4 also appear that the u. would be unlimited, at least

118:6.4 the prerogatives of volition u. by time and unlimited


131:3.3 Leave no fault u. to the Noble One.


193:4.13 Judas was u. and almost wholly self-contained.


108:4.2 Though apparently u., the Father presence of the


26:5.3 exercise u. faith when confronted with the challenge


0:5.8 2. Mind. The total conscious and u. experience.

12:5.4 of Paradise pilgrims becoming u. during this transit

19:5.10 u. of the admonitions of the Inspired Trinity Spirits

27:1.2 transit sleep, the u. slumber when enseraphimed,

28:4.11 u. and certainly, therefore, unprejudiced testimony

30:4.11 Such surviving souls must rest in u. sleep until the

30:4.12 are wholly u. and oblivious to the length of their rest.

39:2.11 You are consciously u. during seraphic rest.

68:4.2 The origin of folkways is always u. and therefore

70:0.3 Government is an u. development; it evolves by trial

76:6.2 did not long rest in the oblivion of the u. sleep of

84:5.4 all this was an u. and unplanned episode of social

84:5.8 won its u. and unintended fight for woman’s social

86:4.1 was born of the u. and purely accidental association

87:7.2 The more this ritual has been an u. growth,

91:6.4 and conserved in the u. realms of the human mind.

99:3.7 all this unrecognized and u. type of religious activity

100:1.7 But nobility itself is always an u. growth.

100:1.8 intentional, but the growth itself is unvaryingly u..

100:1.9 The u. nature of religious growth does not signify

100:1.9 the realization of the reality of u. religious growth is

100:3.7 Growth is always u., be it physical, intellectual, or

100:5.7 the u. levels of the human mind has been mistaken

108:5.9 that such Adjuster activity may be u. to the human

110:4.2 but you yourself are mostly u. of this inner ministry.

110:5.4 to put into the psychic records during u. sleep.

112:3.7 absolutely u. during the long or short sleep of death.

112:5.13 u. during the period from death to repersonalization

114:7.8 unique group are wholly u. of their preparation for

114:7.8 celestial personalities participate in this u. training,

133:4.9 If you follow the u. leadings of this immortal spirit

140:8.26 Jesus insisted that true goodness must be u.,

148:4.3 Evil is the u. or unintended transgression of the

149:1.2 were beneficiaries of this u. healing by Jesus and,

149:1.3 occurred in these cases of spontaneous or u. healing.

153:1.5 grew into u. opposition and eventually turned into

168:2.9 four days in the tomb because Lazarus was wholly u.

170:3.9 the highest forms of good are therefore u..

170:5.12 desirable social manifestations should appear as u.

188:3.16 of Jesus was asleep and u. during this time of death.

190:3.3 from the u. leakage of intimations concerning this

191:5.1 attention paid him; he derived u. satisfaction from

195:7.3 such a machine-man be wholly u. of the fact of the

195:10.8 but wholly u., obstacles to the immediate advance

196:0.6 spiritual exaltation was a wholly u. soul expression


34:5.4 the capacity for (consciously or u.) choosing the

107:0.4 Every mortal who is consciously or u. following the

108:2.10 they quietly, almost u., arrive at the decision to begin

108:3.8 our specific duties, is undoubtedly u. participating

114:7.10 The reservists u. act as conservators of essential

132:7.9 lad wanted most to do he was u. actually doing.

149:1.7 the healing occurred u. to the human Jesus but

178:3.1 destruction of Jerusalem, they u. paused while

191:5.1 u. tended to assume an attitude of disagreement.

194:3.5 of the new gospel which they were u. formulating.


43:8.2 body, and there are no periods of personality u..

48:2.18 U. attends only the earlier metamorphoses and the

51:2.4 The u. of the seraphic slumber continues throughout

86:5.7 3. Coma and u. associated with disease and accidents

86:5.10 In other forms of u. the soul was thought to be


196:1.2 the exposure of a self-sufficient and u. fellowship


184:4.5 Jesus was not vanquished, merely u. in the material


87:6.1 Man felt helpless indeed before the u. forces


54:1.3 motivation is unintelligent, unconditioned, and u..

65:3.6 the random functioning of u. natural selection and

65:4.2 differential, and variable, but never haphazard, u.,

118:8.3 Imperfect choice, u. by mechanism, unidentified with

133:7.9 the minds of all men would then exhibit the u. and

158:4.2 midwayers who were then present on earth and u.,


123:6.8 Jesus’ frankness and u. manner of relating himself


124:1.5 But he was u. of the wrong of what he had done,

124:3.7 games, but he well knew that the lad was u..


78:6.8 still resented the presence of these u. invaders.

124:2.4 Several times older and u. youths attacked Jesus,

150:7.3 enemies had hired rough and u. men to harass Jesus

150:9.3 the mob spirit in this ungodly and u. assembly.


140:6.4 But I look beyond the act to u. the motive.


132:5.16 blessings to be derived from the u. of nature’s


3:1.7 Absolute, the repository of the u. universes of the

30:1.93 These u. noncreators are ever loyal to the Paradise

117:6.1 form of the yet unformed, the pattern of the yet u..”

188:3.8 destiny in connection with the u. universes of the


132:5.4 2. Discovered wealth—riches derived from the u.


63:4.9 when closely associated, u. people irritate and offend

118:8.5 the subspiritual choice range of such u. creatures.

129:3.8 and uneducated, cultured and u., animalistic and

139:0.4 uneducated, and in some circles of society even u..


101:3.12 8. Continues to exhibit u. faith in the soul’s survival

156:5.21 challenge the exertions of the u. kingdom builder.

184:3.19 is unmoved by their threats and u. by their assaults.

196:0.5 anchorage of this fervent, sublime, and u. faith.

196:0.5 And this superb faith was u. even by the cruel and


46:5.32 this inscription: “U. to the seventh stage of spirit—


184:4.5 Jesus, he was u. but not defenseless.


102:2.2 Thus do the words and acts of true and u. religion


70:11.1 long established, the u. mores tend to crystallize into


0:3.11 First Source is primal in all domains: deified or u.,

0:4.2 1. U. reality ranges from the energy domains of the

0:4.4 Universe reality is supposedly either deified or u.,

0:4.5 The differentials of reality are the deified and the u.

0:11.7 The Unqualified Absolute is nonpersonal, and u..

0:11.10 universe realities into deified and u.—personalizable

0:11.11 of differential between deity reality and u. reality

10:5.7 the First Source and Center—u. as well as deified—

105:1.2 the I AM is not so clearly identifiable in u. realms

105:1.4 the I AM is neither deified nor u., neither actual

105:2.3 differentiation of deified reality and of u. reality,

105:3.8 Absolute. Unifier of the deified and the u.; correlator

105:4.7 reality; they encompass both deified and u. reality.


4:1.4 Most High abide u. the shadow of the Almighty.”

11:5.4 outer margins of the u. surface is a region having

28:6.7 mercy is not a gift to be trampled u. foot by the

30:3.3 may withdraw u. one millennium of Uversa time.

41:4.7 surface temperature a trifle u. three thousand

43:3.4 secret place of the Most High shall abide u. the

47:2.3 ranging in ages from one year and u. up to five years

47:2.5 but very few children u. sixteen years of age will be

49:2.20 the average in Nebadon being a trifle u. seven feet.

49:2.20 Satania there is only one race u. four feet in height.

57:8.14 planet contracted u. gravity pressure as it formed.

58:5.3 a mobile layer of molten lava held u. high pressure

59:2.6 Europe were from 10,000 to 15,000 feet u. water.

60:3.15 rest of Asia, including Siberia, was also still u. water.

60:3.17 of these times, most of Europe being u. water.

60:4.5 was an eventful and active age on land and u. water.

61:1.10 of the early Cenozoic lived on land, u. the water,

61:4.2 Much of Europe, at this time, was still u. water,

61:6.1 Slightly to the west of India, on land now u. water

63:5.4 regularly dwelt u. the shelter of overhanging cliffs

64:2.6 they are now u. the waters of the English Channel

68:2.5 wearily u. the tremendous overload of luxury and

68:6.5 industrial population slightly u. the land-man ratio.

68:6.11 The subnormal man should be kept u. society’s

72:2.12 twelve men over forty and u. seventy-five years of

72:3.1 against the law for two families to live u. the same

74:3.1 walked that night through the Garden u. the

74:4.1 There, u. the rays of the mellow moon, hundreds

76:5.5 of burying noted and pious men and women u. the

78:7.7 Dalamatia exist u. the waters of the Persian Gulf,

78:7.7 first Eden lies submerged u. the eastern end of the

80:7.2 They were all u. six feet in height and had been

81:2.15 Man first appropriated his shelter, he lived u. ledges




85:2.3 All early marriages were held u. the trees,

87:6.7 4. Burying u. stones, one origin of the tombstone.


93:2.3 as they talked out u. the stars, Melchizedek began

95:2.8 his radiance as a stairway u. his feet whereon to

97:5.5 “But every man shall sit u. his own vine, and no one

102:0.1 and toiling u. the temporal sun of mortal existence.

122:10.3 all boy babies u. two years of age should be killed.

124:6.5 camped for the night, out u. the starlit heavens.

131:2.10 secret place of the Most High shall abide u. the

135:3.2 the greatness of the kingdom u. the whole heaven

136:7.1 Jesus was seated u. the shade of a tree on an

137:2.3 greet his friends while Nathaniel rested u. the

137:2.6 Nathaniel, who still tarried behind u. the mulberry

140:2.3 brotherhood of man u. the direction of human minds.

140:3.12 good for nothing but to be cast out and trodden u.

140:3.13 a candle and put it u. a bushel, but on a candlestick;

140:3.18 pearls before swine, lest they trample your gems u.

140:4.2 but to be cast out and trodden u. foot of men.”

140:4.4 Neither do men light a candle and put it u. a bushel,

142:2.4 I say to you, Jacob, u. the bright light of this hour

147:1.2 I am not worthy that you should come u. my roof.

147:3.1 a structure of five porches u. which a large group

151:3.1 or puts it u. the bed; he puts his lamp on a stand

151:5.4 Jesus lay asleep in the stern of the boat u. a small

151:6.1 go up on this hillside for our breakfast and u. some

152:5.3 in the secret place of the Most High shall abide u.

155:4.2 While pausing for lunch u. the shadow of an

157:3.4 And now, as they were seated u. the mulberry trees,

158:1.1 noontide confession of Peter by the roadside u. the

171:4.7 even as a hen gathers her own brood u. her wings,

175:1.23 children together as a hen gathers her chickens u.

176:0.2 and there, u. the mellow light of the full moon,

185:7.3 moral coward and judicial weakling now labored u.

195:1.1 There, u. the shadow of the Acropolis, this Roman


195:10.20 Christianity suffers u. a great handicap because it has

195:10.20 u. the guilt of tolerating science without idealism,

196:3.18 You cannot put spiritual joy u. a microscope;


151:1.2 some seed fell by the wayside to be trodden u. and


7:1.2 gravity never suffers time delays, nor does it u.

8:4.5 Spirits do downstep themselves, do joyfully u. an

14:4.9 the lower living things u. the transmutation of

26:6.3 creature seems to u. a transforming growth, a new

29:3.4 Power centers and physical controllers u. no training;

29:4.25 the physical realms seems to u. a transformation

30:4.20 an advance; only does the form u. modification.

34:7.5 are compelled to u. such marked struggling between

41:7.14 of recharging are destined to u. energy depletion—

41:7.15 are destined to u. disruption by mass explosion

45:6.8 such ascenders are required to u. in the families of

46:5.27 these structures periodically u. extensive changes.

48:1.5 first-stage spirit on Salvington, you will u. just 570

51:2.2 must u. dematerialization on the system capital

57:6.5 claimed by the planet or will u. gravity-tidal

84:4.6 a mother must u. extensive purification

99:2.1 and the economic system which is destined to u.

106:5.2 of universes are likewise destined to u. unification

120:1.7 u. this experience of perfected human understanding,

130:7.8 mind of material origin is destined to u. successive

133:7.12 severe strain on the soul to u. the experience of an

148:3.5 they observed his features u. rapid and multitudinous

154:6.10 He desired to u. the experience with his associates

158:1.5 to its highest pitch, only to u. a progressive decline.

180:5.10 Love, unselfishness, must u. a constant and living


0:2.18 completion of divinity, and u. depletion of capacity

15:5.3 evolving as a spiral, u. condensation by multiple-

17:6.4 his future consort u. further development of entity

22:7.7 participating individuals u. a unique personality

24:7.8 disclosed when a servital u. transformation and

52:5.8 human character u. tremendous transformations

71:1.22 may be expected when a state u. too rapid extension


23:4.5 Paradise, is u. a definite and certain reorganization in

34:7.3 but this ascent is more like u. an educational training

42:4.2 matter sweeps on, u. the transmutations of time but

46:1.4 the planetary atmosphere, u. certain changes, until

52:7.3 administrative systems of the planet are u. radical

61:2.4 The sea life was u. great modification;

83:8.9 the home institution is now u. a serious testing

84:5.10 the twentieth century, woman is u. the crucial test of

94:12.5 Buddhism itself is u. a twentieth-century renaissance.

96:2.2 themselves u. the bitter experience of enslavement

102:7.1 The universe is everywhere u. change.

106:0.18 the superuniverse age it is u. certain progressive

116:4.2 Supremacy is u. its time development, the

136:4.10 careers by u. these supposed seasons of fasting


21:4.6 they have u. such a unique bestowal experience

34:2.1 Having u. marked personality metamorphosis at

36:6.5 in the body of matter, it has u. a change; it has

36:6.5 a change; it has u energy evolution and survives only

40:10.10 Havona nor attain Paradise unless they have u.

80:9.10 since these days this race has u. further admixture,

94:4.1 most cosmopolitan of the world’s religions, has u.

96:1.15 The idea of Yahweh has u. the most extensive

107:3.9 suggest that they have u. a training of tremendous

126:5.9 persons of previous and subsequent ages have u..


60:1.7 greatly elevated by lava flows which occurred u..

60:4.2 overthrusts of the various layers, both u. and at the

62:3.7 to provide for safety in both arboreal and u. shelters.

98:6.3 A majority of such places of worship were u.,

146:4.2 Jesus worked in the mines with these u. laborers.

157:3.1 where the Jordan poured forth from an u. cave.


4:1.10 which seems to u. the whole fabric of cosmic events.


56:0.2 the basic unity which u. creative diversity and of

68:6.1 The land-man ratio u. all social civilization.


4:1.5 There is an u. order and security in the midst of the

4:2.2 the u. foundation and fundamental background of

13:4.3 the u. conditions or states of spiritual receptivity

18:3.3 the u. creational differences of the seven segmental

32:5.3 the transactions of time with the u. purposes and

39:1.8 fairness based on the knowledge of the u. facts of

41:9.4 temperature pressure of the u. and interior gases.

58:5.8 slide downhill, over the u. semiviscous lava beds,

59:5.16 roots of trees as they grew in the clay u. the coal

60:4.2 u. factor in determining the location of a mountain

87:7.4 by the destruction of so many of its original u. tenets

89:5.4 food scarcity, though this has seldom been the u.

94:5.6 brown races as an u. influence in religio-philosophic

123:3.9 real and u. reasons for the necessity of disciplinary

140:8.31 the u. and permanent spiritual needs of the human

151:3.12 u. his practice of increasingly using parables in his


2:2.3 superficially vary; but u. the surface and beneath all

4:1.4 “The eternal God is our refuge, and u. are the

4:2.3 changing mood, whimsical withal, though stable u.,

11:5.2 1. Directly u. the location of the Trinity,

11:6.2 and unpervaded space just u. nether Paradise.

41:6.3 elements, and numerous heavier ones, are u..

58:5.2 U. are the denser and heavier metallic elements.

60:4.2 pressures at work in the earth’s crust or u. the crust.

96:4.6 is your refuge, and u. are the everlasting arms.”

131:2.10 my strength; he is our dwelling place, and u. are

147:3.1 gas accumulations in the rock caverns u. the pool.

148:5.5 The eternal God is your refuge, while u. are the

187:1.2 names, u. which was written the one word,


152:3.1 When this hungry, u. multitude had finished


99:3.5 false sentiment, has long ministered to the u. and


165:2.6 “You who would be the u. of my Father’s flocks


81:6.12 Urantia is average, perhaps a trifle u..

understandsee understandwith not, cannot, or never

3:3.2 every human being to u. that “he knows your

3:3.5 The creature can hardly u. the range and limitations

4:4.2 Paradise status can you even begin to u. how God

6:4.10 study the spiritual attributes of God the Father to u.

6:7.3 your attainment of Paradise, and then you will u.

7:7.3 even we of high origin u. the Father much more

9:0.3 are ever near you; they really know and truly u. you.

10:7.3 We u. that they sustain a similar relationship to the

10:7.6 you will not always be able to u. how many of the

11:2.11 Time, as you u. it, is not a feature of Paradise

11:9.4 as mortal man could ever possibly u. such a term.

12:7.14 as near to you or to u. you as fully as the Father,

13:0.7 You are able to u. so little of the life of these spheres

13:1.13 I fully u., and just as fully and sacredly protect,

13:2.5 difficulties as you attempt to u. these things which

14:3.7 to u. Havona’s beauty and grandeur you must see it.

15:4.1 we quite u. the organization of the material

15:8.7 to u. such likely behavior of the blazing suns and

15:14.4 To u. more about these superuniverse purposes,

16:4.2 difficult for the mortal mind to u. very much about

17:6.3 we u. that it designates an inherent modification of

19:4.2 nor do we altogether u. why Universal Censors are

19:4.6 I u. the operation of the mind of a Perfector of

19:5.2 We fully u. neither the nature nor the conduct of the

23:4.1 the ability of such beings to u. and fraternize with all

24:7.7 beings u. and sympathize with one another is wholly

25:1.6 affection which, while spiritual, you could only u.

26:4.10 your tutors are especially qualified to u., comfort,

28:4.7 I doubt that the Creator Sons themselves fully u. it.

28:6.8 you should even now u. that mercy is a quality of

29:4.26 They appear to u. the language of the realm, but

29:4.38 to u. these living mechanisms is to compare them to

30:4.30 see to appreciate their glory or to u. their grandeur.

32:4.8 and u. the mechanism whereby the Sons enjoy

33:3.4 The Spirit, as mortal creatures would u., enacts the

35:9.7 so created that they might better u., and draw near

37:5.1 You quite well u. about the universe-ascension

38:2.1 angels intellectually u. the mode of mortal life, and

38:2.1 only good can result from your efforts to u. and love

39:0.10 hard to u. that a created capacity for higher-level

39:1.10 feelings which mortals could u. only by comparison

40:9.8 we u. such techniques of memory reconstruction

44:1.11 Music, such as Urantia mortals u., attains its highest

44:5.10 spirit creatures in their efforts to u. the divine rest,

47:7.1 you can u. why it is so arranged that the highly

48:4.3 best u. the work of the reversion directors if they

48:6.2 You should u. that the morontia life of an ascending

51:4.4 race evolution makes it impossible for you to u.

52:1.4 Paradise path, you will increasingly u. the wisdom

52:6.7 soul capacity of every mortal to u. and love every

54:4.2 reared children, are better able to u. why Michael,

54:6.1 encounter in their efforts to u. the Lucifer rebellion,

54:6.10 to u. why such beings as Lucifer and Satan are

55:2.10 u. that beings passing on from such highly evolved

62:4.1 never able to make their people u. these new

65:4.12 the planetary past, and I can well u. how puzzling

66:1.5 in love with himself; I did not then so fully u. the

76:5.3 to u., to ponder the only personal message they

84:4.4 Man found it hard to u. woman, regarding her with

84:6.7 While the sexes never can hope fully to u. each other

93:7.4 little u. how difficult it was to perpetuate truth

93:10.7 We well u. how, by his triumph on Urantia, Michael

94:12.1 provocative of the failure to u. the true significance

97:8.2 In order to u. how the devastating pressure and the

100:4.4 you u. your neighbor, you will become tolerant,

100:4.5 His attitude becomes praiseworthy because you u.

100:4.5 associates, how much better you would u. them.

101:4.2 should u. that we who participate in the revelation

102:6.6 one may know God, but to u.—to explain—God,

104:2.2 difficult to u. the personal nature of a God who

106:3.5 able to u. more and more of the First Source and

107:1.6 Neither do we fully u. just what really transpires

107:2.1 We u. that there are seven orders of Adjusters:

108:4.1 we recognize and u., but we do not so fully

108:4.5 far-flung universe which we are at a loss fully to u..

110:7.8 exists no need for communication as you would u. it.

112:6.2 patterns of the material order which you now u..

113:2.5 The angels really find it hard to u. why you will so

114:7.16 difficult to u. concerning the future government of

115:3.3 u. how it is that this unity becomes duality,

115:4.4 to u. just how this infinite actually is manifest to the

116:2.3 relationships and to u. the meaning values of divinity

117:2.5 finaliter status should u. that such a destiny is only

117:6.19 To u. more than the Supreme is to be more than

118:3.2 the more of the past you can u. and of the future

118:9.7 u. something of how the mechanism of Paradise is

118:10.12 hard for mortal man to u.—natural law is so often

119:1.6 fully u. that this strange Melchizedek who so

119:6.5 Paradise Sons who love and crave to u. their

122:1.3 average man, that the common people might u. him

123:3.5 difficult for Jesus’ young mind to u., he pondered

124:0.1 more acceptably prepared him to u. the gentiles,

124:6.17 nowadays u. how the spirit of this same Creator Son

125:6.10 at a loss to u. the conduct of their first-born son,

126:1.5 lovable child, but he was so difficult to u., so hard

126:3.14 did long for someone who could u. his problems.

126:4.7 know and believe me and u. that I am the Eternal.

127:1.4 his mother and his brothers and sisters to u. him;

127:1.4 mother had given them to u. that he was destined to

128:1.5 tested and tried, he is abundantly able to u. and

130:5.4 the girl’s language, she could u. their act of mercy

130:6.2 a second approach to his soul, saying: “I u. you

131:4.6 the desire of God that his creatures should u. him—

133:1.4 “Ganid, I can well u. how some of these problems

133:3.7 become confused in their efforts to u. themselves

134:8.6 u. what a great struggle the Son of Man passed

135:5.1 In order to u. John’s message, account should be

138:4.3 Jesus but very difficult to u. many of his teachings.

138:7.6 The more you u. some people, the less you admire

139:3.4 James was able to u. a wide range of human nature;

139:4.9 with Jesus because of his family’s failure to u. him,

140:6.1 garden and help us to u. the meaning of your words.

140:8.4 get them to u. his personal practice of nonresistance.

140:8.19 You should the better u. Jesus’ teachings by his life.

142:2.4 better to u. the true nature and loving character of

142:7.4 people of another age will better u. the gospel of

143:5.2 could only u., you would ask me for a draught of the

146:3.7 better u. when I shall have returned to the Father

146:6.4 fully u. that the widow’s son was not really dead

147:7.2 your teaching, and we were at a loss to u. why you

148:5.1 beginning to u. why you refuse to practice healing

148:5.1 loss to u. why the loving Father in heaven permits

148:5.4 for everything which ignorant man fails to u..

149:6.3 fear the Supreme; but when man begins to u. and

151:1.4 should discern the truth and u. it in their hearts.

153:2.10 “Do I u. you to say that you are the bread which

154:6.8 little realizing that it was they who failed to u. Jesus.

156:1.5 Norana replied only: “Yes, teacher, I u. your words

159:4.10 more or less fully u. these limitations of Scripture,

160:1.12 the kingdom, constitutes the new religion as I u. it.

161:2.2 we can u. only by believing that he is the Son of God

161:2.6 men’s minds and to u. the longings of their hearts.

161:3.2 We can u. his unique performances only by

161:3.2 u. that he did not wish his followers to know too

162:2.6 u. that nothing will befall the Son of Man until his

163:6.6 If you could u. the downfall of Lucifer, you would

164:4.7 and do we u. aright that he was born blind?

165:3.2 Presently all of you shall u. my teaching, for there

165:5.6 “You well u. that no man would suffer his house to

166:1.4 men u. that the God of heaven looks at the inner

166:4.12 again and again that which he wished them to u.;

167:5.6 difficult for the apostles to u. the Master’s reluctance

168:0.3 Neither could they u. why Jesus sent no word to

169:4.4 never could fully u. God, they could most certainly

169:4.13 even the celestial hosts can presume fully to u..

171:0.5 grieved that you u. not the nature of my kingdom;

171:0.6 “You well u. how the rulers of the gentiles lord it

171:3.2 wisdom that you may love and u. your brethren.”

174:1.4 to u. man’s nature and forgive his apparent

174:1.4 you will love and u. your children, even forgive

176:2.5 you should u. that, when this gospel of the kingdom

177:0.3 you err in that you fail to u. that the Son of Man

177:2.1 many things that helped John better to u. his parents

179:0.2 entirely at a loss to u. the Master’s announcement

179:3.8 “Do you really u. what I have done to you?

180:2.4 u. that prayer is not a process of getting your way

180:5.9 to u. the Master’s teaching and practice of

180:6.7 will u. these things after they have come to pass.

181:2.27 also u. that this shortcoming in no way impairs my

182:3.7 While no mortal can presume to u. the thoughts

185:1.8 easy to u. why the Jews presumed to dictate to Pilate

185:3.6 able to u. the nature of his spiritual kingdom, but

188:5.12 If man cannot otherwise appreciate Jesus and u.

190:1.3 “You are the apostles, and you ought to u. these

194:0.7 it is not difficult to u. how these men came to preach

194:2.5 spirit also came to help men recall and u. the words

194:3.2 happen in the course of a human life are hard to u.,

196:0.9 by such splendid self-forgetfulness, we begin to u.

understandwith not or cannot or never

1:7.4 We cannot fully u. how God can be primal, perfect,

3:6.6 I think the Father does, but I cannot u. how;

10:7.6 you will not always be able to u. how many of the

13:1.10 explain this phenomenon, for we do not fully u. it.

13:1.13 Nontrinitized beings do not fully u. the technique of

13:1.13 You will never fully u. such a phenomenon unless,

13:1.23 fully u. this mysterious transaction until you reach

15:14.4 that you do not u. would have to be revealed, and

28:4.7 We do not fully u. just how this is accomplished,

30:4.15 probably never u. the fact of such an inexplicable

36:6.7 u. the nature and source of the life-activation spark.

74:4.1 meant well, but they simply could not u. the

106:0.8 attainment, but if so, we do not u. how, perhaps

107:1.6 Neither do we fully u. just what really transpires

107:7.2 does not fully u. the endowment of will, choice,

108:2.5 we do not u. just what determines the release of the

119:1.6 Michael bestowals, but we do not u. how they are

124:6.4 Mary could not u. why neither Joseph nor Jesus

125:6.10 at a loss to u. the conduct of their first-born son,

126:0.2 they did not u. him, but they did truly love him.

127:1.8 her son that Mary could not u., she did love him,

128:7.7 could not u. him; Mary simply could not fathom her

133:1.1 excitedly exclaimed: “I cannot u. you, Teacher.

133:1.2 Jesus said: “Ganid, it is true, you do not u..

137:1.1 I do not u. all your teaching, I have fully made up

137:4.5 Mary said to James: “I cannot u. him; what can it

137:7.1 her so oft-repeated exclamation: “I cannot u. him.

138:6.3 But again they did not u. why he thus spoke, and

138:7.1 Do you not u. that soon, very soon, you are to

138:7.3 no matter what it is and even if I do not fully u. it.”

139:4.9 Jesus because of his family’s failure to u. him,

139:8.6 even if they could not wholly u. everything about the

139:8.12 Scientists may not fully u. all about Jesus and his

139:12.2 Judas did not really u. himself; he was not really

140:10.4 I cannot u. your teaching.”

141:1.4 John’s disciples never could u. why Jesus did not

141:7.15 John could not u. very much of what Jesus said on

142:6.6 Nicodemus replied:“But I do not u.—how can that be

142:7.17 not u. that I am teaching you as spiritual children

144:7.2 never could u. why Jesus did no marvelous works,

145:2.6 Do you not u. that the prophet’s words are fulfilled

145:4.2 apostles could not u. the Master’s conduct as the

145:4.3 there was but one thought: “We cannot u. him.

146:6.4 fully u. that the widow’s son was not really dead

147:7.2 your teaching, and we were at a loss to u. why you

148:4.7 You do not u. the relationships of evil and sin

148:5.1 loss to u. why the loving Father in heaven permits

148:5.3 for everything which ignorant man fails to u..

148:9.3 Does he not u. that such words are blasphemy?

151:2.2 fell by the wayside represents those who do not u.

152:1.4 could not u. the nature and attributes of this God-

153:2.1 a nation whose tongue you shall not u., a nation of

154:6.8 Jesus’ brothers thought that Jesus did not u. them,

154:6.8 little realizing that it was they who failed to u. Jesus.

158:7.2 We do not u. your teaching.

162:7.3 Why do you not u. my words?

165:2.10 You cannot u. this, but I received such authority

167:4.5 you not u. that there are twelve hours of the day in

167:4.6 apostles did not u. that Jesus meant that Lazarus had

168:0.3 Neither could they u. why he sent no word to

169:4.4 they never could fully u. God, they could most

171:0.5 grieved that you u. not the nature of my kingdom;

171:4.9 not u. that Jesus was to accomplish many things by

172:5.3 Peter could not u. why Jesus did not speak to the

172:5.4 James could not u. the reason for throwing away

172:5.11 u. the downcast behavior of the apostles when

173:5.4 But they did not u. him, and as they dispersed,

174:0.2 “Do not allow the things which you cannot u. to

174:3.2 u. that they who are accounted worthy to attain

175:1.22 u. that you must account for all of this righteous

177:0.3 you err in that you fail to u. that the Son of Man

177:3.7 they could not u. why he would be willing to forgo

179:0.2 entirely at a loss to u. the Master’s announcement

179:3.3 “You may not fully u. what I am about to do, but

179:3.9 u. that I love each of you as I do the others?

180:4.6 Judas Alpheus did not fully u. what the Master said,

180:6.6 We cannot u. what he is telling us.”

181:2.19 may not u. all that will befall you and your brethren,

181:2.23 I honestly cannot u. the full meaning of all you tell

183:3.7 u. that it is the Father’s will that I drink this cup?

185:1.3 did not u. that men of strong religious feelings will

185:3.6 able to u. the nature of his spiritual kingdom, but

188:3.4 do not fully u. the meaning of such a statement

189:1.4 the resurrection of Jesus which we do not u..

190:5.4 Did you not u. how great was the gospel of the

191:0.11 We do not u. about the resurrection, but our mother

191:5.1 which even Thomas himself did not fully u..

192:1.2 did not altogether u. why Jesus wanted to meet

195:10.15 races do not yet u. that there is a religion of Jesus,


1:7.3 divine goodness is u. only in relation to personality.

22:7.1 u. by, none save those who have passed through

49:1.1 Cosmic evolution may not always be u. (predictable)

90:3.2 inexplicable and irrational in the ancient cults is u..

105:0.1 and the finality of reality is only relatively u..

105:1.6 the Father, we mean God as he is u. by his creatures

106:2.8 will be attainable and u. by all finite personalities.

120:1.4 behold a new and more u. revelation of your Father

141:4.8 for Jesus to undertake to make this matter fully u..

understandingnoun; see understanding, spirit of

2:1.1 “His u. is infinite and his greatness is unsearchable

2:7.1 All finite knowledge and creature u. are relative.

3:2.10 your circumscribed u. and finite comprehension,

3:4.5 I cannot presume to speak with perfection of u.

3:6.6 a fatherly and sympathetic u.; he may truly suffer,

4:1.7 mind appears orderly and constructive to my u..

4:1.7 I have a general u. of how these agencies and

4:5.2 past dispensations of partial u., your priests and

6:7.3 absolute personality to the u. of the finite mind.

10:5.7 seven triunities; thereby certain difficulties of u. may

10:6.18 But man has no such full u. of divine justice.

13:1.5 of this great and divine ministry from our full u..

13:2.9 you will also achieve a partial u. of the Secrets of

15:8.2 power centers and controllers are difficult of u.;

16:4.7 Seven Master Spirits remains hidden from human u.

16:8.2 attempt to narrate our u. of the known factors which

19:1.6 The proper u. of these three experiential realities

19:1.10 intelligent u. of the present status and true character

21:3.24 The finite u. and creature appreciation of the

24:7.1 and such a capacity for u. the ascendant creatures

26:2.2 helpful to the mutual u. of these two unique orders

26:3.4 mutual u. of the pilgrims of time and the pilgrims

26:4.14 work of developing that perfection of u. and that

26:5.1 are the pilgrim helpers, those beings of quick u.

26:5.2 first, the supreme u. of the Paradise Trinity;

26:8.1 arrive at their first truly mutual u. of one another.

26:11.4 “Be you u. of your ascendant brethren, even as the

28:4.4 exhibit a high order of adaptability for u. and

28:6.8 climax to these preceding adjuncts to group u.,

30:3.5 knowledge is not inherent; u. of the physical universe

31:2.2 divine, intelligent, and touchingly u., but we do

31:3.8 the nature of postgraduate courses in universe u.

32:4.2 God has full u. of the need of every intelligent

32:5.3 more complete u. suggest that such an explanation

32:5.6 to tell you somewhat of our u. of things eternal.

33:4.3 capable of a broad u. of, and sympathetic contact

36:6.1 in their u. of the protoplasmic forms of vegetable

37:5.9 justice require an u. of how a contemplated policy

39:2.6 spiritual and therefore beyond the real u. of human

39:3.4 of will creatures on a basis of real self-u. and genuine

39:4.4 seraphim, who have a perfect u. of all the details

39:4.18 mutual recognition and sympathetic personality u..

41:5.8 to arrive at a better u. of the behavior of light until

42:10.7 Paradise mind is beyond human u.; it is existential,

44:0.20 realities with the full u. of the utter impossibility of

44:4.3 well-nigh complete u.; there, only the Gods are not

44:4.3 meeting on Paradise reveals more of mutual u.

47:5.3 u. of the correlation of morontia mota and mortal

52:6.7 Mutual u. and fraternal love are transcendent

54:6.10 Cosmic wisdom is essential to the u. of cosmic

56:6.3 personalized in spirit to creature u. and attainment.

56:10.2 the quest for a better u. and a fuller realization of the

62:5.8 they arrived at an u. to live with and for each other,

67:0.1 existence impossible of u. without a knowledge of

74:3.7 the animal life of the planet and arriving at a better u.

75:4.7 human affairs and quickened u. of human nature

75:7.4 u. of the consequences attendant upon the default of

77:1.2 planet as to create situations indeed difficult of u..

83:6.8 Pair marriage favors and fosters that intimate u.

84:4.4 sexes have had great difficulty in u. each other.

84:6.3 Complete u. between the sexes is not attainable.

84:7.4 u. of the privilege of procreation—giving sons to the

84:7.5 lack of u. insured the appearance of children in the

86:1.6 neither bread to the wise, nor riches to men of u.,

87:5.13 3. Truth—the correct u. of, and attitude toward,

90:3.3 in accordance with their u., the shamans and the

90:3.9 An u. of old age and contagion is gradually

91:6.7 a worshiper’s intellectual u., philosophic acumen,

93:9.6 later Hebrew priests, although many had some u. of

94:6.6 His u. of the eternal purpose of God was clear, for

96:4.7 the limited u. of his followers made it necessary to

97:1.8 the grizzled old leader progressed in the u. of God,

97:5.5 people will live, each one according to his u. of God.

97:10.6 and to the spiritual u. of these divine qualities.

98:2.2 —salvation—to self-realization and self-u..

100:4.3 growth yields lasting joy, peace which passes all u..

100:4.6 Love is only born of thoroughgoing u. of your

100:4.6 you achieve an u. of one more of your fellows,

100:6.6 that peace which passes all human u., that cosmic

102:1.4 Science appeals to the u. of the mind; religion

103:6.5 hope to gain an adequate u. of universal truths and

103:6.12 u. of his sure and settled place in that universe.

103:7.3 for an energy u. of the material cosmos.

103:7.8 The truth—an u. of cosmic relationships, universe

104:3.1 grasped at an u. of the Trinity of the three persons of

105:1.2 concept is so remote from human experiential u.

106:9.11 u. that living the will of God is the eternal passport

108:1.8 At least this is our u., a belief which we hold as the

110:1.2 mortals to achieve a better u. and attain a fuller

111:4.1 U. connotes that the recognized sensory impressions

111:4.2 derived from a combination of recognition and u..

112:5.8 to manifest patience, tolerance, u., and merciful

113:1.6 journey inward in the task of self-u., self-conquest,

115:3.4 projection of finite u. toward the superfinite.

116:2.3 which lies somewhat beyond the u. of mortal man.

117:1.2 descenders and ascenders achieve mutuality of u.,

117:2.3 It is our belief and u. that these creature-trinitized

118:1.6 transcends patience by a forbearance born of real u..

118:3.6 an u. of space relationships if you would conjecture

118:10.13 1. Mans augmenting vision—his increased u. of the

120:0.4 creature u. which is demanded of all Creator Sons

120:1.7 to undergo this experience of perfected human u..

120:3.10 of your own making, serving, and completed u..

120:4.5 —the operation of universal laws beyond our u..

122:5.3 marvelous sympathetic u. of human nature from

124:1.13 better and more generous u. of his own family,

124:4.5 as the years passed, this breach of u. widened.

127:6.9 he continued to grow in moral status and spiritual u..

127:6.15 the u. of human nature, and full of sympathy for the

128:0.4 same mortals to a better u. of the Universal Father.

131:2.3 “The power of the Lord is great and his u. infinite.

131:2.6 of wisdom; the knowledge of the Supreme is u..

131:2.8 with all my heart; I will lean not upon my own u..

132:3.10 self-u. and consequent voluntary self-restraint.

133:9.3 With all your quest for knowledge, get u..

134:2.3 to the Orient and enabled him to gain a better u. of

134:8.4 mortal task of achieving the circles of mind-u. and

134:9.6 becloud James’s u of the lifework of the Son of Man

137:8.7 establish you in the coming kingdom of spiritual u.

139:8.7 Thomas probably enjoyed the highest intellectual u.

141:2.1 of faith, and you hear not with the u. of the spirit.

141:5.2 perfected unity of spirit purpose and spirit u growing

142:2.2 a better u. of the love of the Father in heaven for

142:3.10 the growth of the u. of divine law in perfect keeping

144:1.3 1. To confirm their u. of, and faith in, the gospel.

144:8.8 experience the peace of God, which passes all u..”

146:3.4 intelligent u. of truth realities plus your spiritual

147:4.2 hear the truth as men of wisdom and spiritual u.?

148:6.3 Job ascended to the superhuman plane of moral u.

148:6.3 follows a soul peace which passes all human u..

149:4.2 That ‘he who is slow of wrath is of great u.,’ while

151:1.4 those who love not the truth may hear without u..

151:2.2 the truth has no real root in their deeper u., their

153:3.5 “Are you also hard of u.?

156:2.4 heathen achieved a good u. of the Master’s

157:2.2 reverence for the traditions so to pervert your u.

158:7.7 mount of the transfiguration, arrived at a fuller u. of

160:1.12 that self-u. which obliterates debilitating fear; and

160:2.6 1. Mutual self-expression and self-u.. Many noble

161:1.2 beings who are capable of sympathetic u..

161:1.8 u.; that Jesus and the Father were one.

161:2.7 Everything seems to be open to his unique u..

162:1.7 been due to a secret u. with the Roman officials.

162:5.3 with u. rejects this saving light shall die in his sins.

162:9.3 the sympathetic u. they experienced in his private

162:9.5 In accordance with this u., early in November Abner

172:5.7 Nathaniel had great confidence in Jesus’ u. of men

174:1.3 father enjoys priority and superiority of u. in all

174:1.3 divinity of sympathy and capacity for loving u..

174:1.3 inherent and inalienable in God’s infinite u., in his

174:1.4 child, being immature and lacking in the fuller u.

174:1.5 your failure to attain adult sympathy, u., and love.

174:1.5 It is founded on u., nurtured by unselfish service,

174:4.3 to love him with all the heart, u., and strength, and

178:2.9 an u. arrived at between the Master and John Mark

181:1.10 a peace which passes the u. of mortal mind, but

183:4.2 to scatter, every man for himself, with the u. that

190:5.6 opened up to our u. the teachings of the Scriptures!”

195:6.4 the day of a better u. is already beginning to dawn.

195:10.1 of Jesus’ life and illuminated with a new u. of his

understanding, spirit of

34:4.10 the spirit of courage, the spirit of u., the spirit of

34:4.12 the adjutant of intuition, the spirit of “quick u..”

36:5.7 2. The spirit of u.—the impulse of co-ordination,

36:5.2 the following designations: intuition, u., courage,

62:6.3 the spirit of u. was able to endow such creatures


4:3.3 the difficulty which Urantia mortals have in u. God is

20:5.5 U. more about the bestowal Sons, you discern why

22:6.2 qualified to assist the superuniverse rulers in u. the

50:1.2 innately sympathetic with, and u. of, the planetary

50:6.3 Urantians are prevented from u. very much about the

67:0.1 existence impossible of u. without a knowledge of

77:1.2 planet as to create situations indeed difficult of u..

106:8.20 any difficulty in u. the complete Trinity of Trinities,

117:5.14 being finite, are incapable of really u. the infinite

118:3.5 difficulty we have in u. space on the material level

126:3.8 (well u. that much of the Eastern mysticism which

129:3.6 also always be helpful in u. Jesus’ life on earth if

136:7.3 U. all of this and knowing that the Master refused

148:6.10 of God and u. the mercy of the Father in heaven.

151:1.4 those who love not the truth may hear without u..

153:3.5 “Are you also hard of u.?

167:2.4 refused to offer them further help in u. the parable.

169:4.4 You can know God, not by u. what Jesus said, but

172:5.5 John Zebedee came somewhere near u. why Jesus

172:5.7 to u. the Master’s reason for enlisting the popular

172:5.7 U. the real reason for the Master’s entering the city

175:3.3 U. that Jesus might not return that day (Wednesday)

189:0.3 their beloved Sovereign; and not u. such phenomena,


2:4.5 u. interpretation of the demands of supreme

2:6.5 love gives and craves affection, seeks u. fellowship

8:4.3 sympathetic and u. spirit minister to every pilgrim

12:9.3 The u. knowledge of this one physiochemical

14:0.1 creation is really beyond the u. grasp of the human

15:12.1 of u. personalities chosen from the deliberative

20:1.15 Creator and creature are forever blended in u.,

20:10.3 loving ministry, and u. sovereignty of the Michaels.

22:2.9 useful and sympathetic ministers, u. messengers,

22:4.3 most noble types of the most experienced and u.

22:10.9 there to give wise and u. co-operation with the

25:3.6 they prove to be the u. friends of men, angels, and

26:3.1 highest sense, fraternal and u. beings of mutual

26:8.1 Paradise to achieve an u. contact with the Eternal

26:11.3 promoting their u. association with diverse groups.

26:11.4 “Be you u. of your ascendant brethren, even as the

34:3.6 Divine Minister is the u. helper of the Creator Son,

35:2.1 find in these Sons u. friends, sympathetic teachers,

47:6.3 based on the u. sympathy of mutual appreciation,

47:8.7 serves to make glorified mortals very kind and u.,

48:5.9 sympathetic teachers, wise and u. instructors, able

48:6.35 you are face to face with true friends and u.

56:10.16 u. grasp of the relation of all parts to that whole;

71:5.3 intelligent co-operation, u. fraternity, and spiritual

77:8.4 in a way, of your races and are, therefore, very u.

103:6.7 Reason is the u. technique of the sciences; faith is

108:3.6 your exquisite unselfishness, your u. ministry, and

110:3.4 a true and u. consecration to the eternal aims of

112:7.18 matchless administrators, and u. and sympathetic

115:3.2 finds no basis upon which to attempt to formulate u.

119:0.4 Creators to become wise, sympathetic, just, and u.

119:0.5 necessary to a fair, merciful, and u. administration of

119:0.6 such Sons become intelligent and u. rulers; they

119:3.7 Son of the universe they have an u. sovereign and

120:0.5 the universal Creators with the u. experience of his

124:2.5 a rare and u. sympathy that betokened love and

124:5.6 patient, u., and effective teacher and eldest brother

127:0.3 forever he became the u. refuge for the distressed

127:0.4 the u. refuge of the beings of all ages and of all

127:6.13 Jesus is our u. brother, sympathetic friend, merciful

128:1.7 might become a merciful and u. sovereign ruler over

132:4.2 unburden their souls to a sympathetic, u. listener

137:3.7 and u. of the wishes and desires of his associates,

138:0.2 not without u. appreciation save in his own family.

138:8.9 he was also a friend and neighbor, an u. comrade.

139:1.5 he was an u. executive and an efficient administrator.

139:2.10 with Andrew’s sympathetic and u. guidance Peter

139:3.6 was Jesus’ u. interest in the small and the great,

139:8.10 knew all about this and had an u. sympathy for his

140:6.13 would that we should live together as one u. family.

140:10.4 child and its father which insures an u. and loving

144:3.23 worship of the nature of u. communion with his

144:7.2 more u. as to why Jesus did not go to visit John in

145:3.7 heart and mightily appealed to his u. affection.

149:6.6 led up, through u. respect and increasing affection,

154:6.9 in Jesus a sympathizing friend and an u. counselor.

158:6.3 Spiritual greatness consists in an u. love that is

160:2.6 affectionate and u. friendship of man and woman

161:1.8 the same time u. communication with both God

174:1.2 to grasp that u. sympathy which the wise parent

174:1.2 U. relationships associated with attitudes of love

174:1.3 eternally fair that it unfailingly embodies u. mercy.

178:1.17 devoted kinsmen, u. parents, and sincere believers in

181:2.5 such human interest is fostered by u. sympathy,

191:4.3 With u. sympathy and brotherly affection, fellowship

191:5.3 drawing close to your fellow men in u. sympathy


22:2.9 from the flesh, you will communicate freely and u.

119:0.4 innately just, but they become u. merciful as a result

155:6.9 together and cause them to become u. sympathetic


50:5.9 to seek for spiritual satisfactions and cosmic u..

115:1.2 The u. of truth, beauty, and goodness, morality,


1:6.6 The more completely man u. himself and appreciates

2:1.4 God knows and u. himself; he is infinitely self-

2:4.2 u. his neighbor, the easier it will be to forgive him,

3:3.2 he u. our thoughts afar off and is acquainted with

4:2.2 nature, as mortal man u. it, presents the underlying

4:3.2 these human emotions and as man u. such reactions.

100:4.3 health and sanity man u. much, but of happiness he

142:7.4 u. religion as the teaching of the fatherhood of

148:6.7 u. that the just must often suffer in innocence as a

174:1.4 u. the inner impulses of his fellows, he will love

understoodsee understoodwith not or never

0:2.7 The term God, as we make use of it, may be u.:

1:5.2 personality is u. by the human mind; he is even far

1:5.3 “the invisible things of God are partially u. by the

2:0.1 The nature of God can best be u. by the revelation

2:0.1 The divine nature can also be better u. by man if

2:1.9 the impossibility of their being fully u. by creatures

2:2.1 u. the eternal, never-beginning, never-ending,

3:2.3 as it prevails in the material universe, is the best u..

3:6.7 more personal traits of the Father can be better u.

9:6.8 little-u. presence whose function is not predictable.

10:6.18 completely u., the righteous justice of the Trinity

15:1.1 universes are engaged in an orderly, well-u.,

15:1.2 system belongs is pursuing a definite and well-u.

16:4.15 u. without postulating the activity of Master Spirits

20:8.4 Daynal-sonship activities will be better u. when you

25:3.13 conciliators become co-ordinate—four mutually u.

29:0.1 the power directors have been the least u. on Urantia

33:8.6 terms of “courts” and “assemblies,” it should be u.

34:1.1 and simultaneously with this little-u. Trinity

37:4.5 rulings are also better grasped and more fully u. by

38:0.1 The impetuous apostle u. this when he wrote

43:3.4 u. that the Most Highs were not the Supreme

43:3.4 But Daniel fully u. these matters.

44:0.2 it should be u. that the morontia and spirit worlds are

51:1.7 These Sons of God can be seen, u., and can, in turn,

56:1.2 correlation of the material universe is best u. by all

65:7.6 and incompletely u. quick reactions of mind to the

66:6.3 They well u. the slow evolution of the human species

74:3.8 Adam on this trip to observe how fully he u. the

74:8.5 the ancients u. the slow and evolutionary character

93:9.11 Book of Hebrews u. the mission of Melchizedek,

95:5.2 of Ikhnaton saw him and to some extent u. certain

96:1.15 it should be u. that, while the Jews thus changed

100:5.11 clearly u. that Jesus never resorted to such methods

105:2.8 This phase of the I AM is best u. as the Universal

105:2.9 This phase of the I AM is usually u. as the Deity

116:5.13 Creator Son exhibits a little-u. attribute of material

119:1.5 He loved us, u. us, and served with us, and forever

119:7.4 a helpless infant, but we also u. that his experience

119:7.4 we well u. the intensity of the struggle which

122:5.2 Mary’s strange and little-u. first-born son and his

123:5.8 was highly educated in that Jesus thoroughly u. men

126:3.6 not as the Jews u. these predictions of the

126:5.2 And how well Jesus u. life in the home, field, and

128:1.6 The Nazareth carpenter now fully u. the work before

132:0.5 this remarkable doing can the better be u. when we

133:1.3 Ganid, at least to some extent, u. why Jesus would

136:6.7 Jesus sorrowed for his people; he fully u. how they

137:2.9 of Jesus little u. why their new-found teacher was

137:6.4 And they u. more than they had on Thursday night.

139:9.2 They u. very little about the philosophical debates

139:12.7 the Master fully u. the weakness of this apostle

140:8.19 teachings can only be u. when that life is visualized

140:8.22 Pharisees were honest of heart; he u. their bondage

141:7.14 Jesus lived as a man among men and u., loved, and

144:7.3 preached the gospel of the kingdom as they u. it.

149:2.1 Jesus u. the minds of men.

153:1.3 Jesus fully u. how men prepare themselves for the

153:2.10 And Jesus answered the Pharisee, “You u. aright.”

153:3.6 the better be u. when it is recalled that these Jews

154:6.8 Jesus fully u. how difficult it is for men to break with

161:1.2 enable him to become fully u. by those who make

169:4.4 can God be u. by the mere teaching of the mind.

169:4.7 Father is employed to denote God, it should be u.

170:1.8 The kingdom, as it has been u. and misunderstood

171:0.3 The leaders u. something of his teachings

171:1.3 u. that the camp at Pella had been abandoned, but

171:3.4 The apostles u. that Jesus was going to Jerusalem

171:7.3 Jesus really u. men; therefore could he manifest

172:4.1 The apostles little u. that this was the only human

173:4.5 the Pharisees heard these words, they u. that Jesus

174:3.2 And even your Father Moses u. this, for, in

177:4.3 thoroughly u. the sturdy character of his Master

179:0.5 u. beforehand that the Master was to celebrate this

179:2.3 u. that the time had come when he was to return to

180:5.11 nonresistance can ever be properly u. as dogmas or

182:2.9 Mark u. that the enemies of Jesus were coming with

185:3.6 Pilate thought he u. something of what Jesus

186:2.1 Jesus fully u. the sort of death he would die, and he

188:1.8 u. that Jesus was due to arise from the tomb on the

193:6.4 Mesopotamia preaching the gospel as he u. it.

understoodwith not or never

24:2.2 These directors, by a not-fully-u. technique, are

112:4.2 not fully u., the Universal Censors are able to gain

94:6.1 of spiritual agencies, not all of which are u. even

142:4.3 “In an age when my Father was not well u., Moses

5:5.6 can never be fully u. by the material mind; hence

69:9.12 The American red man never u. private ownership of

101:2.16 religion can never be observed, much less u., from

130:8.4 But Ganid never u. the meaning of Jesus’ words

134:9.3 John never fully u. the real significance of what

137:5.2 feeling: “My father-brother, I never have u. you.

185:1.2 Pilate never really u. the problems involved in the


2:0.3 the concept of God, I cheerfully u. the execution

11:3.1 u. to portray to the human mind the divine nature

15:5.14 To u. to describe all the various techniques

16:8.2 Though we can hardly u. to define personality, we

24:6.2 u. to tell you of the work of these Graduate Guides,

25:2.2 u. to portray the natures of these Reflective Spirits

29:3.8 To u. to inform you further concerning the size and

31:2.2 no one of our Uversa group will u. to explain the

33:3.4 Never can the Spirit u. to contest rebellion or

35:7.3 u. the revelation of these new and undreamed-of

43:6.8 beyond my powers of description to u. to convey to

44:0.13 gigantic task to u. to transfer these arts of Havona to

48:0.1 Creators never u. to convert animal-origin creature

48:7.2 though I may not u. to present the mota content of

50:6.1 The isolation of Urantia renders it impossible to u.

51:2.1 of Material Sons—are selected to u. the adventure,

56:5.2 to u. the consideration of absonite deity unification

58:0.1 we are permitted to u. certain life experiments in an

63:2.3 unusual courage for them to u. this night journey,

66:6.3 knew better than to u. the sudden transformation,

66:6.6 when enlightened and superior beings u. to uplift the

68:4.6 of civilization to u. their wholesale modification by

77:9.3 “What the United Midwayers u., the United

83:1.4 not u. exclusively to control and regulate marriage.

91:8.8 but only a spiritual child would u. to persuade God.

95:6.2 to u. the remodeling of the religion of his people.

108:5.1 to u. to redictate or translate these spiritual messages

120:1.7 as I commission you to u. this ministry of divine

121:8.3 written narrative, and Mark consented to u. its

124:4.4 trying experience for Joseph and Mary to u. rearing

133:1.2 his attack upon his fellow—and then u. to execute

136:3.6 about to u. on Urantia, he would be ever mindful of

141:4.8 of Urantia, for Jesus to u. to make this matter fully

141:6.4 Do not u. to show men the beauties of the temple

149:1.4 be presuming on our part to u. to explain how they

157:2.2 it was decided to u. a united mission throughout

171:2.3 you would u. to build a watchtower on your lands

172:5.2 one apostle who did not seriously u. to evaluate

174:2.1 temple to u. to entrap him with difficult questions

180:5.2 u. the human formulation of divine truth, it

188:3.10 we are hardly competent to u. their interpretation.


28:4.14 but such specialized work is u. only in emergencies.

52:2.10 the Urantia peoples have not even yet seriously u..

174:4.5 the discomfiture of all who had u. to ensnare him.


19:1.7 When the human mind u. to follow the philosophic

65:6.1 when he u. the chemical analysis of protoplasm.

71:5.2 The ideal state u. to regulate social conduct only

113:3.2 the Infinite Spirit, the seraphim then u. to correlate


7:4.7 execution of this tremendous u. to the Eternal Son;

16:9.2 man’s supreme u. in the physical tabernacle where

19:5.8 to us, actually contributing to the success of our u..

22:7.5 issue orders authorizing such an extraordinary u..

28:6.11 completion of any u., and they are just as dependable

32:5.1 it is the vastness of the u. that renders it impossible

39:3.6 any u. having to do with progress on the morontia

44:0.20 the impossibility of my being successful in such an u.

45:1.2 that you may and can complete the stupendous u..

46:7.6 in u. to describe these useful and unusual creatures

51:3.2 the aborted development of such an u. on Urantia.

52:2.11 race improvement is not such an extensive u. when

57:8.6 engage in the stupendous u. of mortal bestowal,

62:2.3 considerable elation when successful at any u..

65:1.6 selected the sites for such an u., they summon the

73:7.2 reserves of the violet race for u. the work of

75:1.1 -seared, and isolated Urantia was a formidable u..

75:1.5 both keenly aware of the enormous u. involved in the

76:3.5 The Sethite priesthood was a threefold u., embracing

77:3.4 in sentiment as to the plans and purposes of this u.

78:1.1 partial failure of the u., enormously upstepped the

90:5.1 tolerable burden to every act of life, every racial u..

91:0.2 to a friend as you entered upon some important u..

93:6.1 the fact that Melchizedek would not sanction the u..

113:2.9 of the two angels) becomes the recorder of the u..

117:6.7 activity or u. pertaining to the finite administration

119:6.3 which forbids my u. to unfold the details of this

121:8.14 to those who are still alive at the time of this u..

126:5.11 palace, to warrant u. the purchase of a small farm.

129:1.15 Jesus spend a whole year in one place or at one u..

134:9.7 when it came to the essentials of any given u..

140:7.1 fear we are not yet able to accomplish this great u..

144:0.3 did not wish the launching of this u. to be in any

151:2.7 the danger of u. to make an allegory out of my

156:5.5 folly of u. to surmount temptation by the effort of

163:4.11 their mission was no u. for cowards and advised

164:0.2 the wisdom of such an apparently presumptuous u..

184:1.1 he feared to trust such an important u. wholly to

195:10.10 would rush forward to enlist in such a spiritual u.,


7:4.6 operation of both the attainment and the bestowal u.,

18:4.8 the spiritual u. on the four hundred ninety university

18:7.2 All such u. are under the supervision of the

22:5.6 they act as the trustees of u., personality groups,

22:6.3 upon thousands of u. in superuniverse affairs which

35:7.3 able to portray these u. to the mind of mortal beings.

35:10.3 for extensive u. having to do with the normal and

37:2.8 of the archangels and all others assigned to these u..

43:8.4 disciplines of group activities and co-ordinated u.;

50:7.1 cosmic u. where unquestioned faith and sublime

66:3.2 in every way favorable to the u. of the Prince’s staff

75:2.4 or secret methods of furthering their mutual u..

90:1.5 When a shaman failed in his u., if he could not

110:3.2 terrestrial u. just in so far as mortals succeed or fail

110:3.3 they always emerge triumphant in each of their u..

112:7.15 throughout the grand universe in many u., but we

144:6.10 differences of opinion, organize group u., legislate

149:4.3 had led him off into visionary and impractical u..

155:2.3 about the meaning of the apparent failure of life u..


66:4.10 corporeal staff u. the production of similar beings,

77:2.12 But when the Egyptians u. to reform the calendar,

77:3.9 u. to raise a new temple on the ruins of the first

96:3.3 leader ever u. to reform and uplift a more forlorn,

128:7.6 Jesus u. to untangle the complicated affairs of this

139:5.8 Philip was a plodder and tenacious in anything he u..


59:6.7 The insects u. a radical change.

61:2.9 the rhinoceros u. its greatest expansion subsequently.

106:0.18 The central universe u. no evolutionary change in

108:3.5 since, Urantia u. such a periodic inspection by

189:2.8 The mortal remains of Jesus u. the same natural


85:1.5 ignorant aborigines believed that caves led to the u.,

118:3.4 overworld with the finite and ever-changing u..


118:10.9 u. wealth may be the greatest of human afflictions;

132:5.13 need, favor those who suffer the misfortune of u.

156:5.19 Seek no unearned recognition and crave no u.


70:2.16 5. The growth of u. racial softness, biologic

100:5.8 but prolonged isolation of personality is most u..

168:4.8 deformed that the answer thereto would be highly u..


84:7.6 ancient man exposed u. children to die; moderns


109:2.8 function as u. indwellers of the earthly tabernacles of

115:7.8 u. working of the original unity of the First Father-


31:10.10 needs of the u. potentials in the outer universes of

47:2.1 of delivering this u. soul into the hands of the

47:4.4 awake with the new but u. body in the resurrection

47:5.2 nursery for the nurture of u. evolutionary children.

53:7.2 for deceiving the peoples of a young and u. world.


0:11.9 that the Unqualified Absolute is not an u. influence

6:4.1 control over the interassociation of all u. spirit

29:2.16 contrast to the free space movements of u. energy.

42:5.14 is due to the resistance of the u. force blanket of all

42:6.1 charge of universal force is homogeneous and u.,

42:12.11 the u. morontia material wherewith the morontia

58:7.1 may be found directly on top of the older u. stone.

61:2.8 grazers sprang from an u. ancestor having five toes

105:1.3 unqualified infinity, the u. reality of all that could be

112:6.4 a focalized universe entity apart from the u. mind

118:4.6 transformation of u. potentials into segregated and


2:2.4 especially on Paradise, perfection is u.; in certain

2:3.5 U. evil, complete error, willful sin, and unmitigated

107:1.2 Adjusters are u. and unmixed divinity, unqualified


3:4.2 the Unqualified Absolute would still be u.; God

3:4.6 and u. impact of such an infinite Father’s LOVE.

7:1.2 space; therefore is spirit energy u. in transmission.

7:5.6 the Son’s grasp of universal spirit gravity was u..


7:5.6 the Paradise lodgment of spiritual luminosity was u.,


125:0.1 This brief period of u. living, during the week

Undirected Assignment

23:2.7 5. Explorers of U..

23:2.19 5. Explorers of U.. When the reserve corps of the

23:2.21 These messenger-explorers of u. patrol the master


151:1.4 of the kingdom of heaven, but to the u. multitudes

151:1.4 describe all such u. souls when he said: ‘For this


0:4.7 contrast to those which carry u. capacity for growth.

0:11.1 these u. infinity potentials remain space concealed

4:0.3 providing further training for some u. future work,

11:5.7 u. manner it seems to be indirectly responsive to the

13:1.8 missions of universe service which are u. to you.

14:6.40 started out on the u. and universal adventure in the

17:6.10 Mother Spirits as having ahead of them some u.

20:9.5 association with the finaliters in the u. career of the

21:6.3 It is highly probable that these u. creator powers will

26:4.11 assignment to the u. service of the Corps of the

112:4.5 into the ranks of vanished Monitors for u. service.

113:3.6 this phenomenal ministry is in some u. manner

188:3.8 Nebadon Corps of the Finality in their u. destiny


23:2.20 the existence of these u. energy systems of space,

29:4.14 in the adjustment of basic energies u. on Urantia.

29:4.14 these u. forms of energy are utilized by the living

41:5.8 u. energies present in the space regions of your

42:3.1 the presence of certain forces as yet u. on Urantia.

42:4.1 with other material realities as yet u. on Urantia.

42:8.6 integrity is a form of energy as yet u. on Urantia.

81:2.14 fire, wind, water, electricity, and other u. sources of

101:4.2 forbidden to include such humanly u. facts in the

160:1.2 the higher realms of unexplored ideas and u. ideals.

160:1.4 attainment of u. goals of idealistic spiritual realities

160:5.5 Religion implies the existence of u. ideals which

160:5.5 Religion reaches out for u. ideals, unexplored


143:5.8 the first direct, positive, and u. pronouncement of his

158:7.2 We pray you to speak to us directly and in u. form.”


119:7.4 the u. and supreme sovereign of the universe of


34:4.6 yet the Spirit of Truth functions u., for this divine

87:2.2 quickly “laid” so that it might proceed u. to deadland

125:4.3 the lad might continue u. as a pupil of the temple

128:2.6 his administration of the home budget were u..

147:2.1 surplus of money, and this deposit was left u. until

151:5.4 though it were a toy ship, Jesus slumbered on u..

153:2.4 We have left you u. in your positions of influence

178:2.9 would have this one last meal u. with his apostles,

189:1.2 in the sepulchre niche, u. and wrapped in the linen

189:1.7 Jesus’ body of flesh remained u. in the sepulchre.

189:1.13 the material body of his flesh lies there u. in the tomb


0:1.14 as in God the Sevenfold; u.,as in the Paradise Trinity

10:4.2 the divine unity of the universe functions of u. Deity.

16:1.1 of the triune personalization of u. Deity.

16:1.3 power, wisdom, and authority of u. Deity—the

16:3.18 comprehension of the u. Deity of Supremacy.

26:7.2 guides; and each pilgrim receives the u. attention,

56:5.1 Trinity they are actually one Deity, u. and indivisible

56:6.1 function as u. Deity in the Paradise Trinity, they

104:3.15 unanimity; rather is it u. and indivisible Deity.

104:3.15 the Paradise Trinity, for the Trinity is their u. Deity.

104:3.15 Only as the Trinity—as u. Deity—do they sustain an

113:1.8 receive the u. assistance of these personal guardians

115:3.3 he pauses to contemplate the u. Deity of Trinity

115:4.2 the Paradise Trinity—eternal, actual, and u. Deity.

120:2.9 will, make an u. decision which would terminate in

140:6.13 with a great work, and I crave your u. service.

163:3.3 that the affections of his children be pure and u..

192:2.10 answered, “Yes, Master, and with an u. affection.”


147:8.3 to u. the knots of heavy burdens, to let the oppressed

170:5.19 such a restatement as will u. the work of his early


75:2.5 Edenic regime was now to meet its complete u.

79:4.2 invaders met their u. in this neglect since their lesser

97:9.23 The real u. of Judah was effected by a corrupt ring

98:6.4 (except later Christianity) led to its final u..

147:5.9 the moral u. of their thoughtless children, and who


166:1.4 not have left these weightier requirements u..

175:1.17 ought to have done but not to have left the other u..


40:9.5 This they can do with u. assurance because the soul

40:10.4 u. conclusion that the consignment of all mortals

76:4.6 indwelt since they all possessed u. survival capacity.

100:7.5 Jesus spoke with u. confidence and taught with

101:1.6 in the u. assurance of the survival of the believing

109:3.7 were those who exhibited u. capacity for Adjusters

112:5.9 to make one u., self-conscious, and final choice.

113:1.5 those of great decision and u. potential of spiritual

161:3.3 and discern the u. functioning of the divine mind.

189:2.6 this fact, associated with that of the u. resurrection


0:8.12 u. witness the inauguration of the transcendent Deity

4:1.12 the apparent “accidents” of the cosmos are u. a part

4:3.5 his heart is u. grieved when his children fail to

5:3.2 worship is u. encircuited and dispatched to the

5:3.2 The Adjusters u. also utilize direct prepersonal

7:0.1 this eternal plan, but the Paradise Son u. does.

10:3.2 In eternity and as Deities they u. do, but in time and

10:7.4 u. an earmark of the incompleteness of the Supreme

12:1.15 u. presage the organization of the material creations

12:1.16 the four outer space levels are u. destined to

17:8.9 future this unity will u. be inseparable from the

18:3.8 sovereign, whose vicegerents they will u. become.

19:2.5 perfected beings of evolutionary ascent u. become

19:4.6 universe experience u. eventuates a new value in

21:6.2 a restriction u. made necessary by the liberation of

23:2.20 U. the Paradise Deities know of the existence of

24:3.3 The lack of such a presence-form u. renders them

24:7.8 Infinite Spirit, u. acting in behalf of the Supreme.

24:7.9 modifications u. initiated by the Supreme Being—

26:2.6 They u. appeared as a creative response of the

30:4.33 the spheres of outer space will u. further elaborate,

31:1.1 they will u. be of even greater service in the far-

31:3.3 There u. remains one more step in the career of the

34:2.6 but there u. awaits us a transcendent development

37:3.4 This u. presages the future concentration of other

38:9.9 these diverse levels are u. more or less unified and

39:8.7 Here will these guardians attempt, and u. achieve,

42:5.4 discover the ultimaton, they will u. detect the

44:1.10 dancing u. represent a crude and grotesque attempt

44:4.11 would u. denominate these artisans poets,

45:4.21 and subsequent ages which u. will follow the present

55:10.10 Michael should ever leave Nebadon,Gabriel would u.

55:10.11 the Divine Ministers will u. accompany them.

55:12.5 event will u. be the most profound occurrence in

63:3.3 This feeling of intimate kinship was u. due to the

65:5.3 universe management u. know exactly what they are

66:7.17 the number seven in the superuniverse u. afforded

67:4.5 will u. rest as they now are until the entire Lucifer

72:0.2 The similarity of the two spheres u. explains why

76:6.4 deluded Material Son and Daughter and u., in the

79:2.8 cultural civilization and u. would have attracted

79:6.13 the yellow race u. would have attracted to itself the

94:11.10 races of mankind must have been, and u. would be,

106:8.16 God the Absolute is u. involved in this association as

108:3.7 from Divinington to the worlds, and u. they return

108:3.8 is u. unconsciously participating with other groups

108:6.3 The Mystery Monitors are u. the bestowal of the

109:1.1 There u. exists an extensive system for retraining

109:2.9 U. these more experienced types of Adjusters can

114:1.3 acting Planetary Prince he would u. continue in

114:7.10 The Adjusters u. function in many other ways

114:7.16 U. at this time, if not before, sweeping changes

117:2.6 It will u. be the function of the evolutionary

118:2.2 U. the attainment of God in absolute would reveal

120:2.3 in terminating the Urantia secession, as you u. will,

122:5.6 Had Joseph lived, he u. would have become a firm

139:4.13 u. have been killed as was John’s more outspoken

147:7.2 children of the bridechamber u. will fast and pray.

157:4.6 would u. endure the fiery trials which were ahead

161:2.7 He u. has communion with celestial personalities;

181:2.27 But you will u. receive great help from the

187:0.1 the captain u. thought he had already been


100:5.2 from insecurity to u. faith, from confusion of cosmic

156:5.12 Kingdom builders must be u. of the truth of the

196:0.12 His faith was so absolute and u. that it responded


59:1.15 land sinking and land rising were u., taking place

138:6.5 his Father’s business in the most quiet and u. manner

139:3.8 modest and u., a daily server, an unpretentious


14:5.9 Not only will you find u. changes confronting you as

17:2.6 deitization of still other unexpected and u. of beings

35:7.3 the revelation of these new and u. pursuits, but we


63:3.5 U. significance should not attach to this act of burial.

76:3.2 not so likely to experience u. dissatisfaction with

88:1.7 Primitive man did not make an u. fetish out of sex;

94:2.3 The u. concentration on self led certainly to a fear

123:0.2 a program of u. sheltering and unusual protection

128:4.7 Jesus did not want to bring any u. influence to bear

128:4.7 Jesus always refused to take u. or unfair advantage

142:6.2 there was no compromise or u. persuasiveness.

146:5.3 hasten away from Cana because of the u. attention


58:7.8 The u., rises and dips, of the earlier continental drift

61:7.1 gentle swells, or surface u., known as drumlins.


42:5.14 establishes the u. appearance of many forms of many


66:6.2 slavery of custom; fashion still u. dominates Urantia.

92:3.7  u. impoverished life for the pretended enrichment of

93:5.12 kings revered Melchizedek and u. feared Abraham.

93:8.1 to reverence him u. and with a highly superstitious

94:6.1 his teaching on earth was being u. jeopardized by

123:6.2 his mother had become u. anxious about his health

140:6.13 Be not, therefore, u. anxious for the morrow.

147:0.2 not permit himself to become u. alarmed by the

191:0.5 Jesus’ warning against u. jeopardizing their lives at


153:3.3 which permits u. children to say that the money


51:1.8 Adams and Eves of the power of begetting u. sons

66:4.12 3. The one hundred were personally immortal, or u..

108:6.7 The Monitors are the prisoners of u. hope, the founts

138:7.3 declare their u. devotion to their Master and to

193:2.2 sincere fairness, enlightened honesty, u. hope,


21:3.2 the creature bestowals, he assumed an u. supreme

21:3.12 if a Michael Son could not, at will, assert such u.

72:5.12 disgust—disgust for both idleness and u. wealth.

81:6.7 sought ease seldom utilized their u. leisure for the

101:4.1 proscription of the impartation of u. or premature

118:10.9 the smile of fortune that bestows u. leisure and

132:5.21 wise and effective distribution of such u. resources.

136:8.8 his divine attributes for the purpose of acquiring u.

156:5.19 Seek no u. recognition and crave no undeserved


81:4.10 the remains of the last twenty thousand years are u.,


64:6.24 Old Stone Age have largely to do with u. the tools,


59:5.14 This crustal u..—the settling and rising of the land—


71:2.5 4. Danger of universal suffrage in the hands of u.

86:2.3 the savage mind was u., wholly unsophisticated.

129:3.8 high and low, black and white, educated and u.,

139:0.4 the twelve would certainly be considered u.,


98:3.5 formal and u. form of pseudoreligious patriotism

155:5.14 alone with the Father, and there find the u. answer to


72:5.11 on the public works where the temporarily u. are

72:11.3 many thousands of u. are automatically utilized in

81:6.32 utilized when they were transiently u. in their

81:6.32 the long-time harboring of large classes of u..


81:6.31 Machinery is not the only cause for u. among the


94:12.7 ennobling message of Michael, u. by the doctrines of


0:7.4 in the post-Havona present but of u. existence

5:4.5 promises salvation from suffering, u. peace; the

8:4.5 so is the Infinite Spirit dedicated to the u. ministry of

8:4.7 the combined portrayal of the Father’s u. love and

14:5.9 Continuing astonishment, u. wonder, is the

17:6.5 the charge of eternal fidelity and u. loyalty.

28:6.6 when each individual’s right to u. life comes up

82:2.1 u. war between basic instincts and evolving ethics.

101:6.14 the achievement of an eternal life of u. progression

101:10.3 the u. response of effect to antecedent action;

104:4.14 delights of the u. service of the finaliter sons of God.

106:7.7 and unimagined developments within the u. I AM.

106:9.10 on throughout the u. future of your eternal careers

107:0.6 a new order of being for u. universe service.

107:4.7 the u. potentiality of the subjective fragment of

111:2.2 a surviving soul of ultimate destiny and u. career,

111:7.5 “Much of my difficulty was due to the u. conflict

115:3.18 relative landmarks on the u. highway of eternity.

117:4.1 we cannot but believe that these u. efforts bespeak

118:0.10 Creative growth is u. but ever satisfying, endless in

130:2.9 eternal survival—u. progression of divine service.”

130:4.5 so characterizes the infinite Deity is this u. creative

188:5.13 of the Father’s eternal love and his Son’s u. mercy,


87:5.8 heavy burden, rendering life tedious and virtually u..


165:4.6 “But never forget that, after all, wealth is u..


94:6.12 betokening the returning fears of the u. mortal mind.


83:6.4 the u. situation of those unfortunate men and


15:5.8 in the production of two adjacent but u. suns, one

57:6.4 bodies of similar density are relatively u. in size,

70:9.17 inequality of men by their very u. capacity therefor

140:8.15 to the injustice of the u. distribution of wealth.

140:8.15 and property, merely its u. and unfair distribution.


79:8.7 dissemination of knowledge on a previously u. scale.


153:1.6 offset by his prompt and u. refusal to be made king.


184:3.16 the Son of God, he instantly and u. answered in the


2:7.6 by the u. response of the ever-present Spirit of Truth

7:1.1 that ever-present and u. spiritual grasp of all true

9:7.4 u. operations of this consciousness of the cosmos.

19:4.5 and there is immediately revealed an u. and divine

25:3.2 are of unquestioned reliability and u. in faithfulness.

28:6.14 trustworthiness in the living scales of u. character

29:4.37 concerned with the automatic and u. registration of

39:4.5 that u. justice is dealt out with generous mercy in

92:2.6 conscience never can be a safe and u. guide to

97:1.4 forever the same embodiment of u. perfection and

126:3.8 Jesus had an u. ability for the recognition of truth,

146:2.4 forgiveness of sin operates in this same u. fashion.

171:8.11 2. Faithfulness is the u. measure of trustworthiness.


2:5.5 you will be u. guided, step by step, life by life,

3:6.1 u. wields the all-powerful veto scepter of his eternal

4:1.11 spiritual phenomena so u. to work out to the glory

5:6.11 and this circuit u. transmits the worship of all

9:6.2 all divine thoughts and perfect ideas, are u. drawn

11:8.2 u. respond to the central gravity pull operating upon

15:8.9 so u. characteristic of the unfathomable presence-

23:1.9 a warning signal, which u. operates to apprise

28:4.1 light-years distant and to do all this instantly and u..

28:4.10 they be u. certain in calculating the Father’s will

28:5.7 and u. to transmit these jewels of mentation to

28:5.19 so u. reflect the actual moral and spiritual character

28:5.20 angels thus function intuitively, inherently, and u..

28:6.13 they u. reflect to the governing authorities the exact

34:6.4 Spiritual forces u. seek and attain their own original

46:8.4 nourished evil is universally and u. executed.

56:10.13 u. responsive to truth—the living spirit relationship of

83:0.3 automatically and u. compels man to think and leads

86:7.6 Evolution may be slow, but it is u. effective.

87:7.10 effective religion u. develops a worthy symbolism,

90:3.10 Evolution u. achieves its end: It imbues man with

90:3.10 evolution then u. sets in motion forces of thought

100:7.11 throughout all this amazing frankness he was u. fair.

107:0.6 compass, always and u. pointing the soul Godward.

115:6.1 mind gravity of the Conjoint Actor u. clutches all

186:5.9 just as effective and u. certain if Jesus had not been

unescapablesee also inescapable

26:8.4 these apparent failures; in reality, simply u. delays.


15:6.13 Many comets are u. wild offspring of the solar


53:3.6 principles which he alleged were u. and unsound.

91:4.1 All such u. praying reverts to the primitive levels of


12:1.13 edge of the grand universe, its u. and unfinished

135:6.6 the u. ground shall become a plain, while the


127:1.1 through infancy and experienced an u. childhood.

128:5.6 was the most u. six months of his whole career.

147:2.2 The party had an u. trip to Jerusalem, but they had


194:4.6 brotherly love and u. good will did spring up in


13:0.2 are spheres of u. grandeur and unimagined glory.

35:7.2 in the Vorondadek schools is u. even on Uversa.


167:4.2 of his hitherto u. power over life and death.


10:4.7 and u. discoveries of Trinity supremacy and ultimacy

12:6.4 the u. phenomena attendant upon their unification by

17:2.6 deitization of still other u. and undreamed of beings

45:4.21 regardless of u. visitations of divine Sons which may

48:4.18 Humor also functions to lessen the shock of the u.

48:4.18 achieves insight—the u. nature of the situation be it

51:4.2 although on Urantia u. strains of giantism appeared

65:5.2 bacteria on such an extensive and u. scale.

77:2.4 This u. excellence characterized not only physical

77:2.6 u. modifications occurring in the life plasm which

93:10.7 a possibility that an u. and unprecedented event is to

109:7.3 the extraordinary, the unusual, and the u. throughout

116:5.17 light and life there are no u. physical events of major

123:4.5 It happened during an u. July sandstorm from the

128:7.13 to meet the u. emergencies which may befall any

133:3.9 Jesus, taking u. leave of them, said: “As it is getting

145:3.11 sudden and u. outbreak of supernatural healing,

153:0.2 intervene in some u. manner for the vindication

153:5.1 disconcerted by the u. boldness and assertive

153:5.1 coming as it did, along with so much that was u., it

162:1.7 aback by Jesus’ u. public appearance in Jerusalem

165:6.3 you will be visited suddenly and in an u. manner.

170:4.14 subjected to sudden and u. periodical changes in

170:4.14 Son was just such a strange and u. event in the

172:3.12 by this sudden and u. outburst of popular acclaim

173:1.10 aback by this sudden and u. move of their Master

174:2.3 marveled at the u. sagacity of the Master’s answer.


27:4.4 Paradise is still inexpressibly strange and u. new to

124:5.6 his family—so suddenly sorrow-stricken and so u.

168:0.9 found themselves u. in the presence of the Master.

176:3.4 the lord of those servants u. returned and called

184:3.18 After Jesus had so u. answered Caiaphas, he smote


31:10.17 the u. and wholly mysterious Paradise mobilization

40:10.3 resemble compensations of u. failures in some detail

42:7.10 and to the u. “huddling” proclivity of ultimatons.

86:3.2 death was added to this long list of u. phenomena.

108:3.10 the unification of many of the u. phenomena of time,

108:4.5 the Father’s direct and u. contact with the creatures

119:1.1 he (Michael) would be absent on an u. mission.

119:2.4 Three days after this u. leave-taking there appeared

149:1.2 —a peculiar and u. series of healing phenomena.


153:1.6 u. offset by his prompt and unequivocal refusal to be


106:7.1 Always there must remain u. possibilities in the

106:7.5 the Father-I AM,the u. vastness of which will remain

155:5.11 daring adventure out upon the high seas of u. truth

160:1.2 established ideas to the higher realms of u. ideas

160:1.4 the pursuit of the u. possibilities of the attainment

160:5.5 Religion reaches out for undiscovered ideals, u.

160:5.11 lures of the unknown and u. order of the existence


110:5.4 not only testify to pressure of u. emotions but also

110:5.4 substitute their u. desires for the divine messages

117:4.11 the seeking for actualization by all that is as yet u..


3:5.1 that choice is always one of u. perfection and infinite

4:4.9 u. declaration: Even if I cannot do this, there lives in

7:3.2 u. grasp of the spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son.

12:8.3 ever-present, u. pull of the eternal Isle, obediently

24:7.7 evolved Havona Servitals, and that is the u. tendency

39:9.3 always and forever your true friends and u. helpers.

55:2.12 The universe is u. in the application of equalizing

100:7.2 The u. kindness of Jesus touched the hearts of men,

116:7.2 does the grand universe depend upon the u. energies

131:4.4 God is our sure leader and u. guide.

139:5.6 continuously admired was the Master’s u. generosity

139:5.6 Philip worshiped this ever-present and u. liberality.

193:2.2 confiding trust, merciful ministry, u. goodness,

194:3.11 conquer the world with u. forgiveness, matchless

194:3.19 a stimulus for mind, and an u. energy for the soul.

196:0.14 and an u. confidence to believe what Jesus believed


1:4.5 The God of universal love u. manifests himself to

2:1.4 The Father constantly and u. meets the need of the

2:4.3 God’s all-knowingness u. directs his free will in the

5:5.2 u. exhibited at all stages of human development

7:6.2 the Eternal Son u. transmits to the Paradise Sons

9:6.5 spiritual aspects of creature mind u. respond to the

16:3.3  while u. exhibiting the divine nature of a primary

16:6.5 The cosmic mind u. responds (recognizes response)

19:5.5 Inspired Spirits functions just as u. as a magnetic

23:1.9 apprise them of approaching conflicts and u. keeps

28:4.7 that it u. works acceptably we also know, for in all

39:0.1 they u. and distinctly classify into the following

40:10.1 spirit entities u. return to the sphere of primal source

41:2.7 They u. utilize the calculations and deductions of

58:7.12 this gigantic biogeologic record u. tell the truth if

63:1.3 inquisitive sister, who u. accompanied Andon on all

64:1.7 unfortunate unions u. deteriorated the superior

65:8.4 expansion and u. delayed by intellectual retardation.

68:2.11 unbridled self-gratification u. destroys civilization.

69:1.1 their overdevelopment u. detracts from the worth-

75:7.4 which would u. attend default in the execution of

79:2.7 decreasing reproduction of superiors, is u. suicidal of

81:5.6 group privilege is an insurance mechanism which u.

84:6.1 The reproductive urge u. brings men and women

86:2.1 anxiety inhibits activity and u. institutes evolutionary

91:2.4 the sacrifice idea in any religion u. detracts from the

92:0.4 initial supermind bestowal, and it u. appears in all

97:7.2 noted that the Jews u. improved the moral tone and

99:5.6 Religious experience u. yields the “fruits of the spirit

101:9.1 Revelation u. enlarges the ethical horizon of evolved

101:9.1 religion while it simultaneously and u. expands the

102:1.6 The Adjuster u. arouses in man’s soul a true hunger

103:6.14 upon metaphysics, philosophy u. becomes skeptical,

105:2.7 is divine creativity u. characterized by unity, and this

108:2.3 Adjusters u. come the instant the seventh adjutant

108:3.9 We u. detect the spirit presence of certain unrevealed

108:6.5 These custodians of the future career u. duplicate

115:1.1 then will such mind u. postulate conclusions and

116:3.5 bestowals u. reveal to the creatures themselves the

117:5.9 every crisis of ascension u. directing the Paradise

118:6.3 uncaused cause, but it u. exhibits inheritance factors

119:5.2 he u. commanded the respect of his fellow spirits.

132:2.3 Goodness, like truth, is always relative and u. evil-

136:9.5 The human mind still asks questions but u. accepts

137:7.13 Jesus u. impressed upon his associates that they must

144:5.63 Be you ever and u. patient with us Even as we

145:2.17 a miracle-minded people u. seized upon all such

146:3.6 love of the Father, and as it dominates man, it u.

146:3.6 It will u. bear witness with the Father’s indwelling

148:1.2  u. harmonizing and co-ordinating these many and

156:2.4 universe is wholly and ever law-abiding and u.

159:5.17 In all his teaching Jesus u. avoided distracting

160:2.9 Human beings u. become discouraged when they

161:2.5 Jesus u. responds to the spectacle of human need;

170:3.8 the true and inner religion of the kingdom u. tends to

174:1.3 Divine justice is so eternally fair that it u.

178:1.15  u. unfolds itself in new manifestations and grows

181:2.16 but in all group relationships we u. provide for

186:2.2 asked if he were the Son of God, he u. made reply.

193:4.7 Judas u. resorted to the practice of blaming someone

196:0.5 trying situations he u. exhibited an unquestioning

196:3.1u. enables the God-knowing man to bridge that


39:1.8 Not that there ever exists any disposition to be u. to

40:10.4 would be u. to the time-space universes inasmuch

69:5.15 abuse of capital by u. capitalists does not destroy the

70:10.8 that no divine being ever gave mortal man such u.

71:4.16 wicked lie in wait to take u. and unholy advantage

125:5.8 exhibited that same reluctance to take u. advantage

128:4.7 Jesus always refused to take undue or u. advantage

131:10.8 I will judge not that I may not be u. to my fellows.

132:5.6 4. U. wealth—riches derived from the u. exploitation

132:5.15 injustice involved in the u. accumulation of wealth

132:5.18 by the enslavement or u. exploitation of his brothers

132:5.19 to employ money-power to gain u. advantage over

132:5.20 inventive endowment, do not lay claim to an u.

132:5.22 accumulated by dishonest practices or u. methods;

140:8.15 and property, merely its unequal and u. distribution.

146:2.9 or for gaining u. advantage over one’s fellows.

149:4.5  u., and unrighteous mode of attack upon him.

163:2.11 the u. exploitation of the weak, unlearned, and less

164:4.12 the trial proceeded along such u. and unjust lines.

167:5.3 strong disapproval of the lax and u. divorce practices

169:2.2 If you were unjust and often u., you were

173:1.11 the u. and enslaving practices of unjust minorities

173:2.7 Jesus was never disposed to take u. advantage of

175:2.3 nor condones the u. attitude of mind, which so

183:1.1 the u. conduct of his trials, and the unfeeling


33:7.8 However u. human contentions may sometimes


48:5.8 insincerity, problem avoidance, u., and ease seeking.

54:1.8 human fairness cries out against all such fraud, u.,

71:5.2 competition and to prevent u. in personal initiative.

132:5.10 8. Stolen wealth—riches secured by u., dishonesty,

132:5.15 turns out to have been derived through fraud or u.,

156:5.19 Avoid dishonesty and u. in all your efforts to preach

159:1.6 u. of sitting in personal judgment upon one’s

159:1.6 the dangers and eliminate the u. of personal bias.

159:1.6 to minimize the elements of u., retaliation, and

173:1.11 his detestation of all forms of u. and profiteering at

185:2.15 Pilate was so astonished at the u. of the whole


22:2.1 and loyally function in the places of such u. leaders.

53:9.2 behold the end of the u. Sovereign of Satania.

113:6.10 have arbitrarily taken from these disobedient and u.

165:6.3 and, finding him u., will cast him out in disgrace.

169:2.4 “Now this u. steward began to say to himself: ‘What

169:2.4 compelled to admit that his u. steward had at least

171:8.6 u. servant, I will judge you out of your own mouth

173:3.1 hypocritical and u. son answered, ‘Yes, my father,

176:3.9 u. servant with the one talent in that he blamed his


70:10.8 detection and adjudication of suspected marital u..


27:4.4 the endless array of new situations and u. usages.


10:8.8 we perceive that the u. of the cosmic relationships of


1:4.1 the greatest of all the u. mysteries of God is the

2:1.2 deep and u. is the supernal Ancestor of all things!"

12:6.6 These unknown, u. unpredictables—whether

15:8.9 characteristic of the u. presence-performances of the

21:6.4 Paradise-divinity potentials bound up in their u.

40:4.2 Adjusters are beings of a unique and u. order.

40:7.1 their indwelling, is indeed one of the u. mysteries of

104:4.15 are co-ordinate but antipodal revelations of the u.

104:4.28 in harmony with the u. pattern and the unsearchable

106:2.3 in contrast to the eternity power, the u. power, the

106:7.5 unexplored vastness of which will always remain u.

106:8.2 and the triunities are, in the last analysis, u..

107:1.4 like God himself, these fragments of his u. nature

124:6.17 incarnation became, to all of us, more and more u..

131:1.5 his name is Excellent and his nature is u..

131:8.2 yet how powerful and mighty, how deep and u.!


105:1.6 falls far short of the u. infinity of original reality.


45:7.1 reason of hereditary handicap, u. environment, or

76:2.6 Abel was greatly influenced by his u. surroundings.

150:7.2 but their opinions were, on the whole, u. to him.


95:5.4 all of which reacted u. against his religious

130:2.4 your master in that his evil ways u. influence you.

196:0.6 Jesus was not u. affected in his practical life by his


181:1.9 but he was not an u. and calloused stoic; Jesus ever

183:1.1 the u. attitude of the professed religious leaders,

184:4.2 and mock trials before the ignorant and u. guards

185:6.4 But nothing can appeal to the u. hearts of those who


0:3.24 the absolute and u. free will of the Universal Father.

0:12.1 by the Father’s u. will and factualized when his will

3:1.2 as a result of the creative acts of his u. free will.

92:7.10 4. The u. progress of the personality in this cosmic

98:2.7 left the human mind free and u., resulting in a

118:9.2 Man does not have u. free will; there are limits to his


4:2.4 the incompletion, evil, and sin of the u. universes.

4:2.6 Nature is a manifestation of the u., the incomplete,

12:1.13 universe, its uneven and u. periphery, together

18:3.9 the present age of the u. evolution of the Supreme,

40:10.11 Finaliters remain u. creatures—sixth-stage spirits—

40:10.12 to the finaliters, who are at present u. creatures.

49:0.3 Satania itself is an u. system containing only 619

99:4.8 in partial progress, the predicament of u. growth:

109:5.3 many times only their u. creations emerge into


2:5.11 utterly u. to be known by any word which is also

15:6.15 the frigid outlying worlds are u. to harbor higher life.

51:4.8 blended, the inferior and u. are largely eliminated.

51:4.8 disfellowshiping of your more markedly u.,

52:2.10 of mentally defective and socially u. individuals.

52:2.12 without perpetuating the socially u. and the

52:3.4 witnesses the completion of the elimination of the u.

70:2.7 because war: 4. Destroyed weak and u. peoples.

80:5.6 had adjudged an inferior captive to be u., he was

109:3.8 by disinheritance through the agency of u. ancestors,

156:5.2 must reject it as u. to enter into the foundations of


51:4.8 judges to pass upon the biologic fitness or u. of


46:2.3 This gas in no way u. the air for the respiration of


127:1.4 were all u. to comprehend their eldest brother’s life


139:8.4 analytical mind coupled with Thomas’s u. courage—

196:0.5 invigorating assurance of the possession of u. faith,


139:8.3 found Thomas was superbly honest and u. loyal.

175:2.2 died u. for that truth which they so wholeheartedly

196:0.14 Jesus u. confronted the stern requirements of duty.


3:2.2 and u. in accordance with the eternal purpose of

22:7.1 I cannot fully u. to the material mind the experience

40:10.3 happenings u. in obedience to the established laws of

40:10.6 the planetary ages as they u. one by one on ten

44:0.20 in an effort to u. to the mortal mind the reality of

59:6.12 second stage of evolution begins to u. on the land.

60:2.9 the potentials of marine life were continuing to u..

65:8.2 that we cannot time the life processes to u. any faster

104:4.14 of the space stage whereon these transactions u.;

107:6.3 the Adjuster nature will faithfully u. the revelation of

116:3.6 evolutions of time as they u. on the circling planets

119:0.7 to u. the nature and character of these bestowals as

119:6.3 forbids my undertaking to u. the details of this

124:5.3 amazement as all this began to u. in the thinking of

128:4.9 Father that the bestowal should u. in this very way.

158:7.3 I am constrained to begin to u. to you the truth


2:0.1 Michael of Nebadon u. in his manifold teachings

15:6.7 the creative acts of God have u. by a time-space

15:14.1 There are seven major purposes which are being u.

27:3.2 As this inward-ascending career has u. from the

117:3.5 same drama of evolutionary attainment is being u.

119:6.1 first time, u. the remainder of the incarnation plan,

unfoldingsee unfolding of

4:2.1 and plans of the finite projects of evolutionary u..

5:5.1 Human evolution embraces in its u. all endowments

15:14.3 the evolutionary purpose which is u. in Orvonton,

47:6.1 are progressively u. to the expanding minds

58:1.5 best adapted to the u. physical environment—spatial

111:7.1 uncertainty as to the events of the u. Paradise

117:4.11 with the u. purpose of the Paradise Father, but

122:5.2 career of her eldest son, which was so rapidly u.

137:6.5 perceive what I am u. to your confused minds.

180:5.1 growing truth, expanding, u., and adaptative truth.

194:3.8 growing religion of endless progress and divine u..

194:3.8 new teacher will be forever u. to the truth-seeking

unfolding of

1:4.4 we are nonplused by the increasing u. of the endless

6:3.3 behold the u. of this infinite affection in the ministry

8:1.3 and never-ending panorama of the creative u. of the

18:4.6 Before the times of the full u. of the governmental

34:5.2 further u. of the evolutionary potential of planetary

49:1.6 which determines the u. of the planetary life plan on

55:4.3 adjustments which attend the u. of successive ages

65:2.15 Later in the evolutionary u. of intelligence, the lemur

65:7.2 u. and inherent regime of the Life Carriers is

83:5.2 u. of family life because the marriage mores were

84:5.11 hence just as important in the u. of racial evolution;

90:3.9 Slowly and certainly the u. of a scientific era is

102:5.1 to be is the u. of the purposive mandates of Deity.

106:0.16 of the evolutionary u. of the seven superuniverses.

108:6.8 You humans have begun an endless u. of an almost

123:2.2 throughout the human u. of the incarnation,

141:7.8 the recognition of his Father in the u. of the plan of

170:5.21 butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful u. of

188:5.11 the climax of the u. of the Father’s divine love for

195:5.10 be calm while you await the majestic u. of an endless


116:4.7 mind experiments, galactic adventures, divinity u.,


0:9.1 completion of such an experiential u. is designed

21:5.6 and in process of u.; this vast program of universe

50:5.2 details of the u. of mortal evolution are different on

55:0.4 seven stages in the u. of the era of light and life on


7:0.1 the Father’s eternal purpose as it progressively u. in

115:5.1 evolutionary growth of the Supreme progressively u.

118:5.2 Father does all, but as the panorama of eternity u.

146:3.1 the gospel of the kingdom u. the truths of being.

168:1.6 Although this narrative u. as an apparently natural

170:3.10 that man u. his moral nature in loving relations with

178:1.15 the same living seed, unfailingly u. itself in new


36:2.17 by-products of planetary evolution, foreseen or u.,

48:7.9 7. Blind and u. accidents do not occur in the cosmos

77:2.8 except that this was one of the u. developments.


48:8.1 wonderful borderland life will be an u. experience,

177:1.3 experience the u. ecstasy of being alone with God


97:7.4 his teachings, which the hostile and u. priests

159:1.5 he called this ungrateful and u. man before him and

188:4.1 approach to an otherwise offended and u. God;

193:4.13 Emotionally, Judas was loveless and u..


117:6.1 The Almighty Supreme is “the form of the yet u.,


2:5.11 How u. that I cannot make use of some supernal

4:3.5 in the outlying universes, by their u. choosing,

5:5.13 resulting from the u. lack of educational, cultural,

5:5.13 divine spirit in such u. and humanly handicapped but

35:9.6 Our local universe has been u. in that over seven

44:6.6 recognition of chemical odors is, indeed, u., but

45:2.3 or on the inhabited planets of that u. system.

45:6.3  u. premature termination of the career in the flesh.

47:1.6 It is an u. and mistaken notion of modern peoples on

47:9.1 will be purged of all the remnants of u. heredity,

48:3.3 in connection with certain u. celestial upheavals,

48:4.3 crude and u. way in which to try to convey an idea

50:7.1 most u. in being deprived of the beneficent presence

51:1.4 career of such an u. and unwise Material Son or

51:3.9 But not all worlds have been so u. as Urantia,

52:2.12 u. and needy individuals who have not irretrievably

64:1.7 such u. unions unfailingly deteriorated the superior

64:6.9 It was u. that the red man almost completely missed

64:6.12 of Porshunta, the master mind of this u. race, who

64:7.3 was u. that this mixture came to contain so much

71:4.10 8. Care of the u..

76:5.6 the uplift and spiritual rehabilitation of u. Urantia.

79:2.3 u. that the secondary Sangik strains predominated,

83:6.4 unenviable situation of those u. men and women

83:6.5 Always have the u few had to suffer that the majority

83:8.2 human associations to divine associations is most u..

83:8.3 And it is most u. that the human misconception of

83:8.4 It is u. that certain groups of mortals have conceived

87:4.7 Such an u. situation did not develop until after the

92:7.12 It is most u. that those who have come to venerate

94:2.5 But throughout a great deal of all this u. philosophy,

94:2.7 life of India helpless and prostrate from that u. day

94:11.2 While in some respects it is u. that Buddhism was

99:3.5 has long ministered to the underprivileged and the u.,

103:6.14 When philosophy is so u. as to lean upon

116:0.1 only encourage stoical resignation in the u. victims

124:4.6 does seem u. that Joseph could not have lived to see

132:5.13 victims of the u. circumstances of mortal life.

134:5.9 to the end of the World War, when an u. retrograde

134:6.15 Abner’s choice of teachers was most u. in that they

139:8.3 The early home life of Thomas had been u.; his

139:12.10 innocent person in all the sordid drama of his u. life

140:8.12 followers should make feasts for the poor and the u..

141:3.6 The pictures of Jesus have been most u..

147:6.6 know not the divine way, you are u. and already

148:7.2 you all agreed that it was lawful to lift the u. sheep

155:1.2 notwithstanding the u. declaration of the record

155:6.6 u. persons doomed to become frightened by every

156:5.9 by the standard of a single u. human episode.

157:7.4 in to his u. tendency to harbor feelings of revenge.

163:6.2 these few lost spirits enter the minds of u. mortals.

167:6.6 How u. that little children should have their first

175:4.1 u. that Judas Iscariot could not have heard the first

177:4.2 the stigma of his well-meant but “u. association

184:4.4 creatures on the sin-darkened sphere of u. Urantia.

185:1.3 about as a result of a number of u. encounters.

193:4.3 This u. combination of individual peculiarities and

195:2.2 due solely to their u. use of the term “kingdom” in

195:3.8 it is exceedingly u. that it did not become a means of

196:1.1 u. that religion itself should be so misinterpreted as


34:7.7 except in the minds of ignorant, mistaught, or u.

64:6.4 but they had u. inherited much of the tendency of

70:1.14 priesthoods were, u., usually allied with the military

89:3.3 ritual of the mortification of the flesh which, u.,

99:2.1 economic reorganization because religion has u.

139:8.10 depressed, u. Thomas always tried to avoid coming

185:5.8 delayed the adjudication of this matter, but it u.


103:7.6 such faith may appear to be quite u. from the

150:3.8 harbingers of bad luck, is pure and u. superstition.


6:4.1 All pure u. spirit and all spiritual beings and values


158:8.1 went by u. thoroughfares directly to the home of


158:4.6 believers suffered the taunts of these u. critics.

166:1.3 whispering between Nathaniel and an u. Pharisee on

167:3.2 chief ruler of the synagogue was an u. Pharisee.

167:3.3 When the u. ruler had thus spoken, Jesus returned

167:5.2 the u. Pharisees sought to entrap the Master by

169:2.8 The u hearers sought to engage Jesus in unprofitable


132:0.5 leaders in Rome, only two were u.; the thirty

151:2.2 to choke the word of truth so that it becomes u..

170:5.21 not permit them forever to remain u. in the hearts of

193:2.2 about your roots and cut away your u. branches.


136:9.3 once decided to u. the banner of sovereignty,


66:4.9 provisional citizenship on Jerusem, were as yet u.


3:3.5 not imply the power to do the nondoable, the u. act.

118:5.1 God cannot do the u. thing.

118:5.1 trait cannot at the same time be Godlike and u..


54:1.5 self-will equal unmitigated selfishness, the acme of u.


131:1.9 prosperity of the u.; fear not those who plot evil;

131:2.6 of the righteous, but the way of the u. shall perish.

150:9.3 the mob spirit in this u. and uncouth assembly.

159:5.15 That will challenge the unrighteous and u. stranger.”

164:4.11 God does not perform such works for the u.; that

169:0.4 Jesus receives the u. and even eats with them.

180:3.1 unbelievers, so also will your words offend the u..


131:10.4 even loves the wicked and is always kind to the u..

159:1.5 his chief steward, he called this u. and unforgiving

159:1.5 u. chief steward to the jailers that they might hold

173:4.2 to send his son to deal with these u. tenants,

173:4.2 what will he do to those u. and wicked tenants?”


73:6.7 Much to their surprise they found it u..

84:3.10 No camp or village could be left u. day or night,


126:5.10 could enjoy the liberty and freedom of an u. life.

144:6.3 in order to leave you u. in your deliberations, I am


87:2.2 to be a source of calamity, misfortune, and u..

103:2.10 conflict, worry, sorrow, and no end of human u..

140:4.8 weakens the moral nature and engenders u..

140:4.9 aimless and unprofitable, and much u. results.

160:1.6 hazards of emotional casualties—conflicts, u., and

180:5.5 might result in untold u. and no end of sorrow.

195:8.5 philosophy will lead only to unrest, animosity, u.,


130:6.3 run away from your u. self, but it cannot be done.

169:1.6 knowing how u. the young man was at home and

177:2.5 The child’s subsequent life is made happy or u.,


168:3.3 Sanhedrin resigned in a body when such an u.

184:3.18 u. confusion this first session of the Sanhedrist trail

195:2.3 Roman education bred an u. and stolid loyalty.


0:12.12 directed to reveal it, we will u. supplement them,

97:9.1 the priests’ record of these things u. declared that

112:5.7 u. advance such a soul to the status of a transitional

121:8.12 I have u. resorted to the superplanetary sources of

121:8.14 I have u. appropriated those ideas and concepts,

133:1.4 I would u. defend myself to the full capacity of my

133:2.1 attacked by robbers, you would u. rush to my rescue


73:4.2 beautification and home building could proceed u..

81:5.1 organic evolution in any age may proceed u. in the


71:4.16 lie in wait to take unfair and u. advantage of those

89:1.3 under ban was regarded as unclean, subsequently u..

89:1.3 of things clean and unclean, holy and u., but their

99:3.9 Religion can be kept free from u. secular alliances

153:3.5 in the words and deeds of such u. persons.

155:6.5 belief in things which are spiritually repugnant, u.,

195:10.13 the church in commerce and politics;such u. alliances


11:5.7 concentric and elliptical belts of u. space potential.

12:6.6 unit of force, the reaction of an u. level of mind, or

42:2.4 of certain u. equalizing and compensating agencies

118:7.5 reveals the transient reality of all God-u. selfhood.

118:8.3 choice, uncontrolled by mechanism, u. with spirit, is

119:5.1 This u. being presents the status of a true spirit and

189:1.1 consisting of seven u. Paradise personalities,


0:7.8 as a subeternal personality u. of the sevenfold

0:7.10 ever-ascending mobilization and perfecting u. of all

0:9.1 Ultimate Deity signalizes absonite u. of the first

0:9.2 The Supreme is the Trinity u. comprehended by

0:9.2 the Ultimate is the u. of the Trinity comprehended

0:10.1 in consequence of the u. of the second experiential

0:10.1 the u. of absolute meanings on absolute levels; but

0:12.6 personalize as the Deity consequence of the u. of

0:12.7 of the nonpersonal, and its u. in universality would

0:12.8 we truly doubt the possibility of such full u. of the

2:0.2 further illumination and u. of the human concept

2:7.7 The eternal quest is for u., for divine coherence.

2:7.7 everlastingly seeks for divine u.; it coheres with,

2:7.11 levels of efficient living come about through the u. of

5:3.8 mind, soul, and spirit, and their u. in personality.

5:4.2 polytheism is a relative u. of the evolving concept of

5:4.7 the spiritual u. of all that is good, beautiful, and true

5:5.11 By the u. of these factors of the divine realization,

9:7.2 a unique and exceptional u. of all three, so

10:8.2 to the belief that the u. of the master universe is

12:6.1 morontias, spirit overcontrol, and personality u..

12:6.4 unexpected phenomena attendant upon their u. by

14:6.23 4. The Supreme Being—the evolutionary u. of

15:7.6 the Jerusem regime of personality mobilization, u.,

15:13.4 the physical control, u., stabilization, and routine

16:9.1 of validity attaches to the u. of these three universe

16:9.2 God-discerning mortal is able to sense the u. value of

17:2.6 potential of response to such u. of relationships

21:0.5 progress of the u. and stabilization of the universe of

22:7.7 this status of bi-u. of certain spiritual phases of

22:7.9 If parental bi-u. involves a mortal (or other)

22:7.11 Supreme Being is the u. of three phases of Deity

22:7.11 of Deity reality: God the Supreme, the spiritual u.

22:7.11 the power u. of the grand universe Creators; and

33:6.3 government is exercised over u. and stabilization.

35:6.2 constellations and with the u. of the administration

39:3.2 seraphim are primarily concerned with the u. and

43:8.4 On the mansion worlds you completed the u. of the

44:5.5 the experiential u. of all grand universe divinity.

45:7.8 those who are tardy in their personality u. on the

48:6.37 the integration of meanings and the u. of values.

52:2.5 Before the u. of the several races their relentless

55:9.1 The u. of a whole constellation of settled systems

55:11.4 major sector u. will be concerned with certain new

55:11.7 Younger planets may delay system u., but this

56:1.3 Gravity u. is universal and unvarying; pure-energy


56:3.4 occurs final u. of all time-space spirit manifestations.

56:3.6 realization in that divine u. which is experienced in


56:4.3 and perfect u. of all these diverse expressions of

56:5.2 absonite deity u. on transcendental levels of ultimacy


56:6.1 u. with the experiential personality realities of

56:9.4 of consistency gratification and philosophic u., but

56:10.3 Beauty, art, is largely a matter of the u. of

56:10.3 drama of the u. of the vastness of the cosmic

56:10.4 Highest beauty consists in the panorama of the u. of

56:10.14 constitutes the highest form of personality u..

91:5.1 praying is the profound u. of human personality.

99:4.13 time-space u. within the Deity of the Supreme.

100:4.3 happiness arise from the u. of physical systems,

100:5.2 confusion of consciousness to u. of personality,

100:7.1 as its symmetry, its exquisite and balanced u..

101:7.5 their u. in intellectual striving and in social serving.

102:2.5 mind can never succeed in this u. of the diversity

103:2.10 When the growing child fails of personality u.,

103:7.12 of the Seven Master Spirits; the first u. thereof, in

104:4.39 eternity, the co-ordinate u. of actuals and potentials.

104:4.46 u. of the uniqueness of the Seven Infinity Absolutes.

104:5.12 functional u. of infinity, so are triodities involved in

106:0.1 techniques of interassociation, integration, and u..

106:2.2 synthesis—the u. of evolutionary power with,

106:5.2 personal phases of the u. of the cosmos, it is

106:5.2 u. as is illustrated by the power-personality

106:8.7 These are levels of increasing u..

106:8.7 the second and third levels are u.-derivatives of the

106:8.17 witness the experiential u. of the three Absolutes

106:8.17 short of the full u. of the three Absolutes, and the


106:9.1 the possible experiential u. of limitless reality, and

106:9.1 an actual and present u. of infinity in this very age

106:9.1 such u. is existential in the Paradise Trinity.

106:9.1 Infinity u. as an experiential reality is unthinkably

106:9.2 to conceive of infinite u. on the finality levels of

106:9.4 The concept of the u. of all reality, be it in this or

106:9.5 the Paradise Trinity is the existential u. of infinity,

108:3.10 be participants in the experiential u. of many of the

111:4.12 through personality integration and selfhood u..

112:1.17 it signifies the u. of all factors of reality as well as

112:2.14 The possibility the u. of the evolving self is inherent

113:7.8 the two beings have achieved spiritual bi-u. on

116:4.1 Supreme Whole is dependent on the progressive u.

116:4.9 Paradise divinity in experiential u. with the highest

116:5.15 the personality u. of the energy-controlling mind

116:6.5 new personal u. of the several kinds of cosmic

117:1.3 The grand universe ever seeks for complete u.,

118:9.4 on maximum levels of power and personality u.

133:7.11 degree of u. with the indwelling spirit of the Father

140:4.8 Deficient u. weakens the moral nature and engenders

155:6.8 Never can the religions of authority come to u..

195:3.1 religious concept for empire worship and spiritual u..

195:10.11 The living Jesus is the only hope of a possible u.

196:3.30 Philosophy is man’s attempt at the u. of experience.


116:4.1 from these very u. of the factors of supremacy—

unifiedsee unified in

0:1.13 of unifying Deity expression is not u. experientially.

0:5.3 Even God and man can coexist in a u. personality,

0:11.4 supremely u. and ultimately co-ordinated universe of

1:5.13 the co-ordinated infinite nature and the u. divine will

2:5.10 divine love functions in u. association with divine

3:6.3 arrives at the concept of u. universe rule, of one God

5:4.3 dedicate the activities of this u. self to the service of

5:5.8 the satisfactions of a more u. human consciousness.

10:2.8 I know the Trinity as u. Deity; I also know that the

10:4.2 Eternal Deity is perfectly u.; nevertheless there are

12:6.5 When matter, mind, and spirit are u. by creature

12:8.13 mind but spirit-mind—mind-spirit u. by personality.

14:6.17 the infinite representative of the u. Father-Son.

14:6.24 the power potentials of the Almighty are u. with the

15:8.8 extend in u. equilibrium on through all regions of

16:6.10 become u., they produce a strong character

17:5.1 u., uniform, and co-ordinated spiritual supervision

18:3.2 combined character and u. nature of the Trinity.

32:4.7 Adjusters are one of God’s separate but u. modes of

34:4.4 the u. activities but diverse functioning of the seven

34:6.9 can hardly be harmonized and u.; but throughout

37:6.6 qualified to enjoy the u. urge of a glorified mind

38:9.9 diverse levels are undoubtedly more or less u. by

38:9.10 function as one group under u. leadership as do

44:7.4 on ever-progressive levels of u. self-realization by

47:10.6 the Spirit of Truth—is not fully realized, and u. until

55:8.4 creatures now do for these u. and glorified humans

55:9.3 these u. constellations will have reached the position

56:1.2 both Absolutes are functionally u. by the Universal

56:1.4 him they are one—must be u.—because God is one.

56:1.4 The Father’s personality is absolutely u..

56:3.4 mind is more u. on the level of the Master Spirits

56:4.1 The Universal Father is a divinely u. personality;

56:4.1 be fully u. personalities ere they reach Havona.

56:4.5 and that u. and personal Deity is our Paradise parent,

56:9.5 impersonal activities of the u. and co-ordinated Deity

56:10.9 leads towards u. and synchronous comprehension of

56:10.15 and spirit—must be combined into one u. concept of

72:1.4 The u. state progressed under strong monarchial

72:9.6 the electorate consists of solidified, u., and intelligent

100:5.4 such experiences of u. intellectual and spiritual

100:5.6 working hypothesis in the otherwise u. intellectual

100:7.1 believer to develop a strong and u. personality

100:7.4 was so well-poised because he was so perfectly u..

100:7.18 Jesus was the perfectly u. human personality.

102:2.5 place a highly u. interpretation upon the universe

103:2.9 he has already developed a strong and well-u. nature.

103:5.4 Only a fairly well u. personality can arbitrate the

103:5.5 co-ordinated and reconciled by the u. will of the

103:6.9 like a reasonable and u. attitude toward the cosmos.

103:7.3 u. on the finite level in the emerging Deity of the

105:7.16 these manifold realities are u. absolutely by the

106:0.19 we encounter in attempting to present a u. concept

106:8.17 the three Absolutes can hardly be u. short of the

106:9.4 universe moment, infinite reality is absolutely u..

107:5.4 these individuations of original Deity to become u.

110:6.20 third circle there occurs increased and u. action of

111:6.6 u. these in his own evolving cosmic philosophy.

112:5.20 life is an endless change of the factors of life u. by

112:6.9 tutelage of the seven adjutant mind-spirits u. under

113:3.1 all of these influences are more or less u. by the

113:3.2 Having thus u. and made more personal these vast

113:3.3 These divine endowments are u. and co-ordinated on

116:1.2 will result in one u. and personal Deity—not in any

117:2.9 there is appearing the u. summation of the entire

117:7.1 Isle of Paradise, as completely u. as is the Conjoint

121:1.3 European civilization was u. and co-ordinated under

121:1.7 the entire Mediterranean world was a u. empire.

121:2.4 a culture, Rome built the roads and u. an empire, but

132:2.9 becomes so wholly, divinely, and spiritually u. with

133:7.12 The supremely happy and efficiently u. mind is

134:5.6 trade, commerce, and conquest, tribes become u. as

134:5.6 nations themselves sometimes become u. by empire.

140:4.8 co-ordinated, and thus is produced a u. personality.

141:5.2 divine worship and brotherly love may be so u. that

168:2.3 the vast celestial host was all astir in u. action in

194:3.18 Mankind can be u. only by the spiritual approach,

196:0.7 The Son of Man was a splendidly u. human

196:2.6 pity that his followers failed to create a u. religion

196:3.24 goodness of man’s world are u. by the increasing

unified in

0:3.18 Qualified and Unqualified—are co-ordinated and u. in

0:11.15 and divinely u. in and by the Universal Absolute.

2:7.10 become increasingly co-ordinated and u. in God,

3:2.15 of the Universal Father are u. in Deity and

5:5.6 concepts of Deity must be u. in the faith-grasp of

16:6.10 factors in reflective thinking may be u. in personality

44:7.3 are u. in the life experience of the artisan, scientist,

44:7.4 These qualities are perfectly and absolutely u. in God

56:0.2 The diverse levels of creation are all u. in the plans

56:2.3 cosmic mind is adequately u. in the supervision of

56:3.4 more directly u. in the personalities resident on the

56:3.5 expressions become perfectly u. in the finaliters,

56:3.5 as they were in eternity so u. in the Universal I AM

56:3.6 in expression and Trinity-u. in final realization.

56:6.3 Deity, having been thus grasped as u. in power,

56:7.8 approach is experientially u. in God the Supreme.

56:9.1 the Deity Absolute are u. in the Universal Absolute.

56:9.14 The universe of universes is altogether u..

56:9.7 infinity become reality-u. in the Universal Absolute.

56:10.15 and supreme ideal become power-u. in Supremacy

101:2.12 these three supermortal endowments are u. in human

105:4.9 all of these Deity and Paradise derivatives are u. in

106:1.4 to be eternally u. in the emerging personality of

106:1.4 all are likewise destined to be u. in the Supreme.

106:3.4 are power-personality u. in the Supreme Being.

106:9.12 life qualities are u. in the evolving personality on

117:7.14 that both, as u. in and by the Supreme Mind, will

133:5.9 appear to be, they are, after all, u. in the Supreme.


5:4.12 The Greek concept—God as a u., a God of wisdom.

9:0.2 the Third Source and Center is the universal u. of

9:4.6 The personality is the u. of these components of


56:8.1 First, he is the u. of time-space divinity, God the

99:4.2 with children, religion is the great u. of family life,

105:2.8 the Universal Absolute—the u. of the Deity and the

105:3.5 of force; u. of all actual and actualizing reality.

105:3.8 U. of the deified and the undeified; correlator of

112:1.18 personality, which is the u. of all these factors as

117:7.7 appears that God the Supreme is evolving as the u.

118:10.8 the Supreme consequently emerges as an actual u. of

118:10.11 emerges as the transcendental u. of all things.

132:3.10 prayer becomes the great u. of the various

196:3.17 spirit-value sorter—the indwelling interpreter and u.


55:4.7 Adam and Eve, who function jointly as the u. of the

55:12.4 They function only as supreme u..


0:5.11 it u. all other associated factors of individuality.

9:1.4 the presence of the Isle of Paradise u. the domain

14:6.29 that overcontrol which stabilizes and u. their local

56:4.2 the Universal Father, u. all seven constituent

56:10.15 As mortal personality u. the human experience with

87:7.8 a cult must glorify that which u. the stream of social

100:7.18 Jesus u. life, ennobles character, and simplifies

102:4.6 Revelation u. history, co-ordinates geology, physics,

112:1.19 it is the personality which u. all activities and in turn

115:7.8 as the presence of the Universal Absolute u. Deity

116:3.2 u. the spirit person of God the Supreme with the

116:3.4 Mind u. spirit causations with energy reactions;

116:3.4 bestowal ministry u. divinity descensions with

117:5.2 enriches, spiritualizes, and u. his evolving self to the

132:2.5 u. the supreme human motives of time with the

196:3.1 True religion u. the personality for effective


84:3.4 a military u. still mightily stirs the feminine emotions.


2:7.2 Physical facts are fairly u., but truth is a living and

2:7.3 Divine truth, final truth, is u. and universal, but the

4:2.3 Nature therefore carries a u., unchanging, majestic,

5:1.5 forget not that their spiritual endowment is u. and

5:1.5 to accept the u. spiritual leading of these Mystery

12:4.12 outward and u. expansion of the physical creations

12:6.7 of response in the face of apparently u. causation

13:0.6 think the Son’s worlds are inhabited by u. types of

13:4.3 Physical reactions are u., unvarying, and always

17:5.1 Through these u. Spirits of the Havona Circuits

17:5.1 a unified, u., and co-ordinated spiritual supervision

18:3.2 They provide the u. directorship of the otherwise

18:3.2 personal rulers of the superuniverses, are all u. and

21:2.10 alike, being derived from the u. Creative Spirits;

22:4.4 equal in authority and u. in administrative status,

26:2.5 of each order are comparatively u. in nature.

26:2.6 the Circuits, themselves the collective—hence u.

26:5.4 that must be mastered is fairly u. for all ascenders

27:6.3 their final conclusions are always in u. agreement.

29:1.4 Such physical-control organisms are basically u.,

29:1.4 The physical creation is fundamentally u. in

32:2.10 Satania is not a u. system, a single astronomic unit

36:2.13 Even in a u. life series in a single family of worlds,

38:0.3 The seraphim are all fairly u. in design.

38:9.6 the angelic technique and are u. in intellectual status.

42:5.6 definite and u. measurable particles of light-energy,

42:5.14 mass aggregations of energy are u particles of matter

43:9.3 The sojourn of an ascending mortal is the most u.

48:2.22 Your adaptation to this basically u. but successively

49:4.4 the family life is fairly u. on all types of planets.

51:1.2 The material order of sonship is not u. throughout

51:5.1 The plan of procedure is not u.; much is left to the

59:2.1 but it does not present the u. rock deposits which

59:3.7 The oceanic climate remained mild and u.,

60:3.8 these two bodies of water, which now became u..

60:3.18 The climate was still warm and u..

65:6.8 reactions are not modified by education; they are u.

72:3.8 Marriage and divorce laws are u. throughout the

78:8.5 united people because they had a u. group religion

107:2.2 Mystery Monitors are eternally u. in divine nature.

107:2.2 They are also u. in experiential nature as they first

108:3.1 They are u. throughout the seven superuniverses,

109:3.1 But, on the whole, their labors are remarkably u.,

127:4.4 disciplined his brothers and sisters, and such u.

138:8.9 by this u. and unvarying consideration which he

149:3.3 only u. thing about men is the indwelling spirit.

150:0.2 to establish this as a u. practice for both groups,

195:6.15 The universe of matter would eventually become u.

195:6.17 The thing discovered is real and apparently u., or


59:1.14 trilobite fossils of these times present certain basic u.

195:7.22 the u. which the scientist discovers, and which he


12:7.6 And all this steadfastness of conduct and u. of action

16:6.6 the scientific realms of logical u., the differentiation

16:8.16 logical recognition of the u. of physical causation.

18:3.3 superimpose administrative u. on creative diversity

34:2.3 is a basic u. of character in all Universe Spirits

49:5.13 one physical u. of mortals is the brain and nervous

72:7.6 There is little or no u. among the taxation schemes

92:7.4 can never hope to attain a u. of creeds, dogmas,

103:1.1 spiritual unity, but can never attain philosophic u..

103:5.12 depends on spiritual unity, not on theological u..

133:5.7 be identified as a fact, thus becoming a scientific u..

134:4.6 men will create religious unity (not necessarily u.)

155:6.9 religions of authority require of men u. in belief,

155:6.9 requires only unity of experience—u. of destiny—

155:6.9 The religion of the spirit requires only u. of insight,

155:6.9 of insight, not u. of viewpoint and outlook.

155:6.9 the spirit does not demand u. of intellectual views,

156:2.4 the Master’s teachings about the u. of the laws of

182:1.8 among his followers, but Jesus did not desire u..

195:6.17 demonstrates the existence of both freedom and u. in

195:10.11 is characterized by unity, not necessarily by u..

195:10.11 U. is the earmark of the physical world of


3:5.15 intelligence cannot possibly at first be u. wise.

11:5.5 southern regions; this is a u. registered difference.

12:7.7 The will of God does not u. prevail in the heart of

14:1.11 length of year since they u. swing around Paradise,

17:1.2 Supreme Executives are u. and divinely perfect, but

35:5.1 a Son of this order is u. found at the head of each

38:9.3 standardized order of beings who are u. derived from

39:0.1 Infinite Spirit intends to produce u. perfect seraphim,

46:1.7 This lighting of the sphere is u. maintained for

49:5.18 the different worlds are u. free from discrimination;

52:2.4 There u. run through all of these racial religions two

55:2.8 a high state of planetary evolution is u. attained,

108:3.8 Personalized Adjusters) who are u. conscious of the

149:3.3 experience, they react u. to all spiritual appeals.

195:6.13 were only machines, men would react more or less u.


0:3.21 the Universal Absolute, which functions to u. the

16:6.11 religion to ennoble them; and of personality to u.

17:8.1 Thus do they u. the descending administrative

21:3.22 6. Experientially to u. the sevenfold creature

42:9.4 an ingenious attempt of man to u. his ignorance of

56:4.2 Personality inherently reaches out to u. all

56:6.2 Havona circuit u. with the power prerogatives of

94:11.12 the intellectuals of these lands to u. their philosophy

99:5.7 Goals rather than creeds should u. religionists.

100:7.18 And today, as in Galilee, Jesus continues to u. mortal

106:8.19 three experiential Deities will certainly u. on the

112:0.7 5. Personality, while devoid of identity, can u. the

116:3.3 mind presences of the Conjoint Actor u. the spirit

116:3.3 Eternal Son and his Paradise Sons u., actually fuse,

116:3.4 fragments of the Universal Father actually u. the

118:2.1  and u. his time-space ubiquity and his time-space-

118:3.1 Only by ubiquity could Deity u. time-space

196:3.24 God is not a hypothesis formulated to u. the human

unifyingsee unifying Deity

0:1.2 and this u. quality is best comprehended by creatures

0:1.10 Deity functioning on the second level of u. divinity

0:1.16 DIVINITY is the characteristic and u. quality of

0:7.7 dual phases are power-personality u. as one Lord,

0:12.8 Ultimate Trinity is experientially u. in completion,

12:8.8 last analysis the u. possibilities of even human mind,

15:9.4 The u. intelligence circuit of one of the Seven Master

16:5.5 such ascenders are subjected to the u. discipline

34:5.2 spirits of promise, the u. and co-ordinating spirit-

34:6.2 and receptivity for, this u. ministry of the spirit,

56:1.6 MIND as the inevitable technique of u. the ever-

56:4.2 potential of u. the constituent factors of the mortal

56:4.2 Such u. creativity of all creature personality is a

56:5.2 feasible to look at some features of the u. function of

56:6.1 in the u. power potential of the sovereignty of

56:8.2 time-space divinity of God the Sevenfold u. in the

81:4.11 The u. factor in this division is the greater or lesser

99:4.5 of religion is superemotional, u. the entire human

100:4.3 religious living consists in the task of u. the soul

102:4.6 Revealed religion is the u. element of human

104:4.46 The First Source is the u. member of all triunities;

106:3.5 by mind and experience u. on finite deity levels as

106:8.11 But these are u. with the divinity phases just as the

106:8.15 personally experiencible, and tensionally u., but there

115:3.2 Mind is u. of all divergencies, but in the very absence

115:7.6 u. the results of this mode of reality perception in his

116:6.1 virtue of the creative and u. presence of personality.

116:6.7 mind action in eventually u. physical pattern with

117:2.1 through mind by spirit by virtue of the u. presence of

117:4.3 the potentially u. personality of such a misguided self

118:10.15 into closer harmony with the u. presences of

155:6.8 overshadowed by, the u. and ennobling religion of

194:3.17 religion of Jesus is the most powerful u. influence

unifying Deity

0:1.9 Supreme—self-experiential and creature-Creator-u.

0:1.13 this third level of u. expression is not fully unified

0:2.16 Supreme Being on the first creature level of u. Deity

0:2.17 The second experiential level of u. manifestation.

0:2.18 This is the third level of u. expression and expansion.

0:9.1 and signifies u. expansion on the second level of

115:7.3 And this synthesizing and u.—God the Supreme—


15:6.9 invisible particles of physical matter is well-nigh u.

104:4.28 Isle of Paradise, whence emanate the u. agitations of

107:4.7 of such an unprecedented and u. partnership.


11:5.7 This area is the site of u. activities, the central

13:0.2 Spirit are spheres of unexcelled grandeur and u.

14:0.1 billion spheres of u. beauty and superb grandeur

17:2.6 undreamed of beings who will possess u. powers of

33:4.3 being of unprecedented versatility and u. brilliance.

41:9.4 —tremendous pressures counterbalanced by u.

106:7.7 and u. developments within the unending I AM.

106:8.17 Unqualified Absolutes in some form of u. liaison


190:1.1 were confronted with the compulsion of u. evidence


48:4.6 the joy at discovering the u. of much of our serious


75:2.1 Even the offspring of Adam were u. by the overtures

141:7.12 paid no attention to public opinion, and Jesus was u.


0:0.6 the master universe, which also embraces the u. but

31:10.16 wholly physical; they are apparently u. and devoid

40:10.8 torrent from these now uncharted and u. galaxies

49:0.3 thirty-six u. planets nearing the life-endowment


65:4.3 same time these normal and u. cells begin to


54:1.3 of cosmic existence when liberty’s motivation is u.,


3:6.4 What u. homage the mechanist pays the law-Creator

40:5.16 an intended or an u. part of the ascension plan?

84:5.8 has industry won its unconscious and u. fight for

91:1.1 prayer represents the u., but nonetheless personal

125:6.7 wisdom of the boy’s reply to his mother’s u. rebuke.

139:2.5 following Peter’s thoughtless and u. denial of Jesus

145:3.13 because of this u. demonstration of physical healing,

148:4.3 Evil is the unconscious or u. transgression of the

195:4.4 out of the u. transformation of the religion of Jesus


68:4.2 The origin of folkways is always unconscious and u.


84:3.4 Primitive women u. created their dependence on men

93:9.8 alterations made intentionally and u. at the time of

131:5.5 act—intentionally or u.—and I offer prayers for

169:1.4 The sheep wanders away, u.; the coin is covered

169:1.15 when men u. stray away from the path of life, the

194:0.3 through Jesus—but they u. stumbled into the error

195:6.1 Scientists have u. precipitated mankind into a

196:2.1 Pentecost, Peter u. inaugurated a new religion, the


59:1.8 the continents were u. lowlands, utterly devoid of


37:9.11 midway creatures remain on the planet u. carrying

51:6.3 university of culture, which had functioned u. for

unionsee Union of Days

0:7.9 indissoluble u. of experiential power and spirit

0:12.2 The Paradise Trinity—the eternal Deity u. of the

1:3.7 human mind from matter association to spirit u.

1:5.12 progressing personality functions in a u. of mind and

1:7.2 Man does not achieve u with God as a drop of water

1:7.2 Man attains divine u. by progressive reciprocal

5:5.14 The u. of the parental factors under natural

5:5.14 capacity to worship God, in u. with a divine

8:0.2 the Father and the Son continue in this divine u..

8:1.3 the executive u. of all three, the cycle of eternity is

8:3.1 personality partnership of absolute thought-word u..

8:3.6 conjoint representative of the divine thought-word u.

8:5.6 such a liaison is truly the u. of the spirits of God the

10:1.4 the “conjoint personality” of their eternal u. upon

10:2.2 in the Father-Son u., the eternal partners conjointly

10:2.4 the consequence of the everlasting Father-Son u..

10:2.5 Source is the superadditive consequence of the u. of


10:4.4 It exists as the Deity u. of Father, Son, and Spirit;

10:6.2 ministry of the divine personalities, whose Deity u.

10:8.3 Their u. in the Paradise Trinity and the absolute

12:8.7 intelligent beings, who may represent a u. of both

12:9.3 not predict or know that the u. of two gaseous

15:9.15 spiritual confederation of the perfected u. of the

16:1.3 Such a Paradise u. of the primal sevenfold

16:3.15 three infinite persons whose Deity u. is the

16:3.16 unite as sevenfold Deity, this u. in a deity sense—

16:3.16 attitude of the Sevenfold-Spirit-u. regarding the

16:3.16 the attitude of the Threefold-Deity-u., the attitude

17:2.2 u. of the creative power of the Supreme Creators

17:6.5 eternal u. of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit

17:8.8 the Creator Son-Creative Spirit u. of the local

19:3.7 u. of the human viewpoint and the divine attitude

21:1.1 when such a creative u. is finally and fully attained,

21:1.1 of the perfect ideal and the powerful idea whose u.

21:1.2 and only-begettable offspring of the perfect u. of

21:2.9 formed an effective and co-operative working u.

22:7.6 attempted u. of two members of the same order of

22:7.8 functional spiritual u. of the two ancestors; the two

22:7.8 And while the trinitization u. of two creatures is on

22:7.8 scope of the perfect Deity u. of the Universal

22:7.10 authority to sanction the trinitizing u. of finaliters

29:1.2 Each of the Master Spirits is thus in eternal u. with

30:1.12 spirit of a Creator Son, u. with which constitutes the

31:9.13 All beings produced by the u. of the children of time

33:4.1 before the u. of the Creator Son and the Mother

33:4.2 such Sons, in u. with the Daughters of the Infinite

34:2.6 spirit intelligence embodying the balanced u. and

34:3.6 when these two function in administrative u., they

35:1.1 a new form of creative u. between the Creator Son

37:5.1 Such mortals are never permanently joined in u.

40:5.12 human beings who are not able to effect eternal u.

40:5.16 to bring about permanent u. with the Adjusters.

40:7.1 Adjusters are immortal spirits, and u. with them

47:8.4 The u. of the immortal soul with the divine Adjuster

48:1.5 Morontia Power Supervisors are able to effect a u.

51:3.8 secondary midwayers effected a voluntary u. and

51:7.2 the u. of the educational and administrative work

55:2.3 approaching status of probable soul-Adjuster u.

56:7.7 closer form of u. between the associated Creator

56:7.7 possible that such a creator u. might eventuate in

57:8.3 there was enough, in u. with hydrogen, to render

59:5.3 the u. of these marine fauna marked the beginning of

61:7.2 750,000 years ago the fourth ice sheet, a u. of the

64:7.6 red men mingled in Asia, and the offspring of this u.

64:7.18 with the later-day Eskimos, and this u. was slightly

66:4.6 of creature would be produced by their sexual u..

68:1.1 by sad experience that “in u. there is strength”;

70:12.17 11. U. of church and state.

76:4.2 mixed races produced by the u. of evolutionary man

77:2.2 planned a new type of mortal embracing the u. of

78:5.1 extensive u. of the Adamites with the surrounding

78:6.4 The majority of the able offspring of this racial u.

79:5.5 Chinese were the first to learn that in u. there is

79:8.5 yellow race was consummated, but the cultural u. of

80:1.5 Adamites very naturally chose u. with the blue races

80:4.3 The u. of these stocks, as later mingled with Sangik

80:5.7 This Andite-blue u., resulting in the northern white

82:6.6 if such hybridization is the u. of superior strains,

83:0.1 pair matings, the u. of one man and one woman to

83:4.8 the wedding bed to insure the fertility of the u.;

83:7.1 marriage was a loose u. which could be terminated

83:8.2 The u. of husband and wife in the marriage-home

83:8.5 the height of the ideals of the u. of man and woman

94:2.4 rest and peace of absolute u. with Brahman, the

94:3.7 of the u. of the will of man and the will of God.

94:6.3 “man’s eternal destiny was everlasting u. with Tao

94:6.8 and by which man ascends to spiritual u. with Tao,

96:4.2 unusual u. between a woman of royal blood and a

97:9.1 the u. of the so-called Israelites and the Canaanites.

101:5.12 practical working u. of the faith of evolution and

101:5.12 Such a working u. of human faith and divine truth

103:6.15 By this u. man can compensate somewhat for his

103:7.4 The u. of the scientific attitude and religious insight

104:2.3 whose deity u. is the fact and reality and eternal

104:3.14 first triunity, the personality u. of the Father, Son,

104:3.15 first triunity, for that is their functional u. as three

104:4.7 This is the threefold u. of love, mercy, and ministry—

104:4.13 Father-Son, whose u. first activated the Paradise

105:2.7 This u. of the Father and the Son (in the presence of

106:2.4 outer belt of Havona worlds in u. with the spirit

106:3.2 first experiential Trinity—the u. of the Supreme

106:5.1 This is the Trinity Absolute, the u. of God the

106:7.9 Deity Absolutes, the three potentialities whose u.

106:8.13 three Trinities inevitably involves the associative u.

106:8.19 possible to postulate the u. of God the Supreme,

106:8.19 repercussion of the u. of the personal Trinities who

106:8.22 In the u. of the Supreme, Ultimate, and complete

107:0.4 soul of man is the factual experience of eternal u.

107:0.6 temporary u. of God and man and veritably actualize

107:4.4 their natures are perceivable in u. with the fused

107:5.6 to transmute some mind factor representing a u. of

108:0.1 eternal u. of the perfect Adjuster and the perfected

108:3.3 Adjuster fusion, which u. is signalized by the

108:6.1 to consummate a probationary u. with the animal-

109:1.5 the final product of this u. of divinity and humanity

109:2.4 actual fusion and reckons the u. as an event of fact.

109:3.4 If you survive, there is to be an eternal u., fusion,

110:1.6 spirit who seeks your mind and soul in eternal u.,

111:3.5 religious experience consists in the u. of supreme

111:5.6 will the God-choosing son find inner u. (fusion)

112:0.1 Thought Adjuster are joined in temporary u..

112:7.15 all Adjusters who become joined in eternal u. with

113:7.4 certify the decrees of your eternal u. with the

115:3.7 The u. of the three Absolutes of actuality,

115:3.8 The u. of the three Absolutes of potentiality,

116:1.2 The u. of the power and personality attributes of

116:2.13 finds inevitable and inescapable u. with the Deity

116:6.2 This u. of power and personality is expressive on

117:1.5 The u. of Paradise perfection and time-space

117:5.2 by such u. with divinity man exalts, enriches, unifies,

117:5.3 become glorified in u. with the experiential mind

118:1.2 realities of the never-ending u. of the spirit of God

118:9.8 the Father and the Son found u. in the unity of the

118:9.8 attain creative u. in the realms of outer space, what

118:9.8 the u. of personal Creator, impersonal Creative

119:8.1 constituting this u. of God and man sole head of the

131:1.4 The Most High has decreed the u. of body and soul

131:4.6 Our supreme desire shall be u. with the Supreme.

131:4.7 God, by u. with him, there comes deliverance

131:5.4 Grant us that we may attain u. with you.

131:5.4 religion is right which leads to u. with righteousness.

134:5.13 the American Federal U. have long enjoyed peace.

134:5.15 (national) sovereignty of the American Federal U.

136:1.6 conception of the Messiah, and that was the u. of

136:1.6 never entertained the concept of the u. of the

136:1.6 the u. in one earth personality of the two natures,

141:4.4 the whole man—the u. of body, mind, and spirit to

144:8.5 marked the real u. of John’s and Jesus’ followers.

157:5.1 this great truth of the u. of the human nature with

160:1.12 consciousness of u. with divinity equips man

160:2.7 in the u. of wisdom, the social group, small or

161:3.3 perfect u. of the human and the divine minds.

167:5.8 Jesus did much to exalt their ideals of social u. and

180:2.4 you can ask anything conceived by that will-u.,

180:2.4 such a will-u. is effected by and through Jesus

195:10.11 Spiritual unity is the fruit of faith u. with the living

Union of Dayssee also Unions of Days

15:2.5 Each universe is blessed by the presence of a U.,

18:6.1 Each local universe has assigned to it one of these

18:6.5 U. is not organically connected with the government

18:6.5 he acts only at the request of the local authorities.

18:6.5 He is an ex officio member of all primary councils

18:6.5 he does not participate in the technical consideration

18:6.6 its glorified beings associate freely with the U.,

18:6.6 But he is still primarily a Trinity ambassador and

18:6.7 in their major decisions by the counsel of their U..

18:7.2 All that a U. is to a Creator Son of a local universe,

18:7.3 the jurisdiction of, and report directly to, the U..

18:7.4 Like the U. on a universe headquarters, the Faithfuls

21:1.4 one U. is to be stationed in each local universe as

21:2.11 The advice and counsel of the U. is invaluable at

23:2.18 responsible to their resident representative, the U..

24:4.2 creation and is a close associate of the resident U..

33:4.7 with the collaboration of the U., Gabriel became the

33:5.1 Immanuel of Salvington—the U. assigned to the

33:5.4 The Faithfuls of Days, like the U., never proffer

37:4.3 is situated in the Salvington sector of the U.,

37:4.5 the Nebadon Paradise personalities—the U.,

37:6.2 and the schools of the Teacher Sons and the U..

43:4.2 all that a U. is to a Creator Son, a Faithful of Days is

43:4.3 These Trinity Sons, in liaison with the supervising U.

53:2.3 the U. on Salvington had been reflectivating to

54:5.8 And the wisdom of the U. is the time reflection of

55:8.7 the universe administrators-the Master Son, the U.,

55:10.1 presided over by the U., and the first act of this

55:10.3 Trinity Spirits are assigned to the service of the U..

76:6.2 Most High of Edentia and concurred in by the U.

114:1.1 proclaimed, by the U., Planetary Prince of Urantia.

119:1.2 the U. shared his secret only with the chief

119:2.3 the hands of his Paradise brother, Immanuel, the U..

119:8.1 directing the U. stationed on Salvington to signify his

120:0.7 now he was instructed by the U., ambassador of

Union of Soulssee also Unions of Souls

28:5.13 3. The Union of Souls.

160:2.7 2. Union of Souls—the mobilization of wisdom.

unionssee Unions of Days

12:9.3 the predictable additive consequences of such u..

22:7.9 Such mixed u. forgather in a special corps made

22:7.9 And in all trinitization u., mixed or otherwise, the

40:5.10 primitive men but are unable to form eternal u.

50:3.5 Two classes of beings result from these u.:

51:5.5 The children of each of these u. are educated in the

64:1.7 such unfortunate u. unfailingly deteriorated the

79:6.9 more united and homogeneous than their political u.

82:5.4 married his half sister, but such u. were not

83:3.1 thought that abiding u. must be guaranteed by some

83:7.3 And, indeed, many modern u. are stabilized by this

83:8.4 that Deity is not a conjoining party to such u..

83:8.4 sit in judgment, to say which marriages are u. that

122:0.2 nominating three prospective u. as being, in the

Unions of Dayssee also Union of Days

10:6.11 6. U..

15:10.16 3. U.—the Paradise advisers to the rulers of the local

15:13.6 from the U. who are stationed as Trinity observers

18:0.7 6. Unions of Days.


18:6.1 The U. are a group of liaison personalities accredited

18:6.2 There are seven hundred thousand of these beings in

18:6.2 though they have not all been commissioned.

18:6.2 the U. functions on Paradise as the Supreme Council

18:6.3 those of the superuniverse, hence their nameU..

18:6.4 Since they are Trinity-origin beings, all of the circuits

18:6.4 and thus are they always in touch with each other

18:7.1 of Days, and like the U., not all are in service.

21:1.4 there are exactly seven hundred thousand U. and

21:1.4 already exceeds the stationary number of the U..

6. Unions of Days.

30:2.28 6. Unions of Days.

Unions of Soulssee also Union of Souls

28:5.3 of Wisdom, the Souls of Philosophy, and the U..

28:5.13 the U., who make available current information

28:5.13 These are the angels who foster and promote the


0:4.13 Paradise is not a creator; it is a u. controller of many

0:4.13 Paradise itself is u., exclusive, and isolated in the

0:5.11 The personality is the u. bestowal which the Father

0:12.6 those u. universe planners who are neither creators

3:4.7 all of such a u. relationship is an actual experience in

3:5.16 reality of personal experience and is therefore a u.

5:1.5 that their spiritual endowment is uniform and u..

6:4.5 Father fragments have a solitary, u., and exclusive

7:4.3 This plan of perfection attainment embraces three u.,

7:5.5 His experience was u.; it was not with or as a human

7:6.3 project a new, u., and absolute personal thought,

9:0.1 and endowed with u. prerogatives of energy

9:0.2 Conjoint Actor possesses u. prerogatives of

9:3.2 The Infinite Spirit possesses a u. power—antigravity.

9:3.2 And this u. attribute is transmissible to certain of the

9:3.6 These u. creatures of physical function all possess

9:5.3 The u. feature of mind is that it can be bestowed

9:7.1 universe reflectivity, that u. and inexplicable

9:7.2 universe reflectivity there is a u. and exceptional

9:8.20 though some of them are u. as will creatures.

10:2.4 The Infinite Spirit is the conjoint personality, the u.

10:2.6 Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit are u. persons;

10:4.1 the Paradise Trinity (the first triunity) is u. as an

10:5.2 specialized attributes that are u. in the personal

10:5.3 The Trinity maintains a u. attitude as the Trinity

11:9.1 Paradise is u. in that it is the realm of primal origin

12:5.9 3. Personality creates a u. time sense out of insight

12:7.9 each personality as a u. child of the Universal

12:7.9 sharply silhouetting the u. nature of each personal

13:1.3 not a personality, but a u. presence of Divinity

13:1.4 world is, in a u. sense, the “bosom of the Father,”

13:1.8 have personally passed through this u. experience.

13:1.21 u. world is the “bosom of the Father, Son, and

14:1.6 The second u. space zone dividing the two space

14:1.15 two equal elliptical circuits by a u. space intrusion.

14:1.17 between these two circuits of gravity bodies is u. in

14:1.18 stupendous gravity-balancing bodies as u. in the

14:4.12 but Havoners live lives that are u. in the central

14:5.6 Every one of these planets is an original, u., and

15:14.1 superuniverse have a special function and a u. nature

15:14.3 the six u. purposes of cosmic evolution as

15:14.4 Orvonton is u. in nature and individual in destiny,

16:2.3 or in any individual conditioned by the u. nature of

16:2.5 of their differing and individually u. natures.

16:4.2 Master Spirits are u. in that they function on all

16:8.3 Personality is a u. endowment of original nature

17:1.10 through the u. functioning of universal reflectivity.

17:2.1 fifty of these u. and somewhat mysterious beings.

18:2.4 spirit creations are exclusive and u. on each sphere.

18:2.4 spend time on each of these u. and thrilling spheres

18:3.2 of which is a distinct, segregated, and u. creation.

19:4.1 These u. beings are the judgment of Deity.

20:1.15 order of Michael, the Creator Sons, is so u. that the

20:2.3 no two are alike, their work is individually u. in the

20:5.7 blood and thereby gain the u. creature experience,

20:8.1 Paradise Spiritual Sons are u. Trinity-origin beings

21:0.1 Son is different from every other; each is u. in nature

21:2.1 long and u. experience of Paradise observation

21:2.10 each Creator Son is u., diverse, exclusive, and

21:4.6 Creator Sons, but they have undergone such a u.

22:1.12 High Son Assistants, comprise a u. group of twice-

22:7.1 none save those who have passed through these u.

22:7.2 embark upon the u. adventure of concept-identity,

22:7.7 participating individuals undergoes a u. personality

22:7.10 These u. sons of the children of time and the citizens

22:8.4 the destiny of this u. group of twice-trinitized beings.

22:9.2 When these u. beings have been Trinity embraced,

22:10.5 High Son Assistants are u. personalizations of

23:4.3 For ages these partnerships of u. personalities have

25:3.16 a u. grasp of the emerging reality of the Supreme

26:2.2 mutual understanding of these two u. orders of

26:2.3 The work of the primary supernaphim is so u. and

26:2.5 Master Spirits create many different groups of u.

26:11.2 conjecturing that these two u. groups of trinitized

26:11.5 occurring this u. blending of the human and the

29:0.5 They are a u. group of living beings having to do

29:1.2 partnership results in a u. association of physical

29:4.28 by virtue of their u. attributes of energy-attraction,

29:4.35 the u. power of evolving limitless supplies of energy.

30:4.30 this combined, u., and extraordinary experience!

31:0.8 beings compose this u. body of eternal destiny.

31:8.3 these u. beings are not now dominated by the Deity

31:10.11 new orders of exquisite and u. beings, a material

31:10.12 we are all sharing the u. experience of his

31:10.13 But those of us who have acquired this u. experience

33:4.3 of a new universe is a u. personality possessing many

34:0.1 then does the Infinite Spirit individualize a new and u

35:0.7 but they are a u. and original form of universe life.

35:1.1 Melchizedek—that u. being who subsequently

35:2.2 With this u. group we encounter the first attempt at

35:3.11 reactions to the first day of life on this u. world,

35:4.2 also function in u. assignments and in unusual

35:4.4 crisis these Melchizedek Sons serve in many u.

36:4.2 eventually leaves the planet of his u. life function,

37:1.1 Many of the u. orders grouped in this category are

37:2.4 The Brilliant Evening Stars are a u. twofold order,

37:5.11 these surviving souls continue as u. combinations of

37:8.2 even then these u. beings are always willing to help

37:8.10 Supernaphim perform certain rare and u. services;

37:9.11 These u. beings are often midway between the

38:9.2 These u. creatures appear on the majority of worlds

39:4.16 The temple of records on a system capital is a u.

40:4.2 Personalized Adjusters are beings of a u. order.

40:10.13 true, holy, divine, unlimited, eternal, and u.—a love

42:4.3 These u. beings control and compound power by

43:6.5 quite impossible to portray to mortal minds the u.

44:0.1 headquarters worlds may be found the u. order of

44:5.3 numerous u. adventures in intellect liaison which

44:6.1 to portray the exquisite work of these u. artisans!

44:7.1 I would attempt to portray this u. field of spirit

45:2.6 These u. assemblages occur on the sea of glass,

46:2.1 the beauteous highlands and other u. variations of

46:4.8 The system capitals are u. in that they are the only

46:5.32 7. The circles of the finaliters have a u. structure at

46:7.4 physical bodies of these u. creatures deteriorate from

48:1.3 one hundred forms of a u. energy organization

48:2.1 These u. beings are exclusively concerned with the

48:2.13 These are the u. beings who co-ordinate physical

48:2.17 Here in those u. temples at the center of the seventy

48:3.1 at present over seventy billion of these u. beings.

49:5.19 other spheres the races have three of these u. bodies.

50:3.6 have gained a u. and extraordinary experience,

50:7.1 isolation of these spheres affords their races a u.

51:0.1 name of this first and original Son of their u. order.

51:1.6 These u. and wonderfully useful beings are the links

54:2.3 contributing something personal and u. to the slowly

57:5.3 stage of local space set for the u. origin of Monmatia

58:2.4 operations similar to the action of this u. ozone layer

58:4.1 Urantia life is u., original with the planet.

60:1.13 A rich and u. marine life appeared on the California

61:2.7 had their origin in a u. animal now extinct.

63:3.3 seemed to realize that they were a u. group of living

63:7.4 and eternal survival of the u. parents of all mankind.

64:5.3 skins manifested a u. tendency to turn various colors

65:2.6 From this fish family sprang two u. modifications,

65:4.7 many u. features of the Urantia life experiment,

65:7.3 on Urantia, owing to the u. nature of the life patterns

66:2.7 survival of the best strains of that u. race, were

66:4.8 having been reconstituted on Urantia as u. men and

72:1.2 great advantage derived from the u. topography of

72:5.1 On this u. continent the workers are becoming

72:12.1 government of this u. people are in many respects

77:0.1 groups of u beings existing on a life-functioning level

77:1.1 The primary midwayers have their genesis in a u.

77:1.2 Caligastia’s staff illustrates just such a u.

77:1.4 After a year of observing the work of this u. group,

77:5.6 Every fourth child born to them was of a u. order.

77:6.2 These u. children were equally divided as regards sex

77:7.4 But these u. creatures must not be confused with

77:8.11 These u. creatures have certain definite powers over

80:3.3 early post-Adamic period was a u. blend of the vigor

84:8.2 marriage functioned as the u. institution of self-

93:10.11 Machiventa Melchizedek, one of the most u. of all

94:3.7 new and u., something born of the union of the will

94:6.2 This u. century of progress was characterized by

94:7.2 lofty sincerity and a u. unselfishness about this prince

95:6.9 This great man was one of that u. group that sprang

96:0.3 outgrowth of many u. situational circumstances,

96:4.9 most u. and amazing feature of the religious history

100:7.1 The u. feature of the Master’s personality was not

100:7.4 but not sentimental; u. but not eccentric.

101:1.4 Religion consists not in the finding of a u. experience

103:1.1 But since personality is u.—no two mortals being

103:1.1 therefore must such an interpretation be u. and

104:2.4 Trinity functions are something u., original, and

104:3.16 Thus does the Trinity stand u. among absolute

107:3.9 The u. Personalized Adjusters no doubt constitute

108:0.1 Adjusters bring into existence a u. type of being, a

109:6.3 And their u. natures embody the mosaic humanity of

110:6.14 before natural death dissolves the u. partnership.

111:2.3 u. universe value of potentially eternal endurance,

111:2.7 this u. relationship is neither material nor spiritual

111:4.6 Personality follows types but is always u..

111:6.2 a u. liberty—freedom of spiritual choice and action.

112:0.12 Personality is u., absolutely u.: It is u. in time and

112:0.12  It is u. in time and space; it is u. in eternity and on

112:0.12 it is u. when bestowed—there are no duplicates;

112:0.12 personality is u. during every moment of existence;

112:0.12 personality is u in relation to God—he is no respecter

112:7.9 one of the u. orders of the ascending personalities

112:7.11 Adjuster nor mortal can attain that u. goal without

112:7.12 and this u. combination of God and man ranks as an

114:7.8 members of this u. group are wholly unconscious of

114:7.13 real nature of the function of this u. group of living

115:2.2 Value is a u. element in universe reality.

117:4.4 the u. personality of a nonascender returns to the

118:6.3 relationship with the u., original, and absolute First

118:7.7 the Father and imparts u. prerogatives of choice to

118:9.8 Such beings would embrace u. prerogatives of

119:1.4 recital of the service of this u. Melchizedek Son of

119:1.6 that this u. and efficient Melchizedek was Michael,

119:3.4 Thus did this u. Material Son begin his difficult

120:0.8 he could enter upon this u. bestowal with the

122:1.2 Mary was a descendant of a long line of u.

129:4.1 This u. episode was all the more engrossing because

134:3.3 The founder of this u. school of religions lived and

140:8.19 Jesus’ u. teachings can only be understood when that

141:7.10 Jesus’ preaching was so effective because of his u.

142:7.2 he himself was on earth living a u. life in the flesh,

148:6.3 Satan or God the parts they play in this u. parable.

148:9.1 and most u. episodes of all Jesus’ earth life.

158:0.2 and John shared even a part of this u. experience

161:2.7 Everything seems to be open to his u. understanding.

161:3.2 We can understand his u. performances only by

164:3.15 this u. transaction: This was a miracle wrought

172:3.8 arrived on the scene and joined this u. procession as

176:4.1 the world whereon he lived such a u. life and

176:4.4 the world whose conquest conferred such a u. title

177:1.3 And such was the u. experience of John Mark on

186:2.11 the universe stood at attention, gazing upon this u.

189:2.7 their request to afford it a special and u. dissolution,

194:4.6 such new and u. lives that all men were attracted

196:0.9 imparted to his u. life a profound endowment of


3:1.6 Adjusters; here God acts u., directly, and

16:3.14 The Spirit of the seventh superuniverse is a u. equal

16:5.1 Master Spirit entirely pervades and u. conditions his

28:5.19 Universal Censors but are probably the most u.

49:5.30 The co-ordination of these u. related groups of living

112:0.16 14. Personality is u. conscious of time, and this is



104:4.46 unification of the u. of the Seven Infinity Absolutes.

114:0.4 This u in your plan of supervision is due to a number

126:3.14 The u. of the unusual situation compelled him to

161:2.5 4. The u. of his character and the perfection of his

195:10.2 the simplicity and u. of Jesus’ life present such a


9:2.5 These spirits all act in u. and in perfect co-operation.

17:3.11 all seven may and do act in universal u., as in the

29:4.19 all ten of the mechanical controllers act in u. while

68:1.4 men united and working in u. can move a great

123:5.5 a statement while the pupils would in u. repeat it

162:8.3 co-operation and both refreshing your souls in u.?

172:3.9 began to sing, or rather to shout in u., the Psalm,

184:3.15 all answered in u., “He is worthy of death; let him be

185:5.12 multitude shouted in u., “Crucify him! Crucify him!


3:1.10 degree of such presence in any creational u. is a

3:5.15 Throughout the universe, every u. is regarded as a

11:3.4 One billion assemblies make one grand u..

11:3.4 series continues through the second grand u., the

11:3.4 unit, the third, and so on to the seventh grand u..

11:3.4 seven of the master units constitute a superior u.;

12:1.1 matter-power functions ultimately as a space u., as

12:1.12 do they cross a local universe, a prime creative u..

12:3.10 The mind u. of estimation was arrived at by

12:3.10 to arrive at a basic u. for mind-gravity estimation.

12:5.1 there is no universal time u. based on motion except

12:6.6 the behavior of a primordial u. of force, the

14:2.6 the Paradise-Havona system is a u. of creative

15:2.3 basic u. of the supergovernment consists of about

15:6.9 store of energy which each u. of matter contains.

17:3.11 reflective organization acts as a segregated u.; but on

32:2.10 system, a single astronomic u. or organization.

38:1.1 projected in u. formation—41,472 at a time—ever

38:4.4 group, company, battalion, and u. headquarters.

38:6.1 a seraphic u. (20,736 pairs or 41,472 individuals),

41:0.3 contiguous u. over the orbits of the superuniverse.

41:1.1 of Nebadon into one integrated administrative u..

42:2.22 or assemble in u. formation by their presence.

42:7.1 This central u is endowed with a threefold possibility

43:4.4 comprising the residential u. of Vorondadek Sons.

45:3.9 system is the u. of administration, not adjudication,

46:6.1 Each administrative u. is divided into one hundred

48:2.15 into a working u. for the associated spheres of any

48:2.19 stationed at the center of each administrative u. of

49:0.1 Each u. of the ascendant life is a veritable training

49:1.2 The biologic u. of material life is the protoplasmic

51:3.8 voluntary union and have functioned as one u. in

55:11.1 pertains primarily to the local universe as a u. and

55:12.1 entire organization and administration of every u. of

56:10.14 thought or spirit is an acting u. in the whole universe

66:7.4 The home as a social u. never became a success until

69:4.5 Later the cow became a u. of barter.

70:3.1 clans and tribes took its place as the social u..

70:8.11 races within a given nation or territorial u. usually

74:6.1 only the first u. of the projected buildings was ever

84:7.28 The family is the fundamental u. of fraternity in

89:1.1 it is still a basic u. of the social regulative structure.

108:3.1 independent working u. in the universe of

113:2.6 of company 126, of battalion 4, of u. 384, of legion

113:6.2 successively, of the group, company, battalion, u.,

113:6.2 the commander of this highest organizational u.,

118:1.3 relationship between maturity and the u. of time

118:1.3 The time u. may be a day, a year, or a longer period,

118:1.4 lengthening of the time u. in mortal experience.

118:1.8 time u. of immaturity concentrates meaning-value

118:1.8 The time u. of maturity is proportioned so to reveal

133:5.6 if one person stands for a certain u. of intellectual


6:5.4 Father and the Son u. to personalize a Creator Son,

7:6.6 The Father, Son, and Spirit also u. to personalize the

9:0.1 Universal Father and the Eternal Son u. to

15:5.5 Later on the larger collections of matter u. and draw

16:3.16 when they u. as sevenfold Deity, this union in a

22:7.6 When the Paradise Deities u. to trinitize, they always

35:8.1 Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit u. for

37:5.11 human and the divine, being increasingly able to u.

74:7.22 those life factors which u. to form a new being.

101:5.2 enlightened philosophy the mind endeavors to u. the

117:5.5 Man does not u. with the Supreme and submerge his

150:8.3 u. our hearts to love and fear your name, and we

160:2.7 to u. these views of temporal existence and eternal

175:1.8 urge to u. with the heavenly kingdom as the sons of

175:1.8 You are not required to u. with them in their plans to

195:10.16 saving message which would spiritually u. in loving

unitedsee United Kingdom; United Midwayers;

   United States

8:0.2 execution of their u. concepts throughout all of the

8:1.2 as well as of their combined nature and u. function.

8:1.7 the concepts and u. wills of the Father and the Son.

8:3.5 Father and the Son for the execution of their u.

8:4.2 in him are they eternally u. for universal service.

8:5.4 And as this u. spiritual ministration is experienced,

10:2.6 none is a duplicate; each is original; all are u..

10:6.4 partaking of the Trinity nature of the u. Father, Son,

16:5.1 enjoys the benefits of the u. counsel and wisdom of

17:6.6 The Father-u. Creator Son and Creative Spirit then

19:3.5 arrives at a decision following its u. deliberations,

19:3.6 When our u. counsel has been associated,

19:3.7 Such close approximation of the u. cosmic attitudes

19:4.4 such decisions embrace the u. wisdom, counsel,


20:10.3  u. with the ministry of the Infinite Spirit, is revealed

21:1.2 which u. to bring this Michael Son into existence.

21:1.2 Each Creator Son is the absolute of the u. deity

22:7.3 one infinite executive of the u. will of the Father-Son

22:7.8 Father and the Son u. to eternalize the Infinite

22:7.9 During the current universe age, all trinitization-u.

22:7.9 the u. parental beings function neither with the

29:2.13 circuits of power go forth from their seat of u. action

38:1.1 Following the completion of this u. effort, the Son

38:7.2 sanobim are inherently associated, functionally u..

38:9.10 as do the u. midway ministers of Urantia.

39:1.2 chief executive of the u. wills of the Creator Son and

42:0.2 as by the u. purposes of the Son and the Father

42:1.5 the universal and u. stream of Paradise force going


54:5.8 the Union of Days is the time reflection of the u.

57:6.7 smaller satellites later u. to make the present-day

59:5.3 These two seas u., commingling their different forms

62:1.2 of India they u. with other and favorable strains,

67:3.9 Mind and spirit, when fully u., are potential for the

68:1.4 One hundred men u and working in unison can move

70:3.3 Families became u. by blood ties in clans,

70:10.10 and philosophy have u. to make life sweeter and

72:11.4 since the establishment of the u. continental state,

76:4.4 tribes with whom they later u. were nonflesh eaters.

77:2.2 u. with those of the selected stock of the Andon

77:4.4 into Elam and there u. with the mixed Sangik tribes.

77:6.1 order are the offspring of the pure Adamic stock u.

78:4.5 But as the Adamites u. with the Nodite stocks,

78:8.5 They were a u. people because they had a uniform

78:8.5 groups was able to overcome the u. Sumerians.

79:6.9 a real nation, much more u. and homogeneous than

80:1.7 the sons of Eden u. with the higher types of the blue

96:2.1 the fertile crescent and there u. with the Babylonians.

97:9.11 his capital of the u. kingdom at Jebus (Jerusalem),

101:6.2 The personality of evolving man, u. to the Adjuster

103:9.10 functions of mind, soul, and spirit ever closely u.

104:3.14 three persons, as persons, conjoin for u. function,

107:1.7 Son-fused creatures are u. with individualized

110:6.13 This signifies the u. function of the seven adjutant

112:0.1 you will be eternally u. with your indwelling

112:7.2 u. with your faithful Adjuster in an eternal

114:3.2 while the u. midwayers, since the departure of 1-2-3

117:0.3 when an advancing spirit contacts the u. ministry of

117:1.5 In the Supreme Being, Creator and creature are u. in

117:1.6 and creaturehood are at one; they are forever u. by

118:9.7 impersonal phases are being actually u. with their

118:9.9 as they are now existentially u. on absolute levels

119:8.4 Melchizedek bestowal he manifested the u. will of

121:0.1 of the U. Brotherhood of Urantia Midwayers,

134:5.6 consanguineous clans which become u. into tribal

136:5.4 If your u. natures once entertain such desires,

141:5.1 experience in the joy of your u. dedication to the

144:0.3 either executed or released to join them in a u. effort.

144:6.12 help each to carry out the spirit of your u. decisions.

150:3.2 Jesus gave the u. group a memorable talk on

153:2.12 soul who attains the realization of this u. nature of

153:4.3 Can a city withstand a siege if it is not u.?

155:5.14 rose to their feet, intending to signify u. and loyal

157:2.1 u. with the Pharisees in their effort to entrap Jesus.

157:2.2 was decided to undertake a u. mission throughout

162:9.4 to join him in the u. effort which was to precede the

174:2.1 were all u. in this effort to discredit Jesus in the

174:4.7 forgot their differences in the u. effort to stop Jesus’

174:5.12 victory shall eventually crown our u. efforts to

179:5.3 this bread of life is the u. life of the Father and Son

190:0.4 gospel teachers u in this implicit faith in the Master’s

195:1.6 the content of Jesus’ message, the u. product of

United Kingdom

134:6.3 respective sovereignties, reposing them in the U..

United Midwayers


77:8.1 The U. of Urantia are at present governed by the

77:8.5 The U. of Urantia are organized for service with the

77:9.3 the motto: “What the U. undertake, the U. do.”

77:9.10 The U. are a rebellion-tested corps, and they will

121:0.1 U. Brotherhood of Urantia Midwayers, conjointly

121:8.14 In behalf of the Brotherhood of the U. of Urantia, I

United States

59:5.15 These coal beds over central and eastern U. vary in

82:6.5 as is shown in the present population of the U. of


34:5.2 ever and u. leading the races of men towards higher

108:3.8 personal and impersonal sub-Deity groups who u.

116:5.10 Seven Master Spirits u. engaged in their first act of


7:6.7 spiritual kinship which u. them in bonds of near-

20:2.1 by the Eternal Son u. with a new and divine ideal

101:1.6 Faith u. moral insight with conscientious

106:9.1 present moment of universe existence and u. the


5:6.7 this spirit prepersonality are capable of so u. their

51:5.5 evolutionary man or woman u. with the Adamic sons

77:4.3 journeyed northward, u. with the Andonites to found

120:2.6 are to become as one, even as they are also u. in


3:1.10 isolated from intercourse with the larger u. of

7:1.5 attraction that function in the lesser u. of creation.

11:3.4 Paradise is subdivided into residential u. suitable

11:3.4 One thousand of these u. constitute a division.

11:3.4 seven of the grand u. make up the master units,

11:3.4 make up the master u., and seven of the master u.

11:3.4 constitute a superior u.; and thus by sevens the

11:3.4 celestial, supercelestial, to the supreme u..

12:3.8 gravity response of basic physical u. of universe

12:4.1 All u. of cosmic energy are in primary revolution,

14:1.10 ten concentric stabilized u.—the three circuits of

14:2.2 Havona energies are threefold; superuniverse u. of

15:2.10 universe organization provides for the following u.:

15:4.4 eventual appearance of the ultimatonic u. of matter.

15:4.6 not directly related to any of the administrative u.,

15:5.11 The organized u. of matter approximate full

15:8.4 the making and unmaking of the lesser material u..

16:4.11 the linear-gravity-responding u. of organized matter.

18:7.5 These latter administrative u. are wholly under the

21:2.1 universes of time and space, the basic creative u.

29:2.19 full equals of those who function on the higher u.

29:3.7 in exactly one million u. of functional control,

29:3.7 these energy-modifying u. are not stationary as are

29:4.32 of producing some of the primitive u. of material

34:4.13 All living creatures possess bodily u. which are

35:8.15 greater service in the subordinate u. of the universe,

35:9.9 are the component u. of the material creation, and

36:2.11 Urantia there are forty-eight u. of pattern control—

36:2.14 and manipulating the essential u. of energy which are

36:2.16 bundle which possesses twenty-four pattern u..

38:5.2 in the conventional groups and u. of the angelic

38:6.1 twelve u., subject to the command of a supervisor,

41:3.6 in bringing the orbits of the basic material u. closer

42:1.4 the energy revolutions of the electrical u. of matter

42:3.3 1. Ultimatonic matter—the prime physical u. of

42:3.5 —electrons, protons, and various other u. entering

42:3.9 the component u. of molecular or visible matter.

42:3.12 but these u. are in very close proximity, and their

42:4.3 manipulation of the basic u. of materialized energy

42:4.14 the vibratory or wavelike behavior of such u. of

42:4.14 the ultimatons, electrons, atoms, or other u. thus

42:6.6 positive reactions of the several types of electronic u.

42:7.1 in fluctuating circuits, the energy u. which are faintly

42:8.1 basic physical u. a powerful and unknown energy,

42:9.5 could ever design u. of matter which are at the same

43:2.1 The constellations are the autonomous u. of a local

43:2.2 Constellations thus function as the lawmaking u.,

43:2.2 systems serve as the executive or enforcement u..

46:8.1 These u. are clustered around the ten marvelous

48:1.3 modify the revolutions of the primary u. of matter

55:12.3 counselors in advanced evolutionary u. of creation,

56:7.1 deity function to and in these progressive u. of

56:7.5 existing and previously organized u. of all creation

56:7.5 work of the universes and their component u. may

65:1.1 physical energies and material particles into u. of

65:1.7 Carriers can manipulate the living u. and maneuver

68:1.4 stronger than the mere sum of their individual u..

70:5.2 With the gradual emergence of the family u. the

84:0.2 Society itself is the aggregated structure of family u..

94:1.3 separation into tribal u., each tribe having its god.

104:4.27 absolutely controls the fundamental u. of cosmic

112:5.1 an all but infinitely integrated aggregation of real u.,

114:3.5 close organic relationship with the higher u. of the

115:6.1 Paradise gravity grasps the basic u. of material

118:1.6 Patience exercised by those mortals whose time u.

118:10.15 things can happen to a system and the larger u. of

134:5.6 become united, for various reasons, into tribal u.

160:2.10 build up such trustworthy and effective small u. of

unitysee unity; see unity, Deity; see unity, spiritual;

see Unity

0:1.2 Deity is characterized by the quality of u.—actual

0:1.15 will tend towards some phase of u. with Deity—

0:11.1 the Absolute, the unrevealed infinity-u. of the Father.

1:5.10 of God and to its grasp of the absolute u. of Deity.

1:5.10 first formulated the concept of the u. of God.

1:5.11 can any person begin to comprehend the u. of God.

1:6.2 primal force, to the philosopher a hypothesis of u.,

1:7.2 union with God as a drop of water might find u.

1:7.4 we all maintain identity of personality and u. of will

1:7.6 the absolute u. of these associations is so perfect

1:7.7 indivisibility in association with the concept of u.

1:7.8 in no manner violates the truth of the divine u..

2:5.12 Notwithstanding the infinite u. of the divine nature,

2:6.5 presupposed absence of u. in the nature of Deity

2:6.5 philosophic assault upon both the u. and the free-

2:6.7 not an inconsistent personality; the divine u. is

2:6.7 In the Paradise Trinity there is absolute u. despite the

2:7.8 charm of human art consists in the harmony of its u..

4:1.10 There is an organic u. in the universes of time and

4:4.2 divine to the human, and from u. to duality and

5:4.2 true religion is the establishment of an enduring u. in

5:5.3 is sometimes inclined to posit a God of universal u.,

5:5.4 neither is exaltation of nature nor the reverence of u.

6:8.2 Father and the Son not only as one personal u. of

9:0.4 The Conjoint Actor is the revelation of the u. of God

10:0.2 u. rests eternally upon the absolute foundations of

10:4.2 and of all the divine u. of the universe functions of

14:6.24 creation is an exemplification of the future-eternal u.

14:6.26 and u. of intelligence with an unlimited potential.

16:3.18 the creature grasp of the u. of Supremacy.

17:8.9 Functional u., inherent in the Conjoint Actor, is

17:8.9 of the future this u. will undoubtedly be inseparable

26:6.2 the central universe source of time-space u.

42:11.7 Progress towards harmonious u., a growing

48:6.37 who seek insight into the experiential u. of divergent

50:5.10 blended, associated, and co-ordinated in cosmic u.

55:10.5 each system until the seventh stage of u. is attained.


56:0.1 God is u..

56:0.2 experienced in this art of detecting the basic u.


56:6.1 Paradise Trinity, they achieve perfect u.; likewise,

56:6.1 progeny exhibit the characteristic u. of divinity.

56:6.1 which, in the presence of the impersonal energy u.


56:9.11 Universal Father is the explanation of universal u.

56:9.11 realized in the postultimate u. of absolute values

58:6.8 Those that attain cosmic u. persist, while those that

70:12.2 long struggle between division of authority and u.

75:1.3 of beginning the task of effecting religious u., they

77:3.1 should be done to preserve their racial u..

84:3.1 the basis of family u. under the herder and early

87:4.6 it difficult for religionists to conceive of cosmic u..

92:5.15 disruption of the u. of Christianity in the Occident

92:5.15 which rendered further growth incompatible with u..

92:7.4 can, and some day will, realize a u. in true worship

96:1.8 extraction taught this u. of pluralistic Gods and

98:2.12 and science are welded into a meaningful u. by the

99:5.7 effect co-operation on the basis of u. of ideals and

101:2.2 technique for achieving u. in the comprehension of

101:2.8 philosophy yields u.; revelation confirms the

101:3.15 a sublime belief in universe u. and divine guidance

101:10.6 universal creation of love, law, u., and progressive

102:2.5 seek to identify this energy u. of his science with

102:2.5 Mind is u.; mortal consciousness lives on the mind

102:2.5 mind perspective will not yield the existential u. of

102:2.5 triunity of functional reality is there u., and only in

102:2.5 and only in u. is there the personality satisfaction

102:2.6 U. is best found in human experience through

102:3.2 sensitivity for truth discernment and u. perception.

102:3.15 with supreme personality, and philosophy with u..

103:1.1 The u. of religious experience among a social or

103:7.3 God is spirit, but Deity is u., and the u. of Deity

103:7.3 u. of Deity not only embraces the spiritual values

103:7.12 in the Deity of the Supreme; the finality u. thereof,

103:7.13 the truth-seeking progression of the u. of faith and


104:2.6 actuality, gravity, tension, pattern, principle, and u.

104:3.2 Still, with all this belief in the u. of the cosmos,

104:3.4 While reason demands a monotheistic u. of cosmic

104:3.14 they thereby constitute a triunity of functional u.,

104:4.39 The Seventh Triunity—the triunity of infinite u..

104:4.39 This is the u. of infinity functionally manifest in time

104:4.46 the Father-I AM to experience functional infinity u.

104:5.12 Supreme Being is a revelation of the u. of the I AM

105:2.7 the God of Action, who is in essence the u. of the

105:2.7 divine creativity unfailingly characterized by u.,

105:2.7 and this u. is the outward reflection of the absolute


105:4.3 It has been sometime stated that u. begets duality,

105:4.4 1. Unity relationships.

105:4.4 Relations existent within the I AM as the u. thereof

106:0.9 Unqualified u. of infinity is a hypothetical reality

106:1.4 source of the relative u. of the functional reality of

106:4.1 this experiential Trinity will, through augmenting u.,

106:8.14 This is the deity consequence of the u. of the Trinity

106:8.15 deity consequence of the eventuated u. of the second

106:8.15 The Ultimate consists in a variably regarded u. of

106:8.19 consequence of the growing u. of their ancestral

106:8.22 the Trinity of Trinities could ever achieve trinity u.,

106:9.1 an unqualified u. of infinity now dominates the

106:9.4 Such a u. is in process of experiential realization in

111:1.2 cosmic u. in the several mind levels of the universe

111:2.1 Mind, in its essence, is functional u.; therefore

111:2.1 mind never fail to manifest this constitutive u.,

111:2.1 u. of mind invariably seeks for spirit co-ordination

112:2.9 identifies man as a spiritual being since the u. of

112:2.15 The purpose of cosmic evolution is to achieve u. of

112:7.8 really one personality, one being, whose u. defies

113:4.6 correlated into a meaningful u. of spiritual ministry

115:3.2 Absolute without attempting first to break the u. of

115:3.3 There is a u. in infinity which has been expressed

115:3.3 this u. becomes duality, triunity, and diversity

115:3.3 diversity while yet remaining an unqualified u..

115:6.6 insurge of Supremacy toward u. with Paradise Deity.

115:7.3 infinite u. of the unsearchable nature of the Father,

115:7.8 And this u. must be a revelation of the undetected

115:7.8 undetected working of the original u. of the First

116:1.1 the evolutionary growth of u. in the Supreme Being.

116:2.13 The Supreme Creators, in their divine u. of power

116:4.1 The u. of the Supreme Whole is dependent on the

116:6.4 matter discloses the potential u. of all finite creation.

117:1.3 of the Paradise Trinity, which is unqualified u..

117:1.3 This trinitarian u. is expressed in the finite cosmos

117:3.7 dependent on the pre-existent u. of the Paradise

117:3.9 Deity is u., existential in the Trinity, experiential in

117:3.9 Adjusters in mortal man reveals the essential u. of

117:6.13 the appreciation of the u. of the Paradise Trinity.

118:5.3 break the deadlock of the unqualified u. inherent in

118:9.8 the Father and the Son found union in the u. of the

118:9.8 space, what would their u. create as the combined

118:10.13 men can never hope to find u. in time and space.

119:8.3 the Paradise Deities, whose synthetic u., as revealed

131:5.4 May God grant us u. with the divine spirit and

133:5.8 There is u. in the cosmic universe if you could

133:5.8 a logical, true, and corresponding u. of thought?

133:5.8 yields a broader insight into the purposeful u. of

133:5.8 a concept of u. which can sense the unchanging

133:5.9 interrelated levels of the true u. of the real universe.

133:7.7 an approach to u. in an evolving selfhood, and that

133:7.7 and that u. is derived from the indwelling presence of

133:7.7 indwelling presence of a part of absolute u. which

133:7.9 and associater there would not exist sufficient u. to

133:7.10 essential to achieving harmonious personality u. in

133:7.12 Unresolved conflicts destroy u. and may terminate

134:4.6 kingdom in the hearts of men will create religious u.

136:5.4 your creatures here assembled in perfection and u.

141:5.2 “In this way you may experience a perfected u. of

141:5.2 take cognizance of this spirit identity and soul u.;

141:5.2 You can achieve the u. of the service of God even

149:3.3 this spirit can mankind ever attain u and brotherhood

150:8.3 name—selah—that we may lovingly praise your u..

155:6.8 Human u. and mortal brotherhood can be achieved

155:6.9 religion of the spirit requires only u. of experience

155:6.9 of intellectual views, only u. of spirit feeling.

195:3.1 The Roman provided a u. of political rule; the Greek

195:3.1 the Greek, a u. of culture and learning; Christianity,

195:3.1 Christianity, a u. of religious thought and practice.

196:0.7 a matchless religious u. of harmonious association

196:3.16 man could not truly realize the u. of the universe.

196:3.24 The u. of truth, beauty, and goodness can only be


102:3.11 Revelation affirms the u. of the fact of Deity,

104:4.39 The Seventh Triunity—the triunity of infinite u..

105:4.4 1. Unity relationships.

105:4.8 The I AM is unqualified infinity as u..

133:5.7 philosophy will begin to achieve u. in the intelligent

141:5.1 What I require of you, my apostles, is spirit u.

182:1.8 Jesus prayed for u. among his followers, but he did

195:10.11 invisible, spiritual, and is characterized by u., not

unity, Deity or deity

0:2.15 experiencing the achievement of D. as the evolving

10:0.2 The Trinity is D., and this unity rests eternally

10:0.3 of the absoluteness inherent in D. coupled with the

56:5.0 5. DEITY UNITY

56:5.4 in the central universe, D. is a fact of existence.

56:5.4 universes of time and space, D. is an achievement.

56:6.3 superuniverses can comprehend D. only as it is

106:5.2 qualities which characterize their attained D..

106:5.3 trinity inclusive of encompassed deity; trinity is d..

106:8.22 what would transpire as a consequence of such d.?

unity, spiritual or spirit

6:4.3 the Original Son constitutes the s. of the universe of

102:2.5 his science with the s. of his religious experience.

103:1.1 A group of mortals can experience s., but they can

103:5.12 The security of a religious group depends on s., not


141:5.1 the session having to do with the discussion of s..

141:5.1 What I require of you, my apostles, is spirit u.

141:5.1 S. is derived from the consciousness that each of

141:5.2 you may enjoy all of this profound s. in the face

141:5.3 “Your s. implies two things, which always will be

194:3.17 Pentecost was the call to s. among gospel believers.

195:10.11 S. is the fruit of faith union with the living Jesus.


1:5.11 suggested in the philosophic idea of Universal U..

4:4.7 and the self-existent U. of philosophy are the God of

56:10.23 This paper on Universal U. is the twenty-fifth of a

94:6.3 he wrote: “U. arises out of the Absolute Tao, and

94:6.3 Tao, and from U. there appears cosmic Duality,

104:4.1 Original U., Unqualified Upholder, First Person of

115:3.4 infinity is on the one hand U., on the other it is

133:7.8 his eventual attainment of the Supreme U. of the

196:3.16 finite love; this interpreter is a part of Universal U.;

universal - see Universal

1:5.14 God, being eternal, u., absolute, and infinite, does

2:5.2 God’s love is u.; “whosoever will may come.”

2:7.3 Divine truth, final truth, is uniform and u., but

3:3.3 power to know all things; God’s consciousness is u..

4:4.1 and absolute will, and these are self-existent and u..

10:3.19 Infinite Spirit is amazingly u. in all his operations.

11:5.8 the space-force manifestations of this center are u.;

30:4.16 on seven worlds of progressive training is nearly u.

34:4.13 The four points of the compass are u. and inherent

42:11.7 associated with cosmic self-maintenance is u..

48:4.1 mirth and the smile-equivalent are as u. as music.

49:4.5 Agriculture is u. on all atmospheric worlds; tilling

52:7.4 allegiance of mortals becomes more and more u..

54:4.4 Ethical obligations are innate, divine, and u..

56:1.3 Gravity unification is u. and unvarying;

56:1.3 pure-energy response is u. and inescapable.

56:2.2 Mind is infinite in potential and u. in bestowal.

68:6.8 these taboos on twins were once well-nigh u.,

74:8.4 belief in man’s having been created from clay was u.

78:7.4 water covered the whole of the earth’s surface are u.

80:9.4 cremation of the dead was almost u. throughout

84:7.10 Love of offspring is almost u. and is of distinct

87:2.9 food; food offerings at funeral feasts were once u..

87:5.5 and the phallic cult was at one time well-nigh u..

89:5.3 Cannibalism was once well-nigh u. among the races.

89:6.2 Human sacrifice has been virtually u.; it persisted

90:4.6 effort to influence the spirits; the tom-toms were u..

102:3.10 succeeds, affirming that the cosmic circle is u.,

103:9.12 and the destinies final—eternal, ultimate, and u..

117:6.2 “How u. is the Supreme—he is on all sides!

141:7.8 He despised no man; his plan was world-wide, u.

148:2.3 mind or body of the afflicted person was well-nigh u.

194:3.18 the Spirit of Truth is a world influence which is u..

195:3.7 There was religious liberty; travel was u and thought

universal absoluteness

1:5.6 encompass all the unqualified potentials of the u. of

universal acknowledgment

33:3.5 makes public and u. of subordination to the Son,

universal action

10:5.2 meanings, values, powers, and capacities for u.,

universal administration

10:5.2 meanings, values, powers, and capacities for u.,

23:3.4 the whole economy of u. would be deprived of its

universal administrator

9:1.5 The Third Person is the u. of the mind realms;

universal adoration

160:5.2 toward some reality which we deem worthy of u..

universal adornment

11:8.1 suns, and whirling spheres which constitute the u. universal adventure

7:4.3 though marvelously correlated, enterprises of u.:

8:1.1 set for the stupendous drama of creation—the u.

14:6.40 sometime be started out on the undisclosed and u.

universal agent

8:0.1 both the Thought-God and the Word-God for a u.

universal allegiance

52:7.4 allegiance of mortals becomes more and more u..

universal appeal

98:7.11 they began to lose their potentially u. to all races

135:6.2 made such a deep and u. as at the very time John

160:5.4 A religion, by losing its u. to loyalty and supreme

universal approval

129:4.6 may not have received the unqualified and u. of his

universal attainment(s)

56:10.16 the transcendental, even the infinite, goal of u..

117:6.16 when, through the u. of perfection, all creatures will

160:5.7 the divinity of values, and the eternity of u..

universal beauty

44:7.4 in the evolutionary experience of eternal truth, u.,

56:10.9 U. embraces the harmonious relations and rhythms

56:10.17 U. is the recognition of the reflection of the Isle of

universal belief(s)

74:8.4 belief in man’s having been created from clay was u.

93:7.3 generally submerged in the older and more u. and

148:2.3 mind or body of the afflicted person was well-nigh u.

universal bestowal

32:4.11 In this u. of himself we have abundant proof of the

52:4.7 the bestowal of divine Monitors is not always u..

56:2.2 Mind is infinite in potential and u. in bestowal.

86:0.1 sixth and seventh mind-adjutants of u. spirit bestowal

103:0.1 of the divine Sons or the u. of the Adjusters,

194:2.3 all normal men’s minds for the u. of the Father’s

universal body

0:5.5 the u., the source and center of physical matter,

universal broadcast(s)

20:7.2 The last u. census broadcast gave the number of

21:0.5 Not long since on Uversa we recorded a u. of a

110:7.6 u. of love proceeding from the Father of mercies.

universal brotherhood

12:7.8 brings into being a relationship of the whole, the u..

12:7.10 divine family of all individuals, the u. of the freewill

12:7.10 And this brotherhood, being u., is a relationship of

12:7.10 Brotherhood, when u., discloses not the each

98:7.11 personal gospel: the Fatherhood of God and the u.

106:9.12 devoted to the wholehearted service of the u. of all

117:1.2 of understanding, the discovery of eternal and u..

118:5.3 can ever be universal sonship and consequent u..

universal cannibalism

89:5.3 Cannibalism was once well-nigh u. among the races.

universal census

20:7.2 The u. broadcast gave the number of these Sons

universal circle

41:9.2 Paradise gravity, to the trend, the swing, of the u.

102:3.10 succeeds, affirming that the cosmic circle is u.,

105:0.1 throughout this u. of endless diversification, ever

universal circuit(s)

7:3.3 petitions will be seized by the u. of spirit gravity

7:3.6 is not “spirit indited” can find no place in the u.

7:6.7 intersonship circuit is entirely different from the u.

9:6.2 Actor dominates and controls the u. mind circuit.

15:9.1 The u. of Paradise do actually pervade the realms of

15:9.2 In addition to the u. Paradise circuits and in addition

16:9.14 within the grasp of the u. personality circuit.

28:3.2 of the u. intelligence circuits of the Infinite Spirit,

107:6.4 Adjusters traverse space over the u. gravity circuits

108:2.1 the u. mind-gravity circuit of the Conjoint Actor

universal class

27:7.9 the ministering spirits, those beings who, as a u.,

universal closing

146:4.1 the almost u. of the synagogues to his teaching.

universal code

44:1.11 seven levels of melodious association, is the one u.

universal cohesion

116:7.4 u. supermaterial cohesion of the eternal spiritual

universal collapse

4:1.6 of all creation, there would immediately occur a u..

universal coming

49:5.25 function, and thus effect the u. of the Adjusters.

77:7.5 the days of Christ Michael—before the u. of the

universal complements

12:6.3 u. physical- and spiritual-gravity complements.

universal concept

6:0.3 of the Father’s infinite and u. of divine reality,

6:0.4 to refer to the “Father’s first personal, and u..”

33:1.1 “only-begotten Son” personalizing the 611,121st u.

universal consciousness

3:3.3 power to know all things; God’s consciousness is u..

universal consent

119:1.5 By u. he has become chief of Melchizedeks,

universal control(s)

6:8.2 and the Son not only as one personal unity of u.

7:6.4 with the central and u. of matter, mind, and spirit.

16:4.1 heads of the u. administrative control of the Third

universal co-ordinator(s)

9:1.3 should think of the Third Source and Center as a u.

26:2.6 Infinite Spirit and all his creative associates, as u.,

universal corps

23:0.1 Solitary Messengers are the personal and u. of the

universal creation

11:9.2 it is not a part of u., not even a real part of Havona

15:0.2 Early in the materialization of the u. the sevenfold

15:10.23 what may be transpiring in other sections of the u..

23:1.1 There is no part of the u. which is pre-existent to the

31:3.7 merciful and patient, administration of all the u. of

32:4.11 If God has withheld aught of himself from the u.,

56:0.1 physical, intellectual, and spiritual domains of u. are

97:7.6 Isaiah the first, this leader preached a God of u.

101:10.6 to eternity of life in a u. of love, law, unity, and

115:2.3 The entire scheme of u. and evolution on all levels is

universal creator(s)

95:2.2 a steppingstone to the later doctrine of a u. Deity.

120:0.5 the divine will of the sevenfold phases of the u.

universal cult

85:2.4 China, there once existed a u. of the tree of life.

87:5.5 and the phallic cult was at one time well-nigh u..

universal currents

23:3.3 beings who can synchronize with the combined u.

43:8.1 are energized directly by the u. space currents,

universal Deity or Deities

92:4.3 mortal hunger to believe in, and depend upon, the u..

93:3.2 Melchizedek taught the concept of one God, a u.,

93:3.6 the doctrine of one God, a u., a heavenly Creator,

95:2.2 a steppingstone to the later doctrine of a u. creator

96:5.8 While Moses presented fleeting glimpses of a u. to

130:2.2 become a strong believer in the doctrine of a u..

131:3.1 religion without God, without a personal and u..

universal destinies

103:9.12 and the destinies final—eternal, ultimate, and u..

universal development

106:7.1 such ideas embrace something of the finality of u.,

universal directors

17:0.1 The seven Supreme Spirit groups are the u. of the

universal distrust

84:4.4 and all this indicates the onetime u. of woman.

universal domains

5:1.2 effort to reveal himself to the children of his u..

28:5.21 and in harmony with the immutable laws of the u..

35:0.1 They are the offspring of the divine Rulers of the u.

65:3.7 methods of administration for any part of the u.,

universal dominance

95:6.4 the flame as a symbol of the pure and wise Spirit of u

universal drift

42:6.3 response they are thus held in the u. space drift.

universal duty

110:3.10 of cosmic morality and the dawning realization of u..

universal economy

28:6.18 The u. is based on intake and output; throughout

universal education

37:6.6 Intellectual acquisition is also a part of u..

71:8.7 5. The establishment of u.—learning extended from

universal educators

20:7.3 Daynals are the u., being dedicated to the spiritual

universal electorate

68:6.8 these taboos on twins were once well-nigh u.,

71:2.17 government presupposes an intelligent and u..

universal endowment

16:6.4 It is this u. cosmic endowment of will creatures

28:6.9 Time is the one u. of all will creatures; it is the “one

universal energy or energies

29:4.24 serviceable in the important task of maintaining u.

41:2.5 capacity for mobilization and transmutation of u..

41:7.6 3. The accumulation and transmission of certain u..



42:10.2 The u. nonspiritual energies are reassociated in the

56:0.2 manifold manifestations of u. creative energy.

universal enterprise

7:4.6 operation the tremendous and u. of mercy ministry.

universal equilibrium

15:8.6 the rarest form of energy, and the struggle for u. is

universal evidences

12:8.3 Power and energy are the u. of the stability,

universal existence

0:4.2 reality realms of the nonpersonalizable values of u.,

12:7.11 fact of relationship between every personality in u.

22:9.7 There is simply nothing in all u. which can take the

24:1.15 encountered in any other type of creature in all u..

universal expansion

0:5.2 Reality is subject to u., personality to infinite

12:4.12 (Nebadon) participates in this movement of u.

universal expression

130:4.13 as such a cosmos obscures the living light of the u.

universal fact

102:3.11 this concept as our Father—the u. of existence,

102:6.6 cannot achieve harmony between u. and infinite

universal family

5:6.9 kinship of being which constitutes the vast and u.

6:8.1 And all of us, high and low, constitute their u..

universal Fathersee also Father

4:4.7 science, God is the First Cause; in religion, the u.;

149:6.3 led increasingly to love such a good and perfect, u.

186:5.6 the attributes of the eternal, infinite, and u., but

universal fatherhood

163:7.4 brotherhood of man founded on the fact of the u. of

universal favor

127:2.10 The agitation persisted; not again was Jesus in u.;

universal flood

77:4.12 woven into the Jewish story of Noah and the u..

78:7.4 There has never been a u. since life was established

universal folk tale

77:2.3 the origin of the well-nigh u. of the gods who came

universal force(s)

20:4.1 connection of the Avonal Son with the local and u.

42:6.1 While the space charge of u. is homogeneous and

53:4.1 proclaimed that worship could be accorded the u.

universal force-charge

15:4.1 mystery associated with the u. of space;

42:4.5 heat—comparative energy rest—the status of the u. of

57:1.1 And this great nebula itself took origin in the u. of

universal fount

12:7.6 with personality and the u. of all creature personality

universal freedom

69:8.11 While the ideal of society is u., idleness should never

universal function

3:0.3 And this u. of creatorship is eternally manifested

115:7.1 become subject to experiential qualifications of u..

105:4.8 triunities eventuate the realization of infinity as uf..

universal God

94:0.1 trust in the one u. as the only price of obtaining

97:4.5 Hosea followed Amos and his doctrine of a u. of

97:7.11 introduced to a universe of law and order and a u.

97:10.5 Hebrew religion of sincere belief in the one and u.

universal government

18:6.3 administrative activities of all branches of the u.,

universal grasp

9:6.6 Pure mind is subject only to the u. gravity grasp of

universal gravity

7:0.5 the Son’s eternal grasp of the u. control of all spirit

7:1.1 The pure and u. spirit gravity of all creation, this

7:1.1 The control of u. spiritual gravity is universal

7:5.6 the Son’s grasp of u. spirit gravity was undiminished.


14:2.7 The u. spiritual gravity of the Eternal Son is

15:0.3 the u. presences there function in majestic power

56:3.1 As the u. mind gravity is centered in the Paradise

56:3.1 so does the u. spirit gravity center in the Paradise

108:2.1 the u. mind-gravity circuit of the Conjoint Actor in

universal greeting

17:1.10 where they hold their millennial conclave of u. and

universal head

21:3.24 the u. of all power, personality, and government

universal headquarters

11:9.7 Paradise is the u. of all personality activities and

universal history

27:5.3 records of Paradise, the cumulative summary of u.

universal hostility

72:1.3 have little foreign trade owing to the u. of their less

universal hosts

131:2.7 God has created the u., and he preserves them all.

universal ideal

22:10.2 personality embodiment of some divine idea, u.,

160:1.14 our ideal is final, infallible, eternal, u., absolute,

universal influence

42:8.1 This u. permeates all the space embraced within this

194:3.18 the Spirit of Truth is a world influence which is u..

universal injunction

1:0.4 This magnificent and u. to strive for the attainment

universal intelligence

9:4.3 only in the domain of mind, in the realms of u..

9:6.1 The Third Source, the u., is personally conscious of

17:3.3 concerned in the working of this vast scheme of u.

28:3.2 We possess evidences of the actuality of the u.

universal interest

52:3.11 The crowning development of this era is the u. in

universal invisibility

107:4.4 The u. of the Adjusters is strongly suggestive of

universal justice

97:7.13 the God concept in the Occident has embraced u.,

universal knowledge


3:3.1 His knowledge of events is u. and perfect.

44:3.6 and future work as well as u. cultural knowledge,

universal language

44:1.15 Forever, music will remain the u. of men, angels,

66:5.10 defection destroyed the hope of the world for a u.,

70:3.5 but money has become the u. of modern trade.

71:8.12 10. The conquest of dialects—the triumph of a u..

81:6.18 A u. promotes peace, insures culture, and augments

universal law(s)

4:2.5 upon the Paradise foundations of God’s u..

12:8.3 which is true and steadfast in its obedience to u..

15:6.16 The laws of physical-energy behavior are basically u.

25:4.12 because of their expertness in the concept of u. and

29:4.33 They always labor in compliance with u., handling

49:1.6 There is a precise system, a u., which determines the

104:2.3 recognition to the reality of Paradise Deity as u.,

120:4.5 —the operation of u. beyond our understanding.

universal levels

118:2.2 manifesting himself on more nearly infinite and u..

universal life

15:10.22 the intelligences of every sphere of u. are mingled in

31:10.11 —the presence of actual finite experience in the u.

36:2.10 six tributary satellites, is devoted to the study of u.,

111:7.3 with the clear vision of the eternal outlook of u. as

universal lines

11:1.4 center the u. of gravity from the ends of creation.

universal lordship

131:4.2 He exercises u. lordship over all.

universal love

1:4.5 The God of u. unfailingly manifests himself to every

2:5.2 God’s love is u.; “whosoever will may come.”

6:3.4 are a direct revelation of the Father’s heart of u.

6:3.5 The love of this universal Son is likewise u..

84:7.10 Love of offspring is almost u. and is of distinct

105:3.2 Father, creator, controller, and upholder; u., eternal

universal mandate

7:4.7 Having promulgated the u., “Be you perfect, even as

universal manifestation(s)

9:1.7 which is superior even to physical gravity—the u.

11:5.8 the space-force manifestations of this center are u.;

42:9.1 notwithstanding the u. of the decimal constitution of

104:2.6 functions in various non-Father capacities of u.

universal manipulator

9:1.4 infinite spirit representing the Son but also as a u.


universal mechanism

32:5.1 The whole marvelous and u. moves on majestically

universal mind

0:5.5 is the source of intelligence, reason, and the u..

8:5.1 this spirit, which is so akin to the presence of a u..

8:6.1 action, a cosmic power, a holy influence, and a u.;

9:1.4 bringing into existence the u. and absolute mind.

9:6.2 he unqualifiedly dominates and controls the u. circuit

34:3.4 must reckon with time in the ministration of the u.

56:2.3 This infinite and u. is ministered in the universes of

56:3.1 the u. gravity is centered in the Paradise presence of

108:2.1 the u. mind-gravity circuit of the Conjoint Actor in

117:3.1 eternal energy, divine spirit, and u. attains finite

universal minister

8:4.7 forever the great ministering personality, the u.

9:0.3 The Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Creator, is a u.

12:8.7 inherently becomes the u. to all intelligent beings,

universal ministry

8:4.7 also bestows the u. of mercy in his own behalf.

24:7.1 superuniverse realms as the Havona Servitals of u..

universal mystery or mysteries

13:1.8 your world nineteen hundred years ago, it is a u..

17:3.2 a part of one of the seven u. of the secret spheres of

20:6.1 becomes enmothered on the bestowal planet, is a u.;

universal obligations

54:4.4 Ethical obligations are innate, divine, and u..

universal offerings

87:2.9 food; food offerings at funeral feasts were once u..

universal omnipotence

97:7.13 by his sublime portraiture of the majesty and u. of

universal opposites

12:8.13 and the cosmic mind intervenes between these u..

universal opposition

97:1.2 enabled Samuel to withstand the almost u. which he

universal orbit

12:4.1 of their mission, while swinging around the u..

universal order

9:1.3 The Trinity has ordained the u. of progress,

universal overcontrol

0:1.10 universe is tantamount to u. and supersustenance,


15:8.9 these phenomena must be indicative of some u. of

universal pandemonium

11:1.4 Did he move, u. would be precipitated, for there

universal path

22:9.8 less fortunate brethren who ascend the u. by steps

31:3.6 “Be you perfect”; they have ascended the u. of

universal peace

52:3.10 U. and co-operation are seldom attained until the

64:6.8 and never did another leader succeed in bringing u.

universal perfection

1:0.5 Such perfection may not be u. in the material sense

universal person

1:3.5 God is a universal spirit; God is the u. person.

universal personality

2:1.3 of the manifestations of the Father’s eternal and u.,

universal phenomena or phenomenon

3:2.3 Source is the primal cause of the u. of all space.

12:6.4 In all your contemplation of u., make certain that

13:1.10 We tell you of the vast and u. of reflectivity,

14:6.36 great satisfaction from the u reflectivity phenomenon

42:11.7 associated with cosmic self-maintenance is u..

56:0.2 of us who are able to observe wider stretches of u.,

universal plan

7:4.1 the prosecution of the divine plan of progress: the u.

7:4.5 The next u. is the great Father-revelation enterprise

7:4.7 custodian, of the Father’s u. of creature ascension.

14:3.5 is utilized in the work of furthering the Father’s u. of

15:8.4 The u. for the maintenance of equilibrium between

30:4.16 on seven worlds of progressive training is nearly u.

30:4.33 Their present destiny wholly justifies the u. of ascent.

39:9.3 They are still supremely devoted to that u. of starting

53:3.6 3. The attack upon the u. of ascendant mortal

67:8.5 wisdom of the Father’s u. for mobilizing the Corps

112:5.8 absolute perfection for the detail working of the u. of

141:7.8 He despised no man; his plan was world-wide, u.

universal power

4:2.6 it is a phase of the u. and, therefore, divine power!

universal practice

95:1.5 It had become a u. throughout Mesopotamia for all

universal presence(s)

1:3.1 He is a u. spiritual presence.

3:1.9 with the function of the u. spirit presence of the Son

8:4.3 Spirit is known as an omnipresent influence, a u.,

11:8.9 The u. of the Unqualified Absolute seems to be

12:3.1 spiritual—are alike subject to those grasps, those u.

15:0.3 the u. gravity presences there function in majestic

28:3.2 quite sufficient to demonstrate the reality of the u.

42:10.7 these levels of mind are overshadowed by the u. of

107:4.1 such a fragment of the absolute essence of the u. of

118:2.1 omnipresence with his timeless and spaceless u.

universal primacy

2:1.11 we question whether infinity and consequent u. is

universal pull

14:2.7 the ever-present action of the u. spirit-gravity pull

universal reality or realities

0:0.3 concepts of the things, meanings, and values of u..

0:3.20 In attempting to portray the origin and nature of u.

0:5.5 the absolute master pattern of u. material reality.

0:5.6 These qualities of u. are manifest in Urantian human

101:2.8 experiential harmony of this triune approach to u..

102:2.5 lives on the mind level and perceives u. through

103:7.3 the Isle of Paradise, while these two phases of u.

104:4.15 and the loving person are one and the same u.;

105:1.2 not so clearly identifiable in undeified realms of u..

105:3.6 causational, potentially personal possibilities of u.,

111:3.5 values and cosmic meanings as a realization of u..

130:4.6 Personality is that phase of u. which can coexist

130:7.7 It must be apparent that u. has an expanding and

160:5.3 your object of worship must be the u. spirit reality

196:3.2 There are just three elements in u.: fact, idea, and

universal realms

3:6.1 on the mighty lever of the circumstances of the u.;

11:1.1 serves many purposes in the administration of the u.,

21:3.24 personality, and government throughout all the u..

universal recognition

15:9.17 There must exist a state of u. of, and loyalty to,

universal reflectivity

14:6.36 derive great satisfaction from the u. phenomenon

17:1.10 grand universe through the unique functioning of u..

17:3.3 disclose these powers of co-ordinate u. just as

17:3.9 do not participate in the operation of the u. system,

17:8.7 of Days with Majeston, the Paradise center of u..

universal regime

25:4.12 In the u. you are not reckoned as having possessed

universal relationship(s)

1:2.9 he does control them in many of their u. and in

101:5.13 the truth of supreme values, divine goodnesses, u.,

180:5.8 The true cosmic meaning of this rule of u. is only

universal remedies

90:4.7 The red men were devoted to the plant theory of u.;

universal repercussions


universal reports

9:7.3 contain the u. space reports, and just as certainly

universal representatives

17:1.1 for beings of a type that could function as their u..

universal rest

94:2.4 eternal escape from self by submergence in the u.

universal restriction

20:6.2 that is a u. imposed on all orders of the Paradise

universal revealer

9:0.2 spiritual expression and interpretation; he is the u..

universal revelation

7:7.1 The Eternal Son is a complete, exclusive, and u. of

7:7.3 The Son and his Sons are engaged in making a u.

8:3.6 The Infinite Spirit is a complete, exclusive, and u. of

10:5.2 meanings, values, powers, and capacities for u.,

universal rite

89:8.2 The later and well-nigh u ancient rite of circumcision

universal Ruler

11:2.1 commensurate with the infinitude of the u. of all this

142:4.2 day when the Father is revealed as the u. over all?

universal sacrifice

89:6.2 Human sacrifice has been virtually u.; it persisted

universal salvation

94:7.7 Gautama’s gospel of u., free from sacrifice, ritual,

universal scale

40:0.10 the narrative has descended the u. of living beings

130:4.2 the spirit world—these realities, projected on a u.,

184:4.6 and grandeur of spiritual socialization on a u.

universal scheme

17:4.3 intelligence service of the u. of mortal progression,

19:5.9 to bridge this gap in the u. of moral enlightenment

26:4.13 by the ministry of all the helper hosts of the u. of

29:3.5 are always on duty; there is no provision in the u. for

universal sense

10:6.16 representative of the attitude of the Trinity in a u.;

107:4.2 Adjusters are not absolutes in the u., in the Deity

universal sensitivity

117:4.8 cosmic morality, the u. to, and acceptance of, duty

universal service

8:4.2 Son’s mercy; in him are they eternally united for u..

38:8.5 may attain the heights of u. seraphic service.

40:7.5 To the Adjuster-fused mortal the career of u. is

universal Son

6:3.5 The love of this u. Son is likewise universal.

universal sonship

118:5.3 must there be a Father before there can ever be u.

universal source

6:0.3 that the Father is actually the eternal and u. of all

21:2.7 the Third Source and Center, the u. of mind ministry

universal sovereignty

3:5.5 any manner contradict the concept of the u. of God.

7:1.1 The control of universal spiritual gravity is u.

10:6.2 Justice is inherent in the u. of the Paradise Trinity,

universal space

8:1.3 The stage of u. is set for the manifold and never-

42:1.3 There is innate in matter and present in u. a form of

42:6.3 gravity response they are thus held in the u. drift.

43:8.1 spheres are energized directly by the u. currents,

universal sphere

1:0.3 his Paradise perfection of personality and in his u. of

universal spirit

1:2.1 The First Father is u., eternal truth, infinite reality,


1:3.4 the Father and the Son in like manner share the u.

1:3.4 in the Son God’s spirit is unqualified, in the Spirit, u.

1:3.5 God is a u. spirit; God is the universal person.

6:2.6 God is, indeed, a u.; God is spirit; and this spirit

7:1.1 The pure and u. gravity of all creation,

9:2.5 The presence of the u. of the Eternal Son we know—

56:3.1 so does the u. gravity center in the Paradise presence

86:0.1 sixth and seventh mind-adjutants of u. bestowal is

194:2.15 the Infinite Spirit—the u. spirit-mind of all creation,

universal stabilizer

9:0.2 and in capacity for energy dominance; it is the u..

universal stream

42:1.5 the u. and united stream of Paradise force going

universal suffrage

45:5.6 the Jerusem Adamites govern themselves by u. and

45:7.6 Suffrage is u. on Jerusem among these three groups

71:2.5 Danger of u. in the hands of uneducated majorities

71:2.17 8. U. suffrage.

71:2.17 suffrage, while remaining u. for both sexes, will be

72:2.3 The chief executive is elected every six years by u..


72:9.1 discovered a serious weakness in their plan of u.

universal superstitions

93:7.3 become generally submerged in the older and more u

universal synthesis

117:3.1 the Almighty Supreme, is the complex and u. of the

universal systems



universal tendency

2:6.9 —the u. to love, show mercy, manifest patience,

universal thought

56:3.6 the expression of the eternal word of the Father’s u..

universal time

12:5.1 motion is essential to time, but there is no u. unit

universal totality

19:3.6 probable that it approaches the threshold of u..

universal traditions

78:7.4 water covered the whole of the earth’s surface are u.

universal travel

195:3.7 There was religious liberty; travel was u. and

universal truth(s)

2:7.3 Divine truth, final truth, is uniform and u., but

3:0.3 And the creatorship of Deity culminates in the u.

22:7.6 succeed in bringing their chosen concept of u. into

101:6.7 the time-space manifestations of Paradise truth—u.

103:6.5 understanding of u. and relationships without the

105:2.11 the eternal fact of infinity-reality and the u. of

180:5.12 by truth-conviction, the spirit of eternal and u..

188:5.13 mercy, and to broadcast these u. to a whole universe

universal unifier

9:0.2 the Third Source is the u. of the manifold energies

universal unison

17:3.11 all seven may and do act in u., as in the event of the

universal unit

12:5.1 there is no u. time unit based on motion except in

universal unity

5:5.3 The philosopher is inclined to posit a God of u.,



56:9.11 The Father is the explanation of u. as it must be

universal upholder

9:0.2 in spiritual thought and purpose; he is the u..

universal urge(s)

103:5.3 the morality of this u. to be unselfish and altruistic.

111:2.8 the two u. of mind: the impulse of the finite mind of

universal values

6:2.7 realization of the exclusively spiritual beauty of u..

161:1.11 transcendent, supreme, infinite, eternal, and u..

universal victory

135:5.5 faithful would sweep on to u. and eternal victory.

universal will

3:6.4 philosopher professes to reject the idea of a u.,

universal Yahweh

97:7.11 A new concept of the supreme and u. has appeared


96:1.12 The Canaanites were not u. minded, and therefore


31:9.10 equivalated to the level of the U. and attained the

56:10.18 merciful ministries of the spirit personalities of the U.

94:7.3 failed to perceive the personality of the One U..

102:7.8 consistent, be driven into the arms of the U. of truth,

106:8.18 provided this conception envisions the U. not only

Universal Absolute

0:3.7 6. The Universal Absolute.

0:3.18 —are co-ordinated and unified in and by the U..

0:3.21 tension of infinity differential is resolved by the U.,

0:4.4 reality is embraced within the realms of the U..

0:4.5 is perfectly resolved by, and eternalizes as, the U..

0:11.1 these two become one in the functioning of the U.,

0:11.2 of the experiential with the existential by the U..

0:11.2 By virtue of the equipoising presence of the U.,

0:11.3 presence is designated the action of the U..

0:11.6 the U. is superadditive to both in the encompassment

0:11.10 3. The U., we logically deduce, was inevitable in the

0:11.10 The U. is the Deity phenomenon indicative of the

0:11.11 The tension-presence of the U. signifies the

0:11.12 the Deity Absolute that eternalizes the U., thereby

0:11.13 the U. so perfectly equalizes the tensions between

0:11.13 Associatively the U. constitutes the identification of

0:11.14 The U. is the potential of the static-dynamic Deity

0:11.15 are perfectly and divinely unified in and by the U..

0:11.16 Neither do we regard the U. as self-determinative,

3:1.8 so is he potentially present in the tensions of the U..

3:2.15 by the three existential Absolutes—Deity, U., and

4:1.8 Unqualified Absolute, the Deity Absolute, and U..

8:1.10 of the Isle of Paradise and of the Unqualified, U.,

9:6.8 is partly attributable to the function of the U..

9:6.9 of activities wherein the Conjoint Actor and the U.

10:8.8 the problem of the U. will continue to intrigue,

10:8.8 the cosmic relationships of the U. will tend to grow

12:4.5 3. The U. does not originate initial motion but does

12:4.16 intramaster universe gravity technique of the U.,

12:6.13 clear as to the exact status of the Deity and U., but

29:3.11 automatically reactive to certain impulses of the U..

31:9.10 experiencing personality seizure by the U..

42:0.1 and proving the existence and presence of the U..

42:2.8 certain compensating motions emanating from the U.

56:1.2 both Absolutes are functionally unified by the U..


56:9.1 and the Deity Absolute are unified in the U..

56:9.3 is the U. the final function of the Trinity, even a

56:9.5 while conceiving the U. as constituting the universe

56:9.7 potentials of infinity become reality-unified in the U..

96:1.15 which in the end led to the concept of the U.

104:3.11 6. The Universal Absolute.

104:3.13 compensating but enshrouded activities of the U..

104:4.31 2. The Universal Absolute.

104:4.37 3. The Universal Absolute.

104:4.42 3. The Universal Absolute.

104:4.43 The U. perfectly compensates the differentials

104:4.44 the Conjoint Actor and the U. are alike responsive

104:5.9 2. The Universal Absolute.

105:2.8 This phase of the I AM is best understood as the U.

105:3.8 7. The Universal Absolute.

105:3.8 The U. (being static, potential, and associative)

106:5.1 to activate the Absolutes of potentiality—Deity, U.,

106:5.2 and indistinguishable in the presence of the U..

106:5.4 The three Absolutes—Deity, U., and Unqualified—

106:6.6 a reasonable conclusion with respect to the U., if

106:6.6 at least we know that the U. is not only static and

106:7.3 with the Unqualified Absolute by virtue of the U..

106:7.9 the completed actualization of the Unqualified, U.,

106:8.17 postulated that such may consist of the Deity, U.,

106:8.18 of the Trinity of Trinities is conceived as the U.,

106:8.18 provided this conception envisions the U. not only

106:8.21 conjoined concept of the oneness of the Deity, U.,

115:3.8 of potentiality, the Deity, Unqualified, and U..

115:3.10 In the association of the Deity, U., and Unqualified

115:6.3 involved in developments within the Deity, U.,

115:7.3 Absolute, the Unqualified Absolute, and the U..

115:7.8 the presence of the U. unifies Deity activation with

118:4.3 In the presence of the U. these causative-

118:4.5 establishment of destiny in the U. by the actions of

118:9.7 we have theories regarding the operations of the U.

Universal Censor(s)—see Censor; Censors

Universal Center

1:1.4 to designate the Father more often mean the U..

Universal Conciliatorssee Conciliators

Universal Controller

3:1.7 The U. is potentially present in the gravity circuits

103:7.3 but is also cognizant of the energy facts of the U.

104:4.1 U., Limitless Energizer, Original Unity, First Person

105:2.6 2. The U. Controller.

105:2.6 Father is God-as-love; the U. is God-as-pattern.

Universal Creator

1:4.5 and the eternal, the time-space creature and the U.,

1:5.2 creature’s highest possible concept of the U. is

92:6.17 blended idea of a racial deity combined with a U.;

96:1.1 the teaching of Melchizedek regarding a U. never

97:2.3 and witnessed the restoration of the idea of the U. to

97:7.9 he portrayed the Lord God of Israel as the U..

105:2.7 3. The U. Creator. I AM one with the Eternal Son.

142:3.7 about God had expanded into the concept of a U.

Universal Deity

95:7.6 its presentation of the One U. of all, “who knows the

130:3.5 those religions of the world which recognized a U.,

Universal Disposer

2:1.2 “The divine Creator is also the U., the source and

Universal First Cause

196:3.1 the intellectual logic which recognizes the U. as It

Universal I AM

56:3.5 as they were in eternity so unified in the U. ere he

56:9.5 the final postulate of the U. as the primal cause and

Universal Integrator

0:2.14 3. God the Spirit—Conjoint Actor, U., and Mind

Universal Intelligence

24:2.1 that the cosmic mind of the U. is cognizant of the

Universal King

94:6.3 everlasting union with Tao, Supreme God and U..”

Universal Manipulator

9:1.1 As the U., he is the ancestor of the power-control

Universal Mind

121:4.3 attune their minds to the harmony of the U. Mind,

130:4.2 repercussions of the Paradise Pattern and the U.

130:4.7 and it comes into being by the action of the U.

Universal Mother

6:8.1 that God is the Universal Father, the Son is the U..

117:6.5 the cosmic reaction of the Supreme Being, the U..

Universal One

94:3.6 no individuality apart from this indwelling of the U..

105:2.11 7. The U. One of Infinity. I AM as I AM.

Universal Organizer

8:2.3 Center if he were called the Infinite Reality, the U.,

Universal Oversoul

94:3.4 In certain phases the concept of the One U. as the

94:3.5 the ultimate engulfment of all personality by the U..

Universal Self

94:3.3 the U. existing static and potential throughout all

Universal Spirit

8:2.2 Third Source is known by numerous titles: the U.,

Universal Unity

1:5.11 is only suggested in the philosophic idea of U..

56:10.23 This paper on U. is the twenty-fifth of a series of

196:3.16 this interpreter is a part of U.; this evaluator is the


195:3.2 by imperial u. and for the first time in history made it


0:11.8 of metaphysical sophistries concerning the u.,

0:12.7 of the nonpersonal, and its unification in u. would

1:5.13 the divine will which is exhibited in eternity and u. of

6:2.6 enhanced by differentiation from the u. of the First

10:0.1 changelessness, eternity, u., absoluteness, and

12:7.8 God is no respecter of persons, and the u. of his love

14:6.25 Havona is a perfect pattern of the u. potential of the

87:4.3 but rather in its vividness and the u. of its ready

93:3.3 emblematic of the infinity, eternity, and u. of the

107:0.5 the degree of his partiality in contrast with the u. of

107:4.2 Adjusters are qualified as to u. but not as to nature;

194:3.9 Jerusalem, indicate the u. of the religion of Jesus.


131:8.4 “The wise man u. his heart.


1:1.6 He is best known, most u. acknowledged, on your

2:7.3 First Source are eternally, infinitely, and u. true;

3:2.15 are unified in Deity and u. expressed in the Trinity

6:4.7 The Original Son is u. and spiritually self-conscious.

8:2.6 Ever and always—u. and eternally—the Spirit is a

10:1.5 God’s infinite father-personality except as it is u.

10:1.5 and, with the Son, is u. active in the Infinite Spirit.

11:7.8 path of lessened resistance to motion which is u.

12:6.13 The Deity Absolute may be u. present but hardly

15:4.6 is not organized by nebulae—energy is u. distributed.

16:2.4 No one of them can so function u.; as individuals

18:1.1 this group of worlds is u. known as the personal

20:8.4 beholden to these u. efficient Trinity Teacher Sons.

31:0.11 finaliters function u. and with alternating and equal

39:3.9 utilize all three of the u. distributed lines of energy,

42:12.15 Mind u. dominates matter, even as it is in turn

43:4.9 the doors of sympathy were so well-nigh u. closed

46:8.4 but the law of deliberately nourished evil is u. and

51:7.1 planets where this Magisterial Son is u. accepted,

52:3.2 only the fusion Adjusters are not yet u. bestowed.

56:0.1 Deity is u. co-ordinated.

69:3.6 abuse of these privileges the smiths became u. hated,

70:10.15 Cattle stealing was u. punished by summary death,

74:6.4 While cooking was u. employed outside of Eden,

81:3.6 vehicles so equipped became u. employed in war and

82:3.1 Mating is u. natural, and as society evolved from the

84:1.3 It was once u. believed that a virgin could become

86:6.2 the imaginary world of ghosts and spirits became u.

89:2.2 The idea of sin was u. established in the world before

89:3.6 of the tentmaker-teacher were to be u. obeyed,

103:0.2 they are u. manifested and have an apparently natural

103:6.5 both of these systems of thinking, when u. applied

104:4.43 The Conjoint Actor u. integrates the varying aspects

108:2.3 Therefore have the Adjusters been u. bestowed

110:0.1 the nature of the perfect ancestral Deity to u. share

114:3.2 the respected head and u. recognized leader of the

119:1.6 was Michael, but it is u. believed that he was.

121:8.14 strikingly helpful and u. uplifting phraseology.

149:6.8 The u. recognized and unreservedly worshiped

161:1.9 but nevertheless always and u. a personality.

171:7.2 Goodness is u. attractive only when it is gracious.

universenounsee universe of universes;

universe, central; universe, grand; universe, local;

universe, master; see Universe

0:0.5 This u., together with similar creations, makes up the

0:0.6 with the central and divine u., we commonly refer to

0:3.12 The First Source and Center is related to the u. as:

0:6.8 therefore is the u. illuminated by three kinds of light:

0:12.12 Deities and their transcendent residential u..

1:0.2 established the u. and created this world not in vain;

1:0.3 The will creatures of u. upon u. have embarked upon

1:1.1 universes and in different sectors of the same u..

1:2.2 more than reality idealized or the u. personalized.

1:2.9 the u. in which you live is the creation of his Son

1:2.9 the Father is the personal creator of the Paradise u.

1:3.8 attributes are most completely revealed to the u. in

1:4.6 The divine presence which any child of the u. enjoys

1:5.3 his hand, measures a u. with the span of his hand.

1:5.3 a curtain and spreads them out as a u. to dwell in.”

1:5.9 As we see the Father revealed throughout his u.;

1:5.15 struggle of every imperfect soul in the wide u. who


1:6.2 improved only by man’s spiritual progress in the u.

1:6.7 To assume that the u. can be known, that it is

1:6.7 it is intelligible, is to assume that the u. is mind made

1:6.7 If man’s personality can experience the u., there is

1:6.7 actual personality somewhere concealed in that u..

1:7.4 by an ever-changing and apparently law-limited u.,

1:7.4 universe, an evolving u. of relative imperfections.

2:1.1 Behold, the heaven (u.) and the heaven of heavens

2:1.3 He is the only being in the u., aside from his divine

2:1.4 every world, system, and constellation in every u.

2:1.8 intelligences of the many realms of his far-flung u..

2:2.6 career of every moral being of the entire u..

2:3.2 until the ordained order of justice current in that u.

2:3.5 attitudes of cosmic unreality can survive in the u.

2:5.1 only personal attitude towards the affairs of the u. is

2:5.5 guided, step by step, life by life, through u. upon u.,

2:6.1 In the physical u. we may see the divine beauty,

2:6.5 that God is the source of the moral law of the u..

2:6.8 in a progressingly real and increasingly spiritual u..

2:7.2 living and flexible factor in the philosophy of the u..

2:7.3 their application to, and adjustment for, every u.,

2:7.4 sentence mortal man to become an outcast in the u..

2:7.7 far-flung physical u. coheres in the Isle of Paradise

2:7.7 the intellectual u. coheres in the God of mind,

2:7.7 the spiritual u. is coherent in the personality of the

3:1.2 his personality is such that “the heaven (u.) and

3:1.7 circuits of the Isle of Paradise in all parts of the u.

3:1.10 presence in a planet, system, constellation, or a u.,

3:2.3 especially as it prevails in the material u.,

3:2.6 therefore he does not react to the affairs of the u. in

3:2.6 the power of God is not functioning in the u. as a

3:2.8 race, an individual planet, or even an individual u.;

3:2.13 fatherly relationship with the personalities of the u..

3:3.2 Universal Father is the only personality in all the u.

3:3.2 All the worlds of every u. are constantly within the

3:4.2 The creation of every new u. calls for a new

3:4.2 control, and co-ordination of such an infinite u..

3:4.2 of limitless force and power upon a boundless u.,

3:4.2 poured forth for the endowment of u. upon u..

3:5.15 Throughout the u., every unit is regarded as a part

3:5.15 In the Havona u. there are a billion perfect worlds

3:5.16 is inherent in the perfection of the divine u..

3:5.17 They have faith in the stability of the u., but they

3:6.2 The u. was not inevitable.

3:6.2 The u. is not an accident, neither is it self-existent.

3:6.2 The u. is a work of creation and is therefore wholly

3:6.8 God the Spirit inspires the children of the u. to the



4:1.2 recognize that the watchword of the u. is progress?

4:1.6 The u. is not wound up like a clock to run just so

4:1.9 be the not-fully-revealed presences abroad in the u.

4:2.1 the co-ordinate and balanced conduct of each u.,

4:2.3 in each u., on each planet, and in each individual life,

4:4.3 Therefore is God related to the u. as the being of

4:4.4 Absolute is the creator of the central and perfect u.

4:5.3 a relic of the times when men supposed that the u.

4:5.6 of earning the experiential sovereignty of his u..

5:1.8 every worthy intelligence of every u. to the presence

5:1.11 assured when Adjuster fusion proclaims to the u.

5:2.1 presence of the Infinite is the reality of the material u

5:2.1 Divinity must of necessity be differential in the u..

5:3.5 operating on your world and throughout your u..

5:4.3 All nonreligious activities seek to bend the u. to the

5:4.3 individual seeks to identify the self with the u. and

6:4.1 should witness the appearance of an unlimited u.,

6:6.3 of the Father but unlike any other mind in the u.,

6:7.1 in endless profusion upon his ever-expanding u. of

6:7.2 the myriads of his creatures throughout a far-flung u.

6:8.8 then journeyed forth in the u. to execute his gracious


7:1.6 operate not only on the u. as a whole but also even

7:2.2 energy states of this pattern u. are in perfect balance

7:3.5 no power in the u. can prevent its flashing directly

8:1.4 There is no material u. at this (assumed) eternally

8:1.5 Thus the twofold gravity-embraced u. is touched

8:1.9 administrative wisdom that crystallized the vast u.

8:1.11 the race, and the world, and then to those of the u.,

8:3.3 planned and fashioned every post-Havona u. which

8:3.4 Spirit of the Infinite Spirit created you and your u.;

8:4.1 Paralleling the physical u. wherein Paradise gravity

8:4.1 gravity holds all things together is the spiritual u.

8:4.3 In this divine u. the Infinite Spirit fully participated

8:4.5 revealing the Father’s personality of love to a u.,

8:4.5 the individual minds of all the children of each u..

8:6.4 This divine personality also reacts to the u. as a


9:1.8 The u. of your origin is being forged out between

9:5.1 If the u. should grow to infinity, still his mind

9:6.5 respond to the gravity urge of the material u..

9:8.24 serve on Paradise, in the central or residential u.,

10:1.2 in every place, and to every person, and in every u.

10:2.8 inevitable that the realities of the u. shall appear

10:3.18 a person and only in the domain of the spiritual u..

10:5.3 a unique attitude as the Trinity towards the entire u.

10:7.2 concerned only with the total—total planet, total u.,

10:8.6 I once sojourned in a u. where a certain group of

11:1.3 you could be piloted through u. upon u. and from

11:2.1 to glimpse the enormousness of the material u.

11:2.1 evident to you that such a tremendous material u.

11:6.3 function as the equipoise of horizontal (u.) space;

11:6.4 just as far as the pervaded space of the u. extends

11:7.3 horizontal arms representing pervaded (u.) space

11:9.2 not even a real part of the eternal Havona u..

11:9.2 refer to the central Isle as belonging to the divine u.,

12:1.1 evidence of a physical u. of definite limits.

12:1.1 The final proof of both a circular and delimited u.

12:1.10 This never-beginning, never-ending u. consists of

12:1.11 The Paradise-Havona System, the eternal u.

12:1.16 a possible ever-expanding, never-ending u. of

12:4.14 distant systems are in flight from this part of the u.

12:4.15 It appears that the second outer u. of galaxies, like

12:6.1 The u. is nonstatic.

12:6.5 The u. is highly predictable only in the quantitative

12:6.5 Qualitatively, the u. is not highly predictable as

12:7.12 the same time personally present in such a vast u.

12:8.1 The material u. is always the arena wherein take

12:8.5 As the mind of any personality in the u. becomes

12:8.6 and what the Eternal Son is to the spiritual u.,

12:8.6 intelligent u. of material, morontial, and spiritual

12:8.16 (the Father in the u., the fragment of potential spirit

12:9.3 discussion of the material aspects of the u., but

13:0.7 to the present universe age of the grand u.—rather,

13:1.9 beings assigned to the manifold activities of the u.

13:1.21 pilgrims who are passing through the Havona u.

13:4.4 individual being, planet, system, constellation, or u.

13:4.7 In no other place in the wide u. can one observe


14:0.1 The perfect and divine u. occupies the center of all

14:0.1 at the very heart of the magnificent eternal u..

14:0.2 This is a wholly created and perfect u.; it is not an

14:0.2 in time and to reproduce in space the pattern u.,

14:1.17 like it is to be found elsewhere in all the wide u..

14:2.9 is a spiritually perfect and physically stable u..

14:2.9 created in, or admitted to, the central Havona u..

14:4.11 to describe the physical realities of the divine u..

14:6.11 And God takes pleasure in the Paradise-Havona u.

14:6.14 This u. affords the Son the gratification of parental

14:6.16 And this u. affords the opportunity for the realization

14:6.17 The Havona u. affords the Infinite Spirit proof of

14:6.19 parents—to administer a u. as associate-Creator

14:6.25 This u. is a finished portrayal of the future perfection

14:6.27 He strives to make his own u. eventually attain to

14:6.41 Havona has capacity to serve as a training u. for

14:6.41 an experiential training u. for all past, present, or

15:1.1 Urantia and the u. to which it belongs are

15:1.1 First Great Source and Center and his residential u..

15:2.5 Each u is blessed by the presence of a Union of Days

15:2.21 One u. (100 constellations) . . . . . . 10,000,000 worlds

15:3.3 density, you are looking toward the residential u.

15:7.4 As mortal creatures ascend the u., passing from the

15:8.10 the central Havona u. is eternally stabilized.

15:9.16 The u. must be proceeding on a clear track; its orbit

15:9.18 we are desirous of seeing your u. qualified for full

15:12.1 or u. is presented and interpreted by the Censors.

15:14.2 Orvonton is a u. demonstration of love and mercy.

15:14.6 Norlatiadek is number seventy in the u. of

15:14.6 The u. of Nebadon is number eighty-four in the

16:0.1 And this explains why the u. is operated in seven

16:3.4 may happen to be in the residential u. as individuals

16:4.1 “the Seven Spirits of God sent forth to all the u..”

16:5.1 each individual u. and world, enjoys the benefits of

16:8.6 status in the personality relationships of the u..

17:2.5 the u. witnessed such a tremendous factualization

17:3.6 contrast with the formal and dead records of the u.,

17:6.6 long period of the material organization of their u..

17:6.7 the Creator Son and becomes manifest to the u. in

17:6.8 before the assembled administrators of the u.,

18:4.6 on the various worlds of the perfect Havona u..

19:5.11 satisfied that there are no arbitrary secrets in the u.;

19:6.1 creatures as the Trinity-origin races of the eternal u..

19:6.8 One thing is certain: The u. is nonstatic; only God is

20:5.5 Michael won the personal sovereignty of the u. of

21:0.3 Sometimes we refer to the sovereign of your u. of

21:1.3 For example: The trend of administration in the u.

21:2.1 may begin even the physical organization of his u.,

21:2.9 taken possession of the space site of his chosen u.;

21:2.11 When a Michael Son is absent from his u., its

21:3.1 A Creator Son is given the range of a u. by the

21:3.13 a prebestowal Creator Son in a u. without rebellion

21:3.13 rebellion is no greater than in a u. with rebellion;

21:3.21 will of Deity to the bestowal level and to all the u..

21:4.4 receive supreme authority and jurisdiction over his u.

21:4.6 Son, one who has fully earned the right to rule a u.


21:5.7 the unquestioned sovereignty of his u. means the

21:5.8 their wisdom regarding the functioning of a given u..

22:7.8 No created being in the u. can fully explain this

22:10.8 While they can impart to you the lore of the u.

23:2.12 purpose on the worlds of the central and perfect u.

23:2.18 the time of his elevation as sovereign ruler of his u.

23:2.22 enseraphimed ambassador reach this far-distant u..

23:3.2 The u is well supplied with spirits who utilize gravity

23:3.9 No matter how much the u. may enlarge, no more

24:0.10 The Graduate Guides are resident in the Havona u.

24:5.3 in keeping the Associate Inspector of their u. fully

24:7.6 Guide appears on the outer circuit of the Havona u..

25:3.9 In this larger work of a u. the commissioners are of

25:3.10 detailed affairs of a system, a constellation, or a u..

25:4.15 applied law, the laws of the u. applied to the lives

25:4.20 the whole u. of law and experience is open to them.

26:1.10 altogether stationary as to personal status in the u..

26:1.17 the spiritual energy of the primary circuits of the u..

26:2.5 on the seven circuits of the central and divine u..

26:2.6 Havona were not a part of the original pattern u..

26:11.5 Both traverse the gamut of the experiential u. and

27:7.5 All the arts of all the beings of the entire u. which

28:5.8 a stream of the wisdom of divinity from the u. above

28:5.11 the standards and needs of another world or u..

28:5.13 Of all the problems in the u. requiring an exercise

28:5.13 disturbing to mar the smooth working of the u. if

28:5.13 current information regarding the status of the u.

28:5.14 Few are the duties in the u. for the lone servant.

28:6.18 the world and the u. are filled with a multitude of

28:6.18 This is not an egocentric u..

28:6.19 readers, heart searchers, and soul revealers of the u..

28:6.21 Hence, in any u., must these reflectors of greatness

29:2.12 Here in the divine u. there is perfection of energy

29:4.37 They are to the physical u. what the vast reflectivity

29:4.37 the vast reflectivity mechanism is to the minded u..

30:3.3 Any being on any world in any system of any u.

30:3.5 understanding of the physical u. is dependent on

30:3.11 From all the u. a stream of celestial visitors pours

30:4.18 the spheres of the system, constellation, and the u.,

31:0.13 of time and space—the evolutionary salt of the u.

31:3.5 or from one u. to another u.; and we surmise that

31:7.5 filled by some type of being of origin in the new u. of

31:9.6 concerned with the ultimate plans for the first u. of

31:9.7 must be concerned with the second u. of outer space

31:9.8 be occupied with the gigantic plans for the third u. of

31:10.11 material u. sublime in its ultimacy, a vast creation

31:10.11 Such a u. will come into being under a tremendous

31:10.13 this unique experience during the youth of the u.

31:10.22 of Paradise, organization and working of the c. and

32:1.2 suns and material spheres—for the emerging u..

32:1.4 the Nebadon u. consists in the quantitative charge of

32:2.1 established the inhabited realms of the u. of Nebadon

32:2.6 Presently, the physical plan of a u. is completed,

32:2.6 This is the chief executive of the u., the personal

32:2.7 extending from the supreme councils of the u. to

32:2.8 And then, when such a u. has been so completely

32:2.9 for this u. is, indeed, a young cluster in the starry

32:2.12 The u. of Nebadon now swings far to the south

32:3.1 Havona is an existential, perfect, and replete u.,

32:3.4 Father is personally present in the residential u.,

32:3.4 the minds of the beings originating in that u.

32:3.6 the progressive spiritual aims of their time and u..

32:3.7 The personalities of a given u. are settled and

32:3.10 attach stigma to any personality in the sight of the u.

32:4.2 the destiny of a u. or the welfare of the humblest of

32:4.3 —the ordained policies and procedures for that u.

32:4.6 Creator Son, whose will is the supreme law of his u..

32:4.9 In your u. and in your heart the Father is present,

32:5.5 in view of our belief in a delimited u. moving over a

33:1.3 the personification of the Universal Father to the u.

33:1.4 To our u. and all its inhabited worlds the Sovereign

33:1.5 administration of the affairs of the u. of Nebadon.

33:2.5 by Gabriel, who then functions as regent of the u. of

33:3.2 functioned with him in creating and governing his u..

33:3.3 Creator Son is the personal sovereign of his u., but

33:3.4 being indispensable to the administration of the u..

33:3.7 The Son and the Spirit now preside over the u. much

33:4.2 create only one Bright and Morning Star in each u.,

33:4.3 This first-born of the parents of a new u. is a

33:4.5 Gabriel is the chief executive of the u. of Nebadon

33:5.2 participate in the executive affairs of the u. except as

33:6.1 Sons on Paradise, Gabriel is the regent of the u..

33:6.3 The various subadministrations of the u. have

33:6.5 with their fellows scattered throughout the u..

33:7.1 personally participate in the judicial work of the u..

33:7.8 in the u. justice and divine equity do prevail.

33:7.8 You are living in a well-ordered u., and sooner or

33:8.1 the judicial decrees of the high courts of the u..

33:8.5 is founded on the fundamental laws of the u.,

34:0.1 ministry to the creatures of the newly projected u..

34:1.1 life is next projected in the newly organized u..

34:2.5 In the creation of a u. of intelligent creatures the

34:3.4 Creator Son acts instantaneously throughout his u.;

34:3.5 Michael acts timelessly within his own u. and by

34:4.13 creations are duplicated on down through the u. to

34:4.13 orientation forever fixed in the living beings of the u.

34:5.1 after his elevation to the full sovereignty of the u.,

35:1.2 In the u. of Nebadon the Father Melchizedek acts as

35:1.1 the divine purpose and creative plans of a given u.,

35:1.3 The Melchizedeks of our u. were all created within

35:1.4 they sometimes are, representing one u. to another

35:1.4 The original or first-born Melchizedek of each u. is

35:2.3 their own initiative these Sons patrol their native u.

35:2.5 These eldest Sons of a u. are the chief aids of the

35:3.21 divine sonship even to the remote worlds of the u..

35:3.22 While the young u. of Nebadon stands low in the

35:3.22 turned the whole u. into a vast clinic for other

35:4.2 In an evolving u. eventually embracing ten million

35:4.2 planet, in a system, in a constellation, or in the u..

35:5.4 reversed on appeal to the superior tribunals of the u..

35:5.5 representing constellations within their native u..

35:8.3 The u. of Nebadon began its existence with twelve

35:8.4 as counselors in the administrative work of the u..

35:8.7 in reproduction; their number in the u. is stationary.

35:8.15 greater service in the subordinate units of the u.,

35:9.8 Of all the local universes in Orvonton, our u. has,

35:9.8 The Creator of our u. has full authority and power

35:9.8 make excessive trouble in the earlier ages of the u.,

35:10.3 and routine administrative operations of the u..

35:10.4 until the u. of Nebadon is settled in light and life.

36:1.2 In the u. of Nebadon we have on record the creation

36:1.4 In the later and settled ages of an evolving u. these

36:2.9 all the Life Carrier activities in the u. are centered.

36:2.11 —the decimal system—is inherent in the physical u.

36:2.11 in the u. of Nebadon these three basic forms of life

36:5.14 controllers related to the nonliving forces of the u..

36:6.4 the body returns to the bosom of the material u.

36:6.5 survives only as part of the cosmic forces of the u.;

37:1.9 The Bright and Morning Star of our u. is known as

37:1.10 As the u. grew, Gabriel was provided with a staff

37:2.4 closed to ascension candidates so long as a u. is not

37:3.2 concerned with the routine administration of the u.

37:6.2 to qualify the various personalities of the u. for

37:6.2 The entire u. is one vast school.

37:6.7 Before leaving the u. of Nebadon, most Urantia

37:8.10 Each u. has its own native angelic corps;nevertheless

37:9.6 their experience continues to be available to the u.

37:10.1 perfecting of such a gigantic organization as the u. of

37:10.6 Enough of the life and administration of this u. is

37:10.6 are lovingly dispatched from the borders of the u.

38:0.3 From u. to u., throughout all seven of the

38:1.2 seraphim temporarily loaned by a neighboring u..

38:1.3 still created; the u. of Nebadon is still in the making.

38:1.3 never ceases activity in a growing and perfecting u..

38:5.4 work in the u. is without bounds and limitations;

38:9.11 diverse on the numerous individual worlds of a u.,

39:1.10 the last time on Salvington, in their u. of origin,

39:1.10 the challenging mystery of a greater and vaster u..

39:2.1 Being a young u., Nebadon does not have many of

39:2.10 be dependent on angels for transport from u. to u..

39:2.16 from similar duties in lower sections of the u..

39:4.3 The majority of planets in a given u. are under the

39:4.4 records of cases to the higher tribunals of the u.

40:10.6 participate in the agelong struggle of some one u.

40:10.6 acquire that intimate knowledge of any one u.

40:10.9 as would enable them to ascend to the higher u.;

41:3.2 The largest star in the u., the stellar cloud Antares,

42:0.1 The foundation of the u. is material in the sense that

42:1.1 The foundation of the u. is material, but the essence

42:1.9 existence of an infinite God but, as yet, a finite u.,

42:4.2 In one u. it appears as light, in another as light plus

42:4.2 still later on it may again appear in a subsequent u.

42:4.6 the average space matter in this section of the u..

42:7.1 There is at the center of every minute u. of energy

42:7.4 atomic materializations of space-energy in a dual u.;

42:9.4 The philosophy of the u. cannot be predicated on the

42:11.1 that the u. is neither mechanical nor magical;

42:11.1 it is a creation of mind and a mechanism of law.

42:11.4 The higher mind levels of the u.—the spirit-mind

42:11.6 phenomenon of an apparently self-maintaining u.

42:11.7 Since mind co-ordinates the u., fixity of mechanisms

42:11.7 The evolutionary capacity of the u. is inexhaustible

42:11.8 or discerned by the lower-level minds of the u.,

43:2.4 The higher you ascend in the u., the more certain

43:3.1 When commissioned to active duty in the u. as

43:8.3 profitable interrelationship between the various u.

44:1.1 can be broadcast to the uttermost parts of a u..

45:2.3 faithful to Michael in an earlier upheaval in the u.

45:7.2 in the various educational enterprises of the u.,

45:7.3 The entire u. is organized and administered on the

46:2.5 of the eternal worlds of the central and divine u..

46:2.6 arrival on the remote training spheres of the u.,

46:3.2 there to learn of the welfare and state of the u..

46:4.6 In another u. an entirely different arrangement might

46:5.12 Avonals of the system maintain contact with the u..

46:7.5 Spornagia are the only creatures in all the u. of

47:0.1 spoke of the “many mansions in the Father’s u..”

47:4.5 one section of the u. to another—even to Paradise.

47:5.1 you bid good-bye—at least for a few ages—to the u.

47:8.2 The first lessons embracing the affairs of a whole u.

48:2.11 power supervisors always serve in their native u..

48:2.18 the later transitions from one u. to another and

48:6.28 Material man sees the u., as it were, with but one

48:8.3 largely turn the whole u. into one vast and intricate

48:8.3 of the chief businesses of the present organized u.,

49:5.12 In the u. of Nebadon, all the life-modification worlds

49:5.29 This lateral administration of the u. pertains more

49:5.31 fusion mortals in contrast with a near-by u. where

49:6.11 Adjuster constitutes identity in the eyes of the u.,

50:6.2 compared with the loyal worlds of the u., your planet

51:3.9 Michael, the supreme ruler of the u. of Nebadon,

53:0.2 In the u. of Nebadon, the domain of Christ Michael,

53:2.5 actually for the good of the system, if not of the u..

53:3.2 gravity and space-energy were inherent in the u.,

53:5.2 absolute and personal sovereign authority in the u.

53:9.2 Michael’s becoming the settled head of the u. of

54:0.2 Potential evil is time-existent in a u. embracing

54:1.9 when the Supreme Rulers of the u. stand back in

54:2.2 Every creature of every evolving u. who aspires to

54:2.3 nondoable, to short-circuit time in an experiential u..

54:2.5 No being in the u. has the rightful liberty to deprive

54:3.1 to deprive a single personality in the wide u. of this

54:3.3 But if this u. rebel against the reality of truth and

54:4.7 good to be derived in the u. from this technique of

54:4.8 Justice in a mercy-dominated u. may be slow, but

54:5.13 Time, even in a u. of time, is relative: If a Urantia

54:6.3 unmitigated calamity to the system and to the u..

54:6.3 continued to multiply and extend through the u.

55:2.12 The u. is unfailing in the application of equalizing

55:10.1 When a u. becomes settled in light and life, it soon

55:11.6 and governmental techniques of a u. cannot in any

56:0.2 the u. may present many problems and situations

56:1.2 The Unqualified Absolute upholds the physical u.,

56:1.2 This cohesive correlation of the material u. is best

56:2.3 the magnificent mind of the chief executive of a u.,

56:6.1 presence of the impersonal energy unity of the u.,

56:7.1 progress on a world, in a system, constellation, u.,

56:8.3 The experience of love, joy, and service in the u. is

56:10.9 and synchronous comprehension of the material u..

56:10.14 thought, or spirit is an acting unit in the whole u..

56:10.14 The u. is a whole; no thing or being exists or lives in

56:10.15 —man’s intellectual approach to the u. of mind,

56:10.16 and in the u. this means the relation of created parts

56:10.20 have learned that love is the greatest thing in the u.

57:1.4 original discoverer of this potential u. to execute

57:3.11 Michael’s creation is registered on Uversa as a u. of

62:7.7 a planet of human habitation in the u. of Nebadon.

65:1.9 We look forward to a time when the u. may be

65:7.4 ever had in all their functioning throughout the u. of

66:1.4 and devotion to the welfare of the u. of his origin

67:1.6 iniquitous, wholehearted rebels against the u. and all

67:2.2 standing in contempt of the sovereignty of the u.

67:3.7 Such crises in the affairs of a u. demonstrate the

67:3.9 Amadon remained steadfast in the service of the u.

67:7.8 disturbances as they are reflected out upon the u.

67:8.4 this has already done more good in the u. than

71:8.1 The u. is administered in accordance with such a

73:6.4 the life-extension force of the u. when eaten.

74:8.13 These outlooks on life and man’s place in the u.

75:4.2 of their oaths of trust to the sovereign of the u..

75:8.6 in perfection; our u. was not created in perfection.

75:8.7 If this were a mechanistic u., if the First Great

75:8.7 But in our evolving u. of relative perfection and

75:8.7 evidenced the fact and the act of personality in the u.

75:8.7 What a glorious u., in that it is personal and

76:3.10 Their religious concepts of Deity and the u. were

76:5.2 was still open to them as ascending sons of the u..

76:5.3 did not know that Michael, the sovereign of this u.,

76:5.4 the realm whereon the ruler of this u. would elect

77:9.6 travelers to learn about the far places of the u..

77:9.6 midwayers become conversant with the system and u

77:9.12 mortals, one of the supernal businesses of the u.

85:5.2 the sun in the center of “the seven circles of the u..”

86:2.5 substituting therefor a u. of law and order wherein

90:0.3 the affection of the Father for the sons of the u..

91:2.6 and recognition by the spiritual forces of the u.,

91:4.4 demonstrate that man lives in a physical u. of law

91:8.9 by the utilization of the spiritual currents of the u..

92:6.15 and Jain, each picturing God, man, and the u. as

92:7.10 and never-ending progressive citizenship in the u..

93:0.1 in emergencies and on divergent levels of the u.,

93:10.8 most interesting and intriguing spheres in all the u.

94:2.2 divine principles of the u.,one was Brahman the deity

94:2.8 concept of Allah as the supreme God of the u..

94:3.1 the ascending experience in the u. of these creatures

94:3.8 philosophy has approximated the facts of the u.

94:7.3 make them feel at ease and at home in the great u.,

94:8.18 Siddhartha’s teaching was his proclamation of a u. of

94:10.3 and ever-ascending citizenship in the eternal u..

97:7.11 At last, man is introduced to a u. of law and order

97:7.13 the supreme Yahweh, God of love, ruler of the u.,

98:1.6 Greek religion was helpful in that it portrayed a u.

98:2.4 the Salem doctrine of “the Intelligence of the u.,”

100:2.3 and wise technique of spiritual reaction to the u..

100:7.6 His sympathetic heart embraced mankind, even a u..

100:7.12 but the onlooking u. appraised him as the model of

100:7.17 personal life, yet he was the perfected man of a u..

101:2.11 nature discloses nothing that would preclude the u.

101:2.11 a higher and more spiritual interpretation of the u..

101:5.4 It is a part of the plan of the u. that, sooner or later,

101:6.12 through the attainment of the spirit levels of the u.

101:6.17 New potentials were actualized in the u. of

101:9.3 life’s greatest values and the u.’ deepest realities.

101:10.1 that he is a child of nature, a part of the material u.;

101:10.1 tensions of the mathematical level of the energy u..

101:10.3 But neither of these levels of the u. discloses to the

101:10.3 the suspense of being a transient reality in the u.,

101:10.4 the fetters inherent in his mortal status in the u..

101:10.7 a son of God, a citizen of a new and meaningful u..

101:10.7 immediately begins to feel at home in this new u.,

101:10.7 a soul begins to feel at home in this new u., his u..

101:10.9 all the divine hosts of a well-nigh limitless u. are on

101:10.9 they gaze upon the u. from within, from God’s

102:0.1 a pitiless doom which a hostile and relentless u.

102:2.5 place a highly unified interpretation upon the u.

102:3.2 the material and the spiritual levels of the u.—mota

102:3.15 The eternal real is the good of the u. and not the

102:4.3 conscious that he is not alone in the world or the u..

102:4.4 Man’s prespirit progression in the u. consists in the

102:5.2 reverence for God and into increasing awe of the u..

102:7.1 The u. is everywhere undergoing change.

102:7.1 A changing u. is a dependent universe; such a

102:7.1 A changing universe is a dependent u.;

102:7.1 A finite u. is wholly dependent on the Ultimate

102:7.1 The u. and God are not identical; one is cause, the

102:7.2 God is the one and only self-caused fact in the u..

102:7.2 The everywhere-changing u. is regulated by

102:7.2 changeless; the truth of God, his relation to the u.,

102:7.2 which is ever adaptable to the constantly evolving u..

102:8.7 religion, even the highest yet revealed in the u. of

103:4.4 this fictitious guilt and sense of isolation in the u.

103:6.2 man approaches the study of his u. from the outside,

103:6.2 the research of himself and the u. from the inside,

103:6.2 avenues of approaching the u. of things and beings.

103:6.3 affords the opportunity of turning the u. outside in.

103:6.4 When man analytically inspects the u. through the

103:6.4 studying reality consists in turning the u. inside out.

103:6.5 consistent philosophic concept of the u. cannot be

103:6.5 the former contacting with a u. turned inside out,

103:6.5 latter realizing the nature of a u. turned outside in.

103:6.12 a worthy and engaging philosophy of his u.

103:6.12 in order to construct a logical philosophy of the u.

103:6.12 understanding of a sure and settled place in that u..

103:6.13 mota, cannot conceive and construct a logical u..

103:7.6 From outward, looking within, the u. may appear

103:7.6 out, the same u. appears to be wholly spiritual.

103:7.11 the validity of three things: mind, spirit, and the u.

103:9.6 In the higher philosophy of the u., wisdom

103:9.8 reason is valid, that the u. can be comprehended.

103:9.8 assumption that wisdom is valid, that the material u.

104:2.3 no influence on the ordained laws of the material u.

104:3.2 perceives that he lives in a u. of constant change

105:2.7 consummated in the appearance of the eternal u..

105:2.11 it is contacted by the u. as the absolute coherence

105:5.7 supremely perfect reality, the Havona type of u.

105:7.2 but not changeless in the sense of being a u. of

105:7.15 The u. in which we now live may be thought of as

106:7.4 we doubt that any being or u. will ever completely

107:0.2 through the ascension of u. upon u. until man attains

107:1.4 that Adjusters are individualized as the u. enlarges,

107:2.7 from the absolute existential level of the u. to the

107:4.5 In the u. of Nebadon this Paradise luminosity is

107:7.5 Throughout a u. of created beings and nonpersonal

108:0.2 Nothing in the entire u. can substitute for the fact

108:3.5 supervisor of all life-experiment planets in the u.

108:4.2 the spiritual dominion of Michael throughout the u.

108:4.4 No matter what happens on a world or in a u.,

108:4.5 are cognizant of spirit phenomena in the far-flung u.

108:6.3 the reflection of the image of God abroad in the u..

109:3.2 of survival value is ever lost in all the wide u..

109:5.4 While in the u. and superuniverse careers no man

110:0.2 As far as I am conversant with the affairs of a u., I

111:0.1 The morontia soul is the child of the u. and may be

111:1.4 purest spirit reality known in the u., your Adjuster.

111:2.10 working in liaison with the spiritual forces of the u.

111:6.4 master of the energy secrets of the physical u..

111:6.5 control and even dominate its physical level in the u..

111:7.1 uncertainty as an inexperienced citizen of the u.;

112:2.12 To build a philosophy of the u. on an exclusive

112:2.16 volitional dominance over the self and in the u.:

112:5.3 identity is a transient time-life condition in the u.;

112:5.22 morontia level, no longer serves a purpose in the u.

112:7.6 selfhood is material; it is a thing in the u. and

112:7.6 spiritual level, it has become a secure value in the u.

112:7.8 the very being whose creative fatherhood in this u.

113:3.4 this phase of transition from one level of the u. to

113:3.5 impersonal and prepersonal ministries of the u.;

113:6.4 numerous ministering missions throughout the u..

114:5.5 invited guests from among the high Sons of the u.

114:7.16 in all the history of the inhabited worlds of the u.

114:7.17 world is not forgotten in the counsels of the u..

115:1.2 Conceptual frames of the u. are only relatively true

115:1.4 The u. cannot be explained, neither can a finite

115:3.14 In and to a finite u. the Son, Spirit, and Paradise

115:3.16 a limit on the developmental progression of the u..

115:3.17 philosophers of the u. have come to the conclusion

115:7.7 the u. of activity, and the Trinity Ultimate of destiny.

116:4.11 the greatest degree of spiritual ascent in the u.,

116:5.16 A growing u. is an unsettled u.; hence no part of the

116:7.1 This physical u. is permeated by energy lanes

116:7.1 The vast u. is not without those co-ordinating

116:7.1 tell you so much more about the physical u..

117:0.3 when an evolving u. becomes stabilized after the

117:1.9 effort and Creator purpose; self-acting upon the u.

117:1.9 and self-reactive to the sum total of the u.;

117:3.9 in mortal man reveals the essential unity of the u.,

117:4.7 Mankind does not ascend effortlessly in the u.,

117:6.16 the finite God; it is also the incompletion of the u.;

117:6.21 respective of the status of experience in the total u..

118:5.3 Always must Deity provide the pattern u.,the perfect

118:6.2 There is but one uncaused Cause in the whole u..

118:6.2 the children of Deity scattered through a vast u..

118:7.8 supremacy of consecration to the purposes of the u.,

119:0.3 completion, control, and composure of that new u.,

119:0.7 the vast realms of his evolving and perfecting u..

119:1.1 when the assembled directors and chiefs of the u. of

119:1.2 his secret only with the chief executive of the u.,

119:1.6 We do not know how the ruler of a u., the creator

119:2.1 all went well in the u. of Nebadon, when trouble

119:2.1 ever instigated in the u. of Nebadon, a rebellion

119:2.7 on Salvington and resumed the direction of the u. of

119:3.4 any direct communication with the outside u.,

119:3.7 know that in the Creator Son of the u. they have an

119:4.3 world 462 in system 84 of constellation 3 in the u.

119:4.4 that our beloved Sovereign was abroad in the u.,

119:4.4 had unawares been host to the Sovereign of the u.

119:5.1 ascendant pilgrim of mortal origin from the u. of

119:6.2 direction of the u. had been intrusted to Immanuel,