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Inon-exhaustive; see IJesus; see I am; see I AM;

   see must

1:3.2 “Lo, he goes by me, and I see him not; he passes on

1:3.2 see him not; he passes on also, but I perceive him not

2:2.1I am the Lord; I change not.”

2:2.1 “My counsel shall stand; I will do all my pleasures

2:2.1 the eternal purpose which I purposed in my Son.”

2:3.1 “‘I have not done without cause all that I have done,

2:4.1 in the earth, for in these things I delight.”

2:4.1 I do not afflict willingly nor grieve the children of

2:5.4 my own sake, and I will not remember your sins.”

3:1.2 ‘Do not I fill heaven and earth?’”

3:3.2I have surely seen the affliction of my people,

3:3.2 I have heard their cry, and I know their sorrows.”

4:4.2I, the Lord, change not.”

19:4.4 the Perfector of Wisdom would be the “I was,”

19:4.4 the Divine Counselor the “I will be,”

40:6.2 “Even to them will I give in my house a place and

40:6.2 I will give them an everlasting name, one that shall

43:4.6I will exalt my throne above the Sons of God;

43:4.6 I will sit upon the mount of assembly in the north;

43:4.6 I will be like the Most High.”

44:4.8 But I cannot do it!

52:7.12 the new heavens and the new earth, which I will

89:3.6I would that all men were even as I myself.”

96:6.3 “As I was with Moses, so will I be with you; I will

96:7.7 ‘Deliver him from going down in the pit, for I have

97:4.3 Though they dig into hell, thence shall I take them;

97:4.3 though they climb up to heaven, thence will I bring

97:4.3 thence will I direct the sword of justice, and it shall

97:4.3 “Surely I will never forget any of your works.”

97:4.3 I will sift the house of Israel among all nations

97:4.5I will betroth you to me forever; yes, I

97:4.5 yes, I will betroth you to me in righteousness and

97:4.5 I will even betroth you to me in faithfulness.”

97:4.5 I will love them freely, for my anger is turned away.”

97:4.6 saying of God, “It is my desire that I chastise them.”

97:4.6I will say to those who were not my people, ‘you

97:4.6I will heal their backsliding;

97:4.6 I will love them freely, for my anger is turned

97:4.6 ever was: “I will have mercy upon my people.

97:5.2 “Judgment will I lay to the line and righteousness to

97:6.3 “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;

97:6.3 therefore with loving-kindness have I drawn you.”

97:6.4 “And now have I given these lands into the hand of

97:7.6I have made the earth and put man upon it.

97:7.6 I have created it not in vain; I formed it to be

97:7.7I have created you, I have redeemed you, I have

97:7.7 “When you pass through the waters, I will be with

97:7.7 she may forget, yet will I not forget my children,

97:7.7 I have graven them upon the palms of my hands;

97:7.7 I have even covered them with the shadow of my

97:7.10 “Every one who is called by my name I have created

97:7.10 I, even I, am he who blots out their transgressions

97:7.10 their transgressions for my own sake, and I will not

97:7.12I dwell in the high and holy place, also with him

102:6.5I know,” even when this knowledge of God is

102:6.5 replies, “How do you know that I do not know?”

102:7.7 I know what I have experienced because I am a son

108:3.6 I honor you!

108:3.6 I all but worship you!”

126:4.6 I will strengthen you and I will help you; yes,

126:4.6 yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my

126:4.6 And I will hold your right hand, saying to you,

126:4.6 saying to you, fear not, for I will help you.

126:4.7 and my servant whom I have chosen that all may

126:4.7 I, even I, am the Lord, and beside me there is no

130:8.2 ‘And I will give you a heart to know me, that I am

130:8.2 belong to my people, and I will be your God’?

131:2.4I dwell in the high and holy place; also with him

131:2.6 I will strengthen you; I will help you; yes, I will

131:2.11 the Lord has said: ‘I will love my children freely.

131:2.11 Says the Lord: ‘I will have mercy on them; I will

131:2.13I will ransom you from the grave; I will redeem you

131:2.13 I will be merciful to your children, as well as just.

131:2.13 Have I not said of my creatures on earth, you are

131:2.13 And have I not loved you with an everlasting love?

131:2.13 Have I not called you to become like me and dwell

131:4.3I dwell within their own souls as a lamp of

131:4.3 Where two or three gather together, there am I also

131:4.4I will give you the wisdom to attain me, for my

131:7.2 I derive great pleasure in the multiplication of

131:7.2 I manifested myself by being born into the world

131:7.2 Although I am great and supreme, still I have

131:7.2 If any creature will worship me, I will hear his

131:7.3 ‘If I hear your prayers, it is because you come before

135:4.4 “Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before

135:4.4 lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.”

136:9.7 ‘You are my Son; this day have I begotten you.

136:9.7 Ask of me, and I will give you the heathen for

137:6.2 ‘But to this man will I look, even to him who is poor

137:6.2 ‘Behold I will extend peace like a river,

137:6.2 As one whom his mother comforts, so will I

144:8.3 ‘Behold, I send my messenger before your face;

145:2.5 when I will make a new covenant with my people,

145:2.5 covenant which I made with their fathers when I

145:2.5 I will even write my law in their hearts.

145:2.5 I will be their God, and they shall be my people.

145:2.7 ‘As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘behold all souls

145:2.7 ‘A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit

145:2.7 and a new spirit will I put within you.

146:2.3 hear my law and the words which I sent by my

146:2.5I have called and you refused to hear; I stretched

147:8.4 you will cry out, and he shall say—Here am I.

148:4.10I will be his Father and he shall be my son.

148:4.10I have chosen him to be my son—I will be his

148:4.10 by my name, for I have created them for my glory.

148:5.5I know your sorrows.

148:5.5 ‘When you pass through the waters of affliction, I

148:5.5 adversity overflow you, I will not forsake you.

150:8.8 “For this commandment which I give you this day is

153:2.2 to the words of my servants the prophets whom I

153:2.2 then will I make this house like Shiloh, and I will

159:5.5 “For I, the Lord your God, will hold your right hand,

159:5.5 hold your right hand, saying, fear not; I will help you

163:4.10 he will the more likely say, “Here am I; send me.”

174:4.6 sit on my right hand until I make your enemies

174:5.10I have glorified my name in your bestowals many

174:5.10 and I will glorify it once more.”

179:4.2 tones they hesitatingly inquired, “Is it I?”

179:4.3 thus spoken, they all began again to ask, “Is it I?”

179:4.3 on the left of his Master, again asked, “Is it I?”

191:5.5 the morontia Master and exclaimed, “I believe!

IJesus; see also I amJesus

37:3.4 the Master’s personal promise, “I will come again.

38:6.1 I can even now ask my Father, and he will

52:6.1 Think not that I have come to bring peace upon

53:8.3 “And I beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven.”

76:5.3 I have given consideration to the circumstances

76:5.3 I have remembered the desire of your hearts ever

76:5.3 from the embrace of mortal slumber when I come

100:7.11 Said he, “If it were not so, I would have told you.”

102:6.7 If you love your fellows as I have loved you, then

108:4.1 on Urantia, “I, if I am lifted up, will draw all men.”

113:1.1 that you despise not one of these little ones, for I

119:1.1 I place you under the care and keeping of Immanuel

119:1.1 while I go to do the bidding of my Paradise Father.”

119:1.2 I leave you but for a short season.

119:1.2 Many of you, I know, would go with me, but

119:1.2 but whither I go you cannot come.

119:1.2 I go to do the will of the Paradise Deities,

119:1.2 and when I have finished my mission and have

119:1.2 I will return to my place among you.”

119:6.5 he only replied: “I have simply been about my

125:0.6 And I well know, no matter what unwise thing I

125:0.6 I refuse to believe that my Father in heaven loves

125:6.7 time has come when I should be about my Father’s

125:6.9 but I will return to cleanse yonder temple and deliver

125:6.11 “While I must do the will of my Father in heaven,

125:6.11 I will also be obedient to my father on earth.

125:6.11 I will await my hour.”

128:1.11 merely replied, “Not I, that is my elder brother.”

128:5.4 we cannot eat another’s bread as long as I have

128:7.2 “Regardless of who I am and what power I may

128:7.2 I always have been, and always will be, subject to the

128:7.13 But, my son, I will continue to send you

128:7.13 what I send shall be used by you as the occasion

130:2.4 I predict that the good in you could overcome the

130:3.7 but these teachers are not minded that you and I

130:6.1 perhaps I can in some manner assist you.

130:6.2 I understand you come up in these hills to get

130:6.2 but I would like to know whether you are familiar

130:6.2 I well know you wish to be left alone with your

130:6.2 so do I well know the way to the city of your

130:6.2 And since you have asked me for help, I will not

130:6.2 Sit down with me while I tell you of the service

132:5.1 I would bestow material wealth for the

132:5.1 even as I would minister knowledge, wisdom,

132:5.1 I would administer material wealth as a wise and

132:5.2 My good friend, I discern that you are a sincere

132:5.2 therefore am I minded to lay before you my view

132:5.2 I do this because you have asked for my counsel,

132:5.2 I counsel you to make the following analysis of

132:5.2 I would suggest that you bear in mind the

132:5.14 “While I offer further suggestions concerning your

132:5.14 I would admonish you to receive my counsel as

132:5.14 I speak only for myself and to you as an inquiring

132:5.14 I adjure you not to become a dictator as to how

132:5.14 I would advise you: “1. As a steward of inherited

132:5.25 “My good friend, I perceive you are a man of great

132:6.3 I—” but he stopped, saying to Ganid, “My son, it is

132:7.4 but he was an orphan prophet; by that I mean that

133:1.2 in all consistency I may employ sufficient force to

133:1.2 And that is just what I did.

133:1.2 I achieved the deliverance of the assaulted lad;

133:1.2 Then I forcibly detained the aggressor a sufficient

133:1.2 his escape, after which I withdrew from the affair.

133:1.2 I did not proceed to sit in judgment on the

133:1.4 Ganid, I can well understand how some of these

133:1.4 and I will endeavor to answer your question.

133:1.4 I would determine whether or not the aggressor

133:1.4 —and if I thought such a creature did not possess

133:1.4 I would unhesitatingly defend myself to the full

133:1.4 But I would not thus assault a fellow man of

133:1.4 That is, I would not punish him in advance and

133:1.4 I would by every possible artifice seek to prevent a

133:1.4 Ganid, I have absolute confidence in my heavenly

133:1.4 I do not believe that real harm can befall me;

133:1.4 I do not believe that my lifework can really be

133:1.4 —this all-powerful truth I insist on believing with a

133:2.1 My friend, may I speak with you in private for a

133:2.1 My friend, I perceive that something terrible

133:2.1 I very much desire that you tell me what could

133:2.1 As I look upon you, I think I discern in your face

133:2.1 I venture to say that, if you found me out by the

133:2.1 I dare say you have done many such brave things

133:3.7 I perceive, Ganid, that neither of these women is

133:3.7 I can tell by their faces that they have experienced

133:3.7 And I bespeak for them that they have forgiven

133:3.7 as I speak for my Father in heaven that he has

133:3.8 forgive us for coming at this hour, but Ganid and I

133:3.8 They can tell you their story, but I surmise they

133:3.9 And I will pray for your spiritual guidance while you

133:4.10 “My brother, I perceive you are seeking for truth,

133:4.10 and I suggest that the spirit of the Father of all truth

133:4.11 the certainty of eternal life, as I have instructed you.

133:4.12 From talking to you, I well know you did not plan

133:4.12 You or I may not deny the state this right of self-

133:7.6 I have already told you much about the mind of man

133:8.2 This city is not far from Palestine; maybe I shall

134:8.7 I can hardly judge you justly, and my mercy you

134:8.7 I commit you to the adjudication of the Judges of a

134:9.6 “It behooves me to keep busy while I wait for my

135:11.4 Go back to John and tell him that I have not

136:10.1 I pledge you I will be subject to the will of my

137:1.3 I admonish you to become more thoughtful in

137:1.3 I would change your name to Peter.”

137:1.6 in my heart did I also number you in the councils

137:3.5 “It is better that I tarry here for a while; I must do

137:4.4 be willing to tarry with me while I wait upon the will

137:4.6 Think not that I have come to this place to work

137:4.8 My good woman, what have I to do with that?”

137:4.8 Again I declare that I have not come to do things in

137:4.9 for have I not many times told you that I have

137:4.9 Most gladly would I do what you ask of me if it

137:5.2 I do not know of a certainty whether you are what

137:6.5 You are my friends; I trust you and I love you;

137:6.5 I warn you that it will be only through much

137:6.6 “My Father, I thank you for these little ones who,

137:6.6 And for their sakes have I set myself apart to do

137:8.6 I have come to proclaim the establishment of the

137:8.7 and when I shall have finished my work on earth,

137:8.8 But I say to you in all sincerity: Unless you seek

137:8.11 I declare that he who would be great in my Father’s

137:8.11 I shall presently sit down with my Father in his

137:8.13 “And this kingdom which I declare to you is not a

137:8.14I have come to preach the glad tidings of the

137:8.14 I have not come to add to the heavy burdens of

137:8.14 I proclaim the new and better way, and those who

137:8.16 I have not come to call the would-be righteous but

137:8.17 now have I come proclaiming faith, the gift of God,

138:1.2 pertains to the kingdom, even as I have taught you.”

138:3.6 criticizing me in your hearts because I have come

138:3.6 I have come to proclaim joy to the socially

138:3.6 Need I remind you that they who are whole need

138:3.6 I have come, not to call the righteous, but sinners.

138:5.1 Thomas, you lack faith; nevertheless, I receive

138:5.1 Judas, we are all of one flesh, and as I receive

138:5.1 I pray that you will always be loyal to your

138:7.1 My little children, how long shall I bear with you!

138:7.1 Have I not made it plain to you that my kingdom

138:7.1 I have told you many times that I have not come

138:7.1 Can you not perceive that I have called you as

138:7.1 as I now represent my Father who is in heaven?

138:7.1 Can it be that I have chosen you and instructed

138:7.4 when I shall subsequently ordain you to preach

139:4.3 And now I desire that you assign two or three of

139:6.5 I have come that my brethren in the flesh may have

140:1.1 I have brought you apart here with me to present

140:1.1 But just now I have something more to tell you

140:1.2 I declare to you that my Father is not the God of Jew

140:1.4 Verily, verily, I say to you, not every one who says,

140:1.5 now would I make it plain to you that this kingdom

140:1.6 in the saving truth which I have come to declare.

140:1.7 And while I would lay no grievous burdens upon

140:1.7 I shall presently leave you as I now represent my

140:2.2 My Father, I now bring to you these men, my

140:2.2 From among our children on earth I have chosen

140:2.2 these twelve to go forth to represent me as I came

140:2.2 my Father, give these men wisdom as I place all the

140:2.2 And I would, if it is your will, tarry on earth a time

140:2.2 And again, my Father, I thank you for these men,

140:2.2 I commit them to your keeping while I go on to

140:3.1 elected to represent me in the world even as I now

140:3.1 which I exemplify in my earth life of revealing

140:3.2 I send you forth to proclaim liberty to the spiritual

140:3.12 My brethren, as I send you forth, you are the salt of

140:3.15 I say to you: Love your enemies, do good to those

140:3.15 whatsoever you believe that I would do to men, do

140:3.17 therefore do I require of you during your mortal life

140:3.18 In all the business of the kingdom I exhort you to

140:3.19 I warn you against false prophets who will come

140:3.20 But I will be compelled to say to them,

140:3.20 I never knew you; depart from me you who are false

140:3.20 commission to represent me before men even as I

140:5.18 persecutions he said, “My peace I leave with you.”

140:6.2 the old, but I declare that you must be reborn.

140:6.2 But do not make the mistake of thinking that I

140:6.2 I have come to set aside the law and the prophets;

140:6.2 I have not come to destroy but to fulfill, to enlarge

140:6.2 I come not to transgress the law but rather to write

140:6.3 I demand of you a righteousness that shall exceed

140:6.4 But I look beyond the act to uncover the motive.

140:6.4 I declare to you that every one who is angry with

140:6.5 But I say to you that every man who looks upon a

140:6.6 I have not come to legislate but to enlighten.

140:6.6 I have come not to reform the kingdoms of this

140:6.6 It is not the will of the Father that I should yield to

140:6.6 I will say, concerning this question of divorcement

140:6.8 you are beholden to live your lives as I have in spirit

140:6.8 Also must you remember that I have sheep not of

140:6.8 I must provide for them the pattern of doing the will

140:6.13 Yes, my brethren, I would that we should live

140:6.13 You are intrusted with a great work, and I crave

140:8.26 I want to set men free so that they can start out

140:9.3 Behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of

140:9.3 but fear not; I will be with you, and my spirit shall

140:10.4 to Thomas: “How long shall I bear with you!

140:10.4 Ever you insist on making literal all that I teach.

140:10.4 When I asked you to become as little children as

140:10.4 I referred not to ease of deception, mere

140:10.4 What I did desire that you should gather from the

141:2.1 now I come announcing that this long-looked-for

141:2.1 I declare that the kingdom of heaven is the

141:2.2 the gospel of the kingdom which I have come to

141:2.2 Verily, verily, I say to you, when the Father’s will

141:3.7 Come to me all you who labor, and I will give you

141:4.8 They shall no more molest men when I shall

141:4.8 and after I shall have poured out my spirit upon all

141:5.1 James, James, when did I teach you that you

141:5.1 I have come into the world to proclaim spiritual

141:5.1 I do not desire that social harmony and fraternal

141:5.1 What I require of you, my apostles, is spirit unity

141:6.2 Simon, Simon, how many times have I instructed

141:6.2 How often have I told you to labor only to put

141:6.2 I came not to take away that which you had from

142:2.2 And now have I come in the flesh to reveal the

142:2.4 I say to you, Jacob, under the bright light of this

142:3.22 that I declare to you as constituting the whole duty

142:4.2 I say to you, Flavius, Moses’ children have

142:4.2 And, Flavius, I declare that in the coming kingdom

142:5.4 for all who truly believe this gospel, I will become

142:6.4 Verily, verily, I say to you, Nicodemus, except a

142:6.5 Jesus said: “Nevertheless, I declare to you, except

142:6.5 But you should not marvel that I said you must be

142:7.13 This entire relationship of a son to the Father, I

142:7.13 in the eternal future I have now already attained.

142:7.17 When I speak the language of the spirit, why do

142:7.17 just because I presume to employ commonplace

142:7.17 My children, I implore that you cease to apply the

142:7.17 called to represent me in the world, even as I

142:7.17 Must I ever address you only as children?

142:7.17 Nevertheless, I love you and will bear with you,

143:1.4 I have come into this world to do the will of my

143:1.4 And this one thing I will do, regardless of the

143:1.4 But I declare to you that my Father in Paradise

143:1.4 in an age to come the gospel which I declare to

143:2.2 But I come with a new message of self-forgetfulness

143:2.2 I show to you the way of life as revealed to me by

143:2.3 Verily, verily, I say to you, he who rules his own

143:2.3 behold I show you how all things are to become

143:3.1 I cannot do what you ask of me—

143:3.1I will not participate in these personal social

143:3.1 but I will join you in the enjoyment of a three-day

143:3.1 Sartaba, where I desire to rest for a day or two.

143:3.2 I suggest that no mention be made of our trials and

143:3.2 Can I depend upon you to co-operate with me in

143:5.2 I have indeed asked you for a drink, but if you

143:5.4 seek for the living water which I have this day

143:5.6 you should believe me when I say that the hour

143:5.7 startling assurance, “I who speak to you am he.”

143:6.1 I have meat to eat that you do not know about.”

143:6.1 I tell you the fields are already white for the

144:2.3 I say to you, though your neighbor will not rise

144:2.3 Again I say to you: Ask and it shall be given you;

144:2.5 These stories I tell you to encourage you to persist

144:3.2 If, then, you still desire such a prayer, I would

144:3.2 I would present the one which I taught my brothers

144:6.3 come to me, and I will hear you and counsel you

144:6.3 I pledge in advance my full approval and hearty

144:6.3 Be not anxious about me, for I will return to you.

144:6.3 I will be about my Father’s business, for we have

144:6.12 These, then, are your conclusions, and I shall help

144:8.3 Yes, I say to you, and much more than a prophet.

144:8.4 verily, I say to you, among those born of women

144:8.7 saying: “But to what shall I liken this generation?

145:2.4 I have come, not to reveal the Father to the children

145:2.4 I have come among you to proclaim a greater truth,

145:2.4 now have I come to give you a personal religion.

145:3.9I have come into the world to reveal the Father and

145:3.9 For this purpose have I lived my life to this hour.

145:3.9 I would desire to see my children made whole—and

145:5.6 Andrew, have I not taught you and these others

145:5.7 All this time I have been in Capernaum, and both

145:5.7 by the seaside have I proclaimed the good news

145:5.7 It is not the will of my Father that I should return

145:5.7 I have ordained you to preach the gospel and

145:5.7 but I must not become engrossed in healing to the

145:5.7 No, Andrew, I will not return with you.

145:5.7 It was for this purpose that I came forth from the

145:5.7 our departure while I here await your return.”

146:2.10 9. “I have come forth from the Father; if, therefore,

146:2.10 ask in my name, and I will present your petition in

146:2.11 But when to pray, I will not say. Only the spirit that

146:3.1 listen while I tell you about eternal and spiritual

146:3.2 My children, marvel not that I was tolerant of the

146:3.5 Many, indeed, had this life before I came forth from

146:3.5 but I declare that, when I return to the Father, he

146:3.6 live among men and teach all men, even as I now

146:3.7 and I have come to make that way new and living.

146:3.7 much of this you will the better understand when I

146:4.3 touching him, said: “I will—be clean.”

146:5.2 sick boy, said: “How long shall I bear with you?

147:1.2 Jesus had heard them, he said, “I will go with you.”

147:1.3I marvel at the belief of the gentile. Verily, verily,

147:1.3 Verily, verily, I say to you, I have not found so

147:3.1 Come with me, I would show you something.”

147:3.2 why you tempt me to turn aside from the way I

147:3.2 My son, I may not do that which you desire, but

147:3.2 gather together these sick and afflicted that I may

147:3.3 But my Father works, and I would work, to

147:3.3 Verily, verily, I say to you: He who hears the

147:4.2 When I admonished you to do to others as you

147:4.2 I spoke to men of high ideals, not to those who

147:4.3 I well know, Nathaniel, that no such idea of evil

147:4.9 I would, therefore, that you should do to all men that

147:4.9 do to all men that which you know I would do to

147:5.4 Simon, I have something which I would like to

147:5.4 I entered your house as an invited guest, yet you

147:5.6 I know your heart, Simon, how you are torn betwixt

147:5.6 but I pray for you that you may yield to the light

147:5.6 And I declare to all of you that the Father has

147:6.4 And shall I not, before the day is finished, see you

147:6.4 I declare that the Sabbath was made for man and

147:6.4 then will I openly proclaim that the Son of Man is

148:4.2 But I have already vanquished these sinful rebels.

148:4.9 I have come to show that man, by entrance into the

148:4.11 until after I shall have returned to the Father.”

148:5.2 And I have come to make a beginning of setting

148:5.3 I know of your confusion as you have read the

148:7.2 he said: “Come forward while I ask you a question

148:7.2 I know wherefore you have sent this man into

148:7.2 and I call you to witness that it is lawful to exhibit

148:7.2 I proclaim that it is lawful to do good to men on

148:7.2 if you have the faith to be healed, I bid you stretch

148:7.3 I have just told you that it is lawful to do good on

148:7.3 I did not instruct you to do harm and give way to

148:9.3 What is the difference whether I say to this

148:9.3 I will say to this afflicted man, Arise, take up you

149:0.2 I will ordain you to preach the gospel of the

149:1.3I perceive that power has gone forth from me.”

149:1.3I perceive that life has gone forth from me.”

149:6.2 but I have come to reveal the Father’s love so that

149:6.2 I would deliver you from the bondage of driving

149:6.2 I would instruct you in the Father-son relationship

149:6.3 And now from reverence I would lead you up,

149:6.5 I have come into the world to put love in the place

149:6.7 But I have come to give you a new and higher

149:6.7 I would teach you to ‘love God and learn to do his

149:6.7 I teach you, ‘Love God—the all-merciful Father.’

149:6.8 In the kingdom of heaven, which I have come to

149:6.8 it is eternally true that you and I are brethren in the

149:6.11 I have so often referred to the child as illustrative of

150:4.1 While I remain to comfort and instruct the

150:4.1 I would send out the older ones two and two that

150:4.2 I declare to you that there is nothing covered up

150:4.2 What I have taught you privately, that preach with

150:4.2 What I have revealed to you in the inner chamber,

150:4.2 And I say to you, my friends and disciples, be not

150:4.3 And yet I declare that not one of them is forgotten

150:4.3 I came to bring peace on earth, but when men

150:4.3 I declare to you that he who loves father or mother

150:9.1 challenge me to do in Nazareth what you heard I

150:9.1 but I call you to witness that even the Scriptures

150:9.2 I love the people who dwell in the city where I

150:9.2 I would rejoice to see you all enter the kingdom of

151:1.1 No, Peter, I will tell them a story.”

151:1.4 In patience have I instructed you all this time.

151:1.4 Therefore will I henceforth speak to the people

151:2.1 My son, I desire to withhold nothing from you,

151:2.5 Before I tell you about this parable, do any of you

151:3.1 Remember that I have many times told you: To

151:3.15 will I tell you the last of the parable of the sower.

151:3.15 I would test you to know how you will receive this

151:6.5 I command you to come out of this spell.”

152:0.1 request of this father, he said: “I will go with you.”

152:0.2 I asked who touched me, for I perceived that

152:1.1 said, “Daughter, I say to you, awake and arise!”

152:2.6 But I do not desire to send them away hungry;

152:2.7 saying: “I do not want to send these people away.

152:2.7 I would like to feed them. What food have we with

152:3.2 How many times have I told you that my kingdom

152:3.2 Have I so failed in revealing to you the Father of

152:4.2 Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.”

152:5.2 the women, saying, “I desire to speak with them.”

152:5.3 Jesus said: “How long shall I bear with you?

152:5.3 All these months have I taught you the truths of

152:5.4 I pray that the Father will anoint your eyes that

152:5.4 full faith in the gospel which I have taught you.”

153:2.3 Today, I desire to ask you: What will the chief

153:2.4 I came into the world to reveal my Father and to

153:2.4 And notwithstanding that I have so many times

153:2.5 I declare that you already have sufficient evidence to

153:2.5 Verily, verily, I say to many who sit before me this

153:2.5 I say to you, as Joshua said to your forefathers,

153:2.6 But I declare to you that such is not the mission of

153:2.6 I have come to proclaim spiritual liberty, teach

153:2.7 I plainly told you: ‘This is the work of God, that you

153:2.8 but I say to you that this was the bread of earth.

153:2.8 I will answer: I am this bread of life.

153:2.8 you believe not that I came forth from the Father.

153:2.9 that I have come down upon the earth, not to do

153:2.9 of all those he has given me I should not lose one.

153:2.9 Only yesterday did I feed you with bread for your

153:2.9 today I offer you the bread of life for your hungry

153:2.11 The Father and I are one; the Son does only that

153:2.12 I repeat, I am this living bread, and every soul who

153:2.12 And this bread of life which I give to all who will

153:3.2 I did not teach you that my flesh is the bread of

153:3.2 But I did say that my life in the flesh is a bestowal

153:3.2 I have so lived this life in the flesh as to inspire

153:3.5 But hearken while I tell you the truth concerning

153:3.5 I declare it is not that which enters the body by the

153:4.1 and said: “You know who I am; come out of him;

153:4.1 I charge one of your loyal fellows to see that you do

153:4.3 so, if I by the power of Beelzebub cast out devils,

153:4.3 But if I, by the spirit of God, cast out devils, then

153:4.3 Verily, verily, I say to you, all your sins shall be

153:4.4 I declare that in my Father’s eternal kingdom the tree

153:5.3 I recognize that this sifting of the kingdom

153:5.3 I ascend to the place whence I came to this world?

153:5.4 The words which I have spoken to you are spirit

153:5.4 I have not deserted you.

153:5.4 From the beginning I knew that these halfhearted

153:5.4 Did I not choose you twelve men and set you apart

154:6.5 he said: “I have no mother; I have no brothers.

154:6.7 having heard the words, “I have no mother,”

154:6.12 Tell my mother and my brothers that I appreciate

154:6.12 their coming, and that I intended to see them.

155:1.2 And I will receive these gentiles with open arms of

155:1.2I bid you enter into the exalted privileges of

155:1.2 he commands you to rejoice with trembling; I bid

155:4.2 While I would not ignore Peter’s question,

155:4.2 prove more helpful to all of you if I choose rather

155:4.2 that I will proceed to do when you have finished

155:6.3 I have called upon you to be born again, to be

155:6.3 I have called you out of the darkness of authority

155:6.7 I admonish you to give up the practice of quoting the

155:6.11 The spirit which my Father and I shall send into

155:6.12 And that is just the reason why I have so often

155:6.12 It is not the mental immaturity of the child that I

156:1.7 O woman, great is your faith, so great that I

156:1.8 Verily, verily, I tell you that the Father’s kingdom

156:5.4 you are beginning to know the Father as I know

156:5.4 When you are in this way tempted, I admonish

156:5.5 And again I say to you, be not overcome by evil

157:1.1 You wait by the gate, and I will presently return

157:2.2 I say to you, beware of the leaven of the

157:3.6 But for the time being I charge you that you tell this

157:4.4 I would ask if you still hold to your decision?”

157:4.5 You are my chosen ambassadors, but I know

157:4.5 I am led to declare that upon this foundation will I

157:4.5 Upon this rock of spiritual reality will I build the

157:4.5 to you and your successors I now deliver the keys

157:6.9 And mark well my words: I have not come to call

157:6.9 I declare to you that I have come to seek and to save

157:6.11 I speak boldly to you concerning these mysteries.

157:6.11 Though I stand before you in this physical presence,

157:6.11 I came forth from God the Father.

157:6.11 I did come forth from the Father into this world as

157:6.11 and I declare to you that I must presently leave this

157:6.12 birds have nests, I have not where to lay my head?”

157:6.13 Nevertheless, I tell you that the Father and I are one.

157:6.13 as I will never forsake you when you presently go

157:6.14 “And now have I brought you apart with me and

157:6.14 grasp the grandeur, of the life to which I have called

157:7.5 And I would take my brethren along that they may

158:1.6 I go apart by myself for a season to commune

158:1.6 I bid you tarry here and, while awaiting my return,

158:1.6 I now declare that the Son of Man has chosen to

158:1.6 Be of good cheer; I will not leave you until my

158:1.7 know that whatsoever I have declared to you is true.

158:2.2 But I tell you that Elijah has already come,

158:2.4 have I consented to be received in accordance with

158:2.4 the training which I have given you should suffice to

158:7.3 wherefore do I persist in telling you that the Son of

158:7.3 And I speak not a parable to you; I speak the truth

159:1.3 three believers are gathered together, there am I

159:1.5 I say to all of you: Freely you have received the go

159:2.1 strange things in my name, but I will not forbid

159:2.1 I tell you that, even when a cup of cold water is

159:3.2 Remember that I have said: “Behold, I stand at the

159:3.2 and if any man will open, I will come in.”

159:3.3 Forget not that I will stop at nothing to restore

159:3.13 I do not promise to deliver you from the waters of

159:3.13 but I do promise to go with you through all of them.

159:4.2 I do not regard the Scriptures as do the rabbis.

159:4.2 I will talk with you about this matter on condition

159:4.2 wherefore must I choose from among the better

159:4.4 loving God I have come to reveal to all the worlds.

159:4.7 lest, when I have gone, you speedily become

160:5.10 Think not that I have come to bring peace but

162:2.1 “No man has taught me the truths which I declare

162:2.1 whether it be God’s or whether I speak for myself.

162:2.1 but when I declare the words of the Father, I

162:2.2 they would kill me because I once on the Sabbath

162:2.2 would kill me because on another occasion I

162:2.2 And now do I appeal to every one of you: Judge

162:2.3 I wish your claims were true, for indeed then

162:2.3 But I declare that I have not come to you for

162:2.3 I have been sent by the Father, and he who sent

162:2.3 I know the Father, for I have come from the

162:2.6 I know you have been sent to apprehend me, but you

162:2.7 I bear none of you ill will.

162:2.7 The Father loves you, and therefore do I long for

162:2.7 I offer you the liberty of life and the joy of

162:2.7 I proclaim the new and living way, the deliverance

162:2.7 I have come that you might have life, and have it

162:2.7 In just a short time I go to him who sent me into

162:3.5 I know about you; neither do I condemn you.

162:5.2 assuming to sit as my judges, you declare that, if I

162:5.2 Even if I do bear witness about myself, my

162:5.2 I know whence I came, who I am, and whither I

162:5.2 I judge no man, not even my archenemy.

162:5.2 But if I should choose to judge, my judgment

162:5.2 for I would judge not alone but in association with

162:5.2 accepted—well, then, I bear witness of these truths;

162:5.2 And when I told you this yesterday, in your

162:5.3 I have already told you that I am going away,

162:5.3 I am not of this world, and I live in the eternal

162:5.3 Much I have to tell you, but you are unable to

162:5.3 And all that my Father has spoken I also proclaim

162:5.4 and that I have done nothing of myself but only as

162:5.4 I speak these words to you and to your children.

162:5.4 for I do always that which is pleasing in his sight.”

162:6.1 From the Father above I bring to this world the

162:6.3 so will I give the spirit of holiness to be poured out

162:7.2 I know how you will answer me: We are the

162:7.2 Even so, I do not speak of outward subjection to

162:7.2 I refer to the liberties of the soul.

162:7.2 Verily, verily, I say to you, everyone who commits

162:7.3 I know that you are Abraham’s seed, yet your

162:7.3 I declare to you the truth which the eternal Father

162:7.3 then do I tell you that, if you were the children of

162:7.3 because I have told you the truth which I received

162:7.3 I perceive that some among you are determined to

162:7.3 would know me and love the truth which I reveal.

162:7.3 Will you not see that I come forth from the Father,

162:7.3 hardly walk in the light of the truth which I reveal.

162:7.4 If I, then, proclaim and live the truth shown me by

162:7.4 presumed to say that I do my works by the power

162:7.4 One near by has just said that I have a devil, that I

162:7.4 You know that I honor the Father even while you

162:7.4 I seek not my own glory, only the glory of my

162:7.4 And I do not judge you, for there is one who

162:7.5 Verily, verily, I say to you who believe the gospel

162:7.5 says this statement proves that I have a devil,

162:7.5 And I say to all such that, if I glorify myself, my

162:7.5 failed to know this your God and my Father, and I

162:7.5 Though you know not the Father, I truly know him

162:7.6 I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.”

162:8.3 Mary has chosen this good and needful part, I

162:8.3 But when will both of you learn to live as I have

163:1.3 therefore I exhort all of you to pray that the Lord of

163:1.3 As you go your ways, two and two, I instruct you

163:2.5 I will have you to be one of my messengers if

163:3.1 And I declare that it is as easy for this camel to go

163:3.4 Verily, verily, I say to you, there is no man who

163:6.2 seeing that I beheld Satan falling as lightning from

163:6.2 But rejoice not so much over this, for I declare to

163:6.2 as soon as I return to my Father, we will send forth

163:6.2 I rejoice with you that you have power with men,

163:6.3 He said: “I thank you, my Father, Lord of heaven

163:6.3 I rejoice to know that the good news will spread to

163:6.3 good news will spread to all the world even after I

163:6.3 I am mightily moved as I realize you are about to

163:6.3 only you really know who I am, and that only I

163:6.3 and those to whom I have revealed you.

163:6.3 And when I have finished this revelation to my

163:6.3 I will continue the revelation to your creatures on

163:6.5 I declare that, if the mighty works done in these

163:6.6 I did indeed rejoice with you when you came back

163:6.6 And now, while I would not quench your spirit of

163:6.6 I would sternly warn you against the subtleties of

163:6.7 I have shown you the way; go forth to do your duty

163:6.7 I always stand near, and my invitation-call is,

163:6.7 all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will

164:0.1 I would give these teachers in Israel another

164:2.4 while I once more bring the kingdom to their

164:3.7 but in only a little while I will not be with you.”

164:4.11 while I declare to you that herein is a great marvel

164:5.2 I have told you about myself and my Father many

164:5.2 Can you not see that the works I do in my

164:5.2 My sheep hear my voice and I know them and

164:5.2 to all who follow my teaching I give eternal life;

164:5.2 The Father and I are one.”

164:5.3 Many loving works have I shown you from the

164:5.3 I inquire for which one of these good works do you

164:5.3 when I declared to you that I was sent by God.

164:5.3 If I do not the works of God, believe me not, but if

164:5.3 but if I do the works of God, even though you

164:5.3 I should think you would believe the works.

164:5.3 But that you may be certain of what I proclaim, let

164:5.3 let me again assert that the Father is in me and I in

164:5.3 so will I dwell in every one who believes this

165:2.2 On this night I have much to tell you, and since many

165:2.2 I will present my teaching in a parable, so that you

165:2.3 The life which I now live in the flesh shall judge

165:2.7 I will declare that I am both the door to the Father’s

165:2.7 I, with those who minister with me, am the door.

165:2.7 enters upon the eternal way by the means I have

165:2.8 But I also am the true shepherd who is willing

165:2.8 but I have come that you all may have life and

165:2.8 Verily, verily, I say to you, friends and enemies,

165:2.8 I know my own and my own know me.

165:2.8 I will not flee in the face of danger.

165:2.8 I will finish this service of the completion of my

165:2.8 I will not forsake the flock which the Father has

165:2.9 But I have many other sheep not of this fold,

165:2.9 I have promised the Father that they shall all be

165:2.10 it is because the Father knows that I will not falter

165:2.10 that I will not desert my sheep, and that, if it shall

165:2.10 I will not hesitate to lay down my life in the

165:2.10 But, mind you, if I lay down my life, I will take it

165:2.10 I have the right and the power to lay down my life,

165:2.10 I have the same power and right to take it up again

165:2.10 I received such authority from my Father before

165:3.2 “What I have many times said to my apostles and

165:3.2 I now declare to this multitude: Beware of the leaven

165:3.3 But I say to you, my friends, when they seek to

165:3.3 I admonish you to fear none, in heaven or on earth

165:3.4 I say to you: Fear not; you are of much more value

165:3.5 I will presently acknowledge before the angels of

165:3.8 I came into this world to reveal the Father to you a

165:3.8 The first I have done, but the last I may not do

165:4.1 Where did you get the idea that I give attention to

165:4.10I have come to judge neither the rich nor the poor,

165:5.2 Andrew, I will speak to you about these matters

165:5.3 yet I say to you, even Solomon in all his glory was

165:5.3 both the Father and I know that you have need of

165:5.4 I declare that it is my Father’s good pleasure to give

165:5.4 And as I told the people, where your treasure is,

165:5.5 which remains for you after I go to the Father,

165:5.5 verily, I say to you that a crisis is just ahead in

165:6.2 Likewise, will I soon know who can be trusted

165:6.2 trusted with the welfare of my children when I

165:6.2 so will I exalt those who endure the trials of this

165:6.3 I have a baptism to be baptized with, and I am on

166:1.3 I had thought that you invited me to this house to

166:1.3 but I perceive that you have brought me here to

166:3.3 But I declare that salvation is first a matter of your

166:3.4 those who spurned the kingdom when I came in

166:3.4 then will I say to all such selfish ones: I know not

166:3.4 Then will I declare that you are not of my fold.

166:3.4 I will not receive you to be among those who have

166:3.4 shall I again declare that you are spiritual strangers

166:3.4 that I do not know you; and then shall the Judge

166:3.7 Behold, I stand at the doors of men’s hearts and

166:3.7 I will come in and sup with him and will feed him

166:4.2 “Have I been so long with you, and yet you continue

166:4.3 I declare that such beliefs are superstitions.

166:4.4 I tell you these Galileans were not in any manner

167:1.4 I would like to ask you a question: Is it lawful to

167:1.5 You have not asked to be healed, but I know the

167:2.2 I declare that none of those who were first bidden

167:4.5 As long as my day lasts, I fear not to enter Judea.

167:4.5 I would do one more mighty work for these Jews;

167:4.5 I would give them one more chance to believe,

167:4.5 and I would go to awake him out of this sleep!”

167:4.6 even if the others are not thereby saved, that I was

167:4.6 strengthened in preparation for that day when I shall

167:5.1 I tell you that the publican went home with God’s

167:5.7 That I should so work is the Father’s will, but this

167:6.1 Verily, verily, I say to you, whosoever receives not

167:7.4 And do you not remember that I said to you

167:7.4 for have I not repeatedly told you that I have other

167:7.4 When I taught you that many of these seraphim

167:7.4 I spoke not in figurative language nor in poetic

167:7.5 for have I not told you of the seraphic joy when one

167:7.5 I did tell you of the joy in the presence of angels

168:1.12 “Did I not tell you at the first that this sickness

168:1.12 Have I not come to fulfill my promise?

168:1.12 And after I came to you, did I not say that, if you

168:2.2 I know that you always hear me, but because of

168:2.2 I thus speak with you, that they may believe that you

168:2.7 You shall be a living witness of the truth which I

169:1.2 But I have come to show you that, while you are

169:1.2 Many times have I told you the story of the good

169:1.2 Again I say there is more joy in heaven over one

169:1.2 I have come to this world to do my Father’s

169:1.3 I assure you that the Father accepts you even before

169:1.3 I have come to seek and to save those who are lost.

169:1.4 So again I say, there is always joy in the presence

169:1.4 And I tell you this story to impress upon you that

169:1.5 I would like to tell you the story of a thoughtless

169:2.5 I say to you who profess to be acquiring treasure in

169:2.6I affirm that he who is faithful in little will also be

169:2.7 again I assert that no man can serve two masters;

169:4.11 I have come out from the Father, and I have come

169:4.11 again, I will leave the world and go to the Father.”

171:0.5 Because I have long known and loved you;

171:0.5 because I have even lived in your mother’s house;

171:0.5 but I know you love me in your hearts;

171:0.5 I declare that you shall indeed drink of my cup of

171:0.6 I declare to you that the Son of Man came not to

171:0.6 I now go up to Jerusalem to lay down my life

171:2.5 Now have I warned you to turn back to your

171:2.5 Again and again have I told you that my kingdom

171:2.5 He who has ears to hear let him hear what I say.”

171:3.2 My son, I know you will be true to the kingdom,

171:3.2 I pray the Father to grant you wisdom that you

171:4.2 I have something to say to them.”

171:4.2 I have taught you much that is needful for this

171:4.2 but I would now warn you not to put your trust in

171:4.2 I have called you apart here by yourselves that I

171:4.2 Again am I telling you that the Son of Man will be

171:4.2 for I declare that on the third day he shall rise.

171:4.2 and remember that I have forewarned you.”

171:4.6I well know about Herod and his fear of this gospel

171:4.7 How often would I have gathered your children

171:6.3 And marvel not at what I say nor take offense at

171:6.3 for I have all along declared that the Son of Man has

171:8.3 I declare that you are doomed to disappointment.

171:8.3 Again I declare that my kingdom is not of this world;

171:8.3 I will return again to receive from others such a

171:8.4 I would call before me my twelve servants, special

171:8.4 I would admonish each to heed well my instructions

171:8.4 wherewith to justify your stewardship when I return,

172:1.3 but I would cause the walls of prejudice, and hate to

172:1.6 but I shall not always be with you; I go soon to

172:1.6 by this act Mary evinces faith in what I have said

172:1.6 rather do I say to you that in the ages to come,

173:2.4 I would also like to ask you one question which,

173:2.4 I likewise will tell you by what authority I do these

173:2.5 Neither will I tell you by what authority I do

173:3.1 give ear while I tell you a parable: A certain great

173:3.2 now do I declare that the publicans and harlots,

173:4.4 And so once more do I warn you that, if you

173:5.3 I will have none here except those who delight to

173:5.4 Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise

174:0.2 And remember that I have trusted you with many

174:0.2 Doubt not that I am able to finish the work I have

174:0.2 that I shall eventually see all of my faithful

174:0.2 Judas, I have loved you and have prayed that you

174:0.2 I would warn you to beware the slippery paths of

174:1.1 I maintain that repentance and confession must

174:2.2 Show me the tribute money, and I will answer you

174:3.2 so, along with Moses, do I declare that my Father

174:3.4 I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,” not

174:4.3 My friend, I perceive that you are not far from

174:4.6 Since you ask no more questions, I would like to

174:5.3 those to whom I first came have refused to receive

174:5.3 I have freely proclaimed the gospel of salvation to

174:5.3 I have told them of sonship with joy, liberty,

174:5.3 All these years have I sought to heal them of their

174:5.3 I know that not all have failed me; some of you

174:5.3 But I am constrained to show forbearance since I

174:5.4 In this banquet chamber I perceive there are Jews

174:5.4 I would address you as the first and last of such a

174:5.4 that I may instruct in the affairs of the kingdom

174:5.4 affairs of the kingdom before I go to my Father.”

174:5.7 I will not sit in judgment on them, for I came not

174:5.7 Remember, all of you, that I speak not of myself,

174:5.7 that I have faithfully declared to you that which

174:5.7 that which the Father commanded I should reveal

174:5.8 But to both Jew and gentile I declare the hour has

174:5.8 If you will truly follow me, even after I have gone

174:5.9 I know my hour is approaching, and I am troubled

174:5.9 I perceive that my people are determined to spurn

174:5.9 What shall I say as I look ahead and discern what

174:5.9 Shall I say, Father save me from this awful hour?

174:5.9 For this very purpose have I come into the world

174:5.9 Rather will I say, and pray that you will join me:

174:5.12 I know of a certainty that the Father will receive

174:5.12 the Prince of this world I have cast down;

174:5.12 free by the light of the spirit which I will pour out

174:5.12 after I have ascended to my Father in heaven.

174:5.13 And now I declare to you that I, if I be lifted up

174:5.13 but I declare that the Son of Man will be rejected

174:5.13 Only a little while will I be with you; only a little

174:5.13 go back to the temple and I speak farewell words

175:1.1 “This long time have I been with you, going up and

175:1.2 I and my apostles have done our utmost to live in

175:1.3 And you will bear me witness that I have offered this

175:1.6 I solemnly warn you that you are about to lose

175:1.7 I came down to live among you and personally show

175:1.8 And now I call to witness these, my disciples and

175:1.8 that I have once more offered Israel and her rulers

175:1.8 I admonish you that these scribes and Pharisees

175:1.8 I bid you co-operate with these elders in Israel.

175:1.10 Remember, I have taught you that he who would

175:1.11 I bear no malice toward these chief priests and rulers

175:1.11 I have no ill will for these scribes and Pharisees who

175:1.11 I know that many of you believe in secret,

175:1.11 I know you will openly profess your allegiance to the

175:1.21 I ask how can you escape the judgment that John

175:1.22 But even now I offer you in my Father’s name

175:1.22 even now I proffer the loving hand of fellowship.

175:1.23 even now would I gather your children together as a

175:1.24 And now I take leave of you.

175:1.24 I say that you will no more see me teaching in the

175:1.24 Behold, I now go forth with my children, and your

176:0.1 verily, I say to you: In the days soon to come

176:1.1 I will tell you about the times when this people

176:1.1 I am about to leave you; I go to the Father.

176:1.1 After I leave you, take heed that no man deceive you

176:1.1 even in these persecutions I will not forsake you;

176:1.4 You may remain in the city after I have gone,

176:1.4 In the meantime, I warn you, be not deceived.

176:1.4 you should not be deceived, for I have told you all

176:1.7 Nevertheless, I will try to enlighten you.”

176:2.3 Have I not told you all these years that my kingdom

176:2.3 So also will I, after my Father has invested me with

176:2.3 Even though I shall thus be present with you in spirit

176:2.3 I also promise that I will sometime return to this

176:2.3 this world, where I have lived this life in the flesh

176:2.3 Very soon must I leave you and take up the work

176:2.3 but be of good courage, for I will sometime return.

176:2.4 but when I return, it shall be with power and in the

176:2.6 concerning the travail of Jerusalem, about which I

176:3.2 even you, Thomas, fail to comprehend what I

176:3.2 Have I not all this time taught you that your

176:3.2 What more shall I say?

176:3.4 hear me while I speak a parable: There was a certain

176:3.6 Carry on until I come.

177:0.1 At last Jesus spoke: “I desire that you rest today.

177:0.1 meditate on what is just ahead, of which I have

177:0.3 I desire to go alone, that I may commune with the

177:1.5 see to it that you tell no man the things which I told

177:2.2 I know you will prove loyal to the gospel

177:2.2 I can depend upon your present faith and love

177:2.4 but I cannot fully depend upon him; I am not

177:3.7 he had said, “I leave your house to you desolate.”

178:1.6 I will pour out this same spirit upon all flesh.

178:1.12 not forget the great law of human fairness which I

178:1.15 I have told you it is like the leaven in the dough,

178:1.15 now I declare that it is like the seed of the living

178:1.15 The revelation I have made to you is a living

178:1.15 I desire that it shall bear appropriate fruits in each

178:2.3 David, I know all about it, and I know that you

178:2.4 If I depart from you in the flesh, it is only that I may

178:2.4 I will not forsake you.

178:2.4 I will be with you to the end.”

178:2.5 “Go and bring Peter and John, and I will give you

178:3.2 Sit down and rest yourselves while I talk with you

178:3.2 All these years have I lived with you as brethren,

178:3.2 and I have taught you the truth concerning the

178:3.2 And you will bear me witness that I have for some

178:3.2 warned you that I must presently return to the

178:3.2 I have plainly told you that I must leave you in the

178:3.2 It was for this purpose that I set you apart,

178:3.2 As the Father sent me into this world, so am I

178:3.2 to represent me and finish the work I have begun.

178:3.3 I have forewarned you lest you should perish in

178:3.3 Likewise do I warn you to take heed lest you

178:3.3 you are to remain to witness to this gospel when I

178:3.3 even as I directed that Lazarus flee from the wrath

178:3.3 If it is the Father’s will that I depart, nothing you

178:3.3 I need no defense by the hand of man; the armies

178:3.4 I have brought the kingdom of heaven to you here

178:3.4 but I declare that all of you who by faith enter

178:3.4 even as I have finished my Father’s work on earth

179:2.1 I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you.

179:2.1 I wanted to eat with you once more before I suffered

179:2.1 I arranged to have this supper with you tonight,

179:2.1 of the Father, whose will I have come to execute.

179:2.1 I shall not again eat with you until you sit down with

179:2.1 the kingdom which my Father will give me when I

179:2.2 realize that I shall not again drink with you the fruit

179:3.5 Peter, I declare that, if I do not wash your feet,

179:3.6 I would perform this service for you as a parable to

179:3.6 a new commandment which I will presently give you.

179:3.8 Do you really understand what I have done to you?

179:3.8 Verily, verily, I say to you: A servant is not greater

179:3.9 When I came into this chamber tonight, you

179:3.9 Do you not understand that I love each of you as I

179:4.1 I have told you how much I desired to have this

179:4.1 I determined to eat this supper with you in this

179:4.1 since I will not be with you by this time tomorrow

179:4.1 I have repeatedly told you that I must return to the

179:4.2 While it is necessary that I go to the Father,

179:4.3 Already have I told you, even he to whom I gave

179:4.5 I sorrow that this evil should have come to pass

179:4.5 I would not have told you these things at this, our

179:4.5 but I desire to warn you of these sorrows and so

179:4.5 I have told you of this because I desire that you

179:4.5 after I have gone, that I knew about all these evil

179:4.5 and that I forewarned you of my betrayal.

179:4.5 I do all this only that you may be strengthened for

179:5.1 And I will not again drink this cup with you until I

179:5.1 until I drink in new form with you in the Father’s

179:5.3 I have told you that I am the bread of life.

179:5.7 recall the life I have lived on earth among you and

179:5.9 recall that I was once with you, and then, by faith,

179:5.9 This is the new Passover which I leave with you,

180:0.2 You well remember when I sent you forth

180:0.2 I have come to bring peace, but it will not appear

180:0.3 when you have finished your work on earth as I

180:0.3 you shall then come to me even as I now prepare

180:1.1 When I enacted for you a parable indicating how

180:1.1 I said that I desired to give you a new

180:1.1 I would do this now as I am about to leave you.

180:1.1 I would have you perform still greater acts of love

180:1.1 And so I give you this new commandment: That

180:1.1 That you love one another even as I have loved

180:1.2 “When I give you this new commandment, I do not

180:1.2 I do not place any new burden upon your souls;

180:1.2 rather do I bring you new joy and make it possible

180:1.3 When I invite you to love one another, even as I

180:1.3 even as I have loved you, I hold up before you the

180:1.3 if you are but willing to do what I have taught you.

180:1.3 You have called me Master, but I do not call you

180:1.3 I will ever speak to you of that which the Father

180:1.4 You have not merely chosen me, but I have also

180:1.4 and I have ordained you to go forth into the world

180:1.4 the fruit of loving service to your fellows even as I

180:1.4 The Father and I will both work with you, and you

180:1.4 to love one another, even as I have loved you.”

180:2.1 Already are you clean through the word I have

180:2.1 You must abide in me, and I in you; the branch

180:2.1 He who lives in me, and I in him, will bear much

180:2.1 —my friends who love one another, even as I have

180:2.2 As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.

180:2.2 Live in my love even as I live in the Father’s love.

180:2.2 If you do as I have taught you, you shall abide in

180:2.2 you shall abide in my love even as I have kept the

180:3.1 When I have left you, be not discouraged by the

180:3.1 I have chosen you out of the world to represent

180:3.1 But always remember the words I have spoken to

180:3.1 you should recall that I also suffered before you for

180:3.2 what have I done to these men that they should

180:3.3 But I will not leave you alone in the world.

180:3.3 after I have gone, I will send you a spirit helper.

180:3.4 Even though I must leave you, I will not be far

180:3.4 I have already told you that in my Father’s

180:3.4 If this were not true, I would not have repeatedly

180:3.4 From these places I came into this world,

180:3.5 If I thus go before you into the Father’s heavenly

180:3.5 so will I surely send for you that you may be with

180:3.5 Even though I must leave you, I will be present

180:3.5 And what I have told you is true and everlasting,

180:3.5 I go to the Father, and though you cannot now

180:3.9 Philip, have I been so long with you and yet you

180:3.9 Again do I declare: He who has seen me has seen

180:3.9 Have I not taught you that the words which I

180:3.9 I speak for the Father and not of myself.

180:3.9 world to do the Father’s will, and that I have done.

180:3.9 Believe me when I say that the Father is in me, and I

180:3.9 believe me for the sake of the very life I have lived—

180:4.1 When I have gone to the Father, and after he has

180:4.1 after he has fully accepted the work I have done

180:4.1 after I have received the final sovereignty of my

180:4.1 I shall say to my Father: Having left my children

180:4.1 I will pour out the Spirit of Truth upon all flesh.

180:4.1 I will not leave you desolate.

180:4.1 Today I can be with you only in person.

180:4.1 In the times to come I will be with you and all

180:4.1 that I leave you in the flesh so that I may better

180:4.2 your hearts even until I send you this new teacher,

180:4.2 As I have lived with you in person, then shall I live

180:4.2 I shall be one with your personal experience in the

180:4.2 I have loved the Father and have kept his word;

180:4.2 me of his spirit, so will I give you of my spirit.

180:4.2 And this Spirit of Truth which I will bestow upon

180:4.3 even as the Father and I have wrought on earth

180:4.3 will bring to your remembrance everything I have

180:4.5 And in this very manner will my Father and I be

180:6.1 And I am telling you about all this before I leave

180:6.1 I warn you the hour draws near when they who

180:6.1 you love one another even as I have loved you.

180:6.1 It was for this purpose that I have been talking so

180:6.1 I have even warned you that a man’s foes may be

180:6.2 Nevertheless, I know that you ask such questions

180:6.2 I will speak to you plainly, as one friend to another

180:6.2 It is really profitable for you that I go away.

180:6.2 If I go not away, the new teacher cannot come

180:6.2 restored to my place on high before I can send this

180:6.3 I have yet much to say to you, but you cannot stand

180:6.4 will glorify me even as I have glorified my Father.

180:6.4 wherefore did I say that this new teacher would take

180:6.5 In just a little while I will leave you for a short time.

180:6.5 I shall already be on my way to the Father so that

180:6.6 ‘In just a little while I will leave you,’ and ‘When

180:6.6 be for long, for I will be on my way to the Father.’

180:6.7 what I meant when I said that in a little while I

180:6.7 when you would see me again, I would be on my

180:6.7 I have plainly told you that the Son of Man must

180:6.7 but I will soon see you again, and then will your

180:6.7 you may also ask in my name, and I will hear you.

180:6.8 Down here I have taught you in proverbs and spoken

180:6.8 I did so because you were only children in the spirit;

180:6.8 but the time is coming when I will talk to you

180:6.8 I shall do this because the Father himself loves you

180:6.8 therefore have I come into the world to show the

181:1.1 I can be but one individual in your midst or in the

181:1.1 when I have been delivered from this investment of

181:1.1 I will be able to return as a spirit indweller of each

181:1.2 When I have returned to live in you and work

181:1.2 I can the better lead you on through this life and

181:1.3 If you would follow after me when I leave you, put

181:1.3 to imitate my natural life in the flesh as I have,

181:1.4 I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, but all men

181:1.5 And now, as I am about to leave you, I would

181:1.5 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.

181:1.5 I make these gifts not as the world gives—by

181:1.5 measure—I give each of you all you will receive.

181:1.5 I have overcome the world, and in me you shall all

181:1.5 I have warned you that the Son of Man will be

181:1.5 but I assure you I will come back before I go to

181:1.5 And after I have ascended to the Father, I will

181:1.5 I have loved you with a great affection, and I

181:1.6 When you feel that you are alone in the world, I

181:1.6 Even at such a time I will pray for you.

181:1.6 And all of these things have I told you that you

181:1.6 I have triumphed in the world and shown you the

181:2.2 while I love you all with the same love which a

181:2.2 I go to the Father, John, having full confidence

181:2.2 counsel, and help even as you know I would if I

181:2.2 I depend upon you, John, to welcome them for me

181:2.3 And now, as I enter upon the closing hours of

181:2.3 remain near at hand that I may leave any message

181:2.3 left to me by my earthly father, Joseph, while I

181:2.3 I must now depend upon you to act in my stead

181:2.3 And I have chosen you to do this for me, John,

181:2.4 the apostle of the new commandment which I have

181:2.4 to love one another, even as I have loved you.”

181:2.5 No man should despise your youth, but I exhort

181:2.7 what a time I have had trying to make you a son

181:2.7 I love you and so do all of your brethren.

181:2.7 I know that you love me, Simon, and that you also

181:2.7 I know full well that you will eventually grasp the

181:2.7 about what may happen to you when I depart.

181:2.7 I would rejoice to know that you would not falter;

181:2.7 I would be made happy if I could know that, after

181:2.7 after I go to the Father, you would not cease to be

181:2.9 Not for one moment would I doubt your loyalty,

181:2.9 I know you would not hesitate to go forth in battle

181:2.9 I have repeatedly told you that my kingdom is not

181:2.9 I have told you this many times, Simon, but you

181:2.9 but what will you do when I go away and you at

181:2.10 Do not forget what I have taught you regarding

181:2.10 Ponder well all that I have said to you about

181:2.11 never forget that I was with you even through all

181:2.11 and that I will go on with you to the very end.

181:2.11 the authority which I have conferred upon you,

181:2.11 your slowness of comprehending the truths I have

181:2.11 Simon, once more I warn you that they who fight

181:2.11 Continue to believe in me and in that which I have

181:2.12 I have sent you forth two and two during the times

181:2.14 Levi, I know much about your anxieties, sacrifices

181:2.14 I pray that you may discern the meaning of my

181:2.14 Even from the first, Levi, I loved you as I did

181:2.15 and I told you such honors were for the Father to

181:2.15 I asked if you were able to drink my cup, and both

181:2.16 administrative affairs except that I designated you

181:2.16 In no other temporal matter have I acted to direct

181:2.16 And this I did in order to provide for leadership in

181:2.17 I release you from all responsibility as regards the

181:2.17 definite legislative action after I shall have gone to

181:2.17 As I prepare to leave you, I would liberate you

181:2.17 Henceforth I shall exercise only spiritual authority

181:2.18 brethren desire to retain you as their counselor, I

181:2.18 have I not many times told you that I have other

181:2.19 lifework is finished, I will receive you on high,

181:2.19 and I will remember you in the kingdom to come.”

181:2.20 but I have done my utmost to answer every one,

181:2.20 now would I answer the last of such questionings

181:2.20 All the time I have been coming around toward

181:2.20 ‘What shall I ever do if the Master goes away

181:2.20 and I will take great pleasure in showing you that

181:2.20 will I be able to do much for you which I was not

181:2.20 I was not able to accomplish when I sojourned

181:2.21 When I have gone, it may be that your frankness will

181:2.22 I know you will be faithful to the end, and I will

181:2.23 I have listened to your teaching ever since you

181:2.23 but I honestly cannot understand the full meaning

181:2.23 I do not know what to expect next, and I think

181:2.24 I have taught you much by word of mouth, and I

181:2.24 I have done all that can be done to enlighten your

181:2.24 I will go before you and the Spirit of Truth shall

181:2.25 that which I have taught you is infinite, divine, and

181:2.26 I know well that the false prophets and spurious

181:2.26 After I have gone, your brethren will the more

181:2.26 who love one another, even as I have loved you.

181:2.26 Thomas, I am glad you joined us, and I know,

181:2.26 I have confidence in you, and I will go before you

181:2.27 Peter, I know you love me, and that you will

181:2.27 what I now say to you, Simon Peter, I likewise say

181:2.27 But I promise you now that I will come back to

181:2.27 and that I will then go before you into Galilee.”

181:2.29 Peter, verily, verily, I say to you, this night the

181:2.30 But remember my promise: When I am raised up, I

181:2.30 I will tarry with you for a season before I go to the

181:2.30 this night will I make supplication to the Father that

181:2.30 I love you all with the love wherewith the Father

181:2.30 love one another, even as I have loved you.”

182:1.1 and I desire that we draw apart by ourselves while

182:1.3 I know that you have given me full authority over all

182:1.3 I will give eternal life to all who will become faith

182:1.3 Father, I have exalted you on earth and have

182:1.3 I have almost finished my bestowal upon the children

182:1.3 O my Father, glorify me with the glory which I had

182:1.4 I have manifested you to the men whom you

182:1.4 I have lived among them, teaching them the way

182:1.4 These men are learning that all I have comes from

182:1.4 that the life I live in the flesh is to make known my

182:1.4 The truth which you have given to me I have

182:1.4 I have told them that I came forth from you, that

182:1.4 Father, I do pray for these chosen men.

182:1.4 I pray for them not as I would pray for the world,

182:1.4 as for those whom I have chosen out of the world

182:1.4 after I have returned to your work, even as I have

182:1.4 I now pray that I may be honored in these men.

182:1.4 I can no longer be in this world; I am about to

182:1.4 Father, keep these men faithful as I prepare to

182:1.4 As long as I could be with them, I could watch

182:1.4 and guide them, but now am I about to go away.

182:1.5 You gave me twelve men, and I have kept them

182:1.5 These men are weak and frail, but I know we can

182:1.5 I have proved them; they love me, even as they

182:1.5 I desire that they should also be filled with the joy

182:1.5 I have given these men your word and have taught

182:1.5 I do not ask that you take them out of the world,

182:1.5 am I about to send these men into the world.

182:1.5 For their sakes I have lived among men and have

182:1.5 consecrated my life to your service that I might

182:1.5 inspire them to be purified through the truth I have

182:1.5 and the love I have revealed to them.

182:1.5 I well know, my Father, that there is no need for

182:1.5 I do this that they may the better realize the Father

182:1.6 And now, my Father, I would pray not only for

182:1.6 I want them all to be one, even as you and I are one.

182:1.6 You are in me and I am in you, and I desire that

182:1.6 as I have loved them, all men will then believe that I

182:1.6 revelation of truth and glory which I have made.

182:1.6 The glory which you gave me I have revealed to

182:1.6 in spirit, so have I lived with them in the flesh.

182:1.6 As you have been one with me, so have I been one

182:1.6 all this have I done that my brethren in the flesh

182:1.6 Those who serve with me in humiliation, I would

182:1.6 I long to show my earthly brethren the glory I had

182:1.6 knows very little of you, righteous Father, but I

182:1.6 and I have made you known to these believers,

182:1.6 And now I promise them that you will be with

182:2.2 My peace I leave with you.”

182:2.2 I desire that you remain with me for a little while.

182:2.6 not disturbed by what is about to take place since I

182:2.6 but I will rise to be with you a short time before I go

182:2.8 I come again to you after I have drunk this cup.

182:2.8 Strengthen your brethren, seeing that I have already

182:2.10 service have you done of your own heart, and I

182:3.1 My Father, I came into this world to do your will,

182:3.1 I came into this world to do your will, so have I.

182:3.1 I know that the hour has come to lay down this

182:3.1 I do not shrink therefrom, but I would know that it

182:3.1 know that it is your will that I drink this cup.

182:3.1 Send me the assurance that I will please you in my

182:3.1 please you in my death even as I have in my life.”

182:3.2 to death, and that I crave your companionship?”

182:3.2 Father, I know it is possible to avoid this cup—

182:3.2 but I have come to do your will, and while this is a

182:3.2 I would drink it if it is your will.”

182:3.3 awakened them, saying: “In such an hour I need that

182:3.3 —wherefore do you fall asleep when I leave you?”

182:3.4 O Father, if this cup may not pass, then would I

182:3.4 But I have already told you about these things.”

183:3.6 again answered Jesus: “I have told you that I am he.

183:3.7 that it is the Father’s will that I drink this cup?

183:3.7 do you not further know that I could even now

183:3.8 I was daily with you in the temple, publicly teaching

184:1.6 You know full well that I have spoken openly to

184:1.6 I have taught in the synagogues and many times in

184:1.6 In secret I have spoken nothing; why, then, do you

184:1.6 Behold, all Jerusalem has heard that which I have

184:1.6 My friend, if I have spoken evil, bear witness

184:1.6 if I have spoken the truth, why, then, should you

184:1.8 You know that I claim to be nothing except that

184:1.8 I have been sent to all men, gentile as well as Jew

184:3.14 Soon I go to the Father, and presently shall the

184:5.10 answered: “If I tell you, you will not believe me;

184:5.10 and if I ask you, you will not answer.”

185:3.3 surely would my disciples fight that I should not be

185:3.4 For this purpose was I born into this world,

185:3.4 even that I should show my Father to all men and

185:3.4 I declare to you that every one who loves the truth

186:0.1 Go to my mother and bring her to see me ere I die.”

187:0.3 But I will take it up again.

187:0.3 No one takes my life away from me—I lay it down

187:0.3 I have authority to lay it down, and I have authority

187:0.3 I have received such a commandment from my

187:1.6 My work is about done—soon I go to my Father—

187:3.5 Jesus looked down upon them and said, “I thirst.”

187:3.5 the captain of the guard heard Jesus say, “I thirst,”

187:4.1 Verily, verily, I say to you today, you shall

187:4.7 saying, “I desire that you depart from this place.”

187:5.2 such as, “I know the Lord will save his anointed,”

187:5.3 one o’clock when, a second time, he said, “I thirst,”

187:5.5 Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

188:2.2 he was yet alive, ‘After three days I will rise again.

188:3.4 Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.”

189:1.10 Having finished my life in the flesh, I would tarry

189:1.10 here for a short time in transition form that I may

189:3.1 Although I have not yet fully resumed the exercise

189:4.12 will I tarry with you for a season before I ascend to

189:4.12 and tell my apostles—and Peter—that I have risen,

189:5.4 Go back to my apostles and again tell them that I

189:5.4 that I will appear to them, and that presently I will

189:5.4 I will go before them into Galilee as I promised.”

190:2.3 James, I come to call you to the service of the

190:2.4 “Farewell, James, until I greet you all together.”

190:2.5 saying, ‘Farewell until I greet you all together.

190:3.1 And I will be with you always, even to the ends of

190:4.1 and I will fellowship you in the brotherhood of the

190:5.3 the words you exchanged so earnestly as I came

190:5.4 then may I enlighten you since I am more than

191:1.2 Peter, the enemy desired to have you, but I

191:1.2 I knew it was not from the heart that you

191:1.2 therefore I forgave you even before you asked; but

191:1.3 Farewell, Peter, until I see you with your brethren.”

191:2.1 Why are you so frightened when I appear,

191:2.1 Did I not tell you about these things when I was

191:2.1 Did I not say to you that the chief priests and the

191:2.1 and that on the third day I would rise?

191:2.1 I will tarry in Jerusalem with you until you are

191:2.1 My peace I leave with you.”

191:4.3 You are to love all men as I have loved you;

191:4.3 you are to serve all men as I have served you.

191:4.4 And my peace I leave with you.”

191:4.5 When he had said, “My peace I leave with you,”

191:5.3 For a full week have I tarried that I might appear

191:5.3 I tell you: As the Father sent me into the world,

191:5.3 As the Father sent me into the world, so send I

191:5.3 As I have revealed the Father, so shall you reveal

191:5.3 I send you forth, not to love the souls of men, but

191:5.3 founded on the fact that I lived a God-revealing

191:5.3 serving them, even as I have loved and served you

191:5.3 but I require of my disciples life, even a life of

191:5.4 Thomas, I bid you be not faithless but believing—

191:5.4 I know you will believe, even with a whole heart.”

191:5.6 “And now go all of you to Galilee, where I will

191:6.2 and startling affection, even as I have loved you.

191:6.2 and amazing devotion, even as I have served you.

191:6.3 sent me into this world, even so now send I you.

192:1.8 Even the twins should sit down while I visit with you

192:2.1 give up your intolerance and learn to love men as I

192:2.2 Serve your fellow men even as I have served you;

192:2.2 forgive your fellow mortals as I have forgiven you.

192:2.4 Love the flock as I have loved you and devote

192:2.4 even as I have devoted my life to your welfare.

192:2.5 If I will that John should tarry after you are gone,

192:2.5 gone, even until I come back, what is that to you?

192:2.7 I once trusted you with the leadership of your

192:2.7 Now must you trust others as I leave you to go to

192:2.7 And then go on trusting, for I will not fail you.

192:2.9 brethren in the flesh even as I have served you.

192:2.10 Serve your fellow men even as I have served you.

192:2.10 Be faithful to men as I have watched over you.

192:2.11 And I will go before you and be with you even to

192:2.12 As I have done the Father’s will on earth, so shall

192:2.12 And where I go, you shall presently come.”

192:2.13 we do believe,” he said: “I will soon leave you.

192:2.13 You see that I have already left you in the flesh.

192:2.13 I tarry only a short time in this form before I go to

192:2.13 I have other and better worlds where you shall

192:2.13 I will work with you, and my spirit shall dwell

192:2.14 “Farewell, until I meet you all on the mount of your

192:4.3 Peace be upon you, and my peace I leave with

193:0.2 both men and women—to which I have appeared

193:0.2 I now call you to witness that I told you

193:0.2 I told you that presently I must return to the

193:0.2 And then I plainly told you how the chief priests

193:0.2 put to death, and that I would rise from the grave.

193:0.2 why were you so surprised when I rose from the

193:0.3 I taught you that my one purpose was to reveal

193:0.3 I have lived the God-revealing bestowal that you

193:0.3 I have revealed God as your Father in heaven;

193:0.3 I have revealed you as the sons of God on earth.

193:0.4 I admonish you ever to remember that your mission

193:0.5 you share the knowledge that I have risen from the

193:0.5 I have the power to lay down my life and to take it

193:0.5 entered upon the eternal ascent soon after I left

193:0.5 I lived my life in the flesh to show how you can,

193:0.5 by loving you and serving you, I have become

193:0.5 I have lived among you as the Son of Man that

193:0.5 Love all men as I have loved you;

193:0.5 serve your fellow mortals as I have served you.

193:0.5 tarry here in Jerusalem while I go to the Father,

193:0.5 and until I send you the Spirit of Truth.

193:0.5 truth, and I will go with you into all the world.

193:0.5 I am with you always, and my peace I leave with you

193:1.2 My spirit shall go before you, and I will be with you

193:2.2 And so send I you abroad to preach this salvation

193:2.2 I will go before you, and my Spirit of Truth shall

193:2.2 My peace I leave with you.”

193:3.2 I have asked you to tarry here in Jerusalem until I

193:3.2 even until I send you the Spirit of Truth, who shall

193:3.2 As the Father sent me into the world, so do I send

193:3.2 I wish that you would love and trust one another.

193:3.2 And did I not even send you out to teach, two and

193:3.2 when I was in the flesh, I did not permit myself to

193:3.2 I always had two or three of you constantly by my

193:3.2 near at hand even when I communed with the

193:5.2 I bade you tarry in Jerusalem until you were

193:5.2 Love men with the love wherewith I have loved

193:5.2 serve your fellow mortals even as I have served

193:5.2 Remember all I have taught you and the life I have

I amnon-exhaustive; see I amJesus; see I AM

1:0.3 the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I. am

1:0.6 that divine command, “Be you perfect, even as I. am

2:2.1I. the Lord; I change not.”

2:4.1I. the Lord who executes loving-kindness,

2:4.1 for I. “the Father of mercies and the God of all

2:5.4I. he who blots out your transgressions for my own

3:1.2 “‘I. a God at hand as well as afar off,’ says the

3:6.6 the mortal races, “In all your afflictions I. afflicted.”

7:4.7 the mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I. perfect,”

10:7.1 Of a truth it is written: “I. the first, and I. the last,

19:4.4 will be,” but the Universal Censor is always “I am.”

26:4.12 has decreed: “Be you perfect, even as I. perfect.”

26:9.3 of the worlds: “Be you perfect, even as I. perfect.”

40:7.4 by the Father, “Be you perfect, even as I. perfect.”

47:8.4 “This is a beloved son in whom I. well pleased.”

56:0.1 mandate: “Be you perfect, even as I. perfect.”

97:7.6I. the first and the last; there is no God beside

97:7.6 “Fear you not, for I. with you;

97:7.6 be not dismayed, for I. your God.”

97:7.9I. the high and lofty one who inhabits eternity.”

97:7.9I. the first and the last, and beside me there is no

102:7.7 what I have experienced because I. a son of I AM.”

126:4.6 Fear not, for I. with you;

126:4.6 be not dismayed, for I. your God.

126:4.6 the right hand of my righteousness, for I. the Lord

126:4.7 and believe me and understand that I. the Eternal.

126:4.7 I, even I. the Lord, and beside me there is no savior.

130:8.2 I will give you a heart to know me, that I. the Lord

131:2.6 Says the Lord: ‘Fear not, for I am with you.

131:2.6 Be not dismayed, for I am your God.

131:4.3 I. the splendor of the splendid and the goodness of

131:4.6 to those who serve him, ‘Fear not, for I. with you.

131:7.2 I. the maker of heaven and earth; the sun and

131:7.2 I. the ruler of all creatures on land and in the four

131:7.2 Although I. great and supreme, still I have regard

135:8.6 “This is my beloved Son in whom I. well pleased.”

135:9.7 ‘This is my beloved Son in whom I. well pleased.

136:2.3 “This is my beloved Son in whom I. well pleased.”

137:8.13 they should eventually be perfect, even as I. perfect.’

174:3.2 heard the Father say, ‘I am the God of Abraham,

174:3.4 the Father had said, “I am the God of Abraham,

I amJesus

21:6.4 Christ Michael once said, “I. the way, the truth, and

108:4.1 on Urantia, “I, if I. lifted up, will draw all men.”

117:3.3 Said Jesus: “I. the living way,” and so he is the living

119:1.2 That which I. about to do, you cannot do.

119:6.5 I. only doing the pleasure of the Paradise Sons

127:5.5 “If I. a son of destiny, I must not assume obligations

128:1.10 did not hesitate to declare, “I. Alpha and Omega,

128:7.2 “Regardless of who I. and what power I may or may

130:5.3 I. now on the way to Rome with you and your

132:5.2 I. not concerned with the wealth of any other rich

132:5.2 I. offering advice only to you and for your personal

133:1.2 As an individual I. beholden to show mercy;

133:1.4 I. consecrated to doing the will of my Father in

133:1.4 I. absolutely assured that the entire universe is

133:2.1 I. sure you must feel that you have some good

134:8.7 I. your Creator-father; I can hardly judge you justly,

135:9.4 heard me and received my baptism to say who I.,

137:6.5 perceive what I. unfolding to your confused minds

137:6.5 will demand wonder-working as the proof that I.

138:3.6 I. glad to witness your lightheartedness and social

140:1.7 I. about to put upon your souls the solemn

140:1.7 as I now represent my Father in this life which I.

140:3.1 Some of the things which I. about to say to you

140:3.14I. sending you out into the world to represent me

140:6.6 I. on earth solely to comfort the minds, liberate the

140:6.8 sheep not of this flock, and that I. beholden to them

141:0.2 I. saddened only because none of my father

141:4.2 And I. here among you in the flesh to make clear

142:7.17 Do you not understand that I. teaching you as

143:1.5 Do you observe that I. enslaved by fear?

143:5.6 own heart this living water which I. offering you

143:6.1 I. now sending you to reap that whereon you have

144:6.3I. concerned only with your personal and purely

144:6.3 I. the representative of the Father to the individual

144:6.3 I. ever sympathetic and always interested,

144:6.3 your deliberations, I. leaving you for two weeks.

147:4.3 I. disappointed in that you all so often fail to put

149:6.2 “My children, I. not surprised that you ask such

149:6.8 I. his Son, and you are also his sons.

150:9.1 “Yes, I. Joseph’s son; I. the carpenter,

150:9.1 I. not surprised that you remind me of the proverb

151:5.1I. weary of the throngs; let us cross over to the

153:2.8 this living bread, I will answer: I. this bread of life.

153:2.11 I. all that you say but more.

153:2.12I. this bread of life.

153:2.12 I repeat, I. this living bread, and every soul who

153:3.2 with me even as I. one in spirit with the Father.

153:4.1 “You know who I.; come out of him; and I charge

154:5.3 I. neither a teacher nor a preacher, but it is in my

157:3.3 this surprising question, “Who do men say that I.?”

157:3.5 his hand and asked, “But who say you that I.?”

157:4.5 I. led to declare that upon this foundation will I

157:6.8 And when I. no more with you, think not that the

157:6.11 Before Abraham was, I..

158:1.6 wherefore do you doubt when I. not with you?

158:6.5 remember what I. saying to you: The Son of Man

158:7.3 because you have confessed that I. the Son of God

158:7.3 that I. constrained to begin to unfold to you the truth

158:7.3 insist on clinging to the belief that I. the Messiah,

159:3.9 Tell my children that I. not only tender of their

159:3.9 but that I. also ruthless with sin and intolerant of

159:3.9 I. indeed meek and humble in the presence of my

159:3.9 but I. equally and relentlessly inexorable where

161:2.9 Jesus once declared, “Before Abraham was, I..”

162:2.3 “You claim to know me and to know whence I..

162:2.7 If you could only realize that I. to be with you only

162:2.7 for where I. about to go you cannot come.

162:5.2I. the light of the world.

162:5.2 know whence I came, who I., and whither I go.

162:5.2 know not whence I came, who I., or whither I go.

162:5.3 “I have already told you that I. going away,

162:5.3 not find me, for where I. going you cannot come.

162:5.3 who would reject this light are from beneath; I.

162:5.3 I. not of this world, and I live in the eternal light

162:5.3 all have had abundant opportunity to learn who I.,

162:5.3 I. the light of life, and every one who deliberately

162:5.4 Son of Man is lifted up, shall you all know that I. he,

162:7.3 that I. sent by God, that I. not doing this work of

162:7.4 said that I have a devil, that I. a child of the devil.

162:7.4 your own souls know full well that I. not a devil.

162:7.6 Verily, verily, I say to you, before Abraham was, I.

163:1.3 I. about to set you apart as messengers of the

163:1.3 I. about to send you to Jew and gentile as lambs

163:6.3 I. mightily moved as I realize you are about to

163:6.3 that only you really know who I., and that only I

163:6.7 for I. true and loyal, and you shall find spiritual rest

164:3.7 When I. in the world, I. the light of the world, but

164:3.9 they asked the man himself, he answered, “I. he.”

165:2.7 I will declare that I. both the door to the Father’s

165:2.8 friends and enemies, I. the true shepherd; I know

165:6.3 a baptism to be baptized with, and I. on watch

166:3.3 all who sincerely seek to enter, for I. that door.

166:3.7I. the door, I. the new and living way,

167:4.6 And I. glad for your sakes, even if the others are

167:4.7 I. satisfied it means the end; they will surely kill

167:5.1 What I. telling you is well illustrated by two men

168:0.7I. the resurrection and the life; he who believes in

168:2.2 “Father, I. thankful that you heard and granted my

168:2.7 truth which I spoke—I. the resurrection and the life.

171:0.5 Are you able to drink the cup I. about to drink?”

171:0.5I. saddened that you know not why we go up to

171:0.5 I. grieved that you understand not the nature of my

171:0.5 I. disappointed that you bring your mother to make

171:8.4 trade diligently with your trust fund while I. away

172:1.3I. not concerned with such walls of brick and stone;

174:0.2 Doubt not that I. able to finish the work I have

174:5.3 But I. constrained to show forbearance since I fear

174:5.7 I. the light of the world, and whosoever will

174:5.9 “I know my hour is approaching, and I. troubled.

174:5.9 I. rejoiced to receive these truth-seeking gentiles

175:1.6 I. just now offering you your last chance to come

176:1.1 I. about to leave you; I go to the Father.

177:0.3 will lay hands on me until that hour when I. ready

177:2.4 I. not certain about what he will do in the years to

178:3.3 but I. determined to do the will of my Father in

179:3.3 You may not fully understand what I. about to do,

179:3.5 you will have no part with me in that which I.

179:3.8 You call me Master, and you say well, for so I..

179:3.9 But you will observe that I. among you as one who

179:5.3 I have told you that I. the bread of life.

179:5.7 rejoice that I. to continue to live on earth with you

180:0.3 My friends, I. to be with you only a little longer.

180:0.3 I. going to a place to which you cannot, at this time

180:0.3 In just a short time I. going to leave you, you will

180:1.1 and I would do this now as I. about to leave you.

180:1.1 But I. not wholly satisfied with even that sincere

180:1.2 I. about to experience the supreme joy, even though

180:1.3 If you will only love one another as I. loving you,

180:2.1 I. the true vine, and my Father is the husbandman.

180:2.1 I. the vine, and you are the branches.

180:2.1 Remember: I. the real vine, and you are the living

180:3.4 I. going to return to these worlds of light, stations

180:3.5 even as I. about to ascend to my Father in his

180:3.7 “Thomas, I. the way, the truth, and the life.

180:3.9 Do you not believe that I. in the Father and the

180:3.9 I. in this world to do the Father’s will, and that I

180:3.9 when I say that the Father is in me, and that I. in

180:4.1 You thus perceive that I. not going to leave you

180:4.2 you shall surely know that I. in the Father,

180:4.2 your life is hid with the Father in me, I. also in you

180:4.3I. telling you these things while I. still with you

180:4.5 My little children, I. going away, going back to my

180:4.5 In a very short time I. going to send you my spirit,

180:4.5 by loving one another, even as I. now loving you.”

180:6.1 “And I. telling you about all this before I leave you

180:6.1 And I. telling you in advance about these things so

180:6.2 “Now that I. leaving you, seeing that the hour has

180:6.2 hour has come when I. about to go to the Father,

180:6.2 I. surprised that none of you have asked me, Why

181:1.1 “As long as I. with you in the flesh, I can be but one

181:1.5 “And now, as I. about to leave you, I would speak

181:1.6 But I. never alone; always is the Father with me.

181:2.3 except for my death in the flesh, and I. ready to

181:2.7 but I. distressed about what may happen to you

181:2.9 I. not concerned with your loyalty to me and to

181:2.12 now that I. leaving you, after you have recovered

181:2.14 which your brethren do not know, and I. rejoiced

181:2.17 and as I. about to leave you and go to my Father, I

181:2.26 Thomas, I. glad you joined us, and I know, after a

181:2.27 but I. distressed that your years of such close

181:2.27 When I. absent, there is great danger that some of

181:2.30 “But remember my promise: When I. raised up, I will

182:1.4 that you sent me into this world, and that I. about

182:1.4 I. about to return to the work you have given me

182:1.6 You are in me and I. in you, and I desire that these

182:1.10 Father incarnate, could truly say: I. the bread of life.

182:1.11 I am the living water.

182:1.12 I am the light of the world.

182:1.13 I am the desire of all ages.

182:1.14 I am the open door to eternal salvation.

182:1.15 I am the reality of endless life.

182:1.16 I am the good shepherd.

182:1.17 I am the pathway of infinite perfection.

182:1.18 I am the resurrection and the life.

182:1.19 I am the secret of eternal survival.

182:1.20 I am the way, the truth, and the life.

182:1.21 I am the infinite Father of my finite children.

182:1.22 I am the true vine; you are the branches.

182:1.23 I am the hope of all who know the living truth.

182:1.24 I am the living bridge from one world to another.

182:1.25 I am the living link between time and eternity.

183:3.4 the God of all this creation, said, “I.  he.”

183:3.6 again answered Jesus: “I have told you that I. he.

183:3.6 I. ready to go with you.”

184:1.5 “Do you have no care as to whether I. friendly to

184:3.14 Jesus answered Caiaphas: “I..

185:3.4 “Yes, I. such a king, and my kingdom is the family of

187:0.3 “The Father loves and sustains me because I. willing

187:1.3 “He said, ‘I. the king of the Jews.’”

189:4.12 “Touch me not, Mary, for I. not as you knew me

190:1.5 I. about to send you on your last mission as

190:5.4 may I enlighten you since I. more than familiar

191:4.3 and I. soon to send forth the Spirit of Truth into the

191:4.4 Fear not the resistance of evil, for I. with you

191:5.4 you see no nail marks on my hands, since I. raised

191:6.3 lo, I. with you always, even to the end of the ages.”

192:1.4 John, I. glad to see you again and in carefree

192:2.13 remembering your association with me, when I.

193:0.5 I. with you always, and my peace I leave with you.

193:1.2 You rejoice to know that I. the resurrection and life,

193:3.2 And this is all the more needful since I. this day

193:3.2 The hour has come; I. about to go to the Father.”

193:5.2 I. now about to take leave of you;

193:5.2 I. about to ascend to my Father, and soon, very


0:3.21 the eternal and infinite I. achieved Deity liberation

0:3.22 In this original transaction the theoretical I.

0:3.23 The concept of the I. is a philosophic concession

0:3.23 conceptualize this philosophic value-level as the I.

0:3.23 Son and the Infinite Spirit are coeternal with the I.

0:3.23 there never was a time when the I. was not the

0:3.24 The theoretical I. is a creature-philosophic extension

0:12.9 person of the Father on the conceptual level of the I..

2:1.5 He is the great and only I..

56:1.6 personality, the First Source and Center—the I..

56:3.5 in eternity so unified in the Universal I. ere he ever

56:9.5 led the final postulate of the I. as the primal cause

94:11.11 as the Absolute, sometimes even as the infinite I..

94:11.13 even thought of as contained within the infinite I..

102:3.10 This cosmos of the Infinite I. is therefore endless,

102:3.10 And we bear testimony that the Infinite I. is also

102:7.3 have effects without causes; only the I. is causeless.

102:7.7 what I have experienced because I am a son of I..”

103:7.12 in the infinity of the First Source and Center, the I.

104:4.44 purposes conceptually indistinguishable from the I..

104:4.46 presence of the triunities that enables the Father-I.

104:4.47 cannot augment the infinity of the Father-I.,

104:4.47 hypothetical stasis of the original infinity of the I..

104:5.12 Supreme Being is a revelation of the unity of the I.


105:1.1 as the infinite, the eternal, and the absolute I..

105:1.2 to the mortal intellect of this idea of an infinite I.

105:1.2 the philosophic concept of the I. does afford finite

105:1.2 let it be made clear that this concept of the I. is,

105:1.2 this postulate of the I. is not so clearly identifiable

105:1.3 The I. is the Infinite; the I. is also infinity.

105:1.3 all reality has its origin in the infinite I., whose

105:1.3 The concept of the I. connotes unqualified infinity,

105:1.4 As an existential concept the I. is neither deified nor

105:1.4 applied to the Infinite except to state that the I. is.

105:1.4 The philosophic postulate of the I. is one universe

105:1.5 the I. may be conceived as both thing and no thing

105:1.5 have not yet appeared within the infinity of the I..

105:1.6 the infinity of the First Source and Center, the I..

105:1.6 the I. ever remains as our hypothesis of all that we


105:2.2 and “first” repercussional reaction within the I..

105:2.2 of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I..

105:2.3 This self-metamorphosis of the I. culminates in the

105:2.3 These differentiations of the theoretical monistic I.

105:2.3 within the same I.—the prepotential, preactual,

105:2.4 By these internal metamorphoses the I is establishing

105:2.4 The philosophic (time) concept of the solitary I. and

105:2.4 the transitional (time) concept of the I. as triune can

105:2.4 now be enlarged to encompass the I. as sevenfold.

105:2.5 1. The Universal Father. I. father of the Son.

105:2.5 This phase of the I. is partially experiencible on

105:2.6 Universal Controller. I. cause of eternal Paradise.

105:2.7 The Universal Creator. I. one with the Eternal Son.

105:2.8 4. The Infinite Upholder. I. self-associative.

105:2.8 This phase of the I. is best understood as the

105:2.9 5. The Infinite Potential. I. self-qualified.

105:2.9 witness to the volitional self-limitation of the I. by

105:2.9 This phase of the I. is usually understood as the

105:2.10 6. The Infinite Capacity. I. static-reactive.

105:2.10 This phase of the I. is perhaps best conceived as the

105:2.11 I AM as I AM. This is the stasis or self-relationship

105:3.1 The seven prime relationships within the I. eternalize

105:3.3 the absolute personality realities of the I. and the

105:3.3 for the realization-revelation of “I. personality.”

105:3.4 the basis for the realization-revelation of “I. force”

105:3.7 abeyant; the unrevealed cosmic infinity of the I.;

105:3.10 are manifestations of the I.-First Source and Center;

105:4.1 the eternity existence of the I. as the primal source of

105:4.1 they postulate the self-segmentation of the I. into the

105:4.1 the duality association of the seven phases of the I.

105:4.2 The self-revelation of the I. thus proceeds from static

105:4.2 the self-segmented phases of the self-revealing I..

105:4.4 Relations existent within the I. as the unity thereof is

105:4.5 Relations existent between the I. as sevenfold and

105:4.8 The I. is unqualified infinity as unity.

105:5.1 Just as the original diversification of the I. must be

106:3.5 As the I., we philosophically postulate his

106:7.5 staggered by the unrevealed infinity of the Father-I.,

106:7.7 and unimagined developments within the unending I.

106:7.9 whose union constitutes the latency of the I.,

106:7.10 reuniting of the absolute phases of the Father-I..

106:8.1 are as one in the pre-experiential, pre-existential I..

106:8.6 3. The level of the I..

106:8.22 infinity which were originally segmentalized by the I.

106:8.22 it would lead directly to the realization of the I. as

106:8.22 that the unknowable I. had become experiencible

106:8.23 As we philosophically conceive of the I. in past

106:8.23 he is alone, there is none beside him.

106:8.23 we do not see that the I. could possibly change as an

106:8.23 Such a concept of the I. implies self-realization—

106:8.23 volitional participants in the self-revelation of the I.,

106:9.9 The Universal Father in the Trinity is the I. of the

106:9.9 the existential, solitary, pre-Trinity nonattainable I.

106:9.9 post-Trinity of Trinities and attainable I. are one and

106:9.10 The I., in the final analysis, must exist before all

115:2.1 for the completion of infinity inherent in the I. is

115:3.3 expressed in these papers as the I.—the premier

115:3.6 that source manifestation of the I. from which all

115:3.16 Actual are both encircuited in the Original (the I.),

115:3.16 Whatsoever is identified with the I. can never find

115:3.16 the actuality of the potentials of the I. is absolute,

115:3.16 the potentiality of the actuals of the I. is absolute.

115:7.1 In the Deity of the Supreme the Father-I. has

118:1.9 I AM signifies also I WAS and I WILL BE.

118:6.4 only the Father-I. possesses finality of volition;

182:1.9 no further than to cause it to be said, “I..”

182:1.9 himself, it was only disclosed, “I AM that I AM.”

195:7.18 significance apart from the I., the infinite God who

icesee ice age; ice sheet

57:8.22 regions, enormous i. blankets would have formed;

59:1.17 Greenland, making that now i.-mantled continent

59:4.14 of these early land plants beneath its mantle of i..

59:6.6 the glacial deposit of these local i. formations may

61:5.1 they continued to be i.-free until almost the close of

61:5.2 soon metamorphosed into solid but creeping i..

61:5.3 One half of the glacial i. was in North America,

61:5.3 Africa was little affected by the i., but Australia

61:5.3 Australia was covered with the antarctic i. blanket.

61:5.4 experienced six separate and distinct i. invasions,

61:5.4 The i. in North America collected in two and, later,

61:5.4 Iceland was completely buried beneath the i. flow.

61:5.4 In Europe the i. at various times covered the British

61:5.5 the eastern and western i. centers were not then so

61:5.6 erelong this eastern i. mass began to flow southward.

61:5.6 This was the second invasion of the i..

61:5.7 These first two i. invasions were not extensive in

61:5.8 Away from the i. the land and water life of the world

61:5.8 Between the i. invasions the climate was about as

61:7.1 the action of the i. overshadows all other phenomena

61:7.1 The i. is also responsible for those gentle swells,

61:7.2 the North American central and eastern i. fields,

61:7.3 while in Europe the advancing i. stopped just short

61:7.4 during the fifth advance of the i., a new development

61:7.5 consisted of a combined invasion by three i. centers.

61:7.5 In Europe this invasion of the i. was not so extensive

61:7.6 greatest snow deposition on the northern i. fields.

61:7.7 great ice sheets coalesced into one vast i. mass,

61:7.7 This was the largest of all i. invasions in North

61:7.7 the i. moved south over fifteen hundred miles from

61:7.10 glacier that sent forth the many tongues, or i. lobes,

61:7.11 the center of i. accumulation moved considerably

61:7.11 as the polar regions continue to be covered with i.,

61:7.12 The temperate regions have been free from the i. for

61:7.13 made necessary by the advancing and retreating i..

61:7.16 advancing i. led to an extraordinary commingling of

61:7.16 with the retreat of the final i. invasion, many arctic

61:7.19 the rise of mammalian life to the retreat of the i.

63:5.1 until they were hindered by the slowly advancing i.

63:6.3 elements—thunder, lightning, rain, snow, and i..

63:6.6 our daily food, deliver us from the curse of the i.,

64:1.1 as he went north, he encountered the advancing i..

64:1.1 even when further migration was blocked by the i.,

64:1.2 —mountains to the right, water to the left, and i. in

64:2.3 the i. in the north to the Alps and Mediterranean in

64:2.7 on west from England after a later i. visitation

64:3.3 tribes of the north grew more and more to fear the i.,

64:4.4 the Neanderthalers made holes in the i. covering the

64:4.4 Ever these tribes retreated before the advancing i.,

64:4.7 narrow belt of land lying between the i. and the Alps

64:4.8 that the Alps were almost denuded of i. and snow.

64:4.9 600,000 years ago the i had reached its northernmost

64:7.4 on the heels of the retreating i., passing around the

64:7.8 upon the retreat of the i. the blue men, together with

64:7.17 hoped might be free from the terrifying i. invasions

64:7.18 the advance of local i. fields on Greenland drove

79:5.6 were fighting with their backs to the retreating i.

80:2.1 With the retreat of the northern i. fields the water-

124:1.8 short time; but not until this winter had he seen i..

ice age

57:8.22 the i. would have arrived long before it did.

61:0.1 the origin of placental mammals to the end of the i.,

61:2.9 horse’s development was not completed until the i..

61:2.9 America, though a few camels survived up to the i..

61:4.2 But it was not until the subsequent i. that North


61:5.2 And the i. persisted just as long as this excessive

61:5.5 The i. was now in the making, and this glacier

61:5.7 During these early epochs of the i. North America

61:5.7 the close of the i the majority of these animal species


61:6.4 the Western Hemisphere until near the close of the i..


61:7.17 The i. is the last completed geologic period,

61:7.18 marks the termination of the great i. excepting in the

64:0.1 the times of the Planetary Prince to the end of the i..

64:1.5 During most of the i. England was connected by land

65:2.16 life that was planted on Urantia evolved until the i.,

65:2.16 appearance of primitive man on earth during the i.

ice sheet(s)

59:1.17 There were no great i. sheets during these ages.

61:5.3 The great i. of this period were all located on

61:5.4 associated with the activity of each individual i..

61:5.5 The central i. extended south as far as Kansas;

61:7.2 750,000 years ago the fourth i., a union of the

61:7.2 at its height it reached to southern Illinois,

61:7.2 in the east it extended as far south as the Ohio River

61:7.3 In Asia the Siberian i. made its southernmost

61:7.5 the St. Lawrence valley, and the western i. made

61:7.7 the three great i. coalesced into one vast ice mass,

61:7.9 western i. crossing just over the Canadian border;

61:7.11 of the last glacier, the vast polar i. began to form,

63:5.2 Before this extensive i. reached France and the

63:5.4 the later i. came farther south and drove their

64:4.4 750,000 years ago the fourth i. was well on its way

64:4.10 stretching northeast into Asia and lying between the i

79:5.2 were pushed south by the fifth glacier, the same i.


61:5.8 enormous i. were sliding off the coast of Maine into


61:1.12 land bridge and with Europe by way of I. and

61:2.3 Extensive lava flows occurred in Greenland and I.,

61:3.9 The I. land bridge submerged, and the arctic waters

61:5.4 and I. was completely buried beneath the ice flow.

64:7.16 the extreme northern regions of Europe and in I.,

64:7.17 And some of them reached I., others Greenland,

78:1.5 Eurasian continent, together with I. and Greenland,

93:7.2 went by way of the Faroes to the Andonites of I.,


60:2.11 these huge i. sometimes grew to be fifty feet long,


139:11.7 Simon was a rebel by nature and an i. by training,

ideasee idea, no

1:5.2 the reality of being consists in the i. and ideal of

1:5.2 spiritual ideals of the exalted i. of divine personality

1:5.10 The i. of the personality of the Universal Father is an

1:5.10 The i. of a personal Deity becomes the measure of

1:5.11 suggested in the philosophic i. of Universal Unity.

1:5.12 concept of personality must be divested of the i. of

1:6.2 God is to science a cause, to philosophy an i.,

2:0.1 concept of God is embraced within the human i.

2:7.11 come about through the unification of i. systems,

3:6.4 The mechanistic philosopher professes to reject the i.

3:6.5 not so stupid as completely to mechanize the i. of

4:4.8 the Infinite, but we worship the experience-i. of God,

4:5.4 The barbarous i. of appeasing an angry God,

4:5.5 had not found deliverance from the old and pagan i.

5:5.6 individual, with the i. of God’s transcendence,

5:5.11 consciousness—comprehension of the i. of God.

6:0.4 to convey to the human mind any adequate i. of

6:0.4 as will afford the finite mind something of an i. of

7:6.3 that very instant this creative i. is perfectly and finally

9:8.12 judgment, creative imagination, i. association,

11:8.8 its meaning should convey the i. of the potencies

15:0.3 It is important first to gain an adequate i. of the

15:2.1 some i. of the immensity of the material creation.

20:6.6 But you should not entertain the i. that they always

21:1.1 powerful i. whose union produces this new creator

22:9.5 The Trinity embrace may act solely upon the i. which

22:10.2 the personality embodiment of some divine i.,

22:10.2 the divine Trinity as concerns the i.-ideal of their

22:10.2 They are that i. personified.

22:10.4 the records of Paradise disclosed that such an i.

22:10.5 the records indicate that the i. has been trinitized.

22:10.7 serving where the i. or ideal which they are can best

22:10.8 intelligent, supremely wise—regarding a single i.

22:10.8 the lore of the universe concerning their one i.


32:4.1 Do not entertain the i. that,since the Universal Father

32:5.2 Of course, you mortals find it difficult to grasp the i.

39:5.6 are instrumental in supplanting the atonement i.

39:5.11 Your conventional i. of angels has been derived in

39:5.12 The erroneous i. that angels possess wings is not

44:4.5 the preservation of concept pictures, i. patterns.

46:2.6 But you can never hope to gain an adequate i. of

48:3.6 Something of an i. of the nature of the work of these

48:4.3 unfortunate way in which to try to convey an i. of

51:5.4 You can at best have but a very meager i. of how

52:2.7 The i. of tribal rule gradually gives way to the dual

52:2.8 The growth of the family i. is incompatible with the

53:2.2 It is our belief that the i. took origin and form in

53:2.3 The i. of self-assertion in opposition to the will of

53:3.2 a very clear-cut i. of the Father’s actual personality

54:6.9 consists in the i. that all evolutionary mortals on an

55:7.2 has given prestige to the i. of kings and queens

62:7.1 we had not the slightest i. of just how we would be

63:2.4 sparking quality and conceived the i. of building fire.

63:4.3 they were not able to grasp the i. of trying to make

63:4.4 certainly had a real, although crude, i. of friendship.

63:6.4 This i. was elaborated by Moses in the Hebrew

64:1.1 never entertained the i. of going southward to live

66:1.5 slightest degree any i. that this noble Lanonandek

68:0.3 mankind was nurtured in the i. of group activities.

68:4.7 civilization embraces the progressive i. and endures;

68:5.4 rediscovered the i. of using a long stick for his arm

69:2.4 The time element in labor, the i. of doing a given

69:6.6 And there still persists the i. of passing through fire

70:3.6 The old i. of friendship meant adoption into the clan;

70:5.2 the oligarchy of age grew into the patriarchal i..

70:6.1 power on a personality, not by endowing an i..

70:6.2 Rulership grew out of the i. of family authority or

70:6.3 The i. of royal families and aristocracy was based on

70:10.12 And since the i. of punishment was essentially

70:11.2 The whole i. of the taboo is inherently negative,

70:11.14 The whole i. of primitive justice was not so much to

73:3.5 The dominant i. was to be the glorification of

74:5.3 with the i. of developing trade relations with the

77:5.5 And quickly the i. grew upon Adamson.

81:1.4 the soil; wherefore the i. that soil toil is a curse,

81:2.18 It was from these early huts that the subsequent i. of

81:2.18 Among one group the i. of making pottery arose

81:6.39 neither should an i. be unconditionally embraced

82:4.5 When once started, this i. of female chastity took

83:3.2 decorating daughters for exhibition with the i. of

83:3.4 The i. of a dowry was to convey the impression of

84:1.3 The savage early conceived the i. that babies were

84:5.3 The modern i. of sex equality is beautiful and worthy

84:7.4 is essential, the i. of procreating cosmic citizens,

84:7.8 whole family as gardeners, was a new i. on Urantia

85:3.5 does or does not displace the original worshipful i..

86:4.3 The most primitive i. of the human soul, the ghost,

86:4.3 the ghost, derived from the breath-dream i.-system.

86:4.6 This i. of reincarnation originated in the observance

86:4.7 did not relish the i. of becoming old and decrepit.

86:4.8 Almost every group had a different i. regarding the

86:5.2 religious experience for his new i. of the soul as the

86:5.11 despite the injunctions of Moses against this i..

87:4.3 the power of an i. lies not in its reasonableness or

88:4.7 The later i. of original sin helped much to weaken

89:2.2 The i. of sin was universally established in the world

89:2.5 The i. of confession and forgiveness early appeared

89:4.1 When the i. of sacrifice first attached itself to

89:4.2 existed two conceptions of the sacrifice: the i. of the

89:4.2 debt sacrifice, which embraced the i. of redemption.

89:4.5 The earliest i. of the sacrifice was that of a neutrality

89:4.5 only later did the i. of atonement develop.

89:5.6 But they also ate enemies for revenge with the i. of

89:6.7 The i. of offering the first-born as a sacrifice was

89:6.8 was not a new or strange i. to the men of those days.

89:8.2 Men eventually conceived the i. that the offering of

89:8.3 at first a modification of the i. of human sacrifice.

89:8.4 of advancing teachings, with the i. of the covenant.

89:8.5 And man’s early i. of God was so anthropomorphic

89:8.6 But the i. of making a covenant with the gods did

89:8.6 Do not entertain the mistaken i. that these sacrifices

91:2.4 The appearance of the sacrifice i. in any religion

91:3.2 by the emergence of the i. of an alter ego.

91:3.7 then to recognize that the i. of this alter ego has

92:3.3 And further recall that the power of any i. lies, not

92:4.5 the i. of the Great Spirit was but a hazy concept in

92:5.6 son-of-God i., the connecting link between man and

92:5.12 definitely exalted the i. of one eternal Deity and of

92:6.1 The i. of worshiping a personal God indicates

92:6.1 they believed in ghosts and had an indefinite i. of

92:6.1 groups have long held to the i. of monotheism,

92:6.17 taught the blended i. of a racial deity combined

92:6.20 i. that religion is but “a shared quest of the good

93:3.1 Even the i. of a tithing system, which was introduced

93:4.5 could not grasp the i. of getting divine favor for

93:7.3 never was the i. of one God able to claim allegiance

94:2.6 distant and metaphysical i. of an all-encompassing

94:3.2 grasped at the i. of some all-pervading Absolute,

94:7.6 grasped the new i. of salvation through faith but in

94:11.9 until it surpassed the status of the i. of Gautama as

94:11.12 While this i. of Absolute Deity never found favor

94:11.12 it did enable the intellectuals of these lands to unify

95:2.1 The Jews received much of their i. of the creation

95:2.2 Egyptians gradually got used to the i. of a supergod

95:2.2 The i. of monotheism wavered back and forth in

95:2.6 the efficacy of spittle as a healing agent, an i. which

95:5.10 i. of one God persisted in the minds of many groups.

95:5.11 the creator God, and this i. continued to flame up

95:6.2 He had imbibed the Hebraic i. of a God of justice,

95:6.2 The i. of a supreme God was clear in his mind, and

95:7.3 clans that held on to the hazy i. of the one God.

96:1.5 This i. of God was a composite derived from the

96:1.15 The i. of Yahweh has undergone the most

96:1.15 even as the Yahweh concept finally led to the i. of

96:4.3 Moses endeavored to teach these Bedouins the i.

96:4.3 trying to present his new and higher i. of Deity to

96:6.1 rapidly reverted to the older desert i. of Yahweh.

96:7.1 idolatrous and licentious, and their i. of Deity fell far

96:7.3 from the crude i. of a tribal deity to the expanded

96:7.5 in Ur of Chaldea that the i. of a real God was best

97:1.4 he ascent from an i. on the order of the tribal gods

97:1.9 they failed to develop the i. of the mercy of God as

97:2.3 witnessed the restoration of the i. of the Universal

97:7.1 the new and expanded i. of an internationalized

97:7.3 These Hebrew priests and scribes had a single i. in

97:9.7 were devoted to the Hebrew i. of land ownership.

97:9.27 —the i. that Jews must become the chosen servants

97:9.28 The Jews had thought that the i. of the future life

98:2.4 “the i. of God,” and “the Great Source.”

98:3.7 presiding over all supernatural beings; and this i.

100:5.4 the human motivation of loyalties to the divine i.,

101:5.11 religion drives home to the individual the i. of duty;

101:6.7 by the organization of knowledge into i.-decisions;

101:6.7 The co-ordination of i.-decisions, logical ideals,

101:7.1 An i. is only a theoretical plan for action, while a

101:7.3 some i. of a personal God is attained, followed by

102:2.7 reduced only to an i., it is no longer religion;

102:3.10 Religion grasps the i.-of-the-whole, the entire

102:3.11 philosophy presents the i. of an Absolute; religion

102:3.11 the unity of the fact of Deity, the i. of the Absolute,

102:3.11 the eternal i. of mind, and the infinite spirit of life.

102:3.13 In science, the i. precedes the expression of its

102:3.13 of realization precedes the expression of the i..

102:4.1 The technique whereby you can accept another’s i.

103:5.2 This i.-ideal of doing good to others—the impulse to

104:1.3 remotely grasped the i. of the Paradise association

104:1.6 The later i., developing among the northern branch

104:1.7 were real trinitarian postulates, that is, the i. of a

104:1.9 the Islamic faith failed to grasp the i. of the Trinity.

104:1.9 The trinity i. takes best hold of those religions which

104:2.2 reducing this i. of an unrelated God to the status of

105:1.2 the mortal intellect of this i. of an infinite I AM

109:5.1 stay the flow, and then to divert the i. procession;

110:5.6 dangerous to entertain the i. that every new concept

114:7.15 only a meager i. of an ideal planetary government.

115:3.1 The i. of the infinite-eternal, the eternal-infinite, is

117:3.13 the Creator Sons factualize this i. in time and space

118:3.7 master riddle of space pertains to the pattern of an i..

118:3.7 Does the pattern—the reality—of an i. occupy space?

118:3.7 We really do not know, albeit we are sure that an i.

122:2.8 the i. that he was to grow up to become a spiritual

122:4.1 reconciled to the i. that Mary was to become the

122:5.10 held to the i. of the Messiah as a temporal deliverer

122:7.5 and Mary holding to the i. of a Jewish Messiah,

123:0.1 This new experience gave him the i. of becoming a

123:0.5 the i. that Jesus ought to grow up in Bethlehem,

123:4.8 you will have a fairly good i. of the youthful career

124:0.1 and which gave him a better and more balanced i.

124:3.9 to introduce the i. of wholesome recreation into his

126:3.4 At last Jesus gave up the i. of having each member of

126:3.6 He had thoroughly considered the i. of the Jewish

126:3.9 stoutly to the i. of his being the Jewish Messiah.

127:2.7 he could not disclose his i. of the mission which

127:2.8 it might be inconsistent with the military i.,

127:6.7 not intend to introduce this new i. of the Passover

128:3.9 Mary was slowly giving up the i. that Jesus was to

132:0.10 might have been Jesus but quickly dismissed the i.

132:4.5 the i. of the government supporting and feeding

133:3.6 Ganid had imbibed the i., and rightly, that Jesus

135:4.3 the current Jewish i. and concept of the Messiah

135:7.1 As long as John held to the i. of the restoration of

136:1.2 an i. of the coming Messiah as the perfected Israelite,

136:1.6 the Son of Man, the superhuman i. of Daniel

136:8.7 By this we mean to convey the i. that the human

136:9.7 The i. of battle, contention, and slaughter was

137:7.2 getting used to the i. of living with this God-man.

138:5.2 They could not grasp the i. that Jesus had come to

138:7.1 Banish from your minds this i. that my kingdom is

139:0.4 was intended to convey the i. that they were laymen,

139:4.2 aides of Jesus lent further color to this mistaken i.,

139:9.4 the common people took more kindly to the i. of

139:12.9 Judas became obsessed with the i. of getting even,

139:12.12 the i. that Jesus might possibly exert his power and

140:5.7 associated with the i. of the possession of wealth.

140:8.1 some features of the i. of a spiritual kingdom were

140:8.5 no allowance for revenge, the i. of getting even.

140:8.5 Jesus disallowed the i. of an eye for an eye and a

140:8.11 Jesus came presenting the i. of active kindness,

140:8.24 Peter grasped the i. that the gospel they were about

140:8.30 earthly pursuit; that was the Jewish i. of serving God

140:10.3 the i. that he was doing a work on this world but

141:4.1 the i. of God as a loving Father of the individual.

141:4.3 sought to free the minds of his apostles from the i. of

142:3.2 of Israel relating to the growth of the i. of Yahweh,

142:3.2 to the following phases of the growth of the God i.:

142:3.4 believed in this enlarged and expanded i. of Deity.

142:7.4 Jesus next explained that the “kingdom i.” was not

143:1.6 do not imbibe the i. that the service of the kingdom

145:2.5 “But even this is not a new i..

146:4.6 the i. that their failure to meet with success in

147:3.5 had never once entertained the i. of helping himself

147:4.3 “I well know, Nathaniel, that no such i. of evil is

151:2.3 My i. of this parable would be: The seed

152:3.1 The i. seemed to spread through the crowd like a

157:6.2 while his one i. in teaching was to present to his

158:2.2 of the Master’s dying—it was too disagreeable an i.

158:4.4 free themselves entirely from the long-cherished i.

158:7.3 you will not abandon the i. that the Messiah must sit

158:7.7 Slowly the twelve were grasping the i. that Jesus was

159:4.6 erroneous i. of the perfection of the Scripture

159:5.11 a literal second coat as to the i. of doing something

159:5.11 Jesus abhorred the i. of retaliation or of becoming

160:5.6 The word God, the i. of God as contrasted with the

160:5.6 And this i. of God can become anything which those

160:5.7 Jesus transcends all our former concepts of the i.

160:5.9 deluded yourself by putting an i. in the place of an

161:1.3 “It matters little what i. of the Father you may

164:3.1 this man who had been born blind, the i. came into

165:4.1 Where did you get the i. that I give attention to the

167:4.2 but another i. came into his combined mind.

167:4.2 The Jews clung to the i. of a wonder-working

169:4.7 Jesus employed the word God to designate the i. of

169:4.8 he introduced the i. of the fatherhood of God and

169:4.8 Yahweh concept of a deified racial Father to the i.

170:0.1 The i. of a temporal king was too deep-rooted in

170:0.2 with the subsequent outworking of the kingdom i.

170:1.15 by observing the i. of the “kingdom” as it passed

170:1.17 a religion which was organized about the central i. of

170:2.9 These teachings cover the expanded i of the kingdom

170:2.10 the kingdom in power and glory—just such an i. as

170:2.10 connect establishment of the kingdom with the i.

170:2.11 into the ideal of the i. of doing the will of God.

170:2.12 Jesus desired to substitute for the i. of the kingdom

170:2.24 the kingdom-of-God i. as a breeder of persecution

170:2.25 But he could not escape the use of the kingdom i..

170:4.14 by the apparently slow progress of the kingdom i.

170:5.2 the Christian propaganda, the i. of the kingdom was

170:5.2 notions of Greek idealism, the i. of the natural as the

170:5.15 the concept of an age, the i. of a future visitation,

170:5.15 lost sight of the Father-and-son i. embodied in Jesus’

171:0.2 remove from the minds of his Jewish hearers the i.

171:1.3 they would not give up this Jewish i. of the kingdom.

172:5.6 tempted to doubt the whole i. of the kingdom;

172:5.12 about made up his mind to abandon the whole i. of

176:1.2 it was this secular i. of the Messiah which led to

176:4.5 but we have not the slightest i. as to when or in

176:4.6 We have no i. as to when he will fulfill this promise

177:4.3 Judas refused to entertain the i. of apparent failure.

180:1.6 The i. of duty signifies that you are servant-minded

188:4.8 When once you grasp the i. of God as a true and

188:4.8 The whole i. of ransom and atonement is

188:4.13 This entire i. of the ransom of the atonement places

191:0.2 All day long John upheld the i. that Jesus had risen

193:4.8 Judas was always entertaining the i. of revenge.

194:3.2 difficult to reconcile with the i. that this is a universe

194:3.10 Pentecost disassociates the i. of spiritual experience

196:0.2 but Jesus exalted and elevated the i. into a sublime

196:3.2 There are three elements in universal reality: fact, i.,

196:3.35 When all is said and done, the Father i. is still the

idea, no

31:0.12 have no i. as to the nature of the future organization

45:4.19 have no i. how long they may serve in this capacity.

52:2.1 changed by rebellion that you have little or no i. of

66:4.6 These special beings therefore had little or no i. as to

144:1.7 had little or no settled i. as to what the kingdom

158:4.8 they could give him no i. as to when Jesus might

177:4.8 and had no i. when he would return that evening,

192:3.3 The apostles really had no i. what to do,not knowing


1:5.2 the reality of being consists in the idea and i. of

1:5.8 that God is a majestic presence, a transcendent i.,

2:0.1 concept of God is embraced within the human i.

5:4.9 the concept of anthropomorphism from the i. of the

5:5.3 The emotional artist sees God as the i. of beauty,

5:5.11 soul consciousness—realization of the i. of God.

11:9.6 God’s residence is central and eternal, glorious and i.

14:0.2 the i. of divine completeness, supreme finality,

15:6.15 Urantia is in many respects i. for human habitation.

20:2.1 a new and divine i. of loving service conceived by

21:0.1 is the “only-begotten Son” of the perfect deity i. of

21:1.1 the only-begotten Son of the perfect i. and idea

22:10.2 embodiment of some divine idea, some universal i.

22:10.2 wisdom of the Trinity as concerns the idea-i. of

22:10.7 serving where the idea or i. which they are can best

22:10.8 lore of the universe concerning their one idea or i.,

28:5.13 portray the Paradise i. of the best adjustment of

32:2.6 initial creative concept of identity and i. of divinity.

32:4.10 we behold the outworking of the i. and infinite love

32:5.2 The purpose of the eternal God is a high spiritual i..

33:3.6 the high i. of the family and the human institution

33:4.1 the first concept of identity and i. of personality

45:7.3 Representative government is the divine i. of self-

54:3.1 is not a mere philosophic concept, a symbolic i..

56:10.15 into one unified concept of a divine and supreme i..

56:10.15 this divine and supreme i. become power-unified in

69:2.5 religions reverted to the early i. of idleness.

69:8.11 While the i. of society is universal freedom, idleness

69:9.7 Monogamy is the slave-free i. of the matchless

70:9.17 But this equality i. is the child of civilization;

71:2.1 Democracy, while an i., is a product of civilization,

83:6.6 This i. of true pair marriage entails self-denial, and

83:7.5 the Occidental i. of marriage has suddenly outrun the

83:8.5 there is an i. of marriage on the spheres on high.

83:8.6 it endures as a glorious i., ever luring progressing

83:8.8 Marriage is not just an individualistic i.;

84:7.8 The Edenic i., the whole family as gardeners,

87:7.1 Every inspiring i. grasps for some perpetuating

87:7.6 pregnant with the i. of the brotherhood of man.

92:2.6 represents the humanly conceived i. of reaction in

94:2.6 with a lofty and spiritual i. of the Paradise Father,

95:5.10 Though the monotheistic i. suffered with the passing

96:7.3 idea of a tribal deity to the vastly expanded i. of

96:7.8 achieved the realization of the i of the Creator Father

97:1.4 from an idea on the order of the tribal gods to the i.

97:2.3 had the Hebrews ascended even to the Mosaic i..

99:5.11 in presenting Christ as the supreme i. of spiritual

103:5.2 This idea-i. of doing good to others—the impulse to

103:5.2 Even those who practice this i. least, admit that it

103:5.7 The pursuit of the i.—the striving to be Godlike—is

103:9.5 The i. of religious philosophy is such a faith-trust

114:6.19 seraphim often act to intensify some higher i. which

120:2.8 to show your entire universe the i. of perfected

120:3.2 That, in the pursuit of the i. of your mortal earth life,

121:5.14 pointed to a new life and proclaimed a new i..

127:6.5 And Jesus was the idolized i. of all three of them.

135:4.2 Elijah was his i. of a prophet.

136:4.8 Father’s way—the exemplification of a farseeing i. of

140:8.20 patient endurance his i. of strength of character.

140:8.31 love—truth, beauty, and goodness—as the divine i.

140:10.3 to create a high spiritual and inspirational i. for

146:1.2 the full fellowship of the adoration of a spiritual i.

147:4.9 That is the universe i. of human relationships.

157:6.2 Henceforth his one i. of living was the revelation

158:6.3 Your i. was not spiritual.

160:1.8 It requires the lure of a great i. to drive man on in

160:1.14 represents the new religion of maturity, the i. of all

160:1.14 And this is true because our i. is final, infallible,

160:2.10 your Master’s i. of “peace on earth and good will

160:4.14 Wisdom embraces both the fact and the i. and saves


160:5.3 worship must be the universal spirit reality and i.

160:5.4 constitutes the supreme i. of religious loyalty,

160:5.4 Regardless of the name applied to this i. of spirit

160:5.5 religion without the supreme and supernal i. of an

160:5.5 might claim as the object of its devotion a great i..

160:5.6 the idea of God as contrasted with the i. of God,

160:5.7 he not only portrays his Father as the i. of infinite

160:5.9 Therefore must your devotion to a supreme i., if that

160:5.9 devotion to a supreme i., if that i. is real,

160:5.9 to substitute the word God for the reality of this i. of

160:5.9 putting an idea in the place of an i., a divine reality.

161:1.3 as long as you are spiritually acquainted with the i. of

161:2.3 2. His life association with us exemplifies the i. of

163:2.10 may not share his supreme loyalty to a spiritual i.

167:5.2 the publican squared himself by the highest i..

170:2.4 It portrayed the i. of a resultant new order of society.

170:2.11 the concept of the kingdom into the i. of the idea of

170:5.9 The kingdom of Jesus’ teaching, the spiritual i. of

170:5.14 partial failure to realize his i. of the establishment

170:5.14 by substituting for the Master’s i. of the kingdom

170:5.15 i. of the final redemption of the saints of the Most

170:5.15 which displaced Jesus’ i. of a spiritual brotherhood.

181:1.3 the spirit of my teachings and with the i. of my life—

186:2.11 the man of Nazareth as the satisfaction of the i. of

187:2.9 a human life dedicated to the high spiritual i. of being

195:0.8 3. But best of all, it contained a new and great i.,

196:1.2 of mortal men as the i. of personal religious living?

196:2.11 The i. of all social attainment can be realized only in


83:6.4 Truly, monogamy is i. for those who are in, but it

143:1.2 freely admit that your teaching is heavenly and i.,

ideal atmosphere

49:2.11 The atmospheric status of Urantia is almost i. for the

58:1.8 Though this atmosphere was then i. for plant growth

59:6.10 atmosphere had become i. for animal respiration.

ideal avenue

84:7.28 in human nature and provides the i. avenue for the

ideal circumstances

55:7.2 kings and queens are a great success under these i.

ideal citizen(s)

99:3.4 first, the i. type of citizen and, then, ideal social

178:1.4 assist you in becoming the i. of the kingdoms of

ideal climate

73:3.6 its kind in all the world, and the climate was then i..

ideal combination

122:1.3 Joseph and Mary possessed the most i. of racial

ideal concept(s)

167:5.5 While thus upholding the high and i. of marriage,

170:5.16 Jesus’ i. largely failed, but upon the foundation of

ideal conditions

58:1.7 the i. for life implantation are provided by a large

ideal estate

98:2.12 But the i. human estate is that in which philosophy,

ideal existence

188:3.8 the spiritual requirements of the i. mortal existence

ideal family

84:7.29 In an i. filial and parental affection are augmented

ideal fellowship

196:0.8 Jesus saw in the advanced and i. of the kingdom

ideal fraternity

38:2.6 your fraternity with the seraphim will be i.;

ideal government

70:12.2 the i. is the representative system wherein

70:12.20 While there is a divine and i. form of government,

114:7.15 only a meager idea of an i. planetary government.

ideal group

39:3.5 would form the most i. to achieve a given purpose

ideal home life

76:3.9 of the violet peoples was, for their day and age, i..

ideal humanism

94:8.18 philosophy was the i. and effectively removed all

ideal humor

48:4.2 just about what i. is able to do for you on Urantia.

ideal inheritance

76:2.6 Abel had an i., and heredity lies at the bottom of all

ideal instructors

48:6.31 angelic custodians of the facts of time are the i. of all

ideal levels

71:3.2 But no state can attain i. of functioning until every

ideal life

2:5.10 Michael as he lived on earth the i. spiritual life.

43:0.4 life of the constellations is both typical and i..

110:3.4 the i. is one of loving service rather than an

120:2.5 Live the i. religious life for the inspiration of all your

120:3.4 devote yourself to living the i. religious life on earth.

ideal lives

110:2.1 they bring with them the model careers, the i.,

ideal man

140:5.11 Jesus was the i. meek man of Urantia, and he

ideal marriage

83:6.4 While pursuing the monogamic goal of the i.,

83:8.5 After all, the i. mortal marriage is humanly sacred.

160:2.10 I. must be founded on something more stable than

ideal method

37:6.4 to receive instruction as to the i. and divine method

ideal moons

49:0.4 of Urantia, so that they are almost i. for habitation.

ideal mother

83:6.7 A woman never can become an i. when she is all the

ideal motive

83:7.5 The new and sudden substitution of the more i.

ideal occasion

162:4.1 made the feast of tabernacles an i. for Jesus for the

ideal patterns

146:1.3 many of Plato’s theories of the i. spirit patterns of

ideal philosophy

103:7.1 Faith cannot be nourished even by an i.; indeed, it is

ideal planets

15:6.14 are the more i. to harbor intelligent inhabitants.

34:7.2 But even on the most i., pre-Adamic man must put

49:0.4 of Urantia, so that they are almost i. for habitation.

ideal plans

51:0.3 was a miscarriage of the i. for improving your races,

ideal possibilities

160:2.10 association finds its i. in the marriage relation.

ideal prayer

144:2.2 The i. is a form of spiritual communion which leads

ideal principles

140:8.2 His instruction embraces the i. of living near God in

ideal relationship

167:5.3 Jesus exalted marriage as the most i. and highest of

ideal revelation

1:6.8 the Father’s will becomes man’s most real and i. of

ideal sex partnerships

83:6.5 failure to attain membership in the ranks of those i.

ideal size

49:2.19 the gravity of those planets which are not of i. and

ideal sleep

26:11.8 indeed death, the second an i., and now the third

ideal social mechanisms

99:3.4 demands, first, the ideal type of citizen and, then, i.

ideal social order

99:2.4 An i. is that in which every man loves his neighbor as

ideal social relations

160:2.6 most effective and i. is the affectionate friendship

ideal society

71:4.16 But such an i. cannot be realized when either the

ideal soil

195:2.4 and stalwart self-control was i. for the reception of

ideal solution

160:4.1 of making a living requires religion for its i..

ideal soul rest

143:7.7 Worship is effortless attention, true and i., a form of

ideal spot

73:2.4 location for the Garden sallied forth in search of an i.

ideal state

71:3.3 The i. functions under the impulse of three mighty

71:3.7 The laws of the i. are few in number, and they have

71:5.2 The i. undertakes to regulate social conduct only

71:7.2 In the i., education continues throughout life,

72:9.7 The i. is organic, and every free and intelligent group

ideal statehood

71:8.15 of progressive government and the earmarks of i..

ideal stimulus

160:3.1 Emotional excitement is not the i. spiritual stimulus

ideal values

99:5.8 That faith is concerned only with the grasp of i. is

ideal world(s)

47:4.8 status of the post-Magisterial Son culture of the i..

50:6.3 envisage the evolutionary worlds, even the most i.,

52:4.8 The termination of this age, on an i., witnesses the


0:2.1 Man’s consciousness of moral duty and spiritual i.

3:5.11 6. Is i.—the approaching concept of the divine—

4:4.6 God is eternally motivated by the perfect i. of

71:4.17 I. can never survive on an evolving planet if the

71:4.17 And here is the great test of i.: Can an advanced

71:4.17 and religious i. alone can prevent the prostitution of

81:6.27 spiritual i. is the energy which really uplifts and

83:7.8 so long as unwise and immature youthful i. is to be

91:2.5 that of an impersonal Deity, such as in pantheistic i.,

92:5.12 Tao than did Confucius in humanity or Plato in i..

95:3.1 the social and ethical i. of the Egyptians arose in the

103:5.1 social service and the i. of altruism are derived from

103:5.8 It is fatal to man’s i. when he is taught that all of

127:6.12 the achievement of a higher and distant goal of i.

147:4.6 the highest i. embodied in the nobility of profound

160:4.14 the man whose i. excludes facts and the materialist

160:5.7 the experience of the i. of the supreme and ultimate

160:5.11 in the spirit worlds of the higher i. of divine reality.

160:5.11 of the reality of the i. of the religion of Jesus,

160:5.13 the reality and i. of that which is wholeheartedly

170:5.2 by the then rapidly spreading notions of Greek i.,

173:1.11 and oppression of those who, because of their i.,

195:10.20 under the guilt of tolerating science without i.,

196:3.23 Psychology and i. are not the equivalent of religious

196:3.24 God is not the mere invention of man’s i.; he is the


126:5.10 being a thoroughly practical youth as well as an i.,

132:1.2 no right to assert that he is either materialist or i.,

132:1.4 The materialistic scientist and the extreme i. are

139:12.5 manage the financial affairs of such an i. as Jesus,

177:4.2 while Jesus was a well-meaning dreamer and i., he


71:7.3 education must eventually become world-wide, i.,

83:1.5 parental, poetical, affectionate, ethical, and even i..

83:6.6 forever will be the i. goal of human sex evolution.

91:4.2 and a guide to the progressive striving for i. goals of

92:7.8 sensitization of the individual to the i. appreciation of

92:7.10 personality in this cosmic path of i. spiritual living,

99:4.11 2. The humanistic and i. belief of many philosophies.

100:0.1 the mediocre individual into a personality of i. power

101:10.7 Religion cures man’s sense of i. isolation or spiritual

102:7.4 be morally good, loyal, filial, honest, and even i..

103:6.14 the spiritual level, it becomes i. or even mystical.

103:9.5 transcends the philosophic objectification of i.

133:8.1 to Indians, but they were repellent to an i. Hebrew.

140:8.29 as an inspirational and i. inheritance suitable for the

140:10.2 tendency to take highly i. and spiritual principles of

147:4.8 of interpretation as you would imagine an i., wise,

154:1.3 more i. and spiritual concepts taught by Jesus,

155:6.11 the Spirit of Truth but also the spirit of i. beauty.

155:6.18 rugged realities of spiritual progress and i. adventure

156:5.4 into higher channels and toward more i. goals.

156:5.5 love for those higher and more i. forms of conduct

156:5.5 of substituting for these lower and less i. habits

160:1.4 of undiscovered goals of i. spiritual realities.

196:2.9 Jesus attained an i. religious life in the very midst


3:5.17 They are i., but they were born that way; they are

71:4.17 if the i. in each generation permit themselves to be

126:5.4 His life is the everlasting comfort of disappointed i..

132:1.4 This is not true of those scientists and i. who are in

195:7.19 I. and spiritists dare to use their oars with vigor


83:8.6 been and still is man’s supreme dream of temporal i..

101:10.5 that man’s concepts of i. are endowed with reality.



83:8.6 youthful i. should be tempered with some degree of

83:8.7 youthful i. of marriage should not be discouraged;

95:6.2 These subordinate gods he associated with the i. of

102:6.3 a transmutation, the ultimate of time-space, an i.,

102:6.3 human projection, the i. of self, nature’s upthrust,

196:3.23 The i. and attempted service of truth, beauty, and


22:7.5 to make the paradisiacal effort to spiritualize, i.,

83:7.9 to exalt love and to i. marriage while disapproving of

127:6.2 came to i. Jesus and to love him with a touching

195:7.14 Machines do not think, create, dream, aspire, i.,


1:2.2 The eternal God is infinitely more than reality i. or

3:6.7 process, pattern, principle, presence, and i. reality.

83:2.5 substituting somewhat i. concepts of sex attraction

155:6.18 testifies that God has found you, i., ennobled, and


99:3.3 because it spiritualizes and i. the individual citizen.


14:3.8 Spiritually these worlds are i. appointed; they are

49:5.11 Experimental worlds are usually i. adapted to the

59:5.1 And this period opens with the stage almost i. set for

84:7.29 Andites were i. fraternal in their family government.

idealssee idealswith high or higher or highest;

  see ideals, spiritual

2:0.2 can be envisaged as a portrayal of supernal i., but

2:0.2 to put in human word symbols certain ideas and i.

5:5.9 he enjoys the substantiation of his i. of moral values.

9:2.4 honest of heart upward and inward towards the i. of

11:9.6 indwelling is the pattern for all universes in their i.,

14:3.1 observed the height of the i. of true self-government.

14:4.13 satiates the perfect i. of divine beauty and truth.

14:4.13 beings of the central universe live to gratify the i. of

14:4.18 Even the mortals of time have their goal and i. of

18:2.3 in accordance with their own personal ideas and i..

22:7.10 These trinitized sons of destiny embody ideas, i.,

22:10.5 of tremendous concepts and stupendous i..

28:5.13 Perfectors of Wisdom, are these reflectors of the i.

34:6.9 in purpose and i. you are empowered to subject

37:4.2 with the ideas of Orvonton and the i. of Paradise.

39:5.8 embodies much of their i. of confidence and trust.

43:6.7 to represent their ideas and to capture their i..

44:8.2 inspire these mortals to seek for ever-perfecting i.

45:5.6 to experiment with the i. of self-government after the

48:6.32 When children have their i., do not dislodge them;

51:6.3 It is custom that eventually spreads the i. of Eden to

52:2.7 to the fuller realization of the i. of home life.

52:7.5 the state of society more nearly approaches the i.

56:9.5 we revert to our ideas and i. of the Paradise Father.

66:5.24 and the i. of human beauty were greatly enhanced.


71:3.5 2. Intelligent patriotism based on wise i..

71:3.10 The i. of statehood must be attained by evolution,

71:4.16 society in which they live according to their i.

71:6.1 profit motivation is incompatible with Christian i.

71:7.1 enduring state is dominated by i., and motivated by

71:8.15 Urantia is far from the realization of these exalted i.,

72:5.1 The industrial situation is far from their i.; capital

78:1.12 the spread to the world of the ideas and i. which had

81:6.26 9. The racial i..

81:6.26 The i. of one generation carve out the channels of

81:6.27 I. elevate the source of the social stream.

81:6.35 unless its educational methods and religious i. inspire

81:6.40 The i. of the race are the chief support and

83:8.5 portray the height of the i. of the union of man and

83:8.8 The i. of marriage have made great progress in

84:5.10 In the i. of pair marriage, woman has finally won


84:7.25 The advancing i. of family life are leading to the

87:7.6 for his new and expanding ideas, i., and loyalties.

89:10.2 death of loyalty exhibited in devotion to godless i..

91:1.4 are able to enhance values and to augment moral i.,

91:5.1 prayer leads to the cultivation of ancestral i..

91:5.1 practices since it leads to the cultivation of divine i..

91:5.1 are man’s i. accordingly elevated from mere human

92:5.3 2. The sublime i. of revealed religion.

95:2.5 ethical and moral i., rather than elaborate tombs,

95:3.3 none ever surpassed the social i. and the moral

95:3.4 the soil of these evolving ethical ideas and moral i.

96:3.1 the Hebraic concepts and i. of a Supreme Creator

97:10.5 The Jewish religion did preserve the i. of a people,

98:0.1 The i. of the Western world were basically Socratic,

98:2.5 They elevated its i., but they were more artists than

99:1.3 religion as a social influence is to stabilize the i. of

99:5.7 effect co-operation on the basis of unity of i. and

99:7.3 to zeal, sympathy with power, and i. with energy.

100:1.3 educational growth indicated by enhancement of i.,

100:1.5 of oneself by one’s own value-habits, personal i..

100:2.2 wholehearted worship of the perfection i. of divinity.

100:5.3 clear that professions of loyalty to the supreme i.

100:6.4 intense striving for the attainment of supermortal i. is

101:1.3 Truth as they function amid and upon the ideas, i.,

101:5.9 philosophers co-ordinate ideas, prophets exalt i..

101:6.7 increasingly practical but nonetheless supernal i.,

101:6.7 are so reasonable as ideas and so logical as i. that

101:6.7 The co-ordination of idea-decisions, logical i., and

101:7.3 habits and i. are reshaped; some idea of a personal

101:8.2 faith is a living experience concerned with divine i.,

101:8.3 and belittles loyalty to supreme values and divine i..

103:4.2 leads to the discovery of truth, and truth augments i.,

103:4.2 for our i. tend to grow by geometrical progression,

103:4.3 communion or from the lowering of one’s moral i..


103:5.9 our i. validates our belief that we are the sons of God

103:9.9 the i. of objective cosmic reality whose existence

108:4.2 the creatures of their indwelling toward divine i.,

109:4.1 animals can express emotions but not ideas and i..

111:4.10 but i. are born only in the creative realms of the inner

111:4.10 of ideas, but they are poverty-stricken in i..

111:6.7 of the meanings of ideas and the values of i..

111:7.5 the i. of a superior people crossed by the instincts of

114:6.7 maintain the i. of that which has survived for the

118:8.10 civilization—concepts of justice and i. of brotherhood

118:10.7 thoughts of intellect, the i. of character, the desires

118:10.13 of thought, and the valuable i. of spiritual insight.

119:8.2 you will learn more about the i. of the personalities

121:4.3 Stoicism ascended to a sublime morality, i. never

127:6.12 Jesus is learning to adjust his i. of spiritual living

129:1.10 expressing his ideas and i. about politics, science,

132:3.5 man’s thoughts, wisdom, ethics, and i. will never rise

132:3.10 of a soul trying to identify itself with the spirit i. of

140:3.1 teachings and practices that are reflective of my i.

144:2.2 reaching heavenward for the attainment of your i..

146:3.2 examination of their true convictions and noble i..”

147:5.7 to progress continuously toward the Father’s i..

147:8.5 beyond even the i. of Isaiah and the older prophets

155:6.13 to appear as a God of supreme loyalties and divine i.

157:2.2 you fall wholeheartedly in love with truth, the i. of

159:3.9 truly satisfies their characteristic longings and i..

160:1.2 realms of unexplored ideas and undiscovered i..

160:1.14 religions which fall short of these i. are immature.

160:1.15 with its enhancement of insights, elevation of i.,

160:2.1 and identify meanings, values, ideas, and even i..

160:2.2 communicate with his fellows concerning ideas and i.

160:4.14 Only those who face facts and adjust them to i. can

160:5.1 that which represents our highest concept of the i. of

160:5.5 Religion implies the existence of undiscovered i.

160:5.5 Religion reaches out for undiscovered i., divine

160:5.5 But such i. of unreality are not attainable; such a

160:5.5 The only i. susceptible of human attainment are

160:5.6 to meet the demands of the i. of true religion.

160:5.8 I am not only intrigued by the consummate i. of

160:5.8 profess my belief in his announcement that these i.

160:5.8 I am convinced that there are no attainable i. of

163:2.11 incompatible with the i. of the brotherhood of the

167:5.8 Jesus did much to exalt their i. of social union and to

168:4.4 the answer be conditioned by the vision, aims, i.,

170:2.5 glorified spiritual realities and exalted superhuman i..

170:4.14 dynamic ideas and divine i. of Jesus’ doctrine of

170:5.4 The ideas and i. of Jesus, embodied in the teaching

180:5.8 and their i. of spirit reality are satisfied only when

187:4.5 quickened all his i. of courage, manhood, and

195:0.3 The i. of Jesus, as they were reinterpreted by

195:0.12 Christianity compromised the i. of Jesus in an effort

195:0.12 these compromised i. of the Master are still latent in

195:0.12 and they will eventually assert their full power upon

195:1.9 It was at this very time that the ideas and i. of Jesus,

195:2.3 were honest, zealous, and dedicated to their i., but

195:2.7 to co-ordinate its ideas and systematize its i.,

195:3.10 While some of the i. of Jesus were sacrificed in the

195:7.21 a thousand thoughts, grand ideas, and noble i.

195:9.9 Christianity has dared to lower its i. before the

196:1.3 to find out what Jesus believed, to discover his i.,

idealswith high or higher or highest

91:3.3 the One God, a divine being embodying the highest i.

91:3.3 in the conservation of the highest values and i. of

99:5.3 called mankind to the achievement of its highest i.

102:8.4 the best he knew, his deepest ideas and highest i..

103:4.3 through the realization that one’s highest moral i..

103:4.3 Man cannot hope to live up to his highest i., but he

124:2.5 the Nazareth lads who stood for the higher i. of their

127:4.7 Jude had the highest of i., but he was unstable in

133:3.6 idea, and rightly, that Jesus was a man of high i.,

147:4.2 I spoke to men of high i., not to those who would

156:5.16 Are your i. sufficiently high to insure your eternal

160:2.6 man and woman in the embrace of the highest i. of

167:5.3 positive teaching of the highest i. regarding marriage

187:4.5 a hero who fired his zeal and inspired his highest i.

ideals, spiritual

1:5.2 is embraced within the s. of the exalted idea of

34:5.2 leading races of men towards higher ideas and s..

87:7.3 modern believers in moral standards and s. have no

92:7.5 highest meanings and supreme values—divine and s..

132:2.5 to love and serve one’s fellows, exalts the s.,

133:7.12 noble aspirations, and by the compromise of s.;

148:4.9 falls short of the divine and s. of the Father’s will is

155:6.4 and holier achievements in s. and eternal realities.

170:5.19 Jesus blended man’s highest moral ideas and s.


1:6.3 patiently to await the appearance of improved i. of

2:0.2 of God can be studied in a revelation of supreme i.

2:0.2 attempt to put in human word symbols certain i.

4:3.3 races are able to formulate far better i. of the Father;


9:6.2 all divine thoughts and perfect i., are unerringly

12:8.8 human mind, the ability to co-ordinate things, i.,

18:2.3 in accordance with their own personal i. and ideals.

22:7.10 These trinitized sons of destiny embody i., ideals,

22:10.4 The first of our i. was represented by a High Son

22:10.5 can have a complete edition of these trinitized i.;

27:6.4 techniques of conveying i. are utterly beyond the

31:7.4 We entertain many i., embracing possible assignment

34:5.2 unitedly leading the races of men towards higher i.

36:5.7 and the apparently automatic association of i..

37:4.2 into fuller harmony with the i. of Orvonton and the

43:6.7 utilize living materials to represent their i. and to

44:4.2 Thought recorders preserve such noble i. in the

55:5.6 symbolic of concepts as well as expressive of i..

56:9.5 we revert to our i. and ideals of the Paradise Father.

62:5.7 almost half a hundred i. and had greatly improved

62:6.3 with the gift of spontaneous association of i..

63:3.5 Their i. of survival after death were very vague and

65:3.7 If you have good i., if your minds are fertile with

66:5.10 races drifted into the use of symbols for words and i.

66:6.1 of its inhabitants to comprehend new and advanced i.

67:5.3 society in accordance with his i of individual freedom

68:4.7 new i. are put forward—competition ensues.

69:4.6 peaceful interchange of i. and the intermingling of

69:4.8 New i. and better methods were carried around the

69:6.6 These i. of supernatural origin led directly to fire

70:2.1 social changes and facilitate the adoption of new i.

73:5.6 best to finish the park in accordance with his i..

74:5.5 outside the Garden and sought to apply these i. to

74:8.5 The early Greeks had clear i. of this despite their

78:1.12 the possibility of the spread to the world of the i. and

78:3.4 amalgamation led to the adoption of many new i.;

82:3.11 certain age groups that first gave origin to i. of incest

84:7.25 The olden i. of family discipline were biologic,

85:2.4 I. about tree spirits varied greatly among different

86:2.3 primitive mind was logical but contained few i. for

86:4.7 man entertained no i. of hell or future punishment.

86:5.12 culminated in the werewolf i. of animal identification.

86:7.3 But these ancient i. of religion prevented men from

87:4.7 when these i. were taking root in the primitive mind

87:7.4 been devitalized by the loss of many fundamental i..

87:7.6 adequate symbolism for his new and expanding i.,

88:0.2 incorporated all of the primitive i. of ghosts, souls,

88:3.4 exaltation and adoration of the common man’s i.

89:0.2 sacrificial system grew up around these two i..

89:2.3 And all this confirmed the i. later expressed in the

89:3.4 These olden i. of self-discipline embraced flogging

89:5.1 Modern i. of early cannibalism are entirely wrong;

89:9.1 These early i. of ransom, redemption, and covenants

92:3.2 The cardinal religious i. of incantation, inspiration,

92:5.2 1. The pre-existent i. of the evolutionary cults.

92:7.11 when the child transfers his i. of omnipotence from

93:3.6 Even many modern religious i. about heaven and

95:3.4 In the soil of these evolving ethical i. and moral

96:0.1 These i. of monotheism matured all over the world

96:1.2 there existed varying i. of God among different

96:1.6 One of the dominant i. of the religion of this era was

96:1.7 to worship all of these evolving i. of divinity,

96:5.8 Bedouin tribes reverted to the semibarbaric i. of

96:7.3 and inspirational i. of God as the Book of Psalms.

97:7.3 these priests have fastened their erroneous i. upon

99:6.3 fostering of false and exaggerated i. of sacredness;

101:1.3 Spirit of Truth as they function upon the i., ideals,

101:5.9 philosophers co-ordinate i., prophets exalt ideals.

101:6.4 Wisdom embraces the i. formulated from memory

101:6.7 its noble task of transforming self-possessed i. into

101:6.7 even those concepts which are so reasonable as i.

101:7.2 religion evolves out of a basic growth of i. plus

102:1.3 it chances to be found in company with obsolete i.

102:2.7 You cannot conceive of religion without i., but when

102:2.8 disciplined souls who would use the sentimental i.

102:3.6 leads to the higher and better fellowship of both i.

102:4.4 divesting himself of these erroneous i. of the nature

102:8.4 God in the terms of the best he knew, his deepest i.

104:0.1 The i. of triads arose from suggestive relationships

104:1.5 the later i. of the Trinity were imported by the Salem

104:1.7 these i. of the Hindus and Buddhists were real

106:7.1 integration are inherent in the fact that all such i.

106:7.9 prevent the entertainment of i. about such destiny,

106:9.10 While these i. may not clarify the paradoxes of

106:9.10 they should stimulate such finite intellects to grapple

109:4.1 animals can express emotions but not i. and ideals.

109:5.3 retarded by your preconceived opinions, settled i.,

110:4.3 are the sudden emergence into consciousness of i.

111:4.10 I. may take origin in the stimuli of the outer world,

111:4.10 directed by men who have a superabundance of i.,

111:6.7 greater intellectual appreciation of the meanings of i.

112:2.14 fundamental chemical overcontrol, the supreme i.,

118:10.13 material facts of time, the meaningful i. of thought,

121:7.12 crude and primitive i. regarding the geography of the

121:7.12 The i. of spirit possession, good and bad, applied

121:8.12 When i. and concepts of Jesus’ life and teachings

121:8.14 majority of the i. and even some of the effective

121:8.14 I have unhesitatingly appropriated those i. and

122:3.2 Never could Joseph reconcile these conflicting i.

122:8.4 since Mary held these same i., it was not difficult to

124:2.1 his father, first gave expression to feelings and i.

126:3.13 and the many strange i. which Jesus advanced

126:3.14 not to present all his i. to the world, not even to his

127:1.4 when Jesus would make frank denials of all such i.

127:1.7 he decided to allow Mary to entertain whatever i.

129:1.10 expressing his i. and ideals about politics, science,

130:7.8 his i. of time-space will be enormously expanded

133:7.7 I. are not simply a record of sensations;

133:7.7 i. are sensations plus the reflective interpretations of

135:7.1 John still had confused i. about the coming

135:9.5 around the various i. and concepts of the Messiah.

136:1.1 The Jews entertained many i. about the expected

136:1.4 They held confusing i. about racial sin and the

136:4.12 Jesus well knew their i. concerning the Messiah.

137:5.2 when he saw that their i. of the Jewish Messiah were

139:12.6 As Judas grew up, he had exaggerated i. about his

139:12.6 Judas had loose and distorted i. about fairness;

139:12.10 these wicked and dangerous i. did not take definite

140:6.2 You have wrong i. of the Son of Man and his

140:8.1 John, hoping they would be able to clarify the i. of

140:8.14 and advanced i. about divorce except John Mark.

140:8.20 also held perverted i. about the Master’s meekness

141:4.2 make clear both of these i. in my life and teachings.”

142:3.4 in a blending of their older Mesopotamian i. and the

142:3.7 concept of God virtually supplanted all previous i. of

146:1.3 Many of the better of the Babylonian and Persian i.

147:8.5 He exhorted the apostles at least to live up to the i.

148:6.7 counsel of his friends and the erroneous i. of God

148:6.11 Book of Job just to discover how many wrong i.

149:3.1 Many wrong i. concerning the teachings of Jesus

149:6.9 concepts of the Father in heaven grow your false i.

153:1.2 he had challenged their i. of the material Messiah;

154:4.6 an honest effort to live in accordance with his i..

155:1.2 he entertained erroneous i. about the Son of Man

155:3.5 become attached to nonsacred things, common i.,

156:5.16 to insure your eternal salvation while your i. are so

160:1.2 one’s conventional and established i. to the higher

160:1.2 the realms of unexplored i. and undiscovered ideals.

160:1.4 the lure of established beliefs and conventional i.

160:2.1 of communication do not convey meanings, or i..

160:2.1 designate and identify meanings, values, i., and even

160:2.2 Since animals cannot communicate i. to each other,

160:2.2 communicate with his fellows concerning both i.

160:5.6 The lower religions shape their i. of God to meet the

164:4.12 Josiah entered this trial with meager i. about Jesus

170:1.4 There were two other i. of the kingdom which

170:1.7 the Jews combined all of these i. of the kingdom into

170:1.8 the Christian era, embraced four distinct groups of i.:

170:4.14 sincerely or honestly tried out these dynamic i.

170:4.15 that he never positively linked these two i. together


170:5.1 we are permitted to narrate certain later i. which

170:5.3 Jesus as they were supplemented by the i. of Philo

170:5.4 The i. and ideals of Jesus, embodied in the teaching

170:5.19 in which Jesus had blended man’s highest moral i.

172:1.7 Many times had he entertained such i.

177:2.5 dependent on the earthly father for his first i. of

180:6.9 could not get away from their long-nourished i. of

187:2.4 The i., motives, and longings of a lifetime are openly

188:4.1 that these i. of atonement and propitiation are

193:3.2 you still cling to your old i. about the Messiah

195:0.12 Jesus in an effort to save and further many of his i..

195:1.1 These two i. put together constituted a new and

195:1.3 1. The Greek mind was willing to borrow new i.

195:1.9 It was at this very time that the i. and ideals of Jesus,

195:2.7 to philosophize their religion, to co-ordinate its i.

195:7.21 a thousand thoughts, grand i., and noble ideals—

196:0.3 not that he revealed so many new i. about God

196:2.2 a transcendent religious growth from the early i. of


21:1.1 When the fullness of absolute spiritual i. in the

44:4.2 I saw records and heard broadcasts of the i. of some

102:5.2 This supremacy is shown in the evolution of mind i.


0:0.1 this conceptual poverty associated with so much i.

97:0.2 Moses to Malachi there occurred an unbroken i.

101:10.2 human being is aware that he is part of the i. cosmos

101:10.3 the mind level suggests the perpetuation of i.

114:6.19 They function as i. clearinghouses, mind focalizers,

117:1.7 divinity represent finite maximums of i. experience.

identicalsee identical, not or never

7:6.3 the Eternal Son jointly project a new, original, i.,

7:7.1 spiritual nature they are equal; in divinity they are i..

8:0.3 Father and God the Son conjointly conceive an i.

12:7.5 doing the same thing in the same i. and ordinary way.

15:1.3 will again traverse the i. space through which you

16:8.3 they come forth from the Father, are i. in nature,

18:3.2 The Ancients of Days are all basically i.;

20:1.11 their spirit is one, and their work is i. in quality and

21:2.10 dual-origin native beings who are in all respects i..

21:4.6 In person the Master Sons are i. with the Creator

22:7.5 independently chosen an i. concept for trinitization

24:3.3 The Personal Aids are all equal and i.; they disclose

28:5.1 I. qualities are exhibited by all three groups in their

29:1.2 The Power Directors are seven in number, and i. in

29:1.4 physical-control organisms are uniform, i. except for

34:2.3 all essential spiritual attributes these Spirits are i.,

40:5.15 These beings are i. with your order of creature life in

40:5.17 the same, and their eventual Paradise destiny is i..

40:10.12 then i. in all matters pertaining to superuniverse

41:3.2 planets, and satellites, even meteors, is quite i..

42:3.1 all universes, excepting in the central universe, is i..

42:5.8 The solar X rays are i. with those generated for

44:8.5 but not the attainment of i. experiential status nor

48:2.22 the basic morontia forms of life and matter are i.

49:5.18 even the regimes of the Planetary Princes are i..

55:0.4 the Spirit-fused mortals evolve along lines i. with

58:4.2 three original, i., and simultaneous implantations.

67:6.2 each, groups i. with those of the Prince’s regime.

84:7.9 Marriage and family life have not always been i. but

87:7.3 And those of no two groups will be i. unless their

88:4.5 The objects of science are i. with those of magic.

92:7.4 man’s intellectual response to his i. spiritual leading.

94:12.1 the concept of Jehovah is i. with the spirit demon

103:1.1 unity derives from the i. nature of the God fragment

108:1.1 they are i. in the endowment of existential divinity,

108:3.1 being served by i. types of Mystery Monitors.

111:0.5 is another child, in appearance i. with the prince,

112:7.11 the destiny of the Mystery Monitor is i. with that of

114:2.2 a Brilliant Evening Star, the i. being who attended

116:6.3 They are no longer i., neither are they alike, and

117:4.5 having once been expressed, never again finds i.

120:0.1 To live such i. lives as he imposes upon the

132:3.6 passing on from one generation to another i.

139:9.2 These two men were almost i in personal appearance

141:5.1 the fact that the spirit hope of each of you is i.

170:4.16 the conclusion that these promises referred to an i.

identical, not or never

16:8.4 and do resemble one another, but they are never i..

17:3.1 and this is not i. with the point of spiritual polarity.

20:6.5 Avonals, comparable in most respects, are not i. in

65:2.2 transition forms, while not i. with modern sponges,

84:7.9 Marriage and family life have not always been i. but

102:7.1 The universe and God are not i.; one is cause,

106:8.15 Ultimate and Supreme are comparable, not i., neither

116:6.3 They are no longer i., neither are they alike, and

132:5.17 While this sort of wealth is not i. with individually


30:4.12 survivors pass on through the ascension regime i.


11:5.4 this vast elliptical force center are not i. with the

87:4.2 spirits not definitely i. with any individual human.

90:3.5 war, animal combat, and other readily i. agencies

105:1.2 But this postulate of the I AM is not so clearly i. in

112:5.15 but it is nonetheless true that every i. factor of


0:4.4 potential and actualizing, which is difficult of i..

0:11.2 enjoys i with his evolutionary creatures, and achieves

0:11.13 Universal Absolute constitutes the i. of the zone of

2:3.4 mind culminates in complete self-i. with iniquity,

16:5.2 or angel, will forever bear this badge of natal i..

17:6.3 We are not cognizant of this new prepersonal i. of

17:6.5 is destined gives expression to the “prayer of i.

20:4.3 council of direction for the administration, i., and

36:5.17 mind, has no survival qualities apart from spirit i..

37:3.8 It is on these worlds that i. sureties are classified,

39:2.13 personality reassembly on the i. mansion world.

40:5.4 Spirit i. constitutes the secret of personal survival

42:11.4 losing this response only in proportion to spirit i..

54:3.2 Although conscious and wholehearted i. with evil

54:3.2 intervene between the time of such personal i. with

74:8.12 And through i. with these theological systems,

86:5.12 This culminated in the werewolf ideas of animal i..

94:4.4 Were it not for close i. with the pantheistic Infinite

94:11.6 True cosmic self-realization results from i. with

98:2.12 have long persisted without some i. with religion.

102:3.10 Philosophy attempts the i. of the material segments

103:7.2 divine evolution of the mortal mind from matter i.

106:9.11 that all creature growth is proportional to Father i..

110:2.6 becoming divine through man’s i. of the human mind

111:1.5 mind is striving to be like that constitutes spirit i..

111:1.6 can bring forth the exquisite melodies of God i.

111:1.7 are dependent upon personality choice and spirit i..

111:2.10 i. in the evolving vehicle for selfhood continuity,

112:2.20 transfer from material association to morontia i. is

112:6.3 and inner nature begin to approximate complete i.,

115:3.16 (the I AM), and this i. makes it forever impossible

116:7.5 beings are capable of making an everlasting self-i.

117:1.3 universes attain to the maximum level of Trinity i..

118:1.2 the mortal creature may eternalize by self-i. with

118:7.6 self-evolution, and self-i. with a fusion spirit of Deity

118:7.7 volitional choice of reality i., and if this is a true

118:7.8 finality of creature i. with the will and way of God.

118:8.4 attempt self-liberation independent of greater spirit i.

132:2.5 personality attainment—i. with the Adjuster.

133:7.11 self, the measure of the i. of the one with the other.

136:2.2 the conquest of mind and to self- i. with the spirit.

184:2.4 this i. as a disciple threw Peter off his balance,


0:1.9 Deity functioning on the first creature-i. level as

identifiedsee also sin-identified

0:1.8 5. Evolutional—self-expansive and creature-i. Deity.

2:6.8 apparently change if the sinner finally i. himself with

10:3.18 Neither is the Son closely i. with the intellectual

11:5.4 the outermost may possibly be i. with the functions

11:5.6 The function of this mid-area has never been i.,

15:3.4 divisions of Orvonton, eight have been roughly i. by

16:4.4 the force phenomena i. with the nether surface of

17:6.5 The newly i. Creative Spirit remains with the

20:9.5 Trinity Teacher Sons seem to be so completely i.

33:4.7 Gabriel has been closely i. with the history and

37:2.11 superangels have been closely i. with the local

40:5.4 are the only spirits of fusion potential to be i. with

81:4.2 Each of the Urantia races was i. by distinguishing

85:1.5 in contrast with the mountains, which were i. with

86:5.15 The soul was thought of as being i. with the breath,

92:5.8 religion has, in the past, been i. with the life and

94:3.2 was at one and the same time i. as creative energy

94:4.4 Brahma is also i. with fate.

94:11.11 the Buddha Eternal can well be i. as the Absolute,

95:2.4 That the individual might properly be i. in the

105:7.3 with finites, so the Ultimate is i. with transcendentals

107:5.5 mind of the Adjuster can only be i. as persisting

111:2.3 The human personality is i. with mind and spirit held

111:3.2 increasingly i. with the emerging morontia-soul

111:3.2 resurrection, human personality is completely i.

115:3.16 Whatsoever is i. with the I AM can never find an

118:7.5 Only as a creature becomes God-i., does he become

119:4.4 Never was he positively i. until the time of his

119:8.7 together with all other Master Sons, has i. himself

122:5.10 Mary’s ancestors had been prominently i. with the

130:2.9 spiritual choices are thus progressively i. with the

133:5.7 Quantity may be i. as a fact, thus becoming a

139:11.7 Simon always i. himself with the party of protest,

142:6.1 no member of the Sanhedrin would want to be i.

146:3.5 because you are i. with the Father’s living spirit,

177:4.3 not endure the humiliating thought of being i. with

177:4.5 sometime be his when he first i. himself with Jesus

184:2.11 he thought he had avoided being i. and possibly

185:1.7 Claudia became prominently i. with the spread of

194:3.9 The gospel was to be i. with no particular race,

195:10.20 a great handicap because Christianity has become i.


2:6.9 Love i. the volitional will of God.

8:1.2 He, the spirit, unqualifiedly i. both of them.

112:2.9 The possession of personality i. man as a spiritual

132:2.8 man’s moral will, the personality, which thus i. these

196:3.2 religious consciousness i. these realities as science,


2:6.8 sin just as the same mortal mind may also fully i.

3:5.16 perfect beings are able to i. and choose the good

5:4.3 the truly religious individual seeks to i. the self with

12:9.2 a telephone subscriber does not in any manner i. the

16:8.4 we know, and which enables us to i. such a being

16:8.4 which enables us to recognize and positively i. that

31:10.19 where we already are able to i. the clustering of

41:0.2 but it is not so easy to i. the physical boundaries

64:7.12 All efforts to i. the Sangik ancestry of modern people

80:9.15 not possible to i. these distinctions with any clarity.

81:4.14 the three surviving types still persist and help to i.

85:1.3 But simple mortals do not always i. Deity with

90:3.5 for some accidents and deaths were so easy to i. that

102:2.3 It is difficult to i. and analyze the factors of a

102:2.5 and then seek to i. this energy unity of his science

102:3.10 Science seeks to i., analyze, and classify the

103:2.10 Man tends to i. the urge to be self-serving with his

103:2.10 man is inclined to i. the will to be altruistic with

112:7.8 none have been able to i. man or Adjuster,

113:6.6 The Adjuster will i. you; the guardian seraphim will

120:3.6 5. As you may see fit, you are to i. yourself with

132:3.10 and the faith urges of a soul trying to i. itself with

139:11.8 Jesus was not afraid to i. himself with business men,

160:2.1 most certainly designate and i. meanings, values,

183:3.1 that he might be ready quickly to i. Jesus

184:2.11 had frustrated their purpose to i. him with Jesus.

193:2.3 they were never slow to i. Jesus’ personality when he


9:4.2 pure spirit, for spirit is innately conscious and i..

101:10.7 man is thereby i. himself with the plan of the Infinite

118:6.6 spiritual volition is self-i. with the will of God.

132:2.9 the ascending mortal’s capacity for i. the self with

140:8.10 But never make the mistake of i. Jesus’ teachings

143:7.8 Worship is the act of a part i. itself with the Whole;

190:2.3 his voice or otherwise i. his charming personality


0:6.10 It can pervade personalities, i., entities, or matter.

2:6.7 there is absolute unity despite the eternal i. of the

110:1.6 can never segregate or recognize as separate i. the

111:3.4 of both the mind and the Adjuster as associated i.,

112:7.10 Now have these two i. become one; no event of

113:7.4 Together they have established your personality i.


0:2.15 the experiential achievement of creature-Creator i..

0:2.18 and experiences i. with, the Unqualified Absolute.

0:5.4 i. can be associated with nonliving energy patterns.

0:6.12 Personality or i. forms are patterns resultant from

1:7.4 we all maintain i. of personality and unity of will in

1:7.6 higher concepts of universe personality imply: i.,

2:3.4 The living energy factors of i. are resolved by the

2:3.4 its i. becomes as though it had never been.

4:4.2 The very i. of God is inimical to change.

4:4.2 God can pass from i. to variation, from quiescence

5:6.7 The material self has personality and i., temporal i.;

5:6.7 the prepersonal spirit Adjuster also has i., eternal i..

5:6.7 as to bring into existence the surviving i. of the soul.

6:0.3 Son constitute the divine revelation of the creator i.


6:6.2 is ever minded, and possessed of varied phases of i..

6:8.1 Concerning i., nature, and other attributes of

12:8.16 but in death, both mind (i.) and spirit survive while

12:9.6 thereby disrupting the cosmic scheme of personality i

13:1.11 whose i. has not been revealed to Urantia mortals.

13:1.22 potentially immortal counterpart of character and i..

15:9.15 when such i. of function and oneness of ministry

16:0.11 but in all other aspects of i. they are very unlike,


16:9.3 persisting qualities of personality are deprived of i.

16:9.3 The survival of i. is dependent on the survival of the

16:9.3 Personality i. survives in and by the survival of the

20:3.2 Avonals may render judgments extinguishing the i. of

21:1.1 when such absolute i. of spirit and such infinite

22:7.2 embark upon the unique adventure of concept-i.,

23:4.1 in all spirit beings, of a consciousness of group i..

26:9.4 space is swallowed in worshipful i. and harmony

27:1.4 again made ready to commend the keeping of your i.

30:4.15 assigned seraphim is the keeper of the surviving i.

30:4.15 the survival of the evolving morontia i. of the soul.

30:4.20 Mortals acquire real spirit i. just before they leave

31:0.9 abrogates individuality or destroys personal i..

31:7.3 in speculation as to the i. of their future comrades,

31:7.4 We of Uversa often conjecture respecting the i. of

32:2.6 initial creative concept of i. and ideal of divinity.

33:1.1 611,121st original concept of infinite i. of origin in

33:4.1 the personalization of the first concept of i. and

36:6.5 a living thing possesses neither i. nor personality;

40:5.3 he is in you and of you in the i. of the Adjusters,

40:9.6 recognition within the soul (i.) of such a survivor

41:6.2 splitting—but persists in an associative i. even after

42:6.5 one or more ultimatons destroys typical electronic i.,

42:12.9 produce a serviceable body for the living creature i..

42:12.9 the pattern of an i., as such, is not a manifestation of

44:6.4 Spirit waves of diverse i. and morontia appreciation

46:7.5 it is this factor which persists as an experiential i..

47:2.1 cherubim as the custodian of the child’s potential i.

47:3.3 the passive potentials of i. are present in the soul

47:8.3 the actual working i. many times is not achieved until

49:6.5 and thus is i. restored and personality resurrected.

49:6.11 The arrival of an Adjuster constitutes i. in the eyes of

56:7.7 in some new expression of associate-creator i.

59:2.7 the Gulf Sea, which has ever since maintained its i..

79:2.6 an attempt to preserve their i. and stem the tide of

79:4.5 by the Aryans in an effort to perpetuate racial i..

80:4.6 the older Andonites retain even a semblance of i..

92:4.2 concept of the survival of personality i. after death.

93:9.3 Abraham withheld his i. upon arrival at Gerar,

94:2.1 the scheme of the Aryans to prevent loss of racial i.

97:10.5 a nation the Jews eventually lost their political i.,

104:1.13 Not since the times of Jesus has the factual i. of

106:8.1 experiential infinite attains to i. with the existential

107:2.3 where the final fusion takes place between the i. of

107:6.2 in the hope of eternalizing your temporal i..

110:1.6 celestial fusion, that never-ending blending of i.,

110:2.6 To the extent that this i. is realized, you are mentally

110:7.2 Adjuster to complete the association of human i.

111:3.2 of the future morontia vehicle of personality i..

112:0.7 5. Personality, while devoid of i., can unify the i. of

112:0.15 13. Personality may survive mortal death with i. in

112:1.13 The personality imparts value of i. and meanings of

112:1.19 all activities and in turn imparts the qualities of i.

112:2.20 The material self, the ego-entity of human i.,

112:2.20 establishing a potential transfer of the seat of the i.

112:3.5 these once kinetic but now static formulas of i.,

112:3.7 Adjuster temporarily loses personality, but not i.;

112:3.7 the human subject temporarily loses i., but not

112:3.7 after death manifest active i. or in any manner

112:5.2 Man’s personality is eternal but with regard to i. a

112:5.3 Mortal i. is a transient time-life condition in the

112:5.4 Human beings possess i. only in the material sense.

112:5.4 When it is said that man has i., it is recognized that

112:5.4 power of transferring its seat of i. from the passing

112:5.7 advisability of advancing a human i. to the mansion

112:5.14 At death the functional i. associated with the human

112:5.14 its parts, is dependent on them for functional i..

112:5.18 The Adjuster is the custodian of your ascending i.;

112:5.19 reassembly of memory, insight, and consciousness—i.

112:5.20 personality is dependent on the persistence of the i.

112:5.21 with the reviving memory of your previous i..

112:6.3 is responsive to the character of the personality i.;

112:6.8 memory is proof of the retention of the i. of original

112:6.9 of the intellect, the former seat of the i. of selfhood.

112:7.2 the actual values which are conjoined when the i.

113:3.4 the transit with you as the custodian of creature i.

113:6.1 that constitutes you, the real you, except the i. of

113:6.5 man’s slumbering soul as the absent Adjuster is the i.

113:7.1 truly conscious of the i. and presence of the Monitor

116:7.3 wherewith they may become self-conscious of i. and

117:5.5 with the Supreme and submerge his personal i.,

119:4.4 Trinity Teacher Son wholly persuaded as to the i.

119:4.4 a seraphim, but never could we be certain of his i..

120:2.2 you are sufficiently self-conscious of your divine i.

120:3.10 your gradual return to recognition of your divine i.

129:4.1 not fully mastered and counterparted the mortal i..

130:4.2 physical status, intellectual embrace, or spiritual i.

130:4.6 unlimited change and at the same time retain its i. in

130:7.7 surviving mortals achieve i. in a seven-dimensional

132:0.10 Though Paul never really surmised the i. of this

132:3.9 every soul seeking to achieve i. with this immortal

134:0.2 revealing his divine i. among the Jews and gentiles

141:5.2 growing out of the mutual consciousness of the i. of

141:5.2 take cognizance of this spirit i. and soul unity;

157:4.4 Peter’s declaration regarding the i. of the Son of

158:6.3 “No sooner does your faith grasp the i. of the Son

162:5.3 other evidence confirming the i. of the Son of Man

183:3.4 when they heard him thus boldly announce his i.,

183:3.4 with surprise at his majestic announcement of i..

184:4.6 achieved the realization of i. as the Son of God.

188:3.8 3. The acquired spirit i. of the man of Nazareth

188:3.8 who hold that this soul-i. of Jesus now reposes in

196:3.3 The finding of God, the consciousness of i. with


14:5.4 arrivals progress spiritually, attain i. comprehension

16:8.6 realities, equivalating to the attainment of i. status in

40:8.1 for never-ending life utterly fail to attain i. fusion

48:4.20 without such i. memories of the past there would

112:2.17 self-realization through a technique of i. expansion

112:3.6 efficiently perform the same service of i. safekeeping

112:4.13 passes into the “realization of i. transition,”

113:6.1 Upon your death, your records, i. specifications,

113:7.8 engaged in the supreme adventure of i. at-oneness;

132:3.6 soul of man survives mortal death by i. association


44:4.6 3. I. recorders.

44:4.6 we employ concept picturization and i. techniques.


39:2.15 Broadcasters adapt the higher i. techniques of the

79:8.7 the cumbersome nature of the i. writing system


44:4.6 Those who preserve i. are able to improve one


97:3.1 the followers of Baal was a socioeconomic clash of i.

97:3.6 to the religious aspect of Hebrew and Canaanite i..

97:9.7 They held the i. of the desert clans.

97:9.27 that, if their i. were to prevail, they must convert the


97:9.23 private land dealings were against the i. of Yahweh.


52:2.11 An i. does not have much chance of survival in a


88:1.9 i. were either beaten to death or revered as fetish


72:9.8 toward the disenfranchisement of any defective, i.,

126:5.9 safeguard against his having overmuch time for i.

127:1.6 Jesus was never i. no matter how slack work might

131:3.5 who persists in being slothful, indolent, feeble, i.,

163:3.5 and seeing others standing in the market place i.,

163:3.5 in the afternoon, he found still others standing i.,

163:3.5 of them, ‘Why do you stand here i. all the day?


55:5.2 On these cultured worlds, gone are the i. and friction

69:2.5 of the world reverted to the early ideal of i..

69:8.11 While the ideal of society is universal freedom, i.

69:9.2 communism did put a premium on inactivity and i.,

71:3.8 No society has progressed far when it permits i. or

72:5.12 of social disgust—disgust for i. and unearned wealth.

84:5.10 this great achievement of social liberation with i.,

113:6.4 not go to the mansion worlds do not tarry there in i.

159:3.4 I. is destructive of self-respect; therefore, admonish

165:4.7 Jesus did not teach nor countenance i., indifference

181:1.2 Father’s eternal creation is not an endless rest of i.


69:9.5 of slavery; the worker was made slave to the i..


69:9.6 in an effort to escape enslavement to the shiftless i.

187:0.4 curious i. who merely desired to enjoy the shock


92:3.6 Sculpture originated in i. making, architecture in

133:6.1 The crude i. exhibited in the enormous temple

185:1.3 prejudice against images as symbols of i. worship.


92:7.12 These intermediate stages of i. hesitation in the

96:7.1 They became i. and licentious, and their idea of

97:2.1 in the face of the opposition of an i. monarch;

120:3.7 See that nothing potentially i. is left on the planet

124:1.3 all images, pictures, and drawings were i. in nature.

124:4.7 explaining that such creations might be used for i.

124:4.7 the essentially i. nature of this habitual obeisance

142:4.1 rebuking him for having these supposedly i.


67:4.4 much of the i. of the human races grew out of the

85:3.5 symbolism must not be confused with direct i.

88:3.1 stones, through i., cannibalism, and nature worship,

95:1.9 belief in the one Creator and fought against the i.

96:5.5 and i., declaring, “You saw no similitude on the day

142:4.2 Moses sought to combat i. and the worship of

142:4.3 Moses was justified in his attempts to withstand i.,


127:6.5 And Jesus was the i. ideal of all three of them.


4:3.1 the spectacle of his bowing down before i. of wood,

85:1.4 tombstone is a surviving symbol of images and i.

88:2.4 I. were a refinement of fetishism.

97:2.1 altars of Baal and demolishing the i. of false gods.

142:4.3 unnecessary to confuse the Creator Father with i. of

150:3.10 i. are nothing more than the material of which they

158:8.1 sacrifice the cherished i., for it is better to enter the

158:8.1 beloved things of life rather than to cling to these i.

160:5.9 distortions of false logic, and the self-deceptive i.


149:1.2 one hundred men, women, and children from I.,

185:0.1 the Roman procurator who governed Judea, I. and


121:2.9 Herod the I., who had seized the overlordship of

185:4.1 the wicked I. never for one moment recalled the

ifsee if he; if I; if not; if she; if they; if we; if you;

    if your; see if, as

1:5.5 If the faith of the creature were perfect, he would

1:6.7 If man’s personality can experience the universe,

2:0.2 If the incarnated life of Michael is taken as the

2:6.8 change if the sinner finally identified himself wholly

2:7.9 twentieth-century men, would rehabilitate itself if,

3:0.3 regarded as being antecedent to the others, but if

3:3.4 But even if God should foreknow the freewill acts

3:4.2 but even if creation should continue indefinitely,

3:4.3 if mind continues without end to be bestowed upon

3:5.1 Any and all powers delegated, if occasion should

3:5.1 if it should become the choice of the divine mind,

3:5.13 Man could not choose the divine life if there were no

3:5.13 Man could never lay hold on righteousness if there

4:1.6 If God should retire as the present upholder of all

5:0.1 If the finite mind of man is unable to comprehend

5:1.6 If mortal man is wholeheartedly spiritually motivated

5:1.7 If such a human mind is sincerely and spiritually

5:1.7 if such a human soul desires to know God and

5:5.14 if such a spirit-endowed individual seeks God and

6:4.1 if the eternal future should witness the appearance

7:1.10 gravity grasp of the Eternal Son but, if potential,

7:3.5 If anything originates in your consciousness that is

7:4.5 if rebellion, perchance, should mar or complicate

7:4.7 work of revelation, and ministration—and if required,

8:2.5 Even if the master universe eventually expands to

9:5.1 If the universe should grow to infinity, still his mind

9:7.4 If the Supreme is not concerned in reflectivity, we

9:7.5 If this assumption is true, then the utilization of

10:8.7 we are convinced, even if the finaliters do grasp

11:7.1 If one “looked” directly up from the upper surface of

11:7.6 If one could move far enough at right angles to the

12:1.2 If the master universe were not a series of elliptic

12:2.6 and if our conjectures are correct, then the endless

12:3.9 If these findings are dependable, we may conclude

12:3.9 And if this is true, it would satisfactorily explain

12:7.3 if, in the divinity of any situation, in the extremity of

12:3.11 Even if a few spirit beings were located in outer

12:4.4 If the Conjoint Actor produces the motions of space,

12:7.3if the demands of perfection might for any reason

12:7.7 but if the time frame is enlarged beyond the

12:7.7 then, if human life is further enlarged to include

13:1.6 truths which are withheld from me, if revealed,

13:2.2 If outer universes are in the making, if they are to be

14:2.4 If a Urantia mortal could be transported to Havona,

14:5.8 intellectual, and social, if not spiritual, maturity.

15:5.6 and if their revolutionary rate greatly accelerates,

15:7.12 If the projected local universes and their component

16:5.3 If this Master Spirit does attain any sort of contact

16:9.3 If mortal man fails to survive natural death, the real

16:9.8 a religious consciousness; that is, if it is objective;

19:2.5 If this inference is correct, then would such beings

19:3.4 it is just as if an Ancient of Days had adjudicated the

19:5.9 If we are right in this concept, and my entire order

19:5.10 difficult to explain if the action of such Spirits is not

20:3.3 If a Magisterial Son comes solely as a

20:4.1 If it is an initial magisterial visitation, the Avon

21:3.12 But if a Michael Son could not, at will, assert such

21:3.13 Limited rulership would hardly be manifest if

21:3.14 If ever the authority or administration of a Creator

21:3.14 to uphold, protect, defend, and if necessary retrieve

22:4.6 If the viewpoint of a mortal creature is ever in doubt,

22:7.5 If two mortal finaliters, on going before the

22:7.5 At the end of this assigned retreat, if they report

22:7.9 If parental bi-unification involves a mortal (or

22:9.7 if this were not the case, experiential saturation

23:1.9 if two or more of this order are in close proximity,

23:2.20 If the Solitary Messengers did not explore and chart

23:4.4 If the messengers return to their former service, will

24:1.12 would isolate an evolutionary world if its Planetary

24:7.1 If this view is not correct, how then can we account

25:2.2 If, in the creation of servitals, Master Spirit

25:2.9 If the commission is serving on an evolutionary

25:3.3 and if the matter is not of sufficient importance to

25:3.5 placed on the planetary records and, if necessary,

25:3.8 If the contention is honest, if the difficulties

25:8.5 Even if it is known that you will be accompanied

25:8.7 During your prefinaliter sojourn on Paradise, if for

25:8.8 If a Urantia mortal were arriving on Paradise today,

25:8.9 If an ascending mortal should reach the central

25:8.10 If an ascending pilgrim met defeat in the Deity

25:8.11 If one attains God while the other temporarily fails,

26:6.3 appears as if God the Supreme were affectionately

26:10.3 as if they had succeeded in the Deity adventure.

28:4.6 If the Ancients of Days would like to know—really

28:5.8 It is written, “If any man lack wisdom, let him ask.

28:5.9 If confusion arises regarding the harmonization of

28:5.9 If there is any doubt as to the authenticity of

28:5.11 And if it becomes desirable to "incarnate" this

28:5.20 virtue of inherent “spiritual insight,” if I may use

28:6.6 the testimony of the Memories of Mercy if they

28:6.9 If survival is gained, all other losses can be retrieved.

30:4.33 If there should be no future or unrevealed destiny for

31:5.1 And if granted, they join the ascending pilgrims on

31:5.3 If both of the Edenic pair are attached to the same

31:9.2If deemed wise, the existence of the Architects of

31:9.9 Master Architects, and if our former conjectures are

32:4.11 If God has withheld aught of himself from the

33:1.5 Father and the Eternal Son if both were present on

33:7.4 but if the question of the right of continued existence

33:7.4 life eternal, and if decided adversely to the individual

33:8.5 If their advice is founded on the fundamental laws

33:8.5 but if their recommendations have to do with local

34:2.2 as would the Infinite Spirit if personally present.

34:3.5 If the transactions of the evolutionary worlds are

34:4.7 Divine Minister would become nonfunctional if

35:2.6 the Melchizedeks are visible to mortal eyes if the

36:2.12 If the plans are a departure from previously

37:3.5 If the Magisterial Son should become temporary

38:4.4 If a seraphim bears responsibilities which forbid

38:8.6 if the mortal ward attains survival, then do they

38:9.13 but if faithful to their trust, midwayers eventually

39:0.1 evolving experiential Deity; if so, we cannot prove it.

39:0.11 and if successful they enroll in the celestial schools

39:2.6 grasp something of their ministry to mortals if it is

39:3.8 direction of flight, even to change destinations if

39:4.14 If man thus chooses, he is great, though he be the

40:6.5 he is your elder brother in fact; and if in spirit you

40:10.9 If some phase of their universe ministry should

41:3.6 that one cubic inch of such a star, if on Urantia,

41:8.3 if such a body is not sufficiently opaque to retain

42:1.8 they must return thereto, even if age upon age be

42:1.9 If this were not true, then evidence of energy

42:2.21 One thing is certain: If the power directors are

42:4.2 swinging ever true to the circle of eternity; even if

42:6.8 If the mass of matter should be magnified until that

42:6.8 If the volume of a proton—eighteen hundred times

42:9.1 if he had known more of chemistry, he might have

42:9.4 If such a metamorphosis could not be seen,

44:0.4 apply for admission to the artisan corps and, if

44:0.21 If the Urantia races were more advanced in art and

44:1.15 If Adam and Eve had only survived, then would

44:4.3 they communicate in the tongue of Uversa; if,

44:7.3 divine beauty can never be truly satisfying if such

45:7.1 Or if, for any other reason of hereditary handicap,

46:1.5 if Jerusem were very near Urantia, it would not be

46:8.2 But even if Urantia were restored to system circuits,

47:2.5 Any time after sixteen, if final choice has been made,

47:2.7 When material life has run its course, if no choice

47:2.7 if these children of time definitely decide against the

47:2.8 But if they choose the Paradise path of perfection,

47:3.4 If a transitory personality of mortal origin should

48:6.5 If there are a number of equally advisable routes,

48:8.3 If the Gods designed merely to take you on one

48:8.4 If the future destiny of the Paradise finaliters is

49:2.13 If intelligent creatures should exist on a planet with

49:2.14 If mortals should inhabit a planet devoid of air,

50:2.2 and if such aid is not voluntarily requested,

51:1.8 If they do not default, an Adam and Eve on a

51:2.3 If some physical catastrophe should doom the

51:6.3 Think what it would mean on your world if

51:7.5 And if Urantians could only observe life on such a

52:1.8 reverence, almost with worshipfulness, if they are

52:5.7 If such a bestowal Avonal should return to a world

53:3.4 complete home rule if men and angels only had the

53:3.5 debarred from functioning in the local systems if the

53:4.2 arguments was that, if self-government was good

53:5.3 authority would lead him to act differently if another

54:3.1 They fail to comprehend that both are inevitable if

54:3.3 But if this universe rebel against the reality of truth

54:3.3 and if the guilty one knows in his heart the justice of

54:4.5 If such an episode as the Lucifer rebellion had

54:4.6 If the seed sowing is good, this interval provides

54:4.6 if the seed sowing is evil, this merciful delay

54:5.10 emergency adviser of Gabriel portrayed that, if

54:5.12 would be led astray if arbitrary or summary methods

54:5.12 rebellion to take its full and natural course, even if it

54:5.13 If a Urantia mortal of average length of life should

54:5.13 comparison with the length of Lucifer’s life even if

54:6.3 If an affectionate father of a large family chooses to

54:6.9 choose to enter upon the Paradise career if sin had

55:2.6 And it would be decidedly helpful if less advanced

55:4.23 If there is a Material Son in the finaliter corps, he

55:4.23 If a midwayer is among the finaliters, all of that

55:6.9 If the mortals of distraught Urantia could only view

55:6.10 We often ponder: If the grand universe should be

55:10.10 If Michael should ever leave Nebadon, Gabriel

55:10.11 If the Creator Sons are destined to the outer

55:12.3 If and when a superuniverse should be settled in light

56:7.6 If and when the grand universe becomes settled in

56:7.6 God the Sevenfold if God the Supreme assumes

56:10.14 Self-realization is potentially evil if it is antisocial.

57:6.4 If space bodies are similar in size and density,

57:6.4 But if two space bodies of similar density are

57:6.4 if the smaller progressively approaches the larger,

58:2.1 If the light falling upon North America were paid

58:5.6 if the continents were not lighter than the ocean beds

59:5.16 converted into a type of coal if subjected to proper

62:2.3 loyal to their mates, but if circumstances separated

64:6.9 In such a circumstance, if the two races do not blend

65:4.1 our sixtieth attempt to modify and, if possible,

65:4.8 if such a plan had been followed, Caligastia might

65:7.2 And if Urantia were operating more in accordance

65:8.2 If spending so much time in effecting the changes of

65:8.2 If the physical conditions would allow, we could

65:8.5 but if the individual really knows God and desires to

67:8.4 If the Lucifer rebellion has handicapped the local

67:8.4 if the loss of this son and his misled associates has

68:2.10 If vanity be enlarged to cover pride, ambition, honor,

68:5.13 But an industrial era cannot hope to survive if its

68:6.11 but if war is lessened and science increasingly

69:6.5 if a hut caught fire, it was allowed to burn.

69:9.8 If a stranger drank from a cup, the cup was

70:1.13 If no good and sufficient pretext for war arose,

70:2.11 But if industrialism is to triumph over militarism,

70:2.19 And if such adequate substitutes are not provided,

70:9.1 what would likely happen if an unarmed man met a

70:10.5 When poison was administered, if the accused

70:10.6 a marital guilt test: If a man suspected his wife of

70:10.6 If, by any chance, any woman could quaff this

70:10.10 If one were unable to avenge himself in life, he died

70:10.14 If “the daughter of a priest” or other leading citizen

70:12.6 If men would maintain their freedom, they must,

71:2.14 No government can endure if it fails to provide for

71:3.8 poverty and dependence can never be eliminated if

71:4.17 Idealism can never survive on an evolving planet if

71:5.4 economic lost motion should be countenanced if

72:10.2 If such convicts subsequently demonstrate that they

72:12.2 if this continental nation of advanced culture would

72:12.2 Of course, if a Magisterial Son should soon come to

73:1.2 the races of the world were little better off than if

74:7.23 a different world Urantia would have become if this

75:3.5 to Serapatatia that it would be very helpful if,

75:3.5 Serapatatia contended that, if the Nodites, as the

75:8.7 If this were a mechanistic universe, if the First

75:8.7 if the First Great Source and Center were only a

75:8.7 if all creation were a vast aggregation of physical

75:8.7 And if our creation is an existence dominated by

76:5.3 slumber when I come to Urantia if the subordinate

76:5.7 Urantians should count it all gain if the blunders of

79:2.7 if the inferior elements of racial stocks predominate,

79:2.7 A polyglot culture can be preserved only if the

81:6.13 mechanical equipment will make little progress if the

81:6.17 If the majority adopt the slang,then usage constitutes

81:6.30 weaken and disintegrate human society if effective

82:3.11 fools, as they conceived would be the case if two

82:3.12 If a widow continued to live, her life was one of

82:3.14 If a wife was barren, she had to be redeemed by her

82:6.2 enhanced the primary peoples if their better strains

82:6.4 If the present-day races of Urantia could be freed

82:6.4 And if such racial mixtures could take place between

82:6.6 sudden appearance of new characteristics, and if

83:3.2 If an otherwise desirable man could not pay for

83:3.2 And if a poor man sought a wife and could not

83:3.4 if the wife were purchased, the children belonged to

83:8.4 If God has once joined any two things or persons

84:4.7 If a woman died in childbirth, especially during the

84:5.12 If woman aspires literally to enjoy all of man’s rights,

84:7.1 If the families are good, the society is likewise good.

84:7.29 Human society would be greatly improved if the

86:2.3 If one event followed another, the savage

86:6.6 for, if the spirit ghost in anger visits ill luck

87:1.3 If the tribal medicine man failed to cure an afflicted

87:1.5 If the death hut was not destroyed, the corpse was

87:5.6 Said he, “If the spirits are jealous of our beauty and

87:6.13 if a powerful man could vanquish a weaker one,

87:7.9 If the new cult could only be dynamic instead of

87:7.10 rituals, slogans, or goals—will not function if it is

87:7.10 No cult can survive if it retards moral growth and

88:1.4 If an animal ate human flesh, it became a fetish.

88:1.4 If the fetish is an animal and the ghost is resident

88:2.7 If one of these sacred books happens to speak of

88:6.6 If a man had more grain in his field than his neighbor

88:6.7 But if modern methods of education should fail,

89:3.6 If the advice of the tentmaker-teacher were to be

89:5.6 honor to the soul of a friend or fellow tribesman if

89:7.3 If the child survived, it was thought that the gods

89:7.4 In olden times, if a woman met head-hunters, she

90:3.4 out of the body; if it failed to return, death ensued.

90:3.5 If no observable natural agent could be discovered

90:3.6 If a mother dies in childbirth, the child is strangled—

90:4.5 If anyone should chance to pick up the discarded

90:5.1 If the ritual is faulty, it only arouses the anger

91:1.2 If the individual sought to accomplish anything

91:3.1 to express their thoughts in words, even if no one is

91:4.4 even if such petitions are not worthy of spiritual

91:4.5 Remember, even if prayer does not change God,

91:6.4 most persons, if sufficiently hard pressed, will pray

91:6.6 spiritualization of society if those who pray will only

92:3.8 If man were not the ascendant product of animal

92:4.1 But if revelation is to exalt and upstep the religions

93:10.6 If our conjectures in this respect are correct,

93:10.10 if the present system of directing planetary affairs

94:11.10 It was reasoned that, if Gautama had come to the

95:2.9 They believed that a disembodied soul, if properly

95:2.9 hall of Osiris, where, if innocent of “murder,

95:2.9 If this soul were weighed in the balance and found

95:5.3 the great monotheistic nation of that age; and if this

96:7.3 And it would be very helpful if, in the perusal of

96:7.7 If any say, ‘I have sinned and perverted that which

97:7.3 If there is resentment of the fact that these priest

97:7.12 if the enemy shall come in like a flood, the spirit

97:9.27 that, if their ideologies were to prevail, they must

99:1.1 social changes are imperative if cultural disaster is to

99:2.5 the church must cease such action if it is to survive.

99:4.1 mutually helpful and significantly illuminating if the

99:4.3 But if religion is to stimulate individual development

99:4.3 If religion is to stimulate evaluation of experience

99:4.3 If religion is to promote supreme loyalties, it must

99:4.4 religion is genuine and worth while if it fosters in

100:4.4 If some one irritates you, causes feelings of resent

100:2.7 what does it matter if all things earthly crash?”

100:4.4 If once you understand your neighbor, you will

100:4.6 If each day or each week you achieve an

100:4.6 understanding of one more of your fellows, and if

100:4.6 If each mortal could only become a focus of

100:5.6 If one is disposed to recognize a theoretical

100:7.11 Said he, “If it were not so, I would have told you.”

100:7.18If any man has Christ Jesus within him, he is a new

101:9.1 religion could be regarded as authentic if it failed to

102:1.1 If any man chooses to do the divine will, he shall

102:4.3 If God were not a personality, he could not become

102:7.7 If science, philosophy, or sociology dares to become

102:7.7 If the personal experience of a faither is to be

102:7.8 Those who assume to be dogmatic must,if consistent

102:7.9 If the nonreligious approaches to cosmic reality

103:1.6 If God were not at least personal, he could not be

106:0.8 degree of associative experiential attainment, but if

106:7.9 if the three absolute potentials could ever become

106:8.17 Theoretically, if such an event could take place,

106:8.18 represent a minimum distortion of truth if the third

106:8.19 If the second level of the Trinity of Trinities is

106:8.22 If the second level of the Trinity of Trinities could

107:7.2 If Thought Adjusters are not personalities having

107:7.4 Why then, if Adjusters possess volition, are they

108:2.3 If this spirit of the bestowal Sons is present,

108:2.6 If a mortal has not been previously indwelt by an

109:3.1 permission for everlasting fusion if their subjects

109:4.2 especially is this true if the Adjuster has had previous

109:4.4 If the Adjusters indwelling the minds of inhabitants

109:6.2 As related to fusion candidates, if a Monitor is

109:6.2 if the human partner declines to pursue the

109:6.2 If an Adjuster should repeatedly fail to attain

109:6.2 and if this Monitor should subsequently be

110:5.1 the soul, which indeed the Adjuster’s would be if

111:3.7 If there is no survival of eternal values in the soul of

111:3.7 assuredly finish in eternity—if it is worth finishing.

111:4.11 This is the problem: If freewill man is endowed

111:5.6 if this choice is made, sooner or later will the God

112:0.15 if this change (growth) ceased, the soul would cease.

112:1.12 study of human personality could be avoided if

112:3.2 If and when mortal man has finally rejected survival,

112:3.3 destruction of the mechanism of the brain, and if

112:4.4 If the mortal associate belongs to a group that will

112:4.12 If you have attained the third circle or a higher realm

112:4.12 if the final transcript of the summary of survival

112:4.12 if both seraphim and Adjuster essentially agree in

112:4.12if the Universal Censors and their reflective

112:4.13 If the human individual survives without delay,

112:5.6 personality growth must eventually be attained, if,

112:5.7 If there is doubt as to the advisability of advancing a

112:5.22 If the Adjuster has been a partner in the evolution

113:1.5 No matter in what circle a human happens to be, if

113:1.6 (if natural death does not terminate your career and

115:1.1 If mind cannot fathom conclusions, if it cannot

115:2.2 But we discover that meanings can be modified if

115:4.3 If it is difficult to comprehend that the infinite

116:0.1 If man recognized that his Creators, while divine

117:0.2 If all grand universes should ever relatively achieve

117:4.2 But if a creature rejects the eternal career, that part

117:4.11 If mortal man proceeds upon the Paradise adventure,

117:4.11 if mortal man rejects the eternal career, he is moving

118:2.4 If God the Supreme ever assumes direct control of

118:2.5 The mortal mind may ask, even as we do: If the

118:7.7 But if personality has the prerogative of exercising

118:7.7 if this is a true and free choice, then must evolving

118:7.7 cosmic self-destruction cannot be avoided if the

118:9.8 If, in the eternity of the future, the Creator Sons

118:10.15 And if such things can happen to a planet, then

123:2.13 child’s training until the fifth birthday, and then, if

125:4.3 leader insisted that Jesus was not to be blamed if

125:5.5 3. If God is a father who loves his children, why all

126:3.11 how should he recognize the Jewish Messiah if

128:2.4 could have walked home every night if necessary,

128:5.7 and that they would sometime like to be married if

128:6.11 peek into the shop, and if its keeper were not busy,

128:7.10 If Jesus would only sit down and talk it all over with

128:7.11 “to do my full duty, and more if it is needed.”

129:3.6 helpful in understanding Jesus’ life on earth if all

130:2.4If the Gods are interested in me, then why do

130:6.1 If something has happened to distress you,

130:8.2 ‘He looks down upon men, and if any will say: I

131:1.3 “Even if the earth should pass away, the resplendent

131:1.9If the faith of the Most High has entered your heart,

131:7.2 If any creature will worship me, I will hear his

131:8.2 Even if one has but a little knowledge, he can still

131:8.5 If a man recognizes the evil of his ways and

131:9.3 If there be found any virtue in me, it is the

131:9.3 If God is with me, I have determined to have no

131:10.3 If our earth parents, being of evil tendency, know

131:10.4 will not suffer a single child on earth to perish if

131:10.4 If more human beings could only know about the

131:10.7 If that is true, then all men must be my brothers.

132:1.4 If the so-called science or religion of any age is

132:5.22 8. If any portion of your fortune has been knowingly

132:5.22 if aught of your wealth has been accumulated by

132:7.1 the impossibility of teaching a man about God if

132:7.5 driving power which a religion must possess if it is

133:1.1 If mercy requires that you rescue the smaller lad,

133:1.3 Teacher, if a stronger and ill-tempered creature

133:1.5 to attack such a kindly person as you, even if any

133:2.1 I think I discern in your face the love of justice if not

133:5.5 Arithmetic says that, if one man could shear a sheep

133:5.6 Mathematics asserts that, if one person stands for a

133:7.9 If the associations of consciousness were just an

134:4.3 If different religions recognize the spirit sovereignty

134:6.1 If one man craves freedom—liberty—he must

134:6.1 If one man is to be absolutely free, then another must

134:6.14 Jesus’ teachings would have been much greater if the

135:11.1 If Jesus were the Messiah, why did he do nothing

136:9.10 If the Son of Man had any doubts about his mission

137:4.9 Most gladly would I do what you ask of me if it

138:0.2 If a prophet is not without honor save in his own

138:3.2 give such a dinner to his family and friends if Jesus

138:5.4If the civil rulers are to be rebuked, leave that task

138:10.6 If the funds for mutual support weren’t forthcoming,

138:10.6 if donations sufficient to maintain the party were not

139:6.3 his nation, all of which is commendable if it is not

139:8.8 if his conservatism was voted down or overruled,

139:8.12 If Jesus and his work had not been genuine, it could

140:2.2 And I would, if it is your will, tarry on earth a time

140:3.12 But if this salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it

140:3.18 You have heard it said: ‘If the blind lead the blind,

140:4.2 But if this salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it

140:6.9 And if these are hard sayings, you can even now turn

140:6.12 “The lamp of the body is the eye; if, therefore, your

140:6.12 If the very light which is in you is turned to

140:8.17 And if Jesus were on earth today, living his life in

142:4.2 But even if Moses taught such restrictions to the

143:2.4 If, then, the spirit dwells within you, you are no

143:2.8If, then, my children, you are born of the spirit, you

144:2.3 If any one of you has a neighbor, and you go to

144:2.3 If, then, persistence will win favors even from

144:2.4 “Which of you who is a father, if his son asks

144:2.4 If the child needs a loaf, will you give him a stone

145:3.9 If, therefore, it should be the will of Him who sent

145:3.11 to see these suffering mortals made whole if his

145:4.1 were thrilled by the vision of what was to come if

146:2.3 If man will not listen to the Gods as they speak to

147:5.6 most flagrant sinner on earth if such sincerely seek

147:5.7 Said Jesus: “My children, if there exists a true and

147:6.4 “But if it is not wrong to eat the grain, surely the

147:7.3 As new wine, so is a new friend; if it becomes old,

148:7.2 ask if it would be lawful to be healed on the

149:1.7 If, in the contact of the human need and the divine

149:4.3 virtue, if carried to extremes, may become a vice.

150:3.2 Andrew asked Jesus if these beliefs were well

150:4.2 If some people have dared to call the master of the

152:4.2 (in his dream) he cried out to the Master: “Lord, if

153:2.1 in Deuteronomy: “But it shall come to pass, if this

153:2.12 if a man eats thereof, he shall never die in spirit.

153:3.2 What avail is your teaching if it cannot be carried

153:3.3 directs that you share with them your substance if

153:3.5 And you know that, if the blind lead the blind,

153:4.3 if a house be divided against itself, it is soon

153:4.3 Can a city withstand a siege if it is not united?

153:4.3 If Satan casts out Satan, he is divided against

154:4.6 that everything would go to pieces if everybody

155:3.6 Jesus warned his believers that, if their religious

155:3.6 But that, if their religion were spiritual, never could

156:1.6 If our need does not impress you, it would appeal to

156:1.8 Father’s kingdom shall be taken by the gentiles if the

157:6.8 From this time on, if any man would have fellowship

157:6.10 But if the Son be lifted up, he will draw all men to

158:4.6If it has been given you to do these works, I pray

158:7.5If any man would come after me, let him

158:8.1 it would be better for him if a millstone were

158:8.1 If the things you do with your hands, or the things

159:1.2If a kindhearted man has a hundred sheep and

159:1.7If Cain, with no weapon in his hand, was avenged

159:3.2 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if any

159:4.4 If the story of Jonah should not be a fact, even if

159:4.4 even if Jonah had never lived, still would the truth

159:4.7 And even if these holy men of old lived inspired

159:5.15 “Master, what should I do if a stranger forced me to

160:1.3 man must learn anew the art of living if progress is

160:1.3 And if man becomes so ingenious that he more

160:1.3 If the evolution of the art of living fails to keep pace

160:2.9 “Happy are they who mourn”—if a friend is at hand

160:3.4 there are times when I must fight, if need be, for

160:5.3 If something has become a religion in your

160:5.9 devotion to a supreme ideal, if that ideal is real,

162:2.1 If any man really desires to do my Father’s will,

162:2.4 we wonder if the deliverer, when he does come, will

162:6.1If any man thirst, let him come to me and drink.

162:7.2If my words abide in you and you are minded to

162:7.2 If, therefore, the Son shall make you free, shall

162:7.3 If God were your Father, you would know me and

162:7.5 I say to you who believe the gospel that, if a man

163:1.3 If those who love peace live therein, you shall abide

163:1.4 If the people of any city receive you, they shall

163:1.4 but if the people of any city refuse to receive this

163:2.7 If Matadormus had parted with his wealth, it

163:3.3 If one’s wealth does not invade the precincts of the

163:4.6 If the first house to be selected for a headquarters

163:6.5 I declare that, if the mighty works done in these

‘Take good care of my friend, and if the expense is

164:1.4 if Jesus had so stated, would have directly

164:4.4If this man is not sent by God, how can he do these

164:4.7 If this is true, how is it that he can now see?”

164:4.11 I tell you, if this man were not from God, he could

165:2.3 If the false shepherd were blind, he would have no

165:2.8 and, if necessary, lay down his life for his sheep.

165:2.10 that, if it shall be required, I will not hesitate to lay

165:3.4 And if all of this is true, why should you live in fear

165:4.4 Even if this had not been the case, the Master would

165:4.8If riches increase, set not your heart upon them.

165:5.3 If God so clothes the grass of the field, which is

165:6.3 “But if the servant is slothful and begins to say in

166:2.3 “But what if the Samaritan loves God as well as

166:3.3 Even if the door to the way of life is narrow, it is

166:3.7 doors of men’s hearts and knock, and if any man

166:4.3 If riches evidence divine favor, why do the rich so

166:4.9 next year, if it bears no fruit, it shall be cut down.’

167:3.3 If such a service is permissible on the Sabbath day

167:4.5 If a man walks in the day, he does not stumble

167:4.5 If a man walks in the night, he is liable to stumble

167:4.6 “Master, if Lazarus has fallen asleep, then will he

167:4.6 And I am glad for your sakes, even if the others are

167:4.7 they will surely kill him, but if that is the Master’s

167:6.4 so it would have been throughout the world if his

169:3.2 if one go to them from the dead, they will repent.

169:3.2 neither will they be persuaded even if one were to

171:2.2 If any one of you would now be my disciple, you

171:2.3 If the king cannot afford to meet his enemy because

171:8.3 if the Son of Man had been accorded the spiritual

171:8.5 “And even if this rejected Son should not return,

172:3.6 If any one asks you why you do this, merely say,

173:1.10 If this spectacular event had occurred the day before,

174:3.1 “Master, Moses said that if a married man should

174:4.6If the Deliverer is indeed the son of David, how is

174:4.6 If David calls him Lord, how then can he be his

174:5.7 If my fellow countrymen, the Jews, choose to

174:5.8 but if it dies in good soil, it springs up again to life

175:1.16 You also teach that, if a man swears by the altar,

175:1.16 that, if one swears by the gift that is upon the altar,

176:1.4 “But, Master, if the Holy City and the temple are

176:1.4 If any man comes to you, saying, ‘Behold, here is

176:3.2 if nations overturn, the age ends, or all things visible

176:3.8 If endowments are used only in selfish pursuits and

176:4.5 But if every eye is to behold him, and if only

176:4.5 if only spiritual eyes are to discern his presence,

177:1.3 Even a youth, if the desire of the heart is really

177:2.2 Even if such a course had been wise, it would have

177:4.4 Judas had set out to get honor for himself, and if

177:4.6 it would be best for the peace of Israel if Jesus

177:5.1 looking toward David Zebedee, asked if anyone

178:1.13 If the unbeliever can qualify as a superior civil

178:2.9 believing if Judas knew beforehand of their place

178:3.3 If it is the Father’s will that I depart, nothing you

179:3.8 If, then, the Master has washed your feet, why was

180:2.1 the branch will die if it is separated from the vine.

180:2.4 little difficulty about these teachings if his exact

180:2.5 if humanity should thoughtlessly and ignorantly

180:3.1 If the world shall hate you, you should recall that

180:3.1 If my words offend the unbelievers, so also will your

180:3.2 the light which would save you if accepted can

180:3.2 can only condemn you if it is knowingly rejected.

180:3.4 If this were not true, I would not have repeatedly

180:4.4 If the world sees you not, how shall we be certain

181:2.20 ‘What shall I ever do if the Master goes away and

181:2.28 “No matter if all my brethren should succumb to

181:2.28 I will go with you and, if need be, die for you.”

182:1.6 If my children are one as we are one, and if they love

182:3.2 a bitter cup, I would drink it if it is your will.”

182:3.4 And now, O Father, if this cup may not pass, then

185:1.1 If Pontius Pilate had not been a reasonably good

185:2.1If this man were not an evildoer, we should not

185:3.3 If my kingdom were of this world, surely would my

185:8.1 If Pilate had thought to appeal to their patriotism

186:5.9 just as unerringly certain if Jesus had not been put

186:5.9 If the Master had been favorably received by the

187:2.4 so lovingly interceded for his executioners if such

187:2.9 Otherwise, if his followers had gained possession of

187:4.6 And if any other person among the jeering crowd

188:0.2 If this plan had been followed, the body of Jesus

188:2.1 If Jesus’ followers were unmindful of his promise to

188:4.11 Even if God were the stern and legal monarch of a

188:5.12 If man cannot otherwise appreciate Jesus and

189:5.3 the grave would hardly have been left so orderly if

191:0.13 Thomas would have gone back if Nathaniel or

193:1.2 And if man is your brother, he is even more than

193:2.2 If professed believers bear not these fruits of the

194:3.2 “Let us see if God will come and deliver him.”

194:3.4 If religion is an opiate to the people, it is not the

194:4.10 if this counsel or this work is of men, it will be

194:4.10 but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow

195:3.11 would have happened in Rome and in the world if

195:4.2 and who, therefore, if effectively appealed to, would

195:6.11 If the universe were merely a mechanism and mind

195:6.13 If men were only machines, they would react more

195:7.3 The inconsistency of the modern mechanist is: If this

195:7.6 If this were only a material universe, material man

195:7.8 If the universe were truly what the materialist

195:7.11 If the universe were only material and man only a

195:7.12 If universe reality is only one vast machine, then man

195:7.13 If man is only a machine, by what technique does he

195:7.13 If materialism were a fact, there could be no self-

195:7.18 No recognition of philosophy is edifying if it ignores

195:9.4 If Christianity persists in neglecting its spiritual

195:9.8 What an awakening the world would experience if

195:10.10 If the Christian church would only dare to espouse

195:10.17 education could help in this spiritual renaissance if it

195:10.19 If Christianity could grasp more of Jesus’ teachings,

196:1.2 What a transcendent service if, through this

196:1.2 traditional ecclesiastical authority if the Jesus of

196:1.2 revolutionary if the living religion of Jesus should

196:1.4 if such truths shall again be proclaimed to the world.

196:3.35 If man does not choose to survive, then does the

if he

2:0.1 nature can also be better understood by man if he

2:5.7 I think I would love God just as much if he were not

3:5.15 but evolving man must be fallible if he is to be free

8:2.3 better comprehend the Third Source if he were

21:3.2 If, prior to passing through the creature bestowals,

33:1.3 that the Eternal Son would exert if he were present

39:4.15 and if he should return during a subsequent

54:5.13 and if he were apprehended, tried, and executed

90:1.5 When a shaman failed in his undertakings, if he

119:2.5 authority if he would only apologize to Immanuel

121:4.4 doctrine that “man could save himself if he would.

123:0.2 Mary feared something might happen to him if he

125:2.7 all three loved him as if he had been their brother.

126:3.11 If he were a new teacher and not the Messiah,

127:2.5 came forward agreeing to support Jesus’ family if he

127:2.9 was sure Jesus would help to liberate his people if

127:3.15 —to live as if he were “seeing Him who is invisible.”

127:6.8 Mary frankly asked him if he would get married if he

128:4.4 in Nazareth going about his daily duties just as if he

128:6.4 Jesus feared trouble if he took his young brother

130:1.5 “How can God, if he is infinitely good, permit us to

130:6.2 Jesus, after saying good-bye and making as if he

132:5.1 asked Jesus what he would do with wealth if he

134:8.6 Jesus asked his Father if he might be permitted to

135:9.4 They asked John directly if he was Elijah or

135:11.4 shall be abundantly blessed in the age to come if he

135:12.2 refrain from all public activities if he were released.

136:4.9 Immanuel, great satisfaction if he, Jesus, should

136:8.3 never be received by the Jews as the Messiah if he

136:8.3 if he would consent to do just one unnatural thing,

137:4.4 they made bold to approach Jesus to inquire if he

139:5.7 Jesus well knew that, if he once rebuked Philip for

139:6.3 Nathaniel was not obstinate, even if he was proud.

140:8.10 Jesus did not come to reorganize the world; even if

140:8.17 “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole

141:1.4 Jesus, if he were all that John had announced,

141:3.6 merchants would hardly have fled before Jesus if he

145:3.12 and to ascertain if he was the former carpenter of

147:5.4 “This man, if he were a prophet, would have

154:6.2 said Mary: “I know I could influence my son if he

154:6.3 —they would forgive and forget—if he would only

156:1.5 I am persuaded that, if he shall but look upon her,

156:6.8 thus indicating that Jesus would not be molested if

159:1.2 And if he is a good shepherd, will he not keep up

159:1.3 If he will listen to you, then have you won your

159:1.3 But if your brother will not hear you, if he persists

159:1.3 Now if he refuses to hear your brethren, you may

159:1.3 and then, if he refuses to hear the brotherhood, let

161:2.9 statements which would be absurd if he were not

162:3.3 the plan of Jesus’ enemies, if he upheld the law of

162:3.3 If he forbade stoning the woman, they would

162:3.3 If he remained silent, they would accuse him of

163:2.3 No man, having put his hand to the plough, if he

165:5.6 no man would suffer his house to be broken into if

168:1.8If he thought so much of this man, why did he tarry

168:1.8 If he is what they claim, why did he not save his

168:1.8 What is the good of healing strangers in Galilee if he

168:3.5 that, if he were not immediately stopped, soon all

172:3.2 just as might occur if he elected to make a formal

174:2.4 Jesus’ enemies conjectured that, if he would dare

174:2.4 if he should advise the payment of tribute in

177:0.4 if he intended to be away all day, he might find

178:2.4 had heard of the plot to kill Jesus and asking if he

179:4.4 “Ask him who it is, or if he has told you, tell me who

182:2.3 that he could defend himself against his enemies if

182:2.3 If he will not resist his enemies, it must be that

183:2.2 The betrayer feared that, if he waited for them to

184:3.16 When asked if he were the Son of God, Jesus

184:3.19 even then he loves them and would save them if he

184:4.2 The Master knew that, if he permitted his apostle to

185:1.8 to charge him with treason before the emperor if he

186:2.2 When asked if he were the Son of God, he

186:2.8 when they asked if he were “king of the Jews.”

187:0.2 put to death with their leader if he had not been

191:0.2 John would have influenced them more if he had

191:0.4 “But,” reasoned Peter, “if he has risen and can

if I

4:4.9 Even if I cannot do this, there lives in me one who

13:3.3 deserted even if I were permitted to pay it a visit.

13:4.7 if I chance to be on Paradise or in Havona, I

22:10.2 If, in discussing the Celestial Guardians, I have

22:10.5 if I am so fortunate as to have attached to my

32:5.6 I do not completely visualize it, and even if I did,

44:7.1 If I had the least possible basis for comparison, I

46:4.9 If I only had words to tell you of the morontia

46:4.9 If I could only go on to portray the sublime

108:4.1 “I, if I am lifted up, will draw all men.”

127:5.5If I am a son of destiny, I must not assume

129:2.3 when your money has been expended, if I do not

131:5.5 I bow before the God of heaven in repentance if I

131:5.5 I know when I make confession, if I purpose not

131:7.3If I hear your prayers, it is because you come before

132:0.1If I had that fellow’s kingly bearing and gracious

133:1.4 if I thought such a creature did not possess moral

133:1.5 but in my head I still think that if I had been Jacob,

137:2.7 I will also follow, if I am worthy.”

138:7.3 coming kingdom, no matter what it is and even if I

140:6.14 but I have a troubled spirit, and if, perchance, I

146:4.3 would enter the kingdom if I could be made clean.

152:0.2 I thought if I but touch the hem of his garment,

153:4.3 And so, if I by the power of Beelzebub cast out

153:4.3 But if I, by the spirit of God, cast out devils, then

155:4.2 if I choose rather to answer Thomas’s question.

162:5.2 you declare that, if I bear witness of myself,

162:5.2 Even if I do bear witness about myself, my

162:5.2 But if I should choose to judge, my judgment

162:7.4 If I, then, proclaim and live the truth shown me by

162:7.5 And I say to all such that, if I glorify myself, my

163:2.5 “Master, I will do anything if I may be allowed to

164:5.3 If I do not the works of God, believe me not,

164:5.3 but if I do the works of God, even though you

165:2.10 But, mind you, if I lay down my life, I will take it

171:6.2 if I have wrongfully exacted aught from any man,

173:0.2 And if I am going to quit, how shall I break off?

174:5.13 “And now I declare to you that I, if I be lifted up

177:1.1 Besides, if I should go along to carry the lunch, you

178:2.4 If I depart from you in the flesh, it is only that I may

179:3.5 Jesus said: “Peter, I declare that, if I do not wash

180:3.5If I thus go before you into the Father’s heavenly

180:6.2 If I go not away, the new teacher cannot come

181:2.2 help even as you know I would if I were to remain

181:2.7 I would be made happy if I could know that, after

184:1.6 “My friend, if I have spoken evil, bear witness

184:1.6 but if I have spoken the truth, why, then, should

184:5.10If I tell you, you will not believe me; and if I ask

185:5.12If I release the murderer, Barabbas, what shall I do

192:2.5If I follow on after you, what shall this man do?”

192:2.5 If I will that John should tarry after you are gone,

if not

0:12.3 Infinity of divinity is being ever enriched, if not

4:4.4 wholly divine and well-nigh ultimate, if not absolute.

7:5.11 In spirit and nature, if not in all attributes, each Son

7:6.2 All the divine nature, if not all the infinity of

10:4.7 supremacy and ultimacy, if not of absoluteness.

40:3.1 intermediate epochs of light and life (if not before)

53:2.5 rebellion was for the good of the system, if not

54:6.10 comprehend how ultimate (if not immediate) good

55:4.23 During this epoch, if not before, Adam and Eve

69:8.4 If not satisfactory, they could be sent away, but

83:3.4 the children belonged to the father; if not, they

84:4.4 ignorant mistrust and fearful fascination, if not

87:1.3 was usually destroyed; if not, it was always avoided,

97:0.1 the matured concept of Yahweh as a Father, if not of

100:6.5 the crusader, which is more than dangerous if not

103:1.6 he could not be conscious, and if not conscious,

106:6.6 Universal Absolute, if not the Unqualified Absolute

110:4.4 In due time, if not in this world then on the mansion

114:7.16 Undoubtedly at this time, if not before, sweeping

124:1.4 seemed to think the boy was sacrilegious if not

124:4.2 many seasons of uncertainty, if not actual doubt,

127:4.8 Miriam, who was the belle of the family, if not the

128:3.6 Paul, the philosopher, if not the sole founder, of

153:0.2 Even Simon Peter was depressed, if not downcast.

158:4.6 they were all aghast at the sudden boldness, if not

163:1.3 love peace live therein, you shall abide there; if not,

165:1.1 at nine o’clock in the morning if not prevented by

172:5.9 as a little childish, if not downright foolish.

172:5.12 To Judas it seemed childish, if not indeed ridiculous.

if she

70:10.6 If she was guilty, “the water that causes the curse

82:3.7 And if she had borne a child before marriage, she

172:1.7 was not to be denied her if she changed her mind

189:4.10 Mary, rushing toward him and addressing him as if

if they

1:7.3 would be divorced from survival hope if they were

10:8.8 will partially attain the Deity Absolute, but even if

21:3.14 But they could if they chose to.

26:10.3 the same standing in the universes of time as if they

28:5.13 to mar the smooth working of the universe if they

29:3.11 If they exert an influence upon the primordial forces

34:7.6 apparent warfare between the flesh and the spirit if

40:9.4 as if they were newly created beings, creatures

41:3.2 elbow room as one dozen oranges would have if

41:4.6 human beings would speedily suffocate if they were

48:4.3 best understand the work of reversion directors if

57:5.12 which they would do if they had been thrown off by

71:4.1 Economics, society, and government must evolve if

72:3.6 periodically to examine the children to ascertain if

73:6.7 were told that they would become as “gods if they

77:2.4 that, if they engaged in sexual reproduction,

82:3.15 divorce in the background of their minds if they are

84:8.6 Pleasures are indeed suicidal if they succeed in

84:8.6 self-gratifications have indeed cost a fatal price if

87:1.4 they feared they too would die if they fell asleep in

91:8.3 because they fear something direful may happen if

96:5.4 taught the Hebrews that, if they would obey God,

97:10.1 had promised the Jews that, if they would fulfill this

100:1.6 growth and self-realization which function if they are

110:6.16 ascenders’ experience on the mansion worlds if they

111:4.7 Even families and nations will enjoy life more if they

118:2.2 Such finaliters will no doubt believe that, even if

124:3.7 it would be good for the young men of Nazareth if

125:2.4 Jesus would gladly have talked with his parents if

127:2.9 to assume responsibility for the family, and that, if

131:3.2 I know my brethren will prosper if they become

134:8.9 all such future upheavals (if they ever occur) may

139:3.8 When Jesus asked if they were ready to drink the

139:8.6 troubled minds to come into the kingdom, even if

140:6.13 if they should “continue having everything in

140:6.14 garden by the fire; shall I arouse them to inquire if

140:8.4 be pleased if they would pursue the same policy.

158:2.2 Jesus knew that, if they insisted on regarding him

158:7.6 conflicting path which they must tread if they would

166:2.8 They think it a small matter if they neglect to give

168:5.1 that it would be useless to put Jesus to death if they

169:3.2If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither

172:1.9 be useless to put Jesus to death if they permitted

172:4.1 gospel and receive, if they would, the Son of Peace

174:5.1 If they had been Jews or near-by and familiar

175:1.3 these hypocritical leaders if they would only turn to

176:2.2 If they were to part with their Master and Teacher,

180:3.1 If they dare to persecute me, they will also persecute

181:2.15 If they have not already fully forgiven you, they

182:1.6 and if they love one another as I have loved them,

183:0.3 He feared that, if they should be arrested with him,

191:0.1 being arrested by the agents of the Sanhedrin if they

192:1.2 Jesus had told them that, if they would go into

192:1.9 asking if they had any fish, they did not suspect who

193:0.4 but such knowledge will not suffice if they fail

194:3.11 They made that progress, at least, even if they did

195:10.14 various social and temperamental classes if they are

if we

1:1.1 If we believe that we are the children of this

28:3.2 but even if we had no other proof, the reflective

48:4.15 we are tempted to magnify our self-importance, if

55:11.8 a whole superuniverse is settled in light, even if we

106:6.3 If we assume a cosmos-infinite—some illimitable

106:6.3 —and if we conceive that the final developments of

118:10.3 we desire to view the Trinity as one God, and if we

131:6.2 We are assured of the life hereafter if we know

131:9.2 If we are thus servants of our divine ancestors,

132:7.2 Or, if we could have him live with us, we might by

132:7.2 If we know God, our real business on earth is so

142:5.2 If we proclaim to you the truths of the spirit,

142:6.6 you believe us if we tell you of the heavenly truths?

145:5.10 No matter if we cannot fully comprehend the

166:2.3 if we make these ten men whole, perhaps the

172:3.14 The people have gone mad over him; if we do not

173:2.5 If we shall say from heaven, then will he say, Why

173:2.5 if we shall say from men, then might the multitude

177:3.2 If we had all wanted to go with him as much as

180:3.2 If we had not taught them the truth, they might do

188:2.2 If we should permit this to happen, this mistake

if you

1:4.3 intended to be one with you if you survive the mortal

2:5.5 Though you cannot find God by searching, if you

5:1.12 If you yield to the leadings of the spiritual forces in

11:1.3 If you were an intelligent navigator, equipped with

11:1.3 Likewise, if you had the time and means of passage,

11:7.5 If you imagine a finite, but inconceivably large,

13:2.5 And if you knew more about the Father’s worlds,

15:3.4 If you could look at the superuniverse of Orvonton

19:5.12 dependent on revelation if you hope to progress

22:3.4 Therefore, if you should ever be cited for errors of

23:3.8 If you could view these extraordinary beings in the

24:6.9 face to face if you do not reject the certain plan

25:8.5 If you, as an ascendant mortal, should reach

25:8.5 But if you arrive alone, a companion will certainly

28:6.7 if you are sincere of purpose and honest of heart.

28:6.8 if you choose and have it in your heart, you can

28:6.22 if you can through grace become good, you are

29:4.38 Then if you would conceive of these beings, draw

30:4.15 know the truth of it if you do not reject the plan of

34:6.11 If you are a willing learner, if you want to attain

34:6.11 if you sincerely desire to reach the eternal goal,

34:7.1 If you do not reject this spirit, even though eternity

37:10.3 but if you could see spornagia, you would agree that

39:2.12 It is as if you went to sleep on a transport vehicle in

41:4.5 If you were in the interior of this sun, you would be

43:6.8 If you enjoy the flowers, shrubs, and trees of Urantia

44:8.3 if you have ability and the gift of expression, you

44:8.4 if, after acquiring true mota insight, you still desire

47:3.1 but if you had come from a more normal sphere

47:3.10 If you are not to be detained on mansion world

48:6.35 If you fail, will you rise indomitably to try anew?

48:6.35 If you succeed, will you maintain a well-balanced

48:6.37 You can do important work if you do not become

48:6.37 you can do several things as easily as one if you

52:6.8 If you could be transplanted from your backward

54:6.4 If you are made to suffer the evil consequences of

56:9.10 if you achieve the attainment of God the Sevenfold,

58:7.12 biogeologic record unfailingly tell the truth if you

60:1.12 Today, if you would study the life of this age,

65:3.7 If you have good ideas, if your minds are fertile with

91:5.3 If you desire to overcome the habit of criticizing

91:9.1 If you would engage in effective praying, you should

92:2.2 “And if you will make me an altar of stone, you

92:2.2 you shall not build it of hewn stone, for, if you use

93:6.3 the heavens and number the stars if you are able;

100:4.4 If you love your fellow men, you must have

100:4.4 If once you understand your neighbor, you will

100:4.5 If you could only fathom the motives of your

100:4.5 If you could only know your fellows, you would

102:6.7If you love your fellows as I have loved you, then

103:8.4 If you truly believe in God—by faith know him and

107:6.4 If you will remember that God is the source of pure

108:5.10 If you have a personal guardian of destiny and

109:3.4 If you survive, there is to be an eternal union,

109:5.5 If you will co-operate with your Adjuster, the divine

110:1.6 and if you only prove faithful to the trust reposed in

110:2.5 If you so fully conform to the Adjuster’s mind

110:4.4 resurrect every treasure of the mortal mind if you

111:7.2 but you could, if you only would—as you work and

111:7.2 if you would only allow the Adjuster constantly to

112:0.1 therefore, if you will sincerely run the race of time

112:4.12 If, when death overtakes you, you have attained

112:7.19 But if you actually will, if you really desire, surely

113:2.5 you would, if you could only visualize seraphim,

113:4.3 if you have the courage, to traverse, the rugged hills

116:7.1 But if you only knew something about the

117:6.2 If you truly desire to find God, you cannot help

118:3.6 help to an understanding of space relationships if you

119:5.2 If you should visit Uversa today, you would hear the

120:1.6 If you should choose to reinstate yourself in

120:2.2 a fitting climax of your mortal bestowal if you

123:4.8 If you envisage the average childhood and youth of

125:0.6 If you, my earthly father, possess such human

129:3.5 If you would comprehend the meaning of many of

130:2.4 other men; that is, if you have not lost your savor.

130:2.4 the good in you could overcome the evil in him if

130:2.4 If you are more blessed with truth than is this man

130:6.3 But you could do great things with your body if you

130:6.3 your mind to control itself and activate the body if

130:8.2 Jesus: “If you truly want to find God, that desire

131:2.8 If you do not well, it is because sin lies at the door;

131:2.8 If you regard iniquity in your heart, the Lord will

131:2.8 if you sin against God, you also wrong your own

131:2.9 If you seek me, you shall find me if you search for

131:3.4 If you would be certain of your final salvation,

131:4.4If you will but worship me in love,’ says the

131:7.3 If you would obtain heavenly help, put away your

131:7.3 If you are not right on the inside, it is useless to

131:7.3 If you would gain immortality, forsake the world

131:8.2 If you know the Eternal, you are enlightened and

131:8.2 If you know not the Eternal, then does ignorance

131:8.4 Relate yourself to every man as if you were in his

131:8.4 If you love people, they will draw near you—you will

131:8.5 If you seek for him daily, you shall find him.

131:8.6 If you know the Eternal, even though your body

131:8.6 If you abide in the light of the Eternal, you shall

132:2.2 If you are ethically lazy and socially indifferent,

132:2.2 If you are spiritually indolent and morally

132:4.7 If you could only enjoy the inspiring satisfaction of

132:5.2 If you honestly desire to regard your wealth as a

132:5.2 honestly desire to regard your wealth as a trust, if

132:5.13 “And so, my friend, if you would be a faithful and

132:5.13 the God of heaven would not condemn you if you

132:5.20 If you chance to secure wealth by flights of genius

132:5.20 first recognize man as your brother, and if you

133:2.1 I venture to say that, if you found me out by the

133:2.2 If you can only love your children as God loves

133:4.3 Loyalty to God, if you should come to know him,

133:4.4 You who know God are the sons of God if you

133:4.9 If you follow the unconscious leadings of this

133:5.8 There is unity in the cosmic universe if you could

133:9.3 Wisdom will bring you to honor if you will embrace

134:6.6 If you take every form of modern mechanical

135:6.7 to bring forth fruit worthy of sincere repentance if

135:9.4If you are not Elijah, nor the prophet, nor the

137:4.4If you love me, then be willing to tarry with me

137:8.11 If you are willing to serve your fellows, you shall sit

137:8.17 If you would but believe that my Father loves you

140:1.4 must bring forth the fruits of my Father’s spirit if you

140:3.18 If you would guide others into the kingdom, you

140:6.3 If you would enter the kingdom, you must have a

140:6.4 Peter: “Master, if you have a new commandment,

140:6.9 If you find the requirements of apostleship too hard,

141:6.4 this good news, if you wholeheartedly believe it, is

142:2.4 successive generations of spiritual illumination if you

142:4.2 If you love your neighbor as you love yourself,

142:5.2 If you receive God as your Father, then indeed

142:5.2 And if you are sons, then are you secure in the

142:5.2 If you believe my words, you thereby believe in

142:5.2 If you do the will of the Father in heaven, you shall

142:5.3 And if you are the sons of God, then have you been

142:6.7 If you would be led by this spirit from above,

143:2.7 And if you are the children of this living faith, you

143:2.8If, then, my children, you are born of the spirit,

143:5.2 “I have indeed asked you for a drink, but if you

143:5.4 Better it would be if you would cease to trifle with

144:2.3 If any one of you has a neighbor, and you go to

144:2.4 If you, then, being mortal and finite, know how to

144:3.2If, then, you still desire such a prayer, I would

144:6.3 If you are in personal difficulty in your relations

146:2.10 9. “I have come forth from the Father; if, therefore,

146:4.3 “Lord, if only you would, you could make me

147:3.3 If you could all be healed of your physical

147:6.4 if you are here present with us to watch my words,

147:6.6 “Men, if you are enlightened by the truth and know

147:6.6 but if you know not the divine way, you are

147:8.4 all this he will do if you refrain from oppression,

148:5.5 the Scriptures which would have instructed you if

148:6.5 And if you are really righteous, God will certainly

148:7.2 If you had a sheep and it should fall into a pit on

148:7.2 You would find cause for offense in me if you

148:7.2 if you have the faith to be healed, I bid you stretch

151:2.3 the parable, asked the other apostles if they did not

151:2.6 I did not wish to prolong this discussion, but if you

151:5.4 If you do not save us, we will all perish.

152:3.2 If you must have a king, let the Father of lights be

153:2.2 read from Jeremiah: “‘If you will not hearken to the

153:2.2 know you for certain that, if you put me to death,

153:4.3 If you were not blinded by prejudice and misled

153:5.3 If you find it difficult to endure this test, what,

155:1.3 If you desire to enter the kingdom, why do you not

155:1.5 this eternal truth: If you, by truth co-ordination,

156:2.7 If you confess your sins, they are forgiven; therefore

156:5.2 be taught by the spirit and be led by the spirit if you

156:5.5 If you would be truly triumphant over the

156:5.11 You are destined to live a narrow and mean life if

156:5.18 If you possess these rare and charming gifts, as

157:1.2 Jesus said: “If you have promised, then should

157:4.4 the identity of the Son of Man, I would ask if you

157:6.8 If you love me, prepare to prove this affection by

158:1.9 If you are willing, let us abide here, and we will

158:2.4 If you thus choose to follow the inclination of your

158:5.2If you can cure him, I beseech you to have

158:8.1 If you would be first in the kingdom, seek to

159:3.13 If you dare to believe in me and wholeheartedly

159:5.15 If you can think of nothing more effectively positive

160:2.10 And thus, if you can build up such trustworthy

160:4.10 If you are unwise, you can bestow a devoted life

160:4.10 if you are an accidental beneficiary of the flow of

160:5.3 If you are not a positive and missionary evangel of

160:5.9 And if you seek to substitute the word God for the

161:1.11 I will confess God as a person if you will permit

162:2.2 if you honestly believe and dare to accept my

162:2.3 You, if you will receive this gospel, shall come to

162:2.7 If you could only realize that I am to be with you

162:5.2 Truly, you know neither me nor my Father, for if

162:7.3 if you were the children of Abraham, you would do

162:7.3 If you are the children of darkness, you will hardly

163:2.2 If you would be an ordained teacher, you must let

163:2.3 Jesus replied: “If you would be ordained, you must

163:2.4 Jesus said: “If you keep all the commandments—

163:2.5 “I will have you to be one of my messengers if you

163:2.5 my messengers if you are willing to pay the price,

163:2.5If you would be my messenger, go and sell all

163:6.6 If you could understand the downfall of Lucifer,

164:1.1 “You have answered right; this, if you really do,

164:4.8 if you still claim that your eyes have this day been

164:4.10 if you did not believe my testimony, why would

164:5.2 If you are the Messiah, why do you not plainly tell

165:4.5 but it is a sin if you convert the wealth of material

165:4.8 laws of inheritance will be justly administered if you

165:4.9 what shall it profit you if you gain the whole world

165:5.3 If you give your lives truly to the gospel, you shall

165:5.3 If you are only believing disciples, you must earn

165:5.3 If you are anxious about your bread and water,

165:5.3 Let me assure you, once and for all, that, if you

165:5.4 “You are only a small group, but if you have faith,

165:5.4 if you will not stumble in fear, I declare that it is my

166:2.3If you cleanse them, you will soon find out.”

166:2.4 If you would be made whole, go forthwith and show

167:3.1 “Woman, if you would only believe, you could be

167:7.4 if you had your spiritual eyes anointed, you would

168:0.6 “Master, if you had been here, my brother would not

168:0.10If you had only been here, my brother would not

168:1.12 did I not say that, if you would only believe, you

169:2.2 If you were unjust and often unfair, you were

169:2.2 If you were so diligent in making gains for

169:2.6 If you have not shown foresight and integrity in the

169:2.6 If you are not good stewards and faithful bankers,

169:2.6 if you have not been faithful in that which is

171:2.2 If you would be my disciples, you must be willing to

171:2.2 If any one of you would now be my disciple, you

171:2.3If you are not willing to pay the full price, you can

171:2.3 If you fail thus to reckon the cost, after you have

171:2.4 If you are unwilling to renounce all that you are

171:2.4 If you have already conquered yourself within

171:2.5 If you seek honor and glory, if you are worldly

171:2.5 back to your homes in peace if you are not willing

172:3.10 “O Jerusalem, if you had only known, even you,

173:2.4 one question which, if you will answer me, I will tell

173:4.4 I warn you that, if you continue to reject the gospel

174:1.4 If you are wise parents, this is the way you will

174:5.7 If you gentiles will hear me, you shall receive the

174:5.8 If you will truly follow me, even after I have gone

174:5.13 but if you will choose to walk in the light, you

175:1.10 If you presume to exalt yourselves before God, you

175:1.22 if you go on in your evil ways, this accounting

176:1.4 if you are not here to direct us, when should we

176:3.3 can even now desert the kingdom if you find that

179:3.9 If you are willing to become fellow servants with

180:1.1 all men know that you are my disciples if you thus

180:1.3 you will continue to be my friends if you are but

180:1.3 If you will only love one another as I am loving

180:1.4 you shall experience the divine fullness of joy if you

180:1.5 If you would share the Master’s joy, you must share

180:2.1 If you will maintain this living spiritual connection

180:2.1 If you abide in me and my words live in you, you

180:2.2 If you do as I have taught you, you shall abide in my

180:3.1 If you were of this world, then would the world love

180:3.6 But we will follow you this very night if you will

180:3.7 If you know me, you know the way to the Father.

181:1.3If you would follow after me when I leave you,

181:2.10 If you will be taught by the Spirit of Truth, never

181:2.15 I asked if you were able to drink my cup, and both

181:2.15 Even if you were not then able, and if you are not

181:2.15 It would help you much if you would learn that

181:2.22If you would learn to work with your brethren, you

181:2.22 but if you find yourself going off in quest of those

181:2.27 more trouble for yourself if you do not master this

183:3.6 If, therefore, you seek me, let these others go their

184:1.6 has heard that which I have spoken even if you

185:3.7 You will long regret it if you let this wicked man

185:5.1 If you still think he needs to be disciplined, I am

185:7.5If you release this man, you are not Caesar’s

187:3.3 If you are the Son of God, why do you not come

187:3.3If you are the king of the Jews, come down from

187:4.1If you are the Son of God, why do you not save

188:5.2 proper to speak of salvation as redemption if you

190:5.3If you do not know about these matters, you are

191:4.3 If you are ennobled, by the grace of faith, to love

192:2.2 said Jesus: “If you love me, Peter, feed my lambs.

192:2.7 “Andrew, if you trust me, trust your brethren

192:2.8 “James, if you trust me more, you will be less

192:2.8 If you will trust me, it will help you to be kind to

192:2.9 Jesus: “If you would serve me, serve my brethren in

192:2.10If, therefore, you serve me with a whole heart,

192:2.11If you would obey me, go then into the lands of

192:2.12 “Matthew, if you would obey me, go forth to

193:1.2 If you are the faith sons of my Father, you shall

193:2.2 If, therefore, you are not fruitful, he will dig about

196:2.7 disturbed by Jesus’ strong pronouncements if you

if your

7:3.6 Conversely, if your supplications are material and

25:8.5 or if your seraphic guardian of destiny should

48:6.36 everlasting truth: If your own mind does not serve

65:3.7 If you have good ideas, if your minds are fertile with

76:4.7 You would be far more disease resistant if your

110:2.5 if your will orders and enforces the execution of

112:5.6 if your intentions and desires are of survival value,

129:2.3 and if your mother is in need, then will I share my

132:5.20 if your riches are derived from the rewards of

132:5.22 If any portion of your fortune has been knowingly

132:5.22 if aught of your wealth has been accumulated by

132:5.22 if your riches are the product of unjust dealings with

132:5.24 if your work has been done in fairness and equity­—

133:4.12 You need not fear to meet the judgment of God if

136:5.4 If your united natures once entertain such desires,

140:3.14 If your neighbor smites you on the right cheek, turn

140:6.12 if your eye is selfish, the whole body will be filled

144:2.3 and if your neighbor answers, ‘Trouble me not, for

144:2.4 If your son needs a fish, will you give him a snake

159:1.3 If your brother sins against you, go to him and

159:1.3 But if your brother will not hear you, if he persists

159:1.3 it shall be done for you if your petition is not

160:5.3 If your religion is a spiritual experience, your

164:4.11 if your eyes were opened on the Sabbath day,

172:3.6If your Master is Jesus from Galilee, let him have

181:2.18If your brethren desire to retain you as their

181:2.19 If, for the time being, your work in the outward

if, as

3:4.2 still possess the same infinite potential, just as if

15:14.9 administered and just as lovingly fostered as if it

20:10.1 as if the Son of service were the first and only Son of

26:6.3 appears as if God the Supreme were affectionately

26:10.3 the same standing in the universes of time as if they

39:2.12 It is as if you went to sleep on a transport vehicle

40:9.4 as if they were newly created beings, creatures

102:2.3 on as if already in the presence of the Eternal.

102:2.3 Believers react to this life as if immortality already

114:7.17 just as faithfully watched over as if the sphere had

125:2.7 all three loved him as if he had been their own

127:3.15 —to live as if he were “seeing Him who is invisible.”

128:4.4 in Nazareth going about his daily duties just as if

130:6.2 Jesus, after saying good-bye and making as if he

137:6.5 return to his accustomed work just as if nothing

131:8.4 Relate yourself to every man as if you were in his

149:1.9 she continued to offer more and more money, as if

179:4.1 ere long the meal was proceeding as if nothing out

183:3.8 with swords and with staves as if to seize a robber

189:4.10 Mary, rushing toward him and addressing him as if

190:2.3 as if someone had touched him on the shoulder;

190:2.6 and to move toward him as if to embrace him,

191:0.4 resting there in the tomb as if the body of Jesus

193:4.2 And then, as if to make a bad matter worse, Judas


63:2.5 would strike the flints and endeavor to i. the wood.


2:5.11 so much of human relationship that is wholly i.

6:3.4 This divine Son is not engaged in the i. task of

149:4.5 Never did he resort to i. tactics in meeting the

187:1.6 they saw him being led forth to such an i. death.

187:3.1 even the most i. death of a condemned criminal.


175:2.3 and conspired to bring about his i. death; but we

183:1.2 toward his unbelievable humiliation and i. death.

187:5.6 Jesus went willingly to his i. death, after he had

196:0.5 even by the cruel and crushing threat of an i. death


3:2.7 misunderstanding of God is due to the profound i.

7:6.1 And this i. persists in the face of such statements as

16:7.7 by such influences as i., immaturity, and delusion.

25:3.12 Arbiters of those who through i. permit difficulties

39:5.9 when i. is essential to success, it would be a blunder

42:9.4 ingenious attempt of man to unify his i. of space

48:6.35 take advantage of the i. or other limitations of

52:2.3 world, the evolved religion of fear and i. prevails.

52:6.4 I. breeds suspicion, and suspicion is incompatible

53:3.2 Lucifer traded on reverence as i..

62:5.4 Fear, joined with i. of natural phenomena, is about to

66:5.22 disease-breeding practices of i. and superstition.

68:1.7 modern phrase, “back to nature,” is a delusion of i.,

69:1.3 But fear, i., and superstition have played a prominent

71:3.1 I. and selfishness will insure the downfall of even the

73:3.6 Without and beyond, the world lay in darkness, i.,

75:5.6 while their distracted mother was in complete i. of

84:1.5 children in more or less i. as to the origin of life.

86:2.3 as superstition was just plain i. in the savage.

86:6.3 Into this major premise of illusion and i., fear has

87:7.9 scientific attitude, eschew superstition, and abhor i.

89:5.1 persisted because of the slavery of superstition and i.

90:3.9 the era of science has broken the fetters of i. which

91:1.6 the distortion and perversion of prayer consist in i.,

100:1.2 The chief inhibitors of growth are prejudice and i..

102:2.1 human and therefore subject to the bondage of i.,

102:6.1 eventually destroy that i. and superstition which

102:6.6 i. as to the fact of God can be bridged only by

103:6.7 between science and religion is due to your utter i.

106:0.14 4. Your i. of the six prime purposes of superuniverse

110:3.5 I. alone can never prevent survival; neither can

130:1.5 or the disruptive and distorting influence of i..

131:8.2 If you know not the Eternal, then does i. manifest

131:8.6 I. of the divine law is misery and disaster.

132:0.2 pondered the bondage of i. in which these Romans

132:4.7 the bondage of darkness and from the slavery of i..”

136:2.1 They feared lest some sin of i. on their part might

140:7.7 equal your zeal and your courage atone for your i..”

148:4.8 your i. of the origin, nature, and destiny of man.

149:4.6 are not satisfied with remaining in i. of the lives and

159:4.9 truth are not sealed except by human i., bigotry,

168:4.8 be so distorted by i. and so deformed by superstition

174:1.5 nurse vengefulness in direct proportion to your i. of

191:5.3 effectually destroy the prejudice engendered by i..

195:6.5 explanation of physical phenomena is to confess i. of

195:9.3 survived the i. and superstition of the dark ages,

ignorantsee ignorant of

34:7.7 spiritual attainment except in the minds of i.,

48:0.2 Such beliefs are i. superstitions and pleasing fables.

48:7.17 15. Affectation is the ridiculous effort of the i. to

52:1.7 fear coupled with i. awe and tribal superstition.

54:3.1 —not even to satisfy such misguided and i. beings

66:5.20 The obstacle to promoting hygiene among these i.

70:12.8 2. Machinations of i. and superstitious agitators.

71:2.3 2. Choice of base and i. rulers.

77:8.12 thrown into prison by the i. religious leaders of that

78:6.8 the presence of these i. and uncouth invaders.

84:4.4 woman, regarding her with a mixture of i. mistrust

85:1.5 The i. and superstitious aborigines believed caves

86:2.5 Chance is a word which signifies that man is too i.

88:6.8 And so the phantasms of i. superstition agitated the

94:4.8 the debased and depressed classes of i. believers.

96:3.3 a more forlorn, downcast, dejected, and i. group of

96:4.3 his new and higher idea of Deity to these i. slaves

96:5.5 the comprehension of the i. and illiterate Hebrews.

99:1.5 these lower social orders are no longer so abjectly i.

121:4.2 It did effectually combat i. superstition.

121:5.6 salvation for all, including the i. but spiritually

124:6.15 for the spiritually blind and morally i. multitudes

133:5.12 reputation of another day or mentally stupid and i.,

136:6.6 as a harking back to the olden days of i. magic

137:4.10 personalities, of which those present were wholly i.,

138:8.7 The rabbis taught the Jews that the i. could not be

139:0.3 the mistake of regarding the apostles as being i. and

139:0.4 refer to these messengers as being “i. and unlearned”

139:9.8 were simple and i., but they were also big-hearted,

140:3.1 another and heavenly country among the i.

146:2.6 not literally answer the foolish prayers of his i.

146:6.1 And such cases of mental healing these i. people

148:5.4 the responsibility for everything which i. man fails to

150:3.8 sorcery, and witchcraft are superstitions of i. minds,

150:3.9 largely a superstitious and groundless system of i.

150:3.12 mandrakes, knotted cords, and all other forms of i.

151:2.2 which has been sown in the hearts of these i. ones.

155:1.2 heathen (in reality his i. and untaught brethren) for

162:2.9 are influenced by the behavior of this i. multitude

172:3.14 gone mad over him; if we do not stop these i. ones,

173:2.3 indicating either i. presumption or open rebellion.

175:2.3 progenitors, misdeeds of which they are wholly i.,

176:4.7 repeated comings, but we are wholly i. as to how,

178:1.14 patient in your intercourse with i. men, forbearing

181:2.4 you wanted me to call fire down upon the heads of i.

182:3.9 Jesus realized how weak and how i. his apostles

183:1.1 The cruel treatment of Jesus by the i. servants and

184:1.5 would destroy the Son of Man because they are i.;

184:4.2 and mock trials before the i. and unfeeling guards

184:4.3 this terrible hour at the mercy of these i. guards and

184:4.4 their Sovereign submitting himself to the will of his i.

186:2.10 His love for i. mortals is disclosed by his patience

186:5.9 been put to death by the cruel hands of i. mortals.

ignorant of

3:5.17 they are wholly i. of the ecstasy of becoming such

19:5.8 divine Spirits, we are all equally i. of their mission.

28:4.11 she remains wholly i. of what is sought and of how

36:6.7 but we are wholly i. of the nature thereof.

101:4.1 Because your world is generally i. of origins, even

119:7.1 we were wholly i. of the time, place, and manner of

138:8.7 yet they were cheerfully i. of much of the learning of

142:3.2 are you i of the teaching of the Scriptures concerning

142:6.6 “Can it be that you are a teacher in Israel and yet i.

144:1.7 the twins were blissfully i. of the controversy;

158:6.1 still remain i. of what transpired up on the mountain,

180:3.2 “Many of those who will assail you are i. of the

185:7.2 you are not so guilty since you are i. of the gospel.

189:4.2 so that they were i. of the military guard on watch at


180:2.5 if humanity should thoughtlessly and i. pray for


10:5.7 contemplation of the Trinity as infinite, do not i. the

34:3.2 Many mind ministries i. space but suffer a time lag in

66:7.6 This plan of education did not i. thinking and

77:4.9 the Nodite culture led them to i. these later vistas of

112:2.12 is to i. the fact that all things material are initially

121:7.3 rejected one of their number who presumed to i.

124:3.6 and Joseph could not gracefully i. Jesus’ inquiries.

131:1.6 Those who are selfish, those who i. their brothers in

155:4.2 Jesus said: “While I would not i. Peter’s question,

157:5.3 to reveal to them what he is, and then to i. their


140:8.9 in all his public teachings he i. the civic, social, and

141:7.8 that he had purposely i. the “great men of earth.”

193:4.13 In life, Judas i. those who loved him, and in death,


9:4.4 Infinite mind i. time, ultimate mind transcends time,

195:7.18 No recognition of philosophy is edifying if it i. the

195:8.5 Materialism denies God, secularism simply i. him;


99:6.3 tendency to venerate the past while i. present

195:8.11 You cannot establish the brotherhood of men while i.

IkhnatonEgyptian pharaoh

92:5.11 Though Amenemope and I. both taught in this

94:9.1 Asoka, who, next to I. in Egypt, was one of the

95:1.11 of Egypt through the work of Amenemope and I..

95:3.5 I. they accepted but halfheartedly for one short

95:4.5 Amenemope and is the heart of the teachings of I..


95:5.1 This woman prevailed upon her son, I., Pharaoh of

95:5.2 concept of the revealed religion of Salem as I..

95:5.2 this Egyptian king is one of the most remarkable

95:5.2 he kept alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the One God

95:5.2 some of the spiritual successors of I. saw him

95:5.3 had I. possessed the versatility and ability of Moses,

95:5.3 had he manifested a political genius to match his

95:5.4 nation from polytheism to monotheism as did I..

95:5.4 But he went too fast; he built too much, more than

95:5.4 more than could stand when he had gone.

95:5.4 Again, he failed to provide for the material stability

95:5.5 Had this man of amazingly clear vision had the

95:5.5 he would have changed the whole history of the

95:5.5 During his lifetime he was able to curb the activities

95:5.5 the activities of the priests, whom he discredited, but

95:5.5 sprang into action as soon as the young king passed

95:5.5 the establishment of monotheism during his reign.

95:5.6 Very wisely I. sought to establish monotheism under

95:5.6 I. took the generalized doctrines of the then existent

95:5.7 I. was wise enough to maintain the outward

95:5.7 while he led his associates in the disguised worship

95:5.7 This young teacher-king was a prolific writer,

95:5.7 I. also wrote one hundred and thirty-seven hymns,

95:5.8 The supreme word of I.’ religion in daily life was

95:5.8 he rapidly expanded the concept of right doing to

95:5.9 The fatal weakness of I.’ gospel was its greatest

95:5.9 He had a Deity concept far above that of the later

95:5.10 the monotheistic ideal suffered with the passing of I.,

95:5.10 The son-in-law of I. went along with the priests,

95:5.11 I. had associated the flaming disc of the heavens

95:5.11 the one God whom I. had so zealously proclaimed

95:5.12 The weakness of I.’ doctrine lay in the fact that he

95:5.12 he proposed such an advanced religion that only the

95:5.13 and resurrection as taught by I. eventually prevailed,

95:5.14 Although the effort of this Egyptian ruler to impose

95:5.15 perpetuated many of I.’ doctrines in their religion.

96:1.5 of Amenemope’s Book of Wisdom modified by I.’

123:0.3 friends in Memphis, descendants of the distant I.,

illsee luck

83:4.7 it was thought best to appear miserable and i. at

88:5.3 Effigies were made, and when treated i. or well,

124:1.1 could hardly be said that Jesus was ever seriously i.,

124:3.4 Mary was so very i. for several weeks that Joseph

133:7.3 young Ganid was suddenly taken grievously i..

133:7.3 the boy was too i. to be moved; so they prepared

134:1.6 violently i., and Jesus, being a linguist, volunteered

143:4.1 This i. feeling between the Jews and the Samaritans

146:5.1 was a partial believer, and whose son was critically i.


144:4.2 and is uttered in faith, no matter how i. or impossible

158:4.7 Andrew was deeply chagrined at this i. effort and its


130:1.2 Jonah had embarked on his i. voyage to Tarshish.


132:5.22 to restore all these i. gains to the rightful owners.


185:2.4 the i. of the Sanhedrists toward Jesus as well as their


90:3.7 a finger at anyone; it is still regarded as i. to point.


88:6.7 such words as spellbound, i., possessions, spirit


133:1.3 “But, Teacher, if a stronger and i. creature should


168:4.12 long-waiting answers to your earlier but i. petitions.


162:2.7 “I bear none of you i. will.

175:1.11 I have no i. will for these scribes and Pharisees who

185:2.4 this attempt at evasion discloses both the i. and the


185:6.2 This was in itself an unjust and i. procedure since


68:6.9 i. children became the wards of the girl’s mother.

70:7.8 control of adolescent men, thus preventing i. children

82:4.4 Very early in the march of civilization the i. child


106:6.3 If we assume a cosmos-infinite—some i. cosmos


59:5.17 the land fell and rose, vary from ten in I., twenty in

61:7.2 at its height it reached to southern I., displacing the

61:7.9 central coming down into Kansas, Missouri, and I.;


96:5.5 the comprehension of the ignorant and i. Hebrews.

135:4.5 John was not i., he did well know the Jewish sacred


70:10.6 draught and not show symptoms of physical i.,

86:5.16 that the loss of one soul meant discomfort, two i.,

123:2.15 experienced a mild digestive upset, his first minor i.,

124:3.4 many duties occasioned by his mother’s serious i..

124:3.4 From the time of his mother’s i.—just before he

127:3.13 Amos, their baby brother, died after a week’s i.

135:2.1 After an i. of several months Zacharias died in July,

154:2.4 James Zebedee suffered from more than a slight i..

168:0.2 Mary sent word to Jesus concerning Lazarus’s i.,

168:0.2 the Master did not learn of their brother’s i. until

168:1.6 to Jesus on Sunday, telling him of Lazarus’s i.,


10:7.5 appalling accidents, horrific disasters, painful i.,


86:7.5 it was originally erroneous in concept and utterly i..

101:2.2 unnatural, religion unreasonable, or philosophy i..


70:2.10 of better methods for curing the i. of nations.

86:7.4 action, is the only antidote for so-called accidental i..


13:0.4 With spiritual glory they i. all Paradise and Havona,

20:6.4 his planetary mission designed to i. the minds and to

28:5.17 They have done much to i. the deferred rewards

30:4.33 elaborate, and with more repleteness divinely i.,

101:4.10 5. Presenting cosmic data in such a manner as to i.

118:1.5 the past and future are brought together to i. the true

120:2.5 i. the darkened human intellect, heal the souls of men

127:3.8 various passages that the one would i. the other.

132:0.4 and then proceed so to embellish and i. this truth

140:6.2 not come to destroy but to fulfill, to enlarge and i..

180:6.2 when my spirit comes to indwell you, he will i. the

194:2.5 understand the words of the Master as well as to i.

195:9.1 truths of Jesus’ gospel will persist gloriously to i. a

196:3.1 destroy human troubles, but it does dissolve, i., and

illuminatedsee illuminated by

34:6.8 They are spiritually i. and refreshed, morally

34:6.13 Such spirit-guided and divinely i. mortals, while they

48:7.15 depths, not from the i. and ecstatic mountain tops.

102:3.4 seek loving service-contact with his less i. fellows,

109:5.2 It is sometimes possible to have the mind i., to hear

111:1.6 —actually great—in accordance with the spirit-i. will

159:4.7 not the dead words of the less i. and supposedly

176:0.2 city appear and beheld the beauty of the i. temple;

188:4.6 that Jesus’ bestowal greatly i. the way of salvation;

195:10.1 and i. with a new understanding of his gospel of

196:3.26 and such an i. man has a religion and is spiritually

illuminated by

0:6.8 therefore is the universe i. by three kinds of light:

2:6.4 The entire concept of God is transcendently i. by the

15:6.10 The superuniverse of Orvonton is i. and warmed by

40:10.14 been so i. by the life experience of a bestowal Son.

92:2.1 by experiential reason and i. by divine revelation.

106:9.12 a God-knowing person is inwardly i. by worship

117:5.13 decisions which have been i. by sincere worship,

131:4.2 Every heart and every world is i. by this divine light

156:5.5 ugliness in the hearts of all who are i. by the love

162:4.2 the temple and its pilgrim throngs was brilliantly i. by

162:5.1 when the scene was brilliantly i. by the lights of the

180:5.3 grows out of a material existence which is i. by the

186:5.4 has been tremendously i. by the Master’s death,

195:1.6 As i. by the content of Jesus’ message, the united


102:4.5 Prayer may enrich the life, but worship i. destiny.


12:7.9 The Father’s love glorifies each child of God, i.

99:4.1 religion are mutually helpful and significantly i. if the

103:6.7 metaphysics has proved more confusing than i..

116:4.10 rather are they i. the everlasting highways of

120:2.8 make a new and i. interpretation of man and the


2:0.2 to a further i. and unification of the human concept

13:0.5 sending forth the spiritual i. of the Third Person of

22:10.5 able to impart inexpressible i. to our deliberations

46:1.7 gradual recession until, at the time of minimum i.,

52:7.9 heights of wisdom, spirituality, and cosmic i..

67:8.5 a beautifully touching and superbly magnificent i. of

90:4.9 rejoice in the i. and enlightenment of scientific

91:5.7 But the minds of greater spiritual i. should be patient

92:3.5 advancing mores and periodic i of epochal revelation

99:5.11 contributed to their particular national or racial i.

101:1.7 the obligations consequent upon the i. of revelation

101:6.17 one of these was the new i. of the path of eternity

102:2.4 but the religious soul of spiritual i. knows, and

103:6.5 the guidance of human philosophy and the i. of

108:5.8 apply a spiritual lever of uplifting and advancing i..

123:3.5 The first was the midwinter festive i., lasting eight

124:6.15 flood tides of spiritual i. swept through the mortal

136:6.4 Before his baptismal i. he had lived in perfect

141:4.3 employ another type of parable for purposes of i..

142:2.4 spiritual i. if you persist in viewing God as Moses

146:2.17 aid of the Father’s indwelling spirit and by the i. of

151:2.3 who possess diverse endowments of spirit i..”

160:1.12 that i. which inspires the soul; that courage which


131:4.4 God is the i. of the gloomy and the power of those


54:1.5 Self-motivated liberty is a conceptual i., a cruel

70:2.8 because war: 5. Dissolved the i. of primitive equality

86:6.3 Into this major premise of i. and ignorance, mortal

111:3.7 is without meaning, and life itself is a tragic i..

147:5.8 the i. of traversing deceptive circles of meaningless

195:8.12 Secular social and political optimism is an i..

196:3.21 of loving and being loved is not just a psychic i.

196:3.29 a sentiment, a philosophic distortion, a psychic i.,

196:3.31 Man’s forward spiritual urge is not a psychic i..


160:5.5 of unreality are not attainable; such a concept is i..


15:3.7 of Urantian star observers arises out of the i. and

48:7.23 high mission of any art is, by its i., to foreshadow a

85:0.1 The higher animals have fears but no i., hence no

85:0.1 religions out of his fears and by means of his i..

87:5.2 Religion represents man’s adjustment to his i. of

100:3.5 Values are not conceptual i.; they are real, but they

100:5.11 had no subconscious delusions or superconscious i..

102:3.15 of the universe and not the time i. of space evil.

103:9.1 the mythologic vagaries and the psychologic i. of the

103:9.4 the superstitions of magic, the i. of mythology,

131:4.7 there comes deliverance from the i. of evil and

160:1.7 the average person prefers to cling to the old i. of

160:4.14 Men who prefer optimistic i. to reality can never

160:4.14 the struggle of life by the aid of continuous false i. of

160:5.9 All other gods are figments of the imagination, i. of

172:3.3 Jesus entertained none of the i. of a fantastic dreamer

195:6.4 All science has done is to destroy the childlike i. of


94:2.7 the hypothesis of Brahman, that indefinite and i.

134:5.2 cling to i. notions of unlimited national sovereignty.


86:6.1 the church to man’s i. ghost environment.

86:7.5 religion arose as his response to the i. environment

88:4.1 man attempted to solve the real problems of an i.

94:3.8 what may be finite-i. on the absolute level may be

103:9.2 No matter how i. and erroneous one’s theology,

196:0.3 faith was not just an i. compensation for the


9:3.3 but of no value to i. the cause of antigravity.

44:2.1 heavenly reproducers, which I must attempt to i.

44:2.2 I will attempt to i. their work by the following

48:2.20 But I have no terms with which I can i. the ministry

68:1.6 speak a different dialect every forty or fifty miles i.

97:8.7 A recital of the high points in Hebrew history will i.

98:1.6 Olympian gods i. man’s typical anthropomorphism.

142:7.4 “kingdom idea” was not the best way to i. man’s

147:4.1 Let me i. my contention by citing the example of a

159:1.6 did Jesus i. the unfairness of sitting in judgment

169:1.15 recite the story of the coin lost in the house to i.

179:3.6 perform this service for you as a parable to i. the

illustratedsee illustrated by

6:6.3 of the Third Source and Center, is perhaps best i. in

44:4.12 crudely i., they are the group photographers of the

90:2.4 survivals of this proclivity for casting lots are i.,

140:5.15 Jesus i. this by pointing out four supreme reactions

160:2.4 two persons of the same sex, as is so abundantly i. in

167:5.2 As the publican and the Pharisee i. good and bad

illustrated by

19:6.3 This is i. by those Havoners who service-factualize

28:6.21 This truth is literally and strikingly i. by the

37:3.2 the Evening Stars, as is i. by certain transactions

42:7.5 manifest a tendency to fly to pieces, as i. by radium

42:7.9 as is i. by the spontaneous disruption of uranium

57:6.2 as is i. by the planet Mercury and by the moon,

65:6.5 The continuation of such biologic adjustments is i. by

68:4.3 this is best i. by the present reverence of the yellow

70:11.2 these laws applied only to fellow tribesmen, as is i.

81:4.13 This is the type best i. by the Negro, and it will be

81:6.17 The origin of dialects is i. by the indulgence in “baby

82:5.10 in-marriage were sociologic, not biologic, is well i.

85:6.4 confusingly intertwined, as i. by Thor, a ghost hero

89:3.6 his acknowledgment of this is i. by his statement.

90:5.2 —or both—as i. by prayer, dancing, and drama.

92:2.5 well i. by the example of a certain New Zealand

95:2.6 The superstitions of these times are well i. by the

97:9.8 between sacred and profane history is well i. by

101:3.17 reactions to his material environment as are i. by the

106:5.2 likewise destined to undergo unification as is i. by

121:1.2 influences is well i. by the activities of Paul, who,

121:5.8 some god’s life and death and return to life, as i. by

140:5.15 Jesus i. this by pointing out four supreme reactions

149:2.3 as i. by the Christian doctrines of the atonement—

159:5.10 And this aspect of the gospel was well i. by many

167:5.1 What I am telling you is well i. by two men who


15:6.9 sun will continue to give out heat and light well i.

51:3.5 And your narrative of this occurrence well i. the

54:4.2 Jesus’ story of the prodigal son well i. how a father

65:6.4 And this performance of the red blood cells i. how

68:2.1 turbulent state of certain primitive groups well i.

77:1.2 corporeal members of Prince Caligastia’s staff i.

90:2.13 the veneration for shamanism well i. the premium

105:7.2 Havona thus i. something which is not exactly finite

139:12.5 The case of Judas i. the truthfulness of that saying:


105:7.2 still further i. the function of transcendentals.

112:0.14 It is one thing which can be added to spirit, thus i.

149:3.1 when he employed a parable for i. his message, he


2:0.3 material which can be utilized for purposes of i. or

9:3.3 a gyroscope is a fair i. of the effect of antigravity

10:4.3 The i. is crude, but a father, son, and grandson could

11:8.9 The i. is crude but nonetheless helpful.

42:5.7 The best i. of this form of electronic activity is in the

44:2.5 of which motion pictures would be a very crude i..

44:2.11 But not all of their efforts are devoted to transient i.;

91:0.3 As an i. of this, among certain Australian tribes

98:2.7 Hellenic and Hebrew peoples afford a contrastive i.

105:7.2 Perhaps the best i. of such a paradox is the central

134:5.13 an important nineteenth- and twentieth-century i.:

140:10.4 What I did desire that you should gather from the i.

141:4.3 the minds of all of the apostles by means of one i.,

142:7.4 the earthly family as an i. of the heavenly family,

142:7.17 Will you not allow me to use the family as an i. of

142:7.17 and literal relationships for purposes of i.?

143:1.8 he went on at great length in amplification and in i.

144:5.1 of prayer, but he did this only in i. of other matters,

151:2.5 that we should select a story best suited to the i. of

152:0.3 this case is a good i. of many apparently miraculous

159:1.7 [The use of the term seventy-seven as an i. of mercy

159:5.17 For purposes of i. Jesus reversed the current

196:1.5 Jesus was a living i. of the one and a profound


6:3.5 Crude, indeed, are such i., but I employ them in the

30:1.113 Majeston and his associates are fairly good i. of

30:1.113 better i. of this type of personality unknown to

35:7.3 human engagements which might be utilized as i. of

44:5.8 I am, perforce, compelled to employ crude i. in my

48:7.2 These i. of human philosophy were: 1. A display of

144:5.18 Jesus utilized these and other prayer models as i. in

147:5.9 cautioned his hearers not mistakenly to apply his i.

151:2.5 i. for our preaching, we should employ true stories,


23:1.9 are “short circuited” as you might describe it in i.

48:7.2 this morontia instructor was utilizing as i. material

89:6.3 i. of the heart-tearing contentions between ancient

149:6.11 that I have so often referred to the little child as i.

159:5.7 And this is i. of the way Jesus, day by day,

159:5.17 the greatest strength to be found in his i. teaching

194:4.6 great mistake of using the living and i. commentary


79:4.6 differ greatly from those of their i. predecessors.

88:2.4 preserve the appearance and memory of the i. dead;

93:3.5 even to the days of their i. descendant Moses, who

93:5.12 Abraham, because of his connection with the i.

98:7.2 and their missionary zeal equaled that of their i.

122:1.1 Joseph’s family belonged to a long and i. line of the

122:1.2 No Jewish woman had a more i. lineage of

135:1.2 same life vows that had been administered to his i.

135:4.2 that he was to be the last of this long and i. line of

139:2.14 the day her i. husband yielded up his life, Perpetua

163:7.3 Pentecost, Perpetua remained with her i. husband,

imagesee image of God; see Image Aids

1:3.1 form because you are said to be created “in his i.”—

1:5.11 gods, and they were fashioned in the i. of man.

1:6.1 Human personality is the time-space i.-shadow cast

6:5.7 to the Son, “Let us make mortal man in our own i..”

7:4.4 “Let us make mortal creatures in our own i..”

10:3.1 Father said: “Let us make mortal man in our own i..”

32:2.8 the Father’s proposal to create man in their divine i..

47:10.2 the beast that was originally in them and over the i.

85:6.3 Evolutionary religion creates its gods in the i. and

88:2.4 of consecration caused the spirit to enter the i.;

88:2.5 make no sort of i. that might become consecrated

88:2.5 He made it plain, “You shall not make a graven i. or

92:5.1 are conceived to exist in the likeness of man’s i.;

92:5.1 God’s sons—even fashioned in the finite i. of divinity;

96:4.7 necessary to speak of God as being in man’s i.,

97:8.3 the impending “crisis”—the smiting of the great i.

135:3.2 thousand times Daniel’s description of the great i.,

174:2.2 “Whose i. and superscription does this coin bear?”

189:1.3 How long before you regard time as the moving i. of

196:3.23 may indeed originate false gods—gods in man’s i.

image of God

3:4.7 because of the fact that mortal man is made in the i.

74:7.20 shall his blood be shed, for in the i. made he man.”

85:6.3 seeks to evolve and transform mortal man into the i.

108:6.3 the Universal Father, the reflection of the i. abroad

108:6.3 The “i.” does not refer to physical likeness nor to the

117:3.5 Mortal man is more than figuratively made in the i.

Image Aids or Reflective Image Aids

15:10.2 abiding places of the Reflective Spirits and the R..

15:10.20 7. The seven R.—the spokesmen of the Reflective

15:10.21 The R. also function as the representatives of groups

17:0.6 4. The RI..

17:0.11 are in personal communication through the R..

17:3.4 each superuniverse are the creators of their R.,


17:4.1 The forty-nine R. were created by the Reflective

17:4.1 of Uversa was the production of their seven I.,

17:4.1 The I. are, in certain attributes and characteristics,

17:4.1 The I. are not merely assistants; they are actual

17:4.2 they require the assistance of their I. in all personal

17:4.2 In contacts between the I. and the Ancients of

17:4.2 the messages of the I. are variously received by

17:4.3 The I. serve forever by the sides of their ancestral

17:4.3 The I. do not directly function in connection with

25:3.14 under the direction of the I. until such time as they

30:1.60 4. The RI..

30:2.18 4. The RI..


159:5.17 flowery language and avoided the mere poetic i. of


17:4.1 They are true i. and constantly function as the

17:4.1 they are i., and they are true to their name.

17:4.3 They are true i., wholly reflective of the

80:7.7 I. of Eve were everywhere.

85:1.4 The tombstone is a surviving symbol of i. and idols

86:5.14 that the making of pictures, drawings, models, or i.

87:6.11 Hideous i. of the spirits were constructed so that

88:2.4 The earliest i. were made to preserve the appearance

88:5.3 I. were supposed to be effective in magic.

89:4.9 493,386 head of cattle, 88 boats, 2,756 golden i.,

89:6.2 tenderhearted Japanese emperor introduced clay i.

94:10.2 bells, chants, incense, processionals, rosaries, i.,

94:11.3 an indefinite perpetuation of Buddha i., temples,

96:5.5 Moses also forbade the making of i. of any sort.

98:1.5 Even the making of i. to the gods became more of

98:3.7 built many temples, stocked them with beautiful i.,

120:3.7 enjoin your associates to make no i. or likenesses of

124:1.3 to challenge the chazan regarding the teaching that i.

124:4.7 instructed Jesus as to the reasons for not making i.

124:4.7 failed fully to grasp their proscriptions against i.

133:6.1 Not all of Ganid’s early training to respect i. as

142:4.1 might take offense at the sight of these so-called i..

142:4.2 his prohibitions of i. and the likeness of things in

142:4.3 confuse the Creator Father with idols of stone or i.

185:1.3 deep-seated prejudice against all i. as symbols of

185:1.3 removing the i. of Caesar from their banners,

185:1.3 Pilate for five days, imploring him to have these i.

185:1.3 Pilate surrendered, ordered the i. removed from


42:1.7 not even to the slightest i. extent, could they or ever

53:7.11 thronged by the anxious watchers of every i. class of

66:4.10 they carefully explored every i. phase of intellectual

85:0.4 man has worshiped about everything i. in the sky

139:1.2 the peer of his associates in almost every i. ability.


4:5.3 and domination of the whims of such i. gods.

68:3.2 mutual protection against the vague and unseen i.

86:6.2 the realities of the i. world of ghosts and spirits

86:7.5 to the illusory environment of the i. ghost world.

91:3.1 evince a tendency to converse with i. companions.

imagination or human imagination

7:5.7 Eternal Son in Havona are not within the scope of hi

9:8.12 embracing memory, reason, judgment, creative i.,

12:0.1 Father is utterly beyond the grasp of finite i.;

12:5.5 earth life, the creative hi. is comparatively time free.

13:1.21 activities which are beyond the grasp of mortal i..

14:3.7 are quite beyond the greatest possible stretch of h..

14:5.8 is indicative of immaturity of the creative i. and

29:4.34 an order of life which is beyond the range of hi..

29:4.38 draw upon your i. to the extent of recognizing that

30:0.1 of major orders and types would stagger the hi.,

30:0.2 that man not have an overrevelation; it stifles i..

33:4.3 divine will of the Son combined with the creative i.

42:7.3 about the atomic nucleus are both beyond the hi.,

43:6.5 living creatures which your i. could not possibly

46:2.1 of such districts is quite beyond the powers of hi..

48:2.20 It is quite beyond human i..

49:5.19 The inherent i. and spiritual receptivity is definitely

52:1.2 language and is beginning to exercise the creative i..

52:1.5 maintain fire, and with the increase of inventive i.

54:1.5 and conquest of self is a figment of egoistic mortal i..

80:3.3 vigor and art of the blue men with the creative i. of

80:3.7 the Adamic mixture suddenly accelerated creative i..

80:5.7 the humor and i. of the blended European peoples

82:1.2 the associative i. and beauty appreciation of the

82:1.6 Sangiks displayed little i. or appreciation of beauty

83:7.7 The high degree of i. and fantastic romance entering

86:2.5 luck only when they are destitute of curiosity and i.,

87:0.2 Hi. cast off from the shores of self and will not again

87:0.2 not again find anchor until it arrives at the concept of

87:4.4 Still later the i. of man envisioned the concept of bad

87:5.2 higher spirits as they evolved in man’s primitive i..

88:2.6 fetishistic prisons incarcerating the spiritual i. of man

91:3.1 With the dawn of creative i. children evince a

101:8.4 Faith does not shackle the creative i., neither does it

102:0.1 strung on a figment of mortal i.; his fears, loves,

102:4.2 equals the force of expectant i. plus the keenness of

103:6.11 Science must be grounded in reason, although i.

109:5.1 the liberated but controlled channels of creative i..

111:4.9 How can a creative i. produce worthy children when

118:10.7 providence is all too often the product of his own i.,

132:3.5 Faith is the inspiration of the spiritized creative i..

132:3.10 unifier of the various inspirations of the creative i.

132:7.9 That which the enlightened and reflective hi. of

134:8.3 they were not phantasms of the i. evolved out of

139:4.7 John was gifted with a remarkable and creative i..

139:5.2 Philip was not necessarily dull, but he lacked i..

139:5.2 lack of i. was the weakness of Philip’s character.

139:5.5 weak point in his make-up was his utter lack of i.,

139:5.5 in the abstract but not constructive in his i..

139:5.5 He was almost entirely lacking in certain types of i..

144:5.7 And let us not stray into the evil bypaths of our i.,

149:4.3 discussed one of their former associates whose i.

151:2.7 profitably engage in flights of the speculative i.,

151:3.6 The parable stimulates the i., provokes critical

160:2.8 and possibility of the mutual stimulation of the i..

160:5.9 All other gods are figments of the i.,illusions of mind

169:0.2 had occurred which so aroused the i. of the people.

179:5.4 limit the believer’s spiritual i. by formally cramping


94:4.5 Vishnu becomes real and living in the i. of Indians.

106:8.2 inevitabilities that stagger the i. of beings far above

123:5.15 seeking to stimulate their creative i. by suggesting

160:4.14 they awaken from the dream world of their own i..


28:6.18 and achievement is the child of i. adventure.

30:4.23 unlike anything that has ever entered the i. realms of

46:4.9 Your most i. concept of perfection of beauty and

49:5.13 two-brained type, somewhat more i., adventurous,

58:2.3 yet some of the less i. of your mortal mechanists

82:1.2 The entire reproductive experience was free from i.

84:7.21 these more i. and adventurous youths require more

100:7.4 Jesus was i. but always practical.


11:6.1 In attempting to i. the volume outlines of these space

11:7.5 If you i. a finite, but inconceivably large, V-shaped

50:4.2 very different from what a Urantia mortal might i..

55:6.8 But can you possibly i. what sort of evolutionary

62:6.5 I. our joy one day—the twins were about ten years

77:7.7 demoniacal possession, do not i. that such was not

81:2.14 until man has leisure to think, to plan, to i. new

85:4.1 It was easy for the ancients to i. that the spirits

86:4.2 explains the tendency always to i. unseen things in

123:3.2 I., therefore, the surprise of this inquiring child,

123:4.8 youthful career of Jesus, and you will be able to i.

125:6.4 temple, i. their surprise and amazement when they

127:1.4 i. their confusion when Jesus would make frank

133:3.8 I. the surprise of Justus’ wife when, at this late

136:9.3 You can hardly i. what would have happened on

147:4.8 as you would i. a high-minded, idealistic, wise,

179:3.1 I. the amazement of these twelve men, who had so

186:1.2 I., therefore, the great surprise of this egotistic

191:6.4 I. the surprise of David’s herald of the resurrection,


86:6.1 a social environment, and i. a ghost environment.

86:6.2 this newly i. spirit world became a power in society.

92:3.3 struggle into the domain of an i. ghost-spirit world.


41:9.4 thus redressing the i. between gravity and heat.

98:1.6 this i. between intellectual and spiritual growth was

118:8.6 the i. between self-liberty and self-control.


143:1.6 do not i. the idea that the service of the kingdom is


30:4.23 they have i. at the experiential founts of wisdom.

74:6.4 Adam and Eve also i. “light and energy” direct from

95:6.2 Zoroaster i. the Hebraic idea of a God of justice,

102:2.3 fellows who have i. only the wisdom of the world.

133:3.6 Ganid had i. the idea, and rightly, that Jesus was a


131:3.2 I know my brethren will prosper if they become i.

133:2.4 Ganid was becoming i. with the spirit of personal


90:3.10 Evolution unerringly achieves its end: It i. man with

Imhoteperected first pyramids

80:6.4 was erected by I., an Andite architectural genius,


18:2.3 Eternals of Days do not copy or i.; they are always

101:7.2 both are modified by the tendency to i. associates.

181:1.3 This do instead of trying to i. my natural life in the

196:1.5 literally to i. the outward life of Jesus in the flesh but


84:7.24 3. Inability of the child to gain culture by i. parents—


91:8.4 sometimes it is the i. of another’s religion, while in

111:5.2 The i. of God is the key to perfection; the doing of


63:4.2 They were exceedingly i., but the play instinct was

81:6.17 Language grew up through gestures, signs, cries, i.

88:6.3 Presently, i. magic was practiced; prayers were

88:6.4 The sex festivities of May Day were simply i. magic,


5:5.6 finite reason to harmonize the concept of divine i.,

7:1.1 Everything taught concerning the i. of God,

104:4.38 i. of Deity in conjunction with the transcendence of

117:3.12 and have our being within the i. of the Supreme.

Immanence of the Projected Incomplete

4:1.10 this I., is inexplicably manifested ever and anon by

117:7.6 future forecast back to the created levels as the I..


131:4.2 your creatures, the power whereby you abide i.!

Immanuelrepresentative of the Universal Father to the

    court of Michael

33:5.1 is the ambassador of the Paradise Trinity—I. of

33:5.1 to the court of the Creator Son; hence his name, I..

33:5.2 I. of Salvington, number 611,121 of the sixth order

33:5.2 he refuses the worship and adoration of all living

33:5.2 He bears the distinction of being the only personality

33:5.2 He functions as adviser to the Sovereign Son but

33:5.2 In the absence of the Creator Son he might preside

33:5.3 Neither does he exercise authoritative jurisdiction in

33:6.1 Gabriel always seeks the counsel of I. regarding all

43:4.2 on Edentia as the personal representative of I.

53:4.5 openly defy and arrogantly challenge Michael, I.,

53:5.1 Michael took counsel of his Paradise brother, I..

54:5.8 7. It is evident that I. counseled Michael to remain

119:1.1 heard Michael announce that his elder brother, I.,

119:1.1 I place you under the care and keeping of I. while I

119:1.2 only the Divine Minister and I. knew what was

119:1.3 from the Ancients of Days and concurred in by I.

119:2.3 authority in the hands of his Paradise brother, I.,

119:2.4 from the Uversa Ancients of Days, certified by I.

119:2.5 throne of authority if he would only apologize to I.

119:3.2 planet was deferred pending its consideration by I.

119:3.2 to place universe direction in the hands of I.,

119:3.3 by the Uversa Ancients of Days, and certified by I.

119:4.1 the government of Nebadon in the hands of I. and

119:4.2 from the Uversa Ancients of Days, certified by I.

119:4.5 bestowed Michael and the acting universe ruler, I..

119:5.1 transfers of universe authority to I. and observed

119:5.1 certified by I. of Salvington and accompanied by

119:6.2 the direction of the universe had been intrusted to I.,

120:0.3 I. and the associated Paradise Sons would have

120:0.6 before his elder brother and Paradise counselor, I..

120:0.6 Gabriel, Michael now assigned to the custody of I.

120:0.6 Michael’s departure for the Urantia incarnation, I.,

120:0.8 not only that I. would exercise the full authority of

120:0.9 the setting of the momentous occasion when I.

120:0.9 this prebestowal charge of I. to the universe ruler

124:6.15 messenger from Salvington, commissioned by I.,

127:2.12 visit of a messenger, dispatched by his brother I.,

128:1.11 When he was once called I., he merely replied, “Not

129:3.9 his farewell conference with I of Salvington before

136:3.3 instructions administered by his elder brother, I.,

136:3.4 Gabriel, by direction of I. and on authority of the

136:3.5 I bring to you the bestowal release of I.,

136:3.6 welfare of the universe and, sending greetings to I.,

136:4.2 was to review in his mind the instructions of I..

136:4.2 Jesus pondered well over I.’ advice pertaining to

136:4.9 Jesus that it would afford his Paradise brother, I.,

141:7.11 prebestowal instructions of his Paradise brother, I..

148:2.4 disregard the instructions of his Paradise brother, I.,

188:3.13 one message passed between Michael and I. on

189:1.10 in executive charge of universe affairs under I.,

189:1.10 the Melchizedeks to convey his greetings to I..

189:3.4 Adjuster departed for Salvington to register with I.

196:1.8 2. The messenger of I. who appeared to Jesus at


7:3.3 your practical religious experience, it is i. whether,

39:2.12 The length of a journey when in transit sleep is i..

86:4.3 that there was something i. about a human being.

118:3.7 But it would hardly be safe to postulate that the i. is


9:5.6 and the evolving mentality of your i. human nature.

9:5.7 The contemplation of the i. and inactive intellect

33:1.2 and of personality contact with i. creature beings.

44:1.13 more generally appeal to i. or spiritually indolent

47:10.2 inability to directly adjust the i. morontia sensory

48:6.37 Self-importance, not work-importance, exhausts i.

49:6.6 characterized by primitive mortals who are so i. that

53:5.7 characteristic of physical warfare on the i. worlds,

54:1.1 the failure of i. evolutionary mortals to distinguish

83:7.8 so long as unwise and i. youthful idealism is to be the

91:4.4 in attempting to discourage the primitive or i. mind

118:7.1 wisely limited the range of the action of i. will, but

118:7.3 that certain range of choice with which i. creatures

118:10.9 fire that is transmuting the soft iron of i. personality

130:1.5 Evil is the i. choosing and the unthinking misstep of

142:2.4 “When your children are very young and i.,

142:7.9 sometimes restraint of their young and i. offspring.

148:6.11 imperfections of the evil of an i. physical existence

160:1.3 Thus will humanity remain i.; society will fail in

160:1.6 Mature men view i. folks with the love and

160:1.14 and religions which fall short of these ideals are i..

160:3.3 The i. individual arouses the antagonisms of his

160:3.5 envy, revenge, and the pride of i. personality.

168:4.11 within his parental obligations to the i. child when

174:1.2 which the wise parent entertains for his i. child.

174:1.4 The child, being i. and lacking in the understanding

196:0.11 His faith was not i. and credulous like that of a


2:2.6 Father actually participates in the experience with i.

14:5.8 Monotony is indicative of i. of the creative

16:7.7 by such influences as ignorance, i., and delusion.

70:2.14 3. The vices of luxury, cultural i..

77:9.7 no period of growth or development from i.—they

118:1.8 The time unit of i. concentrates meaning-value into

118:7.4 Sin depicts i dazzled by the freedom of the sovereign

130:1.5 Evil is only the misadaptation of i. or the disruptive

130:4.11 inaccuracies of mind and the i. of the evolving self.

142:2.4 Their i. cannot penetrate beyond the punishment to

155:6.12 It is not the mental i. of the child that I commend

160:1.6 and indolence are positive evidence of moral i..

166:3.4 while they continue to pursue the pleasures of i.

174:1.3 The parent is able to view the i. of the child in the

174:1.5 to forgive your fellows is the measure of your i.,


3:1.2 the living God is i. greater than the sum total of

42:1.4 after Urantia has advanced i. in comparison with

51:0.3 Urantia has profited i. from the gift of Adam and Eve

112:2.10 this gulf is i. greater between material mind and love.

140:5.5 father’s affection attain levels of devotion that i.

154:6.9 James suffered i. as a result of his failure to enjoy


0:8.10 This power manifestation of the i. God of

1:2.10 Father maintains i. contact with his creature children

1:7.9 the supreme pleasure of a sojourn in the i. presence

4:2.2 belonging to your i. planetary system of Satania.

5:1.3 the ever-present possibility of i. communion with the

5:4.2 The i. service of true religion is the establishment of

7:1.4 this change necessitates the i. and instantaneous

11:9.6 central universe of his i. indwelling is the pattern for

12:6.7 not only to the i. and situational causation, but also

15:1.3 your local universe is in i. proximity to numerous

15:9.16 the periods of i. stellar metamorphosis must be over.

15:13.6 sector governments are under the i. jurisdiction of

16:0.12 opposite the superuniverse of i. supervision and at

16:2.4 is limited to the superuniverse of i. supervision.

16:6.2 You live under the i. influence of the Creative Spirit

17:1.7 The i. subordinates of the Supreme Executives

17:1.10 This eventful occasion takes place in the i. presence

17:3.4 all the creatures of the Infinite Spirit and his i.

17:8.2 the Supreme Spirit groups are the i. creators of the

18:4.1 they rule as the i. and personal vicegerents of the

20:6.5 The Magisterial Sons are not of i. descent from the

22:7.10 to a future universe age and are therefore of no i.

22:10.9 ascending mortals of time toward their i. Havona

23:1.6 intercommunicate with members of their own i.

23:1.8 the i. influence of the local universe Mother Spirits.

23:2.1 Messengers work under the i. supervision of those

24:4.3 while they make reports only to their i. superior,

25:3.14 under the i. direction of the Image Aids until such

26:6.1 under the i. supervision of the supremacy guides.

28:5.9 i. appeal is made to the Divine Counselors, who rule

29:1.2 that Master Spirit with whom each is in i. association

30:3.10 Vast reserves of beings not under our i. supervision

33:8.4 councils constitute the i. working cabinet of Gabriel.

36:5.3 adjutant of wisdom is registered in the i. presence of

37:9.12 affairs of their world under the i. supervision of the

38:6.2 Brilliant Evening Stars or by other i. lieutenants of

38:9.4 the Adams and Eves, or from their i. progeny.

39:4.2 These able seraphim are the i. assistants of a System

40:3.1 Although deprived of the i. benefits of the

40:9.6 there is an i. response of experiential recognition

41:2.1 having as i. neighbors the systems of Sandmatia,

45:6.2 for these citizens of Jerusem are the i. sponsors and

46:5.12 Here center all of the plans and i. activities of the

47:3.6 You are free to explore the i. vicinity of your new

47:9.1 crowning achievement of the i. postmortal career.

48:3.2 Sons and under the i. direction of the Melchizedeks.

49:4.8 and their i. careers after death are very much alike.

50:2.1 Gabriel, the chief executive of Michael, while in i.

51:3.3 But there is no i. interbreeding between the people of

51:6.1 resulting in the i. upstepping of biologic status,

52:3.6 is an i. upstepping of intellectual capacity and

52:6.2 Jesus has shown the way to the i. attainment of

52:7.16 religious beliefs that depict heaven as the i. destiny

53:6.4 “Upon the default of my i. superior it devolved upon

54:6.3 must each member suffer the i. time-consequences

54:6.10 better comprehend how ultimate (if not i.) good

57:3.4 escape from the i. embrace of the nebular nucleus,

57:5.6 permanently detached from the i. gravity control

60:4.6 down to the more recent times of the i. ancestors of

62:0.1 one million years ago the i. ancestors of mankind

62:3.9 The i lemurlike mother of the dawn-mammal species

62:4.2 Primates since they were the direct and i. animal

62:4.7 the superior Primates, who became the i. ancestors

62:6.6 There was an i. and new order of mobilization of the

63:1.1 every way superior to many of their i. descendants,

63:1.1 from all of their ancestors, both i. and remote.

63:2.1 the fear of displeasing their father and i. family.

63:4.2 there was an i. development in social organization

63:4.2 a painful or distressing ordeal to Fonta and her i.

63:4.3 But their patriotism was wholly limited to the i. clan.

63:7.2 even their i. descendants only achieved Spirit fusion.

64:6.6 His i. ancestors had been in touch with the later

64:7.10 tribes with the Neanderthal peoples led to the i.

67:4.2 Daligastia ordered i. resort to sexual reproduction,


67:5.1 confusion and racial pandemonium was the i.

67:5.3 The Caligastia scheme for the i. reconstruction of

67:6.9 the Constellation Fathers dispatched an i. decision

68:1.1 the way of i. realization of the brotherhood of man

68:2.3 is worthy of becoming the i. goal of many cultural

69:2.3 was division of labor, with its i. saving of time and

69:9.4 rich survived death with any i. pleasure and dignity.

70:1.1 there is always an i. and ruinous reversion to these

72:12.5 far better prepared for the more i. realization of a

73:1.5 The central group remained in the i. vicinity of their

73:2.1 those who were in i. contact with Van and Amadon

73:5.1 domiciles intended for the promised Son and his i.

73:7.4 to be in charge of his i. sons and daughters, while

74:5.6 to withdraw his program for i. socialization;

74:6.4 cooking was universally employed outside of the i.

74:6.6 communicate with their i. children over a distance of

74:8.6 The Babylonians, because of i. contact with the

75:1.6 They wanted to see some i. results, and they did,

75:2.4 the tendency of woman to look upon i. results

75:3.6 he wanted to see some i. results—something in his

75:4.8 advice and counsel concerning the i. situation.

75:8.1 The human race has been uplifted despite the i.

77:2.10 Nodite rulers (i. descendants of the Prince’s staff)

77:4.1 The dispersion of the Nodites was an i. result of

77:9.5 was released from i. duties shortly after Pentecost.

78:6.4 later entered China and contributed much to the i.

78:7.5 only Noah and his i. family were saved in their

80:5.7 races, produced an i. lapse of Andite civilization,

80:6.1 the Euphrates valley, and the i. center of civilization

81:6.11 either an i. expansion of territorial boundaries by

81:6.26 carve out the channels of destiny for i. posterity.

82:6.9 white and black races are not so desirable in their i.

83:6.7 biologic or natural, but it is indispensable to the i.

84:4.3 women considerable influence over their i. standing

84:7.8 the monogamous practices of Andon and his i.

86:2.4 which is in his i. or remote interest; self-interest

88:6.7 education should fail, there would be an almost i.

89:0.2 Propitiation was insurance against i. ill luck rather

91:6.7 spiritual concomitants of the prayer of faith are i.,

92:4.9 from the i. force and authority of all revelations,

93:8.1 the surrounding tribes, and even of his i. associates

96:1.4 Many Semites, including the i. descendants of

97:1.10 God concept during the time of Samuel and his i.

97:8.3 “crisis”—the smiting of the great image and the i.

97:9.8 A part of the secular story of how his i. followers

98:5.4 the i. passing, after death, to the bosom of Mithras,

99:7.2 a steadying goal beyond and above the i. objective.

100:5.6 zone of i. contact with the indwelling spirit entity,

104:3.18 through them does the Father exercise i. control over

106:1.1 phases of finite reality find i. expression on creature

108:2.8 planetary crisis usually is attended by the i. arrival of

108:2.10 And then we observe the i. dispatch of the Adjusters.

109:2.8 not involving the human personalities of their i.

110:4.6 proposals of your more i. planetary supervisors who

110:7.2 the mandate which provides for the i. fusion of the

112:3.2 thereupon do the rulers of Orvonton order the i.

112:4.12 the Sovereign of Nebadon will decree the i. passage

112:5.11 but I withhold them upon the advice of your i.

113:7.3 assistants to the seraphim in the i. work awaiting at

114:2.2 They are kept in close and i. touch with Michael by

114:5.6 special angels functioning as the i. superhuman

114:6.1 Most High observer, under the i. direction of the

115:5.2 does the discernible action of the Trinity as i. creator

115:7.7 of activity, and the Trinity Ultimate of i. destiny.

116:0.1 If man recognized that his Creators—his i supervisors

117:5.10 who are the i. bestowers of these circuits of time

118:0.13 and each universe epoch provides i. destiny for all

120:0.8 There were i. advantages and tremendous

120:2.1 —I have provided in every way for your i. entrance

120:2.5 the planet of your bestowal and the i. generation of

121:2.7 executed by Judas Maccabee and his i. successors,

121:2.7 vibrant with the expectation of the i. appearance of

121:8.14 and in response to my choice of i. expression,

122:0.1 the i. setting for the appearance of this Son of God

122:1.1 Joseph’s i. ancestors were mechanics—builders,

122:5.5 expert in adaptation and practical in i. execution.

122:10.3 But intrigue and murder, even in his own i. family,

126:5.4 and faithfully discharging the i. responsibilities of his

127:4.1 life swarmed with practical and i. difficulties.

127:6.8 Jesus explained to Mary that, since i. duty forbade

127:6.12 toils for the attainment of a nearer and i. goal of

128:3.9 the Nazareth family became engrossed with their i.

128:4.8 retaining a small portion for his i. personal expenses.

128:6.6 Jesus endeavored to obtain either an i. hearing for

128:7.5 task of weaning his family from dependence on the i.

129:0.1 affairs of the Nazareth family and from the i direction

130:1.2 enticements, we put ourselves in the i. control of

130:2.3 just such an i. and effective appeal to the minds of

132:4.2 neglect to speak words of present comfort and i.

135:7.1 of the certainty of the kingdom’s i. appearance.

135:8.5 Jesus until the Son of Man stood in his i. presence.

135:10.1 About one quarter of John’s i. followers had

136:1.5 the mighty and i. appeal of John’s preaching,

136:4.7 profitable from the standpoint of the i. needs of this

136:4.9 as it might be regarded in the light of the i. situation

136:4.10 his Father’s i. presence—the Personalized Adjuster

136:5.3 Jesus assigned the i. command of this attendant

137:2.4 had come up for i. decision the most momentous

138:8.9 the individual human who chanced to be in his i.

139:5.10 win souls for the kingdom outside of the i. Jewish

139:7.8 and the i. auditors of the Master’s teachings, but

140:5.7 To a child, happiness is the satisfaction of i. pleasure

140:8.19 when that life is visualized in its i. background.

142:0.2 Jesus perceived Annas’s coldness, he took i. leave,

143:1.9 the preaching and ministry of the apostles was i.;

143:3.1 tension developed among the apostles and their i.

145:5.7 Go, then, and prepare for our i. departure while I

148:0.4 Jesus’ i. family spent most of this time at either Cana

148:2.2 who are under the i. and inspirational influence of a

148:3.4 in some way not revealed to his i. associates,

148:8.5 i. sending forth of the one hundred newly trained

149:2.6 most direct and i. appeal to the common people.

152:1.5 would have to go into the i. presence of Michael,

152:5.6 and king-craving proclivities of Jesus’ i. family of

153:0.3 cheerful greeting or well-wishing from any of his i.

153:1.2 he faced the i. declaration of avowed and open

154:2.4 family or in behalf of any one of his i. followers.

154:6.11 in fear of i. arrest, they hastened through the front

156:0.1 were lodged with her friends in the i. neighborhood,

157:6.3 his i. followers knew him as the Son of Man

158:3.3 the i. associate of Michael on Salvington and his

159:3.8 when they are all within the i. grasp of living faith.

159:6.1 without the inspiration of the i. personal presence of

161:2.7 knows what is going on away from his i. presence.

162:9.6 Jesus and the twelve withdrew from the i. vicinity of

168:3.2 presented a resolution calling for Jesus’ i. death,

169:2.3 that he should give i. accounting of his stewardship

170:4.16 therefore they lived in hope of his i. second coming

170:5.14 When Jesus’ i. followers recognized their partial

171:1.3 In a general way, most of Jesus’ i. followers

171:3.4 the outward courage displayed by his i. followers,

172:2.1 Jesus knew that many of his apostles and i.

172:4.1 the ten apostles detached themselves from their i.

172:4.1 preventing Jesus’ i. arrest upon entering the city.

172:4.2 Jesus and his i. followers were left alone.

172:5.7 they would refrain from placing him under i. arrest

176:1.6 the end of the world would be followed by the i.

176:2.7 death, you stand in the i. presence of judgment,

176:4.7 but otherwise it is of no i. moment to midwayers

176:4.7 suddenly precipitates mortal man into the i. grasp of

177:2.6 the acceptance of Jesus’ gospel will result in the i.

177:4.9 an anticipated new kingdom for the i. realization of

185:0.1 governed Judea, Samaria, and Idumea under the i.

188:0.3 take i. and full possession of the Master’s body.

189:1.5 signalized their intention of i. departure for Uversa.

189:2.1 mortal remains put in our custody for i. dissolution.

189:2.1 empowering us to proceed with its i. dissolution.”

193:4.10 6. Judas disliked to discuss his problems with his i.

194:4.11 brought them into i. conflict with the Jewish rulers

195:0.3 This situation meant i. conflict between the older

195:10.8 obstacles to the i. advance of the real gospel—

196:2.5 devotedly and sincerely believed in his i. return to

196:2.5 This strong faith in the Lord’s i. return had much


112:6.8 the presence of the former Adjuster to become i.

114:7.1 i. they are competent and trustworthy to assume


121:2.2 From time i., many caravan routes from the Orient


11:3.3 This second zone is in part subdivided into seven i.

13:0.1 are the seven i. spheres of the Infinite Spirit,

14:3.6 the balancing effect of the i. dark gravity bodies,

15:5.3 Many an i. nebula, instead of splitting into a double

15:14.4 narrative presents only a fleeting glimpse of the i.

32:4.8 manifest his presence to, the beings of his i.

32:5.1 We are all part of an i. plan, a gigantic enterprise,

35:3.22 Besides the i. group of local registrants there are

41:3.10 you will at least recognize eight of these i. sectors

41:10.4 the worlds born of the i. nebular rings which are left

45:5.1 their headquarters and i. preserves on Jerusem,

46:2.9 the pearly observatory and view the i. relief map of

46:5.30 the gigantic art gallery of Satania, and the i. assembly

46:6.1 divisions of the system are located in the i. squares

57:3.7 the final segregation of these i. space aggregations of

57:8.11 Surface cooling alternated with i. lava flows.

59:4.5 i. arctic North American inland sea found an outlet

60:2.11 large enough to afford protection for their i. bodies.

61:1.3 Mammals possess an i. survival advantage over all

101:4.5 such revelations are of i. value in that they clarify


28:5.18 seconaphim contribute i. to the quality of devoted

57:6.10 2,500,000,000 years ago the planets had grown i. in

78:1.2 civilization was i. quickened by the presence of their


26:4.13 the problems of Havona and the i. of Paradise,


1:5.3 The i. and grandeur of the divine personality is

3:5.4 view the staggering i. of God’s well-nigh limitless

11:1.3 because of its remoteness from you and the i. of the

12:0.1 The i. of the far-flung creation of the Father is

12:2.5 We can observe its i., we can discern its extent and

12:7.12 Do not allow the magnitude of the infinity, the i.

15:2.1 affording an idea of the i. of the material creation.

26:5.3 to exhibit indomitable courage in the face of i.,

28:5.10 The i. and the comprehensiveness of these

74:3.4 Son walked in the Garden and talked about the i. of


8:1.5 the energy of infinity and i. in the spirit of divinity.


79:7.5 in Turkestan and the arrival of the later Andite i..

80:6.2 compensated by the continuing stream of Andite i.,

95:3.5 the modified moral standards of Mesopotamian i..


78:8.12 due to the emigration of superior peoples and the i.

134:5.13 tariffs, i., military affairs, or interstate commerce.


57:4.5 to inaugurate the second nebular sun cycle were i..


4:4.2 because divine immutability does not imply i.;


3:5.15 knowingly embraces a deliberate i. judgment.

71:1.22 choosing or to go abroad in the land to become i..

82:3.13 In olden days many practices now regarded as i.

92:2.6 practically all that is now regarded as i. or sinful.

97:4.3 his half-religious, timeserving, and i. fellows,

129:3.8 and spiritual, religious and irreligious, moral and i..

143:5.5 Nalda was not an i. woman wholly by choice.

143:5.11 women of questionable character, even i. women.

143:5.11 that women, even so-called i. women, have souls

195:7.13 be a moral person before one can perform i. acts.


195:0.11 that Christians succeeded in eliminating the gross i.


52:6.5 Only ethical consciousness can unmask the i. of

95:1.9 the idolatry and i. of the Mesopotamian priests.

97:4.1 Hebrews—to a God who would punish crime and i.

97:4.1 drunkenness, oppression, and i. of the northern tribes

133:8.1 third in size and first in wickedness and flagrant i..

162:3.1 the Jews might themselves have been guilty of i..

immortalsee immortal soul; see Immortal

0:5.9 This i. spirit is prepersonal—not a personality, though

0:8.11 the mechanism whereby the mortal becomes i.

1:3.1 sovereign, eternal, i., invisible, and only true God.”

2:1.2 He is i., eternal, self-existent, divine, and bountiful.

5:3.8 mortal mind and the God-revealing i. Adjuster.

5:6.8 been made for the growth of the i. self, the soul,

9:6.4 Selfhood of personality dignity, i. or potentially

9:6.4 dignity, human or divine, immortal or potentially i.

13:1.22 spiritual and potentially i. counterpart of character

36:4.4 beings can hardly be reckoned as either mortal or i.,

36:4.4 creatures are not Adjuster indwelt, hence hardly i..

36:5.17 Mind is a divinity bestowal, but it is not i. when it

40:6.1 mortal soul with some type of eternal and i. spirit.

40:7.1 Adjusters are i. spirits, and union with them confers

42:12.15 to survive the mortal time-space existence as an i.

47:9.5 You really pass from the mortal state to the i. status

47:10.6 member of the morontia corps of Nebadon—an i.

48:0.2 transform the mortal and material mind into an i. and

49:4.9 But mortal mind without i. spirit cannot survive.

49:4.9 mind of man is mortal; only the bestowed spirit is i..

49:6.5 the same i. Father fragment that lived in him during

49:6.6 an individualized portion of the i. spirit of the Third