3. The Absolutes

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  1. Concept of the Absolutes.
  2. The Seven Absolutes.
  3. The Deity Absolute.
  4. The Unqualified Absolute.
  5. The Universal Absolute.
  6. Absolute Levels and Responses.


1. Proposition. Total infinity resides in the seven Absolutes.

“In these papers total reality (infinity) has been presented as it exists in the seven Absolutes:

  1. The Universal Father.
  2. The Eternal Son.
  3. The Infinite Spirit.
  4. The Isle of Paradise.
  5. The Deity Absolute.
  6. The Universal Absolute.
  7. The Unqualified Absolute.” (1146.7) 104:3.5

2. Proposition. The Absolutes seem to supersede matter, transcend mind, and supervene spirit.

“These absolutes seem to supersede matter, to transcend mind, and to supervene spirit. I am constantly confused and often perplexed by my inability to comprehend these complex transactions which I attribute to the presences and performances of the Unqualified Absolute, the Deity Absolute, and the Universal Absolute.” (55.6) 4:1.8

3. Proposition. The Trinity is antecedent to the Absolutes. The Absolute is the impersonal and co-ordinate reaction of the Trinity of Trinities to all primary space situations.

“On first thought, a concept of the Absolute as ancestor to all things—even the Trinity—seems to afford transitory satisfaction of consistency gratification and philosophic unification, but any such conclusion is invalidated by the actuality of the eternity of the Paradise Trinity. We are taught, and we believe, that the Universal Father and his Trinity associates are eternal in nature and existence. There is, then, but one consistent philosophic conclusion, and that is: The Absolute is, to all universe intelligences, the impersonal and the co-ordinate reaction of the Trinity (of Trinities) to all basic and primary space situations, intrauniversal and extrauniversal.” (644.6) 56:9.4

4. Proposition. The Paradise Trinity stands in finality, eternity, supremacy, and ultimacy as absolute.

“To all personality intelligences of the grand universe the Paradise Trinity forever stands in finality, eternity, supremacy, and ultimacy and, for all practical purposes of personal comprehension and creature realization, as absolute. (644.6) 56:9.4

5. Proposition. Mind cannot grasp the concept of an Absolute without breaking up the unity of such a reality.

“Mind can never hope to grasp the concept of an Absolute without attempting first to break the unity of such a reality. Mind is unifying of all divergencies, but in the very absence of such divergencies, mind finds no basis upon which to attempt to formulate understanding concepts. (1261.6) 115:3.2


1. Proposition. The seven prime relationships within the I AM eternalize as the seven Absolutes of Infinity. The Absolutes had no beginning and they are:

  1. The First Source and Center.
  2. The Second Source and Center.
  3. The Paradise Source and Center.
  4. The Third Source and Center.
  5. The Deity Absolute.
  6. The Unqualified Absolute.
  7. The Universal Absolute.

See: (1155.5) 105:3.1


1. Proposition. The Deity Absolute is the all-powerful activator, while the Unqualified Absolute is the all-efficient mechanizer of the universe of universes.

The Deity Absolute seems to be the all-powerful activator, while the Unqualified Absolute appears to be the all-efficient mechanizer of the supremely unified and ultimately co-ordinated universe of universes, even universes upon universes, made, making, and yet to be made.” (14.2) 0:11.4


1. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute is nonpersonal and undeified. He cannot be penetrated by fact, truth, experience, philosophy, or revelation.

The Unqualified Absolute is nonpersonal, extradivine, and undeified. The Unqualified Absolute is therefore devoid of personality, divinity, and all creator prerogatives. Neither fact nor truth, experience nor revelation, philosophy nor absonity are able to penetrate the nature and character of this Absolute without universe qualification.” (14.5) 0:11.7

2. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute seems to dominate the nether plane of Paradise.

“The Trinity seems to dominate the personal or upper plane, the Unqualified Absolute the nether or impersonal plane. We hardly conceive of the Unqualified Absolute as a person, but we do think of the functional space presence of this Absolute as focalized on nether Paradise.” (119.9) 11:2.8

3. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute upholds the physical universe; the Deity Absolute motivates the overcontrol of all material reality.

“The Unqualified Absolute upholds the physical universe, while the Deity Absolute motivates the exquisite overcontrol of all material reality; and both Absolutes are functionally unified by the Universal Absolute. This cohesive correlation of the materal universe is best understood by all personalities—material, morontia, absonite, or spiritual—by the observation of the gravity response of all bona fide material reality to the gravity centering on nether Paradise.” (637.4) 56:1.2


1. Proposition. The Universal Absolute resolves the tension created by the differentiation of reality into the deified and undeified—the personalizable and nonpersonalizable.

The Universal Absolute, we logically deduce, was inevitable in the Universal Father’s absolute freewill act of differentiating universe realities into deified and undeified—personalizable and nonpersonalizable—values. The Universal Absolute is the Deity phenomenon indicative of the resolution of the tension created by the freewill act of thus differentiating universe reality, and functions as the associative co-ordinator of these sum totals of existential potentialities.” (14.8) 0:11.10

2. Proposition. The Universal Absolute equalizes the tensions between:

The finite and the Infinite.

Reality potentials and actuals.

Paradise and space.

Time and eternity.

Man and God.

“The finite can coexist in the cosmos along with the Infinite only because the associative presence of the Universal Absolute so perfectly equalizes the tensions between time and eternity, finity and infinity, reality potential and reality actuality. Paradise and space, man and God. Associatively the Universal Absolute constitutes the identification of the zone of progressing evolutional reality existent in the time-space, and in the transcended time-space, universes of subinfinite Deity manifestation.” (15.3) 0:11.13

3. Proposition. The Absolutes are co-ordinated in the Ultimate; conditioned in the Supreme; and time-space modified in God the Sevenfold.

“The Unqualified Absolute and the Deity Absolute are unified in the Universal Absolute. The Absolutes are co-ordinated in the Ultimate, conditioned in the Supreme, and time-space modified in God the Sevenfold. On subinfinite levels there are three Absolutes, but in infinity they appear to be one. On Paradise there are three personalizations of Deity, but in the Trinity they are one.” (644.3) 56:9.1

4. Proposition. The Absolute is unqualified only in infinity. The revelation of God must be relative until his power and personality become infinite in the Absolutes.

“Spiritual personality is absolute only on Paradise, and the concept of the Absolute is unqualified only in infinity. Deity presence is absolute only on Paradise, and the revelation of God must always be partial, relative, and progressive until his power becomes experientially infinite in the space potency of the Unqualified Absolute, while his personality manifestation becomes experientially infinite in the manifest presence of the Deity Absolute, and while these two potentials of infinity become reality-unified in the Universal Absolute. (645.2) 56:9.7


1. Proposition. Before the deitization of finite relativities, all diversification of reality occurred on absolute levels.

“Prior to the deitization of the finite, it would appear that all reality diversification took place on absolute levels; but the volitional act promulgating finite reality connotes a qualification of absoluteness and implies the appearance of relativities. (1158.2) 105:5.2

2. Proposition. The First Source and Center is the Volitional Absolute; the Second Source and Center is the Personality Absolute.

“The First Source and Center is the Volitional Absolute; the Second Source and Center is the Personality Absolute.” (74.1) 6:1.2

3. Proposition. Finite existence represents transference from potentials to actuals within the Absolutes and repercussions appear as responses in Deity, creatures, and the universes.

“The entire promulgation of finite existences represents a transference from potentials to actuals within the absolute associations of functional infinity. Of the many repercussions to creative actualization of the finite, there may be cited:

1. The deity response, the appearance of the three levels of experiential supremacy; the actuality of personal-spirit supremacy in Havona, the potential for personal-power supremacy in the grand universe to be, and the capacity for some unknown function of experiential mind acting on some level of supremacy in the future master universe.

2. The universe response involved an activation of the architectural plans for the superuniverse space level, and this evolution is still progressing throughout the physical organization of the seven superuniverses.

3. The creature repercussion to finite-reality promulgation resulted in the appearance of perfect beings on the order of the eternal inhabitants of Havona and of perfected evolutionary ascenders from the seven superuniverses. But to attain perfection as an evolutionary (time-creative) experience implies something other-than perfection as a point of departure. Thus arises imperfection in the evolutionary creations. And this is the origin of potential evil. Misadaptation, disharmony, and conflict, all these things are inherent in evolutionary growth, from physical universes to personal creatures.

4. The divinity response to the imperfection inherent in the time lag of evolution is disclosed in the compensating presence of God the Sevenfold, by whose activities that which is perfecting is integrated with both the perfect and the perfected. This time lag is inseparable from evolution, which is creativity in time. Because of it, as well as for other reasons, the almighty power of the Supreme is predicated on the divinity successes of God the Sevenfold.” (1159.1) 105:6.1

4. Proposition. The First Source and Center is the absolute reality which embraced all potentials and gave origin to all actuals.

“One basic conception of the absolute level involves a postulate of three phases:

1. The Original. The unqualified concept of the First Source and Center, that source manifestation of the I AM from which all reality takes origin.

2. The Actual. The union of the three Absolutes of actuality, the Second, Third, and Paradise Sources and Centers. This triodity of the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, and the Paradise Isle constitutes the actual revelation of the originality of the First Source and Center.

3. The Potential. The union of the three Absolutes of potentiality, the Deity, Unqualified, and Universal Absolutes. This triodity of existential potentiality constitutes the potential revelation of the originality of the First Source and Center.” (1262.2) 115:3.5

5.Proposition. The Absolutes of potentiality operate upon the eternal level of the cosmos. On subabsolute levels the Supreme and the Ultimate function. Though the will of God may not always prevail in the part, it invariably does in the whole.

“The three Absolutes of potentiality are operative on the purely eternal level of the cosmos, hence never function as such on subabsolute levels. On the descending levels of reality the triodity of potentiality is manifest with the Ultimate and upon the Supreme. The potential may fail to time-actualize with respect to a part on some subabsolute level, but never in the aggregate. The will of God does ultimately prevail, not always concerning the individual but invariably concerning the total.” (1262.10) 115:3.13

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