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17:1.8 serve for a millennium in the primary advisory c.

17:1.8 there is a secondary c., consisting of mortals of

33:8.4 constitute the immediate working c. of Gabriel.

35:6.2 constitute the supreme advisory c of the Creator Son

53:4.3 The entire administrative c. of Lucifer went over in a

70:6.5 The first c. officer was a food administrator; others

70:6.5 the development of a c. was a direct step toward

72:11.5 become members of the chief executive’s c..

74:1.4 called before the System Sovereign and his entire c.

114:2.1 by the c. of Lanaforge, seconded by the Most

114:3.4 a temporary member of the System Sovereign’s c. of

114:5.6 The direct administrative c. of the governor general

114:6.2 This council also serves as the volunteer c. of the

127:2.11 while Jesus began to do house finishing and expert c.


126:1.1 rapidly developing into an expert carpenter and c..


17:1.8 Each Supreme Executive has two advisory c.:

72:2.8 choose their own c. of administrative officials.


128:2.3 Jesus continued this year at house finishing and c.


81:2.16 the early log c. of the American pioneer settlers.

Caesarsee also Caesars

101:7.5 confound the things of God with the things of C..

122:7.1 C. Augustus decreed that all inhabitants of the

133:4.3 “Render unto C. the things which are C.’ and unto

133:4.3 the service of C. do not conflict unless C. should

136:2.8 in the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius C.,

138:5.4 See that you make no denunciations of C. or his

140:8.9 “Render to C. the things which are C.’ and to God

154:0.3 When the Jews threatened to report to C. that he

174:2.2 is this: Is it lawful for us to give tribute to C.?

174:2.2 And when they answered him, “C.’,” Jesus said,

174:2.2 “Render to C. the things that are C.’ and render to

174:2.4 dare to advise against the payment of tribute to C.,

178:1.3 duty to render to C. the things which are C.’ and

178:1.3 unless it should develop that a C. presumes to usurp

181:2.10 rendering to C. the things which are C.’ and to

184:5.4 he taught the people to refuse to pay tribute to C..

185:1.3 enter Jerusalem without removing the images of C.

185:1.4 used in C. worship, put up on the walls of Herod’s

185:2.12 2. Forbidding the people to pay tribute to C..

185:3.1 “Did you teach that tribute should be refused C.?”

185:3.1 that Jesus and his apostles paid taxes both to C. and

185:7.5 “If you release this man, you are not C.’ friend,

185:7.5 We have no king but C..”

185:8.1 “We have no king but C.,” was a shock even to the

185:8.2 Pilate had recently received a reprimand from C.,

Caesareasee Caesarea-Philippi

121:2.11 Herod built the harbor of C., which further aided in

121:8.10 Nathan, a Greek Jew from C., to begin the writing.

128:3.2 Nazareth by the coast route, touching Lydda, C.,

128:5.2 Jesus went to C. to meet with five prominent Jews

128:5.4 for the time and expense of coming over to C. to

130:0.2 From Jerusalem they went to C. by way of Joppa.

130:0.2 At C. they took a boat for Alexandria.

130:1.1 his son desired to pay him a visit on their way to C..

130:2.0 2. AT CAESAREA

130:2.1 Jesus and his friends tarried in C. beyond the time

130:2.1 C. was the capital of Palestine and the residence of

130:2.5 the Christian message had been proclaimed in C.,

130:2.5 days of Paul’s imprisonment at C., when Anaxand

130:3.1 It had been an eventful visit at C., and when the boat

134:7.4 Jesus journeyed south along the coast to C., where

140:7.2 from cities as far away as Tyre, Sidon, C., and

152:7.3 going by way of the coast cities of Joppa, C., and

184:3.17 any time return to the Roman capital of Judea, C.,

Caesarea-Philippi or Caesarea Philippi

134:7.5 of Merom, he went by Karahta to Dan, or C..

134:8.1 After spending some time in the vicinity of C., Jesus

152:0.3 Jesus called this woman, Veronica of C., into his

154:7.3 the domains of Philip, going from Kheresa up to C.,

155:2.1 Jesus, with the eleven, departed for C., going by way

155:2.1 thence northeast to the junction with the road to C.,

155:2.3 called his associates together and departed for C. to


155:3.1 work during this two weeks’ sojourn near C.,

155:3.2 The sojourn at C. was a real test to the apostles;

155:3.5 One of the great lessons of this sojourn at C. had to

155:4.1 this group of twenty-five teachers of truth left C. to


157:0.1 the twelve for a short sojourn in the vicinity of C.,

157:2.2 should return from their proposed visit to C..

157:3.1 and the twelve apostles left Magadan Park for C.,

157:3.1 C. was situated in a region of wondrous beauty.

157:3.1 It nestled in a charming valley between scenic hills

157:3.7 And so they resumed their journey to C., arriving

157:6.1 When they reached C., the treasury was empty.

157:6.3 this momentous hour of Peter’s confession at C..

157:6.3 and last period of his earth career began here at C.

157:6.5 Before C. Jesus presented the gospel of the kingdom

157:6.5 After C. he appeared not merely as a teacher but as

158:5.5 Jesus said: “We go now to C.; make ready at once.

158:7.1 Jesus and the twelve departed from C. for Magadan


90:2.7 Again and again did the C. banish the astrologers,

156:5.16 Render to the C. the things which are material and to


82:4.5 literally to c. up girls, actually to imprison them for

CaiaphasJewish high priest

168:3.6 It was at this meeting of the Sanhedrin that C. first

168:3.6 he so many times repeated: “It is better that one man

175:4.13 at ten o’clock the next morning at the home of C.

177:4.1 appointment with Jesus’ enemies at the home of C.

177:4.4 that Judas was then on his way to the home of C.

177:4.5 As Judas approached the home of C., he arrived at

177:4.6 The traitor was presented to C. and the Jewish

177:4.7 the face of the hardhearted and vainglorious C.;

177:4.8 And then C. looked down upon the betrayer while

177:4.8 he said: “Judas, you go to the captain of the guard

183:5.1 guards gave orders that he should be taken to C.,

183:5.1 the former high priest and father-in-law of C..

184:0.2 was in waiting at the palace of his son-in-law, C..

184:1.9 messengers arrived from the palace of C. to inquire

184:1.9 Jesus bound and in the custody of the guards to C..

184:2.1 went on over to the home of C., where he knew

184:2.8 and the guards led Jesus past on the way to C..

184:2.10 not follow Jesus to the palace of the high priest, C..

184:3.1 chief priest, C., called the Sanhedrist court of inquiry

184:3.4 But on this occasion, C. was more of a prosecutor

184:3.9 Annas arrived and took his seat beside C..

184:3.14 But C. could not longer endure the sight of the

184:3.14 He thought he knew at least one way in which the

184:3.14 he rushed over to the side of Jesus and, shaking his

184:3.14 Jesus answered C.: “I am.

184:3.15 he was exceedingly angry, and rending his outer

184:3.15 he exclaimed: “What further need have we of

184:3.18 After Jesus had so unexpectedly answered C.,

184:5.11 Jesus was led forth from the home of C. to appear

185:0.1 Judas Iscariot, and the high priest, C., and by the

185:7.5 ready to release Jesus when C., the high priest,

186:1.1 As C. was engaged in making his report to the

186:1.2 Throughout the trial of Jesus before C. and during

186:1.2 the servant of C. handed Judas a bag containing

186:2.7 When before C., Jesus did not hesitate to answer the

188:2.2 the Jewish leaders gathered at the home of C.,

190:3.3 After a hasty consultation with Annas, C. called a

Cainson of Eve and Cano

68:1.2 Even in the days of C. it was fatal to go abroad

74:8.8 reference to C.’ emigration to the “land of Nod,”

75:5.3 And Cano, the father of C. yet unborn, also perished.

76:0.2 C. and Sansa were both born before the Adamic

76:0.2 to her bosom, and Sansa was reared along with C..

76:2.0 2. CAIN AND ABEL

76:2.1 Less than two years after C.’ birth, Abel was born,

76:2.1 to be a herder; C. had chosen to follow agriculture.

76:2.2 C. and Abel likewise made periodic offerings to the

76:2.2 In vain did C. appeal to the traditions of the first

76:2.3 the offering of animal sacrifice so that C. had a

76:2.4 never failed to impress upon C. that Adam was not

76:2.4 C was not pure violet as his father was of the Nodite

76:2.4 And all of this, with C.’ natural bellicose inheritance,

76:2.5 that C. turned upon Abel in wrath and slew him.

76:2.7 To Adam and Eve, C. was fast becoming the grim

76:2.7 Adam and Eve encouraged him in his decision to

76:2.8 C.’ life in Mesopotamia had not been exactly happy

76:2.8 he was in a peculiar way symbolic of the default.

76:2.8 but he had not been unaware of their subconscious

76:2.8 But C. knew that, since he bore no tribal mark, he

76:2.8 he would be killed by the first neighboring tribesmen

76:2.8 C. had never been indwelt by an Adjuster,

76:2.8 But he now went to Eve, his mother, and asked for

76:2.8 and when he honestly sought divine assistance,

76:2.8 Adjuster, dwelling within and looking out, gave C.

76:2.9 And so C. departed for the land of Nod, east of the

76:2.9 He became a great leader among one group of his

76:2.9 for he did promote peace between this division of

76:2.9 C. married Remona, his distant cousin, and their

80:7.7 Crete that the mother cult of the descendants of C.

81:1.4 Even in the days of C. and Abel the sacrifices of the

148:4.7 the meaning of the record which discloses how C.,

159:1.7 “If C., with no weapon in his hand, was avenged

Tubal-Cainson of Lamech

159:1.7 because of the metal weapons of his son Tubal-C.,


92:1.1 those efforts first to coerce and then to c. the spirits.


89:9.2 in Mexico and elsewhere, a sacrament of c. and wine


87:6.15 customs were considered sure guards against c..

89:2.1 of religion as supposed insurance against these c..


94:5.7 China fell into an almost equally c. error, the worship

149:2.10 c. happenings are not visitations of divine


54:6.3 Lucifer upheaval appeared to be an unmitigated c.

67:0.1 was profoundly influenced by this devastating c..

68:3.1 fear of pain, unsatisfied hunger, or some earthly c.;

69:6.5 was the custom to kindle new flames after some c..

79:2.3 it was a real c. that both the blue and the red man

84:7.19 view the failure to have sons as the supreme c. for all

86:1.2 The constant dread of unknown and unseen c. hung

86:1.2 viewed good fortune as a certain harbinger of c..

87:2.2 an angered ghost was supposed to be a source of c.,

89:2.4 Community c. was always regarded as punishment

97:5.1 predicted c. in retribution for the transgressions of

101:3.7 confidence despite natural adversity and physical c..

131:2.9 Whosoever sows iniquity shall reap c.; they who

131:8.5 escape the penalty; he may change c. into blessing.



41:6.1 these wandering derelicts, especially sodium and c..

41:6.2 C. is the chief element of the matter-permeation of

41:6.2 for the most part of the modified atoms of c..

41:6.2 It not only endures solar ionization—splitting—but

41:6.2  C. possesses an individuality and a longevity

41:6.3 these mutilated remnants of solar c. literally ride

41:6.3 The c. feat is all the more remarkable since this

41:6.3 Local space-permeation by c. is due to the fact that

41:6.3 Of all the solar elements, c., notwithstanding its

41:6.3 This explains why there is a c. layer, a gaseous

41:6.4 C. is an active and versatile element at solar

41:6.4 This c. atom moves outward by alternate jerks of

41:6.4 C. is the most expert solar-prison escaper.

41:6.5 The agility of this acrobatic c. electron is indicated

41:6.6 sun has parted with an enormous quantity of its c.,

41:6.6 the solar c. is now in the outer crust of the sun.


12:2.4 The physicists of Uversa c. that the energy and

15:6.11 we can c. the exact size and location of the dark


145:5.10 Peter c. that no less than one thousand believers

160:2.6 Of all social relations c. to develop character,

174:2.4 they rightly c. that such a pronouncement would


28:4.10 unerringly certain in c. the Father’s will concerning


12:3.9 technique of comparative estimation and c. these

83:2.5 to displace cold c. in the choosing of life partners.


12:3.8 These c. indicate that the total gravity action on the

12:3.8 These c. all refer to absolute gravity; linear gravity

12:3.11 influence c. involving such enormous measurements.

12:4.12 at ever-increasing velocities as your c. proceed

15:1.1 in harmony with the extensive experience and c. of

30:3.2 are unusually favorable for their observations and c..

41:2.7 They unfailingly utilize the c. and deductions of

CalebIsraelite spy in Canaan

166:3.2 since the Scriptures record that only C. and Joshua


97:9.7 was made up mostly of non-Hebrew elements—C.,


59:3.3 the Himalayas of Asia and the great C. Mountains,


14:1.12 thousand years of the present Urantia leap-year c..

57:0.1 —the present leap-year c. of 365¼ days to the year.

77:2.12 when the Egyptians undertook to reform the c.,

123:2.3 we will, therefore, refer to this as his fifth (c.) year

123:2.15 illness, in the latter part of this, his fifth (c.) year.

126:1.1 This is the c. year of his fourteenth birthday.

126:3.1 time in accordance with the twentieth-century c.,


96:4.3 symbolized by the golden c. of the Bedouin tribes.

146:1.1 of his early career on “Aaron and the Golden C..”

169:1.10 he called to his servants: ‘Bring on the fatted c.

169:1.11 your father has killed the fatted c. to rejoice over his

169:1.12 with harlots, you make haste to kill the fatted c.


71:2.17 will be determined by the character and c. of those

71:3.10 civilization is faithfully portrayed by the c. of its


59:4.5 an outlet to the Pacific Ocean through northern C..

59:4.12 rich fossil beds are situated along the coast of C.

59:5.19 an outlet to the Pacific Ocean through northern C..

59:5.20 Volcanoes were active in Alaska and C. and in the

60:1.8 went down excepting the southern part of C. and a

60:1.8 This ancient C. sea was rich in marine life and

60:3.6 the line of the present C. coast-range mountains.

61:3.3 The great four-mile vertical fault in the C. region

64:6.7 headquarters among the great redwood trees of C..

79:5.8 the Onamonalonton center in C., but this had long


60:1.13 A rich and unique marine life appeared on the C.

Caligastiaapostate Planetary Prince of Urantia

   see also Caligastia one hundred

4:3.3 the consequences of the Lucifer rebellion and the C.

34:7.4 The C. upheaval precipitated world-wide confusion

37:8.3 It was he who isolated Urantia at the time of the C.

43:5.17 has been stationed on the planet ever since the C.

45:4.18 the service of Gabriel at the time of the C. betrayal,

49:5.23 your Planetary Prince, C., cast his lot with the

50:3.1 The Urantia Prince, C., had a corps of one hundred

50:4.11 most inglorious end by C.’ adherence to the Lucifer

50:4.12 C., who,in deliberation and with malice aforethought

50:4.13 staff remained loyal, deserting the ranks of C..

51:3.4 C. offered crafty and effective opposition to the

51:3.4 he failed in his effort to involve them in the Lucifer

51:3.7 earlier midway creatures went into rebellion with C.

51:3.9 has been visited by four orders of sonship: C.,

52:5.5 the fallen Planetary Prince, C., contesting such a

53:1.4 The “devil” is none other than C., deposed Prince of

53:1.4 Lucifer, Satan, and C. were leagued together to

53:1.5 Abaddon was the chief of the staff of C..

53:1.5 creatures who allied themselves with the forces of C.

53:6.5 seraphic orders on the world of the traitorous C.,

53:7.2 C. was advocating the cause of Lucifer on Urantia.

53:8.5 C. was recognized by the Son of Man as the Prince

53:8.6 before leaving Urantia was to offer mercy to C.

53:8.6 C., your apostate Planetary Prince, is still free on

53:8.6 but he has absolutely no power to enter the minds of

53:8.6 neither can he draw near to their souls to tempt or

53:8.7 But since the day of Pentecost this traitorous C.

53:8.8 Neither Satan nor C. could ever touch or approach

53:8.9 C. has been comparatively impotent since the cross

53:9.2 Paul wrote of C.’ chiefs as “hosts of wickedness in

53:9.4 It is true that Satan did periodically visit C. and

58:4.2 down to the days of C., the Planetary Prince, had

63:7.1 They grieved over the C. betrayal, sorrowed because

64:6.15 and drifted into darkness following the C. apostasy;

64:6.22 the persuasions of the teachers of Prince C.’ staff

64:6.22 recovered from the turmoil produced by the C.

64:6.23 About five hundred years after C.’ downfall a revival

64:6.29 the long and dark ages between the C. rebellion and

65:4.8 C. might have come to Urantia during the lifetimes

65:5.1 our control: the C. betrayal and the Adamic default.

66:0.2 appearance of the six colored or Sangik races, C.,


66:1.1 C. was a Lanonandek Son, number 9,344 of the

66:1.1 He was experienced in the administration of the

66:1.2 C. had been attached to the council of the Life

66:1.2 Lucifer elevated C. to a position on his personal

66:1.2 he acceptably filled five successive assignments of

66:1.3 C. early sought a commission as Planetary Prince,

66:1.3 repeatedly, when his request came up for approval in

66:1.3 C. seemed desirous of being sent as planetary ruler

66:1.3 His petition had several times been disapproved

66:1.3 before he was finally assigned to Urantia.

66:1.4 C. went forth from Jerusem to his trust of world

66:1.5 I was present on Jerusem when the brilliant C.

66:1.5 with better prospects than did C. on that eventful

66:1.5 I did not then comprehend that C. was insidiously

66:2.2 as an assistant at the time of his assignment as C.’

66:2.4 chosen by C. from over 785,000 ascendant citizens

66:4.7 these materialized members of C.’ staff followed the

66:4.13 the Most Highs of Norlatiadek at the time of C.’

66:5.9 The Dalamatia library, destroyed soon after the C.

66:5.10 The C. defection destroyed the hope of the world

66:7.19 rebellion under the leadership of the traitorous C..

66:7.19 those tragic days when C. threw in his lot with the

66:7.20 and abject spiritual darkness which followed the C.


66:8.1 In looking back over the long career of C., we find

66:8.1 challenged attention; he was ultraindividualistic.

66:8.1 He was inclined to take sides with almost every

66:8.1 he was usually sympathetic with those who gave

66:8.1 whenever a test had come, he had proved loyal to

66:8.1 No real fault was ever found in him up to the time

66:8.2 both Lucifer and C. had been patiently instructed

66:8.2 Both C. and Lucifer judged their friendly advisers

66:8.3 From the arrival of Prince C., planetary civilization

66:8.3 the Lucifer rebellion and the concurrent C. betrayal.

66:8.4 He was deprived of sovereign authority by the

66:8.4 He shared the inevitable vicissitudes of isolated

66:8.6 presence of the traitorous and iniquitous C.,

66:8.6 neither C. nor Daligastia was ever able to oppress


67:1.1 C. had been in charge of Urantia when Satan made

67:1.2 Satan informed C. of Lucifer’s then proposed

67:1.2 look with peculiar disdain upon Prince C. because

67:1.3 C. so completely distorted his personality that his

67:1.3 his mind has never since been able fully to regain its

67:2.1 C. held a prolonged conference with his associate,

67:2.1 Prince C. was about to proclaim himself absolute

67:2.2 jurist branded the proposed course of C. as an act

67:2.2 the orders designating C. as supreme sovereign on

67:2.2 Van formally drew his indictment of Daligastia, C.,

67:2.4 Daligastia proclaimed C. “God of Urantia and

67:3.2 primary midway creatures joined hands with C.,

67:3.6 Throughout the crucial years of the C. rebellion, Van

67:3.8 all of the deceptive teachings of the brilliant C..

67:3.9 C., with a maximum of intelligence and a vast

67:3.10 The C. panoramic reign-records on Jerusem were

67:4.1 the commission on industry and trade joined C..

67:4.4 memory of these honored beings of the days of C..

67:4.6 trusted rulers like C. and Daligastia going astray—

67:5.3 The C. scheme for the immediate reconstruction of

67:5.3 in accordance with his ideas of individual freedom

67:5.3 the C. regime, this upheaval having left the world in

67:6.9 Edentia after Lucifer had sustained C. on Urantia,

67:7.3 general evolutionary status existing at the time of C.’

67:7.7 C. rebelled, Adam and Eve did default, but no mortal

67:7.7 Every mortal born on Urantia since C.’ rebellion has

68:5.9 Both C. and Adam endeavored to teach horticulture

69:7.5 the domestication of animals, coupled with the C.

70:6.4 to the times of the materialized staff of Prince C..

73:0.1 spiritual poverty resulting from the C. downfall

73:0.1 setback that swiftly followed the disaffection of C.

73:0.2 many of Urantia’s affairs ever since C.’ downfall

73:2.1 and the worthy successor of the traitorous C..

73:2.5 Although C. and Daligastia had been deprived of

73:2.5 He did everything possible to frustrate and hamper

73:2.5 But his evil machinations were largely offset by the

73:6.3 approved the commission of C. as Planetary Prince

74:2.1 These two heroes of the C. secession were the first

74:3.1 he was still able to make the task of Adam and Eve

74:3.2 on Urantia, the confused planet of the C. betrayal;

74:3.3 learned more about the details of the C. rebellion

74:3.3 the utter collapse of the C. scheme for accelerating

74:5.5 met the direct and well-planned resistance of C.

74:5.5 but he had not been removed from the planet.

74:5.5 He was still present on earth and able, at least to

74:5.5 Adam tried to warn the races against C., but the

74:5.6 toward the C. teaching of unbridled personal liberty;


75:2.1 C. paid frequent visits to the Garden and held many

75:2.1 neither C. nor his associate had power to influence

75:2.2 It must be remembered that C. was still the titular

75:2.2 He was not finally deposed until the times of Christ

75:2.3 He soon gave up working on Adam and decided to

75:2.5 descendants of the defaulting members of C.’ staff

75:3.3 being used as a circumstantial tool of the wily C..

75:3.6 Serapatatia was playing into the hands of C. and

75:4.4 yielding to the suggestions of C. to combine good

75:7.7 C. did succeed in trapping Adam and Eve, but he

75:7.7 he did not accomplish his purpose of leading Adam

76:4.5 fallen Prince C., who several times came to confer

77:2.1 rebel members of the corporeal staff of Prince C.

77:3.7 folly of their progenitors in participating in the C.

77:7.1 original 50,000, 40,119 had joined the C. secession.

78:1.1 quite unaffected by the exigencies of the C. rebellion.

80:7.5 unbroken line from the Nodite staff of Prince C..

81:0.1 for world betterment projected in the missions of C.

93:0.2 receivers for your world after the C. secession

93:10.6 to take the place of the fallen Planetary Prince, C..

93:10.7 Michael became the successor of both C. and Adam;

93:10.8 after the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion and the C.

95:6.2 learned of the traditions of the C. and the Lucifer

95:6.6 founded on the lingering traditions of Lucifer and C.,

104:1.1 Paradise Trinity was made by the staff of Prince C.

108:4.4 communication, as was Urantia after the C. upheaval

114:1.1 Subsequent to the downfall of Prince C., Urantia had

114:6.3 hosts who defaulted at the time of the C. secession.

118:8.7 The iniquity of C. was the by-passing of the time

119:7.4 the Lucifer rebellion and of the C. disaffection on

120:2.2 and adjudicate the blasphemous pretensions of C.

120:2.3 confusion brought upon Urantia by the C. betrayal

134:8.6 Planetary Prince, C., were present with Jesus and

134:8.9 Lucifer rebellion in Satania and the C. secession

136:3.1 had met and defeated the Urantia pretender, C.,

136:6.9 That was the sin of Lucifer and C..

136:8.5 Jesus knew the futility of the C. method of trying

136:9.2 would not compromise with the techniques of C..

179:2.3 Judas, but that it also pleased Lucifer, C., and

183:0.4 nefarious schemes had the full approval of Satan, C.

188:3.14 believing that some personality sat in the seat of C.

Caligastia one hundred

50:3.1 The Urantia Prince, C., had a corps of one hundred

66:2.3 —sometimes referred to as the C. one hundred.

66:2.8 with the literal creation of special bodies for the C.,

66:4.2 the technique of their appearance on earth the C.

66:4.7 on a nonflesh diet dates from the times of the C.,

66:4.9 the souls of the C. had thus expanded through

66:4.12 3. The C. were personally immortal, or undying.

66:4.12 There circulated through their material forms the

66:4.12 had they not lost contact with the life circuits

66:4.12 they would have lived on indefinitely until the arrival

66:4.12 their sometime later release to resume the journey to

66:4.14 quite sufficient to confer continuous life upon the C.

66:6.2 stalemate of tradition-bound mores when the C.

66:6.3 The C.—graduates of the Satania mansion worlds—

66:6.3 These wise beings knew better than to undertake the

66:6.3 They understood the slow evolution of the human

66:6.3 they wisely refrained from any radical attempts at


73:6.4 the one hundred materialized members of C.’ staff

77:1.2 the one hundred corporeal members of Prince C.’

92:4.5 one hundred corporeal members of Prince C.’ staff

93:2.6 one hundred materialized members of Prince C.’

Caligastic rebellion

34:7.6 largely escape the dire consequences of the C. and

87:4.7 situation did not develop until after the C. and only

CaligulaRoman emperor

176:2.8 who was attached to the court of the Emperor C.,

callnoun; see roll call

23:2.19 Power Directors a c. for exploration volunteers;

25:8.9 a c. would be made to the reserves of the Paradise

25:8.11 Instead, a c. is made to the reserves of the Paradise

36:4.1 volunteers who respond to the c. of the System

39:1.16 pertaining to the line of duty or the c. to worship.

53:6.5 Declaration of Liberty issued by Lucifer in his c. to

62:3.9 But the closest c. of all was when lightning struck

79:8.5 increasing dialects, and no c. for military action for

97:1.5 throughout all Palestine there sounded the c. back to

101:6.1 with an impelling c. to increased ethical service.

111:7.2 heed the distant echo of the Adjuster’s faithful c. to

119:3.1 the consideration of the c. of the Life Carriers on

122:2.6 dedicated to the c. to mother the child of destiny

124:3.10 be obedient to the c. of his mission to the world;

136:2.6 At his baptism he heard the unmistakable c. of his

137:6.5 Make yourselves ready for the c. of the kingdom.

138:2.2 these candidates and give them the c. to service.




143:1.5 the poor of this day are the first to heed the c. to

149:2.12 Only three men who received his personal c. refused

154:5.1 And in response to this hasty c., presently there

163:6.7 say: I always stand near, and my invitation-c. is,

173:3.2 though they appear to refuse the c. to repentance,

173:5.2 But again did the thoughtless make light of this c.

173:5.2 others were not content thus to slight the king’s c.,

173:5.2 attend the wedding feast, had finally rejected his c.

173:5.3 have spurned my hospitality and rejected my c..

175:1.8 hear their voices ringing out with the c. to salvation

176:3.6 shall you be ready for the reckoning c. of death.

178:1.4 The love c. of the spiritual kingdom should prove

178:1.8 the more easily reached by the spirit c. to sonship

194:3.17 Pentecost was the c. to spiritual unity among gospel

195:10.6 The c. to the adventure of building a new society by

callverb; see call attention; call forth

0:6.1 personality circuit of the Father, we c. personal.

0:6.1 respond to the spirit circuit of the Son, we c. spirit.

0:6.1 the Conjoint Actor, we c. mind, mind as an

0:6.1 we c. matter—energy-matter in all its metamorphic

1:1.1 natural that we should eventually c. him Father.

11:9.4 hardly proper to c. that which is nonpersonal “Deity”

12:3.1 those universal presences, which we c. gravity.

25:3.4 absolutely no limit to their authority to c. witnesses

28:4.6 they do not have to c. him on the lines of space;

28:4.6 they need only c. for the Chief of Nebadon Voices,

28:6.12 the advantageous use of that which you c. “time,”

30:4.11 the coming of a Son of God to c. the rolls of the

31:2.2 We presume to c. Gravity Messengers personalities

31:2.3 this chief may c. upon the reserves of the order for

42:1.4 energy or ever to add to matter that which we c. life.

42:1.5 those processes in dead matter which we c. life,

44:2.4 those artists of light and shade you might c sketchers

44:3.4 seasons of rest, what mortals would c. recreation

44:6.4 by these designers of what you would c. sound.

47:3.6 to consult the registry and c. upon your loved ones

77:8.11 make contact with what humans c. “material things.”

78:8.7 the neighboring cities did they c. themselves kings.

84:6.6 personality trends that humans c. male and female;

93:8.1 when they went to c. Machiventa in the morning, he

94:8.2 disciples early began to c. him the enlightened one,

96:1.15 to c. this evolving concept of Deity, Yahweh.

102:6.1 To isolate part of life and c. it religion is to

103:1.6 which we have elected to c. God-consciousness.

108:5.9 is right or wrong (not merely what you may c. right

118:10.9 Most of what a mortal would c. providential is not;

118:10.9 Much of what a mortal would c. good luck might

122:2.3 this divine teacher, and you shall c. your son John.

122:3.1 the mother of a son; you shall c. him Joshua,

124:1.4 went to c. on Joseph to demand that something be

126:3.7 as a world teacher, what would he c. himself?

127:3.12 service after “the heavenly Father should c.” them

131:1.8 “At all times c. upon his name, and as you believe

131:2.9 “The Lord is near all who c. upon him in sincerity

131:9.2 And we do well when we c. the Great Heaven our

134:1.1 where Jesus paused to c. on Zebedee’s family.

137:6.5 remain hereabout until the Father bids me c. you.

137:8.16 And I have not come to c. the would-be righteous

138:3.1 The next day Jesus and the six went to c. upon

138:3.3 all went with Peter to c. upon Simon the Zealot,

138:3.6 I have come, not to c. the righteous, but sinners.”

139:1.2 even as the apostles soon began to c. Jesus Master,

139:3.5 these “sons of thunder” who wanted to c. fire down

139:4.8 —they both wanted to c. down fire from heaven on

143:1.6 The service of the kingdom on earth will c. for all

143:5.4 “But, Sir, I cannot c. my husband, for I have no

144:8.7 who c. to their fellows and say: ‘We piped for you

146:2.5 you shall c. upon me and fail to receive an answer.

147:8.3 Will you dare to c. this a fast and an acceptable day

147:8.4 Then will you c. upon the Lord, and he shall

148:4.2 He whom you c. the evil one is the son of self-love,

148:7.2 I c. you to witness that it is lawful to exhibit loving

149:2.12 He permitted his followers to c. him Master.

150:4.2 If some people have dared to c. the master of the

150:8.8 It was customary to c. upon seven persons to read

150:9.1 I c. you to witness that even the Scriptures declare

152:2.10 disciples were disposed to c. many things miracles

157:0.1 decided to c. upon Mary to learn what they could

157:6.9 I have not come to c. the righteous, but sinners.

160:5.3 you are self-deceived in that what you c. a religion

162:7.5 glorify me, even the same Father whom you c. God

163:3.6 owner of the vineyard said to his steward: ‘C. the

164:4.2 they did not c. Jesus before them; they feared to.

171:8.4 the rejected nobleman of this parable, I would c.

173:5.2 feast for his son and dispatched messengers to c.

175:1.8 And now I c. to witness these, my disciples and

175:1.10 you should c. no man Father in the spiritual sense,

175:1.21 John did truly c. you the offspring of vipers, and I

179:1.4 of least honor, would c. him up to a higher one,

179:3.8 You c. me Master, and you say well, for so I am.

180:1.3 You have called me Master, but I do not c. you

181:2.4 but you have changed since you wanted me to c. fire

183:0.2 Peter desired to c. his associates, but Jesus

185:5.8 this innocent and just man whom they c. Jesus.

185:5.8 urged the people to c. for the release of Barabbas

190:1.5 I c. you to witness that I have never yet sent out

190:2.3 “James, I come to c. you to the service of the

190:5.4 who seek him; that all nations shall c. him blessed?

191:6.1 to Rodan, it was decided to c. the believers

193:0.2 I now c. you to witness that I told you beforehand

193:6.1 John Mark and others went forth to c. the leading

195:6.10 a mistake when they try to c. modern man to battle

196:0.9 instantly replied, “Why do you c. me good?”

196:2.2 called him Good Teacher, “Why do you c. me good?

call attention

22:10.2 Guardians, I have seemed to c. to the limitations

22:10.2 in all fairness, c. to their one point of great strength

31:3.3 we have taken cognizance of, and here c. to, three

54:6.5 Lucifer rebellion, I will only c. to the enhanced

64:6.30 fully to appreciate all of these reasons, we would c.

117:7.2 Supreme, we would c. to certain problems inherent

140:8.15 economic reformer, although he did frequently c. to

160:2.7 I c. your attention to the fact that the Master never

call forth

2:4.2 to bear upon the Father to c. his loving-kindness.

136:8.2 the execution of wonders would c. only outward

160:3.1 a stimulus to c. man’s slumbering spiritual forces.

195:5.8 find those values which c. faith, trust, and assurance;

calledverbsee called attention; called upon; see so-called

0:1.10 supersustenance, sometimes c. the Ultimacy of Deity

1:1.4 In one near-by constellation God is c. the Father of

1:1.6 Your prophets of old truly c. him “everlasting God”

2:1.7 Michael, who was c. interchangeably the Son of God

2:4.4 what in human experience would be c. fairness.

2:5.4 bestowed on us that we should be c. the sons of God

4:3.2 despicable; they are hardly worthy of being c. human

6:1.6 any of the Paradise Sons may fittingly be c. Sons of

8:2.3 better comprehend the Third Source if he were c. the

9:1.5 sometimes being c. the Omnipresent Spirit.

11:3.3 Paradise is sometimes c. “the Father’s House” since

11:8.5 of space, sometimes c. pure energy or segregata.

11:9.4 of the acts of Deity could hardly be c. Deity.

14:0.1 This central planetary family is c. Havona and is

15:0.2 seven superuniverses are rightly c. Ancients of Days.

15:2.3 worlds adapted to support life are c. a system, but

15:14.5 Your world is c. Urantia, and it is number 606 in the

15:14.6 Satania has a headquarters world c. Jerusem, and it

15:14.6 systems and has a headquarters world c. Edentia.

15:14.7 local universes and has a capital c. Uminor the third.

15:14.7 and has a headquarters world c. Umajor the fifth.

16:4.14 on Urantia c. the Comforter or the Spirit of Truth.

20:1.1 on the central Isle are c. the Paradise Sons of God

21:0.3 in supreme authority, they are c. Master Michaels.

22:0.1 are three groups of beings who are c. Sons of God.

22:10.9 of those who are c. the Trinitized Sons of God,

25:2.10 these commissions are sometimes c. referee trios.

25:6.1 counterpart—what might be c. a carbon copy.

26:8.1 circuit is sometimes c. the “circuit of the Sons.”

29:2.16 Such a lane or line of energy, sometimes also c. an

29:4.18 These beings are c. mechanical controllers because

29:4.37 and qualitative energy presence are c. chronoldeks.

30:4.15 soul and Adjuster is quite properly c. a resurrection

30:4.17 of mortal residence are c. universe “mansions,”

34:4.12 the description of these four creatures—c. beasts—

35:1.4 when they are c. as witnesses in matters pending

35:2.3 Salvington are c. on motion of the Melchizedeks.

35:4.5 colony of truth seekers residing at a place c. Salem

36:5.2 The seven adjutant mind-spirits are c. by names

37:3.3 apparently insignificant inhabited world c. Urantia.

37:3.6 the dead are c. to record (the so-called resurrection),

37:10.3 of a group of physical creatures c. spornagia.

38:3.1 groups of angelic associates are never c. seraphim,

39:8.5 Such personal guides of the children of time are c.

40:5.1 the chain of those beings who are c. sons of God.

40:6.2 Father has bestowed upon us that we should be c.

40:6.3 divine family and accordingly c. the sons of God.

43:6.1 causes these worlds to be c. “the gardens of God.”

43:6.2 of Norlatiadek are so often c. “the garden of Eden.”

45:4.1 John the Revelator c. them the four and twenty

48:1.2 finaliters’ sphere of the local systems are c. mansion

48:1.2 the universe headquarters, are c. morontia worlds.

48:1.3 a unique energy organization c. morontia material.

48:4.10 exactly why these artists are c. reversion directors—

49:6.3 many are c. to the mansion spheres at the special

49:6.9 dead just as literally as when the en masse roll is c.

51:7.2 Adam and Eve become what might be c. joint

52:1.1 Prince, mortal will creatures are c. primitive men.

52:7.13 the praises of Him who has c. you out of darkness

53:5.4 Gabriel c. his personal staff together on Edentia and

57:8.21 depths along with those masses now c. Australia,

58:4.1 That we are c. Life Carriers should not confuse you.

62:4.4 not possess minds that could really be c. human.

63:0.2 these parents of the race shall be c. Andon and Fonta

63:0.3 they c. each other Sonta-an and Sonta-en,

63:6.7 the present Caspian Sea at a settlement c. Oban,

63:6.7 concept of the hereafter, he c. the Great Beyond.

64:4.13 Neanderthalers could hardly be c. sun worshipers.

65:5.3 including this small world c. Urantia, is not being

66:7.11 You shall not speak a lie when c. before the judges

67:2.1 his associate, Daligastia, after which the latter c.

67:4.1 When the final roll was c., the corporeal members

70:6.2 king, he was sometimes c. “father of his people.”

70:9.13 knowledge of origin, are often c. natural rights.

73:4.1 their place of abode is often c. the Garden of Eden

74:1.4 the Lucifer rebellion; nevertheless, the pair were c.

74:8.7 Universal Father, whom he c. the Lord God of Israel.

76:5.3 you will be c. from the embrace of mortal slumber

77:0.1 angelic orders; hence are they c. midway creatures.

77:3.1 Accordingly a council of the tribes was c.,

77:4.8 The Egyptians c. this city of ancient glory Dilmat,

77:4.8 Nodite cities with Dalamatia and c. all three Dilmun

78:3.5 The lands now c. Russia and Turkestan were

78:4.4 that homogeneity which has been c. Caucasoid.

78:5.3 tongues all of that similarity which is c. Aryan.

79:3.1 that mixed people which has been c. Dravidian.

82:1.1 what was later c. love, devotion, and marital loyalty.

82:1.6 What is c. sex appeal is virtually absent even in

82:1.8 impulse, an urge which is loosely c. sex attraction.

83:8.1 marriage should never have been c. a sacrament.

85:0.2 and in the hereafter which deserve to be c. religion.

86:5.10 it was believed that it could be c. back by speaking

88:3.4 man’s ideas when collectively c. “public opinion.”

89:4.7 being dedicated, made sacred, or are c. sacrifices.

90:2.2 Ancient black art was c. white art when practiced by

90:2.2 The practitioners of the black art were c. sorcerers,

93:2.4 the city of Jebus, subsequently being c. Jerusalem.

94:1.4 The deity-father principle, sometimes c. Prajapati,

94:8.2 Gautama’s followers c. him Sasta, meaning master

95:4.1 in Egypt a teacher c. by many the “son of man”

96:2.3 were c. the children of Israel and later on Hebrews,

96:4.1 Mount Horeb, whom their ancestors had c. Yahweh.

97:2.2 When Elijah was c. away, Elisha, his faithful

97:7.7 I have redeemed you, I have c. you by your name;

97:7.10 “Every one who is c. by my name I have created for

97:9.12 Therefore he c. the name of the place Baal-Perazim.”

97:9.15 Today, Absalom might be c. a demagogue;

97:9.22 This was Azariah, c. Uzziah by Isaiah.

99:5.3 Jesus c. mankind to the achievement of its highest

100:7.17 His associates c. him Master unbidden.

101:7.4 the materialistic fetters of a science, falsely so c..

103:6.11 spiritual worlds, sciences and religions falsely so c..

104:5.1 They are c. variously, associate triunities,

105:0.1 mystery of the origin and destiny of all that is c. real,

107:0.7 the Mystery Monitors are c. Thought Adjusters.

107:4.5 “pilot light”; on Uversa it is c. the “light of life.”

108:5.5 They are c. heavenly helpers, not earthly helpers.

110:5.1 Adjuster with what is commonly c. conscience;

111:0.5 thereafter, a protecting spirit which they c. the ka.

111:0.5 symbol of that entity which the Egyptians c. the ka

112:2.15 quality that may be c. “the evolution of dominance,”

113:6.8 when the rolls are c., the seraphim respond, but

118:1.8 continuum, the fragments of which are c. time.

119:6.1 Michael c. the sojourners on the headquarters planet

121:2.5 Antioch Paul’s disciples were first c. “Christians.”

122:9.16 Yes,and you, child of promise, shall be c. the prophet

124:6.9 for rest in the borders of a little village c. Bethany.

126:0.1 two years which should be c. the great test, the real

126:3.7 By what name would he be c. by the people who

126:3.8 studying, this manuscript c. “The Book of Enoch”;

126:4.2 sorrow, that they may be c. trees of righteousness,

127:2.1 a nationalist party, presently to be c. the Zealots.

128:1.10 made no protest in later years when he was c. Lord

128:1.11 When he was once c. Immanuel, he merely replied

129:1.11 these workers that Jesus was first c. “the Master.”

130:2.7 human mind act of choosing which is also c. will.

131:2.13 Have I not c. you to become like me and to dwell

133:2.4 when Ganid got into deep religious water, he c. on

134:1.6 Jesus c. a family conference at which he proposed

135:4.4 that, since the first of the prophets was c. Elijah,

136:1.1 no matter whether he was c. the “seed of Abraham

136:4.14 side of the hills near a village sometime c. Beit Adis.

137:4.6 the minds of his six disciple-apostles when he c.

137:4.15 he c. to the bridegroom, saying: “It is the custom to

137:6.5 those who shall be c. to join you in the councils of

137:6.5 their joy will be full, and they shall be c. the blest

137:7.2 Though they c. him Rabbi, they were learning not

137:7.6 scribes and rabbis, taken together, were c. Pharisees.

138:0.1 Jesus c. the six apostles together that afternoon

138:0.1 and Jude were hurt because they were not c. to

138:7.1 Can you not perceive that I have c. you as

138:8.1 go out at least once with each couple before he c.

138:10.11 when Jesus c. them together and formally ordained

139:5.1 Philip was the fifth apostle to be chosen, being c.

139:9.5 James and Judas, who were also c. Thaddeus and

139:9.6 the twins might even reverently be c. stupid, but they

140:0.1 Jesus c. the apostles together for their ordination as

140:0.1 The twelve were expecting to be c. almost any day;

140:1.1 kingdom in the synagogue when you first were c..

140:3.10 “Happy are the peacemakers, for they shall be c. the

140:5.18 3. “Happy are the peacemakers, for they shall be c.

141:3.5 And red-blooded, rugged Galilean fishermen c. him

141:4.8 evil spirits, in that day often also c. unclean spirits.

141:7.6 Jesus laid great emphasis upon what he c. the two

142:0.2 when Jesus c. at the high priest’s home, he was

142:7.2 twelve, had been c. to participate in this bestowal

142:7.17 you have been c. to represent me in the world,

143:5.7 he who will be c. the Deliverer, and that, when he

144:1.7 recounted their experiences since Jesus first c.

146:2.5 scriptures: “I have c. and you refused to hear;

147:3.1 the Jerusalem gates to a pool of water c. Bethesda.

147:6.3 Jesus c. Andrew into his presence and before them

147:8.4 they shall be c. the rebuilders of broken walls,

148:4.10 even every one who is c. by my name, for I have

150:1.3 women teachers and ministers were c. deaconesses

150:5.2 his name ‘shall be c. the Lord our righteousness.

150:9.3 willingly c. Master, treated with such discourtesy

151:2.5 then Jesus clapped his hands and c. them about him.

152:0.3 Jesus c. this woman, Veronica of Caesarea-Philippi

152:1.2 Jesus c. the family together and explained that the

154:0.2 which brotherhood he c. the kingdom of heaven.

154:5.2 as they saw fit until such time as they might be c..

155:0.1 the Master c. his followers around him and discussed

155:2.3 Peter, on Tuesday, June 7, c. his associates together

155:5.15 But when Andrew c. them together, the Master said

155:6.3 I have c. you out of the darkness of authority and

155:6.10 revelation of the Father which you have been c. to

155:6.17 But you who have been c. out of darkness into the

156:5.23 he c. his associates together and directed the twelve

157:1.1 recognizing Jesus, c. Peter to one side and said:

157:6.14 the life to which I have c. you: the faith-adventure

158:4.7 He c. the apostles aside for conference and prayer.

159:0.2 the Master c. his followers together and directed

159:1.5 the king c. this ungrateful and unforgiving man

164:3.10 “A man c. Jesus came by this way, and when talking

164:4.2 that Jesus was he who was c. the Deliverer.

164:4.8 They now c. Josiah up before them a second time.

164:5.4 Thomas c. him out in the yard, and Jesus, speaking

165:0.1 chief of the seventy messengers of the kingdom, c.

166:4.9 he c. the vinedressers before him and said: ‘Here

167:0.3 a general council was c. for the following evening.

167:7.2 Angels are not of that group of creatures c. ‘the

168:2.10 Pharisees hastily c. a meeting of the Sanhedrin that

169:1.2 you remember that the good shepherd c. in his

169:1.4 as soon as she found the coin that was lost, she c.

169:1.8 I am no more worthy to be c. your son; only be

169:1.9 I am no more worthy to be c. a son’—but the lad

169:1.10 he c. to his servants: ‘Bring on the fatted calf and

169:1.11 And when he came up to the back door, he c. out

169:2.3 he c. the steward before him and asked the meaning

169:4.6 Jesus never c. the Father a king, and he regretted

169:4.8 Jesus accepted the concept of Elohim and c. this

171:0.6 Jesus c. them all together and said: “You well

171:2.1 at the Bethany ford of the Jordan sometimes c.

171:4.2 Jesus c. Andrew and said: “Awaken your brethren!

171:4.2 I have c. you apart here by yourselves that I may

171:8.6 “And when these stewards were subsequently c.

171:8.6 servants, on being c. to account, reported: ‘Lord,

172:2.1 the Master c. his twelve apostles around him and

172:3.6 Jesus c. Peter and John, and after directing them to

173:1.7 Scriptures: ‘My house shall be c. a house of prayer

175:1.5 This people was c. to become the light of the world

175:1.9 market places and desire to be c. rabbi by all men.

175:3.1 the fateful meeting of the Sanhedrin was c. to order

176:2.7 when each of you is c. to lay down his life struggle

176:3.4 starting on a long journey to another country, c. all

176:3.4 And when they had all been c. before their master,

177:4.1 This meeting was c. to discuss the nature of the

179:3.9 this authority are sometimes c. benefactors.

180:1.3 You have c. me Master, but I do not call you

180:1.6 of a friend for a friend can never be c. a sacrifice.

180:1.6 He has c. them brethren, and now, before he leaves,

181:0.2 Jesus again c. the apostles to order and began the

181:1.8 he has even been falsely c. the “Man of sorrows,”

181:2.4 “Once we c. you and your brother sons of thunder.

181:2.19 but never doubt that you were once c. to the work of

181:2.19 after having been c. to work for a season in the

181:2.20 soon more fully do the work you were c. to do—

181:2.23 ever since you first c. me to the service of this

182:2.2 Jesus c. to Peter, James, and John, saying, “I desire

182:2.5 Jesus c. to David Zebedee, “Send to me your most

183:2.3 their bargain with the traitor c. for Jesus’ arrest by

184:1.2 not since the time when the Master c. at his house

184:3.1 the chief priest, Caiaphas, c. the Sanhedrist court

184:3.2 was not a regularly c. meeting of the Sanhedrin

185:3.6 something of what Jesus meant when he c. himself

185:5.9 “What shall I do with him who is c. the king of the

186:1.2 Judas anticipated being c. before the full meeting

186:1.2 c. him just outside the hall and said: “Judas, I have

187:2.5 this executed Galilean c. “The King of the Jews.”

187:5.3 in the sour wine, in those days commonly c. vinegar.

190:3.1 You also are c. to publish the good news of the

190:3.3 Caiaphas c. a meeting of the Sanhedrin to convene

191:4.1 meeting in the synagogue which had been c. by

191:6.3 You are all c. to carry the good news to those who

192:1.3 the man on the beach c. to them, “Lads, have you

193:6.1 the first conference of the Master’s disciples to be c.

193:6.6 And then Peter c. all of the believers to engage in

194:4.7 They c. each other brother and sister; they greeted

194:4.13 which subsequently at Antioch was c. Christianity,

196:2.2 who c. him Good Teacher, “Why do you call me

called attention

128:5.7 He c. to the fact that Joseph would soon be eighteen

140:8.3 regarding frugality and thriftiness, he simply c. to

140:8.14 Jesus c. to the fact that the family is a temporal

142:3.2 Jesus c. to the following phases of the growth of the

146:6.3 c. to the fact that he always in great modesty tried

149:4.3 c. to the fact that any virtue, if carried to extremes,

151:3.5 Jesus c to the following points: The parable provides

166:0.1 Jesus repeatedly c. the attention of his apostles to the

166:2.2 Jesus had c. their attention to the fact that their

183:4.2 c. their attention to Jesus’ oft-repeated teachings

called upon

23:1.7 Paradise council ever been c. to adjudicate the case

28:5.15 Whenever the Divine Counselors are c. for

72:11.4 people have been c. to wage nine fierce conflicts

99:0.3 in the twentieth century it is of necessity c. to face

99:1.4 it is urgently c. to function as a wise guide in all of

121:7.6 different people c. to carry an advancing theology to

127:0.2 No youth of Urantia will ever be c. to pass through

133:2.4 when he got into deep religious water, he c. on

138:2.1 Andrew assumed charge, and as he c. them one by

142:0.2 The first day in Jerusalem Jesus c. his friend of

148:6.7 henceforth be c. to endure the afflictions of Job.

155:6.3 I have c. you to be born again, to be born of the

172:0.3 unconcerned when the Sanhedrin had c. all Jewry

173:2.1 Roman guards being c. to quell a popular uprising.

174:1.2 whether affectionate parents are ever c. to forgive

176:3.4 lord returned and c. his stewards for a reckoning.

178:1.13 When a kingdom believer is c. to serve the civil

183:1.1 shocking experiences which Jesus was c. to endure

188:5.6 The very first teacher who was c. to lay down his life


142:6.2 Master made no attempt to repulse his secretive c.,


185:0.2 and ready to receive this group of early morning c.,


126:1.5 and men of promise always demonstrated their c.

138:4.1 to execute the formal c. of the next two apostles,

139:3.1 James was a fisherman, plying his c. in company with

193:4.14 renounced his holy c., and betrayed his Master.

callingverb; see calling attention

57:1.4 to execute the mandate of the Ancients of Days c.

74:1.3 When the proclamation was issued c. for volunteers

75:4.8 in your records as “the Lord God c. to Adam and

95:4.1 proclaimed salvation through c. upon the solar deity.

135:4.4 doubts sufficient to prevent his c. himself Elijah.

135:12.6 pleased with the damsel’s performance and, c. her

140:0.2 As Jesus started down the seashore c. the apostles,

140:9.2 c. them before him one by one, he commissioned

144:9.1 he dismissed the multitude and, c. the twenty-four

145:5.9 his brothers James and Jude came to see him, c. at

150:1.1 to dispatch messengers c. to Bethsaida ten devout

155:5.13 Pointing out each of the twenty-four and c. them

155:6.2 Commit not the folly of c. that divine which is

160:3.5 transcendent stimuli, c. forth the reaction of the

168:3.2 presented a resolution c. for Jesus’ immediate death,

169:2.4 And then, c. in each of his lord’s debtors, he said

174:5.1 c. Andrew out, he explained the purpose of his

179:0.2 was therefore c. them together for a special supper

184:0.1 to allow time for legally c. together the court of the

185:2.13 3. C. himself the king of the Jews and teaching the

185:3.9 Pilate, c. the guards, said: “This man is a Galilean.

185:5.1 and c. together the chief priests and Sanhedrists,

185:5.3 Pilate heard them c. out the name of one Barabbas.

186:2.5 suggested the propriety of c. witnesses who might

187:1.3 protest against c. Jesus the “king of the Jews.”

192:1.7 the mistake made of c. this another miraculous catch

195:9.9 spiritual summons, c. to the best there is in man to

calling attention

64:5.4 now I interrupt the chronological narrative, after c.

92:3.7 But while c. to the fact that religion was essential to

140:5.4 discourse by c. to four faith attitudes as the prelude

151:3.4 four parables from the Hebrew scriptures, c. to the

172:4.2 c. the attention of the apostles to the widow: “Heed

176:0.1 Matthew, c. to the temple construction, said:

183:4.2 c. to the fact that Jesus had instructed them that


81:1.3 man to abandon hunting for the more advanced c. of

81:6.32 more methods of commonplace labor, trades or c.

155:6.11 Some c. are not holy and others secular.


165:0.1 Beth-Nimrah, Tyrus, Elealah, Livias, Heshbon, C.,


50:4.12 to learn of the c. perfidy of one of my own order of


140:5.16 It is not necessary to be c. in order to be manly.

181:1.9 but Jesus was not an unfeeling and c. stoic; he ever

183:1.1 treatment of Jesus by the c. soldiers and the


187:6.3 they were stunned by this exhibition of mortal c. and

callssee roll calls

1:5.3 worlds by number and c. them all by their names”;

2:4.1 “whosoever c. upon the Lord shall be saved,” “for

3:3.1 “He tells the number of the stars; he c. them all by

3:4.2 The creation of every new universe c. for a new

12:7.2 present in those phenomena which man c. nature.

15:2.1 in space; the Father c. them all by name and number.

53:6.5 of our intelligence corps, forwarded c. for help to

66:5.6 for the purpose of sending messages or c. for help.

67:1.1 assistant, made one of his periodic inspection c..

94:12.3 Amida will not suffer one mortal who c. on his

118:10.7 what man c. providence is all too often the product

126:4.6 host by number and c. them all by their names.

131:2.2 He knows the number of the stars; he c. them all

131:10.7 Whosoever c. upon the name of the Lord shall be

137:7.3 We shall be none too ready when the Father c..”

159:1.2 going home rejoicing, c. to his friends, ‘Rejoice

165:2.4 he enters into the fold by the door, and when he c.,

171:5.3 “Be of good cheer; come with us, for the Master c.

174:4.6 If David c. him Lord, how then can he be his son?

180:1.6 and now, before he leaves, he c. them his friends.

185:5.6 crime is that he figuratively c. himself the king of



91:8.4 To some individuals prayer is the c. expression of

124:3.8 such un-Jewish sentiments, he forgot his usual c.

125:2.4 Joseph remained c., though he was equally puzzled

136:0.1 but Jesus was a c. and happy laborer; only a few

137:1.6 “Be c. in your hearts and ask yourselves, ‘who

137:7.3 And Andrew would c. Peter now and then with his

139:8.7 firm but never obstinate; so c. but never indifferent

142:6.2 with Nicodemus, Jesus was c., earnest, and dignified.

146:6.3 Jesus endeavored to c. the multitude and vainly

148:7.3 but Jesus bade them be c., saying: “I have just told

151:5.5 its equilibrium, settled down into a great c..

151:5.7 since it was a c. and beautiful night, they all rested in

172:0.3 Jesus knew about all this, but he was majestically c.

183:3.4 standing there in the c. majesty of the God of all

183:3.4 They were overcome with surprise at his c. and

184:3.8 of their false accusations was the Master’s c. and

185:4.2 appearance and the c. composure of his countenance.

195:5.10 be c. while you await the majestic unfolding of an


53:8.4 your Master, in reply to the Lucifer proposals, c.

100:2.8 so remotivated in life that they can c. stand by while

143:1.6 c. and all alone to lay down your life for the love

196:0.5 Jesus c. stood in the divine presence free from fear


91:4.5 ancestor of much peace of mind, cheerfulness, c.,

91:7.3 ecstasy is usually associated with great outward c.

94:9.6 Buddhism promotes c. and self-control, augments

139:11.5 Simon so much admired was the Master’s c.,


4:5.6 Son bleeding and dying upon the cross of C.!

136:7.4 the watchers at C. dared him to come down from the


96:1.12 including Yahweh and the silver and golden c. which

96:5.8 turned to the worship of their fetish golden c.,

126:4.5 Shall I come before him with c. a year old?


59:1.15 America remained above these shallow C. seas.

59:1.20 million years, designated by your geologists as the C.

60:3.14 in British Columbia; here the C. rocks are obliquely

camenon-exhaustive; see pass, came to; see forth, came

1:4.3 mortal tabernacle “returns to the earth whence it c.”;

6:1.4 And this bestowal Son c. forth from the Father just

53:1.6 “Gabriel c. from Salvington and bound the dragon

93:4.15 Melchizedek c. to achieve two tasks: to keep alive

97:8.4 presently c. to them in the likeness of mortal flesh—

107:0.3 this divine Adjuster, which c. forth from God to find

123:2.1 and there c. to abide with him a Thought Adjuster,

128:0.1 Jesus c. into this world just as other children come;

129:3.8 Jesus c. very close to hundreds of humankind on this

129:4.8 Jesus c. on earth the fullness of God to be manifest

132:5.2 the honest answer, whence c. this wealth?

135:3.3 like the Son of Man c. with the clouds of heaven,

135:9.7 For this cause c. I out of the wilderness to preach

136:2.4 as a Son of God as he was before he c. to earth in

136:3.3 Jesus c. forever to destroy all such notions regarding

136:6.8 Jesus c. not to minister to temporal needs only;

136:6.8 he c. to reveal his Father in heaven to his children

137:6.2 before her pain c., she was delivered of a man child

137:8.17 “John c. preaching repentance to prepare you for the

139:12.11 The great test finally c..

140:8.11 Jesus c. presenting the idea of active and

141:6.2 I c. not to take away that which you had from your

145:5.7 It was for this purpose that I c. forth from the Father

150:4.3 I c. to bring peace on earth, but when men reject

153:2.4 I c. into the world to reveal my Father and to

153:2.8 yet you believe not that I c. forth from the Father.

153:2.11 And the Son who c. down from heaven, he has

153:5.3 I ascend to the place whence I c. to this world?

157:6.2 He c. that we all might have life and have it more

157:6.9 The Son of Man c. not to be ministered to, but to

157:6.10 Father except the Son who c. forth from the Father.

157:6.11 physical presence, I c. forth from God the Father.

159:5.16 not until Jesus c., did men hear about a God who

160:5.8 The Master says he c. from the Father, and that he

161:2.8 has never denied that he c. from the Father above.

162:5.2 for I know whence I c., who I am, and whither I go

162:5.2 You not whence I c., who I am, or whither I go.

162:7.3 the truth because there c. to be no truth in him.

165:3.8 I c. into this world to reveal the Father to you and

166:3.4 spurned the kingdom when I c. in the likeness of

168:1.12 And after I c. to you, did I not say that, if you

171:0.6 I declare to you that the Son of Man c. not to be

174:5.3 those to whom I first c. have refused to receive me.

174:5.7 I c. not to judge the world but to offer it salvation.

175:1.7 I c. down to live among you and personally show

179:2.3 had completed that for which he c. into the world,

182:1.4 I have told them that I c. forth from you, that you

182:1.6 all men will then believe that I c. forth from you

182:3.1 “My Father, I c. into this world to do your will,

190:4.1 earth among the Jews, he c. to minister to all men.


79:3.7 c. trains were making regular trips to Mesopotamia;

81:2.12 They employed as beasts of burden the ox, c., horse,

126:5.8 Jesus began sending James to the c. lot to gather

133:8.4 After preparing their luggage for the c. caravan,

134:2.2 caravan family—passengers, guards, and c. drivers.

163:3.1 ‘easier for a c. to go through the eye of a needle

163:3.1 it is as easy for this c. to go through the needle’s

175:1.17 blind; you strain out the gnat and swallow the c..


61:2.9  C. and llamas had their origin in North America

61:2.9 llamas migrated to South America, the c. to Europe,

61:2.9 America, though a few c. survived up to the ice age.

61:3.5 America was soon overrun by ruminantsdeer, c.,

61:3.10 Enormous herds of horses joined the c. on the

61:4.3 while North American c. went to China.

61:4.4 llamas and giraffelike c. mingled with the horses on

61:5.7 overrun with mastodons, woolly mammoths, c.,

81:2.12 farmers had begun the raising of sheep, goats, c.,

128:3.3 This merchant owned four thousand caravan c.;

133:9.1 his teacher help with the loading of their twenty c.

134:2.5 caravan to Damascus, where the owners of the c.

156:2.8 consistency; they strain at gnats and swallow c..”


73:6.5 core by Van and his associates in their temporary c..

84:3.10 No c. or village could be left unguarded day or night,

96:5.7 “The Lord your God walks in the midst of the c. to

135:9.3 Thousands came to see the attraction in John’s c.,

137:1.3 Soon after Jesus and Andrew returned to the c.,

137:2.2 a great tumult in the c. of John’s followers.

141:1.2 assembled in a c. near where Jesus and the twelve

143:3.6 they started down the mountain and back to their c.,

143:6.2 preached two days before they established their c.

143:6.3 The first night of the c. on Mount Gerizim the

143:6.6 in the cities by day and spent the nights at the c..

143:7.9 apostles grasped only a few of his teachings at the c.,

144:0.1 spent in retirement at a secluded c. upon the slopes

144:1.8 Jesus was alone on the mountain near the c..

144:6.1 about a three weeks’ conference at the Gilboa c.

144:6.1 Jesus was present at the Gilboa c. throughout the

144:6.2 had assembled all of his associates at the Gilboa c.

144:6.13 The Gilboa c. was broken up on November 2,

144:7.2 Before coming to the Gilboa c., they had believed


144:8.1 Jews and gentiles came to this c. to hear the gospel.

144:9.1 they started north to the c. of John’s and Jesus’

147:5.6 to join the rest of the apostles at the c. in the garden

148:0.1 an enormous c. was maintained by the seaside

148:0.1 This seaside c., occupied by an ever-changing

148:0.5 This ever-changing c. was an indispensable feature of

148:2.5 The c. disbanded a short time before the season for

148:8.3 Kirmeth created a disturbance at the c., and Simon

148:8.3 depart hence—to organize and build a c. of his own

149:1.1 By the time the c. at Bethsaida had been broken up,

149:3.3 Jesus met with the evangelists at the Bethsaida c.,

155:3.1 many of the believers came out to the c. to talk

158:4.1 Jesus and his companions arrived at the apostolic c..

158:7.9 In silence Jesus and the twelve started for their c. at

163:0.1 assembled at Magadan C. the evangelistic corps,

163:0.1 to visiting and the reorganization of the c.,

163:1.1 November 19, at the Magadan C., and Abner was

163:1.6 all of them returning to the new c. near Pella,

163:4.1 It was a stirring time about the Magadan C. the day


163:5.1 site that John the Baptist had occupied with his c.

163:5.2 After the breaking up of the Magadan C., David

163:5.2 David had formerly conducted the c. of Bethsaida

163:5.2 a point one-half mile north of the apostolic c.;

163:5.2 The apostolic c. could accommodate about five

163:5.3 messenger corps as his helpers in conducting this c.;

163:5.3 the Master, and they found lodging in David’s c..

163:6.1 site about five o’clock when Jesus returned to the c..

163:7.1 The next few days were busy times in the Pella c.;

163:7.1 twelve apostles was maintained here at the Pella c..

163:7.2 of Perea, he spent much of his time at the Pella c.,

164:0.1 As the c. at Pella was being established, Jesus,

164:5.5 should prepare to go with them to the c. at Pella.

165:0.4 Jesus divided his time between the c. at Pella and

165:1.0 1. AT THE PELLA CAMP

165:1.1 once each day when he was in residence at the c.,

165:1.3 their time to the multitude assembled at the Pella c..

165:1.3 Abner and the seventy never returned to the Pella c..

167:0.1 When the Master left the c. at Pella to visit about

169:0.1 Jesus and the ten apostles arrived at the Pella c..

169:0.1 of the more advanced disciples residing at the c..

171:1.3 understood that the c. at Pella had been abandoned,

171:1.4 David Zebedee closed the visitors’ c. at Pella on

171:1.4  the apostles at what was known as the teachers’ c.,

173:5.5 that, on the morrow, they should establish a c. nearer

174:0.3 set about the establishment of the Gethsemane c.,

174:4.4 for that very night he went out to the Master’s c.

174:5.1 as Philip was purchasing supplies for the new c.

175:4.1 remained with them Tuesday night at the new c.

176:0.1 the temple on their way to the Gethsemane c.,

176:0.2 a trail over to their private c. near Gethsemane

176:2.9 thirteen men resumed their journey toward the c.,

176:2.9 welcomed Jesus and the twelve to the new c., but


177:0.1 and the c. was pervaded by an ominous silence;

177:1.3 Jesus did not return to the c. that evening until

177:1.5 as they were about to return to the Gethsemane c.,

177:3.0 3. THE DAY AT CAMP

177:3.5 the home of Joseph of Arimathea arrived at the c.,

177:3.6 That evening, after returning to the c., Jesus visited

177:3.7 While all of this was going on at the c.,

177:3.8 the c., for its establishment had been kept a secret

177:4.1 Shortly after Jesus and John Mark left the c., Judas

177:4.8 Judas knew that Jesus was then absent from the c.

177:4.9 Judas returned to the c. intoxicated with thoughts

177:5.1 Since it was Wednesday, this evening at the c. was

177:5.3 The atmosphere of the c. was charged with tension.

177:5.3 John Mark was ominously silent after returning to c.,


178:0.1 to a secluded spot a short distance above their c.

178:0.1 Judas did not return to the c. until midafternoon,

178:1.18 back to the c., where David and his associates had

180:0.1 that Jesus intended to return immediately to the c.,

181:2.31 they departed for the c. on the Mount of Olives.

182:0.1 Mary Mark on their way back to the Gethsemane c.

182:0.2 As Jesus and the eleven made their way back to c.,

182:0.2 comment about Judas until they reached the c.

182:1.1 A few moments after arriving at c., Jesus said to

182:1.7 and in silence made their way back to the near-by c..

182:2.1 they returned to their c. and found Judas absent.

182:2.13 While all this was in progress at the Master’s c.,

182:3.1 After all was still and quiet about the c., Jesus,

182:3.4 Jesus said: “Arise, let us be going back to the c.,

183:0.2 When these two messengers hurried into c.,

183:0.2 All the c. was aroused except the eight apostles.

183:0.3 the other members of the c. hesitated to follow him

183:0.3 Jesus withdrew from the c. and from his friends in

183:2.1 walls of the city and on their way to the Olivet c..

183:2.2 in the afternoon when they had left c., only Peter and

183:2.2 that, if he waited for them to return to their c.,

183:4.2 that David would remain at the sc. to maintain a

183:4.2 By half past two o’clock that morning the c. was

183:4.4 Simon Peter wandered back to the Gethsemane c.,

183:4.5 information they carried to David at the garden c.,

183:4.7 Jude, Jesus’ brother in the flesh, arrived in the c.,

183:4.8 operate from his headquarters at the Gethsemane c..

184:2.9 toward the c., hoping to find his brother, Andrew.

184:2.9 On arriving at the c., he found only David Zebedee,

186:3.1 David had hardly left the c. when the guards

186:3.1 they contented themselves with burning the c.

186:4.5 the temple and many months before at the Pella c..

campverb or adjective

63:5.4 They preferred to c. near the edge of a forest and

163:5.2 loaded on to the pack animals the c. equipage,

178:0.1 his farewell address to the combined c. group


64:3.5 This c. for the extermination of inferiors brought

97:3.6 and launched his vigorous c. against the Baalites.

121:6.7 But such a c. of misrepresentation was short-lived;

138:7.1 Jesus had planned for a quiet missionary c. of five

159:6.5 the Perean mission developed into a c. of preaching


79:4.3 Punjab, the last influx being attendant upon the c. of

93:5.7 he was given a share of the spoils of his military c..


76:1.1 Finding it in flood tide, Adam remained c. on the

122:7.5 of Mount Gilboa, where they c. for the night by the

123:3.5 the time when they c. out in leafy booths and gave

124:6.5 they came upon a bubbling spring, and here they c.

124:6.6 they c. near the base of the highest mountain

133:2.5 Actium, this site being the land whereon Augustus c.

143:6.6 Jesus and the twelve c. on Mount Gerizim until the


167:0.1 not uncommon for three to five hundred of the c.

183:3.2 their fellow c., saw the armed band with torches

183:4.1 James joined the other apostles and their fellow c.


176:3.1 As they gathered about the c., some twenty of them,


155:0.1 They were familiar with this c. place, having stopped

173:5.5 ravine overlooking the public c. park of Gethsemane,

176:0.2 located a short distance above the public c. ground


72:11.3 military schools and of the twenty-five training c.


4:1.2 C. you not advance in your concept of God’s dealing

22:10.3 C. you not see that such living concentrations of a

29:4.25 They c. and do change the physical form of the

71:4.17 C. an advanced society maintain that military

96:6.4C. you by searching find out God?

96:6.4 C. you find out the Almighty to perfection?

97:7.7C. a woman forget her suckling child that she

107:4.7 C. you really realize the true significance of the

108:1.4 C. the individual develop into a bona fide will

123:5.7C. any good thing come out of Nazareth?”

133:1.2 C. you not see that on this world such

137:2.2 C. such a gift of God come out of Nazareth?

137:2.6C. any such good thing come out of Nazareth?”

137:6.2 Or c. a nation be born at once?

138:7.1  C. you not perceive that I have called you as

138:7.1  C. it be that I have chosen you and instructed you

139:6.3 Jesus, “C. any good thing come out of Nazareth?”

142:6.6 Said Jesus: “C. it be that you are a teacher in Israel

143:3.2 C. I depend upon you to co-operate with me in this

143:5.10 C. this be the Converter?”

143:6.1 C. it be that the woman gave him food as well as

153:4.1 C. you cast out devils?”

153:4.3 C. a city withstand a siege if it is not united?

157:6.12 “And now c. your faith comprehend the truth of

157:6.12 C. you believe the truth about me in the face of the

158:6.4 C. you not grasp the spirit significance of my mission

162:8.3 C. you not learn that there is a time for everything

164:5.2 C. you not see that the works I do in my Father’s

165:4.8 C. you not see that my work has to do with

180:6.7 C. you not then discern the meaning of my words?

181:2.23 C. you help me?” Jesus, putting his hand on

190:5.3 Said Cleopas: “C. it be that you sojourn in Jerusalem


127:5.3 “We c. have him for a son; he is too noble for us.”


122:6.1 and the road leading out of Nazareth toward C..

123:3.8 Joseph did considerable work at C., Bethlehem,

124:1.12 with his father on pleasure or business to near-by C.,

137:2.3 Nathaniel, who lived at C. of Galilee, did not know

137:3.1 The next day Jesus sent his apostles on to C.,

137:3.6 they all journeyed over to C. for the wedding of

137:3.6 authority at the forthcoming wedding at C.,

137:3.6 countryside was preparing to gather together at C.

137:3.7 Mary journeyed to C. in the spirit of the queen


137:4.1 By noon almost a thousand guests had arrived in C.,

137:4.12 Of all persons present at the marriage feast of C.,

137:4.13 At C. the agents of the Creator made wine just as

137:5.1 Jesus’ family and all his friends in C. were much

137:5.2 These six chosen men had journeyed from C. to

137:6.1 now augmented by the fresh news from C. about

137:7.1 Mary’s faith, raised to such heights at C., now sank

137:7.4 the reports about his baptism and the wine of C. had

138:0.1 from his mother ever since the experience at C.,

138:7.3 the baptism in the Jordan, the marriage feast at C.,

138:8.5 3. The turning of the water into wine at C..

138:9.3 Magdala, C., Bethlehem of Galilee, Jotapata, Safed,

139:5.1 John’s rendezvous on the Jordan to C. of Galilee.

139:6.2 and infirm parents, with whom Nathaniel lived at C.;

145:2.15 recalling the water and the wine at C., they seized

145:3.7 Not since C. had the supernatural or miraculous

146:0.1 Zebulun, Iron, Gischala, Chorazin, Madon, C.,

146:5.0 5. BACK IN CANA

146:5.1 when Jesus announced, “Tomorrow we go to C..”

146:5.1 knew they would have a sympathetic hearing at C.,

146:5.1 there arrived in C. a certain prominent citizen of

146:5.1 Titus heard that Jesus was at C.; so he hastened over

146:5.2 When this nobleman had located Jesus in C., he

146:5.3 Again was Jesus compelled to hasten away from C.

146:6.2 When Jesus sought to leave C. and go to Nain,

148:0.4 spent most of this time at either Nazareth or C..

157:4.1 John and the turning of the water into wine at C.,

157:5.1 Ever since his baptism and the wedding at C. these


93:5.9 Abraham laid before Lot his plan to subdue all C.

93:6.1 Abraham envisaged the conquest of all C..

93:6.3 Abraham the story of the future occupation of C. by


88:2.3 the Israelites never gave up the peculiar C. belief in

93:2.5 Melchizedek dressed much as did the C. priests

96:0.2 as a tradition by the Kenites and other C. tribes.

96:7.1 contaminated with the less advanced C. religious

97:3.6 the religious aspect of Hebrew and C. ideologies.

97:9.12 perforce, share some of this glory with the C. gods,

97:9.13 by pointing out that Saul had attacked a C. city,

97:9.13 David had defended the C. city of Keilah against the

97:9.13 and then David located his capital in a C. city.

97:9.15 might be called a demagogue; his mother was a C..

156:3.2 descended from the earlier C. tribes of still earlier


96:1.12 The C. had long revered Yahweh, and although

96:1.12 a majority of the C. held loosely to the worship of

96:1.12 They were hardly willing to abandon their national

96:1.12 They were not universal-deity minded, and therefore

96:1.12 these tribes continued to worship their tribal deities,

97:3.3 The northern and more settled C. (the Baalites) sold,

97:3.5 moral, and religious attitudes exhibited by the C.

97:9.1 of the union of the so-called Israelites and the C..

97:9.1 “And the children of Israel dwelt among the C..

97:9.1 and gave their daughters to the sons of the C..”

97:9.1 The Hebrews never drove the C. out of Palestine,

97:9.6 among the gods in the eyes of the surrounding C..

97:9.7 elements—Kenites, Calebites, Jebusites, and other C..

97:9.13 keeping with the policy of compromise with the C.,

135:9.5 smite the Roman armies as Joshua had the C.?

150:3.11 the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and the ancient C..


57:8.12 ancient preocean rocks than in C. around Hudson

58:7.4 over the eastern, central, and northern regions of C..

59:3.9 Several layers extend over C., portions of South

59:4.6 These coral formations extend through C. and

59:5.17 Illinois, thirty-five in Alabama, to seventy-five in C..

61:7.14 The mammoth, until a late date, ranged from C. to


60:3.14 slope of the Rocky Mountains, near the C. border,

61:7.9 the western ice sheet crossing just over the C. border


46:2.2 c. interconnecting the sparkling lakes of Jerusem.

78:8.5 weapons, and their extensive system of military c.,


42:4.14 a trough may combine, thus producing mutual c..


111:7.5 the flashes of universe intelligence c. by the chemical


162:4.2 throngs was brilliantly illuminated by the great c.

162:5.1 the scene brilliantly illuminated by the lights of the c.


100:7.11 Jesus was c., but always kind.

125:4.3 but he evinced such a spirit of c. fairness, coupled


36:5.11 Worship is the badge of spiritual-ascension c..


3:5.16 Mortal man earns even his status as an ascension c.

22:2.4 of Mighty Messengers was not effected until the c.

28:6.13 the exact trustworthiness of any c. for confidence or

35:6.1 nominate one of their number as c. for selection to

37:5.1 career of a mortal c. for Adjuster fusion,

45:7.5 To receive nomination for representative honor a c.

51:5.3 the highest honor to be selected as a c. for mating

55:1.6 the atmosphere, where the body of a translation c. is

55:2.4 friends, and working group of such a fusion c.

55:2.4 the “life flash” which delivers the ascension c.

70:3.8 the oath taken while the hand of the c. rested upon

76:4.8 Though these c. mothers were selected from all the

107:2.9 by the racial ancestry of the mortal c. for fusion.

108:1.2 Adjusters are in possession of data respecting the c.

108:1.2 not only the hereditary antecedents of the mortal c.

108:1.3 interested in three qualifications of the human c.:

108:1.7 and eternalizing the personality of the mortal c..

112:7.9 found serviceable, faithful, and efficient, a c. for

113:4.4 such a survival c. may acquire enhanced realization

113:6.2 the seraphic army of this c. for universe ascension.

123:0.5 the new c. for David’s throne could be reared, but

139:12.7 the Judges of men fully to receive the doubtful c..

163:2.1 they brought the c. to Jesus, and while the Master


8:3.8 must always be first recognized by all who are c. for

14:4.19 every Havona world will be found the attainment c.,

14:5.4 circuit of Havona signifies the acceptance of the c.

14:6.11 as the worthy and alluring goal for the ascension c.

16:3.8 have become c. for seeing the Son and the Father.

16:3.18 sponsors the progress of the ascension c. from the

22:4.4 The selection of c. for the trinitization classes of

22:5.1 may become c. for the same Trinity recognition and

22:5.3 The c. for the Trinity embrace from among the

22:6.1 From among these Paradise ascenders, c. are

22:7.6 C. for trinitization who thus fail are admitted to a

25:4.13 All c. voluntarily enter this order of service; but

26:3.9 It is they who take away the disappointed c. who

26:7.1 The spiritual graduates are here designated “c. for

26:7.3 examiners and certifiers of c. for the Deity adventure

26:8.2 In addition to the general work of preparing their c.

26:8.3 inner circles are the performances of the pilgrim c.

26:8.3 no reasons are ever assigned, neither are the c.

26:8.5 The defeated c. for the Deity adventure are placed

26:8.5 always attend these c. during this second adventure

26:10.3 The spirit of such c. was wholly acceptable;

26:10.4 They are then taken by the counselors of the circle

26:10.4 they go with joy and gladness to the tasks of former

26:10.4 they will return to the circle of their disappointment

28:6.15 make assignments until their c. have been weighed

32:4.11 patiently indwell the mortal c. for life everlasting.

35:1.3 in constitution partly of self-origin and therefore c.

37:2.4 high corps is never closed to ascension c. so long as

37:5.4 Thus do they become c. for commissions to the high

38:8.2 1. Ascension C.. These beings are by nature c. for

38:8.5 the ascension c. may attain the heights of universal

40:8.1 a few of these mortal c. for never-ending life fail to

40:9.2 are not Adjuster-fusion c. does not prevent the

40:9.2 the soulthat they do in the c. for Adjuster fusion.

40:9.2 Adjusters take leave of these Spirit-fusion c. and,

40:9.3 spheres in common with your order of fusion c. and

40:9.7 Even with Adjuster-fusion c., only those human

49:3.5 their peoples differ, being c. for Spirit fusion.

49:5.31 beings who are Adjuster-indwelt c. for eternal fusion.

51:6.1 their schools receive suitable c. from among the

52:3.2 offspring—direct and mixed—become legitimate c.

55:2.4 around the central stage whereon the fusion c. are

55:2.5 Many fusion c. may be assembled in the spacious

72:9.1 Although c. for all public offices are restricted to

86:5.13 Holy Spirit was accompanied by breathing on the c..

107:1.4 and as the c. for Adjuster fusion increase in numbers.

107:2.2 initial assignment in the minds of evolutionary c.

109:3.1 are bestowed as personality c. with permission for

109:6.2 As related to fusion c., if a Mystery Monitor is

117:5.3 Such finaliters thus become acceptable c. for

125:2.12 scores of boys about his own age, fellow c. for the

135:8.4 John had just begun baptizing the c. for the day.

135:8.4 not expected to greet him in the line of baptismal c..

138:2.2 Jesus announced that they would all visit these c.

143:5.11 daughters of God and c. for life everlasting.

148:0.1 ever-changing population of seekers, healing c.,

148:3.3 in the work of training the new evangelistic c.,

149:6.10 there is a divine dignity attached to all such faith c.

156:5.13  C. for eternal life are practitioners of an invigorating

163:2.1 committee appointed by Jesus to select these c..


123:3.5 starting out with one c. the first night and adding one

140:3.13 Neither do men light a c. and put it under a bushel,

140:3.13 and it gives light to all who are in the house.

140:4.4 Neither do men light a c. and put it under a bushel,

149:5.2 ‘The spirit of man is the c. of the Lord, searching


83:4.6 ghosts and evil spirits; hence altar fires and lighted c.

85:4.4 in the twentieth century c. still burn as a part of the

87:1.4 In the twentieth century, c. are still burned in death


140:3.13 light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a c.;

140:4.4 light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a c.;


61:2.7 In Europe the ancestor of the c. family evolved,


89:5.2 Early man was a c.; he enjoyed human flesh,

cannibalismsee also man-eating

69:8.2 Slavery was an advancement over massacre and c..

88:3.1 earliest belief in sacred stones, through idolatry, c.,


89:5.1 Modern ideas of early c. are entirely wrong;

89:5.1 it was a part of the mores of early society.

89:5.1 While c. is traditionally horrible to modern peoples,

89:5.1 it was a part of the social and religious structure of

89:5.1 Group interests dictated the practice of c..

89:5.1 It grew up through the urge of necessity, persisted

89:5.1 It was a social, economic, religious, and military

89:5.3 C. was once well-nigh universal among the evolving

89:5.4 the eating of human flesh goes on to habitual c..

89:5.4 In recent times c. has been deliberately resorted to

89:5.5 c. resulted from the degeneration of once superior

89:5.5 it was mostly prevalent among the evolutionary races

89:5.8 C. has been gradually disappearing because of the

89:5.9 1. It sometimes became a communal ceremony,

89:5.9 The last of c. in Asia was this eating of executed

89:5.10 2. It early became a religious ritual, but the growth

89:5.11 3. Eventually it progressed to the point where only

89:5.12 4. It became limited to men; women were forbidden

89:5.13 5. It was limited to the chiefs, priests, and shamans.

89:5.14 6. Then it became taboo among the higher tribes.

89:5.14 encouraged cremation as a means of combating c.

89:5.15 7. Human sacrifice sounded the death knell of c..

89:5.15 and thus human sacrifices effectively put a stop to c.,

89:6.1 Human sacrifice was an indirect result of c. as well

89:6.1 Nodites, and Adamites were the least addicted to c..

89:6.2 Indians had a civilization emerging from c.


68:6.10 Not long since, one c. tribe ate every fifth child born.

89:5.3 The Sangiks were all c., but originally the Andonites

89:5.4 Eskimos and early Andonites seldom were c.

89:9.1 the priest alone would partake of a bit of the c.

89:9.4 of human sacrifice and the still earlier c. rituals.


89:5.4 red men, especially in Central America, were c..


28:6.21 Greatness and goodness simply c. be divorced.

30:1.114 These papers do not—c.—even begin to exhaust the

133:1.2 C. you discern that no two persons are likely to

142:3.9 C. you discern that such records in the Scriptures

148:6.6 C. you discern that God tolerates the persecution

182:3.2 C. you see that my soul is exceedingly sorrowful,

CanoNodite accomplice of Eve in default

75:3.7  with C., the most brilliant mind and active leader of

75:3.7  C. was very sympathetic with the Adamic regime;

75:3.7 he was the sincere spiritual leader of neighboring

75:3.8 never before met the beautiful and enthusiastic C.

75:3.8 and he was a magnificent specimen of the survival of

75:3.8 And C. thoroughly believed in the righteousness of

75:4.5 Eve had told C. of this oft-repeated warning on the

75:4.5 fateful occasion of their secret meeting, but C.,

75:4.7 True, Eve had found C. pleasant to the eyes, and

75:5.3 And C., the father of Cain yet unborn, also perished.


123:1.6 also did some work in leather and with rope and c..

123:4.5 stone stairs which led up to the c.-roofed bedroom

126:1.1 a good yoke maker and worked well with both c.


130:8.5 Jesus and the young man thoroughly c. the city


58:7.5 Lake Superior and in the Grand C. of the Colorado


29:4.1 The physical controllers are endowed with c. of

capablesee capable of

77:4.1 Some of the most c. minds serving on Adam’s

130:6.3 But look again, your mind is clear and c..

capable of

0:5.2 are c. of well-nigh unlimited Deity co-ordination

4:3.5 fail to attain the spiritual levels they are c. of

5:2.5 a new phase of soul consciousness which is c. of

5:6.7 This personality and this spirit prepersonality are c.

9:1.7 and c. of activating the Paradise pattern, a being

23:1.6 they are c. of “listening in” on all the broadcasts of

27:7.5 are c. of intensifying and exalting the abilities of

29:5.7 only other types of revealed beings c. of functioning

33:1.2 all divine beings who are c. of direct administration

33:4.3 Such a being is also c. of a broad understanding of,

35:8.15 they are c. of drawing nearer the lower creatures of

40:5.16 their efforts to formulate beings c. of maintaining

41:6.3 sodium atom is c. of light and energy locomotion.

42:6.3 Ultimatons are c. of accelerating revolutionary

44:0.17 There are certain types of beings who are c. of

44:3.1 For every material satisfaction which humans are c.

49:5.17 While the three-brained peoples are c. of a slightly

50:5.8 Wise moral beings are c. of establishing human

62:3.6 these mid-mammals were c. of showing disgust in

65:0.6 of organisms c. of learning from experience.

65:1.1 Life Carriers are c. of functioning in three diverse

66:4.5 Each person of this group was c. of becoming

77:1.2 material sex creatures c. of procreating material

77:6.2 each couple was c. of producing a midwayer every

81:6.30 But the intelligence which is c. of such inventiveness

84:1.3 diet and the evil eye were also believed to be c. of

84:6.7 co-operation is c. of maintaining and reproducing

85:0.2 worship appears long before the mind of man is c. of

87:6.16 rituals c. of coercing the unwilling spirits to react

94:3.2 Brahman was c. of being comprehended only by the

94:4.8 It is c. of almost unlimited change and possesses an

95:7.4 Arabia, this desert land was c. of producing a faith

103:7.10 the postulates of both science and religion are c. of

105:1.8 but infinity is c. of self-limitation and is susceptible of

111:2.9 which insures the evolution of a moral nature c. of

112:7.18 lowest form of intelligent life c. of comprehending

116:7.5 Human beings are c. of making an everlasting self-

118:7.6 bestowal of life renders material-energy systems c. of

160:1.2 higher longings which are c. of lasting attainment,

160:1.5 man is c. of transcending this urge to natural

161:1.2 beings who are c. of sympathetic understanding.

169:1.4 and in this search we employ all influences c. of

169:4.7 while the term Father, being c. of partial definition,


3:4.7 qualities far transcends the logically limited c. of the

10:2.8 and Spirit exist and act in their definite personal c..

10:2.8 function in seven different singular and plural c..

10:5.2 values, powers, and c. for universal revelation,

15:10.21 various reasons, fully active in their individual c..

16:3.18 Spirit Number Seven who, in his multiple c.,

20:6.3 so do other Paradise Sons labor in various c. on

21:6.1 conjectured superfinite c. must be self-contained

21:6.2 completed liberation of a Michael’s finite-action c.

26:6.3 up to the very limits of their experiential c.,

28:4.14 they can function fairly well in any of the c. of their

30:4.32 finaliters serve in many c. on worlds settled in light

32:0.2 spiritual natures and c. of the manifold creatures who

35:4.4 these Melchizedek Sons serve in many unique c..

35:10.4 continue to serve in these routine c., at least until the

37:2.1 Evening Stars serve in many c. but chiefly as liaison

37:4.4 serve in local universe and in constellation c. but

38:7.3 Cherubim and sanobim serve for ages in these c., but

39:2.6 the newly attained c. of the mind of the spirit.

43:9.4 Ascending mortals serve in varied c. on Edentia itself

48:7.5 3. Inherent c. cannot be exceeded; a pint can never

55:4.14 the finaliters function in ever-increasing c..

62:6.2 to contact with the successively expanding brain c.

72:8.2 functioning in governmental administrative c..

76:2.3 who had served in these c. in the first garden;

77:2.4 physical and intellectual qualities but also spiritual c..

78:2.4 the naturally evolving cultural c. of the violet race.

104:2.6 the Infinite functions in various non-Father c. of

106:3.4 enabled to anticipate, even to transcend, individual c.

106:9.9 due to increased c. for reality reception and cosmic

113:2.4 group guardians may repeatedly serve in similar c.

114:2.6 will no doubt continue to serve in their present c.

118:4.3 for development, actualized c. for growth.

118:4.6 2. Eventuation of universe c..

160:2.8 is able to quicken the appreciative c. of his friends.

capacitysee capacityrole

0:2.18 and undergoes depletion of c. for self-revelation to

0:3.16 4. The unlimited c. for deity action resides in the

0:3.17 5. The unlimited c. for infinity response exists in the

0:4.7 to those which carry undisclosed c. for growth.

0:5.4 progressive achievement, and cocreational c..

1:2.4 1. The intellectual c. for knowing God—God-

1:4.5 up to the fullness of that creature’s c. to spiritually

1:4.6 limited only by the c. of such a creature to receive

2:0.3 are tremendously handicapped by the limited c. of

2:1.7 humble minds of those mortals who possess the c.

3:4.6 is limited by the human c. for spiritual receptivity

3:4.6 and by the associated c. to love the Father in return.

4:4.8 anywhere and any-time c. to grasp the personality

5:2.1 It is determined by the spiritual c. of receptivity and

5:5.6 the mortal c. for intellectual comprehension.

5:5.14 and wrong and possessing the c. to worship God,

5:6.6 C. for divine personality is inherent in the

5:6.6 c. for human personality is potential in the cosmic-

7:5.7 supposed experiential c. of his existential nature.

9:0.2 infinite in c. for energy dominance and in potential

9:0.2 infinite c. to co-ordinate all existing energies,

10:2.1 unlimited c. to become the divine Father of all

10:8.7 As creatures and within the limits of creature c.

12:3.8 of the summation of the entire physical-gravity c.

12:3.9 explored the present reaction c. of spirit gravity

12:3.10 the present c. of the Third Source and Center for

13:1.6 perhaps they are beyond the conceptual c. of my

14:3.5 about one per cent of all planetary c. is utilized in the

14:6.41 Havona has c. to serve as a training universe for

14:6.41 the central universe has eternal c. to serve as an

16:8.6 Self-consciousness indicates c. for individualized

16:8.19 Such a creature not only discloses c. for reception of

19:6.3 Havoners who service-factualize c. for fusion with

21:6.2 the appearance of c. for more-than-finite service.

22:9.6 ever grateful for our lowly origin and our c. for

22:9.7 because their experiential c. is time-space inhibited

24:7.1 Graduate Guides show such a c. for understanding

26:1.1 Angels all have a large c. for appreciation of the

26:1.1 have an associative c. far transcending that of human

27:6.4 ideas are utterly beyond the comprehension c. of

27:7.5 to their highest c. in the worship of the Deities.

28:6.15 infallible estimators of the trust c. of the individuals

28:6.16 lack of c. for appreciation of the solemnity of trust.

28:6.18 advancement grows out of the divine c. for action,

28:6.18 But inherent in this c. for achievement is the

29:2.9 disclose unquestioned volitional c. of a high order.

31:1.2 evolutionary beings which will create reception c.

31:3.7 creatures have been trained to the limits of their c.

34:5.3 develops reception c. for the adjutants of worship

34:5.4 the ministry of the Holy Spirit, it possesses the c.

36:2.18 The c. of material creatures to effect spirit response

36:5.2 each seeking receptivity c. for manifestation quite

36:5.15 Living mind, prior to the appearance of c. to learn

39:0.10 that a created c. for higher-level ministry does not

40:5.9 primitive men acquire survival c. but fail to attain

41:2.5 Life has inherent c. for the mobilization of universal

42:10.5 disclosing increasing associative c. with the cosmic

42:11.3 depends entirely on the ability, scope, and c. of the

42:11.6 levels of the nature and c. of the mechanism itself.

42:11.7 The evolutionary c. of the universe is inexhaustible

43:9.5 as you ascend inward and achieve increased c. for

48:4.16 Primitive men have no c. therefor, and beings of

48:4.17 greater the stress and the greater the c. for humor

48:6.2 mortal soul has potential c. for supermortal function,

48:7.3 of skill does not signify possession of spiritual c..

51:1.6 Sons acquire experiential c. for Adjuster indwellment

51:4.3 The evolutionary races thus alternate in c. for

52:1.7 c. for seeking reciprocal contact with divinity.

52:2.3 The evolution of the religious c. of receptivity in

52:3.2 mortals attain c. for subsequent Adjuster fusion.

52:3.6 races is an immediate upstepping of intellectual c.

52:6.7 enhancing the soul c. of every mortal to understand

54:6.10 by actual experience I have acquired conceptual c.

54:6.10 to the acquirement of increased experiential c. and

56:6.3 cannot exceed the conceptual c. of the beings who

58:6.7 the mind-spirits in accordance with innate brain c..

58:6.7 evolution, is dependent on the brain c. afforded by

65:0.1 there develops organismal physical c. for mind—

65:0.3 1. The physical-energy domain—mind-c. production.

65:0.4 of the adjutant spirits—impinging upon spirit c..

65:2.14 Since the quality of the mind c. for development in

65:3.5 exhaustion of the c. of all animal life to give origin to

65:4.6 the proliferation c. of the associated normal cells.

65:6.10 its associated nervous system possesses innate c. for

65:6.10 mind of a personality possesses a certain innate c. for

65:8.4 but not in the absence of mental c. and desire—

70:9.17 inherent inequality of men by their very unequal c.

76:4.6 indwelt since they possessed undoubted survival c..

79:3.1 Dravidians possessed a great c. for cultural

91:9.3 2. You must have honestly exhausted the human c.

92:0.4 wisdom-desiring mind creates the c. to self-realize

92:4.1 the religion of revelation be limited by man’s c. of

93:3.6 Melchizedek taught his followers all they had c. to

98:2.3 the slaves of former generations had no c. for the

100:2.4 Spiritual development is determined by c. therefor

100:6.9 human religions that develops the c. for reception of

101:6.4 have knowledge, but only man possesses wisdom c..

101:6.5 one person in Nebadon possessed of unlimited c.

102:1.1 perfection hunger in man’s heart to insure c. for

102:3.7 but revelation glorifies man and discloses his c. for

103:0.1 the enlargement of the c. to perceive religious truths.

103:2.9 a child has developed sufficiently to acquire moral c.

104:4.27 c. to control and stabilize the metamorphosing

104:4.33 manifests unlimited reactive c. to the volitional,

105:0.2 by any mind that is subinfinite in concept c..

105:2.10 6. The Infinite C.. I AM static-reactive.

105:6.2 c. for some unknown function of experiential mind

106:2.5 creatures certainly attain the c. to know the Supreme

106:4.4 inherent c. for functional association with absolutes.

106:5.1 And this Trinity has theoretical c. to activate the

107:5.4 nonevolutionary beings who have developed c. for

108:1.2 probable intellectual endowment and spiritual c..

108:1.4 1. Intellectual c.. Is the mind normal?

108:1.4 What is the intellectual potential, the intelligence c.?

108:1.5 of soul, the probable spiritual c. of receptivity?

109:1.4 the evolution of the immortal soul of survival c..

109:3.6 to persons who have unquestioned c. for survival.

109:3.6 indwelling men and women of survival c. belong to

109:3.7 so animalistic that they were lacking in Adjuster c..

109:3.7 were those who exhibited undoubted c. for Adjusters

109:3.7 they had c. for Adjuster reception, but the Monitors

109:6.1 some higher type of mortal mind, one of survival c.

110:6.4 Lack of spiritual c. makes it very difficult to

110:6.7 determined by the growth c. of each human being.

110:6.13 the c. for the attainment of spiritual individuality.

111:3.3 the soul possesses such a c. for development that it

112:1.10 breadth embraces insight—the c. to experience

112:2.19 seek for enlarged c. for ascertaining and executing

113:1.3 they lack c. for the intelligent worship of Deity.

114:7.1 stage of temporal action with sufficient mental c.,

114:7.4 1. Special c. for being secretly rehearsed for possible

115:3.4 man’s intellectual comprehension c. is exhausted

115:3.12 viewpoint, actuality is substance, potentiality is c..

115:3.16 but also opens up a new c. for human growth.

115:7.1 In attaining c. for experience, the finite God also

117:1.2 evolve creatures with Paradise-attainment c. who

117:2.7 a c. for evolutionary attainment presupposing the

117:5.14 evolution witnesses the exhaustion of the c. for

117:6.9 limits save those of the creature’s comprehension c.,

117:6.9 and this very experience is in itself c. enlarging.

117:6.12 Havona, where they acquire c. for Supremacy

118:4.7 It is upon a cosmos impregnated by the c.-producing

118:4.7 of potential reality is limited by ultimate c. for

118:10.10 just the extent that they have attained c. to perceive

118:10.10 Complete c. to discern universe purposes equals the

118:10.13 man’s enlarging c. for the comprehension of the facts

118:10.14 existence will be nearing the limits of mortal c..

122:5.3 his c. for righteous indignation from his mother.

123:4.3 Jesus had a c for humor and play which was afforded

127:1.3 the fullness of c. for such intellectual development.

130:8.4 Father cannot teach and save one who has no c.

131:10.5 service of the children of God enlarges our c. to

132:2.5 enlarges the c. to love and serve one’s fellows,

132:2.6 evil in perfect accordance with your c. for goodness-

132:2.9 the ascending mortal’s c. for identifying the self

132:3.8 goodness and of completed c. for truth appreciation,

133:1.4 I would unhesitatingly defend myself to the full c.

133:4.2 spiritual food in attractive form and suited to the c.

137:7.14 by the presentation of truth too far beyond their c. to

140:8.32 in man a new spirit, a new will—to impart a new c.

144:2.5 to enlarge your soul’s c. for spirit receptivity.

144:4.2 prayer never fails to expand the soul’s c. for spiritual

144:4.4 The soul’s spiritual c. for receptivity determines the

146:2.14 prayer is a factor in the enlargement of one’s c. to

156:5.14 the one is the measure of the c. for the other.

156:5.17 The measure of the spiritual c. of the evolving soul is

156:5.17 your c. to withstand brooding in the face of sorrow.

160:1.5 man not only possesses c. for the recognition of

160:3.1 relaxation determines the c. for spiritual receptivity

166:4.11 “The Father’s human children have equal c. for the

166:4.11 the Father is limited by man’s c. for receiving these

168:4.1 were beyond the comprehension c. of his apostles;

168:4.6 be postponed to await the creation of adequate c. for

169:4.3 which represents the measure of your c. to perceive

170:2.23 you thereby create the c. in your own soul for the

171:7.6 smiled, that mortal experienced increased c. for

174:1.3 of sympathy and c. for loving understanding.

174:1.4 This c. to understand man’s nature and forgive his

176:3.7 who thereby develop the c. for divine appreciation

180:5.9 individual requirements and c. of every son of God

194:3.6 in accordance with the c. to grasp and comprehend

194:3.20 much to do with determining the c. of receptivity


10:4.3 infinite persons functioning in a nonpersonal c. but

17:2.4 Majeston does not now function in any personal c.

18:6.1 of “Days” do not function in an administrative c.

18:6.6 Union of Days, who functions in an enlarged c. in

19:1.1 the Trinity Teacher Sons alone act in a dual c..

19:3.3 When we act in an executive c., always there are

19:4.3 Both in an individual c. and in association with

20:2.6 Avonals may repeatedly serve in a magisterial c.

20:3.3 Their other visits are “technical,” and in this c. an

23:2.24 And they function ever and anon in this c.,

29:4.21 control in a collective as well as an individual c..

29:4.27 These beings function chiefly in an intraplanetary c..

30:3.12 They may visit in a superuniverse c. only after

36:1.4 into the higher deliberative bodies of advisory c. to

36:6.8 on Urantia as an observer and acting in this c. by

37:5.5 In this c. they interpret the viewpoints and portray

39:8.3 to the Paradise seraphic abode in a personal c. by

45:4.19 we have no idea how long they may serve in this c..

55:4.23 Melchizedek who volunteers to function in this c..

65:1.6 who acts in this c. by the mandate of Gabriel and

70:5.9 clan and tribal councils continued in an advisory c.

93:10.10 will be due to return in the same c. in a little over

113:5.5 but seraphic action in this c. is very rare.

113:7.8 in a new c. for the reception of, and fusion with,

134:2.4 Jesus functioned during this year in an executive c.,

181:2.17 you have earned in your c. as spiritual leader,

Cape Horn

60:3.2 extending from Alaska down through Mexico to C..

60:3.12 From Alaska to C. the long Pacific coast mountain


60:3.20 quadruped having two horns and a c. shoulder

Capernaumsee Capernaum, at; Capernaum, for;

            Capernaum, from; Capernaum, in;

            Capernaum, of; Capernaum, to

126:1.4 to set aside the income from his C. property to pay

127:3.1 The last piece of C. property (except an equity in

128:5.5 when they heard rumors of the C. boatbuilder who

129:1.7 C. being on the direct travel route from Damascus

129:1.7 C. was a strong Roman military post, and the

129:1.9 At the C. synagogue Jesus found many new books in

129:2.3 Before leaving C., Jesus had a long talk with his

129:2.10 the liquidation of the mortgage on the C. property.

134:2.5 C. had become the home of Jesus, James, Mary, and

134:7.5 passing through Magdala and C., Jesus journeyed on

137:2.2 This Galilean carpenter, this C. boatbuilder, cannot

137:6.1 following his baptism was in the C. synagogue on

138:3.5 the C. Pharisees were present on this occasion to

139:0.3 Seven were graduates of the C. synagogue schools,

139:2.1 had three children, and lived at Bethsaida, near C.

141:1.1 C. was not far from Tiberias, and the fame of Jesus

145:2.14 the report was rapidly spread through C. that Jesus

145:2.14 carried to all the smaller settlements around C.,

145:3.1 all C. and its environs were agog over these reputed

145:3.4 The handful of Jews in the C. synagogue were not

145:3.4 Jewish city of C. was the real capital of Nebadon.

146:0.2 be discreet when passing through C. and Tiberias.

146:4.6 And so, passing quietly through C., they went on

148:3.1 period Jesus spoke only once in the C. synagogue,

148:7.1  the C. synagogue on the “Joys of Righteous Living.”


152:2.1 region was a favorite resorting place for C. folks;

152:7.3 ever be permitted to speak in the C. synagogue.

153:0.3 his epoch-making sermon in the C. synagogue.

153:1.1 on this Sabbath afternoon in the new C. synagogue.

154:1.2 the rulers of the C. synagogue closing the house of

155:2.1 by way of the Jordan to the Damascus-C. road,

158:7.9 their camp at Magadan Park, going by way of C..

158:8.1 Entering C. at twilight, they went by unfrequented

172:2.2 from the day of their ordination near C. down to this

172:3.1 C., and Jerusalem had rejected him, but Bethany had

178:3.2 this purpose that I set you apart, in the hills of C..

192:3.1 eleven assembled by appointment on the hill near C.,

192:4.2 over five hundred believers from the environs of C.

Capernaum, at

123:3.8 Magdala, Nain, Sepphoris, C., and Endor, as well as

127:6.1 was whispered about Nazareth and later on at C.,

129:1.3 the lake had been built in the shop of Zebedee at C..

129:1.4 Zebedee during the year and more he remained at C..

134:1.1 stopping only a few hours at C., where Jesus paused

134:9.5 when he arrived at C., he seemed more cheerful

137:2.6 Joseph, the carpenter, more recently residing at C..

137:3.1 prepared to pay a hurried visit to his mother at C.,

137:3.4 his friends at C. saw a great and pleasant change in

137:7.4 Jesus, whose work continued along so quietly at C..

138:7.1 And will you proclaim the kingdom at C., or are we

139:11.1 of good ancestry and lived with his family at C..


145:5.10 leave the great interest which had been aroused at C.

146:3.11 they had heard of the healing of the sick at C..

146:5.1 The believers at C. thought Jesus could heal any

147:1.1 or captain, of the Roman guard stationed at C.,

150:9.1 to do in Nazareth what you have heard I did at C.;

152:0.1 cure of Amos, the Kheresa lunatic, had reached C.

152:2.4 their plans to stop over at C. to see and hear Jesus



Capernaum, for

134:9.5 alone in the hills near Bethany, he departed for C..

137:5.1 Nathaniel—departed early the next morning for C.,

138:5.3 a night and the next day departed by boat for C..

147:2.4 When Jesus and the twelve departed for C.,

147:5.10 before he and his apostles finally departed for C..

147:6.2 was held the day before Jesus’ departure for C.,

152:2.1 region was a favorite resorting place for C. folks;

Capernaum, from

129:2.5 at Nazareth heard that Jesus had departed from C.,

129:2.8 every quarter there arrived at Jerusalem from C.,

135:8.1 this had caused many from C. to join John’s cult

145:3.5 that the road from C. was crowded by those who

148:9.2 afflicted with paralysis was carried down from C. on

151:1.1 Very soon the people from C. and near-by villages

154:5.2 that they would soon be dispersed from C..

156:6.5 While Jesus was absent from C. and Galilee,

157:2.1 the kingdom, came over from C. for a conference.

Capernaum, in

127:6.10 the sale of an equity in a piece of property in C..

127:6.10 This real estate deal in C. was with a boatbuilder

129:1.7 upon himself to build a beautiful synagogue in C.,

129:1.11 Jesus enjoyed his labors with Zebedee in C., but he

129:2.4 and since Zebedee knew of a little house in C.

129:2.4 Jesus became the owner of a house in C., but he

134:1.1 James and Jude (who also chanced to be in C.)

134:2.5 when in C. Jesus made his home with the Zebedees.

134:9.1 Jesus had a family meeting in C. over the Sabbath

137:3.4 Jesus arrived in C. Monday night, but he did not go


138:9.3 The apostles carried on their personal work in C.,

139:1.1 the apostolic corps of the kingdom, was born in C..

139:7.1 Matthew was himself a customs collector in C.,

139:11.1 Simon had been a merchant in C. before he turned

145:0.1 Jesus and the apostles arrived in C. the evening of

145:2.1 more people believed in Jesus in C. than in any other

145:3.12 the fame of this sundown healing at Bethsaida in C.

145:5.7 “All this time I have been in C., and both in the

147:0.1 Jesus and the apostles arrived in C. on Wednesday,


151:0.2 ministering to the sick in C. and the surrounding

152:1.2 Since there was much agitation in C. against Jesus,

153:5.2 of feeling toward the Master was general in C..


154:4.1 On this same Saturday night, in C. a group of fifty

154:6.2 but now that the people of C. and the leaders at

154:7.4 vainly searching for him in the neighborhood of C..

154:7.5 Jesus’ family returned to their home in C. and spent

156:6.4 once numerous company of believers resident in C.

157:6.1 from the sale of his last piece of property in C. by

Capernaum, of

128:4.4 the citizen of C. who turned all Jewry upside down

129:1.4 his boatbuilding shops were on the lake south of C.,

129:1.8 registered himself as a “skilled craftsman of C..”

129:1.8 of his earth life he was known as a resident of C..

129:2.1 A.D. 22, Jesus took leave of Zebedee and of C..

129:2.1 Jude’s headquarters was only a few miles south of C.

129:4.1 the boatbuilder of C., the scribe of Damascus;

134:1.2 aside from Zebedee of C and the people whom Jesus

134:7.2 the carpenter of Nazareth, the boatbuilder of C.,

138:2.4 1. Matthew Levi, the customs collector of C., who

139:1.1 business at Bethsaida, the fishing harbor of C..

139:3.1 James lived near his parents in the outskirts of C.,

139:7.6 Matthew, business man and customs collector of C.,

140:0.2 journeyed with them to the highlands north of C.,

140:6.1 home of Zebedee from the highlands north of C.,

145:2.11 though the people of C. were familiar with Jesus’

146:5.1 in Cana a certain prominent citizen of C., Titus,

148:1.4 The nobleman’s son of C. was one of those trained

149:7.2 accommodated in the homes of Bethsaida and C.,

156:6.3 south of C., where they had appointed to meet with

163:6.5 inhabitants of Chorazin, Bethsaida-Julias, and C.,

178:3.2 this purpose that I set you apart, in the hills of C..

182:3.10 it was from these old memories of Nazareth, C.,

192:4.2 over five hundred believers from the environs of C.

Capernaum, to

127:2.10 was one of the chief reasons why he moved to C.

129:1.2 successively through Magdala and Bethsaida to C.,

129:2.1 Joseph would come down to C. for the money;

129:2.1 money; the next month Jude would come over to C.,

134:1.6 proposed that his mother and Ruth go to C. to live

134:1.6 Mary and Ruth moved to C., where they lived for

134:2.5 Jesus journeyed on with the caravan train to C.,

134:7.1 After a brief visit to C., Jesus went to Nazareth,

134:8.10 proceeded by the same way he had come, to C..

134:9.8 rumors came to C. of one John who was preaching

135:8.2 that Jude had come over to C. for the Sabbath

135:9.8 his brothers James and Jude having returned to C..

137:1.1 “I have observed you ever since you came to C.,

137:2.3 an admirer of Jesus ever since he first came to C..

137:2.4 to James the trip through Galilee and on to C..


137:6.1 His mother, having returned to C. with James the

137:8.1 the second time since bringing his apostles to C..

138:1.1 Andrew and Peter to C., while Philip and Nathaniel

141:6.1 Teherma had heard of Jesus and had come to C. to

144:9.2 by some twenty-five disciples, made their way to C.

146:0.1 months, ending with the return to C. on March 17.

146:5.2 he besought him to hurry over to C. and heal his

146:5.2 believed the word of Jesus and hastened back to C..

146:7.3 “On the morrow let us return to C. to tarry and teach

147:1.1 Teacher, we earnestly request you to go over to C.


147:6.1 began their journey back to C. by way of Jericho and

147:6.3 They wanted to proceed straight on to C., but such

150:7.2 there was much resentment when he moved to C..

150:9.4 And they made ready that evening to go back to C.

152:0.1 Sanhedrin who had come down to C. to find cause

157:0.1 through the messengers of David to go over to C.

158:7.1 Jesus directed they go on to C. by the Damascus


66:5.30 the twentieth-century society of C., South Africa,

capitalsee capitaleconomic; capitalgovernmental

70:10.15 of one’s tribal associates—was the first c. crime.

117:5.13 spiritual character represents the creature’s c.

150:1.3 enemies of Jesus making great c. out of this move,

184:3.4 the Jews, when trying a man on a c. charge,


68:5.7 slavery; man learned to live on the interest of his c.,


69:5.1 C. is labor applied as a renunciation of the present

69:5.1 and created the first problems of c. and labor.

69:5.2 Thus the accumulation of individual c. and group

69:5.3 basic urges which led to the accumulation of c. were:

69:5.5 C. represents the saving of property in spite of the

69:5.15 Though c. has tended to liberate man, it has greatly

69:5.15 it has greatly complicated man’s social organization.

69:5.15 The abuse of c. by unfair capitalists does not destroy

69:5.15 fact that it is the basis of modern industrial society.

69:5.15 Through c. and invention the present generation

69:5.15 and not in justification of the many misuses of c. by

69:8.5 herds represented c., and they lived on the interest—

69:9.3 man desires to bequeath his c. goods to his progeny.

69:9.3 in early communal society a man’s c. was consumed

69:9.3 The later c.-accumulation and property-inheritance

69:9.3 the gross abuses attendant upon the misuse of c..

69:9.5 Those who have no c. still expect those who have

69:9.6 insecurity prevented outward accumulation of c..

69:9.15 rents, and land became a source of income—c..

72:5.1 c. and labor still have their troubles, but both are

72:5.5 1. Legal rates of interest on invested c..

72:5.8 be prorated to all three divisions: c., skill, and labor.

72:7.9 industrial house is elected by labor, the lower by c..

81:5.5 securing economic freedom through c. and invention,

81:6.6 2. C. goods. Culture is never developed under

81:6.14 natural resources, scientific knowledge, c. goods,

92:3.7 it has been wasteful of labor and has squandered c.;

92:3.9 Religion facilitated the accumulation of c.;

132:5.7 the fair and just earning possibilities of invested c..

132:5.19 fair interest may be collected provided the c. lent was

132:5.19 First cleanse your c. before you lay claim to the

194:4.7 sold their property and disposed of their c. goods

capital or system capitalgovernmental

0:0.5 Orvonton, from whose c., Uversa, our commission

9:8.3 the seven Reflective Spirits situated at the c. of the

11:2.1 such a universe must have an adequate and worthy c.

15:7.7 Salvington, the c. of Nebadon, your local universe,

15:7.11 glory, grandeur, and perfection of the Orvonton c.

15:14.6 constellations and has a c. known as Salvington.

15:14.7 local universes and has a c. called Uminor the third.

16:3.5 situated at the c. of the second superuniverse.

17:3.8 inherently reflected to the c. of its superuniverse.

18:4.2 Perfections of Days are assigned to major sector c.,

18:5.4 Recents of Days are seldom together on the c.

18:6.3 Ancients of Days at the c. of their superuniverse.

24:2.4 thousands, one on the c. of every local universe.

24:5.3 highest ranking personalities stationed on a sc., but

25:2.2 conciliators would appear on each superuniverse c.

25:3.1 Conciliators maintain group headquarters on the c.

28:4.4 the Third Source and Center on such a c. sphere.

28:4.5 Master Spirit is represented on a superuniverse c. by

29:2.13 Occupying an enormous area on the c. sphere of

29:4.17 system, maintaining headquarters on its c. sphere.

30:3.12 elsewhere who pause to visit the Orvonton c..

30:4.16 worlds, usually satellites or subsatellites of the sc..

32:2.5 the fixed presence of the Creator Son at the c. sphere

33:2.5 officially located on Salvington, the c. of Nebadon,

33:6.4 system to other systems and at the constellation c.,

34:4.11 the universe headquarters and the other to the sc..

35:3.16 pertain to the sojourn on the c. of the local system

37:2.1 these beings function as his representatives at the c.

37:3.3 the Brilliant Evening Stars are directed from the c. of

37:9.9 as the relatively permanent citizens of a sc.,

37:9.12 Jerusem, your sc., has Material Sons and Daughters;

37:9.12 Reflective Spirits resident on the c. of Orvonton.

38:5.3 On the architectural worlds associated with the c. of

39:3.7 Edentia, the seventy satellites of the Norlatiadek c..

39:4.7 of relative maturity—citizenship on the sc..

39:4.8 in the career of a mortal ascender occurs on the c. of

39:4.16 The temple of records on a sc. is a unique structure

39:4.18 friendly relationships as these that so endear a sc.

43:0.3 like the spheres of the universe c., the constellation

43:0.4 They make their headquarters on the c. spheres

43:8.4 on the sc. you attained Jerusem citizenship and

43:8.13 these realities on the final worlds of the universe c..

45:0.1 Jerusem, the sc., is almost one hundred times the

45:1.10 The constellation c., Edentia, has no prison worlds;

45:2.6 the sea of glass, the great gathering field of the sc..

45:5.5 liberally in the local management of the c. sphere,

45:6.2 Mortals survivors spend their leisure on the sc.

46:0.1 the headquarters of Satania, is an average c. of a

46:2.6 future when your coming experience on the sc. is

46:3.1 headquarters, and from the c. of the local universe.

46:4.1 while other portions of the sc. are given over to the

46:4.1 56 transitional-culture worlds, and the sc. itself.

47:3.12 you can go to the registry sector of the sc. and

47:6.1 new sectors of the sc. are gradually opening up to

47:9.4 never before have you proceeded toward the sc. in

50:2.7 reason for bringing mortal ascenders from the sc.

50:3.2 Such volunteer assistants are citizens of a sc.,

50:3.6 ready for seraphic transportation back to the sc.,

51:2.1 corps of Material Sons and Daughters on the sc.;

51:2.2 They must undergo dematerialization on the sc.

51:3.2 so named in honor of Edentia, the constellation c.,

51:7.3 as the new and consolidated c. of the evolving world

53:4.2 the conduct of judicial affairs on the universe c..

53:9.3 Concerning the sc. group, the Ancients of Days

55:1.1 The presence of a morontia temple at the c. of an

55:1.3 of each is worked out in miniature on the sc.,

55:4.27 —as do Material Sons and Daughters from the sc.

55:6.8 on to the morontia worlds of the local universe c.

55:8.7 and the Bright and Morning Star—arrive on the c. of

55:10.5 of the Bright and Morning Star on the universe c..

66:1.5 when the brilliant Caligastia departed from the sc..

66:2.5 brought by seraphic transport direct from the sc. to

66:2.7 these newly arrived citizens of the sc. were held in

67:3.1 The outbreak of rebellion on Jerusem, c. of Satania,

67:5.5 When the first c. of the world was engulfed,

72:2.1 a government with a centrally located national c..

73:4.1 botanic grandeur of Edentia, the constellation c..

74:1.5 This Jerusem pair left behind them on the c. of

76:6.3 were attached to the Urantia service on the sc.,

77:3.2 traditions of the engulfment of the first c., Dalamatia.

78:8.10 Lagash, the Sumerian c. built on flood mounds, fell.

83:8.5 On the c. of each local system the Material Sons and

93:5.11 going over to Hebron to establish his military c..

93:5.13 The other ninety per cent Abraham removed to his c.

95:5.4 abandoned his c., built an entirely new city,

95:5.10 The c. returned to Thebes, and the priests waxed fat

97:9.11 a compact with the Jebusites and established his c.

97:9.13 and then David located his c. in a Canaanite city.

112:7.3 until the ascender is on the local universe c..

116:4.4 of his own type located on each superuniverse c..

116:5.13 and the Creator Son does not leave his c. planet until

124:1.12 from 4 B.C. to about A.D. 25 the c. of Galilee and

129:1.2 was soon to succeed Sepphoris as the c. of Galilee;

130:2.1 Caesarea was the c. of Palestine and the residence

132:0.4 influence on, the religious leaders of the empire’s c..

133:2.5 they sailed on the same boat for Corinth, the c. of the

133:6.1 to Ephesus, the c. of the Roman province of Asia.

133:8.1 Antioch was the c. of the Roman province of Syria,

135:12.1 moved from Sepphoris to the new c. at Tiberias.

135:12.2 to put him to death lest the multitude riot in the c.,

145:3.4 the little Jewish city of Capernaum was the real c. of

157:3.1 for Caesarea-Philippi, the c. of the Tetrarch Philip’s

176:1.6 enlargement of the city to become the world’s c..

184:3.17 feared Pilate might return to the Roman c. of Judea,


70:8.8 between priest-teachers, ruler-warriors, c.-traders,

70:8.8 The slave could never become a c., though the wage

72:5.1 intelligent laborer is slowly becoming a small c..


70:8.8 the wage earner could elect to join the c. ranks.


69:5.9 became very rich; they were chief among ancient c..

69:5.15 The abuse of capital by unfair c. does not destroy the

69:8.5 herders were the first c.; their herds represented


84:4.2 woman has always c. man’s stronger sex urge for her

capitals or system capitals

17:3.1 Reflective Spirits maintain headquarters on the c.

17:3.8 is reflected outward to the local universe c. from

18:0.10 and to the c. of their component constellations.

18:3.6 seventy divisional c. in which the Ancients of Days

18:7.4 their personal residences on the constellation c.

24:0.10 Census Directors maintain headquarters on the c.

24:0.10 Assigned Sentinels are stationed on the c. of the

24:0.10 on the capitals of the local universes and on the c.

24:0.11 through the Havona circuits to the superuniverse c.

24:2.5 reports coming in from the c. of the local creations.

24:4.3 Assigned Sentinels, stationed on the c. of the local

25:1.7 only on the educational worlds surrounding the c. of

25:2.3 Master Spirits are reflected on the superuniverse c.,

25:3.1 Their secondary reserves are stationed on the c. of

25:5.3 from such universe c. those episodes are advanced

28:1.1 residents of these superuniverse c. inasmuch as they

28:7.1 seconaphim have their headquarters on the c. of

30:2.157 the local systems up to the c. of the superuniverses,

30:2.157 The c. of the seven superuniverses are the meeting

30:3.5 the superuniverse as well as on the architectural c.

30:3.10 are maintained on Salvington and other universe c.;

31:0.13 in the local universes, and on all the divisional c..

31:5.1 they join the ascending pilgrims on the universe c.

32:1.5 are to serve as constellation headquarters and sc.

35:10.1 the system administrators at work on the sc., but

37:10.4 reversion directors, who operate chiefly on the c. of

39:3.1 make their headquarters on the constellation c. but

39:4.1 Seraphim are indigenous to the sc. but are stationed

39:4.9 guide the new citizens of the sc. and quicken their

39:5.1 These seraphim maintain headquarters on the sc.

39:6.1 angels serve from the inhabited worlds to the sc.,

40:2.1 their spheres of origin, the c. of the local systems.

43:6.1 The system c. are particularly beautified with mineral

43:6.1 the c. of the constellations are the acme of morontia

44:0.5 by morontia supervisors on the local universe c..

45:1.8 neither is such a presence to be observed on the sc.;

45:5.4 Daughters of citizenship status on the local sc..

45:6.3 here on the sc. afforded full opportunity to acquire

45:6.3 sex creatures of permanent residence on the sc..

46:1.1 The sphere has seven major c. and seventy minor

46:1.1 The seven sectional c. are concerned with diverse

46:3.4 relayed from the sc. except the Michael messages,

46:4.6 and triangles is common to all the sc. of Nebadon.

46:4.8 The sc. are unique in that they are the only worlds

51:1.6 While living as permanent citizens on the sc.,

53:4.2 government should be concentrated on the sc. and

53:7.6 who are normally assigned to the duties of the sc..

55:8.1 Courts are now established on the sc., and only

55:9.1 universe activities are transferred to the sc.,

55:9.1 establish themselves on the constellation c. as

55:12.2 assembled on the headquarters and divisional c. of

56:3.3 From these c. of the Creator Sons come the Holy

56:6.4 power comprehension of the Almighty on the c. of

65:7.1 direction of lower-mind function from the sc..

73:6.2 The Material Sons on the sc. do not require the tree

73:6.3 as well as on the Havona spheres, but not on the sc..

73:7.4 to divide their time among these various world c.

108:1.2 reflectivity technique extending inward from the c.


165:0.1 Ragaba, Succoth, Amathus, Adam, Penuel, C.,


132:0.2 Jesus went up to the C. and pondered the bondage


185:1.2 threaten an uprising, and Pilate would speedily c..

195:10.11 The non-Christian world will hardly c. to a sect-


139:7.10 preaching and baptizing, through Syria, C., Galatia,


49:1.3 But these beings are neither c. nor whimsical;

100:7.3 Jesus was never c., whimsical, or hysterical.


106:5.1 the Supreme is the c. of evolutionary-experiential

captain or Roman captain

73:2.4 his volunteers into one hundred companies with a c.

111:1.9 the Adjuster is your pilot, the human will is c..

128:1.10 Deliverer of the worlds, and the C. of our salvation

130:2.1 The c. decided to remain in port while a new one

141:3.5 the c. stationed on guard at the cross, who, when he

147:1.1 Mangus, a centurion, or c., of the Roman guard

147:1.1 arrange with the c. holding the orders for Jesus’

177:4.8 “Judas, you go to the c. of the guard and arrange

177:4.8 priests and rulers and took counsel with the c. of

182:2.13 Judas was in conference with the c. of the temple

183:2.1 then did the two go straight to the c. of the temple

183:2.1 Judas requested the c. to assemble the guards and

183:2.3 Judas asked the c. of the guard to return to the

183:3.4 the c. of the Romans, said, “Whom do you seek?”

183:3.4 The c. answered, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

183:3.6 And again the c. said, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

183:3.7 the c. of the soldiers was altogether willing to allow

183:3.7 as Jesus stood there awaiting the c.’ orders, one

183:3.7 his hands behind his back, although the Rc. had

183:3.8 enough to arouse the fear of the c. of the guards,

183:3.9 When Jesus had been bound, the c., fearing that

183:3.9 having overheard the c.’ orders to arrest them,

183:5.1 dispute arose between the Jewish c. of the temple

183:5.1 arose between the Rc. of the company of soldiers

183:5.1 The c. of the temple guards gave orders that he

183:5.1 The c. of the Roman soldiers directed that Jesus be

183:5.1 And the orders of the Rc. were obeyed; they took

183:5.2 no part in the dispute, for neither the Jewish c. nor

183:5.3 But when the Rc. heard this and, looking around,

183:5.3 the Rc. said to the Jewish c.: “This man is neither

183:5.4 in turning Jesus over to the c. of the temple guards

184:0.1 Annas had secretly instructed the c. of the Roman

184:0.3 of Annas not only because of the word of the Rc.,

184:2.1 John Zebedee was marching by the side of the c.

186:1.1 the c. of the Jewish guards marched with his men

186:4.1 gave the word to their c. that he was to be crucified

186:4.4 the decision of the c. to take along two thieves who

186:4.4 the Rc. thought these two might just as well die with

187:0.1 the same c. who had led forth the Roman soldiers

187:0.1 was given no further physical punishment; the c.

187:1.2 According to custom the c. led the procession,

187:1.9 When the c. saw this, knowing what Jesus had

187:1.10 the Rc. commanded him to carry Jesus’ crossbeam

187:2.5 the c. nailed the title up above his head, and it read

187:2.7 the c. was nailing the title above the Master’s head.

187:3.5 When the c. of the guard heard Jesus say, “I thirst,

187:3.5 he took some of the wine from his bottle and,

187:4.3 heard the story from the converted Rc. of the guard.

187:5.3 Jesus said, “I thirst,” and the same c. of the guard

189:2.4 going back to report these doings to their c. at the

190:1.2 priest sent the c. of the temple guards to the tomb

190:1.2 The c. wrapped them all up in the linen sheet and


66:5.7 This group was c. by Dan.


74:5.6 Edenites into companies of one hundred with c. over

77:4.1 and several of Van’s group c. were Nodites.

183:5.2 Judas marched along near the c., overhearing all that

183:5.3 near Jesus as he marched along between the two c.


32:1.4 charge of space-energy held c. by the gravity control

80:5.6 Andite elders had adjudged an inferior c. to be unfit,

80:5.6 he was, by elaborate ceremony, committed to the

80:5.6 escorted him to the river and administered the rites

96:2.3 all the Bedouin Semites who were held c. in Egypt.

96:2.5 the religion of the rank and file of the Hebrew c.

96:4.2 a woman of royal blood and a man from a c. race.

97:1.3 priest of Baal; the next, chopping in pieces a c. king.

97:8.2 so terrorized the c. and alien-ruled Jews that they

137:8.15 of this world, nor upon the breaking of c. yokes.

176:1.4 will fall by the edge of the sword and will be led c.


30:4.11 his work on earth, “He led a great multitude of c..”

30:4.11 these c. were the sleeping survivors from the days

69:8.2 enslavement was the lot of those military c. who

69:8.2 In earlier times c. were eaten, tortured to death,

69:8.3 a forward step in the merciful treatment of war c..

69:8.3 had begun to practice the adoption of superior c..

69:8.4 The hunter either adopted or killed his c..

69:8.4 the herders made a practice of killing all men c.

69:8.4 directions for making wives of these women c..

71:1.10 7. Enslavement of c.—they adopted or massacred

72:5.2 superior slaves were war c. or children of such c..

80:3.9 had intermarried with the higher types of war c.

80:3.9 began to save many of the mediocre c. as slaves.

81:2.6 3. The enslavement of c..

84:3.8 It was a great step forward when male c. were no

96:3.1 officer between the government and the Bedouin c..

96:3.2 Bedouin c. hardly had a religion worthy of the name;

97:5.3 to proclaim liberty to the c. and the opening of the

97:7.4 hindered in their influence over their fellow c. by

97:7.7 And it comforted the Jewish c., as it has thousands

123:5.11 to proclaim liberty to the c., and to set the spiritual

126:4.2 to proclaim liberty to the c., and to set the spiritual

138:3.6 downtrodden and spiritual liberty to the moral c..

140:3.2 send you forth to proclaim liberty to the spiritual c.,

140:9.2 Liberate spiritual c., comfort the oppressed, and

148:5.5 to proclaim liberty to the c., and to comfort all

150:8.9 He has sent me to proclaim release to the c. and the

190:5.4 proclaim liberty to the c. of sin, and open up the


135:5.2 assigned to explain the Babylonian and other c. of


69:7.3 elephant, many of them would not reproduce in c..

69:7.3 presence, and that they would reproduce in c..

74:8.9 after the Babylonian c. they inclined more toward

78:7.3 the Hebrew priests in Babylonian c. sought to trace

78:7.4 of the Hebrew priesthood during the Babylonian c..

93:9.8 by the Hebrew priests during the Babylonian c..

93:9.9 was tremendously depressed by the Babylonian c..

95:1.10 later-day Hebrew priests found them during the c.

96:2.4 throughout this period of c. these Arabian nomads

96:4.8 The later c. that enslaved the Jews in Babylon finally

97:4.3 “And though they go into c. before their enemies,

97:7.1 The destruction of the Hebrew nation and their c.

97:7.2 During the c. the Jews were much influenced by

97:7.3 up the dwindling courage of their fellows in c..

97:7.4 liberal use of these writings subsequent to the c.,

97:7.5 that Isaiah proclaimed during these days of the c..

97:7.14 This prophet of the c. preached to his people and

97:9.26 The Yahweh-Baal struggle ended with the c..

97:9.26 c. shocked the remnant of Israel into monotheism.

97:9.27 the Old Testament evolved in Babylon during the c..

130:1.2 —there is nothing that can hold them in further c..

130:1.2 the Lord God will deliver them from their c.;

142:3.5 learned about during their c. in the land of the Nile.

143:4.1 away and into c. over twenty-five thousand Jews

143:4.2 the return of the former from the Babylonian c.,

153:2.1 Your sons and your daughters shall go into c..


97:7.4 made converts equally among the Jews and their c.

139:2.15 the recipient of high honors when Peter’s c. informed

150:9.3 edge of the cliff, Jesus turned suddenly upon his c.


41:3.9 c. of meteors by the accretion of energy-material

41:3.9 Sometimes a sun will c. a stream of meteors in a

43:6.7 materials to represent their ideas and c. their ideals.

57:5.11 later on by the c. of enormous quantities of meteors.

57:5.11 worlds still continue to c. meteors, but in lessened

57:5.13 Angona was unable to c. any of the solar mass,

69:4.1 as marriage by contract followed marriage by c.,

83:2.2 As raiding preceded trading, so marriage by c.

83:2.2 Some women would connive at c. in order to escape

83:2.2 elopement was the transition stage between c. by

83:2.3 Later, mock c. became a part of the regular wedding

83:2.3 A modern girl’s pretensions to resist “c.,” to be

195:0.5 and c. the very best minds of the Roman Empire?


41:5.4 to warm an inhabited planet, to be c. by a meteor,

57:5.9 powerful gravity pull of Jupiter and Saturn early c.

57:7.2 when enormous space bodies were c. by the earth.

69:7.2 corrals were constructed, entire herds would be c..

117:6.10 It can never be c.; it is alive, free, thrilling, and


57:6.6 still growing as the result of continued meteoric c..

143:2.3 he who rules his own self is greater than he who c.


15:5.8 Jupiter, would be greatly enlarged by c. the

36:2.14 assistants to the Life Carriers in the work of c.,

86:5.15 Head hunting was a method of c. an enemy’s soul,


130:0.2 From Naples they went to C., whence they traveled

130:8.6 From here they went by way of C. to Rome,

130:8.6 to Rome, making a stop of three days at C..


75:6.3 The Edenic c. was halted on the third day out from

75:6.4 It was a sad, sad c. that prepared to journey on.

75:7.1 It was while the Edenic c. was halted that Adam and

76:0.2 Cain and Sansa were born before the Adamic c. had

76:1.1 It required almost a full year for the c. of Adam to

76:3.6 Adam’s c. had carried the seeds and bulbs of plants

79:3.2 the later opening up of the sea lanes and the c. routes

79:7.6 reduced the volume of trade passing over the c. trails

94:9.2 gospel not only braved the perils of the overland c.

97:9.15 gained control of the c. tariffs formerly collected by

121:2.2 From time immemorial, many c. routes from the

121:2.2 more than half of this c. traffic passed through or

121:2.8 as well as the western terminals of the c. routes

122:7.7 Joseph was informed that the c. stables, hewn out

123:1.6 close to the village spring near the c. tarrying lot.

123:1.6 listening to the conversation of the c. conductors

123:1.7 spread over all Nazareth from contact with the c.

123:5.6 little trouble in conversing with the c. travelers and

123:5.7 Nazareth was a c. way station and crossroads of

123:5.13 From four directions Jesus could observe the c.

124:1.12 When work and c. travel were slack, Jesus made

124:3.3 Jesus spent considerable time at the c. supply shop,

126:5.8 the opportunity of mingling with the c. passengers.

127:3.1 old family supply and repair shop near the c. lot,

128:2.3 Jesus spent most of his time at the c. repair shop.

128:2.6 so far below those of even the c. city of Nazareth

128:3.3 This merchant owned over four thousand c. camels

128:3.3 countries so frequently heard spoken of by the c.

128:6.3 The final payments had been made on the c. repair

129:1.7 Frequently he would go down to visit at the c.

129:1.7 some of the c. people who chanced to attend

130:0.3 From there they traveled by c. to Mesopotamia,

133:8.4 After preparing their luggage for the camel c.,

133:9.1 c. trip across the desert was not a new experience

134:1.1 Ur to Babylon, where he joined a desert c. that was

134:1.6 the conductor of a large c. which was passing

134:1.6 a few days after Jesus left with the c., Mary and


134:2.1 Jesus left Nazareth on the c. trip to the Caspian Sea

134:2.1 The c. which Jesus joined as its conductor was going

134:2.2 For Jesus this c. trip was an adventure of exploration

134:2.2 He had an interesting experience with his c. family—

134:2.2 along the route followed by the c. lived richer lives

134:2.2 the extraordinary conductor of a commonplace c..

134:2.4 The c. trip was successful in every way.

134:2.4 safe conduct of the travelers making up the c. party.

134:2.5 Jesus gave up the direction of the c. at Lake Urmia,

134:2.5 Jesus returned as a passenger with a later c. to

134:2.5 Jesus journeyed on with the c. train to Capernaum,

134:6.15 suspected that the oft-referred-to lectures of the c.


123:5.6 When he grew older, he mingled freely with the c.


25:6.1 counterpart—what might be called a c. copy.

41:8.1 most common of which is the hydrogen-c.-helium

41:8.1 In this metamorphosis, c. acts as an energy

41:8.1 temperature the hydrogen penetrates the c. nuclei.

41:8.1 the c. cannot hold more than four such protons,

57:7.8 Much of the c. of the atmosphere was abstracted to

57:7.8 Later on, much greater quantities of these c. gases

58:1.8 There the high degree of c. in the atmosphere

58:7.10 dark colors, indicating the presence of organic c.

carbon dioxide

57:7.6 containing water vapor, carbon monoxide, c., and

57:8.5 atmosphere is clearing up, but the amount of c.

57:8.17 water vapor, but the percentage of c. was still high.

58:1.8 contained such a high degree of c. that no animal,

59:2.9 there was still too much c. in the air to permit of

59:5.2 C. was still present in the atmosphere but in

65:6.4 the double role of oxygen carrier and c. remover.

65:6.4 living cells and just as efficiently removes the c..

carbon monoxide

57:7.6 slowly evolving, now containing water vapor, c.,


57:7.8 was abstracted to form the c. of the various metals


58:7.10 which overran the earth during the succeeding C.


59:5.10 The deposits of this early C. age are from 500 to

59:5.13 years ago the active stages of the C. period began.

59:5.14 which have caused this period to be known as the C..

59:5.19 an extension of the North American C. sea over the

59:5.20 180,000,000 years ago brought the close of the C.

59:5.22 The trunks of the C. trees were commonly seven feet


92:3.2 The c. religious ideas of incantation, inspiration,

92:4.7 The c. precepts of his teachings were trust and faith.

98:2.6 Their c. virtues were: wisdom, courage, temperance,

140:8.20 Fidelity was a c. virtue in his estimate of character,

149:3.3 a violator of the c. teachings of the Jewish sacred

170:4.8 five points representing the c. features of the gospel

190:0.4 faith in the resurrection of Jesus was the c. feature of


21:2.11 extending her fostering c. and spiritual ministry to

26:5.6 and commit them to the c. of the supremacy guides.

37:10.3 Spornagia are devoted to the c. and culture of the

43:5.16 the Edentia Fathers have exercised a special c. over

55:3.1 still have hospitals, homes for the c. of the sick.

70:8.12 girl was left in the c. of her mother until married.

71:4.10 8. C. of the unfortunate.

74:6.1 provision had been made for the c. of more than

74:7.4 1. Health and the c. of the body.

80:3.5 was trained in the c. of the caves, in art, and in flint

84:7.26 but naturally grows as a result of the c., training, and

94:12.3 faith in the divine mercies and loving c. of Amida,

108:5.3 Adjusters never lose anything committed to their c.;

110:4.4 those meanings and values intrusted to their c. and

119:1.1 I place you under the c. and keeping of Immanuel

123:2.4 baby sister and was of great help to Mary in their c..

123:3.8 to help his mother with the housework and c. of the

126:2.5 the c. of his family and the preparation to do his

127:3.12 and settle down to the c. of their little farm and to

128:7.8 and put Jude in the c. of a relative, a fisherman;

129:2.5 assumed full responsibility for the c. of the family.

131:3.6 Selfishness leads to grief; perpetual c. kills.

132:6.2 for the eldest boy so that he could help in the c. of

133:2.2 The loving c. and consideration which a man is

136:7.1 the c. of the health of himself and his associates,

138:8.1 funds for the c. of dependent families having been

138:9.3 fairly satisfactory plans for the c. of their families.

139:4.9 made provision for the c. of his mother and family.

145:5.1 to devote so much of his time to the c. of the sick

159:5.7 but Jesus made the c. of God for man like the

177:2.5 impressions of the universe from the mother’s c.;

181:1.10 for time and eternity is safely and wholly in the c.

184:1.5 “Do you have no c. as to whether I am friendly to

187:5.2 His last wish—concerning the c. of his mother—had


63:3.1 properly to c. for the increasingly enfeebled infants

69:9.5 depend on the state (thrifty taxpayers) to take c. of

84:7.2 Woman’s instinct to love and c. for children

87:2.7 that an adult ghost might accompany and c. for the

113:5.2 Angels are so near you and c. so feelingly for you

123:2.14 Mary taught Jesus to know and c. for the vines and

123:5.15 learned to milk the family cow and c. for the other

129:2.3 even as I would foster my own mother and c. for

135:2.2 to return home, take c. of his mother, and await the

142:4.2 to refrain from this and take c. not to do that, but

159:3.4 Take c. that you do not wound the self-respect of

162:8.3 “Master, do you not c. that my sister has left me

163:5.2 these accommodations were required to take c. of

164:1.3 brought him here to the inn and took c. of him.

164:1.3 ‘Take good c. of my friend, and if the expense is

169:1.12 I have remained here to c. for you all these years,

192:2.3 again said Jesus: “Then take good c. of my sheep.


45:0.3 They are also physically c. for and maintained by the

47:2.3 Children of pre-Adjuster ages are c. for in families of

84:7.10 But primitive mothers only nourished and c. for

126:3.2 affectionately and faithfully than Jesus c. for Ruth.

129:1.12 John c. most for his religious teaching and opinions.

133:7.3 Jesus skillfully and tenderly c. for the lad,

135:3.1 who c. for the herds when he made trips to Hebron

139:4.12 The last twenty years of his life John was c. for by a

195:2.2 The Roman c. little for either art or religion, but he

careersee career, ascendant; career, ascending;

career, ascension; career, bestowal; career, earth;

career, morontia; career, mortal; career, Paradise

0:8.9 Such an experiential discovery-c. of the realization

2:2.6 immaturity and imperfection in the evolving c. of

2:5.6 toil with you as you pursue your eternal universe c.

7:3.2 mortal mind initiates its c. as a material mechanism

11:9.8 Every mortal who has espoused the c. of doing the

13:1.13 unless, in the far-distant future of your glorified c.,

14:5.7 and the stimulus of curiosity disappear from your c..

14:5.9 Monotony is not a part of the Havona c..

14:5.10 that death is only the beginning of an endless c. of

14:6.40 but it is also the starting place of the eternal c. of the

15:13.3 for their further progress towards the c. of eternity.

16:5.4 It is hardly strange that the subsequent spirit c. of

17:6.2 We are conversant with six phases of the c. of a local

17:6.3 fact finds place on the Paradise records of the c. of

17:6.8 occurs in the never-ending c. of a Creative Spirit

17:6.9 enters upon the sixth phase of a Creative Spirit’s c..

17:6.10 7. The Unrevealed C.. We know of these six

17:6.10 We know of these six phases of the c. of a local

17:6.10 inevitable that we should ask: Is there a seventh c.?

17:6.10 they are of record as entering upon the c. of sixth-

17:6.10 another and unrevealed c. in universe assignment.

17:6.10 undisclosed c. which will constitute their seventh

20:5.2 The c. of sevenfold bestowal is the supreme goal

20:6.7 “to drink the cup” of the c. of incarnation and

20:9.5 the finaliters in the undisclosed c. of the future

20:9.5 associated with the c. of evolutionary mortals,

21:4.3 Only once in his sevenfold c. as a bestowal Son is

21:4.6 his lowly origin and enforced evolutionary c. when

22:3.4 personally familiar with every step of the c. you

24:6.3 will remain with you throughout your entire c. on

24:7.6 on the records, the c. of such a servital is closed.

25:1.7 they have come down from your next c. to study

25:4.12 the new-found knowledge of your advancing c..

25:7.2 in the c. of light and life there is always time for new

25:8.5 the companion or close associate of your earthly c.

26:8.5 escorted to the circle of their interrupted c.,

26:10.1 of the children of time regarding the c. of eternity.

26:10.6 and the new adventure of the eternal c. will begin.

26:11.7 And now, at the culmination of the Havona c.,

27:0.11 are you ready to begin the endless c. of a finaliter.

27:3.2 As this inward-ascending c. has unfolded from the

28:6.18 throughout the eternal c. you will never encounter

30:3.12 travel and observation is a part of the c. of all

30:4.9 The following narrative presents the universe c. of

30:4.9 Son and Spirit-fused mortals share portions of this c.

30:4.19 regime does not function until the spirit c. begins.

30:4.23 the superuniverse c. is very unlike anything that has

30:4.28 The first act of your Havona c. will be to recognize

30:4.28 Father who made possible your sonship c..

30:4.34 presents an outline of the c. of an ascending mortal.

31:3.3 There undoubtedly remains one more step in the c.

32:5.7 the infinite treasures of such a matchless c. are yours

37:3.7 from the moment of birth through the universe c.

38:3.1 that are in no way related to man’s progressive c.

38:8.6 Henceforth, the full and complete c. of a seraphim,

39:2.13 When you finish your earthly c., your body

39:4.7  the first student apprenticeship in the universe c.,

39:4.8 The first of such periods in the c. of an ascender

39:7.1 function in connection with the ascendant-mortal c.

39:8.5 The supreme choice of seraphim in the c. of time is

39:8.5 guardian angel in order that they may attain the c. of

39:9.1 For such angels the c. of time is finished;

40:7.3 The details of the Adjuster c. of indwelling ministry

40:7.3 elaboration of this truth embraces your whole c..

40:7.5 To the Adjuster-fused mortal the c. of universal

40:10.5 ascenders do indeed have a grand and glorious c. as

41:10.4 pass through a less violent and stormy youthful c..

43:9.1 hear the story of their far-flung c. as it is depicted by

43:9.3 most uniform and stabilized epoch in the entire c. of

43:9.5 are prepared to leave Edentia for the Salvington c.,

44:0.4 if sufficiently gifted, may choose such a c. for a

44:5.9 transit from the c. of time to the service of eternity,

44:5.9 of spirit power for the next stage of the endless c..

44:8.5 you have finished the last circle of the Havona c..

45:5.2 their embarkation upon the Paradise-ascension c..

45:6.3 or unfortunate premature termination of the c. in

45:7.1 must learn to master the essentials of the eternal c.,

45:7.8 for the more extensive and varied socialization c.

46:5.14 the mansion worlds on through all the Jerusem c. of

47:8.1 receive their first lessons in the prospective spirit c.

47:8.4 entrance of an ascending mortal upon the eternal c.

47:9.1 achievement of the immediate postmortal c..

47:9.4 bidding an eternal farewell to the mansonia c. as

47:9.5 and by the time you have finished the Jerusem c.,

47:10.4 granted you on departure from mansion world c. is

47:10.5 mortals who pass through the entire mansonia c.

48:0.2 over the various stages of the local universe c.,

48:3.12 During the early mansonia c. you will have recourse

48:3.15 and grandeur as you advance in the mansonia c..

48:5.9 in the initial phases of the progression c..

48:6.4 you have embarked upon the prespirit c. and have

48:8.1 attainment of spirit status in the superuniverse c.,

50:3.6 a rare chapter in the c. of an ascending mortal.

50:6.1 you are able to compare such a world’s c. with the

50:6.5 still continues to pursue an irregular and checkered c

51:1.4 death will eventually terminate the planetary c.

55:4.12 From the second stage on throughout the c. of a

55:6.7 of that incomprehensible c. of Paradise ascension

57:3.12 marks the end of the secondary c. of a space nebula.

62:3.1 Early in the c. of the dawn mammals, in the treetop

65:2.16 first appeared and began his eventful planetary c..

66:1.5 No prince of the planets ever embarked upon a c. of

66:8.1 looking back over the long c. of Caligastia, we find

66:8.3 progressed very satisfactorily in its planetary c. up to

89:2.3 started his c. in perfection, and that transgression of

92:0.1 the millenniums of mankind’s experiential c. through

93:2.2 the first time in his universe c. that Machiventa had

93:10.1 Urantia assignment and resumed his interrupted c. as

101:5.5 So must philosophy start its c. on the assumption of

103:7.11 Science starts out on its vaunted c. of reasoning by

107:0.2 they are the veritable promise of man’s eternal c.

107:6.3 and in the postfinaliter stages of the eternal c.,

107:6.3 but the Paradise ascent and the finaliter c. are the

107:7.3 Adjusters lay plans for man’s eternal c., they adapt,

108:5.5 the new worlds and the new name of your future c..

108:6.5 These faithful custodians of the future c. duplicate

108:6.7 existence in the light of the spiritual and future c..

109:0.1 Adjusters are the children of the universe c.,

109:0.1 rehearsing the realities of the universe c. in the

109:1.4 Adjusters pass through a definite developmental c.

109:3.5 But in the c. after death, the three-brained type

110:1.2 dark and uncertain mazes of your short earthly c.;

110:3.4 and with a successful and honorable c. on earth.

111:2.2 surviving soul of ultimate destiny and unending c.,

111:7.2 The Adjuster cannot stop or materially alter your c.

112:5.22 are a part of, and essential to, your universe c..

112:6.2 morontia personality forms for the local universe c..

112:6.6 There are no influences in the local universe c.

112:6.9 mortal mind enters upon its premorontia universe c.

112:7.4 there can be no future danger to the eternal c. of

112:7.5 made a final and irrevocable choice for the eternal c..

112:7.8 eventually to proceed upon your superuniverse c.

113:1.5 and from that time until the earthly c. is finished,

113:1.6 until (if natural death does not terminate your c. and

113:7.1 It is indeed an epoch in the c. of an ascending mortal,

113:7.2 consort with you as you progress through the c. of

113:7.4 follow you through the superb c. of the universe

113:7.6 co-operate in the divine service as they did in the c.

117:4.2 But if a creature rejects the eternal c., that part of

117:4.11 if mortal man rejects the eternal c., he is moving

117:4.13 lies the enchanting vista of the universe c.

117:5.14 embark upon the absonite phases of the eternal c.

117:6.5 Adjuster fusion and during the superuniverse c.,

117:6.6 the continuing adult c. of the ascendant mortal.

117:6.17 the Paradise ascent and subsequent universe c. will

117:6.26 you will discover the great result of your c. of

119:3.4 did this unique Material Son begin his difficult c.

119:5.3 On Salvington we followed the c. of this spirit

119:5.3 trained spirit mortal and, as such, continued his c.

119:6.1 purpose of assuming the c. of a morontia mortal at

119:6.3 this wonderful c. of Michael as the morontia mortal

119:6.4 after his return from the c. of the carpenter’s son on

119:7.4 was taking the most precarious step in all his c.,

120:2.8 by a God-knowing human during the short c. of

120:2.9 superhuman repercussions attend your earthly c.

122:4.4 constructed subsequent to Michael’s c. on earth.

122:5.2 the extraordinary c. of her eldest son, which was

122:5.3 Mary’s temperament tended to dominate the c. of

123:2.13 upon the fifth stage of a Galilean Jewish child’s c.,

123:4.8 have a fairly good idea of the youthful c. of Jesus,

124:4.5 her guidance in matters having to do with his life c.

124:5.5 diligent pupil was destined to some outstanding c.,

124:6.18 Thus ends the c. of the Nazareth lad, and begins the

124:6.18 who now begins the contemplation of his world c. as

126:5.4 Apparently all Jesus’ plans for a c. were thwarted.

126:5.12 now began the real c. of this young man of Nazareth.

127:2.12 supernatural had happened in this young man’s c.

127:4.2 In his home and throughout his public-teaching c.

127:5.1 effect marriage would have upon Jesus’ future c.;

127:5.2 to cast her lot with this man and to share his c. of

127:5.4 and the intriguing contemplation of his eventual c.

127:5.6 the greatest man who ever lived would begin his c.

127:6.2 maiden (not realizing the factor of his future c. of

128:1.8 which event marked the beginning of his public c.

128:1.10 When once Jesus had espoused his public c.,

128:3.9 very seldom did he himself speak of his future c..

128:4.1 Jesus faced in the course of his purely human c..

128:4.6 building up of such a versatile and spectacular c.

128:4.6 to suppress everything during his eventful c. which

128:5.6 was the most uneventful six months of his whole c..

129:1.15 to be completed before he could enter upon his c.

129:3.5 overattractive and attention-consuming personal c..

129:4.1 of all his c. right up to the event of his crucifixion

133:9.5 strange teacher who terminated his c. on a cross,

134:0.1 Jesus began to lay plans for a public c. in the land

134:0.2 to finish his life on earth and to complete his c. of

134:0.2 His Urantia c. began among the Jews in Palestine,

134:7.7 period marked the termination of his purely human c.

135:4.6 to begin his short but brilliant c. as a public preacher.

135:11.3 outworking of the great preacher-prophet’s c..

136:4.5 for thinking over the whole eventful and varied c.

136:7.1 to prevent the untimely termination of his c. in the

137:5.2 most important conferences of all Jesus’ earthly c..

137:8.4 sermon, the first pretentious effort of his public c.,

144:5.69 And when our c. is finished, make it an honor to

146:1.1 preached one of the great sermons of his early c. on

153:1.6 of supernatural power to characterize his whole c..

156:5.8 view of your destiny, a universe expansion of your c.

157:6.2 the beginning of a new epoch in their Master’s c.

157:7.5 witnessed the beginning of his c. as the Son of Man

160:4.16 The c. of a God-seeking man may prove to be a

163:6.2 go forward in an endless c. of spiritual conquest.”

172:3.2 Jesus was nearing the end of his c. in the flesh,

172:5.11 the satisfying climax of their whole c. as apostles.

176:3.2 look forward to the next step in the eternal c. with

181:1.10 assurance of a son who believes that his c. for time

181:2.3 as I enter upon the closing hours of my earthly c.,

183:1.1 with the termination of the Master’s c. in the flesh.

184:4.6 greatest victories in all his long and eventful c. as

186:2.3 whole human c., from first to last, was a spectacle

187:4.5 by those who extolled such a c. of robbery as an

188:0.1 This period in the Master’s c. began shortly before

189:1.10 Jesus spoke the first words of the postmortal c..

193:0.3 that you might experience the God-knowing c..

193:6.1 be called after the termination of his planetary c..

195:5.10 you await the majestic unfolding of an endless c. of

196:0.10 When you study the c. of the Master, as concerns

196:2.2 of the successive levels of the pre-Paradise c..

career, ascendant

17:1.9 the reunions of the struggles and triumphs of the a..

22:4.3 experience in the a. is essential to an adequate

22:4.6 not wholly, concerned with the services of the a.

22:9.2 They are versed in the affairs of the ascendant c.,

22:9.6 We of the a. love them and do all in our power to

23:2.13 Throughout the a. you will be vaguely able to detect

26:9.4 life by life, world by world, the a. has been mastered,

26:10.6 ever intervenes between the epochal stages of the a..

27:1.3 marked the successive status attainments of the a.;

27:7.8 The a. is well-nigh finished, and the seventh jubilee

30:3.8 The next higher residential world of the a. always

31:0.9 the experience acquired throughout the eventful a..

31:4.1 to go through the a. with their human wards,

37:2.7 assigned on missions pertaining to the a. of mortals,

39:7.1 function in connection with the ascendant-mortal c.

47:4.5 part of personal memory all the way through the a..

48:5.1 from the bonds of the flesh and starts out on the a.


career, ascending

14:6.37 7. The Evolutionary Mortals of the Ascending C..

25:7.3 At every stage of the a. all contactable personalities

25:8.7 separated from your associate of the a.—mortal or

27:3.2 As this inward-a. has unfolded from the nativity

30:4.1 following seven stages of the ascending universe c.:

30:4.34 presents an outline of the c. of an ascending mortal.

37:3.2 of creature survival and to the furtherance of the a.

40:7.3 through all of the a. in Nebadon and Orvonton

44:0.13 As in all other phases of the a. those who are most

47:1.5 the most touchingly beautiful scenes of all the a. to

47:9.2 you will pursue all the way up through your long a..

48:3.18 They are the personality luxury of your a. in the local

50:3.6 a rare chapter in the c. of an ascending mortal.

107:2.7 Adjuster becomes indissolubly linked with the a.

108:0.2 mortals in every bona fide experience of the a.;

108:5.6 it is the preparation of your soul for the long a.

109:6.2 if the human partner declines to pursue the a.,

112:5.8 from any world of the eternal joy of pursuing the a..

113:7.1 It is indeed an epoch in the c. of an ascending mortal

career, ascension

0:8.9 mortal evolutionary creatures of the Paradise-a.

5:1.4 possibilities for progress in the a. are equal to all;

13:1.8 phases of incarnation having to do with your a.

37:5.1 You quite well understand about the universe-a.

40:5.18 clear the essential differences in relation to the a.

40:5.18 And the a. is the most important factor in any

43:8.10 of the progressive co-ordination of the Paradise-a.;

45:5.2 or until their embarkation upon the Paradise-a..

49:5.18 The three orders stand on an equal footing in the a..

51:1.6 capacity for Adjuster indwellment and Paradise a..

55:2.9 experience of such Son-seized mortals in the a.

55:6.7 of that incomprehensible c. of Paradise ascension

55:6.8 worlds of the local universe capital to begin their a.

56:7.9 will in some way become a part of the Paradise-a. of

110:2.2 step of the tremendous transformation of the a..

117:6.6 new synthesis of experiential values of the entire a.

career, bestowal

7:4.5 with his experiential b. of sovereignty acquirement

21:3.15 Before the completion of the b. a Creator Son rules

21:3.15 when the b. is finished, then is he settled in authority;

21:4.5 Creator Son had completed six phases of his b.;

21:4.5 His death on Urantia completed his b.;

35:2.6 When a Creator Son enters upon the b. on an

53:5.2 Michael had not completed his b.; he had not yet

54:5.6 Sovereign because he had not completed his b.,

119:8.2 billion years of Urantia time to complete the b. of

120:3.12 subsequent to the completion of his b. on Urantia.

career, earth

110:3.4 and with a successful and honorable c. on earth.

113:1.5 and from that time until the earthly c. is finished,

120:2.9 superhuman repercussions attend your earthly c.

122:4.4 constructed subsequent to Michael’s c. on earth.

124:6.15 the first time in his earth c., there appeared to Jesus

125:0.1 No incident in all Jesus’ eventful earth c. was more

134:1.7 to complete his earth c. as man appearing as God.

136:4.9 if he, Jesus, should see fit to finish up his earth c.

136:4.9 he would go back to the world to finish his earth c.

136:4.10 policies and conduct the remainder of his earth c..

136:5.3 in connection with, or in behalf of, his earth c.

136:5.4 in connection with your earth c. except in those

137:5.2 most important conferences of all Jesus’ earthly c..

145:3.8 This was one of those moments in the earth c. of

145:3.13 throughout the remainder of his earth c., Jesus

150:1.1 things that Jesus did in connection with his earth c.,

152:0.3 miraculous cures that attended upon Jesus’ earth c..

157:6.3 The fourth and last period of his earth c. began

158:3.5 the final phase of his earth c. as the Son of God and

158:7.8 Father’s will regarding the remainder of his earth c..

159:6.5 enactment of the closing episodes of Jesus’ earth c..

162:9.4 to precede the ending of his earth c. in the flesh.

167:4.2 stupendous outward working of his entire earth c..

181:2.3 as I enter upon the closing hours of my earthly c.,

183:1.2 desired the Son to finish his earth c. naturally,

188:0.1 and his resurrection, is a chapter in the earth c. of

career, morontia

16:5.4 The entire m. is lived under the influence of this

30:3.6 their initial contact with these groups in the m. of

35:4.1 has to do with the supervision of the progressive m.

44:8.3 which the m. will not fully compensate and wholly

44:8.4 will not persist with these same mortals in the m.

44:8.4 if, after acquiring mota insight in the m., you still

45:7.8 in experiential association with the budding m.,

47:6.1 well entered upon the m.; you have progressed

47:10.7 the introduction of mortal survivors to the m.,

48:3.7 companions are responsible for the whole of the m.

48:5.8 One of the purposes of the morontia c. is to effect

49:6.10 The more advanced group may take up the m. on

109:0.1 of those activities which have to do with the m..

112:6.1 The m. in the local universe has to do with the

112:6.9 mortal mind enters upon its premorontia universe c.

112:6.9 adjutant mind initiates the prespiritual or m. of local

119:6.1 purpose of assuming the c. of a morontia mortal at

119:6.3 the details of this unnumbered morontia mortal’s c.,

119:6.3 this wonderful c. of Michael as the morontia mortal

190:0.1 for the purpose of experiencing the ascending m. of

191:3.2 As the Master progressed in the m., it became,

193:5.3 mortal vision during the days of his m. on Urantia.

career, mortal

22:5.3 My own seraphic guardian of the m. went through

25:8.7 from your associate of the ascending c.—mortal or

25:8.10 ascending seraphim, the guardian angel of the m.,

28:5.14 lessons to be learned during your m. is teamwork.

30:3.7 Their story belongs to the narrative of the m. in the

31:3.5 our knowledge of the m. does not go beyond

39:7.1 do function in connection with the ascendant-m. but

40:5.2 and guide you in the life journey of the m. of time.

40:9.5 and by consulting the records of the m. filed by the

43:8.2 is the most settled period in an ascending m.’ up to

108:5.5 Adjusters are not interested in making the m. easy;

111:1.9 such a loving pilot and eventually wreck the m.

111:3.5 The m., the soul’s evolution, is not so much a

112:0.1 human origin, the initial worlds of the ascending m.

112:3.5 the memory transcription of the m., proceeds to

113:7.5 the destiny guardians of attachment during the m.

119:6.3 reveal the details of this unnumbered morontia m.’

120:1.3 the unrevealed vicissitudes of your ensuing m..

136:5.3 matters having to do with the remainder of his m.

186:2.11 Now, in these final episodes of his m. and in his

career, Paradise

27:0.11 That is, you enter upon your P. under the tutelage

47:2.4 before death had not made a choice concerning the P

49:6.11 and many die in youth before choosing the P..

50:3.6 system headquarters for the resumption of the P.,

50:7.3 All through the P., reward follows effort as the result

54:6.9 choose to enter upon the P. if sin had not cursed

54:6.9 the endowment of freewill choice regarding the P..

55:4.25 start out immediately on the P., receiving Adjusters

55:4.26 may all go to universe headquarters and begin the P..

55:6.7 of that endless and incomprehensible c. of Paradise

76:5.2 they also knew that the P. was still open to them

145:2.9 his children should begin that eternal ascent of the P.

196:2.2 schools of the successive levels of the pre- P..

careerssee careers, bestowal

20:6.6 allowing them to finish their mortal c., terminate

20:10.3 evolutionary domains in the c. of these Avonals of

22:2.9 are fully conscious of their entire ascendant c.,

22:3.1 executive genius throughout their long ascending c..

22:4.4 depending on the differentials of their ascendant c.

22:5.6 The Trinitized Custodians start out their c. as

25:2.4 in their postsuperuniverse c. the conciliators

25:8.6 are well versed in the c. of these arriving pilgrims

26:6.2 Through their long c. in the evolutionary universes

31:1.5 constituting the supreme goals of their supernal c.,

37:2.4 ascendant Evening Stars started their universe c. as

37:10.6 Further experience in your advancing c. will reveal

40:4.2 participation in the lives and c. of the lowly mortals

40:9.9 these opportunities for investigating their human c.

42:10.5 personalities in the local universe ascending c..

44:8.4 with these same mortals in the morontia and spirit c..

44:8.5 the local universe to embark upon their spirit c.,

47:2.2 worlds where death so untimely terminated their c..

47:2.7 death automatically terminates their probationary c..

48:4.13 and are greatly helped in their earthly c. thereby.

48:4.16 among those who start their c. far below the goal

48:4.20 long morontia, and then increasingly spiritual, c..

48:6.28 the supreme order of seraphim began their c. as

49:4.8 their immediate c. after death are very much alike.

50:2.3 evolutionary planets in their early and unsettled c.

54:6.5 I will only call attention to the enhanced c. of those

55:4.24 a Planetary Adam and Eve may select c. as follows:

55:6.7 before human beings enter upon their morontia c.;

55:6.8 the local universe capital to begin their ascension c..

56:7.9 a part of the Paradise-ascension c. of those beings

57:3.6 start out on their long and eventful c. as the stars of

61:4.2 Hood, and Rainier were beginning their mountain c..

84:6.6 morontial and spiritual as well as in their mortal c..

92:5.5 pertaining to supernatural origins and miraculous c.

92:5.6 their leaders as being born of virgins; their c. are

105:1.8 will continue to grow throughout your endless c.

106:9.10 throughout the unending future of your eternal c. in

107:1.3 We know very little concerning their c. until they

107:2.5 Here occurs a break in our efforts to follow the c.

108:1.8 Personalized Adjusters throughout the universe c.

109:5.4 While in the universe and superuniverse c. no man

110:2.1 they bring with them the model c., the ideal lives,

110:2.3 work of building spiritual counterparts of your c.,

110:6.22 The great days in the individual c. of Adjusters are:

112:4.2 ascenders immediately to begin their morontia c.,

117:6.6 realization of self will continue in the universe c.

119:4.6 attention to the various phases of the ascending c. of

120:1.3 for safe conduct throughout their universe c.,

136:4.10 prophets and human leaders begin their public c.

155:2.2 and unproductive period in their c. up to this time.

careers, bestowal

20:1.14 when they have completed their bc., each functions


20:6.5 The mortal-bestowal c. of the Michaels and the

21:4.6 Sons, subsequent to the completion of their bc.,

21:6.2 The completion of the creature-bestowal c. and the


48:4.12 such a c. review as to provoke spirit mirth and a

123:2.16 observed the growing up of a normal, healthy, c.,

137:3.7 had Jesus’ family and friends seen him so c. and

138:3.6 his participation in such a lighthearted and c. affair.

140:7.3 sent his apostles off to “go fishing, seek c. change,

169:1.6 sons; one, the younger, was lighthearted and c.,

192:1.4 “Well, John, I am glad to see you again and in c.


66:5.5 The cow was so improved by c. breeding as to

86:4.8 this led to c. tomb construction and efforts at body

92:3.3 when tempted to criticize evolutionary religion, be c.

110:1.2 They are the c. custodians of the sublime values of

129:3.5 Jesus was c. not to build up an overattractive and

136:4.5 varied career of the Urantia bestowal and for the c.

140:8.3 fisherman, and to his c. organization of the twelve.

140:8.9 Jesus was always c. to avoid the political snares of

152:4.4 Luke, the physician, who made c. search into these

177:5.1 Jesus made c. inquiry about the families of all of

188:4.2 the death on the cross, you should be c. not to make


25:8.6 they c. examine the records of mortal origin and

39:5.13 lower pairs of shields are c. closed and adjusted.

44:4.10 transmittal of these space reports is c. supervised,

66:4.5 they had been c. instructed to resort to parenthood

66:4.10 c. explored every imaginable phase of intellectual

71:2.1 Go slowly! Select c.! for the dangers of democracy

80:3.5 Each child was c. trained in the care of the caves,

88:2.5 Moses c. directed that they should make no sort of

88:5.1 all excreta of the body were therefore c. buried.

90:4.3 feared the sick, and for ages they were c. avoided,

93:9.9 they c. edited all their records for the purpose of

95:5.13 therefore did they so c. embalm and preserve their

96:3.5 This dash for liberty was c. planned and skillfully

97:8.1 Old Testament, they c. and completely destroyed

99:1.3 needs c. to scrutinize its charts of morality and

124:6.13 little interest Jesus evinced in all these c. laid plans.

127:2.2 Jesus listened c. to them and asked many questions

129:2.7 Jesus thoroughly inspected these schools and c.

134:0.1 Jesus had c. studied the people he met and the

136:4.2 C. Jesus thought over the advice given him

138:5.4 c. outlined the plans for proclaiming the kingdom

138:6.1 The older apostles c. reviewed, for the benefit of the

139:6.5 “Judas, watch c. your steps; do not overmagnify

140:8.27 c. provide for conscientious self-examination.

141:1.5 From night to night Andrew c. instructed his fellow

142:7.8 Wise fathers c. plan for the education and training of

166:1.4 How c. you cleanse the outside of the cups and the

189:4.3 the body of Jesus its death anointing and more c. to


68:4.3 mortals who dared to treat with c. disdain the rules

84:1.4 into a woman’s body as a result of c. bathing or

138:3.6 his presence to such scenes of c. pleasure making.

146:2.13 the relation of prayer to c. and offending speech,


151:2.2 who allow the c. of the world and the deceitfulness

162:8.2 and that Martha was cumbered by many trivial c.;

169:1.15 or otherwise spiritually blinded by the material c.


12:6.8 But who fosters and c. for the fundamental needs of

131:4.3 in need; the Immortal One c. for all mankind.

142:2.2 loves and affectionately c. for each individual

145:2.4 The prophets have all taught you that Yahweh c. for


189:4.10 as if she thought he might be the c. of the garden,

190:0.5 man whom she considered to be the c. of Joseph’s


47:1.1 certain groups of salvaged children and their c. are

48:6.9 The Gods are my c.; I shall not stray; Side by side

53:7.1 the c. and builders on the Father’s sphere and its


133:2.1 the ship landing, waiting for the boat to unload c.,


121:2.2 ships carried their c. to all the maritime Occident.


59:1.5 The entire C. region was highly elevated.

59:2.2 The C. region was highly elevated.


67:1.1 no way resembled your c. of his nefarious majesty.


53:9.1 now labor with the Panoptians in the work of c. for

55:3.1 There still remain the problems of c. for accidental

126:2.2 the responsibility of c. for his widowed mother

Carmel, Mount

123:5.12 they could see the long ridge of C. running down to

128:3.2 thence around C. to Ptolemais and Nazareth.

135:1.4 John became impressed with the prophet of C.


43:6.5 There are no c. creatures on such architectural

52:3.8 Primitive man is for the most part c.; Material Sons

52:3.8 belonging to the herbivorous and c. animal groups.

52:3.9 and physical characteristics of their c. evolutionary

59:1.19 developed into four distinct groups: c., herbivorous,

60:1.10 But earlier reptiles were smaller, c., and walked

60:3.20 leaping kangaroo varieties of the c. dinosaurs.

61:1.2 small, highly active, c., springing type of dinosaur.

61:2.2 early placental mammals sprang from c. ancestors,

61:2.7 This c. creature was something of a cross between

62:3.5 The large beasts native to these regions were not c.,

65:2.12 It was from an agile little reptilian dinosaur of c.


61:1.12 the highlands of the Alps, C., Apennines, and

carpentersee carpenter’s son

121:7.12 by the new and startling pronouncements of the c. of

122:1.1 Joseph himself was a c. and later a contractor.

122:5.1 enhanced by his advancement from the rank of c.

122:6.3 a large room, which was used as a c. shop during the

122:8.4 Joseph meantime working some at his c.’ trade.

123:0.1 Joseph was employed as a c. for several months

123:1.1 In less than a week Joseph secured work as a c.,

123:1.6 After this he did very little c. work by the day.

123:3.1 the possession of one of them by the c.’ family

123:4.3 Jesus delighted to play in the corner of the family c.

124:2.10 vocation later on influenced him to become a c.,

124:4.1 Jesus began doing regular work in the c. shop

126:1.1 Jesus was rapidly developing into an expert c. and

126:2.2 This c. lad, now just past fourteen years of age,

126:2.5 As the years passed, this young c. of Nazareth

126:3.11 while he continued to work at the c.’ bench,

126:5.5 The pay of a common day-laboring c. was slowly

126:5.8 The close work at the c.’ bench during this and

127:1.8 he was day by day toiling at the c.’ bench earning a

127:2.11 James began full-time work at home in the c. shop.

127:6.11 begin work at the small bench in the home c. shop.

128:1.6 The Nazareth c. now fully understood the work

128:2.3 The latter part of this year, when c. work was slack

128:4.3 all this when he was an obscure and unknown c. of

128:4.4 turned all Jewry upside down with the former c. of

129:1.2 invited the visiting c. to join him in the enterprise,

129:1.7 who chanced to attend remembered him as the c.

129:1.11 playing out by the side of the Nazareth c. shop.

129:4.1 engrossing because he was at this time still the c. of

134:7.2 various names in different parts of the country: c. of

136:4.2 that was preserved on the boards about the c. shop

137:2.2 Ezra rejected the mild-mannered c. of Nazareth,

137:2.2 This Galilean c., this Capernaum boatbuilder,

137:2.6 “He is Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph, the c.,

137:4.6 Then it was whispered about that the c. and

137:8.3 Jesus did his last work at the c. bench on this

138:2.5 2. Thomas Didymus, a fisherman and onetime c.

139:8.2 Formerly Thomas had been a c. and stone mason,

140:8.3 simply called attention to his life as c., boatmaker,

145:3.12 to ascertain if he was the former c. of Nazareth or

150:7.1 Jesus passed by the c. shop and spent a half hour

150:7.2 heard much about the doings of their former c.,

150:9.1 remarked: “Yes, I am Joseph’s son; I am the c.,

153:2.10 not Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph, the c.?

156:5.2 But do not make the mistake of the foolish c. who

195:10.18 that the commonplace disciples of a crucified c. set

carpenter’s son

20:6.3 As Jesus worked on your world as the c.’, so do

95:7.3 gladly have received the simple gospel of the c.’,

119:6.4 more so after his return from the career of the c.’ on

124:5.3 the thinking and acting of the now adolescent c.’.

127:5.2 her father approved of her attraction for the c.’,

140:8.27 The c.’ never taught character building; he taught


122:1.1 Joseph’s ancestors were mechanics—builders, c.,

128:2.2 since three of them had been working as full-time c..


127:3.11 advised him to remain in Nazareth to take up c. or

128:2.2 that it was unwise for all the boys to take up c..

156:5.2 only parable having to do with his own trade—c..


172:3.9 a c. of honor for the donkey bearing the royal Son,


83:4.7 the custom under the Christian mores to stretch c.


139:8.12 Thomas had a great mind; he was no c. critic.


60:1.4 The C. marble comes from such modified limestone.


39:5.14 transport makes the proper inspection of the c. of life

39:5.14 out and touches the near point of the seraphic c.,

83:4.7 the Christian mores to stretch carpets from the c.

carriedsee carried on; carried out

1:0.3 messengers of Paradise have c this divine exhortation

12:7.11 or is c. forward by the momentum of the cosmic

27:6.6 have c. this wisdom out to the universes of space.

30:4.25 but special groups and classes are c. through special

33:7.5 such a misunderstanding would be immediately c. to

39:4.4 survival, statements which are subsequently c.

42:8.3 the electric charge c. by the protons would be

42:9.2 —a birthmark c. by this material world indicative of

45:7.7 These three factors are then c. to the citizenship

48:8.2 this long course of training is best c. forward by

49:1.7 destruction of favorable lines of life plasm c. in a

51:2.3 these beings would be c. away to the new world

56:4.1 all his ascendant children who are c. to Paradise by

57:8.9 the Nebadon broadcasts c. the announcement that

59:3.4 collections of vegetable and animal matter c. down

64:6.19 this struggle since each c. strains of the giant order,

65:3.3 this ascending strain, c. in potential in a single frog,

69:4.8 New ideas and better methods were c. around the

69:6.3 When a son founded a new home, he c. a firebrand

73:4.4 this great enterprise was c. through to completion

74:3.4 the Garden while being c. through the air over this

76:3.6 Adam’s caravan had c. the seeds and bulbs of plants

76:4.7 would be far more disease resistant if your races c.

77:2.4 members of the Prince’s staff c. germ plasm of the

77:2.8 104 individuals who c. the modified Andonite germ

78:1.10 This indigo-black group c. extensive strains of the

78:8.4 These conquerors of Mesopotamia c. in their ranks

79:6.5 But both movements c. a certain amount of Andite

80:1.4 They were an indigo-black group which c. strains of

80:7.4 The later sons of Adamson c. the then most valuable

80:8.2 This strain was c. in Abraham’s ancestry and

80:9.6 the latter half of the invasion period, c. with it

87:6.12 The Romans c. water three times around the corpse;

93:6.8 the Salem colony, which at its height c. over one

94:0.1 these noble men and women who c. the teachings

94:11.2 it is unfortunate that Buddhism was not c. to the

95:1.2 The Jews c. back to Palestine many of the taboos

95:2.10 the sins of one’s life in the flesh on earth was c. over

95:5.15 these Bedouins c. away much of these teachings

96:1.8 This doctrine was c. to Egypt, where this Trinity

96:3.3 But these slaves c. latent possibilities of development

97:2.1 And he c. forward his reforms in the face of the

97:9.26 The city was destroyed, and the people were c. away

98:1.2 to those which their Aryan fellows had c. to India.

98:5.1 vogue, for they c. this belief wherever they went.

100:5.9 Many mystics have c. their mental dissociation to the

101:6.5 he c. forward his work by the combined guidance

119:3.4 the broadcasts c. the fourth proclamation of the

121:2.2 the Mediterranean, whence ships c. their cargoes

122:1.1 was a Hebrew of the Hebrews, albeit he c. many

122:7.5 Their first day of travel c. them around the foothills

123:0.2 mother can know the burden that Mary c. in her

126:2.3 thrust on him, and Jesus c. them faithfully to the end.

129:2.4 Zebedee knew of a little house which c. a mortgage

129:2.7 Jesus had c. with him to Jerusalem a letter from

130:6.6 They c. him home to his mother, and his father,

131:4.1 The missionaries of Melchizedek c. the teachings of

132:0.1 Since Gonod c. greetings from the princes of India to

133:4.14 They traveled on a small boat which could be c.

133:9.4 the small boat c. them out to their anchored ship.

134:2.3 this Caspian Sea trip c. Jesus nearest to the Orient

135:6.3 a stir throughout all Palestine as the travelers c. the

137:4.15 When the servants drew this new wine and c. it to

137:7.4 reports of the strange doings of Jesus had been c. to

138:10.10 Judas Iscariot c. the bag.

139:0.2 Many of these Galilean fishermen c. heavy strains of

139:4.6 and preach but had to be c. to church in a chair,

139:6.3 all of which is commendable if it is not c. too far.

139:9.3 the twins c. money to the families for Nathaniel,

139:12.12 Judas quickly c. the nefarious scheme into effect.

141:8.2 sick; that their message c. healing for the afflicted.

141:8.2 minister to the afflicted was first fully c. into effect.

142:1.7 These men and women c. the news of Jesus’ message

142:3.4 by Melchizedek to Abraham and was c. far from

143:4.1 Sargon c. away and into captivity over twenty-five

145:2.14 This report was also c. to all the settlements around

145:3.1 preparations to go to Jesus or have themselves c.

146:1.4 and Todan later c. this message into Mesopotamia

147:2.1 This was the first time Judas had c. a surplus of

148:9.2 a man long afflicted with paralysis was c. down from

148:9.2 paralytic resolved to be c. into Jesus’ presence,

149:4.3 any virtue, if c. to extremes, may become a vice.

149:4.4 prudence and discretion, when c. too far, lead to

151:6.6 believed that they c. with them the very evil spirits

152:2.9 their associates, who in turn c. it to the multitude.

152:3.1 the power to feed c. with it the right to rule.

154:3.2 that Jesus be seized and c. to Jerusalem for trial

154:6.6 They c. Mary out in the garden to revive her while

156:4.3 they c. with them the message of the fatherhood of

157:1.2 Judas c. their funds, and he was across the lake.

157:5.2 such a plan could hardly be c. through successfully.

162:4.4 each c. a branch of the paradise apple—the citron,

168:3.4 the record c. a resolution attributing the wonders

168:5.3 67 years old, of the same sickness that c. Lazarus off

169:1.2 over his shoulder and tenderly c. it back to the fold

169:3.2 the beggar died and was c. away by the angels to

170:2.3 2. The gospel c. a message of new confidence and

171:0.6 someone had c. word of this conference to Peter

172:2.1 his apostles and followers even then c. swords

172:5.11 the memory of the elation of this Sunday c. them

172:5.12 Besides, Judas c. the bag, and he would not desert

174:2.5 “right of coinage c. with it the right to levy taxes.”

176:3.2 same survival faith that has c. you through your

179:4.6 the Master since they supposed Judas still c. the bag.

181:2.14 though he who c. the bag is absent, the publican

183:4.5 with information from hour to hour which they c. to

186:1.3 that same pocket wherein he had so long c. the bag

186:3.2 And these messengers c. the news that Jesus was

187:1.2 The legend which the centurion c. to put on the

188:1.3 was wrapped in a linen sheet as the four men c. it,

188:1.4 They c. the body into the tomb, a chamber about ten

189:4.3 lotions, and they c. many linen bandages with them.

190:1.6 even those who somewhat doubted, c. the message

193:1.2 Father for his children on earth must be c. to all the

193:2.3 those who c. this story to Sidon and even to Antioch

194:2.8 this new message about Jesus c. along with it

195:0.1 Paul c. the Christian message to the gentiles,

195:0.1 the Greek believers c. it to the whole Roman Empire.

carried on

18:4.4 the routine work of major sector affairs is c. by the

35:3.14 This work is c. in classes composed of those who

37:6.1 effect its upbuilding is c. by the Celestial Overseers.

37:6.2 This training of mind and education of spirit is c.

42:2.14 This work is c. by the versatile directors, centers,

53:7.3 All secession propaganda had to be c. by personal

69:5.8 Treasure lending was c. as a means of enslavement,

69:6.6 the custom of “passing through fire,” a practice c.

70:1.1 while war is but these same activities c. collectively.

70:2.18 Industrialism is more civilized and should be so c. on

70:11.13 judges saw to it that the fight was c. according to

72:2.8 the federal administrative work is c. by the ten

74:0.1 rematerializing the bodies of Adam and Eve was c.

74:8.14 Adam and Eve c. in the Garden for one hundred and

80:7.2 They engaged in writing and c. as herders and

82:3.2 Self-maintenance is individual but is c. by the group;

89:6.2 tribes, human sacrifice is still c. by volunteers,

91:3.1 Very much of an adult’s thinking is mentally c. in

92:4.6 But the aborted teachings of Adam were c. by the

94:12.6 Will this noble faith, that has so valiantly c. through

98:0.2 in Europe the Salem missionaries c. their activities,

138:9.3 The apostles c. their personal work in Capernaum,

149:0.3 while they c. their work of preaching and teaching.

149:0.4 station for the messenger service which David c.

166:0.2 This mission in Perea was successfully c. with help

173:1.3 banking and commercial exchange which was c.

carried out

4:2.2 which have been inaugurated and are being c. by the

10:6.1 within the province of the Paradise Trinity and is c.

25:3.5 Their work is sometimes c. for the apparent welfare

33:7.4 all sentences of extinction are c. upon the orders of

35:6.3 No major policy is ever c. in a constellation unless

50:2.6 But no arbitrary execution is ever c. out without the

51:4.4 usual plan of amalgamation was not extensively c.,

63:6.4 they evolved a ceremony of reverence which was c.

66:7.6 sponsored the Dalamatia plan of teaching that was c.

66:7.18 schools engaged in animal husbandry and c. the

74:7.23 if this great plan of uplifting the races had been c.!

75:2.4 Eve had most scrupulously c. these instructions for

77:1.4 This plan was c. as long as the power to create

90:5.1 It is only when the ritual has been correctly c. that

153:3.2 What avail is your teaching if it cannot be c. out?”

154:6.6 They c. Mary out in the garden to revive her while

186:5.2 or require the death of his Son as it was c. on earth.

carriersee also Life Carrier

36:4.1 chosen by the designated Melchizedek life c. from

36:4.2 The progeny of a Melchizedek life c. and a Material

42:8.4 the mesotron function as an “energy-c.” particle

42:8.5 from the breaking up of the mesotron “energy c.,”

65:6.4 cells to perform in the double role of oxygen c.

66:5.6 It was in these days that c. pigeons were first used,

74:2.3 in great haste to the rendezvous of the c. pigeons

carrierssee also Life Carriers

36:0.1 These c. of life are among the most interesting and

36:2.11 life patterns are configured as twelve inheritance c.

36:3.1 They are the c., disseminators, and guardians of life

36:3.2 world usually consists of one hundred senior c.,

36:3.9 though two of the senior c. and twelve custodians

36:4.1 the Melchizedeks have functioned as life c..

36:4.5 The Melchizedek life c., as well as associated Eves,

36:4.6 The children of the Melchizedek life c. and the

36:4.8 It is the belief of the Melchizedek life c. that their

64:6.32 different races are c. of superior inheritance factors.

77:3.4 The food c. spread the news of the dissension,


1:6.4 The divine spirit which indwells the mortal mind c.,

4:2.3 Nature c. a uniform, unchanging, majestic, and

14:4.11 As the material order of sonship c. on the material,

38:4.1 and c. on specialized activities on the six tributary

39:5.14 carriage of life, c. out the routine tests to ascertain

41:3.8 Your own sun still c. a diminishing legacy of the

42:2.12 The now-appearing gravity-responding energy c.

65:6.4 the red blood cells, which c. oxygen to the living

99:2.6 True religion c. over from one age to another the

103:9.7 Faith most willingly c. reason along as far as reason

108:5.2 as he now c. over from circle to circle those items

109:6.1 the eternal Adjuster c. the worth-while features of

109:6.2 the Adjuster c. away everything of survival value

110:7.5 meanings and values which the Monitor c. forward

111:2.2 mind is the cosmic loom that c. the morontia fabrics

111:2.7 spirit, which connotes a value and c. a meaning not

133:4.12 The fact that your error c. with it the death penalty

176:3.3 as each individual believer c. forward his lifework

176:4.4 he who c. among his universe titles that of Planetary

carrysee carry on; carry out

0:4.7 to those which c. undisclosed capacity for growth.

13:1.20 to c. them away on lengthy interplanetary journeys

28:4.13 These are the seconaphim who c. the pilgrims of time

29:4.32 They are able to c. forward these transformations to

30:2.9 vast orders of universe beings who c. forward their

36:3.2 The Life Carriers often c. actual life plasm to a new

39:4.15 In Satania, your system, they c. passengers back

39:4.15 These very space traversers will sometime c. you

39:4.15 assignment, they will c. you forward to Edentia.

39:4.15 under no circumstances will they c. you backward

40:7.1 These fragments of the divine nature of the Father c.

40:10.4 increasingly competent to c. forward the affairs of

41:5.5 agitated electrons with sufficient energy to c. them

45:1.2 Transport seraphim c. ascending personalities back

46:5.13 In this sacred domain the Daynals c. forward the

49:3.5 these beings enjoy life and c. forward the activities

51:0.1 biologic uplifters always c. the name of this first Son

52:1.5 These enormous birds are able to c. one or two

53:7.1 Only on Panoptia did the Planetary Prince fail to c.

58:4.1 We can and do c. life to the planets, but we brought

58:4.4 insure that each great land mass would c. this life

65:7.6 and always dependable influences c. forward their

72:10.1 betrayal of governmental trust, c. the death penalty,

73:6.7 were not permitted to c. the core of the tree away

74:2.3 “Let loose the birds; let them c. the word that the

74:4.3 Edenites were about to seize him and c. him up to

81:0.1 evolution of the human species continued to c. the

85:1.4 Ears were not perforated to c. stones, but the

87:4.7 the world’s religions still c. this cultural birthmark of

93:2.6 that it did not c. the life plasm of any human race.

94:7.2 Gautama exhorted his followers to c. his gospel to

97:7.8 he shall gather the lambs in his arms and c. them in

102:0.1 No display of energy nor expression of trust can c.

111:1.9 this faithful pilot will safely c. you across the

116:2.3 who ever c. the light of life farther and farther from

121:7.6 And so a different people were called upon to c. an

133:2.2 partner who must c., bear, and nurture the children

144:7.1 price that the followers of Jesus paid in order to c.

148:7.3 to take action against Jesus, advising that they c.

154:3.1 Sanhedrin authorities to seize Jesus and c. him to

154:3.2 within Herod’s domains and forcibly to c. him to

154:6.6 with authority to arrest Jesus and c. him to Jerusalem

159:5.15 what should I do if a stranger forced me to c. his

159:5.15 positive, you can at least c. the pack a second mile.

163:1.3 I instruct you to c. neither purse nor extra clothing,

170:5.21 which will c. it through this material age and over

173:1.8 not permit anyone to c. even an empty vessel

177:1.1 Besides, if I should go along to c. the lunch, you

183:4.7 Jude hastened back down the Jericho road to c.

184:3.17 The councilors were anxious to c. these matters to a

184:5.1 charge of blasphemy would c. no weight with Pilate.

187:1.1 to compel the condemned man to c. the crossbeam

187:1.1 Such a condemned man did not c. the whole cross,

187:1.9 beam from him shoulders and compelled him to c. it

187:1.10 captain commanded him to c. Jesus’ crossbeam.

188:3.1 learn of the resurrection of Jesus and to c. the report

191:1.2 prepare to c. the good news of the gospel to those

191:6.3 You are all called to c. the good news to those who

195:10.15 when it attempts to c. the gospel of Jesus to Oriental

carry on

3:5.12 Then must man c. amid the possibilities of betrayal

14:4.20 they c. the manifold tasks of teaching, training, and

18:5.3 On these worlds ascending mortals c. studies and

28:5.20 The Discerners of Spirits c. these intricate services

30:2.148 Such emissaries prosecute their work and c. their

30:3.4 astronomers c. their work with the aid of a multitude

49:5.17 all have the same type of life plasm and c. planetary

50:4.10 potent centers of learning and culture which they c.

51:1.6 where they reproduce and c. as material citizens of

53:6.5 so-called personal liberty; we were able to c. until

55:8.4 These midsoniters c. certain efforts to inculcate new

61:3.6 with a brain sufficiently large to enable it to c..

64:7.7 they did not c. such incessant and relentless wars of

72:3.2 who reside in small country settlements c. this work

102:2.3 such religious practitioners live and c. as if already in

102:2.8 enables him to c. and “endure as seeing Him who is

124:1.5 to model in clay, provided Jesus promised not to c.

126:1.3 Jesus continued to c. his advanced courses of reading

127:6.12 Jesus knows how to c. in the face of disappointment.

142:8.5 decided to allow him to c. his teaching in this private

154:5.2 directed them to seek God for guidance and to c. the

176:3.3 “Each generation of believers should c. their work,

176:3.6 C. on until I come.

178:3.2 I must leave you in the world to c. the work of the

carry out

15:11.3 of the supergovernment has even hesitated to c..

17:1.4 whose function it is to c. the combined policies of all

21:5.9 And such Sons do make and c. the plans of their

72:6.1 and every man a job; therefore can it successfully c.

87:7.9 symbolism must be those that the individual can c.

110:7.10 more faithfully c. the program of my arrangement,

124:3.10 to thinking about how he was to c. his obligations to

128:0.1 this particular world as the planet whereon to c. his

141:8.1 the apostles began more specifically to c. Jesus’

144:6.12 I shall help you each to c. the spirit of your united

150:1.3 But Paul personally found it difficult to c. in practice

154:4.6 has never seriously tried to c. the teachings of Jesus

179:4.8 fires the evil determination to c. one’s own selfish

183:1.1 human nature had so triumphantly pledged to c.

183:3.3 or at most c. the promise to greet him with a kiss,

185:1.3 Pilate made a threat which he was unwilling to c..

carryingsee carrying out

36:0.1 They are intrusted with designing and c. creature life

36:2.16 the highest form of life is reproduced by a life-c.

37:9.11 on the planet uninterruptedly c. on their work.

39:3.8 personality transporters, c. beings to and from the

47:10.2 made possible by c. the “harp of God,” a morontia

52:3.9 strains c. more of the marks of the nonflesh-eating

66:4.11 mid-type creatures were of great service in c. on the

67:6.7 c. forward the physical evolution of man until it

69:3.11 women were employed as spies, c. on commerce as a

73:4.5 younger generation be trained in the work of c. on

73:7.1 the eastern floor of the Mediterranean Sea sank, c.

75:8.3 While he did fail in c. forward the divine plan, while

77:1.3 of great service in c. on the affairs of the Prince’s

77:9.12 c. man up to God and on to eternity of service and

79:6.3 occupied by peoples c. a heavy percentage of green

80:3.2 blue races were already a highly blended people c.

83:2.3 The c. of the bride over the threshold is reminiscent

84:3.7 Woman has always been the burden bearer, c. the

93:7.1 c. Machiventa’s gospel of belief and faith in God.

97:10.1 the special service of c. the truth of the one God

122:2.7 c. the message of Elizabeth to Mary proclaiming that

122:3.4 experience of c. and bearing the child of promise.

123:4.5 The hot winds, c. blasts of fine sand, usually blew

146:6.2 c. the only son of a widowed mother of Nain.

151:5.3 an evening gale that caught the boat c. Jesus over

157:1.3 large baskets of fish and assisted him in c. them to

159:6.1 evangelists had a valuable experience in c. on their

162:4.4 each c. in the right hand a sheaf of myrtle, willow,

164:3.3 other indulgence of the mother while c. the child.

172:5.2 that his own brother, Peter, was c. such a weapon.

177:1.2 You may start out c. the lunch, and when you grow

183:3.1 armed soldiers and guards, c. torches and lanterns,

187:1.2 captain led the procession, c. small white boards

187:6.1 of the messengers c. the news of the Master’s death.

188:2.3 resurrection, the Jews c. them their food and drink.

190:5.4 gathering the lambs in his arms and tenderly c.

194:4.13 In c. this message, before the time of Paul the

carrying out

32:4.1 to perform so much in the c. of his eternal purpose.

35:2.5 the chief aids of the Bright and Morning Star in c.

75:4.3 Good is the c. of the divine plans; sin is a deliberate

81:1.6 Andites were c. the improved agricultural techniques

108:3.5 that inspectors always address themselves, when c.

113:5.4 that these guardians will find some means of c. these

121:8.12 [Acknowledgment: In c. my commission to restate

126:3.5 removed all thought of immediately c. any plan for

139:4.10 last earthly hour and was found faithfully c. his trust

158:7.8 against the program of implicitly c. his Father’s will

183:3.4 Judas wanted to make a show of c. his part of the


80:7.11 settled on the Mediterranean near the later site of C..

130:0.2 From Crete they sailed for C., touching at Cyrene.

130:0.2 At C. they took a boat for Naples, stopping at Malta,

130:6.6 they made ready about noon one day to sail for C.


130:7.1 Most of the time en route to C. Jesus talked with his

130:7.3 At C. Jesus had a long and memorable talk with a


121:2.1 and the more recent enemies of Rome, the C..


81:6.26 The ideals of one generation c. out the channels of


60:4.3 to be c. into the present Rocky Mountains by the

61:7.10 or ice lobes, which c. out the present-day lakes,

85:1.4 symbol of images and idols which were c. in stone


95:2.4 along with the corpse, c. a likeness on the coffin.

casesee case, in

2:3.4 In the c. of an Adjuster-indwelt personality,

3:0.3 but if such were the c., then the creatorship nature

3:2.7 made to rectify the situation; but such is not the c..

12:4.12 But such is not the c..

12:7.3 in any c. where the course of supreme wisdom might

13:2.5 Vicegerington as their home, but such is not the c.

15:12.1 in accordance with the nature and gravity of the c.,

22:9.7 if this were not the c., experiential saturation would

23:1.7 upon to adjudicate the c. of a Solitary Messenger.

24:1.1 without let or hindrance, but such is not the c..

28:5.1 not a differential of status or function in the c. of

32:1.4 In the c. of Nebadon, your local universe, the mass

32:3.8 And in the c. of those who entertain the Mystery

49:2.17 in one c., in the air and treetops and, in another,

51:3.5 In the c. of Adam and Eve, the angel of the Garden

52:5.2 to the Magisterial or Avonal order except in that c.,

53:8.4 since the first step in the hearing of this c has already

53:9.3 tribunals in the c. of Gabriel vs. Lucifer, placed on

53:9.3 the adjudication of the c. of Gabriel vs. Lucifer.

53:9.4 the opening of the c. of Gabriel vs. Lucifer has

54:4.8 first hearing in the pending c. of Gabriel vs. Lucifer

65:7.3 organisms than would have been the c. in a more

72:2.11 regional executives are empowered to bring any c.

72:9.5 but in no c. can any person cast over ten ballots.

77:8.12 But in the c. of Peter’s deliverance after the killing of

82:3.11 would be the c. if two youths were allowed to mate.

91:7.4 In either c. it appears to the individual that such

94:11.7 not altogether the c. in the philosophical life of the

111:4.6 but no two are exactly alike, even in the c. of twins

113:2.10 as is also the c. when the complemental seraphim is

116:2.13 the level of Paradise Deity, but such is not the c..

116:3.4 finaliter nature in the c. of man, Deity nature in

127:2.6 it was doubly so in this c. since the Jewish religion

128:6.7 Jesus so handled the c. that the magistrate

132:0.4 In each c. he would select the truth in what they

132:4.8 The judge reopened the c., and when the evidence

136:5.3 assured him that in no c. would these superhuman

139:12.5 The c. of Judas illustrates the truthfulness of that

142:3.21 twice recorded in the Scriptures, that in the first c.

146:4.5 And this was a c. of real leprosy.

146:5.2 It was merely a c. of preknowledge concerning the

148:7.4 This is the first c of a miracle to be wrought by Jesus

152:0.3 this c. is a good illustration of many apparently

152:2.10 In this c.,so we were taught, Michael multiplied food

153:4.1 this is the first c. where Jesus really cast an “evil

153:4.1 but this was a genuine c. of demoniac possession,

159:2.2 And he did not perceive that in this c. Jesus was

159:2.2 teachings of the kingdom, while in the other c.

163:2.11 their property, as in the c. of the Apostle Matthew.

164:3.6 Jesus entered into the discussion of this c. with

165:4.4 Even if this had not been the c., the Master would

168:1.15 truly a c. of the raising of the dead by the working of

174:3.1 Now there occurred a c. where a certain man who

174:3.2 it was not likely that such a c. would really occur;

178:1.3 In such a c. you shall worship only God while you

185:2.5 Pilate sought to refer the c. back to their tribunal.

185:2.7 leaders were determined to proceed with the c..

185:3.8 thought to avoid the responsibility of deciding the c.,

case, in

38:9.10 In c. of the defection of the Planetary Prince and

47:3.7 On mansion world number one (or another in c. of

49:6.13 equivalent to that of the parent in c only one survives

53:2.4 the measures to be employed in c. of open rebellion.

69:9.14 lands for public pasturage and for use in c. of siege;

70:10.3 In c. of death the savage asked, not what killed him,

72:3.3 under the full control of their parents or, in c. of the

73:4.5 the enterprise in c. their arrival should be delayed.

83:3.1 the husband was doomed to lose in c. of divorce or

83:3.4 bride and groom to be forfeited in c. either deserted

88:4.8 In c. of failure there was always some plausible

113:6.3 In c. the human soul fails of survival after having

128:7.13 Use them in c. of sickness or apply them to meet

133:1.4 and to mitigate it in c. of my failure to abort it.

136:4.6 in c. he should choose to tarry on Urantia for a time.

144:6.8 It was next agreed, in c. of the death of John, that

144:6.9 And then was it voted that, in c. of John’s death,

162:3.4 which could be used against him in c. of his arrest.

173:1.3 in c. a coin of larger value was offered for exchange

175:4.3 and debated what course they would pursue in c.

178:2.10 They plot against the Master, and in c. anything

183:0.2 sentinel to give the alarm in c. danger should arise.

186:3.4 to spread the news in c. Jesus rose from the dead.

188:0.3 went before Pilate with a large sum of money, in c.

189:2.5 defend them before Pilate in c. it should ever come


33:7.2 general universe import and with the appellate c.

33:7.4 denied the right to pass upon those c. involving the

35:5.7 appeal concerning special c. involving the status of

39:4.4 carried with the records of such c. to the higher

39:4.4 The defense of all c. of doubtful survival is

40:8.1 there are certain c. of delayed fusion, some not

44:8.2 In those c. where both the human mind and the

47:2.7 There is no adjudication of such c.; there is no

49:5.17 In the majority of c. planetary conditions had little to

52:4.3 They may live on for generations in those c. where

72:2.12 the appellate c. coming up from the state courts.

72:2.17 court does not pass upon socioeconomic c. except

82:5.2 spectacular c. of the bad results of the inbreeding of

82:5.10 c. representing no blood relation whatsoever.

83:4.3 took their daughter to the husband; in other c. the

90:1.1 in many c. the office of shaman became hereditary.

90:3.7 In c. of obscure disease and death the ancients

136:5.4 except in those c. where the Father directs me to

145:2.13 such c. of demon possession never occurred after

145:2.17 And these c. are typical of the manner in which a

146:4.2 But in none of these c. did the Master perform a

146:6.1 And such c. of mental healing these ignorant people

146:7.2 of man to return to earth and only in exceptional c.

149:1.2 observed one of these c. of spontaneous healing,

149:1.3 in these c. of spontaneous or unconscious healing.

149:1.4 the nature of these c. of spontaneous healing,

149:1.7 The explanation of many of these c. of healing

152:3.1 another of those c. where human pity plus creative

153:4.1 the previous c. were only supposed possession of

154:0.2 Herod knew of many c. of sickness which had

163:2.1 In all c. where this committee of three were not

163:6.2 the wonderful cures they had wrought in the c. of

163:6.2 there had been a few c. of real spirit possession

164:3.3 The rabbis taught that all such c. of blindness from

193:4.3 is well proved by the c. of Thomas and Nathaniel,


83:3.2 was equivalent to c. in the purchase of a wife.

178:2.11 David received all the apostolic c. funds and receipts

Caspian or Caspian Sea

63:6.7 the present CS. at a settlement called Oban,

73:1.6 in the vicinity of Lake Van and the southern CS.

77:5.10 in the region east of the southern end of the CS.,

78:1.3 situated east of the southern shore of the CS. near

78:3.2 north and then circling westward around the CS.

78:6.2 Sixty-five per cent entered Europe by the CS. route

78:8.11 The Nerites constituted the final eruption of the C.

79:1.5 exodus from the lands south and east of the CS..

80:2.5 mountainous barriers and the then expanded CS..

80:4.4 cavalrymen to progress quickly around the CS. to

80:9.6 splitting around the C. and Black seas, penetrated


134:2.1 Jesus left Nazareth on the caravan trip to the CS.

134:2.1 Media, and Parthia to the southeastern CS. region.

134:2.3 Of all his world travels this CS. trip carried Jesus

134:2.5 On the return from the C. region, Jesus gave up the

134:3.1 On the way to the CS., Jesus had stopped several

134:5.1 Parthian kingdom and intervening lands of the C.

134:7.1 When Jesus returned from the journey to the CS.,


165:0.1 Macad, Arbela, Ramath, Edrei, Bosora, C., Mispeh

castnoun or adjective

98:7.6 factor in determining the theologic and philosophic c.

46:5.25 The Galantia headquarters is a monolithic c. crystal,

castverb; see castwith out

1:6.1 personality is the time-space image-shadow c. by

12:8.15 matter becomes a philosophic shadow c. by mind in

12:8.16 the greater the shadow c. by the intervening mind

16:3.15 when it becomes necessary to c. the ballot for the

28:6.6 when “thrones are c. up and the Ancients of Days

45:7.6 but the vote is differentially c. in accordance with the

45:7.6 The vote c. at a Jerusem election by any personality

49:5.23 Caligastia, c. his lot with the rebellion of Lucifer.

53:1.3 How are you c. down, you who dared to confuse

53:7.7 drew a third part of the stars of heaven and c. them

53:8.5 now shall the prince of this world be c. down.”

72:9.5 but in no case can any person c. over ten ballots.

72:9.8 fines assessed against all who fail to c. their ballots.

81:5.2 the incessant struggle to live and began to c. about to

87:0.2 Human imagination c. off from the shores of self and

89:6.4 When the Chinese made ready to c. a bell, custom

90:2.4 shamans frequently c. lots to arrive at decisions.

94:9.5 And these Mahayanists c. loose from the social

96:3.2 Moses elected to c. his lot with the people of his

97:6.4 the priests and civil rulers c. him into the miry pit

101:10.9 time itself becomes but the shadow of eternity c. by

115:7.3 is the personification of the finite shadow c. athwart

125:6.13 restore the throne of David and forever c. off the

127:5.2 Rebecca was more than ever determined to c. her

130:4.13 the imperfections which appear in the shadow c. by

132:2.9 no possibility that such a righteous spirit would c.

135:6.7 fruit is destined to be cut down and c. into the fire.

136:7.1 Jesus fully realized that he could c. himself off the

136:9.2 come in miraculous power to c. down Israel’s

140:3.18 neither c. your pearls before swine, lest they trample

140:3.19 fruit is presently hewn down and c. into the fire.

140:4.7 The tree which bears no fruit is “hewn down and c.

143:5.5 Nalda had been ruthlessly and unjustly c. aside by

143:5.13 lived with four different men since her husband c.

146:3.1 spiritual realities which c. these transient shadows

149:5.3 for it cannot rest, but its waters c. up mire and dirt;

151:3.15 The kingdom of heaven is also like a man who c.

151:4.6 the kingdom is like a sweep net which was c. into

152:5.3C. your burden on the Lord, and he shall sustain

155:1.1 mercy asunder and let us c. away the cords of love.’

156:1.5 of the favored household and c. it to the dogs.”

157:1.2 while you go with the boat and c. for the fish,

158:5.1 rends him in convulsions and sometimes has c.

158:8.1 millstone hanged about his neck and he were c.

159:1.5 mercy to his fellow steward but rather had him c. in

162:7.6 the unbelievers rushed forth for stones to c. at him,

162:9.5 Abner and his eleven fellows c. their lot with Jesus

164:5.2 building the temple to pick up stones to c. at Jesus,

164:5.3 rushed out to lay hands upon the stones to c. at

165:5.3 today and tomorrow is cut down and c. into the fire

166:1.4 the Master had thus spoken, they c. their eyes

172:3.10 your enemies will c. a trench around about you

172:4.2 they observed as she c. two mites (small coppers)

172:4.2 This poor widow c. in more than all the others, for

172:4.2 from their superfluity, c. in some trifle as a gift, but

172:5.7 arrested by the Sanhedrin officials and c. into

174:5.12 the Prince of this world I have c. down;

184:5.7 failed to c. a formal ballot for the death sentence.

186:1.7 to a small tree, tied the other about his neck, and c.

186:2.8 He would not so much as c. reflections of insincerity

187:2.8 an unusual garment it was, they decided to c. lots for

187:3.3 the two thieves also railed at him and c. reproach

187:5.7 down from the crosses and c. into the criminal burial

192:1.3C. the net on the right side of the boat, and you will

192:1.3 with one accord they c. in the net as they had been

192:1.3 Peter quickly arose and c. himself into the water

192:1.7 accordingly directed the apostles where to c. the net.

193:6.3 to c. lots in order to determine which of these men

castwith out

137:6.2 ‘Your brethren hated you and c. you out for my

140:3.12 good for nothing but to be c. out and trodden under

140:3.17 Having first c. the beam out of your own eye, you

140:3.17 you can the better see to c. the mote out of your

140:4.2 It is good for nothing but to be c. out and trodden

145:2.13 they believed that Jesus had c. a demon out of this

145:2.14 through Capernaum that Jesus had c. a demon out of

151:6.8 publishing that Jesus had c. a legion of devils out

153:2.8 he who comes to me shall in nowise be c. out.

153:4.1 Can you c. out devils?”

153:4.1 first case where Jesus really c. an “evil spirit” out of

153:4.3 Then said Jesus: “How can Satan c. out Satan?

153:4.3 so, if I by the power of Beelzebub c. out devils,

153:4.3 by whom do your sons c. them out?

153:4.3 But if I, by the spirit of God, c. out devils, then has

156:1.3 I know he can c. the demon out of my child, and I

156:1.4 “I have faith that your Master can c. out this demon

158:4.5 I would have Jesus c. out this devil that possesses

158:4.7 Andrew sought, in a second attempt, to c. out the

158:5.1 your apostles sought to c. out this demon, but they

159:2.1 and even claiming to be able to c. out devils.

159:2.4 the supposed evil spirits which the Master c. out of

164:4.6 all who believed in his teaching were likewise c. out

164:4.11 went at once to the synagogue to c. out Josiah.

164:5.4 Josiah at his home until they heard he had been c. out

164:5.5 When Josiah learned that he had been c. out of the

164:5.5 This simple-minded man of had indeed been c. out of

165:6.3 finding him unfaithful, will c. him out in disgrace.

171:2.5 Such a condiment is useless; it is fit only to be c.

173:5.3 Then said the king to his servants: ‘C. out this

174:5.3 open confession of the truth lest they c. you out of

190:5.1 at least Cleopas had been c. out of the synagogue.

caste or caste system(s)

44:8.3 There is no c. in the ranks of spirit artisans.

47:4.2 intolerance and discriminations of inconsiderate cs..

68:6.7 C. is the direct result of the high social pressure of

70:8.11 The original cs. of India was based on color,

70:8.13 but when class becomes c., when social levels petrify

70:8.13 Social c. solves the problem of finding one’s place in

70:8.13 but it also sharply curtails individual development

79:4.5 This elaborate cs. has been preserved on down to the

79:4.6 But the premier c., the teacher-priests, stems from

79:4.9 but c. alone could not perpetuate the Aryan culture,

83:5.3 C. and economic restrictions sometimes made it

89:1.6 Cs. and social levels are vestigial remnants of olden

90:5.4 became hereditary; a continuous priestly c. arose.

94:1.2 the direction of the Brahman c. of teacher-priests,

94:2.1 the Deccan, they encountered an increasing cs.,

94:2.1 Since the Brahman priest c. was the very essence

94:2.1 This cs. failed to save the Aryan race, but it did

94:2.2 the Brahman c. sought to exalt themselves above all

94:2.5 C. alone could not perpetuate the Aryan religio-

94:7.2 a determined but unavailing fight against the cs..

94:9.1 in self-protection by the low-c. monarch Asoka,

130:5.4 Ganid might do something to change the cs. of India.

133:0.3 direct question as to what he thought of India’s cs.

194:3.14 on racial distinction, cultural differences, social c.,


27:4.1 —neither formalities nor the dictations of artificial c.

68:6.7 class standards of living give origin to new social c.,

69:3.9 The origin of one of the earliest c. of priests, apart

70:1.20 Military c. and standing armies soon developed to

70:7.15 contributed to the building up of social c. chiefly by

70:8.9 vocations tended to establish c. and guilds.

70:8.11 a nation or territorial unit usually produces color c..

71:1.23 still, many classes and c. persist in the later state

79:4.5 persistence of the great social c. that were instituted

79:4.6 Of the four great c., all but the first were established

82:5.7 within the clan; others limited mating to certain c..

82:6.3 Present-day prejudice against “half-c.,” “hybrids,”

99:6.3 it creates the evil discrimination of religious c.;

102:3.6 to placing men, to originating social strata and c..

134:4.7 The kingdom of heaven is free from c., classes,


140:9.3 councils, while in their synagogues they will c. you

castingsee castingwith out

87:6.9 6. C. the body into the sea.

90:2.4 Modern survivals of this proclivity for c. lots are

134:3.6 these groups were changed by the c. of lots.

140:10.4 nor to become guilty of c. our pearls before swine.

150:3.7 5. C. lots, while it may be a convenient way of

155:5.10 in so c. their lot with the religions of authority,

186:2.2 taught his apostles the uselessness of c. their pearls

castingwith out

77:7.7 The supposed c. out of devils since the arrival of the

128:7.4 James and Joseph were in favor of c. him out, but

145:2.13 reference to these so-called acts of “c. out devils,”

151:6.6 legend that Jesus had cured Amos by c. a legion of

153:4.2 admitted in the language which he employed in c. out

173:4.2 after c. him out of the vineyard, they killed him.


71:1.24 and there was a reversion to the small c. groups,

162:4.2 city was gaily decorated except the Roman c. of


90:4.9 c. oil and opium were used by the Sumerians.


87:6.6 3. C. or breaking the legs of the corpse.

89:3.4 setting the example by submitting themselves to c..


48:6.8 to proclaim “the love of God, which c. out all fear.”

72:9.6 nation-wide ballot, and no citizen c. over one vote.

94:11.11 human person of Gautama Siddhartha and c. off

132:3.8 Such a God-knowing soul c. no shadow of doubting

153:4.3 If Satan c. out Satan, he is divided against himself;


128:3.5 Jesus began the c. conversation that resulted in their

133:3.11 and as a result of all these apparently c. contacts


132:7.1 They had c. met a thoughtless pagan while on their

171:7.9 said or did seemed to happen c., “as he passed by.


41:6.1 element in shattered form, the atomic c. of the fierce

53:7.8 ninety-five per cent were c. of the Lucifer rebellion.

77:9.5 leadership was instrumental in reducing the c. in his

102:6.1 even though these c. of man-made deities may

160:1.6 to suffer the consequent hazards of emotional c.


61:2.7 was something of a cross between a c. and a seal;

61:3.4 rhinoceroses, and many varieties of the c. family.

61:3.10 soon destroyed by the rapidly increasing c. family.

61:3.13 c. tribe, by panthers and large saber-toothed tigers,

61:3.13 The modern c. and dog families increased in numbers

61:4.4 The c. family dominated the animal life, and marine

61:5.7 sloths and many groups of the c. and dog families.

62:3.5 the larger species of the c. family, lions and tigers,

83:3.1 a white man’s wife, they compare to a c. because


42:4.2 its disappearance in some great c. of the realms.

80:2.4 This c of nature flooded scores of human settlements

96:4.5 In view of this c. it is not surprising that Moses could


59:0.3 intervenes between the preceding prelife or c. age


4:1.5 upheavals and the physical c. of the starry realms.

100:2.8 such catastrophes are but the redirecting c. which

176:3.2 temporal upheavals or perturbed by terrestrial c..


90:1.3 were able to throw themselves into a trance or a c. fit

90:1.3 Their c. trances involved alleged communications


15:14.8 your number in the c. of the inhabited worlds.

17:2.4 Majeston is not included in our c. of Paradise

44:5.10 function in hundreds of ways too numerous to c.,

58:2.3 And all of this takes no account of their c. of more


37:10.1 types of life are too numerous to be c. in this paper,


41:8.1 In this metamorphosis, carbon acts as an energy c.


29:4.21 as so-called c. agents augment chemical reactions.

29:4.32 by this function; they act like living c. agents.

36:3.5 Life Carriers are living c. presences which agitate,


36:3.3 then do the Life Carriers c. this lifeless material,


117:3.13 Supreme appears to be the c. of all universe growth


42:2.22 These power directors themselves are energy c.;

49:1.2 but the Life Carriers are always the living c. who


51:2.3 If some physical c. should doom the planetary

66:7.20 spiritual darkness which followed the Caligastia c.


15:4.8 as the result of internal c. and external attraction,

15:5.8 Such c. are infrequent except out on the fringe of

15:8.6 no more collisions or other devastating c. will

29:2.16 The local astronomical c. of space are of passing

67:7.8 we cannot fathom the wisdom that permits such c.,

100:2.8 positively know that such c. are but the redirecting

149:2.10 Jesus dared to teach that c. of nature, accidents of

159:3.13 immune to the accidents of time or the ordinary c. of


10:7.5 a thousand and one things—c. physical events,

66:8.3 history has been definitely modified by this c. blunder

176:4.2 associate his promised return with these c. events.

catchnoun or adjective

79:2.1 India acted as a c. basin for the migrating races.

148:0.2 selling their c. to David for consumption by the

157:1.3 Peter made ready to go out in the boat for a c.,

157:1.3 the fish merchant near by, who purchased the c.,

192:1.2 They did not much mind the failure to make a c.,

192:1.2 come down to welcome them back with their c.,

192:1.7 When they had landed their c., they counted the fish,

192:1.7 mistake made of calling this another miraculous c. of


4:2.7 possible for the finite mind to c. a fleeting glimpse

47:9.3 of his earthly working group to c. up with him.

86:5.13 eldest son try to c. the last breath of his dying father.

90:0.2 exceptional humans could c. the ear of the gods;

110:3.1 only occasionally do you c. an echo, a faint echo,

144:4.8 tuning in the soul to c. the universe broadcasts of the

148:9.1 straining their ears to c. some part of Jesus’

154:5.3 Don’t let the bigots c. you, and never doubt that

157:1.4 you will c. the fish with the shekel in its mouth.”

158:4.3 And James did not c. up with the apostolic party

166:1.6 to lie in wait for him that they might c. some of his

183:3.9 attempted to steal out of the shed in order to c. up

187:5.2 standing by c. some utterance, such as, “I know


138:8.1 After disposing of the fish c. of two weeks, Judas

192:1.9 who were usually on hand to buy the fresh c. for the


68:5.5 snares and traps were employed in c. game, but

100:4.6 is intelligent and wise, love is more c. than hate.

157:1.4 It is not strange that you have a record of Peter’s c.


104:3.17 and trinities otherwise exhibit no c. relationship.


30:1.14 nor have all such c. been revealed in these narratives;

49:5.9 who simultaneously classify in some one or more c.

106:0.2 for conceptual convenience in the following c.:


19:0.1 the somewhat impersonal c. of the Inspired Trinity

19:5.2 may possibly belong to the c. of superpersonal spirits

37:1.1 the unique orders generally grouped in this c. are

44:2.1 experiences that belong in the c. of the activities

88:1.3 The apple was among the first to fall into this c.;

90:3.5 were early removed from the c. of ghost action.

90:3.9 the first human ailments to be removed from the c.


136:9.11 He will not c. to the physical gratification of the

145:5.7 to c. to these curious ones and to become occupied


42:9.4 the possibility of developing a butterfly out of a c..

112:6.1 Just as a butterfly emerges from the c. stage, so will


94:10.2 monasteries are extensive and their c. magnificent.


61:2.7 this period contain the fossil remains of dogs, c.,

88:5.4 black cow was highly magical; so also were black c..

Catskill Mountains

59:4.15 The C. along the west bank of the Hudson River


51:4.6 Urantians would of buying and selling horses and c..

64:4.2 C. were plentiful; horses and wolves were

66:7.13 5. You shall not steal your neighbor’s goods or c..

68:5.8 men of the pastoral ages had great love for their c.;

70:10.12 Such damages were usually paid in women or c.;

70:10.15 C. stealing was punished by summary death,

80:1.2 Nodite-Andonites also imported sheep, goats, c.,

81:3.3 surrounded by zones of agriculture and c. raising.

88:1.6 was held unlucky to count c. or other possessions;

89:4.9 had sacrificed: 113,433 slaves, 493,386 head of c.,

142:3.14 4. Of all the males of men or c., the first-born are

143:5.2 who drank thereof himself and his sons and his c.

173:1.5 money-changers, merchandisers, and c. sellers, Jesus,

173:1.7 the lad who was driving the c. through the court,

173:1.7 assembled in the temple court to the farthest c. pen


78:4.4 generalized homogeneity which has been called C..

81:4.9 they can be detected only as a generalized C. order.

81:4.11 1. The C.the Andite blend of the Nodite and

81:4.14 In North China there is a certain blending of C.

81:4.14 in the Levant the C. and Negroid have intermingled;


48:6.33 apostle spoke of being “c. up to the third heaven,”

66:6.2 The whole world was c. in the stalemate of tradition-

68:5.5 by fencing the rivers they c. fish in great numbers,

69:6.5 It was a sin to extinguish a flame; if a hut c. fire,

86:1.6 as birds are c. in a snare, so are the sons of men

88:6.4 would play the part of a buffalo and, in being c.,

93:5.13 went forth to dissuade Abraham but only c. up with

99:2.2 Institutional religion is now c. in the stalemate of a

147:6.2 These six Jews c. up with the apostolic party,

151:5.3 an evening gale that c. the boat carrying Jesus over

158:5.1 seeking for you, I c. up with your disciples,

188:5.6 was contagious; the disciples c. it from their Master.

192:1.2 All night they toiled with the nets but c. no fish.

192:1.3 the man on the beach, “Lads, have you c. anything?”


105:5.3 relation to the finite, both c. and consummational.


94:3.5 The karma principle of c. continuity is, again, very

101:10.3 The material level of law provides for c. continuity,

causation or antecedent causation

5:6.8 self from the fetters of absolute dependence on ac.,

5:6.8 Now,man having been liberated from the fetters of c.

5:6.9 relative liberation from slavish response to ac.,

12:6.7 of response in the face of apparently uniform c.

12:6.7 not only to the immediate and situational c., but also

16:6.6 1. C.—the reality domain of the physical senses,

16:8.16 logical recognition of the uniformity of physical c..

19:1.10 3. The study of c. is the perusal of history.

42:2.8 to transcendental c. in proportion to absoluteness.

90:3.5 or for the infection of wounds of even “natural” c..

90:3.9 5. Natural c.. Mankind has been very slow to learn

94:6.3 His comprehension of ultimate c. was most

104:2.6 relationships of the God of force, energy, c.,

105:1.1 Absolute primal c. in infinity the philosophers of the

111:4.8 so largely liberated from the fetters of the laws of ac.

112:0.5 It is not wholly subject to the fetters of ac..

117:3.13 The Supreme apparently cannot initiate original c.


118:4.2 from inheritance of any factor derived from any ac..

118:4.2 exhibit inheritance from other and preceding c..

118:4.4 C., disregarding existentials, is threefold in its basic

118:4.4 As it operates in this universe age and concerning

118:4.4 it may be conceived as follows: 1. Activation of

130:4.2 C. in the physical world, self-consciousness in the

130:4.2 the Original Personality of c., intelligence, and

130:4.5 Mindless c. cannot evolve the refined and complex

130:4.7 Life is an adaptation of the original cosmic c. to the

133:5.8 qualitative value have a common c. in the Father.


105:3.6 The c., potentially personal possibilities of universal


12:6.7 but also to all other related c. throughout the master

116:3.4 Mind unifies spirit c. with energy reactions;

118:4.3 reactive to those c. of the Deity Absolute which


104:4.33 reactive capacity to the volitional, c., tensional,

104:4.43 potentialities of active-volitional and c. Deity reality

106:8.19 and c. Trinities who constitute the first level.

118:4.3 these c.-impregnated static potentials forthwith

causenoun; see cause and effect; see Cause

0:3.23 the ONE UNCAUSED—the primeval c. of causes.

1:6.2 God is to science a c., to philosophy an idea,

2:1.2 the eternal Creator is the c. of causes.”

2:3.1 “‘I have not done without c. all that I have done,’

3:1.2 the c. can never be fully comprehended by analysis

3:2.3 that the First Source and Center is the primal c. of

6:7.1 the bestower of personality, the c. of personality.

9:3.3 but of no value to illustrate the c. of antigravity.

12:5.11 the human personality can act as the cosmic c. of

22:3.4 brilliant beings assume to present the c. of justice

38:9.10 furthering the c. of progressive planetary civilization.

39:2.7 and furthering the c. of truth and righteousness.

40:8.3 not guilty of any discoverable c. for failure to attain

42:11.1 The First Source and Center is the primal c. of all

53:1.4 Lucifer assigned Satan to advocate his c. on your

53:2.5 It is very difficult to point out the exact c. or

53:3.1 The c. of the rebels was stated under three heads:

53:6.2 the head of the seraphic hosts joined the Lucifer c..

53:7.2 Caligastia advocating the c. of Lucifer on Urantia.

53:7.8 planets whose Planetary Princes joined the Lucifer c.

53:9.5 no more beings have been won to the deceiver’s c..

56:9.5 postulate of the Universal I AM as the primal c. and

60:4.2 when the crust is subjected to pressure from any c.,

67:3.2 leader and Daligastia in support of the c. of Lucifer

73:4.5 But it was a c. for great disappointment when Van,

75:3.2 impressed with the righteousness of Adam’s c..

75:3.4 winning the remote tribes to the c. of the Garden.

75:8.3 Adam should not be regarded as the c. of a curse on

81:6.31 Machinery is not the only c. for unemployment

83:7.2 The most frequent c. for separation was barrenness,

84:4.7 mothers regarded as having perished in a noble c..

86:6.5 and worship which will give c. for further smiling on

86:7.4 erroneous doctrine of a spirit c. of the vicissitudes of

90:3.7 and settle upon some finding as the c. of death;

90:3.8 also looked upon the stars as the c. of suffering.

93:5.8 return to the execution of his vows to the c. of Salem

95:1.8 attempted too much, and their noble c. went down

95:1.8 the apparently worthy c. of reforming the mores,

100:6.1 fervent loyalty of nonreligionists to an espoused c.

102:7.1 The c. is absolute, infinite, eternal, and changeless;

104:4.1 The Univ. Father is the personal c. of the Absolutes;

105:0.1 limitless ellipse which is produced by one absolute c.,

105:2.6 I AM c. of eternal Paradise.

112:4.11 is reasonable c. for believing that the human partner

114:7.5 some social, economic, political, spiritual, or other c.

117:1.2 the perfect-Creator c. and the perfecting-creature

117:6.26 When you find the Father, you will find the great c.

118:6.3 volition may appear to function as an uncaused c.,

123:3.2 Jesus asked his father the c. of a mild earthquake

127:2.3 his refusal to espouse the nationalist c. at her behest

127:2.7 James, all urged him to join the nationalist c..

127:4.7 the c. of considerable anxiety to Jesus and Mary.

128:3.6 led him to espouse the c. for which Stephen died;

131:4.2 He is the c. of creation, and hence are all things

131:9.3 Good and evil do not befall men without c..

133:5.10 the fundamental c. of this universe of energy-mass,

135:9.7 For this c. came I out of the wilderness to preach

139:2.3 was the c. of Peter’s receiving many mild rebukes

139:7.3 strong point was wholehearted devotion to the c..

139:7.3 was the c. for overwhelming gratitude on the part of

148:7.2 You would find c. for offense in me if you could

151:3.14 affording his enemies less opportunity to find c.

152:0.1 find c. for the Master’s apprehension and conviction.

153:5.2 one third of his associates had deserted the c..

154:2.1 autonomy rather than on sympathy with Jesus’ c..

157:7.1 sought out Jesus and presented his c. for anxiety

158:6.2 But I will now show you the c. of your defeat in

159:2.1 works in my name must eventually support our c.?

159:3.2 Never should a righteous c. be promoted by force;

159:3.2 the teachings of those who would advance the c.

160:1.13 sincere devotion of the soul to the adoration of a c.

160:1.13 the service of a c. that is not only greater than self,

160:2.8 devotion to a common c., mutual loyalty to Deity.

162:7.4 for this c. many of you hear not my words,

163:2.11 all of their worldly possessions to the common c..

164:3.2 pondering the possible c. of this man’s blindness,

167:4.6 that you shall now have new c. to believe in me;

167:5.7 And for this c. shall a man leave his father and

168:1.2 about the real c. of these emotional manifestations.

177:4.5 made up his mind to desert the c. of the kingdom

179:3.4 no mistake in the decision to desert the Master’s c..

180:3.2 the saying: ‘And they hated me without a c.?

181:2.20 dedicating your life to the c. of leading mankind to

182:3.10 shame, and the appearance of the failure of his c..

183:4.2 for loyalty to the Master and the c. of the kingdom,

184:1.1 who had espoused the c. of Jesus were Pharisees.

185:8.1 even had the mob dared to espouse the Master’s c.

193:4.14 Judas forsook his fellows, repudiated a sacred c.,

194:4.12 the first martyr to the new faith and the specific c.

195:6.5 leads the scientist straight back to the first great c.

196:0.8 the will of God, he devoted himself to the c. of its

196:2.7 In his devotion to the c., Jesus burned all bridges

cause and effect

81:5.1 evolution and culture become related as c. and

86:2.3 the savage considered them to be c. and effect.

90:3.9 the material secrets of the interrelationship of c.

102:7.1 The universe and God are not identical; one is c.,

105:1.5 conceived as both thing and no thing, as both c.

170:3.8 Jesus taught religion as a c. and ethics as a result.

Cause or Cause, First

0:2.2 Cosmic consciousness implies recognition of a FC.,

1:5.11 merely possible in the scientific postulate of a FC.

4:4.7 In science, God is the FC.; in religion, the universal

4:4.7 requires revelation to show that the FC. of science

5:5.3 fact-seeking scientist conceives of God as the FC.,

8:1.10 In the material mind, consistency demands a FC.;

42:1.6 is in essence a manifestation of the uncaused C.

94:6.3 he declared Tao to be the One FC. of all creation.

98:2.6 was a mechanist except that he did recognize a FC.,

101:2.3 of science, may lead back through nature to a FC.,

101:2.3 religious faith to transform the FC. of science into

101:2.7 ends its reason-search in the hypothesis of a FC..

101:2.7 affirms that this FC. of science and religion’s God of

104:4.1  Absolute Center, Primal C., Universal Controller,

107:4.7 fuses with an actual fragment of the existential C.

115:7.8 working of the original unity of the First Father-C.

118:4.1 while there is indeed a true FC., there are also a host

118:6.2 There is but one uncaused C. in the whole universe

196:3.1 logic which recognizes the Universal FC. as It and

196:3.1 aver this FC. is He, the Father of Jesus’ gospel,


1:5.15 of the infinite God would c. him to suffer the awful

11:9.4 Deity may c. much that is not Deity, and Paradise is

15:4.8 suffered such distortion and rearrangement as to c.

41:3.9 and occasionally collisions c. stellar flare-ups, but

41:5.1 light or gas pressure within a sun to c. it to shoot

41:5.7 a third form of force-energy may c. the stream

42:2.22 they c. energy to segment, organize, or assemble in

57:6.3 the gravity action of the latter will c. the moon to

57:8.3 the cooling of the earth’s crust sufficiently to c. the

58:5.7 differential pressures tend to c. the continents to

58:5.8 lateral pressure tended to c. the eastern, western,

60:3.3 Atlantic sea pressure was also working to c. land

65:8.5 to synchronize and co-ordinate may c. time delays,

81:1.5 climatic necessity would c. whole tribes to pass from

91:7.5 observe whether these phenomena c. an individual:

100:3.7 Man cannot c. growth, but he can supply favorable

100:7.5 his superb originality did not c. him to overlook the

101:9.7 philosophic pressure of religion tend to c. man to

116:3.4 freewill choice can c. to be evolved the divine

122:7.1 to c. the postponement of the taking of this census

124:4.1 discreet in concealing everything which might c.

128:4.6 such a versatile and spectacular career as would c.

132:5.21 claim to that wealth which time and chance may c. to

148:6.12 did much, in later times, to c. the other apostles to

150:8.3 c. our hearts to cleave to your commandments;

152:3.1 the son of David, when he should come, would c.

153:2.1 Lord shall c. you to be smitten by your enemies;

155:6.9 the spirit will draw men together and c. them to

172:1.3 would c. the walls of prejudice, self-righteousness,

175:2.1 it should not c. those who profess to be followers

180:5.7 levels of interpretation which c. the sons of God to

182:1.9 proceed no further than to c. it to be said, “I AM.”

causedsee caused by

0:6.12 by virtue of which pattern is c. to appear may be

20:6.6 experience through which Jesus passed has c.

22:1.13 erred in judgment and thereby c. transient

35:2.8 effectually purges him of the disharmony which c.

57:7.1 influences which gradually c. the heavier elements,

57:8.6 those experiences which have since c. Urantia to

59:5.14 coal deposits, which have c. this period to be known

65:5.2 This eventuality in plant-life evolution c. many

70:1.9 Woman stealing has always c. war.

70:1.12 that a neighboring tribe had c. the death of a fellow

70:1.17 Deborah’s general in his victory over the gentiles c.

73:4.5 c. many desertions; but Van went forward with his

74:5.6 they c. Adam no end of trouble; always were they

76:2.4 with Cain’s natural bellicose inheritance, c. him to

77:2.5 These life circuits c. the chromosomes of the

78:7.2 c. unprecedented floods each spring throughout

79:5.4 Growing population pressure c. the yellow race to

81:1.8 these enforced changes in living conditions which c.

83:7.5 unavoidably c. the marriage institution to become

88:2.4 believed that a ceremony of consecration c. the spirit

88:5.5 Any experience of an unusual nature c. him to

90:3.4 explanation of disease and death was that spirits c.

90:4.7 beneficent plant remedy for every animal-c. disease.

96:1.11 the Bedouins and c. them greatly to fear Yahweh.

100:7.2 even though such sincerity sometimes c. pain.

102:7.2 God is the one and only self-c. fact in the universe.

111:0.6 I was thus successful by reason of that which it c. me

122:5.1 The sorry plight of the Jewish people c. Joseph

123:4.6 c. such great anxiety to develop in Mary’s mind

123:4.8 just about how much anxiety Jesus c. his parents,

124:1.8 escaping steam from the boiling pots—c. the lad to

124:4.1 conscious of the way in which he had c. trouble in

130:5.4 the memory of this episode always c. Ganid to wish

135:4.5 It was the influence of Elijah that c. John to adopt

135:8.1 favorably of John’s message, and this had c. many

139:7.10 When these persecutions c. the believers to forsake

151:2.6 Thomas c. them to recall what Jesus had taught

154:5.1 the news of this impending danger c. David

162:3.5 wrote upon the sand a few words which c. him to

182:1.4 that which was yours you have now c. to be mine.

189:4.5 into the city panic-stricken, and this c. them to pause

190:0.5 fullness of Mary’s devotion, that c. her to forget,

caused by

41:3.9 In some double stars the tides c. rapidly changing

58:5.4 Earthquakes are c. sliding and shifting of the solid

68:6.8 multiple births were believed to be c. either by

69:6.6 gods grew out of the observations of fire c. lightning.

77:2.5 These changes were c. the presence in the bodies of

85:3.4 The Nordics thought that eclipses were c. a wolf

90:3.7 Much sickness was thought to be c. bewitchment,

90:4.7 Among some people disease was thought to be c.

123:3.3 to tell Jesus that the earthquake had been c. God,

145:2.13 all believed that such phenomena were directly c.

148:2.3 that sickness and mental derangement could be c. the

164:3.3 all such cases of blindness from birth were c. sin.

164:3.3 They taught that such defects could be c. some sin

168:0.9 avoid possible unpleasantness which might be c. his


102:7.3 have effects without causes; only the I AM is c..


0:3.23 the ONE UNCAUSEDthe primeval cause of c..

2:1.2 are possible; the eternal Creator is the cause of c..”

3:6.3 Universe c. cannot be lower than universe effects.

19:1.11 Finite origins are helpful, but only divine c. reveal

42:2.13 the exact c. of the early stages of force evolution,

46:1.6 lights, although these are produced by different c..

50:7.3 career, reward follows effort as the result of c..


53:2.5 It is very difficult to point out the exact cause or c.

66:5.20 real c. of many diseases were too small to be seen by

70:1.7 Among the early c. of war were: 1. Hunger, which

70:10.1 kind of justice—inevitable conformity of results to c..

73:5.4 rounds each day in search for possible c. of sickness.

81:2.8 primitive man refused to recognize natural c. as

81:2.9 But the frank, honest, and fearless search for true c.

84:4.8 the menstruating woman as one of the three great c.

86:2.5 to supernatural c. is nothing less than a lazy and

86:2.5 man is too ignorant or too indolent to determine c..

86:2.5 order wherein all effects are preceded by definite c..

90:3.3 set about to determine the c. of these visitations,

90:3.5 2. Violence—obvious c.. The c. for some accidents

90:3.9 recognize that all disease is the result of natural c..

99:2.3 confine its efforts to the furtherance of religious c..

101:10.1 through the examination of physical c. and effects.

102:3.15 Science is only satisfied with first c., religion with

102:7.3 You cannot have effects without c.; only the I AM is

106:8.12 This grouping contains c., intermediates, and finals

111:6.4 in the mathematical level of the c. and effects of the

115:3.14 the integration of the mathematical c. and effects

118:4.1 subordinate c., both associate and secondary c..

118:4.2 The vital distinction between first c. and second c.

118:4.2 first c. produce original effects which are free from

118:4.2 Secondary c. yield effects which invariably exhibit

118:6.2 All other c. are derivatives of this one First Great

118:6.3 with the unique, original, and absolute First C..

148:2.4 came to the revelation of the unknown c. of disease,

164:3.6 encouraged his apostles to seek for the true c. of all

164:3.6 avoid the common tendency to assign spiritual c. to

166:4.10 that these bodily states are the result of material c.;


193:4.1 briefly to review the c. of Judas’s downfall in light

195:6.5 To assign c. as an explanation of physical phenomena


3:1.7 inherent nature of all creation which c. all things to

4:1.11 all phases and forms of universe activity that c. such

4:3.5 The Father never does anything that c. subsequent

5:1.2 the majesty of his love which c. him to yearn for the

10:1.1 lovable nature of the Father something which c. him

16:8.2 wherein and whereon and wherewith the Father c.

42:2.22 must be something inherent in energy which c. it thus

42:8.4 The mesotron c. the electric charge of the nuclear

43:6.1 —botanic artistry—that c. these worlds to be called

48:4.6 The senselessness of much that so often c. us serious

70:10.6 If she was guilty, “the water that c. the curse shall

85:4.2 in India it is a devil because it brings dust and c.

100:4.4 If some one irritates you, c. feelings of resentment,

101:3.5 1. C. ethics and morals to progress despite inherent

102:3.2 clarity of logical thought, it indirectly c. religion to

112:0.6 it c. spirit to strive for the mastery of energy-matter

115:3.4 It is only man’s distance from infinity that c. this

115:3.12 Originality is that which first c. and then balances the

131:1.5 he c. the sun to shine upon the sprouting grain,

131:2.7 He c. us to drink of the river of his pleasures,

158:8.1 whosoever c. one of these little ones to stumble,

166:4.4 “The Father c. his rain to fall on the just and the


42:8.4 by the further function of c. protons and neutrons

57:6.2 c. a planet to revolve slower until axial revolution

65:2.3 The majority of disease-c. bacteria and their

84:1.3 believed to be capable of c. pregnancy in a virgin

90:4.6 it was believed that the spirit c. the sickness could be

96:6.3 c. it to be proclaimed: “As I was with Moses, so will

98:5.3 and c. water to gush forth from a rock struck with

118:10.22 thus c. apparently variable reciprocal response in the

124:5.6 insure the abandonment of all such plans by c. Jesus

151:6.6 herd of swine, c. them forthwith to rush headlong


91:4.4 spiritually advanced person should exercise great c.

120:2.9 9. I c. you ever to bear in mind that, while in fact

128:6.5 and before Jesus could c. him by a warning glance,

184:3.4 a man on a capital charge, proceeded with great c.


140:8.9 Jesus c. his apostles to be discreet in their remarks

146:0.2 On this tour Jesus c. them on only three occasions;

147:5.9 Jesus c. his hearers not mistakenly to apply his


93:4.14 this c. innovation was not altogether successful;

139:8.8 the councils of the twelve Thomas was always c.,


80:5.1 when the last waves of Andite c. swept over Europe,

80:5.3 succumbed to the white c. raiders who penetrated


78:5.3 from Mesopotamia, especially by the later Andite c..

78:8.5 When these barbarian c. from the northeast overran

78:8.12 long before the barbarian c. conquered the valley,

79:1.5 the Babylonian c. began to push into Mesopotamia.

80:4.4 mobility, enabling the last groups of Andite c. to


52:1.5 In general, these primitive mortals are c. dwellers

57:8.16 the cooling crust had ceased to c. in on such an

63:5.4 They were not really c. dwellers either, though in

68:4.4 to the moment he fell asleep in his c. at night had to

80:3.7 on night guard at c. entrances to freeze to death.

100:4.5 one of your primitive ancestors of c.-dwelling times

157:3.1 the Jordan poured forth from an underground c..

168:1.1 standing before the family tomb, a small natural c.,

168:2.1 linen, resting on the right lower niche of the burial c..


136:4.14 these eventful days Jesus lived in an ancient rock c.,


147:3.1 gas accumulations in the rock c. underneath the

151:6.2 This entire hillside was covered with c. which had

151:6.2 a lunatic who lived in these hillside c. rushed up to


61:6.4 In the c. of western Europe may be found bones

63:5.4 farther south and drove their descendants to the c..

63:6.3 outlines of it would be drawn on the walls of the c.

80:3.5 Each child was carefully trained in the care of the c.,

80:3.6 The southern Cro-Magnons generally lived in c. and

80:9.4 white men built dwellings; they never lived in c..

80:9.4 it has been securely sealed up in c. and grottoes.

81:2.15 his shelter, lived under ledges or dwelt in c..

85:1.5 superstitious aborigines believed that c. led to the

98:5.4 The adherents of this cult worshiped in c. and


165:1.2 and elsewhere, together with many doubters and c..


103:8.4 science, the c. of logic, the postulates of philosophy,

153:3.1 but more were asked by c. unbelievers who sought

173:3.1 As the c. Pharisees stood there in silence before

ceasesee cease, never or not

4:1.6 a clock to run just so long and then c. to function;

19:6.4 the theory that Havoners will possibly c. entering the

23:4.4 c. when the supply of Solitary Messengers has been

24:2.7 confirmation of your death the moment you c. to

36:3.6 planetary life, Life Carriers c. implantation efforts,

47:0.3 as the mansion worlds one by one c. to serve as

48:3.17 the mansion worlds increasingly c. to function as

58:6.8 while those that fall short of this goal c. to exist.

81:6.12 it is a wise nation which knows when to c. growing.

99:2.5  church must speedily c. such action if it is to survive.

102:6.9 Intelligent men should c. to reason like children

112:0.15 if this change (growth) ceased, the soul would c..

112:3.4 the measurable brain energies c. their rhythmic vital

116:0.1 the inconsistencies of temporal inequalities c. to be

126:4.4 c. to do evil and learn to do good; seek justice,

142:7.17 My children, I implore that you c. to apply the

143:5.4 Better it would be if you would c. to trifle with my

147:6.4 We are sure you will command them to c..”

149:6.8 C., then, to fear God as a king or serve him as a

154:6.4 that Jesus would c. speaking and come to them the

155:1.3  C. your useless yearning and go forth bravely

155:6.12 You must c. to seek for the word of God only on the

156:2.7 “My disciples must not only c. to do evil but learn to

164:3.15 they must c. to regard miracles as the only method of

174:0.2 Seek the true realities of the spirit and c. to be

175:2.3 must c. to mistreat the individual Jew as one who

191:1.2 but now must you c. to think about yourself and

192:2.9 Thomas, you must c. doubting; you must grow in

192:2.9 believe in God like a child but c. to act so childishly

192:2.11 C. to fear men; be unafraid to preach the good

195:10.21 The hope of modern Christianity is that it should c.

ceasewith never or not

19:5.11 therefore will I never c. in my efforts to solve the

26:11.4 never c. to proclaim: “Be you understanding of your

58:6.6 Plants and animals never c. to make these adjustment

77:9.7 —they never c. to grow in wisdom and experience.

92:7.2 old does not c. to exist; it is merged with the new,

127:5.1 Would troubles never c.?

132:6.2 They did not c. their efforts until they had found a

139:7.4 Matthew would never c. to recount that faith only

155:6.2 did not c. to minister words of truth to the world

160:5.11 will not c. to pray for that day when all mankind

181:2.7 to the Father, you would not c. to be my apostle,

ceasedsee ceasedwith not or never

10:1.4 the Father c. to exist as the unqualified personality.

55:5.2 Insanity has practically c. to exist, and feeble-

57:8.16 the cooling crust had c. to cave in on such an

64:6.13 But as a race the orange man c. to exist about one

68:2.5 With the growth of society, food hunger c. to be

70:1.20 women long ago c. to fight, though they have fed

74:6.3 did not take milk from animals when they c. to nurse

77:5.6 before this phenomenon c., almost two thousand

81:2.19 the making of clay vessels had practically c. for over

84:2.4 The prospective father c. work as the time of

85:2.4 Long after the Hebrews c. tree worship, they

85:2.4 they continued to venerate their various deities in

89:7.1 Those groups which c. to sacrifice their first-born

89:7.3 Even after most groups had c. the ritual killing of

90:5.7 But many modern priests have c. to function as

95:1.9 the propaganda of the belief in one God virtually c.

98:7.11 Christianity has since c. to be the religion of Jesus,

112:0.15 if this change (growth) c., the soul would cease.

112:6.4 The mortal intellect has perished, has c. to exist as

118:1.2 Number has c. to have meaning with regard to the

147:8.6 Jesus c. speaking and every man went to his place

148:9.2 When Jesus saw what they had done, he c.

149:4.2 Before Jesus c. speaking, he said further: “Let

150:8.9 And when he had c. reading from the law, he turned

152:3.2 This mighty shout of the multitude had hardly c.

153:5.4 And as Peter c. speaking, they all with one accord

171:6.3 When Zaccheus had c. speaking, Jesus said: “Today

175:2.1 Long since they c. to be the spiritual torchbearers

180:3.1 The eleven had scarcely c. their discussions of the

181:2.8 Jesus had hardly c. speaking to Simon Zelotes when

189:5.5 they c. to ridicule and became filled with fear and

ceasedwith not or never

97:7.12 this preacher never c. to proclaim this God of love.

123:6.6 Jesus simply never c. to ask such intelligent but

140:8.5 Jesus never c. to warn his disciples against the evil

143:5.11 The apostles never c. to be shocked by Jesus’

147:5.4 ever since she came in, has not c. to kiss my feet.

148:2.1 these benefited individuals c. not to proclaim that

149:3.3 From this day on they c. not to plan and plot for

151:5.5 Peter, never c. to regard the episode as a miracle.

155:6.10 For weary generations the Jews have not c. to toil,

156:1.7 the mother and the child c. not to proclaim the fact

171:7.1 His associates never c. to wonder at the gracious

175:2.3 and his Creator Son have never c. to love the Jews.

185:1.5 they never c. to inveigh against Pilate for this


1:5.15 the never-ending divine circle of c. self-realization.

8:2.7 loving ministry and c. service of the personalities of

56:9.13 The c. and expanding march of the Paradise creative

104:3.13 The Infinite is ever disclosed in the c. acts of the

104:4.13 behind all of this c. manipulation is the presence of

110:7.10 receive credit that may accrue as a result of my c.

117:4.1 As we view the c. struggles of the creature creation

131:4.3 The Lord even counts the c. winking of every

181:1.2 rather a c. progression in grace, truth, and glory.


9:0.4 the agencies of the Conjoint Actor c. manipulate the


1:5.12 since man loses his body at death, he c. to exist as

2:2.5 never c. to bestow himself upon all self-conscious

38:1.3 The Mother Spirit never c. creative activity in a

55:9.2 is thus settled in light, the legislative function c.,

57:6.2 to revolve ever slower until axial revolution c.,

89:5.9 The blood guilt c. to be a crime when participated in

112:3.4 remains in the citadel of mind until it c. to function

116:1.5 mind never c. to progress—it is the experiential

116:5.14 motions of mass never c. until they achieve victory

144:2.5 yet because this widow c. not to trouble me, I will

181:2.27 but it lessens your usefulness and never c. to make

195:7.16 and it never c. in its spiritual evaluation of art.


37:9.11 Throughout all of this never-c. changing and

89:4.8 man became shrewd in his sacrificing, c. to offer up

110:3.2 with the Adjuster; they assist you in c. to resist.

112:7.9 ranging upward and never c. the supernal ascent

188:3.8 effected by his never-c. choice of the Father’s will,


126:3.4 a piece of smooth c. board about eighteen inches

Cedesbeliever who made a brief gospel record

121:8.9 year A.D. 78 at Antioch by a believer named C..


46:1.4 until they reach the electric air-c. of the sphere;


127:6.6 Lazarus had arranged to c. the Passover with

127:6.6 Jesus now proposed that they c. the feast where

128:1.14 Jesus went up to Jerusalem with Joseph to c. the

129:2.2 They arranged to c. the Passover supper together.

137:4.1 a Jewish custom to c. weddings on Wednesday,

142:1.6 The multitudes who came to c. the Passover heard

179:0.2 that they would c. the Passover one day early.

179:0.5 that the Master was to c. this occasion alone with his

179:1.6 They are gathered together to c., at least in spirit,


27:7.8 the fifth c. the finding of the Universal Father;

82:3.14 the wedding was not c. until the first child was born.

83:4.5 weddings c. at the full of the moon were thought to

98:4.6 who reverently c. the anniversary of the god’s death

98:5.3 a last supper which Mithras c. with the sun-god

123:3.5 the solemn Passover, which the adults c. in Jerusalem

127:6.7 the first Passover feast ever to be c. by devout Jews

129:2.8 at the spacious home of Annas, where they c. the

136:8.5 Soon the Passover would be c. at Jerusalem;

147:2.3 At Bethany they quietly c. the Passover.

147:2.3 they c. the feast with Abner and many of the early

179:0.3 knew Jesus had c. other Passovers without the lamb;

194:4.8 In these days they c. the Lord’s Supper after the


137:4.7 the honor of numbering the c. Galilean among his


125:2.3 of c. the Passover without the slaughtered lamb.

169:1.11 “About this time, while they were c., the elder son

172:1.2 joined in c. the arrival of Jesus by a public banquet at


27:7.8 finished, and the seventh jubilee prepares for c..

27:7.8 probably signalize the c. of the first of the jubilees

83:4.3 first to develop the more elaborate c. of weddings.

98:4.7 After three days of the c. of the sacrifice and death of

119:2.6 His departure was not unceremonious; a great c. was

121:6.9 these Jews used to come to Jerusalem for the c. of

123:3.5 Next came the early springtime c. of Purim,

124:6.1 participate with them in the c. of his first Passover.

124:6.12 made ready for the appropriate c. of the Passover

124:6.15 morally ignorant multitudes assembled for the c. of

125:1.5 lodgings and made ready for the c. of the Passover

125:2.1 family of Simon of Bethany in the c. of the Passover,

125:2.3 someday to establish the c. of a bloodless Passover.

125:2.6 Jesus refrained until the Passover c. had ended and

127:5.2 invited Jesus to their home for the c. of Rebecca’s

128:6.5 Lazarus and sought to arrange for their joint c. of

128:6.6 Jude or else his release in time for the Passover c.

134:9.5 In the midst of the week of c. and ere the festivities

135:12.5 In c. of his birthday Herod made a great feast in the

137:4.11 the final purification ceremonies of the wedding c..

142:1.7 the news of Jesus’ message from this Passover c. to

173:5.2 in readiness for the c. of the forthcoming marriage

178:0.1 the details of their forthcoming c. of the Passover.

179:0.1 Passover and inquired concerning plans for its c.,

179:0.1 to begin the preparations for the c. of the Passover

179:0.2 occasion that was to precede the regular Passover c..

179:1.1 couches, just such as would be provided for the c. of

179:5.10 they ended this c. of the old but bloodless Passover

184:3.17 Pilate was in Jerusalem only for the Passover c..

186:3.3 dismissed his corps of runners for the Passover c.


123:3.5 While some of these c and observances were difficult

134:6.16 down in connection with one of their orgiastic c..

celestial or celestial beingssee Celestial Artisans;

  Celestial Guardians; celestial host(s); celestial

  intelligence(s); Celestial Musicians; Celestial

  Overseers; celestial personalities; Celestial

  Recorders; Celestial Visitors

4:1.1 consists in the interlocking activities of the cb. and

4:5.4 Such beliefs are utterly repulsive to the cb. and rulers

6:8.4 With the help and guidance of these c. agencies the

11:1.4 the trillions upon trillions of cb. who spring from

11:3.4 expands through the superior, supersuperior, c.,

12:7.9 child of God, illuminating each member of the c.

13:1.9 At this c. abode may also be found numerous orders

14:1.9 this Spirit co-ordinates the conduct of c. affairs

14:1.11 to numerous beings of both c. and terrestrial origin

15:8.7 islands of space is one of the tasks of the c. star

18:5.2 numbers of the various subordinate orders of cb..

19:2.6 to participate in practically all of the c. services of

19:5.3 would never be possible for the lower orders of cb.

19:5.10 none of the c. family have ever been conscious of

22:3.2 Like all separate orders of cb., they maintain their

23:2.21 they often work and study with the c. astronomers.

23:4.4 ask numerous other orders of cb., but we do not

25:0.1 messenger hosts include the following orders of cb.:

26:1.15 the angelic hosts minister to the higher orders of cb.;

26:4.12 creation astir in the co-operative effort of the cb. to

27:3.4 All these c. companionships are invariably mutual.

28:7.1 the star students, millennial tourists, c. observers,

28:7.4 C. workers on Urantia encounter many difficulties

29:0.1 of the existence of angels and similar orders of cb.,

29:4.23 All classes of c. life can utilize the less personal

30:3.2 1. The Star Students, the c. astronomers, choose to

30:3.3 may aspire to join some corps of c. astronomers.

30:3.4 These c. astronomers make constant use of the

31:7.2 Any c. personality assigned to the service of any

33:4.6 Gabriel may employ any of the orders of cb.

33:6.5 All higher orders of cb. are able to utilize this service

35:5.6 absolute and arbitrary authority over every cb.

37:3.5 would act as the directing heads of all c. life on that

37:5.4 creatures of the material worlds to the c. authorities

37:9.11 superhuman beings who serve on the planets as c.

37:9.11 ever-changing c. ministries and constantly shifting

38:9.8 to the higher spirit-reality forces of the c. realms.

38:9.10 as c. entertainers in behalf of the Planetary Prince,

39:0.11 if successful they enroll in the c. schools attached to

39:3.3 they do appear before the c. lawmakers to speak

39:5.13 When cb. are to be enseraphimed for transfer from

39:5.13 they are brought to the headquarters of the sphere

39:5.14 lightninglike speed, leaving a trail of c. luminosity

43:1.9 of at least seventy major divisions of c. life,

43:3.4 the Hebrews merged all of these c. rulers into a

44:0.3 ascending mortals and numerous other c. groups.

44:0.18 the supernaphim, and other cb. present.

44:1.1 rolled in upon the spirit energy of the c. circuits.

44:1.2 are occupied with the production of c. harmony

44:1.10 of material creatures to approach the c. harmony of

44:1.11 other forms of morontia melody and c. harmony.

44:1.14 the magnificent strains heard by the c. associates of

44:2.9 and technique, the c. dramatists of sovereignty.

44:5.4 as applied to the morontia and other orders of cb.

44:7.1 conveying to mortal minds this sphere of c. artistry.

44:7.3 the portrayal of c. artistry, or the mortal attempt to

45:1.6 to the seven major groups of these unnamed cb..

45:5.1 The great divisions of c. life have their headquarters

47:3.2 Life Carriers function with the cb. in the resurrection

47:4.2 While the various orders of c. life differ, they are all

47:8.1 they are not able to visualize many of these cb..

48:3.3 connection with certain unfortunate c. upheavals,

48:4.2 C. relaxation and superhuman humor are quite

48:4.7 This aspect of c. humor grows out of our faith in the

48:4.14 The sense of c. humor we have with us always, even

48:4.20 And so you will enjoy the c. equivalents of your

48:7.9 Neither do the cb. assist the lower being who refuses

48:8.3 requisition a substantial part of the c. creation as

49:0.2 All worlds are basically grouped for c. administration

49:1.1 the progression of life—terrestrial or c.—is neither

49:5.21 terrestrial status and his reception of c. ministry.

50:2.7 to collaborate with angels and other orders of cb.

51:1.3 surcharged with energy and saturated with c. light.

51:6.3 still another and older headquarters of c. ministry

52:2.2 quota of seraphic and other c. helpers is assigned to

52:3.2 is in possession of its full quota of c. ministers;

53:1.3 even to the exalted personalities of the c. world.

53:6.2 charming ways fascinated the lower orders of cb..

53:6.2 They simply could not comprehend that it was

53:9.1 thousands of the angels and the lower orders of cb.,

57:5.13 detach these three tributaries of the c. wanderer.

57:8.7 Melchizedeks, seraphim, and other orders of c. life

64:6.27 exactly the same standing before the c. powers as

65:5.4 later c. supervisors of this planet express complete

66:2.3 a host of other cb. assigned to advance the interests

66:4.10 wholly visible to the planetary staff and to their c.

67:2.3 Every group of c. life on the planet found itself

67:2.5 cherubim and other cb were involved in the decisions

67:8.3 the first inquiry of all subordinate c. life regarding the

74:8.3 the Adamic arrival and the c. surgery connected

75:4.1 The c. life of the planet was astir.

76:4.5 and Eve retained the ability to see these cb. for over

77:8.13 which finally induced the planetary c. supervisors

77:9.2 Unlike the various orders of cb. who are assigned to

77:9.6 so do midwayers converse with c. travelers to learn

78:1.13 the c. observers on Urantia waited anxiously to

84:8.5 Advancing cb. all enjoy rest and the ministry of the

85:4.2 the rainbow is thought to be a gigantic c. snake;

92:4.9 All other c. ministrations are no more than partial,

93:6.7 the larger plans of Melchizedek that the three cb.

95:2.8 rays betokened the letting down of a c. stairway

101:4.3 presented by the function of some other c. agency,

103:7.2 experience in the supernal program of c. evolution,

106:8.2 that are probably unsuspected by the c. philosophers,

108:3.6 respect for this magnificent group of c. ministers,

109:3.1 than are the duties of any of the created orders of cb.

109:7.7 the most active of the numerous orders of cb. then

110:1.2 guiding you safely to the c. haven of happiness.

110:1.6 that divine attunement, that c. fusion, that blending

112:5.11 a revelator of truth by the c. governing authorities of

112:7.4 Cb. are tested throughout a long experience,

113:4.6 these c. influences are integrated in the enveloping

114:0.1 rule in the kingdoms of men through many c. forces

114:3.2 recognized leader of the cb. functioning on Urantia.

114:6.5 These c. ministers are intrusted with the oversight

114:6.20 reservists are the provisions which the c. forces have

114:7.1 quickly assigned to the appropriate c. group of

114:7.7 Each division of planetary c. service is entitled to a

119:3.2 he intrusted command of the c. forces to Gabriel,

120:1.6 you are without c. endowments, but all your

121:8.1 benefited from the collaboration of a host of cb. who

122:4.1 In this dream a brilliant c. messenger appeared to

124:6.16 there now arrived the c. messenger to remind this lad

128:1.9 Between these two c. visitations, one in his thirteenth

128:1.13 And the hosts of cb. throughout the great and

128:1.13 all c. eyes were continuously focused on Urantia—

137:4.13 the abrogation of time in association with the c.

140:2.3 a host of cb. looked down upon this solemn scene—

144:5.84 Crown us with c. diadems of fruitful service,

148:3.5 any visible manifestation of cb. who might have

153:4.1 making it forever impossible for these few c. rebels

158:0.2 to the full experience of the visitation of the cb.

158:1.4 They looked on in amazement as the c. messengers

158:1.8 in the habiliments of the light of the c. world.

158:3.1 transfiguration mount was a glimpse of a c. pageant

158:3.5 After this c. visitation Jesus sought to know his

160:1.5 art, even that of c. joy and spiritual ecstasy.

160:3.5 currents of spirit concept and c. communication.

167:6.3 Jesus talked to his apostles about the c. mansions

167:7.5 the existence of other and higher orders of cb. who

168:1.10 near at hand of a vast concourse of all orders of cb.

168:2.1 silence, a vast host of cb. had swung into their places

175:2.2 a shudder of horror passes over the onlooking cb.

175:4.15 concourse of cb. hovered over this momentous scene

183:0.5 only by John Mark and an innumerable host of c.

Celestial Artisan(s)

30:2.151 2. C..

30:3.6 2. The C. serve throughout the seven superuniverses.

30:3.6 in connection with which these c. will be more fully

37:10.4 We especially profit from the ministry of the c. on

39:8.3 achieving perfection of specialized service as a c.,

43:6.7 The c. direct the native spornagia in this extensive

43:6.7 lifeless marble to portray their concepts, the c. and

43:7.4 group associated with the Nebadon corps of c..


44:0.1 of composite personalities denominated the c..

44:0.3 The c. are not created as such; they are a selected

44:0.4 is eligible for admission to the corps of the c.;

44:0.4 But no one may enlist with the c. for less than one

44:0.5 All c. are registered on superuniverse headquarters

44:0.5 They are commissioned in the following seven major

44:0.13 the c. have improved in technique and execution

44:0.20 the material mind the nature of the work of the c..

44:0.21 material activities and manifold functions of the c..

44:8.1 Although c. do not personally work on material

44:8.1 they do come from the headquarters of the system to

44:8.1 these a. temporarily work under the supervision of

44:8.1 The seraphic hosts co-operate with these a. in

44:8.6 And this is the story of the c.,that cosmopolitan body

46:2.5 artistically contrasted by the c. and their fellows.

46:5.31 The c. direct the spornagia and provide the host of

47:0.4 The reversion directors and c. maintain group

48:3.11 requisition on the c. and the reversion directors for

48:4.8 directors have the hearty co-operation of the c..

48:6.30 and this art is heightened in collaboration with the c.,

Celestial Guardians

18:4.4 work of major sector affairs is carried on by the C.

18:4.5 Most of the C. and the High Son Assistants are

22:1.7 6. C..

22:1.12 The C. and their co-ordinates, the High Son

22:1.12 to the courts of the Ancients of Days as C. and as

22:5.6 but they do not deal with individuals, as do the C..


22:9.1 of less distinguished performance are designated C..

22:9.2 When these beings have been Trinity embraced,

22:9.2 they become valuable adjuncts to the superuniverse

22:9.2 They are versed in the affairs of the ascendant career

22:9.3 Almost one billion C. have been commissioned in

22:9.3 They are chiefly assigned to the administrations of

22:9.3 they are assisted by a corps of ascendant Son-fused

22:9.4 The C. are the officers of the courts of the

22:9.5 The C. and their associates, the High Son Assistants,

22:9.6 they make us ever grateful for our lowly origin and

22:10.2 If, in discussing the C., I have seemed to call

30:2.60 6. C..

40:10.9 upon the arrival of the C. with orders to present

40:10.9 serving as assistants to the C. and permanently,

celestial host(s)

4:0.3 occupy the time and enlist the energies of the c..

33:4.6 chief of “the armies of heaven”—the c. hosts.

44:6.4 of the naked and glorious spirit-souls of the c..

55:4.2 Corps of the Finality, the majority of the c. withdraw

136:5.1 was presented with the vision of the assembled c. of

158:7.5 appear before my Father in the presence of the c..

161:3.3 in conference with the directors of the c. of the

168:1.11 “Take away the stone,” the assembled c. made ready

168:2.3 the vast c. was all astir in unified action in obedience

169:4.13 not even the c. can presume fully to understand.

186:2.6 in his so-called trial before Pilate, the onlooking c.

188:3.7 earth and in personal command of the assembled c..

189:0.1 being in personal command of the assembled c.

189:2.2 spokesman for the c. was given permission to make

189:2.7 but because the c. had been granted their request to

189:3.4 Son of Man relinquished his authority over the c.

189:3.4 he was immediately followed by all the c. host not

189:4.6 and as they had rested on the stone before the c.

celestial intelligence(s)

2:1.7 c. who draw near to the material beings of lowly

17:1.6 and embraces practically every order of c..

43:0.3 worlds are fully supplied with all orders of c..

53:7.11 anxious watchers of every imaginable class of c.,

62:5.8 Every c. stationed on Urantia, including myself, was

119:3.8 an age of increasing service and loyalty among all c.

129:4.1 To the onlooking c. of the local universe, this trip

132:7.9 What a scene for the c. to behold, this spectacle of

136:7.1 decision not to invoke the interposition of his c. in

184:4.4 the c. witnessed this sight of their beloved Sovereign

186:5.6 because of this bestowal of Michael, all other c. do.

186:5.6 a new revelation of man to the Gods and to the c.

189:2.1 In the name of the c. of all Nebadon, I ask for a

Celestial Musicians

44:0.6 1. C..


44:1.2 The c. are occupied with the production of celestial

44:1.6 ranks among the highest accomplishments of the c..

Celestial Overseers

30:2.146 6. C..

37:1.7 6. C..


37:6.1 maintenance and upbuilding is carried on by the C..

37:6.1 These beings are a recruited corps embracing all

37:6.1 There are upward of three million of them in

37:6.1 they are all volunteers who have qualified by

37:6.1 these overseers range the local universe as inspectors

37:6.7 shorter time as members of the Nebadon corps of C..

celestial personalities

1:7.9 by a Divine Counselor, a member of a group of c.

2:7.3 of the Infinite Spirit and of all other associated c..

19:1.1 Of all the high orders of c. revealed to you, Trinity

23:2.1 are not attached to any individual or group of c..

26:3.7 They serve their fellows, the c., the Paradise pilgrims

37:10.5 assigned on requisition to practically all corps of c.

44:1.1 but spirit pulsations received by the spirits of c..

53:8.7 persistently withstood the minor and subordinate c..

55:2.4 A circle of intervening c. is arranged to protect the

67:3.3 salvation of the planetary staff and marooned c..

93:1.3 Master Physical Controllers, and other c. resident on

93:2.8 he could not communicate with other orders of c..

114:7.8 Many times numerous other c. participate in this

123:4.7 nature, are not arbitrarily interfered with by c..

128:1.9 nor did he utilize the guidance of c., aside from

145:3.10 had scarcely been uttered when the assembly of c.

161:2.7 Jesus undoubtedly has communion with c.;

168:1.11 creatures in morontia form and requires far more c.

189:2.3 host of the representatives of all orders of c.,

Celestial Recorder(s)

25:0.6 5. C..

25:5.4 Chiefs of Records directing the activities of the C.,


25:6.1 These are the recorders who execute all records in

25:6.1 This they can do because of their peculiar ability to

25:6.1 C. are not created as such; they are ascendant

25:6.1 They are received, classified, and assigned to their

25:6.1 There also are located the schools for training C..

25:6.3 Never have I known of the defection of a C.,

25:6.3 never has there been discovered falsification in their

25:6.3 They are subjected to a dual inspection, their records

25:6.5 the corps of C. is of permanent assignment.

25:6.5 they will respectively remain C. until the day of the

25:6.6 On Uversa these senior C. can show the records of

26:1.10 some become C.; others ascend to the ranks of the

27:5.4 the seraphim and supernaphim sponsored by the C..

30:2.79 5. C..

37:8.8 Of the C., the ascendant seraphim, we have seventy-

39:8.3 as a celestial artisan, a Technical Adviser, or a C..

53:7.5 apostatized, nor did a single one of the C. go astray.

Celestial Visitors

30:3.11 From all the universe a constant stream of c. pours

48:3.10 3. Hosts to C.. These gracious creatures are

77:8.10 They act as companions and guides for c. and


48:3.10 superhuman groups of student visitors and other c.


82:3.9 Early in social evolution peculiar and c. orders of

84:4.4 the reasons cited in support of a c. priesthood,

89:3.6 beliefs fostered the formation of c. priesthoods in


49:1.2 biologic unit of material life is the protoplasmic c.,

49:1.2 the technique of living c. reproduction is slightly

58:1.3 submerses, every tiny living c. in this “briny deep.”

58:1.4 bathing each individual c. with a chemical liquid in

65:4.3 When a living c. is injured, it possesses the ability

65:4.4 concerned in wound healing and c. reproduction

65:6.2 In every living plant or animal c., in every living


34:4.13 that these direction c. ever point north and south.

36:2.11 trait determiners—in the sex c. of human

58:1.4 first protoplasmic reactions of the first living c. to

65:4.3 to stimulate and activate the neighboring normal c.

65:4.3 at the same time these normal and uninjured c.

65:4.3 creating new c. to replace any fellow c. which may

65:4.6 proliferation capacity of the associated normal c..

65:6.4 the ability of the iron in the circulating blood c. to

65:6.4 And this performance of the red blood c. illustrates

65:6.4 tissues by the action of the iron of the red blood c.,

65:6.4 which carries oxygen to the living c. and just as

76:4.7 The body c. of the Material Sons and their progeny

76:4.7 The body c. of the native races are akin to the living


14:4.9 they do not resolve by process of decay and c. death.

Celsusbeliever in Caesarea-Philippi

157:3.7 late that evening and stopping at the home of C.,

157:4.2 apostles assembled in C.’ garden for their noontide

157:6.1 the apostles remained another day at the home of C.,

158:6.0 6. IN CELSUS’ GARDEN

158:6.1 They remained overnight with C., and that evening

Celtaone of the ten women evangelists

150:1.1 C., the daughter of a Roman centurion;


71:1.23 such tribal federations were usually firmly c. by

111:6.6 blocks in the construction of wisdom which are c.

135:3.2 a strongly c. and firmly consolidated empire.


87:6.12 and hand washing at the c. is still a Jewish ritual.

146:6.2 a funeral procession on its way to the near-by c.,

151:6.2 level spot was the c. of the little village of Kheresa.

188:1.2 crucified person could not be buried in a Jewish c.;


59:0.6 This recent-times era is known as the C..

61:0.2 During this C. age the world’s landscape presented

61:1.10 The mammals of the early C. lived on land, under the

61:7.19 known to your researchers as the C. or recent-times


92:4.1 It is the mission of revelation to sort and c. the

101:9.8 Religion thereby becomes a c. of mortal affairs,

Censor or Universal Censor

10:8.10 [Sponsored by a UC. acting by authority from the

15:14.10 [Presented by a UC. hailing from Uversa.]

16:9.16 [Sponsored by a UC. from Uversa.]

19:3.3 associated together a Perfector of Wisdom, a UC.,

19:3.4 seven Divine Counselors, and one UC. constitute a

19:3.6 adjudicated, confirmed, and promulgated by a UC.

19:4.2 One C. is commissioned on each of the billion

19:4.4 Whenever and wherever a UC. is present, then and

19:4.4 the “I will be,” but the UC. is always “I am.”

19:4.5 perfection has been added, then the C. functions,

19:4.5 Therefore, when a C. has spoken, no one else may

19:4.5 for the C. has depicted the true and unmistakable

19:4.5 When he speaks, there is no appeal.

19:4.6 the working of the adjudicating mind of a UC..

19:4.7 know or conjecture about the functioning of a C.

19:4.7 conclusions are not always accurate forecasts of C.

29:5.8 [Sponsored by a UC. acting by authority of the


28:5.15 all of which has been c. and revised in the light of

103:0.1 of worship and are c. by the adjutant of wisdom.


44:4.9 They serve as c. and editors as well as co-ordinators

108:6.6 that the judges and c. discern when they decree your

108:6.6 they decree your survival and pass you upward to

Censors or Universal Censors

10:6.15 10. UC..

10:6.16 belong to the tenth order of this group, the UC..

15:10.7 4. UC..

15:10.11 One billion UC. are attached to each superuniverse

15:12.1 or universe is presented and interpreted by the C..

18:4.4 and UC. attached to their governments.

19:0.5 4. UC..

19:2.2 the Divine Counselors and the UC., the Perfectors

19:2.6 the Divine Counselors, together with the UC.,

19:3.2 Counselors are the associates and equals of the UC.


19:4.1 There are exactly eight billion UC. in existence.

19:4.1 These unique beings are the judgment of Deity.

19:4.1 They are not merely reflective of the decisions of

19:4.1 they are the judgment of the Paradise Trinity.

19:4.1 sit in judgment except in association with the UC..

19:4.2 why UC. are stationed in the central universe.

19:4.2 Their present activities hardly account for their

19:4.3 One billion C. are assigned to each of the seven

19:4.3 they operate throughout all divisions of the seven

19:4.3 Thus the C. act on all levels of the grand universe,

19:4.4 And since the C. always render their verdicts in

19:4.5 The C. are universe totaling personalities.

19:4.6 It appears to me that the C. formulate new

19:4.6 It seems probable that the UC. are able to bring

19:4.7 regarding the working of the minds of the UC..

19:4.7 It seems likely that the C. are in some manner in

19:4.8 Divine Counselors, and UC., together with the seven

22:1.13 and UC.—are of stationary numbers, but the

22:10.1 Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, UC.,

25:4.18 associated with the service and work of the UC..

28:3.1 the Perfectors of Wisdom, and the UC..

28:5.5 To the UC.—the Discerners of Spirits.

28:5.9 appeal is made to the C., who, with their Discerners

28:5.12 in concert with the Divine Counselors and the UC..

28:5.19 are the only seconaphim attached to the UC. but

28:5.20 When the UC. behold these presentations, they are

28:5.20 explains why the C. can always function so justly

28:5.20 The discerners always accompany the C. on any

28:5.21 Thus, by means of the discerners, are the C. made

28:5.22 the Adjusters (and the C. pronounce them divine),

30:1.17 10. UC..

30:2.33 11. UC..

37:4.2 Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, UC.,

46:5.15 Divine Counselors, and UC. all reside in this circle

112:3.2 after the C. and their reflective associates have

112:4.2 the UC. are able to gain possession of an epitome

112:4.2 The C. are able to appropriate the Adjuster’s

112:4.12 if the UC. and their reflective associates on Uversa

112:6.4 beings extending in range from seraphim to UC.

113:6.10 Already have the UC. arbitrarily taken from these


92:3.10 ennobled by the continuous c. of revealed religion

censussee Census Director(s)

20:7.2 The last universal c. broadcast gave the number of

24:2.6 Such c. data is indigenous to the superuniverses;

88:1.6 the ancients always opposed the taking of a c.,

122:4.3 Bethlehem, to be registered for the Roman c., but

122:7.1 the Roman Empire should be numbered, that a c.

122:7.1 to cause the postponement of the taking of this c.

122:7.1 Throughout all the Roman Empire this c. was

122:7.6 Herod, the c. enrollment, and the comparative

122:10.1 Bethlehem with her husband for the c. enrollment.

Census Director

24:2.4 One C. presides at the headquarters of each

24:2.4 while subject to such a chief d. are thousands upon

24:2.7 The C. of Nebadon, number 81,412 of Orvonton,

24:2.7 and he will afford the records confirmation of your

37:8.4 The Nebadon C., Salsatia, maintains headquarters

Census Directors

24:0.5 3. C..

24:0.10 Solitary Messengers, Circuit Supervisors, C., and

24:0.10 Universe Circuit Supervisors and the C. maintain


24:2.2 The C. are a special and completed creation of the

24:2.2 and they exist in numbers unknown to us.

24:2.2 They are so created as to be able to maintain perfect

24:2.2 they are personally sensitive and responsive to will.

24:2.2 These d., by a not-fully-understood technique, are

24:2.2 They are always competent to give us the number,

24:2.2 they do not function on Paradise; there is no need

24:2.3 Seven C. operate in Havona, one being stationed on

24:2.3 all C. function under the jurisdiction of the Ancients

24:2.5 superuniverse there are one hundred thousand C..

24:2.7 The C. are concerned with human beings—as with

24:2.7 They are not concerned with the records of your life

24:2.7 they are not in any sense recording personalities.

24:2.8 C. register the existence of a new will creature when

24:2.8 they indicate the death of a will creature when the

24:2.8 animals does not belong to the domain of the C..

24:2.8 They keep count of nothing but bona fide will

24:2.8 and they are responsive to nothing but will function.

24:2.8 Exactly how they register the function of will, we do

24:2.9 These beings always have been, always will be, C..

24:2.9 They would be comparatively useless in any other

24:2.9 But they are infallible in function, they never default,

24:2.9 they are persons; they have recognizable spirit

30:1.73 3. C..

30:2.69 3. C..

centsee per cent

173:1.3 half shekel, a coin about the size of a ten c. piece


85:3.2 half human and half animal, such as c. and mermaids.

centernoun; see center of all things; see Center;

   see power center

1:2.10 through this absolute gravity c. the eternal God

5:1.9 ever nearer the inner c., and some day, doubt not,

5:6.1 personality has its c. and circumference in the Father.

6:1.2 The Eternal Son is the spiritual c. and the divine

11:0.1 must the absolute controlling c. also be material,

11:1.4 for there converge in him at this residential c.

11:5.4 The activities of this vast elliptical force c. are not

11:5.4 This c. consists of three concentric elliptical zones:

11:5.5 The inner zone of this force c. seems to act as a

11:5.5 definitely greater at the north end of the Paradise c.

11:5.6 The mid-zone of the force c. immediately surrounds

11:5.6 the inner and the outer zones of the force c..

11:5.8 one billion Urantia years the space-force of this c. is

11:5.8 And the space-force manifestations of this c. are

11:5.9 Though the outer zone of the Paradise force c. is

12:1.13 As we move from within, from the divine c. outward

12:3.6 circuits are not related to the nether Paradise force c.

15:3.6 distorted spiral, situated about halfway from the c.

15:3.16 But farther out from the eternal c. there are fewer

15:4.1 circuited in and out of the nether Paradise c..

29:2.10 Each c. supervisor is headquartered on one of the

29:2.12 each c. having the supervision of a thousand Havona

32:2.4 though a large system does exist at its physical c..

41:3.4 about a common c. as one type of double star.

41:6.5 complete one million revolutions about the atomic c..

41:9.3 Your own solar c. radiates almost one hundred

42:7.1 Surrounding this energy c. there whirl, in endless

42:7.8 The thirty electrons nearest the c. are difficult of

43:1.7 The sea of glass is near the administrative c. and is

46:5.12 It is through this c. that the Avonals of the system

46:5.19 years ago there existed a great open space at its c..

46:5.25 This c. is fifty miles in diameter.

46:5.32 of the finaliters have a unique structure at the c..

46:7.1 at their c. is situated the vast circular headquarters of

49:1.4 Life is sometimes initiated in one c., sometimes in

51:6.3 how the moral authority of even such an ancient c.

57:5.6 pointed at both ends and markedly bulging at the c.,

57:7.5 before the heavier metals gravitated toward the c..

58:5.1 increases from the surface downward until at the c. it

66:7.3 observers sojourning at the world’s social c. and

77:3.7 Dalamatia—to function as cultural and religious c. for

77:5.7 upbuilding a new and independent world c. for truth

77:6.5 were attached to the Adamson c. until his death.

79:4.4 mingled to produce a high culture, and this c. was

79:5.8 The oldest culture was the Onamonalonton c. in

93:7.2 From this Andite c., teachers were dispatched to the

115:3.14 that the existents of the cosmos have their c.;

115:5.1 Trinity, which remains as the absolute c.-source of

133:4.13 Athens, which was renowned as an educational c.,

133:4.13 their two months’ stay in this thriving commercial c.

162:9.2 from that c. many workers had been sent to the cities

171:1.5 large interests of the kingdom which had their c. at

186:3.1 a c., or co-ordinating station, for his messenger

center ofsee center of all things

0:0.5 the Isle of Paradise, the geographic c. of infinity and

0:3.13 are convergent in the gravity c. of nether Paradise.

0:3.13 is fixed in absolute relation to the force-energy c. of

0:5.5 the source and c. of physical matter, and the absolute

1:1.4 Near the c. of the universe of universes, the Father

7:1.3 to the drawing power of the c. of spiritual gravity

7:1.4 the spiritual Son, the c. and source of spirit gravity.

9:1.5 The Third Person of Deity is the intellectual c. of

9:7.3 We know that the Conjoint Actor is the universe c.

10:3.11 2. As controller, through the gravity c. of Paradise.

11:0.1 Paradise is the eternal c. of the universe of

11:1.1 of the Father is resident at the very c. of the upper

11:1.2 is geographically resident at this c. of the universe of

11:5.7 the Paradise c. of the presence of the Unqualified

11:8.2 The c. and focal point of absolute material gravity is

11:9.2 Paradise is the geographic c. of infinity; it is not a

11:9.7 and the source-c. of all force-space and energy

11:9.7 Paradise is the c. of all creation, the source of all

12:1.10 At the c. of Havona is the stationary Isle of Paradise,

12:4.1 the master universe except the very c. of Havona,

12:4.1 Havona, the eternal Isle of Paradise, the c. of gravity.

14:0.1 divine universe occupies the c. of all creation;

15:3.5 The rotational c. of your minor sector is situated far

15:3.6 your sun and its associated planets belong is the c. of

15:3.10 clusters about the composite rotation-gravity c. of

15:3.11 its associated creations around the Sagittarius c. of

15:7.1 superuniverse government presides near the c. of

15:7.1 greater systems situated near the astronomical c. of

16:2.1 At the c. of centers the Infinite Spirit is approachable

17:2.2 the reflectivity chief and Paradise c. of all the work

17:2.3 Majeston, the personal and infallible c. of reflectivity

17:8.7 Majeston, the Paradise c. of universal reflectivity.

32:2.4 Nebadon, is situated at the exact energy-mass c. of

32:2.11 which functions as the physical or astronomic c. of

32:2.11 two hundred thousand light-years to the physical c.

32:2.11 the outermost system of inhabited worlds to the c. of

34:4.7 Mother Spirit acts as the universe focus and c. of

41:0.4 increasingly settled orbit about the Sagittarius c. of

41:1.3 they function at the exact energy c. of that sphere.

41:1.4 the headquarters sphere but are situated at the c. of

41:1.5 a dark island of space located at the astronomic c. of

41:2.2 The astronomic c. of Satania is an enormous dark

41:3.6 glimmering stars have acquired a density at the c. of

41:5.4 stimulated electron to work its way from the c. of an

41:8.4 a lone star near the c. of this irregular nebular mass.

42:7.1 There is at the c. of every minute universe of energy

43:4.3 the Edentia Faithful of Days is the constellation c. of

45:0.1 The administrative c. of Satania consists of a cluster

45:4.1 At the c. of the seven angelic residential circles on

45:4.1 The throne in the c. of this group is the judgment

45:5.2 The domain of the Adams is the c. of attraction to

46:5.16 the System Sovereign has a temple situated at the c.

46:5.19 The Michael memorial is now the c. of all activities

46:5.27 The c. of these 619 temples is occupied by a

47:1.2 the great spirit abode located at the c. of activities,

47:3.2 The very c. of activities on the first mansion world is

47:3.11 The c. of the seven major circles of the first

47:5.1 group headquarters at the c. of the school circles

48:2.17 at the c. of the seventy radiating wings wherein are

48:2.19 mechanical beings is always stationed at the c. of

50:4.10 From such a world c. of culture and achievement

50:5.6 Luxury vies with necessity in occupying the c. of the

51:5.4 this competitive struggle comes to occupy the c. of

51:6.2 violet race becomes the second c. of world culture

51:6.3 if somewhere in the Levant there were a world c. of

53:5.5 was a banner of white with one red circle, in the c. of

57:4.1 a solitary sun functioning as the c. of a terminal solar

57:5.4 The c. of this great system was a dark giant of space,

57:5.10 Jupiter and Saturn, being derived from the very c. of

57:7.1 such as iron, to settle more and more toward the c.

57:8.16 the heavier metals had settled down toward the c. of

59:3.5 The trilobites rapidly declined, and the c. of the stage

61:7.11 the c. of ice accumulation moved considerably

64:3.1 Foxhall peoples in the west, another struggling c. of

64:6.20 develop and emigrate from the original Sangik c. of

64:7.14 last of the Sangik peoples to migrate from their c. of

66:0.2 established in Mesopotamia, was at about the c. of

66:3.3 This world c. of culture was named Dalamatia in

66:7.19 injunction was the c. of all teaching of the Prince

72:1.2 eight months in the year, are situated at the very c. of

73:5.1 At the c. of the Edenic peninsula was the exquisite

73:6.1 In the c. of the Garden temple Van planted the tree

76:1.2 to work to build new homes and establish a new c. of

76:3.3 Adamson, founded a secondary c. of the violet race

76:5.5 Adam and Eve were buried in the c. of the temple of

77:3.2 a pretentious temple of racial glorification at the c. of

77:3.3 the nucleus of the future c. of the Nodite culture

77:3.6 They foresaw that Bablot would become a great c. of

77:4.13 old Vanite settlements to found his c. of civilization.

77:5.10 This c. of civilization was situated in the region

78:1.3 The c. of Adamite culture was in the second garden,

78:1.3 The secondary or northern c. of the violet race was

78:5.7 Easter Island was long a religious c. of one of

78:8.2 floods, Ur became the c. of the pottery industry.

79:0.1 their descendant Badonan founded a primitive c. of

80:1.2 methods of metalworking, Syria then being the c. of

80:6.1 the immediate c. of civilization shifted to the valley

80:7.5 Egypt as the Occidental c. of trade, art, and culture

80:8.4 deteriorated as they moved away from the c. of their

84:0.1 And home building should be the c. and essence of

85:5.2 The Chaldeans put the sun in the c. of “the seven

91:9.5 You must obliterate the dead c. of indecision.

104:4.26 Paradise is the c. of the force-energy activation of

107:0.1 Father is personally resident on Paradise, at the c. of

115:5.1 Trinity, which remains as the absolute c.-source of

121:2.11 including the important trade c. of Sepphoris.

121:6.9 all agreed on Jerusalem as the c. of their worship

123:5.7 known as a c. of liberal interpretation of Jewish law.

123:5.10 was an advanced and liberal c. of Hebrew thought

123:6.8 education and training at the c. of Jewish culture.

128:4.1 merchant planned to create a c. of learning which

130:3.7 this was the intellectual c. of the Occidental world.

132:0.2 forum, the c. of political, legal, and business life.

133:5.1 They shortly arrived at the olden c. of Greek science

133:5.1 Greece, the cultural c. of the onetime Alexandrian

140:8.14 The family occupied the c. of Jesus’ philosophy of

143:6.3 fact of the cross became the very c. of Christianity

144:5.12 Our creative Parent, who is in the c. of the universe

149:6.8 unreservedly worshiped c. and head of this

157:6.5 representative of the eternal Father, who is the c. of

160:5.7 that this divine source of values and the eternal c. of

162:1.1 prestige of having been preached at the c. of

166:5.2 this region as a c. of Christian learning for centuries.

168:5.1 Lazarus remained at the Bethany home, being the c.

171:1.6 Philadelphia remained the c. of the Abnerian

171:5.3 aside his cloak, springing forward toward the c. of

171:6.1 on with the crowd until they came near the c. of the

180:5.6 the golden rule becomes the wise c. of all their

189:1.9 the presence of the Michael memorial in the c. of the

195:6.14 fact of the absolute mechanism of Paradise at the c.

center of all things

1:7.9 and have long resided at the Paradise c. of all things.

3:2.4 eternally around the Paradise-Personality c. and

3:5.4 and everlastingly enthroned at the Paradise c.

5:1.2 and stand in the presence of the Father at the c..

6:0.1 And this Eternal Son is residential at the c.,

7:3.3 of your local universe or the Eternal Son at the c..

8:1.9 which exists, and so exquisitely functions, at the c..

8:3.8 At the c. the Infinite Spirit is the first of the Deities

8:4.6 his existence as the Third Person of Deity at the c..

11:1.3 to find the personal presence of God at the c. as to

11:1.3 or the actuality of his spiritual person at the c..

15:3.3 looking toward the residential universe and the c..

17:2.3 permanent Paradise headquarters near the c. at the

18:7.5 sacred spheres of the Universal Father near the c.

19:5.6 both originate near the c. and source of all things

21:0.5 Sons when they assemble for conference at the c..

21:2.2 though abiding with the Father and the Son at the c.,

21:5.10 connection with the Eternal Mother Son at the c..

23:1.4 these solitary spirits start out at the c. and crave

32:3.1 surrounding the home of the eternal Deities, the c..

39:8.3 thus attained the c., perhaps then to become an

42:0.2 ultimate control of a personal God resident at the c.

115:3.12 from the infinity periphery and converges at the c..

115:4.6 outer space and the unqualified actuals at the c..

Centersee Source; see Power; see also Centers

1:1.4 the Father more often mean the Universal C..

6:1.5 we designate the Son as the Co-ordinate Spirit C.

15:1.4 about left its position opposite the C. of Centers

29:2.2 1. Supreme C. Supervisors.

29:2.10 1. Supreme C. Supervisors.

29:2.11 Power Directors and the Supreme C. Supervisors

30:2.93 1. Supreme C. Supervisors.

104:4.1 the First Universal Father-Source, Absolute C.,

144:5.74 Our all-faithful Source and all-powerful C.,

196:3.16 this evaluator is the child of the C. and Source of all


0:4.10 those things which c. and inhere in the eternal Isle of

7:5.6 for in the Eternal Son c. all lines of spiritual gravity.

43:3.6 Your great interest would normally c. in the local

46:5.12 Here c. all of the plans and activities of the bestowal

56:1.3 hence does all gravity c. in the personal presence of

56:3.1 the universal spirit gravity c. in the Paradise personal

56:9.14 in reality, all things and beings c. in the Father.

115:3.14 spirit, mind, or energy, all c. in this association of

centeredsee centered in; see self-centered

5:4.8 the Hebrews c. their teaching on “Know your God ”;

35:7.3 c. on these Vorondadek worlds of the Salvington

36:2.9 all the Life Carrier activities in the universe are c..

41:2.3 physical-energy system of Satania is c. on Jerusem.

55:9.3 were formerly c. on the universe headquarters.

85:7.1 its early practice became c. upon objects of nature.

91:4.3 That is, the prayer may be c. upon the self or upon

97:9.17 and all the worship of the nation was c. at Jebus

101:8.1 such an attitude of saving faith is c. on God alone,

104:4.28 are c. around the absolutum of the Isle of Paradise,

107:3.1 seem to be c. on the sacred sphere of Divinington.

118:10.2 The growth of the Almighty is c. on the Absolutes of

121:6.8 all with one accord kept their hearts c. on the holy

centered in

0:3.19 any other moral being is c. in the personality of the

2:2.5 c. the divine purpose of elevating all will creatures

5:6.9 are c. in the personality of the Universal Father.

5:6.10 personality circuit of the universe of universes is c.

34:4.6 the personality of the Creator Son, is functionally c.

56:1.4 are both c. in the person of the Paradise Father.

56:3.1 As the universal mind gravity is c. in the Paradise

110:2.4 two realities which impinge upon, and are c. in,

116:5.11 to be c. in the Seven Supreme Power Directors,

169:4.2 His teaching regarding the Father all c. in the

170:2.1 that the kingdom must begin with, and be c. in the

185:4.1 a great deal about him when his work had been c.


0:4.10 of actuality and potentiality c. in the Eternal Son

0:6.1 to the material-gravity circuit c. in nether Paradise,

3:2.4 —in the gravitational control c. on nether Paradise.

20:1.13 Sons seem to possess a spiritual endowment c. in

33:2.2 is limited by the pre-existent gravity circuits c. at

50:4.2 this stands in contrast with the Adamic regime c.

56:1.2 of all bona fide material reality to the gravity c. on

56:4.3 personality circuit, c. on Paradise and in the person


43:0.2 in a cluster of 771 architectural spheres, the c. and

55:1.2 A morontia temple has three parts: C. is the

66:3.4 C. in the city was the temple of the unseen Father.

115:3.12 Actuality exists c. and expands therefrom into

centersnounsee centers of; see Centers

         see power center(s);

0:3.10 over all co-ordinate and subordinate sources and c..

0:3.10 and subordinate sources and c. and personalities.

7:3.4 and responded to by the lower automatic spinal c.;

7:3.4 vital incoming messages flash by these subordinate c.

16:2.1 At the center of c. the Infinite Spirit is approachable,

21:2.12 still their realms whirl on about their respective c..

23:2.20 explore and chart these newly organizing energy c.,

29:0.5 individuality of the various groups of directors, c.,

29:2.16 These c. are able to provide intensified lanes of

29:2.18 These system c. dispatch the power circuits to the

29:2.19 These are the c. who function in special local

29:3.12 In any local energy situation the c. and controllers

33:1.3 Creator Sons are personality c for the spiritual forces

35:10.3 the Lanonandek worlds are the c. for extensive

41:1.3 The one hundred local universe c. are stationed on

41:1.5 living mass functions as a liaison with the higher c.,

41:4.2 the particles which whirl around these c. as well as

43:1.7 Surrounding this area are the governing c. for the

43:8.1 supervised and distributed by the constellation c.,

45:5.2 an enormous area consisting of one thousand c.,

45:7.3 conduct upward of thirty different educational c. on

46:1.1 major capitals and seventy minor administrative c..

46:1.4 hundred thousand c. from which rarefied energies

51:6.1 the Gardens of Eden remain as superb cultural c.

51:6.4 Eventually these world c. amalgamate, but this actual

55:3.13 would have about one hundred subadministrative c..

55:3.13 These subordinate c. would be presided over by one

55:5.5 The art c. are exquisite and the musical organizations

58:2.8 these solar storm c. function as enormous magnets.

61:5.4 North America collected in two and, later, three c..

61:5.5 and retreat back toward, the northern pressure c..

61:5.5 and western ice c. were not then so extensive.

61:7.5 consisted of a combined invasion by all three ice c..

61:7.7 south over fifteen hundred miles from its pressure c.,

64:4.1 They spread from the highland c. in India to France.

72:3.2 going to the near-by c. for oral instruction once in

72:8.7 at the twenty-five coastal military c. are maintained

74:5.7 almost one hundred outlying trade and social c.

74:5.7 Most of these c. had been organized aforetime by

77:4.2 Three of the four great Nodite c. were established

77:4.3 uniting with the Andonites to found the Nodite c.

78:1.3 From the two c. there went forth to the surrounding

79:4.2 The early Aryan c. were scattered over northern half

79:6.4 tribes of the yellow man established their earliest c.

79:6.5 And now these c. began to be reinforced by the

79:6.5 neither were the Tibetan c. so advanced as those of

79:7.6 relationships between these remotely situated c..

79:8.5 the cultural union of the Yangtze and Yellow river c.

80:1.2 from these c. had penetrated somewhat into Europe

93:4.14 maintained auxiliary c. on the outskirts of Salem

94:0.1 propaganda that went out from Salem and other c..

94:0.1 They established training c. in different parts of the

95:7.3 There were numerous c. that might have

116:4.3 while the Master Spirits continue as source-c. for the

121:1.7  the world’s history, interconnected many major c..

121:2.4 the Roman world, provided the cultural c. in which

128:4.1 begin a long tour of the world’s educational c.

186:3.4 on Friday forenoon to distant cities and believer c..

190:1.8 of Lazarus in Bethany and to all of the believer c.,

centers of

7:3.4 less automatic but habit-trained c. of the lower brain,

15:10.22 In the work of these marvelous c. of superuniverse

15:13.5 the schools of the superuniverse and are the c. of

16:3.19 and comprehend when they reach the c. of glory.

29:2.9 These directing c. of the universe power system are

29:3.6 The directors, c., and controllers of power have

34:5.6 do not contact with, nor indwell, the thinking c. of

41:1.2 the incoming lines of power from the third-order c.

41:3.4 two separate bodies, either becoming the c. of new

42:2.14 This work is carried on by the versatile directors, c.

50:4.10 there establishing new and potent c. of learning and

51:3.2 You can judge nothing of these beautiful c of culture

66:3.4 ten councils of the corporeal staff situated at the c.

68:6.5 culture, have all thrived best in the larger c. of life


78:1.2 Certain c. of civilization existed here and there, but

78:1.8 all over Europe, but their better c. of culture were

78:5.7 Many flourishing c. of civilization grew up on

79:1.2 For fifteen thousand years c. of mixed Andite

79:2.8 India have become one of the world’s leading c. of

79:3.6 The Dravidian c. of culture were located in the river

79:6.5 Chinese had built up a dozen strong c. of primitive

79:7.2 The northern c. of culture along the Yellow River

80:3.1 The ancient c. of the culture of the blue man were

81:3.4 away from the more advanced c. of civilization.

116:7.1 vast universe is not without those co-ordinating c. of

122:7.6 Jerusalem and Alexandria as c. of Jewish learning

123:5.12 Nazareth was one of the twenty-four priest c. of the

123:5.15 from his home, and which was one of the social c. of

123:6.8 attributed it to the remoteness of Galilee from c. of

Centerssee Power Center(s)

10:3.1 existence and working of the three Sources and C..

12:7.14 divine beings of the Second and Third C. ever hope

15:1.4 the Paradise residence of the Great Sources and C.

15:1.4 now approaching opposition to the Great C..

15:1.4 has about left its position opposite the Center of C.

21:2.3 prerogatives from the Paradise Sources and C.,

21:2.3 inherent in the pre-existence of the Sources and C.

23:1.4 beings and ascend inward towards the Great C.;

29:2.3 2. Havona C..

29:2.4 3. Superuniverse C..

29:2.5 4. Local Universe C..

29:2.6 5. Constellation C..

29:2.7 6. System C..

29:2.8 7. Unclassified C..

29:2.12 2. Havona C..

29:2.13 3. Superuniverse C..

29:2.16 4. Local Universe C..

29:2.17 5. Constellation C..

29:2.18 6. System C..

29:2.19 7. Unclassified C..

30:2.94 2. Havona C..

30:2.95 3. Superuniverse C..

30:2.96 4. Local Universe C..

30:2.97 5. Constellation C..

30:2.98 6. System C..

30:2.99 7. Unclassified C..

36:2.11 after the order of the three Paradise Sources and C.

115:3.7 the Second, Third, and Paradise Sources and C..

115:3.10 of the Second, Third, and Paradise Sources and C.,


7:6.7 the universal circuit of spirit gravity, which also c.


65:2.5 starfish, stone lilies, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, c.,

centralsee central creation; see Asia, America, etc.;

    see Isle; see universe; see Central

1:3.1 by Mystery Monitors dispatched from the c. abode

1:5.7 Without God and except for his great and c. person,

3:4.1 to reside and repose in the c. personality of Deity.

3:4.3 in no wise impoverishes the c. source of wisdom.

3:4.3 still will God’s c. personality continue to embrace

5:1.9 you shall stand in the divine and c. presence and see

5:2.2 and communion with the Father, whether at the c.

7:5.6 the c. Paradise lodgment of spiritual luminosity was

7:6.4 the c. and universal controls of matter, mind, and

8:3.1 eternalizes concurrently with the c. or fiat creation,

10:1.2 in every universe except that of his c. indwelling.

10:1.4 and the materialization of the c. core of creation,

11:1.2 everlastingly will dwell in this same c. and eternal

11:1.3 until at last you would stand before the c. shining of

11:1.4 The Father is always to be found at this c. location.

11:1.4 back to the Father’s presence, to his c. abode.

11:5.2 underneath the location of the Trinity, in the c.

11:5.7 site of unimagined activities, the c. circuit point of

11:5.7 This is believed to be the c. focalization, the Paradise

11:8.2 invariably and unerringly respond to the c. gravity

11:9.6 God’s residence is c. and eternal, glorious and ideal.

11:9.7 from this c. abiding place of the eternal Gods.

12:1.11 revolve in orbits around the gigantic c. aggregation

12:9.6 displace the governing power of the c. spirit nucleus,

13:0.3 luminosity of the c. shining of the eternal Deities,

13:4.2 Spirits are an all-co-ordinating power of c. location.

14:0.1 This c. planetary family is called Havona and is

14:2.9 created in, or admitted to, the c. Havona universe.

15:3.1 The Milky Way starry system represents the c.

15:3.6 Your solar system now occupies a fairly c. position

15:5.3 such a nebula appears as an enormous c. sun

15:6.13 being brought under control of the c. governing sun.

15:7.3 grandeur of Paradise, their c. pattern of perfection.

15:8.10 the c. Havona universe is eternally stabilized.

16:0.12 their particular domain is the c. supervision of the

17:1.6 are maintained the c. registries for all personalities

17:8.2 are only indirectly assisted by the c. lodgment of

22:3.2 their reserves on Uversa act as the c. directing body

24:7.9 in the organization of the c. and divine creation,

30:3.2 the work of this colony, not only because of its c.

31:3.4 when they go forward to the c. training worlds of

32:3.4 the administrative organization of the c. or pattern

32:4.9 by one of the Seven Master Spirits of c. abode and

32:5.5 vast circle around the c. dwelling place of the Father.

34:1.1 the other Master Spirits draw near this c. lodgment

36:2.10 And I am permitted to reveal that the seven c.

36:5.3 The c. lodgments of the adjutant spirits on the Life

36:5.3 these c. lodgments record only a qualitative function

38:5.1 Their c. training school is now presided over by the

41:4.2 the space between the c. cores of matter and the

41:7.2 height of about 35,000,000 degrees in the c. regions.

41:10.2 a c. sun or dark island with planets, satellites,

42:7.1 This c. unit is endowed with a threefold possibility of

42:7.2 the electrons revolve about the c. proton with about

42:7.4 one to one hundred electrons revolve around a c.

42:7.6 on the number of inactive neutrons in the c. body.

42:7.7 well-nigh instantaneous disruption of the c. proton

42:7.8 electrons of the larger atoms revolve about the c.

42:7.9 electrons will escape from the grasp of the c.

43:0.1 link the local systems of inhabited worlds to the c.

43:2.3 the supreme judicial function rests with the c.

43:4.4 modest in comparison with the c. abode of the Most

44:0.5 divisions of activity by the c. corps of morontia

45:1.9 The great temple of light occupies a c. place, but no

45:5.1 The c. abode of this wonderful sector is the chief

46:3.1 beings present in the c. broadcast amphitheater;

46:5.19 This c. region is now occupied by the Michael

46:5.25 Evening Stars situated in the enormous c. space.

46:5.27 The c. area of the circles of the ascending mortals

47:3.2 gigantic structure consists of the c. rendezvous of

48:3.2 do not pass through the c. Melchizedek schools.

48:4.11 Beings indigenous to the c. abode are incapable of

49:0.4 the planets revolving around the c. sun are too large

55:2.4 morontia temple, they are distributed around the c.

57:3.3 The rapid revolutions of this enormous c. core

57:3.10 heat generation in the Andronover c. cluster,

57:3.10 even in the regions near the c. mother-sun wheel.

57:4.4 increased heat production continued in the c. mass of

57:5.9 from the more massive and bulging c. portions.

58:4.2 life implantations have been designated as: the c. or

58:4.4 life in the sheltered tropic bays of the c. seas of the

58:7.4 stone layer comes to the surface over the c. regions

59:5.15 These coal beds over c. and eastern United States

61:5.2 the c. points of subsequent glacial pressure flows.

61:5.5 The c. ice sheet extended south as far as Kansas;

61:7.2 fourth ice sheet, a union of the North American c.

61:7.2 as far south as the Ohio River and c. Pennsylvania.

61:7.5 But the c. lobe reached south to cover most of the

61:7.9 the c. coming down into Kansas, Missouri, and

62:0.1 from the c. life implantation evolved in Africa.

62:1.2 Asia, in the original area of the c. life implantation

65:2.13 The eastern and c. groups of living organisms were

65:2.15 the addition of certain strains of the c. life group.

65:2.15 Man thus evolved out of certain western and c. life

65:2.15 central life strains but in the c to near-eastern regions

66:3.5 two stories, and the c. temple of the Father of all,

66:4.13 this tree grew in the c. courtyard of the temple of the

66:5.12 From a c. exchange of credits they secured tokens

66:7.2 The interiors of the c. temple of worship and the

72:2.1 The c. government consists of a strong federation of

72:11.3 music is one of the chief pursuits of the c. military

73:1.5 The c. group remained in the immediate vicinity of

73:4.3 the river and adjacent pastures occupying the c. area.

73:6.5 the tree was growing from the earth in the c. and

73:6.5 it was regrown from the c. core by Van and his

73:6.6 Garden of Eden, where, once again, it grew in a c.,

74:4.1 in the vicinity of the Father’s temple in the c. sector

77:4.6 3. The c. or pre-Sumerian Nodites.

79:6.8 highest mass civilization on Urantia was in c. China

80:2.2 The c. group moved north and east to the Nile valley

80:5.2 From this c. point there went forth the successive

80:8.1 Andonite tribes which had long inhabited these c.

80:9.5 2.The c. white race. While this group includes strains

93:5.6 were raiding the tribes of c. and southern Palestine.

102:8.1 That is the one c. truth of all religion.

107:3.9 And we do know that this c. and supervising corps is

108:3.4 the c. lodgment of the divine gifts on Divinington.

108:3.7 these divine gifts from some far-distant and c. source

115:6.2 by the creative forces and divine personalities of c.

131:5.1 their doctrine of the one God became a c. teaching in

143:4.1 king of Assyria, in subduing a revolt in c. Palestine,

143:6.3 “The realities which are c. in the kingdom of God.”

143:6.3 Christianity; but it is not the c. truth of the religion

144:1.9 The c. theme of the discussions throughout the entire

146:6.1 By this time the people of c. and southern Galilee

150:0.4 all the principal cities and villages of c. Galilee,

150:6.3 from all parts of c. and southern Galilee these

151:2.5 a story best suited to the illustration of the one c.

170:1.17 a religion which was organized about the c. idea of

188:5.1 love of a father for his son, becomes the c. truth in

central creation

7:5.5 Son bestowed himself on each of the circuits of the c

7:6.8 exists in the hearts of all creatures in the primary c.

8:1.6 throughout the c. of the Gods, the Father acts,

8:3.1 eternalizes concurrently with the c. or fiat creation,

8:3.1 only this c. is eternal in existence among universes.

8:3.3 that the Son sustains to the Father in the first and c..

10:1.4 and the materialization of the c. core of creation,

12:1.10 mass content of this c. is far in excess of the total

12:1.13 not to mention the eternal spheres of the c..

12:4.15 the present time revolving clockwise about the c..

14:2.5 spiritual reactions transpiring in the c. which are

14:5.6 There is a refreshing originality about this vast c..

14:6.6 parental satisfaction from the perfection of the c..

14:6.12 To the Eternal Son the superb c affords eternal proof

14:6.24 This c. is an exemplification of the future-eternal

14:6.29 The Creator Sons know that the c. is the real source

14:6.31 The Paradise Sons regard the c. as the home of

21:0.4 the outer spheres to the innermost circuit of the c..

24:2.2 and whereabouts of all creatures in any part of the c.

24:6.4 pilgrim made his way to the outer belt of the c..

24:7.9 in the organization of the c. and divine creation,

26:2.4 sojourn for periods on the world circuits of the c.,

26:3.1 On the billion study worlds of the perfect c., your

26:3.6 are the broadcast receivers and senders of the c.

29:1.3 but collectively in the administration of the c..

29:2.12 one million have functioned in the c., each center

32:3.3 In the c. we have a pattern of perfection, but all

32:3.4 of the administrative organization of the c..

37:9.8 to the pilgrim spirits passing through the c..

106:1.1 qualification that is not genetically found in the c..

106:2.4 presence and divine personality resident in the c..

Central Shining

24:7.2 privilege of “personal contact” with the Paradise C.

Central Supervisors

29:4.23 Seven Supreme Power Directors and the Seven C..


97:1.1 And this c. of administrative authority afforded a

121:2.6 The c. of the Jewish temple worship at Jerusalem


9:0.1 Father’s liberation from the bonds of c. perfection

24:5.5 efficient, direct, c., but far-flung system of advisory

96:0.1 reduced their gods to the more c. concept of Bel-

97:1.1 their tribal organizations into a c. government.

98:6.1 The Hellenic Greeks never evolved a c. worship


43:6.3 C. located in this magnificent garden is the shrine of

72:2.1 has a representative government with a c. located

93:5.2 the fact that Palestine was c. located with reference


15:5.6 4. C. Planetary Daughters.

41:9.4 in connection with the c. motion, a sun begins to

57:3.5 faster and faster until, eventually, the critical c. stage

67:7.2 external repercussions of sin: The impersonal (c.)


67:7.1 The personal (c.) consequences of the creature’s


42:2.4 These triconcentric zones are the c. of the Paradise


58:2.1 paid for at the rate of two c. per kilowatt-hour,

126:5.5 only the equivalent of about twenty-five c. a day.

173:1.3 to charge the equivalent of from three to four c.

173:1.3 for the exchange of a coin valued at about ten c.,


51:6.2 For c. the city headquarters schools of the Planetary

51:6.6 With the passing of c., through the amalgamation of

52:3.11 During the closing c. of the post-Adamic age

72:11.4 during the last two c. these people have been called

73:5.4 the later times of the nineteenth and twentieth c..

79:2.4 For over fifteen c. these superior peoples poured in

79:8.16 the yellow race has persisted down through the c..

79:8.17 For c. this civilization has rested upon the laurels of

80:5.2 increasingly white as the passing c witnessed the final

80:9.9 and trade were nearly suspended during these c.

83:7.5 twentieth c. the Occidental ideal of marriage has

88:2.9 reflect the winnowed moral wisdom of many c.,

92:5.12 one of the greatest c. of religious awakening ever

93:10.4 to collaborate throughout the nineteen succeeding c.

94:1.3 resynthesis in the early c. of the second millennium

94:4.1 With the passing of the c. in India, the populace

94:5.3 in subsequent c. many subordinate gods and spirits

94:6.12 During these spiritually decadent c. the religion of

94:7.7 its grotesque perversion during later c., Gautama’s

94:11.9 legend grew in myth as it traveled through the c. and

94:12.7 accumulated doctrines and dogmas of nineteen c. of

95:1.7 and for c. the priesthood increasingly deteriorated.

95:2.2 monotheism wavered in Egypt for many c.,

95:2.5 For c. the Egyptians placed their faith in tombs as

95:3.4 For c. the inhabitants of the Nile valley had lived by

95:5.14 that the repercussions of his work persisted for c.

96:1.4 For c. after Melchizedek’s sojourn at Salem his

98:2.5 The Greek poets of the fifth and sixth c., notably

99:0.3 did approve the occasional social reforms of past c.,

118:8.10 and oceans with his machines, generations and c.

121:1.1 In the c. just prior to these times Greek culture and

122:4.4 For c. the Hebrew prophets had proclaimed the

132:0.5 behind the scenes and in the light of nineteen c. of

140:8.20 and much misrepresented all down through the c.

142:2.4 And should not mankind, as the c. pass, come the

143:5.11 Even nineteen c. later many show the same

166:5.2 this region as a center of Christian learning for c..

170:1.8 misunderstood through the c. of the Christian era,

170:1.14 C. of confusion regarding the meaning of the term

170:2.10 That c. have passed with no signs of the

170:5.2 Throughout the first c. of the Christian propaganda,

170:5.18 And so, for c., the Christian church has labored

170:5.20 gospel was so many-sided that within a few c.

175:2.3 maintained toward individual Jews for many c..

179:5.5 those who followed after him in the intervening c.

180:2.4 For c. honest souls have continued to wreck their

193:4.1 of the accumulated enlightenment of succeeding c..

195:1.6 For c. the Greek had seriously thought and

195:1.6 For c. the Jews had neglected these other fields of

195:1.6 of Jesus’ message, the united product of the