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Nabalrich Edomite

97:9.10 first marrying Saul’s daughter, then the widow of N.

Nabodadleader of the school at Kish

95:1.6 until N., the leader of the school at Kish, decided to

NabonMithraic leader in Rome

132:3.1 N. was a Greek Jew and foremost among the leaders

132:3.1 this high priest of Mithraism held many conferences

132:3.1 he was most permanently influenced by their

132:3.1 N. had thought to make a convert of Jesus and had

132:3.1 He little realized that Jesus was preparing him to

132:3.11 N. was greatly impressed by these words, as he was

132:3.11 as he was by each of his talks with Jesus.

132:3.11 he was of great assistance to the later arriving

NabothIsraelite executed by King Ahab

97:9.19 started when King Ahab tried to buy land from N..

97:9.19 forged Ahab’s name directing that N.’ land be

97:9.19 the charge that he had blasphemed the names of

97:9.19 He and his sons were promptly executed.


97:3.6 When Ahab murdered the N. in the intrigue to get

97:9.19 scene denouncing Ahab for the murder of the N..


95:1.4 the chief deities down to seven: Bel, Shamash, N.,

Nahorthe brother of Abraham

93:5.4 intending to go directly through to Salem, but N.,

93:5.5 extend this invitation to Abraham and N.: “Come

93:5.5 Now N. had not wholly accepted the Melchizedek

93:5.5 he remained behind and built up a strong city-state

93:9.4 to send trusty servants to the city of his brother, N.

96:5.9 the collateral descendants of Abraham, N., Lot,

Nahorteacher in Jerusalem academy

123:6.8 N., one of the teachers in a Jerusalem academy of

123:6.8 He came to Nazareth at the instigation of John’s

123:6.8 While at first he was somewhat shocked by Jesus’

123:6.8 he attributed it to the remoteness of Galilee from the

123:6.8 The more Joseph thought about N.’ advice,

123:6.9 N. requested permission to lay the whole matter

123:6.9 marveled, and N. went his way, back to Jerusalem.

Nahoryoung evangelist

150:9.3 Simon, with the help of N., one of the younger


187:1.2 to n. this notice to the top of the cross, just above

187:2.1 the wood, using one long n. to penetrate both feet.

191:5.4 unless you could put your finger in the n. marks

191:5.4 and though you see no n. marks on my hands,


124:4.7 Jewish custom of touching the bit of parchment n.

186:1.4 Judas saw them raise the cross piece with Jesus n.

187:1.2 It was the custom, after the victim had been n. to

187:2.1 crossbeam, and then they n. his hands to the wood.

187:2.1 after they had n. it securely to the upright timber of

187:2.1 they bound and n. his feet to the wood, using one

187:2.4 Jesus’ only words, as they n. him to the crossbeam,

187:2.5 captain n. the title up above his head, and it read


187:1.11 the task of n. the two brigands and the Son of Man

187:2.7 the captain was n. the title above the Master’s head.


88:1.8 on as potential fetishes, particularly the hair and n..

88:5.1 the earliest magic had to do with hair and n..

89:8.2 Hair, n., blood, and even fingers and toes were

191:5.2 own eyes and put my finger in the mark of the n..”


122:6.1 Mount Tabor range to the east and the hill of N.,

123:3.8 work at Cana, Magdala, N., Sepphoris, Endor,

124:1.12 on pleasure or business to Cana, Endor, and N..

137:2.3 Before they crossed the Jordan, to go by way of N.

137:2.8 crossed the Jordan and, going by the village of N.,

146:0.1 Zebulun, Gischala, Chorazin, Madon, Cana, N.,

146:5.3 countryside was aroused, he said, “Let us go to N..”


146:6.2 When Jesus sought to leave Cana and go to N.,

146:6.2 carrying the only son of a widowed mother of N..

146:6.3 the village of N., were aroused to the highest pitch

nakedsee naked eye

3:3.2 “All things are n. and open to the eyes of him with

28:5.20 are face to face with the n. soul of the reflected

44:6.4 the reflections of the n. and glorious spirit-souls of

59:4.2 The n. and unattractive landscape of former times is

147:8.3 And when I see those who are n., I will clothe them.

183:3.9 escaping n. while the soldier held the empty coat.

186:1.6 but now must the harvest of the n. facts be faced.

187:2.2 Jews objected to the public exposure of the n. form,

naked eye

15:3.1 Practically all of the starry realms visible to the n.

15:4.7 This far-distant nebula is visible to the n.,

66:5.20 many diseases were too small to be seen by the n.,

NaldaSamaritan woman at Jacobs well

143:5.2 she surmised that he was a Galilean Jew from his

143:5.2 Her name was N. and she was a comely creature.

143:5.2 She was much surprised to have a Jewish man thus

143:5.2 N. asked Jesus, “How is it that you, being a Jew,

143:5.2 said N.: “But, Sir, you have nothing to draw with,

143:5.3 N. then said: “Give me this water that I thirst not

143:5.4 N. did not know how to take Jesus’ willingness to

143:5.4 She beheld in the Master’s face the countenance

143:5.4 but she mistook friendliness for commonplace

143:5.4 she misinterpreted his figure of speech as a form

143:5.4 being a woman of lax morals, she was minded to

143:5.4 This command brought N. to her senses.

143:5.4 She saw that she had misjudged the Master’s

143:5.4 N. perceived that she had misconstrued his manner

143:5.4 perceived that she had misconstrued his manner of

143:5.4 She was frightened; she began to realize that she

143:5.4 she said, “But, Sir, I cannot call my husband, for I

143:5.5 N. was sobered, and her better self was awakened.

143:5.5 She was not an immoral woman wholly by choice.

143:5.5 She had been ruthlessly and unjustly cast aside by

143:5.5 N. now felt ashamed that she had so unthinkingly

143:5.5 she most penitently addressed the Master, saying:

143:5.5 And N. was just about to seek direct and personal

143:5.5 when she did what so many have done before and

143:5.5 She quickly turned the conversation from her own

143:5.5 Pointing over to Mount Gerizim, she continued:

143:5.6 was in N.’ heart a true thirst for the living water;

143:5.7 But N. would make one more effort to avoid the

143:5.7 Once more she resorted to questions of general

143:5.7 Jesus, interrupting N., said with startling assurance,

143:5.9 As N. was about to voice her real and personal

143:5.9 just as Nalda was ready to speak the real desire of

143:5.9 Jesus said to N.: “Woman, go your way; God has

143:5.10 As she entered the city, she proclaimed to everyone

143:5.10 she proclaimed to everyone she met: “Go out to

143:5.12 N. told this entire story to the Apostle John the next

143:5.13 N. told John that Jesus had told her “all I ever did.

143:5.13 wanted to ask Jesus about this visit with N., but he

143:5.13 that Nalda associated all of this self-revelation of

143:5.13 Jesus never told Nalda she had had five husbands.

143:5.13 Nalda had lived with four different men since her

143:5.13 when Nalda realized Jesus was a man of God that

143:5.13 Nalda subsequently repeated to John that Jesus

143:6.1 N. drew the crowd out from Sychar to see Jesus,

193:1.1 the Master appeared to N. and about seventy-five

193:1.1 Jesus had spoken to N. concerning the water of life.

Nambiafirst-born Life Carrier of Nebadon

36:1.2 N., the original, first-born Life Carrier of Nebadon.

namenoun; see name, his; name, my or my Father’s;

    name, your; name of, in the

  see also Those Without Name and Number

0:0.1 mortals of Urantia—that being the n. of your world—


1:1.1 The First Source has never revealed himself by n.,

1:1.1 But this is the n. of our own choosing, and it grows

1:1.3 you will find a n. for the Father which will be

1:1.3 words and symbols, each n. standing for the degree

1:1.5 God is generally known by some n. indicative of

1:1.6 the term Father becomes a very appropriate n. for

1:1.6 acknowledged, on your planet, by the n. God.

1:1.6 The n. he is given is of little importance;

13:2.10 The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy, as their n.

15:2.1 inhabited worlds in space; he calls them all by n. and

17:1.5 The n. of this seventh sphere is Orvonton,

17:4.1 they are images, and they are true to their n..

18:3.4 of universes, hence their n.—Ancients of Days.

18:4.3 hence their n.—Perfections of Days.

18:4.3 we often find it difficult to choose a suitable n.,

18:6.3 hence their n.—Unions of Days.

18:7.2 hence the n.—Faithfuls of Days.

21:4.5 and n. as “King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

22:4.1 evolutionary creatures of n. or number; therefore

22:4.1 their n. would be “Those above N. and Number.”

22:4.6 High in Authority, and One without N. and Number.

23:2.10 They are known to the rest of us by the n. or number

24:6.1 These highly personal beings take their n. from the

24:6.8 The n. of this pilgrim discoverer of Havona is

31:10.21 One without N. and Number authorized to function

33:1.1 Because of the n. associated with his seventh and

35:1.1 to bring into existence the entire group of that n..

35:3.1 This sphere, by n. Melchizedek, is the pilot world

37:7.2 more extensively discussed in the paper of that n..

37:8.3 Andovontia is the n. of the tertiary Universe Circuit

39:2.1 Superior seraphim receive their n., not because they

39:6.1 As their n. might suggest, seraphim of transitional

40:6.2 I give in my house a place and a n. better than sons

40:6.2 I will give them an everlasting n., one that shall not

42:2.20 whose manifestations are distinguishable only by n..

42:5.14 so-called ether is merely a collective n. to designate

44:6.6 could hardly recognize this ministry by any other n..

45:4.14 worship of the Father under the n. of “The God of

47:8.5 being is introduced to his fellows by his new n.

48:6.37 These ministers receive their n. because they are

51:0.1 biologic uplifters always carry the n. of this first Son

53:3.2 maintain the rule of the universes in the Father’s n.

57:5.3 Monmatia, that being the n. of your sun’s family,

57:6.9 registry of Nebadon and given its n., Monmatia.

57:8.1 registries of Nebadon and given its n., Urantia.

60:3.1 The great Cretaceous period derives its n. from the

60:3.9 The deposits of chalk and greensand marl give n. to

63:0.3 Andon is the Nebadon n. which signifies “the first

64:6.23 back to the worship of the true God under the n. of

66:1.5 and so horribly stain the fair n. of his exalted order

69:5.12 to give a feast would wipe a dishonor from one’s n..

70:6.3 based on the mores of “n. ownership” in the clans.

73:1.3 their n. deriving from their first leader, Nod,

74:5.7 but they found no government worthy of the n.

78:8.4 Babel and adopted the term as their national n..

84:7.10 thus the new and higher realization of n. pride

84:7.15 4. Family pride required extension of n..

85:5.2 Later civilizations honored the sun by giving its n. to

86:5.10 called back by speaking or shouting the sleeper’s n.

86:5.17 believe that man has three parts: body, soul, and n..

87:2.6 such as “the n. or day one never mentions.”

87:5.7 The savage sought for an ugly n..

88:5.5 The n. was regarded as an entity,an influence distinct

88:5.5 it was esteemed equally with the soul and shadow.

88:5.5 An individual’s n. became important in magic.

88:5.5 hence the second or everyday n.—a nickname.

88:5.5 The savage never told his real n. to strangers.

88:5.5 The savage could get a new n. by buying it from the

92:5.13 evolution of that faith which bears the n. of Christ.

94:5.2 a different religion than the one which bears that n.

94:5.6 Melchizedek, dwelt upon earth that the n. of God

96:1.8 this Trinity was worshiped under the n. of Elohim,

96:1.9 The Semites disliked to speak the n. of their Deity,

96:1.10 the n. Jehovah did not come into use until fifteen

96:3.2 the Bedouin captives had a religion worthy of the n.;

97:7.4 writings of this second Isaiah in the book of that n.

97:9.12 Therefore he called the n. of the place Baal-Perazim.

97:9.19 His Phoenician wife forged Ahab’s n. to papers

101:9.5 Moral consciousness is just a n applied to the human

102:8.4 Every intelligent creature gives the n. of God to the

106:6.4 The Trinity Absolute, as its n. implies, is really

107:3.10 Divinington and are known by n. and not number.

108:3.3 union is signalized by the bestowal of the new n.

108:3.6 You deserve the n. of the Godlike servers of the

108:5.5 a new mind for the new worlds and the new n. of

108:5.7 finding an appropriate n. for these supernal gifts to

112:2.20 which, on Urantia, has been given the n. life.

113:2.6 headquarters they are registered by n. and number.

114:3.1 The n. of the current planetary supervisor is withheld

116:6.7 and spirit are as one—indistinguishable except by n..

119:5.2 time and space being known on Uversa by that n..

121:5.8 Some mythical legend, a mystery—whence their n..

122:3.1 presently also bear a son, whose n. shall be John,

126:3.7 By what n. would he be called by the people who

128:1.10 God with us, having a n. above every n. and on all

130:7.4 Time is a n. given to the succession-arrangement

131:1.8 At all times let us praise the n. of the Most High.

131:2.4 Lofty One who inhabits eternity, whose n. is Holy:

131:2.8 therefore in the divine n. will I put my trust.

131:4.4 praise the n. of the never-conquered Conqueror.

131:10.7 Whosoever calls upon the n. of the Lord shall be

132:0.9 that they had once talked with the man whose n.

135:4.4 last should be known, eventually, by the same n..

135:5.5 would rule over the redeemed nations in God’s n..

137:2.2 And this group continued to baptize in John’s n.

137:6.2 brethren hated you and cast you out for my n.’ sake.

139:2.2 When Jesus gave Simon the n. Peter, he did it with

139:4.8 John encountered strangers teaching in Jesus’ n.,

142:3.3 no matter by what n they symbolize his divine nature

143:5.2 Her n. was Nalda and she was a comely creature.

144:5.75 Reverent and holy be the n. of your Son.

146:2.15 and to sing praises to the n. of the Most High,

146:2.16 “I will praise the n. of God with a song and will

149:2.9 about the religion that presumed to take Jesus’ n.

151:6.3 This man, whose n. was Amos, was afflicted with

155:5.13 each of the twenty-four and calling them by n.,

159:2.3 at those who made bold to teach in the Master’s n..

159:2.4 whom John forbade to teach and work in Jesus’ n.

160:5.4 Regardless of the n. applied to this ideal of spirit

160:5.5 all other beliefs are not worthy of the n..

164:3.7 doing anything for the blind man, Josiah by n.,

180:2.4 prayer in Jesus’ n. as a sort of supreme magic,

182:1.9 the fact that he had manifested the Father’s n. to

182:1.9 But when Jesus had finished his earth life, this n.

182:1.26 Jesus enlarge the living revelation of the n. of God to

185:5.3 Pilate heard them calling the n. of one Barabbas.

187:2.5 Jerusalem Jews detested the very n. of Nazareth,

194:1.4 James, and John baptized them in the Master’s n..

194:2.19 of the Father, Sons, and Spirits—the new-n. spirit of

195:0.18 This Greek’s n. was Athanasius, and but for the

195:2.3 their ideals, but without a religion worthy of the n..

name, his

8:4.7 minister to the creatures of the realm in his own n.

27:1.5 you have seen his face, and his n. is your spirit.

33:5.1 court of the Creator Son; hence his n., Immanuel.

67:6.3 Amadon, and who have become known by his n..

74:5.7 centers where strong individuals ruled in his n..

77:4.11 about the shores of the lake which still bears his n.,

88:5.5 could not use his n. until it had been redeemed by

88:5.5 Nowadays one signs his n. to a note.

88:5.5 of an unusual nature caused him to change his n.;

93:5.5 a strong city-state which bore Nahor’s n.; but Lot,

93:6.5 the covenant that he changed his n. from Abram to

94:7.8 has survived in the modern cults bearing his n..

94:12.3 he will not suffer one mortal who calls on his n.

95:5.4 this young ruler broke with the past, changed his n.

95:5.10 of the old gods, changing his n. to Tutankhamen.

96:1.15 Father of later times, they did not change his n.;

122:2.7 had been born to her and that his n. was to be John.

131:1.3 There is but this one God, and his n. is Truth.

131:1.5 Our God enjoys great authority; his n. is Excellent

131:1.5 lives in the heart of the man who fears his holy n..

131:1.8 “At all times call upon his n., and as you believe in

131:1.8 as you believe in his n., so shall your prayer be

131:1.8 trust him; he does not compel man to serve his n..

139:4.4 the writing of the Gospel which now bears John’s n.,

139:12.14 have found it difficult to forgive Judas, and his n. has

149:2.4 person of Jesus in a religion that might bear his n.,

150:5.2 of the Father that his n. ‘shall be called the Lord

150:8.6 a savior to their children’s children for his own n.’

159:2.3 never sat at Jesus’ feet should dare to teach in his n..

176:2.4 by the Father and appearing on earth in his own n..

182:1.1 henceforth in all the work we must do in his n..”

182:1.26 truth discloses his n. in ever-enlarging proportions.

189:4.13 when Peter heard his n., he rushed out of the upper

190:2.3 When James heard his n. spoken, he knew that it

195:6.1 moral security to all who draw upon it “in His n..”

196:1.2 as the living Jesus to the church that bears his n.,

name, my or name, my Father’s

97:7.10 “Every one who is called by my n. I have created for

119:0.1 the seven bestowals of Michael, and my n. is Gavalia

131:2.12 gods before me; you shall not take my n. in vain;

131:7.2 Since the olden people did not know my n., I

131:7.2 abasement even that man should not forget my n..

137:6.2 hated you and cast you out for my n.’ sake.

146:2.10 to what you would ask of the Father, ask in my n.,

148:4.10 even every one who is called by my n.,

159:2.1 that those who profess to do great works in my n.

159:2.1 worthy will do many strange things in my n., but I

164:5.2 not see that the works I do in my Fn. bear witness

174:5.10 “I have glorified my n. in your bestowals many times

175:1.22 “But even now I offer you in my Fn. mercy and

180:6.7 Hitherto have you made your requests in my Fn..

180:6.7 After you see me again, you may also ask in my n.

name, your

48:6.18 I know that in the fullness of time and the glory of y.

97:7.7 I have redeemed you, I have called you by y.;

100:7.16 “Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be y..”

120:1.6 I exercise all authority and wield all power in y..

136:2.4 “My Father who reigns in heaven, hallowed be y..

137:1.3 I would change y. to Peter.”

140:3.20 ‘Did we not prophesy in y. and by y. do many

144:3.4 Our Father who is in heaven, Hallowed be y..

144:5.3 Uplifted be y. and all-glorious your character.

144:5.15 And glorify y. through our eternal achievement.

144:5.69 when our career is finished, make it an honor to y.

144:5.89 Honored be y., reverenced your mercy,and respected

150:8.3 unite our hearts to love and fear y., and we shall

150:8.3 have you brought us near your great n.—selah—

150:8.5 Y. is from everlasting,and there is no God beside you

150:8.5 A new song did they that were delivered sing to y.

159:2.1 Ashtaroth to see a man who was teaching in y.

169:2.6 enough to give you great treasure in your own n.?

174:5.9 will join me: Father, glorify y.; your will be done.”

182:1.6 and they will make known y. to other generations

name of, in the

5:3.6 Universe Sons receive, i. the Father, the adoration

35:2.5 a Melchizedek goes to a remote world i. Gabriel,

35:2.5 that particular mission, be deputized i. the sender

40:6.2 “Spoke the prophet of old i. God: “Even to them

53:3.3 sovereignty of Nebadon i. a hypothetical Father

54:1.9 encroach upon the rights of his fellows i. liberty

70:1.15 was executed in the “n. of the Lord God of Israel.”

96:4.4 Commandments that Moses promulgated i. Yahweh,

97:4.3 he declared i. Yahweh: “Surely I will never forget

144:3.15 by the addition of—“i. the Lord Jesus Christ.”

144:5.16 Even so, i. the bestowal Son And for the honor

158:4.6 “Come out of him, you unclean spirit; i. Jesus

172:3.9 of David; blessed is he who comes i. the Lord.

175:1.6 I. the Father who sent me, I solemnly warn you

175:2.3 And to do such wicked deeds i. one who taught

184:3.14 “I adjure you, i. the living God, that you tell us

189:2.1 I. the celestial intelligences of all Nebadon, I ask for

194:4.9 At first they baptized i. Jesus; it was twenty years

194:4.9 to baptize in “the n. of the Father, the Son, and the


16:7.6 To n. virtues is not to define them, but to live them


11:2.9 and the Melchizedeks long since n. it absolutum.

15:10.13 is composed of the executive groups previously n.

17:1.5 in fact, the superuniverses were n. after them.

20:7.1 they are of record as Trinity Teacher Sons, so n.

24:6.8 inauguration of the “space reports of glory,” so n.

24:7.5 number 842,842,682,846,782 of Havona, n. Sudna,

41:7.3 the sources of solar energy, n. in the order of their

45:1.1 These spheres are numbered and n. as follows:

51:3.2 These Gardens of Eden are so n. in honor of Edentia

54:6.5 repercussions of the rebellion which might be n.,

63:3.1 They n. him Sontad; and Sontad was the first

66:3.3 This world center of culture was n. Dalamatia in

71:3.12 Honors are next bestowed in the order n. upon

75:2.4 was enjoying with a Nodite leader n. Serapatatia.

77:3.3 The new city was to be n. Bablot after the architect

88:1.4 they did not feel superior to them and were often n.

121:8.9 the year A.D. 78 at Antioch by a believer n. Cedes.

122:8.2 he was circumcised and formally n. Joshua (Jesus).

123:1.4 for a neighbor boy about his own age n. Jacob.

124:6.7 Jericho, where Joshua, for whom Jesus was n.,

127:6.10 estate deal was with a boatbuilder n. Zebedee.

128:3.5 contacts was the one with a Hellenist n. Stephen.

128:3.6 there stood by one n. Saul, a citizen of Tarsus.

130:6.6 Jesus and Ganid gave first aid to a lad n. Rufus,

130:8.1 a downhearted and discouraged man n. Claudus.

134:8.1 and securing a beast of burden and a lad n. Tiglath,

137:1.1 Of all John’s followers one n. Andrew was the

137:1.2 Andrew had a very enthusiastic brother, n. Simon,

145:1.1 This boat was n. “Simon”; the former vessel of

148:0.1 of a believer physician, a Syrian n. Elman.

152:7.1 John, stayed at the home of a believer n. Simon,

156:3.1 Beirut, where he visited with a Syrian n. Malach,

156:4.1 his headquarters at the home of a Jew n. Joseph,

160:0.1 Greek philosopher from Alexandria n. Rodan.

166:1.1 where there lived a wealthy Pharisee n. Nathaniel;

169:3.2 “There was a certain rich man n. Dives, who, being

169:3.2 beggar n. Lazarus, who lay at this rich man’s gate,


21:5.7 When the provisions of n. patience have been

102:0.1 N. despair is man’s only reward for living and


102:8.1 religion consist in the fact of human experience; n.

149:1.7 a great law which has long been known to us, n.,


1:1.1 Of all the n. by which God the Father is known

1:1.1 The First Father is known by various n. in different

1:1.1 The n. which the creature assigns to the Creator

1:1.4 the Father is generally known by n. which may be

1:5.3 worlds by number and calls them all by their n.”;

3:3.1 the number of the stars; he calls them all by their n..

6:1.5 The Eternal Son is known by different n. in various

9:1.1 The Third Source and Center is known by many n.,

11:2.9 It has received many n. in different universes, and

16:2.5 of seven any or all of the n. of the Infinite Spirit.

16:3.1 have n., but we elect to introduce them by number.

17:1.5 the Paradise satellites of the Spirit have the same n.

17:3.2 The Reflective Spirits have n., but these designations

17:3.2 They pertain to the nature and character of these

18:4.3 In recording the n. of these beings of the spiritual

22:1.10 their n. are removed from the finaliter roll call.

23:2.10 they are known to the Infinite Spirit by personal n..

33:8.6 activities of Urantia which bear corresponding n..

34:4.10 The seven adjutants have been given the following n.

35:9.5 The System Sovereigns are true to their n.;

36:5.2 The seven adjutant mind-spirits are called by n.

42:2.20 They have different n., but you can hardly be told

55:9.3 the true dignity signified by their n., the Most Highs.

63:0.3 Andon and Fonta never knew these n. until they

63:0.3 They gave themselves these n., and the meanings are

74:3.8 Adam could give n. descriptive of the origin, nature

77:8.2 they are often given n. such as 1-2-3 the first, 4-5-6

77:8.6 This group bear n.; they are a small corps and are

84:4.5 did not have souls; therefore were they denied n..

87:2.6 The n. of the dead were never spoken.

87:2.6 These n. became taboo,and in this way the languages

88:5.5 Primitive man believed that n. must be treated with

88:5.5 treated with respect, especially n. of the gods.

88:5.5 N. were pawned for loans; a man could not use his

88:5.5 The savage had two n.; the important one was

88:5.5 the African Bushmen, individual n. do not exist.

90:2.10 sprinkled the newborn with water and conferred n.

90:5.3 a prostitution of ritualistic repetition of holy n..

96:1.9 6. Sundry n..

97:9.19 charge that he had blasphemed the n. of “Elohim

108:3.3 mortals do not receive real universe n. until after

113:2.6 All seraphim have individual n., but in the records of

115:3.4 Beyond the Supreme, concepts are increasingly n.;

126:4.6 their host by number and calls them all by their n..

131:2.2 the number of the stars; he calls them all by their n.

134:7.2 Jesus was known by various n. in different parts of

139:7.8 so Matthew gave much in the n. of other believers.

159:4.4 books were not written by the persons whose n.

163:6.2 rather rejoice that your n. are written on the rolls

169:4.5 he referred to Deity by only two n.: God and Father.

184:1.4 Annas spoke, “What are the n. of your disciples,

187:1.2 written with charcoal the n. of the criminals and

187:1.2 thieves the centurion had notices that gave their n.,


35:9.2 The Constellation Father n. one of the Lanonandeks


172:1.3 with Simon about Joshua of old, whose n. he was,


27:0.11 direction of these angels in reverse order of their n..

86:4.6 The custom of n. children after grandparents was

Nanakfounder of Sikhism

92:5.8 human history of Urantia from Onagar to Guru N..

92:5.15 Hinduism, and Buddhism were synthesized by N.

Naomibride at Cana wedding feast

137:3.6 all journeyed over to Cana for the wedding of N.,

137:3.6 gather together at Cana for the wedding feast of N.


168:2.3 grave cloths, and his face was covered with a n..

171:8.6 pound, which I have kept safely done up in this n..

188:1.4 When the embalming was completed, they tied a n.

189:4.6 Mary saw only the folded n. where his head had


130:0.2 At Carthage they took a boat for N., stopping at

130:0.2 From N. they went to Capua, whence they traveled


130:8.1 Peter in proclaiming Christianity in Rome and N.,

130:8.4 At last they reached N. and felt they were not far

130:8.4 Gonod had much business to transact in N.,

130:8.5 There was no outstanding experience in N.; Jesus


183:0.1 they had been refreshed by their short n., besides,


94:3.3 Brahman-N. was conceived as the Absolute,

94:3.4 of their theoretic monotheistic goal of Brahman-N..


187:2.3 when Jesus tasted this n. wine, as thirsty as he was


16:8.2 attempt to define personality, we may attempt to n.

29:0.11 it is deemed best to n. their activities in the section

40:5.18 There are differences too numerous to n. even

54:5.14 comprehensible, but which I am not permitted to n..

72:0.1 I am authorized to n. something of the social, moral,

119:3.5 I regret that I do not have permission to n. the

170:5.1 we are permitted to n. certain later ideas which

188:0.1 We can n. the burial of the Son of Man and put in


17:6.1 these marvelous beings which may be n. as a part of

22:10.10 [N. by a Mighty Messenger of the revelatory corps

40:9.6 instantly invests the n. event with the emotional tinge

53:7.11 the reports continuously n. the unswerving loyalty of

72:1.5 toward the governmental techniques about to be n.,

72:12.3 Much more could be n. that would no doubt interest

74:8.1 worship was incidental to the facts herewith n..

74:8.15 [N. by Solonia, the seraphic “voice in the Garden.”]

79:8.15 initiation of industry—all these are successively n..

128:1.14 Going down the Jordan, Jesus n. Jewish history to

142:3.9 But when a later writer n. these events, subsequent

149:7.2 were edified by the young preachers as they n. their

151:3.4 2. Jesus n. three or four parables from the Hebrew

186:5.1 The events already n. and leading up to this hour


119:8.9 personalities, n. the history of Urantia down to the

140:8.17 correct many erroneous Urantia views of life by n.


15:5.14 n. of almost one hundred different modes of sun

17:7.1 The n. of the nature and functioning of the seven

34:4.13 first observed on Urantia about the time of this n..

48:6.33 Falsehood is not a matter of n. technique but

72:0.2 unusual for the system rulers to consent to the n. on

74:1.2 with the n. of their subsequent conduct on Urantia.

119:1.4 the Father Melchizedek, and it comprises the n. of


5:6.14 [This is the last of the series presenting the n. of the

15:14.4 This entire n. presents only a fleeting glimpse of

17:6.1 universe Creative Spirits properly belongs to the n.

20:1.15 this n. will be concerned with the two remaining

22:8.1 to the creature-trinitized sons considered in this n.,

22:10.9 this is the n. of the origin, nature, and functioning of

26:1.13 three orders forms the subject of a succeeding n.

26:2.3 it will be separately considered in the succeeding n..

30:2.148 Their activities are more fully described in the n. of

30:3.7 Their story belongs to the n. of the mortal career in

30:4.9 The following n. presents the universe career of an

30:4.34 This n., together with what has been revealed to you

32:2.13 But the evolution of a local universe is a long n..

37:3.2 in the n. of life transplantation on your world.

37:10.6 the plan of this n. does not provide for the further

37:10.6 This n. cannot be more than a brief outline of the

40:0.10 the n. has descended the universal scale of living

40:0.11 Since the greater part of this n. will be devoted to a

40:7.4 The n. of human ascent from the mortal spheres of

42:2.16 In concept this n. has been moving Paradiseward as

44:0.16 spirit vision, perceive the building in which this n. is

46:4.7 Our n. of these residential and administrative areas

51:3.5 And your n. of this occurrence well illustrates the

52:0.9 the successive mortal epochs considered in this n..

55:0.12 the conclusion of this n. these stages of advancing

57:1.7 At about this time the n. shifts to the functioning of

61:7.19 This n., extending from the rise of mammalian life to

64:5.4 now I interrupt the chronological n., after calling

66:1.5 As I executed my assignment of putting the n. of

68:0.1 This is the beginning of the n. of the long, long

70:1.15 the n. of the raid on the Midianites is a typical recital

70:1.16 This is a n. of the evolution of society—the natural

74:8.2 the n., the sudden appearance of the sun and moon,

74:8.7 But Moses did present a simple and condensed n. of

74:8.11 priests had already completed the writing of their n.

77:2.1 n. of the origin, nature, and function of the midway

77:5.1 of the ancestry of the secondary midwayers, this n.

79:5.1 the n. of eastern Asia is more properly that of the

89:6.3 the Hebrew n. of Jephthah and his only daughter.

93:9.5 years many regarded the whole n. as a myth.

93:9.9 preserving only the n. of the meeting of Abraham

105:3.1 origins and infinity differentiation by a sequential n.,

105:5.3 While we present this n. as a sequence and portray

119:7.8 the n. of the mortal bestowal of the Creator Son

119:7.8 a matter beyond the scope and purpose of this n..

PART IV  The basis of this n. was supplied by a secondary

120:0.1 am authorized to present this n. of certain events

121:0.1 I am authorized to place on record the n. of the life

121:0.1 refused to multiply copies of his written n..

121:8.3 Rome required the assistance of such a written n.,

121:8.7 also had with him the first four fifths of Mark’s n..

121:8.9 the first four fifths, Isador’s n., and a brief record

121:8.13 I have prepared this n. of the life and teachings of

121:8.14 portrayed this n. in accordance with my concept of

124:6.18 lad, and begins the n. of that adolescent youth—

130:1.4 (In this n. of the personal work of Jesus with his

135:0.1 believed her n. only after he had an unusual dream

139:1.9 made up a fairly consecutive n. of the Master’s life

139:7.5 of Isador’s n. of the sayings and doings of Jesus,

152:4.4 why Mark left a portion of the story out of his n..

152:4.4 give place to this story in the preparation of his n..

159:4.4 the profound truth of this n., the love of God for

161:2.1 the following n. is a condensed, rearranged, and

168:1.6 Although this n. unfolds as an apparently natural

170:0.2 In this n. we will amplify the address by adding

175:2.3 warn all who read this n. that the presentation of


9:8.14 Third Source, as it is revealed in these n., falls into

13:0.7 central and superuniverses not disclosed in these n..

20:1.1 descending Sons, seven will be depicted in these n..

20:1.12 central and superuniverses not disclosed in these n..

22:0.5 The Deity-trinitized Sons are unrevealed in these n.;

24:0.2 of the Infinite Spirit that find mention in these n.

25:7.4 the Morontia Companions is depicted in those n.

28:0.2 As presented in these n., the ministering spirits of the

30:1.13 They are for the most part unmentioned in these n.,

30:1.14 nor have all such categories been revealed in these n.

30:2.9 intelligent beings have been revealed in these n.,

30:4.1 creatures occupy such an important place in the n.

31:9.2 The proscription of the mandate authorizing these n.

32:2.13 the n. of the life and teachings of your Creator Son

35:0.2 of local universe sonship find mention in these n.:

37:0.2 succeeding n. will portray the ministering spirits

37:8.9 described in those n. dealing with transition planets

39:6.9 you will learn in connection with the n. dealing with

39:8.2 the most important as elaborated in these n. are the

39:8.6 spirits is discussed in connection with the Urantia n..

40:5.18 These n. cannot possibly embrace the fascinating

42:2.1 These n. cannot altogether follow your accepted

46:5.1 Those circle groups which find mention in these n.

49:5.9 worlds, as they have been presented in these n.,

55:8.6 creatures who have not been portrayed in these n..

56:10.23 We indited these n. and put them in the English

74:8.11 these writings as later peoples regard mythological n.

84:4.4 These n. were always distorted so as to make it

93:6.7 fabricated n. relating to the destruction of Sodom

93:9.8 The Hebrew n. of Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph are far

97:9.9 their fictitious n. of God’s miraculous dealings with

112:7.16 It has also been intimated in the course of these n.

113:0.1 Having presented the n. of the Ministering Spirits

114:3.1 During the times of the preparation of these n. this

119:8.9 We indited these n. and put them in the English

121:6.6 The Gospel of John, the last of the n. of Jesus’ life,

121:8.3 was the written basis of all subsequent Gospel n.

121:8.12 human concept and thought pattern in all my n..

129:3.1 constitute the subjects of the n. which follow this

136:4.10 the fragmentary n. of the Mount Hermon struggles

194:3.1 associated with the early n. of the day of Pentecost


114:1.4 others, including this n., look for Melchizedek’s

121:8.14 more as a collector and editor than as an original n.


59:4.1 land of the world is connected by n. land bridges.

59:6.4 seas which were connected with the oceans by n.

61:3.8 Mediterranean flowed into the Atlantic through a n.

62:3.9 You can hardly realize by what n. margins your

64:4.7 These animals persisted in that n. belt of land lying

64:7.17 a n. southern strip of the present island of England

64:7.18 safely crossing the n. straits which then separated

73:3.1 the third, a long n. peninsula—almost an island—

77:5.10 In these highland sites, situated in a n. fertile belt

81:6.24 —indeed, a very n. and purely instinctive existence.

100:7.5 handicapped by enslavement to n. conventionality.

122:6.1 Jesus’ favorite stroll was to follow a n. trail

146:4.3 he chanced to pass through a n. side street on his

147:6.4 As the company passed along the n. road, the wheat

152:0.2 ruler’s house, as they hastened through a n. street

155:1.3 Because their outlook is small and n., they are able

155:1.4 accepting a n. and confused disintegration of truth,

156:5.11 You are destined to live a n. and mean life if you

166:3.3 the way which leads to eternal life is straight and n.

166:3.3 the door which leads thereto is likewise n. so that

166:3.3 Even if the door to the way of life is n., it is wide

166:3.6 old and familiar proverb of the straight and n. way.

174:5.14 Jesus led the way over the n. streets of Jerusalem

178:3.5 as they made their way along the n. streets in the

187:1.6 As the death procession passed along the n. streets


80:7.2 This group were the n., smaller-statured Andites


71:6.1 Ruthless competition based on n. self-interest is

149:4.3 tendency toward becoming n. and circumscribed

159:4.9 by human ignorance, bigotry, and n. intolerance.

195:8.2 The father of secularism was the n. and godless


100:7.6 Jesus was free from all n..


155:1.4 They have become so n. by tradition that they are


79:2.1 The base of the peninsula was formerly somewhat n.


73:3.4 was only twenty-seven miles wide at the n. point.


118:7.8 Therefore is there increased safety in n. the limits of


65:3.3 frog, n. escaped extinction on a certain occasion.


81:6.36 the dangers of ultraspecialization: monotony, n.,

160:2.7 vision, prejudice of viewpoint, and n. of judgment.

Nasantaone of the first ten women evangelists

150:1.1 N., the daughter of Elman, the Syrian physician;


12:6.6 All phases of primordial force, n. spirit, and other


70:10.6 the accused wife was made to drink the n. potion.


16:5.2 man, will forever bear this badge of n. identification

Nathanassociate of John Zebedee

6:1.3 he would have uttered the truth when he wrote: “In

121:8.10 he encouraged his associate, N., a Greek Jew from

121:8.10 the work which N. executed under his direction.

139:4.4 engaged in directing N. in the writing of the Gospel

139:4.15 John directed his associate, N., in the writing of the

Nathanpotter of Nazareth

123:5.15 and as they watched N.’ deft fingers mold the clay

123:5.15 N. was fond of the lads and often gave them clay

Nathanfather of Johab

137:3.6 wedding feast of Naomi and Johab the son of N..

Nathanone of Davids messengers

191:6.1 and when he had delivered his message to Rodan,

191:6.1 N. of Busiris, came before this group and told them

191:6.1 N. ended his touching recital with these words:

191:6.1 Even as N. spoke, the morontia Master appeared

191:6.1 when N. sat down, Jesus said: “Peace be upon you

Nathanielone of the twelve apostles


137:2.3 Philip was on his way with his friend N. to visit

137:2.3 But N., who lived at Cana, did not know Jesus.

137:2.3 Philip went forward to greet his friends while N.

137:2.6 to break the news of his decision to his friend N.,

137:2.6 which he had heard concerning John the Baptist,

137:2.6 N. inquired, “Whence comes this teacher?”

137:2.6 N. asked, “Can any such good thing come out of

137:2.7 Philip led N. to Jesus, who, looking benignly into the

137:2.7 And N., turning to Philip, said: “You are right. He is

137:2.7 And Jesus nodded to N., again saying, “Follow me.”

137:2.8 for some time known Jesus and one stranger, N..

137:5.1 Andrew, Peter, Philip, and N.—departed very early

138:1.1 Capernaum, while Philip and N. went to Tarichea.

138:2.9 chiefly because of his experience with finances, N.

138:5.1 and N. presented Judas Iscariot, the Judean,

138:10.5 4. N. watched over the needs of the families of the

138:10.5 He received regular reports as to the requirements

139:5.8 When Philip’s first convert, N., wanted to argue


139:6.1 N., the sixth and last of the apostles to be chosen by

139:6.1 He had been associated in several enterprises with

139:6.2 When N. joined the apostles, he was twenty-five

139:6.2 He was the youngest of a family of seven, unmarried,

139:6.2 aged and infirm parents, with whom he lived at Cana;

139:6.2 N. and Judas Iscariot were the two best educated

139:6.2 N. had thought to become a merchant.

139:6.3 Jesus did not himself give N. a nickname, but

139:6.3 He was “without guile.”

139:6.3 his great virtue; he was both honest and sincere.

139:6.3 he was very proud of his family, city, reputation,

139:6.3 But N. was inclined to go to extremes with his

139:6.3 He was disposed to prejudge individuals in

139:6.3 He was not slow to ask the question, even before

139:6.3 before he had met Jesus, “Can any good thing come

139:6.3 But N. was not obstinate, even if he was proud.

139:6.3 He was quick to reverse himself when he looked

139:6.4 many respects N. was the odd genius of the twelve.

139:6.4 He was the apostolic philosopher and dreamer, but

139:6.4 but he was a very practical sort of dreamer.

139:6.4 He alternated between seasons of profound

139:6.4 he was probably the best storyteller among the

139:6.4 Jesus greatly enjoyed hearing N. discourse on things

139:6.4 N. progressively took Jesus and the kingdom more

139:6.4 seriously, but never did he take himself seriously.

139:6.5 The apostles all loved and respected N., and he

139:6.5 he got along with them splendidly, excepting Judas

139:6.5 Judas did not think N. took apostleship seriously

139:6.5 that which has been intrusted to you but leave N.,

139:6.6 N. would relieve the tension by a bit of philosophy

139:6.7 N.’ duty was to look after the families of the twelve.

139:6.7 He was often absent from the apostolic councils,

139:6.7 when he heard that sickness or anything out of the

139:6.7 his charges, he lost no time in getting to that home.

139:6.7 their families’ welfare was safe in the hands of N..

139:6.8 N. most revered Jesus for his tolerance.

139:6.8 He never grew weary of contemplating the generous

139:6.9 N.’ father (Bartholomew) died after Pentecost,

139:6.9 this apostle went into Mesopotamia and India

139:6.9 His brethren never knew what became of their

139:6.9 But he also was a great man in the kingdom and did

139:6.9 though he did not participate in the organization of

139:6.9 N. died in India.

139:8.10 sometimes it was N. who helped him to recover,

139:9.3 the twins carried money to the families for N.,

139:12.1 Judas, the twelfth apostle, was chosen by N..

139:12.2 When N. met Judas at Tarichea, he was seeking

140:6.9 asked N.: “Master, shall we give no place to justice?

141:3.2 Thomas, and N. did much of the personal work

143:1.3 similar objections to the gospel presented by N.,

143:3.5 N. had been less humorous since they had come in

144:1.7 N. and Thomas confessed they were puzzled;

146:2.1 N. was confused in his mind about the Master’s

147:4.1 N. asked Jesus this question: “Master, although

147:4.2 When Jesus heard N.’ question, he immediately

147:4.2 pointing his finger at the apostle, said: “N., N.!

147:4.3 When the Master had spoken, N. stood up and said

147:4.3 And then when N. had sat down, Jesus continued

147:4.3 Jesus continued speaking: “I well know, N., that

147:4.10 While N. was slow to recover from his supposition

148:5.1 N. asked Jesus: “Master, though I am beginning to

148:5.1 The Master answered N., saying: “Nathaniel, you

148:5.2N., you and many others are thus perplexed because

148:5.4 N., it is our mission to help men solve their problems

148:5.5 “But, N., there is much in the Scriptures which

150:4.1 James and John Zebedee, Philip and N.,

151:2.3 To this invitation only N. responded.

151:2.3 Said he: “Master, while I recognize many good

151:2.4 When N. had finished speaking, the apostles fell into

151:2.4 an equal number sought to defend N.’ explanation of

151:2.4 Peter and N. had withdrawn to the house, where

151:2.5 I hold that Peter and N. are both wrong in their

151:2.7 even Peter and N. were on their way over to speak

151:2.7 the true meaning of parables; but Peter and N.

151:2.8 Peter and N. congratulated each other on their

152:2.5 Those opposing the plan were Andrew, James, N.,

153:0.2 N. said they were in the midst of the “lull before

154:2.4 N. and James suffered from more than a slight illness

156:5.3 N. asked Jesus: “Master, why do we pray that God

156:5.3 Jesus answered N.: “It is not strange that you ask

158:4.6 N. and the others looked on in amazement;


159:4.1 And then went Jesus over to Abila, where N. and

159:4.1 N. was much bothered by some of Jesus’

159:4.1 N. took Jesus away from the others and asked:

159:4.2N., you have rightly judged; I do not regard the

159:4.5N., never permit yourself for one moment to

159:4.6 N., never forget, the Father does not limit the

159:4.8 “Mark you well my words, N., nothing which human

159:4.11 N. was enlightened, and shocked, by the Master’s

159:4.11 He long pondered this talk in the depths of his soul

159:4.11 he told no man concerning this conference until after

159:4.11 he feared to impart the full story of the Master’s

160:0.1 except N. and Thomas, went home to visit their

160:0.1 N. and Thomas were busy with their discussions

160:0.1 directed that N. and Thomas should listen to all he

160:1.1 Rodan began a series of ten addresses to N., Thomas

161:0.2 N. and Thomas were still in the midst of their

161:0.2 and N. were engaged in earnest debate with Rodan

161:0.2 Thomas and N. had alternated in presenting the

161:1.3 This contention greatly troubled Thomas and N.,

161:1.4 Then N. appealed to his own personal experience

161:1.5 But by Tuesday N. had won Rodan to believe in the

161:1.5 he effected this change in the Greek’s views by the

161:2.1 Since N. and Thomas had fully approved Rodan’s

161:2.1 N. and Thomas jointly presented their views of the

161:2.11 N. and Thomas had concluded their conferences with

161:2.11 from the recounting of these experiences by N. and

162:0.3 Thomas and N. arrived on Friday, having been

163:0.2 N. instructed them in the art of teaching;

164:0.1 Jesus, taking with him N. and Thomas, secretly

164:2.3 But when he went forth that night, with N. and

164:2.4 That night N. and Thomas slept little;

164:3.2 N., pondering the possible cause of this man’s

164:3.6 entered into the discussion of this case with N. and

164:3.7 he proceeded to answer N.’ question.

164:3.8 When Jesus had spoken, he said to N. and Thomas

164:3.11 from Jesus’ conversation with N. and Thomas,

164:4.2 that morning Josiah had learned from Thomas, N.,

164:5.3 out through the temple precincts; and meeting N.

167:7.1 N. walked most of the way by the side of Jesus,

167:7.1 N. finally asked the Master this question: “Seeing

167:7.7 Jesus would have spoken further with N. regarding

171:8.9 It was N. who so well taught the meaning of these

172:5.7 N., aside from the symbolic and prophetic aspects,

172:5.7 He reasoned it out, before they reached the temple,

172:5.7 He was not in the least surprised that the Master

172:5.7 N. naturally followed along with more poise

172:5.7 N. had great confidence in Jesus’ understanding of

174:0.2 To N. he said: “Judge not by appearances; remain

176:0.2 presently N. asked this question: “Tell us, Master,

176:1.1 In answering N.’ question, Jesus said: “Yes, I will

177:3.2 when N. made his speech on “Supreme Desire” to

179:1.5 the Alpheus twins, Philip, N., Thomas, and Peter.

180:3.8 Philip, who, after speaking a few words with N.,

181:2.21 Then went the Master over to N..

181:2.21 As N. stood up, Jesus bade him be seated and,

181:2.21N., you have learned to live above prejudice and

181:2.23 Then N. spoke, asking Jesus this question: “I have

181:2.23 Jesus, putting his hand on N.’ shoulder, said: “My

182:2.3 and girded themselves therewith except N..

182:2.3 N., in refusing to arm himself, said: “My brethren,

182:2.3 When Andrew heard N.’ speech, he handed his

183:4.2 had it not been for the advice of N., who stood up

183:4.2 He further reminded them that Jesus had that very

183:4.2 And N. was encouraged in this stand by James

183:4.3 Five of the apostles, N., Matthew, Philip, and the

191:0.2 influence, especially on his brother James and on N..

191:0.5 It was N. who prevented them from going out in

191:0.5 he did this by reminding them of Jesus’ warning

191:0.7 was the frequent contribution of N.’ characteristic

191:0.7 He was really the controlling influence among the ten

191:0.7 Never once did he express himself concerning either

191:0.7 But as the day wore on, he became increasingly

191:0.13 Thomas would have gone back to them if N. or any

191:2.1 and while N. remonstrated with Andrew,

191:5.1 N. reasoned with him, but it did no good.

191:5.2 with Peter sitting on one side of Thomas and N. on

192:2.9 Jesus next talked with Thomas and N..

192:2.10 Then said the Master to N., “N., do you serve me?

192:4.7 N. opposed this shift in the burden of their public

192:4.7 but he could not withstand Peter’s eloquence,

192:4.7 could he overcome the enthusiasm of the disciples,

193:4.3 wrong is well proved by the cases of N. and

193:6.4 N. differed increasingly with Peter regarding

193:6.4 he went on into the lands beyond Mesopotamia

193:6.4 so acute by the middle of the month that N.

195:3.10 went on to follow N. in proclaiming Christ in India

Nathanielwealthy Pharisee of Ragaba

166:1.1 where there lived a wealthy Pharisee named N.;

166:1.1 he made a breakfast on this Sabbath morning for all

166:1.2 The Master took his seat at the left of N. without

166:1.2 But N. was shocked by this failure of the Master to

166:1.3 After considerable whispering between N. and an

166:1.6 when Jesus had finished speaking at N.’ table, he

nation or Jewish nation or Hebrew nationnoun

7:1.6 and spiritized personalities of any world, race, n.,

28:6.20 not he who “takes a city” or “overthrows a n.,”

44:1.15 could forever change the course of a whole n.,

52:6.1 rumors of wars,” and that n. would rise against n..

52:6.4 each n. must know the feelings of all nations.

52:7.13 “a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy n.,

64:6.18 The southern n. entered Africa,where they destroyed

64:6.19 green man were mostly confined to this Egyptian n..

70:4.1 family, then the clan, the tribe, and later on the n.,

70:8.11 the presence of two or more races within a given n.

71:1.1 and enduring state is composed of a single n. whose


72:1.1 This n. numbers about 140 million.

72:1.2 The industrial mechanism of this n. enjoys a great

72:1.4 This continental n. followed the evolutionary trend

72:1.4 one of the n.’ powerful dictator-triumvirs had a

72:2.1 This continental n. now has a representative

72:2.9 This n. is adjudicated by two major court systems—

72:3.8 and divorce laws are uniform throughout the n..

72:4.1 The educational system of this n. is compulsory

72:5.9 so recently developed, the whole n. is travel bent.

72:6.1 This n. is making a determined effort to replace the

72:6.1 This n. provides every child an education and every

72:6.1 it can successfully carry out such an insurance

72:7.9 which is far above that of any other n. on the planet.

72:8.2 The public offices of the n. are grouped in four

72:9.1 leaders of this n. discovered a serious weakness in

72:9.8 when fifty per cent of a n. is inferior or defective and

72:9.8 and possesses the ballot, such a n. is doomed.

72:9.8 dominance of mediocrity spells the downfall of any n

72:11.4 this n. maintains adequate defense against attack

72:11.5 When war is declared, the entire n. is mobilized.

72:12.2 could be done on this world if this continental n. of

72:12.2 Son should soon come to this advanced n.,

72:12.4 disparity of culture as separates the continental n.

78:2.5 But the Adamites were a real n. around 19,000 B.C.,

78:5.8 And to every n. to which they journeyed,

79:6.9 During this age the Chinese built up a real n.,

81:6.12 it is a wise n. which knows when to cease growing.

81:6.22 A mechanical age can prove disastrous only to a n.

81:6.26 The moral and spiritual momentum of a n. largely

84:5.3 inversely with the degree of militarism in any n. or

84:7.1 As are the families of the race or n., so is its society.

91:5.2 Even a whole city or an entire n. can be helped by

92:2.4 A race or n. can only assimilate from any advanced

95:5.3 would Egypt have become the great monotheistic n.

95:5.4 king so methodically proceed to swing a whole n.

95:6.1 teachers made headway in Iran, and the whole n..

96:2.4 Semite peoples who were shortly to form the Hn..

96:4.6 as his chosen people; he was building a new n.,

96:5.1 laid the foundation for the subsequent birth of a n.

96:5.9 a self-sustaining and partially self-regulating n. of

97:2.1 the Hn. became divided into two kingdoms.

97:4.2 no differently of the Hebrews than of any other n.

97:6.2 difficult to conceive of Yahweh apart from the Hn.

97:7.1 The destruction of the Hn. and their captivity in

97:7.1 Their n. had fallen before the armies of Babylon,

97:7.3 minds, and that was the rehabilitation of the Jn.,

97:9.1 The Hn. came into being as the result of the union of

97:9.16 Solomon bankrupted the n. by his lavish court and

97:9.17 and all the worship of the n. was centered at Jebus

97:10.1 carry the truth of the one God over all to every n..

97:10.2 remnants of the Hn. reject the magnificent concept

97:10.5 As a n. the Jews eventually lost their political

98:2.11 No n ever attained such heights of artistic philosophy

98:2.11 no n. ever plunged so quickly, deeply, and violently

99:3.8 n. prostitutes its religion into military propaganda.

103:5.2 in concept to embrace the clan, the tribe, the n..

111:6.10 whether found in an individual, a race, or a n..

118:10.5 total; such total may be the total race, the total n.,

121:5.1 religion had chiefly been an affair of the tribe or n.;

122:4.4 to establish the Jews in Palestine as a powerful n.,

122:7.5 the idea of a Jewish Messiah, a deliverer of the Hn..

123:5.12 one of the twenty-four priest centers of the Hn..

127:2.9 from our brother-father’s guidance to serve our n.?”

132:4.8 “Justice makes a n. great, and the greater a nation

132:4.8 and the greater a n. the more solicitous will it be to

132:4.8 Woe upon any n. when only those who possess

132:4.8 integrity of its courts the endurance of a n. depends

132:5.20 likewise is he under obligation to the race, n.,

132:7.5 must possess if it is to change a race and exalt a n..

134:5.6 conquest, tribes become unified as a n., while nations

134:5.12 not until every so-called sovereign n. surrenders its

134:6.3 wars and rumors of wars—n. will rise against n.

135:4.3 the Messiah as the promised deliverer of the Jn.

135:5.2 that they were paying the penalty for the n.’ sins.

135:5.4 a new king in Palestine, for a regenerated Jn.

136:1.5 The Jn. had not wholeheartedly repented; therefore

136:2.1 that the sin of one individual might curse the n..

136:2.1 themselves to belong to a guilty and sin-cursed n.,

136:8.5 knew many ways in which the attention of the n.,

137:6.2 Or can a n. be born at once?

139:6.3 Nathaniel’s family, his city, his reputation, and his n.,

140:10.5 emphasis on the individual, not on the race or n..

141:4.1 God as a king over all, even as a Father of the n.,

145:2.8 “No more should you fear God will punish a n. for

145:2.8 one of his believing children for the sins of a n.,

145:2.8 Do you not realize that the hope of a better n.

145:2.10 a message directed to the individual, not to the n..

147:1.1 is worthy of your notice because he loves our n.

153:2.1 have set up over you into the hands of a strange n.

153:2.1 The Lord shall bring against you a n. from afar,

153:2.1 a n. whose tongue you shall not understand,

153:2.1 a n. of fierce countenance, a n. which will have

153:3.6 of the elders, or so-called oral laws of the n..

154:3.2 on charges of flouting the sacred laws of the Jn..

159:4.9 which only the wise minds of the n. dare to interpret.

162:2.5 of the highest governing body of the Jn..

173:4.3 perceived that this parable referred to the Jn. and its

174:5.3 Sanhedrin, or were high in the councils of the n.,

175:1.3 offered this same sonship with God to all the Jn.,

175:1.5 this n. will be left to its own counsels, and it shall

175:1.8 the kingdoms of men shall finally overthrow this n.

175:1.15 What can be expected of a n. when the blind lead the

175:1.20 “Woe upon you, false guides of a n.!

175:2.1 the religious teachers of the Jn. onetime rejected

175:2.1 The Jews, as a n., as a sociopolitical group, paid in

175:3.1 this supreme court of the Jn. informally decreed the

175:3.1 of heavenly mercy ever to be extended to the Jn.,

175:3.2 abrogated, and the end of the Hn. drew on apace.

175:4.1 destruction of Jerusalem and the end of the Jn.,

175:4.2 the Mount of Olives foretelling the death of the Jn.,

threatened to endanger the existence of the Jn. by

176:1.2 in the final and complete overthrow of the Jn..

176:4.2 overthrow of Jerusalem and downfall of the Jn.,

184:5.3 1. That he was a perverter of the Jn.; he deceived

185:2.3 disturber of our n. is worthy to die for the things he

185:2.10 that this man is an evildoer and a disturber of our n.

185:2.11 1. Perverting our n. and stirring up our people to

185:3.1 was a perverter of the n. and an inciter to rebellion.

186:1.2 which he flattered himself he had rendered his n..

186:2.4 awful silence looking upon the death scene of a n.

187:1.7 tragedy ahead for Jerusalem and the whole Jewish n.

191:6.2 belongs not to a race, a n., nor to a special group

193:1.2 news to all creatures of every race, tribe, and n..


71:3.2 been a prime factor in tribal welding and n. building

82:5.9 increased strength; outmarriage was a n. builder.

95:5.9 too advanced to serve the purposes of a n. builder.

114:6.8 4. The angels of n. life.

134:5.1 complicated by the political evolution of n. life


134:6.3 is divided up and unjustly held by a group of n..


72:9.6 federal chief executive every six years is by n. ballot,

national administration

72:8.2 The division of trust pertains principally to the n.,

national affairs

134:6.8 n., by national governments; international affairs will

national aggrandizement

71:4.17 in offensive operations for purposes of selfish n.?

national animosity

52:3.12 peace—the cessation of race conflict and n.—is the

national beliefs

121:5.7 The mystery religions spelled the end of n. and

national capital

72:2.1 representative government with a centrally located n.

national civilization

81:6.35 No n. endures unless its educational methods and

national conscience

97:4.7 Amos quickened the n. of the Hebrews to the

national consciousness

88:3.3 their flags, emblems of n., never touch the ground.

national contentions

72:2.12 court—the high tribunal for the adjudication of n.

National Council of Defense

72:7.7 in the event of war the N. is empowered to assess the

72:7.14 appropriations, except war funds assessed by the N.,

72:11.1 ability and experience, by the president of the N..

72:11.1 This council consists of twenty-five members,

national crime

97:5.1 of punishment against personal sins and n. among

national culture

194:3.9 the serious mistake of being permeated with some n.

national defense

70:2.2 The constant necessity for n. creates many new and

national deities

96:1.12 They were hardly willing to abandon their n. in favor

national deliverer

126:3.10 in the Scriptures referring to the coming of a n.,

137:7.12 They all looked for a n. deliverer.

157:5.1 but it was not a part of the Jewish concept of the n.

national desolation

135:5.1 found it difficult to explain their long-continued n..

national destiny

81:6.11 increase in numbers prevents the full realization of n.

national devotion

81:6.35 inspire a high type of intelligent patriotism and n..

national differences

71:8.13 The ending of war—international adjudication of n.

national ego

93:9.9 The n. of the Jews was depressed by the Babylonian

national egotism

71:3.2 Much as it is to be regretted, n. has been essential to

93:9.9 swung to the other extreme of n. and racial egotism,

97:10.3 N., false faith in a misconceived promised Messiah,

national envy

52:6.5 Only a moral conscience can condemn n. and racial

national ethics

95:5.8 of right doing to embrace international as well as n..

national existence

185:5.6 which they held sacred and honorable in their n.,

national experience

97:8.2 we should survey the record of their perplexing n..

national feasts

173:1.2 the common people, especially during the great n..

national festivals

121:6.9 for the celebration of their n. religious festivals.

national glory

136:1.3 They were looking for a restoration of Jewish n.

national God or gods

91:0.5 men pray to gods—local and n.—to fetishes, ghosts,

92:6.20 worship developed into the veneration of n. gods

97:7.1 It was resentment of the loss of their n. that led the

97:7.11 Hear this great Hebrew demolish the concept of a n.

121:5.1 Gods were tribal or n., not personal.

national government(s)

71:8.8 6. The proper adjustment between local and n..

72:2.17 vote of the third legislative branch of the n.,

72:4.5 The school government is a replica of n. with its

72:9.2 as is the n. with its threefold division of powers.

134:6.8 national affairs, by n.; international affairs will be

134:6.10 individual liberties will vanish when the n. are willing

national group(s)

43:3.5 so greatly concern every mortal race and n. group of

52:6.6 to promote the interest of their n. or racial groups.

134:6.11 Under global government the n. will be afforded a

national groupings

52:2.5 Color is the basis of tribal and n., and the different

national headquarters

72:8.7 Near the n. and at the twenty-five coastal military

national history

121:7.1 a Messiah who would come as part of their n. and

136:1.1 the Jews regarded their n as beginning with Abraham

national honors

72:4.4 the lower social divisions on up to the contests for n.

national house of worship

173:1.5 also resented this profiteering desecration of their n..

national illumination

99:5.11 contributed to their particular n. during past ages.

national inferiority

93:9.9 In their reaction against n. the Jews swung to the

national integrity

78:8.5 They were thus able to maintain their racial and n.

national interchange

52:6.3 The racial and n. of students, teachers, industrialists,

national justice

97:4.2 heard the denunciation of the double standard of n.

national leaders

93:9.9 raising Abraham and their other n. high up above all

national leadership

186:2.8 that Jesus would be the last to afford them real n.,

national life

52:2.6 prince’s rule, n. begins to replace tribal organization

52:2.7 rule gives way to the concepts of n. and family life.

71:1.3 because of the absence of essentials to modern n.,

95:5.15 the Nile valley was passing at about the time the n.

114:6.8 directors of the political performances of Urantia n..

175:3.2 Jews were left to finish the brief and short lease of n.

national literature

52:6.4 must occur an exchange of n. and racial literature.

national loyalty

127:2.7 his religious fealty and n. were directly challenged.

national name

78:8.4 tower of Babel and later adopted the term as their n..

national nature

95:7.5 There was only one factor of a tribal, racial, or n.

national overlords

121:2.6 the face of the downfall of a succession of gentile n.

national philosophy

195:2.5 Rome, having little n. or native culture, took over

national population

81:6.12 The optimum stabilization of n. enhances culture and

national power

136:8.8 and creative energy into n. or international prestige.

national pride

174:2.4 such a pronouncement would greatly wound the n.

national problems

127:3.2 many of their problems, personal, family, and n..

national religion(s)

92:6.20 The “n.” are nothing more than a reversion to the

98:2.1 nearly vanished, and the Greeks were without a n.,

145:2.4 generations have you had a n. or racial religion;

national resistance

52:5.10 The military branches of n. are passing away; the era

national restrictions

194:3.5 the religion of Jesus broke all n. and racial fetters.

national righteousness

97:8.3 Israel unless they re-established their standards of n..

national rule

172:5.10 Simon dreamed of the establishment of the new n. of

national school(s)

72:8.2 schools are of three classes: n., regional, and state.

72:8.2 be graduates of regional and n. of statesmanship.

national sense

160:5.2 When men react to religion in the n., or racial sense,

national sins

136:1.5 to languish under Roman rule because of their n.

national society

84:3.1 All society, whether n. or familial, passed through

national sovereignty

134:5.2 nations cling to the illusive notions of unlimited n..

134:5.10 infected with the delusional virus of n.

134:5.15 The superstate (n.) of the American Federal Union

134:6.6 they cling to their delusions of the divine right of n..

134:6.7 The real disease is the virus of n..

national spirit

97:7.3 They were aiming at improving the n. and morale

national suicide

128:5.3 of the Palestinian Jews would be equivalent to n.,

national supremacy

134:5.11 life and death struggle for n. (imperial) supremacy,

national survival

71:4.17 N. demands preparedness, and religious idealism

national suspicions

140:5.18 Political peace prevents race antagonisms, n., and

national symbol

88:3.2 The totem evolved into the flag, or n., of the modern

national system

80:6.4 assembled their municipal deities into an elaborate n.

national treasury

72:7.13 the charter of federal statehood, is turned into the n..

national trials

72:4.4 and regional, and on to the n. of skill and prowess.

national welfare

43:9.4 concerned with racial, n., and planetary welfare.


52:2.5 and it culminates in a period of intense n..

52:3.10 completion of the task of race blending, n. wanes,

70:2.6 because war: 3. Fostered and solidified n..

97:7.14 to the work of building up a misconceived n.,

134:6.9 of makeshift juggling with the sovereignties of n..

195:3.2 Rome overcame the tradition of n. by imperial

195:8.10 resisting this disintegration of antagonism is n..

195:8.10 And n. is the chief barrier to world peace.


195:8.10 its divergent and rivalrous interests, races, and n..


127:2.1 There was coming into existence a strong n. party,

127:2.3 to intimate that his refusal to espouse the n. cause

127:2.5 About half had joined the n. organization, and

127:2.7 brother James, all urged him to join the n. cause.

139:11.4 could not quickly change himself from a Jewish n. to

139:11.9 an internationalist out of this ardent Jewish n..

139:11.10 As a n. patriot Simon had surrendered in deference

174:2.5 “Yes” would have shocked the n. sentiments of


52:3.11 Religion becomes less n., becomes more and more a

70:2.11 the struggle between n. militarism and industrialism,

77:4.3 The remnants of the n. or racial memorialists

92:6.20 hero-venerating n. religion makes its appearance in

92:6.20 and n. secularisms which characterize many races

95:5.9 Deity were high and exalted, but they were not n..

97:7.1 their n. Yahweh had suffered from the international

97:7.13 Isaiah effectively eclipsed the n. Yahweh by his

125:6.13 to mold his thoughts into patriotic and n. channels

127:3.9 he had lost at the time of the recent n. controversies.

171:0.2 the Messiah was to establish a n. government with


127:2.9 family, but presently you will have five loyal n.,

172:5.10 Simon saw the n. springing into action as soon as


134:6.5 these forty-eight states all of the various n. and races

148:1.1 the races and n. of the Roman world and the East,


96:4.6 he was building a new nation, and he wisely n. his

nationssee nations, all

43:5.16 hand of the Constellation Fathers in the affairs of n..

43:5.16 the Most High divided to the n. their inheritance,

43:5.17 Const. Father to intervene in the affairs of the n..

52:4.1 and the n. are learning to live on earth in peace

52:5.10 There are many n., mostly determined by land

52:6.1 of world-wide peace; the n. no more learn war.

54:6.3 Families, groups, n., races, worlds, systems,

64:6.16 among the more peaceful of the n. of Urantia.

70:1.22 more orderly system of the later-day “civilized” n..

70:2.9 Olden wars strengthened n., but modern struggles

70:2.10 discovery of better methods for curing the ills of n..

70:2.11 The n. of Urantia have already entered upon the

70:4.1 beyond blood ties to embrace n. is most encouraging

70:4.1 that Urantia n. are still spending vast sums on war

70:4.10 greatly delayed the growth of large and strong n..

70:12.4 In recent times some Urantia n. have codified these

71:0.1 the contest of force between struggling tribes and n..

71:1.3 the Iroquois federation, but this group of six n. never

71:8.13 and racial differences by continental courts of n.

72:1.3 without importing anything from surrounding n..

72:3.5 is not typical of the religious status of the other n.

72:10.2 is only one per cent of that among the other n..


72:12.1 many respects superior to those of the Urantia n.,

72:12.1 are inferior to the more advanced n. of Urantia.

72:12.2 the sending of missionaries to these surrounding n..

73:6.1 whose leaves were for the “healing of the n.,”

74:6.9 The practice of some n. of permitting the royal

76:3.10 priesthoods of the later tribes and surrounding n..

80:9.16 the full reciprocation of the various Occidental n..

81:6.35 all n. tend to disintegrate as a result of provincial

81:6.42 foresight are indispensable to the endurance of n..

91:5.2 prayer have led individuals, cities, n., and races to

92:6.20 secularisms which characterize many races and n.

96:4.3 other peoples and n. might not have other gods,

96:5.4 “You shall lend to many n., but you shall not

96:5.4 You shall reign over many n., but they shall not

97:5.1 consciousness in the Hebrew n. that the first Isaiah

97:6.2 Hebrews in their military struggles with other n..

97:7.14 prophet preached to his people and those of many n.

97:8.6 religious teachings of the so-called Christian n..

111:4.7 families and n. will enjoy life more if they share it

111:4.10 Today the n. of the world are directed by men who

114:6.11 individuals, families, groups, communities, n., races

121:2.2 Many of the highways joining the n. of antiquity

121:2.3 Jews were abroad in the world, dwelling in many n.

121:2.10 of the Roman Empire and of foreign treaty n. with

122:9.1 sacrifice as was the custom among the heathen n.,

131:2.5 Our God is governor among the n..

134:5.2 War on Urantia will never end so long as n. cling to

134:5.6 tribes become unified as a nation, while n. become

134:5.7 That is, minor wars between smaller n. are lessened,

134:5.7 the potential for greater wars is increased as the n.

134:5.7 when n. are few, strong, and powerful, when these

134:5.7 when these great and supposedly sovereign n. come

134:5.7 So-called sovereign n. cannot rub elbows without

134:5.10 enjoy lasting peace until the so-called sovereign n.

134:5.10 Internationalism—Leagues of N.—can never bring

134:5.10 World-wide confederations of n. will effectively

134:5.10 minor wars and acceptably control the smaller n.,

134:5.10 You cannot prevent n. going to war as long as they

134:5.11 As the number of truly sovereign n. (great powers)

134:5.14 So will the n. of Urantia begin to enjoy peace when

134:5.14 In this world state the small n. will be as powerful as

134:5.15 government of mankind will be created by n. for

134:5.17 how many leagues of n. must fail before men will be

134:6.4 Another war will teach the so-called sovereign n. to

134:6.4 preventing small wars, wars between the lesser n..

134:6.5 and races that live in the ever-warring n. of Europe.

134:6.6 and all types of explosives away from strong n., they

134:6.8 Urantia n. have not possessed real sovereignty;

134:6.8 they never have had a sovereignty which could

134:6.8 the n. are not giving up sovereignty so much as they

134:6.8 they are creating a real, bona fide, and lasting world

135:5.2 state in which God (the Messiah) would rule the n.

135:5.3 a feeling that the end of the rule of the gentile n. was

135:5.5 Son of Man, who would rule over the redeemed n.

149:2.1 as to make them the more acceptable to certain n.,

149:2.1 such teachings the less acceptable to all other n.,

156:2.4 that God is no respecter of persons, races, or n.;

159:5.6 “Neither shall the n. learn war any more.”

162:4.3 feast, the symbol of the seventy n. of heathendom.

163:4.17 considering the n. of heathendom as being seventy

165:5.3 wherein are you different from the n. of the world

166:3.5 sit down with the believers of the gentile n. in this

169:4.1 kings and emperors in the governments of the n.,

170:5.8 church, even as to all other religions, races, and n.

174:2.5 guidance of the Jews dispersed among gentile n.,

175:3.2 their purely human status among the n. of Urantia.

176:3.2 The downfall of n., the crash of empires,

176:3.2 to you who believe this gospel if n. overturn,

194:3.9 apostles’ preaching by the men of various n. and

194:3.18 to lessen the self-assertiveness of individuals, n.,

195:3.2 history made it possible for different races and n.

nations, all

52:3.7 that “God has made of one blood all the n.,”

52:4.1 There are no race or color problems; literally a. and

52:6.4 all races; each nation must know the feelings of a..

81:6.35 a. tend to disintegrate as a result of provincial

96:4.8 to assume the monotheistic role of the God of a..

97:4.3 And I will sift the house of Israel among a. as wheat

97:4.4 Amos proclaimed Yahweh the “God of a.

97:6.2 that Yahweh was God of all the earth, of a. and

97:6.2 preacher proclaim that Yahweh was God of a.,

97:7.1 expanded idea of an internationalized God of a..

97:7.4 Jeremiah that Yahweh had become the God of a..

121:2.6 of that one God of all n. and Father of all mortals.

131:2.4 Let all n. say: The Lord reigns!

135:3.2 given dominion and glory and a kingdom that a.,

136:1.3 better dispensation of mercy and salvation for a..

142:2.2 grow up better relations among the families of a..

149:2.1 a. and all religions of the world would speedily

149:2.1 such teachings the less acceptable to all other n.,

150:8.3 us have you chosen from among a. and tongues

153:2.1 astonishment, a proverb, and a byword among a.

153:2.2 will make this city a curse to all the n. of the earth.’

153:2.12 my revelation to the world and my saving gift to a..”

165:6.3 proclaiming this gospel to a., to every man,

170:5.8 church, even as to all other religions, races, and n.

173:1.7 ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for a.

176:1.1 all enemies and, eventually, be proclaimed to a..”

176:1.4 of the sword and will be led captive into a.;

178:1.9 this gospel will some day bring to a. a new liberation

190:5.4 poor who seek him; that a. shall call him blessed?

190:5.4 he shall be the desire of a. and the everlasting joy

191:4.4 fatherhood of God and brotherhood of men to a.

191:4.4 and you will freely give the good news to a..

193:2.2 when you go abroad to tell a. the good news of

nativesee native to; native being(s); native planet;

   native, Havona

14:2.9 the ground that the n. freewill creatures of Havona

14:3.2 for they are beings of n. perfection interspersed with

14:4.14 And there is a progression of n. creatures that is

15:11.2 superuniverse councils elects a n. representative.

16:5.2 each n. creature, man or angel, will forever bear

17:5.5 The Circuit Spirits are related to the n. inhabitants of

23:2.22 ambassadors selected from n. orders of sonship.

23:2.23 will require hundreds of years for a n. ambassador to

25:2.3 being restricted to their n. segments of creation.

27:6.2 delight to lead the minds of its inhabitants, both n.

28:1.3 appearance of the initial orders of n. angelic life,

30:4.21 Before departing from their n. local universes for the

31:0.10 never in their n. superuniverses until after they have

31:6.1 they seldom tarry on their n. world subsequent to its

35:2.3 own initiative these Sons patrol their n. universe.

35:5.5 representing constellations within their n. universe.

36:4.4 are alive today, functioning on their n. worlds,

37:0.1 the Spirit-Mother of all the n. creatures of Nebadon.

37:4.2 for the purpose of helping our n. personalities in the

37:4.5 knowledge of practically all of the n. personalities

37:5.6 long experience and of great service to their n. realm

37:8.10 Each universe has its own n. angelic corps;

38:7.5 of their origin and that of their n. superuniverse.

39:9.2 completion seraphim return to their n. universes,

40:10.2 ascend beyond the confines of their n. realm,

43:0.4 fully administered by the various groups of n. life,

43:6.7 The celestial artisans direct the n. spornagia in this

43:8.12 two mortals abide with each n. group of ten,

45:0.3 are cared for and maintained by the n. spornagia.

45:6.3 from fairly average sex relations on their n. spheres

45:7.2 the progressive training of the n. spirit personalities

46:4.4 The rectangles—the rendezvous of the lower n. life.

46:5.24 These exhibits are in charge of the n. life of Jerusem,

46:7.1 are occupied by the lower n. life of the headquarters

48:2.11 The power supervisors serve in their n. universe.

50:3.4 their offspring and to certain superior n. volunteers.

50:3.4 to mate with the superior groups of the n. races,

50:4.8 the training of adopted n. children as missionaries to

50:4.10 the prince’s schools are returning to their n. groups

51:0.3 miscarriage of plans for improving your n. races,

51:3.1 with the help of many of the higher types of n. races.

55:4.29 from their administrative duties back to their n world

69:8.7 The tribes of ancient times, like the n. Australians of

70:3.8 rested upon the generative organ of the tribal n..

70:4.9 The n. Australians never developed a tribal form of

70:11.3 no individual would testify against his n. group.

76:4.7 The body cells of the n. races are akin to the living

78:5.7 biologically modified the n. groups in transit.

79:3.1 the Andite conquerors of India with the n. stock

92:6.1 Present-day n. Australians have only a ghost fear,

94:0.1 their teachings through the medium of n. converts.

96:3.3 superior men had been employed as n. overseers of

96:6.3 all too willing to believe their old and n. religion

104:1.5 and were developed by the n. intellects of India

130:0.4 being assisted by a n. of Gonod’s home district.

130:5.4 something to change the caste system of his n. India.

134:0.2 among the Jews and gentiles of his n. Palestine.

150:7.2 offended that he had never included his n. village

195:2.5 Rome, having little n. culture, took over Greek

native to

14:3.4 the high personalities n. to Paradise and Havona

14:4.12 There is a life that is n. to Havona and possesses

14:4.21 groups of beings n. to the Paradise-Havona system

14:6.37 personalities of mortal association who are not n. to

18:7.5 the jurisdiction of beings n. to the local universes.

19:6.2 these high personal beings n. to the perfect spheres

21:2.10 the orders of creatures n. to the local universes are

21:2.10 nor those imported beings who are n. to the central

28:1.1 inasmuch as they are not n. to the local universes.

33:5.4 are administered exclusively by personalities n. to the

37:1.9 Gabriel is the first-born of all creatures n. to a local

44:0.3 composed of certain teacher personalities n. to

48:5.9 serving as seraphic associates on the worlds n. to

62:3.5 large beasts n. to these regions were not carnivorous

73:6.3 form of nonintelligent life is n. to the constellation

86:5.3 confused as to whether the ghost soul was n. to the

native being(s)

13:4.6 though residential status is limited to n. and those

17:0.12 but his function in relation to the n. of Nebadon is

21:2.10 two are administered or inhabited by dual-origin n.

21:2.11 its government is directed by the first-born n.,

37:9.12 Even Havona has its n., and the central Isle of Light

53:3.5 debarred if the n. would assert their independence.

66:6.1 culture is measured by the social heritage of its n.,

native planet(s)

39:4.15 mortal never returns to a n. during the dispensation

47:1.4 of the parental commission from their n..

55:2.11 through because of the advanced status of their n..

77:9.3 persistently working for the progress of their n..

112:5.6 prevent your mastering these levels on your n., if

112:6.10 When a creature leaves his n., he leaves the adjutant

native, Havona

14:2.9 the ground that the n. freewill creatures of Havona

19:6.2 The good to both ascending mortal and H. is

31:0.9 finaliter, whether he is an ascendant mortal, H.,

31:1.3 the ascendant creatures numbering 997 to one H.

31:1.3 The H. takes the same oath and becomes forever

37:9.12 Even Havona has its n. beings, and the central Isle

nativessee natives, Havona

19:5.6 which Adjusters do not come, contact with the n.

20:8.2 seraphic beings and other n. of the local creations.

30:2.125 9. N. of the Paradise Spheres of the Spirit.

30:2.126  10. N. of the Father’s Paradise Spheres.

37:9.6 These n. of the local creation, together with Spirit-

43:7.1 n. of each of the seventy major spheres of Edentia

50:2.2 these counselors are at present all n. of Urantia.

51:5.2 do not begin to amalgamate with the planetary n.

52:7.9 But the noble n. of such a sphere are still finite and

66:6.5 tribe or race were always n. of that tribe or race.

68:1.6 social conditions as characterize the Australian n.

68:5.4 Today some Australian n. have progressed little

68:5.6 The Arabs and the n. of Africa are among the more

77:9.2 nonetheless ministers for being n. of the planet,

78:5.7 intermarriage with the n. of the Andes established

85:1.4 In Africa the n. make much ado over their fetish

94:0.1 where they taught the n. the Salem religion

130:0.1 Jesus and the two n. from India—Gonod and his son

natives, Havonasee Havoners

11:3.3 the n. of Havona who may chance to be dwelling on

11:3.3 the residential area of the n. of the superuniverses

13:0.6 Father fragments are among the n. of Divinington;

14:2.3 H. respond to forty-nine differing sensation stimuli

14:2.3 the n. of the central universe possess forty-nine

14:4.10 The H. are all the offspring of the Paradise Trinity.

14:4.11 The n. of Havona live on the billion spheres of the

14:4.11 so do the H. live and function on the billion worlds

14:4.18 In addition to the H., the inhabitants of the central

18:2.3 Except for the established orders of life, such as H.

19:0.1 Even the H. may properly be included in this

19:0.7 6. Havona N..


19:6.1 The H. are the direct creation of the Paradise Trinity,

19:6.2 in their long and loving association with the H.,

19:6.3 H., like all other Trinity-origin personalities, are

19:6.3 And there are other finaliter corps open to these n.

19:6.4 The status evolution of H. has occasioned much

19:6.4 the number of n. remaining in Havona is constantly

19:6.4 that Havona will ever be entirely depleted of its n..

19:6.4 citizenship consisting only in part of the original H.

19:7.2 Paradise Citizens and H. are sometimes designated

23:2.14 Messengers enjoy special relations with the n. of the

23:2.14 a very close and personal communion with the H..

30:1.21 3. Havona N..

30:2.35 13. Havona N..

30:2.124 8. The Havona N..

31:0.2 1. Havona N..


31:1.1 Many of the H. who serve as teachers in the

31:1.1 you will find millions upon millions of H. upon

31:1.2 H. must achieve certain experiential developments in

31:1.5 The H. are also received, in the same ratio, into the

31:3.1 The H., glorified Material Sons, glorified midway

37:9.8 what the H. contribute to the pilgrim spirits passing

48:4.9 embracing beings ranging from the H. down through

105:7.2 It is inhabited by creatures (H.) who never were

105:7.2 were actually created, for they are eternally existent.

117:6.14 3. The H. acquire a comprehension of the Supreme

117:6.14 H. are inherently in position to harmonize the

117:7.16 like the present relationship between the H. and the


6:8.2 Beings of n. in the central universe and on Paradise

14:4.11 citizenship dwell on their respective spheres of n..

16:5.5 of the presiding Spirit of his superuniverse of n..

26:1.14 The midway creatures, of n. on the inhabited worlds,

26:4.10 who presides over that pilgrim’s superuniverse of n..

26:5.5 of your origin and by the system of your n..

26:8.5 They never return to the superuniverse of their n.,

27:3.2 inward-ascending career has unfolded from the n.

37:9.11 you tarry on your n. planet such a short time.

39:8.1 realms of their n. some achieve service destiny.

40:8.5 as a class, confined to the superuniverse of their n..

40:9.9 life he lived in the flesh by revisiting his n. world

45:6.7 Children here appear as on the n. world except for

47:2.8 evolutionary experience on the worlds of mortal n.

47:3.1 of flesh and blood left behind on the world of n..

47:5.3 to release from the flesh on the mortal n. worlds.

48:5.7 is true after you once leave the world of your n..

56:8.2 in superuniverses other than those of n., thereby

112:6.2 your material bodies on the planets of human n..

112:7.3 It may occur on the planet of n. as a transcendence

176:4.1 Urantia will eternally be one of the seven n. spheres


151:3.3 alluded to the n. as “the unreal and fleeting shadow

170:5.2 Greek idealism, the idea of the n. as the shadow of


1:1.1 only n. that we should eventually call him Father.

5:5.5 And so, while religion is normal and n. to man,

9:5.4 it is quite n. that the evolutionary will creatures find

14:5.3 regulations of the central universe are inherently n.;

16:9.7 aside from parental instinct, is not altogether n.;

18:2.4 n., on your world, to speak of Paradise as upward.

27:4.3 is wholly spontaneous, in every sense n. and free.

31:10.19 Is it not n. that we should associate this agelong

47:7.5 Study is becoming voluntary, unselfish service n.,

53:3.5 that resurrection was n. and automatic, and that all

58:6.4 of living organisms is wholly biologic, strictly n..

66:5.8 It was therefore very n. that these teachers should

70:0.2 On an evolutionary world, antagonisms are n.;

70:8.3 1. N.—contact, kinship, and marriage; the first social

75:4.8 unusual and extraordinary, whether n. or spiritual,

82:3.1 Mating is universally n., and as society evolved from

83:6.2 It was wholly n. to the purer Nodites and Adamites

83:6.7 Monogamy is not necessarily biologic or n., but

83:6.7 it is indispensable to the immediate maintenance and

84:1.7 The mother and child relation is n., strong, and

84:2.2 The mother-family was n. and biologic; the father-

84:6.2 Mating is inherent; it is n..

84:7.3 Sex association is n., but marriage is social and has

85:7.3 of nature and to the eternal Creator of all things n..

88:4.8 Magic is n. to a savage.

89:3.6 It was only n. that the cult of renunciation and

98:3.1 it was n. that the later religion of the Latins was

111:6.8 It is only n. that mortal man should be harassed by

136:8.7 His humanity was genuine, n., wholly derived

137:4.8 it was only n. for Mary to think of him at this time.

140:5.17 an unspoiled child the urge to relieve suffering is n..

141:3.6 His was a dignified manhood; he was good, but n..

147:7.2 To pray is n. for the children of light, but fasting is

151:3.7 The parable utilizes the material and n. as a means

155:5.2 the religions of the world have a double origin—n.

158:4.4 the fact of his divinity—what was more n. than that,

170:5.7 The church would have been wholly n. and even

176:2.1 it was only n. for all believers to lay fast hold upon

176:4.1 It is only n. to believe that Jesus of Nazareth, now

179:4.3 But it was so n. for the host to give a sop to the one

natural ability

44:8.2 In addition to this n., or rather supplemental thereto,

70:12.5 supreme tribunals those who are endowed with n.

156:5.7 Leadership is dependent on n., discretion, will power

natural acquirement

136:8.7 that the human endowments of Jesus were of n..

natural adversity

101:3.7 3. Generates courage and confidence despite n. and

natural affair

186:5.1 about this time was a purely man-managed and n..

natural affection

121:3.10 the family devotion and n. of the Jews transcended

129:0.2 loved his family, and this n. had been augmented by

140:10.4 that n. between every normal child and its father

natural agent

90:3.5 If no observable n. could be discovered, the ghosts

natural antagonism

79:5.4 encroachment, coupled with n. racial antagonism,

natural antipathy

64:7.2 the peculiar but n. which early manifested itself

natural appetites

34:7.7 the n. and impulses of the physical nature are not

natural aptitude

44:8.2 At the bottom always there exists the n. aptitude.

natural arena

84:7.28 The home is the n. social arena wherein the ethics

natural arrangement

72:1.2 This n. favors the utilization of water power and

natural associations

104:0.3 As a consequence of these n. in human experience

natural attainment

49:5.25 the status of such a world is nearing its limit of n.,

natural attraction

68:1.1 it is this lack of n. brotherly attraction that now

natural birth

49:5.32 and that is through creature procreation and n.;

175:2.1 followers of Jesus, who was, himself, a Jew by n..


69:2.7 But primitive man was a n. gambler; he always

139:8.3 but Thomas was a n. faultfinder and had grown up to

natural causation

90:3.5 healing or for the infection of wounds of even “n..”

90:3.9 5. N. causation. Mankind has been very slow to

natural causes

81:2.8 man refused to recognize n. as explanations for

90:3.9 first to recognize that all disease is the result of n..

natural cave

168:1.1 were standing before the family tomb, a small n.,

natural child

148:4.10 is a material part of the human father in the n.,

natural choosing

66:8.6 the normal the human mind against its free and n..

natural circumstances

41:1.5 and these n. are effectively utilized by Satania Power

69:3.1 labor in primitive society determined first by n.,

81:6.3 1. N.. The nature and extent of a civilization is in

natural complement

32:3.12 personality is the n. cosmic complement of the

natural conditions

5:5.14 The union of the parental factors under n. is quite

natural consciousness

86:6.7 man therein achieved a n. of relative right and wrong

100:6.4 is changed to the n. of mortal shortcomings,

natural consequence(s)

84:7.20 protection of the child from the n. of foolish conduct

86:0.2 Religion was a n. biologic consequence of the inertia

natural couplets

104:0.2 Aside from n., such as past and present, day and

natural course

31:5.2 compelled to take the n. of the peoples of the realm

54:5.8 allow rebellion to pursue a n. of self-obliteration.

54:5.12 Gabriel to permit the rebellion to take a full and n.,

73:6.8 must all flesh on Urantia take the n. of life and death.

164:3.7 This blindness has come upon him in the n. of

186:2.3 will of the Father that he submit himself to the n. of

natural craving

160:1.6 When men dare to forsake a life of n. for one of

natural creation

73:7.1 the end of the most beautiful n. that Urantia has ever

natural death(s)

16:9.3 If mortal man fails to survive n., the real spiritual

26:11.7 when you closed your eyes in the n. sleep of death

30:4.10 After n. all types of ascenders fraternize as one

30:4.11 through the portals of n. and, on the third period,

33:7.4 This has no reference to n. as it obtains on Urantia,

39:2.13 They do not function in the event of n. death.

49:5.20 But such distinctions do not survive n. death;

49:6.1 from the bonds of flesh by the emancipation of n.,

49:6.9 the first mansion world on the third day after n..

49:6.15 As a rule they are not immune to n., but they are

49:6.21 N. becomes decreasingly frequent on these spheres

51:1.8 an evolutionary planet are not thus immune to n..

52:7.4 N. becomes less frequent as the Adjusters fuse with

55:2.1 N., physical death is not a mortal inevitability.

55:2.2 quarter of these superb mortals are exempt from n.

55:2.4 everything that n. does for those who are thereby

55:2.6 if less advanced mortals could only learn to view n.

55:2.8 though long settled in life, are entirely free from n.

62:4.5 they might have lived that long had they died n.,

62:4.5 in those early days very few animals ever died a n.;

67:4.4 rebels, deprived of sustenance, eventually died a n..

86:3.1 Death as a n. and expected end of life was not clear

86:3.3 All human disease and n. was at first believed to be

88:4.7 savage because he could not grasp the concept of n..

88:4.7 grip of magic on the race in that it accounted for n..

88:4.7 death because of supposed responsibility for one n..

89:2.2 It was only by the concept of sin that n. became

101:3.3 the Adjuster possession of which survives the n.

103:5.7 one as a result of passing through the portals of n..

107:6.7 their release to start for Divinington upon the n. of

107:6.7 subjects do not pass through the portals of n. do not

109:3.3 The Adjusters do not return after n.;

109:6.2 when released by n. (or prior thereto), the Adjuster

110:6.14 before n. dissolves the unique partnership.

110:6.16 worlds if they fail of such achievement before n..

112:7.3 on the planet of nativity as a transcendence of n.;

113:1.6 circle by circle you advance until (if n. does not

139:4.15 John died a n. at Ephesus in A.D. 103 when he was

176:3.3 carries forward his lifework in view of inevitable n.

176:4.7 to human beings than the common event of n.,

188:3.4 Jesus died the same n. on the cross as would any

189:0.2 from birth on the material worlds, on through n.

190:0.2 makes certain their resurrection from the bonds of n.

natural defense

76:1.3 The two rivers themselves were a good n. in those

natural degrees

151:2.3 represents the n. and varying degrees of ability to

natural deposits

69:4.6 Many of the earlier wars were fought over n.,

81:6.13 But the continent richest in n. and the most advanced

natural destruction

93:6.7 narrative relating to the n. of Sodom and Gomorrah.

natural development

47:7.1 to this stage during their n. planetary development.

51:0.1 man reaches the limit of n. evolutionary development

65:8.2 We must wait upon the n., physical development of

85:0.1 religion had a n. evolutionary development,

natural difficulties

196:0.3 In the very face of all the n. and the contradictions

natural dissolution

48:0.2 What magic could death, the n. of the body, hold

natural dreaming

86:5.6 2. Sleeping, n..

natural ebb

182:3.7 Jesus experienced that n. and flow of feeling which

natural elements

64:4.12 to placate the invisible forces behind these n. and

151:5.6 the Master as having absolute power over the n..

natural embellishment

18:2.4 The architecture, n., morontia structures, and spirit

natural end

86:3.1 Death as a n. and expected end of life was not clear

158:3.5 he decided to pursue the mortal bestowal to its n..

natural endowment

68:3.5 The peace tendency is not a n.; it is derived from the

136:6.10 Man’s n. of talent and ability should be devoted to

148:4.6 To be imperfect in n. endowment is not sinful.

natural environment(s)

66:3.2 a favoring climate as a part of the n. designed to

86:6.1 Man inherited a n., acquired a social environment,

86:6.1 The state is man’s reaction to his n., the home to his

86:7.5 in response to the social evolution of man in his n.;

87:5.2 were adjustments to n. and social environments.

natural equality

70:9.17 The nonevolutionary realization of supposed n.

natural estate

69:2.2 the beast level; poverty is his tyrannical and n..

86:2.1 victims to anxiety, they are simply reverting to the n.

natural event(s)

122:8.7 Upon the basis of these extraordinary but wholly n.

168:1.6 this narrative unfolds as an apparently n. in human

182:3.7 the Father intended to allow n. to take their course;

183:1.2 which was in keeping with the outworking of n.,

natural evolution(s)

66:6.6 but they did markedly accelerate its normal and n..

67:6.7 Van continued the work of fostering the n. of the

81:5.1 thereby greatly hastening the processes of n..

95:3.2 Such n. of conscience and character were augmented

natural expansion

103:5.5 the contest between the n. of emotional impulses

natural experience(s)

102:4.3 Faith translates this n. into religion, the recognition

103:0.2 As n. religious experience continues to progress,

123:2.4 the child Jesus heartily entered into all these n.

natural eyes

4:2.7 in viewing the phenomena of nature through n.,

natural flowing

128:1.6 chose to live his human life in the channel of its n..

natural forces

52:3.6 of multiform manufacture and the control of n.;

64:4.12 A primitive religion of the fear of n. gradually

85:0.4 The observation of powerful n., such as storms, heat,

101:3.10 blind fate and the apparent utter indifference of n. to

118:10.14 savage, was helpless before the onslaughts of n.,

natural fruit(s)

150:5.5 and righteousness is the n. of the spirit-born life of

170:5.12 as unconscious and inevitable outgrowths, or n.,

natural function

160:1.5 man is capable of transcending this urge to n..

natural gift

69:2.2 Wealth is not a n.; it results from labor, knowledge,

natural goodness

121:4.1 the hearts of the nobler gentiles abundant soil of n.

natural growth

100:5.3 awareness of God-consciousness—may be a n. and

103:2.1 Other spiritual births are a n. and normal growth of

natural heart

145:2.6 And were you not warned that the n. human heart is

149:5.3 troubles take origin in the fear soil of his own n..

natural hill

74:2.5 This n. had been enlarged and made ready for the

natural history

52:7.14 No matter what the special n. of a planet may be,

57:3.1 This is the n. of most nebulae; before they begin to

natural hostilities

76:1.4 to cope with the realities of life in the face of the n.

natural hot springs

90:4.6 n. soon blossomed as primitive health resorts.

natural imperfections

148:4.6 but such n. of behavior are neither sin nor iniquity.

natural impulses

14:5.11 These n. were not given you merely to be frustrated

136:6.4 declaration concerning all the n. of human nature.

natural increase

62:3.8 the n. in numbers eventually resulted in serious food

68:6.2 the n. in offspring was somewhat brought under

69:8.5 capital, and herders lived on the interest—the n..

natural influences

86:1.5 And as all of these n. affected prosperity, they were

natural inheritance

76:2.4 all this, with Cain’s n. bellicose inheritance, caused

natural instincts

103:5.8 merely the development of his n. herd instincts.

natural intermediaries

35:2.1 They thus become the n. between the higher levels

natural justice

70:10.1 N. justice is a man-made theory; it is not a reality.

natural law(s)

1:2.2 a synonym for nature, neither is he n. personified.

2:3.2 of his wise n. and righteous spiritual mandates!

3:2.7 that n. have been suspended, that misadaptations

14:2.6 All n. is co-ordinated on a basis entirely different

25:3.5 Though executing decrees in defiance of neither n.

42:1.3 the existence of matter or the operation of n. apart

118:10.12n. is so often apparently cruel, heartless, and

136:5.5 nature or character of an act transcending the n.

136:6.2 transcend, violate, or outrage his established n..

136:6.2 warned by his Personalized Adjuster, that these n.

136:6.2 organized and prosecuted in accordance with n.

136:6.6 he might accelerate n., but to transcend his laws,

136:7.2 were expecting a Messiah who would be above n..

136:9.1 policy as pertained to his individual relations to n.

136:9.9 when Jesus refused presumptuously to defy n..

146:5.2 a case of preknowledge concerning the course of n.

166:4.8 harvest of your direct efforts to comply with the n.

natural leader

70:6.3 the clan, a selected n.; the tribe and later state had

70:6.3 biologic head; the tribe and later state had no n.,

139:2.4 Peter was also a n. and inspirational leader of men,

natural level

78:2.3 to deteriorate until it reached a n. evolutionary level.

natural liberties

54:1.8 power for the purpose of depriving them of their n..

natural life

40:9.1 Such Spirit fusion never occurs during the span of n.

62:4.5 splendid animals, having a n. span of forty years.

101:2.9 while n. is relatively continuous as a phenomenon,

113:6.1 something of the ministry of seraphim during n.,

129:4.3 lived a real life, a full life, and a truly normal, n.,

132:6.1 for the remainder of his n., Ganid was continually

132:7.8 From this day, for the remainder of his n., Ganid

134:2.2 Jesus were made better for the remainder of their n..

176:2.7 experience when you reach the end of your n.

181:1.3 This do instead of trying to imitate my n. in the flesh

187:4.7 Mary lived at John’s home for the rest of her n..

natural man

68:2.4 The herd instinct in n. is hardly sufficient to

132:3.3 N. is slow to initiate changes in his habits of thinking

136:6.3 that is the normal attitude of the n. on the worlds of

155:5.6 the physical senses and the superstitious fears of n.,

natural manner

128:0.1 flesh, but otherwise he entered the world in a n.,

natural materials

81:2.15 Next man adapted such n. as wood and stone to the

natural means

66:5.16 the Prince’s staff were limited to n. and ordinary

natural methods

136:8.6 the kingdom in the hearts of mankind by n., ordinary,

natural mind(s)

111:1.8 the desires and impulses of the n. mortal mind.

191:1.2 darkness and the evil doubtings of the n. of men.”

natural minded

88:1.7 The savage was n., not obscene or prurient.

natural mode

189:2.8 time, this n. of dissolution was greatly accelerated,

natural mysteries

103:3.2 in the primitive belief in n. and wonders,

natural objects

85:7.3 turn away from nature and n. to the God of nature

natural occurrence(s)

73:7.2 the submergence of Eden as anything but a n., but

86:2.5 Men regard a n. as an accident or as bad luck only

90:3.5 readily identifiable agencies were considered as n..

110:4.3 the submerged mental levels, n. and everyday

118:10.12 In the beginnings on an evolutionary world the n. of

156:5.4 looked for the hand of God in all n. and in every

natural offspring

2:4.4 Mercy is the inevitable and n. of goodness and love.

natural order

126:2.2 Thus were permitted those occurrences of the n. of

136:5.4 involve departures from the n. earth order as to time.

148:4.6 Evil is inherent in the n. of this world, but sin is an

148:5.2 you do not comprehend how the n. of this world has

natural organization

134:5.5 and n. of political power—the family—and the final

natural origin

66:7.17 But there is no n. origin for the weekly period.

92:0.1 Man possessed a religion of n. as a part of his

92:0.1 But this religion of n. was, in itself, the product of

103:0.2 are universally manifested and have an apparently n.;

104:0.3 Triad deities all had a n. and have appeared at one

119:7.5 within the human form of Jesus, otherwise of n.

155:5.2 the religions of the world have a double origin—n.

natural outgrowth

178:1.4 with that unselfish social service which is the n.

natural outworking

62:7.4 ever mechanically interfere with the n. of the

70:1.16 of society—the n. of the problems of the races—

135:11.3 interfere in the n. of the great preacher-prophet’s

140:10.6 is to be found in his teaching is the n. of this inner

natural parable

151:2.5 that all such attempts to make a n. yield spiritual

natural parents

45:6.7 The ascension of either of its n. insures that such

natural park

43:1.7 The remainder of this sphere is one vast n.,

natural peak

49:5.24 racial progress attains its n. biologic peak during the

natural phenomena or phenomenon

62:5.4 Fear, joined with ignorance of n., is about to give

81:2.9 ancients sought a supernatural explanation for all n.

81:2.9 The depersonalization of so-called n. has required

85:0.4 he worshiped every n. he could not comprehend.

92:7.11 mankind from those fears born of the dread of n..

151:3.14 since the people of that day looked upon all n. as

158:6.4 cannot time-shorten the course of established n.

164:3.6 to seek for the true causes of all, n. or spiritual.

natural philosophy


42:9.1 Religion is not alone dogmatic; n. equally tends to

42:9.4 But not all the suppositions of n. are valid; the ether

natural procedure

65:7.2 these spirit endowments with the ordained and n.

natural process(s)

65:7.2 but the hand of nature and the outworking of n.,

120:4.5 by apparently n. processes, of a divine Son, we

137:4.13 wine just as they do by the n. processes except that

189:2.8 remains of Jesus underwent the same n. of elemental

natural progress

68:4.4 There was no n. toward a higher mental, moral, or

natural proofs

101:1.1 which can be reasoned out and substantiated by n.

natural propensities

53:8.9 debased tendencies, being led away by their own n..

100:1.5 religious growth presupposes the co-ordination of n.

natural reaction(s)

2:5.9 God, only one reasonable and n. personality reaction

5:3.3 engage in such worship as a n. to the recognition

65:7.2 all of everything connected with the n. of mind

127:5.2 Mary’s efforts to dissuade her as a n. to the dread

natural realms

118:10.14 to unlock the storehouse of the secrets of the n.,

natural reasons

70:8.3 1. N.—contact, kinship, and marriage; the first social

natural relationship

129:4.2 confirmation of that normal and n. between the

natural religion(s)

91:2.8 represents one technique associated with the n. of

91:4.3 But the prayer of the n. or evolved religions is not

92:3.5 influences can modify and uplift the dogmas of n.:

92:3.7 that n. has also done much to cripple and handicap

103:0.4 1. N. or evolutionary religion.

103:0.6 of the admixture of n. and supernatural religions.

103:9.4 The magical and mythological parentage of n. does

155:5.2 the religions of the world have a double origin—n.

natural reproduction

45:5.4 and their number is being constantly increased by n..

natural resistance

46:1.3 The n. to the passage of these energies through the

natural resource(s)

55:3.7 The n. of this planet were administered as social

65:3.2 Life Carriers may employ every possible n. and may

69:4.6 the earlier wars were fought over n. deposits,

72:1.3 Their n. are replete, and by scientific techniques they

72:6.7 4. The income from n. resources.

72:6.7 One half of the income from n. goes to the old-age

72:7.13 5. N.. The income from n., when not fully required

78:2.4 since every civilization is limited by available n.,

81:6.3 of a civilization is in large part determined by the n.

81:6.13 But the continent richest in n. deposits and the most

81:6.14 on the wisdom displayed in the utilization of n.,

natural result

70:9.16 those deficiencies which all too often are the n. of

84:7.1 Sex mating is instinctive, children are the n.,

148:5.3 not blame God for afflictions which are the n. of the

170:3.7 righteousness, becomes, then, the n. of such love.

natural revelation

128:1.8 the human standpoint, a n. evolutionary revelation

natural rights

70:9.13 beyond knowledge of origin, they are often called n..

70:9.13 human rights are not really n.; they are entirely social

70:9.14 degenerates is not because they have any n. thus to

natural selection

64:6.31 to opportunity for the wide functioning of n.,

65:3.6 supersede random functioning of uncontrolled n.

66:6.6 to add conscious social selection to the purely n. of

natural self-consciousness

102:4.3 There develops a n. spontaneous self-consciousness

natural sleep

26:11.7 when you closed your eyes in the n. of death,

natural spectrum

42:9.3 should note that there are seven colors in the n..

natural state

39:5.5 Peace is not the n. state of the material realms.

46:2.1 Enormous areas of Jerusem are preserved in a “n.,”

70:1.1 War is the n. and heritage of evolving man;

73:5.6 the remainder being left in a more or less n. pending

86:2.1 Anxiety was a n. state of the savage mind.

92:3.9 drives indolent and suffering humanity from its n.

160:5.6 shape their ideas of God to meet the n. of the human

natural sunlight

46:1.5 This light is very similar to n. except that it contains

natural supervision

62:7.4 this extraordinary, but wholly n., supervision that

natural surroundings

167:6.5 the value of worshiping in the midst of the n. of

natural talents

163:0.2 training in accordance with their experience and n..

natural techniques

95:3.1 appeared by similar n. in any other circumscribed

natural tendencies

68:1.6 the fact that the n. individualistic tendency of man

128:4.6 serve this n. human tendency to exalt the teacher

130:6.1 These n. had been augmented by numerous

133:3.7 within mortals there are n. physical tendencies which

143:2.5 reality you have but been led astray by your own n..

natural trait

68:1.4 But co-operation is not a n. of man; he learns to

natural trend

52:6.7 The only technique for accelerating the n. of social

natural urge(s)

86:1.1 Aside from the n. worship urge, early evolutionary

140:4.10 of learning the better methods of gratifying our n.,

160:1.2 is only acquired by converting the n. of life into the

natural way

120:4.6 he always does—in the usual way—in the normal, n.,

136:8.5 Caligastia method of trying to get ahead of the n.,

natural weakness

2:4.1 and the full recognition of the n. of finite creatures

natural wealth

72:6.7 All n. on the continent is held as a social trust by the

natural wisdom

110:5.6 problems in accordance with his n. human wisdom

natural wonders

103:3.2 in the primitive belief in n. and mysteries,

natural working

103:5.3 The humanist ascribes the origin of this urge to the n

natural world(s)

4:2.7 The apparent defects of the n. are not indicative

101:9.9 from the material limitations of the temporal and n.

103:6.11 misleading interpretations of the phenomena of the n

123:3.3 responsible for the physical happenings of the n..

151:3.3 of utilizing the analogy existing between the n. and

167:6.5 the trees and among the lowly creatures of the n..


86:2.7 N. is not a religion—it is the offspring of religion.

195:6.7 The mechanistic n. of some supposedly educated

195:6.7 n. is barren of all real values, sanctions, and

195:9.2 and to overthrow a world sway of mechanistic n..


99:4.12 The mechanistic and n. conceptions of many sciences

103:6.14 the world of matter, it becomes rationalistic or n..

naturallysee naturally, not

2:4.2 God is inherently kind, n. compassionate, and

2:5.7 I n. love one who is so powerful in creation and in

3:5.17 The creatures of Havona are n. brave, but they are

12:8.4 But material-minded man is n. more familiar with

14:5.3 When you arrive in Havona, you will n. enjoy doing

23:3.7 which would n. be associated with personality,

34:7.5 Urantia should have had physical natures more n.

35:2.1 These Sons are n. at the mid-point of the great

39:1.3 these seraphim are n. associated with the far-flung

42:7.7 n. to assemble over one hundred orbital electrons in

42:11.8 The evolving animal mind, while n. God-seeking,

43:1.2 Spirit beings would n. travel above the surface of the

44:8.1 proffer help to the n. gifted individuals of the mortal

47:4.5 wholly material n. perished with the physical brain,

48:2.24 They n. indicate those who will best function in

48:4.16 The hosts of Havona are n. a joyous assemblage

49:5.20 Twelve per cent are the first type, n. less receptive,

52:4.8 mortals are learning to live more n. and effectively.

62:6.1 n. the appearance of the first really intelligent beings

66:6.4 ten planetary commissions set about slowly and n.

69:2.4 standards of living that drove the n. inactive races

69:3.2 women n. love babies more than men do.

70:8.14 Classes in society, having n. formed, will persist until

73:3.6 Eden was n. a dream of loveliness, and it soon

75:2.4 The whole affair developed so gradually and n.

77:2.4 plasm of the Andonic human strains, it would n. be

78:2.4 the n. evolving cultural capacities of the violet race

80:1.5 very n. chose union with the blue races of Europe.

82:3.3 which exalted and practiced marriage n. evolved to

84:7.21 simply because they are n. docile little animals;

84:7.26 in parental procreation, but n. grows as a result of

85:5.1 The worship of rocks, hills, trees, and animals n.

85:7.1 Nature worship may seem to have arisen n. and

86:2.4 Man n. tends to believe that which he deems best for

92:6.18 non-European peoples very n. look upon Christianity

99:7.5 Man is n. a dreamer, but science is sobering him so

101:1.2 through the n. ordained mechanism of mortal mind.

102:8.1 man, n. fearful and suspicious, innately endowed

103:2.5 The psychology of a child is n. positive, not negative

119:0.4 Creator Sons are n. merciful, but these experiences

121:7.12 n. they were amazed by the new pronouncements of

122:2.6 N. they were anxious to get together, compare

124:4.2 His n. developing human mind did not yet fully grasp

129:0.2 Jesus n. loved his people; he loved his family, and

132:7.1 enlisting the man in conversation which would n.

134:1.5 members of his family quite normally and n., but

136:1.3 very n. prepared their minds for a recognition of

140:5.14 Children are n. trustful, and parents should see to it

146:2.2 N. God hears the petition of his child, but when the

146:3.5 “The Son is n. endowed with the life of the Father.

149:5.2 “Simon, some persons are n. more happy than

149:6.6 The father n. loves his child, but the child must

171:7.9 Jesus dispensed health and scattered happiness n.

172:5.5 John had a type of mind which n. tended to think

172:5.7 Nathaniel n. followed along with more poise and

176:4.2 most n. began to associate his promised return

183:1.2 the bestowal Son to finish his earth career n.,

192:0.2 Peter n. assumed it and held it by common consent

naturally, not

16:9.7 other persons are not n. loved or socially served.

34:7.1 the animal-origin races, does not n. bear the fruits of

39:5.7 the struggles of the early ages do not n. breed trust.

66:7.2 no methods were employed which did not n. belong

68:1.1 was not n. overflowing with the spirit of brotherly

70:2.1 of new ideas such as would not have occurred n. in

102:2.7 Evolutionary man does not n. relish hard work.


137:7.3 Andrew was impressed with the human n. of Jesus.

159:5.17 to be found in his illustrative teaching was its n..

161:2.9 all these tremendous things with such childlike n..

naturecreation or environment; see nature gods;

    nature spirits; nature worship; nature, laws of

1:2.2 The Universal Father is not a synonym for n.,


4:2.1 N. is in a limited sense the physical habit of God.

4:2.2 n., as mortal man understands it, presents the

4:2.3 N. is a time-space resultant of two cosmic factors:

4:2.3 N. carries a uniform, unchanging, majestic thread of

4:2.3 n. is modified, qualified, and perchance marred by

4:2.3 and therefore must n. ever be of a changing mood,

4:2.4 N. is the perfection of Paradise divided by the

4:2.4 Continuing evolution modifies n. by augmenting the

4:2.5 God is not personally present in n. or

4:2.5 God is not present in any of the forces of n., for

4:2.5 for the phenomenon of n. is the superimposition

4:2.5 n. can never be the adequate expression, the true

4:2.6 N., on your world, is a qualification of the laws of

4:2.6 What a travesty to worship n. because it is in a sense

4:2.6 because it is a phase of the universal divine power!

4:2.6 N. also is a manifestation of the unfinished,

4:2.7 man persists in viewing the phenomena of n.

4:2.8 And n. is marred, her beautiful face is scarred, her

4:2.8 her features are seared, by the rebellion, misconduct,

4:2.8 the myriads of creatures who are a part of n., but

4:2.8 who have contributed to her disfigurement in time.

4:2.8 No, n. is not God.

4:2.8 N. is not an object of worship.

5:2.3 divine presence cannot be discovered anywhere in n.

5:5.4 neither is exaltation of n. nor the reverence of unity

7:0.5 even as n. on Urantia is not truly revelatory of

9:5.5 than is physical n. a true revelation of the beauty of

9:5.5 Perfection is in n., but n. is not perfect.

12:7.2 You should remember that n. is not the exclusive

12:7.2 present in those phenomena which man calls n..

42:6.3 In n., ultimatons escape the status of physical

42:9.1 the number seven was fundamental to n. because

42:9.5 biologic elasticity is present in n. only because of the

48:7.6 credits established by the ministries of n. and grace.

50:5.10 Within the limitations of finite n. and material

60:4.3 Rocky Mountains by the combined artistry of n.’

61:7.1 found in connection with no other phenomenon in n.

65:7.2 aught but the hand of n. and the outworking of

67:8.4 the inspiring performance of this one child of n.

68:1.5 society became more successful in their attacks on n.

68:1.7 The modern phrase, “back to n.,” is a delusion of

68:2.9 N. demands survival, but the arts of civilization

68:6.1 Man is a creature of the soil, a child of n.; no matter

69:8.12 and power from the elemental storehouse of n..

70:1.1 hostility the automatic reaction of the children of n.,

70:9.1 N. confers no rights on man, only life and a world

70:9.1 N. does not even confer the right to live, as might be

70:9.17 is the child of civilization; it is not found in n..

70:9.17 duty of society to provide the child of n. with a fair

70:10.1 In n., justice is purely theoretic, wholly a fiction.

70:10.1 N. provides but one kind of justice—inevitable

76:1.4 N. was once again taking its course.

80:2.4 This cataclysm of n. flooded scores of settlements

81:2.14 The savage is a slave to n., but civilization is slowly

82:2.1 N. hardly recognizes individuals; it takes no

82:2.1 it takes no cognizance of so-called morals;

82:2.1 it is exclusively interested in the reproduction of the

82:2.1 N. compellingly insists on reproduction but leaves

84:5.2 N. knows nothing of fairness—makes woman alone

84:5.3 of an expanding civilization, but it is not found in n..

84:6.2 so often characterizes the contacts of n. and society,

85:0.2 they consisted of the things of n. which were close

85:2.6 Many of the earliest forms of n. veneration became

85:4.3 by primitive tribes and by many of the early n. cults.

85:6.4 The n. cults continued to develop along with the

85:7.1 early practice became centered upon objects of n..

85:7.3 then in worship man begins to turn away from n.

85:7.3 the God of n. and the eternal Creator of all things

86:0.2 Man’s earliest prereligious fear of the forces of n.

86:0.2 became religious as n. became personalized, deified,

86:2.2 N. fear became a factor in the struggle for existence

86:2.3 and thus both n. and chance become personalized

86:2.6 The savage looked upon all n. as alive, as possessed

86:3.4 the realization of impotency before the forces of n.,

86:5.1 the Eskimos still conceive that everything in n. has

96:5.4 control of the Nile and the other elements of n..

100:7.7 No matter how cruel n. might appear to be or how

101:2.1 synthesize the apparently divergent sciences of n.

101:2.3 science, may lead back through n. to a First Cause,

101:2.9 contemplation of n. can only reveal a God of n.,

101:2.9 N. exhibits only matter, motion, and animation—life.

101:2.9 N. does not afford ground for logical belief in

101:2.9 The religious man who finds God in n. has already

101:2.10 enables man to see the same God in n. that faith

101:2.11 The contemplation of n. does logically point in the

101:2.11 On the other hand, n. discloses nothing which would

101:2.11 God cannot be found through n. alone, but man

101:2.11 the study of n. becomes wholly consistent with a

101:10.1 Intelligent man knows that he is a child of n.,

101:10.8 combat all n., with the odds hopelessly against him;

102:6.3 the idealization of self, n.’ upthrust, the inclination to

111:6.1 Man is a part of n.—he exists in n.—and yet he is able

111:6.1 he exists in n.—and yet he is able to transcend n..

111:6.2 The courage required to effect the conquest of n.

111:6.2 the double fact that man is in bondage to n. while

111:6.2 material levels man finds himself subservient to n.,

111:6.2 while on spiritual levels he is triumphant over n.

111:6.8 as man views himself inextricably bound to n. while

121:4.3 that a controlling Reason-Fate dominated all n..

121:4.3 soul achieved liberty by living in harmony with n.,

123:5.14 strolled through the countryside and studied n. in

123:5.14 with a reverent and sympathetic contact with n..

124:4.1 at school and was indefatigable in his study of n.,

125:1.4 dying animals were more than this n.-loving lad

127:3.8 sisters out on Sabbath afternoons for their n. strolls.

128:6.10 They greatly enjoyed his stories about animals and n.

130:1.6 just as n. allows the wheat and the tares to grow

130:2.8 The dog may have a will derived from n. and

131:7.2 In both the beauties of n. and the virtues of men

131:8.3 The Supreme creates all things, in n. nourishing

132:5.16 from the uncovering of n.’ hoarded resources.

133:7.4 Jesus told Ganid many interesting things about n.

135:3.4 It seemed to this rugged and noble child of n. that

135:4.5 just such a stalwart and picturesque child of n.,

139:8.7 such a lover of n. but so free from all tendency to

139:8.7 but so free from all tendency to revere n.;

139:9.7 made a great impression on this simple child of n..

142:7.6 The relationships of n. and the phenomena of mortal

142:7.6 The relationship of father and child is inherent in n.

144:3.14 by themselves amidst the quiet surroundings of n.

145:1.3 Jesus was a close student of n.;

146:1.2 It is difficult to convert n. worshipers to the full

149:2.10 Jesus dared to teach that catastrophes of n. are not

151:3.3 the free use of parables, especially n. parables.

151:3.14 The appeal to n. was in contravention of such

151:5.5 never ceased to regard the episode as a n. miracle.

151:5.5 for the men of that day to believe in n. miracles

151:5.5 they firmly believed that all n. was a phenomenon

152:2.10 And this is the first and only n. miracle which Jesus

155:3.6 increasing knowledge of n. would ultimately deprive

159:3.13 accidents of time or the ordinary catastrophes of n..

166:4.7 chance to fall victim to one of the accidents of n.,

167:6.6 possible to worship God in the tabernacles of n.,

167:6.6 The child should be introduced to worship in n.’

192:1.2 out in the open in contact with n., far away from

195:2.6 Stoic and his sturdy appeal to “n. and conscience”

195:7.9 Man is a material fact of n., but his life is a

195:7.9 is a phenomenon transcends the material levels of n.

195:10.11 earmark of the physical world of mechanistic n..

nature god(s)

85:6.4 human origin, should be distinguished from the n.,

85:6.4 embraced a dual concept of deity, n. and ghost gods;

95:2.3 the Egyptians had been given to the worship of n.;

96:1.1 fully destroyed the belief in subordinate spirits or n..

96:1.3 merely one of the hundreds and thousands of n.

96:1.7 And this term included still other of the Bedouin n..

96:4.8 Under the teachings of Moses the tribal n., Yahweh,

96:7.2 During these times when the Levant worshiped n.,

nature spirits

85:0.3 there were n. for lakes, trees, waterfalls, rain,

85:4.2 The ancient Bedouins believed that a n. produced

85:4.2 belief in n. was strong enough to insure their

85:6.4 nature worship did evolve a pantheon—n. elevated to

86:5.1 concept tended long to perpetuate the n. beliefs;

88:1.3 led to belief in charms indwelt by some sort of n..

nature worship

4:2.6 What a travesty to worship n. because it is in a

4:2.8 N. is not an object of worship.

79:8.7 complicated by a flood of superstitions involving n.,

85:0.3 When religion once evolved beyond n., it acquired

85:0.3 As n. developed, man’s concepts envisioned a

85:6.4 for n. did evolve a pantheon—nature spirits elevated

85:7.1 N. may seem to have arisen naturally and

85:7.3 then in worship man begins to turn away from n.

88:1.3 but among some tribes the persistence of n. led to

88:3.1 through idolatry, cannibalism, and n., to totemism.

92:1.2 Religion progressed from n. up through ghost

95:2.3 Egyptians had been given to the worship of n. gods;

96:7.2 these times when the Levant worshiped n. gods,

98:2.10 Dionysus n. flourished; the best of the cults was the

103:3.5 the superstitions of mana, magic, n., spirit fear, and

146:1.2 It is difficult to convert n. worshipers to the full

nature, law(s) of

42:11.1 But while in practical application the l. operate in

70:1.1 Violence is the l., hostility the automatic reaction of

79:6.11 was provocative of fearless exploration of the l.

86:7.4 wise manipulation within the l. will enable man to

136:7.3 refused to work in defiance of his established l.

137:4.13 No l. was modified, abrogated, or even transcended.

195:2.6 a lawyer; the Roman revered even the l..

195:2.6 Christianity, he discerned in the l. the laws of God.


125:1.4 the dying animals were more than this n. lad could


86:5.1 This concept tended to perpetuate the n. beliefs;

naturequality, attribute or character; see nature of God;

nature, human or mortal; nature, spirit or spiritual

0:3.20 In attempting to portray the origin and n. of reality,

0:5.7 The living electrochemical mechanism of animal n.

0:11.7 to penetrate the n. and character of this Absolute

0:12.11 the character of the Universal Father and the n. of

1:0.3 find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine n.,

1:1.1 has never revealed himself by name, only by n..

1:1.2 which is so satisfying to the love-dominated n. of

1:3.6 immortal soul of the surviving creature is of the n.

1:5.6 absoluteness of the infinite n. of the First Source and

1:5.13 stands for the totality of the co-ordinated infinite n.

1:7.2 by attaining the divine n. through wholehearted

1:7.9 sponsor the papers portraying the n. and attributes

1:7.9 I portray the reality and truth of the Father’s n. and

2:0.1 study certain characteristics of the divine n. which

2:0.1 The divine n. can be better understood by man if

2:0.2 spiritually edifying of all revelations of the divine n.

2:0.2 certain ideas and ideals concerning the divine n.

2:0.2 the human concept of the n. and the character of

2:1.7 partake of the n. of the very flesh and blood of the

2:2.1 beginning, never-ending, circular n. of the Father.

2:2.5 inherent perfection of the goodness of his divine n.

2:2.7 potential evil, are not a part of the divine n., but

2:4.3 attributes and the infinite qualities of his eternal n..

2:4.4 The good n. of a loving Father could not possibly

2:5.3 God’s love is by n. a fatherly affection; therefore

2:5.7 We all love the Father more because of his n. than in

2:5.10 characteristics of the perfect n. of the Father.

2:5.11 which would convey to the mind of man the true n.

2:5.12 Notwithstanding the infinite unity of the divine n.,

2:6.5 presupposed absence of unity in the n. of Deity

2:6.8 This attitude of the divine n. would apparently

2:6.8 mortal would then become wholly unspiritual in n.

2:6.8 Unreality, even incompleteness of creature n., cannot

3:0.3 it is rather the aggregate of his acting n..

3:0.3 whether any one characteristic of the divine n. can

3:0.3 the creatorship n. of Deity would take precedence

3:1.6 presence of God is in reality a part of his infinite n.

3:1.7 inherent n. of all creation which causes all things

3:2.2 bounds of that which is consistent with the divine n.,

3:2.10 the limitations inherent in the n. of your being

3:2.15 God is unlimited in power, divine in n., final in will

3:5.16 perfect beings are, in moral n. and spiritual status,

3:6.6 the Adjusters and other bestowals of his eternal n..

3:6.6 he may truly suffer, but I do not comprehend the n.

4:0.1 of Paradise hold very diverse opinions about the n.

4:0.2 Havona was purely the satisfaction of the divine n..

4:1.2 the unchanging, perfect n. of the supreme Lawmaker

4:3.2 foreign to the perfect n. and gracious character of

4:3.7 therefore must such a n. of divinity be personalized,

4:4.3 attributes that inherently characterize his eternal n..

4:4.4 creative acts only by the sentiments of his eternal n.

4:4.5 And the whole of this absolute n. is subject to the

4:4.6 and that tender n. finds its strongest expression

4:5.7 pagan superstitions respecting the n. of the Father.

5:0.2 God has distributed the infinity of his eternal n.

5:2.4 consists wholly in the n. and extent of the fruits of

5:3.3 Father’s matchless personality and of his lovable n.

5:4.8 worship and the n. of his personal habits of prayer.

5:4.8 status of any religion may be determined by the n. of

5:6.2 not fully comprehend the real n. of the personality

5:6.2 do not fully comprehend the n. and significance of


6:2.3 In n. the Son is wholly like the spirit Father.

6:2.3 Son is just as divinely real and eternal in n. as God

6:5.5 The Eternal Son cannot fragmentize his n., cannot

6:6.1 but it is difficult for him to grasp the n. of mind

6:6.4 and to the n. of the impersonal creations of the Son,

6:8.1 Concerning identity, n., and other attributes of

7:0.2 And the Son shares the Father’s self-distributive n. in

7:4.6 mercy ministry which is so much a part of the n. of

7:5.3 The purely personal n of the Eternal Son is incapable

7:5.7 supposed experiential capacity of his existential n..

7:5.10 because of kinship of n. as well as fact of origin,

7:5.11 In spirit and n., if not in all attributes, each Son is a

7:6.2 All the divine n., if not all the infinity of attributes,

7:7.3 spiritual and personal n. of the Father to creation.

7:7.6 More of the merciful n. of the Eternal Son of mercy

8:1.2 infinite attributes as well as of their combined n.

8:1.3 Inherent in the n. of this transaction and in mutual


8:2.1 Infinite Spirit reflects in perfection not only the n. of

8:2.1 not only the n. of the Father but also the n. of the

8:2.5 Of all aspects of the Father’s n., the Conjoint

8:4.1 demonstrates the loving mercy of the combined n.

8:4.8 all the more admire and adore the transcendent n.

8:6.8 by the Ancients of Days to portray the n. and work

9:1.4 the Third Source is expressive of the n. of the First

9:3.5 the direct or indirect control of Paradise are by n.

9:4.1 There is an intellectual n. of the Third Source that is

9:4.1 Such a n. is hardly contactable, but it is associable—

9:4.1 but to the discernment of personalities this n. never

9:8.26 by the Ancients of Days to portray the n. and work

10:0.2 and perfect revelation of the eternal n. of Deity.

10:1.1 in the selfless, loving, and lovable n. of the Father

10:1.6 know of the n. and character of divine personality,

10:2.2 and n. which are existent in the Father-Son union,

10:3.2 certainly disclose relationships of a very diverse n..

10:3.4 The Father, Son, and Spirit are certainly equal in n.,

10:5.8 eternal significance of the Trinity and the n. of the

10:6.4 partaking of the Trinity n. of the united Father, Son,

10:8.7 But this quest involves a grasp of the absonite n.


11:3.1 undertake to portray to human mind the divine n.

12:3.10 Whatever the n. of this postulated intelligence, it is

12:4.15 to exhibit directional tendencies of a clockwise n..

12:5.5 than space-bound because of the inherent n. of mind.

12:7.1 to all reality of whatever n. an inexorable law

12:7.3 It is repugnant to the divine n. to suffer any sort of

12:7.4 they are all perfections of the infallible n.;

12:7.9 silhouetting the unique n. of each personal being

12:8.4 with the material manifestations of a physical n. than

13:0.7 consistent view of them, either as to n. or function;

13:1.5 Their n., origin, and the technique of their contact

13:1.6 This sphere holds the secrets of the n., purpose, and

13:2.5 is acquired by service as well as by n. of origin,

14:1.17 enormous wave movements of an up-and-down n.

14:2.1 are domiciled on actual spheres of a material n.,

14:4.13 In their very n. they are the will of God.

14:5.4 Indefinitely, according to the length and n. of the

15:7.3 the superuniverses partake of the n. and grandeur of

15:11.3 the personalities of perfect origin and divine n..

15:12.1 There presides, in accordance with the n. and

15:13.2 importance of a routine and administrative n.

15:14.1 superuniverse have a special function and a unique n.

15:14.3 difficult to describe our conception of the true n.

15:14.4 Orvonton is unique in n. and individual in destiny,

16:2.3 conditioned by the unique n. of the Master Spirit of

16:3.1 of triune Deity, they are essentially diverse in n.,

16:3.1 this diversity of n. determines their differential of

16:3.3 while unfailingly exhibiting the divine n. of a primary

16:3.4 This Spirit adequately portrays the matchless n. and

16:3.19 by the Seventh Master Spirit, whose triune n. in

16:5.1 And the personal n. of each Master Spirit entirely

16:5.2 indicative of the ancestral n. of some one of these

16:5.3 this Creative Mother Spirit is, in n. and character,

16:5.5 expressive of the n. of the dominating Master Spirit

16:7.1 Intelligence alone cannot explain the moral n..

16:7.6 ability is evidence of the possession of a moral n..

16:7.7 influenced, not only by the keenness of his moral n.,

16:7.8 Man’s moral n. would be impotent without the art of

16:8.3 Personality is a unique endowment of original n.

16:8.3 they come forth from the Father, are identical in n.

16:8.3 conditioned and qualified by the n. and qualities

16:8.4 regardless of the n. and extent of changes in form,

17:0.11 all matters of an executive n.—rulings, regulations,

17:3.1 a type of being in n. resembling the characteristics

17:3.2 They pertain to the n. and character of these beings

17:4.3 Always some being of the reflective n. will be

17:6.1 Much that pertains to the n. and function of the local

17:6.3 We do not comprehend the n. of this reaction, but

17:6.9 we may not portray the n. of this great experience.

17:7.1 The narration of the n. and functioning of the seven

18:1.3 are reflective of the character and n. of the Father;

18:1.3 the combined n. of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

18:3.2 they disclose the combined character and unified n.

18:3.2 Seven Master Spirits are unlike in n. and attributes,

18:3.3 The Seven Master Spirits on high determine the n. of

18:4.5 ascendant mortals of Son- or Spirit-fused n.) may

18:4.8 a sector headquarters is chiefly of an intellectual n.

18:5.1 In n. they are co-ordinate with the Perfections of

18:6.3 data of a physical and semi-intellectual n. to the

19:1.1 By origin of Trinity n., in function they are almost

19:5.2 We fully understand neither the n. nor the conduct of

19:5.2 except as we deduce their character from the n. of

20:1.12 They are variously organized, dependent on the n.

20:3.2 Verdicts of this n. are executed by none but the

20:6.1 that such achievements are possible to the divine n.

20:6.9 changes in n., becoming more literally the spirit of

20:7.4 but in Havona they seem more to reflect the n. of the

20:7.4 they seem to portray the n. of the Eternal Son,

20:10.1 Paradise Sons of God are divine in origin and in n..

20:10.4 the Avonals reveal the matchless n. of the Son of

21:0.1 is different from every other; each is unique in n.

21:0.3 the designation of the first Son of their order and n..

21:0.4 not only of the divine n. but also of your n.,


21:1.3 All partake of the fullness of the divine n. of the

21:1.3 that its Creator and ruling Son is one whose n.

21:2.9 the Paradise Infinite Spirit becomes changed in n.,

21:2.10 each is unique, diverse, exclusive, and original in n.

21:3.22 to the revelation of the n. and will of Deity.

21:3.24 his own fitness to rule but is also revealing the n.

21:3.24 Sons are the real revealers of the Father’s loving n.

21:4.2 seven primary expressions of the will and n. of Deity.

21:4.6 none the less a Creator, but he has added to his n.

21:5.1 The n. of the sovereignty of a sevenfold Creator Son

22:1.9 are classified, according to origin, n., and function,

22:7.1 successfully to portray to the human mind the n.

22:7.8 of creature trinitization are not eternal in n.;

22:10.9 the narrative of the origin, n., and functioning of


24:0.11 Personalities of the Infinite Spirit, their origin, n.,

24:2.2 to give us the number, n., and whereabouts of all

24:6.1 highly personal beings take their name from the n.

25:0.9 In accordance with inherent n. and attained status,

25:1.3 but two hundred and fifty are semiphysical in n..

25:2.2 reflecting the sevenfold n. of the Master Spirits,

25:2.4 becomes like a gigantic mirror reflecting the n.

25:2.8 The conciliator qualified by inherent n. to make

25:3.10 It is almost impossible to explain the n. of those

25:8.8 never placed in the charge of a companion whose n.

25:8.8 or otherwise of the n. of the Seventh Master Spirit.

26:1.16 transient; they are not necessarily of a permanent n.

26:2.5 origin in one of the Seven Master Spirits and in n.

26:2.5 of each order are comparatively uniform in n..

26:2.5 the resulting orders are always sevenfold in n.;

26:2.5 the children of each Master Spirit partake of the n.

26:2.6 Though partaking of the n. of the Third Source

26:5.4 the tutelage of supernaphim by n. adapted to helping

26:7.1 begin to discern the n. of the still-more-taxing

26:7.2 in instructing the ascenders respecting the n. and

26:8.1 pilgrims achieve a new comprehension of the n. and

26:9.4 in truth the conscientious creatures of animal n. and

27:1.2 Rest is of a sevenfold n.: There is the rest of sleep

28:3.2 and therefore reflectivity is inherent in their n..

28:4.3 The seconaphim are found to incline by inherent n.

28:5.16 By n. these beings are reflectively attuned to the

28:5.19 the actual purpose, and the real n. of its origin.

28:5.21 a living portrayal of the creature n. and potential is

28:6.3 lower orders of angels, the n. and circumstances of

28:6.19 The real n. of any service, be it rendered by man or

29:4.1 individuality metamorphosis of such a n. that they

29:4.18 work, though mechanical and matter-of-fact in n.,

30:3.11 a year, all dependent on the n. of their mission.

30:4.10 In origin, n., and destiny these various groups and

30:4.27 the instruction is personal and threefold in n.:

31:0.12 have no idea as to the n. of the future organization

31:2.2 to explain the n. of one of these messengers.

31:3.3 We do not know the n. of that step, but we have

31:3.8 creatures partake of the n. of postgraduate courses

31:6.2 from various universes differ greatly in origin and n.,

31:8.1 in the effort to achieve comprehension of the n.

31:9.2 but their origin, n., and destiny may not be revealed.

31:10.22 These thirty-one papers depicting the n. of Deity,

32:3.8 beings in the superuniverses are of evolutionary n.,

32:3.12 The experiential n. of the evolutionary type of

32:4.11 proof of the magnanimity of the Father’s divine n..

32:5.6 thoughts about these values which are of infinite n.

33:4.2 Gabriel is like the Universe Son in divinity of n.

34:1.1 a marked change in the n. of the creative spirit

34:1.3 Mother Spirit thus acquires a personal n. tinged by


34:2.3 Divine Minister functions in accordance with the n.

34:4.5 Creator Son, emerging from his divine n. just as

34:4.10 and all partake alike of the n. of the Universe Spirit,

34:6.9 In every mortal there exists a dual n.:

34:6.9 empowered increasingly to subject the animal n.

34:7.1 The flesh, the inherent n. derived from the animal-

34:7.1 upstepped by the addition of the n. of the Material

34:7.4 deprived of that superior type of physical n. which

34:7.6 Notwithstanding this double disaster to man’s n. and

34:7.7 natural appetites and impulses of the physical n.

35:2.3 They are by n. unprejudiced observers;

35:4.4 are the first to act in all emergencies of whatever n.


36:3.8 the endowment of the inherent n. and tendencies

36:6.7 Life Carriers, we do not wholly understand the n.

36:6.7 world, but we are wholly ignorant of the n. thereof.

37:5.7 the antecedents, environment, and inherent n. of

37:9.9 when no more offspring of the combined n. are

37:10.6 cannot be more than a brief outline of the n. and

38:2.6 In n. and personality endowment the seraphim are

38:7.6 Cherubim and sanobim are by n. near the morontia

38:7.7 they disclose great similarity in n. and function.

38:8.2 These beings are by n. candidates for seraphic status.

39:1.8 fairly adjudged in accordance with the creature n.

39:4.1 Fourth-order seraphim are by n. endowed with

39:4.15 or some other traveler of spirit or semispirit n.

40:5.10 they gain valuable and actual experience in the n.

40:6.1 but you are not yet by n. of the divine order; you are

40:7.1 These fragments of the divine n. of the Father carry

40:9.9 a destiny-heaven of n. and location much like the

42:1.6 Energy—pure energy—partakes of the n. of the

42:2.16 but force of a n. very unlike that of space potency

42:2.20 We cannot differentiate the n. of Paradise spirit and

42:2.23 our inability fully to comprehend the origin, n.,

42:4.1 Light, chemism, energy, and matter are—in origin, n.,

42:4.9 Certain electronic associations of a close n.,

42:11.6 of the n. and capacity of the mechanism itself.

43:6.4 you would be utterly unable to comprehend the n. of

43:6.5 and affectionate n. of these nonspeaking creatures.

44:0.20 the n. of the work of the celestial artisans.

44:2.11 their work is of a permanent n. and will forever

46:7.7 best suggest to Urantia minds something of the n.

47:5.3 two mansion worlds is mostly of a deficiency n.

47:5.3 partakes of the n. of the postbestowal Son age

48:0.1 Gods do not—transform a creature of gross animal n.

48:2.2 standard in design though differing slightly in n. in

48:3.6 Something of an idea of the n. of the work of these

48:4.18 the unexpected n. of the situation be it fact or be it

48:5.5 are by n. very near the morontia type of existence,

48:6.35 It is the task of the mind planners to study the n.,

48:6.29 concerning the n. of those energies which are

49:0.1 inhabited worlds are evolutionary in origin and n..

49:2.10 are chiefly determined by the n. of the atmosphere;

49:3.3 electrical storms of a n. unknown on Urantia.

49:5.29 to the co-ordination of activities of a kindred n.

50:2.5 Planets vary greatly in n. and organization and in

50:3.3 subject to certain accidents of a mechanical n..


51:1.2 these original pairs are diverse in n., being attuned to

51:1.3 differing in reproductive n. and in certain chemical

51:1.4 are really dual in n. and constitution, partaking of

51:1.7 the material order of sonship is not, by n., invisible

51:3.5 become confused concerning the n. of the Father

52:4.8 The complex n. of an advancing civilization is


55:3.12 the attempt to master the protean concept of the n.,

55:6.2 the progressive n. of the enlightened races of these

55:8.6 We are not permitted to reveal the n. of the work of

56:7.7 of associate-creator identity of an ultimate n..

56:9.4 Father and his Trinity associates are eternal in n.

62:4.5 Although in emotional n. the Primates differed little

65:2.3 simple vegetable organisms of a very primitive n.,

65:7.3 Urantia, owing to the unique n. of the life patterns,

66:2.5 be provided with personality forms of the dual n. of

66:5.30 to promote group associations of a peaceful n.,

67:4.3 the thousand and one legends of a mythical n., but

70:5.6 peacetimes, when the duties were of a more social n.

70:10.14 many crimes, particularly those of a grave sex n.,

74:3.8 how fully he understood the n. and function of the

74:3.8 he glanced at an animal, he would indicate its n.

74:3.8 Adam could give names descriptive of the n.,

75:4.7 supplemental to comprehension of the Adamic n..”

75:5.8 but Adam was not certain of the n. of their offense

75:7.1 Eve were informed of the n. of their transgressions

77:2.1 While this is the narrative of the origin, n., and

77:4.4 The Elamites had become largely Sangik in n.,

77:8.4 midwayers are, in n., nearer man than angel;

78:4.5 earlier race movements had been more in the n. of

79:8.7 But the cumbersome n. of the ideographic writing

80:5.7 Andite civilization, a retardation of a transient n..

81:6.3 The n. and extent of a material civilization is in large

82:1.2 where the evolutionary n. has been stimulated by

83:8.4 in contrast with those which are purely human in n.?

84:6.5 The differences of n., reaction, viewpoint, and

84:7.29 discuss every proposal and regulation of a family n..

85:0.2 Early religion was wholly intellectual in n. and was

85:2.6 long before the awakening religious n. of mankind

86:2.4 and civilized men is more one of content than of n.,

86:5.3 of an indwelling spirit and a soul of evolutionary n..

87:6.2 turned toward attempts of a more positive n.,

87:6.15 explains many religious-ritual reversions of a sex n.,


88:5.4 disfavor because of its supposedly evil magical n..

88:5.5 Any experience of an unusual n. caused him to

89:3.1 forms of physical pleasure, especially of a sexual n..

89:3.5 Pledges of this harmful and extreme n. are best

89:4.3 later conceived that his sacrifice of whatever n might

89:10.5 But confession—sincere recognition of the n. of sin—



93:9.10 Son; lost sight of the n. of this mission so fully that

94:11.5 This philosophy held that the Buddha (divine) n.

95:6.2 which had made a strong appeal to his religious n..

95:7.5 was only one factor of a tribal, racial, or national n.

98:2.7 the probings into the n. and reality of the cosmos.

98:4.6 would thereby become partakers of his divine n.

99:5.5 for effecting social repercussions of an uplifting n.

100:1.9 The unconscious n. of religious growth does not,

100:5.4 religious conversions are entirely psychologic in n.


101:0.2 is religion the inspiration of man’s evolving n.,

101:1.3 The divine n. may be perceived only with the eyes

101:1.7 longings and spiritual urges are not of such a n. as

101:1.7 to believe in God, but rather are they of such n. that

101:1.7 such a profound impression upon man’s moral n.

101:2.14 Your deepest n.—the divine Adjuster—creates within

101:2.17 intelligent account of the n. and content of religious

101:3.4 the potential divinity of its emerging n. by the

101:6.3 Such choices are acts of moral n. and evidence the

101:7.4 nonreligious philosophy of living consists in the n.

101:9.6 two practical manifestations of its n. and function:

102:4.3 the recognition of God as the reality—source, n.,

102:7.4 The graft determines the n. of the fruit,

102:8.2 we had better estimate the real n. of a civilization by

103:1.1 the identical n. of the God fragment indwelling the

103:2.3 seed of revealed religion germinates is the moral n.

103:2.3 The first promptings of a child’s moral n. have not to

103:2.9 developed a strong and well-unified egoistic n..

103:2.9 the “old man of sin” and the “new n.” of grace.

103:3.1 the egoistic-altruistic conflict in the moral n. of the

103:6.3 experience, all creation appears to be spiritual in n..

103:6.5 realizing the n. of a universe turned outside in.

103:8.3 imperfection of the lover’s insight into the true n. of

104:1.6 faith developed two doctrines of a trinitarian n.:

104:2.2 difficult to understand the personal n. of a God

104:3.1 but a triunity is never homologous in n. with a trinity

104:4.2 The n. and meaning of the seven triunities may be

104:4.15 but antipodal revelations of the unfathomable n. of

105:2.4 This sevenfold—or seven phase—n. may be best

106:7.10 subsequently appearing Trinities of experiential n.

106:8.1 The n. of the Trinity of Trinities is difficult to

106:8.13 The n. of this second level has been sometimes


107:1.1 presume to discourse authoritatively upon their n.

107:1.4 fragments of God’s unfathomable n. may be infinite.

107:1.7 But the n. of the Eternal Son is not fragmentable;

107:2.2 Mystery Monitors are eternally uniform in divine n..

107:2.2 They are uniform in experiential n. as they first go

107:2.7 all of the character of the existential divine n.,

107:3.8 we can learn little or nothing of the n. of Adjusters


107:4.1 Adjuster is divine is merely to recognize the n. of

107:4.2 within the potentialities of their fragmented n..

107:4.2 They are qualified as to universality but not as to n.;

107:4.4 of their high and exclusive divine origin and n..

107:5.2 the n. and purport of their intercommunications,

107:6.3 the Adjuster n. will faithfully unfold the revelation of

107:7.4 because Adjuster volition, though absolute in n.,

108:0.1 creature into the divine n. of the eternal finaliter,

108:1.5 the birth and growth of the religious n..

109:1.5 while you are in n. evolving inward and upward from

109:1.5 the Adjusters are in n. evolving outward from God

109:3.1 Mystery Monitors varies in accordance with the n. of

109:6.6 This Adjuster now reflects in the inscrutable n. of his

110:0.1 the n. of the perfect ancestral Deity to share these

110:4.1 subjects because of the lack of commonness of n.

110:6.4 When the development of the intellectual n.

110:6.11 shadowy reality of the embryonic n. of a seventh

110:6.11 clearer manifestation of the emerging morontia n. of

110:7.6 Adjusters consists in this very inherent material n..

111:0.4 teachers approximated an appreciation of the n. and

111:1.1 Though the work of Adjusters is spiritual in n., they


111:2.9 ministry which insures the evolution of a moral n.

111:3.3 This immortal soul is at first wholly morontia in n.,

111:3.4 are conscious of the presence and differential n. of

111:6.6 the exquisite repleteness of the all-inclusive n. of the

111:7.4 This composite n. renders it exceedingly difficult for

111:7.5 modified by desires and longings of a material n.;

112:1.6 Length represents direction and n. of progression—

112:2.20 enduring and immortal n. of the morontia soul

112:6.3 something of the inherent n. of the personality.

112:6.3 vary directly in accordance with the n. of the inner

112:6.3 On the spiritual level, outward form and inner n.

112:7.10 channel for the liberation of the divine and infinite n..

113:3.1 by the expanding moral n. of the evolving human

113:4.2 The Adjuster is the essence of man’s eternal n.;

113:4.2 the seraphim is the teacher of man’s evolving n.

114:2.1 By n. they were all real leaders when they

114:6.17 are subject to appeal in accordance with the n. of the

114:7.13 I am forbidden to reveal the real n. of the function of

114:7.16 But as to the n. of such modifications of world

115:3.1 to define the extent and n. of this primal reality is

115:3.9 growth is the n. of the Sevenfold, the Supreme,


115:7.1 of status, eternity of being, and absoluteness of n..

115:7.1 of partiality of existence and incompleteness of n.,

115:7.3 infinite unity of the unsearchable n. of the Father,

115:7.6 of this mode of reality perception in his Deity n..

116:2.14 the very n. and source of the power of the Supreme

116:3.3 unify, actually fuse, the divine n. of a Creator with

116:3.3 the divine nature of a Creator with the evolving n.

116:3.4 to be evolved the divine reality of an eternaliter n.,

116:3.4 finaliter n. in the case of man, Deity n. in God the

116:3.5 acquisition of the actual n. of universe creatures,

116:4.8 the Creator Son evolves from the n. of existential

116:4.8 existential Paradise divinity to the experiential n. of


117:1.6 The evolving divine n. of the Supreme is becoming

117:3.7 Supreme’s deity n. is likewise dependent on the unity

117:4.1 within the sphere of action which his evolving n. is

117:4.3 is so loving, that he gives a portion of his divine n.

117:4.3 The Father n.,the Adjuster presence, is indestructible

117:4.8 human will, weaves the patterns of the eternal n.

117:5.1 his deity n. is the mosaic composite of the total

117:5.1 total vastness of all creature-Creator n. throughout

117:6.3 in original n. and divinity they are like the Father,

117:6.5 the Father n. becomes increasingly manifest,

117:6.7 In the n. of the finaliter this will probably equal the

117:6.7 the co-ordination of the ascendant man-n. with the

117:6.7 man-nature with the divine Adjuster-n. within the

117:6.9 Other experiences are limited in their n. and content,

117:6.15 served in the superuniverse reflective of the n. of

117:6.18 can achieve the impossible task of revealing the n.

118:1.1 While absolute Deity is eternal in n., the Gods are

118:1.2 the union of the spirit of God and the n. of man in

118:5.1 that omnipotence not only creates things with a n.

118:5.1 also gives origin to the n. of all things and beings.

118:8.2 Many human reactions are mechanical in n.;

118:10.13 only by the yardstick of the things of a physical n.,

119:0.2 the Paradise Sons are reflecting the divine n. of

119:0.7 I will now proceed to unfold the n. and character of

119:1.5 become a universe minister of Melchizedek n..”

119:4.5 successive bestowals partook increasingly of the n.

120:0.8 in this incarnation, not only the n. of mortal man,

120:2.6 dual experience of working within the n. of man

120:2.9 your progressive recognition of the n. and import

121:1.1 Jews, being a Levantine race, in n. part Occidental

121:4.3 it was imprisoned in the evil body of physical n..

121:5.11 4. But no matter what the n. of their ceremonies or

122:3.2 that the expected deliverer was to be of divine n..

123:4.7 commonplace occurrences of a physical n., are not

124:1.3 images, pictures, and drawings were idolatrous in n..

124:2.1 self-conscious of the unusual n. of his life mission.

124:2.1 within his own consciousness regarding the n. of

124:3.7 with Jesus concerning the evil n. of such practices,

124:4.2 if not actual doubt, regarding the n. of his mission.

124:4.2 did not yet fully grasp the reality of his dual n..

124:4.2 the n. associated with that selfsame personality.

124:4.5 Joseph and Mary regarding the n. of his mission.

124:4.7 essentially idolatrous n. of this habitual obeisance

126:1.1 gradually becoming more self-conscious of the n. of

126:2.2 mission of his Father to reveal the divine n. on

126:3.10 settled something about the n of his mission on earth

126:3.10 business”—to show forth his Father’s loving n. to

126:3.10 But had the prophets confused the n. and mission

127:1.2 seemed to be in evidence the touch of a twofold n.

127:6.1 human affection for Jesus partook more of the n. of

128:1.1 upon this stupendous task fully realizing his dual n..

128:1.8 But of his divine n. there was always room for

128:1.8 the self-realization of his divine n. was completed

128:6.7 with reference to the provocative n. of the episode

128:6.7 always was the trouble of this same n.—clashes

130:4.1 so he began a long dissertation concerning the n. of

131:1.5 his name is Excellent and his n. is unfathomable.

131:5.4 God is our wise n., best thought, and righteous act.

131:7.2 reveal himself and to show forth his righteous n..

131:8.3 The Supreme creates all things, in n. nourishing

132:4.6 Compel your lower n. to obey your higher n. as you

133:5.10 consists in the n. and reactions of the Father and his

134:0.2 with the program of openly manifesting his true n.

134:6.1 And the relative n. of freedom is true socially,

134:8.5 Jesus became absolutely assured of his n. and of the

134:8.5 the ascendancy of his divine n. over his human n..

135:5.4 the Jews differed greatly in their estimates of the n.

135:7.1 uncertainty concerning the n. of the kingdom

135:11.3 for John, but being now cognizant of his divine n.

136:1.4 about racial sin and the supposed evil n. of man.

136:1.4 in order to redeem man from this inherent evil n..

136:5.5 remaining earth labors could possibly be of the n.

136:6.4 the physical n. as expressed in hunger for food,

136:8.3 concession to the doubting n. of the human mind?

136:9.10 had any doubts about his mission and its n. when he

137:1.5 Andrew and Simon were yet discussing the n. of

137:3.3 James and Jude were much perplexed as to the n. of

137:4.2 assume the personality prerogatives of the divine n..

137:6.1 power which would be a fitting testimony to the n.

138:4.3 with the origin, n., and destiny of unclean spirits, but

138:5.2 instruct them in the n. and work of the Holy Spirit,

138:7.1 the n. and significance of this coming kingdom of

139:11.6 Simon gradually subdued his fiery n. until he became

139:11.7 Simon was a rebel by n., an iconoclast by training,

139:12.7 it is the n. of the Sons of God to give every created

139:12.10 Judas crystallized all the evil of his n. upon the one

140:4.8 the moral n. can be modified, character can be

140:4.8 Deficient unification weakens the moral n. and

140:8.11 a mercy-dominated Son; compassion is his very n.

140:10.8 Jesus taught morality, not from the n. of man, but

141:4.8 the n., and something concerning the origin, of

141:5.1 spirit hope of each of you is identical in origin, n.,

141:8.2 their efforts were of a more quiet and personal n..

142:2.2 But the concept of his n. has enlarged and grown

142:2.4 the better to understand the true n. and loving

142:3.3 no matter by what name they symbolize his divine n..

142:3.8 the Son and the Spirit, and the revelation of the n.

143:2.3 Self-mastery is the measure of man’s moral n.

143:2.4 ensures your becoming partakers of the divine n..

143:5.8 first undisguised pronouncement of his divine n.

144:1.1 they did not fully comprehend the n. of Jesus or the

144:3.23 although Jesus engaged in much worship of the n. of

144:5.13 Bestow on us your n. and give to us your character

144:5.56 Loyal would we be to your divine n..

148:4.6 “By n., before the rebirth of the spirit, mortal man

148:4.8 “Men are by n. evil, but not necessarily sinful.

148:4.8 your ignorance of the origin, n., and destiny of man

148:6.12 source and n., of commonplace human afflictions.

149:1.4 regarding the n of these cases of spontaneous healing

149:1.7 but was immediately recognized by his divine n..

149:3.3 Though divine spirits may vary somewhat in the n.

149:6.9 Man may be a worm of the dust by n. and origin,

150:5.3 on your part makes you a partaker of the divine n.,

152:1.4 understand the n. and attributes of this God-man.

152:6.5 the real n. of their task as kingdom ambassadors of

153:0.2 speculated much as to its probable n. and scope.

153:2.12 who will receive is my own living and combined n.

154:2.5 The animal n. and the lower forms of will creatures

155:5.3 a religion of the physical n., the religion of fear.

156:5.5 over the temptations of the lesser and lower n.,

156:5.11 The less of love in any creature’s n., the greater the

157:3.4 in training these apostles as to the n. and character of

157:3.4 must begin to teach them more about his own n. and

157:5.1 more emphasis was placed upon the combined n.,

157:5.1 the union of the human nature with the divine n.

157:5.3 the concept of the combined n. of the Son of Man

157:6.3 he was only dimly conscious of his origin, n., and

157:6.3 he came more clearly to comprehend his divine n.

157:6.10 whosoever believes this truth of the combined n. of


159:5.1 the disciples about the positive n. of the gospel

160:1.7 isolate the problem, and frankly to recognize its n.

160:3.5 of the very best that is resident in man’s higher n..

161:1.3 acquainted with the ideal of his infinite and eternal n.


161:2.1 the teaching dealing with the divine n. of Jesus,

161:2.1 presented their views of the divine n. of the Master,

161:3.1 After he became self-conscious of his divine n.,

161:3.2 was aware of the n. of their thinking and planning.

162:1.11 bold pronouncements regarding the n. of his mission

164:4.12 meager ideas about Jesus and the n. of his healing.

168:4.7 the prayer of the mortal mind are often of such a n.

169:4.11 Jesus revealed the true n. of the heavenly Father in

170:2.17 a new concept of the double n. of the kingdom

170:2.23 taught that sin is not the child of a defective n. but

170:3.10 that man unfolds his moral n. in loving relations with

170:5.21 there is in the teachings of Jesus an eternal n. which

171:0.5 that you understand not the n. of my kingdom;

174:1.2 you do not comprehend the n. of those intimate

174:1.4 This capacity to understand man’s n. and forgive

174:1.5 to your ignorance of the inner n. and true longings

177:4.1 meeting was called to discuss the n. of the charges

179:3.2 Peter had never since really doubted the divine n.

182:2.7 overcome by the unusual n. of his farewell prayer

182:3.5 they did, indeed, have much proof of his divine n.,

184:3.17 that charges of a definite n. regarding Jesus’ relation

185:0.4 obligations of a divine n. while giving meticulous

185:1.1 a big enough man to comprehend the n. of his task

185:3.6 nor was he able to understand the n. of his spiritual

186:1.6 experience of the realization of the true n. of sin.

186:2.2 friend or foe, the one concerning the n. and divinity

186:2.2 majestic silence and solemn dignity of the divine n.

186:5.5 the Creator Sons of God, who thus assume the n.

187:1.2 the names of the criminals and the n. of the crimes

187:5.6 He revealed his true n. to the murderous Sanhedrin

188:0.1 cannot supply much information of an authentic n.

188:4.5 The animal n.—the tendency toward evildoing—may

188:4.8 God is not secondary to anything in the divine n..

188:5.12 can ever fear that the Creator does not know the n.

189:2.9 of the resurrection of Michael are spiritual in n.,

194:3.8 was so divinely folded up in the person and n. of the

195:0.13 old order won many minor victories of a ritualistic n.

195:0.18 dared not so obscure the concept of the n. of Jesus

195:2.6 The Roman was by n. and training a lawyer;

195:7.8 One machine cannot be conscious of the n. or

195:10.9 has, in every manner consistent with his n., fostered

195:10.11 earmark of the physical world of mechanistic n..

196:1.6 so did Jesus ascend from the n. of man to the

196:2.2 heights of the positive realization of his divine n. and

196:3.25 The moral n. is superanimal but subspiritual.

nature of God


2:0.1 The n. can best be understood by the revelation of

2:0.2 The n. can be studied in a revelation of supreme

2:0.3 mandate to attempt the further portrayal of the n.

2:5.9 As you ponder the loving n., there is only one

3:2.12 1. By the n., especially by his infinite love, by truth,

4:5.2 sources of confusion on Urantia concerning the n.

6:7.3 The Son is the spiritual and personal n. made

10:2.4 eternity as the perfect revelation of the personal n..

56:1.5 In the infinite n. the Father there could not possibly

96:6.2 their conception of the n. of their God, Yahweh.

97:5.2 Isaiah went on to preach the eternal n., his infinite

97:7.4 Isaiah preached these theories of the n. with such

102:4.4 divesting himself of these erroneous ideas of the n.

117:6.18 will be the divinity and n. of God the Supreme.

128:1.6 which was also in Christ Jesus, who, being of the n.,

142:3.9 to the enlargement of the Jewish concept of the n.,

142:3.9 Scriptures clearly show how the concept of the n.

153:2.12 soul who attains the realization of this united n.

182:1.26 As divine love reveals the n., eternal truth discloses

196:1.6 the nature of man to the consciousness of the n..

nature, human or mortal

2:5.6 not worship God because the limitations of h. and

7:5.4 personality of his Son, Michael, incarnated in the h.

9:5.6 and the evolving mentality of your immature h..

14:5.10 of monotony—these traits inherent in evolving h.

16:7.1 with the other inalienables of h.: scientific curiosity

31:4.1 of mortal beings may share the destiny of h.;

34:7.1 When the m. has been upstepped by the addition of

40:9.2 build the same spirit counterpart of m.—the soul—

47:8.7 The shadow of the m. grows less and less as these

68:6.4 the very worst traits of h. are brought to the surface.

68:6.4 to foster the development of the better side of h..

75:4.7 quickened understanding of h. as supplemental to

84:7.28 is stimulative of the highest potentials in h. and

91:6.4 powers of h. which are stored and conserved in the

94:11.6 the limitations of the m. by the technique of isolating

98:5.1 Mithraic cult made its appeal to a wide range of h.

101:3.18 crowning endowment of h., religious experience.

108:0.1 And in the experience of thus transforming the h.

109:6.4 and wisely did this valiant Monitor direct the h.,

109:6.5 constitutes the passport from the limitations of h. to

111:0.2 believed there is something growing within the h.,

111:6.9 Of all the dangers which beset man’s m., pride is the

112:7.5 the h. has made a final and irrevocable choice for

116:4.9 with the highest spiritual values of material h..

122:5.3 marvelous sympathetic understanding of h. from

123:5.6 Jesus began to make contact with h. from the four

126:2.2 his young h. must also shoulder the responsibility

127:1.2 touch of a twofold n., the human and the divine.

127:6.15 replete in understanding of h., full of sympathy for

127:6.15 and full of sympathy for the frailties of h..

128:1.8 Of his h. he was never in doubt; it was self-evident

129:3.6 the life he lived in the flesh of m. for every single

134:8.5 the ascendancy of his divine nature over his h..

136:6.3 Jesus’ h. dictated that the first duty was self-

136:6.4 urges of the flesh and the natural impulses of h..

139:0.2 h. as it lives on Urantia and on other evolutionary

139:3.2 did not have Andrew’s discretion or insight into h.,

139:3.4 James was able to understand a wide range of h.;

139:7.2 Matthew was a keen judge of h. and an efficient

139:12.11 are usually useless in dealing with embittered h..

140:6.8 doing the will of God while living the life of the m..”

156:5.1 roots of origin and being in the animal soil of h.,

156:5.8 H. may tend toward evil, but it is not inherently

157:5.1 it was upon this great truth of the union of the h.

158:7.4 the Master’s h. recognized in these words of well-

159:4.8 nothing which h. has touched can be regarded as

171:7.7 elicited interest, appealed to the better things in h..

174:0.2 As you have withstood the inclinations of the m.,

181:1.1 delivered from this investment of m., I will be able

182:3.5 must now come the greatest proofs of his m.,

182:3.11 The supreme test of the full realization of the h. had

183:1.1 part of the divine will of the Father, which his h.

186:2.2 exemplified the patient submission of the h.

196:3.28 Religion is man’s supreme experience in the m.,

nature, spirit

1:3.4 The s. of the Universal Father is shared fully with his

2:6.2 Religion implies that the superworld of s is cognizant

6:2.6 this s. of the Father is focalized and personalized in

6:2.6 And as the Father shares his s. with the Son, so do

7:0.4 the impersonal realities of s. are always responsive to

7:1.3 with their qualitative value, their actual degree of s..

7:1.6 There is a direct attractiveness of a s. between

7:1.10 All actual value of s. finds lodgment in the gravity

7:6.3 In s., divine wisdom, and co-ordinate power, these

14:6.23 a revelation of the perfect s. of God the Supreme

16:0.11 In s. these Seven Spirits of Paradise are as one,

38:2.1 definite and discrete beings; they are of s. and origin.

39:4.15 or some other traveler of spirit or semispirit n. on

111:1.7 the extremes of pure mechanical control and true s.

115:5.1 of the Trinity for the reality of his personal and s..

156:5.2 Your s.—the jointly created soul—is a living growth

188:3.4 experience of Jesus which was analogous to the s.,

194:3.1 revelation of the Father’s s. and the Son’s moral

nature, spiritual

5:1.8 to receive all those whose survival status and s.

6:4.4 all situations of Father-Son presence of a dual s.

6:7.3 The Son is the s. of God made manifest to the

7:7.1 in s. they are equal; in divinity they are identical.

7:7.3 revelation of the s. of the Father to all creation.

9:1.7 equal to God in divinity, reflective of the Son’s s.,

9:8.6 of certain circuits of physical, morontial, and s..

12:8.4 with the equally real and mighty operations of a s.

14:6.24 Almighty are unified with the s. of the Supreme.

16:3.15 personal and s. is the Conjoint Actor’s portraiture

16:3.15 such is the source of the s. of God the Supreme.

16:8.3 energies of a material, mindal, and s. which

55:4.11 of an intellectual, philosophic, cosmic, and s..

55:6.3 qualities of a social, philosophic, cosmic, and s..

91:8.4 the sincere and trusting communication of the s. of

99:6.1 religion, and dogmatism is an enslavement of the s..

102:3.1 impoverished environment of the s. robs religion of

102:7.4 many purely humanistic branches onto his basic s.

103:6.3 Man’s s. affords him the opportunity of turning the

103:6.3 experience, all creation appears to be spiritual in n..

107:6.3 faithfully unfold the revelation of the s. of the Father.

111:1.1 Though the work of Adjusters is spiritual in n., they

112:2.11 perceive cosmic realities and supreme values of a s..

112:2.14 —the secret of the self-consciousness of man’s s..

112:4.1 When death of a material, intellectual, or s. occurs,

113:5.2 experience feelings and sentiments of a s. which are

115:3.4 man’s s. reaches up in the worship experience to the

120:2.5 first, to the liberation and inspiration of man’s s..

124:4.6 Joseph entertained a growing belief in the s. of Jesus’

130:2.8 the dog does not possess a s. and cannot enjoy a

130:6.3 the fetters of fear and thus enable your s. to begin

131:6.2 there to develop its true s., to attain perfection.

147:0.2 “kingdom” Jesus proclaimed was spiritual in n.

149:4.2 the measure of the failure of the s. to gain control

152:6.4 the soul, where there resides that s. of man which

155:5.9 urge to seek satisfaction for the longings of his s..

155:6.13 While the mind is not the seat of the s., it is indeed

156:5.1 can by faith raise his s. up into the sunlight of truth

156:5.2 superstructure of the enlarging and ennobling s.,

157:6.4 his religion: the growth of the s. by the technique of

160:1.10 solution of the higher problems of a moral and s..

165:4.7 the progress of the s. in the kingdom of heaven.

181:2.7 I know that you will eventually grasp the s. of my

189:2.9 of the resurrection of Michael are spiritual in n.,

195:6.7 all real values, sanctions, and satisfactions of a s.,

natured, good-

139:9.5 The nicknames given them by the disciples were g.

139:9.8 The twins were g., simple-minded helpers, and

natured, three-

30:4.19 Survivors are still three-n. beings.

naturedly, good-

132:6.3 he said to Jesus, g.: “I propose to make a scholar

150:9.3 Jesus would have g. managed the crowd and

191:0.9 Philip’s questions, the others took his inquiries g..


167:6.6 Beauty is most religious when it is most n. and

naturessee natures, spiritual

1:5.6 The n. of the Creator Sons do not encompass all the

2:2.6 overshadows the hearts and encircuits the n. of all

3:0.3 of Deity would take precedence over all other n.,

5:1.10 of the self-assertiveness of their unspiritual n..

7:5.4 the Paradise Sons of God must assume the very n. of

16:2.5 manner of their differing and individually unique n.

16:3.8 Partaking of the combined n. of the Father and the

16:3.17 portraiture of the personal n. of the Father, Son,

16:3.20 the co-ordinate blending of the divine n. of Father,

16:7.1 animal cousins, but it is his moral and religious n.

17:3.1 Thus they variously reflect the n. and characters of

20:1.10 the n. and activities of these Local Universe Sons of

20:1.15 so unique that the consideration of their n. will be

20:7.4 Sons of the Trinity partake of the combined n. of the

20:10.2 Sons are the divine presentation of the acting n. of

21:0.4 nature but also of your nature, meaning all n.,

21:1.3 The divine n. of these Creator Sons are, in principle

21:6.1 presume to discuss either the n. or the destinies of

21:6.4 divinity potentials bound up in their unfathomable n..

25:2.2 It is difficult to undertake to portray the n. of these

26:1.1 angels possess very social n. and have an associative

26:4.10 by supernaphim whose created n.—like your own

26:4.10 whose created n.—like your own evolved n.—are

28:4.5 the collective n. and reactions of the Master Spirits.

32:3.12 natural cosmic complement of the ever-perfect n.

33:4.2 and partaking freely of their combined n. but not of

34:7.5 races of Urantia should have had physical n. more

34:7.7 experience no more conflict with their mortal n.

36:3.5 the Life Carriers transmit nothing of their personal n.

37:6.6 contentions of divergent spiritual and material n..


39:5.4 races of different colors and varied n. take kindly

44:1.15 but the gift of harmony, so large in their n., has

49:4.8 differences which characterize the physical n. of the

62:2.5 Their bellicose n. served a good purpose; superior

75:7.6 one system derived from their physical n., the other

82:1.5 and the lowest in both the physical and emotional n..

103:2.9 the struggle between the “higher” and the “lower” n.

107:4.4 albeit their n. are perceivable in union with the fused

107:4.7 indwelling and fusing with your finite mortal n.?

108:1.2 volunteer to indwell minds of whose intimate n. they

109:5.3 work is not only interfered with by the innate n. of

109:6.3 And their unique n. embody the mosaic humanity of

110:7.6 and electrical forces inherent in your physical n..

111:7.5 due to the unending conflict between the two n. of

112:7.17 found the Paradise finaliters whose n. are the cosmic

113:7.8 the two angelic n., so complemental in all universe

115:7.4 summation of the finite qualifications of the n. of the

116:3.3 actually augment their divine n. with bona fide

116:3.3 their divine natures with bona fide creature n.

116:4.9 acquire n. expressive of Paradise divinity in

116:4.9 likewise acquire the n. and cosmic viewpoints of

118:0.1 Concerning the several n. of Deity, it may be said:

118:9.8 create as the combined expression of their divine n.

119:8.3 exploration of the n. of creature personality, but he

119:8.4 Deities are eternally personalized in the differing n.

125:0.5 disappointed by their perfunctory and routine n..

127:2.12 Gradually Jesus had brought his divine and human n.

127:6.9 weaving Jesus’ mortal and divine n. into a simple

128:1.1 he had already effectively combined these two n. into

136:1.4 man, had put into his being both good and evil n.;

136:1.6 the Messiah, and that was the union of the two n.,

136:1.6 of the union in one earth personality of the two n.,

136:5.4 If your united n. once entertain such desires, these

137:4.2 of his combined, or fused, human and divine n..

139:3.2 James seemed really to possess two n.,both of which

149:4.2 control of the combined intellectual and physical n.

156:5.4 selfishness and by the impulses of their animal n..

169:4.2 sent him into the world to reveal their combined n.

196:2.6 to both the human and the divine n. of the Master

natures, spiritual

32:0.2 and s. and capacities of the manifold creatures who

34:7.3 constant warfare between their physical and s..

34:7.3 mortals in this realm of divergent material and s..

37:6.6 contentions of your divergent material and s..

48:6.32 pattern runs through the physical, mental, and s.

52:4.8 And this extensive arousal of the s. of the races is

56:10.9 a combined appeal to the intellectual and s. of man

110:2.6 the co-operating minds of diversely material and s..

118:10.7 intellect, the ideals of character, the desires of s.,

139:9.6 stupid, but they had a real experience in their s..

141:5.2 while your s. and spirit fruits of divine worship

156:5.4 weakening conflicts between the animal and s..


94:3.4 this truth availed them n. because they failed to

146:2.5 You have set at n. all my counsel, and you have


59:2.11 have survived as the modern pearly n., octopus,


72:7.12 a considerable sum from the leasing of n. equipment

72:8.7 5. Military and n. schools.

96:3.5 a strong Libyan thrust a Greek n. invasion from

134:5.12 world power controls the world’s land, air, and n.


90:1.4 autohypnosis by prolonged staring at their n..


60:3.21 second attempt to produce animals that could n. the


78:5.7 of the Andites who n. the Pacific of long ago none


132:7.4 there, because of faulty charts of n., the good ship


11:1.3 If you were an intelligent n., equipped with ship,


49:2.16 These air n. intervene between the water and land

49:2.17 diminutive mammals (the bat family) that are air n.

60:2.12 lines which would enable them to survive as air n..

65:2.12 whales and seals, and into air n. like the bat family.


97:9.16 Solomon created a vast Hebrew n., operated by


145:2.5 do you know the Lord? N.! For they shall all know

Nazareth or Nazareth family

122:2.6 to Mary while she was at work in her N. home.

122:7.6 the N. travelers retired for the night’s rest.

122:8.3 would gladly exchange quarters with the N. couple.

122:10.1 Knowing Herod pursued the Nf., Zacharias and

123:0.3 to wish the Nf. well and to pay their respects to the

123:1.1 They arrived unannounced at the N. home, which

123:1.5 The next important event in the life of this Nf. was

123:1.7 malignant intestinal trouble spread over all N. from

123:3.1 complete copies of the Scriptures in Greek in all N.,

123:3.4 Elizabeth and their son John came to visit the Nf..

123:3.7 Never again, until after Joseph’s death, did the Nf.

123:3.10 his usual bedtime in this well-ordered N. household.

123:4.9 The fourth member of the Nf., Joseph, was born

123:5.2 the elementary school of the N. synagogue.

123:5.3 The N. synagogue possessed a complete copy of the

123:5.7 N. was a caravan station and crossroads of travel

123:5.7 and it was largely gentile in population;

123:5.7 it was known as a center of liberal interpretation of

123:5.9 The N. chazan, on the occasion of Jesus’ finishing

123:5.12 N. was one of the twenty-four priest centers of the

124:1.11 that men and women worked at around N. except

124:2.2 Increasingly Jesus kept N. in more or less a hubbub.

124:2.5 Jesus was the generally accepted leader of the N lads

124:4.8 exemplified by the renowned N. teacher, Jose.

124:5.4 the local school connected with the N. synagogue.

124:6.9 They invited the Nf. in for refreshment,and a lifelong

124:6.16 And so, even ere the heavy responsibilities of the Nf.

124:6.18 Thus ends the career of the N. lad, and begins the

125:0.2 many other N. women were led to make the journey,

125:0.3 From the time they left N. until they reached the

125:2.1 Five N. families were guests of the family of Simon

125:2.11 in company with Jesus’ N. teacher they made definite

125:2.12 Jerusalem at this time, and the N. lad personally met,

125:3.1 had been arranged that the N. party should gather

125:3.1 But as the N. party moved on toward Bethany,

125:3.2 The N. travelers did not miss Jesus because Mary

125:4.3 that he was a finished student of the N. schools,

125:5.8 For more than four hours this N. youth plied these

126:0.4 the temple in Jerusalem was gratifying to all N.,

126:1.2 Jesus looked out over N. and the surrounding

126:1.4 set aside the income from his N. and Capernaum

126:1.6 The improved economic condition of the Nf. was

126:2.1 brought to the N. home the tragic news that Joseph

126:2.2 struck down the head of this N. household,

126:2.8 But in spite of all that Jesus and the N. neighbors

126:3.1 the necessity of disposing of one of the N. houses

126:3.12 they began the sale of milk to their N. neighbors.

126:4.9 Jesus climbed the N. hill with James and, when they

126:5.3 The N. chazan continued to cling to the belief that

126:5.6 fifteenth birthday, presented it to the N. synagogue

126:5.11 scheme which characterized the home life of this Nf..

127:2.2 were making good headway until they reached N..

127:2.5 tools and assume leadership of these N. patriots.

127:2.7 Jesus had but one wise counselor in all N., his old

127:2.10 Henceforth N. maintained a division of sentiment

127:3.11 September, Elizabeth and John came to visit the Nf..

127:3.11 did not know that the Nf. was practically penniless.

127:3.13 death for the second time struck at this Nf..

127:5.6 comforted and importuned her father to leave N.

127:6.1 Rebecca’s love for Jesus was whispered about N.

127:6.10 Although all their N. property (except their home)

128:1.6 The N. carpenter now fully understood the work

128:2.3 when carpenter work was slack about N., Jesus left

128:3.3 developed such a great liking for the N. couple

128:3.9 More and more the Nf. became engrossed with their

128:4.1 had sought out Jesus when passing through N.

128:4.8 this year the N. home was running fairly smoothly.

128:6.1 This year began with the Nf. all in good health

128:7.2 And yet, as this man walked about N. to and from

128:7.5 when he could consistently leave this N. home to

129:0.1 the management of the domestic affairs of the Nf.

129:0.2 for detaching himself permanently from the N. home;

129:1.2 had long known of the skill of the N. craftsman.

129:1.8 to assign his residence to Damascus, Bethany, N.,

129:1.11 the children playing out by the side of the N. shop.

129:2.11 During this time the Nf. got along very well; Jude

134:1.6 About the time Jesus was preparing to leave N.,

134:1.6 Joseph and his family moved into the old N. home

134:2.1 Jesus left N. on the caravan trip to the Caspian Sea

134:2.5 No longer did Jesus regard N. as his home.

134:7.1 In the middle of April Jesus left N. for Tyre.

135:0.3 in company with his parents, to Jesus and the Nf..

137:2.8 going by the village of Nain, reached N. late that

137:3.2 Before leaving N., the new associates of Jesus told

150:0.4 visited Magdala, Tiberias, N., and all the principal

150:1.1 Susanna, daughter of the former chazan of the N.

150:6.3 apostles and evangelists began moving toward N..

150:6.3 this was the first time Jesus had visited N. since

150:7.1 Jesus walked about N. quite unobserved and

150:7.4 teacher of his youth, were dead or had left N.,

150:8.1 and all N., friends and foes, turned out to hear Jesus


150:9.5 They left N. this Sunday morning, and traveling by

156:6.2 going north on the N.-Mount Lebanon trail to the

157:0.1 the presence of the entire Nf.—Mary and all of Jesus’

172:3.1 N., Capernaum, and Jerusalem had rejected him, but

Nazareth, at


123:4.1 and one of the deepest at N. in a hundred years.

123:5.1 Jesus entered upon his eventful school life at N..

123:5.3 At N. the pupils sat on the floor in a semicircle,

123:5.12 And at N. they were also more liberal regarding the

124:0.1 At N. Jesus secured an education and received a

124:3.8 and work for the building of an amphitheater at N..

124:4.8 And it was possible to do many such things at N.,

125:0.5 characterized ceremonies of the synagogue at N..

125:4.3 to be blamed if the rulers of the synagogue at N.

126:3.8 the synagogue library at N., among the apocalyptic

127:3.12 was tremendously impressed by what he saw at N.

128:6.4 Already at N. Jude had got into slight trouble several

129:2.1 each month he would send to the family at N..

129:2.3 matter of sending some money to the family at N.

129:2.4 and use the income for assisting the family at N.;

129:2.5 When the family at N. heard that Jesus had departed

129:2.10 Before Jesus’ return from this trip the family at N.

134:1.3 During his stay of a few weeks at N., Jesus visited

137:3.4 like himself as he was during the earlier years at N..

137:4.8 Jesus for help in every crisis of their home life at N.

141:0.2 Ruth was on a visit to her brother Joseph at N..

142:8.2 They supposed the Master had been born at N.,

144:3.16 collective form as they prayed it in the N. home.

145:5.8 the kingdom in many cities, but they did not visit N..

148:0.4 family spent most of this time at either N. or Cana.

150:4.2 Jesus arranged the date for meeting the twelve at N.,

150:4.4 the time of their assembling at N. to meet with Jesus

150:6.1 —before they all reunited at N.—he discussed

150:6.3 the women’s corps, should assemble at N. to meet


151:0.2 recovered from the sorrow of his rejection at N.;

Nazareth, for

122:2.7 Already had a nephew of Zacharias departed for N.,

123:0.6 Joseph and Mary departed from Bethlehem for N.,

128:6.8 Passover supper,and set out for N. the following day

Nazareth, from

122:7.3 they cheerfully departed from N. at the break of day.

124:1.12 visited Sepphoris, a little over three miles from N. to

124:6.1 company (103) made ready to depart from N.

125:0.2 to men, ever to go up to the Passover from N..

125:4.3 replied, “We might have known; he is from N..”

129:1.7 attend remembered him as the carpenter from N..

135:0.4 After their return from N. John’s parents began the

146:0.2 Jesus admonished them to remain away from N.

Nazareth, in

122:5.9 new home in N., which had been built by Joseph


123:3.7 Joseph turned the shop in N. over to his brothers

123:3.8 Endor, as well as much building in and near N..


123:5.4 of prominence happened to be sojourning in N.,

123:5.10 over the Sabbath in N., to address the synagogue.

124:1.8 This winter and the next were the coldest in N. for

124:1.8 mountains, and several times it had fallen in N.,

124:2.8 He was well thought of in N. except by the parents

125:2.9 to have their strangely acting son safely back in N..

126:4.1 And when all the faithful in N. had assembled, Jesus

127:2.2 of keeping out many of his youthful fellows in N..

127:2.5 But trouble began to brew in N..

127:2.8 Everyone in N. well knew he was a good father to

127:2.10 over, but never was this incident forgotten in N..

127:3.11 he advised John to remain in N. to take up carpentry

127:5.1 Although Jesus was poor, his social standing in N.

128:4.4 found him back in N. going about his daily duties

129:1.6 and Jesus was not again in N. for over two years,

144:3.2 the one that I taught my brothers and sisters in N.”:

150:7.1 many times heard it when a boy growing up in N..

150:7.2 been a division of opinion in N. regarding him;

150:7.3 knowing Jesus was to spend this Sabbath day in N.

150:7.4 visit his brother and his married sisters living in N..

150:9.1 that you challenge me to do in N. what you have

182:3.10 mind went back to the days of his childhood in N.

Nazareth, ofsee Jesus

121:2.2 traffic passed through or near the little town of N.

121:7.12 the startling pronouncements of the carpenter of N..

122:5.9 custom, at Mary’s home in the environs of N.

122:6.1 not far from the high hill in the northerly part of N.,

122:6.1 and the road leading out of N. toward Cana.

123:1.7 Mary fled to the home of her brother, south of N. on

123:5.7 Jews of N. were most liberal in their interpretation of

123:5.7 Jerusalem, “Can any good thing come out of N.?”

123:5.10 the synagogue of N. was an advanced and liberal

123:5.13 caravans as they wended their way in and out of N.,

123:5.15 known to all the mothers and young women of N.,

123:6.1 uncle (his mother’s brother) five miles south of N..

123:6.6 the great difference between the temperatures of N.

124:1.2 father, sojourns on his uncle’s farm south of N.,

124:1.9 The climate of N. was not severe.

124:3.6 upon this magnificent Greek city from the hill of N.

124:3.7 that it would be good for the young men of N. if

124:5.1 In this year the lad of N. passed from boyhood to the

124:5.3 outward appearances, an average Jewish lad of N..

124:6.2 associating that affair with this obscure lad of N..

124:6.17 We could hardly comprehend that this lad of N. was

125:1.4 The terrible sight sickened this boy of N.;

126:0.4 at last a really great teacher was to come out of N.

126:1.1 trips to the top of the hill to the northwest of N. for

126:2.2 This lad of N. now became the sole support and

126:2.5 this young carpenter of N. increasingly measured

126:5.12 now began the real career of this young man of N..

127:2.7 All the better Jews of N. had enlisted, and those

127:2.7 about his reply to the citizens’ committee of N.

127:3.10 among the young men and the young women of N..

127:5.1 of Ezra, a wealthy merchant and trader of N.,

127:6.13 And so, as the years pass, this young man of N.

128:1.9 babe of Bethlehem, the lad, youth, and man of N.,

128:1.13 that this man of N. was their beloved Sovereign and

128:2.6 so far below those of even the caravan city of N.

128:7.8 he took Jude to the farmer uncle south of N., but

129:4.1 because he was at this time still the carpenter of N.,

134:7.2 the carpenter of N., the boatbuilder of Capernaum,

137:2.2 Ezra rejected the mild-mannered carpenter of N.,

137:2.2 Can such a gift of God come out of N.?

137:2.6 asked, “Can any such good thing come out of N.?

139:5.8 about the merits and demerits of Jesus and N.,

139:6.3 met Jesus, “Can any good thing come out of N.?”

145:3.12 to ascertain if he was the former carpenter of N. or

150:7.2 The people of N. were never reputed for piety and

150:7.2 While the inhabitants of N. had heard much about

150:7.2 For months the people of N. had discussed Jesus

150:9.2 “You think you are better than the people of N.;

162:3.4 the wife of an inferior citizen of N., a man who

182:3.10 And it was from these old memories of N.,

186:2.11 the man of N. as the satisfaction of the ideal of

187:2.5 how Jerusalem Jews detested the very name of N.,

188:3.8 3. The acquired spirit identity of the man of N.

190:3.3 discover that their real trouble with the man of N.

190:5.4 Do you not know that this man of N. told his

Nazareth, to

123:0.1 a contractor and builder after their return to N..

123:0.4 whether they should remain there or return to N..

123:0.6 friends that it was best for them to return to N..

123:0.6 refused to permit them to make the trip to N. alone

123:1.2 and two months old at the time of their return to N..

123:1.3 On the way to N. Joseph had persuaded Mary that it

123:1.7 They did not return to N. for more than two months;

123:2.1 something more than a year after the return to N.

123:2.4 Since returning to N., theirs had been a busy

123:6.8 academy of rabbis, came to N. to observe Jesus,

123:6.8 Nahor came to N. at the instigation of John’s father

125:2.10 when the time came to return to N., his youthful

125:3.1 they did and started out on the return journey to N.

125:3.1 was supposed to journey back to N. in company

125:6.10 On the three days’ journey to N. Jesus said little;

126:0.2 of the Jerusalem visit and with his return to N..

126:2.1 They brought him to N., and on the following day

127:3.7 Upon returning to N., Jesus began work in the shop

127:6.4 was brought back to N. on the return from Egypt.

128:1.14 but Jesus returned to N. by the east Jordan way,

128:2.4 Each Sabbath Jesus returned to N., and sometimes

128:2.6 not averse to finding an excuse for returning to N..

128:2.6 in the opinion of Jesus, for him to go back to N..

128:3.2 They returned to N. by the coast route, touching

128:3.2 thence around Mount Carmel to Ptolemais and N..

128:3.7 Simon and Jesus started on their way back to N..

128:5.2 a young man from Alexandria came down to N. to

128:5.6 Jesus returned to N..

128:4.3 he was an obscure and unknown carpenter of N..

128:4.4 Jewry upside down with the former carpenter of N.

128:5.7 was much in love with Esta, a young woman of N.,

128:5.9 and conducted himself as a respected citizen of N. in

129:1.6 Jesus returned to N. in October to attend Martha’s

129:2.1 get the money from Jesus, and take it up to N..

129:2.10 Only the assurances of Zebedee, who went up to N.

129:3.7 By the time of his return to N., Jesus had just about

134:1.1 From Damascus Jesus went to N., stopping only a

134:1.1 Zebedee had managed to buy, Jesus went on to N..

134:7.1 After a brief visit to Capernaum, Jesus went to N.,

135:2.2 this year Elizabeth and John made a journey to N. to

136:4.2 On his next visit to N., much to the sorrow of his

137:2.3 crossed the Jordan, to go by way of Nain to N.,

138:1.4 Jesus went over to N. to visit with Joseph and Simon

145:0.1 mother of Jesus hastened away, going over to N. to



135:1.1 appropriate year for him to take the formal N. vow

135:1.1 the southern headquarters of the N. brotherhood,

135:1.1 which were required of those taking N. vows.

135:1.2 A life N. was looked upon as a sanctified and holy

135:1.2 The Jews regarded a N. with almost the respect and

135:1.4 their only son, a child of promise and a N. for life.

135:2.1 since the N. vow forbade contact with the dead,

135:2.1 wholly obedient to the requirements of the N. order;

135:2.1 where, in the N. corner of the women’s court, John

135:2.3 herds and fraternized with the N. brotherhood.

135:4.1 Elizabeth’s friends, knowing of the N. restrictions

135:6.4 a new feature about the work of this N. preacher:

135:12.2 Therefore Herod kept the N. preacher in prison,

137:7.12 these parties and sects, including the N. brotherhood,

137:7.12 The Son of Man was to be neither a N. nor Essene.

142:8.1 and Abner spent at Engedi, visiting the N. colony.

142:8.1 of the N. brotherhood became believers in Jesus,

165:0.1 chief of the apostles of John the Baptist, a N.

165:0.1 a Nazarite and onetime head of the N. school at

169:3.3 recited this ancient parable of the N. brotherhood,


135:1.2 N. of lifelong consecration were the only persons,

135:2.3 The Engedi colony included not only N. of lifelong

135:2.4 John was so different from the majority of the N.

135:4.4 writings he found at the Engedi home of the N..

169:3.1 Have you not also heard the allegory of the N.


64:3.5 action as an apparently new people—the N. race.


64:4.3 The reindeer was highly useful to these N. peoples,

64:4.11 further spread of the crude culture of the N. races.

64:7.9 In Europe they encountered the N. descendants of

64:7.10 mingling of these Sangik tribes with the N. peoples

64:7.10 marked improvement in the N. peoples exhibited by

64:7.11 this new N. race extended from England to India.

78:1.8 N. absorption had greatly retarded the culture of the

79:5.1 escaped that admixture with the debased N. strain

79:5.2 The inferior N. strains were destroyed or driven off

80:1.7 while exterminating the lingering strains of N. stock.


64:4.1 The N. were excellent fighters, and they traveled

64:4.1 They gradually spread from the highland centers in

64:4.1 They dominated the world for almost half a million

64:4.2 The N. were great hunters, and the tribes in France

64:4.2 the first to adopt the practice of giving the most

64:4.3 since they made various uses of the horns and bones.

64:4.3 They had little culture, but they greatly improved the

64:4.4 With their improved implements the N. made holes

64:4.12 The N. really had no religion beyond a shameful

64:4.12 They were deathly afraid of clouds, mists and fogs.

64:4.13 These N. could hardly be called sun worshipers.

64:4.13 They lived in fear of the dark;

64:4.13 they had a mortal dread of nightfall.

64:4.13 As long as the moon shone a little, they managed to

64:4.13 but in the dark of the moon they grew panicky and

64:4.13 The sun, they early learned, would regularly return,

64:4.13 the moon they conjectured only returned because

64:4.13 because they sacrificed their fellow tribesman.

64:7.9 These older European N. had been driven south by

64:7.9 they thus were in position quickly to absorb their

79:5.2 While the early N. were spread out over the entire

nearnon-exhaustive; see Near East; Near Eastern;

  see near-by; see draw near; hand, near at

1:4.2 the Sovereign Creator Sons come n. the creatures of

1:5.9 his divine presence here and there, n. and afar,

3:4.5 Even though I hail from n. the very abiding place of

7:3.1 his beneficence is ever n. and always concerned

9:0.3 His influence and personalities are ever n. you;

12:7.14 Second and Third Centers ever hope to come as n.

13:1.20 you can almost comprehend such n. orders of

13:2.5 understand these things which are so n. Paradise.

15:0.2 scheme of administration has existed from n. eternity

19:5.1 to those of us whose origin is so n. the source of

23:1.1 throughout the grand universe from n. eternity.

23:1.2 these messengers are existent from the n. times of

23:3.1 versatile personalized beings who can come so n.

24:4.1 In the n. times of eternity seven hundred thousand

26:6.2 Here, on this Havona circuit, they come n. to

29:0.10 The Power Centers have existed from the n. times of

31:10.10 this mobilization has taken place since the n. times

35:2.1 Sons to approach sufficiently n. the lower creature

38:7.6 Cherubim and sanobim are by nature very n. the

39:3.8 They may pass n. one another during space flight

39:5.14 he touches the n. point of the seraphic carriage,

39:9.2 increasing need for their services as they n. the

40:5.3 cannot downstep himself to make such n. contact

47:4.6 You are still a n. human and not far removed from

48:5.5 cherubim are by nature very n. the morontia type of

50:1.1 The Infinite Spirit comes very n. in the persons of

51:3.7 date from the n. times of the arrival of the Prince.

52:3.10 With the n. completion of the task of race blending,

52:5.2 Only one world in n. ten million can enjoy such a

52:7.9 there is evolving a quality of n. perfection in the

66:4.7 for this custom spread n. and far to affect the eating

68:6.11 it may become a serious problem in the n. future.

69:7.4 but when the dog howled, spirits were n..

74:2.3 of the carrier pigeons assembled from n. and far,

74:4.1 Adam and Eve were in reality gods or else so n.

74:4.4 It was n. the dawn of their seventh day on earth

82:5.1 in restriction of sex relations among n. relatives.

82:5.2 taboos against all marriages among n. relatives.

89:4.8 regarded the animals as their actual and n. kin.

89:5.7 it was customary to refrain from eating n. relations;

96:6.2 They came n. losing all concept of monotheism;

110:6.5 The Adjusters are always n. you and of you, but

113:0.2 they are the ministering spirits who live so n. you

113:2.5 you would be very n. the angels in many attributes

113:5.2 Angels are so n. you and care so feelingly for you

114:1.3 at some time in the n. future the plan of sending

117:6.1 in his mystery, though distant, yet is he n..”

121:1.1 the Greek language had spread over n. Orient,

126:3.8 none was so n. the truth as this story tucked away

127:2.8 a matter so n. the heart of every noble Jew that

130:2.4 perhaps the Gods have brought this erring man n.

130:5.4 This was probably as n. a personal encounter with

131:2.9 “The Lord is n. all who call upon him in sincerity

131:2.10 The Lord is n. to those who are brokenhearted;

131:3.1 Ganid was shocked to discover how n. Buddhism

131:3.5 ‘The penalty of wrongdoing shall not come n. me.

131:9.3 Faith must be very n. the truth of things, and I do

133:6.7 approaches the heavenly status in that it comes n. to

136:7.2 neither shall any plague come n. your dwelling.

137:4.12 personalities were assembled n. the water and

137:7.3 contemplating how one who could live so n. God

140:8.2 embraces the ideal principles of living n. God in all


145:5.5 those who have come from n. and far because of

149:6.12 ‘You are n. God in the mouth but far from him in

150:5.2 where the Father says, ‘My righteousness is n.;

150:8.3 in truth have you brought us n. your great name—

150:8.8 No, the word of life is very n. to you, even in your

154:6.9 Jesus had hardly realized how n. this prediction

155:1.3 Their goal is n. and more or less visible; wherefore

157:1.4 such tales of n. miracles were commonplace.

163:1.4 remains that the kingdom of God has come n. you

163:2.2 but my father is very old and n. death; could I be

163:6.7 let me say: I always stand n., and my invitation-call

172:5.5 John Zebedee came somewhere n. understanding

174:5.3 even some of those who have been so long n. me,

176:2.6 branches and puts forth its leaves that summer is n.

181:2.2 You have been very n. me, and while I love you all

182:0.1 And John Mark remained so n. the Master

182:1.4 Be n. them, Father, until we can send the new

182:2.12 but for his great desire to be n. Jesus and to know

190:2.4 former days and forecast the events of the n. future.

190:2.6 Greetings to those once n. me in the flesh and

Near East

146:1.3 immediately acceptable to the peoples of the N..

163:7.2 but from the whole Roman world and from the N..

Near Eastern

83:4.5 the custom of many N. peoples to throw grain upon


7:6.7 spiritual kinship which unites them in bonds of n.


43:9.2 on the system worlds you were evolving from a n.


1:1.4 In one n. constellation God is called the Father of

14:1.14 enshroud Havona as to hide it from the view of n.

15:3.2 as you look through the cross section of n. systems

15:4.9 is enormous, and some of it is taken up by n. suns

15:6.11 otherwise speedily dive to destruction in n. suns

15:6.14 they happen to be in proper relation to a n. sun,

15:7.1 While sharing the light of n. suns, these spheres

15:8.3 physical influence of n. highly heated or heavily

15:8.8 physical phenomena of the n. astronomic systems.

30:3.3 Uversa contains individuals from many n. realms,

35:3.22 clinic for other n. creations that the Melchizedek

39:3.9 the strength and direction of the n. main circuits of

41:1.4 perfect and constant liaison with the n power centers

41:4.4 One of your n. suns, which started life with about

41:7.15 gravity-robbery of n. smaller suns or systems.

41:9.2 direct gravity attraction of n. or remote material

46:1.8 Jerusem receives faint light from several n. suns—

49:5.31 with Adjuster-fusion mortals in contrast with a n.

53:6.5 who forwarded calls for help to Edentia from the n.

57:2.2 As the astronomers of n. universes looked out upon

57:3.2 The n. star students of that faraway era, as they

57:3.7 Many of the n. and smaller suns were recaptured as

57:5.1 blazing orb, having gathered to itself most of the n.

57:5.11 quantities of the meteoric matter circulating in n.

57:6.5 have been disrupted by tidal gravity exerted by n.

63:2.5 it occurred to Fonta to climb a n. tree to secure an

64:7.6 yellow race onto the peninsulas and n. islands of the

66:3.7 And it was from these n. tribes that the first students

72:3.2 going to the n. centers for oral instruction once in

73:4.4 contributions of food were also received from n.

74:2.4 the n. tribesmen accepted the teachings of Van and

74:5.3 extensive trade relations with the n. tribes had been

75:3.7 most brilliant mind and active leader of the n. colony

75:5.3 they declared war on the n. Nodite settlement.

77:4.5 allude to the n Nodite settlement as “the land of Nod

78:3.8 had not yet begun his civilization on the n. islands of

91:3.7 will be to revert to the concept of a n. alter ego,

93:5.10 had confederated under his leadership seven n. tribes

122:5.9 The house was located near the foot of the n.

122:6.1 and to make trips up to the top of this n. highland,

122:8.1 a possible contingency, and laid in a n. manger.

124:1.12 trips with his father on pleasure or business to n.

133:7.2 their sojourn of several weeks in the n. mountains.

134:9.2 Jesus walked about over the n. hills and engaged in

135:11.2 but the friend of the bridegroom who stands n.

136:2.4 Jesus, looking up to the n. Adjuster, prayed: “My

137:0.1 to the n. village of Pella to deliver the boy safely into

138:5.1 Tarichea, and Thomas led the party to his n. home.

144:6.1 his fellow apostles were in a n. village buying food

145:1.1 he signaled to some fishermen occupying a n. boat

146:6.2 a funeral procession on its way to the n. cemetery,

149:7.2 being accommodated in Bethsaida and n. Capernaum

150:7.2 by the low moral standards of n. Sepphoris.

150:9.3 out of the synagogue to the brow of a n. hill,

151:1.1 soon the people from Capernaum and n. villages

151:6.1 Although most of the n. eastern shore of the lake

151:6.1 Pointing up to the side of the n. hill, Jesus said: “Let

151:6.5 a considerable crowd had assembled from the n.

152:0.2 his eyes fell upon a n. woman, who, coming

152:3.2 had hardly ceased to reverberate from the n. rocks

158:1.8 they were suddenly awakened by a n. crackling

158:5.2 while he gave the n. apostles a searching survey.

163:6.1 while Jesus was away in the n. hills with Peter,

167:0.3 the gospel at Philadelphia and among the n. villages.

168:0.4 Many friends from n. hamlets and others from

172:3.9 brought branches from the n. trees to make a

173:1.1 and although there were several stations on n. Olivet

173:1.6 At the money table of a n. exchanger a violent and

173:1.7 By the time the n. Roman guards had appeared on

174:5.1 If they had been Jews or n. and familiar gentiles,

177:1.2 the temerity of which astonished some of the n.

182:1.7 and in silence made their way back to the n. camp.

182:2.12 with Peter, James, and John, into a n. ravine,

182:3.1 went a short way up a n. ravine where he had

183:3.9 John Mark had remained secluded in the n. shed.

190:1.2 in the linen sheet and threw them over a n. cliff.

190:2.3 near the tomb, he became aware of a n. presence,

193:1.3 and they hastened off to the n. towns and villages,


45:1.6 and a vast concourse of co-ordinate and n. beings.


22:7.8 this amazing phenomenon; it is a n. experience.


136:8.3 present the human element of questioning and n.,

near-eastern or near-Eastern

65:2.15 central life strains but in the central to n. regions.

195:1.7 Alexander spread Hellenistic civilization over the n.


14:6.6 He enjoys the experience of love satiety on n. levels.


17:8.4 1. Collectively the Master Spirits n. to the divinity


137:4.1 Everybody wanted to greet this n. Galilean, and he


50:1.2 the increased liability that these n. personalities may


189:2.4 the dignified and reverent disposal of n. dissolution


122:8.7 Oriental and n. minds delight in fairy stories,


19:3.7 the divine attitude on n. levels of spiritual meanings


14:3.2 no need of government among such perfect and n.


59:0.8 the numerous shallow n. basins are covered with


44:0.20 of these morontia transactions and n. phenomena.

46:4.7 other fascinating orders of spirit and n. creatures.


29:3.12 energy situation the centers and controllers exert n.,


8:2.8 traits of divinity are co-ordinated in the n. levels of

28:1.1 These supernal beings of n. versatility are the gift of


23:2.14 perfect beings with the spirits of such n. personalities


51:3.2 are located in a secluded section and in a n. zone.


106:6.1 universe is hardly absolute, though it may well be n.,


124:6.8 As they n. the top, they could look across the Jordan

133:1.1 one afternoon by the roadside as they n. Tarentum.

172:3.13 As they n. Jerusalem, the crowd became more

190:2.4 As they n. the house, Jesus said, “Farewell, James,

192:1.2 As they n. the shore, they saw someone on the beach

nearersee nearerwith draw or drawing or drew

5:1.9 ever n. the inner center, and some day, doubt not,

6:2.1 the Son is one step n. you in approachability than is

38:7.1 They are the lowest order of angels, hence all the n.

41:4.5 One of your n. neighbors has a density equal to that

42:1.3 And so will they have approached one step n. the

42:5.11 —the slowing down of electronic activity still n. the

42:7.8 The n. the nucleus, the less there is of electronic

42:10.7 being existential-experiential, it is n. the absonite

46:2.7 you are far n. your earth life of material things than

53:8.5 And then still n. the completion of his lifework he

54:5.13 And yet that would be n. a comparison with the

64:3.4 fossils that approach n. to transition types between

65:6.1 will the scientist come n. and n. the secrets of life,

77:8.4 but midwayers are, in nature, n. man than angel;

77:8.10 They are considerably n. the angelic type of being

106:9.12 brings creatures one step n. the comprehension of

127:6.12 he toils earnestly for the attainment of a n. goal of

130:7.6 The n. consciousness approaches the awareness of

133:5.6 it would be n. the truth to say that such a personality

139:4.4 In view of the fact that John came n. to being the

155:6.10 that they might come a little n. the discovery of the

173:5.5 they should establish a camp n. the city which

177:5.5 the next day was one more day n. the tragic Friday,

nearerwith draw or drawing or drew

2:1.8 his infinity in order that he may be able to draw n.

35:8.15 they are capable of drawing n. the lower creatures of

40:5.2 increasingly human orders, draw n. and n. to the

57:5.5 back into the sun, but as Angona drew n. and n.,

57:5.6 As the Angona system drew n., the extrusions

107:0.5 with his Paradise Father and draws him n. and n. to

133:8.2 Jesus became sober and reflective as he drew n.

183:3.5 his voice, and as the apostles and disciples drew n.,

192:1.2 with their catch, but as they drew n. the shore,


3:4.7 Therefore man’s n. and dearest approach to God is

10:5.4 Supreme is the n. approach to a power-personality

15:1.4 represents the n. physical approach of the spheres

18:1.1 supervise these seven sacred spheres n. Paradise,

19:3.6 Such verdicts represent the n. possible approach to

19:3.7 represent the n. superuniverse approach to the union

25:1.2 This creative collaboration comes the n. to being the

28:4.4 these secoraphic voices come the n. to being the

32:2.12 The n. neighboring universes are: Avalon, Henselon,

40:5.3 draw the n. to you in the personality circuit

41:3.1 Of the thirty suns n. yours, only three are brighter.

41:10.1 with ever-increasing violence until n. apposition,

42:7.8 The thirty electrons n. the center are difficult of

42:7.8 especially is this true of the electrons n. the nucleus

46:5.13 The Trinity Teacher Sons come the n. to being the

48:3.4 midway creatures of the worlds are your n. of kin;

48:6.34 these transition ministers draw the n to humans of all

50:1.1 brethren represent the n. personalized approach

57:0.1 We will use the n. whole numbers as the method of

57:6.1 surrounding bodies made their n approach to the sun

57:6.2 The planets n. the sun were the first to have their

71:1.3 Their n. approach was the Iroquois federation, but

73:2.2 Van told his n. associates the story of the Material

79:5.7 Up to that time the Eskimos were the n. to white

79:8.16 the civilization of the sons of Han comes the n. of all

81:4.9 Their skeletal structures come the n. to preserving

101:10.6 This is the n. approach that can be made on the

102:2.8 religion seems to present the n. refuge, the best

110:6.15 this achievement of the first psychic circle is the n.

114:5.1 The twenty-four counselors come the n. to being the

118:3.5 Space comes the n. of all nonabsolute things to being

131:5.3 God is farthest from us and at the same time n. to

132:4.8 this came the n. to being a public appearance.

134:2.3 this Caspian Sea trip carried Jesus n. to the Orient

134:9.8 up the Jordan valley from the ford of the river n. to

139:3.4 Of all the twelve, James came the n. to grasping the

140:8.12 n. he came to making sociological pronouncements

144:4.11 Peter and James came the n. to comprehending the

172:5.7 came the n. to understanding the Master’s reason

172:5.11 was always their day of being n. heaven on earth.

179:3.9 Do you not know that the place n. me, as men


49:0.3 There are thirty-six uninhabited planets n. the life-

49:5.25 the spiritual status of such a world is n. its limit of

57:7.4 present size, while the moon was n. its present mass.

59:5.8 developing and the trilobites were n. extinction.

73:0.1 progress of the Urantia races was n. its apex.

118:10.14 the values of human existence will be n. the limits

137:3.5 Mary anticipated that the promise of Gabriel was n.

171:6.1 the Master’s procession entered Jericho, it was n.

172:3.2 Jesus was n. the end of his career in the flesh,

184:1.9 since it was n. the break of day, Annas thought best

187:3.4 make no reply to their taunts, and since it was n.


3:2.8 throughout the universes of space, are so n. infinite

6:6.4 The Eternal Son is wholly spiritual; man is very n.

11:4.1 Since the nonpervaded-space zones n. impinge upon

11:7.5 with its point n. tangent to peripheral Paradise,

15:1.4 from which your superuniverse has n. passed.

23:2.23 and space as do the Gravity Messengers, but n. so.

23:3.6 their transit velocities, are so n. independent of time.

23:3.7 They are true persons, yet endowed with n. all of

23:4.4 be more n. administered by Trinity-origin beings

26:8.4 N. all attain the Infinite Spirit, though occasionally

27:7.2 worship, it is more n. one vast sanctuary of service.

30:4.16 seven worlds of progressive training is n. universal in

38:0.3 seraphim are the most n. standard of all spirit types

39:4.13 is not n. so important as the way in which you do

41:2.4 transmit n. all of the physical energies of organized

42:4.6 The most n. empty space known in Nebadon

42:12.10 N. all beings encountered in the superuniverses are

42:12.13 it appears that the more n. spirit-mind function

42:12.13 more n. does the spirit phase become dominant;

43:8.11 they more n. quadruple their attainment and

44:1.15 you have not progressed musically n. so far as

45:5.6 but in n. every respect the Jerusem Adamites govern

49:0.3 n. two hundred spheres which are evolving so as

52:3.4 defective bestial tendencies are very n. eliminated

52:7.5 the state of society more n. approaches the ideals

55:2.9 the only ascending mortals who so n. escape the

57:7.6 keeps the atmospheric oxygen very n. exhausted,

58:5.2 the world was so n. fluid in its molten and highly

59:3.11 The trilobites have n. disappeared, and the mollusks

59:6.2 age when life n. vanished from the face of the earth

60:0.2 Even the spore-bearing plants were n. extinct.

60:2.15 the beginning decline of the reptiles, extended n.

61:5.5 glacier consumed n. one million years in its advance

62:3.8 a series of internecine battles that n. destroyed the

62:5.6 that they n. lost their lives on numerous occasions

63:4.1 these early Andonites more n. resembled present-day

63:6.1 the clans retrogressed for n. ten thousand years until

66:6.3 such knowledge is n. valueless on a barbaric planet

68:4.6 It is n. fatal to the continuance of civilization to

69:8.12 Slavery has n. disappeared; domesticated animals are

79:1.1 over twenty-five thousand years, on down to n.

79:1.7 that diluted the Andites in central Asia n. to the

79:3.4 Sethite priests entered India and very n. achieved the

80:9.9 Land traffic and trade were n. suspended during

93:9.1 The organization built up at Salem n. disappeared,

96:6.2 near losing all concept of monotheism; they n. lost

98:1.2 The influence of the Salem teachers was n. destroyed

98:2.1 Within a millennium of its inception it had n vanished

98:7.12 It is n. four thousand years since this emergency

113:3.1 more or less unified and made more n. appreciable

117:4.14 The more man withdraws from God, the more n.

118:2.2 the Father manifesting himself on more n. infinite

124:2.6 with those of his own age, or more n. his age,

127:6.12 Jesus has very n. mastered the technique of

130:3.4 Here were assembled n. a million manuscripts

134:1.3 Ruth was n. fifteen years old, and this was Jesus’

137:7.1 during these months of delay and inaction Mary n.

138:0.1 his public ministry—they very n. rejected him—

152:2.5 the food the people had brought with them was n.

154:4.1 the meeting was divided into four n. equal groups

157:1.5 and Peter, waited by the seashore until n. sundown.

170:5.4 the gospel of the kingdom, n. failed of realization

170:5.19 this story about Jesus n. supplanted the preaching

187:1.8 he was very weary; he was n. exhausted.

195:3.9 a state church which became institutionalized n. to


3:6.2 characterized by goodness—n. to divinity; by evil—

6:8.7 whose n. will ever augment as you progress

19:5.5 from the Solitary Messengers, who detect their n. by

19:5.8 while we are thus apprised of the n. of these Spirits,

19:5.10 ever been conscious of the n. of the Inspired Spirits.

100:2.4 becomes at once the indicator of one’s n. to God

159:5.7 suggested the thought of the n. of God to man, but


3:1.11 augmented as their destiny attainment n. such levels.

11:6.4 while unpervaded space n. the mid-point of the

39:5.1 of angels becomes of increasing interest as it n. the

39:5.1 as it n. the actual problems faced by the men and

58:2.9 rises and slightly to the west as the sun n. setting.

110:6.8 The spiritizing mind n. the Adjuster presence


186:2.3 socially n. and spiritually blinded fellow mortals.


111:7.5 view of a far-seeing Monitor counteracted by the n.


81:3.3 The early races were not overly n. and clean, and

128:7.11 James and his bride Esta moved into a n. little home


66:7.2 while the residential buildings were models of n.

Nebadonnounsee Nebadon, in; Nebadon, of

see presented by; sponsored by

0:0.5 N., together with similar creations, makes up the

12:1.12 N., your local universe, is one of the newer creations

12:4.12 Your own local creation (N.) participates in this

15:9.18 Although N. does not yet have representation on

20:5.7 their bestowal and planetary service throughout N.

30:4.11 and this is the general practice throughout all N..

32:1.4 In the case of N., your local universe, the mass

32:1.4 N. possesses all the physical endowment of energy

32:1.4 the developmental expansion of the N. universe

32:2.11 N. is now well out towards the edge of Orvonton.

33:5.3 This ambassador of Paradise to N. is not subject to

35:0.1 or Magisterial Sons, N. has its full quota—1,062.

36:4.1 throughout N. there is a single sphere whereon the

37:4.2 to bring all N. into fuller harmony with the ideas of

38:5.4 seraphim are commissioned, they may range all N.,

38:6.3 there issued the superuniverse broadcast to all N.

39:2.1 Being a young universe, N. does not have many of

39:3.1 function throughout all N. in the interests of their

39:9.2 N. is, comparatively speaking, one of the younger

41:0.1 All N. is certainly pervaded by the space presence of

41:0.1 pervaded by our local universe Mother Spirit is N.;

41:0.1 extends beyond her space presence is outside N.,

41:0.3 the domain of a single local universe even as N. was

43:4.7 assumption of unlimited sovereignty throughout N..

45:1.11 will continue to serve as a solemn warning to all N.

46:5.32 on every system headquarters world throughout N..

50:1.3 N. has suffered the misfortune of several rebellions.

53:9.8 Satania have constituted a solemn warning to all N.,

55:10.10 If Michael should ever leave N., Gabriel undoubtedly

57:8.10 first recognized on the universe broadcasts to all N.,

65:4.1 life modification which will be of service to all N.

117:6.3 What Michael is to N., the Supreme is to the finite

119:2.6 most noble and most benign system ruler that N. had

119:3.5 chapters in the annals of salvation throughout N..

119:3.5 evident to all N. as to why their beloved ruler chose

119:5.3 was an event which thrilled and enthralled all N..

119:6.6 all N. continued to discuss the many exploits of their

119:8.2 your little world become known throughout all N.

119:8.5 possibility for the sovereignty of the Supreme in N..

120:0.3 But Michael did not wish to rule N. merely in his

186:2.11 as Pilate spoke, there echoed throughout all N.,

Nebadon, in

4:2.2 As God’s laws have been ordained in N., they are

17:6.9 things pertain to a future stage of evolution in N..

18:7.3 Any Faithful of Days on duty in N. can and does

20:8.2 The exact number of Teacher Sons in N. I do not

21:3.8 In N., supreme sovereignty dates from completion

32:2.3 The first completed act of physical creation in N.

32:2.9 of planetary abodes is still progressing in N.,

32:2.9 registry there were 3,840,101 inhabited planets in N.,

33:1.2 to be present on Salvington and functioning in N..

33:3.5 This event occurred in N. at the time of Michael’s

33:4.6 of the orders of celestial beings functioning in N.,

33:5.1 At the head of this Paradise group in N. is the

33:5.2 being the only personality in all N. who has never

34:4.12 This directional control in N. is maintained by the

35:0.1 there is in N. only one, Michael, the universe father

35:0.1 but I estimate there are in N. between fifteen and

35:2.8 Melchizedek function have rarely occurred in N..

35:2.9 headquarters planet in N. is upward of ten million.

35:3.11 is probably the most interesting place in all N..

35:3.22 for the order of Melchizedeks in N. is renowned

35:4.4 Seven times in N. has a Melchizedek served on an

35:5.2 just one million being the recorded number in N..

35:9.8 we have had so much administrative trouble in N.

36:4.4 All midsoniters ever born in N. are alive today,

36:4.7 universes who may be executing assignments in N..

37:0.1 At the head of all personality in N. stands Michael,

37:0.2 to certain of the higher spirits stationed in N.

37:2.1 the capital of every constellation and system in N..

37:2.6 is Gavalia, the first-born of this order in N..

37:3.1 there were almost eight hundred thousand in N..

37:4.3 these beings may be voluntarily serving in N.

37:4.3 they operate in N. subject to the oversupervision

37:5.2 They are not a numerous group, at least not in N..

37:5.6 one-half billion of these High Commissioners in N..

37:6.1 There are upward of three million of them in N.,

37:7.1 Like other instructors in N. they are commissioned

37:8.6 the exact number operating in N. is not of record,

37:8.8 the ascendant seraphim, we have in N. seventy-five.

37:8.9 of the seventy billion Morontia Companions in N. is

38:1.2 seraphim on duty in N. were temporarily loaned by

39:7.1 sometime dawning of the age of light and life in N..

40:7.3 existence through all of the ascending career in N.

40:9.9 In N. their universe home is the eighth group of

42:4.6 The most nearly empty space known in N. would

42:7.4 the maximum possible organization of matter in N..

42:12.16 on duty in N. and by the request of Gabriel.]

43:3.1 of the Vorondadek Sons has ever occurred in N..

45:1.8 Divine Minister of Salvington is everywhere in N..

45:2.3 At the time of the second system rebellion in N.,

45:2.3 the only primary Lanonandek Son in all N. who

45:5.4 were of record in N. 161,432,840 Material Sons

46:4.1 On Jerusem and in N. these arrangements are

48:0.3 of the mansion and higher morontia worlds in N. is

48:3.1 and in N. there are at present over seventy billion

49:2.20 the average in N. being a trifle under seven feet.

49:3.1 In N. this percentage is less than three.

53:0.1 numbered as one of three System Sovereigns in N.

53:4.4 While there had been two previous rebellions in N.,

53:7.9 the most disastrous of all such occurrences in N..

54:4.5 episode as the Lucifer rebellion had occurred in N.

55:8.5 But there are no groups that far advanced in N..

58:4.1 there is no other world in all Satania, even in all N.,

75:8.6 miscarriage of wisdom on any planet in all N..

101:6.5 being the one person in N. possessed of unlimited

114:0.4 other world in the Satania system, even in all N..

119:1.1 Immanuel, would presently assume authority in N.

119:1.3 the headquarters of that order in N., which simply

119:2.7 proclamation made at the time of his arrival in N.,

119:3.1 the second such rebellion in all N. up to that time.

119:3.4 advancement of the sovereignty of Michael in N..

119:3.7 have any of the Material Sons or Daughters in N.

119:8.1 requested them forever to remain on duty in N..

120:1.5 which will prevent all spiritual jeopardy in N.

120:1.5 nothing of serious import can happen in all N..

120:1.6 Rebellion, such as has three times occurred in N.,

120:1.6 Ancients of Days have decreed that rebellion in N.

120:2.2 man, the lowest type of intelligent creature in N.,

120:2.2 possibility of the sovereignty of the Supreme in N.

120:2.8 the flesh, as it has never before been seen in all N.,

128:0.3 flesh, the completion of his sovereignty in N..

152:1.4 either on this world or on any other world in N..

Nebadon, of or Nebadon, universe of; see Michael

0:0.5 inhabited planets which comprise the local uN..

1:2.9 Father is not the personal creator of the local uN.;

1:7.9 with affairs beyond the borders of the local uN..

6:6.4 completion of the morontia ascension of the uN..

11:2.9 and the Melchizedeks of N. named it absolutum.

14:0.1 called Havona and is far-distant from the local uN.

15:1.5 Your local uN. belongs to Orvonton, the seventh

15:3.10 the rotation-gravity center of the star cloud of N..

15:3.11 4. The swing of the local star cloud of N. and its

15:4.3 which has never been solved by the physicists of N..

15:7.7 Salvington, the capital of N., your local universe,

15:14.6 Norlatiadek is number seventy in the uN..

15:14.6 The uN. consists of one hundred constellations and

15:14.6 The uN. is number eighty-four in the minor sector of

16:6.2 the immediate influence of the Creative Spirit of N..

17:0.12 his function in relation to the native beings of N. is

17:7.1 more appropriately to the story of your local uN..

19:5.4 The Melchizedeks of N. teach that Inspired Trinity

20:5.5 interest attaches to Urantia in the history of N..

20:5.5 won the supreme personal sovereignty of the uN..

21:0.3 we refer to the sovereign of your uN. as Christ

21:1.3 The trend of administration in the uN. suggests

22:2.4 embraced ascendant pilgrims from the local uN..

22:3.2 the local uN. is a comparatively young creation,

22:3.2 it has representatives among a recently trinitized

24:2.7 The Census Director of N., number 81,412 of

25:5.3 From the planets, systems, and constellations of N.

25:7.2 to perform on the morontia training worlds of N.,

28:4.6 of Days need only call for the Chief of N. Voices,

28:4.6 will perceive the voice of the Master Son of N..

30:4.34 as it is operative in the local uN. and in the seventh

31:10.22 on Urantia, 606 of Satania, in Norlatiadek of N.,

32:0.3 local universe whose sovereign is the God-man of N.

32:1.4 In the case of N., your local universe, the mass

32:2.1 established the inhabited realms of the uN. and ever

32:2.4 Salvington, the headquarters of N., is situated at the

32:2.12 The uN. now swings far to the south and east in the

32:5.9 temporarily attached to the Supreme Council of N.


33:1.3 is also the personification of the Father to the uN..

33:1.5 in the administration of the affairs of the uN..


33:2.3 of the Paradise Father-Son to and in the local uN.;

33:2.5 is officially located on Salvington, the capital of N.,

33:2.5 by Gabriel, who then functions as regent of the uN..

33:3.2 of Michael in the control and administration of N.,

33:4.5 Gabriel is the chief executive of the uN. and arbiter

33:5.1 —the Union of Days assigned to the local uN..

33:6.1 is the chief executive and actual administrator of N..

33:6.7 The standard day of N. is equal to eighteen days


33:7.2 The entire judicial mechanism of N. is under the

33:8.1 On Salvington, the headquarters of N., there are no

34:4.1 There are three distinct spirit circuits in the local uN.

34:4.13 compass are universal and inherent in the life of N..

35:1.2 In the uN. the Father Melchizedek acts as the first

35:1.2 regularly constituted tribunals and councils of N.,

35:1.2 Melchizedek functions as the chief executive of N..

35:2.2 teachers of self-government to all the spheres of N..

35:3.1 Ascending mortals from all the constellations of N.

35:3.22 While the young uN. stands low in the scale of

35:5.4 never in all the history of N. has a Vorondadek been

35:8.3 The uN. began its existence with exactly twelve

35:10.4 at least until the uN. is settled in light and life.

36:1.2 In the uN. we have on record the creation of one

36:1.2 the original and first-born Life Carrier of N..

36:2.11 and in the uN. these three basic forms of life are

36:2.15 for implantation on the decimal planets of N..

37:0.1 the Spirit-Mother of all the native creatures of N..

37:1.9 Gabriel is the chief executive of all N., functioning

37:1.10 During the earlier times of N., Gabriel worked alone

37:2.2 As executive of N., Gabriel is ex officio chairman of

37:3.3 The archangel corps of N. is directed by the first-

37:5.10 are the possession of the Spirit-fused mortals of N..

37:6.7 Before leaving the uN., most Urantia mortals will be

37:9.9 original Adam and Eve of each local system of N..

37:10.1 such a gigantic organization as the uN., which now

37:10.2 local universe,executing the routine spirit tasks of N.

37:10.7 [Dictated by a Brilliant Evening Star of N., Number

38:1.1 certain angelic archetypes in the early times of N..

38:1.3 periodically created; the uN. is still in the making.

38:3.1 with the administrative and other affairs of N.,

38:4.2 worlds are among the magnificent realms of N.;

38:6.2 Gabriel is the chief executive of the Sovereign of N.,

38:8.5 when they pass out of the confines of N..

38:9.14 by request of the Chief of the Seraphic Hosts of N..]

39:1.12 concerned with preparation of the creatures of N. for

39:1.15 a teaching counselor of the supreme seraphim of N..

39:2.3 of the realms for his guidance in the councils of N..

39:2.17 for dispatch to the farthermost worlds of N. as they

39:3.3 codify and formally promulgate the laws of N.,

39:7.1 older realms and on the more advanced planets of N.

39:9.4 by request of the Chief of the Seraphic Hosts of N..]

40:8.4 Much as the morontia spheres of N. are shared with

40:9.4 the resurrection halls of the morontia spheres of N.

41:0.3 The spheres of N. are of diverse nebular ancestry,

41:0.4 Such is the constitution of the local star cloud of N.,

41:1.1 which firmly bind the manifold space bodies of N.

41:1.4 are assigned to each of N.’ primary subdivisions,

41:3.2 The suns of N. are not unlike those of other

41:5.8 solar energies operating in the space regions of N..

41:10.5 constellation is traversing the outer fringe of N..

43:0.1 referred to as 606 of Satania in Norlatiadek of N.,

43:0.1 of the one hundred constellations of the local uN..

43:2.1 When the courts of N. sit in judgment on universe

43:5.3 is number 617,318 of the Vorondadek series of N..

44:4.3 All of the higher orders of N. are bilingual,

44:4.3 are bilingual, speaking both the language of N. and

44:4.4 The language of N. is not quite so elaborate,

44:4.7 But in the language of N. we could, in a half hour’s

44:8.7 [Indited by an Archangel of N..]

45:2.1 But in all the history of N. these untrammeled

45:2.3 faithful to Michael in an earlier upheaval in the uN.

45:4.1 Michael was elevated to the full sovereignty of N..

45:7.2 the training of the native spirit personalities of N..

46:2.5 life characteristic of the architectural spheres of N..

46:4.6 triangles is common to all the system capitals of N..

46:7.5 Spornagia are the only creatures in all the uN. who

47:10.6 proclaimed a member of the morontia corps of N.

48:1.5 When you traverse the morontia life of N.,

48:3.13 the tongue of Satania and then the language of N..

49:1.3 The laws of N. are the divine mandates of Salvington

49:1.3 in consonance with the evolutionary pattern of N..

49:5.12 In the uN., the life-modification worlds are serially

49:5.31 ninety per cent of the inhabited worlds of N. are

51:3.9 been had Michael, the supreme ruler of the uN.,

53:0.1 Lucifer was a brilliant Lanonandek Son of N..

53:0.2 In the uN., the domain of Christ Michael, there are

53:3.3 the Creator Son, to assume sovereignty of N. in the

53:5.2 absolute and personal sovereign authority in the uN..

53:5.3 the day of his enthronement as sovereign ruler of N.,

53:7.11 the broadcast stations of all N. were thronged by the

53:9.2 finally and securely as the unqualified ruler of N..

53:9.2 Michael’s becoming the settled head of the uN.,

53:9.3 upon assuming the supreme sovereignty of N.,

54:2.3 been approached only twice in all the history of N.

54:5.6 thereby attaining unqualified sovereignty of N..

57:1.1 the physical power and material matter of the uN..

57:3.9 extended physical recognition to the local uN..

57:3.10 The oldest inhabited planets of N. date from these

57:3.11 Now the completed universe mechanism of N.

57:6.9 your system was placed on the physical registry of N.

57:8.1 Urantia was placed upon the physical registries of N.

62:7.3 honor of the registration on the headquarters of N.

62:7.5 any of our efforts to improve the life patterns of N.

62:7.7 was recognized as a planet of habitation in the uN..

65:7.4 ever had in all their functioning throughout the uN..

67:2.2 standing in contempt of the sovereignty of the uN.

67:8.4 this has already done more good in the uN.

75:1.6 Probably no Material Sons of N. were ever faced

76:5.4 the system of Satania, the envied planet of all N..

76:5.7 has also been the most fortunate in the local uN..

77:0.1 Most of the inhabited worlds of N. harbor one or

92:4.7 This emergency Son of N. inaugurated the third

93:1.3 had been done only six times in all the history of N.:

93:10.2 received the approval of the chief executive of N.,

93:10.6 It may develop that the Melchizedek corps of N.

93:10.8 interesting and intriguing spheres in all the uN..

98:7.2 the humanly incarnate Michael Son of N., known to

98:7.12 thousand years since this emergency Son of N.

101:6.17 New potentials were actualized in the uN.

102:8.7 yet revealed in the uN.—the earth life of Jesus of

104:1.12 Father, the Creator Son of N., and Divine Minister of

107:4.5 In the uN. this luminosity is known as the “pilot light

108:3.5 supervisor of all life-experiment planets in the uN..

108:3.6 Not on the records of N. nor before commissions

108:3.10 The Melchizedeks of N. teach that the Solitary

108:4.2 spiritual dominion of Michael throughout the uN.

112:4.12 the tribunals of the Sovereign of N. will decree the

112:5.8 The governments of Orvonton and N. do not claim

112:7.8 shall finally be taken before the Sovereign of N.,

113:2.6 of host 37, of the 182,314th seraphic army of N..

113:7.4 will stand face to face with the Sovereign of all N..

114:7.16 in all the history of the inhabited worlds of the uN.

117:1.5 even as the sovereign will of the Master Son of N. is

119:0.1 Chief of the Evening Stars of N., I am assigned to

119:0.7 The local uN. is now ruled by a Creator Son who

119:1.1 assembled directors and chiefs of the uN. heard

119:1.3 the emergency service of the Melchizedeks of N..

119:2.1 bestowal of Michael, all went well in the uN.,

119:2.1 of the Creator Son ever instigated in the uN.,

119:2.4 corps of the primary Lanonandek Sons of N.,

119:2.7 on Salvington and resumed the direction of the uN..

119:4.1 Michael proceeded to place the government of N. in

119:4.2 news item from the seraphic headquarters of N.:

119:4.3 462 in system 84 of constellation 3 in the uN..

119:5.1 ascendant pilgrim of mortal origin from the uN.,

119:5.1 of Salvington and accompanied by Gabriel of N..

119:6.2 lone seraphim and the Bright and Morning Star of N.

119:6.5 from the constellation headquarters worlds of N.,

119:7.4 the undisputed and supreme sovereign of the uN..

119:8.1 by the Ancients of Days as sovereign ruler of N.,

119:8.1 the Son of God, was proclaimed the ruler of N..

119:8.8 Urantia is the sentimental shrine of all N., the chief

119:8.8 mortal home of Christ Michael, sovereign of all N.,

120:0.7 Paradise Trinity to the local uN., acting on behalf of

120:1.3 As your created sons of N. are wholly dependent

120:1.5 presuming to instigate insurrection in the uN.

120:2.8 our Father, to the supermortal beings of all N..

120:2.8 life to all the superhuman intelligences of all N.,

120:3.11 I assume jurisdiction of all N. as acting sovereign

124:5.3 The intelligent life of N. looked on with fascination

124:6.17 that this lad of Nazareth was the creator of all N..

127:0.3 life experience of the youth of all the realms of N.,

127:6.14 all spheres of habitation throughout the entire uN..

128:1.13 A profound suspense pervaded the uN. throughout

128:7.6 the achievement of the sovereignty of N..

129:3.6 for every inhabited sphere throughout all the uN..

129:3.9 came to organize and administer this local uN..

136:2.3 chief of his kind throughout the entire local uN..

136:3.1 soon to be proclaimed supreme Sovereign of N.,

136:3.4 Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of N..

136:3.5 his uN. rests in completion at the right hand of the

136:3.5 your well-earned unconditional rulership of all N..

136:4.1 bestowal was on Urantia but for all worlds of N..

136:5.1 of the assembled celestial hosts of N. sent by their

136:5.6 his new earth status as potential Sovereign of N.

145:3.4 Jewish city of Capernaum was the real capital of N..

167:6.3 little realized that the onlooking intelligences of N.

186:4.2 Gabriel and the chief rulers of N. were assembled

186:5.6 the incarnation of the God of N. as a man on Urantia

186:5.6 all other administrators and creatures of the uN..

188:3.12 Michael regarding the status of the uN. during this

188:4.7 for all the mortals of all the worlds of the uN..

189:0.1 Friday afternoon, the chief of the archangels of N.,

189:2.1 In the name of the celestial intelligences of all N., I

191:3.4 the Creator Son of N. really finished and terminated

193:5.5 confirmation of completed sovereignty of the uN..


Nebadon activity

37:4.4 and may be assigned to any phase of N.—executive,

Nebadon archangel

37:3.3 The archangel corps of N is directed by the first-born

44:8.7 [Indited by an Archangel of N..]

62:7.1 Life Carrier corps departed, there arrived the N. of

189:0.1 Friday afternoon, the chief of the archangels of N.,

Nebadon broadcasts

57:8.9 Soon thereafter the N. carried the announcement that

Nebadon Census Director

24:2.7 The Census Director of N., number 81,412 of

37:8.4 The N., Salsatia, maintains headquarters within the

Nebadon commission

119:8.9 These papers were authorized by a N. of twelve

Nebadon communications

46:3.1 to provisions for the reception of these extra-N.,

Nebadon constellations

25:5.3 From the planets, systems, and constellations of N.

35:3.1 Ascending mortals from all the constellations of N.

43:0.1 of the one hundred constellations of the local uN..

43:3.2 by Gabriel as the Most Highs of each of the N..

43:5.15 account of the numerous Vorondadeks, envoys of N.

Nebadon corps

37:2.4 The N. of these superangels now numbers 13,641.

37:3.3 The archangel corps of N is directed by the first-born

37:6.7 as members of the N. corps of Celestial Overseers.

43:7.4 group associated with the N. of celestial artisans.

47:10.6 proclaimed a member of the morontia corps of N.

93:10.6 It may develop that the Melchizedek corps of N.

Nebadon Corps of Completion

40:10.6 characterizes the Spirit-fused veterans of the N..

Nebadon corps of Evening Stars

37:1.10 this group was augmented by the creation of the N..

Nebadon Corps of the Finality

188:3.8 be subsequently released for leadership of the N.

Nebadon Corps of Local Universe Personalities

PART II   Sponsored by a N. acting by the authority of Gabriel

Nebadon Corps of Perfection

37:5.4 After attaining the N., Spirit-fused ascenders may

37:9.7 the local universe, the Spirit-fused mortals of the N..

Nebadon courts


33:8.5 then will the N. issue rulings of execution; but if

43:2.1 When the courts of N. sit in judgment on universe

Nebadon educational system

37:6.1 The N. is jointly administered by the Trinity Teacher

37:6.1 much of the work designed to effect its maintenance

37:6.4 the N. provides for your assignment to a task and

Nebadon instructors

36:2.19 collaborate with the N. in presenting the highest

Nebadon life designs

65:4.1 possible, improve the Satania adaptation of the N.,

Nebadon life manifestation

77:2.5 Satania specialization of the ordained N..

Nebadon life patterns

49:1.3 in consonance with the evolutionary pattern of N..

57:8.9 to amplify and improve the Satania type of the N..

58:1.1 and sixth experience with the initiation of the N. in

62:7.5 any of our efforts to improve the life patterns of N.

Nebadon Melchizedeks

11:2.9 and the Melchizedeks of N. named it absolutum.

19:5.4 The Melchizedeks of N. teach that Inspired Trinity

42:2.22 The N. long since denominated the phenomenon of

108:3.10 The Melchizedeks of N. teach that the Solitary

114:7.16 The N. are inclined to the opinion that little change

119:1.3 the emergency service of the Melchizedeks of N..

Nebadon modification

112:6.4 the ascending mortal is endowed with the N. of the

Nebadon name

63:0.3 Andon is the N. which signifies “the first Fatherlike

Nebadon order

16:8.15 endowed with the N. of the Orvonton series of the

119:4.2 This unregistered seraphim qualifies as of the N.

Nebadon personalities

37:4.5 Most of this corps is enlisted in assisting the N.

45:7.2 the training of the native spirit personalities of N..

56:10.23 been sponsored as a group by a commission of N.

Nebadon Power Centers


41:10.6 an Archangel in collaboration with the Chief of N..]

Nebadon preuniverse

41:1.1 This physical supervision of the N. was, upon the

Nebadon problems

37:5.11 an experiential wisdom in the mastery of N. that

Nebadon records

108:3.2 the N. contain only the local universe assignment

108:3.6 Not on the records of N. nor before commissions

Nebadon revelation

119:8.5 the sum total of all seven bestowals is a new N. of

Nebadon Revelatory Corps

56:10.22 Messenger visiting on Urantia, by request of the N.

Nebadon school

37:6.1 inspectors of the N. technique designed to effect the

Nebadon seraphim

38:5.1 presided over by the one hundred thousand N.,

38:5.1 The first created group of N. were trained by a

39:1.15 a teaching counselor of the supreme seraphim of N..

119:4.2 This unregistered seraphim qualifies as of the N.

119:6.2 lone seraphim and the Bright and Morning Star of N.

Nebadon space regions

41:0.1 being the extra-N. of the superuniverse of Orvonton

41:5.8 solar energies operating in the space regions of N..

Nebadon student visitors

37:3.3 unusual fact that arrests the attention of extra-N..

Nebadon subdivisions

41:1.4 are assigned to each of N.’ primary subdivisions,

Nebadon system(s)

25:5.3 From the planets, systems, and constellations of N.

37:9.9 original Adam and Eve of each local system of N..

38:5.3 the worlds associated with the capital of some N.

Nebadon time

33:6.8 N., broadcast from Salvington, is the standard for

33:6.8 Each constellation conducts its affairs by N., but

119:2.2 planet for more than twenty years of standard N.;

Nebadon type(s)

16:8.15 consisting of the planetary modification of the N.

37:10.1 The various N. of life are much too numerous to be

Nebadon universe

32:1.4 the developmental expansion of the N. consists in the

Nebadon variant

9:4.3 universe is pervaded by the N. of the Orvonton

Nebadon worlds

25:7.2 to perform on the morontia training worlds of N.,

36:4.6 primary worlds in the Salvington circuit are the N. of

39:2.17 for dispatch to the farthermost worlds of N. as they

49:5.31 ninety per cent of the inhabited worlds of N. are

77:0.1 Most of the inhabited worlds of N. harbor one or

114:7.16 in all the history of the inhabited worlds of the uN.

119:6.5 from the constellation headquarters worlds of N.,

120:2.7 Urantia be the inspiration for all lives upon all N.

136:4.1 bestowal was on Urantia but for all worlds of N..

188:4.7 for all the mortals of all the worlds of the uN..

Nebadon year(s)

33:6.7 The N. consists of a segment of the time of universe

119:2.2 planet for more than twenty years of standard N.;

NebuchadnezzarBabylonian king

97:6.4 And now have I given these lands into the hand of N.

97:9.25 With the overthrow of Necho by N., Judah fell under

97:9.25 When N. came against them, the Judahites started

97:9.25 of the impending doom, and presently N. returned.

nebula or Andronover nebula

15:3.6 planets belong is the center of the onetime An..

15:3.6 This former spiral n. was slightly distorted by the

15:3.6 by the near approach of a large neighboring n..

15:3.9 solar system about the nucleus of the former An..

15:4.5 A sun-forming n. just north of the borders of

15:4.6 have been organized from the products of a single n..

15:4.7 routes farther out and away from the arm of the n..

15:4.7 This far-distant n. is visible to the naked eye,

15:5.3 Many an immense n., instead of splitting into a

15:5.3 For long periods such a n. appears as an enormous

15:5.5 When a sun is born of a spiral or of a barred n.,

41:8.3 the giant nova of the An. about fifty years ago.

41:8.4 many types of irregular nebulae, such as the Crab n.,


57:1.1 sun is one of the multifarious offspring of the An.,

57:1.1 And this great n. itself took origin in the universal

57:1.2 space-energies which were later organized as the An.

57:1.6 875,000,000,000 years ago the enormous An. was

57:2.4 the n. had acquired its maximum of mass.

57:3.1 The enormous n. now began gradually to assume the

57:3.2 as they observed this metamorphosis of the An.,

57:3.3 space in the midst of the gaseous cloud of the n.

57:3.4 But the n. had begun to contract, and the increase in

57:3.7 years ago began the recaptive period of the An..

57:3.8 Michael selected this disintegrating n. as the site of

57:3.12 marks the end of the secondary career of a space n..

57:4.1 The primary stage of a n. is circular; the secondary,

57:4.2 75,000,000,000 years ago this n. had attained the

57:4.3 the n. was fast finishing its tertiary cycle of existence

57:4.4 far-flung starry systems derived from this parent n..

57:4.6 And this was the beginning of the end of the n..

57:4.8 of suns and sun systems having origin in the An.

57:4.9 And now the great An. is no more, but it lives on

57:4.9 The final nuclear remnant of this magnificent n. still

104:4.9 be a tiny ultimaton, a blazing star, or a whirling n.,


12:2.2 unaided human eye can see only two or three n.

12:2.3 n. are constantly being stabilized and organized;

12:2.3 some of the n. which Urantian astronomers regard

12:2.5 other spirit creatures, exist in this outer ring of n.,

12:4.15 these myriads of n. and their accompanying suns

15:3.1 globular clusters, star clouds, spiral and other n.,


15:4.4 Paradise force organizers are n. originators; they are

15:4.4 Thus are brought into being the spiral and other n.,

15:4.4 space there may be seen ten different forms of n.,

15:4.5 N. vary greatly in size and in the resulting number

15:4.5 Some of the larger n. of outer space are giving origin

15:4.6 N. are not directly related to any administrative units

15:4.6 nebular relationship, for energy is not organized by n

15:4.7 Not all spiral n. are engaged in sun making.

15:4.7 not many sun-forming n. active in Orvonton

15:4.8 composed of numbers of former spiral and other n.,

15:4.9 of matter comparable to the separate n. observable

15:5.3 Not all n. are spiral.

15:5.4 Whirled stars are also of origin in other-than-spiral n.

15:8.10 N. may disperse, suns burn out, systems vanish,

29:5.5 of the Unqualified Absolute; they are n. creators.

41:0.2 suns, planets, etc.—take origin primarily from n.,

41:0.3 One or more such n. may be encompassed within

41:0.3 and planetary progeny of Andronover and other n..

41:1.1 The spiral and other n., the mother wheels of the

41:8.3 In large suns—small circular n.—when hydrogen is

41:8.4 this explains the origin of many types of irregular n.,

57:2.1 creations are born of circular and gaseous n.,

57:2.1 such primary n. are circular throughout the early part

57:2.2 as one of the magnificent primary n. of Orvonton.

57:3.1 This is the natural history of most n.; before they

57:3.1 secondary space n. are usually observed as spiral

57:3.2 telescopes spaceward and view the spiral n. of

58:3.1 and atom dissolution, as in the highly heated n.,

58:3.2 space rays, whether coming from the blazing n.,

111:1.2 origin in the cosmic mind much as n. take origin


12:1.12 nowhere do their boundaries divide a n. family,

15:4.6 energy charge of a superuniverse irrespective of n.

15:4.7 by the fact that their suns pass out of the n. arm in

15:5.1 suns of a superuniverse originates in the n. wheels;

41:0.3 The spheres of Nebadon are of diverse n. ancestry,

41:1.1 and following n. evolution of gravity response,

41:3.3 When suns that are too large are thrown off a n.

41:8.4 residual cooling sun as extensive clouds of n. gases.

41:8.4 a lone star near the center of this irregular n. mass.

41:10.4 the worlds born of the immense n. rings which are

57:1.6 Subsequent to the initiation of such n. revolutions,



57:3.4 to escape from the immediate embrace of the n.

57:3.4 this was only a temporary stage of n. progression.

57:3.6 Excepting terminal n. nucleuses, the vast majority of

57:3.7 inaugurated the terminal phase of n. condensation,

57:3.9 the n. system was passing through a transient period

57:3.12 years ago the n. apex of condensation tension was

57:4.4 completion of the tertiary cycle of n. life and brought

57:4.4 continued in the central mass of the n. remnant.

57:4.5 The eruptions which were to inaugurate the second n

57:4.5 The quartan cycle of n. existence was about to begin

57:4.8 This final eruption of the n. nucleus gave birth to


14:2.1 Spirit beings do not dwell in n. space; they do not

86:3.2 in the human mind there existed the n. concept of a


164:4.6 all Jewry except the right to buy the n. of life.

necessarilysee necessarily, not

2:2.4 perfection must n. be a relative term, but in the

40:10.5 in no wise proves that one is n. greater or lesser than

65:4.10 Life Carriers to improve the Satania life patterns n.

83:8.2 but this does not mean that marriage is n. sacred.

149:6.6 they must n. be admonished to honor their parents;

189:2.6 a group of facts must n. lead to truthful spiritual

necessarily, not

0:1.15 Deity is divine, but all that which is divine is n. Deity

9:8.20 This designation does n. imply that these beings are

12:7.1 The will of God does n. prevail in the part—

12:9.3 such knowledge is n. a part of the higher realization

13:1.16 it does n. follow that the Father had aught to do with

19:1.10 But the knowledge of how a being becomes does n.

20:3.3 a new era of planetary progression is n. either a

24:7.3 Experiencing the luminous embrace does n. signify

26:1.16 may be transient; they are n. of a permanent nature

29:4.13 Personality is n. a concomitant of mind.

38:4.3 retain their original complements of being, but n..

39:0.10 capacity for higher-level ministry does n imply ability

39:3.3 seraphim do faithfully and fully portray, n. man’s

58:7.2 such fossils in the early rock layers does n. prove

68:2.1 But this does n. signify mutual affection, and the

69:9.18 The present social order is n. right—not divine or

70:10.5 of arbitration; they did n. settle a dispute justly.

81:5.1 biologic evolution and cultural civilization are n.

83:5.11 The status wife was n. the love wife; in early times

83:6.7 Monogamy is n. biologic or natural, but it is

84:7.11 The large families among ancient peoples were n.

86:2.3 Mankind has been slow to learn that there is n. any

86:4.5 primitive doctrine of survival after death was n. a

88:0.1 The savage does n. worship the fetish; he logically

89:10.3 consciousness of violation of the mores; it is n. sin.

100:1.3 an established educational regime does n. mean

101:4.2 Let it be made clear that revelations are n. inspired.

103:4.3 realization that one’s highest moral ideals are n.

104:3.1 that which is true of the Paradise Trinity is n. true of

105:7.2 That which is transcendental is n. nondevelopmental,

110:3.5 sometimes discouraged and distracted, does n.

118:2.1 often space associated, it is n. time conditioned.

120:3.9 the perfect life of man on the planetary spheres, n.

121:5.17 Morality among the gentiles was n. related to

134:4.6 will create religious unity (n. uniformity) because

139:5.2 Philip was n. dull, but he lacked imagination.

142:7.12 Death terminates an individual life but n. the family.

148:4.8 “Men are, indeed, by nature evil, but n. sinful.

159:3.6 does n. mean that such impulses are the leadings of

160:5.4 Morality and religion are n. the same.

163:2.6 to deliver him from the love of wealth, n. from the

170:5.18 apparent that membership in the church does n.

195:10.11 and is characterized by unity, n. by uniformity.

196:3.23 the God-consciousness is n a part of these grotesque

196:3.27 Morality is n. spiritual; it may be wholly and purely

necessarysee necessary, not

0:0.4 it is n. to anticipate the usage of these terms in the

2:4.2 And never is it n. that any influence be brought to

6:4.10 With the exceptions noted, it is only n. to study the

9:8.5 Just as it is n. to distinguish between the Eternal Son

9:8.5 so it is n. to differentiate between the Infinite Spirit

11:1.3 were spiritually qualified, and had the n. guidance,

13:4.6 and who can command the n. means of transit.

16:1.1 Infinite Spirit, is n. to the completion of the triune

16:3.8 When it becomes n. to represent the Father and

16:3.12 it becomes n. to speak conjointly for the Eternal Son

16:3.15 it becomes n. to cast the ballot for the combined

17:3.1 it is n. to have seven of these Reflective Spirits on

20:5.2 bestowals of the Avonal and Michael Sons are a n.

20:6.7 and physical death is nothing more than a n. part of a

21:3.14 to uphold, protect, defend, and if n. retrieve his

21:6.2 a restriction undoubtedly made n. by the liberation of

25:3.5 are placed on the planetary records and, if n.,

26:3.10 n. to maintain these reserves of supernaphim on the

27:7.2 a growing passion until on Paradise it becomes n. to

28:5.8 On Uversa, when it becomes n. to arrive at the

28:6.5 the Sons of God establish the n. credit to insure

30:4.24 but no doubt such training is wise and n. in view of

32:4.12 reserved power and glory only that which is n. for

40:9.8 the techniques of its reconstruction are n. to invest

44:3.3 The transition worlds have a n. economy of mutual

45:3.9 the expanded emergency administration made n. by

45:6.6 must also obtain this n. training while sojourning in

46:4.1 are given over to the n. administrative functions

47:7.2 And then it is only n. to enlarge the superuniverse

48:2.17 the n. changes in creature form are skillfully effected

49:2.16 These unusual conditions make it n. for the animal

51:1.2 This is a n. provision since the reproductive potential

52:4.7 still n. for the will creatures to choose the Monitors.

52:5.10 to function; fewer and fewer restrictive laws are n..

54:5.10 it was n. to provide for the full development of

61:7.13 by the to-and-fro migration which was made n. by

66:3.2 It was n. to have such a favoring climate as a part of

69:6.7 cooking lessened the expenditure of vital energy n.

69:6.7 while animal husbandry, by reducing the effort n. to

70:1.6 iron out misunderstandings, they often found it n.,

72:4.1 the student may consult the n. reference books.

76:1.4 After getting settled in the new Eden, it became n. to

77:2.1 two orders—primary and secondary—makes it n. to

77:8.13 permit humans to witness their n. physical

82:1.9 therefore does it become n. for society to impose

83:4.7 it was considered n. to disguise the bride so that

83:5.3 Caste and economic restrictions made it n. for

89:2.4 it was n. to invent hells for the punishment of taboo

89:6.8 a profound belief that it was n. to offer a sacrifice

90:2.13 Primitive man regarded the shaman as a n. evil;

94:11.11 of Buddhas was approaching infinity, it became n.

96:4.7 his followers made it n. to speak of God as being in

96:6.3 Joshua found it n. to preach a stern gospel to his

101:2.16 about the personality or reality of God is n.,

101:5.1 ages upon ages of time are saved in the n. work of

105:3.1 It may be n. for mortal minds to conceive of their

106:9.3 Mortals find it n. to think of potentials as being

107:3.8 it is n. to assemble, associate, and correlate this data

116:4.12 Mortal man appears to be n. to the full function of

116:4.12 orders of universe personalities who are equally n. to

119:0.5 but bestowals are absolutely n. to a fair, merciful,

121:8.12 When unable to find the n. concepts in the human

124:4.9 never shirked the responsibility of making the n.

127:4.3 Jesus found it n. to impose penalties for Jude’s

127:4.10 it was n. for Jesus to sell his harp in order to defray

128:2.4 he could have walked home every night if n., but

129:3.9 to Jesus’ human consciousness those n. memories

130:4.14 Potential evil is inherent in the n. incompleteness of

132:2.10 The possibility of evil is n. to moral choosing, but

136:5.5 time miracles, it was n. for Jesus to remain time

136:6.10 far transcend the n. gratification of man’s physical

137:4.12 assembled near the water and other n. elements,

137:4.13 the space assembly of the n. chemical ingredients.

138:10.6 this was never n. after they began their public work;

138:10.11 reorganization made n. by the desertion of Judas,

139:1.3 n. for Andrew to remain on duty with his brethren

139:7.4 would never cease to recount that faith only was n.

139:7.9 make up for his failure to solicit the n. funds.

142:7.9 fathers also make provision for the n. discipline,

148:4.1 “Why is it n. for men to be born of the spirit in

148:4.1 Is rebirth n. to escape the control of the evil one?

148:4.8 and n. for entrance into the kingdom of heaven,

149:4.3 Jesus recognized that it was n. for most men to

152:0.3 With the faith she had, it was only n. to approach the

153:3.3 that you share with them your substance if n.; but

163:7.2 It was no longer n. for Jesus to go abroad to teach

165:2.8 he will protect his flock and, if n., lay down his life

166:4.12 so Jesus found it n. to reiterate his message, to tell

167:4.3 this was a n. practice in such a warm climate.

169:4.6 John’s proclamation of a coming kingdom made it n.

175:2.3 It has become n., in this recital of the life of Jesus,

177:4.1 the n. civil confirmation of the death sentence

178:1.2 may often find it n. to employ physical force in the

179:4.2 Jesus said: “While it is n. that I go to the Father,

183:2.3 Jesus at the Mark home, and that it would be n. to

186:5.3 experience on earth and in the flesh which was n. for

188:0.3 became n. to pay for permission to remove Jesus’

195:10.3 They are mutually n. to the full and final attainment

necessary, not

1:3.3 But it is n. to see God with the eyes of the flesh

4:5.6 not made n. for the purpose of winning the favor

18:4.2 unlike the Ancients of Days, it is n. that all three

20:6.6 It is n. that such inhuman treatment be accorded a

21:2.12 The presence of a Creator Son in his universe is n. to

71:6.2 It is n. that this social energy arouser be forever

102:8.2 The wisdom of the world is n. to an exercise of faith

122:7.2 It was n. that Mary should go to Bethlehem for

132:2.10 Actual evil is not n. as a personal experience.

140:5.16 It is not n. to be calloused in order to be manly.

152:0.3 It was not at all n. to touch his garment; that was

164:3.14 not been n. to wash away the clay of his anointing.

166:2.6 Neither did Jesus speak; it was n. that he should.

179:3.2 Jesus said nothing; it was n. that he should speak.

194:3.10 It was n for the apostles to go apart to a lonely place

195:8.8 It is n. to sacrifice faith in God in order to enjoy the

195:8.8 It was n. for the secularists to antagonize true


5:5.1 the social surroundings n. ethical adjustments;

47:10.5 No more will a form-change n. the lapse of

134:1.6 Since this trip would n. his absence for a year,

174:1.2 prevent all those estrangements which later n. the

185:0.3 also n. their subjection to purification ceremonies


38:4.3 Such associations are primarily n. by function;

70:0.1 social adjustment; private property n. government.

87:6.1 the recognition of higher spirits n. the employment

121:2.8 Ptolemaic Egypt against each other n. fostering

126:5.1 passing month n. the practice of greater frugality.

173:1.3 This regulation n. that money-changers be licensed


2:1.7 And all this n. such arrangements for contact and

3:5.6 Then must man be reared in an environment that n.

7:1.4 this change n. the instantaneous readjustment of

15:8.4 matter and energy n. the everlasting making and

43:5.11 the Evening Stars, n. the functioning of this Son.

48:6.36 Sometimes the planting of a seed n. its death,

52:6.2 achievement requires a much longer time and n.

159:5.9 demands initiative, n. vigorous, courageous and

160:3.1 The effort toward maturity n. work, and work


90:3.7 the death would be laid to witchcraft, thus n. the


11:1.3 Provided with all the n. for the journey, it is just as

29:3.9 also concerned in the heating and other material n.

34:6.9 even though you cannot escape the body and its n.

44:3.1 We have homes, spirit comforts, and morontia n..

47:2.6 the faithful spornagia minister to their physical n..

68:5.8 must still toil to produce the vegetable n. of life,

69:9.10 favorite charms, such property being valued above n.

99:7.5 Economic n. tie man up with reality, and personal

127:2.8 mere money could buy—the physical n. of life—

128:1.13 and toiled with his hands to provide the n. of life

128:7.13 Apply my funds to the family n. or pleasures as

136:6.2 As far as his personal n. were concerned,

146:2.11 intelligent ministry to the n. of these afflicted ones.

160:4.1 you must also make provision for the n. of living.

160:4.1 the n. of living may fall into our hands by accident

165:4.7 idleness, indifference to providing the physical n. for

165:5.3 nations of the world who so diligently seek such n.

178:1.14 fictitious Providence to provide even the n. of life.

188:3.8 his own perfect adjustment between the physical n.


84:7.30 growth through the compulsion of n. adjustment to

195:5.1 The higher a civilization climbs, the more n. becomes

necessitysee necessity for; necessity of

5:2.1 The spiritual presence of Divinity must of n. be

20:6.7 Bestowal is a planetary and a universe n., and death

23:2.12 forging out on your world between the anvils of n.

44:5.9 it is also a n., a form of rest required to replenish the

50:5.6 Luxury vies with n. in occupying the center of the

66:5.13 between the anvil of n. and the hammers of fear.

68:1.3 society was thus founded on the reciprocity of n.

69:2.3 With them conformity was due to the coercion of n..

81:1.5 coercion of climatic n. would cause whole tribes to

84:0.1 Material n. founded marriage,sex hunger embellished

84:7.9 life have not always been identical but have of n.

89:4.10 Sheer n. eventually drove these semisavages to eat

89:5.1 Cannibalism grew up through the urge of n. and

99:0.3 in the twentieth century religion is of n. called upon

102:3.1 Religion continually labors under a paradoxical n.:

115:7.1 the finite God becomes subject to the n. therefore;

127:6.12 the attainment of a nearer and immediate goal of n..

130:4.11 shadow of relative incompleteness that must of n fall

135:5.5 drastic purging or purifying discipline would of n.

196:0.7 religious obligation, social duty, and economic n..

necessity for

13:2.7 Never throughout all eternity will there arise any n.

27:5.4 the n. for the maintenance of the superuniverse

28:6.18 achievement is the responsibility of ethics, the n. for

48:2.16 hence the n. for providing an ascending scale of

48:4.16 On Paradise the quality of worship obviates the n.

48:4.17 the greater the capacity for humor as well as the n.

69:2.5 The n. for labor is man’s paramount blessing.

70:2.2 The constant n. for national defense creates many

81:2.14 to liberate, himself from the n. for unremitting toil.

81:6.12 the ravages of war, but you should recognize the n.

130:0.7 Jesus always declined, pleading the n. for returning

130:4.14 creates n. for intellectual choosing, and establishes

135:5.6 God’s will or proclaimed the n. for righteous living

160:3.2 more urgent will become the n. for God-knowing

166:3.8 Jesus’ teaching as to the n. for using spiritual force


195:3.8 This new religion was a cultural n for imperial Rome

195:7.5 solicitation concerning the n. for self-expression

necessity of

12:5.4 the n. of Paradise pilgrims becoming unconscious

14:5.5 sojourn on the circles of Havona without the n. of

34:7.3 They are confronted with the n. of climbing up from

35:2.1 to serve the evolutionary races without the n. of

40:5.16 are confronted with the n. of making such radical

44:0.20 I am under the n. of constantly perverting thought

44:8.5 the Paradise residents be confronted with the n. of

49:2.1 Life Carriers are oftentimes confronted with the n.

65:4.12 were confronted with the n. of permitting hundreds

102:3.1 the n. of making effective use of thought while at

109:1.3 absolve you from the n. of securing by actual living.

110:5.2 directly to the mansion worlds without the n. of

115:1.4 as to the n. of the finite in the cosmic economy,

123:3.9 real underlying reasons for the n. of disciplinary

126:3.1 they were face to face with the n. of disposing of one

136:9.13 public ministry he was confronted with the n. of

153:2.5 you are confronted with the n. of choosing which

172:3.4 the Master was confronted with the n. of choosing

177:4.6 n. of postponing his arrest until after the Passover.

189:3.2 because of the n. of Gabriel’s presence here in

NechoEgyptian king

97:9.24 Josiah presumed to go out to intercept N.’ army as

97:9.25 With the overthrow of N. by Nebuchadnezzar, Judah


59:4.16 Mount Royal, at Montreal, is the eroded n. of one of

61:4.4 giraffe appeared in Africa, having just as long a n.

73:3.4 the n. connecting with the mainland was only

73:3.4 east through the peninsular n. to the mainland

73:4.2 task was the building of the brick wall across the n.

90:5.8 that the priests have been a millstone about the n. of

137:4.9 Leaping up, Mary threw her arms around Jesus’ n.

158:8.1 better for him if a millstone were hanged on his n.

186:1.7 one end to a small tree, tied the other about his n.,


88:1.8 with pearls, as was often done, it was man’s first n..

169:1.4 ten pieces of silver made into a n. of adornment,


90:2.2 called magicians, wizards, witches, enchanters, n.,


88:4.2 The object of magic, sorcery, and n. was twofold:

neednoun; see need, no

2:1.4 The Father constantly and unfailingly meets the n.

2:4.2 The creature’s n. is wholly sufficient to insure the

3:3.2 “Your Father knows what you have n. of even

5:1.11 never a closure of the Father’s heart to the n. of

23:2.17 delight to serve in Orvonton because here the n. is

28:6.20 particularly worthy beings in n. and in distress,

32:3.12 sufficient perfect creatures to meet the n. for

32:4.2 God has full understanding of the n of every creature

35:2.7 There is no phase of planetary spiritual n. to which

39:9.2 that the evolutionary realms disclose increasing n.

44:4.3 In the central universe there is little n. of a language

48:4.16 The n. for the relaxation and diversion of humor is

48:4.16 The two extremes of life have little n. for humorous

48:4.17 The higher we ascend, the less the n. for diversions

48:4.17 there is an increasing n. for the mission of mirth

50:2.4 At any time n. is felt for more helpers, Planetary

63:2.4 climate was salubrious and there was little n. of fire.

68:6.3 times of plentiful land—unoccupied territory—the n.

69:1.1 All human institutions minister to some social n.,

69:5.5 A part of this future n. may have to do with one’s

70:1.11 4. Slaves—n. of recruits for the labor ranks.

81:6.16 there is great n. for further linguistic development to

82:1.9 and therefore ever stands in n. of social regulation.

86:7.1 The savage felt the n. of insurance, and he paid his

89:0.1 debt to the spirits, as standing in n. of redemption.

89:5.2 since food was man’s greatest n., then food must be

89:5.2 then food must likewise be a spirit’s greatest n..

89:10.1 The reality of the spiritual n. persists, but progress

91:8.1 to pray in two diverse situations: When in dire n., he

94:4.10 Today, in India, the great n. is for the portrayal of

101:4.2 the physical sciences will stand in n. of revision

103:7.7 What both developing science and religion n. is more

103:7.10 the n. for finite proof gradually vanishes before the

129:2.3 if your mother is in n., then will I share my own

129:2.9 which time they might find themselves in n..

130:2.4 truth than is this man, his n. should challenge you.

130:8.4 adept at sighting those who appeared to be in n..

131:1.5 changeless; he is our helper in every time of n..

131:4.3 “God is the refuge of every good man when in n.;

132:1.4 that they are on trial before the bar of human n..

132:5.13 let your decisions favor those who are in n.,

133:3.8 who are in n. of nourishment; and besides all this,

133:4.7 justice dominated by fairness in the light of the n.

134:5.11 so do opportunity and n. for mankind government

135:8.5 John replied: “But I have n. to be baptized by you.

136:4.13 to conduct his work in behalf of other worlds in n.,

138:1.3 There is n. for more teachers, and the Master has

138:10.5 treasurer, send funds each week to those in n..

140:3.14 In mercy minister to all who are in distress and in n..

140:5.16 Being sensitive and responsive to human n. creates

140:8.15 Jesus recognized the n. for social justice and

140:10.1 Preach repentance to those who stand in n. of

144:1.10 it was chiefly because of this n. for some simple

149:1.7 If, in the contact of the human n. and the divine

156:1.6 If our n. does not impress you, it would appeal to

156:5.11 in any creature’s nature, the greater the love n.,

156:5.11 the more does divine love seek to satisfy such n..

160:3.4 when I must fight, if n. be, for the defense of my

161:2.5 unfailingly responds to the spectacle of human n.;

165:5.2 progress in the spirit is far above the n. of raiment.

165:5.3 that both the Father and I know that you have n.

167:5.2 stirring up his soul to the realization of the n. for

169:1.4 who are lost, those who stand in n. of salvation.

171:7.4 was an expert in the comprehension of human n.,

172:3.6 do this, merely say, ‘The Master has n. of him.

181:2.28 I will go with you and, if n. be, die for you.”

182:0.1 John, being in n. of sleep, had obtained several

184:3.15 exclaimed: “What further n. have we of witnesses?

190:1.5 No more does he have n. of mortal messengers;

195:9.2 But paganized and socialized Christianity stands in n.

195:10.17 There is great n. for the teaching of moral discipline

need, no

14:3.2 There is no n. of government among such perfect

14:3.2 They stand in no n. of regulation, for they are beings

24:2.2 function on Paradise; there is no n. for them there.

48:4.16 beings of Paradise perfection have no n. thereof.

48:5.1 seraphim has no further n. of the ministrations of

110:7.8 there exists no n. for communication as you would

137:1.6 You, my brethren, have no n. to make request for

167:7.4 The Father has no n. of such service inasmuch as

182:1.5 I well know, my Father, that there is no n. for me

183:3.4 There was no n. for Judas to go on with his plan of

190:1.5 No more does he have n. of mortal messengers;

needverb; see need, not

8:2.4 To sense the absoluteness of the Spirit, you n. only

25:3.7 No conciliating commissions n. function in the

26:6.3 and of personality outreach which they will so n.,

27:1.5 There shall be no night there; and they n. no light

27:3.2 really n. someone to provide helpful and friendly

27:3.2 they do n. to have what they have so laboriously

28:4.6 of Days n. only call for the Chief of Nebadon Voices

30:1.112 No especial significance n. attach to the listing of

47:1.6 Children n. fathers as well as mothers, and fathers

47:1.6 and fathers n. this parental experience as much as do

48:4.17 Those beings who most n. the refreshment of

68:5.8 whereas the man n. only go to his herds to provide

84:6.6 Men and women n. each other in their morontial

99:4.6 as never before in the world’s history they n. the

120:1.4 Throughout your Urantia bestowal you n. be

127:5.2 (to herself) that such a man would all the more n. a

138:3.6 N. I remind you that they who are whole n. not a

140:6.11 remember that the Father knows what you n. even

144:2.3 will get up and give you as many loaves as you n..

159:1.2 over ninety and nine righteous persons who n. no

160:1.3 the art of living will n. to be remastered in less time,

169:1.2 than over the ninety and nine just persons who n.

171:2.4 you n. have no fear of that outward victory which

178:3.3 I n. no defense by the hand of man; the armies of

182:3.3 He awakened them, saying: “In such an hour I n.

182:3.3 —all the more do you n. to pray that you enter not

195:9.4 Religion does n. new leaders, spiritual men and

195:10.3 Ever bear in mind—God and men n. each other.

need not or need, not

27:3.2 They do not n. to be taught ethics,

56:8.3 God the Father does not n. that his sons should

83:8.8 even this newer version of marriage n. not presume

91:5.2 But prayer n. not always be individual.

125:6.11 implying that they n. not fear he would again give

133:4.12 You n. not fear to meet the judgment of God if your

138:3.6 Need I remind you that they who are whole n. not

140:5.12 A father’s love n. not pamper, and it does not

158:4.6 saying: “We can heal him; you n. not wait for the

179:5.6 are Son-believing and God-knowing, does not n. to

193:4.3 That Judas n. not have gone wrong is well proved

195:8.5 secularism tends to affirm that man does not n. God.


24:6.4 eternity; they mysteriously appear as they are n..

35:4.2 Whenever and wherever special help is n., there

59:2.12 their shells were not then so much n. for defensive

69:8.4 among pastoral peoples, for they n. few laborers.

69:9.9 no police were n. to guard personal belongings.

70:10.4 public opinion; officers of law were not n..

76:5.7 It is not that Urantia n. a Creator Son to set its

84:1.1 Marriage was not n. by primitive man, who indulged

94:4.10 all that is n is the vitalizing spark of the dynamic love

127:2.8 a widowed mother and eight brothers and sisters n.

128:7.11 on him “to do my full duty, and more if it is n..”

129:2.3 as they may be n., and when your money has

129:2.4 Jesus presently sent up to John to be used as n. by

137:1.6 You are indeed my brethren—you n. not to be

152:2.1 lake, where they proposed to obtain much n. rest

168:1.5 His sisters really n. him, but Jesus regretted having

195:10.1 for this world, but what is now most n. is Jesus.


55:3.20 ability to accomplish some definite task which is n.

137:8.8 my Father, shall presently possess all else that is n..

138:7.4 organize yourselves as to provide for everything n.

140:6.13 you have found entrance thereto, all things n. shall

147:6.4 is lawful to do many n. things on the Sabbath day?

162:8.3 and since Mary has chosen this good and n. part, I

163:4.12 the Father for food and shelter and all other things n.

171:4.2 and I have taught you much that is n. for this time,

174:5.12 but it is n. that you be encouraged and be made

181:2.29 And after you have really learned this n. lesson,

193:3.2 this is all the more n. since I am this day going to


19:5.5 functions just as unfailingly as a magnetic n. points

58:2.9 Even the compass n. is responsive to this solar

163:3.1 ‘easier for a camel to go through the eye of a n.

163:3.1 it is as easy for this camel to go through the n.’ eye


6:4.2 wasteful and n. repetition of function is never

6:4.10 n. further to expatiate on the attributes of the Son.

25:4.15 preventing endless trouble and n. delays by

89:6.3 men are addicted to making foolish and n. vows,

162:8.2 that Martha was distracted by numerous n. tasks,

185:1.6 Pilate was deposed as a result of the n. slaughter of


178:3.3 take heed lest you n. expose yourselves to peril


2:6.2 and responsive to, the fundamental n. of the world.

12:6.8 But who fosters and cares for the fundamental n. of

14:6.5 depict how this perfect creation ministers to the n.

19:4.2 in anticipation of the n. of some future universe age

21:5.9 freely rule in accordance with his concept of the n.

21:5.9 own choosing in all matters of special planetary n.,

26:2.7 ministers of the tertiary order to meet the n. of the

28:4.2 as well as perfectly conversant, with the n. below.

28:5.11 faces downward to reflect the standards and n. of

28:5.12 adapt decisions and recommendations to the real n.

29:4.15 Controllers in accordance with the ever-shifting n.

31:10.10 response of the grand universe to the future n. of

37:5.5 they interpret the viewpoints and portray the n. of

40:5.11 take note of his n. at every stage of the ascent;

44:3.2 fitted up in accordance with the n. of the morontia

46:7.6 and procreate as they are required to meet the n. of a

50:4.9 training are well adapted to the n. of each planet,

51:2.1 following the discussion of the n. of such a world,

68:2.5 other sorts of hunger, the realization of various n.,

68:2.5 heavy with the overgrowth of supposed human n..

68:3.3 society was founded on fundamental n. and basic

68:3.3 which reaches out and away from the elemental n.

69:5.4 sufficient foresight thus to provide for future n..

70:12.20 with adapting them to ever-changing current n.,

71:3.6 3. Cosmic insight interpreted in terms of planetary n.

95:5.9 sets all in their place and provides all with their n..”

99:1.5 the responsiveness of one social group to the n. and

100:2.2 Spiritual growth is first an awakening to n., next a

113:2.3 appointments are in accordance with human n. and

118:4.6 Such acts are in perfect anticipation of the future n.

127:3.12 little farm and to minister to the n. of his mother.

136:4.7 profitable from the standpoint of the immediate n. of

136:6.8 Jesus came not to minister to temporal n. only;

136:7.1 matters as food and physical ministration to the n.

138:10.3 They were to minister to his physical and sundry n.,

138:10.5 Nathaniel watched over the n. of the families of the

139:4.3 to comfort me and to minister to my daily n..”

139:5.4 fail to have food on hand to satisfy the n. of all.

140:6.13 that the Father will not be unmindful of your n..

140:8.31 with the underlying and permanent spiritual n. of the

141:9.2 their brother, where they could minister to their n..

142:7.7 fathers take great pleasure in providing for the n. of

143:5.5 Nalda turned the conversation from her own n. to

146:2.10 petition in accordance with your real n. and desires

146:2.16 said: “Be not overanxious about your common n..

146:2.16 let your n. be spread out before your Father who is

146:3.1 sufficient to satisfy the n. of human experience.

147:6.4 we are hungry and rub only sufficient for our n.;

147:6.4 eat that which you have brought along for the n. of

152:3.1 sudden, spectacular supplying of their physical n.

157:2.2 intelligent ministry to the real n. of your fellows.”

159:5.17 Jesus portrayed the elemental n. of the soul with a

163:3.4 deals with his creatures in accordance with their n.

165:5.2 doubts can do nothing to supply your material n..

165:5.3 of the kingdom, all your real n. shall be supplied.

171:7.8 or detain a multitude while he ministered to the n. of

172:5.6 fears regarding the material n. of the crowds, Philip

178:1.15 in channels of new adaptation to the peculiar n.

178:2.10 with a little money in advance of my actual n.?”


3:1.5 the Adjuster must n. go through the consequences of

34:6.6 What the world of today n. is the truth which your

74:6.9 of the Adamic offspring—mating, as they must n.,

89:4.9 in order to do this he must n. have sorely taxed his

99:1.3 man, as never before in the world’s history, n. to

99:7.2 mortal man n. the sustenance of a far-flung cosmic

103:6.12 in the conceptual data which man so urgently n.

111:6.7 but he n. a clear knowledge of facts to apply his

112:6.7 adjutant mind n. only the associated material-energy

144:2.4 If the child n. a loaf, will you give him a stone just

144:2.4 If your son n. a fish, will you give him a watersnake

167:2.2 ‘I have just bought a farm, I must n. to go prove it;

177:0.3 fail to understand that the Son of Man n. no one to

179:3.6 “He who is already clean n. only to have his feet

182:2.3 I do not think the Master n. to have us employ the

185:5.1 If you still think he n. to be disciplined, I am

193:0.4 That which the world n. most to know is: Men are

195:9.8 The world n. more firsthand religion.

195:10.1 The world n. to see Jesus living again on earth in


23:2.17 In the more n. realms we all enjoy the satisfaction of

26:11.5 especially towards the weak and in behalf of the n.

52:2.12 of altruism in behalf of those unfortunate and n.

66:7.5 as emissaries of the Prince to the n. tribes of their

73:7.3 mobilize for unselfish bestowal upon the n. races of

75:3.5 in the meantime immediately to advance the n.

126:3.8 down on earth to proclaim salvation to n. mortals.

144:2.5 Now there was a n. widow in that city who came

146:2.9 “For the Lord hears the cry of the n., and he will

148:5.5 ‘He is the hope of the poor, the strength of the n.

190:5.4 that he will hear the cry of the n. and save the souls


53:4.4 apparently sustained many of his n. contentions.

53:7.3 this avenue for the furtherance of his n. scheme.

53:8.6 is still free on Urantia to prosecute his n. designs,

67:1.1 no way resembled your caricatures of his n. majesty.

139:12.12 Lord and Master and quickly carried the n. scheme

147:5.3 closed up her n. place of business and had induced

150:2.2 woman had found herself in one of the n. resorts

183:0.4 that all such n. schemes had the approval of Satan,


0:11.16 We never use the term the Absolute as a n. of aught

94:3.2 only by the successive n. of all finite qualities.

111:5.6 not so much consist in the n. of creature will—“Not


5:1.7 wants to do the Father’s will, there exists no n.

11:8.6 metamorphosis will exhibit the so-called n. and

12:4.7 Space is, from the human viewpoint, nothing—n.;

14:2.2 one form of energy exists in n. and positive phases.

28:6.12 employment, work, and in its n. utilization, rest.

29:3.6 Their relation to gravity is wholly n..

38:4.3 and the mortal races, seraphim are n. and positive.

38:7.2 an energy positive personality; the other, energy n..

42:4.4 but these beings have only a n. relation to gravity—

42:6.6 velocity of axial revolution also determines the n. or

42:6.6 the electric differentiation of n. and positive bodies

42:6.7 while it may be no larger than a n. electron, weighs

42:7.3 the n. particles attain a velocity approximating that

42:8.2 your recognized laws of positive and n. attraction;

47:5.3 mansion worlds is of a deficiency nature—n.

70:11.2 Law is always at first n. and prohibitive;

70:11.2 The whole idea of the taboo is inherently n.,

70:11.2 primitive society was wholly n. in its organization,

72:10.2 are passing out of the n. into the positive era of law.

84:6.5 been denominated positive or aggressive and n. or

85:4.4 while he nonchalantly forgets a score of n. results,

87:0.1 their rites were mostly n., designed to avoid, expel,

87:2.1 In religion the n. program of ghost placation long

89:1.4 definite taboos, all expressed in the same n. form

89:1.6 n.-ban system not only maintained useful regulations

89:3.3 Penance is the n. form of this ofttimes foolish ritual

89:3.5 Vows were both n. and positive.

89:4.7 Renunciation was the n. form of propitiation;

90:2.1 their work, it was almost invariably n. suggestion;

102:6.7 The positive always has the advantage over the n.,

103:2.1 Religion is never a passive experience, a n. attitude.

103:2.5 The psychology of a child is naturally positive, not n.

103:2.5 So many mortals are n. because they were so trained

121:4.5 Skepticism was a purely n. attitude and never

127:4.2 Never did he employ the n. mode of teaching

130:1.5 that there is absolutely no place in him for n. evil.

130:1.6 created the potential n. of the positive way of light

132:2.7 be contrasted with the n. counterpart—the shadows

132:2.9 such a righteous spirit would cast any n. shadow

140:5.9 not the n. or thou-shalt-not type of righteousness.

140:5.9 How could one ever hunger for something n.

140:5.12 Spiritual purity is not a n. quality, except that it

140:5.18 But Jesus’ peace is not of the pacific and n. kind.

140:8.21 He studiously avoided the n. method of imparting

140:10.5 the older n. rule could be obeyed in isolation.

142:3.22 of Isaiah’s day—these ten n. commandments were

143:1.9 preaching of the n. virtues and passive injunctions of

147:6.6 The Master spent little time in n. denunciations.

159:5.8 In the place of n. compliance with ceremonial

159:5.9 portion of this Scripture while rejecting the n. part.

159:5.9 Jesus opposed n. or purely passive nonresistance.

159:5.10 did not advocate the practice of n. submission to

159:5.13 suffer evil without resistance—the purely n. method.

159:5.16 And he converted the n. golden rule into a positive


89:1.6 n. system not only maintained useful regulations but


38:7.2 The left-hand deflector, or n. charged angel, is the

70:11.2 Early society operated n., granting the individual the

103:2.6 righteousness and social ministry, rather than n.,

103:5.11 Even educational pressure is only n. helpful in that

196:2.9 a moral skeptic; he viewed man positively, not n..


0:11.8 The Unqualified Absolute is not a mere n. of

140:4.7 The major error of modern religions is n..


67:7.4 destined to exhibit its inherent n. harvest upon any

71:3.7 laws have passed out of the n. taboo age into the era

87:6.2 Man’s religion no longer was completely n., nor


2:7.9 to the relative exclusion of truth and n. of beauty,

28:6.9 time is fatally squandered only when it is buried in n.,

40:4.1 such failure is never in any way due to n. of duty,

73:5.3 from n. of these rules, but Van gradually impressed

79:4.2 met their undoing in this n. since their lesser numbers

102:4.5 the n. of the more essential communion of worship.

123:4.6 It was not chargeable to n. by the midway guardians,

145:5.1 with physical ministry to the n. of the spiritual.

150:7.4 they were bitter in their criticism of his n. to visit

154:6.3 thought to assure him that they would forget his n.


111:4.4 Civilization is in danger when youth n. to interest

126:2.5 While this youth did not wholly n. the recreational

132:4.2 he did not n. to speak words of present comfort

133:4.6 n. not to secure your title to the mansions of eternity

142:3.13 3. You shall not n. to keep the feast of unleavened

143:3.4 they had ever observed him to n. such formalities.

144:5.94 Forget us not as we so often n. and forget you.

163:4.10 Peter admonished them to n. not their daily worship.

166:2.8 They think it a small matter if they n. to give thanks

192:2.2 Do not n. to minister to the weak, the poor, and the


26:9.1 Nothing is n. which would be of service to a creature

74:8.8 n. to remove telltale reference to Cain’s emigration

90:4.3 the sick were carefully avoided, shamefully n..

92:3.7 religion has sometimes n. education and retarded

127:3.10 Jesus’ social life, while restricted, was not wholly n..

141:7.8 the very class which had been so n. by most of the

143:1.5 The religions of this world have n. the poor, but

143:3.4 shocked when Jesus even n. to give thanks—verbally

145:3.11 he n. to bear in his human mind the admonitory

147:5.4 My head with oil you n. to anoint, but she has

192:1.5 surprised that they n. to haul the net of fish in upon

195:1.6 For centuries the Jews had n. these other fields of


164:3.15 to refrain from despising or n. material means in the

195:9.4 If Christianity persists in n. its spiritual mission while


159:1.4 And when the king looked upon this n. servant

171:8.6 Then said his lord: ‘You n. and unfaithful servant,


69:9.15 Finally land became truly n., with sales, transfers,


13:2.8 we are asked not to n. entrance to those phases of

14:5.5 the ordained technique to n. “unachieved” space;

43:1.2 and semimaterial means to n. atmospheric passage.

49:2.16 a mortal type which can n. atmospheric passage.

82:3.8 matchmakers were employed to n. marriages for

96:3.4 Moses endeavored to n. for the freedom of his


81:4.13 This is the type best illustrated by the N.,


81:4.13 3. The N.the secondary Sangik type, that included

81:4.14 in the Levant the Caucasoid and N. intermingled;

neighborsee neighbor, my; neighbor, your

2:4.2 The better man understands his n., the easier it will

49:2.13 atmosphere similar to that of your near n., Venus,

49:2.13 atmosphere as thin as that of your outer n., Mars,

69:6.3 by enabling him to give live coals to a n. without

69:9.13 “Cursed be he who removes his n.’ landmark.”

88:6.6 If a man had more grain in his field than his n.,

88:6.6 enticing this extra grain from the indolent n.’ field.

99:2.4 social order is that in which every man loves his n.

103:5.2 deny the ego something for the benefit of one’s n.

103:5.2 Primitive man regards as n. only those very close to

103:5.2 one’s n. expands in concept to embrace the clan,

103:5.2 the n. scope to embrace the whole of humanity,

123:1.4 he had formed a very close attachment for a n. boy

123:4.3 Jesus, in company with a n. boy and later his brother

123:5.15 Jesus and the n. boy Jacob became great friends

123:6.9 a n., Jacob the stone mason, whose son was his

124:2.4 of Jacob, a n. boy, who was one year older.

126:3.1 which Joseph and his n. Jacob owned in partnership.

138:8.9 but he was more—he was also a friend and n.,

144:2.3 If any one of you has a n., and you go to him at

145:2.5 In that day they shall not say, one man to his n.,

145:3.2 just as soon as the sun sank behind his n.’ house.

146:3.2 No man is at any time disturbed by his n.’ attitude

164:1.2 contravene the Jewish law which defined one’s n. as

164:1.3 Which of these three turned out to be the n. of him

168:0.5 Even then Martha instructed a n. lad to keep watch

174:4.3 to love one’s n. as one’s self, is the first and great

neighbor, my

140:8.11 rabbis had long debated the question: Who is m.?

164:1.2 I should like you to tell me just who is m.?”

164:1.4 the very answer to the question, “Who is m.?”

neighbor, your

66:7.13 5. You shall not steal y.’ goods or cattle.

100:4.4 If once you understand y., you will become

100:4.6 of thoroughgoing understanding of y.’ motives

131:2.11 “Love y. as yourself; bear a grudge against no man.

140:3.14 If y. smites you on the right cheek, turn to him the

140:5.1 Brotherly love would love y. as you love yourself,

142:1.4 kingdom—supreme devotion to God while loving y.

142:3.22 the injunction to love God supremely and y. as

142:4.2 If you love y. as you love yourself, you really know

144:2.3 and if y. answers, ‘Trouble me not, for the door is

144:2.3 I say to you, though y. will not rise and give you

156:5.14 possible to respect yourself more than you love y.;

157:2.2 when the emotions of love for y. well up within

159:5.4 “You should love y. as yourself.

159:5.9 His great exhortation, “Love y. as yourself,”

159:5.9 of your people, but you shall love y. as yourself.”

163:4.8 Lord your God with all your mind and soul and y. as

164:1.1 all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and y. as

170:3.6 3. To love y. as yourself is the highest ethics.

174:4.2 therefrom, and it is: ‘You shall love y. as yourself.

180:1.1 love one another; that you love y. even as yourself.

180:5.7 the essence of true religion: that you love y. as

193:1.2 even more than y., whom the Father requires you


37:8.6 there are in the n. of one hundred million conciliating

57:5.4 Angona system began its approach to the n. of this

59:3.6 trough and especially in the n. of the British Isles.

96:7.5 in the n. of Ur of Chaldea that the idea of a real God

99:6.2 friendship, conserve morality, promote n. welfare,

135:8.1 when John reached the n. of Pella in his journey

140:8.11 so genuine that it expanded the n. to include the

154:7.4 vainly searching for Jesus in the n. of Capernaum.

156:0.1 lodged with Karuska’s friends in the immediate n.,

177:2.2 synagogue school along with your n. playfellows,

neighboringsee neighboring tribe

15:3.6 by the near approach of a large n. nebula.

15:5.8 planet sometimes draws to itself its n. worlds,

15:6.11 powerful balance wheels, holding large n. systems

32:2.12 The nearest n. universes are: Avalon, Henselon,

35:1.4 is always at liberty to journey to the n. universes

38:1.2 Nebadon were temporarily loaned by a n. universe.

39:3.9 is affected by the mass and proximity of n. matter

44:1.15 musically nearly so far as many of your n. planets

49:0.5 but exposed to the differential light of three n. suns.

65:4.3 so to stimulate and activate the n. normal cells

67:6.5 advisers from two n. planets, the director general of


72:12.2 bring to itself the best of the n. peoples and then,

72:12.3 This recital of the affairs of a n. planet is made by

74:8.9 learned the use of an alphabet from n. Philistines,

75:3.7 was the sincere spiritual leader of those n. Nodites

76:2.8 he would be killed by the first n. tribesmen who

77:5.9 Later on they became admixed with the n. Nodites

78:6.6 free from intermarriage with the inferior n. tribesmen

78:7.5 Noah would go to the n. river settlements every

78:8.7 when these priests made conquests of the n. cities

80:7.2 descendants of the mariners spread to the n. isles.

82:5.8 for out-mating to become prevalent until n. groups

124:1.2 his time between trips to n. cities with his father,

153:1.1 the leaders and rulers of the n. synagogues were

172:0.1 had been made for him to stay with a n. believer,

172:3.6 directing them to go over to Bethpage, a n. village

188:4.1 Urantia has become known among other n. planets

neighboring tribe(s)

63:4.7 supposed injustice or insult at the hands of the n..

69:5.2 inaugurating raids on the property and wealth of n.

70:1.12 the motive for war when one tribe believed that a n.

70:1.13 when peace became oppressive, n. were accustomed

75:3.2 most powerful and the most intelligent of all the n.

82:5.7 impetus to the custom of stealing women from n..

93:5.10 zeal to go forth and round up the n. with the sword

97:9.14 David laid heavy tribute on the n.—the Edomites,


169:1.16 teaching the love of the Father and the n. of man.


103:5.2 those very close to him, those who treat him n.;

neighborssee neighbors, one’s

29:4.24 passing between gigantic planetary and starry n..

41:2.1 Norlatiadek, having as immediate n. the systems of

41:4.5 One of your nearer n. has a density exactly equal to

50:6.1 details of the life and environment of your Satania n..

62:2.5 did not hesitate to make war on their inferior n.,

64:3.5 directed against their inferior and animalistic n..

66:5.15 give us respect for that which belongs to our n..

70:10.4 A man’s n. were responsible for his conduct;

71:4.17 renders it secure from attack by its war-loving n.

72:1.3 the universal hostility of their less progressive n..

72:11.4 adequate defense against attack by hostile n.,

78:8.3 a tremendous military advantage over their rich n. to

78:8.5 their racial and national integrity long after their n.

78:8.12 peoples and the immigration of their inferior n..

82:0.2 of the essentials of life from his family and the n..

89:5.4 sort of frightfulness with which to terrorize their n.

89:7.1 possessed great advantages over less advanced n.

91:4.3 more than his other children, your friends, n., even

92:7.3 better to borrow the best in their n.’ spiritual faith

93:5.12 awaited an opportune occasion to attack his n.,

95:1.5 the Babylonians and their n. had never outgrown

97:9.22 with the revolting tax-paying Edomites and their n..

97:9.22 a signal victory he turned to attack his northern n.

123:0.2 among the near n. there were six others whose ages

124:6.1 the Samaritans, they decided to go with their n. by

126:2.6 This year it became the custom for the n. to drop in

126:2.8 But in spite of all that Jesus and the Nazareth n.

126:3.12 they began the sale of milk to their Nazareth n..

129:1.10 The youthful n. also came in frequently to attend

130:2.2 he began to teach these advanced truths to his n.

131:2.13 And to all who love the Lord supremely and their n.

140:5.15 Jesus did not exhort the twelve to love their n. as

149:6.12 warned against those who ‘speak peace to their n.

159:1.2 going home rejoicing, calls to his friends and n.,

164:3.9 His friends, n., and all who had known Josiah

167:1.5 your kinsmen, or your rich n. that they in return may

168:1.13 with the assistance of willing n., laid hold upon the

169:1.4 called together her friends and n., saying, ‘Rejoice

171:2.3 will all your n. mock you, saying, ‘Behold, this man

178:1.17 be loyal citizens, upright artisans, praiseworthy n.,

neighbors, one’s

103:5.4 The self has rights as well as one’s n..

140:8.11 the whole world, thereby making all men one’s n..


0:1.18 or it may be relative, n. perfect nor imperfect,

0:4.12 n. are the material creations a part of Deity; they are

0:4.13 It is n. a force nor a presence; it is just Paradise.

0:5.10 The substance of this new reality is n. material nor

0:5.11 The personality of mortal man is n. body, mind, nor

0:5.11 of man is n. body, mind, nor spirit; n. is it the soul.

0:6.11 N. space nor pattern are gravity responsive, but

0:6.11 pattern; space is n. pattern nor potential pattern.

0:9.5 but they are n. unqualifiedly eternal nor infinite.

0:11.7 N. fact nor truth, experience nor revelation,

0:11.12 n. can infinity of actual personality be absolute

0:11.16 N. do we regard the Absolute as self-determinative,

0:12.6 those unique universe planners who are n. creators

1:2.1 God is n. manlike nor machinelike.

1:2.2 N. is God merely a concept, the power-potential of

1:2.2 The Father is not a synonym for nature, n. is he

1:2.2 meanings, n. is God “the noblest work of man.”

1:7.5 N. science, philosophy, nor theology can validate the

1:7.7 n. space nor time can be absolute or infinite.

1:7.8 N. does the existence of these three eternal persons

2:1.1 n. can the number of his years be searched out.”

2:2.1 there “is no variableness n. shadow of changing.”

2:2.5 God is n. self-centered nor self-contained;

2:6.6 n. does it require a mediator to secure the Father’s

3:1.9 But n. the spiritual activity of the Eternal Son and

3:2.5 Creature mind, being n. Paradise monota nor spirit,

3:3.5 N. does omniscience imply the knowing of the

3:6.2 The universe is not an accident, n. is it self-existent.

4:1.4 “Behold, he who keeps us shall n. slumber nor sleep.

4:3.5 But though the Father n. makes mistakes, harbors

5:5.4 n. is exaltation of nature nor the reverence of unity

5:6.3 But mind endowment alone is not personality, n.

5:6.3 N. is personality a progressive achievement.

6:6.1 is comparable n. to that mind which co-ordinates

7:2.3 are finite beings; they are n. absonite nor absolute.

7:5.6 N. did the Eternal Son pass through the rest that

8:1.4 n. can physical gravity be measured except by the

9:6.4 N. is the interaction of spirit, mind, and material

9:6.6 Cosmic mind is subject to the gravity demands of n.

9:8.10 N. do we know why the Third Source bestows non-

10:3.18 N. is the Son closely identified with the intellectual

10:5.5 N. the Ultimate nor the Supreme are wholly

11:0.2 And Paradise is from eternity; there are n. records

11:2.9 This Paradise source material is n. dead nor alive;

11:4.1 N. upper nor nether Paradise is approachable by

11:4.5 “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, n. has it entered

11:7.4 Space is n. a subabsolute condition within, nor the

11:7.4 the Absolute, n. is space a function of the Ultimate.

11:8.7 The dark gravity bodies are n. triata nor gravita,

11:9.4 Paradise is not Deity; n. is it conscious as man could

12:1.12 do their boundaries divide a nebular family, n. do

12:1.13 n. does it include the outlying groups of

12:2.4 n. are the energy movements therein discernibly

12:3.6 center; they are n. force, energy, nor power circuits.

12:7.4 In God there “is no variableness n. shadow of

12:7.6 God is n. a mathematical equation nor a chemical

13:0.2 There exists n. record nor tradition of their origin.

13:1.1 n. of those realms is in any way directly concerned

14:1.14 These dark gravity bodies n. reflect nor absorb light;

14:2.4 N. would any of the physical stimuli of those faraway

14:2.9 N. has sin appeared in any creature who has

14:3.1 There are no regularly constituted courts, n. are

14:4.14 a progression that involves n. ascent to Paradise nor

17:1.4 N. do they interfere with the rule of the Ancients of

17:3.3 herein is a great mystery: N. the Master Spirits nor

18:7.2 N. are they directly concerned in the educational

19:2.2 They serve n. on Paradise nor on the worlds of the

19:2.4 but n. of these beings alone exhausts the potentials

19:4.2 N. Perfectors of Wisdom nor Divine Counselors are

19:5.2 We fully understand n. the nature nor the conduct of

19:6.1 N. is it possible for Urantians to conceive of the

20:4.2 technical missions of judgment are n. bestowal nor

20:7.3 members are n. creators nor retrievers, n. judges nor

20:9.2 Teacher Sons n. judge the dead nor translate the

22:7.9 parental beings function n. with the Paradisers,

22:7.9 can perform duties that n. could have discharged.

22:9.5 N. are they Spirit nor Son fused.

22:9.6 but they are n. as versatile nor dependable as their

23:0.1 N. the Father nor the Son directly participated in this

23:2.1 Among themselves they have n. organization nor

24:1.14 of pure mind are subject to the supervision of n..

24:1.14 N. are the two orders co-ordinate; in all their

24:2.6 reports are transmitted n. to Havona nor to Paradise.

24:2.9 Census Directors never default, n. do they falsify.

25:1.1 n. do the higher orders of beings look down upon

25:3.5 Though executing decrees in defiance of n. natural

25:4.20 no known limit to the domain of their service, n. has

25:7.1 n. do they in any sense displace the work of the

26:8.3 n. are the candidates themselves nor their various

27:0.1 but seraphim are not absonite, n. are they absolute.

27:1.5 there shall be no more death, n. sorrow nor crying,

27:1.5 n. shall there be any more pain, for the former

27:4.1n. meaningless formalities nor the dictations of

28:0.6 Technically, n. tertiaphim nor omniaphim are

28:2.1 N. are omniaphim concerned with the ascendant

28:6.21 Secret of Greatness and Soul of Goodness, for n.

29:2.17 But n the power centers nor the subordinate physical

29:3.2 all the tribunals of all space; n. are they subject to the

29:3.6 N. do they have anything whatever to do with

29:4.24 n. do transformers change the forms of living beings.

29:5.1 These extraordinary beings are n. creators nor

30:1.92 Transcendentalers are n. creators nor creatures;

30:1.92 These “eventuators” are n. finite nor infinite—they

30:1.92 absonite; and absonity is n. infinity nor absoluteness.

30:1.11 n. do they indwell mortal creatures during the life

30:1.113 spirit personalities—but n. mortal language nor

31:8.3 intelligent beings who are n. Creators nor creatures.

31:8.3 These Transcendentalers create no beings, n. were

31:9.3 This ultimate personality—n. Creator nor creature—

32:3.2 N. is a local universe settled in light and life until its

33:5.3 N. does Immanuel exercise authoritative jurisdiction

34:3.1 N. the Eternal Son nor the Infinite Spirit is limited or

34:6.2 N. is spiritual ministry plural in human experience.

35:0.1 These Paradise Daynals are n. magistrates nor

35:5.3 N. are they quite the administrative peers of their

35:8.7 N. do these Sons engage in reproduction;

36:4.4 hardly be reckoned as either mortal or immortal, n.

36:4.4 But n. do they seem to be mortal; no midsoniter has

36:6.5 such a living thing possesses n. identity nor

36:6.6 life as “energy” and as “force,” but life is really n..

37:9.6 orders of beings are by and large n. ascending nor

37:10.2 N are they functionally concerned with the ascension

37:10.3 Spornagia are n. spirits nor persons; they are an

38:2.2 the mansion worlds, where you will “n. marry nor

38:2.2 n. marry nor are given in marriage;

38:2.2 n. do they die any more, for they are equal to the

38:2.4 Angels do not sit in judgment on mankind, n. should

38:3.1 n. are they referred to as ministering spirits.

38:4.3 n. do seraphim require complements of being when

38:9.5 N. of these groups is an evolutionary accident;

40:10.10 Like their Spirit-fused brethren, the Son fusers n.

41:4.1 But your sun is n. a liquid nor a solid—it is gaseous—

42:1.3 n. will they have established the existence of matter

42:3.13 N. does it take into account the pre-emergent stages

42:4.5 force-charge of space provided n. emergent energy

42:5.16 n. is the space content of an atom empty.

42:8.4 n. electric nor gravitational forces could hold the

42:10.1 being absolute, is expansile in n. fact nor value;

42:11.1 that the universe is n. mechanical nor magical; it is

42:11.2 mind is n. material mind nor creature mind;

43:1.3 storms or hurricanes; n. is there summer nor winter.

44:3.9 While n. these structures nor their embellishment

45:1.8 representation of the Spirit, n. is such a presence to

46:1.8 subject to the vicissitudes of sun disturbances, n.

46:2.1 worlds since there are n. earthquakes nor rainfalls,

46:2.2 There is no rainfall, n. storms nor blizzards,

46:4.7 permanent citizens of Jerusem, n. do we mention

46:7.4 Although spornagia n. possess nor evolve survival

47:6.3 are predicated n. on personal aggrandizement nor

48:2.12 But they rarely serve on the inhabited planets; n. do

48:4.4 N is spirit jest ever blasphemous of the righteousness

48:7.9 N. do the celestial beings assist the lower being

49:0.2 N. worlds finally settled in light and life nor planets

49:1.1 —terrestrial or celestial—is n. arbitrary nor magical.

49:1.3 But these beings are n. capricious nor whimsical;

49:2.18 early creatures are n. human fishes nor human birds.

49:2.18 n. superfishes nor glorified birds but distinctly mortal

49:5.26 n. was your bestowal Son of the Avonal order;

51:3.9 n. has the mission of the Planetary Adams always

52:2.12 It is n. tenderness nor altruism to bestow futile

52:3.5 N. is it the divine plan for the Planetary Adam or Eve

52:4.3 though they do not experience birth, n. do they die

53:8.6 power to enter the minds of men, n. can Caligastia

53:8.8 N. Satan nor Caligastia could ever touch or approach

53:9.4 you had no Son of standing in residence—n.

54:0.2 The Gods n. create evil nor permit sin and rebellion.

54:2.2 with creative free will, n. would he indwell them,

55:2.9 N. do they sojourn, as students, on the morontia

55:3.1 n. have the earth animals been subdued in perfection

55:11.7 N. can environmental limitations, even on an isolated

56:7.7 N. do we know whether or not the Supreme Being

58:1.2 N. can we provide for a more rapid life development

61:3.12 n. of these species is concerned in the line of living

62:1.1 N. were they offspring of the modern type of lemur,

64:1.1 n. could he go south nor west because of the

65:2.2 they were true borderline organisms—n. vegetable

66:8.6 n. Caligastia nor Daligastia was ever able to

70:5.5 It had been hard for mankind to learn that n. peace

72:2.8 executive, having n. legislative nor judicial functions.

72:7.3 Cities have no taxing power, n. can they go in debt.

72:12.4 the Satania family has benefited by n. magisterial

72:12.4 N. are the various peoples of Urantia set off from

75:2.1 n. Caligastia nor his associate had power to influence

75:7.7 n. did Adam and Eve knowingly enlist in rebellion

76:3.7 N. did Adamson nor Eveson nor the other children

76:4.2 Eve did not suffer pain in childbirth; n. did the early

77:3.4 N. were their leaders altogether agreed concerning

77:8.3 But midwayers do not sleep, n. do they possess

77:8.4 Midwayers are not men, n. are they angels, but

78:4.4 They were n. an Occidental nor an Oriental people.

79:6.5 n. were the Tibetan centers so advanced as those of

81:6.25 n. has the modern appreciation of ethics developed

81:6.39 n. should an idea be unconditionally embraced just

82:6.9 n. are such mulatto offspring so objectionable as

83:3.2 N. was her purchase always just a cold-blooded

83:8.3 N. can marriage be truly compared to the relation of

84:1.8 While the mother-child association is n. marriage nor

86:1.6 nor the battle to the strong, n. bread to the wise,

89:5.3 n. were the Andites until after they had become

91:1.3 But the primitive mind was n. logical nor consistent.

91:7.3 Such visitations are not pseudo hallucinations, n.

91:8.2 True prayer is both moral and religious; magic is n..

92:5.12 n. was a religious teacher; Lao-tse envisioned more

93:5.9 Lot liked n. a military nor a herder’s life.

93:9.11 without pedigree, having n. beginning of days nor

93:10.2 N. his appearance nor departure were accompanied

93:10.2 n. resurrection roll call nor ending of planetary

96:4.6 that he “will not forsake you, n. destroy you, nor

97:1.5 O Lord God, for there is none like you, n. is there

97:7.9 hand is not shortened that it cannot save, n. his ear

98:1.4 They n. greatly loved nor feared these divinities of

98:2.2 n. Europe nor northern Africa extensively

98:3.2 was not trivial and venal like that of the Greeks, n.

99:3.2 The kingdom of heaven is n. a social nor economic

99:3.3 injustice, not insulated from economic thinking, n.

100:6.6 “I am persuaded that n. death, nor life, nor angels,

101:1.1 proofs, n. is it a fantastic and mystic experience of

101:1.4 n. is religion the offspring of sublime feelings and

101:1.5 Religion is born n. of mystic meditations nor of

101:5.9 N. logic (rationalization) nor emotion (feeling) is

101:7.5 N does it recognize the aesthetic cult of pure wonder

101:8.1 N. is certainty nor conviction faith.

101:8.4 Faith does not shackle the creative imagination, n.

101:10.3 But n. of these levels of the universe discloses to the

101:10.4 n. the energy endowment nor mind endowment of

102:6.8 N. should science discount religious experience on

103:5.4 N has exclusive claims upon the attention and service

103:5.10 Mortal man is n. a helpless slave of the inflexible

103:7.8 But revelation originates n. a science nor a religion;

104:2.5 N. do the Gods, as persons, administer justice.

105:1.4 As an existential concept the I AM is n. deified nor

105:1.4 n. actual nor potential, n. personal nor impersonal,

105:1.4 n. personal nor impersonal, n. static nor dynamic.

105:3.3 n. can personality attain to spirit levels of existence

105:5.10 —things, meanings, and values that are n. perfect nor

105:7.2 n. is it nonexperiential, but it is superexperience as

105:7.2 N. is it a finite evolutionary creation as are the seven

106:5.2 N. can God the Ultimate as a person be considered

106:5.3 not personal, but n. do they contravene personality.

106:7.6 which even eternity will n. exhaust nor terminate.

106:8.15 n. is the Ultimate merely an amplification of the

106:9.3 On the absolute level there is n. time nor space;

107:1.3 we do not know; n. do we know their number.

107:1.6 N. do we fully understand just what really transpires

107:7.5 correct to designate an Adjuster as subpersonal, n.

109:4.1 N. do men of animal origin experience a high type of

110:2.3 N. angels nor Adjusters are devoted to influencing

110:3.5 Ignorance alone can never prevent survival; n. can

110:6.3 intellectual, n. are psychic circles wholly morontial;

111:1.5 Of n. of these two systems is the human being

111:2.7 The reality of this unique relationship is n. material

111:3.2 N. can this subspiritual soul, without the

111:3.2 N. does the soul make final decisions until death

112:0.12 God—he is no respecter of persons, but n. does he

112:5.22 having n. spiritual meaning nor morontia value,

112:7.9 It is n.; but they together have achieved the

112:7.11 And n. Adjuster nor mortal can attain that goal

113:5.1 n. do angels directly contact with the indwelling Adj.

113:5.1 N. angels nor any order of universe personality have

113:5.2 have physical bodies; n. do seraphim possess wings.

115:1.4 The universe cannot be explained, n. can a finite

116:2.14 God the Supreme is not the Paradise Trinity, n. is

116:6.3 They are no longer identical, n. are they alike, and

117:4.7 n. does the Supreme evolve without purposeful

118:3.7 spirit patterns do not occupy or displace space, n. do

118:7.1 N. does ultimate foreknowledge—full allowance for

118:10.1 N. is the divine love that shortsighted affection which

118:10.23 But providence is not whimsical, n. is it fantastic nor

121:3.9 They were not class conscious, n. did they look

122:1.1 n. did Joseph’s lineage go directly back to Adam.

122:8.1 All that night Mary was restless so that n. of them

123:1.1 n. the family of Joseph nor that of Mary knew they

123:4.6 the watchcare of the lad; n. was it chargeable to the

124:2.1 the lad, but n. did Mary volunteer any information.

124:6.4 Mary could not understand why n. Joseph nor Jesus

124:6.17 N. do we nowadays understand how the spirit of this

125:6.10 Jesus said little; n. did his parents say much in his

126:3.6 N. did he believe that his mission was that of a

128:4.4 N. did these men of Damascus ever associate the

130:2.8 mind is not a spiritual force, n. is it comparable to

130:4.4 N. can single-eyed material scientists nor single-eyed

130:4.5 n. can spiritless experience evolve the divine

130:6.2 but it would be n. kind nor fair for me to receive

131:4.8 It is only the wicked who say: The universe has n.

131:8.5 You cannot find the Supreme, n. can you go to a

131:10.4 in whom there is no variableness n. shadow of

132:0.9 Through all their experiences, n. Stephen nor the

132:5.16 not be denied all reward for efforts of discovery, n.

133:3.7 perceive, Ganid, that n. of these women is willfully

133:5.5 but n. is to be regarded as wholly dependable or

133:6.7 cannot demonstrate the existence of a soul, n. can

133:7.9 N. is the human self merely the sum of the states of

134:1.2 Jesus never confirmed these beliefs, n. did he make

134:4.2 The kingdom is n. material nor merely intellectual;

134:5.13 N. do the individual states concern themselves

134:6.6 N. does the question of conscription or voluntary

135:3.3 N. did his talk with Jesus, at the time of his visit

136:2.3 did not hear these words, n. did they see the

136:4.3 N. was he tempted during this time by any evil spirits

136:4.5 n. were they the confused and puerile symbolisms

136:7.2 “There shall no evil befall you, n. shall any plague

136:9.11 N. will he seek to win acceptance of a spiritual

137:7.12 The Son of Man was to be n. a Nazarite nor an

137:8.11 “In my Father’s kingdom there shall be n. Jew nor

139:9.5 who were called Thaddeus and Lebbeus, had n.

140:3.13 N. do men light a candle and put it under a bushel,

140:3.18 n. cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample

140:3.19 A good tree cannot yield evil fruit, n. can a corrupt

140:4.4 N. do men light a candle and put it under a bushel,

140:5.18 “Let not your heart be troubled, n. let it be afraid.”

140:9.3 Jesus advised them to take n. money nor extra

141:3.3 n. would he give any advice about the proper

141:4.8 N. was it possible, in view of their limited

142:4.1 having been n. circumcised nor baptized;

142:5.2 N. does your Father in heaven leave his faith

143:5.3 “Give me this water that I thirst not n. come all the

143:5.6 the day is soon coming when n. on this mountain nor

144:8.7 Many of you will receive n. John’s message nor

144:8.7 John came n. eating nor drinking, and they said he

145:2.8 n. will the Father punish one of his believing children

145:3.4 N. could his hearers forget his blessed words,

145:5.1 N. did Jesus sleep much that Saturday night.

147:1.2 N. did I think myself worthy to come to you;

147:5.4 Now, when n. of them had wherewith to pay, he

147:7.2 N. do men put new wine into old wine skins, lest the

148:3.5 N. did they observe any visible manifestation of

148:4.6 such natural imperfections of behavior are n. sin

148:4.8 N. does this inherent presence of potential evil

148:5.3 n. should man complain of those experiences which

148:5.5 My son, despise not the chastening of the Lord; n.

150:1.3 “in the kingdom of heaven there is n. rich nor poor

150:4.2 not to any city of the gentiles, n. go into Samaria,

150:8.8 this day is not hidden from you, n. is it far off.

150:8.8 N. is it beyond the sea, that you should say, who

151:3.1 n. are there any secrets which shall not ultimately

152:1.4 N. has any subsequent generation been able to

152:2.5 N. had Philip made food provision for such a

152:5.4 to hunger for the bread of life n. to thirst for the

152:7.1 n. did he permit them to teach or preach while

153:3.3 “We notice that n. you nor your apostles wash

153:3.3 N. do you properly wash your drinking cups and

154:5.3 I am n. a teacher nor a preacher, but it is in my

154:6.4 n. did Mary know that his address was likely to be

154:6.5 n. shall any harm come upon my family.

157:1.2 N. Peter, his brother, nor Jesus had brought along

157:2.2 N. permit reverence for the traditions so to pervert

157:6.2 N. Peter nor the other apostles had a very adequate

158:6.4 you can do n. of these, even when their potential is

159:2.1 Now this fellow had never been with us, n. does

159:5.6N. shall the nations learn war any more.”

160:1.5 they never worry, n. do they commit suicide.

162:3.5 Jesus: “I know about you; n. do I condemn you.

162:5.2 Truly, you know n. me nor my Father, for if you

163:1.3 I instruct you to carry n. purse nor extra clothing,

164:3.7N. did this man sin nor his parents that the works

164:4.9 But Josiah was n. dumb nor lacking in humor; so he

165:4.10 “I have come to judge n. the rich nor the poor, but

165:5.2 consider the ravens; they sow not n. reap,

165:5.3 “Consider the lilies, they toil not, n. do they spin;

166:1.2 N. did Jesus wash his hands, as did the Pharisees,

166:2.6 N. did Jesus speak; it was not necessary that he

166:4.10 health is not the smile of heaven, n. is affliction the

167:7.2 called ‘the Sons of God’ in the Scriptures; n. are

167:7.3 and angels are n. all-wise nor all-powerful.

168:0.3 N. could they understand why Jesus sent no word to

169:3.2 there is a great gulf so that we cannot go to you, n.

169:3.2 ‘If they hear not Moses and the prophets, n. will

170:4.14 N. make the fatal mistake, in looking for the age

172:3.3 N. did Jesus do it to satisfy the human longings of his

173:2.5N. will I tell you by what authority I do these

173:3.2 n. do you believe my teaching, but the common

174:3.2 because you know n. the Scriptures nor the living

174:3.2 the righteous, n. marry nor are given in marriage.

175:1.10 N. should you seek to lord it over your brethren in

176:1.1 not be perturbed by famines or earthquakes; n.

176:1.4 n. let those who are outside dare to enter therein.

177:2.2 N. has your personality suffered distortion in

177:3.3 that Jesus would n. exert his divine power to save

178:1.3 n. should you employ the physical forces of earthly

178:3.5 And n. did the apostles know that one of their own

179:3.8 A servant is not greater than his master; n. is one

179:5.4 communion by establishing a precise form; n. did

180:2.1 so n. can you yield the fruits of loving service