15. Local Universe Sons

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  1. Introduction
  2. Gabriel
  3. The Melchizedeks
  4. The Vorondadeks
  5. The Lanonandeks
  6. The Life Carriers
  7. Brilliant Evening Stars
  8. Archangels
  9. Other Groups of Sons
  10. Material Sons


1. Proposition. Apart from Gabriel, there are four ranking Sons of the local universe.

“The types of Sons about to be considered are of local universe origin; they are the offspring of a Paradise Creator Son in varied association with the complemental Universe Mother Spirit. The following orders of local universe sonship find mention in these narratives:

  1. Melchizedek Sons.
  2. Vorondadek Sons.
  3. Lanonandek Sons.
  4. Life Carrier Sons.” (384.2) 35:0.2

2. Proposition. Immanuel, the Union of Days, is the Trinity ambassador to the universe of Nebadon. He is 611,121 of the Supreme Trinity Personalities. He is the personal representative of the Father.

“At the head of this Paradise group in Nebadon is the ambassador of the Paradise Trinity—Immanuel of Salvington—the Union of Days assigned to the local universe of Nebadon. In a certain sense this high Trinity Son is also the personal representative of the Universal Father to the court of the Creator Son; hence his name, Immanuel.

“Immanuel of Salvington, number 611,121 of the sixth order of Supreme Trinity Personalities, is a being of sublime dignity and of such superb condesension that he refuses the worship and adoration of all living creatures. He bears the distinction of being the only personality in all Nebadon who has never acknowledged subordination to his brother Michael. He functions as adviser to the Sovereign Son but gives counsel only on request.” (370.6) 35:3.1

3. Proposition. Spironga, created by Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek, are the spirit helpers of the local universe

“The Spironga are the spirit offspring of the Bright and Morning Star and the Father Melchizedek. They are exempt from personality termination but are not evolutionary or ascending beings. Neither are they functionally concerned with the evolutionary ascension regime. They are the spirit helpers of the local universe, executing the routine spirit tasks of Nebadon.” (416.2) 37:10.2

4. Proposition. Spornagia are devoted to the material care and culture of all headquarters worlds. They are neither spirits nor persons.

“The Spornagia. The architectural headquarters worlds of the local universe are real worlds—physical creations. There is much work connected with their physical upkeep, and herein we have the assistance of a group of physical creatures call spornagia. They are devoted to the care and culture of the material phases of ‘these headquarters worlds, from Jerusem to Salvington. Spornagia are neither spirits nor persons; they are an animal order of existence, but if you could see them, you would agree that they seem to be perfect animals.” (416.3) 37:10.3


1. Proposition. Gabriel is the personalization, of the first concept of identity and ideal of personality conceived by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit.

“The Bright and Morning Star is the personalization of the first concept of identity and ideal of personality conceived by the Creator Son and the local universe manifestation of the Infinite Spirit. Going back to the early days of the local universe, before the union of the Creator Son and the Mother Spirit in the bonds of creative association, back to the times before the beginning of the creation of their versatile family of sons and daughters, the first conjoint act of this early and free association of these two divine persons results in the creation of the highest spirit personality of the Son and the Spirit, the Bright and Morning Star.” (369.4) 33:4.1

2. Proposition. Gabriel is the chief executive of the universe of Nebadon.

“Gabriel of Salvington is the chief executive of the universe of Nebadon and the arbiter of all executive appeals respecting its administration. This universe executive was created fully endowed for his work, but he has gained experience with the growth and evolution of our local creation.”(370.2) 33:4.5


1. Proposition. The Melchizedeks preside over seven headquarters worlds.

“These Melchizedek worlds are:

  1. The pilot world—the home world of the Melchizedek Sons.
  2. The world of the physical-life schools and the laboratories of living energies.
  3. The world of morontia life.
  4. The sphere of initial spirit life.
  5. The world of mid-spirit life.
  6. The sphere of advancing spirit life.
  7. The domain of co-ordinate and supreme self-realization.” (387.3) 35:3.2

2. Proposition. The Father Melchizedek was created by a special joint act of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit.

“After bringing into existence the beings of personal aid, such as the Bright and Morning Star and other administrative personalities, in accordance with the divine purpose and creative plans of a given universe, there occurs a new form of creative union between the Creative Son and the Creative Spirit, the local universe Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. The personality offspring resulting from this creative partnership is the original Melchizedek—the Father Melchizedek—that unique being who subsequently collaborates with the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit to bring into existence the entire group of that name.” (384.8) 35:1.1

3. Proposition. The Melchizedeks were created by the Creator Son, Creative Spirit, and the original Father Melchizedek.

“The Melchizedeks of our universe were all created within one millinneal period of standard time by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit in liaison with the Father Melchizedek. Being an order of sonship wherein one of their own number functioned as co-ordinate creator, Melchizedeks are in constitution partly of self-origin and therefore candidates for the realization of a supernal type of selfgovernment.” (385.2) 35:1.3

4. Proposition. Melchizedeks are efficient ministers to mortals, seeing that they are midway between the highest personalities and the lowest.

“The Melchizedeks are the first order of divine Sons to approach sufficiently near the lower creature life to be able to function directly in the ministry of mortal uplift, to serve the evolutionary races without the necessity of incarnation. These Sons are naturally at the mid-point of the great personality descent, by origin being just about midway between the highest Divinity and the lowest creature life of will endowment. They thus become the natural intermediaries between the higher and divine levels of living existence and the lower, even the material, forms of life on the evolutionary worlds.” (385.4) 35:2.1

5. Proposition. The number of Melchizedeks is stationary—over ten million.

“These Sons are not an increasing order; their number is stationary, although varying in each local universe. The number of Melchizedeks of record on their headquarters planet in Nebadon is upward of ten million.” (387.1) 35:2.9

6. Proposition. The Melchizedeks occupy the pilot world of the Salvington circuit of seventy primary spheres. These worlds, with their 420 tributaries, are called the Melchizedek University.

“The Melchiaedeks occupy a world of their own near Salvington, the universe headquarters. This sphere, by name Melchizedek, is the pilot world of the Salvington circuit of seventy primary spheres, each of which is encircled by six tributary spheres devoted to specialized activities. These marvelous spheres—seventy primaries and 420 tributaries—are often spoken of as the Melchizedek University. Ascending mortals from all the constellations of Nebadon pass through training on all 490 worlds in the acquirement of residential status on Salvington. But the education of ascenders is only one phase of the manifold activities taking place on the Salvington cluster of architectural spheres. (387.2) 35:3.1

7. Proposition. Melchizedeks are the “eldest sons” and they patrol the universe.

“The Melchizedek order of sonship occupies the position, and assumes the responsibility, of the eldest son in a large family. Most of their work is regular and somewhat routine, but much of it is voluntary and altogether self-imposed. A majority of the special assemblies which, from time to time, convene on Salvington are called on motion of the Melchizedeks. On their own initiative these Sons patrol their native universe. They maintain an autonomous organization devoted to universe intelligence, making periodical reports to the Creator Son independent of all information coming up to universe headquarters through the regular agencies concerned with the routine administration of the realm. They are by nature unprejudiced observers; they have the full confidence of all classes of intelligent beings.” (386.1) 35:2.3

8. Proposition. While well-nigh perfect, the Melchizedeks are not infallible. They sometimes err in judgment.

The Melchizedeks are well-nigh perfect in wisdom, but they are not infallible in judgment. When detached and alone on planetary missions, they have sometimes erred in minor matters, that is, they have elected to do certain things which their supervisors did not subsequently approve. Such an error of judgment temporarily disqualifies a Melchizedek until he goes to Salvington and, in audience with the Creator Son, receives that instruction which effectually purges him of the disharmony which caused disagreement with his fellows; and then, following the correctional rest, reinstatement to service ensues on the third day. But these minor misadaptations in Melchizedek function have rarely occurred in Nebadon.”(386.6) 35:2.8

9. Proposition. The Melchizedeks and the Trinity Teacher Sons supervise the vast educational systems of ascending mortals.

“A highly specialized branch of Melchizedek activities has to do with the supervision of the progressive morontia career of the ascending mortals. Much of this training is conducted by the patient and wise seraphic ministers, assisted by mortals who have ascended to relatively higher levels of universe attainment, but all of this educational work is under the general supervision of the Melchizedeks in association with the Trinity Teacher Sons.” (388.10) 35:4.1

10. Proposition. The Melchizedeks are called “emergency Sons.” Wherever special help is needed—there you will find them.

“On Edentia, your constellation headquarters, they are known as emergency Sons. They are always ready to serve in all exigencies— physical, intellectual, or spiritual—whether on a planet, in a system, in a constellation, or in the universe. Whenever and whereever special help is needed, there you will find one or more of the Melchizedek Sons.” (389.1) 35:4.2


1. Proposition. Vorondadeks are the Constellation Fathers—they number one million.

“After the creation of the personal aids and the first group of the versatile Melchizedeks, the Creator Son and the local universe Creative Spirit planned for, and brought into existence, the second great and diverse order of universe sonship, the Vorondadeks. They are more generally known as Constellation Fathers because a Son of this order is uniformly found at the head of each constellation government in every local universe.

“The number of Vorondadeks varies in each local universe, just one million being the recorded number in Nebadon. These Sons, like their co-ordinates, the Melchizedeks, possess no power of reproduction. There exists no known method whereby they can increase their numbers.”(389.5) 35:5.1

2. Proposition. Vorondadeks have been cited for administrative errors, but they have never been in rebellion.

“Although the decisions and rulings of this order of Sons are always in accordance with the spirit of divine sonship and in harmony with the policies of the Creator Son, they have been cited for error to the Creator Son, and in details of technique their decisions have sometimes been reversed on appeal to the superior tribunals of the universe. But these Sons rarely fall into error, and they have never gone into rebellion; never in all the history of Nebadon has a Vorondadek been found in contempt of the unverse government.” (390.1) 35:5.4

3. Proposition. The one hundred Constellation Fathers make up the supreme advisory cabinet of the Creator Son.

“The one hundred Constellation Fathers, the actual presiding heads of the constellation governments, constitute the supreme advisory cabinet of the Creator Son. This council is in frequent session at universe headquarters and is unlimited in the scope and range of its deliberations but is chiefly concerned with the welfare of the constellations and with the unificiation of the administration of the entire local universe.” (390.6) 35:6.2


1. Proposition. Lanonandeks perform many tasks, but are best known as System Sovereigns and Planetary Princes. They are trained and classified by the Melchizedeks.

“After the creation of the Vorondadeks, the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit unite for the purpose of bringing into existence the third order of universe sonship, the Lanonandeks. Although occupied with varied tasks connected with the system administrations, they are best known as System Sovereigns, the rulers of the local systems, and as Planetary Princes, the administrative heads of the inhabited worlds.”

“Being a later and lower—as concerns divinity levels—order of sonship creation, these beings were required to pass through certain courses of training on the Melchizedek worlds in preparation for subsequent service. They were the first students in the Melchizedek University and were classified and certified by their Melchizedek teachers and examiners according to ability, personality, and attainment.” (392.1) 35:8.1

2. Proposition. Nebadon began with twelve million Lanonandeks, certified by the Melchizedeks in three divisions.

“The universe of Nebadon began its existence with exactly twelve million Lanonandeks, and when they had passed through the Melchizedek sphere, they were divided in the final tests into three classes:

“1. Primary Lanonandeks. Of the highest rank there were 709,841. These are the Sons designated as System Sovereigns and assistants to the supreme councils of the constellations and as counselors in the higher administrative work of the universe.

“2. Secondary Lanonandeks. Of this order emerging from Melchizedek there were 10,234,601. They are assigned as Planetary Princes and to the reserves of that order.

“3. Tertiary Lanonandeks. This group contained 1,055,558. These Sons function as subordinate assistants, messengers, custodians, commissioners, observers, and prosecute the miscellaneous duties of a system and its component worlds.” (392.3) 35:8.3

3. Proposition. Planetary Princes usually arrive on a world at the time of the appearance of will creatures.

“The advent of a Lanonandek Son on an average world signifies that will, the ability to choose the path of eternal survival, has developed in the mind of primitive man. But on Urantia the Planetary Prince arrived almost half a million years after the appearance of human will.” (741.1) 66:0.1

4. Proposition. Calagistia, Planetary Prince of Urantia, was a secondary Lanonandek Son, No. 9,344. He was an experienced administrator.

“Caligastia was a Lanonandek Son, number 9,344 of the secondary order. He was experienced in the administration of the affairs of the local universe in general and, during later ages, with the management of the local system of Satania in particular.” (741.3) 66:1.1

5. Proposition. Daligastia was the associate-assistant of Caligastia

“At the head of this group was Daligastia, the associate-assistant of the Planetary Prince. Daligastia was also a secondary Lanonandek Son, being number 319,407 of that order. He ranked as an assistant at the time of his assignment as Caligastia’s associate.” (742.2) 66:2.2

6. Proposition. Over seven hundred Lanonandek Sons have been lost in rebellion in Nebadon.

“Our local universe has been unfortunate in that over seven hundred Sons of the Lanonandek order have rebelled against the universe government, thus precipitating confusion in several systems and on numerous planets. Of this entire number of failures only three were System Sovereigns; practically all of these Sons belonged to the second and third orders, Planetary Princes and tertiary Lanonandeks.” (393.6) 35:9.6


1. Proposition. There are seven worlds in the Life Carrier group.

“The Melchizedeks have the general oversight of the fourth group of seven primary spheres in the Salvington circuit. These worlds of the Life Carriers are designated as follows:

  1. The Life Carrier headquarters.
  2. The life-planning sphere.
  3. The life-conservation sphere.
  4. The sphere of life evolution.
  5. The sphere of life associated with mind.
  6. The sphere of mind and spirit in living beings.
  7. The sphere of unrevealed life.” (397.1) 36:2.1

2. Proposition. Life Carriers are the only group of universe Sons in whose creation the rulers of the superuniverse participate. There are one hundred million in Nebadon.

“Though the Life Carriers belong to the family of divine sonship, they are a peculiar and distinct type of universe Sons, being-the only group of intelligent life in a local universe in whose creation the rulers of a superuniverse participate. The Life Carriers are the offspring of three pre-existent personalities: the Creator Son, the Universe Mother Spirit, and, by designation, one of the three Ancients of Days presiding over the destinies of the superuniverse concerned. These Ancients of Days, who alone can decree the extinction of intelligent life, participate in the creation of the Life Carriers, who are intrusted with establishing physical life on the evolving worlds.

“In the universe of Nebadon we have on record the creation of one hundred million Life Carriers.” (396.2) 36:1.1

3. Proposition. Life is not spontaneous. Life Carriers must initiate life on the evolutionary worlds.

“Life does not spontaneously appear in the universes; the Life Carriers must initiate it on the barren planets. They are the carriers, disseminators, and guardians of life as it appears on the evolutionary worlds of space. All life of the order and forms known on Urantia arises with these Sons, though not all forms of planetary life are existent on Urantia,” (399.3) 36:3.1

4. Proposition. A considerable staff comes to a world to inaugurate life. They may carry life or they may organize its patterns on the planet.

“The corps of Life Carriers commissioned to plant life upon a new world usually consists of one hundred senior carriers, one hundred assistants, and one thousand custodians. The Life Carriers often carry actual life plasm to a new world, but not always. They sometimes organize the life patterns after arriving on the planet of assignment in accordance with formulas previously approved for a new adventure in life establishment. Such was the origin of the planetary life of Urantia.” (399.4) 36:3.2

5. Proposition. When the formulas of life have been provided, the Life Carriers catalyze the lifeless material—their persons transmit the vital spark.

“When, in accordance with approved formulas, the physical patterns have been provided, then do the Life Carriers catalyze this lifeless material, imparting through their persons the vital spirit spark; and forthwith do the inert patterns become living matter.” (399.5) 36:3.3

6. Proposition. The vital spark is bestowed through the Life Carriers—not by them. The essential factors of life come from the Universe Mother Spirit.

“The vital spark—the mystery of life—is bestowed through the Life Carriers, not by them. They do indeed supervise such transactions, they formulate the life plasm itself, but it is the Universe Mother Spirit who supplies the essential factor of the living plasm. From the Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit comes that energy spark which enlivens the body and presages the mind.” (399.6) 36:3.4

7. Proposition. Before the times of moral choice, the Life Carriers are permitted to foster and manipulate the environment so as to favor the course of biologic evolution.

“During the ages intervening between life establishment and the emergence of human creatures of moral status, the Life Carriers are permitted to manipulate the life environment and otherwise favorably directionize the course of biologic evolution. And this they do for long periods of time.

“When the Life Carriers operating on a new world have once succeeded in producing a being with will, with the power of moral decision and spiritual choice, then and there their work terminates—they are through; they may manipulate the evolving life no further.” (400.2) 36:3.7

8. Proposition. Each local system has a midsonite world on which a Melchizedek has functioned as a Life Carrier.

“In every local system of inhabited worlds throughout Nebadon there is a single sphere whereon the Melchizedeks have functioned as life carriers. These abodes are known as the system midsonite worlds, and on each of them a materially modified Melchizedek Son has mated with a selected Daughter of the material order of sonship. The Mother Eves of such midsonite worlds are dispatched from the system headquarters of jurisdiction, having been chosen by the designated Melchizedek life carrier from among the numerous volunteers who respond to the call of the System Sovereign addressed to the Material Daughters of his sphere.” (400.5) 36:4.1

9. Proposition. When a world is finally settled in light and life, the Life Carriers are organized into higher deliberative and administrative bodies.

“When an evolutionary planet is finally settled in light and life, the Life Carriers are organized into the higher deliberative bodies of advisory capacity to assist in the further administration and development of the world and its glorified beings. In the later and settled ages of an evolving universe these Life Carriers are intrusted with many new duties.” (396.5) 36:1.4


1. Proposition. Brilliant Evening Stars were planned by the Melchizedeks and are assistants of Gabriel.

“These brilliant creatures were planned by the Melchizedeks and were then brought into being by the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit. They serve in many capacities but chiefly as liaison officers of Gabriel, the local universe chief executive. One or more of these beings function as his representatives at the capital of every constellation and system in Nebadon.

“As chief executive of Nebadon, Gabriel is ex officio chairman of, or observer at, most of the Salvington conclaves, and as many as one thousand of these are often in session simultaneously. The Brilliant Evening Stars represent Gabriel on these occasions; he cannot be in two places at the same time, and these superangels compensate for this limitation. They perform an analogous service for the corps of the Trinity Teacher Sons.”(407.1) 37:2.1

2. Proposition. There are two orders of Evening Stars. There are 4,832 of created dignity and 8,309 are ascendant seraphim and others unrevealed.

“The Brilliant Evening Stars are a unique twofold order, embracing some of created dignity and others of attained service. The Nebadon corps of these superangels now numbers 13,641. There are 4,832 of created dignity, while 8,809 are ascendant spirits who have attained this goal of exalted service. Many of these ascendant Evening Stars started their universe careers as seraphim; others have ascended from unrevealed levels of creature life. As an attainment goal this high corps is never closed to ascension candidates so long as a universe is not settled in light and life.”(407.4) 37:2.4


1. Proposition. The archangels, as a rule, do not work under Gabriel’s jurisdiction. They are largely dedicated to creature survival. We have eight hundred thousand.

“Archangels are the offspring of the Creator Son and the Universe Mother Spirit. They are the highest type of high spirit being produced in large numbers in a local universe, and at the time of the last registry there were almost eight hundred thousand in Nebadon.

“Archangels are one of the few groups of local universe personalities who are not normally under the jurisdiction of Gabriel. They are not in any manner concerned with the routine administration of the universe, being dedicated to the work of creature survival and to the furtherance of the ascending career of the mortals of time and space. While not ordinarily subject to the direction of the Bright and Morning Star, the archangels do sometimes function by his authority. They also collaborate with others of the Universe Aids, such as the Evening Stars, as is illustrated by certain transactions depicted in the narrative of life transplantation on your world.” (408.4) 37:3.1

2. Proposition. “In recent times, a division of the archangels was established on Urantia.

“The archangel corps of Nebadon is directed by the first-born of this order, and in more recent times a divisional headquarters of the archangels has been maintained on Urantia. It is this unusual fact that soon arrests the attention of extra-Nebadon student visitors. Among their early observations of intrauniverse transactions is the discovery that many ascendant activities of the Brilliant Evening Stars are directed from the capital of a local system, Satania. On further examination they discover that certain archangel activities are directed from a small and apparently insignificant inhabited world called Urantia. And then ensues, the revelation of Michael’s bestowal on Urantia and there immediately quickened interest in you and your lowly sphere.” (408.6) 37:3.3


1. Proposition. High Son Assistants are a group of volunteer beings of origin outside the local universe.

“The Most High Assistants are a group of volunteering beings, of origin outside the local universe, who are temporarily assigned as central and super-universe representatives to, or observers of, the local creations. Their number varies constantly but is always far up in the millions.

“From time to time we thus benefit from the ministry and assistance of such Paradise-origin beings as Perfectors of Wisdom, Divine Counselors, Universal Censors, Inspired Trinity Spirits, Trinitized Sons, Solitary Messengers, supernaphim, seconaphim, tertiaphim, and other gracious ministers, who sojourn with us for the purpose of helping our native personalities in the effort to bring all Nebadon into fuller harmony with the ideas of Orvonton and the ideals of Paradise.” (409.6) 37:4.1

2. Proposition. High Commissioners are Spirit-fused ascendant mortals.

“The High Commissioners are Spirit-fused ascendant mortals; they are not Adjuster fused. You quite well understand about the universeascension career of a mortal candidate for Adjuster fusion, that being the high destiny in prospect for all Urantia mortals since the bestowal of Christ Michael. But this is not the exclusive destiny of all mortals in the prebestowal ages of worlds like yours, and there is another type of world whose inhabitants are never permanently indwelt by Thought Adjusters. Such mortals are never permanently joined in union with a Mystery Monitor of Paradise bestowal; nevertheless, the Adjusters do transiently indwell them, serving as guides and patterns for the duration of the life in the flesh.” (410.4) 37:5.1

3. Proposition. Celestial Overseers are a recruited teaching corps.

“The Nebadon educational system is jointly administered by the Trinity Teacher Sons and the Melchizedek teaching corps, but much of the work designed to effect its maintenance and upbuilding is carried on by the Celestial Overseers. These beings are a recruited corps embracing all types of individuals connected with the scheme of educating and training the ascending mortals. There are upward of three million of them in Nebadon, and they are all volunteers who have qualified by experience to serve as educational advisers to the entire realm.” (412.1) 37:6.1

4. Proposition. Mansion World Teachers are recruited glorified cherubim.

“The Mansion World Teachers are recruited and glorified cherubim. Like most other instructors in Nebadon they are commissioned by the Melchizedeks. They function in most of the educational enterprises of the morontia life, and their number is quite beyond the comprehension of mortal mind.” (413.2) 37:7.1


1. Proposition. The material or sex Sons and Daughters are the offspring of the Creator Son. One pair is created in each local system.

“The material or sex Sons and Daughters are the offspring of the Creator Son; the Universe Mother Spirit does not participate in the production of these beings who are destined to function as physical uplifters on the evolutionary worlds.

“The material order of sonship is not uniform throughout the local universe. The Creator Son produces only one pair of these beings in each local system; these original pairs are diverse in nature, being attuned to the life pattern of their respective systems. This is a necessary provision since otherwise the reproductive potential of the Adams would be nonfunctional with that of the evolving mortal beings of the worlds of any one particular system. The Adam and Eve who came to Urantia were descended from the original Satania pair of Material Sons.” (580.4) 51:1.1

2. Proposition. Material Sons emit light—both blood and light circulate in their bodies. They are eight to ten feet tall.

“Material Sons vary in height from eight to ten feet, and their bodies glow with the brilliance of radiant light of a violet hue. While material blood circulates through their material bodies, they are also surcharged with divine energy and saturated with celestial light. These Material Sons (the Adams) and Material Daughters (the Eves) are equal to each other, differing only in reproductive nature and in certain chemical endowments. They are equal but differential, male and female—hence complemental—and are designed to serve on almost all assignments in pairs.” (580.6) 51:1.3

3. Proposition. Material Sons are the permanent citizens of the local system capitals. They are the link between the spiritual and physical worlds.

“While living as permanent citizens on the system capitals, even when functioning on descending missions to the evolutionary planets, the Material Sons do not possess Thought Adjusters, but it is through these very services that they acquire experiential capacity for Adjuster indwellment and the Paradise ascension career. These unique and wonderfully useful beings are the connecting links between the spiritual and physical worlds. They are concentrated on the system headquarters, where they reproduce and carry on as material citizens of the realm, and whence they are dispatched to the evolutionary worlds.” (581.3) 51:1.6

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