11. Angels

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  1. Ministering Spirits
  2. Primary Supernaphim
  3. Secondary Supernaphim
  4. Tertiary Supernaphim
  5. Primary Seconaphim
  6. Secondary Seconaphim
  7. Tertiary Seconaphim
  8. Ministering Spirits of the Local Universe
  9. Seraphim
  10. Cherubim and Sanobim
  11. Supreme Seraphim
  12. Superior Seraphim
  13. Supervisor Seraphim
  14. Administrator Seraphim
  15. Planetary Helpers
  16. Transition Ministers
  17. Guardian Angels
  18. Seraphic Destiny
  19. Seraphim of Planetary Supervision



1. Proposition. The ministering spirits of the grand universe.

“The ministering spirits of the grand universe are classified as follows:

  1. Supernaphim.
  2. Seconaphim.
  3. Tertiaphinu
  4. Omniaphim.
  5. Seraphim.
  6. Cherubim and Sanobim.
  7. Midway Creatures.” (285.3) 26:1.2

2. Proposition. The differing orders of angels are variously created.

“Together with their Infinite Mother Spirit, the Supreme Spirit groups are the immediate creators of the vast creature family of the Third Source and Center. All orders of the ministering spirits spring from this association. Primary supernaphim originate in the Infinite Spirit; secondary beings of this order are created by the Master Spirits; tertiary supernaphim by the Seven Spirits of the Circuits. The Reflective Spirits, collectively, are the mothermakers of a marvelous order of the angelic hosts, the mighty seconaphim of the superoniverse services. A Creative Spirit is the mother of the angelic orders of a local creation; such seraphic ministers are original in each local universe, though they are fashioned after the patterns of the central universe. All these creators of ministering spirits are only indirectly assisted by the central lodgment of the Infinite Spirit, the original and eternal mother of all the angelic ministers.” (205.3) 17:8.2

3. Proposition. The angelic hosts are sustained by spiritual energy.

“These brilliant creatures of light are sustained directly by the intake of the spiritual energy of the primary circuits of the universe. Urantia mortals must obtain light-energy through the vegetative incarnation, but the angelic hosts are encircuited; they ‘have food that you know not.’ They also partake of the circulating teachings of the marvelous Trinity Teacher Sons; they have a reception of knowledge and an intake of wisdom much resembling their technique of assimilating the life energies.” (286.5) 26:1.7

4. Proposition. There are three groups of the superuniverse ministering spirits.

“As presented in these narratives, the ministering spirits of the superuniverses embrace the following three orders:

  1. The Seconaphim.
  2. The Tertiaphim.
  3. The Omniaphim.” (306.2) 28:0.2

5. Proposition. Omniaphim are created by the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Supreme Executives and they are exclusive servants of the Supreme Executives.

“Omniaphim are created by the Infinite Spirit in liaison with the Seven Supreme Executives, and they are the exclusive servants and messengers of these same Supreme Executives. Omniaphim are of grand universe assignment, and in Orvonton their corps maintains headquarters in the northerly parts of Uversa, where they reside as a special courtesy colony. They are not of registry on Uversa, nor are they attached to our administration. Neither are they directly concerned with the ascendant scheme of mortal progression.” (307.1) 28:2.1


1. Proposition. Supernaphim are the ministering spirits of Paradise; they are the highest order of angels.

“Supernaphim are the ministering spirits of Paradise and the central universe; they are the highest order of the lowest group of the children of the Infinite Spirit—the angelic hosts. Such ministering spirits are to be encountered from the Isle of Paradise to the worlds of time and space. No major part of the organized and inhabited creation is without their services.” (285.1) 26:0.1

2. Proposition. Supernaphim minister to all who live on Paradise.

“The supernaphim are the skilled ministers to all types of beings who sojourn on Paradise and in the central universe. These high angels are created in three major orders: primary, secondary, and tertiary.” (286.6) 26:2.1

3. Proposition. Primary supernaphim are children of the Conjoint Actor.

Primary supernaphim are the exclusive offspring of the Conjoint Creator. They divide their ministry about equally between certain groups of the Paradise Citizens and the ever-enlarging corps of ascendant pilgrims. These angels of the eternal Isle are highly efficacious in furthering the essential training of both groups of Paradise dwellers.” (287.1) 26:2.2

4. Proposition. Primary supernaphim have served on Paradise from eternity in seven groups.

“From eternity the primary supernaphim have served on the Isle of Light and have gone forth on missions of leadership to the worlds of space, but they have functioned as now classified only since the arrival on Paradise of the Havona pilgrims of time. These high angels now minister chiefly in the following seven orders of service:

  1. Conductors of Worship.
  2. Masters of Philosophy.
  3. Custodians of Knowledge. 
  4. Directors of Conduct.
  5. Interpreters of Ethics.
  6. Chiefs of Assignment.
  7. Instigators of Rest.” (298.3) 27:0.3


1. Proposition. Secondary supernaphim function on the seven circuits of Havona—serving both ascending and descending pilgrims.

“The secondary supernaphim are ministers to the seven planetary circuits of the central universe. Part are devoted to the service of the pilgrims of time, and one half of the entire order is assigned to the training of the Paradise pilgrims of eternity. These Paradise Citizens, in their pilgrimage through the Havona circuits, are also attended by volunteers from the Mortal Finality Corps, an arrangement that has prevailed since the completion of the first finaliter group.

“According to their periodic assignment to the ministry of the ascending pilgrims, secondary supernaphim work in the following seven groups:

  1. Pilgrim Helpers.
  2. Supremacy Guides.
  3. Trinity Guides.
  4. Son Finders.
  5. Father Guides.
  6. Counselors and Advisers.
  7. Complements of Rest.” (289.4) 26:4.1

2. Proposition. Graduate Guides and associated servitals minister to pilgrims on all the Havona circuits.

“When an ascendant soul actually starts for Paradise, he is accompanied only by the transit trio: the superaphic circle associate, the Graduate Guide, and the ever-present servital associate of the latter. These excursions from the Havona circles to Paradise are trial trips; the ascenders are not yet of Paradise status.” (293.2) 26:7.4

3. Proposition. The complements of rest accompany the sleeping pilgrims on their last sleep extending from time to eternity.

“And now, at the culmination of the Havona career, as you mortals go to sleep on the pilot world of the inner circuit, you go not alone to your rest as you did on the worlds of your origin when you closed your eyes in the natural sleep of mortal death, nor as you did when you entered the long transit trance preparatory for the journey to Havona. Now, as you prepare for the attainment rest, there moves over by your side your long-time associate of the first circle, the majestic complement of rest, who prepares to enter the rest as one with you, as the pledge of Havona that your transition is complete, and that you await only the final touches of perfection.” (297.4) 26:11.7


1. Proposition. Tertiary supernaphim are produced by the Seven Spirits of the Circuits and are greatly increased in number since the times of Grandfanda.

Tertiary supernaphim take origin in these Seven Spirits of the Circuits. Each one of them, on the separate Havona circles, is empowered by the Infinite Spirit to create a sufficient number of high superaphic ministers of the tertiary order to meet the needs of the central universe. While the Circuit Spirits produced comparatively few of these angelic ministers prior to the arrival in Havona of the pilgrims of time, the Seven Master Spirits did not even begin the creation of secondary supernaphim until the landing of Grandfanda.” (287.6) 26:2.7

2. Proposition. The tertiary supernaphim work in seven divisions.

  1. Harmony Supervisors.
  2. Chief Recorders.
  3. Broadcasters.
  4. Messengers.
  5. Intelligence Co-ordinators.
  6. Transport Personalities.
  7. Reserve Corps.

See: (288.3) 26:3.3


Proposition. Seconaphim are produced by the seven Reflective Spirits and reflectivity is their nature.

“The secoraphic hosts are produced by the seven Reflective Spirits assigned to the headquarters of each superuniverse. There is a definite Paradise-responsive technique associated with the creation of these angels in groups of seven. In each seven there are always one primary, three secondary, and three tertiary seconaphim; they always personalize in this exact proportion. When seven such seconaphim are created, one, the primary, becomes attached to the service of the Ancients of Days. The three secondary angels are associated with three groups of Paradise-origin administrators in the supergovernments: the Divine Counselors, the Perfectors of Wisdom, and the Universal Censors. The three tertiary angels are attached to the ascendant trinitized associates of the superuniverse rulers: the Mighty Messengers, Those High in Authority, and Those without Name and Number.

“These seconaphim of the superuniverses are the offspring of the Reflective Spirits, and therefore reflectivity is inherent in their nature.” (307.3) 28:3.1

2. Proposition. Primary seconaphim are living mirrors. The Ancients of Days can instantly look both ways, hear both ways, and know both ways.

“The primary secondaphim, of assignment to the Ancients of Days, are living mirrors in the service of these triune rulers. Think what it means in the economy of a superuniverse to be able to turn, as it were, to a living mirror and therein to see and therewith to hear the certain responses of another being a thousand or a hundred thousand light-years distant and to do all this instantly and unerringly. Records are essential to the conduct of the universes, broadcasts are serviceable, the work of the Solitary and other messengers is very helpful, but the Ancients of Days from their position midway between the inhabited worlds and Paradise—between man and God—can instantly look both ways, hear both ways, and know both ways.” (307.5) 28:4.1

3. Proposition. These angels function in seven grand divisions:

  1. The Voice of the Conjoint Actor.
  2. The Voice of the Seven Master Spirits.
  3. The Voice of the Creator Sons.
  4. The Voice of the Angelic Hosts.
  5. Broadcast Receivers.
  6. Transport Personalities.
  7. The Reserve Corps.

See: (308.2) 28:4.3  (309.5) 28:4.11


1. Proposition. Secondary seconaphim are no less reflective and are assigned to the associates of the Ancients of Days.

“Seconaphim of the secondary order are no less reflective than their primary fellows. Being classed as primary, secondary, and tertiary does not indicate a differential of status or function in the case of seconaphim; it merely denotes orders of procedure. Identical qualities are exhibited by all three groups in their activities.

“The seven reflective types of secondary seconaphim are assigned to the services of the co-ordinate Trinity-origin associates of the Ancients of Days as follows:

“To the Perfectors of Wisdom—the Voices of Wisdom, the Souls of Philosophy, and the Unions of Souls.

“To the Divine Counselors—The Hearts of Counsel, the Joys of Existence, and the Satisfactions of Service.

“To the Universal Censors—the Discerners of Spirits.

“Like the primary order, this group is created serially; that is, the first-born was a Voice of Wisdom, and the seventh thereafter was similar, and so with the six other types of these reflective angels.” (310.3) 28:5.1

2. Proposition. These seconaphim serve in seven groups.

  1. The Voice of Wisdom.
  2. The Soul of Philosophy.
  3. The Union of Souls
  4. The Heart of Counsel.
  5. The Joy of Existence.
  6. The Satisfaction of Service.
  7. The Discerner of Spirits. See: (310.8) 28:5.6


1. Proposition. All tertiary seconaphim are assigned to the Trinitized Sons of Attainment. There are seven types:

  1. Significance of Origins.
  2. Memory of Mercy.
  3. Import of Time.
  4. Solemnity of Trust.
  5. Sanctity of Service.
  6. and 7. The Secret of Greatness and the Soul of Goodness.

“In the same manner as their fellows, these angels are created serially and in seven reflective types, but these types are not assigned individually to the separate services of the super-universe administrators. All tertiary seconaphim are collectively assigned to the Trinitized Sons of Attainment, and these ascendant sons use them interchangeably; that is, the Mighty Messengers can and do utilize any of the tertiary types, and so do their co-ordinates, Those High in Authority and Those without Name and Number.

See: (313.5) 28:6.1


1. Proposition. Angels possess automatic powers of knowing things.

“While in personal status angels are not so far removed from human beings, in certain functional performances seraphim far transcend them. They possess many powers far beyond human comprehension. For example: You have been told that the ‘very hairs of your head are numbered,’ and it is true they are, but a seraphim does not spend her time counting them and keeping the number corrected up to date. Angels possess inherent and automatic (that is, automatic as far as you could perceive) powers of knowing such things; you would truly regard a seraphim as a mathematical prodigy. Therefore, numerous duties which would be tremendous tasks for mortals are performed with exceeding ease by seraphim.” (419.3) 38:2.3

2. Proposition. Angels are not objects of worship.

“You do well to love them, but you should not adore them; angels are not objects of worship. The great seraphim, Loyalatia, when your seer ‘fell down to worship before the feet of the angel,’ said: ‘See that you do it not; I am a fellow servant with you and with your races, who are all enjoined to worship God.’” (419.5) 38:2.5

3. Proposition. Strictly speaking, “angels” are limited to the offspring of the Universe Mother Spirit.

“Numerous orders of spirit beings function throughout the domains of the local universe that are unrevealed to mortals because they are in no manner connected with the evolutionary plan of Paradise ascension. In this paper the word “angel” is purposely limited to the designation of those seraphic and associated offspring of the Universe Mother Spirit who are so largely concerned with the operation of the plans of mortal survival.”(420.1) 38:3.1


1. Proposition. The Universe Mother Spirit creates many and diverse orders of seraphim.

“As far as we are cognizant, the Infinite Spirit, as personalized on the local universe headquarters, intends to produce uniformly perfect seraphim, but for some unknown reason these seraphic offspring are very diverse. This diversity may be a result of the unknown interposition of evolving experiential Deity; if so, we cannot prove it. But we do observe that, when seraphim have been subjected to educa-tional tests and training discipline, they unfailingly and distinctly classify into the following seven groups:

  1. Supreme Seraphim.
  2. Superior Seraphim.
  3. Supervisor Seraphim.
  4. Administrator Seraphim.
  5. Planetary Helpers.
  6. Transition Ministers.
  7. Seraphim of the Future.

“To say that any one seraphim is inferior to an angel of any other group would hardly be true. Nevertheless every angel is at first service-limited to the group of original and inherent classification. My seraphic associate in the preparation of this statement, Manotia, is a supreme seraphim and one time functioned only as a supreme seraphim. By application and devoted service she has, one by one, achieved all seven of the seraphic services, having functioned in well-nigh every avenue of activity open to a seraphim, and now holds the commission of associate chief of seraphim on Urantia.” (426.1) 39:0.1

2. Proposition. How the idea that angels have wings may have originated.

“The erroneous idea that angels possess wings is not wholly due to olden notions that they must have wings to fly through the air. Human beings have sometimes been permitted to observe seraphim that were being prepared for transport service, and the traditions of these experiences have largely determined the Urantian concept of angels. In observing a transport seraphim being made ready to receive a passenger for interplanetary transit, there may be seen what are apparently double sets of wings extending from the head to the foot of the angel. In reality these wings are energy insulators—friction shields.” (438.5) 39:5.12

3. Proposition. Seraphim may be elevated to numerous advanced positions.

“Seraphim are of origin in the local universes, and in these very realms of their nativity some achieve service destiny. With the help and counsel of the senior archangels some seraphim may be elevated to the exalted duties of Brilliant Evening Stars, while others attain the status and service of the unrevealed co-ordinates of the Evening Stars.” (440.3) 39:8.1

4. Proposition. Seraphim are the most nearly standardized type of being in the super-universes.

“The seraphim are all fairly uniform in design. From universe to universe, throughout all seven of the superaniverses, they show a minimum of variation; they are the most nearly standard of all spirit types of personal beings. Their various orders constitute the corps of the skilled and common ministers of the local creations.” (418.3) 38:0.3

5. Proposition. The Universe Mother Spirit creates seraphim—41,472 at a time.

“Seraphim are created by the Universe Mother Spirit and have been projected in unit formation—41,472 at a time—ever since the creation of the ‘pattern angels” and certain angelic archetypes in the early times of Nebadon. The Creator Son, and the universe representation of the Infinite Spirit collaborate in the creation of a large number of Sons and other universe personalities.” (418.4) 38:1.1

6. Proposition. Seraphim are being periodically created.

“Seraphim are still being periodically created; the universe of Nebadon is still in the making. The Universe Mother Spirit never ceases creative activity in a growing and perfecting universe.” (418.6) 38:1.3

7. Proposition. Angels share our nonsensual emotions. They are affectionate and understand our tribulations.

“Angels do not have material bodies, but they are definite and discrete beings; they are of spirit nature and origin. Though invisible to mortals, they perceive you as you are in the flesh without the aid of transformers or translators; they intellectually understand the mode of mortal life, and they share all of man’s nonsensuous emotions and sentiments. They appreciate and greatly enjoy your efforts in music, art, and real humor. They are fully cognizant of your moral struggles and spiritual difficulties. They love human beings, and only good can result from your efforts to understand and love them.

“Though seraphim are very affectionate and sympathetic beings, they are not sex-emotion creatures. They are much as you will be on the mansion worlds, where you will ‘neither marry nor be given in marriage but will be as the angels of heaven.’ For all who ‘shall be accounted worthy to attain the mansion worlds neither marry nor are given in marriage; neither do they die any more, for they are equal to the angels.’” (419.1) 38:2.1

8. Proposition. The ninth group of primary spheres in Salvington are the worlds of the angels.

“The ninth group of seven primary spheres in the Salvington circuit are the worlds of the seraphim. Each of these worlds has six tributary satellites, whereon are the special schools devoted to all phases of seraphic training. While the seraphim have access to all fortynine worlds comprising this group of Salvington spheres, they exclusively occupy only the first cluster of seven. The remaining six clusters are occupied by the six orders of angelic associates unrevealed on Urantla; each such group maintains headquarters on one of these six primary worlds and carries on specialized activities on the six tributary satellites. Each angelic order has free access to all the worlds of these seven diverse groups.” (420.2) 38:4.1

9. Proposition. Seraphim are not sex creatures—they are negative and positive.

“Though not male and female as are the Material Sons and the mortal races, seraphim are negative and positive. In the majority of assignments it requires two angels to accomplish the task.” (420.4) 38:4.3

10. Proposition. Seraphim range the universe and superuniverse and minister to a host of spirit and material beings.

“When once seraphim are commissioned, they may range all Nebadon, even Orvonton, on assignment. Their work in the universe is without bounds and limitations; they are closely associated with material creatures of the worlds and are ever in the service of the lower orders of spiritual personalities, making contact between these, beings of the spirit world and the mortals of the material realms.” (421.3) 38:5.4

11. Proposition. Seraphim are organized for service in many groups.

“After the second millennium of sojourn at seraphic headquarters the seraphim are organized under chiefs into groups of twelve (12 pairs, 24 seraphim), and twelve such groups constitute a company (144 pairs, 288 seraphim), which is commanded by a leader. Twelve companies under a commander constitute a battalion (1,728 pairs or 3,456 seraphim), and twelve battalions under a director equal a seraphic unit (20,736 pairs or 41,472 individuals), while twelve units, subject to the command of a supervisor, constitute a legion numbering 248,832 pairs or 497,664 individuals. Jesus alluded to such a group of angels that night in the garden of Gethsemane when he said: ‘I can even now ask my Father, and he will presently give me more than twelve legions of angels.’

“Twelve legions of angels comprise a host numbering 2,985,984 pairs or 5,971,968 individuals, and twelve such hosts (35,831,808 pairs or 71,663,616 individuals) make up the largest operating organization of seraphim, an angelic array. A seraphic host is commanded by an archangel or by some other personality of co-ordinate status, while the angelic armies are directed by the Brilliant Evening Stars or by other immediate lieutenants of Gabriel. And Gabriel is the ‘supreme commander of the armies of heaven,’ the chief executive of the Sovereign of Nebadon, ‘the Lord God of hosts.’” (421.4) 38:6.1


1. Proposition. In origin, but not destiny, cherubim are like seraphim. They are efficient and affectionate.

“In all essential endowments cherubim and sanobim are similar to seraphim. They have the same origin but not always the same destiny. They are wonderfully intelligent, marvelously efficient, and almost human. They are the lowest order of angels, hence all the nearer of kin to the more progressive types of human beings on the evolutionary worlds.” 
(422.1) 38:7.1

2. Proposition. Cherubim and sanobim are inherently associated. Cherubim are positively charged—sanobim negatively.

“Cherubim and sanobim are inherently associated, functionally united. One is an energy positive personality; the other, energy negative. The right-hand deflector, or positively charged angel, is the cherubim—the senior or controlling personality. The left-hand deflector, or negatively charged angel, is the sanobim—the complement of being.” (422.2) 38:7.2

3. Proposition. Cherubim and sanobim are near the morontia level of existence. Every fourth cherubim and sanobim are quasi-material creatures.

“Cherubim and sanobim are by nature very near the morontia level of existence, and they prove to be most efficient in the borderland work of the physical, morontial, and spiritual domains. These children of the local universe Mother Spirit are characterized by ‘fourth creatures’ much as are the Havona Servitals and the conciliating commissions. Every fourth cherubim and every fourth sanobim are quasimaterial, very definitely resembling the morontia level of existence.

“These angelic fourth creatures are of great assistance to the seraphim in the more literal phases of their universe and planetary activities. Such morontia cherubim also perform many indispensable borderline tasks on the morontia training worlds and are assigned to the service of the Morontia Companions in large numbers.” (422.6) 38:7.6

4. Proposition. Cherubim and sanobim can advance in status in three ways.

“Numerous avenues of advancing service are open to cherubim and sanobim leading to an enhancement of status, which may be still further augmented by the embrace of the Divine Minister. There are three great classes of cherubim and sanobim with regard to evolutionary potential:

“1. Ascension Candidates. These beings are by nature candidates for seraphic status. Cherubim and sanobim of this order are brilliant, though not by inherent endowment equal to the seraphim; but by application and experience it is possible for them to attain full seraphic standing.

“2. Mid-phase Cherubim. All cherubim and sanobim are not equal in ascension potential, and these are the inherently limited beings of the angelic creations. Most of them will remain cherubim and sanobim, although the more gifted individuals may achieve limited seraphic service.

“3. Morontia Cherubim. These ‘fourth creatures’ of the angelic orders always retain their quasi-material characteristics. They will continue on as cherubim and sanobim, together with a majority of their mid-phase brethren, pending the completed factualization of the Supreme Being.” (423.1) 38:8.1


1. Proposition. Supreme seraphim are classified as follows:

  1. Son-Spirit Ministers.
  2. Court Advisers.
  3. Universe Orientators.
  4. Teaching Counselors.
  5. Directors of Assignment.
  6. The Recorders.
  7. Unattached Ministers. See: (427.1) 39:1.1


1. Proposition. Superior seraphim function in the seven following groups:

  1. The Intelligence Corps.
  2. The Voice of Mercy.
  3. Spirit Co-ordinators.
  4. Assistant Teachers.
  5. The Transporters.
  6. The Recorders.
  7. The Reserves. See:(429.5) 39:2.1


1. Proposition. Supervisor seraphim function in seven groups:

  1. Supervising Assistants.
  2. Law Forecasters.
  3. Social Architects.
  4. Ethical Sensitizers.
  5. The Transporters.
  6. The Recorders.
  7. The Reserves. See: (432.2) 39:3.1


1. Proposition. Administrator seraphim function in seven orders:

  1. Administrative Assistants.
  2. Justice Guides.
  3. Interpreters of Cosmic Citizenship.
  4. Quickeners of Morality.
  5. The Transporters.
  6. The Recorders.
  7. The Reserves. See: (434.1) 39:4.1


1. Proposition. Planetary helpers serve in seven groups.

  1. The Voices of the Garden.
  2. The Spirits of Brotherhood.
  3. The Souls of Peace.
  4. The Spirits of Trust.
  5. The Transporters.
  6. The Recorders.
  7. The Reserves. See: (436.5) 39:5.1


1. Proposition. The transition ministers function in seven groups.

“As their name might suggest, seraphim of transitional ministry serve wherever they can contribute to creature transition from the material to the spiritual estate. These angels serve from the inhabited worlds to the system capitals, but those in Satania at present direct their greatest efforts toward the education of the surviving mortals on the seven mansion worlds. This ministry is diversified in accordance with the following seven orders of assignment:

  1. Seraphic Evangels.
  2. Racial Interpreters.
  3. Mind Planners.
  4. Morontia Counselors.
  5. Technicians.
  6. Recorder-Teachers.
  7. Ministering Reserves.” (439.4) 39:6.1


1. Proposition. The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth.

“The teaching about guardian angels is not a myth; certain groups of human beings do actually have personal angels. It was in recognition of this that Jesus, in speaking of the children of the heavenly kingdom, said: ‘Take heed that you despise not one of these little ones, for I say to you, their angels do always behold the presence of the spirit of my Father.’” (1241.3) 113:1.1

2. Proposition. As regards assignment of guardian angels, mankind is grouped in three classes:

    1. Subnormal minded.
    2. Average minded.
    3. Supernormal minded.

“Originally, the seraphim were definitely assigned to the separate Urantia races. But since the bestowal of Michael, they are assigned in accordance with human intelligence, spirituality, and destiny.Intellectually, mankind is divided into three classes:

“1. The subnormal minded—those who do not exercise normal will power; those who do not make average decisions. This class embraces those who cannot comprehend God; they lack capacity, for the intelligent worship of Deity. The subnormal beings of Urantia have a corps of seraphim, one company, with one battalion of cherubim, assigned to minister to them and to witness that justice and mercy are extended to them in the life struggles of the sphere.

“2. The average, normal type of human mind. From the standpoint of seraphic ministry, most men and women are grouped in seven classes in accordance with their status in making the circles of human progress and spiritual development.

“3. The supernormal minded—those of great decision and undoubted potential of spiritual achievement; men and women who enjoy more or less contact with their indwelling Adjusters; members of the various reserve corps of destiny. No matter in what circle a human happens to be, if such an individual becomes enrolled in any of the several reserve corps of destiny, right then and there, personal seraphim are assigned, and from that time until the earthly career is finished, that mortal will enjoy the continuous ministry and unceasing watchcare of a guardian angel. Also, when any human being makes the supreme decision, when there is a real betrothal with the Adjuster, a personal guardian is immediately assigned to that soul.” (1241.4) 113:1.2

3. Proposition. Guardian angels are assigned according to the attainment of the psychic circles of mind and spirit achievement.

“In the ministry to so-called normal beings, seraphic assignments are made in accordance with the human attainment of the circles of intellectuality and spirituality. You start out in your mind of mortal investment in the seventh circle and journey inward in the task of self-understanding, self-conquest, and self-mastery; and circle by circle you advance until (if natural death does not terminate your career and transfer your struggles to the mansion worlds) you reach the first or inner circle of relative contact and communion with the indwelling Adjuster.” (1242.1) 113:1.6

4. Proposition. Upon attainment of the third psychic circle, mortals are assigned personal guardians for life.

“When a mortal mind breaks through the inertia of animal legacy and attains the third circle of human intellectuality and acquired spirituality, a personal angel (in reality two) will henceforth be wholly and exclusively devoted to this ascending mortal. And thus these human souls, in addition to the ever-present and increasingly efficient indwelling Thought Adjusters, receive the undivided assistance of these personal guardians of destiny in all their efforts to finish the third circle, traverse the second, and attain the first.” (1242.3) 113:1.8

5. Proposition. Group guardians are assigned in accordance with psychic circle attainment.

“Human beings in the initial or seventh circle have one guardian angel with one company of assisting cherubim assigned to the watchcare and custody of one thousand mortals. In the sixth circle, a seraphic pair with one company of cherubim is assigned to guide these ascending mortals in groups of five hundred. When the fifth circle is attained, human beings are grouped in companies of approximately one hundred, and a pair of guardian seraphim with a group of cherubim is placed in charged. Upon attainment of the fourth circle, mortal beings are assembled in groups of ten, and again charge is given to a pair of seraphim, assisted by one company of cherubim.” (1242.2) 113:1.7

6. Proposition. Guardians work in groups of four—two seraphim, one cherubim, one sanobim.

“When a seraphic pair accept guardian assignment, they serve for the remainder of the life of that human being. The complement of being (one of the two angels) becomes the recorder of the undertaking. These complemental seraphim are the recording angels of the mortals of the evolutionary worlds. The records are kept by the pair of cherubim (a cherubim and a sanobim) who are always associated with the seraphic guardians, but these records are always sponsored by one of the seraphim.” (1243.6) 113:2.9

7. Proposition. Seraphic guardians correlate the manifold influences of:

    1. Infinite Spirit.
    2. Physical controllers.
    3. Adjutant mind-spirits
    4. The Holy Spirit.
    5. Thought Adjuster

“More especially can and does this seraphic guardian correlate the manifold agencies and influences of the Infinite Spirit, ranging from the domains of the physical controllers and the adjutant mind-spirits up to the Holy Spirit of the Divine Minister and to the Omnipresent Spirit presence of the Paradise Third Source and Center. Having thus unified and made more personal these vast ministries of the Infinite Spirit, the seraphim then undertakes to correlate this integrated influence of the Conjoint Actor with the spirit presences of the Father and the Son.”(1244.3) 113:3.2

8. Proposition. Seraphic guidance will not lead to ease—rather to rugged moral choosing and spirit progress.

“Seraphim function as teachers of men by guiding the footsteps of the human personality into paths of new and progressive experiences. To accept the guidance of a seraphim rarely means attaining a life of ease. In following this leading you are sure to encounter, and if you have the courage, to traverse, the rugged hills of moral choosing and spiritual progress.” (1245.3) 113:4.3

9. Proposition. Guardians and Adjusters always work in perfect harmony.

“While there is apparently no communication between the indwelling Adjusters and the encompassing seraphim, they always seem to work in perfect harmony and exquisite accord. The guardians are most active at those times when the Adjusters are least active, but their ministry is in some manner strangely correlated. Such superb co-operation could hardly be either accidental or incidental.” (1245.5) 113:4.5

10. Proposition. Guardians, with midwayer help, can minister in material ways—but only rarely.

“Seraphim are able to function as material ministers to human beings under certain circumstances, but their action in this capacity is very rare. They are able, with the assistance of the midway creatures and the physical controllers, to function in a wide range of activities in behalf of human beings, even to make actual contact with mankind, but such occurrences are very unusual. In most instances the circumstances of the material realm proceed unaltered by seraphic action, although occasions have arisen, involving jeopardy to vital links in the chain of human evolution, in which seraphic guardians have acted, and properly, on their own initiative.” (1246.4) 113:5.5

11. Proposition. Failure of survival after receiving a personal guardian entails that the guardian must be absolved by the archangels’ tribunal.

“In case the human soul fails of survival after having received the assignment of a personal angel, the attending seraphim must proceed to the headquarters of the local universe, there to witness to the complete records of her complement as previously reported. Next she goes before the tribunals of the archangels, to be absolved from blame in the matter of the survival failure of her subject; and then she goes back to the worlds, again to be assigned to another mortal of ascending potentiality or to some other division of seraphic ministry.” (1247.1) 113:6.3

12. Proposition. The procedure of the guardian upon the death of her human subject.

“Having told you something of the ministry of seraphim during natural life, I will endeavor to inform you about the conduct of the guardians of destiny at the time of the mortal dissolution of their human associates. Upon your death, your records, identity specifications, and the morontia entity of the human soul—conjointly evolved by the ministry of mortal mind and the divine Adjuster—are faithfully conserved by the destiny guardian together with all other values related to your future existence, everything that constitutes you, the real you, except the identity of continuing existence represented by the departing Adjuster and the actuality of personality.

“The instant the pilot light in the human mind disappears, the spirit luminosity which seraphim associate with the presence of the Adjuster, the attending angel reports in person to the commanding angels, successively, of the group, company, battalion, unit, legion, and host; and after being duly registered for the final adventure of time and space, such an angel receives certification by the planetary chief of seraphim for reporting to the Evening Star (or other lieutenant of Gabriel) in command of the seraphic army of this candidate for universe ascension. And upon being granted permission from the commander of this highest organizational unit, such a guardian of destiny proceeds to the first mansion world and there awaits the consciousizing of her former ward in the flesh.” (1246.5) 113:6.1

13. Proposition. The guardian seraphim becomes the custodian of mind patterns, memory formulas, and soul realities of survival value during transition from death to resurrection.

“And herein is revealed the reason why the seraphic guardian eventually becomes the personal custodian of the mind patterns, memory formulas, and soul realities of the mortal survivor during that interval between physical death and morontia resurrection. None but the ministering children of the Infinite Spirit could thus function in behalf of the human creature during this phase of transition from one level of the universe to another and higher level. Even when you engage in your terminal transition slumber, when you pass from time to eternity, a high supernaphim likewise shares the transit with you as the custodian of creature identity and the surety of personal integrity.” (1244.5) 113:3.4

14. Proposition. Guardians are custodians of soul values and Adjusters identify you for repersonalization by the guardian.

“The guardian seraphim is the custodial trustee of the survival values of mortal man’s slumbering soul as the absent Adjuster is the identity of such an immortal universe being. When these two collaborate in the resurrection halls of mansonia in conjunction with the newly fabricated morontia form, there occurs the reassembly of the constituent factors of the personality of the mortal ascender.

“The Adjuster will identify you; the guardian seraphim will repersonalize you and then represent you to the faithful Monitor of your earth days.”(1247.3) 113:6.5

15. Proposition. Guardians attend morontia mortals and are open companions.

“On the morontia spheres the attending seraphim (there are two of them) are your open companions. These angels not only consort with you as you progress through the career of the transition worlds, in every way possible assisting you in the acquirement of morontia and spirit status, but they also avail themselves of the opportunity to advance by study in the extension schools for evolutionary seraphim maintained on the mansion worlds.” (1248.2) 113:7.2


1. Proposition. Some destiny guardians follow along with their mortal subjects. Others traverse Seraphington to the Seraphic Corps of Completion.

“Some of the destiny guardians of attachment during the mortal career follow the course of the ascending pilgrims through Havona. The others bid their long-time mortal associates a temporary farewell, and then, while these mortals traverse the circles of the central universe, these guardians of destiny achieve the circles of Seraphington. And they will be in waiting on the shores of Paradise when their mortal associates awaken from the last transit sleep of time into the new experiences of eternity. Such ascending seraphim subsequently enter upon divergent services in the finaliter corps and in the Seraphic Corps of Completion.” (1248.5) 113:7.5

2. Proposition. The surest way of attaining Paradise is for a seraphim to become a destiny guardian.

“For seraphim, the surest way of achieving the Paradise Deities is by successfully guiding a soul of evolutionary origin to the portals of Paradise. Therefore is the assignment of guardian of destiny the most highly prized seraphic duty.” (1249.1) 113:7.7

3. Proposition. Before becoming finaliters, seraphim are fused with a non Adjuster fragment of the Universal Father.

“Only destiny guardians are mustered into the primary or mortal Corps of the Finality, and such pairs have engaged in the supreme adventure of identity at-oneness; the two beings have achieved spiritual bi-unification on Seraphington prior to their reception into the finaliter corps. In this experience the two angelic natures, so complemental in all universe functions; achieve ultimate spirit two-in-oneness, repercussing in a new capacity for the reception of, and fusion with, a nonAdjuster fragment of the Paradise Father. And so do some of your loving seraphic associates in time also become your finaliter associates in eternity, children of the Supreme and perfected sons of the Paradise Father.” (1249.2) 113:7.8

4. Proposition. Seraphington is the destiny sphere for all types of angels.

“Seraphington is the destiny sphere for angels, and their attainment of this world is quite different from the experiences of the mortal pilgrims on Ascendington. Angels are not absolutely sure of their eternal future until they have attained Seraphington. No angel attaining Seraphington has ever been known to go astray; sin will never find response in the heart of a seraphim of completion.” (441.3) 39:8.9

5. Proposition. Angels of the Seraphic Corps of Completion serve hosts of high personalities on all levels of the grand universe.

“After attainment of the Father of spirits and admission to the seraphic service of completion, angels are sometimes assigned to the ministry of worlds settled in light and life. They gain attachment to the high trinitized beings of the universes and to the exalted services of Paradise and Havona. These seraphim of the local universes have experientially compensated the differential in divinity potential formerly setting them apart from the ministering spirits of the central and superuniverses. Angels of the Seraphic Corps of Completion serve as associates of the superuniverse seconaphim and as assistants to the high Paradise-Havona orders of supernaphim. For such angels the career of time is finished; henceforth and forever they are the servants of God, the consorts of divine personalities and the peers of the Paradise finaliters.” (441.5) 39:9.1


1. Proposition. The angels of planetary supervision have much to do with the kingdoms of men on Urantia. More than half a billion pairs of angels are stationed on Urantia.

“The Most Highs rule in the kingdoms of men through many celestial forces and agencies but chiefly through the ministry of seraphim.

“At noon today the roll call of planetary angels, guardians, and others on Urantia was 501,234,619 pairs of seraphim. There were assigned to my command two hundred seraphic hosts—597,196,800 pairs of seraphim, or 1,194,393,600 individual angels. The registry, however, shows 1,002,469,238 individuals; it follows therefore that 191,924,362 angels were absent from this world on transport, messenger, and death duty. (On Urantia there are about the same number of cherubim as seraphim, and they are similarly organized.

“Seraphim and their associated cherubim have much to do with the details of the superhuman government of a planet, especially of worlds which have been isolated by rebellion. The angels, ably assisted by the midwayers, function on Urantia as the actual supermaterial ministers who execute the mandates of the resident governor general and all his associates and subordinates. Seraphim as a class are occupied with many assignments other than those of personal and group guardianship.” (1250.1) 114:0.1

2. Proposition. The angels of planetary supervision function in twelve categories.

    1. The epochal angels.
    2. The progress angels.
    3. The reglious guardians.
    4. The angels of nation life.
    5. The angels of the races.
    6. The angels of the future.
    7. The angels of enlightenment.
    8. The angels of health.
    9. The home seraphim.
    10. The angels of industry.
    11. The angels of diversion.
    12. The angels of superhuman ministry.

See: (1254.7) 114:6.1


“Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels?” Matt 26:53

“Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of Man.” John 1:51“Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation?” Heb 1:14

“For he will give his angels charge of you to guard you in all your ways.” Ps 91:11

“See to it that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.” Matt 18:10

“And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.”Matt 24:31

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