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ka or kas

111:0.4 Egyptians believed in two factors, the ka and the ba;

111:0.5 a protecting spirit which they called the ka.

111:0.5 of that entity which the Egyptians called the ka.

111:0.6 The ka was thought to be a superior spirit genius

111:0.6 it was expected that his ka would be waiting for him

111:0.6 At first, only kings were supposed to have kas,

111:0.6 One Egyptian ruler, speaking of the ka within his

111:0.6 Many believed that the ka was “an oracle from God


88:1.2 few have survived as have the K and Stone of Scone

95:7.5 the K. Stone became to their Arab cousins.


29:3.7 organs” of power regulation are mobile and truly k.

39:1.11 to help these pilgrims in making those k. adjustments


159:2.4 raised a considerable company of believers at K.


60:3.20 and active types of the smaller leaping k. varieties


60:1.10 reptiles were smaller, carnivorous, and walked k.


61:1.9 and the ancestors of the later k. roamed Australia.

65:2.10 peculiar forms were perpetuated in the leaping k..


61:5.5 The central ice sheet extended south as far as K.;

61:7.9 the central coming down into K., Missouri, and


79:7.1 Yellow River among the Chinese settlements of K..


134:7.5 Jesus went by K. to Dan, or Caesarea Philippi.


97:9.18 gathered ten other groups and resisted at K.;


94:3.5 The k. principle of causality continuity is, again,

Karuskawealthy believer with whom Jesus lodged

156:0.1 The evangelists and apostles were lodged with her

156:1.1 There lived near the home of K., where the Master

156:1.2 to tell no one of his presence at the home of K.,

156:1.2 the servant of K. had gone over to the house of this


94:9.1 It soon became established in Tibet, K., Ceylon,


85:1.1 K. people of southern India still worship a stone,

Katroancestor of Moses

93:3.5 The members of the family of K., with whom

keensee keen sense of humor

23:4.6 with k. relish and ever-heightening expectation.

44:5.3 These artisans are the k. students of the mind circuits

44:5.5 These are the k. personalities who are in reality

50:4.9 a k. and laudatory rivalry among the races of men

52:7.6 scan the latest broadcasts with the same k. interest

55:3.10 trained by the competitive systems of k. striving

62:2.4 Being small of stature and having k. minds to realize

68:6.7 the high social pressure of k. competition produced

69:7.4 The dog’s k. sense of smell led to the notion it

72:5.10 Competition is k. on this continent, but much of it

79:6.11  k. students and aggressive in their pursuit of truth.

85:3.2 They thought the k. scent and the farseeing eyes of

101:7.2 of philosophic conclusions depends on k., honest,

123:3.8 Jesus was a k. observer and gained much practical

123:6.3 Jesus developed a k. sense of numbers, distances,

124:6.14 to his deep-thinking and k.-reasoning son.

126:2.7 Jesus demonstrated the possession of k. business

126:5.10 entered into k. competition in their agricultural

127:1.3 well-proportioned body, a k. and analytical mind,

127:4.8 a level-headed daughter with a k. appreciation of

128:6.2 His mind was active, k., and penetrating—compared

129:0.1 to take a k. personal interest in the spiritual welfare

133:5.12 k. minds to be found among the citizens of Athens.

135:5.3 hope and a k. expectation that the consummation of

139:7.2 Matthew was a k. judge of human nature and a very

139:8.2 Thomas possessed a k. reasoning mind and was

139:8.12 Thomas had a k. and sure sense of fact.

140:3.18 I exhort you to show just judgment and k. wisdom.

163:2.11 by their strong, k., and more intelligent fellows.

171:7.4 Jesus was an interested and k. observer.

191:0.8 very personal and altogether too k. to be recovered

195:1.4 willing compromisers; they were k. theologic traders.

196:0.7 the k. realization of the reality and sacredness of

keen sense of humor

48:4.13 you are to be congratulated on a comparatively k..

74:6.7 had a great appreciation of music as well as a k..

156:2.8 Jesus greatly enjoyed the k. which these gentiles


82:1.2 endowment of k. sex consciousness and stronger


100:2.8 fondest ambitions perish and their k. hopes crash;


72:2.2 offices of city administration are k. sought by the

75:1.5 They were k. aware of the enormous undertaking

124:4.5 the lad became k. conscious of the difference

154:6.2 they began k. to feel the pressure of the supposed

158:4.7 feeling k. the sting of their defeat and sensing the

185:2.8 Pilate, being k. sensitive to the disrespectful manner


16:7.7 influenced not only by the k. of his moral nature, but

67:1.5 Error suggests lack of intellectual k.; evil, deficiency

71:8.1 intellectual k., economic wisdom, social cleverness

102:4.2 imagination plus the k. of the sensory discovery of

124:2.6 and his depth of reasoning and k. of observation

177:4.3 the sturdy character of his Master and the k. of

keepsee keep pace; see keep up; see keepimperative

8:5.4 “who is ever able to k. you from failing and to

22:2.8  k. the supergovernments in close and personal touch

24:2.8  They k. count of nothing but bona fide will creatures

26:3.4 to k. everything moving along smoothly and

29:4.17 They k. the whole vast living energy aggregation in

48:2.21  k. you in progressive synchrony with the morontia

50:1.3 a greater likelihood of failure to k. a proper grasp

54:5.10 To k. open the Paradise doors of ascension to the

69:3.3 the taboos have operated to k. woman strictly in her

69:5.2 became the custom to k. the military organization in

69:6.4 feared fire and always sought to k. it in good humor,

69:7.2 By surrounding the herd they could k. control of the

70:7.8 the chief functions of these clubs was to k. control of

71:5.2 same time k. the state from becoming parasitical or

80:9.14 These Bretons still k. thunderstones in the chimney

82:2.4 but they did k. the sexes apart—this favored quiet,

82:5.3 workmen sought to k. the knowledge of their craft

82:5.4 marriages in an effort to k. the royal blood pure,

82:5.7 order to k. the royal blood concentrated and pure.

84:1.5 to k. their children in more or less ignorance as to

85:1.4 but the stones were put in to k. the ear holes open.

87:5.11 1. Duty—those things which must be done to k. the

89:1.1 to k. from offending the spirit ghosts by avoidance

92:4.1 does revelation always k. in touch with evolution.

93:4.15 Melchizedek came to achieve two tasks: to k. alive

93:10.4 thus endeavoring to k. alive the truths of Salem until

95:6.9  to k. the light of Salem from being fully extinguished

96:1.14 The monotheists k. their subordinate gods as fates,

108:3.1 difficult to k. track of these divine gifts since they

123:0.2 At first Mary was disposed to k. Jesus close by

123:4.6 Mary unwisely tried to k. Jesus very close to her side

126:5.8 Jesus sought to k. in touch with the news of the day.

128:6.7 “You had better k. your eye on the lad; he’s liable

128:6.8 failed to k their appointment for the Passover supper

132:5.2 wealth? Should I k. it, or should I give it away?”

134:9.5 only the watchman must k. vigil while the city

134:9.6 “It behooves me to k. busy while I wait for my hour

136:7.2 he shall give his angels charge over you, to k. you

139:7.3 it was Matthew’s duty to k. the treasury replenished.

139:7.8 generosity, but always Matthew managed to k. still.

142:3.13 3. You shall not neglect to k. the feast of unleavened

142:5.2 father would k. his son in anxiety or suspense

146:6.4 to k. it out of all subsequent records except that of

148:5.5 afflicted, I went astray, but now do I k. the law.

149:6.7 ‘fear God and k. his commandments, for that is the

154:6.3 Joseph promised to k. Ruth quiet while the others

157:0.1 with Andrew and Peter to k. this appointment.

157:0.1 of Mary and the children to k. this engagement,

157:0.1 attempting to k. their appointment with Jesus.

159:3.4 admonish your brethren to k. busy at their chosen

159:6.3  k. the believers throughout Palestine in touch with

162:7.5 if a man will k. this word of truth alive in his heart,

163:2.4 “If you k. all the commandments—do not commit

167:7.4 function to k. one part of the heavenly creation

168:0.5 Martha instructed a neighbor lad to k. watch down

172:5.1 they did not k. armed watch over Jesus at Simon’s

175:1.5 and Jacob will k. his hands of mercy outstretched

177:3.4 David thought it wise to k. the matter to himself.

177:4.1 went in haste to k. his appointment with Jesus’

179:4.7 could be done to k. Judas from turning traitor.

180:4.2 you have loved me, and you will k. my word.

181:2.14 sacrifices, and labors to k. the treasury replenished

182:0.1 made it his business to k. a watchful eye on Jesus.

182:1.5 only that you k. them from the evil in the world.

182:2.8 “Andrew, do what you can to k. your brethren

184:2.2 The Master had not instructed him to k. near at hand

184:2.10 against the law to k. poultry within the city proper.

184:2.11 he walked up and down the porch to k. warm,

186:4.2 reports of the archangels in an effort to k. advised

194:3.12 to k. sweet in the midst of the gravest injustice,

194:4.7 to k. their fellow believers at Jerusalem from

195:9.8 expectant faith will ever k. the hope-door of man’s

keep pace

70:1.20 and standing armies soon developed to k. with the

87:5.2 Religious ceremonial must k. with spirit evolution

98:2.7 religion as a personal experience failed to k. with

99:1.6 must actively k. with all these advances in civilization

102:2.7 To k. in his life experience with the impelling

104:3.2 philosophy must accelerate in evolution to k. with

121:6.5 In only one matter did Paul fail to k. with Philo

160:1.3 If the evolution of the art of living fails to k. with the

keep up

70:7.18 Taxes were originally levied to k. up the king’s

94:10.2 Tibetans k. up an endless repetition of sacred rituals

104:0.1 because three support points could k. up a tent;

159:1.2 will he not k. up his quest for the lost sheep until

160:4.14 Those timid souls who can only k. up the struggle of


99:5.2 Always k. in mind: True religion is to know God as

131:2.9 Fear God and k. his commandments, for this is

131:2.12 remember the Sabbath day to k. it holy;

142:3.13 3. You shall not neglect to k. the feast of unleavened

146:2.13 Purge me from secret sins and k. back your

146:2.13 O Lord, before my mouth; k. the door of my lips.

147:6.4 remember the Sabbath day to k. it holy;

165:4.1 he said: “Take heed and k. yourselves free from

165:5.5 K. yourselves like men who are watching for their

174:0.2 K. a firm hold on your brethren and see that they

180:1.6 K. in mind: It is loyalty, not sacrifice, that Jesus

182:1.4 Father, k. these men faithful as I prepare to yield


30:4.15 The assigned seraphim is the k. of the surviving

128:6.11 peek into the shop, and if its k. were not busy,

131:4.6 “The Spirit of the Universe K. enters the soul of

137:6.3 this reading, Jesus handed the roll back to its k..

147:5.3  former k. of one of the so-called high-class brothels.

184:2.3 since he had bidden the gate-k. admit him.

184:2.8 the gate-k. and her sister chanced to meet him,


25:5.1 as k. of the formal archives of the Isle of Light,

37:3.7 satellites are occupied by the personality record k..

39:4.16 6. The Recorders. These seraphim are the k. of the

keepingsee keeping with, in

17:1.6 staff engaged in k. straight the affairs of Orvonton

17:6.5 commits the new Spirit consort to the k. of the

24:2.1 independent method of k. count of all will creatures.

24:5.3 sentinels are almost exclusively concerned in k.

25:2.11 The conciliators are of great value in k. the universe

25:3.11  k. the commission as a whole in sympathetic touch

26:3.8  k. them currently informed regarding the affairs of

27:1.4 to commend the k. of your identity into the hands of

29:3.1 the grand universe is thus intrusted to the k. of the

36:2.13 to improve the vital formulas committed to their k..

37:3.7 with k. straight the record of each mortal of time

38:2.3 counting them and k. the number corrected up to

47:3.3 morontia soul intrusted to the k. of the seraphic

52:1.4 the morals of the primeval forests are not in k. with

69:8.5 disinclined to trust this wealth to the k. of slaves or

70:7.16 All secret associations taught the k. of secrets.

73:2.4 a liaison officer, k. Amadon as his own associate.

81:6.39  k. pace with the scientific developments of the age.

93:5.1 upon Abraham the responsibility of k. alive the truth

96:4.5  in k. his followers intact for a quarter of a century

99:2.6 of living experience finds no difficulty in k. ahead of

100:2.7 human being who has dedicated the k. of his soul to

102:8.1 to the k. and direction of that power and person

110:4.4 meanings and values intrusted to their care and k..

112:5.13 and is in the k. of the seraphic destiny guardian

114:2.4 perform a very valuable service in k. Lanaforge,

117:4.12 Into the k. of mortal man has been given not only the

119:1.1 I place under the care and k. of Immanuel while I go

120:2.1 formulated by you and placed in my k. by Gabriel.

123:1.3 And they were both very faithful in k. this promise.

123:2.2 guardianship of Jesus was destined to rest in the k.

124:4.1 he also learned the wisdom of k. such matters a

127:2.2 Jesus’ refusal had the effect of k. out many of his

131:10.2 should learn how to commit the k. of our souls to

139:1.6 and by your steadfastness k. me with him, I

139:7.7 the means of k. the doors of the kingdom wide open

140:2.2 and I commit them to your k. while I go on to finish

142:3.10 in perfect k. with these enlarging concepts of divinity

142:3.21 from Egypt is assigned as the reason for Sabbath k.

165:2.8 the flock which the Father has intrusted to my k..

165:2.10 all of his flocks in this domain in my hands for k.;

181:1.10 safely and wholly in the care and k. of an all-wise,

184:3.18 But Annas did not succeed in k. control of the court.

185:2.14 praetorium, where Jesus was in the k. of the guards,

192:2.6 Simon Zelotes back into service, and k. him at work.

keeping with, in

3:2.2 and order and in k. with the all-wise plan of God.

31:0.9 and in k. with the associative experience acquired

87:5.7 In k. with the same motive, it became the fashion to

97:9.13 In k. with the policy of compromise with the

183:1.2 which was in k. with the outworking of natural


4:1.4 “Behold, he who k. us shall neither slumber nor

23:1.9 unfailingly k. them sufficiently separated as not to

28:4.2 this same reflective technique k. each one of them

53:8.8 “He who is born of God k. himself, and the wicked

57:7.6 meteoric combustion k. the atmospheric oxygen

58:5.6 and this is what k. the continents above water.

71:6.2 it k. many otherwise slothful mortals hard at work.

74:4.5 worship of him who made us all and k. us living.

131:2.8 The Lord is faithful; he k. his word with those who

162:7.5 say that whoso k. your word shall not taste death?


89:6.6 The twentieth-century ceremony of depositing k. in


97:9.13 David had defended the Canaanite city of K. against

Kenanthe great-grandson of Adam

76:3.4 Seth’s grandson, K.,instituted the foreign missionary


93:3.4 to his brilliant disciple Nordan the K. and his band

96:4.2 Moses’ father-in-law was a K. worshiper of El

96:5.3 to the K. traditions of the time of Melchizedek.

104:1.8 The Hebrews knew about the Trinity from the K.


93:10.3 the K. were the only line which long continued to

96:0.2 Salem religion was revered as a tradition by the K.

96:0.3 The Salem religion persisted among the K. in

96:1.12 many of the K. believed more or less in El Elyon,

97:9.7 of non-Hebrew elements—K., Calebites, Jebusites,

131:2.1 The K. of Palestine salvaged much of the teaching of


59:2.5 the great North American volcano of eastern K.,

59:4.6 the banks of the Ohio River near Louisville, K.,

keptsee kept up

25:3.8 they are k. busy going from system to system

30:4.13 they are thus k. together for long periods of service.

45:4.20 being k. open for later assignment to ascending

50:4.13 their descendants k. alive some knowledge of the

53:1.6 “And the angels who k. not their first estate but left

57:7.1 incessant impacts k. the surface of the planet more

57:7.9 the incoming meteors k. the oxygen of the air used

66:4.16 children of the Andon tribes were k. at headquarters

68:6.11 The subnormal man should be k. under society’s

70:6.5 The early fetish king was often k. in seclusion;

70:7.16 they k. unscrupulous kings on the anxious seat.

73:5.3 drinking water of Eden was k. wholesome by the

77:5.7 the midwayers k. Adamson informed regarding the

78:6.6 who had k. themselves free from intermarriage with

78:7.5  k. a written record of the days of the rivers’ rise

79:6.10 Singlangton k. them ahead of most of the other races

81:6.25 education has not k. pace with the expanding social

87:5.3 bad ghosts and spirits who must be k. in good humor

87:5.7 of art, and it long k. the world somber and ugly.

91:7.2 Jesus k. them in service-contact with the multitudes.

95:5.2 he k. alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the One God,

96:5.6 they “k. all his commandments and obeyed all his

96:6.2 Moses had k. alive in the hearts of his followers

97:2.1 he was k. busy, as Samuel had been before him,

97:2.2 Micaiah, k. the light of truth alive in Palestine.

99:3.9 Religion can be k. free from unholy secular alliances

113:2.9 The records are k. by the pair of cherubim who are

114:2.2 They are k. in immediate touch with Michael by the

119:4.1 we were not long k. waiting, for he shortly went out

121:6.8 with one accord k. their hearts centered on the holy

123:3.7 Joseph’s increasing income k. pace with the growing

124:2.2 Increasingly Jesus k. all Nazareth in more or less

125:2.6 Jesus k. his place among the new sons of the

128:2.1 Jesus was k. busy helping them to adjust themselves

128:2.2 Again, they had not all k. busy since three of them

128:3.7 Simon k. the family up late that night relating his

128:7.11 And Jude k. his promise.

129:2.10 several occasions, k. hope alive in Mary’s heart.

129:2.11 Jude had considerably increased his quota and k. up

130:3.2 the voyage and k. Jesus busy answering questions.

130:7.1 they k. Jesus busy telling tales about his early life in

130:8.2 backslidden Jew, who k. the tavern where Jesus

133:7.3 Jesus and Gonod were k. busy attending the sick boy

135:0.1 For months Elizabeth k. secret Gabriel’s visitation;

135:3.2 Elizabeth k. John posted about Palestinian and

135:12.2 Therefore Herod k. the Nazarite preacher in prison

137:4.15 but you have k. the best of the wine until the last of

138:10.10 Judas Iscariot paid all expenses and k. the books.

139:8.11 emotional life, Thomas k. right on being an apostle.

141:0.2 members of his family were k. away by pride,

147:6.5 they k. by themselves and dared not ask any more

150:6.2 k. fully informed concerning the progress of the tour,

151:1.1 boat of Andrew and Peter, which was always k.

155:6.6 “He will be k. in perfect peace whose mind is stayed

163:3.2 Shall all who have riches be k. out of the kingdom?”

165:5.5 of your minds and let your lamps be k. burning

167:7.4 ministry of the angels that one world may be k. in

168:1.1 he who opened the eyes of the blind have k. this

171:8.6 behold, here is your pound, which I have k. safely

172:5.8 Matthew k. his hands off of him only by exercising

177:3.8 its establishment had been k. a well-guarded secret

180:2.2 even as I have k. the Father’s word and evermore

180:4.2 I have loved the Father and have k. his word; you

180:6.1 provided you have k. my new commandment

182:1.5 me twelve men, and I have k. them all save one,

182:2.1 they had k. Judas under observation for several

183:0.1 when Peter informed them where David k. watch.

183:4.8 And all these groups and individuals were k. in touch

184:1.1 Master’s trial was k. in the hands of the Sadducees

184:2.1 The portress who k. the gate knew John, and when

188:1.2 members of the Sanhedrin had k. their faith in

189:4.2 had k. close within during the hours of the Sabbath

191:0.3 John Mark k. them in touch with developments

kept up

41:10.1 This k. up with ever-increasing violence until nearest

74:2.3  k. up the supply of these home-reared pigeons for

75:5.9 for these hostilities k. up long after Adam and his

128:3.7 Simon k. the family up late that night relating his

146:3.9  k. up the practice of visiting from house to house,

169:1.4  k. up the search until she found the lost piece of

195:0.6 organizer and his successors k. up the pace Paul set.


139:12.1 Judas was born in K., a small town in southern Judea

Keturahone of Abrahams concubines

93:9.8 K. was not a wife of Abraham; like Hagar, she was


26:4.15 Willingness to believe is the k. to Havona.

109:5.1 more fully adjusted to the k. of the contactual tones

111:5.2 The imitation of God is the k. to perfection; doing

160:3.4 would seek for the k. wherewith to unlock it.”

166:1.5 taken away the k. of knowledge from the common

170:3.2 childlike belief, is the k. to the door of the kingdom,


6:3.2 Second Source and Center, are k. in tones of mercy.

43:8.2 While you are re-k. each time you pass from one

48:2.21 you must be re-k. or advance tuned, and it is the task

145:4.1 apostles of Jesus were k. up to the highest pitch

keying, re-

48:2.22 spiritizing creation is effected by this selective k..


27:4.2 Harmony is the k. of the central universe,

37:6.3 the k. of the whole educational system: character

39:2.5 Mercy is the k. of seraphic service and angelic

97:1.10 The k. of this era was divine power; the prophets


39:4.14 The k. of the kingdom are: sincerity, more sincerity,

39:4.14 All men have these k.. Men use them—advance in

90:5.5 these priests claimed to “hold the k. of heaven.”

98:5.4 On the judgment day the Mithraic k. of heaven

157:4.5 I now deliver the k. of the outward kingdom—

158:4.6 the k. of the kingdom have been delivered to us.”

Khan, GenghisMongol conqueror

79:1.9 when the Mongols under K. began the conquest of

92:5.6 Asia the tribesmen still look for the return of K.;


138:1.1 James and John going to K., Andrew and Peter to

138:2.6 3. James Alpheus, a fisherman and farmer of K.,

138:4.1 nine went by boat over to K. to execute the calling

138:4.1 Zebedee presented the Master to the K. fishermen,

139:9.1 sons of Alpheus, the twin fishermen living near K.,



151:6.2 spot was the cemetery of the little village of K..

152:0.1 The story of the cure of Amos, the K. lunatic, had

154:7.3 They rowed over to near the village of K., put their

154:7.3 going from K. up to Caesarea-Philippi, thence

155:0.1 Soon after landing near K. on this eventful Sunday,

156:6.4 together on the opposite side of the lake near K.,

159:2.4 of the demented man whom Jesus healed near K.,


187:1.9 The soldiers shouted at him and k. him, but he could


86:2.6 Civilized man still k. and curses inanimate objects


142:3.20 10. You shall not seethe a k. in its mother’s milk.

169:1.12 and yet you never gave me even a k. that I might

169:1.13 You could have had a k. at any time you had made


111:0.3 organs—the eye, liver, k., heart, and later, the brain.


142:8.4 the Mount of Olives not far from the brook K..

176:0.2 In order to avoid the crowds passing along the K.

178:3.1 again to avoid the crowds passing through the K.

182:0.1 followed them through the city, over the brook K.,

182:2.10 to watch along the road coming up by the K. to

killsee kill, not

65:6.1 that he must k. protoplasm in order to analyze it.

68:6.9 It was the custom for a maiden to k. her offspring,

69:7.2 being able to k. them as they were required for food.

70:3.6 hence it was once the custom to k. all strangers, later

70:10.11 a man could k. his wife without punishment provided

82:4.4 father had the full right to k. the male trespasser.

84:4.10 when a man was denied the right to k. his wife at will

87:2.10 To break an article was to “k. it,” thus releasing its

88:4.8 combating magic arises from the fact that fear can k..

88:4.8 peoples so feared magic that it did actually k.,

89:5.4 general practice for primitive mothers to k. and eat

90:2.6 it was customary to k. him when he failed, unless he

90:3.6 found primitive peoples who k. someone every time

93:9.3 Abraham feared someone would k. him in order to

148:7.3 you to do harm and give way to the desire to k.

150:4.2 be not afraid of those who can k. the body, but

153:2.3 and teachers of that day sought to k. Jeremiah,

162:2.1 some of you seek to k. the Son of Man.”

162:2.2 the scribes and Pharisees had long sought to k..

162:2.2 asked Jesus, “Why do the rulers seek to k. you?”

162:2.2 “The rulers seek to k. me because they resent my

162:2.2 they would k. me because I once on the Sabbath

162:2.2 would k. me because on another occasion I chose

162:2.2 They seek to k. me because they well k. that, if

162:5.2 You who would k. the Son of Man know not

162:7.3 yet your leaders seek to k. me because my word has

165:2.3 and deluded leaders, seek to k. the Son of Man.

165:2.8 the fold only to steal, and to k., and to destroy;

165:3.3 they may be able to k. the body, after that have no

165:4.3 the brigands who broke into his house to k. him,

166:1.5 you now plan to k. those who come in this day

167:4.7 they will surely k. him, but if that is the Master’s

169:1.10 ‘Bring on the fatted calf and k. it, and let us eat

169:1.12 make haste to k. the fatted calf and make merry

171:4.2 when they k. the Son of Man, be not dismayed,

171:4.4 Herod, just as he sought John, now seeks to k. you.

171:4.4 uprising of the people and has decided to k. you.

171:4.5 Herod made up his mind either to k. Jesus or drive

173:4.2 ‘This is the heir; come, let us k. him and then the

177:3.3 the chief priests and rulers were going to k. Jesus.

178:2.3 the progress of the plan to arrest and k. Jesus.

178:2.4 word that Abner had heard of the plot to k. Jesus

178:3.3 Take heed to yourselves lest they k. you also.

180:6.1 they who k. you will think they are doing a service

183:5.4 that these Jews do not k. him without Pilate’s

kill, not

66:7.12 4. You shall not k. men, women, or children.

70:11.2 upon all others the command, “you shall not k..”

93:4.10 4. You shall not k..

94:8.10 1. You shall not k..

131:2.12 you shall not k.; you shall not commit adultery;

140:6.4 ‘You shall not k.; that whosoever kills shall be

162:2.1 this law enjoins you, saying, ‘You shall not k.’;

163:2.4 do not commit adultery, do not k., do not steal,

183:5.4 that these Jews do not k. him without Pilate’s


61:7.14 much as the white man later k. off the bison.

62:3.9 seven children were k. by this bolt from the skies.

63:3.4 when both were k. at the time of an earthquake by

68:6.8 all primitive tribes k. deformed and sickly children.

68:6.8 Girl babies were frequently k. before the times of

68:6.8 The father of twins usually insisted that one be k.

69:5.14 fear of being k. by those who coveted his treasures.

69:8.4 The hunter either adopted or k. his captives.

76:2.8 he would be k. by the first neighboring tribesmen

82:3.12 widows being either k. or allowed to commit suicide

84:3.8 step forward when male captives were no longer k.

86:4.7 The aged much preferred to be k. before becoming

87:2.8 slaves were k. when their master died that they might

88:4.8 savage believes that an enemy can actually be k. by

89:5.4 first child is still frequently thus k. and devoured.

90:1.5 advance a plausible alibi, he was either demoted or k.

92:3.5 progressive or inventive meant to be k. as a sorcerer.

122:10.3 all boy babies under two years of age should be k..

132:6.2 the widow whose husband had been accidentally k..

139:4.13 John would undoubtedly have been k. as was his

150:3.4 internal organs of an animal recently k. can reveal

158:7.3 and after all this be k. and raised from the dead.

166:1.5 building tombs for the prophets your fathers k.!

167:2.2 the fatlings are k., and all is in readiness for my

169:1.11 your father has k. the fatted calf to rejoice over his

173:4.2 his favorite servant, his steward, and him they k..

173:4.2 Some they beat, others they k., and when the

173:4.2 after casting him out of the vineyard, they k. him.

173:4.2 shall hear how they have rejected and k. his son,

173:5.2 My oxen and my fatlings are k., and all is in

175:1.4 generation have they k. these heaven-sent teachers.

175:1.20 your fathers, you would not have k. the prophets;

175:1.22 some you have persecuted and others you have k..

175:1.22 from the first prophet k. down to the times of

175:1.23 who have stoned the prophets and k. the teachers

176:1.1 put in prison for my sake, and some of you will be k.

181:1.5 I have warned you that the Son of Man will be k.,

185:4.1 who had been accidentally k. while at work on one

191:2.1 priests and the rulers would deliver me up to be k.,

195:8.13 Urantians k. more human beings than were k. during


64:7.14 the time the green man was k. off the orange race in

69:8.4 In war the herders made a practice of k. all men

70:1.15 the later k. of all male children and all women who

70:10.9 Vengeance k in early times was not altogether unlike

70:11.5 Self-interest established the taboo on k., society

77:8.12 the case of Peter’s deliverance after the k. of James

89:7.3 after most groups had ceased the ritual k. of children

125:1.4 to observe the k. of the droves of animals and the

166:4.4 upon whom the tower of Siloam fell, k. them.

173:5.2 and shamefully mistreated them, even k. some of

185:4.3 that cursed him as a result of k. John the Baptist.


70:2.1 war sometimes k. the patient, destroys the society.

96:5.6 Moses declared that “your God k. when you disobey

131:3.6 Selfishness leads to grief; perpetual care k..

140:6.4 that whosoever k. shall be subject to judgment.’

149:4.2 in the Scriptures that ‘wrath k. the foolish man,’

171:4.7 O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, which k. the prophets


58:2.1 America were paid at the rate of two cents per k.,


9:6.6 Pure mind is close of k. to infinite mind, and infinite

18:2.2 They are close of k. to, and are the divine equals of,

38:7.1 all the nearer of k. to the more progressive types of

42:2.19 7. Monota. Energy is close of k. to divinity when it is

48:3.4 are very close of k. to the human races in the order

48:3.4 The midway creatures are your nearest of k.;

70:10.13 the taking of revenge from private and k. groups

82:5.7 kings were permitted to marry those of close k.

83:5.15 to build up a strong and numerous body of blood k.

87:2.10 when the inheritance of k. replaced the burning

89:4.8 regarded the animals as their actual and near k..


5:0.2 personal contact with any part or phase or k. of

6:6.1 That k. of mind which is directly allied with spirit

13:1.12 the path of Deity embrace open to all of their k..

14:4.18 and teachers of their k. and to their k. throughout

19:5.9 Trinity-origin teachers effect some k. of liaison in

20:4.3 world judges become the exalted chiefs of their k..

23:1.6 beings doing the same k. of work in the same

23:2.1 neither organization nor government of any k.;

24:7.2 never more to reappear among those of his k..

32:3.14 in degree of divinity potential, but they differ in k..

39:1.13 who are assigned as helpers to those of their k. who

39:2.1 to a glorified assignment as directors of their k. in

43:2.4 certain you are to be judged by those of your own k..

44:5.1 These artisans are concerned with every k. of energy

45:6.7 There is no reproduction of mortal k. after the life

48:6.13 I move in loneliness or with the fellows of my k.,

53:0.1 in more than seven hundred thousand of his k..

70:10.1 Nature provides but one k. of justice—inevitable

73:3.6 was probably the most beautiful spot of its k. in all

75:0.1 Adam and Eve were isolated from their k., and they

89:8.7 It was a k. of bartering in which pleading and

91:0.2 —just a k. of thinking out loud by the magic server.

103:4.2 man resorted to sacrifice of some k. in an effort to

106:6.6 as culminating in some k. of experientialization of

106:7.1 some k. of an experiential realization of all that could

106:8.21 the correlation of every phase of every k. of reality

109:6.3 volunteers and establish them as directors of their k..

110:7.10 I am meeting the approval of the chief of my k..

112:3.1 Urantians generally recognize only one k. of death,

112:3.2 This k. of death is final in its significance irrespective

117:2.2 We equally hold that this k. of growth is peculiar to

117:2.6 What k. of growth may characterize the universes

127:2.7 had been of all intention to make trouble of any k.,

133:7.10 this k. of material mind would be utterly lacking in

136:2.3 as a Personalized Adjuster and chief of his k.

136:8.5 that would be the k. of Messiah they were looking

136:9.4 Jesus perceived what k. of a truth-revealer he was

139:4.8 of the twelve was tainted with this k. of self-esteem

140:5.18 Jesus’ peace is not of the pacific and negative k..

151:4.6 cast into the sea, and it gathered up every k. of fish.

168:2.6 Personalized Adjuster of Jesus, now chief of his k. in

171:0.2 the Messiah was to establish some k. of nationalistic

172:0.2 realized that the Master was not that k. of a king;

172:5.3 of popular favor with some k. of a pronouncement

186:2.9 he said enough to show all mortals the k. of human

191:0.3 That was the k. of service which had heretofore


2:4.2 God is inherently k., naturally compassionate, and

2:5.4 God is divinely k. to sinners.

3:2.8 God’s doings are purposeful, intelligent, wise, k.,

3:5.17 They are innately k. and considerate, but hardly

6:4.9 the Eternal Son is just as k. and considerate, just as

28:6.8 in being first just next fair, then patient, then k..

47:8.7 great tribulation” serves to make mortals very k.

69:7.5 When man was a hunter, he was fairly k. to woman,

85:2.4 Finns believed that trees were occupied by k. spirits.

100:7.11 Jesus was candid, but always k.. Said he, “If it were

122:8.1 7 B.C., with the help and k. ministrations of women

127:1.2 sober and serious, but he was k. and sympathetic.

127:1.2 His eye was k. but searching; his smile was always

127:1.3 a keen and analytical mind, a k. and sympathetic

130:6.2 it would be neither k. nor fair for me to receive

131:4.3 bountiful, omnipresent, and infinitely k..

131:4.6 all this we should do because God is a k. friend

131:10.4 Our Father even loves the wicked and is always k.

139:9.8 but they were also big-hearted, k., and generous.

140:5.17 Children are normally k. and sympathetic when old

142:2.1 You and your disciples teach us that God is a k.

161:2.6 While he is k., he is also brave and courageous.

166:2.2  entertain k. feelings for the long-despised Samaritans

181:2.18 Be k. to my brothers in the flesh when they come

192:2.8 it will help you to be k. to the brotherhood of


142:5.2 what father among you who is a worthy and k.

145:2.4 while a k. father loves his family as a whole, he so

159:1.2 “If a k. man has a hundred sheep and one of them

187:1.7 did not want these k. women to incur the displeasure


52:1.5 in this era mortals learn to k. and maintain fire,

63:2.7 dry moss would k. fire just as well as birds’ nests.

64:2.2 and possessed sufficient intelligence to k. fire.

69:6.5 it was the custom to k. new flames annually or after

92:2.2 the Hindus k. their altar fires by using a primitive


48:6.34  k. by the divine fire of the will-to-service through

63:2.7 often replenished fire which had been k. by lightning,

142:3.9 ‘And the anger of the Lord was k. against Israel,

155:1.2 be angry, and you perish when his wrath is k..’


63:2.5 two months to utilize the flint spark for k. a fire

63:5.7 and again rediscover various methods of k. fire.

kindlysee kindlywith take or took

70:3.8 Hebrews treated adopted aliens k. and fraternally.

80:1.5 Adamized were k. disposed toward the yellow man,

85:2.4 Some trees were indwelt by k. spirits; others

127:2.3 Jesus only laid a k. hand on Mary’s shoulder and,

127:5.3  made k. reply to the effect that no amount of money

130:8.3 lad never forgot the words of Jesus and the k. look

133:1.5 any normal human being want to attack such a k.

133:2.1 as the k. look and the sympathetic smile which Jesus

140:5.16 while such k. attitudes safeguard the soul from the

141:3.6 Jesus did not pose as a sweet, gentle, and k. mystic.

142:7.16 do not find that the Father always deals k. with us.

146:2.13 transform this unruly member into a k. voice of

172:1.6 as Mary knelt by his side and, with a k. expression

179:4.8 when conveyed in the most k. spirit, as a rule, only

183:3.1 Though the Master spoke to Judas k., he greeted

184:1.6 The k. manner in which Jesus spoke to Annas

185:6.4 robe with a crown of thorns piercing his k. brow.

kindlywith take or took

39:5.4 natures take k. to the plan of human brotherhood.

81:6.33 Such a highly specialized society will not take k. to

139:9.4 the common people took more k. to the idea of

kindnesssee also loving-kindness

3:2.10 to see, comprehend, or know the wisdom and k.

9:1.8 God the Spirit possesses all the supernal k. and

83:6.5 but always should the favored majority look with k.

100:7.2 The unfailing k. of Jesus touched the hearts of men,

103:2.3 with impulses of justice, fairness, and urges of k.

121:7.2 practices of Jesus regarding tolerance and k. ran

130:2.4 “Since you know the ways of k. and value justice,

131:4.3 God’s salvation is strong and his k. is gracious.

131:8.4 Recompense injury with k.. If you love people, they

137:2.2 much k. of heart has our teacher been deceived.

140:3.14 In k. and with mercy minister to all who are in need

140:8.11 presenting the idea of active and spontaneous k.,

140:8.13 indiscriminate k. may be blamed for many social evils

143:5.4 Nalda saw that she had misjudged the Master’s k.;

144:5.67 Bestow upon us your patience and loving-k.

144:5.96 Look down upon us in k. and forgive us in mercy

150:8.6 and the terrible God, who shows mercy and k.,

161:2.3 he does treat us all with equal k.; he is invariably

163:4.14 5. K. and courtesy. The Master had instructed them

163:4.14 They were to show every k. to those who might


0:5.1 the ascent of mortal- and k.-creature personality,

7:1.6 The term k. spirits is not wholly a figure of speech.

16:6.3 are k. spirits attracted to each other, but k. minds are

42:7.9 disruption of uranium and k. elements.

49:5.29 the co-ordination of activities of a k. nature which

62:2.3 They would fight fiercely in defense of their k.

101:7.1 Vocation, marriage, and k. all influence the

kinds or all kinds

0:6.8 illuminated by three k. of light: material light,

5:3.2 Supplications of ak. belong to the realm of the Son

15:7.4 Ak. of material, morontial, and spiritual beings are

23:2.16 There are some k. of information which cannot be

42:10.7 and this is true of all levels and of ak. of mind.

58:5.2 mass consists principally of different k. of rock.

87:4.3 The notion of two k. of spirit ghosts made slow but

87:4.6 by postulating two k. of spirits, one good and the

89:7.5 devoted their earnings to ak. of sacred services and

90:5.7 and to the enhancement of certain k. of culture.

92:3.9 of capital; it fostered work of certain k.;

98:7.11 potentially universal appeal to all races and k. of men

103:0.3 On Urantia today there are four k. of religion:

112:3.1 but concerning survival there are really three k.:

116:6.5 unification of the several k. of cosmic reality.

139:5.7 Jesus was supremely interested in men, ak. of men.

173:1.1 this custom of selling ak. of sacrificial animals in the

173:1.4 other k. of transactions pertaining to the banking

181:1.7 Unbelieving fatalists can hope to enjoy only two k.


112:3.5 these once k. but now static formulas of identity,


69:9.6 the k. would be sure to trump up some charge for

69:9.6 donated a large sum to public welfare or to the k.,

70:4.10 it was customary to invite into the k.’ presence

70:6.2 When a patriarchal kinglet became a real k., he was

70:6.3 wrought such havoc between the death of a k. and

70:6.5 The early fetish k. was often kept in seclusion; he

70:6.5 he was regarded as too sacred to be viewed except

70:6.5 the k.’ wife gradually rose to the dignity of queen

70:6.6 magic was diabolical; the k.’ enemies soon died.

70:7.18 Taxes were originally levied to keep up the k.’ house

70:12.3 The k. was the executor of the mores, the original

70:12.3 Later he enforced the legislative enactments,

90:1.1 shaman functioned as a priest and even as a priest-k..

95:2.7 toward the Pole Star so that the soul of the k.,

95:2.8 letting down of a celestial stairway whereon the k.

97:1.3 of Baal; the next, chopping in pieces a captive k..

97:1.10 designed to foster the k. upon the Hebrew throne.

126:3.10 coming of a national deliverer, a Jewish teacher or k.

135:5.4 looked expectantly for a new k. in Palestine,

135:7.1 ideas about the coming kingdom and its k..

136:1.2 the threefold office of prophet, priest, and k..

139:4.13 service rather than ruling power—kingdom and k..

141:2.1 In every kingdom there must be a k. seated upon

141:2.2 as law-subject creatures of an all-powerful k. but as

141:4.1 Jews had long conceived of God as a k. over all,

149:6.8 come to declare, there is no high and mighty k.;

149:6.8 Cease, then, to fear God as a k. or serve him as a

152:5.6 the miracle-seeking and k.-craving proclivities of

153:2.1 the Lord shall bring you and the k. you have set

159:1.4 kingdom of heaven may be likened to a certain k.

159:1.4 that he owed his k. ten thousand talents.

159:1.4 this officer of the k.’ court pleaded that hard times

159:1.4 the k. commanded that his property be confiscated

159:1.4 fell down on his face before the k. and implored

159:1.4 when the k. looked upon this negligent servant

159:1.5 mercy and forgiveness at the hands of the k.,

159:1.5 they went and told their lord and master, the k..

159:1.5 When the k. heard of the doings of his chief steward,

159:1.5 And the k. was so very angry that he delivered his

170:0.1 The idea of a temporal k. was too deep-rooted in

170:2.12 desired to substitute for the idea of the kingdom, k.,

171:2.3  k., when he prepares to make war upon another k.

171:2.3 If the k. cannot afford to meet his enemy because he

171:2.3 he sends an embassy to this other k., even when he

171:8.3 As this k. was rejected in the temporal rule, so is the

172:0.2 realized that the Master was not that kind of a k.;

172:3.4 Most of these prophetic utterances depicted a k.,

172:3.4 in Zechariah: Behold, your k. comes to you.

172:3.5 A warrior k. always entered a city riding upon a

172:3.5 a k. on a mission of peace and friendship always

172:5.12 seemed to him more to resemble a clown than a k..

173:5.2 kingdom of heaven may be likened to a certain k.

173:5.2 ready for the marriage supper at the k.’ palace.’

173:5.2 When the k. heard of these rejections of his

173:5.2 the thoughtless make light of this call of their k.,

173:5.2 others were not content thus to slight the k.’ call,

173:5.2 laid hands on the k.’ messengers and shamefully

173:5.2 And when the k. perceived that his chosen guests,

173:5.2 this insulted k. ordered out his armies and the

173:5.3 When all was ready, the k. came in to view his

173:5.3 The k., since he had freely provided wedding

173:5.3 Then said the k. to his servants: ‘Cast out this

173:5.4 how shall we be ready for the k.’ invitation?

185:3.6 of what Jesus meant when he called himself a k.,

185:3.6 the Stoics, who declared that “the wise man is k.

185:8.1 The Jews were not expecting such a k..

185:8.1 “We have no k. but Caesar,” was a shock even to

188:5.1 not the justice of a k. which seeks satisfaction in the

kingspecific; see king of the Jews

2:6.4 The concept of God as a k.-judge fostered a high

21:4.5 own right and name as “K. of Kings and Lord of

43:5.17 “And Melchizedek, k. of Salem, was the priest of the

69:8.3 only the k. being saved to gratify the conqueror’s

74:8.12 to the attention of Ptolemy, the Greek k. of Egypt,

76:1.2 that the k. and high priest of the Garden of Eden was

78:8.8 the priest of Kish, who proclaimed himself k. and

85:3.3 worshiped serpents in the days of K. Hezekiah,

89:6.6 A petty k. in Palestine, in building the walls of

93:2.4 was often referred to as the sheik or k., of Salem.

93:4.14 It is of record, “Melchizedek k. of Salem, brought

93:5.7 two very successful military expeditions for this k..

93:5.14 Abraham’s diplomatic dealings with the k. of Sodom

93:5.14 resulted in the k. of Sodom joining Hebron military

93:9.11 Melchizedek was also k. of peace; without father,

94:6.3 union with Tao, Supreme God and Universal K.

95:2.8K. Pepi has put down his radiance as a stairway

95:5.2 young Egyptian k. is one of the most remarkable

95:5.4 Never in all history did any k. so methodically

95:5.5 sprang into action as soon as the young k. passed

95:5.7 This young teacher-k. was a prolific writer,

95:5.9 weapons for the priests to use against the young k.

96:1.13 prophets said to the Syrian k.: “Their gods are gods

96:3.4 Moses entered into a compact with the k. of Egypt

96:3.4 the k. later saw fit to repudiate this treaty, giving

96:3.4 He claimed they sought freedom for the purpose of

97:6.4 Nebuchadnezzar, the k. of Babylon, my servant.”

97:8.3 the first had preached a beneficent k.-deliverer.

97:9.3 this exploit that led the hill tribes to make Saul k..

97:9.4 Saul was made k. by popular election by his troops.

97:9.4 that Saul was crowned k. by the prophet Samuel

97:9.7 his compatriots proclaimed David k. of the new

97:9.8 two differing stories concerning making David k.

97:9.8 his immediate followers (his army) made him k.

97:9.8 elaborate and solemn ceremonies to anoint him k.

97:9.10 marrying the daughter of Talmai, the k. of Geshur.

97:9.11 came down and “anointed him k. of Israel.”

97:9.16 There was the temple of Yahweh, the k.’ palace,

97:9.18 Even K. Omri attempted to buy Shemer’s estate.

97:9.18 K. Ahab of Ephraim gathered ten other groups

97:9.19 New trouble started when K. Ahab tried to buy

97:9.19 had blasphemed the names of “Elohim and the k.

97:9.21 until the k. of Israel conspired with the k. of Egypt

97:9.21 by a monotheistic revolt led by the boy k. Joash,

97:9.22 The next k., Amaziah, had trouble with the revolting

97:9.22 assassinated the k. and put his sixteen-year-old son

97:9.23 ring operating under the rule of a boy k., Manasseh.

122:4.3 Joseph was not of the line of K. David.

122:7.1 serious domestic difficulties of Herod, K. of Judea

124:3.6 recounted much of the olden history of K. Saul,

124:6.3 K. David, and the associations of this historic spot.

126:1.2 another such army defeated the Judean k. Josiah.

134:9.5 of Gilboa, near where K. Saul had taken his life;

135:5.4 and presided over by the successor of K. David,

135:9.5 he become a military leader and a Davidic k.?

136:9.13 request that he allow his followers to make him k..

137:3.2 right—maybe our strange brother is the coming k.

137:8.4 our lawgiver, Yahweh is our k.; he will save us.

137:8.4 Yahweh is my k. and my God. He is a great k.

137:8.4 Blessed be the glory of the Lord for he is our K..”

141:2.1 there is a K. in this kingdom, and that K. is my

141:2.2 as law-subject creatures of an all-powerful k. but as

141:4.1 Jews had long conceived of God as a k. over all,

143:4.1 Sargon, k. of Assyria, in subduing a revolt in central

146:7.1 the story of K. Saul and the witch of Endor.

149:6.2 irksome service of a jealous and wrathful K.-God.

149:6.7 fathers were taught to ‘fear God—the Almighty K..’

149:6.8 come to declare, there is no high and mighty k.;

149:6.8 Cease, then, to fear God as a k. or serve him as a

150:8.2 “Blessed is the Lord, K. of the world, who forms the

150:8.3 he pitied us, our Father and our K., for the sake

150:8.5 our K. and the K. of our fathers; our Savior and the

150:8.5 together did all praise and own you K. and say,

150:8.6 K., helper, savior, and shield! Blessed are you,

150:8.7 forever, for you are K. and the Lord of all peace.

152:2.5 enemies as the proper place to be crowned k..

152:2.5 favored this attempt to proclaim Jesus k. were

152:2.5 ringleader of this plot to make him k. was Joab,

152:2.6 Andrew, fearing the materialization of the k. plot,


152:3.1 the project to seize the Master and proclaim him k.

152:3.1 but one unanimous reaction: “Here is our k..”

152:3.1 rose as one man and shouted, “Make him k.!”

152:3.2 Every inch he looked a k. as he continued to speak

152:3.2 “You would make me k., not because your souls

152:3.2 you would make a k. of his Son in the flesh!

152:3.2 If you must have a k., let the Father of lights be

152:3.3 the Mark lad, spoke, “And he refused to be our k..”

152:5.2 and their hearts empty, would have made him k.,

152:5.4 but rather sought to proclaim the Son of Man k.

152:5.6 the attempt to make Jesus k. aroused widespread

152:6.5 the popular movement to make Jesus k was the apex

153:1.6 his prompt and unequivocal refusal to be made k..

154:0.1 when the people sought to proclaim Jesus k. and

156:4.1 the tomb of Hiram who had been k. of the city-state

157:1.4 “Strange that the sons of the k. must pay tribute

157:7.2 disappointed when Jesus refused to be made k.,

169:4.1 the kingdom, the Father in heaven was not a k..

169:4.1 Never did Jesus refer to his Father as a k..

169:4.6 Jesus never called the Father a k., and he regretted

172:5.8 the rejoicing of Jerusalem because her k. had come

172:5.11 It was the most befitting entry of the k. the twins

172:5.12 seemed to him more to resemble a clown than a k..

184:5.5 3. That, by claiming to be a k. and the founder of a

185:3.4 “Then you are a k. after all?” said Pilate.

185:3.4 And Jesus answered: “Yes, I am such a k., and my

185:4.1 it was to this home of the former k. that Jesus was

185:7.5 to him and tauntingly said, “Behold your k..”

185:7.5 irony and sarcasm, “Shall I crucify your k.?”

185:7.5 “Yes, crucify him! We have no k. but Caesar.”

185:8.1 “We have no k. but Caesar,” was a shock even to

195:1.7 when the Macedonian k. dared to expand Greece

king of the Jews

122:10.1 diligently of these wise men about the new “k.,”

122:10.3 that this child who was to become “k. of the Jews”

137:3.5 by the revelation of her son as the supernatural k..

153:0.2 to permit the five thousand to proclaim him k..”

153:1.1 made by the populace to proclaim Jesus the k.,

172:0.2 Sanhedrin’s decree of death, to proclaim himself k.,

172:5.8 see who comes here, the k. riding on an ass!”

172:5.13 while we acclaim this Jesus of Nazareth the k. as

185:2.13 3. Calling himself the k. and teaching the founding of

185:3.2 the third accusation against you, are you the k.?”

185:3.2 Tell me, have you said that you are the k.,

185:5.1 forbids the payment of taxes, and claims to be k..

185:5.6 crime is that he figuratively calls himself the k.?”

185:5.6 worthy of death, should be referred to as “the k.

185:5.9 “What shall I do with him who is called the k.?” 185:06.02 before him and mocked him, saying, “Hail, k.!”

185:8.1 to their patriotism by referring to Jesus as the “k.

186:2.8 would-be murderers when they asked if he were “k.

187:1.2 Aramaic, and it read: “Jesus of Nazareth—the K.

187:1.3 vigorous protest against calling Jesus the “k..”

187:1.3 it be modified to read, “He said, I am the k..’”

187:2.5 in three languages, “Jesus of Nazareth—the K..”

187:2.5 by seeing this executed Galilean called “The K..”

187:3.3 “If you are the k., come down from the cross, and

187:3.4 Jesus, saying, “Hail and good fortune! to the k..”

kingdom or coming kingdomnoun

       see kingdomwith my; kingdom of God;

  kingdom of heaven; kingdom of men;

  kingdompolitical; kingdomtaxonomic

  see—ambassador(s); see gospel of the kingdom

2:5.12 the kingdom of God becomes merely the k. of good.

28:5.17 service, service for the extension of the k. of truth.

34:7.6 flesh and the spirit if they would enter the spirit k.,

53:6.5 we found that the k. of order, the intellect of loyalty,

93:9.2 of his associate in the building of the spiritual k.,

97:1.9 “Yours is the k., O Lord, and you are exalted as

97:8.3 everlasting reign of righteousness, the Messianic k.

97:9.11 David built up the fiction of a divine k. of Judah

102:1.1 secures man’s entrance into the k. of heavenly ascent

103:5.6 whosoever shall lose his life for the sake of the k.,

122:9.17 go before the face of the Lord to establish his k.;

122:10.1 they had declared that his k. was to be spiritual,

125:5.7 the light of life in the establishment of a spiritual k.?

131:2.7 God’s k. is an everlasting k., and his dominion

132:4.1 to become future disciples in the oncoming k..

134:4.2 Since God is spirit, this k. is spiritual.

135:3.2 shall the God of heaven set up a k. which shall

135:3.2 this k. shall not be left to other people but shall

135:3.2 there was given him dominion and glory and a k.

135:3.2 pass away, and his k. never shall be destroyed.”

135:3.2 the k. and dominion and the greatness of the k.

135:3.2 the Most High, whose k. is an everlasting k.,

135:3.3 there was given him dominion and glory and a k.

135:4.4 John from going forth to preach about the ck.

135:4.4 for the proclamation of the message of the ck.,

135:5.3 expectantly asking, “How soon will the k. come?”

135:5.4 greatly in their estimates of the nature of the ck.,

135:5.4 They taught that the ck. was not of this world,

135:5.4  this k. was to be was to be an everlasting dominion,

135:5.4 citizens of the new k. were to become immortal

135:5.5 precede the establishment of the new k. on earth.

135:5.5 The spiritists taught that the k. would be ushered

135:5.5 might be admitted to the fellowship of the new k..

135:5.6 that God might possibly establish this new k. by

135:5.6 was to bring in the establishment of the new k.,

135:5.7 The newer taught that, since the new k. was a

135:5.7 who thus conceived of the ruler of the new k.

135:5.8 that John’s announcement of the ck. had not less

135:5.8 these various groups of Jewish-k. expectants was

135:6.2 more ardently anticipated “the restoration of the k..”

135:7.1 still had confused ideas about the ck. and its king.

135:7.1 this uncertainty concerning the nature of the ck.

135:7.1 lessen his conviction of the certainty of the k.’

135:7.1 John was in no doubt about the ck., but he was far

135:7.1 whether or not Jesus was to be the ruler of that k..

135:7.1 leaned more toward the doctrine of a spiritual k.

135:8.4 had become believers in John’s preaching of the ck..

135:9.2 concerning the ck. and the expected Messiah.

135:9.5 Or would he come to establish a spiritual k.?

135:10.1 He felt that the responsibility of the ck was no longer

135:10.2 where he had begun his preaching of the ck.

136:0.2 When John preached the ck., the burden of his

136:0.2 good tidings of the joy and liberty of the new k..

136:2.4 Your k. come! Your will be done on earth, even

136:4.12 to believe in him and to accept his new spiritual k..

136:4.13 continue, in the establishment of the k., to reveal the

136:8.4 the influences of riches in the establishment of the k..

136:8.6 the children of all ages would enter into the k..”

136:9.2 the advisability of inaugurating the spiritual k.

136:9.6 establishment of the k., the rule of the heavenly

136:9.8 quietly begin the proclamation of the k. and trust his

136:9.11 a program for the establishment of the Father’s k..

136:9.12 these methods of enhancing the ck. in the eyes of the

137:1.1 feet and learn the whole truth about the new k..”

137:1.3 himself for fellowship in the service of the new k..

137:1.3 desired to join himself to the service of the new k..

137:1.3 commendable, but dangerous to the work of the k..

137:1.5 service in the establishment of the forthcoming k.,

137:1.5 become the first accepted counselors of the new k.

137:1.6 and Simon as your first associates in the new k.?”

137:1.6 search for the secret of the new k. in your hearts

137:1.6 already were you of the k., and you should be of

137:1.6 associates with you in the new k., even as Andrew

137:1.6 you were already with me in the spirit of the k.,

137:1.6 no need to make request for entrance into the k.;

137:1.6 have been with me in the k. from the beginning.

137:1.6 did I also number you in the councils of the k.,

137:1.6 In the ck., be not mindful of those things which

137:1.8 become the apostles of the Galilean Prince of the ck..

137:2.4 had all become associates of Jesus in the new k.

137:2.6 John the Baptist, the ck., and the expected Messiah

137:3.7 How would he usher in the glory of the ck.?

137:4.3 to announce his forthcoming k. by some startling

137:5.1 talked over many things of importance to the ck.

137:5.2 and I do not fully comprehend the ck., but I do

137:5.3 there was no way to launch his message of the k.

137:5.4 say that he came to prepare the way for the k.;

137:5.4 the proclamation of the good tidings of the k..”

137:6.4 they anchored while he talked to them about the ck..

137:6.5 regular duties until “the hour of the k. comes.”

137:6.5 shall be called to join you in the councils of the k..

137:6.5 Make yourselves ready for call of the k..

137:6.5 much tribulation that many will enter the k..

137:6.5 But those who have found the k., their joy will be

137:7.3 launch forth with the preaching of the k. in Galilee


137:8.2 before the preaching of this sermon on “The K.,”

137:8.4 “You shall be to me a k. of priests, a holy people.

137:8.4 Loving-kindness is upon Israel in this k..

137:8.6 to proclaim the establishment of the Father’s k..

137:8.6 And this k. shall include the worshiping souls of

137:8.7 the Spirit of Truth shall establish you in the ck. of

137:8.7 of a throne of power or a k. of worldly glory.

137:8.8 “Those who first seek to enter the k., thus beginning

137:8.8 Unless you seek entrance into the k. with the faith

137:8.9 who come saying here is the k. or there is the k.,

137:8.9 this k. is even now among you, for where the spirit

137:8.11 I shall presently sit down with my Father in his k..

137:8.12 “This new k. is like a seed growing in the good soil

137:8.12 time between the establishment of the k. in the soul

137:8.12 that hour when the k. ripens into the full fruit of

137:8.13 “And this k. which I declare to you is not a reign of

137:8.14 “I have come to preach the glad tidings of the k..

137:8.14 heavy burdens of those who would enter this k..

137:8.14 and those who are able to enter the ck. shall enjoy

137:8.15 “Entrance into the Father’s k. waits not upon armies,

137:8.16 “This k. is an everlasting dominion. Those who enter

137:8.16 Those who enter the k. shall ascend to my Father;

137:8.17 preaching repentance to prepare you for the k.;

137:8.18 such a purely spiritual concept of the expected k.,


138:0.1 After preaching the sermon on “The K.,” Jesus

138:0.1 of this corps of apostolic directors of the k..

138:1.1 two and two, to teach the glad tidings of the k..

138:1.1 for thus beginning the proclamation of the k.,

138:1.2 continue the work of the k. after his departure and

138:1.2 in preparation for this, our first labor for the k.?”

138:1.2 you will teach them all that pertains to the k., even

138:3.6 because many of you will find entrance into the ck.

138:3.7 knowing that Jesus did not want the ck. to become

138:4.2 will sit at meat with all who desire to hear of the k..

138:4.2 The door of the k. is wide open for all who desire

138:5.4 carefully outlined the plans for proclaiming the k.

138:6.1 and experienced in preparation for the work of the k.

138:6.2 Rest yourselves from the arduous labors of the k.

138:7.1 whether the time is now ripe to enter into the k..

138:7.1 will you proclaim the k. at Capernaum, or are we

138:7.1 occupy with you in the establishment of the k.—”

138:7.1 place each of you will occupy in the Father’s k.?

138:7.1 me in the world and in the proclamation of the k.,

138:7.1 you and instructed you as messengers of the k.,

138:7.1 the nature and significance of this ck. of divine

138:7.3 warned them that the enemy of the k. would seek

138:7.3 and to pledge their unswerving loyalty to the k.,

138:7.3 “To this ck., no matter what it is and even if I do

138:7.7 going out to do personal work in behalf of the k.

138:8.6 for each two weeks of missionary work for the k..

138:8.8 he required as the price of admission to the k..

138:8.8 was the only requisite to entering the Father’s k..

138:8.11 to be accorded equal rights with men in the k..

139:0.4 these messengers of the k. as being “ignorant and

139:1.1 Andrew, chairman of the apostolic corps of the k.,

139:1.4 worker, being the pioneer missionary of the k. in that

139:1.4 who became one of the greatest preachers of the k..

139:1.4 means of training the twelve as messengers of the k..

139:1.6 of Peter, two thousand souls were added to the k.,

139:1.8 Andrew’s great service to the k. was in advising

139:1.8 the organization of the administrative affairs of the k.

139:1.12 after bringing many thousands into the k., Andrew

139:2.9 establish the k. and send its messengers to the four

139:2.10 fires of the k. burned so brightly within Peter’s soul

139:2.15 from Jerusalem proclaiming the glad tidings of the k.

139:3.8 grasped something of the real meaning of the k..

139:3.8 sacrifice his life upon the new battle line of the k..

139:4.13 loving service rather than ruling power—k. and king.

139:5.4 Philip baptized his entire family into the k..

139:5.5 already found a high place in the affairs of the k..

139:5.10 and was the first to go forth to win souls for the k.

139:5.12 a mighty man in the k., winning souls wherever he

139:6.4 Nathaniel progressively took Jesus and the k. more

139:6.9 and India proclaiming the glad tidings of the k.

139:6.9 Nathaniel was a great man in the k. and did much to

139:7.2 the mission of Jesus and in the certainty of the k..

139:7.4 to speak of the k. as “this business of finding God.”

139:7.6 the messengers of the ck. were adequately financed.

139:7.7 the means of keeping the doors of the k. wide open

139:8.6 come into the k., even if they could not wholly

139:8.13 and Sicily, preaching the glad tidings of the k. and

139:9.4 bringing a host of fainthearted believers into the k..

139:9.6 the twins were sons of God and fellows of the k..

139:9.8 to positions of honor on his personal staff in the k.

139:9.11 could not comprehend the establishment of the k..

139:9.11 ability to go on in the more complex battles of the k..

139:11.3 who floundered in indecision about entering the k.,

139:12.7 a creature’s devotion to the k., it is the invariable

139:12.8 regarding Jesus’ teachings about the k., but Judas

139:12.10 which marked his passing from the progressive k.

140:0.3 in the proclamation of the coming of his Father’s k..

140:1.1 “My brethren, this hour of the k. has come. I have

140:1.1 Some of you heard me speak of this k. in the

140:1.1 Each of you has learned more about the Father’s k.

140:1.1 something more to tell you concerning this k..

140:1.2 “The new k. which my Father is about to set up in

140:1.2 from the west to sit down with us in the Father’s k.,

140:1.3 The power of this k. shall consist, not in the strength

140:1.3 This k., which you are so soon to go forth

140:1.4 and for all others who would follow you into this k.,

140:1.5 go hence in the proclamation of the k., saying ‘it is

140:1.5 for this k. which you preach is God within you.

140:1.6 And so shall this k. progress in the world until it

140:1.6 Even now is the k. at hand, and some of you will

140:1.7 with me and have learned of the realities of the k..

140:2.1 declaration concerning the k. to kneel in a circle

140:2.2 as I place all the affairs of the ck. in their hands.

140:2.2 on earth a time to help them in their labors for the k..

140:3.16 in the eternal future of the k. you shall be perfect,

140:3.18 If you would guide others into the k., you must walk

140:3.18 In all the business of the k. I exhort you to show just

140:3.20 abundant entrance into my service and into the k. of

140:6.1 to comprehend what you have said about the k..

140:6.3 If you would enter the k., you must have a

140:6.9 of men may have such laws, but not so in the k.;

140:6.11 now set apart for service of the k., lay not up for

140:6.13 now enlisted unreservedly in the work of the k.,

140:6.13 devote all of your energies to the work of the k.,

140:7.1 few days more before we begin the work of the k.?

140:7.2 these people and taught them concerning the k..

140:7.7 “We are ready—let us now go forth to take the k..”

140:8.1 some features of the idea of a spiritual k. were

140:8.1 James, and John to talk over the affairs of the k..

140:8.28 The right to enter the k. is conditioned by faith,

140:8.28 the progressive ascent of the k. is the pearl of great

140:9.2 the world and preach the glad tidings of the k..

140:9.3 before you establish the k. on earth, you will be

140:10.1 “In the k. you must be righteous in order to do

140:10.1 those already seeking sincere entrance to the k.,

140:10.1 in the k., being righteous, by faith, must precede

140:10.4 before we can gain entrance to the Father’s k.,

140:10.4 as little children as the price of entering the k.,

140:10.4 You are the child, and it is your Father’s k. you

141:0.2 depart for Jerusalem to proclaim the Father’s k.,

141:2.1 some further instruction with regard to the new k..

141:2.1 I come announcing that this long-looked-for k. is

141:2.1 In every k. there must be a king seated upon his

141:2.1 True, there is a King in this k., and that King is my

141:2.2 “When you are the subjects of this k., you indeed are

141:2.2 the Father’s will is your law, you are hardly in the k.

141:2.2 you are in very truth in the k. because the k. has

141:2.2 the free children of God, liberated sons of the k..”

141:4.2 Thomas’s question, “Who is this God of the k.?”

141:4.8 those times when the k. will come in great power

141:6.2 Lead men into the k., and the great and living

141:6.2 truths of the k. will presently drive out all serious

141:6.2 Go then, Simon, teaching and preaching the k.,

141:6.2 you have a man safely and securely within the k.,

141:6.2 advancement of the soul within the divine k..”

141:6.3 was numbered among those who entered the k..

141:6.4 discoursed to the apostles on the new life in the k..

141:6.4 in part: “When you enter the k., you are reborn.

141:7.1 place where John first made proclamation of the ck..

141:7.3 having tasted of the good spirit realities of the k.,

141:7.3 inquire of believers concerning the ways of the k..

141:7.3 the faith gift which insures admission to the k.

141:7.6 two truths of first import in the teachings of the k.,

141:7.8 of his Father in the unfolding of the plan of the k.,

141:8.2 now made the discovery that the good news of the k.

141:8.2 to the twelve to preach the glad tidings of the k.

142:1.4 3. Love is the rule of living within the k.—supreme

142:1.5 the spirit in one’s personal life, is the law of the k..

142:2.4 you should rejoice to enter the k. wherein such a

142:2.5 I desire that you lead me into the Father’s k..”

142:4.2 I declare that in the ck. they shall no longer teach,

142:4.4 guests became believers in the message of the ck..

142:5.1 and that we may truly enter into this k. which you

142:5.2 Concerning the k. and your assurance of

142:5.2 doubtful uncertainty as to their position in the k..

142:5.2 of the eternal life of progress in the divine k..

142:6.3 more about your teachings regarding the ck..”

142:6.7 remake me in preparation for entering into the k.?”

142:6.8 a son of God, a progressive heir of the eternal k..

142:6.9 But he did summon faith enough to lay hold of the k.

142:7.1 How are these people to live after the k. more fully

142:7.4 because the Jewish people were expecting the k.,

142:7.4 because John had preached in terms of the ck..

142:7.17 before you discern that this k. is a spiritual k.,

142:7.17 you separate the spiritual realities of the k. from

142:7.17 cease to apply the teaching of the k. of the spirit to

142:7.17 to instruct you as full-grown men of the spirit k..

142:8.3 season of labor; many souls were added to the k..

143:0.1 as far as Antipatris to hear the good news of the k..

143:1.1 in the proclamation of the message of the ck.,

143:1.6 do not imbibe the idea that the service of the k. is

143:1.6 The service of the k. on earth will call for all the

143:2.3 In the Father’s k. you are to become new creatures

143:2.8 you are translated into the joyous k. of the spirit,

143:6.6 preached the good news of the k.—the fatherhood

143:6.6 the Samaritan cities yielded many souls for the k.

144:0.1 teaching and instructing them in the truths of the k..

144:1.1 and increasingly committed to the work of the k..

144:1.7 the beginning of the final proclamation of the ck.,

144:1.7 little or no settled idea as to what the k. would be

144:1.7 John and Andrew thought the k. had already come

144:1.10 disciples a prayer, a prayer for salvation in the ck..

144:3.5 Your k. come; your will be done On earth as it is

144:3.6 “For yours is the k. and the power and the glory,

144:6.7 in the outward alliance with the affairs of the k..

144:8.2 that John should be led to wonder about the k..

144:8.5 thereby publicly professing entrance into the k..

144:9.1 The hour has come to proclaim the k. openly and

145:2.1 Simon Peter had preached on “The K..”

145:3.9 the world to reveal the Father and establish his k..

145:3.14 the spiritual k. was not advanced in the hearts of men

145:3.15 were not a part of his plan of proclaiming the k..

145:4.1 hour had come when the k. was to be proclaimed

145:5.1 mission of establishing the spiritual k. in the hearts

145:5.4 why the k. of the Father could not be built upon

145:5.6 they flocked in multitudes to hear news of the k.?

145:5.7 I proclaimed the good news of the k. to all who had

145:5.7 for the preaching of the good tidings of the k..

145:5.10 believers could have been baptized into the k..

146:3.4 will eternally survive with the children of the k.,

146:3.7 He who enters the k. has eternal life already—he

146:3.10 further discussions of the mutual obligations of the k.

146:4.3 and I would enter the k. if I could be made clean.”

146:4.3 that he could not be received into the ck. unless he

146:4.6 they were unable to win many believers for the k.

146:5.1 well with their work of bringing people into the k.

146:5.2 This son became a mighty minister of the k. and

147:0.2 the “k.” which Jesus proclaimed was spiritual in

147:2.4 quietly laboring for the extension of the k.,

147:5.10 remained to foster the interests of the k. in Jerusalem

147:7.2 in the ck. the sons of God shall experience freedom

147:8.5 it was their faith that made them secure in the k.

148:1.4 ordained by Jesus as the seventy messengers of the k

148:2.1 what should be regarded as the k.’ first hospital.

148:4.1 men to be born of the spirit in order to enter the k.?

148:4.9 have come to show that man, by entrance into the k.,

148:4.10 a part of the Father in every faith son of the k..”

148:8.2 The Greek philosopher who had been won for the k.

148:9.4 fellowshipped by the apostles as children of the k..

149:0.3 As fast as believers were ready to enter the k.,

149:0.3 encourage them in their efforts to establish the k..

149:0.4 maintained a headquarters for the work of the k. in

149:0.4 the rapidly enlarging and extending work of the k..

149:6.8 no high and mighty king; this k. is a divine family.

149:6.10 and unworthy of the enlightened sons of the k..

149:7.3 regarding the welfare and extension of the k..

150:1.1 ten women for the ministering work of the k..”

150:2.2 at this place, Mary Magdalene was won for the k..

150:2.2 the doors of the k. were open to even such as she.

150:4.3 when some of the family enter the k. and others

150:4.3 more than this gospel is not worthy of the k..”

150:5.2 Entrance into the Father’s k. is wholly free, but

150:5.4 these plans for the establishment of the k. on earth.

150:5.5 the fruit of the spirit-born life of sonship in the k..

150:5.5 and service in the k. as the supreme delight of life

150:9.4 that the k. would come only through much sorrow

151:1.1 move to be made in the work of extending the k..

151:1.4 mysteries of the k. shall be presented in parables.

151:1.4 so that those who really desire to enter the k. may

151:2.1 it is given to us to know the mysteries of the k..”

151:2.3 the sower stands for the messengers of the k..

151:3.13 what the apostles of the k. might expect in their

151:5.7 we ponder over the problems of the Father’s k..”

152:5.3 these months have I taught you the truths of the k.

152:5.4 wonders will not win souls for the spiritual k.?

152:5.4 nothing to reveal the Father or to advance his k.

152:6.2 he should leave them alone in the work of the k.,

153:1.2 work of the k. was to be increasingly concerned

153:4.3 A k. divided against itself cannot stand; if a house

153:4.3 against himself; how then shall his k. stand?

153:5.3 I recognize that this sifting of the k. distresses you,

153:5.3 you see the k. being divested of these lukewarm

154:1.3 between the materialistic concepts of the k. held

154:2.2 or fish while you pray for the extension of the k..”

154:5.2 and to carry on the work of the k. regardless of

154:5.3 through them you shall know of the k. in other

154:6.5 courage and put their trust in the Father of the k..

154:7.2 had served as headquarters for the work of the k. for

155:1.3 If you desire to enter the k., why do you not take

155:1.3 You are hardly worthy of the k. when your service

155:1.3 that which concerns the establishment of the k..

155:2.2 No city of all Galilee yielded so few souls for the k.

155:2.2 of the satisfaction of winning souls for the k.,

155:2.3 people were minded to seek entrance into the k.,

155:4.1 the progress of the k. brought by the messengers of

155:6.7 of the Most High and spiritual heroes of the ck..

156:1.8 the Father’s k. shall be taken by the gentiles if the

156:2.3 during their short sojourn many were added to the k.

156:2.6 forward to embrace the greater realities of the k..”

156:3.1 many were added to the k. during this week of

156:4.1 were baptized into the outward fellowship of the k..

156:4.3 and consequent enrichment, believed in the k..

156:5.15 technique of leading hungry souls into the spiritual k.

156:5.18 you grow more experienced in the affairs of the k.,

156:6.2 and instructed the believers in the things of the k..

157:2.1 and others interested in the establishment of the k.,

157:2.2 a living experience in the spiritual realities of the k.

157:3.2 in his early experience with the affairs of the k.,

157:3.4 own nature and his personal relationship to the k..

157:3.7 to sense that a great event in the work of the k. had


157:4.5 to you I now deliver the keys of the outward k.

157:4.5 association of men and women as fellows of the k.

157:6.5 is the center and circumference of this spiritual k.,

157:6.6 lead his followers into the spiritual k. as a teacher,

157:6.6 He sought to establish the Father’s k. as the Son of

158:4.4 of discussing who should be greatest in the ck.;

158:4.6 and the keys of the k. have been delivered to us.”

158:6.2 the material and temporal k. which you persist in

158:6.3 a k. which, as you persist in conceiving it, does not

158:6.3 I told you that he who would be greatest in the k.

158:6.4 as an attraction for the spiritual realities of the k.?

158:6.4 adhere to the higher and spiritual realities of the k.

158:8.1 as to what positions they were to have in the ck.;

158:8.1 If you would be first in the k., seek to minister

158:8.1 give offense in the progress of the k., sacrifice

158:8.1 better to enter the k. minus many of the beloved

158:8.1 to these idols and find yourself shut out of the k..

159:1.3 an unruly member become an outcast from the k..

159:1.3 that you should maintain temporal order in the k.

159:1.5 Freely you have received the good things of the k.;

159:2.2 personal relation to the spiritual teachings of the k.,

159:2.3 with John’s subsequent labors in behalf of the k..

159:3.2 employed to coerce men and women into the k..

159:3.2 of those who would advance the cause of the k..

159:3.3 In bringing men into the k., do not lessen their self

159:3.5 endeavoring to frighten men and women into the k..

159:3.6 children of the k. will realize that strong feelings of

159:3.7 In entering the k., you cannot avoid its obligations,

159:3.8 Men seek for the treasures of the k. with yearning

159:3.8 There is but one struggle for those who enter the k.

159:3.13 Teach all believers that those who enter the k. are

159:6.1 Hundreds of souls were received into the k.,

159:6.2 the future plans for extending the work of the k.

159:6.5 start the last epoch of their labors in behalf of the k..

160:2.7 you out alone to labor for the extension of the k.;

162:1.4 the progress of the k. in their home districts.

162:1.6 much to consolidate sentiment favorable to the k.,

162:2.2 resent my teaching about the good news of the k.,

162:3.5 and joined herself to the disciples of the k..

162:9.3 won over to a wholehearted acceptance of the k.

163:1.1 had distinguished themselves in the service of the k..

163:1.3 I am about to set you apart as messengers of the k.;

163:1.4 you have received of the good things of the k.;

163:1.4 find an abundant entrance into the Father’s k.;

163:2.2 have forsaken all to follow me and proclaim the k..

163:2.3 back, is worthy to become a messenger of the k..”

163:2.4 are you indeed my disciple and a child of the k..”

163:2.9 never became great in the k. because he deprived

163:2.10 The spiritual loyalties of the k. are incompatible with

163:3.2 Shall all who have riches be kept out of the k.?”

163:3.3 between you and the love of the truths of the k.,

163:3.3 the spiritual life of those who would enter the k..”

163:4.4 not an outward k. of worldly power and material

163:4.9 the time Jesus set them apart as messengers of the k..

163:5.2 The k. was taking on a new phase.

163:6.1 without seriously hindering the progress of the k..

163:6.3 these spiritual glories to these children of the k..

163:6.5 and villages have received the good news of the k..

163:7.4 The work of the k. now prepared to enter upon its

164:2.4 while I once more bring the k. to their notice in the

165:0.1 now chief of the seventy messengers of the k.,

165:1.2 or nonmiraculous phase of the progress of the k..

165:3.8 the Father never compels any man to enter the k..

165:4.5 from devotion to the spiritual pursuits of the k..

165:4.5 who devote all their energies to the work of the k..

165:5.2 the Father whose k. you proclaim will not forsake

165:5.2 have dedicated your lives to the ministry of the k.;

165:5.3 if you dedicate your lives to the work of the k., all

165:5.4 it is my Father’s good pleasure to give you this k..

166:1.6 believers in his teaching and entered into the k.,

166:3.1 and the twelve visited with the messengers of the k.

166:3.4 all who would postpone their entrance into the k.

166:3.4 Having refused to enter the k. as a spiritual

166:3.4 those who spurned the k. when I came in the

166:3.4 door is not open to those who would enter the k.

166:3.4 you have turned your backs upon the Father’s k.,

166:3.4 ‘Lord open to us; we would also be great in the k..

166:3.4 and won the reward of unselfish service in the k..

166:3.5 the gentile nations in this glorified k. to partake of

166:3.5 they who shall thus take the k. in spiritual power

166:4.3 poor receive the gospel and immediately enter the k.

167:0.3 brought word of the further advancement of the k.

167:1.5 my Father does, not to tempt you into the k., but to

167:1.5 reveal himself to those who are already in the k..

167:4.2 that the Jewish leaders would ever accept the k.,

169:0.2 the second phase of the public ministry of the k.

169:1.3 find and bring you back to the fold, the k. of sonship

169:2.1 in their generation than are the children of the k.

169:2.2 Some of you, before you entered the k., were very

169:2.2 should you now so order your lives in the k. as to

169:2.2 you show less diligence in gaining souls for the k.


169:4.6 Jesus regretted that the Jewish hope for a restored k.

169:4.6 John’s proclamation of a ck. made it necessary for

170:0.1 oppose this long-nourished concept of the k..

170:1.3 2. A future hope—when the k. would be realized in

170:1.4 There were two other ideas of the k. which should

170:1.5 3. The later Jewish concept of a transcendental k. of

170:1.6 the establishment of a divine k. as the achievement

170:1.7 combined and confused all of these ideas of the k.

170:1.13 Jesus presented numerous concepts of the “k.’ in his

170:1.13 to his apostles he always taught the k. as embracing

170:1.13 Concerning the k., his last word was, “The k. is

170:1.13 his last word always was, “The k. is within you.”

170:1.15 by observing the idea of the “k.” as it passed through


170:2.9 These teachings cover the expanded idea of the k.

170:2.10 meaning of the Master’s utterances regarding the k.

170:2.10 he would soon return to establish the k. in power

170:2.10 Jesus did not connect the establishment of the k.

170:2.11 taught his followers to pray: “Your k. come; your

170:2.12 Jesus desired to substitute for the idea of the k.

170:2.13 apostles had acquired a double viewpoint of the k.;

170:2.15 k. was in the future, something to look forward to.

170:2.16 They looked upon the coming of the k. in the hearts

170:2.16 believed that the coming of the k. in the racial sense

170:2.17 taught a new concept of the double nature of the k.

170:2.20 taught that, by faith, the believer enters the k. now.

170:2.20 two things are essential to faith-entrance into the k.:

170:2.21 into the k. free from prejudice and preconception;

170:2.24 Jesus often spoke of it as the “k. of life.”

170:2.24 Jesus sought to substitute many terms for the k.

170:2.25 this concept of the k. began to change into the cult

170:3.2 childlike belief, is the key to the door of the k.,

170:3.3 attainment of the righteousness of the k. is revealed.

170:3.8 the true and inner religion of the k. unfailingly tends

170:3.9 Jesus taught that the religion of the k. is a genuine

170:3.10 The religion of the k. is personal, individual;

170:3.11 By teaching that the k. is within, by exalting the

170:3.11 when this k. of spiritual pre-eminence does come


170:4.1 Jesus never gave a precise definition of the k..

170:4.1 he would discourse on one phase of the k.,

170:4.1 Jesus noted no less than five phases of the k.,

170:4.6 5. The k. in its fullness, the future spiritual age of

170:4.14 in looking for the age manifestation of the k.,

170:4.15 Jesus referred one phase of the k. to the future and

170:4.15 Jesus promised a new revelation of the k. on earth

170:4.16 When the k. failed to materialize as they expected

170:4.16 the Master’s teaching concerning a future k. and

170:4.16 his immediate second coming to establish the k. in


170:5.1 which became attached to the concept of the k.

170:5.1 engage in a prophetic forecast of the k. as it may

170:5.3 when the Messiah of the k. became the Redeemer of

170:5.4 The Master’s concept of the k. was notably modified

170:5.5 establish the world-wide and more or less material k.

170:5.6 concept of the purely spiritual brotherhood of the k..

170:5.7 The church, as a social outgrowth of the k., would

170:5.7 completely supplanted the Jesus concept of the k..

170:5.9 The k. of Jesus’ teaching, the spiritual ideal of

170:5.9 for the individually spirit-led brotherhood of the k..

170:5.10 this social reaction to the teachings of the k. so fully

170:5.10 displaced the spiritual concept of the real k. as Jesus

170:5.11 The k., to the Jews, was the Israelite community;

170:5.11 To Jesus, the k. was the sum of those individuals

170:5.13 would follow the progress of the true spiritual k.,

170:5.13 for God, is admitted by faith to the spiritual k.;

170:5.14 the establishment of the k. in the hearts of men by

170:5.14 lost by substituting for the Master’s ideal of the k.

170:5.14 the Master’s teaching regarding the fact of the k.,

170:5.14 they proceeded to set the k. off into the future.

170:5.14 began to teach that the k. was in reality to appear

170:5.15 the k. became the concept of an age, the idea of a

170:5.15 and-son idea embodied in Jesus’ teaching of the k.,

170:5.17 individual believer in the Father’s family of the k..

170:5.17 a deathblow to Jesus’ concept of the divine k. in the

170:5.18 those mysterious powers and privileges of the k.,

170:5.18 does not necessarily mean fellowship in the k.;

170:5.19 who proclaimed that the k. is the will of his Father

170:5.21 The k. as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent

170:5.21 is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual k.,

170:5.21 the cocoon in which the k. of Jesus’ concept now

170:5.21 The k. of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will

171:0.2 The address on the k. and the announcement that he

171:0.2 to inaugurate the temporal k. of Jewish supremacy.

171:0.2 Jesus said about the nonmaterial character of the k.,

171:0.3 something of his teachings regarding the inner k.,

171:0.3 that he had spoken about another and future k.,

171:0.3 and it was this k. they believed he was now going

171:0.3 and majestic glory to establish the promised k..

171:0.4 you are going up to Jerusalem to establish the k.,

171:0.4 and the other to sit on your left hand in your k..”

171:0.6 He who would be first in the k., let him become

171:1.3 they would not give up this Jewish idea of the k..

171:1.5 as an indication of the early establishment of the k.

171:1.5 the financial overseer of all those interests of the k.

171:2.6 the k. would certainly be set up somewhat in

171:3.1 the messengers of the k. went on with their work

171:3.2 I know you will be true to the k., and I pray the

171:4.3 blinded by their persistent belief in the temporal k.

171:4.8 final triumph in Jesus’ declarations regarding the k.

171:4.8 statement as signifying a sure triumph of the k.

171:4.8 they thought he referred to the “rising of the k..”

171:8.3 he would have accepted such a k. of men’s souls

171:8.3 I will return again to receive from others such a k.

171:8.5 return, another Son will be sent to receive this k.,

172:3.6 to impress upon his apostles that his k. was not of

172:3.9 Blessed be the k. that comes down from heaven.”

172:3.15 realized that Jesus was not going to establish the k.

172:5.4 such a magnificent opportunity to proclaim the k..

172:5.6 and was tempted to doubt the whole idea of the k.;

172:5.10 nationalists springing into action as soon as the k.

172:5.10 of the assembling military forces of the new k..

172:5.12 his mind to abandon the whole idea of such a k.;

174:0.2 Forget not the mercy that received you into the k..

174:4.4 referred to this lawyer as being “not far from the k.,”

174:5.4 a group that I may instruct in the affairs of the k.

174:5.5 and thirty of them had elected to enter the k..

174:5.9 that my people are determined to spurn the k.,

175:1.10 Neither seek to lord it over your brethren in the k..

175:1.11 you will openly profess your allegiance to the k.

175:1.12 You refuse to enter the k. and at the same time do

175:4.3 prominent Jews who were secret believers in the k.

176:2.3 And when the k. shall have come to its full fruition,

176:2.3 to guide in the affairs of the k. by the presence of

176:2.7 of the eternal progression of the Father’s k..”

176:3.1 Since you are to return to finish the work of the k.,

176:3.2 your connection with the k. is spiritual and

176:3.2 who has hid his life in the surety of the eternal k.?

176:3.3 can even now desert the k. if you find that you

176:3.5 You cannot stand still in the affairs of the eternal k.

176:3.6 pleasure into the eternal service of the everlasting k..

177:1.4 would live to become a mighty messenger of the k..

177:2.1 would turn out to be a “mighty messenger of the k.,”

177:3.5 were well advanced in the knowledge of the k.,

177:4.9 hoping some day to become a great man in the k..

177:4.9 was to be no new k. such as he had anticipated.

177:4.9 failing to achieve glory in an anticipated new k.

178:1.2 refers to the relations of the k. of believers to the

178:1.3 incompatible between sonship in the spiritual k. and

178:1.3 work of furthering the mission of the spiritual k..

178:1.4 Sonship in the k., from the standpoint of

178:1.4 The love call of the spiritual k. should prove to be

178:1.6 temporal power in furtherance of the spiritual k.;

178:1.8 as a result of becoming enlightened sons of the k.;

178:1.10 and liberty, you will thrive and the k. will prosper.

178:1.10 Learn to be faithful to the k. even in times of peace

178:1.17 believers in the brotherhood of the Father’s k..

178:3.2 you in the world to carry on the work of the k..

178:3.4 and sit with me in the spirit k. of our Father.

179:2.1 you sit down with me in the k. which my Father will

179:2.2 again in this manner, it will be in the k. to come.”

179:3.8 the secret of greatness in the spiritual k. is not like

179:3.9 in the k. to come you shall sit with me in power,

179:5.1 in new form with you in the Father’s eternal k..”

179:5.7 And when the k. grows to embrace large groups of

179:5.9 shall all some time sup with me in the Father’s k..

180:0.3 when you ascend to the k. which my Father has

180:1.1 have you perform still greater acts of love in the k.

180:2.7 of spirit-born believers in the spirit-dominated k..

180:3.1 you and join hands with the enemies of the k..

180:4.2 one with your personal experience in the spirit k..

180:5.7 In the k. of the believing brotherhood of God-

180:6.8 talk to you plainly concerning the Father and his k..

180:6.9 the glorious material triumph of the k. on earth.

181:0.1 after which he would return to establish the k..

181:2.2 all come to see the light and enter fully into the k.,

181:2.5 strive not with the souls you would win for the k..

181:2.7 you love me, Simon, and that you also love the k.,

181:2.7 on making this k. come according to your liking.

181:2.8 dedicate my life to the establishment of your k. on

181:2.9 concerned with your loyalty to me and to the k.,

181:2.9 of another and spiritual order of affairs in the k.?”

181:2.10 on earth to sonship in the Father’s spiritual k..

181:2.10 and spiritual service in the brotherhood of the k..

181:2.11 labor in the spirit achieve life everlasting in the k.

181:2.11 come with joy and peace in the k. which now is.

181:2.11 You shall really see the k. you have longed for,

181:2.13 lead you abroad to labor for the extension of the k..

181:2.14 farewell gathering with the messengers of the k..

181:2.14 in the sight of God and in the fellowship of the k.,

181:2.15 to me seeking preferment in the honors of the k.,

181:2.15 one of you may sit down with me in the eternal k.

181:2.16 represented me as head of the ambassadors of the k..

181:2.16 of you and your brethren as messengers of the k.,

181:2.16 Our k. is a realm of order, and where two or more

181:2.18 shall you continue this ministry in the eternal k.,

181:2.19 that you were once called to the work of the k..

181:2.19 your work in the outward affairs of the k. should

181:2.19 and I will remember you in the k. to come.”

181:2.20 become as a little child in the k. of the spirit and

181:2.20 new teacher, to lead you forward in the spiritual k..

181:2.21 Sincerity is most serviceable in the work of the k.

181:2.23 since you first called me to the service of this k.,

181:2.26 perplexity, you will go on in the service of the k..

181:2.29 of loving service in the building of the Father’s k..

182:1.4 leave these men behind to represent us and our k.

182:2.3 the Master has repeatedly told us that his k. is not

182:2.10 You, too, shall some day serve with me in the k..”

183:4.2 for loyalty to the Master and the cause of the k.,

184:5.5 to be a king and the founder of a new sort of k.,

185:2.13 the king and teaching the founding of a new k..”

185:3.2 king, and have you sought to found a new k.?”

185:3.6 nor was he able to understand the nature of his k.,

187:4.1 Lord, remember me when you come into your k..”

187:4.3 of the reception of the thief into the k. by Jesus,

190:1.5 your last mission as volunteer messengers of the k.

190:1.7 The apostles, the spiritual corps of the k, are this day

190:2.3 “James, I come to call you to the service of the k..

190:2.6 fellowship of the Spirit of Truth in the Father’s k..

190:3.1 In the fellowship of the k. there shall be neither

190:4.1 In the k. of my Father there shall be neither Jew

190:5.4 this Jesus always taught that his k. was not of this

190:5.4 the brotherhood of loving service in this new k. of

191:0.3 daily information regarding the affairs of the k..

191:0.8 His concept of the k. had crashed, and he could not

191:1.2 what you may obtain from the k. but rather be

191:4.3 John proclaimed the k. in advance; you have

192:2.6 not die before the Master returned to establish the k.

192:3.2 were first set apart for the special work of the k..

193:2.2 You may enter the k. as a child, but the Father

193:3.2 Master, will you restore the k., and will we see the

193:3.2 ideas about the Jewish Messiah and the material k.

194:0.6 The Master had told them the k. would come with

194:3.14 in the brotherhood of the k. woman stood before

194:4.6 not a fellowship of brothers in the family k. of the

194:4.7 to complete the establishment of the Father’s k.

194:4.7 return to finish his work and to consummate the k.

195:2.2 unfortunate use of the term “k.” in their preaching.

195:10.6 the spiritual rebirth of Jesus’ brotherhood of the k.

195:10.14 invisible brotherhood of the k. may well include

196:0.8 saw in the advanced and ideal fellowship of the k.

196:0.8 disciples was, “Your k. come; your will be done.”

196:0.8 Having thus conceived of the k. as comprising the

196:0.12 become as a little child, you shall not enter the k..”

196:2.7 In his devotion to the cause of the k., Jesus burned

196:2.11 be recognized only in the coming of this divine k..

kingdomwith my

137:6.5 remember that my k. is not to come with noise

137:8.7 My k. is not of this world. The Son of Man will

137:8.9 for my Father’s k. concerns not things visible and

137:8.11 “In my Father’s k. there shall be neither Jew nor

137:8.11 he who would be great in my Father’s k. must

137:8.11 you shall sit down with me in my k., even as,

137:8.11 shall presently sit down with my Father in his k..

138:6.3 “My k. and the gospel related thereto shall be the

138:7.1 Have I not made it plain to you that my k. is not of

138:7.1 Banish from your minds this idea that my k. is a

140:1.5 this k. of my Father will not come with an outward

140:1.6 Whosoever would become great in my Father’s k.

140:3.16 you are now the ambassadors of my Father’s k..

142:5.4 mercies and the everlasting life of my Father’s k..

152:3.2 have I told you that my k. is not of this world?

153:2.4 many times reminded you that my k. is not of this

153:4.4 my Father’s eternal k. the tree is known by its fruits.

155:1.2 My k. is founded on love, proclaimed in mercy,

157:4.5 fellowship in the eternal realities of my Father’s k..

157:6.12 My k. is not of this world. Can you believe the truth

157:6.14 the establishment of my Father’s k. in the hearts of

158:6.2 the reiterated declaration that my k. is not of this

158:6.3 he who would be greatest in the k. of my Father’s

165:6.2 endure the trials of this hour in the affairs of my k.

171:0.5 grieved that you understand not the nature of my k.;

171:2.5 I told you that my k. is not of this world, but you

171:8.3 Again, I declare that my k. is not of this world; but

176:2.3 you all these years that my k. is not of this world?

181:2.9 I have repeatedly told you that my k. is not of this

181:2.11 you, Simon, shall sit down with me in my k. over

181:2.20 you shall come to me in my k., and I will take

181:2.22 I will welcome you to the enlarged service of my k.

185:3.3 Do you not perceive that my k. is not of this world?

185:3.3 If my k were of this world, surely would my disciples

185:3.3 to show all men that my k. is a spiritual dominion,

185:3.4 and my k. is the family of the faith sons of my Father

kingdom of God

2:5.12 the k. becomes merely the kingdom of good.

34:6.13 “The k. is not meat and drink but righteousness,

54:0.1 that the persistent pursuit of divinity leads to the k.

118:10.17  k. is in the hearts of men, and when this kingdom

118:10.17 when this k. becomes actual in the heart of every

134:3.5 In reality these lectures were on the “K.” and the

134:3.8 teachings at Urmia to the problems of the k. and

135:4.6 the method of proclaiming the new age; the k.;


135:5.2 of this world were about to become the k..

135:5.4 devout Jews held a vastly different view of this k..

135:5.4 were to usher in the establishment of the k.;

135:5.6 the establishment of the new kingdom, the k..

136:1.1 in the Messiah and the new age of the k..

136:2.1 the expectancy of his message—“the k. is at hand”

136:3.1 of proclaiming the new k. in the hearts of men.

136:9.1 in the proclamation and establishment of the k..

137:1.1 of establishing the new k. in the hearts of men.

137:2.3 to learn more about the reported coming of the k..

137:8.4 Jesus preached this memorable sermon on the k.,

137:8.9 this k. is righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy

137:8.17 you with an infinite love, then you are in the k..”

140:1.5 Your message to the world shall be: Seek first the k.

140:6.13 Seek first the k., and when you have found entrance

141:2.1 have been taught to look for the coming of the k.,

142:2.1 Jacob desired to inquire more fully about the k..

142:6.4 a man be born from above, he cannot see the k..”

142:6.5 be born of the spirit, he cannot enter into the k..”

142:6.7 yourself born of the spirit and happily in the k.,

143:6.3 talk on “The realities which are central in the k..”

153:4.3 out devils, then has the k. truly come upon you.

158:7.5 shall not taste death till you see this k. come with

159:5.10 responsibilities and divine privileges in the k..

163:1.4 it remains that the k. has come near you.’

163:3.1 for those who have riches to enter fully into the k.!

164:5.1 of the liberty and joy of divine sonship in the k..

166:3.5 desires to find eternal life by entrance into the k.

166:3.7 again, born of the spirit, you cannot enter the k..”

167:2.1 said: “Blessed is he who shall eat bread in the k.

167:6.1 whosoever receives not the k. as a little child shall

169:4.1 while they proclaimed the establishment of the k.,

169:4.1 Jews had long contemplated the coming of the k..

170:0.1 terms “kingdom of heaven” and “k.,” which he

170:1.1 prophets presented the k. as: 1. A present reality;

170:2.11 to induce them to abandon the use of the term k.

170:2.18 “First. The k. in this world, the supreme desire to do

170:2.19 The k. in heaven, the goal of mortal believers,

170:2.24 had experienced so much trouble with the k. idea

170:2.24 Jesus frequently referred to “the k. within you.”

170:4.4 prevails on earth and in heaven, the superhuman k..

170:5.19 is due to arise proclaiming “the k. is at hand”

173:3.2 shall see the error of their way and go on into the k.

173:4.4 presently will the k. be taken away from you and

174:4.3 friend, I perceive that you are not far from the k..”

175:1.24 believed my gospel are even now safe within the k.

191:5.3 proclaiming the good news of eternal life in the k..

192:2.9 courage; be strong in faith and mighty in the k..”

193:2.2 of the spirit as you progress heavenward in the k..

195:10.4 “The k. is within you” was probably the greatest

195:10.11 the invisible and spiritual brotherhood of the k..

196:0.8 visualized all spirit values as being found in the k.;

kingdom of heaven or heavenly kingdom

39:4.14 The keys of the k. are: sincerity, more sincerity, and

52:7.3 The k. is appearing on earth, and the glory of God is

93:6.1 temporal rule in favor of a spiritual concept of the k..

93:9.5 thus better labor for the advancement of the k.

99:2.4 love God and love every man as a brother in the k..

99:3.2 The k. is neither a social nor economic order;

99:3.2 it is an exclusively spiritual brotherhood of God-

99:5.4 association of the spiritual membership of the k..

103:2.1 You do not enter the k. unless you have been “born

103:2.7 the goal of human happiness and to the joys of the k.

108:6.2 these Monitors truly become the “k. within you.”

113:1.1 speaking of the children of the k., said: “Take heed

122:3.1 he shall inaugurate the k. on earth and among men

132:0.4 were presently coming to Rome to proclaim the k.;

133:4.6 outrun your attainment as a spiritual son of the k..

134:4.2 The k., the divine government, is founded on the

134:4.2 Since God is spirit, this k. is spiritual.

134:4.2 The k. is neither material nor merely intellectual;

134:4.2 it is a spiritual relationship between God and man.

134:4.6 The k. in the hearts of men will create religious unity

134:4.7 The k. is free from castes, classes, social levels,

134:9.8 “The k. is at hand; repent and be baptized.”

135:3.2 the herald of the approach of a new age, “the k..”

135:3.4 and the dawn of the new and divine age—the k..

135:3.4 the new and eternal order of earth affairs, the k..”

135:4.3 was at hand”; that “the k. was about to appear.”

135:5.2 this was the meaning of that phrase—the k.—which

135:5.2 phrase “k.” had but one meaning: an absolutely

135:5.7 since the new kingdom was a k., the new ruler

135:5.7 proclaiming: “Repent, for the k. is at hand!”

135:6.2 could John’s message, “the k. is at hand,” have

135:6.8 ready for the end of the age—the k. is at hand.”

135:9.5 that Jesus had come to establish the k. although

135:9.5 within this mission of the establishment of the k..

135:9.7 with water, proclaiming that the k. is at hand.

135:12.3 occasions Herod talked with John about the k.,

136:0.1 John preached the k. but hardly entered into the

136:0.1 thereby into the k. was indeed greater than John.

136:1.5 “Repent and be baptized, for the k. is at hand.”

136:1.5 the k. could mean only one thing to any devout Jew:

136:8.6 Jesus chose to establish the k. by natural, ordinary,

136:8.6 in their work of enlarging and extending that k..

136:9.2 He knew that the k. had to do with the overthrow

137:7.13 on the proclamation of the “good tidings of the k..”

137:7.13 taught his followers that the k. was a spiritual

137:8.7 my disciples shall enter the k. by their moral

137:8.9 and leads the soul of man, there in reality is the k..

137:8.10 when you enter the k., you will be baptized with the

137:8.13 The k. is not a matter of meat and drink but rather

137:8.14 no matter what price you pay to enter the k., you

137:8.15 The k. is at hand, and all who enter therein shall find

137:8.16 all who enter the k. shall become the sons of God,

137:8.17 the gift of God, as the price of entrance into the k..

138:1.3 the way they had pictured the k. being inaugurated

138:3.6 more abundantly enjoy the good things of the k..

138:4.2 The k. is open to all men and women.

139:0.2 The apostles learned from Jesus about the k.,

139:1.12 proclaim the glad tidings of the salvation of the k..

139:4.13 social service of mankind” rather than as “the k..”

139:9.9 But only a divine institution—the k.—could ever have

139:11.7 Jesus won Simon for the higher concepts of the k..

139:11.9 always added: “That is not the business of the k..

140:1.3 and rule the hearts of the reborn citizens of this k.,

140:1.4 every one who says, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the k.;

140:1.6 you are once truly received as citizens in the k.,

140:3.1 Of the citizens of the k. more is required than of

140:3.3 the humble, for theirs are the treasures of the k..

140:3.11 persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the k

140:3.19 In gaining an entrance into the k., it is the motive

140:5.7 They find the k. within their own hearts, and they

140:5.20 for righteousnesssake, for theirs is the k..

140:6.6 kingdoms of this world but rather to establish the k..

140:8.1 their old and entrenched literal concepts of the k..

140:8.25 as if they were already citizens of the completed k..

140:8.27 growth, declaring that the k. is like a mustard seed.

140:10.9 John asked Jesus, “Master, what is the k.?”

140:10.9 “The k. consists in three essentials: first, recognition

141:2.1 you developed a concept of the k. as a glorified

141:2.1 I declare that the k. is the realization and

141:6.4 This is the k.—God is your Father and you are his

141:6.5 when you enter the k., you shall be baptized with the

141:7.2 taught many new and advanced truths about the k..

141:8.3 happy in the knowledge of the new truths of the k..

142:1.2 burden of their message was: 1. The k. is at hand.

142:1.3 you may enter the k., thus becoming the sons of God

142:2.1 that God would welcome them into this new k.,

142:7.3 Jesus explained that the k. was an evolutionary

144:4.3 Therefore must the k.—divine sonship—be received

144:8.4 he who is but small in the k. is greater because he

145:5.6 and my message the proclamation of the k.?

145:5.10 we cannot fully comprehend the mysteries of the k.,

147:5.4 fellows; go on in the joy and liberty of the k..”

147:5.6 the Father has opened the doors of the k. to all who

148:4.8 from evil and necessary for entrance into the k.

148:9.2 I would be made whole that I might serve in the k..

149:6.8 “In the k. there is no high and mighty king; this

149:6.10 faith candidates for the eternal ascent of the k..

149:6.11 the entrance of man into the spirit realities of the k..

150:1.3 heard the Master say that “in the k. there is neither

150:8.4 worshipers took on themselves the yoke of the k.,

150:9.2 I would rejoice to see you all enter the k., but the

151:1.4 To you it is given to know the mysteries of the k.,

151:3.1 Let me tell you that nothing is hid in the k. which

151:3.15 The k. is also like a man who cast good seed upon

151:4.1 “The k. is like a man who sowed good seed in his

151:4.2 “The k. is like a grain of mustard seed which a man

151:4.3 “The k. is also like leaven which a woman took

151:4.4 “The k. is also like a treasure hidden in a field,

151:4.5 “The k. is also like a merchant seeking pearls;

151:4.6  the k. is like a sweep net which was cast into the sea,

152:3.2 This k. is a spiritual brotherhood, and no man rules

152:5.4 they sought not entrance into the k. but rather

152:6.3 the birth of the spirit into the light of faith—the k..”

153:2.3 way of light which leads to the entrance to the k.?

153:2.4 spiritual brotherhood of the sons of God, the k..

153:5.3 in new glory of the spiritual teachings of the k.?

154:0.2 his believers, which brotherhood he called the k..

155:1.2 wrath are not a part of the establishment of the k..

155:1.3 You who have professed entrance into the k. are

155:2.2 with increased vigor the spiritual truths of the k..

155:3.1 a new phase of the work of preaching the k. was

155:3.1 to comprehend that the “k. is not meat and drink

155:4.2 spirit is our support in the establishment of the k.

155:5.13 the eternal truths and supreme grandeurs of the k.?

155:5.13 the new truths of the religion of the spirit, the k. in

155:6.5 not require of you as the price of entering the k.

155:6.12  k. can best be realized by acquiring the spiritual

157:3.4 apostles as to the nature and character of the k.,

157:4.5 foundation will I build the brotherhood of the k..

157:5.1 nature that Jesus declared he would build the k..

157:5.3 of the Son of God, he determined to build the k..

158:6.2 to seek for yourselves preferred places in the k.

158:6.3 as to who should be greatest in the k., a kingdom

158:8.1 this child, you will make little progress in the k..

158:8.1 little one, the same shall become greatest in the k..

159:1.4 the k. be likened to a certain king who ordered a

160:1.14 shall gain entrance into the brotherhood of the k..

160:5.7 by every creature who chooses to enter the k.

160:5.10 willing to pay the price of this entrance into the k.?

161:2.12 became a mighty man in the later affairs of the k.;

162:0.2 Vengeance savors not of the outlook of the k..

162:6.3 to the true waters of life in the k. on earth and in

162:8.3 should give way before the greater things of the k.

163:1.4 preach, saying, ‘The k. is at hand,’ and minister to

163:2.5 follow me, and you shall have treasure in the k..”

163:2.7 the k. requires as a part of the price of admission.

163:2.10 entrance into the k., but the love of wealth does.

163:2.11 was incompatible with the ideals of the k..

163:3.1 as for these self-satisfied rich ones to enter the k..”

163:3.4 left wealth for my sake and for the sake of the k.

163:3.5 “The k. is like a householder who was a large

163:7.4 the truth that the k. is the spiritual brotherhood of

165:4.7 and the progress of the spiritual nature in the k..

166:1.5 But you cannot thus shut up the doors of the k.;

166:3.2 few of those who seek the k. shall find entrance

166:5.1 teachings of the seventy, thereby entering into the k..

167:6.1 to come to me; forbid them not, for such is the k..

167:7.1 their discussion of children in relation to the k. led

169:1.14 to receive all who seek entrance into the k..

169:2.6 with the stewardship of the true riches of the k.?

169:3.1 a time as you comprehend the new light of the k..

169:4.1 designate the spiritual brotherhood of man as the k.

169:4.6 to denominate his proposed brotherhood the k..


170:0.1 embracing a full and complete discussion of the k..

170:0.1 the meaning and significance of the terms “k.” and

170:0.1 the very term k. of heaven should have been

170:0.2 Master sought to clarify the teaching about the k.;


170:1.1 Hebrew scriptures there was a dual concept of the k.

170:1.7 In choosing to utilize this concept of the k., Jesus

170:1.8 The k. embraced four distinct groups of ideas:

170:1.11 3. The personal-experience concept of Jesus—“the k.

170:1.14 confusion regarding the meaning of the term “k.

170:2.1 that the k. must begin with, and be centered in the

170:2.11 the attempt to translate the concept of the k. into the

170:2.16 Jesus never tired of telling them that the k. was their

170:4.7 have reference to when he makes use of the term k..

170:4.14 ideas and divine ideals of Jesus’ doctrine of the k..

170:5.1 summarized the teachings of Jesus about the k.,

170:5.2 the idea of the k. was tremendously influenced by the

170:5.7 a virtual substitute for the k. which Jesus had

170:5.8 this same k. which the Master taught exists within

170:5.17 humanized shadow of what Jesus intended the k. to

171:0.1 The day after the memorable sermon on “The K.,”

171:0.3 regarding the inner kingdom, “the k. within you,”

171:0.6 But it shall not be so in the k.. Whosoever would

171:1.3 were able to grasp any other concept of the k.;

171:1.6 Philadelphia was the center of the Abnerian k..

171:1.6 the Abnerian version of the k. spread throughout

172:5.12 forsake all such farcical attempts to establish the k..

173:5.2 “The k. may be likened to a certain king who made

175:1.1 seen the light and, by faith, have entered into the k..

175:1.6 the k. shall be given to other peoples, to those who

175:1.6 faith, into the security and salvation of the k..

175:1.8 to unite with the k. as the sons of the living God.

175:1.12 You would shut the doors of the k. against sincere

176:2.1 certainly return to consummate the work of the k..

176:3.3 sonship in the k. will not save you in the face of

177:4.5 thus made up his mind to desert the cause of the k.

178:1.1 a score of questions regarding the relation of the k.

178:1.2 In the k. true believers will not resort to the

178:1.2 The k., being a spiritual brotherhood of the spirit-

178:1.5 for having become reborn spirit sons of the k..

178:1.5 As faith-enlightened sons of the k., you face a double

178:1.8 easily reached by the spirit call to sonship in the k.

178:2.1 he alluded to the future transactions of the k.,

178:3.2 and I have taught you the truth concerning the k.

178:3.4 life of endless service in the ever-advancing k.,

178:3.4 I have brought the k. to you here on earth, but I

179:3.9 mean nothing concerning your standing in the k.?

179:3.9 But it shall not be so in the k..

180:3.5 “If I thus go before you into the Father’s k., so

180:6.1 do to you and to those whom you lead into the k.

181:2.5 especially your friends in the brotherhood of the k.

181:2.7 time I have had trying to make you a son of this k.

181:2.15 many years may be fruitful in souls won for the k..

182:1.5 with the joy of the assurance of sonship in the k..

184:4.6 In the fraternal realities of the k. the faith sons of

187:1.10 he returned home, he led his family into the k..

187:4.4 and entered into the full fellowship of the k. on earth.

190:2.6 and fellowship for my brothers and sisters in the k.

190:3.1 through the gospel of sonship with God in the k..

191:2.1 so shall you enter into the new service of the k..

191:6.2 that you have become faith-fellows of the k.,

193:4.3 and progress of the spiritual realities of the k.,

195:6.1 The spiritual bank of the k. will be paying out faith

195:10.8 of man in the spiritual association of the k..

196:0.8 therefore he said, “Seek first the k..”

196:2.5 his immediate return to earth to consummate the k..

kingdom of mensee also kingdoms of men

43:3.4 “The Most High rules in the k. and gives it to

139:0.2 and Jesus learned much from them about the k.,


93:6.1 no son to succeed him as a ruler of this proposed k.

93:9.2 he gave up the ambition of building a material k.;

96:3.2 Despite the enticements of the culture of the Nile k.,

97:2.1 the Hebrew nation became divided into two k..

97:5.1 retribution for the transgressions of the southern k..

97:8.3 everlasting reign of righteousness, the Messianic k.

97:9.7 proclaimed David king of the new k. of Judah.

97:9.11 David built up the fiction of a divine k. of Judah

97:9.11 the vanishing northern k. of Ephramite Israel.

97:9.11 and established his capital of the united k. of Jebus

97:9.14 made the worship of Yahweh official for his k..

97:9.17 The northern k. returned to the worship of Elohim.

97:9.17 enslaved Judah, putting the southern k. under tribute

97:9.21 the northern k. did not vanish from history until

97:9.21 followed by the total dispersion of the northern k..

121:2.8 of the survival of Palestine, the k. of the Jews,

121:7.12 Parthian k., and the adjacent peoples of Jesus’ time

122:7.1 taking of this census in the Jewish k. for one year.

122:7.1 year 8 B.C., except in the Palestinian k. of Herod,

134:5.1 widely separated by the Parthian k. and other

134:6.3 sovereignties, reposing them in the United K..

135:5.8 these various groups of Jewish-k. expectants was

135:12.6 and I will give it to you, even to the half of my k.

137:8.7 of a throne of power or a k. of worldly glory.

143:4.1 twenty-five thousand Jews of the northern k. of

158:7.6 fishermen who persisted in dreaming of an earthly k.

162:2.3 come in power to restore the throne of David’s k..

170:5.5 establish the world-wide and more or less material k.

171:4.3 blinded by their persistent belief in the temporal k.

171:8.2 his futile attempt to gain the rule of the k. of Judea

171:8.3 Son of Man goes up to Jerusalem to receive a k.,

171:8.3 went into a far country to receive for himself a k.,

172:5.10 nationalists springing into action as soon as the k.

172:5.10 of the assembling military forces of the new k..

177:4.9 failing to achieve glory in an anticipated new k.

194:4.1 the Messiah they had hoped would restore the k. of


41:2.5 into the varied manifestations of the vegetable k..

47:4.6  k. of living energy unknown on the material

49:1.5 the basic patterns of the preceding vegetable k. of

52:3.9 range of viands from both animal and vegetable k..

58:6.2 links between the great divisions of the animal k.

65:2.3 all of the vast k. of plant life has evolved from

65:2.4 animal creation what bacteria are to the plant k.;

65:2.10 The k. of reptiles, descended from the frog family,

111:6.9 thing which distinguishes man from the animal k..


kingdom ambassador(s)—see ambassador(s)

kingdom believer(s)

100:2.7 “To a God-knowing k., what does it matter if all

150:5.5 K. hunger for righteousness and thirst for divine

156:5.12 K. should possess an implicit faith, a whole-hearted

170:3.3 the reception of the forgiveness of God by a k.

175:2.3 K., those who follow the teachings of Jesus, must

178:1.8 worship of God should make all k. better citizens,

178:1.10 danger in times when most men will speak well of k.

178:1.11 transformations wrought in the heart of the k. by

178:1.13 When a k. is called upon to serve the government,

178:2.1 kingdoms and to successive generations of k..

180:5.12 for the absence in the life experience of k. of

184:4.6 he admonishes every k. to become one with him

190:0.2 very gift of eternal life which he bestows upon k.,

191:6.4 there together recounting their experiences as k.

192:0.1 Since Jesus appeared only to his family of k.,

196:1.5 It should not be the aim of k. literally to imitate the

kingdom builder(s)

99:6.4 instead of releasing them for heightened service as k.

156:5.12 K. must be undoubting of the truth of the gospel of

156:5.21 only challenge the exertions of the undaunted k..

176:3.2 K., the accredited citizens of the heavenly worlds,

181:2.22 the God-knowing disciple can become a k. even

kingdom concept

170:1.3 This is the k. which John the Baptist taught.

kingdom conscious

141:7.3 by seeing their lives, would become k. and hence

kingdom development

142:7.3 that at some future stage of k. he would revisit this

kingdom expectants

135:5.8 these various groups of Jewish-k. was intrigued by

kingdom family

146:3.4 Your assurance that you have entered into the k. of

kingdom idea

142:7.4 Jesus next explained that the “k.” was not the best

170:0.2 dealing with the subsequent outworking of the k.

170:2.25 But Jesus could not escape the use of the k. idea.

170:4.14 the apparently slow progress of the k. on Urantia.

kingdom judgment

140:3.20 In the great day of the k., many will say to me, ‘Did

kingdom messengers


kingdom son

192:2.11 By faith have you become a God-knowing k. son.

kingdom steps

170:3.3 following four steps, the k. of inner righteousness:

kingdom teachings

170:2.9 the elementary and confused k. of John the Baptist.

kingdomssee kingdoms of men

97:2.1 the Hebrew nation became divided into two k..

134:8.6 It had not to do with the k. of this world but with

135:3.2 represented the history of the great k. of the world,

135:3.2 shall break in pieces and consume all these k.,

135:5.2 the k. of this world were about to become the

136:9.6 Jesus saw, as it were, “the k. of this world,” and he

136:9.6 The k. of earth were paltry things to interest the

137:8.7 and enlargement of the k. of this world, but my

137:8.15 not upon marching armies, upon overturned k. of

140:6.6 I have come not to reform the k. of this world but

153:2.1 you shall be removed into all the k. of earth.

156:5.16 in the flesh, you are still citizens of the earth k..

170:0.1 all connection with earthly k. and temporal

178:1.1 of the kingdom of heaven to the k. of this world,

178:1.2 The k. of this world, being material, may often

178:1.2 of the kingdom of believers to the k. of secular

178:1.4 assist you in becoming the ideal citizens of the k.

178:1.4 and war-minded citizens of the earthly k..

178:1.5 you are indeed citizens of the earthly k., and you

178:2.1 bewildered by his allusions to future political k.

178:2.1 with many and successive temporal k. on earth.

kingdoms of men

3:5.2 “The Most Highs rule in the k..”

43:5.17 it is this Most High observer who “rules in the k..”

43:9.4 rule in the k. rather than in the hearts of individuals.

50:2.6 Constel. Father, for the “Most Highs rule in the k..”

93:3.3 as standing for the three k., angels, and God.

97:8.5 The fact that the “Most Highs rule in the k.” does

114:0.1 The Most Highs rule in the k. through many celestial

114:4.5 of the constellation rulers in the affairs of the k..

114:6.8 seraphic division that “the Most Highs rule in the k..

114:7.9 and the Most Highs are able to rule in the k..

134:3.5 lectures were on the “Kingdom of God” and “K..”

134:3.8 the problems of the kingdom of God and the k. as

134:5.3 rulers will learn that the Most Highs rule in the k..

134:5.4 This rule of the Most Highs in the k. is not for the

175:1.8 until the Most Highs who rule in the k. shall finally


70:6.2 When a patriarchal k. became a real king, he was

70:6.2 he was sometimes called “father of his people.”


2:6.2 that God is a Deity dominated by k. morality was

74:2.7 Adam and Eve were invested with k. robes on this

88:3.4 The insignia of priestly and k. office were

93:5.9 Abraham had k. ambitions, and on the way back

123:0.5 their son was to become a k. deliverer of Israel.

132:0.1 If I had that fellow’s k. bearing and gracious manner


70:5.5 War has always been a k..

kingssee Kings

3:5.2 “He removes k. and sets up k..”

55:7.2 that has given prestige to the idea of k. and queens

55:7.2  k. and queens are a great success under these

69:5.8 The moneylenders made themselves k. by creating

70:4.10 courts of the tribal chiefs and early k. consisted of

70:6.2  Later, k. were thought to have sprung from heroes.

70:6.2 hereditary, due to belief in the divine origin of k..

70:6.3 additional reason for making the chief-k. hereditary.

70:6.4 The succession of k. was eventually regarded as

70:6.4 Thus k. became fetish personalities and were feared

70:6.4 believed that the touch of k. would cure disease,

70:6.5 assistants of the early k. became the accepted

70:6.6 have always been a powerful check on the k..

70:7.16 they kept unscrupulous k. on the anxious seat.

70:7.16 To offset them, k. fostered their own secret police.

70:12.2 After the arrival of real k. the groups of elders

70:12.4 The early k. were greatly restricted by the mores—

72:1.4 the appearance of strong rulers and k. occupied

72:1.5 the k. remaining as mere social or sentimental

77:2.10 they discover lists of Sumerian k. running back for

77:2.10 the reigns of individual k. lengthen from around

77:2.10 lengthening of the reigns of these older k. signifies

78:8.7 the neighboring cities did they call themselves k..

78:8.7 The city k. failed to form powerful confederations

82:5.7 chiefs and k. were permitted to marry those of

85:5.2 the sun was regarded as the ancestor of their k..

85:6.2 Priests, k., and prophets were worshiped; the holy

88:1.10 Thus did chiefs, k., priests, prophets, and church

88:3.4 Fetish k. have ruled by “divine right,” and many

90:2.12 that shamans were able to dominate the chiefs or k..

93:5.12 great advantage over the surrounding petty k.;

93:5.12 they all revered Melchizedek and unduly feared

93:9.4 in reverence by all groups and honored by all k..

95:2.7 of the fixed stars, the supposed abode of the k..

95:5.13 Only k. and the rich were promised a resurrection;

97:9.22 hundred years by paying tribute to the k. of Assyria.

111:0.6 At first, only k. were supposed to have kas, but

135:3.2 he further read “in the days of these k. shall the

144:8.3 appareled and who live delicately are in k.’ courts

152:5.4 the Son of Man king after the manner of the k. of

155:1.1 The k. of the earth set themselves, and the rulers of

169:4.1 the people of Urantia knew mostly of k. and

179:3.9 You know that the k. of the gentiles have lordship


21:4.5 own right and name as “King of K. and Lord of

97:8.1 such books as “The Doings of the K. of Israel”

97:8.1 and “The Doings of the K. of Judah,” together


49:5.6 5. Creature-k. serials.

49:5.29 5. Creature-k. serials. Planets are not only organized

70:6.3 Hereditary k avoided the anarchy which had wrought

97:9.4 a “divine line of descent” for David’s Judahite k..

97:9.6 Saul and Samuel as a background for the k. of David

144:5.45 Establish within us your divine k. And thereby

187:5.6 Jesus freely admitted his k. and remained master


123:0.1 They lived with k., and Joseph was well able to

123:0.2 Joseph, with the assistance of his k., was able to

176:1.1 In these days of travail, even your own k., under the


5:6.9 drawn towards his Paradise presence by that k. of

5:6.9 There is a k. of divine spontaneity in all personality.

7:5.10 in spirit and because of k. of nature as well as fact

7:6.7 inherent in the quality of spiritual k. which unites

9:4.5 spirit which are suggestive of mutual k. in eternity.

16:6.3 The fact of the cosmic mind explains the k. of

16:8.19 endowment is the beginning realization of Deity k..

32:3.7 in accordance with their degree of k. with Deity.

34:6.12 has your own Adjuster told you of your k. to God

49:1.3 a local system disclose unmistakable physical k.;

49:5.30 These k. factors are manifest on all levels, for k.

63:3.3 This feeling of intimate k. was undoubtedly due to

70:3.3 forced the tribal organization upon the k. clans,

70:7.1 Blood k. determined the first social groups;

70:7.1 association enlarged the k. clan.

70:8.3 1. Natural—contact, k., and marriage; the first social

70:8.3 were based on sex, age, and blood—k. to the chief.

70:8.17 3. Religious quickening of the feelings of mortal k.

77:2.1 k. between the two orders—primary and secondary—

77:9.3 the midwayers have a k. interest in the destiny of

80:2.3 a certain degree of k. among the modern peoples

82:5.7 accordance with territorial residence than with k..

82:5.10 is well illustrated by the taboos on k. marriages,

84:2.5 of cousin marriages while others of equal k. are

106:2.6 mortals sometime attain to k. with the experiential

110:6.17 attainment of consciousness of progressive k. with

117:6.8 this assurance of Deity k. must be faith realized.

167:7.2 angelic hosts have only a spiritual k. with the

194:2.15 the intellectual k. of all progressive intelligences.


70:3.3 united by blood ties in clans, aggregations of k.;

123:0.6 Joseph and five accompanying k. proceeded on

167:1.5 not always your friends, your brethren, your k., or

178:1.17 upright artisans, praiseworthy neighbors, devoted k.,


122:2.3 Your k. Mary shall be the mother of this child of

122:3.1 Elizabeth, your k., to whom I also have appeared,

122:7.2 a possible pleasurable visit with her k. Elizabeth.

Kirmethtrance prophet of Bagdad

148:8.3 a trance prophet from Bagdad, one K..

148:8.3 He created a considerable disturbance at the camp,

148:8.3 He shortly returned to Bagdad, taking with him

148:8.3 had taken K. out into the lake and, after repeatedly


78:8.8 city priests terminated by Sargon, the priest of K.,

78:8.9 After the breakup of this K. confederation there

78:8.9 variously shifted between Sumer, Akkad, K., Erech,

95:1.6 until Nabodad, the leader of the school at K.,

95:1.9 In one generation the Salem headquarters at K. came

95:1.10 teachings of the Salem school at K. and

96:1.8 5. Elohim. In K. and Ur there long persisted


147:5.4 You gave me no k. of friendly greeting, but this

147:5.4 since she came in, has not ceased to k. my feet.

155:1.2 The Psalmist says, ‘K. the Son, lest he be angry,

183:3.2 ready to impress the traitorous k. upon his brow.

183:3.3 at most carry out the promise to greet him with a k.,

183:3.5 stepped up to Jesus and, placing a k. upon his brow,

183:3.5 Would you even betray the Son of Man with a k.?”

190:4.1 arrested Jesus and Judas betrayed him with a k..

194:4.7 they greeted one another with a holy k.;


137:4.9 Mary threw her arms around Jesus’ neck, k. him,

169:1.9 affectionate greeting he embraced and k. him.


70:3.7 being the ancient origin of the practice of social k..

124:4.7 and the k. the finger that touched the parchment.

147:5.3 anointing, she continued weeping and k. his feet.

163:2.5 Jesus, k. the kneeling young man on the forehead,


140:2.1 concerning the kingdom to k. in a circle about him.

158:5.2 Now did the father again k. at Jesus’ feet while he

182:1.2 Jesus bade them k. on a large flat rock in a circle

189:4.10 Mary rushed to k. at his feet while she exclaimed,


158:5.1 father of the afflicted lad stepped forward and, k.

158:5.2 he touched the k. father and bade him rise while

163:2.5 Jesus, kissing the k. young man on the forehead,

166:2.5 As the Samaritan remained k. at Jesus’ feet,

179:3.1  k. down in the attitude of a servant, make ready to

179:3.2 his soul resented the thought of Jesus’ k. there

179:3.5 coupled with the fact that Jesus continued k. there

182:1.7 The eleven remained k. in this circle about Jesus

192:1.4 the youth rushed up to the Master and, k. at his

192:1.6  k. at the Master’s feet, exclaimed, “My Lord and


128:6.11 the smallest of the children to climb upon his k.

145:1.2 this Simon fell down at Jesus’ k., saying, “Depart

166:2.4 he fell on his k. at his feet and gave thanks for his

187:2.8 seamless vestment reaching down to near the k.,

190:2.4 to his k., exclaiming, “My father and my brother,”

191:5.5 Thomas fell on his k. before the morontia Master


89:5.15 Human sacrifice sounded the death k. of cannibalism.


130:6.3 Fortune k. at his feet imploring Jesus to help him,

146:4.3 saying as he k. before him: “Lord, if only you

152:0.2  k. at his feet and said: “For years I have been

163:1.5 as they k. in a circle about Jesus, laid his hands upon

168:2.7  k. at the Master’s feet to give thanks and offer praise

172:1.6 put his hand upon Mary’s head as she k. by his

179:3.1 As the Master k., all twelve arose as one man to

185:6.2 they k. before him and mocked him, saying, “Hail,

189:4.10 in glorified form, and they quickly k. before him.

192:3.2 the eleven apostles k. in a circle about the Master

193:5.1 without being directed they k. about him in a circle,

knewsee knewwith Jesus

13:2.5 if you k. more about the Father’s worlds, you

13:2.5 more difficulties until you k. all about them.

24:7.5  k. the Father, entered the divine embrace, and is not.

43:3.3 The Psalmist k. that Edentia was ruled by three

43:4.8 That the teachers of olden times k. of these things is

44:6.1 How I wish I k. how to portray the exquisite work

45:4.8 years ago the yellow man k. of the one God.

53:8.4 The Son of Man k. that his triumph on your world

53:9.2 Paul k. of the status of these rebellious leaders

62:6.5 We k. that something closely akin to human mind

62:6.6  we k. we were upon the threshold of the realization

63:0.3 Andon and Fonta never k. these names until they

65:5.2  k. that the subsequent admixture of the Adamic

66:6.3 graduates of the Satania mansion worlds—well k.

66:6.3 These wise beings k. better than to undertake the

66:6.6 these supermen k. better than to rob mankind of

73:2.2 Van well k. that these Adamic Sons always lived in

73:4.1 Van well k. of these customs and accordingly

73:6.1 Van well k. that Adam and Eve would be dependent

75:5.2 Adam was not beguiled; he k. exactly what he was

75:5.8 And then Adam k. they had failed.

75:6.2 Adam k. that he and Eve had failed;

75:6.2 Adam still k nothing of their personal status or future

76:2.4 Abel k. he was the son of both Adam and Eve and

76:2.8 Cain k. that, since he bore no tribal mark, he

76:5.2 they k. that they had failed as Material Sons of

76:5.2 they also k. that the Paradise career was still open

76:5.3 Adam k. about the dispensational resurrection

77:4.9 Sumerians well k. of the first and second Edens but,

77:5.6 Adamson well k. of the existence of the primary

86:4.3 Early man k. the breath could leave the body, and

89:3.6 Paul well k. that such teachings were not a part of

93:1.2 The twelve Melchizedek receivers k. of Michael’s

93:3.3 very few of his followers ever k. that these three

93:3.5 lived for thirty years, k. many of these higher truths

93:4.14 Melchizedek well k. how difficult it is to suddenly

93:5.12 Abraham k. of this fear and awaited an opportune

96:4.1 the Bedouin slaves k. little about such teachings,

102:8.4 always thought of God in the terms of the best he k.,

104:1.8 The Hebrews k. about the Trinity from the Kenite

104:1.11 Paul k. of the Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit, but

116:7.1  k. something about the physique of a power center

119:1.2 only the Divine Minister and Immanuel k. what

119:4.4 Full well we all k. that our beloved sovereign was

119:7.3 we never k., until the time of the event itself, that

119:7.6 Certain wise men of earth k. of Michael’s impending

122:2.6 after Mary k. without doubt that she was to

122:3.2 weeks until of a certainty Mary k. she was with child

122:3.3 at this time they k. nothing of the Gabriel visitation.

122:9.3 Zacharias k. the day Joseph and Mary were expected

123:0.5 he k. that he himself was not really a descendant

123:1.1 neither the family of Joseph nor that of Mary k. they

123:3.2 at least his father and mother together—k. everything

124:3.7 games, but he well k. that the lad was unconvinced.

124:6.12 of a well-to-do relative of Mary’s, one who k. Jesus

124:6.14 his father well k. from the expression on the lad’s

127:2.8 Everyone in Nazareth well k. he was a good father

127:3.2 little he k. of the plans concerning Jesus’ lifework,

128:1.13 and onlooking universe likewise k. that this man

129:2.4 since Zebedee k. of a little house in Capernaum

129:2.7 yet Annas well k. Jesus would never be accorded the

129:3.3 they k. that he had once been invited to go there

129:3.4 Only Zebedee the boatbuilder of Bethsaida k. the

130:5.2 I never k. they had such a religion even in Jerusalem,

130:8.1 never k. that the man who inspired him in Malta

132:7.5 Buddha k. God in spirit but failed clearly to

133:0.1 It was a full year before those who k. and loved

134:1.2 the world never k. that he made the journey.

134:4.10 They well k. what would happen to any teacher

134:7.3 Paul little k. that his pupils had heard the voice of

135:3.4 John k. of the evil doings of Herod Antipas and the

135:4.2 John k. only old methods of approach to divinity;

135:4.2 John k. only of the records of such as Elijah, Samuel,

135:4.4 He k. he was not Elijah. What did Malachi mean?

135:8.2  k. that Jesus was very regular about such matters.

136:1.6 world k. nothing of such things until the Creator

138:1.3 They k. they were going to miss Jesus, and

139:1.8 Andrew k. trouble was brewing in the heart of Judas

139:1.11 When men once k. Jesus, they were possessed with

139:2.4 Peter did not have a deep mind, but he k. his mind

139:2.10  and k. he had been received back into the Master’s

139:4.4  k. John was the disciple whom Jesus so frequently

139:4.9 John k. how faithfully Jesus had made provision for

139:6.9 Nathaniel’s brethren never k. what became of their

139:7.8 but they never k. of this generosity, save Jesus,

139:7.8 when Matthew k. his presence among them was

139:7.9 Matthew k. he must make up for his failure to solicit

139:8.1 loyalty that forbade those who k. Thomas intimately

139:8.3 the better his associates k. Thomas, the more they

139:9.5 “the least of the apostles”; they k. it and felt cheerful

139:9.9 they k. of a certainty that Jesus was no respecter of

139:12.10 made up his mind to get even with he k. not whom;

140:3.20 I will be compelled to say to them, ‘I never k. you;

140:10.1 They k. only a religion that imposed the doing of

141:0.1 The twelve k. nothing of their Master’s plans

142:8.2 majority of his disciples, but the twelve k. the facts.

143:5.2 This woman of Samaria k. Jesus was a Jew by his

144:6.4 And they never k. where Jesus went or what he did

145:0.3 No human being, save John Zebedee, ever k. of

146:5.1 They k. they would have a sympathetic hearing at

147:1.4 But we never k. just what happened on this occasion

149:2.14 the better they k. Jesus the more they loved him.

151:3.15  k. not how it came about, the plant came to fruit.

154:0.2 Herod k. of many cases of sickness which had

154:3.2 Herod k. that Jesus could not expect a fair trial

155:6.10 Adam, who k. much of this as he was himself a

157:3.5 or as an extraordinary man by all who k. him;

157:6.3 his immediate followers k. him as the Son of Man

162:0.1 These people k. very little about Jesus, and they

164:1.2 well k. that the Master thought differently; thus he

164:3.9 Having always been a beggar, Josiah k. nothing else;

164:3.14 he k. the pool of Siloam was a semisacred place.

165:5.6 man would suffer his house to be broken into if he k.

166:1.2  k. that he washed his hands only for purposes of

167:1.4 This man k. that few miracles were then being

167:1.4 those who were there present k. Jesus too well;

168:0.2 They k. that their brother was desperately sick,

168:0.4 they were highly respected by all who k. them.

168:2.9 Lazarus k. he had been sick, but he could recall only

168:5.2 Lazarus k. Abner well, and here he felt safe from the

169:4.1 people of Urantia k. mostly of kings and emperors

171:0.3  k. that he had spoken about another and future

171:3.4  k. that the Sanhedrin had broadcast a message to

171:4.9 Jews k. little or nothing about a suffering Messiah.

171:5.1 and k. all about his healing of the blind Josiah at

171:5.2 hearing the heavy tramping of the multitude, k.

171:6.1 Zaccheus k. that he could obtain a good view of

171:8.6  k. that I reap where I have apparently not sown;

171:8.6 you k. this reckoning would be required of you.

172:1.8 Martha k. that Mary had saved the money to buy

172:3.10 you k. not the time of your divine visitation.

172:5.1 They k. nothing of the Master’s plans for the next

173:5.6 about to happen, but they k. not what to expect.

174:5.1 where he k. Andrew and the other apostles were

176:3.4 saying, ‘Lord, I k. you and realized that you were

176:3.4 that you k. I would require of you an accounting

177:3.3  k. they were determined to destroy the Master.

177:3.8 a well-guarded secret by all who k. that Jesus was

177:4.8 Judas k. that Jesus was then absent from the camp

177:5.3 certain ones k. that Lazarus had taken hasty flight

178:2.3 David k. all about the part of Judas in this plot, but

178:2.9 if Judas k. beforehand of their place of meeting he

178:3.5 the apostles, save three, k. where they were going

178:3.5 nor k. that the Son of God was passing by on his

179:0.3  The apostles k. Jesus had celebrated other Passovers

179:0.3 they k. that he did not personally participate in any

179:3.1  k. that their Master never observed these rites of

181:1.5 believe, inasmuch as you k. it all beforehand.

182:2.1 they k. he intended to betray him into the hands of

182:3.9 divine mind of Michael k. he had done his best for

183:2.2  k. that Simon Zelotes had an ample store of arms

183:3.2  k. that these soldiers were coming to arrest Jesus,

184:0.2 Annas k. that a court of Sanhedrists was in waiting

184:1.2 Annas k. at once that it would be useless to make

184:2.1 The portress who kept the gate k. John, and when

184:2.1 where he k. the real trial of the Master would later

184:3.13  k. that they must secure the consent of the Roman

184:3.14 he k. at least one way in which the prisoner might

185:1.2 The Jews k. that Pilate was afraid of them, that he

185:2.2  he k. they had been all night engaged in deliberations

185:2.5 Pilate k. something of Jesus’ work among the Jews,

185:2.7 Pilate k. that this was not only the forenoon of

185:4.1 As far as Herod k., he had never seen Jesus,

185:4.3 Herod k. he had no jurisdiction over Jesus in Judea.

185:5.7 Pilate k. Jesus was innocent of the charges brought

186:2.11 Pilate spoke more truly than he k. when, after

187:1.6 who k. his life of loving ministry, could not refrain

187:1.10 Simon never k. Jesus, whose burden he bore, and

187:2.5 he well k. how these Jerusalem Jews detested the

187:2.5  k. that they would be cut to the very quick by

187:5.1 people of Jerusalem k. that this meant the coming

188:1.2 Nicodemus k. this law, and on the way out to

189:4.10  k. it was the voice of the Master, and Mary rushed

189:4.12 “Touch me not, Mary, for I am not as you k. me

190:2.3 he k. that it was his eldest brother, Jesus, who had

knewwith Jesus

77:7.6 Jesus k. and recognized the difference between

126:2.4 he k. nothing of the Gabriel visit to his mother

126:3.6 Jesus k. he would never sit on the throne of David

127:1.7 He k. he was not to become the expected Messiah,

128:1.2 Joshua ben Joseph k. full well that he was a man,

128:1.13 he k. that he was the maker of the heavens and

128:4.2 Jesus well k. that his mission on earth was not to

128:4.2 he k. that he must not obligate himself in the least

129:3.9 Jesus virtually k.—with all human certainty—that

134:7.1 he k. that his world travels were about finished.

135:11.3 deliver him from prison. But Jesus k. all about this

136:4.1 Jesus well k. that John’s fearless and tactless

136:4.12 Jesus k. their ideas concerning the coming kingdom.

136:4.13 To live and work as he k. his Father would approve,

136:6.6 Jesus k. the sort of Messiah his compatriots

136:7.2 Jesus k. his fellow countrymen were expecting a

136:8.4 Jesus k. the methods of the world—how people

136:8.5 Jesus k. many ways in which the attention of the

136:8.5 he k. the futility of the Caligastia method of trying

136:9.2 Jesus k. that this hope would never be realized.

136:9.2 Jesus k. that the kingdom of heaven had to do with

138:6.2 because he k. it was best for his human associates.

139:2.6 Jesus k. that Peter’s faults were of the head and not

139:5.7 Jesus well k. that, if he once rebuked Philip for

139:5.7 Jesus k. that on his worlds of space there were

139:7.8  k. of this generosity, save Jesus, who k. all about it.

139:7.9 Levi little realized that the Master k. all about it.

139:8.10 Master k. all about this and had an understanding

139:12.7 well k. the dangers of admitting him to fellowship.

140:3.20 will be compelled to say to them, ‘I never k. you;

140:8.1 Jesus well k. that his apostles were not fully

140:8.17 he well k. that each age must evolve its own

140:8.21 He well k., and taught his apostles, that the sensual

140:8.22 He k. many of the scribes and Pharisees were honest

140:8.26 Jesus k. men were different, and he so taught his

141:1.1  Jesus k. that Herod would soon begin to take notice

141:4.8 well k. the difference between the possession of

141:7.14 and understood, loved, and k. how to manage men.

142:8.4 did not perceive that Jesus k. all about their doings

143:6.1 Jesus k. that darkness would soon be upon them;

143:6.5 k. that he would not again visit the heart of Samaria

144:0.3 Jesus k. that the days of the preliminary work of

145:1.3 and k. the habits of the fish in the Sea of Galilee.

145:3.7 Jesus well k. he could never build an enduring

145:5.1  k. that he must also do the more important work

149:2.1 Jesus k. what was in the heart of man, and had his

152:2.5 though, of course, he k. all that was going on.

152:7.3 Jesus well k. that that would be the last time he

153:1.3 The Master well k. that many of his followers were

153:1.3 Jesus likewise k. that many of his disciples were

153:1.3 He k. he could depend on his followers, when

153:3.7 Jesus spoke out with less reserve because he k. the

153:5.4 I k. that these halfhearted believers would fall out

154:6.8 He k. how human beings are swayed by eloquence

154:6.8 he k. how far more difficult it is to persuade men to

157:3.4 he well k. the time had come when he must begin to

157:6.6 He well k. that his earth mission could not fulfill the

158:0.2 Jesus k. beforehand what was to transpire on the

158:2.2 Jesus k. that, if they insisted on regarding him as

158:2.5 He well k. that none of the twelve were spiritually

158:7.1 whom Jesus k. would presently be coming along

158:7.1 he k. that those who followed after him would go

162:3.1 Jesus well k. that, while these scribes and Pharisees

162:3.5 He k. what sort of man he was and perceived that

163:2.6 Jesus k. that he was not free from the love of

163:6.1 The Master now k. that he could leave this world

164:2.3 The Master well k. none of their plans would work.

164:4.1 Jesus k. that Sabbath breaking would be one of

165:4.4 because he k. that his trouble was covetousness.

167:1.4 the Master k. full well that this afflicted man came

168:1.4 Jesus k. the sisters loved their brother and had faith

168:1.5 bitter persecution which he well k. Lazarus would

169:4.4 Jesus well k. that God can be known only by the

171:4.2 Jesus k. about the swords and which of his

171:4.2 he never disclosed to them that he k. such things.

171:7.4  —he k. so fully what was in the heart and in the mind

172:0.3  k. about all this, but he was majestically calm;

172:2.1 Jesus k. that many of his apostles and immediate

172:3.3 he well k. what was to be the outcome of this visit.

172:5.2 the twelve whom he k. were armed with swords;

173:2.4 Jesus well k. that these very men had long publicly

174:3.2  k., and so did the people, that these Sadducees

174:4.6 Jesus k. that there had been much debate, even

178:2.3 asked him whether he k.—but he never got further

179:0.2 that he k. he would be placed under arrest before the

179:2.3 thus to talk to his apostles because he k. that his

179:2.3  k. he had revealed the Father’s love on earth and

179:2.3 he k. Judas Iscariot had fully made up his mind to

179:4.5 recall, after I have gone, that I k. about all these

179:4.7 Jesus k. that nothing could be done to keep Judas

180:6.7 since Jesus k. they asked these questions, he said:

181:1.9 The Master k. all that was to befall him, and he was

182:3.9 to face such a death as he well k. awaited him.

182:3.9 He well k. that the time of his departure had

183:0.4 Jesus k. that the plan for his death had its origin in

183:0.4  Jesus k. that these rebels of the realms would also be

184:4.2  he k. that, if he permitted his apostle to remain in the

185:2.15 well k. that he had not been heard on these matters

186:2.1 Jesus k. that his work on earth, in the likeness of

187:5.2 as these passages, which he so well k. by heart,

188:3.9 the human Jesus k. nothing of what transpired in the

191:1.2 I k. it was not from the heart that you disowned

192:1.7 Jesus k. the fish were there and accordingly directed


144:8.5 the apostles of John were firmly k. to Jesus from

177:2.4 You possess a strong and well-k. character


1:4.2 “stand at the door” of consciousness “and k.

144:2.3 seek and you shall find; k. and it shall be opened

159:3.2 “Behold, I stand at the door and k., and if any man

166:3.4 stand before this door and k., saying, ‘Lord open

166:3.7 I stand at the doors of men’s hearts and k., and if


89:4.1 mutilations, k. out teeth, and cutting off fingers.


87:6.17 man still swears, k. on wood, crosses his fingers,

144:2.3 to him who k. the door of salvation will be opened

165:5.5 when he comes and k., you may quickly open to


186:1.7 the k. which his nervous hands had tied gave way,


88:5.4 wand was magical, along with drums, bells, and k..

147:8.3 to undo the k. of heavy burdens, to let the oppressed


57:3.3 protruding arms eventually produced their k.

69:4.7  k. cords, picture writing, hieroglyphics, wampum

150:3.12 bewitching, cursing, signs, mandrakes, k. cords,

185:6.2 the scourgers laid their k. whips upon Jesus as he

know or not knowsee knowwith God; with I; with they;

                                   with we; with you

0:3.25 the Son and the Infinite Spirit truly k. the Father as

1:5.5 he would k. that when he had seen a Creator Son

1:5.8 a person who can “k. and be known,” who can “love

1:6.6 the more he will crave to k. the Original Personality,

2:2.6 he cannot personally k. imperfection as his own

3:2.1 universes k. that “the Lord God omnipotent reigns.”

3:3.2 who does actually k. the number of the stars and

3:3.3 God is possessed of unlimited power to k. all things;

3:4.6 Mortal man cannot possibly k. the infinitude of the

4:5.7 the human race is destined to k. the Universal Father

5:4.8 The Greek religion had a watchword “K. yourself”;

6:4.8 The Father and the Son really k. the number and

6:4.8 Not only does the Son k. all things by virtue of his

6:6.2 The equivalent of mind, the ability to k. and be

9:2.5 the Third Person of Deity, even mortal man may k.,

9:7.1 power to see, hear, sense, and k. all things as they

9:7.2 enable universe rulers to k. about remote

10:1.6 bestowals make it possible for man actually to k.

12:5.10 Unspiritual animals k. only the past and live in the

12:9.3 not predict or k. that the union of two gaseous

13:1.23 ascending finaliters k. this very experience as an

13:4.7 stimulated by the activities of those who well k.

14:2.8 attain Deity, to achieve Paradise, and to k. the Father

14:6.29 The Creator Sons k. that the central creation is the

16:7.3 Only a personality can k. what it is doing before it

16:7.6 is not to define them, but to live them is to k. them.

18:1.6 to k. the eternal Gods, freely to k. their characters of

19:5.5 k. the classification or number of the Spirit presence

20:4.5 not even “the angels in heaven k. the time or

22:2.6 it may interest Urantians to k. that the companion

23:2.16 the Ancients of Days would certainly k. these things,

23:2.20 the Paradise Deities k. of the existence of these

24:2.2 On Paradise knowledge is inherent; the Deities k. all

25:4.17 these advisers k. how to direct us all in the finding of

25:4.19 and to all others who desire to k. the truth of law;

25:4.19 to k. how the Supremacy of Deity may be depended

25:8.4 The Creators well k. that it is “not good for man to

26:11.4 even as the Paradise Creator Sons k. and love them.

27:5.2 of the particular fact or truth he may wish to k..

27:6.6 The encircling creations k. of these teachings only

28:4.1 look both ways, hear both ways, and k. both ways.

28:4.6 If the Ancients of Days would like to k.—really k.

39:5.9 a colossal blunder for the creature to k. the future.

43:3.4 difficult at times to k. exactly who is referred to by

47:7.3 on Jerusem, but now he comes really to k. them.

48:6.35 see you” and “to k. yourself as angels k. you.”

52:4.5 Such refined people well k. how to utilize leisure for

52:6.4 each nation must k. the feelings of all nations.

56:8.2 such finaliters come really to k. the Supreme Being,

56:9.6 Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit k. him as an infinity.

63:4.9 The Life Carriers k. this tendency among creatures

65:4.5 When Urantia scientists k. more of these healing

65:5.3 for universe management undoubtedly k. exactly

74:3.8 did nk. that the world’s new ruler was one of the

75:5.7 did nk. whether her mate had in sorrow destroyed

76:5.3 Adam did nk. that Michael, the sovereign of this

87:5.14 curiosity that the ancients sought to k. the future;

88:4.6 desire to k. and control planetary environment.

88:6.6 days of barbarism it was dangerous to k. very much;

90:2.1 rather, to k. and control the hazards of living.

91:5.4 1. The person who is prayed for should k. that he is

100:2.8 they positively k. that such catastrophes are but the

101:2.1 mortal mind which craves to k. how the Infinite

101:6.10 man shall k. the truth, and the truth shall set him free

102:1.1 to do the divine will, he shall k. the way of truth.

102:2.1 Observing minds and discriminating souls k. religion

102:6.7 then shall all men k. that you are my disciples.”

106:0.1 It is not enough that the ascending mortal should k.

109:7.7 He did not even k. they would thus appear, for they

111:2.8 impulse of the infinite mind of the Creator to k. man

114:7.16 universe seems to k. when the unsettled status

115:7.1 Supreme could only k. growth and development

116:0.5 of Deity manifestation. But none of us really k..

116:4.6 these sovereigns see both ways, k. both ways, and

118:1.10  can k. of, and participate in, every temporal struggle

119:3.7 the Material Sons k. that in the Creator Son of the

123:0.2 affectionate mother can k. the burden that Mary

123:2.14 Mary taught Jesus to k. and care for the vines and

123:5.8 afforded him the opportunity to k. the human race.

123:6.9 and observe my mind but can hardly truly k. me.”

124:6.4 Mary did nk. about their controversy of the previous

126:2.1 did nk. how seriously Joseph had been injured.

126:2.2 the only home he was to k. while on this world.

126:4.7 that all may k. and believe me and understand that

128:3.7 Simon felt that he had begun to k. his father-brother.

128:7.4 that your young brother may first k. the better way

129:3.8 trip around the Mediterranean basin was to k. men.

130:2.6 to k. their problems and to learn to love them,

130:2.8 Ganid wanted to k. whether the dog had a soul,

130:2.8 “The dog has a mind which can k. material man,

130:8.2 I will give you a heart to k. me, that I am the Lord,

131:4.2 and those who learn to k. him become immortal.

131:4.6 who strive for perfection must indeed k. the Lord

131:4.6 should understand him—come fully to k. the truth.

131:7.2 Since the olden people did nk. my name,I manifested

131:8.4 To k. one’s mother is to recognize one’s sonship.

131:10.3 parents, being of evil tendency, k. how to love their

131:10.3 the good Father in heaven k. how wisely to love his

131:10.4 If more human beings could only k. about the

132:5.2 Jesus perceived that he really desired to k. more

132:6.1 all those who k. the way of truth and enjoy the

132:7.5 God in mind but largely failed to k. him in spirit.

132:7.9 though the young man did nk. it, they were making

133:1.2 judgment is vested in those who fully k. the

133:3.12 But Paul did nk. how well the Jewish tutor had

135:4.4 literal or figurative? How could he k. the truth?

135:4.5 John did well k. the Jewish sacred writings, but he

135:8.5 that the people may k. that my hour has come.”

136:4.10 own spirit that he might seek to k. the will of God.

136:8.3 the human mind would k. of a certainty that it was

136:8.6  k. that it would be “through much tribulation that

137:2.3 Nathaniel,who lived at Cana of Galilee, did nk. Jesus

137:4.7 how was he to k. that the marriage of his son was

137:4.10 Mary did nk. how the wine would be produced,

138:4.2 kingdom is wide open for all who desire to k. the

139:1.11 friends; they really wanted all the world to k. him.

139:7.8 let them k. that his funds often supplied them with

139:7.9 Levi did so wish that Jesus might k. that much of

139:12.7 onlookers of innumerable other worlds to k. that,

140:1.6 bring all men to k. my Father and believe in the

140:1.7 the lives you live that men will k. you have been

140:6.11 let not the left hand k. what the right hand does.

140:8.26 not allowing the left hand to k. what the right hand

142:2.3 “Suffice it to say that the Father and the Son k. all

142:6.6 duty of those who k. about the realities of the spirit

142:6.8 Nicodemus did nk. how to submit his will to the will

142:8.2 did nk. that Jesus had been born in Bethlehem.

143:3.1 Andrew did nk. what next to do, and so he went to

143:5.4 Nalda did nk. how to take Jesus’ willingness to talk

143:5.6 that there was present in Nalda’s soul a desire to k.

143:5.6 The Jews at least k. whom they worship; they

144:1.10 The twelve longed to k. what form of petition

146:3.3 how can a new believer in your teaching really k.,

146:3.7 leading of this spirit shall eventually k. the will of

149:2.14 the more man comes to k. this God-man, the more

150:5.4 the women rejoiced all the more to k. they were

151:1.4 and those who desire to k. the truth may find that

151:2.1 it is given to us to k. the mysteries of the kingdom.

151:3.14 truths to those who desired to k. the better way

151:6.7 the gods of our country do nk. him, and we stand

152:0.3 Jesus desired all to k. that it was Veronica’s faith

153:0.2 Andrew was at a loss to k. what to do for his

153:3.2 ever to seek to k. and do the will of the indwelling

153:3.5 Turn now your attention to those who would k.

154:6.4 neither did Mary k. that his address was likely to be

156:2.4 came to k. not only that Jesus was like God but

157:2.1 all men will k. that you have been sent by God.”

157:2.1 To those who would k. the truth, already has a

158:1.7 k. that whatsoever I have declared to you is true.”

158:3.5 Jesus sought to k. his Father’s will and decided to

159:3.10 Future generations shall k. also the radiance of our

159:4.1 you trust me to k. the truth about the Scriptures?

159:4.10 teachers of the sanctity of this traditionalism k.

160:1.5 Animals k. only this blind and instinctive urge;

160:1.5 Animals k. not the meaning of life; man not only

161:2.6 5. He seems to k. the thoughts of men’s minds

161:2.7 He seems to k. about the thoughts of his associates.

161:2.10 He seems to k. the future as well as the past.

161:3.2 followers to k. too fully that he was able to discern

162:2.1 he shall certainly k. about my teaching, whether it

162:2.9 of this ignorant multitude who k. not the law or

162:6.1 who receive this spirit shall never k. spiritual thirst.

164:3.10 healed him, Josiah could answer only that he did nk..

164:3.11 Josiah did nk. that the Jesus who had directed

165:2.4 the door, and when he calls, the sheep k. his voice.

165:2.4 sheep k. not your voice and will not follow you.”

165:2.8 true shepherd; I k. my own and my own k. me.

165:2.9 These other sheep also hear and k. my voice, and I

168:1.7 Did the divine mind of Jesus k., even before Lazarus

171:8.8 the apostles sought to k. the difference between the

172:5.2 Andrew did nk. that his own brother, Peter, was

174:5.1 You have been pointed out to us by those who k.

176:2.5 not even the angels of heaven k. when this will occur

176:4.5 he does return, all the world will likely k. about it.

177:2.1 the lad asked the Master how he could k. that he

177:2.5 all that he can first k. of either human or divine

177:5.2 Those who k. the gospel only in the mind,

178:1.4 in darkness will never k. of your spiritual light

178:3.5 neither did the apostles k. that one of their own

180:1.1 by this will all men k. that you are my disciples

180:2.1 all men will k. that you are truly my disciples.

181:2.14 the treasury replenished which your brethren do nk.

182:1.3 my creatures should k. you as the only true God

182:1.6 my brethren in the flesh may k. that the Father

182:1.23 I am the hope of all who k. the living truth.

182:2.12 his great desire to be near Jesus and to k. what was

183:2.2 Judas happened to k. that only Peter and Simon

184:5.9 Jesus did nk. (as a man) of their formal charges until

185:3.8 Pilate was hard pressed to k. what to do with Jesus;

185:5.6 They resented, more than Pilate could k.,

185:6.1 His friends either do not yet k. of his night arrest

187:1.2 that all witnesses might k. for what crime the

188:5.12 No man can ever fear that the Creator does nk. the

191:0.5 James did nk. of the Master’s many appearances to

191:4.3 love one another, all men will k. that you are my

193:0.4 That which the world needs most to k. is: Men are

193:0.4 My bestowal should help all men to k. that they are

195:6.11 A machine cannot k., much less k. truth, hunger for

195:7.13 to believe or claim to k. that he is only a machine?

195:9.8 Jesus as he really lived on earth and k., firsthand,

196:1.3 of greatest value is to k. the religious life of Jesus

knowwith God

1:0.2 beings who could k. God,receive the divine affection

1:1.5 Those who k. God through the revelations of the

1:2.8 Those who k. God have experienced the fact of his

5:1.7 if such a human soul desires to k. God and become

5:4.8 Hebrews centered their teaching on “K. your God”;

10:4.1 in relation to God and to those who can k. God,

10:8.7 creature capacity they fully and truly k. God.

11:1.3  k. God’s location and residence just as certainly as

54:4.7 work together for good to all beings who k. God,

56:10.20 thing in the universe—and they k. that God is love.

65:0.6 the ability to k. God and the power of choosing to

67:7.6 by any individual who chooses to k. God and do his

72:3.5 religion is the striving to k. God and to manifest

97:4.6 They shall k. no God but me, for there is no savior

99:5.2 True religion is to k. God as your Father and man as

100:2.1 perfection-hunger, the desire to k. God and be like

102:6.6 As truth one may k. God, but to understand—to

103:8.4 If you truly believe in God—by faith k. him and love

108:0.2 God cannot experientially k. what he has never

111:2.8 the impulse of the finite mind to k. God and attain

111:2.10 dominated by a human will that craves to k. God,

130:2.8 know material man, his master, but cannot k. God,

130:8.2 your trouble is simply that you do nk. God.

130:8.2 I will give you a heart to k. me, that I am the Lord,

131:4.4 And we long to k. this God in our inner being.

131:4.7 the soul is a prisoner; to k. God releases the soul.

131:4.7 To k. God is to cut the cords of death.

131:10.2 Though we cannot see God, we can k. him.

131:10.3 God by knowledge, but we can k. him in our hearts

132:7.1 about God if the man does not desire to k. God.

132:7.2 he must desire to k. God as the result of contact

132:7.2 If we k. God, our real business on earth is so to

133:0.3 classes: those who k. God and those who do not.

133:0.3 Those who cannot k. God are reckoned among the

133:3.7 to God, to help us to find God and to k. God;

133:4.4 You who k. God are the sons of God if you truly

133:6.5 the ability to k. God and the urge to be like him,

133:9.4 who has made us better and helped us to k. God.”

142:3.8 And now do we k. God as our Father in heaven.

145:2.9 to k. God and to seek to become like him.

147:6.6 Jesus taught that those who k. God can enjoy the

155:6.10 the days of Moses, to find God and to k. God.

162:7.5 you have failed to k. this your God and my Father

169:4.4 understand God, they could most certainly k. him,

169:4.4 You can k. God, not by understanding what Jesus

180:5.9 to k. God and to become increasingly like him.

182:1.3 my creatures should k. you as the only true God

195:7.18 experience, is seeking to find God and to k. him.

knowwith I

1:3.8 I k. of the actuality and personality of the First

1:3.8 I k. that, while the great God is absolute, eternal,

1:3.8 I k. the truth of the great declarations:“God is spirit”

1:7.9 unchallengeable authority; I k. whereof I speak.]

3:3.2 I have heard their cry, and I k. their sorrows.”

3:6.6 Does the Paradise Father suffer? I do nk..

5:3.2 and I k. that all orders of Father fragments are

6:8.8 doubt not, he is a person. I k. whereof I speak.

10:2.8 I k. the Trinity as unified Deity; I also k. that the

10:2.8 I positively k. that they not only act personally

10:8.5 but I do not personally k. the Deity Absolute.

15:14.8 I k. the physical-sphere registry number, but it is of

19:1.2 the final number of Teacher Sons will be I do nk..

20:8.2 exact number of Teacher Sons in Nebadon I do nk.,;

21:1.4 I do nk. the exact number of Creator Sons in

23:0.2 I do nk. how many such personalities exist in the

23:0.2 I only k., from time to time, how many are of record

24:1.9 I do nk. how many secondary circuit supervisors

44:4.12 I am at a loss to k how to depict to the material mind

48:6.18 For I k. that in the fullness of time and the glory

55:2.8 but I k. of no system whose inhabited worlds,

102:6.5 God-knowing soul who dares to say, “I k.,” even

102:6.5 believer only replies, “How do you k. that I do nk.?”

102:7.7 “I k. what I have experienced because I am a son of

107:3.1 As far as I k., none but Adjusters and other entities

108:5.7 I do nk. that I am fully cognizant of what is really

109:4.6 I k. whereof I speak since we have their numbers in

112:7.13 I do nk. I surmise that the registry of that Adjuster

119:1.2 Many of you, I k., would go with me, but whither

121:8.12 I well k. that those concepts which have had origin

123:3.2 to hear Joseph say, “My son, I really do nk..”

125:0.6 I well k., no matter what unwise thing I might do,

130:6.2 I would like to k. whether you are familiar with

130:6.2 “I well k. you wish to be left alone with your

130:6.2  k. the way to the city of your disappointed hopes

131:3.2 I k. that faith from beyond will not fail me. I k. my

131:5.5 I k. when I make confession, if I purpose not to do

131:5.5 I k. that forgiveness takes away the bonds of sin.

131:10.7 By this new faith I k. that man may become the son

132:7.3 I would really like to k. what you think of Buddha.”

133:4.12 I well k. you did not plan to do the thing which is

133:9.4  k. that the man who later appeared as Jesus of

135:8.7 “Now I k. of a certainty that you are the Deliverer.”

137:5.2 I do nk. of a certainty whether you are what my

137:5.2 kingdom, but I do k. you are a mighty man of God

140:7.1 “I k. Master, that we should now be ready to enter

142:7.13 This entire relationship of a son to the Father, I k.

143:5.7 “Yes, I k., Sir, that John has preached about the

147:1.2 I k. that you can speak the word where you stand

147:4.3 “I well k., Nathaniel, that no such idea of evil is

147:5.6 “I k. your heart, Simon, how you are torn betwixt

148:5.4 I k. of your confusion as you have read Scriptures.

148:5.5 ‘I k. your sorrows. The eternal God is your refuge,

148:6.6 ‘I well k. that God does not hear my cry for help.

148:7.2 “I k. wherefore you have sent this man into my

151:6.4 I k. you, Jesus, but I am possessed of many devils,

152:0.2 I k. that I have been healed of my affliction.”

154:6.2 “I k. I could influence my son if he would only

155:4.2 Master, I should really like to k. just what is wrong

156:1.3 I k. he can cast the demon out of my child, and

157:4.5 “You are my chosen ambassadors, but I k. that,

162:2.3 I k. the Father, for I have come from the Father to

162:2.6 I k. you have been sent to apprehend me, but you

162:3.5 “I k. about you; neither do I condemn you. Go

162:5.2 for I k. whence I came, who I am, and whither I go

162:7.2 I k. how you will answer me: We are the children

162:7.3 I k. that you are Abraham’s seed, yet your leaders

162:7.5 Though you know not the Father, I truly k. him.

163:2.4 I would k. from you the assurances of eternal life.

163:2.4 I would like to k. what more I must do to gain

163:6.3 I rejoice to k. that the good news will spread to all

163:6.3 that only I really k. you, and those to whom I have

164:3.10 I do not yet k. the meaning of much that I see.”

164:4.9 I k. not; but one thing I do k.—that, whereas I was

164:5.2 My sheep hear my voice and I k. them and they

165:2.8 true shepherd; I k. my own and my own k. me.

165:4.5 I k. that your apostles have sold all their earthly

165:5.3 and I k. that you have need of all these things.

165:6.2 will I soon k. who can be trusted with the welfare

166:3.4 all such selfish ones: I k. not whence you are.

166:3.4 that I do nk. you; and then shall the Judge of all

167:1.5 but I k. the desire of your heart and the faith of your

168:0.6 “I k. that he will rise again in the resurrection of

168:2.2 I k. that you always hear me, but because of those

169:2.4 I k. what I will do to make certain that, when I am

171:0.5 I k. you love me in your hearts; therefore I declare

171:3.2 “My son, I k. you will be true to the kingdom,

171:4.6 “I well k. about Herod and his fear of this gospel

174:5.3 I k. that not all have failed me; some of you have

174:5.9 “I k. my hour is approaching, and I am troubled.

174:5.12 I k. of a certainty that the Father will receive me

175:1.11 I k. that many of you believe in secret, and I k.

175:1.11 I k. you will openly profess your allegiance to the

177:2.2 “I k. you will prove loyal to the gospel because I can

178:2.3 Yes, David, I k. all about it, and I k. that you know

180:6.2 I k. that you ask such questions in your hearts.

181:1.6 are alone in the world, I will k. of your isolation

181:2.7 I k. that you love me, Simon, and that you also

181:2.7 I k. full well that you will eventually grasp the

181:2.7 I would rejoice to k. that you would not falter;

181:2.7 I would be happy if I could k. that, after I go to the

181:2.9 I k. you would not hesitate to go forth in battle

181:2.14 “Levi, I k. much about your anxieties, sacrifices,

181:2.22 I k. you will be faithful to the end, and I will some

181:2.23 I do nk. what to expect next, and I think most of my

181:2.26 I k. well that the false prophets and spurious

181:2.26 Thomas, I am glad you joined us, and I k., after a

181:2.27 “Peter, I k. you love me, and that you will dedicate

182:0.2 “I do nk. where Judas is, but I fear he has deserted

182:1.3 I k. that you have given me full authority over all

182:1.5 These men are weak and frail, but I k. we can trust

182:1.5 I well k., my Father, that there is no need for me to

182:1.5 I k. you love them even as I, but I do this that they

182:1.6 I k. you, and I have made you known to these

182:3.1 I k. that the hour has come to lay down this life in

182:3.1 I would k. that it is your will that I drink this cup.

182:3.2 prayed: “Father, I k. it is possible to avoid this cup

184:2.5 “I k. not this man, neither am I one of his followers.”

184:2.6 I do not even k. him; I never heard of him before.”

187:5.2 such as, “I k. the Lord will save his anointed,”

189:0.2 the Paradise Father, and I k. whereof I speak.”

189:1.10 that I may more fully k. the life of my ascendant

191:5.4 and I k. you will believe, even with a whole heart.”

knowwith they

3:5.17 They love the truth, but they k. nothing of its soul-

5:1.1 the Father himself, they would nk. they were there.

6:6.3 they k. as they are known; they enjoy the

9:0.3 near you; they really k. and truly understand you.

14:6.29 They k. that the personal presence of the ever-

15:10.23 They k. of mutual affairs only through the

17:1.3 see all, hear all, feel all, even k. all, that transpires

25:4.16 they k. all even before they experience all, but they

27:6.2 They have knowledge; they k. the truth; they may

48:3.12 They k. and speak all the tongues of a local universe;

53:9.7 “And they who k. you among the worlds will be

56:10.20 thing in the universe—and they k. that God is love.

65:4.5  k. more about controlling certain serious diseases.

66:4.6 they never did k.; before the time for such a step

93:1.2 but they did nk. how soon it would occur;

97:4.6 They shall k. no God but me, for there is no savior

106:2.5 so do creatures attain the capacity to k. the Supreme

109:6.3 they full well k. that personality attainment can never

114:7.17 they all k. we are here; and you mortals dwelling

119:0.6 they come to k. the various groups over which

121:4.3 failed to k. him and therefore failed to find him.

125:2.9 they were sorely perplexed; they did nk. what to do.

127:3.11 They did nk. that the Nazareth family was practically

131:4.7 they who k. that God is enthroned in the human

131:8.6 “They who k. the laws the Eternal are wise.

131:8.6 They who k. the laws of God are liberal minded.

133:3.8 how earnestly they crave to k. good people,

133:9.4 were they, in this world, ever to k. that the man

144:3.13 they were very curious to k. the manner or form of

144:3.13 They were really hard pressed to k. what to answer

145:2.5 For they shall all k. me personally, from the least

145:5.3 desired to k. why Jesus appeared to be troubled by

155:1.3 do the heathen rage? Because they k. not the truth.

159:4.10 They k. the truth regarding the sacred writings, but

162:2.2 They seek to kill me because they well k. that, if

165:2.4 His sheep follow him because they k. his voice;

165:2.4 They will flee from the stranger because they k. not

165:2.4 they k. the shepherd’s voice, and they follow after us

168:2.2 and that they may k. that you are working with me

169:4.4 understand God, they could most certainly k. him,

172:5.1 the apostles did nk. what to expect next; they were

173:1.9 They did nk. how to accomplish his death, for they

176:2.9 wanted to k more about the destruction of Jerusalem

179:3.1 were very curious to k. what he intended to do

180:6.1 kingdom of heaven because they do nk. the Father.

180:6.1 They have refused to k. the Father by refusing to

181:2.6 they were very curious to k. the significance of

182:0.2 they all besieged Andrew to k. what had become

184:1.5 they k. no better, but you, friend, know what you

187:2.4 “Father, forgive them, for they k. not what they do.”

188:5.6 “Father, forgive them, for they k. not what they do.”

189:4.2 neither did they k. that a second stone had been

191:4.7 they rejoiced to k. their Creator as one of their own

192:1.3 they did nk. it was Jesus who had directed them,

knowwith we

0:5.2 we k. of no limitations to the progressive evolution

0:12.13 But we k. that there dwells within the human mind

0:12.13 we further k. that these spirit forces conspire to

0:12.13 we k. that these spirits of the Divine Presence are

1:7.4 can k. such a truth in our own personal experience

3:1.4 “We k. we dwell in him because he lives in us; he

4:1.4 “We k. that all things work together for good to

7:1.9 We k. that the spirit presence of the Eternal Son is

7:2.3 We k. of no better term to use than to designate

7:5.7 we do nk. whether the Son added to the supposed

7:5.7 he has ever since retained; but we do nk. what it is.

8:1.11 We k. that any child can best relate himself to reality

9:2.5 spirit of the Eternal Son we k.—we can unmistakably

9:6.8 What this function is we do nk.; what actuates it, we

9:7.3 We k. that the Conjoint Actor is the universe center

9:7.3 We k. further that the circuits of the cosmic mind

9:8.10 we can only conjecture; how he does so we do nk..

9:8.10 Neither do we k. why the Third Source bestows

10:3.6 We do nk. whether volition is an inalienable attribute

10:7.3 he has finally evolved, but we do not really k..

10:7.5 Frankly, we do nk.; we are not really sure.

10:8.5 We k. the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the

11:1.3 We all k. the direct course to pursue to find the

11:5.1 Concerning nether Paradise, we k. only that which is

11:6.1 We do nk. the actual mechanism of space respiration

11:6.3 We do nk. whether vertical (reservoir) space is

11:6.3 we do nk. whether there is creative intent concerning

11:6.3 we really k. very little about the space reservoirs,

11:7.2 We k. very little about them, but we observe that

11:7.4 the master universe, but how far beyond we do nk..

12:0.2 we k. that at any given moment in time it is limited,

12:1.16 In theory we do nk. how to limit either the infinity of

12:2.4 We also k. that these forces are ancestral to those

12:2.5 We k. very little of the significance of these

12:2.5 we k. little more about these realms than do the

12:2.5 As far as we k., no material beings on the order of

12:4.2 Is motion inherent therein? We do nk..

12:4.2 We k. that motion is not inherent in space;

12:5.2 We do nk. the absolute limits of space,

12:5.2 but we do k. that the absolute of time is eternity.

12:6.7 We do not really k., but we surmise that such

12:6.13 but we k. the latter functions wherever the Deity

13:0.2 As far as we k. they have always been; like

13:1.23 We k. about the eternal fusion of a divine Adjuster

15:1.1 we k. that the universes are engaged in an orderly,

16:0.10 We k. very little about the action of the Father and

16:8.4 is that feature of an individual that we k.,

17:6.3 we k. that this fact finds place on the Paradise

17:6.4 We do nk., but we suspect that such a group-

17:6.10 The Unrevealed Career. We k. of these six phases

19:4.7 Having made due allowances for all that we k. or

19:5.1 We do nk. whether these Spirits are of completed

19:5.2 But we k. little about them except as we deduce

19:5.3 We therefore k. that they exist, and that under

19:5.6 certain phases of their work; be we do not really k.

19:5.8 We really do nk. whether they are merely interested

19:5.9 We k. that the Trinity Teacher Sons are devoted to

19:5.9 liaison in their activities, but we do not really k..

19:6.4 We do nk. what order or type of creature may be

19:6.8 We k. that the Havona of the previous universe age

21:1.4 we k. that there are exactly seven hundred

21:3.3 We k. of no Michael who ever did otherwise; but

22:7.14 We do nk. a great deal about these conjoint children

22:7.14 we k. much more than we are permitted to reveal.

23:4.3 such an extraordinary association may be, we do nk..

23:4.4 orders of celestial beings, but we do nk. the answers.

24:2.8 how they register the functions of will, we do nk..

28:4.7 we k. it works, and that it unfailingly works

28:4.7 we k., for in all the history of Uversa the secoraphic

28:6.14 we have only to look at them to k. the limitations of

29:0.10 as far as we k., no more beings of these orders have

31:0.8 We think we k. their future work. but we are not

31:2.2 We k. they are highly personal beings, divine,

31:3.2 We of Uversa do nk. the “finality destiny” of the

31:3.3 We do nk. the nature of that step, but we have taken

31:3.4 1. We k. from the records that mortals are spirits of

31:3.5 we really k. no more about all this than you do;

31:7.2 beings attached to the eternal mission, we do nk..

31:7.5 seventh stage of spirit attainment before we really k..

31:9.4 to the planning of Havona, but we really do nk..

31:10.15 But though we really k. nothing about the plans of

36:4.8 we do k. that every local universe in Orvonton

36:6.7 We k that life flows from the Father through the Son

36:6.7 We do k. that the Universe Mother Spirit actually

36:6.7 otherwise we k. little more than Urantia mortals—

40:10.8 and of superuniverse citizenship will be we do nk.,

42:2.7 We k. that the space presence going out from nether

42:2.21 We k. that finite creatures can attain the worship

44:4.3 Even on Salvington we “k. as we are known.”

55:0.3 as far as we k., these worlds settled in light and life

55:6.5 we do not really k., we conjecture that there can

55:6.10 destined to the Corps of the Finality? But we do nk..

55:12.2 way in to Havona and Paradise; but we really do nk..

55:12.5 creations of time and space. But we really do nk..

56:7.6 We do nk., but we speculate much concerning these

56:7.7 Neither do we k. whether or not the Supreme

56:7.7 But we really k. nothing about these possibilities

56:7.8 We do k. that in the universe of time and space, God

67:1.2 as we now k., the Prince agreed to betray the planet

75:6.3 we do nk. what disposition is to be made of them.

77:1.1 We k. of the existence of similar creatures on other

77:2.2 we shall never k. what an aristocracy of benign

93:10.9 We k. that Adam and Eve are destined to accompany

96:6.4 Behold, God is great and we k. him not.

101:3.17 We k. by three phenomena, that man has a divine

101:4.2 We full well k. that, while the historic facts and

102:1.5 Always will we k. him because we trust him,

102:2.1 we all k. its social, intellectual, moral, and spiritual

106:1.1 (We k. of the existence of tertiary finites, but the

106:4.3 by the full emergence of the Ultimate we do nk..

106:6.4 We do nk how an absolute function can achieve total

106:6.6 we k. that the Universal Absolute is not only static

106:8.22 We do nk., but we are confident that it would lead

107:1.3 from the absoluteness of the First Source, we do nk.;

107:1.3 neither do we k. their number. We k. very little

107:1.4 Although we do nk., we presume that Adjusters are

107:2.6 What functions may be theirs, we do nk..

107:3.1 of the Mystery Monitors. But we really do nk..

107:3.3 we k. something of all the seven secret spheres of

107:3.3 we k. less of Divinington than of the others.

107:3.9 And we do k. that this central and supervising corps

107:3.10 We really k. very little about the nonpersonalized

107:5.2 we can reveal very little, for we do nk..

107:5.2  we k. that they must be minded in some manner else

107:6.4 We k. that Thought Adjusters are spirits, pure spirits

108:1.2 we do not definitely k., we firmly believe that all

108:2.11 certain types of evolving mortal minds we do nk..

108:3.1 we k., Adjusters are organized as an independent

108:3.1 do k. from observation that there are numerous

108:3.4 k. that, following the appearance of a Paradise Son,

108:3.5 Divinington, we do not definitely k., but he said:

108:3.7 We k. that they come from Divinington to the worlds

108:5.10 We all k. that, while an angel might possibly fall

109:1.1 from Divinington, but we really do nk. very much

109:1.1 mortal association, but, again, we do not actually k..

109:4.5 We do nk. whether this Monitor has had similar

109:7.1 As far as we k., the Adjuster type of Father fragment

112:5.15 intervening between death and survival, we do nk..

113:3.6 really k. but we conjecture that this phenomenal

116:1.5 We really k. less about the mind of Supremacy than

116:1.5 But this we do k.: Whereas physique may attain

117:2.6 characterize the universes of outer space, we do nk..

117:7.16 of that age will be to the Supreme we do nk., but

118:2.5 revelation of God the Absolute? we really do nk..

118:3.7 We really do nk., albeit we are sure that an idea

119:1.6 We all k. of the facts of the Michael bestowals,

119:1.6 We do nk. how the ruler of a universe, the creator of

128:1.9 And we who thus testify k. whereof we speak.

131:4.4 And we long to k. this God in our inner being.

131:5.4  We k. that the religion is right which leads to union

131:6.2 We are assured of the life hereafter if we k. truth.

142:3.8 And now do we k. God as our Father in heaven.

142:5.1 “But, Rabbi, how shall we k. of a certainty that you

142:6.3 “Rabbi, we k. that you are a teacher sent by God,

147:1.4 We only k. of the fact of the servant’s complete

148:2.1 as we k., no so-called miracles of supernatural

150:9.2 still live among us. We k. your mother, Mary.

151:6.7 We k. he is a holy man, but the gods of our country

153:0.2 until we k. what the Master is thinking about.”

153:5.4 not turn back for we k. that you are sent by God.”

154:5.3 other parts, and by them we will all k. about you.

156:5.3 we well k. from your revelation of the Father that he

161:2.10 We k. he is human, we are sure of that, but we are

161:3.3 do not actually k. the full truth about this mystery.

162:2.3 we k. that his appearance will be in mystery.

162:2.3 We k. whence you are. You have been among

164:4.4 We k. that one who is a common sinner cannot

164:4.4 We all k. this beggar and that he was born blind;

164:4.7 “We k. that this is our son, and that he was born

164:4.7 or who it was that opened his eyes, we k. not.

164:4.8 We all k. that this man is a sinner.

164:4.10 We k. that God spoke through Moses, but as for

164:4.10 but as for this man Jesus, we k. not whence he is.”

164:4.11 We all that God does not perform such works for

168:1.7 he would raise him from the dead? We do nk..

168:1.7  We k. only what we are herewith placing on record.

170:4.15 From all we k. these promises may, or may not,

173:2.5 baptism of John, we cannot answer; we do nk..

173:5.4 “But, Master, how shall we k. about these things?

173:5.4 what sign will you give us whereby we shall k.

174:2.2 Jesus: “Master, we k. you are a righteous teacher,

174:2.2 and we k. that you proclaim the ways of truth,

174:2.2 and we would k. the truth about a matter which

176:0.2 how shall we k. when these events are about to

176:1.6 “Master, we k. that all things will pass away when

176:1.6 how shall we k. when you will return to bring all this

176:4.5 and as an isolated event? We do nk.. Only one thing

176:4.6 As far as we k., Jesus may appear on earth any day,

179:4.3 We should k. who it is that has proved untrue to his

180:3.6 Master, we do nk. where you are going; so of course

180:3.6 you are going; so of course we do nk. the way.

180:4.4 how shall we k. you when you no longer manifest

181:2.13 who will send us, and how shall we k. where to go?

182:2.3 We have all seen his mighty power and k. that he

182:3.7 we k. that he endured great anguish and suffered

188:3.4 we do not really k. what Jesus commended to his

188:3.5 We k. that the physical form of the Master rested in

188:3.7 2. The former Adjuster of Jesus we k. to have been

188:3.8 a part of the resurrected personality, we do nk.,

188:3.13 We k. that at least one message passed between

188:5.13 We k. that the death on the cross was not to effect

189:1.4 But we k. that it occurred as we have stated and at

189:1.5 We k. that no creature of the universe participated in

191:6.4 “Yes, we k., for we have seen him. He appeared to

knowwith you

1:1.6 is that you should k. him and aspire to be like him.

1:5.2 although you may k. that God must be much

1:5.2 you equally well k. that the Universal Father

3:2.10 you are unable to see, comprehend, or k. the

5:2.4 “By their fruits you shall k. them.”

8:4.3 in Havona you shall know him as a personal

9:5.7 mind as you k. it on your world can hardly become

10:4.7 You can k. little of the absoluteness of the Trinity,

11:1.3 and literally as you k. the location of New York,

12:0.1 you can k. something of their physical

12:7.13 you therefore k. that the Father is in intimate touch

12:9.2 You cannot really k. a person as the result of a single

12:9.2 You cannot appreciatingly k. music through

13:1.16 You k. of very few of these things; there are vast

13:2.5 reason out these questions; you k. so little.

13:2.8 you may nk. all the experiential secrets of all orders

13:2.9 you will k. and ardently love the ten Secrets of

18:5.5 You will all sometime k. the three Recents of Days

24:1.16 Although you will recognize and k. them as you

26:1.17 are encircuited; they “have food that you k. not.”

27:5.2 beings who are the very thing you wish to k..

30:4.15 you will sometime experientially k. the truth of it

40:5.18 You k. that every tenth world is a decimal or

40:5.18 but you k. nothing of the other variables that

41:2.5 You also k. something of the method whereby this

41:2.5 but you k. practically nothing of the technique of the

44:5.9 You k. of the innermost circle of Havona and that,

46:5.10 There you will personally k. and love these Sons,

48:6.35 see you” and “to k. yourself as angels k. you.”

49:5.1 series of mortals because you k. so little about them,

51:0.3 cannot hope to k. all about the work of these Sons

53:9.7 “And they who k. you among the worlds will be

56:3.3 you may k. that they are all derived from the God

100:4.5 If you could only k. your fellows, you would

101:5.13 more and more you will k. the truth of supreme

102:1.3 The more of science you k., the less sure you can be;

102:4.1 no more of a mystery for you to k. the mind of God

102:6.5 believer only replies, “How do you k. that I do nk.?”

102:7.1 you cannot be sure about God unless you k. him;

112:5.22 On the mansion worlds you will k. and be known,

118:2.2 you will presently attempt to k. him as Ultimate.

118:3.2 The more truth you k., the more truth you are,

119:7.5 you will never k. the technique and method of the

120:1.3 you will k. in very truth the full meaning and the rich

120:1.5 you may k. with assurance that I am empowered

130:2.4 you k. the ways of kindness and value justice,

130:3.7 Joshua, you k. more than these professors; you

130:6.2 these hills; do you k. the directions of the trails?

130:6.2 As you so well k. the trails to Phenix, having

130:8.2 your trouble is simply that you do nk. God.

130:8.2 I will give you a heart to k. me, that I am the Lord

131:8.2 If you k. the Eternal, you are enlightened and wise.

131:8.2 If you k. not the Eternal, then does ignorance

131:8.6 If you k. the Eternal, even though your body perish,

132:6.1 You k., Ganid, most human beings are like the lost

132:7.7 You k., father, I sometimes think Joshua is a prophet

133:2.2 Do you nk. that men and women are partners with

133:3.6 Do you happen to k. all of the circumstances

133:4.3 Loyalty to God, if you should come to k. him, would

133:4.4 K. you not that the mystery of eternal salvation

133:4.4 Do you nk. that the God of heaven has sent his spirit

133:4.4 You who k. God are the sons of God if you truly

136:7.3 you k. of a certainty that he never walked on water

137:8.7 you shall k. the Son of Man as the Prince of Peace,

140:3.19 By their fruits you shall k. them. Do men gather

140:4.7By their fruits you shall k. them.” Personality is

140:5.13 when you k. the Father, you are confirmed in the

140:6.13 You k. that it has been well said: ‘No man can serve

141:7.6 “You shall k. the truth, and the truth shall make you

142:2.3 Jacob, being a father of many, k. well the truth of

142:2.3 of six children? How did you k. this about me?”

142:3.2 Do you nk. the traditions of Israel relating to the

142:4.2 yourself, you really k. that you are a son of God.

143:2.6 When you k. that you are saved by faith, you have

143:5.6 But now you worship that which you k. not,

143:6.1 “I have meat to eat that you do nk. about.”

144:2.4 If you, then, being mortal and finite, k. how to

145:2.4 You well k. that, while a kindhearted father loves

145:2.5 one man to his neighbor, do you k. the Lord? Nay

146:3.6 will help you to k. that you are the sons of God.

147:4.9 you k. I would do to them in like circumstances.”

147:6.4 “Do you nk. that it is unlawful to pluck and rub the

147:6.6 Men, if you are enlightened by the truth and really k.

147:6.6 if you k. not the divine way, you are unfortunate and

148:5.3 should k. that the Father does not purposely afflict

148:6.3 you should k. that human suffering is not always

148:6.4 You well k. that no man can be righteous in God’s

148:6.4 You k. that the wicked never really prosper.

148:7.2 that you may k. that it is my Father’s will that you

148:9.3 who witness all this may finally k. that the Son of

149:4.2 You all k. ‘a soft answer turns away wrath,’ and

150:4.3 K. you not that the very hairs of your head are all

150:8.8 and in your heart, that you may k. and obey it.”

151:1.4 you it is given to k. the mysteries of the kingdom

151:3.15 I would test you to k. how you will receive this:

151:5.4 Master, don’t you k. we are in a violent storm?

153:2.2 But k. you for certain that, if you put me to death,

153:2.6 that you might the better k. how to serve and

153:3.3 You must well k. that such a practice as eating

153:3.5 K. you not that every plant which my heavenly

153:3.5 And you k. that, if the blind lead the blind, both

153:3.5 Do you nk. it is from the heart that there come forth

153:4.1 “You k. who I am; come out of him; and I charge

153:4.3 you should k. that no one can enter into the house

154:5.3 through them you shall k. of the kingdom in other

155:1.2 you who have lived with me well k. that anger and

156:5.4 you are beginning to k. the Father as I k. him,

156:5.4 You well k. how our forefathers were disposed to

156:5.4 But you, indeed, now k. better. You k. that men

157:2.1 How is it that you so well k. how to discern the face

157:3.6 The hour has come when you should k. the truth

158:1.6 You well k. I must be about my Father’s business;

159:4.4 you k. that these writings also contain much that is

160:4.13 you must k. how to loose cheerfully; you must be

161:2.3 The better you k. him, the more you will love him.

162:0.2 “You k. not what manner of attitude you manifest.

162:2.3 “You claim to k. me and to k. whence I am.

162:2.3 this gospel, shall come to k. Him who sent me.

162:2.9 Do nk. that such untaught people are accursed?

162:5.2 You who would kill the Son of Man k. not whence

162:5.2 Truly, you k. neither me nor my Father, for if you

162:5.4 Man is lifted up, then shall you all k. that I am he,

162:7.2 You shall k. the truth, and the truth shall make you

162:7.2 you k. that the bondservant is not likely to abide

162:7.2 You also k. that the son does remain in his father’s

162:7.3 If God were your Father, you would k. me and

162:7.4 you who deal honestly with your own souls k.

162:7.4 You k. that I honor the Father even while you

162:7.5 you have failed to k. this your God and my Father,

162:7.5 Though you k. not the Father, I truly k. him.

163:6.3 only you really k. who I am, and that only I really

164:4.8 You k. that both you and this man stand convicted

164:4.11 that you k. not whence this man is, and yet you k.

164:4.11 You k. that not since the beginning of the world

165:2.4 you k. not my voice, and you do not follow me.

165:2.9 And then shall you all k. the voice of one shepherd,

165:2.10 “And so shall you k. why the Father loves me

165:4.8 Do you nk. that the Jewish laws of inheritance will

165:4.8 sure that you k. about your heavenly inheritance?

165:5.2  k. that the Father whose kingdom you proclaim

166:2.3 you will soon k. the truth regarding the gratitude

166:4.4 You k. about those Galileans whose blood Pilate

166:4.4 You also k. about the eighteen men upon whom

166:4.10 you should k. that these bodily states are the result

167:1.5 well k. that the lame and the halt cannot repay you

169:4.4 You can k. God, not by understanding what Jesus

169:4.13 You can k. the eternal as a Father; you can worship

171:0.5 Jesus said: “Woman, you k. not what you ask.”

171:0.5 Jesus: “I am saddened that you k. not why we go up

171:4.2 up to Jerusalem, where you k. the Son of Man has

173:4.4 “You k. how your fathers rejected the prophets,

173:4.4 you well k. that you are set in your hearts to reject

174:0.2 you shall soon k. of the reality of that which you

174:3.2 you k. neither the Scriptures nor the living power

174:3.2 You k. that the sons of this world can marry and

174:5.1 have been pointed out to us by those who k. you;

174:5.8 You well k. that, except a grain of wheat falls into

175:1.8 You well k. how these leaders bind heavy burdens

176:1.4 will you k. that Jerusalem’s desolation is at hand;

176:2.6 You k. when the fig tree shows its tender branches

176:2.6 should you k. that the summertime of a new

176:3.2 since you k. that your life is the gift of the Son,

176:3.5 You who k. these truths must yield the increase

177:0.3 “You well k., Master, that the Pharisees and rulers

178:2.3 I know all about it, and I know that you k., but see

178:3.4 You should k. that in my Father’s universe and in

179:3.3 hereafter you will k. the meaning of all these things.”

179:3.9 Do you nk. that there can be no place of preferment

179:3.9 Do you nk. that the place nearest me, as men regard

179:3.9 You k. that the kings of the gentiles have lordship

180:1.1 You well k. the commandment which directs that

180:3.7 If you k. me, you k. the way to the Father.

180:3.7 And you do k. me, for you have lived with me and

180:3.9 so long with you and yet you do not even k. me?

180:4.1 you shall k. this spirit when he comes even as you

180:4.2 you will continue to k. me in your hearts even

180:4.2 to pass, you shall surely k. that I am in the Father,

180:5.2 You can k. the truth, and you can live the truth;

181:1.6 in the hands of his enemies, you will k. of mine.

181:2.2 as you k. I would if I were to remain in the flesh.

181:2.9 friend, you still do nk. what you are talking about.

181:2.27 You k. that your brethren love you in spite of this

181:2.27 You k. it is written, ‘The shepherd will be smitten

182:2.11 “You k., Master, I sent for your family, and I have

183:3.7 And do you not further k. that I could even now

184:1.5 “Annas, you k. that you could have no power over

184:1.5 no better, but you, friend, k. what you are doing.

184:1.6 “You k. full well that I have spoken openly to the

184:1.8 You k. that I claim to be nothing except that which

189:4.10 he is gone. Do you k. where they have taken him?”

190:5.3 “Can it be that you sojourn in Jerusalem and k. not

190:5.3 “If you do nk. about these matters, you are the only

190:5.4 Do you nk. that this man of Nazareth told his

191:2.1 all of you k. of a certainty that the Son of Man has

191:4.3 You all k. that we have one Father in heaven, and

192:2.2 “Lord, you k. I love you with all my soul.”

192:2.3 said Simon, “Yes, Lord, you k. that I love you.”

192:2.4 “Lord, you k. all things, and therefore do you nk.

192:2.7 of a certainty I trust you, and you k. that I do.”

193:0.5 might k. that you are all indeed the sons of God.

193:1.2 You rejoice to k. that I am the resurrection and the

193:2.2 You rejoice to k. that the Son of Man has risen

193:2.2 you thereby k. that you and your brethren shall

193:3.2 You also well k. that, when I was in the flesh, I did

knowingsee knowingwith God; knowing, not;

see all-knowing; see God-knowing

1:6.5 Even to approach the k. of a divine personality,

2:5.8 K. that God loves me, I should continue to love him

3:3.5 Neither does omniscience imply the k. of the

4:3.1 K. that the Creator Son intended man to be the

9:4.2 but it does the equivalent of thinking and k..

12:3.8 computed only by k. the actual Paradise gravity.

12:3.9 aside from k. the fact of their physical existence.

12:7.13 K. what you do of these gifts of God, you

28:6.21 be estimated without k. the content of goodness,

38:2.3 inherent and automatic powers of k. such things;

62:5.8  little k. that they were thus to found the human race.

67:4.2 sexual reproduction, k. well that the original sixty

74:6.3  k. full well the chemistry and energy of these foods,

75:2.4 K. the tendency of woman to look upon

99:5.1 a personal spiritual experience—k. God as a Father—

99:5.1 corollary of this experience—k. man as a brother—

102:4.1 be sure of the consciousness of k. any other mind,

106:8.22 the final destiny of all personalities is the final k. of

119:2.5 well k. that this new and strange System Sovereign

119:5.3  k. full well, by the presence of Gabriel, that this

120:1.5 (k. full well that I am the assurance of all Paradise

121:0.1 K. how his Master so scrupulously avoided

121:8.3 K. how consistently the Master refused to write

122:10.1 K. Herod pursued the Nazareth family, Zacharias

127:5.2  but k. that her father approved of her attraction for

127:6.2 Miriam, k. fully about the affair of Rebecca and k.

127:6.3 His mother, k. of his recent experience with Rebecca

129:3.3 without anyone (save Zebedee of Bethsaida) k.

130:1.6 exalted into sin by the k. and deliberate choice of

130:3.10 God and enjoy a living experience in k. the Eternal.

130:4.3 the recognition of the Universal Father and the k.

131:5.3 in this greatest of all businesses, the k. of himself.

132:0.10  k. full well (so he thought) that the Master had

133:5.8 This universe-k. state of mind can be had only by

135:4.1 Elizabeth’s friends, k. of the Nazarite restrictions

135:11.3 and k. fully the great things in preparation for John

135:11.3 and also k. that John’s work on earth was finished,

136:7.3  k. that the Master refused to work in defiance of his

136:9.12 K. all this, Jesus long sought to prevent his early

137:4.16  k. that they believed in him only because of the

138:3.7 Andrew, k. that Jesus did not want the kingdom to

139:7.9 The apostles all died without k. that Matthew was

140:8.32 a new will—to impart a new capacity for k. the truth,

142:6.3 I am desirous of k. more about your teachings

143:5.6 Your salvation comes not from k. how others

147:5.4 And Jesus, k. what was going on in Simon’s mind

148:4.4 “Sin is the conscious, k., and deliberate transgression

148:6.10 comfort of k. the love of God and understanding

150:7.3 His enemies, k. that he was to spend this Sabbath

154:5.2  k. well that they would soon be dispersed from

155:4.2 Peter’s question, k. full well how east it would be

155:6.6 This truth-k. human had discovered God; he was

157:0.1  k. that Jesus was on the opposite side of the lake

157:1.2 And k. that the Pharisees were looking for them,

157:5.2 K. that he could never fulfill their Messianic

158:2.2 Jesus, k. that Peter sought to avoid reference to his

158:8.1 Jesus, k. what it was that occupied their thoughts

162:1.1 K. that the Sanhedrin had sought to bring Jesus to

162:1.2  k. full well that the scribes and Pharisees were bent

162:1.7 K. that Philip (Herod Antipas’s brother) was

162:1.10  k. that the Sanhedrin was determined to put him to

162:1.10  k. that he had not been instructed in the schools of

164:1.1 lawyer, k. the teachings of both Jesus and the

165:2.4 and his sheep, k. his voice, come out at his word;

166:4.7  k. full well that such occurrences are in no way

169:1.6  k. how unhappy the young man was at home and

169:4.4 not by what Jesus said, but by k. what Jesus was.

170:2.23 sin is rather the offspring of a k. mind dominated by

171:3.4  k. his whereabouts should inform the Sanhedrin;

171:4.5 k. that the Sanhedrin had dared to condemn Jesus,

171:8.6 K. this, you should have at least given my money

172:1.6 Jesus, k. what they thought and hearing what they

174:3.5  k. full well that persecution in public would create

176:3.3  k. and persistent rejection of those truths which

176:3.4 K. this, you ought, therefore, to have at least put

177:5.6 Jesus, k. that this would be the last night he would

177:5.6 and experience the joy of k. that we are his sons.”

179:4.1  k. how the evil forces of darkness have conspired

180:1.2 new pleasure in k. the delights of the bestowal of

180:3.1 k. that his time was short, said: “When I have left

181:2.14 K. then so well that neither the Father nor the Son

186:2.8 he accepted the designation, k. that, while they had

186:5.7 Guilt is purely a matter of personal sin and k.

187:0.4 K. that he had been turned over to the Roman

187:1.9 When the captain saw this, k what Jesus had endured

191:0.9 Philip was particularly desirous of k., provided Jesus

195:9.8 words inspire men’s souls like the experience of k.

196:1.1 achieved the k. and the doing of the will of God;

knowingwith God

1:2.4 1. The intellectual capacity for k. God—God-

5:1.6 experience the sublime consciousness of k. God

5:4.8 Jesus proclaimed the good news of “k. God, and

99:2.6 born of the experience of k. God and striving to be

99:5.1 personal spiritual experience—k. God as a Father—

103:9.11 Faith leads to k. God,not merely to a mystical feeling

103:9.11 True religion is an experience of believing and k.

130:4.10 endowed intellect that is conscious of k. God.

132:4.7 enjoy the inspiring satisfaction of k. God as your

132:6.1 enjoy the assurance of k. God should esteem it a

133:4.5  k. the God whose spirit lives within you and seeks to

155:6.3 authority of tradition to the experience of k. God;

155:6.7 finding God for yourselves and k. him in your own

169:4.7 word Father to designate the experience of k. God.

169:4.12 To hear Jesus’ teaching is not equivalent to k. God,

196:3.21 through the purely subjective experience of k. him,

196:3.34 of the truth of the religious experience of k. God.

knowing, not or not knowing

73:4.5 when Van, nk. how soon the expected Son might

75:4.5 but Cano, nk. the import or significance of such

104:4.45 Nk. the ultimate level of the triunities, you cannot

125:2.9 nk. how much he was confused in mind and spirit

127:6.6 Nk. Jesus was coming, Lazarus had arranged to

129:2.5 they, nk. of this financial arrangement with John,

130:1.2 Gadiah, nk. that this “scribe of Damascus” was so

135:12.2 the preacher in prison, nk. what else to do with him.

158:2.2 nk. what else to talk about, gave expression to the

164:4.5  and, kn. what else to do, decided to send for Josiah’s

171:8.1 nk. that Jesus and the apostles were going to abide

192:3.3 nk. whether the Master had gone to the Father.


3:5.15 and k. embraces a deliberate immoral judgment.

67:1.4 sin is the attitude of a personality who is k. resisting

75:7.7 neither did Adam and Eve k. enlist in rebellion

110:1.5 But how unkind k. to defile or deliberately to pollute

119:3.8 has ever k. joined in rebellion against Michael;

132:5.22 8. If any portion of your fortune has been k. derived

140:5.8 is most dangerous to k. engage in spiritual fasting

148:4.2 the high administrator who k. went into deliberate

148:4.6 unless he has k. and deliberately chosen the paths

153:4.3  k. to ascribe the works of God to the doings of the

165:3.5 he who shall k. deny the truth of my teachings

165:3.6 When men go so far as k. to ascribe the doings of

166:1.4 but you k. spurn the visitation of God and reject

175:1.19 do you who k. reject the counsel of God appear to

180:3.2 accepted can only condemn you if it is k. rejected.


2:4.3 God’s all-k. unfailingly directs his free will in the


5:5.12 God-k., religious consciousness, is a universe reality,

16:9.7 morality and the urge of religion, God-k.,

102:7.4 an experience is devoid of survival values, God-k.


0:12.11 efforts to reveal truth and co-ordinate essential k.,

0:12.12 new and enhanced co-ordination of planetary k..

0:12.12 the highest and most advanced planetary k. of

0:12.12 drawing upon our own superior k. of the reality

1:5.14 God does not grow in k. nor increase in wisdom.

2:2.1 Our k. of the universe of universes discloses not

2:4.1 that wisdom which grows out of perfection of k.

2:5.2 all men be saved by coming into the k. of the truth.”

2:7.1 All finite k. and creature understanding are relative.

2:7.3 owing to this relativity in the completeness of k.

2:7.4 Such partial k. is potentially evil; it is k. composed of


3:3.1 His k. of events is universal and perfect.

3:3.1 who “balances the clouds” is also “perfect in k..”

3:3.1 shall not fall to the ground without my Father’s k.,

3:3.3 his k. of even the lowly creatures is supplemented

3:4.4 the wisdom and perfection of truth and k. which

4:1.7 Notwithstanding my k. of the phenomena of the

5:4.8 Christians preach a gospel aimed at a “k. of the Lord

5:5.12 but with each advancing epoch in human k. the

6:4.7 In the realms of k., omniscience, we cannot

7:5.9 certain k. that the Eternal Son of God seven times

7:6.1 The lack of a k. of the multiple Sons of God is a

7:6.8 The Eternal Son has at all times perfect k concerning

7:6.8 but he also has perfection of k. at all times regarding

7:7.1 All k. of, and information concerning, the Father

8:3.6 All k. of the Father-Son partnership must be had

9:1.5 the k. of the Spirit is profound and complete.

9:7.1 all this information and k. at any desired point.

10:1.4 For k. concerning the Father’s personality and

11:5.6 inference is derived from the k. that this mid-area

12:9.3 but such k. is not necessarily a part of the higher

12:9.3 The understanding k. of this one physiochemical

13:1.5 we are permitted full k. of these transactions, but

13:1.20 betrayal of trust to present even our partial k. of

15:0.3 the vast body of k. concerning the superuniverses

15:13.5 and administrative k. concerning the universe of

16:7.6 Virtue is not mere k. nor yet wisdom but rather the

16:9.4 a cultural development and is dependent on k.,

16:9.10 1. The quest for k., the logic of science.

19:1.5 the easiest path to a certain form of genetic k., but

19:1.5 at best it can only reveal man’s origin, it reveals little

19:1.10 But the k. of how a being becomes does not provide

19:2.3 the k. and wisdom represented in the doings of

19:2.3 for all teachers in the application of universe k.;

19:2.4 A divine being can have perfection of divine k..

19:2.4 can sometime attain perfection of ascendant k.,

19:5.5 We obtain much of our k. of the Inspired Spirits

19:5.9 there is a vast body of essential spiritual k., truth

20:6.1 Let the sublime k. of the mortal life of Jesus sink

20:6.1 Let us all rejoice in the k. and assurance that such

20:9.2 make real the spiritual counterparts of material k.

22:10.4 the co-ordination and dissemination of essential k.

22:10.8 it is well-nigh pathetic to observe them seeking k.

23:2.16 dispatch a Solitary Messenger to the source of k..

24:2.2 Paradise k. is inherent; the Deities know all things.

24:3.1 We have no authentic k. as to the time or manner of

24:3.1 From conservative deductions based on our k. of

25:3.12 the more respect he has for k., experience, and

25:4.12 constantly acquiring added k. and enhanced skill,

25:4.12 you the new-found k. of your advancing career.

25:4.12 are not reckoned as having possessed yourself of k.

25:4.12 and your willingness to impart this k. and truth to

25:4.16 they do not impart this nonexperiential k. to their

25:5.1 of registry in the minds of the custodians of k.,

26:1.17 they have a reception of k. and an intake of wisdom

26:3.5 they automatically transmit the transactions of true-k

26:3.5 custodians of k. of the primary order of supernaphim

27:0.6 3. Custodians of K..

27:4.2 Proper conduct is essential to progress by way of k.,


27:5.1 The superaphic custodians of k are the higher “living

27:5.1 divine records of truth, the living books of real k..

27:5.1 The custodians of k. are just such living books,

27:5.2 there are available the living finders of k., who will

27:5.2 Supreme k. you thus obtain from the living beings

27:5.3 custodians of k. are the final and living summaries of

27:5.3 this living accumulation of k. is distinct from the

27:5.4 k., experiential k., has its beginnings in the domains

27:5.5 who are inherently in possession of universe k.

27:5.5 they have classified k. into seven grand orders,

27:5.5 can consult this vast store of k. is solely due to the

27:5.5 voluntary and wise efforts of the custodians of k..

27:5.5 the benefits of Paradise k. secured in the local

27:6.2 beings of wisdom who make use of the truth of k.

27:6.2 With them k. attains to truth and experience ascends

27:6.2 They have k.; they know the truth; they may

27:6.3 to compose the k., of all who have access to their

27:6.4 All of these higher techniques of imparting k. and

27:6.5 as the facts of k. and the truths of experience, yet,

27:7.1 and as the k. of the infinite character of the Gods

28:4.10 to deduce the will of one of the Gods from a k. of

28:5.7 living libraries of Paradise, the custodians of k.

28:5.22 with the Spirit concerning the Spirit’s k. of you.

28:5.22 the k. and plans of the Father fragments are not

28:7.3 the sure k. and certain wisdom of those safe and

29:0.11 Having k. about material creatures, you have at least

29:3.9 And though it is beyond the scope of Urantia k.,

29:4.26 We are greatly limited in our k. of these wonderful

29:4.33 But your k. of energy and matter is not sufficiently

30:3.3 only requisites are: continuing life and sufficient k. of

30:3.5 Except on Paradise, k. is not inherent;

31:3.5 our k. of the mortal career does not go beyond

31:3.7 beings in possession of experiential k. of every step

32:3.10 an actual k. of every phase of life from the bottom

32:4.8 the Sons enjoy intimate and complete k. regarding

32:4.8 the Father is cognizant—has personal k.—of all the

34:4.10 the spirit of counsel, the spirit of k., the spirit of

35:10.3 their studies in the practical schools of applied k.

36:5.2 understanding, courage, k., counsel, worship, and

36:5.7 This is the gift of the co-ordination of acquired k.,

36:5.9 4. The spirit of k.the curiosity-mother of adventure

37:4.5 the k. of practically all of the native personalities

39:0.11 Seraphim must acquire k. and gain experience much

39:1.8 fairness based on the k. of the underlying facts of

39:2.16 recorders of Havona and the custodians of k. on

40:10.6 they do not ordinarily acquire that intimate k. of

41:3.10  k. of this fact enables astronomers to utilize such

42:1.4 immeasurably in comparison with present k.,

43:7.3 These training schools of special skill and technical k

44:0.13 to impart their superior k. and skill to their less

44:3.6 Always is the way open to acquire more k., to gain

44:3.6 universal cultural k., information designed to make

44:4.5 by this method I could gain more k. in one hour of

44:5.7 beings are expert in the k. of the laws of transmittal

48:6.32 your heart as well as to seek for the dry sands of k..

48:7.28 26. K. is possessed only by sharing; it is safeguarded

50:4.13 kept alive some k. of the Father’s rule and

50:5.7 4. The quest for k. and wisdom. Food, security,

50:5.7 the development of culture and the spread of k..

50:5.7 The effort to execute k. results in wisdom, and when

50:5.7 forward-looking individuals are hungering for k.

52:5.4 Spirit of Truth—in the k. of which men shall be free

55:7.2 It is the k. of these arrangements that has given

56:10.1 the ever-progressing mortals grow in the k. of God

62:6.3 we beheld the spirit of k. manifesting itself in

64:2.5 Foxhall peoples preserved their k. of flintworking,

65:8.4 survival may not depend on the possession of k.

66:5.9 faculty on dissemination and conservation of k..

66:5.20 the dissemination k. regarding the health-giving and

66:6.3 but such k. is nearly valueless on a barbaric planet

67:0.1 impossible of understanding without a k. of certain

69:2.2 wealth results from labor, k., and organization.

70:8.4 by the recognition of language mastery, k., and

70:9.13 When rights are old beyond k. of origin, they are

71:7.6 1. The k. of things.

72:4.6 the pursuit of special k., either in the adult schools

73:6.3 The “tree of the k. of good and evil” may be a figure

75:4.7 promised by way of “new and increased k. of human

76:5.2 It was this k. of being Adjuster indwelt that greatly

79:8.7 schools, contributed to the dissemination of k. on a

81:6.8 3. Scientific k.. The material aspects of civilization

81:6.9 K. is power.

81:6.13 K. can be had by education, but wisdom, which is

81:6.14 the utilization of natural resources, scientific k.,

81:6.23 have contributed aught to the sum of culture and k..

82:5.3 sought to keep the k. of their craft within the family.

84:0.2 through which the river of culture and k. flows from

84:7.26 Respect of the child for his parents arises, not in k.

86:7.4 Scientific k., leading to scientific action, is the only

90:2.13 Early man respected k.; he honored and rewarded

90:4.9 the Egyptians received their medical k. from the

92:2.1 wisdom—k. directed by experiential reason and

92:3.9 the leisure of the priests promoted art and k.;

93:5.10 more quickly be brought to a k. of the Salem truths.

97:1.8 “The Lord is a God of k., and actions are weighed by

98:2.6 Plato and Aristotle, taught that virtue is k.; goodness

99:1.1 Mechanical inventions and the dissemination of k.

99:4.5 Purely factual k. exerts very little influence upon the

101:2.8 Science yields k.; religion yields happiness;

101:4.1 of the impartation of unearned or premature k..

101:4.2 the co-ordination and sorting of present-day k..

101:4.5 value in that they at least transiently clarify k. by:

101:4.8 3. The restoration of important bits of lost k.

101:4.9 will fill in vital missing gaps in otherwise earned k..

101:5.2 Remember that science is the domain of k.,

101:6.3 Moral will embraces decisions based on reasoned k.,

101:6.4 evolutionary type of k. is but the accumulation of

101:6.4 Animals have k., but only man possesses wisdom

101:6.7 begin by the organization of k. into idea-decisions;

101:6.8 embraced a harmonious co-ordination of k., wisdom,

101:8.3 realities and to confer upon its devotees assumed k..

101:8.4 The zeal of faith is according to k., and its strivings

101:9.2 judging another’s religion by your standards of k.

102:1.2 What k. and reason cannot do for us, true wisdom

102:2.4 is an invariable element in the attainment of k.;

102:2.4 K. is an eternal quest; always are you learning, but

102:2.4 never are you able to arrive at the full k. of

102:2.4 In k. alone there can never be absolute certainty,


102:3.1 philosophic contact with the world of scientific k..

102:3.5 Science, k., leads to fact consciousness; religion,

102:3.6 K. leads to placing men, to originating social strata

102:3.9 K. yields pride in the fact of personality; wisdom is

102:3.12 The pursuit of k. constitutes science; the search for

102:4.3 But such a k. of God is ever and always a reality of

102:6.5 when this k. of God is questioned by the unbeliever

103:1.3 you should be exposed to the k. of a vast number of

103:6.7 for its substance k.-reason and for its essence

103:6.14 most of man’s k. and intellectual evaluations have

103:7.2 instinct precedes the appearance of reasoned k. in

103:9.8 Science (k.) is founded on inherent (adjutant spirit)

103:9.10 Reason deals with factual k.; wisdom, with

103:9.12 the certainty of such k. is superhuman;

107:3.8 this data in order that such k. may be informative.

111:6.7 The expansion of material k. permits a greater

111:6.7 he needs a clear k. of facts to apply his personal

118:10.14 the gradual accumulation of the k. of the laws of

120:0.8 with the comforting k. that the Ancients of Days

121:4.5 Skepticism asserted that k. was fallacious, and that

122:8.7 most human k. was passed by word of mouth

122:9.18 To give k. of salvation to his people In the remission

123:3.8 was a keen observer and gained much practical k.

123:3.8 Jesus was assiduously storing up k. regarding man

124:2.2 by the lad’s curiosity, insight, and hunger for k..

124:3.2 to betray their k. that he was a child of promise.

125:4.3 fairness, coupled with an evident hunger for k.,

125:6.2 not so much by his k. of truth as by his youth.

127:0.3 the Son of Man became possessed of full k. about

127:6.6 Let us be free in the k. of the truth of our Father’s

127:6.14 As a child he accumulated a vast body of k.;

128:1.1 the experience of mastering the k. of the life of his

128:1.3 Jesus obtained k., gained experience, and combined

128:1.4 Prior to the beginning of his public work his k. of

128:1.10 in whom are hid all treasures of wisdom and k.,

128:7.2 were hidden all the treasures of wisdom and k..”

129:2.10 Zebedee never did disclose his k. of Jesus’

130:4.10 K. is the sphere of the material or fact-finding

130:4.10 K. is demonstrable; truth is experienced.

130:4.10 K. is a possession of the mind; truth an experience

130:4.10 K. is a function of the nonspiritual level; truth is a

130:4.10 mind perceives a world of factual k.; the eye of

130:4.15 Static concepts may represent a certain k., but they

131:1.4 We gain k. from the experience of man, but we

131:2.2 The earth shall be full of the k. of the Lord as the

131:2.2 after day utters speech; night after night shows k..

131:2.6 the k. of the Supreme is understanding.

131:3.2 creates modesty, uprightness, wisdom, courage, k.

131:4.2 His eternal k. is divinely wise.

131:8.2 Even if one has but a little k., he can still walk in

131:8.4 A little k. is a dangerous thing.

131:10.3 We cannot search out God by k., but we can know

131:10.4 and that they are in quest of k. about him.

132:3.2 Truth is always more than k..

132:3.2 K. pertains to things observed, but truth transcends

132:3.2 K. originates in science; wisdom, in true philosophy;

132:3.2 K. deals with facts; wisdom, with relationships;

132:3.4 There is never conflict between true k. and truth.

132:3.4 There may be conflict between k. and human

132:4.1 gaining an intimate k. of all races and classes of

132:4.3 Jesus thus gained a k. of the different races of

132:5.1 I would minister k., wisdom, and spiritual service

133:4.8 and lead their souls to the k. of the Paradise Father

133:9.3 talk with Jesus regarding the difference between k.,

133:9.3 With all your quest for k., get understanding.

136:8.4 Would he utilize this k. in the furtherance of his

139:0.3 scriptures and in much of the current k. of that day.

139:6.7 twelve rested securely in the k. that their families’

139:7.10 was lost to the k. of his former apostolic associates,

141:4.8 of their limited k. of the early history of Urantia,

141:8.3 happy in the k. of the new truths of the kingdom of

143:7.4 designed to increase k. but rather to expand insight.

145:2.4 rather to bring this k. of God and the revelation of

146:2.14 to the petition for a k. of the Father’s will.

146:2.14 Jesus never taught that human k. and special skill

146:5.2 natural law, just such k. as Jesus frequently resorted

154:6.10 Jesus chose to be guided by the limited k. of his

154:6.12 but rather to seek for a k. of the will of God and for

155:3.6 religious longings were only material, increasing k.

157:4.5 entertain this belief as a result of mere human k..

158:6.2 seek for a larger k. of the Father’s will and to ask

160:2.3 K. and wisdom become cumulative because of man’s

160:2.7 social group, small or large, mutually shares all k..

160:2.9 There is positive strength in the k. that you live for

160:4.16 Do not make the mistake of confusing k., culture,

160:4.16 k., culture, and wisdom are related in life, but they

160:4.16 wisdom ever dominates k. and always glorifies

160:5.13 The k. of the conviction to forsake self and serve

161:2.4 We grow in grace and in the k. of the truth, but

161:2.7 impressed by the phenomenon of his superhuman k..

161:3.1 to utilize the k. of both the human and the divine

161:3.1 he appeared to act with such fullness of k. and

161:3.3 This is the limit of our k. of such phenomena; we

162:2.3 then would you find abundant life in that k..

162:2.5 without the k. of the highest governing body of

165:3.3 rejoice in the k. of Him who has power to deliver

165:3.4 not one of them exists without the k. of the Father,

166:1.5 lawyers who have taken away the key of k. from

168:1.6 in accordance with the limited k. of the human

168:4.4 a prayer must be limited by the k., wisdom, and

174:1.3 in his perfect k. of all that concerns the mistaken

176:3.5 children to grow in grace and in a k. of the truth.

176:3.7 those faithful servants who thus grow in the k. of

177:2.6 parents of the twentieth century possess great k.

177:3.5 were well advanced in the k. of the kingdom,

178:2.3 David never disclosed this k. to the other apostles

179:2.3 with the full k. that the Father had put all things

180:5.3 Wisdom comprises the consciousness of k. elevated

180:5.4 levels of wisdom and the domain of mere exalted k..

180:6.1 you may be strengthened in the k. that all was

180:6.7 in the joy of the k. that a man has been born into

184:2.6 Peter denied all k. of Jesus with much cursing and

185:1.2 employed this k. to the great disadvantage of the

186:2.2 sincere person might be helped to a better k. of the

188:2.3 stones, lest they be disturbed without their k..

189:2.5 in case it should ever come to the governor’s k.

191:5.3 you will lead them into a saving k. of the Father’s

192:2.9 you must grow in faith and the k. of truth.

193:0.4 that they are the children of God, but such k. will

193:0.5 you share the k. that I have risen from the dead,

193:0.5 be stirred in your hearts by the k. that the dead

193:4.3 They grew in grace and in a k. of the truth.

194:2.7 into the expanding k. of the experience of the living

195:6.3 The pursuit of mere k. without the attendant

195:6.3 A little k. is truly disconcerting.

195:9.6 dedicate their lives to seeking for a k. of the will of

195:10.20 pleasure without restraint, k. without character,

196:1.3 Of all human k., that which is of greatest value is to

196:3.4 The full summation of human life is the k. that man

196:3.34 the equivalent of the k. of the actuality of sonship

known—see knownwith as;  see also well-known

1:1.1 by which God the Father is k. throughout the

1:1.1 The First Father is k. by various names in different

1:1.3 the Creator becomes k. by numerous appellations,

1:1.4 the Universal Father is generally k. by names

1:1.5 God is generally k. by some name indicative of

1:1.6 He is best k., most universally acknowledged, by the

1:5.8 a person who can “know and be k.,” who can “love

1:6.4 Any person, human or divine, may be k. quite apart

1:6.7 To assume that the universe can be k., that it is

1:7.6 so perfect that divinity becomes k. by indivisibility

2:1.1 find him out. The divine footsteps are not k.

2:5.11 utterly unfit to be k. by any word which is also

2:7.6 Divine truth is best k. by its spiritual flavor.

4:4.5 Of all the titles by which he might appropriately be k.

6:1.5 The Eternal Son is k. by different names in various

6:6.2 ability to know and be k., is indigenous to Deity.

6:6.3 they know as they are k.; they enjoy the

8:1.9 Absolutely nothing is k. and no records are in

8:2.2 The Third Source and Center is k. by numerous titles

9:1.1 The Third Source and Center is k. by many names,

9:6.8 Throughout all k. creation there parallels this circuit

9:7.3 influence the intellectual levels of all k. existence;

11:4.3 beyond the borders of the present k. and inhabited

11:5.4 identifiable with the k. functions of any triunity,

11:6.3 those forces, energies, powers, and presences k. to

11:7.6 Within the k. dimensions of the master universe

11:8.2 All k. emanations of nether Paradise invariably

11:8.2 Every k. form of cosmic reality has the bend of the

12:1.10 the total k. mass of all seven sectors of the grand

12:1.14 whole of the k., organized, and inhabited creation.

13:2.9 All these secrets are supposedly k. to the collective

13:2.9 These beings are fully k. only by their special world

15:1.2 as thoroughly k. to the superuniverse star observers

15:1.2 the planets constituting your solar system are k. to

15:8.8 laws of energy control and matter behavior k. to

15:11.3 Never have I k. of a disagreement between the

15:14.2  Orvonton is k. chiefly because of its tremendous and

16:3.15 but it is a k. fact that his personal and spiritual

16:4.13 of a Creative Spirit, k. on Urantia as the Holy Spirit.

16:8.2 attempt to narrate our understanding of the k factors

16:8.4 that person as the one we have previously k.,

16:9.4 awareness is mutual; that the self is k. as it knows.

17:3.10 independent of all k. subabsolute universe circuits.

18:0.11 they have never been k. to depart from the divine

19:2.5 effective universe administrators ever to be k. in all

19:5.2 Inspired Spirits seem to operate over all k. circuits

22:8.4 being the present k. destiny of this unique group of

23:2.10 they are k. to the Infinite Spirit by personal names.

23:2.10 They are k. to the rest of us by the name or number

23:2.11 have never been k. to divulge a secret or betray

24:0.10 Messengers are without k. general headquarters;

25:4.20 I have never k. one of them to go astray.

25:4.20 There is no k. limit to the domain of their service,

25:6.3 Never have I k. of the defection of a Celestial

25:8.5 Even if it is k. that you will be accompanied by

26:4.13 You are k. to be disappointment proof.

27:0.1 Never have seraphim been k to depart from the paths

27:5.1 “living epistles” k. and read by all who dwell on

27:5.3 you will find available all the k. facts of all universes,

27:7.1 and the most exquisite pleasure k. to created beings.

29:0.1 your races have long k. of the existence of angels

29:4.32 of space into a physical state not k. on Urantia.

29:4.35 a form of energy which is hardly k. on Urantia

30:1.10 than Adjuster fragments are manifold and little k..

30:4.21 Superuniverse wards have never been k. to go astray

31:0.1 Mortal Finaliters represents the present k destination

33:4.7 They were never k to depart from their regular work

35:5.2 There exists no k. method whereby Vorondadeks

36:2.10 of life, life in all of its k. phases of manifestation.

36:3.1 All life of the order and forms k. on Urantia arises

36:4.8 of the midsonite creatures is not at present k.,

39:8.9 No angel attaining Seraphington has ever been k. to

41:3.7 never having k an initial red stage of youthful shining

42:1.3 universal space a form of energy not k. on Urantia.

42:4.6 The most nearly empty space k. in Nebadon

42:4.8 no k. solar heat or pressure can convert ultimatons

42:7.5 Even on Urantia the k. heavier elements manifest a

42:9.1 if he had k. more of chemistry, he might have

43:6.3 The Psalmist must have k. something about these

44:4.3 Even on Salvington we “know as we are k.

46:5.24 progress is effected by many methods, some k to you

48:1.1 This morontia life has been k. on Urantia since the

48:3.3 the Morontia Companions have been k. to go astray.

54:4.5 There are many reasons k. to us why the Supreme

54:5.1 Of the many reasons k. to me as to why Lucifer and

54:5.14 are just as many additional reasons not k. to me.

59:2.5 single volcanic activities the world has ever k..

66:7.17 was the only time reckoning k. to the early peoples.

67:6.3 belonged, and who have become k. by his name.

69:9.18 is vastly better than any system k. to your ancestors.

73:2.2 Van had k. of them before ever he came to Urantia.

76:2.7 The death of Abel became k. to his parents when his

77:8.2 older or primary order are generally k. by numerals;

79:8.4 pursuit of the unknown to the preservation of the k..

87:5.1 after they had sacrificed to all k. spirits, they did

90:4.9 remedies lost their power when they became k.;

94:9.1 to the farthest frontiers of all the k. world.

97:2.2 the invaluable assistance of the little-k. Micaiah,

101:1.4 meanings in facts already well k. to mankind.

101:4.7 2. The co-ordination of k. or about-to-be-k. facts

102:1.1 “Human things must be k. in order to be loved,

102:1.1 divine things must be loved in order to be k..”

103:9.8 that faith is valid, that God can be k. and attained.

104:1.13 the factual identity of the Paradise Trinity been k.

107:1.3 or liberation from the k. assignments of Adjusters.

107:3.10 and are always k. by name and not by number.

107:7.1 Adjusters are realities of the purest order k. in the

108:3.2 the Adjuster’s complete number is k. only on

108:3.3 Human subjects are often k. by the numbers of their

108:5.3 never have we k. these spirit helpers to default.

109:2.9  k. to function in interplanetary matters during times

109:6.1 these seven experiences constitutes the present-k.

109:7.4 within their being the k. relationships of personality;

111:0.1 and may be really k. only through cosmic insight and

111:1.4 with the purest spirit reality k. in the universe,

112:0.2 some of the things which are k. about personality:

112:5.22 On the mansion worlds you will know. and be k.,

112:7.15 The present k. destiny of surviving mortals is the

112:7.18 highest k. manifestation of the essence of the First

114:7.9 these same mortals are little k. to their fellows

118:10.3 to the present k. and organized grand universe,

119:1.6 the mysteries of incarnation and bestowal fully k..

119:2.6 the most benign ruler that Nebadon had ever k..

119:3.6 The mystery of such incarnations will never be k.

119:5.2 pilgrim of time and space being k. on Uversa by that

119:7.4 we had long k. of the Lucifer rebellion in Satania

121:1.1 not k. in all its previous post-Adamic history nor

122:2.2 just as Gabriel later made his presence k. to Mary.

123:5.15 he was k. to all the mothers and young women of

124:6.11 here from the uttermost parts of the k. world.

125:4.3 replied, “We might have k.; he is from Nazareth.”

128:4.7 why Jesus permitted himself to be k by different titles

129:1.2 Zebedee had long k. of the skill of the Nazareth

129:1.3 Jesus became well k. to the Galilean fisherfolk as the

131:10.4 to repent of their evil ways and forsake all k. sin.

133:0.1 groups of those who had k. him found themselves

134:7.2 Jesus was k. by various names in different parts of

135:4.4 Elijah, so the last should be k., eventually, by the

135:9.1 when John now made k. to them the story of the

137:1.5 They had k. Jesus for some time, and they loved

137:2.3 had k. Philip aforetime, and he was also well k.

137:2.8 who had for some time k. Jesus and one stranger,

139:2.2 The Master had k. Simon for some time before

139:3.1 John enjoyed the advantage of having k. Jesus longer

139:4.2 brother James, had k. Jesus longer than the others.

139:5.1 Philip had for some time k. of Jesus, but it had not

140:8.20 you would have k. that Jesus was a real man of

142:3.9 “And you would have k. these truths had you read

145:2.5 spiritually minded among you have k. this truth,

146:2.3 That prayer which is inconsistent with the k. laws

146:4.4 since he was k. to all the village, the people could

146:5.1 a sympathetic hearing at Cana, for Jesus was well k.

147:5.3 This woman was well k. throughout all Jerusalem as

148:2.1 they treated the sick in accordance with all k.

149:1.7 a great law which has long been k. to us, namely,

150:4.2 there is nothing hidden that shall not be k..

150:5.5 will be led to voluntary repentance of all k. sin.

151:3.1 secrets which shall not ultimately be made k..

151:3.7 The parable proceeds from the things which are k.

151:6.2 This demented man was well k. about these parts,

153:2.10 your brothers and sisters, well k. to many of us?

153:4.2 casting out this devil that they were k. to each other;

153:4.4 that in my Father’s kingdom the tree is k. by its fruits

155:6.10 as no other race of men have ever k. him since

157:6.11 into this world as you have k. me, and I declare to

160:5.5 ideals which far transcend the k. standards of

160:5.7 highest concept of religion the world has ever k.,

160:5.11 are we truly forsaking the lures of the k. order

161:2.3 the most truly unselfish person we have ever k..

161:2.4 greatest hypocrite and fraud the world has ever k..

162:1.8 Only the twelve apostles had k. that Jesus intended

162:2.4 work since his baptism had become k. to all Jewry,

162:4.1 The presence of people from all of the k. world,

162:5.2 for if you had k. me, you would also have k. the

164:3.9 neighbors, and all who had k. Josiah aforetime,

164:4.6 It was well k. about Jerusalem, not only that Jesus

165:3.2 hid from you shall all be made k. when the Son of

167:1.1 It was k. that Jesus was expected in Philadelphia at

169:4.4 Jesus well knew that God can be k. only by the

169:4.4 know him, even as they had k. the Son of Man.

169:4.13 elder brother who, in the flesh, makes k. to you a

169:4.13 God who is spirit can be k. only as a spiritual

170:3.11 This new order of society the world has little k.

171:0.5 “Because I have long k. and loved you; because I

171:5.1 Bartimeus had not k. of Jesus’ last visit to Jericho

172:3.10 “O Jerusalem, if you had only k., even you,

176:2.5 Son of Man are k. only in the councils of Paradise;

178:3.3 that he might live to make k. the glory of God.

180:3.2 since they have k. the light and presumed to reject

180:4.1 this spirit when he comes even as you have k. me,

180:6.1 be strengthened in the knowledge that all was k.

182:1.4 the life I live in the flesh is to make k. my Father

182:1.6 I know you, and I have made you k. to these

182:1.6 they will make k. your name to other generations.

184:0.3 brother James were well k. to the older servants,

184:1.8 “Annas, you have k. me from the times of my youth.

184:2.3 that it was because he was k. to the servants,

187:6.2 John himself, being well k. to the Roman centurion,

188:0.1 the earth career of Michael which is little k. to us.

188:4.1 It is a fact that Urantia has become k. among other

188:5.7 greater than any which had hitherto been k. on earth.

189:1.4 that all k. phenomena associated with this mortal

191:5.3 you will make k. the love and the mercy of God

194:3.17 powerful unifying influence the world has ever k..

194:4.6 the greatest religion the world has ever k..

knownwith as

1:1.4 out in the starry creation, he is k., as on the

1:1.5 worlds he is variously k. as the Father of Fathers,

1:5.8 you can be k., as other humans have been k., as the

6:1.5 In the central universe he is k. as the Co-ordinate

8:4.3 the Infinite Spirit is k. as an omnipresent influence,

11:8.7 systems are threefold organizations k. as triata.

11:8.7 are dual in constitution and are k. as gravita.

15:10.12 these three orders are k. as Trinitized Sons of

15:14.6 constellations and has a capital k. as Salvington.

16:3.10 of beings k. as the power directors, power centers,

16:9.4 awareness is mutual; that the self is k. as it knows.

17:0.10 These seven orders are k. on Uversa as the seven

17:6.3 is k. as the “supreme reaction of complement.”

18:1.1  k. as the personal circuit of the Universal Father.

18:2.1 These rulers are k. as the Eternals of Days, and they

19:3.4 Such a group of nine is k. either as a fact-finding or

20:0.5 participation in the creative technique k. as evolution

20:1.5 sonship are k. as the Local Universe Sons of God.

20:1.10 Vorondadeks are best k. as the Most Highs,

20:3.1 The Avonals are k. as Magisterial Sons because they

20:6.6 to become locally k. as “the world of the cross.”

20:7.1 They are k. in Havona as the order of Daynals.

21:0.3 their universes, they are k. as Creator Michaels.

22:0.1 there a third group k. as the Trinitized Sons of God.

33:6.9 These times are generally k. as Salvington time,

34:1.1 there occurs what is k. as a “primary eruption.”

34:1.4 local universe, is k. in Satania as the Divine Minister.

35:4.2 headquarters, they are k. as emergency Sons.

35:4.5 time of Abraham was locally k. as Prince of Salem

35:5.1 They are more generally k. as Constellation Fathers

35:8.1 they are best k. as System Sovereigns, the rulers of

36:4.1 abodes are k. as the system midsonite worlds,

36:4.2 carrier and a Material Daughter are k. as midsoniters

37:1.9 and Morning Star of our universe is k. as Gabriel of

37:2.3 have sometimes been k. as “the angel of the Lord.”

37:9.8 a residential order of beings k. as the univitatia.

37:9.12 an amazing group of beings k. as the abandonters,

42:2.17 On Uversa these energies are k. as TRIATA.

43:3.1 these Sons are k. as the Most Highs since they

43:3.2 member of this trio is k. as the Constellation Father

43:4.5 and is k. as the “mount of Paradise assembly.”

44:4.3 This is k. as the tongue of Uversa in our

44:4.3 Even on Salvington we “know as we are k..”

45:1.1 around Jerusem are generally k. as the transitional

47:0.1 number one are specially k. as the mansion worlds.

49:5.12 is the veteran finaliter k. in Satania as Tabamantia.

50:7.2 by themselves and are k. as the agondonters,

51:0.1 —are usually k. on a planet as Adam and Eve.

57:8.6 to become locally k. as “the world of the cross.”

59:0.3 era is k. to your researchers as the Proterozoic.

59:0.4 million years and is best k. to you as the Paleozoic.

59:0.5 hundred million years and is k. as the Mesozoic.

59:0.6 This recent-times era is k. as the Cenozoic.

59:2.13 which is k. to your geologists as the Ordovician.

59:3.9  k. in North America as Niagra limestone because

59:3.12 years and k. to your researchers as the Silurian.

59:4.18 has become k. to your researchers as the Devonian.

59:5.6 This period could well be k. as the age of frogs.

59:5.14 caused this period to be k. as the Carboniferous.

59:6.11 tribulation, k. to your students as the Permian,

60:1.14 twenty-five million years and is k. as the Triassic.

60:2.15 twenty-five million years and is k. as the Jurassic.

60:3.22 this becomes k. as the age of birds as well as the age

60:4.6 one hundred million years and is k. as the Mesozoic.

61:3.15 of the elephant and the horse is k. as the Miocene.

61:7.1 gentle swells, or surface undulations, k. as drumlins.

61:7.19 period and is k. to your researchers as the Cenozoic

66:5.9 separate records and was k. as the “house of Fad.”

66:7.8 This code was k. as “The Father’s Way” and

67:4.2 Their descendants were long k. as the Nodites,

69:4.4 some countries were later k. as “cities of refuge.”

76:1.3 This site was k. to Adam as one of the three original

77:3.3 This location later became k. as Bablod and Babel.

77:3.9 This region was long k. as the land of Babel.

78:0.1 the Nodite and Sangik tribes, were k. as the Andites.

85:2.1 Even in modern times alcohol is k. as “spirits.”

93:0.1 The Melchizedeks are widely k. as emergency Sons,

93:2.4 Melchizedek was soon k. throughout Palestine as the

94:5.3 the One Truth, later k. as the Spirit of Heaven,

94:5.6 In Japan this proto-Taoism was k. as Shinto,

98:7.2 Michael Son of Nebadon, k. to Urantia as the Christ,

107:4.5 luminosity is widespreadly k. as the “pilot light”;

107:7.6 these fragments of Deity are k. as the divine gifts.

113:2.1 Seraphim are not k. as guardians of destiny until

114:2.3 John, k. to you as “the Baptist,” is chairman of the

114:6.1 These exalted angels are k. as the master seraphim

117:5.3 of experience k. as finaliter transcendation.

119:2.5  k. in that age as the Savior Sovereign of the

119:8.2 little world become k. throughout all Nebadon as

121:8.10 The Epistle k. as “First John” was written by John

123:5.7 k. as a center of liberal interpretation of Jewish law.

126:3.3 to many has become k. as “The Lord’s Prayer.”

129:1.3  k. to the Galilean fisherfolk as the designer of the

129:1.8 to the end of his earth life he was k. as a resident of

129:3.2 reasons, Jesus was k. as the Damascus scribe.

129:3.2 on the return trip he was k. as the Jewish tutor.

131:6.1 teaching—were k. in those days as the Suduanists.

131:6.1 believers have become k. as followers of Jainism.

134:8.1 Damascus road to a village sometime k. as Beit Jenn

134:9.9 in the public teacher the same person they had k. as

135:0.2 the small village k. in those days as the City of Judah

139:2.2 Simon was well k. to all his friends as an erratic and

139:2.12 shown in his letter k. as the First Epistle of Peter;

139:7.5 has become k. as the Gospel according to Matthew.

139:8.1 later times he has become k. as “doubting Thomas,”

142:8.4 park, or garden, k. in that day as Gethsemane.

150:2.2 ten women (afterward k. as the twelve women)

157:6.3 he became k. to the apostles as the Son of God.

169:4.13 God who is spirit can be k. only as a spiritual

171:1.4 the apostles at what was k. as the teachers’ camp,

171:2.1 discourse that has become k. as “Counting the Cost.

177:1.3 has become k. on high as “the day which a young

187:5.2 of the Book of Psalms now k. as the twentieth,

188:3.11 a morontia structure k. as the “Michael Memorial,”

188:4.1  k. among other neighboring inhabited planets as

195:6.17 or else it could not have become k. as a thing.

knowssee knows God

2:1.3 likewise he k. fully his perfection and power.

2:1.4 The great God k. and understands himself; he is

2:4.2 Since God k. all about his children, it is easy for him

3:3.1 “God k. all things.”

3:3.2 “He k. the way I take, and when he has tried me,

3:3.2 “God k. our downsittings and our uprisings;

3:3.2 he k. your frame; he remembers that you are dust.

3:3.2 “Your Father k. what you have need of even

3:5.9 predicament where it ever k. less than it can believe.

4:0.1 really k. very much about the eternal purpose of

6:4.7 like the Father, the Son k. all; he is never surprised

10:2.7 The Father k. the experience of having a Son who

10:2.7 but the Father k. no ancestral antecedents.

15:2.1 Only the Universal Father k. the location and number

16:6.10 mind-reason intuitively k. its moral duty; spirit-

16:7.4 He k. what he is doing, why he is doing it, where

16:9.4 awareness is mutual; that the self is known as it k..

21:0.4 The order of Michael k. the grand universe from

28:5.22 The Mother Spirit of Salvington k. you fully, for the

28:5.22 whatsoever the divine Spirit k. of you is available

32:4.8 in the assurance that the “Lord k. his children,”

52:7.1 no one k. whether his second coming will precede or

54:3.3 and if the guilty one k. in his heart the justice of his

81:6.12 it is a wise nation which k. when to cease growing.

84:5.2 Nature k. nothing of fairness—makes woman alone

86:1.6 For man k. not his fate; as fishes are taken in an evil

95:7.6 Deity of all, “who k. the invisible and the visible.

99:4.5 it is what one believes rather than what one k. that

101:10.1 Intelligent man k. that he is a child of nature,

102:2.4 soul of spiritual illumination k., and k. now.

102:8.4 the name of God to the best and highest things he k..

111:3.6 Mind k. quantity, reality, meanings.

111:3.6 is the mutual creation of mind, which k., and the

114:2.6 No one k. how long these twenty-four Urantia

116:0.5 No one k. just what this third development of

116:4.2 This Master Spirit k.—is in personal contact with—

117:6.1 Supreme k. you because he is creaturelike as well as

117:6.27 for he k. that the Father walks beside him each step

127:6.12  k. how to carry on in the face of disappointment.

129:4.3 Jesus k. from personal experience the equivalent of

129:4.5 Jesus k. about the thoughts and feelings, the urges

130:7.6 the only thing man k. which can even partially

131:1.3 God k. all—our secrets and our proclamations;

131:1.3 he also k. what each of us deserves.

131:2.2 He k. the number of the stars; he calls them all by

131:2.6 The Lord k. the way of the righteous, but the way

131:4.6 He never fears who k. the blissful security of the

133:6.7 every morally conscious mortal k. of the existence

140:6.11 the Father k. what you need even before you ask

144:8.4 born of the spirit and k. that he has become a son of

148:5.5 He k. your body; he remembers that you are dust.

148:6.7 with a divine Being who k. man’s mortal estate

155:4.2 since the Father in heaven k. all things, and since

156:5.20 He k. how bravely to endure unavoidable suffering;

161:2.7 disclose that the Master k. what is going on away

165:2.10 it is because the Father k. that I will not falter in

165:4.8 yet he k. not what time shall bring upon him,

169:4.2 that the Father, like the Son, k. all things;

169:4.2 that only the Son really k. the Father, and he to

169:4.2 that he who k. the Son k. also the Father;

174:5.13 He who walks in the darkness k. not where he

177:4.11 every mortal man k. full well how love, even when

182:1.6 This world k. very little of you, righteous Father,

185:3.5 half in sincerity, “Truth, what is truth—who k.?”

185:7.5 Caesar’s friend, and I will see that the emperor k.

195:6.12 Matter k. not truth, neither can it love mercy nor

knows God

5:5.13 When the mind believes God and the soul k. God,

65:8.5 if the individual really k. God and desires to find him

118:8.11 A personality who k. God and desires to do his will

130:2.6 “Ganid, no man is a stranger to one who k. God.

131:1.6 “The man who k. God looks upon all men as equal;

132:5.18 4. No mortal who k. God can stoop to engage in the


77:5.10 end of the Caspian Sea, near the K. Dagh.

77:5.10 fertile belt lying in the foothills of the K. range,

78:1.3 the shore of the Caspian Sea near the K. mountains.


82:4.3 a form of property; the K. teaches their inferiority.

87:5.5 The K. contains a chapter devoted to the evil eye


94:9.1 Kashmir, Ceylon, Burma, Java, Siam, K., China,

94:11.1 accepted cult of the peoples of China, K., or Japan.

Kung Fu-tzesee also Confucius

94:6.9 Confucius (K.) was a younger contemporary of


81:3.1 From the valley of the Nile to the Hindu K. and

95:5.9 all the foreign lands, even Syria and K., besides

KyriosSemite name for Deity

96:1.9 Creator of Heaven and Earth, K., Jah, The Lord of


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