The Spanish Revision Project

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Marilynn Kulieke
Víctor García-Bory
Víctor García-Bory

By Marilynn Kulieke, Secretary, Urantia Foundation, Lincolnshire, Illinois, USA

Víctor García-Bory, Associate Trustee who resides in New York City, USA, proposed a plan to produce a single, high quality Spanish translation of The Urantia Book, which will be a beautiful, in depth revision and will synthesize Urantia Foundation’s two existing texts. It is intended to appeal to the majority of the Spanish speaking readers worldwide.

The proposal was accepted by the Board of Trustees, and the revision work will start this year. Víctor hopes “to capitalize on the knowledge and experience of individuals from around the world who have participated in the various translation and revision efforts over the years.” The estimated completion date for the Spanish revision is 2018.

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