21. Ascending Sons of God

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  1. Introduction
  2. Ascending Mortals—Father-fused
  3. Son-fused Mortals
  4. Spirit-fused Mortals
  5. Evolutionary Seraphim
  6. Material Sons
  7. Translated Midwayers
  8. Personalized Adjusters
  9. Midsoniters
  10. The Mansion Worlds
  11. The System Sojourn
  12. In Havona
  13. On Paradise


1. Proposition. There are seven groups of the Ascending Sons of God.

“As in many of the major groups of universe beings, seven general classes of the Ascending Sons of God have been revealed:

  1. Father-fused Mortals.
  2. Son-fused Mortals.
  3. Spirit-fused Mortals.
  4. Evolutionary Seraphim.
  5. Ascending Material Sons.
  6. Translated Midwayers.
  7. Personalized Adjusters.” (443.1) 40:0.1

2. Proposition. Curiosity, love of adventure, dread of monotony are inherent traits which will be fully gratified in an endless career of everlasting adventure and eternal discovery.

“Love of adventure, curiosity, and dread of monotony—these traits inherent in evolving human nature—were not put there just to aggravate and annoy you during your short sojourn on earth, but rather to suggest to you that death is only the beginning of an endless career of adventure, an everlasting life of anticipation, an eternal voyage of discovery.

“Curiosity—the spirit of investigation, the urge of discovery, the drive of exploration—is a part of the inborn and divine endowment of evolutionary space creatures. These natural impulses were not given you merely to be frustrated and repressed. True, these ambitious urges must frequently be restrained during your short life on earth, disappointment must be often experienced, but they are to be fully realized and gloriously gratified during the long ages to come.” (159.6) 14:5.10


1. Proposition. Mortals are the lowest group of beings called sons of God.

“Mortals represent the last link in the chain of those beings who are called sons of God. The personal touch of the Original and Eternal Son passes on down through a series of decreasingly divine and increasingly human personalizations until there arrives a being much like yourselves, one you can see, hear, and touch. And then you are made spiritually aware of the great truth which your faith may grasp—sonship with the eternal God!” (445.2) 40:5.1

2. Proposition. It is a solemn fact that lowly mortals are sons of God.

“It is a solemn and supernal fact that such lowly and material creatures as Urantia human beings are the sons of God, faith children of the Highest. ‘Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us that we should be called the sons of God.’ ‘As many as received him, to them gave he the power to recognize that they are the sons of God.’ While ‘it does, not yet appear what you shall be,’ even now ‘you are the faith sons of God’; ‘for you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of sonship, whereby you cry, “our Father.”’ Spoke the prophet of old in the name of the eternal God: ‘Even to them will I give in my house a place and a name better than sons; I will give them an everlasting name, one that shall not be cut off.’ ‘And because you are sons, God has sent forth the spirit of his Son into your hearts.’” (448.1) 40:6.2

3. Proposition. Mortals cannot be perfect in the infinite sense, but as concerns self-realization, they can achieve creature perfection.

“Urantia mortals can hardly hope to be perfect in the infinite sense, but it is entirely possible for human beings, starting out as they do on this planet, to attain the supernal and divine goal which the infinite God has set for mortal man; and when they do achieve this destiny, they will, in all that pertains to self-realization and mind attainment, be just as replete in their sphere of divine perfection as God himself is in his sphere of infinity and eternity.” (22.2) 1:0.5

4. Proposition. Mortals do attain finite perfection of divinity of will and personality motivation.

“Such perfection may not be universal in the material sense, unlimited in intellectual grasp, or final in spiritual experience, but it is final and complete in all finite aspects of divinity of will, perfection of personality motivation, and God-consciousness.” (22.2) 1:0.5

5. Proposition. Will creatures can obey the injunction: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” This is the supreme ambition of those who crave to be like God.

“The will creatures of universe upon universe have embarked upon the long, long Paradise journey, the fascinating struggle of the eternal adventure of attaining God the Father. The transcendent goal of the children of time is to find the eternal God, to comprehend the divine nature, to recognize the Paradise perfection of personality and in his universal sphere of righteous supremacy. From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, ‘Be you perfect,even as I am perfect.’ In love and mercy the messengers of Paradise have carried this divine exhortation down through the ages and out through the universes, even to such lowly animal-origin as the human races of Urantia.” (21.3) 1:0.3

6. Proposition. Vast time is involved in attaining God—ever you swing inward toward Paradise, and someday will see him face to face.

“The fact that vast time is involved in the attainment of God makes the presence and personality of the Infinite none the less real. Your ascension is a part of the circuit of the seven superuniverses, and though you swing around it countless times, you may expect, in, spirit and in status, to be ever swinging inward. You can depend upon being translated from sphere to sphere, from the outer circuits ever nearer the inner center, and some day, doubt not, you shall stand in the divine and central presence and see him, figuratively speaking, face to face.”(63.7) 5:1.9

7. Proposition. The pilgrim discoverer of Havona was Grandfanda from superuniverse number one. This event inaugurated the broadcast service of the universe of universes.

“The name of this pilgrim discoverer of Havona is Grandfanda, and he hailed from planet 341 of system 84 in constellation 62 of local universe 1,131 situated in superuniverse number one. His arrival was the signal for the establishment of the broadcast service of the universe of universes. Theretofore only the broadcasts of the superuniverses and the local universes had been in operation, but the announcement of the arrival of Grandfanda at the portals of Havona signalized the inauguration of the ‘space reports of glory,’ so named because the initial universe broadcast reported the Havona arrival of the first of the evolutionary beings to attain entrance upon the goal of ascendant existence.” 
(270.6) 24:6.8

8. Proposition. Adjuster-fused mortals attain Paradise by seven stages.

See: (340.11) 30:4.9

9. Proposition. As related to Adjusters, there are three classes of mortals.

“Spirit identification constitutes the secret of personal survival and determines the destiny of spiritual ascension. And since the Thought Adjusters are the only spirits of fusion potential to be identified with man during the life in the flesh, the mortals of time and space are primarily classified in accordance with their relation to these divine gifts, the indwelling Mystery Monitors. This classification is as follows:

  1. Mortals of the transient or experiential Adjuster sojourn.
  2. Mortals of the non-Adjuster-fusion types.
  3. Mortals of Adjuster-fusion potential.” (445.5) 40:5.4

10. Proposition. When man and his Adjuster fuse, then in fact he becomes a son of God.

“When you and your Adjusters are finally and forever fused, when you two are made one, even as in Christ Michael the Son of God and the Son of Man are one, then in fact have you become the ascending sons of God.” (448.9) 40:7.2

11. Proposition. At death, when the material body returns to dust, two nonmaterial factors survive—the Thought Adjuster and the morontia soul.

“After death the material body returns to the elemental world from which it was derived, but two nonmaterial factors of surviving personality persist: The pre-existent Thought Adjuster, with the memory transcription of the mortal career, proceeds to Divinington; and there also remains, in the custody of the destiny guardian, the immortal morontia soul of the deceased human. These phases and forms of soul, these once kinetic but now static formulas of identity, are essential to repersonalization on the morontia worlds; and it is the reunion of the Adjuster and the soul that reassembles the surviving personality, that reconsciousizes you at the time of the morontia awakening.”(1230.3) 112:3.5

12. Proposition. It should be noted that there are three kinds of death.

See: (1229.8) 112:3.1

13. Proposition. When mortals fail to survive, their Adjusters return to Divinington.

“When the mortals of time fail to achieve the eternal survival of their souls in planetary association with the spirit gifts of the Universal Father, such failure is never in any way due to neglect of duty, ministry, service, or devotion on the part of the Adjuster. At mortal death, such deserted Monitors return to Divinington, and subsequently, following the adjudication of the nonsurvivor, they may be reassigned to the worlds of time and space. Sometimes, after repeated services of this sort or following some unusual experience, such as functioning as the indwelling Adjuster of an incarnated bestowal Son, these efficient Adjusters are personalized by the Universal Father.” (444.4) 40:4.1


1. Proposition. When an ascending mortal fails of Adjuster fusion, through no fault of his own, he is immediately fused with an individualized gift of the spirit of the Creator Son.

“When it becomes apparent that some synchronizing difficulty is inhibiting Father fusion, the survival referees of the Creator Son are convened. And when this court of inquiry, sanctioned by a personal representative of the Ancients of Days, finally determines that the ascending mortal is not guilty of any discoverable cause for failure to attain fusion, they so certify on the records of the local universe and duly transmit this finding to the Ancients of Days. Thereupon does the indwelling Adjuster return forthwith to Divinington for confirmation by the Personalized Monitors, and upon this leave-taking the morontia mortal is immediately fused with an individualized gift of the spirit of the Creator Son.” (449.6) 40:8.3

2. Proposition. Some Son-fused mortals, like some Spirit-fused creatures, attain Havona and even reach Paradise.

“Like their Spirit-fused brethren, the Son fusers neither traverse Havona nor attain Paradise unless they have undergone certain modifying transformations. For good and sufficient reasons, such changes have been wrought in certain Son-fused survivors, and these beings are to be encountered ever and anon on the seven circuits of the central universe. Thus it is that certain numbers of both the Son-and the Spirit-fused mortals do actually ascend to Paradise, do attain a goal in many ways equal to that which awaits the Father-fused mortals. (453.5) 40:10.10


1. Proposition. Experiential Adjusters live with their subjects throughout a lifetime and contribute much to their personality advancement.

“An experiential Adjuster remains with a primitive human being throughout his entire lifetime in the flesh. The Adjusters contribute much to the advancement of primitive men but are unable to form eternal unions with such mortals.” (446.1) 40:5.10

2. Proposition. Spirit-fused mortals are fused with individualizations of the premind spirit of the Third Source and Center.

“Ascending Spirit-fused mortals are not Third Source personalities; they are included in the Father’s personality circuit, but they have fused with individualizations of the premind spirit of the Third Source and Center. Such Spirit fusion never occurs during the span of natural life; it takes place only at the time of mortal reawakening in the morontia existence on the mansion worlds. In the fusion experience there is no overlapping; the will creature is either Spirit fused, Son fused, or Father fused. Those who are Adjuster or Father fused are never Spirit or Son fused.” (450.3) 40:9.1

3. Proposition. Spirit-fused mortals receive this spirit of the Divine Minister at repersonalization on the mansion world.

“When such sleeping survivors are repersonalized on the mansion worlds, the place of the departed Adjuster is filled by an individualization of the spirit of the Divine Minister, the representative of the Infinite Spirit in the local universe concerned. This spirit infusion constitutes these surviving creatures Spirit-fused mortals. Such beings are in every way your equals in mind and spirit; and they are indeed your contemporaries, sharing the mansion and morontia spheres in common with your order of fusion candidates and with those who are to be Son fused.” (450.5) 40:9.3

4. Proposition. Spirit-fused mortals regain much of their world memory by having things told them by their guardian seraphim.

“Such children of the local universe are enabled to repossess themselves of much of their former human memory experience through having it retold by the associated seraphim and cherubim and by consulting the records of the mortal career filed by the recording angels.” (451.1) 40:9.5

5. Proposition. When Spirit-fused mortals are told unremembered events, the soul invests the narration with emotional tinge and the intellectual quality of fact.

“When a Spirit-fused mortal is told about the events of the unremembered past experience, there is an immediate response of experiential recognition within the soul (identity) of such a survivor which instantly invests the narrated event with the emotional tinge of reality and with the intellectual quality of fact; and this dual response constitutes the reconstruction, recognition, and validation of an unremembered facet of mortal experience.” (451.2) 40:9.6

6. Proposition. Spirit-fused survivors also learn much about their lives in the flesh by visiting their nativity worlds in a subsequent planetary age.

“A Spirit-fused survivor is also able to learn much about the life he lived in the flesh by revisiting his nativity world subsequent to the planetary dispensation in which he lived. Such children of Spirit fusion are enabled to enjoy these opportunities for investigating their human careers since they are in general confined to the service of the local universe.” (451.5) 40:9.9

7. Proposition. In general, Spirit-fused mortals are confined to the local universe, Son-fused to the superuniverse.

“Spirit-fused mortals are, generally speaking, confined to a local universe; Son-fused survivors are restricted to a super-universe; Adjuster-fused mortals are destined to penetrate the universe of universes. The spirits of mortal fusion always ascend to the level of origin; such spirit entities unfailingly return to the sphere of primal source.” 
(452.1) 40:10.1

8. Proposition. To consign all ascendant mortals to Paradise destiny would be unfair. Both local universes and superuniverses need a permanent citizenship of ascendant beings.

“We have analyzed this problem and have reached the undoubted conclusion that the consignment of all mortals to an ultimate Paradise destiny would be unfair to the time-space universes inasmuch as the courts of the Creator Sons and of the Ancients of Days would then be wholly dependent on the services of those who were in transit to higher realms. And it does seem to be no more than fitting that the local and the superuniverse governments should each be provided with a permanent group of ascendant citizenship; that the functions of these administrations should be enriched by the efforts of certain groups of glorified mortals who are of permanent status, evolutionary complements of the abandonters and of the susatia.” (452.4) 40:10.4


1. Proposition. The angelic hosts share with mortals the status of ascending Sons of God. All guardian seraphim attain Paradise and many are mustered into the Corps of Mortal Finality,

“Mortal creatures of animal, origin are not the only beings privileged to enjoy sonship; the angelic hosts also share the supernal opportunity to attain Paradise. Guardian seraphim, through experience and service with the ascending mortals of time, also achieve the status of ascendant sonship. Such angels attain Paradise through Seraphington, and many are even mustered into the Corps of Mortal Finality.”(443.12) 40:1.1


1. Proposition. A certain number of the Material Sons ascend to Paradise and join the Corps of Mortal Finality.

“After these formalities such liberated Adams and Eves are accredited as ascending Sons of God and may immediately begin the long journey to Havona and Paradise, starting at the exact point of their then present status and spiritual attainment. And they make this journey in company with the mortal and other ascending Sons, continuing until they have found God and have achieved the Corps of Mortal Finality in the eternal service of the Paradise Deities.” (444.2) 40:2.2


1. Proposition. Even though long deferred, the midwayers, if not before, are liberated at some stage of settlement in light and life, to begin the Paradise ascent by the same routes ordained for mortal progression.

“Although deprived of the immediate benefits of the planetary bestowals of the descending Sons of God, though the Paradise ascent is long deferred, nevertheless, soon after an evolutionary planet has attained the intermediate epochs of light and life (if not before), both groups of midway creatures are released from planetary duty. Sometimes the majority of them are translated, along with their human cousins, on the day of the descent of the temple of light and the elevation of the Plan-etary Prince to the dignity of Planetary Sovereign. Upon being relieved of planetary service, both orders are registered in the local universe of ascending Sons of God and immediately begin the long Paradise ascent by the very routes ordained for the progression of the mortal races of the material worlds.” (444.3) 40:3.1


1. Proposition. Some Personalized Adjusters become classified as ascending Sons of God.

See:  (445.1) 40:4.2


1. Proposition. In the ascending scheme of mortals, midsoniters are a puzzle. After one thousand years on their native worlds, they go to universe headquarters. They are hardly mortal or immortal—human or divine.

“The midsonite creatures live and function as reproducing beings on their magnificent worlds until they are one thousand standard years of age; whereupon they are translated by seraphic transport. Midsoniters are nonreproducing beings thereafter because the technique of dematerialization which they pass through in preparation for enseraphiming forever deprives them of reproductive prerogatives.

“The present status of these beings can hardly be reckoned as either mortal or immortal, neither can they be definitely classified as human or divine. These creatures are not Adjuster indwelt, hence hardly immortal. But neither do they seem to be mortal; no midsoniter has experienced death. All midsoniters ever born in Nebadon are alive today, functioning on their native worlds, on some intervening sphere, or on the Salvington midsonite sphere in the finaliters group of worlds.” (400.7) 36:4.3

2. Proposition. The destiny of midsoniters is unknown—probably they belong to a future universe age. The Melchizedeks think they will sometime be endowed with the transcendental spirit of absonity.

“The purpose of the midsonite creatures is not at present known, but it would appear that these personalities are forgathering on the seventh finaliter world in preparation for some future eventuality in universe evolution. Our inquiries concerning the midsonite races are always referred to the finaliters, and always do the finaliters decline to discuss the destiny of their wards. Regardless of our uncertainty as to the future of the midsoniters, we do know that every local universe in Orvonton harbors such an accumulating corps of these mysterious beings. It is the belief of the Melchizedek life carriers that their midsonite children will some day be endowed with the transcendental and eternal spirit of absonity by God the Ultimate.” (401.4) 36:4.8


1. Proposition. The Temple of New Life has seven wings of one hundred thousand resurrection chambers. These wings terminate in class assembly halls accommodating one million souls,

“From the Temple of New Life there extend seven radial wings, the resurrection halls of the mortal races. Each of these structures is devoted to the assembly of one of the seven races of time. There are one hundred thousand personal resurrection chambers in each of these seven wings terminating in the circular class assembly halls, which serve as the awakening chambers for as many as one million individuals. These halls are surrounded by the personality assembly chambers of the blended races of the normal post-Adamic worlds. Regardless of the technique which may be employed on the individual worlds of time in connection with special or dispensational resurrections, the real and conscious reassembly of actual and complete personality takes place in the resurrection halls of mansonia number one. Throughout all eternity you will recall the profound memory impressions of your first witnessing of these resurrection mornings.” (533.3) 47:3.5

2. Proposition. After resurrection you are assigned permanent residence. Then come the ten days of liberty.

“From the resurrection halls you proceed to the Melchizedek sector,where you are assigned permanent residence. Then you enter upon ten days of personal liberty. You are free to explore the immediate vicinity of your new home and to familiarize yourself with the program which lies immediately ahead. You also have time to gratify your desire to consult the registry and call upon your loved ones and other earth friends who may have preceded you to these worlds. At the end of your ten-day period of leisure you begin the second step in the Paradise journey, for the mansion worlds are actual training spheres, not merely detention planets.” (533.4) 47:3.6

3. Proposition. Mansion world number one attains to the status of the postAdamic dispensation on a normal world.

“The sojourn on mansion world number one is designed to develop mortal survivors at least up to the status of the post-Adamic dispensation on the normal evolutionary worlds. Spiritually, of course, the mansion world students are far in advance of such a state of mere human development.”(534.1) 47:3.9

4. Proposition. At the end of ten days, if you are not to be detained, you advance.

“If you are not to be detained on mansion world number one, at the end of ten days you will enter the translation sleep and proceed to world number two, and every ten days thereafter you will thus advance until you arrive on the world of your assignment.” (534.2) 47:3.10

5. Proposition. On the second mansion world you get rid of conflict and mental disharmony and learn morontia mota. The culture is that of a post-Magisterial Son dispensation.

“Mansonia number two more specifically provides for the removal of all phases of intellectual conflict and for the cure of all varieties of mental disharmony. The effort to master the significance of morontia mota, begun on the first mansion world, is here more earnestly continued. The development on mansonia number two compares with the intellectual status of the post-Magisterial Son culture of the ideal evolutionary worlds.” (535.4) 47:4.8

6. Proposition. On the third world you really begin your morontia culture. The first two worlds were largely deficiency spheres. You begin to correlate morontia mota and human philosophy. The culture resembles that of a postbestowal Son dispensation.

“Mansonia the third is a world of great personal and social achievement for all who have not made the equivalent of these circles of culture prior to release from the flesh on the mortal nativity worlds. On this sphere more positive educational work is begun. The training of the first two mansion worlds is mostly of a deficiency nature— negative—in that it has to do with supplementing the experience of the life in the flesh. On this third mansion world the survivors really begin their progressive morontia culture. The chief purpose of this training is to enhance the understanding of the correlation of morontia mota and mortal logic, the co-ordination of morontia mota and human philosophy. Surviving mortals now gain practical insight into true metaphysics. This is the real introduction to the intelligent comprehension of cosmic meanings and universe interrelationships. The culture of the third mansion world partakes of the nature of the postbestowal Son age of a normal inhabited planet.” (536.1) 47:5.3

7. Proposition. On the fourth world ascenders continue to advance in morontia culture and enter upon real morontia social life. Ascenders are becoming God-knowing, God-revealing, God-seeking, and God-finding.

“On the fourth mansonia the individual ascender more fittingly finds his place in the group working and class functions of the morontia life. Ascenders here develop increased appreciation of the broadcasts and other phases of local universe culture and progress.

“It is during the period of training on world number four that the ascending mortals are really first introduced to the demands and delights of the true social life of morontia creatures. And it is indeed a new experience for evolutionary creatures to participate in social activities which are predicated neither on personal aggrandizement nor on self-seeking conquest. A new social order is being introduced, one based on the understanding sympathy of mutual appreciation, the unselfish love of mutual service, and the overmastering motivation of the realization of a common and supreme destiny—the Paradise goal of worshipful and divine perfection. Ascenders are all becoming self-conscious of God—knowing, God-revealing, God-seeking, and God-finding.” (536.3) 47:6.2

8. Proposition. On world number five the birth of cosmic consciousness takes place—real enthusiasm for the Havona ascent appears. Morontia character is budding and a real morontia creature is evolving.

“A real birth of cosmic consciousness takes place on mansonia number five. You are becoming universe minded. This is indeed a time of expanding horizons. It is beginning to dawn upon the enlarging minds of the ascending mortals that some stupendous and magnificent, some supernal and divine, destiny awaits all who complete the progressive Paradise ascension, which has been so laboriously but so joyfully and auspiciously begun. At about this point the average mortal ascender begins to manifest bona fide experiential enthusiasm for the Havona ascent. Study is becoming voluntary, unselfish service natural, and worship spontaneous. A real morontia character is budding; a real morontia creature is evolving.” (537.5) 47:7.5

9. Proposition. On world number six ascending mortals attain an approximation of the initial stage of light and life and are divested of the coarse vestiges of planetary animal origin.

“During the sojourn on world number six the mansion world students achieve a status which is comparable with the exalted development characterizing those evolutionary worlds which have normally progressed beyond the initial stage of light and life. The organization of society on this mansonia is of a high order. The shadow of the mortal nature grows less and less as these worlds are ascended one by one. You are becoming more and more adorable as you leave behind the coarse vestiges of planetary animal origin. ‘Coming up through great tribulation’ serves to make glorified mortals very kind and understanding, very sympathetic and tolerant.” (538.5) 47:8.7

10. Proposition. On the seventh world differences between ascenders from the isolated worlds and those from the more advanced spheres are disappearing. The last remnants of the “mark of the beast” are eradicated.

“The experience on this sphere is the crowning achievement of the immediate postmortal career. During your sojourn here you will receive the instruction of many teachers, all of whom will co-operate in the task of preparing you for residence on Jerusem. Any discernible differences between those mortals hailing from the isolated and retarded worlds and those survivors from the more advanced and enlightened spheres are virtually obliterated during the sojourn on the seventh mansion world. Here you will be purged of all the remnants of unfortunate heredity, unwholesome environment, and unspiritual planetary tendencies. The last remnants of the ‘mark of the beast’ are here eradicated.” 
(538.6) 47:9.1

11. Proposition. All mortals, midwayers, and seraphim must experience parental relationship to an evolving child. This experience is indispensable to all ascenders.

“No surviving mortal, midwayer, or seraphim may ascend to Paradise, attain the Father, and be mustered into the Corps of the Finality without having passed through that sublime experience of achieving parental relationship to an evolving child of the worlds or some other experience analogous and equivalent thereto. The relationship of child and parent is fundamental to the essential concept of the Universal Father and his universe children. Therefore does such an experience become indispensable to the experiential training of all ascenders.”(516.2) 45:6.4

12. Proposition. The probation nursery is maintained by morontia personalities on the finaliters’ world. Here are assembled the offspring of the evolving worlds who died before acquiring spiritual status. The survival of either parent insures the repersonalization of these children.

“This probation nursery of Satania is maintained by certain morontia personalities on the finaliters’ world, one half of the planet being devoted to this work of child rearing. Here are received and reassembled certain children of surviving mortals, such as those offspring who perished on the evolutionary worlds before acquiring spiritual status as individuals. The ascension of either of its natural parents insures that such a mortal child of the realms will be accorded repersonalization on the system finaliter planet and there be permitted to demonstrate by subsequent freewill choice whether or not it elects to follow the parental path of mortal ascension. Children here appear as on the nativity world except for the absence of sex differentiation. There is no reproduction of mortal kind after the life experience on the inhabited worlds.” (516.5) 45:6.7


1. Proposition. John saw a company of ascenders arriving on Jerusem. The harps of God are broadcast receiving mechanisms.

“John the Revelator saw a vision of the arrival of a class of advancing mortals from the seventh mansion world to their first heaven, the glories of Jerusem. He recorded: ‘And I saw as it were a sea of glass mingled with fire; and those who had gained the victory over the beast that was originally in them and over the image that persisted through the mansion worlds and finally over the last mark and trace, standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God, and singing the song of deliverance from mortal fear and death.’ (Perfected space communication is to be had on all these worlds; and your anywhere reception of such communications is made possible by carrying the ‘harp of God,’ a morontia contrivance compensating for the inability to directly adjust the immature morontia sensory mechanism to the reception of space communications.)” (539.4) 47:10.2

2. Proposition. The apostle Paul had a view of these Jerusem ascenders.

“Paul also had a view of the ascendant-citizen corps of perfecting mortals on Jerusem, for he wrote: ‘But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels, to the grand assembly of Michael, and to the spirits of just men being made perfect.” (539.5) 47:10.3

3. Proposition. On Jerusem, ascenders from the isolated worlds live together and are known as agondonters.

“On Jerusem the ascenders from these isolated worlds occupy a residential sector by themselves and are known as the agondonters, meaning evolutionary will creatures who can believe without seeing, persevere when isolated, and triumph over insuperable difficulties even when alone. This functional grouping of the agondonters persists throughout the ascension of the local universe and the traversal of the superuniverse; it disappears during the sojourn in Havona but promptly reappears upon the attainment of Paradise and definitely persists in the Corps of the Mortal Finality. Tabamantia is an agondonter of finalter status, having survived from one of the quarantined spheres involved in the first rebellion ever to take place in the universes of time and space.”(579.1) 50:7.2


1. Proposition. Pilgrims land on the pilot world of Havona with just one endowment of perfection—perfection of purpose.

“The pilgrim lands on the receiving planet of Havona, the pilot world of the seventh circuit, with only one endowment of perfection, perfection of purpose. The Universal Father has decreed: ‘Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.’ That is the astounding invitation-command broadcast to the finite children of the worlds of space. The promulgation of that injunction has set all creation astir in the co-operative effort of the celestial beings to assist in bringing about the fulfillment and realization of that tremendous command of the First Great Source and Center .” (290.2) 26:4.12

2. Proposition. Perfection of purpose embraces:

  1. Your purpose has been fully proved.
  2. Your faith has been tested.
  3. You are disappointment proof.
  4. Not even failure to discern Deity will matter.
  5. Your sincerity is sublime.

“When, through and by the ministry of all the helper hosts of the universal scheme of survival, you are finally deposited on the receiving world of Havona, you arrive with only one sort of perfection— perfection of purpose. Your purpose has been thoroughly proved; your faith has been tested. You are known to be disappointment proof. Not even the failure to discern the Universal Father can shake the faith or seriously disturb the trust of an ascendant mortal who has passed through the experience that all must traverse in order to attain the perfect spheres of Havona. By the time you reach Havona, your sincerity has become sublime. Perfection of purpose and divinity of desire, with steadfastness of faith, have secured your entrance to the settled abodes of eternity; your deliverance from the uncertainties of time is full and complete; and now must you come face to face with the problems of Havona and the immensities of Paradise, to meet which you have so long been in training in the experiential epochs of time on the world schools of space.” (290.3) 26:4.13

3. Proposition. Faith has won for the ascending pilgrim that perfection of purpose which admits the children of time to the portals of eternity. Next begins the development of the perfection of understanding and the technique of comprehension essential to the perfection of Paradise status.

“Faith has won for the ascendant pilgrim a perfection of purpose which admits the children of time to the portals of eternity. Now must the pilgrim helpers begin the work of developing that perfection of understanding and that technique of comprehension which are so indispensable to Paradise perfection of personality.” (290.4) 26:4.14

4. Proposition. Ability to comprehend is the passport to Paradise. Believing was the key to Havona. Acceptance of sonship was the price of evolutionary survival.

“Ability to comprehend is the mortal passport to Paradise. Willingness to believe is the key to Havona. The acceptance of sonship, cooperation with the indwelling Adjusters, is the price of evolutionary survival.” (290.5) 26:4.15


1. Proposition. Not many pilgrims fail to attain Deity on reaching Paradise. Those who do, after additional trainings, never fail the second time.

“Not many pilgrims experience the delay of seeming failure in the Deity adventure. Nearly all attain the Infinite Spirit, though occasionally a pilgrim from superuniverse number one does not succeed on the first attempt. The pilgrims who attain the Spirit seldom fail in finding the Son; of those who do fail on the first adventure, almost all hail from superuniverses three and five. The great majority of those who fail on the first adventure to attain the Father, after finding both the Spirit and the Son, hail from superuniverse number six, though a few from numbers two and three are likewise unsuccessful. And all this seems clearly to indicate that there is some good and sufficient reason for these apparent failures; in reality, simply unescapable delays.” (294.3) 26:8.4

2. Proposition. The ascendant career has been mastered; the goal of Deity has been attained. Survival is complete in the supremacy of divinity. Time is lost in eternity.

“Step by step, life by life, world by world, the ascendant career has been mastered, and the goal of Deity has been attained. Survival is complete in perfection, and perfection is replete in the supremacy of divinity. Time is lost in eternity; space is swallowed up in worshipful identity and harmony with the Universal Father.” (295.2) 26:9.4

3. Proposition. The broadcasts proclaim that the animal origin creature has become in reality the perfected son of God.

“The broadcasts of Havona flash forth the space reports of glory, the good news that in very truth the conscientious creatures of animal nature and material origin have, through evolutionary ascension, become in reality and eternally the perfected sons of God.” (295.2) 26:9.4

4. Proposition. On Paradise, the ascender has obeyed the Father’s mandate: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” Also:

  1. The test of time is almost over.
  2. The race for eternity is all but over.
  3. The days of uncertainty are ending
  4. Temptation to doubt is vanishing.

“The test of time is almost over; the race for eternity has been all but run. The days of uncertainty are ending; the temptation to doubt is vanishing; the injunction to be perfect has been obeyed. From the very bottom of intelligent existence the creature of time and material personality has ascended the evolutionary spheres of space, thus proving the feasibility of the ascension plan while forever demonstrating the justice and righteousness of the command of the Universal Father to his lowly creatures of the worlds: ‘Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.’” (295.1) 26:9.3

5. Proposition. The last sleep on entering Paradise differs from all previous ones. The instigators and companions of sleep are essential to this last metamorphic sleep

“But the last metamorphic sleep is something more than those previous transition slumbers which have marked the successive status attainments of the ascendant career; thereby do the creatures of time and space traverse the innermost margins of the temporal and the spatial to attain residential status in the timeless and spaceless abodes of Paradise. The instigators and the complements of rest are just as essential to this transcending metamorphosis as are the seraphim and associated beings to the mortal creature’s survival of death.” (299.3) 27:1.3

6. Proposition. You go to sleep on the last Havona circuit and are eternally resurrected on Paradise. This is the last grand stretch of faith.

“You enter the rest on the final Havona circuit and are eternally resurrected on Paradise. And as you there spiritually re personalize, you will immediately recognize the instigator of rest who welcomes you to the eternal shores as the very primary supernaphim who produced the final sleep on the innermost circuit of Havona; and you will recall the last grand stretch of faith as you once again made ready to commend the keeping of your identity into the hands of the Universal Father.” (299.4) 27:1.4

7. Proposition. The last rest of time—the last transition sleep is over. You now awake on the everlasting shores of the eternal abode.

“The last rest of time has been enjoyed; the last transition sleep has been experienced; now you awake to life everlasting on the shores of the eternal abode. ‘And there shall be no more sleep. The presence of God and his Son are before you and you are eternally his servants; you have seen his face, and his name is your spirit. There shall be no night there; and they need no light of the sun for the Great Source and Center gives them light; they shall live forever and ever. And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things have passed away.’” (299.5) 27:1.5

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