Titles of the Papers

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The Urantia Book

The Titles of the Papers


000ForewordDivine Counselor1

The Central and Superuniverses


001The Universal FatherDivine Counselor21

002The Nature of GodDivine Counselor33

003The Attributes of GodDivine Counselor44

004God’s Relation to the UniverseDivine Counselor54

005God’s Relation to the IndividualDivine Counselor62

006The Eternal SonDivine Counselor73

007Relation of the Eternal Son to the UniverseDivine Counselor81

008The Infinite SpiritDivine Counselor90

009Relation of the Infinite Spirit to the UniverseDivine Counselor98

010The Paradise TrinityUniversal Censor108

011The Eternal Isle of ParadisePerfector of Wisdom118

012The Universe of UniversesPerfector of Wisdom128

013The Sacred Spheres of ParadisePerfector of Wisdom143

014The Central and Divine UniversePerfector of Wisdom152

015The Seven SuperuniversesUniversal Censor164

016The Seven Master SpiritsUniversal Censor184

017The Seven Supreme Spirit GroupsDivine Counselor197

018The Supreme Trinity PersonalitiesDivine Counselor207

019The Co-ordinate Trinity-Origin BeingsDivine Counselor214

020The Paradise Sons of GodPerfector of Wisdom223

021The Paradise Creator SonsPerfector of Wisdom234

022The Trinitized Sons of GodMighty Messenger243

023The Solitary MessengersDivine Counselor256

024Higher Personalities of the Infinite SpiritDivine Counselor264

025The Messenger Hosts of SpaceOne High in Authority273

026Ministering Spirits of the Central UniversePerfector of Wisdom285

027Ministry of the Primary SupernaphimPerfector of Wisdom298

028Ministering Spirits of the SuperuniversesMighty Messenger306

029The Universe Power DirectorsUniversal Censor319

030Personalities of the Grand UniverseMighty Messenger330

031The Corps of the FinalityDivine Counselor and One Without Name and Number345

The Local Universe


032The Evolution of Local UniversesMighty Messenger357

033Administration of the Local UniverseChief of Archangels366

034The Local Universe Mother SpiritMighty Messenger374

035The Local Universe Sons of GodChief of Archangels384

036The Life CarriersVorondadek Son396

037Personalities of the Local UniverseBrilliant Evening Star406

038Ministering Spirits of the Local UniverseMelchizedek418

039The Seraphic HostsMelchizedek426

040The Ascending Sons of GodMighty Messenger443

041Physical Aspects of the Local UniverseArchangel455

042Energy—Mind and MatterMighty Messenger467

043The ConstellationsMalavatia Melchizedek485

044The Celestial ArtisansArchangel497

045The Local System AdministrationMelchizedek509

046The Local System HeadquartersArchangel519

047The Seven Mansion WorldsBrilliant Evening Star530

048The Morontia LifeArchangel541

049The Inhabited WorldsMelchizedek559

050The Planetary PrincesSecondary Lanonandek572

051The Planetary AdamsSecondary Lanonandek580

052Planetary Mortal EpochsMighty Messenger589

053The Lucifer RebellionManovandet Melchizedek601

054Problems of the Lucifer RebellionMighty Messenger613

055The Spheres of Light and LifeMighty Messenger621

056Universal UnityMighty Messenger and Machiventa Melchizedek637

The History of Urantia


057The Origin of UrantiaLife Carrier651

058Life Establishment on UrantiaLife Carrier664

059The Marine-Life Era on UrantiaLife Carrier672

060Urantia During the Early Land-Life EraLife Carrier685

061The Mammalian Era on UrantiaLife Carrier693

062The Dawn Races of Early ManLife Carrier703

063The First Human FamilyLife Carrier711

064The Evolutionary Races of ColorLife Carrier718

065The Overcontrol of EvolutionLife Carrier730

066The Planetary Prince of UrantiaMelchizedek741

067The Planetary RebellionMelchizedek754

068The Dawn of CivilizationMelchizedek763

069Primitive Human InstitutionsMelchizedek772

070The Evolution of Human GovernmentMelchizedek783

071Development of the StateMelchizedek800

072Government on a Neighboring PlanetMelchizedek808

073The Garden of EdenSolonia821

074Adam and EveSolonia828

075The Default of Adam and EveSolonia839

076The Second GardenSolonia847

077The Midway CreaturesArchangel855

078The Violet Race After the Days of AdamArchangel868

079Andite Expansion in the OrientArchangel878

080Andite Expansion in the OccidentArchangel889

081Development of Modern CivilizationArchangel900

082The Evolution of MarriageChief of Seraphim913

083The Marriage InstitutionChief of Seraphim922

084Marriage and Family LifeChief of Seraphim931

085The Origins of WorshipBrilliant Evening Star944

086Early Evolution of ReligionBrilliant Evening Star950

087The Ghost CultsBrilliant Evening Star958

088Fetishes, Charms, and MagicBrilliant Evening Star967

089Sin, Sacrifice, and AtonementBrilliant Evening Star974

090Shamanism—Medicine Men and PriestsMelchizedek986

091The Evolution of PrayerChief of Midwayers994

092The Later Evolution of ReligionMelchizedek1003

093Machiventa MelchizedekMelchizedek1014

094The Melchizedek Teachings in the OrientMelchizedek1027

095The Melchizedek Teachings in the LevantMelchizedek1042

096Yahweh—God of the HebrewsMelchizedek1052

097Evolution of the God Concept Among the HebrewsMelchizedek1062

098The Melchizedek Teachings in the OccidentMelchizedek1077

099The Social Problems of ReligionMelchizedek1086

100Religion in Human ExperienceMelchizedek1094

101The Real Nature of ReligionMelchizedek1104

102The Foundations of Religious FaithMelchizedek1118

103The Reality of Religious ExperienceMelchizedek1129

104Growth of the Trinity ConceptMelchizedek1143

105Deity and RealityMelchizedek1152

106Universe Levels of RealityMelchizedek1162

107Origin and Nature of Thought AdjustersSolitary Messenger1176

108Mission and Ministry of Thought AdjustersSolitary Messenger1185

109Relation of Adjusters to Universe CreaturesSolitary Messenger1195

110Relation of Adjusters to Individual MortalsSolitary Messenger1203

111The Adjuster and the SoulSolitary Messenger1215

112Personality SurvivalSolitary Messenger1225

113Seraphic Guardians of DestinyChief of Seraphim1241

114Seraphic Planetary GovernmentChief of Seraphim1250

115The Supreme BeingMighty Messenger1260

116The Almighty SupremeMighty Messenger1268

117God the SupremeMighty Messenger1278

118Supreme and Ultimate—Time and SpaceMighty Messenger1294

119The Bestowals of Christ MichaelChief of Evening Stars1308

The Life and Teachings of Jesus


120The Bestowal of Michael on UrantiaMantutia Melchizedek1323

121The Times of Michael’s BestowalMidwayer Commission1332

122Birth and Infancy of JesusMidwayer Commission1344

123The Early Childhood of JesusMidwayer Commission1355

124The Later Childhood of JesusMidwayer Commission1366

125Jesus at JerusalemMidwayer Commission1377

126The Two Crucial YearsMidwayer Commission1386

127The Adolescent YearsMidwayer Commission1395

128Jesus’ Early ManhoodMidwayer Commission1407

129The Later Adult Life of JesusMidwayer Commission1419

130On the Way to RomeMidwayer Commission1427

131The World’s ReligionsMidwayer Commission1442

132The Sojourn at RomeMidwayer Commission1455

133The Return from RomeMidwayer Commission1468

134The Transition YearsMidwayer Commission1483

135John the BaptistMidwayer Commission1496

136Baptism and the Forty DaysMidwayer Commission1509

137Tarrying Time in GalileeMidwayer Commission1524

138Training the Kingdom’s MessengersMidwayer Commission1538

139The Twelve ApostlesMidwayer Commission1548

140The Ordination of the TwelveMidwayer Commission1568

141Beginning the Public WorkMidwayer Commission1587

142The Passover at JerusalemMidwayer Commission1596

143Going Through SamariaMidwayer Commission1607

144At Gilboa and in the DecapolisMidwayer Commission1617

145Four Eventful Days at CapernaumMidwayer Commission1628

146First Preaching Tour of GalileeMidwayer Commission1637

147The Interlude Visit to JerusalemMidwayer Commission1647

148Training Evangelists at BethsaidaMidwayer Commission1657

149The Second Preaching TourMidwayer Commission1668

150The Third Preaching TourMidwayer Commission1678

151Tarrying and Teaching by the SeasideMidwayer Commission1688

152Events Leading up to the Capernaum CrisisMidwayer Commission1698

153The Crisis at CapernaumMidwayer Commission1707

154Last Days at CapernaumMidwayer Commission1717

155Fleeing Through Northern GalileeMidwayer Commission1725

156The Sojourn at Tyre and SidonMidwayer Commission1734

157At Caesarea-PhilippiMidwayer Commission1743

158The Mount of TransfigurationMidwayer Commission1752

159The Decapolis TourMidwayer Commission1762

160Rodan of AlexandriaMidwayer Commission1772

161Further Discussions with RodanMidwayer Commission1783

162At the Feast of TabernaclesMidwayer Commission1788

163Ordination of the Seventy at MagadanMidwayer Commission1800

164At the Feast of DedicationMidwayer Commission1809

165The Perean Mission BeginsMidwayer Commission1817

166Last Visit to Northern PereaMidwayer Commission1825

167The Visit to PhiladelphiaMidwayer Commission1833

168The Resurrection of LazarusMidwayer Commission1842

169Last Teaching at PellaMidwayer Commission1850

170The Kingdom of HeavenMidwayer Commission1858

171On the Way to JerusalemMidwayer Commission1867

172Going into JerusalemMidwayer Commission1878

173Monday in JerusalemMidwayer Commission1888

174Tuesday Morning in the TempleMidwayer Commission1897

175The Last Temple DiscourseMidwayer Commission1905

176Tuesday Evening on Mount OlivetMidwayer Commission1912

177Wednesday, the Rest DayMidwayer Commission1920

178Last Day at the CampMidwayer Commission1929

179The Last SupperMidwayer Commission1936

180The Farewell DiscourseMidwayer Commission1944

181Final Admonitions and WarningsMidwayer Commission1953

182In GethsemaneMidwayer Commission1963

183The Betrayal and Arrest of JesusMidwayer Commission1971

184Before the Sanhedrin CourtMidwayer Commission1978

185The Trial Before PilateMidwayer Commission1987

186Just Before the CrucifixionMidwayer Commission1997

187The CrucifixionMidwayer Commission2004

188The Time of the TombMidwayer Commission2012

189The ResurrectionMidwayer Commission2020

190Morontia Appearances of JesusMidwayer Commission2029

191Appearances to the Apostles and Other LeadersMidwayer Commission2037

192Appearances in GalileeMidwayer Commission2045

193Final Appearances and AscensionMidwayer Commission2052

194Bestowal of the Spirit of TruthMidwayer Commission2059

195After PentecostMidwayer Commission2069

196The Faith of JesusMidwayer Commission2087

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