12. The Creator Sons

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  1. Introduction
  2. Origin and Nature of Creator Sons
  3. Creators of Local Universes
  4. Local Universe Sovereignty
  5. The Michael Bestowals
  6. Destiny of Master Michaels
  7. Local Universe Organization
  8. Michael of Nebadon
  9. The Seven Bestowals of Michael


1. Proposition. Power directors precede Creator Sons in the work of universe organization. Later, the Michaels establish the inhabited worlds.

“The Creator Sons are preceded in universe organization by the power directors and other beings originating in the Third Source and Center. From the energies of space, thus previously organized, Michael, your Creator Son, established the inhabited realms of the universe of Nebadon and ever since has been painstakingly devoted to their administration. From pre-existent energy these divine Sons materialize visible matter, project living creatures, and with the co-operation of the universe presence of the Infinite Spirit, create a diverse retinue of spirit personalities.”(358.3) 32:2.1

2. Proposition. These Creator Michaels, when settled in supreme authority, are known as Master Michaels.

“These primary Paradise Sons are personalized as Michaels. As they go forth from Paradise to found their universes, they are known as Creator Michaels. When settled in supreme authority, they are called Master Michaels. Sometimes we refer to the sovereign of your universe of Nebadon as Christ Michael. Always and forever do they reign after the ‘order of Michael,’ that being the designation of the first Son of their order and nature.” (234.3) 21:0.3

3. Proposition. There are more than seven hundred thousand Creator Sons in existence; there are just seven hundred thousand Unions of Days.

“I do not know the exact number of Creator Sons in existence, but I have good reasons for believing that there are more than seven hundred thousand. Now, we know that there are exactly seven hundred thousand Unions of Days and no more are being created. We also observe that the ordained plans of the present universe age seem to indicate that one Union of Days is to be stationed in each local universe as the counseling ambassador of the Trinity. We note further that the constantly increasing number of Creator Sons already exceeds the stationary number of the Unions of Days. But concerning the destiny of the Michaels beyond seven hundred thousand, we have never been informed.” (235.3) 21:1.4


1. Proposition. The Creator Son of Nebadon is No. 611,121 of the Michael order. He is the “only-begotten Son” of this universal concept of divinity and infinity.

“Our Creator Son is the personification of the 611,121st original concept of infinite identity of simultaneous origin in the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The Michael of Nebadon is the ‘onlybegotten Son’ personalizing this 611,121st universal concept of divinity and infinity. His headquarters is in the threefold mansion of light on Salvington. And this dwelling is so ordered because Michael has experienced the living of all three phases of intelligent creature existence: spiritual, morontial, and material. Because of the name associated with his seventh and final bestowal on Urantia, he is sometimes spoken of as Christ Michael.” (366.2) 33:1.1

2. Proposition. The Universal Father and the Eternal Son create the Michaels. Each Son is unique both in nature and personality.

“The Creator Sons are the makers and rulers of the local universes of time and space. These universe creators and sovereigns are of dual origin, embodying the characteristics of God the Father and God the Son. But each Creator Son is different from every other; each is unique in nature as well as in personality; each is the ‘onlybegotten Son’ of the perfect deity ideal of his origin.” (234.1) 21:0.1

3. Proposition. Some Creator Sons are more like the Father—some more like the Son. Michael of Nebadon resembles the Mother Son.

“Some Creator Sons appear to be more like God the Father; others more like God the Son. For example: The trend of administration in the universe of Nebadon suggests that its Creator and ruling Son is one whose nature and character more resemble that of the Eternal Mother Son.”(235.2) 21:1.3

4. Proposition. Creator Sons are unique—the unqualified, finished, and final expression of the concept of their origin.

“Each Creator Son is the only-begotten and only-begettable offspring of the perfect union of the original concepts of the two infinite and eternal and perfect minds of the ever-existent Creators of the universe of universes. There never can be another such Son because each Creator Son is the unqualified, finished, and final expression and embodiment of all of every phase of every feature of every possibility of every divine reality that could, throughout all eternity, ever be found in, expressed by, or evolved from, those divine creative potentials which united to bring this Michael Son into existence. Each Creator Son is the absolute of the united deity concepts which constitute his divine origin.” (235.1) 21:1.2

5. Proposition. When the concept of absolute spiritual ideation in the Eternal Son encounters an absolute personality concept in the Universal Father—an original Creator Son is produced.

“When the fullness of absolute spiritual ideation in the Eternal Son encounters the fullness of absolute personality concept in the Universal Father, when such a creative union is finally and fully attained, when such absolute identity of spirit and such infinite oneness of personality concept occur, then, right then and there, without Ihe loss of anything of personality or prerogative “by either of the infinite Deities, there flashes into full-fledged being a new and original Creator Son, the only-begotten Son of the perfect ideal and the powerful idea whose union produces this new creator personality of power and perfection.” (234.6) 21:1.1

6. Proposition. Creator Sons are jointly produced by the Father and the Son projecting a new, original, identical, unique, and absolute personal concept.

“Every time the Universal Father and the Eternal Son jointly project a new, original, identical, unique, and absolute personal thought, that very instant this creative idea is perfectly and finally personalized in the being and personality of a new and original Creator Son. In spirit nature, divine wisdom, and co-ordinate creative power, these Creator Sons are potentially equal with God the Father and God the Son.” (88.1) 7:6.3

7. Proposition. Creator Sons do not encompass all of the unqualified potentials of the universal absoluteness of the infinite nature of the First Source and Center, but the Father is in every way divinely present in these Sons.

“The natures of the Paradise Creator Sons do not encompass all the unqualified potentials of the universal absoluteness of the infinite nature of the First Great Source and Center, but the Universal Father is in every way divinely present in the Creator Sons. The Father and his Sons are one. These Paradise Sons of the order of Michael are perfect personalities, even the pattern for all local universe personality from that of the Bright and Morning Star down to the lowest human creature of progressing animal evolution.” (28.3) 1:5.6

8. Proposition. The Creator Sons possess spiritual drawing power. They also embody spirit reality which they can bestow upon others—the Spirit of Truth.

“The Creator Sons seem to possess a spiritual endowment centering in their persons, which they control and which they can bestow, as did your own Creator Son when he poured out his spirit upon all mortal flesh on Urantia. Each Creator Son is endowed with this spiritual drawing power in his own realm; he is personally conscious of every act and emotion of every descending Son of God serving in his domain.” (224.3) 20:1.13


1. Proposition. The first life creative act of Michael in association with the Creative Spirit was the production of Gabriel.

“Presently, the physical plan of a universe is completed, and the Creator Son, in association with the Creative Spirit, projects his plan of life creation; whereupon does this representation of the Infinite Spirit begin her universe function as a distinct creative personality. When this first creative act is formulated and executed, there springs into being the Bright and Morning Star, the personification of this initial creative concept of identity and ideal of divinity. This is the chief executive of the universe, the personal associate of the Creator Son, one like him in all aspects of character, though markedly limited in the attributes of divinity.” (359.3) 32:2.6

2. Proposition. The Michaels, before entering upon their creator adventures, are subjected to training on Paradise and in Havona.

“The Paradise Sons of the primary order are the designers, creators, builders, and administrators of their respective domains, the local universes of time and space, the basic creative units of the seven evolutionary superuniverses....... And prior to all this the Michael Son will have completed his long and unique experience of Paradise observation and Havona training.” (235.4) 21:2.1

3. Proposition. Each Creator Son is associated with a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit—the Divine Minister.

“Therefore is each Creator Son accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit, that being who is destined to become the Divine Minister, the Mother Spirit of the new local universe.” (235.5) 21:2.2

4. Proposition. The Creator Sons suffer three limitations of power and authority.

“Among these limitations to the otherwise all-powerful creator prerogatives of a local universe Father are the following:

“l. Energy-matter is dominated by the Infinite Spirit. Before any new forms of things, great or small, may be created, before any new transformations of energy-matter may be attempted, a Creator Son must secure the consent and working co-operation of the Infinite Spirit.

“2. Creature designs and types are controlled by the Eternal Son. Before a Creator Son may engage in the creation of any new type of being, any new design of creature, he must secure the consent of the Eternal and Original Mother Son.

“3. Personality is designed and bestowed by the Universal Father.

“The types and patterns of mind are determined by the precreature factors of being. After these have been associated to constitute a creature (personal or otherwise), mind is the endowment of the Third Source and Center, the universal source of mind ministry to all beings below the level of Paradise Creators.” (236.2) 21:2.4

5. Proposition. The local universe of Nebadon has 3,840,101 inhabited worlds. The local system of Satania has 619 inhabited worlds.

“The organization of planetary abodes is still progressing in Nebadon, for this universe is, indeed, a young cluster in the starry and planetary realms of Orvonton. At the last registry there were 3,840,101 inhabited planets in Nebadon, and Satania, the local system of your world, is fairly typical of other systems.

“Satania is not a uniform physical system, a single astronomic unit or organization. Its 619 inhabited worlds are located in over five hundred different physical systems. Only five have more than two inhabited worlds, and of these only one has four peopled planets, while there are forty-six having two inhabited worlds.” (359.6) 32:2.9

6. Proposition. In the superuniverse, one half of the nature of its beings are quite alike, being derived from the uniform Creative Mother Spirits. The other half are diverse, being derived from the unique Creator Sons.

“Within any superuniverse, one half of their inherent attributes are quite alike, being derived from the uniform Creative Spirits; the other half vary, being derived from the diversified Creator Sons. But such diversity does not characterize those creatures of sole origin in the Creative Spirit nor those imported beings who are native to the central or superuniverses.” (236.8) 21:2.10

7. Proposition. When absent from universe headquarters, the Creator Son invests the Mother Spirit with overcontrol of many activities.

“During these absences a Creator Son is able to invest the associated Mother Spirit with the overcontrol of his spiritual presence on the inhabited worlds and in the hearts of his mortal children. And the Mother Spirit of a local universe remains always at its headquarters, extending her fostering care and spiritual ministry to the uttermost parts of such an evolutionary domain.” (237.1) 21:2.11

8. Proposition. Creator Sons enjoy the co-operation of the creative agencies of the Third Source and Center.

“The Creator Sons go out from Paradise into the universes of time and, with the co-operation of the controlling and creative agencies of the Third Source and Center, complete the organization of the local universes of progressive evolution.” (88.2) 7:6.4

9. Proposition. Creator Sons are transformative creators in the cosmic sense. They effect transmutations of potentials into experiential actuals.

Creation and evolution of universe actuals. It is upon a cosmos impregnated by the capacity-producing presence of the Ultimacy of Deity that the Supreme Creators operate to effect the time transmutations of matured potentials into experiential actuals. Within the master universe all actualization of potential reality is limited by ultimate capacity for development and is time-space conditioned in the final stages of emergence. The Creator Sons going out from Paradise are, in actuality, transformative creators in the cosmic sense. But this in no manner invalidates man’s concept of them as creators; from the finite viewpoint they certainly can and do create. (1298.7) 118:4.7


1. Proposition. A Creator Son is given the range of his universe by the Paradise Trinity with confirmation by the Master Spirit of supervision.

“A Creator Son is given the range of a universe by the consent of the Paradise Trinity and with the confirmation of the supervising Master Spirit of the super-universe concerned. Such action constitutes title of physical possession, a cosmic leasehold. But the elevation of a Michael Son from this initial and self-limited stage of rulership to the experiential supremacy of self-earned sovereignty comes as a result of his own personal experiences in the work of universe creation and incarnated bestowal. Until the achievement of bestowal-earned sovereignty, he rules as vicegerent of the Universal Father.” (237.3) 21:3.1

2. Proposition. In accepting vicegerent sovereignty, a Creator Son takes a Trinity oath not to assume complete sovereignty until the completion of his bestowal experience.

“In accepting the initial vicegerent sovereignty of a projected local universe, a Creator Michael takes an oath to the Trinity not to assume supreme sovereignty until the seven creature bestowals have been completed and certified by the superuniverse rulers. But if a Michael Son could not, at will, assert such unearned sovereignty, there would be no meaning in taking an oath not to do so.” (238.6) 21:3.12

3. Proposition. If a Creator Son should assert full sovereignty before the completion of his bestowals, then would the Union of Days withdraw.

“A Creator Son could assert full sovereignty over his personal creation at any time, but he wisely chooses not to. If, prior to passing through the creature bestowals, he assumed an unearned supreme sovereignty, the Paradise personalities resident in his local universe would withdraw. But this has never happened throughout all the creations of time and space.” (237.4) 21:3.2

4. Proposition. All Micheals prefer to earn their sovereignty—no one is known to have asserted it.

“The fact of creatorship implies the fullness of sovereignty, but the Michaels choose to experientially earn it, thereby retaining the full co-operation of all Paradise personalities attached to the local universe administration. We know of no Michael who ever did otherwise; but they all could, they are truly freewill Sons.”  (237.5) 21:3.3

5. Proposition. Every Creator Son must bestow himself in the likeness of his own creatures as a part of the price of his supreme sovereignty.

“To live such identical lives as he imposes upon the intelligent beings of his own creation, thus to bestow himself in the likeness of his various orders of created beings, is a part of the price which every Creator Son must pay for the full and supreme sovereignty of his self-made universe of things and beings. To live such identical lives as he imposes upon the intelligent beings of his own creation, thus to bestow himself in the likeness of his various orders of created beings, is a part of the price which every Creator Son must pay for the full and supreme sovereignty of his self-made universe of things and beings.”  (1323.1) 120:0.1

6. Proposition. The supreme power over the local universe is gained by seven experiential steps

"The technique of obtaining supreme sovereignty over a local universe involves the following seven experiential steps:

"1. Experientially to penetrate seven creature levels of being through the technique of incarnated bestowal in the very likeness of the creatures on the level concerned.

"2. To make an experiential consecration to each phase of the sevenfold will of Paradise Deity as it is personified in the Seven Master Spirits.

"3. To traverse each of the seven experiences on the creature levels simultaneously with the execution of one of the seven consecrations to the will of Paradise Deity.

"4. On each creature level, experientially to portray the acme of creature life to Paradise Deity and to all universe intelligences.

"5. On each creature level, experientially to reveal one phase of the sevenfold will of Deity to the bestowal level and to all the universe.

"6. Experientially to unify the sevenfold creature experience with the sevenfold experience of consecration to the revelation of the nature and will of Deity.

"7. To achieve new and higher relationship with the Supreme Being. The repercussion of the totality of this Creator-creature experience augments the superuniverse reality of God the Supreme and the time-space sovereignty of the Almighty Supreme and factualizes the supreme local universe sovereignty of a Paradise Michael. (238.10) 21:3.16

7. Proposition. The sovereignty of a Creator Son passes through seven stages.

“The sovereignty of a Creator Son in a local universe passes through six, perhaps seven, stages of experiential manifestation. These appear in the following order:

“1. Initial vicegerent sovereignty—the solitary provisional authority exercised by a Creator Son before the acquirement of personal qualities by the associated Creative Spirit.

“2. Conjoint vicegerent sovereignty—the joint rule of the Paradise pair subsequent to the personality achievement of the Universe Mother Spirit.

“3. Augmenting vicegerent sovereignty—the advancing authority of a Creator Son during the period of his seven creature bestowals.

“4. Supreme sovereignty—the settled authority following the completion of the seventh bestowal. In Nebadon, supreme sovereignty dates from the completion of Michael’s bestowal on Urantia. It has existed just slightly over nineteen hundred years of your planetary time.

“5. Augmenting supreme sovereignty—the advanced relationship growing out of the settling of a majority of the creature domains in light and life. This stage pertains to the unachieved future of your local universe.

“6. Trinitarian sovereignty—exercised subsequent to the settling of the entire local universe in light and life.

“7. Unrevealed sovereignty—the unknown relationships of a future universe age.” (237.6) 21:3.4

8. Proposition. Upon attaining supreme sovereignty of the local universe, a Creator Son gives up the right to create any entirely new types of creatures.

“With the achievement of supreme local universe sovereignty, there passes from a Michael Son the power and opportunity to create entirely new types of creature beings during the present universe age. But a Master Son’s loss of power to originate entirely new orders of beings in no way interferes with the work of life elaboration already established and in process of unfoldment; this vast program of universe evolution goes on without interruption or curtailment.” (240.8) 21:5.6

9. Proposition. The subordination of the local universe Creative Spirit to the Creator Son constitutes these Master Sons the repository of the manifestable divinity of the Father, Son, and Spirit.

“This subordination of the Divine Ministers to the Creator Sons of the local universes constitutes these Master Sons the personal repositories of the finitely manifestable divinity of the Father, Son, and Spirit, while the creature-bestowal experiences of the Michaels qualify them to portray the experiential divinity of the Supreme Being. No other beings in the universes have thus personally exhausted the potentials of present finite experience, and no other beings in the universes possess such qualifications for solitary sovereignty.”
(367.6) 33:2.4

10. Proposition. Completed sovereignty ends agelong uncertainty. That which cannot be co-ordinated with cosmic reality will eventually be destroyed.

“The elevation of a sevenfold bestowal Son to the unquestioned sovereignty of his universe means the beginning of the end of agelong uncertainty and relative confusion. Subsequent to this event, that which cannot be sometime spiritualized will eventually be disorganized; that which cannot be sometime co-ordinated with cosmic reality will eventually be destroyed.” (241.1) 21:5.7

11. Proposition. When mercy is exhausted, justice will prevail. What mercy cannot rehabilitate justice will annihilate.

“When the provisions of endless mercy and nameless patience have been exhausted in an effort to win the loyalty and devotion of the will creatures of the realms, justice and righteousness will prevail. That which mercy cannot rehabilitate justice will eventually annihilate.” (241.1) 21:5.7

12. Proposition. While Michael of Nebadon is not a member of the Paradise Trinity, he possesses all of the attributes that the Eternal Son would wield if functioning on Salvington. Michaels are the most versatile and powerful of all divine beings functioning in the evolutionary universes.

“Our Creator Son is not the Eternal Son, the existential Paradise associate of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit. Michael of Nebadon is not a member of the Paradise Trinity. Nevertheless our Master Son possesses in his realm all of the divine attributes and powers that the Eternal Son himself would manifest were he actually to be present on Salvington and functioning in Nebadon. Michael possesses even additional power and authority, for he not only personifies the Eternal Son but also fully represents and actually embodies the personality presence of the Universal Father to and in this local universe. He even represents the Father-Son. These relationships constitute a Creator Son the most powerful, versatile, and influential of all divine beings who are capable of direct administration of evolutionary universes and of personality contact with immature creature beings.” 
(366.3) 33:1.2

13. Proposition. The Creator Son administers the affairs of a universe just as efficiently as would both the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.

“In the person of the Creator Son we have a ruler and divine parent who is just as mighty, efficient, and beneficent as would be the Universal Father and the Eternal Son if both were present on Salvington and engaged in the administration of the affairs of the universe of Nebadon.”(367.2) 33:1.5


1. Proposition. The original Michael has not experienced incarnation, but has seven times bestowed himself upon the circuits of Havona.

“The original or first-born Michael has never experienced incarnation as a material being, but seven times he passed through the experience of spiritual creature ascent on the seven circuits of Havona, advancing from the outer spheres to the innermost circuit of the central creation.”(234.4) 21:0.4

2. Proposition. Creator Sons are classified in accordance with the number of their bestowals.

“There are seven groups of bestowal Creator Sons, and they are so classified in accordance with the number of times they have bestowed themselves upon the creatures of their realms. They range from the initial experience up through five additional spheres of progressive bestowal until they attain the seventh and final episode of creature-Creator experience.” (239.7) 21:4.1

3. Proposition. Michael’s bestowals have to do with the sevenfold expression of Deity will.

“Avonal bestowals are always in the likeness of mortal flesh, but the seven bestowals of a Creator Son involve his appearing on seven creature levels of being and pertain to the revelation of the seven primary expressions of the will and nature of Deity. Without exception, all Creator Sons pass through this seven times giving of themselves to their created children before they assume settled and supreme jurisdiction over the universes of their own creation.” (239.8) 21:4.2

4. Proposition. In each bestowal experience the Creator Son adds to his nature that of the creature.

“When a Creator deigns to effect a bestowal, a real and permanent change is destined to take place. True, the bestowal Son is still and none the less a Creator, but he has added to his nature the experience of a creature, which forever removes him from the divine level of a Creator Son and elevates him to the experiential plane of a Master Son, one who has fully earned the right to rule a universe and administer its worlds.” (240.2) 21:4.6

5. Proposition. Only once in the bestowal career does a Michael Son enter the incarnation as a babe born of woman.

“Only once in his sevenfold career as a bestowal Son is a Paradise Michael born of woman as you have the record of the babe of Bethlehem. Only once does he live and die as a member of the lowest order of evolutionary will creatures.” (239.9) 21:4.3

6. Proposition. Jesus of Nazareth was on his seventh bestowal when he sojourned on Urantia.

“It is of record that the divine Son of last appearance on your planet was a Paradise Creator Son who had completed six phases of his bestowal career; consequently, when he gave up the conscious grasp of the incarnated life on Urantia, he could, and did, truly say, it is finished’—it was literally finished. His death on Urantia completed his bestowal career; it was the last step in fulfilling the sacred oath of a Paradise Creator Son.”(240.1) 21:4.5


1. Proposition. Michaels are the absolute of the concept of their origin. They embody phases of infinity not revealed in this finite universe age.

“No one may with finality of authority presume to discuss either the natures or the destinies of the sevenfold Master Sovereigns of the local universes; nevertheless, we all speculate much regarding these matters. We are taught, and we believe, that each Paradise Michael is the absoluteof the dual deity concepts of his origin; thus he embodies actual phases of the infinity of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The Michaels must be partial in relation to total infinity, but they are probably absolute in relation to that part of infinity concerned in their origin. But as we observe their work in the present universe age, we detect no action that is more than finite; any conjectured superfinite capacities must be self-contained and as yet unrevealed.” (241.5) 21:6.1

2. Proposition. The undisclosed powers of a Creator Son may appear in another universe age in outer space when, in liaison with the Creative Spirit, new and transcendental values may be produced.

“It is highly probable that these undisclosed creator powers will remain self-contained throughout the present universe age. But sometime in the far-distant future, in the now mobilizing universes of outer space, we believe that the liaison between a sevenfold Master Son and a seventh-stage Creative Spirit may attain to absonite levels of service attended by the appearance of new things, meanings, and values on transcendental levels of ultimate universe significance.” (242.2) 21:6.3

3. Proposition. In outer space Creator Sons and matured Creative Spirits may unite to create a new type of superadministrator.

“In the eternity of the past the Father and the Son found union in the unity of the expression of the Infinite Spirit. If, in the eternity of the future, the Creator Sons and the Creative Spirits of the local universes of time and space should attain creative union in the realms of outer space, what would their unity create as the combined expression of their divine natures? It may well be that we are to witness a hitherto unrevealed manifestation of Ultimate Deity, a new type of superadministrator. Such beings would embrace Unique prerogatives of personality, being the union of personal Creator, impersonal Creative Spirit, mortal-creature experience, and progressive personalization of the Divine Minister. Such beings could be ultimate in that they would embrace personal and impersonal reality, while they would combine the experiences of Creator and creature. Whatever the attributes of such third persons of these postulated functioning trinities of the creations of outer space, they will sustain something of the same relation to their Creator Fathers and their Creative Mothers that the Infinite Spirit does to the Universal Father and the Eternal Son.” (1304.1) 118:9.8

4. Proposition. The Creator Son is truly “the way, the truth, and the life,” leading from supreme divinity through ultimate absonity to eternal finality.

“Just as the Deity of the Supreme is actualizing by virtue of experiential service, so are the Creator Sons achieving the personal realization of the Paradise-divinity potentials bound up in their unfathomable natures. When on Urantia, Christ Michael once said, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.’ And we believe that in eternity the Michaels are literally destined to be ‘the way, the truth, and the life,’ ever blazing the path for an universe personalities as it leads from supreme divinity through ultimate absonity to eternal deity finality.” 
(242.3) 21:6.4


1. Proposition. To a local universe, a Michael Son is, to all practical purposes, God. He is the personification of the Father and the Son.

“To the children of a local universe a Michael Son is, to all practical intents and purposes, God. He is the local universe personification of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. The Infinite Spirit maintains personal contact with the children of these realms through the Universe Spirits, the administrative and creative associates of the Paradise Creator Sons.” (66.2) 5:3.6

2. Proposition. Certain limitations are imposed upon the local universe courts.

“As regards jurisdiction, the local universe courts are limited in the following matters:

“1. The administration of the local universe is concerned with creation, evolution, maintenance, and ministry. The universe tribunals are, therefore, denied the right to pass upon those cases involving the question of eternal life and death. This has no reference to natural death as it obtains on Urantia, but if the question of the right of continued existence, life eternal, comes up for adjudication, it must be referred to the tribunals of Orvonton, and if decided adversely to the individual, all sentences of extinction are carried out upon the orders, and through the agencies, of the rulers of the supergovernment.

“2. The default or defection of any of the Local Universe Sons of God which jeopardizes their status and authority as Sons is never adjudicated in the tribunals of a Son; such a misunderstanding would be immediately carried to the super-universe courts.

“3. The question of the readmission of any constituent part of a local universe—such as a local system—to the fellowship of full spiritual status in the local creation subsequent to spiritual isolation must be concurred in by the high assembly of the superuniverse.”(372.7) 33:7.3

3. Proposition. Gabriel presides over the judicial mechanism of Nebadon. The seventy branches of the Salvington courts function in seven divisions of ten sections each.

“The entire judicial mechanism of Nebadon is under the supervision of Gabriel. The high courts, located on Salvington, are occupied with problems of general universe import and with the appellate cases coming up from the system tribunals. There are seventy branches of these ‘universe courts, and they function in seven divisions of ten sections each. In all matters of adjudication there presides a dual magistracy consisting of one judge of perfection antecedents and one magistrate of ascendant experience.” (372.6) 33:7.2


1. Proposition. A Creator Son may be somewhat limited by space, but he is not limited by time within the bounds of his own universe.

“Though the spirit-gravity circuit of the Eternal Son operates independently of both time and space, all functions of the Creator Sons are not exempt from space limitations. If the transactions of the evolutionary worlds are excepted, these Michael Sons seem to be able to operate relatively independent of time. A Creator Son is not handicapped by time, but he is conditioned by space; he cannot personally be in two places at the same time. Michael of Nebadon acts timelessly within his own universe and by reflectivity practically so in the superuniverse. He communicates timelessly with the Eternal Son directly.” (377.1) 34:3.5

2. Proposition. Creator Sons devote themselves to the spiritualization of their creations. They promote the Paradise plan of mortal ascension. When mortals reject the ascension plan the Ancients of Days decree their dissolution.

“The rule of the Creator Sons in the local universes is one of creation and spiritualization. These Sons devote themselves to the effective execution of the Paradise plan of progressive mortal ascension, to the rehabilitation of rebels and wrong thinkers, but when all such loving efforts are finally and forever rejected, the final decree of dissolution is executed by forces acting under the jurisdiction of the Ancients of Days.” (37.4) 2:3.6


1. Proposition. About one billion years ago, Michael executed the preliminaries of his first bestowal. See: (1309.2) 119:1.1

  1. First Bestowal: As a Melchizedek.
  2. Second Bestowal: As a Lanonandek Son.
  3. Third Bestowal: As a Material Son.
  4. Fourth Bestowal: As a seraphim.
  5. Fifth Bestowal: As a spirit ascender.
  6. Sixth Bestowal: As a morontia mortal.
  7. Seventh Bestowal: As a Urantia mortal. See: Paper 119

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