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77:6.4 then there are D-E-F the first, second, and so on.


149:0.1 On this tour they visited Gadara, Ptolemais, D.,


195:7.5 And let not your d. with the faintly glimpsed findings

Dagongod of the Philistines

97:6.2 Ashur for the Assyrians, or D. for the Philistines.

dailysee daily life or lives or living

46:2.2 there is the d. precipitation of the condensation of

49:3.3 meteorites enter the atmosphere of Urantia d.,

52:4.5 The d. work required to sustain one’s independence

52:7.6 manifest in the latest editions of your d. newspapers.

57:8.15 but Urantia still has an average of fifteen d..

63:4.6 This language continued to grow, and almost d.

63:6.6 “O Breath of Life, give us this day our d. food,

66:5.14 and gave them the d. praise-phrase and taught them

66:7.6 their way by the d. performance of useful tasks.

72:5.9 adjust and decree the lawful hours of d. gainful toil.

85:3.3 as the result of d. snake bites, became immune,

91:8.6 A petition may be for d. bread or may embody a

96:2.2 bitter experience of enslavement at the hard d. toil of

110:1.4 Adjusters are interested in your d. doings and the

124:4.9 making the necessary d. adjustments between

125:1.5 permitted to witness the d. sacrifices in the temple,

128:3.1 longest period away from d. toil Jesus had enjoyed

128:4.4 going about his d. duties just as if he had never been

130:2.2 by means of d. submission to the will of the Father

130:3.7 Learned professors here gave d. lectures, and in

131:8.5 If you seek for him d., you shall find him.

131:10.2 And by d. living the will of the Father in heaven,

132:5.12 fair and just reward of your own d. efforts of mind

133:4.8 Elevate the drudgery of your d. toil to the high levels

139:3.8 James was modest and undramatic, a d. server,

139:4.3 to comfort me and to minister to my d. needs.”

139:7.8 his funds often supplied them with their d. bread,

140:10.6 the fruits of the spirit in the spontaneous d. ministry

141:3.1 The apostles continued to preach twice d. to the

141:4.3 these men, trained in the religion of the d. sacrifice,

142:1.1 Jesus or one of the apostles taught d. in the temple.

144:4.5 worship is a technique of detachment from the d.

147:5.8 but you are making d. progress on the living way

152:2.1 the multitude was d. increasing in size, so much so

155:3.2 profitable from their d. conferences with the Master.

156:4.2 D., for this period of two weeks, the apostles and

156:6.4 they rested for three days and held d. conferences,

158:7.5 take up his responsibilities d., and follow me.

159:5.10 full measure of his responsibilities d. to follow me.

160:4.10 that faithfulness in doing one’s d. work will insure

163:4.10 He admonished them to neglect not their d. worship.

163:5.2 D., pilgrims arrived from all parts of Palestine and

165:5.1 Jesus and the twelve gathered together for their d.

167:6.6 beautiful as the home in which he is d. domiciled.

171:7.10 do unselfish good as they go about their d. duties.

177:0.1 the truth abides in your lives, and that you d. grow

181:2.19 rejoice with them and continue your d. work as

183:3.8 I was d. with you in the temple, publicly teaching the

191:0.3 dependent on David’s messengers for their d.

191:5.3 to exhibit in your d. experience these spirit realities

193:0.4 can realize, and d. experience, this ennobling truth.

daily life or lives or living

5:3.5 When you deal with the practical affairs of your d.

81:2.18 the accidental occurrences attendant upon the d. of

95:5.8 The supreme word of Ikhnaton’s religion in d. was

99:5.6 yields the “fruits of the spirit” in the d. of the spirit-

100:0.2 religion ennobles the commonplace drudgery of d.

101:7.4 just enough to stabilize the d., and therefore

131:10.2 And by d. the will of the Father in heaven, we can

139:4.9 Jesus’ d. of implicit trust, made such a profound

140:10.1 faith, must precede doing righteousness in the d.

142:6.7 you would begin to bear in your d. the fruits of the

143:2.8 you show forth the fruits of the spirit in your d.;

144:4.5 worship is a technique of detachment from the d.

152:6.3 yielding of the genuine fruits of the spirit in the d.

155:3.7 religion releases faith and courage for d. and serving.

155:6.15 1. The fruits of the spirit showing forth in your d.

159:4.10 making them the guide to slavish details of the d.

165:3.4 live in fear of the trifles which come up in your d.?

175:1.10 Seek in your d., not self-glorification, but the glory

191:5.3 divine love, not merely with words, but in your d..

dairy products

76:4.4 the descendants of Adam began to partake of d.,

123:6.5 Jesus made arrangements to exchange d. for lessons


93:6.8 and the reorganization of the Salem d. projects.


91:0.4 rituals of the d. priests of the Todas do not represent

Dakota Black Hills

60:2.4 Pacific, which extended eastward to the D. region.

Dalamatiasee Dalamatia teachers


66:3.3 This world center of culture was named D. in honor

66:3.5 The buildings of D. were all one story except the

66:3.7 Although these early schools of D. were crude,

66:4.10 sojourn in D., long before the wall was completed,

66:4.11 the primitive sojourners at D. were taught about

66:4.13 In the days of D. this tree grew in the courtyard of

66:5.9 The D. library, destroyed soon after the Caligastia

66:5.12 these enlightened groups educated in the D. schools

66:5.26 clay, hardened by baking, adorned the gardens of D..

66:5.30 In the vicinity of D there developed a more advanced

66:6.5 folk of Urantia brought their social customs to D.,


66:7.4 settled location date from these times of D. and were

66:7.4 the supermen and superwomen of D. led mankind to

66:7.5 the fifty pattern homes of D. never sheltered less

66:7.6 Fad sponsored the D. plan of teaching that was

66:7.16 This was the law of D. for almost three hundred

66:7.20 At the outbreak of the rebellion, D. had a resident

67:3.4 protected settlement a few miles to the east of D.,

67:4.2 After the fall of D. the disloyal staff migrated to the

67:5.1 Great confusion reigned in D. for almost fifty

67:5.1 near D. there appeared a sudden advancement in

67:5.2 the misled and mistaught tribes of the D. hinterland

67:5.4 after the rebellion a tidal wave swept up over D.,

68:1.7 legend of the golden age is the historic fact of D.

69:7.3 that has made great progress since the days of D..

70:11.3 The oath originated in the days of D. in an effort to

73:1.2 was there persistence of the traditions of D. and

73:1.3 Nod, onetime chairman of the D. commission on

73:1.5 Shortly after the destruction of D. the followers of

74:2.7 Not all of the arts of D. had been lost to the world;

74:3.5 a thing had occurred on earth since the days of D..

74:7.12 laws of the Garden based on the older codes of D.

74:7.20 little different from the seven commandments of D..

74:7.21 use the prayers handed down from the times of D..

74:8.5 Away from the influences of D. and Eden, man

75:3.1 a brilliant descendant of the onetime chief of the D.

77:0.2 corps, who came into being back in the days of D.,

77:2.3 A great civilization—the culture of D.—was going to

77:2.10 indicates an effort to stretch the dynasties back to D.

77:3.1 After the submergence of D. the Nodites moved

77:3.2 traditions of the engulfment of their first capital, D..

77:3.7 of the new city should be to take the place of D.

77:4.7 thousand years ago after the submergence of D..

77:4.7 era they had long since lost the alphabet of D.,

77:4.8 first and second Nodite cities with D. and called all

78:1.4 remnants of the ancient culture of the days of D..

78:1.12 ideals which had been salvaged from the days of D.

78:7.7 But still older vestiges of the days of D. exist under

78:8.1 and they clung to the ancient traditions of D..

79:7.4 the Andite traditions of the beauty of Eden and D.

81:2.20 complicated by the regimes of both D. and Eden.

84:7.8 dates more specifically from the days of D., about

89:1.4 The seven commandments of D. and Eden, as well

89:5.14 The taboo on man-eating originated in D. and spread

Dalamatia teachers

66:6.6 The D. sought to add conscious social selection to

66:6.6 They did not derange human society, but they did

66:6.6 they did markedly accelerate society’s normal and

66:6.6 Their motive was progression by evolution and not

66:6.6 these supermen knew better than to rob mankind of

66:7.17 The seven-day week was introduced by the D. and

68:0.3 of the co-operative order was initiated by the D.,

68:4.4 to the liberating and liberalizing instruction of the D.,

70:7.14 some advanced tribes, after contact with the D.,


66:3.6 surrounding peoples were improved by the D.

88:2.5 the second commandment to the ancient D. moral

92:4.5 1. The D. teachings. The true concept of the First

92:4.5 Except for the work of Van, the influence of the D.

93:4.6 were patterned along the lines of the ancient D. law

95:6.5 is the only Urantian creed that perpetuates the D.


66:5.14 His group provided the D. with the seven chants of

66:5.24 of physics and chemistry were taught the D..

70:10.10 teachings of the D. greatly lessened this custom,

73:1.6 And some of the descendants of the rebellious D.

74:8.1 which had been originally introduced by the D..

79:0.1 Asia witnessed the successive civilizations of D.,

81:4.7 4. Nodites, descendants of the D..

Daligastiaassociate-assistant of Caligastia

53:8.6 Urantia was to offer mercy to Caligastia and D.,

53:8.7 D., are servile before the divine majesty of the

66:2.2 At the head of this group was D., the associate-

66:2.2 D. was also a secondary Lanonandek Son, being

66:2.2 He ranked as an assistant at the time of his

66:3.3 of culture was named Dalamatia in honor of D..

66:5.1 such liaison gatherings were presided over by D..

66:8.6 neither Caligastia nor D. was ever able to oppress

67:2.1 held a prolonged conference with his associate, D.,

67:2.1 powers into the hands of D. as trustee, pending the

67:2.2 in which he formally drew his indictment of D.,

67:2.4 D. proclaimed Caligastia “God of Urantia and

67:3.2 joined their leader and D. in support of the cause

67:3.8 Amadon standing unmoved by the sophistries of D.

67:4.2 D. ordered immediate resort to sexual reproduction,

67:4.6 of brilliant and trusted rulers like Caligastia and D.

73:0.1 followed the disaffection of Caligastia and D..

73:2.5 Although Caligastia and D. had been deprived of

73:2.5 He did everything possible to frustrate and hamper

73:2.5 But his evil machinations were largely offset by the

74:5.5 and well-planned resistance of Caligastia and D..

75:2.1 of Adam were uninfluenced by the overtures of D..

75:3.6 he was playing into the hands of Caligastia and D..


49:1.7 It often requires ages upon ages to recoup the d.

49:3.3 must do to protect themselves from meteor d. by


70:10.12 Such d. were usually paid in women or cattle;

70:10.12 came to have a price which could be paid as d..


141:4.1 bookkeeper who is chiefly engaged in making d.

174:2.4 sought to involve him in a d. discussion of civil

Damascus - see Damascus road; Damascus scribe

123:6.3 time Jesus met a teacher of mathematics from D.,

128:3.3 became acquainted with a merchant from D. who

128:3.3 merchant proposed that Jesus come to D. to enter


128:4.1 The last four months of this year Jesus spent in D.

128:4.1 passing through Nazareth and escorted him to D..

128:4.1 the establishment of a school of philosophy at D..

128:4.3 master teacher by the businessmen and bankers of D.

128:4.4 by the flattering propositions of his D. friends.

128:4.4 Neither did these men of D. ever associate the later

128:4.5 founding a school in D. to compete with Alexandria.

129:1.7 Capernaum being on the direct travel route from D.

129:1.8 Jesus did permit others to assign his residence to D.,

129:3.3 Some of his friends thought he had returned to D.;

130:0.3 journeyed south to Sidon and then went over to D.

130:0.4 It was while working four months at D. that Jesus

130:5.2 such a religion even in Jerusalem, much less in D..”

130:7.1 reared in Galilee and not in either Jerusalem or D..

133:8.4 passed on down to Sidon and thence over to D.,

133:9.4 When I come again to D., I will look for you.

134:1.1 joined a desert caravan that was on its way to D..

134:1.1 From D. Jesus went to Nazareth, stopping only a

134:2.1 conductor was going from Jerusalem by way of D.

134:2.5 returned as a passenger with a later caravan to D.,

136:8.4 traveled; Jesus recalled Rome, Alexandria, and D..

140:7.2 come from cities as far away as Tyre, Sidon, D.,

141:6.1 Jesus one Teherma, a Persian doing business at D..

142:5.1 question asked by one of his hearers, a man from D..

150:1.1 a Roman centurion; and Agaman, a widow of D..

151:0.1 attended the synagogue to hear an aged Jew of D.

167:0.3 as well as good news from Alexandria and D..

186:3.2 their way to Shechem, Hebron, D., and Alexandria.

187:1.4 they went by the most direct route to the D. gate,

189:4.5 As they passed out of the D. gate, they encountered

189:4.7 stop until they had run all the way to the D. gate.

190:1.8 believer centers, from Beersheba in the south to D.

193:2.3 carried this story to Sidon and to Antioch and D..

Damascus road

100:5.3 sudden spectacular conversion that day on the D..

134:8.1 Jesus proceeded along the D. to a village known as

155:2.1 by way of the Jordan to the D.-Capernaum road,

158:7.1 beyond the Waters of Merom they came to the D.

158:7.1 directed that they go on to Capernaum by the D.

196:2.1 his own personal experience with the Jesus of the D..

Damascus scribe or scribe of Damascus

129:3.2 tour, for many reasons, Jesus was known as the Ds..

129:4.1 he was still the sD.; he was still the Son of Man.

130:1.2 and Gadiah, not knowing that this “sD.” was so well

130:8.1 but when Claudus had finished talking with the sD.,

132:0.9 In his labors for these individuals the sD. never met

132:0.10 Christian teachers in Rome heard about this sD. who

132:0.10 Though Paul never surmised the identity of this sD.,

132:0.10 that the “tentmaker of Antioch” was also the “sD..”

132:0.10 Simon Peter, on listening to a description of the Ds.,

132:2.1 Rome, and Mardus became a great friend of the sD..

132:3.1 priest of Mithraism held conferences with the Ds.,

133:0.1 The sD. appeared in Rome without announcement

134:7.2 of Nazareth, the boatbuilder of Capernaum, the sD.,

134:7.3 heard his followers speak of the doctrines of the Ds.,


188:4.3 such crass injustice as d. a mortal soul because of the


135:12.6 Herod was pleased with the d.’ performance and,

135:12.7 And the d. gave the platter to her mother.

152:1.1 He had told the mourners that the d. was not dead,

Dancaptain of the predatory animal advisory group

66:5.7 This group was captained by D..


134:7.5 going from Beersheba in the south to D. in the north.

134:7.5 Jesus went by Karahta to D., or Caesarea Philippi.

134:8.10 much changed man as they journeyed back to D.,


70:2.2 military and is even indebted to war for the d.,

88:1.5 From Arabia on through India to the snake d. of the

88:6.4 The red men often staged a buffalo d. in which one

135:12.6 Herodias presented her daughter to d. before the

144:8.7 and say: ‘We piped for you and you did not d.;


99:5.9 His religion was d. out rather than thought out.

123:4.2 They d. and sang but had few organized games,


90:1.3 Many female shamans were also professional d..

90:5.4 from shamans up through oracles, diviners, d.,


66:5.29 The purely military war d. were refined and made to

88:6.3 magical d. were nothing but dramatic prayers.


44:1.10 Your ensembles of d. undoubtedly represent a crude

69:1.5 social usages, war for glory, d., amusement, games,

90:5.2 or both—as illustrated by prayer, d., and drama.

92:3.6 and d. originated in the seasonal worship festivals.

100:5.10 The mystic state is favored by such things as: wild d.

137:4.10 Mary was d. with glee.

169:1.11 drew near the house, he heard the music and the d..

danger or grave danger; see danger, great

3:5.12 devotion to duty consists in the implied d. of default.

18:0.11 There is never any d. of default or risk of rebellion

19:1.7 it is in d. of committing four errors of reasoning:

29:4.35 There is never any d. that the special or modified

35:8.15 Lanonandeks also stand in greater d. of going astray,

39:3.8 during space flight without the least d. of collision.

50:1.3 an increasing d. of losing the sense of proportion as

51:0.2 communication, such a mission is fraught with gd..

62:3.9 new shelters—transient retreats in time of sudden d..

62:5.2 When d. drove them to the treetops, they climbed

64:1.1 escape the d. of mingling with the inferior simian

64:4.5 the d. of further mingling with its nonprogressive

69:2.4 and he would not hurry unless confronted by gd..

71:2.5 4. D. of suffrage in the hands of uneducated and

74:1.6 and fully instructed concerning every duty and d.

75:2.4 it did not occur to Eve that any d. would attach to

77:5.4 Adamson was disinclined to flee from hardship or d.

79:8.1 ever-present d. of external aggression was lacking.

82:6.8 The d. of disharmonies as a result of crossbreeding

82:6.11 than in any supposed d. of their racial interbreeding.

84:8.4 There is real d. in the combination of restlessness,

91:1.6 a real d. that all prayer may lead to a morbid sense of

91:7.13 a certain d associated with overmuch private praying

94:6.1 a forerunner of Michael might be in d. of failing.

94:8.16 desires of mortal life and deliverance from all d. of

99:4.7 There is no d. in religion’s becoming more and more

99:7.5 with far less d. of precipitating fanatical reactions.

100:1.2 are too busy to grow and are therefore in gd. of

100:5.10 are indicative of the d. of such psychic states.

105:1.2 There are many elements of d. attendant upon the

110:6.4 truth be imparted with a minimum of temporal d.

111:4.4 Civilization is in d. when youth neglect to interest

112:7.4 there can be no future d. to the eternal career of such

123:1.7 Mary became so alarmed by the d. of Jesus being

130:2.1 to embark was discovered to be in d. of cleaving.

132:2.4 religious dogma stands in gd. of sacrificing his moral

133:5.4 There always exists the d. that the purely physical

136:7.1 be his attitude when confronted by personal d.?

139:8.8 did Thomas oppose letting Jesus expose himself to d.

140:5.21 people and brave adults never shun difficulty or d..

140:6.4 every one who is angry with his brother is in d. of

140:6.4 heart and plans vengeance in his mind stands in d.

143:3.7 is always d. that monotony of human contact will

147:0.2 The greatest d. to Jesus lay in the Jerusalem

151:2.7 the d. of undertaking to make an allegory out of

151:6.7 know him, and we stand in d. of losing many swine.

153:5.4 look to his own faith, for one of you stands in gd..

154:5.1 this impending d. caused David Zebedee to arouse

155:3.5 with the gd. of allowing a sense of sacredness to

158:7.4 it was because he detected the d. of permitting the

159:1.6 There is always d. that the verdict of an individual

164:0.1 emphasizing the folly and d. of placing himself in

165:2.4 his flock into the fold for the night in times of d..

165:2.8 He who is a hireling, when d. arises, will flee and

165:2.8 I will not flee in the face of d..

165:4.6 Fail not to recognize the d. of wealth’s becoming,

166:3.4 “But herein is the d. to all who would postpone

174:5.8 He who selfishly loves his life stands in d. of losing

177:4.6 thus avoiding any d. of stirring up the multitudes

178:1.10 But you will stand in gd. in subsequent times when

183:0.2 had posted a sentinel to give the alarm in case d.

186:3.1 there would be no d. of an uprising or any attempt

194:3.12 to remain unmoved in the face of appalling d.,

195:0.18 the real truth of his bestowal might have been in d.

danger, great

19:1.4 g. of succumbing to the error of the circumscribed

49:3.3 G. confronts them when they venture beyond

81:6.41 The g. to any civilization is the threat of breakdown

90:5.6 The g. in all this is that the ritual tends to become a

99:3.8 always the g. that religion will become distorted into

100:5.6 The g. in all these psychic speculations is that

100:5.8 There is g. associated with the habitual practice of

118:8.4 The g. that besets the creature is that, in achieving

145:5.1 and he contemplated the g. of being compelled to

146:2.10 Guard against the g. of becoming self-centered in

155:3.8 to the twelve the g. of accepting religious symbols

181:2.27 This night you will all be in g. of stumbling over

181:2.27 When I am absent, there is g. that some of you

183:1.1 There is g. of misunderstanding the meaning of


11:7.9 and acts as a brake upon otherwise d. velocities.

48:7.19 17. Ambition is d. until it is fully socialized.

58:2.2 of these d. and destructive ultraviolet radiations

68:2.5 society is enduring the strain of one of its most d.

69:9.6 it was most d. to amass too much wealth; the king

70:2.1 War is strong medicine, very costly and most d.;

84:4.5 Even a woman’s shadow was thought to be d..

84:4.6 generally looked upon as rendering a woman d.

88:6.6 in the days of barbarism it was d. to know very much

90:3.7 it was really d. to point a finger at anyone; it is still

99:1.3 stabilize the ideals of mankind during these d. times

100:5.8 the busy scenes of life may not be seriously d., but

100:6.5 the spirit of the crusader, which is more than d. if not

110:5.5 It is extremely d. to postulate as to the Adjuster

110:5.6 it is d. to entertain the idea that every new concept

110:5.6 is d. ground, and every human being must settle

110:6.4 communication with the Adjuster difficult and d..

118:8.3 by mechanism, unidentified with spirit, is d. and

118:8.6 so operates to retard d. velocities of progress

126:5.12 Jesus completed the traversal of that d. period in

131:8.4 A little knowledge is a d. thing.

137:1.3 your enthusiasm is commendable, but it is d. to the

139:12.10 But these wicked and d. ideas did not take definite

140:5.8 But it is most d. to knowingly engage in spiritual

140:5.8 Physical fasting becomes d. after four or five days;

154:4.3 2. That Jesus was a d. and designing agitator who

174:2.1 that it would be d. to arrest Jesus in public because

177:2.3 but it is a d. and oftentimes semiselfish trait as it is

177:4.10 And how d. ambition can become when it is once

181:2.16 doubted and at other times manifested d. timidity,

182:2.11 it would be d. to come up the bloody way by night.”

184:3.10 1. That Jesus was a d. traducer of the people.

184:3.13 making it appear that Jesus was a d. teacher to be

185:3.6 was no wild and d. revolutionary who aspired to

185:3.6 instead of being a d. seditionmonger, Jesus was

195:7.16 The art of time is d. only when it becomes blind to


57:6.5 One of the moons of Jupiter is approaching d. near


34:7.8 do not fear the d. of human forgetfulness and mortal

51:2.1 to the new realm of new opportunities and new d..

51:3.4 warned Adam and Eve concerning the planetary d.

62:2.4 keen minds to realize the d. of their forest habitat,

64:3.3 primitive races grew up around the d. of the sea

68:3.2 vague and unseen imaginary d. of the spirit world.

70:2.11 over militarism, it must avoid the d. which beset it.

70:2.15 The increasing d. of indolence, service insensitivity.

71:2.1 slowly! Select carefully! For the d. of democracy are

75:2.4 enjoined Eve as to the peculiar d. besetting their

77:3.2 be placed a safe distance from the d. of the sea,

81:5.3 security against common d. and racial perils.

81:6.36 industrial civilization is jeopardized by the d. of


89:3.2 The notions of the spiritual d. of material possession

91:1.6 The d. attendant upon the distortion of prayer

94:9.2 the caravan routes but faced the d. of the China Seas

99:6.3 The d. of formalized religion are: fixation of beliefs

111:6.9 Of all the d. which beset man’s mortal nature, pride

139:3.8 the d. accompanying the Master’s supposed revolt

139:12.7 and well knew the d. of admitting him to fellowship.

145:5.4 Jesus explained the d. of such manifestations.

149:2.13 thought they discerned political d. in his teachings.

149:4.3 Jesus warned them against the d. of the dullness of

149:4.4 And then Jesus discoursed on the d. of courage of

159:1.6 Thus did Jesus teach the d. and illustrate the

159:1.6 Group judgment is more likely to remove the d.


193:4.1 a solemn warning against the d. of social isolation.

DanielHebrew prophet

43:3.4 But D. fully understood these matters.

43:3.4 He said, “The Most High rules in the kingdom of

97:8.3 D. presented the drama of the impending “crisis”—

97:10.3 the voices of the spiritual leaders (excepting D.,

126:3.6 as the Son of Man depicted by the Prophet D..

135:3.2 was very partial to the writings of the Prophet D..

135:3.2 John read a thousand times D.’ description of the

135:3.3 In D. John read: “I saw in the night visions, and,

135:4.2 only of the records of such as Elijah, Samuel, and D..

135:5.2 teachers leaned heavily on the predictions of D.,

136:1.6 the Son of Man, the superhuman idea of D. and

137:2.2 “The Prophet D. declares that the Son of Man will

137:7.6 a doctrine only mentioned by a later prophet, D..


80:9.3 The Nordic-D. and the Danubian-Andonite cultures


66:4.10 number two and number seven of the D. group

66:4.10 following the instructions of the pioneer D. pair.


80:4.1 by way of the islands of the Aegean and up the D.

80:5.8 The latter were mainly situated in the D. valley and

80:8.4 were moving northward by way of the D. valley.

80:9.4 a great commerce with the broadheads of the D.

80:9.7 overrunning of all Asia Minor, and the D. basin by


80:7.6 multiplying mediocre descendants of the D. slaves


80:8.3 Aegean, and, more especially, the D. migrations.

80:9.3 The Nordic-Danish and the D.-Andonite cultures


80:8.4 The D. were Andonites, farmers and herders who

80:8.4 They made pottery and tilled the land, preferring to

80:8.4 The most northerly settlement of the D. was at Liege

80:8.4 deteriorated rapidly as they moved away from the

80:8.5 The D. became mother worshipers as the result of

80:9.3 the retrograding D. blended with the blue man.

80:9.4 the D. led these northerners into mother worship,

80:9.4 there is a primitive culture of the retrogressing D.


133:8.1 visited this polyglot city except the grove of D..


140:5.22 Youth is ever willing to “take a d..”

dareverb; see dare to

54:1.9 How d. the self-willed creature encroach upon the

103:6.14 Philosophy d. not project its interpretations of

133:2.1 I d. say you have done many such brave things in

138:3.6 “How d. you to teach that this man is righteous

142:3.9 a later writer did not d. attribute evil to Yahweh;

148:9.3 say to themselves: “How d. this man thus speak?

184:1.6 struck Jesus in the face, saying, “How d. you

dare to

2:7.10 men and women of spiritual insight who will d. to

48:7.6 4. Few mortals ever d. to draw anything like the sum

84:4.11 women did not d. to envision a better or different

99:5.11 they d. to require God-conscious men and women to

102:7.8 Only an unqualified reality, an absolute, could d. to

132:4.6 D. to do justice and be big enough to show mercy.

134:4.3 religions or d. to persecute other religious believers.

137:4.10 her first-born son to assert his authority, to d. to step

147:8.3 Will you d. to call this a fast and an acceptable day in

150:1.1 Jesus would d. to commission women to teach the

153:3.4 in many other ways do you d. to set up your own

156:1.5 even you, my good man, would not d. to deprive

159:2.3 those who had never sat at Jesus’ feet should d. to

159:3.13 If you d to believe in me and wholeheartedly proceed

159:4.9 only the wise minds of the nation d. to interpret.

160:1.6 When men d. to forsake a life of natural craving

160:1.12 the assurance that enables him to d. to be Godlike.

162:2.2 you honestly believe and d. to accept my teaching,

162:7.5 you d. to stand here and say that whoso keeps

162:7.5 Who do you claim to be that you d. to utter such

164:5.3 being a man, d. to make yourself equal with God.”

166:1.4 Your leaders even d. to plot and plan the murder

170:2.2 kingdom was to set man free and inspire him to d. to

172:5.9 would not d. immediately to arrest the Master.

174:2.4 would d. to advise against the payment of tribute

176:1.4 neither let those who are outside d. to enter therein

178:1.12 to persuade men’s minds, but you must never d. to

180:3.1 If they d. to persecute me, they will also persecute

195:7.19 Idealists and spiritists d. to use their oars with vigor

195:9.4 spiritual men and women who will d. to depend

195:10.10 If the Christian church would only d. to espouse the

daredsee dared not

53:1.3 How are you cast down, you who d. to confuse the

68:4.3 visit punishment upon those living mortals who d.

68:4.5 who have d. to inaugurate new ways of thinking

87:5.8 no generation has ever yet d. to wholly reject it.

89:8.6 moral dignity that he d. to bargain with his gods.

93:2.5 so sacred by his followers that they never d. to use it

95:6.3 a militant religious philosophy which d. to battle

97:1.6 almost cost Samuel his life, when he d. to proclaim:

102:8.5 Religion has always d. to criticize civilization and

121:7.3 d. to flout their long-honored regulations of social

122:3.2 Mary knew she was with child, before she d. to

124:1.3 when Jesus d. to challenge the chazan regarding the

125:2.4 with his parents if they had d. to encourage him.

128:4.4 who had d. to refuse the honor which their wealth

135:4.4 John finally d. to think that, since the first of the

136:7.4 the watchers at Calvary d. him to come down from

137:5.2 Only the deep-thinking Andrew d. to make reply to

138:6.3 and no man d. to ask why he so taught them.

139:4.10 d. to accompany his Master into the jaws of death.

139:12.4 this self-satisfied Judean often d. to criticize in his

140:2.3 many minutes before even Peter d. lift up his eyes to

147:5.1 Simon d. to invite Jesus and his associates, Peter,

149:2.8 Jesus d. to take women as teachers of the gospel

149:2.10 Jesus d. to teach that catastrophes of nature,

149:2.10 proclaimed man’s spiritual freedom and d. to teach

150:4.2 If some people have d to call the master of the house

153:0.2 Judas d. to indulge the thought that possibly Jesus

155:6.2 You have d. to protest against the grueling

156:2.4 These gentiles were not afraid of Jesus; they d. to

162:1.3 Judas had d. to think that Jesus had fled in haste into

162:5.5 And no man d. to lay hands upon him.

164:4.4 for every Pharisee who d. to accuse and denounce

166:5.5 Abner had d. to defy James the Lord’s brother,

166:5.5 Then Abner d. to withstand Paul.

168:0.2 hardly d. hope that Jesus would leave his work of

170:5.18 it d. to lay claim to those mysterious powers and

171:4.3 none of them d. to ask him a question concerning

171:4.5 knowing that the Sanhedrin had d. to condemn Jesus

172:1.7 but now he d. to think such wicked thoughts in his

174:4.5 After this no man d. to ask him another question in

175:1.3 “Many of you have d. to believe my teachings and

177:4.11 ready to spring up to engulf Judas when he once d.

181:2.14 for a hated tax-gatherer who d. to follow the Son

185:1.5 that he d. to take money from the temple treasury

185:1.8 charge him with treason before the emperor if he d.

185:4.2 Herod taunted and d. him to perform a miracle,

185:4.3 the outspoken and fiery prophet who d. to expose

185:8.1 too late now to save Jesus even had the mob d. to

186:2.2 casting their pearls before swine, and he now d. to

187:1.6 And when some of them even d. to follow along

188:3.5 We have sometimes d. to explain these things to

189:4.6 Magdalene ventured around the stone and d. to enter

190:3.3 They had d. to think they were through with Jesus.

195:1.7 when the Macedonian king d. to expand Greece into

195:9.9 Christianity has d. to lower its ideals before the

195:10.13 this powerful institutionalized church has often d. to

dared not

147:6.5 by themselves and d. not ask any more questions.

162:1.6 the enemies of Jesus d. not be too outspoken in their

162:6.4 Still they d. not arrest Jesus.

174:3.3 The Sadducees d. not ask him any more questions,

175:0.2 The money-changers had not d. again to enter the

183:5.4 the Jews d. not molest him until after the Master’s

185:8.2 Pilate d. not risk having such a disturbance during

187:2.6 to Golgotha, but they d. not attempt to remove it

195:0.18 so fearlessly challenged this assembly that it d. not


4:4.9 born of that creature faith which d. to challenge each

101:3.16 D. to declare, “Even though he slay me, yet will I

101:6.7 the Adjuster d. so to combine and spiritize them as

101:7.4 and d. to think, act, and live honestly, loyally,

102:6.5 The God-knowing soul d. to say, “I know,” even

102:7.7 If science or sociology d. to become dogmatic in

103:5.12 d. to remove all creedal pressure from its members.

103:9.7 then it d. to launch out upon the limitless and

109:7.8 no one d. to predict what their future missions may

118:8.10 restraining garments of mercy when man d. to love

147:5.5 “Who is this man that he even d. to forgive sins?”

153:2.3 the man who d. to warn them of the day of their

153:2.3 Will you seek to put to death the teacher who d. to

154:6.7 who hears the word of God and d. to obey it.”

156:1.6 loves all men and d. even to heal the gentiles when

161:2.3 Jesus is the friend even of sinners; he d. to love his

161:2.6 he even now d. to speak about his death,

161:2.9 He even d. to assert that he and the Father are one.


153:0.2 “he did not have the courage and d. to permit the


143:5.9 no man d. to reprove him, while Jesus said to Nalda

166:2.1 the lepers saw Jesus drawing near them, not d. to

183:3.3 attack upon him in retribution for his d. to betray

187:1.7 to incur the displeasure of the authorities by d. to

195:10.2 restrained from d. to form creeds or create systems


53:6.1 the most thrilling of all these d. feats of devotion was

93:9.3 became a terror to the otherwise brave and d. leader;

97:7.10 This d. teacher proclaimed that man was very closely

135:4.5 such a fearless and d. preacher of righteousness.

139:4.10 John had a cool and d. courage which few of the

150:1.1 Of all the d. things which Jesus did in connection

155:5.11 faith voyages of d. adventure out upon the high

162:1.7 they were not prepared for such a d. challenge.

164:4.12 Most of the d. testimony which he so cleverly and

187:4.5 youths to enlist in these d. expeditions of robbery.

darksee dark ages; dark days; dark hour(s);

dark world(s); see gravity bodies; see island(s)

14:1.14 These multitudinous d. masses are quite unlike other

14:1.15 coupled with the extraordinary mass of the d. bodies,

22:9.6 climbing up to glory from the d. domains of space.

23:2.20 detect the probable presence of very small d. planets,

41:2.4 heated orbs and the d. energy-charged spheres.

41:2.7 Even the enormous cold and d. giants of space

41:3.1 These solar furnaces, together with the d. giants of

49:0.5 the satellites revolving around an enormous d. planet

52:1.4 this era of primitive man is a long, d., and bloody

57:5.4 The center of this great system was a d. giant of

57:5.13 orbits of considerable distance from the d. giant;

58:7.10 contain small amounts of shale or slate of d. colors

64:4.13 They rather lived in fear of the d.;

64:4.13 but in the d. of the moon they grew panicky and

75:8.4 transported from Jerusem to this d. and confused

87:1.4 dead body was never permitted to remain in the d..

87:5.4 spirits, children were seldom allowed out after d.,

92:6.1 Australians have only a ghost fear, dread of the d.,

97:4.3 into the morning and makes the day d. as night.”

110:1.2 your safe and sure guides through the d. mazes of

130:1.5 Evil is that which is d. and untrue, and which, when

151:1.3 “Master, what is the meaning of the d. sayings which

151:5.5 waves immediately subsided, while the d. clouds,

157:1.5 still under surveillance; therefore, when it grew d.,

168:3.7 of the doings of the Sanhedrin on this d. Friday

176:2.3 show forth his love, even to this d. and evil world.

187:5.1 Before one o’clock the sky was so d. the sun was

188:1.6 women lingered near the tomb until it was very d..

194:1.4 And it was d. when they had finished with baptizing

194:3.2 It looked d. on that day of the crucifixion, but it

195:4.2 During these d. and despairing centuries, religion

dark age(s)

64:4.12 During these spiritually d. the culture of mankind

64:6.29 the long and d. between the Caligastia rebellion and

66:5.27 arts, most of which were lost in the d. of rebellion,

67:6.3 leadership for the world down through the long d.

71:1.24 During these d. the territorial state collapsed,

94:6.12 deified by their followers in those spiritually d.

94:12.6 faith, that has so valiantly carried on through the d.

96:6.4 But even in this d., every now and then a teacher

118:8.6 the “d. ages” of the interregnum of wisdom will


195:4.1 and spiritual decline of the so-called European “d..”

195:4.3 while it was impotent to stay the oncoming d.

195:4.3 Christianity, following the passing of the d.,

195:9.3 birthtime, the ignorance and superstition of the d.,

dark days

94:2.5 It was during these d. that the cult of taking no life

96:7.5 idea of a real God was best preserved during the d.

139:2.5 of the Master’s forgiving character during those d.

139:9.11 The twins served faithfully until the end, until the d.

159:6.3 these d. they also served as collectors of funds,

dark hour(s)

34:7.8 in every d. hour, at every crossroad in the forward

138:9.1 remained loyal and true to him even in the d. hours

138:9.1 Through the d. hours of the Master’s death, in the

144:5.93 us not when the path is hard and the hours are d..

187:1.7 sympathy in this d. hour when his friends were in

dark world(s)

14:4.20 creatures who have climbed to glory from the d. of

42:4.9 the d. can slow down electronic activity to the point

140:3.1 among the ignorant creatures of this d. world.


80:2.1 drought dispersed the smaller-statured brunets, d.


95:6.9 dimly burned to show man in his d. world the path of

120:2.5 Next, illuminate the d. human intellect, heal the souls

127:6.6 Jesus said: “Let the childlike and d. minds of my

142:4.2 But even if Moses taught such restrictions to the d.

156:5.1 roots are grounded in the slime of the d. soil beneath

159:4.9 only dimmed by prejudice and d. by superstition.

165:2.3 who, with your d. and deluded leaders, seek to kill

174:5.13 will the living light be among this d. generation.

184:4.4 his ignorant and misguided creatures on the sin-d.

186:2.8 and sincerely endeavored to enlighten his d. mind.

186:2.11 in humiliation to the taunts and blows of his d.

187:5.1 shortly after twelve o’clock the sky d. by reason of

187:5.4 grew in intensity and the heavens increasingly d..


79:2.3 exhibited little desire to admix with the d. colored

80:1.5 mixed races of India and the d. peoples of Africa

80:3.7 before the days when d.-skinned races came north

80:7.9 deteriorated by the stream of mixed and d. races


69:7.5 Man’s treatment of woman constitutes one of the d.

darkness or spiritual darkness

2:1.1 creatures he apparently “dwells in the thick d..”

3:1.10 (or even systems) have plunged far into sd.,

23:1.6 that a Solitary Messenger ever stumbled into d..

27:7.6 to Paradise glory from the depths of the sd. of the

35:4.5 extinguished during that period of increasing sd..

35:5.6 On those worlds segregated in sd., those spheres

45:2.3 the System Sovereign stumbled and fell into d.,

45:4.9 7. Fantad, the deliverer of the green men from d.

46:8.1 created beings who have fallen from light into d..

48:6.16 Though I descend into the depths of d. and death

52:7.13 the praises of Him who has called you out of d. into

53:1.6 he has reserved in sure chains of d. to the judgment

53:3.7 that Lucifer launched his orgy of d. and death.

53:7.7 of the stars of heaven and cast them down in d..”

53:8.7 these rulers of d. sought to maintain their authority

53:9.8 for ages the seven prison worlds of sd. in Satania

64:6.15 headquarters of the world and drifted into great d.

66:7.20 wiped out by the horrible confusion and abject sd.

66:8.4 The Prince of Urantia went into d. at the time of the

73:3.6 Without and beyond, the world lay in d., ignorance,

75:1.3 a world groping about in abject sd. and cursed

76:5.7 that this very background of d. should so appeal to

87:4.6 have generally been opposed by the forces of d..

92:5.12 Deity and of the ultimate victory of light over d..

95:5.12 a cruel death at the hands of Set, the god of d. and

96:5.3 would have come out of Egypt in hopeless d..

98:5.3 of the sun-god in his struggle with the god of d..

102:0.2 some wandering soul who has become lost in sd.,

102:0.2 all this doom of d. and all this destiny of despair are

122:9.21 To shine upon those who sit in d. and the shadow of

127:6.6 no longer approach our Father by the d. of death.

130:1.2 whales of selfishness which lead eventually to d.

130:1.5 Evil is the inevitable d. which follows upon the heels

130:2.4 of spiritual light to the mortal who sits in sd..

130:2.4 more of value is this man’s soul floundering in d.

130:2.5 continued to minister light to those who sat in d.

130:3.2 the light of life to those who sit about you in d.,

130:8.2 then will God deliver that man’s soul from d.,

131:4.3 From d. lead us to the light!

132:4.7 to liberate your fellows from the bondage of d. and

139:2.10 a great and saving light to thousands who sat in d..

139:12.8 lived up to, light tends to become d. within the soul.

139:12.10 kingdom of light into that self-chosen domain of d..

140:4.5 While light dispels d., it can also be so “blinding” as

140:6.12 eye is selfish, the whole body will be filled with d..

140:6.12 If the very light which is in you is turned to d.,

140:6.12 in you is turned to darkness, how great is that d.!”

141:6.2 the light of salvation to the one who sits in d..

143:6.1 But Jesus knew that d. would soon be upon them;

144:5.47 Let us not stray into paths of d. and death;

144:5.80 Step by step lead us out of d. and into the divine

145:2.2 D. may cover the earth and gross d. the people, but

146:1.3 the Babylonian and Persian ideas of light and d.,

147:8.4 and even your d. shall be as the noonday.

148:4.6 by those who fell from spiritual light into gross d..

149:2.6 Those who sat in d. came to him, and he revealed

149:6.5 still true of those who sit in d. that ‘the fear of the

150:8.2 who forms the light and creates the d., who makes

151:5.5 then peering into the d. at the struggling oarsmen,

152:4.2 D. descended upon them, for there had arisen a

152:4.2 As the hours of d. and hard rowing passed, Peter

152:6.3 thus delivered from the d. of doubt by the birth of

153:4.4 the will of the Father and the self-chosen ways of d..

155:6.3 I have called you out of the d. of authority and the

155:6.3 thus will you pass from d. to light, from a racial

155:6.17 you who have been called out of d. into the light

157:4.6 be able to go forth to enlighten a world sitting in d..

158:1.7 the glowing embers of their fire until d. drew on

162:2.7 the bondage of prejudice and the d. of tradition.

162:5.2 He who follows me shall not walk in d. but shall

162:5.2 And when I told you this yesterday, in your d. you

162:5.3 You who prefer to sit in d. are of this world; I am

162:7.3 If you are the children of d., you will hardly walk

165:3.3 which our enemies now plan in secrecy and in d.

166:1.6 but the larger number persisted in the way of d.,

174:5.7 will believe my teaching shall no longer abide in d.

174:5.13 while you have this light so that the oncoming d.

174:5.13 He who walks in the d. knows not where he goes;

175:1.2 are aligning themselves on the side of error and d..

175:1.2 There cannot be peace between light and d., between

176:2.3 him who became the prince of d., and then Adam,

178:1.4 these material-minded sons in d. will never know

178:1.6 are the mighty social lever to uplift the races of d.,

178:3.5 along the narrow streets in the approaching d..

179:2.3 Lucifer, Satan, and Caligastia the prince of d..

179:4.1 knowing how the evil forces of d. have conspired

187:5.2 amidst the increasing d. of the fierce sandstorm,

187:6.1 In the midst of the d. of the sandstorm, about half

190:5.4 that all who sit in d. shall see the great light of

191:0.13 after d. had come on, Peter and John went over to

191:1.2 the good news of the gospel to those who sit in d..

191:1.2 the struggle with sd. and the evil doubtings of the

191:4.3 to the enlightenment of their fellows who sit in sd..

191:6.3 called to carry the good news to those who sit in d..

192:2.11 of eternal life to your fellows who languish in d.

195:4.3 prepared to survive this long period of moral d.

195:10.5 in moral d. because there are so few second-milers—


174:0.2 the slippery paths of flattery and the poison d. of


96:3.5 This d. for liberty was carefully planned and

136:7.2 They shall bear you up in their hands lest you d.

136:9.7 you shall d. them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

145:4.3 than Jesus seemed to d. their hopes in pieces and

155:1.2 ‘shall break them with a rod of iron and d. them to

157:4.1 than the Master would d. them to pieces by some

177:4.11 Jesus would do or say something to d them to pieces


126:1.5 Mary’s hopes d. down in cruel disappointment.

139:0.1 he repeatedly d. to pieces the hopes of his apostles

153:5.1 Time and again had Jesus d. to pieces the hopes of

186:1.7 the betrayer’s body was d. to pieces as it fell on the


96:5.7 glorious in power, who d. in pieces his enemies.”


18:6.3 They report pertinent d. of a physical and semi-

24:2.6 Such census d. is indigenous to the superuniverses;

25:5.3 relevant summary of superuniverse and Havona d.

28:5.15 being selective for such d. in the circuits of time.

48:2.25 the records and other d. indigenous to the morontia

48:6.30 intelligent assembly and co-ordination of related d.,

81:6.8 must always await the accumulation of scientific d..

101:4.10 5. Presenting cosmic d. in such a manner as to

103:6.12 for atoning for this deficiency in the conceptual d.

107:3.8 correlate this accumulated d. in order that such

108:1.2 are in possession of full d. respecting the candidate

108:1.8 model is formulated through a combination of d.

109:2.9 of preserving custodial d. essential to the Adjuster

112:4.2 all this d., together with the seraphic records, is

112:4.12 confirm this d. and do so without equivocation or

114:7.10 the death of a reservist, a transfer of certain vital d.

datenoun; see up-to-date

38:2.3 them and keeping the number corrected up to d..

38:4.4 being relieved by a seraphim of another birth d..

52:2.11 it is attacked at this early d. in human evolution.

57:2.3 At this distant d. all of the material bequeathed to the

57:8.1 1,000,000,000 years ago is the d. of the actual

61:7.4 This is a doubly important d. since it also marks the

61:7.14 The mammoth, until a late d., ranged from Mexico

61:7.18 This d. is also significant in that it approximates the

66:5.5 but the horse was not domesticated until a later d..

73:7.2 the Garden was timed to occur at just about the d. of

74:8.9 and having no written language until such a late d.,

78:6.7 northern and eastern invaders at a much later d..

78:8.1 were already thoroughly blended by this late d.,

89:6.3 at that late d. and among a supposedly civilized

89:6.6 At that late d., not only did this father put two of his

95:7.1 in the Arabian desert at a comparatively recent d..

125:2.3 Even at this early d., though Jesus said nothing about

150:4.2 Jesus arranged the d. for meeting the twelve at


51:3.7 the primary order, who d. from the near times of the

54:6.9 The ability to decline survival does not d. from the

57:0.2 we intend to d. such an occurrence back that number

57:3.10 The oldest inhabited planets of Nebadon d. from

58:7.9 rocks rest directly upon those layers which d. back

66:7.4 one residence of comparatively settled location d.

79:3.3 The religious leanings of the peoples of India d. from

79:7.5 Metalworking and all the arts of manufacture d. from


143:4.2 enmity between the Jews and the Samaritans d.

dates back

74:6.5 encircling the heads of supposed pious men d. to the

dates from

0:8.12 The function of the Sevenfold d. the organization of

21:3.8 In Nebadon, supreme sovereignty d. the completion

38:1.2 The creation of seraphim d. the attainment of relative

57:7.3 Definite volcanic action d. from these times.

61:3.3 four-mile vertical fault in the California region d.

62:2.4 the fear tendencies of mankind more specifically d.

66:4.7 The practice of subsisting on a nonflesh diet d. the

70:10.13 The administration of true justice d. the taking of

74:5.8 sending ambassadors from one tribe to another d.

74:6.9 to marry brother to sister, d. the traditions of the

74:8.7 The Old Testament account of creation d. after the

77:0.2 younger group, whose origin d. the times of Adam

84:7.8 partnership between one man and one woman, d.

96:3.1 the Hebraic ideals of a Supreme Creator d. the

121:6.2 The renaissance of Judaism d. the Greek translation


81:3.4 a bronze culture in Turkestan d. before 9000 B.C.,


81:2.17 This structure could then be d. over with clay and,

daughtersee Daughter

69:6.3 fire, which was attended by the mother or eldest d.,

70:1.18 foreskins as the dowry David should pay for his d.

70:10.14 If “the d. of a priest” or other leading citizen turned

55:7.3 accompanied by a son and d. of the Urantia Adam

74:2.5 Annan, a loyal d. and spokesman for the Nodites;

76:0.2 the mother of Sansa, perished at the birth of her d.;

80:7.5 his extraordinary second wife, a d. descended in

82:3.8 to effect the marriage of a dead son with a dead d.

83:4.3 the parents simply took their d. to the husband;

89:6.3 the Hebrew narrative of Jephthah and his only d..

89:6.3 but it turned out that his d. and only child came out

97:9.10 by first marrying Saul’s d., then the widow of Nabal

97:9.10 then marrying the d. of Talmai, the king of Geshur.

97:9.16 the palace of Pharaoh’s d., the temple of Yahweh,

126:3.2 no father could have loved and nurtured his d. any

127:4.8 Miriam was a well-balanced and level-headed d.


127:5.1 not strange that Rebecca, the eldest d. of Ezra,

128:5.8 was competent to assume her duties as eldest d..

135:12.6 Herodias presented her d. to dance before the

139:5.11 Their eldest d., Leah, continued their work, later on

143:5.9 and you shall become a d. of the Most High.”

144:4.3 has aught to do with earning the status of son or d..

145:3.2 One man started out with his paralyzed d. just as

150:1.1 commissioned by Jesus were: Susanna, the d. of

150:1.1 Elizabeth, the d. of a wealthy Jew of Tiberias and

150:1.1 Nasanta, the d. of Elman, the Syrian physician;

150:1.1 Ruth, the eldest d. of Matthew Levi;

150:1.1 Celta, the d. of a Roman centurion;

150:1.1 —Mary Magdalene and Rebecca, the d. of Joseph

150:5.3 partaker of the divine nature, a son or a d. of God.

152:0.1 Master, my little d., an only child, lies in my home

152:0.3D., your faith has made you whole; go in peace.”

152:1.1 saying: “Trouble not the Master; your d. is dead.”

152:1.1 saying: “Your d. is not dead; she is only asleep.”

152:1.1 hand and said, “D., I say to you, awake and arise!”

156:1.1 afternoon Norana came over, bringing her little d..

156:1.2 anxious mother to bring her afflicted d. for healing

156:1.3 When Norana arrived with her d., the Alpheus

156:1.3 I will not go until the healer has looked upon my d.

156:1.5 I am determined that he shall see my d., for I am

156:1.7 Your d. already has been made whole.”

156:1.8 commenting on the cure of the d. of the Syrian

167:3.3 should not this woman, a d. of Abraham who has

172:3.4 Rejoice greatly, O d. of Zion; shout, O d. of

189:4.4 Chuza, and Susanna the d. of Ezra of Alexandria.

190:1.2 their experiences to his d. and the other women.

190:1.2 the d. of Joseph of Arimathea and the four women

Daughter or Creative Daughter; see Daughter, Material;

see Daughter Spirits

8:5.3 The Holy Spirit is the spiritual circuit of this CD. of

9:5.4 mind as it is bestowed in a local universe by a CD. of

21:2.2 each Creator Son accompanied by a CD. of the

21:2.9 working union with the complemental D. of the

32:1.5 appears upon the scene, accompanied by a CD. of

34:5.7 The presence of the Holy Spirit of the Universe D. of

35:1.1 Son and the Creative Spirit, the local universe D.

36:3.4 From the CD. of the Infinite Spirit comes that spark

36:4.1 Melchizedek Son has mated with a selected D. of

50:1.1 the Divine Minister (the universe D. of the Infinite

73:4.5 Van, not knowing how soon the expected D. and

74:2.5 Urantia reception committee welcomed this D. and

74:3.1 It was a serious and disillusioned Son and D. of

74:3.10 disposed to accept the newly arrived Son and D.

114:5.3 and the material regime of an Adamic Son and D. is

Daughter, Material

36:4.2 a life carrier and a MD. are known as midsoniters.

Daughter, Material Son and

37:9.10 On a planetary mission the M. are commissioned to

40:2.2 this faithful M. are permitted to resign all planetary

49:4.4 is always greatly improved after the arrival of a M..

49:5.24 System Sovereign dispatches a M. to that planet.

49:5.24 These imported beings are of service as biologic

49:5.24 their default on Urantia further complicated your

50:7.1 such personalities as a Planetary Prince and a M..

51:0.1 These Sons, for there are two of them—the M.

51:1.4 the career of such an unfortunate and unwise M..

51:1.8 but the offspring of a M. procreated subsequent to

51:2.4 the M. are rematerialized under the direction of the

51:6.6 this M. become accepted as the common ancestors

51:7.2 M. thus act jointly as planetary administrators until

52:3.1 the biologic scale, a M. always appear on the planet,

52:3.5 But the offspring of the M. are mobilized for

55:7.2 of such a world settled in light and life are the M.,

55:7.2 heads of the planetary regime are therefore the M..

61:7.18 This date approximates the arrival of a M. and the

65:3.5 Long before the M. arrive on a planet, the biologic

67:6.7 which warranted the dispatch of a M. to Urantia.

73:0.1 authorizing the dispatch of biologic uplifters, a M..

73:0.3 Adam and Eve, a M. of the local system, arrived

73:4.5 Van, not knowing how soon the expected M. might

74:2.5 the Urantia reception committee welcomed this M.

74:2.6 The M took the oath of allegiance to the Most Highs

74:3.1 It was a serious and disillusioned M. of Jerusem

74:3.10 disposed to accept the newly arrived M. as rulers,

74:4.5 The M. stood alone on the mount with bowed

75:1.1 the M. early became aware of the difficulty and

75:4.2 And as the M. communed in the moonlit Garden,

75:6.3 the sorrowful parting of this M. and their children

75:7.6 2. The M. of Urantia, being also personalized in the

76:6.4 triumph for your well-meaning but deluded M.

78:1.13 these descendants of the erring M. would acquit

119:3.4 a M. arrived on this rejuvenated and redeemed

119:3.8 Since this bestowal no M. has ever knowingly joined

Daughter Spirits

14:6.36 And lastly, since these D. of the Infinite Mother

14:6.36 they derive great satisfaction from the reflectivity

34:0.3 These D. are of the essence of the Infinite Spirit,

34:0.3 but they cannot function in the work of physical

daughters or sons and daughterssee Daughters

1:7.6 does not prevent the reproduction of mortal sd..

2:5.9 and forever seeks the welfare of his created sd..

22:4.1 ability to worship beyond the skill of all the sd. of

32:2.7 The sd. of the local universe are forthcoming,

33:3.4 her vast assemblage of spirit helpers, the d. of God

33:3.7 watch over, and minister to, their family of sd..

33:3.7 to regard the creatures of the realms as their sd.

33:4.1 of the creation of their versatile family of sd.,

38:2.2 to the children of the Spirit as the d. of God.

40:5.3 communion with the very souls of his mortal sd..

51:1.5 of immortality potential characterizes their sd..

51:1.5 unconditioned immortality to their procreated sd..

51:1.8 and Eves of the power of begetting undying sd..

51:5.2 chosen by the sd of Adam as the evolutionary fathers

51:5.3 elected as a candidate for mating with the sd. of the

51:5.5 man or woman uniting with Adamic sd. pledges not

66:6.7 go into the heart of Africa, where sd. are supposed

67:4.3 rebellion and presently mating with the sd. of earth,

73:7.4 headquarters to be in charge of his immediate sd.,

74:1.5 one hundred offspring—fifty sons and fifty d.

74:6.2 before the Melchizedeks left—three sons and two d.

74:6.2 Eve bore sixty-three children, thirty-two d. and

75:5.6 The upright and noble sd. of Adam and Eve were

77:2.3 these sons of the gods went in to the d. of men and

77:2.3 the gods came down to earth and there with the d.

77:4.5 to intermarry with the d. of men (the Nodites).

78:2.2 willingly sent forth their choicest sd. as emissaries to

83:3.2 dressing up and decorating d. for public exhibition

83:3.3 fathers did not like to appear to sell their d.,

84:7.14 3. D. were salable.

89:8.1 Next came the mock sacrifice of d..

97:9.1 And they took their d. to be their wives and gave

97:9.1 and gave their d. to the sons of the Canaanites.”

98:5.5 wives and d. of believers admitted to the temples of

103:4.4 God becomes a loving Father to his mortal sd..

128:4.2 their sd. sought to prevail upon Jesus to accept the

129:1.5 her four d. looked upon Jesus as their elder brother.

129:2.2 when Jesus left them, especially the d. of Zebedee.

135:0.4 Elizabeth, being a descendant of the “d. of Aaron.”

142:7.8 plan for the education and training of their sd..

143:5.11 thereby becoming d. of God and candidates for life

144:5.14 Make us sons and d. of yours by grace

148:4.7 finding wives for themselves among the d. of men?

148:4.10 ‘Bring my sons from far and my d. from the ends

149:2.6 mothers came for help in the guidance of their d..

149:6.4 by the dictates of the father’s affection for his sd.,

150:1.3 male nor female, all are equally the sd. of God,”

153:2.1 Your sons and your d. shall go into captivity.

153:2.1 the flesh of your sd., during this time of siege,

187:1.6D. of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but rather

Daughters or Creative Daughters or Material Daughters

3:1.8 mind of the human order is a bestowal of the D. of

8:4.4 Especially in the persons of the CD., the local

14:6.32 6. The Co-ordinate Ministering D..

14:6.32 In the central universe the Spirit D. of the local

14:6.33 the Spirit and the D. of the Spirit find the mind

15:5.6 4. Centrifugal Planetary D..

33:4.2 such Sons, in union with the D. of the Infinite Spirit,

36:4.1 Sovereign addressed to the MD. of his sphere.

36:4.6 the MD. are domiciled on the seventh world of the

54:2.1 the master design for every one of the Sons and D.

56:3.5 The mortal mind is the creation of the Sons and D.

104:2.3 local universes of the Creator Sons and CD.

111:5.1 share all things with the divine Sons and spirit D.

150:8.10 almost fifteen minutes on “The Sons and D. of God.”

Daughters, Material Sons and

37:9.9 Creator Son creates the beautiful and superb M.

37:9.12 Jerusem, your system capital, has the M.;

39:5.3 there always appear the M., the Adams and Eves,

40:2.1 the Planetary Adams—the M. of the evolutionary

45:5.2 each family of M. lives on an estate of its own up to

45:5.4 there were of record in Nebadon 161,432,840 M.

45:5.5 These M. are the permanent inhabitants of Jerusem

45:5.5 They occupy vast estates on Jerusem and participate

45:5.7 provided for the development of the younger M.

45:6.1 The M., together with their children, present an

45:6.1 They are so similar to your own material sex races

45:6.3 in close association with the M., both individually

45:6.5 this parenthood experience in association with M. of

45:6.8 are required to undergo in the families of the M..

45:6.9 is supervised by one thousand couples of M.,

45:6.9 They are assisted by an equal number of midsonite

45:7.3 the schools of Jerusem citizenship, wherein the M.

45:7.5 by three orders of citizenship—the M., seraphim,

46:5.14 aside from the ever-present activities of the M..

51:1.1 The m. or sex Sons and Daughters are the offspring

51:1.3 Material Sons (the Adams) and MD. (the Eves) are

51:2.1 the System Sovereign convenes the corps of M. on

51:2.4 these M. stand in their new homes and on their new

51:3.1 On the inhabited worlds the M. construct their own

51:3.6 the descendants of the M. are of two orders:

51:6.5 In these immortal M. we encounter the last link

51:6.5 the M. are able to see all of the lower orders of

52:3.8 the M. do not eat meat, but their offspring within

53:9.1 of celestial beings, including hundreds of the M.,

55:3.14 1. Young M. brought from the system headquarters

55:4.11 who are fully competent to advise the M.,

55:4.27 Planetary Adam and Eve may elect—as do M.

55:4.30 the imported assisting M. exert a tremendous

55:4.30 They are potentially immortal, at least until they elect

74:0.1 The M. always serve together.

74:1.3 Urantia, the entire senior corps of M. volunteered.

83:8.5 M. of God do portray the height of the ideals of the

119:3.7 Never have any of the M. in Nebadon been tempted

Davidking of Judah; see Davidwith throne;

  David, City of; David, house of; David, son of

  see also Davidic

70:1.18 one hundred Philistine foreskins as the dowry D.

70:1.19 from each side, as in the instance of D. and Goliath.

97:9.4 establish a “divine line of descent” for D.’ Judahite

97:9.5 all distortions of Jewish history had to do with D..

97:9.5 D. and Saul never could agree.

97:9.5 D. with six hundred men entered into a Philistine

97:9.5 At Gath the Philistines ordered D. off the field;

97:9.5 they feared he might go over to Saul.

97:9.5 D. retired; the Philistines attacked and defeated

97:9.5 They could not have done this had D. been loyal

97:9.5 D.’ army was a polyglot assortment of

97:9.6 and Samuel as a background for the kingship of D..

97:9.7 D. with his small army made his headquarters at the

97:9.7 his compatriots proclaimed him king of the new

97:9.8 two differing stories concerning making D. king as

97:9.8 prophet Samuel, by divine direction, selected D.

97:9.10 D. sought to build himself up politically by marrying

97:9.10 He took six wives from the women of Jebus,

97:9.11 that D. built up the fiction of a divine kingdom of

97:9.11 D.’ cosmopolitan tribe of Judah was more gentile

97:9.11 After a military threat, D. then made a compact

97:9.11 The Philistines were aroused and soon attacked D..

97:9.12 gods, for the bulk of D.’ army was non-Hebrew.

97:9.12 because eighty per cent of D.’ soldiers were Baalites.

97:9.13 D. explained Saul’s defeat at Gilboa by pointing out

97:9.13 Even in Saul’s time D. had defended the Canaanite

97:9.13 and then he located his capital in a Canaanite city.

97:9.13 D. turned seven of Saul’s descendants over to the

97:9.14 D. gained possession of the “ark of Yahweh,”

97:9.14 He next laid heavy tribute on the neighboring tribes—

97:9.15 D.’ corrupt political machine began to get personal

97:9.16 After D’ death Solomon purged the political machine

122:1.1 D. and Solomon were not in the line of Joseph’s

122:4.3 Joseph was not of the line of King D..

122:4.3 by one Zadoc, who was a direct descendant of D.;

122:9.8 salvation for all of us In the house of his servant D..

123:0.5 knew that he was not really a descendant of D.;

123:0.5 being reckoned among the offspring of D. was due

124:6.3 King D., and the associations of this historic spot.

135:5.4 and presided over by the successor of King D.,

142:3.9 so much so that he moved D. against them, saying

142:3.9 Satan stood up against Israel and provoked D. to

147:6.4 never read in the Scripture that, one day when D.

147:6.4 he and they who were with him entered the house of

147:6.4 D. also gave this bread to those who were with

156:4.1 king of the city-state of Tyre during the times of D.

172:3.4 depicted a king, the son and successor of D.,

174:4.6 in the Psalm which you accredit to D., he himself,

174:4.6 If D. calls him Lord, how then can he be his son?”

174:4.6 to escape the dilemma by disallowing that D. was

180:2.3 be “a stem arising out of the vine” of D.’ ancestors,

Davidwith throne

122:4.4 Jewish ruler who would sit upon the throne of D.

122:8.4 Jesus might grow up to become the successor of D.

123:0.5 place in which the new candidate for D.’ throne

125:5.7 a temporal prince to sit on the throne of D., or is he

125:6.13 restore the throne of D. and forever cast off the yoke

126:3.6 Jesus knew he would never sit on the throne of D.

135:3.3 that he had come to sit on the throne of D.,

135:5.1 Why was the throne of D. desolate and vacant?

135:7.1 to the idea of the restoration of the throne of D.,

136:8.5 since he had not come to re-establish D.’ throne.

136:9.5 human mind is saying good-bye to the throne of D..

138:7.1 times that I have not come to sit on D.’ throne,

140:8.1 restoration of D.’ throne and the re-establishment

141:2.1 with Messiah sitting on D.’ throne and from this

152:6.5 fully that Jesus was not going to sit on D.’ throne.

162:2.3 in power to restore the throne of D.’ kingdom.

162:6.4 and that the Messiah must restore D.’ throne.

171:1.3 intended to go to Jerusalem and lay claim to D.’.

172:5.10 rule of the Jews, with Jesus on the throne of D..

176:2.3 look for the Son of Man to sit on the throne of D.

David, City of

122:4.3 True, Joseph did go to the CD., Bethlehem, to be

122:8.4 Joseph to remain in Bethlehem, the CD., so that

123:0.5 that Jesus ought to grow up in Bethlehem, the CD..

123:0.5 Mary thought the CD. the most appropriate place

135:7.1 that Jesus, born in the CD., was to be the deliverer,

David, house of

122:4.2 In these visitations nothing was said about the hD..

122:4.3 hence was Joseph also accounted as of the “hD..”

122:4.4 publicly denied any connection with the royal hD..

126:3.10 Was he or was he not of the hD.?

David, son of

121:8.4 Matthew’s Gospel portrays Jesus as a sD., picturing

135:5.7 The older ones clung to the doctrine of the sD..

136:1.1 he was called the “seed of Abraham” or “the sD.,”

136:1.1 evolve from the “servant of the Lord” to the “sD.,”

136:1.6 grasped the human concept of the Messiah as the sD.

137:3.3 all her early hopes of Jesus as the Messiah, the sD.,

152:3.1 the Jews had been taught that the Messiah, the sD.,

172:3.4 depicted a king, the son and successor of D.,

172:3.9 unison, the Psalm, “Hosanna to the sD.; blessed is

174:4.6 “The Messiah is the son of D..”

174:4.6 own disciples, as to whether or not he was the sD.,

174:4.6 “If the Deliverer is indeed the sD., how is it that,

174:4.6 If D. calls him Lord, how then can he be his son?”

David Zebedeehead of the messenger service

129:1.5 as she loved her own sons, James, John, and D.,

129:1.5 Jesus often went fishing with James, John, and D.,

129:1.12 D. respected him as a mechanic but took little stock

138:5.4 and Salome had gone to live with their son D. so

145:1.1 particular morning the boat was being used by D.

145:1.2 Jesus said to D.: “As you were delayed by coming

145:1.2 Simon, one of D.’ assistants, answered: “Master,

145:1.2 because of a gesture made by his master, D..

145:1.2 From that day D., this Simon, and their associates

148:0.1 tented city was under the general supervision of D.

148:0.2 selling their catch to D. for consumption by the

148:0.5 D. managed this large tent city so that it became a

148:8.3 before Jesus interceded for the Bagdad prophet, D.

149:0.4 D. maintained a permanent headquarters for the

149:0.4 relay station for the messenger service which D.

149:0.4 He did all of this on his own initiative but with the

149:0.4 D. employed forty to fifty messengers in this

149:0.4 he partially supported himself by spending some of

149:1.1 on learning from D. where he was, they would go

149:7.1 instructed D. at Bethsaida to dispatch messengers to

150:1.1 Jesus requested D. to summon his parents back to

150:6.2 and movements of these workers by D.’ messengers.

152:2.1 D. desired to establish a new encampment, but

152:2.5 D. had no tented city here to feed and accommodate

153:0.2 Philip advised D. to “forget about plans for

154:2.3 Jesus went fishing with D. on several occasions,

154:2.3 there always lurked near by two or three of D.’

154:5.1 one of D.’ messengers arrived in great haste from

154:5.1 the news of this impending danger caused D. to

154:5.3 Jesus consented to D.’ continuing his messenger

154:5.3 presently, D. said: “Go forth to your work, Master.

154:6.7 Andrew did not recall that D. had posted some

154:6.11 a party of D.’ messengers at the rear entrance of the

154:6.12 Jesus did say to D. as he entered the boat in hasty

154:7.2 and smaller craft, containing six of D.’ messengers,

154:7.5 Ruth learned from D that her father-brother was safe

155:4.1 brought by the messengers of D. from Bethsaida,

156:6.3 Capernaum, where they appointed to meet with D.,

156:6.4 During a brief conference with D. they learned that

157:0.1 Jesus arranged through the messengers of D. to go

157:0.1 D. had arranged with Jude, Jesus’ brother, for

157:0.2 Early in the afternoon D.’ messengers brought Jesus

157:1.3 had been overheard by the secret messenger of D.

157:1.3 with what was added by the messenger of D.,

157:6.1 of Celsus, waiting for messengers to arrive from D.

157:6.1 D. had foreseen this probable diminution of revenue

158:8.1 While D. made ready to take them across the lake,

159:6.2 The messengers of D. were present and made reports

159:6.4 place was also the headquarters in Judea for D.’

159:6.4 D. maintained an overnight relay messenger service

163:1.2 augmented by the arrival of D. and the majority of

163:5.2 After the breaking up of the Magadan Camp, D.

163:5.2 D., with the help of his messenger corps, loaded

163:5.2 with which he had formerly conducted the camp of

163:5.2 he proceeded down the lake shore and along the

163:5.2 he was prepared to offer hospitality to almost fifteen

163:5.3 D. did all this on his own initiative, though he had

163:5.3 he had taken counsel with Philip and Matthew at

163:5.3 He employed the larger part of his former messenger

163:5.3 he now used less than twenty men on regular duty.

163:5.3 the Master, and they found lodging in D.’ camp.

163:6.1 D.’ messengers had brought much of this news to

165:4.5 women of means have given funds to your host, D.

167:0.3 The messengers of D. also brought word of the

167:3.6 but for the arrival of one of D.’ messengers, who

171:1.4 D. closed the visitors’ camp at Pella on Wednesday,

171:1.4 Much as D. disliked to do it, he sold the entire

171:1.5 D. was present in Jerusalem during the tragic last

171:1.5 D. stopped with Lazarus at Bethany and became

171:1.5 Andrew had directed D. to discontinue the service;

171:1.5 D. found himself without a job, and he had about

171:1.5 he had about decided to become the self-appointed

171:1.5 D. betook himself to Philadelphia, having first

171:1.5 he spent the remainder of his life, becoming the

172:2.3 D. had turned over to Judas the funds realized from

172:3.7 D. and some of his former messenger associates

176:2.9 It was a late hour when D., John Mark,and a number

177:0.3 D. accosted him, saying: “You well know, Master

177:0.3 said to D.: “You mean well, but you err in that you

177:0.4 D. and his armed guards withdrew; but as Jesus

177:3.3 runners came to D. bringing him word from his

177:3.3 D. had made up his mind that the chief priests and

177:3.3 D. knew they were determined to destroy the

177:3.3 he was about convinced that Jesus would neither

177:3.3 he lost no time in dispatching a messenger to his

177:3.4 D.’ mother did as her son requested, and now the

177:3.4 now the runners came back to D. bringing the word

177:3.4 Since D. did this on his own initiative, he thought it

177:3.4 he thought it wise to keep the matter to himself.

177:3.4 He told no one that Jesus’ family was on the way to

177:5.1 looking over toward D., asked if anyone had heard

177:5.1 D. looked down at his feet; he was afraid to answer

177:5.3 Silent came and went, communicating with only D..

178:1.18 they immediately went back to the camp, where D.

178:2.3 D., through the work of his secret agents, was fully

178:2.3 He knew all about the part of Judas in this plot, but

178:2.3 but he never disclosed this knowledge to the other

178:2.3 Shortly after lunch he did lead Jesus aside and,

178:2.3 knewbut he never got further with his question.

178:2.3 “Yes, D., I know all about it, and I know that you

178:2.4 This conversation with D. was interrupted by the

178:2.6 But D., who was standing near, stepped up and

178:2.10 D. had much business to transact with Judas so that

178:2.10 When Judas gave D. a certain sum of money for

178:2.10 D. said to him: “Judas, might it not be well, under

178:2.10 Judas answered: “Yes, D., I think it would be wise.

178:2.11 D. received all the apostolic cash funds and receipts

182:2.1 D. and John Mark took Jesus to one side and

182:2.2 Returning from his talk with D. and John, he

182:2.5 Jesus called to D., “Send to me your most fleet and

182:2.5 When D. brought to the Master one Jacob, once a

182:2.9 Only D. and John Mark understood that the enemies

182:2.10 D. had arranged to stand guard that night on the

182:2.10 Before D. went to his self-imposed task of outpost

182:2.10 he bade farewell to Jesus, saying: “Master, I have

182:2.10 And then said Jesus to D.: “D., my son, others

182:2.11 as he prepared to go on watch by the upper trail,

182:2.11 D. said to Jesus: “You know, Master, I sent for your

182:2.11 looking down upon D., only said: “Let it be so, D..”

182:2.12 When D. had gone up Olivet, John Mark took up his

182:2.12 Shortly after D. left him, and when Mark observed

183:0.1 of two excited messengers who inquired for D.

183:0.1 when Peter informed them where he kept watch.

183:3.9 John Mark made his way in all haste to D. on the

183:3.9 When he had told D. what had happened, they

183:4.2 that D. would remain at the camp to maintain a

183:4.2 only D. remained on hand with three or four

183:4.4 D. sent Peter in charge of a messenger to join his

183:4.5 it was John who supplied D.’ messengers with

183:4.5 information which they carried to D. at the garden

183:4.7 D. sent word to Jesus’ family, by Jude, to

183:4.8 the messenger service which D. continued to operate

184:2.9 On arriving at the camp, Peter found only D., who

186:0.3 almost every hour the messengers of D brought them


186:3.1 D. believed that Jesus’ enemies would return;

186:3.1 he early removed some five or six tents up the ravine

186:3.1 Here he proposed to hide and at the same time

186:3.1 D. had hardly left the camp when the temple

186:3.2 a messenger hastened to Gethsemane to inform D.,

186:3.3 D. sent messengers about every half hour with

186:3.3 D. dismissed his corps of local runners for the

186:3.3 where he proposed to go in hiding for a few days

186:3.4 This peculiar-minded D. was the only one of the

186:3.4 D. had once heard him make this prediction and,

186:3.4 D. soon discovered that none of Jesus’ followers

186:3.4 therefore did he say little about his belief and

187:6.1 D. sent out the last of the messengers carrying the

187:6.1 The last of his runners he dispatched to the home

187:6.1 Bethany, where he supposed the mother of Jesus

188:1.8 Aside from D. and Joseph of Arimathea, very few of

188:3.3 D. remained at the home of Nicodemus, where he

188:3.3 he had arranged for his messengers to assemble early

189:4.2 gathered together, with D. Zebedee and Joseph of

190:1.2 related all these happenings to Joseph, D. Zebedee,

190:1.2 Joseph and D. were disposed to believe the report,

190:1.3 From the tomb D. and Joseph went to the home of

190:1.3 D. would not argue with them, but when he left,

190:1.3 but when he left, he said: “You are the apostles,

190:1.3 he dropped the bag of Judas, containing all the funds

190:1.4 the last of D.’ twenty-six messengers arrived at the

190:1.4 D. assembled them in the spacious courtyard and

190:1.6 majority endeavored to persuade D. not to do this.

190:1.6 But they could not influence him.

190:1.6 in fulfillment of their oath to D. and to one another

190:1.6 These men had great confidence in D..

190:1.6 those who had seen Jesus; they took D. at his word.

190:1.6 The majority of them believed what D. had told

190:1.9 When D. had taken leave of his brethren, he went

190:1.9 he went over to the home of Joseph for his mother,

190:1.9 D. abode there in Bethany with Martha and Mary

190:1.9 he accompanied them on their journey to join their

190:1.10 D. left Bethany with Martha and Mary, for

190:1.10 after his marriage to Ruth, Jesus’ youngest sister.

190:2.2 about one hour previously by the messenger of D..

190:2.2 Before she had finished, D. and his mother arrived.

190:2.2 so did Jude after he had talked with D. and Salome.

190:2.5 D. exclaimed: “He is seen not only by excited

190:2.6 And D. did not long wait, for the fourth

191:0.3 heretofore been rendered by the messengers of D.,

191:0.3 they had been dependent on D.’ messengers for

191:0.10 D. had unceremoniously turned the funds over to

191:4.1 the resurrection which had been brought by D.’

191:6.1 report of D.’ messenger regarding the crucifixion.

191:6.1 “But D., who sends us this word, reports that the

191:6.4 Imagine the surprise of D.’ herald of the resurrection


97:9.20 depredations rivaled those of the D. dynasty of olden

122:4.3 Mary had more of the D. ancestry than Joseph.

123:0.5 to the adoption of one of his ancestors into the D.

135:9.5 Would he become a military leader and a D. king?

137:5.3 though he was not the D. type of Messiah, he was

dawnnoun or adjective; see mammal(s)

8:0.2 In the d. of eternity the Father and the Son become

9:7.4 taught that, in the d. of time, this experiential mind

12:7.9 dignity among the savage tribes of men in the d. of

17:2.2 This momentous transaction, occurring in the d. of

20:9.2 with the initiation of a spiritual age, with the d. of

23:1.3 These solitary spirits came forth in the d. of time as

31:9.3 —neither Creator nor creature—eventuated in the d.

49:2.17 shores of these marine gardens of the d. races of

50:5.4 The prehuman creatures and the d. races of primitive

52:2.4 This dispensation witnesses a spiritual d., and the

52:2.7 This is the d. of the golden age of the home.

52:7.16 reign, ushers in the d. of the era of light and life—

55:1.1 This event, signalizing the d. of the era of light and


58:6.2 animal types and the d. men of the human races.

58:7.1 during the life-d. or Proterozoic era does not now

59:0.3 The life-d. era extends over the next one hundred

59:1.1 By the d. of this period of relative quiet on earth’s

59:4.2 It is the d. of a new age on earth.


64:1.7 This early d. civilization was threatened with

65:2.3 are very little changed from the early d. of life;

65:2.7 The frog is the only species ancestor of the early d.

65:6.5 toward thirty-two in the d. man and his near relatives



69:2.2 Before the d. of early frugality and primitive industry

74:4.4 It was near the d. of their seventh day on earth that


81:4.1 As contact is made with the d. of historic times, all

87:7.2 From the d of civilization every appealing movement

89:2.3 the dream of a onetime “golden age” of the d. of the

91:3.1 With the d. of creative imagination they evince a

92:1.2 With the d. of civilization the human race espoused

97:1.8 Even here is the d. of mercy, albeit it is limited to

125:4.2 Joseph and Mary also had arisen with the early d.

135:3.4 was ripe for the end of the age of man and the d. of

137:5.3 thinking, thinking until the d. of the next day.

170:4.5 the advance toward the d. of a new social order in

174:5.5 home of Nicodemus, which lasted until the d. of day,

189:4.6 just enough of the d. of a new day to enable Mary to

189:4.10 these women sat there in the early hours of the d. of


1:0.1 The truth about the Father had begun to d. upon

47:7.5 It is beginning to d. upon the enlarging minds of

119:5.4 finally d. upon us that Michael was probably going

179:3.5 As it began to d. on Simon Peter that there was

181:0.1 At last it was beginning to d. upon these Galileans

195:6.4 a better understanding is already beginning to d..


137:2.5 It suddenly d. on Philip that Jesus was a great man,

168:1.14 abode of departed spirits ere the fourth day had d..

195:4.3 influence in the world when the renaissance d..


37:2.9 to establish the postbestowal or d. spiritual age of

39:7.1 sometime d. of the age of light and life in Nebadon.

70:8.1 A d. civilization has not yet begun the differentiation

70:11.1 exactly when, at the d., night is succeeded by day.

72:12.5 the sometime d. of a real age of spiritual striving;

81:3.3 years ago the era of the independent cities was d..

110:3.10 This is the birth of cosmic morality and the d.

137:4.12 It was gradually d. upon Jesus what had happened

140:6.14 night was passing; the light of another day was d..

153:5.3 the new day is d. for the shining forth in new glory


5:5.11 Last, d. the spirit consciousness—the realization of

daysee dayperiod or epoch or age; day after day;

day, all; day by day; day, every; day, following;

day, next; day, one; day, some; day, third;

day to day; days’; see also later-day; latter-day;

present-day; Sabbath day

12:5.1 the Havona standard d. is arbitrarily so recognized.

14:1.12 there is the Paradise-Havona standard d. and other

14:1.12 The Paradise-Havona standard d. is based on the

14:1.12 “A d. is as a thousand years with God, as but a

14:1.12 One Paradise-Havona d. is just seven minutes,

14:1.13 This Paradise-Havona d. is the standard time

15:7.2 The standard d. of the superuniverse of Orvonton is

24:6.4 until that far-distant d. when the first mortal pilgrim

25:6.5 Recorders and Custodians of Records until the d. of

28:1.3 serve by the side of the Creator Son until the d. of

28:4.11 Never a d. passes on your world that the chief of

30:3.11 Some of these visitors may tarry a d., others may

30:4.11 rest in unconscious sleep until the judgment d. of

30:4.11 sleeping survivors from the days of Adam to the d.

33:6.7 The standard d. of Nebadon is equal to eighteen days

33:6.9 The d. in Satania, as reckoned on Jerusem, is a little

35:3.11 never will you forget your reactions to the first d.

39:4.15 Seldom does a d. pass in which a transport

40:3.1 translated, with their human cousins, on the d. of

40:10.8 Paradise pilgrims who may, at that distant d., pour

41:3.8 from the former three and one-half d. pulsations to

43:4.7 Never, since that d., have these instigators of sin

43:4.8 “And there was a d. when the Sons of God came to

43:6.3 At this shrine the Most Highs, on every tenth d. of

43:9.5 on that d. when you are prepared to leave Edentia

46:1.2 The Satania d. equals three days of Urantia time,

46:1.7 for seventy-five per cent of the Jerusem d.,

46:3.3 Constellation Fathers is received at least once a d..

47:3.6 At the end of your ten-d. period of leisure you

47:3.12 visits to Jerusem, and on any d. you are there, you

47:10.6 unified until that d. when such a Jerusem citizen is

48:3.8 on awakening to that d. when you leave the local

51:3.8 On the d. of Pentecost the loyal primary and the

51:5.2 and the people eagerly look forward to the d. when

52:5.5 But ever since the d. of Pentecost, Urantia mortals

52:7.6 an hour each d. on the part of every adult individual;

53:1.1 “You were perfect in all your ways from the d. you

53:1.6 chains of darkness to the judgment of the great d..”

53:4.1 assembled hosts of Jerusem, on the last d. of the year

53:5.3 From the outbreak of rebellion to the d. of his

53:7.15 younger worlds peopled since that d. of rebellion.

53:8.7 since the d. of Pentecost this traitorous Caligastia

55:1.1 they preside on that d. when the “holy temple

55:1.1 Son of that planet, comes to witness this great d..

55:2.7 on the d. when it was first settled in light and life.

57:6.3 the moon, and the d. and month will be analogous—

58:2.1 to considerably over 100 million dollars a d..

62:3.7 living on the ground during the d. and sleeping in

62:5.8 the twins journeyed off down the river one bright d.

62:5.8 On this eventful d. they arrived at an understanding

62:6.1 waiting since the d. we first planted the life plasm in

62:7.1 At noon, the d. after the runaway of the twins,

62:7.2 It was an eventful d. on Urantia when our small

63:2.3 as their secret and safe hiding place for the first d.

63:2.5 Each d. this couple would strike the flints and

63:6.6 “O Breath of Life, give us this d. our daily food,

66:1.5 Caligastia on that eventful d. one-half million years

66:7.16 to hold one of these commands in mind for each d.

66:7.17 That, with the exception of d. and night, was the

66:7.17 The seven-d. week was introduced by the Dalamatia

67:3.4 but their dwellings were guarded d. and night by the

70:11.1 when, at the dawning, night is succeeded by d..

72:3.2 every two weeks, for they maintain a five-d. week.

72:5.9 Industry now operates on a five-d. week, working

72:5.9 These people labor six hours each working d. and,

72:5.10 richest man on the continent works six hours a d. in

73:5.4 Amadon’s inspectors made their rounds each d. in

74:2.3 And on that d. there was great excitement and joy

74:3.2 Thus ended the first d. of Adam and Eve on Urantia,

74:3.3 Adam’s second d. on earth was spent in session with

74:3.3 And thus ended a sad but enlightening d.—their

74:3.4 This d. of inspection ended with a banquet in honor

74:3.5 On the fourth d. Adam and Eve addressed the

74:3.5 This was a great d., and it closed with a feast for

74:3.5 And thus ended the fourth d. on earth.

74:3.6 The fifth d. was occupied with the organization of

74:3.7 The sixth d. was devoted to an inspection of the

74:3.9 When the sixth d. of their sojourn on earth was over,

74:3.9 looked forward with great pleasure to an entire d.

74:3.10 The experience of the d. just past in which Adam

74:4.1 That night, the night following the sixth d., while

74:4.4 It was near the dawn of their seventh d. on earth

74:4.4 It was early on the morning of this seventh d. and

74:4.5 It was a momentous d., and just before noon,

74:4.6 Always in Eden the seventh d. was devoted to the

74:4.6 it was the custom to devote this d. to self-culture.

74:5.2 farewell of the receivers occupied the whole of a d.,

74:6.4 They ate once a d., shortly after noontime.

74:6.5 Though wearing very little during the d., at eventide

74:8.1 The choosing of the seventh d. for worship was

75:4.4 “In the d. that you commingle good and evil, you

75:5.2 Adam, the d. after Eve’s misstep, sought out Laotta

77:2.11 confusion of the twenty-eight-d. month, or season,

77:2.12 reckoning of time by the twenty-eight-d. month

77:7.2 the adjudication of Urantia on the d. of Pentecost.

77:7.7 since that d. even the weak minds of inferior mortals

77:7.8 Since the d. of Pentecost there never again can be

82:2.4 regulations on high festival days, especially May D..

82:3.4 The savage looked upon his wedding d. as marking

83:4.6 it was customary to set a false wedding d. and then

84:3.10 No camp or village could be left unguarded d. or

85:5.2 honored the sun by giving its name to the first d. of

86:5.12 A person could be a law-abiding citizen by d., but

87:2.6 such as “the name or d. one never mentions.”

88:1.6 For ages Friday has been regarded as an unlucky d.

88:6.4 The sex festivities of May D. were simply imitative

93:0.2 planetary receivers on down to the d. when Jesus

93:2.1 first observed by mortal man on that eventful d.

95:1.2 the early Adamite peoples in honoring the seventh d.

95:1.2 the seventh d. was regarded as the worst of bad luck.

95:1.2 cook food, or make a fire on the evil seventh d..

95:1.2 on the Babylonian observance of the seventh d.,

95:5.13 their bodies in tombs against the d. of judgment.

95:6.6 Zoroaster taught the “d. of judgment,” but he

96:3.3 by Moses in preparation for the d. of revolt and

96:5.5 You saw no similitude on the d. that your God spoke

97:4.3 shadow of death into the morning and makes the d.

98:4.7 most holy d. was Black Friday, the “d. of blood,”

98:5.4 Three times a d. they worshiped, with special

98:5.4 weekly ceremonials on the d. of the sun-god

98:5.4 Mithras, there to tarry in bliss until the judgment d.

98:5.4 On the judgment d. the Mithraic keys of heaven

100:4.6 each d. you learn to love one more human being.

100:4.6 If each d. or each week you achieve an

100:5.3 sudden and spectacular conversion that eventful d.

102:0.1 Each d. of life slowly and surely tightens the grasp

103:2.1 Nevertheless, sooner or later there is a “birth d..”

104:0.2 natural couplets, such as d. and night, hot and cold,

107:6.7 time of their bestowal until the d. of their release to

108:2.1 days; that is, on the 2,134th d. of terrestrial life.

108:2.3 status on Urantia ever since the d. of Pentecost.

114:1.4 narrator, look for Melchizedek’s appearance any d.

114:3.3 hands down scores of rulings and decisions each d.

114:5.5 Each administrative d. on Urantia begins with a

114:6.9 corps assigned to the planet after the d. of Pentecost.

118:1.3 The time unit may be a d., a year, or a longer period,

119:1.3 On this d. a communication was registered on

119:1.5 “And at noon on this d., without previous

119:2.6 And then came that eventful d. on which there

119:6.6 But from that d. down to the hour when Michael

122:2.7 eighth d. they presented the child for circumcision,

122:3.4 Gabriel’s announcement to Mary was made the d.

122:6.3 which was used as a carpenter shop during the d.

122:7.3 cheerfully departed from Nazareth at the break of d..

122:7.5 Their first d. of travel carried them around the

122:8.1 By the break of d. the pangs of childbirth were well

122:8.2 the promised child was born; and on the eighth d.,

122:8.4 The second d. after the birth of Jesus, Mary sent

122:8.5 to pay homage to the babe of Bethlehem until the d.

122:9.3 Zacharias knew the d. Joseph and Mary were

123:1.1 On the fourth d. of the journey the party reached its

123:1.6 After this he did very little carpenter work by the d.

123:2.2 On this d. in February the direct supervision of the

123:2.6 1. The newborn child, the first to the eighth d..

123:3.5 last, the feast of the new year, the d. of atonement.

123:3.10 studying the flowers and plants by d. and the stars

124:1.4 There it was, plain as d., and many of the elders had

124:1.5 or modeled the likeness of anything from that d.

124:1.6 It was a clear d. and the view was superb.

124:5.4 On the first d. of the week, March 20, A.D. 7, Jesus

124:5.4 This was a great d. in the life of any Jewish family,

124:5.4 the d. when the first-born son was pronounced a

124:6.12 The following d., the d. of preparation, they made

124:6.15 On the d. before the Passover Sabbath, flood tides of

125:0.4 temple throngs, but the first great shock of the d.

125:2.2 This was the beginning of the seven-d. ceremonies of

125:2.4 They were disconcerted by the events of the d.

125:2.5 relieve the unpleasant memories of the previous d..

125:2.5 Before the d. was over, Jesus discovered the places

125:3.1 the first d. of the week after the Passover festival

125:4.4 When this, his second d. in the temple, was finished,


125:5.1 Throughout this d. Joseph and Mary continued their

125:5.2 Before the d. had ended, the entire attention of the

125:5.8 all the d. through, those who listened marveled at

125:5.9 When the d. was over, Simon and Jesus wended


126:2.1 All did go well until that fateful d. of Tuesday,

126:2.4 learned of this from John on the d. of his baptism,

126:4.1 now the d. had come when, according to law, Jesus

126:5.5 The pay of a common d.-laboring carpenter was

126:5.5 only the equivalent of about twenty-five cents a d..

126:5.10 spent some time with them in the garden each d.

127:2.8 That very d. the chazan had rehearsed James in his

127:3.1 They went up to Jerusalem a d. early, to be alone,

127:3.7 able to meet so many people each d. from all parts of

127:3.12 did John and Jesus see each other until that d. by

127:5.6 being present (unobserved by Jesus) that d. when

128:1.9 in the living of his human life up to the d. of his

128:2.4 From this d. James assumed full financial

128:6.6 in confinement until the morning of the second d.

128:6.7 The morning following their second d in prison Jesus

128:7.5 Jesus was rapidly preparing for the d. when he could

128:7.9 At last the d. had come when all Jesus’ brothers had

128:7.11 the d. after the double wedding, Jude assured Joseph

128:7.13 The d. after this double wedding Jesus held an

129:1.8 From this d. on to the end of his earth life Jesus was

129:3.9 made clear in Jesus’ consciousness on the very d.

129:4.2 the moment of the arrival of his Adjuster until the d.

129:4.2 mortal of the realm, on the d. of his baptism in the

130:0.1 said good-bye in Charax on the tenth d. of December

130:0.5 Jesus spent about half of each d. teaching Ganid

130:0.5 The remainder of each d., which was at his disposal,

130:2.10 It was on this same d. that we first heard that truth

130:3.4 they spent some time here each d. throughout

130:6.1 why so downcast on such a beautiful d.?

130:6.4 This d., my son, you are to be reborn, re-established

131:2.11 light that shines more and more until the perfect d..

132:0.1 morose emperor was unusually cheerful on this d.

132:6.1 And from that d. forward, for the remainder of his

132:7.8 From this d., for the remainder of his natural life,

133:2.4 on the second d., he got into deep religious water,

133:3.1 That d. they heard a learned rabbi discourse on the

133:4.11 From this d. on purpose to be a real man, a man

133:9.4 At last the d. came for the separation.

134:8.1 Tiglath accompanied Jesus this first d. up the

134:8.2 The first d., after he had left Tiglath, Jesus had

134:8.3 he abstained from all food only a d. or two at a time.

134:8.6 passed through that eventful d. on Mount Hermon

134:8.9 On that d. he completed the task set for Creator

134:8.9 momentous achievement was not made until the d.

134:8.9 but it all really took place that d. on the mountain.

134:9.1 about the time of the d. of atonement and the feast

134:9.3 present at the solemn services of the d. of atonement

134:9.3 John was impressed by the ceremonies of this d. of

134:9.3 Jesus looked upon the doings of this d. as a travesty

134:9.5 spent a d. and a night alone on the slopes of Gilboa

135:0.2 On the eighth d. John was circumcised according to

135:1.4 From that d. on John always wore a hairy garment

135:4.4 the coming of the great and dreadful d. of the Lord

135:8.4 had just begun baptizing the candidates for the d..

135:8.6 John dismissed the others for the d., announcing

135:9.2 After the experience of this d. the preaching of John

136:2.2 Jesus stood in the Jordan that d. a perfected mortal

136:2.3 that very d. when he went down into the Jordan

136:2.7 This d. of baptism ended the purely human life of

136:3.1 That eventful d., on the universe records, Jesus of

136:3.4 The former was achieved on the d. of his baptism

136:3.4 the latter was a fact of history on that d. when he

136:9.7 Lord has said to me, ‘You are my Son; this d.

136:10.1 On the last d. of this memorable isolation, before

137:0.1 All that d. Jesus mingled with the multitude.

137:1.7 From this d. on the term apostle was employed to

137:2.2 That d., as Jesus and his four disciple-apostles

137:2.2 The d. before, John had made his positive

137:4.3 As the d. wore on, Jesus became increasingly


137:6.1 the nature and authority of him who was that d. to

138:2.10 Jesus spent a full d. with the six, answering their

138:6.1 Each d. the six new apostles were put in the hands of

138:6.2 away, saying: “My children, go for a d. of play.

138:6.2 his earth life, did not actually require this d. of rest,

138:7.1 And early on this first d. of the week, just as Jesus

138:7.5 The apostles spent the remainder of the d. perfecting

138:10.3 They were to attend Jesus d. and night, to minister

138:10.9 for a few hours of relaxation and diversion each d..

139:1.6 Late on the evening of the d. of Pentecost, when,

139:2.13 Right up to the d. of his death, Peter continued to

139:2.14 And the d. her illustrious husband yielded up his life,

139:4.11 right-hand support of Peter on the d. of Pentecost.

139:5.1 to him that Jesus was a really great man until that d.

139:8.11 permission from Andrew to go off for a d. or two.

139:9.9 gratefully proud were these humble men on that d.

139:12.10 definite shape until the d. when a grateful woman

140:0.1 The twelve were expecting to be called almost any d.

140:3.20 “In the great d. of the kingdom judgment, many will

140:6.13 Sufficient for the d. is the trouble thereof.”

140:6.14 was passing; the light of another d. was dawning.

140:7.3 teaching by d. and holding private conferences late


140:9.1 for the d. when he would be compelled to leave them

141:0.1 On the first d. of the week, January 19, A.D. 27,

141:0.2 “On this great d., Master, when we are to depart

141:1.2 The first d. Jesus and the apostles only journeyed

141:3.1 arranged that two apostles should rest each d. of the

141:8.1 apostolic couples to go up to Jericho for a d. or two.

141:8.3 The apostles had planned to spend but a d. here, but

141:9.1 On Monday, the last d. of March, Jesus and the

142:0.2 The first d. in Jerusalem Jesus called upon his

142:3.15 5. Six days you may work, but on the seventh d. you

142:4.2 what has that to do with this d. when the Father is

142:7.1 Said Thomas: “Master, on the d. we were set apart

143:1.9 from that very d. their message took on a new note

143:1.9 From this d. forward they did not occupy themselves

143:3.1 in the enjoyment of a three-d. period of rest and

143:3.1 on Mount Sartaba, where I desire to rest for a d.

143:3.3 they never forgot the d. going up the mountain.

143:3.4 The whole d. was devoted to reminiscences and to

143:5.4 the living water which I have this d. offered you.”

143:5.6 “Woman, let me say to you that the d. is coming

143:6.6 —to the Samaritans in the cities by d. and spent the

144:3.7 Give us this d. our bread for tomorrow; Refresh

144:5.6 Give us this d. the vivifying forces of light, And let

144:5.18 Sustain us this d. in our progress along the path of

144:5.27 This d. guide and direct our journey.

144:5.35 Justify us fully in the d. of the great judgment.

144:5.41 Give your children on earth this d. To see the way,

144:6.2 twenty-four men were in session three times a d.

144:8.5 Many who heard Jesus that d. submitted themselves

144:8.5 were firmly knit to Jesus from that d. forward.

145:1.2 From that d. David Zebedee, this Simon, and their

145:1.3 the fish were usually to be found at this time of d..

145:2.6 words are fulfilled in what you behold this very d.?

145:2.13 Not until later on that d., after sundown, was this

145:2.13 Long after the d. of Pentecost the Apostle John,

145:3.4 That Sabbath was a great d. in the earth life of Jesus

145:3.10 never witnessed on earth before that d., nor since.

145:4.1 probably the greatest d. of all the great days of

145:5.9 About noon of that d. Jude had sought out his

146:4.1 would also often teach and preach at the week-d.

147:1.1 On the d. before they made ready to go to

147:6.2 at a meeting which was held the d. before Jesus’

147:6.3 until early Sabbath morning, the first d. of May.

147:6.4 shall I not, before the d. is finished, see you eat

147:6.4 you have brought along for the needs of this d.?

147:6.5 For the remainder of the d. they kept by themselves

147:8.3 “‘Is it such a fast that I have chosen—a d. for a

147:8.3 Will you dare to call this a fast and an acceptable d.

148:7.2 Sabbath day or should he seek help on another d..

148:8.4 On this same d., Beth-Marion, a Phoenician woman,

149:3.3 From this d. on they ceased not to plan and plot

149:7.1 By supper time on that rainy d. all of the apostolic

150:7.1 Not since the d. of his baptism by John in the

150:7.1 Earlier in the d. Jesus had sent Thomas to arrange

150:8.1 This Sabbath was a beautiful d., and all Nazareth,

150:8.2 The services on this d. were conducted just as when

150:8.4 commandments as applied to the d. and the night.

150:8.8 “For this commandment which I give you this d. is

151:3.15 slept by night and went about his business by d.,

151:5.1 over to the other side that we may rest for a d..”

151:5.2 air rises in a pocket over the lake during the d.,

151:5.6 From this d. on they insisted on regarding the Master

151:6.6 Before the d. was over, this episode was published

151:6.7 Most of that d. Jesus was thronged by those who

152:2.1 Jesus continued to teach the people by d. while he

152:3.3 turned back and followed him no more from that d..

152:7.2 Passover, and that was on the great d. of the feast.

153:0.1 Friday evening, the d. of their arrival at Bethsaida,

153:1.1 The d. before, fifty-three Pharisees and Sadducees

153:2.5 Verily, verily, I say to many who sit before me this d.

153:2.5 said to your forefathers, ‘choose you this d. whom

153:3.6 Even many years after this d. the Apostle Peter

153:4.1 in those days and right up to the d. of Pentecost,

153:4.4 “Many of you have this d. come to the parting of the

153:5.3 Why do you grieve when the new d. is dawning

154:3.2 Accordingly, just before midnight of this d., Herod

154:5.1 May 22 was an eventful d. in the life of Jesus.

155:3.1 Jesus talked with the apostles each d., and they

156:5.3 this same d. Nathaniel asked Jesus: “Master, why do

156:5.23 The d. before Jesus left Tyre for the return to the

156:6.1 Here they tarried for a d., speaking words of comfort

157:0.1 Several times during the d. both Jude and Ruth

157:4.4 “Now that a full d. has passed since you assented

157:4.6 On this d. the Master began to believe in the faith of

157:4.7 And ever since that d. this same Jesus has been

157:6.1 Jesus and the apostles remained another d. at the

157:6.1 so, by evening of this d., these messengers arrived

157:6.7 much that was new as Jesus talked to them this d.

158:1.4 Master could have relinquished the struggle this d.

158:1.4 On this d. in August three of his apostles saw Jesus

158:3.1 which transpired that eventful d. on Mount Hermon.

158:4.2 who had arrived the preceding d. in quest of Jesus.

158:4.3 this d. when Jesus was up on the mountain with the

158:7.1 him that he might be alone with his apostles this d.

158:8.1 what it was that occupied their thoughts that d.,

159:3.1 Jesus spent a d. and a night and, in the course of the

161:2.7 Hardly does a d. pass but something transpires to

161:2.8 From the d. of our ordination as apostles right on

162:4.4 On the last d. of the feast almost four hundred and

162:4.4 Then followed the sacrifices for the d., associated

162:4.4 with the repeating of the Psalm for the d.,

162:4.4 the Psalm for the last d. of the feast being the

162:5.1 On the evening of the next to the last d. of the feast,

162:6.1 On the last d., the great d. of the feast, as the

162:7.1 On the afternoon of the last d. of the feast and after

162:9.1 The d. following the close of the feast, Jesus had

163:3.5 with the laborers to pay them a denarius a d.,

163:3.5 ‘Why do you stand here idle all the d.?’

163:3.6 the men who were hired at the beginning of the d.

163:3.6 same as us who have borne the burden of the d. in

163:3.7 Did not you agree to work for a denarius a d.?

163:4.1 the d. the seventy went forth on their first mission.

163:6.5 tolerable for Tyre and Sidon in the d. of judgment.

163:7.3 on the d. Peter was crucified in Rome, she was fed

164:3.6 to use this blind man as the means of that d. bringing

164:3.7 the works of Him who sent me, while it is still d.,

164:4.8 claim that your eyes have this d. been opened?”

164:4.11 realize what has been done this d. in Jerusalem!

165:1.1 Jesus taught this multitude at least once each d.

165:4.8 to feed upon the bread of life on a d. like this

165:4.10 how the wealthy would stand in the d. of judgment,

165:5.2 a handbreadth to your stature or a d. to your life?

165:6.3 prepare yourselves for that d. when you will be

166:4.1 While most Palestinians ate only two meals a d.,

166:5.1 Abner was teaching three times a d. in the synagogue

166:5.7 89 years old, dying at Philadelphia on the 21st d. of

167:2.3 he was baptized that d. and made public confession

167:3.6 many were baptized by Abner at noon on that d. in

167:4.3 were in the habit of burying their dead on the d. of

167:4.3 that decay was well advanced by the fourth d.,

167:4.5 twelve hours of the d. in which work may safely

167:4.5 If a man walks in the d., he does not stumble

167:4.6 in preparation for that d. when I shall take leave of

167:6.3 as on this d. these children and their mothers little

168:0.1 had been rolled in place on the morning of this d.,

168:0.6 he will rise again in the resurrection of the last d.;

168:1.14 so that it was taking full effect on the fourth d..

168:1.14 on to the abode of departed spirits ere the fourth d.

168:3.3 fourteen withdrew from the Sanhedrin on that d.,

168:4.2 All that d. they reverted to the discussion of this

169:1.9 on the lookout for his return, so that on the d. he

170:0.2 during the evening discussions of this same d..

171:0.1 d. after the memorable sermon on “The Kingdom,”

171:4.3 They pondered all that d. as to what the Master

171:4.8 confused and bewildered believers who this d.

172:2.2 a brief review of their ministry from the d. of their

172:2.2 down to this d. when they were preparing to enter

172:3.10 had only known, even you, at least in this your d.,

172:4.2 What a strange d. it had been!

172:4.2 of association with Jesus, had they seen such a d..

172:5.2 Throughout this d. and those which immediately

172:5.4 To James, this Sunday was a d. of perplexity

172:5.10 This Sunday started off as a great d. for Simon

172:5.10 their sympathizers dead before sunset of that d..

172:5.11 To the Alpheus twins this was a perfect d..

172:5.11 In the memory of the twins this was always their d.

172:5.11 This d. was the satisfying climax of their whole

172:5.12 because of the Master’s rebuke the preceding d.

172:5.12 to stay on with the twelve, at least for another d..

173:0.1 recovered from the experience of the preceding d..

173:1.3 After this ten-d. period these money-changers

173:1.7 “You have this d. witnessed that which is written

173:1.8 And all the rest of that d. while Jesus taught,

173:1.9 this d., a d. of quiet and peace in the temple courts,

173:1.10 If this spectacular event had occurred the d. before,

173:2.8 They attempted no more questions that d.;

173:5.3 he appointed yet another d. for the wedding feast

173:5.6 intervene between the events of the d. just passed

174:2.4 The previous d. the rulers had sought to trip him

174:4.1 fill up the entire d. with these entangling questions,

174:5.1 supplies for the new camp which was that d. being

174:5.5 of Nicodemus, which lasted until the dawn of d.,

175:0.2 the multitude had driven them out the previous d..

175:1.22 terrible d. of reckoning will come when the Judge

175:3.3 Understanding that Jesus might not return that d.

175:4.12 bitter denunciation which Jesus had this d. delivered

175:4.15 in Jerusalem this eventful d. while a vast concourse

176:3.4 your diligent fellow servants have this d. rendered.

176:4.3 teacher; and this he did on the d. of Pentecost.

176:4.6 As far as we know, he may appear on earth any d.,


177:0.2 Andrew that he intended to be absent for the d.


177:1.3 The Master spent this last d. of quiet on earth

177:1.3 known as “the d. which a young man spent with

177:1.3 alone with God in the hills, and for a whole d..

177:1.5 John Mark was thrilled by the memory of this d. with

177:1.5 John, we have had a good visit, a real d. of rest, but

177:1.5 never did reveal anything that transpired on this d.

177:2.2 you have had, even such as you this d. enjoy.

177:3.0 3. THE DAY AT CAMP

177:3.1 The apostles spent most of this d. walking about

177:3.1 As the d. wore on, they grew increasingly anxious

177:3.1 There was much debating throughout the d. as to

177:3.7 True, the d. before, when he left the temple, he

177:3.7 But it was a busy d. in the city as they

177:4.2 On the preceding d. Judas had disclosed to some

177:4.9 and glory such as he had not had for many a d..

177:5.3 had spent the whole d. in the Master’s company.

177:5.5 one more d. nearer the tragic Friday, still, Jesus was

177:5.6 one more d. to do the Father’s will and experience


178:0.1 Thursday, his last free d. on earth as a divine Son

178:0.1 apostles during the early evening hours of the d.,

178:2.2 By noon of this d. all the apostles and disciples had

178:2.9 John Mark during the afternoon of the preceding d.

179:0.1 Passover not later than noon of the preceding d..

179:0.1 And since the Jews reckoned the d. as beginning at

179:4.1 secret chamber and a d. in advance of the Passover

180:4.1 when this d. shall come, you will also have me

180:4.3 And when this new d. comes, you will be indwelt by

181:2.13 until that d. whereon the new teacher comes,

181:2.13 Many changes have come over you since that d. at

182:0.1 Ever since that d. in the hills, John Mark had made

182:1.2 in a circle about him as they had done on the d. of

182:2.9 after noon on the preparation d. for the Passover.

183:2.3 called for Jesus’ arrest by midnight of that d..

184:1.9 since it was nearing the break of d., Annas thought

184:3.17 because it was the preparation d. for the Passover

185:0.3 leaven might be used on this d. of preparation for

185:1.3 that d. on to a large extent subject to the whims of

185:2.7 this d., being Friday, was also the preparation d. for

186:2.11 untold millions have ever since that d. continued

186:3.3 Throughout this tragic d., until the message finally

186:5.1 Master did lay down his life in the flesh on this d.,

186:5.1 the d. of the preparation for the Jewish Passover,

187:1.4 might view the condemned criminal, but on this d.

187:1.5 A terrible harvest of the seed-sowing of this d..

187:3.4 was nearing noontime of this special preparation d.,

187:5.6 master of the situation throughout the tragic d..

187:5.7 Because this was the preparation d. for the Passover

187:6.3 Thus ended a d. of tragedy and sorrow for a vast

188:0.1 The d. and a half that Jesus’ mortal body lay in the

188:1.6 the burial of Jesus because this was preparation d.

188:3.4 during this period of a d. and a half when Jesus was

189:4.3 when the first signs of d. began to appear in the east,

189:4.6 there was just enough of the dawn of a new d. to

189:4.10 there in the early hours of the dawn of this new d.,

190:1.7 apostles, spiritual corps of the kingdom, are this d.

190:1.10 early in June, the d. after his marriage to Ruth,

190:2.7 more of his visit with the risen Master on this d. at

190:5.3 certain women have this d. amazed us by declaring

191:0.1 Resurrection Sunday was a terrible d. in the lives of

191:0.1 spent the larger part of the d. in the upper chamber

191:0.4 All this d. Peter characteristically vacillated

191:0.4 between faith and doubt throughout the whole d.,

191:0.6 Andrew did much listening this d..

191:0.7 during the long and weary hours of this tragic d.,

191:0.7 influence among the ten throughout the entire d..

191:0.7 But as the d. wore on, Nathaniel became increasingly

191:0.8 speak half a dozen times throughout the whole d..

191:0.9 much talking throughout the afternoon of this d..

191:0.12 Thomas slept a portion of the d. and walked over the

191:0.13 Any time during this d. Thomas would have gone

191:1.2 Gird yourself, Simon, for the battle of a new d.,

191:5.7 very early the next morning, before the break of d.,

191:6.4 herald of the resurrection, arrived the second d. after

191:6.4 Jesus appeared to us d. before yesterday.”

192:1.11 to Simon Zelotes and bring him back that very d..

192:4.5 their headquarters until after the d. of Pentecost.

193:1.1 On this d., just as they had finished their discussions

193:3.2 I am this d. going to leave you alone in the world.

194:0.4 Christianity, as it developed from that d., is: the fact

194:1.1 d. happened to be the Jewish festival of Pentecost,

194:1.5 and believing gentiles to submit to baptism on this d..

194:3.1 with the early narratives of the d. of Pentecost.

194:3.1 In subsequent times the events of this d., on which

194:3.2 It looked dark on that d. of the crucifixion, but it

194:3.2 brighter and more joyous on the d. of Pentecost.

194:3.5 On the d. of Pentecost the religion of Jesus broke all

194:3.5 this d. the Spirit of Truth became the personal gift

194:3.9 This d. of Pentecost witnessed the great effort of

194:3.20 Prayer did not bring the spirit on the d. of Pentecost,

194:4.2 And on the d. of Pentecost this new teacher comes

194:4.7 so confidently believed that he was to return any d.

195:0.1 results of Peter’s preaching on the d. of Pentecost

195:1.1 Christianity started in earnest on that eventful d.

195:6.4 the worst of the materialistic age is over; the d. of

dayperiod or epoch or age

20:4.1 the mortal creatures of his d. and generation.

26:10.4 In another d. they will return to the circle of their

35:4.5 Melchizedek did foster the truth of his d. and safely

39:5.5 Vevona, chief of the souls of peace in Adam’s d.,

40:10.8 Paradise pilgrims who may, at that distant d., pour

50:3.5 —are in status as of the superior races of their d. and

51:5.2 and the people eagerly look forward to the d. when

52:7.14 will usher in the d. of the advent of the Trinity Sons;

58:4.3 and east and have drifted far away since that d..

61:6.1 from that d. to this the human branch has gone

62:3.11 much as of that d. except for those branches which

57:5.10 planets have remained largely gaseous to this d.,

64:2.6 along the rivers and seashores of that early d.,

66:5.5 continued as domesticated animals to the present d..

66:6.2 individual initiative within the social groups of that d

66:6.3 en masse uplifting, of the primitive races of that d..

68:3.3 since that far-distant d. mankind has been striving

70:7.7 the initiates were the social aristocracy of their d..

76:3.9 The home life of the violet peoples was, for their d.

77:7.6 confused in the minds of those who lived in his d.

77:8.12 into prison by the ignorant religious leaders of that d.

77:9.10 until that distant d. when in fact peace does reign on

78:4.5 for their d. and age, the most skillful and sagacious

78:8.2 the headquarters for the peculiar artcrafts of that d..

79:1.2 southeast, but in its d. it rivaled Mesopotamia itself

80:9.4 As it were, one d. in northern Europe there is a

85:1.3 In India even to this d. a stone can be used as a

93:6.8 efficient business man, a wealthy man for his d.;

94:1.7 The Brahmans culled the sacred writings of their d.

94:2.7 life of India helpless from that unfortunate d. to the

97:5.5 Micah taught of a d. of freedom from superstition

97:10.3 Ezekiel, Haggai, and Malachi); and from that d. to

110:5.7 experienced Adjusters of his d. and generation,

119:7.7 Jesus’ parents were average people of their d. and

120:2.8 and living as a man in your d. and generation, you

120:3.3 of family life as you find them established in the d.

120:3.4 structure and the political commitments of your d..

122:1.2 Although Mary was an average woman of her d.

122:1.2 No Jewish woman of that d. had a more illustrious

122:5.5 families were educated above the average for their d.

122:5.7 skilled in most of the household arts of that d.;

122:5.7 children were well versed in the learning of that d..

122:8.2 In just the same manner as all babies before that d.

123:2.1 of other children who, before and since that d.,

123:4.3 in the environment of his d. and generation, but

124:2.5 lads who stood for the higher ideals of their d. and

124:6.18 his obligations to his family and the society of his d.

126:4.2 of God’s favor and the d. of our God’s reckoning;

126:5.2 the comprehension of how men lived in his d..

126:5.8 he sought to keep in touch with the news of the d..

129:3.7 with the diversified peoples of the world of his d.

129:4.7 as he lived his mortal life in his d. and as he was,

129:4.7 thus to live our lives in our d. and as we are.

131:2.11 light that shines more and more until the perfect d..

131:5.1 no religion of that d. contained more of these Salem

133:5.12 Too many of the Athenians of that d. were proud

133:5.12 intellectually proud of their reputation of another d.

134:3.8 are so different from those prevailing in Jesus’ d.

136:8.7 social and economic conditions of that d. and

136:8.7 conditions of the human environment of that d..

136:9.1 as the Messiah was popularly conceived in that d..

137:2.2 this group persists in Mesopotamia even to this d..

139:0.3 and in much of the current knowledge of that d..

140:8.10 have been applicable only to that d. and generation.

140:8.21 Jesus had little to say about the social vices of his d.;

140:8.29 religion never became crystallized (during his d.)

141:4.8 spirits, in that d. often also called unclean spirits.

142:2.2 generation in accordance with the light of their d..

142:3.22 the greater spiritual enlightenment of Isaiah’s d.

142:4.2 what has that to do with this d. when the Father is

142:8.4 park, or garden, known in that d. as Gethsemane.

143:1.4 my teachings by Jews or gentiles of this d. or of

143:1.5 Besides, the poor of this d. are the first to heed the

143:5.6 “Woman, let me say to you that the d. is coming

145:2.5 In that d. they shall not say, one man to his

145:2.7 then Ezekiel foresaw even this d. when he spoke in

135:4.4 the coming of the great and dreadful d. of the Lord

135:5.2 To the Jewish mind of that d. this was the meaning

148:6.10 the whirlwind was a majestic concept for the d.

149:2.2 to the favorable notice of certain groups in his d.,

149:2.8 In a d. and generation when a man was not supposed

149:2.10 entirely free from the superstitions of that d..

149:2.11 the social, economic, and political usages of his d..

150:1.3 It was most astounding in that d., when women

151:3.14 people of that d. looked upon natural phenomena

151:5.5 for the men of that d. to believe in nature miracles

153:2.3 “The priests and teachers of that d. sought to kill

153:2.3 dares to warn them of the d. of their spiritual doom

160:5.11 we will not cease to pray for that d. when all

162:3.1 among the most thoroughly moral men of that d. and

162:6.3 to perpetuate these symbols, even down to this d..

162:7.5 Even Abraham rejoiced to see my d., and by faith

163:6.8 since that d. countless thousands also have tested

164:3.11 the people of that d. had great faith in the efficacy

164:3.15 thereby he desired to teach his followers of that d.

164:5.5 associated with the spiritual nobility of that d. and

166:1.5 you now plan to kill those who come in this d.

166:1.5 this d. doing what the prophets did in their d.

167:4.5 As long as my d. lasts, I fear not to enter Judea.

172:3.10 had only known, even you, at least in this your d.,

174:2.5 the deep-rooted nationalist sentiments of that d..

175:1.22 terrible d. of reckoning will come when the Judge

187:1.5 A terrible harvest of the seed-sowing of this d..

190:5.4 you never read in the Scriptures concerning this d.

194:2.1 message, as he preached it and lived it in his d.,

194:2.1 solvent for man’s spiritual difficulties in that d. of

day after day

48:6.37 D. is alike—just life or the alternative of death.

131:2.2 D. utters speech; night after night shows

132:2.1 D. Mardus conversed with Jesus, and night upon

135:7.3 of believers lingered with their adored teacher d..

day, all

69:7.4 certain dog, after following a hunter around all d.,

70:1.6 divide into two groups and engage in an all-d. battle.

74:3.7 Adam and Eve were escorted all d., viewing the life

125:4.2 After searching all d. and finding no trace of Jesus,

132:7.3 all-d. talk with both father and son about Buddhism.

133:2.3 Gonod was all d. occupied with meditations thereon,

143:6.1 they had been without food all d. and were hungry

177:0.4 suggested that, if he intended to be away all d.,

177:5.4 The Master had been away all d.; they had missed

191:0.2 All d. long John upheld the idea that Jesus had risen

191:1.1 All d. Saturday and this Sunday he had fought the

day-by-day or day by day

16:7.6 In the d. life of mortal man, virtue is realized by the

48:7.26 is determined by the achievements of the d. living.

53:7.11 Hour by hour and d. the broadcast stations of all

75:1.1 Here they were, isolated and d. confronted with

91:2.6 in the d. experience of the average mortal, prayer

91:7.9 4. More completely to spiritualize his d. living while

96:5.8 their d. concept of Yahweh was that of a God but

101:9.5 duty demands that man shall abide by in the d.

111:1.5 is not so important as what you are becoming d.

125:2.10 D. Jesus was thinking through his problems.

126:5.4 Jesus lived on, d., doing well the present duty and

127:1.8 Mary sorrowed that he was d. toiling at the bench

127:3.14 D. we are strengthened for these tasks by our

130:3.7 D. Jesus interpreted the lectures to Ganid;

135:0.2 John grew up as an ordinary child, d. and year by

135:8.4 he was d. expecting to see Jesus arrive on the scene,

136:4.1 D., up in the hills, Jesus formulated the plans for

136:9.8 his Father to work out the details of procedure d..

137:7.2 D. they went about their ordinary work, while

144:5.61 Give us d. your sweet ministry of brotherhood

144:5.79 Refresh us d. with the living waters of the river

147:5.7 What you are becoming d. is of infinitely more

150:8.2 d. and every day, renews the works of creation.

159:5.7 And this is illustrative of the way Jesus, d.,

161:2.4 He lives d. in perfect accord with the Father’s will.

171:3.3 number of those who followed along with Jesus d.

173:2.1 D. the rulers of the Jews were becoming more

194:4.3D. they continued steadfastly and with one accord

day, every

58:2.9 This happens e., but during the height of sunspot

91:5.3 the habit of praying for the person e. of your life.

131:10.6 “I will e. thank God for his unspeakable gifts; I will

150:8.2 day by day and e., renews the works of creation.

156:4.2 E. believers came out from the city to talk with

156:5.13 E. a true believer lives, he finds it easier to do the

169:3.2 purple fine linen, lived in mirth and splendor e..

172:0.1 since so many people came e. to talk with Lazarus

192:4.1 and e. increasing numbers of believers arrived at the

day, following

123:2.3 the f. Jesus had a long talk with his father

124:6.12 The f., the day of preparation, they made ready for

126:2.1 and on the f. he was laid to rest with his fathers.

128:6.8 the Passover supper, and set out for Nazareth the f..

135:8.2 that they postpone the discussion until the f.,

137:3.6 of Naomi, which was to take place on the f..

140:8.13 The f. Jesus definitely instructed Judas that no funds

144:9.1 The f., January 12, they started north to the camp

171:0.1 Jesus announced that on the f. he and the apostles

177:3.4 should arrive sometime late on the f. or early the

184:4.1 This second session was to be held on the d. the

186:3.5 of the Passover and the f. remained in seclusion.

day, next

74:3.1 shining of the full moon, discussing plans for the n.

75:5.4 The n. Serapatatia drowned himself in the great river

75:6.2 the n. at noon these pilgrims went forth from Eden

80:9.4 and the n. that of a suddenly appearing and vastly

84:2.4 The wife might arise the n. and engage in hard

97:1.3 One day he was mocking the priest of Baal; the n.,

122:8.3 The n. after the birth of Jesus, Joseph made his

123:1.1 The n. Joseph’s brother moved his family, and Mary,

124:2.1 The n. Jesus had a similar but longer talk with

125:4.2 Early n. Jesus was up and on his way to the temple.

127:3.5 The n. they attended the temple services,

127:3.5 and would have departed for home the n., but

127:3.6 The n. they journeyed home by Jericho and the

128:6.6 Since the n. was a “holy convocation” in Jerusalem

130:2.9 The n. Ganid talked all this over with his father,

132:4.5 the n. this man, Claudius, gave freedom to slaves

133:7.13 The n. they departed for Salamis, where they

134:9.1 the n. started for Jerusalem with John the son of

135:8.3 the scene of John’s baptizing about noon of the n..

135:8.6 that he would resume baptisms at noon the n..

135:9.9 Early in the morning of the n. he took leave of John

137:3.1 The n. Jesus sent his apostles on to Cana, since all of

137:3.6 the n., Tuesday, they all journeyed over to Cana

137:5.3 shore thinking, thinking until the dawn of the n..

137:5.4 promising to see them the n. at the synagogue,

137:8.3 The n. Jesus sent his brother James to ask for the

138:1.1 The n., Sunday, June 23, A.D. 26, Jesus imparted

138:3.1 The n. Jesus and the six went to call upon Matthew,

138:5.3 The n. Jesus left his twelve apostles quite alone;

138:5.3 They rested for a night and the n. departed by boat

139:3.3 one day and a good talker and storyteller the n..

139:8.5 Thomas was one man one day and another the n..

141:1.2 The n. they traveled to a point on the Jordan near

142:2.1 Jesus at Flavius’s home the evening of the n..

142:4.4 The n. Flavius went to Bethany beyond the Jordan

143:3.4 The n. Jesus assigned to each of the twelve a topic

143:5.12 Nalda told the entire story to the Apostle John the n.

144:9.1 The n. a few of John’s disciples who had gone to

145:0.1 spread throughout the city, and early the n., Mary

146:4.4 by the sick that he was forced to rise early the n.

146:6.4 as a physician that he departed early the n. for Endor

147:7.1 by the n. the others, including the official spies from

150:0.1 with Andrew and the apostles of Jesus the n..

150:2.2 the good news and was baptized by Peter the n..

150:9.4 to go back to Capernaum early the n., as Jesus had

151:4.1 The n. Jesus again taught the people from the

152:5.1 evangelists searched all night and much of the n.

152:7.1 home of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary, but the n.

152:7.3 ruler of the synagogue permission to speak the n.,

156:1.8 The n., as Jesus taught his apostles, commenting on

156:6.4 rested quietly in the hills, going on the n. to the park,

161:0.1 Jesus surprised all by announcing that early the n.

162:0.3 Early the n. they crossed the river and continued on

163:6.6 The n. being the Sabbath, Jesus went apart with the

166:2.1 The n. Jesus went with the twelve to Amathus,

167:2.4 The n. all of the apostles engaged in the philosophic

168:2.10 By noon the n. this story spread over all Jerusalem.

168:3.2 At one o’clock the n., Friday, the Sanhedrin met to

171:5.3 until the Master started on the n. for Jerusalem,

172:5.1 They knew nothing of the Master’s plans for the n.,

173:4.5 Pharisees joined hands in a plan to entrap him the n..

177:5.5 Although the n. was one more day nearer the tragic

178:2.11 Not until the evening of the n. did the apostles learn

179:0.1 which was due to be eaten on the evening of the n.,

182:0.1 near the Master throughout this night and the n.

183:5.4 his trying experiences this night and the n..

184:4.1 men could not await the n. for the confirmation

188:2.2 Sanhedrists who were to visit Pilate early the n.,

191:0.13 By the n. Thomas was so depressed that it required

191:3.1 The n., Monday, was spent wholly with the morontia

191:4.7 The n., Wednesday, Jesus spent without interruption

191:5.1 The n. Thomas listened to the telling of the

192:4.4 Accordingly, early the n., Sunday, April 30, they left

192:4.6 All the n. the apostles remained in quiet seclusion in

193:2.3 The n. there went out from Tyre those who carried

day, one

53:8.3 he o. exclaimed to his disciples, “And I beheld Satan

62:6.5 Imagine our joy o.—the twins were about ten years

67:2.1 o., midwinter of the northern continents, Caligastia

75:3.5 O., during a talk with Eve, it occurred to Serapatatia

76:2.5 finally resolved, o., when Abel’s taunts so infuriated

80:9.4 As it were, o. in northern Europe there is a primitive

97:1.3 a practical reformer who could go out in o. with his

97:1.3 O. Samuel was mocking the priest of Baal; the next,

119:3.4 Prince took formal leave, disappearing at noon o..

122:2.2 that Gabriel appeared to Elizabeth at noontide o.,

122:10.3 thus perished in o. sixteen boy babies in Bethlehem

130:1.2 O. after the evening meal Jesus and Gadiah strolled

130:2.4 worked with Jesus o. on the steering paddle became

130:3.1 Jesus and his two friends departed at noon o. for

130:3.7 o. during the second week the young man exclaimed

130:5.3 O. when Ganid asked Jesus why he had not devoted

130:6.6 they made ready about noon o. to sail for Carthage

130:8.3 At Messina they stopped for only o., but that was

133:0.3 O. while resting at lunch, halfway to Tarentum,

133:3.1 o. as they passed the synagogue and saw the people

135:4.6 John swept all doubts and departed from Engedi o.

135:6.7 O. when John was preaching and baptizing on the

137:6.2 Shall the earth be made to bring forth in o.?

138:6.2 they pursued this plan of relaxation for o. each week

138:7.6 o.: “The more you understand some people, the less

139:3.3 James could be quiet and taciturn o. and a very good

139:8.5 Thomas was one man o. and another man the next.

147:6.4 but did you never read in the Scripture that, o. when

148:0.2 the apostles would go fishing at least o. a week,

149:0.3 often visiting two cities in o. to observe the work of

156:6.4 For o. they rested quietly in the hills, going on the

169:1.8O., when he was very hungry, he came to himself


179:0.2 that they would celebrate the Passover o. early.

179:0.3 since this supper was given o. earlier, they thought

day, some

5:1.9 s., doubt not, you shall stand in the divine presence

15:1.3 and s. in the remote future your system, or its

36:4.8 their midsonite children will s. be endowed with

44:1.15 But be not discouraged; s. a real musician may

46:5.32 S you shall look upon this silent temple, even though

48:6.32 S. they will teach you to seek truth as well as fact,

92:7.4 they can, and s. will, realize a unity in true worship

133:4.7 you will also s. come to judgment before the bar of

133:4.7 even as you shall s. thus crave merciful

133:5.4 Scientists may s. measure the energy, or force

146:2.6 he also shall s. cry for help, and no one will hear

166:3.5 who refuse this salvation will s. see the prophets

177:4.9 Judas had enlisted with Jesus hoping s. to become

178:1.9 this gospel will s. bring to all nations a new and

181:2.22 and I will s. welcome you to the enlarged service of

182:2.10 You, too, shall s. serve with me in the eternal

196:2.1 S. a reformation in the Christian church may strike

day, third

20:6.6 enter the portals of death, they reappear on the t..

35:2.8 rest, reinstatement to service ensues on the t..

47:8.4 of record for those going to judgment on the t.;

49:6.9 world, few mortals go to judgment on the t..

49:6.9 repersonalized on the first mansion world on the t.

49:6.11 finaliter world (the probationary nursery) on the t.,

52:5.6 Upon the resurrection of a bestowal Son, on the t.

62:7.1 On the t. after the elopement of the twins, and

74:3.4 The t. was devoted to an inspection of the Garden.

74:3.4 And again, late into the night of their t., the Son and

75:6.3 The Edenic caravan was halted on the t. out from

76:6.2 On the t. after Adam’s death, the second following

93:10.1 And on the t. after his disappearance from Salem he

104:0.2 The dead are buried on the t., and the ghost is

119:1.3 Not until the t. after Michael’s departure was any

119:2.7 while on the t. Michael appeared on Salvington and

119:3.3 And, as might have been expected, on the t. there

119:3.4 On the t. thereafter, Michael appeared in his

119:4.2 On the t. after this bestowal disappearance we

124:6.7 The t. they passed by two villages which had been


125:5.1 Jesus’ t. with the scribes and teachers in the temple

130:2.1 On the morning of the t. they paid a formal visit to

132:0.1 greetings to Tiberius, the Roman ruler, on the t. after

133:6.2 On the t. of their stay they walked down by the river

133:7.2 On the t. after their arrival they started for the hills

136:4.3 But on the t. day Jesus went in search of food.

136:4.9 On the t. of this isolation Jesus promised himself

136:5.1 On the t. after beginning this conference with himself

136:6.1 By the t. of his solitary meditations the human

140:7.3 On the t. Jesus visited with Zebedee and Salome

143:3.6 The t. when they started down the mountain and

146:4.3 Late on the afternoon of the t. at Iron, as Jesus

146:5.1 bringing people into the kingdom when, on the t.,

152:2.5 By afternoon of this, the t. for almost half of this

167:4.3 comatose, so that on the second, or even the t.,

167:4.3 for two or three days, it never tarried after the t.;

168:1.14 angel of death began to work by the end of the t.,

168:1.14 might linger about the tomb until the end of the t.,

171:4.2 dismayed, for I declare that on the t. he shall rise.

171:4.8 When Jesus spoke of “rising on the t.,” they

171:4.8 The “t. day” was a common Jewish expression

186:3.4 assertion that he would die and “rise again on the t.

188:1.8 that Jesus was due to arise from the tomb on the t..

188:2.1 of Jesus’ promise to rise from the grave on the t.,

188:2.2 that he would rise from the dead on the t..

188:2.2 secure against his followers, at least until after the t.

189:5.1 really alive; he recalled the promise to rise on the t..

190:1.3 say that, after he should die, he would rise on the t.

190:1.5 that he would die and rise again on the t..

190:5.3 It is now the t. since he was crucified, and certain

190:5.4 put him to death, and that he would arise on the t.?

191:0.2 and at least three times when he alluded to the t..

191:2.1 own number would betray me, and that on the t. I

193:0.2 so surprised when I rose from the tomb on the t.?

day to day

67:8.2 which told from d. of the unbelievable steadfastness

74:8.1 was not prearranged; it was worked out from d..

102:1.3 teachings about the physical world vary from d. and

108:2.10 go on watching such creatures as they live from d..

135:7.3 John continued to expand his teachings, from d.

162:1.11 They were the more afraid as, from d., they listened

187:1.5 thousands of crosses upon which, from d., there


126:5.5 The pay of a common d. carpenter was slowly


48:7.13 Life is but a d.’ work—do it well.

63:2.3 treetop retreat some half-d.’ journey to the north.

72:6.4 1. One d.’ earnings each month are requisitioned by

124:6.6 On their second d.’ journey they passed by where

124:6.6 Toward the end of the second d.’ journey they

124:6.8 By the fourth and last d.’ journey the road was a

125:2.5 The next d.’ services at the temple were more

127:4.1 Each d.’ life swarmed with practical difficulties.

130:2.8 As a result of this d.’ instruction Ganid never again

140:8.23 one thing which John gained from this d.’ teaching

145:3.3 The whole d.’ events had set the stage for this scene.

147:6.3 yards, the legal Jewish Sabbath d.’ journey.

158:6.5 And in the conclusion of this d.’ experience, let

164:3.7 to use this beggar in his plans for that d.’ work, but

169:1.11 the elder son came in from his d.’ work in the field,

172:5.10 settled down on him as a result of this d.’ shock;

177:2.1 In the course of this d.’ visiting with John Mark,


74:4.1 And long before d. the temporary administrators

145:5.1 Jesus arose that Sunday morning long before d. and

154:5.1 before d., one of David’s messengers arrived in

162:4.4 At d. the pilgrims assembled from all parts of the

163:5.1 three hundred started out at d. with all their effects

183:4.4 Shortly after d., Simon Peter wandered back to the

193:0.6 It was near d. before these believers dispersed;


195:7.5 not a “psychologic projection”a mere glorified d.


100:5.8 associated with the habitual practice of religious d.;


41:3.5 that the explosion was clearly visible in broad d..

152:5.1 before d., they anchored their boat offshore near

183:4.7 It was shortly after d. and just after Peter had been

192:1.2 when d. came, they decided to return to Bethsaida.


20:7.3 The D. order of sonship is not an organic part of the

20:8.4 The vast domain of D.-sonship activities will be

20:9.4 Indeed, the whole order of D. sonship is intimately

20:10.4 the Trinity D. Sons disclose the teacher personality

46:5.13 trinitized sons occupy a sector of the D. circle.


20:1.4 3. Trinity Teacher Sons—the D..

20:7.1 They are known in Havona as the order of D..

20:7.3 Its members are neither creators nor retrievers,

20:7.3 They are not so much concerned with administration

20:7.3 They are the universal educators, being dedicated

20:7.3 Their ministry is intimately interrelated with that of

20:7.5 the D. do not possess a spiritual drawing power in



20:9.3 The D. do not incarnate or otherwise so materialize

20:9.4 The D. may return many times to an inhabited

20:10.4 perfect co-operation, Michaels, Avonals, and D.

30:2.41 3. Trinity Teacher Sons—D..

35:0.1 These Paradise D. are neither magistrates nor

35:0.2 they are the offspring of a Creator Son in varied

35:0.7 sonship: the Michaels, the Avonals, and the D..

46:5.13 In this sacred domain the D. carry forward the

52:7.2 and most experienced of the supreme order of D..

dayssee daysage or epoch or period; see days’; Days

see two, three, four, etc.

2:1.5 He is without beginning or end of d..

8:0.4 The Deities are without beginning or ending of d.;

15:7.2 the Orvonton year equals one hundred standard d.

41:8.3 about the collapse of a gigantic sun within a few d.

46:1.4 There are no d. and nights, no seasons of heat and

53:2.4 a visit of Gabriel to Jerusem just a few d. before the

68:6.10 still destroy all children born on certain unlucky d.,

70:1.21 and, still later, not to fight on certain holy d..

70:6.5 too sacred to be viewed except on feast d. and

70:6.5 too sacred to be viewed except on holy d..

78:7.5 Noah kept a record of the d. of the river’s rise

78:7.5 warn them that in so many d. the floods would

81:6.7 with lessened effort and shortened d. of labor

82:2.4 to suspend all sex regulations on high festival d.,

83:4.5 Lucky d. were sought out, Thursday being most

87:3.4 Half the d. of the year were dedicated to some sort

87:3.4 by reducing the number of feast d. to 135 a year.

88:1.6 Certain d. of the week were fetishes.

91:1.1 But for the safeguarding of prayer, all holy d. would

93:9.11 having neither beginning of d. nor end of life but

110:6.22 The great d. in the individual careers of Adjusters are

122:9.15 In holiness and righteousness before him all our d..

123:3.4 Although the visitors could remain only a few d.,

123:5.12 on clear d., they could see the long ridge of Mount

124:6.15 one of the most extraordinary d. that the Son of God

125:0.1 first opportunity to enjoy a few d. of independent


127:3.14 for these tasks by our hope of better d. ahead.”

127:5.5 “it shall cheer and comfort me all the d. of my life.”

129:2.6 Most of the Sabbath d. Jesus spent at Bethany.

131:1.9 abide free from fear throughout all the d. of your life

131:2.7 goodness and mercy shall follow me all the d. of

132:0.2 so that Jesus would have whole d. to himself;

132:4.8 Of all Jesus’ activities during these d. of personal

133:1.3 For d. they talked about this problem of

133:2.5 They spent several d. at Nicopolis, the city which

134:1.6 a few d. after Jesus left with the caravan, Mary and

134:3.1 Jesus stopped several d. for rest and recuperation

134:7.1 Jesus went to Nazareth, stopping a few d. to visit.

134:7.1 journeyed on north, tarrying for a few d. at Sidon,

134:9.2 Many d. John went into Jerusalem alone while Jesus

134:9.3 this day of all d. in the Jewish religious ritual, but


135:9.6 These were strenuous d. in John’s experience, and

135:11.4 Just a few d. before his death John again sent trusted

136:4.10 During these d. of lone communion with himself

136:4.14 Throughout these eventful d. Jesus lived in a cavern

136:9.4 As the d. passed, with ever-increasing clearness

136:9.13 during these d. of his isolation in the Perean hills.

137:1.5 They had searched for him many d. in the hills,

137:8.2 A few d. before the preaching of this sermon on

139:1.12 It was two full d. before this robust man expired on

139:3.3 the twelve, for d. at a time James was the silent man.

139:8.10 Thomas had some very bad d.; he was blue and

139:8.13 Thomas had a trying time during the d. of the trial

139:9.11 until the dark d. of trial, crucifixion, and despair.

140:7.1 consent for us to stay hereabouts for just a few d.

140:7.3 Thursday they returned for three more d. of teaching

141:1.1 many followed after the Master within a few d..

141:3.3 Serious situations would arise every few d., but

141:6.1 signified his intention of remaining for several d.

142:8.3 By the first d. of June the agitation against Jesus had

142:8.5 affairs moved along quietly until the last d. of June,

143:0.1 Here they preached for several d. to the people

144:0.3 Jesus knew that the d. of the preliminary work of

144:1.9 After they had discussed worship for some d., Jesus

144:4.1 For d. after the discourse on prayer the apostles

144:4.1 Jesus’ instruction to the apostles during these d.,

144:6.4 knew where he went or what he did during these d..


145:2.15 because Peter’s wife’s mother had for several d.

145:4.1 this was probably the greatest day of all the great d.

145:4.1 Jesus had told them only a few d. before, and

146:7.1 At Endor Jesus escaped for a few d. from the

148:6.8 ‘man, born of woman, is few of d. and full of trouble

148:6.12 John pondered these sayings in his heart for many d..

148:8.3 allowed him entire freedom of action for a few d..

151:5.7 “Let us go up into yonder hills for a few d. while we

152:2.1 might go home or to their friends for a few d.

152:5.5 announced that he wished to withdraw for a few d.

152:6.5 public attitude toward him which was only a few d.


156:1.7 it advisable to change his lodgings within a few d..

156:5.15 As the d. pass, every true believer becomes more

156:5.18 as the d. pass you will become more alert and

158:7.7 As the d. passed, Peter, James, and John, recalling

161:0.2 permission to remain at Magadan for a few d..

162:0.4 were made during the d. of the feast of tabernacles.

162:1.5 in the temple courts throughout the d. of the feast,

162:9.2 Within a few d. of his arrival, Jesus and Abner

162:9.6 Jesus had been resting in seclusion for a few d.,

163:0.1 A few d. after the return of Jesus and the twelve to

163:0.1 devoting a few d. to visiting and the reorganization

163:7.1 The next few d. were busy times in the Pella camp;

164:2.1 The principal event of these few d. in Jerusalem

167:3.2 In these working d. come, therefore, and be healed

167:4.3 Jesus tarried yet two full d. in Philadelphia before

171:4.6 tomorrow goes into Judea, and after a few d., will be

172:2.4 that Lazarus, a few d. later, fled to Philadelphia

172:5.10 of wonderful doings in Jerusalem the next few d.,

173:3.4 the events of these closing d. of Jesus’ ministry in the

173:5.6 realized that only a few short d. could intervene

174:1.1 For several d. Peter and James had been engaged

177:3.3 Several d. previously David had made up his mind

177:5.2 may be strengthened for the d. that are just ahead.

181:2.17 d. which must intervene between my departure in

182:2.1 had kept Judas under observation for several d.,

185:5.5 A few d. before this the multitude had stood in awe

186:3.3 go in hiding for a few d. with Andrew and Peter.

187:2.3 the victim sometimes not dying for several d..


48:7.13 Life is but a d.’ work—do it well.

63:2.3 treetop retreat some half-d.’ journey to the north.

72:6.4 1. One d.’ earnings each month are requisitioned by

124:6.6 On their second d.’ journey they passed by where

124:6.6 Toward the end of the second d.’ journey they

124:6.8 By the fourth and last d.’ journey the road was a

125:2.5 The next d.’ services at the temple were more

127:4.1 Each d.’ life swarmed with practical difficulties.

130:2.8 As a result of this d.’ instruction Ganid never again

140:8.23 one thing which John gained from this d.’ teaching

145:3.3 The whole d.’ events had set the stage for this

147:6.3 yards, the legal Jewish Sabbath d.’ journey.

158:6.5 And in the conclusion of this d.’ experience, let

164:3.7 to use this beggar in his plans for that d.’ work, but

169:1.11 the elder son came in from his d.’ work in the field,

172:5.10 settled down on him as a result of this d.’ shock;

177:2.1 In the course of this d.’ visiting with John Mark,

daysage or epoch or period; see days, early

5:5.7 even in the d. of his temporal sojourn on earth:

7:5.8 of each circle with them in the d. of Grandfanda,

11:3.2 are souvenirs of your material d. in the Holy Land

12:5.5 Even during the d. of the earth life in the flesh,

15:10.12 passed through Havona in the d. of Grandfanda.

17:5.3 the outer circuit of Havona in the d. of Grandfanda.

20:4.4 a magisterial mission between the d. of Adam and

25:8.6 companions are assigned during the terminal d. of

26:5.1 Back in those far-distant d. the pilgrims from

26:9.3 The d. of uncertainty are ending; the temptation to

26:10.4 go with joy and gladness to the tasks of former d.

29:0.10 Before the d. of the power directors the energy

30:4.11 were the sleeping survivors from the d. of Adam

39:9.3 assignment as destiny guardians in the pre-Paradise d

41:3.8 legacy of the mighty upswellings of its younger d.,

45:4.16 in the likeness of mortal flesh at Salem in the d. of

48:1.6 In the d. of the mortal flesh the divine spirit indwells

48:4.10 in living again the enactments of other d. and ages.

49:6.5 Father fragment that lived in him during the d. in the

51:3.9 the “sage of Salem” in the d. of Abraham;

52:5.5 Before the d. of Christ Michael on Urantia all souls

53:9.1 Early in the d. of the Lucifer rebellion, salvation was

53:9.2 archdeceiver has never been on Urantia since the d.

57:8.3 In those d., most of the chlorine was combined

58:4.2 down to the d. of Caligastia, the Planetary Prince,

59:4.17 and by the peculiar trees of those d., silent forests;

62:2.4 the fear tendencies of mankind dates from these d..

63:5.3 by the glaciers, running down to the sea in those d.

63:6.1 for nearly ten thousand years until the d. of Onagar,

63:6.8 and spiritual leader of the pre-Planetary Prince d. is

63:6.9 their descendants, it was not until the d. of Onagar

64:0.1 story of the evolutionary races from the d. of Andon

64:0.2 roughly corresponds to the pre-Planetary Prince d.

64:4.3 flint until it reached the levels of the d. of Andon.

64:6.8 never after the d. of this great teacher did another

64:6.16 From the d. of Singlangton to the times of modern

64:6.18 amalgamated with the Indian peoples of those d.,

64:6.26 indigo race made little advancement until the d. of

64:6.29 was a great teacher of the post-Planetary Prince d..

66:3.1 was situated in the Persian Gulf region of those d.,

66:4.1 garbled legends of these d. when these members of

66:4.13 In the d. of Dalamatia this tree grew in the central

66:5.6 It was in these d. that carrier pigeons were first used,

66:5.19 among the tribes of earth down to the d. of Moses,

66:7.17 The time measurement of these d. was the lunar

66:7.19 those tragic d. when Caligastia threw in his lot with

66:7.20 all of the wonderful human gains of those d. were

66:8.5 incarnation of Melchizedek in the d. of Abraham;

67:3.10 the recital of the stirring events of these tragic d..

67:4.3 but founded on the facts of the postrebellion d.,

67:4.4 these highly honored beings of the d. of Caligastia.

67:5.1 by the half-evolved primitive men of those d..

67:6.1 just before the d. of the birth of the Sangik tribes.

67:6.3 continued on earth to the end of their mortal d.

68:1.2 Even in the d. of Cain it was fatal to go abroad alone

68:5.9 gardening was an advanced culture in those d..

69:2.1 of plenty, store up food against the d. of scarcity.

69:5.8 in olden d. debt slavery extended to the control of

69:7.3 an art which has made great progress since the d. of

69:9.5 In the earlier d of social evolution the apportionment

70:3.2 In the prefamily d. of the horde, leadership was

70:7.13 the “bride show,” the coming-out party of those d..

70:11.3 The oath originated in the d of Dalamatia in an effort

70:12.2 but in the d. of barbarism there was entirely too

71:1.23 as remnants of the clans and tribes of former d..

73:2.1 the majority of the world’s inhabitants of those d.

73:6.5 During the d. of the Prince’s rule the tree was

74:2.7 weaving was still practiced in the d. of Eden.

74:3.5 had occurred on earth since the d. of Dalamatia.

74:6.5 supposed pious and holy men dates back to the d. of

75:3.1 female minds of the blue race of those distant d..

75:5.6 from the sorrow and sadness of those tragic d.,

75:5.7 in Eve’s memory with those terrible d. and awful

76:1.3 two rivers were a good natural defense in those d.

76:2.2 Now, in those d. it was customary to make offerings

76:2.3 In the d. of the first Eden Adam had indeed sought

76:3.2 learned to forget the d. of their glory in Eden.

76:5.6 From the distant d. of the arrival of the corporeal

76:6.1 worlds all so familiar to them in the d. preceding

77:0.2 who came into being back in the d. of Dalamatia,

77:1.7 This regime continued until the tragic d. of the

77:1.7 the titular leadership of Van until the d. of Adam.

77:2.1 the corporeal staff of Prince Caligastia from the d. of

77:2.3 “The Nephilim (Nodites) were on earth in those d.,

77:2.3 by the evolutionary mortals of those distant d.;

77:2.12 twenty-eight-day month persisted long after the d. of

77:6.6 From that time to the d. of Machiventa they led an

77:6.6 of much mischief up to the d. of Christ Michael.

77:7.5 But before the d. of Christ Michael on Urantia—

77:9.5 with Van and Amadon during the tragic d. of the


78:1.4 rivers, remnants of the culture of the d. of Dalamatia

78:1.12 which had been salvaged from the d. of Dalamatia

78:3.2 The mass movement of the later d. was extensively

78:3.4 much of the culture of the d. of Van persisted.

78:4.3 on Urantia since the d. of the pure-line violet peoples

78:7.7 But still older vestiges of the d. of Dalamatia exist

78:8.7 form powerful confederations before the d of Sargon

78:8.12 the story of the violet race after the d. of Adam and

79:1.2 In those d. the Tarim region was a fertile land; the

79:6.12 from the d. of the red man to the coming of the later

79:7.5 and all the arts of manufacture date from these d..

79:7.6 through Turkestan to Mesopotamia even in the d. of

80:1.1 During the earlier d. of the violet race the

80:3.7 before the d. when the darker-skinned races came

80:6.4 the art of building steadily declined from the d. of

80:7.4 most beautiful of men since the d. of the first Eden.

80:9.10 And since these d. this race has undergone further

81:0.2 advance in civilization which, since the d. of Adam

81:1.1 For thirty-five thousand years after the d. of Adam,

81:1.4 Even in the d. of Cain and Abel the sacrifices of the

81:2.18 The arts of olden d. were many times derived from

82:3.13 In olden d. many practices now regarded as immoral

82:5.4 before the d. of Abraham, cousin marriages were

83:2.3 practices, among others, of the d. of wife stealing.

83:4.7 honeymooners are all relics of those far-distant d.

84:7.8 one woman, dates more specifically from the d. of

84:7.8 not much to boast of before the d. of the Nodites

85:3.3 The Hebrews worshiped serpents down to the d. of

85:3.3 snake charming has been handed down from the d.

87:4.7 carry this cultural birthmark of the long-gone d. of

88:6.6 Indeed, in the d. of barbarism it was dangerous to

89:2.3 traditions of Dilmun and the d. of a little paradise on

89:3.6 in later d. it became the practice of “saints.”

89:4.5 as the traditions of the d. of the Planetary Prince

89:6.8 was not a new or strange idea to the men of those d..

92:3.5 in ancient d., to be progressive or inventive meant

92:4.6 sight of the revelation sponsored in the d. of Eden.

92:6.1 Many faiths have progressed very little since the d.

92:6.17 this truth never became widely accepted until the d.

93:3.5 even to the d. of their illustrious descendant Moses,

93:3.5 had a compelling tradition of the d. of Melchizedek

93:4.5 too much and too advanced for the men of those d.

93:6.7 And these legends of the happenings of those d.

93:9.1 the traditions of these d. were what Moses built

93:9.6 but the records of these d. seemed impossible and

94:1.1 In the d. of Melchizedek, India was a cosmopolitan

94:1.7 worship and sacrifice upon the peoples of those d..

94:2.5 It was during these dark d. that the cult of taking no

94:3.2 In the concept of Brahman the minds of those d.

94:3.3 Had the philosophers of those d. been able to

94:5.4 changed from the doctrines of Salem in the d. of

94:7.2 prince that greatly appealed to the men of those d..

94:11.11 it became necessary for the minds of those d. to

95:2.1 As India in these d. harbored the highest mixture

95:2.5 a degree not often attained by the rituals of those d.

95:5.8 In those d. social position gave no Egyptian any

96:1.8 God concept founded on the traditions of the d. of

96:2.3 It was only after the d. of Machiventa Melchizedek

96:5.3 gathered up the residue of the traditions of the d.

96:7.5 was best preserved during the dark d. in Palestine.

97:0.2 clearly taught at Salem in the d. of Melchizedek,

97:1.7 Even so, as in the d. of Moses, once more the God

97:2.1 comparable with that held in the d. of Samuel.

97:3.5 From the d. of this aggressive prophet the issue was

97:4.2 For the first time since the d. of Melchizedek the

97:4.2 and many Hebrews of those d. bitterly resented it.

97:7.5 concept of God that Isaiah proclaimed during the d.

97:7.13 Ever since those eventful d. the highest God concept

97:9.20 rivaled those of the Davidic dynasty of olden d..

98:1.1 still fostered the traditions of Adamson and the d.

98:3.5 God sect, which had its headquarters, in those d.,

98:6.2 Occidental religion thus languished until the d. of the

104:1.8 from the Kenite traditions of the d. of Melchizedek,

107:0.3 find man and sonship him even in the d. of the flesh.

109:6.4 Machiventa Melchizedek in the d. of Abraham

113:6.6 re-present you to the faithful Monitor of your earth d

113:7.1 and ever-present angelic companions of earth d.;

114:7.12 reserve corps had its largest membership in the d. of

117:7.17 The perfected grand universe of those future d.

119:5.2 would hear the recounting of the d. when Eventod

120:2.7 an example for the mortals of Urantia in the d. of

121:1.3 been seen in the Occident before or since those d..

121:1.8 no happy and prosperous middle class in those d.;

121:5.6 but spiritually hungry average man of those d..

121:6.2 In the d. of Jesus three languages prevailed in

121:7.1 To the Hebrews of those d. Jewish theology was

121:8.5 It was the custom in those d. for pupils thus to honor

121:8.13 who have lived on earth from the d. of Jesus down

122:1.1 ancestry of the father of Jesus went back to the d. of

122:9.15 In holiness and righteousness before him all our d..

123:2.5 were few homes in the gentile world of those d. that

123:4.2 had few organized games, such as children of later d.


124:1.10 In those d. the rain fell in refreshing showers from

124:6.6 recounted the d. of Gideon, when the Midianites

125:2.9 welcomed the passing of the d. of the Passover week

126:1.5 The devout people of those d. truly believed that

126:3.10 The great confusion of Jesus’ younger d. now arose.

127:3.14 for these tasks by our hope of better d. ahead.”

127:5.5 “it shall cheer and comfort me all the d. of my life.”

128:1.7 “who in the d. of the flesh so frequently offered up

128:6.2 refined specimens of manhood to appear since the d.

129:1.15 The d. of his earth pilgrimages were rapidly

130:1.5 It was still believed by many in those d. that God

130:2.5 to those who sat in darkness until the d. of Paul’s

131:1.9 free from fear throughout all the d. of your life.

131:2.7 goodness and mercy shall follow me all the d. of

131:6.1 teaching—were known in those d. as the Suduanists.

135:0.2 the village known in those d. as the City of Judah,

135:3.2 further read “in the d. of these kings shall the God

135:5.2 About one hundred years before the d. of Jesus

135:5.2 Israel should take heart; the d. of their affliction

135:5.3 In the d. of John all Jews were expectantly asking,

136:1.2 In the d. of John and Jesus the more learned Jews

136:4.5 whole span of human life on Urantia, from the d.

136:6.6 as a harking back to the olden d. of ignorant magic

138:3.5 In those d., when a reception-banquet of this sort

139:2.5 forgiving character during those dark and dismal d.

139:9.11 until the dark d. of trial, crucifixion, and despair.

140:6.6 was not so in the d. of Adam and in the Garden.”

142:2.2 his nature has enlarged and grown from the d. of

142:3.9 this was not strange because in the d. of Samuel

142:3.10 the children of Israel came out of Egypt in the d.

142:4.2 such restrictions to the darkened minds of those d.

143:4.3 since the d. of Alexander they had had no dealings

143:5.2 not deemed proper in those d. for a self-respecting

144:0.3 Jesus knew that the d. of the preliminary work of

145:2.5 the Prophet Jeremiah says: ‘In those d. they shall

145:2.5 Behold, the d. shall come when I will make a new

146:4.2 Iron was the site of mineral mines for those d.,

148:6.4 prescribed for others during the d. of his prosperity

150:3.2 In those d. the appearance of a bright star was

150:5.4 in the d. that followed proclaiming the gospel with

150:7.1 mind in many reminiscences of his childhood d..

152:1.5 find him as he was in those d.—the Son of Man.

153:4.1 occurred in those d. and right up to the day of

153:5.4 shall be offended by the plain speaking of these d..

153:5.5 for busy times are upon us; active d. are just ahead.”

155:0.1 camping place, having stopped there in d. gone by.

155:5.12 traditional teachers and the prophets of other d. into

155:6.10 fallen on these evil d. of traditional barrenness.

155:6.10 struggle of Israel, ever since the d. of Moses, to

157:1.4 In those d. there were current many stories about

158:7.8 early hints of the impending tragedy of his latter d..

159:6.3 during these dark d. they also served as collectors of

161:2.12 Rodan was a faithful believer to the end of his d.,

162:3.4 troublemaker for Jesus throughout his youthful d..

163:7.4 followed after the Master during the former d. of

167:2.1 of God”—that being a common saying of those d..

168:4.1 Jesus thought would prepare them for the trying d.

169:2.4 to provide for future d. of want and adversity.

172:3.10 The d. will soon come upon you wherein your

173:3.4 the events of these closing d. of Jesus’ ministry in the

175:1.20 and flatter yourselves that, had you lived in the d. of

176:0.1 verily, verily, I say to you: In the d. soon to come

176:1.1 In these d. of travail, even your own kinsfolk, under

176:1.4 for these will be the d. of gentile vengeance.

176:2.3 by Melchizedek, and in these d., the Son of Man.

177:5.2 may be strengthened for the d. that are just ahead.

181:2.17 d. which must intervene between my departure in

181:2.19 service of God, return to the labors of former d..

182:3.10 In this great sorrow his mind went back to the d.

187:1.6 Behold, the d. are coming in which you shall say:

187:1.6 In those d. will you pray the rocks of the hills to

187:1.7 thought little about himself, only of the terrible d. of

187:5.3 the sour wine, in those d. commonly called vinegar.

188:5.10 from the d. of his youth to this spectacle of his death

189:3.2 Urantia who had fallen asleep since the d. of Adam

190:2.4 talked over experiences of former d. and forecast

192:2.13 Have faith in God to the end of your d. on earth.

194:4.8 In these d. they celebrated the Lord’s Supper after

194:4.13 the path of Alexander’s march of former d.,

195:10.6 as men have not been stirred since the d. when they

days, early

33:4.1 Going back to the e. of the local universe, before

37:9.11 In the e. of most inhabited worlds, certain

37:9.11 From the e. of the arrival of a Planetary Prince to

40:5.11 struggling mortals of the e. of the evolving races.

40:7.3 your order of being from the e. of physical existence

41:9.1 The great energy losses in the e. of a sun,

48:1.1 life has been known on Urantia since the e. of the

49:4.6 general struggles with microscopic foes in their e.,

49:5.23 no criterion of the e. of the reign of the Planetary

51:4.5 In the e. of racial development there is a slight

53:5.6 In the e. of the struggle Lucifer held forth in the

57:5.2 In the e. of your sun the continued contraction and

57:8.7 orders of celestial life having to do with the e. of

58:7.12 tell the story of the life struggles of those e..

62:4.5 in those e. very few animals ever died a natural death

63:6.3 was the constantly recurring urge of these e.,

66:3.6 The city represented the best practices of those e.


66:4.1 mythology grew from the garbled legends of these e.

69:9.14 In e. only the crops were private, but successive

71:5.1 mores, murder having been outlawed since the e. of

73:5.8 during the e. of Adam’s sojourn in Eden the whole

75:2.5 been in contact with the Nodites since the e. of Eden.

77:2.1 It was this line of inheritance which, in the e. of the

79:2.1 each penetrated the subcontinent of India in their e.,

81:6.21 In the e. the only energy applied to land cultivation

87:6.2 In the e. of the cult, man’s efforts to influence

94:4.6 gods have arisen since the e. of Vedic India,

94:12.2 Its sources are back in the e. of this differentiation

116:5.13 In the e. of universe building even the Paradise

142:3.5 During these e. many of the Hebrews worshiped

150:1.3 Throughout the e. of the Christian church women

Dayssee Ancients; Eternals; Faithfuls; Perfections;

     Recents; Unions

17:8.1 with the Trinity personalities of the order of “D.

18:6.1 The Trinity personalities of the order of “D.” do not

43:4.10 the policy and attitude of the order of D. toward sin


122:9.20 God because the d. from on high has now visited us


152:1.1 after she had recovered from her d., Jesus directed


118:7.4 Sin depicts immaturity d. by the freedom of the


53:6.2 was possible for such a d. personality to go wrong.

136:9.2 kingdom with a brilliant and d. display of power—

158:1.9 as the d. vision faded from before them and they


150:1.3 women teachers and ministers were called d.

deadsee deadwith rise, risen, raised, rising, or rose

see Dead Sea

7:3.6 such purely selfish and material requests fall d.;

8:1.4 The God of Action functions and the d. vaults of

11:2.9 This Paradise source material is neither d. nor alive;

15:5.12 Collisions involving d. suns are peculiarly influential

15:6.11 These are the d. suns and other large aggregations

15:6.14 The d. suns are not, as a rule, suited to life; they

15:8.6 the occurrence of a collision among the d. giants

17:3.6 the live records in contrast with the formal and d.

20:9.2 They neither judge the d. nor translate the living,

29:4.24 the “storage-battery” potential of the living and d.

30:3.2 because there are no gigantic living or d. suns near

34:6.6 The d. theory of even the highest religious doctrines

34:6.6 The seed of theoretical truth is d., the highest moral

36:6.4 the remaining material body becomes d. matter.

37:3.6 has finished the judgment of a realm and the d. are

41:7.15 Such d. or dying suns can be rejuvenated by

41:7.15 majority of d. suns will experience revivification

42:1.5 Life Carriers initiate those processes in d. matter

42:3.12 matter found in the interior of the cold or d. suns.

47:3.2 these celestial beings in the resurrection of the d..

49:5.22 and the first adjudication of the living and the d. is

49:6.9 this is the repersonalization of the d. just as literally

55:2.5 earlier ages when mortals must commit their d. to

63:3.5 roll up stones to effectively entomb their d. parents,

65:6.1 The chemist can elucidate the chemistry of d.

65:6.1 D. protoplasm weighs the same as living protoplasm

68:3.3 The dread of the departed spirits of the d. brought

68:4.3 the belief that the d. were jealous of the ways by

69:5.9 6. Fear of the ghosts of the d.—priest fees for

69:9.9 personal effects burned, then buried with the d.,

80:8.5 worship and the religious rite of cremating the d.,

80:8.5 the custom of the mother cultists to burn their d. in

80:9.4 for several thousands of years cremation of the d.

82:3.8 ancients believed that even the d. must be married.

82:3.8 intermediaries to effect the marriage of a d. son

82:3.8 effect the marriage of a dead son with a d. daughter

82:5.5 Some tribal mores forbade marriage to a d. brother’s

86:4.3 phenomenon that differentiated the living and the d..

86:4.8 modern peoples seek to arrest the decay of the d..

87:0.1 about bad luck and of the inordinate fear of the d..

87:1.4 from the corpse substantiated the fear of the d.,

87:1.4 to cleanse an individual after contact with the d..

87:1.4 a d. body was never permitted to remain in the dark.

87:1.4 in death chambers, and men still sit up with the d..

87:1.4 eliminated fear of d. bodies from his philosophy of

87:1.5 show respect for the d. and thus appease the ghosts

87:2.5 Moderns may mourn the d. out of respect and

87:2.6 The names of the d. were never spoken.

87:2.8 large number of subjects to accompany a d. chief;

87:2.10 The d. were supposed to use the ghosts of the

87:6.3 living began to devise methods of resisting the d..

87:6.11 methods are still in vogue at “wakes” for the d..

88:0.2 a fetish was believed to be the ghost of a d. man;

88:2.3 temples were at first fetish places because the d.

88:2.4 the appearance and memory of the illustrious d.;

88:5.2 The bones of the d. were very magical.

89:3.2 of burning and burying property with the d.,

90:1.3 alleged communications with the ghosts of the d..

90:2.5 to be able to communicate with the spirits of the d..

90:2.10 due announcement of the safe arrival of the d. in

91:9.5 You must obliterate the d. center of indecision.

94:5.7 fear of the gods, not even fearing the ghosts of the d.

94:11.1 prayed to the d.; now they could also pray for them.

95:2.4 observed that d. bodies placed in brickless graves

95:2.4 resulted in the later practice of embalming the d..

95:2.5 was collected and preserved as The Book of the D.

95:2.7 represented survival of the souls of the worthy d.;

95:6.8 gospel by the Parsees with their great fear of the d.,

98:5.4 the d. would be annihilated upon the return of

98:5.4 Mithras would summon all the d. from their graves

104:0.2 The d. are buried on the third day, and the ghost is

110:4.4 Trust all matters of mind beyond the d. level of

112:3.2 From the cosmic standpoint the man is already d.;

118:3.3 all transient vicissitudes, albeit never d. and formal,

127:2.8 but reiterated that loyalty to a d. father forbade his

129:2.10 at Nazareth had just about given him up as d..

130:4.15 All static, d., concepts are potentially evil.

131:3.7 are earnest die not; the thoughtless are d. already.

135:1.1 the hair grow, and to refrain from touching the d.,

135:2.1 since the Nazarite vow forbade contact with the d.,

135:2.1 of his vow regarding contamination by the d., John

135:4.1 Nazarite restrictions regarding contact with the d.,

137:7.6 belief in the resurrection of the d., a doctrine only

139:1.1 His father, now d., had been a partner of Zebedee in

144:9.1 calling the twenty-four together, said: “John is d..

146:6.2 the bearers of the bier of this supposedly d. boy.

146:6.2 and why could not such a healer even raise the d.?

146:6.2 Discovering that the young man was not really d.,

146:6.2 Your son is not d.; he sleeps.

146:6.2 the youth who was supposed to be d. presently sat

146:6.3 vainly tried to explain that the lad was not really d.,

146:6.3 Jesus’ statement that the boy was not d., everyone

146:6.3 that a miracle had been wrought, even the d. raised.

146:6.4 that Jesus had raised the widow’s son from the d.,

146:6.4 understand that the widow’s son was not really d.

146:7.1 the supposed spirits of the d. would soon be

147:5.8 this woman has, in d. earnest, started out on the

147:5.8 d. stores of worldly wisdom and spiritual unbelief.

150:3.5 3. The spirits of the d. do not come back to

150:7.4 the doting chazan teacher of his youth, were d. or

152:1.1 “Trouble not the Master; your daughter is d..”

152:1.1 Jesus had told the mourners the damsel was not d.

152:1.1 saying: “Your daughter is not d.; she is only asleep

152:1.2 aroused her, that he had not raised her from the d..

152:1.2 all believed he had raised the little girl from the d..

153:2.12 Your fathers ate manna in the wilderness and are d..

157:2.2 It is not the fear of a d. religion that will save you

158:5.1 and fall like a d. person at the time of seizure, but

158:5.2 convulsions he lay there before them as one d..

158:7.3 and after all this be killed and raised from the d..

159:4.7 and not the d. words of the less illuminated and

162:7.5 a devil, seeing that Abraham is d., also the prophets

163:2.2 you must let others bury the d. while you go forth

164:1.3 him and beat him, and departing, left him half d..

166:1.5 beautiful, are inwardly full of d. men’s bones

167:4.3 The Jews were in the habit of burying their d. on

167:4.6 this world, he now said plainly: “Lazarus is d..

168:0.1 Lazarus, had been d. four days and had been laid

168:0.2 until he had already been d. for several hours.

168:1.7 Lazarus died, that he would raise him from the d.?

168:1.12 hoped that Lazarus was to be raised from the d.,

168:1.12 My brother has now been d. four days, so that by

168:1.14 of the third day, seeking to reanimate the d. body;

168:1.15 These beliefs and opinions regarding the d. and the

168:1.15 the departure of the spirits of the d. served to make

168:1.15 was really and truly a case of the raising of the d. by

168:3.1 though the testimony of this man raised from the d.

168:3.4 entertained that Lazarus had been raised from the d..

168:4.1 involving the details of the resurrection of the d..

168:4.5 was really not to the death, he had already been d.

168:5.1 to the fact that Jesus had raised him from the d..

169:1.10 let us eat and make merry, for this my son was d.

169:3.2 but if one go to them from the d., they will repent.

172:0.3 Jesus and Lazarus, whom he had raised from the d.

172:1.1 Lazarus had been raised from the d., and Lazarus

172:1.9 Lazarus, whom he had raised from the d., to live.

172:5.10 the Sanhedrin and all of their sympathizers d.

174:3.2 this practice of the brothers of a d. man seeking to

174:3.2 practically a d. letter at this time among the Jews.

174:3.2 Those who experience the resurrection from the d.

174:3.2 do I declare that my Father is not the God of the d.

175:1.1 wonderful works, even to the resurrection of the d..

175:1.19 appear beautiful but within are full of d. men’s bones

179:4.8 own selfish projects, when love is once really d..

179:5.4 binding his spiritual meanings by the d. chains of

180:2.6 And a wise husbandman cuts away only the d.

180:5.2 Static truth is d. truth, and only d. truth can be

180:5.4 while dragging the living truth down to the d. levels

182:1.8 Sin creates a d. level of evil inertia, but righteousness

186:1.7 Ere Judas was d., the knot which his nervous hands

187:5.8 to the two thieves, but they found Jesus already d.,

188:1.4 The Jews did not really bury their d.; they actually

189:3.2 “By the mandate of Michael, let the d. of a Urantia

192:4.3 saying: “We affirm that Jesus of Nazareth is not d.;

192:4.5 the certainty of the resurrection of the d. did much

193:0.5 the knowledge that the d. of an age entered upon

193:2.2 fruits of the divine spirit in their lives, they are d.;

194:4.2 followers of a living Lord, not a d. and defeated

deadwith rise, risen, raised, rising or rose

145:3.12 of Nazareth or John the Baptist risen from the d..

157:3.5 believed he was John the Baptist risen from the d..

158:2.1 until the Son of Man has risen from the d..”

158:2.1 “until the Son of Man has risen from the d..”

158:2.1 now he began to talk about “rising from the d.”!

158:7.7 his statement about rising from the d. utterly failed

169:3.2 be persuaded even if one were to rise from the d..

182:2.5 he will rise from the d. and appear to you shortly,

185:4.3 even feared that Jesus was John risen from the d..

186:0.1 sisters of Lazarus whom Jesus raised from the d..

186:3.4 to spread the news in case Jesus rose from the d..

188:1.2 really believed that Jesus would rise from the d.,

188:2.1 reports of his saying he would rise from the d..

188:2.2 Master’s assertions that he would rise from the d.

188:2.2 proclaim to the people that he has risen from the d.

190:0.2 of life—and which enabled him to rise from the d.,

190:1.2 their story, doubted that Jesus had risen from the d.

190:1.3 even faintly, that Jesus had risen from the d..

190:1.5 mortal messengers; he has risen from the d..

190:1.5 ‘Jesus has risen from the d.; the tomb is empty.

190:2.5 He is not d.; he has risen!

190:5.3 this man, they maintain that he has risen from the d..

191:0.2 John upheld the idea that Jesus had risen from the d..

191:1.1 provided, of course, he had really risen from the d.

191:1.2 he spoke aloud: “I believe he has risen from the d.;

191:4.1 believe the report that Jesus had risen from the d..

191:4.6 proclaiming that Jesus had risen from the d..

191:5.7 now fully convinced that Jesus had risen from the d.,

191:6.4 they all believed that Jesus had risen from the d..

192:0.1 spread of rumors that Jesus had risen from the d.,

192:4.2 few doubted that the Master had risen from the d..

192:4.3 saying: “We affirm that Jesus of Nazareth is not d.;

193:0.5 share the knowledge that I have risen from the d.,

193:2.2 to know that the Son of Man has risen from the d.

193:2.2 The fact that the d. rise is not the gospel of the

194:0.1 and the good news that Jesus had risen from the d..

Dead Sea

124:1.9 From the mountains to the Jordan and the D. valley

124:6.5 rippling waters as it flowed down toward the D..

124:6.8 and look south over the sluggish waters of the D..

135:1.1 Elizabeth took their son to Engedi, down by the D.

135:2.3 tributary to a larger stream which entered the D. at

135:6.1 John journeyed around the western coast of the D.


194:3.4 On the cross he refused to drink the d. drug,


87:1.1 the scene of death, to embark on the journey to d..

87:2.2 be “laid” so that it might proceed undisturbed to d..

87:2.4 lurking about before their actual departure for d..


118:5.3 Always must God act to break the d. of the unity


25:3.3 worlds become greatly perplexed or actually d.


53:5.7 the immature worlds, this conflict was far more d.;

68:2.1 earnest striving, not the d. monotony of stagnation.

84:4.8 the exposure of the person grew out of the d. fear

121:4.2 helped to deliver the Romans from a more d. form of

155:5.12 And now are we about to enter upon a d. conflict


14:2.4 transported to Havona, he would there be d., blind,

99:1.5 while the upper strata of society turned a d. ear to

110:7.6 The ear of the human mind is almost d. to the

deal or great dealnoun

15:14.4 A gd. that is going on in Orvonton is not revealed

22:7.14 We do not know a gd. about these conjoint

27:2.3 your societal relationships involve a gd. more than

53:8.9 The devil has been given a gd. of credit for evil

66:5.26 Mek did a gd. to advance the Andonite culture and

90:1.2 these two types accounted for a good d. of ancient

92:2.3 A gd. that one generation might look upon as

94:2.5 throughout a gd. of all this unfortunate philosophy,

110:6.6 has a gd. to do with its circle-making influence;

124:1.8 from the boiling pots—caused the lad to think a gd.

127:6.10 real estate d. in Capernaum was with a boatbuilder

128:6.12 before the grandchildren arrived, he paid a gd. of

128:7.8 Jesus spent a gd. of time this year with individual

130:0.6 from Gonod and his brilliant son he learned a gd.

133:3.4 spent a gd. of his spare time about the synagogue

135:0.4 Since John was an only child, they spent a gd. of

135:3.1 John’s life as a shepherd afforded him a gd. of

151:6.6 And this had a good d. to do with the permanency

185:4.1 Jesus, although he had worried a gd. about him


1:3.6 means of his personality circuit does God d. directly

5:3.5 When you d. with the practical affairs of your daily

15:4.3 though they are competent to d. with space-energy

22:5.6 they do not d. with individuals, as do the Celestial

24:1.16 They d. solely with those personalities and entities

25:2.12 Conciliators do not d. with questions extending

25:4.18 But they do not directly and personally d. with the

29:4.24 But they d. only with physical and semimaterial

53:5.3 Michael now has ample power and authority to d.

55:9.2 such administrative groups d. directly with the

55:9.3 the constellations will then d. directly with the

95:3.3 of this epoch was: “Do right and d. justly with all.”

98:7.2 It is not the province of this paper to d. with the

103:7.12 Religion assumes to d. not only with finite and

124:6.1 since the Jews disliked to d. with the Samaritans,

126:4.5 what does the Lord require of you but to d. justly,

136:3.5 full and unlimited authority to d. with any and all

136:9.11 He will not d. out bread to the multitudes as he has

140:5.12 In discussing purity, Jesus did not intend to d.

162:7.4 all of you who d. honestly with your own souls

173:4.2 he sent other and more trusted servants to d. with

173:4.2 he decided to send his son to d. with these tenants,

dealing with

0:0.4 who shall read the accompanying papers d. Deity

4:1.2 Can you not advance in your concept of God’s d.

15:12.3 We are here d. with the councils of perfection.

20:1.10 more properly portrayed in those papers d. the

25:7.4 more fully depicted in those narratives d. the affairs

26:1.14 in those papers d. the affairs of your local universe.

28:6.2 the responsibility of d. all issues growing out of the

29:0.11 their activities in the section d. the local universe.

32:2.13 Papers d. the superuniverse introduce this subject,

32:3.7 whether we are d. the Sons of God or the creatures

32:5.3 seem that we are d. an isolated stretch of time;

37:8.9 Companions is described in those narratives d. the

38:2.2 in d. sex creatures it is our custom to speak of

39:6.9 narratives d. the mansion worlds and morontia life.

54:4.7 from this technique of patience in d. sinful rebels.

54:6.1 technique of d. the rebels is a vindication of divine

70:11.2 Hebrews, who had a different code of ethics for d.


72:10.1 The methods of this people in d. crime, insanity, and

84:4.9 they sharpen their wits for d. their male associates

87:6.1 employment of “higher spiritual methods” in d.

97:1.4 Stability in d. with Divinity was proclaimed.

97:9.24 an economic and social system d. property rights

102:7.6 faith certainty is the greatest technique for d. all

121:8.8 Luke planned three books d. the history of Christ

128:1.14 Jesus never exhibited any degree of partiality in d.

133:5.6 But in d. human personality it would be nearer the

136:9.13 necessity of d. three constantly recurring situations

138:1.1 experience in d. personally with their fellow men.

138:4.3 Jesus gave his apostles their first lesson d. the origin,

139:4.1 functioned as the personal agent of Jesus in d. the

139:11.6 And when it came to d. the legalistic minds of the

139:12.2 Judas was not really sincere in d. himself.

139:12.11 divine warnings are usually useless in d. embittered

140:5.14 In d. children, avoid all deception and refrain from

141:6.5 Jesus would give no suggestions about d. John’s

143:5.13 his look into Nalda’s eyes and the manner of his d.

146:3.1 Religion is a revelation to man’s soul d. spiritual

148:8.3 Simon Zelotes was in favor of d. rather roughly

149:2.13 They marveled at his patience in d. backward

154:2.4 not the method of either the Son or the Father in d.

156:5.10 are mighty forces which may be utilized in d. social

156:5.18 are you becoming more tactful in d. troublesome

161:2.1 the teaching d. the divine nature of Jesus, a doctrine

167:5.4 to make pronouncements d. marriage and divorce,

169:2.2 were very shrewd in d. your business associates.

170:0.2 We will make certain comments d. the outworking

173:2.7 In employing this method of d. his adversaries,

173:2.8 And it was this genius of the Master for d. his

174:1.1 conversation d. the differences between praise and

181:2.16 always been sincerely just and eminently fair in d.

183:5.1 Romans were in the habit of d. directly with Annas

dealing, death-

58:2.4 Your sun pours forth a veritable flood of death-d.

dealing, double-

149:6.12 with the lips while the heart is given to double-d.?


2:5.12 the dominant characteristic of all God’s personal d.

12:7.2 In all his d. with all his beings it is true that the

22:6.2 Ambassadors are of great assistance in our d. with

29:0.11 On certain rare occasions you will have d. with the

53:5.1 the same policy which had characterized his d. with

54:6.2 In all their d. with intelligent beings, the Creator Son

54:6.2 all other phases of Deity manifestation in all the d. of

69:4.3 separate code of ethics in their d. with the gentiles.

80:3.4 The blue men were perfectly honest in all their d.

93:5.14 Abraham’s diplomatic d. with the king of Sodom,

97:8.1 new record of God’s supposedly miraculous d. with

97:9.9 their narratives of God’s miraculous d. with Israel,

97:9.23 return of the worship of Baal, whose private land d.

132:5.17 with individually earned income when business d.

132:5.22 if your riches are the product of unjust d. with your

137:7.11 the Samaritans, with whom “the Jews had no d.,”

141:3.4 manifested perfect fairness in all of his d. with his

142:6.2 In all his d. with the distinguished visitor, Jesus was

143:4.3 since the days of Alexander they had had no d. with

148:6.5 You should learn from the history of God’s d. with

174:2.5 always wise in his d with those who sought to harass

178:1.7 Display wisdom and exhibit sagacity in your d. with

178:1.14 You are indeed to be gentle in your d. with erring

deals with

15:0.1 he d. personalities; he is the Father of personalities

82:4.3 Old Testament d. women as a form of property;

91:4.3 Prayer is somewhat more ethical when it d.

101:5.2 Science d. facts; religion is concerned with values.

103:4.5 God the Father d. man his child on the basis, not of

103:9.1 Theology d. the intellectual content of religion,

103:9.10 Reason d. factual knowledge; wisdom, with

106:5.2 While this presentation d. primarily with the

118:10.5 Providence functions with regard to the total and d.

131:9.3 Heaven d. man’s soul in accordance with its purpose

132:3.2 Knowledge d. facts; wisdom, with relationships;

133:5.4 Science d. physical-energy activities; religion deals

133:5.4 physical-energy activities; religion d. eternal values.

142:7.16 we do not find that the Father in heaven always d.

163:3.4 The Father d. his creatures in accordance with

195:6.5 Science d. phenomena; religion, with origins, values,

195:7.9 scientific because science recognizes and d. only


39:4.5 to insure that unerring justice is d. out with mercy

194:3.3 To Jesus, mortal life had d. its hardest, cruelest,

dealt with

25:5.3 those of wider significance are d. with accordingly.

30:2.139 The Mortal Corps of the Finality is d. with in the

33:7.8 you may depend upon being d. with justly, even

37:0.2 Preceding papers have d. with the created orders of

44:5.4 dependable deductions and can be precisely d.

134:8.9 future upheavals (if they ever occur) may be d.

143:5.6 Jesus d. patiently with Nalda, saying: “Woman, let

159:1.3 the fact that you have d. justly and mercifully with

162:3.1 Jesus d. with a certain woman of evil repute who

162:3.1 the scribes and Pharisees, and that Jesus so d. with

165:4.4 Jesus thus d. with the man and his inheritance

165:4.8 as he thought Jesus had d. harshly with him;

173:4.2 and when the householder had been so d. with, he

175:1.4 “My Father has long d. in mercy with this people.

181:2.16 our brethren-sons are d. with as individuals in all


139:1.3 very end Andrew remained d. of the apostolic corps.


94:2.6 The Brahmans set out to d. the Indian concept of


97:0.1 they d. their God concept without converting it into

104:2.2 the impossibility of conceiving the oneness of a d.


70:10.10 Primitive man did not hold life very d.; suicide over

131:1.5 You go in quest of a d. friend, and then you

139:4.2 John was very d. to the Master, but it cannot be

168:1.8 what they claim, why did he not save his d. friend?


3:4.7 Therefore man’s nearest and d. approach to God is


28:6.7 though mercy is thus precious and d. bestowed,

death or material death or mortal or natural death

  see deathof a specific person; death, put to;

  see deathadjective

0:5.10 soul which is destined to survive md. and begin

1:2.2 who crave to experience personality survival in d..

1:3.7 Such material-linked minds cannot survive md..

1:5.12 In materialism, since man loses his body at d., he

5:6.5 these same beings may survive md. to personalize

12:8.16 but in d., both mind (identity) and spirit survive

12:9.6 disappointment, serious defeat, or inescapable d. can

14:4.9 Decay and d. are not a part of the cycle of life on

14:4.9 do not resolve by process of decay and cellular d..

14:5.10 to suggest to you that d. is only the beginning of an

15:12.2 judgment on the issues of eternal life and d..

16:9.3 If mortal man fails to survive nd., the real spiritual

20:5.4 Son come to live the full mortal life from birth to d.

20:6.6 Creator or Magisterial, enter the portals of d.,

20:6.6 a new dispensation, without imposing a violent d..

20:6.6 A bestowal Son must encounter d., must pass

20:6.6 not a requirement of the divine plan that this d. be

20:6.7 pass through the portals of d., not to satisfy the

20:6.7 physical d. is nothing more than a necessary part of

21:4.5 His d. on Urantia completed his bestowal career; it

24:2.7 he will afford the records confirmation of your d.

24:2.8 they indicate the d. of a will creature when the last

26:11.7 you closed your eyes in the natural sleep of md.,

26:11.8 Your first transition was indeed d., the second

27:1.3 the seraphim to the mortal creature’s survival of d..

27:1.5 all tears from their eyes; there shall be no more d.,

30:4.10 After nd. all types of ascenders fraternize as one

30:4.11 survival status, pass through the portals of nd.

30:4.12 those who avoid the longer or shorter sleep of d..

31:5.2 receive Adjusters, pass through d., and progress

32:5.4 the metamorphosis of d. constitutes the only possible

33:7.4 cases involving the question of eternal life and d..

33:7.4 has no reference to nd. as it obtains on Urantia,

36:4.4 to be mortal; no midsoniter has experienced d..

36:6.5 does not return to the Life Carriers upon the d. of

36:6.5 nor personality; it does not individually survive d..

37:3.8 during that time which intervenes between md. and

37:3.8 hour of repersonalization, the resurrection from d..

37:8.4 Salsatia is cognizant of the birth and d. of will and

39:2.11 is not unlike the experience of d. or sleep except that

39:2.13 They do not function in the event of nd..

39:4.12 That stagnation is certain d., but that overrapid

39:5.11 During moments just prior to physical d. a reflective

40:4.1 At md., deserted Monitors return to Divinington,

40:9.2 Up to the time of md. the work of the Adjuster is

40:9.4 memory survives d. in the flesh because the Adjuster

45:7.1 efforts which were prematurely interrupted by d..

46:8.4 “The wages of sin is d.”—eternal obliteration.

47:2.2 their exact physical status at the time of d. except for

47:2.2 where d. so untimely terminated their careers.

47:2.4 who have Adjusters, but who before d. had not made

47:2.7 d. automatically terminates their probationary

47:2.7 there is no resurrection from such a second d..

47:3.1 lives just where they left off when overtaken by d..

47:3.7 exact level whereon they were interrupted by d..

47:3.7 Between the time of planetary d. or translation and

47:10.2 the song of deliverance from mortal fear and d..”

47:10.7 Md. is a technique of escape from the material life in

48:0.2 What magic could d. hold that such a simple step

48:3.8 when you experience the resurrection from the d. of

48:6.16 Though I descend into the depths of d. itself, I shall

48:6.36 Sometimes the planting of a seed necessitates its d.,

48:6.36 the d. of your fondest hopes, before it can be reborn

48:6.37 after day is alike—just life or the alternative of d..

48:7.25 23. D. added nothing to the intellectual possession or

48:7.25 it did add to the experiential status the consciousness

49:4.8 their immediate careers after d. are very much alike.

49:5.20 But such distinctions do not survive nd.;

49:6.1 from the bonds of flesh by the emancipation of nd.,

49:6.7 these events as taking place on the planets of md.,

49:6.9 the first mansion world on the third day after nd..

49:6.15 As a rule they are not immune to nd., but they are

49:6.18 are exempt from passing through the portals of d.;

49:6.21 Nd. becomes decreasingly frequent on these spheres

51:1.4 Md. will eventually terminate the planetary career

51:1.8 on an evolutionary planet are not immune to nd..

52:1.6 and upon d. many are duly elected as survivors and

52:4.3 birth, neither do Avonals die the d. of the realm.

52:5.5 the procedure whereby mortals can pass, upon d.,

52:7.4 Nd. becomes less frequent as the Adjusters fuse with

53:3.7 that Lucifer launched his orgy of darkness and d..

53:9.8 of its own destruction”; that “the wages of sin is d..”


55:2.1 Natural, physical d. is not a mortal inevitability.

55:2.2 of these superb mortals are exempt from nd..

55:2.4 everything that nd. does for those who are thereby

55:2.6 less advanced mortals could only learn to view nd.

55:2.8 Such diminishment of d. continues on and on, but

55:2.8 entirely free from nd. as the technique of escape

55:2.8 The elimination of d. is theoretically possible, but

58:2.4 Your sun pours forth a veritable flood of d.-dealing

60:2.3 they literally starved to d. and became extinct—

62:3.9 mother of the dawn-mammal species escaped d.

62:4.5 those early days very few animals ever died a nd.;

62:5.11 was set upon by hostile gibbons and beaten to d..

63:2.1 of meeting d. at the hands of their jealous tribesmen.

63:3.5 Their ideas of survival after d. were very vague and

66:4.15 staff, century after century, in defiance of physical d..

67:4.2 associates were doomed to suffer extinction by d.,

67:4.4 of spiritual sustenance, eventually died a nd..

68:1.2 has become man’s insurance against violent d.,

68:3.2 Animals do not visualize survival after d..

68:6.10 born on certain unlucky days, resulting in the d. of

69:5.8 extended even to the control of the body after d..

69:6.6 still persists the idea of passing through fire after d..

69:7.4 believe that a dog’s howling at night betokens d..

69:8.2 captives were either eaten, tortured to d., sacrificed

69:9.3 consumed or distributed among the group at his d..

69:9.4 The ancients believed that only the rich survived d.

69:9.9 Property relations did not end with d.;

69:9.14 only a life tenureship; at d. land reverted to the tribe.

70:1.12 believed that a neighboring tribe had caused the d.

70:3.6 and clan membership was believed to survive d.

70:6.3 had wrought such havoc between the d. of a king

70:6.6 Deposed rulers, when sentenced to d., were often

70:10.3 In case of d. the savage asked, not what killed him,

70:10.12 who is guilty of d.; he shall surely be put to d..”

70:10.15 Cattle stealing was punished by summary d.,

72:10.1 incurably insane are sentenced to d. in the lethal gas

73:6.8 on Urantia take the natural course of life and d..

73:6.8 mansion world resurrection follows material d..

76:6.1 and Eve would sometime awake from the sleep of d.

80:3.7 on night guard at cave entrances to freeze to d..

82:3.12 was almost invariably blamed for her husband’s d..

84:4.7 the higher tribes looked upon d. in childbirth as the

84:7.20 realized that disobedience meant failure or even d.


86:3.1 D. was the supreme shock to evolving man,

86:3.1 Not the sanctity of life but the shock of d. inspired

86:3.1 Among savage peoples d. was ordinarily due to

86:3.1 nonviolent d. became increasingly mysterious.

86:3.1 D. as a natural and expected end of life was not clear

86:3.2 while man regarded d. as a visitation of some sort.

86:3.2 vestigial traditions of the early attitude toward d..

86:3.2 and d. was added to this long list of unexplained

86:3.3 All human disease and nd. was believed to be due to

86:3.3 more complex systems of theology still ascribe d. to

86:3.4 weakness before the visitations of sickness and d.,


86:4.2 began effectively to antidote the d. fear associated

86:4.5 The primitive doctrine of survival after d. was not

86:5.2 that d. was finally regarded as “giving up the ghost.”

86:5.8 4. D., permanent departure.

86:5.10 perhaps trying to escape for good—impending d..

86:5.14 turn the mirror to the wall in the event of d..

86:5.16 of one soul meant discomfort, two illness, three d..

87:1.1 D. was feared because d. meant the liberation of

87:1.1 The ancients did their best to prevent d., to avoid the

87:1.1 anxious to induce the ghost to leave the scene of d.,

87:1.1 period between its emergence at the time of d. and

87:1.3 because they observed it was often a harbinger of d..

87:1.3 A house in which d. had occurred was destroyed;

87:2.4 Silence or mourning was observed after a d. so that

87:2.7 least one slave wife would be buried alive at his d..

87:2.8 a slave is speared to d. to make the ghost journey

87:3.3 that some one would provide offerings after d. for

87:3.3 planning for safe conduct of his own ghost after d..

87:5.13 toward, spirits, and hence toward life and d..

88:1.9 idiots were either beaten to d. or revered as fetish

88:4.7 because he could not grasp the concept of nd..

88:4.7 grip of magic on the race in that it accounted for nd..

88:4.7 because of supposed responsibility for one nd..

88:4.7 usually confessed guilt, even when facing d..

89:2.2 It was only by the concept of sin that nd. became

89:2.2 Sin was the transgression of taboo, and d. was the

89:6.6 but the Israelites reverted to them soon after his d..

89:6.7 Now you say at d., “dust to dust.”

89:7.3 to grow up and then exiling them in lieu of d.;

89:10.2 d. of loyalty exhibited in devotion to godless ideals.

90:2.6 A severe drought meant d. to the agriculturists;

90:2.11 Upon the d. of a wealthy man it was customary to


90:3.2 Since all diseases and d. itself were regarded as spirit

90:3.3 When thoughtful men observe disease and d., they

90:3.4 advanced in explanation of disease and d. was that

90:3.4 the soul out of the body; if it failed to return, d.

90:3.5 spirit ghosts were held responsible for disease and d.

90:3.6 who kill someone every time a nonviolent d. occurs.

90:3.7 In cases of obscure disease and d. the ancients

90:3.7 and settle upon some finding as the cause of d.;

90:3.7 otherwise the d. would be laid to witchcraft, thus

90:3.9 destroying man’s theories of sickness and d..

92:3.2 prayer, confession, worship, survival after d.,

92:3.7 impoverished life for the pretended enrichment of d..

92:4.2 concept of the survival of personality identity after d.

92:6.1 belief of primitive religion was survival after d..

92:6.1 an indefinite idea of survival of some sort after d..

94:2.3 that deliverance and spiritual advancement in d.

94:4.5 Siva is lord of life and d., god of fertility, and master

94:6.5 while d. was like the returning home of this creature

94:12.3 it is taught that the soul, upon experiencing d.,

95:2.5 and of consequent pleasurable survival after d..

95:3.4 “Life is given to the peaceful and d. to the guilty.”

95:5.12 have been miraculously resurrected from a cruel d.

97:4.3 seven stars and Orion, who turns the shadow of d.

98:4.1 and assurances of hope for immortality after d..

98:4.6 (respectively Attis and Osiris) had experienced d.

98:4.6 celebrated the anniversary of the god’s d.

98:4.7 commemorating the self-inflicted d. of Attis.

98:4.7 days of the celebration of the sacrifice and d. of Attis

98:5.4 after d., to the bosom of Mithras, there to tarry in

100:6.6 Paul, who said: “I am persuaded that neither d.,

100:7.13 to walk through the “valley of the shadow of d..”

101:3.3 possession of which survives the nd. in the flesh.

101:10.4 conduct from the material realm, whereon is d.,

102:0.1 best of men are doomed to be extinguished by d.,

102:2.7 religious concepts is the equivalent of spiritual d..

102:8.1 of self-preservation and craving survival after d.,

103:5.7 to be Godlike—is a continuous effort before d. and

103:5.7 The life after d. is no different in the essentials

103:5.7 as a result of passing through the portals of nd..

107:6.7 their release to start for Divinington upon the nd. of

107:6.7 do not pass through the portals of nd. do not even

109:3.3 The Adjusters do not return after nd.;

109:3.4 a real betrothal with the divine gifts, a life and d.

109:3.5 But in the career after d., the three-brained type

109:6.2 released by nd. (or prior thereto), the Adjuster

110:5.2 necessity of passing through the experience of d..

110:6.14 the divine-human association before nd. dissolves

110:6.16 worlds if they fail of such achievement before nd..

110:7.6 the Adjuster must patiently await the arrival of d.

110:7.8 subsequent to d., after the eternal fusion, you and

111:3.1 at any time prior to md. this same human will is

111:3.2 Neither does the soul make final decisions until d.

111:3.2 d. and following the mansion world resurrection,

111:5.4 Peace in this life, survival in d., perfection in the next

111:7.4 the Adjuster and the guardian seraphim after d..

111:7.5 joys of living ever threatened by the sorrows of d..

112:0.15 13. Personality may survive md. with identity in the

112:2.20 selfhood that can transcend the experience of d.,


112:3.1 Urantians generally recognize only one kind of d.,

112:3.2 1. Spiritual (soul) d..

112:3.2 This kind of d. is final in its significance irrespective

112:3.3 2. Intellectual (mind) d..

112:3.3 a personality is considered to have met with d.

112:3.3 And again, this is d., irrespective of the continuing

112:3.4 3. Physical (body and mind) d..

112:3.4 When d. overtakes a human being, the Adjuster

112:3.5 After d. the material body returns to the elemental

112:3.7 Upon d. the Adjuster temporarily loses personality,

112:3.7 never does a dis-Adjustered human being after d.

112:3.7 unconscious during the long or short sleep of d..


112:4.1 When d. of a material, intellectual, or spiritual nature

112:4.3 Subsequent to physical d., except in individuals

112:4.12 If,when d. overtakes you, you have attained the third

112:5.11 efforts to explain just what happens to you in d.,

112:5.12 additional to the Mystery Monitor, which survives d.

112:5.12 soul survives the d. of both your body and your mind

112:5.13 is wholly unconscious during the period from d. to

112:5.13 not function as a conscious being, following d., until

112:5.14 At d. the functional identity associated with the

112:5.15 personality during the time intervening between d.

112:5.20 in the physical life the change is gradual; at d. and

112:5.20 parts; stagnation terminates in inevitable d..

112:6.7 Mortal mind, prior to d., is self-consciously

112:7.3 on the planet of nativity as a transcendence of nd.;

113:1.6 (if nd. does not terminate your career and transfer

113:3.4 survivor during that interval between physical d.


113:6.1 Upon your d., your records, identity specifications

114:7.10 Many times, upon the d. of a reservist, a transfer of

117:5.7 Upon md. the human self is everlastingly divorced

121:4.4 and virtue and urged men to meet d. fearlessly.

121:5.8 pertained to the story of some god’s life and d.

121:5.11 salvation, “deliverance from evil, survival after d.,

121:5.15 it offered salvation from sorrow and even from d.,

122:9.21 those who sit in darkness and the shadow of d.;

127:6.6 longer approach our Father by the darkness of d..

128:1.6 he humbled himself and became obedient to d.,

128:1.6 and became obedient to d., even the d. of the cross.”

129:4.5 ascendant mortals of the realms, from birth to d..

129:4.5 adulthood—even to the human experience of d..

130:1.2 selfishness that lead eventually to darkness and d.

131:2.7 I walk through the valley of the shadow of d.,

131:2.13 ransom from the grave; I will redeem you from d..

131:3.7 Immortality is the goal of sincerity; d., the end of

131:3.7 the living will hardly find happiness after d..

131:4.3 From d. guide us to immortality!

131:4.7 where there is no fear, sorrow, hunger, thirst, or d..

131:4.7 To know God is to cut the cords of d..

131:4.8 Man’s friends of the flesh cannot survive d.; virtue

131:10.6 I am confident that I shall be faithful even to d.,

132:3.6 The human soul (personality) of man survives d.

133:4.4 through the portals of d. up to the eternal heights

139:4.10 to accompany his Master into the very jaws of d..

139:12.5 that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is d..”

139:12.5 of pleasant adjustment to the paths of sin and d..

140:8.14 is a temporal institution; that it does not survive d..

142:7.12 D. only ends one generation to mark the beginning of

142:7.12 D. terminates an individual life but not necessarily

143:2.3 you have passed from bondage to liberty, from d.

144:5.47 Let us not stray into paths of darkness and d.;

146:5.2 when I left him he was even then at the point of d..”

147:1.1 “My faithful orderly is sick and at the point of d..

147:3.3 passing from judgment and d. to light and life.

150:9.3 minded to shove him over the edge to his d. below

152:0.1 an only child, lies in my home at the point of d..

155:6.3 And so may you pass from d. to life, from the

155:6.16 the adventure of survival after d. in the pursuit of the

157:2.2 The issues of life and d. are being set before you—

158:5.1 His life is worse than d.; his mother and I are of a

158:7.5 now standing before me shall not taste d. till you

162:7.5 of truth alive in his heart, he shall never taste d..

162:7.5 say that whoso keeps your word shall not taste d.?

163:2.2 new apostles, but my father is very old and near d.

167:4.1 saying: “This sickness is really not to the d..

167:4.2 of his hitherto unexhibited power over life and d..

167:4.6 custom of the Jews to speak of d. as a form of sleep,

167:7.6 period of time which intervenes between the d. of

168:0.3 Jesus say, “. . . this sickness is really not to the d..”

168:1.14 of gall on the point of the sword of the angel of d.

168:2.5 no consciousness of time since falling asleep in d..

168:2.8 had been resurrected in the likeness of the body of d.

168:2.9 is nonexistent to those who sleep the sleep of d..

171:3.5 regarded him as immortal and triumphant over d..

172:0.2 in utter defiance of the Sanhedrin’s decree of d.,

175:1.2 between light and darkness, between life and d.,

175:2.2 modern Jews terminated in the suffering and d. of

175:4.2 foretelling the d. of the Jewish nation, all Jerusalem

176:2.7 his life struggle and pass through the portal of d.,

176:3.3 in view of inevitable and ever-impending nd..

176:3.6 shall you be ready for the reckoning call of d..

176:4.7 than the common event of nd., which so suddenly

177:5.2 lead the teachers of the gospel truth to their d..

178:1.9 can expect only trouble, persecution, and even d..

180:6.7 revelation of life in effecting the overthrow of d..

181:2.15 will reveal the gospel even in the manner of their d.

182:3.2 that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful, even to d.,

182:3.6 by passing through the creature experience of d.

183:1.1 full the cup of mortal experience, from birth to d.,

183:1.2 episode of d. made easy by a special dispensation.

184:3.15 they all answered in unison, “He is worthy of d.;

184:5.11 before Pilate for confirmation of the sentence of d.

185:1.3 their petition and threatened them with instant d..

185:2.3 Pilate: “It is not lawful for us to put any man to d.,

185:3.6 that the prisoner had done nothing worthy of d..

185:5.1 Certainly, nothing worthy of d. has been done by

185:5.4 that he did not think the man was worthy of d..

185:5.6 under arrest and charged with crimes worthy of d.,

185:6.1 adjudged worthy of d. because they believe Jesus’

187:1.5 were subjected to this dishonorable mode of d..

187:1.11 nine when this procession of d. arrived at Golgotha,

187:3.1 the Creator as he was dying the d. of the creature,

187:3.1 even the most ignoble d. of a condemned criminal.

187:5.6 After such a life—and at such a d.—the Master

188:3.1 all Jerusalem discussed the d. of Jesus on the cross.

188:3.9 the resurrection of life followed the sleep of d. as of

188:3.16 Jesus was unconscious during this time of physical d.

188:4.2 D. is, ordinarily, a part of life.

188:4.2 D. is the last act in the mortal drama.

188:4.6 the certainty of mortal survival after d. in the flesh.

188:5.6 The triumph of the d. on the cross is all summed up

188:5.9 ministry, even in d., the death of the cross.

188:5.9 wholehearted ministry, even in d., the d. of the cross

190:0.2 certain their resurrection from the bonds of nd..

190:5.4 delivered to his enemies, who would put him to d.,

192:1.2 with its tragic associations of fear, betrayal, and d..

193:2.2 that you and your brethren shall also survive md..

195:2.8 believed in immortality, some sort of survival after d.

195:3.5 practice of exposing children to d. when they were

195:9.10 Christianity threatened by slow d. from formalism,

196:0.5 the cruel and crushing threat of an ignominious d..

death or material death or natural deathof a particular

   person or persons

43:4.9 Sometime before Michael’s d. in the flesh the

53:8.3 of Jesus’ personal experience, just before his d. in

53:8.5 as the Prince of Urantia up to near the time of his d..

63:3.5 Upon the d. of his parents, Sontad assumed the

63:7.4 Urantia, the story of the evolution, life struggles, d.,

67:4.4 of spiritual sustenance, eventually died a nd..

75:3.1 when Serapatatia, upon the d. of his father, came to

76:2.7 The d. of Abel became known to his parents when

76:3.2 pandemonium would have broken loose upon his d..

76:3.2 As it was, the d. of Adam made little difference in

76:4.8 plasm as possible to benefit the world after his d..


76:6.1 and Eve would sometime awake from the sleep of d.

76:6.2 On the third day after Adam’s d., the second

77:3.1 And about fifty thousand years after the d. of Nod

77:6.5 were attached to the Adamson center until his d..

77:6.5 the chiefs of their organization at the d. of Adamson

77:6.6 After the d. of Adamson the remainder of the

77:7.4 who were on earth up to the time of Christ’s d. and

77:9.10 affairs which appeared upon the d. of Adam and Eve

78:2.4 After Adam’s d. and as these traditions grew dim

93:5.5 A few weeks after the d. of Abraham’s father, Terah,

93:8.1 a sufficient length of time before Abraham’s d. to

93:9.4 his influence continued for some time after his d..

96:5.2 one thousand years after the d. of the great leader.


96:6.1 Upon the d. of Moses his lofty concept of Yahweh

97:4.4 And before this courageous teacher was stoned to d.

97:9.16 After David’s d. Solomon purged the political

121:8.3 Rome, he began his writing soon after Peter’s d..

121:8.8 his many notes into the Gospel until after Paul’s d.

122:5.1 were greatly improved just before his untimely d.

122:5.2 to be sorrowful until after the sudden d. of Joseph.

122:10.4 returning to Bethlehem until after the d. of Herod.

123:0.3 some time after they received news of Herod’s d..

123:3.7 Never again, until after Joseph’s d., did the family

124:1.11 months in a smith’s shop, after the d. of his father.

124:5.2 his watchcare when his father met his accidental d.

125:4.3 to question the justice of putting to d. a drunken


126:2.7 sum of money on hand at the time of Joseph’s d..

126:3.3 After his father’s d. Jesus tried to teach the older

126:5.7 money due Joseph at the time of his accidental d..

126:5.7 his father had nothing due him at the time of his d.

127:0.1 Within a few years after his father’s d. all their

127:3.13 d. the second time struck at this Nazareth family.

128:3.1 daily toil Jesus had enjoyed since the d. of his father.

128:3.6 this early gospel resulted in his being stoned to d. by

129:4.1 right up to the event of his crucifixion and md..

130:8.1 after the d. of Peter he went on to Spain preaching

131:0.2 preserved in India for hundreds of years after his d..

132:0.7 Stephen, whose d. led to the winning of Saul of

132:0.10 of Damascus, he did, a short time before his d.,

134:6.14 After the d. of Cymboyton, his sons encountered



135:4.1 When John received word of the d. of his mother, he

135:11.4 Just a few days before his d. John again sent trusted


135:12.2 Herod feared to put him to d. lest the multitude riot

135:12.5 Since Herodias had failed to bring about John’s d. by

136:2.8 two and one-half years before the d. of Augustus,

138:0.1 differences were not fully removed until after his d.

138:9.1 Through the dark hours of the Master’s d.,

139:1.9 After Andrew’s d. other copies of this private record

139:2.13 Right up to the day of his d., Peter continued to

139:3.5 But the untimely d. of James greatly modified the

139:3.9 he rushed away from the scene of James’s d. to join

139:4.15 John died a nd. at Ephesus in A.D. 103 when he was

139:5.10 went on through the trying times of the Master’s d.,

139:5.11 the irate Jews rushed upon her and stoned her to d..

139:7.10 with the Roman soldiers to encompass Matthew’s d..

139:8.13 Just a few weeks before his d. Thomas had begun

141:1.4 understand why Jesus did not prevent the cruel d.

142:6.9 the scenes of their Master’s final suffering and d..

142:7.14 subsequent to the Master’s d. and resurrection.

143:4.2 Philip, in his labors for the Samaritans after the d.

143:5.11 built up around the fact of the d. of Christ instead

143:5.11 revealing life than with his tragic and sorrowful d..

143:6.6 work of Philip in these regions after Jesus’ d. and

144:3.15 After Jesus’ d. and ascension to the Father it became

144:6.7 from that time until after the d. of John, two of the

144:6.8 It was next agreed, in case of the d. of John, that

144:6.9 And then was it voted that, in case of John’s d.,


144:9.1 Pella, and they told Jesus about the d. of John.

145:0.1 Now that John the Baptist had been sent to his d.,

145:0.3 right on down through his eventful ministry, d.,

146:5.2 when I left him he was even then at the point of d..”

147:1.1 “My faithful orderly is sick and at the point of d..

147:2.1 to Jerusalem just before the trial and d. of Jesus.

150:9.3 minded to shove him over the edge to his d. below

152:0.1 an only child, lies in my home at the point of d..

153:2.2 But know you for certain that, if you put me to d.,

154:0.2 He had a bad conscience for having put John to d.,

154:6.9 Later on, after the Master’s d. and resurrection,

157:7.2 Judas had been shocked by the d. of John the

158:2.2 that Peter sought to avoid reference to his d. and

158:7.1 been shocked by this talk about the d. of Jesus.

158:7.7 vaguely comprehended what he said about his d.,

161:2.6 foreknow; he even now dares to speak about his d.

162:1.1 reiterated declarations that he must be subject to d.,

162:1.2 and Pharisees were bent on bringing about his d..

162:1.10 that the Sanhedrin was determined to put him to d.

166:0.2 soon after Jesus’ d. and resurrection they departed

166:4.12 the meaning of his earth mission until after his d.

166:5.3 And after the d. and resurrection of Jesus the

166:5.3 Philadelphia church, continuing as such until his d.

167:4.4 a few weeks back, and the leaders sought your d.,

168:0.6 the Master’s conduct as related to Lazarus’s d..

168:0.10 when Jesus saw how they all grieved over the d. of

168:1.6 while Jesus sent word that it was “not to the d.,”

168:1.6 Adjuster on the planet subsequent to Lazarus’s d.,

168:1.12 you at the first that this sickness was not to the d.?

168:2.5 Martha told Lazarus of his d., burial,and resurrection

168:3.2 presented a resolution calling for Jesus’ immediate d.

168:3.2 and committing the Sanhedrin to the decision of d.,

168:3.3 had gone on record as desiring to decree his d.

168:4.2 said plainly, “This sickness is not really to the d..”

168:4.5 that Lazarus’s sickness was really not to the d.,

168:5.1 warning that the Sanhedrin had decreed his d..

168:5.1 judged that it would be useless to put Jesus to d. if

171:1.5 after the d. of his mother, David betook himself to

171:4.2 the Son of Man has already been condemned to d.

171:4.2 scourge him, and they will deliver him up to d..

171:4.3 Not until after his d. did these bewildered apostles

171:4.6 become responsible for the d. of the Son of Man.

171:4.9 that Jesus was to accomplish many things by his d.

172:0.1 the leading citizen of the little village since the d. of

172:1.6 to make this anointing in anticipation of my d., she

172:1.6 Mary evinces faith in what I have said about my d.

172:1.7 ointment with which to embalm his body in d.,

172:1.9 that it would be useless to put Jesus to d. if they

172:3.2 Jesus’ d. had been decreed by the Sanhedrin,

173:1.9 They did not know how to accomplish his d.,

173:4.5 themselves as to how they might bring about his d..

174:4.6 after the Master’s d. they attempted to escape the

175:1.4 As Herod brought about the d. of John, you likewise

175:2.1 of Jesus and conspired to bring about his cruel d.,

175:2.3 and conspired to bring about his ignominious d.;

175:3.1 Jewish nation informally decreed the d. of Jesus.

175:3.1 to place him under arrest and to bring about his d.

175:4.13 Sanhedrin, having formally decreed the d. of Jesus

176:1.1 Son of Man, will deliver you up to prison and d..

176:2.7 his life struggle and pass through the portal of d.,

177:5.5 spiritual status up to the hour of the Master’s d..

179:2.3 those who sought to accomplish his physical d..

179:4.1 conspired to bring about the d. of the Son of Man,

181:2.3 it is now finished except for my d. in the flesh,

182:2.5 the hands of his enemies, who will put him to d., but

182:3.1 Send me assurance that I will please you in my d.

182:3.6 by passing through the creature experience of d.

182:3.9 difficult to face such a d. as he well knew awaited

183:0.4 Jesus knew that the plan for his d. had its origin in

183:1.2 his unbelievable humiliation and ignominious d..

183:4.2 counseled Lazarus against exposing himself to d.,

183:5.4 to be near Jesus right on up to the time of his d. on

183:5.4 dared not molest him until after the Master’s d..

184:1.2 choose to leave the country rather than to suffer d..

184:3.1 a large majority vote, had decreed the d. of Jesus,

184:3.1 had decided that he was worthy of d. on informal

184:3.15 they all answered in unison, “He is worthy of d.;

184:4.2 indignation as would probably result in his d..

184:5.2 the indictment of Jesus, as being worthy of d.,

185:1.7 After the d. of Pilate, Claudia became prominently

185:1.8 if he dared to refuse their demands for Jesus’ d..

185:1.9 bloodthirsty religious fanatics to bring about the d.

185:2.8 demands that Jesus be sentenced to d. without a trial

185:2.8 “I will not sentence this man to d. without a trial;

185:3.2 delivered you and asked me to sentence you to d..

185:3.6 that the prisoner had done nothing worthy of d..

185:4.3 Pilate had the responsibility of putting him to d..

185:5.1 Certainly, nothing worthy of d. has been done by

185:5.4 that he did not think the man was worthy of d..

185:5.6 under arrest and charged with crimes worthy of d.,

185:5.6 mighty shouts for Barabbas’s release and Jesus’ d.

185:6.1 multitude which now clamors for the Master’s d. are

185:6.6 man shall die, but what has he done to deserve d.?

185:7.4 should you expect that I would consent to his d.

186:0.3 terrible business of putting to d. their eldest brother,

186:1.1 played in his Master’s arrest and sentence of d..

186:2.1 Jesus fully understood the sort of d. he would die,

186:2.4 These Jews clamored unseemlily for the Master’s d.

186:2.11 episodes of his mortal career and his subsequent d.


186:5.1 There is no direct relation between the d. of Jesus

186:5.1 d. of the Son of Man on earth has any connection

186:5.1 his d. at about this time was a purely natural and

186:5.2 not God who planned and executed the d. of Jesus

186:5.2 did not decree, demand, or require the d. of his Son

186:5.3 he lived thereafter, and even the manner of his d.,

186:5.4 that he is a son of God, is not dependent on the d. of

186:5.4 been tremendously illuminated by the Master’s d.,

186:5.6 just as much before the life and d. of Jesus as he did

187:0.3 What Jesus is now about to do, submit to d. on the

187:1.6 they saw him being led forth to such an ignoble d..

187:1.10 lingered all through the hours of the Master’s d.

187:2.1 during these hours of lingering torture and slow d..

187:2.3 Jesus desired to meet d., even in this cruel form,

187:3.1 the Creator as he was dying the d. of the creature,

187:3.1 even the most ignoble d. of a condemned criminal.

187:4.2 The Master had time amidst the pangs of md. to

187:4.2 When he saw the manner in which Jesus faced d.

187:4.7 Mary did not live quite one year after the d. of Jesus

187:5.2 During this hour of approaching d. the human

187:5.6 Jesus went willingly to his ignominious d., after he

187:5.6 After such a life—and at such a d.—the Master

187:5.8 in order to make sure of his d., one of the soldiers

187:6.1 the messengers carrying the news of the Master’s d..

187:6.2 After the d. of the Master, John sent the women,

188:0.1 in the tomb of Joseph, the period between his d.

188:0.1 He hung upon the cross about one hour after his d.

188:3.4 Jesus died the same nd. on the cross as would any

188:3.4 could in no sense be affected by his d. on the cross.


188:4.1 Although Jesus did not die this d. on the cross to

188:4.1 there are significances attached to this d. of Jesus

188:4.2 the false interpretation of the meaning of the d. on

188:4.2 significance and genuine import of the Master’s d..

188:4.3 Neither was the Master’s d. on the cross a sacrifice

188:4.6 his d. did much to make forever plain the certainty of

188:4.12 The great thing about the d. of Jesus is not the fact

188:4.12 not the fact of his d. but rather the superb manner

188:4.12 manner and the matchless spirit in which he met d.

188:5.2 his life and d. do win men over to goodness and

188:5.2 Jesus’ d. on the cross exemplifies a love which is

188:5.6 The triumph of the d. on the cross is all summed up

188:5.6 said, as they stoned him to d., “Lay not this sin to

188:5.8 this sublime spectacle of the d. of the human Jesus

188:5.9 ministry, even in d., the death of the cross.

188:5.9 wholehearted ministry, even in d., the d. of the cross

188:5.10 His life was so glorious and his d. so triumphant that

188:5.10 this overwhelming spectacle of his d. on the cross.

188:5.11 See in the d. of the Son of Man the climax of the

188:5.13 We know that the d. on the cross was not to effect

189:0.2 As a mortal of the realm he has experienced md.;

189:0.2 through nd. and the resurrection of the morontia,

189:2.3 This body of d. was a purely material creation;

189:4.3 to give the body of Jesus its d. anointing and more

190:5.4 delivered to his enemies, who would put him to d.,

191:0.13 to think well over what he had told them about his d.

191:6.1 reports that the Master, in foretelling his d.,

193:4.13 In life, he ignored those who loved him, and in d.,

194:2.8 life in the flesh, together with his d. on the cross

194:3.2 And the life and d. of Jesus are the eternal proof

194:3.3 all its terrible reality and mastered it—even in d..

194:4.5 They now proclaimed the facts of Jesus’ life, d., and

194:4.11 formalities of trial and proceeded to stone him to d.

194:4.12 within one month from the d. of Stephen the church

196:0.5 the cruel and crushing threat of an ignominious d..

death, put to

20:6.7 When bestowal Sons are not put to d. by violence,

70:10.12 is guilty of death; he shall surely be put to d..”

88:4.7 for ten innocent persons to be put to d. because of

125:4.3 to question the justice of putting to d. a drunken

135:12.2 Herod feared to put him to d. lest the multitude riot

135:12.5 set herself to the task of having John put to d. by

139:3.8 early put to d. with the sword by Herod Agrippa.

139:8.13 the Roman government and was put to d. in Malta.

140:9.3 Some of you will be put to d., and before you

143:1.6 Many of you will be put to d. for your loyalty to

153:2.2 But know you for certain that, if you put me to d.,

153:2.3 Will you also seek to put to d. the teacher who

154:0.2 He had a bad conscience for having put John to d.,

158:6.5 The Son of Man will be put to d., but he shall rise

162:1.6 before this he would certainly have been put to d..

162:1.10 that the Sanhedrin was determined to put him to d.

168:5.1 judged that it would be useless to put Jesus to d. if

172:1.9 that it would be useless to put Jesus to d. if they

175:4.8 different motives for wanting to see Jesus put to d..

182:2.5 the hands of his enemies, who will put him to d.,

182:2.6 The Son of Man will be put to d. at the instigation of

184:3.13 governor before Jesus could legally be put to d..

185:2.3 Pilate: “It is not lawful for us to put any man to d.,

185:4.3 Pilate had the responsibility of putting him to d..

185:5.4 the chief priests, who sought to have him put to d.

185:5.4 chief priests were minded to have Jesus put to d.,

186:0.2 of Jesus to see his mother before he was put to d..

186:0.3 terrible business of putting to d. their eldest brother,

186:1.5 “Your Master has already been put to d. by the

186:5.9 if Jesus had not been put to d. by the cruel hands

187:0.2 of Barabbas and would later have been put to d.

190:3.3 claiming to have seen him should be put to d.;

190:5.4 delivered to his enemies, who would put him to d.,

193:0.2 rulers of the Jews would deliver me to be put to d.,

deathadjective; see sentence

69:5.9 Men early began to give d. presents to the priests

72:10.1 betrayal of governmental trust, carry the d. penalty,

87:1.4 the twentieth century, candles are still burned in d.

87:1.5 If the d. hut was not destroyed, the corpse was

87:2.10 for real objects and persons in these d. sacrifices.

87:2.10 wealth is still consumed on funeral rituals and d.

87:6.5 2. Stoning the d. house.

89:5.9 inflicting the d. penalty upon a fellow tribesman.

89:5.15 Human sacrifice sounded the d. knell of cannibalism.

89:6.1 it was never the custom to eat these d. sacrifices.

92:5.11 even prescribing the d. penalty for its practitioners.

109:3.4 a real betrothal with the divine gifts, a life and d.

110:7.6 the Adjuster must patiently await the arrival of d.

114:0.2 this world on transport, messenger, and d. duty.

133:4.12 The fact that your error carries with it the d. penalty

134:5.11 either they must embark on the life and d. struggle

162:3.3 denied the Jews the right to inflict the d. penalty

172:0.2 in utter defiance of the Sanhedrin’s decree of d.,

175:4.2 while the Sanhedrin sat in d. judgment upon Jesus,

186:2.4 awful silence looking upon the d. scene of a nation—

187:1.6 As the d. procession passed along the narrow

188:1.7 to prepare the Master’s body for the d. rest.

196:0.3 soul at war with the universe and at d. grips with a


58:2.4 Your sun pours forth a veritable flood of d. rays,


184:3.13 the Sanhedrin agreed that Jesus was guilty of d.




170:3.11 Jesus struck the d. of the old society in that he

170:5.17 struck a d. to Jesus’ concept of the divine kingdom


131:3.7 Blessed are they who have insight into the d. state.


63:2.3 the twins shared the Primates’ d. fear of being on

64:4.12 They were d. afraid of clouds, more especially of


62:4.5 might have lived that long had they died natural d.,

90:3.5 The causes for some accidents and d. were so easy

108:3.7 undoubtedly they return thereto upon the d. of their


187:3.4 sour wine as they settled down for the long d..


185:0.3 render them ceremonially unclean and thereby d.


53:3.5 the executioners of the Ancients of Days could be d.

186:1.3 to enter the hall but was d. by the doorkeeper.


155:5.10 d. the dignity of self-respect, and utterly surrender


53:8.9 dominated by their own inherent and d. tendencies,

76:3.10 the d. and commercial priesthoods of the later tribes

79:5.1 that admixture with the d. Neanderthal strain which

79:5.2 the more contaminated with d. animal strains.

79:6.7 yellow races had largely escaped mixture with d.

94:1.7 some of the most d. concepts of Deity ever to be

94:4.8 the d. and depressed classes of ignorant believers.

150:8.11 the fringe of this crowd there circulated those d.


87:5.6 Early humility was not, therefore, d. of ego but


97:1.6 The Lord enriches and impoverishes; he d. and exalts

149:4.2 Anger depletes the health, d. the mind, handicaps


91:1.3 Such a prostitution of prayer, while d. the spiritual

94:2.2 whole precarious system collapsed before the d cults

94:2.6 the flood of d. and debilitating cults and creeds


77:3.8 and failing to settle the other two by d., they fell to

81:6.15 society is willing to d. the ethics of might and right.

134:3.3 at these sessions of teaching, discussion, and d..

139:8.8 Thomas would d. to the bitter end, but when

144:6.11 They learned to differ, to d., to contend, to pray,

148:9.4 they heard this message, they fell to earnest d.

149:4.5 They sought to embroil him in d., but his answers

151:2.4 into serious discussion and engaged in earnest d.,

161:0.2 Thomas were engaged in earnest d. with Rodan.

162:2.2 After considerable d. one of the crowd stepped

168:3.2 After two hours of discussion and acrimonious d.,

169:2.8 but Jesus refused to d. with his enemies.

174:4.6 since Jesus knew that there had been much d.,

183:3.10 they all gathered together near the olive press to d.


140:8.11 The Jewish rabbis had long d. the question: Who

142:1.6 d. among themselves as to what should be done with

154:4.1 They talked and d. until after midnight, but they

171:2.1 While they hesitated and d. among themselves, Jesus

175:4.3 who were secret believers in the kingdom met and d.

190:5.2 While they thus argued and d. as they made their

195:1.6 the Greek had seriously thought and earnestly d.


139:11.6 Simon was a great d.; he did like to argue.


134:3.3 and the evening d. opened at 8:00 o’clock.

134:3.4 evening sessions of questions, discussions, and d.

139:9.2 the philosophical discussions or the theological d. of


70:5.5 learn that neither peace nor war can be run by a d.

154:7.5 family spent almost a week in talking, d., and praying

177:3.1 There was much d. throughout the day as to

179:1.3 As they stood there, d. in their hearts, they surveyed


80:3.3 the tendency of so many to d. the maidens and to


53:3.6 Lucifer intimated that they had been d. by


89:3.7 nourishment without gluttony, pleasure without d..


94:2.4 This philosophically d. teaching was soon

94:2.6 the flood of debasing and d. cults and creeds from

160:1.12 that self-understanding which obliterates d. fear;


111:7.5 buoyancy of health neutralized by the d. of disease;

DeborahHebrew ruler

70:1.17 Even when a woman, D., ruled the Hebrews, cruelty

70:1.17 Her general in his victory over the gentiles caused

126:1.2 Jesus could look upon Taanach, where D. and

150:3.1 in the religious life of Israel, making reference to D.,


15:5.12 Collisional d. often constitutes the material nucleuses

59:1.17 glaciers or to the displacement of glacial d. of later


0:6.11 of reality which has already paid all gravity d.;

28:6.5 The Memory of Mercy discloses the moral d. of

69:5.8 in olden days d. slavery extended even to the control

69:8.10 but thousands allow ambition to enslave them to d..

72:7.3 have no taxing power, neither can they go in d..

72:7.7 The federal government cannot go in d.,

72:7.7 Since the federal government cannot incur d.,

72:7.7 But no d. may run for more than twenty-five years.

89:0.1 Primitive man regarded himself as being in d. to the

89:4.2 d. sacrifice, which embraced the idea of redemption.

89:4.6 an entire lifetime to get him out of spiritual d..

89:4.6 or racial guilt, started every person out in serious d.

159:1.4 and that his children be sold to pay his d..

159:1.5 had him cast in prison until he should pay his d..

159:1.5 for compassion, I freely forgave you your entire d..

188:4.3 sacrifice that consisted in an effort to pay God a d.


169:2.4 he said to another d., ‘How much do you owe?

175:1.16 that is upon the altar, then shall he be held as a d..


69:5.8 themselves kings by creating a standing army of d..

144:3.10 one our debts As we also have forgiven our d..

147:5.4 Jesus: “A certain wealthy moneylender had two d.

169:2.4 And then, calling in each of his lord’s d., he said to

169:2.4 And this he did with numerous other d..

188:4.13 “forgiven your debts, even as you forgive your d..”


70:7.18 The clubs were employed by merchants to collect d.

144:3.9 And forgive us every one our d. As we also have

188:4.13 that you are to be “forgiven your d., even as you


72:1.5 political realms having been made within the past d..

72:9.5 the average yearly taxes paid for each half-d. period.

93:3.1 With the passing of a d., Melchizedek organized his


64:2.4 During this long period of cultural d. the Foxhall

73:0.1 The cultural d. and spiritual poverty resulting from

80:7.8 And this d. of Andite civilization, together with the

81:5.1 proceed unhindered in the very midst of cultural d.

84:8.6 if they bring about the collapse of marriage, the d.

97:2.1 to stem the reactionary tide of spiritual d. that had

99:4.2 religious experience, suffers most from the d.

99:6.1 turmoil does not, in and of itself, betoken spiritual d..

121:1.1 not come to this world during an age of spiritual d.

195:3.9 the degradation of woman, slavery and race d.,

195:4.4 spiritual d., moral hibernation, threatened extinction


92:6.14 they believed all others to be d. forms of the one true

94:6.12 During these spiritually d. centuries the religion of


57:0.2 number of years from the early d. of the twentieth

93:7.1 as the d. passed, these teachers journeyed farther

99:4.2 During the early d. of the twentieth century, family

124:1.8 the next were the coldest in Nazareth for many d..


123:5.12 they could see the Greco-Roman cities of the D.,

124:3.6 trip to Scythopolis, the chief Greek city of the D.,

124:3.7 prowess between the Greek cities of the D. were in

128:3.2 They journeyed to Jerusalem by way of the D. and

135:7.3 time throngs were arriving from Galilee and the D..

141:1.2 they had come from Galilee, Phoenicia, the D.,

142:8.5 decided to retire into the cities of Samaria and the D.

143:4.3 preaching in the Greek and gentile cities of the D.


144:0.2 at this time on the borders of Samaria and the D..

144:0.3 then to do some quiet work in the cities of the D.

144:6.13 during this season of labor in the cities of the D..


144:7.1 worked quietly in the Greek cities of the D.,

144:7.2 teaching on this mission to the cities of the D..

151:6.8 stop until he had gone into all the cities of the D.,

157:2.2 throughout all the cities and villages of the D.

157:2.2 The Master participated in planning for the D.

157:4.4 discussing plans for the forthcoming tour of the D.

157:6.1 apostles until their return to embark upon the D. tour

158:6.5 our mission to the cities and villages of the D..


159:0.1 teaching and preaching tour of the cities of the D..

159:0.2 groups to labor in the cities and villages of the D..

159:6.1 The mission of four weeks in the D. was moderately

167:0.2 attended the recent preaching tour through the D.,


14:4.9 D. and death are not a part of the cycle of life on

14:4.9 do not resolve by process of d. and cellular death.

71:4.1 Static conditions on a world are indicative of d.;

86:4.8 modern peoples seek to arrest the d. of the dead.

95:2.4 identified in the future after the d. of the body,

167:4.3 that d. was well advanced by the fourth day,

168:1.12 so that by this time d. of the body has begun.”

189:2.1 the slow d. of the human form of the Creator and

189:2.7 visible processes of mortal d. and material corruption


95:2.4 sand, while those buried in brick vaults d..


66:5.20 meantime they were urged to bury their d. rubbish.


79:2.4 Ganges and slowly moving southward into the D..

79:2.5 southward into the decreasing territory of the D.,

79:3.6 and in the D. along the three great rivers flowing

79:3.8 has survived on down to modern times in the D..

79:4.3 In the D. their influence was cultural and religious

79:4.7 sudden contact with the inferior religions of the D.

80:2.3 among the modern peoples scattered from the D.

94:2.1 missionaries penetrated south into the Dravidian D.,

94:2.2 became subject to increasing inroads from the D..

94:2.3 the incarnation of souls—which came from the D..

94:2.5 the inferior religions of the D. permeated the north,

94:2.6 and debilitating cults and creeds from the D.,


74:2.5 the Garden and executive of his d. father’s plans;

82:3.8 employed to negotiate marriages for d. individuals.

83:5.4 requiring that a man consort with his d. brother’s

85:6.3 glorified, exalted, and evolved spirits of d. humans.

87:2.8 speared to make the ghost journey with his d. master

112:3.5 the immortal morontia soul of the d. human.

112:4.2 the Adjuster’s version of the d. human’s survival

139:6.2 his brothers and sister were either married or d.,

174:3.1 take the wife and raise up seed for the d. brother.


96:7.6 of the crafty; he takes the wise in their own d..”

131:6.2 as man’s four greatest passions: anger, pride, d.,

137:2.7 “Behold a genuine Israelite, in whom there is no d..


111:6.10 Pride is d., intoxicating, and sin-breeding whether

143:2.5 that the human heart is d. above all things and even

145:2.6 warned that the natural human heart is d. above all

179:4.2 How d. is the intellectual pride that precedes the


43:6.3 has not lifted up his soul to vanity nor sworn d..”


151:2.2 but who allow the d. of riches to choke the word


53:7.15 years they have been unable to d. another world.

87:1.2 practiced in an effort to hoodwink and d. the ghosts;

87:1.2 manifestation of piety will in some manner d. an

87:1.5 The sexes often exchanged clothes in order to d.

87:5.6 upon the ghosts, he soon began to d. the spirits.

87:5.6 rather an attempt to foil and d. the envious spirits.

121:8.5 There was no intent to d. in accrediting the

133:4.11 My son, stop trying to d. yourself; settle down to the

167:5.1 Men you may d. by your outward service, but

176:1.1 After I leave you, take heed that no man d. you,

181:2.26 false prophets and spurious teachers will not d. you.

deceivedsee deceived, be not; see also self-deceived

53:7.6 the next order, the superior, were d. and ensnared.

53:7.7 to the Material Sons, about one third were d.,

67:4.6 misled by their superiors, d. by their trusted leaders.

137:2.2 much kindness of heart has our teacher been d..

162:2.9 Have any of the scribes or Pharisees been d. by his

176:1.4 many will be led astray; but you should not be d.,

177:5.2 “And so you must not allow yourselves to be d.

184:3.10 Jesus taught them impossible things and otherwise d.

184:5.3 1. That he was a perverter of the Jewish nation; he d.

deceived, be not

2:3.2 “Be not d.; God is not mocked, for whatsoever a

137:8.9 “Be not d. by those who come saying here is the

140:10.4 you have warned us not to be d. by false prophets

150:4.3 but be not d.—peace will not always attend your

157:2.2 Be not d. by their show of much learning and by

160:4.11 Be not d. by the tempting rewards of dishonest

176:1.4 In the meantime, I warn you, be not d..

176:1.4 many will be led astray; but you should not be d.,

177:5.2 “And so you must not allow yourselves to be d.

193:1.2 be not d.; while salvation is the free gift of God


53:9.5 And no more beings have been won to the d.’ cause.

162:2.9 Are you about to believe in this d.?

162:7.3 the ways of their father, who was a d. and stood

188:2.2 to Pilate: “Sir, we remember that this d., Jesus of


53:7.2 every opportunity for d. the primitive peoples of a

139:6.5 long lived in the self-d. heart of Judas Iscariot.

147:6.6 know God can enjoy the liberty of living without d.


98:5.4 on the annual festival of Mithras, D. twenty-fifth.

122:8.7 conjunctions occurred on September 29 and D. 5

127:3.13 D. 3, of this year, death for the second time struck

128:5.7 In D. James had a private talk with Jesus, explaining

130:0.1 Jesus said good-bye in Charax on the tenth day of D.

134:1.1 at Charax (in D. of A.D. 23), Jesus returned by way

135:8.1 By D. of A.D. 25, when John reached the

135:8.1 fishermen sons of Zebedee had gone down in D.,

144:7.1 Throughout the months of November and D.,

144:8.1 The latter part of D. they all went over near the

149:0.1 continued for almost three months, ending on D., 30.

149:7.1 return to Bethsaida some time on Thursday, D. 30.

163:1.6 new camp near Pella, in Perea, on Friday, D. 30.

163:5.1 and on Tuesday, D. 6, the entire company of almost

163:5.2 on Sunday, D. 18, David, with the help of his

163:5.3 Near the end of D. and before the return of the

163:6.1 On Friday, D. 30, while Jesus was away in the hills

deceptionsee self-deception

16:7.7 the place of the greater as a result of distortion or d..

54:1.2 False liberty is the subtle d. of the error of time and

54:1.5 motivated liberty is a conceptual illusion, a cruel d..

66:7.20 darkness followed the Caligastia catastrophe of d.

87:5.6 since man had once practiced d. upon the ghosts,

90:1.3 While they may have practiced d. in minor matters,

119:3.8 Only through d. and sophistry have the Adams of

139:8.12 At the first appearance of fraud or d. Thomas would

139:12.5 fall victim to the peaceful d. of pleasant adjustment

140:5.14 In dealing with children, avoid all d. and refrain from

140:10.4 I referred not to ease of d., mere willingness to

175:1.18 remains the filth of extortion, excesses, and d..

196:3.29 is only distortion, a psychic illusion, a spiritual d..


90:1.5 While many resorted to these tricks and d., their

102:2.1 the slavery of superstition, the d. of sophistication,

167:7.3 in sin as did some of them with the d. of Lucifer.

179:4.5 power of truth might triumph over the d. of evil,


53:7.13 archrebels continued their d. and seductive efforts to

67:3.8 all of the d. teachings of the brilliant Caligastia.

69:9.6 Communism was finally destroyed by the d. practices

85:2.4 kindly spirits; other trees harbored the d. and cruel.

101:3.12 exhibit faith in the soul’s survival regardless of the d.

147:5.8 the false progress of the illusion of traversing d.

149:6.11 meekness be of spiritual origin and not the self-d.

156:5.5 increasingly overburdened with the d. suppression

159:3.11 honestly endeavor to avoid the d. influence of mere

160:4.13 Make no attempt to hide failure under d. smiles and

160:5.9 and the self-d. idols of those who create them.

195:9.7 upon the foolish and d. pursuits of selfishness,


13:4.5 as their creatures d. adversely in the exercise of

47:2.7 if these children of time definitely d. against the

55:4.28 They may d. to return to the system headquarters,

71:2.8 Popular elections may not always d. things rightly,

75:6.1 as far as possible, in any course he might d. upon.

99:7.4 Man can never wisely d temporal issues or transcend

117:4.10 Will you d. to personalize the experiencible value

125:5.10 and to d. how best he might labor to reveal to his

127:5.4 every average human being must confront and d..

136:3.3 so that he could think out the plans and d. upon

139:8.8 but when the Master would d. to take such risks,

172:3.3 Jesus did not d. to make this public entrance into

177:4.1 which should be lodged against Jesus and to d.

193:6.2 recess would be granted to enable the apostles to d.

195:0.1 on the day of Pentecost were such as to d. the future

decidedverb; see decidedwith Jesus

33:7.4 to the tribunals of Orvonton, and if d. adversely to

58:1.5 life forms as we had d. would be best adapted to the

63:2.1 After Andon and Fonta had d. to flee northward,

70:1.3 while the audience d. the winner by its applause.

70:11.11 3. By arbitrationa third party d..

74:4.1 They d. that Divinity had descended to earth in

75:2.3 Caligastia soon gave up working on Adam and d. to

77:5.4 the early activities of defense and construction but d.

77:5.5 Ratta had about d. not to mate, had about made up

77:5.6 Adamson d. to mate them, since one was male and

93:5.5 Lot, Abraham’s nephew, d. to go with his uncle to

93:6.1 But Abraham had about d. to embark upon the

93:6.6 opposed circumcision that on this occasion he d. to

93:8.1 that Machiventa d. to end his emergency bestowal

95:1.6 until Nabodad, the leader of the school at Kish, d. to

96:4.2 which he wisely d. to proclaim to his people as an

97:9.18 the end drew on apace when Shalmaneser III d. to

114:5.2 are, by mutual consent, d. by the governor general.

118:10.1 Providence does not mean that God has d. all things

122:0.2 Gabriel d. that the Hebrews possessed advantages

124:6.1 they d. to go with their neighbors by way of the

125:0.2 when his mother d. to go, many other women were

125:6.4 They had about d. to journey out to the home of

127:3.12 When they had finished this visit, they d. not again

127:5.1 she and Miriam had talked this matter over, they d.

128:2.2 it was d. that it was unwise for all the boys to take

130:2.1 The captain d. to remain in port while a new one

130:2.2 his eldest son d. to become a Taoist priest.

130:3.5 Jesus and Ganid d. that the Romans had no real God

135:1.4 the prophet of Mount Carmel and d. to adopt his

135:2.3 home; so they d. to go south with the sheep herd.

135:8.2 listening to Jesus’ discourse in the synagogue, d.

135:9.5 John rather d., with the minority, that Jesus had

135:10.3 In view of all this, Herod d. to put John in prison.

137:2.2 Andrew d. to follow Jesus, but Ezra rejected the

137:2.5 Philip d. to abide by Jesus’ decision in this matter;

137:7.4 Herod d. not to molest Jesus, whose work continued

138:7.5 as they had all d. to devote themselves to fishing;

139:8.8 to move out in execution of the program d. upon.

140:6.14 encouraged, James d. to go in to talk with Jesus.

142:8.1 the Master and his apostles d. to leave Jerusalem

144:0.3 Jesus had d. to spend some time in retirement

144:6.6 They next d. that, as long as John lived, whether in

147:6.2 it was d. that he would have to be apprehended on

149:0.2 it was d. that James Zebedee should administer the

151:2.1 they d. to go to Jesus and ask for an explanation.

151:2.2 the interpretation I have d. upon: The sower is the

153:4.2 leaders had d. that Jesus did all his so-called miracles

157:0.1 d. to call upon Mary to learn what they could of his

157:2.2 At this conference it was d. to undertake a united

140:8.1 Jesus d. to give some special instruction to Peter,

158:4.8 James of Safed d. to stay on until Jesus came back.

162:2.5 they took counsel with their leaders and d. that

164:4.1 leaders of the Sanhedrin d. to convene the council

164:4.5 d. to send for Josiah’s parents to learn whether he

171:1.5 David had about d. to become the self-appointed

171:4.4 Herod fears an uprising of the people and has d. to

172:0.3 they d. to await his coming on into Jerusalem.

172:1.9 And presently they d. that Lazarus must also die.

172:3.15 Sanhedrin once took a firm and d. stand against

172:5.12 d. to stay on with the twelve, at least for another

173:4.2 he d. to send his son to deal with these ungrateful

174:4.1 resurrection, they very wisely d. to hold their peace

179:4.6 Jesus said: “What you have d. to do, do quickly.”

184:2.12 but to go on with the course of conduct d. upon.

185:2.15 Pilate d. to take the prisoner inside the hall and

185:5.13 Pilate d. upon at least one more attempt to appease

187:2.8 unusual garment it was, they d. to cast lots for it.

188:1.2 had d. to bury Jesus in Joseph’s new family tomb,

191:6.1 delivered his message to Rodan, it was d. to call

192:1.2 the fishing trip, all of the apostles d. to go along.

192:1.2 when daylight came, they d. to return to Bethsaida

193:6.2 Peter then explained that they had d. to choose a

194:4.10 They d. to follow Gamaliel’s counsel, and there

decidedwith Jesus

123:6.9 Jesus had finally d. to “talk with my Father who is

126:3.8 accredited Book of Enoch; and he then and there d.

126:3.10 from the house of David. Jesus d. he was not.

127:1.7 Jesus d. to allow Mary to entertain whatever ideas

127:3.1 Jesus d. to take James to the Passover.

128:6.3 Jesus d. to accompany Jude on his first visit to the

134:0.2 He definitely d. to finish his life on earth and to

136:4.1 He first d. not to teach contemporaneously with

136:5.2 Jesus d. that he would not utilize a single personality

136:6.2 Jesus d. against a policy which would violate his

136:6.2 In principle, Jesus d. that his lifework should be

136:6.2 Again he d. in favor of “the Father’s will”;

136:6.4 He emphatically d. to continue on in just such

136:6.4 course—he d. not to seek self- preservation.

136:6.6 but he d. against such a magnificent program of

136:7.1 He d. to exercise normal watchcare over his

136:8.1 this God-man wrestled and which he presently d.

136:8.1 He d. that he should not.

136:8.3 Jesus d. that it would not and cited the presence of

136:8.4 Jesus d. against all compromise with the wisdom of

136:8.8 Jesus d. that he would not lend his mission on

136:9.2 of Michael—but he fully d. against such a plan.

136:9.3 Son-man once d. to unfurl the banner of sovereignty,

136:9.4 might possibly be bitter, but he d. to drink it.

136:9.8 and human ambitious longings; once and for all he d.

137:4.5 That was one of the very things he had d. not to

137:4.16 He finally d. that the episode was beyond his

137:5.3 He d. to leave the final untangling of this situation

142:8.5 and d. to allow him to carry on his teaching in this

142:8.5 that the Master d. to retire into the cities of Samaria

157:5.3 He had d. to refrain from further efforts to

158:0.2 he d. to take only the three who were in the habit

158:3.5 he d. to pursue the mortal bestowal to its natural

164:2.3 had not yet d. upon the method he would pursue in

164:3.6 because he had already d. to use this blind man as

164:3.7 Jesus d. to use this beggar in his plans for that

167:4.2 Jesus d., his Father willing, to make this last appeal

172:3.4 Having d. upon making a public entrance into

184:3.1 had decreed the death of Jesus, had d. that he was


16:4.8 the Master Spirit of Orvonton exerts a d. influence

84:5.1 self-maintenance she labors at a d. disadvantage,

87:6.16 man developed a d austerity in his religious practices

92:6.20 Ancestor worship onetime constituted a d. advance

150:1.3 This was a d. shock to even the twelve apostles.

195:0.3 Such a conflict must result in either d. victory for

195:0.3 it early struck a d. attitude on religious rituals,


55:2.6 And it would be d. helpful if less advanced mortals

57:7.2 2,000,000,000 years ago the earth began d. to gain

61:3.10 of the elephant, but in one respect it is d. inferior,

72:12.1 governments are d. inferior to the more advanced

75:3.2 for world improvement; it was d. heartening.

77:8.11 with their primary associates, they are d. material.

81:4.2 when mixed with the Andonite stock, were d.

83:6.1 individual, monogamy is d. best for the children.

91:5.6 with secondary agencies, some helpful, others d.,

150:7.3 the midst of a d. hostile and hypercritical atmosphere

162:1.5 were d. averse to arresting him during the feast,

195:8.3 European and American life is d. secular—humanistic


117:5.13 When man d., and when he consummates this


98:6.4 But the d. factor in the struggle between the two

112:5.3 man himself must pursue that path by his own d.,

118:6.6 the human personality is constantly d. between these

136:6.2 the equivalent of d. against miracles and wonders.

147:6.2 secret meetings for the purpose of d. what to do

185:3.8 he thought to avoid the responsibility of d. the case,


61:3.1 being taken by more hardy plants and the d. trees.


42:7.4 The local universes are of d. construction.

42:9.1 the universal manifestation of the d. constitution of

66:1.3 planetary ruler to a d. or life-modification world.

73:0.3 Tabamantia, sovereign supervisor of the series of d.

decimal planet(s)

36:2.15 improve the life designed for implantation on the d.

36:2.15 worked out on this very world, for Urantia is a d.,

38:9.2 always found on the d. or life-experiment planets,

40:5.18 You know that every tenth world is a d., but you

49:5.11 on these d. the Life Carriers attempt to produce

57:8.8 was accordingly registered on Jerusem as a d.,

58:0.1 But about one world in ten is designated as a d.

decimal system

36:2.11 The number ten—the d.—is inherent in the physical

42:9.2 but the number ten, the d., is inherent in energy,

46:1.2 weight, the “gradant,” is built up through the d.


66:5.3 hazards of famine, which periodically d. the world.

79:5.6 the d. tribes of the red race were fighting with their

97:9.18 The Assyrian was stopped but the allies were d..


70:2.9 Ancient warfare resulted in the d. of inferior peoples


28:5.22 but they cannot d. the content of the mindedness

129:3.5 In all your efforts to d. the meaning of Jesus’ life on


41:6.1 In d. spectral phenomena, it should be remembered

81:4.3 skull dimensions are serviceable in d. racial origins,

decisionsee decision, final; decision, great;

decision, moral

9:8.12 creative imagination, idea association, d., choice,

19:3.4 sits in judgment upon a problem and renders a d.,

19:3.5 When the tribunal of nine arrives at a d. following

19:4.5 the sum and substance of a final and perfect d..

25:1.6 the d. of eternal import will not be determined by

25:2.12 there is no appeal from the d. of the judge-arbiter.

25:3.4 they will not formulate a d. until all the evidence

29:4.13 are not endowed with will and independence of d.,

36:5.7 quick reasoning, rapid judgment, and prompt d..

50:6.3 Effort and d. are an essential part of the acquirement

53:8.4 tribunals have not yet rendered the executive d.

53:9.1 courts hand down a d. in the matter of Gabriel vs.

62:5.8 the d. to flee from their inferior animal associates

62:6.5 as a result of meditative thought and purposeful d.,

62:7.3 The purposeful d. of the twins to flee northward and

62:7.3 This is the first d. of mind—the human type of mind—

63:1.4 The d. of Andon and Fonta to flee from the Primates

65:8.4 the d. to achieve ever-increasing perfection—

67:3.7 direct contact with the d.-determining powers of

67:6.9 an immediate d. sustaining Van on every point of

67:6.9 the release of this d. would have awaited the

70:11.6 handed down a d., he simply said, “It is the custom.”

76:2.7 they encouraged Cain in his d. to leave the garden.

83:4.1 not just the culmination of a d. of two individuals.

93:8.1 Melchizedek’s d. to terminate his sojourn in the

95:5.6 This d. to approach the worship of the Father by

101:7.1 while a positive d. is a validated plan of action.

103:2.8 No animal can make such a choice; such a d. is both

103:2.8 free will, such a d. constitutes a religious experience.

107:7.3 in every sense the equivalent of will, maximated d..

108:2.1 human subjects make their first moral personality d..

108:2.8 3. Upon the making of a supreme d. of unusual

108:2.9 in the absence of anything resembling a crisis d.

108:2.10 arrive at the d. to begin the pursuit of the doing of

109:2.4 3. Has a subject who has made the supreme d.,

109:3.2 when primitive men are arriving in the valley of d.,

110:2.5 attains to personality expression through your d.,

110:5.5 through individual discrimination and personal d..

110:6.6 Every d. you make either impedes or facilitates the

110:6.6 It is true that the supremacy of a d., its crisis

110:6.13 the powers of personal choice, individual d.,

110:7.9 situation, and consequent upon a supreme d..

111:3.2 the personality power of d.-choice, is resident in

112:5.5 upon the steadfastness and wisdom of d.-actions

113:1.5 when any human being makes the supreme d.,

113:2.1 has made a supreme d. to become Godlike,

115:3.16 —every human d. not only actualizes a new reality

117:4.13 And so the d. awaits each of you as it once awaited

117:5.7 transmit the impersonal repercussions of d.-action

117:5.13 When man decides, and consummates this d. in

118:1.4 human will exercises judgment-d. in the present,

118:1.5 In this way does d.-action begin to escape from the

118:1.10 an ascending mortal who has made the eternal d. is

118:7.1 able to forecast the d. of some younger associate

118:7.1 from the freedom and genuineness of the d. itself.

120:0.8 By this d. to effect such associative subordination,

120:2.8 embraced in your d. to live a life wholeheartedly

120:2.9 make an undivided d. which would terminate in

122:0.2 Subsequent to this d. Gabriel made a personal visit

122:0.2 Upon Michael’s approval of this d., Gabriel

123:0.2 though Mary was obedient to this d., she made it

123:6.9 competent to assume responsibility for such a d.,

124:1.4 that he would abide by the d. of his father in this

126:5.7 to Sepphoris to receive the d. of Herod regarding

126:5.7 for such an unjust d. Jesus never again trusted

130:2.7 leads to d.-conduct based on intelligent reflection.

132:2.10 Potential evil acts equally well as a d. stimulus in the

136:5.2 Notwithstanding this d., this vast host remained with

136:5.5 of his d. to go on living as a man among men.

136:5.5 Jesus had by a single d. excluded all of his hosts


136:6.6 And the Master’s d. was final.

136:6.9 In this d. Jesus portrayed to an onlooking universe


136:7.1 As he was formulating this d., Jesus was seated

136:7.1 and provided he would abrogate his second d.

136:7.4 his earth life Jesus was consistently loyal to this d..

136:7.4 Jesus steadfastly adhered to the d. of this hour on




136:10.1 And this d. he communicated to the Personalized

136:10.1 in all other matters, as in these now of d.-record, I

137:2.4 come up for immediate d. the most momentous

137:2.5 Philip decided to abide by Jesus’ d. in this matter;

137:2.6 while he hurried back to break the news of his d. to

139:1.5 Andrew rendered a prompt d. on every matter

139:1.10 a man of clear insight, logical thought, and firm d.,

139:2.4 Peter was a man of quick d. and sudden action.

144:6.7 until they might jointly modify this d., only the

144:6.9 no d. was made binding upon the group.

145:3.10 had passed the responsibility of this healing d. to

145:3.11 the will of the Paradise Father, and by such a d.

151:3.9 in contempt of one’s honest judgment and fair d..

153:1.2 discussion, controversy, and d. to that of warfare

153:2.5 sufficient evidence to enable you to make your d..

157:4.4 Man, I would ask if you still hold to your d.?”

162:1.1 literally stunned by his sudden d. to attend the feast

163:2.4 requested that he defer d. until after he had thought

165:3.8 “How long will you tarry in the valley of d.?

168:3.1 hasten their d. to destroy Jesus and stop his work.

168:3.2 committing the Sanhedrin to the d. of death, without

169:1.8 And when the young man had reached this d., he

175:1.24 You have heard my message and made your d..

176:2.9 Judas had finally confirmed his d. to abandon his

179:3.4 had made no mistake in the d. to desert the Master’s

182:3.4 “Sleep on now and take your rest; the time of d. is

184:4.1 for the confirmation of their d. that Jesus must die.

185:1.5 riots and much bloodshed resulted from this d..

185:4.1 for a just d. regarding the money due his father,

186:4.4 the d. of the captain to take along two thieves who

196:1.1 the service of man was even more than mortal d.

decision, final

53:5.6 these discussions until they arrived at a f..

67:2.6 Not until every personality concerned made a f.,

67:3.10 But at last the f. of the last personality was made,

130:1.3 And Gadiah had much to do with the f. of Simon to

134:0.1 Jesus reached his f. as to the remainder of his life

136:9.1 Jesus was now reaching the f. which would forbid

136:9.7 now he made his f. regarding those Scriptures

136:10.1 John and his disciples, the Son of Man made his f..

177:4.5 Judas arrived at the f. to abandon Jesus and his

decision, great

113:1.5 3. The supernormal minded—those of g. and


136:5.1 And the first g. of Jesus’ isolation had to do with

136:5.3 Thus by one g. Jesus voluntarily deprived himself

136:6.1 And this g. of the Master has been portrayed to you

136:6.10 This g. of Jesus portrays dramatically the truth that

136:7.1 to harm him provided he rescind his first g. not to

136:8.1 And he consistently lived up to this g..

decision, moral

16:8.8 1. Moral d., highest wisdom.

36:3.8 will, with the power of m. and spiritual choice,

108:2.4 the mortal intellect prior to the appearance of m..

108:2.4 But when such a m. has been made, this spirit helper

123:2.1 the age of his first personal and wholehearted m.;

196:0.10 an ennoblement of desire, a vindication of m.,


111:6.2 from temptation, potential evil, d. errors, and when

decisionssee decisions of

1:1.2 choosing to abide by the Father’s will, and such d.,

2:3.4 creature’s failure to make those choices and final d.

3:2.9 so disturb and confuse us are the result of the d. and

3:6.1 he has reserved all final d. and unerringly wields the

5:1.10 themselves away in the mists of their own willful d.

5:5.13 the choosing of the mortal mind, whose d. determine

12:7.4 all the unquestioned acts expressive of faultless d..

15:12.3 the Ancients of Days or their associates render d.,

17:0.11 regulations, adjustments, and administrative d.

18:6.7 the acting rulers are largely guided in their major d.

19:4.4 such d. embrace the united wisdom, counsel, and

19:4.7 we find that we are still unable to predict d. or to

19:4.7 are unable to explain many of their d. and rulings.

25:3.4 while their d. may not be appealed, sometimes

25:3.5 The commissioners’ d. are placed on the planetary

28:5.12 the Perfectors of Wisdom adapt d. to the real needs

28:5.15 Counselors are called on for important advice or d.,

28:6.10 every defendant has had ample time for making d.,

33:7.7 There is no appeal and no escape from their d. and

35:5.4 in details of technique their d. have sometimes been

39:4.14 Men use them—advance in spirit status—by d., by

39:4.14 spirit status—by d., by more d., and by more d..

53:7.14 they have never handed down any subsequent d. in

54:5.7 this instance they refused to overrule the Michael d..

62:5.9 we did not—could not—arbitrarily influence their d..

65:4.9 came at the time Andon and Fonta made the d.

70:11.7 Reference to precedent in court d. represents the

72:2.10 local jurisdiction, whose d. may be appealed to the

72:2.11 2. State supreme courts, whose d. are final in all

77:6.6 they all made final d. as to their future destiny,

88:2.8 which may determine important life d. or projects,

90:2.4 spirits; shamans frequently cast lots to arrive at d..

101:6.3 Moral will embraces d based on reasoned knowledge

101:6.7 by the organization of knowledge into idea-d.;

101:6.7 The co-ordination of idea-d., logical ideals,

108:5.5 your life reasonably difficult and rugged, so that d.

108:5.8 In executing those d. which deliver you from the

110:1.4 your significant temporal choices and vital spiritual d

110:2.1 arbitrarily influence you in your choices and d..

110:3.2 upon your d., determinations, and steadfast faith.

110:3.6 motives and your d., your faithful determinations

110:4.5 You are so devoid of courageous d. and consecrated

110:5.3 personality has previously fully approved by the d.

110:6.5 Circle by circle your intellectual d., moral choosings,

110:6.6 these very d. determine your advancement in the

110:6.6 nevertheless, numbers of d., frequent repetitions,

110:6.17 sonship with God, but action, completion of d.,

110:6.17 the will of God joins spiritual faith to material d. in

111:1.3 is the arena in which human personalities make d.,

111:1.4 But into your hands, subject to your own d.,

111:1.4 you make those moral d which enable you to achieve

111:1.5 will faithfully portray the harvest of the temporal d.

111:2.9 of a moral nature capable of making moral d.,

111:3.2 Neither does the soul make final d. until death or

112:7.6 Survival d. must here be formulated.

112:7.6 Survival d. are now being confirmed.

112:7.6 upon the fact that survival d. have been made,

113:1.3 will power; those who do not make average d..

113:4.1 they continually seek to promote circle-making d. in

114:3.3 he hands down scores of rulings and d. each day

117:3.6 the strength, power, and persistency of his own d.;

117:5.7 and effects its d. within the arena produced by

117:5.13 the creature’s capital accumulation of personal d.

118:8.11 the force and constancy of his own personality d.,

124:5.3 Momentous d., coupled with far-reaching plans,

127:2.12 organization of intellect by the force of his own d.

130:2.9 fully occupied with passing only upon temporal d.

130:2.9 Those who make wholehearted moral d. and spiritual

132:5.13 let your d. favor those who are in need, favor those

132:5.15 sound judgment should dictate your d. regarding

136:4.10 but rather the period of the Master’s great d..

136:4.10 —he arrived, one by one, at the great d. which were

136:4.10 Jesus’ practice, when facing any new or serious d.,

136:7.1 Having made his d. regarding such matters as food

136:9.6 in isolation and achieving these momentous d.,

136:9.9 By these d. Jesus set a worthy example for every

136:9.10 fellows following the forty days of isolation and d..

136:9.13 Jesus never departed from the d. which he made

137:8.7 enter the kingdom of heaven by their moral d. and

144:6.3 destined to solve all such problems by your own d..

144:6.12 Jesus heard of their deliberations, listened to their d.,

144:6.12 help you each carry out the spirit of your united d..”

151:3.8 Parables favor the making of impartial moral d..

153:1.3 when they met the final test, to make their vital d. in

159:3.2 While emotion as a factor in human d. cannot be

163:2.8 forever will be: Men must arrive at their own d..

170:4.7 changing man’s will and thus affecting human d.,

181:2.16 matter have I acted to direct or to influence your d..

185:1.2 When they wanted to influence his d., all they had

196:0.14 Jesus made robust and manly d., courageously faced

decisions of

3:2.9 to enforce the d. of the personality of perfection,

12:6.5 unable to predict the d. of such a freewill being.

13:4.4 Deity is definitely and directly influenced by the d.

13:4.5 in the manner of your own choosing, in the d. of

15:12.4 There is no appeal from the rulings and d. of the

19:4.1 They are not merely reflective of the d. of perfection;

22:9.4 bearers of the summonses and d. of the tribunals

25:2.8 the realms and to execute the d. of the commission.

25:3.9 avail themselves of the help and d of the referee trios

28:5.8 when it becomes necessary to arrive at the d. of

34:5.5 conditioned by the d. and co-operation of the will of

35:5.4 Although the d. and rulings of this order of Sons are

42:0.2 energy is modified by the co-ordinate acts and d. of

49:1.3 life types result from the d. of the Life Carriers.

49:5.17 planetary conditions had little to do with the d. of

67:2.5 beings were involved in the d. of this bitter struggle,

67:3.7 are factors in most of the vital d. of all evolutionary

67:7.5 Eternal survival can be jeopardized only by the d. of

72:2.12 All d. of this supreme judicial body are by at least

72:2.17 d. of the parental, educational, and industrial courts

83:4.9 marriage was recognized as consisting in the d. of

103:2.6 there are always present the inevitable d., effort,

110:2.5 will orders and enforces the execution of the d. of

111:3.2 soul is enabled to reinforce the supermaterial d. of

112:2.20 and steadfastness of the God-seeking d. of the

112:6.7 possess a continuing character derived from the d. of

117:3.10 Father and in accordance with the personality d. of

117:4.13 who is so dependent upon the d. of the finite mind?

132:2.3 the souls of men to make those personal d. of choice

153:1.3 men prepare themselves for the d. of a crisis

179:3.5 Peter made one of those d. of blind acquiescence


71:1.11 8. D. conquests.

79:6.10 a progressive and advanced religion is often a d.

80:5.4 The d. struggles between the white man and the blue

81:1.1 And climate was the d. factor in the establishment of

81:6.4 The d. factors in the evolution of a superior culture

90:5.1 that the technique of ritual was the d. factor in its

109:6.5 Such d. consecration constitutes the true passport

126:4.8 never had they observed Jesus so manly and d.,


107:7.3 they are always waiting to act d. in accordance with

declarationsee Declaration of Liberty

3:2.3 This d. of physical fact is predicated on the

4:4.9 the unfailing d.: Even if I cannot do this, there lives

17:6.7 Upon the d. of intention to create life by the Son,

34:1.1 the Paradise recognition of this d. of intention,

74:7.11 then made d. of loyalty to the social rule of Adam

93:4.5 But even such a short and simple d. of faith was

93:5.13 When Melchizedek heard of Abraham’s d. of war,

107:1.6 profoundly confirmative of the d. that God is spirit.

108:2.10 5. D. of intention to do the will of God.

134:9.3 Jesus burned to give vent to the d. of the real truth

136:6.4 the Son of Man made his final d. concerning all

139:8.6 Thomas’s membership was a standing d. that Jesus

140:2.1 the twelve mortals who had just listened to his d.

153:1.2 the immediate d. of avowed and open warfare by

155:1.2 the unfortunate d. of the record which intimates

157:4.4 Peter’s d. regarding the identity of the Son of Man

158:6.2 reiterated d. that my kingdom is not of this world.

166:3.7 meaning of Jesus’ early d.: “Unless you are born

169:4.2 centered in the d. that he and the Father are one;

169:4.6 With one exception—the d. that “God is spirit”—he

171:3.4 in the very face of the open d. of the Sanhedrin that

179:3.3 Peter’s firm d. of refusal to allow Jesus to humble

179:3.5 When Peter heard this d., coupled with the fact

180:5.8 the enduring and living reality of such a divine d..

185:8.1 The d. of the chief priests and the Sadducees, “We

191:1.5 Peter’s d. that he had seen Jesus in the garden

192:4.3 Just as he finished making this d. of faith, there by

195:10.4 pronouncement Jesus ever made, next to the d. that

196:0.10 a d. of soul loyalty, a recital of personal devotion,

196:0.10 a d. of faith, a transcendental surrender of will,

Declaration of Liberty

53:2.4 before the open proclamation of the Lucifer D..

53:3.1 the final outbreak took form as the Lucifer D..

53:3.7 such a D. that Lucifer launched his orgy of darkness

53:6.5 proposed in the infamous D. issued by Lucifer in his

54:5.10 choice in those matters involved in the Lucifer D..

67:1.2 Satan informed Caligastia of Lucifer’s proposed “D.


1:3.8 I know the truth of the great d.: “God is spirit” and

70:1.21 Such d. of intention to fight betokened the arrival of

157:6.12 now can your faith comprehend the truth of these d.

162:1.1 recently reiterated d. that he must be subject to death

171:4.8 only the certain note of final triumph in Jesus’ d.

196:2.7 his d. should be considered as a confession of

declaresee declare, I

20:6.5 Avonal does d., “Whosoever has seen me has

70:3.10 they would suck each other’s blood and d. peace.

101:3.16 Dares to d.,“Even though he slay me, yet will I serve

127:2.7 situation, but now he could not d. the full truth.

128:1.10 He did not hesitate to d., “I am Alpha and Omega,

131:2.2 The heavens d. the glory of God, and the

131:2.5 “The heavens d. God’s righteousness, and all the

134:5.10 powers will withdraw from the League and d. war.

135:9.7 I heard the voice of God d., ‘This is my beloved

135:11.2 from God, and the words of God he will d. to you.

138:7.3 arose, under Peter’s leadership, to d. their undying

138:8.8 a prophet, one who comes to d. the word of God.

139:9.10 “But, Master, when you do thus d. yourself to the

140:1.6 believe in the saving truth which I have come to d..

141:2.2 the gospel of the kingdom which I have come to d.,

142:5.1 this kingdom which you and your disciples d. is near

143:5.7 when he shall come, he will d. to us all things”—

149:6.8 In the kingdom of heaven, which I have come to d.

150:9.1 the Scriptures d. that ‘a prophet is not without

153:2.9 “And now let me d. to you, once and for all time,

153:2.10 you appear here in God’s house and d. that you

153:4.3 You compel me to d. that he who is not with me is

154:1.1 Pharisees and openly d. their adherence to Jesus.

157:4.5 I am led to d. that upon this foundation will I build

158:6.5 let me d. to each of you that which I spoke to your

161:2.8 to refute the religious teachings of today and to d.

162:2.3 for I have come from the Father to d. and reveal

162:5.2 assuming to sit as my judges, you d. that, if I bear

162:6.2 heard the fascinating voice of the Master d. that he

168:3.3 even gone so far as to d. he should die, but this

176:4.2 d. his intention of returning to this world.

180:6.4 “This spirit will not speak of himself, but he will d.

185:6.6 Who will d. his crime?”

192:4.3 is not dead; we d. that he has risen from the tomb;

declare, I

135:6.7 I d. that God is able of these twelve stones here

135:9.4 but I d. to you that, while I baptize with water,

137:4.8 “Again I d. that I have not come to do things in

137:8.11 for I d. that he who would be great in my Father’s

137:8.13 “And this kingdom which I d. to you is not a reign of

140:1.2 I d. to you that my Father is not the God of Jew or

140:1.6 believe in the saving truth which I have come to d..

140:6.2 upon the old, but I d. that you must be reborn.

140:6.4 I d. to you that every one who is angry with his

141:2.1 I d. that the kingdom of heaven is the realization

141:2.2 the gospel of the kingdom which I have come to d.

142:3.22 supreme law of love for God and for man that I d. to

142:4.2 Flavius, I d. that in the coming kingdom they shall

142:6.5 I d. to you, except a man be born of the spirit, he

143:1.4 I d. to you that my Father in Paradise does rule a

143:1.4 gospel which I d. to you will rule this very world.

146:3.5 I d. that, when I return to the Father, he will send

147:5.6 And I d. to all of you that the Father has opened the

147:6.4 I d. that the Sabbath was made for man and not

149:6.8 In the kingdom of heaven, which I have come to d.

150:4.2 I d. to you that there is nothing covered up that is

150:4.3 yet I d. that not one of them is forgotten in God’s

150:4.3 I d. to you that he who loves father or mother

153:2.5 I d. that you already have sufficient evidence to

153:2.6 I d. to you that such is not the mission of the Son

153:3.5 I d. it is not that which enters the body by the

153:4.4 I d. that in my Father’s eternal kingdom the tree is

157:4.5 I am led to d. that upon this foundation will I build

157:6.9 I d. to you that I have come to seek and to save

157:6.11 I d. to you that I must presently leave this world

158:1.6 I now d. that the Son of Man has chosen to go

158:7.3 but I d. that these things shall never happen to you.”

159:1.2 I d. that there is more joy in heaven over one

162:2.1 No man has taught me the truths which I d. to you

162:2.1 seeks his own glory, but when I d. the words of

162:2.3 But I d. that I have not come to you for myself; I

162:2.3 for I have come from the Father to d. and reveal

162:7.3 I d. to you the truth which the eternal Father shows

163:3.1 I d. that it is as easy for this camel to go through

163:6.2 I d. to you that, as soon as I return to my Father,

163:6.5 I d. that, if the mighty works done in these places

164:4.11 I d. to you that herein is a great marvel since you

165:2.7 I will d. that I am both the door to the Father’s

165:3.2 I now d. to this multitude: Beware of the leaven of

165:5.4 I d. that it is my Father’s good pleasure to give you

166:3.3 I d. that salvation is first a matter of your personal

166:3.4 Then will I d. that you are not of my fold.

166:3.4 then shall I again d. that you are spiritual strangers;

166:4.3 I d. that such beliefs are superstitions.

167:2.2 I d. that none of those who were first bidden shall

171:0.5 I d. that you shall indeed drink of my cup of

171:0.6 I d. to you that the Son of Man came not to be

171:4.2 be not dismayed, for I d. that on the third day he

171:8.3 but I d. that you are doomed to disappointment.

171:8.3 Again I d. that my kingdom is not of this world; but

173:3.2 “Even so; and now do I d. that the publicans and

174:3.2 I d. that my Father is not the God of the dead but

174:5.8 “But to both Jew and gentile I d. the hour has

174:5.13 “And now I d. to you that I, if I be lifted up on

174:5.13 I d. that the Son of Man will be rejected by men,

178:1.15 now I d. that it is like the seed of the living being,

178:3.4 but I d. that all of you who by faith enter therein

179:3.5 Jesus said: “Peter, I d. that, if I do not wash your

180:3.9 do I d.: He who has seen me has seen the Father.

185:3.4 even now do I d. to you that every one who loves

185:6.3 Again I d. to you that I find no crime in him,

190:1.5 Men, I d. to you that we have finished our work.

declaredsee declaredJesus

34:6.6 your teacher of old d.: “Not in word only but also in

48:6.8 Even so have these truths been d. on your world:

72:11.5 When war is d., the entire nation is mobilized.

75:5.3 they d. war on the near-by Nodite settlement.

94:6.3 he d. Tao to be the One First Cause of all creation.

94:7.5 Gautama so d. himself before his followers and

96:5.5 the mixed multitude he d., “Who is like your God

96:5.6 Moses d. that “your God kills when you disobey him

97:1.4 covenant with Abraham and d. that the Lord God

97:1.8 for Samuel d.: “The Lord is a God of knowledge,

97:4.3 Amos d. in the name of Yahweh: “Surely I will never

97:6.2 Jeremiah fearlessly d. that Yahweh was not on the

97:7.9 Isaiah d. that “God would not forget, would not

97:9.1 the priests’ record of these things unhesitatingly d.

98:7.1 for Paul d. that “God was in Christ reconciling the

122:10.1 they had d. that his kingdom was to be spiritual,

135:11.2 I am of this earth and have d. my message.

149:2.8 rabbinic teaching which d. that it was “better that the

161:2.8 John the Baptist, when he heard Jesus speak, d.

168:3.4 the prince of devils, with whom Jesus was d. to be

185:1.9 the death of a man whom he had d. to be innocent of

185:3.6 of the Stoics, who d. that “the wise man is king.”

185:6.7 up to Pilate, angrily d.: “We have a sacred law,

185:7.2 when he had d. him innocent of all crime,

193:6.3 The lot fell on Matthias, and he was d. to be the new

194:0.2 Peter stood up and d. that this must be the coming of


99:5.5 Jesus sought to restore man’s dignity when he d.

143:6.5 Jesus d. himself so fully to the Samaritans because he

147:5.9 Jesus d. that the heavenly Father is not a lax, loose

152:2.1 On Friday he d. a furlough of one week that all his

154:2.2 d. a week’s holiday, urging all of his disciples to

157:5.1 human nature with the divine nature that Jesus d.

158:1.7 and know that whatsoever I have d. to you is true.”

161:2.9 Jesus once d., “Before Abraham was, I am.”

163:2.11 Jesus d. that such inhuman treatment of men,

164:5.3 you refused to believe me when I d. to you that I

168:1.15 one who d. he was “the resurrection and the life.”

169:4.2 at Jacob’s well, when Jesus d., “God is spirit.”

169:4.9 Jesus never d. that he was a revelation of Elohim

169:4.11 when Jesus d.: “I have come out from the Father,

170:2.1 The acceptance of such a teaching, Jesus d., would

171:6.3 I have all along d. that the Son of Man has come to

174:5.7 I have faithfully d. to you that which the Father

191:6.1 in foretelling his death, d. that he would rise again.


2:1.11 the teaching which d. that “In Him we live and move

2:2.1 He “d. the end from the beginning.”

25:1.6 courts d.: “Well done, good and faithful servant;

99:5.8 the New Testament definition which d. that faith is

137:2.2 “The Prophet Daniel d. that the Son of Man will

160:5.7 positively d. that this divine source of values and

162:2.8 What can Jesus mean when he d. that soon he will

declaringsee declaringJesus

70:1.21 The practice of d. war represented great progress.

96:5.5 d., “You saw no similitude on the day that your God

97:6.3 Isaiah, d.: “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting

118:8.11 in each of life’s situations d., “It is my will that your

142:8.5 after so d. himself before the rulers of the Jews.

151:6.8 d. what great things Jesus had done for him.

170:5.11 thereby d. their wholehearted dedication to the doing

171:5.3 then he went before the multitude d. to all how his

190:5.3 certain women have this day amazed us by d. that

190:5.8 d. that they had seen Jesus and talked with him.


103:4.4 in the universe by d. that man is a child of God;

118:8.11 in each of life’s situations d., “It is my will that your

134:9.8 he laid down his tools, d., “My hour has come,”

140:8.17 d. that “a man’s happiness consists not in the

140:8.27 Jesus taught character growth, d. that the kingdom

145:3.4 d., “Man is the son of God, not a child of the devil.”


41:9.5 experience a partially efficient period of d. as long as

59:5.3 beginning of rapid and world-wide d. in marine life

60:2.1 this period was the evolution and d. of the dinosaurs.

60:2.15 the height and the beginning d. of the reptiles,

60:3.20 the land reptiles were on the d., the dinosaurs

61:1.2 persisted on down through the times of dinosaur d..

61:2.5 with the dinosaur family on the d., the mammals

64:6.6 a great d. in intellectual and spiritual culture.

71:1.23 The embryonic state was made possible by the d.

78:5.1 garden persisted, but it experienced a steady d. until

79:6.13 And but for the mountain barriers and the later d. in

80:7.1 During the d. of culture in Mesopotamia there

80:7.8 a great d. in the spiritual heritage of the Andites.

80:7.12 When Egypt followed Mesopotamia in cultural d.,

81:6.13 progress if the intelligence of its people is on the d.

94:6.12 between the d. and perversion of the Taoist faith

158:1.5 its highest pitch, only to undergo a progressive d..

195:3.8 Rome too late to prevent the well-started moral d.

195:4.1 spiritual d. of the so-called European “dark ages.”


36:4.8 always do the finaliters d. to discuss the destiny of

54:6.9 The ability to d. survival does not date from the

150:0.2 Again did Jesus d. to participate in their discussions

158:1.4 three of his apostles saw Jesus d. to be invested

168:4.1 the Master d. to discuss these questions with them.

declinedsee declinedJesus

59:3.5 The trilobites rapidly d., and the center of the stage

59:6.8 their climax in the preceding age and rapidly d.,

60:4.5 influence during a previous age, also rapidly d..

64:4.12 while animal worship d. as improvement in tools,

68:5.8 the entire pastoral age woman’s status steadily d..

77:4.1 From this time on Nodite culture d. for over one

80:6.1 Andite migrations, culture d. in the Euphrates valley

80:6.4 But the art of building steadily d. from the days of

80:6.5 As a result, social progress steadily d. for more than

82:3.5 As the buying of wives d., they were won by riddle

107:2.4 whose human partners for some reason d. survival,

123:0.3 Joseph and Mary had finally d. the invitation of their

127:3.14 four years their standard of living had steadily d.;


120:2.2 you graciously achieve all you have repeatedly d.

120:2.2 Having steadfastly d. to discredit these rebels

125:5.10 he again d. to join the merry circle but instead went

127:2.2 Jesus d. fully to disclose his reasons for not enlisting,

128:4.5 strange Galilean who d. the opportunity of founding

128:5.5 Galilean who so unceremoniously d. the invitation to

130:0.7 Jesus always d., pleading the necessity for returning

133:8.1 shrine of shame, but Jesus d. to accompany them.

136:9.6 d. to use his universe endowments either for the

148:8.2 But Jesus courteously d. the invitation.

149:0.2 charge to the new evangelists, but the Master d.,

160:0.1 the Master d. to enter into such a conference with

186:2.2 Jesus d. to make replies to the testimony of


109:6.2 if the human partner d. to pursue the ascending


59:6.8 During this d. frog age, in Africa, the first step in

60:3.22 the age of birds as well as the d. age of reptiles.

114:7.12 the days of the Adamites and Andites, steadily d.

128:5.4 thanked them for their confidence, and, in d. to go

134:2.5 D. this offer, Jesus journeyed on with the caravan

162:0.1 they were d. to entertain the Holy One of Israel,

195:1.9 learning was advancing but genius was d..


168:1.1 before the family tomb, a small natural cave, or d.,


73:5.4 the scrupulous burial of all waste or d. material.


126:4.9 Subsequently Martha colored and d. these boards,

153:2.8 a pot of manna which d. the lintel of this synagogue,

162:4.2 The entire city was gaily d. except the Roman

180:2.3 a large emblem of the grape and its attached vine d.


83:3.2 bride shows were occasions for dressing up and d.


43:6.7 spornagia in this extensive work of botanic d. and


46:5.31 creative d. and monumental memorials which abound


43:1.11 field serves many purposes aside from its d. value,

66:5.24 Pottery was advanced, d. arts were all improved,


125:4.1 temple enjoying the more quiet and d. atmosphere,


7:1.2 It does not d. in accordance with the square of the

48:6.37 d. the likelihood of success by taking yourself too

51:4.2 Even mortal stature tends to d. from the red man

135:11.2 He must increase but I must d..


57:8.2 as volcanoes rapidly d., earthquakes made their

60:4.5 Sea urchins increased while corals and crinoids d..

69:8.1 sex slavery grew directly out of man’s d. dependence

72:5.8 in the face of d. earnings they share proportionally

148:3.4 during these weeks of d. participation in the affairs


14:1.11 length of these planetary years d. from the outermost

15:3.3 the number of stars and other spheres d. away from

134:5.11 the number of sovereign nations (great powers) d.,


51:1.8 their children experience d. longevity with each

57:8.18 disturbances in the air and in the earth were also d..

79:2.5 people southward into the d. territory of the Deccan,

79:2.7 Unrestrained multiplication of inferiors, with d.

84:3.10 D. primitive warfare greatly lessened the disparity


40:5.1 Eternal Son passes on down through a series of d.

40:5.2 series of d. divine and increasingly human orders,

49:6.21 Natural death becomes d. frequent on these spheres

57:6.1 D., for another five hundred thousand years, the sun

80:5.2 successive waves of conquest, which grew d. Andite

81:6.4 wresting a livelihood from their d. fertile lands.


2:3.6 the final d. of dissolution is executed by forces acting

5:6.8 the material and mortal will, and that d. is absolute

17:3.7 and the d.-disseminating mechanism of all creation.

33:6.4 Ambassadors are appointed by judicial d. and

33:6.4 they are appointed by legislative d. and function only

33:6.4 Observers are commissioned by executive d. of a

45:4.11 was elevated to this position by the d. of Michael.

49:0.2 This limitation is by the d. of the Ancients of Days,

53:8.4 for the destruction of the rebels, but such a d. will,

53:9.1 salvaged personalities will be exempted from the d.

53:9.7 All await the Uversa d..

127:4.3 Jude’s punishment was fixed by the unanimous d. of

154:2.1 Sanhedrin passed a d. closing all the synagogues

154:2.1 dispatched to convey and enforce this d..

154:2.1 This refusal to accede to the Jerusalem d. was

154:3.2 Herod signed the d. which authorized the officers

159:1.4 When this chief steward heard this stern d., he fell

172:0.2 in utter defiance of the Sanhedrin’s d. of death,

185:2.3 we come before you for confirmation of this d..”

185:2.4 asking for a d. of execution against a man before

194:4.7 They were not communal by d. but by the desire


15:12.2 The Sons of the local universes can d. the survival

20:3.2 the Avonals d. the fate of the evolutionary races,

28:6.7 then does justice prevail and righteousness d..

36:1.1 These Ancients of Days, who alone can d. the

39:1.7 adjudicate honest differences of opinion and to d. the

69:2.5 the first people to d. that “he who does not work

72:5.9 executives d. the lawful hours of daily gainful toil.

108:6.6 when they d. your survival and pass you upward to

112:4.12 the tribunals of the Sovereign of Nebadon will d. the

126:5.7 heard Herod d. that his father had nothing due him

159:1.3 whatsoever you shall d. on earth will be recognized

168:3.3 on record as desiring to d. his death in advance of

186:5.2 but the Father in Paradise did not d., demand, or


17:3.7 the news-gathering and the d. mechanism of all


2:3.3 Cessation of existence is usually d. at the

2:3.3 Cessation of existence can be d. at such times by

3:2.4 He has d. the time and manner of the manifestation

5:6.8 God has d. the sovereignty of the material and

26:4.12 The Father has d.: “Be you perfect, even as I am

28:6.18 The Gods have d., “It is more blessed to give than

67:4.5 finally adjudicated and the fate of all participants d..

70:10.11 the penalty for a crime, even for murder, to be d.

74:2.8 broadcast voice of Gabriel d. the second judgment

82:4.4 the mores also d. the chastisement of her partner,

84:4.6 many tribal mores d. that a mother must undergo

89:6.4 the Chinese made ready to cast a bell, custom d. the

101:6.17 the divine inheritance which the Father has d. shall

102:0.1 a hostile and relentless universe of matter has d.

120:0.8 the Ancients of Days of the superuniverse had d.

120:1.6 the Ancients of Days have d. that rebellion in

122:7.1 Augustus d. that all inhabitants of the Empire

131:1.4 The Most High has d. the union of body and soul

168:3.3 this august body of Jewish leaders d. that Jesus

168:5.1 warning that the Sanhedrin had d. his death.

172:3.2 his death had been d. by the Sanhedrin, and no harm

175:3.1 the Jewish nation informally d. the death of Jesus.

175:4.13 The Sanhedrin, having formally d. the death of Jesus

184:3.1 by a large majority vote, had d. the death of Jesus,

184:5.11 Sanhedrist court had so unjustly and irregularly d..


71:5.1 as well as d. the survival of the industries themselves

141:2.1 there must be a king seated upon his throne and d.


2:3.2 appeals to such a God to modify his changeless d.

2:7.3 While the laws and d., the thoughts and attitudes,

15:12.3 no disagreements nor minority opinions in the d. of

18:3.7 Ancients of Days must participate in the final d. of

18:3.9 the initiative of individuality characterize all the d.

25:3.5 Though executing d. in defiance of neither natural

33:7.7 no appeal and no escape from their decisions and d..

33:8.1 the constellation rulers and execute the judicial d. of

43:2.1 These judicial d. of Salvington, together with the

46:8.1 provision for this event has been made by the d. of

50:2.5 the d. of such courts reflect a highly fatherly and

70:5.3 to the extent that d. and enactments were enforced,

72:3.9 Divorce regulations are somewhat lax, but d. of

72:4.2 commitment d. are handed down by parental courts.

112:5.6 there are issued the d. of probation extension.

113:7.4 witness and certify the d. of your eternal union

159:1.3 While you may not meddle with the divine d.


68:6.3 Human society is controlled by a law which d. that

70:9.14 because the society of the age, the mores, thus d..

83:8.4 until such a time as the divine will d. their separation

131:1.2 When he d. a thing, that thing is.

151:1.4 do you not perceive the law of the spirit which d.


86:4.7 they did not relish the idea of becoming old and d..


55:3.1 the infirmities attendant upon the d. of old age


5:4.3 to identify the self with the universe and then to d.

81:3.1 the custom for entire tribes to d. themselves to the

89:6.7 It was the custom to d. the first fruits to the spirits.

99:5.9 Future religionists must d. themselves to the

131:8.6 Those who d. their persons to the service of the

160:5.11 while we unreservedly d. our quest to the lures of

163:2.11 He required only the twelve and the seventy to d.

165:5.3 if you d. your lives to the work of the kingdom, all

171:2.4 are unwilling to renounce all that you are and to d.

181:2.4 D. your life to teaching your brethren how to love

181:2.8 turned my back on everything that I might d. my life

181:2.10 D. your life, Simon, to showing how acceptably

181:2.14 And so, Matthew, d. your whole future life service

181:2.15 D. your life to the demonstration of that combined

181:2.18 D. the remainder of your life to promoting the

181:2.19 D. your lives to the enhancement of commonplace

181:2.22 d. your life to proving that the God-knowing disciple

181:2.26 D. your life to the great work of showing how the

181:2.27 “Peter, I know you love me, and that you will d.

195:9.6 demanding that men d. their lives to seeking for a

dedicatedsee dedicated to

8:3.5 Spirit has d. all to the stupendous plan of exalting

46:5.19 ninety-five years ago, when this temple was d.,

89:4.7 gifts are described as being d., made sacred, or are

100:2.7 every human being who has d. the keeping of his

165:5.2 You have d. your lives to the ministry of the

191:4.3 so unselfishly d. their lives to the enlightenment of

dedicated to

8:3.5 Spirit has d. all to the stupendous plan of exalting

8:4.5 so is the Infinite Spirit d. to the unending ministry

9:8.25 of the Infinite Spirit are forever d. to the service of

11:3.3 d. to the welfare and advancement of personalities

11:4.3 exhibit areas assigned to the Creator Sons, d. to the

14:3.5 the area of these enormous worlds is d. to the life

20:1.1 They are d. to the descending ministry of service on

20:7.3 Daynals are the universal educators, being d. to the

24:6.9 they are d. to the service of the graduate pilgrims of

25:4.17 Technical Advisers are d. to the work of preventing

25:8.3 These selected angels are d. to the service of

26:1.13 Tertiaphim  are d. to the service of the Creator Sons

36:2.19 World Number Six is d. to the correlation of mind

36:2.20 The Seventh Sphere of the Life Carriers is d. to the

37:2.11 schools of the Teacher Sons and Evening Stars d. to

37:3.2 being d. to the work of creature survival and to the

39:2.8 angelic orders d. to the ministry of transporting

43:1.6 the bestowal school, is d. to the mastery of the new

44:4.2 These are the artisans d. to the preservation of the

44:5.5 adventurous group of well-trained beings d. to the

45:1.2 the receiving worlds, the seven mansion worlds, d.

46:5.21 The second circle is d. to the messenger hosts,

48:3.10 These gracious creatures are d. to the entertainment

48:3.11 These companions are d. to the facilitation of

48:6.7 These seraphic evangels are d. to the proclamation

53:5.4 establishing himself on the sphere d. to the Father—

55:3.5 3. Three per cent was d. to goodness—social service,

66:5.4 This council was d. to the task of selecting and

67:5.5 a shrine d. to Nog, the false god of light and fire.

69:3.9 whole clans d. themselves to certain sorts of labor.

73:2.3 enthusiastic workers who, in solemn assembly, d.

87:3.4 Half the days of the year were d. to some sort of

89:8.1 virgins d. themselves to the service of tending the

97:7.14 Had the priests not d. themselves to the work of

100:1.6 do not inhibit inner spiritual progress by a soul d. to

100:2.7 every human being who has d. the keeping of his

100:7.12 He was unreservedly d. to “the Father’s business.”

110:1.2 These heavenly helpers are d. to the stupendous task

110:2.3 The Adjusters are d. to improving, modifying,

114:6.11 the third corps of seraphim d. to the fostering of

114:6.12 those mortal agencies d. to the promotion of health

114:6.13 angelic ministers d. to the preservation of the home,

121:4.2 school of thought was d. to the pursuit of happiness.

122:2.3 John will grow up d. to the Lord your God,

122:2.6 fully d. to the call to mother the child of destiny

124:3.6 the beautiful marble temple d. to the worship of

125:5.6 Since the temple is d. to the worship of the Father,

129:3.5 Jesus was d. to the work of revealing the Father to

130:6.4 a son of God, a mortal d. to the ennobling service

132:0.2 magnificent temple d. to Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva

133:6.1 The crude idol exhibited in the enormous temple d.

133:7.12 unified mind is the one wholly d. to the doing of

134:3.1 a lecture amphitheater—d. to the “spirit of religion.”

135:0.5 a regular allowance from the temple funds d. to the

139:11.9 We must be d. to the doing of the Father’s will.

146:1.1 The small city of Rimmon had once been d. to the

146:2.7 6. When you have become wholly d. to the doing of

165:5.2 You have d. your lives to the ministry of the

181:2.29 and go on living a life d. to preaching this gospel,

182:3.11 unreservedly d. to the doing of his Father’s will.

187:2.9 leave mankind only the memory of a human life d. to

191:4.3 fellowship all your brethren who are d. to the

191:4.3 so unselfishly d. their lives to the enlightenment of

192:2.12 “Yes, Lord, I am fully d. to doing your will.”

195:2.3 They were honest, zealous, and d. to their ideals,

196:2.7 a wholly consecrated mortal, unreservedly d. to


89:7.3 Then came the practice of d. the first-born sons as

89:7.4 elect to redeem her life by d. her body for life to

181:2.20 d. your life to the cause of leading mankind to

dedicationsee dedication, feast of the

1:1.2 The affectionate d. of the human will to the doing

16:8.13 6. Personality d., wholehearted devotion to doing the

67:3.6 the unquestioning d. of his personality to the doing

83:7.6 of devotion, and unselfish d. to child culture.

89:8.1 d. to lifelong virginity, and was a moral reaction to

91:9.6 a dynamic d., to the actual doing of the Father’s will.

109:6.5 consecrated d. to the Father’s will, saying, “Not my

112:0.10 8. It can make a gift to God—d. of the free will to

114:7.5 Wholehearted d. to some special social, economic,

123:3.5 this commemorated the d. of the temple after the

125:1.5 discussed the two later established feasts of the d.

125:6.12 consistent with his d. to the doing of his Father’s

125:6.12 adjusting his d. to duty to his obligations of family

132:7.9 the degree of mortal d. to the divine doing of the

138:1.4 consistent with his d. to the doing of his Father’s will

140:0.3 collective d. to the sacred work of representing their

141:5.1 the joy of your united d. to the wholehearted doing

145:3.9 not inconsistent with my d. to the proclamation of

160:5.10 after we pay the price of d. to the Father’s will, we

166:3.4 are unwilling to pay the price of wholehearted d.

170:5.11 declaring their wholehearted d. to the doing of the

171:2.2 must be willing to pay the price of wholehearted d.

196:0.10 greatest of all offerings: the consecration and d. of

dedication, feast of the


164:0.1 secretly went up to Jerusalem to attend the fd..

164:0.1 that Jesus really intended to be present at the fd.,

164:2.1 Jesus now went up to the fd. for just one purpose:

165:2.1 jurisdiction of the Jewish rulers at the end of the fd.;


0:11.10 3. The Universal Absolute, we logically d., was

4:0.2 It is easy to d that the purpose in creating the perfect

12:3.10 These investigators d. that about eighty-five per cent

19:5.2 know little about them except as we d their character

28:4.10 The Ancients of Days perfectly d. the Father’s will

28:4.10 to d. the will of one of the Gods from a knowledge

106:8.22 we d. that the final destiny of all personalities is the


61:7.10 And Urantia geologists have very accurately d. the

70:9.1 not even confer the right to live, as might be d. by

172:5.9 Thomas had d. that the purpose of this popular


117:7.5 but there are many reasons for d. that he is quite real


123:4.4 charity fund, which Jesus administered after he d. the


1:2.7 by experiment or by the pure reason of logical d..

12:9.2 You cannot know music through mathematical d.,


24:3.1 From conservative d. based on our knowledge of

41:2.7 They unfailingly utilize the calculations and d. of

44:5.4 spirit force, when studied, yields dependable d.

101:5.5 of certain generally accepted bases for logical d..

195:6.12 are just as real and certain as mathematical d. based


33:3.6 This is, in d. and in truth, the high ideal of the

131:5.5 the believer from every evil thought and sinful d..

131:9.4 Every good d. has its recompense.

157:4.1 pieces by some crushing word or disappointing d..

186:1.4 I want to escape the guilt of this d..”

190:5.3 a prophet mighty in word and in d. before God

193:2.2 by faith, become, in d. and in truth, the everlasting

194:4.1 “a prophet mighty in d. and word before God and


91:5.2 led to mighty efforts of reform and courageous d. of

131:3.3 whether held in thought or wrought out in d..

131:3.4 “Cheerfulness and gladness are the rewards of d.

131:3.5 before the time of the full ripening of his evil d.,

131:3.5 The creature cannot escape the destiny of his d..

131:5.2 God is all-seeing, and he beholds both the evil d.

131:10.8 “Henceforth will I do my good d. in secret; I will

140:6.4 You must judge your fellows by their d.;

140:6.11 Do your good d. in secret; when you give alms, let

143:2.6 spirit and not by the self-righteous d. of the flesh.

153:1.3 performance of sudden d. of courageous choosing

153:3.5 finds expression in the d. of such unholy persons.

155:6.9 the increasing joy and liberty of ennobling d. of

167:7.4 the thoughts of your heart and to report on the d.

175:2.3 And to do such wicked d. in the name of one who

187:4.1 Do you not see we are suffering justly for our d.,


0:0.3 mortal who may peruse these papers, we d. it wise to

10:0.3 I d. the Trinity to have been inevitable.

13:1.5 therefore do the Deities d. it proper to withhold

19:6.8 We d. it no more than reasonable to assume that we

26:6.4 When the supremacy guides d. their pupils ripe for

29:0.5 I d. it impossible to portray the individuality of the

31:3.8 We d. that human beings are entitled to share our

31:8.3 we d. it best to say that Transcendentalers simply

56:7.9 we d. that the perfected superuniverses will in some

58:2.3 facts of physics and chemistry which they d. to be

104:4.45 While we do not d. it wise to attempt any further

106:6.1 we d. it impossible to achieve the full revelation of

106:8.22 universe philosophers d. this to be a most remote

159:1.3 let them take such action as they d. wise;

160:5.2 reality which we d. worthy of universal adoration.

160:5.3 since you d. the supreme concept of your religion


29:0.11 it is d. best to narrate their activities in the section

31:9.2 “If d. wise, the existence of the Architects of the

39:7.2 either Urantia or Urantians, it is d. best to withhold

40:8.2 Such mortals have been d. worthy of survival by the

67:1.3 no high trust is d. more sacred than that reposed in

72:3.5 but not so with religious training, which is d. to be

80:1.6 The best of the blue men d. it a high honor to be

80:3.9 unvaryingly destroyed those whom they d. inferior

88:1.9 intoxicants became fetishes; they were d. to be

92:2.3 to eliminate what their ancestors d. to be holy

93:9.9 which they d. reflected great honor upon Abraham

122:10.2 Joseph d. himself sufficiently poor to warrant his

125:1.1 Jesus d. the conduct of the temple throngs to be

127:4.3 d. wise to punish Jude for self-confessed violations

127:6.6 which Jesus d. misrepresentative of his Father

128:1.14 for consecration, Jesus d. it his duty to take Joseph.

131:10.1 the task of formulating what he d. to be a summary

139:1.5 unless he d. the problem one beyond the domain of

143:5.2 the well and ask for water, for it was not d. proper

194:4.5 hope of his second coming, an event which they d. to


26:5.5 The very moment your superaphic associate d.

86:2.4 Man naturally tends to believe that which he d. best

87:2.1 Modern man d. it wise to insure against fire;

100:6.1 devotion to some reality which the religionist d. to

deepsee deepprofound; deep sleep; see also deep-

57:8.11 has been mixed up with extruding lavas of d. origins

57:8.20 the weight of a body of water at places ten miles d..

58:1.3 submerses, every tiny living cell in this “briny d..”

58:1.7 seas were seldom over five or six hundred feet d.,

58:5.1 the earth was and still is very hot in the d. interior.

58:5.2 highly heated state that the heavier metals sank d.

58:4.7 though the bottom of this system is buried d. in the

59:1.13 —including the deposits of trilobite shells in d. water.

60:3.2 met with the first great obstruction on the d. floor of

106:1.3 No matter how remote from Paradise, how d. in

123:4.1 Snow fell two feet d., the heaviest snowfall Jesus

131:2.7 the mountains and his judgment like the great d..

133:2.4 when he got into d. religious water, he called on

143:5.2 you have nothing to draw with, and the well is d.;

145:1.2 Let us go fishing; put out into yonder d. and let

158:6.5 let these words find a d. lodgment in your hearts:

172:5.9 Down d. in his heart Thomas regarded the whole

177:4.11 D. down in his heart Judas always resented the fact

186:1.3 He automatically dropped the money bag in his d.

196:2.1 a reformation in the Christian church may strike d.


2:1.2 how d. and unfathomable is the supernal Ancestor

6:8.7 leave behind you the vivid picture and d. memories

8:6.3 “The Spirit searches all things, even the d. things of

19:6.2 And how d. is that friendship which grows up

28:6.19 but these high seconaphim lay bare the d. motives of

91:7.1 divine inspiration is the uprisings of his own d. mind.

91:7.3 rather than a manifestation of d. spiritual character.

98:2.2 sought for the solace of the soul in d. thinking—

99:5.9 expressed only by “feelings that lie too d. for words.

101:1.4 It is, rather, a profoundly d. and actual experience

109:5.1 done in order to effect d. spiritual transformations

114:7.8 are likewise trained and rehearsed in the d. mind by

122:3.1 proclaim to men with power and d. conviction.

128:4.2 Jesus manifested d. interest in the proposed school

128:6.10 This year his seasons of d. meditation were broken

131:2.3 God reveals the d. and secret things because the light

131:8.2 how powerful and mighty, how d. and unfathomable!

131:10.3 riches of God’s character must be infinitely d. and

135:6.2 the kingdom is at hand,” have made such a d. appeal

137:2.9 write—except on the dust or in the sand—made a d.

139:2.4 leader of men, a quick thinker but not a d. reasoner.

139:2.4 Peter did not have a d. mind, but he knew his mind

139:5.4 Philip’s father was a very able man, a d. thinker, but

141:6.4 You cannot teach the d. things of the spirit to those

156:5.17 to withstand brooding in the face of d. sorrow.

158:6.5 let these words find a d. lodgment in your hearts:

158:7.2 my brethren do not comprehend your d. sayings.

164:3.2 there before the blind man, engrossed in d. thought,

168:1.3 a real and d. human affection for these sisters who

172:3.15 There really was no d. significance to be attached

174:5.14 they followed Jesus in silence and in d. meditation.

180:3.8 But this teaching was too d. for many of the apostles

183:4.4 back to the camp, a dejected picture of d. despair.

196:0.9 yet, despite this very d. consciousness of close

deep sleep

27:1.2 Entirely different from all of these is the d. of

51:2.1 submit to the d. preparatory to being enseraphimed

146:6.3 Jesus told them the boy was merely in a d. sleep,

152:4.2 Peter grew weary and fell into a d. of exhaustion.


170:0.1 The idea of a temporal king was too d. in the

174:2.5 “Yes” would have shocked the d. nationalist

180:6.9 the Messiah, the more troublesome became these d.


48:4.5 To us, this phase of humor derives from the d. and

61:3.10 the horse never fully overcame the d. propensity

87:5.6 Envy is a d. human trait; therefore did primitive man

149:2.13 by those who entertained d. religious prejudices or

160:1.7 d. prejudices, the average person prefers to cling to

172:3.15 not betoken any real or d. conviction in the hearts

185:1.2 Pilate did not love the Jews, and this d. hatred

185:1.3 First, he failed to take seriously their d. prejudice


16:6.5 are self-evident to clear-reasoning and d. minds.

124:6.14 were unsatisfactory to his d. and keen-reasoning son

127:3.15 Jesus could concentrate his d. mind on the problem

137:5.2 Only the d. Andrew dared to make reply to Jesus’


159:3.12 will augment the happiness, d. the spirit perception,

160:1.11 to quicken and d. the supreme purpose of living


102:4.5 The reflective powers of the mind are d. by worship.

126:0.3 Jesus’ pity and love for the Jewish people d., but

193:4.12 and Judas’s despair d. almost beyond endurance.


40:10.7 a slowly accumulating body of insight-d. wisdom

60:0.1 cooling oceans, sea restriction and consequent d.,

102:5.2 transmuted into the d. reverence for God and into

130:4.3 growing consciousness in their d. appreciation of,


57:7.3 by the d. and d. burial of the radioactive or heavier

57:8.4 Later on, d. and hence denser lava flows came out

59:1.12 3. Shales—deposits made in the d. and quiet water.

68:5.8 not have developed a d. affection for their wives.

118:1.5 its wisdom forecasts seek to penetrate d. and d. into

123:5.2 by the method of repeating aloud, the d. teachings

135:3.2 his conviction grew d. and d. that the time was fast

136:6.11 the higher moral values of living and the d. spiritual

139:5.7 inability to grasp the d. meanings of the teaching.

151:2.2 the truth has no real root in their d. understanding,

194:3.20 prayer does so often dig out larger and d. channels


95:2.1 original Melchizedek teachings really took their d.

101:1.7 to prove untrue to the realest and d. thing within the

101:2.14 Your d. nature—the divine Adjuster—creates within

101:9.3 life’s greatest values and the universe’s d. realities.

102:8.1 willing fully to trust the d. interests of his present

102:8.4 of the best he knew, his d. ideas and highest ideals.

123:4.1 Jesus saw during his lifetime and one of the d. at


3:6.4 elaboration of universe laws he so d. reverences.

59:1.17 except parts of Wales, which were d. submerged.

75:3.2 visits to the Garden and had become d. impressed

89:3.1 The ritual of the fast was d. rooted in many ancient

93:4.5 They were too d. confirmed in the belief that man

98:2.11 no nation ever plunged so quickly, d., and violently

98:3.5 fervid and d. emotional worship of the mystery cults.

100:7.12 Jesus sometimes drank d. of the cup of sorrow.

110:1.3 they are also d. interested in your temporal welfare

124:6.11 Jesus meditated d. on how these Jews assembled

125:0.4 But he thought, and thought d., as his questions to

125:2.11 Mary was d. pained at his reactions to the Jerusalem

127:5.3 Rebecca’s father was d. touched by Jesus’ words

135:6.2 these Jews were d. stirred by such a phenomenon.

139:4.9 John also d. sympathized with Jesus because of his

142:6.8 He was d. impressed but went away bewildered.

154:6.5 And so Mary and his brothers were d. hurt when,

158:4.7 Andrew was d. chagrined at this ill-advised effort

160:1.11 I am d. impressed with the custom of Jesus in


61:3.5 The first d. appeared, and North America was soon

61:3.5 North America was overrun by ruminants—d., oxen,

61:5.7 mastodons, woolly mammoths, horses, camels, d.,

64:4.2 many species of d., as well as elephants roamed over


97:9.2 The Jews (Judahites) always sought to d. the record


3:5.1 At such times and in the face of such d. and within

3:5.12 devotion to duty consists in implied danger of d..

18:0.11 There is never any danger of d. or risk of rebellion

20:5.7 I have yet to see the record of the failure or d. of

28:6.14 alongside your liabilities of possible d. or betrayal.

33:7.5 2. The d. or defection of any of the Universe Sons of

34:7.4 But even more disastrous was the Adamic d. in that

34:7.6 for the deprivations resulting from the Adamic d..

35:5.6 through rebellion and d., suffered planetary isolation,

39:1.8 while justice demands the adjudication of every d. in

39:5.3 After the Adamic d. on Urantia, some of these

39:5.4 In view of the Adamic d., it is indeed remarkable

45:2.3 and in the very presence of the d. of his brother

45:4.12 who suffered the penalty of d. with her mate and

49:5.24 the d. on Urantia complicated your planetary history.

51:1.5 Planetary Adams have been lost in rebellion and d.

53:6.4 “Upon the d. of my immediate superior it devolved

65:5.1 control: the Caligastia betrayal and the Adamic d..

65:5.2 owing to the misfortune of the Adamic d..

74:6.2 daughters and thirty-one sons, before the d..



75:4.8 the recital of all that led up to the d. of Mother Eve


75:5.8 their offense until seventy days after the d. of Eve,

75:7.1 The Planetary Adam and Eve are adjudged in d.;

75:7.4 the sure penalty, which would unfailingly attend d.

75:7.4 the consequences attendant upon the d. of Adam and

75:7.5 the inevitable consequence of the intellectual d. of

75:7.6 admonished Adam and Eve that d. of trust would

75:7.6 of energy was denied them subsequent to their d..

75:8.1 uplifted despite the consequences of the Adamic d..

76:2.8 he was in such a peculiar way symbolic of the d..

76:3.1 the consequences of d. became increasingly apparent

76:4.5 celestial beings for one hundred years after the d..

76:5.3 consideration to the circumstances of your d.,

76:5.6 But with the Adamic d. this regime, extending over

76:6.2 call of the distinguished survivors of the Adamic d.

77:5.5 as Ratta listened to the recital of the Garden d.,

77:6.5 After the d of Adam the primary midwayers returned

78:0.2 beginning after the d. of Adam, about 35,000 B.C.,

80:9.12 In spite of the partial Adamic d., the higher types

93:0.2 These Melchizedeks returned to Urantia upon the d.

112:5.2 In d. of such choice, personality attains

114:0.7 3. The disruptions of the Adamic d..

119:7.2 after we learned about the d. of Adam and Eve.

120:2.3 Caligastia betrayal and the subsequent Adamic d..

136:4.5 of Andon and Fonta, down through Adam’s d.,


3:5.17 devotion to duty in the face of temptation to d..

23:1.6 they are a loyal group; they do not disobey or d..

24:2.9 But they are infallible in function; they never d.,

51:1.8 If they do not d., an Adam and Eve on a planetary

67:7.7 Caligastia rebelled, Adam and Eve did d., but no

94:5.1 and his successors did not d. in their trust;

108:5.3 never have we known these spirit helpers to d..


31:5.2 Material Sons have partially failed or technically d.

35:9.10 they function in those positions wherein they d..

72:0.3 and this Son also d., leaving the sphere isolated,

75:4.2 they had d. in the execution of their oaths of trust

114:6.3 chief of the angelic hosts of the planet who d. at the


35:4.4 serving as receivers of a d. planetary government.

35:10.4 And these d. Planetary Princes and their associates in

39:5.2 But these seraphic aids of your d. Material Sons still

50:6.5 tragedy of a rebellious Planetary Prince and a d. Son.

75:2.5 From these mixed descendants of the d. members of

119:3.4 the repentance and reclamation of the d. Planetary


4:2.2 laws has been further influenced by the errors, d.,


12:9.6 Real trouble, lasting disappointment, serious d.,

25:8.10 If an ascending pilgrim met d. in the adventure

26:5.3 to enthuse over apparent d., to invigorate in the

26:8.3 On Paradise, disappointment is never regarded as d.

94:5.7 China met her d. because she failed to progress

95:1.6 spiritual and philosophic teachings went down in d..

95:1.7 This d. of the Salem gospel was followed by a great

95:1.8 too much, and their noble cause went down in d..

97:9.4 Immediately following the d. of the Ammonites, Saul

97:9.6 Saul’s tragic d. at Gilboa by the Philistines brought

97:9.6 Ordinarily, Saul’s d. would have been ascribed to

97:9.13 David explained Saul’s d. at Gilboa by pointing out

97:9.14 After the d. of the Philistines, David gained

101:3.6 in the face of bitter disappointment and crushing d..

127:6.12 skillful wresting of victory from the very jaws of d.

130:6.3 escape from his world of personal sorrow and d..

130:6.3 and the bond-servant of depression and d..

148:9.2 But the paralytic refused to accept d.; he directed

156:5.17 D. is the true mirror in which you may honestly view

158:4.7 feeling keenly the sting of their d. and sensing the

158:4.7 Andrew frankly confessed d and requested the father

158:5.4 to return to this scene of the d. and discomfiture of

158:6.1 we crave to have you talk with us concerning our d.

158:6.2 But I will now show you the cause of your d. in

160:2.9 Difficulties, sorrow, disappointment, and d. are more

160:3.4 the victor and the vanquished have sustained d..

160:4.7 3. Ability to withstand d..

160:4.13 There is an art in d which noble souls always acquire

160:4.14 are doomed to suffer failure and experience d. as

160:4.15 in this business of facing failure and adjusting to d. is

160:4.15 To such men d. is but a new tool for the achievement

177:4.3 thought of being identified with a movement of d..

193:4.4 Judas met d. in his battles of the earth struggle

194:3.12 participants in these terrible struggles met with d..

195:9.3 And such times of great testing and threatened d. are

196:0.5 Even in the face of apparent d. or in the throes of

196:3.29 Religious insight possesses the power of turning d.


39:4.5 It is not the mission of these angels to d. or to delay

48:7.7 5. Difficulties may challenge mediocrity and d. the

65:8.5 none of these obstacles can d. the whole-souled


15:8.6 further tendency to overmaterialize energy is d. by

25:8.9 would be assigned to follow the d. pilgrim,

25:8.11 Isle awaiting the Havona return of the d. comrade

26:8.5 The d. candidates for the Deity adventure are

70:11.13 to pay the costs and fine after one had been d. by the

97:9.3 an army of a little more than three thousand Saul d.

97:9.5 David retired; the Philistines attacked and d. Saul.

97:9.11 After a fierce battle they were d., and once more

97:9.22 his northern neighbors and was just as signally d..

126:1.2 how another such army d. the Judean king Josiah.

126:1.2 Taanach, where Deborah and Barak d. Sisera.

127:6.12 plans are thwarted and his purposes temporarily d.

134:8.3 he wrestled in spirit, and he d. in power, were real;

136:3.1 had met and d. the Urantia pretender, Caligastia,

174:2.5 In all this the enemies of Jesus were d. since it was

194:4.2 followers of a living Lord, not a dead and d. leader


79:5.5 repeated d. at the aggressive hands of the Chinese,

160:4.11 sometimes overplanning for the future d. its own


4:2.7 It is these very d. of perfection-continuity which


25:6.3 Never have I known of the d. of a Celestial Recorder

33:7.5 2. The default or d. of any of the Universe Sons of

38:9.10 In case of the d. of the Planetary Prince and the

39:4.3 In the event of the d. of a Planetary Prince, these

66:5.10 The Caligastia d. destroyed the hope of the world


51:1.5 Most of these d. occurred at the time of the Lucifer


4:2.7 The material manifestations of divinity appear d.

51:4.8 disfellowshiping of your more markedly unfit, d.,

52:2.9 accounts for the presence of so many d. individuals

52:2.10 this restriction of the multiplication of mentally d.

52:2.11 has weeded out most of the abnormal and d. strains.

52:2.11 fosters, protects, and perpetuates the hopelessly d.

52:3.4 the d. bestial tendencies are very nearly eliminated

71:3.8 dependence can never be eliminated if the d. and

72:9.8 the disenfranchisement of any d., idle, indifferent,

72:9.8 when fifty per cent of a nation is inferior or d. and

75:1.2 never been purged of their retarded and d. strains.

88:4.8 the cure for d. magic was more magic.

139:12.6 Judas’s sense of values and loyalties was d..

170:2.23 Jesus taught that sin is not the chil