7. The Local Universe

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1. Proposition. Local universes are evolutionary and are the handiwork of the Paradise Creator Sons.

“A local universe is the handiwork of a Creator Son of the Paradise order of Michael. It comprises one hundred constellations, each embracing one hundred systems of inhabited worlds. Each system will eventually contain approximately one thousand inhabited spheres.

“These universes of time and space are all evolutionary. The creative plan of the Paradise Michaels always proceeds along the path of gradual evolvement and progressive development of the physical, intellectual, and spiritual natures and capacities of the manifold creatures who inhabit the varied orders of spheres comprising such a local universe.” (357.1) 32:0.1

Proposition. When conditions are ripe, a Creator Son and a Creative Spirit appear upon the scene to begin the architectural worlds which are the foundation for a local universe.

“When energy-matter has attained a certain stage in mass materialization, a Paradise Creator Son appears upon the scene, accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. Simultaneously with the arrival of the Creator Son, work is begun upon the architectural sphere which is to become the headquarters world of the projected local universe. For long ages such a local creation evolves, suns become stabilized, planets form and swing into their orbits, while the work of creating the architectural worlds which are to serve as constellation headquarters and system capitals continues.” (358.2) 32:1.5

Proposition. The energy charge of a local universe is about one one-hundred-thousandth of the force endowment of a superuniverse.

“The energy charge of a local universe is approximately one one-hundred-thousandth of the force endowment of its superuniverse. In the case of Nebadon, your local universe, the mass materialization is a trifle less. Physically speaking, Nebadon possesses all of the physical endowment of energy and matter that may be found in any of the Orvonton local creations. The only physical limitation upon the developmental expansion of the Nebadon universe consists in the quantitative charge of space-energy held captive by the gravity control of the associated powers and personalities of the combined universe mechanism.” (358.1) 32:1.4

Proposition. The cosmic geography of Urantia.

“Your local universe of Nebadon belongs to Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, which swings on between superuniverses one and six, having not long since (as we reckon time) turned the southeastern bend of the superuniverse space level. Today, the solar system to which Urantia belongs is a few billion years past the swing around the southern curvature so that you are just now advancing beyond the southeastern bend and are moving swiftly through the long and comparatively straightaway northern path. For untold ages Orvonton will pursue this almost direct northerly course,” (165.4) 15:1.5

5. Proposition. The cosmology of Urantia.

“Urantia belongs to a system which is well out towards the borderland of your local universe; and your local universe is at present traversing the periphery of Orvonton. Beyond you there are still others, but you are far removed in space from those physical systems which swing around the great circle in comparative proximity to the Great Source and Center.” (165.5) 15:1.6

6. Proposition. The headquarters worlds from Jerusem to Uversa.

Jerusem, the headquarters of your local system of Satania, has its seven worlds of transition culture, each of which is encircled by seven satellites, among which are the seven mansion worlds of morontia detention, man’s first postmortal residence. As the term heaven has been used on Urantia, it has sometimes meant these seven mansion worlds, the first mansion world being denominated the first heaven, and so on to the seventh.

Edentia, the headquarters of your constellation of Norlatiadek, has its seventy satellites of socializing culture and training, on which ascenders sojourn upon the completion of the Jerusem regime of personality mobilization, unification, and realization.

Salvington, the capital of Nebadon, your local universe, is surrounded by ten university clusters of forty-nine spheres each. Hereon is man spiritualized following his constellation socialization.

Uminor the third, the headquarters of your minor sector,

Ensa, is surrounded by the seven spheres of the higher physical studies of the ascendant life.

Umajor the fifth, the headquarters of your major sector, Splandon, is surrounded by the seventy spheres of the advancing intellectual training of the superuniverse.

Uversa, the headquarters of Orvonton, your superuniverse, is immediately surrounded by the seven higher universities of advanced spiritual training for ascending will creatures.” 
(174.5) 15:7.5

7. Proposition. Minor sector organization.

“The minor sector governments are presided over by three Recents of Days. Their administration is concerned mainly with the physical control, unification, stabilization, and routine co-ordination of the administration of the component local universes. Each minor sector embraces as many as one hundred local universes, ten thousand constellations, one million systems, or about one billion inhabitable worlds.

“Minor sector headquarters worlds are the grand rendezvous of the Master Physical Controllers. These headquarters worlds are surrounded by the seven instruction spheres which constitute the entrance schools of the superuniverse and are the centers of training for physical and administrative knowledge concerning the universe of universes.” (181.4) 15:13.4

8. Proposition. Identification of Urantia up through the grand universe. See (182.4) 15:14.5

9. Proposition. Local universe headquarters is not legislative, but many advisory bodies are functional, such as the supreme council and the one hundred councils of supreme sanction.

“While true legislation is not enacted at the universe headquarters, there do function on Salvington-a variety of advisory and research assemblies, variously constituted and conducted in accordance with their scope and purpose. Some are permanent; others disband upon the accomplishment of their objective.

The supreme council of the local universe is made up of three members from each system and seven representatives from each constellation. Systems in isolation do not have representation in this assembly, but they are permitted to send observers who attend and study all its deliberations.

The one hundred councils of supreme sanction are also situated on Salvington.The presidents of these councils constitute the immediate working cabinet of Gabriel.” (373.4) 33:8.2

10. Proposition. In diameter, suns average one million miles—ours is less. The largest star in the universe is four hundred fifty times that of our sun. But the suns have as much room in space as one dozen oranges in the interior of Urantia.

“The suns of Nebadon are not unlike those of other universes. The material composition of all suns, dark islands, planets, and satellites, even meteors, is quite identical. These suns have an average diameter of about one million miles, that of your own solar orb being slightly less. The largest star in the universe, the stellar cloud Antares, is four hundred and fifty times the diameter of your sun and is sixty million times its volume. But there is abundant space to accommodate all of these enormous suns. They have just as much comparative elbow room in space as one dozen oranges would have if they were circulating about throughout the interior of Urantia, and were the planet a hollow globe.” (458.2) 41:3.2

11. Proposition. The mass of your sun is about two octillion tons. Its density is halfway between the most diffuse and the most dense stars—about one and a half times the density of water.

“The mass of your sun is slightly greater than the estimate of your physicists, who have reckoned it as about two octillion (2 x 1027) tons. It now exists about halfway between the most dense and the most diffuse stars, having about one and one-half times the density of water. But your sun is neither a liquid nor a solid—it is gaseous—and this is true notwithstanding the difficulty of explaining how gaseous matter can attain this and even much greater densities.” (459.5) 41:4.1

12. Proposition. Havona is the educational training ground for the Paradise Michaels before they go forth as Creator Sons.

“5. The Co-ordinate Creator Sons. Havona is the educational training ground where the Paradise Michaels are prepared for their subsequent adventures in universe creation. This divine and perfect creation is a pattern for every Creator Son. He strives to make his own universe eventually attain to these Paradise-Havona levels of perfection.” (162.2) 14:6.27

13. Proposition. Tour sun radiates almost one hundred billion tons of matter annually. Before becoming stabilized, the larger suns are given to convulsive pulsations.

“Your own solar center radiates almost one hundred billion tons of actual matter annually, while the giant suns lose matter at a prodigious rate during their earlier growth, the first billion years. A sun’s life becomes stable after the maximum of internal temperature is reached, and the subatomic energies begin to be released. And it is just at this critical point that the larger suns are given to convulsive pulsations.” (465.3) 41:9.3

14. Proposition. The Universe Mother Spirit is a cocreator in the local universe.

The Co-ordinate Ministering Daughters. The Universe Mother Spirits, cocreators of the local universes, secure their prepersonal training on the worlds of Havona in close association with the Spirits of the Circuits. In the central universe the Spirit Daughters of the local universes were duly trained in the methods of co-operation with the Sons of Paradise, all the while subject to the will of the Father.” (162.7) 14:6.32

15. Proposition. On Edentia, the Faithful of Days dwells on the holy mount of assembly. He is the Trinity counselor of the Most High Fathers.

“The most holy mount of assembly is the dwelling place of the Faithful of Days, the representative of the Paradise Trinity who functions on Edentia.

“This Faithful of Days is a Trinity Son of Paradise and has been present on Edentia as the personal representative of Immanuel since the creation of the headquarters world. Ever the Faithful of Days stands at the right hand of the Constellation Fathers to counsel them, but never does he proffer advice unless it is asked for. The high Sons of Paradise never participate in the conduct of the affairs of a local universe except upon the petition of the acting rulers of such domains. But all that a Union of Days is to a Creator Son, a Faithful of Days is to the Most Highs of a constellation.” (489.4) 43:4.1

16. Proposition. Architectural worlds enjoy ten forms of material life—three vegetable and three animal. The intervening four are difficult of comprehension.

“The architectural worlds enjoy ten forms of life of the material order. On Urantia there is plant and animal life, but on such a world as Edentia there are ten divisions of the material orders of life. Were you to view these ten divisions of Edentia life, you would quickly classify the first three as vegetable and the last three as animal, but you would be utterly unable to comprehend the nature of the intervening four groups of prolific and fascinating forms of life.”(492.4) 43:6.4

17. Proposition. The broadcast receiving station seats over five billion beings, not to mention innumerable spirit personalities.

“This Jerusem broadcast-receiving station is encircled by an enormous amphitheater, constructed of scintillating materials largely unknown on Urantia and seating over five billion beings—material and morontia—besides accommodating innumerable spirit personalities. It is the favorite diversion for all Jerusem to spend their leisure at the broadcast station, there to learn of the welfare and state of the universe. And this is the only planetary activity which is not slowed down during the recession of light.” (522.2) 46:3.2

18. Proposition. Universe-wide messages are received on the sea of glass, not to mention reflectivity with its visualization of messages.

“At this broadcast-receiving amphitheater the Salvington messages are coming in continuously. Near by, the Edentia word of the Most High Constellation Fathers is received at least once a day. Periodically the regular and special broadcasts of Uversa are relayed through Salvington, and when Paradise messages are in reception, the entire population is assembled around the sea of glass, and the Uversa friends add the reflectivity phenomena to the technique of the Paradise broadcast so that everything heard becomes visible. And it is in this manner that continual foretastes of advancing beauty and grandeur are afforded the mortal survivors as they journey inward on the eternal adventure.” (522.3) 46:3.3

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