5. The Paradise-Havona System

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  1. Introduction
  2. Geography
  3. Constitution of Havona
  4. The Havona Worlds
  5. Worlds of the Father
  6. The Worlds of the Son
  7. The Worlds of the Spirit
  8. Purpose of the Central Universe
  9. Life in Havona



1. Proposition. The Paradise-Havona System constitutes the perfect and eternal nucleus of the master universe.

The Paradise-Havona System, the eternal universe encircling the eternal Isle, constitutes the perfect and eternal nucleus of the master universe; all seven of the superuniverses and all regions of outer space revolve in established orbits around the gigantic central aggregation of the Paradise satellites and the Havona spheres.” (129.9) 12:1.11

2. Proposition. Time is not reckoned on Paradise—sequence of successive events is inherent in its citizens.

“Time is not reckoned on Paradise; the sequence of successive events is inherent in the concept of those who are indigenous to the central Isle. But time is germane to the Havona circuits and to numerous beings of both celestial and terrestrial origin sojourning thereon. Each Havona world has its own local time, determined by its circuit.” (153.2) 14:1.11

3. Proposition. The Paradise-Havona system is a unit of creative perfection.

“On Paradise nothing is experimental, and the Paradise-Havona system is a unit of creative perfection.” (154.8) 14:2.6


1. Proposition. Havona is far distant from us and its dimensions are unbelievable. It contains one billion worlds.

“The perfect and divine universe occupies the center of all creation; it is the eternal core around which the vast creations of time and space revolve. Paradise is the gigantic nuclear Isle of absolute stability which rests motionless at the very heart of the magnificent eternal universe. This central planetary family is called Havona and is far-distant from the local universe of Nebadon. It is of enormous dimensions and almost unbelievable mass and consists of one billion spheres of unimagined beauty and superb grandeur, but the true magnitude of this vast creation is really beyond the understanding grasp of the human mind.” (152.1) 14:0.1

2. Proposition. Between Paradise and Havona there are three special circuits of seven spheres each.

“Between the central Isle of Paradise and the innermost of the Havona planetary circuits there are situated in space three lesser circuits of special spheres. The innermost circuit consists of the seven secret spheres of the Universal Father; the second group is composed of the seven luminous worlds of the Eternal Son; in the outermost are the seven immense spheres of the Infinite Spirit, the executive-headquarters worlds of the Seven Master Spirits.” (143.1) 13:0.1

3. Proposition. These twenty-one eternalized worlds are of unexcelled grandeur, each is diverse, except that the seven worlds of the Son are alike.

“These three seven-world circuits of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit are spheres of unexcelled grandeur and unimagined glory. Even their material or physical construction is of an order unrevealed to you. Each circuit is diverse in material, and each world of each circuit is different excepting the seven worlds of the Son, which are alike in physical constitution. All twenty-one are enormous spheres, and each group of seven is differently eternalized. As far as we know they have always been; like Paradise they are eternal. There exists neither record nor tradition of their origin.” (143.2) 13:0.2

4. Proposition. There are seven differing space conditions between Paradise and the inner borders of the superuniverses.

“From the periphery of Paradise to the inner borders of the seven superuniverses there are the following seven space conditions and motions:

  1. The quiescent midspace zones impinging on Paradise.
  2. The clockwise processional of the three Paradise and the seven Havona circuits.
  3. The semiquiet space zone separating the Havona circuits from the dark gravity bodies of the central universe.
  4. The inner, counterclockwise-moving belt of the dark gravity bodies.
  5. The second unique space zone dividing the two space paths of the dark gravity bodies.
  6. The outer belt of dark gravity bodies, revolving clockwise around Paradise.
  7. A third space zone—a semiquiet zone—separating the outer belt of dark gravity bodies from the innermost circuits of the seven superuniverses.” (152.3) 14:1.1

5. Proposition. The billion worlds of Havona exist in seven concentric circles. Each circuit is pervaded by one of the Seven Spirits of the Circuits.

“The billion worlds of Havona are arranged in seven concentric circuits immediately surrounding the three circuits of Paradise satellites. There are upwards of thirty-five million worlds in the innermost Havona circuit and over two hundred and forty-five million in the outermost, with proportionate numbers intervening. Each circuit differs, but all are perfectly balanced and exquisitely organized, and each is pervaded by a specialized representation of the Infinite Spirit, one of the Seven Spirits of the Circuits. In addition to other functions this impersonal Spirit co-ordinates the conduct of celestial affairs throughout each circuit.” (152.11) 14:1.9

6. Proposition. Havona is surrounded by a circuit of dark gravity bodies— in every way differing from other space bodies.

“On the outskirts of this vast central universe, far out beyond the seventh belt of Havona worlds, there swirl an unbelievable number of enormous dark gravity bodies. These multitudinous dark masses are quite unlike other space bodies in many particulars; even in form they are very different. These dark gravity bodies neither reflect nor absorb light; they are nonreactive to physical-energy light, and they so completely encircle and enshroud Havona as to hide it from the view of even near-by inhabited universes of time and space.” (153.5) 14:1.14

7. Proposition. The dark gravity bodies revolve in two opposite directional circuits.

“The great belt of dark gravity bodies is divided into two equal elliptical circuits by a unique space intrusion. The inner belt revolves counterclockwise; the outer revolves clockwise. These alternate directions of motion, coupled with the extraordinary mass of the dark bodies, so effectively equalize the lines of Havona gravity as to render the central universe a physically balanced and perfectly stabilized creation.” (153.6) 14:1.15

8. Proposition. The two circuits of gravity bodies are differently arranged and the intervening space is unique.

“The inner procession of dark gravity bodies is tubular in arrangement, consisting of three circular groupings. A cross section of this circuit would exhibit three concentric circles of about equal density. The outer circuit of dark gravity bodies is arranged perpendicularly, being ten thousand times higher than the inner circuit. The up-and-down diameter of the outer circuit is fifty thousand times that of the transverse diameter.

“The intervening space which exists between these two circuits of gravity bodies is unique in that nothing like it is to be found elsewhere in all the wide universe. This zone is characterized by enormous wave movements of an up-and-down nature and is permeated by tremendous energy activities of an unknown order.” (153.7) 14:1.16


1. Proposition. Havona material consists of one thousand basic elements and seven forms of energy of seven phases each.

“The material of Havona consists of the organization of exactly one thousand basic chemical elements and the balanced function of the seven forms of Havona energy. Each of these basic energies manifests seven phases of excitation, so that the Havona natives respond to forty-nine differing sensation stimuli.” (154.5) 14:2.3

2. Proposition. The physical energies of Havona are threefold. Superuniverse energies are twofold.

“The physical realities of Havona represent an order of energy organization radically different from any prevailing in the evolutionary universes of space. Havona energies are threefold; superuniverse units of energy-matter contain a twofold energy charge, although one form of energy exists in negative and positive phases. The creation of the central universe is threefold (Trinity); the creation of a local universe (directly) is twofold, by a Creator Son and a Creative Spirit.” (154.4) 14:2.2


1. Proposition. There is no government on Havona.

“Concerning the government of the central universe, there is none. Havona is so exquisitely perfect that no intellectual system of government is required.” (155.4) 14:3.1

2. Proposition. Everything about Havona is beyond human imagination, but these worlds do have rivers and lakes.

“The architecture, lighting, and heating, as well as the biologic and artistic embellishment, of the Havona spheres, are quite beyond the greatest possible stretch of human imagination. You cannot be told much about Havona; to understand its beauty and grandeur you must see it. But there are real rivers and lakes on these perfect worlds.” (156.4) 14:3.7

3. Proposition. Each Havona world is an original and unique creation, embellished in accordance with the plans of its resident Eternal of Days.

“Every one of these planets is an original, unique, and exclusive creation; each planet is a matchless, superb, and perfect production. And this diversity of individuality extends to all features of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of planetary existence. Each of these billion perfection spheres has been developed and embellished in accordance with the plans of the resident Eternal of Days. And this is just why no two of them are alike.” (159.2) 14:5.6

4. Proposition. Standard time for the grand universe is the Paradise-Havona day—a little over seven minutes less than one thousand years of Urantia time.

“You have unwittingly read the truth when your eyes rested on the statement ‘A day is as a thousand years with God, as but a watch in the night.’ One Paradise-Havona day is just seven minutes, three and one-eighth seconds less than one thousand years of the present Urantia leap-year calendar.

“This Paradise-Havona day is the standard time measurement for the seven superuniverses, although each maintains its own internal time standards.” (153.3) 14:1.12


1. Proposition. The seven secret worlds of the Father reflect the spiritual luminosity of the Deities to Paradise and on to the seven circuits of Havona.

“The seven secret spheres of the Universal Father, circulating about Paradise in close proximity to the eternal Isle, are highly reflective of the spiritual luminosity of the central shining of the eternal Deities, shedding this light of divine glory throughout Paradise and even upon the seven circuits of Havona.” (143.3) 13:0.3

2. Proposition. The Father’s worlds are directed by the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy.

“The Paradise worlds of the Father are directed by the highest order of the Stationary Sons of the Trinity, the Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy.” (144.2) 13:1.2

3. Proposition. The worlds of the Father harbor specialized representations of Deity comprehended only by those groups resident on each world.

“One of the reasons for the secrecy of these worlds is because each of these sacred spheres enjoys a specialized representation, or manifestation, of the Deities composing the Paradise Trinity; not a personality, but a unique presence of Divinity which can only be appreciated and comprehended by those particular groups of intelligences resident on, or admissible to, that particular sphere. The Trinitized Secrets of Supremacy are the personal agents of these specialized and impersonal presences of Divinity. And the Secrets of Supremacy are highly personal beings, superbly endowed and marvelously adapted to their exalted and exacting work.” (144.3) 13:1.3

4. Proposition. Divinington is the home of Thought Adjusters and numerous other orders having origin in the Universal Father.

“1. DIVININGTON. This world is, in a unique sense, the “bosom of the Father,” the personal-communion sphere of the Universal Father, and thereon is a special manifestation of his divinity. Divinington is the Paradise rendezvous of the Thought Adjusters, but it is also the home of numerous other entities, personalities, and other beings taking origin in the Universal Father.” (144.4) 13:1.4

5. Proposition. The secrets of Divinington include the mystery of the bestowal of Thought Adjusters.

The secrets of Divinington include the secret of the bestowal and mission of Thought Adjusters.” (144.5) 13:1.5

6. Proposition. Divinington also harbors the secrets of other Father fragments and the Gravity Messengers.

“This sphere also holds the secrets of the nature, purpose, and activities of all other forms of Father fragments, of the Gravity messengers, and of hosts of other beings unrevealed to you.” (145.1) 13:1.6

7. Proposition. Sonarington is headquarters for the fully accredited ascending and descending Sons of God.

“2. SONARINGTON. This sphere is the ‘bosom of the Son,’ the personal receiving world of the Eternal Son. It is the Paradise headquarters of the descending and ascending Sons of God when, and after, they are fully accredited and finally approved.” (145.2) 13:1.7

8. Proposition. Among the secrets of Sonarington is that of the incarnation of the Sons of God.

The secrets of Sonarington include the secret of the incarnation of the divine Sons. When a Son of God becomes a Son of Man; is literally born of woman, as occurred on your world nineteen hundred years ago, it is a universal mystery. (145.3) 13:1.8

9. Proposition. Spiritington is the home of high beings of the Infinite Spirit. The Seven Master Spirits forgather here.

3. SPIRITINGTON. This world is the ‘bosom of the Spirit,’ the Paradise home of the high beings that exclusively represent the Infinite Spirit. Here forgather the Seven Master Spirits and certain of their offspring from all universes. At this celestial abode may also be found numerous unrevealed orders of spirit personalities, beings assigned to the manifold activities of the universe not associated with the plans of upstepping the mortal creatures of time to the Paradise levels of eternity.” (145.4) 13:1.9

10. Proposition. Among the secrets of Spiritington is that of universal reflectivity.

The secrets of Spiritington involve the impenetrable mysteries of reflectivity. We tell you of the vast and universal phenomenon of reflectivity, more particularly as it is operative on the headquarters worlds of the seven superuniverses, but we never fully explain this phenomenon, for we do not fully understand it.” (145.5) 13:1.10

11. Proposition. Vicegerington is the home of the unrevealed Father-Son beings.

“4. VICEGERINGTON. This planet is the ‘bosom of the Father and the Son’ and is the secret sphere of certain unrevealed beings who take origin by the acts of the Father and the Son.” (145.6) 13:1.11

12. Proposition. Trinitization is among the secrets of Vicegerington.

The secrets of Vicegerington include the secrets of trinitization, and trinitization constitutes the secret of authority to represent the Trinity, to act as vicegerents of the Gods.”  (146.1) 13:1.12

13. Proposition. Solitarington is the home of the unrevealed beings of The Father-Spirit.

“5. SOLITARINGTON. This world is the ‘bosom of the Father and the Spirit’ and is the rendezvous of a magnificent host of unrevealed beings of origin in the conjoint acts of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit, beings who partake of the traits of the Father in addition to their Spirit inheritance.” (146.4) 13:1.15

14. Proposition. The secrets of Solitarington embrace some of trinitization and also special relations of the Infinite Spirit with some of his high children.

The secrets of Solitarington. Besides certain secrets of trinitization, this world holds the secrets of the personal relation of the Infinite Spirit with certain of the higher offspring of the Third Source and Center.” (146.7) 13:1.18

15. Proposition. Seraphington is the home of the unrevealed beings of the Son and the Spirit and of the numerous orders of angels.

“6. SERAPHINGTON. This sphere is the ‘bosom of the Son and the Spirit’ and is the home world of the vast hosts of unrevealed beings created by the Son and the Spirit. This is also the destiny sphere of all ministering orders of the angelic hosts, including supernaphim, seconaphim, and seraphim. There also serve in the central and outlying universes many orders of superb spirits who are not ‘ministering spirits to those who shall be heirs of salvation. All these spirit workers in all levels and realms of universe activities look upon Seraphington as their Paradise home. (146.8) 13:1.19

16. Proposition. The secrets of Seraphington include those of seraphic transport.

The secrets of Seraphington involve a threefold mystery, only one of which I may mention—the mystery of seraphic transport.” (147.1) 13:1.20

17. Proposition. Ascendington is the home of ascendant evolutionary creatures.

“7. ASCENDINGTON. This unique world is the ‘bosom of the Father, Son, and Spirit,’ the rendezvous of the ascendant creatures of space, the receiving sphere of the pilgrims of time who are passing through the Havona universe on their way to Paradise,” (147.2) 13:1.21

18. Proposition. The secret of Ascendington is that of the evolution of the immortal soul in material creatures.

The secrets of Ascendington include the mystery of the gradual and certain building up, in the material and mortal mind of a spiritual and potentially immortal counterpart of character and identity. This phenomenon constitutes one of the most perplexing mysteries of the universes—the evolution of an immortal soul within the mind of a mortal and material creature.” 
(147.3) 13:1.22


1. Proposition. On the sacred worlds of the Son there takes origin spiritual luminosity extending to all of Havona. No personal beings sojourn on these spheres.

“On the seven sacred worlds of the Eternal Son there appear to take origin the impersonal energies of spirit luminosity. No personal being may sojourn on any of these seven shining realms. With spiritual glory they illuminate all Paradise and Havona, and they directionize pure spirit luminosity to the seven superuniverses. These brilliant spheres of the second circuit likewise emit their light (light without heat) to Paradise and to the billion worlds of the seven-circuited central universe.” (143.4) 13:0.4

2. Proposition. These special worlds of the Son are the home of the seven phases of pure-spirit existence.

“The seven luminous spheres of the Eternal Son are the worlds of the seven phases of pure spirit existence. These shining orbs are the source of the threefold light of Paradise and Havona, their influence being largely, but not wholly, confined to the central universe.” (149.4) 13:3.1

3. Proposition. These worlds of the Son teem with other-than-personal life.

“Personality is not present on these Paradise satellites; therefore is there little concerning these pure-spirit abodes which can be presented to the mortal and material personality. We are taught that these worlds teem with the otherwise-than-personal life of the beings of the Eternal Son. We infer that these entities are being assembled for ministry in the projected new universes of outer space.” (149.5) 13:3.2


1. Proposition. The worlds of the Spirit are inhabited by the children of the Infinite Spirit, trinitized Sons of glorified creatures, and other unrevealed beings.

“Between the inner circuit of Havona and the shining spheres of the Eternal Son there circle the seven orbs of the Infinite Spirit, worlds inhabited by the offspring of the Infinite Spirit, by the trinitized sons of glorified created personalities, and by other types of unrevealed beings concerned with the effective administration of the many enterprises of the various realms of universe activities.” (149.7) 13:14.1

2. Proposition. The seven worlds of the Spirit are the headquarters of the Seven Master Spirits. Their illumination extends to Havona and the grand universe, but not to Paradise.

“The seven worlds of the Infinite Spirit are occupied by the Seven Master Spirits, who preside over the destinies of the seven superuniverses, sending forth the spiritual illumination of the Third Person of Deity to these creations of time and space. And all Havona, but not the Isle of Paradise, is bathed in these spiritualizing influences.” (143.5) 13:0.5

3. Proposition. From these seven worlds the Master Spirits equalize and stabilize the cosmic-mind circuits to the grand universe.

“From these seven special spheres the Master Spirits operate to equalize and stabilize the cosmic-mind circuits of the grand universe. They also have to do with the differential spiritual attitude and presence of the Deities throughout the grand universe.” (150.2) 13:4.3

4. Proposition. These executive abodes of the Seven Master Spirits are in reality the headquarters of the seven superuniverses.

“The executive abodes of the Seven Master Spirits are, in reality, the Paradise headquarters of the seven superuniverses and their correlated segments in outer space. Each Master Spirit presides over one superuniverse, and each of these seven worlds is exclusively assigned to one of the Master Spirits. There is literally no phase of the sub-Paradise administration of the seven superuniverses which is not provided for on these executive worlds.” (150.5) 13:4.6


1. Proposition. The billion worlds of Havona constitute training spheres for descending Paradise personalities and ascending evolutionary creatures.

“The billion spheres of the central universe constitute the training worlds of the high personalities native to Paradise and Havona and further serve as the final proving grounds for ascending creatures from the evolutionary worlds of time.” (156.1) 14:3.4

2. Proposition. Havona may be the finishing school on absonite levels when the superuniverses are functioning as the intermediate schools for the graduates of the primary schools of outer space.

“Havona will unquestionably continue to function with absonite significance even in future universe ages which may witness space pilgrims attempting to find God on superfinite levels. Havona has capacity to serve as a training universe for absonite beings. It will probably be the finishing school when the seven superuniverses are functioning as the intermediate school for the graduates of the primary schools of outer space. And we incline to the opinion that the potentials of eternal Havona are really unlimited, that the central universe has eternal capacity to serve as an experiential training universe for all past, present, or future types of created beings.” (163.3) 14:6.41

3. Proposition. The Father derives supreme satisfaction from the perfection of Havona.

“1. The Universal Father—the First Source and Center. God the Father derives supreme parental satisfaction from the perfection of the central creation. He enjoys the experience of love satiety on near-equality levels. The perfect Creator is divinely pleased with the adoration of the perfect creature.” (160.7) 14:6.6

4. Proposition. Havona affords the Eternal Son proof of the effectiveness of the divine family. Here he first demonstrated the bestowal ministry.

“2 The Eternal Son—the Second Source and Center. To the Eternal Son the superb central creation affords eternal proof of the partnership effectiveness of the divine family—Father, Son, and Spirit. It is the spiritual and material basis for absolute confidence in the Universal Father.

“Havona affords the Eternal Son an almost unlimited base for the ever-expanding realization of spirit power. The central universe afforded the Eternal Son the arena wherein he could safely and securely demonstrate the spirit and technique of the bestowal ministry for the instruction of his associate Paradise Sons. (160.13) 14:6.12

5. Proposition. The Havona universe affords the Infinite Spirit actual proof of being the Conjoint Actor.

“3. The Infinite Spirit—the Third Source and Center. The Havona universe affords the Infinite Spirit proof of being the Conjoint Actor, the infinite representative of the unified Father-Son. In Havona the Infinite Spirit derives the combined satisfaction of functioning as a creative activity while enjoying the satisfaction of absolute coexistence with this divine achievement.” 
(161.4) 14:6.17

6. Proposition. In Havona, the Infinite Spirit rehearsed for the ministry to the evolutionary universes.

“In Havona the Infinite Spirit found an arena wherein he could demonstrate the ability and willingness to serve as a potential mercy minister. In this perfect creation the Spirit rehearsed for the adventure of ministry in the evolutionary universes.” (161.5) 14:6.18

7. Proposition. Havona is proof of the spiritual reality of the Supreme Being. Here the power-potential of the Almighty is unified with the spiritual nature of the Supreme.

“4. The Supreme Being—the evolutionary unification of experiential Deity. The Havona creation is the eternal and perfect proof of the spiritual reality of the Supreme Being. This perfect creation is a revelation of the perfect and symmetrical spirit nature of God the Supreme before the beginnings of the power-personality synthesis of the finite reflections of the Paradise Deities in the experiential universes of time and space.

“In Havona the power potentials of the Almighty are unified with the spiritual nature of the Supreme. This central creation is an exemplification of the future-eternal unity of the Supreme.” (161.10) 14:6.23

8. Proposition. Havona is the educational training ground where the Creator Sons prepare for their adventures in universe creation.

“5. The Co-ordinate Creator Sons. Havona is the educational training ground where the Paradise Michaels are prepared for their subsequent adventures in universe creation. This divine and perfect creation is a pattern for every Creator Son.” (162.2) 14:6.27

9. Proposition. The prepersonal Mother Spirits, associates of the Creator Sons, secure training on the Havona worlds with the Spirits of the Circuits.

“6. The Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters. The Universe Mother Spirits, cocreators of the local universes, secure their prepersonal training on the worlds of Havona in close association with the Spirits of the Circuits.” (162.7) 14:6.32

10. Proposition. Havona is the home of the pattern personalities for every mortal type and here are to be found all superhuman associates of mortal ascenders.

“7. The Evolutionary Mortals of the Ascending Career. Havona is the home of the pattern personality of every mortal type and the home of all superhuman personalities of mortal association who are not native to the creations of time.” (162.12) 14:6.37

11. Proposition. In Havona, mortal ascenders attain their first contact with the Supreme Being.

“These worlds provide the stimulus of all human impulses towards the attainment of true spirit values on the highest conceivable reality levels. Havona is the pre-Paradise training goal of every ascending mortal. Here mortals attain pre-Paradise Deity—the Supreme Being. Havona stands before every will creature as the portal to Paradise and God attainment.” 
(162.13) 14:6.38


1. Proposition. There are seven basic forms of life in Havona.

“There are seven basic forms of living things and beings on the Havona worlds, and each of these basic forms exists in three distinct phases. Each of these three phases is divided into seventy major divisions, and each major division is composed of one thousand minor divisions, with yet other subdivisions, and so on. These basic life groups might be classified as:

  1. Material.
  2. Morontial.
  3. Spiritual.
  4. Absonite.
  5. Ultimate.
  6. Coabsolute.
  7. Absolute.” (156.6) 14:4.1

2. Proposition. Havoners, in addition to their ministry to descenders and ascenders, live a significant life of their own.

“There is a life that is native to Havona and possesses significance in and of itself. Havoners minister in many ways to Paradise descenders and to superuniverse ascenders, but they also live lives that are unique in the central universe and have relative meaning quite apart from either Paradise or the superuniverses.” (157.4) 14:4.12

3. Proposition. Havona natives are the children of the Paradise Trinity and are non reproducing beings.

“The Havona natives are all the offspring of the Paradise Trinity. They are without creature parents, and they are non reproducing beings.” (157.2) 14:4.10

4. Proposition. On the Havona worlds are to be found numerous classes of pattern beings.

“In addition to the Havona natives, the inhabitants of the central universe embrace numerous classes of pattern beings for various universe groups—advisers, directors, and teachers of their kind and to their kind throughout creation.” (157.10) 14:4.18

5. Proposition. Sin has never appeared in Havona. Neither the natives nor the evolutionary ascenders have ever gone astray.

“We do infer that sin can be reckoned as impossible of occurrence, but we do this on the ground that the native freewill creatures of Havona have never been guilty of transgressing the will of Deity. Through all eternity these supernal beings have been consistently loyal to the Eternals of Days. Neither has sin appeared in any creature who has entered Havona as a pilgrim. There has never been an instance of misconduct by any creature of any group of personalities ever created in, or admitted to, the central Havona universe. So perfect and so divine are the methods and means of selection in the universes of time that never in the records of Havona has an error occurred; no mistakes have ever been made; no ascendant soul has ever been prematurely admitted to the central universe.”(155.3) 14:2.9

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