23. The Corps of the Finality

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  1. Introduction
  2. Havona Natives
  3. Gravity Messengers
  4. Glorified Mortals
  5. Adopted Seraphim
  6. Glorified Material Sons
  7. Glorified Midwayers
  8. Evangels of Light


1. Proposition. There are seven Corps of the Finality, and they are controlled by the senior Master Architect.

“The senior Master Architect has the oversight of the seven Corps of the Finality, and they are:

  1. The Corps of Mortal Finaliters.
  2. The Corps of Paradise Finaliters.
  3. The Corps of Trinitized Finaliters.
  4. The Corps of Conjoint Trinitized Finaliters.
  5. The Corps of Havona Finaliters.
  6. The Corps of Transcendental Finaliters.
  7. The Corps of Unrevealed Sons of Destiny.” (352.8) 31:10.1

2. Proposition. Finaliters may partially attain the Deity Absolute, but the Universal-Absolute will continue to mystify and baffle you, since it will grow proportionately with the material universe.

“It may be possible that the finaliters will partially attain the Deity Absolute, but even if they should, still in the eternity of eternities the problem of the Universal Absolute will continue to intrigue, mystify, baffle, and challenge the ascending and progressing finaliters, for we perceive that the unfathomability of the cosmic relationships of the Universal Absolute will tend to grow in proportions as the material universes and their spiritual administration continue to expand.

“Only infinity can disclose the Father-Infinite.” (116.9) 10:8.8

3. Proposition. In Orvonton we believe that the finaliters are destined to serve in the universes of outer space. The future may hold for you the same enthralling spectacles the past held for us.

“Throughout Orvonton it is believed that a new type of creation is in process, an order of universes destined to become the scene of the future activities of the assembling Corps of the Finality; and if our conjectures are correct, then the endless future may hold for all of you the same enthralling spectacles that the endless past has held for your seniors and predecessors.” (131.3) 12:2.6

4. Proposition. The Corps of Mortal Finaliters is composed of six groups.

“The Corps of Mortal Finaliters represents the present known destination of the ascending Adjuster-fused mortals of time. But there are other groups who are also assigned to this corps. The primary finaliter corps is composed of the following:

  1. Havona Natives.
  2. Gravity Messengers.
  3. Glorified Mortals.
  4. Adopted Seraphim.
  5. Glorified Material Sons.
  6. Glorified Midway Creatures.” (345.1) 31:0.1


1. Proposition. After requisite experience with evolutionary beings, Havona natives can receive a fragment of the Universal Father and elect to enter the Corps of Mortal Finaliters.

“Havona natives must achieve certain experiential developments in liaison with evolutionary beings which will create reception capacity for the bestowal of a fragment of the spirit of the Universal Father. The Mortal Finaliter Corps has as permanent members only such beings as have been fused with the spirit of the First Source and Center, or who, like the Gravity Messengers, innately embody this spirit of God the Father.” (346.3) 31:1.2

2. Proposition. Havoners are received into the Finality Corps in the ratio of one in a thousand. Ascendant creatures number 997 to one Havener and one Gravity Messenger.

“The inhabitants of the central universe are received into the corps in the ratio of one in a thousand—a finaliter company. The corps is organized for temporary service in companies of one thousand, the ascendant creatures numbering 997 to one Havona native and one Gravity Messenger.” (346.4) 31:1.3

3. Proposition. The oath of a finaliter is of sweeping implications and eternal import.

“Finaliters are thus mobilized in companies, but the finality oath is administered individually. It is an oath of sweeping implications and eternal import. The Havona native takes the same oath and becomes forever attached to the corps.” (346.4) 31:1.3


1. Proposition. Gravity Messengers are under the jurisdiction of Grandfanda. Wherever Gravity Messengers are functioning the finaliters are in command.

“Wherever and whenever Gravity Messengers are functioning, the finaliters are in command. All Gravity Messengers are under the exclusive jurisdiction of Grandfanda, and they are assigned only to the primary Corps of the Finality.” (346.7) 31:2.1

2. Proposition. Gravity Messengers hail from Divinington; they are modified and personalized Adjusters. They are personal, but no one understands their timeless technique of traversing space.

“Gravity Messengers hail from Divinington, and they are modified and personalized Adjusters, but no one of our Uversa group will undertake to explain the nature of one of these messengers. We know they are highly personal beings, divine, intelligent, and touchingly understanding, but we do not comprehend their timeless technique of traversing space.” (347.1) 31:2.2

3. Proposition. Gravity Messengers may be attached to a finaliter company in unlimited numbers, but only one messenger is a member of the corps and he has assigned to him 999 fellow messengers.

“Gravity Messengers may be attached to a finaliter company in unlimited numbers, but only one messenger, the chief of his fellows, is mustered into the Mortal Corps of the Finality. This chief however has assigned to him a permanent staff of 999 fellow messengers, and as occasion may require, he may call upon the reserves of the order for assistants in unlimited numbers.” (347.2) 31:2.3

4. Proposition. Gravity Messengers and glorified mortals achieve a profound affection for one another—they have much in common.

“Gravity Messengers and glorified mortal finaliters achieve a touching and profound affection for one another; they have much in common: One is a direct personalization of a fragment of the Universal Father, the other a creature personality existent in the surviving immortal soul fused with a fragment of the same Universal Father, the spirit Thought Adjuster.”(347.3) 31:2.4


1. Proposition. Finaliters are domiciled on Paradise, but Ascendington is their home.

“As finaliters you will be domiciled on Paradise, but Ascendington will be your home address at all times, even when you enter service in outer space. Through all eternity you will regard Ascendington as your home of sentimental memories and reminiscent recollections. When you become seventh-stage spirit beings, possibly you will give up your residential status on Paradise.” (147.5) 13:2.1

2. Proposition. Together with seraphim, mortals constitute 990 of each finaliter company of one thousand. Havona natives, Material Sons, midwayers, Gravity Messengers, and the unknown member make up one per cent of the corps.

“Ascendant Adjuster-fused mortals compose the bulk of the primary Corps of the Finality, Together with the adopted and glorified seraphim they usually constitute 990 in each finaliter company. The proportion of mortals and angels in any one group varies, though the mortals far outnumber the seraphim. The Havona natives, glorified Material Sons, glorified midway creatures, the Gravity Messengers, and the unknown and missing member make up only one per cent of the corps; each company of one thousand finaliters has places for just ten of these nonmortal and nonseraphic personalities.” (347.4) 31:3.1

3. Proposition. Notwithstanding all the training and experience of the finaliters, they are only sixth-stage spirits. They have gained a stage by each advance in the Paradise ascent. They are destined to future service of ultimate finality status. They have been trained to the limit of their capacity in universe administration.

“Notwithstanding that these ascendant mortals have attained Paradise, have been mustered into the Corps of the Finality, and have been sent back in large numbers to participate in the conduct of local universes and to assist in the administration of superuniverse affairs—in the face of even this apparent destiny, there remains the significant fact that they are of record as only sixth-stage spirits. There undoubtedly remains one more step in the career of the Mortal Corps of the Finality. We do not know the nature of that step, but we have taken cognizance of, and here call attention to, three facts:

“1. We know from the records that mortals are spirits of the first order during their sojourn in the minor sectors, and that they advance to the second order when translated to the major sectors, and to the third when they go forward to the central training worlds of the superuniverse. Mortals become quartan or graduate spirits after reaching the sixth circle of Havona and become spirits of the fifth order when they find the Universal Father. They subsequently attain the sixth stage of spirit existence upon taking the oath that musters them forever into the eternity assignment of the Corps of the Mortal Finality.

“2. The mortal finaliters have fully complied with the injunction of the ages, ‘Be you perfect’! they have ascended the universal path of mortal attainment; they have found God, and they have been fully inducted into the Corps of the Finality. Such beings have attained the present limit of spirit progression but not finality of ultimate spirit status. They have achieved the present limit of creature perfection but not finality of creature service. They have experienced the fullness of Deity worship but notfinality of experiential Deity attainment.

“3. The glorified mortals of the Paradise Corps of Finality are ascendant beings in possession of experiential knowledge of every step of the actuality and philosophy of the fullest possible life of intelligent existence, while during the ages of this ascent from the lowest material worlds to the spiritual heights of Paradise, these surviving creatures have been trained to the limits of their capacity respecting every detail of every divine principle of the just and efficient, as well as merciful and patient, administration of all the universal creation of time and space.” (347.6) 31:3.3

4. Proposition. Finaliters take an oath to the Paradise Trinity, pledging fidelity to God the Supreme—the Trinity as comprehended by finite creatures.

“When mortal ascenders are admitted to the finaliter corps of Paradise, they take an oath to the Paradise Trinity, and in taking this oath of allegiance, they are thereby pledging eternal fidelity to God the Supreme, who is the Trinity as comprehended by all finite creature personalities. Subsequently, as the finaliter companies function throughout the evolving universes, they are solely amenable to the mandates of Paradise origin until the eventful times of the settling of local universes in light and life. As the new governmental organizations of these perfected creations begin to be reflective of the emerging sovereignty of the Supreme, we observe that the outlying finaliter companies then acknowledge the jurisdictional authority of such new governments. It appears that God the Supreme is evolving as the unifier of the evolutionary Corps of the Finality, but it is highly probable that the eternal destiny of these seven corps will be directed by the Supreme as a member of the Ultimate Trinity.” (1292.1) 117:7.7

5. Proposition. During this age, finaliters do postgraduate work in all of the superuniverses.

“During the present universe age the finaliters return to serve in the universes of time. They are assigned to labor successively in the different superuniverses and never in their native superuniverses until after they have served in all the other six supercreations. Thus may they acquire the sevenfold concept of the Supreme Being.” (345.10) 31:0.10


1. Proposition. Many guardian seraphim go through the ascendant career with their human subjects, become Father fused, and join their subjects in taking the finaliter oath.

“Many of the faithful seraphic guardians of mortals are permitted to go through the ascendant career with their human wards, and many of these guardian angels, after becoming Father fused, join their subjects in taking the finaliter oath of eternity and forever accept the destiny of their mortal associates.” (348.6) 31:4.1


1. Proposition. The Adamic citizens of the local systems may seek release for the purpose of joining the ascending mortals on their journey to Paradise and the Corps of the Finality.

“There is provision in the universes of time and space whereby the Adamic citizens of the local systems, when long delayed in receiving planetary assignment, may initiate a petition for release from permanent-citizenship status. And if granted, they join the ascending pilgrims on the universe capitals and thence proceed onward to Paradise and the Corps of the Finality.” (349.1) 31:5.1


1. Proposition. When midwayers are released from planetary duty, they follow the ascension career in company with their mortal cousins.

“On many planets the midway creatures are produced in large numbers, but they seldom tarry on their native world subsequent to its being settled in light and life. Then, or soon thereafter, they are released from permanent-citizenship status and start on the ascension to Paradise, passing through the morontia worlds, the superuniverse, and Havona in company with the mortals of time and space.” (349.4) 31:6.1


1. Proposition. The vacant place in finaliter companies is occupied by the chief of the Evangels as assigned on single missions, but these beings are transient members.

“At the present time every finaliter company numbers 999 personalities of oath status, permanent members. The vacant place is occupied by the chief of attached Evangels of Light assigned on any single mission. But these beings are only transient members of the corps.”(349.6) 31:7.1

2. Proposition. We conjecture as to the identity of the seventh group of mortal finaliters, but we really do not know.

“We of Uversa often conjecture respecting the identity of the seventh group of finaliters. We entertain many ideas, embracing possible assignment of some of the accumulating corps of the numerous trinitized groups on Paradise, Vicegerington, and the inner Havona circuit. It is even conjectured that the Corps of the Finality nay be permitted to trinitize many of their assistants in the work of universe administration in the event they are destined to the service of universes now in the making.

“One of us holds the opinion that this vacant place in the corps will be filled by some type of being of origin in the new universe of their future service; the other inclines to the belief that this place will be occupied by some type of Paradise personality not yet created, eventuated, or trinitized. But we will most likely await the entrance of the finaliters upon their seventh stage of spirit attainment before we really know.” (350.2) 31:7.4

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