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X-ray or X ray

41:5.3 The interior of your sun is a vast X. generator.

41:5.4 million years for an X.-stimulated electron to work

41:6.5 when tossed by the temperature-X. solar forces to

41:7.1 shattered by the intensive X. bombardment which

41:7.1 X. is the great leveler of atomic existence.

41:9.4 the interior X. pressure of supergas winds becomes

42:3.8 outer electrons by electrical, thermal, or X. activities

42:5.8 The X. group. The next step in the slowing down

42:5.8 electromagnetic commotion produces the X.;

42:5.8 the X. is that disturbance.

42:6.2 slightly gravity responsive when activated by X.

X rays

41:5.1 prevent the escape of all X. and light-energies from

41:5.5 The X. of a sun’s interior charge the highly heated

41:6.2 after it has been battered by the destructive X. and

41:7.1 similar by the dissociative action of the disruptive X..

41:9.1 light escapes only with the aid of the powerful X..

42:5.1 ten octaves up are the X., followed by the gamma

42:5.8 various forms of solar X. together with artificially

42:5.8 The solar X. are identical with those which are

77:2.5 germ plasm of plants and animals by the use of X..

XenophanesGreek philosopher

98:2.6 X. taught one God, but his deity concept was too


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