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F.see Fahrenheit


77:6.4 then there are D-E-F the first, second, and so on.


48:0.2 beliefs are but ignorant superstitions and pleasing f..

97:7.1 priests to go to such lengths in the invention of f.

151:2.5 preaching, we should employ true stories, not f.,

151:3.3 1. Jesus advised against the use of f. in teaching the


4:1.10 that seems to underlie the whole f. of cosmic events.

70:1.1 And whenever the f. of civilization becomes stressed

94:4.9 it is an integral part of the basic social f. of India.

94:6.11 the basis of the moral f. of the culture of almost a


46:7.4 collaboration with the Life Carriers, f. new bodies


34:2.5 the Life Carrier Sons provide the physical body, f.

39:4.16 metals and crystals; one third morontial, f. of the

93:6.7 the f. narratives relating to the natural destruction of

113:6.5 in conjunction with the newly f. morontia form,


112:5.17 1.The f. of a suitable form, a morontia energy pattern


65:1.1 as a f. of physical energies and material particles into


111:2.2 man is the cosmic loom that carries the morontia f.


94:7.1 that Gautama was the son of a f. wealthy ruler, but,

facesee face to face; face of, in the; face of the earth;

  see faceverb

1:3.3 “You cannot see my f., for no mortal can see me

4:2.8 And nature is marred, her beautiful f. is scarred, her

27:1.5 you have seen his f., and his name is your spirit.

32:5.3 flashing momentarily across the infinite f. of

57:6.2 the moon, which always turns the same f. toward

59:4.13 fern family appeared and quickly spread over the f.

66:7.19 “In the sweat of your f. shall you eat the fruit of the

84:2.7 one of the most radical and complete right-about-f.

96:7.7 find favor with him and shall see his f. with joy,

101:4.1 errors on the f. of the associated cosmologies

105:1.8 And the f. which the Infinite turns toward all

105:1.8 turns toward all personalities is the f. of a Father,

122:9.17 For you shall go before the f. of the Lord to establish

122:9.25 Which you have prepared before the f. of all peoples;

124:6.14 his father knew from the expression on the lad’s f.

127:2.3 into her f., said: “My mother, how could you?”

131:1.3 resplendent f. of the Supreme would abide in glory.

131:1.5 Wherever you turn to pray, there is the f. of the

133:2.1 As I look upon you, I think I discern in your f. the

136:10.1 And his f. shone with the glory of spiritual victory

137:2.7 looking benignly into the f. of the sincere doubter,

137:4.4 eloquence of his rebuke lay in the expression of his f.

137:4.9 motionless, with the tears streaming down her f.,

138:3.1 Jesus, looking into Matthew’s f., said, “Follow me.

138:4.2 No man may close the door of mercy in the f. of

139:6.3 reverse himself when he once looked into Jesus’ f..

143:5.4 Nalda beheld in the Master’s f. the countenance of

144:8.3 ‘Behold, I send my messenger before your f.;

146:4.3 As Jesus looked upon him, the man fell upon his f.

157:1.1 peculiar expression on the f. of the tax collector,

157:2.1 discern the f. of the heavens but are so utterly

158:1.8 And Jesus’ f. and form shone with the luminosity

158:5.2 Jesus looked down into the father’s anxious f.,

159:1.4 he fell down on his f. before the king and implored

168:2.3 bound with grave cloths, and his f. was covered with

169:1.9 father’s tearful f. and said: ‘Father, I have sinned

172:1.6 with a kindly expression upon his f., said: “Let her

177:4.7 look of disdain and disgust that came over the f. of

179:1.7 as a look of disappointment slowly crept over his f..

179:3.2 looking down into the upturned f. of his Master.

179:3.3 looking up into Peter’s f., Jesus said: “You may not

180:4.6 and from the expression on Andrew’s f., Judas

181:2.5 John looked into the Master’s f. and said: “And so I

182:3.1 And when he had fallen down on his f., he prayed:

182:3.7 untold sorrow, for the perspiration rolled off his f.

183:1.2 Even the father of sin turned his f. away from the

184:1.6 struck Jesus in the f. with his hand, saying, “How

184:2.8 the look of despair on the f. of his former

184:2.8 man had never beheld in the f. of the Master.

184:3.14 and, shaking his accusing finger in the Master’s f.,

184:3.18 priest stepped forward and smote Jesus in the f. with

184:3.18 the other members of the court spit in Jesus’ f.,

184:4.1 strike him in the f. with a rod and say, “Prophesy

184:5.9 They did not want again to look upon his f. as they

185:6.2 And they spit upon him and struck him in the f.

185:6.4 His f. was bloodstained and his form bowed down

185:7.2 Jesus looked Pilate straight in the f., but he did not

185:7.5 shaking an avenging finger in Pilate’s f., said with

186:2.10 striking Jesus in the f., exclaimed: “Prophesy to us

187:4.1 Jesus heard the thief say this, he turned his f.

187:4.1 When the malefactor saw the f. of Jesus turned

188:1.4 they tied a napkin about the f., wrapped the body in

191:0.8 couch in a corner of the room with his f. to the wall;

191:5.4 Jesus looked down into the f. of Thomas and said:

face to face

3:5.13 Then must mortal man live f. with the incessant

5:1.9 presence and see him, figuratively speaking, f..

8:0.3 now f. with the eternity origin of the Infinite Spirit,

15:11.1 perfection and the democracy of evolution meet f..

16:4.5 Morontia Power Supervisors, we are f. with certain

23:2.13 The first of the messengers you will see f. will be

24:6.9 And you will sometime meet these noble beings f. if

26:4.13 must you come f. with the problems of Havona

27:3.2 f. with the extraordinary task of contacting with

27:5.2 you now commune with living intelligence f..

27:7.10 now the finaliter is f. with the challenge of God the

28:5.20 they are f. with the naked soul of the reflected

40:10.2 never stops until the mortal son stands f. with the

48:6.35 you are f. with true friends and understanding

70:9.1 happen if an unarmed man met a hungry tiger f. in

74:2.1 Adam and Eve were f. with two beings of whom

74:5.4 but now they were f. with pressing problems, such as

89:4.6 man was f. with such a host of creditor deities that

91:3.7 the Adjuster so that man can talk f., as it were,

99:4.3 True religion is a way of living dynamically f. with

99:7.5 personal religious experience brings this man f. with

105:0.2 totality, such a finite mind is f. with infinity-reality;

106:7.10 And this brings us f. with the concept of the three-

106:9.2 they are f. with intellect limitations inherent in their

111:4.11 you are f. with the devastation of evil and sin—

113:7.4 Salvington, where you will stand f. with the

124:3.6 Now they were f. with the beauties of this gentile

126:3.1 savings had about disappeared, and they were f. with

127:5.4 But now he was f. with another of those problems

161:2.10 would indicate that he talks with God, as it were, f..

176:2.7 you are f. with the facts of a new dispensation of

185:3.6 One look at Jesus, f., was enough to convince even

186:1.6 the evildoer stood alone and f. with the judgment

191:0.10 the resurrection, he had already seen the Master f..

195:4.4 civilized world of Occidental peoples and stands f.

face of, in the

3:5.1 At such times and in the f. of such default and

3:5.17 devotion to duty in the f. of temptation to default.

7:6.1 this ignorance persists in the f. of such statements as

10:0.3 threefold and co-ordinate personalization in the f.

11:9.3 The tension between them, in the f. of will to action

12:6.7 such diversity of response in the f. of apparently

18:3.3 harmony of the whole in the f. of the underlying

22:2.1 they stood firm and loyal in the f. of the disloyalty of

22:2.3 who functions loyally in the f. of rebellion is destined

22:2.3 greater value than loyalty in the f. of actual rebellion.

25:1.6 Sorrow cannot exist in the f. of the consciousness

26:5.3 exhibit indomitable courage in the f. of immensity,

31:3.3 in the f. of even this apparent destiny, there remains

33:3.4 In the f. of insurrection only the Son and his

37:9.11 continuity of planetary administration in the f. of

51:5.6 In your world, even in the f. of the miscarriage of the

67:8.4 administration in the f. of such tremendous and

72:5.8 or in the f. of decreased earnings they shall share

76:1.4 soil and to cope with the realities of life in the f. of

76:6.4 such an advanced civilization to survive in the f. of

89:6.3 And all this was done in the f. of Moses’ stringent

91:8.13 rather a stimulus to growth in the very f. of conflict.

94:2.1 Aryans to prevent loss of racial identity in the f. of

97:2.1 And he carried forward his reforms in the f. of the

99:4.6 In the f. of unprecedented scientific achievement

100:4.1 conflict persists only in the f. of refusal to espouse

101:3.6 sublime trust in the goodness of God even in the f. of

101:3.9 5. Maintains a composure of personality in the f. of

102:0.2 who bravely struggles on in the f. of the mechanistic

102:6.9 in the f. of each recurring universe phenomenon,

103:1.4 can maintain his religious experience in the f. of

106:7.8 always young in the f. of the limitless possibilities of

112:5.9 are to enjoy a second opportunity in the f. of the

117:4.5 is insignificant in the f. of the total of Supremacy,

121:2.6 the survival of a religious cultural concept in the f.

127:6.12 knows how to carry on in the f. of disappointment.

127:6.12 has learned how to be fair and just even in the f. of

130:2.7 partnership with the choice of God in the f. of any

134:5.10 In the f. of real conflicts, one of these world

134:8.6 trial of loyalty in the f. of the misrepresentations of

137:4.12 in the f. of the expressed wish of the Creator

140:5.18 In the f. of trials and persecutions he said, “My peace

141:5.2 all of this profound spiritual unity in the very f. of the

148:6.3 Job did achieve great victories; even in the very f. of

149:2.8 Jesus had the consummate courage to do this in the f

151:2.2 their devotion is short-lived in the f. of tribulation

156:5.17 your capacity to withstand brooding in the f. of deep

157:6.12 in the f. of my warning you that the Son of Man will

157:6.12 Can you believe the truth about me in the f. of the

165:2.8 I will not flee in the f. of danger.

171:2.4 to bear witness for this gospel in the f. of crushing

171:3.4 ready to follow him into Jerusalem in the very f. of

175:1.20 then in the f. of such self-righteous thinking you

176:3.3 the heavenly kingdom will not save you in the f. of

186:2.5 and assert its dignity in the f. of gratuitous insult.

186:2.10 and great self-possession in the f. of the jeers, blows,

191:0.8 in the f. of such a stupendous fact as the resurrection

194:3.12 to remain unmoved in the f. of appalling danger,

196:0.3 In the very f. of all the natural difficulties and the

196:0.5 Even in the f. of apparent defeat or in the throes of

face of the earth

34:2.4 You renew the f. of the earth.”

58:1.8 animal, much less man, could have lived on the f..

58:7.2 early times and only slowly made its way over the f..

59:6.2 the age when life nearly vanished from the f. and

59:6.4 and adjustments were taking place over the entire f..

60:2.1 point of size, and had virtually perished from the f.

61:7.1 advances, displaces rivers and changes the whole f..

63:1.1 pair of human beings that have ever lived on the f..

64:2.1 the culture of Onagar were vanishing from the f.;

64:7.3 cosmopolitan population ever to be found on the f.

65:2.7 only ancestor of the dawn races now living on the f..

74:5.7 found no government worthy of the name on the f.

85:0.4 mortal man has worshiped everything on the f.,

85:6.1 Having worshiped everything else on the f. and in the

99:7.3 Religion inspires man to live joyfully on the f.;

143:1.2 passive nonresisters who would perish from the f..

166:4.6 a part of the life you and your fellows live on the f..

194:2.1 every new group of mortals to appear upon the f.


48:6.35 and to f. difficulties and uncertainties without fear.

98:5.4 the dead from their graves to f. the last judgment.

99:0.3 twentieth century it is of necessity called upon to f.

130:8.1 “I will f. life like a man; I am through playing the

133:4.11 be a real man, a man determined to f. life bravely and

144:6.11 compelled to f. problems and compose difficulties

160:1.7 to f., what a sincere and logical mind discovers.

160:1.12 that courage which enables one bravely to f. one’s

160:4.14 Only those who f. facts and adjust them to ideals can

162:4.3 Here they turned about to f. westward, to repeat

163:3.1 Jesus turned around to f. the apostles and said:

171:2.4 you will be required to f. bitter persecutions and to

176:2.7 What the whole world must f. as a literal fact at the

176:2.7 you, as individuals, must each most certainly f. as

177:5.4 was coming, and none felt prepared to f. the test.

178:1.5 you f. a double responsibility of duty to man and to

181:1.7 determined to f. the inevitable and to endure the

181:2.9 many times, Simon, but you refuse to f. the truth.

182:3.9 made it more difficult to f. such a death as he well

182:3.11 the Son of Man was prepared to f. his enemies with

193:4.9 5. Judas did not like to f. facts frankly;


39:5.1 the actual problems f. by the men and women of time

75:1.6 Probably no Material Sons were ever f. with such a

79:8.6 The hydraulic problems f. by the agriculturists in

88:4.5 the arrival of the scientific method has he f. forward.

94:9.2 but f. the dangers of the China Seas as they pursued

97:2.1 gigantic and difficult than that which Samuel had f.

100:7.4 He frankly f. the realities of life, but he was never

100:7.12 Jesus fearlessly f. the realities of existence, yet was

127:3.14 they f. one of the most difficult experiences of all

128:4.1 one of the greatest temptations that Jesus ever f. in

153:1.2 f. the immediate declaration of avowed and open

156:5.20 is uncomplaining when f. by inescapable hardship.

158:7.8 but not so when f. by an impending threat against

176:3.8 talents, a just and merciful reckoning must be f..

181:2.26 over the inertia of intellectual doubting when f. by

186:1.6 the harvest of the naked and unromantic facts be f.

187:4.2 When he saw the manner in which Jesus f. death

189:4.6 side of the road, and it also f. toward the east.

196:0.14 Jesus courageously f. manifold disappointments,


28:5.11 living mirrors have only to turn their f. downward

28:6.19 is fully revealed in the f. of these secoraphic service

76:1.4 labor of their hands and in the “sweat of their f..”

85:1.2 formations in the mountains which resemble the f.

125:1.3 by the spiritual ugliness which he beheld on the f. of

133:3.7 I can tell by their f. that they have experienced

133:3.7 tell me, as you look into these now tear-stained f.,

157:4.4 Jesus suddenly looked up into their f. and said:

158:1.10 down on their f. to worship, they heard a voice,

158:8.1 little ones, for their angels do always behold the f.

185:1.3 defiantly before his palace, bowed their f. to the

187:2.1 and could plainly see the expression on the f. of all

190:3.1 the women fell on their f. and worshiped in silence

191:2.2 they all fell on their f., praising God and venerating


139:8.12 a human being who has doubts, f. them, and wins.


40:9.6 and validation of an unremembered f. of experience.


42:11.4 Motion and universe gravitation are twin f. of the


80:8.2 the characteristic f. appearance of his later Jewish


5:1.8 administration are all interlocked in an effort to f. the

20:1.1 there to f. the progress in the Paradise climb of the

22:10.9 their untiring efforts to f. the inward progress of the

26:11.3 it is the special mission of the supernaphim to f. and

29:4.19 is to f. the departure of seraphic transports.

29:4.20 to directionize the flow of energy and to f. its

39:1.11 It is the task of the universe orientators to f. the

39:3.4 endeavoring to f. the interassociation of creatures

42:4.7 high temperatures f. all sorts of atomic breakup and

48:6.35 f. their grouping for assignment and advancement.

50:2.7 a part of the staff of the Planetary Prince is to f.

56:9.5 When we desire to f. comprehension or to

57:8.18 this did much to f. the control of terrestrial energy

65:4.3 begin the secretion of certain substances which f.

69:5.9 property used to f. progress through the next life.

70:2.1 a fierce war would f. the adoption of new ideas

81:6.16 great need for further linguistic development to f. the

84:4.6 foolish things were said and done in an effort to f.

87:7.7 must f. spiritual progress, enhance cosmic meanings,

99:6.2 and f. the spread of the essential gospel of their

103:9.6 mission of theology is to f. the self-consciousness

115:1.3 In order to f. mortal comprehension of the universe

160:2.5 encourage and f. the following essential factors of

189:0.1 do nothing to f. the resurrection of the Creator.

194:2.9 resurrection seemed greatly to f. the preaching of

195:5.1 in all of man’s efforts to stabilize society and f. the


1:7.1 albeit this personal communion may be greatly f.

5:3.2 the homage of an Adjuster-indwelt creature is f. by

41:6.3 dissemination throughout space is tremendously f.

57:8.2 precipitation, f. the cooling of the earth’s crust.

66:5.18 cooking greatly reduced infant mortality and f. early

70:3.4 Trade relations have been f. by development of

78:3.4 f. the progress of civilization and greatly advanced

79:8.10 family groups, all of which f. the following factors in

81:3.6 the trade channels by land and by sea greatly f. travel

82:5.9 the extension of the mating bounds and greatly f. the

91:7.1 is f. by wholehearted and loving service in unselfish

92:3.9 Religion f. the accumulation of capital; it fostered

95:2.4 Egyptians believed that preservation of the body f.

113:3.6 in some undisclosed manner f. by the unrecognized


1:7.1 concept of the personality of Deity f. fellowship;

10:0.1 The Trinity of eternal Deities f. the Father’s escape

43:1.10 sea of glass f. the landing of transport seraphim.

50:1.4 their success greatly f. the subsequent missions of the

55:3.22 Being of one race greatly f. such achievement, but

72:1.2 favors the utilization of water power and greatly f.

110:6.6 Every decision you make either impedes or f. the


0:0.3 In the hope of f. comprehension and of preventing

25:4.17 Advisers are dedicated to the work of f. progress,

48:6.1 their ministry is devoted to f. the transit of material

92:7.12 should be shortened by the consciousness of the f.


48:3.11 dedicated to the f. of morontia intercourse and to

66:5.5 taught men to use the wheel for the f. of traction.


11:3.3 f. are almost infinitely beyond the requirements of

17:1.5 Each of the executives and the f. of his sphere are

19:7.4 to utilize the sum total of the transport f. in space

39:2.4 the provisions and f. of the Paradise clearinghouse.

47:2.2 Melchizedeks, maintain extensive educational f.

72:7.4 The rapid-transit f., which make it practical to extend

168:1.11 personalities and a greater organization of universe f.


27:5.5 The f. with which the residents of Paradise can

40:10.14 Every f. and all power have been provided for


2:6.9 F. the world of personality, God is discovered to be

2:6.9 f. the spiritual world, he is a personal love;

88:4.7 individual confessed guilt, even when f. death.

91:9.2 as a potent prayer by sincerely and courageously f.

102:2.8 bravely, even heroically, f. the vicissitudes of life.

123:5.3 the chazan, an officer of the synagogue, sat f. them.

128:2.1 Jesus’ brothers and sisters were f. the trials and

132:3.4 dominated by the dread of f. new facts of material

133:4.11 to the courageous practice of f. the facts of life;

136:4.10 Jesus’ practice, when f. any new or serious

139:2.6 Peter was a brave soldier when f. a frontal attack,

150:9.3 Jesus turned suddenly upon his captors and, f.

155:5.10 exhilaration of f. the perils of intellectual discovery

155:6.18 theologic shelter to which you may flee in fear of f.

160:4.15 And it is in this business of f. failure and adjusting to

factspecific; see fact, in; see factgeneral

0:12.1 This never-beginning Trinity was inherent in the f. of

1:2.8 Those who know God have experienced the f. of his

1:5.15 unqualified finality of perfectness were it not a f. that

1:7.8 The f. of the Paradise Trinity in no manner violates

2:0.3 of God would be well-nigh futile except for the f.

2:1.6 this f., in and of itself, automatically shuts him off

2:1.9 without detracting from the f. and reality of his

2:3.5 is inherent in the f. that divinity of quality equals

2:5.6 ponder the solemn f. that God lives within you;

3:1.11 The f. of God’s presence in creature minds is

3:2.3 This declaration of physical f. is predicated on the

3:2.7 of his attributes, and the f. of his free-willness.

3:4.3 And so with wisdom: The f. that mind is so freely

3:4.4 The f. that he sends forth spirit messengers from

3:4.6 cannot think through such an absolute truth or f..

3:4.7 the f. that mortal man is made in the image of God—

3:5.16 what they are by virtue of the f. of existence.

3:6.2 is unlimited; it is the fundamental f. of all creation.

4:5.1 beliefs have been invariably altered by the f. that

5:0.1 the truth of the f. that an actual fragment of God

5:1.9 The f. that vast time is involved in the attainment of

5:2.4 The f. that you are not intellectually conscious of

5:4.14 by the f. that the doctrines of early Christianity were

5:5.3 The f.-seeking scientist conceives of God as the First

5:5.6 paradoxes of religion are inherent in the f. that the

7:5.10 because of kinship of nature as well as f. of origin,

8:1.8 he merely verifies the f. that the central universe and

8:6.1 to obscure or detract from the f. of his personality.

9:1.2 with the eternal f. of the absoluteness of Paradise.

9:4.4 must reckon with the f. and limitations of space.

11:8.9 grasping the f. that everything is drawn inward

11:9.8 important thing about eternal Paradise is the f. that

12:1.1 well-known f. that all forms of basic energy ever

12:3.9 from knowing the f. of their physical existence.

12:7.11 Brotherhood constitutes a f. of relationship between

12:9.4 That water will put out fire is a f. of everyday

14:4.10 attempt to time-space an eternity f. which has no

15:4.7 occasioned by the f. that their suns pass out of the

15:11.3 which testifies to the f. that evolutionary beings

16:3.15 a known f. that his personal and spiritual nature is

16:6.3 The f. of the cosmic mind explains the kinship of

16:9.1 The will creature is thus equipped to discern the f.,

16:9.7 dependent on this very f. of innate other-awareness,

17:6.3 we know that this f. finds place on the Paradise

19:3.4 known either as a f.-finding or as a truth-revealing

19:5.6 interesting f.: When a Solitary Messenger is on a

21:1.3 implied criticisms; they are simply a recording of f.

21:3.3 The f. of creatorship implies the fullness of

22:10.2 These beings owe their very existence to the f. that

23:3.4 be deprived of its personal element were this not a f..

23:4.4 What significance should we attach to the f. that

24:2.7 only to the extent of recording the f. of will function.

27:5.2 the living repository of the particular f. or truth he

27:7.1 and acknowledging the truth and f. of the intimate

28:6.3 origin is simply a f. to be ascertained; but with the

29:4.18 work, though mechanical and matter-of-f. in nature,

30:4.15 you will probably never understand the f. of such

30:4.29 The f. of your arrival on the receiving worlds of

31:3.3 the significant f. that they are of record as only sixth-

31:10.11 overcontrol of the Supreme Being, but the very f.

31:10.12 of Supreme Deity will become a completed f. of

32:3.6 to the truth-f. of the Father’s presence in his Sons.

32:3.6 It is a f.: He who has seen a Creator Son has seen

32:3.10 The f. of animal evolutionary origin does not attach

33:3.6 Son published to the worlds the f. of the Spirit’s

34:4.7 very f. that enables the spirit of the Creator Son to

34:5.7 consciously to realize the faith-f of sonship with God

37:3.3 It is this unusual f. that soon arrests the attention of

37:3.4 Do you grasp the significance of the f. that your

40:5.15 only in certain physical features and in the f. that they

40:6.2 It is a solemn and supernal f. that such lowly and

40:9.2 The f. that these types of mortal creatures are not

41:3.10 knowledge of this f. enables astronomers to utilize

41:6.3 Local space-permeation by calcium is due to the f.

41:6.3 this despite the f. that nineteen lighter elements,

41:6.5 acrobatic calcium electron is indicated by the f. that,

42:4.13 The relative integrity of matter is assured by the f.

42:9.3 Such a f. of the physical world unmistakably

42:10.1 being absolute, is expansile in neither f. nor value;

43:1.6 the new problems arising out of the f. that Michael

43:2.7 This is the f.-finding and timesaving group which

43:4.8 this is a statement of f. regardless of the connection

44:0.21 emphatic the f. of the reality of these transactions of

46:8.2 you would still be embarrassed by the f. that your

47:3.1 hardly notice the difference except for the f. that you

47:3.7 nothing aside from experiencing the f. of survival.

52:5.5 this “new and living way” was a matter of f. as

53:1.4 Very little was heard of Lucifer owing to the f. that

53:4.5 Lucifer would then point to the f. that no action

54:4.3 The very f. that an evil-doing creature can actually

54:4.3 choose to do wrong—commit sin—establishes the f.

56:5.4 the central universe, Deity unity is a f. of existence.

56:7.6 It is a f. that, as the creations of time and space are

56:9.5 we revert to the f. that the Father is the existential

56:10.11 the f. of progressive evolution indicates dominance

60:2.11 notwithstanding the f. that these huge ichthyosaurs

61:7.6 And despite the f. that the northern highlands had

65:3.6 But this f. does not preclude the possibility of the

65:4.1 Do not overlook the f. that Urantia was assigned to

66:5.20 in the f. that the real causes of many diseases were

66:7.17 grew out of the f. that seven was one fourth of

67:3.1 With this broadcast of the f. of rebellion in Satania

67:4.2 They awakened to the f. that they had been degraded

68:1.6 testimony to the f. that the natural individualistic

68:1.7 golden age is the historic f. of Dalamatia and Eden.

69:5.15 of capital by unfair capitalists does not destroy the f.

69:5.15 This is placed on record as a f and not in justification

70:4.1 The f. that the present-day peace groups have long

70:4.1 despite the f. that Urantia nations are still spending

73:3.3 and to the f. that this area was virtually an island in

74:8.5 The f. of evolution is not a modern discovery; the

74:8.8 pre-Adamic civilization is clearly shown by the f. that

74:8.14 The “golden age” is a myth, but Eden was a f.,

75:8.7 is evidenced the f. and the act of personality in the

79:3.3 due, in part, to the f. that so many of the Sethite

81:2.2 must not overlook the f. that your early ancestors

82:3.8 The f. that ancient peoples regarded it as a disgrace

82:4.2 the marriage institution is borne out by the f. that

83:0.2 innate biologic f. that men and women positively will

83:1.1 which arise out of the physical f. of bisexuality.

83:4.1 The wedding ceremony grew out of the f. that

83:5.13 wives only managed to exist by virtue of the f. that

83:8.4 the very f. of marriage dissolution itself indicates that

84:1.6 A family of some simple sort was insured by the f.

84:4.3 suspicion were not helped by the f. that women were

84:4.4 The f. that most supposed witches were women

84:8.2 it remains a f. that the evolving mores have failed

86:3.2 Early man accepted life as a f., while he regarded

87:2.5 The f. that professional mourners were hired for

87:4.7 The tragedy of all this lies in the f. that, when these

88:4.8 difficulty in combating magic arises from the f. that

90:1.3 the great majority of the shamans believed in the f. of

91:6.4 It is a f. of human experience that most persons, if

92:3.3 Remember, that is what happened; it is a historical f..

92:3.7 calling attention to the f. that religion was essential

92:5.7 it remains a f. that these teachers were the temporal

92:7.1 Religion can never become a scientific f..

93:3.4 made no effort to present teaching beyond the f. of

93:5.2 determined by geography, by the f. that Palestine

93:6.1 was only weakened by the f. that Melchizedek would

93:6.7 This was an appearance of f., notwithstanding its

93:10.1 Machiventa signalized this f. to his eleven associates,

94:3.1 the f. of the ascending experience in the universe of

94:4.8 Its great strength lies in the f. that it has proved to

94:8.16 The f. that it could theoretically be experienced

94:8.17 His followers overlooked the f. that the highest

94:11.9 At the base of the concept was the historic f. of the

95:5.12 The weakness of Ikhnaton’s doctrine lay in the f.

95:7.4 Despite the f. that the Levantine monotheisms failed

96:1.15 as a matter of historic f., it should be understood

96:4.4 The f. that Yahweh was the god of the fleeing

97:7.3 If there is resentment of the f. that these priests

97:8.5 The f. that the “Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of

97:9.9 fail to delete the plain and matter-of-f. statements

98:6.1 it is also a f. that no religion has thus far succeeded

98:7.8 5. The historic f. of the human life of Joshua ben

99:3.7 It is a f. that religion does not grow unless it is

99:5.1 The f. of man’s gregariousness perforce determines

100:3.5 but always they depend on the f. of relationships.


101:2.1 The f. of religion consists wholly in the religious

101:2.1 the proof that revelation is revelation is this same f.

101:2.1 the f. that revelation does synthesize the divergent

101:10.9 At last all creatures become conscious of the f. that

102:2.1 And this all grows out of the f. that religion is the

102:2.9 We are not blind to the f. that religion often acts

102:3.9 Knowledge yields pride in the f. of personality;

102:3.11 Science indicates Deity as a f.; philosophy presents

102:3.11 Revelation affirms the unity of the f. of Deity,

102:3.11 concept as our Father—the universal f. of existence,


102:4.2 The f. of experience is found in self-consciousness

102:5.1 Although the establishment of the f. of belief is not

102:5.1 not equivalent to establishing the f. of that which is

102:5.1 to the status of personality does demonstrate the f.

102:6.6 God is the first truth and the last f.; therefore does

102:6.6 —to explain—God, one must explore the f. of the

102:6.6 ignorance as to the f. of God can be bridged only

102:6.10 Organic evolution is a f.; purposive or progressive

102:6.10 will he abandon the theories of materialistic f in favor

102:7.2 God is the one and only self-caused f. in the universe

102:7.2 The f. of God, the divine law, is changeless; the truth

102:7.3 The f. of religious experience implies God, and such

102:8.1 and efficacy of religion consists in the f. of human

103:1.1 shown by the f. that twentieth-century theologians

103:2.8 It embraces the f. of God-consciousness and exhibits

103:3.1 the f. remains that the true religious impulse has its

104:1.13 the Christian concept of the Trinity erred in f.,

104:1.13 in spirit this is true, in actuality it is not a f..

104:2.3 three eternal persons whose deity union is the f.

104:4.1 attention is directed to the f. that the Father is the

104:4.14 eclipse the intelligent recognition of the universe f. of

105:2.5 absolute personality of the Son makes absolute the f.

105:2.11 the eternal f. of infinity-reality and the universal

105:3.10 it is a f. that these Absolutes never had a beginning

105:3.10 it is both f. and truth that all reality is predicated

106:7.1 of infinite reality integration are inherent in the f. that

106:8.17 regarding this third member is inherent in the f.

106:9.5 predicated in part on the f. that the Paradise Trinity

106:9.8 the f. that mankind is designed to evolve by the

107:6.4 It is a f. that the Adjusters traverse space over the

107:6.5 it remains a f. that they flash throughout the entire

108:0.2 thing in the entire universe can substitute for the f.

108:0.2 the existential God could become in truth and in f.

108:4.1 The Mystery Monitors eloquently bespeak the f.

108:5.9 The f that such Adjuster activity may be unconscious

108:6.8 your faith should accept the f. of the presence of the

109:2.4 actual fusion and reckons the union as an event of f..

110:6.18 Paradise-potential f.-value that mortal man is a son

111:3.1 Fusion with the Adjuster signalizes the f. that the

111:6.2 The mortal dilemma consists in the double f. that

111:6.3 The f. of finiteness is not evil or sinful.

112:1.9 dimension is experiencible as the f. of personality.

112:2.6 it should be recognized that the f. of life comes first,

112:2.7 The f. of God’s becoming man has forever changed

112:2.9 The very f. that a mortal materialist can deny the

112:2.12 to ignore the f. that all things material are initially

112:5.20 The f. of repersonalization consists in the seizure

112:7.6 It is a f. in time and is responsive to the

112:7.6 new value is predicated upon the f. that survival

112:7.6 that survival decisions have been made, which f.

112:7.8 has made possible the f. of your life, you will be

114:0.8 The irregularities growing out of the f. that Urantia

114:2.2 this world which result from the f. that Michael here

115:2.1 But the f. that infinity is thus existentially present in

115:3.1 infinite, is unqualified in extent and absolute in f..

115:7.3 The f. of Supremacy is predicated on Paradise power

116:5.16 a state of dynamic equilibrium is inherent in the f. of

117:1.3 this grows out of the f. that this cosmic existence is

117:2.4 in status as of the preceding universe age as in f. are

117:3.5 to certain universe potentialities it is an actual f..

117:5.6 and this transaction constitutes the f. of progression.

117:5.14 actual divinity presence, then, inherent in the f. of

117:6.17 Despite the f. that you cannot, in this universe age,

118:3.5 we have in understanding space is due to the f. that,

118:5.1 all of this is derived from the f. that omnipotence

118:5.3 Mortal consciousness proceeds from the f., to the

118:5.3 through the word-meaning, to the f. of action.

118:9.4 the mechanism of the finite creation is to deny f. and

118:10.18 as he ponders the universe f. that all things, be they

119:1.4 when there was recorded the f. of Michael’s return

119:1.6 Probably the actual statement of that f. cannot be

120:1.6 And such being the f., all this delegated authority

120:2.9 in view of the f. that your creator prerogatives will

120:4.2 and recognition of this f. of being God and man.

120:4.4 Never lose sight of the f. that the supreme spiritual

121:2.8 powerful peoples the Jews attributed to the f. that

121:5.16 as Paul preached it, was founded upon a historic f.:

122:8.7 And it is a remarkable astronomic f. that similar

124:1.8 The f. that water could be had as a solid, a liquid,

124:4.2 The f. that Jesus had a single personality rendered it

125:4.2 inquiry elicited the f. that no one had seen Jesus.

127:5.1 recall the f. that Jesus was a “child of promise.”

128:5.7 James called attention to the f. that Joseph would

128:7.6 Never lose sight of the f. that the mission of Jesus

129:1.9 getting along with them consisted in the twofold f.

130:4.14 The f. of the partial in the presence of the complete

132:0.5 can the better be understood when we record the f.

132:4.2 Always the burden of his message was: the f. of the

133:4.12 The f that your error carries with it the death penalty

133:7.8 And this f. of self-conscious existence, associated

134:4.2 the divine government, is founded on the f. of divine

136:3.4 the latter was a f. of history on that day when he

136:5.4 And this limitation was dependent on the f. that

137:2.9 But this proceeding, together with the f. that they

139:4.2 The f. that John was one of the three personal aides

139:4.4 In view of the f. that John came nearer to being the

139:5.1 Philip was somewhat influenced by the f. that Peter,

139:5.5 courage from the f. that one like themselves had

139:9.7 The f. that Jesus would always enjoin silence

140:8.14 Jesus called attention to the f. that the family is a

140:10.9 first, recognition of the f. of the sovereignty of God;

141:2.1 far transcending that f. is the transforming truth

141:5.1 Your apostolic harmony must grow out of the f.

142:3.21 f. of creation as the reason for Sabbath observance

142:7.6 1. The f. of existence.

143:1.4 But you should not overlook the f. that even divine

143:5.11 built up around the f. of the death of Christ instead

143:6.3 The f. of the cross became the very center of

144:5.1 planets, but this f. Jesus did not reveal to the twelve.

145:2.3 an effort on Jesus’ part to make clear the f. that

145:2.13 John did in view of the f. that such cases of demon

146:2.4 inherent in such an experience is the f. that God

146:2.4 And this f. of the synchrony of divine and human

146:6.3 attention to the f. that he always in great modesty

147:1.4 We only know of the f. of the servant’s complete

147:5.7 actual achievement is not so important as the f.

147:8.5 living faith which grasps the f. that you are the sons

148:4.8 none of this detracts from the f. that man is the son

148:6.8 pleading the f. that ‘man, born of woman, is few of

149:1.5 persistently sought healing, together with the f. that

149:1.8 It therefore becomes a f. of record that Jesus did

149:4.3 Jesus called attention to the f. that any virtue, if

149:4.5 character that impressed his associates as the f.

150:1.3 But Paul, despite the f. that he conceded all this in

150:9.4 they were awaking to the f. that the kingdom would

151:2.5 That I am right is fully proved by the f. that, whereas

151:3.4 attention to the f. that this method of teaching was

151:6.4 that his periodic mental affliction was due to the f.

153:3.2 The f. of the Word of God bestowed in the flesh

154:6.4 in view of the f. that Mary and Jesus’ brothers had

155:5.6 Master refused to belittle, though he deplored the f.

155:6.3 all this as a f. in your own personal experience.

155:6.12 so important that you should know about the f. of

155:6.14 two positive and powerful demonstrations of the f.

155:6.16 2. The f. that your entire life plan furnishes positive

155:6.18 but rather shall your religion become the f. of real

156:1.7 not to proclaim the f. of the little girl’s healing

157:5.1 the supernal f. that he was the Son of Man and

157:6.3 the recognition of that f., at least hazily, by his

157:6.12 you believe the truth about me in the face of the f.

158:4.4 —at least he had admitted the f. of his divinity—

159:1.3 to confirm your testimony and establish the f. that

159:4.4 If the story of Jonah should not be a f., even if Jonah

159:4.10 “But the saddest feature of all is the f. that some of

160:1.5 to the further f. that the exploratory efforts of such

160:2.7 I call your attention to the f. that the Master never

160:4.1 While the spirit is our goal, the flesh is a f..

160:5.5 characteristics of a true religion consist in the f.

160:5.5 values resident in the spiritual f. of the eternal God.

161:1.2 Rodan contended that the f. of personality consists

161:1.2 the fact of personality consists in the coexistent f.

161:1.7 such a phenomenon constituted proof of the f.,

162:1.5 a f. that many of the members of the Sanhedrin

163:7.4 brotherhood of man founded on the eternal f. of the

166:0.1 the f. that the gospel of the kingdom could spread

166:2.2 called their attention to the f. that their message had

167:1.3 Only his enemies took notice of the f. that he did not

167:5.7 The f. that the Son of Man pursues his earth

168:0.4 attested by the f. that they could afford a private

168:1.6 instructive f.: Although this narrative unfolds as an

168:5.1 to live and bear testimony to the f. that Jesus had

169:1.2 The f. that souls are lost only increases the interest

170:1.17 inherent in the f. that Christianity became a religion

170:2.1 truth of the fatherhood of God and the correlated f.

170:5.10 the tragedy consisted in the f. that this social reaction

170:5.14 Master’s teaching regarding the f. of the kingdom,

170:5.19 belief regarding the f. of Michael’s sojourn on

172:2.1 their persons, but he made no reference to this f..

173:1.1 the f. remained that this animal must be free from all

174:3.4 affirming the f. of the survival of mortal creatures

175:2.1 The f. that the spiritual leaders and the religious

176:2.7 What the whole world must face as a literal f. at

176:4.2 his followers awakened to the f. that their Master

177:2.6 it remains a f. that very few modern homes are such

177:4.11 Judas always resented the f. that Jesus did not save

179:3.5 coupled with the f. that Jesus continued kneeling

181:2.5 always to give due consideration to the f. that age

182:1.9 alluded to the f. that he had manifested the Father’s

182:2.4 opened their eyes to the f. that Judas had forsaken

183:1.1 with the f. that Jesus, in patiently submitting to all

183:4.2 Thomas, calling their attention to the f. that Jesus

184:3.7 regardless of the f. that he pointed to his own body

184:4.6 on the basis of the f. and truth of that supreme and

185:1.1 Pilate failed to grasp the f. that these Hebrews had

186:5.2 It is a f. that in some manner, sooner or later, Jesus

186:5.9 the f. of the love of God and the mercy of the Son—

186:5.9 the mercy of the Son—the f. of sonship with God—

188:4.1 It is a f. that Urantia has become known among

188:4.6 it is a f. that Jesus’ bestowal on this world greatly

188:4.12 not the f. of his death but rather the superb manner

188:4.13 f. of the fatherhood of God and its correlated truth,

188:5.4 The real value of the cross consists in the f. that it

189:2.6 has been based on the f. of the “empty tomb.”

189:2.6 It was indeed a f. that the tomb was empty, but

189:2.6 empty when the first believers arrived, and this f.,

190:1.6 heralds of the mighty truth-f. of the resurrected

190:2.7 James forbade their publishing abroad the f. of this

191:0.8 in the face of such a stupendous f. as the resurrection

191:5.3 Your mission to the world is founded on the f. that

193:0.3 It is a f. that God loves you, his sons.

193:0.3 By faith in my word this f. becomes an eternal and

193:2.2 The f. that the dead rise is not the gospel of the

194:0.3 men could think of was the f. of the risen Master.

194:0.4 The gospel is: the f. of the fatherhood of God,

194:0.4 the f. of God as the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ,

194:2.8 gospel did become greatly distorted, it remains a f.

194:2.9 this substitution of the f. of the resurrection of

194:3.6 Do not overlook the f. that the Spirit of Truth was

194:3.8 The f. of Jesus’ earthly life provides a fixed point for

195:5.2 a living spiritual reality, not as a f. of material science

195:5.13 evil in the world just because it appears to be a f.?

195:6.14 The f. of the absolute mechanism of Paradise at the

195:7.3 a machine-man be wholly unconscious of the f. of the

195:7.3 failed to recognize the f. of the spirit-indwelt mind

195:7.8 devoid of all conscious recognition of that very f..

195:7.8 the f. of universe materialism and the mechanistic

195:7.9 Man is a material f. of nature, but his life is a

195:7.12 and apart from it in order to recognize such a f.

195:7.13 If materialism were a f., there could be no self-

195:10.2 the spirit of love overcame the f. of physical origin.

196:1.1 No matter how great the f. of the sovereignty of

196:1.6 The f.-realization of the attainment of totality of

fact, in

1:1.2 Father’s will is man’s choicest gift to God; in f.,

6:2.2 He is wholly like the Father; in f., the Eternal Son is

16:8.19 God the Father, is in truth and in f. a spiritual son of

17:1.5 in f., the superuniverses were named after them.

19:3.6 We represent, in f. are, the counsel of perfection.

21:0.4 they are in f. partakers not only of the divine nature

33:4.2 The Father and the Eternal Son can, in f. do, create

35:2.1 in f., all forms of intelligent life find in these Sons

36:5.4 adjutant mind-spirits are in f. a level of consciousness

39:2.11 But the Adjuster is wholly and fully conscious, in f.,

40:6.5 became one of you; he is your elder brother in f.;

40:7.2 in f. have you become the ascending sons of God.

41:6.2 Calcium is, in f., the chief element of the matter-

42:10.1 solute and, being absolute, is expansile in neither f.

52:1.8 the Planetary Prince and his visible staff; in f., if they

57:6.6 In f., all of the planets and satellites of the solar

61:3.3 The Sierras were well re-elevated; in f., they have

74:7.11 The schools, in f. every activity of the Garden, were

74:8.2 of the world in six days was an afterthought, in f.,

75:3.7 very sympathetic with the Adamic regime; in f., Cano

77:9.10 until that distant day when in f. peace does reign on

80:9.10 This Mediterranean race is, in f., so freely admixed

85:1.4 In f., among all backward tribes and peoples

85:3.3 result of daily snake bites, became immune, in f.,

87:2.6 In f., they were often banished from the language.

102:8.1 and final salvation, no two religions agree; in f., they

104:1.13 the Christian concept of the Trinity erred in f.,

105:3.1 in f. all seven Absolutes are unqualifiedly eternal.

108:0.2 the existential God could become in truth and in f.

115:3.1 infinite, is unqualified in extent and absolute in f..

115:3.16 may be an end to this metamorphosis, but in f.,

117:2.4 in status as of the preceding universe age as in f. are

120:2.9 while in f. you are to become an ordinary human

136:6.1 In f., already, and right where he was in these lonely

139:9.3 the chief ushers of the preaching hours and, in f.,

146:2.4 God’s forgiveness in f. is not conditioned upon

151:4.7 In f., from this time forward Jesus seldom taught the

160:4.1 True religion, in f., does not function apart from

169:4.11 In f., he taught only two things: that God in himself

178:2.10 In f., in view of the disturbed conditions in Jerusalem

180:2.5 In f., the branch exists only for, and can do

183:3.9 In f., the soldier got near enough to John to lay

185:5.1 In f., I find no fault in him.

factgeneral; see also matter-of-fact

0:11.7 Neither f. nor truth, experience nor revelation,

40:9.6 tinge of reality and with the intellectual quality of f.;

42:10.1 being absolute, is expansile in neither f. nor value;

43:2.7 This is the f.-finding and timesaving group which

43:4.8 this is a statement of f. regardless of the connection

44:7.2 Truth, f., and relationship are intellectually

48:4.18 to lessen the shock of the unexpected impact of f.

48:4.18 rigid unyielding f. and flexible ever-living truth.

48:4.18 —the unexpected nature of the situation be it f. or be

48:6.30 efficient and effective techniques of f. recording.

48:6.31 custodians are the ideal instructors of all f. seekers.

48:6.32 day they will teach you to seek truth as well as f.,

48:6.33 truth, holds one blindly in a closed circle of cold f..

48:6.33 can be technically right as to f. and everlastingly

52:5.5 this “new and living way” was a matter of f. as

54:0.2 The very conflicting presence of f. and falsehood,

71:0.2 and power produced a creature of f.—the state—

86:3.2 Early man accepted life as a f., while he regarded

92:7.1 Religion can never become a scientific f..

102:3.5 Science, knowledge, leads to f. consciousness;

102:3.5 while the co-ordination of the consciousness of f.,

102:3.11 Science indicates Deity as a f.; philosophy presents

102:6.6 God is the first truth and the last f.; therefore does

102:6.6 harmony between infinite truth and universal f..

102:6.9 the concept of truth alongside the observation of f.

102:6.10 will he abandon the theories of materialistic f. in

102:7.2 God is the one and only self-caused f. in the

107:4.2 in intensiveness of meaning, and f. they are absolute.

109:2.4 actual fusion and reckons the union as an event of f..

115:3.1 infinite, is unqualified in extent and absolute in f..

118:3.3 But when truth becomes linked with f., then both

118:3.3 Such realities of truth wedded to f. become concepts

118:5.3 Mortal consciousness proceeds from the f., to the

118:5.3 through the word-meaning, to the f. of action.

118:9.4 the mechanism of the finite creation is to deny f. and

130:4.10 is the sphere of the material or f.-discerning mind.

133:5.7 Quantity may be identified as a f., thus becoming a

133:5.8 that the quantitative f. and the qualitative value

133:5.9 divergent the universe phenomena of f. and value

139:8.12 Thomas had a keen and sure sense of f..

146:2.4 God’s forgiveness in f. is not conditioned upon

160:4.14 Wisdom embraces both the f. and the ideal and

184:4.6 on the basis of the f. and truth of that supreme and

190:1.6 heralds of the mighty truth-f. of the resurrected

195:5.2 living spiritual reality, not as a f. of material science

195:5.13 evil in the world just because it appears to be a f.?

196:1.6 The f.-realization of the attainment of totality of

196:3.2 There are just three elements in universal reality: f.,

196:3.4 life is the knowledge that man is educated by f.,

196:3.31 All of man’s universe romancing may not be f., but


77:3.6 2. The next largest f. wanted the tower designed to

factorsee factor in

36:3.4 who supplies the essential f. of the living plasm.

41:2.6 with energy as a component f. of living creatures,

46:7.5 it is this f. which persists as an experiential identity.

59:1.7 land spread, or continental creep, was also a f..

68:3.3 Except for this ghost f., all society was founded on

71:6.3 order of society; nevertheless, it is an indispensable f.

80:4.4 the horse was the evolutionary f. which determined

83:7.3 many unions are stabilized by this ancient property f..

84:7.6 function of pleasure lures—this introduces a new f.

95:7.5 There was only one f. of a tribal, racial, or national

102:2.4 albeit there is the important f. of growth in grace,

105:5.9 A time f. means growth to that which grows;

107:5.6 appear to transmute some mind f. representing a

112:5.15 every identifiable f. of personality is effectually

112:5.20 persists in spite of a continuous change in all the f.

116:5.10 the cosmic mind appear as a new f. co-ordinating

117:4.3 a misguided self will persist as a f. of the Deity of

118:4.2 which are free from inheritance of any f. derived

127:6.2 the love of a beautiful maiden (not realizing the f. of

152:2.10 elimination of the time f. and the visible life channel.

158:6.4 the existence of that third and essential human f.,

172:5.13 No other single f. exerted such a powerful

factor in

2:7.2 truth is a living and flexible f. in the philosophy of

11:7.9 and counterclockwise flow of the galaxies, is a f. in

12:3.10 a disturbing f. in the effort to arrive at a basic unit

13:4.4 The differing f. in spiritual presence, or reaction, is

16:9.3 values of such a nonsurvivor persist as a f. in the

28:6.10 Time is a vital f. in everything this side of Havona

35:9.9 creature free will is a f. in the final adjudication of

40:5.12 the one-, two-, and three-brained races is not a f. in

40:5.18 And the ascension career is the most important f. in

40:10.6 authoritative wisdom—and this in itself is a vital f. in

43:1.11 reflectivity to assembled groups and as a f. in the

58:5.7 The weight of the oceans is also a f. in the increase

60:4.2 chief and underlying f. in determining the location of

67:3.7 the influence of mind as a f. in spiritual choosing.

68:3.2 Probably the greatest single f. in the evolution of

68:3.3 But ghost fear introduced a new f. in civilization,


71:1.22 The great weakness in Roman civilization, and a f. in

71:3.2 The chosen people doctrine has been a prime f. in

77:8.8 midway creatures are an essential f. in such liaisons

79:6.10 an advanced religion is often a decisive f. in cultural

81:1.1 And climate was the decisive f. in the establishment

81:4.11 The unifying f. in this division is the greater or lesser

81:6.4 The Andites were a great people, but the crucial f. in

81:6.14 The chief f. in early civilization was the force exerted

83:4.2 Early marriage was a f. in property interests, even as

86:1.1 Mischance was a great f. in the lives of men and

86:1.2 chance that luck becomes a constant f. in his life.

86:2.2 Nature fear thus became a f. in the struggle for

86:6.2 appearance of a new f. in human thinking and acting.

90:5.1 that the technique of ritual was the decisive f. in

91:6.6 Prayer has been an indispensable f. in the progress

92:1.4 has ever functioned as a powerful conditioning f. in

94:6.7 Lao’s presentation of nonresistance has been a f. in

95:4.2 that God-consciousness was the determining f. in

98:6.4 But the deciding f. in the struggle between the two

98:7.4 1. The Melchizedek teachings, which are a basic f. in

98:7.6 doctrines of the Iranian prophet became a potent f. in

98:7.10 an important f. in the success of Christianity in the

108:1.1 inheritance must therefore be a considerable f. in

112:1.13 the personality functions as a f. in the total situation.

115:4.7 as the conjoining f. in this evolutionary Deity.

120:4.2 The only progressive f. in such a nonunderstandable

146:2.14 Jesus did teach that prayer is a f. in the enlargement

159:3.2 While emotion as a f. in human decisions cannot

168:4.13 must you constantly reckon with the time-space f. in

170:4.10 2. The will as the determining f. in man’s experience.

196:2.10 that made the golden rule a vital f. in his religion.

factorssee factors in; factors of

4:2.3 Nature is a time-space resultant of two cosmic f.:

5:5.11 mortal of the realms, consist of three varying f.,

5:5.14 The union of the parental f. under natural conditions

5:6.2 We are able to form adequate concepts of the f.

5:6.2 We clearly perceive the numerous f. which, when

14:5.3 And these two f., combined, equal what on Urantia

15:8.5 convert all energy into matter were it not for two f.:

16:3.18 Creature realization of these three f. equals

16:8.2 the known f. which go to make up the ensemble of

30:4.15 a resurrection, a reassembly of personality f.; but

41:10.3 size, and velocity through space are determining f..

42:8.1 While gravity is one of several f concerned in holding

45:7.7 These three f. are then carried to the citizenship

49:5.30 These kinship f. are manifest on all levels, for kinship

59:6.6 Two new climatic f. appeared—glaciation and aridity.

64:6.32 different races are carriers of superior inheritance f..

65:4.12 for that combination and association of inheritance f.

65:4.12 combinations and associations of inheritance f.

74:7.22 equally with the man, contributes those life f. which

75:8.2 stocks of Urantia contain inheritance f. derived from

79:6.6 of the ancient yellow race was due to four great f.:

80:9.16 will be determined by the quality of the racial f. that

81:6.2 grew out of, and is predicated on, the following f.:

84:0.2 Individuals are very temporary as planetary f.—only

84:1.5 of the living inheritance f. which initiate offspring.

94:5.2 proto-Taoism was a compound of the following f.:

96:2.1 Semites, containing hereditary f. from almost all of

100:5.4 consists in f. over and above purely psychologic

100:5.10 The f. which contribute to the initiation of mystic

105:5.10 perfected yet are co-ordinate with both ancestral f..

111:0.4 The Egyptians believed in two f., the ka and the ba;

111:2.7 a meaning not found in either of the contributing f.

112:1.18 unifier of all these f. as related to cosmic realities.

112:1.19 In a good system all f. are in cosmic position.

112:2.14 self is inherent in the qualities of its constitutive f.:

116:4.12 hence is largely limited to those f. operating in the

118:6.3 it unfailingly exhibits inheritance f. which establish

118:10.12 that this viewpoint is modified by the following f.:

124:4.2 difficult to recognize the double origin of those f.

125:6.7 When you take into fair consideration all the f. which

160:1.8 the disinterested survey of the actual f. that go to

170:1.14 “kingdom of heaven” have been due to three f.:

factors in

16:6.10 These three basic f. in reflective thinking may be

32:5.5 only to reappear as new actors and continuing f. in

40:5.17 three types of physical-brain endowment are not f. in

52:6.7 love are transcendent civilizers and mighty f. in the

57:8.22 and oceanic influences are the chief f. in climatic

67:3.7 are f. in most of the vital decisions of all evolutionary


76:2.6 the value of environment and education as f. in

79:8.10 facilitated the following f. in the preservation of

81:3.7 later religions were also f. in the spread of culture;

81:6.3 weather, and numerous physical conditions are f. in

81:6.4 The decisive f. in the evolution of a superior

83:1.4 Other potent f. in marriage stability are pride, vanity,

89:1.7 Many of the essential f. in man’s evolution have been

98:1.4 As a consequence of these f. in religious evolution,

101:7.1 teachings of one’s time and place all become f. in

110:1.4 spiritual decisions and, hence, are f. in the solution of

111:2.4 There are three and not two f. in the evolutionary

111:2.6 associated spiritual influences and f. in human life.

116:4.12 hence is largely limited to those f. operating in the

161:1.11 the satisfaction of all unsatisfied f. in logic, reason,

factors of

0:5.11 and it unifies all other associated f. of individuality.

2:3.4 The living energy f. of identity are resolved by the

4:4.8 grasp the personality and divinity f. of our highest

5:5.11 By the unification of these f. of the divine

12:4.14 it results from numerous f. of error embracing

16:9.5 of the constitutive f. of man—science, morality, and

21:2.7 of mind are determined by the precreature f. of being

25:4.19 a given situation having f. of an established mindal

28:6.4 and trustworthy estimate of the ancestral f. of any

47:3.3 these spiritized f. of mind, memory, and creature

47:3.11 developing your personality f. of mind and spirit

49:2.24 when the respiratory f. of a planet are very high or

56:4.2 unifying the constituent f. of the mortal creature.

58:3.4 modification of the inheritance f. of the germ plasm

62:0.1 The dominant f. of these early lemurs were derived

70:8.18 and patient manipulation of these acceleration f. of

77:2.5 in the chemical constituents of the inheritance f. of

100:1.8 The f. of religious growth may be intentional, but

102:2.3 difficult to identify and analyze the f. of a religious

102:3.1 The intellectual f. of religion are important, but their

107:6.4 In addition to conjectured mindedness, f. of pure

109:5.1 self-acting Adjusters are often able to contribute f. of

110:5.2 to harmonize and associate the divergent f. of the

112:1.17 it signifies the unification of all f. of reality as well as

112:3.5 two nonmaterial f. of surviving personality persist:

112:5.20 Human life is an endless change of the f. of life

113:6.5 reassembly of the constituent f. of the personality

116:4.1 these very unifications of the f. of supremacy—

118:8.10 most powerful and the most tenuous of all the f. of

132:0.5 of nineteen centuries of time recognize just three f.

136:8.7 the product of the hereditary and environmental f. of

160:2.5 the essential f. of the higher levels of the art of living:

193:4.4 because of the following f. of personal tendencies

193:4.14 These are the f. of mind and influences of evil which,


84:5.7 it was the modern f. which largely set woman free

facts—specific; see factsgeneral

0:12.4 Trinities are truths of relationship and f. of

10:8.1 Many truths and f. pertaining to the Paradise Trinity

19:4.6 new values from the association of the f., truths,

28:5.15 Seconaphim of this type are in possession of the f.

28:6.2 of ethics grow out of the fundamental f. of origin.

28:6.4 their computation of possessed f. is always up to the

31:3.3 cognizance of, and here call attention to, three f.:

39:1.8 fairness based on the knowledge of underlying f. of

40:10.13 And such a love utterly eclipses all other f..

48:6.31 These angelic custodians of the f. of time are the

48:6.32 from the lowest to the highest custodians of the f. of

57:0.1 as the better method of presenting these historic f..

58:2.3 have assembled over fifty thousand f. of physics and

67:4.3 but founded on the f. of the postrebellion days,

71:2.4 3. Failure to recognize the basic f. of social evolution

71:3.6 3. Cosmic insight interpreted in terms of planetary f.,

74:3.3 They learned all the f. regarding the utter collapse of

74:8.1 seventh day for worship was incidental to the f.

76:4.7 These f. explain why the Urantia peoples must do

86:7.4 remedy the f. of birth and the accidents of living.

93:9.8 they also contain many diversions from the f.,

94:3.8 Brahmanic philosophy approximated many f. of

97:8.7 points in Hebrew history will illustrate how the f. of

101:4.2 We full well know that, while the historic f. and

102:6.9 The f. of evolution must not be arrayed against the

103:5.12 the truths of religious belief and the f. of religious

103:7.3 is also cognizant of the energy f. of the Controller

103:7.7 and religion can only be self-critical of their f..

108:1.7 With these f. before them, it is our belief that the

119:1.6 We all know of the f. of the Michael bestowals,

121:8.8 Christ” in his record as Luke gathered up these f.

122:8.7 for traditions eventually to become accepted as f..

129:3.4 Only Zebedee the boatbuilder knew the f. about

142:7.5 a true family is founded on the following seven f.:

142:8.2 majority of his disciples, but the twelve knew the f..

159:4.10 but they prefer to withhold such disturbing f. from

176:2.7 are face to face with the f. of a new dispensation

186:1.6 harvest of the naked and unromantic f. be faced.

186:5.5 men are inherent in the universe f. of God’s love

188:3.10 There are a number of correlated f. to which we can

191:5.3 Through fear you now flee from the f. of a

194:0.3 the f. associated with the gospel for the gospel

194:4.5 They now proclaimed the f. of his life, death, and

194:4.5 with preaching about the f. of his first coming and


2:7.2 Physical f. are fairly uniform, but truth is a living

5:5.2 Religion is not grounded in the f. of science,

19:1.9 leading to the distortion of f., the perversion of truth,

27:5.1 The f. of the universes are inherent in these primary

27:5.3 will find available all the known f. of all universes,

27:6.2 of the truth of knowledge and the f. of experience in

27:6.5 can never be as settled in its conclusions as the f. of

36:5.8 When enlightened by f. and inspired by truth, this

48:6.33 The creation of new pictures out of old f.,

86:7.4 Only comprehension of f. and wise manipulation

88:6.8 is grasping eagerly for the light of truth and the f. of

90:3.3 The primitive mind may be handicapped by lack of f.,

90:4.9 Only f. and truth court the light of comprehension

91:6.6 who pray will only do so in the light of scientific f.,

101:1.4 Religion consists not in the discovery of new f. or in

101:1.4 and spiritual meanings in f. already well known to

101:4.2 forbidden to include such humanly undiscovered f.

101:4.7 The co-ordination of known or about-to-be-known f.

101:5.2 Science deals with f.; religion is concerned only with

101:5.2 the mind endeavors to unite the meanings of f. and

101:5.9 Scientists assemble f., philosophers co-ordinate ideas

102:1.2 The reason of science is based on the observable f. of

102:2.5 until their relevant f. actually become meaning

102:2.6 of philosophic thought must ever be founded on f.,

102:6.6 all truth take origin in him, while all f. exist relative

102:6.7 spiritual realities over isolated f. of time and space.

102:7.9 resort to the dogmatic challenge of the f. of science

102:7.10 the most real of all f., the most living of all truths,

103:7.7 and religion can only be self-critical of their f..

103:7.7 The moment departure is made from the stage of f.,

103:7.8 understanding of cosmic relationships, universe f.,

103:9.2 in the main,dominated by reason and the f. of science

103:9.6 Reason introduces man to the world of f., to things

111:6.6 Science is the source of f., and mind cannot operate

111:6.6 the source of f., and mind cannot operate without f..

111:6.6 They are the building blocks in the construction of

111:6.6 Man can find the love of God without f., and man

111:6.7 but he needs a clear knowledge of f. to apply his

117:5.10 the meanings, values, and f. of evolutionary

118:1.3 conceiving intellect measures and evaluates the f. of

118:10.13 for the comprehension of the material f. of time,

130:4.11 The qualities of imperfection or f. of misadaptation

132:1.2 to the discovery of the relatedness of material f..

132:3.2 Knowledge deals with f.; wisdom, with relationships;

132:3.4 by the dread of facing new f. of material discovery

133:4.11 to the courageous practice of facing the f. of life;

134:9.3 travesty upon the f. of divine justice and the truths of

143:6.3 to become disproportionate and to permit f. to

146:3.1 Intellectual strivings may reveal the f. of life, but

146:3.1 cast these transient time shadows of the material f.

160:4.14 Only those who face f. and adjust them to ideals can

160:4.14 philosophy—the man whose idealism excludes f.

189:2.6 always be built up by a combination of apparent f..

189:2.6 Although individual f. may be materially true, it

189:2.6 not follow that the association of a group of f.

191:5.3 the new order of the authority of f., truth, and faith

193:2.2 These great truths and these universe f. are all

193:4.9 5. Judas did not like to face f. frankly; he was

195:7.1 F. never quarrel with real spiritual faith; theories may

195:7.4 beauty, and goodness, are concealed within the f. of

195:7.8 in a mind conscious of values as well as of f..

195:7.9 science recognizes and deals with materials and f..

195:7.16 ennobling transformation of the material f. of life,

195:7.22 mathematical f. inherent in the mechanistic phases of

195:9.5 to accept a religion which is inconsistent with f. and


0:4.11 destiny, as regards values, meanings, and f. existence

2:3.2 The f. disappearance of such a creature is always

2:7.9 failure to associate the goodness of God with the f.

16:0.1 inherent in the f. existence of the three persons of

16:6.6 the differentiation of the f. and the nonfactual,

16:6.10 strong character consisting in the correlation of a f.

39:4.7 While the attainment of each ascendant goal is a f.

91:3.7 God’s indwelling mortal man in the f. presence of

92:0.4 both in theologic concept and as an actual and f.

99:4.5 Purely f. knowledge exerts very little influence upon

102:2.7 intellectual expansion, f. enlargement, social service

103:2.9 And it is this f. situation that gives rise to the theory

103:9.10 Reason deals with f. knowledge; wisdom, with

104:1.13 Not since the times of Jesus has the f. identity of

107:0.4 is the f. experience of eternal union with God as a

107:1.2 Adjusters are fragmentized entities constituting the f.

111:5.6 actually stand in the f. presence of God on Paradise

112:4.3 awaiting the f. reappearance of the surviving mortal

115:4.6 of bringing the evolving universes into f. being.

117:0.2 the deity potential of Supremacy, become f. in the

118:3.4 eternal truth of the Creator with the f. experience of

118:10.14 a new and enlarged f. basis for the comprehension

122:4.4 not genuine and may not be depended upon as f..

130:4.10 material mind perceives a world of f. knowledge;

186:5.9 only one thing is required to make such a truth f. in


0:12.8 and the possible trinitization-f. of God the Absolute.

15:10.23 co-ordination is achieved by the more complete f.

17:2.5 witnessed such a tremendous f. of such a gigantic

22:7.8 they will terminate upon the completed f. of the

36:2.20 philosophy of the expanding f. of the Supreme Being

38:8.4 pending the completed f. of the Supreme Being.

48:3.16 pending the f. of the Supreme Being, always will

106:9.5 the additional postulate that this is already a f.


7:4.5 to personalize and f., to incarnate and make real,

19:6.3 illustrated by those Havoners who service-f.

117:3.13 the Creator Sons f. this idea in time and space with

117:4.7 nor can the spirit of Supremacy f. the power of the

117:7.14 as unified in and by the Supreme Mind, will f. as the


0:12.1 Father’s unfettered will and f. when his personal will

48:6.33 But the fetish of f. truth, fossilized truth, the iron

55:12.1 settled in light because such an event has never f..

112:7.14 the supernal partnership with God which has thus f..


21:3.23 the Almighty Supreme and f. the sovereignty of a

107:0.6 The Adjuster is the divine universe reality which f.

115:4.6 The finite domain thus f. through the co-operation


0:3.14 f. mind of the Supreme as a time-space experience in

116:2.14 The Almighty Supreme is now f. in time and space


38:9.1 they are f. grouped with the orders of permanent

96:0.3 F. the Hebrew religion is predicated upon the


20:8.3 The Teacher Sons compose the f. who administer all

39:1.14 attached in large numbers to the f. of the seven

45:5.7 the Melchizedeks maintain strong f. of teachers on


66:5.9 4. The f. on dissemination and conservation of

67:4.1 Fad and five members of the educational f. were

101:1.2 there is no mystic religious f. for the reception of

101:1.5 growth of man’s spiritual insight, that f. of human

134:3.6 cults were represented on the f. of this temple of

134:3.6 there were about seventy-five teachers on the f.,

134:3.7 had to be accepted in order to gain a seat on this f.

134:3.7 There were five independent teachers on the f. who

134:6.14 encountered difficulties in maintaining a peaceful f..

134:6.14 the later Christian teachers who joined the Urmia f.

134:6.16 As confusion increased in the f., the three brothers

Fadhead of the faculty on dissemination and

  conservation of knowledge

66:5.9 It was presided over by F..

66:5.9 The educational methods of F. consisted in

66:5.9 F. formulated the first alphabet and introduced a

66:5.9 records and was known as the “house of F..”

66:7.6 F. sponsored the Dalamatia plan of teaching that

67:4.1 F. and five members of the educational faculty


158:1.9 as the dazzling vision f. from before them and they


41:7.2 (All of these temperatures refer to your F. scale.)

46:1.3 temperature is maintained at about 70 degrees F.,

58:2.6 height it registers around 70 degrees below zero F.

58:2.6 range of from 65 to 70 degrees below zero F.

58:2.6 of the auroral displays, a temperature of 1200° F.

124:1.9 month, the temperature averaging around 50° F.

124:1.9 the temperature would vary from 75° to 90° F.

failsee failwith not or cannot or never

4:3.5 his heart is grieved when his children f. to attain

12:4.12 You f. to recognize the present outward and

19:1.8 It may utterly f. to perceive the final and completed

20:5.7 are of origin too close to absolute perfection to f..

22:7.6 couples meet with success; many times they f.,

22:7.6 thus f. are admitted to a special group of finaliters

25:8.9 alone and, while traversing Havona, should f.

26:3.9 the disappointed candidates who transiently f. in the

26:7.6 Seldom does the quest for the Infinite Spirit f. of

26:8.4 The pilgrims who attain the Spirit seldom f. in

26:8.4 seldom fail in finding the Son; of those who do f.

26:8.4 The great majority of those who f. on the first

26:8.5 Never do the secondary supernaphim f. to pilot

28:6.9 when you f. so to utilize time as to make certain the

40:4.1 When the mortals of time f. to achieve the eternal

40:5.9 survival capacity but f. to attain Adjuster fusion.

40:8.1 a few utterly f. to attain identity fusion with their

45:7.1 where those mortals who f. to achieve fusion with

47:1.4 All who f. to satisfy these commissioners as to their

48:6.35 They will ask: If you f., will you rise indomitably to

50:1.4 But not often do these world princes f. in their

51:1.4 Should they f. on some mission of assignment or

52:6.4 f. to recognize the folly of unmitigated selfishness.

53:7.1 Only on Panoptia did the Planetary Prince f. to

54:3.1 They f. to comprehend that both are inevitable if

64:4.11 type of intelligent life on Urantia was about to f..

66:1.3 f. to receive the assent of the Constellation Fathers.

68:5.13 industrial era cannot hope to survive if its leaders f.

68:6.1 the land, in the last reckoning he is certain to f..

70:7.7 a tribal disgrace, to f. to pass the puberty tests and

72:9.8 being assessed against all who f. to cast their ballots.

75:8.3 While Adam did f in carrying forward the divine plan

82:1.2 as to f. to provide sufficient self-control for the

83:6.4 those unfortunate men and women who f. to find

83:6.6 therefore does it so often f. just because one or both

88:6.7 But if modern methods of education should f.,

94:12.3 faith and with a pure heart to f. in the attainment of

95:5.14 worship of one God upon his people appeared to f.,

95:7.2 in China or Rome did the Melchizedek teachings f.

97:9.9 God’s miraculous dealings with Israel, f. fully to

108:5.10 have a personal guardian of destiny and should f.

108:5.10 subjected to examination when their subjects f. to

109:3.2 (Many who f. of Adjuster fusion do survive as

109:5.4 this is why so many falter and f., grow weary

109:6.2 If an Adjuster should repeatedly f. to attain fusion

110:3.2 Thought Adjusters succeed or apparently f. in their

110:3.2 just in so far as mortals succeed or f. to co-operate

110:6.16 if they f. of such achievement before natural death.

110:7.3 for advanced work in those mortal subjects who f. to

113:2.4 When human beings f. to survive, their guardians

115:3.13 The potential may f. to time-actualize with respect to

117:4.13 Will you f. the God of time, who is so dependent

117:4.13 will you f. the Supreme personality of the universes

117:4.13 will you f. the great brother of all creatures, who is

118:8.4 man will f. to compensate this loss of stability by

121:6.5 In only one matter did Paul f. to keep pace with

130:4.15 concept of relativity so to mislead you that you f. to

133:4.5 but are you wise when you f. to discern the greater

134:5.17 how many leagues of nations must f. before men will

138:5.2 they largely f. to comprehend the meaning of

139:5.4 Only a few times did Philip f. to have food on hand

142:7.16 Where do we f. to grasp the meaning of your

146:2.5 you shall call upon me and f. to receive an answer.

147:4.3 I am disappointed in that you all so often f. to put

148:5.4 is not responsible for all you may f. to comprehend.

155:6.12 they spiritually f. to realize the presence of God.

156:5.8 The mistakes which you f. to forget in time will be

160:1.3 society will f. in growing up to full maturity.

160:2.10 many marriages utterly f. to produce these moral

160:4.13 of existence unless you learn how to f. gracefully.

165:2.7 who seeks to enter the fold without me shall f.,

169:2.5 that, when all things earthly f., you shall be joyfully

171:2.3 If you f. thus to reckon the cost, after you have laid

174:1.2 You f. to grasp that understanding sympathy

176:3.2 “And even you, Thomas, f. to comprehend what I

177:0.3 David: “You mean well, but you err in that you f.

177:3.2 We f. to love the Master as he loves us.

181:2.24 Fear not; that which you now f. to comprehend,

181:2.25 “Be not dismayed that you f. to grasp the full

185:0.4 And these Jews have not been the only ones to f. in

185:5.1 I have examined him and f. to find him guilty of

187:5.2 Jesus began to f. in human consciousness.

193:0.3 teaching with the mind while in your hearts you f.

193:0.4 knowledge will not suffice if they f. personally to

194:3.11 even if they did in some measure f. fully to grasp

196:2.10 What mortal can f. to be uplifted by the faith Jesus

196:3.17 f. to progress in and attain the divine revelation.

failwith not or cannot or never

3:5.4 but you should not f. to accept him as securely

5:1.6 cannot f to materialize in that individual’s experience

5:1.12 you cannot f. to attain the high destiny established by

20:5.7 They never f. to achieve the goal of the bestowal

96:6.3 so will I be with you; I will not f you nor forsake you

97:7.12 garden and like a spring whose waters f. not.

103:6.14 must never f. to reckon with the elliptic symmetry

109:6.1 Adjusters never f.; nothing worth surviving is ever

110:3.3 Adjusters never f.; they are of the divine essence,

111:2.1 therefore does mind never f. to manifest this unity,

131:3.2 I know that faith from beyond will not f. me.

140:7.8 they did not f. to grasp the significance of the life he

142:3.16 6. You shall not f. to observe the feast of the first

142:5.2 you shall never f. in the attainment of the eternal

147:8.4 a watered garden, like a spring whose waters f. not.

149:2.3 did not f. to confuse and alienate many honest souls

153:3.6 these traditionally enslaved Jews would never f. to

155:6.2 f. not to discern the words of truth which come

155:6.11 And f. not to remember that the will of God can be

165:4.6 F. not to recognize the danger of wealth’s becoming

173:2.8 Even the common folk could not f. to distinguish

174:5.11 could not f. to discern that the Master had paused

176:2.3 assured that the Father in heaven will not f. to visit

192:2.7 And then go on trusting, for I will not f. you.

196:3.33 God to the world, in and through Jesus, shall not f..

failedsee failedwith not or never

4:5.2 your priests and prophets f. clearly to differentiate

16:7.5 Man has f to avail himself of the superior functioning

31:5.2 Certain of these Material Sons have partially f. or

31:9.10 Architect, but that this being f. to absonitize,

32:5.4 Most human beings die because, having f. to achieve

48:5.7 you might have learned on earth, but which you f. to

48:6.34 but their wards, for some reason, f. to personalize on

51:3.4 but he f. in his effort to involve them in the Lucifer

51:5.7 Having f. to achieve race harmonization by Adamic

53:1.4 But they signally f..

53:4.4 majority of the intelligences f. to follow their leaders.

55:2.11 they f to pass through because of the advanced status

60:2.12 they f. to evolve along lines which would enable

60:3.21 to produce animals that navigate the atmosphere f.,

63:6.2 remote, and so Andon f. to become a sun worshiper.

65:2.5 branches of the tree of life which f. to progress.

65:2.7 human-race ancestors, but the frog f. to progress,

65:2.13 the eastern focus of life emplacement f. to attain a

67:6.9 This verdict f. to reach him because the planetary

68:1.5 man’s blunders have thus far f. to stop civilization.

69:6.4 They f. to reap the sanitary benefits of fire because

69:9.16 only after communal control and direction had f.,

71:1.3 six nations never quite functioned as a state and f. to

71:1.12 The red men had a good government, but it f..

75:5.8 And then Adam knew they had f..

75:6.2 Adam knew that he and Eve had f.;

76:5.2 they knew that they had f. as Material Sons of

77:7.2 873 f. to align themselves with the rule of Michael

78:3.7 The blue races had, as yet, f. to develop an advanced

78:8.7 The city kings f. to form powerful confederations

78:8.11 What the barbarians f. to do to effect the ruination of

79:4.7 India f. to produce the high civilization which had

79:8.1 had a great potential of racial solidarity, but it f. to

81:1.3 to accomplish what all other efforts had f. to do,

84:2.6 the mother-family f. because it could not successfully

84:3.3 Woman f. to get social recognition during primitive

84:5.8 in doing what even revelation f. to accomplish.

84:8.2 mores have f. to build any distinct institution of

85:1.2 Men f. to take into account either erosion or the

86:5.3 Early mortals usually f. to differentiate the concepts

87:1.3 If the tribal medicine man f. to cure an afflicted

87:2.4 Many advanced teachers tried to stop this, but they f.

89:5.7 When disease or war f. to control population,

90:1.5 When a shaman f. in his undertakings, if he could

90:2.6 it was customary to kill him when he f., unless he

90:3.4 enticing the soul out of the body; if it f. to return,

94:2.1 This caste system f. to save the Aryan race, but it

94:3.4 they f. to evolve any reasonable or rational personal

94:3.7 theologians of India f. to provide for the survival

94:3.8 It has f. to take into account that what may be

94:4.8 While Hinduism has long f. to vivify the Indian

94:5.7 China met her defeat because she f. to progress

94:6.11 but his teachings f. before the vigorous opposition

94:7.3 but he too f. to perceive the personality of the One

94:7.3 but he f. to show them the pathway to that real

95:1.6 the Salem missionaries f. in their effort to bring

95:5.4 Again, he f. to provide for the material stability

95:5.9 Such sentiments of internationality in religion f. to

95:7.1 in Greece, so in Arabia the Salem missionaries f.

95:7.4 the fact that the great Levantine monotheisms f. to

97:1.9 they f. to develop the idea of the mercy of God as

97:8.2 the Jews f. to evolve an adequate nontheologic

97:8.4 the leaders of the Jews were so confused they f. to

97:10.5 preserve the ideals of a people, but it f. to foster

98:2.3 new substitute for belief in survival, but utterly f..

98:2.5 They f. to develop a technique for fostering supreme

98:2.7 religion as a personal experience f. to keep pace

101:9.1 of religion could be regarded as authentic if it f. to

104:1.9 The followers of the Islamic faith likewise f. to grasp

109:2.2 actual fusion planet where the human f. of survival.

111:0.4 the nature and presence of the Adjuster, but they f.

121:4.3 professed to be the “offspring of God,” Stoics f. to

121:4.3 Stoics f. to know him and therefore f. to find him.

121:4.3 Universal Mind, but Stoics f. to envisage themselves

121:5.12 the mysteries f. adequately to satisfy this longing,

121:8.12 Only when such sources f., have I resorted to

121:8.13 when the human record and human concepts f. to

121:8.13 had f. in my efforts to find the required conceptual

122:10.1 they had f. to follow Joseph and Mary, and Herod

124:4.7 Jesus f. fully to grasp their proscriptions against

126:0.2 increasingly both his parents f. to comprehend his

127:5.2 Rebecca f. to win their support, she made bold to

128:6.6 for the Passover celebration that evening, but he f.

128:6.8 explaining why they f. to keep their appointment for

132:7.5 Gonod, Buddha knew God in spirit but f. clearly to

132:7.5 the Jews discovered God in mind but largely f. to

132:7.5 f. to provide in his teaching the moral energy and

135:5.6 No one who f. to do this could be the Messiah in

135:12.5 Since Herodias had f. to bring about John’s death by

139:1.10 Andrew many times f. to encourage his associates by

139:5.11 when Philip’s strength f., she began the recital of

139:12.8 Judas f. to make satisfactory personal progress in

139:12.11 The son of resentment f.; Judas yielded to the sour

140:7.8 Though the apostles f. to comprehend much of his

141:4.3 When he f. to reach the minds of all of the apostles

146:3.1 he had f. in his discussion of human existence to

148:6.3 Both Job and his friends f. to find the true answer

148:6.4 No wonder poor Job f. to get much comfort from

149:2.3 Though these efforts f. as far as winning the Jews

150:7.4 They f. to remember his early devotion to his

152:3.2 Have I so f. in revealing to you the Father of spirits

153:3.5 But even the apostles f. fully to grasp the meaning of

154:6.8 little realizing that it was they who f. to understand

157:0.2 again, Jesus and his earth family f. to make contact.

158:6.2 f. to exercise the faith at your command but,

158:6.3 what you attempted, in which you so completely f.

158:7.7 his statement about rising from the dead utterly f. to

160:1.5 human beings have f. to attain the artistic levels of

162:1.3 They f. to comprehend the significance of the

162:7.1 the apostles had f. in their efforts to persuade Jesus

162:7.5 you have f. to know this your God and my Father,

163:7.4 material-minded, and who f. to grasp the truth that

165:4.3 this rich man had f. to lay up treasures in heaven for

166:4.2 Have you f. to observe how the Son of Man lives as

166:4.12 they f. to grasp the meaning of his earth mission until

168:0.9 but in this Martha f., for they all followed Mary

170:4.16 When the kingdom f. to materialize as they had

170:5.4 the teaching of the gospel, nearly f. of realization

170:5.16 Jesus’ ideal concept largely f., but upon the

170:5.21 kingdom as he conceived it has to a large extent f.

172:3.6 Now, what he had f. to do by plain and personal

174:0.2 What you have f. to learn from me, my spirit will

174:2.4 matters of ecclesiastical authority, and having f.,

174:5.3 I know that not all have f. me; some of you have

177:2.4 Amos is too much like one of the apostles who f.

177:4.10 Judas f. to develop loyal trust and to experience

179:4.2 concealed evil in the heart of one who f. to love

181:2.9 realization that you have f. to grasp the meaning of

181:2.20 You f. us only a few times, and one of those

181:2.29 And thus what you have f. to learn from peaceful

182:3.9 And when it had thus sought escape, and f., it was

183:2.3 When they f. to find Jesus in the upper chamber,

184:2.11 had f. to live up to his privileges as an ambassador

184:5.7 Even concerning blasphemy, they f. to cast a ballot

185:1.1 Pilate f. to grasp the fact that these Hebrews had a

185:1.3 Pilate f. to take seriously their deep-seated prejudice

185:1.6 riots broke out when he f. to reveal the hiding place

185:8.1 to Jesus as the “king of the Jews,” he utterly f..

189:4.8 Magdalene, who was terrorized when she f. to find

190:1.3 Peter had believed at first but, when he f. to find

193:0.2 You f. to believe me because you heard my words

193:4.2 Judas f. to increase in love and grow in spiritual

193:4.3 conspired to destroy a well-intentioned man who f.

195:0.5 new message of Jewish origin, which had almost f.

195:7.3 despair of a mechanistic science has f. to recognize

196:2.6 it is indeed a pity that his followers f. to create a

failedwith not or never

42:0.1 the Paradise Presences has never lapsed, never f.;

76:2.4 never f. to impress upon Cain that Adam was not his

123:2.3 Joseph never f. to do his full duty in taking pains

123:2.3 they never f. fully to discuss his inquiries and in

123:4.3 but Jesus never f. to conform to his parents’ wishes.

127:3.8 Jesus never f., weather permitting, to take his sisters

129:1.10 never f. to attend the conferences of questions and

155:6.10 My Father has not f. to mark the long and untiring

158:5.4 The twelve never f. to alternate between exaltation

170:3.10 Jesus never f to exalt the sacredness of the individual

186:2.11 In his matchless life he never f. to reveal God to


8:5.4 “who is able to keep you from f. and to present you

77:3.8 and f. to settle the other two by debate, they fell to

77:6.5 But f. to accomplish this, they deserted their

87:5.1 believed to look down upon man as constantly f.

94:3.8 victim to the error of f. to differentiate between the

94:6.1 a forerunner of Michael might be in danger of f..

95:6.5 While f. to evolve the Trinity concept, it did in a

118:7.4 f. to perceive the supreme obligations and duties of

130:6.1 F. to derive comfort and courage from association

132:7.5 Buddha, f. to envision God as a spirit and as a

170:4.14 the kingdom, of f. to effect its establishment within

177:4.9 sagacious as to trade off his disappointment in f. to

183:0.3 F. to disperse his followers, the Master left them

188:4.2 great mistake of f. to perceive the true significance

195:7.5 mistake of f. to provide for Adjuster-expression,


2:7.9 isolated morality of modern religion, which f. to

16:6.9 The experience of living never f. to develop these

16:7.5 When man f. to discriminate the ends of his mortal

16:9.3 If mortal man f. to survive natural death, the real

19:1.11 4. History alone f. adequately to reveal future

25:8.11 If one attains God while the other temporarily f.,

34:2.4 never f. the Son in all efforts to uphold and conserve

45:6.1 present an engaging spectacle which never f. to

70:10.16 When society f. to punish crimes, group resentment

71:2.14 No government can long endure if it f. to provide for

83:7.8 But just so long as society f. to properly educate

83:7.8 so long as the social order f. to provide adequate

87:7.10 No cult can survive if it f. to foster spiritual progress

99:6.3 it f. to hold the interest of adventurous youth

101:2.7 What metaphysics f. utterly in doing, and what

101:2.7 philosophy f. partially in doing, revelation does;

102:3.10 Wherein philosophy f. in this attempt, revelation

103:2.10 the growing child f. of personality unification,

108:5.2 circle to circle those items which he f. to register in

109:1.2 every time a Monitor-indwelt mortal f. of survival,

113:6.3 In case the human soul f. of survival after having

126:4.6 and because he is strong in power, not one f..

142:3.3 The Father never f. to accept the sincere worship of

144:4.2 never f. to expand the soul’s capacity for spiritual

148:5.4 for everything which ignorant man f. to understand.

160:1.3 If the evolution of the art of living f. to keep pace

161:2.5 human need; suffering never f. to appeal to him.

168:4.8 the petitioner wholly f. to recognize it as the answer

180:6.1 this gospel of the kingdom never f. to bring great

196:3.27 Morality without religion f. to reveal ultimate

196:3.27 it also f. to provide for the survival of even its own

failuresee failure of; failure to

20:6.1 Sonarington technique is doomed to meet with f..

26:8.3 In the event of f. no reasons are ever assigned,

26:8.4 pilgrims experience the delay of seeming f. in the

26:10.2 Deity attainment are advanced from the circle of f.

26:10.3 their f. was inherent in some phase of the technique

34:7.8 inconstancy, do not be troubled with doubts of f.

40:4.1 such f. is never in any way due to neglect of duty,

60:1.11 They were nonplacental and proved a speedy f.;

63:2.5 flint spark for kindling a fire but only met with f..

63:7.1 sorrowed because of the Adamic f., but rejoiced

67:5.3 proved a swift and more or less complete f..

75:5.2 It was in the despair of the realization of f that Adam

77:1.5 of experimentation ever resulted in anything but f..

83:4.9 to seek insurance protection against marriage f.;

83:7.3 by introducing a property penalty for marriage f.,

84:7.20 the child early realized that disobedience meant f. or

88:4.8 In case of f. there was always some plausible

90:2.6 could offer a plausible excuse to account for the f..

95:1.6 about this social reform, and in the wreck of this f.

100:7.7 Jesus was untouched by apparent f..

103:6.8 Metaphysics has proved a f.; mota, man cannot

109:6.1 worth-while features of such an apparent life of f.

110:3.3 When we speak of an Adjuster’s success or f., we

149:4.4 when carried too far, lead to cowardice and f..

156:1.4 sought to send the woman away but met only with f..

158:4.7 chagrined at this ill-advised effort and its dismal f..

158:4.7 cast out the demon, but only f. crowned his efforts.

160:4.13 Never hesitate to admit f..

160:4.13 Make no attempt to hide f. under deceptive smiles

160:4.14 false illusions of success are doomed to suffer f.

160:4.15 And it is in this business of facing f. and adjusting to

160:4.15 F. is simply an educational episode—a cultural

160:4.16 life enterprise may appear as an overwhelming f.,

160:4.16 provided each life f. yielded the culture of wisdom

177:4.3 Judas refused to entertain the idea of apparent f..

failure of

3:5.1 as a result of the f. of the delegated personality to

4:5.2 grows out of the f. of your sacred books clearly to

20:5.7 I have yet to see the record of the f. or default of

35:4.3 When f. of some feature of the Creator Son’s plan is

38:9.10 the Planetary Prince and the f. of the Material Son,

52:2.9 And it is the f. of your early peoples to discriminate

54:1.1 the f. of immature evolutionary mortals to distinguish

65:2.4 steps in life differentiation together with f. of

65:8.5 F. of these diverse endowments to synchronize and

66:8.3 the later f. of Adam and Eve to fulfill their mission.

70:12.16 10. F. of social and economic fairness.

71:1.24 F. of state integration results in retrogression to

78:1.1 notwithstanding the partial f. of the undertaking,

79:2.5 The f. of India to achieve the hegemony of Eurasia

83:7.7 divorce, when the result of lack of self-control or f.

103:6.9 and the f. of man’s reason substitute for mota—

103:6.12 the f. of metaphysics to bridge the morontia gulf

110:5.2 the f. of the Adjusters to harmonize and associate the

113:6.3 blame in the matter of the survival f. of her subject;

124:4.5 increasingly was this good mother hurt by the f. of

133:6.7 Notwithstanding the f. of both material science and

134:9.9 And there was a reason for this f. of his beneficiaries

149:4.2 the measure of the f. of the spiritual nature to gain

155:2.3 the meaning of the apparent f. of life undertakings.

166:1.2 But Nathaniel was shocked by this f. of the Master

174:4.7 Sadducees were delighted by the f. of the Pharisees;

182:3.10 shame, and the appearance of the f. of his cause.

failure to

2:3.4 the creature’s f. to make those choices and final

2:7.9 The great mistake of the Hebrew religion was its f.

16:4.16 Notwithstanding our f. adequately to comprehend

26:4.13 Not even the f. to discern the Universal Father can

28:6.9 F to improve one’s time to the fullest extent possible

40:8.3 mortal is not guilty of any discoverable cause for f.

50:1.3 a greater likelihood of f. to keep a proper grasp of

51:4.4 this f. to execute the plan of race evolution makes

70:11.4 confusion due to the f. to segregate crime and sin.

71:2.4 3. F. to recognize the basic facts of social evolution.

77:4.1 Nodites and responsible for their f. to establish a

79:8.6 Despite f. to fulfill the promise of early development

81:6.11 Hence f. to increase in numbers up to a certain point

83:6.4 F. to gain mates in the social arena of competition

83:6.5 less fortunate fellows who must pay the price of f. to

84:7.19 Ancestor worshipers view the f. to have sons as the

84:8.2 it is due to this f. to evolve specialized techniques

94:6.12 fell behind because of temporary f. to progress in the

94:12.1 olden nomenclature, is often provocative of the f.

99:6.3 f. to make up-to-date interpretations of religion;

103:5.4 F. to resolve this problem gives origin to the earliest

103:6.15 By this union man can compensate for his f. to

103:7.8 Always, in the absence of revelation or in the f. to

106:9.9 the f. to experience the Father as infinite is due to

108:5.2 human subject, owing to the creature’s inability, or f.

110:5.4 some of your grotesque dreams indicate their f. to

130:7.6 The confusion of the scientist grows out of f. to

133:1.4 attack and to mitigate it in case of my f. to abort it.

138:0.1 This f. to include James and Jude among the

139:4.9 sympathized with Jesus because of his family’s f. to

139:7.9 make up for his f. to solicit the necessary funds.

146:4.6 the idea that their f. to meet with success in these

148:6.9 F. to receive help from man drives Job to God.

154:6.9 suffered immeasurably as a result of his f. to enjoy

155:1.5 measure of your f. to live the whole or righteous life,

156:5.8 Be not downcast by your f. wholly to forget some of

161:2.3 Through all these years of our f. to comprehend

170:5.14 partial f. to realize his ideal of the establishment of

170:5.20 subdivision of Christian believers results from f. to

174:1.5 your f. to attain adult sympathy, understanding,

183:2.2 Judas was much perturbed by this f. to find Jesus

192:1.2 They did not much mind the f. to make a catch, for


26:8.3 the apparent f. of time are never confused with the

26:8.4 good and sufficient reason for these apparent f.;

35:9.6 Of this entire number of f. only three were System

40:10.3 resemble compensations of unexplained f. in some

85:4.4 forgets a score of negative results, out-and-out f..

95:0.1 Sometimes their f. were due to lack of wisdom,

155:6.10 And, notwithstanding all the f. and falterings of

160:4.14 experiences of adjustment to the results of one’s f..

176:3.9 when he is confronted with the f. of his own making,

181:2.20 You failed us only a few times, and one of those f.


169:1.7 And the young man would f. have filled himself with


40:5.19 even though these desires be but the first f. flickers

41:4.4 And still this sun shines with a f. reddish glow,

46:1.8 Jerusem receives f. light from several near-by suns—

64:7.5 The South American offshoot did receive a f.

97:7.8 He gives power to the f., and to those who have no

97:7.8 run and not be weary; they shall walk and not f..”

103:6.12 Out of his incomplete grasp of science, his f. hold

110:3.1 only occasionally do you catch an echo, a f. echo,

131:2.6 and not be weary; they shall walk and not be f..

131:4.4 of the gloomy and the power of those who are f..

148:5.5 ‘He gives power to the f., and to them who have


139:9.4 these twins were the means of bringing a host of f.

180:3.1 Be not downcast even when f. believers turn against

190:3.1 minister to the sick and strengthen those who are f.


139:12.12 and in these lucid intervals Judas f. conceived,


155:6.17 my Father will ever respond to the f. flicker of faith


86:5.5 1. Ordinary and transient f..


28:5.10 You can just f. comprehend what all this means to

41:3.6 Some of the reddish, f. glimmering stars have

42:7.1 energy units which are f. comparable to the planets

44:6.8 F. I might suggest that they are improvers of taste,

57:8.3 union with hydrogen, to render this water f. acid.

124:4.4 they never even f. dreamed that this son of promise

126:5.11 At one time Jesus f. hoped that he might be able to

128:3.6 But Stephen never even f. surmised that the Galilean

142:6.9 Nicodemus f. protested when his colleagues of the

190:1.3 Only John was disposed to believe, even f., that

195:7.5 let not your dabblings with the f. glimpsed findings


9:3.3 a gyroscope is a f. illustration of the effect of

25:2.11 Were it not for these mobile and eminently f.

25:3.7 provision for the f. adjustment of these honest

28:6.8 satisfaction in being first just, next f., then patient,

37:5.5 mercy, justice, and f. treatment in all relationships

40:5.11 always are they divinely f. and just, even merciful,

48:6.32 brilliant beings have hardly had a f. opportunity to

48:6.35 They are wholly f. and eminently just.

54:3.2 which will be so f. and just as to win the approval of

66:1.5 so horribly stain the f. name of his exalted order of

69:5.14 But it is only f. to record that many an ancient rich

70:9.17 provide the child of nature with a f. and peaceful

70:11.14 The idea of primitive justice was not so much to be f.

72:5.7 3. F. and equitable wages for labor.

74:7.16 4. The laws of f. play and competition.

76:4.1 violet peoples were characterized by f. complexions

81:5.6 right, the just and f. regulation of class differences,

84:4.1 during any age woman’s status is a f. criterion of the

91:4.3 In all your praying be f.; do not expect God to

91:4.5 calmness, courage, self-mastery, and f.-mindedness

100:7.11 all this amazing frankness Jesus was unerringly f..

111:7.5 this soul did achieve a f. degree of happiness and

119:0.5 but they are absolutely necessary to a f., merciful,

119:0.6 they possess themselves of f. judgment, practical

124:2.5 youthful associates, not only because Jesus was f.,

125:5.8 Jesus was always eminently f. and considerate in

125:6.7 When you take into f. consideration all the factors

127:6.12 Jesus has learned how to be f. and just even in the

129:2.9 it was hardly f. to go away for almost two years,

130:2.4 could overcome the evil in him if you gave it a f.

130:6.2 disconsolation; but it would be neither kind nor f.

132:5.5 3. Trade wealth—riches obtained as a f. profit in the

132:5.7 5. Interest wealth—income derived from the f. and

132:5.12 your own personal labor, the f. and just reward of

132:5.15 to succeeding generations after subtracting a f. toll

132:5.17 barter, they are entitled to a f. and legitimate profit.

132:5.19 that which is f. interest may be collected provided

133:1.2 the passing of just sentence consequent upon f.

133:2.2 and in return for this special service it is only f.

139:8.7 so lovingly merciful yet so inflexibly just and f.;

151:3.9 in contempt of honest judgment and f. decision.

154:3.2 Herod well knew that Jesus could not expect a f trial

157:2.1 “When it is evening, you say it will be f. weather,

159:3.2 In appealing to men, be f.; exercise self-control

161:2.5 Jesus is so just and f. and at the same time merciful

174:1.3 Divine justice is so eternally f. that it unfailingly

181:2.16 have always been sincerely just and eminently f. in

185:2.4 execution before affording him a f. trial and without

Fair Havens

130:5.4 One thing happened on a visit to F. which Ganid


79:3.5 India bid f. to produce the leading cultural, religious,


96:1.14 their subordinate gods as spirits, demons, fates, f.,


2:7.2 Physical facts are f. uniform, but truth is a living

12:3.11 We think they are f. reliable.

12:4.14 estimations of astronomic velocities are f. reliable

15:3.6 Your solar system now occupies a f. central

26:5.4 the course that must be mastered is f. uniform for all

28:4.14 they can function f. well in any of the capacities of

30:1.113 Majeston and his associates are f. good illustrations

32:2.9 Satania, the local system of your world, is f. typical

38:0.3 The seraphim are all f. uniform in design.

40:9.8 such techniques of memory reconstruction f. well,

41:2.8 They do f. well with regard to the physical circuits

41:3.10 as enormous and f. symmetrical star clusters.

45:6.3 disciplines derived from f. average sex relations on

48:0.3 is f. typical of the morontia transition regimes in this

48:2.2 They are f. standard in design though differing in

49:4.4 the family life is f. uniform on all types of planets.

52:3.10 seldom attained until the races are f. well blended,

52:4.6 self-government being f. well established by the end

55:3.13 A planet the size of Urantia, when f. well settled,

55:11.8 on long-settled worlds that we arrive at f. reliable

59:1.2 both vegetable and animal, is f. well distributed over

66:8.3 civilization progressed in a f. normal manner for

69:2.6 The Sangik tribes were f. industrious when residing

69:7.5 When man was a hunter, he was f. kind to woman,

70:1.2 and Eskimos are f. free from violent antagonisms.

74:5.3 All went f. well for a time on Urantia,

78:1.5 Andonites maintained five or six f. representative

80:9.15 At one time there was a f. well-defined division of

82:6.9 the white and Polynesian races turned out f. well

82:6.9 Polynesian women were of f. good racial strains.

84:4.11 women were, after all, f. happy and contented;

93:9.5 Isaac held f. well to the teachings of his father and

95:1.10 The Book of Job is a f. good reflection of the

103:5.4 Only a f. well unified personality can arbitrate the

121:6.3 Hebrew theology into a compact and f. consistent

122:1.2 possessing a f. normal temperament, she reckoned

122:5.2 Mary was composed, courageous, and f. wise in

123:3.9 was a loving mother but a f. strict disciplinarian.

123:4.8 you will have a f. good idea of the youthful career of

124:1.13 Jesus got along f. well with the children of his age,

124:2.8 Jesus got along f. well at home with his younger

124:3.10 moderately humorous, and f. lighthearted youth,

124:4.3 Jesus always got along with Martha f. well.

125:2.12 Jesus was already f. conversant with the way in

126:2.7 affairs of the family continued to run f. smoothly

127:2.9 And thus did the lad bring to a f. happy ending a very

127:4.5 and nonresistance, and they were f. successful; but

128:3.2 This trip f. well acquainted Jesus with the whole of

128:4.8 the Nazareth home was running f. smoothly.

128:7.8 Jude worked f. well and regularly from that time on

130:2.2 and since this Far-Easterner talked Greek f. well,

133:1.5 I presume you are f. safe in your journey through

135:0.4 as he was a priest, Zacharias was f. well educated,

135:3.4 John f. vibrated with the mounting impulse to go

138:9.3 the twelve had worked out f. satisfactory plans for

139:1.9 made up a f. consecutive narrative of the Master’s

139:2.4 have a deep mind, but Peter knew his mind f. well.

151:6.3 find some clothing and deport himself f. well

185:1.1 Although he was a f. good administrator, he was a

191:0.11 twins were f. busy with their customary ministrations


154:6.1 Ruth insisted that he had always treated his family f.

2:4.5 the demands of supreme justice as it is f. applied to

39:1.8 mercy requires that every misstep be f. adjudged in


2:3.5 the action of the justice-determining and f.-finding

2:4.4 what in human experience would be called f..

2:4.5 Divine mercy represents a f. technique of

10:6.3 Evidence, the basis of f. (justice in harmony with

10:6.17 mete out the just judgment of supreme f. to the

10:6.17 there f. is self-evident in perfection, and Havona

10:6.18 operation of law; divine judgment is the soul of f.,

14:5.3 equal what on Urantia would be denominated f..

22:10.2 of these twice-trinitized sons, let me now, in all f.,

37:5.9 Whenever f. and justice require an understanding of

39:1.8 in divine justice—of f. based on the knowledge of the

39:4.5 justice is dealt out with generous mercy in f. to all

49:5.16 world or group of worlds should in f. recognize age;

54:1.3 and is ever regardful of social equity, cosmic f.,

54:1.4 when divorced from material justice, intellectual f.,

54:1.8 The golden rule of human f. cries out against all such

70:1.21 to fight betokened the arrival of a sense of f.,

70:9.17 to administer the varying rights of each with f.

70:12.16 10. Failure of social and economic f..

84:5.1 mores, and by man’s increasing sense of acquired f..

84:5.2 improving as a result of the sheer sense of that f.

84:5.2 Nature knows nothing of f.—makes woman alone

84:5.3 man lords it over woman; when more justice, and f.

91:6.6 pray—unselfishly, with f., and without doubting.

95:3.3 Egypt, its moral leaders taught justice, f.,

103:2.3 personal pride, but rather with impulses of justice, f.,

120:2.2 so would your whole local universe in all f. clearly

124:4.9 concept of group solidarity based upon loyalty, f.,

125:4.3 Jesus evinced such a spirit of candid f., coupled with

127:4.4 and such uniform f. and personal consideration

132:4.8 Upon the impartiality, f., and integrity of its courts

132:5.13 interpretation of the laws of justice, equity, f.,

132:5.17 The f. of trade and the honest treatment accorded

132:5.17 by the highest principles of justice, honesty, and f..

132:5.20 the commonplace dictates of honesty, and f. will

132:5.24 —if your work has been done in f. and equity—

132:7.8 moved in his own mind by Jesus’ f., and tolerance.

133:4.7 And even as you accord justice dominated by f. in

139:12.6 Judas had loose and distorted ideas about f.;

140:8.15 the need for social justice and industrial f., but Jesus

141:3.4 displayed great wisdom and manifested perfect f.

146:2.6 Mercy does not wholly abrogate universe f..

155:6.11 dominated by mercy, and restrained by f.—justice.

159:5.16 golden rule into a positive admonition of human f..

162:2.9 And even then does not our law require f.?

178:1.12 You must not forget the great law of human f. which

184:3.4 every safeguard of f. in the selection of witnesses

185:2.4 Jesus as well as their lack of respect for the f., honor,

193:2.2 unselfish devotion, courageous loyalty, sincere f.,

195:3.10 in the building of Christianity, it should in all f. be


101:7.6 that primitive religion which was largely a f. tale of

122:8.7 Oriental minds delight in f. stories, and they are

faithnoun; see faithspecific; see faith, by

0:3.25 such a concept represents the exercise of f..

1:5.5 If the f. of the creature were perfect, he would know

3:5.9 4. Is f.—the supreme assertion of human thought—

3:5.16 his status as an ascension candidate by his own f.

3:5.17 They have f. in the stability of the universe, but

3:5.17 they are utter strangers to that saving f. whereby

4:4.9 is born of that creature f. which dares to challenge

4:4.9 victory which overcomes the world, even your f..”

5:5.3 The religionist of f. believes in a God who fosters

12:7.12 human comprehension should not lessen your f..

16:6.10 spirit-f. (worship) is the religion of the reality of

19:5.12 You will long use f. and be dependent on revelation

26:4.13 been thoroughly proved; your f. has been tested.

26:4.13 can shake the f. or seriously disturb the trust of an

26:4.13 steadfastness of f., have secured your entrance to

26:4.14 F. has won for the ascendant pilgrim a perfection

26:5.3 to exercise unconquerable f. when confronted with

27:1.4 and you will recall the last grand stretch of f. as you

32:3.6 to locate, with the eye of f., the invisible Father.

32:5.8 of every human being who will run the race of f.

34:6.3 in the partnership of f., lovingly to embrace the soul

34:6.10 steps to the final attainment of the perfection of f.

34:6.13 joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, f.,

34:7.6 the victory that overcomes the flesh, even your f..”

40:5.1 aware of the great truth which your f. may grasp—

45:1.2 pilgrimages, which are designed to cultivate their f.

48:4.7 This aspect of celestial humor grows out of our f. in

48:7.4 2. Few persons live up to the f. which they have.

50:1.3 the local universe also imposes a certain test of f.

50:4.9 it is a test of f. to believe the representations of the

50:7.1 affords a unique opportunity for the exercise of f.

50:7.1 to cosmic undertakings where unquestioned f. and

53:8.8 f. is an effective armor against sin and iniquity.

55:2.6 progressing mortals are increasingly filled with f.,

69:9.12 Following the loss of f. in the fetish, laws were

73:4.5 seemed like an admission of lack of f. on Van’s part

75:1.4 their spirits drooped, and sometimes their f. almost

76:6.1 Adam and Eve went to their mortal rest with f. in

82:5.3 teachings have proscribed marriage outside the f..

87:1.2 civilized man still pins much f. on the hope that an

90:4.1 they had unbounded f. in their methods of treatment,

90:4.2 The f. required to get well under the foolish

91:3.4 The simple prayer of f. evidences a mighty evolution

91:4.4 The real prayer of f. always contributes to the

91:4.5 great and lasting changes in the one who prays in f.

91:6.1 such limits do not equally apply to the f. of those

91:6.3 that the sincere prayer of f. is a mighty force for the

91:6.6 facts, wisdom, intellectual sincerity, and spiritual f..

91:6.7 concomitants of the prayer of f. are immediate,

91:9.8 7. And you must have f.—living f..

92:3.4 “the f. once delivered to the saints” must, in theory,

92:4.7 cardinal precepts of his teachings were trust and f..

92:4.7 proclaimed that f. was the act by which men earned

92:5.8 been many ebbs and flows of the tide of spiritual f.,

92:5.10 These missionaries proclaimed f. as the price of favor

92:5.13 evolution of that f. which bears the name of Christ.

92:6.14 all others to be decadent forms of the one true f..

92:7.3 more of theological arrogance than of certainty of f..

92:7.3 the best of the truths contained in every other f.,

92:7.3 borrow the best in their neighbors’ living spiritual f.

93:3.8 would accept man on the simple terms of personal f..

93:4.3 favor of God on my f., not on sacrifices and burnt

93:4.5 even such a short and simple declaration of f. was

93:4.8 You shall not doubt that f. is the only requirement

93:6.4 this gospel of simple f. in God was too advanced;

93:7.1 carrying Machiventa’s gospel of belief and f. in God.

93:9.4 Abraham died confident in that f. in God which he

94:0.1 ever preaching Machiventa’s gospel of man’s f.

94:1.5 accept the Salem teaching of salvation through f.,

94:1.6 the gospel of trust in God and salvation through f.

94:1.6 missionaries had contributed much to the loss of f. in

94:1.6 Melchizedek teaching of one God and simple f..

94:5.1 doctrine of the Most High and salvation through f.,

94:5.4 his favor upon mankind in response to man’s f..

94:6.5 His concept of true f. was unusual, and Lao-tse too

94:6.8 was: That f. in the Absolute God is the source of

94:7.5 he took an advanced stand on salvation through f.

94:7.6 he grasped the new idea of salvation through f. but

94:7.6 the Salem gospel of divine favor through f. alone,

94:8.1 Buddhist, one made public profession of the f. by

94:8.17 no place for saving f. or prayers to superhuman

94:9.2 bringing to all peoples the message of their f..

94:11.13 the simple gospel of Salem, that f. in God would

94:12.3 they cling to f. in the all-merciful Amida, who so

94:12.3 not suffer one mortal who calls on his name in f.

94:12.4 of choice has seldom characterized a Urantian f..

94:12.5 the spread of education throughout this f. will be

94:12.6 Will this noble f., that has so valiantly carried on

94:12.6 Will this ancient f respond once more to the stimulus

95:1.8 to preach only the gospel of divine favor through f.

95:2.5 Egyptians placed their f. in tombs as the safeguard

95:4.4 whom evolved the acme of Occidental religious f.,

95:7.4 this desert land was capable of producing a f. which,

96:2.4 concerning the covenant of divine favor through f.,

96:6.3 but unwilling to go forward in the religion of f. and

97:10.3 National egotism, false f. in a misconceived promised

98:0.2 These preachers of f. and trust in God were still

98:2.12 into a meaningful unity by the conjoined action of f.,

99:4.2 of family life, provided it is a living and growing f..

99:5.7 Let the term “f.” stand for the individual’s relation

99:5.7 “Have you f.? Then have it to yourself.”

99:5.8 That f. is concerned only with the grasp of ideal

99:5.8 declares that f. is the substance of things hoped for

99:5.9 many creeds and created many tests of religious f..

100:3.7 of the total powers of his personality—living f..

100:5.2 from insecurity to undoubting f., from confusion of

100:5.5 false conversion; one must have f. as well as feeling.

100:5.7 the Adjuster would be through living f. and worship

100:7.7 His f. was perfect but never presumptuous.

100:7.7 man’s welfare on earth, Jesus never faltered in his f..

100:7.15 It was courage born of f., not the recklessness of

101:0.3 Religion, the conviction-f. of the personality, can

101:0.3 Religion is f., trust, and assurance.

101:1.6 F. unites moral insight with conscientious

101:2.2 f. is the method of religion; logic is the attempted

101:2.3 it requires religious f. to transform the First Cause of

101:2.3 is further required for the validation of such a f.,

101:2.7 Religion does not stop in its flight of f. until it is sure

101:2.8 Reason is the proof of science,f. the proof of religion

101:2.10 F. reveals God in the soul.

101:2.10 enables man to see the same God in nature that f.

101:2.15 Religious f. is available alike to the learned and the

101:2.17 Only theology, the province of f. and the technique

101:3.4 Through religious f. the soul of man reveals itself

101:3.4 Genuine spiritual f. (true moral consciousness) is

101:3.4 it induces the mortal personality to react to certain

101:3.4 is revealed in that it: 1. Causes ethics and morals to

101:3.12 8. Continues to exhibit undaunted f. in the soul’s

101:3.17 first, by personal experience—religious f.; second,

101:3.18 just such a vital and vigorous performance of f. in

101:5.9 exercise of f. in the furtherance of spiritual insight

101:5.12 Evolved religion rests wholly on f..

101:5.12 the practical working union of the f. of evolution and

101:5.12 Such a working union of human f. and divine truth

101:5.13 assurance of f. and the confirmation of conscience;

101:5.13 revelatory religion provides the assurance of f. plus

101:5.14 the assurance of truth replaces the assurance of f..

101:5.14 pure spirit insight operate in the place of f. and truth

101:6.2 this same Adjuster also holds the secrets of your f. in

101:6.8 harmonious co-ordination of knowledge, f., truth,

101:6.8 The f. of Jesus pointed the way to finality of human

101:6.16 in potential, is contained within the reality of the f. of

101:6.16 And it can be so contained since the f. of Jesus was

101:6.16 the f. of Jesus approached the status of a universe

101:6.17 Through the appropriation of the f. of Jesus,


101:8.1 Belief has attained the level of f. when it motivates

101:8.1 The acceptance of a teaching as true is not f.; that is

101:8.1 Neither is certainty nor conviction f..

101:8.1 F. is a living attribute of genuine personal religious

101:8.1 such an attitude of saving f. is centered on God

101:8.2 limiting and binding; f. is expanding and releasing.

101:8.2 Belief fixates, f. liberates.

101:8.2 But living religious f. is more than the association

101:8.2 it is more than an exalted system of philosophy;

101:8.2 it is a living experience concerned with spiritual

101:8.2 it is God-knowing and man-serving.

101:8.2 become group possessions, but f. must be personal.

101:8.2 but f. can rise up only in the heart of the individual

101:8.3 F. has falsified its trust when it presumes to deny

101:8.3 F. is a traitor when it fosters betrayal of intellectual

101:8.3 F. never shuns the problem-solving duty of mortal

101:8.3 Living f. does not foster bigotry, persecution, or

101:8.4 F. does not shackle the creative imagination,

101:8.4 neither does it maintain an unreasoning prejudice

101:8.4 F. vitalizes religion and constrains the religionist to

101:8.4 The zeal of f. is according to knowledge, and its

101:9.9 F. becomes the connection between moral

101:10.4 religious experience and by the exercise of true f..

101:10.6 Such f. affords the only escape from the mechanical

101:10.6 it is the only discovered solution to the impasse in

101:10.6 It is the only passport to completion of reality and to

101:10.8 When you experience such a transformation of f.,

101:10.8 hopeless phantasm or pinned his f. to a fanciful error.


102:0.2 are forever dispelled by one brave stretch of f.

102:0.3 This saving f. has its birth in the human heart when


102:1.1 more certain f. in the eternal realities of revelation.

102:1.1 the vigorous exercise of the robust and confident f.

102:1.2 the f. of religion argues from the spirit program of

102:1.2 wisdom admonishes us to allow f. to accomplish

102:4.3 F. translates this natural experience into religion,

102:5.2 Primitive man had more religious fear than f.,

102:5.2 when this craven fear is translated into living f. in


102:6.1 is a living experience, a dynamic religious f.,

102:6.3 The religionist of philosophic attainment has f. in a

102:6.3 The religionist has f. in a God of love.

102:6.4 F. transforms the philosophic God of probability into

102:6.4 affirms the truth of the belief which has grown into f.

102:6.6 Though reason can always question f.,

102:6.6 f. can always supplement both reason and logic.

102:6.6 Reason creates the probability which f. can

102:6.7 but f. is always triumphant over doubting,

102:6.7 over doubting, for f. is both positive and living.

102:6.8 respectful of that religious f. which can and does

102:7.9 cosmic reality presume to challenge the certainty of f

102:8.1 that power and person designated by his f. as God.

102:8.2 is not necessary to an exercise of saving f. in eternal

103:1.5 the recognition of values and is validated by the f. of

103:5.9 And so it is that a living f. in the superhuman origin

103:6.7 f. is the insight technique of religion; mota is the

103:6.11 Religion is forever dependent on f., albeit reason is a

103:6.13 F. and reason, unaided by mota, cannot conceive

103:6.15 based on the reason of science, the f. of religion,

103:7.1 Science is sustained by reason, religion by f..

103:7.1 F., though not predicated on reason, is reasonable;

103:7.1 though independent of logic, it is nonetheless

103:7.1 F. cannot be nourished even by an ideal philosophy;

103:7.1 it is the very source of such a philosophy.

103:7.1 F., human religious insight, can be surely instructed

103:7.1 it can be surely elevated only by personal mortal

103:7.6 f. is always logical from the basis of an inner

103:7.6 though such f. may appear to be quite unfounded

103:7.6 Reason grows out of material awareness, f. out of

103:7.13 F. is the act of recognizing the validity of spiritual

103:7.13 the truth-seeking progression of the unity of f. and

103:8.5 challenged by the profound f. and unshakable

103:9.3 as this f. developed, it did not remain godless.

103:9.3 Religion without f. is a contradiction; without God,

103:9.5 The earmarks of such a religion are: f. in a Deity,

103:9.6 universe, wisdom, like reason, becomes allied to f..

103:9.6 Reason, wisdom, and f. are man’s highest human

103:9.6 f. initiates him into a world of divinity, spiritual

103:9.7 F. willingly carries reason along as far as reason can

103:9.7 then it goes on with wisdom to the full philosophic

103:9.7 then it dares to launch out upon the limitless journey

103:9.8 the inherent (Adjuster) assumption that f. is valid,

103:9.9 to believe the assumptions of reason, wisdom, and f..

103:9.10 and revelation; f., with living spiritual experience.

103:9.11 F. leads to knowing God, not merely to a mystical

103:9.11 F. must not be overmuch influenced by its emotional

104:1.6 The Buddhist f. developed two doctrines of a

104:1.9 The followers of the Islamic f. likewise failed to

104:2.3 Through spiritual f. man gains insight into the love

104:2.3 discovers that this spiritual f. has no influence on

108:6.8 When the clouds gather overhead, your f. should

110:3.2 your decisions, determinations, and steadfast f..

110:3.7 of divinity through wisdom, worship, f., and love.

110:6.17 The motivation of f. makes experiential the full

110:6.17 F. transmutes potentials to actuals in the spiritual

110:6.17 But choosing to do the will of God joins spiritual f.

110:6.18 soul is wholly dependent on the grasp of living f.

111:3.5 F. in the survival of supreme values is the core of

111:6.8 Only religious confidence—living f.—can sustain man

111:7.5 the fountain of f. polluted by the poisons of fear;

112:0.1 run the race of time and gain the final goal of f.,

113:2.5 higher intellectual powers, even your religious f.,

115:7.2 perseverance, and personality development upon f..

116:0.1 No longer would religious f. be prostituted to the

117:6.8 this assurance of Deity kinship must be f. realized.

122:2.6 Elizabeth did much to strengthen Mary’s f. in the

128:3.6 when Saul saw how this Greek could die for his f.,

128:3.9 at times Mary’s f. was revived when she paused to

130:6.3 evils of inaction by the power-presence of living f..

130:6.3 then, forthwith, will this f. vanquish fear of men by

130:6.4 you are to be reborn, re-established as a man of f.,

130:8.2 asked him to help him come back to the f. of Israel

131:1.9 “If the f. of the Most High has entered your heart,

131:2.8 those who serve him; the just shall live by his f..

131:3.2 I pray for f. to sustain me on the long journey; I

131:3.2 I know that f. from beyond will not fail me.

131:3.2 will prosper if they become imbued with the f. of

131:3.2 the f. that creates modesty, uprightness, wisdom,

131:3.2 F. is man’s true wealth; it is the endowment of

131:3.4 When the f. of your religion has emancipated your

131:3.4 While f. is the energy of the better life,

131:4.5 “We have learned to win f. by the yearning of our

131:4.5 He who is full of f. worships truly when his inner self

131:9.3 within me often makes hard demands on my f..

131:9.3 F. must be very near the truth of things, and I do not

131:9.3 do not see how a man can live without this good f..

132:3.0 3. TRUTH AND FAITH

132:3.1 most influenced by their discussion of truth and f.

132:3.5 become man’s possession without the exercise of f..

132:3.5 ethics, and ideals will never rise higher than his f.,

132:3.5 And all such true f. is predicated on profound

132:3.5 F. is the inspiration of the spiritized creative

132:3.6 F. acts to release the superhuman activities of the

132:3.10 F. fosters and maintains man’s soul in the midst of

133:4.12 if your repentance is genuine and your f. sincere.

134:9.6 James never again really and wholly gave up his f. in

135:11.1 And this experience was a great test of his f. in,

135:11.1 this whole experience was a great test of John’s f.

135:11.4 to stabilize his f. and prepare him for the tragic end

137:3.3 Mary encouraged her sons to have f. in their brother

137:7.1 James, Jesus’ brother, did not lose f. in him, but

137:7.1 Mary’s f., raised to such heights at Cana, now

137:8.8 Unless you seek entrance with the f. and trusting

137:8.17 now have I come proclaiming f., the gift of God,

138:0.1 wavered between attitudes of fluctuating f. and

138:5.1 “Thomas, you lack f.; nevertheless, I receive you.

138:6.4 new and better way to God, the way of f. and love.

138:8.2 to preach the forgiveness of sin through f. in God

138:8.8 He taught his apostles that f. was the only requisite

138:8.8F. is the open door for entering into the present,

139:5.12 Philip was finally crucified for his f. and buried at

139:7.4 Matthew would never cease to recount that f. only

139:7.10 this regenerated publican died triumphant in the f. of

139:8.3 Thomas was rapidly losing f. in his fellow men when

139:8.13 his doubting depression but eventually rallied his f.

139:9.11 never lost their heart f. in Jesus, and (save John)

139:11.3 enthusiastic advocate of salvation through f. in God

139:11.3 born into the “liberty of f. and the joy of salvation.

139:12.7 no restrictions or qualifications save the f. of the one

140:1.4 F. alone will pass you through its portals, but you

140:4.9 exhorted his followers to exercise experiential f..

140:5.6 The f. and the love of these beatitudes strengthen

140:5.11 is motivated by an unshakable f. in a lawful universe

140:5.12 Jesus referred more to that f. which man should

140:5.12 that f. which a parent has in his child, and which

140:5.14 should see to it that they do not lose that simple f..

140:5.23 the Sermon on the Mount are based on f. and love

140:8.8 Have f.—confidence in the eventual triumph of divine

140:10.9 third, f. in the effectiveness of the supreme human

141:2.1 But, my children, you see not with the eye of f.,

141:7.6 are: the attainment of salvation by f., and f. alone,

142:5.3 victory that overcomes all uncertainty, even your f..

142:6.9 But Nicodemus did summon f. enough to lay hold of

142:6.9 Nicodemus later boldly acknowledged his f. and

143:2.4 Forget not—it is your personal f. in the exceedingly

143:2.7 “Your sonship is grounded in f., and you are to

143:2.7 the mastery of self is bound up with your f. in the

143:2.7 Even this saving f. you have not of yourselves; it

143:2.7 And if you are the children of this living f., you are

143:4.3 personal loyalty which transcended even their f. in

144:1.3 1. To confirm their understanding of, and f. in,

144:2.6 “But when you pray, you exercise so little f..

144:2.6 Genuine f. will remove mountains of material

144:3.19 2. Believing—according to f..

144:4.2 the expression of a child of God and is uttered in f.,

144:4.3 —but you receive sonship by grace and through f..

144:8.6 John was comforted, and his f. was strengthened by

146:3.4 matter of personal experience—f. in the word of truth

146:3.4 understanding of truth realities plus your spiritual f.

146:4.3 in his affliction and heard his words of clinging f.,

147:1.3 verily, I say to you, I have not found so great f., no,

147:5.5 “Woman, go in peace; your f. has saved you.”

147:5.6 “I know your heart how you are torn betwixt f.

147:5.6 doors of the kingdom to all who have the f. to enter

147:5.8 the living way opened up, through f., to God.

147:5.8 better to have a small but living and growing f. than

147:7.3 But that which is new and also true, have the f. and

147:8.5 the truth that it was their f. that made them secure

147:8.5 “Grow in grace by means of that living f. which

148:2.4 Jesus inspired the f. and confidence of the sick and

148:6.9 the great struggle in his heart between f. and doubt

148:6.11 At last his f. pierced the clouds of suffering to

148:7.2 if you have the f. to be healed, I bid you stretch out

148:9.2 Jesus, seeing his f., said to the paralytic: “Son, fear

148:9.2 Your f. shall save you.”

148:9.4 three of the spying Pharisees confessed f. in Jesus

149:1.1 intense f. which impelled them to seek for healing.

149:1.5 1. The presence of strong, dominant, and living f. in

149:1.6 2. The existence, concomitant with such human f.,

149:1.7 3. Along with the f. of the creature and the life of

149:1.8 certain forms of profound human f. were literally

149:4.4 Jesus discoursed on the dangers of courage and f.,

149:5.4 and transient joy but rather for the assurance of f.

150:5.3 All down through the ages has this same f. saved

150:8.4 then recited the Shema, the Jewish creed of f..

150:9.2 of grace are wrought in response to the living f. of

151:5.5 Where is your f.?

152:0.3 Daughter, your f. has made you whole; go in peace.

152:0.3 It was her f. and not her touch that made her whole.

152:0.3 Veronica’s f. was of the sort that laid direct hold

152:0.3 With the f. Veronica had, it was only necessary to

152:0.3 that it was her pure and living f. that had wrought

152:1.5 the strong and living f. of mortal men and women.

152:4.2 “O, you of little f., wherefore did you doubt?”

152:5.3 spiritual comprehension and deficient in living f.?

152:5.4 to the end that you may have full f. in the gospel

152:6.3 doubt by the birth of the spirit into the light of f.

153:1.3 and courageously to assert their full-fledged f. in

153:2.6 liberty, teach eternal truth, and foster living f..

153:5.4 Let each of you look to his own f., for one of you

154:1.3 built up which was better grounded in spiritual f.

154:5.4 Jesus inspired all of them with his words of f., hope,

154:6.1 even Joseph, still retained much of their f. in Jesus,

155:3.6 of things, ultimately deprive them of their f. in God.

155:3.6 the progress of physical science disturb their f. in

155:3.7 it releases f. and courage for daily living and serving.

155:3.7 F. promotes spiritual vitality and righteous

155:5.10 the actual realization of the victory of spiritual f.

155:5.11 means effort, struggle, conflict, f., love, loyalty,

155:6.2 of the spirit of adventurous and progressive f..

155:6.3 from a racial f. inherited to a personal f. achieved

155:6.4 that living f. which is able to grasp the reality of God

155:6.17 Father will ever respond to the faintest flicker of f..

155:6.17 And with those honest but fearful souls whose f. is

155:6.17 your f. shall dominate the combined attitudes of

156:1.4 Norana said: “I have f. that your Master can cast out

156:1.7 “O woman, great is your f., so great that I cannot

156:1.8 how the gentiles are able to exercise saving f. in the

156:1.8 the children of Abraham are not minded to show f.

156:2.8 her great and persistent f., that touched the heart

156:5.7 Spiritual destiny is dependent on f., love, devotion

156:5.12 Kingdom believers should possess an implicit f. in

156:5.17 capacity is your f. in truth and your love for man, but

157:2.2 a dead religion that will save you but rather your f.

157:2.2 as you enter upon the living of the new life of f.

157:4.6 Jesus was beginning to have f. in the loyalty and

157:4.6 The Master conceived that a f. which could stand

157:4.6 On this day the Master began to believe in the f. of

157:6.12 “And now can your f. comprehend the truth of these

158:1.5 The f. of the apostles was at a high point at the

158:1.5 five thousand, and then it rapidly fell almost to zero.

158:1.5 lagging f. of the twelve arose in the next few weeks

158:1.5 The third revival of their f. did not occur until after

158:2.1 They had so recently reaffirmed their f. in him as

158:5.2 How long ere you learn that the works of f. come

158:5.2 love, only the sincerity and reach of your f..

158:5.2 of commingled f. and doubt, “Lord, I believe.

158:5.3 with my Father’s will and in honor of living f..

158:6.2 failed to exercise the f. at your command but,

158:6.3 “No sooner does your f. grasp the identity of the

158:6.4 personal experience of the possession of living f..

158:6.5 lead to the great and final testing of your f.

159:3.8 they are all within the immediate grasp of living f..

159:3.8 F. is to religion what sails are to a ship; it is an a

159:3.8 kingdom, and that is to fight the good fight of f..

159:3.12 such a f. will expand the mind, ennoble the soul,

161:2.5 generous to acknowledge the presence of f. or any

162:6.3 bestowal of the divine spirit upon the children of f.

162:6.3 To every one who has f. shall this bestowal of the

163:2.4 —you do well, but salvation is the reward of f., not

163:4.12 3. F. and trust. They must go forth on this short

163:6.6 Did you go forth with so little f. in this gospel that

164:3.11 This man had little f. that he would receive his

164:3.11 the people of that day had great f. in the efficacy

164:3.13 This was not a miracle response to the individual’s f..

164:3.14 and since the f. he had was slight, these material acts

165:3.5 All of you who have had the courage to confess f. in

165:5.3 O you of little f.!

165:5.4 “You are only a small group, but if you have f., if

166:1.5 we have opened to all who have the f. to enter,

166:2.5 “Arise and go your way; your f. has made you whole

166:3.4 among those who have fought the good fight of f.

166:3.5 power and by the persistent assaults of living f.

166:3.7 to all who are honest of heart and sincere in f.,

166:4.11 Father is limited by man’s f. and by his willingness to

167:1.5 I know the desire of your heart and the f. of your

167:2.3 and made public confession of his f. in the gospel

167:5.1 this salvation is a free gift to all who have the f. to

167:5.1 praying in public will not atone for lack of living f.

168:0.6 “Only have f., Martha, and your brother shall rise

168:0.11 and exhortation to maintain strong f. in the Father

168:1.4 Jesus knew the sisters loved their brother and had f.

168:1.12 Martha, while to some extent sharing her sister’s f.

168:3.1 raised from the dead did much to consolidate the f.

168:4.6 prayers when indited by the spirit and expressed in f.,

168:4.6 prayer of f. may be so all-embracing that the answer

168:4.10 Your sincere f. implies that you have in advance

168:4.10 that divine love which your f. depicts as actuating

170:2.21 1. F., sincerity. To come as a little child, to receive

170:3.2 Though Jesus taught that f., simple childlike belief,

170:3.3 F. is the price you pay for entrance into the family of

170:3.3 act which accepts your f. as the price of admission.

170:5.11 who had confessed their f. in the fatherhood of God,

171:3.4 coupled with their more profound and mature f. in

171:5.3 And when Jesus heard this request and saw his f.,

171:5.3 go your way; your f. has made you whole.”

171:7.5 in him because they saw he had so much f. in them.

171:7.8 The Master could discern saving f. in the superstition

171:7.8 Great things happened because people had f. in Jesus

171:7.8 Jesus, but also because Jesus had so much f. in them.

172:1.6 reproved all of you in that by this act she evinces f.

172:5.6 Philip had great personal f. in the Master.

174:0.2 Remain firm in your f., and you shall soon know

174:0.2 “Judge not by appearances; remain firm in your f.

174:4.4 professed f. in the gospel,and was baptized by Josiah

175:1.6 and to enter, like little children and by sincere f.,

175:1.17 the weightier matters of the law—f., mercy, and

176:1.1 it shall be for a testimony of your f. and to show

176:3.2 step in the eternal career with the same survival f.

176:3.3 this survival f. is a living f., and it increasingly

176:4.3 would be discerned only by the eye of spiritual f..

177:2.2 I can depend upon your present f. and love when

178:1.11 personal realization that the f. of a spirit-born man

179:4.5 not won without the f. of the sincere love of truth.

180:2.4 honest souls have continued to wreck their f.

181:1.5 world, and in me you shall all triumph through f..

181:1.8 Jesus’ mind was founded on an absolute human f.

181:2.20 O, you of little f.!

181:2.20 to seek eternal realities with the eye of spiritual f.

181:2.20 a great work to do, and when it is finished in f.,

181:2.26 heard him say: “Thomas, you have often lacked f.;

182:3.11 f. had asserted itself over all human tendencies to

185:1.1 these Hebrews had a real religion, a f. for which they

185:1.1 looked to Jerusalem as the shrine of their f. and held

185:3.3 the brotherhood of men who, through f. and by love,

186:5.9 personal experience, and that is your spirit-born f..

187:4.1 fanned the flickering flame of his f., and said,

187:4.6 the jeering crowd had experienced the birth of f.

188:1.2 had kept their f. in Jesus more or less of a secret,

188:4.13 realities which may be grasped by the creature’s f.

188:5.5 the moral struggle and abandon the good fight of f.,

190:0.4 Abiding f. in the resurrection of Jesus was the

190:0.4 resurrection was the cardinal feature of the f. of all

190:0.4 united in this implicit f. in the Master’s resurrection.

190:3.1 gospel and confirming believers in the f. thereof.

190:4.1 the brotherhood of the Father’s sons of f. and truth.”

191:0.4 characteristically vacillated emotionally between f.

191:0.4 Thus Peter alternated between f. and doubt

191:1.2 his f. began to surmount his doubts, and he stood

191:2.1 Have f. in God; have f. in one another; and so shall

191:4.3 If you are ennobled, by the grace of f., to love

191:4.3 believers in the far-spreading household of f.?

191:5.3 have eternal life, as the gift of God, through f..

191:5.3 When you have f., when power from on high,

191:5.3 the new order of the authority of facts, truth, and f.

191:5.3 Let f. reveal your light to the world; let the

192:2.8 These graces, with living f., shall sustain you when

192:2.9 you must cease doubting; you must grow in f. and

192:2.9 Have courage; be strong in f. and mighty in the

192:2.13 Have f. in God to the end of your days on earth.

192:4.3 Just as Peter finished making this declaration of f.,

193:0.4 Men are the sons of God, and through f. they can

193:1.2 It is your f. that saves your souls.

193:2.2 My Father requires of the children of f. that they

193:4.3 man who failed to subdue these evils by love, f.,

194:1.5 no way disconnecting themselves from the Jewish f..

194:3.2 Does f., after all, triumph over evil, sin, and iniquity?

194:3.2 the f. of the spirit-led creature will always be

194:3.2 The religion of Jesus is a new gospel of f. to be

194:3.2 This new religion is founded on f., hope, and love.

194:3.3 this man met these ministrations of despair with f.,

194:3.11 to destroy fear with a courageous and living f. in

194:4.2 deliverance from despair and the return of their f.

194:4.12 the first martyr to the new f. and the specific cause

194:4.12 could not longer go on as a sect within the Jewish f..

195:3.4 the way they died for their f. during the earlier times

195:5.8 find those values in the universe which call forth f.,

195:6.1 bank of the kingdom will be paying out f., hope,

195:6.7 being devoid of f., hope, and eternal assurances.

195:7.1 Facts never quarrel with real spiritual f.; theories may

195:7.1 rather than attempting the overthrow of religious f.

195:7.4 But it requires the eye of f. in a spirit-born mortal to

195:8.8 It is not necessary to sacrifice f. in God in order to

195:9.8 expectant f. will ever keep the hope-door of man’s

195:10.8 at once and forever incompatible with that living f.,

195:10.11 Spiritual unity is the fruit of f. union with the living

195:10.13 this church has often dared to smother newborn f.


196:0.1 Jesus enjoyed a sublime and wholehearted f. in God.

196:0.1 His f. was the outgrowth of the insight born of the

196:0.1 His f. was neither traditional nor merely intellectual;

196:0.3 Jesus did not cling to f. in God as would a soul at

196:0.3 Jesus did not resort to f. merely as a consolation in

196:0.3 f. was not just an illusory compensation for the

196:0.3 And this triumphant f. was a living experience of

196:0.3 a new and higher type of living f. in God.

196:0.4 This living f. of Jesus was more than an intellectual

196:0.5 Theology may fix, define, and dogmatize f., but in

196:0.5 in the human life of Jesus f. was personal, living,

196:0.5 This f. was not reverence for tradition nor a mere

196:0.5 Jesus’ f. was so real and all-encompassing that it

196:0.5 spiritual anchorage of this sublime, and undaunted f..

196:0.5 the assurance of the possession of unflinching f.,

196:0.5 this superb f. was undaunted even by the cruel and

196:0.6 In a religious genius, strong spiritual f. many times

196:0.6 affected in his practical life by his extraordinary f.

196:0.7 The all-consuming and indomitable spiritual f. of

196:0.7 Always did the Master co-ordinate the f. of the soul

196:0.7 Personal f., spiritual hope, and moral devotion

196:0.8 The f. of Jesus visualized all spirit values as being

196:0.9 life was consistently conditioned by this living f.,

196:0.9 This personal f. of a son in the certainty and

196:0.10 a clarification of viewpoint, a declaration of f.,

196:0.11 The f. of Jesus bore the transcendent fruits of the

196:0.11 His f. was not immature and credulous like that of

196:0.11 Jesus’ wholehearted f. in the fundamental

196:0.11 his fervent f. never for one moment doubted the

196:0.11 His f. grew to such heights of trust that it was

196:0.12 The f. of Jesus attained the purity of a child’s trust.

196:0.12 His f. was so absolute and undoubting that it

196:0.12 the f. of the child reigned supreme in all matters

196:0.12 Notwithstanding that Jesus’ f. was childlike,

196:0.13 his followers should fully share his transcendent f..

196:0.14 The f. of Jesus was trusting, like that of a child, but

196:1.2 will not hesitate to make such adjustments of f.

196:1.3 To follow Jesus” means to share his religious f. and

196:1.5 but rather to share his f.; to trust God as he trusted

196:1.6 by the conjoint achievement of the f. of his mortal

196:2.1 teachings of Jesus, the author and finisher of our f.

196:2.4 who, by the valor of his personal religious f. and

196:2.5 This strong f. in the Lord’s immediate return had

196:2.7 sayings were more of a personal confession of f.

196:2.10 can fail to be uplifted by the extraordinary f. Jesus

196:3.1 Religious f.—the positive leading of the indwelling

196:3.2 to view these activities as reason, wisdom, and f.

196:3.19 Paul and his conferees founded a religion of f., hope,

196:3.34 the assurance of sonship is the experience of f..


92:5.9 the present time as the Brahmans of the Hindu f..

92:5.13 evolution of that f. which bears the name of Christ.

94:2.3 death which had been a part of the earlier Vedic f..

94:2.6 compilation of the later scriptures of the Hindu f.,

94:5.5 was exerted by the Indian teachers of the Vedic f.,

94:6.12 between the decline and perversion of the Taoist f.


94:12.4 of choice has seldom characterized a Urantian f..

95:5.6 doctrines of the then existent Aton f. regarding the

98:6.4 women into the full fellowship of the Christian f..

98:6.5 the nominal Christian f. dominated the Occident.

128:3.6 the first martyr of the newly evolving Christian f..

130:8.3 Mithraic religion, later on turned to the Christian f..

133:2.5 of one Jeramy, a Greek proselyte of the Jewish f.,

faith, by

1:5.4 by f. accept the truth which portrays that the Father

31:5.2 and progress by f. through the ascendant regime,

40:7.2 status of ascending sonship you may attain by f.

93:4.5 the idea of getting divine favor for nothing—by f..

93:6.4 that salvation, favor with God, is to be had by f..

94:7.4 the revival of the Salem gospel of salvation by f..

94:7.5 can attain bliss by f. in righteousness and justice.”

94:12.3 proclaimed that this new salvation is attained by f.

96:7.7 Ur there is preached salvation, divine favor, by f.:

101:1.4 by sight and feeling, but rather by f. and insight.

101:6.3 augmented by wisdom, and sanctioned by religious f.

101:9.8 consciousness of divine reality based on, and by f.

102:6.5 the individual becomes God-knowing only by f.,

102:6.5 meanings and values are approached by living f..

102:6.6 to the fact of God can be bridged only by living f..

102:7.6 triumphed over them, surmounted them by living f.,

103:7.1 Science is sustained by reason, religion by f..

103:8.4 If you truly believe in God—by f. know him and love

103:9.6 the last analysis, can be validated only by living f..

131:3.2 By f. let us lay hold upon true righteousness and

131:10.6 By f. in God I have attained peace with him.

131:10.7 By this new f. I know that man may become the son

138:8.8 the change of mind by f.—the new birth—which he

139:5.11 by f. in Jesus and was silenced only when the irate

140:5.13 To see God—by f.—means to acquire true spiritual

140:8.28 The right to enter the kingdom is conditioned by f.,

140:10.1 that, in the kingdom, being righteous, by f., must

140:10.1 be had only by believing, by simple and sincere f..

140:10.9 And this is the good news of the gospel: that by f.

141:7.6 are: the attainment of salvation by f., and f. alone,

142:1.3 2. By f. in the fatherhood of God you may enter the

143:2.4 Thus by your f. and the spirit’s transformation,

143:2.6 You are justified by f. and fellowshipped by grace,

143:2.6 When you know that you are saved by f.,

143:7.3 isolation should be antidoted by f. contemplation of

149:1.8 in his presence by their powerful, personal f..

150:5.2 By f. recognize the indwelling spirit of God, whose

150:5.2 It is forever true, ‘the just shall live by f..’

150:5.3 Acceptance by f. on your part makes you a partaker

150:5.3 By f. you are justified; by f. are you saved; and by

150:5.3 and by this same f. are you eternally advanced in

150:5.3 By f. was Abraham justified and made aware of

155:1.2 into the exalted privileges of divine sonship by f.;

156:5.1 being in the animal soil of human nature, can by f.

162:7.5 Even Abraham rejoiced to see my day, and by f.

166:3.3 any child of the universe who, by f., seeks to find

167:3.1 believed the words of Jesus and by f. straightened

167:5.2 and the acceptance, by f., of merciful forgiveness.

168:4.10 unless it is born of the spirit and nurtured by f..

170:2.20 Jesus taught that, by f., the believer enters the

170:3.1 apostles and disciples that they must acquire, by f.,

170:5.13 thirsts for righteousness, for God, is admitted by f. to

174:0.2 just now you must walk by f. and not by sight.

175:1.1 many have seen the light and, by f., have entered

176:3.2 Having lived the temporal life by f. and having

176:3.3 When you have by f. once established yourself as

178:3.4 but I declare that all of you who by f. enter therein

179:5.9 recall that I was once with you, and then, by f.,

181:2.20 Far better that you should have seen all this by f.,

186:5.4 that mortal man may, by f., become spirit-conscious

191:4.3 the gift of eternal life which men receive by f..

192:2.11 By f. have you become a God-knowing kingdom

193:0.3 By f. in my word this fact becomes an eternal and

193:0.3 When, by living f., you become divinely God-

193:0.4 Sonship with God, by f., is still the saving truth of

193:1.2 the eternal spirit, thereby coming to possess, by f.,

193:1.2 God and is bestowed upon all who accept it by f.,

193:2.2 in the subsequent experience of those who, by f.,

196:0.3 the thrill of living, by f., in the very presence of the

196:0.14 will, living the human life religiously and by f..

196:1.1 Jesus of Nazareth was a religious man who, by f.,

196:3.4 by wisdom, and saved—justified—by religious f..


faith acceptance

101:10.4 The f. of the truth of God enables man to escape


160:5.13 and idealism of that which is wholeheartedly f..

faith act

101:2.14 Religion is the f. of the recognition of this inner urge

146:2.8 The cry of the righteous is the f. of the child of God


132:3.7 the f. soul of man cannot stop short of the attainment

faith adventure

139:12.7 To Jesus, Judas was a f. adventure.

155:5.8 active participation of mind and soul in the f. of

157:6.14 the life to which I have called you: the f. of the

faith attitude(s)

103:9.5 embraces a positive and living f. toward the highest

140:5.4 by calling attention to four f. as the prelude to the


102:7.7 a faither is to be challenged by dogma, then this f.

faith candidates

149:6.10 there is a divine dignity attached to all such f. for

faith certainty or certainties

102:7.6 f. is the greatest technique for dealing with all such

196:2.2 a purely human consciousness of the f. of personal


101:2.13 True religion is an insight into reality, the f. of the

faith children

40:6.2 human beings are sons of God, f. of the Highest.

142:5.2 Neither does your Father leave his f. of the spirit


195:10.8 experience of the f. of Jesus in the brotherhood of

faith confession

187:4.2 of death to listen to the f. of the believing brigand.

faith conquests

89:10.4 lead quickly and surely to those f. which translate the

faith consciousness

196:1.6 by seven stages of f. of progressive divinization.

faith contemplation

143:7.3 of isolation should be antidoted by f. of the Father


141:2.2 you f. yourselves as sons, you henceforth look not


148:2.2 in the experience of expectant and f. persons who

faith encouragement

148:2.1 as well as by the spiritual practices of prayer and f.


178:1.5 As f. and spirit-liberated sons of the kingdom of


170:2.20 Jesus taught that two things are essential to f. into

faith experience

94:2.6 religion through the personal f. with the one God,

101:5.2 realm of wisdom, and religion the sphere of the f..

101:6.17 demonstrated the beginnings and endings of the f.


34:5.7 qualifies such a mortal consciously to realize the f. of


191:6.2 they will perceive that you have become f. of the

faith gift

141:7.3 are always glad to hear the glad tidings of the f. gift


103:0.1 window through which the finite creature may f.


1:4.7 mysteries so profound that only the f. of the God-

5:5.6 Deity must be unified in the f. of the concept of

16:8.18 3. The f. of the fellowship worship of Deity,

193:0.4 not suffice if they fail personally to f. the saving truth


4:3.7 before it can even be f. by the finite mind of man.


188:3.4 analogous to the spirit nature, or soul, of the f.


182:3.6 garden, his humanity laid a firmer f. upon his divinity


101:3.2 F., or spiritual intuition, is the endowment of cosmic

103:6.7 substance knowledge-reason and for its essence f..

faith levels

101:8.1 A state of mind attains to f. only when it actually


101:10.9 Such f. sons have certainly enlisted in the struggles

faith liberty

101:0.1 to the sublime and magnificent f. of those mortals

faith paths

102:1.1 for comprehending the f. to supreme attainment.

faith pledge

132:3.9 constitutes the revelation promise and the f. of an


181:2.12 good news: That f. mortals are the sons of God.”


140:10.4 has to do with a salvation growing out of the f. of

176:3.2 in the spirit by the f. that you are a son of God?

178:1.11 coupled with the supreme joy of the f. of sonship


140:7.6 —to f. that they are the children of the Most High.

faith realized

117:6.8 heritage, this assurance of Deity kinship must be f.

faith son(s)

1:7.5 Only the personal experience of the f. of the Father

5:3.8 to communicate with God as a f. of the Father.

14:4.13 As the worship of the f. of the evolutionary worlds

34:6.4 have been truly “born of the Spirit,” the f. of God.

34:7.6 the f. of God enjoy comparative deliverance from

34:7.7 F. work on intellectual levels and live on spiritual


40:6.1 f. prior to the event of the final amalgamation of

40:6.2 human beings are the sons of God, f. children of

40:6.2 even now “you are the f. of God”; “for you have

40:6.3 All worlds of mortal habitation harbor f. of God,

40:6.4 1. You are sons of spiritual promise, f.; you have

53:8.8 nor Caligastia could ever touch or approach the f. of

101:10.9 Such f.-liberated sons have certainly enlisted in

132:4.2 coupled with the good news that man is a f. of this

141:7.4 then to present this same man to God as his f..

148:4.10 a spiritual part of the heavenly Father in every f.

178:1.5 As f.-enlightened and spirit-liberated sons of the

179:5.2 the brotherhood and fellowship of the liberated f.

182:1.3 I will give eternal life to all who will become f. of

184:4.6 the f. of God find final deliverance from the

185:3.4 my kingdom is the family of the f. of my Father who

192:2.13 Never forget that, when you are a f. of God,

193:1.2 If you are the f. of my Father, you shall never die;

194:2.1 of the devil and elevated him to the dignity of a f.


120:2.2 in weakness made powerful by f. to the will of


26:5.3 the elementary course which confronts the f. pilgrims


2:6.1 true essence, religion is a f. in the goodness of God

103:9.5 The ideal of religious philosophy is such a f. as

120:1.3 the rich significance of that f. which you require all

faith urges

132:3.10 the f. of a soul trying to identify itself with the spirit


1:3.3 eyes of the flesh in order to discern him by the f.

faith voyages

155:5.11 mental uncertainties associated with those f. of


102:7.7 If the personal experience of a f. is to be challenged


102:6.7 social fruits of the spirit which such believers, f.,

faithfulsee Faithful of Days

2:1.2 God, the infinite Father, who is also a f. Creator.”

2:5.7 yet who is so perfect in goodness and so f. in the

4:1.3 “God is f.” and “all his commandments are just.”

4:1.3 “He is a f. Creator.”

4:2.5 the f. portrayal, of an all-wise and infinite God.

18:7.2 They are supremely devoted and divinely f. to the

20:4.3 In this way the f. Adjusters of the world judges

20:8.4 all the Sons of God are beholden to these ever-f.

22:5.1 but your f. seraphic guardians and your equally f.

22:5.1 your equally f. midway associates may become

22:7.6 age seems to pass before these f. onetime mortals—

23:2.18 They are the f. revealers of the motives and intent

25:1.6 “Well done, good and f. servant; you have been

25:1.6 you have been f. over a few essentials; you shall

26:7.2 Most f. and efficient are the Trinity guides;

28:7.3 space abridgers, error detectors, f. teachers, and

31:4.1 Many of the f. seraphic guardians of mortals are

33:3.3 ably assisted by the all-wise and ever-f. Spirit

33:3.3 all-wise adviser of the Creator Son, a f. and true

35:10.5 They are a noble, f, and loyal group, notwithstanding

36:5.9 the guide and f. associate of the spirits of courage

38:7.3 Cherubim and sanobim are the f. and efficient aids of

38:8.6 Bright and Morning Star summons these f. servants

38:9.13 but if f. to their trust, midwayers will eventually and

39:1.17 by diligent application to study and f. performance of

39:5.4 and through the f. ministry of the seraphic spirits

39:9.3 together with the f. ministering spirits of time, are

40:2.2 this f. Material Son and Daughter are permitted to

40:8.1 fail to attain identity fusion with their f. Adjusters.

40:10.6 And in the f. service of such local universe citizens

45:2.3 Lanaforge was f. to Michael in an earlier upheaval

46:7.7 that they embrace the combined traits of a f. horse

46:7.8 these f. spornagia will escape from their animal level

47:2.6 while the f. spornagia minister to their physical

48:5.7 under the tutelage of these f. and patient teachers.

48:6.35 to be f. and earnest and, withal, cheerful; to accept

53:7.12 This noble Jerusem band of f. mortals numbered

55:1.1 and invests such a f. Lanonandek Son with new

65:7.6 Long must these f. and always dependable influences

67:3.3 Van assembled the loyal midwayers and other f.

67:3.5 f. midwayers, assumed custody of the tree of life

69:8.3 to gratify the conqueror’s vanity, is a f. picture of

73:2.5 their evil machinations were largely offset by the f.

74:1.5 were all in commission as f. stewards of universe

74:2.1 had heard much, Van and his f. associate Amadon.

82:2.5 it has always been required of wives that they be f.

97:2.2 When Elijah was called away, Elisha, his f. associate,

97:10.4 an unbroken line of f. teachers who passed the torch

97:10.7 Ezekiel also set about to establish the f. observance

98:5.4 lock the gates of Paradise for the reception of the f.

108:3.6 been true to your trusts; you have been divinely f..

108:5.10 to receive vindication as to the f. execution of her

108:6.5 These f. custodians of the future career unfailingly

108:6.6 in liaison with your f. partner—God, the Adjuster.

109:6.4 F. to his trust was this extraordinary Adjuster,

110:1.2 Adjusters living within, who are so devoutly f. to the

110:1.6 and if you only prove f. to the trust reposed in you

110:3.6 your f. determinations and your supreme desires,

111:1.9 With your consent, this f. pilot will safely carry

111:7.2 distant echo of the Adjuster’s f. call to your soul?

112:7.2 eventually you will be united with your f. Adjuster

112:7.9 one who will ever be found serviceable, f.,

112:7.11 unique goal without the full co-operation and f. help

113:6.6 re-present you to the f. Monitor of your earth days.

117:1.6 Supreme is becoming a f. portrayal of the matchless

120:1.5 the assurance of all Paradise for the f. performance

120:1.7 I pledge (with Gabriel’s co-operation) the f.

122:5.1 and in every way f. to the religious conventions

123:1.3 And they were both very f. in keeping this promise.

123:5.4 to read the Hebrew scriptures to the f. assembled in

126:4.1 And when all the f. in Nazareth had assembled,

127:4.7 better student than Joseph, who, while a f. worker,

127:5.2 that such a man would all the more need a f. wife.

131:1.4 “God is a peace giver and a f. protector of all who

131:2.8 The Lord is f.; he keeps his word with those who

131:4.4 We worship him because he is man’s f. and eternal

131:10.2 commit the keeping of our souls to him as to a f.

131:10.6 I am confident that I shall be f. even to death, and

132:5.13 if you would be a f. and just steward of your large

133:4.3 would render you all the more loyal and f. in your

134:9.3 but his f. Monitor admonished him that his hour

135:5.5 while the f. would sweep on to universal victory.

139:4.5 John was prompt and courageous, f. and devoted.

139:9.8 James and Judas were little, but they were also f..

144:5.23 receive into your own bosom our f. spirits.

144:5.74 Our all-f. Source and all-powerful Center,

147:1.1 “My f. orderly is sick and at the point of death.

149:0.2 when you have shown yourselves f., I will ordain you

149:6.11 perfect trust in the loving support and f. guidance

161:2.3 to comprehend his mission, he has been a f. friend.

161:2.12 Rodan was a f. believer to the end of his earth days,

162:2.3 by the Father, and he who sent me is true and f..

162:4.3 And then the f. marched on toward the beautiful

162:5.3 he who sent me is true and f.; my Father loves

163:2.2 You are a f. disciple, and you can remain such

163:4.7 6. Make clear to all f. believers that the time for an

165:5.5 are blessed by the master who finds them f.

165:6.2 over his household and safely trust this f. steward

166:5.7 And to the very end Abner was a f. believer in the

169:1.12 and you never made rejoicing over my f. service,

169:2.6 “I affirm that he who is f. in little will also be f. in

169:2.6 how can you hope to be f. and prudent when you are

169:2.6 If you are not good stewards and f. bankers, if you

169:2.6 if you have not been f. in that which is another’s,

170:2.24 the children of God, the fellowship of the f.,

171:8.6 because you have proved f. in this matter, I will

171:8.11 He who is f. in little things is also likely to exhibit

174:0.2 that I shall eventually see all of my f. ambassadors

174:5.5 These Greeks had been in f. attendance upon Jesus’

176:3.4 lord said to him: ‘Well done, good and f. servant,

176:3.4 you have been f. over a few things; I will now set

176:3.4 ‘Well done, good and f. steward; you also have

176:3.4 you also have been f. over a few things, and I will

176:3.7 Only those f. servants who thus grow in the

178:1.10 Learn to be f. to the kingdom even in times of peace

181:2.16 looking his f. helper in the eyes, said: “Andrew, you

181:2.22 I know you will be f. to the end, and I will some day

182:1.4 Father, keep these men f. as I prepare to yield up

188:1.3 followed by the f. women watchers from Galilee.

192:2.10 Be f. to men as I have watched over you.

Faithful of Dayssee also Faithfuls of Days

15:2.4 Each constellation also has a F. in observation,

18:7.3 Any F. on duty in Nebadon can communicate with


43:4.1 mount of assembly is the dwelling place of the F.,

43:4.2 This F. is a Trinity Son of Paradise and has been

43:4.2 the F. stands at the right hand of the Constellation

43:4.2 never does he proffer advice unless it is asked for.

43:4.2 all that a Union of Days is to a Creator Son, a F. is

43:4.3 The residence of the Edentia F. is the constellation

43:4.5 The residence of the F. on Edentia is located to the

43:4.10 has been provided near the residence of the F..

43:5.13 but commissioned as a special counselor with the F.

43:9.1 their far-flung career as it is depicted by the F.,

53:2.5 The F. of Edentia, on the request of the

53:7.5 remained under the leadership of the F. of Edentia.

54:5.9 The F. on Edentia advised the Constellation Fathers

119:2.1 the Constellation Fathers and approved by the F.


25:1.6 of the consciousness of divine duty f. performed.

28:6.7 established by the Sons of God has been f. paid

33:3.4 daughters of God, who so f. and valiantly struggle

39:3.3 law, for these very seraphim do f. and fully portray

48:6.36 by accepting your lot when you have f. performed

67:6.6 their planetary policies were f. executed by Van.

71:3.10 The status of any level of civilization is f. portrayed

71:8.1 stamina of a people are all f. reflected in statehood.

74:2.3 Hundreds of believer settlements had f. kept up the

77:9.10 are a rebellion-tested corps, and they will f. enact

79:1.8 Yellow River, there still remain paintings which f.

82:0.3 social civilization, but such as they had they f. and

91:7.9 to spiritualize day-by-day living while f. discharging

92:3.1 Ancient religions and mythology f. portray the

97:4.6 Hosea f. continued the moral warnings of Amos,

102:8.4 Ethics is the eternal social or racial mirror which f.

107:6.3 the Adjuster nature will f. unfold the revelation of

108:5.2 fully transmit to the man of his betrothal, he will f.

110:7.10 “that he more f. give me his sincere co-operation,

110:7.10 more f. carry out the program of my arrangement,

111:1.5 soul—the morontia self—will f. portray the harvest of

112:3.6 the group custodians f. and efficiently perform the

112:5.15 record of personality constitution is f. preserved

112:6.9 The soul of survival value f. reflects the qualitative

113:6.1 mind and the divine Adjuster—are f. conserved by

114:7.17 Urantia are just as lovingly cherished and just as f.

117:4.9 is f. and fully indicated to the Ancients of Days

117:5.8 values are f. transmitted through the Sevenfold to

119:1.5 he worked as a Melchizedek, and he f. performed

120:1.1 Most f. and perfectly have you executed the six

124:4.4 they deserve great credit for so f. and successfully

126:2.3 thrust upon him, and he carried them f. to the end.

126:3.2 nurtured his daughter any more f. than Jesus cared

126:5.4 doing well the present duty and f. discharging the

127:2.8 be able to discharge f. his obligation to his family.

128:7.11 Jude was very f. sending his share of funds home

130:2.3 Philadelphia, held more f. to the teachings of Jesus

134:2.4 And Jesus most f., efficiently, and wisely discharged

139:4.9 John knew how f. he had made provision for the care

139:4.10 right up to the last earthly hour and was found f.

139:9.11 The twins served f. until the end, until the dark days

139:12.3 Judas discharged the responsibilities of his office f.,

150:2.3 the remainder of Jesus’ life on earth, laboring f.

151:2.6 no matter how f. and efficiently we execute our

160:1.10 he so consistently practices, and which he has so f.

174:5.7 that I have f. declared to you that which the Father

176:3.7 We have lost nothing; we have f. preserved all you

181:2.16 “Andrew, you have f. represented me as acting


4:1.3 “His f. is established in the very skies.”

4:1.3 Your f. is to all generations; you have established the

7:4.1 And, in divine f., the Son is the eternal equal of the

8:2.7 The Father’s f. and the Son’s constancy are made

8:3.4 while the Father in f. upholds that which they have

25:3.2 are of unquestioned reliability and unerring in f..

34:6.13 and in human f. perform the duties of their earthly

97:4.5 I will even betroth you to me in f..”

97:7.9 in the preachment of divine constancy, God’s f..

112:5.5 upon the f. of mortal choice the Father depends for

131:2.7 kindness in the morning and the divine f. every

146:2.15 kindness every morning and his f. every night,

160:4.10 erroneous to suppose that f. in doing one’s daily

171:8.11 2. F. is the measure of human trustworthiness.

171:8.11 faithful in little things is also likely to exhibit f. in

171:8.12 3. The Master grants the lesser reward for lesser f.

171:8.13 4. Jesus grants a like reward for like f. when there is

176:3.6 In f. do that which is intrusted to you, and thereby

Faithfuls of Dayssee also Faithful of Days

10:6.12 7. F..

15:10.17 4. F.—Paradise counselors to the Most High rulers of

15:13.6 from the F. who are similarly attached to the

18:0.8 7. F..


18:7.1 These high Trinity-origin personalities are the

18:7.1 There are seventy million F., and like the Unions of

18:7.1 F. rotate in service in accordance with the rulings of

18:7.2 the F. are to the Vorondadek Sons who rule the

18:7.2 constellations of assignment, hence the nameF..

18:7.3 All F. functioning in the constellations of a local

18:7.3 They do not have a system of intercommunication,

18:7.4 the F. maintain their personal residences on the

18:7.4 Their abodes are modest in comparison with the

18:7.5 The F. are the last link in the long administrative-

30:1.14 7. F..

30:2.29 7. F..

33:5.3 in the supervision of his liaison brethren, the F.,

33:5.4 The F., like the Union of Days, never proffer or offer

37:4.5 the Union of Days, the Creator Son, the F.,

55:10.1 new governing body consists of the one hundred F.,

119:8.1 The F. on the constellation headquarters were also


114:7.17 if the sphere had never been betrayed by a f. Prince,

153:4.5 “This f. and sign-seeking generation seeks a token,

158:5.2 “O f. and perverse generation, how long shall I

191:5.4 Thomas, I bid you be not f. but believing—and I


89:1.5 has been perpetuated by the Hebraic and Islamic f..

92:5.14 was a protest against the social demands of the f. of

92:6.1 Many f. have progressed very little since the days

92:6.16 The great international, interracial f. are the Hebraic,

94:12.7 to Christianity, to Hinduism, to the peoples of all f.,

95:0.1 so the Levant was the homeland of the f. of the

103:3.5 these fears and f. became personalized into gods.

111:0.2 the Occidental f. have perceived that man is divine in


61:2.12 including gulls, herons, flamingoes, buzzards, f.,


41:7.11 of the progressive f. of the external temperature.

53:7.15 No Satania worlds have been lost since the f. of the

60:4.1 rhythm associated with this rise and f. of ocean

67:4.2 After the f. of Dalamatia the disloyal staff migrated

74:8.13 theory of the f. of man or superman which accounted


75:8.1 But that was not the f. of man.

75:8.2 There has been no “f. of man.”

78:8.10 Erech held out for thirty years after the f. of Akkad.

86:3.3 to such doctrines as original sin and the f. of man.

97:9.23 The f. of Assyria and the ascendency of Egypt

111:6.10 It is literally true, “Pride goes before a f..”

123:4.5 only accident Jesus had up to this time was a f.

131:2.6 before destruction and a haughty spirit before a f..

137:0.1 ministered to a lad who had injured himself in a f.

fallverb; see fall back; fall into; fall short

3:3.1 the insignificant sparrow, “One of them shall not f.

7:3.6 such purely selfish and material requests f. dead;

7:5.7 That would f. within the bestowal mystery of the

22:7.14 f. within the province of the Architects of the

25:3.8 the constellation headquarters f. under their

28:4.14 duties of a superuniverse which do not f. within the

39:3.6 they constitute a social problem and therefore f.

41:5.7 the water sometimes appears to f. in sheets or to

42:4.3 Upon such materialization, these energies f. under

43:4.9 the Son of Man “beheld Satan f. as lightning from

53:8.3 “And I beheld Satan f. as lightning from heaven.”

61:5.2 Snow began to f. on these elevated and therefore

61:5.2 it continued to f. until it had attained a depth of

70:1.17 Her general caused “all the host to f. upon the sword

72:1.2 The high mountains, on which heavy rains f. eight

74:3.10 majority were about ready to f. down and worship

75:8.1 Adam and Eve did f. from their high estate of

86:2.1 When men and women f. victims to excessive anxiety

97:9.22 Jerusalem, being the city of Yahweh, would never f..

100:4.5 fellows, you would eventually f. in love with them.

130:4.11 must of necessity f. across man’s ascending path

139:12.5 It is altogether possible to f. victim to the peaceful

151:2.2 believers stumble; they f. away when tempted.

153:5.4 I knew that these halfhearted believers would f. out

156:1.5 the crumbs which chance to f. from the children’s

157:2.2 unless you f. wholeheartedly in love with truth,

158:4.4 they should f. to talking about those hopes and

158:5.1 foam at the mouth, and f. like a dead person at the

158:6.3 you f. to discussing among yourselves as to who

159:1.5 And then did this fellow steward f. down before

160:2.7 to avoid that ever-present tendency to f. victim to

166:4.4 “The Father causes his rain to f. on the just and the

166:4.7 You may chance to f. victim to one of the accidents

169:1.6 portion of your possessions which would f. to me

176:1.4 disobedient people will f. by the edge of the sword

179:3.9 but you must also f. to disputing among yourselves

181:2.18 And so, Andrew, though it may not f. to you to do

181:2.29 this gospel, though you may f. into prison and,

182:3.3 —wherefore do you f. asleep when I leave you?”

187:1.6 will you pray the rocks of the hills to f. on you

190:2.4 started to f. to his knees, exclaiming, “My father and

193:3.2 might not become lonely and f. into the mischief

fall back

57:5.5 these gas tongues would invariably f. into the sun,

126:3.3 not grasp his thought and would invariably f. upon

137:7.1 Mary could f. on her so oft-repeated exclamation:

fall into

35:5.4 But these Sons rarely f. error, and they have never

35:10.5 tendency to f. error through fallacies of personal

73:5.3 allowing nothing to f. the water supply of the Garden

83:2.2 preferred to f. the hands of men of their own age

88:1.3 The apple was among the first to f. this category;

97:1.8 “Let us f. now into the hands of the Lord, for his

97:10.2 the Jews returned to Palestine only to f. bondage to

132:5.21 which time and chance may cause to f. his hands.

140:3.18 ‘If the blind lead the blind, they both shall f. the pit.’

143:2.5 become self-deceived and thereby f. foolish fears,

148:7.2 If you had a sheep and it should f. a pit on the

153:2.1 come down; and all the land shall f. their hands.

153:3.5 that, if the blind lead the blind, both shall f. the pit.

160:4.1 necessities of living may f. our hands by accident,

fall short

58:6.8 persist, while those that f. of this goal cease to exist.

108:5.10 while an angel might possibly f. of the perfection

160:1.14 All philosophies and religions which f. of these ideals


35:10.5 into error through f. of personal liberty and fictions

86:6.5 entertaining those f. of thought and worship which


86:7.4 willingness to accept an almost equally f. teaching

103:8.2 intellectual, is divergent and oftentimes confusingly f.

121:4.5 Skepticism asserted that knowledge was f., and that


2:7.5 their gravest error when they are misled into the f. of

80:9.15 But it is a f. to presume to classify the white peoples

92:7.3 It is a f. for any group of religionists to conceive of

118:6.8 But to accept the f. of omnificence is to embrace the

134:6.11 The f. of self-determination will be ended.

149:2.10 and exposed the f. of materialistic worship.

fallenverb; see fallen asleep

46:8.1 created beings who have f. from light into darkness.

53:1.3 he wrote: “How are you f. from heaven, O Lucifer,

54:1.10 misunderstandings has long since f. into disrepute.

74:3.5 of Urantia from the low levels to which it had f.

94:3.8 cosmic truths, but it has all too often f. victim to

94:5.7 the Chinese f. into helpless slavery to priestcraft.

97:7.1 Their nation had f. before the armies of Babylon,

103:6.14 intellectual evaluations have f. into one of these

124:1.8 snow on the mountains, and several times it had f. in

124:3.4 before these burdens should normally have f. on

130:1.2 No matter into what great depths they may have f.,

133:4.12 last hour: “My brother, you have f. on evil times.

133:6.1 dedicated to her worship was reputed to have f. from

149:5.2 ‘The lines are f. to me in pleasant places; yes, I

149:5.3 making the most of that which has f. to their hands

152:3.1 as manna from heaven was supposed to have f.

155:6.10 have f. on these evil days of traditional barrenness.

164:1.3 And when the lawyer perceived that he had f. into

182:3.1 And when he had f. down on his face, he prayed:

fallen asleep

140:6.14 conferences with him save the twins, who had f.,

140:6.14 “Master, the twins have f. in the garden by the fire;

167:4.5 do you not realize that our friend Lazarus has f.,

167:4.6 “Master, if Lazarus has f., then will he the more

168:2.9 very sick, but Lazarus could recall only that he had f.

189:3.2 all the survivors of the human races who had f.

fallenadjective; see fallen prince(s); fallen worlds

43:4.9 the f. Lucifer’s associate, Satan, sought to attend

45:1.11 adjudicate the sin of Lucifer and his f. associates who

53:1.3 Lucifer is the f. and deposed Sovereign of Satania.

53:8.8 But even so, no f. spirit ever did have the power to

77:5.5 all descendants of two of the f. staff of the Prince.

77:7.2 No one can forecast the future of these f. creatures.

120:2.2 misrepresentations of these f. children of light.

120:2.2 wrest dominion from the hands of these f. Sons;

fallen prince(s)

52:5.5 a special resurrection, the f. Planetary Prince,

53:8.2 all of the isolated worlds of the f. Planetary Princes.

53:9.4 visit Caligastia and others of the f. princes right up

54:4.1 the reasons for permitting Lucifer, Satan, and the f.

66:8.5 The power of the f. Prince to disturb human affairs

67:6.5 consisting of: one of the loyal aids of the f. Prince,

74:5.5 The f. Prince had been deposed as world ruler, but

75:2.3 But the f. Prince was persistent and determined.

76:4.5 angelic hosts, the Melchizedeks, and the f. Prince

93:10.6 Melchizedek is destined to take the place of the f.

188:4.3 man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and f. of

fallen worlds

53:7.3 circuits to the f. were also cut off, so that Lucifer

53:9.3 periodic visits to the apostate princes on the f. until

53:9.7 It ends on the f. as fast as divine Sons arrive.

54:4.8 ability of Satan to pay further visits to any of the f.

67:8.4 rebellion handicapped the local system and its f.,


3:5.15 but evolving man must be f. if he is to be free.

fallingsee falling down

42:5.16 ether enables the planet to escape f. into the sun

42:5.16 the encircling electron to resist f. into the nucleus.

48:4.13 it portrays one’s supposed superiors f. victim to the

57:5.5 the roots f. back into the sun while the outer sections

57:8.20 Meteors f. into the sea accumulated on the ocean

57:8.20 Meteors f. on the land were largely oxidized,

58:2.1 If the light f. upon North America were paid for at

59:3.1 the f. of these shells to the sea bottom gradually

61:5.6 quantities of snow had been f. on Greenland and on

63:3.4 were killed at the time of an earthquake by the f. of

66:1.5 Caligastia was insidiously f. in love with himself;

72:5.4 recognize legal compensation as f. in three divisions:

126:2.1 that Joseph had been severely injured by the f. of a

127:5.1 she was slowly f. in love with this son of Joseph.

157:6.1 the masses there occurred a great f. off in revenue.

163:6.2 that I beheld Satan f. as lightning from heaven.

164:1.3 and instead of f. into the trap, he proceeded to tell

168:2.5 no consciousness of time since f. asleep in death.

180:3.2 strange things without f. under condemnation, but

195:9.6 dread the thought of f. under the dominance of

falling down

152:0.1 made his way through the crowd and, f. down at

164:5.4 And Josiah said, “Lord, I believe,” and f. down, he

172:1.3 on the legend of the walls of Jericho f. down,

182:3.2 the Master again went apart by himself and, f.


39:4.12 ever downward through a succession of short f.,

59:3.9 stratum of rock over which Niagara F. now flows.


9:8.14 as it is revealed in these narratives, f. into three great

10:6.1 The application of law, justice, f. within the province

39:4.12 as a drop of water from a higher level f. to a lower

46:1.3 light recession it f. to a little lower than 50 degrees.

51:1.7 though this role of biologic upliftment usually f. to

58:2.6 the temperature steadily f. for six or eight miles,

83:7.8 the social group f. short of providing marriage

86:1.6 the sons of men snared in an evil time when it f.

105:1.6 And even that hypothesis probably f. far short of the

148:4.9 Any being who in any manner f. short of the divine

173:4.4 a mystery about this stone, seeing that whoso f.

173:4.4 shall be saved; but on whomsoever this stone f.,

174:5.8 You well know that, except a grain of wheat f. into


100:6.2 supreme value of the religionist may be base or f.,

103:1.5 That religionists have believed so much that was f.

132:1.4 If the so-called science or religion of any age is f.,

147:7.3 Likewise, that which is new but f. must be rejected.

160:5.3 devotion may be material or spiritual, true or f.,

160:5.6 no matter how puerile or f. that religion may be.

false accusations

184:3.6 said a word; he made no reply to their many f..

184:3.8 The best refutation of their f. was the Master’s calm

false charges

185:1.9 Pilate himself had declared to be innocent of their f.

185:2.15 and his accusers, but Jesus made no reply to their f..

false comforter

148:6.4 Said this f.: ‘Trust in your religion, Job;

false conversion

100:5.5 But emotion alone is a f.; one must have faith as well

false devotion

160:5.3 devotion may be material or spiritual, true or f.,

false doctrines

131:3.3 Evil is the path of f. doctrines.

false faith

97:10.3 National egotism, f. in a misconceived promised

false fear

86:7.6 mind, by the powerful and awesome force of f.,

159:4.9 A f. of sacredness has prevented religion from being

false feelings

160:1.7 of safety and to the long-cherished f. of security.

false goals

99:3.8 become distorted and perverted into the pursuit of f.,

false god(s)

67:5.5 a shrine dedicated to Nog, the f. of light and fire.

97:2.1 the altars of Baal and demolishing the idols of f..

102:6.1 progress of science add to the mortality of f.;

142:4.2 sought to combat idolatry and the worship of f.,

142:4.2 now do they make f. of even his prohibitions of

196:3.23 of the human intellect may indeed originate f.—gods

false guides

175:1.20 “Woe upon you, f. guides of a nation!

false hope(s)

97:8.4 And all of this f. led to such a degree of racial

137:6.5 But do not entertain f.; the world will stumble at

152:3.2 But these f. hopes were not to live for long.

false humility

149:6.10 the menial practices of an ostentatious and f. are

false ideas

99:6.3 fostering of f. and exaggerated ideas of sacredness;

149:6.9 your wrong concepts of the Father grow your f. of

false illusions

160:4.14 the struggle of life by the aid of continuous f. of

false information

190:1.5 that I have never yet sent out f. at your hands.

false interpretation

188:4.2 of the f. of the meaning of the death on the cross,

false judges

184:3.19 Thirty prejudiced and tradition-blinded f.,

false liberty


54:1.1 failure of mortals to distinguish between true and f..

54:1.2 F. is the subtle deception of the error of time and the

54:1.6 self-respect; f. is the consort of self-admiration.

54:1.6 self-control; f., the assumption of self-assertion.

false logic

103:7.7 or else rapidly degenerates into a consort of f..

160:5.9 distortions of f., and the self-deceptive idols of those

false Messiah

137:2.2 Let us remain aloof from this f. Messiah.”

185:1.6 the pretensions of a f. who led troops to Mount

false mode

149:4.5 sort of f., unfair, and unrighteous mode of attack

false peace

149:5.4 “Seek not, then, for f. and transient joy but rather for

false philosophy or philosophies

101:3.1 contamination with erroneous cosmologies and f.;

102:2.1 deceptions of sophistication, and the delusions of f..

195:6.6 The cleverness and dexterity of the f. of mechanism

false pride

121:7.1 a form of self-righteousness based upon the f. of

false progress

147:5.8 Pharisees are occupied with the f. of the illusion of

false prophets

140:3.19 “I warn you against f. who will come to you in

140:10.4 yet you have warned us not to be deceived by f.

176:1.4 by the Roman armies after the revolt of the f.,

181:2.26 I know well that the f. and spurious teachers will

false religion(s)

132:1.4 If the so-called science or religion of any age is f.,

160:5.6 no matter how puerile or f. that religion may be.

195:6.10 F. may represent an evasion of reality, but Jesus

false science

2:7.4 The f. of materialism would sentence mortal man to

101:3.12 survival regardless of the deceptive teachings of f.

132:1.4 If the so-called science or religion of any age is f.,

false security

160:1.7 and to the long-cherished f. feelings of security.

167:5.2 the assurance of f. spiritual security; devotion,

191:5.3 recover from the shock of the transition from the f.

false sentiment(s)

52:2.11 It is the f. of your partially perfected civilizations that

99:3.5 The church, because of overmuch f., has long

false shelter

102:2.7 a retreat to the f. of stereotyped religious doctrines

false shepherd(s)

165:2.3 judge both of you, the true shepherds and the f..

165:2.3 If the f. were blind, he would have no sin, but you

165:2.4 because you are f., the sheep know not your voice

false sorrow

168:0.12 such f. was associated in their hearts with so much

false sympathy

159:3.11 to avoid leaning upon the insecure props of f..

false teachers

140:3.20 ‘I never knew you; depart from me you who are f..’

155:6.6 Shame on those f. religious teachers who would

166:1.5 not be closed by the prejudice and arrogance of f.

175:0.2 his last denunciation of the f. and the bigoted rulers

175:1.15 “Woe upon you, f. teachers, blind guides!

176:1.4 believe it not, for many f. will arise and many will

false testimony

184:3.6 Throughout all this f. the Master never said a word

false value

100:6.2 supreme value of the religionist may be base or f.,

false wedding day

83:4.6 customary to set a f. and then suddenly postpone the

false witness(es)

93:4.9 3. You shall not bear f. witness.

131:2.12 adultery; you shall not steal; you shall not bear f.;

153:3.5 jealousy, pride, anger, revenge, railings, and f.?

163:2.4 adultery, do not kill, do not steal, do not bear f.,

184:3.6 More than a score of f. were on hand to testify

184:3.8 Jesus stood there in silence while all of these f. gave

184:3.9 Shortly after the beginning of the testimony of the f.,

184:3.19 false judges, with their f., are presuming to sit in


3:5.10 world where error is present and f. always possible.

48:6.33 F. is not a matter of narration technique but

54:0.1 that conflicting truth and f. create confusing error;

54:0.2 fact and f., constitutes the potentiality of error.

95:2.9 Osiris, where, if innocent of “murder, robbery, f.,

131:7.3 you come before me with a clean heart, free from f.


101:7.4 the materialistic fetters of a science, f. so called.

103:6.11 spiritual worlds, sciences and religions f. so called.

132:4.8 Meeting a poor man who had been f. accused,

140:3.11 you and shall say all manner of evil against you f..

140:5.20 you and shall say all manner of evil against you f..

181:1.8 Jesus has even been f. called the “Man of sorrows,”


48:6.33 of that which is principle—these constitute f..


25:6.3 Recorder, and never has there been discovered a f.


101:8.3 Faith has f its trust when it presumes to deny realities


67:1.2 Lucifer was a f. from the beginning of his self-


102:3.2 detrimental; speculation invariably f. its object.


24:2.9 in function; they never default, neither do they f..


3:5.4 you may f. in your concept of his primacy, but

34:7.8 do not f. and question your status and standing,

48:6.14 Though I triumph in the choirs of light or f. in the

108:3.6 No matter how trying the crises, you never f..

108:5.3 depart from the divine way, but Adjusters never f..

109:5.4 this is why so many f. and fail, grow weary and

126:5.4 But Jesus did not f.; he was not discouraged.

165:2.10 the Father knows that I will not f. in the safeguarding

174:0.2 Jesus said: “F. not because of outward appearances.

181:2.7 I would rejoice to know that you would not f.;

181:2.8 establishment of your kingdom, and I will not f..


22:1.13 the Sons of Selection have never f. in the service

75:1.4 spirits drooped, and sometimes their faith almost f..

100:7.7 man’s welfare on earth, Jesus never f. in his faith.


183:3.5 As the guards rallied from their first f. at the sight of


155:6.10 notwithstanding all the failures and f. of Israel,


161:2.6 Jesus never f. in doing his duty.


135:8.1 his f. had extended throughout all Palestine, and

141:1.1 the f. of Jesus had begun to spread well over all of

145:3.12 the f. of this sundown healing at Bethsaida spread

146:4.2 The f. of Jesus as a healer had spread even to this

146:4.3 leprous man, having heard of his f. as a healer,


149:1.1 the f. of Jesus, particularly as a healer, had spread

149:1.2 their homes, added to the enlargement of Jesus’ f..

149:2.6 While, at that particular time, the f. of Jesus rested

150:7.2 They had heard of Jesus’ f., but the majority of the

150:7.4 the younger generation was prone to resent his f.

152:3.1 since Jesus’ f. was then and there augmented by

153:1.2 was the outward turning of the tide of popular f.


98:0.3 the Jews were f. as much for military valor as for


84:3.1 All society, whether national or f., passed through

170:3.10 of the individual; the fruits, the results, are f., social.

familiarsee familiar, not

4:1.7 intimately f. with the workings of the accredited

12:8.4 But material-minded man is naturally more f. with

13:1.2 And though I am somewhat f. with six of these

14:5.4 where they become more f. with the Paradise hosts.

15:6.8 You are f. with suns that emit light accompanied by

20:9.5 Teacher Sons, who have become so thoroughly f.

22:3.4 personally f. with every step of the career you have

25:3.13 expertly f. with most of the actual problems and

27:2.3 and with a f. multitude of glorified fellow mortals.

32:5.2 Everything f. to you has an end.

35:5.7 they are personally f. with all the political struggles

39:1.10 the realms of achievement, realms grown f. by long

41:2.5 You are f. with the action of vegetable life in

44:3.1 we have all that you mortals are f. with and more.

47:6.1 transition world number four, there to become f.

47:7.3 Here the ascendant mortal becomes personally f.

48:5.9 They are entirely f. with the ascendant plans and

48:6.31 you will become quite f. with the history of Satania

52:6.4 Each race must become f. with the thought of all

74:3.1 Silent were the f. broadcasts, and absent were all

76:6.1 resume life on the mansion worlds, worlds all so f. to

80:6.3 they were thoroughly f. with river life, its floods,

107:1.3 are more or less f. with their cosmic progressions

119:6.1 Now that all Salvington was f. with the preliminaries

125:6.2 astonished that Jesus was so f. with the Scriptures,

129:4.4 intellectually Jesus became wholly f. with the entire

129:4.5 Jesus not only passed through these f. periods of

130:6.2 like to know whether you are f. with these hills;

130:6.2 Now this youth was very f. with these mountains,

136:6.4 in the words of Scripture f. to his human mind:

145:2.11 people of Capernaum were f. with Jesus’ teaching,

150:7.1 Son of Man heard the f. sounds of the trumpet blast

151:3.11 memory of the truth taught when the same f. scenes

152:2.1 were all f. with these parks on the eastern shore.

155:0.1 They were f. with this camping place, having stopped

164:1.2 This lawyer was somewhat f. with Jesus’ teachings

165:1.3 Abner was very f. with the Perean district since this

166:3.6 old and f. proverb of the straight and narrow way.

172:4.3 after Jesus had surveyed these f. scenes once more,

174:5.1 If they had been Jews or near-by and f. gentiles,

185:3.6 for he was f. with the teachings of the Stoics, who

189:4.10 the Magdalene with a f. voice, saying, “Mary.”

189:5.3 Mary thought she had heard the f. voice of Jesus.

190:5.4 then may I enlighten you since I am more than f.

191:1.2 spoke to him in f. tones, saying: “Peter, the enemy

192:4.3 speaking to them in f. accents, said, “Peace be upon

familiar, not

20:9.1 You are not f. with this order of sonship because

41:4.3 You are not f. with the solar supergases, but these


82:5.6 F. breeds contempt; so, as the element of individual

143:5.4 Nalda mistook friendliness for commonplace f.,

149:4.6 should cultivate a wide range of cultural f. with life

171:7.3 Never did his f. with suffering breed indifference,


47:3.6 to f. yourself with the program which lies


66:7.6 They were also f. with such associations as family


10:5.2 Living associations, human f., social groups, or the

15:5.14 the vast majority of stellar systems and planetary f.

43:8.6 this group of ten as it co-ordinates with ten other f.,

45:6.3 both individually and as members of their f.,

45:6.8 undergo in the f. of the Material Sons and Daughters

47:2.3 Children of pre-Adjuster ages are cared for in f. of

47:2.4 they likewise grow up in the f. of the Material Sons

47:2.5 youths on the finaliter world are reared in f. of five,

47:2.5 these f. consist of children whose ages are six, eight,

47:4.7 for future rectification among the Material Son f. on

54:6.3 F., groups, nations, races, worlds, systems,

57:4.9 it lives on in the many suns and their planetary f.

61:2.2 erelong, omnivorous mammalian f. also sprang up.

61:2.4 Most of the living insect f. go back to this period,

61:2.6 The surviving members of the early reptilian f. are

61:3.13 The modern cat and dog f. increased in numbers all

61:5.7 sloths, and many groups of the cat and dog f..

62:3.9 half the tribe, embracing the more intelligent f.,

63:4.3 They were very loyal to their f.; they would die

63:4.7 the contact of the expanding f. developed friction

64:5.1 was finished, only about one hundred f. were left.

66:7.5 adopted little ones assembled from the superior f. of

69:3.9 whole f. and clans dedicated themselves to certain

70:0.2 antagonisms of the tribes, clans, f., and individuals.

70:3.3 F. became united by blood ties in clans, aggregations

70:3.11 And soon intermarriages between the f. of the chiefs

70:5.2 organization, the grouping of consanguineous f..

70:6.3 The idea of royal f. and aristocracy was based on the

72:3.1 On this continent it’s against the law for two f to live

73:5.1 were built the homes for the workers and their f.;

74:6.9 practice of some nations of permitting the royal f. to

80:7.12 many of the able and advanced f. fled to Crete,

80:7.12 the more cultured f. moved on west to Greece.

84:0.2 —only f. are continuing agencies in social evolution.

84:2.2 life of the polygamous and monogamous father-f..

84:7.1 As are the f. of the race or nation, so is its society.

84:7.1 If the f. are good, the society is likewise good.

84:7.11 The large f. among ancient peoples were not

87:7.1 The cult grew out of the traditions of “old f.” and

87:7.1 established institution; all f. have a cult of some sort.

91:0.2 would enlist the support of their friends and f.,

93:5.2 there were many f. on earth just as well prepared

93:5.2 There were equally endowed f. among the red men

95:7.2 many individual f. had their own household gods.

95:7.3 throughout Arabia were f. and clans that held on

99:4.1 puts new meaning into all group associations—f.,

111:4.7 Even f. and nations will enjoy life more if they share

114:6.11 moral training as it concerns individuals, f., groups,

122:0.2 equally favorable as bestowal f. for Michael’s

122:5.5 The f. of both Joseph and Mary were well educated

124:6.9 a lifelong friendship sprang up between the two f..

125:2.1 Five Nazareth f. were guests of the family of Simon

127:1.5 the girls of Jewish f. received little education, but

134:5.6 political sovereignty evolves by organization as f.

134:5.8 F. have, on occasion, defied their clan, while clans

134:5.9 and then by the f. and clans in relation to the tribe

138:7.4 as to what provision had been made for their f..

138:8.1 equal portions, funds for the care of dependent f.

138:9.3 satisfactory plans for the care of their respective f..

138:9.3 to worry about the financial welfare of their f..

138:10.5 4. Nathaniel watched over the needs of the f. of the

139:6.7 Nathaniel’s duty was to look after the f of the twelve

139:6.7 rest securely in the knowledge that their f.’ welfare

139:9.3 the twins carried money to the f. for Nathaniel,

139:9.11 Master was crucified, the twins returned to their f.

140:7.3 seek carefree change, or perchance visit your f..”

141:0.1 because the f. of the apostles and others of the

142:2.2 and better relations among the f. of all nations.

142:7.11 Real f. are built upon tolerance, patience, and

146:2.11 Pray for the welfare of your f., friends, and fellows,

148:0.2 one week out of each month with their f. or friends.

149:7.2 granted a two weeks’ recess to go home to their f.,

150:3.5 do not come back to communicate with their f. or

154:2.3 This week of rest enabled Jesus to visit many f. and

159:6.3 also for the support of the f. of the twelve apostles

160:0.1 Nathaniel and Thomas, went home to visit their f.

163:4.17 unwilling to pay the price of forsaking wealth and f..

165:5.3 concerning the support of yourselves or the f. you

173:1.1 directly into the hands of the ruling high-priestly f..

177:5.1 Jesus made careful inquiry about the f. of all of the

190:5.4 where it says that in him shall all the f. of the earth

194:3.15 end of special priesthoods and all belief in sacred f..

194:3.16 They had sacrificed their homes, f., friends, and

195:4.3 any of these special Christian groups, or religious f.

195:10.16 spiritually unite in loving service the numerous f. of

familynoun; see familytaxonomic; family of God;

   familyinstitution; familyadjective

4:4.5 relationship of Creator to his universe creature f..

5:4.3 to the service of the universe f. of fellow beings,

6:8.1 all of us, high and low, constitute their universal f..

7:5.1 bestowal projects of the Eternal Son and his vast f.

8:1.11 enlarging this concept to embrace the f. as a whole.

8:4.8 loving ministry of the lower orders of the creature f.

9:8.14 The functional f. of the Third Source and Center,

9:8.25 The spirit personalities of the vast f. of the Divine

10:2.1 relations of loving association with this vast f. of

12:1.12 nowhere do their boundaries divide a nebular f.,

12:7.8 individual as an individual child in the heavenly f..

12:7.9 illuminating each member of the celestial f.,

12:7.10 love for the individual brings into being the divine f.

14:0.1 This central planetary f. is called Havona and is

14:6.11 as the eternal home of Deity and the divine f..

14:6.12 proof of the partnership effectiveness of the divine f.

15:3.10 3. The rotation of the Andronover stellar f. and the

15:9.18 the recognized spiritual f. of the supergovernment.

15:9.18 into the associated creations of the superuniverse f..

15:10.22 other members of the vast f. of the Infinite Spirit.

15:14.9 you belong to a well-nigh infinite f. of worlds, but

17:0.1 Although all are classed among the functional f. of

17:3.6 personalities belonging to the f. of the Infinite Spirit.

17:8.1 the nucleus of the functional f. of the Third Source

17:8.2 the vast creature f. of the Third Source and Center.

19:5.10 none of the celestial f. have ever been conscious of

25:0.1 Ranking intermediately in the f. of the Infinite Spirit

30:1.70 C. The F. of the Infinite Spirit.

30:2.1 The divine f. of living beings is registered on Uversa

30:4.10 all types of ascenders fraternize as one morontia f.

33:3.7 and minister to, their f. of sons and daughters.

33:3.7 their sons and daughters—a grand and glorious f.

33:4.1 creation of their versatile f. of sons and daughters,

35:2.3 the responsibility, of the eldest son in a large f..

36:0.1 the most interesting and versatile of the diverse f. of

36:1.1 Though the Life Carriers belong to the f. of divine

36:2.13 Even in a uniform life series in a single f. of worlds,

37:8.1 certain of the higher-origin spirit beings of the f. of

37:8.1 Of the higher spirit orders of the f. of the Infinite

40:6.3 mortal beings belonging to the divine f. and

40:10.14 recognize your place in the f. of divine sonship and

42:7.9 The next thirty electrons constitute the second f.,

45:5.2 each f. of Material Sons and Daughters lives on an

46:8.1 the readmission of Satania into the constellation f..

46:8.2 the readmission of isolated worlds into the system f.

54:5.4 visiting punishment upon an erring member of his f..

54:5.5 4. While wrongdoing is always deleterious to a f.,

54:6.3 If an affectionate father of a large f. chooses to show

54:6.3 Each member of a f. profits by the righteous conduct

54:6.4 consequences of the sin of some member of your f.,

55:2.4 When the f., friends, and working group of such a

55:3.10 to intervene between the ages of a f. of children.

55:6.1 while no less independent and devoted to his f.,

55:8.7 the unqualified rulers of the newly perfected f. of

57:4.8 from the last of the Andronover second solar f..

57:4.9 moderate light and heat to its remnant planetary f. of

57:5.3 Monmatia, being the name of your sun’s planetary f.,

57:5.13 your sun add to its metamorphosing planetary f.

57:5.13 gravity field of Angona, its tributary planetary f.

62:4.2 they fled from the tribe, going west to raise their f.


63:2.1 the fear of displeasing their father and immediate f..

63:3.0 3. ANDON’S FAMILY

63:3.2 The f. was domiciled in four adjoining rock shelters,

63:3.6 This f. of Andon and Fonta held together until the

64:5.2 to produce a f. of unusually intelligent children.

64:5.2 This was the Sangik f., the ancestors of all of the six

64:6.1 emergence of all six races on Urantia, and in one f.,

64:7.1 When the colored descendants of the Sangik f. began

65:4.7 appearance of the Sangik mutants in a single f..

65:4.7 six colored races sprang from the same human f..

66:7.4 definite order of family life and the living of one f.

68:6.6 The size of the f. has always been influenced by the

68:6.6 The higher the standard the smaller the f.,

69:3.9 due to the exaltation of a f. of expert swordmakers.

69:9.6 the funeral was held up until the f. donated a large

69:9.9 property inherited by the surviving f. or by the tribe.

70:10.11 to be decreed and administered by the f. wronged.

70:10.13 Justice was thus first meted out by the f., then by the

72:3.3 The average number of children in each f. is five,

72:3.3 honor for any f. to be awarded the guardianship of

72:3.6 (comparable to Urantia pastors), who visit each f.

72:12.4 their sister sphere in the Satania f. has benefited by

73:6.7 Adam and his f. were not permitted to carry the

73:7.3 uplift and blending until his own f. had numbered

74:6.1 Before the size of the Adamic f. outgrew these early

74:6.2 When Adam and Eve left the Garden, their f.

76:3.7 Adam and his f. subsisted on fruits, cereals, and nuts.

77:5.6 Adamson and Ratta had a f. of sixty-seven children.

78:7.5 only Noah and his immediate f. were saved in their

79:8.9 is the value that such an attitude places upon the f..

79:8.9 of the paramount position accorded the f.,

79:8.9 dependent on the effective functioning of the f.;

79:8.9 and in China the f. attained a social importance,

79:8.15 the transition from mother- to father-f.,

82:0.2 child learns most of the essentials of life from his f.

82:3.6 in hunting, fighting, and ability to provide for a f..

82:3.6 The groom was long required to enter the bride’s f.

82:3.8 of a dead son with a dead daughter of another f..

82:5.3 to keep the knowledge of their craft within the f..

83:3.4 father; if not, the children belonged to the wife’s f..

83:5.2 five brothers of one f. would marry five sisters of

83:5.14 it required an assembly of wives to recruit a large f..

84:1.6 A f. of some simple sort was insured by the fact that


84:2.5 The transition from the mother-family to the father-f.


84:7.8 The Edenic ideal, the whole f. as gardeners, was a

84:7.9 Woman always wanted the individual f., eventually

84:7.29 In an ideal f. filial and parental affection are both

84:7.30 But even more, a true f.—a good f.—reveals to the

87:5.7 complimentary remarks regarding oneself or f.

92:6.20 to Shinto—worship of the state in the imperial f..

93:3.5 The members of the f. of Katro, with whom

93:3.5 higher truths and long perpetuated them in their f.,

93:5.2 the desire to establish contact with some human f.

93:5.4 Terah and his whole f. were halfhearted converts

93:5.10 Upon returning with his f. to Salem, Abraham began

94:7.4 Godad was descended through a f. that had never

95:5.1 a woman of the royal f. espoused the Melchizedek

95:5.3 joint gift of the Hebrew race and Egyptian royal f.;

95:5.11 more and more the f. of gods contracted.

96:3.1 Moses’ mother was of the royal f. of Egypt; his

98:1.2 the evolution of the Greek f. of gods and goddesses.

98:1.4 had a patriotic and racial feeling for Zeus and his f.

122:0.1 especially as to just why the f. of Joseph and Mary

122:0.2 dispatched the F. Commission of Twelve—selected

122:1.1 Jesus’ f. belonged to a long and illustrious line of the

122:5.1 after the economic condition of his f. had been

122:5.10 The larger part of Joseph’s f. became believers in the

122:5.10 but Mary and her f., especially her father, held to the

122:6.1 Jesus’ f. dwelt in the outskirts of the city, and this

122:6.3 In later years, as the f. grew in size, they would all

122:7.2 —Joseph was authorized to register for his f.—but

122:10.1 Knowing Herod pursued the Nazareth f., Zacharias

122:10.3 intrigue and murder, even in his own immediate f.,

122:10.4 Jesus lodged with well-to-do relatives of Joseph’s f..

123:0.1 they had arrived safely in Alexandria, where the f.

123:0.1 Joseph was able to support his f. as he secured

123:0.3 wish the Nazareth f. well and to pay their respects to

123:1.1 that neither the f. of Joseph nor that of Mary knew

123:1.1 The next day Joseph’s brother moved his f.,

123:1.1 settled down with her little f. to enjoy life in their

123:1.5 The next important event in the life of this Nazareth f

123:2.4 very comfortable crib in which to nestle while the f.

123:3.1 the possession of one of them by the carpenter’s f.

123:3.4 and their son John came to visit the Nazareth f..

123:3.7 death, did the Nazareth f. feel the pinch of poverty.

123:3.7 The f. grew larger and larger, and they spent much

123:3.9 to the welfare and tranquillity of the entire f..

123:4.9 The fourth member of the Nazareth f., Joseph, was

123:6.5 harpist and greatly enjoyed entertaining f. and friends

124:1.13 and more generous understanding of his own f.,

124:1.13 sought to adapt himself to the practices of his f..

124:3.10 how he was to carry out his obligations to his f.

124:4.1 a very unusual arrangement to obtain in a Jewish f.

124:4.1 wisdom of keeping such matters a secret in the f..

124:4.9 personal convictions and duty toward one’s f.,

124:5.2 Jesus had a sizable f. of small children left to his

124:5.4 a great day in the life of any ambitious Jewish f.,

124:5.6 responsibility for support and direction of a large f.,

124:5.6 had a larger and longer experience rearing this f.

124:5.6 effective teacher and eldest brother to this f.—his f.

124:6.1 Joseph and his f. would have enjoyed going down

124:6.9 Joseph and his f. had stopped near the house of

124:6.9 They invited the Nazareth f. in for refreshment,

124:6.16 even ere the heavy responsibilities of the Nazareth f.

124:6.18 the desires of his parents and his obligations to his f.

125:2.1 Five Nazareth families were guests of the f. of Simon

125:4.1 arriving just as Simon’s f. made ready to partake of

125:4.2 where they had lodged as a f. during the Passover

125:6.12 earthly father and to the usages of his f. in the flesh.

126:1.6 The improved economic condition of the Nazareth f.

126:1.7 The prospects of the f. seemed good; the future was

126:2.2 and comfort of this so suddenly bereaved f..

126:2.2 attendant upon becoming the head of a human f.,

126:2.5 care of his f. and the preparation to do his Father’s

126:2.7 The economic affairs of the f. continued to run

126:3.1 taken a firm grasp upon the management of his f..

126:3.2 Ruth, the baby of the f., was born, and to the best of

126:3.2 equally good father to all the other members of his f..

126:3.4 gave up the idea of having each member of the f.

126:3.5 the watchcare of his father’s f. must take precedence

126:3.5 the support of his f. must become his first obligation.

126:3.11 after embarking on his life mission, to his f.?

126:5.1 Gradually Jesus and his f. returned to the simple life

126:5.8 shop, where he was near to help Mary with the f..

126:5.9 And the rigorous experience of supporting his f. was

126:5.10 within his power to adjust himself and his f. to the

126:5.11 given serious thought to this plan of moving his f.

126:5.11 characterized the home life of this Nazareth f..

127:0.1 found himself head and sole support of a large f..

127:1.7 made up his mind that he would, after rearing his f.

127:1.8 Jesus was a real though youthful father to the f.;

127:1.8 at the carpenter’s bench earning a living for the f.

127:2.5 came forward agreeing to support Jesus’ f. if he

127:2.7 His f. was in a turmoil, his youthful friends in

127:2.8 plea, maintaining that his first duty was to his f.,

127:2.8 loyalty to a dead father forbade his leaving the f.

127:2.8 able to discharge faithfully his obligation to his f..

127:2.8 Nazareth well knew he was a good father to his f.,

127:2.9 were old enough to assume responsibility for the f.,

127:2.9 you will have not just one leader from Joseph’s f.,

127:3.2 assume responsibility for the f. so that Jesus could

127:3.4 over this household as the head of the Passover f.,

127:3.7 with James’s help, continued to provide for the f..

127:3.11 Elizabeth and John came to visit the Nazareth f..

127:3.11 not know the Nazareth f. was practically penniless.

127:3.12 to occupy many years with the rearing of his f.;

127:3.13 death for the second time struck at this Nazareth f..

127:3.13 Mary recognized Jesus as the real head of the f.;

127:4.1 devoted to the support and upbringing of their f. of

127:4.2 and everything relating to the welfare of the f..

127:4.4 personal consideration endeared Jesus to all his f..

127:4.5 But nonresistance was not a rule of the f..

127:4.8 so comely as Miriam, who was the belle of the f.,

127:5.1 son, now become the indispensable head of the f.?

127:5.2 dread of losing the head and sole support of her f.;

127:5.2 would gladly supply the f. with sufficient income

127:5.3 of his obligation personally to rear his father’s f.,

127:5.5 his paramount duty was the rearing of his father’s f.,

127:6.3 Next to his own f. he loved these three most of all.

127:6.7 introduce this new idea of the Passover in their f..

127:6.12 of guiding and directing the children of his earth f..

128:1.7 life just as all others of the human f. may live theirs,

128:1.13 hands to provide the necessities of life for his f.,

128:1.14 exhibit any degree of partiality in dealing with his f..

128:2.4 just past eighteen years old, as acting head of the f.

128:2.4 of obedience to James from each member of the f..

128:2.4 assumed full financial responsibility for the f.,

128:2.4 Jesus had begun the slow process of weaning his f.

128:2.7 withdrawal from participation in the affairs of his f..

128:2.7 had two years’ experience as acting head of the f.

128:3.3 not feel justified in going so far away from his f.

128:3.7 Simon kept the f. up late that night relating his

128:3.8 Jesus’ f. never could comprehend his great interest in

128:3.9 More and more the Nazareth f. became engrossed

128:4.4 Jesus never spoke about this offer to his f.,

128:4.7 to bring any undue influence to bear upon his f. or

128:4.8 over his earnings to James for the support of the f.,

128:5.7 have a chance to serve as the acting head of the f..

128:6.1 year began with the Nazareth f. all in good health

128:6.8 Jesus did not tell the f. about his brother’s arrest

128:6.8 After this talk with Jesus Jude himself told the f..

128:6.9 Jesus attended with any member of his own f..

128:7.4 loving counsel of Jesus prevented a break in the f.;

128:7.5 about completed the difficult task of weaning his f.

128:7.8 time this year with the individual members of his f..

128:7.11 Joseph was installed by Jesus as head of the f..

128:7.13 assume full financial responsibility for the f., thus

128:7.13 was so arranged that the actual expenses of the f.

128:7.13 which may befall any individual member of the f..

129:0.1 the management of the domestic affairs of the f.

129:0.2 Jesus naturally loved his people; he loved his f.,

129:0.2 and since Jesus had given himself so fully to his f.,

129:0.3 All the f. had slowly awakened to the realization that

129:1.1 Jesus took unceremonious leave of his f., explaining

129:1.7 This officer belonged to a wealthy Roman f.,

129:1.10 The Zebedee f. almost worshiped Jesus, and they

129:2.1 money, which each month he would send to the f. at

129:2.2 When Jesus took leave of Zebedee’s f., he agreed to

129:2.3 matter of sending some money to the f. each month

129:2.3 I will watch over your f. even as I would foster my

129:2.4 in property and use the income for assisting the f.

129:2.4 sent up to John to be used as needed by the f.,

129:2.5 When the f. heard that Jesus had departed from

129:2.5 assumed full responsibility for the care of the f..

129:2.8 Jerusalem from Capernaum, Zebedee and his entire f.

129:2.8 where they celebrated the Passover as one happy f..

129:2.9 Jesus told him about his f. and that it was hardly

129:2.9 funds to his friends for the safeguarding of his f.

129:2.10 the f. at Nazareth had just about given him up as

129:2.11 During this time the Nazareth f. got along very well;

129:3.3 which he never revealed to any member of his f.

129:3.3 His own f. inclined to the belief that he was in

129:3.4 Jesus did nothing to change the opinion of his f. that

130:0.7 Jesus, pleading the necessity for returning to his f. in

132:6.2 eldest boy so that he could help in the care of the f..

133:3.1 to be very fond of Crispus, his wife, and their f. of

133:3.2 Crispus with his entire f. embraced the new religion,

134:1.1 Capernaum, where he paused to call on Zebedee’s f..

134:1.2 His f. always believed that he spent this time in study

134:1.3 Jesus visited with his f. and friends, spent some time

134:1.4 they all regarded James as the head of the f. in most

134:1.5 Jesus visited with the individual members of his f.

134:1.6 Joseph and his f. moved into the old Nazareth

134:2.2 had an interesting experience with his caravan f.

134:2.5 But Jesus never again lived with his f.;

135:0.3 with his parents, to Jesus and the Nazareth f..

135:1.1 the f. proceeded to Jerusalem, where, before the

135:2.1 forbade contact with the dead, even in one’s own f..

135:4.1 regarding contact with the dead, even in one’s own f.

137:1.7 apostle was employed to distinguish the chosen f. of

137:3.2 Jesus told Joseph and other members of Jesus’ f.

137:3.2 And these members of Jesus’ f. talked all this over,

137:3.7 Not since he was thirteen years old had Jesus’ f.

137:4.3 he recognized that his f. and his six disciple-apostles

137:5.1 Jesus’ f. and all his friends in Cana were much

137:7.1 Owing to sickness in his f., Jude seldom was able

138:0.1 of an ever-widening gulf between Jesus and his f..

138:0.2 Until after the resurrection, Jesus’ entire f. had little

138:0.2 understanding appreciation save in his own f..

138:1.4 Joseph and Simon and other members of his f. living

138:1.4 will, to retain the confidence and affection of his f..

138:3.2 Matthew wished to give a dinner to his f. and friends

138:3.4 The Levi f. had long been engaged in business and

138:4.3 the twin brothers were received into the apostolic f..

138:9.2 of public inactivity was a great trial to Jesus’ f..

138:9.2 his entire f. (except Ruth) had practically deserted

138:10.5 reports as to the requirements of each apostle’s f.

139:1.1 Andrew was the oldest child in a f. of five—himself,

139:4.1 the agent of Jesus in dealing with the Master’s f.,

139:4.5 John was the youngest member of his father’s f. and

139:4.9 made provision for the care of his mother and f..

139:5.4 Philip came from a f. of seven, three boys and four

139:5.4 and after the resurrection Philip baptized his entire f.

139:5.4 but Philip’s mother was of a very mediocre f..

139:5.4 The commissary department of the apostolic f.

139:6.2 Nathaniel was youngest of a f. of seven, unmarried,

139:6.3 Nathaniel was very proud of his f., his reputation,

139:7.1 Matthew belonged to a f. of tax gatherers, but was

139:11.1 an able man of good ancestry and lived with his f. at

139:12.2 and the only Judean in the Master’s apostolic f..

140:6.13 that we should live together as one understanding f..

140:8.14 Jesus did not hesitate to give up his f. when the

140:8.14 when the f. ran counter to the Father’s will.

141:0.2 none of my father Joseph’s f. have remembered to

141:0.2 Other members of his f. were kept away by pride,

142:2.2 father not only loves his f. as a whole—as a f.—but

142:2.2 —but he also truly loves and affectionately cares for

142:5.2 anxiety or suspense regarding his status in the f.

142:7.17 teaching you as spiritual children in the spirit f. of

145:0.3 Ruth was the only member of Jesus’ f. who

145:0.3 the chief comfort of Jesus, as regards his earth f.,

145:2.4 while a kindhearted father loves his f. as a whole,

145:2.4 he so regards them as a group because of his strong

145:2.4 affection for each individual member of that f..

145:2.8 the individual member of any f. must often suffer the

146:3.4 you have entered into the kingdom f. of the Father,

146:5.2 with a whole heart, and all his f. also believed.

147:0.2 believers among Herod’s official f. that had helped

147:2.1 their common funds in the bank of a friend of his f.

147:6.2 attached themselves to Jesus’ f. of followers,

148:0.1 greatly enlarged to accommodate the growing f. of

148:0.4 Jesus’ f. spent most of this time at either Cana or

148:0.5 of common interests, as was the apostolic f..

149:6.8 high and mighty king; this kingdom is a divine f..

150:4.3 When all of a f. receive the gospel of the kingdom,

150:4.3 when some of the f. enter the kingdom and others

150:4.3 Labor earnestly to save the whole f. lest a man’s

150:4.3 when you have done your utmost for all of every f.

150:7.4 to remember his early devotion to his father’s f.,

150:7.4 The attitude of Jesus’ f. toward him had also

152:1.2 called the f. together and explained that the maiden

152:5.6 king-craving proclivities of Jesus’ immediate f. of

154:0.2 One of Herod’s official f., Chuza, whose wife

154:2.4 supernatural ministration to any member of his f.

154:5.1 Rachel hastened word to all of Jesus’ f. who dwelt


154:6.1 when five members of Jesus’ earth f. arrived on

154:6.1 Of all his f. in the flesh, only one, Ruth, believed

154:6.1 disgrace could come upon the entire f. as a result

154:6.1 Mary insisted that he had always treated his f. fairly

154:6.2 his f. allowed matters to drift along, but now that

154:6.3 bring only trouble to himself and dishonor upon his f.

154:6.5 his earth f. could not comprehend that he must be

154:6.5 neither shall any harm come upon my f..

154:6.9 Jesus did not forsake his earth f. to do his Father’s

154:6.10 it was in the human mind of Jesus to see his f.

154:6.11 all this explains why Jesus did not see his f. waiting

154:7.5 Jesus’ f. returned to their home in Capernaum and

157:0.1 August 7, for the purpose of meeting his f..

157:0.1 the presence of the entire Nazareth f.—Mary and all

157:0.1 noting the tension and nervousness of the entire f.,

157:0.1 effectively prevented any of the f. from attempting

157:0.2 and therefore he made no attempt to visit his f..

157:0.2 through no fault of either, Jesus and his earth f. failed

159:1.4 king looked upon this negligent servant and his f.,

160:2.4 The most effective of all social groups is the f.,

163:2.3 go to my home for a short while to comfort my f..”

163:3.3 who desire to live with me as you do and as one f..

164:3.8 pool of Siloam, he returned to his friends and f.,

165:4.7 to providing the physical necessities for one’s f.,

165:6.2 the true and tried servant over the affairs of his f.,

165:6.3 where two members of a f. believe in me and three

167:5.1 have the faith to receive sonship in the divine f..

168:0.12 their mourning, for they were real friends of the f..

168:3.7 taking leave of the Bethany f., they started on their

170:2.12 king, and subjects, the concept of the heavenly f.,

170:3.9 being a member of the f. of believers leads

170:5.17 individual believer in the Father’s f. of the kingdom.

171:8.1 while Jesus taught Zaccheus and his f. the gospel of

172:0.2 the Bethany f.—Lazarus, Martha, and Mary—

172:5.13 A prominent Sadducee (a friend of Judas’s f.)

177:2.1 understand his parents and other members of his f.

177:2.5 the f. represents to the young child all that he can

177:3.3 the mother of Jesus and every member of his f..

177:3.4 the word that his mother and Jesus’ entire f. were on

177:3.4 David told no one, therefore, that Jesus’ f. was on

177:4.2 certain Sadducean friends of his father’s f. that he

177:5.1 his youngest sister, or other members of his f..

177:5.6 Jesus would ever sleep through with his chosen f. on

179:0.4 while Jesus lingered behind to talk with the Mark f..

181:2.2 so to act in many matters concerning my earthly f..

181:2.3 I may leave any message with you regarding my f..

182:2.11 said to Jesus: “You know, Master, I sent for your f.,

182:3.9 Jesus was isolated from his f. in the flesh;

183:4.5 then relayed to the hiding apostles and to Jesus’ f..

183:4.7 breathless and in advance of the rest of Jesus’ f.,

183:4.7 David Zebedee sent word to Jesus’ f., by Jude,

183:4.8 apostles, the chief disciples,and the earthly f. of Jesus

185:3.4 my kingdom is the f. of the faith sons of my Father

186:0.1 Bethany, where the entire f. of Jesus was assembled

186:0.2 But the f. of Jesus did not reach Bethany until just

186:0.3 sister Ruth refused to remain with the rest of the f..

186:0.3 The rest of the Master’s f. remained in Bethany

186:3.3 to the apostles, the Greeks, and Jesus’ earthly f.,

187:1.10 returned home, he led his f. into the kingdom.

187:6.1 the mother of Jesus stopped with the rest of her f..

188:3.3 returned to Bethany to join their f. this Saturday

190:1.9 went out to Bethany to join the waiting f. of Jesus.

190:1.10 James, Jesus’ eldest brother, remained with his f. in

190:1.10 The rest of Jesus’ f. returned to Galilee.

190:2.2 The whole f. was startled and well-nigh confounded

190:2.2 Mary excitedly relating to the f. her experiences of

190:2.6 when he appeared visibly before his earthly f. and

190:3.1 recently happened while Mary was with Jesus’ f.

190:4.2 Already the Master has appeared to his f.,

192:0.1 Since Jesus appeared only to his f. of believers,

193:1.2 Your brother, being of your own f., you will not

194:3.15 bestowed upon the members of Jesus’ earthly f..


49:2.17 have a group of diminutive mammals (the bat f.)

59:4.3 of all was the sudden appearance of the fish f..

59:4.9 years ago witnessed the appearance of the fish f.,

59:4.10 The forerunners of the fish f. were two modified

59:4.13 Now, and suddenly, the prolific fern f. appeared

60:2.9 Marked changes occurred in the fish f., a sturgeon

60:2.9 they threatened the destruction of the entire fish f..

60:3.19 Suddenly and without previous gradation, the f. of

60:3.20 increase was due to the appearance of the grass f.

61:2.5 with the dinosaur f. on the decline, the mammals

61:2.6 occurred in the various branches of the saurian f..

61:2.7 In Europe the ancestor of the canine f. evolved,

61:2.7 very little change having since occurred in this f..

61:2.9 While the rhinoceros f. appeared at the close of this

61:2.10 While this f. cannot be regarded as true lemurs,

61:3.4 rhinoceroses, and many varieties of the cat f..

61:3.10 soon destroyed by the rapidly increasing cat f..

61:3.13 The dog f. was represented by several groups,

61:4.4 The cat f. dominated the animal life, and marine life

62:3.5 the larger species of the cat f., lions and tigers, had

62:4.2 and immediate animal ancestors of the human f. itself

63:4.6 word of Urantia, the tongue of the early human f.,

65:2.5 specimens, together with the later appearing fish f.,

65:2.6 From this fish f. there sprang two modifications,

65:2.8 The frogs gave rise to the Reptilia, a great animal f.

65:2.8 gave origin to the whole bird f. and the numerous

65:2.10 kingdom of reptiles, descended from the frog f.,

65:2.10 and turtles; one partially progressive, the bird f.,

65:2.12 and seals, and into air navigators like the bat f..

family of God

3:2.9 We are all a part of the f., and we must therefore

134:4.1 The f. is derived from the love of God—God is love.

170:2.24 Among others, he used: the f., the Father’s will,

170:3.3 Faith is the price you pay for entrance into the f.;

familythe institution; see family life; see father-family;

   see mother-family

33:3.6 This is, in deed and in truth, the high ideal of the f.

47:4.7 planetary experiences pertaining to f. association,

52:2.8 The growth of the f. idea is incompatible with the

62:2.3 quite tender in f. associations, possessing a sense

66:7.6 familiarized with such associations as f. groups,

68:2.8 of lasting value in civilization has its roots in the f..

68:2.8 The f. was the first successful peace group, the man

69:5.5 2. Love of f.—desire to provide for their wants.

69:6.3 The early home was not a building but the f gathered

69:9.3 1. The f..

69:9.7 the community, and the mother dominated the f..

70:3.1 The evolving f. displaced the horde in child rearing,

70:3.1 clans and tribes took its place as the social unit.

70:3.2 Sex hunger and mother love establish the f..

70:4.1 The first peace group was the f., then the clan, tribe,

70:6.3 The f. had a biologic head; the clan, a selected leader

70:9.6 4. Sex control—marriage, the f. institution.

84:7.29 every proposal and regulation of a f. nature.

82:0.2 survival of civilization, the f. is the master civilizer.

82:0.3 f. as an educational institution must be maintained.

83:0.2 forever safeguards marriage and the resultant f.

83:1.4 The f., which grows out of marriage, is itself a

83:1.4 The human f. is a distinctly human institution,

83:8.8 In concept, at least, the f. is becoming a loyal

84:0.2 The f. is the channel through which the river of

84:1.9 man and a woman, co-operating, even aside from f.

84:2.2 The primitive f., growing out of the instinctive blood

84:6.8 The f. is vitally linked to the mechanism of self-

84:6.8 it is the sole hope of race perpetuation under the

84:6.8 it most effectively provides certain highly satisfactory

84:6.8 The f. is man’s greatest purely human achievement,

84:6.8 combining as it does the evolution of the biologic

84:7.1 and the f. thus automatically comes into existence.

84:7.3 chivalry, stabilize the institutions of marriage and f.

84:7.8 The Edenic ideal, the whole f. as gardeners, was a

84:7.9 The early f. embraced a related working group,

84:7.9 Woman always wanted the individual f.,

84:7.28 The f. provides for the biologic perpetuation of the

84:7.28 The f. is the fundamental unit of fraternity in

92:3.7 capital; religion has not always been helpful to the f.;

134:5.5 and natural organization of political power—the f.

134:5.8 the evolution of political sovereignty from the f. to

134:5.9 first by the individual within the f. and then by the

140:8.14 f. occupied the very center of Jesus’ philosophy

140:8.14 Jesus based his teachings about God on the f.,

140:8.14 to the fact that the f. is a temporal institution;


142:7.4 Master discoursed at some length on the earthly f.

142:7.4 as an illustration of the heavenly f., restating the

142:7.4 commandment of love for the father, head of the f.

142:7.5 Jesus stated that a true f. is founded on the following

142:7.6 mortal likenesses are bound up in the f.: Children

142:7.12 The f. continues from one generation to another.

142:7.12 an individual life but not necessarily the f..

142:7.17 Will you not allow me to use the earth f. as an

177:2.5 the f. represents to the young child all that he can


family adventure

84:2.7 led to greater social expression and increased f..

family affair(s)

83:5.3 was customarily a f., one wife for several brothers.

83:5.4 This was a relic of the time when marriage was a f.

98:6.1 it was more of a f., city-state, and imperial affair.

128:2.6 he did not again assume the personal direction of f.

128:7.3 All this year the f. ran smoothly except for Jude.

139:4.2 John was so closely associated with Jesus in his f.,

family affection

193:1.2 you will not only love with a f., but you will serve

family altar

126:3.3 In a way it was an evolution of the f.;

family animals

78:7.5 that the f. be put on board each night as the flood

family associations

62:2.3 tender in f., possessing a sense of self-abasement

family authority

70:6.2 Rulership grew out of the idea of f. or wealth.

71:1.23 a valuable transition from f. to state authority.

family basis

188:5.1 all relations between God and man upon the f..

family burying grounds

69:9.14 granted by tribes to individuals were graves—f..

family circle

5:6.9 of being which constitutes the vast and universal f.

Family Commission of Twelve

122:0.2 Gabriel appointed and dispatched to Urantia the F.

family conduct

170:3.9 inevitably to the practice of the precepts of the f.,

family conference(s)

128:2.2 As a result of several f. it was decided that it was

128:2.4 Jesus held one of his periodic f. and solemnly

134:1.6 Jesus called a f. at which he proposed that his

family co-operation

123:3.9 impulses to the demands of f. and home discipline.


84:7.29 generally return to the f. practices of the Andites.

family cow

123:5.15 This year Jesus learned to milk the f. and care for

family crests

69:9.13 by family insignia, and this is the early origin of f..

family devotion

121:3.10 the f. and natural affection of the Jews transcended

127:5.3 father was deeply touched by Jesus’ words of f. and

family discipline

3:2.9 family of God, and we must sometimes share in the f.

76:2.8 Cain had been defiant of the f. and disdainful of

84:7.25 The olden ideas of f. were biologic, growing out of

family expenditures

128:2.6 James’s management of f. and his administration

family failure

139:4.9 deeply sympathized with Jesus because of his f.’

family fellowship

170:2.24 once spoke of such an experience as “f. with God

family feuds

63:4.8 F. increased, tribal wars broke out, and serious

family finances

128:6.3 The f. were in the best condition since the

129:0.1 Jesus continued to contribute to the f. and to take

family funds

126:3.12 the end of this year Mary saw the f. diminishing.

family garden

126:5.10 of their home, which was divided up as a f. plot.

family gods

98:3.1 worship of the f. into the tribal reverence for Mars,

family government

84:7.29 not maintain the patriarchal or autocratic form of f..

84:7.29 Andites were ideally fraternal in all their f..

family grounds

74:6.1 The Adamic f. embraced a little over five square

family-group or family group

43:8.12 association of a morontia mortal with a univitatia f.

50:4.6 Individual instruction in connection with f. teaching,

54:6.3 a loving parent and of being a member of a f..

79:8.10 of superior family relationships and of enduring f.,

81:3.2 trade, social communities were tribal—expanded f..

81:6.17 illustrated by the indulgence in “baby talk” in a f..

84:7.1 the Chinese peoples lies in the strength of their f..

122:2.1 of the more prosperous branch of the same large f.

134:5.6 Starting out with parental power in the f., political

195:10.14 the kingdom may well include these f. of various

family health problems

72:7.2 individual and f. are matters of personal concern only

family hearth

69:6.3 but the family gathered about the fire, the f..

69:6.3 found a new home, he carried a firebrand from the f..

94:1.1 as a priestess, and the f. was still utilized as an altar.

98:3.3 The Greeks long worshiped the fire of the f.—Hestia

family hut(s)

81:2.15 man adapted wood and stone to the creation of f..

87:1.3 the sick man was usually removed from the f.,

family income

123:3.7 Before the year was over, the f. had trebled.

family insignia

69:9.13 Private property was early marked by f., and this is

family institution

70:9.6 4. Sex control—marriage, the f. institution.

family kingdom

194:4.6 not a fellowship of brothers in the f. of the Father

family landmarks

69:9.13 Hebrews had great respect for these f.: “Cursed be

family life

49:4.4 multiple births being the exception, and the f. is

52:2.6 of the prince’s epoch is the emergence of f..

52:2.7 gives way to the dual concept of national life and f..

66:7.4 The definite order of f. and the living of one family

68:2.9 the pleasures of marriage and the satisfactions of f..

69:1.4 safeguards of the home and the school, of f., ethics

69:5.10 traffic hindered the development of f. and polluted

79:8.3 a well-developed f. equaled the birth of ancestor

82:0.1 while the f. is the sum total resulting from all such

83:5.2 of marriage had to intervene in the unfolding of f.

83:5.2 F. slowly and surely developed because sex and

83:7.6 that continuous intimacy which is inescapable in all f.

83:8.6 the exacting demands of the interassociations of f.;

83:8.7 dreams are the visualization of the future goal of f..

83:8.7 the commonplace requirements of marriage and f..


84:3.1 a new system of mores, the patriarchal type of f.;


84:7.2 woman the interested party in promoting primitive f..

84:7.8 F. was not much to boast of before the days of the

84:7.9 Marriage and f. have not always been identical but

84:7.25 The advancing ideals of f. are leading to the concept

84:7.27 F. has become more and more costly, while children

84:7.28 Marriage, with children and consequent f., is

84:7.30 F. is the progenitor of true morality, the ancestor of

84:7.30 enforced associations of f. stabilize personality and

84:8.1 The great threat against f. is the menacing rising tide

84:8.2 leveled at the social evolutionary institution of f.,

84:8.6 decadence of f., and the destruction of the home—

95:5.8 The f. of Egypt did much to preserve and augment

95:5.8 the inspiration of the later superb f. of the Jews in

99:4.2 religion is the great unifier of f., provided it is a

99:4.2 F. cannot be had without children; it can be lived

99:4.2 the early decades of the twentieth century, f., next

99:4.7 changing of f., together with urbanization and

99:6.2 to glorify the potentials of f.; to promote religious

120:3.3 give precedence to the accepted customs of f. as you

120:3.3 Live your f. and community life in accordance with

122:0.2 the task of making an investigation of Jewish f..

133:3.1 enjoyed observing how a Jew conducted his f..

133:3.2 While Ganid studied f., Jesus was teaching Crispus

140:8.14 Jesus exalted f. as the highest human duty but

142:7.5 the discussion of the fundamental characteristics of f.

142:7.13 discussed the application of these features of f.

160:2.6 I do not hesitate thus to glorify f., for your Master

family love

196:0.7 loyalties—personal honor, f., religious obligation,

family loyalty

79:8.10 The filial devotion and f. exacted by the growing cult

79:8.16 have never excelled the Chinese in f., group ethics,

125:6.12 his dedication to duty to his obligations of f. and

family matter

72:3.5 Religion is so entirely a f. among these people that

83:2.1 Marriage was originally a group affair; then a f.;

family meeting

134:9.1 Jesus had a f. in Capernaum over the Sabbath

family mistakes

145:2.8 must often suffer the material consequences of f.

family morality

2:6.2 that touching level of intimate f. of the parent-child

family nature

84:7.29 discussing every proposal and regulation of a f..

family necessities

128:7.13 Apply my funds to the f. or pleasures as you see

family obligations

124:4.9 harmonious blending of personal convictions and f.

family organization

33:3.6 becomes the transcendent pattern for the f. and

71:1.7 4. Practical f.. These red men clung to the mother-

family petition(s)

126:3.4 prayer that became from that time on the standard f..

144:3.16 never taught a formal personal prayer, only f.,

family picture

84:7.24 parents are absent from the f. so much of the time.

family pleasures

128:7.13 Apply my funds to the f. necessities or pleasures

family practices

84:7.29 return to the f.-council practices of the Andites.

family prayers

124:4.8 modify their practice of religious forms, such as f.

family pride

84:7.15 4. F. pride required extension of name.

126:0.2 sunshine of maternal delusion and unrecognized f.

154:6.1 between love and fear, between mother love and f.

family problems

72:7.2 f. health problems are matters of personal concern

127:3.2 talked over many of their problems, personal, f.,

family property

84:3.7 bearer, carrying the f. and tending the children,

127:3.1 f., except the home and garden, was disposed of.

family quarantine

84:4.8 was subjected to complete f. and social quarantine

family regulations

123:3.9 willingly co-operative with parental wishes and f..

family relations

8:1.11 of the child will be able to adjust to the concept of f.,

family relationship(s)

4:4.5 in all his vast f. with the creatures of time the God of

79:8.10 worship insured the building up of superior f.

103:4.4 not a legitimate part of such an intimate f. are

120:3.3 2. As concerns f., give precedence to the accepted

140:8.14 that f. must not interfere with religious obligations.

142:7.4 when it is presented in terms expressive of the f.

family religions

98:4.1 having lost their primitive f. and state religions

family rendezvous

74:1.5 The children spent some time together at the f.

family responsibility or responsibilities

126:3.5 F. had quite effectively removed all thought of

127:2.5 offered him, pleading as an excuse his heavy f.,

127:6.8 if he would get married if he were free from his f..

128:2.4 train James and Joseph in the bearing of the f..

128:5.1 Jesus’ first year of comparative freedom from f..

family rules

127:4.3 and deliberate violations of the f. of conduct,

family secrets

127:1.4 they had received from Mary such intimations as f.,

family shop

123:4.3 Jesus delighted to play in the far corner of the f.,

126:5.8 The f. supply shop had already been taken over by

127:3.1 a payment on the old f. supply and repair shop

127:3.7 Jesus began work in the old f. and was cheered by

family slave

69:8.1 Woman was the first slave, a f. slave.

family stage

57:4.2 this nebula had attained the height of its sun-f..

family supervision

84:2.3 sons were more active in f. than was the husband.

family supply

127:3.1 to make a payment on the old f. and repair shop near

family teachings

127:4.9 Jesus did much to liberalize and modify the f. related

family tomb

168:1.1 By this time they were standing before the f., a small

188:1.2 they had decided to bury Jesus in Joseph’s new f.,

family troubles

141:3.3 “It is wise for the host to participate in the f. of his

family units

70:5.2 With the gradual emergence of the f. the foundations

84:0.2 Society itself is the aggregated structure of f. units.

family unity

84:3.1 and the basis of f. under the herder mores was the

family upkeep

128:7.3 not conscientious about earning his share of the f..

family worship

74:7.21 hour of Eden was noon; sunset was the hour of f..


4:5.3 judgments of displeasure in times of f. and flood—

66:5.3 Man was taught to provide for the hazards of f.,

68:6.3 life became comparatively cheapened so that f.,

69:2.1 grew up as an insurance against the terrors of f..

69:5.4 Food storage was adequate insurance against f. and

89:5.4 seldom were cannibalistic except in times of f..

96:2.2 during an unusually severe f., these roving Bedouins

169:1.7 when he had spent all, there arose a prolonged f. in


176:1.1 You should not be perturbed by f. or earthquakes;


159:3.8 The world is filled with hungry souls who f. in the


130:3.9 Alexander, whose brother, Philo, was a f. religious

130:3.9 at Alexandria this f. Hellenistic Jew lay sick abed.

133:6.1 made many trips out to the f. temple of Artemis of

133:6.1 Artemis was the most f. goddess of all Asia Minor

137:4.1 Everybody wanted to greet this near-f. Galilean,

139:1.7 After Pentecost Peter was f., but it never irritated the

156:4.3 Tyrian purple, the dye that made Tyre and Sidon f.


154:0.2 either a prophet or a relatively harmless religious f.

154:4.2 1. That Jesus was a deluded and harmless religious f.

177:4.3 relatives that Jesus, while he was a well-meaning f.

185:3.6 or less than a harmless visionary, an innocent f..

196:0.8 never appeared the fury of the f. nor the superficial


99:7.5 with far less danger of precipitating f. reactions.

100:7.4 with divine enthusiasm, but he never became f..

110:6.4 overspiritual development tends to produce a f.

148:8.4 a Phoenician woman, became so f. that she went out

184:3.11 2. That he was a f. revolutionist in that he advocated

196:0.7 indomitable spiritual faith of Jesus never became f.


88:2.7 to betray himself into the clutches of bigotry, f.,

91:1.6 crystallization, devitalization, materialism, and f..

91:7.1 lead to social isolation and culminate in religious f.,

99:3.14 5. Prevention of f. by the compensations of the

110:4.5 as to precipitate a convulsion of f. or to initiate

149:4.3 instability; that enthusiasm may drive on into f..

160:3.5 to become immune to the disastrous threats of f..

184:3.8 Hatred, f., and unscrupulous exaggeration so

196:0.6 faith so many times leads directly to disastrous f.,


185:1.9 bloodthirsty religious f. to bring about the death of


85:2.3 and trees were venerated because of their real or f.

91:1.6 sense of sin, unjustified convictions of guilt, real or f.

130:6.3 grieve over your misfortunes, real and f..

139:12.6 the habit of getting even with those whom Judas f.


90:3.1 responsive to the whims of the ghosts and the f. of


81:5.7 Liberty without restrictions is the vain and f. dream

101:10.8 hopeless phantasm or pinned his faith to a f. error.


66:5.11 providing many new commodities to attract the f. of

69:3.10 Women made the plain pottery and men the f..

160:5.9 Such beliefs are merely religions of wishful f..


66:5.6 Bon’s group were successful in training the great f.

66:5.6 they became extinct more than thirty thousand years

74:3.4 From the large passenger birds—the f.—Adam and


187:4.1 thief mustered up his courage, f. the flickering flame


32:2.12 are: Henselon, Sanselon, Portalon, Wolvering, F.,

Fantada spiritual leader of the green race

45:4.9 7. F., the deliverer of the green men from darkness

64:6.17 a great revival of culture under the leadership of F.,


44:4.7 years of experience in these f. of the night season.

77:5.5 in quest of these people of his childhood f..


63:3.5 being derived from their f. and variegated dream life.

83:7.7 The high degree of imagination and f. romance

93:9.6 seemed impossible and f. to the Hebrew priests,

101:1.1 neither is it a f. and mystic experience of feelings

118:10.23 But providence is not whimsical, neither is it f. nor

136:4.5 not the f. visions of a starved and weakened mind,

148:8.3 dreamed f. dreams when his sleep was disturbed.

150:3.9 a groundless system of ignorant and f. speculation.

172:3.3 Jesus entertained none of the illusions of a f. dreamer

195:4.1 a f. spiritual experience bordering on unreality and

farnon-exhaustive; see far above; far away; far below;

far better; far beyond; far from; far greater; far off;

far too; far out; far, by; far, thus; seeFar

11:7.6 If one could move f. enough at right angles to the

25:1.3 joint area in the f. northerly sector of Paradise.

27:6.1 Never do you climb so high or advance so f. that

28:6.7 individual drawing credits are always f. in excess of

31:3.1 varies, though the mortals f. outnumber the seraphim

31:9.10 there is a tradition that f. back in eternity there was

32:2.12 universe of Nebadon now swings f. to the south and

37:4.1 Their number varies constantly but is always f. up in

46:2.7 you are f. nearer your earth life of material things

46:2.8 the light period and, sometimes, f. into the recession.

47:3.9 the mansion world students are f. in advance of such

51:3.9 the visible heads of planetary affairs even f. into

51:6.2 They are usually not very f. apart, and they work

52:2.4 will more clearly discern how f. your world departs

55:1.5 I sojourned on a world in the f. north whereon

55:2.10 to resume their Paradise ascent f. in advance of the

55:4.19 they will continue this ministry f. into the seventh

59:4.1 And the continental drifts have not proceeded so f.

59:5.22 and the wind was able to spread spores f. and wide.

60:2.6 The same polar sea that extended so f. down over

61:7.2 in the east it extended as f. south as the Ohio River

63:5.1 The early Andon races did not penetrate f. into Asia,

63:5.6 They traveled f. and wide in search of flint, much as

64:1.6 the descendants of Andon and Fonta had migrated f.

64:4.9 alpine glaciers descended f. down the river valleys.

64:7.8 the fifth glacier did not extend so f. south in Europe,

64:7.15 had driven the indigo race out of Egypt and f. south

66:4.7 for this custom spread near and f. to affect the eating

67:5.3 starting not very f. in advance of where it was at the

70:1.4 war until society had evolved sufficiently f. to

71:3.8 No society has progressed very f. when it permits

73:5.3 The sanitary arrangements of the Garden were f. in

74:2.3 the carrier pigeons assembled from near and f.,

74:3.2 Adam and Eve walked and talked f. into the night,

76:3.4 service to the surrounding tribes, near and f..

76:4.5 spiritual visions of Adam and Eve were f. superior

77:1.6 They ranged f. and wide, studying and observing the

77:2.4 their children proved to be f. superior in almost

77:9.6 celestial travelers to learn about the f. places of the

78:3.3 the violet peoples ever penetrated f. into Europe or

82:3.15 a form of trial marriage and one that is f. beneath the

83:3.4 to suggest f. removal from the times of slave wives

83:7.5 Occidental ideal of marriage has suddenly f. outrun

83:8.8 of marriage need not presume to swing so f. to the

94:2.2 they went so absurdly f. with these presumptuous

94:5.6 known as Shinto, and in this country, f. distant from

95:6.8 a f. cry from the exalted teachings and noble psalms

102:8.6 never develop very f. in advance of the intellectual

105:1.6 And even that hypothesis probably falls f. short of

114:7.13 whose insight of cosmic citizenship f. transcends the

123:4.3 delighted to play in the f corner of the carpenter shop

123:5.12 F. to the east they could discern the Jordan valley

124:3.8 the boy so f. forgot the trends of Jewish thought

124:6.5 snow-capped Mount Hermon stood f. to the north,

127:2.12 So f., nothing supernatural had happened in this

127:3.5 Martha, Lazarus, and Jesus talked together f. into

128:3.8 the strangers, especially those from the f. countries.”

129:1.15 Periods of intense activity were not f. in the future,

131:8.1 The messengers of Melchizedek penetrated f. into

133:3.10 So f. the two courtesans had said nothing; Ganid

136:6.10 f. transcend the necessary gratification of man’s

139:5.2 He never seemed to see very f. into any proposition.

141:2.1 indeed his loyal subjects, but f. transcending that

144:1.7 co-ordinate what the Master had so f. taught them.

145:5.5 come from near and f. because of your mighty

147:2.2 when from near and f. those seeking healing for

148:4.10 ‘Bring my sons from f. and my daughters from the

160:5.5 undiscovered ideals which f. transcend the known

168:0.1 laid away in their private tomb at the f. end of the

168:1.1 rock which rose up some thirty feet at the f. end of

168:1.11 difficulties of execution which f. transcend the usual

169:1.7 funds and set out upon a journey to a f. country,

171:8.3 about a certain prince who went into a f. country to

174:3.3 the Pharisees so f. forgot themselves as to exclaim,

179:3.1 even the traitorous Judas so f. forgot his infamy

181:2.8 I have survived every disappointment so f., and I

188:2.2 would be f. worse than to have allowed him to live

far above

14:4.10 even personalities f. the human level require a

34:7.7 Faith sons live on spiritual planes f. the conflicts

51:4.2 the red man stands f. the indigo—black—race.

59:3.1 The land was not elevated f. the sea so that not

63:1.4 the Primates tribes implies a quality of mind f. the

68:3.3 elemental needs of the individual, and rises f.

69:8.4 standards of the Hebrews were crude, they were f.

72:7.9 the standard of living on this continent, which is f.

78:2.3 society, and cultural status of the Adamites were f.

79:3.5 the religious status of the inhabitants of India was f.

95:2.9 Egyptians had a religion f. that of the surrounding

95:5.9 He had a Deity concept f. that of the later Hebrews

106:8.2 that stagger the imaginations of beings f. the human

108:3.6 he said: “Now to you, superiors f. me, I come as

122:5.5 Joseph and Mary were educated f. the average for

161:2.7 unquestionably lives on a spiritual plane f. the rest of

165:5.2 the progress in the spirit is f. the need of raiment.

far away

15:3.5 The center of your minor sector is situated f. in the

15:6.14 they are usually too f. from a living, blazing sun,

32:2.11 the superuniverse of Orvonton, f., f. in the dense

34:1.1 flash, a phenomenon clearly discernible as f. as

58:4.3 the south and east and have drifted f. since that day.

126:1.2 Not f. he could look upon Taanach, where Deborah

128:3.3 feel justified in going so f. from his family just then

140:7.2 inquiring groups had come from cities as f. as Tyre

191:5.3 the Hindus preach devotion, the f. ascetics teach

192:1.2 f. from the shut-in environment of Jerusalem with

far below

42:11.6 indwelling mind from any and all intelligences f.

48:4.16 But among those who start their careers f. the goal

96:7.1 their idea of Deity fell f. below the Egyptian and

128:2.6 standards of this home city of Herod were so f.

far better

4:3.3 races are able to formulate f. ideas of the Father;

72:12.5 Urantia is therefore f. prepared for the more

99:6.1 It is f. to have a religion without a church than a

135:0.4 Elizabeth was f. educated than the average Judean

147:5.8 Better by f. to have a small but living and growing

181:2.15 it would be f. to placate the wrath of unbelievers

181:2.20 F. that you should have seen all this by faith, but

far beyond

12:2.2 telescopes penetrate f. the borders of the grand

14:1.14 f. out beyond the seventh belt of Havona worlds,

14:3.8 beautiful worlds that are f. human comprehension.

38:2.3 possess many powers f. human comprehension.

44:5.3 unique adventures in intellect liaison which are f.

58:7.9 rest directly upon those layers which date back f.

97:1.7 But Samuel did not progress very f. the concept of

98:1.6 philosophy presently advanced f. the god concept,

112:7.16 vast galaxies of universes f. out beyond the

123:5.12 they could discern the Jordan valley and f. lay the

137:7.14 confusion by the presentation of truth too f. their

146:1.4 Todan carried this message into Mesopotamia and f..

147:8.5 they would progress f. even the ideals of Isaiah

far from

12:7.12 for the Father is not very f. from any one of you;

32:3.7 When creature origin departs sufficiently f. the

41:2.2 which, with its attendant spheres, is situated not f.

47:8.6 more or less material; they are f. being true spirits;

62:5.9 to lead the twins northward and f. their hairy and

63:3.3 they hunted in groups and never strayed very f. from

64:6.15 They traveled f. the influences of the spiritual

68:1.7 But these improved societies were f. the realization

71:8.15 Urantia is f. the realization of these exalted ideals,

72:5.1 The industrial situation among this people is f. their

74:4.3 too unassuming; that he was not f. a god himself,

75:3.8 of the autumn evening, not f. the home of Adam.

77:5.4 he found the associations of the second garden f.

84:6.5 between men and women, f. occasioning concern,

93:10.6 it is f. clear to us as to what Machiventa’s destiny

93:10.6 that the foregoing conjectures are probably not f.

106:7.6 F. from harassing the creature, the infinity of God

122:6.1 The home of Jesus was not f. the high hill in the

122:7.2 Bethlehem being not f. the City of Judah, Mary

123:5.15 talked with him at the spring, which was not f. his

130:8.4 they reached Naples and felt they were not f. their

133:7.3 They were f. human habitations, and the boy was

133:8.2 “This city is not f. Palestine; maybe I shall come back

135:7.1 John was f. certain as to whether or not Jesus was

136:3.7 Many times they were not f. his abiding place, but

140:0.1 the apostles did not go out f. the shore to fish.

140:6.6 might be good for today, would be f. suitable for the

141:1.1 Capernaum was not f. Tiberias,and the fame of Jesus

142:3.4 Melchizedek to Abraham and was carried f. Salem

142:8.4 on the western slope of the Mount of Olives not f.

149:6.12 ‘You are near God in the mouth but f. him in the

153:3.3 honors me with their lips, but their heart is f. me.

156:4.1 four miles south of Tyre, not f. the tomb of Hiram

158:7.3 “Master, be it f. from us to contend with you, but I

159:4.2 they contain much that is f. being representative of

167:6.4 if his followers had not departed so f. that which he

171:6.1 near the center of the city and not f. where he lived.

174:4.3 I perceive that you are not f. the kingdom of God.”

174:4.4 he referred to this lawyer as “not f. the kingdom,”

180:3.4 Even though I must leave you, I will not be f. you.

184:0.3 palace of Annas on Mount Olivet, not f. the garden

far greater

15:3.2 a vast elongated plane, the breadth being f. than the

15:3.2 the thickness and the length f. than the breadth.

52:6.2 a much longer time and necessitates f. effort.

78:4.1 as having a f. percentage of Adamic blood than the

123:0.3 that the child of destiny would be able to exert a f.

133:2.2 to assume the f. share of the burden of bearing

133:5.6 stands for a force f. than the simple sum of its parts.

166:4.3 Do you not observe that f. numbers of the poor

168:1.11 and requires a f. organization of universe facilities.

far offsee also far-off

5:2.3 What a mistake to dream of God f. off in the skies

150:8.8 this day is not hidden from you, neither is it f. off.

far too or too far

15:6.14 are usually too f. away from a living, blazing sun,

53:2.5 too f. for his original and mischief-making pride to

53:3.6 Lucifer maintained that f. too much time and

137:7.14 confusion by the presentation of truth too f. beyond

139:6.3 of which is commendable if it is not carried too f..

149:4.4 how prudence and discretion, when carried too f.,

161:3.2 Jesus did not desire too f. to transcend the concept

195:8.7 And because the secularistic revolt went too f. and

far out

12:1.14 F. out in space, at an enormous distance from the

14:1.14 f. out beyond the seventh belt of Havona worlds,

31:10.16 circles of swarming universes upon universes f.

112:7.16 vast galaxies of universes f. beyond the periphery

far, by

29:4.19 the mechanical controllers are by f. the most

43:7.3 morontia students constitute by f. the largest group

120:4.5 by f. the most intriguing are the incarnational

147:5.8 Better by f. to have a small but living and growing

far, thus

68:1.5 man’s blunders have thus f. failed to stop civilization.

98:6.1 no religion has thus f. succeeded in surviving

114:3.4 but thus f. he has made no gesture in this direction.

117:03.11 Thus f. in universe history this has transpired but

124:1.4 serious of all the accusations which had thus f. been

127:5.4 Thus f. in his life, Jesus had made little distinction

167:0.2 thus f. there had been no miracles on this Perean


191:5.3 the Hindus preach devotion, the f. ascetics teach


11:9.8 abode of the Father is the real and f. destiny of the

12:2.4 directors have nothing to do with these f. realms,

12:4.14 powerful telescopes, it will appear that these f.

12:4.15 revolutionary movements in a third outer belt of f.

13:1.13 in the f. future of your glorified career, you should

14:0.1 central planetary family is called Havona and is f.

15:3.4 the superuniverse of Orvonton from a position f. in

15:4.7 This f. nebula is visible to the naked eye, and when

21:6.3 sometime in the f. future, in the now mobilizing

23:2.22 an enseraphimed ambassador can reach this f.

23:2.23 years for a native ambassador to reach a f. local

24:5.2 who acts as the direct representative of the f. and

24:6.4 the realms of the central universe until that f. day

24:6.7 At that f. time I was attached to the service of the

25:4.1 And ever since that f. time, actual experience in the

25:6.6 cosmic import in all Orvonton since the f. times of

26:5.1 Back in those f. days the pilgrims from Paradise

29:2.12 required in Havona, but ever since these f. times,

31:1.1 undoubtedly be of greater service in the f. future.

37:9.11 to the f. time of the settling of the planet in light

40:8.4 are journeying inward towards the f. Isle of Paradise.

42:9.2 this material world indicative of its f. spiritual origin.

45:4.5 3. Onamonalonton, a f. leader of the red man and

51:6.3 situated not f. still another and older headquarters of

57:0.2 We will thus depict these f. events as occurring in

57:6.3 then, in that f. future when the moon approaches

59:6.8 even in the drying-up pools and ponds of these f.

61:2.4 Colorado belong to the later years of these f. times.

65:2.4 And from these f. times the ameba, the typical

68:3.3 ever since that f. day mankind has been striving

72:0.1 most advanced human race living on a not f. planet

83:4.7 played on honeymooners are all relics of those f.

86:2.1 reverting to the natural estate of their f. ancestors;

106:9.1 may happen in the utter remoteness of f. eternity.

108:3.7 these divine gifts from some f. and central source,

110:1.2 divine harbors of perfection on f. and eternal shores.

117:6.16 discovered by any one creature until that f. time

117:7.14 It is conjectured that at this f. time the spirit person

far-flung or far-flung creation(s) or far-flung universe(s)

1:3.6 Only by means of his f. personality circuit does God

1:5.9 Notwithstanding all these f. distributions, the Father

2:1.8 diverse intelligences of the many realms of his fu..

2:7.7 The f. physical universe coheres in the Isle of

3:1.2 Father is present in all parts and all hearts of his fc..

3:2.9 highest and eternal welfare of all his vast and fc..

4:1.11 it is this f. and generally unrecognizable control of

6:3.3 infinite affection in the f. ministry of the Infinite Spir.

6:6.3 the Father it is ancestor to the diverse and f. minds

6:7.2 upon the myriads of his creatures throughout a fu..

7:7.5 In all these widespread activities of the f. spiritual

8:6.1 Do not allow the widespread bestowal and the f.

9:6.1 spiritual creatures of mind endowment in the fu..

11:2.1 universal Ruler of all this vast and fc. of material

12:0.1 The immensity of the fc. of the Father is utterly

15:13.2 has chiefly to do with the intellectual status of a fc.

16:4.2 directors of the vast and f. spirit-creature creation.

16:9.15 same time conscious of the physical reality of the fu.,

17:0.11 the co-ordinating directors of this f. administrative

17:2.3 with the maintenance of the reflectivity in the fc.;

17:2.5 factualization of such a gigantic and f. alignment

17:8.3 to co-ordinate the f. activities of God the Sevenfold:

18:3.5 the superuniverse focal points of the f. reflectivity

18:7.3 They do not have a f. system of intercommunication,

19:1.4 In such a fu. of universes there is always danger of

22:1.14 Their scope of service is f.; Trinitized Sons of

23:1.1 personal contact with, the fc. of time and space.

23:4.1 all the personalities of the f. spiritual world akin.

24:5.5 direct, but f. system of advisory and administrative

25:4.15 of all who inhabit the vast domains of the fc..

27:5.4 maintenance of the f. superuniverse organizations of

29:2.9 of the f. functions of the Master Physical Controllers

30:4.32 and co-operative service to the ends of the fc..

32:3.4 and regulation of the spiritual affairs of the fc..

32:4.2 all these channels for the welfare of all his fc..

39:1.3 seraphim are associated with the f. services of the

40:0.9 throughout all time and in all universes of the fc. of

40:10.6 Finaliters acquire a marvelous and f. experience of

41:9.2 swing true to the circuit of the great ellipse of the fc..

42:1.9 somewhat limited, but orderly and fu. of universes.

43:9.1 and hear the story of their f. career as it is depicted

56:2.1 attains reality expansion through Paradise in the f.

56:3.3 And this f. spirit functions as a phenomenon on the

56:10.11 the synthesis of the f. diversification of phenomenal

57:4.4 relative stabilization of the f. starry systems derived

58:3.4 none of these tremendous and f. energy activities

67:7.7 notwithstanding f. repercussions in administrative,

67:8.4 then weigh the effect of the f. presentation of the

68:2.5 its most dangerous phases of f. interassociation

89:1.7 upon man except for these f. and multifarious taboos

97:7.9 This Isaiah conducted a f. propaganda of the

99:7.2 man needs the sustenance of a f. cosmic perspective.

105:3.5 of intellect upon the creatures of a f. cosmos.

105:7.18 stupendous repercussions of the f. cosmic panorama

108:3.8 who unitedly are functioning as fu. correlators.

108:4.5 We are cognizant of many spirit phenomena in the fu

109:7.2 and sovereign stabilizers and compensators of the fu.

112:7.16 the various personalities who now rule these fc..

116:4.3 Master Spirits continue as source-centers for the f.

116:7.4 the grand universe responds to the f. spirit-gravity

117:3.1 The f. diversification of eternal energy, divine spirit,

120:3.9 highly perfected and perfecting worlds of your fu..

124:1.8 and organizer of all these things throughout a fu..

136:3.3 Jesus fully comprehended all these f. relationships,

136:6.3 instruct and inspire the manifold creatures of a fu..

139:12.14 Judas’s name has become eschewed throughout a fu.

140:10.3 every person of every age on every world of a fu..

149:6.8 worshiped center and head of this f. brotherhood

154:1.3 of the gospel in its f. spiritual implications.

159:2.2 the outward and f. social relations of believers

169:4.12 God rules the fc., but it is the Father who sends his

184:4.6 as maker, upholder, and savior of a vast and fu..


26:7.1 the still-more-taxing and f. spiritual exertion that


12:1.13 And it is near this outer border, in a f. corner of

130:1.2 escape the present duty by running away to f.


4:1.7 able to discover ultimate harmony and to detect f.

4:3.3 is due to the f. consequences of the Lucifer rebellion

17:2.2 a new and f. reaction occurred in the Deity Absolute


36:2.17 such f. projects of life metamorphosis may require

46:5.9 They are surrounded by f. enclosures, which mount

75:3.9 scheme of world saving to the larger and more f.

76:5.6 but no comprehensive plan for f. world welfare was

102:1.6 searching hunger for perfection together with a f.

124:5.3 Momentous decisions, coupled with f. plans, were

132:4.5 led this able doctor to attempt a more f. ministry to

160:4.15 the f. vision of religion exerts its supreme influence.

170:2.8 that human salvation is the revelation of a f. divine

185:1.9 Rome made a great blunder, a f. error in earthly


73:2.3 and from sixty-one f. settlements, Van and Amadon

far-seeingsee also farseeing

111:7.5 the long-distance view of a f. Monitor counteracted


191:4.3 your fellow believers in the f. household of faith?

Far East

128:3.3 more remote countries of the Far West and the F.,

134:2.3 and the Asiatics from the F. alike gave attention to


125:2.12 He was interested in those who hailed from the F.

131:7.1 Only recently had the manuscripts of this F. religion

134:2.3 to gain a better understanding of the F. peoples.


130:2.2 and since this F. talked Greek fairly well, Jesus had

Far West

128:3.3 cities and the even more remote countries of the F.

134:2.3 The Europeans from the F. and the Asiatics from the


125:2.12 and Parthia, as well as in the F. provinces of Rome.


14:2.4 Neither would the physical stimuli of those f. worlds

34:6.13 lights of eternal life as they glimmer on the f. shores

55:2.8 Perhaps such a status may be attained during the f.

57:3.2 The near-by star students of that f. era, as they

57:8.4 At the opening of this f. era, Urantia should be

58:7.5 upheavals and surface fluctuations of those f. times.

59:5.16 in the bogs and on the swamp shores of this f. age.

66:7.20 no concept of the marvelous progress of those f.

80:1.5 yellow man was likewise difficult of access in f. Asia

80:2.2 northern Mesopotamia and India to f. Ceylon.

105:7.18 on and on, into the f. and inconceivable stretches of

106:6.6 profitable for the mind to seek to grasp such f. and

152:2.8 There was a f. look in his eyes.


172:5.12 forsake such f. attempts to establish the kingdom of


60:1.5 Life, in general, did not f. well but did better than at

79:6.7 The southern Chinese did not f. so well in this


79:6.4 The coastal settlements f. poorly in later years as the

80:6.2 floods before the Mesopotamian valleys but f. better

146:4.6 to the village of Madon, where they f. little better.

152:2.2 Those who could not obtain boats f. forth on foot

191:0.1 Thomas would have f. better had he remained with


84:5.6 attaches to her in Mohammedanism, and woman f.


27:7.9 until you are bidden f. by the conductors of worship

39:8.7 will bid their pilgrim associates a temporary f.

43:8.13 your f. touch with these realities on the final worlds

47:5.1 to bid you an affectionate adieu when the f. time

47:9.4 your fellows who were bidding an eternal f. to the

47:10.4 you will retain this same form until you bid it f.

55:2.3 such a mortal to resign all planetary duties, bid f.

55:2.5 mortals bid their loved ones a transient f. as they

74:1.5 temple of the Material Sons attendant upon the f.

74:1.5 the last to bid them f. and divine speed as they fell

74:5.2 The f. of the receivers occupied the whole of a day,

97:10.2 wonderful story of God presented in the f. oration of

112:4.1 the Adjuster bids f. to the mortal host and departs

113:7.5 bid their long-time mortal associates a temporary f.,

119:1.1 that the f. broadcast to the Constellation Fathers,

119:1.2 After sending this f. broadcast, Michael appeared

122:9.28 Mary was disturbed by the f. salutation of Anna,

126:2.8 ere they could speak to him or hear his f. blessing.

129:3.9 brought forth by the Adjuster was his f. conference

130:6.4 Say f. to the life of cringing fear and fleeing

130:8.3 Jesus said: “F., my lad, be of good courage as you

132:5.25 wealthy Roman arose from his couch and, in saying f

133:2.2 then, in bidding him f., Jesus said: “My brother,

133:4.9 so f., Chang, but only for a season, for we shall

133:9.4 In bidding his teacher f., Ganid said: “F., Teacher,

133:9.4 Said the father, “F. to a great teacher, one who has

154:5.2 Jesus imparted his f. instructions to the assembled

154:5.2 that is, he bade them f. for the time being, knowing

154:5.3 and in bidding the Master f. presently, David said:


163:5.2 Bidding f. to Bethsaida for the time being, he

171:3.2 His f. to Abner was: “My son, I know you will be

174:0.1 At this meeting Jesus said f. to Lazarus, giving him

174:5.13 we go back to the temple and I speak f. words to

174:5.14 just heard the Master say that this was to be his f.

175:0.2 to hear his f. public address of mercy to mankind

175:4.1 the first and mercy-proffering half of this f. address

175:4.12 temple as the concluding portion of Jesus’ f. address.

178:0.1 his f. address to the combined camp group of


180:6.1 Jesus continued his f. discourse by saying: “And I am

181:0.1 After the conclusion of the f. discourse to the

181:0.2 After the f. discourse had been discussed and had


181:2.1 The Master had finished giving his f. instructions

181:2.14 the publican ambassador is here at my f. gathering

182:2.7 by the unusual nature of the Master’s f. prayer that

182:2.10 David bade f. to Jesus, saying: “Master, I have had

182:3.7 to drink the cup, but as the human Jesus bade f. to

190:1.5 I now disband you, bid you f., and send you on

190:2.4 Jesus said, “F., James, until I greet you all together.”

190:2.5 Jesus vanished before me, saying, ‘F. until I greet

191:1.3F., Peter, until I see you with your brethren.”

192:2.14F., until I meet you all on the mount of your

192:3.2 and when he had taken an affectionate f. of them,

193:3.3 out on the Mount of Olives, where he bade them f.

193:4.1 It was in the first part of the Master’s f. message to

193:5.1 Jesus now prepared to say his last f. to the apostles

193:5.2 with you, and my peace shall abide upon you. F..”

193:6.1 had forgathered to hear the report of the f. message

193:6.2 and most touchingly portrayed the Master’s final f.

194:4.2 he takes them out on Olivet, where he bids them f.


123:1.7 Jesus greatly enjoyed this, his first experience on a f..

123:6.1 or on the f. of another uncle (his mother’s brother)

123:6.2 His first week’s sojourn on his uncle’s f. was in

124:1.2 cities with his father, sojourns on his uncle’s f.

124:1.11 In May of this year, on his uncle’s f., Jesus helped

124:3.1 but Jesus also frequently visited his uncle’s f.

126:5.10 the wish that they were all located on a f. out in the

126:5.11 to warrant undertaking the purchase of a small f..

126:5.11 contrived to enjoy much of the experience of f. life

127:3.12 and settle down to the care of their little f.

135:0.5 Zacharias and Elizabeth had a small f. on which they

167:2.2 The first said, ‘I have just bought a f., and I must

173:5.2 their king, and they went their ways, one to the f.,


66:3.2 would evolve into a peace-loving, home-abiding f..

70:2.11 the struggle between the herder-hunter and the f..

81:1.4 the f. was formerly looked down on by the hunter

81:1.5 Man ordinarily evolved into a f. from a hunter by

86:1.5 The f. found himself the victim of drought, floods,

128:7.8 Before harvest he took Jude to the f. uncle south of

138:2.6 3. James Alpheus, a fisherman and f. of Kheresa,

169:1.5 the story of a thoughtless son of a well-to-do f. who


76:2.2 Herders would bring of their flocks, f. of the fruits of

80:8.4 The Danubians were Andonites, f. and herders who

81:1.5 tribes to pass directly from hunters to successful f..

81:2.12 Chinese f. had begun the raising of sheep, goats,

96:6.2 from nomadic herders into settled and sedate f..

173:4.3 let out his vineyard to other and honest f. who will


79:8.6 the consequent promotion of peace among f. groups.

81:1.3 for the more advanced callings of herding and f..

81:1.6 who had made f. and gardening the chief pursuits


72:4.1 arising in the school shops and on the school f..

72:4.1 on the extensive f. adjoining every local school.

72:5.11 citizens over eighteen work at home and on f.,


93:7.2 One group went by way of the F. to the Andonites

farseeingsee also far-seeing

2:5.10 But the love of God is an intelligent and f. parental

2:7.10 The religious challenge of this age is to those f. and

35:5.3 reliable and efficient as rulers and f. administrators.

37:4.5 fully understood by the more mature and f. corps

43:3.1 administrative wisdom, coupled with the most f. and

52:7.16 mortals who have entertained no more f. concepts

54:6.7 it is apparent that the all-wise and f. universe rulers

54:6.8 should be slow to criticize the time delays of the f.

75:1.6 met with success had they been more f. and patient.

80:3.5 Cro-Magnon peoples were a brave and f. race.

85:3.2 They thought the keen scent and the f. eyes of

97:7.13 The f. Isaiah effectively eclipsed the nationalistic

102:7.7 such unwarranted dogmatism with that more f.

118:7.1 A mature and f. human being might be able to

136:4.8 2. The Father’s way—the exemplification of a f. ideal

139:12.5 Judas was a great executive, a f. and able financier.

142:2.4 to discern the father’s f. and corrective affection.

142:7.9 F. fathers also make provision for the necessary

160:4.11 Ability implies the gift of foresight, f. vision.

169:2.2 you were nonetheless prudent and f. in that you


90:1.6 it in the hands of the shrewd, the clever, and the f..

118:10.9 handicapped by lack of f. vision into the true


75:2.4 look upon immediate results rather than to plan f.

farthersee farther out

5:0.1 Man does not have to go f. than his own inner

11:7.6 these limits draw f. and f. apart at greater and greater

25:3.11 The f. they ascend inward from the individual planets

32:3.6 The f. down the scale of life we go, the more

44:0.21 then could I go that much f. in an effort to project

49:6.16 Still f. on in the planetary ages of spiritual striving,

50:1.3 a concept that has been getting f. and f. away from

55:2.3 F. along in the era of light and life the midway

57:6.3 no longer driving the moon f. away from the earth

59:2.6 by the preceding deluge, while extending f. in many

59:2.8 plants are migrating f. and f. from the seashores.

59:3.9 the Mississippi valley region but not f. west except

63:5.1 and f. and f. north these people journeyed until they

63:5.4 the later ice sheets came f. south and drove their

78:1.5 the blue man and from the river valleys of f. Asia by

78:3.6 The black peoples were moving f. south in Africa

78:5.5 only a few teachers and traders ever penetrated f.

79:5.3 Each millennium they penetrated f. and f. inland,

79:5.4 the crucial struggle for the fertile lands of f. Asia.

80:9.6 Andonites had been pushed f. and f. to the north

86:5.10 the soul was thought to be f. away, perhaps trying

93:7.1 these teachers journeyed f. and f. from Salem,

94:9.2 And the f. Buddhism spread from its highland home

115:6.2 uncharted space, it functions and exists f. and f.

116:2.3 the light of life f. and f. from its Paradise source

147:5.8 The woman is, humanly speaking, much f. away

155:5.11 seas of unexplored truth in search for the f. shores

155:5.16 three o’clock that afternoon they could not go f.;

184:2.9 Peter could not go f..

192:2.3 After they had walked along a little f., the Master

192:2.4 When they had gone a few steps f., Jesus turned to

farther out

1:1.4 F. in the universes of space, the terms employed to

1:1.4 Still f. in the starry creation, he is known, as on the

15:3.16 But f. from the eternal center there are fewer layers,

15:4.7 when scattered on their different returning routes f.

15:8.9 The f. we go, the more certainly we encounter those

60:2.4 the coast extended several hundred miles f. than now


39:2.17 Salvington, instantly available for dispatch to the f.


40:5.3 Thus does the Father, who is the f. from you in

41:10.5 your solar system, with one exception, being the f.

61:7.9 the sixth and last glacier reached its f. points of

64:2.5 The Foxhall peoples were f. west and succeeded in

64:7.17 During the periods of f. glacial advance the

75:2.4 It was f. from Eve’s intention ever to do anything

94:9.1 seventeen thousand missionaries to the f. frontiers

107:0.1 The eternal Father is at one and the same time f.

116:4.11 place for those personalities who are f. from God,

131:5.3 God is f. from us and at the same time nearest to

160:5.1 the f. reach of our minds toward eternal possibilities

173:1.7 to the f. cattle pen and proceeded to open the gates


53:6.2 Lucifer; his charming ways f. the lower orders of

133:9.2 the birthplace of Abraham, and Jesus was equally f.


1:0.3 f. struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God

1:0.6 beckons him inward in that long and f. struggle for

4:0.3 There are many other f. pursuits which occupy the

20:5.7 most noble and f. chapter in the history of your

39:7.2 deemed best to withhold the description of their f.

39:9.3 Many f. avenues of ministry are open to the seraphim

40:5.18 narratives cannot possibly embrace all of the f.

43:1.1 Edentia abounds in f. highlands, extensive elevations

43:6.4 the intervening four groups of prolific and f. forms of

46:4.7 neither do we mention numerous other f. orders of

63:7.4 this is the recital of the most heroic and f. chapter in

102:6.10 the intriguing and f. experience of the realization of

125:5.1 came almost within hearing distance of his f. voice.

129:4.1 This was the f. period of his personal ministry in

149:2.14 Jesus exercised a strong and peculiarly f. influence.

162:6.2 the pilgrims heard the f. voice of the Master declare


110:0.2 impersonal entities that so f. indwell the children


84:4.4 strange mixture of ignorant mistrust and fearful f.,

86:1.4 and the supreme f. of the early savage mind.

88:4.6 The f. of early superstition was the mother of the

124:5.3 The intelligent life of all Nebadon looked on with f.

186:1.6 All the glamor, f., and intoxication of wrongdoing


62:2.1 hairy and agile and chattered in monkeylike f., but

66:6.2 slavery of custom; f. still unduly dominates Urantia.

78:7.5 advocating that houses be built of wood, boat f.,

84:8.4 Vanity and f. cannot minister to home building and

87:5.7 the same motive, it became the f. to look ugly.

103:6.14 its interpretations of reality in the linear f. of logic;

123:3.4 many other ways enjoyed themselves in true boyish f.

146:2.4 forgiveness of sin operates in this same unerring f..

148:6.6 create me just to suffer in this miserable f.?


1:5.11 personal gods, and they were f. in the image of man.

8:3.3 planned and f. every post-Havona universe which

14:4.18 All beings in all universes are f. along the lines of

17:8.2 they are f. after the patterns of the central universe.

42:1.6 Energy proceeds from Paradise, f. after the divine

42:1.6 energy is f. after the similitude of the three Gods

46:5.9 of different sizes and are f. of differing materials.

49:2.22 There are ten designs of mortal life variously f. to

70:2.21 Old-f. war did select the innately great men for

92:5.1 men are taught that they are God’s sons—even f. in

104:4.13 Source; energy is f. after the pattern of Paradise,

128:1.6 And being thus f. as a man, he humbled himself and

142:4.2 created by my Father and f. by the artistic hands


63:5.6 humans became highly skillful in the f. of flint tools.


92:1.4 Fear f. the gods of evolutionary religion and

fastsee fastdietary

28:6.15 to advance you by augmented trusts just as f. as

41:8.1 it begins to emit protons as f. as new ones arrive.

51:7.3 just as f. as competent subordinate administrators

53:9.7 It ends on the fallen worlds as f. as divine Sons

57:4.3 the nebula was f. finishing its tertiary cycle of

59:6.3 and the harsher continental type of weather was f.

68:2.2 as f. as society has succeeded in lessening pain and

76:2.7 To Adam and Eve, Cain was f. becoming the grim

95:5.4 But he went too f.; he built too much, more than

124:6.8 and the lad’s heart beat f. with joyous anticipation of

135:3.2 the time was f. approaching when the old order

149:0.3 As f. as believers were ready to enter the kingdom,

150:7.4 criticize Jesus because he walked too f. on the way

153:3.4 you desert the commandment while you hold f. to

157:7.1 after all the apostles were f. asleep, he sought out

158:1.8 When the three had been f. asleep for about half

176:2.1 it was only natural for all believers to lay f. hold

182:3.3 the three apostles, Jesus again found them f. asleep.

195:9.1 ages, make sure that you hold f. the eternal truth.


89:3.1 The ritual of the f. was deeply rooted in many

136:4.3 Jesus did not f. during this forty days’ isolation.

147:7.2 your disciples to f. and pray as we Pharisees f. and

147:7.2 “Do the sons of the bridechamber f. while the

147:7.2 bridegroom remains with them, they can hardly f..

147:7.2 children of the bridechamber undoubtedly will f. and

147:8.2 Behold, you f. for the sake of strife and contention

147:8.2 you shall not f. in this way to make your voices

147:8.3 “‘Is it such a f. that I have chosen—a day for a man

147:8.3 Will you dare to call this a f. and an acceptable day

147:8.3 Is not this the f. I should choose: to loose the bonds

167:5.1 I f. twice a week; I give tithes of all that I get.


135:4.2 John detached himself from the world while he f. and

143:2.3 In the old order you f. and prayed; as the new

147:8.2 from the Prophet Isaiah: “‘Why have you f.?


63:1.3 Andon had f. a sharp piece of flint on the end of a

89:3.6 Paul f. onto Christian theology: “It is good for a man

94:2.3 contaminating beliefs which could have become f.

94:10.2 Prayers are f. to a wheel, and with its turning they

97:7.3 these priests have f. their erroneous ideas upon

186:1.7 taking the girdle of his cloak, f. one end to a tree,

190:4.1 notwithstanding that the doors were securely f.,


177:4.10 those foolish persons who, in f. their gaze on the


11:7.6 space thickens, and it thickens somewhat f. than does

57:2.3 to whirl f. and f. as it continued to condense and

57:3.5 when contraction set in, it whirled on f. and f. until

65:8.2 we cannot time the life processes to unfold any f.

81:2.11 This was one reason why civilization progressed f. in

88:4.7 one reason why ancient peoples did not increase f.,

110:6.4 development of the intellectual nature proceeds f.


87:2.4 F. and other forms of self-denial were thought to be

87:6.16 torture and self-mutilation; later on, by f. and prayer.

89:3.1 step in religious evolution; f. was a common practice

89:4.1 of the rituals of self-abnegation, asceticism, f.,

90:4.8 F., dieting, and counterirritants were often used as

100:5.10 The mystic status is favored by such things as: f.,

136:3.3 Jesus did not go into retirement for the purpose of f.

136:4.10 these supposed seasons of f. and prayer.

140:5.8 most dangerous to knowingly engage in spiritual f.

140:5.8 Physical f. becomes dangerous after four or five days

140:5.8 Prolonged f., either physical or spiritual, tends to

140:6.3 the Father’s favor by almsgiving, prayer, and f..

140:6.11 And be not given to f. with a sad countenance to

142:8.1 Jesus did not teach f. and other forms of self-denial.

146:2.15 by ornate repetitions, eloquent phraseology, f.,

147:7.2 To pray is natural for the children of light, but f. is

147:7.2 who have lost your teacher may be justified in f. for

147:7.2 F. may be an appropriate part of the law of Moses,

147:8.5 and not their affliction of soul nor f. of body.

184:4.1 and the intervening time was to be spent in f. and


93:5.6 Abraham and Lot chose a hilly f. near the city where


92:5.13 progressed as far as he could away from f. and forms

94:10.2 and crystallized creeds, mystic rites and special f..


86:5.15 located in the head, hair, heart, liver, blood, and f..

86:5.15 Semites taught that the soul resided in the bodily f.

86:5.15 and among many the eating of animal f. was taboo.

95:5.10 capital returned to Thebes, and the priests waxed f.

165:4.8 have eaten and filled themselves and waxed f.,


28:6.9 fullest extent possible does not impose f. penalties;

48:6.32 would be f. to those slowly emerging truths which

67:7.4 The transgression of universe law may be f. in the

67:7.4 Sin is fraught with f. consequences to personality

68:1.2 Even in the days of Cain it was f. to go abroad alone

68:4.6 It is nearly f. to the continuance of civilization to

75:3.9 Eve quite realized what was transpiring, the f. step

84:8.6 and self-gratifications have indeed cost a f. price if

91:2.5 of mystic communion, it proves f. to the potency of

95:5.9 The f. weakness of Ikhnaton’s gospel was its

103:5.8 It is f. to man’s idealism when he is taught that all

111:4.7 A solitary life is f. to happiness.

170:4.14 Neither make the f. mistake, in looking for the age

172:5.13 there was now blended this f. fear of ridicule,

185:1.2 experience as governor, made a series of almost f.


121:4.2 deliver the Romans from a more deadly form of f.;

140:8.2 the heavenly Father was not a blind and passive f..


86:7.3 ideas of religion prevented men from becoming f.

195:6.6 The f. agility of the mind of a materialist forever


181:1.7 Unbelieving materialists and f. can hope to enjoy


90:3.5 F. and wounds attendant upon war, animal combat,


88:4.8 The f. of snake bites was attributed to the magic of

103:5.10 the hopeless f. of a mechanistic cosmic determinism.


28:6.9 time is f. squandered only when it is buried in neglect

94:3.7 concept was f. absent from Brahmanic philosophy.


2:3.4 There is no resurrection from such a f.;

20:3.2 the Avonals decree the f. of the evolutionary races,

54:4.6 in mercy controls the f. and judgment of all his

67:2.4 discussions destined eventually to determine the f.

67:4.5 We know not the f. of the sixty staff rebels; their

67:4.5 Lucifer rebellion is finally adjudicated and the f. of all

73:7.0 7. THE FATE OF EDEN

75:5.2 Adam deliberately chose to share the f. of Eve.

75:5.6 was in complete ignorance of his whereabouts or f..

75:6.2 knew nothing of their personal status or future f..

75:7.1 their transgressions and advised concerning their f..

76:5.1 doomed to suffer the f. of the mortals of their world,

78:8.12 the f. of their homeland between the Tigris and

86:1.6 to men of skill; but f. and chance befall them all.

86:1.6 For man knows not his f.; as fishes are taken in an

86:2.6 To primitive man the domain of f., the function of

86:7.3 they could at least do something to influence f..

89:6.3 beautiful maiden, after two months to mourn her f.,

94:4.4 Brahma is also identified with f..

98:1.3 except for their retention of the overcontrol of F..

98:1.3 must be the arbiter of f. and the creator of destiny.

101:3.10 victory in spite of the cruelties of seemingly blind f.

118:10.9 a perverse f. that heaps tribulation upon some

121:4.3 The Stoics believed that a controlling Reason-F.

133:3.7 suffered at the hands of an apparently cruel f.;

144:1.5 3. To await the f. of John the Baptist.

159:1.3 Although you cannot determine the eternal f. of

174:4.1 the f. of their comrades who had sought to entrap

191:1.1 Peter had shuddered at the f. of Judas and even

193:4.1 held up the tragic f. of their traitorous fellow worker

fated, ill-

130:1.2 Jonah embarked on his ill-f. voyage to Tarshish.


75:3.8 The f. meeting occurred during the twilight hours of

75:4.5 Eve told Cano of this oft-repeated warning on the f.

126:2.1 All did go well until that f. day of Tuesday,

127:5.6 by the side of Mary on that f. and tragic afternoon


175:3.1 the f. meeting of the Sanhedrin was called to order.

175:4.1 Judas listened to that f. discourse on the destruction


96:1.14 keep their subordinate gods as spirits, demons, f.,

Father or Universal Father or Paradise Father;

           see Father Guides; see Father’s; see father; see will;

          see fragment(s); see Constellation; see Most High

0:2.2 God, the UF., functions on three Deity-personality

0:2.8 may be understood: By designation—as God the F..

0:2.9 be advisable to refer it to the person of the UF..

0:2.12 1. God the F.Creator, Controller, and Upholder.

0:2.12 The Universal F., the First Person of Deity.

0:3.10 God—the UF.—is the personality of the First Source

0:3.19 moral being is centered in the personality of the F..

0:3.22 by becoming the Eternal F. of the Original Son

0:3.22 with the differentiation of the Son from the F.,

0:3.22 the F. escaped, as a personality, from otherwise

0:3.22 with his two Deity equals that the F. fills all Deity

0:3.23 never was a time when the I AM was not the F. of

0:3.24 This concept is sometimes designated the F.-Infinite.

0:3.25 and low, in their efforts to discover the F.-Infinite,

0:3.25 The absolute primacy of the UF. is not apparent on

0:3.25 the Infinite Spirit truly know the F. as an infinity;

0:4.1 originates in and by the infinite volition of the UF.

0:4.5 reality: The F. initiates and maintains Reality.

0:4.5 This F.-initiated divinity-tension is perfectly resolved

0:5.4 personality is never spontaneous; it’s the gift of the F

0:5.5 The UF. is the secret of the reality of personality,

0:5.11 The personality is the unique bestowal which the UF.

0:6.1 things responding to the personality circuit of the F.,

0:6.13 the UF. is the direct ancestor-source of both.

0:7.1 God the F., God the Son, and God the Spirit are

0:7.5 The F., Son, and Spirit are existentialexistential in

0:7.6 the F. is now achieving experiential expression on

0:7.8 The UF. achieves freewill liberation from the bonds

0:8.1 the UF. has established the evolutionary creature’s

0:8.8 7. God the F..

0:8.9 recognition of the divine personality of the UF. on

0:9.3 The F., through the mechanism of evolutionary Deity

0:9.4 Deities of Paradise—the UF., the Eternal Son, and

0:11.1 When the combined thought of the UF. and the Son

0:11.1 the F. followed the expression of his thought into the

0:11.1 Absolute, the unrevealed infinity-unity of the PF..

0:11.6 total, infinite reality by the freewill choice of the UF.,

0:12.2 Paradise Trinity—the eternal Deity union of the UF.,

0:12.9 it would equivalate to the person of the UF. on the

0:12.9 Trinity is potentially infinite since the UF. actually is

0:12.11 with the portrayal of the character of the UF. and


1:0.1 The UF. is the God of all creation, the First Source

1:0.1 The truth about the UF. had begun to dawn upon

1:0.1 Only the concept of the UF.—one God in the place

1:0.1 —enabled man to comprehend the F. as divine

1:0.3 enlightened worlds recognize and worship the UF.,

1:0.3 of the eternal adventure of attaining God the F..

1:0.3 comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the F..

1:0.3 like him as he is in his Paradise perfection of

1:0.3 From the UF. who inhabits eternity there has gone

1:1.1 Of all the names by which God the F. is known

1:1.1 The First F. is known by various names in

1:1.1 only natural that we should eventually call him F..

1:1.2 The UF. never imposes any form of arbitrary

1:1.2 man’s only possible gift of true value to the PF..

1:1.2 to the love-dominated nature of the Creator F..

1:1.3 you will find a name for the UF. which will be

1:1.4 the UF. is generally known by names which may

1:1.4 the terms employed to designate the UF. more

1:1.4 Still farther out in the starry creation, he is known,

1:1.4 In one near-by constellation God is called the F. of

1:1.4 He has also been designated the F. of Lights,

1:1.5 headquarters God is referred to as the UF.,

1:1.5 variously known as the F. of Fathers, the PF.,

1:1.5 the Paradise F., the Havona F., and the Spirit F..

1:1.5 Creator association and refer to God as “our F..”

1:1.6 term F. becomes a very expressive and appropriate

1:2.1 The First F. is universal spirit, eternal truth, infinite

1:2.2 The UF. is not a synonym for nature, neither is he

1:2.2 neither is he natural law personified.

1:2.2 God is a saving person and a loving F. to all who

1:2.8 and is bestowed upon man as the free gift of the UF..

1:2.9 The UF. is not the personal creator of the local

1:2.9 Though the F. does not personally create the

1:2.9 God the F. is the personal creator of the Paradise

1:2.10 not preclude the direct personal action of the UF.

1:2.10 the Creator F. maintains immediate contact with his

1:3.1 The F. is an infinite spiritual reality; he is “the

1:3.1 ought not to think the F. is like yourselves in form

1:3.3 The UF. is not invisible because he is hiding

1:3.4 The spirit nature of the UF. is shared fully with his

1:3.4 Both the F. and the Son in like manner share the

1:3.6 In the universes God the F. is, in potential,

1:3.6 creature is of the nature and divinity of the UF..

1:3.8 have repeatedly returned to the presence of the UF..

1:3.8 the First Source and Center, the Eternal and UF..

1:4.1 The manner in which the UF. sojourns with the

1:4.6 the UF. reveals all of his gracious and divine self that


1:5.1 The UF. is the acme of divine personality; he is the

1:5.1 The F. is truly a personality, notwithstanding that the

1:5.2 equally well know that the UF. cannot possibly be

1:5.4 which portrays that the UF. so loved the world as to

1:5.5 he had seen a Creator Son he had seen the UF.;

1:5.5 in seeking for the F., he would not ask nor expect to

1:5.6 but the UF. is in every way divinely present in the

1:5.6 The F. and his Sons are one.

1:5.9 As we see the UF. revealed throughout his universe;

1:5.10 idea of the personality of the UF. is an enlarged

1:5.15 finality of perfectness were it not a fact that the UF.

1:5.16 The UF. realizes in the fullness of the divine

1:6.2 to religion a person, even the loving heavenly F..

1:6.2 Man’s inadequate concept of the personality of the F

1:6.8 the personality of the UF. can be grasped only in

1:7.1 Jesus referred to a personal Deity—the F. in heaven.

1:7.3 were not attributes of a personal God, a loving F..

1:7.5 experience of the faith sons of the heavenly F. can

1:7.9 sojourn in the immediate personal presence of the F.

2:0.1 can best be understood by the revelation of the F.

2:0.1 up to the Paradise Creator as a true spiritual F..

2:0.2 and the character of the personality of the UF..

2:0.3 is indwelt by the bestowed Adjuster of the UF.

2:1.2 “There is but one God, the infinite F., who is also

2:1.2 He is the beginning and the end, the F. of every

2:1.4 The F. constantly and unfailingly meets the need

2:1.4 but the UF. sees the end from the beginning,

2:1.6 The UF. is absolutely and without qualification

2:1.8 the PF. lovingly and willingly downstep and modify,

2:1.8 the infinite F. is enabled to enjoy close contact with

2:1.10 Because the First F. is infinite in his plans and

2:1.10 infinite F. does most certainly fully comprehend

2:1.11 Divinity and eternity the F shares with large numbers

2:1.11 That fragment of the pure Deity of the UF. which

2:1.11 the First Great Source and Center, the F. of Fathers.


2:2.1 never-ending, circular nature of the UF..

2:2.1 “The F. has life in himself, and this life is eternal

2:2.1 Throughout the eternal ages it has been the F. who

2:2.1 discloses not only that he is the F. of lights, but

2:2.2 perfection of repleteness in the mandates of the F..

2:2.2 The UF. does not repent of his original purposes of

2:2.6 the UF. actually participates in the experience with

2:3.1 The justice of the UF. cannot be influenced by the

2:4.1 I am “the F. of mercies and the God of all comfort

2:4.2 any influence be brought to bear upon the F. to call

2:4.3 The heavenly F. is never torn by conflicting attitudes

2:4.4 The good nature of a loving F. could not possibly

2:4.5 by the sovereign free will of the UF. and all his

2:5.1 The F. loves us sufficiently to bestow his life upon us

2:5.2 subordinate creatures, “for the F. himself loves you.”

2:5.4 “Behold what manner of love the F. has bestowed

2:5.5 reason for loving him is the indwelling gift of the F.

2:5.5 the presence of the Paradise personality of the UF..

2:5.7 We all love the F. more because of his nature than in

2:5.8 love the UF. and all other beings, divine or human,

2:5.9 so the UF. loves and forever seeks the welfare of his

2:5.10 characteristics of the perfect nature of the UF..

2:5.11 to portray the divine affection of the heavenly F.

2:5.11 significance of the divine affection of the PF..

2:6.3 every perfect gift comes down from the F. of lights.”

2:6.4 Hebrew prophets proclaimed God to be a F. to Israel

2:6.4 Jesus revealed God as the F. of each human being.

2:6.4 God is the PF. of every universe personality.

2:6.5 was irreconcilable with the selfless love of the F.,

2:6.6 The affectionate heavenly F., whose spirit indwells

2:6.7 The F. is not an inconsistent personality;

2:7.7 the isolated mortal coheres in God the F. through

2:7.7 the indwelling Thought Adjuster and the UF..

3:0.1 God is everywhere present; the UF. rules the circle

3:0.2 the invisibility of the infinite and less discernible F..

3:0.2 The Paradise Creator Sons of the F. are a revelation

3:1.1 The ability of the UF. to be everywhere present,

3:1.2 The UF. is all the time present in all parts and in all

3:1.4 This gift from the PF. is man’s inseparable

3:1.4 “The spirit of the everlasting F. is concealed in the

3:1.4 “The F. lives in the child. God is always with us.”

3:1.6 to distinguish between the presence of the UF. and

3:1.9 The everywhere-present spirit of the UF. is

3:1.11 While the F. parentally encircuits all his sons—all

3:1.12 The F. does not retire in seclusion because he has

3:1.12 The F. has freely bestowed himself upon us

3:2.2 in accordance with the eternal purpose of the UF.,

3:2.5 The omnipotence of the F pertains to the everywhere

3:2.5 Paradise spirit, is not directly responsive to the F..

3:2.6 The UF. is not a transient force, a shifting power,

3:2.6 The power and wisdom of the F. are adequate to

3:2.10 which are not the personal doings of the UF..

3:2.15 But all these characteristics of the UF. are unified

3:3.2 The UF. is the only personality in all the universe

3:3.2 “Your F. knows what you have need of even

3:4.1 In potential of force, wisdom, and love, the F. has

3:4.4 of the all-wise, all-knowing, and all-powerful F..

3:4.6 man cannot possibly know the infinitude of the F..

3:4.6 by the associated capacity to love the F. in return.


3:5.1 the UF. does not exercise his infinite power and

3:5.1 the F. does act independently and in accordance with

3:5.2 The F. rules through his Sons; on down through the

3:5.3 In the affairs of men’s hearts the UF. may not always

3:5.4 Said Jesus: “My F., who gave them to me, is

3:5.4 and as the beneficent F. of all intelligent beings.

3:5.4 There is but “one God and F. of all, who is above


3:6.1 the UF. relinquishes authority and delegates power,

3:6.3 unless the reality of the UF. is acknowledged.

3:6.6 Does the Paradise F. suffer? I do not know.

3:6.6 I think the F. does, but I cannot understand how;

3:6.7 And all these more personal traits of the F. can be

3:6.8 God the F. loves men; God the Son serves men;

3:6.8 the ever-ascending adventure of finding God the F.

3:6.9 to the presentation of the revelation of the UF., I

4:0.1 The UF. has an eternal purpose pertaining to the


4:1.4 the forces and personalities which the F. may use to

4:1.6 The UF. has not withdrawn from the management

4:1.6 The F. unceasingly pours forth energy, light, and

4:1.8 resulting from the functioning of the UF., the Son,

4:3.2 the perfect nature and gracious character of the UF..

4:3.3 races are able to formulate far better ideas of the UF.

4:3.5 UF. never does anything that causes subsequent

4:3.5 But though the F. neither makes mistakes, harbors

4:3.6 The infinite goodness of the F. is beyond the

4:4.4 perfect universe and the F. of all other Creators.

4:4.4 The F. is infinite and eternal, but to deny the

4:4.5 First and last—eternally—the infinite God is a F..

4:4.5 to portray the God of all creation as the UF..

4:4.6 In God the F. freewill performances are not ruled

4:4.6 and Center is always and consistently a loving F..

4:4.6 God is a F. in the highest sense of the term.

4:4.7 First Cause; in religion, the universal and loving F.;

4:5.1 or as the source of true information about the UF..

4:5.2 Creator Sons, the Supreme Being, and the UF..

4:5.2 associate personalities of Deity with the F. himself

4:5.7 pagan superstitions respecting the nature of the UF..

4:5.7 the human race is destined to know the UF. in all

5:0.1 how so great and so majestic a God as the UF. can

5:0.1 Adjusters are a part of the eternal Deity of the PF..

5:1.1 creature to approach the infinite F. is inherent,

5:1.1 be transported instantly into the presence of the F.

5:1.1 just as oblivious of the presence of the UF. as

5:1.1 safe conduct into the Paradise presence of the UF..

5:1.2 F. is not in hiding; he is not in arbitrary seclusion.

5:1.2 stand in the presence of the F. at the center of all

5:1.3 to the Paradise presence of the F. must await your

5:1.3 bestowal spirit of the F. so intimately associated with

5:1.5 the same divine presence of the gift from the F.,

5:1.8 The F. desires all his creatures to be in personal

5:1.8 God is approachable, the F. is attainable, the way is

5:1.8 every universe to the Paradise presence of the UF..

5:1.10 The F. is not in spiritual hiding, but so many of his

5:2.2 to the presence of God, “the right hand of the F.,”

5:2.2 personalities have access to the “bosom of the F..”

5:2.2 self-conscious contact and communion with the UF.,

5:2.3 the spirit of the UF. lives within your own mind!

5:3.1 the highest sense, we worship the UF. and him only.

5:3.1 we can and do worship the F. as he is manifested in

5:3.1 it is the F., directly or indirectly, who is worshiped

5:3.2 everything except adoration and worship of the F.,

5:3.2 subjects acceptably in the presence of the UF..

5:3.3 We do not worship the F. because of anything we

5:3.4 why prayer should not be addressed to God the F. as

5:3.6 in the place of both the UF. and the Eternal Son

5:3.6 These Universe Sons receive, in the name of the F.

5:3.6 the local universe personification of the UF. and

5:3.8 communicate to the F. the inexpressible longings

5:3.8 communicate with God as a faith son of the UF..

5:4.13 3. Jesusconcept—God as a living friend, a loving F.,

5:4.15 Hebrew concept of the heavenly F. to the higher

5:4.15 the creature-loving affection of a God who is the F.

5:5.3 faith believes in a God who fosters survival, the F. in

5:5.11 of the absonite superconsciousness of the PF..

5:6.1 The UF. is the God of personalities.

5:6.1 personality has its center and circumference in the F..

5:6.1 God the F. is the bestower and the conservator of

5:6.1 And the PF. is likewise the destiny of all those finite

5:6.3 reality that is exclusively bestowed by God the F.

5:6.3 the personal except by the direct act of the PF..

5:6.4 of personality is the exclusive function of the UF.,

5:6.4 There is no personality apart from God the F.,

5:6.4 and no personality exists except for God the F..

5:6.4 the human personality, are the bestowals of the UF.,

5:6.5 God, the prepersonal bestowal of the personal F.,

5:6.6 touched by the liberating divinity of the UF.,

5:6.8 on antecedent causation, the F. stands aside.

5:6.9 personalities are centered in the personality of the F..

5:6.10 of universes is centered in the person of the UF.,

5:6.10 the PF. is personally conscious of all personalities of

5:6.11 circuited in the personal presence of the UF.,

5:6.12 attribute of choice-liberty is bestowed by the UF.,

5:6.12 of divine love, the personality circuit of the UF..

5:6.13 helpful than to reiterate that God is your universe F.,

5:6.14 series presenting the narrative of the UF. by a Divine

6:0.1 the “first” personal and absolute concept of the UF..

6:0.1 whenever and however the F. personally expresses

6:0.1 the personal presence of, the Eternal and UF..

6:0.2 In the sequential sense the UF. never could have

6:0.3 divine revelation of the creator identity of the UF..

6:0.3 perfect personality of the Son discloses that the F. is

6:0.4 We believe the Son sprang from the F.; we are

6:0.4 this mystery of a Son who is derived from the F.,

6:0.4 who is co-ordinately eternal with the F. himself.

6:1.1 As the F. is the First Great Source and Center, so

6:1.2 The UF. is first a creator and then a controller;

6:1.3 The UF. never personally functions as a creator

6:1.4 this bestowal Son came forth from the F. just as truly

6:1.4 “And now, O my F., glorify me with your own self,

6:1.6 Second Source and Center, cocreator with the UF.

6:2.1 as changeless and infinitely dependable as the UF..

6:2.1 He is also just as spiritual as the F., just as truly an

6:2.1 step nearer you in approachability than is the UF..

6:2.2 He is wholly like the F.; in fact, the Eternal Son is

6:2.2 the Eternal Son is God the F. personally manifest to

6:2.2 Sons: “He who has seen the Son has seen the F..”

6:2.3 In nature the Son is wholly like the spirit F..

6:2.3 When we worship the UF., actually we at the same

6:2.3 as divinely real and eternal in nature as God the F..

6:2.6 spirit nature of the F. is focalized and personalized in

6:2.6 And as the F. shares his spirit nature with the Son,

6:2.7 the F. and Son are equal except that the Son appears

6:2.8 I discern no difference between the F. and the Son.

6:2.8 The F. loves his universe children as a father;

6:3.1 The Son cannot love more than the F., but he can

6:3.1 for he not only is a primal creator like the F., but he

6:3.1 but he is also the Eternal Son of that same F.,

6:3.1 the sonship experience of all other sons of the UF..

6:3.3 you must first perceive its divine source, the F., who

6:3.4 ignoble task of trying to persuade his gracious F. to

6:3.4 envisage the Eternal Son as appealing to the UF.

6:3.5 between the love of the F. and the love of the Son.

6:4.3 The spirit of the F. is eternally resident in the spirit

6:4.4 The F. must be spiritually omnipresent, but such

6:4.4 it of the Son is co-ordinate with the spirit of the F..

6:4.5 In his contact with personality, the F. acts in the

6:4.5 he appears in the fragments of the totality of his

6:4.5 function of the fragmented presence of the UF..

6:4.7 In wisdom the Son is the full equal of the F..

6:4.7 like the F., the Son knows all; he is never surprised

6:4.8 The F. and the Son really know the number and

6:4.8 but the Son, equally with the F. and Conjoint Actor,

6:4.9 The Son is wholly and infinitely equal with the UF.,

6:4.10 to study the spiritual attributes of God the F. to

6:5.3 Personality is the exclusive gift of the UF..

6:5.3 The Eternal Son derives personality from the F.,

6:5.3 Son does not, without the F., bestow personality.

6:5.3 personality, he does so in conjunction with the F.

6:5.3 who may act for the F. in such relationships.

6:5.4 The F., in eternalizing the Original Son, bestowed

6:5.4 and privilege of subsequently joining with the F. in

6:5.4 when the F. and the Son unite to personalize a

6:5.5 selfhood upon other entities or persons as do the UF.

6:5.6 Eternal Son is the personal portrayal of the spirit F.

6:5.6 God the F. and God the Spirit are truly personal,

6:5.7 he did sit in council with the UF. in the eternal past,

6:5.7 the F., in projecting the bestowal of the Adjusters,

6:5.7 And as the spirit fragment of the F dwells within you

6:6.3 The mind of the Eternal Son is like that of the F.

6:6.3 with the mind of the F. it is ancestor to the diverse

6:6.3 The mind of the F. and the Son, that intellect

6:7.1 unqualified personality fetters the UF. escaped by the

6:7.1 by virtue of which he has ever since continued to

6:7.1 Every personal being derives personality from the F.

6:7.1 Son eternally derives his personality from the PF..

6:7.3 Everything that tends to obscure the UF. operates

6:8.1 complement, and the eternal counterpart of the UF..

6:8.1 In the same sense that God is the UF., the Son is the

6:8.2 the revelation of the divine character of the F.;

6:8.2 discern the F. and the Son not only as one personal

6:8.3 As persons you may conceive of the F. and the Son

6:8.3 the F. and the Son are encountered in confusing

6:8.3 the Creator Son, who stands for both F. and Son to

6:8.5 you find it easier to grasp the reality of both the F.

6:8.5 the F. is the actual bestower of your personality

7:0.2 The Son is like the F. in that he seeks to bestow

7:2.3 they are not in the personality circuit of the UF..

7:4.1 The Eternal Son is in everlasting liaison with the F.

7:4.1 in faithfulness, the Son is the eternal equal of the F..

7:4.2 The F. and his Son are as one in the formulation of

7:4.2 souls of space is a joint creation of the F. and Son,

7:4.5 to incarnate and make real, the love of the F. and

7:4.6 as the conjoint executive of the F. and the Son.

7:4.7 the F. intrusted the execution of this tremendous

7:5.1 The Son without reservation joined with the UF.

7:5.1 “Be you perfect, even as your F. in Havona is perfect

7:5.2 contact directly with human beings as does the F.

7:5.3 the experience of fragmented entities means to the F.

7:6.3 the “first” completed and infinite thought of the UF..

7:6.3 Every time the UF. and Eternal Son jointly project

7:6.3 Creator Sons are potentially equal with God the F.

7:6.4 The F. remains primal in the universes.

7:6.5 Much as the Creator Sons are personalized by the F.

7:6.6 The F., Son, and Spirit also unite to personalize the


7:7.1 revelation of the spirit and the personality of the F..

7:7.1 concerning the F. must come from the Eternal Son

7:7.1 and without spiritual qualification one with the F..

7:7.2 the divine F. is infinitely perfect, but that character

7:7.3 the spiritual and personal nature of the F. to all

7:7.3 it is a Paradise Son who reveals the UF. to men

7:7.3 reveal the avenue of creature approach to the UF..

7:7.3 And even we of high origin understand the F.

7:7.4 The F. comes down to you as a personality only

7:7.4 And you attain the F. by this same living way;

7:7.4 you ascend to the F. by the guidance of this group of

7:7.4 your very personality is a direct bestowal of the UF..

7:7.5 Son is a person just as truly and actually as the F. is

7:7.5 the Son will be more easy to approach than the UF..

7:7.5 Son long before you are prepared to discern the F..

8:0.2 In the dawn of eternity both the F. and Son become

8:0.2 and ever since this eternity event the F. and the Son

8:0.3 The very instant that God the F. and God the Son

8:0.4 God the F., God the Son, and God the Spirit.

8:1.2 eternal loyalty to God the F. and acknowledges

8:1.3 the creative unfolding of the purpose of the UF.

8:1.6 the F. acts, and creature personality appears.

8:1.7 the combined concepts and united wills of the F. and

8:1.8 and awful times of the creative expansion of the F.

8:1.10 therefore do we postulate the F. as the First Source

8:1.10 that the Son and the Spirit are coeternal with the F.

8:1.11 the mind of the children of time to conceive of the F.

8:2.1 wholly and without qualification one with the UF.

8:2.1 reflects in perfection not only the nature of the PF.

8:2.4 you need only contemplate the infinity of the UF.

8:2.5 of the Infinite Spirit but not so much as in the F. and

8:2.6 sharing the righteousness, and the love of the UF.,

8:2.7 the Spirit could have more of goodness than the F.

8:2.7 than the F. since all goodness takes origin in the F.,


8:3.1 the “first” absolute and infinite thought of the UF.,

8:3.2 The UF. delegates everything possible to his Eternal

8:3.3 subsequent creation that the Son sustains to the F.

8:3.4 and while the F. in faithfulness upholds that which

8:3.5 The Spirit is the effective agent of the all-loving F.

8:3.5 Spirit became the conjoint administrator of the F.

8:3.5 divine presence and of spirit personalities to the F.

8:3.6 universal revelation of the UF. and his Eternal Son.

8:3.7 The Son is the only avenue of approach to the UF.,

8:3.8 candidates for presentation to the Son and his F..

8:3.9 the Spirit equally represent and similarly serve the F.

8:4.2 the creature creation, the combined love of the F.

8:4.5 ministry of revealing the combined love of the F. and

8:4.7 the representation of the Eternal Son and the UF..

8:4.8 the character of this combined Action of the UF. and

8:5.2 The F. is infinite and is therefore limited only by

8:5.2 the encircuitment of personality, the F. acts alone,

8:5.2 The F. is most certainly everywhere present, and we

8:5.4 to present you blameless before your F. on high.”

8:5.5 the Infinite Spirit is the Conjoint Actor; both the F.

8:5.5 Actor is present not only as himself but as the F. and

8:5.6 liaison is truly the union of the spirits of God the F.,

8:6.2 the divine equal and co-ordinate of the UF. and Son.

8:6.2 the higher intelligences of the universes as are the F.

8:6.2 must attain before they may approach the F. through

8:6.6 In the administration of universes the F., Son, and

8:6.7 In the person of the Infinite Spirit the F. and the Son

8:6.7 in unqualified perfection, for the Spirit is like the F.

8:6.7 and also like the F. and the Son as they two are one.

9:0.1 the UF. and the Eternal Son unite to personalize

9:0.2 The F. is infinite in love and volition, in spiritual

9:0.2 divine plan and the eternal purpose of the UF..

9:0.5 the Spirit, like the F. and the Son, is perfect and

9:1.1 and divine equal of God the Son and God the F..

9:1.2 attributes of the Third Source are derived from the F

9:1.2 be actively and personally present in the F. or Son—

9:1.3 While you envisage the F. as an original creator

9:1.4 The UF. presides over the realms of pre-energy,

9:1.5 God of mind shares the omniscience of the UF.

9:1.5 certain phases of the omnipotence of the UF. but

9:2.2 Eternal Son as the Son is a complement of the UF..

9:2.2 Son is a spiritualized personalization of the F.;

9:2.2 is a spiritualization of the Eternal Son and the UF..

9:2.3 the connection of the Adjusters direct with the UF.,

9:2.5 the Adjuster, the impersonal presence of the UF..

9:3.1 forces and energies conjointly sponsored by the F.

9:3.2 not functionally (observably) present in either the F.

9:3.7 He acts, personally, for the F. and the Son.

9:5.4 than they do of either the Eternal Son or the UF..

9:6.2 Much as the F. draws all personality to himself,

9:6.4 mind, or matter; it is the bestowal of the UF..

9:6.4 gravity is always a volitional act of the UF..

9:8.2 in some unrevealed association with the F. and Son,

9:8.4 Every time the UF. and the Eternal Son become

9:8.10 The F. bestows personality by his personal free will.

9:8.10 why the Third Source bestows non-F. personality,

9:8.10 The Infinite Spirit can act for the F. in the bestowal

9:8.11 in their relations to encircuited creatures of the F..

10:0.2 coexistent personalities, God the F., God the Son,

10:0.3 without the Trinity of F., Son, and Spirit we are

10:1.1 the F., back in eternity, inaugurated a policy of

10:1.1 the selfless, loving, and lovable nature of the UF.

10:1.2 The UF. all along has divested himself of every part

10:1.3 the personality of the Infinite is disclosed as the UF.,

10:1.4 the F. ceased to exist as the unqualified personality

10:1.4 does the F. bestow the “personality of infinity”

10:1.6 trustworthy information regarding the F., the Son,

10:2.1 By the technique of trinitization the F. divests

10:2.1 he constitutes himself the F. of this very Son and

10:2.1 become the divine F. of all subsequently created,

10:2.1 As the absolute and unqualified personality the F.

10:2.1 a personal F. he continues to bestow personality

10:2.2 After the F. has bestowed upon the personality of his

10:2.6 The UF., the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit are

10:2.7 consciousness of both sonship with the F. and

10:2.7 The F. knows the experience of having a Son who

10:2.7 equal, but the F. knows no ancestral antecedents.

10:2.8 I also know that the F., Son, and Spirit exist and

10:3.1 the F. said: “Let us make mortal man in our own

10:3.2 Spirit sustain the same and equal relations to the F.

10:3.3 for an honored and divinely respected common F..

10:3.4 The F., Son, and Spirit are certainly equal in nature,

10:3.5 The UF., prior to his self-willed divestment of the

10:3.5 in any sense of the word be considered the UF.;

10:3.5 Furthermore, the F., to have been absolute in a

10:3.5 Son and the Spirit are both coeternal with the F..

10:3.5 has always been, and will forever be, the eternal F.

10:3.6 We observe that the F. has divested himself of all

10:3.6 whether volition is an inalienable attribute of the F.;

10:3.7 the UF. escapes from the fetters of personality

10:3.8 The F. is personally absolute in liberty of action, but

10:3.8 the F is not discernibly absolute as total Deity except

10:3.14 5. As a F., he maintains parental contact with all

10:3.17 and delegations of jurisdiction by the UF. are wholly

10:3.17 The F. purposefully assumes these limitations of

10:3.18 The Eternal Son seems to function as one with the F.

10:4.4 It exists as the Deity union of F., Son, and Spirit;

10:4.4 the F., the Son, or the Spirit, or any two of them,

10:4.4 The F., Son, and Spirit can collaborate in a non-

10:4.5 Both the F. and the Son are functioning in and

10:6.2 Justice is not the attitude of the F., the Son, or Spirit

10:6.3 the conjoint representative of the F. and the Son to

10:6.4 partaking of the Trinity nature of the united F., Son,

10:6.18 and the merciful love of the UF. are coincident.

10:6.18 the personalities of F., Son, and Spirit are adjusted

10:7.1 The F., the Son, and the Conjoint Actor are truly

10:7.3 The F., Son, and Spirit do not personally function

10:7.6 personal attitude of love in all the acts of God the F..

10:8.3 The UF., the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit are

10:8.5 We know the UF., the Eternal Son, and the Infinite

10:8.5 I love and worship God the F.; I respect and honor

10:8.7 Having thus found God as the F. of all creatures,

10:8.7 sometime begin the quest for the superfinite F..

10:8.7 of the ultimate attributes and character of the PF..

11:0.1 of universes and the abiding place of the UF.,

11:0.1 All of the intelligent creation of the UF. is

11:1.1 The personal presence of the UF. is resident at the

11:1.1 This Paradise presence of the UF. is surrounded by

11:1.2 The UF. is cosmically focalized at this center of the

11:1.3 We know the direct course to pursue to find the UF.

11:1.3 the central shining of the spiritual glory of the UF..

11:1.4 The F. is always to be found at this central location

11:1.4 personalities as they journey inward to the F.;

11:4.5 the things which the UF. has prepared for those who

11:9.3 In the eternity of the past, when the UF. gave

11:9.3 Thus did the F. project reality in two actual phases

11:9.3 in the face of will to action by the F. and the Son,

11:9.8 the fact that this perfect abode of the UF. is the real

12:0.1 immensity of the far-flung creation of the UF. is

12:0.2 material creation as being infinite because the UF. is

12:3.1 but though this circuit is exclusive to the F., he is not

12:3.1 UF. is infinite and acts over all four absolute-gravity

12:3.2 1. The Personality Gravity of the UF..

12:6.2 the UF. exercises priority and primacy through the

12:6.2 Concerning the domains of mind, the F. and the Son

12:7.4 which can be truly said of the UF. cannot be said

12:7.6 He is the UF., a being surcharged with personality

12:7.7 personality of man with the personality of the UF..

12:7.9 The love of the F. absolutely individualizes each

12:7.9 a unique child of the UF., a child without duplicate

12:7.9 that lie outside the fraternal circuit of the F. of all.

12:7.9 the high value which the UF. has placed upon

12:7.10 the brotherhood of the freewill children of the PF..

12:7.12 for the F. is not very far from any one of you;

12:7.13 Even though the PF. functions through his divine

12:7.13 you therefore know that the F. is in intimate touch,

12:7.13 The F. indeed abides on Paradise, but his divine

12:7.14 near to you or to understand you as fully as the F.,

12:8.13 and the thing converge in the person of the UF..

12:8.16 the shining of the spiritualized personality (the F.

13:0.1 consists of the seven secret spheres of the UF.;

13:0.2 These three seven-world circuits of the F., the Son,

13:0.3 The seven secret spheres of the UF., circulating

13:0.6 Although the worlds of the F. are ultimate status

13:0.6 Each world in the circuit of the F. and the circuit of


13:1.2 The Paradise worlds of the F. are directed by the

13:1.4 world is, in a unique sense, the “bosom of the F.,”

13:1.4 the personal-communion sphere of the UF.,

13:1.4 and other beings taking origin in the UF..

13:1.4 are of direct origin by the solitary acts of the UF..

13:1.4 beings of direct and exclusive origin in the UF.

13:1.8 The Adjusters are a mystery of God the F..

13:1.11 This planet is the “bosom of the F. and the Son”

13:1.11 unrevealed beings take origin by the acts of the F.

13:1.15 This world is the “bosom of the F. and the Spirit”

13:1.15 beings of origin in the conjoint acts of the UF. and

13:1.15 beings who partake of the traits of the F. in addition

13:1.16 it does not necessarily follow that the F. had aught

13:1.18 numerous unrevealed orders with the spirits of the F.

13:1.21 This unique world is the “bosom of the F., Son,

13:2.4 on Ascendington, the “bosom of the F.-Son-Spirit,”

13:2.7 and relative access to the other spheres of the F.

13:2.7 the shores of Divinington, the “bosom of the F.,”

13:2.7 shall stand repeatedly at the “right hand of the F..”

13:2.8 You may become creature perfect even as the UF. is

13:2.9 Secrets of Supremacy on the other worlds of the F.,

13:4.5 beings whom the UF. has ordained shall exercise

13:4.6 They are not so exclusive as the spheres of the F. or

14:2.8 attain Deity, to achieve Paradise, and to know the F..

14:4.19 there are those beings who have attained the UF.,

14:5.4 when they have recognized the UF., ascenders go to

14:6.6 1. The Universal F.—the First Source and Center.

14:6.6 God the F. derives supreme parental satisfaction

14:6.7 Havona affords the F. achievement gratification.

14:6.8 The F. enjoys the Havona reciprocation of the divine

14:6.9 Our F. beholds the central universe with perfect

14:6.11 The eternal F. views with never-ending satisfaction

14:6.12 the partnership effectiveness of the divine family—F.,

14:6.12 the material basis for absolute confidence in the UF..

14:6.15 demonstration that the Son is the Word of the F..

14:6.15 an infinite complement of the F. perfectly gratified.

14:6.16 of equality fraternity between the UF. and the Son,

14:6.40 in the experience of exploring the infinity of the UF..

15:0.1 As far as the UF. is concerned—as a F.—the

15:0.1 he deals with personalities; he is the Father of

15:2.1 Only the UF. knows the location and actual number

15:2.1 he calls them all by name and number.

15:9.1 These circuits are: the personality gravity of the UF.,

15:9.6 and routed by Divinington to the UF. on Paradise.

15:11.3 the whole vast evolutionary concept of the UF.

16:0.3 1. The Universal F..

16:0.6 4. The F. and the Son.

16:0.7 5. The F. and the Spirit.

16:0.9 7. The F., Son, and Spirit.

16:0.10 We know very little about the action of the F. and

16:0.10 we have been definitely instructed that both the F.

16:1.1 spiritual beings, duly expressive of the F., Son,

16:1.2 and through these Seven Spirits, the UF., the Son,

16:1.2 When the F., the Son, and the Spirit act together,

16:2.2 To the universe of universes the PF. speaks only

16:3.2 this Spirit is the direct representation of the PF..

16:3.2 of the power, love, and wisdom of the UF..

16:3.2 Master Spirit Number One who speaks for the UF..

16:3.3 more especially to resemble the UF. in character.

16:3.8 Partaking of the combined natures of the F. and