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133:3.1 a learned r. discourse on the “Destiny of Israel,”

137:7.2 Though they called him R., they were learning not

142:2.1 Jesus: “But, R., Moses and the olden prophets tell

142:2.5R., I believe; I desire that you lead me into the

142:5.1 “But, R., how shall we know of a certainty that you

142:6.3R., we know that you are a teacher sent by God,

173:2.3 Such an ordination conferred the title of “r.” upon

175:1.9 market places and desire to be called r. by all men.


149:2.8 the courage to do this in the face of the r. teaching

153:3.7 and expose the folly of the whole r. system of rules

173:2.3 without having been instructed in the r. academies


121:2.12 full favor by the Jerusalem religious leaders and r.

124:1.5 Joseph felt impelled to rule that the r. interpretation

139:0.4 and untrained in the methods of r. interpretation of


121:6.2 spoke Aramaic; the priests and r. spoke Hebrew;

123:5.12 traditional laws than were the Judean scribes and r..

123:6.8 the r., came to Nazareth to observe Jesus, having

124:3.5 to continue his education under the learned r..

124:4.8 was under the influence of a liberal school of r.,

124:5.6 he would never go to Jerusalem to study with the r..

125:2.11 study in one of the best-known academies of the r..

126:2.3 expected to go to Jerusalem to study under the r..

127:1.8 fondly planned, at Jerusalem studying with the r..

129:2.6 with occasional visits to the various schools of the r..

136:1.3 The r. had gathered together almost five hundred

137:7.6 The scribes and r., together, were called Pharisees.

138:8.7 The r. had long taught the Jews that the ignorant

138:8.7 they were ignorant of much of the learning of the r.

139:0.4 they were laymen, unlearned in the lore of the r.

140:8.11 The Jewish r. had long debated the question: Who

159:4.1 and I infer that you reject the teachings of the r. to

159:4.2 I do not regard the Scriptures as do the r..

162:1.10 he had not been instructed in the schools of the r..

162:2.1 told that you are untaught in the learning of the r.?

164:3.3 The r. taught that all such cases of blindness from

164:3.3 They even taught that a child itself might sin before

164:3.3 They taught that such defects could be caused by sin

175:1.11 But how will your r. justify themselves since they

194:4.10 leading r., Gamaliel, who advised them: “Refrain


61:2.7 including beavers, squirrels, gophers, mice, and r.,


187:1.7 It was permitted the r. to jeer, mock, and ridicule


139:11.6 Simon was a r. revolutionist, a fearless firebrand of


61:3.13 Weasels, martens, otters, and r. thrived throughout


26:9.3 The test of time is almost over; the r. for eternity has

32:5.8 The r. for perfection is on!

32:5.8 every human being who will run the r. of faith and

37:5.1 they hope to fuse, but when the mortal r. is run,

47:10.1 those who have run the planetary r. and finished the

86:1.6 “I returned and saw that the r. is not to the swift,

112:0.1 if you will sincerely run the r. of time and gain the

race or mortal racenoun—see Adamic; blue; green; human;

  indigo; orange; red; Sangik; violet; white

3:1.5 Truly of the r. has it been said, “You are of God”

3:2.8 an individual being, an individual r., an individual

7:1.6 and spiritized personalities of any world, r., nation,

8:1.11 relations, to relationships of the community, the r.,

20:2.7 bestow themselves upon some mr. on some world.

20:6.2 they become like the mortals of the r. into which

28:6.2 issues growing out of the origin of any individual, r.,

36:4.2 The Melchizedek father of such a r. of supernal

37:9.10 r. designed eventually to amalgamate with the mortal

43:3.5 which so greatly concern every mr. and national

45:4.5 directed this r. from the worship of many gods to the

48:4.10 The early experiences of the r. or the order are

49:2.17 to observe the early civilization of a primitive r. of

49:2.20 In Satania there is one r. under four feet in height.

49:3.6 r. inhabits a sphere in close proximity to Urantia.

51:2.3 doom the planetary residence of an evolving r.,

51:3.3 Adam and Eve build up a strong r. of their order.

51:4.1 The r. of dominance during the early ages of the

51:4.1 while the red man is the senior r. of the planets,

51:4.7 after the arrival of the imported violet or Adamic r..

51:5.5 to go forth to the r. of their evolutionary parent,

52:3.7 The color of such an amalgamated r. is somewhat of

52:5.3 encounters a r. spiritually trained and prepared to

52:5.10 but only one r., one language, and one religion.

52:6.4 Each r. must become familiar with the thought of all

52:7.7 more and more of the r. step into line with those

55:3.1 one religion, and, on normal spheres, one r..

55:3.22 Being of one r. greatly facilitates such achievement,

55:4.11 the further efforts to purify and stabilize the mr..

55:4.11 unquestioned authority to purge the evolving r. of

55:6.3 On a normal world the biologic fitness of the mr.

55:6.3 continued improvement of such a magnificent r.

62:3.4 and ancestral r. of dawn mammals remained alive.

63:0.2 these parents of the new r. shall be called Andon and

63:4.8 This early r. and its primitive civilization were

63:7.1 are cognizant of the history of the r. they founded.

64:2.3 These tribes are the so-called Heidelberg r..

64:3.5 as an apparently new peoplethe Neanderthal r..

64:4.13 As the r. advanced, the object and purpose of

64:6.2 On no other world in the system has such a r. of will

64:6.10 The outstanding characteristic of this r. was their

64:6.12 Porshunta, the master mind of this unfortunate r.,

64:6.16 This r. received a small but potent legacy of the later

64:6.23 this r. was so greatly upstepped by the admixture of

64:6.27 before the celestial powers as any other earthly r..

64:6.29 who markedly influenced and inspired a whole r..

64:6.34 Differences in status of groups within each r. are

64:7.5 intermarried and founded a new amalgamated r.,

64:7.5 Within five thousand years this amalgamated r.

64:7.10 led to the immediate improvement of the older r..

64:7.11 new Neanderthal r. extended from England to India.

64:7.15 a mongrel r. of indigo, blue, and modified green men

64:7.16 An amalgamated r. of rather superior potential

65:4.7 appearance of the Andonic r. prior to the evolution

65:4.11 human type of will has appeared in a precolored r..

65:5.2 the resisting powers of the resulting blended r.

66:2.7 the survival of the best strains of that unique r.,

66:2.7 Andonite contributors to the advancement of the r.

66:4.7 of Caligastia’s staff followed the Andonic r..

66:5.16 held out the promise of the Adamic gift of a new r.

66:6.5 Foreign emissaries were never sent to a r. except

66:6.5 the uplift and advancement of a given tribe or r.

66:6.5 tribe or race were always natives of that tribe or r..

66:6.5 impose the habits and mores of even a superior r.

66:6.5 uplift and advance the time-tried mores of each r..

67:8.2 experimental and original stock of the Andonic r..

68:6.11 and the source of the mutant geniuses of the r..

69:8.5 to till the soil; hence they became the great slave r..

70:1.18 Very early in the history of the r., poisoned weapons

70:2.21 the school of experience which compelled a r. of

70:5.5 The r. early learned that an army commanded by a

72:1.1 Its people are a mixed r., predominantly blue and

73:1.3 the Nodites themselves constituted the eighth r. of

74:7.23 the small amount of the blood of this imported r.

74:8.6 They held to an aristocratic origin for the r. which

75:3.5 Nodites, the most progressive and co-operative r.,

76:2.4 not pure violet as Cain’s father was of the Nodite r.

76:4.8 the early beginnings of the mighty Andite r..


77:2.3 the daughters of men begot an ancient r. of heroes.

77:2.8 of the Nodites, the eighth r. to appear on Urantia.

77:2.9 The pure-line Nodites were a magnificent r., but they

77:4.1 minds serving on Adam’s staff were of this r..

77:4.9 continued to regard the garden dwellers as an alien r.

77:5.5 Ratta was the last of her r., having no brothers or

78:1.9 The mixture of races in Indiaembracing every r. on

78:1.11 The most highly blended r. outside of India occupied

78:3.5 Mediterranean fringe were occupied by a mixed r.

78:3.6 A blended colored r., about this time reinforced by

78:4.2 this racial melting pot that the Andite r. was born.

78:4.5 Nodite stocks, were by this time a belligerent r.,

78:5.2 it is hardly correct to speak of the Andites as a r. in

78:5.6 Many of this r. journeyed to China by way of Tibet

78:5.7 One hundred and thirty-two of this r., embarking

78:8.1 a small minority of this superior r. remained in

79:2.1 leaving behind them the most heterogeneous r.

79:5.8 the more enduring civilizations were founded by a r.

79:6.12 the north was not occupied by any aggressive r..

80:3.5 Cro-Magnon peoples were a brave and farseeing r..

80:5.3 enabled them to wipe the older r. out of existence.

80:8.2 pale skins and broad heads were typical of that r..

80:9.2 This so-called Nordic r. consisted primarily of the

80:9.2 But long ago this r. became thoroughly mixed with

80:9.8 This brunet Mediterranean r. consisted of a blend of

80:9.10 laid the foundations for the southern European r.,

80:9.10 And since these days this r. has undergone further

80:9.10 This Mediterranean r. is, in fact, so freely admixed

80:9.11 represent the survival of two branches of this r.,

80:9.15 the ancient social groups were no more of one r than

81:6.4 culture in southwestern Asia were r. and climate.

81:6.11 people will dominate the civilization of a smaller r..

81:6.18 precede the spread of a culture throughout a r.,

81:6.26 The moral and spiritual momentum of a r. largely

81:6.40 The ideals of the r. are the chief support and

82:6.3 when the degenerate strains of the same r. intermarry

84:6.7 civilization and insuring the reproduction of the r..

84:7.1 As are the families of the r. or nation,so is its society

84:7.7 to eliminate from the reproductive stream of the r.

85:3.2 The animals have all been worshiped by one r. or

86:5.2 Gradually the dream life of the r. so developed that

87:5.8 r. after r. has sought to improve this superghost

88:4.7 helped much to weaken the grip of magic on the r.

88:6.7 Language contains fossils which testify that the r.

89:4.5 from the notion of the evolutionary origin of the r.,

89:6.1 No r. has been entirely free from the practice of

90:2.5 Very early in the history of the r. the shamans turned

90:2.13 the premium put on wisdom in the evolution of the r.

91:4.4 childhood of an individual or a r. is characterized

92:1.3 religion is the last thing to perish or change in a r..

92:2.4 A r. or nation can only assimilate from any advanced

92:3.9 the r., in the end, gained much as a result of all

93:7.3 claim the continued allegiance of a whole tribe or r..

94:2.1 This caste system failed to save the Aryan r., but it

95:5.3 Moses was the joint gift of the Hebrew r. and the

96:4.2 woman of royal blood and a man from a captive r.

96:5.1 for the birth of a nation and the perpetuation of a r..

97:0.1 a Father, if not of the individual, at least of the r..

111:0.7 Every r. of evolving Urantia mortals has a word

111:6.10 sin-breeding whether found in an individual, a r.,

111:7.5 people crossed by the instincts of an inferior r.;

111:7.5 the chemical-energy mandates of the evolving r.;

111:7.5 opposed by the accumulated propensities of the r.;

118:10.5 such total may be the total r., the total nation,

119:7.7 in the ordinary manner of the children of that r.

121:1.1 Jews, being a Levantine r., in nature part Oriental

121:2.1 The Jews were a part of the older Semitic r., which

122:0.2 which warranted their selection as the bestowal r..

132:5.20 likewise is he under obligation to the r., nation,

132:7.5 which a religion must possess if it is to change a r.

133:3.4 At Corinth they met people of every r. hailing from

133:3.7 to serve the well-being of the individual and the r..

140:10.5 placed emphasis on the individual, not on the r.

146:3.11 In Zebulun the people were of a mixed r., hardly

155:6.8 Every r. of mankind has its own mental outlook

155:6.10 for God, and they found him as no other whole r.

160:1.6 individual and attainment of the maturity of the r..

160:2.3 the cultural activities of the r.: art, science, religion,

160:2.10 Such a r. might begin to realize something of your

160:5.14 the Greek philosopher, one of the greatest of his r.,

175:1.5 show forth the spiritual glory of a God-knowing r.,

185:2.5 the death sentence upon even one of their own r.

187:1.5 day to day, there perished the flower of the Jewish r.

188:4.3 effort to pay God a debt which the r. of mankind had

191:6.2 belongs not to a r., a nation, nor to a special group

193:1.2 telling this good news to all creatures of every r.,

194:3.9 kingdom was to be identified with no particular r.,


11:7.7 These zones separate the vast galaxies which r.


race amalgamation

82:6.4 there would be little objection to a limited r..

race antagonisms

140:5.18 Political peace prevents r., national suspicions, and


83:0.3 of altruistic duties and r. home responsibilities.

race betterment

75:0.1 The realization of r. appeared to be a long way off,

race blending

52:3.10 With the near completion of the task of r.,

80:1.7 This technique of r., combined with the elimination

82:6.6 R. greatly contributes to the sudden appearance of

race commissioners

37:5.5 Commissioners begin service on the planets as r..

37:5.5 R. function in an endless series of planetary crisis

37:5.6 these r. are advanced to the higher levels of function,

48:6.32 racial interpreters further the efforts of the r. to

114:4.2 The r. are very active on Urantia, and their various

114:6.9 are closely associated with the ministry of the r.,

race conflict

52:3.12 World-wide peacethe cessation of r. and national

race decadence

195:3.9 the degradation of woman, slavery and r., plagues,

race dispersion

64:6.20 and emigrate from the original Sangik center of r..

race elevation

64:6.26 the indigo peoples received little or none of the r.

race evolution

51:4.4 failure to execute the plan of r. makes it impossible

race harmonization

51:5.7 Having failed to achieve r. by the Adamic technique

race improvement

50:3.1 prince as advisers and helpers in the work of early r..

51:5.4 This whole scheme of r. was early wrecked on

51:5.7 must now work out your planetary problem of r. by

52:2.11 problem of r. is not such an extensive undertaking

52:3.5 This r. project is the task of their progeny.

66:5.16 limited to natural means and ordinary methods of r.,

71:4.11 9. R. improvement.

76:4.8 Eve was made the head of a commission on r.,

race intermingling

82:6.7 r. on a large scale would be most detrimental, but

race mixture(s)

77:2.3 this legend became further confused with the r. of

78:4.2 resultant r. extended the Andite type northward.

79:2.1 leaving behind them the most heterogeneous r.

79:2.2 The earliest r. in India were a blending of the red

79:2.7 R. is always advantageous in that it favors versatility

80:9.12 This was the picture of r. presented in Europe about

81:1.5 there was a high degree of r. with the violet stock.

82:1.2 of the more highly civilized peoples is due to r.,

82:5.1 Very early the savage observed that r. improved

82:6.5 R. of the average or superior strata of various

84:7.22 1. The large degree of r. mixture.

race movements

78:4.5 peace-seeking, which explains why the earlier r. had

race origin

64:7.14 the Sangik peoples to migrate from their center of r.

race penitence

136:2.1 that they might by so doing manifest fruits of r..

race perpetuation

84:6.8 the sole hope of r. under the mores of civilization,

race problems

52:4.1 There are no r. or color problems; literally all nations

race purification

52:2.10 worlds seriously address themselves to the tasks of r.

race reproduction

84:5.11 Woman is man’s equal partner in r., hence just as

race survival

52:2.11 rugged competition in r. has weeded out most of the

68:2.9 function of marriage in evolution is insurance of r.,

race upstepping

51:3.4 plans for r. are prepared by the Planetary Prince

race welfare

82:1.7 effectively tricks selfish man into putting r. high


189:5.1 As the two apostles r. for Golgotha and the tomb of

racessee races, evolutionary or evolving; races, mortal;

see blue, red, etc.; see human; colored; Sangik

2:1.7 nature of the flesh and blood of the planetary r.,

8:4.5 come down to the material r. in the likeness of

9:2.5 Holy Spirit of local universe bestowal upon the r. of

9:5.5 is rooted in the material origin of the animal r..

16:9.5 civilizations are not innate in the individuals of the r..

19:6.1 divinely perfect creatures as these Trinity-origin r. of

20:2.1 the magistrates of the time-space realms—of all r.,

21:5.10 from the Universal Father on high to the lowly r.

22:2.9 spring from all the r. on all the evolutionary worlds

22:4.3 are the superior spiritual minds of the survival r.,

22:5.1 Not only do your r. and other mortals of survival

25:8.4 Mortals come from r. that are very social.

28:6.5 mercy that has been extended to individuals and r.

29:0.1 While your r. have long known of the existence of

31:1.4 one of the supreme adventures of these perfect r..

34:5.2 ever and unitedly leading the r. of men towards

34:5.4 inspire the souls of the creatures of the ascending r.

34:7.1 inherent nature derived from the animal-origin r.,

34:7.1 the Urantia r. were in a measure advanced by the

34:7.2 flesh which characterize the present-day Urantia r..

34:7.4 was the Adamic default in that it deprived the r. of

35:8.15 nearer the lower creatures of the intelligent r..

36:4.8 Our inquiries concerning the midsonite r. are

38:2.5 I am a fellow servant with you and with your r.,

39:0.11 the languages, history, and local habits of the r. of

39:5.1 the biologic or physical uplifters of the material r. on

39:5.3 Eves, to augment the further evolution of the r. by

39:5.3 and intellectual upstepping of the evolutionary r..

39:5.4 social co-operation among its diverse r. is one of

39:5.4 Seldom do these r. of different colors and varied

39:5.4 the Material Sons to harmonize and advance the r.

40:5.12 the one-, two-, and three-brained r. is not a factor in

40:5.17 mortals are of animal origin, just like the Urantia r.

40:6.6 freely and certainly bestowed upon all Urantia r..

40:7.2 Your own r. of surviving mortals belong to this

40:9.2 is wholly akin to their function in your own r., but

44:0.21 If the Urantia r. were more advanced in art and other

45:4.2 have been recruited from the eight Urantia r.,

45:4.16 of this order to bestow himself upon the Urantia r..

45:6.1 They are so similar to your own material sex r. that

47:3.5 is devoted to the assembly of one of the seven r.

47:3.5 personality assembly chambers of the blended r.

48:4.13 Some of your r. have a rich vein of humor and are

48:6.32 All r. of mortal beings are not alike.

48:6.32 spiritual natures and tendencies of the various r. of

48:6.32 to harmonize the varied viewpoints of the r.,

49:2.13 Beings such as the Urantia r. are classified as mid-

49:2.15 The Urantia r. are of the land order.

49:2.17 and shores of these marine gardens of the dawn r.

49:2.21 much lower than the life range of the Urantia r..

49:2.21 In this scale the Urantia r. are number three.

49:2.21 Satania worlds are peopled with r. of modified

49:3.3 On the nonbreathing worlds the advanced r. must

49:3.4 do not eat food or drink water as do the Urantia r..

49:4.2 Most inhabited worlds have all of these r., but many

49:4.2 Some local systems also have only these three r..

49:4.3 see and hear considerably more than the Urantia r..

49:4.5 the one pursuit that is common to the advancing r. of

49:5.15 While the terrestrial attainments of the one-brained r.

49:5.19 The r. on some worlds have one gland, on others

49:5.19 spheres the r. have three of these unique bodies.

49:5.20 per cent are of the second group, like the Urantia r..

49:5.27 their advancing r. begin to approach the apex of

49:6.6 earlier ages of the animal-origin r. are characterized

50:3.1 connecting link between the prince and the world r..

50:3.4 to mate with the superior groups of the native r.,

50:3.5 Planetary Prince seldom mate with the world r.,

50:3.5 corporeal staffare in status as of the superior r. of

50:4.2 their work in behalf of the r. is prosecuted during

50:4.9 develops a keen and laudatory rivalry among the r.

50:4.13 preserved for the world r. the concept of the

50:5.4 The prehuman creatures and the dawn r. of primitive

50:5.6 weaker elements of the r. incline towards excesses

50:7.1 isolation of these spheres affords their r. a unique

51:0.3 biologic uplifters of Jerusem upstep the Urantia r..

51:0.3 plans for improving your native r., still, Adam’s

51:3.1 with the help of many of the higher types of native r..

51:4.2 The earlier r. are somewhat superior to the later;

51:4.3 superior peoples are the first, third, and fifth r.

51:4.3 These secondary r. are the peoples that are

51:4.4 planet by observing the remnants of these early r. on

51:4.6 employed as laborers by the more progressive r..

51:4.6 These r. of primitive men think no more of utilizing

51:4.8 or unfitness of the individuals of your world r..

51:5.1 way to effect the improvement of the existing r. of

51:5.2 come down, as it were, to be one with the r. of men;

51:5.3 But these Adamites do not go out among the r.;

51:5.4 tribal struggles are diminished, while the world r.

51:5.7 strains of Urantia mortals to mate with the lower r.;

51:6.1 suitable candidates from among the world r., while

51:6.6 amalgamation of their progeny with the r. of men,

52:1.1 There are six basic types or r. of primitive men,

52:1.5 The early r. also make extensive use of the larger

52:1.7 The survival of superstition in the Urantia r. is

52:2.1 struggle so long in barbarism as did the Urantia r..

52:2.4 different r. tend to develop specialized systems of

52:2.5 the different r. often develop separate languages.

52:2.5 Before the unification of the r. their relentless

52:2.9 The r. are purified and brought up to a high state of

52:2.9 defective individuals among present-day Urantia r..

52:3.7 on a normal planet the r. are practically blended,

52:3.8 This double origin of the post-Adamic r. explains

52:3.9 The majority of world r. soon become omnivorous,

52:3.10 gradually the languages of the r. give way to the

52:3.10 seldom attained until the r. are fairly well blended,

52:4.1 literally all nations and r. are of one blood.

52:4.5 visitation the r. soon effect their economic liberation.

52:4.6 social administration of the r. continue to improve,

52:4.8 extensive arousal of the spiritual natures of the r.

52:4.9 Sons, each of whom will advance the r. from one

52:5.1 bestowal Son does not appear in the flesh until the r.

52:6.4 must become familiar with the thought of all r.;

52:7.3 The r. are becoming highly spiritual.

52:7.6 These r. are occupied with a thousand things of

54:6.3 Families, groups, nations, r., worlds, systems,

55:3.21 problems of disease, degeneracy, multicolored r.,

55:6.2 status and progressive nature of the enlightened r. of


63:4.9 three, and more often six, distinct and separate r..

63:5.1 The early Andon r. did not penetrate far into Asia,

64:3.3 primitive r. grew up around the dangers of the sea


64:4.11 the spread of the crude culture of the Neanderthal r..

64:6.1 The simultaneous emergence of all six r. on Urantia,

64:6.9 In such a circumstance, if the two r. do not blend,

64:6.22 Like other primitive r. they never fully recovered

64:6.28 ages of intense struggles between the various r.,

64:6.28 though no great cultural conquest of the world r. had

64:6.32 2. Stronger and better r. are to be had from the

64:6.32 different r. are carriers of superior inheritance factors

64:6.32 And the Urantia r. would have benefited by such an

64:6.33 is healthfully stimulated by diversification of r..

64:6.34 4. Differences in status of the r. and of groups within

64:7.2 which early manifested itself between the different r..

64:7.3 The primary Sangik peoples, the superior r., avoided

64:7.7 These three r. virtually destroyed themselves before

64:7.7 finally all but annihilated by their enemies of other r..

64:7.13 The superior r. sought the northern or temperate

64:7.15 the blue men of Europe and the mixed r. of Arabia

64:7.20 your early ancestors have been lost to the later-day r.

65:2.7 frog is the only species ancestor of the early dawn r.

65:3.6 —no more r. will evolve from prehuman sources

66:6.2 that the r. never have been wholly liberated from the

66:6.3 the en masse uplifting, of the primitive r. of that day.

66:6.6 superior beings undertake to uplift the backward r.

66:7.5 the Prince to the needy tribes of their respective r..

66:7.7 in Mesopotamia for work with their respective r.

66:7.8 Hap presented the early r. with a moral law.

67:6.1 they were exempt from attacks by the confused r. of

68:0.1 a real civilization had evolved among the higher r. of

68:1.1 Rather did the early r. learn by sad experience that

68:1.6 traits which were characteristic of all primitive r..

68:1.6 These backward and suspicious antisocial r. that

68:3.5 the accumulated experience of the progressive r.,

68:5.5 more primitive r. did not hunt the larger animals.

68:5.9 of plants exerts an ennobling influence on all r. of

68:6.8 The early r. often resorted to practices designed to

68:6.9 Many r. learned the technique of abortion,

69:1.4 instinct, and the higher tender emotions of the r..

69:2.4 drove the naturally inactive r. of early man into

69:5.11 Intoxicants and drugs intrigued the primitive r..

70:1.1 Before the partial socialization of the advancing r.

70:1.16 the natural outworking of the problems of the r.

70:8.11 9. Racial–the presence of two or more r. within a

71:8.15 the civilized r. have made a beginningmankind is on

72:1.1 These different r. are not yet fully blended, but they

72:3.9 divorces is only one tenth that of the civilized r. of

72:12.2 force a superior culture and religion upon other r..

73:0.1 the developmental progress of the Urantia r. was

73:1.1 Though the planet was peopled by r. physically fit,

73:1.2 Prince’s administration had been effaced; the r. of

73:1.7 —were the most advanced and cultured r. on earth.

73:7.3 mobilize for unselfish bestowal upon the needy r. of

74:5.5 Adam tried to warn the r. against Caligastia, but

74:6.7 The play and humor of the present-day r. are derived

74:7.7 4. History and culture of the various earth r..

74:7.22 Adam endeavored to teach the r. sex equality.

74:7.23 more intelligent of the r. of earth looked forward to

74:7.23 if this plan of uplifting the r. had been carried out!

74:8.5 the various r. of earth became sadly mixed up in

75:1.2 would be the co-ordination and blending of the r..

75:1.2 hopeless, for the r., while biologically fit, had never

75:7.3 looking to the future of the world r. for their future.

75:8.1 Adam and his descendants made to the Urantia r..

76:4.2 Only the mixed r. produced by the union of Nodites

76:4.6 So much of fear persists in the present-day r. of

76:4.7 The body cells of the native r. are akin to the living

76:4.7 You would be far more disease resistant if your r.

76:4.8 surrounding tribes and represented most of the r.

77:1.6 studying and observing the world r. and rendering

77:3.9 The mixed r. of the Andites (Nodites and Adamites)

77:4.5 this Nodite group and the Adamites, the two r. were

77:8.4 nearer man than angel; they are, in a way, of your r.

77:8.4 seraphim in their work for and with the various r. of

78:1.1 the minds and morals of the r. were at a low level

78:1.1 Adam’s contribution to the biologic status of the r.

78:1.3 plasm which so immediately quickened all the r..

78:1.9 The complex mixture of r. in Indiaembracing every

78:2.2 daughters in a steady stream as emissaries to the r.

78:3.1 their excess inhabitants as teachers to the other r..

78:3.3 had become thoroughly admixed with the other r.,

78:3.4 both of these superior r. of culture and character

78:4.1 The Andite r. were the primary blends of the pure-

78:4.1 percentage of Adamic blood than the modern r..

78:4.3 surviving remnants of the Adamite and Nodite r.

78:5.2 By this time even the r. in the second garden had

78:5.8 religious beliefs and moral practices of the older r..

78:7.4 Many r. harbor the story of a world-wide flood

78:8.1 But the r. of Mesopotamia were already blended

78:8.4 the better Andite strains of the mixed northern r.

78:8.11 descendants of the blended Andonite and Andite r..

79:1.4 not follow the evolutionary course of the older r. by

79:1.6 were to some extent improved by these superior r..

79:2.1 India is the only locality where all the Urantia r. were

79:2.1 India acted as a catch basin for the migrating r..

79:2.3 did any one people combine so many different r..

79:5.1 These two r. largely escaped that admixture with the

79:5.5 these two superior r. waged bitter and unremitting

79:5.7 These r. and cultural groups remained almost

79:5.9 Melchizedek plan for improvement of the Urantia r.

79:6.3 Many different r. occupied the islands of the Pacific.

79:6.3 islands were held by Andonites and, later on, by r.

79:6.7 difference between the northern and southern r..

79:6.10 by Singlangton kept them ahead of most other r..

80:1.5 The mixed r. of India and darker peoples of Africa

80:2.2 of the later Mediterranean long-headed brunet r..

80:3.7 before the days when the darker-skinned r. came

80:3.8 sudden climatic modifications drove the r. of Europe

80:4.5 These were the ancestors of the so-called Nordic r.,

80:5.7 biologic foundation for the modern European r.,

80:7.8 left the spiritually impoverished r. of the world in a

80:7.9 deteriorated by the stream of mixed and darker r.

80:9.5 a wedge between the Nordic and Mediterranean r.,

80:9.7 Andonized the character of the central European r.,

81:0.1 human species continued to carry the r. forward in

81:2.16 the first of the more modern r. to build their homes

81:2.17 The older river r. made their huts by setting tall poles

81:3.3 The early r. were not overly neat and clean, and

81:3.6 These later r. not only had the domesticated horse


81:4.1 Pacific Islands is overspread with the composite r. of

81:4.1 And these r. of today have resulted from a blending

81:4.2 Each of the Urantia r. was identified by certain

81:4.3 In the early development of the Urantia r. there were

81:4.9 Nodites have become so admixed with the other r.

81:5.1 blood did augment the inherent ability of the r.

81:5.1 Adam’s bestowal improved brain power of the r.,

81:6.1 The r. did not fully blend, but their civilizations did

81:6.7 r. and tribes who thus sought ease seldom utilized

81:6.7 come from the thoughts and plans of those r. that

82:1.6 is virtually absent even in present-day primitive r.;

82:2.2 Among the early r. there was little or no regulation

82:2.2 the simple mating customs followed by primitive r..

82:3.3 control the sex urge, as has been shown among all r..

82:3.3 But in spite of all this, those r. which exalted and

82:4.5 this idea of female chastity took such hold on the r.

82:6.1 There are no pure r. in the world today.

82:6.1 peoples of color have only two representative r.

82:6.1 two r. are much admixed with the extinct colored

82:6.1 white race is admixed more or less with all other r.

82:6.2 Though the primary r.blue, red, and yellowwere

82:6.2 these secondary r. had many desirable traits which

82:6.3 between grossly inferior strains of the r. concerned.

82:6.4 If the present-day r. of Urantia could be freed from

82:6.4 take place between the highest types of the several r.

82:6.7 As long as present-day r. are so overloaded with

82:6.9 experiment of blending the white and Polynesian r.

82:6.10 to such a sacrificial contribution by the primary r. to

82:6.10 were in some respects superior to the primary r..

83:2.5 courtship are an Andite contribution to the world r..

83:5.11 love wife, or sweetheart, did not appear until the r.

83:6.2 has been of great cultural value to all advanced r..

83:7.4 adjustment appear among the more progressive r.

83:7.5 and but partially controlled sex impulses of the r..

84:2.4 The earliest r. gave little credit to the father,

84:3.5 Among the more advanced r., women are not so

84:4.7 childbirth is seldom so easy among the mixed r..

84:5.9 Among industrialized r. woman has received almost

84:7.21 But in r. containing Andite inheritance, children are

84:7.29 society would be greatly improved if the civilized r.

84:8.4 pleasure-abandon characteristic of the post-Andite r.

85:2.4 spirits varied greatly among different tribes and r..

85:4.1 primitive r. venerated springs and worshiped rivers.

85:5.3 thought to be bestowed as saviors upon favored r..

86:2.5 destitute of curiosity and imagination, when the r.

86:3.2 All r. have their legends of men who did not die,

86:3.3 at the present time some civilized r. regard disease as

86:4.6 Some later-day r. believed that man died from three

86:4.7 primitive r. believed that man entered the next life

86:5.17 The early Nodite r. regarded man as consisting of

86:6.3 world’s r. have only this crude religion of evolution.

86:7.4 Modern civilized r. are just emerging from ghost fear

87:2.10 Later r. made paper models and substituted

87:3.5 spirits, all tribes and r. once believed in ghosts.

87:5.14 And even today the civilized r. are cursed with the

89:2.3 of a onetime “golden age” of the dawn of the r..

89:3.2 the dead, just as the economic structure of the r. was

89:4.8 primitive man than it could ever mean to modern r..

89:8.7 The developing commerce of the r. had inculcated

90:2.9 Many true teachers have appeared among the r.

90:5.8 priests have been a millstone about the neck of the r.

91:5.2 have led individuals, cities, nations, and whole r. to

92:1.2 to fetishism through the savage childhood of the r..

92:2.5 R. of men only superficially accept a strange and

92:5.6 Many r have conceived of their leaders as being born

92:5.6 sons of God were common among the world r..

92:6.20 secularisms which characterize many r. and

93:9.9 with the view of exalting themselves above all r. as

94:0.1 missionaries recruited from many peoples and r.,

94:5.7 not even fearing the ghosts of the dead as other r.

94:11.10 in the remote past and in the remote future, the r. of

95:2.1 the highest mixture of the world r., so Egypt

96:2.1 hereditary factors from almost all of the nine world r.

98:7.11 to lose their potentially universal appeal to all r. and

98:7.12 the Most High God,” have penetrated to all r. and

102:8.6 far in advance of the intellectual evolution of the r..

103:3.1 Even such inferior r. as the African Bushmen, who

103:8.2 by separate individuals and by different r. of men.

107:3.9 to complete his sevenfold bestowal upon the r. of his

108:3.1 a serial organization that extends through r.,

108:5.9 between the higher and lower tendencies of the r.,

109:1.4 a result of any and all contacts with the material r.,

109:3.5 type and the two-brained peoplesthe Urantia r..

110:0.2 The love of the Sons in their ministry to the r. is

110:4.5 The Urantia r. are so largely electrically and

110:4.6 conserve the higher spiritual types of the Urantia r..

111:7.4 are complexly admixed; they are a blend of many r.

113:1.2 were definitely assigned to the separate Urantia r..

113:2.2 In the evolution of r a guardian of destiny is assigned

113:2.4 entertain a special affection for certain r. and types

114:6.9 5. The angels of the r.. Those who work for the

114:6.11 schools, communities, nations, and whole r..

120:3.5 and orderly progressive evolution of the Urantia r..

121:8.14 in the minds of the men of many r. who have lived

122:4.2 His mission was to all r. and peoples, not to any one

132:4.1 an intimate knowledge of all r. and classes of men

132:4.3 Jesus thus gained a knowledge of the different r. of

134:2.3 personal contact with every one of the surviving r. of

134:2.3 his personal ministry to each of these varied r.

134:6.5 r. that live in the ever-warring nations of Europe.

135:3.2 Rome composed of such polyglot peoples and r.

144:4.7 in the midst of the material civilization of the r. of

148:1.1 All the r. and nationalities of the Roman world and

149:2.1 make them the more acceptable to certain r., and

149:2.1 teachings the less acceptable to all other nations, r.

155:5.4 practices of the civilizing r.the religion of the

155:5.6 in the religious forms of the more intelligent r. of

155:5.8 Until the r. become highly intelligent and more

155:6.2 My father is no respecter of r. or generations in

156:2.4 teaching that God is no respecter of persons, r., or

156:4.2 the mission of the Son to reveal the Father to all r.

170:5.8 Christian church, even as to all other religions, r.,

175:2.1 the spiritual torchbearers of divine truth to the r. of

178:1.6 the mighty social lever to uplift the r. of darkness,

188:4.6 and died for a whole universe, not just for the r. of

191:4.4 and the brotherhood of men to all nations and r.

191:4.4 for presenting the good news to the different r. and

194:3.9 the apostles’ preaching by the men of various r.

194:3.18 assertiveness of individuals, groups, nations, and r..

195:3.2 different r. at least nominally to accept one religion.

195:8.10 harmonize its divergent and rivalrous interests, r.,

195:10.12 moral genius of the God-knowing men of many r.

195:10.15 These r do not yet understand that there is a religion

races, evolutionary

4:3.3 On worlds not segregated by sin, the e. are able to

4:3.3 they suffer less from confusion, distortion of concept

20:3.2 the Avonals decree the fate of the e., but though they

22:4.1 the skill of all the sons and daughters of the e. from

35:2.1 ministry of mortal uplift, to serve the e. without

37:5.9 policy or procedure would affect the e. of time,

37:9.11 the efforts of the Material Sons to improve the e.

39:5.3 the physical and intellectual upstepping of the e..

49:4.2 There are six basic e.: three primaryred, yellow,

50:4.1 the cream of the e. are instructed and then sent forth

50:4.10 influence that slowly and certainly transforms the e..


51:4.3 On those worlds having all six e. the superior

51:4.3 The e. thus alternate in capacity for intellectual

51:4.8 The six e. are destined to be blended and exalted

51:5.3 the Planetary Adam and Eve never mate with the e.

51:5.7 the superior members of the e. and thereby upstep

51:6.1 to the rapid improvement of the e. of their worlds.

51:6.1 the amalgamation of the e. and the sons of Adam,

51:6.6 the parents of the now blended descendants of the e..

52:1.2 The e. of colorred, orange, yellow, green, blue,

52:1.3 on many worlds some of the e. are obliterated,

52:3.5 never amalgamate with the inferior strains of the e..

55:6.2 These people are the flowering of the e..


64:0.1 This is the story of the e. of Urantia from the days of

64:4.1 until the times of the migration of the e. of color.

64:6.1 the six e. of color appear one by one; the red man is

64:6.2 will creatures evolved in advance of the e. of color.

66:4.7 of origin in the once exclusively meat-eating e..

66:4.14 While of no value to the e., this supersustenance was

67:3.8 to behold this child of the e. standing unmoved by

74:6.2 include the Adamic parentage to the Nodite and e..

76:4.2 not suffer pain in childbirth; neither did the early e..

76:5.6 direct physical contact with the e. had been severed

77:2.9 their length of life was little more than that of the e..

78:2.3 Adamites were far above the general level of the e.

82:1.2 this Andite inheritance was absorbed by the e. in

82:1.2 Of the e., the red man had the highest sex code.

89:5.3 after they had become grossly admixed with the e..

89:5.5 but cannibalism was mostly prevalent among the e..

109:3.7 In many of the early e. of Urantia, three groups of

114:6.9 who work for the conservation of the e. of time,

194:2.12 e. of mortals are subject to the progressive contact

races, evolving

40:5.11 these struggling mortals of the early days of the e..

51:5.6 added to the e. of the worlds, a new and greater era

89:5.3 Cannibalism was well-nigh universal among the e..

89:7.4 earlier and more savagelike sex practices of the e..

91:4.5 and fair-mindedness in the men and women of the e..

races, mortal

3:6.6 He has said of the m., “In all your afflictions I am

6:1.5 who bestowed himself upon the m. of Urantia.

14:4.21 from the personality classifications presented to m..

20:4.1 of assignment as a full-fledged male of the m.,

20:6.4 devoted to the spiritual enlightenment of the m. on

20:6.8 Spirit of Truth to function in the hearts of the m.

21:4.3 Son appears as a member of one of the higher m.

22:2.9 of space, that is, from those m. that are indwelt by,

25:2.8 not quite, visible to the short-range vision of the m..

32:2.7 to become the homes of the varied m. of will

34:7.5 It was the divine plan that the m. of Urantia should

37:5.5 are supremely devoted to the welfare of the m.

38:2.6 seraphim are just a trifle ahead of m. in the scale of

38:4.3 male and female as are the Material Sons and the m.,

40:3.1 very routes ordained for the progression of the m.

40:6.1 The m. stand as the representatives of the

44:8.1 help to the naturally gifted individuals of the m..

45:5.3 Adams and Eves are plainly visible to the m. of the

47:3.5 seven radial wings, the resurrection halls of the m..

49:0.1 evolutionary cradle, of the m. of time and space.

50:3.5 These children do not mate with the m. except in

50:5.3 the m. on an average world of time and space will

50:6.3 initial life of the m. is always attended by struggle.

51:3.3 potential, the full gift of physical grace to the m..

52:3.6 result of the gift of the Adamic life plasm to the m.

52:4.1 age opens with the m. blended and biologically fit.

52:5.2 appeared on Urantia to bestow himself on your m..

52:5.4 Son lives and dies for the spiritual uplift of the m.

55:6.9 still the superb evolutionary attainments of the m. on

55:8.4 What the Material Sons did for the m. biologically,

56:10.17 Sons who not only bestow themselves upon the m.

65:3.6 the evolutionary potentials still resident in the m..

66:8.4 the miscarriage of the plan to uplift the m. through

67:7.6 sin did operate to deprive the m. of the full benefit of

72:0.3 Magisterial Son has never been bestowed on its m..

75:8.1 the m. have profited enormously from the limited

92:4.9 most recent of the revelations of truth to the m. of

109:5.3 interfered with by the innate natures of the m., but

114:2.5 the welfare and advancement of the m. of Urantia,

188:5.11 Jesus to his life mission of bestowal upon the m.

Rachelone of ten women evangelists

150:1.1 R., the sister-in-law of Jude, the Master’s brother

150:2.2 It was Martha and R. who made plain to Mary that

150:5.1 R. asked Jesus this question: “Master, what shall we

154:5.1 she hastened word to all of Jesus’ family who

Rachelthe wife of Jacob

85:1.1 R. concealed a number of sacred stones in her tent.

racialsee Racial Interpreters

49:4.7 Human beings are all gregarious, both tribal and r..

70:8.11 9. R.the presence of two or more races within a

racial acquirement

68:0.2 Civilization is a r.; it is not biologically inherent;

racial amalgamation


52:3.5 generations before the r. ministry is inaugurated.

52:3.9 Within ten thousand years of r. the resultant stocks

64:7.14 certain of the indigo tribes were improved by this r..

79:4.6 futile effort to prevent r. of the Aryan conquerors

racial ancestry

107:2.9 even by the r. of the mortal candidate for fusion.

racial antagonism

79:5.4 This encroachment, coupled with natural r.,

racial blending

73:7.3 counseled Adam not to initiate the program of r.

racial blends

80:9.1 The r. in Europe toward the close of the Andite

racial civilization

64:6.14 all of the Sangik peoples in the matter of fostering r..

racial conditions

64:6.32 Urantia under present r. would be highly disastrous.

racial connections

122:1.3 possessed the ideal combination of widespread r.

racial contact

79:3.2 Dravidian Andites lost their r. and cultural contact

racial co-operation

66:5.31 10. The supreme court of tribal co-ordination and r.

racial crossbreeding

82:6.3 hybrids” and “mongrels” arises because modern r. is,

racial cultures

82:5.9 and greatly facilitated the cross-fertilization of r..

racial deity

92:6.17 Isaiah, who again taught the idea of a r. combined

96:2.4 a lingering traditional belief in Yahweh as their r..

169:4.8 In the place of the concept of Yahweh, the r., he

racial deterioration

78:3.7 Africa, there to begin its slow but long-continued r..

195:3.8 for the already well-established and increasing r..

racial development

51:4.5 In the early days of r. there is a slight tendency for

51:5.6 a succession of rapid strides in civilization and r.;

81:0.1 races forward in the scale of human progress and r..

114:7.15 the miscarriage of the divine plan of growth and r..

racial differences

71:8.13 The ending of warinternational adjudication of r.

49:5.20 all of these r. pertain only to the life in the flesh.

racial disappointment

97:8.4 this false hope led to a degree of r. and frustration

racial disgrace

69:5.10 the barter in sex slaves; such traffic was and is a r.,

racial dispersion

52:2.5 This is the great age of r., and it culminates in a

racial distinction

194:3.14 obliterated religious discrimination founded on r.,

racial distribution(s)


78:1.2 R. and cultural distribution was as follows:

78:3.9 These r., associated with extensive climatic changes,

racial egotism

93:9.9 they swung to the other extreme of national and r.,

racial engulfment

79:2.6 to preserve their identity and stem the tide of r. by

racial evolution

84:5.11 hence just as important in the unfolding of r.;

91:2.6 During the earlier times of r. and even at the

91:2.8 technique associated with the natural religions of r.

racial extinction

94:2.2 a desperate effort to stem the tide of r., the Brahman

racial factors

80:9.16 continent will be determined by the quality of the r.

95:7.5 There was only one factor of a tribal, r., or national

racial faith

155:6.3 you pass from a r. inherited to a personal faith

racial father or Father

96:2.3 Abraham was not the r. of all the Hebrews; he was

169:4.8 Jesus exalted the Yahweh concept of a deified r.

racial features

122:0.2 his survey of the spiritual, intellectual, and r. of the

racial feeling

98:1.4 They had a patriotic and r. for Zeus and his family of

racial fetters

194:3.5 religion of Jesus broke national restrictions and r..

racial glorification

77:3.2 Bablot proposed to erect a pretentious temple of r.

racial group(s)

21:4.3 inhabited world, usually as a member of that r.

52:6.6 strive to promote the interest of their national or r..

64:7.8 the blue men, together with a few other small r.,

80:3.2 it would be fruitless to attempt to enumerate the r..

80:9.3 by the existence of two r. in Germany today.

81:4.9 As these five great r. extensively intermingled,

96:3.1 that it is impossible to classify Moses in any one r..

103:1.1 The unity of religious experience among a r. derives

racial guilt

89:4.6 The doctrine of original sin, or r., started every

186:5.7 Mankind has no such r. guilt before God.

188:4.1 not die this death on the cross to atone for the r. of

racial harmony

39:5.4 the task of achieving r. and social co-operation

racial hatreds

111:4.10 is the explanation of poverty, divorce, war, and r..

racial headquarters

73:7.4 Melchizedeks implied that Adam was to establish r.

77:3.1 founding the new city of Dilmun as their r..

racial heritage

118:8.5 slow accumulation of the r. of painfully garnered

racial heroes

92:6.20 the veneration of national gods and respect for r..

racial history

97:7.3 of Hebrew traditions, and the exaltation of their r..

121:7.1 who would come as a part of their national and r..

122:1.2 of the most remarkable women in the r. of Urantia.

racial hybridization

82:6.8 For the past hundred years more r. has been taking

racial ideals

81:6.26 9. The r.. The ideals of one generation carve out the

racial identity

79:4.5 instituted by Aryans in an effort to perpetuate r..

94:2.1 the scheme of the Aryans to prevent loss of r. in the

racial illumination

99:5.11 to their particular national or r. during past ages.

racial impression

79:4.3 The Aryans made very little r. on India except in the

racial improvement

67:5.1 as the policy of cultural advancement and r..

racial increase

52:7.5 the reproductive rate of r. is intelligently controlled

racial influence

79:4.3 influence was cultural and religious more than r..

racial inheritance

78:4.1 Andite is used to designate those peoples whose r.

122:1.2 Mary’s r. being more general than that of Joseph.

racial integrity

77:4.6 and Euphrates rivers maintained more of their r..

78:8.5 thus able to maintain their r. and national integrity

racial interbreeding

82:6.11 rather than in any supposed danger of their r..

racial interchange

52:6.3 The national and r. of students, teachers, religious

racial intermixture

82:6.7 R. increases the likelihood of a larger number of the

racial interpreters

39:6.3 2. R..

48:6.32 2. R.. All races of mortal beings are not alike.

48:6.32 On the worlds of time the seraphic r. further the

racial jealousy

52:6.5 can condemn the evils of national envy and r..

racial literature

52:6.4 There must occur an exchange of national and r..

racial marriage

82:5.10 The inexplicable inconsistencies of the r. mores are

racial mating impulse

82:1.8 species is made certain by the presence of this r.,

racial melting pot

78:4.2 on the periphery of this r. that the Andite race was

79:2.3 and the red man so largely missing from this r. of

racial memorialists

77:4.3 The remnants of the nationalistic or r. journeyed

racial minds

155:6.8 R. may differ, but all mankind is indwelt by the

racial miracles

136:1.3 even greater marvels of r. triumph and miracles

racial mirror

102:8.4 Ethics is the eternal social or r. which faithfully

racial misunderstandings

54:1.10 physical combat as a technique of adjusting r. has

racial morality

92:2.4 rather are the forms of religion dictated by the r..

racial mixtures

78:3.4 From about 30,000 to 10,000 B.C. epoch-making r.

80:9.10 These r. laid the foundations for the southern


82:6.4 And if such r. could take place between the highest

racial nature

95:7.5 There was only one factor of a tribal, r., or national

racial obliteration

79:2.4 but not sufficiently to save the invaders from r..

79:4.7 religions of the Deccan after the r. of the Aryans.

racial origins

81:4.3 skull dimensions are serviceable in deciphering r.,

racial pandemonium

67:5.1 indescribable confusion and r. was the result.

racial perils

81:5.3 enhanced security against common dangers and r..

racial persecutors

121:2.6 of a succession of gentile national overlords and r..

racial phenomena

170:2.15 2. A question of r. or world phenomena;

racial practices

194:3.9 associated with established social, economic, or r..

racial prejudice

82:6.9 mulatto offspring so objectionable as social and r.

racial progress

49:5.24 On a normal evolutionary world, r. attains its natural

73:0.3 after his survey of r., duly recommended that

racial progression

81:5.1 without an adequate background of antecedent r..

racial reasons

70:8.11 9. R.the presence of two or more races within a

racial rejoicing

162:4.2 Here was a time of r., mingled with sacrifices,

racial religion(s)

52:2.4 run through all of these r. two strains: early fears of

92:3.1 remnants of the cult present a true picture of the r.

95:5.15 and perpetuated Ikhnaton’s doctrines in their r..

145:2.4 All these generations have you had a national or r.;

racial revelation

101:3.17 second, by revelationpersonal and r.; and third,

racial sense

160:5.2 men react to religion in the tribal, national, or r.,

170:2.16 the coming of the kingdom in the r. or world sense

racial sin

89:4.5 into the doctrine of sacrifice for the atonement of r..

90:3.8 that sickness is a punishment for sin, personal or r.

136:1.4 confusing ideas about r. and the evil nature of man

racial slavery

179:5.2 the emergence of their fathers from a state of r.

racial softness

70:2.16 The growth of undesirable r., biologic deterioration.

racial solidarity

79:6.8 The yellow man was first to achieve a r.the first to

79:8.1 The Chinese had a great potential of r., but it failed

136:2.1 The Jewish sense of r. was very profound.

racial sources

96:3.1 thus possessed qualities derived from superior r.;

racial stigma

77:3.8 been guilty of rebellion; they resented such a r..

racial stocks

52:4.5 This age witnesses the further purification of the r.

70:8.15 1. Biologic renovation of the r.the selective

79:2.7 but if the inferior elements of r. predominate,

racial strains

51:5.2 who have qualified as belonging to the superior r.

52:3.4 of the unfit and the further purification of the r.;

55:6.3 the selective reproduction of those r. which exhibit

64:7.12 take into account the later improvement of the r. by

82:6.9 and the Polynesian women were of fairly good r..

122:1.1 albeit Joseph carried many non-Jewish r. which had

racial struggle(s)

52:1.3 During the early r. on many worlds some races are

52:2.5 R. and tribal wars continue over into this

64:5.1 the highlands of India became involved in another r..

racial suffering

83:7.7 when the result of so much personal anguish and r..

racial superiority

64:2.7 spiritual of the Foxhall peoples maintained their r.

77:3.5 tower built as a memorial of Nodite history and r..

121:2.8 Such an attitude of r. made it all the harder for

133:5.11 have beheld a Jew who thinks something besides r.

racial survival

84:7.6 pleasure luresthis introduces a new factor into r.;

racial tendencies

39:1.8 of the underlying facts of personal motives and r..

101:7.1 political developments, r., the religious teachings

racial term

73:1.3 of a cultural and religious designation than a r.;

73:1.3 “Nodite” is both a cultural and r., for the Nodites

racial traditions

84:4.4 Many tribal and r. relegate trouble to Eve, Pandora

racial triumph

136:1.3 by even greater marvels of r. and miracles of power

racial types

48:6.32 there are also distinct r., and very definite social

80:3.2 the European continent, there were scores of r..

racial undertaking

90:5.1 an intolerable burden to every act of life, every r..

racial union

78:6.4 The majority of the able offspring of this r. later

racial unity

77:3.1 leaders that something be done to preserve their r..

racial uplift

73:7.3 counseled Adam not to initiate the program of r.

76:4.6 the miscarriage of the plans for r. physical uplift.

racial uplifter(s)

68:1.6 and the later labors of the Adamic group of r..

73:2.1 a promised Son of God, a r., a teacher of truth,

racial viewpoints

155:6.8 the religion of the mind run true to these various r.

racial war(s)

51:5.4 For the first time the r. and other tribal struggles are

64:7.7 While the yellow men now and then engaged in r.,

racial welfare

43:9.4 with group, r., national, and planetary welfare.

racial white

52:3.7 an olive shade of the violet hue, the r. “white” of

Racial Interpreters

39:6.3 2. R..

48:6.32 2. R.. All races of mortal beings are not alike.

48:6.32 On the worlds of time the seraphic r. further the


73:1.3 r. considered the Amadonites were essentially

96:2.1 R. the Semites were among the most blended of

97:7.14 to counteract the wrong and r. egoistic concepts of

99:3.5 led to the unwise perpetuation of r. degenerate

122:1.2 R. considered, it is hardly proper to regard Mary

134:5.17 devastating until they become almost r. suicidal.


16:0.12 r. boundary lines of any one of the superuniverses

47:3.5 Temple of New Life there extend seven r. wings,


95:2.8 “King Pepi has put down his r. as a stairway under

159:3.10 Future generations shall know also the r. of our joy,


51:1.3 their bodies glow with the brilliance of r. light of a

58:3.1 blazing suns break down and disperse as r. energy

58:3.1 of flood tides of short space rays of r. energy.

58:3.2 greater than all other forms of r. energy existing in

58:3.4 plasm as are some of the longer rays of r. energy.


118:3.3 and formal, always vibrant and adaptabler. alive.


15:0.1 The Seven Master Spirits r. their influence out

160:4.12 And all of these memory treasures r. their most


41:9.3 Your own solar center r. almost one hundred billion

50:4.10 there gradually r. to all peoples an uplifting and


48:2.17 the seventy r. wings wherein are the chambers of

74:6.5 only the r. glow from their heads was discernible.



42:8.5 This excess of r. is derived from the breaking up of

58:2.2 atmosphere is opaque to much of the solar r. at

58:2.5 heat would be lost by r. so rapidly that life would be


15:0.1 the seven spokes the r. of the Seven Master Spirits

58:2.2 dangerous and destructive ultraviolet r. present in

58:3.1 diverse r. is a form of space-energy unknown on


41:7.9 transforms certain circuitized power into r. energies.


40:5.16 making such r. modifications in the universe plan of

49:2.14 This type represents a r. or extreme adjustment to

49:5.10 normal adjustment group, the r. adjustment group,

49:5.11 The worlds of the nonbreathers typify the r. or

51:4.8 The difficulty of executing such a r. program on

52:7.3 of the planet are undergoing r. transformations.

59:6.7 The insects underwent a r. change.

66:6.3 any r. attempts at modifying man’s mode of life on

67:5.1 The complete and r. reorganization of the whole

67:5.1 when these new and r. methods were attempted

68:4.6 their wholesale modification by r. revolution.

84:2.7 father-family is one of the most r. and complete

92:6.20 the various r. and nationalistic secularisms which

152:6.1 It requires time for men and women to effect r.

175:4.9 they bitterly resented these supposedly r. attacks

194:3.8 a religion which is neither r. nor conservative;


14:2.2 an order of energy organization r. different from any

49:3.4 Life on the worlds of the nonbreathers is r. different

49:3.4 the metabolism of these specialized peoples are r.

49:3.5 On the nonbreathing worlds the animal species are r.

58:6.3 From era to era r. new species of animal life arise.

61:7.13 glacial period destroyed many species and r. changed

63:1.1 Fonta were r. different from all of their ancestors,

99:2.2 it cannot reconstruct itself until society has been r.


42:5.1 thirty octaves below are the r. transmission group.


41:7.5 2. Transmutation of elements, including the r. group

42:3.11 9. R. matterthe disorganizing tendency and activity

57:7.3 the deeper and deeper burial of the r. or heavier

57:7.3 The study of these r. elements will reveal that

57:7.3 but all such estimates are too short because the r.


42:8.5 When atoms perform r., they emit far more energy


58:2.10 the transmission of your long- and short-wave r..


42:4.12 uranium disintegration by way of r. emanations;

42:5.1 are the X rays, followed by the gamma rays of r..

42:5.7 in the phenomena associated with r. disintegration.

42:7.3 The positive particles of r. fly off into space at the

42:7.5 tend to fly to pieces, as is illustrated by r. behavior.

57:7.3 The r. clock is your most reliable timepiece for


57:6.4 when the r. of its orbit becomes less than two and

57:6.4 two and one-half times the r. of the larger body.

66:7.18 the city was quite well settled within a r. of one

118:9.2 but within the r. of this choice his will is sovereign.


165:0.1 Bosora, Caspin, Mispeh, Gerasa, R., Succoth,


166:1.1 Jesus was at R., where there lived a wealthy Pharisee


58:2.10 the terrific storms which r. in the realms of these

100:5.10 The mystic status is favored by: fasting, fear, r.,


155:1.1 ‘Why do the heathen r. and the peoples plot in vain?

155:1.3 “The heathen are not without excuse when they r. at

155:1.3 Why do the heathen r.? Because they know not the


64:5.1 one hundred years this relentless warfare r.,


12:1.13 The present r. edge of the grand universe, its

86:1.1 lived constantly on the r. edge of a precarious and


46:2.2 small lakes but no r. rivers nor expansive oceans.

85:4.1 gushing fountains, flowing rivers, and r. torrents.

133:7.3 For two weeks he suffered from a r. fever,


150:5.2 ‘Take away the filthy r. of self-righteousness and


62:5.10 the home forests they lost their mother in a gibbon r.

69:8.3 The r. upon Og, the king of Bashan, was equally

70:1.15 the narrative of their r. on the Midianites is a typical

93:5.12 these rulers presumed to r. the property of Lot,


69:5.2 designed to defend property against foreign r., but

80:5.3 eventually succumbed to the white cavalry r. who

93:5.6 against the many surprise attacks of northern r..


79:5.5 their r. parties spreading havoc among the yellow

82:3.5 substituted for such r. forays, athletic contests and

83:2.2 As r. preceded trading, so marriage by capture

93:5.6 Philistines, and other groups were constantly r. the


69:4.1 capture, so trade by barter followed seizure by r..

69:5.2 by inaugurating r. on the property and wealth of

70:1.8 1. Hunger, which led to food r..

78:8.3 and Tigris valleys had long been harassed by the r. of

80:6.3 Andites were there much less subject to hostile r.


125:2.6 this meant that he must seat himself outside the r.


187:3.3 the two thieves also r. at him and cast reproach

187:4.1 One of the brigands r. at Jesus, saying, “If you are


187:3.3 and, r. at him, said: “You who would destroy the


153:3.5 together with jealousy, pride, anger, revenge, r.,


69:4.7 r., and airplanes, as well as telegraph, telephone,


45:4.1 four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white r..”

144:8.3 A man of changeable moods and clothed in soft r.

165:5.2 the progress in the spirit is far above the need of r..

195:10.13 truth bearers chanced to appear in unorthodox r..

rainnoun or adjective

2:5.1 the good and sends r. on the just and on the unjust.”

57:7.7 cooled sufficiently to start precipitation of r. on the

57:8.14 mountains appear later as a result of the action of r.,

63:6.3 elements—thunder, lightning, r., snow, hail, and ice

79:1.2 This civilization perished when the r. winds shifted

80:3.8 As the r. winds shifted to the north, the great open

85:0.3 there were nature spirits for lakes, trees, waterfalls, r

85:4.2 wind is a god in South America, for it brings r.;

85:4.3 Clouds, r., and hail have been feared and worshiped

90:2.1 began to specialize in such vocations as r. making,

90:2.6 Though of ancient origin, the r. makers, or weather

90:2.6 believed in the power of the shaman as a r. maker,

91:1.3 simple-minded souls reasoned that food, shelter, r.,

97:3.3 Second, Baal was supposed to send r.—he was a

124:1.10 In those days the r. fell in refreshing showers from

131:1.5 “God pours r. upon the earth, he causes the sun to

135:9.1 There was no r. that evening, and this group talked

140:3.16 likewise he sends r. on the just and the unjust.

151:5.5 As Jesus came out in the r., he looked first at Peter

163:1.2 between showers of r., a company of believers,

165:1.1 nine o’clock in the morning if not prevented by r..

166:4.4 “The Father causes his r. to fall on the just and the


124:1.10 showers from November to April, but it did not r.

140:10.1 while teaching in the house, for it had begun to r.,


85:4.2 A r. is yet worshiped by many of the hill tribes of

85:4.2 the r. is thought to be a gigantic celestial snake;


41:5.7 The r. are coming down in a direct line of

41:5.7 appearance of sheets of water and waves of r..


73:3.3 While it r. copiously on the surrounding highlands,

73:3.3 surrounding highlands, it seldom r. in Eden proper.


46:2.2 There is no r., neither storms nor blizzards, on any

78:7.5 floods were greatly augmented by heavy r. so that

79:1.2 Tarim region was a fertile land; the r. was plentiful.

79:1.6 the diminishing r. to the north forced the nomadic


46:2.1 worlds since there are neither earthquakes nor r.,


61:4.2 The Sierras were elevating; Shasta, Hood, and R.


72:1.2 The high mountains, on which heavy r. fall eight


41:5.7 to travel in wavy formation, just as, in a blinding r.


123:4.5 blasts of fine sand, usually blew during the r.

123:6.6 finding out why there was a dry season and a r.

124:1.10 February and March, near the end of the r. season.

124:1.10 in Palestine, summer and winter, the dry and r.

129:1.1 a r. Sunday morning, Jesus took unceremonious

148:9.1 accommodate these gatherings during the r. season.

149:7.1 By supper time on that r. day all of the apostolic

152:2.4 weather was pleasant, being near the end of the r.

163:5.2 This was the r. season in Palestine, and these

raisesee raise up

62:4.2 they fled from the tribe, going west to r. their family

77:3.9 the Andites undertook to r a new temple on the ruins

84:3.6 an old superstition that women could r. better plants;

102:7.6 no depth of intellect to pick flaws, r. objections,

146:6.2 and why could not such a healer even r. the dead?

156:5.1 by faith r. his spiritual nature up into the sunlight of

168:1.7 know even before Lazarus died, that he would r. him

172:3.1 Jesus did not r. Lazarus that the villagers might

186:1.4 From a distance Judas saw them r. the cross piece

raise up

48:6.19 You will r. me up to sit with you on the battlements

135:6.7 able of these twelve stones here before you to r.

147:8.4 they shall r. the foundations of many generations;

173:5.4 Destroy this temple, and in three days I will r. it up

173:5.4 says he will destroy it and r. it up in three days.”

174:3.1 his brother should take the wife and r. seed for the

194:4.4 This Jesus did God r. up.

raisedsee raisedwith dead; seeraised up

54:5.10 The issues of rebellion having been r., the Paradise

81:2.13 Slavery r. the master’s standard of living and

95:1.8 missionaries in Mesopotamia r. a moral standard

97:9.3 they r. Saul’s army to 330,000 and added “Judah”

123:5.12 To the north Mount Hermon r. its snowy peak in

125:6.9 the lad r. his staff aloft and, quivering from head to

135:0.5 Elizabeth had a small farm on which they r. sheep.

137:7.1 Mary’s faith, r. to such heights at Cana, now sank

138:7.1 but Jesus r. an admonitory hand and stopped him.

139:7.8 quiet and personal way and r. most of the money

155:5.14 but he r. his hand and stopped them, saying: “Go

162:7.6 they r. a tumult, shouting: “You are not fifty years

163:2.6 wealthy young Pharisee had been r. to believe that

164:4.1 the healing of Josiah had r. such a discussion

181:2.10 Jesus r. his hand and, stopping him, went on to say:

183:3.7 Jesus r. a forbidding hand to Peter and, speaking

187:3.5 stopper upon the end of a javelin, r. it to Jesus so

188:1.1 Jews r. a tumult and clamored for its possession.

189:2.6 the mortal body of Jesus was r. from the grave.

189:5.3 he also r. the question as to how the bandages

191:5.4 you see no nail marks on my hands, since I am r.

raisedwith dead

146:6.3 that a miracle had been wrought, even the dead r..

146:6.4 that Jesus had r. the widow’s son from the dead,

152:1.2 aroused her, that he had not r. her from the dead.

152:1.2 futile; they all believed he had r. the little girl from

158:7.3 and after all this be killed and r. from the dead.

168:1.12 Mary hoped that Lazarus was to be r. from the

168:3.1 the testimony of this man r. from the dead did much

168:3.4 entertained that Lazarus had been r. from the dead.

168:5.1 to the fact that Jesus had r. him from the dead.

172:0.3 Jesus and Lazarus, whom he had r. from the dead.

172:1.1 Lazarus had been r. from the dead, and Lazarus was

172:1.9 to death if they permitted Lazarus, whom he had r.

186:0.1 the sisters of Lazarus whom Jesus r. from the dead.

raised up

122:9.7 He has r. a horn of salvation for all of us

139:2.11 many of the churches which had been r. by Paul.

159:2.4  and r. a considerable company of believers at Kanata

162:3.5 when the Master r. himself up from this writing,

181:2.30 When I am r., I will tarry with you for a season


97:1.6 The Lord r. the poor out of the dust and lifts up the

111:5.5 such choosing r. the creature will from the level of


80:2.4 earthquake, quickly r. this inland lake to the level of

81:2.12 Chinese farmers had begun the r. of sheep, goats,

81:3.3 surrounded by zones of agriculture and cattle r..

83:5.4 widow for the purpose of “r. up seed for his brother”

93:9.9 edited their records for the purpose of r. Abraham

127:3.11 to engage in agriculture and sheep r. unless Jesus

135:2.3 They supported themselves by sheep r. and from

145:3.15 they provided prejudice-r. publicity and afforded

146:6.2 and, r. the covering of the bier, examined the boy.

151:6.7 a delegation of these swine-r. gentiles who had come

168:1.15 this was really and truly a case of the r. of the dead

184:5.6 destroying the temple and r. it again in three days.


53:7.1 the people r. to the support of Michael.

139:8.8 always was it Thomas who r. the apostles with his

139:8.13 but Thomas r. his courage, stuck to the apostles,

139:8.13 depression but eventually r. his faith and courage.

139:11.10 he r. his hopes and went forth to proclaim the gospel

183:3.5 As the guards r. from their first faltering at the sight

189:4.7 they had deserted Mary; she r. her companions,


183:3.1 him before his associates could r. to his defense.


97:9.3 Pretentious Hebrew history begins with Saul’s r. the


95:2.3 worshiping the bull, another the lion, a third the r.,


138:9.3 Magdala, Cana, Bethlehem of Galilee, Jotapata, R.,

146:0.1 baptized believers in Rimmon, Jotapata, R., Iron,

146:3.0 3. THE STOP AT RAMAH

146:3.1 At R. Jesus had the memorable discussion with

146:3.3 On the second evening at R., Thomas asked Jesus

152:7.3 Thence, overland they went by R. and Chorazin to

156:6.2 Lebanon trail to the village of Zebulun, by way of R..

156:6.2 They held meetings at R. on Friday and remained


165:0.1 additional villages: Zaphon, Gadara, Macad, R.,


146:1.1 to the worship of a Babylonian god of the air, R..


4:5.3 The gods who go on a r. in the storm; who shake

78:8.11 the nomads were on a r. from the Atlantic to the


91:7.4 Unrestrained mystical enthusiasm and r. religious

194:3.1 with the foolish outbreaks of r. emotionalism.


97:5.6 Will the Lord be pleased with a thousand r. or

126:4.5 Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of r.,


61:1.12 The Arctic Ocean, through the Ural depression, r.

69:9.2 a higher social order because communism r. counter

72:1.5 disappearing when the male line of descent r. out.

73:5.4 disposal system constructed which r. beneath the

88:3.1 Fetishism r. through all the primitive cults from

94:1.5 the Salem doctrine was nonritualistic and hence r.

121:7.2 Jesus regarding tolerance and kindness r. counter

128:7.3 the family affairs r. smoothly except for Jude.

128:7.8 Jude r. away, and Simon later found him with the

132:7.4 charts of navigation, the good ship r. aground.

133:3.6 Corinth out near where the wall of the citadel r.

140:8.14 when the family r. counter to the Father’s will.

156:5.4 since men so often r. into temptation, it became

169:1.9 being moved with loving compassion, r. out to

171:6.1 he r. on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree

171:8.2 the ornate palace of Archelaus, and his aqueduct r.

182:2.12 John Mark took up his vigil near the road which r.

187:2.7 John r. into Jerusalem to bring back his mother and

190:5.3 two of his apostles r. to the tomb and likewise found

192:1.4 r. down the beach to greet them; and when he saw


65:3.6 the r. functioning of uncontrolled natural selection

133:7.9 r. associations of certain phases of mental madness.

rangenoun—see rangemountain

0:5.2 While the metamorphic r. of nonpersonal reality is

3:1.6 the concept of the divine presence allow for a wide r.

3:2.7 the limited r. of your viewpoint, in the finiteness

3:3.5 The creature can hardly understand the r. of the will

9:5.3 mind is that it can be bestowed upon such a wide r.

12:1.2 would be observed to shoot off on an infinite r.,

12:2.2 millions of universes beyond the r. of your present

14:6.1 The r. of the activities of seven-circuited Havona is

15:1.1 Within the limited r. of the records, observations,

16:4.16 two realms in the vast r. of universe activities with

17:3.10 During the present universe age the space r. of the

20:5.7 but within the r. of my observation they always

21:3.1 A Creator Son is given the r. of a universe by the

22:6.3 they are therefore available for a great r. of duties.

24:6.2 after your vision r. is extended and you are freed

24:6.2 You are not always to be so limited in the r. of your

25:1.5 there are few limits to the r. of work these versatile

25:2.8 almost, but not quite, visible to the short-r. vision of

25:3.5 His power is very great, and the r. of his activities

29:1.1 would be invisible to the short-r. vision of mortals.

29:4.34 order of life which is simply beyond the r. of human

35:5.3 do not function through such a wide r. of activities.

35:6.2 is unlimited in the scope and r. of its deliberations

39:2.9 The “energy r.” of seraphim is wholly adequate for

39:4.16 material energy but beyond the r. of mortal vision;

40:10.2 beyond the boundaries of the space r. of the spirit

42:4.3 But their r. of action is enormously curtailed when

42:11.5 Linear gravity is the short-r. cohesive force of the

42:11.5 the forces of intra-atomic cohesion are the short-r.

43:1.5 Situated on the summit of the seventh highland r. are

44:0.18 one more group of spirit beings to your vision r.

44:1.1 With the limited r. of mortal hearing, you can

44:1.1 There is even a material r. of beautiful sound

44:1.1 There is a vastness of r. and a soul of expression,

44:3.2 They would be invisible to your short-r. vision,

46:5.10 And since morontia vision is of enormous r., you

49:2.21 both much higher and much lower than the life r. of

52:3.9 subsisting upon a wide r. of viands from the animal

55:4.8 changes have already been made in the r. of vision

58:2.1 both above and below the recognition r. of vision.

58:2.6 This temperature r. of from 65 to 70 degrees below

67:7.2 to every creature functioning within the affect-r. of

70:7.15 night police and otherwise functioned in a wide r. of

77:8.11 midwayers exist just outside the r. of mortal vision

81:2.9 for all natural phenomena not within the r. of their

82:2.4 the early taboos which defined the r. of sex liberties

93:0.1 emergency Sons, for they engage in an amazing r. of

93:0.1 Only the Life Carriers share this metamorphic r. of

94:4.8 possesses an unusual r. of flexible adjustment from

96:7.3 no other single collection covers such a great r. of

98:5.1 The Mithraic cult made its appeal to a wide r. of

106:2.3 a transaction in time and space involving a wide r.

107:3.9 undergone a training of tremendous scope and r..

108:4.3 long-r. observation unquestionably discloses that

109:7.8 Personalized Adjusters perform a wide r. of services

110:6.22 insuring the Monitor’s self-activity and increased r.

112:1.5 Personality has a perfected r. of cosmic dimensional

112:6.4 beings extending in r. from seraphim to Universal

113:5.5 the physical controllers, to function in a wide r. of

118:6.5 Man cannot choose beyond the r. of that which is

118:6.7 The entire r. of human will is strictly finite-limited

118:7.1 The Gods have wisely limited the r. of the action

118:7.3 certain r. of choice with which immature creatures

118:8.5 subspiritual choice r. of such uncultured creatures.

118:9.1 media operate directly to limit the r. of finite action.

118:9.2 free will; there are limits to his r. of choice, but

128:6.12 It was difficult for his friends to comprehend the r.

128:7.1 conscious that he possessed a wide r. of potential

139:3.4 James was able to understand a wide r. of human

149:4.6 should cultivate a wide r. of cultural familiarity with

154:2.5 educational solving of a wide r. of real problems.

163:2.8 There is a certain r. of the freedom of choice which


43:1.5 Situated on the summit of the seventh highland r.

60:3.2 vast north and south mountain r. extending from

60:3.3 Now the Pacific coast r. was beginning to elevate,

60:3.6 line of the present California coast-r. mountains.

60:4.2 factor in determining the location of a mountain r. is

60:4.4 The present front r. of mountains is what is left of

60:4.4 the remains of the original r. which was re-elevated.

77:5.10 belt lying in the lower foothills of the Kopet r.,

122:6.1 hills of southern Galilee save the Mount Tabor r.


7:6.6 the Trinity Teacher Sons, who r. the grand universe

15:6.14 they r. in size from planetesimals to enormous

16:3.17 multiple functions of the Seventh Master Spirit r.

19:1.3 They r. the central and superuniverses, and an

20:1.12 They r. the universe of universes from the shores

21:4.1 They r. from the initial experience up through five

22:1.14 but their trinitized associates r. the grand universe,

24:0.11 the Personal Aids r. the universe of universes.

26:3.7 They r. the Paradise-Havona system as bearers of all

28:7.1 r. from the shores of Paradise to the evolutionary

37:6.1 these overseers r. the local universe as inspectors of

38:5.4 When once seraphim are commissioned, they may r.

39:2.3 They r. the local universe gathering information of

48:3.2 In service they r. from the lowest mansion worlds of


61:7.14 The mammoth, until a late date, r. from Mexico to

77:1.6 They r. far and wide, studying and observing the

124:1.9 climate of Palestine r. from the frigid to the torrid.

rangessee rangesmountain

0:4.2 1. Undeified reality r. from the energy domains of

0:5.1 Personality is a level of deified reality and r. from the

12:1.15 fifty million light-years beyond the outermost r. of

39:4.18 Mortal forms are there so modified and human r. of

42:12.13 encountered all r. of material, mindal, and spiritual

49:2.20 Mortal stature r. from here on up through the

49:2.21 Twelve per cent belong to the higher temperature r.,

101:0.1 Religion r. from the primitive fear slavery of the

129:4.4 The Son of Man experienced those wide r. of human


41:10.3 and collisional worlds are without extensive mr..

43:1.1 there are no rugged mr. such as appear on Urantia.

46:2.1 On Jerusem you will miss the rugged mr. of Urantia

60:3.11 elevation, which culminated in present-day mr.,

60:3.12 the long Pacific coast mr. were completed, but

61:4.1 Mr. were born, streams changed their courses, and


0:4.3 reality embraces all of infinite Deity potentials r.

5:6.3 all creatures who possess a mind endowment r.

16:9.7 other personality, r. from the human to the divine.

20:8.3 They conduct an agelong course of training, r. from

27:5.3 the vast network of the recording angels, r. from the

45:7.6 election by any one personality has a value r. from

47:2.3 in families of five, r. in ages from one year and under

47:2.5 reared in families of five, r. in ages from six to

48:4.9 they are a recruited corps embracing beings r. from

52:1.1 evolution varies greatly on the different worlds, r.

56:10.1 realization of the reality of God the Sevenfold, r.

58:2.1 in upon Urantia embracing wave lengths r. both

60:2.8 invertebrate life of the oceans, their average size r.

72:7.11 The government levies a graduated inheritance tax r.

112:1.1 r. from the lowly finite to the highest absonite,

112:7.9 further growth and development, ever r. upward

113:3.2 agencies and influences of the Infinite Spirit, r. from

115:4.3 infinity encompasses all things r. from the lowest and

117:6.12 Supreme Creator Personalities, r. from the Master

128:2.1 Jesus now had brothers and sisters r. in ages from

ranksee rank and file

35:8.4 Lanonandeks. Of the highest r. there were 709,841.

35:8.7 Lanonandeks serve continuously in the r. assigned.

44:0.4 any being below the r. of inherent divine sonship.

45:2.3 his brother of superior authority and antecedent r..

59:5.16 is the pressure-modified remains of the r. vegetation

82:2.3 been in good standing above the scale of r. savagery.

121:3.9 people were generally content with their social r..

122:5.1 advancement from the r. of carpenter to the role of

rank and file

93:3.4 To the r. of his followers he made no effort to

95:5.12 The r. of the agricultural laborers never grasped his

96:2.5 the religion of the r. of the Hebrew captive slaves

98:2.3 r. of the progeny of the slaves of former generations

121:1.8 and impoverished class embraced the r. of humanity.

195:6.4 materialistic in their philosophy, but the r. still lean


66:2.2 Daligastia r. as an assistant at the time of his


101:3.9 poise in the face of maltreatment and the r. injustice.


24:5.3 They are among the highest r. personalities

25:0.1 R. intermediately in the family of the Infinite Spirit

37:2.8 The two attending superangels are the r personalities

90:1.1 The shaman was the r. medicine man, the focus


17:1.8 choose representatives from their r. to serve for

19:5.4 the Solitary Messengers, whose r. are slowly but

20:8.2 Many of their assistants are drawn from the r. of

25:4.2 The Technical Advisers are recruited from the r. of

25:8.1 recruited from the r. of the seraphim, seconaphim,

26:1.10 others ascend to the r. of the Technical Advisers.

29:3.4 There is no evolution in their r., and this is true of

38:6.3 All r. of angels are subject to his sovereignty; they

38:9.13 midway creatures will be mustered into the r. of the

39:8.6 Guardians of destiny are drawn from the r. of the

40:9.9 r. of those who await the eternal Deity adventure.

44:8.3 There is no caste in the r. of spirit artisans.

50:4.13 remained loyal, deserting the r. of Caligastia.

53:7.6 over one third followed their chief into the rebel r..

53:7.8 The greatest loss occurred in the angelic r., but most

70:1.11 4. Slaves–need of recruits for the labor r..

70:8.8 the wage earner could elect to join the capitalistic r..

72:11.1 as “guardians of civilization” in seven r.,

76:5.1 eligible for admission to the r. of the sleeping

78:8.4 conquerors of Mesopotamia carried in their r.

78:8.10 the Sumerians had become absorbed into the r. of

80:5.6 who were not quickly absorbed into their own r.,

81:5.3 guild of earth workers, admitting to its r. only the

83:6.5 to attain membership in the r. of those ideal sex

95:6.2 consigned them to the r. of the demons of which

112:4.5 1. Be mustered into the r. of vanished Monitors for

112:5.10 may be assigned to the r. of the sleeping survivors

138:2.9 with finances, Nathaniel invited him to join their r..

139:4.5 the arbitrary young man who joined the r. of Jesus’

139:5.10 the kingdom outside of the immediate Jewish r.,

162:1.5 of the secret division of sentiment in their own r..

178:1.2 groups of believers to maintain order in their r.

183:3.4 those in the front r. fell suddenly backward.


44:1.6 of morontia color tones; this r. among the highest

112:7.12 this unique combination of God and man r. as an


89:7.1 to end human sacrifices by inaugurating the r. as a

89:9.1 These early ideas of r., redemption, and covenants

92:3.2 worship, survival after death, sacrament, ritual, r.,

96:7.7 from going down in the pit, for I have found a r..’

131:2.13 God of heaven says: ‘I will r. you from the grave;

188:4.3 Jesus did not die to r. man from the clutch of the

188:4.8 whole idea of r. and atonement is incompatible

188:4.13 This entire idea of the r. of the atonement places

194:2.8 presently became a new gospel of the r. which had


89:0.1 The soul must be r.; a scapegoat must be provided.

124:5.4 “son of the commandment” and the r. first-born of


188:4.7 hardly proper to speak of Jesus as a sacrificer, a r.,


89:7.4 sex relations with a woman thus engaged in r. her

Rantowocwise man of the red race

113:2.2 first mortal to secure a personal guardian was R.,


41:2.1 systems of Sandmatia, Assuntia, Porogia, R., and

53:6.5 for help to Edentia from the near-by system of R.;


26:3.8 a thousand years for your most r. telegraphic

36:5.7 the phenomenon of quick reasoning, r. judgment,

42:8.4 alternations of energy status are so unbelievably r.

51:5.6 a succession of r. strides in civilization and racial

51:6.1 expansion of culture and to the r. improvement of

57:3.3 The r. revolutions of this enormous central core

57:7.4 Earth’s r. gain over the moon in size enabled it to

58:1.2 Neither can we provide for a r. life development

59:5.3 of the r. and world-wide decline in marine life and

60:3.20 the herbivorous dinosaurs, whose r. increase was

61:2.1 the further and r. evolution of placental mammals,

71:1.22 expected when a state undergoes too r. extension

72:7.4 The r.-transit facilities, which make it practical to

79:7.5 further and r. development of the latent tendencies of

81:6.22 the too r. invention of new types of laborsaving

81:6.30 problems resulting from the r. growth of invention

83:7.8 worse situations during the ages of the r. growth of

121:5.6 r. spread of the vastly superior Christian teachings,

132:0.4 powerful impetus to the r. spread of Christianity

132:0.5 setting of the stage for the r. spread of Christianity

145:2.14 The Sabbath was just the time for the r. spreading of

148:3.5 observed his features undergo r. and multitudinous

160:1.3 The more r. the changes in social usage, the more

194:2.9 sonship with God in any way interfere with the r.


72:7.4 The r. facilities, which make it practical greatly to


87:7.5 adjustable cult have favored r. of social progression.

147:5.7 The important thing is not the r. of your progress


41:3.4 these fiery spheres r. contract, condense, and cool.

41:3.9 some double stars the tides caused by r. changing

41:7.2 your sun is almost 6,000 degrees, but it r. increases

42:2.12 space-energy r. passes from the puissant to the

42:5.15 produces a wavelike reaction to the passage of r.

49:1.6 Mice reproduce much more r. than elephants, yet

49:1.6 yet elephants evolve more r. than mice.

57:2.3 this new material system which was so r. evolving.

57:6.10 and was still growing r. by meteoric accretion.

57:8.2 as volcanoes r. decreased, earthquakes made their

57:8.25 these waters were r. attaining that degree of saltiness

58:1.7 just such a distribution of the earth’s waters was r.

58:2.5 heat would be lost by radiation so r. that life would

59:3.5 The trilobites r. declined, and the center of the stage

59:4.13 The earth was being r. overrun by the new orders of

59:4.13 quickly spread over the face of the r. rising land in

59:6.8 frogs reached their climax and r. declined, but

59:6.10 entitled to function as the ancestors of the more r.

60:1.9 They developed r., soon yielding crocodiles, scaled

60:1.10 These r. evolving reptilian dinosaurs soon became

60:1.12 The marine life was meager but improved r. with the

60:3.17 especially in North America, they r. multiplied.

60:4.5 influence during a previous age, also r. declined.

61:1.9 Mammalian life was evolving r..

61:2.2 The angiosperms were the principal food of the r.

61:3.9 The Atlantic coast of North America r. cooled, but

61:3.10 was soon destroyed by the r. increasing cat family.

61:5.7 But from this time forward they were r. reduced in

64:1.7 returned to mate with the r. expanding Andonic

64:4.7 Alps and, upon the retreat of the glacier, again r.

64:7.6 were driven by the r. increasing yellow race onto the

65:2.12 These mammals developed r. and in many different

68:2.11 the legitimate social aims of self-maintenance are r.

68:4.5 the ruinous maladjustment of a too r. advancing

69:5.12 wants were r. added to the original food hunger.

70:2.9 but it is r. becoming culturally bankruptincapable

72:5.10 in industry, but today it is being r. displaced by other

72:5.10 Among this people public service is r. becoming

79:8.4 had been the world’s most r. progressing civilization.

80:4.4 later waves moved so r. that they reached Europe as

80:7.6 last era of art perished beneath the weight of the r.

80:8.4 These tribes deteriorated r. as they moved away

81:3.7 accelerated by the r. developing arts and sciences of

81:3.8 Africa was occupied by the r. multiplying mixed

81:6.43 the r. expanding culture of the twentieth century.

81:6.44 was slow since one generation could not so r. benefit

87:7.5 truth has grown r. when the cult has been elastic,

91:1.4 It early becomes a dialogue and r. expands to the

95:5.8 Ikhnaton r. expanded the concept of right doing to

95:5.15 of spiritual growth in the Nile valley was r. passing

96:6.1 Moses his lofty concept of Yahweh r. deteriorated.

96:6.1 the common people r. reverted to the older idea of

98:3.2 the influence of the r. spreading Etruscan priesthood

99:0.3 Conditions of living alter so r. that institutional

99:1.4 all of these new and r. changing human situations.

99:2.6 difficult to adjust its attitude toward the r. shifting

99:7.2 midst of the confusions of a r. changing environment

103:7.7 facts, reason abdicates or else r. degenerates into a

109:5.3 But your unsteady and r. shifting mental attitudes

121:1.6 3. The r. spreading influence of Jewish religious

121:1.7 and a great era of trade and travel was r. advancing.

121:5.6 These religions r. became the accepted belief of

122:5.2 career of her eldest son, which was so r. unfolding

122:10.2 work, and their small savings were r. disappearing.

124:3.3 responsibilities r. multiplied in the life of this youth.

126:1.1 Jesus was r. developing into an expert carpenter and

127:6.12 Jesus is r. becoming a man, not just a young man

128:7.5 Jesus was r. preparing for the day when he could

129:1.15 days of his earth pilgrimages were r. approaching.

135:8.5 Being engrossed with the details of r. baptizing

139:8.3 Thomas was r. losing faith in his fellow men when

145:0.1 The news that Jesus had returned r. spread

145:2.14 the report r. spread through Capernaum that Jesus

148:4.7 a perfect Adam and r. degenerating, through sin,

149:0.4 r. enlarging and extending work of the kingdom.

158:1.5 the five thousand, and then it r. fell almost to zero.

160:1.3 if man becomes so ingenious that he more r. adds to

170:2.25 the r. expanding and crystallizing Christian church.

170:5.2 influenced by the then r. spreading notions of Greek

190:4.2 many appearances to his followers are spreading r.,

194:4.6 Christ was about to become the creed of the r.

194:4.10 This Jesus sect was growing r., and once more the

194:4.10 during which the new gospel about Jesus spread r.

195:3.7 struggle and compromise, to take root and r. spread.


85:2.5 the superstitious practice of r. on wood perpetuate


29:0.11 On certain r. occasions you will have dealings with

37:8.10 Supernaphim perform certain r. and unique services;

44:4.8 The oratory of the spirit world is one of the r. treats

50:3.6 a r. chapter in the career of an ascending mortal.

52:4.10 such an epoch is much shorter and in r. instances

57:6.4 Collisions among the giants of space are r. indeed,

61:4.2 feet, are more or less colored, and fossils are r..

83:5.10 status and all the children equal, has been very r..

110:5.7 is pronounced by the guardian of destiny to be a r.

113:5.5 but their action in this capacity is very r..

114:7.9 are little known to their fellows except in those r.

124:2.5 Jesus possessed a r. and understanding sympathy

129:4.4 He was a child of joy and a being of r. good humor;

130:3.7 This museum was not a collection of r. objects but

139:5.8 Philip had that great and r. gift of saying, “Come.”

139:6.4 seasons of profound philosophy and periods of r.

156:5.18 If you possess these r. and charming gifts, as the

158:2.5 were spiritually more fit to enjoy such a r. privilege.

163:6.3 Jesus experienced one of those r. moments of

172:1.5 large alabaster cruse of very r. and costly ointment


46:1.4 centers from which r. energies are projected upward

58:2.6 But temperature in such a r. atmosphere is hardly


1:3.2 r. may we gaze upon the visible manifestation of his

35:2.8 misadaptations in Melchizedek function have r.

35:5.4 But these Sons r. fall into error, and they have never

48:2.12 But they r. serve on the inhabited planets; neither do

55:5.2 degeneracy has disappeared, and delinquency is r.

109:2.10 that Adjusters very r. leave their mortal tabernacles

110:6.5 Adjusters are always near you and of you, but r. can

110:7.9 r. hear the Adjuster’s voice except in moments of

113:4.3 To accept the guidance of a seraphim r. means

122:5.2 Mary was usually cheerful, was very r. downcast,

128:3.9 His mother r. thought about his being a child of

141:7.13 The Master r. appeared to be surprised.

144:4.10 Master so r. uttered his prayers as spoken words.


15:8.6 suddenly converted into the r. form of energy,

41:7.15 disappearing suns become energy of the r. form,


55:5.2 has ceased to exist, and feeble-mindedness is a r..


75:5.7 Eve learned of the r. act of Serapatatia and did not

89:7.1 escape the worst results of their r. and foolish vows.

139:2.10 After his r. denials of the Master Peter found himself

139:8.7 so truly courageous but never r. or foolhardy;


128:6.7 not to allow himself again to be guilty of such r.,


12:4.14 velocity of the external universes increases at the r.

12:4.14 the unbelievable r. of more than thirty thousand

15:5.6 and if their revolutionary r. greatly accelerates,

15:5.7 this limit, unless it slows down in revolutionary r.,

23:3.3 the r. of 841,621,642,000 of your miles per second

25:2.11 Traversing space at the seraphic r. of triple velocity,

41:9.3 the giant suns lose matter at a prodigious r. during

41:10.3 Age, size, r. of revolution, and velocity through

42:7.3 The particles of radium fly off into space at the r. of

44:4.4 Our r. of reducing thought to a permanent record

49:0.4 Small ones having a high r. of axial revolution are

49:3.3 atmosphere of Urantia daily, coming in at the r. of

52:2.3 largely determines their r. of spiritual advancement

52:7.5 the reproductive r. of racial increase is intelligently

57:3.4 the increase in the r. of revolution further lessened

57:3.4 The ever-increasing r. of whirling was soon to throw

57:6.2 planetary orbits while acting as a brake on the r. of

57:6.8 on the planets and their satellites at a prodigious r..

57:7.6 the r. of meteoric bombardment is still tremendous

58:2.1 paid for at the r. of two cents per kilowatt-hour,

66:6.1 the r. of cultural expansion is determined by the

68:2.2 intelligence has contributed considerably to the r. of

69:5.8 one hundred per cent a year being the loan r. of

72:3.9 the present r. of divorces is only one tenth that of

72:10.2 The homicide r on this continent is only one per cent

81:6.9 inventive activities enormously accelerated the r. of

92:0.5 which accelerate the r. of religious development.

109:5.5 Heredity may interfere with the r. of personality

130:6.1 At any r. it affords me real pleasure to proffer my

185:1.9 Rome sent the second-r. Pilate to govern Palestine.


42:3.1 physical properties depends on the revolutionary r.

42:3.12 and their r. of revolution are greatly diminished.

72:5.5 1. Legal r. of interest on invested capital.

rathernon-exhaustive; seerather than

1:3.3 The situation r. is: “You cannot see my face, for

1:5.13 Personality is not simply an attribute of God; it r.

2:2.5 consists not in an assumed righteousness but r. in

2:4.5 Mercy is not a contravention of justice but r. an

3:0.3 Creatorship is hardly an attribute of God; it is r.

3:1.12 R., having been endowed with the power of choice

3:2.6 the affairs of the universe in a detached way but r.

3:5.1 final authority by direct transmittal but r. through

4:2.7 R. are such observed imperfections merely the

6:3.4 R. should you realize that all the merciful

12:6.1 Stability is not the result of inertia but r. the product

13:0.7 the present universe age of the grand universer.,

14:5.10 r. to suggest to you that death is only the beginning

16:3.16 speaks in confirmation of Trinity attitudes or, r.,

16:7.6 Virtue is not mere knowledge nor wisdom but r. the

20:6.7 demands of “stern justice” or “divine wrath,” but r.

23:2.11 not to appear boastful of their perfection, but r. to

26:7.5 spiritual luminosity of the Trinity, r. to afford all

26:11.5 R. should such manifestations of mercy and

27:4.1 formalities nor the dictations of artificial castes but r.

28:6.20 or “overthrows a nation,” but r. “he who subdues

39:1.7 but r. to adjudicate honest differences of opinion and

39:1.11 morontia ascent, but r. at the bottom of the ladder of

39:3.3 desires, but r. the true longings of the inner man,

39:4.5 to defeat or to delay justice but r. to insure that

41:3.4 When upwards of thirty times its sizer. thirty times

44:8.2 addition to this natural ability, or r. supplemental

46:2.5 R. is there a creative adaptation which foreshadows

48:2.1 but they r. make possible the transition environment

50:4.11 r. sudden and most inglorious end by Caligastia’s

52:2.6 life begins to replace tribal organization or r. to be

53:7.9 the finaliter cultural planet but r. sought to corrupt

57:5.6 vast column of solar gases, r. pointed at both ends

57:5.12 R., they travel in the plane of the Angona solar

59:1.5 mountains, or r. high elevations of land, rose along

62:5.6 were r. well scarred up by the time they were twelve.

64:4.13 They r. lived in fear of the dark; they had a mortal

64:7.16 An amalgamated race of r. superior potential

66:7.19 Work with the soil is not a curse; r. is it the highest

68:1.1 R. did the early races learn by sad experience that “in

68:1.4 but r. as a result of the organization of intelligent

68:1.6 That contemporary cultural society is a r. recent

70:2.19 Do not make the mistake of glorifying war; r. discern

71:1.22 consisted not in these reforms themselves but r. in

71:2.8 r. comparative and advancing practical adjustment.

72:7.5 Most of the states assess a r. heavy bachelor tax,

75:4.5 that Eve should surely not die but r. live anew in

76:5.7 it is r. that the evil and sin on Urantia afforded the

79:1.1 they were, r., the continual drifting of the Andite

79:2.2 they are r. the most inferior southern and eastern

81:5.3 R. is it an exalted and ever-advancing guild of

84:4.3 friend, lover, and partner but r. a piece of property,

86:4.5 eternity; they r. thought of recurring incarnations.

87:4.3 idea lies not in its reality or reasonableness but r. in

87:5.6 was not debasement of ego but r. an attempt to foil

88:4.5 not by meditation, but r. through long experience,

89:8.6 a new device for insuring against bad luck or, r.,

89:10.4 It does not mark man as mean but r. sets him apart

90:2.1 function of a shamanic medicine man; it was, r.,

91:8.13 is not a technique of escape from conflict but r. a

92:2.4 r. are the forms of religion dictated by racial morality

92:3.1 to discover truth, but r. to promulgate their creeds.

92:3.3 any idea lies, not in its certainty or truth, but r. in the

93:3.3 even Abraham r. regarded this symbol as standing

94:6.6 man seeks not to retain truth for himself but r.

94:8.8 r. was his teaching designed to picture to mortal

94:8.19 not a fraternity of believers but r. a community of

98:2.10 they r. craved promises of salvation, coupled with

98:7.1 reconcile an angry God but r. to win all mankind to

100:1.3 Growth is not indicated by mere products but r. by

100:1.9 subconscious realms of human intellect; r. does it

100:6.1 Religion is not a specific function of life; r. is it a

101:1.4 not by sight and feeling, but r. by faith and insight.

101:1.4 or in the finding of a unique experience, but r. in

101:1.4 Religion is, r., a profoundly deep and actual

101:1.7 merely lead men to want to believe in God, but r.

101:5.14 insight operate in the place of faith and truth or, r.,

101:10.5 of religion is not to satisfy curiosity about God but r.

101:10.8 a slavish part of the mathematical cosmos but r. a

101:10.9 Now, r., are the sons of God enlisted together in

102:2.2 personal prerogatives but r. the outworking of that

102:2.8 r. when religion is permitted truly to possess the

102:3.4 not to disclose that he has found God, but r. to allow

103:2.1 But the “birth” of religion is not sudden; it is r. a

103:2.3 not to do with sex, guilt, or personal pride, but r.

103:8.5 by the uncertainty of the doubting materialist; r.

104:3.15 not a functional unanimity; r. is it undivided Deity.

106:5.3 R. do trinities encompass personality and correlate it,

106:7.10 Such eventualities are r. remote to say the least;

108:5.5 not interested in making the mortal career easy; r.

108:6.3 but r. to the gift of the spirit presence of the Father

110:2.3 not trying to control your thinking, as such, but r. to

111:1.8 R. does he actively, positively, and co-operatively

111:2.3 the qualities or attributes of mind and spirit but r. in

112:5.8 We had r. assume the risk of a system rebellion than

113:4.1 operating from within and through the soul, but r.

113:5.3 r. that angels are not directly concerned with your

114:5.4 This r. loosely organized and somewhat

116:4.10 not creating these paths of divinity attainment; r. are

117:5.2 R. are such personalities progressively augmented by

118:7.2 It r. indicates the foreordained trend of the cosmos

118:9.6 not be thought of as limiting the action of Deity; r.

120:2.7 R. shall your life in the flesh on Urantia be the

120:4.2 Christ was not God in association with man but, r.,

123:6.9 he r. felt he should remain at home “with my father

130:3.7 museum was not a collection of rare objects but r.

133:7.12 r. is such peace attained by the stalwart assertion

135:9.5 John r. decided, with the minority, that Jesus had

136:4.4 the divine minds, or r. the first real functioning of

136:4.5 R. was this a season for thinking over the whole

136:4.10 not a period of great temptation but r. the period

137:1.6 but r. at all times concern yourselves only with

137:4.6 R. are we here to wait upon the will of our Father

137:4.9 already saidor r. desirefully thoughttoo much.

137:6.5 kingdom is not to come with glamor, but r. must it

137:8.13 kingdom is not a matter of meat and drink but r. a

138:3.6 they who are whole need not a physician, but r.

139:5.8 children not “Go do this and go do that,” but r.,

140:1.3 strength of armies nor in the might of riches, but r.

140:1.4 says, ‘Lord, Lord,’ but r. he who does the will of my

140:4.6 are not derived from not doing wrong but r. from

140:5.11 It is r. an attitude of man co-operating with God

140:5.15 Jesus r. admonished his apostles to love men as he

140:6.2 I come not to transgress the law but r. to write

140:6.6 not to reform the kingdoms of this world but r. to

140:10.3 but r. to create a high spiritual and inspirational

142:4.2 r. shall all be concerned with one supreme duty.

143:2.6 it is not a duty but r. your exalted privilege to

143:2.7 you are no longer the bondslaves of self but r. the

143:7.4 prayer is not designed to increase knowledge but r.

145:2.4 to reveal the Father to the children of Israel, but r. to

145:4.2 the body, but r. that he is mighty to save the soul.

145:5.6 come seeking not for truth and salvation but r. in

146:4.4 See that you tell no man about your healing but r.

147:0.2 Herod r. believed these members of his own

147:5.7 not the rapidity of your progress but r. its certainty

147:8.4 The Father r. desires that you draw out your heart

148:6.10 that the Father does not thus reveal himself, but r.

149:5.4 “Seek not for false peace and transient joy but r. for

149:5.5 Jesus r. looked upon this world as the birth sphere of

150:2.2 Andrew had imposed r. strict rules upon his

150:4.2 body, but who are not able to destroy the soul; r.

150:5.5 not to be saved because you live a righteous life; r.

151:4.1 R. let them both grow together until the time of

152:5.4 sought not entrance into the kingdom but r. sought

153:2.4 but have r. proclaimed new liberty for man’s fear-

153:2.6 No, but r. that you might have more bread for

153:2.7 hanker not after the meat which perishes but r. seek

153:3.5 the mouth that spiritually defiles the man, but r. that

154:6.7 “No, r. is the one blessed who hears the word of

154:6.12 Admonish them to find no offense in me but r. to

155:4.2 if I choose r. to answer Thomas’s question.

155:6.12 the child I commend to you but r. the spiritual

155:6.18 but r. shall your religion become the fact of real

156:5.5 again I say to you, be not overcome by evil but r.

157:2.2 the fear of a dead religion that will save you but r.

157:2.2 merely to bring peace but r. to insure progress.

157:6.4 Jesus r. taught that the spirit was easy victor over

158:7.4 not on my side but r. on the side of our enemy.

158:7.4 Mind not the ways of men but r. the will of God.”

159:1.5 mercy to his fellow steward but r. had him cast in

159:4.6 but r. the confusing misinterpretation of these

159:5.8 his religion consisted in social service, but r. that

159:5.10 the practitioners of nonresistance to evil, but r.

159:5.10 followers patiently to bear their obligations but r.

160:3.1 Excitement does not augment energy; it r.

160:3.4 the locked door, would not destroy the door but r.

160:5.10 Think not that I have come to bring peace but r. a

162:2.1 should you not r. follow the light you already have

162:2.2 Judge not according to outward appearances but r.

163:3.2 r. should we recognize that with God all things are

163:6.2 but the r. rejoice that your names are written on

170:2.23 that sin is not the child of a defective nature but r.

170:3.11 improved social and material conditions, but r. in

170:5.7 The evil of the church was not its existence, but r.

172:1.6 reproved for that which she has this night done; r.

172:3.1 Lazarus that the villagers might believe, but r.

172:3.9 began to sing, or r. to shout in unison, the Psalm,

173:3.2 Pharisees and scribes, who believed John, but r.

174:5.9 R. will I say, and pray that you will join me: Father

179:5.4 Jesus r. sought to set man’s reborn soul free upon

180:1.2 r. do I bring you new joy and make it possible for

180:2.4 prayer is not a process of getting your way but r. a

181:1.2 but r. a ceaseless progression in grace, truth, and

181:1.5 see all this come to pass, be not dismayed, but r.

187:1.6 “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but r.

188:4.9 personal salvation but r. the unselfish urge to love

188:4.12 not the fact of his death but r. the superb manner

188:5.2 nor condonation, but r. eternal and loving salvation

188:5.11 R., make sure that you see in the cross the final

191:1.2 what you may obtain from the kingdom but r. be

191:5.3 not to love the souls of men, but r. to love men.

193:0.5 You should the r. be stirred in your hearts by the

194:2.4 found in your consciousness of this spirit but r. in

195:7.22 but r. like the curious, thinking, choosing, creative,

195:7.22 the universe like the art of the artist, but r. like the

195:10.5 r. the second mile of free service and liberty-loving

196:0.3 many new ideas about the Father in heaven, but r.

196:0.5 which he held as a sacred creed, but r. a sublime

196:0.13 disciples to believe in him but r. to believe with him,

196:1.5 imitate the outward life of Jesus in the flesh but r. to

rather than

16:7.6 by the consistent choosing of good r. than evil,

42:3.13 matter pertains to its organization r than to the forms

42:11.6 but that is a matter of philosophy r. than one of

43:9.4 rule in the kingdoms of men r. than in the hearts of

69:1.1 Man should control his institutions r. than permit

72:8.5 technical schools are co-ordinated with industry r.

74:8.13 were predicated upon a belief in retrogression r.

75:2.4 tendency to look upon immediate results r. than to

82:6.7 rest on social and cultural prejudices r. than on

82:6.11 degenerate strains of the civilized peoples r. than in

83:5.4 the time when marriage was a family affair r. than

86:2.4 content than of nature, of degree r. than of quality.

89:0.2 was insurance against ill luck r. than investment in

92:7.3 the best in their neighbors’ living spiritual faith r. to

93:5.3 with the appearance of Machiventa at Salem, r. in

95:2.2 It was political and moral, r. than philosophic or

95:2.5 ethical and moral ideals, r. than elaborate tombs,

95:3.5 political r. than religious circumstances that made

97:3.1 Baal was a socioeconomic clash of ideologies r. than

99:4.5 it is what one believes r. than what one knows that

99:5.7 on the basis of unity of ideals and purposes r. than

99:5.7 Goals r. than creeds should unify religionists.

99:5.7 “faith” stand for the individual’s relation to God r.

99:5.9 His religion was danced out r. than thought out.

100:5.9 consciousness toward the subconscious r. than in the

103:2.6 toward moral righteousness and social ministry, r.

104:3.16 A triunity is functional r. than organic.

104:3.16 Its members are partners r. than corporative.

110:1.1 envisaged as indwelling the mortal mind of man r.

110:3.4 the ideal life is one of loving service r. than an

115:2.1 order of a future possibility r. than a present actuality

123:0.5 preferred to take chances with Herod Antipas r.

124:2.6 those of his own age, or more nearly his age, r. with

130:6.3 ally in the solution of your life problems r. than

133:5.6 in the equation r. than the simple arithmetical sum.

136:1.3 national gloryIsrael’s temporal exaltationr. than

137:7.7 and Sadducees were religious parties, r. than sects.

139:4.13 devoted to the social service of mankind” r. than

139:4.13 John taught loving service r. than ruling power

140:3.14 Be willing to suffer injustice r. than to go to law

140:5.1 to manifest fatherly love r. than brotherly love.

144:2.4 to give in accordance with parental wisdom r. than

145:5.6 because of the healing of their physical bodies r.

147:0.2 and did most of their public preaching in Galilee r.

149:1.5 healing was desired for its spiritual benefits r. than

149:6.5 are led to praise the Infinite for what he is r. than

153:3.6 “Salvation is a matter of clean hearts r. than of

154:2.1 on their contention of congregational autonomy r.

155:5.13 as defended by the Pharisees at Jerusalem, r. than

156:5.5 delivered through spiritual transformation r. than

158:8.1 minus many of the beloved things of life r. than to

162:0.2 R. than dispute, let us journey over to the little

167:5.1 the publican went home with God’s approval r.

170:5.17 Christ thus became the head of the church r. than the

179:5.4 Jesus took great pains to suggest his meanings r.

184:1.2 Jesus might choose to leave the country r. than to

195:7.1 r. than attempting the overthrow of religious faith

196:2.7 a confession of what he demanded of himself r.

196:2.9 Jesus saw most men as weak r. than wicked, more


93:6.6 this rite in token of the r. of the Salem covenant.


72:7.9 after both houses of the industrial congress have r.


25:1.4 the established r. yields three spiritual beings to one

31:1.3 received into the corps in the r. of one in a thousand

31:1.5 The Havona natives are also received, in the same r.,

42:7.8 This same comparative r. of electronic behavior in

68:5.1 the mores is always dependent on the land-man r..

68:5.10 Agriculture more than quadrupled the land-man r. of

68:6.1 The land-man r. underlies all social civilization.

68:6.5 industrial population slightly under the land-man r..

79:8.2 while a population well below the land-man r. for

81:6.11 beyond the optimum of the normal man-land r.


16:6.10 which make it possible for man to function as a r.

28:6.5 credit is established for the survival of each r.

89:2.3 Sin was ritual, not r.; an act, not a thought.

90:4.9 The Greeks were the first to evolve truly r. methods

94:3.4 philosophers failed to evolve a r. personal approach

101:1.5 the creation of a wholly r. insight which originates

101:2.1 religious experience of r. and average human beings.

101:10.4 affords him a r. hope of achieving safe conduct

102:7.1 self-explanatory; he actually lives in every r. mortal

115:1.1 be unable to form the first r. thought pattern,

115:1.1 frames for creature thought are indispensable to r.

115:1.4 neither can a finite creature offer a r. reason for his


103:1.4 R. is wrong when it assumes that religion is at first


101:1.5 While religion is not the product of the r.

103:6.14 the world of matter, it becomes r. or naturalistic.


101:5.9 Neither logic (r.) nor emotion (feeling) is essentially


88:2.2 modern religions represent an attempt to r. the fetish

195:9.6 threatens to dominate him, he invariably tries to r.,


16:4.15 can hardly be reasonably explained or r. understood


122:7.3 Mary prepared double r. and made ready for the

Rattathe last pure-line descendant of Princes staff


77:5.5 This woman, R., said that her ancestors were all

77:5.5 Ratta was the last of her race, having no living

77:5.5 Ratta had about decided not to mate, had about

77:5.5 die without issue, but R. lost her heart to Adamson

77:5.5 And when she heard the story of Eden, how the

77:5.5 as she listened to the recital of the Garden default,

77:5.5 she was encompassed with but a single thought

77:5.6 Adamson and R. had a family of sixty-seven

77:5.6 R. was greatly perturbedeven superstitiousbut

77:5.7 Every seven years Adamson and R. journeyed south

77:5.8 Adamson and R. had at their command this corps of

77:5.9 thousand years from the times of Adamson and R..

80:7.3 by Sato, a direct descendant of Adamson and R..

122:1.2 Ruth, Bathsheba, Ansie, Cloa, Eve, Enta, and R..


71:0.1 society’s net gain from the r. and sufferings of war.

81:6.12 You are sometimes shocked at the r. of war, but you

134:5.13 The forty-eight states suffer the r. of war only

134:6.8 sovereignty which could protect them from the r. of

194:3.12 Urantia has passed through the r. of great wars in


140:3.19 clothing, while on the inside they are as r. wolves.


165:5.2 consider the r.; they sow not neither reap, they


173:5.5 pitched their tents in the hillside r. overlooking the

182:2.12 with Peter, James, and John, into a near-by r.,

182:3.1 James, and John, went a short way up a near-by r.

183:3.9 Jesus’ followers fled in haste back into the r..

183:3.10 those who had fled up the r. were returning, and

186:3.1 he early removed some five or six tents up the r.


188:1.1 In their r. they sought violently to take possession of


94:2.4 Mortal desire and human ambition were r. and


63:6.7 almost entirely reverted to the use of r. flesh.

69:6.7 Fire led to cooking, and “r. eaters” became a term of

70:11.6 The mores were the r. material of accumulated

81:3.2 The increase in trade and in the manufacture of r.

90:4.8 the values of r. cocoa and quinine were among the

raysee X-ray

58:3.2 This short-r. energy charge of universe space is four

rayssee X-rays

41:9.1 These helper r. penetrate all space and are

42:5.1 The sun’s r. constitute four octaves in the scale,

42:5.1 the visible r. embracing a single octave, number

42:5.1 followed by the gamma r. of radium.

42:5.1 outer-space energy r. so frequently commingled

42:5.1 appear the infrared r., and thirty octaves below are

42:5.3 1. Infraultimatonic r.the borderland revolutions of

42:5.4 2. Ultimatonic r.. The assembly of energy into the

42:5.4 will undoubtedly detect the phenomena of these r.

42:5.4 These short and powerful r. represent the initial

42:5.5 3. The short space r.. These are the shortest of all

42:5.5 r. require extraordinarily high or low temperatures

42:5.5 There are two sorts of these space r.: one attendant

42:5.5 They emanate in the largest quantities from the

42:5.7 5. Gamma r.those emanations which characterize

42:5.9 7. The ultraviolet or chemical r. of sunlight and the

42:5.11 Infrared r.the slowing down of electronic activity

42:8.7 These mesotrons are found abundantly in the space r

46:1.5 Under such conditions of lighting, the light r. do

46:1.5 they just sift out of the sky, emanating equally from

49:2.22 react in different ways to the chemical r. of sunlight.

58:2.2 highly important and health-giving ultraviolet r.

58:2.4 sun pours forth a veritable flood of death-dealing r.,

58:3.1 by the emergence of flood tides of short space r. of

58:3.2 The output of short space r., whether coming from

58:3.3 These eventualities in the origin of the space r. are

58:3.4 germ plasm as are some of the longer r. of radiant

58:3.4 to all of this amazing flood of the short space r. of

74:4.1 There, under the r. of the mellow moon, hundreds

95:2.8 When the oblique r. of the sun were observed

95:2.8 they betokened the letting down of a celestial

176:0.2 observed the temple, glorified by the r. of the sun;


66:4.7 The r. bodies of this group were fully satisfied by a

74:0.1 ten days passed before they were r. in dual human

156:5.2 mind and then, in association with that r. mind,

160:1.14 that he shall become the r. child of the divine spirit


108:6.5 they are thus slowly and surely r. you as you really


24:7.8 when a servital undergoes transformation and r..


108:6.5 And all of these exquisite spirit r are being preserved


15:7.10 spirit culture wherein the pilgrims of time are r.


72:2.1 legislators for ten years, and none are eligible for r..

72:2.3 He is not eligible for r. except upon the petition of


60:4.4 had been long since leveled by erosion and then r..

60:4.4 left of the remains of the original range which was r..

61:3.3 The Sierras were well r.; in fact, they have been


38:8.6 advanced and senior cherubim and sanobim are r.

48:5.10 are r. by the Universe Mother Spirit, and from this


42:4.2 again may this same energy r and many times change


44:2.11 they function en masse, they are able to r. an age,

192:3.2 saw him r. the ordination scene even as when they


48:4.11 of depletion and are not, therefore, subject to r..


35:9.9 Only a bestowal Son can r. interplanetary lines of

46:7.4 fabricate new bodies in which the old spornagia r.

136:8.5 them since he had not come to r. David’s throne.


79:3.2 sea lanes and caravan routes r. these connections;

97:8.3 that God would abandon Israel unless they r. their

98:3.7 r. the state religion, appointed himself acting high

130:6.4 “This day, my son, you are to be reborn, r. as a

136:3.4 Gabriel now r. personal communication with the


134:5.9 trend by r. the submerged political sovereignty of


89:10.6 only received as the consciousness of r. of loyalty

140:8.1 a restoration of David’s throne and the r. of Israel


92:7.13 and this demand will compel religion to r. itself.


15:7.10 wherein the pilgrims of time are re-educated and r.


112:6.8 requires time for the mortal survivor to r. and relearn


43:8.2 While you are r. each time you pass from one major

48:2.21 you must be r. or advance-tuned, and it is the task of


48:2.22 spiritizing creation is effected by this selective r..


113:6.6 seraphim will repersonalize you and then r. you to


4:1.6 The divine r. extends around the circle of eternity.

8:1.11 It is enough of a r of the mind of the children of time

21:5.10 They possess a sympathetic r. which extends from

91:8.11 it is a meaningful r. by the human for superhuman

118:1.5 the self extends this r. ever further into both past and

158:5.2 of love, only the sincerity and r. of your faith.

160:5.1 farthest r. of our minds toward eternal possibilities

163:3.2 which is impossible to man is not beyond the r. of

177:4.11 glory when they were apparently within his easy r.

196:3.30 Religion is man’s magnificent r. for final reality,

reachverb; see reach out

0:3.20 technique of time-space reasoning in order to r. the

0:7.10 embarking upon the attempt to r. absonite levels of

3:5.11 surroundings stimulative of the irrepressible r. for

4:1.2 human race has struggled to r. its present position.

12:3.8 These investigators r. the amazing conclusion that

13:1.23 understand this mysterious transaction until you r.

16:3.19 and comprehend when they r. the centers of glory.

18:3.4 When you r. Paradise and search the written records

18:4.9 of the Perfections of Days before you r. Uversa.

19:7.4 the transport facilities in space that we can r. any

22:6.1 Certain of these Spirit- and Son-fused mortals r.

23:2.13 but not until you r. Havona will you recognize them

23:2.22 before an enseraphimed ambassador can r. this

23:2.23 hundreds of years for a native ambassador to r. a

24:6.7 pilgrims from our superuniverse would r. Havona.

25:8.5 If you, as an ascendant mortal, should r. Paradise

25:8.9 If an ascending mortal should r. the central

26:4.13 By the time you r. Havona, your sincerity has

26:5.4 fairly uniform for all ascenders who r. the central

27:3.2 by the time the mortals of ascent r. Paradise, they

28:7.2 not freely make use of their services until you r. the

30:4.24 Before spirit mortals r. Havona, their chief study is

32:3.10 and who, when they do r. the heights of glory, will

32:3.12 may conjointly attempt to r. the sublime heights

34:6.11 if you want to attain spirit levels and r. divine heights

34:6.11 if you sincerely desire to r. the eternal goal, then

37:10.5 mortals r. back and down to extend a helping hand

39:3.7 full guidance until you r. the brotherhood schools

40:8.1 this final surety of survival until they r. the last

44:5.9 your first lessons in these matters when you r. the

45:6.3 Thousands of mortals r. the mansion worlds

46:1.4 certain changes, until they r. the electric air-ceiling

47:5.2 When you r. mansion world number three, you are

48:3.18 You could r. Salvington without them, but you

48:5.6 When you r. the constellation, there are added the

55:4.2 larger groups of human beings r. the third cosmic

56:4.1 be fully unified personalities ere they r. Havona.

58:2.2 ultraviolet rays which now r. the earth’s surface,

64:7.1 of Arabia, was it possible for them to r. Africa.

67:6.9 This verdict failed to r. him because the planetary

76:1.1 full year for the caravan of Adam to r. the Euphrates

78:5.5 below the equator, but they did not r. Madagascar.

103:7.5 lead regardless of the conclusions which it may r..

108:2.1 Adjusters r. their human subjects on Urantia,

113:1.6 you r. the first or inner circle of relative contact with

118:10.19 Providence becomes discernible as men r. upward

123:2.3 efforts to r. a satisfactory solution of the problem

125:3.2 making inquiry of the last of the party to r. Jericho

129:4.4 human emotion which r from superb joy to profound

130:3.2 showing all who so desire the way to r. the harbor

132:0.10 r. the conclusion that the “tentmaker of Antioch”

141:4.3 When he failed to r. the minds of all of the apostles

143:3.1 cannot talk men out of perplexities when they r.

148:7.2 into a pit on the Sabbath day, would you r. down,

176:2.7 when you r. the end of your natural life and pass

177:5.2 When the rulers of the Jews r. an agreement to

183:3.4 before the traitor could r. him, he stepped to one

186:0.2 But the family of Jesus did not r. Bethany until

189:4.13 John, in great haste to r. the tomb and see these

192:1.3 himself into the water that he might the sooner r. the

196:3.34 soul-consciousness in a wholehearted effort to r. the

reach out

20:1.13 power of the Eternal Son which enables him to r.

91:8.1 in dire need, he experienced the impulse to r. out for

106:3.5 gravity and love r. out into time-organizing space,

132:4.6 Love your fellows and r. out for God with a whole

155:6.17 foster all such feeble attempts to r. out for him.

reachedsee reached out

35:3.11 even after you have r. your Paradise destination.

40:0.10 scale of living beings until it has r. the lowest order

40:10.4 We have r. the undoubted conclusion that the

41:3.5 double star explosion, the light of which r. Urantia in

41:5.1 the light-energy pressure r. the explosion point.

41:9.3 after the maximum of internal temperature is r.,

41:10.1 limits of solar cohesion were r. and a vast pinnacle

43:4.9 sentiment against the archrebels had r. the point

49:5.25 the ethical progress of a human race has r. the limits

52:3.1 when man has r. the apex of animal development,

52:4.8 The physical sciences have already r. their height

55:9.3 these unified constellations will have r. the position

57:3.5 until, eventually, the critical centrifugal stage was r.

57:3.12 the nebular apex of condensation tension was r.;

57:5.11 other ten planets soon r. the stage of solidification

57:8.22 The backbone of the Asiatic land mass r. a height of

59:4.3 The brachiopods early r. their climax, being

59:4.11 The lung and armored fishes r. an evolutionary apex,

59:6.8 Among the land animals the frogs r. their climax

60:2.1 Land-animal life r. its greatest development, in point

61:7.2 it r. to southern Illinois, displacing the Mississippi

61:7.5 But the central lobe r. south to cover most of the

61:7.9 150,000 years ago the sixth and last glacier r. its

62:1.2 These migrating tribes finally r. the salubrious

62:5.3 These first human beings r. full maturity at twelve

63:5.2 Before this extensive ice sheet r. France and the

64:4.3 greatly improved the work in flint until it almost r.

64:4.9 600,000 years ago the ice had r. its northernmost

64:4.12 culture of superstitious mankind r. its lowest levels.

64:7.17 And some of them r. Iceland, others Greenland,

64:7.18 They r. the continent about twenty-one hundred

67:6.7 forward the physical evolution of man until it r. that

74:4.1 r. a virtually unanimous conclusion that Adam

74:8.9 general usage for a long time after they r. Palestine.

76:0.2 Sansa were born before the Adamic caravan had r.

76:1.2 When word had r. the dwellers in the land of the

78:2.3 to deteriorate until it r. a natural evolutionary level.

78:2.4 the Adamites steadily deteriorated until it r. a state

78:5.7 in a fleet of small boats from Japan, eventually r.

78:5.7 none but the one hundred and thirty-two ever r.

79:5.9 notwithstanding that traces of Andite blood r. Peru.

80:1.3 that Egypt r. its lowest cultural level fifteen thousand

80:4.4 later waves moved so rapidly that they r. Europe as

80:9.7 the westward thrust of the Andonites r. Europe.

81:6.15 Only recently has Urantia r. that point where society

85:4.4 Fire reverence r. its height in Persia, where it long

85:6.5 But the worship of man by man r. its height when

93:7.2 while another traversed China and r. the Japanese

94:11.8 broad levels which the minds of the Buddhists r.,

96:6.2 but when they once r. the fertile lands of Palestine,

98:5.2 But by the time Mithraism r. Rome, it had become

117:6.21 will find the Supreme until all ascenders have r. that

122:3.2 both he and Mary r. the conclusion that they had

123:1.1 On the fourth day of the journey the party r. its

124:6.1 Jesus, having now r. the threshold of young

124:6.7 By nightfall they r. Jericho, where they remained

124:6.12 r. the place prearranged for their accommodation

124:6.13 later, as soon as Jesus r. the required age of fifteen.

125:0.3 From the time they left Nazareth until they r. the

125:2.11 for Jesus to return when he r. the age of fifteen

125:3.2 did not discover his absence until they r. Jericho

127:2.2 were making good headway until they r. Nazareth.

129:4.2 spiritual growthof the Son of Man well-nigh r.

130:8.4 At last they r. Naples and felt they were not far

133:3.1 By the time they r. Corinth, Ganid was becoming

134:0.1 he r. his final decision as to the remainder of his

135:8.1 when John r. the neighborhood of Pella in his

136:9.8 Jesus r. the conclusion that such utterances did not

137:1.6 Jesus was asleep when they r. his abode, but they

137:2.8 going by the village of Nain, r. Nazareth late that

150:0.1 Abner, with the apostles of John, r. Bethsaida and

150:6.3 Peter, the last to arrive, had r. the encampment

151:5.7 when Jesus and his associates r. the shore, they all

151:6.5 man crouching like an animal at his feet, r. down

152:0.1 cure of Amos, the Kheresa lunatic, had already r.

152:0.2 Shortly before they r. the ruler’s house, as they

152:4.3 John r. down and pulled Peter out of the sea.

153:5.2 worries, when they r. home, Jesus refused to eat.

154:3.2 On Saturday night, May 21, word r. Tiberias that

154:6.4 When they r. the Zebedee house, Jesus was in the

156:6.2 They r. Zebulun on Sunday, the 31st, holding a

157:6.1 When they r. Caesarea-Philippi, the treasury was

158:0.1 when Jesus and his associates r. the foot of Mount

158:1.3 They r. their destination, about halfway up the

158:1.10 he r. down and touched them, saying: “Arise and

164:0.2 They r. Jericho about half past four and prepared to

165:1.2 the interest in his message had r. a high point,

167:4.1 This message r. Jesus at the close of the evening

168:0.3 runner brought back Tuesday when he r. Bethany.

168:0.6 When Martha had thus spoken, Jesus r. down and

168:5.2 permitting himself to rest long until Lazarus had r.

169:0.2 Word regarding the resurrection of Lazarus had r.

169:1.8 And when the young man had r. this decision, he

171:3.4 They had r. the conclusion that Jesus might, in an

172:5.4 as to what would happen when they r. the temple.

172:5.6 By the time they r. the temple, he was perturbed

172:5.7 Nathaniel reasoned it out, before they r. the temple

172:5.9 By the time they r. the temple, Thomas had

172:5.13 a certain episode which occurred just as Jesus r.

173:1.3 money to meet the temple dues after they had r.

177:0.4 The Master smiled on John and r. to take the basket.

177:3.3 Having r. these conclusions, he lost no time in

177:4.2 he had r. the conclusion that, while Jesus was a

178:1.8 help to make such a citizen the more easily r. by

178:2.8 When the apostles r. the city, they met the man with

182:0.2 engage in open comment about Judas until they r.

182:3.4 As he r. down to shake them that he might awaken

183:2.1 By the time the apprehenders r. the Mark home,

185:5.1 the tetrarch must have r. the same conclusion

186:0.2 By the time Mary and John r. the city, Jesus,

192:1.10 so that, when they r. Bethsaida, Zelotes forsook his

192:4.5 Just a few hours before he r. home, his father,

194:4.11 In one of Stephen’s public sermons, when he r.

reached out

77:3.1 they had r. out to intermarry with the Andonite

187:4.2 When this thief r. out for salvation, he found

reachessee reaches out

15:5.7 When a sun r. this limit, unless it slows down in

18:7.5 in the long administrative-advisory chain which r.

27:7.4 hundreds of years for the average mortal who r.

41:4.7 These enormous suns have an extending fringe that r

51:0.1 primitive man r. the limit of natural evolutionary

69:8.12 today man r. back, discarding the help of slaves and

94:3.1 most noble r. of the mortal mind into the domains of

101:1.7 man finally r. that position of mind and that attitude

103:7.3 But as ascending man r. inward and Paradiseward

103:9.2 and, in its nonmaterial r. toward the spirit realms,

106:1.3 The divinity ministry of the Sevenfold r. inward

108:6.4 the external and physical stimulus, which r. the mind

115:3.4 Though man’s spiritual nature r. up in the worship

118:1.5 As the self matures, it r. further and further back into

reaches out

39:5.14 he r. and touches the near point of the seraphic

42:12.1 Mind always r. towards: 1. Creation of material

56:4.2 Personality inherently r. to unify all constituent

68:3.3 a new factor in civilization, a fear which r. and

118:1.4 As mind r. into the future, it is attempting to elevate

160:5.5 Religion r. for undiscovered ideals, unexplored

reachingsee far-reaching

0:5.8 the emotional life r. upward through worship and

4:3.5 to attain the spiritual levels they are capable of r.

5:6.5 even r. out for a realization of the Absolute.

26:5.3 But long before r. Havona, these ascendant children

29:0.11 of morontia power upon r. the mansion worlds.

30:4.31 On r. Paradise with residential status, you begin

31:3.4 Mortals become quartan or graduate spirits after r.

40:5.2 r. the limit of expression in the angelsthan whom

42:9.3 will change for six consecutive elements, but on r.

52:2.8 Upon r. the apex of biologic evolution, a high level

57:2.3 continued ever to whirl and, after r. its maximum of

58:2.1 —light is not the only solar contribution r. your

60:3.4 South America, eventually r. the present shore line.

62:4.5 splendid and superior animals, r. maturity at ten

64:6.6 But in a short time after r. the Americas, the red men

65:7.7 ministrythe phenomenon of the higher r. down

68:3.4 strain of society breaks down upon r. certain limits,

69:4.2 a wall wide enough to prevent the traders r. each

69:4.4 Any fugitive r. the market place was safe and secure

69:8.12 Civilization is r. back to firethe inorganic world

72:3.7 children must leave home on r. the age of thirty.

75:5.9 the Nodite settlement near Eden was not slow in r.

103:7.3 the God experience, he will likewise be r. outward

114:7.12 declining with the dilution of violet blood and r. its

117:3.6 his Adjuster develops new techniques for r. down

122:7.6 August 20 they resumed their journey, r. Jerusalem

124:6.1 They journeyed south toward Samaria, but on r.

124:6.3 Before r. the Jezreel junction, and as they journeyed

124:6.11 On r. the city, they journeyed past the temple,

125:6.11 Upon r. home, Jesus made a brief statement to his

136:6.4 In r. this conclusion in regard to the appetite of the

136:9.1 Jesus was r. the final decision which would forbid

137:1.1 he asked Jesus many questions, and just before r.

140:6.1 Sunday evening, on r. the home of Zebedee from the

143:3.3 Upon r. the top of the mountain, Jesus seated

144:2.2 praying is the sincere attitude of r. heavenward for

152:1.1 terribly impatient of this delay in r. his home; so

152:7.3 Immediately on r. home, Jesus dispatched

187:2.8 This left the tunic, or seamless vestment r. down to

195:10.5 the Jesusonian r. forth to grasp his brother in love


0:11.5 The Deity Absolute cannot, or at least does not, r. to

3:2.6 he does not r. to the affairs of the universe in a

12:6.6 nonpersonal ultimates appear to r. in accordance

25:4.19 Supremacy of Deity may be depended upon to r. in

30:4.12 have slept five thousand years will r. no differently

42:5.13 the eye can r. to just one octave, the whole light of

44:1.11 Mortals do not r. to the other forms of morontia

44:1.12 The majority of Urantia mortals r. to music so

49:2.22 These ten varieties r. in slightly different ways to the

65:6.9 Preintelligent organisms r. to environmental stimuli,

87:6.16 coercing the unwilling spirits to r. favorably toward

101:3.4 faith induces the mortal personality to r. to certain

102:2.3 Believers r. to this temporal life as if immortality

149:3.3 body and mindemotionallymen r. individually.

149:3.3 they r. uniformly to all spiritual appeals.

159:5.9 Jesus required his followers to r. positively and

160:5.2 When men r. to religion in the tribal, national, or

195:6.13 If men were only machines, they would r. more or


95:5.4 all of which r. unfavorably against his religious

117:6.4 has a universe meaning which is immediately r. to by

117:7.14 observable by all creature intelligences, r. to by all


3:5.6 which necessitates grappling with hardships and r. to

42:2.11 mighty-tensioned, and forcible-r. energygigantic

101:9.5 good and right technique of r. to the ever-recurring

160:5.1 I have regarded religion as man’s experience of r. to

160:5.2 religion is always and forever a mode of r. to the

173:3.4 Each one of the twelve was r. in his own peculiar

reactionsee reaction to

2:5.1 of the universe is always a r. of divine affection.

2:5.9 only one reasonable and natural personality r. thereto

3:1.10 defensive r. of the majority of the worlds to save

8:1.4 can physical gravity be measured except by the r.

12:3.9 researchers have explored the present r. capacity

12:6.6 the explanation of this unpredictable freedom of r.

12:6.6 the r. of an unidentified level of mind, or the

12:6.7 causation discloses the r. of the Absolutes, not only

12:7.3 might for any reason dictate another method of r.,

12:7.4 Law is the unchanging r. of an infinite, perfect,

13:4.4 The differing factor in spiritual presence, or r., is

14:2.3 the higher spiritual orders of r. response vary in

14:2.4 those worlds excite a r. in your gross sense organs.

15:6.13 attracting body or sun because of the electrical r. of

17:2.2 had personalized, then a new and far-reaching r.

17:2.5 the stupendous r. of the Deity Absolute was not

17:6.3 what is known as the “supreme r. of complement.

17:6.3 We do not comprehend the nature of this r., but

19:5.6 with the natives does not produce any such r..

28:6.2 Origin is the basis of the relational r. of the Gods.

34:1.1 there occurs a r. of approval in the Paradise Trinity

39:4.18 human ranges of light r. so extended that all are able

39:5.7 Suspicion is the inherent r. of primitive men;

41:8.1 energy is liberated by various complex nuclear-r.

41:8.1 most common is the hydrogen-carbon-helium r..

41:8.1 In this r. the ingoing hydrogen particles come

42:6.1 dimensions and established weightprecise gravity r.

42:8.2 This unnamed influence seems to be a space-force r.

44:1.13 rhythm stimulate the r. of the music-loving sense

56:9.4 the impersonal and co-ordinate r. of the Trinity

65:4.4 This chemical action and r. concerned in wound

70:1.1 hostility the automatic r. of the children of nature,

84:5.9 The r. of enlightened peoples from the inequitable

84:6.5 The differences of nature, r., viewpoint, and

86:2.6 whimsical and temperamental r. of the spirit world;

92:1.3 Religion arises as a biologic r. of mind to spiritual

92:2.6 the humanly conceived ideal of r. in any given set of

93:9.9 In their r. against national inferiority the Jews swung

94:2.6 the Brahmanic priesthood experienced a violent r.

94:3.2 was identified as creative energy and cosmic r..

100:4.1 initiate the choosing of new and better r. habits in

100:4.1 habits in the place of older and inferior r. patterns.

101:9.7 the affairs of his fellowsthe ethical r. of religion.

102:0.1 his fears, loves, longings, and beliefs are but the r.

104:2.6 the God of force, energy, power, causation, r.,

105:2.2 and “first” repercussional r. within the I AM.

110:5.1 Conscience is a human and purely psychic r..

110:5.5 blunder into exalting a r. of the mortal mind to the

110:5.7 guardian of destiny to be a rare and fortuitous r..

117:6.5 the child of the cosmic r. of the Supreme Being,

118:8.11 An automatic universe r. is stable and, in some form,

136:6.3 it is, therefore, a legitimate r. of a Urantia mortal.

152:3.1 The r. of the multitude to this sudden and

152:3.1 there was but one unanimous r.: “Here is our king.

156:6.7 there occurred a r. among the entire Jewish people

159:5.10 alert in the quick and positive r. of good to evil

160:3.5 calling forth the r. of the very best that is resident

172:5.3 The r. from the spectacular procession into the

172:5.9 humorous appeal, and he was cheered up by this r.

175:3.1 their r. of bitter resentment toward Jesus’ last

reaction to

5:3.3 worship as a natural and spontaneous r. to the

10:7.4 and of the incompleteness of finite r. to the Trinity.

29:4.12 their superiors and in r. to existing energy conditions

32:3.9 living, personality r. to the existing environment.

42:5.15 a wavelike r. to the passage of rapidly moving

65:0.1 for mindmaterial mechanisms for intelligent r. to

70:1.2 War is an animalistic r. to misunderstandings and

86:6.1 The state is man’s r. to his natural environment,

89:8.1 dedication to lifelong virginity, and was a moral r. to

92:4.3 It is man’s r. to belief in a hypothetical ghost-spirit

97:8.2 pessimism of Ecclesiastes was a worldly wise r. to

100:1.8 religious predispositions toward favorable r. to

100:2.3 an enlightened and wise technique of spiritual r. to

110:5.7 yet, his passive r. to, and inactive concern toward,

112:1.7 and the general phenomenon of r. to environment.

112:1.14 organismal patterns of r. to such an environment.

112:5.20 the persistence of the identity of selfhood r. to

127:5.2 a natural r. to the dread of losing the head and sole

137:4.5 Jesus was much sobered by his r. to her suggestive

170:5.10 the tragedy consisted in the fact that this social r. to

180:5.9 in the nonresistance of all selfish r. to the universe,


82:0.1 Marriage is man’s r. adjustment to such bisexuality,


97:2.1 many truth teachers endeavored to stem the r. tide

reactionssee reactions to

0:4.13 Paradise influences the r. and conduct of all beings

0:11.8 conditioned by the will-r. and purposeful mandates

1:6.4 external r. or the material presence of that person.

1:7.8 Paradise Deity are, in all universe reality r. and in

2:2.3 The r. of a changeless God, in the execution of his

4:1.7 I am constantly confronted with cosmic r. which I

4:3.2 human emotions and as man understands such r..

4:4.3 there are no limits to his universe r. save those which

7:1.4 The r. and fluctuations of spirit gravity are ever

7:1.8 All r. of the spirit-gravity circuit of the grand univ.

7:1.8 We recognize all actions and r. of the omnipresent

7:1.9 phenomena which are not so predictable in their r..

7:1.9 the r. associated with the conjectured performances

9:1.4 he dominates all r. with mind, wields great power

9:3.2 is revealed in the personal r. of the Conjoint Actor

9:5.7 human intellect should lead only to r. of humility.

10:4.7 and in harmony with the r. of your mind and soul.

12:6.4 actions and r. of experiential Deity and the Absolutes

13:4.3 Physical r. are uniform, unvarying, and always

13:4.5 This differential is inherent in the freewill r. of

14:2.4 deaf, blind, and utterly lacking in all other sense r.;

14:2.4 deprived of all environmental stimuli and r. thereto.

14:2.5 There are numerous phenomena and spiritual r.

15:8.8 living in the midst of force actions and energy r.

16:6.2 these same Master Spirits dominate the basic r. of all

24:2.8 The partial emergence of will observed in the r. of

27:7.6 tremendous r. of the spiritual emotions of beings

28:4.5 collective natures and r. of the Seven Master Spirits.

28:5.16 activities are directed toward promoting r. of joy

28:5.16 joy clearinghouses, seeking to upstep pleasure r.

29:4.21 as so-called catalytic agents augment chemical r..

29:4.26 and frandalanks are wholly automatic in their r.;

32:3.13 the universe repercussions of actions and r. within

32:5.3 the underlying purposes and basic r. of eternity.

34:6.13 the Spirit in the life r. of such a spirit-led mortal,


42:6.6 revolution determines the negative or positive r. of

44:6.7 to the production of multitudinous and joyous r. in

48:4.11 and eternally thoroughly businesslike in all their r..

48:4.19 Humor and playrelaxationare never r. of exertion;

49:1.2 the living catalyzers who initiate the primordial r. of

49:3.4 The r. of the nervous system, the heat-regulating

52:5.3 The joy of living takes on new color, and the r. of

58:1.4 salt water that stimulated the first protoplasmic r. of

65:4.4 of possible chemical r. and biologic repercussions.

65:6.6 15,000,000 chemical r. between the hormone output

65:6.8 The r. of chemistry are not modified by education;

65:6.8 electrical and chemical r. are predictable.

65:7.2 the natural r. of mind as it is associated with matter

65:7.6 incompletely understood quick r. of mind to the

68:4.2 all of these tribal r. grew out of the effort to avoid

70:2.20 to the self-preservation r. of the human species.

70:8.7 industrialist, with their divergent viewpoints and r..

84:6.3 Their viewpoints and entire life r. are essentially

86:2.3 that the r. of existence appear between acts and

92:4.1 too far removed from the thought and r. of the age

92:6.1 Pygmies of Africa have no religious r. as a class,

99:7.5 with far less danger of precipitating fanatical r..

103:0.1 All of man’s truly religious r. are sponsored by the

103:3.5 attitude of the individual became the group r. of the

103:6.1 Theology is the study of the actions and r. of the

107:7.3 human choice, and all these are highly volitional r..

110:4.5 common behavior, so emotional in their ordinary r.

110:6.6 essential to the habit-forming certainty of such r..

112:7.7 Such fused beings are twofold in their universe r.:

116:3.4 Mind unifies spirit causations with energy r.;

118:8.2 Many human r. are mechanical in nature; much of

118:10.11 independent of the actions or r. of other individuals;

132:7.8 this youth never experienced r. of antagonism

133:5.10 universe consists in the nature and r. of the Father

140:5.4 his four transcendent and supreme r. of fatherly love

140:5.15 by pointing out four supreme r. of fatherly love:

153:1.3 prior and habitual mental attitudes and spirit r..

195:7.8 Both optimism and pessimism are concept r. in a

reactions to

35:3.11 And never will you forget your r. to the first day

48:2.23 These changes result in altered r. to the morontia

91:2.2 and magic arose as a result of man’s adjustive r. to

101:2.17 attempt to study the phenomena of religious r. to the

101:3.17 exhibition of such extraordinary and unnatural r. to

108:5.6 sorrow are in the main human and material r. to

122:5.3 In emotional r. to his adult-life environment, Jesus

125:2.11 Mary was deeply pained at his r. to the Jerusalem

125:3.2 many of his unusual r. to the events of Passover

132:4.1 Jesus desired to learn their r. to the life they were

139:8.3 changes in Thomas’s mental r. to his fellow men.

140:4.8 total of one’s emotional r to the social and economic


16:8.5 characteristic phenomena of mortal r. behavior:

16:8.15 to become r. to the constitutive recognition of the

16:8.19 the gift of the divine presence but also exhibits r.

29:3.11 physical controllers are sometimes automatically r.

42:2.8 Primordial force is seemingly r. to transcendental

44:0.15 High spirits are r. to nothing material excepting

46:7.5 They are only r. to the first five of the adjutant mind-

63:4.2 not so sensitive to pain nor so r. to unpleasant

65:6.8 mind can profit from experience, can learn from r.

65:6.9 but those organisms which are r. to mind ministry

91:5.2 devotions are r. upon the individuals composing the

104:4.29 The Fifth Triunity–the triunity of r. infinity.

104:4.33 This triunity manifests unlimited r. capacity to the

104:4.43 boundless possibilities of static, r., nondeity reality

105:2.10 6. The Infinite Capacity. I AM static-r..

105:3.7 Static, r., and abeyant; the unrevealed cosmic infinity

107:4.4 the presence of Adjusters by means of spiritual r.

117:1.9 self-acting upon the universe and self-r. to the sum

117:5.8 receptive and r. to the emerging values in ascending

118:4.3 are r. to those causations of the Deity Absolute


115:7.8 unifies Deity activation with the Unqualified r..


0:4.13 universe activities, far more of a controller than a r..


8:6.4 This divine personality also r. to the universe as a

12:8.7 The Conjoint Actor r. to both material and

34:0.2 A Creative Spirit r. to physical and spiritual realities;

37:5.11 Such designed limitation of mortal ascent r. to the

117:5.6 When man acts, the Supreme r., and this constitutes

134:7.3 learning how man lives, thinks, feels, and r. to the

readsee read, have you

0:0.4 assist those who shall r. the accompanying papers

14:1.12 You have unwittingly r. the truth when your eyes

22:4.7 You mortals who r. this message may yourselves

27:5.1 are the higher “living epistles” known and r. by all

28:6.6 living records of mercy ministration which are r.

28:6.14 On Urantia, you grotesquely essay to r. character

53:7.12 It r.: “Not a single Jerusem citizen was lost.

89:8.8 Prayers are still r. out of books, recited formally,

96:7.5 And when you r. the lofty concept of divinity found

122:4.4 “a maiden shall bear a son,” was made to r.,

123:2.14 Jesus learned to r., write, and speak, fluently, three

123:3.1 And in a very short time he could r. it readily.

123:5.1 to acquaint himself with the task of learning to r.,

123:5.4 would often be asked to r. the Hebrew scriptures to

126:0.4 he might be permitted regularly to r. the Scriptures

126:2.6 harp, and to hear him r. from the Greek scriptures.

126:3.8 proved very intriguing to him, and he r. and reread

126:3.8 As Jesus would r. these passages (understanding that

126:4.1 Jesus had been asked to r. the Scriptures, but now

126:4.1 stood up and began to r.: “The spirit of the Lord

126:4.8 when he had thus r., Jesus sat down, and the people

126:4.8 pondering the words which he had so graciously r.

127:3.8 Jesus continued to r. the Sabbath scriptures at the

128:5.9 r. the Scriptures often in the synagogue on the

135:3.2 John r. a thousand times Daniel’s description of

135:3.2 further r. “in the days of these kings shall the God

135:3.3 by these passages which he r. in the Scriptures.

135:3.3 In Daniel he r.: “I saw in the night visions, and,

135:4.4 Throughout this period John r. much in the sacred

135:4.4 John r. and reread the last five chapters of Isaiah,

135:4.4 Then he would r. in Malachi: “Behold, I will send

135:5.4 Many who r. the Old Testament literally looked

137:6.2 he r. from the Prophet Isaiah: “Thus says the Lord:

137:8.4 Jesus r. from the Scriptures these passages: “You

142:3.9 you would have known these truths had you r. the

148:5.4 of your confusion as you have r. the Scriptures.

148:5.5 instructed you if you had only r. with discernment

150:3.1 Joanna r. from the Scriptures concerning woman’s

150:8.1 sacred writings from which to r. the Scripture

150:8.8 he presented to Jesus that he might r. the Scripture

150:8.8 It was customary to call upon seven persons to r.

150:8.8 the visitor might r. the lesson of his own selection.

150:8.8 Jesus, taking the roll, stood up and began to r. from

150:8.9 to Isaiah and began to r.: “The spirit of the Lord is

153:1.1 Jairus presided and handed Jesus the Scriptures to r..

153:2.2 and r. from Jeremiah: “‘If you will not hearken to

153:2.11 You have r. where it is written in the Prophets,

159:5.1 James, when you r. the Scriptures look for those

162:3.5 benefit of her would-be accusers; and when they r.

164:1.1 and the prophets; how do you r. the Scriptures?”

173:4.4 Jesus said: “Did you never r. in the Scripture

175:2.3 but we would warn all who r. this narrative that

185:5.8 he wished to r. the communication which he had

185:5.8 When Pilate opened this letter from his wife, he r.:

187:1.2 it r.: “Jesus of Nazareththe King of the Jews.”

187:1.3 modified to r., “He said, ‘I am the king of the Jews

187:2.5 r. in three languages, “Jesus of Nazareththe King

188:1.1 the centurion r. the permit from Pilate to the Jews

read, have you or have you not

130:8.2 ‘You shall seek me and find me when you shall

130:8.2 ‘He looks down upon men, and if any will say:

142:3.9 ‘And the anger of the Lord was kindled against

145:2.5 Have you not r. in the Scriptures where the

145:2.6 “Have you not r. these promises?

145:2.7 “Have you not r. also where Ezekiel taught even

147:6.4 but did you never r. in the Scripture that, one day

147:6.4 And have you not r. in our law that it is lawful to

148:4.10 ‘You are the children of the Lord your God.’

148:6.2 Have you not r. that masterpiece of Semitic

149:4.2 ‘wrath kills the foolish man,’ and that man ‘tears

149:5.2 ‘The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord,

149:6.12 The priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets

150:5.2 ‘In the Lord have I righteousness and strength.’

150:5.2 ‘shall be called the Lord our righteousness,’

152:5.3 ‘Fear not, stand still and see the salvation of the

162:6.3 ‘Behold, as the waters are poured out upon dry

165:4.8 ‘There is he who waxes rich by his wariness and

165:4.8 the commandment: ‘You shall not covet.’

165:4.8 the Psalms that ‘the Lord abhors the covetous,’

165:4.8 ‘Let not the rich man glory in his riches’;

173:1.8 ‘Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings has

173:4.4 about the stone which the builders rejected, and

180:3.2 saying: ‘And they hated me without a cause’?

190:5.4 in him shall all the families of the earth be blessed;

193:3.2 ‘It is not good for man to be alone. No man lives


180:5.10 must undergo a constant and living r. interpretation


123:5.1 Already this lad was a fluent r., writer, and speaker


28:6.19 These angels are indeed the mind r., heart searchers,


11:1.3 maps, and compass, you could r. find these cities.

23:3.3 any other r. available type of personal messenger.

35:9.5 will of the Michael Son could most easily and r.

41:3.4 —suns r. split into two separate bodies, becoming

41:8.3 and such particles r. escape from the solar interior,

49:2.16 a mortal type which can r. negotiate atmospheric

55:2.10 You would r. understand that beings passing on

62:3.12 And so it may be r. seen that man and the ape are

73:0.1 Melchizedek receivers r. agreed to join the Life

90:3.5 attendant upon war, animal combat, and other r.

116:3.2 which creatures and Creators can so r. manipulate;

123:3.1 And in a very short time he could read it r..

129:1.2 join him in the enterprise, and Jesus r. consented.

130:3.3 The teachings of Jesus would have been r. received

133:4.2 render the difficult things of divine life r. receivable

141:6.2 Why did he resist me and so r. lend an ear to you?

161:1.1 Rodan r. accepted all that was presented to him

166:2.2 their message had likewise been more r. received by

193:2.3 friends could not r. recognize his morontia form

195:2.9 better concept of one God, and they embraced it r..


39:5.14 When all is in r. for departure, the chief of transport

39:5.14 and that everything is in r. for the departing flash.

74:5.4 a world in r. for their specialized contributions to the

108:2.10 mortals may be apparently in r. to receive Adjusters,

114:7.8 held in r. to act in possible planetary emergencies.

136:5.2 always in r. to obey the least expression of their

156:3.2 these gentiles to hear the gospel and to note the r.

167:2.2 the fatlings are killed, and all is in r. for my guests,

173:5.2 r. for the celebration of the forthcoming wedding

178:2.8 met them and showed them the upper room in r. for

178:2.12 inform Jesus that everything was in r. for the supper.

179:1.1 that the bread, wine, water, and herbs were all in r.

189:3.2 appeared in the resurrection halls of mansonia in r.


90:5.3 services embracing prayer, song, responsive r.,

123:5.5 the student learned his lesson by r. aloud and by

126:1.3 He continued to carry on his advanced courses of r.

127:3.8 Jesus was skillful, so arranging the order of the r. of

135:1.4 John, as a result of r. about Elijah, became greatly

137:6.3 “When he had finished this r., Jesus handed the roll

137:8.5 When he had finished r., Jesus said: “I have come

144:3.15 an extra clause, r.: “For yours is the kingdom and

145:2.2 r. from the Book of Exodus: “And you shall serve

145:2.2 r. from Isaiah: “Arise and shine, for your light has

150:8.9 And when he had ceased r. from the law, he turned

153:2.1 Jesus introduced this sermon by r. from the law as

153:2.2 And when Jesus had finished this r., he turned to the

162:6.2 the responsive r. of the Psalms accompanied by


29:4.2 commissioners are empowered to interpret the r.


130:6.4 And when you become so r. to life within

130:6.4 you become likewise r. to the universe; you have


7:1.4 immediate and instantaneous r. of spirit gravity.

15:5.12 astronomic r. is accompanied by tremendous energy

65:6.5 then began an adaptative r. toward thirty-two in the

174:1.2 later necessitate the r. of repentance by the child

195:9.2 enthralling epochs of social r., moral quickening,



55:4.20 The r. of this stage of settled existence pertain to

55:9.1 and additional r. of universe administration.

55:9.1 characterized by r. on constellation headquarters,

55:10.4 settling in light and life inaugurates profound r. in

55:11.3 administrative and other r. which would probably

55:11.5 We arrive at conclusions regarding the r. which

58:6.8 endless cycles of gains and losses, adjustments and r.

81:6.41 it is what survived the selective adjustments and r. in

92:7.14 more r. of human values in one generation than have

99:1.1 to a procession of changes, adjustments, and r..

128:2.1 trials peculiar to the problems and r. of adolescence.

160:1.11 to effect those vital reconstructions and r. of one’s

196:1.2 Indeed, the social r., the economic transformations


33:7.6 3. The question of the r. of any constituent part of a

46:8.1 This sector will be restored upon the r. of Satania

46:8.2 will come up for consideration the r. of the isolated


159:5.9 which r.: “You shall not take vengeance against

readysee readywith made or make or making

7:4.5 Paradise Sons stand pledged and r. to function as

20:6.1 The method whereby a Paradise Son becomes r. for

26:3.9 They stand r. to serve all who must come and go in

27:0.11 Thereupon are you r. to begin the endless career of

28:6.4 They are always r. to supply their superiors with an

35:4.2 They are always r. to serve in all exigencies

40:10.8 they stand r. to welcome the incoming stream of

49:0.3 are evolving so as to be r. for life implantation

50:3.6 clothed with morontia forms, r. for seraphic

66:7.5 they were eligible for marriage and r. to receive their

74:3.1 Planetary Prince and an experienced staff r. to

74:3.10 majority were about r. to fall down and worship

74:5.4 were at all r. for the reception of the Adamic culture.

74:6.4 They found their foods—fruits, nuts, and cereals—r.

75:1.3 Instead of finding one language r. for adoption,

87:4.3 and the universality of its r. and simple application.

94:6.6 he does not coerce mankind but always stands r.

95:3.4 r. response in the hearts of a people who believed

95:5.12 grasped his gospel and were, therefore, r. to return

97:1.3 Samuel was a rough-and-r. type of man, a practical

114:5.4 assistance of the archangels and their ever-r. circuit

124:2.4 his self-appointed champion and ever-r. defender,

128:2.2 Jesus’ old boyhood playmate and ever-r. defender,

128:6.10 always was Jesus r. to postpone the contemplation

129:0.1 And always was he r. to do everything humanly

130:3.1 when the boat was r., Jesus and his two friends

132:4.8 possess money and influence can secure r. justice

132:7.2 pagan was not r. to ask for help, and the eyes of

135:3.4 Get r. for the end; prepare yourselves for the

135:5.8 this sincere, enthusiastic, rough-and-r. preacher of

136:6.1 produce suitable bodily nourishment r. at hand?

137:7.3 We shall be none too r. when the Father calls.”

139:3.8 when they signified that they were r. to assume

139:3.8 When Jesus asked if they were r. to drink the cup,

139:4.10 John’s trust with regard to Jesus’ mother and r. to

139:9.3 always were the twins r. to lend a helping hand to

140:6.14 to your rest so as to be r. for the morrow’s work.”

140:7.1 “I know, Master, that we should now be r. to enter

140:7.7 came to Jesus, saying, “We are r.let us now go

142:7.10 he is ever r. to share their hardships and assist them

143:5.9 as Nalda was r. to speak the real desire of her heart

147:5.9 indulgent parent who is ever r. to condone sin

148:6.10 Job was ever r. to admit that God is righteous, but

149:0.3 As fast as believers were r. to enter the kingdom,

151:2.7 fellow preachers were about r. to agree with him,

152:5.2 when all were r., Jesus said: “How long shall I bear

153:2.8 stands r. to give you the true bread of life.

155:5.9 established religions of authority afford a r. refuge

156:2.5 Jesus was not r. for an open clash with established

157:6.1 he had no r. funds of his own to hand over to Judas

158:7.1 little that night, so they were up early and r. to go.

159:0.1 they were r. to begin the teaching and preaching tour

165:5.5 your lives, and it behooves you to watch and be r..

167:2.2 who were invited, ‘Come, for everything is now r..

168:1.10 Adjuster of Jesus, vibrating with expectancy and r.

171:7.8 Jesus was always r. and willing to stop a sermon or

173:1.10 multitude, they would have been r. for it, but

173:5.2 saying, ‘Everything is r. for the marriage supper at

173:5.2 were bidden, to come, for, behold, my dinner is r..

173:5.3 When all was r., the king came in to view his

173:5.4 how shall we be r. for the king’s invitation?

176:3.6 shall you be r. for the reckoning call of death.

176:4.7 Be you therefore ever r. to welcome him on earth as

176:4.7 on earth as he stands r. to welcome you in heaven.

177:0.3 when I am r. to lay down my life in conformity to

177:4.11 r. to spring up to engulf him when he once dared

178:1.18 where David and his associates had lunch r. for them

178:2.7 show you a large upper room all furnished and r. for

179:1.8 They were now r. to begin the supper, except that

181:2.3 except for my death in the flesh, and I am r. to

183:2.1 informed him that he was r. to lead them to Jesus.

183:3.1 band that he might be r. quickly to identify Jesus

183:3.6 I am r. to go with you.”

183:3.7 Jesus was r. to go back to Jerusalem with the guards

184:0.2 so that they would be r. to sit in judgment on Jesus

185:0.2 Pilate was up and r. to receive this group of early

185:1.3 the ground, and sent word that they were r. to die.

185:7.5 Pilate was just about r. to release Jesus when

186:4.3 By the time the soldiers were r. to depart with Jesus

191:1.5 they were about r. to surrender their doubts when

191:2.1 I will tarry in Jerusalem with you until you are r.

192:0.5 apostles were awake and r. to partake of breakfast.

readywith made or make or making

25:8.5 shores and to escort you to the reservation made r.

27:1.1 final instructors who make r. the pilgrims of time

27:1.4 grand stretch of faith as you once again made r. to

28:1.2 is made r. to go forth on the universe adventure of

39:5.12 In observing a transport seraphim being made r. to

39:5.14 metamorphosis begins as the seraphim is made r. to

47:2.8 they are immediately made r. for translation to the

49:0.3 several are now being made r. for the Life Carriers.

52:4.9 that the planet is not made r. for a bestowal Son by

52:4.9 the planet is made r. for the gift of the bestowal Son.

55:0.1 then is such a world made r. for the culminating

57:1.7 having made the space-energy conditions r. for the

59:3.1 the ancient Silurian seas made r. to engulf most of

65:1.6 When the Life Carriers make r. to engage in life

73:5.7 And so was the Garden of Eden made r. for the

73:6.6 When Van and his associates made r. the Garden for

74:2.5 This natural hill had been enlarged and made r. for

89:6.4 When the Chinese made r. to cast a bell, custom

93:10.1 they made r. the technique whereby he was to be

98:2.10 and made r. for that terrible orgiastic plunge into the

98:7.12 when Michael made r. to appear on Urantia,

101:6.7 the actual human complement thus made r. for the

112:4.13 actual personality form made r. for the reception

119:0.7 Michael made r. for his first bestowal adventure

122:7.3 Mary prepared double rations and made r. for the

124:6.1 A considerable company (103) made r. to depart

124:6.12 they made r. for the celebration of the Passover

125:1.5 and made r. for the celebration of the Passover.

125:4.1 arriving just as Simon’s family made r. to partake of

127:6.7 unleavened bread and the wine had been made r.

128:7.7 Mary sensed that he was making r. to leave them.

128:7.14 thus did Jesus make r. to enter the second phase of

129:0.3 realization that Jesus was making r. to leave them.

130:6.6 when they made r. about noon one day to sail for

133:8.4 after three days they made r. for the long trek across

134:1.7 who was now making r. to complete his career as

134:8.1 Jesus made r. his supplies, and securing a beast of

135:6.6 ‘make r. the way of the Lord, make straight a

135:6.8 “Make r. for the end of the agethe kingdom of

135:8.6 he made r. to baptize Jesus of Nazareth in the

137:1.6 you should be of good cheer, making r. also to go

137:1.7 And they made r., with their two associate apostles,

137:5.4 apostles to return to their nets while he made r. to

137:6.5 Make yourselves r. for the call of the kingdom.

137:8.2 Let us make r to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom

138:3.1 having balanced his books and made r. to turn the

140:7.1 Make r. to go to Jerusalem.”

141:0.1 Jesus and the twelve apostles made r. to depart

143:0.2 Jesus and his associates made r. to depart for the

145:3.1 had made r. to partake of their evening meal near the

145:3.8 made themselves r. to act with creative power

145:5.7 make r. for our departure for the other cities of

145:5.8 quickly made r. for the journey as Jesus had directed.

147:1.1 On the day before they made r. to go to Jerusalem

150:4.4 twelve had heard these words, they made r. to depart

150:9.4 they made r. that evening to go back to Capernaum

152:5.5 they made r. to go up to Jerusalem for the Passover,

156:5.22 other things Jesus taught them before they made r.

157:1.3 When Peter made r. to go out in the boat for a

157:3.4 under the mulberry trees, the Master made r. to hold

158:1.10 made r. to descend the mountain shortly before

158:5.5 “We go now to Caesarea-Philippi; make r. at once.”

158:8.1 While David Zebedee made r. to take them across

159:3.14 believers before they made r. for the night’s sleep.

159:6.5 before they made r. to start upon the last epoch of

162:8.2 Martha made r. to serve the evening meal.

167:2.2 ‘I have made r. this marriage feast; the fatlings are

167:4.3 Philadelphia before he made r. to start for Bethany

168:1.11 celestial hosts made r. to enact the drama of the

171:3.4 immediate followers, who now made r. to follow

172:3.1 when Jesus made r. to start for Jerusalem.

174:5.12 it is needful that you be made r. for the fiery trial

175:1.4 you likewise now make r. to destroy the Son of Man

175:1.20 make r. to slay him of whom the prophets spoke,

175:1.22 now you make r. to shed more innocent blood.

177:0.3 When Jesus made r. to go into the hills alone,

177:0.3 and yet you make r. to go alone into the hills.

177:0.3 lay hands on me until that hour when I am r. to

178:3.2 had with me, you must now make r. to share with

179:3.1 attitude of a servant, make r. to wash Simon’s feet

179:3.6 As the Master made r. to begin washing Peter’s feet,

182:3.10 made his human heart strong and r. to encounter

183:3.2 and Judas making r. to impress the traitorous kiss

183:3.7 stepped up to Jesus and made r. to bind his hands

186:4.5 As soon as the thieves could be made r., they were

187:0.1 After the two brigands had been made r.,

188:1.7 make r. spices and ointments, and return on

189:2.4 As they made r. to remove the body of Jesus from

189:3.1 summoned the archangels to his side and made r.

189:3.2 made r. to depart for the mansion worlds.

195:2.9 and had made the Western world r. for one God.


50:6.4 the highest culture even when presented to them r..

100:1.3 do not force a r. adult experience upon him.


28:6.4 Significance of Origins are the living r. genealogies


158:2.1 recently r. their faith in him as the Deliverer,

realsee real; real, not; seereal estate

1:3.1 Spirit beings are r., notwithstanding they are invisible

1:5.8 God is a r. spirit and a spiritual reality.

1:5.16 His prepersonal divine spirit is a r. part of you.

1:6.8 achieving the Father’s will becomes man’s most r.

2:5.9 for, as a father, a r. father, a true father, loves his

2:6.8 cannot exist forever in a progressingly r. and

2:7.4 man searches for truth, he pursues the divinely r..

2:7.11 All r. beautymaterial art or spiritual symmetryis

2:7.12 And when these values of that which is r. are

2:7.12 The r. purpose of all universe education is to effect

3:3.2 it should be a r. comfort to every human being to

5:1.9 and personality of the Infinite none the less r..

5:3.7 never become highly conscious of the r. significance

5:5.1 deliver man from the r. struggles of mortal living.

5:5.12 no matter how valid (r.) religious experience is,

5:6.2 personality, but we do not fully comprehend the r.

6:2.3 God the Son is just as divinely r and eternal in nature

6:3.4 The Father’s love is the r. and eternal source of the

6:7.3 divine spirit, a spiritual power, and a r. personality.

6:8.5 the Eternal Son will become increasingly r. to you,

7:4.5 to incarnate and make r., the love of the Father

7:5.9 Original Mother Son r. to the creatures of Havona.

7:5.9 So r., that forevermore each pilgrim of time who

8:2.7 the Son’s constancy are made very r. to the spirit

8:6.2 The Conjoint Creator is just as r. and visible to the

8:6.4 “The love of the Spirit” is r., as also are his

9:0.2 actual universe spirits, and all r. universe intellects;

9:8.12 form and distinct individuality; they are r. beings.

11:9.2 not even a r. part of the eternal Havona universe.

11:9.8 this perfect abode of the Universal Father is the r.

12:4.7 Space is, however, r..

12:5.10 Only progressive attitudes are personally r..

12:7.14 to be your r. and divine, even your eternal, self?

12:8.4 all spiritual realities to himself, is just as r. and

12:8.4 a physical nature than with the equally r. and mighty

12:8.15 Mind, matter, and spirit are equally r., but they are

12:8.16 In time, man’s body is just as r. as mind or spirit,

12:8.16 —the material as the shadow of the more r. spirit

12:9.4 that oxygen is the r. supporter of combustion and

12:9.5 Your religion is becoming r. because it is emerging

12:9.6 R. trouble, lasting disappointment, serious defeat,

14:2.1 worlds just as r. as those on which mortals live.

14:3.7 there are r. rivers and lakes on these perfect worlds.

14:6.29 central creation is the r. source of that indispensable

15:6.13 Light is a r. substance, not waves of hypothetical

16:9.3 If man fails to survive natural death, the r. values

16:9.6 Man thus becomes so beautifully r. because Jesus

20:9.2 They make r. the spiritual counterparts of material

21:3.24 These primary Paradise Sons are the r. revealers of

21:4.6 When a Creator deigns to effect a bestowal, a r.

23:3.4 how a spirit can be a r. person and at the same time

23:3.7 Messengers can be without form and yet possess r.

24:3.3 it is difficult for others to regard them as r. persons;

25:7.1 They are not indispensable to an ascender’s r. work

26:3.4 Such is the r. mission of the harmony supervisors

26:7.1 discover what true study and r. mental effort mean

27:5.1 records of truth, the living books of r. knowledge.

28:5.12 of Wisdom adapt decisions to the r. needs and actual

28:5.19 true motive, the actual purpose, and the r. nature

28:5.21 that all these transactions of the spirit world are r.,

28:6.19 The r. nature of any service, be it rendered by man

28:6.20 that is the r. measure of planetary greatness.

30:4.20 Mortals acquire r spirit identity just before they leave

30:4.20 the spirit form is just as r. as the morontia body,

34:6.5 The whole ascendant experience is r. as well as

37:10.3 The architectural worlds of the local universe are r.

38:2.1 Angels enjoy your efforts in music, art, and r. humor

38:4.2 Here each seraphim has a r. home, and “home”

39:2.5 These seraphim are the r. mercy ministers of the

39:2.6 are spiritual and beyond the r. understanding of

39:3.4 a basis of r. self-understanding and genuine mutual

40:6.4 does your sonship with God become eternally r..

41:5.2 Light is r..

42:12.10 have form, and these spirit forms (patterns) are r..

42:12.13 whenever a r. spirit-mind is functioning, there

43:8.4 training worlds you achieve the r. socialization of

44:0.15 activities of the morontia and spirit worlds are r..

44:0.16 building is very r. and very serviceable to mortals.

44:1.15 But be not discouraged; some day a r. musician

44:2.5 3. The light picturizers–makers of the r. semispirit-

44:3.2 These morontia and spirit domiciles are r..

44:3.2 vision, but they are very r. and beautiful to us.

44:3.9 structures nor their embellishment would be r. to the

44:3.9 comprehension of mortals, they are very r. to us.

44:7.3 but the r. soul of expression is absent unless these

47:3.5 with special or dispensational resurrections, the r.

47:5.3 This is the r. introduction to the intelligent

47:7.1 The experience on this world is a r. foretaste of

47:7.5 A r. birth of cosmic consciousness takes place on

47:7.5 A r. morontia character is budding; a r. morontia

48:1.6 the spirit will become a r. part of your personality,

48:1.7 And these morontia materials are r., literal, even as

48:6.29 Life on the transition worlds entails r. contact with

53:5.7 But this war in heaven was very terrible and very r..

53:8.4 That was, in principle, the r. end of the Lucifer

55:3.10 such glorified spheres present plenty of evil, r. and

55:4.1 Trinity Teacher Sons, but they do not begin their r.

56:10.12 greatness, is the measure of r. divinity attainment.

57:8.3 The r. geologic history of Urantia begins with the

57:8.16 850,000,000 years ago the first r. epoch of the

60:4.3 a r. mountain highland was elevated which was

63:4.4 early men had a r., although crude, idea of friendship

63:4.7 to avenge themselves against some r. or supposed

63:6.8 the organization of these peoples into a r. society.

63:6.8 These people had a r. though primitive religion,

64:6.23 sortbut none the less r. and beneficialoccurred.

66:5.20 that the r. causes of many diseases were too small to

66:8.1 No r. fault was ever found in him up to the time of

68:0.1 when a r., though imperfect, civilization had evolved

68:2.9 self-perpetuation are the r. objects of the home.

69:2.2 average tribe was one of destitution and r. suffering.

69:2.3 Primitive savages never did any r. work cheerfully

70:3.2 But r. government does not appear until superfamily

70:5.2 The first r. governmental body was the council of

70:6.2 When a patriarchal kinglet became a r. king, he was

70:12.2 After the arrival of r. kings the groups of elders

71:1.3 the American red men never attained r. statehood.

71:3.11 In a r. commonwealth the business of governing

71:3.12 kingdom, receive their r. rewards in another world.

71:7.4 Teachers must be free beings, r. leaders, to the end

72:12.5 sometime dawning of a r. age of spiritual striving;

73:4.2 This once completed, the r. work of landscape

73:6.3 but the “tree of life” was not a myth; it was r. and

78:2.5 the Adamites were a r. nation around 19,000 B.C.,

79:2.3 it was a r. calamity that both the blue and the red

79:6.9 During this age the Chinese built up a r. nation,

79:8.7 lingering vestiges of a r. concept of God remained

82:6.11 After all, the r. jeopardy of the human species is to

83:0.2 the r. influence which forever safeguards marriage

83:6.3 habituated to the practice of r. pair marriage.

83:7.6 The r. test of marriage, all down through the ages,

84:2.2 the progressive Iroquois never became a r. state.

84:3.7 to modern times the female has been a r. producer.

84:3.10 But women still had to do the r. work while men

84:6.3 are wholly incapable of full and r. comprehension of

84:8.4 There is r. danger in the combination of restlessness,

85:1.3 fetishes are many times symbols of the r. object of

85:2.3 plants and trees were venerated because of their r.

85:7.3 begins to develop into the phenomenon of r. religion.

86:4.1 It was all very r. to the savage who would awaken

86:5.10 The savage believes his dreams to be just a r. as

87:0.2 it arrives at the concept of a true Deity, a r. God.

87:2.10 models and substituted drawings for r. objects

87:7.8 relations, and glorify the good values of r. nobility.

88:2.9 But it does represent r. evolutionary progress

88:4.1 man attacks the problems of a r. environment

88:4.1 savage man attempted to solve the r. problems of

88:5.3 effects were believed to rest upon the r. person.

88:5.5 The savage never told his r. name to strangers.

89:1.7 self-control were the r. rungs on which man climbed

89:8.4 the gods as entering into r. agreements with man;

89:10.3 There is no r. sin in the absence of conscious

90:4.5 long time before herbs and other r. medicines

91:1.6 there is a r. danger that all prayer may lead to a sense

91:1.6 sin, unjustified convictions of guilt, r. or fancied.

91:3.7 that man can talk face to face, as it were, with a r.

91:4.4 The r. prayer of faith always contributes to the

91:6.2 Prayer is not a technique for curing r. and organic

91:7.13 prayer has no r. association with these exceptional

91:8.9 But r. praying does attain reality.

92:1.2 mankind is ripening for the appreciation of r. religion

92:3.4 The cult resists development because r. progress is

92:4.3 Revelatory religion is propounded by the r. spiritual

93:6.7 It was following this r. and public surrender of his

93:9.3 occasions, this brave man exhibited r. cowardice.)

94:3.8 level may be absolutely r. on the finite level.

94:4.5 In this way, Vishnu becomes r. and living in the

94:7.3 but he failed to show them the pathway to that r.

94:7.4 Gautama was a r. prophet, and had he heeded the

96:1.8 Elohim never became a r. part of Hebrew theology

96:7.5 the idea of a r. God was best preserved during the

97:7.6 Melchizedek beheld teachers proclaiming a r. God

97:9.20 the r. beginning of the Jewish and Christian Bibles.

97:9.23 The r. undoing of Judah was effected by a corrupt

99:2.1 Only the r. religion of personal spiritual experience

99:6.2 There is a r. purpose in the socialization of religion.

100:1.3 R. educational growth is indicated by enhancement

100:3.5 Values are not conceptual illusions; they are r., but

100:3.7 Man may manufacture a machine, but its r. value


101:2.17 but never can psychology hope to penetrate to the r.

101:3.17 actual and trying situations of r. human existence.

102:1.5 God is so all r. and absolute that no material sign of

102:2.7 There is no r. religion apart from a highly active

102:3.4 R. religion leads to increased social service.

102:3.15 always is it true that the r. is the good and the good

102:3.15 true that the r. is the good and the good is the r..

102:4.3 could not become a living part of the r. religious

102:4.6 Spiritual experience is the r. soul of man’s cosmos.

102:7.10 the most r. of all facts, the most living of all truths,

102:8.2 we had better estimate the r. nature of a civilization

103:5.7 R. religion does not foster moral indolence and

103:5.9 belief that we are the sons of God and makes r. our

103:7.14 There is a r. proof of spiritual reality in the presence

104:1.7 and Buddhists were r. trinitarian postulates, that is,

104:2.4 And this selfsame Paradise Trinity is a r. entitynot

104:3.18 The triunities are nonetheless r.; they are very r..

105:1.5 though there never was a r. beginning to reality,

105:1.7 universes and personalities which have become r.

106:0.4 the present universe age may be no more than a r.

107:3.7 nothing on Divinington of r. value or profit to me,

107:4.4 able actually to discern the r. presence of Adjusters,

107:7.1 Adjusters are not personalities, they are r. entities;

108:3.2 The r. significance of the Adjuster’s complete

108:3.3 mortals do not receive r. universe names until after

108:6.6 so is the Adjuster the divine parent of the r. you,

109:3.4 there is a r. betrothal with the divine gifts, a life and

109:4.4 the divine Monitors are one of the r. potentials of

109:6.1 in vain; no true meaning or r. value ever perishes.

110:1.3 are interested in your temporal welfare and in your r.

110:3.6 desires, do constitute r. and effective co-operation.

110:6.4 danger or risk to the r. welfare of such a being.

110:6.10 Persons become more r. as they ascend from the

110:7.6 So few mortals are r. thinkers; you do not

111:4.7 You cannot experience r. joy all by yourself.

111:7.2 forth the pictures of the r. motive, the final aim,

112:0.1 Then will begin your r. life, the ascending life,

112:2.11 the material senses but may still remain r. to mind.

112:2.12 that all things material are initially conceived as r.

112:5.1 all but infinitely integrated aggregation of r. units,

112:5.3 identity is r. only in so far as the personality elects to

112:5.9 opportunity to reveal its true intent and r. purpose.

112:5.12 There is something r., something of human evolution

112:6.2 Such forms, while entirely r., are not energy patterns

113:1.5 when there is a r. betrothal with the Adjuster,

113:6.1 everything that constitutes you, the r. you, except

113:7.1 constitutes a glorious awakening, a r. resurrection.

114:2.1 By nature they were all r. leaders when they

114:7.13 forbidden to reveal the r. nature of the function of

116:4.7 But the local universes are the r. laboratories in

116:5.16 no part of the cosmic whole can find r. stability until

117:0.3 then has the actuality of the Supreme become r. by

117:6.10 The Father’s love can become r. to mortal man

117:6.21 God is existential and therefore r., irrespective of the

117:7.5 many reasons for deducing that he is quite r. to the

118:1.6 transcends patience by a forbearance born of r.

118:3.5 The r. difficulty we have in understanding space is

118:7.5 becomes God-identified, does he become truly r.

118:10.7 There is a r. and emerging providence in the finite

118:10.9 personality into the tempered steel of r. character.

118:10.19 Even morontia mota represents a r. advance in this

121:5.12 man’s quest for survival, thus portraying a r. hunger

121:7.3 ritualism and legalism, a bondage far more r. than

121:8.12 better to conform to our concept of the r. meaning

123:3.9 to sit down with the boy and fully explain the r.

123:4.5 The only r. accident Jesus had up to this time was

123:5.8 But his r. education—that equipment of mind and

125:0.6 disappointed by the explanation of the r. meanings

126:0.1 should be called the great test, the r. temptation.

126:5.12 and now began the r. career of this young man of

127:1.8 Jesus was a r. though youthful father to the family;

127:3.13 Mary recognized Jesus as the r. head of family;

128:6.5 Passover, Jude started up r. trouble for them all.

128:7.5 the more active prelude to his r. ministry for men.

129:3.8 The r. purpose of his trip around the Mediterranean

129:4.3 Jesus lived a r. life, a full life, and a truly normal,

130:1.5 goodness is so great and r. that it cannot contain the

130:1.6 discussion made clear to his mind the r. meaning

130:3.5 and Ganid decided that the Romans had no r. God

130:6.1 At any rate it affords me r. pleasure to proffer my

130:6.3 many obstacles, but the big things and the r. things

130:6.3 grieve over your misfortunes, r. and fancied.

130:6.3 your problems of living are r.; you cannot escape

130:6.3 your potential of r. achievement is the spirit which

131:4.3 From this unreal world lead us to the r.!

131:9.2 Truth is r. and divine.

132:0.1 and gracious manner, I would be a r. emperor, eh?”

132:2.10 A shadow is only relatively r..

132:4.2 looking toward the correction of their r. difficulties

132:7.2 If we know God, our r. business on earth is so to

133:4.11 From this day on purpose to be a r. man, a man

133:4.12 who will judge you by your r. motives and better

133:5.8 The r. universe is friendly to every child of the

133:5.8 The r. problem is: How can the finite mind of man

133:5.9 three levels of the true unity of the r. universe.

133:5.10 the presence of apparent realities is itself also r..

133:7.2 It was their plan to enjoy a period of r. rest and play

134:5.10 In the face of r. conflicts, one of these world

134:5.11 the beginning of the r. sovereignty of all mankind.

134:6.7 The r. disease is the virus of national sovereignty.

134:6.8 Urantia nations have not possessed r. sovereignty;

134:6.8 a r., bona fide, and lasting world sovereignty which

134:6.11 national groups will be afforded a r. opportunity to

134:9.3 He burned to give vent to the declaration of the r.

134:9.3 John never fully understood the r. significance of

136:4.4 the human and the divine minds, or rather the first r.

138:8.8 minds from miracle seeking to the finding of a r.

138:9.1 R. men simply could not actually desert a revered

139:3.4 James came the nearest to grasping the r. import and

139:3.8 something of the r. meaning of the kingdom.

139:8.2 Thomas was the r. scientist of the apostolic group.

139:8.3 Thomas had grown up to become a r. pessimist.

139:9.6 even reverently be called stupid, but they had a r.

140:6.5 in accordance with their intents and r. desires.”

140:8.20 you would have known that Jesus was a r. man

142:7.11 R. families are built upon tolerance, patience, and

143:2.6 are saved by faith, you have r. peace with God.

143:5.9 As Nalda was about to voice her r. and personal

143:5.9 just as Nalda was ready to speak the r. desire of her

144:8.5 This occurrence marked the r. union of John’s and

145:3.4 city of Capernaum was the r. capital of Nebadon.

145:5.4 the r. reasons why the kingdom of the Father could

146:2.6 the children may derive much pleasure and r. soul

146:2.10 present your petition in accordance with your r.

146:2.12 Let your r. petitions always be in secret.

146:4.5 And this was a case of r. leprosy.

147:4.8 have r. insight into the rightness and wrongness of

150:5.3 Father to make salvation more r. and acceptable.”

151:2.2 but because the truth has no r. root in their deeper

152:4.4 To Peter this experience was always r..

152:6.5 slowly awaking to the realization of the r. nature of

153:5.1 with their depression a r. fear for their safety.

154:2.5 solving of a wide range of r. universe problems.

154:6.1 their better judgment and r. spiritual inclinations.

155:3.2 The sojourn at Caesarea-Philippi was a r. test to the

155:4.2 What is the r. difference between their religion and

155:6.18 shall your religion become the fact of r. experience

156:5.17 mirror in which you may honestly view your r. self.

157:2.2 intelligent ministry to the r. needs of your fellows.

160:1.11 insight into everything worth while and r.;

160:1.13 those values which are highest and most divinely r.

160:4.11 Skill is one of the r. sources of the satisfaction of

160:5.3 be material or spiritual, true or false, r. or unreal,

160:5.9 your devotion to a supreme ideal, if that ideal is r.,

160:5.12 requires the attainment of actual levels of r. spirit

163:6.2 there had been a few cases of r. spirit possession

165:5.3 the kingdom, all your r. needs shall be supplied.

167:3.2 people thought that Jesus had healed a r. physical

168:0.12 sincere in their mourning, for they were r. friends

168:1.2 about the r. cause of these emotional manifestations.

168:1.3 and Mary; Jesus had a r. and deep human affection

169:4.3 realities spiritual and divine, truths r. and eternal.

170:2.10 unable to grasp the r. meaning of the Master’s

170:5.10 so displaced the spiritual concept of the r. kingdom

172:3.15 did not betoken any r. or deep-seated conviction

172:5.7 the r. reason for the Master’s entering the city in

173:1.2 the ground of possessing r. or technical blemishes.

177:1.5 Well, John, we have had a good visit, a r. day of rest

177:4.10 blinded to the higher and more r. achievements of

177:4.11 that heart, so often wounded, lost all r. affection

177:5.2 cannot be depended upon when r. trouble comes.

180:2.1 Remember: I am the r. vine, and you are the living

180:4.5 make that love r. in their experiences by loving

180:5.1 and assurance of true meanings on r. spirit levels.

183:2.2 He was not only disloyal, but he was a r. coward

184:2.1 the home of Caiaphas, where he knew the r. trial

186:2.8 the last to afford them r. national leadership,

188:4.10 The r. believer is only concerned about present

188:5.4 twenty-five years on the cross of a r. and intense

188:5.4 The r. value of the cross consists in the fact that it

190:3.3 They were about to discover that their r. trouble

193:4.10 Judas refused to talk over his difficulties with his r.

193:4.11 7. Judas never learned that the r. rewards for noble

194:3.6 its r. manifestation in the individual souls of men.

195:0.1 Peter was the r. founder of the Christian church;

195:0.18 r. truth of his bestowal might have been in danger

195:2.5 the r. values of the hidden meanings held within

195:5.14 of all these values, love is the true guide to r. insight.

195:6.7 and secularism are barren of all r. values, sanctions,

195:6.12 are just as r. and certain as mathematical deductions

195:6.17 The thing discovered is r. and apparently uniform,

195:7.1 Facts never quarrel with r. spiritual faith; theories

195:7.5 Adjuster-expression, the manifestation of your r.

195:7.18 religion cannot exist without the r. experience of the

195:9.5 distorted and compromised Christianity—the r. life

195:10.8 obstacles to the immediate advance of the r. gospel

195:10.18 more general acceptance of the r. religion of Jesus.

196:0.5 Jesus’ faith was so r. and all-encompassing that it

196:1.2 demonstration of his r. life of religious devotion to

196:3.10 The human mind does not create r. values;

196:3.20 But such a r. religion is not a purely subjective

196:3.22 personal communion with that which is divinely r.,

196:3.27 human, albeit r. religion enhances all moral values,

196:3.28 for theology ever adequately to depict r. religious


7:1.3 Spiritual values and spirit forces are r..

9:3.1 to inform you that gravity is one of the most r. and

10:4.4 The Paradise Trinity is r..

11:0.1 that spirit things and spiritual beings are r..

16:9.2 From its earliest inception the soul is r.; it has cosmic

97:9.24 Jerusalem, and thus began the r. Egyptian bondage.

102:2.5 Even the discoveries of science are not truly r. in

102:3.15 The eternal r. is the good of the universe and not the

105:0.1 of the origin and destiny of all that is called r.,

133:1.4 I do not believe that r. harm can befall me;

133:6.7 mortal knows of the existence of his soul as a r. and

134:8.3 were r.; they were his archenemies in the system of

185:1.1 grasp the fact that these Hebrews had a r. religion,

188:4.13 Human salvation is r.; it is based on two realities

190:0.3 food; nevertheless, these morontia forms are r..

real, not

10:3.5 Father; fatherhood is not r. without sonship.

12:4.14 But this apparent speed of recession is not r.;

44:0.16 This material building is not exactly r. to me,

104:5.1 are non-Father in constitution, but they are not r.

117:7.5 3. The Supreme is not completely r. to universe

160:4.11 Life is not r. to one who cannot do some one thing

191:1.5 that Peter had seen things which were not r. before

real estate

69:9.11 assigned by the tribal chiefs, who held all r. in trust

69:9.13 R. could also be put under the watchcare of spirits.

97:9.19 Jehonadab to destroy the prophets (r. agents) of

127:6.10 This r. deal was with a boatbuilder named Zebedee.

171:1.5 assisted Martha and Mary in disposing of their r.;


101:1.7 to prove untrue to the r. and deepest thing within the


55:11.2 are concerned in these r. of the material creation.


195:6.4 this age of physical r. is only a passing episode in


196:2.9 an idealistic religious life in the very midst of a r.

realitiessee realities, spirit; realities, spiritual

0:1.1 of deity activities on diverse levels of cosmic r.,

0:1.11 Finite r. may not have endings, but they always have

0:1.12 level connotes a function in relation to absonite r..

0:3.20 Nevertheless there are antecedent and eternal r.,

0:3.20 are antecedent and eternal realities, superfinite r.,

0:3.23 of eternity existencesnonbeginning, nonending r.

0:4.7 R. existing in fullness of expression in contrast to

0:4.8 Absolute r. are eternity existences.

0:4.8 Subabsolute r. are projected on two levels:

0:4.8 Absonitesr. which are relative with respect to

0:4.8 Finitesr. which are projected in space and are


0:5.2 to the progressive evolution of personality r..

0:5.12 Morontia may designate personal or impersonal r.,

0:9.1 actualization of absonite r. on the eventuating

0:10.1 without both of these unachieved r. we cannot

0:10.2 we hesitate to discuss those r. which are so far

0:11.10 absolute freewill act of differentiating universe r.

0:12.1 his personal will co-ordinated these dual r. by mind.

0:12.3 by the experiential actualization of r. created or

0:12.4 Trinity functions encompass Deity r., and Deity

0:12.4 Deity r. always seek realization and manifestation

1:3.7 spirit phases of the mind into the morontia r. of

1:4.7 But when an attempt is made to make plain the r. of

2:7.10 Truth, beauty, and goodness are divine r., and as

2:7.12 the isolated child of the worlds with the larger r. of

5:0.2 the existential r. of his six absolute co-ordinates,

5:5.6 that the r. of religion are utterly beyond the mortal

6:0.2 But I was instructed to portray the r. of eternity to

7:0.4 impersonal r. of spirit nature are always responsive

7:2.1 Paradise Sons, conditioned by the experiential r. of

8:1.4 by the reaction of material r. to its incessant pull.

10:2.8 inevitable that the r. of the universe shall appear in

10:5.1 absolute as far as all living r. of personality value are

11:8.8 is ancestral to all relative functional nonspirit r.

12:3.12 cannot measure either qualitative or quantitative r.

12:6.5 meanings and spirit values of ultimate universe r..


12:9.1 with clues to the discovery of alluring personal r..

14:2.2 The physical r. of Havona represent an order of

14:2.6 balance between cosmic r. and all spiritual forces.

14:4.11 to describe the physical r. of the divine universe.

16:6.4 still more correct to say that these supermaterial r.

16:8.6 for individualized experience in and with cosmic r.,

16:8.15 constitutive recognition of the three basic mind r.

19:1.6 these three experiential r. affords the basis for a wise

22:7.10 study of the concepts of time and the r. of eternity

22:7.12 are attempting to trinitize certain conceptual r. of the

22:9.6 acknowledge deficiencies in the experiencible r. of

22:10.6 experiential r. which are essential to the enactment

24:6.2 those r. which “eye cannot see nor ear hear,

25:1.6 essentials; you shall be made ruler over universe r.

31:10.14 endeavoring to atone for their deficiencies in the r.

34:0.3 Spirit initiates the materialization of physical r..

42:4.1 other material r. as yet undiscovered on Urantia.

42:10.1 the nonspiritual r. of the First Source and Center

42:10.1 —those r. which are concealed in space potency,

43:8.13 your farewell touch with these r. on the final worlds

44:0.20 to enlighten the human mind concerning these r.

44:2.1 hardly “entered into the mind of man,” those r.

44:4.8 the breadth and depth of these r. of another world!

44:7.3 the real soul of expression is absent unless these r. of

47:1.2 transformers are able to visualize many of these r. to

49:6.4 eternal r. of their newly evolved and immortal souls

52:3.11 this era is the universal interest in intellectual r.,

56:1.4 the ancestor of all relative, nonspirit functional r.,

56:1.4 these r., so diverse as manifested throughout space

56:1.5 Father, we observe the existence of these two r.

56:2.2 of communication between spiritual and material r..

56:4.2 inherently reaches out to unify all constituent r..

56:6.1 the experiential personality r. of experiential Deity.

56:6.2 The personality r. of the Supreme Being come

67:1.4 realization of, or maladjustment to, universe r..

67:1.6 rebels against the universe and all of its divine r..

67:3.9 the creation of superhuman values, even morontia r..

76:1.4 to cope with the r. of life in the face of the natural

83:8.6 should be taught something of the r. of marriage

86:6.2 the r. of the imaginary world of ghosts and spirits

90:5.8 invaluable in pointing the way to higher and better r..

91:8.11 gesture, but prayer contacts with mighty objective r.

94:8.8 of this material world to the r. of the eternal future.

94:12.6 once again receive the truth of expanded cosmic r.

99:4.3 way of living dynamically with the commonplace r.

99:7.4 reckons with the r. of divine meanings and spiritual

99:7.5 brings this same man face to face with the eternal r.

100:2.6 The only r. worth striving for are divine, spiritual,

100:2.8 to the rearing of the more noble and enduring r. of

100:3.4 Values are experiential when r. are meaningful and

100:7.4 Jesus frankly faced the r. of life, but he was never

100:7.12 Jesus fearlessly faced the r. of existence, yet was he

101:1.1 it represents true experience with eternal r. in time,

101:5.4 assurance of, and belief in, conservation of eternal r.,

101:5.13 the truth of a living experience in the r. of revelation.

101:5.13 know the truth of universal relationships, eternal r.,

101:6.16 even r. beyond the ultimate; the faith of Jesus

101:6.17 faith of Jesus, man can foretaste in time the r. of

101:7.5 in whether or not it distinguishes between the r. of

101:8.3 has falsified its trust when faith presumes to deny r.

101:9.3 wrong for him not to believe in those morontial r.

101:9.3 life’s greatest values and the universe’s deepest r..

101:9.8 the enhanced r. of time and the more enduring r. of

101:9.9 the temporal and natural world to the supernal r. of

101:10.9 the shadow of eternity cast by Paradise r. upon the

102:1.1 and more certain faith in the eternal r. of revelation.

102:2.5 perceives the universal r. through the eyes of the

102:8.2 necessary to an exercise of saving faith in eternal r..

103:7.12 interpretations of origins, functions, relations, r.,

104:4.38 those r. that lie outside the domain of deified reality.

104:4.45 associations are concerned with r., actualities, and

105:2.1 These seven r. are co-ordinately eternal,

105:2.3 of certain other r. that can hardly be so classified.

105:3.3 the absolute personality r. of the I AM and the

105:3.6 qualifier of the unqualified, absolute, and nondeity r..

105:7.3 The Ultimate is an eventuation of new Deity r.,

105:7.4 Among those r. which are associated with the

105:7.12 8. Absonite qualities and r..

105:7.16 And all of these manifold r. are unified absolutely by

105:7.18 manifestations of the limitless potentials of these r..

106:0.1 numerous levels of existential and experiential r.,

106:0.1 and experiential realities, of potential and actual r..

106:0.1 enhanced by a better comprehension of universe r.

106:2.7 The existential r. of the seven Absolutes are not

106:2.7 only the personality r. of the Father, Son, and Spirit

106:7.9 latency of the I AM, the suspended r. of eternity,

106:9.11 in this age the r. of the Father are revealed within the

107:7.1 Adjusters are not true personalities; they are true r.,

107:7.1 true r., r. of the purest order known in the universe

107:7.5 functioning in association with impersonal r..

108:6.5 These r. are actually there, notwithstanding that the

109:0.1 Thought Adjusters are, as it were, rehearsing the r.

109:6.7 these surviving and conserved r. are held in trust for

110:2.4 There are, therefore, two r. which impinge upon,

110:3.4 while you wholly overlook the more essential r. of

110:6.20 weaning the mind from its dependence on the r. of

111:2.9 the mortal mind is in contact with superanimal r.;

112:1.18 the unifier of all these factors as related to cosmic r..

112:2.8 all concepts of superhuman r. are based on the

112:2.8 the cosmic r. of certain associated spiritual entities

112:2.9 a materialist can deny existence of supermaterial r.

112:2.11 but the insight of spirit can still perceive cosmic r.

113:3.4 the mind patterns, memory formulas, and soul r.

113:6.10 and lodged these morontia r. for safekeeping in the

115:4.3 existence to the highest and unqualifiedly absolute r..

115:6.3 Spirit, or the nonpersonal r. of the Isle of Paradise.

117:3.1 the synthesis of the emerging phases of all finite r..

118:1.2 choice plus God’s choice eventuate in the eternal r.

118:3.3 Such r. of truth wedded to fact become concepts

118:3.3 and are relegated to the domain of relative cosmic r..

118:10.14 of the philosophic co-ordination of these two r..

126:5.10 his power to adjust himself and his family to the r.

130:4.2 —these r., projected on a universal scale, combined

130:4.13 the expression of the eternal r. of the Infinite One.

132:3.2 as human experience, even spiritual and living r..

133:5.10 mind can alone perceive the presence of apparent r.

134:8.2 last struggle with the r. of mortal existence alone.

139:12.13 the final act in the drama of fleeing from the r. of

140:1.7 you have been with me and have learned of the r.

140:8.31 he wished to develop spiritual insight into eternal r.

142:6.6 the duty of those who know about the r. of the spirit

143:6.3 talk on “The r. which are central in the kingdom of

146:3.4 your personal religious experience in the eternal r. of

146:3.4 your intelligent understanding of truth r. plus your

151:2.3 confronted with the difficulties and r. of living up

155:3.6 of physical science disturb their faith in eternal r.

155:5.5 partial insight into eternal r., a glimpse of the beauty

155:5.8 general recognition of the r. of spiritual experience

155:5.8 the rigorous r. of progressive human experience.

155:5.10 determination to explore the r. of personal religious

155:5.13 discovering for yourselves the beauties of the r. of

155:6.4 holier achievements in spiritual ideals and eternal r..

155:6.13 to the thoughtful contemplation of such eternal r.?

155:6.18 may flee in fear of facing the rugged r. of spiritual

156:2.6 forward to embrace the greater r. of the kingdom.”

157:2.2 in love with truth, the ideals of eternal r..

157:2.2 the sinful pleasures of time against the righteous r.

157:4.5 living temple of spiritual fellowship in the eternal r.

160:1.15 philosophy gave me the urge to search for the r. of

160:4.1 have an eye single to the attainment of eternal r.,

160:5.5 reaches out for undiscovered ideals, unexplored r.,

160:5.5 the divine r. of the infinite values resident in the

160:5.7 higher since this gospel embraces the infinity of r.,

162:5.2 the flesh; you do not perceive the r. of the spirit.

169:4.3 the measure of your capacity to perceive r. spiritual

169:4.4 Jesus knew that God can be known only by the r. of

170:2.7 Jesus taught that eternal r. were the result (reward)

170:2.16 that these r. of the spirit experience are progressively

174:0.2 Seek the true r. of the spirit and cease to be

181:2.20 mankind to search for God and to seek eternal r.

182:1.8 individual experience in the living r. of eternal truth

184:4.6 In the fraternal r. of the kingdom of heaven the

188:4.13 Human salvation is real; it is based on two r. which

189:1.3 and space as the fleeting shadow of Paradise r.?

191:5.3 and faith in the supreme r. of living experience.

193:4.3 and progress of the spiritual r. of the kingdom,

194:2.6 to help the believer to witness to the r. of Jesus’

195:5.1 duty to “seek first the r. of heaven” in all of man’s

195:7.5 The r. and values of spiritual progress are not a

195:7.15 Poetry is an effort to escape from material r. to

196:0.3 just an illusory compensation for the unpleasant r.

196:3.2 The religious consciousness identifies these r. as

196:3.2 We are in the habit of designating these r. as thing,

196:3.24 experience of mortals ascending toward Paradise r..

196:3.35 Adjuster conserve those r. born of love and nurtured

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