22. The Morontia Life

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  1. Introduction
  2. Morontia Companions
  3. Reversion Directors
  4. Mansion World Teachers
  5. Morontia World Seraphim
  6. Morontia Mota
  7. Morontia Progressors
  8. Celestial Artisans
  9. The Probation Nursery
  10. The Morontia Self
  11. The Morontia Worlds
  12. The Spornagia
  13. Morontia Power Supervisors


1. Proposition. You do not survive just to enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a transcendent goal beyond this universe age of training.

“The mortal-survival plan has a practical and serviceable objective; you are not the recipients of all this divine labor arid painstaking training only that you may survive just to enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a goal of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If the Gods designed merely to take you on one long and eternal joy excursion, they certainly would not so largely turn the whole universe into one vast and intricate practical training school, requisition a substantial part of the celestial creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this gigantic universe school of experiential training,” (558.1) 48:8.3

2. Proposition. Execution of the mortal perfection plan enlists much of the activity of the celestial intelligences of the present organized universe.

“The furtherance of the scheme of mortal progression seems to be one of the chief businesses of the present organized universe, and the majority of innumerable orders of created intelligences are either directly or indirectly engaged in advancing some phase of this progressive perfection plan.” (558.1) 48:8.3

3. Proposition. Mortal death is the technique of escape from life in the flesh. The morontia life intervenes between the material existence and the higher spirit attainment.

“Mortal death is a technique of escape from the material life in the flesh; and the mansonia experience of progressive life through seven worlds of corrective training and cultural education represents the introduction of mortal survivors to the morontia career, the transition life which intervenes between the evolutionary material existence and the higher spirit attainment of the ascenders of time who are destined to achieve the portals of eternity.” (540.3) 47:10.7

4. Proposition. The Gods do not transform an animal creature into a perfected spirit by some sort of creative magic.

“The Gods cannot—at least they do not—transform a creature of gross animal nature into a perfected spirit by some mysterious act of creative magic. When the Creators desire to produce perfect beings, they do so by direct and original creation, but they never undertake to convert animal-origin and material creatures into beings of perfection in a single step.” (541.1) 48:0.1

5. Proposition. Always does this intermediate or transition morontia state intervene between the mortal state and the spirit status of surviving human beings.

“Always this morontia transition intervenes between the mortal estate and the subsequent spirit status of surviving human beings. This intermediate state of universe progress differs markedly in the various local creations, but in intent and purpose they are all quite similar. The arrangement of the mansion and higher morontia worlds in Nebadon is fairly typical of the morontia transition regimes in this part of Orvonton.” (541.3) 48:0.3

6. Proposition. Resurrected mortals have the same type of body that Jesus had when he arose from the tomb.

“The mortals of the realms will arise in the morning of the resurrection with the same type of transition or morontia body that Jesus had when he arose from the tomb on this Sunday morning. These bodies do not have circulating blood, and such beings do not partake of ordinary material food; nevertheless, these morontia forms are real. When the various believers saw Jesus after his resurrection, they really saw him; they were not the self-deceived victims of visions or hallucinations.” (2029.3) 190:0.3


1. Proposition. Morontia Companions are the children of the universe Mother Spirit who creates them in groups of one hundred thousand.

“These hosts of the mansion and morontia worlds are the offspring of a local universe Mother Spirit. They are created from age to age in groups of one hundred thousand, and in Nebadon there are at present over seventy billion of these unique beings.” (545.2) 48:3.1

2. Proposition. Morontia Companions maintain headquarters on the first mansion worlds of the local systems. Thousands were lost in the Lucifer rebellion.

“The Morontia Companions maintain ten thousand headquarters in a local universe—on each of the first mansion worlds of the local systems. They are almost wholly a self-governing order and are, in general, an intelligent and loyal group of beings; but every now and then, in connection with certain unfortunate celestial up-heavals, they have been known to go astray. Thousands of these useful creatures were lost during the times of the Lucifer rebellion in Satania. Tour local system now has its full quota of these beings, the loss of the Lucifer rebellion having only recently been made up.” (545.4) 48:3.3

3. Proposition. These Companions are the interpreters and translators of the morontia worlds—the linguists of the realms. You do not acquire new languages automatically.

Interpreters and Translators. During the early mansonia career you will have frequent recourse to the interpreters and the translators. They know and speak all the tongues of a local universe; they are the linguists of the realms.

“You will not acquire new languages automatically; you will learn a language over there much as you do down here, and these brilliant beings will be your language teachers. The first study on the mansion worlds will be the tongue of Satania and then the language of Nebadon. And while you are mastering these new tongues, the Morontia Companions will be your efficient interpreters and patient translators. You will never encounter a visitor on any of these worlds but that some one of the Morontia Companions will be able to officiate as interpreter.” (546.5) 48:3.12


1. Proposition. Joyful mirth and the smile-equivalent are as universal as music and are the morontia equivalent of laughter. The ascendant life is about equally divided between work and play.

“Joyful mirth and the smile-equivalent are as universal as music. There is a morontial and a spiritual equivalent of mirth and laughter. The ascendant life is about equally divided between work and play— freedom from assignment.” (547.4) 48:4.1

2. Proposition. Morontia Companions are skillful play sponsors, and are ably supported by the reversion directors in fostering celestial relaxation.

“Celestial relaxation and superhuman humor are quite different from their human analogues, but we all actually indulge in a form of both; and they really accomplish for us, in our state, just about what ideal humor is able to do for you on Urantia. The Morontia Companions are skillful play sponsors, and they are most ably supported by the reversion directors.” (547.5) 48:4.2

3. Proposition. Reversion directors may be likened to the higher types of Urantia humorists—though this would be a crude comparison.

“You would probably best understand the work of the reversion directors if they were likened to the higher types of humorists on Urantia, though that would be an exceedingly crude and somewhat unfortunate way in which to try to convey an idea of the function of these directors of change and relaxation, these ministers of the exalted humor of the morontia and spirit realms.” (547.6) 48:4.3

4. Proposition. Reversion directors are a recruited group ranging from Havona natives to morontia progressors. They are devoted to facilitating thought change and mind rest.

“The reversion directors themselves are not a created group; they are a recruited corps embracing beings ranging from the Havona natives down through the messenger hosts of space and the ministering spirits of time to the morontia progressors from the evolutionary worlds. All are volunteers, giving themselves to the work of assisting their fellows in the achievement of thought change and mind rest, for such attitudes are most helpful in recuperating depleted energies.” (548.4) 48:4.9

5. Proposition. In magnifying our self-importance, if we stop to think of our Makers, our self-glorification becomes ridiculous. Humor is the divine antidote for exaltation of ego.

“When we are tempted to magnify our self-importance, if we stop to contemplate the infinity of the greatness and grandeur of our Makers, our own self-glorification becomes sublimely ridiculous, even verging on the humorous. One of the functions of humor is to help all of us take ourselves less seriously. Humor is the divine antidote for exaltation of ego.” (549.2) 48:4.15

6. Proposition. Humor is a safety valve preventing pressure from monotony, self-contemplation, and intense effort. Humor lessens the shock of any sudden impact of truth, fact, or other reality situation.

“Humor should function as an automatic safety valve to prevent the building up of excessive pressures due to the monotony of sustained and serious self-contemplation in association with the intense struggle for developmental progress and noble achievement. Humor also functions to lessen the shock of the unexpected impact of fact or of truth, rigid unyielding fact and flexible ever-living truth. The mortal personality, never sure as to which will next be encountered, through humor swiftly grasps—sees the point and achieves insight— the unexpected nature of the situation be it fact or be it truth.” (549.5) 48:4.18


1. Proposition. Mansion World Teachers are deserted and glorified cherubim. When mortals enter the morontia life, attending seraphim have no need of their formerly associated cherubim and sanobim.

“The Mansion World Teachers are a corps of deserted but glorified cherubim and sanobim. When a pilgrim of time advances from a trial world of space to the mansion and associated worlds of morontia training, he is accompanied by his personal or group seraphim, the guardian of destiny. In the worlds of mortal existence the seraphim is ably assisted by cherubim and sanobim; but when her mortal ward is delivered from the bonds of the flesh and starts out on the ascendant career, when the postmaterial or morontia life begins, the attending seraphim has no further need of the ministrations of her former lieutenants, the cherubim and sanobim.” (550.2) 48:5.1


1. Proposition. While many angels minister on the morontia worlds, the transition ministers work exclusively on these spheres.

“While all orders of angels, from the planetary helpers to the supreme seraphim, minister on the morontia worlds, the transition ministers are more exclusively assigned to these activities. These angels are of the sixth order of seraphim servers, and their ministry is devoted to facilitating the transit of material and mortal creatures from the temporal life in the flesh on into the early stages of morontia existence on the seven mansion worlds.” (551.6) 48:6.1

2. Proposition. The mind planners are the psychologists of the morontia worlds. The majority have had previous experience as guardian angels.

Mind Planners. These seraphim are devoted to the effective grouping of morontia beings and to organizing their teamwork on the mansion worlds. They are the psychologists of the first heaven. The majority of this particular division of seraphic ministers have had previous experience as guardian angels to the children of time, but their wards, for some reason, failed to personalize on the mansion worlds or else survived by the technique of Spirit fusion.” (553.5) 48:6.24


1. Proposition. The lower planes of mota join directly with the higher planes of human philosophy. On the first mansion world they teach the less advanced students by the parallel technique.

“The lower planes of morontia mota join directly with the higher levels of human philosophy. On the first mansion world it is the practice to teach the less advanced students by the parallel technique; that is, in one column are presented the more simple concepts of mota meanings and in the opposite column citation is made of analogous statements of mortal philosophy.” (556.1) 48:7.1

2. Proposition. Metaphysics is man’s unavailing attempt to span the chasm between science and religion—to compensate for the absence of morontia mota.

“But many mortals have recognized the desirability of having some method of reconciling the interplay between the widely separated domains of science and religion; and metaphysics is the result of man’s unavailing attempt to span this well-recognized chasm. But human metaphysics has proved more confusing than illuminating. Metaphysics stands for man’s well-meant but futile effort to compensate for the absence of the mota of morontia.” (1136.2) 103:6.7

3. Proposition. Metaphysics is a failure; mota, man cannot perceive. Revelation is the only technique to take the place of mota.

“Metaphysics has proved a failure; mota, man cannot perceive. Revelation is the only technique which can compensate for the absence of the truth sensitivity of mota in a material world. Revelation authoritatively clarifies the muddle of reason-developed metaphysics on an evolutionary sphere.” (1136.3) 103:6.8

4. Proposition. Revelation is man’s only hope of bridging the morontia gulf. Without mota insight man cannot discern truth, love, and goodness in the material world.

“Revelation is evolutionary man’s only hope of bridging the morontia gulf. Faith and reason, unaided by mota, cannot conceive and construct a logical universe. Without the insight of mota, mortal man cannot discern goodness, love, and truth in the phenomena of the material world.” (1137.3) 103:6.13

5. Proposition. The highest philosophy of man must be based on the reason of science, the faith of religion, and the truth insight of revelation.

“The highest attainable philosophy of mortal man must be logically based on the reason of science, the faith of religion, and the truth insight afforded by revelation. By this union man can compensate somewhat for his failure to develop an adequate metaphysics and for his inability to comprehend the mota of the morontia.” (1137.5) 103:6.15

6. Proposition. Mota is more than a superior philosophy. It is to philosophy as two eyes are to one. Material man sees with one eye—morontians with two.

“Mota is more than a superior philosophy; it is to philosophy as two eyes are to one; it has a stereoscopic effect on meanings and values. Material man sees the universe, as it were, with but one eye—flat. Mansion world students achieve cosmic perspective—depth—by superimposing the perceptions of the morontia life upon the perceptions of the physical life. And they are enabled to bring these material and morontial viewpoints into true focus largely through the untiring ministry of their seraphic counselors, who so patiently teach the mansion world students and the morontia progressors.” (554.2) 48:6.28


1. Proposition. Before morontians leave the local universe to begin the spirit career, they will be satiated respecting every intellectual, artistic, and social longing. They have achieved the satisfaction of self-realization.

“Before ascending mortals leave the local universe to embark upon their spirit careers, they will be satiated respecting every intellectual, artistic, and social longing or true ambition which ever characterized their mortal or morontia planes of exist-ence. This is the achievement of equality of the satisfaction of self-expression and self-realization but not the attainment of identical experiential status nor the complete obliteration of characteristic individuality in skill, technique, and expression.” (508.3) 44:8.5

2. Proposition. The differential of personal attainment will not be equalized until you finish the last circle of Havona.

“But the new spirit differential of personal experiential attainment will not become thus leveled off and equalized until after you have finished the last circle of the Havona career. And then will the Paradise residents be confronted with the necessity of adjusting to that absonite differential of personal experience which can be leveled off only by the group attainment of the ultimate of creature status— the seventh-stage-spirit destiny of the mortal finaliters.” (508.3) 44:8.5


1. Proposition. Celestial artisans are a composite group of morontia and lower spirit beings. They engage in morontia embellishment and spiritual beautification.

“Among the courtesy colonies of the various divisional and universe headquarters worlds, may be found the unique order of composite personalities denominated the celestial artisans. These beings are the master artists and artisans of the morontia and lower spirit realms. They are the spirits and semispirits who are engaged in morontia embellishment and in spiritual beautification. Such artisans are distributed throughout the grand universe—on the headquarters worlds of the superuniverses, the local universes, the constellations, and systems, as well as on all spheres settled in light and life; but their chief realm of activity is in the constellations and especially on the seven hundred seventy worlds surrounding each headquarters sphere.” (497.1) 44:0.1

2. Proposition. Celestial artisans serve in seven groups.

“All celestial artisans are registered on the superuniverse headquarters but are directed by morontia supervisors on the local universe capitals. They are commissioned in the followingseven major divisions of activity by the central corps of morontia supervisors functioning on the headquarters world of each local universe:

  1. Celestial Musicians.
  2. Heavenly Reproducers.
  3. Divine Builders.
  4. Thought Recorders.
  5. Energy Manipulators.
  6. Designers and Embellishers
  7. Harmony Workers.” (497.5) 44:0.5


1. Proposition. Children who die before achieving survival status are received into the probation nursery schools of the finaliters, in the event of the survival of one or both parents.

“The infant-receiving schools of Satania are situated on the finaliter world, the first of the Jerusem transition-culture spheres. These infant-receiving schools are enterprises devoted to the nurture and training of the children of time, including those who have died on the evolutionary worlds of space before the acquirement of individual status on the universe records. In the event of the survival of either or both of such a child’s parents, the guardian of destiny deputizes her associated cherubim as the custodian of the child’s potential identity, charging the cherubim with the responsibility of delivering this undeveloped soul into the hands of the Mansion World Teachers in the probationary nurseries of the morontia worlds.” (531.5) 47:2.1

2. Proposition. Children having Thought Adjusters, but who die before choosing concerning the Paradise career, are repersonalized on the finaliter world along with those without Adjusters.

“All children on the evolving worlds who have Thought Adjusters, but who before death had not made a choice concerning the Paradise career, are also repersonalized on the finaliter world of the system, where they likewise grow up in the families of the Material Sons and their associates as do those little ones who arrived without Adjusters, but who will subsequently receive the Mystery Monitors after attaining the requisite age of moral choice.” (532.2) 47:2.4


1. Proposition. Upon the union of an immortal soul with the divine Adjuster, the seraphim summons the archangel who proclaimss: “This is a beloved son in whom I am well pleased.”

“The union of the evolving immortal soul with the eternal and divine Adjuster is signalized by the seraphic summoning of the supervising superangel for resurrected survivors and of the archangel of record for those going to judgment on the third day; and then, in the presence of such a survivor’s morontia associates, these messengers of confirmation speaks: ‘This is a beloved son in whom I am well pleased.’ This simple ceremony marks the entrance of an ascending mortal upon the eternal career of Paradise service.” (538.2) 47:8.4

2. Proposition. Upon confirmation of Adjuster fusion the new name is conferred upon the morontia being who is still more or less material—they are far from being true spirits.

“Immediately upon the confirmation of Adjuster fusion the new morontia being is introduced to his fellows for the first time by his new name and is granted the forty days of spiritual retirement from an routine activities wherein to commune with himself and to choose some one of the optional routes to Havana and to select from the differential techniques of Paradise attainment.

“But still are these brilliant beings more or less material; they are far from being true spirits; they are more like supermortals, spiritually speakings still a little lower than the angels. But they are truly becoming marvelous creatures.” (538.3) 47:8.5

3. Proposition. The adjutant mind is left behind on the native world. The morontian is dependent on the morontia intellect.

“When a creature leaves his native planet, he leaves the adjutant ministry behind and becomes solely dependent on morontia intellect. When an ascender leaves the local universe, he has attained the spiritual level of existences, having passed beyond the morontia level. This newly appearing spirit entity then becomes attuned to the direct ministry of the cosmic mind of Orvontono” (1237.2) 112:6.10

4. Proposition. Morontians are endowed with the Nebadon modification of the cosmic mind. Certain phases of mortal mind persist in the surviving soul, while other values are held by the Adjuster.

“In the morontia estate the ascending mortal is endowed with the Nebadon modification of the cosmic-mind endowment of the Master Spirit of Orvonton. The mortal intellect, as such, has perished, has ceased to exist as a focalized universe entity apart from the undifferentiated mind circuits of the Creative Spirit. But the meanings and values of the mortal mind have not perished. Certain phases of mind are continued in the surviving soul; certain experiential values of the former human mind are held by the Adjuster; and there persist in the local universe the records of the human life as it was lived in the flesh, together with certain living registrations in the numerous beings who are concerned with the final evaluation of the ascending mortal, beings extending in range from seraphim to Universal Censors and probably on beyond to the Supreme.” (1236.2) 112:6.4

5. Proposition. The morontia mind evolves by direct contact with the cosmic mind, as modified by the Creative Mother Spirit of the local universe.

“There are no influences in the local universe career comparable to the seven adjutant mind-spirits of human existence. The morontia mind must evolve by direct contact with cosmic mind, as this cosmic mind has been modified and translated by the creative source of local universe intellect—the Divine Minister.” (1236.4) 112:6.6


1. Proposition. On the mansion world resurrected mortals resume their lives just where they left off when overtaken by death.

“On the mansion worlds the resurrected mortal survivors resume their lives just where they left off when overtaken by death. When you go from Urantia to the first mansion world, you will notice considerable change, but if you had come from a more normal and progressive sphere of time, you would hardly notice the difference except for the fact that you were in possession of a different body; the tabernacle of flesh and blood has been left behind on the world of nativity.” (532.7) 47:3.1

2. Proposition. On the first mansion world the center of activities is the resurrection hall. The destiny guardians, Thought Adjusters, archangels, and life Carriers are all concerned with resurrection.

“The very center of all activities on the first mansion world is the resurrection hall, the enormous temple of personality assembly. This gigantic structure consists of the central rendezvous of the seraphic destiny guardians, the Thought Adjusters, and the archangels of the resurrection. The Life Carriers also function with these celestial beings in the resurrection of the dead.” (532.8) 47:3.2

3. Proposition. All morontia worlds are architectural spheres. Such worlds have one hundred elements and one hundred forms of unique energy— morontia material.

“All of these worlds are architectural spheres, and they have just double the number of elements of the evolved planets. Such made-to-order worlds not only abound in the heavy metals and crystals, having one hundred physical elements, but likewise have exactly one hundred forms of a unique energy organization called morontia material. The Master Physical Controllers and the Morontia Power Supervisors are able so to modify the revolutions of the primary units of matter and at the same time so to transform these associations of energy as to create this new substance.” (541.6) 48:1.3

4. Proposition. Paul knew about the morontia worlds and morontia materials. “They have in heaven a better and more enduring substance.”

“Paul learned of the existence of the morontia worlds and of the reality of morontia materials, for he wrote, ‘They have in heaven a better and more enduring substance.’ And these morontia materials are real, literal, even as in ‘the city which has foundations, whose builder and maker is God.’ And each of these marvelous spheres is ‘a better country, that is, a heavenly one.’” (542.4) 48:1.7

5. Proposition. Morontia worlds are accessible alike to material and spirit beings. Morontia beings remain in contact with material beings while they also fraternize-with spirit persons.

“All morontia transition realms are accessible alike to material and spirit beings. As morontia progressors you will remain in full contact with the material world and with material personalities, while you will increasingly discern and fraternize with spirit beings; and by the time of departure from the morontia regime, you will have seen all orders of spirits with the exception of a few of the higher types, such as Solitary Messengers.” (545.1) 48:2.26

6. Proposition. As systems are settled in light and life, the mansion worlds cease to function as transition spheres, and the finaliters institute their training in cosmic consciousness.

“As systems and universes are settled in light and life, the mansion worlds increasingly cease to function as transition spheres of morontia training. More and more the finaliters institute their new training regime, which appears to be designed to translate the cosmic consciousness from the present level of the grand universe to that of the future outer universes. The Morontia Companions are destined to function increasingly in association with the finaliters and in numerous other realms not at present revealed on Urantia.” (547.2) 48:3.17


1. Proposition. On Jerusem, the agricultural achievements of the spornagia are amazing. Land is cultivated largely for aesthetic and ornamental effects. Spornagia are the landscape gardeners.

“On Jerusem you will be amazed by the agricultural achievements of the wonderful spornagia. There the land is cultivated largely for aesthetic and ornamental effects. The spornagia are the landscape gardeners of the headquarters worlds, and they are both original and artistic in their treatment of the open spaces of Jerusem. They utilize both animals and numerous mechanical contrivances in the culture of the soil. They are intelligently expert in the employment of the power agencies of their realms as well as in the utilization of numerous orders of their lesser brethren of the lower animal creations, many of which are provided them on these special worlds. This order of animal life is now largely directed by the ascending midway creatures from the evolutionary spheres.” (527.16) 46:7.2

2. Proposition. Spornagia are not Adjuster indwelt—they do not have survival souls. But they have long lives—fifty thousand standard years.

“Spornagia are not Adjuster indwelt. They do not possess survival souls, but they do enjoy long lives, sometimes to the extent of forty to fifty thousand standard years. Their number is legion, and they afford physical ministry to all orders of universe personalities requiring material service.” (528.1) 46:7.3

3. Proposition. Spornagia do not have personality, but they evolve an individuality which can experience reincarnation. With the aid of Life Carriers new bodies are fabricated.

“Although spornagia neither possess nor evolve survival souls, though they do not have personality, nevertheless, they do evolve an individuality which can experience reincarnation. When, with the passing of time, the physical bodies of these unique creatures deteriorate from usage and age, their creators, in collaboration with the Life Carriers, fabricate new bodies in which the old spomagia re-establish their residences.” (528.2) 46:7.4

4. Proposition. Spornagia are the only creatures in all the universe who experience reincarnation. They are reactive to the first five adjutant mind-spirits which produce a sixth persisting totality reality of experiential identity.

“Spomagia are the only creatures in all the universe of Nebadon who experience this or any other sort of reincarnation. They are only reactive to the first five of the adjutant mind-spirits; they are not responsive to the spirits of worship and wisdom. But the five-adjutant mind equivalates to a totality or sixth reality level, and it is this factor which persists as an experiential identity.” (528.3) 46:7.5


1. Proposition. The Morontia Power Supervisors function in seven groups.

“The creation of the first Morontia Power Supervisors is simultaneous with the arrival of the first mortal survivor on the shores of some one of the first mansion worlds in a local universe, They are created in groups of one thousand, classified as follows:

  1. Circuit Regulators 400
  2. System Co-ordinators 200
  3. Planetary Custodians 100
  4. Combined Controllers 100
  5. Liaison Stabilizers 100
  6. Selective Assorters 50
  7. Associate Registrars 50  (542.7) 48:2.3

2. Proposition. Morontia Power Supervisors are able to unite material and spiritual energies—morontia material. As you traverse the morontia life of Nebadon, they provide you with 570 morontia bodies.

“The Morontia Power Supervisors are able to effect a union of material and of spiritual energies, thereby organizing a morontia form of materialization which is receptive to the superimposition of a controlling spirit. When you traverse the morontia life of Nebadon, these same patient and skillful Morontia Power Supervisors will successively provide you with 570 morontia bodies, each one a phase of your progressive transformation. From the time of leaving the material worlds until you are constituted a first-stage spirit on Salvington, you will undergo just 570 separate and ascending morontia changes. Eight of these occur in the system, seventy-one in the constellation, and 491 during the sojourn on the spheres of Salvington.” (542.2) 48:1.5

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