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4:1.3 “Forever, O Lord, your word is settled in heaven.

6:1.4 “And now, O my Father, glorify me with your own

53:1.3 “How are you fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of

63:6.6O Breath of Life, give us this day our daily food,

92:5.11 “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one God.”

92:6.17O Lord of Hosts, God of Israel, you are God,

97:1.5 “You are great, O Lord God, for there is none like

97:1.9 “Yours is the kingdom, O Lord, and you are

97:1.10 “Yours, O Lord, is the greatness and the power

97:5.6 He has shown me, O man, what is good; and what

97:8.3 “How long, O Lord, how long?”

122:9.23 And now let your servant depart in peace, O Lord,

125:6.9O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, and the people thereof,

126:4.5 for the Lord has showed us, O men, what is good.

131:2.5 O that men would praise the Lord for his goodness

131:4.2 O Supreme Person, source of beings, Lord of

131:4.5 therefore, O Lord, free us from all taint of sin.

131:4.7 O God, save us from the threefold ruin of hell—lust

131:4.7 O soul, gird yourself for the spirit struggle of

131:9.2 We acknowledge, O God, the Most High and

144:2.1O Father, cleanse us from sin, show us your glory,

146:2.13 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a

146:2.13 quoting: “Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth;

150:8.6 O King, helper, savior, and shield!

150:8.6 Blessed are you, O Yahweh, the shield of

150:8.7O bestow on your people Israel great peace forever,

152:4.2O, you of little faith, wherefore did you doubt?”

156:1.7O woman, great is your faith, so great that I

158:5.2O faithless and perverse generation, how long

159:5.2 such as: “Create in me a clean heart, O Lord.

164:3.5O tenderhearted, gain merit by assisting the blind.”

165:5.3 O you of little faith!

167:5.1 prayed to himself: ‘O God, I thank you that I am

171:4.7 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which kills the prophets

172:3.4 “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O

172:3.4 daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem.

172:3.10O Jerusalem, if you had only known, even you,

174:4.2 ‘Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one;

175:1.23O Jerusalem and the children of Abraham, you who

181:2.20 O, you of little faith!

182:1.3 O my Father, glorify me with the glory which I had

182:3.4 And now, O Father, if this cup may not pass, then

o’clocksee one o’clock; two o’clock, etc.


60:3.19 beech, birch, o., walnut, sycamore, maple, and

85:2.3 in the forest affectionately embracing a sturdy o..


151:5.4 Peter was at the right-hand o. near the stern.

151:5.4 he dropped his o. and, rushing over to Jesus,

151:5.5 who, in his agitation, had not yet returned to his o.,


151:5.3 they were now entirely dependent on their o. as

154:7.1 when this company of twenty-five manned the o. and

195:7.19 Idealists and spiritists dare to use their o. with vigor


151:5.4 These fishermen were strong and experienced o.,

151:5.5 then peering into the darkness at the struggling o.,


21:3.12 Michael takes an o. to the Trinity not to assume

21:3.12 there would be no meaning in taking an o. not to do

21:4.5 it was the last step in fulfilling the sacred o. of a

27:7.9 you take the Trinity o. of eternity and are mustered

30:4.31 Only such individuals take the finaliter o..

31:0.12 their o. of allegiance is only to the Paradise Trinity.

31:1.3 but the finality o. is administered individually.

31:1.3 It is an o of sweeping implications and eternal import

31:1.3 The Havona native takes the same o. and becomes

31:3.4 the o. that musters them forever into the eternity

31:4.1 join subjects in taking the finaliter o. of eternity

31:7.1 company numbers 999 personalities of o. status,

31:7.2 These beings do not take the finaliter o., and though

31:8.4 the Trinity o. of eternity is administered by the chief

38:8.6 The o. of personality transformation is administered;

70:3.8 Their Arab ancestors made use of the o. taken while

70:7.16 All secret associations imposed an o., enjoined

70:11.3 The o originated in the days of Dalamatia in an effort

74:2.6 The Material Son and Daughter took the o. of

88:2.8 To take an o. on a “holy book” or to swear by some

96:4.6 the Lord loves you and will not forget the o. by

98:1.1 their strict interpretation of their o. of ordination,

117:7.7 to the finaliter corps of Paradise, they take an o. to

117:7.7 in taking this o. of allegiance, they are thereby

119:0.3 the solemn o. to the eternal Trinity not to assume full

122:9.12 The o. which he swore to Abraham our father,

135:12.7 because of his o. and because of all those who sat at

174:0.2 Be loyal to your o. of consecration.”

175:1.16 upon you who dissimulate when you take an o.!

175:1.16 a man may swear by the temple and break his o., but

190:1.5 you have served me in accordance with your o. to

190:1.6 in fulfillment of their o. to David Zebedee and to one


70:11.3 Such o. consisted in pronouncing a curse upon

74:1.4 Adam and Eve were put under joint o. of allegiance

75:4.2 had defaulted in the execution of their o. of trust to

87:6.16 soon followed by religious pledges and sacred o..

87:6.16 Most of these o. were accompanied by self-torture

98:3.4 O. and admissions to citizenship were in reality

190:1.5 I release you from your o. and thereby disband the


70:7.12 times as the foolish notion of “sowing wild o..”

ObadiahHebrew prophet

97:5.4 This Isaiah was followed by Micah and O., who


63:6.7 the present Caspian Sea at a settlement called O.,

63:6.7 From O. he sent out teachers to the remote


8:1.7 in o. to the combined concepts and united wills of

12:1.1 in o. to the incessant and absolute pull of Paradise

12:8.3 which is true and steadfast in its o. to universal law

33:3.5 subordination to the Son, pledging fidelity and o..

40:10.3 in o. to the established laws of the Supreme Rulers.

56:0.1 in o. to the Father’s mandate: “Be you perfect, even

56:4.1 to indwell mortals in o. to the Father’s mandate,

89:1.4 definitely promised something in return for o..

123:4.7 these beings can so act only in o. to the specific

127:4.3 required to secure their prompt and wholehearted o..

128:2.4 exacted formal promises of o. to James from each

138:7.1 to go forth in humble o. to execute his bidding on

142:1.5 4. O. to the will of the Father, yielding the fruits of

148:4.3 measure of the imperfectness of o. to the Father’s

149:2.12 Jesus received the o. of followers without exacting it.

150:6.1 “Music and Worship,” “Service and O.,” “Pride

159:3.5 does not frighten his children into yielding o. to his

163:3.4 in o. to his just laws of merciful and loving

164:3.15 This was a miracle wrought purely in o. to his own

168:2.3 astir in unified action in o. to the Creator’s word.

172:2.4 It was in o. to this admonition that Lazarus fled to


11:5.5 gravity but are always o. to Paradise gravity.

13:4.5 the spirit of divinity become humbly o. to the

30:1.93 noncreators are loyal to the Paradise Trinity and o.

41:9.2 ultimatons are fully o. to absolute or Paradise gravity

42:4.7 Ultimatons are humbly o. to temperature extremes.

52:1.5 These birds are most intelligent, very o., and

66:8.1 o. to the mandates of the Constellation Fathers.

96:7.6 Yahweh prospers his own and o. children, while he

123:0.2 though Mary was o. to this decision, she made it

124:3.10 at the same time be o. to the call of his mission to the

125:6.11 in heaven, I will also be o. to my father on earth.

128:1.6 and became o. to death, even the death of the cross.”

135:2.1 John doubted that he had been wholly o. to the

137:6.5 Be ever o. to the Father’s will.

173:3.4 remained o. to the Master’s injunction to refrain


12:8.3 unfailing pull of the eternal Isle, o. and inherently

136:5.3 universe intelligences o. and respectfully function

136:8.5 the Son of Man bowed o. to the Father’s way,


91:8.5 soul or the slavish o. of a fear-ridden mortal.

124:4.7 of this habitual o. to the doorpost parchment.


34:5.5 mortals who the more fully o. the divine leadings.

41:5.6 except as they ever o. the linear-gravity pull inherent

41:9.2 Ultimatonic energy does not o. the linear or direct

89:6.2 The people revolted; they refused to o..

93:4.4 3. I promise to o. the seven commandments of

96:5.4 he taught the Hebrews that, if they would o. God,

96:5.6 disobey; he heals and gives life when you o. him.”

131:7.2 the sun and the moon and all the stars o. my will.

132:4.6 Compel your lower nature to o. your higher nature

132:4.6 lower nature to obey your higher nature as you o.

135:3.2 kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and o. him.

136:5.2 always in readiness to o. the least expression of their

142:2.1 and takes vengeance on those who o. not his law.

143:2.4 “By the old way you seek to suppress, o., and

150:8.8 and in your heart, that you may know and o. it.”

151:5.6 he had not commanded the elements to o. his word,

151:5.6 reciting how “even the winds and the waves o. him.”

153:2.2 o. the voice of the Lord your God that you may

154:6.7 who hears the word of God and dares to o. it.”

155:1.3 Because you o. not the truth.

158:4.6 you unclean spirit; in the name of Jesus o. me.”

163:2.7 he did o. the Master’s injunction, although it was

168:1.12 How long before you will believe and o.?”

180:1.4 joy if you will only o. my command to love one

192:2.11 To Philip he said, “Philip, do you o. me?”

192:2.11 Philip answered, “Yes, Lord, I will o. you even

192:2.11 “If you would o. me, go then into the lands of the

192:2.11 The prophets have told you that to o. is better than

192:2.11 There is but one law to o.—that is the command to

192:2.12 “Matthew, do you have it in your heart to o. me?”

192:2.12 said the Master: “Matthew, if you would o. me, go


26:9.3 is vanishing; the injunction to be perfect has been o..

37:5.3 They have in spirit o. the Father’s command, “Be

84:7.3 she was his chattel, and she o. for the same reason.

89:3.6 teacher were to be literally and universally o.,

96:5.6 “kept all his commandments and o. all his statutes.”

140:10.5 the older negative rule could be o. in isolation.

153:2.3 Prophet Jeremiah when he o. the Lord’s command

156:1.2 While they had o. their Master’s instructions,

183:5.1 And the orders of the Roman captain were o.;


128:4.6 venerate the teacher in place of o. the truth which

140:4.7 mere repression—o. the injunction “Thou shalt not.”

183:2.3 they could not depend upon all Jesus’ followers o.

192:2.12 have an eye single only to o. your commission to


4:2.8 Nature is not an o. of worship.

9:5.7 mind can hardly become the o. of great admiration,

64:4.13 the o. and purpose of sacrifice progressively

65:6.1 the exact location and the velocity of a moving o.;

66:5.25 a piece of red-hot metal was a terrorizing o. to man.

69:6.4 Andon avoided treating fire as an o. of worship,

72:4.5 The chief o. of education on this continent is to make

77:3.4 about the o. and motive for the erection of the tower.

77:5.5 Adamson’s party found the o. of their adventure,

85:1.1 The first o. to be worshiped by evolving man was a

85:1.3 mortals do not always identify Deity with an o. of

85:1.3 fetishes are often mere symbols of the real o. of

85:3.5 direct idolatry wherein the material o. is worshiped

88:0.1 The concept of a spirit’s entering into an inanimate o

88:2.1 a supposed preference of ghosts to indwell some o.

88:2.8 take an oath on a “holy book” or swear by some o.

88:4.2 The o. of magic, sorcery, and necromancy was

90:0.2 intervene between the religionist and the o. of

90:2.6 weather control was the o. of much ancient magic.

91:5.7 envision a symbol of the o.-goal of their devotions.

99:7.2 provides a stabilizing loyalty to a transcendent o.,

101:7.4 level of recognized values and in the o. of loyalties.

102:3.2 detrimental; speculation invariably falsifies its o..

121:2.8 had for its o. the pitting of Seleucid Syria and

122:8.6 his belief that Jesus was the o. of their quest and

142:4.1 asked many appreciative questions about each o.

156:6.7 Jesus’ removing himself as an o. of controversy,

160:5.2 We always look upon the o. of our religious

160:5.3 your o. of worship must be the universal spirit

160:5.3 The o. of religious devotion may be material or

160:5.4 A system of morals, by grasping an o. of worship,

160:5.5 A religion might claim as the o. of its devotion a

171:1.5 the o. of his indignant solicitude fled in haste to

189:1.2 that the o. of their vigil had risen to a new form

196:2.6 the glorified Jesus became the o. of worship and


128:1.11 Jesus never o. to any of these titles as they were

128:1.11 Jesus o. to but one title as applied to him: When he

149:2.12 authority over his disciples, but no one ever o..

169:0.3 They o. to the Master’s teachings on these grounds:

187:2.2 the Jews o. to the public exposure of the naked


103:9.5 transcends the philosophic o. of idealistic desire;


1:2.2 the supreme desire of man, the mortal quest o..


82:6.4 would be little o. to a limited race amalgamation.

82:6.4 of the several races, still less o. could be offered.

82:6.10 little serious o. to such a sacrificial contribution by

124:1.3 Jesus had managed to disarm his parents’ o. to such

145:3.10 Evidently the Father’s will interposed no o., for the

154:3.2 no o. to the agreement between Herod and the


82:6.9 neither are such mulatto offspring so o. as social

100:4.4 his viewpoint, his reasons for such o. conduct.

166:5.4 to present less that was o., first to the Jews, then to

177:2.7 It is true that many of the o. stunting influences

194:4.11 Stephen’s public sermons, when he reached the o.


19:1.6 grave o. to the exclusive historic approach to his

82:6.7 but most of the o. to such experiments rest on social

102:6.9 current o. by referring what is admittedly higher

102:7.6 cleverness of those who assemble o. and magnify

102:7.6 of intellect to pick flaws, ask questions, or raise o..

123:0.5 but it required three weeks to overcome Mary’s o..

143:1.1 and they met with new o. to the teachings of Jesus.

143:1.1 Jesus listened attentively to these o. to the gospel

143:1.3 After Jesus had heard similar o. to the gospel of

147:0.2 Herod had no o. to Jesus’ work as a teacher or

195:2.9 Philo helped to mitigate their o., but Christianity


9:8.8 1. O. response to the Father’s personality circuit.

16:6.10 these three cosmic intuitions that give o. validity to

16:9.8 must be a religious consciousness; that is, if it is o.;

33:8.2 disband upon the accomplishment of their o..

48:8.3 survival plan has a practical and serviceable o.;

91:8.11 prayer contacts with mighty o. realities on spiritual

94:11.6 by the technique of isolating the self from o. reality.

99:7.2 beyond and above the immediate and temporal o..

100:0.2 Love supplies the soil for religious growth—an o lure

100:5.2 from the temporal o. to the eternal,from the bondage

103:9.5 toward the highest realms of universe o. reality.

103:9.9 are the ideals of o. cosmic reality whose existence

107:4.7 discovering not only the infinity of the o. Deity but

130:4.9 The animal mind is only conscious of the o. universe.

136:9.6 He had only one o., the further revelation of God

196:3.21 The one truly divine and o. reality that is associated

196:3.21 Man’s contact with the highest o. reality, God, is


130:2.10 the subjective consciousness to express itself o.


71:6.2 his social energy arouser be forever selfish in its o..

91:1.3 it encouraged the effort to realize these material o.

94:8.8 and aspirations on temporal goals and material o..

99:4.2 movements from losing sight of their true o..

100:6.3 the quest for the highest universe o.—supreme goals.

155:1.3 The heathen strike directly for their o; you are guilty


196:3.20 in a meaningful and intelligent response to total o.


4:2.1 in accordance with the local o., aims, and plans of

38:2.5 should not adore them; angels are not o. of worship.

62:5.4 They experienced admiration for both o. and other

63:6.3 various of these larger animals as o. of worship.

66:5.12 tokens which were accepted in lieu of the actual o.

68:2.9 and self-perpetuation are the real o. of the home.

85:0.2 The o. of worship were altogether suggestive;

85:0.2 they consisted of the things of nature which were

85:3.2 Among such o. of worship were creatures that were

85:7.1 early practice became centered upon o. of nature.

85:7.3 to turn away from nature and natural o. to the God

86:2.6 man still kicks and curses those inanimate o. which

86:5.12 that souls could enter animals or even inanimate o..

87:2.10 substituted drawings for real o. and persons in

88:1.1 O. connected with dreams were likely to be

88:2.4 when certain o. were blessed, they became charms.

88:4.5 The o. of science are identical with those of magic.

88:5.4 All ancient o. were magical charms.

112:1.17 Relationships exist between two o., but three or

112:1.17 but three or more o. eventuate a system, and such

123:5.15 efforts in modeling various o. and animals.

124:1.3 in modeling a great variety of o. in potter’s clay.

130:3.7 This museum was not a collection of rare o. but

130:7.6 of the variation in relatedness of universe o..

130:7.6 the concept of the space-relatedness of material o..

142:4.1 supposedly idolatrous o. scattered about the house


128:4.2 he knew that he must not o. himself in the least to


132:5.15 But you are not o. to perpetuate any dishonesty or

140:3.1 as my agents on earth you will be o. to abide by


16:8.17 The reasoned recognition of the o. of moral conduct.

28:6.13 They portray to all will creatures the sense of the o.,

40:10.14 the o. to avail yourselves of the advantages so freely

54:4.4 defiance of all o. to respect the rights and liberties of

71:0.2 absolute o. of the citizen to live and die for the state.

71:3.10 recognition of the o. and privilege of social service.

82:3.4 marriage as a social duty; in another, as a religious o.

84:7.26 not in knowledge of the o. implied in procreation,

89:8.7 had fully discharged every ritual o. to the gods.

95:1.11 The Egyptians preserved the teachings of social o.

101:9.1 if it failed to recognize the duty demands of ethical o.

103:5.1 gives origin to a feeling of social duty and moral o.

117:4.8 appreciation of experiential o. to experiential Deity

119:0.3 This o. is assumed by every Michael Son who

126:3.5 the support of his family must become his first o..

127:2.8 the o. which a cruel accident had thrust upon him.

127:2.8 be able to discharge faithfully his o. to his family.

127:5.3 no amount of money could take the place of his o.

129:2.4 almost equaled the amount of this o.; and Zebedee

132:5.15 You are under moral o. to represent the past

132:5.20 under o. to the race, nation, and circumstances of

159:1.4 and that he did not have wherewith to pay this o..

178:1.5 while you voluntarily assume a third and sacred o.:

180:5.6 highest concept of moral o. as regards all fraternal

196:0.7 personal honor, family love, religious o., social


5:5.2 grounded in the facts of science, the o. of society,

33:3.2 the occasion of Michael’s liberation from Paradise o.

36:6.6 that have already fulfilled all gravity-responsive o..

48:5.8 of dodging or of circumventing disagreeable o..

53:0.1 disregard of fraternal o., blindness to cosmic

54:1.3 cosmic fairness, universe fraternity, and divine o..

54:4.4 Ethical o. are innate, divine, and universal.

55:9.3 grasp the responsibilities of new grand universe o..

72:3.7 age groups at which their o. to parents are lessened,

74:7.6 individual rights to group rights and community o..

84:1.3 the conscious realization of the o. of sex relations.

84:5.6 advance mores by imposing more stringent sex o.

84:5.9 almost all rights and enjoys exemption from many o.,

100:6.5 and loyal devotion to the commonplace social o. of

101:1.7 the o. consequent upon the illumination of revelation

101:9.1 while it expands the moral o. of all prior revelations.

110:3.10 recognition of your progressive o. to the Supreme

118:7.4 while failing to perceive the supreme o. and duties of

124:3.10 about how he was to carry out his o. to his family

124:4.9 blending of personal convictions and family o. into

124:6.18 the desires of his parents and his o. to his family and

125:6.12 matter of adjusting his dedication to duty to his o.

127:5.5 “If I am a son of destiny, I must not assume o. of

128:4.2 prior o. would prevent his accepting the direction

128:7.13 releasing Jesus from all further o. in these matters.

140:8.14 relationships must not interfere with religious o..

142:7.2 share in many of the special restrictions and o. of the

146:3.10 discussions of the mutual o. of the kingdom and

146:3.10 experience and the amities of social religious o..

157:6.8 let him assume the o. of sonship and follow me.

159:3.7 you cannot escape its responsibilities or avoid its o.,

159:5.10 exhorted his followers patiently to bear their o. but

168:4.11 the parent is within his parental o. to the immature

185:0.4 fail in the recognition of high and holy o. of a divine

195:5.6 3. Man’s ethical recognition of social o. and political


82:5.4 the days of Abraham, cousin marriages were o.;

93:6.6 though it had never been made o. by Melchizedek.


15:3.4 because you are o. to view these phenomena from

91:1.2 he was o. to seek the aid of nonreligious magic,


132:4.4 by well-chosen words or by some o. service.


95:2.8 When the o. rays of the sun were observed


60:3.14 British Columbia; here the Cambrian rocks are o.


84:5.13 Civilization never can o. the behavior gulf between

84:6.6 metamorphose so far as to o. the personality

90:3.10 forces of thought which inexorably o. the scaffolding

91:9.5 You must o. the dead center of indecision.


47:9.1 o. during the sojourn on the seventh mansion

52:1.3 many worlds some of the evolutionary races are o.,

52:7.5 long evolutionary struggle have been virtually o..

67:3.10 The panoramic reign-records on Jerusem were o.,

67:5.4 noble culture of those splendid ages had been o..

77:3.8 south, while their fellows fought until well-nigh o..

80:9.11 through warfare and marriage, o. the blue men, but

104:1.2 These teachings had not been wholly o. even in the

194:3.14 Pentecost o. all religious discrimination founded


55:1.5 the consuming fire which so completely o. the

160:1.12 that self-understanding which o. debilitating fear;


90:3.9 gradually o. man’s fear of ghosts, spirits, and gods


44:8.5 the complete o. of characteristic individuality in

46:8.4 “The wages of sin is death”—eternal o..

50:4.13 helped to prevent the total o. of spiritual truth on

52:2.5 relentless warfare sometimes results in the o. of

54:5.8 allow rebellion to pursue a natural course of self-o..

70:8.14 until man gradually achieves their evolutionary o.

79:2.4 not sufficiently to save the invaders from racial o..

79:4.7 of the Deccan after the racial o. of the Aryans.

94:2.2 to stem the tide of racial extinction and religious o.,


76:6.2 They did not long rest in the o. of the unconscious

95:1.8 sidetracked and virtually lost in frustration and o..

102:0.1 by death, the long and lonely night of eternal o.

121:6.8 saved from o. by the timely intervention of certain

148:4.9 from godly perfection steadily down toward o. or

149:2.9 Jesus lifted women out of the disrespectful o. and


5:1.1 They would there be just as o. of the presence of

30:4.12 they are wholly unconscious and o. to the length of


88:1.7 The savage was natural minded, not o. or prurient.

92:2.3 of different religions that may be regarded as o.,

92:2.3 A great deal that one generation looks upon as o.,


1:5.1 permit the magnitude of God either to o. or eclipse

6:7.3 Everything that tends to o. the Father operates

8:6.1 distribution of the Third Source and Center to o. or

81:4.9 mixture tended to o. the Andonite type by Sangik

82:1.10 Secrecy, insincerity, and hypocrisy may o. sex

90:3.7 In cases of o. disease and death the ancients would

124:6.2 now think of associating that affair with this o. lad of

128:4.3 all this when he was an o. and unknown carpenter

149:2.4 the theology of Christianity has worked to o. his

176:4.5 supreme ruler of a universe and not as the o. babe

195:0.18 it dared not so o. the concept of the nature of Jesus

196:1.1 the divinity of the Christ o. the saving truth that


74:6.5 light emanations of their bodies were so largely o. by

74:8.2 dense space cloud of minute matter which had long o

102:6.1 superstition which so long o. the living God of

169:1.4 the coin is covered by the dust of time and o. by


86:2.4 or remote interest; self-interest largely o. logic.

130:4.13 such a cosmos o. the living light of the universal

131:7.3 Pride o. God.

165:4.6 The love of riches often o. and even destroys the


84:5.3 woman gradually emerges from slavery and o..

92:3.1 and traditions of peoples long since lost in o..

147:8.4 then shall your light shine in o., and even your


5:6.6 the experiential personality of mortal man is not o.

9:6.7 the greater the o. function of mind; the lesser the

9:6.7 energy and spirit, the lesser the o. function of mind.

9:6.8 but not all the o. function of mind is predictable.

11:5.5 are not responsive to o. physical gravity but are

12:1.1 The o. behavior of the material creation constitutes

12:3.9 Son, computed on this theory of totality, is o. as

12:3.10 o. physical activities now in progress throughout the

15:4.9 nebulae o. in the space regions external to the Milky

15:6.10 suns are the stars of your o. astronomic system.

42:7.5 how many of the one hundred atomic types will be o.

42:9.3 o. in the earlier or lighter atomic groupings.

45:1.11 this sad spectacle has been o. during these recent

58:5.6 up onto the land, but such phenomena are not o..

90:3.5 If no o. natural agent could be discovered, ghosts

102:1.2 The reason of science is based on the o. facts of time

117:7.14 actuality which will be o. by all creature intelligences,

132:2.2 relative levels of human comprehension of the o.

189:0.2 the power to lay down his o. life and to take it up


3:1.6 He is not thus o. present in the creations encircling

9:3.2 This power is not functionally (o.) present in either


73:5.3 water of Eden was kept wholesome by the strict o.

86:4.6 This idea of reincarnation originated in the o. of

89:0.2 the o. of the propitiation ceremonies of sacrifice.

89:1.1 O. of a taboo was man’s effort to dodge ill luck,

94:8.15 additional or secondary commandments, whose o.

94:10.2 the o. of so much from so many religions;

95:1.2 resting on the Babylonian o. of the seventh day,

97:10.7 Ezekiel also set about to establish the faithful o. of a

98:3.1 later religion of the Latins was more of a political o.

98:3.2 consisted in the o. of mere forms, vows, and taboos.

98:4.8 The frenzy of the o. of these mystery cults and the

98:5.4 the most elaborate o. of all on the annual festival

98:6.5 Mithraism, the ritual of worship o.; and Christianity

123:5.12 Nazareth they were more liberal regarding the o. of

127:4.9 teachings and practices related to Sabbath o. and

142:3.21 the fact of creation as the reason for Sabbath o.?

166:1.9 2. Scrupulous o. of the laws of purification.

194:4.10 in any way interfered with the o. of the Jewish laws.


87:0.1 its primitive religious o. were the outgrowth of

88:3.2 Totemism is a combination of social and religious o..

89:6.7 And these o., now more or less symbolic, are all

90:0.1 The evolution of religious o. progressed from

92:3.2 Religion has always been largely a matter of o., rites,

92:3.3 The o. of such a creed represented the extension of

94:1.5 faith, favor with God apart from ritualistic o. and

94:11.7 though the ceremonies and outward o. of Buddhism

121:2.9 Herod professed loyalty to the Hebrew ceremonial o.

123:3.5 these celebrations and o. were difficult for Jesus’

144:6.10 to legislate on outward o., and socialize personal


131:3.6 a superior person who esteems virtue and is o. of

140:8.9 he was duly o. of all civil laws and regulations.


12:0.3 the study of physical law and from the o of the starry

12:4.14 numerous factors of error embracing angles of o.

12:6.5 partially predictable when subjected to critical o..

15:2.4 Each constellation also has a Faithful of Days in o.,

15:3.3 O. of the so-called Milky Way discloses the

15:3.3 When the angle of o. is propitious, gazing through

20:5.7 but within the range of my o. they always succeed.

21:2.1 he must spend a long period of o. devoted to the

21:2.1 completed his unique experience of Paradise o.

30:3.5 of the physical universe is largely dependent on o.

30:3.12 intrauniverse travel and o. is a part of the career of

30:4.28 you are accorded a long period of leisure for free o.

33:2.1 O. of Creator Sons discloses that some resemble

35:9.8 I do not make this o. by way of criticism.

41:5.7 force-energy may cause the stream under o. to

42:4.14 confusion attending the o. of the wave mechanics

42:7.8 electrons nearest the center are difficult of o. or

42:11.3 the investigating mind engaged in such a task of o..

46:5.28 various circles is open to the full o. of all Jerusem.

55:2.8 but it has not yet occurred according to my o..

56:1.2 the o. of the gravity response of all bona fide reality

62:6.2 watching the twins develop through our o. of the

76:2.6 The o. of Abel’s conduct establishes the value of

81:1.6 cultivate crops through o. of the sprouting of seeds

82:5.1 they also made the o. that general weakness

85:0.4 The o. of powerful natural forces, such as storms,

98:4.8 the o. of the annually recurring stoppage of growth

102:6.9 the concept of truth alongside the o. of fact.

108:3.1 We know from o. that there are numerous series of

108:4.3 such long-range o. unquestionably discloses that they

112:2.12 philosophy is the o. of this o. of the material world

112:2.12 the cosmic reality of the o. of the o. of all this

112:4.6 2. Be assigned for a period to the o. of the Paradise

114:4.3 this Vorondadek Son of Edentia now on o. duty.

117:6.12 capacity for Supremacy comprehension through o. of

124:2.6 depth of reasoning and keenness of o. so charmed

130:0.6 From firsthand o and actual contact Jesus acquainted

130:4.11 are disclosed on the material level by critical o. and

130:4.11 it is simply the o. of a relativity in the relatedness

130:4.13 out of the o. of the imperfections which appear in the

143:6.4 truth is the greatest pronouncement of the o. of these

158:2.3 Jesus enjoined silence about their o. of the foretaste

182:2.1 revealed that they had kept Judas under o. for

193:5.4 the Most Highs, under the o. of the Paradise Son,

193:5.5 when the morontia Jesus disappeared from the o.

196:3.21 the Adjuster, functions to human o. apparently as an


30:4.32 as finaliters, are assigned on o. and co-operative


11:1.4 by any of these o. or by all of them we are led

12:3.7 it is interesting to record certain o. made on Uversa

15:1.1 Within the limited range of the records, o., and

15:1.1 the records of Uversa, in accordance with older o.,

15:8.8 the experience acquired in connection with o.

15:13.6 The Recents of Days receive all reports of o. and

21:1.3 And these o. are in no sense implied criticisms;

30:2.148 prosecute their work and carry on their o. under

30:3.2 are unusually favorable for their o. and calculations.

37:3.3 Among their early o. of intrauniverse transactions is

42:5.14 as wave phenomena when subjected to certain o. is

42:9.4 cannot be predicated on the o. of so-called science.

55:11.2 As far as o. can penetrate, the fifth or minor sector

69:6.6 fire came down from the gods grew out of the o. of

95:2.4 These o. led to those experiments which resulted

101:4.7 of known or about-to-be-known facts and o..

112:5.7 continue their o. of the emerging morontia intent

133:5.4 to correlate these quantitative and qualitative o..

195:6.12 as mathematical deductions based on physical o., but


46:2.9 you may ascend the pearly o. and view the relief map

46:5.30 three enormous structures: the vast astronomic o. of

observesee observe, I; observe, we

12:2.4 The Uversa star students o. that the grand universe

12:7.2 You o. that God does the same thing in the same

13:4.7 In no other place in the wide universe can one o.

15:3.2 you o. that the spheres of Orvonton are traveling in

15:3.5 the vast Sagittarius subgalactic system you may o.

15:4.7 making it easy to o. them at one point but more

15:5.14 As star students scan the heavens, they will o.

22:10.8 is well-nigh pathetic to o. them seeking knowledge

30:3.12 The human desire to travel and o. new peoples and

35:10.1 The evolutionary mortals o the system administrators

39:5.12 permitted to o. seraphim that were being prepared

41:3.8 you may o. many of these younger stars whose

47:1.5 to o. the mansion world parents embrace their

49:2.17 amusing to o. the early civilization of a primitive

51:7.5 And if Urantians could only o. life on such a planet,

52:7.8 do not leave a world until they o. that the plan,

56:0.2 able to o. wider stretches of universal phenomena,

65:7.2 you would o. even less to arrest your attention in

74:3.8 those who accompanied Adam on this trip to o.

74:6.7 a new sight on Urantia to o. these children of Adam

76:3.1 It was indeed pathetic to o. this magnificent couple

79:4.8 then the world will o. the fruition of the cultural

90:3.3 When thoughtful men o. disease and death, they set

91:7.5 of mysticism, ecstasy, and inspiration is to o.

99:1.3 and painstakingly to o. the compass of religious

101:7.4 It is equally pathetic to o. those who trade their

102:2.3 to o. that such religious practitioners live and carry

110:7.2 o. the translating mortal disappear “in chariots of

123:1.5 stand around by the hour just to o. the baby’s early

123:5.13 Jesus could o. the caravan trains as they wended

123:6.8 the rabbis, came to Nazareth to o. Jesus, having

123:6.9 strangers who can only view my body and o. my

124:2.10 his first trip with his father to o. the fishing industry

124:3.7 Joseph was shocked to o. his son’s enthusiasm as he

125:1.4 altar stood, to o. the killing of the droves of animals

125:2.11 they were all distressed to o. how indifferent Jesus

128:2.4 to o. the working of the new plan, to give advice

129:1.7 Jesus built boats and continued to o. how men

129:2.6 But let us go back to o. Jesus in Jerusalem.

133:1.5 to the rescue of any person you o. to be in distress.

133:6.2 they walked down by the river to o. the dredging of

136:2.3 Jesus o. his own former divine spirit descending

138:3.5 to linger about the banquet room to o. the guests

138:3.5 to o. Jesus’ conduct at this unusual social gathering.

139:3.5 inspiring to o. how well James and John got along.

139:5.9 to o. his work in behalf of the mother church.

142:3.16 6. You shall not fail to o. the feast of the first fruits

143:1.5 Do you o. that I am enslaved by fear?

146:3.6 “While you cannot o. the divine spirit at work in

147:6.2 appointed to follow Jesus, to o. his words and acts,

148:3.5 Neither did they o. any visible manifestation of

149:0.3 to o. the work of the evangelists and to encourage

156:3.2 to o. the eagerness of these gentiles to hear the

164:4.3 because you can see that he does not o. the Sabbath.

166:4.2 Have you failed to o. how the Son of Man lives as

166:4.3 Do you not o. that far greater numbers of the poor

167:1.3 he did not o. the ceremonial washing of his hands

175:1.8 o. the essentials of the law but do not pattern after

176:0.1 “Master, o. what manner of buildings these are.

179:3.9 you will o. that I am among you as one who serves

183:5.4 the Galilean, is permitted to stand by and o. all that

188:1.5 returned to Jerusalem, in sorrow, to o. the Passover

189:0.2 That which you o. is the mortal transit of Jesus of

189:0.2 A phase of this experience you are about to o., but

observe, I

2:5.8 When I o. the Creator Sons and their subordinate

13:4.7 Nowhere else can I o. such an amazing

23:0.2 I o. that there were almost 7,690 trillion Solitary

48:7.2 I had occasion to o. this method of teaching;

110:3.4 o. that so many of you spend so much time and

159:4.1 I o. that you teach us only a portion of the sacred

observe, we

1:3.2 We may constantly o. the works of God, we may be

7:1.7 we do not o. that the resultant spiritual quarantine of

7:2.4 we o. the Eternal Son personally present in the

8:6.4 Whether we o. the Infinite Spirit as Paradise Deity

10:3.6 We o. that the Father has divested himself of all

10:3.6 we can only o. that he did not divest himself of

10:7.5 But we do o. that, as time passes, all these difficult

11:6.1 we merely o. that all space alternately contracts and

11:7.2 but we o. that these zones of lessened space motion

12:0.2 but as we study and o. the total material creation,

12:1.14 we o. the beginnings of a zone of an unbelievable

12:2.5 We can o. its immensity, we can discern its extent

19:5.2 the results of which we certainly o. here and there in

20:9.5 We o. that the administrators of the superuniverses

21:1.3 as we o. the practical outworking of the Michael

21:1.4 We also o. that the ordained plans of the present

21:6.1 But as we o. their work in the present universe age,

31:3.5 We o. that spirit classification, or designation, has

35:2.2 and o. the highest type of true self-government.

36:6.7 We o. that these three are the levels of God the

39:0.1 But we do o., when seraphim have been subjected to

55:6.5 We o. that the upper limits of spiritual development

55:6.6 We o. that on these highly evolved and long seventh-

56:1.5 we o. the existence of these two realities and

106:3.5 We o. gravity action penetrating the space

107:7.5 do not o. will, volition, choice, and love manifested

108:1.1 We do o. that the more experienced Adjuster is

108:2.5 But we do o. numerous influences and conditions

108:2.10 We o. that many mortals on the worlds of space may

108:2.10 then we o. the immediate dispatch of the Adjusters.

108:2.11 we o. Adjusters sometimes bestowed in response to

117:7.7 we o. that the outlying finaliter companies then

118:9.7 we o. that certain impersonal phases are being united

118:10.12 as humanity progresses in development, we o. that

observedverb; seeobserved, I; observed, they;

                   observed, we

0:11.15 divergent in function as they may be o. by mind

2:5.10 divine love for mortal beings is o. in the bestowal

9:1.2 still others are not o. to be actively and personally

12:1.2 the cosmic energies would be o. to shoot off on an

12:7.7 the divine will is o. to shine brighter and brighter in

14:3.1 Here may be o. the height of the ideals of true self-

16:6.3 Human minds are sometimes o. to be running in

24:2.8 The partial emergence of will o. in the reactions of

26:6.3 To those of us who have o. these mysterious

30:2.157 creatures of every phase of existence may be o. and

34:3.6 as practically o. throughout a local universe,

34:4.13 These bodies were first o. on Urantia about the time

35:7.2 mortals have o. the legislative assemblies as they

45:1.8 neither is such a presence to be o. on the system

46:5.10 these various groups of sonship may be o. at work.

55:5.2 has disappeared, and delinquency is rarely o..

56:1.4 throughout space and as o. in the motions of time,

56:7.6 there is o. a new and fuller functioning of God the

57:3.1 space nebulae are usually o. as spiral phenomena.

57:6.6 the Jupiter and Saturn systems much as o. today

57:8.3 tides were then in play much as they are now o.,

60:1.2 sandstone footprints of the land reptiles may be o..

60:3.9 these deposits may be o. in the uptilted foothills.

68:1.6 Among these backward peoples may be o. something

77:2.11 This may be o. in the Biblical genealogy of Abraham

81:5.1 it will be o. that eventually evolution and culture

82:5.1 the savage o. that race mixture improved the

84:4.8 deadly fear of being o. at the time of a menstrual

84:7.8 men and women were o. working side by side in

87:2.4 Silence or mourning was o. after a death so that the

89:3.5 Pledges of this harmful nature are best o. today

91:1.1 This mission of religion is not consciously o. by

93:2.1 Melchizedek was first o. by mortal man on that day

95:2.4 Egyptians o. that dead bodies placed in brickless

95:2.8 When the oblique rays of the sun were o. penetrating

98:3.8 This new religion of Augustus worship was o.

101:2.16 religion can never be o., much less understood, from

110:6.14 there is to be o. an unmistakable improvement in

112:2.12 The observer cannot be the thing o.; evaluation

115:3.4 Infinity, as it is o. by finite intelligences, is the

117:7.6 Such phenomena may be o. wherever finite makes

119:2.4 And then, by the same technique o. at the time of

121:0.1 the life transactions of Jesus as they were o. by my

122:5.2 Mary was never o. to be sorrowful until after the

123:2.16 you would only have o. the growing up of a normal,

124:6.13 Joseph was puzzled when he o. how little interest

125:1.1 was sickened by the spirit of irreverence which he o..

129:2.7 Jesus inspected these schools and o. their methods

132:3.2 Knowledge pertains to things o., but truth transcends

133:2.1 cargo, the travelers o. a man mistreating his wife.

133:3.6 When in Rome, Ganid o. that Jesus refused to

133:9.1 the loading of their twenty camels and o. Jesus

136:1.4 when he o. the outworking of this arrangement, he

137:4.11 Jesus o. that they were drawing wine out of them by

139:1.6 Andrew’s type be o. exerting such an influence

143:3.4 twelve had ever o. him to neglect such formalities.

143:3.7 and o. the freedom from nervous irritability which

147:2.3 This was the second Passover Jesus had o. with his

147:5.1 Simon had o. the Master and was much impressed

149:1.2 he o. one of these cases of spontaneous healing,

150:3.2 Such a star having then recently been o., Andrew

166:2.3 when Simon o. the Samaritan among the lepers, he

167:7.7 friends who o. Jesus ascending the hills to the east.

168:4.4 There never can be o. an unbroken continuity of

179:3.1 knew that their Master never o. these rites of hand

182:2.12 when John Mark o. Jesus withdraw, with Peter,

185:2.2 When Pilate o. that they were reluctant to state their

185:4.3 Herod was relieved of that fear since he o. that Jesus

188:1.7 saw it all and o. where the Master had been laid.

188:3.11 there may now be o. a magnificent material-morontia

191:4.2 Abner and Lazarus, neither of whom had o. him,

observed, I

26:10.2 I have o. that they temporarily return to the

27:2.2 And I have o. that, when the ascendant mortals have

55:6.6 I have o. the technique whereby the absonite

108:2.7 I have o. Adjusters arrive in mortal minds upon the

109:4.5 I have o. an Adjuster indwelling a mind on Urantia

137:1.1 Andrew said: “I have o. you ever since you came

163:2.4 Seeing that I have o. all the commandments from

observed, they

57:3.2 as they o. this metamorphosis of the Andronover

64:3.3 They o. the Mesopotamian peninsula sinking into the

87:1.3 The primitives feared sickness because they o. it was

123:4.2 the children played at the more serious things they o.

126:4.8 never had they o. Jesus so manly and decisive,

133:1.1 They o. a rough and bullying youth brutally attacking

142:8.5 but when they o. that he did no public preaching,

144:3.13 They o. him spending entire nights at prayer or

148:3.5 they o. his features undergo rapid and multitudinous

158:1.9 dazzling vision faded from before them and they o.

164:3.9 when they o. that he could see, all said, “Is this not

172:4.2 they o. as she cast two mites (small coppers) into

176:0.2 they o. the temple, glorified by the rays of the sun

179:1.1 they o. that the bread, wine, water, and herbs were

182:0.2 about Judas until they reached the camp and o.

182:3.1 never before had they o. their Master to be so

189:4.10 they looked to one side and o. a silent stranger.

observed, we

62:6.3 Later on we o. the spirit of courage in operation;

62:6.4 the Primates, we had o. the augmented service of the

114:2.1 have o. that those who have been commissioned

119:4.2 third day after this bestowal disappearance we o.,

119:5.1 we o. the preparations of Michael for departure.

161:3.3 We frequently o. Jesus acting with only the human


4:2.7 Rather are such o. imperfections merely the

195:6.11 never have two differing interpretations of any o.

observersee Most High observer

18:6.5 Aside from his duties as an o., a Union of Days acts

30:3.4 The star-o. colony of Uversa now numbers over

35:5.6 suffered planetary isolation, an o. Vorondadek is

36:6.8 by a Vorondadek Son stationed on Urantia as an o.

37:2.2 Gabriel is ex officio chairman of, or o. at, most of the

39:3.11 on special assignment, such as the Vorondadek o.,

43:1.8 You will always be welcome as an o in the legislative

43:5.17 isolated world has a Vorondadek Son acting as an o.

43:5.17 He does not participate in planetary administration

43:5.17 a Vorondadek o. has been stationed on the planet

45:1.4 visitor and o. on any of the seven surrounding worlds

45:3.22 Satania now has an o. at the headquarters of the

46:5.15 all other orders of the visiting and o. Sons who are

57:8.27 the original Urantia Corps and now a resident o..]

62:5.8 Every celestial intelligence was present as an o. of

109:7.7 When the planetary Vorondadek o. of Urantia—

112:2.12 The o. cannot be the thing observed; evaluation

112:4.8 4. Be stationed for a time as a student o. on one of

114:3.5 represented by a Vorondadek Son, the Edentia o..

114:4.1 still resident on Urantia a Vorondadek Son, an o. for

114:4.2 the Norlatiadek o., who maintains close advisory

114:4.2 Vorondadek o., who acts as their advisory director.

123:3.8 Jesus was a keen o. and gained much knowledge

137:1.2 Andrew was a silent o. of, and sincere believer in,

171:7.4 Jesus was an interested and keen o..

183:5.4 a Roman counselor designated to act as o. of the


12:4.12 tends to convey the impression to astronomic o.

12:4.15 And the astronomic o. of Uversa think they detect

15:1.2 as thoroughly known to the superuniverse star o. of

15:3.7 the confusion of Urantian star o. arises out of the

15:8.7 of space is one of the tasks of the celestial star o..

15:12.1 by the Mighty Messengers, the official o. of the

15:13.6 the Unions of Days who are stationed as Trinity o.

18:6.3 In a special manner these Trinity o. co-ordinate the

19:5.8 do not know whether they are merely interested o.

22:2.8 their chief assignment is that of superuniverse o..

22:2.8 importance as the official o. of the Ancients of Days.

24:4.1 These high o. of the affairs of the local creations

28:7.1 the star students, millennial tourists, celestial o.,

30:3.11 these various types of beings flock in upon us as o.,

33:6.4 O. are commissioned by executive decree of a

33:8.3 they are permitted to send o. who attend and study

35:2.3 They are by nature unprejudiced o.; they have the

35:3.22 colleges are thronged with student visitors and o.

35:8.6 as messengers, custodians, commissioners, o., and

35:9.5 These rulers are not supervised by Trinity o. from

37:4.1 central and superuniverse representatives to, or o. of,

37:10.5 of celestial personalities as helpers, students, o.,

38:5.1 first millennium as noncommissioned o on Salvington

38:5.3 are initiated as ministering spirits by serving as o. on

43:5.8 6. The Most High chief of planetary o., the director

43:5.8 the director of the Vorondadek o. stationed on the

55:2.7 Mortal o. can see nothing of their translated

65:4.9 Melchizedek o., twelve in number, were sent as

66:7.3 to inspire and favorably impress the student o.

66:7.20 students but does not embrace the visitors and o.,

74:7.11 Unarmed o. were freely admitted to Eden for short

77:8.7 Midwayers perform the important duties of o. for all

78:1.13 the celestial o. on Urantia waited anxiously to find

136:2.3 superhuman o. expected to witness the fusion of

152:0.1 the new o. from the Jerusalem Sanhedrin who had

153:1.1 official o. of Herod Antipas, who had been directed

168:2.3 Though these human o. remained motionless,

183:0.5 John Mark and an innumerable host of celestial o..


6:6.1 Man also o. mind phenomena in living organisms

91:0.4 The Toda tribe o. this practice of praying to no one

112:2.12 In science the human self o. the material world;

131:5.2 our God o. all things with a flashing eye.

195:7.22 and discriminating scientist who thus o. universe


3:6.7 traits of the Father can be better understood by o.

39:5.12 In o. a transport seraphim being made ready to

45:6.2 o. and studying the life habits and conduct of these

46:5.28 take pleasure in o. the techniques of other groups.

51:4.4 o. the remnants of these early races on your world.

52:6.8 You would hardly believe that you were o. the

55:11.5 progress by o. the results of such achievements on

55:11.8 It is by o. what takes place on long-settled worlds

65:3.3 were o. and fostering no less than one thousand

77:1.4 After a year of o. the work of this unique group,

77:1.6 studying and o. the world races and rendering other

81:2.18 idea of making pottery arose from o. the effects of

93:5.3 Melchizedek receivers had been o. the ancestors of

115:6.7 the invisible may sometimes be discerned by o. its

115:6.7 the trends of Supremacy by o. the repercussions of

133:3.1 Ganid much enjoyed o. how a Jew conducted his

134:7.3 the Son of Man lived for over two months, o.,

139:5.5 comfort from o. one like themselves elevated to an

148:2.4 helpful lessons by o. the manner in which Jesus

153:3.3 Then one of the spies who had been o. Jesus and

169:4.3 You learn about God from Jesus by o. the divinity of

170:1.15 1. The confusion occasioned by o. the idea of the

184:1.2 left upon o. his coldness and reserve in receiving him


102:2.1 O. minds and discriminating souls know religion


139:12.9 Judas became o. with the idea of getting even,


55:5.4 is slowly rendering laws of human enactment o..

68:4.6 the remnants of discarded customs and o. social

69:8.9 Modern mechanical invention rendered the slave o..

89:1.6 regulations, but also o., outworn, and useless taboos.

102:1.3 because it chances to be found in company with o.


51:4.8 Notwithstanding this o., it seems that you ought to

66:4.2 The serious o. to the good influence of such teachers

66:5.20 The great o. in the way of promoting hygiene among

87:7.2 always been the greatest o. to social reconstruction

106:1.2 This superuniverse time lag, this o. to perfection

166:3.8 surmounting every earthly o. which might chance to

195:10.7 secularized today, presents the greatest single o. to


65:8.5 but none of these o. can defeat the whole-souled

75:1.3 the o. seemed insuperable and the problems

87:2.5 inactivity were one of the great o. to civilization’s

102:7.6 the o. which stand in the way of finding God in the

106:9.3 most formidable o. to complete reality perception.

130:6.3 with small enemies and be retarded by many o., but

130:6.4 difficulties will challenge you; and o. will stimulate

154:2.5 Universe difficulties must be met and planetary o.

156:5.21 whets the ardor of the truth lover, while o. only

195:10.8 stand as great, but wholly unconscious, o. to the


161:2.5 Jesus grieves over the spiritual o. of the people


139:6.3 But Nathaniel was not o., even if he was proud.

139:8.7 yet so inflexibly just and fair; so firm but never o.;


60:3.2 land drift continued, it met with the first great o. on

obtainsee obtain, not

19:5.5 We o. much of our knowledge of the Inspired Spirits

24:1.9 We o. them on requisition as we arrange for the

26:1.17 Urantia mortals must o. light-energy through the

27:5.2 Supreme knowledge you thus o. from the living

37:2.11 the future relationship that will o. between the

37:5.5 ever seeking to o. for them mercy, justice, and fair

44:5.4 reliable laws in the spirit world as o. in the material

45:6.5 Thus do such nonreproducing ascenders o. the

45:6.6 must o. this necessary training while sojourning in

63:4.7 hunting to o. food and fighting to avenge themselves

75:8.7 might perfection o., even despite the incompleteness

84:8.5 All efforts to o. wholesome diversion and to engage

84:8.5 man could o. salt only by dipping his food in ashes.)

93:5.7 Lot journeyed to the valley of the Nile to o. food

123:5.12 from which they could o. a panoramic view of all

124:4.1 very unusual arrangement to o. in a Jewish family.

128:6.6 Jesus endeavored to o. either an immediate hearing

131:7.3 If you would o. heavenly help, put away your pride;

133:4.12 not prejudice the chance of your soul to o. justice

139:5.5 the ability to put two and two together to o. four.

140:3.9 “Happy are the merciful, for they shall o. mercy.

140:5.17Happy are the merciful, for they shall o. mercy.”

140:6.3 those who seek to o. the Father’s favor by prayer,

152:2.1 where they proposed to o. much needed rest in a

157:1.2 they could not well go to Bethsaida to o. money.

171:6.1 he could o. a good view of the Master as he passed

183:2.3 o. permission to employ the armed Roman guards.

188:4.1 to open the way for sinful man to o. salvation;

191:1.2 with what you may o. from the kingdom but rather

194:3.2 The religions of pessimistic despair seek to o.

obtain, not

151:6.7 Jesus did not o. the rest he was looking for.

152:2.2 Those who could not o. boats fared forth on foot

153:4.3 and wicked intention shall never o. forgiveness.


23:2.16 kinds of information which cannot be o. by Gravity

54:2.1 has there o. the eternal pattern of co-ordinate

77:8.1 This regime has o. since their amalgamation into one

88:3.4 and many other forms of government have o..

89:7.2 this ceremony once o. over most of the world from

121:1.1 that had ever previously prevailed or has since o..

123:5.8 difficult problems of life—Jesus o. by mingling with

128:1.3 Jesus o. knowledge,gained experience, and combined

132:5.5 3. Trade wealth—riches o. as a fair profit in the

134:5.9 In the West it o. for more than a thousand years

182:0.1 John had o. several hours of rest while the Master

191:5.1 he o. considerable pleasure from their persistent


21:3.16 The technique of o. supreme sovereignty over a local

28:4.8 You are here o. one of your first fleeting glimpses of

55:4.24 Upon o. release from their agelong assignment,

62:3.11 they were concerned only with o. food and, since

88:4.1 magic was the art of o. voluntary spirit co-operation

94:0.1 trust in God as the only price of o. divine favor.

133:3.6 to resort to such methods of o. a livelihood?

133:3.7 accepted this distasteful means of o. a livelihood

136:6.1 forcibly presented itself in the matter of o. food.

156:1.5 deprive the dogs of the privilege of o. the crumbs

176:3.8 the higher duty of o. increased yield of the fruits of

187:2.5 and he took this method of o. petty revenge.

195:1.8 after o. from the East a religion whose one God


33:7.4 This has no reference to natural death as it o. on

41:10.2 But no matter what technique of world building o.,

42:7.8 nuclear proximity o. in all atoms regardless of the

72:11.5 military pay o. in all industries, and the chiefs of all

82:4.3 wife to a friend or guest, and this custom still o.

90:2.11 This practice still o. in some parts of Tibet, where

136:2.6 the very procedure that o. on the morontia worlds

148:6.3 When the suffering servant o. a vision of God,


161:2.4 And yet never is his piety o. or ostentatious.


48:4.16 worship o. the necessity for reversion activities.


40:10.4 it is quite o. that the present ascension scheme

90:3.5 2. Violence—o. causes. The causes for some


40:10.6 the Adjuster-fused finaliters o. enjoy the widest

132:0.10 who had so o. (and as they supposed unwittingly)

176:1.6 the changes which would o. occur in Jerusalem when

occasionnoun; see occasion, this

3:5.1 Any and all powers delegated, if o. should arise, if

17:6.8 On that o. the triumphant Creator Son elevates the

19:3.3 we also function as a trio whenever the o. requires.

26:9.2 It is therefore a momentous o. on the pilot world of

27:7.8 sixth jubilee was the o. of the Paradise awakening

28:6.6 books which are opened on such a momentous o.

28:7.2 You will on o. meet them soon after your departure

29:4.14 These same energies are, on o., used by the midway

31:2.3 staff of 999 fellow messengers, and as o. may require

31:8.4 eventful o. when, as a member of a new finaliter

33:3.2 She volunteered to accompany Michael on the o. of

48:7.2 I had o. to observe this method of teaching;

49:6.2 These special resurrections are the o. for mobilizing

52:5.5 until the o. of a special resurrection, the fallen

52:5.6 This is the o. when the “spirit of the triumphant

53:2.4 first outspoken disloyalty was manifested on the o.

55:2.5 what a beautiful o. when mortals thus forgather to

62:3.9 jumped two inches less on a certain o., the whole

65:3.3 frog, narrowly escaped extinction on a certain o..

74:2.3 supply of home-reared pigeons for just such an o..

75:4.5 Cano of this oft-repeated warning on the fateful o. of

93:5.12 awaited an opportune o. to attack his neighbors,

98:3.4 The religious initiation of Roman youths was the o.

103:4.1 The characteristic difference between a social o.

119:1.1 It was a solemn o. on Salvington almost one billion

119:5.3 the o. of the advancement of a group of ascending

120:0.9 the momentous o. when Immanuel presented the

123:5.9 The Nazareth chazan, on the o. of Jesus’ finishing

124:5.5 a new public building, to be present on this glad o..

125:6.7 But the lad was equal to the o..

125:6.11 that they need not fear he would again give any o.

127:4.2 Prayer time in this household was the o. for

127:6.12 to the commonplace demands of the human o..

128:2.4 sometimes during the week when o. required,

128:7.10 It was truly a joyous o..

128:7.13 send shall be used by you as the o. demands.

129:4.8 of man awaiting the o. to become manifest to God.

132:0.10 On one o., while preaching in Rome, Simon Peter,

133:1.5 On another o. he did draw from Jesus the opinion

133:3.10 presently Martha rose to the o. and did everything

133:6.5 and that is the o. of the birth of the soul.

134:5.8 Families have, on o., defied their clan, while clans

134:9.4 Jesus did not participate in the merriment of the o.,

135:11.4 if he finds no o. to doubt and stumble over me.”

136:4.4 These forty days were the o. of the final conference

143:1.8 This was not all that Jesus said on that o., but it is

143:3.3 This was a marvelous o. in the experience of each

148:3.5 as some of them did witness on a subsequent o..

149:1.3 On one o. Jesus remarked when touched by an ailing

149:3.1 Jesus was a teacher who taught as the o. served;

150:0.4 going out two and two to baptize believers as o.

150:8.7 he offered an informal prayer suitable for the o.,

151:0.1 This was a memorable o., and his hearers never

154:5.4 This was a solemn o. for all present,but Jesus seemed

157:1.2 give these men no o. for offense at our attitude.

158:1.10 same that had spoken on the o. of Jesus’ baptism,

158:3.1 The transfiguration was the o. of: 1.The acceptance

161:3.1 a gradual growth in the mind of Jesus up to the o.

162:2.2 but would kill me because on another o. I chose to

162:4.1 made the feast of tabernacles an ideal o. for Jesus

162:4.2 This was the o. of the reception of the temple

164:3.8 Pharisees may have the full o. which they seek for

164:5.1 The very o. they had so ardently sought, Jesus

165:4.1 he proceeded to use the o. for the impartation of

166:1.11 subsequent o. when he would again be dining with

171:7.7 never hesitated to be severe with them when the o.

176:4.3 On one o. he intimated that, whereas the eye of flesh

177:5.2 This was the o. of Jesus’ warning his followers to

179:0.2 special o. that was to precede the regular Passover

191:4.5 the largest number who saw him on any single o..

occasion, this

17:1.10 This o. takes place in the presence of Majeston,

21:2.3 The departure of a Michael Son on this o. forever

22:2.7 even to the individual worlds, as I do on this o..

33:3.5 Never before this momentous o. did the Universe

63:0.1 on this o. of formal planetary recognition, closed

74:2.7 and Eve were invested with kingly robes on this o.,

93:6.6 so opposed circumcision that on this o. he decided

119:5.1 This o. was different from the previous ones in that

122:9.4 For this o. Anna had written a poem which Simeon

123:0.3 On this o. the assembled friends presented Jesus with

124:5.5 a new public building, to be present on this glad o..

135:11.4 followed soon upon the heels of this memorable o..

137:4.8 motives for appealing to her eldest son on this o..

137:4.12 On this o. power transformers, midwayers, and all

137:4.13 on this o. the agents of the Creator made wine just as

138:3.5 Pharisees were present on this o. to observe Jesus’

140:9.1 There was no new teaching on this o., just visiting

141:7.11 It was on this o. that Jesus intimated to Peter, John,

141:7.15 understand very much of what Jesus said on this o.,

145:1.3 On this o. Jesus merely directed these men to the

146:2.15 on this o., saying: “It is a good thing to give thanks

147:1.4 But we never knew just what happened on this o..

147:5.3 On this particular o. at Simon’s house, among those

149:4.3 On this same o. the Master talked to the group

150:3.1 women selected Joanna to have charge of this o.,

150:8.6 on this o. it was desirable to shorten the service in

150:8.8 this practice was waived on this o. that the visitor

156:4.2 on this o., the doors of the Melkarth temple were

158:3.3 on this o. spoke through the Father Melchizedek.

158:7.8 were administered to Peter and the rest on this o..

159:5.11 On this o. Jesus taught them the three ways of

162:8.2 on this o., while Lazarus and Mary sat at Jesus’ feet

164:2.2 On this o. Jesus’ hearers were all learned men,

166:1.3 will you honor me with as your guest on this o.?”

170:4.8 The Master on this o. placed emphasis on five points

173:5.3 come into my guest chamber on this o. without a

174:1.1 Peter embraced this o. as a fitting opportunity for

176:2.8 of what the Master said on this extraordinary o..

177:1.3 Forever this o. exemplifies the willingness of the

179:0.5 that the Master was to celebrate this o. alone with

179:4.1 cheer and social accord of this extraordinary o..

179:5.8 And this mighty o. took place in the upper chamber

184:3.4 But on this o., Caiaphas was more of a prosecutor


4:3.5 sometimes o. emotions of divine sorrow in the

41:3.9 their orbits also o. periodic fluctuations of light.

176:0.1 no event which would o. the destruction of the


62:2.2 offspring were born singly, although twins were o..

96:1.11 Mount Sinai, o. eruptions occurring as late as the

99:0.3 Religion did approve the o. social reforms of past

129:2.6 listening to the temple discussions with o. visits to

160:4.10 Barring the o. and accidental acquirement of


26:8.4 o. a pilgrim from superuniverse number one does

40:1.2 guardian seraphim, and o. others, do actually effect

41:3.9 and, o. collisions cause stellar flare-ups, but the

58:2.10 by the terrific storms which o. rage in the realms of

58:7.1 o. may be found some of the more primitive forms

63:4.2 Primitive man smiled o., but he never indulged in

65:7.2 you are o. somewhat perplexed in explaining all of

79:1.8 as is witnessed by the blond types o. found in these

108:5.3 local universe type of Sons, may o. embrace evil,

109:7.6 O. they consult with the Ancients of Days,

110:3.1 only o. do you catch an echo, a faint and distant echo

118:10.9 the amazingly fortuitous conditions o. prevailing

118:10.23 whose majestic presence the evolving creatures o.

124:3.1 Jesus o. went over to Magdala to engage in fishing

144:1.8 O. he took with him Peter, James, or John, but often

160:4.1 O. the necessities of living may fall into our hands

163:5.2 Believers o. came from Mesopotamia and from the

163:6.3 ecstasy which his followers had o. witnessed.

occasionedsee occasioned by

19:6.4 The status evolution of Havona natives has o. much

41:8.3 runaway particles” that o. the collapse of the nova

54:1.1 Lucifer rebellion, none has o. more difficulty than the

79:2.4 population pressure throughout Turkestan o. the first

80:2.4 o. the greatest loss of life by flood in all the world’s

89:2.4 prosperity of the wicked o. so much worry that it

139:8.10 had o. him much youthful sorrow and had added

occasioned by

4:1.8 My perplexity is o. by encountering what appears to

15:3.6 the birth of your solar system, and which were o.

15:4.7 their spiral appearance is o. by the fact that their

17:3.11 jubilee o. by the settling of a local universe in light

23:3.3 desired to avoid the loss of time which would be o.

46:0.1 irregularities o. by the Lucifer rebellion and the

46:5.19 management of the system o. by Michael’s

49:1.7 requires ages upon ages to recoup the damage o.

59:5.14 the shifting sea level o. by activities on the ocean

74:2.8 world-wide confusion o. by lack of the co-operation

92:2.3 religious controversy has been o. by the never-

94:1.3 a degeneration of their earlier monotheism o. by their

124:3.4 with many duties o. by his mother’s serious illness

136:3.2 the changed relationships of the world o. by the

170:1.15 1. The confusion o. by observing the idea of the


49:0.4 are too large, their great mass o. oppressive gravity.

84:6.5 between men and women, far from o. concern,

occasions or numerous occasionsnoun

17:3.11 on certain special o., under the direction of Majeston

17:4.2 one Aid functions acceptably, while on other o.

29:0.11 On certain rare o. you will have dealings with the

35:4.4 on no. these Sons have appeared in the likeness of

37:2.2 Brilliant Evening Stars represent Gabriel on these o.;

37:8.10 there are o. on which it is very helpful to have the

43:4.7 these Edentia councils just as they had on former o..

45:2.5 of Jerusem, and they are never-to-be-forgotten o..

45:2.6 They are purely social and spiritual o.; nothing

47:1.2 the o. of the class assemblies of the mansion world

47:1.5 on the o. of their periodic pilgrimages to the

47:10.1 Supervisors are absent from these o. of rejoicing.

48:3.9 a different companion on each of several o. and

49:6.9 On such o. the return of the Adjuster signalizes the

50:2.7 On special o. the seraphic helpers can and do make

55:2.5 “funerals” are o. of supreme joy, profound

62:5.6 they nearly lost their lives on no. before they were

63:1.3 on no less than a dozen o. Andon made good use of

83:3.2 The bride shows were o. for dressing up and

87:2.5 that professional mourners were hired for funeral o.

88:5.5 was regarded as too sacred to use on ordinary o.,

89:6.2 abandon the sacrificing of humans for ordinary o.,

93:9.3 three o., this brave man exhibited real cowardice.)

109:2.9 on o. Adjusters have been known to function in

113:5.5 o. have arisen, involving jeopardy to vital links in

119:1.2 many previous o. when preparing for departure to

119:3.2 precisely as he had done on two previous o..

119:5.2 tested and tried, even as his fellows,” and on all o. he

124:6.14 embarrassing questions (as he had on previous o.)

127:4.3 Jude, upon whom on sundry o. Jesus found it

127:4.3 On three o. when it was deemed wise to punish Jude

129:2.10 went to Nazareth with his son John on several o.,

134:2.2 enjoyed these o. of his personal ministry profited

134:3.4 On many o. Jesus participated in these discussions

135:12.3 On no. Herod talked with John about the kingdom,

138:9.2 On only a few o. did they attempt to make contact

141:4.8 Jesus explained to his apostles on several o. the

143:1.8 few o. when Jesus spoke with manifest earnestness,

144:6.2 though he did consent to speak to them on three o.

146:0.2 On this tour he cautioned them on only three o.;

149:1.3 several o. Jesus merely said, “I perceive that power

151:2.6 to recall what Jesus had taught them on former o.,

154:2.3 He went fishing with David Zebedee on several o.,

157:4.1 Since the o. of Jesus’ baptism by John and the

157:7.2 severely hurt by the Master’s rebukes on several o.

161:3.1 On other o. he appeared to act with such fullness

161:3.3 And then on almost numberless o. did we witness the

162:1.2 Jesus went boldly into Jerusalem on several o. and

162:1.9 for on several o. Jesus taught in Solomon’s Porch

170:0.2 statements made by Jesus on previous o. and by

170:4.15 on no., intimate that such an event might appear as

170:4.15 several o., definitely promise sometime to return to

175:3.1 On many previous o. had this supreme court of the

176:2.1 On several o. Jesus had made statements which

176:4.2 Jesus did, on no. and to many individuals, declare

179:5.6 for upon all such o. the Master is really present.

184:3.1 On three previous o. the Sanhedrin, by a large vote,

185:1.2 to the great disadvantage of the governor on no..

190:5.2 at the homes of Jerusalem believers on several o..


42:5.4 the ultimatons o. vibrations in the content of space

65:8.2 changes of life development o. perplexity, I would

118:10.5 o. providential intervention, not the importance of


79:1.9 delayed cultural intercourse between O. and Orient


80:4.4 determined the dominance of the Andites in the O..

84:5.6 In the O. woman has had a difficult climb under the

92:5.15 the disruption of the unity of Christianity in the O.

92:6.14 course of religious development in Orient and O..

92:6.20 In the O., ancestor worship developed into the

92:6.20 characterize many races and nations of the O..

95:5.14 of the Euphrates to all subsequent peoples of the O..

95:7.2 and O. had become respectively Buddhist and

97:7.13 the highest God concept in the O. has embraced


98:6.5 the nominal Christian faith dominated the O.,

98:7.2 Christianity was spread throughout the O. by the

98:7.4 which are a basic factor in all the religions of O. and

98:7.10 a factor in the success of Christianity in the O..

98:7.11 As the original teachings of Jesus penetrated the O.,


121:1.1 the Greek language had spread over O. and near

121:1.3 the times of Jesus has been seen in the O. before or

121:2.2 ships carried their cargoes to all the maritime O..

121:2.8 the caravan routes between the Orient and the O..

121:5.2 In the times of Jesus the religions of the O. included:

121:6.1 Jerusalem and the rest of the O. and the Levant

130:0.6 the material and intellectual civilization of the O.

130:3.8 was the city of the blended culture of the O. and

195:2.4 They could govern the O. because they did govern

Occidental or Occidental civilization

68:2.5 Oc. of the twentieth century groans wearily under

74:8.12 profoundly influenced the philosophy of many O.

78:1.3 Euphrates rivers; this was indeed the cradle of Oc.

78:4.4 They were neither an O. nor an Oriental people.

78:5.3 This ancient language gave the O. tongues all of that

80:7.5 succeeded Mesopotamia and Egypt as the O. center

80:9.16 the full reciprocation of the various O. nations.

81:4.11 The O. white races, together with some Indian and

83:7.5 and twentieth centuries the O. ideal of marriage has

83:7.7 the increasing divorce tendencies among modern O.

90:2.7 the directors of O. church and state were the patrons

92:6.17 the hope of the survival of Oc. lay in the sublime

94:4.10 the Son of Man, divested of the O. dogmas and

95:0.1 the Levant was the homeland of the faiths of the O.

95:4.4 thought of two vital links in the growth of Oc.

95:4.4 Hebrews, among whom evolved the acme of O. faith

95:5.5 religion and the revelation of truth in the O. world.

96:0.3 Egypt, and Iran was transmitted to the O. peoples.

97:7.3 erroneous ideas upon such a large part of the O.

98:0.1 Egypt and were embodied in O. philosophy after

98:0.1 through contact with evolving O. philosophy and

98:0.3 soldiers who fought in so many of the O. military

98:6.2 O. religion thus languished until the days of the

99:3.1 part of the political and social structure of Oc..

111:0.2 the Oriental as well as some of the O. faiths have

121:1.1 Levantine race, in nature part O. and part Oriental,

121:6.4 the ethical and religious thought of the O. world.

130:3.7 this was the intellectual center of the O. world.

195:4.4 now present in the civilized world of O. peoples


92:6.18 since the time of Paul and has become so O. that

94:4.1 become so O. as to be a “white man’s religion,”

98:7.11 they became O., and as they became O., they began


4:0.3 is by no means the exclusive o. of the universe

13:1.10 working of numerous other phases of universe o..

30:4.24 chief study, but not exclusive o., is the mastery of

57:8.9 In due course arrangements for the planetary o. were

78:3.3 by the times of their o. of Turkestan, the Adamites

81:6.11 by penetration or by military conquest, forcible o..

93:6.3 the story of the future o. of Canaan by his offspring

155:6.11 that the will of God can be done in any earthly o..


43:7.2 schools of progressive o. or practical socialization


13:4.7 o. at once material, intellectual, and spiritual.

14:5.2 dissimilar to the o. of material creatures living on

27:2.2 Study and instruction are not the exclusive o. of

35:7.3 these new o. of the ascending mortals as they pursue

occupiedsee occupied by; occupied with

11:4.4 existing universes is o only from one to four per cent

29:4.14 physical controllers are chiefly o. in the adjustment of

45:4.20 numbers 17, 18, 19, and 20 are not permanently o..

64:3.2 These highland Badonites o. an extensive plateau

72:1.4 of strong rulers and kings o. thousands of years.

73:3.1 river location subsequently o. as the second garden;

73:3.2 two years were o. in transferring the world’s cultural

74:5.2 The farewell of the receivers o. the whole of a day,

77:3.2 glorification at the center of their then o. territory.

78:1.6 4. The red man o. the Americas, having been driven

78:1.11 The most highly blended race outside of India o.

78:3.5 lands now called Russia and Turkestan were o.

79:6.3 Many different races o. the islands of the Pacific.

80:8.2 Asia Minor, which region they o. in considerable

96:3.5 when the Egyptian military forces were fully o. in

109:3.7 was a third class who o. a borderline position;

119:7.2 your world o. a very conspicuous place in the

123:1.1 the Nazareth home, which had been o. three years by

123:2.4 Joseph had been unusually o. building his new shop

123:2.4 So fully was he o. that he had found no time to build

130:3.4 Jews were the offspring of Abraham and o. the

134:5.7 when all the world has been explored and o., when

137:8.1 Jesus o. the synagogue pulpit for the second time

140:8.14 The family o. the very center of Jesus’ philosophy

142:4.1 house which he o. when sojourning in Jerusalem

145:5.1 thoughts which o. the mortal mind of Jesus during

148:6.7 erroneous ideas of God which o. his own mind?

158:8.1 Jesus, knowing what it was that o. their thoughts

179:1.5 With the highest and the lowest positions thus o.,

occupied by

11:3.3 The inner or first zone is o. by Paradise Citizens and

11:4.1 The peripheral surface of Paradise is o., in part by

13:0.5 The seven worlds of the Infinite Spirit are o. by the

22:7.10 the sphere o. by the secret colleges of the corps of

31:7.1 The vacant place is o. by the chief of Evangels of

31:7.5 be o. by some type of Paradise personality not yet

37:2.11 next three groups are o. by similar joint schools

37:3.7 its six tributary satellites are o. by the personality

38:4.1 The remaining six clusters are o. by the six orders

46:5.12 The first circle of the domain of the Sons is o. by the

46:5.13 The second circle is o. by the Trinity Teacher Sons.

46:5.19 This central region is now o. by the Michael

46:5.21 The first circle of the angels is o. by the Higher

46:5.22 The fifth circle is o. by the planetary seraphim,

46:5.27 circles of the ascending mortals is o. by a group of

46:5.27 The center of these 619 temples is o. by a working

46:7.1 The one thousand rectangles of Jerusem are o. by

47:3.11 the first mansion world administration is o. by the

59:3.5 center of the stage was o. by the larger mollusks,

73:4.3 intervening space, o. by all manner of wild beasts,

73:7.1 After the first garden was vacated it was o. by the

78:3.5 the Mediterranean fringe were o. by a mixed race

79:6.3 islands were o. by peoples carrying a heavy

79:6.12 Andites, the north was not o. by any aggressive race.

81:3.8 Africa was presently o. by the rapidly multiplying

81:6.4 Turkestan and was partly o. by an Andonic-yellow

82:5.4 and throughout the lands once o. by the Andites.

83:2.1 of free choosing was o. by the marriage broker or

85:2.4 The Finns believed that most trees were o. by kind

95:1.11 and so largely lost by the later Babylonians who o.

124:6.6 Sartaba, whose summit was o. by the Alexandrian

148:0.1 This seaside camp, o. by an ever-changing

occupied with

11:2.8 surface of Paradise which is o. with personality

17:1.5 executive sphere number one, is wholly o. with the

19:2.2 they are wholly o. with the administration of the

20:8.2 o. with the spiritual and intellectual advancement

28:2.2 The omniaphim are wholly o. with the oversight of

31:9.8 Master Architects may be o. with the gigantic plans

33:6.3 Still higher up, the universe rulers are more o. with

33:7.2 The high courts are o. with problems of general

35:1.2 Gabriel is o. with universe policies, Melchizedek

35:3.14 1. Sphere number one is o. with the review of the

35:3.17 4. The fourth sphere is o. with a review of the

35:6.3 junior associate is personally o. with the welfare of

35:8.1 Although o. with varied tasks connected with the

37:2.3 Though personally o. with administrative duties,

38:3.1 wholly o. with the administrative and other affairs

39:4.1 seraphim are mainly o. with the affairs of the local

43:3.5 The Constellation Fathers are little o. with the

43:8.3 will be chiefly o. with the mastery of group ethics,

43:9.4 Ascending mortals on Edentia are chiefly o. with the

44:1.2 The celestial musicians are o. with the production of

44:4.7 This group of recorders are o. with the task of

44:6.7 These artisans are not o. with the arts of self-

44:7.1 They are o. with the manipulation and organization

45:7.2 many are equally o. with the progressive training of

47:3.8 o. with the correction and cure of these legacies of

48:4.8 they are also o. with the leadership of diversion,

52:7.6 These races are o. with a thousand things of interest

74:3.6 The fifth day was o. with the organization of the

86:6.6 But at last the mind of man was o. with thoughts

97:1.7 Yahweh who made all men but was o. chiefly with

108:1.9 Virtually all of this time is o. with registration on

114:0.3 Seraphim as a class are o. with many assignments

114:6.11 These angels are o. with mental and moral training

124:3.4 Jesus was very much o. with errands for his father

127:5.4 His mind had been altogether too much o. with the

130:2.9 that “human wills which are fully o with passing only

131:9.4 “A wise man is o. with the search for truth, not in

133:2.3 Gonod was all day o. with meditations thereon,

136:8.2 Jesus resolved to become o. with but a single task—

140:8.20 to produce a religious man, a mortal wholly o.

141:3.3 Andrew was much o. with the task of adjusting the

145:5.1 all of his time would be o. with physical ministry to

145:5.7 to cater to these curious ones and to become o.

147:5.8 while these Pharisees are o. with the false progress

151:0.2 Peter being more than o. with the many

153:0.1 the apostles noticed that Jesus was seriously o.

163:5.1 John the Baptist had o. with his camp several years

192:3.3 Jesus was o. with the morontia creatures on earth


11:3.4 a number beyond your concept, o. considerably

14:0.1 The perfect and divine universe o. the center of all

15:1.4 number six o. most of the southern curve, the

15:3.6 Your solar system now o. a fairly central position

15:7.1 it o. a world made to order and is peopled by

35:2.3 The Melchizedek order of sonship o. the position,

41:1.5 the assigned power center o. a dark island of space

43:1.9 univitatia o. an enormous area in the mid-region of

45:1.9 The great temple of light o. a central place, but no

59:0.6 5. The mammalian era o. the last fifty million years.

64:7.16 An amalgamated race of rather superior potential o.

108:5.6 the attention and o. the time of the Adjuster.

119:1.4 is preserved in a simple temple which now o. the

occupysee occupy, not

4:0.3 many other fascinating pursuits which o. the time

7:3.3 Each will o. himself with that which belongs to his

11:4.3 these arrangements all together o. only about four

17:1.1 The headquarters of the Master Spirits o. the seven

20:4.3 The Adjusters that o. the minds of the incarnated

30:4.1 evolutionary creatures o. such an important place in

31:8.1 Paradise in a vast area which they exclusively o..

35:0.7 consideration will o. the whole of the next paper.

35:3.1 The Melchizedeks o. a world of their own near

35:3.13 Many diverse activities o. the time of the beings who

38:4.1 they exclusively o. only the first cluster of seven.

38:9.11 the duties which o. their time on isolated spheres,

40:5.9 the Adjusters o. the minds of these struggling

42:7.8 an electron may so spread out as to o. the whole of

45:5.5 They o. vast estates on Jerusem and participate in

45:6.1 thoughts and o. your seasons of fraternal contact.

46:5.10 they also o. these extensive domains on Jerusem.

46:5.13 The creature-trinitized sons o. a sector of the Daynal

46:5.19 These circular reservations of the Sons o. an

46:5.24 These exhibits o. the outer edge of this vast wall.

47:4.2 Spirit-fused survivors o. the mansion worlds in

50:3.3 new physical bodies, which they o. for the periods of

50:7.2 the ascenders from these isolated worlds o. a

51:5.4 this competitive struggle comes to o. the center of all

55:4.28 there for a time to o. seats on the supreme court,

55:7.3 the vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, will o.

62:4.3 Thus it was that the Primates came to o. a region on

63:4.7 Only two things came to o. the minds of these people

64:7.7 The yellow race has continued to o. the central

72:4.4 in science and philosophy,o. the attention of students

112:5.18 that you yourself and not another will o the morontia

118:3.7 All patterns of reality o. space on the material levels,

118:3.7 Does the pattern—the reality—of an idea o. space?

121:2.1 Jews happened to o. a peculiarly strategic geographic

126:4.1 Jesus could officially o. the synagogue pulpit on the

127:3.12 he saw that Jesus was to o. many years with the

130:2.6 “Why do you o. yourself so continuously with

138:7.1 positions we are to o. with you in the establishment

138:7.1 place each of you will o. in the Father’s kingdom?

143:6.3 facts to o. the place of truth in one’s theology.

173:5.5 a camp nearer the city which they could o. during the

177:4.4 a new and dominating thought began to o. the

occupy, not

118:3.7 spirit patterns do not o. or displace space, neither do

143:1.9 did not o. themselves so much with the preaching of


11:5.4 3. O. the outer margins of the under surface is a

29:2.13 O. an enormous area on the capital sphere of each

49:2.20 mortals of the modified gravity types o. the larger

50:5.6 Luxury vies with necessity in o. the center of the

64:7.4 ice, passing around the highlands of India and o. all

64:7.8 Sangiks invaded Europe in successive waves, o.

73:4.3 the Garden, the river and its adjacent pastures o. the

84:4.7 childbirth was comparatively easy, o. only two or

145:1.1 he signaled to some fishermen o. a near-by boat to

occursee occur, not

0:12.2 there o. the universe phenomena of the actualization

3:2.10 But many things o. on the evolutionary worlds

4:1.6 there would immediately o. a universal collapse.

15:5.5 thus initiating a series of tidal upheavals which o.

15:8.6 collisions or other devastating catastrophes will o.

16:5.3 must o. through the ministry of the local universe

17:3.1 might o. in any part of the seven superuniverses.

20:3.3 technical visits o. repeatedly in the long history of

20:5.4 and more than one magisterial mission may o., but

21:1.1 oneness of personality concept o., then, right then

36:6.4 o. an additional phenomenon; the “breath of life”

44:5.5 in this Deity personality there must o the experiential

45:2.6 These unique assemblages o. on the sea of glass,

48:1.5 Eight of these o. in the system, seventy-one in the

48:2.20 slow down to that point where physicalization can o.

49:4.5 temperature variations o. on all sunlighted and sun-

49:6.2 Such resurrections o. at least every millennium of

49:6.7 mortal death, they all really o. on the mansion worlds

52:6.4 There must o. an exchange of national and racial

53:5.3 to act differently if another such upheaval should o..

55:1.6 these fusion flashes many times o. in the atmosphere,

55:2.2 Adjuster fusions o. before the termination of the

55:12.1 We cannot positively forecast what would o. when

57:6.4 are similar in size and density, collisions may o..

57:6.4 the disruption of the smaller body will o. when the

57:6.5 Shooting stars o. in swarms because they are the

58:3.4 Great energy actions also o. in the marginal gases

60:4.2 Sometimes these upthrusts of land o. without folding

61:7.11 it is hardly possible for another glacial age to o.,

65:8.6 propitious, sudden spiritual transformations may o.;

72:2.7 Membership is for life, and when vacancies o.,

73:7.2 the sinking of the Garden was timed to o. at just

75:8.6 But it is not surprising that these missteps o. in the

77:0.1 but midway creatures o. so widespreadly and are so

93:1.2 but they did not know how soon it would o.;

100:5.4 now and then there do o. experiences which are

106:8.22 could o. the functional reassembly of those aspects

112:7.3 Fusion may o. on the planet of nativity as a

114:6.5 to fit into the mosaic of the age in which they o..

114:7.16 little change will o. in the planetary government

124:5.6 But he little dreamed of the tragedy, so soon to o.,

134:8.9 future upheavals (if they ever o.) may be dealt with

135:5.3 the consummation of the desire of the ages would o.

136:2.3 there o. those preliminary phenomena of spiritual

148:2.2 such transformations of mind and spirit as may o. in

152:1.4 there can never o. an opportunity for either science

152:1.4 such an extraordinary situation can never again o.,

157:0.1 this visit was to o. at the Zebedee boatshop.

158:1.2 extraordinary event was timed to o. while Jesus and

166:4.5 There are three groups of events which may o. in

168:1.15 to all who might hear of what was about to o.,

172:3.2 free expression to their feelings, just as might o. if

174:3.2 it was not likely that such a case would really o.;

176:1.6 changes which would obviously o. in Jerusalem

176:2.5 even the angels of heaven know when this will o..

176:4.5 Will his second advent on earth be timed to o. in

184:2.11 Not until the cock crowed did it o. to Peter that he

occur, not

45:4.21 visitations of divine Sons which may or may not o.

48:7.9 and unforeseen accidents do not o. in the cosmos.

51:6.4 not o. until the times of the first Magisterial Son.

58:5.8 a wide break did not o. on the eastern shore of this

75:2.4 it did not o. to Eve that any danger would attach to

120:1.6 cannot o. during your absence from Salvington on

154:6.4 Now it did not o. to his mother how important was

158:1.5 The third revival of their faith did not o. until after

184:2.11 Not until the cock crowed did it o. to Peter that he

191:0.3 it did not o. to him to gather up news from the

occurredsee occurred, not

2:1.7 as it were, God becomes man, as o. in the bestowal

9:0.1 A strange thing o. when, in the presence of

13:1.8 a Son of Man, is literally born of woman, as o. on

14:2.9 that never in the records of Havona has an error o.;

17:2.2 a new and far-reaching reaction o. in the Deity

33:3.5 This event o. in Nebadon at the time of Michael’s

35:2.8 misadaptations in function have rarely o. in Nebadon.

35:4.3 the presence of sinful rebellion, such as o. in Satania.

38:9.10 the failure of the Material Son, as o. on Urantia,

43:3.1 no disaffection of the Vorondadek Sons has ever o.

47:8.3 In potential, this fusion may have o. previously, but

51:1.5 defections o. at the time of the Lucifer rebellion.

52:1.3 some of the races are obliterated, as o. on Urantia.

52:5.2 as o. when Michael of Nebadon appeared on Urantia

53:7.8 The greatest loss o. in the angelic ranks, but most of

53:9.4 when there o. the first hearing of Gabriel’s plea for

54:4.5 If such an episode as the Lucifer rebellion had o. in

58:6.1 the transition from vegetable to animal life o..

58:7.7 o. one hundred and twenty-seven successive lava

58:7.8 there o. many successive submergences and

59:1.15 total submergence of North and South America o.,

59:2.3 340,000,000 years ago there o. an extensive land

59:2.6 years ago the third major flood of this period o..

59:2.9 transition from plant to animal, had previously o..

59:3.1 that not much deposition o. about the shore lines.

59:3.6 such violent and extensive volcanic eruptions o.

59:3.9 so that evaporation o. with deposition of salt along

59:4.16 great volcanic activity o. in the St. Lawrence region.

59:5.5 a new evolutionary development suddenly o..

59:5.23 organisms; little change o. in the previous marine life.

59:6.7 climatic change, great variations o. in the land plants.

59:6.8 step in the evolution of the frog into the reptile o..

60:1.7 were elevated by lava flows which o. underground.

60:2.9 Marked changes o. in the fish family, a sturgeon

60:3.6 Great volcanic actions o. south of the Alps and

60:3.6 Great changes also o. in Europe, Russia, Japan,

60:3.11 80,000,000 years ago great disturbances o. in the

60:3.16 65,000,000 years ago there o one of the greatest lava

60:4.1 periods of land and sea dominance have o.

60:4.2 the Rocky Mountains, great folding and tilting o.,

60:4.3 land elevations had o. only to be successively

61:2.3 Extensive lava flows o. in Greenland and Iceland,

61:2.6 changes o. in the various branches of the saurian

61:2.7 very little change having since o. in this family.

61:2.10 About this time a notable thing o. in western North

61:3.14 Birds continued to evolve, though few changes o..

61:6.3 This event o. at about the time of the beginning of

61:7.8 during the advance of the last glacier, there o. an

62:2.6 the next epoch-making development o.—the sudden

62:3.12 a tribe in which there o. the contemporaneous birth

62:7.1 there o. the initial test flash of the universe circuit

63:2.5 it o. to Fonta to climb a near-by tree to secure an

64:1.4 These events o. during the times of the third glacier,

64:6.6 there o. a decline in intellectual and spiritual culture.

64:6.13 struggle between the orange and the green men o. in

64:6.15 there o. one brilliant age among this people when

64:6.23 primitive sort—none the less real and beneficial—o..

64:7.19 five thousand years ago a chance meeting o.

67:3.7 this is just what o. in the experience of Amadon,

70:2.1 would not have o. naturally in ten thousand years.

74:3.5 that was the first time such a thing had o. on earth

75:3.5 One day, during a talk with Eve, it o. to Serapatatia

75:3.8 The fateful meeting o. during the twilight hours of

76:5.3 about the dispensational resurrection which o.

77:2.9 peoples, and before long great deterioration had o..

77:3.1 it o. to their leaders that something should be done

77:5.6 Never in the world’s history had such a thing o..

77:6.2 on earth before that time, nor has it ever o. since.

78:7.3 difficulty in piecing the story together; and it o. to

80:6.3 When the last exodus from the Euphrates valley o.,

80:7.8 there had o. a great decline in the spiritual heritage of

80:9.15 classes, but widespread intermingling has since o.,

81:1.5 from hunting to agriculture only o. in those regions

82:6.8 taking place on Urantia than has o. in thousands of

87:1.3 A house in which death had o. was usually destroyed

91:0.1 o. the inevitable corollary of other-consciousness,

93:5.11 so there o. a friendly severance of relationship,

97:0.2 From Moses to Malachi there o. an unbroken

100:5.10 communion with one’s Adjuster, such as o. in the

119:0.7 His bestowals have o. about one hundred and fifty

119:5.4 o. much speculation as to the possible technique

120:1.6 Rebellion, such as has three times o. in Nebadon,

121:6.7 a strange reversion of feeling toward the Jews o. in

122:8.7 there o. an extraordinary conjunction of Jupiter

122:8.7 similar conjunctions o. on September 29 and

123:2.1 This event o. on February 11, 2 B.C. Jesus was no

123:3.2 The first great shock of Jesus’ young life o. when he

123:3.2 the cause of a mild earthquake which had just o.,

123:4.1 Early in January a great snowstorm o. in Galilee.

123:6.2 week’s fishing experience on the Sea of Galilee o. in

124:1.3 most serious trouble as yet to come up at school o.

125:0.4 It had never o. to Jesus that his mother was not to

127:6.6 o. one of those periodic outbreaks of rebellion

128:1.9 there o. nothing supernatural or superhuman in the

128:7.10 In November a double wedding o..

132:6.1 Here in Rome also o. that touching incident in

133:1.1 A very interesting incident o. one afternoon by the

133:9.5 his Jewish tutor, it never o. to Ganid that these two

134:8.6 Hermon the great temptation, the universe trial, o..

135:0.3 This visit o. in the month of June, 1 B.C., when John

136:2.3 Something new and even greater o..

137:4.17 many similar events o. before the Son of Man took

145:2.13 demon possession never o. after Pentecost.

145:2.16 the extraordinary event which o. in the front yard of

148:2.1 no so-called miracles of supernatural healing o.

148:9.1 o. one of the strangest and most unique episodes

149:1.3 It was never revealed to us just what o. in these

149:1.4 apparent miracles of healing, as they o. in the course

149:1.7 the healing o. unconsciously to the human Jesus

150:1.1 had never o. to either themselves or their teachers

151:6.5 Amos heard Jesus speak these words, there o.

153:4.1 demoniac possession, even such as sometimes o.

156:6.7 there o. a reaction among the entire Jewish people;

157:6.1 the masses there o. a great falling off in revenue.

159:0.2 miracles of healing or other extraordinary events o.

164:2.1 The principal event of these few days o. on Friday

167:4.1 There o. one of those strange interludes, a time when

167:4.2 there now o. to him a plan whereby the scribes and

168:1.9 his own resurrection o. after he had been liberated

168:2.9 Lazarus could hardly comprehend what had o..

169:0.2 had anything o. which so aroused the imagination of

172:5.13 a certain episode which o. just as Jesus reached the

173:1.10 If this spectacular event had o. the day before, at the

174:3.1 Now there o. a case where a certain man who had

179:4.1 proceeding as if nothing out of the ordinary had o.

184:2.10 Peter’s entire experience o. in the courtyard of the

184:2.10 by the crowing of a cock indicates that this all o.

185:5.2 it o. to Pilate that he might possibly extricate

189:1.4 But we know that it o. as we have stated and at

189:1.4 morontia resurrection, o. right there in Joseph’s

189:3.3 The first o. at the time of the arrival of the Prince,

189:3.5 as viewed by those who saw them as they really o.,

190:2.2 The third appearance o. about noon of this Sunday

190:2.6 fourth appearance of Jesus to mortal recognition o.

190:3.1 o. in the presence of some twenty-five women

191:4.1 manifestation of Jesus to mortal recognition o. a

191:4.1 This appearance o. just after the opening of a

192:1.2 It had o. to none of them that the person on the

192:3.1 This meeting o. on the very mount where the Master

193:0.1 The sixteenth morontia manifestation of Jesus o.

193:6.2 a meeting the like of which had never before o. on

occurred, not

14:2.9 that never in the records of Havona has an error o.;

55:2.8 death is theoretically possible, but it has not yet o.

70:2.1 would not have o. naturally in ten thousand years.

77:5.6 Never in the world’s history had such a thing o..

121:5.17 Outside of Palestine it not always o. to people that

125:0.4 It had never o. to Jesus that his mother was not to

125:6.4 it had not o. to them that this lad was their son.

133:9.5 his Jewish tutor, it never o. to Ganid that these two

139:5.1 had not o. to Philip that Jesus was a really great man

145:2.13 demon possession never o. after Pentecost.

150:1.1 had never o. to either themselves or their teachers

189:4.9 not yet o. to them that Jesus had been resurrected.

189:5.1 Strange to relate, this promise had not o. to him

193:6.2 a meeting the like of which had never before o. on


9:7.2 instantaneously, simultaneously with their o..

14:2.9 infer that sin can be reckoned as impossible of o.,

15:8.6 the o. of a collision among the dead giants of space

25:5.3 Every o. of significance in the organized and

51:3.5 And your narrative of this o. well illustrates the

55:12.5 undoubtedly be the most profound o. in the annals

57:0.2 we intend to date such an o. back that number of

64:5.2 highland Badonites there was a new and strange o..

67:0.1 the o. and consequences of the planetary rebellion.

73:7.2 submergence of Eden as anything but a natural o.,

86:2.5 Men regard a natural o. as an accident or as bad luck

86:4.4 disembodied spirits seemed to explain the o. of the

122:3.4 the only event of supernatural o. connected with her

128:1.8 thirteen years old with the first supernatural o. of

135:0.3 The most eventful o. in John’s early childhood was

137:4.12 And this o. was made doubly certain since the

137:4.16 believed in him only because of the unusual o.

144:8.5 This o. marked the real union of John’s and Jesus’

151:6.6 And it was this incidental o., in connection with

156:1.7 Jesus entreated them to tell no one of this o.;

186:5.1 But this coincidental o. does not in any manner

187:4.4 the event two thirds of a century after its o..

190:3.1 asked Mary to refrain from reporting the o. to her


23:4.5 This transaction, together with many similar o. in

53:7.9 the most widespread and disastrous of all such o. in

58:3.3 of the space rays are determined by many cosmic o.

65:3.1 and grotesque o. of early evolutionary progress.

81:2.18 the accidental o. attendant upon the daily life of

86:4.1 accidental association of the o. of everyday life plus

86:6.4 schemes of insurance to overcome these chance o.;

90:3.5 identifiable agencies were considered as natural o..

110:4.3 everyday o. of normal and ordinary psychic function

113:5.5 contact with mankind, but such o. are very unusual

118:10.12 the natural o. of the material order and the personal

121:7.12 everybody believed in miracles as commonplace o..

122:10.1 returned and made full report of the recent o. in

122:10.3 and murder were common o. at the court of Herod.

123:4.7 commonplace o. of a physical nature, are not

126:2.2 Thus were permitted those o. of the natural order

127:2.10 And this, augmented by other and subsequent o.,

149:2.7 approach Jesus through so-called miraculous o..

151:5.6 their own interpretation on all such coincidental o..

156:5.4 They looked for the hand of God in all natural o.

166:4.7 nature, knowing full well that such o. are in no way


13:1.8 It is o. right along throughout the universes, and it

17:2.2 This momentous transaction, o. in the dawn of time,

26:11.5 there is o. this unique blending of the human and

42:5.14 a group of force and energy activities o. in space.

57:0.2 distant events as o. in even periods of thousands,

58:2.7 disturbances whirl in opposite directions when o.

60:3.20 Great changes were also o. among the fishes and

74:5.2 the translation of Van and Amadon o. with the

77:2.6 modifications o. in the life plasm which had been

96:1.11 active as a volcano, occasional eruptions o. as late as

103:2.1 usually characterize religious episodes o. later in life

123:4.6 But this slight accident, o. while Joseph was absent

136:5.5 event o. in connection with Jesus’ remaining earth

156:6.5 there was o. a gradual but effective consolidation of

173:3.3 Jesus was hostile to no man, but here was o. the

190:3.2 Of the five morontia appearances of Jesus o. up to


7:4.5 o. a delay in the functioning of the attainment plan,

10:3.1 Repeatedly throughout the Urantian writings there o.

12:6.3 there o. a liaison between the material and the

15:5.7 it is doomed to split; sun fission o., and a new star is

17:6.3 Father and the Son, simultaneously there o. in the

17:6.5 And then o. one of the most profoundly touching

17:6.8 Another great change o. in the never-ending career

20:2.6 A planetary visitation of this type usually o. prior

22:7.8 there o. this functional spiritual union of the two

22:9.5 but such a limitation o. only when so planned.

25:1.6 often o. when the servitals are dispatched on

27:7.6 o. the expression of the accumulated emotions of

31:8.4 first serious contact with a Transcendentaler o. on

34:1.1 there o. a reaction of approval in the Paradise

34:1.1 there o. what is known as a “primary eruption.”

34:1.1 there o. a marked change in the nature of the

35:1.1 there o. a new form of creative union between the

35:9.2 change in personnel unless a tragedy of some sort o..

39:4.8 such periods in the career of a mortal ascender o. on

39:5.11 a reflective phenomenon sometimes o. in the mind

40:9.1 Such Spirit fusion never o. during the span of natural

41:8.3 for the outer gas regions, then a sudden collapse o.

42:5.4 aggregate into electrons, condensation o. with a

47:2.2 This awakening o. at the exact time of the parental

50:1.3 there o. the personalization of a concept that has

51:1.8 There o. a change in the life-transmitting mechanism

52:1.4 and painful struggle on the evolutionary worlds o.,

52:3.6 Much of the material progress of a world o. during

56:3.4 gravity circuit of the Eternal Son, wherein o. final

58:3.1 under unusual conditions atom disruption also o. at

65:3.5 o. concomitantly with the exhaustion of the capacity

65:7.7 At this level there o. that inevitable overlapping of

81:2.20 It often o. that the later vases and implements are

81:6.12 there soon o. the serious problem of overpopulation.

90:3.6 who kill someone every time a nonviolent death o..

100:2.8 there o. a new orientation of personality as well as

100:5.4 then there very often o. a sudden down-grasp of

103:2.1 religious development o. without conscious effort

103:2.3 there o. a gradual development of the religious life

107:2.5 Here o. a break in our efforts to follow the careers of

110:6.20 From the seventh to the third circle there o increased

112:4.1 death of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature o.,

112:7.5 Fusion with Adjusters never o. until the mandates of

113:6.5 there o. the reassembly of the constituent factors of

113:6.9 resurrection response o. on the mansion worlds.

oceansee Arctic; Atlantic; Indian; Pacific

1:7.2 God as a drop of water might find unity with the o..

29:2.14 it is like a vast moving o. of energy which engulfs

42:5.16 plunge through a vast o. of outspread force-energy

49:2.24 Not all inhabited worlds have an atmospheric o.

57:7.9 the primitive o. contain no colored stones or shales.

57:7.9 And for a long time after this o. appeared, there was


57:8.3 sufficiently to cause the formation of the first o..

57:8.3 By the end of this period the o. was world-wide,

57:8.3 this primitive o. was not salty; it was practically a

57:8.4 continental land mass emerged from the world o.

57:8.11 with subsequent deposits of the early world-wide o..

57:8.13 stratified stone were deposited on this ancient o.

57:8.16 between the land extrusion and the heavier o. bed.

57:8.20 the earth’s hydrosphere, first into the world o. and

57:8.20 Meteors falling into the sea accumulated on the o.

57:8.20 worn down by erosion, and washed into the o. basins

57:8.20 Thus the o. bottom grew increasingly heavy,

57:8.23 admitted the o. waters and prepared the way for the

57:8.24 increasingly the o. penetrated the land as long seas

58:1.3 until the o. waters had become sufficiently briny.

58:1.4 ancestors freely circulated about in the salty o.;

58:1.7 and sunlight can penetrate o. water for more than six

58:5.6 if the continents were not lighter than the o. beds,

58:5.7 The lower but comparatively heavier o. beds, plus

58:5.7 The continental pressure at o.-bottom levels is

58:5.7 continental mass standing 15,000 feet above the o.

58:5.7 The o.-floor water pressure is only about 5,000

58:5.7 to cause the continents to slide toward the o. beds.

58:5.8 Depression of the o. bottom during the prelife ages

58:7.9 back to the early appearance of the world-wide o..

59:5.14 shifting sea level occasioned by activities on the o.

59:6.4 rising all over the world as the o. beds were sinking.

59:6.9 The gradual cooling of the o. waters contributed

60:4.1 rhythm associated with this rise and fall of o. floor

61:3.9 The great o. currents were in function and affected

61:5.2 the o. currents shifted, and the seasonal winds

61:7.11 land elevations or modification of o. currents.

64:3.3 the Mesopotamian peninsula sinking into the o.,

65:2.1 ancestors were literally the slime and ooze of the o.


57:8.13 Throughout the o. ages, enormous layers of fossil-

57:8.22 Land elevation, cosmic clouds, and o. influences

58:5.8 hovered over the precipice of its adjoining o. depths,

59:1.1 is confined to the inland seas and the o. shore line;

59:1.17 The world climate was o., not continental.

59:3.7 The o. climate remained mild and uniform, and the

59:6.9 cooling contributed much to the destruction of o. life

59:6.12 The vast o. nursery of life on Urantia has served its


58:1.4 this same o. salty solution freely circulates about in


15:6.10 as many suns as there are glasses of water in the o.

41:7.13 boil all the water in all the o. on Urantia in just one

43:1.1 but there are no great o. nor torrential rivers.

46:2.2 small lakes but no raging rivers nor expansive o..

58:4.4 large o. of water would separate these drifting land

58:5.6 gravity would draw the edges of the o. up onto the

58:5.7 The weight of the o. is also a factor in the increase

58:5.7 But all continents tend to creep into the o..

58:6.5 At the proper degree of saltiness in the o. animal life

58:6.5 But when the o. were contracted and the percentage

59:1.2 New o. appear, and the older bodies of water are

59:2.3 The waters of the world’s o. were commingled.

59:3.3 and the bottoms of the surrounding o. were sinking.

59:3.8 of the waters of the southern and northern o..

59:5.8 and for five million years sharks dominated the o..

59:5.18 the coast lines of both o. withdrew to their present

59:6.2 the face of the earth and from the depths of the o..

59:6.4 inland seas which were connected with the o. by

60:0.1 Land elevation, cooling crust and cooling o.,

60:2.8 ammonites dominated the invertebrate life of the o.,

61:2.11 deserted the land and took up residence in the o..

81:6.5 America—protected on practically all sides by vast o..

118:8.10 as he bridges continents and o. with his machines,

134:5.7 when only o. separate them, then will the stage be set


42:5.1 scale, the visible rays embracing a single o.,

42:5.13 the eye can react to just one o., the whole light of


42:5.1 Orvonton there are one hundred o. of wave energy

42:5.1 The sun’s rays constitute four o. in the

42:5.1 ten o. up are the X rays, followed by the gamma

42:5.1 Thirty-two o. above the visible light of the sun are

42:5.1 thirty o. below are the radio transmission group.


41:4.1 physicists, who reckoned it as about two o. tons.


122:10.4 of these infants took place about the middle of O.,

123:0.6 By the first of O. Joseph had convinced Mary and

123:0.6 early in O., 4 B.C., they departed from Bethlehem

125:1.5 after Passover), and at the feast of tabernacles in O.

126:3.4 one evening in O he sat down by the little squat lamp

129:1.6 Jesus returned in O. to attend Martha’s wedding,

136:2.8 Augustus had coins struck in his honor in O.,A.D. 11

144:0.1 September and O. were spent in retirement at a camp

144:6.1 Around the first of O., Philip and some of his

148:0.1 From May 3 to O. 3, A.D. 28, Jesus and the

148:9.1 On Friday afternoon, O. 1, when Jesus was

149:0.1 preaching tour of Galilee began on Sunday, O. 3,

162:0.4 Jerusalem until the end of the following month (O.)

162:0.4 Jesus spent a considerable portion of O. with Abner

162:9.6 In the latter part of O Jesus and the twelve withdrew

162:9.6 On Sunday, O. 30, Jesus and his associates left the


59:2.11 they have survived as the modern pearly nautilus, o.,

65:2.5 soon followed by the mollusks—the oyster, o., and


124:1.7 At o. times for many years he worked at this bench

139:6.4 In many respects Nathaniel was the o. genius of the


87:6.1 for evening the o. in the one-sided struggle of man

101:10.8 no longer does he combat all nature, with the o.


164:1.4 refrain from even speaking that o. word, Samaritan


44:6.6 4. The artists of o.. This comparison of supernal

172:1.5 house became filled with the o. of the ointment,


44:6.6 the physical recognition of chemical o. is, indeed,

44:6.7 as you would living musical notes, o., sights, and


4:3.1 God’s Sons to be jealous for man, but never of him.

12:4.2 even the motions of space are not innate.

12:4.4 If the Conjoint Actor produces the motions of space,

28:0.6 nor omniaphim are ministering spirits of the

40:7.3 this same Adjuster is one with you and of you.

71:2.19 government of the people, by the people, and for the

98:7.11 It has long since ceased to be the religion of Jesus,

100:4.3 Of health and sanity man understands much, but of

110:6.5 The Adjusters are always near you and of you, but

110:7.4 this new being is of the eternal past as well as for

117:2.3 are really of the next universe age—the age which

134:5.5 the government of all mankind, by all mankind, and

136:2.5 for the Adjuster is of, and as, the Paradise Father.

137:7.5 to win all of them, but we are not of any of them.

192:4.8 gradually and certainly changing the religion of Jesus

195:4.4 transformation of the religion of Jesus into a

195:10.15 not yet understand that there is a religion of Jesus

offsee off, afar or far

2:1.6 automatically shuts him o. from all direct personal

12:1.2 the cosmic energies would be observed to shoot o.

12:1.2 o. on a straight-line path into trackless space;

15:4.5 and the mother wheel is still throwing o. suns,

15:5.4 suns which are thrown o. the great mother wheels of

15:5.4 They are not thrown o. as rings but in right- and left-

15:5.6 begin to throw o. large quantities of matter which

23:1.9 they are altogether cut o. from the sustenance and

40:6.2 an everlasting name, one that shall not be cut o..”

40:10.6 attainment of this goal automatically shuts them o.

41:0.1 sets o. each local creation from all others is the

41:0.2 no such clear lines of physical demarcation set o.

41:3.3 When suns that are too large are thrown o. a nebular

41:7.14 depletion—gradually cool o. and eventually burn out.

41:9.4 a sun begins to throw its exterior layers o. into

41:10.1 attracting body sometimes draws o. whole planets,

42:4.6 it begins to shade o. into the average space matter

42:5.6 of orbital revolution, quanta are always given o..

42:6.3 the terminal disruption of a cooled-o. and dying sun.

42:7.3 The positive particles of radium fly o. into space at

44:8.5 attainment will not become thus leveled o. until

44:8.5 personal experience which can be leveled o. only

45:6.9 of volunteer midsonite parental groups who stop o.

46:2.8 The transporters take o at about twenty-five standard

47:3.1 survivors resume their lives just where they left o.

47:3.7 You begin over there right where you leave o.

50:7.3 Such rewards set o. the individual from the average,

51:1.4 rebel, this order of Sons becomes isolated, cut o.

53:7.3 The circuits to the fallen worlds were also cut o.,

57:3.1 they begin to throw o. suns and start upon the work

57:3.4 whirling was soon to throw enormous suns o. into

57:5.5 tongues of gas would break o. at certain points,

57:5.8 Angona did swing sufficiently close to draw o. into

57:5.10 not even yet having cooled o. to the point of

57:5.12 if they had been thrown o. by solar revolution.

59:2.2 This period is not well marked o. in Europe because

59:3.9 alternately opened up to the sea and then cut o. so

59:6.8 North America was temporarily isolated, cut o.

60:3.8 Bering Strait closed, shutting o. the cooling waters

61:5.8 enormous icebergs were sliding o. the coast of Maine

61:7.14 much as the white man later killed o. the bison.

62:1.3 cut o. by the southern invasions of the glaciers.

62:5.8 When about nine years of age, the twins journeyed o.

62:5.10 she held o. the enemy until the father arrived with

62:5.11 so he wandered o. into the forest, was set upon by

62:7.5 And no sooner had the Most Highs left o. speaking

64:6.4 yellow tribes were able to drive them o. the Asiatic

64:7.1 for thousands of years migration to Asia was cut o..

64:7.14 About the time the green man was killing o. the

64:7.16 a blend of the red and yellow, holds the islands o.

66:7.16 now lie beneath the waters o. the shores of Persia.

67:2.3 and without warning isolated, utterly cut o. from all

67:2.4 group drew o. by itself and began deliberations,

69:9.5 The improvident habitually lived o. the thrifty.

72:12.4 Neither are the various peoples of Urantia set o.

73:1.2 the races of the world were little better o. than if

75:0.1 race betterment appeared to be a long way o.,

75:1.4 could they communicate with any being o. the planet.

78:2.2 valiantly fight o. the influences of the surrounding

79:5.2 Neanderthal strains were destroyed or driven o. the

79:6.3 ancestors of the Japanese people were not driven o.

80:7.2 literally driven o. the mainland by their larger and

80:9.14 retain charms of the New Stone Age for warding o.

83:4.6 event so as to put the ghosts and spirits o. the track.

84:0.3 sex sets the home o. from all other social activities.

87:0.2 Human imagination cast o. from the shores of self

87:5.9 designed to placate, satisfy, and buy o. the spirits

87:6.2 propitiation, attempts by bribery to buy o. ill luck.

87:6.4 Cutting o. the head and tying the body in the grave.

88:6.5 Magic was the branch o. the evolutionary religious

89:4.1 knocking out teeth, and cutting o. fingers.

89:7.3 put an infant away by itself, o. in the wilderness or

89:8.3 the custom to bind fingers instead of cutting them o..

94:11.11 Siddhartha and casts o. from the anthropomorphic

97:9.5 At Gath the Philistines ordered David o. the field;

108:4.4 isolated by rebellion, when a planet is cut o. from all

118:8.10 As man shakes o. the shackles of fear, as he bridges

123:5.13 stretching o. toward Mount Gilboa and Samaria.

125:2.9 his parents would find Jesus sitting o. by himself

125:6.13 forever cast o. the gentile yoke of political bondage.

127:6.11 that they would successfully fight o. poverty since

130:6.3 great things with your body if you would hasten o.

131:7.3 every hair of pride shuts o. saving light, as it were,

134:3.5 Jesus stopped o. on the return trip and delivered

136:7.1 He realized that he could cast himself o. the ledge

137:4.9 around Jesus’ neck, kissed him, and rushed o. to

139:8.11 Thomas get permission from Andrew to go o. by

140:7.3 he sent his apostles o. to “go fishing, seek carefree

143:3.6 by going o. they had left such problems to solve

144:1.8 more often he went o. to pray or commune alone.

144:3.14 always to pray in secret; to go o. by themselves

146:3.1 and added: “Where you leave o., we begin.

147:5.3 who came in o. the street was a woman of unsavory

149:3.2 When men shut o. the appeal to the spirit that

149:4.3 whose imagination had led him o. into visionary

150:3.6 relics are impotent to heal disease, ward o. disaster,

150:3.11 to win the protection of good spirits or to ward o.

150:5.4 When Jesus had left o. speaking, there was great

152:3.3 Jesus, before going o. to be alone in the hills, turned

152:4.1 The apostles, without their Master—sent o. by

157:3.5 The twelve never took their eyes o. the Master,

157:6.1 masses there occurred a great falling o. in revenue.

157:7.4 Jesus would send his apostles o. by themselves to

160:1.10 In this habit of Jesus’ going o. so frequently by

163:3.3 As they went o. by themselves, Jesus was grieved

163:4.9 Peter took them o. by themselves and preached to

167:4.4 they drew o. by themselves for a time to take

168:5.3 the same sickness that carried Lazarus o. when he

169:1.5 left his father’s house and went o. into a foreign

169:1.8 hunger, feeding swine o. here in a foreign country!

170:5.14 proceeded to set the kingdom o. into the future.

171:2.3 is yet a great way o., asking for terms of peace.

171:2.6 Jesus, leading the twelve, started o. on the way to

171:4.2 they had assembled o. by themselves, Jesus said:

172:3.6 Bethpage, a neighboring village a little o. the main

172:5.3 Simon Peter was at first almost swept o. his feet by

172:5.4 disappointment when Jesus climbed o. the donkey

172:5.8 Matthew kept his hands o. of him only by exercising

172:5.10 This Sunday started o. as a great day for Simon

173:0.2 And if I am going to quit, how shall I break o.?

174:5.1 hurried o. to the home of Joseph, where he knew

177:0.4 as Jesus started o. alone, John Mark came forward

177:1.2 We will go o. by ourselves and have a good visit.

177:3.1 the Master should have been allowed to go o. by

177:3.2 And so the Master left us here while he went o. to

177:4.9 But he rejoiced in being so sagacious as to trade o.

178:2.4 This runner hastened o. for Philadelphia with this

179:4.6 When the other apostles saw Judas hasten o. after

181:2.11 after you have shaken o. your depression and have

181:2.22 if you find yourself going o. in quest of those who

182:3.1 watch with him while he went o. about a stone’s

182:3.7 for the perspiration rolled o. his face in great drops.

184:2.4 identification as a disciple threw him o. his balance,

186:0.1 As Jesus and his accusers started o. to see Herod,

186:0.1 his Master’s request, John hastened o. to Bethany,

186:4.4 the delay in starting o. with Jesus for the site of the

190:2.7 wanted to rush o. to the city to tell the apostles

191:0.13 The Master put o. the first morontia appearance to

193:1.3 they hastened o. to the near-by towns and villages,

194:0.3 Peter unwittingly led o. in this mistake, and others

195:0.11 but even in that earlier compromise they came o.

196:1.6 progressive self-realization were marked o. by the

off, afar or far

3:1.2 ‘I am a God at hand as well as afar o.,’ says the Lord

3:1.4 “The true God is not afar o.; he is a part of us;

3:3.2 understands our thoughts afar o. and is acquainted

5:2.3 What a mistake to dream of God far o. in the skies

12:1.13 And it is near this outer border, in a far-o. corner

130:1.2 living by running away to far-o. enticements,

139:2.9 procession or trailing behind—“following afar o..”

150:8.8 is not hidden from you, neither is it far o..

166:2.1 not daring to approach him, they stood afar o. and

167:5.1 But the publican, standing afar o., would not so

169:1.9 while he was yet afar o., the father saw him and,

169:3.2 beheld Abraham afar o. and Lazarus in his bosom.

183:3.10 close behind the mob, but Peter followed afar o..

184:2.1 distance behind, and Simon Peter followed afar o..


63:4.9 uncultured people irritate and o. each other.

180:3.1 If my words o. the unbelievers, so also will your

180:3.1 unbelievers, so also will your words o. the ungodly.


4:5.4 The barbarous idea of propitiating an o. Lord,

82:4.4 for long ages the o. husband or the protector father

83:5.15 their o. relatives swept down on the chief in wrath

131:5.5 in repentance if I have o. in thought, word, or act—

141:0.2 Which of us has o. you?”

143:4.2 Later they o. the Jews by extending friendly

150:7.2 they were o. that he had never included his native

153:3.5 “Lest some of your hearers be unnecessarily o.,

153:5.4 Many shall be o. by the plain speaking of these days.

167:1.2 this dignitary was much o. because he did not receive

188:4.1 effective approach to an o. and unforgiving God;

188:4.8 abandon primitive notions about God as an o.

188:5.9 and in order to appease the wrath of an o. God,

194:2.8 the evil one—from the condemnation of an o. God.


85:1.3 and by its prestige an o. can be haled into court.

133:1.1 he tightly held on to the o. until the smaller lad had

149:3.3 convicted, and executed as a religious o., a violator

154:0.1 refused to take action against him as a political o..

185:7.4 “I am certain this man is only a religious o..

188:4.11 of substituting an innocent sufferer for a guilty o..


166:4.4 these men who were thus destroyed were o. above


85:4.1 be refused succor for fear of o. some river god.

89:1.1 to keep from o. the spirit ghosts by the avoidance of

133:1.1 demand the punishment of the larger and o. youth

134:3.6 prompt and summary dismissal of the o. teacher.

146:2.13 on the relation of prayer to careless and o. speech,

159:1.3 dealt justly and mercifully with your o. brother.

185:1.4 emperor promptly ordered the o. shields removed.


75:5.8 but Adam was not certain of the nature of their o.

142:4.1 he feared that the Master might take o. at the sight

147:3.6 take o. that we spoke words of life to these afflicted

148:7.2 You would find cause for o. in me if you could

151:3.14 his enemies less opportunity to find cause for o.

154:6.12 Admonish them to find no o. in me but rather to seek

156:1.5 But Norana refused to take o. at Simon’s thrust.

156:2.7 therefore must you maintain a conscience void of o..

157:1.2 Let us give these men no occasion for o. at our

157:7.4 Judas took personal o. at Jesus’ recent warning to

158:8.1 or the things you see with your eyes give o. in the

159:2.3 many times did the apostles take o. at those who had

171:6.3 “And marvel not at what I say nor take o. at what we

180:5.5 become the instrument of great o. to one’s fellows.


131:4.6 and a gracious father who remits all our earthly o..


62:3.6 stones suitable for defensive and o. ammunition.

71:4.17 o. operations against other peoples for purposes of

72:11.4 employed these military resources in an o. war.

153:1.2 enemies, and he elected boldly to assume the o..


50:5.4 in seeking food or in fighting, o. or defensively.


128:4.4 Jesus never spoke about this o. to his family,

134:2.5 Declining this o., he journeyed on with the caravan

136:9.7 he had again refused the o. of the Zealots to lead

164:2.4 the final remark of Jesus regarding the o. of the

175:3.1 the Sanhedrin’s reply to the last o. of mercy ever to

175:4.1 He did not hear this last o. of mercy to the Jewish

offerverb; see offer, cannot or not

1:2.8 living God which one human being can o. to another.

15:2.1 the estimates which I o. are solely for the purpose of

33:5.4 The Faithful of Days never proffer advice or o.

53:8.6 before leaving Urantia was to o. mercy to Caligastia

65:3.7 you will have abundant opportunity to o. suggestions

84:7.19 to o. the required sacrifices for the ghost’s progress

89:4.8 he became shrewd in his sacrificing, ceasing to o. up

89:6.8 belief that it was necessary to o. a human sacrifice

90:2.6 to kill him when he failed, unless he could o. a

108:6.1 Adjusters to o. themselves for actual existence in the

115:1.4 neither can a finite creature o. a rational reason for

120:1.7 o. you the following counsel, which should guide

125:0.6 ceremonies which his parents would o. in answer

128:2.4 new plan, to give advice and o. helpful suggestions

131:5.5 I o. prayers for mercy and praise for forgiveness.

132:4.2 always was he able to o. practical and immediately

132:5.14 “While I o. further suggestions concerning your

132:6.1 esteem it a privilege, not a duty, to o. guidance to

137:1.3 that he (Simon) likewise go to Jesus and o. himself

144:2.3 hungers, and that you have no food to o. him.

149:1.9 she continued to o. more and more money, as if the

151:2.3 apostles if they did not also have suggestions to o..

151:2.7 but you make a mistake when you seek to o. such

153:2.9 I o. you the bread of life for your hungry souls.

159:3.11 O. not consolation to those who lie down before

159:5.11 when one unjustly took away the coat, o. the other

162:2.7 I o. you the liberty of life and the joy of salvation.

163:5.2 he was prepared to o. hospitality to almost fifteen

165:2.3 some of them will so o. themselves in the years to

167:2.4 Jesus steadfastly refused to o. them further help in

168:2.7 the Master’s feet to give thanks and o. praise to God

171:2.2 just as the Son of Man is about to o. up his life for

174:5.7 I came not to judge the world but to o. it salvation.

175:1.22 But even now I o. you in my Father’s name mercy

177:4.6 he had come to o. himself to the Sanhedrin as one

180:3.2 Nothing, save to o. them fellowship on earth and

183:0.3 that they would o. resistance to the soldiers and

186:1.3 and then o. him as a reward thirty pieces of silver.

188:0.3 for friends of crucified persons to o. bribes to the

offer, cannot or not

16:4.8 highly probable, though we cannot o. definite proof,

70:9.17 Society cannot o. equal rights to all, but it can

91:8.3 direful may happen if they do not o. their regular

115:1.4 neither can a finite creature o. a rational reason for

140:8.15 But he did not o. any suggestions by way of remedy.

142:3.17 7. You shall not o. the blood of any sacrifice with

159:3.11 O. not consolation to those who lie down before

167:5.5 Jesus did not o. new mandates governing marriage

188:4.1 the Son of Man did not o. himself as a sacrifice to

offeredsee offered up

15:12.1 o. by the Mighty Messengers, the official observers

51:3.4 Caligastia o. crafty and effective opposition to the

53:2.5 Lucifer was long o. opportunity for repentance,

53:9.1 rebellion, salvation was o. all rebels by Michael.

53:9.1 would show proof of sincere repentance, Michael o.,

72:3.5 Moral instruction is o. by teachers during the rest

82:6.4 of the several races, still less objection could be o..

87:2.7 were so anxious to get rid of a ghost that they o. it

87:6.13 dual-spiritism concept of good and bad forces o. man

89:5.2 man enjoyed human flesh, and therefore he o. it as a

89:6.3 o. as a human sacrifice by her father, and with the

93:4.14 o. these people the substitute of a sacrament of

93:4.14 Salem where they o. sacrifices and burnt offerings.

93:4.14 he simply did not feel quite at ease until he had o.

93:9.5 Joseph was o. military command of the Egyptian

94:9.1 Buddhism prospered because it o. salvation

98:3.9 mysteries, which not only o. hopes of salvation but

102:1.5 no demonstration of so-called miracle may be o. in

108:3.6 has there ever been o. an indictment of an Adjuster

121:5.15 Christianity not only o. salvation from sorrow and

126:5.7 treasurer at Sepphoris had o. them a paltry amount

127:2.5 were amazed when he refused the honor o. him,

127:3.8 o. comments on the lesson, but usually he so selected

129:1.9 Jesus seldom o. them advice unless they asked for it.

135:2.1 John o. the sacrifices required for his cleansing.

135:8.1 near Pella, and had o. themselves for baptism.

140:8.15 fairness, but he o. no rules for their attainment.

140:8.31 The Master o. no solutions for the nonreligious

141:3.3 Jesus never o. a suggestion as to how the apostles

143:4.2 and o. sacrifices much after the order of the temple

143:5.4 seek for the living water which I have this day o.

149:2.11 that which was only when he simultaneously o. his

150:8.7 Following the benedictions he o. a prayer suitable for

151:2.8 Even Judas o. a very plausible interpretation.

163:1.3 house to house because a better lodging may be o..

173:1.3 in case a coin of larger value was o. for exchange,

175:1.3 And you will bear me witness that I have o. this same

175:1.8 that I have once more o. Israel and her rulers

177:3.2 lad approached the Master and o. him the basket,

178:1.16 sit in Moses’ seat; we only o. them the new light,

179:2.2 the hand of Thaddeus, held it while he o. thanks.

184:0.1 sacrifice was o. about three o’clock in the morning

186:1.4 You have o. me as a reward for my service, money—

187:3.4 they derisively o. a toast to Jesus, saying, “Hail and

195:9.7 price for even the greatest spiritual treasure ever o.

196:2.11 Jesus o. no rules for social advancement; his was a

offered up

128:1.7 “who in the days of the flesh so frequently o. up

171:4.7 to be o. up as the price of human bigotry and as


64:4.13 but the o. of human sacrifice as a part of religious

70:3.11 would pay a return visit, with its o. of maidens;

70:7.18 taxes were easier to collect when disguised as an o.

76:2.3 Adam had indeed sought to discourage the o. of

89:4.1 no o. was contemplated which was not productive

89:5.15 the o. of human sacrifices effectively put a stop to

89:6.3 of Moses’ rulings against the o. of human sacrifice.

89:6.7 The idea of o. the first-born as a sacrifice was

89:8.2 Men eventually conceived the idea that the o. of

89:8.6 a free gift to the gods, a spontaneous o. of gratitude

91:2.4 the o. of their own consecrated wills to the doing of

122:10.2 sufficiently poor to warrant his o. for Mary two

162:4.4 by the priest bearing the wine for the drink o..

172:1.7 she changed her mind and chose to bestow this o.

172:1.8 were well-to-do and could afford to make such an o..

184:0.1 convene the court before the time of the o. of the


89:8.6 And so the business of o. sacrifices developed into

101:10.6 to o. proofs of the reality of religious experience.

119:2.5 even o. his rebellious predecessor the privilege of

122:10.2 sufficiently poor to warrant his o. for Mary two

126:5.6 the Nazareth library as his maturity o. to the Lord.

128:5.2 a religious teacher, o. as an inducement to begin with

132:5.2 I am o. advice only to you and for your personal

141:4.3 to free the minds of his apostles from the idea of o.

143:5.6 this living water which I am o. you even now.”

146:4.4 showing yourself to the priest and o. the sacrifices

169:4.2 Jesus never belittled himself by o. arguments in proof

175:1.6 I am just now o. you your last chance to come

179:2.2 when he had finished o. thanks, he said: “Take this

187:2.3 for the purpose of o. drugged wine to the victim in

189:2.5 supposedly getting rid of Jesus by o. bribes to the

offeringssee offerings, burnt

74:7.21 Adam endeavored to substitute the o. of the fruit of

76:2.2 Now, in those days it was customary to make o. to

76:2.2 Cain and Abel made periodic o. to the priests.

81:1.4 pastoral life were held in greater esteem than the o.

87:2.9 food o. at funeral feasts were once universal.

87:3.3 make sure that some one would provide o after death

90:2.11 various fees which were ostensibly o. to the spirits.

91:2.4 men seek to substitute the o. of possessions for the

93:6.4 could be secured only by works—sacrifices and o.;

125:2.3 was not pleased with this spectacle of sacrificial o.,

135:1.1 John completed the making of the o. which were

139:7.8 Matthew received freely tendered o. from believing

162:4.2 was the occasion of the reception of the temple o.;

173:1.3 and for the payment of vows and the making of o..

196:0.10 greatest of all o.: the consecration and dedication

offerings, burnt

93:4.3 favor of God on my faith, not on sacrifices and b..

93:4.14 of Salem where they offered sacrifices and b..

97:5.6 message was: “Shall I come before God with b.?

126:4.5 Shall I come before him with b., with calves a year

174:4.3 is much more to be regarded than all the b. and

offers up

188:5.10 When thinking men look upon Jesus as he o. his life


72:2.8 their term of o. is concurrent with his—six years.

72:5.10 works six hours a day in the o. of his machine shop

72:8.2 may accept political, elective, or appointive o. in

84:4.10 woman was long deprived of the right to hold o. in

88:3.4 The insignia of priestly and kingly o. were

90:1.1 in many cases the o. of shaman became hereditary.

90:5.4 Eventually the o. became hereditary; a continuous

136:1.2 the threefold o. of prophet, priest, and king.

138:2.4 customs collector of Capernaum, who had his o.

138:3.1 ready to turn the affairs of his o. over to his brother.

139:6.5 carefully your steps; do not overmagnify your o..

139:12.3 discharged the responsibilities of his o. honestly,

172:5.2 he was too busy with the responsibilities of his o.

181:2.20 Your o. of stewardship is about over.

193:6.3 Matthias was inducted into his o. and then appointed


71:2.18 use wise techniques of guiding and controlling o.

72:8.2 and all o. of this group must be graduates of both

72:8.2 The fourth and last division of o. are not required


31:9.1 The presiding o. of this magnificent group, the senior

33:4.6 Gabriel is the chief o. of execution for mandates

43:5.14 presiding o. is a Vorondadek Son of extraordinary

55:8.2 the system supreme court and actual presiding o. of

70:6.5 The first cabinet o. was a food administrator;

73:2.4 a liaison o., keeping Amadon as his own associate.

96:3.1 of Egypt; Moses’ father was a Semitic liaison o.

114:3.1 of these narratives this executive o. was changed,

123:4.4 Jesus deducted the tithe and turned it over to the o.

123:5.3 a semicircle, while their teacher, the chazan, an o. of

127:2.4 subsequently becoming an o. in the Galilean division.

129:1.7 garrison’s commanding o. was a gentile believer in

129:1.7 This o. belonged to a wealthy Roman family, and

138:2.8 5. Simon Zelotes was a high o. in the patriotic

159:1.4 Now this o. of the king’s court pleaded that hard

162:2.6 Eber, the proper o. of the Sanhedrin, with two

164:4.4 The presiding o. saw whither they were drifting,

164:4.8 The o. of the court spoke to the former blind man,

164:4.9 replied to the o. of the court: “Whether this man is

177:4.8 arrange with that o. to bring your Master to us

183:2.3 to their request and referred them to his superior o.

183:2.3 presiding o. of the Jewish Sanhedrin was present

183:3.4 Jesus stepped up immediately in front of the o.

183:5.2 Roman o. would so much as speak to the betrayer—


93:5.12 Abraham’s own bodyguard of 318 o. the army,


18:4.5 are the o. of the courts of all three divisions,

22:5.6 they are o. of their superuniverse governments, but

22:9.4 The Celestial Guardians are the o. of the courts of

22:9.8 I have often seen these dignified o. of the high

37:2.1 serve in many capacities but chiefly as liaison o. of

53:4.3 over in a body and were sworn in publicly as the o.

70:10.4 opinion operated directly; o. of law were not needed.

70:10.5 orders the first crime detectors and o. of the law.

72:2.7 by the presiding o. of either of the other legislative

72:7.5 There are no municipally appointed peace o.;

72:11.2 The courses pursued by such commissioned o. are

135:12.5 a great feast in the Machaerian palace for his chief o.

154:3.2 Herod signed the decree which authorized the o.

154:5.1 the arrest of Jesus by the o. of the Sanhedrin.

154:6.6 bringing word that the o. of the Sanhedrin were on

154:7.1 engaged in this hasty flight from the Sanhedrin o.

154:7.4 the Jerusalem o. hurried up and began their search

162:1.5 the fear that had come over the o. of the Sanhedrin

162:2.5 but the o. of the Sanhedrin did not wholly believe

172:2.4 fled to Philadelphia when the o. of the Sanhedrin

173:2.3 altogether proper that the temple rulers and the o.

175:3.3 The o. of the Sanhedrin were given the orders for

175:3.3 They were told to plan to take him in secret,

175:3.3 instructed these o. of the Sanhedrin to “bring him


47:6.1 Through the good o. of these superangels of the

67:2.1 the redistribution of these o. of administrative

71:2.19 upon the practice of electing to public o. only those

72:2.2 The few o. of city administration are keenly sought

72:8.2 The public o. of the nation are grouped in four

72:8.2 degrees, such o. being wholly appointive.

72:9.1 Although candidates for all public o. are restricted to


15:12.1 the Mighty Messengers, the o. observers of the

22:2.8 of importance as the o. observers of the Ancients of

24:2.6 the o. recorders of Uversa place on their records the

26:3.6 their o. station is located on planet number seventy

39:1.17 These are the o. recorders for the supreme seraphim

62:7.5 message from Lucifer contained the o. acceptance of

97:9.14 made the worship of Yahweh o. for his kingdom.

98:3.8 the human gods continued until the o. Roman cult

121:3.2 The upper classes with money and o. power,

135:12.1 the o. residence had been moved from Sepphoris to

135:12.4 the o. residence at Tiberias were fully completed.

139:9.4 more kindly to the idea of being directed by o. ushers

142:6.2 Nicodemus was not an o. delegate of the Sanhedrin;

147:0.2 the influence of these believers among Herod’s o.

147:7.1 the o. spies from Jerusalem, had again found Jesus,

153:1.1 the o. observers of Herod Antipas, who had been

154:0.2 One of Herod’s o. family, Chuza, whose wife

154:1.2 o. action was taken by the rulers of the Capernaum

158:4.3 this anxious father, a minor o. of Herod Antipas, had

162:1.9 These teachings were really the o. announcement of

173:1.1 Levitical law and as interpreted by o. inspectors of

175:1.9 phylacteries and enlarge the borders of their o. robes.

187:1.4 at Golgotha, the o. crucifixion site of Jerusalem.

188:2.2 Pilate early the next day, bearing the o. request of


33:2.5 Michael’s headquarters is o. located on Salvington,

126:4.1 fifteenth birthday, Jesus could o. occupy the pulpit

175:3.1 o. and unanimously voted to impose the death


72:2.8 choose their own cabinets of administrative o..

72:8.2 such o. are only required to have state degrees of

139:7.6 public o., and politicians, down through the ages,

147:6.2 the Roman o. were not much alarmed by his

162:1.7 due to a secret understanding with the Roman o..

172:5.7 would have been arrested by the Sanhedrin o. and


35:10.1 the ex-System Sovereign corps o. as administrative

48:3.13 one of the Morontia Companions will be able to o.

76:3.5 The priests of the order were trained to o at religious

84:7.19 desire to have sons to o. in the post-mortem feasts,


162:4.4 priests with a corresponding number of Levites o..


39:5.13 is skillfully deposited, by the o. seraphic assistants,

76:2.3 o. Nodite priests were reverting to the standards

125:1.4 the blood from the hands of the o. slaughter priests


70:7.16 To o. them, kings fostered their own secret police.

73:2.5 But their evil machinations were largely o. by the

78:5.2 the steady migration toward Europe was o. by new

87:0.1 The ghost cult evolved as an o. to the hazards of bad

153:1.6 and o. by his unequivocal refusal to be made king.


62:3.4 The more powerful and intelligent o. of the species

64:7.5 The South American o. did receive a faint touch of


134:3.1 islands situated a short distance o. near Urmia was

152:5.1 they anchored their boat o. near Zebedee’s house


1:3.1 Even though you are “the o. of God,” you ought not

2:4.4 Mercy is the natural and inevitable o. of goodness

5:1.11 Only do his o. close their hearts forever to the

5:5.14 natural conditions is quite sufficient to initiate o..

7:6.3 The Original and Eternal Son is the o.-person of the

8:4.1 the Infinite Spirit and his spirit o. show forth the

8:4.1 And all the spirit o. of the Conjoint Actor partake

9:1.8 the hammer are the children of mercy, the spirit o. of

13:1.9 the Seven Master Spirits and certain of their o. from

13:1.18 the Infinite Spirit with certain of the higher o. of the

13:4.1 worlds inhabited by the o. of the Infinite Spirit,

14:4.10 The Havona natives are all the o. of the Paradise

14:6.19 —to administer a universe as associate-Creator o.,

15:4.5 and aggregate mass of their stellar and planetary o..

15:4.7 control of many of their segregated stellar o.,

15:6.13 Many comets are unestablished wild o. of the solar

17:1.7 the trinitized o. of the glorified mortal graduates

17:3.5 Their o., the seconaphim, are also retentive or record

17:5.1 the servants of the Master Spirits,whose collective o.

17:5.3 who sojourn in Havona through their personal o.,

18:1.1 Though the o. of the Trinity supervise these seven

18:2.1 They are the o. of the Paradise Trinity, but like the

18:3.2 are all uniform and superperfect o. of the Trinity.

18:4.4 two groups are drawn from among the trinitized o.

19:5.6 Inspired Spirits are the o. of the Paradise Trinity.

20:1.10 Melchizedeks are the joint o. of a local universe

20:1.11 Trinity Teacher Sons are the o. of the Father, Son,

20:6.2 lives with just one exception: They do not beget o.

21:1.2 Son is the only-begotten and only-begettable o. of

22:9.1 These trinitized o. of perfected humans and of

24:4.1 are the joint o. of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven

26:1.12 the o. of the Master Spirits and of the Spirits of the

26:1.14 With these o. of a Universe Mother Spirit mortal

26:2.2 Primary supernaphim are the exclusive o. of the

26:11.2 the trinitized o. of the mortal finaliters and similar

28:3.2 These seconaphim of the superuniverses are the o.

29:1.2 thus in eternal union with one of their collective o..

29:4.4 The Master Physical Controllers are the direct o. of

31:7.2 Paradise Citizens, or their trinitized o.—any being

31:9.13 trinitized o. of the finaliters and the Paradise Citizens

34:2.5 the o. of the Spirit increasingly approach the order

34:3.1 by either time or space, but most of their o. are.

35:0.1 are the o. of the Rulers of the universal domains.

35:0.2 Daynals are the o. of a Paradise Creator Son in

35:1.1 The personality o. resulting from this creative

36:1.1 The Life Carriers are the o. of three pre-existent

36:4.2 appearance of the seventh generation of planetary o..

36:4.5 circuit, where their o. are also destined to forgather.

37:3.1 Archangels are the o. of the Creator Son and the

37:9.7 Susatia are the brilliant o. of the Creator Son and

37:9.9 when no more o. of the combined nature are

37:10.2 The Spironga are the spirit o. of the Bright and

38:3.1 o. of the Universe Mother Spirit who are so largely

39:0.1 unknown reason these seraphic o. are very diverse.

39:1.3 the divine o. of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit

41:1.1 the ensuing generations of stellar and planetary o..

45:6.7 those o. who perished on the evolutionary worlds

47:1.5 mansion world parents embrace their material o.

47:3.11 These companions are the o. of the local universe

48:2.2 Morontia Power Supervisors are the o. of a local

48:3.1 hosts are the o. of a local universe Mother Spirit.

48:6.32 very definite social tendencies characterize the o.

48:6.33 the restatement of parental life in the lives of o.

50:1.1 the Creator Son (the o. of the Universal Father and

50:3.4 assign their various duties to their mutual o. and to

50:3.4 of the native races, such o. usually succeed them.

50:3.5 All the o. of these semimaterial assistants of the

50:4.13 the o. of the ascenders of the Prince’s materialized

51:1.1 The material or sex Sons and Daughters are the o.

51:1.8 the o. of a Material Son and Daughter procreated

51:5.3 women for voluntary mating with the Adamic o..

52:3.2 but their planetary o.—direct and mixed—become

52:3.5 But the o. of the Material Son and Daughter are

52:3.8 their o. within a few generations usually gravitate to

57:1.1 and your sun is one of the multifarious o. of the

61:1.4 Bring forth relatively mature and well-developed o..

61:1.5 nurture and protect their o. with affectionate regard.

61:6.1 o. of Asiatic migrants of the older North American

62:1.1 Neither were they the o. of the modern type of lemur

62:2.2 As a rule o. were born singly, although twins were

62:5.10 a mammalian affection of a high order for her o.,

62:5.11 His brilliant o. having been lost, life did not seem

62:7.3 the twins to flee northward and segregate their o.

63:4.3 heroically for the safety of their mates and their o.;

63:4.5 no male o. appearing among Sontad’s descendants,

64:5.3 all of their o. tended toward the skin color of the

64:7.6 red and yellow men mingled in Asia, and the o. of

65:3.4 Even the loss of Andon and Fonta before they had o.

68:5.8 animal, consigned to work and to bear human o.,

68:6.2 at the same time the natural increase in o. was

68:6.9 It was long the custom for a maiden to kill her o.,

69:9.7 exquisite enterprise of home building, o. rearing,

73:1.4 constantly coming to the surface whenever the o. of

73:5.1 intended for the promised Son and his immediate o..

74:1.5 one hundred o.—fifty sons and fifty daughters—

74:6.1 more than three hundred thousand of the pure-line o.

74:6.2 after leaving the Garden besides the two o. of joint

74:6.9 dates from the traditions of the Adamic o.—mating,

75:2.1 Even the young o. of Adam were uninfluenced by the

75:4.5 not die but rather live anew in the person of their o.,

75:6.3 These o. of Adam and Eve are now on Edentia; we

76:4.1 Adam and his o. had blue eyes,and the violet peoples

76:4.3 Their Urantia o. did not inherit the parental

76:4.3 They had a single circulation, the human type of

76:4.6 These superior o. were not so subject to fear as the

77:1.2 sex creatures capable of procreating material o.

77:1.5 upon the appearance of the one thousandth o..

77:2.2 plan of procreating o. embodying the combined

77:2.2 the union of the conjoint o. of the Prince’s staff

77:2.2 Prince’s staff with the first-generation o. of Adam

77:2.4 progeny would resemble the o. of other Andonite

77:3.1 when the o. of the Prince’s staff had become too

77:5.6 When the second strangely behaving o. arrived, he

77:6.1 the secondary order are the o. of the pure Adamic

77:6.3 their electrically energized o. live on and on, not

78:1.2 was immensely quickened by the presence of their o..

78:6.4 The majority of the able o. of this racial union later

79:5.7 never came in contact with even the Andite o. of

81:6.41 Society is the o. of age upon age of trial and error;

82:5.1 that race mixture improved the quality of the o..

82:6.3 You also get unsatisfactory o. when the degenerate

82:6.9 neither are such mulatto o. so objectionable as

83:8.5 and for the purpose of procreating and rearing o..

83:8.8 family is becoming a partnership for rearing o.,

84:1.2 Woman, because of emotional attachment to her o.,

84:1.4 thought nothing of strangling such o. at birth.

84:1.5 of the living inheritance factors which initiate o..

84:1.8 to rear the resultant o., for that was homemaking.

84:1.9 and o., are vastly superior to either two men or two

84:7.10 Love of o. is almost universal and is of distinct

84:7.18 7. Certain religions required o..

86:2.7 Naturalism is not a religion—it is the o. of religion.

86:4.6 hereditary and trait resemblance of o. to ancestors.

93:2.6 never married, nor could he have left o. on earth.

93:5.3 Abraham, and they confidently expected o. in a

93:5.5 in the enlightened o. of you two brothers shall all the

93:6.3 story of the future occupation of Canaan by his o.

96:2.3 True, his o., coming up out of Egypt, did form the

101:1.4 neither is religion the o. of sublime feelings and

111:2.10 is the birth of a soul, the joint o. of an adjutant mind

116:4.5 the o. of this creative act are spiritual, not material

120:3.8 Sonarington forbids the leaving of human o. behind

121:4.3 While the Stoics professed to be the “o. of God,”

122:3.2 How could the o. of human beings be a child of

123:0.5 that his being reckoned among the o. of David was

130:3.4 The Jews were the o. of Abraham and occupied

133:5.12 ignorant, being the o. of the inferior slaves of those

142:7.9 sometimes restraint of their young and immature o..

143:1.4 to restrain the unwise acts of his thoughtless o..

143:3.6 creations of fear and o. of augmented apprehension.

147:5.9 delinquency and demoralization of their own o..

170:2.23 not the child of a defective nature but rather the o. of

174:3.1 brother take the wife, but he also died leaving no o.

175:1.21 John did truly call you the o. of vipers, and I ask how

195:8.4 dictatorial political state is the direct o. of scientific


7:6.3 The Original and Eternal Son is the o. of the “first”


134:6.15 that the o. lectures of the caravan conductor had


75:4.5 Eve had told Cano of this o. warning on the fateful

137:7.1 her so o. exclamation: “I cannot understand him.

183:4.2 to Jesus’ o. teachings regarding nonresistance.


9:5.7 Too o., all too o., you mar your minds by insincerity

14:5.11 your short life on earth, disappointment must be o.

48:4.6 The senselessness of much that so o. causes us

56:10.3 you all too o. limit to the study of man’s crude

84:8.2 marriage is o. viewed only as a means of pleasure.

91:7.2 Jesus o. took his apostles away by themselves for

102:1.3 truth on Urantia has all too o. been mixed up with

103:3.3 Environment has all too o. mastered religion.

117:6.9 Men all too o. forget that God is the greatest

118:10.7 But what man calls providence is all too o. the

118:10.12 natural law is so o. apparently cruel, heartless, and

122:4.4 The early followers of Jesus all too o. succumbed

122:5.3 more o. he drove forward in the manner of his

124:1.13 o. grew discouraged with their slow-acting minds.

129:1.5 Jesus o. went out fishing with James, John, and

131:9.3 But this Heaven within me o. makes hard demands

139:11.9 Jesus o. told Simon that it was proper to want to

140:5.7 happiness has all too o. been associated with the

140:5.21 So o. persecution does follow peace.

141:6.2 How o. have I told you to labor only to put

144:1.8 but more o. he went off to pray or commune alone.

144:5.94 Forget us not as we so o. neglect and forget you.

147:4.3 you all so o. fail to put a spiritual interpretation

148:5.3 All too o. there has prevailed a tendency to ascribe

156:5.4 men are all too o. led into temptation by the urge

159:1.4 “Lord, how o. shall my brother sin against me, and

159:3.3 loss of self-respect o. ends in paralysis of the will.

160:3.4 All too o., when we battle for the right, it turns out

160:3.4 Too o. we engage in a fight merely to convince

163:3.4 are first shall be last, while the last shall o. be first.

165:4.6 love of riches all too o. obscures spiritual vision.

170:2.24 Jesus o. spoke of it as the “kingdom of life.”

171:4.7 How o. would I have gathered your children

177:4.11 that heart, so o. wounded, lost all real affection for

179:5.9 And as o. as you do this, do it in remembrance of me

184:2.12 too o. one’s own mind tends to justify continuance in

195:5.2 Truth o. becomes confusing and even misleading

195:7.7 Man’s conceit o. outruns his reason and eludes his

195:10.13 this church has o. dared to smother newborn faith


72:9.3 additional votes conferred upon them not o. than


49:2.1 Life Carriers are o. confronted with the necessity of

64:7.20 devotion that o. bordered on grandeur and sublimity.

75:3.6 Adam was o. discouraged by the little that had

103:8.2 intellectual, is divergent and o. confusingly fallacious

130:4.2 divine qualities, may, and o. do, change except the

133:3.7 Now, o., men and women become confused in their

133:7.3 For two weeks he suffered from a raging fever, o.

143:1.4 A father’s love for his son o. impels the father to

145:2.6 deceitful above all things and o. desperately wicked.

146:7.1 rebellious midwayers who had o. impersonated the

158:5.1 o. this evil spirit which possesses him rends him in

159:2.3 But John o. recounted this experience in connection

167:6.3 And so does the sacred o. appear to be the common,

176:3.9 put the blame upon others, o. upon those who least

177:2.3 but it is a dangerous and o. semiselfish trait as it is

181:2.5 to give due consideration to the fact that age o.


25:3.5 they do o. effect their strange doings and enforce

48:4.5 and fearfulness, and o. foolish and childish anxiety.

89:3.3 Penance is the negative form of this o. foolish


69:8.3 The raid upon Og, the king of Bashan, was equally


133:1.5 to defend Jesus, Ganid said: “Oh, I begin to see!


59:4.6 deposits are exposed in the banks of the O. River

61:7.2 it extended as far south as the O. River and central

61:7.9 south and covering the greater portion of O. and


28:5.13 experience of this order as the “o. of reconciliation”

59:3.4 the deposits of this age that much of the gas, o., zinc,

59:3.4 the gas and o. being derived from the enormous

59:5.16 Coal layers often hold both gas and o..

60:3.9 coal or lignite, and in many regions they contain o..

89:4.9 2,756 golden images, 331,702 jars of honey and o.,

90:4.9 O. and wine was a very early medicine for treating

90:4.9 castor o. and opium were used by the Sumerians.

96:5.4 the fruit of your land—the corn, wine, o., and your

97:5.6 a thousand rams or with ten thousand rivers of o.?

122:6.3 small, flat clay lamp, which was filled with olive o..

126:4.2 o. of joy in the place of mourning, a song of praise

126:4.5 rams, ten thousands of sheep, or with rivers of o.?

147:5.4 My head with o. you neglected to anoint, but she

150:0.2 practice of anointing the sick with o. in connection

150:0.2 The apostles of John had always used the anointing o

164:1.3 he bound up his wounds, pouring on o. and wine,

169:2.4 He answered, ‘A hundred measures of o..’


172:1.5 a large alabaster cruse of very rare and costly o.;

172:1.5 The house became filled with the odor of the o.,

172:1.5 showing indignation that so costly an o. should be

172:1.5 Why was this o. not sold and the money bestowed

172:1.6 To you who murmur and say that this o. should

172:1.6 This woman has long saved this o. for my body at

172:1.7 the cost of this o. was a sum equal to the earnings

172:1.7 Mary loved Jesus; she had provided this precious o.


188:1.7 make ready spices and o., and return on Sunday

189:4.5 the five women, laden with their o., arrived before

OkhbanEgyptian prophet

95:3.5 O. they murdered; Ikhnaton they accepted but

oldsee old, of; see old age; see Old; see years old

4:5.5 found deliverance from the o. and pagan idea that

30:4.15 constitutes the resurrection of the o. personality,

41:3.7 are relatively young; most of the dwarf stars are o.,

41:3.7 Both very young and very o. suns usually shine with

41:6.5 power of the atomic nucleus pulls it back into its o.

46:7.4 fabricate new bodies in which the o. spornagia

48:4.12 restfulness in the contemplation of that which is o.

48:6.33 The creation of new pictures out of o. facts,

55:6.4 Even so, “o. things are passing away; behold, all

55:6.6 I have visited a few o. planets where abandonters

60:1.8 extended eastward to connect with the o. sea basin

61:3.8 Spain was connected with Africa by the o. land

64:7.8 migrated westward along the o. trails of the Andon

64:7.11 The remnant of the blue race left in the o. Persian

67:5.3 Society quickly sank back to its o. biologic level,

69:3.4 o. men and cripples were set to work making tools

69:3.4 They were later assigned to building irrigation works

70:2.21 O.-fashioned war did select the innately great men

70:3.6 The o idea of friendship meant adoption into the clan

70:5.2 This regulative group was composed of o. men

70:9.13 When rights are o. beyond knowledge of origin, they

70:10.10 analogue of this o.-time method of retaliation.

77:4.7 religious ceremonial, and an o. system of writing.

77:4.13 Adamson visited one of the o. Vanite settlements to

78:2.3 Only among the o. settlements of Van and Amadon

81:3.3 new dwellings directly on top of the ruins of the o..

81:6.39 things must not be despised just because they are o.,

84:3.6 There was also an o. superstition that women could

84:4.6 Finally, the o. women were permitted to attend the

86:4.1 to constitute convincing evidence that the o. chief

86:4.7 did not relish the idea of becoming o. and decrepit.

87:4.1 tribes clung to the o. belief in one class of ghosts.

87:7.1 The cult grew out of the traditions of “o. families”

87:7.7 The o. cults were too egocentric; the new must be

87:7.7 The new cult must, like the o., foster sentiment,

89:6.2 shaman ordered the sacrifice of a respected o. man

89:6.2 Whereupon the o. man had his own son dispatch

90:1.6 direction of tribal affairs out of the hands of the o.

90:3.9 a scientific era is destroying man’s age-o. theories

92:2.2 usage and legal procedures cling to the o. forms.

92:2.5 they actually adjust it to their mores and o. ways

92:7.2 religions are advancing expressions of the o. beliefs,

92:7.2 The o. does not cease to exist; it is merged with the

93:9.8 Abraham was not so o. as the records indicate, and

94:6.8 cosmic concepts of the o. philosopher who taught

95:5.10 with the priests, back to the worship of the o. gods,

95:5.12 to return with the priests to the o.-time worship of

96:1.12 Canaanites held to the worship of the o. tribal deities.

96:2.5 modified version of the o. Yahweh ritual of magic

96:6.3 people all too willing to believe their o. religion but

97:1.8 o. leader progressed in the understanding of God,

97:7.6 “The heavens may vanish and the earth wax o.,

97:9.19 his teaching as a defender of the o. land mores as

99:0.2 of new social orders or the preservation of o. ones.

99:4.2 the transition from o. religious loyalties to the

100:7.18 he is a new creature; o. things are passing away;

103:2.9 the “o. man of sin” and the “new nature” of grace.

112:5.21 your new life in the new worlds with your o. life in

114:6.7 imperishable values of the o. and passing forms

120:2.5 and emancipate their minds from age-o. fears.

122:8.6 The babe was almost three weeks o. at the time of

123:1.2 Jesus was about three years and two months o. at the

123:3.8 As James grew up to be o. enough to help his mother

123:5.8 close association with his fellow men, young and o.,

125:4.3 glowering down upon him, asked how o. he was.

126:4.5 before him with burnt offerings,with calves a year o.?

127:1.5 his three sisters, two of whom were o. enough to

127:2.7 Jesus had but one wise counselor, his o. teacher,

127:2.9 to liberate his people if he were only o. enough to

127:3.1 a payment on the o. family supply and repair shop

127:3.1 James was o. enough to work at the house shop

127:3.7 Jesus began work in the o. family repair shop and

128:2.2 Simon began work with Jesus’ o. boyhood playmate

134:1.6 Joseph and his family moved into the o. Nazareth

134:3.1 and recuperation at the o. Persian city of Urmia on

134:9.4 beheld the joyous abandon of the young and the o..

135:3.2 the time was fast approaching when the o. order

135:3.4 in John’s heart that he was to be the last of the o.

135:4.2 John knew only of the o. methods of approach to

136:0.1 John as the greatest of the prophets of the o. order,

136:4.2 and which hung upon the walls of the o. home.

137:3.4 Now Jesus seemed quite like his o. self to all of them

137:4.1 Jesus was most cordial to all, young and o., Jew and

138:3.3 Simon the Zealot, whom they found at his o. place of

138:5.2 trying to fit Jesus’ new gospel into their o. forms

139:4.4 growing o. and becoming more or less childish,

139:11.11 Simon labored until he was an o. man and feeble.

140:5.17 Children are normally kind when o. enough to

140:6.2 would build the new teaching directly upon the o.,

140:8.1 these new spiritual teachings directly onto their o.

140:8.2 Jesus quoted with approval an o. Hebrew saying:

140:10.1 of repentance, sorrow for the o. way of living.

142:6.4 “But how can a man be born again when he is o.?

143:1.5 and equally to young and o., male and female.

143:2.3 In the o. order you fasted and prayed; as the new

143:2.3 new creatures; o. things are to pass away; behold I

143:2.4 “By the o. way you seek to suppress, obey, and

143:2.4 the liberty of self-mastery in place of the o. law of

143:4.2 meetings on the site of this o. Samaritan temple.

146:3.1 The o. philosopher was susceptible to the Master’s

147:4.1 taught us the positive version of the o. rule of life,

147:7.2 not sew a piece of new cloth upon an o. garment,

147:7.2 Neither do men put new wine into o. wine skins,

147:7.2 they do not bring too much of the o. order over into

147:7.3 Jesus: “That which is o. and also true must abide.

147:7.3 Remember it is written: ‘Forsake not an o. friend,

147:7.3 As new wine, so is a new friend; if it becomes o.,

149:0.4 supported himself by spending his time at his o.

151:1.1 sat alone in the boat, the o. fishing boat of Andrew

156:5.5 The o. and the inferior will be forgotten in the love

156:5.18 and those who refuse to grow o. gracefully.

158:4.4 their o. temptation—that of discussing who should

158:6.2 yielded to the temptation and fell into your o. evil

160:1.7 average person prefers to cling to the o. illusions of

163:2.2 but my father is very o. and near death; could I be

165:5.4 laid up your treasures where the purse waxes not o.,

166:3.6 This was a new and strange version of the o. proverb

168:3.6 that o. Jewish adage, “It is better that one man die,

170:3.11 Jesus struck the deathblow of the o. society in that

174:5.12 The o. order is bringing itself to judgment; the

176:1.7 you always try to attach the new teaching to the o.;

177:1.4 had not been o. enough to be one of the apostles

177:4.9 realization of honor and reward in the o. order,

178:1.16 You are not to attack the o. ways; you are skillfully

178:1.16 leaven of new truth in the midst of the o. beliefs.

179:1.6 to give way to their o. predilection for honor,

179:5.2 The o. Passover commemorated the emergence of

179:5.10 they ended this celebration of the o. but bloodless

180:1.5 but it most certainly does make the o. world new.

180:5.12 indicates the difference between the o. religion and

180:5.12 The o. religion taught self-sacrifice; the new

180:5.12 o. religion was motivated by fear-consciousness;

181:2.21 getting along with your brethren, both o. and new.

182:3.10 And it was from these o. memories of Nazareth,

185:4.1 Herod Antipas dwelt in the o. Maccabean palace

185:4.3 arrayed him in an o. purple royal robe and sent him

185:6.4 Jesus,clothed in an o. purple royal robe with a crown

193:3.2 “Simon, you still cling to your o. ideas about the

194:3.8 neither radical nor conservative; it is neither the o.

194:3.8 is to be dominated neither by the o. nor the young.

194:4.6 the o. message that “God is the loving Father of all

195:0.3 in either decided victory for the new or for the o.

195:0.13 By this paganization of Christianity the o. order won

old, of

1:1.6 prophets of o. truly called him “the everlasting God”

1:3.2 Said the seer of o.: “Lo, he goes by me, and I see

34:6.6 your teacher of o. declared: “Not in word only but

40:6.2 “Spoke the prophet of o. in the name of the eternal

73:1.6 they were numbered among the “mighty men of o..”

77:2.3 their children were the ‘mighty men of o.,’

77:5.9 were also included among the “mighty men of o..”

79:1.9 like the Andites of o., these warriors proclaimed the

85:6.2 the holy men of o. were looked upon as inspired by

87:5.14 and other remnants of the advancing ghost cult of o..

88:3.3 and the medicine man of o. never allowed his bag,

88:6.1 twentieth century are typical of the magicians of o..

89:6.3 foolish and needless vows, and the men of o. held

98:4.8 was built around the legend of the Nile god of o.,

126:3.8 certain that it had not been written by Enoch of o.,

135:6.3 John dressed like Elijah of o., and he thundered his

147:8.5 at least to live up to the ideas of the prophet of o.

155:6.2 prophets of o. made an end of their utterances.

155:6.7 the practice of always quoting the prophets of o.

159:4.7 And even if these holy men of o. lived inspired

172:1.3 Jesus talked with Simon about Joshua of o.,

175:1.20 you built a monument to the martyred prophets of o.,

old age or old-age

41:3.7 yellow tinge indicates moderate youth or o., but

55:3.1 the infirmities attendant upon the decrepitude of o.

55:3.6 for labor resultant from accident, disease, o., or

72:4.3 the same methods as those employed in o. insurance.


72:6.1 government-insurance guarantees of security in o..

72:6.3 The funds for o. pensions are derived from four

72:6.7 the income from natural resources goes to the o.

72:6.8 o. pensions are solely administered by the federal

72:7.1 paternalistic only in the administration of o. pensions

76:5.5 for 530 years; he died of what might be termed o..

84:7.13 2. Children were o. insurance.

90:3.9 An understanding of o. and contagion is gradually

94:7.6 in his o. his dying words were, “Work out your own


70:2.21 O. war did select innately great men for leadership,


70:10.10 a modern analogue of this o. method of retaliation.

95:5.12 return with the priests to the o. worship of Isis and

Old Stone Age

64:0.2 to the period commonly regarded as the O..

64:6.24 The European researches and explorations of the O.

Old Testament

70:10.6 The O. records one of these ordeals, a marital

74:8.7 The O. account of creation dates from long after the

82:4.3 The O. deals with women as a form of property;

84:3.2 scant courtesy paid womankind during the O. era is

93:9.6 up to the times of the en masse editing of the O.

93:9.7 What the O. records describe as conversations

95:1.10 wrote many of the O. Psalms, inscribing them on

95:4.2 the sacred book of that people long before the O.

95:4.3 the philosophy of the O. Book of Proverbs.

95:5.7 which are now preserved in the O. Book of Psalms,

97:8.1 the sacred history of Israel as portrayed in the O.,

97:9.8 making David king as they are found in the O..

97:9.18 This great fight is not even mentioned in the O..

97:9.27 The Jewish religion of the O. evolved in Babylon

122:4.4 Most of the Messianic prophecies of the O. were

122:4.4 Many O. sayings were so distorted as to appear to

135:5.4 Many who read the O. literally looked expectantly

oldensee olden times

2:2.1 Even your o. prophets understood the eternal,

2:6.2 The o. concept that God is a Deity dominated by

39:5.12 idea that angels possess wings is not wholly due to o.

53:1.3 Your o. prophet saw his sad estate when he wrote:

58:7.3 The rocks of this o. age are now at the surface,

60:2.6 fossils, such as the most delicate wings of o. insects,

69:5.8 in o. days debt slavery extended even to the control

70:1.15 Always these o. tribes made war at the bidding of

70:2.9 O. wars promoted travel and cultural intercourse;

70:2.9 O. wars strengthened nations, but modern struggles

70:11.5 The ancients claimed that their o. laws, the taboos,

81:2.18 The arts of o. days were many times derived from

81:3.3 Certain of these o. cities also rose above the

81:6.33 to the ancient communal and feudal practices of o.

82:3.13 In o. days many practices now regarded as immoral

83:2.3 reticent toward marriage, are all relics of o. customs.

83:5.13 The o. taboos on sex relations with a pregnant or

84:4.4 did not improve the o. reputation of the sex.

84:4.9 However foolish these o. notions were, they did

84:7.25 The o. ideas of family discipline were biologic,

88:2.5 to attempt suddenly to displace the o. fetishes,

88:4.6 there was progressive driving power in the o. magic.

89:1.6 social levels are vestigial remnants of o. prohibitions.

89:3.4 These o. ideas of self-discipline embraced flogging

89:4.7 positive practices of the o. propitiation cult that

89:10.1 has destroyed the o. ways of securing peace and

90:1.4 Many of the o. shamans unwittingly stumbled

90:2.6 The o. peoples all believed in the power of the

90:2.10 the o. shamans established their reputations as voices

90:5.3 The worship technique of the o. mystery cults was

92:2.3 attempts to reconcile o. but reprehensible practices

92:2.5 and numerous other of their o. and reprehensible

92:3.1 These o. cult practices persist alongside newer

93:3.1 at Salem, patterning them on the o. system which

94:12.1 with the sentimental retention of o. nomenclature,

95:7.2 Each tribe worshiped its o. fetish, and many families

96:4.2 expanded concept of their o. tribal god, Yahweh.

96:5.8 reverted to the semibarbaric ideas of their o. gods

97:3.6 Elijah made a moral issue out of the o. land mores

97:8.3 An o. seer promised that God would protect and

97:9.20 rivaled those of the Davidic dynasty of o. days.

109:4.4 the descendants of the primitive men of o. ages.

122:4.4 temptation to make all the o. prophetic utterances

124:3.6 Joseph recounted much of the o. history of King

130:7.2 Jesus quoted the o. Jewish proverb—“A man who

131:7.2 Since the o. people did not know my name, I

133:5.1 They shortly arrived at the o. center of Greek science

133:6.2 the o. Hebrew proverb: “A man’s gift makes room

135:4.5 in every outward aspect John was like the o. prophet

136:6.6 a harking back to the o. days of ignorant magic

137:5.3 the more spiritually minded of the o. seers.

142:2.1 Said Jacob to Jesus: “Moses and the o. prophets

142:2.2 Jacob, you have well stated the teachings of the o.

147:7.3 against entertaining the notion that all o. teaching

150:1.3 they fell back to the o. customs in subsequent

155:6.12 word of God only on the pages of the o. records of

157:6.6 the o. prophets had portrayed a Messiah which Jesus

159:5.11 to save the wrongdoer in the place of the o. advice to

169:3.1 And while this o. parable is not according to the

177:2.7 cramping features of these o. Jewish homes have

180:2.3 in commemoration of this o. teaching a large emblem

195:9.11 barbarian morass; many o. cultural watersheds drain

olden times

43:4.8 That the teachers of o. knew of these things is shown

57:8.26 These inland seas of o. were truly the cradle of

70:3.9 The storytellers of o. became so popular that the

82:0.3 The humans of o. did not possess a very rich social

84:4.8 Under the mores of o., every woman, from

88:2.7 In o. the fetish word of authority was a fear-

89:3.5 All through the o. men sought in these ways for extra

89:6.4 In o., when a new building of any importance was

89:7.4 In o., if a woman met head-hunters, she could

90:1.2 Since in o. anything abnormal was ascribed to spirit

171:4.7 Jesus said: “From o. the prophets have perished in


15:1.1 to the records of Uversa, in accordance with o.

21:2.1 the study of the efforts of his o. brothers in various

26:2.7 As the o. of the two orders, tertiary supernaphim will

26:9.1 the Father guides, the o., highly skilled, and most

35:10.5 Many of the Lanonandek Sons in the o. systems,

39:7.1 These angels do not minister extensively except in o.

39:9.2 Seraphington graduates as would be found in an o.

41:3.6 Not all stars are solid, but many of the o. ones are.

47:0.3 finaliter population which accumulates in these o.

48:5.10 Many of the o. of these teachers, those who have

49:4.6 five hundred on the more advanced and o. spheres.

49:5.15 the o. planets of the three-brained group exhibit

49:6.6 While the o. worlds of mortal existence harbor those

49:6.20 functions on the o. of these spheres after they have

51:6.3 another and o. headquarters of celestial ministry

52:7.12 the o. seer envisioned when he wrote: “‘For, as the

55:6.6 where abandonters were teaching the o. mortals the

55:11.5 experiences of individual mortals living on these o.

55:11.7 In some of the o. universes we find worlds settled in

55:11.7 does not in the least handicap the progress of an o.

57:2.1 As they grow o., nebulae usually become spiral, and

57:8.13 not all of the o. limestone was produced by marine-

57:8.13 ages have become mixed with these o. prelife layers.

58:7.1 Some of these o. water-deposited rocks are

58:7.1 directly on top of the o. undifferentiated stone.

58:7.9 Much of the o. sandstone and conglomerates

58:7.10 Some is found in the cracks of the o. rocks and is

58:7.10 extrusions lying partly in the o. unstratified rocks

59:1.2 New oceans appear, and the o. bodies of water are

59:5.10 Little workable coal is found in these o. strata.

59:5.12 Stumps of other and o. mountains are to be found all

60:4.3 northern Europe among those of the o. east-west

61:6.1 the o. North American lemur types, the dawn

62:2.5 very few of the o. noncarnivorous monkeylike

64:5.3 colors became pronounced as the children grew o.,

64:7.9 These o. European Neanderthalers had been driven

64:7.10 led to the immediate improvement of the o. race.

66:7.6 were trained to fraternize with younger groups, o.

72:5.3 are improvements over their o. methods of settling

74:6.7 changed activities every thirty minutes, the o. every

74:7.12 The laws of the Garden were based on the o. codes

75:5.6 Not in fifty years did the o. of these children recover

76:2.2 and Abel taunted his o. brother in his discomfiture.

77:2.10 This lengthening of the reigns of these o. kings

77:7.4 Some of the o. writers designated these rebellious

77:8.2 The members of the o. or primary order are known

78:5.8 religious beliefs and moral practices of the o. races.

78:7.7 But still o. vestiges of the days of Dalamatia exist

79:1.4 not follow the evolutionary course of the o. races by

79:5.1 eventual submergence in the o. evolutionary peoples,

80:3.5 the services of the o. children were fully utilized.

80:4.6 the o. Andonites retain even a semblance of identity.

80:5.3 biologic reserves enabled them to wipe the o. race

80:7.8 and had been virtually swallowed up in the o. and

81:2.17 The o. river races made their huts by setting poles

81:6.33 the o. and more primitive methods of communism

82:3.11 tribes married the young men to the widows and o.

83:1.3 social order, this being its o. and original function.

83:2.2 capture in order to escape the domination of the o.

83:2.5 what idealized concepts of sex attraction for those o.

83:5.13 usually hailed with delight by the o. spouses;

83:7.4 slowly improve under the guidance of the o. mores

83:7.5 for the o. and long-established property motive,

87:6.14 engage in prayer, you resort to the o. style of another

88:6.2 and magic also referred to o. ghost beliefs.

88:6.4 Gesture, being o. than speech, was the more holy

89:4.4 propitiation replaced the o. methods of avoidance,

89:8.1 and was a moral reaction to the o. temple harlotry.

89:8.2 part of the body could take the place of the o. and

89:9.2 in lieu of the blood of the o. human sacrifices.

93:4.14 a sacrament of bread and wine for the o. sacrifice

93:6.4 tribesmen preferred to go back to the o. sacrifices

93:7.3 the o. and more universal superstitions and beliefs.

93:7.4 new doctrine to become absorbed into the o. body

93:7.4 A new revelation is always contaminated by the o.

94:6.1 by general absorption into the o. Urantia beliefs.

95:1.3 gave way to the o. belief in a multiplicity of deities.

96:6.1 common people rapidly reverted to the o. desert idea

98:1.2 it shared in the myths of the o. inhabitants of Greece.

98:3.6 to destroy the mysteries and revive the o. political

100:4.1 of new and better reaction habits in the place of o.

121:2.1 The Jews were a part of the o. Semitic race, which

123:5.6 When Jesus grew o., he mingled freely with the

124:1.11 Jesus spent several months in a smith’s shop when o.

124:2.4 of Jacob, a neighbor boy, who was one year o..

124:2.4 o. and uncouth youths attacked Jesus, relying upon

124:2.6 marked preference for the company of o. persons.

124:2.6 with o. minds, and his depth of reasoning charmed

124:2.6 with o. and better-informed individuals for whom he

124:2.8 being three and one-half years o. than the oldest of

126:0.3 As he grew o., Jesus’ pity and love for the Jewish

126:3.3 Jesus tried to teach the o. children to express

126:3.3 It was in this effort to stimulate his o. brothers and

126:5.10 Each of the o. children had an individual garden,

127:4.2 positive injunction to do good in the place of the o.

127:4.3 punishment was fixed by the o. children and was

127:6.5 Martha was a little over one year o. than Jesus,

129:1.3 far more safe for sailing the lake than were the o.

129:1.9 evening Jesus devoted to social life with the o. folks,

130:3.5 seemed to be derived from other and o. religions.

134:1.4 All the o. children were now married; only Ruth,

135:5.7 The o. ones clung to the doctrine of the son of

138:2.2 apostles were formally accepted by all of the o. six.

138:6.1 The o. apostles carefully reviewed, for the benefit of

139:1.2 Andrew was 33, a year o. than Jesus and the oldest

139:1.6 Not often will an o. man of Andrew’s type be

139:1.7 it never irritated the o. Andrew to spend the rest of

139:3.1 James, the o. of the two apostle sons of Zebedee,

139:4.7 As John grew o., his temper became more subdued,

140:10.5 the o. negative rule could be obeyed in isolation.

142:3.4 consisting in a blending of their o. Mesopotamian

146:1.1 these o. beliefs and the new gospel of the kingdom.

147:8.5 beyond the ideals of Isaiah and the o. prophets.

149:6.6 to honor their parents; but when they grow o. and

149:7.2 the o. teachers were edified by the young preachers

150:4.1 I would send out the o. ones two and two that they

150:6.1 With the o. apostles away, these younger groups

150:7.4 Most of the o. of Jesus’ friends, including the

156:5.18 As you grow o. in years and more experienced in

164:3.4 The o. Jewish teachers, together with Plato, Philo,

164:4.3 One of the o. Pharisees, after making a lengthy

169:1.6 his o. brother was serious, sober, hard-working,

169:1.6 unreliable; the o. son was steady and industrious,

169:1.6 the o. devoted himself to work but seldom played.

169:1.6 young man was at home and with his o. brother,

169:1.12 But when the o. brother heard this, he was so hurt

169:1.12 But the o. son would not yield to his father’s

169:1.13 he tried to reason with this o. one: ‘But, my son,

173:3.1 When he had found his o. son, likewise he said to

173:3.3 o. religion of ceremony, tradition, and authority.

174:1.3 maturity, the riper experience of the o. partner.

184:0.3 his brother James were well known to the o. servants

194:3.14 little or no spiritual standing in the tenets of the o.

195:0.3 conflict between the o. religious practices and the

195:1.7 the Christianized version of the o. Jewish religion


49:0.5 The o. inhabited world of Satania, world number one

57:3.10 The o. inhabited planets of Nebadon date from these

58:7.1 In many places these o. stratified rock layers,

58:7.3 The thickness of this transition stone, the o. rock

58:7.6 This stone layer, the o. fossil-bearing stratum in the

59:0.9 The very first and o. layers are separated from the

59:1.6 these are the o. rocks which contain trilobite fossils.

59:5.10 The o. strata yield the fossils of both land and marine

60:4.3 The o. mountains of the world are located in Asia,

78:7.7 The remnants of this, one of the o. civilizations, are

79:5.8 o. Amerindian culture was the Onamonalonton

85:2.3 The cults of tree worship are among the o. religious

94:4.1 This, the o. and most cosmopolitan of the world’s

124:2.8 being three and one-half years older than the o. of

139:1.1 Andrew was the o. child in a family of five—himself,

139:1.2 Andrew was 33, and the o. of the apostles.

139:5.4 Philip was next to the o., and after the resurrection

190:2.2 Shortly after noontide, Jesus’ o. brother, James,


124:6.5 the luxurious fields of grain and the beautiful o.


70:5.2 This reign of the o. of age gradually grew into the


61:2.13 By the close of this O. period, covering ten million

olive or olive press

52:3.7 an amalgamated race is somewhat of an o. shade of

122:6.3 a small, flat clay lamp, which was filled with o. oil.

168:0.4 had inherited extensive vineyards and o. orchards

183:0.3 Master left them and walked down toward the op.

183:0.3 John Mark hastened around through the o. trees

183:0.3 Mark secreted himself in a small shed near the op..

183:0.5 Jesus sat down, alone, on the op., where he awaited

183:3.2 they all rushed down to near the op. where Jesus

183:3.10 they all gathered together near the op. to debate

183:3.10 John Zebedee, who had hidden among the o. trees,

183:3.10 so he skirted around through the o. orchards and


183:4.1 at the op. to deliberate on what should be done

183:4.2 Simon stood up on the stone wall of the op. and,

olivessee Mount of Olives


124:6.9 On the eastern slopes of O. they paused for rest in

124:6.10 They pressed on, soon standing on the brink of O.,

125:4.2 On the brow of O. he paused and wept over the sight

125:5.9 Again Jesus paused on the brow of O., but as he

125:6.2 but he did not pause to meditate at the brow of O..

125:6.9 once did they pause, and that on the brow of O.,

125:6.13 viewing his utterance on O. as prophetic of the

127:3.5 they paused on the brow of O. to view the temple,

172:3.7 just after they had passed over the brow of O. and

172:3.9 As the procession moved toward the summit of O.

172:3.10 they moved along until he came to the brow of O.,

172:3.11 had finished speaking, they began the descent of O.

172:5.4 the procession moved down O. toward Jerusalem,

172:5.6 thoughts sufficiently while on the way down O. to

172:5.10 On the way down O. he even envisaged the

173:0.2 As this group journeyed down Mount O., Jesus led

173:1.1 although there were several stations on near-by O.

173:5.5 On the way up O. Jesus instructed Andrew, Philip,

173:5.6 who made their way up the western slope of O. on

174:0.3 down the slope of O. Jesus paused and visited with

175:4.1 with the twelve, went with them to Mount O.,


176:0.1 As they went on toward O., Jesus said: “You see

176:0.2 were minded to climb up the western slope of O.

176:2.2 throughout this evening of instruction on Mount O.,

177:3.1 spent most of this day walking about on Mount O.

178:3.1 twelve walked over the western brow of Mount O.

178:3.5 they all followed Jesus down O. and into the city.

182:1.2 Jesus led the way a short distance up on O.,

182:2.12 When David had gone up O., John Mark took up his

183:2.1 walls of the city and on their way to the O. camp.

184:0.3 at the palace of Annas on Mount O., not far from

184:2.10 the courtyard of the palace of Annas on Mount O..

191:5.1 alone with himself in the hills around about O..

193:3.3 This was a solemn journey to O.. Not a word was

193:5.1 Jesus arrived on the western slope of Mount O.

194:4.2 takes them out on O., where he bids them farewell


98:1.6 The O. gods illustrate man’s anthropomorphism.

98:2.1 The O. religion did not promise salvation, nor did it

98:2.4 scant recognition to the whole galaxy of O. gods

98:2.10 The Eleusinian mysteries grew up within the O.

98:3.3 Eventually most of the O. gods were transplanted

98:3.3 and so on down through the many O. deities.


98:1.4 belief in the happy-go-lucky gods of Mount O.,

98:2.1 the gods of O. having lost their hold upon the better


128:1.10 He did not hesitate to declare, “I am Alpha and O.,


87:5.14 everything out of the ordinary was considered an o..


68:6.8 peoples always regarded twins as o. of good luck.

87:5.9 The will of the spirits were studied by means of o.,

90:2.5 The medicine men put great trust in signs and o.,

150:3.8 The belief in magic numbers, o. of good luck, and


128:5.3 reminded Jesus of the o. rumblings of rebellion in

177:0.1 and the camp was pervaded by an o. silence;

195:4.4 a struggle for existence which is even more o. than


177:5.3 John Mark was o. silent after returning to camp,


87:2.2 Any error of commission or o in the acts of the living

89:0.2 but later he became exercised over sins of o..


196:2.5 o. from the record those references which portrayed


14:4.21 are o. from the personality classifications presented

30:1.14 hence numerous orders have been o. from these lists.

121:8.10 other Gospels, and he saw that much had been o.;

179:0.3 surprise to the apostles to have seen the lamb o. even


24:5.5 with the o. and a host of unrevealed personalities,

25:4.1 From the early supernaphim and o., one million of

25:4.6 4. The O..

25:8.1 the seraphim, seconaphim, supernaphim, and o..

25:8.8 the o. serve not with the ascendant creatures from

26:1.6 4. O..

26:1.13 —the seconaphim, the tertiaphim, and the o..

26:1.13 O. are created concertedly by the Infinite Spirit and

26:1.3 they are the exclusive servants of the Seven Supreme

28:0.5 3. The O..

28:0.6 they will be briefly discussed prior to the extended

28:0.6 neither tertiaphim nor o. are ministering spirits of


28:2.1 O. are created by the Infinite Spirit in liaison with the

28:2.1 they are the exclusive servants and messengers of

28:2.1 O. are of grand universe assignment,and in Orvonton

28:2.1 where they reside as a special courtesy colony.

28:2.1 They are not of registry on Uversa, nor are they

28:2.1 Neither are they concerned with the ascendant

28:2.2 The o. are wholly occupied with the oversight of

28:2.2 Our colony of o. on Uversa receives instructions

30:1.84 14. O..

30:2.86 4. O..

55:4.16 the o. who functions as the personal representative

119:1.3 He was accompanied by a solitary o. who bore

119:1.5 as he came, accompanied only by a solitary o.;



118:6.2 To advocate the o. of primal Deity would be equal to

118:6.8 But to accept the fallacy of o. is to embrace the error


118:6.1 God is truly omnipotent, but he is not o.—he does


109:7.4 Adjusters are o.—they are before personality, they

109:7.7 these three o. beings were among the most active of


3:2.3 Of all the divine attributes, his o. is the best

3:2.5 The o. of the Father pertains to the everywhere

3:2.11 The divine o. is perfectly co-ordinated with the other

3:3.5 O. does not imply the power to do the nondoable,

6:5.1 of spiritual omniscience, omnipresence, and o..

7:1.1 concerning the immanence of God, his o., and

9:1.5 Conjoint Creator manifests certain phases of the o.

16:2.4 collectively do they disclose the attributes of o.,

92:7.11 the child transfers his ideas of o. from his parents

97:7.13 sublime portraiture of the majesty and universal o.

105:7.13 9. O., omniscience, and omnipresence.


118:5.1 The o. of Deity does not imply the power to do the

118:5.1 derived from the fact that o. not only creates things


118:6.1 O. embraces the power-potential of the Almighty

118:6.8 To recognize Deity o. is to enjoy security in your

128:1.10 above every name and on all worlds, the O.


0:1.10 Deity o., omniscient, and omnipresent.

3:2.1 All the universes know that “the Lord God o. reigns.

6:4.2 The Son is o. only in the spiritual realm.

9:1.5 Father but is actually o. only in the domain of mind

11:8.1 Gravity is the o. strand on which are strung the stars

92:4.7 Melchiz. taught trust in the o. beneficence of God

118:2.4 the transcendental Almighty (the O.) exercising the

118:6.1 God is truly o., but he is not omnificent—he does not

131:1.3 Our God is o. and bounteous.

148:6.6 has he for consideration at the hands of an o. God?


3:1.1 present, and at the same time, constitutes his o..

3:1.6 The o. of God is in reality a part of his infinite

6:4.3 The o. of the Original Son constitutes the spiritual

6:4.4 but such o. appears to be inseparable from the spirit

6:5.1 all the divine attributes of spiritual omniscience, o.,

7:1.1 taught concerning the immanence of God, his o.,

8:5.1 The outstanding attribute of the Infinite Spirit is o..

8:6.5 even though we recognize the o. of the Spirit,

9:1.5 without qualification shares the o. of the First

16:2.4 the attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and o..

105:7.13 9. Omnipotence, omniscience, and o..

111:0.2 in addition to the external o. of Deity has formed a


118:2.1 not be confused with the ultimacy of the divine o..

118:2.1 and his time-space-transcended o. with his timeless

118:2.3 not be a demonstration of the time-space o. of Deity,


0:1.10 Deity omnipotent, omniscient, and o..

6:4.4 The Father must be spiritually o., but such

6:4.6 Spiritually the Eternal Son is o..

6:4.8 Son know all things by virtue of his own o. spirit,

7:1.7 the presence and function of either the o. spirit of the

7:1.8 recognize all actions and reactions of the o. spirit

8:2.2 the Final Co-ordinator, the O. Spirit, the Absolute

8:4.3 the Infinite Spirit is known as an o. influence,

8:5.3 realm of that creation; but the Infinite Spirit is o..

9:1.1 As the Infinite Spirit, he is an o. spiritual influence.

9:1.5 Center, sometimes being called the O. Spirit.


107:2.5 simultaneously with being at one with the o. Father.

113:3.2 to the O. Spirit presence of the Third Source and

131:1.5 God is not a great distance from us; he is o..

131:4.3 He is all-prevailing, bountiful, o., and infinitely kind

150:3.7 the outpoured spirit of the Son and the o. influence


3:3.5 Neither does o imply the knowing of the unknowable

6:4.7 In the realms of knowledge, o.,we cannot distinguish

6:5.1 the divine attributes of spiritual o., omnipresence,

7:1.1 God, his omnipresence, omnipotence, and o., is true

9:1.5 the God of mind shares the o. of the Father and his

9:7.5 Reflectivity appears to be o. within the limits of the

16:2.4 only collectively do they disclose the attributes of o.,

105:7.13 9. Omnipotence, o., and omnipresence.



0:1.10 Deity omnipotent, o., and omnipresent.

6:4.8 there are other ways in which the Paradise Son is o..

87:1.2 piety will in some manner deceive even an o. Deity.


52:3.8 within a few generations gravitate to the o. level,

52:3.9 The majority of these world races soon become o.,

59:1.19 carnivorous, herbivorous, o., and “mud eaters.”

61:2.2 and, erelong, o. mammalian families also sprang up.

81:1.8 a large proportion of the human race to become o.

OmriIsraelite king

97:9.18 Even King O. attempted to buy Shemer’s estate.


105:7.18 and outward throughout age upon age, on and on,

118:9.5 creative mind acting on and in cosmic potentials.

129:3.6 while he lived this life of incarnation on Urantia,

136:4.1 Michael’s mortal bestowal was on Urantia but for

140:10.3 he was doing a work on this world but for all other

Onagarmaster mind of pre-Planetary Prince age

45:4.3 1. O., the master mind of the pre-Planetary Prince


63:6.1 O., who assumed the leadership of these tribes,

63:6.5 shown by the prayer taught these simple folks by O.,

63:6.7 O. maintained headquarters on the northern shores

63:6.7 From Oban he sent out teachers to the remote

63:6.7 of the hereafter, which he called the Great Beyond.

63:6.7 These emissaries of O. were the world’s first

63:6.8 O. was born 983,323 years ago (from A.D. 1934),

63:6.8 1934), and he lived to be sixty-nine years of age.

63:6.8 He instituted an efficient tribal government, the like

63:6.9 it was not until the days of O. that the Adjusters

64:2.1 and the culture of O. were vanishing from the face of

64:2.4 of Andon and certain remnants of the culture of O..

92:5.8 human history of Urantia from O. to Guru Nanak.

Onamonalontonspiritual leader of the red race

45:4.5 3. O., a far-distant leader of the red man and the one

64:6.7 sixty-five thousand years ago, O. appeared as their

64:6.7 He brought temporary peace among the American

64:6.7 O. lived to be ninety-six years of age and

64:6.7 and maintained his headquarters among the redwood

64:6.8 As time passed, the teachings of O. became hazy

64:6.8 never after the days of this great teacher did another

70:5.4 red man preserved the teaching of O. in following

79:5.8 The oldest Amerindian culture was the O. center in

92:5.6 among the Amerinds it was Hesunanin O.;

oncesee once a week; once again; once and for all;

once more; once, at; once, at least;

once, never or not; once, only

1:1.3 When you have o. become truly God-conscious,

2:3.4 the cosmic potentials whence they o. emerged.

7:3.5 when o. you give it expression, no power in the

10:8.6 I o. sojourned in a universe where a certain group of

11:7.2 Similar zones o. existed between the levels of

12:7.14 even though a Son o. dwelt with you in the likeness

13:4.7 occupations at o. material, intellectual, and

15:4.4 cyclones of force which, when o. started, can never

17:1.10 O. in each Paradise millennium the Seven Supreme

21:5.8 are supreme in their own local universes when o.

21:6.4 Christ Michael o. said, “I am the way, the truth, and

25:2.12 when a commission has o. accepted jurisdiction of

25:3.12 difficulties and misunderstandings to arise, they o.

25:4.13 but having o. assumed such responsibilities, they may

25:6.5 O. seraphim and supernaphim are mustered into

25:8.7 When o. assigned to an ascendant mortal of solitary

32:2.13 teachings of your Creator Son as he o. lived the life

35:8.7 Melchizedek training, when o. tested and classified,

36:3.8 the Life Carriers operating on a new world have o.

38:5.4 When o. seraphim are commissioned, they may range

44:0.19 assured of never losing any true attribute you o. had;

47:4.4 Your personality remains intact after you o. pass

48:4.13 that is at o. vulgar and unkind to become confused

48:5.7 true after you o. leave the world of your nativity.

49:1.7 jealously and intelligently guarded when o. they

51:2.3 The evolution of a human race, o. initiated on a

52:5.2 o. in each local universe, when the Creator Son

53:2.2 when o. converted to the rebel theories, Satan

53:8.5 same Prince who was o. termed “God of Urantia.”

57:8.3 condensation on the cooling surface, o. begun,

57:8.15 When earthquakes o. began, they increased in

58:7.12 has said, “The dust we tread upon was o. alive.”

61:3.6 For o. the world was dominated by a huge animal

65:3.1 development of the life patterns after they have o.

66:4.7 of origin in the o. exclusively meat-eating races.

67:6.1 Badonite predecessors had o. all unwittingly worked

68:6.8 While these taboos on twins were o. well-nigh

68:6.9 few children were ever destroyed after having o.

70:3.6 hence it was o. the custom to kill all strangers, later

70:10.14 Punishment by burning alive was o. a common

72:3.2 for oral instruction o. in ten days—every two weeks,

72:5.12 O. they, too, struggled for political liberty and

73:4.2 This o. completed, the real work of landscape

73:6.1 after they o. appeared on Urantia in material form.

74:6.4 They ate o. a day, shortly after noontime.

75:8.4 the reproducing beings o. attached to the staff of

77:9.5 as governor general of Urantia o. since Pentecost.

81:2.12 One ruler of the blue race o. had one hundred

82:4.5 When o. started, this idea of female chastity took

82:5.4 throughout the lands o. occupied by the Andites.

83:2.3 elopement rehearsal which was o. a common practice

83:3.1 O. the purchase price of a bride had been paid,

83:5.15 A certain chief was o. convinced that he should not

83:8.4 If God has o. joined any two things or persons

84:1.3 It was o. universally believed that a virgin could

84:4.6 Childbearing was o. generally looked upon as

84:5.8 O. a woman’s value consisted in her food-producing

84:6.6 even in Havona, the pilgrims who were o. men and

85:0.3 When religion o. evolved beyond nature worship, it

85:2.4 Except in China, there o. existed a universal cult of

85:3.4 The ancients o. believed that all winds were

86:0.2 had o. entertained concepts of the supernatural.

86:4.8 The Chinese and Egyptians o. believed that soul

87:2.2 It was o. thought that the great desire of a ghost was

87:2.9 food offerings at funeral feasts were o. universal.

87:3.5 spirits, all tribes and races o. believed in ghosts.

87:5.6 And since man had o. practiced deception upon the

87:6.17 with some trite phrase; o. it was a magical formula.

88:1.2 string of beads was o. a collection of sacred stones,

89:3.5 It was o. customary, when under some emotional

89:5.3 Cannibalism was o. well-nigh universal among the

89:5.4 It was o. a general practice for primitive mothers to

89:5.5 cannibalism resulted from the degeneration of o.

89:5.5 It was o. a widespread belief that wizards attained

89:5.14 it was o. a common practice to dig up buried bodies

89:6.2 A shaman o. ordered the sacrifice of a much

89:6.8 for there o. existed a world-wide and profound belief

89:7.2 this ceremony o. obtained over most of the world

90:2.4 O., the person counted out must die; now, he is

92:3.4 it is The Truth; “the faith o. delivered to the saints”

94:6.12 China, o. at the head of human society because of

94:12.6 even as the disciples of the great teacher in India o.

96:6.2 when they o. reached the fertile lands of Palestine,

100:2.4 Spirituality becomes at o. the indicator of one’s

100:4.4 If o. you understand your neighbor, you will

102:2.7 when religion o. becomes reduced only to an idea,

103:5.9 It lifts man beyond himself when he o. fully realizes

103:9.10 When reason o. recognizes right and wrong, it

104:1.13 the second member of an infinite Trinity, o. dwelt

108:1.9 When o. the Adjusters are actually dispatched from

108:6.3 A great teacher o. admonished men that they

109:2.10 leave their mortal tabernacles after Adjusters o. take

110:7.4 All that was o. human in the surviving soul and all

110:7.5 the experiential memory of survival o. held by the

111:3.1 cannot inhibit such a morontia phenomenon when o.

112:3.5 soul, these o. kinetic but now static formulas of

112:7.13 When o. an Adjuster fuses with an ascending mortal,

117:3.6 and o. the soul comes into being, it begins to grow

117:3.11 Thus far in universe history this has transpired but o.;

117:4.5 personality, having o. been expressed, never again

117:4.13 as it o. awaited each of us: Will you fail the God of

117:7.17 evolutionary forebears were o. challenged by the

124:6.3 the most beautiful maiden of all Israel who o. lived

125:0.3 but when he o. entered its sacred portals, the great

125:5.1 they o. came almost within hearing distance of his

126:5.7 that Jesus o. alluded to Herod as “that fox.”

127:2.12 Immanuel, who o. appeared to him during the night

128:1.10 When o. Jesus had espoused his public career, he did

128:1.11 When he was o. called Immanuel, he replied, “Not I,

128:7.2 the conclusion of all this thinking was expressed o.

129:3.3 they knew that he had o. been invited to go there

130:6.6 he bore was the stranger who o. befriended his son.

132:0.9 ever realized that they had o. talked with the man

132:3.7 when it does o. achieve this divine goal, it can never

134:5.8 this is true because human loyalties, o. mobilized,

136:5.4 the fact that Adjusters are nontime beings when o.

136:5.4 If your united natures o. entertain such desires,

136:9.3 o. decided to unfurl the banner of sovereignty,

137:8.7 and by their spirit victories; and when they o. enter

139:1.11 When men o. knew Jesus, they were possessed with

139:3.2 particularly vehement when his indignation was o.

139:3.2 James had a fiery temper when o. it was adequately

139:3.8 seeking no special reward when he o. grasped

139:5.7 Jesus well knew that, if he o. rebuked Philip for

139:6.3 Nathaniel was quick to reverse himself when he o.

139:6.5 and o. had the temerity to go secretly to Jesus and

139:8.4 unflinching courage—when Thomas had o. made up

139:9.10 Judas was o. intrigued into asking Jesus a question

140:0.3 For o. all twelve of the apostles were silent; even

140:1.6 But when you are o. truly received as citizens in

143:5.4 the truth, for, while you may have o. had a husband

146:1.1 The small city of Rimmon had o. been dedicated to

151:2.5 I remember that you o. told us to beware of this very

153:3.6 But such beliefs, when they o. become a part of

155:6.13 When you o. begin to find God in your soul, you will

156:2.8 He o. said to Thomas: “My people take themselves

156:6.4 near by, where the Master o. fed the five thousand.

156:6.4 men and women, the remnants of the o. numerous

158:0.1 near the very place where the lad Tiglath o. waited

159:3.12 When my children o. become self-conscious of the

159:5.15 One of the apostles o. asked: “Master, what should

160:3.2 habitual, they are at o. restful and time-saving.

161:2.9 He once o. declared, “Before Abraham was, I am.”

162:2.2 but they would kill me because I o. on the Sabbath

162:3.4 This woman, o. comely, was the wife of an inferior

167:7.4 “And do you not remember that I said to you o.

168:3.3 They had o. before even gone so far as to declare

170:2.24 Jesus o. spoke of such an experience as “family

172:3.15 when the Sanhedrin o. took a firm and decided

172:5.7 further use of the cheering crowds when he had o.

173:1.6 a simple-minded Galilean, a man he had o. talked

173:5.2 Now, many of those who had o. promised to attend,

174:5.3 a full score of men who were o. members of the

175:1.5 you have o. filled up your cup of impenitence,

175:1.5 and when o. you have finally rejected my Father’s

175:1.6 “And when you do o. reject this revelation of God

176:3.3 When you have by faith o. established yourself as

176:3.3 That you have o. accepted sonship in the heavenly

177:4.5 All of the apostles o. shared this ambition with

177:4.10 how dangerous ambition can become when it is o.

177:4.11 ready to spring up to engulf him when Judas o. dared

177:4.11 knows full well how love, even when o. genuine,

179:4.8 own selfish projects, when love is o. really dead.

179:5.9 recall that I was o. with you, and then, by faith,

180:6.7 when she is o. delivered of her child, she forgets

181:2.4O. we called you and your brother sons of thunder.

181:2.15 “James, when you and your younger brother o.

181:2.19 never doubt that you were o. called to the work of

182:2.5 one Jacob, o. a runner on the overnight messenger

184:2.12 to justify continuance in the path of error when o. it

186:3.4 David had o. heard him make this prediction and,

187:1.10 the Jewish tutor who o. befriended his injured son,

188:4.8 When o. you grasp the idea of God as a true and

188:5.3 The beauty of divine love, o. fully admitted to the

190:2.3 identifying his charming personality when he o.

190:2.6 Greetings to those o. near me in the flesh and

191:0.7 More than o. during the long and weary hours of

192:2.7 I o. trusted you with the leadership of your

195:6.16 And so, when you o. start out to find God, that is the

195:10.8 Ecclesiasticism is at o. and forever incompatible

196:0.12 It is not strange that he o. said, “Except you

once a week

45:2.5 O., every ten days on Jerusem, the Sovereign holds

66:5.21 in connection with the noontime devotions, o.,

129:1.11 O. Jesus held a meeting with the entire household,

135:8.1 went to see John o. and brought back to Jesus

148:0.3 O. Jesus presided at this question hour, answering

once again

26:10.5 life and truly wish you might live your lives over o.

27:1.4 you will recall the last grand stretch of faith as you o.

59:2.8 The world is o. quiet and relatively peaceful;

62:3.8 built anew its treetop bedrooms and o. resumed a

62:7.7 Biologic evolution had o. achieved the human levels

73:6.6 the Edentia tree to the Garden of Eden, where, o.,

76:1.4 Nature was o. again taking its course.

76:6.3 until they attained citizenship on Jerusem, o. to be

79:8.17 o. to take up the unremitting struggle for never-

81:2.11 animals, and in the Andite age they were retamed o..

92:6.17 until the days of Isaiah, who o. taught the blended

94:12.6 the dark ages of the past, o. again receive the truth

97:7.12 o. did the fear-destroying gospel of Melchizedek

137:3.4 exalted aspect, but he was o. lighthearted and joyful.

142:3.22 “And then will you remember that o.—in the spiritual

once and for all

89:9.3 he did o. make an end of the doctrines of redemption

136:9.8 human ambitious longings; o. Jesus decided upon his

148:6.11 But o. be delivered from the superstition that God

153:2.9 “And now let me declare to you, o. time, that I

165:5.3 Let me assure you, o., that, if you dedicate your

once more

28:7.4 When your world is o. restored to the reflective

62:3.8 But peace o. prevailed, and this lone surviving tribe

93:9.4 During the closing years of his life he o. returned

94:12.6 Will this ancient faith respond o. to the stimulus of

97:1.7 o. the God concept portrayed a Deity who is holy

97:9.11 and o. Yahweh was established as “The Lord God

112:5.18 present at your personality reassembly to take up o.

120:0.8 mighty Creator Son o. voluntarily to subordinate

126:0.2 happy in the thought that she had her boy back o.,

128:7.10 Even Mary was o. happy except every now and then

137:3.4 O. Jesus seemed to be comparatively cheerful and

137:4.5 returned to the gathering and was o. lighthearted

137:8.2 Jesus laid down his tools o., removed his apron,

138:1.5 o. Jesus resigned himself to “wait upon the Father’s

138:7.1 My friends, hear me o. more.

138:7.2 O. more were his associates shocked, stunned.

143:5.7 O. Nalda resorted to questions of general religion,

145:3.12 O. were the fears of Herod aroused, and he sent

148:8.2 and o. they invited Jesus to come to their city for the

151:2.5 When they had all gathered around him o., he said,

154:5.4 Jesus seemed unusually cheerful; he was o. like his

156:6.5 believers were beginning to hold public meetings o.,

164:2.3 method he would pursue in bringing his work o. to

164:2.4 Father’s business as the spirit leads you while I o.

164:3.1 as to how he would o. bring his mission on earth

164:3.6 bringing his mission o. prominently to the notice of

171:4.2 that I may o. plainly tell you that we are going up

172:4.3 after Jesus had surveyed these familiar scenes o.,

173:4.4 And so o. do I warn you that, if you continue to

174:5.10 your bestowals many times, and I will glorify it o..”

175:1.8 I have o. offered Israel and her rulers deliverance

175:4.1 apostles o. were left in confusion and consternation

179:1.6 under the leadership of Judas the apostles are led o.

179:2.1 I wanted to eat with you o. before I suffered, and

181:2.11 And so, Simon, o. I warn you that they who fight

182:1.3 this world was and receive me o. at your right hand.

182:3.4 When he arose and went back to his apostles, o. he

182:3.11 O. the Son of Man was prepared to face his enemies

184:2.8 Just as he had o. denied all connection with Jesus,

184:3.14 shall the Son of Man be clothed with power and o.

185:5.9 Finally, Pilate addressed himself o. to the solution of

185:5.10 o. Pilate said: “Why would you crucify this man?

185:5.11 saying: “O. I ask you, which of these prisoners shall

185:5.12 o. the multitude shouted in unison, “Crucify him!

191:2.1 When you are gathered together o., and after all of

191:5.3 to hear o. the commission to go into all the world

194:4.10 This Jesus sect was growing rapidly, and o. the

once, at

13:4.7 occupations at o. material, intellectual, and

15:9.15 the settled circuits of light and life, becoming at o.

26:4.11 will at o. begin a long and intense training for

26:8.5 of their interrupted career, and at o. resume their

36:5.15 such created minds at o. become superminded,

48:4.13 You of Urantia have allowed much that is at o.

71:2.8 Evolution does not at o. produce superlative

72:2.11 any case at o. to the bar of the federal supreme court

84:2.7 This change led at o. to greater social expression

100:2.4 Spirituality becomes at o. the indicator of one’s

112:4.13 Personalized Monitor, and then, at o., passes into

118:8.10 These self-imposed restraints are at o. the most

119:3.3 designation was at o. confirmed by the Most Highs

122:7.8 Joseph had thought to go out at o. and enroll, but

128:6.5 Jude, with Jesus by his side, was taken at o. to the

133:7.2 at o. began the assembly of supplies for their sojourn

137:1.3 Whereupon they agreed to go at o. to consult John

137:6.2 Or can a nation be born at o.?

138:2.1 they all wanted to talk at o., but Andrew assumed

139:8.3 This association with the Master began at o. to

143:3.8 And they set out at o. for the city of Sychar, near

145:3.5 seeing this, Perpetua went at o. and informed Peter

150:2.1 they would go at o. into the presence of the Master

154:6.1 all five of them started at o. for Zebedee’s house,

158:5.5 “We go now to Caesarea-Philippi; make ready at o..”

160:3.2 habitual, they are at o. restful and time-saving.

163:3.5 And they went at o. to work.

164:4.11 And they went at o. to the synagogue to cast out

167:4.2 human thought was to go to their assistance at o.,

167:4.4 “Let us prepare at o. to go into Judea again.”

168:0.8 Jesus having inquired for Mary, Martha went at o.

171:6.2 They went at o. to the home of Zaccheus, and

173:0.3 They went at o. to the large court where Jesus taught

174:2.4 they could go at o. before the Roman authorities

177:3.3 messenger to his mother, urging her to come at o.

183:2.3 they went at o. to the fortress of Antonia and

184:1.2 stalwart and determined Galilean, he knew at o. that

186:0.2 Mary his mother went at o. in the company of

191:0.13 the reason why they did not go at o. to Galilee after

194:4.2 go out at o. to preach their gospel with new power.

195:6.12 the mind of the truth-discerning scientist is at o.

195:10.8 Ecclesiasticism is at o. and forever incompatible

once, at least

20:2.7 3. Bestowal Missions. The Avonal Sons do all, a.,

45:1.2 sojourners go to the finaliter sphere a. a year for

46:1.1 the System Sovereign is present in each a. a year.

46:3.3 High Constellation Fathers is received a. a day.

70:1.6 necessary, a. a year, to permit the tribal stone fights.

87:3.4 Most tribes instituted an all-souls’ feast a. a year.

95:1.5 women to submit, a. in early life, to the embrace of

138:8.1 he was able to go out a. with each couple before

165:1.1 Jesus taught this multitude a. each day when he was

once, never or not

35:2.2 they have never abused their prerogatives; not o.

75:3.6 Serapatatia never o. suspected that he was playing

128:1.9 but Jesus never o. used aught of this power, nor did

132:0.4 Never o. did he attack their errors or even mention

141:3.3 Jesus never o. offered a suggestion as to how the

147:3.5 that he had never o. entertained the idea of helping

154:2.4 Never o., throughout all of his eventful life in the

176:4.1 in coming back, not only o. but even many times,

191:0.7 Never o. did Nathaniel express himself concerning

193:4.10 Judas never o. went to the Master with a personal

once, only

20:5.4 but ordinarily o. will a bestowal Son serve on the

21:4.3 O. in his sevenfold career as a bestowal Son is a

21:4.3 O. does he live and die as a member of the lowest

44:1.15 unmusical tendencies that o. in a thousand lives is

95:2.10 The word judgment appears o. in the entire Book of

125:6.9 O. did they pause, and that on the brow of Olivet,

139:9.10 O. or twice in all their association with Jesus did the

148:3.1 and spoke o. in the Capernaum synagogue,

152:7.2 Jesus entered Jerusalem o. during this Passover,

156:4.2 The Master spoke in Tyre o., on the afternoon of

176:4.1 in coming back, not o. but even many times,

196:2.1 Even Peter, in his writing, o. reverted to the


38:8.6 the o. cherubim and sanobim have long served on the


80:9.13 the New Stone Age overlapping the o. Bronze Age

84:2.6 The o. of wife stealing and wife purchase hastened

99:1.1 This new and o. social order will not settle down for

120:3.9 8. In all other details of your o. bestowal we would

124:5.1 and body gave evidence of the o. status of manhood.

132:4.1 to become future disciples in the o. kingdom.

174:5.13 Walk while you have this light so that the o.

195:4.3 that, while it was impotent to stay the o. dark ages,

onenon-exhaustivesee one of you; one of your;

one, any; one, every; one, no; one, number;

see one or One; one’s; see One

see hundred, thousand, million, etc.

0:11.1 the Deity Absolute, while these two become o. in the

1:1.6 and referred to him as the o. who “inhabits eternity.”

1:4.3 it is designedly intended to be o. with you if you

1:5.6 The Father and his Sons are o..

1:5.8 can “love and be loved,” and o. who can befriend us;

1:5.11 leaves o. the choice of two philosophic dilemmas:

1:7.8 reality reactions and in all creature relations, as o..

2:1.7 races, becoming one of you and o. with you; thus,

2:3.4 As for the personality of the iniquitous o.,

2:5.5 the hour when you both shall be eternally made o..

2:5.7 I find it easy and pleasant to worship o. who is so

2:5.7 I naturally love o. who is so powerful in creation

3:3.1O. of them shall not fall to the ground without my

4:3.1 All too long has man thought of God as o. like

4:4.9 Even if I cannot do this, there lives in me o. who can

5:3.1 the Deities, from the universe standpoint, are as o.,

6:5.7 forever work as o. for your spiritual advancement.

6:8.2 of the Father; they are forever and inseparably o..

7:4.2 The Father and his Son are as o. in the formulation

7:7.1 is wholly and without spiritual qualification o. with

8:2.1 wholly and without qualification o. with the Father

8:6.3 “But all these works that o. and the selfsame Spirit,

8:6.7 the Father and the Son as they two are forever o..

9:2.5 They are as o. in the spiritual operation of the plans

9:6.7 on Paradise, energy and spirit are essentially o..

10:3.18 The Son seems to function as o. with the Father in all

10:4.5 elucidate the Trinity mystery: three as o. and in o.,

10:4.5 as o. and in o., and o. as two and acting for two.

10:7.1 of Deity are equal to each other, and they are o..

10:7.1 and the Conjoint Actor are truly and divinely o..

11:5.9 All physical force, energy, and matter are o..

11:7.1 If o. “looked” directly up from the upper surface of

11:7.1 o. would “see” nothing but unpervaded space going

11:7.6 If o. could move far enough at right angles to the

13:2.6 some status on each of the Father’s worlds save o..

13:4.7 In no other place in the universe can o. observe

15:1.5 swings on between superuniverses o. and six,

16:0.11 these Seven Spirits of Paradise are as o., but in all

16:2.5 Collectively they are o. with the Conjoint Creator

16:8.4 positively identify that person as the o. we have

20:1.11 the Paradise Sons are as o.; their spirit is o., and their

22:7.7 son become in a certain sense spiritually as o..

22:7.8 two trinitizing parents become o. on the ultimate

22:7.8 became as o. and ever since have been o..

22:7.9 parents of creature-trinitized sons become as o. in

22:9.8 o. could not help realizing that these possessors of

25:8.11 If o. attains God while the other temporarily fails,

26:11.7 who prepares to enter the rest as o. with you,

28:6.21 They are forever made o. in God.

29:1.2 O. cannot be distinguished from another except by

31:1.1 They provide the viewpoint of o. born in perfection

31:1.3 received into the corps in the ratio of o in a thousand

31:2.4 O. is a direct personalization of a fragment of the

32:1.4 o. one-hundred-thousandth of the force endowment

32:2.6 personal associate of the Creator Son, o. like him

32:3.6 and personally, the Father and the Sons are o..

33:3.8 in no creative act does the o. do aught without the

34:3.8 O. is free to choose and act only within the realm of

34:5.4 The Spirit of Truth works as o. with the presence

34:6.2 of origin, all spirit influences are o. in function.

34:6.2 Indeed they are o., being the spirit ministry of God

37:2.7 Evening Stars always work in pairs—o. a created

39:0.10 functional skill in o. or more of the seraphic services.

39:4.11 o. could not take so much and give nothing.

40:5.1 a being much like yourselves, o. you can see, hear,

40:5.9 Mortals of series o. inhabit the worlds of space

40:7.2 finally and forever fused, when you two are made o.,

40:7.2 Michael the Son of God and the Son of Man are o.,

40:7.3 this same Adjuster is o. with you and of you.

40:9.2 never become everlastingly o. with their pupil souls

41:4.1 about o. and one-half times the density of water.

41:4.6 a density only o. one-thousandth that of Urantia’s

42:4.1 origin, nature, and destiny—o. and the same thing,

42:11.1 the physical and the spiritual, in reality they are o..

44:2.1 The spirit-morontia world has a thousand and o.

45:4.5 a far-distant leader of the red man and the o. who

45:7.6 by any one personality has a value ranging from o.

48:1.7 spheres is “a better country, that is, a heavenly o..”

48:6.33 holds o. blindly in a closed circle of cold fact.

48:6.33 O. can be technically right as to fact and

48:6.37 you can do several things as easily as o. if you leave

50:2.3 A Planetary Prince may also have as assistants o.

51:5.2 the Gods have come down, as it were, to be o. with

51:6.5 like mortals, o. who can see and comprehend the

52:7.15 the hope of the o. who wrote: “Nevertheless we,

53:8.8 keeps himself, and the wicked o. touches him not.”

54:3.3 if the guilty o. knows in his heart the justice of his

54:4.4 yielding to a desire to possess what o. craves now

54:4.7 true that good cannot come of evil to the o. who

56:1.1 energy, and power, but they are all o. in origin.

56:1.4 In him they are o.—must be unified—because God is

56:1.4 they are o.—must be unified—because God is o..

56:2.1 repercussions of Deity are correlated the o. with the

56:3.1 The Father is o., but to time-space he is revealed in

56:3.2 Paradise spirit realities are likewise o., but in all

56:4.4 and to all other God-knowing creatures he is o.,

56:4.5 God is o.; and that unified and personal Deity is our

56:5.1 —but in the Paradise Trinity they are actually o.,

56:9.1 personalizations of Deity, in the Trinity they are o..

56:9.2 Did the Absolute (the three Absolutes as o. in infinity

56:9.8 beyond subinfinite levels the three Absolutes are o..

56:9.14 God is o. in power and personality.

65:4.7 appear on earth o. at a time and successively over

69:1.6 and minutely interdependent the o. upon the other.

69:5.10 a racial disgrace, for at o. and the same time traffic

70:1.3 the tree; the o. whose stick broke first was the victor.

70:1.17 the host to fall upon the sword; there was not o. left.

70:3.8 “The stranger that dwells with you shall be as o. born

70:10.10 If o. were unable to avenge himself in life, he died

75:2.3 The evil o. concluded that the only hope for success

82:3.8 since o. must be married, the earlier the better.

83:5.1 This practice of o.-man-at-a-time was the first step

85:2.1 man believed that intoxication rendered o. divine.

86:1.3 when o. might drift along and encounter good luck—

87:2.6 such as “the name or day o. never mentions.”

87:3.3 adopting children was to make sure that some o.

88:1.8 For an elder to spit on o. was the highest compliment

88:3.2 Totems were at o. and the same time symbols of the

88:5.5 Nowadays o. signs his name to a note.

89:8.7 A just man was o. who had paid all accounts to the

90:2.7 intelligent people still believe that o. may be born

90:3.8 o. cannot be afflicted unless o. has violated a taboo

91:4.3 When the prayer seeks nothing for the o. who

91:4.5 great and lasting changes in the o. who prays in faith

91:6.7 personal spiritual experience of the o. who prays

92:7.15 True religion must ever be, at o. and the same time,

93:3.3 instructed that the Most Highs functioned as o..

94:6.4 “Goodness begets goodness, but to the o. who is

94:8.1 To become a Buddhist, o. merely made profession of

94:9.1 through belief in the Buddha, the enlightened o..

94:11.9 status of the idea of Gautama as the enlightened o.

94:11.10 that anyone could aspire to become o.—to attain the

94:12.1 sublimation of Gautama, first as the enlightened o.,

96:5.7 The Israelites thought of their God as o. who loved

97:5.5 each o. according to his understanding of God.”

97:7.9 “I am the high and lofty o. who inhabits eternity.”

98:6.4 that the o. encouraged militarism while the other

98:7.2 Son, known to Urantia as the Christ, the anointed o..

98:7.11 as the Christ, the Messianic anointed o. from God,

99:4.5 it is what o. believes rather than what o. knows that

100:1.8 O. can develop religious predispositions toward

100:4.4 If some o. irritates you, causes feelings of

100:5.5 conversion; o. must have faith as well as feeling.

100:5.6 If o. is disposed to recognize a theoretical

100:5.6 then, to be consistent, o. should postulate a similar

100:7.1 consists in following the example of the o. who said,

101:8.1 O. believes truth, admires beauty, and reverences

102:3.15 Revelation affirms that these three are o., and that all

102:6.6 As truth o. may know God, but to understand—

102:6.6 to understand—to explain—God, o. must explore

102:7.1 The universe and God are not identical; o. is cause,

102:7.6 The God-knowing individual is not o. who is blind

103:5.7 the virtues of a noble character bestowed upon o.

103:6.10 these divergencies are at o. in the Supreme.

103:7.14 only to the o. who thus experiences the indwelling of

104:0.3 often impossible to distinguish o. from the other.

104:4.15 loving person are o. and the same universal reality;

105:2.7 I AM o. with the Eternal Son.

106:8.1 as o. in the pre-experiential, pre-existential I AM.

106:8.17 experiential unification of the three Absolutes as o.

106:9.9 attainable I AM are o. and the same hypothesis;

107:0.1 The eternal Father is at o. and the same time farthest

107:2.5 to believe that they are at o. with the First Source

107:2.5 with being at o. with the omnipresent Father.

107:2.7 —finaliters—those who have become o. with the

108:3.6 “Now to you, superiors far above me, I come as o.

109:2.1 A self-acting Adjuster is o. who: 1. Has had certain

110:2.5 you see eye to eye, then your minds become o.,

110:2.5 project is concerned, you and the Adjuster are o..

110:7.4 all of the experience and all of the values of the o.

110:7.8 the eternal fusion, you and the Adjuster are o.

112:7.2 constitutes the mystery of making God and man o.

112:7.2 identity of a creature of time becomes eternally o.

112:7.8 identify man or Adjuster, the o. apart from the

112:7.9 Supreme, o. who will ever be found serviceable,

112:7.10 Now have these two identities become o.; no event

114:2.3 o. John, known to you as “the Baptist,” is chairman

115:0.1o. must do something as well as be something.

115:3.14 The Conjoint Actor is at o. and the same time the

116:6.3 On absolute levels, energy and spirit are o..

116:6.7 On Paradise, monota and spirit are as o.

117:1.6 the Supreme, creatorship and creaturehood are at o.;

117:1.9 at o. and the same time the supreme creator and

119:3.7 o. who has in “all points been tried and tested,” even

120:0.5 it embodies at o. and the same time the sevenfold

120:2.6 the will of the infinite Creator are to become as o.,


121:7.2 unwilling to accept as the Son of God o. who taught

121:7.3 could hardly regard with favor the teachings of o.

122:2.5 mother of a son of destiny, o. who was to prepare

122:3.1 “I come at the bidding of o. who is my Master and

122:4.3 being an orphan, was adopted by o. Zadoc, who was

122:9.3 which o. in the procession of first-born children was

124:6.9 his family had stopped near the house of o. Simon,

124:6.12 a well-to-do relative of Mary’s, o. who knew Jesus

125:5.8 he would at o. and the same time challenge their

126:3.11 recognize the Jewish Messiah if such a o. should

126:4.6 and because he is strong in power, not o. fails.

127:5.6 “the o. altogether lovely and the greatest among

128:3.6 there stood by o. named Saul, a citizen of Tarsus.

129:2.7 priest, Annas, as “o., the same as my own son.”

129:4.2 phenomenon of the making of these two minds o.,

129:4.6 by the Father as constituting at o. and the same time,

129:4.6 and in o. and the same personality-life, the fullness of

130:1.1 a Philistine interpreter who worked for o. Simon

130:2.1 captain decided to remain in port while a new o.

130:2.6 “Ganid, no man is a stranger to o. who knows God

130:2.6 seem strange that o. should enjoy the exhilaration

130:4.3 can the creature become as o. with the Creator;

130:6.2 My boy, to o. who loves his fellows there is an

130:7.2 When Ganid inquired what o. could do to make

130:8.4 Said Jesus: “Why waste words upon o. who cannot

130:8.4 The spirit of the Father cannot teach and save o.

131:4.2 he is alone and by himself; he is the only o..

131:4.5 God as a comforter, protector, and savior—o. who

133:0.3 Though human beings differ in many ways, the o.

133:1.2 O. would impose forty lashes, another twenty,

133:1.5 even if any o. should be so unthinking as to do

133:2.2 the children of the universe as o. equal to himself.

133:2.5 They lodged in the home of o. Jeramy, a Greek

133:3.1 met o. Crispus, the chief ruler of this synagogue.

133:3.11 home of Crispus, Jesus and Ganid met o. Gaius,

133:4.8 “Minister your hospitality as o. who entertains the

133:7.11 the self, the measure of the identification of the o.

133:9.4 “Farewell to a great teacher, o. who has made us

134:7.7 Another and very similar o. was the experience he

134:9.8 rumors came to Capernaum of o. John who was

135:3.3 behold, o. like the Son of Man came with the

135:5.6 Messiah could not possibly refer to o. who merely

135:5.7 a divine personality, o. who had long sat at God’s

135:6.6 heard ‘the voice of o. crying in the wilderness,’

135:7.2 reference to “another o. who is to come after me”

135:7.2 “There will come after me o. who is greater than I,

135:9.4 there has been among us o. who will return to

135:9.7 ‘After me there will come o. who is preferred

135:9.7 And now comes o. who shall baptize you with the

135:11.2 ‘I am not the Messiah, but I am o. sent on before

136:1.1 that he was to be the Messiah, the “anointed o..”

136:2.7 incarnated Son, and they speak the o. to the other.

136:4.4 real functioning of these two minds as now made o..

137:1.1 Of all John’s followers o. named Andrew was the

137:1.6 self-appointed task of seeking for o. who was not

137:2.3 saw o. Philip of Bethsaida with a friend coming

137:4.4 planned to manifest himself as the “supernatural o..”

137:5.3 and as the o. for whom the Jews were looking.

137:6.2 As o. whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort

137:6.6 And now may they learn to be o., even as we are o..”

137:7.2 these seven believers, o. his own brother in the

137:7.3 He never grew weary of contemplating how o. who

138:1.2 John, the men you choose shall become o. with us,

138:3.2 that he had invited o. Simon to join the apostles

138:8.1 Judas Iscariot, the o. chosen to act as treasurer of

138:8.8 Jesus did not speak like a prophet, o. who comes

138:8.8 seemed to speak of himself as o. having authority.

139:0.1 ambition for personal exaltation, only o. deserted him

139:4.2 showing favoritism, of loving o. of his apostles more

139:4.8 There was another side to John that o. would not

139:5.5 great comfort from observing o. like themselves

139:5.5 courage from the fact that o. like themselves had

139:7.7 flocked to hear Jesus, and he never turned o. away.

139:8.7 Thomas admired and honored o. who was so

139:9.2 What may be said of o. should be recorded of the

139:12.4 as the “o. altogether lovely and the chiefest among

139:12.7 qualifications save the faith of the o. who comes.

140:3.21 had talked to them as o. having supreme authority.

140:5.7 o. felt rich in spirit—egotistical; the other felt “poor

140:5.7 O. was self-sufficient; the other was teachable and

140:5.8 four or five days; o. is apt to lose all desire for food.

140:5.9 How could o. ever hunger for something negative—

141:2.1 Our Father also sits upon a throne, but not o. made

141:6.1 Simon Zelotes brought to Jesus o. Teherma,

141:6.2 the light of salvation to the o. who sits in darkness.

141:6.2 then is the time, when such a o. shall come to you

142:2.1 in attendance upon the Passover festivities o. Jacob

142:3.6 the Trinity concept of three Gods in o. had found

142:3.23 They went, each o. to his sleep.

142:6.1 there came to see Jesus o. Nicodemus, a wealthy

142:6.6 to believe in o. who has descended from heaven,

142:7.15 Jesus is a divine Son, o. in the Universal Father’s

142:8.4 One Friday evening Nicodemus and o. Joseph of

142:8.5 quietly until the last days of June, when o. Simon,

143:2.5 to charge up your acts to the influence of the evil o.

143:6.1 For herein is the saying true: ‘O. sows and another

145:2.11 Jesus taught, indeed, as o. having authority and not

146:2.8 social or outward religious status of the o. who prays

146:2.17 Worship, taught Jesus, makes o. increasingly like

146:3.2 about those things which o. professes to believe.

146:4.3 afflicted o., having heard of his fame as a healer,

147:1.2 I say to this o. go, and he goes; to another come,

147:4.2 Do you not receive my teachings as o. who has

148:4.1 rebirth necessary to escape control of the evil o.?

148:4.2 He whom you call the evil o. is the son of self-love,

148:4.6 but he is in no sense the child of the evil o. unless

148:6.11 that God afflicts man at the behest of the evil o..

148:8.3 a trance prophet from Bagdad, o. Kirmeth.

148:9.2 the afflicted o. rested on the floor immediately in

149:1.7 Father did not will otherwise, the two became o.,

150:2.3 present, and not o. either denied or betrayed him.

151:2.2 the hardened ground represent Satan, or the evil o.,

151:2.4 and determined effort the o. to convince and change

153:2.9 of all those he has given me I should not lose o..

153:2.11 The Father and I are o.; the Son does only that

153:2.12 The Father in the Son and the Son o. with the Father

153:3.2 you can become o. in spirit with me even as I am

153:3.2 even as I am o. in spirit with the Father.

153:4.3 perceive that o. who is greater than devils stands in

154:6.1 Of all his family in the flesh, only o., Ruth,

154:6.7 “No, rather is the o. blessed who hears the word of

155:5.16 silent,but presently they began to talk o. with another

155:6.12 such an easy-believing and fully-trusting little o..

156:5.14 the o. is the measure of the capacity for the other.

157:5.1 he was to be the “anointed o.,” but hardly had

157:6.13 Nevertheless, I tell you that the Father and I are o..

158:1.9 tents, o. for you, o. for Moses, and o. for Elijah.”

158:5.2 convulsions he lay there before them as o. dead.

158:8.1 shall humble himself and become as this little o.,

158:8.1 And whoso receives such a little o. receives me.

159:5.11 when o. unjustly took away the coat, offer the other

160:1.12 courage which enables o. bravely to face one’s

160:2.7 Thus does the mind of o. augment its spiritual

160:4.10 that o. should function as a part of some one of the

160:4.11 Life is not real to o. who cannot do some one thing

161:1.8 understanding; that Jesus and the Father were o..

161:1.8 That Jesus maintained at o. and the same time

161:2.4 We do not think that o. who is only human ever

161:2.9 He even dares to assert that he and the Father are o.

161:2.9 He says that any o. who has seen him has seen the

162:4.4 each o. carried a branch of the paradise apple—

162:7.3 you are determined to do the works of the evil o..

162:7.4 O. near by has just said that I have a devil, that I a

162:7.4 I do not judge you, for there is o. who judges for

163:4.10 Peter explained that, when o. so prays, he will the

163:4.13 a common method of exhorting o. to go about his

163:6.6 understand the downfall of Lucifer, the iniquitous o.,

164:3.9 Some said it was he, while others said, “No, it is o.

164:4.4 We know that o. who is a common sinner cannot

164:4.4 o. would arise to ask entangling and embarrassing

164:4.11 a true worshiper—for o. who is holy and righteous.

164:4.11 the opening of the eyes of o. who was born blind.

164:5.2 The Father and I are o..”

165:2.11 “He speaks like o. having authority; besides, who

165:2.11 who ever saw o. having a devil open the eyes of a

166:2.1 Nine of this group were Jews, o. a Samaritan.

166:2.5 Only o., this alien, returned to give glory to God.”

166:3.7 we shall be o. in spirit and purpose, and so shall

166:4.2 failed to observe how the Son of Man lives as o.

167:1.4 was not slow to voice his resentment that such a o.

167:1.5 and thus will such a o. have glory in the presence of

167:4.3 they put in the tomb o. who was merely comatose,

167:4.3 day such a o. would come forth from the tomb.

167:5.7 cleave to his wife, and they two shall become as o..

168:0.4 a well-to-do and honorable Jew, o. who had been

168:1.15 of o. who declared he was “the resurrection and the

169:2.7 either he will hate the o. and love the other, or else

169:2.7 else he will hold to o. while he despises the other.

169:3.2 if o. go to them from the dead, they will repent.

169:3.2 be persuaded even if o. were to rise from the dead.

169:4.2 in the declaration that he and the Father are o.;

169:4.8 this Father of all men were o. and the same Deity.

170:5.13 Jesus taught that the truth-loving soul, the o. who

170:5.18 not necessarily mean fellowship in the kingdom; o. is

171:5.1 a throng of beggars, among them o. Bartimeus,

171:8.7 reminded the master that such a o. already had ten

172:0.1 to stay with a neighboring believer, o. Simon,

172:3.4 He comes as the lowly o., riding upon an ass,

172:3.6 If any o. asks you why you do this, merely say,

173:3.4 each o. likewise remained obedient to the Master’s

173:4.2 they fell upon his servants, beating o., stoning

173:5.2 king, and they went their ways, o. to the farm,

174:4.2 ‘Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is o.;

174:4.3 Of a truth, Master, you have well said that God is o.

174:5.11 They all said, every man to the o. who was by him,

175:1.10 sense, for there is o. who is your Father, even God.

175:1.16 that, if o. swears by the gift that is upon the altar,

175:1.17 Within reason, the o. you ought to have done but

175:2.3 to do such wicked deeds in the name of o. who

175:2.3 must cease to mistreat the individual Jew as o. who

176:2.8 apocalyptic about the Messiah written by o. Selta,

176:3.2 what have these things to do with o. who believes

176:3.4 To o. he gave five talents, to another two, and to

177:2.2 your confidence and loyalty, the o. against the other.

177:4.6 to offer himself to the Sanhedrin as o. who could

177:4.11 lost all real affection for the o. who had inflicted

179:1.4 place of least honor, would call him to a higher o.,

179:1.4 displacing o. who had presumed to honor himself.

179:3.5 acquiescence in compliance with the wish of o.

179:3.8 neither is o. who is sent greater than he who sends

179:3.9 would be chief, let him become as o. who serves.

179:3.9 you will observe that I am among you as o. who

179:4.2 the concealed evil in the heart of o. who failed to

179:4.3 natural for the host to give a sop to the o. who sat

180:3.3 You shall have with you o. who will take my place

180:3.3 o. who will continue to teach you the way of truth,

180:4.2 I shall be o. with your personal experience in the

180:4.3 And these gifts of heaven will ever work the o. with

180:4.5 so will all the children of light be made o. and be

181:2.17 and authority in my presence as o. among you.

182:1.4 my friends, to be o. in spirit, even as we are o..

182:1.5 I have kept them all save o., the son of revenge,

182:1.6 I want them all to be o., even as you and I are o..

182:1.6 If my children are o. as we are o., and if they love

182:1.6 As you have been o. with me, so have I been o. with

182:1.6 the new teacher ever be o. with them and in them.

182:2.5 When David brought to the Master o. Jacob,

182:3.6 his human will more completely became o. with the

183:3.7 o. Malchus, the Syrian bodyguard of the high priest,

184:4.6 not hesitate to assert that he and the Father are o.;

184:4.6 become o. with him even as he and his Father are o.

185:5.3 Pilate heard them calling the name of o. Barabbas.

185:5.5 the mob did not look up to o. who, having claimed

187:1.7 against the law to show friendly feelings for o. who

187:1.9 captain ordered a passerby, o. Simon from Cyrene,

187:2.8 o. taking the sandals, o. the turban, o. the girdle,

188:5.7 the cross discloses o. willing to lay down his life in

190:3.3 It was even suggested that any o. claiming to have

190:4.1 at the home of o. Flavius, the Master made his sixth

190:5.3 you are the only o. in Jerusalem who has not heard

190:5.6 then they said, the o. to the other, “No wonder our

192:1.4 he surmised that the unrecognized o. was the risen

192:2.9 be not weary in this well-doing but persevere as o.

192:3.2 spoke with the rulers of the universes as o. who,

194:2.8 purchase man back from the clutch of the evil o.

194:3.12 only o. who came out of these embittered struggles

195:7.13 It is also true that o. must first be a moral person

195:7.13 true that one must first be a moral person before o.

195:9.8 only a religion about Jesus, but it is so largely o.

196:0.2 Jesus’ God was at o. and the same time “The Holy

196:1.5 he was a living illustration of the o. and a profound

196:2.2 to the o. who called him Good Teacher, “Why do

196:2.4 from the lowly levels of humanity to become o.

one Absolute

0:11.15 and in the final comprehension all three are o..

106:8.17 of such a membership really implies just o..

106:8.17 taught that, in infinity and existentially, there is o..

one abuse

163:2.11 But there was o. economic abuse which he many

one accord

121:6.8 all with o. kept their hearts centered on the holy

125:4.3 the teachers with o. derisively replied, “We might

153:5.4 as Peter ceased speaking, they all with o. nodded

157:3.5 the eleven sitting apostles arose to their feet with o.

167:2.2 And they all with o. began to make excuses.

173:3.2 the people spoke with o., saying, “The first son.”

177:5.2 the Son of Man, and when they strike with o.,

185:5.9 And they all shouted with o. accord, “Crucify him!

192:1.3 with o. they cast the net as they had been instructed,

194:4.3 Day by day they continued steadfastly and with o.

one achievement

113:2.1 who has realized o. or more of three achievements:

one Adjuster

108:1.7 Probably more than o. volunteers; perhaps the

108:1.7 elect from this group of Adjusters the o. best suited

one adjutant

36:5.6 the only o. to make extensive functional contact with

one advance

69:8.4 rejected consorts as slaves—that was at least o. in

one adventure

155:6.11 Never forget there is only o. which is more

one afternoon

133:1.1 A very interesting incident occurred o. by the

142:6.1 the teachings of this Galilean, and so he went o. to

144:1.10 Jesus gave this lesson o. in the third week of their

144:8.1 It was while Jesus was teaching the multitude o. that

one age

51:7.1 Son is universally accepted, he remains for o.;

64:6.15 there occurred o. brilliant age among this people

70:9.14 What may be regarded as right in o. may not be so

82:3.4 In o., marriage has been looked upon as a social duty

99:2.6 True religion carries over from o. to another

136:1.3 for a recognition of Jesus as the terminator of o.

155:6.2 the word of truth is vouchsafed o. and withheld

one agency

87:6.13 offered man ample opportunity to attempt to pit o.

one aggregation

14:0.2 This is the o. and only settled, perfect aggregation of

one Aid

17:4.2 sometimes o. functions acceptably, while on other

one ambition

1:0.3 God-knowing creatures have only o. supreme

one ancestor

59:4.10 o. had a long body connecting a head and tail,

one Ancient of Days

17:4.2 received by o., two, or all three Ancients of Days,

28:4.10 presided over by three Ancients of Days, not by o. or

one angel

113:2.9 The complement of being (o. of the two angels)

one another

16:8.4 type, order, or pattern may and do resemble o., but

22:10.6 have contributed to o. those experiential realities

23:2.14 functionally handicapped when associating with o.,

24:7.7 beings understand and sympathize with o. is wholly

25:1.6 devotion to their work and touching affection for o.

26:8.1 arrive at their first truly mutual understanding of o..

31:2.4 achieve a touching and profound affection for o.;

32:2.5 various circuits and systems to counterbalance o. by

33:6.4 Consuls are representatives of constellations to o.

39:3.8 They may pass near o. during space flight without

42:4.11 the attraction exerted by the parts of matter on o..

44:5.3 ascending morontia beings to communicate with o.,

48:3.4 they manifest a touchingly beautiful affection for o..

48:3.5 Mortals all resemble o.; at the same time each of you

66:2.7 to the advancement of the race were strangers to o.

68:1.1 brought closely together, men often learn to like o.,

68:2.1 may collide with each other and struggle against o.,

71:4.16 all men delight in bearing o. another’s burdens;

74:6.9 offspring—mating, as they must needs, with o..

83:1.5 not linked to sex attraction; they became fond of o.

87:6.14 You address o. in common, everyday language, but

89:0.2 exorcism, coercion, and propitiation merge into o..

133:5.5 they would get in o. another’s way so badly that the

139:3.5 James and John had great affection for o. another;

139:4.6 only utterance was, “My little children, love o..”

142:5.4 born of the spirit is that you sincerely love o..”

143:2.3 by your love for o. you are to convince the world

155:6.9 to become understandingly sympathetic with o..

159:1.3 children, and therefore should you learn to love o.;

159:1.3 your sins; therefore should you learn to forgive o..

167:4.4 off by themselves for a time to take counsel of o..

178:1.17 the vicissitudes of life, remember always to love o..

179:1.2 apostles began to look at o. as soon as John Mark

179:1.8 in making uncomplimentary remarks about o.,

179:3.1 had so recently refused to wash o. another’s feet,

179:3.8 that you were unwilling to wash o. another’s feet?

179:3.8 which his brethren were unwilling to do for o.?

179:3.9 not content proudly to refuse to wash o. another’s

179:4.2 began to look at o. while in disconcerted tones

180:1.1 indicating how you should be willing to serve o., I

180:1.1 the commandment which directs that you love o.;

180:1.1 give you this new commandment: That you love o.

180:1.1 know that you are my disciples if you thus love o..

180:1.3 “When I invite you to love o., even as I have loved

180:1.3 If you will only love o. as I am loving you, you shall

180:1.4 of joy if you will only obey my command to love o.,

180:2.1 fruit-bearing branches—my friends who love o.,

180:2.5 that we should love o., even as Jesus has loved us.

180:4.5 children be made one and be drawn toward o..

180:4.5 make that love real in their experiences by loving o.

180:6.1 have kept my new commandment that you love o.

181:2.4 teaching your brethren how to love o., even as I

181:2.26 fruits of the spirit in their lives, and who love o.,

181:2.30 therefore should you henceforth love o., even as I

182:0.2 spoke to o. concerning the Master’s prediction that

182:1.6 and if they love o. as I have loved them, all men

189:4.6 set down their burdens and began to look upon o.

190:1.5 in accordance with your oath to me and to o.,

190:1.6 fulfillment of their oath to David Zebedee and to o..

191:2.1 Have faith in God; have faith in o.; and so shall

191:4.3 Remember, as you love o., all men will know that

191:6.2 You shall love o. with a new and startling affection

193:3.2 And I wish that you would love and trust o..

193:3.2 Trust, therefore, and confide in o. another.

194:4.7 they greeted o. with a holy kiss; they ministered to

one answer

127:5.6 sought her hand in marriage, Rebecca had but o..

168:4.5 the delay often betokens a better answer, although o.

180:2.5 there could be only o. divine answer: more bearing

180:2.5 the branch of the vine is alive, there can be only o.

one anxiety

179:2.3 The Master had but o., and that was for the safety

one apostle

138:5.2 O. would grasp one point and o. would

139:0.1 ambition for personal exaltation, only o. deserted him

139:4.10 John was the o. who followed right along with Jesus

150:2.3 notwithstanding the apostles all fled but o.,

157:4.6 began to believe in the faith of his apostles, save o..

172:5.2 Andrew was the o. who did not seriously undertake

one appeal

185:6.2 Pilate would make o. last appeal to their pity.

one appellation

4:5.2 Father himself, so that all are included under o..

one approach

102:4.4 than spirit, but the spiritual approach is the only o.

one aspect

2:7.5 practice of focusing the attention upon o. of reality

one atom

12:9.3 two gaseous hydrogen atoms with o. oxygen atom

42:1.4 forever will scientists be powerless to create o. of

one attribute

130:4.5 The o of the universe which characterizes the infinite

one authority

183:2.3 an hour was consumed in going from o. to another

one band

162:4.4 O. remained at the temple to attend the morning

one battalion

113:1.3 have a corps of seraphim, one company, with o. of

one battle

159:3.8 The believer has only o., and that is against doubt—

one beast of burden

122:7.4 since they had only o., Mary, being large with child,

one being

1:2.8 proof of the existence of the living God which o. can

4:4.7 loving Father; in philosophy, the o. who exists by

16:3.19 He is the o. high spirit being that all ascenders are

19:5.8 the Solitary Messenger is the only o. aware of the

22:1.13 but not o. has ever been adjudged in contempt of

25:1.4 yields three spiritual beings to o. semiphysical.

26:1.16 such spirit beings are associated as pairs, the o. is

30:1.55 created by any o. of direct or indirect descent from

33:4.2 Only o. such being of wisdom and majesty is brought

37:2.1 O. or more of these beings function as Gabriel’s

37:2.7 Evening Stars always work in pairs—o. a created

40:5.1 a being much like yourselves, o. you can see, hear,

44:1.15 O. such human being could forever change the

109:3.4 union, fusion, the making of man and Adjuster o..

112:7.8 the fused individual is really o. being whose unity

180:5.11 Spirit of Truth, who directs the loving contact of o.

one blanket

57:7.7 For thousands of years Urantia was enveloped in o.

one blood

52:3.7 truly proclaimed that “God has made of o. all the

52:4.1 problems; literally all nations and races are of o..

one blunder

149:2.4 blunder of the Master’s early followers, and o.

one body

29:2.19 but not o. space body in a million harbors such a

39:2.13 There your new body is a morontia form, o. that

48:1.5 provide you with 570 morontia bodies, each o.

57:8.21 surface consisted of land, all in o. continental body.

one body of water

57:8.5 the picture of one great continent of land and o.,

one brained

49:5.13 basic organizations of the brain mechanism: the o.,

49:5.14 two superior brains free for higher engagements: o.

one branch

60:1.10 They walked on all fours, and o. of this group

one bridge

156:2.1 and his associates passed over a bridge, the first o.

one Bright and Morning Star

33:4.2 Daughters of the Infinite Spirit, can create only o.

37:1.9 the Bright and Morning Stars, there is just o. in each

one brother

139:9.2 What may be said of o. should be recorded of the

one brotherhood

165:2.9 all be brought into one fold, o. of the sons of God.

one candle

123:3.5 starting out with o. the first night and adding o. each

one case

49:2.17 primitive race of human beings taking shape, in o.,

one category

49:5.9 mortals who simultaneously classify in some o. of

one cause

105:0.1 an almost limitless ellipse which is produced by o.

118:6.2 There is but o. uncaused Cause in the whole universe

160:1.13 a cause that is not only greater than self, but o. that

one Celestial Recorder

25:5.4 the activities of the Celestial Recorders, not o. has

one Census Director

24:2.3 Seven Census Directors operate in Havona, o.

24:2.4 O presides at the headquarters of each superuniverse

24:2.4 o. on the capital of every local universe.

one center

49:1.4 Life is sometimes initiated in o., sometimes in three,

one chance result

85:4.4 A devotee of magic will vividly remember o. in the

one channel

160:4.10 function as a part of some o. of the channels of

one characteristic

3:0.3 We sincerely doubt whether any o. of the divine

140:10.5 The o. of Jesus’ teaching was that the morality of

one cheek

159:5.9 Said he: “When an enemy smites you on o.,

one cherubim

38:7.2 O. is an energy positive personality; the other,

one child

45:6.8 Mansion world students who have o. or more

67:8.4 of the inspiring performance of this o. of nature

128:6.11 It was customary for o. or two of the smallest of

one choice

112:5.9 make o. undoubted, self-conscious, and final choice.

one circle

53:5.5 The Lucifer emblem was a banner of white with o.

one circulatory system

75:7.6 a dual circulatory system, the o. derived from their

one city

39:2.12 as if you went to sleep on a transport vehicle in o.

145:2.1 believed in Jesus in Capernaum than any other o. on

one class

48:2.21 As you progress from o. or phase of a morontia

70:8.6 the possession of slaves was a genetic basis for o. of

87:4.1 many tribes clung to the old belief in o. of ghosts.

one cluster

73:5.2 the largest number of houses composing any o. in

one code

44:1.11 the seven levels of melodious association, is the o.

one college

43:1.6 O., the emergency school, is devoted to the study

one color

52:3.7 and that his Son “has made of o. all peoples.”

one column

48:7.1 students by the parallel technique; that is, in o. are

one command

124:4.9 The o. was: “Be loyal to the dictates of your

one commandment

163:4.8 7. Teach that man’s whole duty is summed up in o.:

174:4.2 Jesus answered: “There is but o., and that o. is the

one company

31:0.11 O. or more companies of the mortal finaliters are

113:1.3 beings of Urantia have a corps of seraphim, o.,

113:1.7 one guardian angel with o. of assisting cherubim

113:1.7 In the sixth circle, a seraphic pair with o. of

113:1.7 charge is given to a pair of seraphim, assisted by o.

one concept

56:10.15 mind, matter, and spirit—must be combined into o.

95:7.2 Never was o. able fully to displace the others.

96:1.8 Chaldean groups taught a three-in-o. God concept

105:1.4 The philosophic postulate of the I AM is o. which is

one conception

115:3.5 O. basic conception of the absolute level involves a

one conclusion

56:9.4 There is but o. consistent philosophic conclusion,

one conference

155:3.5 From o. they emerged with the teaching that true

one congregation

11:3.4 One hundred thousand divisions equal o..

one constellation

1:1.4 In o. near-by constellation God is called the Father

15:2.20 O. (100 systems) . . . . . . 100,000 worlds

one contact

128:3.5 Perhaps the most notable of these contacts was the o

132:4.5 this o. with Jesus made such an impression on this

one continent

57:8.5 Urantia presents the picture of o. of land and one

one corps

31:6.2 they are all destined to o. or another of the finaliter

one couch

179:1.3 taking note of the higher divan of the host with o. on

one counselor

127:2.7 Jesus had but o. wise counselor in all Nazareth, his

one course

71:4.16 In such a situation only o. is practical: The “golden

118:2.2 Being finaliters, there would seem to be but o. to

one creation

23:2.22 are frequently asked to go as ambassadors from o.

one Creator

35:0.1 the Creator Sons, there is in Nebadon only o.,

95:1.9 here and there continued their belief in the o. and

116:2.14 neither is he any o. or all of those Creators whose

one creature

117:6.16 will never be personally discovered by any o. until

one crystal

43:1.10 The Edentia sea of glass is o. enormous circular

one cubic inch

41:3.6 by saying that o. of such a star, if on Urantia, would

one daysee day, one

14:1.12 O. Paradise-Havona day is just seven minutes,

62:5.8 the twins journeyed off down the river o. bright day

72:5.9 on a five-day week, working four and playing o..

72:6.4 1. O. day’s earnings each month are requisitioned by

one death

88:4.7 of supposed responsibility for o. natural death.

one debtor

147:5.4 The o. owed him five hundred denarii and the

one decision

136:5.3 by o. great decision Jesus voluntarily deprived

one Deity

10:3.1 Notwithstanding there is only o., there are three

10:6.2 No o. of the Deities fosters the administration of

19:5.1 may be utilized by any o. or two of the Deities as

56:5.1 —but in the Paradise Trinity they are actually o.,

63:6.7 settlements to spread his new doctrines of o. and

92:5.12 definitely exalted the idea of o. eternal Deity and

92:6.19 the doctrine of three divine personalities and o..

95:7.6 presentation of Allah as the o. and only Deity;

95:7.6 it has steadfastly held to its presentation of the O. of

101:2.7 religion’s God of salvation are o. and the same Deity

104:1.9 the worship of o. existing in a triune manifestation of

116:1.2 Supreme will result in o. unified and personal Deity

117:1.5 Creator and creature are united in o. whose will is

120:4.3 the Paradise Trinity of three beings is in reality o..

one dekamillennium

35:6.1 Highs of the constellations for service during o.

one desire

1:0.3 just o. consuming desire, and that is to become,

156:5.5 surmount temptation by the effort of supplanting o.

one destiny

40:10.5 That destinies do thus vary in no wise proves that o.

one detail

31:10.11 a vast creation lacking in only o. important detail—

76:2.3 Adam was burdened with a thousand and o.

one difference

98:6.4 The o. great difference between Mithraism and

one direction

12:1.13 from the divine center outward in any o., we do,

15:3.3 stellar density when the heavens are viewed in o.,

59:2.1 It experienced many inundations, dipping first in o.

59:4.5 These various Devonian seas extended first in o. and

one disciple

163:2.2 O. earnest disciple came to Jesus, saying: “Master,

one discourse

176:2.8 ever became so confused in their minds as this o.,

one discussion

132:2.1 more important discussions with Mardus was the o.

one dispensation

39:1.3 special work connected with the termination of o.

52:4.9 Sons, each of whom will advance the races from o.

52:4.9 Son—the advent of each one marks the end of o. and

174:5.6 he perceived the end of o. and the beginning of

one distinction

160:2.1 The o. between man and the animal is that man can

one Divine Counselor

19:3.2 from o. to seven Counselors being associated with

19:3.3 Censor, and from o. to seven Divine Counselors.

one division

29:4.37 The frandalanks are created in thirty divisions, o. for

65:2.10 o. partially progressive, the bird family,

one doctrine

134:3.7 There was but o. which had to be accepted in order

one domain

46:2.7 sector of Jerusem is an extensive domain, o. which

one dozen

41:3.2 as much comparative elbow room in space as o.

149:0.3 the other apostles each took with them about o.

one drop

41:7.13 when you pause to consider that o. of water contains

one duty

37:2.8 O. of the high duties of the Evening Stars is to

142:4.2 rather shall all be concerned with o. supreme duty.

178:1.11 not allow anything to divert your devotion to this o.

one dwelling

84:7.9 working group, including the slaves, all living in o..

one effort

183:3.4 Jesus made o. last effort to save Judas from

one elder

124:1.4 o. or two seemed to think the boy was sacrilegious if

one electron

42:7.4 series in which from o. to one hundred electrons

42:7.7 When one hundred and o. have been artificially

42:7.8 While atoms may contain from o. to one hundred

42:4.6 about one hundred ultimatons—the equivalent of o.

42:7.10 containing from o. to twenty-seven electrons,

one element

42:9.3 Starting from any o., after noting some one

one emotion

82:1.7 physical driving forces of human beings; it is the o.

138:9.1 deference to just o. extraordinary human emotion

one emperor

87:3.4 O. Roman emperor tried to reform these practices by

one empire

195:2.9 lands into o., with one language and one culture,

one end

21:0.4 The order of Michael knows the universe from o.

113:6.7 shall gather together his elect from o. of the realm to

179:1.1 wine, water, and herbs were all in readiness on o. of

186:1.7 rocks and, taking the girdle of his cloak, fastened o.

one endowment

26:4.12 the pilot world of the seventh circuit, with only o. of

28:6.9 Time is the o. universal endowment of all will

one entity

110:7.4 of the other, so that the two are actually o..

one epoch

96:1.2 during any o. there existed varying ideas of God

114:6.7 the sake of the safe transit of moral values from o.

one error

54:6.9 O. of human thinking respecting these problems

one essential

27:1.1 The o. to the enjoyment of Paradise is rest, divine

one Eternal of Days

18:2.1 they number exactly one billion, o. for each of the

one evening

63:2.5 Finally, o. about the time of the setting of the sun,

122:3.1 O. about sundown, before Joseph had returned

124:3.5 The chazan spent o. each week with Jesus, helping

126:3.4 o. in October Jesus sat down by the little squat lamp

129:1.9 O. Jesus devoted to social life with the older folks,

129:1.9 and o. evening he spent with the young people.

130:1.3 a memorable argument with Peter o. at the home of

132:3.1 influenced by their discussion of truth and faith o..

132:4.5 Jesus spent o. with a wealthy slaveholder, talked

133:3.6 O. as they strolled about Corinth out near where

133:5.3 discussion on science that Jesus had at their inn o.

142:6.1 O. at the home of Flavius there came to see Jesus

142:8.4 O. Friday evening Nicodemus and one Joseph of

150:5.1 O. at Shunem, after John’s apostles had returned to

159:1.1 O. at Hippos, in answer to a disciple’s question,

169:2.1 O. Simon Zelotes, commenting on one of Jesus’

one event

40:9.7 And since any o. may have a spiritual connotation

86:2.3 If o. followed another, the savage considered them

153:1.6 The feeding of the five thousand was the o. of his

one exception

20:6.2 live ordinary lives with just o.: They do not beget

41:10.5 the outskirts of Satania, your solar system, with o.,

66:2.7 With o. or two exceptions these Andonite

72:9.6 There is o. to this scheme of functional suffrage:

169:4.6 With the o.—the declaration that “God is spirit”—

one excursion

48:8.3 to take you on o. long and eternal joy excursion,

one executive

22:7.3 o. infinite executive of the united will of the Father-

one experience

5:2.6 The entire experience of Adjuster communion is o.

22:7.3 trinitization may participate in o. such experience,

one explanation

101:1.2 And therein lies o. of the Adjuster’s difficulty in

one extreme

139:2.6 vacillating; Peter would suddenly swing from o. to

one eye

48:6.28 it is to philosophy as two eyes are to o.;

48:6.28 sees the universe, as it were, with but o.—flat.

one fact

102:7.2 God is the o and only self-caused fact in the universe

one factor

95:7.5 There was only o. of a tribal, racial, or national

one faith

92:6.14 believed all others to be decadent forms of the o.

94:1.6 accept the Melchizedek teaching of one God and o..

one family

30:4.10 natural death all types of ascenders fraternize as o.

64:6.1 The emergence of all six races on Urantia, and in o.,

66:7.4 The definite order of family life and the living of o.

83:5.2 brothers of o. would marry five sisters of another.

129:2.8 they celebrated the Passover as o. happy family.

140:6.13 we should live together as o. understanding family.

163:3.3 and who desire to live with me as you do and as o..

one father

56:4.4 impossible for any child to have more than o..

191:4.3 You all know that we have o. Father in heaven,

one feature

66:8.1 Caligastia, we find only o. outstanding feature of

74:8.2 O. of the narrative, the sudden appearance of the sun

136:1.6 There was o. of the bestowal of Michael which

149:3.1 Jesus designed to utilize just o. of the story for that

one fellow

26:7.3 These commissions consist of o. of the finaliters,

one female

62:3.1 agile creatures, twins were born, one male and o..

62:3.11 These twins, one male and o., were indifferent to

62:4.1 Going back to the birth of the superior twins, o.

one fifth

15:7.2 thousand days of Urantia time, about eight and o. of

57:7.2 Urantia was then about o. its present size and had

121:8.3 the end to replace the latter o. of the original Gospel,

one finaliter

16:5.5 always a group of seven finaliters is assembled, o.

one finger

175:1.8 that they will not lift as much as o. to help you bear

one flash

42:1.4 to create one atom of matter or to originate o. of

one flesh

138:5.1 “Judas, we are all of o., and as I receive you into

one fold

165:2.9 the Father that they shall all be brought into o.,

one follower

137:1.1 Of all John’s followers o. named Andrew was the

one foot

59:1.19 Trilobites grew in length from two inches to o. and

59:3.5 These animals grew to be fifteen feet long and o. in

81:3.3 the average primitive community rose from o. to

one form

14:2.2 o. of energy exists in negative and positive phases.

82:3.15 a form of trial marriage and o. that is far beneath the

89:1.1 societal regulation and for a long time the only o.;

146:2.12 There is but o. of prayer which is appropriate for

one fourthsee fourth

one friend

159:1.3 taking with you o. or two mutual friends that you

180:6.2 I will speak to you plainly, as o. friend to another.

183:5.3 law allows that any prisoner may have at least o. to

one function

29:3.4 Never do they pass from o. to another; always do

one gain

54:6.7 this o. would have been enough to explain why

one garden

124:1.10 the end of April the land was o. vast flower garden.

one generation

61:7.4 Suddenly and in o. the six colored races mutated

68:0.2 —are not transmitted from o. to another by direct

79:8.12 2. Pooling of the experience of more than o..

81:6.26 The ideals of o. carve out the channels of destiny for

81:6.26 homes, churches, and schools of o. predetermines

81:6.44 progress was relatively slow since o. could not

84:0.2 the river of culture and knowledge flows from o. to

84:7.27 rests on the growing willingness of o. to invest in the

92:2.3 A great deal that o. might look upon as obscene,

92:7.14 making more readjustments of human values in o.

93:7.3 From o. to another the Salem gospel found lodgment

93:7.4 how easy to lose sight of a new doctrine from o. to

94:9.1 In o. he made Buddhism the dominant religion of

95:1.9 In o. the Salem headquarters at Kish came to an end,

95:3.5 Ikhnaton they accepted but halfheartedly for o.;

97:10.4 who passed the monotheistic torch of light from o. to

114:6.7 progress, all the while seeking to translate from o.

119:3.4 working alone for o. whole generation of planetary

120:3.9 perfect as regarded by any one man in any o. on

122:8.7 knowledge was passed by word of mouth from o.

132:3.6 by the technique of passing on from o. to another

132:5.1 a wise and effective trustee of the resources of o.

132:5.15 equity and transmit in security as the trustee of o.

139:2.9 its messengers to the four corners of the earth in o..

142:3.9 of the nature of God continued to grow from o. to

142:7.12 The family continues from o. to another.

142:7.12 Death only ends o. to mark the beginning of

149:2.9 In o. Jesus lifted women out of the disrespectful

159:4.6 Father does not limit revelation of truth to any o.

195:0.3 too much for any one people to assimilate in o.

one gift

179:5.3 life is the united life of the Father and the Son in o..

one gland

49:5.19 The races on some worlds have o., on others two,

one God

1:0.1 Only the concept of the Universal Father—o. in the

2:1.2 “There is but o., the infinite Father, who is also a

3:5.4 There is but “o. and Father of all, who is above all

3:6.3 arrives at the concept of unified universe rule, of o..

10:7.1 “The Lord our God is o. God.”

42:1.6 after the similitude of the three Gods embraced in o.,

45:4.8 years ago the yellow man knew of the o..

79:1.9 warriors proclaimed the existence of “o. in heaven.”

91:3.3 spirits to polytheistic gods, and eventually to the O.,

92:5.11 “Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is o. God.”

93:2.1 of El Elyon, the Most High, the o. and only God.”

93:3.2 Melchizedek taught the concept of o., a universal

93:3.6 subordinated everything to the doctrine of o.,

93:3.8 for the bestowal of an actual Paradise Son of the o.,

93:4.15 two tasks: to keep alive on earth the truth of the o.

93:5.1 the responsibility of keeping alive the truth of o.

93:5.4 give up the many gods of Mesopotamia for the o.

93:7.3 but except in Palestine, never was the idea of o. able

93:8.1 to insure that the truth of the o. and only God

94:0.1 Machiventa’s gospel of man’s faith and in the o.

94:1.5 Salem missionaries preached the o. of Melchizedek,

94:1.6 refused to accept the Melchizedek teaching of o. and

94:2.6 through the personal faith experience with the o.,

94:2.7 the Brahmans had rejected the o. of Melchizedek,

95:1.3 various peoples to the permanent recognition of o..

95:1.8 had warned his followers to teach about the o.,

95:1.9 the propaganda of the belief in o. virtually ceased

95:2.2 in Egypt for many centuries, the belief in o. always

95:3.5 Egypt in behalf of the Salem teachings of o..

95:5.1 Pharaoh of Egypt, to accept these doctrines of O..

95:5.2 he kept alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the O.,

95:5.7 led his associates in the disguised worship of the O.,

95:5.7 “The O. God,” a book of thirty-one chapters,

95:5.10 the passing of Ikhnaton, the idea of o. persisted in

95:5.11 the o. whom Ikhnaton had zealously proclaimed

95:5.14 of this Egyptian ruler to impose the worship of o.

95:7.1 The Melchizedek teachings of the o. became

95:7.3 and clans that held on to the hazy idea of the o..

96:0.1 excludes all but the o. of final and supreme value.

96:0.2 Melchizedek’s incarnation: That a religion of o.

96:0.2 the way for the earth bestowal of a Son of that o..

96:1.8 Chaldean groups who taught a three-in-o. concept

96:4.3 tribal god of the desert as the o. and only god of

96:5.5 leaders he thundered, “The Lord your God is o.;

96:6.2 would conserve the Melchizedek teaching of o.

97:1.3 Samuel devotedly believed in the o., and he had a

97:1.3 had a clear concept of that o. as creator of heaven

97:10.1 for the special service of carrying the truth of the o.

97:10.5 but the Hebrew religion of sincere belief in the o.

98:2.6 Xenophanes taught o., but his deity concept was too

98:3.7 of the Salem teachers to spread the doctrine of o.,

104:1.8 but their monotheistic zeal for the o., Yahweh,

104:2.1 then through the henotheistic exaltation of o. god

104:2.1 through the exclusion of all but the O. of final value.

118:10.3 When we desire to view the Trinity as o., and if we

121:2.6 a new and enlarged concept of that o. of all nations

130:2.2 were devotedly loyal to the doctrine of the O.

131:0.1 Salem headquarters to spread the doctrine of o.

131:1.2 Our God is o., and he is compassionate and merciful.

131:1.3 There is but this o. God, and his name is Truth.

131:4.1 The missionaries carried the teachings of the o. with

131:4.2 God is o. God; he is alone and by himself;

131:4.2 And this o. is our Maker and the last destiny of the

131:4.2 This o. God is loving, glorious, and adorable.

131:4.6 That man is wise who worships the O. God.

131:5.1 Melchizedek missionaries,and their doctrine of the o.

131:5.2 the O.—all-wise, good, righteous, holy, glorious,

131:5.3 There is but o. Supreme God, the Lord of Lights.

131:6.1 believers who preserved the doctrine of o. in India—

131:8.1 China, and the doctrine of o. became a part of the

131:9.2 Great, very great, is the O. who rules man from on

131:10.2 This o. is our heavenly Father, in whom all things

143:5.6 by concentrating their worship upon o., Yahweh.

195:1.7 The Greeks were really searching for o. God,

195:1.8 after obtaining from the East a religion whose o.

195:2.9 and had made the Western world ready for o..

195:2.9 revealed to them an even better concept of o.,

195:3.1 the Christians found themselves with o., a great

one gospel

191:4.3 that there is but o. of the kingdom—the good news of

one Gravity Messenger

31:1.3 creatures numbering 997 to one Havona native and o

one group

18:5.5 In ascending to Uversa, you will pass only o. of

31:3.1 The proportion of mortals and angels in any o. varies

35:8.7 for these Sons to progress from o. to another.

38:9.10 these beings function as o. under unified leadership

39:3.3 These seraphim seek no special favors for o. or

41:3.10 In o. of variable stars the period of light fluctuation

45:2.5 the Sovereign holds a conclave with some o. of the

46:5.16 The three groups mingle as o. when at home in this

62:3.8 These struggles continued until only o. of less than

69:1.6 and minutely interdependent the o. upon the other.

76:2.9 Cain became a great leader among o. of his father’s

77:0.1 Most of the inhabited worlds of Nebadon harbor o.

77:8.1 their amalgamation into o. shortly after Pentecost.

78:8.5 No o. of these city groups was able to overcome

80:6.2 seven distinct groups in Egypt; all of them, save o.,

81:2.18 Among o. the idea of making pottery arose from

93:7.2 O. went by way of the Faroes to the Andonites of

96:3.1 impossible to classify Moses in any o. racial group.

99:1.5 increase the responsiveness of o. social group to

109:3.2 On certain primitive worlds (the series o.) the

120:0.3 Michael acquired the finite experience of o. of his

122:4.2 mission was to all races and peoples, not to any o..

125:3.1 the men going in o. and the women in another as

150:6.2 After spending two or three days with o. of twelve

159:2.2 the jurisdiction of o. of believers over the work of

one guardian angel

113:1.7 Human beings in the initial or seventh circle have o.

one hand

63:4.4 see one these primitive men valiantly fighting with o.

115:3.4 While infinity is on the o. UNITY, on the other it is

121:5.17 the first European religions to lay o. upon morals

140:8.5 assigning these matters to government, on the o.,

one Havona native

31:1.3 the ascendant creatures numbering 997 to o. and

one head

82:3.5 youth might not marry until he possessed at least o.,

one hearing

187:1.8 In addition, there had been o. right after another

one heart

194:3.17 It was literally true that “there was but o. and soul

194:4.3 the multitudes of those who believed were of o. and

one heaven

40:9.9 like the o. envisioned by the planetary traditions of

one hemisphere

57:6.2 leaving o. of the planet always turned toward the sun

one home

163:4.14 entertained in a more comfortable or influential o..

one hour

26:3.8 to assimilate as much information in o. of Urantia

27:6.4 O.’ instruction on Paradise would be the equivalent

44:4.5 by this method I could gain more knowledge in o.

46:1.2 day equals three days of Urantia time, less o., four

52:7.6 this age requires about o. each day on the part of

52:7.6 that is, the equivalent of o. Urantia hour.

163:3.6 ‘These men who were hired last worked only o.,

166:4.12 O. of teaching will not wholly change the beliefs of a

182:3.2 “What! can you not watch with me even for o.?

184:4.1 They waited only o. hour.

184:4.1 And thus they went on for o. full hour, reviling

188:0.1 Jesus hung upon the cross about o. after his death.

190:2.2 over in his mind the news brought to them about o.

192:3.2 The Master spent just o. on this mount with his

193:6.2 This part of the meeting lasted not quite o. hour.

one hundredsee hundred

one hunting area

81:6.4 O. was in North America and was overspread by

one husband

83:5.1 Later on, a woman had only o. husband at a time.

one hut

87:1.3 the family hut, being taken to a smaller o. or left in

one ice mass

61:7.7 invasion the three great ice sheets coalesced into o.,

one idea

22:10.8 to you the lore of the universe concerning their o.

157:6.2 his o. in teaching was to present to his universe the

one ideal

22:10.8 to you the lore of the universe concerning their o.,

157:6.2 Henceforth his o. of living was the revelation of

one identity

112:7.10 Now have these two identities become o.; no event

one illustration

141:4.3 reach the minds of the apostles by means of o., Jesus

one impression

17:3.5 true spiritual value is registered in duplicate, and o. is

one incarnation

164:3.4 Essenes, tolerated the theory that men reap in o.

one individual

132:5.16 remember that o. can live on earth but a short season

136:2.1 they firmly believed that the sin of o. might curse

181:1.1 I can be but o. in your midst or in the entire world.

one inevitability

10:0.3 we can discover only o. inescapable inevitability in

one Infinite Spirit

22:7.3 There can be only o. Original and Infinite Spirit,

one influence

103:3.5 And these powerful influences—o. human and the

one inner bastion

100:2.7 rest in the assurance that there is o., the citadel of

one inspector

29:4.17 At least o. acting inspector is always present in each

one invasion

61:7.5 of the ice was not so extensive as the preceding o..

one judge

33:7.2 a dual magistracy consisting of o. of perfection

one Judge-Arbiter

25:2.6 The o. unanimously designated by the other three as

one kind

70:10.1 Nature provides but o. of justice—inevitable

112:3.1 Urantians generally recognize only o. of death,

one language

52:5.10 distribution, but only one race, o., and one religion.

55:3.1 worlds are progressing under the momentum of o.,

55:3.22 stage of settledness in light until it has achieved o.,

75:1.3 Instead of finding o. ready for adoption, they were

195:2.9 lands into one empire, with o. and one culture,

one law

192:2.11 There is but o. to obey—that is the command to go

one lawgiver

3:2.2 There is only o. lawgiver.

one leader

127:2.9 you will have not just o. from Joseph’s family, but

one legend

67:4.3 And thus originated the thousand and o. legends of

one level

0:2.9 the discussion of some o. deity level or association.

81:6.27 really uplifts and advances human culture from o.

81:6.40 critical times when civilization is in transit from o.

99:1.3 from one phase of civilization to another, from o.

113:3.4 this phase of transition from o. of the universe to

147:4.5 This plane is o. higher than that of the flesh and

one liaison stabilizer

48:2.19 four circuit regulators, one planetary custodian, o.,

one life

27:1.2 rest from one stage of being to another, from o. to

32:5.1 see very much of it at any one time and during any o.

36:2.17 the evolutionary antecedents of any o. level in

86:4.7 savage looked upon the future life as just like this o.,

86:4.7 that man entered the next life just as he left this o.,

102:8.7 seeking God and finding him during o. short life in

103:5.6 such antagonisms can be worked out, but in o.

103:9.9 Such a life is o. motivated by truth and dominated by

106:9.12 Such a Father life is o. predicated on truth,

120:2.8 Exhibit in your o. short life in the flesh, as it has

164:3.4 in o. they were believed to be expiating the sins

181:1.2 a life designed to prepare you for the next o. ahead

193:4.11 not always distributed during this o. short life in the

195:5.10 all the latent adventure surging within the soul in o.

196:2.2 And thus, in o. short life, did Jesus traverse that

196:2.7 in the conquest of the human mind in o. short life.

one lifetime

120:2.8 this to mutual satisfaction and doing it during o.

one lineage

122:1.2 o. extending back to more auspicious beginnings.

one location

34:3.2 that time is actually required in traveling from o. to

one look

140:8.20 Could you have had but o. at him, you would have

168:1.12 thought maybe Jesus wanted to take o. last look at

185:3.6 O. at Jesus, face to face, was enough to convince

one Lord

0:7.7 dual phases are power-personality unifying as o.,

131:10.2 “The Lord our God is o., and you should love him

one machine

195:7.8 O. cannot be conscious of the nature or value of

195:7.12 If universe reality is only o. vast machine, then man

one magistrate

33:7.2 antecedents and o. of ascendant experience.

one maiden

89:6.4 a bell, custom decreed the sacrifice of at least o. for

one male

62:3.1 pair of these agile creatures, twins were born, o. and

62:3.11 These twins, o. and one female, were indifferent to

62:4.1 Going back to the birth of the superior twins, o. and

one man

52:1.5 enormous birds are able to carry o. or two men for

69:9.7 the matchless association of o. and one woman in

70:5.8 O. would act as priest, physician, and chief executive

81:6.37 Ten men are of little more value than o. in lifting a

83:0.1 the union of o. and one woman to establish a home

83:5.1 This practice of o.-man-at-a-time was the first step

83:5.1 While a woman was allowed but o., her husband

83:5.3 Even then, the woman would marry only o.,

84:7.8 home as an institution, a partnership between o.

87:6.13 for, if a powerful man could vanquish a weaker o.,

88:3.4 O. man’s opinion, when taken by itself, is not

92:5.11 men have had greater concepts of God, but no o.

96:5.1 In the space of o. man’s life Moses led the polyglot

98:5.3 There was a flood from which o. escaped in a

120:3.9 not necessarily perfect as regarded by any o. in

130:2.5 these men, o. a Greek and the other a Roman,

133:5.5 Arithmetic says that, if o. could shear a sheep in ten

134:6.1 If o. craves freedom—liberty—he must remember that

134:6.1 If o. is to be absolutely free, then another must

138:1.2 authorized each of them to choose o. from among

139:2.9 Peter did more than any other o., aside from Paul,

139:7.7 flocked to hear Jesus, and he never turned o. away.

139:8.5 was handicapped by his many moods; Thomas was o.

145:2.5 they shall not say, o. to his neighbor, do you know

145:3.2 O. started out with his paralyzed daughter just as

147:3.5 O. who had been many years downcast and afflicted

152:3.1 feasting, rose as o. and shouted, “Make him king!”

167:4.4 and they came back as o. and so informed him.

167:5.1 two men who went into the temple to pray, the o.

168:3.6 “It is better that o. die, than that the community

172:1.7 this ointment was a sum equal to the earnings of o.

179:3.1 As the Master knelt, all twelve arose as o. to their

one mansion sphere

47:7.1 worlds are exempt from passing through o. or more

one mansion world

47:4.4 at the time of each advance from o. to another.

47:4.5 worth-while experiences as you advance from o. to

one master

109:5.4 while he yields spiritual allegiance to but o.;

169:2.7 either he will hate the o. and love the other, or else

169:2.7 else he will hold to o. while he despises the other.

one Master Son

21:4.6 a Master Son, o. who has fully earned the right to

one Master Spirit

16:2.1 one of the Seven Master Spirits, the o. presiding

16:2.4 While each o. individually partakes of this

16:2.4 No o. of them can so function universally;

16:3.16 No o. of the Seven Spirits is organically

16:5.1 receives the personal touch and tinge of only o..

25:2.3 on the capitals, o. is dominant in each supercreation.

one matter

106:8.22 another matter and o. which only eternity could

121:6.5 In only o. did Paul fail to keep pace with Philo

161:1.1 There was o. on which Rodan and the two apostles

one meal

178:2.9 wanted to be sure he would have this o. last meal

one meaning

135:5.2 the phrase “kingdom of heaven” had but o.:

one mechanism

56:0.1 The universe of universes is o. vast mechanism which

one Melchizedek Son

35:4.2 you will find o. or more of the Melchizedek Sons.

one message

188:3.13 We know that at least o. passed between Michael

one messenger

23:3.5 It develops that o., when so functioning, can transmit

31:2.3 but only o., the chief of his fellows, is mustered into

one method

12:7.3 dictate another method of reaction, a better o.,

81:6.32 be trained in o. or more methods of commonplace

one midwayer

123:4.6 guardians, o. primary and o. secondary midwayer

one mile

57:8.3 the entire planet to an average depth of over o..

one millennium

17:1.8 representatives from their ranks to serve for o. in

26:8.5 the realms of space for a period of not less than o..

30:3.3 admitted to this group may withdraw under o. of

44:0.4 may enlist with the celestial artisans for less than o.,

55:7.4 light and life—experienced such settledness for o. of

one mind

16:6.3 inclined towards co-operation the o. with the other.

56:0.1 vast mechanism which is absolutely controlled by o..

110:2.5 you see eye to eye, then your minds become o.,

129:4.2 phenomenon of the making of these two minds o.,

133:7.12 efficiently unified mind is the o. wholly dedicated

136:4.4 real functioning of these two minds as now made o..

139:8.2 Thomas had the o. truly analytical mind of the

151:2.5 proved by the fact that, whereas we were all of o.

one minute

44:4.4 thought symbols, can be registered in o. of Urantia

133:5.5 a sheep in ten minutes, ten men could shear it in o..

one mission

20:5.4 and more than o. magisterial mission may occur,

52:4.3 come on magisterial missions, at least the initial o.,

52:4.9 planet is not made ready for a bestowal Son by o.

one mode of living

101:9.5 with some specific intellectual belief or with any o.

one moment

66:1.5 I never for o. entertained even the slightest degree

81:6.41 The great danger to any civilization—at any o.—is

137:4.2 With perfect poise Jesus could at o. enact the human

141:7.12 Not for o. was he ever dominated by any purely

159:4.5 “Nathaniel, never permit yourself for o. to believe

181:2.9 Not for o. would I doubt your loyalty, your

185:4.1 the wicked Idumean never for o. recalled the lad of

187:1.8 neither had he been permitted to enjoy o. of sleep.

187:5.2 Jesus did not for o. entertain the slightest doubt

196:0.11 his fervent faith never for o. doubted the certainty

one month

72:4.3 Everyone takes o. month’s vacation each year.

123:1.7 In July of this year, o. before Jesus was four years

123:2.3 2 B.C., a little more than o. before his fifth birthday

129:2.1 O. Joseph would come down to Capernaum for

137:4.1 invitations had been sent abroad for the wedding o.

152:6.2 In less than o. month’s time the enthusiastic and

162:1.6 O. or two months before this Jesus would certainly

171:0.7 the sons of Zebedee little realized that in less than o.

194:4.12 within o. from the death of Stephen the church at

one moon

52:7.12 it shall come to pass that from o. new moon to

63:2.5 Before they had been away from home o., Andon

one more

27:3.2 Every new group of colleagues met with adds o.

31:3.3 There undoubtedly remains o. step in the career of

42:1.3 nearer the Creator; so will they have mastered o.

44:0.18 Each new translation or resurrection will add o.

100:4.6 that each day you learn to love o. human being.

100:4.6 achieve an understanding of o. of your fellows,

117:0.3 has the actuality of the Supreme become real by o.

117:0.3 the divinity of Supremacy advanced o. step toward

118:0.11 conceived, you can always envisage o. being added.

118:0.11 this addition to number, still always o. can be added.

134:7.1 Jesus made only o. trip outside of Palestine,

143:5.7 Nalda would make o. effort to avoid the discussion

161:2.1 the gospel, there remained only o. point to consider,

164:2.3 the Master gave them all this o. chance to choose.

166:4.9 ‘Let it alone for o. year so that I may dig around it

167:4.2 Pharisees of Jerusalem might have o. chance to

167:4.5 I would do o. mighty work for these Jews; I would

167:4.5 I would give them o. chance to believe, even on

172:4.1 this o. and last chance to hear the gospel and

177:5.5 Although the next day was o. day nearer the tragic

177:5.6 o. day to do the Father’s will and experience the joy

179:3.4 concluded that this gesture of humility was just o.

185:5.13 he decided upon at least o. attempt to appease the

188:5.5 have taken o. look at Jesus on the cross and then

one Morontia Companion

47:3.12 As you start out on the first mansion world, o. is

48:3.9 and again might go for long periods without o..

one morontia world

48:2.16 the physical to the spiritual as they advance from o.

one mortal

40:9.7 any event may have a spiritual connotation to o.

43:8.12 But on the first seven major worlds only o. lives

94:12.3 he will not suffer o. who calls on his name in true

103:1.2 When o. is in full agreement with the philosophy

112:5.8 the hazard of depriving o. struggling mortal from any

180:5.10 living relationship of o. spirit-led mortal’s love for

196:0.3 Never in the life of any o., did God ever become

one motive

138:6.4 There was just o. in Jesus’ postbaptismal life on

one mystery

153:1.5 there was just o. great mystery, just one supreme

one nail

187:2.1 nailed his feet to the wood, using o. long nail to

one name

18:4.3 difficult to choose a suitable name, o. which will

40:6.2 I will give them an everlasting name, o. that shall

88:5.5 names; the important o. was regarded as too sacred

one nature

128:1.1 effectively combined these two natures into o.—Jesus

one nebulae

41:0.3 O. or more—even many—such nebulae may be

one night(s)

63:2.2 it was in this new home among the treetops, o.

93:8.1 Machiventa retired o. to his tent at Salem, having

93:9.3 Abraham o. had overheard a plot to murder him in

142:0.1 Jesus himself spent o. or two nights each week in

151:6.7 so, after only o. of rest, early Tuesday morning

152:7.1 For this o. they stopped at the home of Lazarus,

one objective

136:9.6 Jesus had only o., the further revelation of God to

one occasion

149:1.3 On o. he remarked when touched by an ailing child,

176:4.3 On o. Jesus intimated that, whereas the eye of flesh

one o’clock

168:3.2 At o. the next day, Friday, the Sanhedrin met to

172:3.1 half past o. that Sunday afternoon when Jesus

178:1.18 when Jesus had concluded his teaching, it was o.,

187:5.1 Before o. the sky was so dark the sun was hid,

187:5.2 Shortly after o., amidst the increasing darkness of

187:5.3 that Jesus made of his fellows was about half past o.

194:0.1 About o., as the one hundred and twenty believers

one octave

42:5.13 energy activity, the human eye can react to just o.,

one offspring

77:5.6 offspring arrived, he decided to mate them, since o.

one by one

20:1.14 and spiritual uplifting designed to win the planets, o.,

39:0.9 By application and devoted service Manotia has, o.,

40:5.17 to diminish as the mansion worlds are traversed o..

40:10.6 the planetary ages as they unfold o. on ten million

47:0.3 as the mansion worlds o. cease to serve as mortal-

47:4.3 As you ascend the mansion worlds o., they become

47:8.7 grows less and less as these worlds are ascended o.

48:8.3 then spend ages upon ages piloting you, o.,

55:8.7 And now, as the systems o. become settled in light

64:6.1 planet the six evolutionary races of color appear o.;

65:6.7 as the scale of life ascends, o. the mind ministries of

110:6.4 man ascend the circles of planetary progression o.,

136:4.10 had a personal seraphic guardian)—he arrived, o.,

138:2.1 as he called upon them o., they made their formal

140:2.3 O. they embraced Jesus, but no man said aught.

140:6.14 other apostles went in o. to talk with the Master.

140:9.2 same spot, and then, calling them before him o., he

162:3.5 they read his words, they, too, went away, o..

one opportunity

112:5.9 creatures are to experience o. true opportunity to

one order

14:4.18 universes are fashioned along the lines of some o.

25:3.2 The order of conciliators is wholly dependable;not o.

26:2.2 two unique orders of universe creatures—the o.

47:6.3 A new social order is being introduced, o. based

one organization

162:9.5 Jesus and the twelve and labored with them as o.

one origin

87:6.7 4. Burying under stones, o. of the modern tombstone

one paddle

130:2.1 captain decided to remain in port while a new o.

one pair

51:1.2 The Creator Son produces only o. of these beings in

61:1.10 They had from o. to eleven pairs of mammary glands

one paper

92:4.9 The papers, of which this is o., constitute the most

one parent

22:7.9 o. goes the other goes, what o. does the other does.

47:1.5 While o. or both parents may leave a mansion

49:6.13 to that of the parent in case only o. survives.

72:3.3 in case of the demise of o. or both, under that of

82:3.8 O. would arrange for these intermediaries to effect

122:5.3 traits; in other respects he exhibited the traits of o.

144:5.55 Glorious Father and Mother, in o. combined,

one park

43:1.7 The remainder of this sphere is o. vast natural park,

one part

15:4.6 o. one-hundred-thousandth part of the total energy

42:8.4 At o. infinitesimal part of a second a given nuclear

85:4.2 Likewise, influences regarded as beneficent in o. of

112:0.1 there is o. of you that remains absolutely unaltered

167:7.4 But these angelic spirits do function to keep o. of

one particular

40:9.4 There is o. in which Spirit-fused mortals differ from

118:6.7 human will is strictly finite-limited except in o.:

one party

70:11.13 to pay the costs and fine after o. had been defeated

83:6.6 fail because o. or both of the contracting parties are

one passage

126:3.8 There was o. which particularly impressed him,

127:3.8 the various passages that the o. would illuminate the

one pearl

151:4.5 having found o. of great price, he went out and sold

one people

79:2.3 never in the history of Urantia did any o. combine

80:4.5 and exterminating the worst, became blended into o..

92:1.5 O. Asiatic people taught that “God is a great fear”;

155:5.2 at any one time and among any o. there are to be

159:4.6 revelation of truth to any generation or to any o..

195:0.3 Christianity presumed to embrace too much for o.

one per cent

11:3.4 less than o. of the assigned area of the Holy Land.

11:4.4 the existing universes is occupied only from o. to

14:3.5 only about o. of all planetary capacity is utilized in

14:3.5 About one tenth of o. of the area of these worlds is

31:3.1 unknown and missing member make up only o. of

49:2.14 Nonbreathers account for the remaining o. of worlds.

49:2.23 types are distributed as follows: number 1, o.;

55:3.6 4. O. was assigned to the insurance reserves

57:5.3 Less than o. of the planetary systems of Orvonton

72:7.6 prevents levying a tax of more than o. on the value

72:7.11 levies a graduated inheritance tax ranging from o.

72:10.2 The homicide rate on this continent is only o. of that

81:6.42 such wise leadership has never exceeded o. of the

one Perfector of Wisdom

19:3.4 O., seven Divine Counselors, and one Universal

one performance

90:5.3 olden mystery cults was just o. long performance

one period

35:1.3 created within o. millennial period of standard time

one person

101:6.5 being the o. in Nebadon possessed of unlimited

122:6.2 two persons to operate this type of mill, o. to grind

132:5.23 9. The trusteeship of the wealth of o. for the benefit

133:5.6 Mathematics asserts that, if o. stands for a certain

139:12.10 the o. innocent person in all the sordid drama of his

180:4.3 and before your very eyes as o., the Son of Man.

one personality

12:7.1 necessarily prevail in the part—the heart of any o.

15:2.9 Eternals of Days, o. such Trinity Personality

25:3.3 the receipt of a petition of two personalities, o. from

31:5.3 they are usually permitted to function jointly, as o..

45:7.6 The vote cast at a Jerusem election by any o. has a

67:7.4 the plight of o. must to a certain extent be shared

112:7.8 But the fused individual is really o., one being,

117:1.5 united in one Deity whose will is expressive of o.

117:5.7 seem to transmit experience from o. to another,

129:4.6 and in o. and the same personality-life, the fullness of

136:1.6 the true concept of the union in o. earth personality

194:3.1 When Jesus was on earth, he lived his life as o.

one phase

11:6.4 During o. the universes expand; during the next they

17:2.4 he is concerned with this o. of universe economy;

21:3.21 On each creature level, experientially to reveal o. of

26:1.16 are limited in “spirit polarity” regarding only o. of

30:4.17 sphere to another and from o. of life to another,

35:3.1 But the education of ascenders is only o. of the

37:6.5 transition from o. to another is usually by classes.

42:10.6 sevenfold diversified mind of time and space, o.

48:2.18 will translate from o. of morontia life to another

48:2.21 As you progress from o. or class of a morontia

88:3.2 Totemism was o. of the attempted socialization of

99:1.3 dangerous times of transition from o. of civilization

110:6.3 of the entire personality, not merely of some o.

115:3.18 there are no endings, merely transitions from o. of

118:9.6 that in these very mechanics Deity has achieved o. of

170:4.1 At one time he would discourse on o of the kingdom

170:4.15 Although Jesus referred o. of the kingdom to the

176:4.1 Of all the Master’s teachings no o. has been so

one phenomenon or phenomena

12:9.3 The understanding knowledge of this o. should

86:4.3 The breath of life was regarded as the o. which

112:1.9 the finite level, three on the absonite level, and o.

one philosophy

55:3.22 it has achieved one language, one religion, and o..

one physical controller

29:2.16 power center to another power center or from o. to

one piece

70:3.9 guests departed, a dish would be broken in half, o.

169:1.4 silver made into a necklace of adornment, lost o.,

one place

2:7.2 That which apparently may be wholly true in o. may

35:9.5 application of judicial verdicts, they present the o.

46:1.5 lighting, the light rays do not seem to come from o.;

89:2.4 places of future punishment have varied from o. to

129:1.15 Never again did Jesus spend a whole year in o. or

179:1.4 place of least honor, would call him to a higher o.,

one plane

14:1.10 whirls around the stationary Isle of Paradise in o.

one planet

15:6.15 In your superuniverse not o. cool planet in forty is

20:5.4 on a bestowal mission except the o. in each local

72:0.2 the system rulers to consent to the narration on o.

one planetary custodian

48:2.19 two system co-ordinators, four circuit regulators, o.,

one plunge

15:1.1 the adventure of o. long and uncharted plunge into

one point

15:4.7 thus making it easy to observe them at o. but more

22:10.2 fairness, call attention to their o. of great strength,

104:3.17 There is o. of comparison between trinity and triunity

138:5.2 One would grasp o. and one would comprehend

161:2.1 of the gospel, there remained only o. to consider,

one position

15:1.4 This position, with the corresponding o. to the west

one possibility

108:4.4 there remains but o. of interplanetary communication

one pound

60:1.10 brains weighing less than o. to control bodies later

171:8.4 and giving into each of your hands the sum of o.,

one Power Center

29:2.16 a direct circuit of energy from o. to another power

29:2.18 O. is permanently assigned to each system.

one prayer

144:3.2 you still desire such a prayer, I would present the o.

144:6.5 unanimously voted to accept this prayer as the o.

one presentation

34:4.11 represents the confusion of two presentations, o.

one principle

94:2.2 two essential divine principles of the universe, o. was

one problem

126:2.3 At least o. great problem and anticipated difficulty in

127:3.15 could concentrate his deep-thinking mind on the o.

139:1.5 unless Andrew deemed the problem o. beyond the

one proffer

132:4.4 dozen proffers were made, and he utilized each o. as

one proof

100:1.9 the reality of unconscious religious growth is the o.

one property

42:9.3 Starting from one element, after noting some o.,

127:3.1 last piece of property (except an equity in o. other),

one prophesy

172:3.4 Messianic prophesies, but there seemed to be o.

one proselyte

175:1.13 you do indeed encompass land and sea to make o.,

one purpose

127:5.6 Rebecca lived for only o.—to await the hour when

128:4.6 O. which Jesus had in mind, when he sought to

130:5.1 The travelers had but o. in going to Crete, and that

164:2.1 went up to the feast of the dedication for just o.:

193:0.3 I taught you that my o. was to reveal my Father

196:0.14 Jesus’ earthly life was devoted to o. great purpose—

one pursuit

49:4.5 tilling the soil is the o. that is common to the races

one quality

5:5.5 qualities of religion, o. evolutional and biological,

139:5.6 The o. about Jesus which Philip so continuously

one quarter

24:7.3 almost o. of those who achieve the divine embrace

39:4.6 more than o. of the other administrator seraphim

55:2.2 o. of these superb mortals are exempt from natural

59:0.7 The marine-life era thus covers about o. of your

59:6.11 the end of the long Paleozoic era, which covers o. of

72:4.4 O. of the school time is devoted to play—competitive

72:7.14 twenty-four years, o. being elected every six years.

135:10.1 About o. of John’s immediate followers had departed

one question

123:2.3 he was ten, he was o. continuous question mark.

133:1.3 But Ganid asked o. last question, to which he

153:1.5 just one great mystery, just o. supreme question,

173:2.4 Said Jesus: “I would also like to ask you o. which,

174:4.6 ask no more questions, I would like to ask you o..

175:4.2 discussion of just o.: “What will they do with Jesus?”

184:3.16 except the o. relative to his bestowal mission.

186:2.2 There was but o. which would always elicit an

186:2.2 the o. concerning the nature and divinity of his

one quiet zone

11:7.7 quiet zones between the space levels, such as the o.

one race

49:2.20 In Satania there is only o. under four feet in height.

52:5.10 mostly determined by land distribution, but only o.,

55:3.1 language, one religion, and, on normal spheres, o..

55:3.22 Being of o. greatly facilitates such achievement, but

64:6.9 if two races do not blend, o. or the other is doomed.

64:7.5 founded a new and amalgamated race, o. which

80:9.15 the ancient social groups were no more of o. than are

85:3.2 The animals have all been worshiped by o. or another

one reaction

2:5.9 only o. reasonable and natural personality reaction

152:3.1 was but o. unanimous reaction: “Here is our king.”

one reality

0:2.2 of a First Cause, the o. and only uncaused reality.

0:5.11 Personality is the o changeless reality in an otherwise

0:8.10 and the spirit person of God the Supreme are o.

12:8.3 Physical energy is the o. which is true and steadfast

56:3.2 Paradise spirit realities are likewise o., but in all

104:4.15 loving person are o. and the same universal reality;

110:2.4 and are centered in, the human mind circuits: o.,

196:3.21 The o. truly divine and objective reality that is

one realm

20:5.6 his final adventure in creature experience o. which

23:2.22 to another, to represent and interpret o. to another.

31:3.5 determined by actual advancement from o. of

144:6.3 business, for we have other realms besides this o..”

one reason

72:10.3 For o., there are only about ten per cent as many

81:2.11 This was o. why civilization progressed faster in that

88:4.7 This is o. why ancient peoples did not increase faster,

one Recent of Days

18:5.4 Most of the time o. is away in conference with the

one regime

77:9.2 provide the o. continuing regime which harmonizes

one relation

84:1.7 relation is natural, strong, and instinctive, and o.

one religion

52:5.10 many nations, but only one race, one language, and o

55:3.1 worlds are progressing under the momentum of o.,

55:3.22 in light until it has achieved o., and one philosophy.

94:5.2 arose in China, a vastly different religion than the o.

131:7.1 Shinto was the o. world religion of which Ganid had

131:8.1 several Chinese religions; the o. persisting longest

132:7.6 “Teacher, let’s you and I make a new religion, o.

134:4.3 Only when o. assumes that it is in some way superior

134:4.8 some o. will begin to assert its superiority over other

195:3.2 races and nations at least nominally to accept o..

195:9.8 only a religion about Jesus, but it is so largely o.

one religionist

99:3.15 but religion, albeit any o., as an individual citizen,

one representative

72:2.1 confirmed by their legislatures, which consist of o.

one requirement

178:1.3 these two requirements, the o. being material and

196:0.13 the full significance of his o. supreme requirement,

one reserve corps

114:7.7 there are twelve reserve corps of destiny, o. for each

one residence

66:7.4 one family together in o. of comparatively settled

one respect

22:7.3 Deity seems to be limited in just o.: There can be

61:3.10 in animal quality to that of the elephant, but in o. it

one restriction

119:6.3 is o. which forbids my undertaking to unfold the

one revolution

14:1.12 the first or inner Havona circuit to complete o.

one river

63:5.3 The Somme is the o. unchanged by the glaciers,

one robe

169:1.9 ‘Bring quickly his best robe, the o. I have saved,

one route

48:6.5 you will be permitted to select the o. that most

one rule

123:5.11 o. upon which they expatiated at their graduation

one ruler

72:1.4 sovereignty of continent placed in the hands of o..

81:2.12 O. of the blue race once had one hundred thousand

111:0.6 O. Egyptian ruler, speaking of the ka within his heart

one Sabbath

52:7.12 from o. to another all flesh shall come to worship

one sanctuary

27:7.2 it is more nearly o. vast sanctuary of divine service.

one saying

166:3.3 o. that contains much truth:That the way which leads

one school

37:6.2 The entire universe is o. vast school.

48:8.3 into o. vast and intricate practical training school,

one Scripture

172:3.4 there was o. that had sometimes been associated

one sea

80:2.4 creating o. of the Mediterranean and connecting it

one season

107:2.3 2. Advanced Adjusters, those who have served o.

one seat

179:1.4 Zebedee laid claim to the next preferred seat, the o.

one seconaphim

28:3.1 In each seven there are always o. primary, three

28:3.1 When seven such seconaphim are created, o.,

28:4.5 seconaphim and every seventh o. thereafter created

28:4.12 seconaphim to be created and every seventh o.

28:4.13 the sixth primary seconaphim and every seventh o.

one second

23:2.22 exceed the velocity of 558,840 Urantia miles in o.

41:7.13 all the water in all the oceans on Urantia in just o.

one section

47:4.5 from one mansion world to another and from o. of

173:1.6 hundred bullocks which was being driven from o.

one sector

15:2.7 100,000,000,000 inhabitable worlds) make o. major

15:2.22 O. minor sector (100 universes) . . . . . . 1,000,000,000

15:2.23 O. major sector (100 minor sectors) . . . . . .

46:5.26 The other o. is the dematerializing sector in the area

one seraphim

39:0.9 To say that any o. is inferior to an angel of any other

one servant

173:4.2 instead, they fell upon his servants, beating o.,

one seventh

12:1.12 a geographic space clustering of approximately o. of

13:1.23 O. of Ascendington is forbidden to me—that sector

13:2.6 But there will always remain o. of Sonarington,

15:3.1 watchlike, elongated-circular grouping of about o.

22:5.5 and o. of each group is assigned to a superuniverse.

22:10.5 trinitized ideas; we only get o. of these beings;

23:0.2 I conjecture that this is considerably less than o. of

25:2.3 Every superuniverse corps, embracing o. of each

95:5.10 eventually gaining possession of o. of all Egypt;

one sex

49:4.4 having emerged from barbarism so long as o. seeks

one sheep

159:1.2 the ninety and nine and go out in search of the o.

169:1.2 in the fold while he went forth searching for the o.

one shepherd

165:2.9 shall you all know the voice of o., the true shepherd,

one side

60:1.7 The great eastern-Connecticut fault appeared, o.

133:2.1 When Jesus had led him to o., he said: “My friend,

137:2.4 Peter took Philip to o. and proceeded to explain

157:1.1 called Peter to o. and said: “Does not your Master

158:4.6 Andrew and Thomas were in consultation at o..

168:2.5 Jesus and the apostles drew to o. while Martha told

171:0.7 hanging on a Roman cross with a dying thief on o.

173:2.5 withdrew to o. to take counsel among themselves

178:2.6 Peter, and John went to o. to talk with the Master.

182:2.1 David Zebedee and John Mark took Jesus to o.

183:3.2 As the company of soldiers approached on o.,

183:3.4 before the traitor could reach him, he stepped to o.

184:2.6 this time the portress of the gate drew Peter to o.

188:5.2 Mercy sets the guilt of evil-doing to o.; but love

189:4.10 looked to o. and observed a silent and motionless

191:5.2 Peter sitting on o. of Thomas and Nathaniel on the

one sign

173:5.4 And when the Master heard this, he said, “Only o.

one sinner

159:1.2 I declare that there is more joy in heaven over o.

167:7.5 joy in the presence of the angels of heaven over o.

169:1.2 Again I say there is more joy in heaven over o.

169:1.4 joy in the presence of the angels of heaven over o.

one son or Son

20:2.7 on each planet there appears but o. bestowal Son.

20:5.4 that each inhabited world have o. bestowal Son

20:9.3 O Teacher Son presides over the planetary millennial

21:1.3 suggests that its Creator and ruling Son is o. whose

21:4.6 a Master Son, o. who has fully earned the right to

22:1.13 is exactly the same; not o. has ever been lost.

52:4.9 the bestowal Son—the advent of each o. marks the

142:7.15 Jesus is a divine Son, o. in the Universal Father’s full

169:1.6 It was like this: “A certain man had two sons; o.,

169:1.13 his sons, he tried to reason with this older o.: ‘But,

171:0.4 the o. to sit on your right hand and the other to sit

one sort

26:4.13 you arrive with only o. of perfection—perfection of

42:5.5 There are two sorts of these space rays: o. attendant

one soul

39:2.5 each angelic pair has guided at least o. of animal

86:5.16 believed that the loss of o. soul meant discomfort,

86:5.16 O. soul lived in the breath, o. in the head,

86:5.16 o. in the hair, o. in the heart.

86:5.16 the sick soul of a diseased person for a new o.,

167:7.5 for have I not told you of the seraphic joy when o.

170:5.13 Jesus taught that the truth-loving soul, the o. who

194:3.4 the o. progressive and aggressive soul on earth.

194:3.17 It was literally true that “there was but o. and heart

194:4.3 And the multitudes of those who believed were of o.

one source

56:3.6 Spirit originates from o. through a threefold

107:3.8 gather information from a thousand and o. sources,

118:6.2 derivatives of this o. First Great Source and Center.

one space body

29:2.19 but not o. in a million harbors such a living power

one species

60:2.8 o. of ammonites attained a diameter of eight feet.

one sphere

27:1.2 when enseraphimed, when in passage from o. to

30:4.17 ascenders progress individually from o. to another

39:2.8 who are unable, of themselves, to journey from o. to

39:3.8 Such transport seraphim, while in flight from o. to

43:7.1 they change residence from o. Edentia sphere to

44:3.7 realms as they are at any one time present on any o..

48:2.17 When mansion world ascenders pass from o. to

48:5.7 you master the lessons of o. before you proceed to

one spirit

8:5.4 In your minds and your souls they function as o.,

87:4.6 fortune only by postulating two kinds of spirits, o.

87:6.13 Exorcism was the employment of o. to control

one Spirit-Advocate

25:2.7 The o. appointed by the judge-arbiter to present

one spirituality

96:0.1 their multifarious deities into the “o. of the gods”

one spot

73:3.6 Eden was the o. bright spot on Urantia; it was

one stage

27:1.2 sleep of metamorphosis, the transition rest from o.

30:4.17 ascenders always advance from o. of universe study

119:5.3 appearance of Michael incarnated in the role of o.

one state

27:1.2 from one life to another, from o. of existence to

one status

27:1.2 to evolution through various stages of any o..

one step

6:2.1 appear to be more personal since he is o. nearer you

31:3.3 There undoubtedly remains o. more step in the

42:1.3 so will they have approached o. nearer the Creator;

89:4.1 but o. from the impulse of worship to the act of

97:1.8 Later Samuel went o. further when, in their adversity

106:9.12 brings such creatures o. nearer the comprehension

117:0.1 the almighty potential of the Supreme becomes o.

117:0.3 the divinity of Supremacy advanced o. more step

131:7.3 “‘Every time man yields to anxiety, he takes o. away

one stone

128:5.3 destroyed and the temple demolished, that not o.

172:3.10 shall utterly destroy you, insomuch that not o.

176:0.1 In the days soon to come there shall not be left o.

one story

66:3.5 The buildings of Dalamatia were all o. except the

one stranger

137:2.8 five who had for some time known Jesus and o.,

one stress

125:0.3 experienced o. long stress of expectant anticipation.

one stretch

102:0.2 this destiny of despair are forever dispelled by o.

one struggle

159:3.8 There is but o. for those who enter the kingdom,

one study

72:4.1 There are no classrooms, only o. is pursued at a

one subject

134:3.5 Never before or after did he say so much on o. as

one sun

41:4.7 an extending fringe that reaches almost from o. to

one Sunday

123:0.6 They started out early o. morning, Mary and the

one superuniverse

13:4.6 Each Master Spirit presides over o. superuniverse,

15:2.24 O. (10 major sectors) . . . . . . 1,000,000,000,000

15:14.2 the seventh superuniverse, the o. to which your local

23:2.15 the triune rulers of o. can directly and personally

23:2.15 that can be dispatched from the headquarters of o.

39:2.4 O. can ordinarily communicate with another only

one Supreme Power Center

41:1.5 O. of the sixth order is stationed at the exact focus

one system

14:1.10 the Paradise circuits are all o. and the same system,

15:2.19 O. embraces, approximately . . . . . . 1,000 worlds

42:7.7 one hundred orbital electrons in o. atomic system.

51:1.2 the evolving mortal beings of the worlds of any o..

one talent

28:6.9 time is the “o.” intrusted to all intelligent beings.

139:9.8 Jesus welcomed these young men of o. to positions

176:3.4 gave five talents, to another two, and to another o..

176:3.4 gains for their master except he who received but o.

176:3.4 came to the accounting he who had received the o.

176:3.4 lord said: ‘Take away this o. from this unprofitable

176:3.4 came to the accounting he who had received the o.

176:3.4 lord said: ‘Take away this o. from this unprofitable

176:3.9 this unfaithful servant with the o. in that he blamed

one task

66:3.2 The o. great task of those ages was to transform man

one teacher

20:9.3 O. Son presides over the planetary millennial reign

43:3.4 O. understood that the Most Highs were not the

one technique

91:2.8 Prayer represents o. associated with the natural

one tenth

11:2.2 from the upper surface to the nether surface is o. that

14:3.5 About o. of one per cent of the area of these worlds

15:13.1 A major sector comprises about o of a superuniverse

41:3.4 When less than o. the size of your sun, these fiery

42:6.8 until that of an electron equaled o. of an ounce,

57:6.10 Urantia was a well-developed sphere about o. its

58:2.2 would make a layer only o. of an inch thick;

70:7.18 earliest forms being the tithe, o. of the hunt or spoils.

72:3.9 divorce laws, the present rate of divorces is only o.

72:7.5 In the average state the police force is now only o.

one term

72:2.3 the respective state governors, and then but for o..

one thingsee thing, one

one thirdsee third

one thought

145:4.3 but o.: “We cannot understand him. What does all

153:1.5 Both his friends and his foes pondered just o.,

173:0.2 There was just o. uppermost in the minds of all save

173:0.2 The o. absorbing thought of Judas was: What shall I

184:2.4 with only o. uppermost in his mind—the thought of

one throne

141:2.1 Our Father also sits upon a throne, but not o. made

one timesee time, one

one title

128:1.11 Jesus objected to but o. as applied to him: When he

one ton

41:4.4 weight of this hot-cold gaseous-solid is about o. per

one tone

132:6.3 will be able to recognize four tones instead of o..”

one trait

139:2.5 The o. trait which Peter most admired in Jesus was

139:4.4 Zebedee had many lovely traits of character, but o.

one tribe

68:6.10 Not long since, o. cannibalistic tribe ate every fifth

70:1.12 5. Revenge was the motive for war when o. believed

74:5.8 The sending of ambassadors from o. to another dates

95:2.3 o. worshiping the bull, another the lion, a third the

one Trinity

104:3.16 existential triunities but only o. existential Trinity.

one Trinitized Secret of Supremacy

18:1.2 and o. of these co-ordinate rulers presides over each

18:1.2 o. representing the Father, o. the Son, and o. the

one truthsee also One Truth

102:8.1 That is the o. central truth of all religion.

145:2.4 I have come to proclaim a greater truth, o. which

151:2.5 a story best suited to the illustration of the o. which

151:2.6 that I think this parable was spoken to teach us o.

one twin

68:6.8 The father of twins usually insisted that o. be killed

one type

15:5.8 but unequal suns, o. of double star formation.

23:2.10 messengers are interchangeable from o. of service to

41:3.3 equatorially, this being o. of double star formation.

41:3.4 grasp and revolving about a common center as o. of

48:3.4 o. is aggressive, the other retiring, but otherwise

one ultimaton

42:6.5 The loss of o. or more ultimatons destroys typical

one undertaking

129:1.15 did Jesus spend a whole year in one place or at o..

one uniformity

49:5.13 The o. physical uniformity of mortals is the brain and

one Union of Days

21:1.4 to indicate that o. is to be stationed in each local

one unit

11:3.4 One billion assemblies make o. grand unit.

41:1.1 bind the manifold space bodies of Nebadon into o.

51:3.8 have functioned as o. in world affairs ever since.

one unity

6:8.2 discern the Father and the Son not only as o. of

one Universal Censor

19:3.4 and o. constitute a tribunal of Trinity divinity,

19:4.2 O. is commissioned on each of the billion worlds

one Universal Conciliator

25:2.1 are brought into being, o. in each superuniverse.

25:2.5 In each group, three are spirit personalities, and o.,

one universe

15:2.21 O. (100 constellations) . . . . . . 10,000,000 worlds

31:3.5 to another realm of universe service or from o. to

35:1.4 ambassadors representing o. to another in the same

40:10.6 to participate in the agelong struggle of some o. or

40:10.6 that intimate knowledge of any o. which even now

42:4.2 In o. it appears as light, in another as light plus heat,

48:2.18 metamorphoses and the later transitions from o. to

one victor

194:3.12 There was but o.; there was only one who came out

one vigil

123:0.2 Mary maintained o. long and constant vigil lest

one vine

136:6.7 and on o. there will be a thousand branches,

one visitation

128:1.9 Between these two celestial visitations, o. in his

one vote

72:9.2 man and woman of twenty years and over has o..

72:9.6 by nation-wide ballot, and no citizen casts over o..

one war

70:5.6 peace intervals, tending to continue to rule from o.

70:5.6 They often saw to it that o. was not too long in

one way

6:3.1 can show mercy to creatures in o. additional way,

26:1.15 they minister in o. or another to the higher orders

49:5.32 There is fundamentally only o. in which human life

84:8.6 the human race find pleasure in a thousand and o.

123:6.9 not feeling strongly o. or the other, in view of the

184:3.14 thought he knew at least o. in which the prisoner

one weakness

139:3.3 James’s o. was these spells of unaccountable silence.

one week

83:5.13 put in isolation o. out of each month when they

84:4.8 to complete social quarantine o. each month.

84:4.9 gave overworked females, at least when young, o.

123:6.1 was excused from attendance o. out of each month.

124:1.2 a favored pupil, having o. each month at liberty,

129:1.2 Jesus spent o. at Tiberias, the new city which was

140:7.7 O. of this varied experience did much for the twelve;

144:6.6 that joint meetings for o. would be held every three

148:0.2 The twelve were permitted to spend o. out of each

152:2.1 On Friday he declared a furlough of o. that all his

154:0.3 Thus matters rested for o., during which time Jesus

169:0.2 Jesus planned to teach this o. short week at Pella and

190:1.10 In about o. from this time John Zebedee took Mary

one wheel

15:0.1 constituting the vast creation o. gigantic wheel,

one whole

118:9.9 synthesize these manifold finite diversities into o.

one wife

69:5.10 7. Sex urge—the desire to buy o. or more wives.

83:5.3 customarily a family affair, o. for several brothers.

83:5.3 for several men to content themselves with o..

83:5.12 The taboo wife—o. of legal status—created the

83:5.12 Under these mores a man might have only o., but he

83:5.13 take a second and younger wife, o. able to help

83:5.15 have a harem, that he should be contented with o.;

87:2.7 a well-to-do savage expected that o. slave wife

one will

110:2.6 a dual mind in the local universe dominated by o..

one woman

69:9.7 the matchless association of one man and o. in the

83:0.1 the union of one man and o. to establish a home

84:7.8 institution, a partnership between one man and o.,

139:7.7 flocked to hear Jesus, and he never turned o. away.

one word

115:3.4 that causes this concept to be expressed as o..

187:1.2 underneath which was written the o., “Brigand.”

one world

13:2.6 some status on each of the Father’s worlds save o..

26:3.2 on o. or more of the local universe training worlds,

28:5.18 his order is attached, utilize them to reflect from o.

28:5.18 fraternal competitive spirit by circulating to any o.

32:2.10 and of these only o. has four peopled planets,

34:3.3 just as literally and personally present on o. as on any

36:2.15 On o. in each ten a greater variance in the standard

39:5.13 beings are to be enseraphimed for transfer from o.

43:8.2 you are re-keyed each time you pass from o. to

51:2.2 and thus to be transported through space from o.

52:5.2 Only o. in near ten million can enjoy such a gift;

58:0.1 about o. in ten is designated as a decimal planet

114:7.15 only o. or two worlds may be said to be worse,

119:7.6 Through the contacts of o. with another, these wise

120:3.9 by any one man in any one generation on any o.

131:7.1 Shinto was the o. religion of which Ganid had never

167:7.4 It is by the ministry of the angels that o. may be

182:1.24 I am the living bridge from o. world to another.

188:4.6 for a whole universe, not just for the races of this o..

one year

19:7.4 its headquarters, in less than o. of Urantia time.

47:2.3 cared for in families of five, ranging in ages from o.

72:3.8 Permission to marry is only granted after o. year’s

72:3.9 the parental courts, may not be had until o. after

72:7.6 one per cent on the value of any property in any o.,

74:6.3 they ceased to nurse the mother’s breast at o. of age.

82:3.6 required to enter the bride’s family for at least o.,

122:7.1 taking of this census in the Jewish kingdom for o..

122:7.1 of Herod, where it was taken in 7 B.C., o. later.

122:10.4 6 B.C., when Jesus was a little over o. of age.

124:2.4 friendship of Jacob,a neighbor boy, who was o. older

124:3.4 first-born son and to do all this o. or two full years

127:6.5 Martha was a little over o. older than Jesus, while

129:1.3 Jesus worked with Zebedee a little more than o.,

129:2.9 proposed to advance to Jesus the wages of o. so

139:4.15 103 when John was one hundred and o. years of age.

141:1.2 where John had preached about o. before,

166:4.9 ‘Let it alone for o. more year so that I may dig

172:1.7 was a sum equal to the earnings of one man for o.

187:4.7 Mary did not live quite o. after the death of Jesus.


40:5.12 Type classification among the o., two-, and three-

40:5.17 They embrace mortals of the o., two-brained, and

40:5.17 in many ways humanly superior to the o. groups

49:4.3 slightly beyond those of the o. and two-brained types

49:5.13 the o., the two-, and the three-brained types.

49:5.13 adventurous, and philosophical than the o. mortals

49:5.14 can, by analogy, grasp something of the o. type.

49:5.15 While the terrestrial attainments of the o. races are

49:5.17 evolution than either the o. or two-brained orders,

49:5.19 This classification does not refer to the o., two

109:3.5 their subjects during the temporal life than in the o.

109:3.5 the three-brained type proceed just as do the o. type


59:1.18 consisted of the seaweeds, o. organisms, sponges,


14:1.12 three and o. seconds less than one thousand years

78:4.1 those peoples whose racial inheritance was from o.


130:4.4 A o. person can never hope to visualize depth of