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EaBabylonian god

95:1.4 chief deities down to seven: Bel, Shamash, Nabu, Ea

95:1.4 Babylonian triad: Bel, Ea, and Anu, the gods of sea,

each - non-exhaustive; see other, each

40:10.13 The Father loves e. of his sons, and that affection is

12:7.8 God loves e. individual as an individual child in the

12:7.10 Brotherhood discloses not the e. relationship, but the

40:10.13 The Father loves e. of his sons, and that affection


123:5.1 And Jesus was truly e. for the new school life which

136:0.1 John was an e. and earnest worker, but Jesus was

148:9.2 surrounded by e. listeners, a man long afflicted


51:5.2 and the people e. look forward to the day when

74:7.23 the races of earth looked forward e. to the time

88:6.8 half the world is grasping e. for the light of truth

136:0.1 the Jewish people of Palestine were e. looking for


69:5.7 4. Position—e. to buy social and political prestige.

156:3.2 observe the e. of these gentiles to hear the gospel


61:2.12 gulls, herons, flamingoes, buzzards, falcons, e., owls,

65:2.9 The bird types of today—e., ducks, pigeons, and

97:7.8 they shall mount up with wings as e.; they shall run

131:2.6 their strength; they shall mount up with wings like e..


1:5.1 “He who planned the e., shall he not hear?

5:3.6 and give e. to the pleas of their petitioning subjects

8:6.4 He who has an e., let him hear what the Spirit says

11:4.5 “Eye has not seen, nor e. heard, neither has it entered

24:6.2 those realities which “eye cannot see nor e. hear,

85:1.4 the stones were put in to keep the e. holes open.

90:0.2 the exceptional among humans could catch the e. of

97:7.9 cannot save, neither his e. heavy that it cannot hear

99:1.5 while the upper strata of society turned a deaf e. to

110:7.6 The e. of the human mind is almost deaf to the

131:1.5 there is the face of the Most High and the open e.

132:6.3 as his e. for the recognition of human melody will be

141:6.2 Why did he so resist me and so readily lend an e.

142:7.10 Always is his e. open to their petitions; he is ever

142:7.17 the ability to listen with the e. of the spirit?

144:2.5 For some time he would not give e. to her, but

146:2.3 cried for mercy, but there was no e. open to hear.”

146:2.3 “He who turns away his e. from hearing the divine

146:2.8 the prayer gives it right of way to the divine e., not

149:2.6 His e. was ever open to the sorrows of mankind,

151:3.15 the blade, then the e., then the full grain in the e..

151:3.15 He who has an e. to hear, let him hear.”

173:3.1 give e. while I tell you a parable: A certain great

181:2.20 showing you that which eye has not seen, e. heard,

185:4.3 the Sadducees and, giving e. to their accusations,

191:5.5 with the eye of flesh nor heard with the mortal e..”

192:1.3 so when John whispered this in his e., Peter quickly

193:0.3 “And now you should give e. to my words lest

earlieradjective; earlier ages; earlier days;

   earlier epochs; earlier stages; see times

22:2.4 mortals who were among the e. Paradise arrivals,

30:3.7 mortal progression, especially during the e. phases

34:1.2 in his e. work of physical universe organization.

39:2.1 as directors in the spheres of their e. activities.

41:9.3 suns lose matter at a prodigious rate during their e.

41:10.3 are characterized by mountains, during their e. life,

42:9.3 markedly observable in the e. or lighter atomic

44:1.13 These e. types of rhythm stimulate the reaction of

45:2.3 Lanaforge was faithful to Michael in an e. upheaval

46:5.23 you are permitted extended leisure on your e. visits.

48:2.18 Unconsciousness attends the e. metamorphoses

49:2.17 in the treetops as did his e. arboreal ancestors.

50:6.5 serious blunders in the e. administration of the world.

51:3.7 On Urantia a majority of these e. midway creatures

51:4.2 The e. races are somewhat superior to the later;

55:2.9 They do not pass through any of the e. phases of

57:7.5 the surface resembling its e. molten state before the

58:7.1 they yield fossil remains of some of the e. forms of

58:7.8 rises and dips, of the e. continental drift contributed

59:2.1 then another, more particularly in its e. history, but

59:4.7 that the e. deposits were covered by mud or shale.

59:5.13 the e. coal deposits were being laid down, but now

60:1.10 But e. reptiles were smaller, carnivorous, and

60:3.22 flying dinosaurs nor from the e. types of land birds.

61:2.2 plants and trees, having appeared during e. periods.

61:2.5 Of the e. and more primitive mammals, over one

61:2.6 the only remaining group representative of man’s e.

62:3.11 branches which mated with the e. types of gibbons

62:4.4 for like their e. ancestors, they were greatly subject

64:6.2 The appearance of the e. Andonites on Urantia was

69:4.6 the e. wars were fought over natural deposits,

69:9.14 “commons” represent the survival of the e. form of

70:7.9 the e. groups were remarkably free from sex laxity.

70:7.19 and later evolved into the e. religious societies—

71:6.3 it is a factor throughout the e. phases of civilization.

71:8.14 upon the e. phases of settlement in light and life.

74:8.4 of the e. beliefs in progressive creation—evolution.

74:8.8 That the e. traditions recognized pre-Adamic

77:4.8 located on the Persian Gulf near the e. city of

78:3.1 The cultural effect of these e. migrations was not

78:3.10 It took so long for the e. waves of Adamites to pass

78:4.5 which explains why the e. race movements had been

78:6.2 white races—the blend of the blue men and the e.

79:1.1 These e. migrations were in no sense conquests;

79:2.6 these e. Andite conquerors made a desperate attempt

79:3.1 The e. and purer Dravidians possessed a great

79:3.3 the Sethite priesthood entered India, both in the e.

79:5.5 In the e. struggles the red men were generally

80:1.6 no religious practices which were repulsive to the e.

80:4.1 the majority of the e. and purer strains migrated to

80:4.3 The e. expansions of the purer violet race were far

80:8.1 by the broad-headed mountain survivors of the e.

80:8.4 The best pottery is the product of the e. settlements.

80:9.4 This explains why remains of the e. white races,

81:1.4 Since slaves were employed by the e. agriculturists,

81:2.20 vases and implements are inferior to the e. products

82:4.3 specifically mentioned in the e. codes and mores.

85:3.1 a survival of the e. practice of worshiping animals.

89:7.4 providing sanction for the e. and more savagelike

89:9.4 human sacrifice and the still e. cannibalistic rituals.

90:1.1 the later tribes had both the e. shaman-medicine men

90:2.3 Witchcraft embraced the magic performed by e.

93:9.4 the scene of his e. activities and the place where he

94:1.1 the ceremonial practices of their e. Andite forebears

94:1.3 represented a degeneration of their e. monotheism

94:1.3 and the vestigial symbol of an e. Trinity concept.

94:2.3 in death which had been a part of the e. Vedic faith

95:1.10 of the descendants of the e. Salem missionaries,

95:1.11 derived from the e. Andite Mesopotamians and lost

97:4.1 the Yahweh of the e. Hebrews—to a God who would

97:7.4 incorporation among the writings of the e. Isaiah.

98:0.4 were repercussions of the e. Melchizedek teachings.

98:1.5 the antipriestcraft doctrines of the e. Salem teachers

98:3.1 Having grown out of the e. forms of worship of the

98:3.7 priests of the state religion told Augustus of the e.

98:5.1 was a great improvement over the e. mystery cults.

104:1.5 the e. Trinity portrayals were brought to India by the

104:1.6 of a trinitarian nature: The e. was Teacher, Law,

121:4.1 all derived from the e. Platonism of the Greeks.

122:1.1 Abraham and through this patriarch to the e. lines of

122:5.1 Joseph had been more cheerful, but in the e. years

124:3.4 to return to the childlike attitude of his e. years.

126:5.1 family returned to the simple life of their e. years.

128:3.6 new gospel was the direct result of this e. interview

131:3.1 Ganid did find some record of certain e. beliefs

131:5.1 the descendants of the e. Melchizedek missionaries,

131:7.1 contained remnants of the e. Melchizedek teachings

131:8.1 the doctrine of one God became a part of the e.

133:5.12 the offspring of the inferior slaves of those e. periods

133:6.1 perpetuation of the still e. mother goddess of ancient

136:1.6 the son of David, as presented by the e. prophets;

137:3.4 and more like himself as he was during the e. years

139:7.8 During the e. months, when Matthew knew his

142:2.4 folly to cling to these e. and misconceived notions

146:1.1 Many of the e. Babylonian and later Zoroastrian

150:7.2 his native village in any of his e. preaching tours.

154:6.9 James’ failure to enjoy this e. association with Jesus

156:3.2 from the e. Canaanite tribes of still e. Semitic origin

163:1.1 apostles of John, fifty-one of the e. evangelists,

166:2.1 They had heard much of Jesus and his e. miracles

168:4.12 the long-waiting answers to your e. but ill-timed

170:5.6 the e. concept of the purely spiritual brotherhood of

172:4.3 not excepting the e. ones, he said, “Let us go up to

192:1.2 to meet with them amidst the scenes of their e.

194:2.8 fundamental truths and teachings of his e. gospel

195:0.11 the Mithraic cult, but even in that e. compromise

195:8.5 simply ignores him; at least that was the e. attitude.

earlier ages

16:5.3 individual mortal mind during the e. evolutionary a.

35:9.8 make excessive trouble in the e. of the universe,

41:10.4 During the e. of all these new worlds, earthquakes

49:6.3 Throughout the e. of an inhabited world, many are

49:6.6 the e. of the animal-origin races are characterized by

49:6.9 Throughout the e. of an evolutionary world, few

55:2.5 in spiritual flames, and what a contrast to those e.

55:5.2 the idleness and friction of the e. primitive ages.

60:3.21 The wading and swimming prebirds of e. had not

71:5.3 Throughout the e. of any world, competition is

94:5.8 of the teachings of the Salem missionaries of an e..

earlier days

69:9.5 In the e. of social evolution the apportionment of

80:1.1 During the e. days of the violet race the

earlier epochs

19:2.6 whether in their e. or when settled in light and life.

32:2.5 Son at the capital sphere, this was not true of the e.

40:5.9 series one inhabit the worlds of space during the e.

40:10.6 from the e. and less settled epochs to the later and

55:2.5 scenes of weeping and wailing characteristic of e.

56:7.7 God the Sevenfold during the e. evolutionary

earlier stages

19:6.2 compensate for the spiritual impoverishment of e.

20:9.5 the regime of mortal progression through the e.

49:2.24 During the e. and the later stages of many planets,

55:3.11 on a planet passing through the e. of evolution.


59:4.13 usually destroyed by the still e. appearing bacteria.

79:5.2 tribal organization of the red races was formed e.

84:3.9 The provision of milk for the young led to e weaning

89:8.3 tattooing is an artistic evolution of the e. scarring of

80:7.11 who had e. come to Italy from the Aegean Islands.

82:3.8 since one must be married, the e. the better.

95:2.3 Still e. they had been totem tribes, very much like the

150:7.1 E. in the day Jesus had sent Thomas to arrange

179:0.3 and since this supper was given one day e., they

181:2.6 as Jesus had intimated to them e. in the evening

182:3.7 E. in the evening it had not seemed so difficult to

184:2.8 spoken to him by his Master e. that same night.


16:9.2 From its e. inception the soul is real; it has cosmic

34:2.2 From the e. association with the Creator Son the

40:10.7 these beings hail from the e. epochs of Orvonton,

64:1.2 Many of man’s e. religious emotions grew out of his

65:2.7 The frog is one of the e. of surviving human-race

66:5.3 and smoking; food thus became the e. property.

68:2.6 And from e. times, where woman was has always

68:3.2 The ghost dream was one of the e. appearing

68:5.2 The e. human cultures arose along the rivers of the

69:3.9 The origin of one of the e. castes of priests, apart

69:4.2 Women held the first markets; they were e. traders,

69:5.8 Bond servants were among the e. form of property

69:9.7 In e. times women were the property of the

69:9.11 Sleeping space was one of man’s e. properties.

70:3.6 believed to survive death—one of the e. concepts of

70:3.11 The e. peace missions consisted of delegations of

70:7.18 Taxation has been a long struggle, one of the e.

70:8.8 Among the e. divisions of this sort were the

70:10.4 In the e. primitive society public opinion operated

70:10.11 One of the e. formulations of advanced tribal law

77:5.4 decided to leave for the north at the e. opportunity.

78:4.2 The e. Andite peoples took origin in the regions

79:2.2 The e. race mixtures in India were a blending of the

79:3.7 The Dravidians were among the e. peoples to build

79:6.4 tribes of the yellow man established their e. centers

82:2.4 In the e. stages of tribal development the mores were

83:6.2 The e. monogamy was due to force of circumstances

84:2.4 The e. races gave little credit to the father, looking

85:2.6 Many of these e. forms of nature veneration became

85:2.6 but the e. mind-adjutant-activated types of worship

86:0.2 Man’s e. prereligious fear of the forces of nature

88:2.4 The e. images were made to preserve the appearance

88:3.1 from the e. belief in sacred stones, through idolatry,

88:5.1 a fetish, the e. magic had to do with hair and nails.

89:1.1 It was the e. form of societal regulation and for a

89:1.3 Among the e. prohibitions were restrictions on the

89:4.5 The e. idea of the sacrifice was that of a neutrality

90:1.2 Quite a few of these e. of priests were of a class

90:3.4 The e. hypothesis advanced in explanation of disease

90:4.8 blood and urine were thus among the e. medicines

90:4.8 values of raw cocoa and quinine were among the e.

91:0.2 The e. prayer forms were not addressed to Deity.

94:5.2 teaching that the e. form of Taoism arose in China,

94:6.4 Lao-tse also made one of the e. presentations of the

101:6.2 from its e. inception on the material level up to the

103:4.1 Partaking of a common meal was the e. type of

103:5.4 gives origin to the e. type of human guilt feelings.

103:6.10 has civilized man followed in the footsteps of the e.

104:1.1 This e. Trinity concept was lost to the world in the

113:0.2 They have ministered on Urantia since the e. times

121:8.3 John Mark wrote the e., briefest, and most simple

122:2.8 From his e. infancy John was judiciously impressed

123:5.14 Jesus’ e. training, aside from that of the home hearth,

145:0.3 from the times of Ruth’s e. spiritual consciousness

earlyadjective; see early man; early men; see ages; days;

life; peoples; stage(s); times; see Monday, etc.

5:4.14 the fact that the doctrines of e. Christianity were

12:1.15 the Uversa physicists have detected e. evidence of

24:1.11 has functioned on Salvington since the e. concept of

25:4.1 From the e. supernaphim and omniaphim, one million

29:5.5 e. organizers and directionizers of these gigantic

30:4.28 beings who will sponsor your e. Havona activities.

33:4.1 the first conjoint act of this e. and free association

34:0.3 difficult to portray this e. universe presence of the

37:3.3 Among their e. observations of intrauniverse

38:1.2 Son, but as the e. creative helper of the Creator Son.

39:5.5 The e. millenniums of the upward strivings of

39:5.5 largely thwarted in their e. efforts on Urantia,

41:10.4 world experienced an e. phase of mighty upheavals,

44:1.12 from the barbarous monotony of your e. ancestors to

46:2.4 Material and e. morontia beings must utilize these

47:1.2 is not visible to the unaided material or e. morontia

47:4.6 presenting the e. beginnings of the morontia regime

47:7.1 corresponds in general to that of the e. era of light

48:1.4 The e. morontia life in the local systems is very much

48:2.17 These e. morontia-form changes require about seven

48:3.12 During the e. mansonia career you will have recourse

48:4.10 The e. experiences of the race or the order are

48:4.12 back upon certain episodes of our e. experience.

48:7.2 new mansion world sojourners in their e. efforts to

49:2.17 It is both amusing to observe the e. civilization of

49:2.18 But these modifications of e. intelligent creatures are

50:2.3 The rule of the evolutionary planets in their e. and

50:3.1 prince as helpers in the work of e. race improvement.

50:3.3 diseases of the realms,are, like the e. morontia bodies

50:5.4 food quest is paramount in the minds of these e.

51:4.4 by observing the remnants of these e. races on your

52:1.3 During the e. racial struggles on many worlds some

52:1.5 The e. races also make extensive use of the larger

52:1.5 but your e. ancestors enjoyed their services.

52:1.6 is coincident with the appearance of e. language.

52:1.7 the e. or biologic religion of primitive man is

52:1.7 But this e. fear religion serves a very valuable

52:2.4 all of these racial religions two strains: the e. fears of

52:2.11 when it is attacked at this e. date in human evolution.

53:3.1 Whatever the e. origins of trouble in the hearts of

55:4.8 invisible cousins of the e. Adamic regime.

57:0.1 of Urantia respecting its antecedents and e. history,

57:0.2 from the e. decades of the twentieth century of the

57:2.1 primary nebulae are circular throughout the e. part of

57:2.4 This was the e. period of differential mass formation

57:7.8 the carbon gases were consumed by the e. plant life.

57:7.9 Even the e. deposits of the soon appearing ocean

57:8.11 The e. crust of the earth was in a state of continual

57:8.11 subsequent deposits of the e. world-wide ocean.

57:8.14 The earth’s e. crust was highly unstable, but

58:6.1 transitional stages between e. primitive vegetable

58:6.6 the rock-embraced fossils of marine life reveals the e.

58:7.1 primitive forms of the e. marine-animal organisms.

58:7.2 But the absence of such fossils in the e. rock layers

58:7.6 the upheavals of earthquakes and the e. volcanoes.

58:7.9 sedimentary rocks belonging to this e. stratification

58:7.9 back to the e. appearance of the world-wide ocean.

59:0.5 4. The e. land-life era extends over the next one

59:0.8 the e. animal organisms have gradually made their

59:0.8 Since so few of these e. organisms had shells, not


59:1.14 The e. animals developing from the three original life

59:2.11 thousands of species of the e. ancestors of the corals.

59:3.3 The e. mountain movements of all the continents

59:4.3 was very diverse due to the e. species segregation,

59:4.13 but these e. varieties had only rudimentary foliage.

59:4.14 Greenland holds the remains of these e. land plants

59:5.10 The deposits of this e. Carboniferous age are from



60:3.7 angiosperms emerged from these e. Cretaceous seas

60:4.5 of the e. ancestors of the future mammalian types.

60:4.6 extending from the e. appearance of land life down


61:1.10 The mammals of the e. Cenozoic lived on land,

61:2.2 the e. placental mammals sprang from carnivorous

61:2.6 The surviving members of the e. reptilian families are

61:2.10 The e. ancestors of the ancient lemurs first made


61:5.7 During these e. epochs of the ice age North America

61:6.3 thus it may be seen that your e. ancestors were born

62:0.1 mutations stemming from e. stock of the lemur type

62:0.1 The dominant factors of these e. lemurs were derived


62:1.1 The e. lemurs concerned in the ancestry of human

62:1.2 While these e. lemurs evolved in the Western

63:3.3 These e. Andonites evinced a very marked clannish

63:4.1 e. Andonites more nearly resembled the present-day

63:4.2 These e. human beings were not so sensitive to pain

63:4.6 evolved from their e. efforts to intercommunicate.

63:4.6 word of Urantia, the tongue of the e. human family,

63:4.8 This e. race and its primitive civilization were lost

63:5.1 The e. Andon races did not penetrate far into Asia,

63:5.3 These Andonic tribes were the e. river dwellers of

63:5.6 these e. humans became highly skillful in fashioning

64:1.3 tropical forests of the land of their e. common origin.

64:1.7 e. dawn civilization was threatened with extinction

64:2.6 the e. settlements of the Andon descendants were

64:2.6 located along rivers and seashores of that e. day,

64:4.13 These e. Neanderthalers could hardly be called sun

64:6.6 much of the teachings and traditions of his e. origin.

64:6.22 The e. blue men were responsive to the persuasions

64:7.1 These e. colored races were extraordinarily tested by

64:7.6 the e. red and yellow men mingled in Asia,

64:7.9 descendants of their e. and common ancestor, Andon

64:7.10 deteriorated descendants of e. Andonic plainsmen;

64:7.20 those sterling and rugged traits of your e. ancestors

64:7.20 persistency and superb devotion of your e. ancestors,

65:2.2 Very few species of the e. types of marine vegetation

65:2.2 The sponges are the survivors of one of these e.

65:2.2 These e. transition forms, while not identical with

65:2.3 are very little changed from the e. dawn of life;

65:2.4 represent the survival of the first e. evolutionary

65:2.5 Before long the e. single-celled animal types

65:2.5 the stationary types of e. and lower animals,

65:2.7 The frog is the only species ancestor of the e. dawn

65:3.1 grotesque occurrences of e. evolutionary progress.

65:4.11 It was our intention to produce an e. manifestation of

65:6.8 evolved out of the primeval protoplasm of e. seas.

66:3.7 Although these e. schools of Dalamatia were crude,

66:5.19 Many of the e. teachings of Lut’s guardians of health

66:5.29 serious people; little humor graced these e. tribes.

66:7.8 Hap presented the e. races with a moral law.

67:6.1 the rehabilitation of the world as their e. Badonite

68:0.3 blue man most of all profited by these e. social

68:1.1 Rather did the e. races learn by sad experience that

68:1.6 be observed something of the e. group hostility,

68:2.1 Civilized society is the result of man’s e. efforts to

68:2.1 well illustrates what the e. tribes came up through.

68:2.4 which contributed to the e. association of human

68:2.6 The e. home was founded upon the sex

68:2.6 The presence of a helpless baby determined the e.

68:2.10 emotions gave origin to the e. beginnings of all art,

68:3.3 The e. cult of ghost fear became a powerful social

68:4.1 From these e. beginnings all of the institutions of

68:6.8 The e. races often resorted to practices designed to

69:1.3 superstition have played a prominent part in the e.

69:2.2 Before the dawn of e. frugality and primitive industry

69:2.5 of the world reverted to the e. ideal of idleness.

69:3.1 The e. order of specialization in labor was:

69:3.5 gave origin to the e. beliefs in white and black magic.

69:3.9 The e. specialists in industry were the flint flakers

69:3.11 The e. traders were women; they were employed as

69:4.1 piracy intervened between the e. practices of silent

69:4.3 The e. traders were scrupulously honest within their

69:4.3 Even the e. Hebrews recognized a separate code of

69:4.6 Modern writing originated in the e. trade records;

69:4.7 and wampum belts, to the e. symbolic alphabets.

69:5.2 The e. banker was the valorous man of the tribe.

69:6.3 The e. home was not a building but the family

69:6.4 used in striking fire were held sacred by e. mankind.

69:6.6 The e. myths about how fire came down from the

69:8.5 This is the e. origin of serfdom—man attached to the

69:9.3 But in e. communal society a man’s capital was

69:9.7 The e. chiefs owned all the land and were

69:9.13 insignia, and this is the e. origin of family crests.

70:1.1 and ruinous reversion to these e. methods of violent

70:1.6 the e. chiefs would try to iron out misunderstandings,

70:1.7 Among the e. causes of war were: 1. Hunger, which

70:1.8 the e. peace tribes were practically exterminated.

70:1.14 The e. priesthoods were, unfortunately, usually allied

70:1.19 E. wars were fought between tribes as a whole, but

70:2.2 the dance, one of the e. forms of which was a drill.

70:2.9 E. wars promoted organization and efficiency, but


70:3.3 it was commerce and trade that held these e. groups

70:4.9 the e. tribal governments being a loose confederation

70:4.10 The courts of the tribal chiefs and e. kings consisted

70:5.1 From the e clans and primitive tribes there developed

70:5.3 In the e. council of the elders there resided the

70:5.6 These e. war lords were not fond of peace.

70:5.8 Some e. communities were ruled by medicine men,

70:5.8 Quite often the e. royal insignias had originally been

70:6.5 The e. fetish king was often kept in seclusion; he

70:6.5 These assistants of the e. kings became the

70:6.6 E. court magic was diabolical; the king’s enemies

70:8.10 8. Religious—the e. cult clubs produced their own

70:8.11 India, was based on color, as was that of e. Egypt.

70:10.5 Their e. methods of detecting crime consisted in

70:10.9 religion has since modified these e. tribal practices.

70:11.2 E. society operated negatively, granting the

70:12.2 The e. and diffuse powers of the primitive council

70:12.4 The e. kings were greatly restricted by the mores—

71:1.2 The e. states were small and were all the result of

71:1.2 e. states did not originate in voluntary associations.

71:5.3 E. evolution is characterized by the survival of the

74:3.1 during their e. experience on such worlds.

74:6.1 Before the size of the Adamic family outgrew these e

74:8.5 The e. Greeks had clear ideas of this despite their

74:8.8 In his e teachings, Moses very wisely did not attempt

75:1.4 heightened by the e. departure of the Melchizedek

76:4.2 not suffer pain in childbirth; neither did the e. races.

76:4.8 the e. beginnings of the mighty Andite race.

76:5.7 the mistakes of their e. world rulers so plunged the

76:6.4 civilization to survive in the face of the e. dilution

77:2.3 While hardly “sons of the gods,” the staff and their e.

77:2.10 older kings signifies that some of the e. Nodite rulers

77:2.11 in the Biblical genealogy of Abraham and in the e.

77:4.11 Some of the e associates of Van subsequently settled

77:5.4 Adamson did much to forward the e. activities of

77:8.12 When the e. teachers of the gospel of Jesus were


78:3.4 the best of the e. Andonites had been preserved.

78:3.5 As the period of the e. Adamic migrations ended,

78:3.9 These e. migrations extended over a period of ten

78:4.4 These e. Andites were not Aryan; they were pre-

78:5.3 modern languages are derived from this e. speech of

78:8.7 After the breakup of the e. Sumerian confederation

79:1.8 The e. Chinese annals record the presence of the red-

79:1.9 The e. breakup of their empire long delayed cultural

79:2.2 India are hardly representative of these e. people;

79:2.2 was never fully absorbed by either the e. Andites or

79:2.3 the e. descendants of Adam (and most of the later

79:4.2 The e. Aryan centers were scattered over India,

79:5.2 While the e. Neanderthalers were spread out over

79:7.4 e. Chinese legends place “the land of the gods” in the

79:7.6 The similarities between certain of the e. Chinese

79:8.6 promise of an e. development of advanced statehood

80:0.2 white races and still more of the e. Nodite strains.

80:1.1 Some of man’s very e. maritime commerce was

80:1.3 the Sahara peoples deteriorated the e. civilization

80:1.8 the e. waves of Mesopotamian culture made their

80:2.1 The e. expansion of the violet race into Europe was

80:3.3 The European civilization of this e. post-Adamic

80:3.5 At an e. age the women were well versed in the

80:6.2 This e. setback was more than compensated by the

80:6.4 sought to revive the remnants of the e. religious

80:7.7 later incorporated in the e. Christian religion under

80:7.13 the advances in e. Greek civilization persisted in

80:9.2 The typical e. Nordic was long-headed, tall, and

80:9.4 so few evidences of the white man’s e. culture,

81:1.2 that terminated the e. migrations of the Adamites,

81:2.2 that your e. ancestors had little or no leisure which

81:2.16 houses not at all unlike the e. log cabins of the

81:2.18 It was from these e. huts that the subsequent idea of

81:3.2 in producing those e. and semipeaceful communities

81:3.3 regarding the refinements of e. urban life.

81:3.3 The e. races were not overly neat and clean,

81:3.4 of this era of the e. industrial and trading cities.

81:5.4 characterized the e. experiences of the human race.

81:6.14 The chief factor in e. civilization was the force

82:1.8 As an institution, marriage, from its e. beginnings

82:2.2 Among the e. races there was little or no regulation

82:2.4 practices had their origin in these e. taboos which

82:2.5 The e. mores granted the same degree of sex liberty


82:3.3 But the e. sex and mating mores were a mass of

82:3.5 Many e. tribes required feats of stealing as a

82:3.9 E. in social evolution peculiar and celibate orders of

82:4.2 marriage was more permanent among the e. tribes

82:5.4 brother and sister marriages were common in e. to

82:6.1 The e. and original evolutionary peoples of color

83:0.1 This is the recital of the e. beginnings of the marriage

83:2.3 An e type of wedding ceremony was the mimic flight

83:5.1 In the e. history of marriage the unmarried women

83:7.1 In the e. evolution of the marital mores, marriage

84:1.9 Regardless of the antagonisms of these e. pairs,


84:2.4 this was all a part of the e. mores designed to

84:3.1 family unity under the herder and e. agricultural


84:4.3 E. woman was not to man a friend, sweetheart, lover

84:5.6 The e. Chinese and the Greeks treated women better

84:7.9 The e. family embraced a related working group,

85:0.2 E. religion was wholly intellectual in nature and was

85:2.3 All e. marriages were held under the trees,

85:2.4 Patagonians still worship trees, as did the e. Semites.

85:3.4 The e. Nordics thought that eclipses were caused

85:4.3 primitive tribes and by many of the e. nature cults.

85:4.3 linked and were widespread among many e. groups.

85:6.3 In e. evolution religion creates its own gods.

85:7.1 worshipfulness, and that its e. practice became


86:1.1 e. evolutionary religion had its roots of origin in the

86:1.4 and the supreme fascination of the e. savage mind.

86:3.2 vestigial traditions of the e. attitude toward death.

86:4.8 The e. Andites thought their ghosts returned to the

86:5.3 E. mortals usually failed to differentiate the concepts

86:5.13 Among e. Christians the ceremony of bestowing the

86:5.17 The e. Nodite races regarded man as consisting of

87:0.1 None of these e. religions had much to do with the

87:3.1 The e. gods were simply glorified departed humans

87:3.2 Devotees of the e. ancestor-ghost cults even feared

87:4.4 The e. monospiritism of ghost fear was evolving into

87:4.5 being completely temperamental as the e. ghosts

87:4.6 Man’s e. philosophy was able to reconcile spirit

87:5.1 E. humans were so afraid they might overlook

87:5.4 and the e. prayers always included the petition,

87:5.6 therefore did primitive man ascribe it to his e. gods.

87:5.6 E. humility was not, therefore, debasement of ego

87:7.4 The e. Christian cult was the most effective of any

88:1.2 Fire and water were also among the e. fetishes,

88:1.6 derived from the e. recognition of the four points of

88:4.6 The fascination of e. superstition was the mother of

88:6.3 Some e. incantations finally evolved into prayers.

89:1.5 The e. food taboos originated in fetishism and

89:2.4 Among the e. tribes the violation of a taboo was a

89:2.5 Many apparently hygienic customs of the e. tribes

89:3.3 greatest social gains from e. evolutionary religion.

89:5.1 Modern ideas of e. cannibalism are entirely wrong;

89:5.1 wrong; it was a part of the mores of e. society.

89:5.4 and e. Andonites seldom were cannibalistic except

89:6.7 are survivals of the e. ceremonies involving human

89:8.5 man’s e. idea of God was so anthropomorphic that

89:8.6 mistaken idea that these e. sacrifices were a free gift

89:8.8 E. prayer was hardly worship; it was a bargaining

89:9.1 The e. rituals of sacrifice bred the later ceremonies of

89:9.1 These e. ideas of ransom, redemption, and covenants

89:9.3 the e. Jewish fraternity was a sacrificial blood affair.

89:9.4 those shocking e. ceremonies of human sacrifice

90:2.1 In the e. development of their profession the

90:2.6 A severe drought meant death to the e. agriculturists;

90:4.9 Oil and wine was a very e. medicine for treating

90:5.1 it was inevitable that the e. shamans should sooner

91:0.4 praying to no one in particular, just as did the e.

91:0.5 In this e. evolutionary confusion men pray to gods—

91:1.1 The function of e evolutionary religion is to conserve

91:3.2 The e. and primitive form of prayer was much like

92:1.1 The evolution of religion has been traced from e. fear

92:3.9 as a result of all these e. errors in ethical technique.

92:6.17 only western people to follow their e. evolutionary

92:6.20 nothing more than a reversion to the e. Roman

93:3.1 system which had been developed by the e. Sethite

93:7.3 teachings of the e. Salem missionaries had become

94:0.1 The e. teachers of the Salem religion penetrated to

94:0.1 covenant with Abraham was the pattern for the e.

94:1.3 was in process of resynthesis in the e. centuries of

94:2.8 Hinduism; its e. portrayal of God was even less

94:5.2 E or proto-Taoism was a compound of the following

94:5.3 yellow race never fully lost this e. concept of Deity.

94:5.7 China failed to progress beyond her e. emancipation

94:9.4 Buddhism which clings to the e. or asocial doctrine.

94:10.1 savagery very similar to that which the e. Christian

95:1.2 the custom of the e. Adamite peoples in honoring

95:1.5 for all women to submit, at least once in e. life, to

95:1.6 The e. progress of the Melchizedek teaching was


95:3.5 These e. Nile valley teachers were the first to

95:6.5 was not a pure dualism; though the e. teachings did

96:1.1 The e. Semites regarded everything as being indwelt

98:1.2 The e. influence of the Salem teachers was nearly

99:3.1 E. Christianity was free from all civil entanglements,

99:4.2 During the e. decades of the twentieth century,

103:0.1 sponsored by the e. ministry of the adjutant of

103:2.3 And when such e. moral awakenings are nurtured,

103:2.10 At least this is the e. and fundamental experience of

103:3.1 conflict in the moral nature of the e. human mind.

103:3.1 these primitive contributions to man’s e. religion,

103:4.1 so did e. religions provide that some portion of the

103:5.1 The e. evolutionary mind gives origin to a feeling of

103:5.4 But man’s interpretation of these e conflicts between

103:9.4 But this e. magic and mythology very effectively

104:1.10 And the e. Christians inherited the Hebraic prejudice

106:0.3 It pertains to universes from e. physical beginnings

109:0.1 through the social and play life of e. childhood,

109:3.7 In many of the e. evolutionary races of Urantia, three

112:6.5 acceptably in the e. stages of the morontia life and

116:5.13 throughout these e. epochs of local universe building

121:2.5 Paul made the bulk of his e. converts to Christianity.

121:3.4 the moral backbone of the e. Christian church,

121:3.7 The e. Christian church was largely composed of the

121:3.8 that made the e. Christian church so tolerant of this

121:5.4 seriously resented by the Jews and the e. Christians

122:4.4 The e. followers of Jesus all too often succumbed


123:0.2 through these e. years of Jesus’ helpless infancy,

123:0.2 these years of his infancy and e. childhood.

123:1.5 the hour just to observe the baby’s e. activities.

123:2.3 The most valuable part of Jesus’ e. education was

123:2.14 his e. practice at writing Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew,

123:3.3 Even at an e. age it was very difficult to answer

123:3.4 Before Jesus was six years of age, in the e. summer

123:3.5 Next came the e. springtime celebration of Purim,

124:6.12 knew something of the e. history of John and Jesus,

125:0.1 the great event of his later childhood and e. youth.

125:2.3 Even at this e. date, though Jesus said nothing about

125:4.2 E. forenoon found him in the temple with his

125:4.2 Joseph and Mary also had arisen with the e. dawn

126:0.1 No human youth, in passing through the e.

127:2.6 most delicate and difficult situations of Jesus’ e. life.

127:4.3 discipline his brothers and sisters at such an e. age


128:0.1 As Jesus of Nazareth entered upon the e. years of his

128:3.6 whose boldness in preaching this e. gospel resulted

130:2.3 While the eastern branch of the e. Christian church,

130:3.3 again we remark that the e. teachers of the Christian

130:7.1 kept him busy telling tales about his e. life in Galilee.

132:0.4 in the teachings of the e. Christian missionaries.

132:3.1 preparing Nabon to become one of the e. converts to

132:3.10 in the midst of the confusion of his e. orientation

133:6.1 Not all of Ganid’s e. training to respect images as

133:9.2 Jesus was much interested in the e. history of Ur,

134:9.9 was a reason for this failure of his e. beneficiaries to

135:0.3 The most eventful occurrence in John’s e. childhood

135:4.3 And all his e. teaching was based upon the current

135:7.3 e. and cryptic message: “Repent and be baptized.”

136:1.6 the great stumbling block of Jesus’ e. disciples.

136:9.12 Jesus sought to prevent his e. followers alluding to

137:3.3 their mother had resurrected all her e. hopes of Jesus

138:1.2 to choose one man from among his e. converts for

138:6.4 In these e. teachings Jesus sought to avoid

138:10.11 the twelve functioned from their e. organization up

139:1.8 counseling these e. leaders about the organization of

139:1.9 made and circulated freely among the e. teachers of

139:4.11 closely associated with Peter in the e. activities of the

139:8.3 The e. home life of Thomas had been unfortunate;

140:6.14 And so on through the e. hours of the morning,

140:8.14 many of Jesus’ e. followers had strong opinions

141:4.8 their limited knowledge of the e. history of Urantia

142:2.4 discern their father’s love in all these e. disciplines.

144:1.6 Jesus told the twelve much about his e. life and his

145:5.1 The theme of Jesus’ prayer on this e. morning was

146:1.1 Peter preached one of the great sermons of his e.

147:2.3 and many of the e. believers in John’s preaching.

147:5.9 and e. demoralization of their own offspring

149:2.1 The well-meant efforts of Jesus’ e. followers to

149:2.2 much of the Greek philosophy into e. Christianity,

149:2.4 second great blunder of the Master’s e. followers,

150:6.3 reached the encampment prepared by the e. arrivals

150:7.4 failed to remember his e. devotion to his father’s

151:5.1 Jesus spoke to them in the e. afternoon after the

152:5.6 spectacular episode brought an end to the e. era of

154:5.2 At this e. morning meeting Jesus imparted his

154:6.9 became connected with the e. Christian movement

156:5.4 not as the e. Hebrew prophets so dimly saw him.

157:3.2 his e. experience with the affairs of the kingdom,

158:7.8 long after these e. hints of the impending tragedy of

162:4.4 into three groups for this e. morning ceremony.

162:6.3 At the conclusion of this e. morning service Jesus

166:0.2 build the e. church around the miraculous concepts

166:3.7 the meaning of Jesus’ e. declaration: “Unless you

166:5.3 Philadelphia was the headquarters of the e. church

166:5.4 with all of the leaders of the e. Christian church.

167:6.5 discussion of the e. religious training of children

170:1.16 the transplantation of e. Christianity from a Jewish

170:2.24 the e. Christians had experienced so much trouble

170:5.15 e. Christians (and all too many of the later ones) lost

170:5.19 his e. followers who went about to create a

176:1.3 Jerusalem was to become the cradle of the e. gospel

177:2.0 2. EARLY HOME LIFE

177:2.1 spent considerable time comparing their e. childhood

177:2.2 qualities are grounded upon such an e. training as

177:2.4 His e. home life was not such as would produce a

177:2.5 and the associated home life for all his e. concepts

177:2.5 easy or difficult, in accordance with his e. mental

182:3.10 to the days of his childhood and to his e. work in

183:4.8 the last half of Thursday night and the e. morning

184:1.2 Annas thought to presume on this e. acquaintance

185:0.2 ready to receive this group of e. morning callers,

185:6.1 do not know of his night arrest and e. morning trial

188:3.4 the spirit counterpart of the Adjuster’s e. work in

189:4.10 As these women sat there in the e. hours of the dawn

190:0.4 the faith of all branches of the e. gospel teaching.

190:2.2 experiences of the e. morning hours at the tomb of

190:3.3 come to the rulers of the Jews during the e. evening

192:1.2 apostles had spent the afternoon and e. evening

193:6.5 become actors on the stage of the e. proclamation of

194:2.12 The e. evolutionary races of mortals are subject to

194:3.1 with the e. narratives of the day of Pentecost.

194:4.5 Thus the message of the e. believers had to do with

194:4.6 good will did spring up in these e. communities of

194:4.11 Among their e. converts were Stephen and

194:4.12 the formal organization of the e. Christian church.

195:0.12 Wisely or unwisely, these e. leaders of Christianity

195:0.18 by Jesus were almost lost in these e. compromises,

195:2.2 Much of the e. persecution of Christians in Rome

195:2.2 And so, when these e. persecutions, due so largely

195:2.3 The e. Romans were politically devoted and

195:2.3 They were honest, zealous, and dedicated to their

195:3.6 The e. plan of Christian worship was largely taken

195:3.6 The backbone of the e. Christian church consisted of

195:3.10 The e. schools continued to hold much of Jesus’

196:2.2 a transcendent religious growth from the e. ideas of

early mansee early men

52:1.5 E. evolutionary man is not a colorful creature.

54:1.10 War is the heritage of e. evolutionary man, but on


64:4.5 its southernmost march, compelling e. to move

66:5.7 It was not enough that e. should try to domesticate

66:5.23 did much to improve the industrial technique of e.

66:5.25 piece of red-hot metal was a terrorizing object to e..

68:4.5 E. was mightily gripped by custom; the savage was

69:2.2 E. had to compete with the whole animal world for

69:2.4 that drove the naturally inactive races of e. into

69:5.11 E. (and some later-day ones) tended to squander his

69:6.7 food and so left e. some strength for social culture,

69:9.10 Vanity plus ghost fear led e. to resist all attempts to

70:1.5 E. regarded it a virtue to shed alien blood.

71:5.3 E. is stimulated by competition.

85:1.2 Stones first impressed e. as being out of the ordinary

85:1.2 The shooting star was awesome to e., and he easily

85:2.2 E. looked upon sprouting grain with dread and awe.

85:4.3 Windstorms with thunder and lightning overawed e..

85:6.2 E. regarded unusual persons as superhuman, and he

86:1.4 E. lived in uncertainty and in constant fear of chance

86:3.2 E. accepted life as a fact, while he regarded death as

86:4.3 E. was also much concerned about his breath,

86:4.7 E. entertained no ideas of hell or future punishment.

86:5.1 The soul was e.’ dream double; it was in every way

87:1.3 and this fear prevented e. from building dwellings.

88:1.1 E. regarded shooting stars and meteors as indicating

89:5.2 E. was a cannibal; he enjoyed human flesh, therefore

89:5.2 he offered human flesh as a food gift to the spirits

90:2.13 E. respected knowledge; he honored and rewarded

90:4.6 E. discovered that heat would relieve pain; hot clay,

91:8.1 E. was wont to pray in two diverse situations:

91:8.1 When in dire need, he experienced the impulse to

91:8.1 when jubilant, he indulged the impulsive expression

103:6.10 E. did not differentiate between the energy level and

early men

63:4.2 The tribal life of the animal ancestors of these e.

63:4.4 These e. possessed a touching affection for their

64:6.22 The e. blue men were responsive to the persuasions

64:7.6 the e. red and yellow men mingled in Asia,

68:3.2 the ghost dream actually terrorized e., driving these

85:3.2 E. revered the animals for their power and cunning.

85:3.2 They thought the keen scent and the farseeing eyes

91:1.3 E. did not perceive that material things were not the


15:0.2  E. in the materialization of the universal creation

18:4.7 You will e. see the Perfections of Days when you

36:2.16 new world always provide for the e. establishment

41:6.4 E. in the atomic struggle it loses its outer electron;

41:10.4 are left behind in the wake of the e. condensation

48:5.8 The mansonia life e. teaches young morontia pupils

49:2.16 those planets which very e. provide a hospitable

50:4.1 The prince’s corporeal staff e. organize the planetary

50:7.1 such ascenders are very e. intrusted with special

51:4.1 peoples begin to make their appearances very e. in

51:5.4 whole scheme of race improvement was e. wrecked

52:1.5 But e. in this era mortals learn to kindle and

52:2.9 The e. development of a normal world is greatly

53:9.1 E. in the days of the Lucifer rebellion, salvation was

55:4.22 E in the seventh epoch the Trinity Teacher counselor

57:5.9 gravity pull of Jupiter and Saturn e. captured most of

57:8.2 Volcanic action e. equalized internal-heat pressure

58:3.1 originally built up in these e. appearing hydrogen

59:4.3 The brachiopods e. reached their climax, being

61:1.2 E. in this period and in North America the placental

62:3.1  E. in the career of the dawn mammals, in the abode

62:3.3 The twins e. displayed superior intelligence and were

62:4.1 While e. learning to communicate with each other

62:5.4 Many new emotions e. appeared in these twins.

62:5.7 e. they learned to engage in verbal communication;

63:5.5 They very e. became remarkably clever in disguising

63:5.6 so his descendants e. discovered and made effective

63:6.3 The Andonites e. developed a fear of the elements

63:6.4 Very e. the Andonic peoples formed the habit of

64:4.13 The sun, they e. learned, would regularly return,

64:6.4 They were aided by their e. invention of the bow and

64:6.21 The blue men e. invented the spear and worked out

64:6.32 would have benefited by such an e. amalgamation

64:7.2 peculiar but natural antipathy which e. manifested

64:7.4 The red men e. began to migrate to the northeast,

64:7.5 red man and e. journeyed southward to Mexico

65:2.13 living organisms were e. progressing favorably

66:1.3 Caligastia very e. sought a commission as Prince, but

66:5.18 reduced infant mortality and facilitated e. weaning.

66:8.1 We detect the e. appearance of this tendency to be

67:6.1 The followers of Van e. withdrew to the highlands

68:1.2 Association e. became the price of survival.

68:1.4 Primitive human beings e. learned that groups are

68:1.5 The peoples who thus e. organized themselves into a

68:2.7 Woman thus e. became indispensable to the evolving

68:4.3 The one thing which e. established and crystallized

69:2.1 E. in his existence man began to draw lessons from

69:3.4 The old men and cripples were e. set to work making

69:4.2 Very e. the trading counter was developed, a wall

69:5.6 Collection vanity e. appealed to the pride of man.

69:5.7 There e. sprang up a commercialized nobility,

69:5.9 Men e. began to give death presents to the priests

69:5.13 Accumulations of wealth e. became the badge of

69:9.9 e., personal effects were burned, then buried with the

69:9.13 Private property was e. marked by family insignia,

70:1.2 The Andonites were e. taught the golden rule, and,

70:1.18 Very e. in the history of the race, poisoned weapons

70:1.20 Such warriors were e. prohibited from associating

70:1.21 Very e. it became the custom not to fight near

70:5.2 Wisdom and experience were e. appreciated even by

70:5.5 The race e. learned that an army commanded by a

70:7.8 Primitive people very e. taught their adolescent

70:7.13 Women’s orders pledged against marriage e. came

70:10.5 It was e. believed that ghosts administered justice

70:10.9 Society e. adopted the paying-back attitude of

70:11.2 and the e. administration of justice consisted in the

74:4.4 It was e. on the morning of this seventh day and

75:1.1 the Material Son and Daughter e. became aware of

76:3.7 eating of meat was e. introduced into the second

76:4.6 owing to the e. miscarriage of the plans for racial

78:3.2 Some of the Adamites e. journeyed westward to the

79:3.4 As e. as 16,000 B.C. a company of one hundred

79:3.8 in the e. appearance of many of the refinements and

79:5.5 he e. manifested a marked ability to live peaceably

79:6.8 The yellow race e. learned the value of peace among

79:8.2 The Chinese e. turned to agricultural pursuits,

79:8.7 learned classes despite the e. appearance of printing.

80:1.2 Syrians very e. introduced pottery and agriculture

80:6.4 The Egyptians very e. assembled their municipal

80:7.2 This was the only island settled so e. by such a

80:8.5 Much of central Europe was thus e. settled by mixed

81:1.6 (notably the Chinese) e. learned to plant seeds

81:3.4 and the Andites e. learned to work in iron, gold,

81:4.3 In the e. development of the Urantia races there were

81:6.29 been enormously advanced by the e. division of labor

82:4.4 Very e. in the march of civilization the illegitimate

82:5.1 Very e. the savage observed that race mixture

83:4.2 E. marriage was a factor in property interests, even

83:5.13 aged very e. because of frequent childbearing

84:1.3 The savage e. conceived the idea that babies were

84:2.1 her further loss of blood at childbirth e. suggested

84:3.5 woman e. learned to trade upon her sex charms.

84:7.20 savages, discipline of children was begun very e.;

84:7.20 the child e. realized that disobedience meant failure

85:3.1 In Asia it was e. believed that the souls of men came

85:3.4 E. in evolutionary religion the lamb became the

86:5.10 E. in evolution sleep was regarded as proving that

86:6.2 Very e. in the history of mankind the realities of the

87:6.16 so primitive man e. developed a decided austerity in

88:1.5 monkeys, because of resemblance to man, e. became

89:0.2 The savage was e. possessed with the notion that

89:1.1 but taboos e. acquired ghost or spirit sanction,

89:2.5 The idea of confession and forgiveness e. appeared

89:4.2 E. in the evolution of religion there existed two

89:5.10 2. It very e. became a religious ritual, but the growth

90:1.5 the honest shamans e. perished; only the shrewd

90:2.1 The human race very e. sought for superhuman

90:2.5 Very e. in the history of the race the shamans turned

90:3.5 were e. removed from the category of ghost action.

90:4.8 Purging very e. became a routine treatment,

91:1.2 Prayer very e. became a mighty promoter of social

91:1.4 Prayer e. becomes a dialogue and rapidly expands to

91:3.1 By this technique the child e. learns to convert his

94:8.2 disciples e. began to call him the enlightened one,

95:2.5 in the Nile valley magical ritual e. became involved

101:7.4 become e. arrested on such an adventitious level.

102:4.3 Man very e. becomes conscious that he is not alone

103:2.3 that so e. gives origin to a social consciousness.

103:2.4 Every human being very e. experiences something of

103:2.9 Very e. in life the normal child begins to learn that it

116:4.3 E. in the projection of the superuniverse scheme of

121:6.2 The e. translation of the Hebrew scriptures into

121:8.3 Mark was e. associated with Peter; later with Paul.

122:2.4 husband until her subsequent visit with Mary in e.

122:7.4 couple went forth from their humble home e. on the

122:7.6 Bright and e. the morning of August 19, Joseph

122:7.6 E. in the morning of August 20 they resumed their

123:0.6 Accordingly, e. in October, 4 B.C., they departed

123:1.5 the birth of the second child, James, in the e. hours

123:3.3 but he very e. became doubtful that such unseen

123:4.1 E. in January a great snowstorm occurred in Galilee.

123:5.4 Jesus e. became a master of Hebrew, and as a young

124:2.9 Joseph e began to instruct Jesus in the diverse means

125:4.2 E. next day Jesus was up and on his way to the

126:1.4 E. this year Joseph arranged to set aside the income

126:2.2 force this young man of destiny so e. to assume

126:2.7 Jesus e demonstrated the possession of keen business

126:5.5 this year Jesus could earn, by working e. and late,

127:1.2 personality traits began e. to become manifest,

127:3.1 They went up to Jerusalem a day e., to be alone,

128:4.6 Very e. he recognized that his followers would be

130:3.2 They arose e. in the morning to view this splendid

130:4.12 They rose e. the next morning to go aboard the

132:0.4 It was this e. acceptance of the teachings of the

132:0.5 three factors of paramount value in the e. setting of

132:1.1 Jesus had an all-night talk e. during his sojourn in

132:7.4 I mean that he e. lost sight of his spiritual Father,

133:7.11 The human mind e. begins to manifest qualities

134:1.4 were married at a double wedding in e. March of

134:9.2 his sisters, going e. the next morning to Jerusalem.

135:6.1 E. in the month of March, A.D. 25, John journeyed

135:9.7 It was e. on the morning of Sabbath, February 23,

135:9.9 E. in the morning of the next day Jesus took leave of

135:10.3 very e. in the morning of June 12, before the

137:0.1 E. on Saturday morning, February 23, A.D. 26,

137:1.4 Jesus said, “E. on the morrow we go into Galilee.”

137:4.1 In the forenoon and e. afternoon it appeared more

137:4.4 E. in the afternoon Mary summoned James, and

137:5.1 Andrew, Peter, Philip, and Nathaniel—departed e.

137:7.13 Jesus e. taught his followers that the kingdom was a

138:7.1 And e. on this first day of the week, just as Jesus was

138:8.9 The disciples e. learned that the Master had a respect

138:8.11 but e. became accustomed to, Jesus’ treatment of

138:10.1 The apostles e organized themselves in the following

139:2.3 Peter very e. learned to talk over many of his plans

139:3.8 being e. put to death with the sword by Herod

139:8.11 e. found that it was best, when he was downhearted,

140:5.22 And every child should e. learn to sacrifice.

144:1.10 the apostles very e. perceived that their Master did

144:9.2 Accordingly, e. on the morning of January 13,

145:0.1 e. the next day, Mary the mother of Jesus hastened


145:5.3 Peter could not sleep that night; so, very e., shortly

146:4.4 thronged by the sick that he was forced to rise e.

146:6.4 physician that he departed e. the next day for Endor.

147:6.3 They did not move toward home until e. Sabbath

150:9.4 to go back to Capernaum e. the next day, as Jesus

157:0.2  E. in the afternoon David’s messengers brought

158:1.7 they had begun their journey very e. that morning.

158:7.1 little that night, so they were up e. and ready to go.

161:0.1 Jesus surprised all by announcing that e. the next day

162:0.3  E. the next day they crossed the river and continued

162:3.2 What really happened was this: E. the third morning

162:9.5 e. in November Abner and his eleven fellows cast

163:1.6  E. the next morning Abner sent the seventy

163:2.4  E. the next morning, as Jesus was going for a walk

163:3.5 who went out e. in the morning to hire laborers to

163:4.1  E. that morning, in his last talk with the seventy,

164:3.16 that Jesus brought his two apostles to this man e.

170:5.6 2. The gentile Christians began very e. to accept the

171:1.5 the e. establishment of the kingdom at Jerusalem.

172:0.3 E. the next morning they were awakened by

172:2.3 E. that morning David Zebedee had turned over to

173:5.6 the dramatic cleansing of the temple during the e.

175:3.3 given the orders for Jesus’ arrest e. the next morning

176:2.1 second coming of Christ became e. incorporated

176:2.8 very e. in the second century a Jewish apocalyptic

177:3.1 but e. in the afternoon they became very desirous

177:3.4 on the following day or very e. the next morning.

178:0.1 discourses to the apostles during the e. evening

178:3.1 As they were a little e., and since Jesus did not

179:0.2 that they would celebrate the Passover one day e..

182:2.9 They sought sleep that they might rise up e. in the

182:2.9 priests would seek to apprehend their Master e. in

182:2.11 They will be here e. tomorrow forenoon since it

185:1.2 this deep-seated hatred e. began to manifest itself.

185:1.2 very e. in his experience as governor, made a series

185:6.1 In all that is transpiring e. this Friday morning before

186:3.1 so David e. removed some five or six tents up the

187:5.1 Although it was e. in the season for such a

188:2.2 Sanhedrists who were to visit Pilate e. the next day

190:1.10 for Philadelphia, e. in June, the day after his marriage

190:5.3 very e. this morning they went to his tomb and

191:0.13 located Thomas at the home of Simon in Bethpage e.

191:1.2 wonderful message brought him e. that morning

191:4.6 E. the next morning, even while the apostles tarried

191:5.7 very e. the next morning, before the break of day,

192:4.1 Peter, e. in the week, sent out word that a public

195:0.3 it e. struck a decided attitude on religious rituals,


10:7.4 an e. of the incompleteness of the Supreme and of

102:7.5 The intellectual e. of religion is certainty;

116:0.3 Growth is the e. of experiential Deity: Havona did

156:5.18 leverage, and tolerance is the e. of a great soul.

195:10.11 Uniformity is the e. of the physical world of


16:5.5 suffice to eradicate the e. of superuniverse origin.

71:8.15 progressive government and the e. of ideal statehood

100:6.6 One of the most amazing e. of religious living is that

103:9.5 The e. of such a religion are: faith in a supreme


7:6.5 who, in the experiences of creature incarnation, e.

21:3.3 but the Michaels choose to experientially e. it,

82:3.10 expected that a young woman would e. her dowry,

89:7.4 in this way she could e. her redemption money.

119:8.2 he was required to e. his sovereignty by experience

126:5.5 By the end of this year Jesus could e., by working

127:3.14 James had not yet begun to e. much, and

144:4.3 You e. righteousness—character development—but

150:5.5 said: “You cannot buy salvation; you cannot e.

162:3.4 did most shamefully force Hildana to e. their living

165:5.3 If you are only believing disciples, you must e.

167:5.1 There is nothing man can do to e. this salvation.


3:5.16 They have experientially e. advancement only

18:3.8 but they have not experientially e. this right to rule

21:4.6 a Master Son, one who has fully e. the right to rule

84:8.6 Man has well e. some of his present-day joys and

89:7.5 The money e. by the temple prostitutes was held

92:4.7 that faith was the act by which men e. God’s favor.

119:1.5 become chief of Melchizedeks, having e. our love

128:3.1 Miriam e. considerable by the sale of milk and butter;

132:5.21 7. Except for the just and legitimate fees e. in

181:2.17 you have e. in your capacity as spiritual leader,


21:3.1 the experiential supremacy of self-e. sovereignty

21:3.1 Until the achievement of bestowal-e. sovereignty, he

72:5.12 are beginning to appreciate their well-e. leisure,

81:6.7 to enjoy a well-e. and profitable margin of leisure.

101:4.9 fill in vital missing gaps in otherwise e. knowledge.

106:2.3 This is e. power, demonstrated power, experiential

128:1.2 his numerous well-e. titles that of Son of Man.

132:5.12 10. E. wealth—riches derived directly from your own

132:5.17 wealth is not identical with individually e. income

136:3.5 sovereignty, and assume your well-e. rulership of


70:8.8 the wage e. could elect to join the capitalistic ranks.


25:7.2 you will have e. and progressively difficult tasks to

30:4.26 your spiritual education begins in reality and in e.;

48:6.35 to be faithful and e. and, withal, cheerful; to accept

53:2.2 a bold and e. advocate of “self-assertion and liberty.”

68:2.1 evidence e. striving, not the deadly monotony of

68:3.2 dreamers into each other’s arms in willing and e.

73:2.4 These commissions all began in e. their work,

89:3.2 tens of thousands of e. souls began to court poverty.

89:3.4 Hebrews, Hindus, and Buddhists were e. devotees of

93:3.4 to his disciple Nordan and his band of e. students he

98:3.9 band of Salem believers was made by an e. group of

98:7.2 as well as that of their e. Asiatic contemporaries,

114:6.7 These are the “angels of the churches,” the e.

121:8.3 Peter and on the e. petition of the church at Rome.

123:3.1 meet an almost endless procession of e. students

126:4.8 never had they heard his voice so e. and so sincere;

128:1.1 Jesus began in e. and with full self-consciousness

131:3.5 is thoughtful, prudent, reflective, fervent, and e.—131:03.07 Those who are e. die not; the thoughtless are dead

133:4.4 To the e. leader of the Mithraic cult he said: “You

135:6.5 some curious but many e. and serious, came to hear

135:7.3 Scores of e. believers lingered with their adored

135:8.4 brothers took up their positions in this line of e. men

135:9.1 John found them in e. conference, discussing what

136:0.1 John was an eager and e. worker, but Jesus was a

137:2.4 By this time he was in e. converse with Peter,

137:7.1 Jesus held over one hundred long and e. sessions

138:7.3 After this short but e. talk the apostles all arose,

139:7.2 Levi was an e. disciple and an increasing believer in

140:6.13 that willing hands and e. hearts shall not go hungry.

140:7.2 For weeks small groups of e. truth seekers,

142:6.2 with the distinguished visitor, Jesus was calm, e.,

144:1.7 an e. effort to co-ordinate what the Master had

144:4.2 The e. and longing repetition of any petition, when

145:0.2 Jesus also received and taught many e. inquirers,

146:4.6 But the Master was unmoved by their e. urging.

148:9.4 they fell to e. debate among themselves; and after

151:1.5 where they engaged in e. and prolonged discussion.

151:2.4 into serious discussion and engaged in e. debate,

155:2.2 preaching the gospel to a small but e. company of

159:4.6 Many e. seekers after the truth have been, and will

147:5.8 ceremonial services, this woman has, in dead e.,

161:0.2 Thomas were engaged in e. debate with Rodan.

163:2.2 One e. disciple came to Jesus, saying: “Master, I

163:5.2 the ever-increasing number of inquirers, mostly e.,

181:1.3 put forth your e. efforts to live in accordance with

187:3.2 a group of e. women believers including Mary

190:2.3 Join e. hands with your brethren and follow after

194:4.7 Thousands of e. believers sold their property and

195:1.1 The Hellenization of Christianity started in e. on

195:10.9 Many e. persons who would gladly yield loyalty to


1:6.6 the more e. such a God-knowing human will strive to

39:3.7 truths of fraternity which you will then be so e.

44:8.4 those things which you so e. longed to do on earth

47:4.8 begun on the first mansion world, is here more e.

68:6.1 the soil, a child of nature; no matter how e. he may

93:4.5 Too long and too e. had they sacrificed and made

124:3.7 Joseph talked e. and long with Jesus concerning the

127:6.12 goal of idealism while he toils e. for the attainment

133:3.8 very presence here in your house testifies how e.

146:2.14 to praying wholeheartedly and intelligently, e. and

147:1.1 “Teacher, we e. request you to go over to

147:5.9 Jesus e. warned his apostles against the foolishness

150:4.3 Labor e. to save the whole family lest a man’s foes

151:2.5 concerning this parable and hold such opinions so e.

153:1.7 the Jerusalem leaders had labored long and e. with

155:2.2 e. and honestly took stock of his own soul and its

157:4.2 Peter and Simon Zelotes had been e. laboring with

158:8.1 what was it that you talked about so e. among

160:0.1 Rodan was now e. engaged in the task of

164:0.1 dedication, they remonstrated with him most e.,

170:2.11 Jesus e. sought to induce them to abandon the use

190:5.3 “What were the words you exchanged so e. as I

193:0.6 together, e. discussing the Master’s admonitions and

195:1.6 the Greek had seriously thought and e. debated


137:4.6 before the wedding supper and, in great e., said:

143:1.8 few occasions when Jesus spoke with manifest e.,

146:0.2 sick, and baptizing believers, with great e. and joy.

190:5.2 the road to Emmaus, they talked in great e. about


4:5.6 act of a Creator Son in the long adventure of e. the

81:6.32 in the highly specialized techniques of e. a living,

127:0.4 this divine Son is e. the right to become sovereign of

127:1.8 was toiling at the carpenter’s bench e. a living for the

128:1.1 finally and fully e. the right of unqualified rulership of

128:7.3 Jude was not conscientious about e. his share of the

132:5.7 income derived from the fair and just e. possibilities

136:3.4 finished so far as concerned the e. of the perfected

138:8.6 as fishermen every alternate two weeks, thereby e.

144:4.3 No child has aught to do with e. the status of son or


69:9.5 of social evolution the apportionment of individual e.

72:5.8 face of decreased e. they shall share proportionally

72:5.8 And thereafter all e. in excess of these fixed charges

72:6.4 1. One day’s e. each month are requisitioned by the

72:6.6 3. The e. of compulsory labor in the state mines.

72:7.3 treasury and supplement such revenue from the e. of

89:7.5 thronged the temple sex marts and devoted their e.

121:3.8 slaves often received wages and by saving their e.

124:4.1 shop and was permitted to manage his own e.,

127:5.2 income fully to compensate for the loss of Jesus’ e..

128:4.8 Jesus continued to turn over his e. to James for the

129:2.3 mother is in need, then will I share my own e. with

132:5.24 10. That part of your fortune which represents the e.

163:2.11 Master regarded the wise investment of excess e.

172:1.7 the cost of this ointment was a sum equal to the e.


3:5.16 Mortal man e. even his status as an ascension

18:3.9 a Creator Son experientially e. the sovereignty of his

72:7.12 The government e. a considerable sum from the


4:1.4 eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his e.

8:4.8 “the divine e. which are ever open to their prayers.”

85:1.4 E. were not perforated to carry stones, but the

89:8.2 were circumcised; women had their e. pierced.

97:4.2 the e. of man heard the denunciation of the double

97:4.2 For the first time in their history Hebrew e. heard

97:5.2 “And your e. shall hear a word behind you, saying,

97:7.9 the spiritual concept of God ever to greet the e. of

122:8.5 utterances of praise were not heard by human e..

145:5.7 proclaimed the good news to all who had e. to hear

146:2.3 turns the e. of spirit personalities away from

146:2.3 and pulled away the shoulder and stopped their e.

146:2.6 “Whoso stops his e. to the cry of the poor, he also

148:9.1 straining their e. to catch some part of Jesus’

151:1.2 the multitude, “He who has e. to hear, let him hear

151:1.4 has waxed gross, and their e. are dull of hearing,

152:5.4 that you may see and open your e. that you may

153:2.2 our city, and you have heard him with your own e..’

153:2.2 Lord has sent me to speak these words in your e..’

153:3.5 gains access to the mind through the eyes and e.,

157:2.2 that your eyes see not and your e. hear not.

163:6.4 Blessed are the eyes which see and the e. which hear

169:2.3 When all this finally came to the e. of his master,

171:2.5 He who has e. to hear let him hear what I say.”

earthnoun; see earthwith of; earthwith on;

  earthwith to;  see earth’s; see face; see life;

  see peace

1:0.2 “God created the heavens and formed the e.;

2:4.1 righteousness in the e., for in these things I delight.

3:1.2 ‘Do not I fill heaven and e.?’”

3:5.2 “The e. is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.”

4:1.3 you have established the e. and it abides.”

4:1.6 the empty space and hangs the e. upon nothing.”

4:5.3 who shake the e. in their wrath and strike down

52:7.11 “I saw a new heaven and a new e. and the new

52:7.12 This is the same renovated e., the advanced stage

52:7.12 wrote: “‘For, as the new heavens and the new e.,

52:7.15 His promise, look for a new heaven and a new e.,

55:1.1 day when the “holy temple comes down upon e..”

57:6.3 When the tidal frictions of the moon and the e.

57:6.3 the e. will always turn the same hemisphere toward

57:6.3 driving the moon farther away from the e. but

57:6.3 or may be gradually drawn into the e. as meteors.

57:7.2 2,000,000,000 years ago the e. began decidedly to

57:7.2 enormous space bodies were captured by the e..

57:7.4 1,500,000,000 years ago the e. was two thirds its

57:7.4 enabled it to begin the slow robbery of the little

57:7.5 The whole e. is a veritable fiery inferno, the surface

57:8.5 Meteors continue to bombard the e., but they are

57:8.18 Electric disturbances in the air and in the e. were

58:4.7 the bottom of this system is buried deep in the e.,

58:7.10 those forms of plant life which overran the e.

58:5.1 it was and still is very hot in the deep interior.

59:4.13 The e. was being rapidly overrun by the new orders

59:4.17 The e. was overspread by vast forests of ferns one

73:6.5 the tree was growing from the e. in the central and

85:4.1 Mankind has worshiped e., air, water, and fire.

88:2.5 anything that is in heaven above, or the e. beneath,

92:6.17 even you alone; you have made heaven and e..”

93:3.6 many modern religious ideas about heaven and e.,

93:4.7 any God but the Most High Creator of heaven and e.

94:5.6 Melchizedek, dwelt upon e. that the name of God

96:1.9 Adonai, The Creator of Heaven and E., Kyrios, Jah,

97:1.3 concept of one God as creator of heaven and e.:

97:7.5 “And as the heavens are higher than the e., so are my

97:7.6 “I have made the e. and put man upon it.

97:7.6 “The heavens may vanish and the e. wax old, but

97:7.11 “The heavens are my throne, and the e. is my

128:1.10 the Creator of the heavens and the e., the Upholder

128:1.13 Jesus was the maker of the heavens and this very e.

131:1.2 “God is supreme; the Most High of heaven and e..

131:1.2 He is the sole maker of the heavens and the e..

131:1.2 The Most High is the light of heaven and e.;

131:1.3 “Even if the e. should pass away, the resplendent

131:1.5 “God pours rain upon the e., he causes the sun to

131:2.2 “In the beginning God created the heavens and e.

131:2.2 none beside him in heaven above or upon the e.

131:2.2 The e. shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as

131:2.3 the Lord: ‘As the heavens are higher than the e., so

131:2.4 himself from our God, for he fills heaven and e..

131:2.4 Let the heavens be glad and let the e. rejoice.

131:2.5 Let the e. be filled with his glory!

131:2.9 who created the heavens and who formed the e.:

131:2.9 The meek shall inherit the e. and shall delight

131:2.12 “Says God, the creator of heaven and e.: ‘Great

131:4.4 He is the great parent of heaven and e., possessed

131:4.7 “God is our Father, the e. our mother, and the

131:5.3 him who made the waters, plants, animals, the e.,

131:7.2 I am the maker of heaven and e.; the sun and the

131:8.2 This Being existed before the heavens and e. were.

132:7.6 the revelations of God flash upon e. in the lives of

135:4.4 fathers, lest I come and smite the e. with a curse.”

135:5.4 certain end, and that “a new heaven and a new e.

136:6.7 coming Messiah, the time when “the e. will yield its

137:6.2 heaven is my throne, and the e. is my footstool.

137:6.2 Shall the e. be made to bring forth in one day?

137:8.4 Yahweh is a great king over all the e..

140:1.7 the whole e. shall be filled with the praise of my

140:3.5 Happy are the meek, for they shall inherit the e..

140:5.11 3. “Happy are the meek, for they shall inherit the e..

142:3.6 beginning the Gods created the heavens and the e.

145:2.2 Darkness may cover the e. and gross darkness the

151:1.2 fell upon the rocky places where there was little e.,

151:3.15 is also like a man who cast good seed upon the e.;

153:2.9 I have come down upon the e., not to do my own

156:2.5 that “even though heaven and e. shall pass away, my

160:1.14 transfer one’s goal from time to eternity, from e. to

163:6.3 “I thank you, my Father, Lord of heaven and e.,

167:5.7 copartners with the Makers of heaven and e..

170:3.11 of spiritual pre-eminence does come upon the e.,

174:5.8 except a grain of wheat falls into the e. and dies, it

176:1.6 appearance of the “new heavens and the new e..”

176:1.6 pass away when the new heavens and the new e.

176:3.4 He went away by himself and dug a hole in the e.

176:3.4 I safely hid your talent in the e.; here it is; you now

earthwith of

1:5.3 It is he who sits on the circle of the e., who stretches

3:2.1 in the army of heaven and the inhabitants of the e..”

3:3.2 he looks upon all the inhabitants of the e..”

4:3.1 the planetary creation, to be the ruler of all the e.,

41:4.7 accommodate your sun and present orbit of the e..

42:6.8 an electron would become as large as that of the e..

57:6.3 When the tidal frictions of the moon and the e.

57:6.3 to within about eleven thousand miles of the e.,

57:7.3 The internal heat of the e. continued to be

57:8.3 condensation on the cooling surface of the e.,

57:8.11 The early crust of the e. was in a state of continual

58:2.2 a level about ten miles above the surface of the e.,

58:2.6 Ascending from the surface of the e., temperature

58:2.6 with heat reckoning at the surface of the e..

58:7.6 oldest fossil-bearing stratum in the crust of the e.,

59:1.5 The crust of the e. was temporarily stabilized;

61:2.5 the mammals slowly assumed domination of the e.,

63:2.7 by lightning, but never before had the creatures of e.

63:5.6 humans journey to the ends of the e. in quest of gold,

66:5.19 guardians of health persisted among the tribes of e.

67:4.3 presently mating with the sons and daughters of e.,

73:7.3 for unselfish bestowal upon the needy races of e..

74:6.2 of joint parentage with the mortal stock of e..

74:7.23 the more intelligent of the races of e. looked forward

74:8.5 the various races of e. became sadly mixed up in

76:5.6 world welfare was promulgated to the mortals of e.

77:2.9 Nodites mingled with the evolutionary peoples of e.,

78:0.1 sending out their progeny to the ends of the e.,

78:2.2 in a steady stream as emissaries to the races of e..

78:5.5 penetrated to the ends of the e. as missionaries,

78:7.4 The only time the surface of the e. was covered by

79:6.10 the Chinese were among more spiritual peoples of e..

81:6.44 the gist of the long, long struggle of the peoples of e.

85:0.4 in the sky and beneath the surface of the e..

88:2.5 or on the earth beneath, or in the waters of the e..”

88:2.7 books happens to speak of the e. as being flat,

93:2.3 the stars of the firmament and even of this very e.

93:4.7 any God but the Most High Creator of heaven and e.

94:1.3 and Agni, the three-headed fire god, lord of the e.

95:1.4 triad: Bel, Ea, and Anu, the gods of e., sea, and sky.

96:1.9 Adonai, The Creator of Heaven and E., Kyrios, Jah,

97:1.3 concept of one God as creator of heaven and e.:

97:1.3 “The pillars of the e. are the Lord’s, and he has set

97:1.8 The Lord will judge the ends of the e., showing

97:6.2 He asserted that Yahweh was God of all the e.,

108:6.1 probationary union with animal-origin beings of e..

112:3.7 establish communication with the living beings of e..

119:7.6 Certain wise men of e. knew of Michael’s impending

122:3.1 and the Lord of all the e. shall overshadow you.”

123:1.6 and passengers from the four corners of the e..

123:5.6 with human nature from the four quarters of the e.

124:5.4 Most High” and servant of the Lord of all the e..

126:4.5 Lord, to bow myself before the Lord of all the e.?

126:4.6 you liken God who sits upon the circle of the e.?

128:1.10 the Upholder of a universe, the Judge of all the e.,

128:1.13 Jesus was the maker of the heavens and this very e.

131:0.1 of one God—the Most High—to the ends of the e..

131:1.2 “God is supreme; the Most High of heaven and e..

131:1.2 He is the sole maker of the heavens and the e..

131:1.2 The Most High is the light of heaven and e.;

131:2.9 Look to me and be saved, all the ends of the e..

131:2.12 “Says God, the creator of heaven and e.: ‘Great

131:3.7 to be desired than the sovereignty of all the e..

131:4.4 He is the great parent of heaven and e., possessed

131:7.2 I am the maker of heaven and e.; the sun and the

132:5.4 derived from the uncultivated resources of mother e..

133:4.7 you sometime stand before the Judge of all the e..”

134:5.10 between the great military governments of e..

135:5.2 God (the Messiah) would rule the nations of e. in

135:5.7 thus to assume the rulership of the e. made new.

135:11.2 I am of this e. and have declared my message.

136:9.6 The kingdoms of e. were paltry things to interest

136:9.7 the uttermost parts of the e. for your possession.

137:6.5 full, and they shall be called the blest of all the e..

139:2.9 and send its messengers to the four corners of the e.

140:1.3 the good men of all ages, the hope of all the e.,

140:3.12 as I send you forth, you are the salt of the e.,


140:4.2You are the salt of the e., salt with a saving savor.

140:10.1 righteousness in the daily life of the mortals of e..

141:2.1 of the Jewish people over all the peoples of the e.

141:7.8 Jesus had purposely ignored the “great men of e..”

143:6.6 the dispersion of the apostles to the ends of the e.

144:4.4 Prayer will lead the mortals of e. up to communion

147:5.9 unwise parents who conspire with the foolish of e.

148:3.4 weeks of decreased participation in the affairs of e.

148:4.10 from far and my daughters from the ends of the e.;

153:2.1 shall be removed into all the kingdoms of the e..

153:2.1 from the end of the e., a nation whose tongue you

153:2.2 make this city a curse to all the nations of the e..’

153:2.8 heaven—but I say to you that this was the bread of e.

155:1.1 The kings of the e. set themselves, and the rulers of

156:4.3 And thus migrating to the ends of the e.,

163:6.3 “I thank you, my Father, Lord of heaven and e.,

166:3.4 shall the Judge of all the e. say to you: ‘Depart

167:5.7 copartners with the Makers of heaven and e..

175:1.22 reckoning will come when the Judge of all the e.

178:1.14 gospel of the kingdom, even to the ends of the e..

181:2.12 you will go out alone, and to the ends of the e.,

181:2.18 going to be scattered to the four corners of the e.,

181:2.26 And when you all are scattered to the ends of the e.

181:2.26 go before you even to the uttermost parts of the e..”

184:4.6 cosmically lonely mortals of e. are enabled to

186:5.9 had been favorably received by the mortals of e. and

190:3.1 I will be with you always, even to the ends of the e.

190:5.4 in him shall all the families of the e. be blessed;

earthwith on; see face; see life; see peace

1:4.3 your course has been run in temporary form on e.,

2:1.1 “Will God indeed dwell on the e.?

2:5.10 Michael as he lived on e. the ideal spiritual life.

2:6.6 The Father, whose spirit indwells his children on e.,

3:1.1 is present “in heaven above and on the e. beneath”;

4:4.7 to effect the eternal survival of his children on e..

5:5.7 even in the days of his temporal sojourn on e.:

7:7.6 your own Creator Son, onetime Son of Man on e.,

14:5.10 and annoy you during your short sojourn on e., but

14:5.11 frequently be restrained during your short life on e.,

21:4.5 his local universe, “all power in heaven and on e.

27:7.5 What play does for your jaded minds on e.,

30:4.11 at the conclusion of his work on e., “He led a great

30:4.26 On e. you were a creature of flesh and blood;

33:2.3 jurisdiction over “all power in heaven and on e..”

33:3.5 “all power in heaven and on e. has been committed

34:1.4 “All power in heaven and on e. has been intrusted to

39:3.5 efficient and agreeable working groups on e.;

39:5.5 “Glory to God in Havona and on e. peace and

44:6.6 You have nothing on e. to which this type of spiritual

44:8.4 things which you so earnestly longed to do on e.

48:5.7 Those things which you might have learned on e.,

52:2.1 Government appears on e., and the advanced tribal

52:4.1 the nations are learning to live on e. in peace and

52:6.1 Prince arrives with the message, “Peace on e. and

52:6.1 Your Master, when on e., warned his disciples that

52:7.3 The kingdom is appearing on e., and the glory of

53:5.2 been vested with “all power in heaven and on e..”

55:1.1 day when the “holy temple comes down upon e..”

55:3.1 planet in this stage of development—as heaven on e..

55:4.1 affairs until the morontia temple appears on e..

58:1.5 Slowly but surely physical developments on e. and

58:7.7 There are few places on the e. where such activities

59:4.2 It is the dawn of a new age on e..

59:6.2 hundred thousand species of living things on e..

60:3.22 was the third type of flying creature to appear on e.,

61:2.13 had evolved and was present on e. much as today.

62:2.3 of any animal that had theretofore existed on e..

63:6.8 was there such a high spiritual civilization on e..

64:1.1 Primitive man made his appearance on e. a little

64:3.4 the various prehuman groups than any others on e..

65:2.16 And this appearance of primitive man on e. during

65:4.7 prehuman animal stock and usually appear on e.

66:0.2 almost one-half billion primitive human beings on e.

66:4.2 aside from the technique of their appearance on e.

67:6.3 The remainder of this noble band continued on e.

67:6.7 were many good strains of biologic promise on e..

67:6.8 Van and Amadon remained on e. until shortly after

69:5.15 degree of freedom than that ever preceded it on e..

70:1.16 the races—man working out his own destiny on e..

73:1.7 —were the most advanced and cultured races on e..

73:6.1 and whose fruit had so long sustained him on e..

74:3.2 and talked far into the night, their first night on e.

74:3.3 Adam’s second day on e. was spent in session with

74:3.4 the air over this, the most beautiful spot on e..

74:3.5 the first time such a thing had occurred on e. since

74:3.5 And thus ended the fourth day on e..

74:3.9 When the sixth day of their sojourn on e. was over,

74:4.2 events of the first six days of Adam and Eve on e.

74:4.3 a god himself, else how had he lived so long on e.,

74:4.4 It was near the dawn of their seventh day on e.

74:4.6 as long as the Adamic administration held sway on e.

74:5.2 Adam requested his advisers to remain on e. with

74:5.5 Caligastia was still present on e. and able to resist

74:8.10 almost a thousand years after Moses’ sojourn on e.

75:3.1 his first one hundred years on e. when Serapatatia,

76:4.8 tribes and represented most of the races on e.,

76:6.4 They left a great culture on e., but it was not

77:2.3 “The Nephilim (Nodites) were on e. in those days,

77:5.2 children of Adam who elected to remain on e. with

77:6.2 And such a phenomenon was never possible on e.

77:6.6 And during his sojourn on e. they all made final

77:7.3 But midwayers did many strange things on e. prior to

77:7.4 rebel cherubim and seraphim who also were on e.

77:8.11 midwayers are engaged in important missions on e.

77:9.10 that distant day when in fact peace does reign on e.

78:1.9 races in India—embracing every race on e., but

79:3.1 produced the most versatile civilization then on e..

80:6.1 the headquarters of the most advanced group on e..

86:6.6 this long before the times of any revelation on e..

88:1.1 stars and meteors as indicating the arrival on e. of

89:2.3 of Dilmun and the days of a little paradise on e..

92:5.5 the appearance on e. of the Planetary Prince and

92:5.6 Following the appearance of Adam on e., so-called

93:1.3 personalize on e. as a temporary man of the realm,

93:2.6 never married, nor could he have left offspring on e..

93:2.6 Had Machiventa remained for any period on e., his

93:2.7 later Son of God, Michael, when he appeared on e.

93:3.8 And Michael, when he appeared on e., confirmed all

93:4.15 Melch. came to achieve two tasks: to keep alive on e

93:5.2 many families on e. just as well prepared to receive

93:5.2 situated for Michael’s subsequent appearance on e.

93:9.10 Michael when he appeared on e. and in the flesh

93:10.4 fullness of the time for Michael’s appearance on e..

93:10.6 dethroned Planetary Prince, or else appear on e. to

94:5.6 Melchizedek, dwelt upon e. that the name of God

94:6.1 the purity of his teaching on e. was being unduly

95:2.10 the sins of one’s life in the flesh on e. was carried

98:7.7 Iranian savior-hero, Mithras, whose advent on e. was

100:7.7 or how indifferent to man’s welfare on e.,Jesus never

100:7.14 was inimical to the welfare of his children on e..

102:0.2 humble and unlearned of God’s children on e..

104:2.5 For example: The Master, when on e., admonished

110:1.3 temporal welfare and in your real achievements on e.

110:3.4 and with a successful and honorable career on e..

113:7.1 Monitor who so long indwelt your mind on e..

114:7.8 rehearsed for numerous crucial positions on e. and

119:7.3 that Michael would appear on e. as a helpless infant

119:8.9 down to the time of Michael’s appearance on e. in

121:8.1 a vast host of celestial beings who were on e. during

121:8.3 refused to write out his teachings when on e.

121:8.13 two thousand human beings who have lived on e.

121:8.14 the men of many races who have lived on e. during

121:8.14 elaboration of our restatement of Jesus’ life on e..]

122:1.3 plan of Michael to appear on e. as an average man,

122:3.1 he shall inaugurate the kingdom of heaven on e.

122:4.4 apply to Jesus long after his life had been lived on e..

122:4.4 constructed subsequent to Michael’s career on e..

122:8.6 that “the light of life” was about to appear on e. as

123:0.2 in any way interfere with his future mission on e.;

123:3.8 knowledge regarding man and the way he lived on e..

123:6.8 that his son was to fulfill some great mission on e..

124:2.1 personality and the character of his mission on e..

124:4.6 fulfillment of his concept of Jesus’ bestowal on e..

124:5.3 that Jesus was destined to perform a mission on e.

125:0.6 in heaven cannot so regard his erring children on e.

125:0.6 Father in heaven loves me less than my father on e.

125:6.11 heaven, I will also be obedient to my father on e..

125:6.12 his thinking or to establish the plan of his work on e.,

126:1.1 self-conscious of the nature of his bestowal on e..

126:2.2 to reveal the divine nature on e. and in the flesh,

126:2.5 preparation to do his Father’s heavenly will on e..

126:3.8 of Man, describing the work he would do on e.

126:3.8 this Son of Man, before coming down on this e. to

126:3.8 to come down on e. to proclaim salvation to needy

126:3.10 something about the nature of his mission on e.,

127:0.1 he was present on e. and in the flesh for the purpose

127:1.7 that no one living on e. could give him advice

128:1.12 even after Jesus’ emergence into the larger life on e.,

128:3.9 that Jesus was to fulfill any divine mission on e.,

128:4.2 Jesus well knew that his mission on e. was not to

128:4.9 to realize that this man was a Son of God on e..

128:6.2 most refined specimens of manhood to appear on e.

128:6.12 But Jesus did not live on e. long enough to enjoy the

129:1.7 and continued to observe how men lived on e..

129:4.6 those who chanced to be his contemporaries on e.,

129:4.7 ministry that you all may live your lives on e.;

129:4.8 He came on e. the fullness of God to be manifest to

130:2.2 the living of the heavenly life while on e. by means

130:2.4 was interested in the welfare of his children on e.,

130:6.3 does the most powerful and prosperous man on e..

130:6.4 dedicated to the ennobling service of man on e.

131:1.5 “God pours rain upon the e., he causes the sun to

131:1.8 and mother; he really loves us, his children on e..

131:2.2 none beside him in heaven above or upon the e.

131:2.13 Have I not said of my creatures on e., you are the

131:3.5 fervent, and earnest—even while he yet lives on e.

131:10.3 mercy be received by the humblest being on e..

131:10.3 heaven know how wisely to love his children on e.

131:10.4 Father in heaven will not suffer a single child on e.

131:10.5 God by learning how to do the will of God on e.;

132:5.16 that one individual can live on e. but a short season

132:7.2 If we know God, our real business on e. is so to

132:7.6 the revelations of God flash upon e. in the lives of

133:1.3 to disclose to him that he (Jesus) was living on e.

134:7.6 consecration to the remainder of his lifework on e..

135:5.2 in heaven—“Your will be done on e. as in heaven.”

135:5.5 precede the establishment of the new kingdom on e..

135:7.1 kingdom and the end of the temporal age on e.,

135:11.3 also knowing that John’s work on e. was finished,

136:2.4 Your will be done on e., even as it is in heaven.”

136:6.8 to reveal his Father in heaven to his children on e.,

136:8.4 knowledge in the furtherance of his mission on e.?

136:8.8 decided that he would not lend his mission on e. to

136:9.3 potential possession of all power in heaven and on e.

136:9.7 Jesus would appear on e. as the Prince of Peace to

137:3.3 had become a firm believer in Jesus’ mission on e..

137:3.6 they believed that his future course on e. would be

137:5.2 who he was and what was to be his mission on e.

137:8.7 and when I shall have finished my work on e.,

138:7.1 all power in heaven and on e. will presently be

138:7.1 in humble obedience to execute his bidding on e..”

139:2.6 of courage and cowardice that ever lived on e..

139:7.10 the teachings of the Master during his sojourn on e..

139:8.12 fully understand all about Jesus and his work on e.,

140:2.2 From among our children on e. I have chosen these

140:2.2 And I would, if it is your will, tarry on e. a time to

140:3.1 men separate and distinct from all other men on e..

140:3.1 as my agents on e. you will be obligated to abide

140:5.2 Jesus lived on e. as a twofold personality—human

140:6.2 ideas of the Son of Man and his mission on e..

140:6.6 I am on e. solely to comfort the minds, liberate the

140:6.11 lay not up for yourselves treasures on e., but by

140:7.4 great motives of his postbaptismal mission on e.:

140:8.1 re-establishment of Israel as a temporal power on e.

140:8.17 And if Jesus were on e. today, living his life in the

140:8.25 Jesus wanted his children on e. to live as though they

140:9.3 death, and before you establish the kingdom on e.,

141:2.1 also rules within the hearts of his children on e. by

141:4.1 damaging entries against his erring children on e.,

141:7.7 the essentials of truth for an entire age on e..

141:7.11 his work on e. was in some respects to be limited by

142:2.2 love of the Father in heaven for his children on e..

142:2.3 Loving your children as a father on e., you must

142:3.3 to accept the sincere worship of his children on e.,

142:4.2 and the likeness of things in heaven and on e..

142:7.2 he himself was on e. living a unique life in the flesh,

142:7.2 Man was the only person who had ever lived on e.

142:7.3 beginning here on e. and progressing up through life

142:7.16 Many times we grievously suffer on e., and not

143:1.6 The service of the kingdom on e. will call for all

143:5.8 nature and sonship which Jesus had made on e.;

143:7.9 other worlds did, and other generations on e. will.

144:0.3 beginning of the full and final effort of his life on e.,

144:1.1 of Jesus or the significance of his bestowal on e..

144:3.5 your will be done On e. as it is in heaven.

144:5.1 during the remainder of Jesus’ sojourn on e., he

144:5.41 Give your children on e. this day To see the way,

145:2.1 Jesus in Capernaum than in any other one city on e..

145:2.9 wills that his children on e. should begin that eternal

145:3.10 Such a scene was never witnessed on e. before

145:3.15 every now and then attended Jesus’ mission on e.

145:3.15 They were incidentally inherent in having on e. a

145:5.6 my mission on e. is the revelation of the Father,

147:5.6 or supposedly most flagrant sinner on e. if such

148:4.7 view mankind beginning on e. with a perfect Adam

148:5.1 permits so many of his children on e. to suffer so

148:5.3 toward the betterment of his estate on e..

148:6.10 And that is our mission on e..

148:6.11 rebellion against the righteous rule of heaven on e..

148:9.3 that the Son of Man has authority and power on e.

149:0.4 This was the clearinghouse for Jesus’ work on e.

149:2.7 When the Creator himself was on e., incarnated in

149:2.7 a religion who performed supermaterial acts on e..

149:2.8 most revolutionary feature of Michael’s mission on e

149:4.6 of cultural familiarity with life as it is lived on e..

149:5.3 to make the best of their lives on e., having thus

149:6.3 constitutes the mission of the Son of Man on e..

150:3.2 indicating that a great man had been born on e..

150:3.3 nothing to do with the events of human life on e..

150:5.4 plans for the establishment of the kingdom on e..

151:3.15 is also like a man who cast good seed upon the e.;

152:1.4 evaluate what took place on e. in the person of Jesus

152:1.5 Never before Jesus was on e., nor since, has it

152:3.2 this spiritual brotherhood of the sons of God on e..

152:5.4 heavenly Father or to advance his kingdom on e..

152:6.5 ordeals of the last year of the Master’s ministry on e.

153:2.4 is it you seek as evidence of my mission on e.?

153:2.4 and to establish on e. the spiritual brotherhood of

153:2.9 I have come down upon the e., not to do my own

154:6.1 continuously in the divinity of his mission on e..

155:1.2 ideas about the Son of Man and his mission on e..

155:4.2 the establishment of the kingdom of heaven on e.,

155:5.10 for a long time there will live on e. those timid,

156:5.16 as to render you a useful citizen to function on e. in

156:6.9 for this last and eventful year of his mission on e..

157:6.2 of a new epoch in their Master’s career on e.,

157:7.5 go to be endowed for the finish of my work on e..

158:0.2 of the celestial beings so soon to appear on e..

158:4.2 rebellious midwayers who were then present on e.

158:7.3 the end of the bestowal of the Son of Man on e..

159:1.3 maintain temporal order in the kingdom on e..

159:1.3 the temporal welfare of the brotherhood on e..

159:1.3 whatsoever you shall decree on e. shall be

159:1.5 therefore freely give to your fellows on e..”

160:5.7 who chooses to enter the kingdom of heaven on e.

161:2.9 assertions about himself and his mission on e.,

162:1.11 regarding the nature of his mission on e..

162:4.1 the bold announcement of his mission on e. before all

162:6.1 When the Son of Man has finished his work on e.,

162:6.3 true waters of life in the kingdom of heaven on e.

163:7.1 Master’s entering Jerusalem for his final labors on e..

164:3.1 how he would once more bring his mission on e.

165:1.2 The Master chose to terminate his work on e. when

165:3.2 when the Son of Man has completed his mission on e

165:3.3 I admonish you to fear none, in heaven or on e.,

165:4.1 the spiritual realities of the kingdom of God on e.

165:4.3 This man laid up treasures for himself on e., but he

165:4.5 There is no sin in having honest possessions on e.

165:4.14 and would have talked with him about wealth on e.

166:3.4 reward of unselfish service in the kingdom on e..

166:3.4 servants in the Father’s ministry of mercy on e.;

166:5.6 as he lived and taught, than any other group on e..

169:4.1 At the time Jesus lived on e. and taught in the flesh

170:1.7 Just before the advent of Jesus on e., the Jews

170:1.7 triumph, the eternal age of God’s supreme rule on e.

170:1.13 personal experience in relation to his fellows on e.

170:2.7 Man’s mortal sojourn on e. acquired new meanings

170:3.11 of spiritual pre-eminence does come upon the e.,

170:4.4 invisible spiritual beings which prevails on e. and in

170:4.6 the future spiritual age of light and life on e..

170:4.15 He promised a new revelation of the kingdom on e.

170:4.16 so have successive believing generations lived on e.

170:5.8 as to all other religions, races, and nations on e.

170:5.19 any way referring either to the visible church on e.

170:5.19 belief regarding the fact of Michael’s sojourn on e.

170:5.21 Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on e.;

171:2.2 of the mission of doing the Father’s will on e.

171:4.3 persistent belief in the temporal kingdom on e.,

171:4.6 the Son of Man will be perfected in his mission on e.

172:5.11 was always their day of being nearest heaven on e.

174:5.8 shall enjoy a more abundant existence on e. and in

174:5.13 now I declare to you that I, if I be lifted up on e.

174:5.13 have believed that the Deliverer would abide on e.

175:1.5 of the Father in heaven for all his creatures on e..

175:4.15 beings hovered over this momentous scene on e.,

176:1.2 people with a special spiritual mission on e..

176:2.4 the Son of Man glorified by God and appearing on e.

176:2.6 no one in heaven or on e. may presume to speak.

176:3.3 have been with me in the Father’s business on e.

176:4.3 all power in heaven and on e. had been placed in his

176:4.5 Will his second advent on e. be timed to occur in

176:4.6 As far as we know, he may appear on e. any day,

176:4.7 The second advent of Michael on e. is an event of

176:4.7 Be you therefore ever ready to welcome him on e.

177:1.3 Master spent this last day of quiet on e. visiting

177:5.6 ever sleep through with his chosen family on e.,

178:0.1 his last free day on e. as a divine Son incarnated in

178:2.1 many and successive temporal kingdoms on e..

178:3.2 works in connection with my mission on e..

178:3.4 brought the kingdom of heaven to you here on e.,

178:3.4 —and when you have finished your work on e.,

178:3.4 even as I have finished my Father’s work on e.

179:2.3 Father, and that his work on e. was almost finished

179:2.3 Jesus knew he had revealed the Father’s love on e.

179:2.3 of all power and authority in heaven and on e..

179:5.7 recall the life I have lived on e. among you and

179:5.7 rejoice that I am to continue to live on e. with you

180:0.3 But when you have finished your work on e. as I

180:0.3 going to leave you, you will see me no more on e.,

180:3.2 Nothing, save to offer them fellowship on e. and

180:4.1 fully accepted the work I have done for you on e.,

180:4.1 to my Father: Having left my children alone on e.,

180:4.3 even as the Father and I have wrought on e.

180:6.9 the glorious material triumph of the kingdom on e..

181:1.8 The peace which Michael gives his children on e.

181:1.8 Jesus had trouble on e., he has even been falsely

181:2.8 my life to the establishment of your kingdom on e.,

181:2.10 the relation of citizenship on e. to sonship in the

181:2.10 conflict between requirements of citizenship on e.

181:2.11 the work given into your hands is finished on e.,

181:2.15 live long on the e. that your life of many years

181:2.18 Go on with your work on e. to the end, and then

181:2.19 Show all men on e. and the angels of heaven how

181:2.20 Remember, Philip, you have a great mission on e.,

182:1.3 Father, I have exalted you on e. and accomplished

182:3.8 not to interfere with these transactions on e. unless

182:3.9 their doom as a people with a special mission on e.

183:1.2 just as all mortals must finish up their lives on e.

183:1.2 cannot expect to have their last hours on e. and

185:1.1 Sanhedrin in respect as the highest tribunal on e..

185:6.7 Greek mythology of the gods coming down on e.,

186:1.7 This onetime ambassador of the kingdom on e. now

186:2.1 Jesus knew that his work on e. was finished.

186:2.2 the nature and divinity of his mission on e..

186:5.1 indicate that the death of the Son of Man on e. has

186:5.2 the death of his Son as it was carried out on e..

186:5.3 the technique of the required experience on e.

186:5.3 At this very time Jesus’ duty on e. was done.

186:5.5 All that the Son of Man said or did on e. greatly

186:5.6 The Father loved mortal man on e. just as much

187:4.4 the full fellowship of the kingdom of heaven on e..

188:3.7 former Adjuster of Jesus to have been present on e.

188:4.4 Before Jesus lived on e., you might possibly have

188:5.7 greater than any that had hitherto been known on e..

188:5.9 an offended God, but it does stand forever, on e.

188:5.12 and understand the meaning of his bestowal on e.,

189:1.2 body in which he had lived and wrought on e. for

189:2.8 disintegration as characterizes all bodies on e. except

190:2.1 appearances in visible form to his believers on e..

190:2.2 to believe in his eldest brother’s mission on e., but

190:4.1 While the Son of Man appeared on e. among the

191:3.2 When he next appeared to his mortal children on e.,

192:2.7 When you are through on e., you shall come to me

192:2.8 never be dismayed; when you are through on e.,

192:2.9 When you have finished your service with me on e.,

192:2.10 you are devoted to the welfare of my brethren on e.

192:2.12 As I have done the Father’s will on e., so shall you

192:2.13 Have faith in God to the end of your days on e..

192:3.1 and as ambassadors of the Father’s kingdom on e..

192:3.3 Jesus was occupied with the morontia creatures on e.

193:0.3 to reveal my Father in heaven to his children on e..

193:0.3 I have revealed you as the sons of God on e..

193:0.4 of the Father and the service of his children on e..

193:1.2 love of the heavenly Father for his children on e.

193:3.1 Jesus made his last appearance on e. as a morontia

193:3.2 and will we see the glory of God manifested on e.?

193:4.3 one of the twelve consecrated ambassadors on e..

194:2.1 Jesus lived on e and taught a gospel which redeemed

194:3.1 When Jesus was on e., he lived his life as one

194:3.4 is the one progressive and aggressive soul on e..

195:6.4 realism is only a passing episode in man’s life on e..

195:9.8 if it could only see Jesus as he really lived on e.

195:10.1 The world needs to see Jesus living again on e. in

195:10.6 not stirred since the days when they walked on e. as

195:10.9 as the best existent exponent of his lifework on e..

195:10.12 been one of the greatest powers for good on e.,

196:0.7 human and divine being functioning on e. as a

196:2.2 spiritual progression which man begins on e. and

196:2.3 a picture of the triumphant Jesus as he walked on e.

earthwith to

1:4.3 mortal tabernacle “returns to the e. whence it came”;

57:6.3 or may be gradually drawn into the e. as meteors.

58:2.1 The planetary atmosphere filters through to the e.

74:4.1 They decided that Divinity had descended to e. in

77:2.3 universal folk tale of the gods who came down to e.

85:1.2 marked the passage of a spirit on its way to e..

85:1.2 In Bengal many worship a meteor which fell to e. in

85:3.1 that the souls of men came back to e. in animal form.

94:11.3 Buddha’s spirit returned periodically to e. as a living

98:5.4 be annihilated upon the return of Mithras to e..

112:3.7 Never does a departed Adjuster return to e. as the

131:9.4 While all creatures must die and return to the e.,

135:11.2 Jesus of Nazareth comes down to the e. from

136:2.4 a Son of God as he was before he came to e. in the

140:3.1 glories of a better life and have been sent back to e.

140:8.20 come down to e. to teach something additional,

146:7.2 the advancing spirit of mortal man to return to e.

150:8.2 who, in mercy, gives light to the e. and to those who

159:5.17 the philosophy of religion from heaven down to e..

174:5.8 except a grain of wheat falls into the e. and dies, it

176:4.6 to disassociate the Master’s personal return to e.

196:2.5 and sincerely believed in his immediate return to e. to

earth’ssee crust; see surface

42:6.8 would attain a diameter equal to that of the e.’ orbit

57:7.4 E.’ rapid gain over the moon in size enabled it to

57:8.20 Since the condensation of the e.’ hydrosphere,

58:1.7 just such a distribution of the e.’ waters was rapidly

58:2.2 The e.’ atmosphere is all but opaque to much of

58:2.6 The height of the e.’ atmosphere is indicated by

58:2.6 The lower five or six miles of the e.’ atmosphere is

58:2.8 the sunspot craters out through space to the e.’ outer

58:5.1 The e.’ core had become as dense and rigid as steel,

58:5.2 The outer one thousand miles of the e’ mass consists

58:5.5 The e.’ core is twelve times as dense as water.

59:6.6 Many of the e.’ higher regions had become arid and

60:3.10 water supply of much of the e.’ present arid regions.

60:4.1 from this time on throughout the e.’ history but

74:5.4 Aside from the cream of the e.’ population,

178:2.1 were beginning to sense that e.’ greatest tragedy

earthadjective; see earth child or children;

earth family; earth life; earth mission;

earth mother; see career

38:9.13 their e. brethren, whom they so jealously guarded

47:3.6 call upon your loved ones and other e. friends who

48:2.17 the initial world of reception for e.-origin mortals,

55:3.1 neither have the e. animals been subdued in

61:1.12 The e. circuit of land in northern latitudes was

74:4.4 made clear to these e. minds that only the Father

74:7.7 4. History and culture of the various e. races.

81:5.3 an exalted and ever-advancing guild of e. workers,

93:10.9 and Eve are destined to accompany their e. fellows

96:0.2 to prepare the way for the e. bestowal of a Son of

110:7.10 until the last e. struggle is over; I will be true to my

112:4.13 the reception of the surviving soul of the e. mortal

113:6.6 then re-present you to the Monitor of your e. days.

113:7.1 and ever-present angelic companions of e. days;

116:2.3 most distant and beautiful expression in the e. lives

119:7.4 For a third of a century of e. time all eyes in all

121:0.1 as they were observed by my order of e. creatures,

121:8.12 memory resources of my own order of e. creatures


126:0.1 Of all Jesus’ e.-life experiences, the fourteenth and

129:1.15 The days of his e. pilgrimages were approaching.

129:4.1 was the most enthralling of all Jesus’ e. experiences,

131:10.3 If our e. parents, being of evil tendency, know how

134:8.4 mortal goal of this e. creature was there attained.

135:3.4 eternal order of e. affairs, the kingdom of heaven.”

136:1.6 the true concept of the union in one e. personality

136:5.3 some certain act or episode of the Son’s e. labors.

136:5.4 departures from the natural e. order as to time.

136:5.5 in connection with Jesus’ remaining e. labors

136:5.6 for Michael perfectly to limit his personal e. activities

136:5.6 for the Son of Man thus to limit his new e. status as

136:6.2 consistent policy for the remainder of his e. labors.

139:4.4 being the chum of Jesus than any other e. mortal,

141:7.9 not to set an example for a few e. creatures, but to

142:5.2 Do you e. fathers take pleasure in torturing your

144:2.5 win favor with God but to change your e. attitude

149:1.4 as they occurred in the course of Jesus’ e. ministry,

156:5.16 in the flesh, you are still citizens of the e. kingdoms.

157:6.3 The third stage of the Master’s e. experience

157:7.5 inaugurate his fourth phase of e. ministry as the Son

158:7.4 his policy of pursuing to the end his e. bestowal in

161:2.12 Rodan was a faithful believer to the end of his e days

168:1.9 greatest of all works connected with the e. ministry

168:2.1 While these e. creatures stood there in breathless

168:2.3 just twelve seconds of e. time the hitherto lifeless

172:3.1 to perform the mightiest work of his e. bestowal,

182:3.6 the Father desired his Son to finish his e. bestowal

189:1.12 required more than an hour of e. time and was twice

193:4.4 Judas met defeat in his battles of the e. struggle

earth child

131:1.9 e. longs for the security of the arms of the Father.

131:10.6 best of all, he is my spirit Father, and as his e. I am

142:7.13 family life to the relations of man, the e., to God,

144:4.3 The e. comes into being by the will of its parents.

146:2.2 loss of personal communion between the e. and his

146:3.7 “Every e. who follows the leading of this spirit

earth children

136:6.8 Jesus sought to lead his e. to join him in a sincere

136:8.6 trying methods, just such procedures as his e. must

140:1.2 my Father is about to set up in the hearts of his e. is

161:1.7 achieved the manifestation of personality to his e.,

earth family

127:6.12 role of guiding and directing the children of his e..

142:7.17 you not allow me to use the e. as an illustration of

145:0.3 was the chief comfort of Jesus, as regards his e.,

154:2.4 supernatural ministration to any member of his e.

154:6.1 five members of Jesus’ e. arrived on the scene

154:6.5 another of those instances in which his e. could not

154:6.9 Jesus did not forsake his e. to do his Father’s work

157:0.2 through no fault of either, Jesus and his e. failed to

earth life

1:6.8 in Jesus’ e. we are inspired by the perfect

12:5.5 Even during the days of the e. in the flesh, though

14:5.11 must frequently be restrained during your short e.

46:2.7 and its transition worlds you are far nearer your e.

102:3.14 while in the e. of Christ Michael we behold the

102:8.7 yet revealed in Nebadon—the e. of Jesus of Nazareth.

117:5.4 even as the Father was revealed in the e. of Jesus.

120:1.7 which should guide you in the living of your e. as

120:2.7 Your e. in the likeness of mortal flesh shall not

120:3.2 That, in the pursuit of the ideal of your mortal e.,

120:4.3 God did not, at some vital moment in the e. of Jesus,

121:6.6 Gospel of John, last of the narratives of Jesus’ e.,

122:4.4 as to appear to fit some episode of the Master’s e..

126:0.1 Of all Jesus’ e. experiences, the fourteenth and

129:1.8 From this day to the end of his e. Jesus was known

129:3.5 the sublime task of living his mortal e. all the while

132:4.3 and most informative of any like period of his e..

134:7.7 extraordinary epochs in the Master’s e. on Urantia.

136:2.5 remainder of Jesus’ e. this Personalized Adjuster was

136:3.2 be employed in the new and changed phase of e.

136:4.9 in which he could order the remainder of his e..

136:4.9 Jesus lived out the remainder of his e. always true

136:4.11 In all this planning for the remainder of his e.,

136:5.2 remained with him throughout the balance of his e.,

136:7.4 Throughout his entire e. Jesus was consistently loyal

138:6.2 While Jesus, at this period of his e., did not require

139:0.1 is a testimony to the righteousness of Jesus’ e. that,

140:3.1 which I exemplify in my e. of revealing the Father

140:3.17 At the end of your e. you will all expect mercy;

140:10.3 Jesus lived his e. on Urantia, not to set a personal

142:7.15 Jesus had now lived his e. to the full satisfaction of

144:4.6 Only in the great crises of his e. did Jesus ever pray

145:3.4 That Sabbath was a great day in the e. of Jesus, yes,

145:3.11 Not in all of Jesus’ subsequent e. did another such

146:3.7 The way from the e. to the eternal estate has not

146:3.10 Throughout his entire e. Jesus gave his followers

148:9.1 strangest and most unique episodes of all Jesus’ e.

149:2.1 being the inspired interpretation afforded by his e.,

153:1.4 This crisis in Jesus’ e. began with the feeding of the

153:1.6 of the five thousand was the one event of his e.

154:7.2 From now on, throughout the remainder of his e.,

155:3.8 His whole e. was consistently devoted to the mission

157:6.3 This third period of his e. embraced the times when

158:1.4 departed, leaving him alone to finish out his e. as

169:4.11 the true nature of the heavenly Father in his e.,

177:1.6 Throughout the few remaining hours of Jesus’ e.

182:1.9 But when Jesus had finished his e., this name of

196:2.6 Master as they were inseparably bound up in his e.

earth mission

120:2.2 2. Apart from your e. and your universe revelation,

126:3.11 appear in Jerusalem during the time of his e.;

135:11.4 finally, tell the beloved herald of my e. that he shall

145:0.3 believed in the divinity of his e. from the times of

157:6.6 Jesus well knew that his e. could not possibly fulfill

158:3.4 this testimony regarding the success of his e.

166:4.12 they failed to grasp the meaning of his e. until after

167:5.6 They did not fully realize that his e. was concerned

167:5.7 The fact that the Son of Man pursues his e. alone

earth mother

80:7.7 the glorification and worship of Mary the e. of Jesus.

85:5.1 to be the children of the sky father and the e..

122:0.3 tidings that she had been selected to become the e.

122:1.2 Mary, the e. of Jesus, was a descendant of a long

122:8.6 found the babe and left their gifts with Mary, his e.


126:0.1 Of all Jesus’ e. experiences, the fourteenth and


48:2.17 halls on the initial world of reception for e. mortals,


136:9.6 but this e. Jew, who possessed such tremendous


140:6.14 “My brethren, you are e. vessels; it is best for you


60:3.5 pure clay now used for the manufacture of e. were

122:6.2 The furniture consisted of a low stone table, e. and

earthlysee earthly career, earthly family; earthly father

    see earthly life

2:5.9 analogous to that given by a child to an e. parent;

5:3.5 work out the details of your e. sojourn in connection

6:1.4 Son, as is suggested in one of his e. prayers: “And

8:4.5 and guide you through the paths of e. existence.

20:2.3 are born of e. mothers on the evolutionary worlds.

20:4.3 upon the mortal dissolution of their e. tabernacles.

28:6.20 in disinterested labor for the welfare of one’s e.

34:6.8 joys of living and the satisfactions of e. existence.

34:6.13 in human faithfulness perform the duties of their e.

41:4.5 than you perceive in the air of your e. living rooms.

47:9.3 a tardy member of his e. or mansonia working group

48:4.20 enjoy the celestial equivalents of your e. humor

64:6.27 standing before the celestial powers as any other e.

65:2.1 man’s ascent from seaweed to the lordship of e.

66:5.31 being intrusted with all matters of e. concern which

67:7.3 e. affairs were so disorganized and retarded that the

68:3.1 fear of pain, unsatisfied hunger, or some e. calamity;

77:4.8 Sumerian clay tablets which tell of this e. paradise

81:6.28 quality of thinking, the coming e. goal of existence.

87:4.4 a new concept of the invisible control of e. affairs.

93:8.1 Melchizedek wanted to leave the scene of his e.

94:6.10 the theory that the e. way is the distorted shadow of

95:4.3 and fly away”—that all things e. are evanescent.

100:2.7 believer, what does it matter if all things e. crash?”

100:7.7 trusted his Father as a little child trusts his e. parent.

108:5.5 They are called heavenly helpers, not e. helpers.

109:2.8 as undetected indwellers of the e. tabernacles of

110:1.5 which must serve as the e. tabernacle of this gift

111:7.3 feet must tread the material paths of e. endeavor?

112:7.2 When your e. course in temporary form has been

112:7.9 the onetime soul of e. origin stands in worshipful

112:7.19 True it is, you mortals are of e., animal origin;

120:2.7 mortals of Urantia in the days of your e. sojourn

123:3.2 Jesus found out that his e. parents were not all-wise

125:6.1 Jesus was strangely unmindful of his e. parents;

127:5.4 with the pressing problems of practical e. affairs

127:6.12 spiritual living to the practical demands of e.

127:6.12 life while he continues on with the e. existence.

128:4.6 to segregate certain features of his e. experience,

129:4.7 from the partial to the perfect, from the e. to the

131:4.6 and a gracious father who remits all our e. offenses

136:2.6 active personality contact with his e. associates,

136:6.2 chose to pursue the path of normal e. existence;

136:8.8 put loyalty to his Father’s will above every other e.

139:4.10 present and near at hand right up to the last e. hour

140:3.1 more is required than of the citizens of the e. rule.

140:8.16 He never taught his followers to avoid e. possessions

140:8.30 not teach his apostles that religion is man’s only e.

146:2.16 apprehensive concerning the problems of your e.

147:3.3 I would work, to improve your e. state but more

148:5.3 enable man to overcome much of his e. misery.

154:0.2 did not propose to meddle with the affairs of e. rule

155:6.11 the will of God can be done in any e. occupation.

158:7.6 fishermen persisted in dreaming of an e. kingdom

165:4.5 that your apostles have sold all their e. possessions

165:5.3 ask for the heavenly, and the e. shall be included.

166:3.8 surmounting every e. obstacle which might chance to

169:2.5 when all things e. fail, you shall be joyfully received

170:0.1 from all connection with e. kingdoms and temporal

170:2.7 were the result (reward) of righteous e. striving.

171:7.9 or the premeditated in the Master’s e. ministry.

174:1.3 With the e. child and the heavenly Father,

176:3.2 your first and e. adventure in sonship with God.

178:1.1 of sonship with God to citizenship in e. governments.

178:1.3 while you seek to enlighten such misguided e. rulers

178:1.3 You shall not render spiritual worship to e. rulers;

178:1.3 you employ the physical forces of e. governments,

178:1.4 and war-minded citizens of the e. kingdoms.

178:1.5 As men, you are indeed citizens of the e. kingdoms,

178:1.8 so should the rulers of e. governments become all

178:1.9 So long as the rulers of e. governments seek to

178:2.1 not reconcile the impending end of his e. ministry

181:2.19 all things have become sacred, and all e. labor has

182:1.6 I long to show my e. brethren the glory I had with

182:3.10 many of those pleasant scenes of his e. ministry.

185:1.9 a great blunder, a far-reaching error in e. affairs,

190:1.9 until after they had disposed of their e. possessions,

194:4.7 This spontaneous sharing of e. possessions was

196:0.11 child’s trust in the security of its e. surroundings.

196:0.11 heavenly Father as a child leans upon its e. parent,

earthly career(s)

25:8.5 the companion or close associate of your e. career,

39:2.13 When you finish your e., your body remains on

48:4.13 a rich vein of it and are greatly helped in their e.

110:1.2 the dark and uncertain mazes of your short e.;

113:1.5 from that time until the e. is finished, that mortal will

120:2.9 no superhuman repercussions will attend your e.

137:5.2 the most important conferences of all Jesus’ e..

181:2.3 now, as I enter upon the closing hours of my e.,

earthly family

142:7.4 discoursed at length on the e. as an illustration of

181:2.2 continue so to act in matters concerning my e..

183:4.8 the apostles, the chief disciples, and the e. of Jesus.

186:3.3 reports to the apostles, the Greeks, and Jesus’ e.,

190:2.6 he appeared visibly before his e. and their friends,

194:3.15 gift was bestowed upon the members of Jesus’ e..

earthly father(s)

125:6.12 did most gracefully conform to the desires of his e.

126:3.5 Jesus rightly reasoned that the watchcare of his e.

123:3.6 his Father much as he would talk to Joseph, his e..

125:0.6 If you, my e., possess such human reflections of

142:6.8 to the guidance and leading of a wise and loving e.,

177:2.5 he is wholly dependent on the e. for his first ideas

177:2.7 a tremendous responsibility rests upon all e.

181:2.3 But as for the responsibilities left to me by my e.,

186:2.4 upon the death scene of a nation—his e.’ own people.

earthly life

146:2.14 prayer for divine guidance over the pathway of e.

149:6.8 we have become brethren in the flesh of the e. life.

194:3.1 traits which the Master manifested in his own e..

194:3.8 The fact of Jesus’ e. provides a fixed point for the

196:0.11 In the e. of Jesus, religion was a living experience,

196:0.14 Jesus’ e. life was devoted to one great purpose—196:02.09 Jesus did not long to escape from his e. life;


63:3.4 both were killed at the time of an e. by the falling of

80:2.4 the Mediterranean, gave way as the result of an e.,

117:6.25 find the Supreme suddenly as an e. tears chasms into

123:3.2 Jesus asked his father the cause of a mild e. which

123:3.3 Joseph’s first thought was to tell Jesus that the e.


41:10.4 During the earlier ages of all these new worlds, e.

41:10.4 mighty upheavals, characterized by volcanoes, e.,

46:2.1 and other evolved worlds since there are neither e.


57:8.2 e. made their appearance as this epoch of crustal

57:8.5 Volcanoes are still widespread and e. are severe

57:8.15 Severe e. did not begin until the continental mass

57:8.15 When they once began, they increased in frequency

57:8.15 For millions of years e. have diminished, but Urantia

57:8.17 Volcanic eruptions and e. continued to diminish in

58:5.4 the more severe e. would literally shake the world

58:5.4 E. are caused by sliding and shifting of the solid

58:7.6 grotesquely twisted as a result of upheavals of e.

59:3.6 Violent e. took place in northern Europe, notably

85:0.4 powerful natural forces, such as storms, floods, e.,

176:1.1 You should not be perturbed by famines or e.;


46:1.6 the terrestrial broadcast waves, reflecting them e.

95:2.8 the oblique rays of the sun observed penetrating e.


65:2.5 the closely related groups of e. and leeches,


27:4.3 and so guide their steps as to put them at perfect e.

38:2.3 tasks for mortals are performed with exceeding e.

48:5.8 as problem avoidance, unfairness, and e. seeking.

48:8.3 survive just to enjoy endless bliss and eternal e..

50:6.3 ideal, as spheres whereon life is a flowery bed of e..

69:5.11 others toiled for property because it meant e..

81:6.7 tribes who thus sought e. seldom utilized their

82:1.7 welfare and perpetuation high above individual e.

83:4.7 it was thought best to appear miserable and ill at e.

93:4.14 Chedorlaomer; he simply did not feel quite at e.

94:7.3 to deliver men from fear, to make them feel at e.

108:5.5 Adjuster does not bestow e. of living and freedom

113:4.3 of a seraphim rarely means attaining a life of e..

129:1.9 Jesus always made them feel at e. in his presence.

140:10.4 I referred not to e. of deception, mere willingness

143:1.6 service of the kingdom is one of monotonous e..

153:2.6 that you might fill the belly with the bread of e..

154:2.5 do not progress favorably in environmental e..

165:4.2 take now your e.; eat, drink, and be merry, for you

171:7.5 And Jesus always made his friends feel at e..

180:2.5 thoughtlessly and ignorantly pray for selfish e.

181:1.2 not an endless rest of idleness and selfish e. but


178:1.10 as a loving discipline designed to save your e. souls.


160:1.4 right to live peaceably and contentedly under the e.


155:5.13 Are you fearful, soft, and e.?


127:3.1 the financial pressure thus e. for the time being,


84:5.9 Every e. of the struggle for existence has redounded


2:4.2 his neighbor, the e. it will be to forgive him, even to

6:8.5 you find it e. to grasp the reality of both the Father

9:5.4 that the evolutionary will creatures find it e. to form

70:7.18 taxes were e. to collect when disguised as an offering

84:3.7 Man has usually chosen the e. path, inequality has

103:1.4 It is much e. for men to agree on religious values—

113:5.3 imply that you may not make their tasks either e. or

121:7.4 And all this made it e. for certain religious leaders of

122:6.1 made it all the e. for him subsequently to enjoy

141:6.2 you can the e. persuade him that he is in reality a

156:5.13 Every day a true believer lives, he finds it e. to do

163:3.1 You have a saying that it is ‘e. for a camel to go

194:0.5 e. to remember their personal association with Jesus


19:1.5 Such a procedure is the e. path to a certain form of


35:4.4 It is e. possible for such a Son to make himself

35:9.5 disloyalty to the will of Michael could most e.

37:2.5 Both types of Brilliant Evening Stars are e. visible to

48:6.37 you can do several things as e. as one if you leave

62:2.1 walk on their hind legs, they could e. stand erect.

67:1.6 Habitual sinners can e. become iniquitous, become

67:4.3 mating with the sons and daughters of earth, e. gave

69:8.5 The Africans could e. be taught to till the soil;

85:1.2 man e. believed that such blazing streaks marked the

93:6.2 Abraham, meanwhile greatly increased, could e.

96:4.7 that God was vengeful and e. influenced by man’s

139:5.8 Philip was not e. discouraged; he was a plodder

140:5.19 Children can e. be taught to function as peacemakers

153:4.3 you would e. perceive that one who is greater than

160:3.4 would e. and gracefully gain an equal victory by

165:2.7 lest some of you too e. comprehend this parable, I

172:1.8 they were well-to-do and could e. afford to make

177:4.12 At last the chief priests and elders could breathe e.

178:1.8 help to make such a citizen the more e. reached by

178:2.10 Judas was e. prevented from following Peter, John,

183:3.1 to identify Jesus so that the apprehenders could e.

185:6.1 his enemies and the e. led and unthinking populace.

186:3.1 They were at last able to breathe e., and so they

187:2.1 also could those present e. hear all that Jesus said

eastsee East

1:1.4 In another, the Infinite Upholder, and to the e.,

32:2.12 Nebadon now swings far to the south and e. in the

58:2.9 since it turns slightly to the e. as the sun rises and

58:4.3 Africa moved south, creating an e. and west trough,

58:4.3 the islands of the Pacific broke away on the e. and

59:1.8 Appalachian trough, its waves broke upon the e.

59:5.20 North America e. of the Mississippi valley rose,

60:3.13 in the e. the worn-down Appalachian Mountains of

60:4.3 among those of the older e.-west systems.

60:4.3 and in the second European e.-west system, which

61:3.3 deposition continued through the lowlands to the e..

61:7.2 in the e. it extended as far south as the Ohio River

64:1.5 on through Europe and Asia to Java in the e.; but

64:1.6 of Andon and Fonta had migrated far to the e. and

64:1.7 going e., who mingled so freely with their retarded

64:3.1 other struggling center of culture persisted in the e..

64:3.4 To the e. of the Badonan peoples,in the Siwalik Hills

64:4.1 in India to France on the west, China on the e.,

64:7.6 the offspring of this union journeyed on to the e.

64:7.9 Neanderthalers had been driven south and e. by the

64:7.10 intelligent tribes that swept over Europe from the e..

67:3.4 poorly protected settlement a few miles to the e. of

67:4.2 the disloyal staff migrated to the north and the e..

73:1.5 highland regions of Elam e. of the Euphrates valley.

73:3.4 higher lands of the peninsula and flowed e. through

73:5.1 while in the “e. of Eden” were built the domiciles

74:3.9 the first time in their new home in “the e. of Eden.”

74:7.1 schools, lived and worked in the “e. of Eden.”

76:0.1 The only way open was to the e., and so they

76:2.9 And so Cain departed for the land of Nod, e. of the

76:4.4 most of these vegetarian tribes migrated to the e.

77:3.1 the Nodites moved north and e., founding the new

77:5.10 center of civilization was situated in the region e.

78:1.3 the Adamsonite headquarters, situated e. of the shore

78:1.5 to the north and e. of the Adamson headquarters.

78:1.11 mingled with Nodites and Adamites from the e..

78:5.5 mixed Andites and Egyptians followed down the e.

78:6.1 the hill tribes to the e. and the harassment of the

78:8.6 north and from Egypt in the west to India in the e..

79:1.2 relations with the progressive Chinese to the e. and

79:1.2 To the e. the Gobi was an open grassland where

79:1.5 great Andite exodus from the lands south and e. of

79:3.2 with Mesopotamia on the west and China to the e.,

79:5.6 the land passage to the e., over the Bering isthmus,

79:6.12 the mountains to the west and the Pacific to the e..

80:1.1 the south met Nodites and Adamites from the e..

80:2.2 The least progressive division to the e. of the Sahara

80:2.2 The central group moved north and e. to the Nile

80:2.5 increasing numbers to the north and e. of Eden.

80:2.5 But now the Adamites enter Europe from the e.

80:3.9 it received a fresh impetus from the e. when the

81:1.2 the stream of migration north and e. into Turkestan.

81:1.2 the Andites still confined by mountains to the e. in

85:4.2 The e. wind is a god in South America, for it

97:9.3 fellow tribesmen—the Gileadites—e. of the Jordan.

122:6.1 Mount Tabor range to the e. and the hill of Nain,

122:6.1 Their home was located a little to the south and e.

123:4.5 during an unexpected July sandstorm from the e..

123:5.12 Far to the e. they could discern the Jordan valley

123:5.12 Also to the south and the e., when the sun shone

124:6.1 they turned e., going around Mount Gilboa into

124:6.6 they passed by where the Jabbok, from the e., flows

124:6.6 looking e. up this river valley, they recounted the

128:1.14 but Jesus returned to Nazareth by the e. Jordan way,

128:1.14 traditionally had dwelt in these regions e. of the river

131:1.2 he is the God of the e., the west, the north, and the

134:7.5 and passing e. of the Waters of Merom, Jesus went

134:9.1 going to the e. of the lake and by Gerasa and on

135:8.6 took leave of them, going toward the hills to the e..

138:2.4 Matthew’s office just to the e. of the city,

140:1.2 Many shall come from the e. and from the west to sit

148:0.4 persons from the lands e. of the Euphrates were in

156:6.2 they left Ptolemais, going e. inland to near Jotapata

158:1.3 of his experience in the hills to the e. of Jordan

158:7.1 would go on down over the e. Jordan road since

162:0.3 on to Jerusalem by way of the e. Jordan highway,

163:5.2 Mesopotamia and from the lands e. of the Tigris.

166:3.5 come from the north and the south and from the e.

166:5.2 of the gospel through the regions to the e..

166:5.3 the early church in the south and e. as Antioch

167:7.7 who had observed Jesus ascending the hills to the e..

168:0.5 the Jericho road from the brow of the hill to the e. of

181:2.18 to the Greeks in the West and to Abner in the E..

189:4.3 the first signs of day began to appear in the e., five

189:4.6 side of the road, and it also faced toward the e..

190:1.8 from Philadelphia in the e. to Alexandria in the west.


57:8.23 The long e. cleavage separated Africa from Europe


11:2.2 longer in the north-south diameter than in the e.

11:2.2 nether surface is one tenth that of the e. diameter.

11:5.5 there are also noted differences in the e. pressures.

11:5.6 The least of these pulsations is in an e. direction,

58:4.4 tropic bays of the central seas of the e. cleavage of

58:7.4 There is also an intermittent e. ridge of this rock

60:4.3 Europe among those of the older e. systems.

60:4.3 the second European e. system, which was born at

65:2.13 the western implantation of life in the ancient e. seas.


96:2.1 The Semites of the E. were well-led horsemen who

98:1.2 Aryan invasion from southern Europe and the E..

121:1.1 for the effective spread of a new religion to both E.

121:1.9 commercial intercourse with the lands to the E. and

121:6.2 cult toward the West instead of toward the E..

134:5.1 Empire in the West and the Han Empire in the E.—134:05.09 in the E. since the establishment of the Ming and the

141:8.3 but when these truth seekers from the E. arrived,

142:1.7 uttermost parts of the Roman Empire and to the E..

148:1.1 nationalities of the Roman world and the E.,

195:1.8 obtaining from the E. a religion whose one God

195:1.10 Alexander had charged on the E with the cultural gift

East Indies

78:5.6 groups made their way into Japan, Formosa, the E.,

79:3.7 on the waters of the Bay of Bengal as far as the E..

East, Far

128:3.3 more remote countries of the Far West and the F.,

134:2.3 from the Far West and the Asiatics from the F. alike

East, Near - see also Eastern

146:1.3 immediately acceptable to the peoples of the N..

163:7.2 but from the whole Roman world and from the N..

Easter Island

78:5.7 E. was long a religious and administrative center


15:1.4 north, approximately opposite, in an e. direction,

57:1.3 certain sector of the, then, e. segment of Orvonton.

57:1.5 from Uversa on the long journey to that e. space

easternsee Eastern

58:4.2 central or Eurasian-African, the e. or Australasian,

58:5.8 its lateral pressure tended to cause the e., western,

58:5.8 a wide break did not occur on the e. shore of this

58:5.8 but ever since has that e. coast line hovered over the

58:7.4 stone layer comes to the surface over the e. regions

59:1.6 Over parts of e. and western America and western

59:2.5 the great North American volcano of e. Kentucky,

59:2.6 E. North America and western Europe were from

59:3.2 great volcanoes of southern Europe and e. Maine

59:3.9 This layer of rock extends from the e. mountains

59:5.15 These coal beds over central and e. United States

59:5.20 E. America and western Europe were connected

59:6.4 The e. part of North America was high above the sea

60:1.6 As this era opens, the e. and central parts of North

60:1.7 The great e.-Connecticut fault appeared, one side

60:2.4 By this time most of the e. part of North America,

60:3.3 In the e. part of North America, Atlantic sea pressure

60:3.4 Atlantic encroached on the e coast of South America

60:3.5 the e. Appalachian highlands had been almost

60:3.9 Along the e. borders of the Rocky Mountains these

60:3.14 On the e. slope of the Rocky Mountains, near the

61:5.5 ice sheet extended south as far as Kansas; the e. and

61:5.6 erelong this e. ice mass began to flow southward.

61:7.1 the ground moraines, extend from the e. seaboard

61:7.2 a union of the North American central and e. ice

61:7.5 The e. lobe extended only a short distance below the

61:7.9 the e. sheet advancing south and covering the greater

62:0.1 The e. life group contributed little or nothing to the

62:1.2 life implantation but on the borders of the e.

62:4.3 tribes lived around the peninsula point and the e.

64:6.18 The e. group were amalgamated with the Indian

64:7.1 thousands of years migration to e. Asia was cut off.

64:7.7 continued to occupy the central regions of e. Asia.

64:7.16 the yellow man e. Asia, the blue man Europe,

65:2.13 The e. and central groups of living organisms were

65:2.13 But as the ages passed, the e. focus of life failed to

65:2.14 the mind capacity for development in this e. group

65:2.15 central life strains but in the central to near-e. regions

73:1.5 e. group migrated to the highland regions of Elam

73:3.1 —almost an island—projecting from the e. shores of

73:7.1 the e. floor of the Mediterranean Sea sank,

73:7.1 the coast line of the e. Mediterranean was greatly

76:1.2 dwellers had fled in haste to the e. mountains.

77:4.4 2. The e. or Elamite Nodites.

78:1.7 Chinese were well established in control of e. Asia.

78:3.5 Asia Minor and the central-e. European lands were

78:5.4 Andite stock of the world was resident in e. Europe,

78:6.7 there to give battle to the northern and e. invaders

78:7.2 mountains about the e. coast of the Mediterranean

78:7.2 of the river regions were driven to the e. highlands.

78:7.7 the first Eden lies submerged under the e. end of the

79:0.1 Here at this e. focus of the human race the Sangik

79:1.1 E. Turkestan (Sinkiang) and, to a lesser extent,

79:2.2 the greater portion of the extinct e. green peoples

79:2.2 are rather the most inferior southern and e. fringe,

79:2.4 many of the southern and e. inferiors into Burma

79:5.1 the narrative of e. Asia is more properly that of the

79:5.2 e. wing was the more contaminated with debased

79:5.2 which long blocked Sangik migration into e. Asia.

79:5.2 But the red man had reigned supreme in e. Asia

79:6.1 the Andonites from the river valleys of e. Asia,

79:8.2 With the completion of the conquest of e. Asia the

80:1.2 In the e. trough of the Mediterranean the Nodites

80:7.1 civilization on the islands of the e. Mediterranean.

80:9.5 resting in Asia and the apex penetrating e. France.

80:9.8 by strong Andite elements from the e. Mediterranean

80:9.9 the nomads invaded the e. Mediterranean districts.

85:2.4 and e. Russia regard the tree spirits as being cruel.

93:5.2 as was the e. shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

93:7.2 China and reached the Japanese of the e. islands.

94:9.1 religious system to be found throughout e. Asia.

95:0.1 many of the religions and philosophies of e. Asia,

96:2.1 The Semites invaded the e. regions of the fertile

96:2.1 were among the most advanced of the e. Semites.

121:2.2 good seaports of the e. end of the Mediterranean,

122:6.1 from the village spring, which was in the e. section

124:1.10 terrific hot winds from the e. desert would blow

124:6.9 On the e. slopes of Olivet they paused for rest in the

130:2.3 While the e. branch of the early Christian church,

130:3.4 they were settled near the e. end of the long and

151:6.1 Although most of the near-by e. shore of the lake

152:2.1 were all familiar with these parks on the e. shore.

152:3.2 posed in the enchanting glow of that e. twilight.

152:5.1 and much of the next day about the e. hills for Jesus,

154:7.1 manned the oars and pulled for the e. shore of the

154:7.4 make their way over the lake toward the e. shore,

157:1.5 rowed toward the e. shore of the Sea of Galilee.

162:0.1 Accordingly, they passed down the e. shore of the

162:0.1 Philip and Matthew to a village on the e. slopes of

189:4.6 of Joseph was in his garden on the hillside on the e.


60:1.7 The great e. fault appeared, one side eventually

Easternsee Easterner

83:4.5 It was the custom of many Near E. peoples to throw

121:6.9 philosophic differences of the E. (Babylonian) and

122:5.11 Joseph held vigorously to the E., or Babylonian,

124:0.1 more balanced idea of the relative merits of the E.,

125:1.5 interested in those who hailed from the Far-E. and

126:3.8 (well understanding that much of the E. mysticism

134:2.3 gain a better understanding of the Far-E. peoples.

149:2.4 other E. religionists to accept the teachings of Jesus

121:6.1 In the long contest between the views of the E.

131:7.1 Only recently had the manuscripts of this Far-E.

195:1.7 Hellenistic civilization over the near-E. world.

195:1.11 The E. version of the message of Jesus,

195:1.11 E. version never progressed as did the Hellenized

Eastern Ghats

79:3.6 along the three great rivers flowing through the E.

Eastern Hemisphere

61:4.6 distinct types of life began to develop in the E. and

68:5.2 human cultures arose along the rivers of the E.,

74:8.4 created from clay was well-nigh universal in the E.;

79:1.7 Thus, while they dispersed over the E., the Andites

81:2.19 technique from Mesopotamia out over the E..

93:7.2 and Lake Van to enlighten the tribes of the E.

94:0.1 the teachings of Melchizedek over the entire E..

132:0.3 embraced the citizens of every country of the E..

Easterner, Far

130:2.2 a merchant from Mongolia, and since this Far-E.


77:4.13 Adamson visited one of the e. of the old Vanite

79:1.2 The Tarim valley was the e. outpost of the true


15:1.4 direct southerly course just preceding the e. swing;

59:1.17 North America, being deflected e. to bathe and

60:1.8 This California sea was rich in life and extended e. to

60:2.4 Pacific, which extended e. to the Dakota Black Hills

61:7.10 Mississippi valley, then e. into the Hudson valley,

64:1.1 he could not migrate e. because of the arid Tibetan

64:1.1 Mediterranean Sea, which then extended e. to the

64:1.6 In later times they penetrated e. as far as Java,

74:3.7 Along the walls e. in Eden, Adam and Eve were

76:0.1 they journeyed e. toward the then pleasant regions

76:0.1 later journeyed e. to join the Adamites in their new

77:4.4 The culture and commerce advocates migrated e.

78:3.2 the valley of the Nile; others penetrated e. into Asia,

78:6.3 of the Sethite priests, moved e. through the Elamite

78:6.4 Ten per cent of the Mesopotamians turned e. in their

79:1.1 from the highlands of this region they infiltrated e..

79:6.5 a certain amount of Andite blood e. to the river

79:7.1 Presently the Andites penetrated e. to Honan, where

81:1.1 Asia, extending from the Nile valley e. and slightly

94:5.5 influence in the e. spread of the Salem religion was

easysee easy for; easy to

41:2.1 such as Satania, are more e. of comprehension.

42:7.10 one to twenty-seven orbital electrons, are more e. of

48:5.7 There are no royal roads, short cuts, or e. paths to

52:6.2 the brotherhood of man is not an e. accomplishment.

58:7.5 but none are so e. of interpretation as those about

64:7.3 secondary Sangik peoples found existence more e. in

72:3.9 Notwithstanding their e. divorce laws, the rate of

78:5.7 They crossed the Pacific by e. stages, tarrying on

83:7.7 E. divorce, when the result of lack of self-control or

84:4.7 the unmixed tribes, childbirth was comparatively e.,

84:4.7 only two or three hours; childbirth is seldom so e.

108:5.5 interested in making the mortal career e.; rather are

131:3.2 I have found the approach to the Immortal e. of

136:9.4 that God’s way was not going to be the e. way.

141:3.7 The Master’s yoke is, indeed, e., but even so, he

141:7.12 Though the Master was e. of approach, he always

146:1.3 Paul’s Christian teachings more e. of acceptance

155:4.2 ignore Peter’s question, knowing full well how e. it

155:5.9 the religions of authority presents the e. way out for

155:5.11 Tradition is a safe refuge and an e. path for those

155:5.13 which one of you would prefer to take this e. path

155:5.13 Will you go back to the e. path of the certainty and

155:6.12 spiritual simplicity of such an e.-believing little one.

157:6.4 Jesus rather taught that the spirit was e. victor over

159:3.7 remember: The gospel yoke is e. and the burden of

160:3.5 temptation to seek for e. and transient attainment;

167:5.4 to teach that divorce of this e. variety was a special

177:2.5 child’s subsequent life is made e. or difficult,

177:4.11 when they were apparently within his e. reach.

183:1.2 and the supervening episode of death made e. by

easy for

2:4.2 Since God knows all about his children, it is e. for

32:3.11 It would be just as e. for the Father to make mortals

55:4.15 development that makes it e. for the Planetary Adam

85:4.1 It was e. for the ancients to imagine that the spirits

95:3.5 religious circumstances that made it e. for Abraham

122:8.7 it was very e. for myths to become traditions

129:0.2 Nazareth home; and this was not e. for him to do.

143:2.5 How e. for you to become self-deceived and thereby

151:5.5 It was especially e. for the men of that day to

153:2.6 wonders which would make life pleasant and e. for

163:3.1 And I declare that it is as e. for this camel to go

193:4.6 2. As a child, life had been made too e. for Judas.

194:1.5 the more e. for large numbers of both the Jews and

195:2.5 It was e. for these Greco-Romans to become just as

easy to

2:5.7 I find it e. and pleasant to worship one who is so

4:0.2 It is e. to deduce that the purpose in creating the

7:7.5 the Eternal Son will be more e. to approach than the

15:4.7 but return by diverse routes, thus making it e. to

41:0.2 it is not so e. to identify the physical boundaries of

67:4.6 It was e. to win the support of the primitive-minded

69:7.3 It was e. to tame some animals, but like the elephant,

81:3.5 first metal to be sought by man; gold was e. to work

90:3.5 causes for some accidents and deaths were so e. to

93:7.4 how e. it was to lose sight of a new doctrine from

106:6.5 the Trinity Absolute is not so e. to classify.

107:7.2 This is a question e. to ask, but probably no being in

137:7.2 They found it really e. to be “friends with God,”

138:4.3 They found it very e. to love and admire Jesus but

140:5.10 It is not so e. to teach a child mind these first two

140:5.14 It is e. to teach this admonition even to a child.

143:1.6 It is e. to die in the line of physical battle when

143:6.3 In any religion it is very e. to allow values to

185:1.8 It is e. to understand why the Jews presumed to


155:6.12 rather the spiritual simplicity of such an e. little one.


47:4.6 all seven of these worlds, to e., drink, and rest.

49:3.4 The nonbreathers do not e. food or drink water as do

52:3.8 the Material Sons and Daughters do not e. meat,

55:6.2 mortal; they continue to breathe, e., sleep, and drink.

62:3.11 since they would not e. flesh, soon lost all interest

62:5.11 He refused to e.,even when food was brought to him

66:7.19 “In the sweat of your face shall you e. the fruit of

69:2.5 to decree that “he who does not work shall not e..”

83:1.5 wife were not much together; they did not even e.

89:4.10 drove these semisavages to e. the material part of

89:5.4 general practice for primitive mothers to kill and e.

89:5.12 to men; women were forbidden to e. human flesh.

89:5.14 a common practice to dig up buried bodies and e.

89:5.15 could e. only a small ceremonial bit, a sacrament.

89:6.1 it was never the custom to e. these death sacrifices.

125:2.1 It had been the plan to e. the Passover with Mary’s

127:6.7 to e. the Passover “according to the law of Moses.

128:5.4 Joseph has never received alms, and we cannot e.

133:3.8 Ganid and I desire a bite to e., and we would share

135:9.8 while Jesus sat down to e. with John, his brothers

138:10.4 multitude of listeners at times, had something to e..

140:6.13 much less be concerned with what you shall e. or

140:8.2 Hebrew saying: “He who will not work shall not e..”

143:6.1 besought Jesus to e. with them instead of talking

143:6.1 When Andrew sought to persuade him to e. a bite

143:6.1 “I have meat to e. that you do not know about.”

143:6.1 “Has any man brought him aught to e.?

147:2.3 The apostles of John did not e. the Passover with

147:6.4 since when did it become sinful to e. grain on the

147:6.4 “But if it is not wrong to e. the grain, surely the

147:6.4 they pluck, rub, and e. the grain.

147:6.4 it was not lawful for anyone to e. save the priests?

147:6.4 shall I not, before the day is finished, see you e.

152:1.1 directed that they should give her something to e.,

152:2.7 promptly added, “We have yet to e. this evening.”

152:2.9 And this multitude did e. and were filled.

152:5.4 only that they might continue to e. bread without

153:2.1 will be driven to e. the fruit of your own bodies,

153:2.7 which the Son gives to all who will take it and e.,

153:3.2 How can you give us your flesh to e. or your

153:3.2 You cannot e. my flesh nor can you drink my

153:3.3 wash your hands properly before you e. bread.

153:3.5 not that they e. bread with ceremonially unclean

153:5.2 when they reached home, Jesus refused to e..

165:4.2 take now your ease; e., drink, and be merry, for you

165:4.8 I have found rest and now shall be able to e.

165:5.2 what you shall e., nor yet for your body, what you

165:6.3 to mistreat his fellow servants and to e. and drink

166:3.4 when you say, ‘Did we not e. and drink with you,

167:1.3 washing of his hands before he sat down to e..

167:2.1 thoughtlessly said: “Blessed is he who shall e. bread

169:1.10 ‘Bring on the fatted calf and kill it, and let us e.

178:2.5 Passover, where would you have us prepare to e. it?”

178:2.5 concerning the supper we will e. together this night.

178:2.7 ‘Where is the chamber wherein the Master is to e.

179:2.1 “I have greatly desired to e. this Passover with you.

179:2.1 I wanted to e. with you once more before I suffered

179:2.1 I shall not again e. with you until you sit down with

179:4.1 I determined to e. this supper with you in this

179:5.3 said: “Take this bread of remembrance and e. it.

187:3.4 The soldiers now prepared to e. lunch and drink their

187:3.5 When Jesus saw them e. and drink, he looked down

190:5.5 after they went into the house, they sat down to e..

190:5.7 Cleopas and Jacob would not stop to e..


43:6.6 energy growth; when e. there is no residual portion.

69:8.2 In earlier times captives were either e., tortured to

73:4.1 All flesh e. by the Garden workers throughout all the

73:6.4 the life-extension force of the universe when e..

87:6.10 7. Exposure of the body to be e. by wild animals.

88:1.3 The apple was never e. by the Levantine peoples.

89:5.6 of a friend or fellow tribesman if his body were e.,

89:5.7 aged parents would seek to be e. by their children;

89:5.7 population, the surplus was unceremoniously e..

89:5.11 only certain parts or organs of the body were e.,

103:4.1 ceremonial sacrifice should be e. by the worshipers

123:3.5 no leavened bread was to be e. for the whole week.

145:2.5 the fathers have e. sour grapes and the children’s

145:2.7 ‘The fathers have e. sour grapes and the children’s

156:5.2 squaring, measuring, and smoothing his worm-e.

158:6.1 after they had e. and rested, the twelve gathered

165:4.8 ‘They have e. and filled themselves and waxed fat,

179:0.1 the Passover supper which was due to be e. on the

179:0.1 Saturday’s Passover supper would be e. on Friday

190:5.2 Cleopas had often heard Jesus teach and had e.


89:5.5 ghost could be destroyed or fused with that of the e..


52:3.8 their descendants sometimes remain nonflesh e..

59:1.19 carnivorous,herbivorous, omnivorous, and “mud e..”

61:2.8 species, as differentiated from the clawed flesh e..

62:2.1 but unlike the simian tribes, they were flesh e..

69:6.7 Fire led to cooking, and “raw e.” became a term of

76:3.7 first generation of the first garden become flesh e..

76:4.4 with whom they later united were also nonflesh e..

89:5.6 Certain groups of man-e. would consume only

eatingsee man-eating

52:3.9 carrying more marks of the nonflesh-e. ancestry,

60:3.20 One of these new grass-e. dinosaurs was a true

63:6.4 formed the habit of refraining from e. the flesh of

66:4.7 to affect the e. habits of many surrounding tribes,

66:4.7 groups of origin in the once exclusively meat-e.

76:3.7 The e. of meat was early introduced into the second

83:4.3 together; later it consisted in formal e. together.

86:5.15 and among many the e. of animal fat was taboo.

87:2.9 primitive method of saying grace was, before e., to

88:1.5 ensued the taboos on e. the flesh of the fetish animal.

89:1.6 Methods of e. soon became taboo, and so originated

89:5.4 e. of human flesh goes on to habitual cannibalism.

89:5.5 E. human flesh was a solemn ceremony of revenge;

89:5.5 that wizards attained their powers by e. human flesh.

89:5.7 it was customary to refrain from e. near relations;

89:5.9 last of cannibalism in Asia was this e. of criminals.

89:5.16 backward tribes dog-e. greatly reduced man-eating.

98:5.4 chanting hymns, mumbling magic, e. the flesh of

125:2.2 Passover rites, e. the roasted flesh with unleavened

135:8.3 they started immediately for Pella, e. their lunch as

135:9.7 company of John, engaged in e. their morning meal,

136:4.3 engrossed with his thinking that he forgot all about e.

140:10.5 While e. supper, Jesus had the talk with Matthew

144:8.7 John came neither e. nor drinking, and they said

144:8.7 The Son of Man comes e. and drinking, and these

147:6.4 the Pharisees answered: “You do no wrong in e.,

152:2.3 after e. the evening meal, they gathered about in

152:2.9 And when they had finished e., Jesus said to the

153:3.3 well know that such a practice as e. with defiled

153:3.3 Neither do you properly wash your e. vessels and

153:3.6 these Jews looked upon e. with unwashed hands

158:1.3 and while e. lunch, Jesus told the three apostles

163:1.3 city, e. and drinking whatever is set before you.

183:2.1 Judas so abruptly left the table while e. the Last


138:3.6 this man is righteous when he e. with publicans

145:2.5 every man who e. sour grapes, his teeth shall be

153:2.12 bread which comes down from God, if a man e.

169:0.4 Jesus receives the ungodly and even e. with them.

179:4.2 friend of many years, who even now e. my bread,


126:1.2 Jesus then would shift his gaze over to E. and


13:4.5 And the Deities are ever true to the e. and flow of

64:2.1 religion, and flintworking were at their lowest e..

66:5.24 Art and science were at a low e. throughout the

80:3.3 religion in Europe was at a low e. as compared with

154:1.3 Saturday night marked the time of the lowest e. in

182:3.7 Jesus experienced that natural e. and flow of


92:5.8 many e. and flows of the tide of religious truth and

Eberan officer of the Sanhedrin

162:2.6 E., the proper officer of the Sanhedrin, with two

162:2.6 As E. made his way toward Jesus, the Master said:

162:2.9 E. and his assistants refused to arrest Jesus;

162:2.9 the chief priests and the Pharisees upbraided E.

162:2.9 E. only replied: “We feared to arrest him in the

162:2.9 spoke tauntingly to E.: “Are you also led astray?

162:2.9 answered E.: “Even so, my masters, but this man

162:2.9 And the chief of the Sanhedrin was wroth with E.

164:2.1 This meeting was attended by E., Matadormus,


27:7.2 climb to its blissful shores—the spontaneous e. of the


100:7.3 so free from all freakish, erratic, and e. tendencies.

100:7.4 sympathetic but not sentimental; unique but not e..

142:8.1 the majority of these ascetic and e. men refused to


149:4.4 originality while they shunned all tendency toward e..


97:8.2 The frank pessimism of E. was a worldly wise

ecclesiasticalsee ecclesiastical authority

173:1.11 themselves behind political, financial, or e. power.

179:5.8 The supper was established without e. sanction.

183:5.1 to do with the enforcement of the Jewish e. laws.

183:5.4 observer of the transactions of the Jewish e. court.

185:2.5 had to do with infringements of the Jewish e. laws;

195:8.4 the withering grasp of a totalitarian e. domination.

195:8.4 Secularism frees man from e. slavery only to

195:8.6 gains of the secular revolt from e. totalitarianism.

195:8.6 after attaining the liberation from such e. tyranny,

ecclesiastical authority

99:4.7 intermingling of creeds, diminution of e., changing of

99:6.3 establishment of oppressive e.; creation of the

134:4.4 are willing to completely divest themselves of all e.

134:4.6 free from all notions of e.—religious sovereignty.

155:5.6 the spirit is that, while the former is upheld by e.,

174:2.4 to trip him before the multitude on matters of e.,

184:0.1 desired to maintain his prestige as the chief e. of

196:1.2 overthrow, of traditional e. if the Jesus of Galilee is


195:10.8 E. is at once and forever incompatible with that faith


59:3.11 there is a great increase in the e.—the stone lilies—

59:5.8 Two groups of e. became especially well developed,

59:5.8 and they are in reality the guide fossils of this epoch.


44:1.14 The best music of Urantia is just a fleeting e. of the

65:2.10 the passing Reptilia found e. in the elephant and

89:1.5 the child, when born, would be the e. of that food.

105:7.1 who have considered it as a “pre-e.” of the finite.

110:3.1 only occasionally catch an e., a faint and distant e.,

111:7.2 to heed the distant e. of the Adjuster’s faithful call to

117:5.11 the experience of man and Adjuster must find e. in

195:0.8 a great ideal, the e. of the life bestowal of Jesus


186:2.11 e. throughout all Nebadon, “Behold God and man!


48:4.19 exertion; always are they the e. of a backward glance


1:5.1 his infinity, either to obscure or e. his personality.

90:2.9 the Shawnee Tenskwatawa, who predicted the e. of

104:4.14 but such spiritual insight must never e. the intelligent

149:2.4 not permit such consideration to e. his inspired life


77:5.8 at world betterment never did become fully e. by

86:1.2 cloud of despair which effectively e. every pleasure;

97:7.13 The courageous Isaiah effectively e. the nationalistic

104:1.8 monotheistic zeal for the one God, Yahweh, so e. all

182:2.4 Judas’s being a traitor for the moment e. everything

185:7.5 Fear for his personal fortunes now e. all other


40:10.13 And such a love utterly e. all other facts.

85:3.4 early Nordics thought that e. were caused by a wolf


25:1.6 The satisfying joy of high duty is the e. emotion of


70:8.6 4. E.—rich and poor.

84:8.1 The prime incentive to marriage used to be e.; sex

124:2.6 talking over things cultural, educational, social, e.,

economic abuse(s)

72:5.3 new techniques for the correction of e. which are

163:2.11 But there was one e. which Jesus many times

economic activities

14:5.2 The social and e. of this eternal creation are entirely

71:6.3 The profit motive of e. is altogether base and wholly

economic adjustment(s)

81:6.40 types of human adjustment—physical, social, or e..

99:1.1 e. and social changes are imperative if disaster is to

99:1.2 these ever-changing conditions and never-ending e..

economic affairs

72:7.9 the recommendations of the chief executive of e.,

126:2.7 The e. of the family continued to run fairly smoothly

economic alliances

99:3.1 Early Christianity was free from all e. alliances.

99:3.11 2. Freedom from all social, e., and political alliances.

economic associations

71:3.11 and is managed just as are all other forms of e. of

economic attitude(s)

97:3.5 the bitter antagonisms of social, moral, and e.

136:4.2 Immanuel’s advice pertaining to his social, and e.

140:8.15 4. E.. Jesus worked, lived, and traded in the world as

economic cause

114:7.5 Wholehearted dedication to some special social, e.

economic change

81:6.40 No great social or e. should be attempted suddenly.

economic classes

70:8.6 4. E.—rich and poor.

economic complexity

81:6.31 E. and the steady increase of industrial specialism

economic condition(s)

72:7.6 comparatively free and sovereign states as e. vary

92:2.4 Social, climatic, political, and e. are all influential in

99:0.2 adapt its usages and adjust its institutions to new e.

101:7.1 The e. of one’s time and place all become factors in

114:6.14 fostering industrial development and improving e.

121:3.1 Although the social and e. of the Roman state was

122:5.1 improved before his untimely death and after the e.

126:1.6 The improved e. of the Nazareth family was reflected

136:8.7 actual intellectual status and social and e. of that day

140:8.2 the Father must not be adjudged by the social or e.

economic co-ordination

52:7.5 to collective tasks of social administration and e..

economic culture

99:0.1 within the existing social order of political and e..

economic custom(s)

89:5.1 Cannibalism was a social, e., and military custom.

92:3.1 These olden cult practices persist alongside newer e.

97:9.27 a small group having their own peculiar social and e.,

economic development

51:6.4 intellectual training, social culture, e., trade relations,

81:5.1 but the Adamic blood did accelerate the pace of e.

92:3.7 Religion has hampered industrial activities and e.;

economic disputes

140:8.17 not take sides in present-day political, social, or e..

economic division of labor

62:3.3 primitive form of social organization and a crude e..

economic emancipation

84:5.8 won its unintended fight for woman’s social and e..

economic endowments

5:1.5 mortals may differ in their intellectual, social, e.,

economic environment

140:4.8 total of one’s emotional reactions to the social and e.

economic experiment

81:6.40 had experience in the domains of contemplated e..

economic features

157:4.5 authority over things temporal—the social and e. of

economic fairness

70:12.16 10. Failure of social and e. fairness.

economic family

84:2.2 the father-family is social, e., and political.

economic freedom

72:5.12 they, too, struggled for political liberty and for e..

81:5.5 scheme for securing e. through capital and invention,

economic function

72:2.5 groups of workers, balloting in accordance with e..

72:9.2 They will join the first in accordance with their e.

economic group(s)

72:9.2 All workers thus belong to some e. franchise group,

99:3.3 influential members of various social, moral, and e..

99:5.1 always very different from e. or political groups.

132:5.21 to be expended for the benefit of one’s social or e..

134:4.7 The kingdom is free from classes, and e. groups.

economic groupings

72:9.7 the chief executive, suffrage is exercised by e.,

economic growth

99:4.4 No matter what upheavals may attend the e. of

economic incentive

84:8.1 The prime incentive to marriage used to be e.;

economic institutions

99:3.4 such a citizenry may control the political and e. of

economic interdependence

99:7.5 E. and social fraternity will ultimately conduce to

economic liabilities

84:7.27 children, who used to be an asset, have become e..

economic liberation

52:4.5 the initial visitation the races soon effect their e..

economic liberty

83:7.7 woman’s greater personal freedom and increased e..

economic life

55:5.3 The e. life of such a world has become ethical.

economic life situations

196:0.7 values of practical and commonplace social, and e.

economic lines

84:7.27 the marriage institution is evolving along new e..

economic lost notion

71:5.4 attempt to eliminate this e. should be countenanced if

economic maladjustment

196:1.2 a fellowship of social respectability and selfish e.?

economic misunderstandings

72:2.16 vested with full authority for the settlement of e..

economic mores

91:1.3 directly elevated their e., social, and ethical mores.

98:7.11 a religion well adapted to the social, political, and e.

economic movement

99:3.15 may become the outstanding leader of some e.,

121:3.9 Christianity was in no sense an e. having for its

economic necessity or necessities

99:7.5 E. tie man up with reality, and personal religious

196:0.7 family love, religious obligation, social duty, and e..

economic opportunities

5:1.5 mortals may differ in their intellectual, social, e.,

economic order(s)

55:4.30 exert a tremendous influence on the progressing e..

99:2.5 the past by glorifying the established political and e.,

99:3.2 kingdom of heaven is neither a social nor e.;

139:11.9 told Simon that it was proper to want to see the e.

economic organization

99:2.3 immediately becomes a political party, an e.,

economic partner

84:4.3 Early woman was an e., plaything, and childbearer.

economic practices

79:7.4 The Andites improved the educational and e. of

194:3.9 associated with established racial, social, or e..

economic problems

49:4.7 The social, governmental and e. of the inhabited

72:5.2 No grave e have arisen out of the abolition of slavery

72:5.3 Wages, profits, and other e. are not regulated, but

72:5.3 but they are controlled by the industrial legislatures,

134:6.2 it will require mankind government to regulate the e.

140:8.18 sons of God solve their own political, social, and e..

142:7.17 the realities of the kingdom from the material, and e.

156:5.10 difficult social situations and in solving intricate e..

167:5.6 pronouncements relative to scientific, social, and e.

195:1.6 had debated about all human problems—social, e.,

economic realms

140:8.9 public teachings he ignored the civic, social, and e..

economic reformer

140:8.15 Jesus was not an e., although he did call attention to

economic reorganization

99:1.6 in the secular work of social reconstruction and e..

99:2.1 impending world-wide social reconstruction and e.

195:9.4 and inspiration requisite for the social, moral, and e.

economic repercussions

99:3.2 phenomenon attended by astounding political and e..

economic restrictions

83:5.3 Caste and e. sometimes made it necessary for several

economic rewards

132:5.20 of every recurring problem of e. and social justice.

economic rituals

90:5.2 Rituals are often at first social, later becoming e.

economic security

71:4.5 3. Promotion of e. security.

economic slavery

195:8.4 only to betray him into the tyranny of political and e..

economic speculation

82:4.2 Primitive marriage was an investment, an e.;

economic status

5:5.14 predicated on their educational, cultural, social, or e..

51:7.4 pay attention to the scientific, and e. of the realm.

55:5.3 The e., social, and administrative status of these

146:2.8 right of way to the divine ear, not the social, or e. of

economic strata

195:0.4 first, Christianity won as converts only the lower e..

economic striving

71:6.3 superior types of nonprofit motives for e. and social

economic structure

89:3.2 as the e. of the races was beginning to take shape,

120:3.4 Avoid all entanglements with the e. and political

economic system(s)

52:7.3 The educational, administrative and e. of the planet

72:9.6 method of voting was abandoned in favor of the e..

97:9.24 Baal worship was an e. and social system dealing

99:0.1 its attitude to extensive changes in political and e..

99:2.1 more or less of an organic part of the e. which is

economic theory or theories

140:8.10 identifying Jesus’ teachings with any political or e.,

140:8.17 Jesus never intended to formulate e. theories;

economic things

124:2.6 talking over things cultural, educational, social, e.,

economic thinking

99:3.3 not insulated from e., neither insensible to political

economic transformations

196:1.2 the e. and the moral rejuvenations of Christian

economic upheavals

99:1.4 These new social relations and e. can result in lasting

99:2.6 keeping ahead of all these social developments and e.

99:4.6 amid the e., the moral crosscurrents, and sociologic

economic usages

149:2.11 an utter disregard of the religious, social, and e. of

economic value

140:10.6 whatever of practical political, social, or e. there is

economic wisdom

71:8.1 The intellectual keenness, e., social cleverness, and


41:5.2 sunlight would be e. at a million dollars a pound.

72:2.2 governing schemes are very simple, direct, and e..


55:4.11 of the human race—physically, socially, and e..

134:6.1 the relative nature of freedom is true socially, e.,


71:4.1 E., society, and government must evolve if they are

71:6.1 Present-day profit-motivated e. is doomed unless

71:6.2 In e., profit motivation is to service motivation what

71:7.3 passing of the purely profit-motivated system of e..

86:7.2 of priests and religion, placing it in the domain of e..

97:9.28 the first time theology displaced sociology and e..

97:9.28 to be separated from politics, sociology, and e..

99:7.2 Political science must effect the reconstruction of e.


6:4.2 In the eternal e. of universe administration, wasteful

14:4.11 intellectual, and spiritual e. of a billion local systems

17:2.4 he is concerned with this one phase of universe e.;

19:5.3 have no clearly discernible place in the present e.

23:3.4 indeed, the whole e. of universal administration

26:5.1 the stabilized worlds and settled e. of the central

28:4.1 Think what it means in the e. of a superuniverse to

28:6.13 a double purpose in the e. of the superuniverses:

28:6.18 The universal e. is based on intake and output;

41:9.5 it is functioning through the period of greatest e..

44:3.3 The transition worlds have a necessary e. of mutual

46:2.7 intricate material e. associated with these worlds,

77:1.2 marked changes in the spiritual e. of the realm

77:9.11 midwayers are a truly essential part of the spirit e. of

97:9.23 The changing e. favored the return of the worship of

100:1.8 acting are contributory to the e. of spiritual growth.

109:2.7 cosmic achievement essential to the spiritual e. of the

112:2.6 In the cosmic e. insight precedes foresight.

115:1.4 as to the necessity of the finite in the cosmic e., but


91:7.3 pseudo hallucinations, neither are they trancelike e.


3:5.17 they are wholly ignorant of the e. of becoming

44:1.1 millions of enraptured beings held in sublime e.


91:7.3 Religious e. is permissible when resulting from

91:7.3 Genuine spiritual e. is usually associated with great

91:7.4 religious e. are not the credentials of inspiration,

91:7.5 these strange religious experiences of e., inspiration,

101:1.1 mystic experience of indescribable feelings of e.

131:3.4 and thus come to enjoy the e. of eternal salvation.

139:2.8 but Peter disliked to descend from the clouds of e.

145:4.1 They were literally intoxicated with the e. of their

158:5.4 who had so recently enjoyed the spiritual e. of the

160:1.5 art, even that of celestial joy and spiritual e..

163:6.3 one of those rare moments of emotional e. which

177:1.3 unforgettable e. of being alone with God in the hills

184:4.6 the e. and grandeur of spiritual socialization

189:5.1 As John hastened out of the city, a strange e. of joy

194:0.3 but at just this moment of spiritual e. and personal


48:7.15 not from the illuminated and e. mountain tops.

55:2.5 epochs of human evolution are now replaced by e.

91:8.5 Prayer may be the e. praise of a God-knowing soul

158:4.8 descending the mountain with the e. Peter, James,

172:5.8 drew on toward the temple, Matthew became e.;

Eden or Garden(s) of Eden or second Eden

23:2.12 make Urantia a veritable paradise, but such an E.

39:5.3 Adam and Eve is usually denominated the GE.,

43:6.2 worlds of Norlatiadek are so often called “the gE.

51:3.2 These GE. are so named in honor of Edentia,

51:3.2 they are patterned after the botanic grandeur of the

51:3.2 They are wonderful creations on an average world.

51:5.2 the superior racial strains may proceed to the GE.

51:5.3 the prince’s staff bring to the GE. the superior men

51:5.7 the pure-line children of a planetary GE. can bestow

51:6.1 On most of the inhabited worlds the GE. remain

51:6.3 custom which eventually spreads the ideals of E. to

68:1.7 golden age is the historic fact of Dalamatia and E..


73:1.4 Even later, in the affairs of E., it was difficult for

73:3.3 surrounding highlands, it seldom rained in E. proper

73:3.4 “four heads” of the river which “went out of E.,”

73:3.6 E. was the one bright spot on Urantia;

73:3.6 it was naturally a dream of loveliness,

73:3.6 it became a poem of exquisite and perfected glory.

73:4.1 their place of abode is often called the GE. because

73:4.1 Van’s instructions were that E. was to be a garden,

73:5.1 while in the “east of E.” were built the domiciles

73:5.1 The architectural plans for E. provided homes and

73:5.3 The drinking water of E. was kept wholesome by the

73:5.4 ran beneath the walls and emptied into the river of E.

73:5.5 of that section of the world were growing in E..

73:5.7 And so was the GE. made ready for the reception of

73:5.7 And this G. would have done honor to a world under

73:5.7 Eve were well pleased with the general plan of E.,

73:5.8 and during the early days of Adam’s sojourn in E.

73:6.6 they transplanted the Edentia tree to the GE.,

73:6.7 When the Nodites invaded E., they were told that

73:7.0 7. THE FATE OF EDEN

73:7.2 We do not regard the submergence of E. as anything

74:2.2 The tongue of E. was an Andonic dialect as spoken

74:2.3 there was great excitement and joy throughout E.

74:2.4 continued to pour into E. to welcome Adam and

74:2.7 weaving was still practiced in the days of E..

74:3.7 Along the walls eastward in E., Adam and Eve were

74:3.9 the first time in their new home in “the east of E..”

74:4.1 of the Father’s temple in the central sector of E..

74:4.6 Always in E. the seventh day was devoted to the

74:4.6 This was never the law in E., but it was the custom

74:5.3 When E was disrupted, there were over one hundred

74:5.5 group control throughout E. and had federated all

74:6.4 employed outside of the Adamic sector of E.,

74:7.1 western schools, lived and worked in the “east of E.

74:7.11 Unarmed observers were freely admitted to E. for

74:7.20 The moral law of E. was little different from the

74:7.21 The public worship hour of E. was noon; sunset was

74:8.5 Away from the influences of Dalamatia and E.,

74:8.14 The “golden age” is a myth, but E. was a fact,

75:2.5 contact with the Nodites since the early days of E..

75:5.3 They swept out through the gates of E. and down

75:5.9 the annihilation of the Nodite settlement near E. was

75:6.2 pilgrims went forth from E. in quest of new homes.

75:6.4 to go forth in disgrace from E., only to lose more

76:0.1 Nodites were already on the march toward E..

76:1.2 the king and high priest of the GE. was marching on

76:1.4 After getting settled in the new E., it became

76:2.2 In vain did Cain appeal to the traditions of the first E

76:2.3 In the days of the first E. Adam had indeed sought

76:2.3 was difficult to organize the religious life of the sE..

76:2.9 Cain departed for the land of Nod, east of the sE..

76:3.2 learned to forget the days of their glory in E..

76:3.2 followers that they did forget the grandeur of E.;

76:3.3 a center of the violet race to the north of the sE..

76:5.1 Not long after the establishment of the sE., Adam

77:5.5 And when Ratta heard the story of E., how the

78:0.1 The sE. was the cradle of civilization for thirty

78:1.12 from the days of Dalamatia and the times of E..

78:2.1 preserve their traditions of the glory of the first E..

78:2.3 the civilization of the sE. was an artificial structure—

78:2.4 presence of Adam and the traditions of the first E..

78:7.2 after the submergence of the first E. the mountains

78:7.7 the first E. lies submerged under the eastern end of

79:7.4 But the Andite traditions of the beauty of E. did

80:1.7 Slowly these migrating sons of E. united with the

80:2.5 increasing numbers to the north and east of E..

80:7.4 most beautiful of men since the days of the first E..

81:2.20 was complicated by the regimes of Dalamatia and E..

83:8.1 for thousands of years after E., mating continued as

89:1.4 The seven commandments of Dalamatia and E.,

89:2.3 The tradition of Adam and the GE. lent substance to

92:4.6 The disruption of the first E. halted the course of the

92:4.6 sight of the revelation sponsored in the days of E..

93:3.1 been developed by early Sethite priests of the sE..

95:3.2 this teachers of truth in ancient times from the sE.,

Edenicsee Edenic pair

34:7.5 were not more fully Adamized by the E. bestowal.


51:6.5 violet race, imparts that stability of growth to E.

73:3.4 took origin in the coastal hills of the E. peninsula,

73:5.1 At the center of the E. peninsula was the exquisite

73:7.1 beneath the waters the whole of the E. peninsula.

74:2.2 see it become the tongue of Urantia as the E. culture

74:3.4 to create this garden of E. beauty and grandeur.

74:5.3 promoting the gradual extension of the E. civilization

74:5.5 federated all of these companies into the E. league.

74:5.7 before the collapse of the E. regime he succeeded in

74:6.1 the whole E. plan had been disrupted and the Garden

75:2.5 and through them the E. regime was now to meet its

75:3.4 Serapatatia became the associate chairman of the E.

75:6.3 The E. caravan was halted on the third day out

75:7.1 It was while the E. caravan was halted that Adam

78:3.1 violet race retained the E. traditions of peacefulness

78:3.10 moved with sufficient speed to retain the E. culture

84:5.5 have tended to be influenced by the E. teachings

84:7.8 The E. ideal, the whole family as gardeners, was a

92:4.6 2. The E. teachings.

95:6.5 that perpetuates the Dalamatian and E. teachings

Edenic pair

31:5.3 If both of the E. are attached to the same group,

31:5.3 they are usually permitted to function jointly,

51:3.4 archrebel, by a wily stratagem, outmaneuvered the E.

75:4.2 none other than my own announcement to the E.

75:4.2 that they had disobeyed the instructions of the

75:7.3 The E. were informed that they had degraded

75:7.3 that they must henceforth conduct themselves as man

76:5.4 And so the E. always proclaimed that a Son of God


73:5.4 the E. practiced the scrupulous burial of all waste

74:4.3 And as the excited E. were about to seize him and

74:5.6 Even among the E. there were those confused minds

74:5.6 they caused Adam no end of trouble;

74:5.6 always were they upsetting the best-laid plans for

74:5.6 dividing the E. into companies of one hundred

74:7.21 but the E. continued to use the prayers and forms

76:0.1 could not go west, for the E. had no boats suitable



77:4.9 The Sumerians well knew of the first and second E.

93:4.6 seven commands taught in the first and second E..

Edentiasee Edentia, of; Edentia, on; Edentia, to;

     see Edentia Fathers; see Most Highs

15:7.6 E., headquarters of your constellation of Norlatiadek

15:14.6 local systems and has a headquarters world called E..

37:9.12 E. has the univitatia, while the citizens of Salvington

41:1.3 Architectural spheres, such as Salvington, E.,

43:0.2 spheres, the centermost and largest of which is E.,

43:0.2 E. itself is approximately one hundred times as your

43:0.2 The seventy major spheres surrounding E. are about

43:0.3 E. time reckoning and distance measurement are

43:1.1 E. abounds in fascinating highlands, elevations of

43:1.2 E. can be circumnavigated via these various water

43:1.3 E. and its associated worlds have a true atmosphere,

43:1.4 The E. highlands are magnificent physical features,

43:1.10 The E. sea of glass is one enormous circular crystal

43:3.3 The Psalmist knew that E. was ruled by three

43:4.3 The residence of the E. Faithful of Days is the center

43:4.7 The System Sovereigns come periodically to the E.

43:4.7 were wont to come up to these E. councils just as

43:4.7 instigators of sin been permitted to sit in the E.

43:4.9 Satan, sought to attend such an E. conclave, but

43:5.3 local universe before taking up his E. responsibilities.

43:5.13 the Vorondadek Son attached to the E. rulers but

43:6.3 lead all E. in the worshipful contemplation of God

43:6.4 but on such a world as E. there are ten divisions of

43:6.5 nothing in all E. to make any living being afraid.

43:7.1 each time they change residence from one E. sphere

43:7.2 which swing around each of the major E. worlds.


43:8.1 All E. spheres are energized directly by the universal

43:8.2 morontia culture associated with the E. age of mortal

43:8.12 We have portrayed E. socialization as an association

43:9.2 training worlds, culminating in E. citizenship,

43:9.5 on that day when you are prepared to leave E. for

44:4.11 to hear the poetic broadcasts of the E. assemblies

45:1.10 The capital, E., has no analogous prison worlds;

45:3.22 the election of ten members to the E. legislature.

45:6.2 the headquarters world until they take leave for E..

46:3.3 the E. word of the Most High Constellation

46:5.27 and is an actual reproduction of the E. system,

47:10.6 when such a Jerusem citizen is given clearance for E.

48:6.33 the first; the second being Jerusem; the third, E. and

62:7.6 These messages from Salvington, E., and Jerusem

66:2.6 petitioned E. for permission to transplant the life

67:8.3 From E. up through Salvington and even on to

73:6.5 This E. shrub was taken to their highland retreat,

73:6.6 they transplanted the E. tree to the Garden of Eden,

93:3.2 To a majority of the Salem students E. was heaven

114:3.5 represented by a Vorondadek Son, the E. observer.

Edentia, of

39:3.7 with the univitatia in the social laboratories of E.,

43:1.2 The water of E. and similar architectural spheres is

43:1.5 highland range are the resurrection halls of E.,

43:1.5 The first of the receiving spheres of E. has special

43:1.7 The sea of glass, the receiving area of E., is near the

43:1.7 One half of E. is divided into seventy triangular

43:2.8 The legislative pronouncements of E. constitute the

43:4.9 doors of the hearts of all E. closed against Satan;

43:5.14 the president of the emergency council of E..

43:6.2 About half of E. is devoted to the exquisite gardens

43:6.4 Were you to view these ten divisions of E. life, you

43:6.8 and the floral grandeur of the supernal gardens of E..

43:7.1 Univitatia are the permanent citizens of E. and its

43:7.1 The natives of the seventy major spheres of E.

43:8.1 The physical endowment of E. and its surrounding

43:8.13 will enjoy your sojourn on the progress worlds of E.,

44:4.8 of expression in the orations of Salvington and E.

46:5.27 619 temples is occupied by a working model of E.

51:3.2 These Gardens of Eden are so named in honor of E.,

53:2.5 The Faithful of Days of E., on the request of the

53:7.5 under the leadership of the Faithful of Days of E..

66:4.13 tree of life, a shrub of E. which was sent to Urantia

66:5.31 approved by the Constellation Fathers of E. before

67:2.6 a final decision, would or did the authorities of E.

73:4.1 the floral beauty and the botanic grandeur of E.,

73:6.1 and Eve would also be dependent on this gift of E.

73:6.3 to the planet, by the Melchizedeks, a shrub of E.,

114:4.3 this Vorondadek Son of E. now on observation duty.

136:3.5 the Constellation Father of E. appeared to Jesus

136:3.6 When the Most High Father of E. had taken leave,

188:3.15 records of E. indicate that the Constellation Fathers

Edentia, on

35:4.2 On E., your constellation headquarters, they are

35:9.3 group that is larger on E. than the average indicated.

39:3.6 seraphim are organized in seventy divisions on E.,

39:3.7 until you reach the brotherhood schools on E.,

39:3.10 A large and efficient corps functions on E.,

41:1.4 On E. there are ten associated mechanical controllers

43:1.6 Melchizedeks maintain two special colleges on E..

43:1.9 area assigned to ascending mortals resident on E. is

43:2.5 On E. this body is not fully recruited at the present

43:4.1 representative of the Trinity who functions on E..

43:4.2 on E. as the personal representative of Immanuel

43:4.5 The residence of the Faithful of Days on E. is located

43:5.7 personal representative of Gabriel stationed on E.

43:5.15 Vorondadeks and others who are also resident on E..

43:8.3 Your sojourn on E. and its associated spheres will


43:9.1 ascending mortals take up residence on E..

43:9.2 But on E., ascenders are midway between their

43:9.2 During your whole stay on E. and its worlds you

43:9.4 Ascending mortals on E. are chiefly occupied with

43:9.4 They also serve in varied capacities on E. itself,

53:5.4 Gabriel called his personal staff together on E. and

53:7.12 I was among the reserves mobilized on E. by Gabriel

54:5.9 The Faithful of Days on E. advised the Constellation

54:6.7 extending from the Constellation Fathers on E. to

55:7.3 who are held on E. as wards of the Most Highs of

57:8.9 and approved by the planetary commission on E..

62:7.3 transmit assurance of pleasure on Salvington, E.,

66:2.6 was granted on Jerusem and approved on E..

67:8.2 these momentous transactions I was stationed on E.,

75:1.1 counsel with their superiors on either Jerusem or E.

75:6.3 These offspring of Adam and Eve are now on E.;

Edentia, to

37:6.2 on the seventy socializing realms attached to E.,

39:4.15 assignment, they will carry you forward to E..

43:1.8 During your periodic visits to E., though the entire

46:5.24 worlds who are tarrying on Jerusem en route to E..

48:6.5 to choose wisely among the optional routes to E.,

53:2.4 the impending outbreak that he went direct to E.

53:6.5 our intelligence corps, forwarded calls for help to E.

53:7.1 They do this work as they tarry en route to E..

55:7.3 bodies on Urantia in preparation for transit to E..

75:6.3 Two thirds chose to go to E.; about one third

75:6.3 All children of prechoice age were taken to E..

76:3.1 as well as their children who had been deported to E.

77:5.3 and their children, who had all elected to go to E.

113:7.4 After that they go with you to E. and its seventy

136:3.4 when he went to E. preparatory to entering upon

193:5.4 The Master went to E. by way of Jerusem, where the

Edentia Fathers


43:5.16 Ever since the Lucifer rebellion the E. have exercised

67:6.10 settled until this ruling of the E. was recorded on

edgesee edge, on

12:1.13 The present ragged e. of the grand universe, its

15:3.6 the center out towards the e. of the star stream.

32:2.11 Nebadon is well out towards the e. of Orvonton.

46:5.24 These exhibits occupy the outer e. of this vast wall.

59:4.13 few plants grew except about the water’s e..

63:5.4 They preferred to camp near the e. of a forest and

86:1.1 lived on the ragged e. of a precarious and harassed

136:2.3 John’s disciples, standing by the water’s e.,

137:6.6 Jesus, standing by the water’s e., prayed: “My Father

145:1.1 the people crowded him so near the water’s e. that

150:9.3 where they were minded to shove him over the e.

150:9.3 But just as they were about to push him over the e.

152:5.1 their chore boy, sitting on a stone by the water’s e..

168:2.3 presently sat up on the e. of the stone shelf whereon

176:1.4 disobedient people will fall by the e. of the sword

edge, on

137:6.1 The entire audience was on e.; they expected to

145:2.5 sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on e..

145:2.5 who eats sour grapes, his teeth shall be set on e..

145:2.7 sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on e..

189:4.7 they had been on e. ever since meeting the panicky edges

58:5.6 gravity would draw the e. of the oceans up onto the


89:5.11 it was customary to mix the “e.” parts of the body

135:3.1 mutton, goat’s milk, wild honey, and the e. locusts


68:5.8 food, women’s business to provide the vegetable e..


52:5.6 there issues the bestowal e. of the Adjusters.


1:6.6 but for the e. and mutual satisfaction of believers.

44:6.5 and the emotions of divinity for the study and e. of

44:6.6 artisans create their varied symphonies for the e. and

44:8.2 their enhanced portrayal for the e. of the realm.

116:4.12 but this portrayal is presented for the e. of human

120:2.5 the ideal religious life for the inspiration and e. of all

120:2.7 that you are living a life for the instruction and e.

121:8.4 which was written for the e. of Jewish Christians.

136:4.7 this world and the present e. of his own universe.

141:7.7 intended for the inspiration and e. of other worlds.

159:3.14 did often recite them for the e. of the apostles and

159:5.1 passages from the Scriptures for our personal e.?”

160:4.12 which you can recall at will for your pleasure and e..


43:4.10 This temporary e. is the headquarters of the Most

46:5.32 This e. on Jerusem is sealed with the insignia of

142:4.1 when sojourning in Jerusalem was a beautiful e..

175:0.1 of Jesus’ last address in the courts of the sacred e..


44:3.4 Enormous e. are utilized during the seasons of rest,

55:1.4 These e. are not used for worship, play, or for


48:4.14 the memories of a lower stage of existence, is e. by

145:3.14 A small number were truly e by this physical ministry

149:7.2 the older teachers were e. by the young preachers


2:0.2 but the most enlightening and spiritually e. of all

195:7.18 No recognition of philosophy is e. if it ignores the


93:9.9 they carefully e. all their records for the purpose of

121:8.6 Matthew’s original record was e. and added to in

121:8.9 Luke also had a mutilated and much-e. copy of

121:8.10 e. to make it appear to have been written by John

134:3.8 after having been e. by the Melchizedek chairman

139:1.9 informal notes of Andrew’s were subsequently e.,


93:9.6 the times of the en masse e. of the Old Testament


22:10.5 no superuniverse can have a complete e. of these


52:7.6 manifest in the latest e. of your daily newspapers.


121:8.14 I have served more as a collector and e. than as an


44:4.9 They serve as censors and e. as well as co-ordinators

74:8.8 later e., intending to eradicate all reference to human

97:9.6 this time the Judahite e. attributed it to ritual errors.

97:9.12 in your record (overlooked by the Judahite e.) this


97:9.10 then marrying the widow of Nabal the rich E.,


97:9.14 heavy tribute on the neighboring tribes—the E.,

97:9.22 Amaziah had trouble with the revolting tax-paying E.


159:0.2 in Gerasa, Gamala, Hippos, Gadara, Abila, E.,

159:3.1 At E., where Thomas and his associates labored,

165:0.1 additional villages: Zaphon, Gadara, Macad, E.,


83:7.8 But just so long as society fails to properly e children

123:0.5 as a better place in which to rear and e. the child,


15:7.10 the pilgrims of time are re-e. and re-examined

26:11.5 and are e. and trained for their eternal mission.

51:5.5 The children of each of these unions are e. in the

66:5.12 It was among these enlightened groups e. in the

71:2.11 Unless a free people are e.—taught to think and plan

75:3.5 this child, to be reared and e. in the Garden, would

76:3.9 and animal husbandry or else were e. to perform the

83:7.6 Two pampered and spoiled youths, e. to expect

96:4.2 Moses thus was e. an El Shaddaist; through the

130:7.3 This Persian had been e. at Alexandria, and he really

196:3.4 the knowledge that man is e. by fact, ennobled by


50:4.10 Meantime the e. and spiritualized children of the

50:5.9 Such mortals are genuinely cultured, truly e., and

56:7.4 sufficiently spiritual and adequately e. to attain

71:2.11 Unless a free people are e.—taught to think

81:6.24 Insects are born fully e. and equipped for life—indeed

92:7.11 And so should greater enlightenment deliver e.

95:5.12 only the e. Egyptians could fully comprehend his

96:2.5 which persisted among the more e. classes of Egypt,

96:3.3 there were a sufficient number of e. leaders who had

119:8.2 Michael was born a creator, e. an administrator,

121:6.2 the e. classes and the better strata of Jews in

121:6.5 transcend the teachings of this wealthy and e. Jew

122:5.5 The families of both Joseph and Mary were well e.

122:5.5 Joseph and Mary were e. far above the average for

123:5.2 as an e. “son of the commandment”—henceforth a

123:5.8 Jesus was highly e. in that he understood men and

128:3.3 Jesus spent much time talking with this well-e. and

129:3.8 high and low, black and white, e. and uneducated,

135:0.4 as he was a priest, Zacharias was fairly well e.,

135:0.4 Elizabeth was far better e. than the average Judean

139:6.2 Nathaniel and Judas Iscariot were the two best e.

139:11.6 to dealing with the legalistic minds of the e. Jews

139:12.2 Judas was probably the best-e man among the twelve

141:3.5 but also to the e. and intellectual Nicodemus and

149:4.6 Truly e. persons are not satisfied with remaining in

195:6.7 The mechanistic naturalism of some supposedly e.


35:3.11 all beings who are engaged in e. and spiritualizing

37:6.1 the scheme of e. and training the ascending mortals.

70:9.9 7. Provision for e. and training youth.

72:12.2 after e. them, send them back as emissaries of culture

123:2.5 Jews had a systematic program for rearing and e.


2:7.12 The real purpose of all universe e. is to effect the

5:5.13 Limitations of intellect, curtailment of e.,

16:6.11 It is the purpose of e. to develop and sharpen these

25:3.12 The higher a creature’s e., the more respect he has

26:11.1 utilize in furthering the e. of the ascending pilgrims,

27:3.3 where these beings are receiving much of their e..

30:3.10 it is a liberal e. to be permitted to spend a season

30:4.25 They receive the same general e., but special groups

30:4.26 your spiritual e. begins in reality and in earnest;

30:4.27 Now begins your personal e., your individual

35:3.1 But the e. of ascenders is only one phase of the

35:3.12 training on the six encircling planets of specialized e..

35:7.1 the ascending mortals secure the acme of their e.

37:6.1 designed to effect the mind training and the spirit e.

37:6.2 This training of mind and e. of spirit is carried on

37:6.4 The divine plan of e. provides for the intimate

37:6.6 intellectual acquisition is also a part of universal e..

38:5.1 The Melchizedeks also have a large part in the e.

38:5.3 Following this general e. they are advanced to the

39:0.10 by experience and through additional e. they can

39:6.1 greatest efforts toward the e of the surviving mortals

43:7.3 minor worlds are technical spheres of practical e. in

44:3.6 5. The e. builders—those who build the headquarters

46:6.6 5. E. and other Melchizedek activities.

47:10.7 seven worlds of corrective training and cultural e.

48:6.31 to the e. and training of the morontia progressors.

50:5.7 learn by doing; e. is the watchword of these ages.

50:5.9 E. aspires to the attainment of meanings, and

52:5.3 Entirely new systems of e. and government grow

55:3.3 was expended in the promotion of truth—science, e.,

65:6.8 The reactions of chemistry are not modified by e.;

65:8.4 not mean that spiritual evolution is dependent on e.,

66:7.6 This plan of e. did not ignore thinking and feeling

67:3.7 E., training, and experience are factors in most of the

68:0.2 each generation of youth must receive anew its e..

69:1.4 safeguards of home and school, of family life, e.,

70:7.8 their e. being intrusted to the men’s secret societies.

71:2.7 E. of public opinion is the only safe and true method

71:3.1 essentials of civil progress—liberty, security, e.,

71:4.7 5. Compulsory e..

72:7.0 7. EDUCATION

71:7.1 The purpose of e. should be acquirement of skill,

71:7.2 In the ideal state, e. continues throughout life,

71:7.3 E. will jump to new levels of value with the

71:7.3 E. has too long been localistic, militaristic, ego

71:7.3 it must eventually become world-wide, idealistic,

71:7.4 E. recently passed from the control of the clergy to

71:7.4 Eventually it must be given over to the philosophers

71:7.5 E. is the business of living; it must continue

71:8.7 3. The establishment of universal e.—learning

72:3.4 the most valuable part of a child’s e. and character

72:4.3 This travel is a part of the adult-e. program and is

72:4.5 The chief object of e. on this continent is to make

72:6.1 This nation provides every child an e. and every man

72:6.7 purposes, such as disease prevention, e. of geniuses,

72:8.1 In addition to the basic compulsory e. program

72:11.2 his four years’ course, received one half of the e.

76:2.3 Adam intrusted the organization of worship and e.

76:2.6 value of environment and e. as factors in character

76:2.6 Good social environment and proper e. are

76:3.5 undertaking, embracing religion, health, and e..

76:3.10 their methods of e. have never since been surpassed.

79:8.13 3. Efficient e. of children in the arts and sciences of

81:6.13 Knowledge can be had by e., but wisdom, which is

81:6.24 The human baby is born without an e.; therefore man

81:6.25 But the improvement in e. has not kept pace with the

84:5.10 equality, and e.; but will woman prove worthy of all

84:7.23 2. Artificial and superficial e..

88:6.7 But if modern methods of e. should fail, there would

90:2.9 the shamans or priests of any age who oppose e. and

92:3.7 religion has neglected e. and retarded science;

94:12.5 the spread of e. throughout Buddhism will be

96:3.3 had received some e. because of Moses’ influence

99:6.2 to promote religious e.; to provide wise counsel

111:3.5 soul’s evolution, is not so much a probation as an e..

114:6.11 seraphim dedicated to the fostering of planetary e..

119:0.4 These bestowals are the last steps in their e. and

119:0.5 to complete the personal training and universe e. of

120:2.1 as a child of the realm, complete your human e.—123:02.03 The most valuable part of Jesus’ early e. was

123:2.10 sons, the father assuming responsibility for their e..

123:2.13 to hold the father responsible for the lad’s e. from

123:2.14 responsibility for Jesus’ intellectual and religious e.,

123:3.7 they spent much money on extra e. and travel, but

123:5.1 children were supposed to begin their formal e. in the

123:5.8 secured much of his intellectual and theological e.

123:5.8 But his real e.—that equipment of mind and heart for

123:5.11 the Jews had just inaugurated a compulsory e. law),

123:6.8 Jesus could have the advantages of e. and training

124:0.1 Had he remained at Alexandria, his e. would have

124:0.1 Nazareth he secured an e. and received a training

124:3.5 Jerusalem to continue his e. under the learned rabbis.

124:5.5 enable him to go to Jerusalem to continue his e. in

124:6.13 arranged for him to resume his e. two years later,

126:1.3 Jesus continued with the home e. of his brothers and

126:2.2 plan for Jesus and his future e. was demolished.

127:1.5 the girls of Jewish families received little e., but Jesus

135:0.4 John’s parents began the systematic e. of the lad.

136:8.7 his time, plus the influence of his training and e..

139:0.4 The apostles were lacking in so-called higher e..

139:2.11 Peter and Paul differed in temperament and e., they

139:8.2 Thomas had little e., but he possessed a keen mind

140:4.10 E. should be a technique of learning (discovering)

142:7.8 3. E. and training. Wise fathers carefully plan for

142:7.8 Wise fathers carefully plan for the e. and adequate

160:4.8 6. Culture—e. and wisdom.

195:0.3 struck a decided attitude on religious rituals, e.,

195:2.3 Roman e. bred an unheard-of and stolid loyalty.

195:8.8 in order to promote science and to advance e..

195:8.13 The secularization of science, e., and society can lead

195:10.17 Even secular e. could help in this great spiritual

195:10.17 if it would pay more attention to teaching youth how

195:10.17 The purpose of all e. should be to foster the supreme

educationalsee educational spheres or worlds

5:5.13 morality resulting from the unfortunate lack of e.,

5:5.14 parents to procreate is not predicated on their e.,

14:6.27 Havona is the e. training ground where the Paradise

18:7.2 directly concerned in the e. ministry to the pilgrims

20:8.1 They are affectionately devoted to the e. ministry to

24:6.4 and the director of their vast e. organization.

26:2.4 ministering to the e. training of numerous orders of

27:2.2 essential in the prefinaliter e. experiences of Paradise.

28:5.16 the angels are more quickly responsive to these e.

34:7.3 but this ascent is more like undergoing an e. training

35:3.11 and spirit progression of the Salvington e. system.

35:4.1 all of this e. work is under the general supervision of

35:4.2 orders are chiefly devoted to the vast e. system

35:10.3 The e. system sponsored by the Melchizedeks is

37:4.4 of Nebadon activity—administrative, executive, e.,

37:6.1 The Nebadon e. system is jointly administered by the

37:6.1 qualified to serve as e. advisers to the entire realm.

37:6.3 keynote of the whole e. system: character acquired

37:6.4 Fundamentally, the Nebadon e. system provides for

37:7.1 They function in most of the e. enterprises of the

37:10.6 the universe of their origin to the higher e. regime of

39:0.1 when seraphim have been subjected to e. tests and

39:1.14 chiefs of the numerous e. and training institutions of

39:2.7 the extensive e. enterprises of the local universe,

44:2.11 of reproducers in their morontia e. activities.

45:5.7 The e. and spiritual training systems provided for the

45:7.2 serve as teachers in the various e. enterprises of the

45:7.3 The Melchizedek Sons conduct thirty different e.

46:5.29 There is great e. value in mingling with diverse

47:2.2 Melchizedeks, maintain such extensive e. facilities

47:5.3 On this sphere more positive e. work is begun.

48:5.5 the program of the mansion world and morontia e.

50:4.6 3. E. application.

51:7.2 effected the union of the e. and administrative work

52:3.10 The e. system becomes world-wide, and gradually

52:5.3 bestowal Son arrives on a world of high e. culture

52:7.3 The e., economic, and administrative systems of the

66:5.9 directed the purely e. endeavors of those early ages

66:5.9 The e. methods of Fad consisted in supervision of

66:7.3 at the world’s social center and e. headquarters.

67:4.1 Fad and five members of the e. faculty were saved.

70:8.16 2. E. training of the increased brain power which

71:7.4 the search for wisdom, may become the chief e.

72:2.15 2. E. courts—the juridical bodies connected with the

72:2.15 the executive and legislative branches of the e.

72:2.17 the parental, e., and industrial high courts are final.


72:4.1 The e. system of this nation is compulsory and

72:4.1 horticulture are also taught throughout the entire e.

72:4.6 The entire e. system is designed to adequately train

72:8.3 Judges of the jurisdictional tribunals of social, e.,

72:8.5 co-ordinated with industry rather than with the e.

72:11.1 by the highest parental, e., and industrial tribunals,

73:5.1 proposed schools of the e. system of the expected

76:3.2 their associates in civil administration, e. methods,

79:7.4 Andites improved the economic and e. practices of

81:6.24 controlling the e. training of the younger generation,

81:6.35 No national civilization long endures unless its e.

82:0.2 While religious, social, and e. institutions are all

82:0.3 The family as an e. institution must be maintained.

84:0.1 home building should be the essence of all e. effort.

100:1.3 progress through an established e. regime does not

100:1.3 Real e. growth is indicated by enhancement of ideals,

101:7.1 The social status, e. opportunities, moral trends,

102:3.1 Intellectual deficiency or e. poverty unavoidably

103:5.11 Even e. pressure is only negatively helpful in that it

107:3.9 this training must be imparted in the e. institutions of

124:0.1 own life problems with a minimum of e. guidance,

124:2.6 Jesus delighted in talking over things cultural, e.,

126:2.2 heavy but highly e. and disciplinary responsibilities

128:4.1 a long tour of the world’s e. centers preparatory to

129:3.7 Jesus practically completed his e. contact-training

133:4.13 renowned as an e. center, Corinth was the most

139:0.4 through the same rigid and stereotyped e. curriculum

154:2.5 human soul requires experience with the e. solving

160:4.15 Failure is simply an e. episode—a cultural experiment

educational spheres or worlds

16:5.5 discipline encountered on the one billion es. of

18:3.1 and are advanced to the es. of their superuniverse,

18:4.8 of the training on the seven es. of a minor sector

25:1.7 serve only on the ew. surrounding the capitals of the

25:1.7 activities in connection with the work of these ew.

25:3.13 ascending pilgrims who are in residence on the es.

39:1.14 systems and of the seventy es. of the constellations.

40:8.1 final surety of survival until they reach the last ew. of

40:8.2 a system, a constellation, and through the ew. of the

48:5.2 lowest mansion worlds on up to the highest of the es.

48:5.9 advance, with experience, through the es. of the

48:6.33 the fourth, Salvington and the surrounding es.;

55:2.8 the local universe must continue in service as es.


69:6.3 The household fire was the first e., requiring


20:7.3 Daynals are the universal e., being dedicated to the

71:3.12 bestowed in the order named upon philosophers, e.,

76:3.10 noble teachers of health and religion, those true e.,


16:5.5 of the dominating Master Spirit, are never fully e.,

70:8.1 while a world settled in light and life has largely e.

73:1.2 gains of the Prince’s administration had been e.;

75:5.7 a satisfaction of joy and gratitude that never was e.


83:7.6 and home building—a lifelong partnership of self-e.,

effectnoun; see cause and effect

9:3.3 gyroscope is a fair illustration of the e. of antigravity

14:3.6 coupled with the balancing e. of the immense dark

25:2.4 The e. of such an environment upon evolutionary

25:3.5 are put into e. by the divine executioner.

34:6.6 truth is dead, the highest moral concepts without e.,

48:6.28 as two eyes are to one; it has a stereoscopic e. on

58:2.5 Were it not for “blanketing” e. of the atmosphere at

67:8.4 then weigh the e. of the far-flung presentation of

73:0.1 social confusion had little e. on the biologic status of

77:7.5 at those times when the Adjuster is, in e., detached

78:3.1 The cultural e. of these earlier migrations was not

81:5.1 and culture become related as cause and e..

83:6.1 But quite regardless of the e. on the individual,

86:2.3 the savage considered them to be cause and e..

90:3.9 secrets of the interrelationship of cause and e.

90:4.1 they were wholehearted in putting them into e.;

91:6.1 have no direct e. upon one’s physical environment.

92:2.5 received direct revelations from Gabriel to the e.

93:5.11 policy for Salem was subsequently put into e., but

97:7.4 theories of the nature of God with such telling e.

101:10.3 the unending response of e. to antecedent action;

102:7.1 God are not identical; one is cause, the other e..

102:7.1 is absolute, infinite, eternal, and changeless; the e.,

105:1.5 both cause and e., as both volition and response.

120:2.2 the Supreme, you will in e. have brought to a close

127:2.2 Jesus’ refusal had the e. of keeping out many of his

127:5.1 then Mary paused to contemplate what e. marriage

127:5.3 Jesus made kindly reply to the e. that no amount of

127:6.6 dissertation to the e. that the Father was not truly

136:5.5 explicit act of the will of this God-man to the e.

139:12.12 Judas quickly carried the nefarious scheme into e..

141:8.2 to minister to the afflicted was first carried into e..

150:9.4 the third public preaching tour had a sobering e.

151:2.6 The words which Thomas spoke had a quieting e.

152:1.2 apparent miracles had little e. on his followers.

159:4.1 that you reject the teachings of the rabbis to the e.

168:1.14 third day, so that it was taking full e. on the fourth

191:0.13 bringing word to that e. to the apostles about eleven

192:2.6 to the e. that John would not die before the Master


1:7.5 experience of the faith sons of the Father can e. the

2:7.12 The real purpose of all universe education is to e. the

4:4.7 full of mercy and pledged to e. the survival of his

19:5.9 that these two types of Trinity-origin teachers e.

20:5.6 would require the bestowal of a Creator Son to e.

20:6.1 the technique employed by divine wisdom to e. such

20:10.4 collaborate to e. the revelation of the Deities of

21:4.6 When a Creator deigns to e. a bestowal, a real and

22:2.3 designed to prevent rebellion or to e. higher types of

24:1.8 the first order of the Supreme Power Centers e. a

24:6.9 plan designed to e. your survival and ascension.

25:3.5 they do ofttimes e. their strange doings and enforce

29:4.20 power directors are enabled to e. unbelievable

29:4.21 are able to e. energy control in a collective as well as

34:6.9 exclusive purpose is to e. your final deliverance

36:2.17 long upward struggle of the higher creatures to e.

36:2.18 The capacity of material creatures to e. spirit

37:6.1 work designed to e. its maintenance and upbuilding

37:6.1 Nebadon school technique designed to e. the mind

39:2.16 Seraphic recorders of the superior order e. a close

40:1.2 the guardian seraphim do actually e. such ascensions.

40:5.12 human beings who are not able to e. eternal union

45:6.8 permit which will e. their temporary transfer from

48:1.5 Morontia Power Supervisors are able to e. a union

48:5.8 One of the purposes of the morontia career is to e.

49:2.24 are competent to e. their life-process exchanges

49:5.25 and thus e. the universal coming of the Adjusters.

51:2.2 The transport seraphim are able to e. such changes

51:5.1 the best way to e. the improvement of the existing

52:3.3 the biologic uplifters is sufficient to e. a marvelous

52:4.5 visitation the races soon e. their economic liberation.

52:6.7 realize the brotherhood of man on Urantia is to e.

52:7.2 to e. the transition from the evolutionary ages to the

53:1.4 Satan, and Caligastia were leagued together to e. the

53:9.7 will e. the annihilation of these interned rebels.

65:1.6 they can e. such modifications in the Life Carriers

78:8.11 What the barbarians failed to do to e. the ruination of

82:3.8 e. the marriage of a dead son with a dead daughter

86:3.3 and depend upon religious ceremonies to e. healing.

93:6.8 Abraham did much to e. improvement of the herds

99:5.7 religionists will get together and actually e.

99:7.2 Political science must e. the reconstruction of

106:3.2 This Trinity is destined to e. the further evolutionary

109:5.1 done in order to e. deep spiritual transformations in

110:2.1 It is their mission to e. such mind changes and to

111:6.2 The courage required to e. the conquest of nature

113:3.1 destiny guardian does for her subject is to e. a

118:4.7 Creators operate to e. the time transmutations of

118:8.8 That mind which can e. a partial abridgment of time

119:8.2 complete the bestowal career of Michael and to e.

120:0.7 required instructions from no one in order to e. this

120:0.8 this decision to e. such associative subordination,

122:9.1 present Jesus to the priests and e. his redemption

125:5.8 one thing: to proclaim everlasting truth and thus e.

135:11.2 and yet he does nothing to e. your deliverance.”

136:1.4 believed that the coming of the Messiah would e.

139:8.3 to transform Thomas’s whole disposition and to e.

147:3.5 in order to e. recovery—take up his bed and walk.

150:1.2 Jesus authorized these women to e. their own

152:6.1 It requires time for men and women to e. radical

152:6.5 conspire with Herod Antipas to e. their destruction

157:5.2 to e. such a modification of their concept of the

160:1.11 to e. those vital reconstructions and readjustments

170:4.14 kingdom, of failing to e. its establishment within

181:2.9 my disciples will not fight to e. its establishment.

183:4.2 hasten on after the mob and e. the rescue of Jesus.

185:0.4 as they intrigued to e. the judicial murder of Jesus,

185:6.4 had set their minds to e. the destruction of Jesus.

186:2.8 in Pilate’s well-meant but halfhearted efforts to e.

188:5.13 We know that the death on the cross was not to e.

195:9.10 Jesus to e. the spiritual transformation of successive

196:2.7 enabled him to e. such extraordinary progress in

effectedsee effected by

10:1.4 Son, for when the conjoint act of creation was e.,

12:3.8 have laboriously e. a comparison of this finding

20:6.1 how this mysterious incarnation of Michael was e..

22:2.4 the first trinitizing of Mighty Messengers was not e.

32:1.2 until the power directors have e. the mobilization of

32:2.5 until gravity stabilization of the realm has been e.

34:5.2 This labor of the Spirit is largely e. through the

44:2.3 But all of this is e. on the morontia level.

51:3.8 the loyal primary and the secondary midwayers e. a

51:7.2 there has been e. the union of the educational and

79:8.5 the Yangtze and Yellow river centers had been e..

91:9.6 but you have e. an unqualified consecration,

97:10.8 feat in the evolution of religion ever to be e. on

112:5.20 this can only be e. through the medium of mind.

112:7.3 Fusion with the Adjuster is usually e. while the

112:7.4 When fusion with the Adjuster has been e., there can

114:7.16 changes will be e. in planetary management.

119:1.6 but we do not understand how they are e..

119:3.4 This emergency Material Son e. the repentance

145:2.16 hours later, after sundown, was Amatha’s cure e. in

149:1.3 explained to his apostles how the healings were e.,

160:1.8 emancipation of the mind and soul can never be e.

161:1.5 Nathaniel e. this change in the Greek’s views by the

180:5.10 And this entire living adaptation of love must be e.

effected by

0:11.2 enrichment of all reality is e. by experiential growth

1:1.2 abide by the Father’s will, and such decisions, e.

17:2.1 each such creative episode was e. by a liaison of the

36:1.3 The segregation of these three divisions was e. by

42:10.5 synthesis of the material and spiritual which is e.

42:11.7 could be e. only by a purposive and dominant mind.

44:5.4 techniques for the intake of energy have been e. by

44:8.3 self-realization will be e. by your own personal

46:5.24 planetary conditions and world progress is e. by

48:2.17 necessary changes in creature form are skillfully e.

48:2.22 spiritizing creation is e. by this selective re-keying.

49:5.30 uniquely related groups of beings is probably e. by

70:11.2 the liberties of all others, and this is e. by the taboo,

72:5.2 this adjustment was e. gradually by the liberation of

74:6.6 This thought exchange was e. by means of the gas

91:1.1 but the mission is chiefly e. by the function of prayer.

97:9.23 The real undoing of Judah was e. by a corrupt ring

112:2.20 material association to morontia identification is e.

148:2.2 Many of the cures e. by Jesus in connection with his

180:2.4 And such a will-union is e. by and through Jesus

188:3.8 it was e. by his never-ceasing choice of the Father’s

196:3.15 Thus it appears that all human progress is e. by a


34:3.2 ministries ignore space but suffer a time lag in e.

49:4.9 antagonism towards the Adjuster’s mission of e. the

54:4.8 rebellion, we may record that, during the time of e.

65:8.2 If spending so much time in e. the evolutionary

75:1.3 instead of beginning the task of e. religious unity,

77:6.5 over to the service of the Melchizedeks, thus e. a

84:6.7 meanwhile e. the continuation of civilization and

99:5.5 destroyed much of the potential of religion for e.

103:7.6 e. the stabilization of both science and religion.

111:2.9 capable of making moral decisions, thereby e. a

118:8.4 will fail to compensate this loss of stability by e. a

122:7.1 made which could be used for e. better taxation.

124:4.9 Jesus achieved the satisfaction of e. an increasingly

128:1.8 this experience of e. the self-realization of his

131:10.1 After the arduous labor of e. this compilation of the

134:1.7 great progress was made in e. working harmony

134:7.6 and complete the task of e. his full consecration to

180:6.7 same revelation of life in e. the overthrow of death.

185:2.6 to use Roman soldiers in e. the secret arrest of Jesus,


0:1.10 as e. overcontrollers and absonite upholders of the

2:3.6 These Sons devote themselves to the e. execution of

3:1.11 such as the Mystery Monitors, but his e. presence is

4:3.6 a contrast with comparative evil (not sin) for the e.

6:4.1 the spiritual control and e. administration of such a

7:4.6 service so essential to the practical and e. operation

8:3.5 The Infinite Spirit is the e. agent of the all-loving

13:4.1 beings concerned with the e. administration of the

15:6.11 holding large neighboring systems in e. leash.

15:10.22 are mingled in e. service, wise administration, loving

19:2.5 become the most e. universe administrators ever to

20:2.9 their work on the inhabited spheres is just as e. and

20:5.6 Magisterial Sons are just as divinely e. and all wise

21:2.2 is destined to function as the actual and e. helper of

21:2.9 has formed an e. and co-operative working union

23:1.9 to interfere with their proper and e. functioning.

28:5.18 E. use is made of the fraternal competitive spirit by

28:5.20 they are just as e. out in the universes as at their

29:1.3 but maintain themselves as e. power centers in all

29:2.16 are engaged in the orderly dispatch of e. energy to

29:4.24 transformers are powerful and e. living switches,

29:4.29 Transmitters form skillful liaisons which are e. in

30:4.13 they are kept together for long periods of e. service.

34:5.5 ministry of the Holy Spirit becomes increasingly e. in

35:0.1 these “lesser Christs” are just as e. and all-powerful

36:5.12 the practical and e. program of the ascending scale

36:5.13 relationship makes the adjutants more practically e.

36:5.14 e. collaborators with the Master Physical Controllers,

38:9.1 intimate and e. association with the angelic hosts

39:2.6 to adjust to, and make e. use of, the potentials of

41:3.1 and physical controllers as way stations for the e.

44:3.6 to make ascending mortals more intelligent and e.

44:5.1 These interesting and e. artisans are concerned with

44:5.10 divine rest, which is so essential to the e. utilization

48:6.34 These seraphim are devoted to the e. grouping of

48:6.30 the efficient and e. techniques of fact recording.

51:3.4 Caligastia offered crafty and e. opposition to the

51:3.9 How much more e. and beautiful it would have

51:7.2 a new and e. order of world administration.

53:8.8 faith is an e. armor against sin and iniquity.

55:6.4 ministry of angels are even more e. as the epochs of

55:10.4 direct contact with the Ancients of Days to be e.

56:0.2 and indicate absence of e. co-ordination;

58:3.4 but they are not e. in the subsequent modification

63:5.6 discovered and made e. use of the throwing stick

67:3.9 in a magnificent and e. combination of intellectual

69:8.3 Og, the king of Bashan, was equally brutal and e..

70:6.1 E. state rule only came with the arrival of a chief

70:6.1 Man found that e. government could be had only by

71:2.18 No civil government will be serviceable and e.

71:5.3 progresses, co-operation becomes increasingly e..

71:8.1 Aside from this divine concept of e. social

74:7.21 teaching that e. prayer must be wholly individual,

75:2.1 the results of rebellion to produce e immunity against

79:8.9 for civilization is dependent on the e. functioning of

81:1.3 Evolution may be slow, but it is terribly e..

81:2.1 man utilized in his ascent from savagery were e.

81:6.29 Civilization is now dependent on the e. co-ordination

81:6.30 weaken and disintegrate human society if e. means

81:6.31 embodied in a better and more e. co-operation and

81:6.36 Without e. co-ordination, industrial civilization is

81:6.37 13. E. and wise leadership.

81:6.37 depends on an enthusiastic and e. load-pulling spirit.

82:4.2 And that the property mores were e. in stabilizing the

82:5.3 Religion has been an e. barrier against outmarriage;

82:6.9 bring into existence many new and biologically e.

83:6.8 that intimate understanding and e. co-operation

85:7.3 When the spirit of wisdom achieves e. ministration,

86:7.6 Evolution may be slow, but it is unerringly e..

87:7.4 The early Christian cult was the most e., appealing,

87:7.10 Every e. religion unerringly develops a worthy

88:5.3 Images were supposed to be e. in magic.

89:1.6 The taboos were highly e. in organizing society,

90:4.9 Many of these ancient and e. secret remedies lost

91:3.7 the more e. technique for most practical purposes

91:5.2 Group or congregational praying is very e. in that it


91:9.1 If you would engage in e. praying, you should bear

92:3.8 man’s most expensive but incomparably e. institution

95:5.9 they provided e. weapons for the priests to use

99:5.6 Any religious belief which is e. in spiritualizing the

100:3.1 loyalties are socially e. and spiritually progressive.

100:7.1 The most e. presentation of Jesus consists in

102:2.3 Religionists seem to live in e. emancipation from

102:3.1 paradoxical necessity: the necessity of making e. use

108:1.8 Adjuster as to the most e. plans for personality

110:3.6 your desires, do constitute real and e. co-operation.

110:6.14 The Adjuster’s work is much more e. after the

110:6.17 spiritual fulcrum for the more e. functioning of the

111:4.5 find those higher concepts in association with e.

114:0.4 Urantia is not without proper and e. supervision

114:5.4 planetary government is more than expectedly e.

114:7.14 a very definite and e. superhuman supervision of

121:1.1 for the e. spread of a new religion to both East and

121:8.14 narrative in accordance with my concept of its e.

121:8.14 the e. expressions which I have thus utilized had their

121:8.14 would enable me to create the most e. portraiture of

124:5.6 understanding, and e. teacher and eldest brother to

127:6.9 Jesus’ mortal and divine natures into a simple and e.

128:0.4 the more e. leading of these same mortals to a better

128:1.7 evil, and his prayers were e. because he believed.”

129:4.3 Jesus perfected increasingly e. methods of personal

130:2.3 just such an e. appeal to the spiritually hungry Asiatic

132:5.1 administer material wealth as a wise and e. trustee

132:5.21 wise and e. distribution of such unearned resources.

133:7.9 Without the e. functioning of a consciousness sorter

134:5.10 wars, but it will not be e. in preventing major wars,

136:9.1 How should he organize his followers for e. effort

139:1.4 Although Andrew was never an e. preacher, he was

139:5.8 of Jesus, Philip’s e. reply was, “Come and see.”

139:5.8 And that is always the e. technique in all forms of

139:11.6 Simon became a powerful and e. preacher of “Peace

140:4.5 one’s vocation can be utilized as an e. “reflector” for

140:4.6 The happy and e. person is motivated, not by fear of

140:4.8 An e philosophy of living is formed by a combination

141:7.10 Peter was a much more e. preacher than Jesus.

141:7.10 Jesus’ preaching was so e. because of his unique

144:3.17 Jesus taught that e. prayer must be: 1. Unselfish—

145:2.14 the rapid and e. spreading of such a startling rumor.

148:7.4 but as an e. protest against making the Sabbath rest

150:2.3 Mary Magdalene became the most e. teacher of

152:0.3 touch of his garment with her healing had been e..

155:1.3 do they strive with valiant and e. execution.

156:6.5 there was occurring a gradual but e. consolidation of

157:6.4 that the spirit was easy victor over both and e. in the

160:1.8 The wise and e. solution of any problem demands

160:2.4 The most e. of all social groups is the family,

160:2.4 Such an e. relationship is also possible between two

160:2.6 calculated to develop character, the most e. and

160:2.10 if you can build up such trustworthy and e. small

167:6.6 Truth, beauty, and holiness are powerful and e.

169:1.14 This was one of the most touching and e. of all the

171:7.2 Goodness is e. only when it is attractive.

172:4.1 been e. in preventing Jesus’ immediate arrest upon

178:1.4 kingdom should be the e. destroyer of the hate urge

186:5.9 just as e. and unerringly certain if Jesus had not been

187:1.10 Alexander and Rufus, became very e. teachers of

187:4.5 extolled such a career of robbery as an e. patriotic

188:4.1 guilt of mortal man nor some sort of e. approach

194:2.1 was an e. solvent for man’s spiritual difficulties in

194:2.1 will prove to be an e. solvent for man’s ever-new

195:7.16 True art is the e. manipulation of the material things

196:3.1 it is an e. sorter, evaluator, and adjuster of all human

196:3.1 religion unifies the personality for e. adjustment to


4:3.4 this divine foreknowledge e. directs the creative free

5:1.6 he is so certainly and so e. spiritually endowed by the

7:4.7 Thus do the Deities e. co-operate in the work of

8:1.6 fill all organized space and begin e. to draw all things

10:0.1 e. provide for the Father’s liberation from the

10:0.2 The Trinity e. provides for the full expression of the

11:8.1 The inescapable pull of gravity e. grips all the worlds

12:9.4 For example: Water is used e. to extinguish fire.

14:1.15 the dark bodies, so e. equalize the lines of Havona

15:6.11 which so e. function to hold a given system steady

16:2.5 the Seven Master Spirits, who so e. distribute the

19:5.9 would e. jeopardize the certainty of reception.

22:2.3 creature who e. prevents such upheavals of error,

25:4.20 adjudged in contempt of the divine laws they so e.

26:11.1 with a rich situational environment which they e.

34:7.6 the Caligastic rebellion and most e. compensate

38:9.13 whom they so jealously guarded and so e. served

39:2.4 differential of energy which e segregates the business

40:9.2 Adjusters e. build up the same spirit counterpart

40:10.4 the present ascension scheme e. provides the time-

41:1.5 circumstances are e. utilized by the Satania Power

42:4.3 they are able to e. control and direct energy

43:2.7 fact-finding and timesaving group which e. serves

43:8.5 1. Live happily and work e. with ten diverse fellow

43:8.7 Acquire the ability voluntarily and e. to co-operate

44:2.10 often and e. the heavenly reproducers collaborate

44:2.11 the transition ministers freely and e. utilize these

52:4.8 mortals are learning to live more naturally and e..

53:9.8 e. proclaiming the great truth “that the way of the

63:3.5 Their first task was to roll up stones to e. entomb

64:6.32 e. upstepped by a thoroughgoing admixture with the

70:12.2 to permit representative government to function e..

71:2.17 suffrage remaining universal for both sexes, will be e.

76:2.6 a bad environment can very e. spoil an excellent

82:0.3 faithfully and e. passed on to the next generation.

82:0.3 institutional influences because the home was e.

82:0.3 wisely and e. passed on to succeeding generations.

82:1.1 This instinct operated e. long before humans

82:1.7 in the guise of individual gratification, e. tricks man

84:6.7 understand each other, they are e. complementary,

84:6.8 at the same time it most e. provides certain highly

86:1.2 a cloud of despair which e. eclipsed every pleasure;

86:3.1 death inspired fear and thus e. fostered religion.

86:4.2 this new dream-ghost-future-life concept began e. to

89:5.15 thus human sacrifices e. put a stop to cannibalism,

90:3.4 they did e. isolate afflicted individuals and prevent

91:6.7 can so e. and immediately approach the threshold

94:8.18 it was the ideal humanism and most e. removed all

97:7.13 The courageous Isaiah e. eclipsed the nationalistic

97:10.5 this religion survives because it has e. functioned

103:9.4 this early magic and mythology very e. prepared the

109:0.1 practice which is e. utilized by the Adjuster in

112:1.3 Personality performs e. on the levels of the finite,

114:5.3 The absence of the Prince is e. compensated by the

115:7.6 e. unifying the results of this mode of reality

116:7.1 permeated by energy lanes which e. activate

118:0.10 transient goal attainment which serve so e. as the

118:8.5 which e. circumscribe the subspiritual choice range

118:8.8 possessed of the seeds of wisdom which can e. serve

118:9.1 Finite creatures are e. insulated from the absolute

118:10.14 his science is slowly but e. destroying his

118:10.14 the love of God in his heart will be e. outpoured as

126:3.5 Family responsibility had e. removed all thought of

127:3.15 Jesus possessed the ability e. to mobilize his powers

128:1.1 But he had already e. combined these two natures

132:0.4 this enhancement of the truth e. crowded out the

134:5.10 World-wide confederations of nations will e.

134:8.9 if they ever occur) may be dealt with e. and

139:1.6 can live together peaceably and work together e..

139:1.12 throughout these tragic hours Andrew continued e.

146:2.5 love combined with mercy cannot e. abrogate.

150:2.3 laboring faithfully and e. for the enlightenment

150:9.3 managed the crowd and e. disarmed even his violent

153:1.5 “Why did he himself so deliberately and e. turn

153:1.5 for the time being, e. master all such inclinations.

157:0.1 And this, of course, e. prevented any of the family

158:6.2 and to ask for a richer endowment of wisdom e. to

159:4.9 the sacred writings of the past e. prevents the honest

159:5.10 the end that they might e. overcome evil with good

159:5.15 If you can think of nothing more e. positive to do,

159:5.17 Jesus most e. employed the antithesis, comparing

160:1.9 Even though you are e. armed to meet the difficult

166:5.5 Such conduct e. separated him from all his former

168:4.9 Material beings can pray e. only when they “pray in

170:5.15 a social brotherhood which e. displaced Jesus’

172:3.7 where they e. spread the report among the throngs

173:2.1 this spectacular cleansing of the temple likewise e.

173:2.7 effort of his enemies to ensnare him was e. turned

174:1.2 attitudes of love e. prevent all those estrangements

174:4.1 discredit Jesus before the people and e. to prevent

175:4.15 powerless to act because they were e. restrained by

179:5.5 saw to it that his express desire was e. thwarted

183:3.8 Jesus thus e. put a stop to this show of resistance by

192:0.1 but the rulers depended upon the bribed guards e. to

194:2.3 This bestowal of the Son’s spirit e. prepared all

194:3.5 qualifying believers more e. to preach the gospel,

195:0.5 so quickly and e. capture the very best minds of the

195:4.2 divine courts, and who, therefore, if e. appealed to,

195:10.1 mortals who e. reveal the Master to all men.

195:10.2 should be e. restrained from daring to form creeds

196:0.5 absolutely swept away any spiritual doubts and e.


13:4.7 of enterprise, devotion, loyalty, wisdom, and e..

14:6.12 affords proof of the partnership e of the divine family

81:6.14 5. E. of material resources.

81:6.16 6. E. of language.

81:6.20 7. E. of mechanical devices.

118:8.6 testifies to the e. of that brake—material inertia—

140:10.9 faith in the e. of the supreme human desire to do the

163:6.6 this gospel that you come back in surprise at its e.?

effectsnoun; see effectsbelongings

3:1.2 never be fully comprehended by an analysis of e.;

3:6.3 Universe causes cannot be lower than universe e..

19:1.11 are helpful, but only divine causes reveal final e..

46:7.2 cultivated largely for aesthetic and ornamental e..

67:7.4 Sin is never purely local in its e..

75:2.4 rather than to plan farsightedly for more remote e.,

75:5.7 Never did this noble soul fully recover from the e. of

81:2.18 idea of making pottery arose from observing the e.

85:2.3 The savage believed that all chemical e. were due to

86:2.5 therefor a universe of law and order wherein all e.

88:5.3 same e. were believed to rest upon the real person.

101:10.1 through the examination of physical causes and e..

102:7.3 You cannot have e. without causes; only the I AM is

111:6.4 in the mathematical level of the causes and e. of the

115:3.14 the integration of the mathematical causes and e.

115:6.7 may be discerned by observing its e. on the visible;

118:4.2 first causes produce original e. which are free from

118:4.2 Secondary causes yield e. which invariably exhibit

159:5.8 rather that social service was one of the certain e. of


69:9.9 personal e. were burned, then buried with the dead,

69:9.10 The ornamental type of personal e. originated in the

134:9.6 Jesus went to the chest containing his personal e.,

143:0.1 after sending their tents and meager personal e. to

163:5.1 started out at daybreak with all their e. to lodge near


91:4.5 if prayer does not change God, it very often e. great

117:5.7 the adjutant mind-spirits and e. its decisions within


66:6.5 The process was slow but very e..


35:2.8 receives that instruction which e. purges him of the

41:5.1 the density of Urantia would e. prevent the escape

94:2.4 Mortal desire and human ambition were e.

95:2.5 e. delivered them from the religion of the tombs.

101:10.7 Religion e. cures man’s sense of idealistic isolation

112:5.15 personality is e. safeguarded in the custody of

121:4.2 It did e. combat ignorant superstition.

137:4.6 But all expectance of such a demonstration was e.

188:5.2 find through him a goodness which e. destroys evil

191:5.3 let your loving service e. destroy the prejudice

192:0.1 that the gospel movement was, after all, e. crushed.

194:2.8 brotherhood of men will emerge to e. transform

195:10.8 desire to foster ancient thought systems e. prevents


70:7.7 with the women and children, to be considered e..


26:2.2 These angels of the eternal Isle are highly e. in

85:1.4 porous rocks were supposed to be unusually e. in

91:4.4 And, to a certain extent, all such petitions are e. in

94:2.2 taught that the sacrifice to deity in itself was all-e.,

94:10.2 its turning Tibetans believe the petitions become e..

146:2.15 thinking that prayers would be rendered more e.


87:6.16 a belief in the e. of self-torture and self-denial as

88:2.1 This belief explains the e. of many modern relics.

90:2.8 The Greeks believed in the e. of oracular advice,

90:5.1 technique of ritual was the decisive factor in its e.,

91:2.4 any religion unfailingly detracts from the higher e. of

91:6.2 prayer has added to the e. of other remedial

91:6.3 the scientific doubtings regarding the e. of prayer

91:6.7 the e. of prayer in the personal spiritual experience

95:2.6 general belief in the e. of spittle as a healing agent,

102:8.1 The highest evidence of the reality and e. of religion

143:3.3 all learn the value of rest and the e. of relaxation.

164:3.11 great faith in the e. of the spittle of a holy man;

164:3.14 He did believe in the superstition of the e. of spittle,


25:3.16 which is constantly increasing in numbers and e..

41:9.5 It will shine on as of present e. for more than twenty-

44:4.11 and so an effort is frequently made to increase e.,

51:6.4 trade relations, physical e., and civil government.

53:0.1 was distinguished for wisdom, sagacity, and e..

70:2.9 Early wars promoted organization and e., but these

83:6.8 for parental happiness, child welfare, and social e..

100:4.3 Health, mental e., and happiness arise from the

110:5.7 human partner from the standpoints of health, e.,

132:5.13 the laws of justice, equity, fairness, and true e.;

134:6.2 with such a goal of human happiness and e..

160:4.9 Even the physical problems of bodily health and e.


0:11.4 the Unqualified Absolute appears to be the all-e.

2:7.11 Such levels of e. living come about through the

14:3.3 but it is marvelously perfect and divinely e..

15:8.1 are able to function as e. power-energy regulators

16:3.2 He is a peculiar and e. manifestation of the power,

16:4.2 They are, therefore, e. and perfect supervisors of

17:1.5 to the e. administration of a single superuniverse.

18:5.1 these glorious and divinely e. Trinity personalities.

20:8.4 ever-faithful and universally e. Trinity Teacher Sons.

22:3.3 the everywhere-present and always-e. executives of

23:4.4 Are all our e. Solitary Messengers going to be

24:1.12 In their work of circuit supervision these e. beings

24:5.5 a host of unrevealed personalities, constitute an e.,

25:4.19 Technical Advisers are equally devoted to the e.

26:7.2 Most faithful and e. are the Trinity guides;

29:2.18 energies and the e. regulation of physical power.

29:3.8 these gigantic and almost perfectly e. power centers,

29:4.15 These marvelously e. beings are intrusted with the

31:3.7 detail of every divine principle of the just and e.,

33:1.5 a ruler and divine parent who is just as mighty, e.,

35:5.3 Vorondadeks are even more reliable and e. as rulers

36:1.2 This e. corps of life disseminators is not a truly self-

38:7.1 They are wonderfully intelligent, marvelously e.,

38:7.3 Cherubim and sanobim are the faithful and e. aids of

38:7.6 sanobim prove to be most e. in the borderland work

39:2.11 exceptionally e. since you are unable to oppose,

39:3.2 and they are the ever-e. helpers of the Most Highs.

39:3.5 they may constitute e. and agreeable working groups

39:3.6 These e. seraphim are organized in seventy divisions

39:3.10 A large and e. corps functions on Edentia,

40:4.1 these e. Adjusters are personalized by the Father.

41:9.5 partially e. period of decline as long as the combined

43:0.4 the e. spironga and the beautiful spornagia.

44:5.10 regarding the most e. modes of energy intake and

46:4.7 For example: Jerusem enjoys the e. services of the

48:3.13 the Morontia Companions will be your e. interpreters

48:5.9 and understanding instructors, able and e. guides.

48:6.30 They also serve as instructors regarding the e. and

51:3.9 welcomed to your world by a loyal and e. Prince

63:6.8 Onagar instituted an e. tribal government, the like of

65:4.5 scientists will become more e. in the treatment of

65:6.3 The spore is most e. as a reproductive agent, but it

70:5.2 men who had distinguished themselves in some e.

71:1.1 strongest, most e., and enduring state is composed

71:2.9 practical and e. form of representative government,

71:2.17 Representative government presupposes an e.,

71:5.3 In advanced civilizations co-operation is more e.

75:3.3 Serapatatia became one of the most able and e. of all

77:7.5 midway creatures function when they serve as e.

79:8.13 3. E. education of children in the arts and sciences

80:3.5 They maintained an e. system of child culture.

81:6.20 Improved tools,ingenious and e. machines, determine

81:6.32 must also be provided e. methods of place finding.

91:6.4 one’s alter ego,constitutes a technique of the most e.

92:3.9 Religion is the e. scourge of evolution which

93:6.8 Abraham was a shrewd and e. business man,

96:3.3 for liberty to constitute a corps of e. organizers.

108:1.1 gifts are bestowed in accordance with some e.

108:3.7 there exists a profoundly intelligent and e. directive

109:5.5 operate to delimit the sphere of e. Adjuster activity,

110:1.2 These Monitors are e. ministers to the higher phases

110:5.4 grotesque dreams indicate their failure to make e.

110:7.7 in the scale of service, the more e. Adjusters become.

112:7.9 who will ever be found serviceable, faithful, and e.,

113:1.8 to the ever-present and increasingly e. Adjusters,

119:0.5 bestowals are not essential to the wise, just, and e.

119:1.6 that this unique and e. Melchizedek was Michael,

126:2.7 Jesus proved to be a wise and e. administrator of his

127:4.8 thought and action but a dependable and e. child.

127:5.2 Jesus would all the more need a faithful and e. wife.

132:5.2 if you really wish to become a wise and e. steward

139:1.4 Andrew was an e. personal worker,being the pioneer

139:1.5 an understanding executive and an e. administrator.

139:5.11 Philip’s wife, who was an e. member of the corps,

139:7.2 Matthew was a very e. propagandist and a keen

139:11.2 Simon was a very e. organizer of the play life and

160:2.9 and mutual affection is an e. insurance against evil.

190:1.7 under the orders of their fearless and e. leader, go

196:3.1 spiritual religious experience is an e. solvent for most


24:1.16 and they attend strictly and e. to their business.

35:2.6 Melchizedek supporters who so e. contribute to the

42:9.5 are at the same time so stable and so e. flexible.

46:0.1 but it is at present being administered most e.,

48:5.5 teachers of the ascending mortals and e. conduct the

65:6.4 carries oxygen to the living cells and just as e.

91:7.7 2. To function more e. and practically in his mental

111:7.4 it exceedingly difficult for the Monitors to work e.

112:1.2 Personality functions equally e. in the local universe,

112:3.6 the group custodians faithfully and e. perform the

118:8.6 that brake—material inertia—which so e. operates to

120:1.4 I will be fully and e. responsible for the security

133:7.12 The supremely happy and e. unified mind is the

134:2.4 Jesus most faithfully, e., and wisely discharged his

139:5.4 apostolic family was intelligently and e. managed.

139:12.3 of Judas’s office honestly, faithfully, and most e..

151:2.6 no matter how faithfully and e. we execute our


88:5.3 E. were made, and when treated ill or well, the same

effortsee effort to

1:6.5 consecrated to the e.; halfhearted, partial devotion

3:2.7 that an e. is being made to rectify the situation;

12:7.11 The good e. of each man benefits all men; the error

17:2.2 represents the initial e. of the Supreme Creator

20:2.9 In every planetary e. the secondary Paradise Sons,

20:8.3 Recognition indicative of e. and attainment is granted

22:7.6 who have made the supreme e. and sustained the

22:7.14 together trinitize a new creature, this conjoint e.

23:2.17 need is greatest and the opportunities for heroic e.

26:4.12 has set all creation astir in the co-operative e. of the

26:7.1 discover what true study and real mental e. mean

26:10.2 Those who are unsuccessful in the first e. at Deity

32:3.9 are the result of individual e. and actual living,

34:6.5 Spiritual e. results in relative spiritual exhaustion.

38:1.1 Following the completion of this united e., the Son

38:1.1 in her initial solitary e. at spirit reproduction.

44:1.14 Such an e. would be something like endeavoring to

44:4.11 so an e. is frequently made to increase efficiency,

48:4.12 struggle and advancement; it bespeaks work, e.,

48:6.35 —throughout every e. in the long struggle to break

48:7.10 8. E. does not always produce joy, but there is no

48:7.10 joy, but there is no happiness without intelligent e..

48:7.17 15. Affectation is the ridiculous e. of the ignorant to

50:1.1 the Planetary Prince represents the last e. of the

50:6.3 E. and decision are an essential part of the

50:7.3 career, reward follows e. as the result of causes.

52:6.2 a much longer time and necessitates far greater e..

53:7.3 propaganda had to be carried on by personal e.

69:6.7 animal husbandry, by reducing the e. necessary to

75:0.1 After more than one hundred years of e. on Urantia,

77:1.3 This e. resulted in the first group of fifty midway

77:5.8 And the results of this e. at world betterment never

78:7.3 to abandon the e., to let the whole world drown in

81:6.7 how to wrest a living from the land with lessened e.

84:0.1 should be the center and essence of all educational e.

86:6.7 that long waste of human e. upon tombs, temples,

87:5.8 One’s future was not the result of e., industry, or

88:2.6 Moses’ very e. against fetishes became a supreme

89:1.7 have cost vast treasure in e., sacrifice, and self-denial

91:1.1 but nonetheless personal and collective e. of any

91:2.2 a technique of avoiding the expenditure of that e.

94:8.8 views, aspirations, speech, conduct, livelihood, e.,

94:8.8 Gautama’s intention to attempt to destroy all e.,

94:8.17 of Gautama, salvation is achieved by human e.,

94:8.17 And in making this e., he left the door wide open

95:5.14 Although the e. of this Egyptian ruler to impose the

97:7.14 But in this e. Isaiah was not wholly successful.

100:4.2 E. is attendant upon clarification of spiritual vision

100:4.2 The slothful animal mind rebels at the e. required

103:2.1 religious development occurs without conscious e.

103:2.6 there are always present the inevitable decisions, e.,

103:5.7 striving to be Godlike—is a continuous e. before

110:6.14 While there is no apparent concert of e. between

115:7.2 plan, which has predicated finite progress upon e.,

116:6.6 The e. is made by the personalities of time and space,

116:6.6 but the culmination and consummation of this e. is

117:1.9 responsive alike to creature e. and Creator purpose;

125:6.6 in the midst of the most serious and sublime e. of

136:9.1 should he organize his followers for effective e. and

137:8.4 sermon, the first pretentious e. of his public career,

144:0.3 beginning of the full and final e. of his life on earth,

144:0.3 either executed or released to join them in a united e.

144:1.7 They realized that their next public e. in either

149:0.1 Participating in this e. were Jesus and his twelve

151:3.14 as the best possible refutation of the studied e. of

152:6.2 but he was only partially successful in this e..

154:3.1 A new e. was made to have Herod place Jesus

155:5.11 The religion of the spirit means e., struggle, conflict

156:5.5 surmount temptation by the e. of supplanting one

158:4.7 Andrew was deeply chagrined at this ill-advised e.

160:3.1 The e. toward maturity necessitates work,

162:9.4 arrangements for them to join him in the united e.

170:2.11 The great e embodied in this sermon was the attempt

172:3.6 spiritual matter; but he had not succeeded in this e.

173:2.7 the e. of his enemies to ensnare him was effectively

174:2.1 a determined e. should be made to discredit him

194:3.9 This day of Pentecost witnessed the great e. of the

effort to

0:0.2 But our mandate admonishes us to make every e. to

5:1.2 a never-ending e. to reveal himself to the children of

5:1.8 divine administration are all interlocked in an e. to

6:0.4 In an e. to enable the finite mind of time to form

12:3.10 in the e. to arrive at a basic unit for mind-gravity

20:6.1 any e. to detect the working of this Sonarington

21:5.7 nameless patience have been exhausted in an e. to

22:7.5 to make the paradisiacal e. to spiritualize, idealize,

26:4.12 set all creation astir in the co-operative e. to assist

31:8.1 consists in the e. to achieve comprehension of the

31:10.13 to administer these universes in an e. to compensate

36:2.13 the Life Carriers work constantly in an e. to improve

36:2.15 Carriers collaborate with the Melchizedeks in the e.

37:4.2 in the e. to bring all Nebadon into fuller harmony

41:2.8 their order in an e. to equalize these lines of energy.

44:0.20 perverting thought and distorting language in an e.

44:0.20 I proceed with this e. to enlighten the human mind

44:0.21 farther in an e. to project the human mind from the

45:7.3 in their supreme e. to qualify the mortal survivors for

47:4.8 The e. to master the significance of morontia mota,

48:6.37 the self element that exhausts, not the e. to achieve.

48:7.17 15. Affectation is the ridiculous e. of the ignorant to

50:1.1 the Planetary Prince represents the last e. to draw

50:1.2 And all of this e. to provide sympathetic rulership for

50:5.7 The e. to execute knowledge results in wisdom,

51:3.4 but he failed in his e. to involve them in the Lucifer

53:4.7 his rebel government before Gabriel made any e. to

53:8.2 Subsequent to their e. to corrupt Michael when in

56:10.2 This represents man’s e. to discern God in mind,

58:0.1 life experiments in an e. to modify or improve the

60:1.11 an experimental e. to improve mammalian types,

62:6.6 our protracted e. to evolve will creatures on Urantia.

64:4.13 in an e. to induce the moon again to shine.

65:4.12 But in our e. to provide for that combination and

67:4.2 In an e. to increase their numbers, Daligastia ordered

68:4.2 the mores originated in an e. to adjust group living to

68:4.2 grew out of the e. to avoid pain and humiliation

69:6.7 animal husbandry, by reducing the e. necessary to

69:9.6 diverse subterfuges in an e. to escape enslavement

70:11.3 The oath originated in the days of Dalamatia in an e.

70:11.7 represents the e. of judges to adapt written laws to

72:6.1 This nation is making a determined e. to replace the

74:5.5 Adam made a heroic and determined e. to

74:5.7 For the time being Adam abandoned all e. to

76:4.7 scientific e. to withstand so many physical disorders.

77:2.10 an e. to stretch the dynasties back to Dalamatia.

79:4.5 by the Aryans in an e. to perpetuate racial identity.

79:4.6 in the futile e. to prevent racial amalgamation of the

82:5.3 in an e. to conserve property within a clan, mores

82:5.3 In-mating was practiced in an e. to preserve craft

82:5.4 long practiced brother and sister marriages in an e.

83:4.4 in this e. to insure a happy and fertile marriage,

84:4.3 to resort to shrewdness in the e. to alleviate their

84:4.6 scores of foolish things were said and done in an e.

84:4.8 beat a girl after each monthly period in an e. to

87:1.2 practiced in an e to hoodwink and deceive the ghosts

87:2.1 The e. to secure this protection constituted the

87:2.3 The funeral service originated in man’s e. to induce

87:6.2 nor did he stop with the e. to win good luck;

88:2.5 made an e. to control fetish worship among the

88:5.5 it was in an e. to cure disease or to stop bad luck.

89:1.1 Observance of a taboo was man’s e. to dodge ill luck

90:4.6 Rhythm was practiced in an e. to influence the spirits

91:1.1 nonetheless personal and collective, e. to secure this

91:1.3 perversion of prayer, it encouraged the e. to realize

91:8.2 prayer is the e. to adjust the personality to the will of

93:3.4 To the rank and file of his followers he made no e. to

94:1.7 culled the sacred writings of their day in an e. to

94:2.2 In a desperate e. to stem the tide of racial extinction

94:2.6 was a definite e. to seek and to find true reality.

94:7.3 Gautama made a noble e. to deliver men from fear,

95:1.6 the Salem missionaries failed in their e. to bring

95:5.14 Although the e. of this Egyptian ruler to impose the

96:4.7 Moses made a heroic e. to uplift Yahweh to the

97:7.1 in an e. to restore the Jews as the chosen people

98:3.6 a heroic and somewhat successful e. to destroy the

99:5.9 Primitive man made little e. to put his religious

103:4.2 man resorted to sacrifice of some kind in an e. to

103:6.2 art of philosophy develops in an e. to harmonize the

103:6.7 Metaphysics stands for man’s futile e. to

103:6.9 philosophy has been developed by man’s mind e. to

103:9.6 Theology constitutes the religious e. to define,

110:3.4 But a devoted and determined e. to realize eternal

110:4.2 Adjuster is engaged in a constant e. to spiritualize

121:5.13 Paul, in an e. to utilize the widespread adherence to

121:6.5 Philo’s inconsistencies resulting from an e. to

122:9.28 Joseph was not in harmony with this premature e. to

124:4.9 great mental distress as the result of his constant e.

126:3.3 It was in this e. to stimulate his older brothers and

127:5.1 they decided to make an e. to stop it before Jesus

130:6.2 to go away from you without making the least e.

133:1.3 Would you make no e. to defend yourself?”

133:7.12 the experience of an e. to serve both good and evil.

134:3.7 teachers of the various religions made a great e. to

136:6.8 to lead his earth children to join him in a sincere e.

143:5.7 But Nalda would make one more e. to avoid the

144:1.7 engaged in an earnest e. to co-ordinate what the

144:7.2 prison, and why he made no e. to secure his release

145:2.3 This sermon was an e. on Jesus’ part to make clear

145:3.6 assisting their loved ones in this e. to secure healing.

148:1.2 They made no e. to teach just alike; there was no

149:0.3 entire second preaching tour was principally an e.

149:2.3 1. The e. to connect the gospel teaching directly onto

149:2.3 These teachings originated in a praiseworthy e. to

151:2.4 they were involved in a vigorous and determined e.

151:3.14 as the best possible refutation of the studied e. to

154:4.6 would go to pieces if everybody made an honest e.

157:2.1 united with the Pharisees in their e. to entrap Jesus.

159:3.4 put forth every e. to secure work for those who find

159:4.6 misinterpretations thereof in their determined e. to

162:9.1 The Sanhedrin made no e. to molest these gatherings

167:5.5 appealed to written Scriptures in his e. to improve

168:4.4 1. Prayer is an expression of the finite mind in an e.

170:3.9 the service of one’s brothers and sisters in the e. to

173:2.7 the e. of his enemies to ensnare him was effectively

174:2.1 a determined e. should be made to discredit him

174:2.1 Herodians were all united in this e. to discredit

174:4.6 refrained from asking any more questions in an e.

174:4.7 forgot their differences in the united e. to stop Jesus’

177:5.3 Every e. to persuade him to talk only indicated that

179:5.5 the Master’s e. to establish this new sacrament of

183:3.4 Jesus made one last e. to save Judas from actually

183:3.8 teaching the people, and you made no e. to take me.”

186:4.2 the space reports of the archangels in an e. to keep

188:4.3 a sacrifice which consisted in an e. to pay God a debt

194:3.9 This day of Pentecost witnessed the great e. of the

195:0.12 compromised the ideals of Jesus in an e. to save

195:7.10 The sincere e. of man to become a mechanist

195:7.10 the tragic phenomenon of that man’s futile e. to

195:7.15 Poetry is an e. to escape from material realities to

195:7.22 to transcend the world of material things in an e. to

196:3.30 Science is man’s e. to solve the apparent riddles of

196:3.32 love generates in the soul of man a superanimal e. to

196:3.34 sane e. to advance the borders of self-consciousness

196:3.34 soul-consciousness in a wholehearted e. to reach the


143:7.7 Worship is e. attention, true and ideal soul rest,


117:4.7 Mankind does not ascend e. in the universe,

effortssee efforts to

2:3.6 of rebels and wrong thinkers, when all such loving e.

6:0.2 Such distortions of language represent our best e.

21:2.1 the e. of his older brothers in various creations

22:7.12 In their creative e. the finaliters are attempting to

22:7.13 The creative e. of the Paradise Citizens and the

26:6.3 in all their e. at penetrating the divinity level of the

27:5.5 and wise e. of the custodians of knowledge.

28:5.16 are more quickly responsive to these educational e.

32:5.8 certain victory will crown the e. of every human

36:3.6 the planetary life, Life Carriers cease implantation e.,

37:9.11 The transactions of such beings and the e. of the

38:2.1 appreciate and greatly enjoy your e. in music, art,

38:7.5 continuously engaged in e. at self-improvement.

39:5.4 Without the work of these seraphim the e. of the

39:5.5 these angels were largely thwarted in their early e.

39:6.1 angels in Satania at present direct their greatest e.

40:10.4 these administrations should be enriched by the e.

41:0.3 adjusted by the intelligent e. of the power directors

44:2.11 But not all their e are devoted to transient illustration

44:8.3 effected by your own personal e. in progressive

45:7.1 those very e. which were prematurely interrupted

48:4.10 When partially exhausted by the e. of attainment,

48:4.19 the exertions of the newer and higher intellectual e.

48:6.32 the seraphic racial interpreters further the e. of the

52:7.2 a Trinity contribution to the antecedent e. of all the

53:7.11 combined and protracted e. of the subtle evil forces

55:5.6 on such a highly cultured world concerns the e. of

65:3.3 life strains having perished in spite of all our e.

65:4.12 these seemingly strange by-products of our e. are

65:6.2 These interminable e. of all living things evidence the

69:2.5 Labor, the e. of design, distinguishes man from the

81:1.3 to accomplish what all other e. had failed to do,

83:8.2 sincere human e. of husband and wife to progress,

86:4.8 tomb construction and e. at body preservation.

87:6.3 Man’s first e. at defense were directed against the

90:3.1 man logically directed his e. to winning the favor

90:3.2 And many of man’s e. were directed to the end of

91:4.4 those e. and exertions which are contributory to

91:5.2 cities, nations, and races to mighty e. of reform and

92:5.10 regenerated by the e. of those teachers who were

92:5.16 the ardent and sincere e. of these future prophets will

94:2.5 salvation could come only by man’s own unaided e..

94:2.7 In their e. at self-preservation the Brahmans had

94:6.11 by the imperial e. of Ch’in Shih Huang Ti

99:0.2 but it does not oppose the intelligent e. of society to

109:0.1 But the Adjuster’s e., while living within you,

110:1.5 All physical poisons retard the e. of the Adjuster to

111:7.3 counterpart of all these strenuous material e.?

112:5.12 combined life and e. of the human you in liaison with

117:4.1 these unending e. bespeak the unceasing struggle of

120:3.4 advise that you confine your e. largely to spiritual

123:5.15 creative imaginations by suggesting competitive e.

124:1.4 Jesus listened to the indictment of his artistic e. for

125:6.12 misguided e. of his parents to dictate the course of

125:6.13 nationalistic channels and enlisted the e. of her

126:5.10 entered keen competition in their agricultural e..

132:5.12 just reward of your own daily e. of mind and body.

132:5.16 discoverer should not be denied all reward for e. of

132:5.24 the earnings of your own mental and physical e.

132:6.2 They did not cease their e. until they had found a

133:6.3 its start in Ephesus largely through the e. of Paul,

138:2.10 the launching of their more pretentious public e..

138:7.4 upon more aggressive and pretentious public e..

141:8.2 but their e. were chiefly of a more quiet and personal

144:6.10 attempt of his followers to co-ordinate divergent e.,

149:2.1 The well-meant e. of Jesus’ early followers to

149:2.3 Though these e. failed as far as winning the Jews was

154:6.1 to dissuade him from further e. at public teaching.

158:4.7 cast out the demon, but only failure crowned his e..

159:2.4 Aden went right on with his e. and raised up a

160:1.5 exploratory e. of such human beings have failed to

160:3.3 thereby many times multiplying the fruits of his life e.

160:4.10 expect to be well rewarded for their temporal e..

162:1.2 This Jesus did in spite of the e. of his apostles to

162:1.6 The e. of Abner and his associates throughout Judea

162:1.7 Master under arrest, but nothing came of these e..

164:0.1 But their e. were of no avail; Jesus was determined

188:3.8 first, by the direct e. of his Thought Adjuster,

191:5.1 Thomas derived unconscious satisfaction from e.

efforts to

0:3.25 in their e. to discover the Father-Infinite, is inherent

0:12.11 directs that we shall, in all our e. to reveal truth

2:0.3 In all our e. to enlarge and spiritualize the human

2:0.3 for purposes of illustration or comparison in our e.

2:0.3 All our e. to enlarge the human concept of God

5:6.13 And this represents my e. to present the relation of

6:2.4 in their spiritual e. to attain divine perfection.

9:3.6 such as antigravity, which they utilize in their e. to

14:4.22 in their e. to attain higher levels of divinity realization

19:5.11 will I never cease in my e. to solve the mystery of the

22:10.9 untiring e. to facilitate the inward progress of the

26:4.10 understand, comfort, and assist you in all your e. to

27:6.2 of experience in their e. to master the unknown.

29:4.24 They are skillful in their e. to insulate the planets

33:3.4 his e. to stabilize government and uphold authority

34:2.4 never fails the Son in all e. to uphold and conserve

34:7.2 pre-Adamic man must put forth positive e. to ascend

37:8.2 service to us in our e. to overcome the handicaps of

37:9.11 The transactions of such beings and the e. to

38:2.1 only good can result from your e. to understand and

39:5.4 Without the work of these seraphim the e. to

40:5.16 Life Carriers, in their e. to formulate beings capable

44:5.10 creatures in their e. to understand the divine rest,

44:6.1 your own pitiful but worthy e. to do these things on

48:6.32 the seraphic racial interpreters further the e. to

48:7.2 these new mansion world sojourners in their e. to

50:4.9 laudatory rivalry among the races of men in their e.

50:6.1 must be guided by these restrictions in all our e. to

53:7.13 archrebels continued their deceptive and seductive e.

54:6.1 in their e. to understand the Lucifer rebellion,

55:4.11 planetary rulers regarding the further e. to purify

55:5.6 on such a highly cultured world concerns the e. to

55:8.4 These midsoniters carry on certain e to inculcate new

62:7.5 absolved us from future criticism of any of our e. to

63:4.6 well-developed language evolved from their early e.

64:7.12 All e. to identify the Sangik ancestry of modern

65:5.1 our special e. to modify intelligent life on Urantia

68:2.1 Civilized society is the result of man’s early e. to

72:10.3 E. to prevent breeding of criminals and defectives

83:4.4 e. to insure fecundity also led to the association of

83:8.2 sincere human e. of husband and wife to progress,

84:8.5 All e. to obtain wholesome diversion and to engage

87:6.2 In the early days of the cult, man’s e. to influence

87:6.2 a more positive nature, e. to win good luck.

90:3.1 man logically directed his e. to winning the favor

90:4.5 and was preceded by e. to rub medicine in, even as

92:1.1 including those e. first to coerce and then to cajole

95:7.1 against all e. to extend the gospel through military

97:2.1 these e. to advance the Hebraic religion did not

99:0.2 but it does not oppose the intelligent e. to adapt its

99:2.3 Religious collectivism must confine its e. to the

103:5.7 True religion does not belittle man’s e. to progress

107:2.5 Here occurs a break in our e. to follow the careers of

110:1.5 All physical poisons retard the e. of the Adjuster to

112:5.11 two difficulties that hamper my e. to explain just

112:7.9 through sincere e. to achieve Adjusterlikeness?

113:1.8 their e. to finish the third circle, traverse the second,

117:4.1 are reflections of his e. to achieve reality of self and

120:3.5 limiting your e. to leave behind you on Urantia an

121:8.13 failed in my e. to find the required conceptual

123:2.3 in his e. to reach a satisfactory solution of the

125:6.12 misguided e. to dictate the course of his thinking

127:5.2 Rebecca interpreted Mary’s e. to dissuade her as a

129:3.5 In all your e. to decipher the meaning of Jesus’ life

131:3.3 By your e. to make amends for past sins you acquire

132:6.1 a duty, to offer guidance to their fellows in their e.

133:3.7 become confused in their e. to understand themselves

141:6.2 to refrain from all e. to take something out of the

143:3.5 Simon was unusually upset in his e. to reconcile

149:0.3 encourage them in their e. to establish the kingdom

149:2.1 The well-meant e. to restate his teachings so as to

149:2.2 The Apostle Paul, in his e. to bring the teachings of

153:0.2 Matthew was putting forth renewed e. to replenish

153:3.6 wherefore their e. to involve him in the discussion

156:5.18 more alert and expert in your worthy e. to avoid all

156:5.19 Avoid dishonesty and unfairness in all your e. to

157:0.1 to elude the vigilance of the Pharisees in their e. to

157:5.3 to refrain from further e. to convince them that he

162:1.2 This Jesus did in spite of the e. to dissuade him.

162:7.1 the apostles had failed in their e. to persuade him

166:4.8 the harvest of your direct e. to comply with the laws

167:5.2 but Jesus artfully avoided their e. to bring him into

169:1.4 assistance in our e. to find those who are lost,

174:5.12 that victory shall eventually crown our united e. to

181:1.3 when I leave you, put forth your earnest e. to live in

186:2.8 interest in Pilate’s well-meant but halfhearted e. to

188:4.2 In your well-meant e. to escape the superstitious

191:5.1 Thomas derived unconscious satisfaction from e.

195:0.1 of the majority of the apostles in their e. to proclaim

195:5.1 seek first the realities of heaven” in all of man’s e. to

195:9.1 In all your worthy e. to rid yourselves of the creeds

196:3.17 elect to suspend their e. to discover the God who


43:4.7 there was found no way to stop this arrogant e. until

185:2.4 What e. for these subject citizens to appear before


60:1.10 They were e. layers and are distinguished from all

61:1.9 A small reptilian, e.-laying type of mammal

61:1.9 bird developed to a height of ten feet and laid an e.


59:5.6 Today frogs still lay their e. in water, and their

60:2.11 animals always returned to the land to lay their e..

ego or alter ego

48:4.15 Humor is the divine antidote for exaltation of e..

48:6.37 you lose energy to the wear and tear of e. dignity so

71:7.3 education has too long been militaristic, e. exalting,

83:7.6 indulgence and full gratification of vanity and e.,

84:3.4 This exaltation of the warrior elevated the male e.

87:5.6 Early humility was not debasement of e. but rather

91:1.4 influences are superhuman and distinct from the e. of

91:2.2 always indicated positive action by the praying e.;

91:2.2 to manipulate reality without affecting the e. of the


91:3.1 In this way a budding e. seeks to hold communion

91:3.1 e. seeks to hold communion with a fictitious ae..

91:3.1 pseudo dialogues in which this ae. makes replies to

91:3.2 communication by the emergence of the idea of an a

91:3.2 the a.-e. concept is exalted to a superior status of

91:3.3 the ae. evolves up through ghosts, fetishes, and

91:3.3 ideals and the loftiest aspirations of the praying e..

91:3.3 From the moment of the conceiving of an ae. to the

91:3.4 conversations with the fictitious symbol of the ae. of

91:3.5 ethical prayer is a splendid way to elevate one’s e.

91:3.5 Prayer induces the e. to look both ways for help:

91:3.7 will be to revert to the concept of a near-by ae.,

91:3.7 and then to recognize that the idea of this ae. has

91:3.7 a real and genuine and divine ae. that indwells him

91:5.1 As the concept of the ae. of prayer becomes divine

91:6.4 purely human practice, a dialogue with one’s ae.,

93:9.9 The national e. of the Jews was tremendously

103:2.10 to identify the urge to be self-serving with his e.

103:4.1 period of truce in the conflict of the self-seeking e.

103:5.2 of doing good to others—the impulse to deny the e.

103:5.4 these early conflicts between the e.-will and the

103:5.4 the multiform contentions of the e. cravings and the

103:5.5 Human happiness is achieved only when the e. desire

112:2.20 The material self, the e.-entity of human identity,

196:0.6 fanaticism, to exaggeration of the religious e., but


28:6.18 This is not an e. universe.

87:7.7 The old cults were too e.; the new must be the

103:1.3 may prevent your religious life from becoming e.


103:2.7 between the urges of e. and the impulses of altruism.


44:8.4 socialize their former purely selfish longings and e.

54:1.5 conquest of self is a figment of e. mortal imagination.

91:4.3 whether individual or communal, may be either e.

91:4.3 E. prayers involve confessions and petitions and

97:4.2 attack on the e. doctrine of the “chosen people,”

97:7.14 many wrong and racially e. concepts of the mission

102:2.2 impression of self-assertion or e. exaltation.

103:2.7 not disregard the personality values of the e. motive

103:2.9 he has developed a strong and well-unified e. nature.

103:3.1 provided the challenge to the e.-altruistic conflict

125:5.8 seemed to be utterly free from all e. desire to win

142:6.8 Nicodemus was refined, e., and altruistic; but he did


69:8.3 the contemporary tribes, those having less tribal e.,

71:3.2 Much as it is to be regretted, national e. has been

92:7.2 did autocratic and intolerant theologic e. appear.

93:9.9 swung to the other extreme of national and racial e.,

97:10.3 National e., false faith in a misconceived promised

111:6.9 Courage is valorous, but e. is vainglorious and

133:5.4 afflicted with mathematical pride and statistical e.,

140:8.27 self-analysis as a prevention of conceited e..


196:0.8 nor the superficial frothiness of the religious e..


186:1.2 Imagine the great surprise of this e. traitor when a


140:5.7 praying in the temple, the one felt rich in spirit—e.;


64:6.13 occurred in the region of the lower Nile valley in E..

64:7.14 the green man was killing off the orange race in E.

64:7.14 these physically strong indigo peoples overran E.,

64:7.15 And so it appears that E. was first dominated by the

64:7.15 the mixed races had driven the indigo race out of E.

70:8.11 India was based on color, as was that of early E..

74:8.12 to the attention of Ptolemy, the Greek king of E.,

78:3.6 held forth in E. and prepared to take over the culture

78:6.5 made their way across Arabia and entered E..

78:8.6 as civil rulers by all peoples to the north and from E.

79:1.4 From E. through Mesopotamia and Turkestan to the

80:1.3 For more than thirty thousand years E. received a

80:1.3 so that E. reached its lowest cultural level fifteen

80:3.3 compared with the developments in India and E..

80:6.1 E. became the successor of Mesopotamia as the

80:6.2 the culture of E., though really derived from the

80:6.2 were seven distinct groups of human beings in E.;

80:6.3 E. was fortunate in gaining so many of the most

80:6.4 The Andites built the first stone structures in E..

80:6.4 different parts of the world, this was the first in E..

80:7.5 the Aegean Islands region succeeded E. and

80:7.5 But as it was in E., so again practically all of the art

80:7.12 When E. followed Mesopotamia in cultural decline,

80:7.12 And when the arrival of inferior groups from E. later

82:5.4 brother and sister marriages were common in E.,

89:7.2 obtained over most of the world from Mexico to E..

93:5.3 appearance of Machiventa, rather than in E., China,

93:5.7 During his brief sojourn in E. Abraham found a

93:5.7 his wife, Sarah, lived at court, and when leaving E.,

93:5.8 But Melchizedek was revered even in E.,

93:5.9 on the way back from E. Abraham laid before Lot

93:6.3 Canaan by his offspring after their sojourn in E..

93:7.1 to all the surrounding tribes, especially to E., Asia

93:9.1 built upon when he led the Hebrew slaves out of E..

93:9.5 Joseph’s honor in E. was chiefly due to the

94:9.1 monarch Asoka, who, next to Ikhnaton in E.,

95:0.1 through Palestine, Mesopotamia, E., Iran, and

95:1.7 already invaded E. as Isis, Greece as Aphrodite,

95:1.11 into Hebrew literature and liturgy by way of E.

95:2.1 Melchizedek teachings took their deepest root in E.,

95:2.1 so E. fostered the most thoroughly blended type

95:2.2 tendencies that rendered E. more favorable to the

95:2.2 Each tribal leader in E., after fighting his way to

95:2.2 The idea of monotheism wavered in E. for many

95:2.6 as a healing agent, an idea which had its origin in E.

95:2.10 was carried over into Hebrew theology from E..

95:3.1 Although the culture and religion of E. were derived

95:3.1 there evolved in E. more of moral culture as a purely

95:3.3 years before the Salem gospel penetrated to E.,

95:3.5 E. was intellectual and moral but not overly

95:3.5 for Joseph to exert great influence throughout E.

95:3.5 But when the Salem missionaries first entered E.,

95:4.1 In due time there grew up in E. a teacher called by

95:5.1 prevailed upon her son, Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of E.,

95:5.2 alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the One God, in E.,

95:5.2 other reasons, that the child Jesus was taken to E.,

95:5.3 then would E. have become the great monotheistic

95:5.3 have lived the greater portion of his mortal life in E..

95:5.5 not slow to connect all of E.’ subsequent troubles

95:5.8 The family life of E. did much to preserve moral

95:5.9 teaching that Aton was not only the creator of E.

95:5.9 lands, even Syria and Kush, besides this land of E.

95:5.10 eventually gaining possession of one seventh of all E.

95:5.11 die out of the hearts of men in E. and in the world.

95:5.11 so zealously proclaimed for the worship of all E..

95:5.14 that E. became the agent for transmitting the culture

95:5.15 their sojourn in E. the Bedouins carried away much

96:0.1 highest deity concepts of Mesopotamia, E.,

96:0.3 much of the morality and religious thought of E.,

96:1.8 This doctrine was carried to E., where this Trinity

96:1.8 The philosophic circles of E. and later Alexandrian

96:2.2 roving Bedouins entered E. as contract laborers on

96:2.3 the Bedouin Semites who were held captive in E..

96:2.3 True, his offspring, coming up out of E., did form

96:2.3 into the clans of Israel had never sojourned in E..

96:2.3 their Semite associates from E. journeyed through

96:2.5 persisted among the more educated classes of E.,

96:3.1 dates from the departure of the Semites from E. to

96:3.1 Moses’ mother was of the royal family of E.;

96:3.1 Semites who fled from E. to the Arabian Desert

96:3.4 brother entered into a compact with the king of E.

96:3.4 and goods in token of their long service in E..

96:3.4 Pharaohs and not to join in any alliance against E..

96:3.4 into the desert to organize the nomads against E..

96:3.5 this intrepid organizer led his compatriots out of E.

96:4.2 after the flight from E., he had formulated a new

96:4.3 the idea of El Elyon, but before leaving E., he had

96:5.3 Hebrews would have come out of E. in hopeless

96:5.3 he selected the best in the religion and mores of E.

96:5.4 Moses had become tainted with the doctrines of E.

96:5.4 will put none of the evil diseases of E. upon you.”

97:0.2 vague and hazy at the time of the flight from E.

97:1.4 first time since the Hebrews sallied forth from E.,

97:9.21 the king of Israel conspired with the king of E.

97:9.23 The fall of Assyria and the ascendency of E. brought

97:9.24 Necho’s army as it moved up the coast from E.

97:9.24 was wiped out, and Judah went under tribute to E..

98:0.1 many routes, but chiefly they came by way of E.

98:3.6 the cults, rituals, mysteries, and god concepts of E.,

98:4.1 and emotional mystery cults from E. and the Levant.

104:1.2 the Sethites persisted in both Mesopotamia and E.

121:2.2 travel, trade, and armies of Babylonia, Assyria, E.,

121:2.8 Palestinian highway of travel between Syria and E.

121:2.8 the pitting of Seleucid Syria and Ptolemaic E.

121:2.8 Roman policy, the degeneration of E., and

122:10.4 from Bethlehem with the babe for Alexandria in E..

122:10.4 attention, they journeyed alone to E. with Jesus.

123:0.3 Memphis and Alexandrian friends to remain in E..

123:3.1 —which had been presented to them on leaving E..

125:2.12 conversant with the way in which the youth of E.

127:6.4 was brought back to Nazareth on the return from E..

128:5.5 His friends from E. set sail for home,

130:3.1 friends departed at noon one day for Alexandria in E.

132:0.3 included all of southern Europe, Asia Minor, E.,

135:3.2 believed that Rome was even then divided, as E.,

142:3.10 When the children of Israel came out of E. in the

142:3.21 in the first case deliverance from E. is assigned as

145:2.5 fathers when I brought them out of the land of E.,

166:3.2 Joshua from among all the hosts that went out of E.

179:1.6 to the times when their fathers were slaves in E..

195:0.18 It was a Greek, from E., who so bravely stood up at


64:6.19 were mostly confined to this southern or E. nation.

89:1.5 The E. taboo on pork has been perpetuated by the

89:4.9 It was no empty boast that a certain E. ruler made

89:4.9 And in order to do this he must needs have sorely

93:5.7 Abraham found a distant relative on the E. throne,

93:5.8 for Abraham to forego the honors of the E. court

93:9.5 Joseph was offered military command of the E.


95:2.1 many of the E. administrators were Sumerians.

95:2.3 For ages the E. peoples had been given to the

95:2.4 burial statues led to great improvement in E. art.

95:2.10 and that particular psalm was written by an E..

95:3.3 The E. triad of this age was Truth-Justice-

95:5.1 Amenemope were losing their hold on the E. mind

95:5.1 through the influence of an E. Salemite physician,

95:5.2 In some respects this young E. king is one of the

95:5.3 gift to the world of the Hebrew race and the E. royal

95:5.8 In those days social position or wealth gave no E.

95:5.9 religion failed to augment the morale of the E.

95:5.14 Although the effort of this E. ruler to impose the

96:0.3 the Hebrews was influenced, first, by E. moral

96:1.6 religion of this era was the E. concept of Providence,

96:2.2 as contract laborers on the E. public works, only to

96:2.4 largely forgotten by the time of the E. enslavement

96:2.5 Egypt, including the mixed Hebrew and E. stocks,

96:3.3 because of Moses’ influence with the E. rulers.

96:3.5 when the E. military forces were fully occupied in

96:4.1 While Moses comprehended the more advanced E.

96:7.1 their idea of Deity fell far below the E. concepts of

96:7.2 were written by E. and Mesopotamian teachers.

97:8.2 They struggled with their original and E. concept of

97:9.24 in Jerusalem, and thus began the real E. bondage.

98:4.4 2. The E. cult of Osiris and his mother Isis.

98:4.6 The Phrygian and E. mysteries taught that the divine

98:4.8 This E. ritual was built around the legend of the Nile

98:5.1 The Phrygian and E. mysteries eventually gave way

111:0.6 When an E. of this period died, it was expected that

111:0.6 One E. ruler, speaking of the ka within his heart,

122:1.2 Syrian, Hittite, Phoenician, Greek, and E. stocks,

126:1.2 gaze upon Megiddo and recall the story of the E.

126:1.2 taught Joseph’s brethren sold him into E. slavery.

136:1.3 Moses had delivered their fathers from E. bondage

142:3.5 El Shaddai, the E. concept of the God of heaven,


77:2.12 But when the E. undertook to reform the calendar,

77:4.8 The E. called this city of ancient glory Dilmat,

78:5.5 Later on, mixed Andites and E. followed down the

80:6.3 added greatly to the metalworking skill of the E..

80:6.4 The E. very early assembled their municipal deities

80:6.4 They developed an extensive theology and had an

82:5.4 The E. long practiced brother and sister marriages in

86:4.8 The Chinese and E. once believed that soul and

86:4.8 Among the E. this led to careful tomb construction

89:6.2 in the religious customs of the Chinese, Hindus, E.

90:4.9 Both the Greeks and the E. received their medical

95:1.11 The E. remarkably preserved the teachings of social

95:2.1 the concept of Divine Providence from the E..

95:2.2 In this way the E. gradually got used to the idea of

95:2.3 Still earlier they had been totem tribes, much like

95:2.4 In time the E. observed that dead bodies placed in

95:2.4 The E. believed that preservation of the body

95:2.5 For centuries the E. placed their faith in tombs as

95:2.7 The E. long believed that the stars twinkling in the

95:2.7 survivors they thought were absorbed into the sun.

95:2.9 E. had a religion far above that of the surrounding

95:3.1 the social and ethical idealism of the E. arose in the

95:3.3 the motto of the E. was: “Established is the man

95:3.5 years only four great prophets arose among the E..

95:3.5 Amenemope they followed for a season;

95:3.5 Okhban they murdered; Ikhnaton they accepted but

95:3.5 Moses they rejected.

95:5.4 of adversity and oppression swept over the E..

95:5.12 such an advanced religion that only educated E.

95:5.13 immortality for all men too advanced for the E..

95:5.13 therefore did they so carefully embalm and preserve

95:5.13 the E. later believed in the survival of dumb animals.

95:6.6 Zoroaster, like the E., taught the “day of judgment,”

96:3.5 hotly pursued by Pharaoh and a small body of E.,

96:5.3 Moses made over and above the religion of the E.

96:5.3 these teachings, joined to the learning of the E.,

97:6.2 all nations, and that there was no Osiris for the E.,

104:0.3 Later on, the Persians, Hindus, Greeks, E.,

111:0.4 The E. and many African tribes also believed in two

111:0.5 a symbol of that entity which the E. called the ka.

150:3.11 were derived from the superstitions of the E.,


132:0.1 gracious manner, I would be a real emperor, eh?”

eightsee eight billion; eight hundred; eight hundred

thousand; eight million; eight o’clock; eight years

15:3.4 Of the ten major divisions of Orvonton, e. have been

39:4.8 acquired during the e. preceding life experiences—041:03.10 you will recognize e. of these immense sectors as

45:4.2 have been recruited from the e. Urantia races,

48:1.5 E. of these occur in the system, seventy-one in the

49:2.23 number 7, e. per cent; number 8, five per cent;

51:1.3 Material Sons vary in height from e. to ten feet,

58:2.6 the temperature steadily falls for six or e. miles,

60:2.8 one species of ammonites attained a diameter of e.

64:6.19 many of their leaders being e. and nine feet in height.

72:1.2 The high mountains, on which heavy rains fall e.

72:5.9 The climate favors travel about e. months in the year,

74:1.1 series and were a little more than e. feet in height.

77:6.4 the e. couples eventually produced 248 midwayers,

77:6.4 There are e. subgroups of secondary midwayers.

84:2.4 the wife, remaining at rest from three to e. days.

104:4.45 fifteen, e. of which are unrevealed in these papers.

122:5.1 As a youth, among his e. brothers and sisters, he

123:3.5 the midwinter festive illumination, lasting e. days,

126:3.11 making a living for himself, his mother, and e.

127:2.8 a widowed mother and e. brothers and sisters needed

163:1.1 e. other disciples who had distinguished themselves

182:2.5 After the e. apostles had finally gone to their tents,

183:0.2 Although e. of the apostles were sound asleep,

183:0.2 the camp was now aroused except the e. apostles.

183:3.9 informed all e. of the Master’s betrayal and arrest.

183:3.10 about the time the e. apostles were being awakened

eight billion

19:4.1 There are exactly e. Universal Censors in existence.

eight hundred

163:5.3 almost e. visitors were gathered about the Master,

eight hundred thousand

37:3.1 at the time of the last registry there were almost e. in

eight million

25:6.4 those of attained status on Uversa are not quite e.

eight o’clock

154:6.1 It was about e. on this Sunday morning when five

154:7.1 It was almost half past e. this beautiful morning

175:3.1 At e. on this Tuesday evening the fateful meeting of

186:1.1 It was about half past e. this Friday morning when

186:4.2 It was a little after e. when Pilate turned Jesus over

190:3.3 called a meeting of the Sanhedrin to convene at e.

191:0.4 until a little after e., when he ventured out into the

191:1.1 It was near half past e. this Sunday evening when

191:4.1 to mortal recognition occurred a short time after e.

191:6.1 on Tuesday evening, April 18, at about half past e.

191:6.1 At about e., the messenger, Nathan of Busiris,

eight years

15:7.2 of Urantia time, about e. and one fifth of your years.

47:2.5 families consist of children whose ages are six, e.,

62:5.6 lost their lives on many occasions before they were e.

123:5.15 Before he was e. years of age, he was known to all

129:1.5 the Sadducean group, having been deposed only e.

177:2.4 because you spent your first e. years in a normal

eighteensee eighteen hundred; eighteen trillion;

eighteen years

33:6.7 The standard day of Nebadon is equal to e. days

49:2.21 e. per cent to the lower, compared with Urantians,

126:3.4 on a piece of smooth cedar board about e. inches

133:3.3 During the e. months Paul preached in Corinth,

166:4.4 You also know about the e. men upon whom the

eighteen hundred

42:6.8 If the volume of a proton—e. times as heavy as an

eighteen trillion

25:3.15 gives the number operating in Orvonton as almost e.

eighteen years

72:4.1 that the student attends from the ages of five to e..

72:4.6 graduating from the precollege school system at e.

72:5.11 all able-bodied citizens over e. work either at home

72:8.1 program extending from the ages of five to e.,

72:8.7 the military training of volunteer citizens from e. to

74:6.8 The average age of betrothal was e., and these

76:2.5 The boys were respectively e. and twenty years of

128:2.1 brothers and sisters ranging in age from seven to e.,

128:2.4 solemnly installed James, then just past e. old,

128:5.7 attention to the fact that Joseph would soon be e. old

135:2.1 July, A.D. 12, when John was just past e. of age.

135:3.3 with Jesus, at the time of his visit when he was e.

167:3.1 bound up by the depressions of fear for e. years,

167:3.3 Abraham has been bound down by evil these e.,


127:3.0 3. THE EIGHTEENTH YEAR (A.D. 12)

179:5.10 singing, all together, the one hundred and e. Psalm.

193:2.1 The Master’s e. morontia appearance was at Tyre,


94:8.8 philosophy of the E. Path: right views, aspirations,


14:1.12 three and one-e. seconds less than one thousand

37:5.10 The e. group of seven primary worlds and tributary

40:9.9 In Nebadon their universe home is the e. group of

42:9.3 six consecutive elements, but on reaching the e.,

42:9.3 the e. chemically active element resembles the first

58:7.3 surface, over about one e. of the present land area.

73:1.3 for the Nodites themselves constituted the e. race of

77:2.8 constitute the ancestry of the Nodites, the e. race to

78:4.1 peoples whose racial inheritance was from one-e. to

119:8.1 the e. proclamation of Michael’s sovereignty,

122:2.7 the e. day they presented the child for circumcision,

122:8.2 the promised child was born; and on the e. day,

123:2.6 1. The newborn child, the first to the e. day.

123:6.0 6. HIS EIGHTH YEAR (A.D. 2)

135:0.2 On the e. day John was circumcised according to the

139:8.1 Thomas was the e. apostle, and he was chosen by

191:1.1 This was his e. morontia manifestation.


64:7.18 A little more than e. thousand years ago, shortly

97:9.12 And they did this because e. per cent of David’s

191:6.1 appeared to Rodan and some e. other believers,


12:3.10 These investigators deduce that about e. per cent of

64:6.5 About e. thousand years ago the comparatively pure

79:5.6 It is e. thousand years since the last of the pure red


15:14.6 The universe of Nebadon is number e. in the minor


162:4.4 the Psalm for the last day of the feast being the e.,


73:2.2 proposed, e. years before the arrival of Adam, that

eithernot included


96:2.2 milk and honey,” but just as often were they e. by the

173:1.8 merchandisers had been e. from the sacred temple.


42:5.6 Orbital shifting of electrons results in the e. or the

57:5.7 The repercussional e. of gas from the opposite side

168:3.3 With the e. of these nineteen men the Sanhedrin


96:1.7 4. El. Amid all this confusion of terminology and

96:1.7 practice of referring to this composite Deity as El.

El Elyon

93:2.1 to this shepherd, “I am Melchizedek, priest of E.,

93:2.3 he turned to Amdon, saying, “E., the Most High,

93:2.3 and he is also the supreme God of heaven.”

93:2.4 soon known throughout Palestine as the priest of E.,

93:3.2 of Norlatiadek, whom he termed E.—the Most High.

93:4.2 I believe in E., the Most High God, the only Father

95:5.2 kept alive the doctrine of E., the One God, in Egypt

96:1.4 2. E.. For centuries after Melchizedek’s sojourn at

96:1.4 but was generally connoted by the term E.,

96:1.4 at various times worshiped both Yahweh and E..

96:1.5 Melchizedek teachings embodied in the concept of E

96:1.12 many of the Kenites believed more or less in E.,

96:2.4 The Melchizedek teaching concerning E., the Most

96:2.5 for the tinge of the E. concept of Melchizedek which

96:4.2 Moses’ father-in-law was a Kenite worshiper of E.

96:4.3 endeavored to teach these Bedouins the idea of E.,

96:5.5 of Moses trying to adapt his sublime concept of E.,

96:7.2 goodly number who believed in the supremacy of E.,

98:7.12 the teachings of the “priest of E., the Most High

142:3.4 became believers in Melchizedek’s teaching of E.

El Elyonist

96:4.2 the influence of his father-in-law he became an E.;

El Shaddai

96:1.5 3. E.. It is difficult to explain what E. stood for.

96:1.5 as the concept of E. permeated the Hebrew mind,

96:1.6 that material prosperity was a reward for serving E..

96:4.2 but the emancipator’s parents were believers in E..

142:3.5 3. E.. During these early days many of the Hebrews

142:3.5 many of the Hebrews worshiped E., the Egyptian

El Shaddaist

96:4.2 Moses thus was educated an E.; through the


30:4.33 spheres of outer space will undoubtedly further e.,

40:0.10 —to e. and continue the recital of the eternal purpose

65:4.3 living cell is injured, it possesses the ability to e.

87:6.1 to e., the technique of spirit propitiation led directly


27:6.3 the masters of philosophy conduct e. courses in the

44:4.4 The language of Nebadon is not quite so e.,

48:8.2 e. universe training school for ascending creatures.

63:6.4 developed into the more e. sacrificial ceremonies

77:4.8 The e. records left by the Sumerians describe the

79:4.5 This e. caste system has been preserved on down to

80:5.6 he was, by e. ceremony, committed to the shaman

80:6.4 municipal deities into an e. national system of gods

83:4.3 first to develop the more e. celebration of weddings.

87:1.4 employed e. purification ceremonies designed to

89:4.3 sacrificial feasting, in time becoming increasingly e.

90:5.3 ritual next grew into e. ceremonies of purification,

94:10.2 priests with shaven heads who practice an e. ritual

94:10.2 holy water, gorgeous vestments, and e. choirs.

95:2.5 these ethical and moral ideals, rather than e. tombs

97:9.8 by e. and solemn ceremonies to anoint him king

97:9.16 bankrupted the nation by his e. building program:

98:5.4 the sun-god and with the most e. observance of all

109:1.1 There must be a comprehensive and e. plan for the

121:5.10 3. They were characterized by e. ceremonies of

163:4.13 Oriental salutation was a lengthy and e. ceremony;

167:6.6 embellishment with man’s e. and ostentatious art.


39:8.2 the most important as e. in these narratives are the

63:6.4 This idea was e. by Moses in the Hebrew ritual and


2:6.5 led directly to the e. of the atonement doctrine,

3:6.4 in the e. of universe laws he so deeply reverences.

21:5.6 beings in no way interferes with the work of life e.

36:6.7 There are some things connected with the e. of life

40:7.3 the e. of this great truth embraces your whole career.

41:2.6 with the physical preliminaries of life, with the e.

42:2.12 gravity energy is the product of the energy e.

104:4.45 While we do not deem it wise to attempt any e.,

121:8.14 further e. of our restatement of Jesus’ life on earth.]

137:4.13 chemical elements requisite for the e. of the wine.

163:4.9 which was an e. of the Master’s charge given at the


73:1.5 eastern group migrated to the highland regions of E.

77:4.4 The commerce advocates migrated eastward into E.


76:2.9 son, Enoch, became the head of the E. Nodites.

77:4.4 2. The eastern or E. Nodites.

78:6.3 the Sethite priests, moved eastward through the E.


76:2.9 for hundreds of years the E. and the Adamites

77:4.4 The E. of thirty to forty thousand years ago had


179:4.1 After some time had e., in about the middle of this


11:8.9 extension, an e. tension of Paradise presence.

87:7.5 truth has expanded freely when the cult has been e.,


12:6.6 characterized by an e. of response which are often

41:9.4 The interior gas e. of the suns upholds the

42:9.5 Physical stability associated with biologic e is present

104:1.9 firm monotheistic tradition coupled with doctrinal e..

127:4.4 in all Jesus’ administrative rulings a refreshing e. of


163:6.6 But why were you so surprisingly e.?


62:2.3 highly curious and exhibiting considerable e. when

172:5.4 was cruelly torn by his conflicting emotions of e.

172:5.11 the memory of the e. of this Sunday afternoon


41:3.2 They have just as much comparative e. room in


134:5.7 So-called sovereign nations cannot rub e. without

eldersee elder brother

72:2.7 3. The third house—the e. statesmen—embraces the

72:2.7 the majority action of the e. statesmen themselves.

72:2.17 the national government, the house of e. statesmen.

74:6.7 they were sixteen, the younger being taught by the e.

77:9.10 Midwayers are likewise your e. brethren, comrades

88:1.8 For an e. or superior to spit on one was the highest

97:7.4 was a full convert to the e. Isaiah’s God of justice,

128:7.12 Jacob the e. having been laid to rest with his fathers.

133:3.10 The e. of these two women died a short time later,

150:1.1 Martha, the e. sister of Andrew and Peter; Rachel,

169:1.11 while they were celebrating, the e. son came in from

173:2.3 only the Sanhedrin could ordain an e. or teacher,

190:5.1 Cleopas, the e., was a partial believer in Jesus;

elder brother

40:6.5 Son of God became one of you; he is your e. in fact,

119:1.1 heard Michael announce that his e., Immanuel,

120:0.6 Gabriel and then presented himself before his e.

127:2.12 visit of a messenger, dispatched by his e. Immanuel,

128:1.11 Immanuel, he merely replied, “Not I, that is my e..”

129:1.5 her four daughters looked upon Jesus as their e..

136:3.3 administered by his e., Immanuel, ere he entered

169:4.1 referred to himself as the Son of Man and their e..

169:4.13 Jesus is your e. who, in the flesh, makes known to

170:5.17 became the head of the church rather than the e. of


142:6.1 one Nicodemus, a wealthy and e. member of the

167:3.1 Jesus looked down before him upon an e. woman

171:5.1 one Bartimeus, an e. man who had been blind


34:4.11 The seats of the four and twenty e. are on Jerusem,

45:4.1 the Revelator called them the four and twenty e.:

45:4.1 and upon the seats I saw four and twenty e. sitting,

66:5.15 give us respect for our e. and that which belongs to

66:7.15 7. You shall not show disrespect to the e. of the tribe

70:5.2 real governmental body was the council of the e..

70:5.2 there ensued a long age of the domination of the e..

70:5.3 In the council of the e. there resided the potential of

70:11.12 4. By appeal to the e.—later to the courts.

70:12.2 and diffuse powers of the primitive council of e.

70:12.2 After the arrival of real kings the groups of e.

80:5.6 When the tribal council of the Andite e had adjudged

82:4.2 and arranged by the group, their parents and e..

83:3.2 the price demanded by a grasping father, the e.

93:4.13 7. You shall not show disrespect for parents and e..

97:9.11 e. of Ephraim came down and “anointed him king

97:9.15 no longer could “the e.” mete out justice.

123:4.2 more serious things they observed their e. doing.

124:1.4 There it was, plain as day, and many of the e. had

124:1.4 The e. were thrown into confusion.

124:1.4 And the committee of e. departed in silence.

124:5.5 The e., notwithstanding all their trouble with Jesus’

125:5.8 He made few comments on the remarks of his e..

130:3.8 of the Alexandria Sanhedrin, the seventy ruling e..

147:1.1 So the e. went to see Jesus and their spokesman

147:1.2 wherefore I sent the e. of your own people.

153:3.3 unwashed is a transgression of the law of the e..

153:3.3 traditions of the fathers and the laws of our e.?”

153:3.3 The law of the e. thus relieves such crafty children

153:3.6 the traditions of the e., or so-called oral laws of the

153:3.6 die than to transgress the commandments of the e.

153:3.7 represented by the oral law—the traditions of the e.,

158:7.3 be rejected by the scribes, the e., and the chief priests

173:2.2 a group of these e. of Israel made their way up

173:4.4 looking with searching gaze upon those e. who

175:1.8 I bid you co-operate with these e. in Israel.

177:3.7 the priests and e. were amazed that Jesus did not

177:4.12 At last the chief priests and e. could breathe easily

eldestsee eldest brother; eldest son(s)

63:3.5 clan and was ably assisted by his wife, his e. sister.

69:6.3 household fire, attended by the mother or e. daughter

77:9.5 1-2-3 the first, the e. of the primary order, was

123:2.16 Mary often talked about the future of their e. child,

127:5.1 not strange that Rebecca, the e. daughter of Ezra,

128:5.8 Martha was competent to assume her duties as e.

132:6.2 they had found a position for the e. boy so that he

139:5.11 Their e. daughter, Leah, continued their work, later

150:1.1 Ruth, the e. daughter of Matthew Levi;

eldest brother

124:5.6 effective teacher and e. to this family—his family—

126:5.10 Their e. spent some time with them in the garden

127:1.4 They were all unfitted to comprehend their e.’ life

127:2.8 Jesus paid compliment to his mother and e. for

129:1.13 the more Jude saw of his e., the more he became

134:1.4 postponed these events, hoping for their e.’ return.

186:0.3 of that terrible business of putting to death their e.,

190:1.10 James, Jesus’ e., remained with his family in

190:2.2 always inclined to believe in his e.’ mission on earth,

190:2.3 heard his name spoken, he knew that it was his e.,

eldest son(s)

35:2.3 assumes responsibility, of the e. in a large family.

35:2.5 These eS. of a universe are the chief aids of the

36:4.2 direction of such a world then devolves to her e..

76:3.3 and his e., Jansad, became the successor of Adam

76:3.4 Seth, the e. surviving son of Adam and Eve born in

77:5.2 Now this e. of Adam had often heard from Van and

77:5.4 Adam and Eve were much grieved to lose their e.,

86:5.13 It was long the custom of the e. to try to catch the

122:5.2 aroused by the extraordinary career of her e.,

122:5.6 become a firm believer in the divine mission of his e..

123:6.8 was convinced her e. was to become the Messiah,

124:1.4 be done to suppress the lawlessness of his e..

124:4.4 was something superhuman resident within this e.,

130:2.2 activities, his e. decided to become a Taoist priest.

134:6.15 Cymboyton’s e. appealed to Abner at Philadelphia

137:4.8 mother had other motives for appealing to her e. on

186:0.2 went at once in the company of John to see her e..


165:0.1 Jogbehah, Gilead, Beth-Nimrah, Tyrus, E., Livias,


49:6.5 shall gather together his e. from the four winds.”

113:6.7 shall gather together his e. from one end of the realm


16:3.1 They have names, but we e. to introduce them by

22:7.4 such finaliters may e. to spend this duty-free period,

25:8.10 she would e. to accompany her mortal associate.

31:5.2 the Planetary Adam and Eve, may e. to humanize,

35:1.3 They periodically e. their own administrative chief

47:9.3 an ascender may e. to tarry on the seventh mansion

55:4.27 A Planetary Adam and Eve may e.—as do Material

55:4.30 as they e. to humanize, receive Adjusters, and start

56:9.13 be like him, may e. to attain Paradise and find God.

70:8.8 the wage earner could e. to join the capitalistic ranks.

70:12.5 should e. only those who are qualified intellectually

71:8.1 it matters little what form of state a people may e.

72:2.1 These states e. their governors and legislators for ten

72:9.6 intelligent groups who e. only their best members to

76:5.4 would e. to function as the Paradise bestowal Son.

89:7.4 might e. to redeem her life by dedicating her body

94:12.3 the soul, upon experiencing death, may e. to enjoy

106:8.3 We e. to present the three-level concept, which is as

109:3.2 but when comparatively few will e. to ascend the

118:6.5 man can e. to become more than a man; he can

118:7.2 those volitional beings who may, or may not, e. to

139:8.8 proposition to a vote, and after the twelve would e.

153:3.7 Thus did the Master e to discuss and expose the folly

160:1.5 e. to live upon the high plane of intelligent art,

196:3.17 may e. to suspend their efforts to discover the God

electedsee elected by; elected to

39:1.16 A body of 144 supreme seraphim is e. from time to

52:1.6 and upon death many are duly e. as survivors

72:2.7 ballot among the list of nominees is thereby duly e..

72:7.14 state legislature, one quarter being e. every six years.

150:1.2 The ten e. Susanna as their chief and Joanna as their

192:0.2 his fellow apostles never formally e. Peter to such a

elected by

72:2.3 The federal chief executive is e. every six years by

72:2.5 1. The upper house is e. by industrial, professional,

72:2.6 2. The lower house is e. by certain organizations of

72:2.7 members are e. by the majority action of the elder

72:7.9 The upper industrial house is e. by labor, the lower

72:7.14 nominated by the state governors and e. by the state

elected to

22:7.5 if they report that they have singly and jointly e. to

30:4.9 but we have e. to tell this story as it pertains to the

33:2.2 Michael e. to organize this local universe, and herein

35:2.8 have e. to do certain things which their supervisors

53:5.4 Michael e. to remain aloof from the actual warfare of

53:5.4 e. to assume command of the loyal hosts of Satania.

67:3.8 Amadon e. to stand with his chief throughout the

71:3.12 e. or appointed to some position of governmental

75:6.2 Adam had no liking for war and accordingly e. to

75:6.3 about one third e. to remain with their parents.

76:0.1 When Adam e. to leave the first garden to the

76:2.1 Abel e. to be a herder; Cain had chosen to follow

76:4.8 Adam e. to leave behind as much of his life plasm

77:5.2 the children of Adam and Eve who e. to remain on

77:5.3 loss of his mate and their children, who had all e. to

93:9.5 Joseph e. to serve as a civil administrator, believing

96:3.2 Moses e. to cast his lot with the people of his father.

103:1.6 which we have e. to call God-consciousness.

120:0.7 Michael had e. to execute this bestowal in the flesh,

120:1.2 Now that you have e. to be wholly subject to your

120:3.3 practices of the people among whom you have e. to

140:3.1 you have e. to represent me in the world even as I

153:1.2 enemies, and he e. boldly to assume the offensive.

155:6.2 You have e. to exchange feelings of authoritative

157:5.2 Jesus therefore e. boldly to disclose the third plan

157:6.6 Jesus, seeing this, then e. to meet his believers part

158:1.4 but Jesus also e. to meet the last and full measure of

163:6.5 blessed are these communities which have e. to

166:5.5 version of Jesus’ teachings which Paul e. to preach

170:1.7 Jesus e. to appropriate the most vital heritage of

172:3.2 he e. to make a formal and public entry into the city.

174:5.5 and thirty of them had e. to enter the kingdom.

183:1.2 Jesus e. to lay down his life in the flesh in the

187:3.6 he e. to die as an ordinary mortal upon the cross.

189:0.2 Your Creator-father has e. to pass through the

192:0.2 his fellow apostles never formally e. Peter to such a


71:2.19 the practice of e. to public offices only those who are


45:3.22 the system has resumed the e. of ten members to the

45:7.6 The vote cast at a Jerusem e. by any one personality

70:6.3 between the death of a king and the e. of a successor

72:2.1 for ten years, and none are eligible for re-e..

72:2.3 He is not eligible for re-e. except upon the petition of

72:2.6 All citizens in good standing participate in the e. of

72:2.6 depending on whether the e. pertains to the upper

72:9.6 The e. of a federal chief executive every six years is

72:9.7 Thus, except in the e. of the chief executive, suffrage

93:1.2 to uphold truth in the manner of their own e. “until

97:9.4 Saul was made king by popular e. by his troops.


71:2.8 Popular e. may not always decide things rightly,

71:2.8 but they represent the right way even to do a wrong


45:7.4 an e. body charged with the duty of representing

45:7.5 There are many e. bodies on Jerusem, and they are

55:3.20 7. Certain e. commissions of three properly qualified

55:4.15 becomes attached to the e. mortal chief executive,

72:8.2 Individuals may accept political, e., or appointive


71:2.17 presupposes an intelligent, efficient, and universal e..

72:9.6 the e. consists of solidified, unified, and intelligent


45:7.4 are selected by the council of one thousand e.,

45:7.4 those who constitute this group of one thousand e..


29:4.28 directionize the flow of certain forms of e. energy;

41:1.2 such as sun spots and system e. disturbances;

41:6.5 before the e.-gravity power of the atomic nucleus

41:8.3 The gravity-e. changes give origin to vast quantities

41:8.3 quantities of tiny particles devoid of e. potential,

42:5.8 The electronic charge creates an e. field; movement

42:5.8 movement gives rise to an e. current; the current

42:6.6 e. differentiation of negative and positive bodies of

42:8.3 Without this arrangement the e. charge carried by

42:8.4 neither e. nor gravitational forces could hold the

42:8.4 The mesotron causes the e. charge of the nuclear

42:8.4 so unbelievably rapid that the e. charge is deprived

46:1.4 until they reach the e. air-ceiling of the sphere;

49:2.6 5. E. types.

49:2.22 5. The e. types. The electric, magnetic, and

49:2.22 The e., magnetic, and electronic behavior of the

49:2.23 Of the e. groupings of mortal life, almost twenty-

57:8.18 E. disturbances in the air and in the earth were also

58:3.2 whether coming from tense e. fields, outer space,


11:8.3 Local or linear gravity pertains to the e. stage of

15:6.13 the e. reaction of its highly expanded gases and

15:8.7 fluctuations accompanied by e. manifestations.

36:3.5 with the physical, chemical, and e. specifications of

42:1.4 control of the energy revolutions of the e. units of

42:3.5 3. Electronic matter—the e. stage of material

42:3.8 (chemically active) electrons by e., thermal, or X-ray

42:4.2 of restless, surging e. energy or magnetic power;

42:4.3 energy even after it has transmuted to the e. level,

42:7.10 Other influences—physical, e., magnetic, and

49:1.2 association of chemical, e., and other basic energies.

49:3.3 meteor damage by making e. installations which

49:3.3 to disastrous e. storms of a nature unknown on

57:8.8 institute new patterns of mechanical, e. mobilization

65:6.7 responsive to physical, chemical, and e. environment.

65:6.8 Absolute, e. and chemical reactions are predictable.

110:7.6 dominated by the chemical and e. forces inherent

118:8.2 escape the chemical and e. mechanics of his existence


42:7.6 Stability of the atom depends on the number of e.

77:6.3 but their e. energized offspring live on and on, not

110:4.5 The Urantia races are so largely e. and chemically


41:1.2 light and e. are not the basic energies of space;

42:4.1 Light, heat, e., magnetism, chemism, energy, and

48:2.14 Much as a dynamo apparently generates e. out of the

69:6.8 of steam power and the present-day uses of e..

81:2.14 Through animals, fire, wind, water, e., and other

81:6.8 to be followed by the employment of steam and e..

133:5.4 force manifestations, of gravitation, light, and e.,


58:2.10 It is the presence of two different levels of e. regions

173:1.7 By this time the assembled pilgrims were e.,


0:5.7 The living e. mechanism of animal nature and origin.

16:8.15 the Nebadon type of organism belonging to the e.

36:6.7 fully comprehend the physical organization of the e.

49:2.26 physiologic differentiation, and e. adjustment.

65:1.1 could not possibly function in the e. domains as a

65:7.8 Always should the domains of the physical (e.) and

109:5.5 the legacy of cerebral endowment and that of e.

111:1.5 Human consciousness rests gently upon the e.


65:1.3 1. The physical level of e..

65:1.6 enable them to function on the physical levels of e.


36:2.14 realm of the universe physicists and e. who serve as


42:5.8 When an electron is suddenly stopped, the e.


41:5.4 one-half million years for an X-ray-stimulated e. to

41:6.4 Early in the atomic struggle it loses its outer e.;

41:6.4 a masterful act of juggling the nineteenth e. back

41:6.4 By tossing this nineteenth e. back and forth

41:6.5 The agility of this acrobatic calcium e. is indicated

41:6.5 it only remains in that orbit for one one-millionth of a

42:4.3 ultimaton into the circuits and revolutions of the e.

42:4.6 one hundred ultimatons—the equivalent of one e.—042:05.06 while the individual e. always gives up a particle of

42:5.8 The next step in the slowing down of the e. yields

42:5.8 When an e. is suddenly stopped, the resultant

42:5.16 and the encircling e. to resist falling into the nucleus.

42:6.5 ultimatons together in the constitution of the e.;

42:6.5 less than one hundred ultimatons in a typical e..

42:6.5 existence one of the ten modified forms of the e..

42:6.7 while an e. weighs a little more than 1/2,000th of the

42:6.7 while it may be no larger than a negative e.,

42:6.8 magnified until that of an e. equaled one tenth of an

42:6.8 the volume of such an e. would become as large as

42:6.8 proton—eighteen hundred times as heavy as an e.—042:07.08 The wavelike energy extension of an e. may so

42:7.9 from e. to e. and well-nigh from orbit to orbit.

42:8.3 a particle of matter 180 times as heavy as the e..

42:8.5 “energy carrier,” which thereby becomes a mere e..

56:10.14 Every impulse of every e., thought, or spirit is an

58:3.3 greatly altered because the e. spin is sometimes in


0:6.2 ordinarily limited to the designation of the e. level of

0:6.6 This is the pre-e. level of energy-matter.

0:6.7 This is the e. level of energy-matter and evolutions

29:2.13 This is the e. organization of universe power.

29:2.15 The e. organization of universe power functions in

41:3.6 now closely approach the status of e. condensation.

41:6.4 attached electrons in the two outer e. circuits,

41:6.4 nineteenth and twentieth circuits of e. revolution.

41:7.12 certain gravity pressures, as the e. boiling point.

41:7.12 all atoms are degraded and broken up into their e.

41:7.13 the acceleration of ultimatonic and e. activities when

41:9.1 space, to engage in the adventure of e. association

42:2.12 in the soon appearing material mass of the e.

42:3.5 3. E. matter—the electrical stage of material

42:3.5 units entering into the varied constitution of the e.

42:3.12 there is still some ultimatonic even e. activity, but

42:4.3 transmuted to the electrical level, the so-called e.

42:4.5 Heat is the measurement of e. activity, while cold

42:4.6 and ultimatonic activities, as well as organizing e.

42:4.7 Low temperatures favor certain forms of e.

42:4.9 the dark worlds can slow down e. and ultimatonic

42:4.9 Certain e. associations of a close nature, as well as

42:4.12 The existence of pre-e. forms of matter is indicated

42:4.14 quantity of energy taken in or given out when e. or

42:5.4 down to that point where they veer towards the e.

42:5.5 These are the shortest of all purely e. vibrations and

42:5.6 4. The e. stage. This stage of energy is the basis

42:5.6 positive bodies and the other members of the e. stage

42:5.7 The best illustration of this form of e. activity is in

42:5.8 The e. charge creates an electric field; movement

42:5.11 9. Infrared rays—the slowing down of e. activity still

42:6.2 unattached, and uncharged e.-energy particles or on

42:6.4 attain the revolutionary-energy prerequisites to e.

42:6.5 The loss of one or more ultimatons destroys e.

42:6.6 thus determining the differential e. dimensions.

42:6.6 positive reactions of the several types of e. units.

42:6.6 The entire segregation and grouping of e. matter,

42:7.2 between the atomic nucleus and the inner e. circuit

42:7.3 The e. axial revolutions and their orbital velocities

42:7.8 This same comparative ratio of e. behavior in

42:7.8 The nearer the nucleus, the less there is of e.

42:7.10 But some of this e. unpredictability is due to

42:7.10 —also operate to produce variable e. behavior.

42:8.2 are synchronized with e. velocity and ultimatonic

42:9.1 reality of the sevenfold e. organization of prematter.

49:2.22 The electric, magnetic, and e. behavior of the worlds

58:3.2 changes in, temperature, gravity, and e. pressures.

112:2.10 explained by any theory of mechanistic e. association


42:4.3 range of action is enormously curtailed when e.


29:4.33 manipulating atoms, e., and ultimatons much as you

41:4.3 atoms are exceptionally small; they contain few e..

41:5.5 a sun’s interior charge the heated and agitated e.

41:6.3 bulk—containing as it does twenty revolving e.—is

41:6.4 stone atom has two agile and loosely attached e. in

41:7.4 1. Annihilation of atoms and, eventually, of e..

41:7.12 even the e. and other associations of ultimatons may

41:7.13 to enormously speed up the ultimatons and the e.,

41:9.1 suns maintain such a gravity control over their e.

41:9.2 Atoms and e. are subject to gravity.

42:3.3 the energy particles which go to make up e..

42:3.5 —the electrical stage of material differentiation—e.,

42:3.8 atoms stripped of their outer (chemically active) e.

42:4.5 are at work creatively organizing ultimatons into e..

42:4.14 are 860 times the diameters of the ultimatons, e.,

42:5.4 As the ultimatons aggregate into e., condensation

42:5.6 When e. pass from higher to lower energy levels of

42:5.6 Orbital shifting of e. results in the ejection or the

42:5.14 Ultimatons, e., and other mass aggregations of


42:6.6 orbits or whirl about in circuits within the e., but

42:7.2 Within the atom the e. revolve about the central

42:7.4 from one to one hundred e. revolve around a central

42:7.6 is dependent on the activity of the freely revolving e..

42:7.7 naturally to assemble over one hundred orbital e. in

42:7.7 the dispersion of the e. and other liberated energies.

42:7.8 may contain from one to one hundred orbital e.,

42:7.8 only the outer ten e. of the larger atoms revolve

42:7.8 The thirty e. nearest the center are difficult of

42:7.8 all atoms regardless of the number of e. embraced.

42:7.8 especially is this true of the e. nearest the atomic

42:7.9 The thirty innermost orbital e. have individuality,

42:7.9 The next thirty e. constitute the second family, or

42:7.9 The next thirty e., the third energy zone, are still

42:7.9 The last ten e., present in only the ten heaviest

42:7.9 members of this fourth and outermost group of e.

42:7.10 containing from one to twenty-seven orbital e.,


5:5.14 honestly e. to do the will of the Father in heaven.

15:11.2 superuniverse councils e. a native representative.

20:5.4 whereon a Creator Son e. to make his bestowal.

45:6.7 whether or not it e. to follow the parental path of

112:5.3 it is real only in so far as the personality e. to become

118:8.10 the beginnings of spiritual brotherhood when he e. to

167:7.5 the seraphic joy when one soul e. to forsake sin


41:6.2 Calcium is the chief e. of the matter-permeation of

41:6.3 calcium feat is all the more remarkable since this e.

41:6.4 Calcium is an active and versatile e. at solar

41:6.7 many iron lines, but iron is not the chief e. in the sun.

42:9.3 Starting from any one e., after noting some one

42:9.3 the eighth chemically active e. resembles the first,


5:3.3 prayer embodies a self- or creature-interest e.;

5:3.3 There is absolutely no self-request or other e. of

5:3.4 The moment the e. of self-interest intrudes upon

23:3.1 particularly where the e. of time is involved.

23:3.4 be deprived of its personal e. were this not a fact.

28:6.10 the Ancients of Days, time is an e. of evidence.

28:6.11 the secret of prophecy; they portray the e. of time

34:3.4 Only as regards the e. of time is a Creative Spirit

39:1.8 the e. of mercy inherent in divine justice—of fairness

39:2.11 there is an automatic time e. in the transit slumber.

48:6.37 the self e. that exhausts, not the effort to achieve.

68:2.2 lessen the risk e. in the individual’s mode of living,

68:2.2 lessening pain and increasing the pleasure e. in life.

69:2.4 The time e. in labor, the idea of doing a given task

69:9.7 (Polygamy is the survival of the female-slavery e.

82:5.6 Familiarity breeds contempt; so, as the e. of choice

83:4.9 The luck e., that in spite of all premarital tests certain

84:0.3 the e. of self-gratification being largely incidental.

84:4.3 satisfactory sex relations have involved the e. of

88:6.7 science is removing the gambling e. from life.

101:4.1 tempted to discard any e. of genuine religious truth

102:2.4 Time is an invariable e. in the attainment of

102:4.4 The e. of error present in human religious experience

102:4.6 Revealed religion is the unifying e. of human

103:3.4 Religion evolves favorably as the e. of magic is

103:3.5 But in all of this religious evolution the moral e. was

112:5.12 and divine parentage constitutes the surviving e. of

115:2.2 Value is a unique e. in universe reality.

136:7.3 the lack of control over the e. of time in connection

136:8.3 there was present the human e. of questioning and

145:3.11 regarding the impossibility of limiting the time e.


41:6.1 casualties of fierce encounters of the solar e. battles.

42:3.9 7. Atomic matter—the chemical stage of e.

49:2.3 2. E. types.

49:2.15 2. The e. types. These differentiations have to do

49:2.18 In Satania, of the e. types, seven per cent are water,

57:7.2 appear as a result of the internal e. contest between

68:3.3 fear which reaches out and away from the e. needs

69:8.12 wealth and power from the e. storehouse of nature.

71:2.7 Public opinion, the mores, is the basic and e. energy

85:4.3 man was so impressed with these e. disturbances that

112:3.5 After death the material body returns to the e.

159:5.17 Jesus portrayed the e. needs of the soul with a new

189:2.8 the same natural process of e. disintegration as


26:5.3 That, then, is the e. course which confronts the

41:2.6 vehicles for the energies of e. material organisms.

93:4.16 Melchizedek taught e. revealed truth at Salem for

123:5.2 For three years he attended the e. school of the

170:2.9 in the e. and confused kingdom teachings of John


12:9.4 a further study of these e. discloses that oxygen is

14:2.3 of exactly one thousand basic chemical e.

36:3.5 vitalize the otherwise inert e. of the material order of

41:6.1 sun are due to modifications of well-known e. which

41:6.2 one of the most prevalent and persistent of the e..

41:6.3 Of all the solar e., calcium, notwithstanding its

41:6.3 and this despite the fact that nineteen lighter e.,

41:7.1 Regardless of what material e. may appear in the

41:7.1 those in the interior are rendered very similar by the

41:7.5 Transmutation of e., including the radioactive group

42:3.11 disorganizing tendency and activity of the heavier e.

42:7.5 every world will show one hundred recognizable e.

42:7.5 but they are somewhere present, have been present,

42:7.5 Even on Urantia the known heavier e. manifest a

42:7.9 ten electrons, present in only the ten heaviest e.,

42:7.9 spontaneous disruption of uranium and kindred e..

42:9.3 periods of seven when the basic e. are arranged in

42:9.3 When the Urantia chemical e. are thus arranged in

42:9.3 such a quality will change for six consecutive e.,

43:1.3 which embodies the two e. of Urantian atmosphere

48:1.3 and they have just double the number of e. of the

48:1.3 metals and crystals, having one hundred e., but

57:7.1 caused the heavier e., such as iron, to settle more

57:7.3 and deeper burial of the radioactive or heavier e.

57:7.3 The study of these radioactive e. will reveal that

57:7.3 comparatively recent acquirements of these e..

57:8.18 The lava flows brought to the surface a mixture of e.

58:5.2 Underneath are the denser and heavier metallic e..

137:4.12 assembled near the water and other necessary e.,

137:4.13 chemical e. requisite for the elaboration of the wine.


28:6.20 While these are the moral e. of greatness, there are

28:6.20 spiritual tests of greatness are applied, the moral e.

32:3.9 While the e. of grace are freely admixed,

34:3.2 Infinite Spirit must often reckon with temporal e.,

36:3.5 vitalize the otherwise inert e. of the material order of

47:3.4 the spirit e. of the nonsurviving mortal creature

50:5.6 The weaker e. of the races incline towards excesses

50:5.6 subjugated by the more strong and truth-loving e. of

56:10.2 the comprehensible e. of Deity—truth, beauty, and

63:4.8 serious losses sustained among the very best e. of the

73:6.4 antidotal to age-producing e. of animal existence.

78:1.10 The superior e. of the indigo race had their most

78:3.3 the purer e. of the Adamites were well on their trek

79:2.7 but if the inferior e. of racial stocks predominate,

80:2.2 The purer indigo e. moved southward to the forests

80:9.8 the white race was infused by strong Andite e. from

97:9.7 Judah was made up mostly of non-Hebrew e.

105:1.2 There are many e. of danger attendant upon the

106:3.5 expansion of the comprehensible e. of the Father.

116:0.4 encompasses the e. of growth and incomplete status.

121:6.4 In the matter of the combination of the better e. in

137:4.12 assembled near the water and other necessary e.,

152:2.10 Michael multiplied food e. as he always does except

159:1.6 Jesus sought to minimize the e. of unfairness,

161:2.4 All men, good and evil, recognize these e. in Jesus.

196:3.2 There are just three e. in universal reality: fact, idea,

elementswind and rain, etc.

55:2.5 their dead to the embrace of the terrestrial e.!

60:4.3 Mountains by the combined artistry of nature’s e..

63:5.4 the approaches and sheltered them from the e..

63:6.3 The Andonites early developed a fear of the e.

64:4.12 placate the invisible forces behind these natural e.


85:5.1 developed up through fearful veneration of the e.

96:5.4 supernatural control of the Nile and the other e. of

151:5.6 that he had not commanded the e. to obey his word,

151:5.6 Master as having absolute power over the natural e..



61:3.6 no animal the size of an e. could have survived

61:3.6 In intelligence and adaptation the e. is approached

61:3.10 brain is next in animal quality to that of the e., but

61:3.10 The horse lacks the emotional control of the e.,

61:3.10 while the e. is greatly handicapped by size and lack

61:3.10 animal evolved which was somewhat like the e.

61:3.15 This age of the e. and the horse is known as the

65:2.10 passing Reptilia found echo in the e. and mastodon,

66:5.5 blue man had already been successful in taming the e.

69:7.3 It was easy to tame some animals, but like the e.,


49:1.6 Mice reproduce much more rapidly than e., yet

49:1.6 yet e. evolve more rapidly than mice.

61:3.6 The huge e. of this and subsequent periods soon

61:3.6 Even so, of the fifty species of e. in existence at

61:3.10 this was truly the age of horses as well as of e..

61:5.7 beavers, saber-toothed tigers, sloths as large as e.,

64:4.2 species of deer, as well as e. and hippopotamuses,

64:4.7 over the Sicilian land bridge, straight-tusked e.,

81:2.12 sheep, goats, cows, camels, horses, fowls, and e..


98:2.10 The E. mysteries grew up within the Olympian


44:1.12 your human musicians have done much to e. musical

60:3.3 Now the Pacific coast range was beginning to e.,

61:1.11 land areas of the Northern Hemisphere began to e.,

66:5.23 This corps did much to e. his concepts of beauty.

81:6.27 Ideals e. the source of the social stream.

84:8.4 you cannot hope to e. the soul or to nourish the spirit

88:2.2 to rationalize the fetish of the savage and thus e. it to

91:3.5 that ethical prayer is a splendid way to e. one’s ego

100:7.18 Jesus enters the human mind to e., transform, and