The Paradise Sons

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The Creator, Magisterial. and Trinity Teacher Sons are the gifts of the eternal Deities to the children of men. (232.5) 20:10.2


The topic of Creator Sons is covered in another Topical Study. Please click here.


1. Much as the Creator Sons are personalized by the Father and the Son, the Magisterial Sons are personalized by the Son and the Spirit. (88.3) 7:6.5

2. Every time an original and absolute concept of being formulated by the Eternal Son unites with a new and divine ideal of loving service conceived by the Infinite Spirit, a new and original Magisterial Son is produced. (224.6) 20:2.1

3. These Avonal Sons have three functions:

1. Judicial.

2. Magisterial.

3. Bestowal. (225.3) 20:2.4

4. Urantia may yet be visited by an Avonal Son to incarnate on a magisterial mission. (227.3) 20:4.5

5. The method of these incarnations is a universal mystery. (228.5) 20:6.1

6. Incarnated Paradise Sons have experienced Adjusters. (227.1) 20:4.3

7. When incarnated Sons enter the portal of death, they reappear on the third day. (229.5) 20:6.6

8. The attribute of bestowal is inherent in the Paradise Sons. (1308.2) 119:0.2

9. Avonals are the planetary ministers and judges and number about one billion. (225.1) 20:2.2

10. The mission of a Magisterial Son is just as effective as that of a Creator Son. (228.3) 20:5.6

11. The bestowal of Paradise Sons is not to placate the Heavenly Father. It is part of the experiential training of these Sons. (227.5) 20:5.2


1. Trinity Teacher Sons are the universal educators, being dedicated to the spiritual awakening and moral guidance of the realms. (230.5) 20:7.3

2. When an evolutionary world indicates that the time is ripe for a spiritual age, the Teacher Sons always volunteer for service. (231.5) 20:9.1

3. Trinity Teacher Sons usually remain on their visitation planets for one thousand years. (232.1) 20:9.3

4. There are more than twenty-one billion Teacher Sons in service in the grand universe. (230.4) 20:7.2

5. Trinity Teacher Sons will function on Urantia after its inhabitants are delivered from the shackles of animalism and the fetters of materialism. (231.5) 20:9.1


For this age, Trinity-embraced Sons are assigned to the service of the superuniverses. (244.4) 22:1.13

1.Mighty Messengers are rebellion-tested mortals. (245.1) 22:2.1

2. Those High in Authority are ascendant mortals of high administrative ability. (246.2) 22:3.1

3. Those without Name and Number are ascenders with unusual skill in worship. (246.6) 22:4.1

4. Trinitized Custodians are ascendant seraphim and midwayers. (248.1) 22:5.2

5. Trinitized Ambassadors are Spirit-fused and Son-fused mortals. (248.6) 22:6.1

6. Celestial Guardians are creature-trinitized sons embraced by the Trinity. (252.3) 22:9.1

7. High Son Assistants are a superior group of retrinitized trinitized sons of ascendant mortals. (253.3) 22:10.1


1. These techniques are the secrets of Vicegerington and Solitarington. (249.1) 22:7.1

2. The Seven Master Spirits may authorize the trinitizing union of finaliters and paradise-Havona personalities. (250.4) 22:7.10

3. Trinitized sons are the very idea which achieved their trinitization. (253.4) 22:10.2

4. There are three groups of creature-trinitized sons:

1. Ascender-trinitized Sons.

2. Paradise-Havona-trinitized Sons.

3. Trinitized Sons of Destiny. (251.1) 22:7.11

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