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1. Paradise is the absolute source and the eternal focal point of all energy-matter in the universe of universes. (126.5) 11:8.9

2. We are not sure about the relation of the Unqualified Absolute to space motion. We think the Conjoint Actor initiates motion in space. (133.4) 12:4.2

3. The Unqualified Absolute pervades all space. (137.3) 12:6.13

4. The diverse levels of creation are unified by a divine plan and eternal purpose. (637.2) 56:0.2


1. The Universal Father is infinite and acts over all four absolute gravity circuits. (131.4) 12:3.1

2. Gravity is the omnipotent strand on which are strung the gleaming stars, blazing suns, and whirling spheres which constitute the universal physical adornment of the eternal God. (125.4) 11:8.1

3. The center and focal point of absolute material gravity is the Isle of Paradise. (125.5) 11:8.2

4. Every form of known reality has the bend of the ages, the trend of the circle, the swing of the great ellipse. (125.5) 11:8.2

5. The Unqualified Absolute is the revealer, regulator, and repository of all that which has origin in Paradise. (126.5) 11:8.9


1. All space alternately contracts and expands. (123.3) 11:6.1

2. Pervaded space is now nearing the mid-point of the expansion phase. (123.6) 11:6.4

3. Space is real—it contains and conditions motion. (133.9) 12:4.7

4. Space comes the nearest of all nonabsolute things to being absolute. (1297.6) 118:3.5

5. We do not know if an idea occupies space. We are sure that an idea pattern does not contain space. (1297.8) 118:3.7

6. Man’s mind is less time-bound than space-bound. (135.4) 12:5.5

7. Time and space are a conjoined mechanism of the master universe. (1303.2) 118:9.1

8. The apparent velocity of the supposedly “exploding” universe is not real. (134.3) 12:4.14

9. All cosmic space levels are separated by relative quiescent space zones. (125.1) 11:7.7


1. Universe stability is the result of balanced energies, co-operative minds, co-ordinated morontias, spirit overcontrol, and personality unification. (135.11) 12:6.1

2. The master universe is fostered by the Paradise Trinity. (135.18) 12:6.8

3. The universes are unified. God is one in power and personality. (646.1) 56:9.14

4. The absonite architects eventuate a universe plan. The Supreme Creators materialize it, the Supreme Being will consummate it. (1165.6) 106:3.1


1. The grand universe is the present organized and inhabited creation. (129.11) 12:1.13

2. Orvonton, the seventh superuniverse, is the Milky Way. (167.17) 15:3.1

3. The rotational center of our minor sector is Sagittarius. (168.1) 15:3.5

4. Uversa, the capital of Orvonton, is the administrative headquarters for one trillion inhabited worlds. (175.2) 15:7.11

5. It is on such worlds as Uversa that the beings representative of the autocracy of perfection and the democracy of evolution meet face to face. (179.11) 15:11.1

6. A superuniverse government is directed by one of the Seven Master Spirits, through one of the Seven Supreme Executives. (178.1) 15:10.1


1. Of the ten major divisions of Orvonton, eight have been roughly identified by Urantia astronomers. (167.20) 15:3.4

2. The Universe Power Directors have ability to condense and contain, or to expand and liberate, varying quantities of energy. (175.7) 15:8.4

3. The universes are engaged in an orderly and perfectly controlled procession, swinging in majestic grandeur around the First Great Source and Center. (164.4) 15:1.1

4. Paradise Force Organizers are nebulae originators. (169.4) 15:4.4

5. The superuniverse of Orvonton is illuminated and warned by more than ten trillion blazing suns. (173.8) 15:6.10

6. Only those suns which function in the direct channels of the main streams of universe energy can shine on forever. (464.1) 41:7.14

7. One half million light-years beyond the grand universe, in the first outer space level, unbelievable action is taking place—extending for twenty-five million light-years. (129.12) 12:1.14

8. The alternate clockwise and counterclockwise movement of the galaxies is a factor of gravity control and acts as a brake on dangerous velocities. (125.3) 11:7.9

9. There is mystery associated with the force-charge of space. It does not respond to gravity, but it ever swings around Paradise. (169.1) 15:4.1

10. The mysterious stretches of outer space exhibit the amazing evolution of the plans of the Architects of the Master Universe. (130.3) 12:2.1

11. Some suns are solitary; some are double stars. There are also suns that shine without heat. (172.10) 15:6.8

12. Light is real. Sunlight would be economical at a million dollars a pound. (460.6) 41:5.2

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