6. Cosmology

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  1. Introduction
  2. Paradise Gravity
  3. Domains of the Unqualified Absolute
  4. Space Respiration
  5. Space and Motion
  6. Space and Time
  7. Universe Overcontrol
  8. The Seven Superuniverses
  9. Orvonton
  10. The Spheres of Space
  11. Energy Control and Regulation
  12. Astronomy
  13. Sun Stability
  14. Universe Levels of Reality


1. Proposition. From Paradise, you look outward through six concentric circles of the cosmos.

“Proceeding outward from Paradise through the horizontal extension of pervaded space, the master universe is existent in six concentric ellipses, the space levels encircling the central Isle:

  1. The Central Universe—Havona.
  2. The Seven Superuniverses.
  3. The First Outer Space Level.
  4. The Second Outer Space Level.
  5. The Third Outer Space Level.
  6. The Fourth and Outermost Space Level.” (129.1) 12:1.3

2. Proposition. The cosmologies of revelation are limited by the proscription of unearned knowledge.

“Because your world is generally ignorant of origins, even of physical origins, it has appeared to be wise from time to time to provide instruction in cosmology. And always has this made trouble for the future. The laws of revelation hamper us greatly by their proscription of the impartation of unearned or premature knowledge. Any cosmology presented as a part of revealed religion is destined to be outgrown in a very short time. Accordingly, future students of such a revelation are tempted to discard any element of genuine religious truth it may contain because they discover errors on the face of the associated cosmologies therein presented.” (1109.2) 101:4.1

3. Proposition. Notwithstanding apparent cosmic disharmony, the diverse levels of creation are unified by a divine plan and eternal purpose.

“The diverse levels of creation are all unified in the plans and administration of the Architects of the Master Universe. To the circumscribed minds of time-space mortals the universe may present many problems and situations which apparently portray disharmony and indicate absence of effective co-ordination; but those of us who are able to observe wider stretches of universal phenomena, and who are more experienced in this art of detecting the basic unity which underlies creative diversity and of discovering the divine oneness which overspreads all this functioning of plurality, better perceive the divine and single purpose exhibited in all these manifold manifestations of universal creative energy.” (637.2) 56:0.2

4. Proposition. The creation is unfinished. Much of the cosmic potential is still unrevealed.

“We are convinced, from the study of physical law and from the observation of the starry realms, that the infinite Creator is not yet manifest in finality of cosmic expression, that much of the cosmic potential of the Infinite is still self-contained and unrevealed.” (128.3) 12:0.3

5. Proposition. Even upon the completion of the master universe, you will look forward to a more enthralling and eternal future of uncharted infinity.

“At the inconceivably distant future eternity moment of the final completion of the entire master universe, no doubt we will all look back upon its entire history as only the beginning, simply the creation of certain finite and transcendental foundations for even greater and more enthralling metamorphoses in uncharted infinity. At such a future eternity moment the master universe will still seem youthful; indeed, it will be always young in the face of the limitless possibilities of never-ending eternity.” (1170.1) 106:7.8


1. Proposition. All forms of force-energy— material, mindal, or spiritual—are subject to some form of gravity. The Father can act over all four absolute gravity circuits.

“All forms of force-energy—material, mindal, or spiritual—are alike subject to those grasps, those universal presences, which we call gravity. Personality also is responsive to gravity—to the Father’s exclusive circuit; but though this circuit is exclusive to the Father, he is not excluded from the other circuits; the Universal Father is infinite and acts over all four absolute-gravity circuits in the master universe:

  1. The Personality Gravity of the Universal Father.
  2. The Spirit Gravity of the Eternal Son.
  3. The Mind Gravity of the Conjoint Actor.
  4. The Cosmic Gravity of the Isle of Paradise.” (131.4) 12:3.1

2. Proposition. Gravity is the omnipotent strand on which are strung the gleaming stars, blazing suns, and whirling spheres.

“The inescapable pull of gravity effectively grips all the worlds of all the universes of all space. Gravity is the all-powerful grasp of the physical presence of Paradise. Gravity is the omnipotent strand on which are strung the gleaming stars, blazing suns, and whirling spheres which constitute the universal physical adornment of the eternal God, who is all things, fills all things, and in whom all things consist.” (125.4) 11:8.1

3. Proposition. The focal point of absolute gravity is Paradise, complemented by the dark gravity bodies, and equilibrated by the upper and nether space reservoirs.

“The center and focal point of absolute material gravity is the Isle of Paradise, complemented by the dark gravity bodies encircling Havona and equilibrated by the upper and nether space reservoirs. All known emanations of nether Paradise invariably and unerringly respond to the central gravity pull operating upon the endless circuits of the elliptical space levels of the master universe.” (125.5) 11:8.2

4. Proposition. Every form of cosmic reality has the bend of the ages, the trend of the circle, as they swing around the great ellipse.

“Every known form of cosmic reality has the bend of the ages, the trend of the circle, the swing of the great ellipse.” (125.5) 11:8.2

5. Proposition. The Havona dark gravity bodies are reactive to both linear and absolute gravity.

“The dark gravity bodies encircling Havona are neither triata nor gravita, and their drawing power discloses both forms of physical gravity, linear and absolute.” (126.3) 11:8.7

6. Proposition. The universe is highly predictable in the quantitative sense, less so in the qualitative. Personality decisions are all but unpredictable.

“The universe is highly predictable only in the quantitative or gravity-measurement sense; even the primal physical forces are not responsive to linear gravity, nor are the higher mind meanings and true spirit values of ultimate universe realities. Qualitatively, the universe is not highly predictable as regards new associations of forces, either physical, mindal, or spiritual, although many such combinations of energies or forces become partially predictable when subjected to critical observation. When matter, mind, and spirit are unified by creature personality, we are unable fully to predict the decisions of such a freewill being.” (136.3) 12:6.5

7. Proposition. The present grand universe is making use of only five per cent of the functioning Paradise gravity. Such calculations ignore linear gravity.

“1. Physical Gravity. Having formulated an estimate of the summation of the entire physical-gravity capacity of the grand universe, they have laboriously effected a comparison of this finding with the estimated total of absolute gravity presence now operative. These calculations indicate that the total gravity action on the grand universe is a very small part of the estimated gravity pull of Paradise, computed on the basis of the gravity response of basic physical units of universe matter. These investigators reach the amazing conclusion that the central universe and the surrounding seven superuniverses are at the present time making use of only about five per cent of the active functioning of the Paradise absolute-gravity grasp. In other words: At the present moment about ninety-five per cent of the active cosmic-gravity action of the Isle of Paradise, computed on this totality theory, is engaged in controlling material systems beyond the borders of the present organized universes. These calculations all refer to absolute gravity; linear gravity is an interactive phenomenon which can be computed only by knowing the actual Paradise gravity.” (132.2) 12:3.8

8. Proposition. The present grand universe reveals the functioning of practically one hundred per cent of the active spirit gravity of the Second Source and Center.

“2. Spiritual Gravity. By the same technique of comparative estimation and calculation these researchers have explored the present reaction capacity of spirit gravity and, with the co-operation of Solitary Messengers and other spirit personalities, have arrived at the summation of the active spirit gravity of the Second Source and Center. And it is most instructive to note that they find about the same value for the actual and functional presence of spirit gravity in the grand universe that they postulate for the present total of active spirit gravity. In other words: At the present time practically the entire spirit gravity of the Eternal Son, computed on this theory of totality, is observable as functioning in the grand universe.” (132.3) 12:3.9

9. Proposition. When it comes to mind gravity—the computations indicate that about eighty-five per cent of the mind gravity response to the total active gravity of the Third Source and Center is occurring in the present grand universe.

“3. Mind Gravity. By these same principles of comparative computation these experts have attacked the problem of mind-gravity presence and response. The mind unit of estimation was arrived at by averaging three material and three spiritual types of mentality, although the type of mind found in the power directors and their associates proved to be a disturbing factor in the effort to arrive at a basic unit for mind-gravity estimation. There was little to impede the estimation of the present capacity of the Third Source and Center for mind-gravity function in accordance with this theory of totality. Although the findings in this instance are not so conclusive as in the estimates of physical and spirit gravity, they are, comparatively considered, very instructive, even intriguing. These investigators deduce that about eight-five per cent of the mind-gravity response to the intellectual drawing of the Conjoint Actor takes origin in the existing grand universe.” (132.4) 12:3.10

10. Proposition. Personality gravity is noncomputable.

Personality Gravity is noncomputable. We recognize the circuit, but we cannot measure either qualitative or quantitative realities responsive thereto.”(133.2) 12:3.12


1. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute is revealer, regulator, and repository of all that which has origin in Paradise.

“Paradise is the absolute source and the eternal focal point of all energy-matter in the universe of universes. The Unqualified Absolute is the revealer, regulator, and repository of that which has Paradise as its source and origin.” (126.5) 11:8.9

2. Proposition. Space potency is not a level of reality and it is not subject to any form of gravity. It embraces those absolute potentials which emanate from Paradise and constitute the space presence of the Unqualified Absolute.

“Space potency is not subject to the interactions of any form of gravitation. This primal endowment of Paradise is not an actual level of reality, but it is ancestral to all relative functional nonspirit realities—all manifestations of force-energy and the organization of power and matter. Space potency is a term difficult to define. It does not mean that which is ancestral to space; its meaning should convey the idea of the potencies and potentials existent within space. It may be roughly conceived to include all those absolute influences and potentials which emanate from Paradise and constitute the space presence of the Unqualified Absolute.” (126.4) 11:8.8

3. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute is limited to space, but there is uncertainty about the Absolute’s relation to motion—even the motions of space.

“The Unqualified Absolute is functionally limited to space, but we are not so sure about the relation of this Absolute to motion. Is motion inherent therein? We do not know. We know that motion is not inherent in space; even the motions of space are not innate. But we are not so sure about the relation of the Unqualified to motion. Who, or what, is really responsible for the gigantic activities of force-energy transmutations now in progress out beyond the borders of the present seven superuniverses?” (133.4) 12:4.2

4. Proposition. Concerning space, we hold three opinions.

“Concerning the origin of motion we have the following opinions:

“1. We think the Conjoint Actor initiates motion in space.

“2. If the Conjoint Actor produces the motions of space, we cannot prove it.

“3. The Universal Absolute does not originate initial motion but does equalize and control all of the tensions originated by motion.” (133.4) 12:4.2

5. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute probably modifies space so as to prepare the way for the function of force organizers.

“In outer space the force organizers are apparently responsible for the production of the gigantic universe wheels which are now in process of stellar evolution, but their ability so to function must have been made possible by some modification of the space presence of the Unqualified Absolute.”(133.8) 12:4.6

6. Proposition. The Unqualified Absolute pervades all space. The exact status of the Deity Absolute is not clear.

“The Unqualified Absolute pervades all space. We are not altogether clear as to the exact status of the Deity and Universal Absolutes, but we know the latter functions wherever the Deity and Unqualified Absolutes function. The Deity Absolute may be universally present but hardly space present.”(137.3) 12:6.13


1. Proposition. The actual mechanism of space respiration is unknown.

“We do not know the actual mechanism of space respiration; we merely observe that all space alternately contracts and expands. This respiration affects both the horizontal extension of pervaded space and the vertical extensions of unpervaded space which exist in the vast space reservoirs above and below Paradise. In attempting to imagine the volume outlines of these space reservoirs, you might think of an hourglass.” (123.3) 11:6.1

2. Proposition. Unpervaded space is devoid of all those realities found in pervaded space. The space reservoirs seem to counterbalance the expansion and contraction cycles of the master cosmos.

“‘Unpervaded’ space means: unpervaded by those forces, energies, powers, and presences known to exist in pervaded space. We do not know whether vertical (reservoir) space is destined always to function as the equipoise of horizontal (universe) space; we do not know whether there is a creative intent concerning unpervaded space; we really know very little about the space reservoirs, merely that they exist, and that they seem to counterbalance the space-expansion-contraction cycles of the universe of universes.” (123.5) 11:6.3

3. Proposition. Pervaded space is now nearing the mid-point of the expansion phase.

“Pervaded space is now approaching the mid-point of the expanding phase, while unpervaded space nears the mid-point of the contracting phase, and we are informed that the outermost limits of both space extensions are, theoretically, now approximately equidistant from Paradise.” (123.6) 11:6.4

4. Proposition. Space respiration alternately moves with and against Paradise gravity. This is space work—not power-energy work.

“When the universes expand and contract, the material masses in pervaded space alternately move against and with the pull of Paradise gravity. The work that is done in moving the material energy mass of creation is space work but not power-energy work.” (134.2) 12:4.13

5. Proposition. The apparent velocity of the supposedly “exploding universe” is not real. Our observations embrace many factors of error.

“Many influences interpose to make it appear that the recessional velocity of the external universes increases at the rate of more than one hundred miles a second for every million light-years increase in distance. By this method of reckoning, subsequent to the perfection of more powerful telescopes, it will appear that these far-distant systems are in flight from this part of the universe at the unbelievable rate of more than thirty thousand miles a second. But this apparent speed of recession is not real; it results from numerous factors of error embracing angles of observation and other time-space distortions.”(134.3) 12:4.14


1. Proposition. The vertical section of total space slightly resembles a maltese cross.

“The vertical cross section of total space would slightly resemble a maltese cross, with the horizontal arms representing pervaded (universe) space and the vertical arms representing unpervaded (reservoir) space.” (124.4) 11:7.3

2. Proposition. All cosmic space levels are separated by a relatively quiescent space zone.

“The relatively quiet zone between the space levels, such as the one separating the seven superuniverses from the first outer space level, are enormous elliptical regions of quiescent space activities. These zones separate the vast galaxies which race around Paradise in orderly procession.” (125.1) 11:7.7

3. Proposition. Space, while nonresponsive to gravity, acts as an equilibrant. Pervaded space acts as antigravity on linear attraction. Space can neutralize gravity but cannot delay it.

“Space is nonresponsive to gravity, but it acts as an equilibrant on gravity. Without the space cushion, explosive action would jerk surrounding space bodies. Pervaded space also exerts an antigravity influence upon physical or linear gravity; space can actually neutralize such gravity action even though it cannot delay it. Absolute gravity is Paradise gravity. Local or linear gravity pertains to the electrical stage of energy or matter; it operates within the central, super-, and outer universes, wherever suitable materialization has taken place.” (125.6) 11:8.3

4. Proposition. From the human viewpoint, space is nothing—negative—existing only as related to something else. There are four motions of space.

“Space is, from the human viewpoint, nothing—negative; it exists only as related to something positive and nonspatial. Space is, however, real. It contains and conditions motion. It even moves. Space motions may be roughly classified as follows:

“1. Primary motion—space respiration, the motion of space itself.

“2. Secondary motion—the alternate directional swings of the successive space levels.

“3. Relative motions—relative in the sense that they are not evaluated with Paradise as a base point. Primary and secondary motions are absolute, motion in relation to unmoving Paradise.

“4. Compensatory or correlating movement designed to co-ordinate all other motions.” (133.9) 12:4.7

5. Proposition. Space comes the nearest being absolute of all nonabsolute things. The difficulty in understanding space is due to the fact that while material bodies exist in space, space also exists in these material bodies.

“Space comes the nearest of all nonabsolute things to being absolute. Space is apparently absolutely ultimate. The real difficulty we have in understanding space on the material level is due to the fact that, while material bodies exist in space, space also exists in these same material bodies. While there is much about space that is absolute, that does not mean that space is absolute.” (1297.6) 118:3.5

6. Proposition. Patterns of reality occupy space, but spirit patterns exist only in relation to space—they do not occupy space, neither do they contain it. We do not know if the reality pattern of an idea occupies space.

“All patterns of reality occupy space on the material levels, but spirit patterns only exist in relation to space; they do not occupy or displace space, neither do they contain it. But to us the master riddle of space pertains to the pattern of an idea. When we enter the mind domain, we encounter many a puzzle. Does the pattern—the reality—of an idea occupy space? We really do not know, albeit we are sure that an idea pattern does not contain space. But it would hardly be safe to postulate that the immaterial is always nonspatial.” (1297.8) 118:3.7


I. Proposition. Time is an indirect bestowal of Paradise—it comes because of motion and because mind is aware of sequentiality.

“Like space, time is a bestowal of Paradise, but not in the same sense, only indirectly. Time comes by virtue of motion and because mind is inherently aware of sequentiality. From a practical viewpoint, motion is essential to time, but there is no universal time unit based on motion except in so far as the Paradise-Havona standard day is arbitrarily so recognized. The totality of space respiration destroys its local value as a time source.” (134.6) 12:5.1

2. Proposition. Space is not infinite—not absolute. The absolute of time is eternity.

“Space is not infinite, even though it takes origin from Paradise; not absolute, for it is pervaded by the Unqualified Absolute. We do not know the absolute limits of space, but we do know that the absolute of time is eternity.” (135.1) 12:5.2

3. Proposition. Time and space are inseparable only in time-space creations. The only nontemporal place is Paradise area.

“Time and space are inseparable only in the time-space creations, the seven superuniverses. Nontemporal space (space without time) theoretically exists, but the only truly nontemporal place is Paradise area. Nonspatial time (time without space) exists in mind of the Paradise level of function.”(135.2) 12:5.3

4. Proposition. Relation to time does not exist without motion in space. Man’s mind is less time bound than space bound.

“Relationships to time do not exist without motion in space, but consciousness of time does. Sequentiality can consciousize time even in the absence of motion. Man’s mind is less time-bound than space-bound because of the inherent nature of mind. Even during the days of the earth life in the flesh, though man’s mind is rigidly space-bound, the creative human imagination is comparatively time free. But time itself is not genetically a quality of mind.”(135.4) 12:5.5

5. Proposition. There are three levels of time consciousness.

“There are three different levels of time cognizance:

“1. Mind-perceived time—consciousness of sequence, motion, and a sense of duration.

“2. Spirit-perceived time—insight into motion Godward and the awareness of the motion of ascent to levels of increasing divinity.

“3. Personality creates a unique time sense out of insight into Reality plus a consciousness of presence and an awareness of duration.”(135.5) 12:5.6

6. Proposition. Time and space are conjoined mechanisms of the master universe separating finite creatures from the absolute levels of the Infinite.

“Time and space are a conjoined mechanism of the master universe They are the devices whereby finite creatures are enabled to coexist in the cosmos with the Infinite. Finite creatures are effectively insulated from the absolute levels by time and space. But these insulating media, without which no mortal could exist, operate directly to limit the range of finite action. Without them no creature could act, but by them the acts of every creature are definitely limited.” (1303.2) 118:9.1

7. Proposition. By ubiquity Deity manifests time-space phenomena for finite creatures. Time is a succession of instants, space a system of associated points.

“Only by ubiquity could Deity unify time-space manifestations to the finite conception, for time is a succession of instants while space is a system of associated points. You do, after all, perceive time by analysis and space by synthesis. You co-ordinate and associate these two dissimilar conceptions by the integrating insight of personality. Of all the animal world only man possesses this time-space perceptibility. To an animal, motion has a meaning, but motion exhibits value only to a creature of personality status.” (1297.2) 118:3.1

8. Proposition. The all but motionless midspace zones are transition zones from time to eternity—hence ascenders must become unconscious in transit.

“The relatively motionless midspace zones impinging on Paradise and separating pervaded from unpervaded space are the transition zones from time to eternity, hence the necessity of Paradise pilgrims becoming unconscious during this transit when it is to culminate in Paradise citizenship. Time-consciousvisitors can go to Paradise without thus sleeping, but they remain creatures of time.” (135.3) 12:5.4


1. Proposition. The master universe is fostered by the Paradise Trinity and Deities.

“Individuals have their guardians of destiny; planets, systems, constellations, universes, and superuniverses each have their respective rulers who labor for the good of their domains. Havona and even the grand universe are watched over by those intrusted with such high responsibilities. But who fosters and cares for the fundamental needs of the master universe as a whole, from Paradise to the fourth and outermost space level? Existentially such overcare is probably attributable to the Paradise Trinity, but from an experiential viewpoint the appearance of the post-Havona universes is dependent on:

“1. The Absolutes in potential.

“2. The Ultimate in direction.

“3. The Supreme in evolutionary co-ordination.

“4. The Architects of the Master Universe in administration prior to the appearance of specific rulers.” (136.6) 12:6.8

2. Proposition. The universe is nonstatic. Stability results not from inertia, but from balanced energies, co-operative minds, co-ordinated morontias, spirit overcontrol, and personality unificat- ion.

“The universe is nonstatic. Stability is not the result of inertia but rather the product of balanced energies, co-operative minds, co-ordinated morontias, spirit overcontrol, and personality unification. Stability is wholly and always proportional to divinity.” (135.11) 12:6.1

3. Proposition. The unpredictability of primordial force or the reaction of unidentified mind are probably due to the activities of the Ultimate and the Absolutes.

“These unknown, unfathomable unpredictables—whether pertaining to the behavior of a primordial unit of force, the reaction of an unidentified level of mind, or the phenomenon of a vast preuniverse in the making in the domains of outer space—probably disclose the activities of the Ultimate and the presence-performances of the Absolutes, which antedate the ‘function of all universe Creators.” (136.4) 12:6.6

4. Proposition. The universe of universes is unified; God is one in power and personality. God is all and in all.

“The universe of universes is altogether unified. God is one in power and personality. There is co-ordination of all levels of energy and all phases of personality. Philosophically and experientially, in concept and in reality, all things and beings center in the Paradise Father. God is all and in all, and no things or beings exist without him.” (646.1) 56:9.14

5. Proposition. The absonite architects eventuate the plan of a universe, the Supreme Creators materialize it, the Supreme Being will consummate it.

“The absonite architects eventuate the plan; the Supreme Creators bring it into existence; the Supreme Being will consummate its fullness as it was time created by the Supreme Creators, and as it was space forecast by the Master Architects.” (1165.6) 106:3.1

6. Proposition. At present the co-ordination of the master universe is the function of the Master Architects. Factualization of the Supreme signifies first stage destiny and the completion of the first experiential Trinity.

“During the present universe age the administrative co-ordination of the master universe is the function of the Architects of the Master Universe. But the appearance of the Almighty Supreme at the termination of the present universe age will signify that the evolutionary finite has attained the first stage of experiential destiny. This happening will certainly lead to the completed function of the first experiential Trinity—the union of the Supreme Creators, the Supreme Being, and the Architects of the Master Universe. This Trinity is destined to effect the further evolutionary integration of the master creation.”(1165.7) 106:3.2


1. Proposition. The grand universe consists of the central creation and the seven superuniverses with an aggregate of seven trillion worlds of mortal habitation.

The Grand Universe is the present organized and inhabited creation. It consists of the seven superuniverses, with an aggregate evolutionary potential of around seven trillion inhabited planets, not to mention the eternal spheres of the central creation. But this tentative estimate takes no account of architectural administrative spheres, neither does it include the outlying groups of unorganized universes. The present ragged edge of the grand universe, its uneven and unfinished periphery, together with the tremendously unsettled condition of the whole astronomical plot, suggests to our star students that even the seven superuniverses are, as yet, uncompleted.” (129.11) 12:1.13

2. Proposition. Each superuniverse is organized in five chief divisions.

“Each of the seven superuniverses is constituted, approximately, as follows:

“One system embraces, approximately.......................1,000 worlds

“One constellation (100 systems)..........................100,000 worlds

“One universe (100 constellations)....................10,000,000 worlds

“One minor sector (100 universes)................1,000,000,000 worlds

“One major sector (100 minor sectors)........100,000,000,000 worlds

“One superuniverse (10 major sectors)......1,000,000,000,000 worlds” (167.9) 15:2.18

3. Proposition. The superuniverses are not primary physical organizations. Each universe is about one seventh of inhabitable creation.

The Seven Superuniverses are not primary physical organizations; nowhere do their boundaries divide a nebular family, neither do they cross a local universe, a prime creative unit. Each superuniverse is simply a geographic space clustering of approximately one seventh of the organized and partially inhabited post-Havona creation, and each is about equal in the number of local universes embraced and in the space encompassed.” (129.10) 12:1.12

4. Proposition. Headquarters worlds of a superuniverse, located near its center, are special spheres as regards construction, lighting, and heating.

“While each superuniverse government presides near the center of the evolutionary universes of its space segment, it occupies a world made to order and is peopled by accredited personalities. These headquarters worlds are architectural spheres, space bodies specifically constructed for their special purpose. While sharing the light of near-by suns, these spheres are independently lighted and heated. Each has a sun which gives forth light without heat, like the satellites of Paradise, while each is supplied with heat by the circulation of certain energy currents near the surface of the sphere. These headquarters worlds belong to one of the greater systems situated near the astronomical center of their respective superuniverses.” (174.1) 15:7.1

5. Proposition. Headquarters worlds increase in size, morontial beauty, and spirit glory from the local system to Paradise.

“The headquarters worlds of the seven superuniverses partake of the nature and grandeur of Paradise, their central pattern of perfection. In reality, all headquarters worlds are paradisiacal. They are indeed heavenly abodes, and they increase in material size, morontia beauty, and spirit glory from Jerusem to the central Isle. And all the satellites of these headquarters worlds are also architectural spheres.” (174.3) 15:7.3

6. Proposition. In a future age, we will witness outer-spacers approaching Havona through the seven superuniverses as they will be administered by God the Supreme.

“Nevertheless, we deem that the perfected superuniverses will in some way become a part of the Paradise-ascension careers of those beings who may inhabit these outer creations. It is quite possible that in that future age we may witness outer-spacers approaching Havona through the seven superuniverses, administered by God the Supreme with or without the collaboration of the Seven Master Spirits.”(643.3) 56:7.9


1. Proposition. The Milky Way represents the central nucleus of Orvonton. This aggregation of space bodies represents a watchlike, elongated-circular grouping of one seventh of the inhabited evolutionary universes.

“Practically all of the starry realms visible to the naked eye on Urantia belong to the seventh section of the grand universe, the superuniverse of Orvonton. The vast Milky Way starry system represents the central nucleus of Orvonton, being largely beyond the borders of your local universe. This great aggregation of suns, dark islands of space, double stars, globular clusters, star clouds, spiral and other nebulae, together with myriads of individual planets, forms a watchlike, elongated-circular grouping of about one seventh of the inhabited evolutionary universes.” (167.17) 15:3.1

2. Proposition. Of the ten major divisions of Orvonton, eight are identified by Urantia astronomers.

“Of the ten major divisions of Orvonton, eight have been roughly identified by Urantian astronomers. The other two are difficult of separate recognition because you are obliged to view these phenomena from the inside. If you could look upon the superuniverse of Orvonton from a position far-distant in space, you would immediately recognize the ten major sectors of the seventh galaxy.” (167.20) 15:3.4

3. Proposition. The rotational center of our minor sector is situated in Sagittarius, from whose opposite sides emerge two star streams in stupendous stellar coils.

“The rotational center of your minor sector is situated far away in the enormous and dense star cloud of Sagittarius, around which your local universe and its associated creations all move, and from opposite sides of the vast Sagittarius subgalactic system you may observe two great streams of star clouds emerging in stupendous stellar coils.” (168.1) 15:3.5

4. Proposition. Sagittarius and similar groups are in rotation around Uversa. The illusions and distortions of stellar movements are due to numerous influences.

“The Sagittarius sector and all other sectors and divisions of Orvonton are in rotation around Uversa, and some of the confusion of Urantian star observers arises out of the illusions and relative distortions produced by the following multiple revolutionary movements:

“1. The revolution of Urantia around its sun.

“2. The circuit of your solar system about the nucleus of the former Andronover nebula.

“3. The rotation of the Andronover stellar family and the associated clusters about the composite rotation-gravity center of the star cloud of Nebadon.

“4. The swing of the local star cloud of Nebadon and its associated creations around the Sagittarius center of their minor sector.

“5. The rotation of the one hundred minor sectors, including Sagittarius, about their major sector.

“6. The whirl of the ten major sectors, the so-called star drifts, about the Uversa headquarters of Orvonton.

“7. The movement of Orvonton and six associated superuniverses around Paradise and Havona, the counterclockwise processional of the superuniverse space level.”
(168.3) 15:3.7

5. Proposition. The Milky Way galaxy is composed of modified spiral and other nebulae as well as enormous aggregations like the Magellanic Cloud.

“The Milky Way galaxy is composed of vast numbers of former spiral and other nebulae; and many still retain their original configuration. But as the result of internal catastrophes and external attraction, many have suffered such distortion and rearrangement as to cause these enormous aggregations to appear as gigantic luminous masses of blazing suns, like the Magellanic Cloud. The globular type of star clusters predominates near the outer margins of Orvonton.” (170.2) 15:4.8

6. Proposition. Uversa is the headquarters for about one trillion inhabitable worlds.

“Uversa is the spiritual and administrative headquarters for approximately one trillion inhabited or inhabitable worlds. The glory, grandeur, and perfection of the Orvonton capital surpass any of the wonders of the time-space creations.” (175.2) 15:7.11

7. Proposition. The superuniverse circuits are many and varied.

The Superuniverse Circuits:

“1. The unifying intelligence circuit of one of the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. Such a cosmic-mind circuit is limited to a single superuniverse.

“2. The reflective-service circuit of the seven Reflective Spirits in each superuniverse.

“3. The secret circuits of the Mystery Monitors, in some manner interassociated and routed by Divington to the Universal Father on Paradise.

“4. The circuit of the intercommunion of the Eternal Son with his Paradise Sons.

“5. The flash presence of the Infinite Spirit.

“6. The broadcasts of Paradise, the space reports of Havona.

“7. The energy circuits of the power centers and the physical controllers. (177.2) 15:9.3

"The Local Universe Circuits:

“1. The bestowal spirit of the Paradise Sons, the Comforter of the bestowal worlds. The Spirit of Truth, the spirit of Michael on Urantia.

“2. The circuit of the Divine Ministers, the local universe Mother Spirits, the Holy Spirit of your world.

“3. The intelligence-ministry circuit of a local universe, including the diversely functioning presence of the adjutant mind-spirits.” (177.10) 15:9.11

8. Proposition. The superuniverse government is directed by one of the Seven Master Spirits, through one of the Seven Supreme Executives on the special worlds of the Spirit.

“The headquarters of the superuniverses are the seats of the high spiritual government of the time-space domains. The executive branch of the supergovernment, taking origin in the Councils of the Trinity, is immediately directed by one of the Seven Master Spirits of supreme supervision, beings who sit upon seats of Paradise authority and administer the superuniverses through the Seven Supreme Executives stationed on the seven special worlds of the Infinite Spirit, the outermost satellites of Paradise.” (178.1) 15:10.1

9. Proposition. The endless metamorphoses of making and remaking universes goes on, but the universes do not run down.

“The superuniverse of Orvonton is apparently now running down; the outer universes seem to be winding up for unparalleled future activities; the central Havona universe is eternally stabilized. Gravity and absence of heat (cold) organize and hold matter together; heat and antigravity disrupt matter and dissipate energy. The living power directors and force organizers are the secret of the special control and intelligent direction of the endless metamorphoses of universe making, unmaking, and remaking. Nebulae may disperse, suns burn out, systems vanish, and planets perish, but the universes do not run down.” (176.5) 15:8.10

10. Proposition. The executive branch of a superuniverse government consists of seven groups.

“Each superuniverse is presided over by three Ancients of Days, the joint chief executives of the supergovernment. In its executive branch the personnel of the superuniverse government consists of seven different groups:

  1. Ancients of Days.
  2. Perfectors of Wisdom.
  3. Divine Counselors.
  4. Universal Censors.
  5. Mighty Messengers.
  6. Those High in Authority.
  7. Those without Name and Number.” (178.3) 15:10.3

11. Proposition. The superuniverse co-ordinate council is composed of the seven executive groups.

“The co-ordinate council of the superuniverse is composed of the seven executive groups previously named and the following sector rulers and other regional overseers:

“1. Perfections of Days—the rulers of the superuniverse major sectors.

“2. Recents of Days—the directors of the superuniverse minor sectors.

“3. Unions of Days—the Paradise advisers to the rulers of the local universes.

“4. Faithfuls of Days—the Paradise counselors to the Most High rulers of the constellation governments.

“5. Trinity Teacher Sons who may chance to be on duty at superuniverse headquarters.

“6. Eternals of Days who may happen to be present at superuniverse headquarters.

“7. The seven Reflective Image Aids—the spokesmen of the seven Reflective Spirits and through them representatives of the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise.” 
(178.13) 15:10.13

12. Proposition. On Uversa, the autocracy of perfection and the democracy of evolution meet face to face.

“It is on such worlds as Uversa that the beings representative of the autocracy of perfection and the democracy of evolution meet face to face. The executive branch of the super government originates in the realms of perfection; the legislative branch springs from the flowering of the evolutionary universes.” (179.11) 15:11.1

13. Proposition. The executive branch consists in perfection, the legislative in ascending evolutionary creatures.

“The deliberative assembly of the superuniverse is confined to the headquarters world. This legislative or advisory council consists of seven houses, to each of which every local universe admitted to the superuniverse councils elects a native representative.” (179.12) 15:11.2

14. Proposition. The superuniverse government consists of executive, legislative, and judicial divisions which are variously constituted.

“When we speak of executive and deliberative branches of the Uversa government, you may, from the analogy of certain forms of Urantian civil government, reason that we must have a third or judicial branch, and we do; but it does not have a separate personnel. Our courts are constituted as follows: There presides, in accordance with the nature and gravity of the case, an Ancient of Days, a Perfector of Wisdom, or a Divine Counselor. The evidence for or against an individual, a planet, system, constellation, or universe is presented and interpreted by the Censors. The defense of the children of time and the evolutionary planets is offered by the Mighty Messengers, the official observers of the superuniverse government to the local universes and systems. The attitude of the higher government is portrayed by Those High in Authority. And ordinarily the verdict is formulated by a varying-sized commission consisting equally of Those without Name and Number and a group of understanding personalities chosen from the deliberative assembly.”(180.2) 15:12.1

15. Proposition. Mandates of judgment originate in the local universes, but when extinction of will creatures is involved, they are executed from the headquarters of the superuniverses.

“Mandates of judgment originate in the local universes, but sentences involving the extinction of will creatures are always formulated on, and executed from, the headquarters of the superuniverse. The Sons of the local universes can decree the survival of mortal man, but only the Ancients of Days may sit in executive judgment on the issues of eternal life and death.” (180.3) 15:12.2

l6. Proposition. Superuniverse capitals are the abiding place of the Reflective Spirits and their Reflective Image Aids.

“The superuniverse headquarters are the abiding places of the Reflective Spirits and the Reflective Image Aids. From this midway position these marvelous beings conduct their tremendous reflectivity operations, thus ministering to the central universe above and to the local universes below.”(178.2) 15:10.2

17. Proposition. Orvonton is best known because of its lavish bestowal of merciful ministry.

“Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, the one to which your local universe belongs, is known chiefly because of its tremendous and lavish bestowal of merciful ministry to the mortals of the realms. It is renowned for the manner in which justice prevails as tempered by mercy and power rules as conditioned by patience, while the sacrifices of time are freely made to secure the stabilization of eternity. Orvonton is a universe demonstration of love and mercy.” (182.1) 15:14.2


1. Proposition. Matter always swings true to the great space circuits. These space paths, separated by the quiescent space zones, prevent the wild dispersion of energy.

“The successive space levels of the master universe constitute the major divisions of pervaded space—total creation, organized and partially inhabited or yet to be organized and inhabited. If the master universe were not a series of elliptical space levels of lessened resistance to motion, alternating with zones of relative quiescence, we conceive that some of the cosmic energies would be observed to shoot off on an infinite range, off on a straight-line path into trackless space; but we never find force, energy, or matter thus behaving; ever they whirl, always swinging onward in the tracks of the great space circuits,” (128.5) 12:1.2

2. Proposition. One-half million light-years beyond the grand universe, in the first outer space level, unbelievable action is taking place—extending for twenty-five millon light-years.

The Outer Space Levels. Far out in space, at an enormous distance from the seven inhabited superuniverses, there are assembling vast and unbelievably stupendous circuits of force and materializing energies. Between the energy circuits of the seven superuniverses and this gigantic outer belt of force activity, there is a space zone of comparative quiet, which varies in width but averages about four hundred thousand light-years. These space zones are free from star dust—cosmic fog. Our students of these phenomena are in doubt as to the exact status of the space-forces existing in this zone of relative quiet which encircles the seven superuniverses. But about one-half million light-years beyond the periphery of the present grand universe we observe the beginnings of a zone of an unbelievable energy action which increases in volume and intensity for over twenty-five million light-years. These tremendous wheels of energizing forces are situated in the first outer space level, a continuous belt of cosmic activity encircling the whole of the known, organized, and inhabited creation.” (129.12) 12:1.14

3. Proposition. The alternate clockwise and counterclockwise movement of the galaxies is a factor of gravity control and acts as a brake on dangerous velocities.

“This alternate zoning of the master universe, in association with the alternate clockwise and counterclockwise flow of the galaxies, is a factor in the stabilization of physical gravity designed to prevent the accentuation of gravity pressure to the point of disruptive and dispersive activities. Such an arrangement exerts antigravity influence and acts as a brake upon otherwise dangerous velocities.” (125.3) 11:7.9

4. Proposition. The fact that all forms of basic energy swing around Paradise, suggests that the master universe is circular and delimited.

“The observable behavior of the material creation constitutes evidence of a physical universe of definite limits. The final proof of both a circular and delimited universe is afforded by the, to us, well-known fact that all forms of basic energy ever swing around the curved path of the space levels of the master universe in obedience to the incessant and absolute pull of Paradise gravity.” (128.4) 12:1.1


1. Proposition. All energy is one and comes from nether Paradise. Space is the womb of many modified forms of matter.

“All physical force, energy, and matter are one. All force-energy originally proceeded from nether Paradise and will eventually return thereto following the completion of its space circuit. But the energies and material organizations of the universe of universes did not all come from nether Paradise in their present phenomenal states; space is the womb of several forms of matter and prematter.” (123.2) 11:5.9

2. Proposition. All units of cosmic energy are in primary revolution. Nothing in the master universe is stationary except Paradise.

“All units of cosmic energy are in primary revolution, are engaged in the execution of their mission, while swinging around the universal orbit. The universes of space and their component systems and worlds are all revolving spheres, moving along the endless circuits of the master universe space levels. Absolutely nothing is stationary in all the master universe except the very center of Havona, the eternal Isle of Paradise, the center of gravity.”(133.3) 12:4.1

3. Proposition. The forces of outer space are the concern of the Paradise force organizers.

“We are informed that the metamorphosis of cosmic force in these outer space levels is a function of the Paradise force organizers. We also know that these forces are ancestral to those physical energies which at present activate the grand universe. The Orvonton power directors, however, have nothing to do with these far-distant realms, neither are the energy movements therein discernibly connected with the power circuits of the organized and inhabited creations.” (131.1) 12:2.4

4. Proposition. Paradise force organizers transmute space potency into primordial and secondary energies of physical reality. When responsive to gravity, the superuniverse power directors take over.

“The Paradise force organizers transmute space potency into primordial force and evolve this prematerial potential into the primary and secondary energy manifestations of physical reality. When this energy attains gravity-responding levels, the power directors and their associates of the superuniverse regime appear upon the scene and begin their never-ending manipulations designed to establish the manifold power circuits and energy channels of the universes of time and space. Thus does physical matter appear in space, and so is the stage set for the inauguration of universe organization.” (169.2) 15:4.2

5. Proposition. There is some mystery associated with the force-charge of space. It does not respond to gravity, but ever it swings around Paradise.

“While creation and universe organization remain forever under the control of the infinite Creators and their associates, the whole phenomenon proceeds in accordance with an ordained technique and in conformity to the gravity laws of force, energy, and matter. But there is something of mystery associated with the universal force-charge of space; we quite understand the organization of the material creations from the ultimatonic stage forward, but we do not fully comprehend the cosmic ancestry of the ultimatons. We are confident that these ancestral forces have a Paradise origin because they forever swing through pervaded space in the exact gigantic outlines of Paradise. Though nonresponsive to Paradise gravity, this force-charge of space, the ancestor of all materialization, does always respond to the presence of nether Paradise, being apparently circuited in and out of the nether Paradise center.” (169.1) 15:4.1

6. Proposition. Superuniverse headquarters spheres function as power-energy regulators for the directionization of energies to the component sectors.

“The headquarters spheres of the superuniverses are so constructed that they are able to function as efficient power-energy regulators for their various sectors, serving as focal points for the directionization of energy to their component local universes. They exert a powerful influence over the balance and control of the physical energies circulating through organized space.” (175.4) 15:8.1

7. Proposition. The superuniverse power directors assume partial control of the thirty energy systems of the gravita domain. Uversa energy circuits require 968 million years to complete the superuniverse circuits.

“The power centers and physical controllers of the superuniverses assume direction and partial control of the thirty energy systems which comprise the gravita domain. The physical-energy circuits administered by the power centers of Uversa require a little over 968 million years to complete the encirclement of the superuniverse.” (175.5) 15:8.2

8. Proposition. Universe equilibrium requires the everlasting making and unmaking of material units. Universe Power Directors can condense and detain, or expand and liberate, energy.

“The universal plan for the maintenance of equilibrium between matter and energy necessitates the everlasting making and unmaking of the lesser material units. The Universe Power Directors have the ability to condense and detain, or to expand and liberate, varying quantities of energy.” (175.7) 15:8.4


1. Proposition. The mysterious stretches of outer space exhibit the amazing evolution of the plans of the Architects of the Master Universe.

“When Urantia astronomers peer through their increasingly powerful telescopes into the mysterious stretches of outer space and there behold the amazing evolution of almost countless physical universes, they should realize that they are gazing upon the mighty outworking of the unsearchable plans of the Architects of the Master Universe.” (130.3) 12:2.1

2. Proposition. As far as known, no material creatures or spirit beings exist in the realms of outer space.

“As far as we know, no material beings on the order of humans, no angels or other spirit creatures, exist in this outer ring of nebulae, suns, and planets. This distant domain is beyond the jurisdiction and administration of the superuniverse governments.” (131.2) 12:2.5

3. Proposition. Your world may appear to be taking one long plunge into uncharted space—but it is not. It is following a well-known and perfectly controlled processional around Paradise.

“Within the limited range of the records, observations, and memories of the generations of a million or a billion of your short years, to all practical intents and purposes, Urantia and the universe to which it belongs are experiencing the adventure of one long and uncharted plunge into new space; but according to the records of Uversa, in accordance with older observations, in harmony with the more extensive experience and calculations of our order, and as a result of conclusions based on these and other findings, we know that the universes are engaged in an orderly, well-understood, and perfectly controlled processional, swinging in majestic grandeur around the First Great Source and Center and his residential universe.” (164.4) 15:1.1

4. Proposition. Only the Universal Father knows the name, number, and location of every inhabited world.

“Only the Universal Father knows the location and actual number of inhabited worlds in space; he calls them all by name and number. I can give only the approximate number of inhabited or inhabitable planets, for some local universes have more worlds suitable for intelligent life than others. Nor have all projected local universes been organized.” (165.6) 15:2.1

5. Proposition. There are ten diverse origins of the majority of suns, planets, and other spheres.

“As to origin, the majority of the suns, planets, and other spheres can be classified in one of the following ten groups:

  1. Concentric Contraction Rings.
  2. Whirled Stars.
  3. Gravity-explosion Planets.
  4. Centrifugal Planetary Daughters.
  5. Gravity-deficiency Spheres.
  6. Contractural Stars.
  7. Cumulative Spheres.
  8. Burned-out Suns.
  9. Collisional Spheres.
  10. Architectural Worlds

”See (170.5) 15:5.2  and (172.2) 15:5.14

6. Proposition. Paradise force organizers are nebulae originators; their cyclones of force mobilize the ultimatonic units of universe matter.

“Paradise force organizers are nebulae originators; they are able to initiate about their space presence the tremendous cyclones of force which, when once started, can never be stopped or limited until the all-pervading forces are mobilized for the eventual appearance of the ultimatonic units of universe matter.” (169.4) 15:4.4

7. Proposition. Some suns are solitary, some, double stars. Suns exist in a thousand different states. There are also suns that shine without heat.

The Suns. These are the stars of space in all their various stages of existence. Some are solitary evolving space systems; others are double stars, contracting or disappearing planetary systems. The stars of space exist in no less than a thousand different states and stages. You are familiar with suns that emit light accompanied by heat; but there are also suns which shine without heat.” (172.10) 15:6.8

8. Proposition. The superuniverse of Orvonton is illuminated and warmed by more than ten trillion blazing suns. In the master universe there are as many suns as there are glasses of water in the oceans of Urantia.

“The superuniverse of Orvonton is illuminated and warmed by more than ten trillion blazing suns. These suns are the stars of your observable astronomic system. More than two trillion are too distant and too small ever to be seen from Urantia. But in the master universe there are as many suns as there are glasses of water in the oceans of your world.” (172.12) 15:6.10

9. Proposition. The dark islands of space are dead suns and other aggregations of cold matter. Sometimes their density is unbelievable.

The Dark Islands of Space. These are the dead suns and other large aggregations of matter devoid of light and heat. The dark islands are sometimes enormous in mass and exert a powerful influence in universe equilibrium and energy manipulation. The density of some of these large masses is well-nigh unbelievable. And this great concentration of mass enables these dark islands to function as powerful balance wheels, holding large neighboring systems in effective leash.” (173.1) 15:6.11

10. Proposition. Comets are wild offspring, being brought under control of the suns. They have numerous origins.

“Many comets are unestablished wild offspring of the solar mother wheels, which are being gradually brought under control of the central governing sun. Comets also have numerous other origins. A comet’s tail points away from the attracting body or sun because of the electrical reaction of its highly expanded gases and because of the actual pressure of light and other energies emanating from the sun.” (173.3) 15:6.13

11. Proposition. Not all adolescent suns pass through pulsating stages. Our sun exhibits a legacy of its former three and one-half day pulsations in its eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles.

“While all adolescent suns do not pass through a pulsating stage,at least not visibly, when looking out into space you may observe many of these younger stars whose gigantic respiratory heaves require from two to seven days to complete a cycle. Your own sun still carries a diminishing legacy of the mighty upswellings of its younger days, but the period has lengthened from the former three and onehalf day pulsations to the present eleven and one-half year sunspot cycles.” (459.2) 41:3.8

12. Proposition. The suns are not very dense. Density prevents escape of light and if increased would cause explosions.

“That the suns of space are not very dense is proved by the steady streams of escaping light-energies. Too great a density would retain light by opacity until the light-energy pressure reached the explosion point. There is a tremendous light or gas pressure within a sun to cause it to shoot forth such a stream of energy as to penetrate space for millions upon millions of miles to energize, light, and heat the distant planets. Fifteen feet of surface of the density of Urantia would effectually prevent the escape of all X rays and light-energies from a sun until the rising internal pressure of accumulating energies resulting from atomic dismemberment overcame gravity with a tremendous outward explosion.” (460.5) 41:5.1

13. Proposition. Light plus propulsive gases is highly explosive when confined at high temperatures. Light is real. Sunlight would be economical at a million dollars a pound.

“Light, in the presence of the propulsive gases, is highly explosive when confined at high temperatures by opaque retaining walls. Light is real. As you value energy and power on your world, sunlight would be economical at a million dollars a pound.” (460.6) 41:5.2

14. Proposition, Calcium escapes from the sun by literally riding the light beams to liberty.

“As your physicists have suspected, these mutilated remnants of solar calcium literally ride the light beams for varied distances, and thus their widespread dissemination throughout space is tremendously facilitated. The sodium atom, under certain modifications, is also capable of light and energy locomotion. The calcium feat is all the more remarkable since this element has almost twice the mass of sodium. Local space-permeation by calcium is due to the fact that it escapes from the solar photosphere, in modified form, by literally riding the outgoing sunbeams. Of all the solar elements, calcium, notwithstanding its comparative bulk—containing as it does twenty revolving electrons—is the most successful in escaping from the solar interior to the realms of space. This explains why there is a calcium layer, a gaseous stone surface, on the sun six thousand miles thick; and this despite the fact that nineteen lighter elements, and numerous heavier ones, are underneath.” (462.1) 41:6.3

15. Proposition. Planets follow an orbit around the sun. They may be gaseous, liquid, or solid. Sometimes they are built up by assemblage of cold space matter.

The Planets. These are the larger aggregations of matter which follow an orbit around a sun or some other space body; they range in size from planetesimals to enormous gaseous, liquid, or solid spheres. The cold worlds which have been built up by the assemblage of floating space material, when they happen to be in proper relation to a near-by sun, are the more ideal planets to harbor intelligent inhabitants.” (173.4) 15:6.14


1. Proposition. Solar energy proceeds in direct lines. Its wavy manifestation is due to other energies which cause light to appear to be chopped up into portions of definite length.

“Solar energy may seem to be propelled in waves, but that is due to the action of coexistent and diverse influences. A given form of organized energy does not proceed in waves but in direct lines. The presence of a second or a third form of force-energy may cause the stream under observation toappear to travel in wavy formation, just as, in a blinding rainstorm accompanied by a heavy wind, the water sometimes appears to fall in sheets or to descend in waves. The raindrops are coming down in a direct line of unbroken procession, but the action of the wind is such as to give the visible appearance of sheets of water and waves of raindrops.

“The action of certain secondary and other undiscovered energies present in the space regions of your local universe is such that solar-light emanations appear to execute certain wavy phenomena as well as to be chopped up into infinitesimal portions of definite length and weight.” (461.3) 41:5.7

2. Proposition. Sun stability is maintained by seven diverse factors.

“All of these phenomena are indicative of enormous energy expenditure, and the sources of solar energy, named in the order of their importance, are:

“1. Annihilation of atoms and, eventually, of electrons.

“2. Transmutation of elements, including the radioactive group of energies thus liberated.

“3. The accumulation and transmission of certain universal spaceenergies.

“4. Space matter and meteors which are incessantly diving into the blazing suns.

“5. Solar contraction; the cooling and consequent contraction of a sun yields energy and heat sometimes greater than that supplied by space matter.

“6. Gravity action at high temperatures transforms certain circuitized power into radiative energies.

“7. Recaptive light and other matter which are drawn back into the sun after having left it, together with other energies having extrasolar origin.” (463.3) 41:7.3

3. Proposition. Only suns functioning in direct channels of universe energy can shine on forever.

“Only those suns which function in the direct channels of the main streams of universe energy can shine on forever. Such solar furnaces blaze on indefinitely, being able to replenish their material losses by the intake of space-force and analogous circulating energy. But stars far removed from these chief channels of recharging are destined to undergo energy depletion—gradually cool off and eventually burn out.” (464.1) 41:7.14


1. Proposition. Reality is divided into four grand divisions.

“From the viewpoint of time and space, reality is further divisible as:

“1. Actual and Potential. Realities existing in fullness of expression in contrast to those which carry undisclosed capacity for growth. The Eternal Son is an absolute spiritual actuality; mortal man is very largely an unrealized spiritual potentiality.

“2. Absolute and Subabsolute. Absolute realities are eternity existences. Subabsolute realities are projected on two levels: Absonites—realities which are relative with respect to both time and eternity. Finites—realities which are projected in space and are actualized in time.

“3. Existential and Experiential. Paradise Deity is existential, but the emerging Supreme and Ultimate are experiential.

“4. Personal and Impersonal. Deity expansion, personality expression, and universe evolution are forever conditioned by the Father’s freewill act which forever separated the mind-spirit-personal meanings and values of actuality and potentiality centering in the Eternal Son from those things which center and inhere in the eternal Isle of Paradise.” 
(7.4) 0:4.6

2. Proposition. Reality is realizable on seven diverse levels of universe actualization.

  1. Undeified Reality.
  2. Deified Reality.
  3. Interassociated Reality.

See (6.6) 0:4.1

  1. Incomplete Finites.
  2. Maximum Finites.
  3. Transcendantals.
  4. Ultimates.
  5. Coabsolutes.
  6. Absolutes.
  7. Infinity.

See (1162.2) 106:0.2

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