The Creator Sons

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1. Sometimes the sovereign of Nebadon is referred to as Christ Michael. (234.3) 21:0.3

2. Our Creator Son is the personification of the 611,121st infinite concept of the Father and the Son. (366.2) 33:1.1

3. Each Creator Son is the unique, unqualified, and final expression of the infinite concept of his origin. (235.1) 21:1.2

4. When the concept of absolute ideation in the Eternal Son encounters an absolute personality concept in the Universal Father—there flashes into existence an original Creator Son. (234.6) 21:1.1

5. Each Creator Son is endowed with spiritual drawing power in his own realm. (224.3) 20:1.13

6. A Creator Son is limited by space, but not by time. (377.1) 34:3.5

7. There are more than seven hundred thousand Creator Sons in existence. (235.3) 21:1.4


1. The Creator Sons are preceded in universe organization by the power directors and other Third Source beings. (358.3) 32:2.1

2. From the energies of space, thus previously organized, our Creator Son established the inhabited worlds of Nebadon. (358.3) 32:2.1

3. Each Creator Son is accompanied by a Creative Daughter of the Infinite Spirit—the local universe Mother Spirit. (235.5) 21:2.2

4. The first creative act of the Creator Son and the Creative Mother Spirit produces the chief executive—Gabriel. (359.3) 32:2.6

5. The Creator Sons earn their sovereignty by bestowing themselves in the likeness of their own creatures. (1323.1) 120:0.1

6. The Michaels are the most versatile and powerful of all divine beings in the local universes. (366.3) 33:1.2

7. The local universe of Nebadon has 3,840,101 inhabited worlds. The local system of Satania has 619. (359.6) 32:2.9

8. In accepting vicegerent sovereignty, a Creator Son takes an oath not to assume complete sovereignty until he completes his seven bestowal experiences. (238.6) 21:3.12


1. In each bestowal experience the Creator Son adds to his nature that of the creature. (240.2) 21:4.6

2. Jesus of Nazareth was on his seventh bestowal when he sojourned on Urantia. (240.1) 21:4.5

3. The Creator Son is truly “the way, the truth, and the life.” (242.3) 21:6.4

4. The Michael bestowals were:

  1. First—a Melchizedek.
  2. Second—Lanonandek Son.
  3. Third—Material Son.
  4. Fourth—Seraphim.
  5. Fifth—Spirit ascender.
  6. Sixth—Morontia mortal.
  7. Seventh—Urantia mortal. (1309.1) 119:0.7


1. To a local universe, to all practical purposes, a Michael Son is God. (66.2) 5:3.6

2. The entire judicial mechanism of Nebadon is under the supervision of Gabriel. (372.6) 33:7.2

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