The Local Universe Mother Spirit in the Present Universe Age

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The first universe age is the Son in partnership with the Father. They did the planning. You go back to the zero age, there was no Conjoint Creator, any more than there was a Havona. Of course, this a misnomer. But conceptually, Havona was planned by the Father and the Son. The Infinite Spirit didn't plan Havona. The Infinite Spirit came into being by executing the act which was planned by the Father and the Son. Now, in the second universe age–now–the relationship is between the Son and the Spirit. Do we have the Universal Father on Salvington? No. We have his Son, and his Spirit associate. The Spirit, in this age, sustains the relationship to the Son which, in the previous age, the Son sustained to the Father. Do you get that picture?

Here's another parallel: How did the Infinite Spirit achieve personality? By the act of the creation of Havona. Prior to Havona, the Son was a person. But prior to Havona, there was no third person of Deity, was there? I always cringe when I say that, because there never was such a time.

Let's consider the zero point–not age, but the zero point–in terms of the local universe of Nebadon. What do we have? Well, we have Michael. And Michael is very much personality, isn't he? Michael had a long universe career before he ever came out here. We don't know much about what these Creator Sons do. But we know that they work on the fourth circuit of Havona.

Let's get some references here. Page 293:

"The fourth circuit of Havona is sometimes called the `circuit of the Sons' . . . There are seven worlds in this circuit on which the reserve corps of the Paradise Michaels maintain special service schools of mutual ministry to both the ascending and descending pilgrims. . ."

Remember, descenders are Paradise citizens:

" . . .and it is on these worlds of the Michael Sons that the pilgrims of time and the pilgrims of eternity arrive at their first truly mutual understanding of one another."

Page 250: They are talking about creature trinitized sons of mixed parentage, who aren't even allowed to function in the present universe age. They're pulled into Vicegerington.

"These unique sons of the children of time and the citizens of eternity are all held in reserve on Vicegerington, where they are engaged in the study of the concepts of time and the realities of eternity in a special sector of the sphere occupied by the secret colleges of the corps of the Creator Sons."

There's just two casual references to what Michaels are up to before they ever come out here. Michael's Creative Consort came into existence concurrently with the appearance of Michael of Nebadon–or of that Michael who was to be Michael of Nebadon.

Did you ever stop and think–we don't really know his name, do we? Michael is the name of an order. What do you suppose they called him before they could call him "of Nebadon"? That seems to be a technique which is followed. The Adam who came to our world was not called Adam on Jerusem. But when he came–the original Adam of Jerusem is an unborn being. The original Adam and Eve of Jerusem are the personal beings created by Michael. All of the other Material Sons are their children, or indirect.

But when our Adam and Eve came here, they forsook their personal names, and they took the name of their order, Adam of Urantia. I wonder what his name was on Jerusem?

Audience: We'll find out, won't we?

Probably, yes. I'm sure he had a name. On the universe records, we do not receive a name until we fuse with our Thought Adjuster. Nevertheless, I'm sure we will be referred to by name.

Andon and Fonta received those names somewhere on the mansion worlds when they fused with their Adjusters, but they had names in this life: Sonta-an and Sonta-en.

At any rate, Michael's a person. But this Creative Consort of his is not a personality. She is a second stage Creative Spirit. And, in the beginning, when the Father and the Son jointly conceive an identical idea--that's the basis for trinitization, too, incidentally–a Michael Creator appears. And the Infinite Spirit–this act repercusses in the Infinite Spirit because it is the nature of the Infinite Spirit to respond to any joint Father- Son plan. That is her nature.

And something differentiates within the Infinite Spirit. And I would call it the capacity to co-operate with this Creator Son.

And that's step one in the initial differentiation of a Creative Spirit. A Creative Spirit–I don't care how old she is–can't progress beyond the second stage, can she? Because if you'll flip the page, you'll see that the third stage can't be reached until she comes out here in time and space, and begins to work, not as the mother of Seraphim, but as a super power center. So. We've got an interesting parallel now. As you go down the six known stages of the evolution of a Creative Spirit, you discover she is becoming increasingly personal. She is becoming less and less of a focus of the Infinite Spirit, and more and more a divine personality in her own name and right. And how does she do this? She does this by collaboration with the Creator Son in the perfecting of a local universe. And this is an exact parallel of how the Infinite Spirit came into being–except the Infinite Spirit flashed into being in eternity. You can't see it happen. But this is happening in time, and so it can be observed. A Creative Spirit becomes real, as a personal being, exactly as the Infinite spirit became real, as a personal Deity, through the completion of a creative act. Isn't that fascinating? The papers never quite say that she's personal. They tell us that Michael has always regarded her as a personality. They say that when she reaches the fourth stage of being, personal qualities are tremendously heightened. The Creative Spirit of our local universe is now in the fifth stage of being, because our local universe has entered upon its post-bestowal ages. When Nebadon is settled in light and life, she will be a sixth stage Creative Spirit. And then, there's number seven--unrevealed.

I can see a parallel, too. Finaliters are sixth stage spirits. And the implication is, we'll be seventh–someday. My guess is, we will become seventh stage spirits either at the end of the present universe age, or at the beginning of the next universe age. What that means, I don't know. But we're unfinished beings.

And of course, I think when we become finished beings, in one sense, we will merely discover that we are kindergartners in a higher sense.

When a planet is settled in light and life, gee, we've made it, see? But then you discover there are stages of light and life, and you go right on progressing into the different epochs of light and life. The Son and Spirit are collaborating in the present universe age, and this collaboration is not so much a Paradise collaboration, as it is a time-space collaboration. The union of the Son and the Spirit is out here in the local universes, which are the evolutionary cauldrons. This is where it's really happening. Here, even the local universe rulers evolve.

And let's consider the nature of the diverse evolution of a Creator Son and a Creative Spirit. I think of the two courses of evolution as operating at right angles to each other.

A Paradise Creator Son has no evolution of personality, does he? He is a person from the very beginning. His evolution is descending, from God to man, touching various stages so that his composite nature, when completed as a Master Son, involves an intimate, experiential knowledge of everything that is knowable–from the Universal Father to the life of a carpenter here on earth. He's got it in principle. He doesn't have to touch every level; this is not necessary. But he has covered all these levels in principle. No one can ever say to the Sovereign of Nebadon, concerning income taxes, or family budgets–thus you dare–Charlie, you know? He's worked his way down. That's kind of an odd concept to us, isn't it? We have to work our way up. But this true throughout the universe. Here. A local universe Mother Spirit creates angels. There's seven levels of revealed angels as we know them, from Supreme Seraphim all the way down the line. And these angels, some of them born as Supreme Seraphim, they have to work their way down to achieve these lower levels of function, just as those who are born on the lower levels have to work their way up.

This is a little hard for us to understand, because we are low men on the totem pole, and we start out as the zygotes, you know–fertilized eggs–and from there on it's all growth.

Michael's evolution is of a descending order, right? His Creative Spirit has an experiential growth that is at right angles to Michael's. She knows what it is to be an impersonal spirit at the beginning. I think she could visit the worlds of the Eternal Son as a first or second stage Creative Spirit. She's not a person, and personalities can't visit those worlds.

As Michael knows the descent from personal experience from God to man, so she knows what it means to go from being an impersonal creative focus of the Infinite Spirit to a true personality, a new personalization of Deity. Between them, these two encompass just about all conceivable growth experience, don't they? The experience which Michael couldn't have, since he starts as a person, she has, because she didn't start as a person. Isn't that intriguing?

This is a different type of growth entirely, which is quite foreign to our thinking because we start as persons. Michael's growth is much more comprehensible to us than is the–Michael's vertical descent is more comprehensible to us than the lateral growth of the Creative Spirit. But between the two of them, they encompass about all of everything that could take place experientially on the finite level, don't they?

Audience: And it's all experiential, isn't it?

She did it.

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