9. The Supreme Spirits

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  1. Introduction
  2. Relation to Triune Deity
  3. Attributes and Functions
  4. Relation to Creatures
  5. The Cosmic Mind
  6. The Seven Supreme Executives
  7. Majeston—Chief of Reflectivity
  8. The Reflective Spirits
  9. The Solitary Messengers
  10. Service of Solitary Messengers
  11. Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit
    1. Universe Circuit Supervisors
    2. Census Directors
    3. Personal Aids
    4. Associate Inspectors
    5. Assigned Sentinels
    6. Graduate Guides
  12. Messenger Hosts of Space
    1. Havona Servitals
    2. Universal Conciliators
    3. Technical Advisers
    4. Custodians of Records
    5. Celestial Recorders
    6. Morontia Companions
    7. Paradise Companions


1. Proposition. The seven Supreme Spirit groups are the co-ordinating directors of the seven superuniverses.

“THE seven Supreme Spirit groups are the universal co-ordinating directors of the seven-segmented administration of the grand universe. Although all are classed among the functional family of the Infinite Spirit, the following three groups are usually classified as children of the Paradise Trinity:

1. The Seven Master Spirits.

2. The Seven Supreme Executives.

3. The Reflective Spirits.

“The remaining four groups are brought into being by the creative acts of the Infinite Spirit or by his associates of creative status:

4. The Reflective Image Aids.

5. The Seven Spirits of the Circuits.

6. The Local Universe Creative Spirits.

7. The Adjutant Mind-Spirits.” (197.1) 17:0.1

2. Proposition. The Trinitized Executives of the Master Spirits are stationed on “the seven Paradise worlds of the Infinite Spirit.

“The executive headquarters of the Master Spirits occupy the seven Paradise satellites of the Infinite Spirit, which swing around the central Isle between the shining spheres of the Eternal Son and the innermost Havona circuit. These executive spheres are under the direction of the Supreme Executives, a group of seven who were trinitized by the Father, Son, and Spirit in accordance with the specifications of the Seven Master Spirits for beings of a type that could function as their universal representatives.” (198.1) 17:1.1

3. Proposition. The Master Spirits maintain force-focal stations on the Paradise periphery and these stations keep opposite the superuniverse of supervision.

“The Master Spirits have many functions, but at the present time their particular domain is the central supervision of the seven superuniverses. Each Master Spirit maintains an enormous force-focal headquarters, which slowly circulates around the periphery of Paradise, always maintaining a position opposite the superuniverse of immediate supervision and at the Paradise focal point of its specialized power control and segmental energy distribution. The radial boundary lines of any one of the superuniverses do actually converge at the Paradise headquarters of the supervising Master Spirit.” (184.12) 16:0.12

4. Proposition. The Master Spirits exhibit seven different natures.

“The Seven Master Spirits thus have their origin in, and derive their individual characteristics from, the following seven likenesses:

  1. The Universal Father.
  2. The Eternal Son.
  3. The Infinite Spirit.
  4. The Father and the Son.
  5. The Father and the Spirit.
  6. The Son and the Spirit.
  7. The Father, Son, and Spirit.” (184.2) 16:0.2


1. Proposition. When the Master Spirits vacate their individual seats of authority and assemble about the Conjoint Actor, they are collectively representative of the Trinity.

“But when the Seven Master Spirits vacate their individual seats of personal power and superuniverse authority and assemble about the Conjoint Actor in the triune presence of Paradise Deity, then and there are they collectively representative of the functional power, wisdom, and authority of undivided Deity—the Trinity—to and in the evolving universes.” (185.3) 16:1.3

2. Proposition. Master Spirit Number One is the representative of the Father. He is adviser to Mystery Monitors and Personalized Adjusters.

Master Spirit Number One. In a special manner this Spirit is the direct representation of the Paradise Father. He is a peculiar and efficient manifestation of the power, love, and wisdom of the Universal Father. He is the close associate and supernal adviser of the chief of Mystery Monitors, that being who presides over the College of Personalized Adjusters on Divinington. In all associations of the Seven Master Spirits, it is always Master Spirit Number One who speaks for the Universal Father.” (186.6) 16:3.2

3. Proposition. Master Spirit Number Two portrays the Eternal Son and fosters all of the Sons of God.

Master Spirit Number Two. This Spirit adequately portrays the matchless nature and charming character of the Eternal Son, the first-born of all creation. He is always in close association with all orders of the Sons of God whenever they may happen to be in the residential universe as individuals or in joyous conclave. In all the assemblies of the Seven Master Spirits he always speaks for, and in behalf of, the Eternal Sen,”(187.1) 16:3.4

4. Preposition. Master Spirit Number Three represents the Infinite Spirit and directs the children of the Spirit.

Master Spirit Number Three. This Spirit personality especially resembles the Infinite Spirit, and he directs the movements and work of many of the high personalities of the Infinite Spirit. He presides over their assemblies and is closely associated with all personalities who take exclusive origin in the Third Source and Center. “When the Seven Master Spirits are in council, it is Master Spirit Number Three who always speaks for the Infinite Spirit.” (187.3) 16:3.6

5. Proposition. Master Spirit Number Four represents the Father and the Son, advises their children, and fosters ascenders who have attained the Infinite Spirit.

Master Spirit Number Four. Partaking of the combined natures of the Father and the Son, this Master Spirit is the determining influence regarding Father-Son policies and procedures in the councils of the Seven Master Spirits. This Spirit is the chief director and adviser of those ascendant beings who have attained the Infinite Spirit and thus have become candidates for seeing the Son and the Father. He fosters that enormous group of personalities taking origin in the Father and the Son. When it becomes necessary to represent the Father and the Son in the association of the Seven Master Spirits, it is always Master Spirit Number Four who speaks.” (187.5) 16:3.8

6. Proposition. Master Spirit Number Five represents the Father and the Spirit and is adviser to all beings of origin in these Deities, also to the power directors and physical controllers

Master Spirit Number Five. This divine personality who exquisitely blends the character of the Universal Father and the Infinite Spirit is the adviser of that enormous group of beings known as the power directors, power centers, and physical controllers. This Spirit also fosters all personalities taking origin in the Father and the Conjoint Actor. In the councils of the Seven Master Spirits, when the Father Spirit attitude is in question, it is always Master Spirit Number Five who speaks,” (187.7) 16:3.10

7. Proposition. Master Spirit Number Six represents the children of the Son and Spirit and their children.

Master Spirit Number Six. This divine being seems to portray the combined character of the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. Whenever the creatures jointly created by the Son and the Spirit forgather in the central universe, it is this Master Spirit who is their adviser; and whenever, in the councils of the Seven Master Spirits, it becomes necessary to speak conjointly for the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, it is Master Spirit Number Six who responds.” (187.9) 16:3.12

8. Proposition. Master Spirit Number Seven represents the Father, Son, and Spirit and is adviser to all triune-origin beings as well as the ascending pilgrims of Havona.

Master Spirit Number Seven. The presiding Spirit of the seventh superuniverse is a uniquely equal portrayal of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The Seventh Spirit, the fostering adviser of all triune-origin beings, is also the adviser and director of all the ascending pilgrims of Havona, those lowly beings who have attained the courts of glory through the combined ministry of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.” (188.2) 16:3.14

9. Proposition. The Seven Master Spirits not only represent the Infinite Spirit, but they also are the personalized physical power, cosmic mind, and spiritual presence of triune Deity.

“The Seven Master Spirits are the full representation of the Infinite Spirit to the evolutionary universes. They represent the Third Source and Center in the relationships of energy, mind, and spirit. While they function as the co-ordinating heads of the universal administrative control of the Conjoint Actor, do not forget that they have their origin in the creative acts of the Paradise Deities. It is literally true that these Seven Spirits are the personalized physical power, cosmic mind, and spiritual presence of the triune Deity, ‘the Seven Spirits of God sent forth to all the universe.’”(189.2) 16:4.1

10. Proposition. No one of the Master Spirits represents the Trinity, but when they unite they equivalate to the level associable with the Trinity. Master Spirit Number Seven is spokesman for the Seven-fold-Spirit-union regarding the attitude of the Threefold-Deity-union—the Trinity.

“No one of the Seven Spirits is organically representative of the Paradise Trinity, but when they unite as sevenfold Deity, this union in a deity sense—not in a personal sense—equivalates to a functional level associable with Trinity functions. In this sense the “Sevenfold Spirit’ is functionally associable with the Paradise Trinity. It is also in this sense that Master Spirit Number. Seven sometimes speaks in confirmation of Trinity attitudes or, rather, acts as spokesman for the attitude of the Sevenfold-Spirit-union regarding the attitude of the Threefold-Deity-union, the attitude of the Paradise Trinity.” (188.4) 16:3.16


1. Proposition. The Master Spirits are indescribable beings—but they are definitely personal. While they are akin, they are diverse.

“The Seven Master Spirits are indescribable beings, but they are distinctly and definitely personal. They have names, but we elect to introduce them by number. As primary personalizations of the Infinite Spirit, they are akin, but as primary expressions of the seven possible associations of triune Deity, they are essentially diverse in nature, and this diversity of nature determines their differential of superuniverse conduct.” (186.5) 16:3.1

2. Proposition. Master Spirit Number Seven is nonfunctional with regard to the Trinity, and that explains how he can act personally for the Supreme Being.

“The Master Spirits singly and collectively represent any and all possible Deity functions, single and several, but not collective, not the Trinity. Master Spirit Number Seven is personally nonfunctional with regard to the Paradise Trinity, and that is just why he can function personally for the Supreme Being.” (185.2) 16:1.2

3. Proposition. Outside of Havona, the Infinite Spirit speaks only by the voices of the Seven Master Spirits.

“To the universe of universes the Paradise Father speaks only through his Son, while he and the Sont conjointly act only through the Infinite Spirit. Outside of Paradise and Havona the Infinite Spirit speaks only by the voices of the Seven Master Spirits.” (186.1) 16:2.2

4. Proposition. Collectively, the Seven Master Spirits are endowed with supreme-ultimate attributes of the Third Source and Center.

“The Seven Master Spirits are collectively endowed with the supremeultimate attributes of the Third Source and Center. While each one individually partakes of this endowment, only collectively do they disclose the attributes of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence.”(186.3) 16:2.4

5. Proposition. The Master Spirits create Power Directors and their associates. They assist Creator Sons in universe organization.

“The Seven Master Spirits are the creators of the Universe Power Directors and their associates, entities who are indispensable to the organization, control, and regulation of the physical energies of the grand universe. And these same Master Spirits very materially assist the Creator Sons in the work of shaping and organizing the local universes.” 
(189.4) 16:4.3

6. Proposition. Since God the Supreme is not yet contactable, the Seventh Master Spirit functions in his place.

“The inability of the Havona pilgrims fully to find God the Supreme is compensated by the Seventh Master Spirit, whose triune nature in such a peculiar manner is revelatory of the spirit person of the Supreme. During the present universe age of the noncontactability of the person of the Supreme, Master Spirit Number Seven functions in the place of the God of ascendant creatures in the matter of personal relationships. He is the one high spirit being that all ascenders are certain to recognize and somewhat comprehend when they reach the centers of glory.” (188.7) 16:3.19

7. Proposition. The Orvonton Master Spirit influences seven spheres of activity.

“It is highly probable, though we cannot offer definite proof, that the Master Spirit of Orvonton exerts a decided influence in the following spheres of activity:

“1. The life-initiation procedures of the local universe Life Carriers.

“2. The life activations of the adjutant mind-spirits bestowed upon the worlds by a local universe Creative Spirit.

“3. The fluctuations in energy manifestations exhibited by the lineargravity-responding units of organized matter.

“4. The behavior of emergent energy when fully liberated from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute, thus becoming responresponsive to the direct influence of linear gravity and to the manipulations of the Universe Power Directors and their associates.

“5. The bestowal of the ministry spirit of a local universe Creative Spirit, known on Urantia as the Holy Spirit.

“6. The subsequent bestowal of the spirit of the bestowal Sons, on Urantia called the Comforter or the Spirit of Truth.

“7. The reflectivity mechanism of the local universes and the superuniverse. Many features connected with this extraordinary phenomenon can hardly be reasonably explained or rationally understood without postulating the activity of the Master Spirits in association with the Conjoint Actor and the Supreme Being.” (190.2) 16:4.8


1. Proposition. The physical stamp of a Master Spirit is a part of man’s origin and an ascending mortal never fully eradicates this characteristic stamp.

“The distinctive personality trends exhibited in the life experience of evolutionary mortals, which are characteristic in each superuniverse, and which are directly expressive of the nature of the dominating Master Spirit, are never fully effaced, not even after such ascenders are subjected to the long training and unifying discipline encountered on the one billion educational spheres of Havona. Even the subsequent intense Paradise culture does not suffice to eradicate the earmarks of superuniverse origin. Throughout all eternity an ascendant mortal will exhibit traits indicative of the presiding Spirit of his superuniverse of nativity. Even in the Corps of the Finality, when it is desired to arrive at or to portray a completeTrinity relationship to the evolutionary creation, always a group of seven finaliters is assembled, one from each superuni verse.” (191.3) 16:5.5

2. Proposition. There are three inalienables of human nature—moral intuition, scientific curiosity, and spiritual insight.

“Intelligence alone cannot explain the moral nature. Morality, virtue, is indigenous to human personality. Moral intuition, the realization of duty, is a component of human mind endowment and is associated with the other inalienables of human nature: scientific curiosity and spiritual insight.”(192.8) 16:7.1

3. Proposition. The reality of these three endowments is recognized by cosmic self-revelation.

“Stated otherwise, the recognition of the reality of these three manifestations of the Infinite is by a cosmic technique of selfrevelation. Matter-energy is recognized by the mathematical logic of the senses; mind-reason intuitively knows its moral duty; spiritfaith (worship) is the religion of the reality of spiritual experience.” (192.6) 16:6.10

4. Proposition. It is the purpose of education to sharpen these innate endowments; of civilization to express them; of life experience to realize them; of religion to ennoble them; and of personality to unify them.

“It is the purpose of education to develop and sharpen these innate endowments of the human mind; of civilization to express them; of life experience to realize them; of religion to ennoble them; and of personality to unify them.”(192.7) 16:6.11


1. Proposition. The Master Spirits are the source of the cosmic mind, which is subabsolute and related to the mind of the Supreme Being.

“The Master Spirits are the sevenfold source of the cosmic mind, the intellectual potential of the grand universe. This cosmic mind is a subabsolute manifestation of the mind of the Third Source and Center and, in certain ways, is functionally related to the mind of the evolving Supreme Being.”(191.4) 16:6.1

2. Proposition. “Reality response” is a quality of the cosmic mind which saves man from becoming a helpless victim of implied a priori assumptions of science, philosophy, and religion.

“There exists in all personality associations of the cosmic mind a quality which might be denominated the ‘reality response.’ It is this universal cosmic endowment of will creatures which saves them from becoming helpless victims of the implied a priori assumptions of science, philosophy, and religion. This reality sensitivity of the cosmic mind responds to certain phases of reality just as energymaterial responds to gravity. It would be still more correct to say that these supermaterial realities so respond to the mind of the cosmos.” 
(191.7) 16:6.4

3. Proposition. The cosmic mind recognizes response on three levels of reality.

“The cosmic mind unfailingly responds (recognizes response) on three levels of universe reality. These responses are self-evident to clearreasoning and deep-thinking minds. These levels of reality are:

“1. Causation—the reality domain of the physical senses, the scientific realms of logical uniformity, the differentiation of the factual and the nonfactual, reflective conclusions based on cosmic response. This is the mathematical form of the cosmic discrimination.

“2. Duty—the reality domain of morals in the philosophic realm, the arena of reason, the recognition of relative right and wrong. This is the judicial form of the cosmic discrimination.

“3. Worship—the spiritual domain of the reality of religious experience, the personal realization of divine fellowship, the recognition of spirit values, the assurance of eternal survival, the ascent from the status of servants of God to the joy and liberty of the sons of God. This is the highest insight of the cosmic mind, the reverential and worshipful form of the cosmic discrimination.” (192.1) 16:6.5

4. Proposition. Animal selective response is limited to the physical level. Man has insight prior to exploration.

“The selective response of an animal is limited to the motor level of behavior. The supposed insight of the higher animals is on a motor level and usually appears only after the experience of motor trial and error. Man is able to exercise scientific, moral, and spiritual insight prior, to all exploration or experimentation.” (193.1) 16:7.2

5. Proposition. Personality can look before it leaps; therefore it can learn from looking as well as from leaping.

“Only a personality can know what it is doing before it does it; only personalities possess insight in advance of experience. A personality can look before it leaps and can therefore learn from looking as well as from leaping. A nonpersonal animal ordinarily learns only by leaping.” (193.2) 16:7.3

6. Proposition. When man fails to respond to the impulses of the cosmic mind which discriminate the ends of mortal striving, he descends to the level of animal existence.

“When man fails to discriminate the ends of his mortal striving, he finds himself functioning on the animal level of existence. He has failed to avail himself of the superior advantages of that material acumen, moral discrimination, and spiritual insight which are an integral part of his cosmic-mind endowment as a personal being.” (193.4) 16:7.5


1. Proposition. The Master Spirits act in the persons of their Supreme Executives who act on the headquarters of the superuniverses through the Reflective Spirits.

“In all matters of an executive nature—rulings, regulations, adjustments, and administrative decisions—the Master Spirits act in the persons of the Seven Supreme Executives. In the central universe the Master Spirits may function through the Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits; on the headquarters of the seven superuniverses they reveal themselves through the channel of the Reflective Spirits and act through the persons of the Ancients of Days, with whom they are in personal communication through the Reflective Image Aids.” 
(197.11) 17:0.11

2. Proposition. Each Supreme Executive has two advisory cabinets—one consisting of children of the Infinite Spirit and the other composed of ascending pilgrims and the trinitized sons of glorified mortals.

“Each Supreme Executive has two advisory cabinets: The children of the Infinite Spirit on the headquarters of each superuniverse choose representatives from their ranks to serve for one millennium in the primary advisory cabinet of their Supreme Executive. In all matters affecting the ascending mortals of time, there is a secondary cabinet, consisting of mortals of Paradise attainment and of the trinitized sons of glorified mortals; this body is chosen by the perfecting and ascending beings who transiently dwell on the seven superuniverse headquarters. All other chiefs of affairs are appointed by the Supreme Executives.” (199.2) 17:1.8


1. Proposition. Majeston is a true person and the infallible center of reflectivity in the grand universe.

“Majeston is a true person, the personal and infallible center of reflectivity phenomena in all seven superuniverses of time and space. He maintains permanent Paradise headquarters hear the center of all things at the rendezvous of the Seven Master Spirits. He is concerned solely with the co-ordination and maintenance of the reflectivity service in the far-flung creation; he is not otherwise involved in the administration of universe .”(200.1) 17:2.3

2. Proposition. Majeston was the first creative act of the Supreme Being and the reaction in the Deity Absolute was unexpected.

“The creation of Majeston signalized the first supreme creative act of the Supreme Being. This will to action was volitional in the Supreme Being, but the stupendous reaction of the Deity Absolute was not foreknown. Not since the eternity-appearance of Havona had the universe witnessed such a tremendous factualization of such a gigantic and far-flung alignment of power and co-ordination of func- tional spirit activities. The Deity response to the creative wills of the Supreme Being and his associates was vastly beyond their purposeful intent and greatly in excess of their conceptual forecasts.” (200.3) 17:2.5

3. Proposition. The reflectivity mechanism is the news-gathering and decreedisseminating organization of the grand universe.

“The reflectivity organization is also the news-gathering and the decree-disseminating mechanism of all creation. It is in constant operation in contrast with the periodic functioning of the various broadcast services.” (201.5) 17:3.7


1. Proposition. By liaison of one of the Master Spirits and the Trinity, seven Reflective Spirits were created—forty-nine in all.

“The Reflective Spirits are of divine Trinity origin. There are fifty of these unique and somewhat mysterious beings. Seven of these extraordinary personalities were created at a time, and each such creative episode was effected by a liaison of the Paradise Trinity and one of the Seven Master Spirits.” (199.5) 17:2.1

2. Proposition. When the Reflective Spirit cycle was completed Majeston appeared as the result of a far-reaching reaction in the Deity Absolute.

“This momentous transaction, occurring in the dawn of time, represents the initial effort of the Supreme Creator Personalities, represented by the Master Spirits, to function as cocreators with the Paradise Trinity. This union of the creative power of the Supreme Creators with the creative potentials of the Trinity is the very source of the actuality of the Supreme Being. Therefore, when the cycle of reflective creation had run its course, when each of the Seven Master Spirits had found perfect creative synchrony with the Paradise Trinity, when the forty-ninth Reflective Spirit had personalized, then a new and far-reaching reaction occurred in the Deity Absolute which imparted new personality prerogatives to the Supreme Being and culminated in the personalization of Majeston, the reflectivity chief and Paradise center of all the work of the forty-nine Reflective Spirits and their associates throughout the universe of universes.” (199.6) 17:2.2

3. Proposition. The Reflective Spirits are of Trinity origin, but in type of being they resemble the cocreative Master Spirit concerned. There are, therefore, seven different types of spirits.

“The forty-nine Reflective Spirits are of Trinity origin, but each of the seven creative episodes attendant upon their appearance was productive of a type of being in nature resembling the characteristics of the coancestral Master Spirit. Thus they variously reflect the natures and characters of the seven possible combinations of the association of the divinity characteristics of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. For this reason it is necessary to have seven of these Reflective Spirits on the headquarters of each superuniverse.” (200.5) 17:3.1

4. Proposition. Reflective Spirits are retentive personalities as well as transmitting agents. Every spirit value is preserved by secoraphic personalities on their staff.

“The Reflective Spirits are not merely transmitting agents; they are retentive personalities as well. Their offspring, the seconaphim, are also retentive or record personalities. Everything of true spiritual value is registered in duplicate, and one impression is preserved in the personal equipment of some member of one of the numerous orders of secoraphic personalities belonging to the vast staff of the Reflective Spirits.”(201.3) 17:3.5

5. Proposition. The forty-nine Reflective Image Aids were created by the Reflective Spirits—seven now residing on the headquarters of each super-universe.

“The forty-nine Reflective Image Aids were created by the Reflective Spirits, and there are just seven Aids on the headquarters of each superuniverse. The first creative act of the seven Reflective Spirits of Uversa was the production of their seven Image Aids, each Reflective Spirit creating his own Aid. The Image Aids are, in certain attributes and characteristics, perfect reproductions of their Reflective Mother Spirits; they are virtual duplications minus the attribute of reflectivity. They are true images and constantly function as the channel of communication between the Reflective Spirits and the superuniverse authorities.” (202.1) 17:4.1


1. Proposition. Solitary Messengers are the early creation of the Infinite Spirit and their number is stationary.

“SOLITARY Messengers are the personal and universal corps of the Conjoint Creator; they are the first and senior order of the Higher Personalities of the Infinite Spirit. They represent the initial creative action of the Infinite Spirit in solitary function for the purpose of bringing- into existence solitary personality spirits. Neither the Father nor the Son directly participated in this stupendous spiritualization.

“These spirit messengers were personalized in a single creative episode, and their number is stationary. Although I have one of these extraordinary beings associated with me on this present mission, I do not know how many such personalities exist in the universe of universes. I only know, from time to time, how many are of registry-record as functioning for the time being within the jurisdiction of our super-universe,; From the last Uversa report I observe that there were almost 7,690 trillion Solitary Messengers then operating within the boundaries of Orvonton; and I conjecture that this is considerably less than one seventh of their total number.” (256.1) 23:0.1

2. Proposition. There is a technical reason why Solitary Messengers must function alone. They are “short circuited” if two or more are in close proximity. They are automatically alerted by the presence of either Inspired Spirits or Thought Adjusters.

“There is a technical reason why these Solitary Messengers must travel and work alone. For short periods and when stationary, they caa collaborate in a group, but when thus ensembled, they are altogether cut off from the sustenance and direction of their Paradise circuit; they are wholly isolated. When in transit, or when operating in the circuits of space and the currents of time, if two or more of this order are in close proximity, both or all are thrown out of liaison with the higher circulating forces. They are short circuited’ as you might describe it in illustrative symbols. Therefore they have inherent within them a power of automatic alarm, a warning signal, which unerringly operates to apprise them of approaching conflicts and unfailingly keeps them sufficiently separated as not to interfere with their proper and effective functioning. They also possess inherent and automatic powers which detect and indicate the proximity of both the Inspired Trinity Spirits and the divine Thought Adjusters.” (257.4) 23:1.9

3. Proposition. Since no more Solitary Messengers are being created interesting questions are raised about their future service.

“No matter how much the universe may enlarge, no more Solitary Messengers will probably every be, created. As the universes grow, the expanded work of administration must be increasingly borne by other types of spirit ministers and by those beings who take origin in these new creations, such as the creatures of the Sovereign Sons and the local universe Mother Spirits.” (262.1) 23:3.9

4. Proposition. Solitary Messengers function in seven groups.

“Solitary Messengers are assigned by the Infinite Spirit to the following seven divisions of service:

  1. Messengers of the Paradise Trinity.
  2. Messengers of the Havona Circuits.
  3. Messengers of the Superuniverses.
  4. Messengers of the Local Universes.
  5. Explorers of Undirected Assignment.
  6. Ambassadors of Emissaries of Special Assignment.
  7. Revelators of Truth.” (258.1) 23:2.2

5. Proposition. Solitary Messengers can function as emergency lines of communication over a distance of about one hundred light-years.

“The Solitary Messengers are able to function as emergency lines of communication throughout remote space regions, realms not embraced within the established circuits of the grand universe. It develops that one messenger, when so functioning, can transmit a message or send an impulse through space to a fellow messenger about one hundred light-years away as Urantia astronomers estimate stellar distances.” (261.3) 23:3.5

6. Proposition. When a Finaliter and a Paradise Citizen trinitize a “child of time and eternity,” the same is dispatched to Vicegerington. such a being involves the mind potential of the Supreme-Ultimate. A Solitary Messenger accompanies these sons to Vicegerington. Not one of these pairs has ever left Vicegerington.

“When a finaliter and a Paradise Citizen co-operate in the trinitization of a ‘child of time and eternity’—a transaction involving the unrevealed mind potentials of the Supreme-Ultimate—and when such an unclassified personality is dispatched to Vicegerington, a Solitary Messenger ( a conjectured personality repercussion of the bestowal of such deity mind) is always assigned as guaradian-companion to such a creature-trinitized son. This messenger accompanies the new son of destiny to the world of his assignment and nevermore leaves Vicegerington. When thus attached to the destinies of a child of time and eternity, a Solitary Messenger is forever transferred to the sole supervision of the Architects of the Master Universe. What the future of such an extraordinary association may be, we do not know. For ages these partnerships of unique personalities have continued to forgather on Vicegerington, but not even a single pair has ever gone forth therefrom.” (262.4) 23:4.3

7. Proposition. Many mysteries are associated with these trinitized sons and their Solitary Messenger companions forgathering on Vicegerington under the supervision of the Architects of the Master Universe.

See: (262.5) 23:4.4


1. Proposition. Solitary Messengers, like Universe Power Directors, are exempt from apprehension by the tribunals of time and space.

“The Solitary Messengers, like the Universe Power Directors, are among the very few types of beings operating throughout the realms who are exempt from apprehension or detention by the tribunals of time and space.” (257.2) 23:1.7

2. Proposition. Solitary Messengers are the explorers of the unchartered regions of outer space.

“These messenger-explorers of undirected assignment patrol the master universe. They are constantly out on exploring expeditions to the uncharted regions of all outer space. Very much of the information which we possess of transactions in the realms of outer space, we owe to the explorations of the Solitary Messengers as they often work and study with the celestial astronomers.” (260.1) 23:2.21

3. Proposition. Solitary Messengers are the only personal service for the transmission of rapid communication when the reflectivity mechanism is not used.

“The Solitary Messengers are the highest type of perfect and confidential personality available in all realms for the quick transmission of important and urgent messages when it is inexpedient to utilize either the broadcast service or the reflectivity mechanism. They serve in an endless variety of assignments, helping out the spiritual and material beings of the realms, particularly where the element of time is involved. Of all orders assigned to the services of the superuaiverse domains, they are the highest and most versatile personalized beings who can come so near to defying time and space.” (260.5) 23:3.1

4. Proposition. Solitary Messengers function between the instantaneous velocities of gravity messengers and the slow speeds of seraphim.

“There are, however, no transit or messenger personalities who function between the instantaneous velocities of the gravity traversers and the comparatively slow speeds of the seraphim, except the Solitary Messengers.” (260.6) 23:3.2

5. Proposition. It is difficult to explain how a Solitary Messenger can be a real person and yet traverse space at such velocities.

“It is wholly beyond my ability to explain to the material type of mind how a spirit can be a real person and at the same time traverse space at such tremendous velocities. But these very Solitary Messengers actually come to, and go from, Urantia at these imcomprehensible speeds; indeed, the whole economy of universal administration would be largely deprived of its personal element were this not a fact.” (261.2) 23:3.4

6. Proposition. Solitary Messengers are personalities even though they are without form. They possess the advantages of formless spirits coupled with prerogatives of personality.

“I am at a loss to explain to Urantia mortals how the Solitary Messengers can be without form and yet possess real and definite person-alities. Although they are without that form which would naturally be associated with personality, they do possess a spirit presence which is discernible by all higher types of spirit beings. The Solitary Messengers are the only class of beings who seem to be possessed of well-nigh all the advantages of a formless spirit coupled with all the prerogatives of a full-fledged personality. They are true persons, yet endowed with nearly all of the attributes of impersonal spirit manifestation.” (261.5) 23:3.7

7. Proposition. Solitary Messengers co-ordinate all types of finite creatures. They must be related to the bestowal of Supreme-Ultimate Mind by the Infinite Spirit.

“The Solitary Messengers demonstrate such an amazing ability to coordinate all types and orders of finite personality—even to make contact with the absonite regime of the master universe overcontrollers— that some of us postulate that the creation of these messengers by the Infinite Spirit is in some manner related to the Conjoint Actor’s bestowal of Supreme-Ultimate Mind.” (262.3) 23:4.2


A. Universe Circuit Supervisors.

1. Proposition. Universe Circuit Supervisors function in four orders, serving the Infinite Spirit.

“Universe Circuit Supervisors are the exclusive creation of the Infinte Spirit, and they function solely as the agents of the Conjoint Actor. They are personalized for service in the following four orders:

  1. Supreme Circuit Supervisors.
  2. Associate Circuit Supervisors.
  3. Secondary Circuit Supervisors.
  4. Tertiary Circuit Supervisors.

“The supreme supervisors of Havona and the associate supervisors of the seven superuniverses are of completed numbers; no more of these orders are being created. The supreme supervisors are seven in number and are stationed on the pilot worlds of the seven Havona circuits. The circuits of the seven superuniverses are in the.charge of a marvelous group of seven associate supervisors, who maintain headquarters on the seven Paradise spheres of the Infinite Spirit, the worlds of the Seven Supreme Executives. From here they supervise and direct the circuits of the superuniverses of space.” (265.2) 24:1.2

2. Proposition. The Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits are the joint impersonal representation of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits.

“The Seven Spirits of the Havona Circuits are the joint impersonal representation of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits to the seven circuits of the central universe. They are the servants of the Master Spirits, whose collective offspring they are.” (202.4) 17:5.1

3. Proposition. The Circuit Spirits did not create tertiary supernaphim until the arrival of Grandfanda.

“While the Circuit Spirits are coexistent with the Seven Master Spirits, their function in the creation of tertiary supernaphim did not attain major importance until the first pilgrims of time arrived on the outer circuit of Havona in the days of Grandfanda.” (203.1) 17:5.3

B. Census Directors.

1. Proposition. The Census Directors are cognizant of the presence of will anywhere in the master universe. They operate over the reflectivity mechanism and are aware of the birth and death of will creatures.

“The Census Directors are a special and completed creation of the Infinite Spirit, and they exist in numbers unknown to us. They are so created as to be able to maintain perfect synchrony with the reflectivity technique of the superuni verses, while at the same time they are personally sensitive and responsive to intelligent will. These directors, by a not-fully-understood technique, are made immediately aware of the birth of will in any part of the grand universe. They are, therefore, always competent to give us the number, nature, and whereabouts of all will creatures in any part of the central creation and the seven superuni verses. But they do not function on Paradise; there is no need for them there. On Paradise knowledge is inherent; the Deities know all things.” (266.8) 24:2.2

2. Proposition. Census Directors are concerned only with recording the fact of will function.

“The Census Directors are concerned with human beings—as with other will creatures—only to the extent of recording the fact of will function. They are not concerned with the records of your life and its doings They are not in any sense recording personalities. The Census Director of Nebadon, number 81,412 of Orvonton, now stationed on Salvington, is at this very moment personally conscious and aware of your living presence here on Urantia; and he will afford the records confirmation of your death the moment you cease to function as a will creature.” (267.5) 24:2.7

C. Personal Aids.

1. Proposition. The Personal Aids are the personal messengers of the Infinite Spirit. They are not persons and they flash to and fro to the uttermost parts of creation.

“We have no authentic knowledge as to the time or manner of the creation of the Personal Aids. Their number must be legion, but it is not of record on Uversa. From conservative deductions based on our knowledge of their work, I venture to estimate that their number extends high into the trillions. We hold the opinion that the Infinite Spirit is not limited as to numbers in the creation of these Personal Aids.

“The Personal Aids of the Infinite Spirit exist for the exclusive assistance of the Paradise presence of the Third Person of Deity. Although attached directly to the Infinite Spirit and located on Paradise, they flash to and fro to the uttermost parts of creation. Wherever the circuits of the Conjoint Creator extend, there these Personal Aids may appear for the purpose of executing the bidding of the Infinite Spirit. They traverse space much as do the Solitary Messengers but are not persons in the sense that the messengers are.” (268.1) 24:3.1

D. Associate Inspectors.

1. Proposition. Associate Inspectors are stationed on local universe headquarters and are the personal embodiment of the authority of the Supreme Executives.

“The Seven Supreme Executives, on the seven Paradise spheres of the Infinite Spirit, collectively function as the administrative board of supermanagers for the seven superuniverses. The Associate Inspectors are the personal embodiment of the authority of the Supreme Executives to the local universes of time and space. These high observers of the affairs of the local creations are the joint offspring of the Infinite Spirit and the Seven Master Spirits of Paradise. In the near times of eternity seven hundred thousand were personalized, and their reserve corps abides on Paradise.” (268.5) 24:4.1

E. Assigned Sentinels.

1. Proposition. Assigned Sentinels are the co-ordinating personalities of the Seven Supreme Executives stationed on the system capital.

“The Assigned Sentinels are co-ordinating personalities and liaison representatives of the Seven Supreme Executives. They were personalized on Paradise by the Infinite Spirit and were created for the specific purposes of their assignment. They are of stationary numbers, and there are exactly seven billion in existence.

“Much as an Associate Inspector represents the Seven Supreme Executives to a whole local universe, so in each of the ten thousand systems of that local creation there is an Assigned Sentinel, who acts as the direct representative of the far-distant and supreme board of super-control for the affairs of all seven superuniverses. The sentinels on duty in the local system governments of Orvonton are acting under the direct authority of Supreme Executive Number Seven, the coordinator of the seventh superuniverse. But in their administrative organization all sentinels commissioned in a local universe are sub-ordinate to the Associate Inspector stationed at universe headquarters.” (268.8) 24:5.1

F. Graduate Guides.

1. Proposition. Graduate Guides conduct the ministry of technical and spiritual instruction for mortal ascenders on their way to Paradise.

“The Graduate Guides, as a group, sponsor and conduct the high university of technical instruction and spiritual training which is so essential to mortal attainment of the goal of the ages: God, rest, and then eternity of perfected service. These highly personal beings take their name from the nature and purpose of their work. They are exclusively devoted to the tasks of guiding the mortal graduates from the superuni verses of time through the Havona course of instruction and training which serves to prepare the ascending pilgrims for admission to Paradise and the Corps of the Finality.” (269.5) 24:6.1

2. Proposition. Malvorian, the first Graduate Guide, conducted Grandfanda from the outer circuit of Havona to Paradise destiny.

“On the Paradise records of Havona, in the section denominated Graduate Guides,” there appears this initial entry:

“‘And Malvorian, the first of this order, did greet and instruct the pilgrim discoverer of Havona and did conduct him from the outer circuits of initial experience, step by step and circuit by circuit, until he stood in the very presence of the Source and Destiny of all personality, subsequently crossing the threshold of eternity to Paradise.’” (270.3) 24:6.5

3. Proposition. Graduate Guides are evolved Havona Servitals.

“Though evolution is not the order of the central universe, we believe that the Graduate Guides are the perfected or more experienced members of another order of central universe creatures, the Havona Servitals.” (270.8) 24:7.1

4. Proposition. Arrival of the first mortal ascender in Havona resulted in sweeping changes in the central universe—the appearance of the Graduate Guides and other modifications.

“The Havona now traversed by ascending mortals differs in many respects from the central universe as it was before the times of Grandfanda. The arrival of mortal ascenders on the Havona circuits inaugurated sweeping modifications in the organization of the central and divine creation, modifications undoubtedly initiated by the Supreme Being—the God of evolutionary creatures—in response to the arrival of the first of his experiential children from the seven superuniverses. The appearance of the Graduate Guides, together with the creation of the tertiary supernaphim, is indicative of these performances of God the Supreme.” (271.8) 24:7.9


1. Proposition. Of the Messenger Hosts of Space, only three groups were created as such; the other four groups are recruited by selection.

“RANKING intermediately in the family of the Infinite Spirit are the Messenger Hosts of Space. These versatile beings function as the connecting links between the higher personalities and the ministering spirits. The messenger hosts include the following orders of celestial beings:

  1. Havona Servitals.
  2. Universal Conciliators.
  3. Technical Advisers.
  4. Custodians of Records on Paradise.
  5. Celestial Recorders.
  6. Morontia Companions.
  7. Paradise Companions

“Of the seven groups enumerated, only three servitals, conciliators, and Morontia Companions are created as such; the remaining four represent attainment levels of the angelic orders. In accordance with inherent nature and attained status, the messenger hosts variously serve in the universe of universes but always subject to the direction of those who rule the realms of their assignment.” (273.1) 25:0.1

A. Havona Servitals.

1. Proposition. About one quarter of Havona Servitals who enter the divine embrace never return—they translate into Graduate Guides.

“On returning from superuniverse service, a Havona Servital may enjoy numerous divine embraces and emerge therefrom merely an exalted servital. Experiencing the luminous embrace does not necessarily signify that the servital must translate into a Graduate Guide, but almost one quarter of those who achieve the divine embrace never return to the service of the realms.” (271.2) 24:7.3

2. Proposition. Servitals are the “midway creatures” of Havona. They are created by the Seven Master Spirits and the Seven Supreme Power Directors.

“Though denominated servitals, these ‘midway creatures’of the central universe are not servants in any menial sense of the word. In the spiritual world there is no such thing as menial work; all service is sacred and exhilarating; neither do the higher orders of beings look down upon the lower orders of existence.

“The Havona Servitals are the joint creative work of the Seven Master Spirits and their associates, the Seven Supreme Power Directors. This creative collaboration comes the nearest to being the pattern for the long list of reproductions of the dual order in the evolutionary universes, extending from the creation of a Bright and Morning Star by a Creator Son-Creative Spirit liaison down to sex procreation on worlds like Urantia.” (273.10) 25:1.1

3. Proposition. One fourth of servitals are semimaterial creatures. The law of spiritual dominance prevails in Havona.

“The number of servitals is prodigious, and more are being created all the time. They appear in groups of one thousand on the third moment following the assembly of the Master Spirits and the Supreme Power Directors at their joint area in the far northerly sector of Paradise. Every fourth servital is more physical in type than the others; that is, out of each thousand, seven hundred and fifty are apparently true to spirit type, but two hundred and fifty are semiphysical in nature. These fourth creatures are somewhat on the order of material beings (material in the Havona sense), resembling the physical power directors more than the Master Spirits.

“In personality relationships the spiritual is dominant over the material, even though it does not now so appear on Urantia; and in the production of Havona Servitals the law of spirit dominance prevails; the established ratio yields three spiritual beings to one semiphysical.” (273.12) 25:1.3

B. Universal Conciliators.

1. Proposition. For every Havona Servital created, seven Universal Conciliators are created.

“For every Havona Servital created, seven Universal Conciliators are brought into being, one in each superuniverse. This creative enactment involves a definite superuniverse technique of reflective response to transactions taking place on Paradise.” (275.1) 25:2.1

2. Proposition. On the superuniverse headquarters, reflexively with the creation of servitals in Havona, the Reflective Spirits produce Conciliators of orders similar to the nature of the Master Spirit concerned.

“And every time the Master Spirits associate themselves with the power directors for the purpose of creating a group of Havona Servitals, there is a simultaneous focalization upon one of the Reflective Spirits in each of the superuniverse groups, and forthwith and full-fledgedly an equal number of Universal Conciliators appear on the headquarters worlds of the supercreations. If, in the creation of servitals, Master Spirit Number Seven should take the initiative, none but the Reflective Spirits of the seventh order would become pregnant with conciliators; and concurrently with the creation of one thousand Orvontonlike servitals, one thousand of the seventh-order conciliators would appear on each superuniverse capital. Out of these episodes, reflecting the sevenfold nature of the Master Spirits, arise the seven created orders of conciliators serving in each superunivers.” (275.2) 25:2.2

3. Proposition. Conciliators automatically segregate into groups of four—three spirit personalities and a fourth creature—semimaterial.

“In each superuniverse the Universal Conciliators find themselves strangely and innately segregated into groups of four, associations in which they continue to serve. In each group, three are spirit personalities, and one, like the fourth creatures of the servitals, is a semimaterial being. This quartet constitutes a conciliating commission and is made up as follows:

“1. The Judge-Arbiter. The one unanimously designated by the other three as the most competent and best qualified to act as judicial head of the group.

“2. The Spirit-Advocate. The one appointed by the judge-arbiter to present evidence and to safeguard the rights of all personalities involved in any matter assigned to the adjudication of the conciliating commission.

“3. The Divine Executioner. The conciliator qualified by inherent nature to make contact with the material beings of the realms and to execute the decisions of the commission. Divine executioners, being fourth creatures—quasi-material beings—are almost, but not quite, visible to the short-range vision of the mortal races.

“4. The Recorder. The remaining member of the commission automatically becomes the recorder, the clerk of the tribunal. He makes certain that all records are properly prepared for the archives of the superuniverse and for the records of the local universe. If the commission is serving on an evolutionary world, a third report, with the assistance of the executioner, is prepared for the physical records of the system government of jurisdiction.” (275.5) 25:2.5

C. Technical Advisers.

1. Proposition. Technical Advisers were first chosen from supernaphim and omniaphim—one million by the Infinite Spirit.

“These legal and technical minds of the spirit world were not created as such. From the early supernaphim and omniaphim, one million of the most orderly minds were chosen by the Infinite Spirit as the nucleus of this vast and versatile group. And ever since that far-distant time, actual experience in the application of the laws of perfection to the plans of evolutionary creation has been required of all who aspire to become Technical Advisers.” (279.2) 25:4.1

2. Proposition. Technical Advisers are recruited from several groups.

“The Technical Advisers are recruited from the ranks of the following personality orders:

  1. The Supernaphim.
  2. The Seconaphim.
  3. The Tertiaphim.
  4. The Oraniaphim.
  5. The Seraphim.
  6. Certain Types of Ascending Mortals.
  7. Certain Types of Ascending Midwayers.

“At the present time, not counting the mortals and midwayers who are all of transient attachment, the number of Technical Advisers registered on Uversa and operating in Orvonton is slightly in excess of sixty-one trillion.” (279.3) 25:4.2

3. Proposition. Ministering spirits above cherubim may become Technical Advisers.

“After long training and actual experience, any of the ministering spirits above the status of cherubim are permitted to receive permanent appointment as Technical Advisers. All candidates voluntarily enter this order of service; but having once assumed such responsibilities, they may not relinquish them. Only the Ancients of Days can transfer these advisers to other activities.” (280.1) 25:4.13

4. Proposition. Technical Advisers are the living law libraries of time and space. They are teachers of creatures concerning the technique of the Creators.

“These advisers are more than legal experts; they are students and teachers of applied law, the laws of the universe applied to the lives and destinies of all who inhabit the vast domains of the far-flung creation. As time passes, they become the living law labraries of time and space, preventing endless trouble and needless delays by instructing the personalities of time regarding the forms and modes of procedure most acceptable to the rulers of eternity. They are able so to counsel the workers of space as to enable them to function in harmony with the requirements of Paradise; they are the teachers of all creatures concerning the technique of the Creators.” (280.3) 25:4.15

D. Custodians of Records.

1. Proposition. The Paradise archives are maintained by the Custodians of Records—tertiary supernaphim.

“From among the tertiary supernaphim in Havona, certain of the senior chief recorders are chosen as Custodians of Records, as keepers of the formal archives of the Isle of Light, those archives which stand in contrast to the living records of registry in the minds of the custodians of knowledge, sometimes designated the ‘living library of Paradise.’” (281.2) 25:5.1

E. Celestial Recorders

1. Proposition. Celestial Recorders are a recruited group making both spiritual and semimaterial records on super-universe headquarters.

“These are the recorders who execute all records in duplicate, making an original spirit recording and a semimaterial counterpart—what might be called a carbon copy. This they can do because of their peculiar ability simultaneously to manipulate both spiritual and material energy. Celestial Recorders are not created as such; they are ascendant seraphim from the local universes. They are received, classified, and assigned to their spheres of work by the councils of the Chiefs of Records on the headquarters of the seven super-universes. There also are located the schools for training Celestial Recorders. The school on Uversa is conducted by the Perfectors of Wisdom and the Divine Counselors.” (281.6) 25:6.1

F. Morontia Companions.

1. Proposition. Morontia Companions are the gracious hosts and play sponsors of ascending mortals.

“These children of the local universe Mother Spirits are the friends and associates of all who live the ascending morontia life. They are not indispensable to an ascender’s real work of creature progression, neither do they in any sense displace the work of the seraphic guardians who often accompany their mortal associates on the Paradise journey. The Morontia Companions are simply gracious hosts to those who are just beginning the long inward ascent. They are also skillful play sponsors and are ably assisted in this work by the reversion directors.” (282.5) 25:7.1

G. Paradise Companions.

1. Proposition. Paradise Companions are a composite and recruited group assigned to this temporary service.

“The Paradise Companions are a composite or assembled group recruited from the ranks of the seraphim, seconaphim, supernaphim, and omniaphim. Though serving for what you would regard as an extraordinary length of time, they are not of permanent status. Wien this ministry has been completed, as a rule (but not invariably) they return to those duties they performed when summoned to Paradise service.

“Members of the angelic hosts are nominated for this service by the local universe Mother Spirits, by the superuniverse Reflective Spirits, and by Majeston of Paradise. They are summoned to the central Isle and are commissioned as Paradise Companions by one of the Seven Master Spirits. Aside from permanent status on Paradise, this temporary service of Paradise companionship is the highest honor ever conferred upon the ministering spirits.” (283.2) 25:8.1

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