Adventures in the Cosmos, Part I

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In the Foreword, they say that,

"Reality, as comprehended by finite beings, is partial, relative, and shadowy. The maximum Deity reality fully comprehensible by evolutionary finite creatures is embraced within the Supreme Being."

So, pretty much what we would call real is not what the authors of these papers would call real.

Here on page 1162, they take inventory of reality. They start it out with incomplete finites--that's us.

"This is the present status of the ascending creatures of the grand universe, the present status of Urantia mortals. This level embraces creature existence from the planetary human up to, but not including, destiny attainers. It pertains to universes from early physical beginnings up to, but not including, settlement in light and life. This level constitutes the present periphery of creative activity in time and space. It appears to be moving outward from Paradise, for the closing of the present universe age, which will witness the grand universe attainment of light and life, will also and surely witness the appearance of some new order of developmental growth in the first outer space level."

That's a pretty good description in one paragraph, I think, of rather much of what's going on in the seven superuniverses. A finaliter is an incomplete finite, he's not a destiny attainer. In contrast to a Spirit-fused or a Son-fused mortal, he is a complete finite. He's attained destiny. So also has a Mighty Messenger attained destiny.

And of course destiny attainment pertains to the present universe age. The fact that a Mighty Messenger is a non-growing being doesn't mean that he is eternally non- growing. He just doesn't grow now. And this now has to do with the present universe age which we've estimated is maybe half over, and what was it? Forty thousand trillions of years.

Audience: While are on the subject of attainment, may we at this time kill Bud and send him on his way, and see what happens?

Yes. It's a good place to consider this. First we view the remains. Some will view these remains in sorrow, and some with glee–but that's life.

And Bud will sleep a varying length of time. Bud may make it in three days, if he's got a personal guardian.

Or, he might make it as part of some special group. Maybe the blue book group, you know? There was a special deal when Adam died. The survivors of Eden all went over together in a group.They let Eve sleep for 17 years, until Adam died, then they brought them over together–which was nice. She didn't have any time of waiting.

Or, it might be a millennial thing, every thousand years. They tap the barrel and draw off a few pints. Or, it might be dispensational. They empty the whole barrel, and start over clean.

At any rate, be it three days, or some longer time interval, Bud wakes up on this marble slab on the first mansion world. He wakes up because they've drawn a GI body suitable for Bud. Not too dissimilar to the one he's got. And they've reassembled him. His group or personal seraphim have deposited the soul, the Adjuster's come back, the Life Carrier has vitalized that body–there would have to be a Life Carrier there. They've put in a mind circuit, and then, the personality simply appears, that's all. No one knows how it gets there.

And when this personality seizes that mind circuit, that is the return of consciousness. Some archangel or deputy of an archangel will take the fingerprints of that personality so that they know it's Bud. They can prove it. Everybody's sure of this. The Adjuster would be evidence of that. But, for the official record, you know.

So, Bud cuts loose on the first mansion world. And the first thing he gets is 10 days vacation. And their days are three times as long as ours, so that's a month off. And that's for casual orientation. And then, they'll put him through some tests; they'll check him out. And let's say that he really doesn't have any job to do on the first mansion world. So he'll graduate.

They'll lay him down and transport him to the second mansion world. And they go through this whole business all over again, because the change from mansion world to mansion world is so radical they can't rekey these bodies. You get seven new bodies, one for each mansion world.

Let's say that Bud doesn't quite make it on the second mansion world, so here he has to go to work, go to school. He goes to school by doing certain jobs. And to do these jobs he's got to master certain lessons. Then he's got to socialize. It's a doing–it's a school of thinking, feeling, and doing.

And when he passes his exams, this is when he teaches–the course he's learned. When he can do this, then he can go on. He gets his grade in that course.

Most of the work which they do on these early mansion worlds has to do with de- animalizing us. It's negative. It's trying to bring us up to where people should really get if they were really on the ball. It's getting us up to the cultural level, the spiritual cultural level which Jesus attained when he was–what? –32 years of age–or 33 was he. 32, I believe. He did that in 32 years. Enoch did it. Probably in a much longer time. Elijah did it. These are people who made it without death.

Audience: Now you're speaking of Thought Adjuster–

Yes. They fused here in this lifetime. If Jesus had been an ordinary man, he would have left this world when he was 32. He would have fused with his Thought Adjuster.

Which is one reason they had to detach his Adjuster. They couldn't leave it in there. Somewhere along about the fourth mansion world, it's less of a deficiency ministry and more of a real teaching business. It's less negative–making up for what we didn't do–and more positive.

Let's say Bud is typical and on the fifth mansion world he fuses with his Thought Adjuster. There's a scene described there which is analogous to the scene on the Jordan at the baptism of Jesus. An archangel will appear–or is it? Well, someone will appear. I don't think it's an archangel.

And he will speak to Bud in the presence of his associates, saying, "This is a beloved son, in whom I am well pleased."

And fusion takes place. And at that time, Bud is excused from all duties and assignments. I imagine this experience leaves one a bit shook up, because all of a sudden an iron curtain goes down, and there's a lot more room inside. There's a whole annex there that you suspected was there–you hear thumpings on the other side of the wall, and you occasionally hear them playing the stereo, you know? And now, all of a sudden, you break through, and you get to know your neighbor. You go away, and you sit down, and you figure out who you are. It's at this time, you get a name. The names we use now, they don't count.

Sonta-an and Sonta-en were the names which the first two human beings had here on earth. It was at the time of fusion that they were christened Andon and Fonta. These names have significance. The name Andon means, the first Father-like human being to exhibit perfection hunger. And Fonta means the first Son-like human being to exhibit perfection hunger. So I don't know what they'll call Bud. I hope there aren't too many syllables in it, because Bud is easier to say. At any rate, after this fusion experience, well then Bud gets acquainted with his partner, and they really draw up the articles of partnership–this has all been tentative, you know. The Adjuster's been on consignment, but now–the sale's closed. When fusion takes place, you've bought something.

Then you go back to work, and it's simply more of the same, except this milestone has been passed. Bud knows that there's nothing but time separating him from God.

And he'll get to Jerusem and take up citizenship, and for a while, he won't grow so fast. This is sitting down, kind of, between rounds. I fancy that we're citizens on Jerusem for quite a long while. And there, we enjoy things as adults. We're not just pupils now. We're citizens. We're performing a job. We're grown up.

This is the second adult experience we have–the first one being here. This is a time when universe horizons stand still, when the goal has been attained, and we taste all of the sweetness of success. We've scored. This is home plate. I don't know how long we stay there, but long enough, I think, to get full satisfaction in success.

And then one day, our psychology does a flip. We get itchy feet. All of a sudden these horizons, instead of being comfortingly stationary begin to look small. We begin to wonder what's on the other side of the mountain. And this is probably the indication that it's time for us to move on to the constellation levels. (Break in tape)

Audience: Bill, (can't understand question).

Let's derive a planet, and achieve destiny, shall we? We won't go into outer space, we'll go into Orvonton space. While this is going on in outer space, the story, I believe, starts just the same as ours, because apparently those nebulae out there are just like the nebulae in Orvonton.

But about halfway through the story, it's different. About halfway through our story, we're going to get Universe Power Directors coming in, and this won't be true in the first outer space level. The Associate Master Force Organizers will continue right on in charge of that physical creation.

So, as we tell this story, up until the time the power centers of Orvonton take over, I believe the story in Orvonton, and the story in the first, and even the second, outer space level runs parallel. But from that point on, they diverge.

And this raises an interesting question about the difference between Orvonton and the first outer space level. I believe that that first outer space level is going to be extraordinarily old when we invade it. And it seems to me that it might be possible that it would be physically stabilized before life is ever implanted out there, so that there would be no more astronomical collisions, accidents, and what not. In other words, they would have really set the thing up physically before they ever went into it with life and mind and spirit. That's my speculation. You will find no support for that in the papers.

Audience: Why wouldn't they have done that in our case then?

Because this was the first one, and they wanted to get going.

Audience: That's right.

Right. Now, they're working on this one, which gives them this fabulous amount of time to get that one set up.The only thing before us was Havona, which was always there. That's why the superuniverse space level is going to be different from anything before or anything which comes after.

Audience: So much experience–

Yes. It will differ from the four outer space levels in a way that they will not from each other, I don't think. I think in the four outer space levels, the differences are more quantitative, whereas here, the difference between us and Havona, or us and them, is essentially qualitative. I think the four outer space levels are more akin to each other than we are to them, or Havona, or than Havona is to them. And that's because God the Ultimate is evolving all through these four outer space levels. Nothing ends when an outer space level ends in the sense that the Supreme Being ends when we are completed. In a sense–now here's where our firehouse breaks down a little bit–in a sense, the superuniverse space level is the first floor of the firehouse. And the four outer space levels are the second floor. And you should ask me then, "Where is Havona?" Havona is on all of these floors. Havona is finite, Havona is absonite, Havona is at least co-absolute.

Audience: But Paradise would only be on one floor?

Paradise isn't in the firehouse. Paradise is the foundation on which the firehouse is built, and Paradise is also the hypothetical roof of the third floor. Paradise is both alpha and omega in relation to the firehouse.

Audience: Full circle?

Yes. If they could reach the roof of the third floor, they would have attained an experiential Paradise value. And I know that the firehouse is built on Paradise. Paradise is the foundation of the firehouse. Paradise is before the firehouse and after the firehouse. It is below and above, but before and after is a better word than below and above.

I'm going to do some speculating. I'm going to do some guessing. I'm going to tell a story which even the Divine Counselor won't tell, because he knows more than I do, so if he tells it, he's guilty of evil, and I can tell it, because I don't know any better. We will now proceed to unscrew the inscrutable.

Audience: Laughter.

The papers encourage me to speculate, at the same time warning all of us that our speculations are going to be false. They tell us that our universe romancings are seldom factual, but even so, they may contain much that's true. This encourages me, to have courage along with humility.

I think the Third Source and Center has to do with prying loose from the Unqualified Absolute his grasp on space potency. I think this a transaction having its roots way back in the Deities of Paradise. We are told that the Third Person of Deity–not as the Infinite Spirit, but as the Infinite Manipulator–does manipulate the forces of Paradise.

If he can operate on an absolute actuality, I believe he can also operate on an absolute potentiality. This is the logical basis for my speculation. If we have to work out the mechanics of this, if it's not done directly by the Infinite Manipulator, then I believe it is done by him through the Paradise Trinity activating the Deity Absolute which would cause repercussions in the Unqualified Absolute. We know that that relationship works, because we're so told in the papers.

Audience: Laughter.

I feel almost blasphemous sometimes in trying to get at these things, but I think if your intent is good, you could call God anything, and he wouldn't mind. You know? People are that way.

Yes, Ruth?

Audience: It's hard for me to see why that would be the sequence.

I'm trying to get at the Unqualified Absolute. I know I can approach him. I know I can approach it through the Paradise Trinity functioning in an unlimited sense, because the unlimited function of the Paradise Trinity is the function of the Deity Absolute at the present time. And if the Deity Absolute functions, this affects the Unqualified Absolute because they are united in the Universal Absolute. Now, whether it goes this route, or whether the Third Person as the Infinite Manipulator operates directly, I don't know. I think it could be either. I prefer the direct theory. It seems simpler to me. And I think if the Conjoint Actor, who is the God of Action, if he can do things which affect Paradise and its functions, then I think he can do things which affect the Unqualified Absolute and its functions.

I believe that the original prying loose of some space potency from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute is the function of the Conjoint Actor. The papers say that if he initiates the motions of space, they can't prove it, but they believe he is the ancestor of motion in space. He's the God of Action, and this is action. This is initial creativity. And he personified in conjunction with the original creativity, Havona.

I think ever since then, he has been initiating. Only the difference is, in Havona, he also consummated. He still initiates, but his deputies and God's deputies now consummate. I think that through the Architects of the Master Universe the Conjoint

Actor makes known this action, and I think the appropriate Architects, the Architect in charge of Orvonton, would then dispatch primary force organizers direct from Paradise. And I don't think the Ancients of Days know anything about this. And I don't think the Council on Equilibrium up on Uversa knows anything about this. This is a transaction at the near Paradise level of reality.

I think the Architects of the Master Universe know all about this. I think these Primary Master Force Organizers come out here and their presence signifies that the Conjoint Creator has already done this. When they arrive, their presence completes the segregation of this quantity, volume, or measure of space potency within the unsegregated remainder of space potency. This space potency came from Paradise at the dawn of eternity. It is of Paradise origin. The Unqualified Absolute has been its custodian ever since this eternity event. When the Unqualified Absolute is the sole custodian of this nebulous stuff of the universes to be, it is called absoluta, or space potency.

When the Conjoint Actor does that, initiates that, which is then completed on the second stage by the Primary Master Force Organizers, it is no longer unsegregated, it is segregated from a larger whole, and it's called segregata, or primordial energy.

Now these Primary Force Organizers do now have to work in the totality, or wholeness, of the Unqualified Absolute. They have now got a chunk they can go to work on. They have framed something within which they can work and outside of which they're not going to work. The beginning of anything requires a frame, be it the frame of a concept, the pattern of a spirit, or the segregation of some space potency from all other space potency.

These Primary Force Organizers, up until now, have done this by their passive presence. I think the real action took place by Paradise Deity, by the Conjoint Actor. But now that they have got segregata, now I think they're on their own. And I think they go actively to work on this segregata to transform it into the first form of puissant--of the first form of emergent energy. Let me get my terminology cold here.

This segregata is synonymous with primordial force. Primordial means there is nothing before this. But of course, there is one thing before this. But it's not anything that anybody can operate on. Primordial force is the first form of force which is manipulable this side of Deity. These Primary Master Force Organizers now go to work actively to transform primordial force into something which is emerging from nothingness into somethingness.

And that's why the product of their efforts is called emergent energy–energy emerging from the sole grasp of the Unqualified Absolute to the grasp of sub-absolute beings.

These Master Force Organizers are operating on the second floor of the firehouse. They are transcendental beings. And this is the energy domain of the Ultimate, because whenever you're on the second floor of the firehouse, you're dealing with the Ultimate. These Primary Master Force Organizers continue the manipulation of this energy, and still the Orvonton government knows nothing of this.

Now, out on Uversa, there is a council of equilibrium. The papers don't say much about this. But this Council of Equilibrium has to do with the mechanical problems of the maintenance of a physical superuniverse. This Council of Equilibrium is the supercreatural level of thinking, is at that level. And it's made up of associate transcendental Master Force Organizers.

These beings work in conjunction with the Orvonton government. They are the liaisons, so to speak, between the Architects of the Master Universe and the government of the time-space creations. Members of this council are–I guess they're members–they patrol Orvonton, and they are Associate Transcendental Master Force Organizers, and they're looking for evidence of the work of the Primary Force Organizers. Apparently they have to find it. Apparently they aren't told about this.

Let's say that my guess of the age of Orvonton was right. Let's say it's fifty thousand trillions of years old. I would judge that the Ancients of Days maybe weren't here for the first couple of trillions of years. But I think they've been here for more than 95% of the history of Orvonton. I think there was a comparatively short time when the

Force Organizers were here and they weren't. But ever since then, they've been here.

This inspector went back to Uversa and reported. We could put it in our language; he said, "Well, the boys have been at work again. We got a nebula to get set up." And they said, "Well, that's interesting, that's interesting." And so, 87 billion years later, they issued a permit.

Audience: A building permit.

Yes, a building permit. And they issued it to this inspector. And he assembled his crew–bulldozers, and c.b.'s and what not–and they headed out for this area and took over.

Now, what they did was: They moved at right angles–some up and some down– they moved at right angles to the plane of the nebula that they wanted to emerge. And the nature of counterclockwise motion in this superuniverse space level determined the direction of the whirl of this thing.

Visualize–I don't know how many there are, but there have to be at least two– visualize one Associate Force Organizer moving above this card table, and another one moving below it, and the counterclockwise basic nature of all motion would determine that it would then start spinning in the plane of the card table counterclockwise.

These Force Organizers are now taking the puissant energy which was produced by the active function of their senior colleagues, and they are transmuting it into gravity energy, or energy responsive to the pull of Paradise gravity and ultimately to the pull of linear gravity.

Audience: Would you call that gravita?

No. That is not. That is gravity energy–it is the second form of emergent energy. And the two together are called ultimata.

Audience: Oh, we're way back there.

We are building ultimatons at this point.

Audience: But all this is under emerging energy, right?

These are the two steps of emerging energy. Emerging energy, emergent energies, have two phases because there are two phases of Force Organizers. In the preceding energy, segregata, the Force Organizers couldn't come out here–the Primaries–couldn't come out here and dislodge this from the grasp of the Unqualified Absolute. All they can do is come out here and take action based on what the Conjoint Actor's already done.

Their function, prior to the level of emergent energy, is passive. But on segregata, they can now begin to work actively. And when the Primaries have done their job, they have produced the "A" form of emergent energy, which is called puissant energy. And this is something which is discoverable by an Associate Force Organizer. And when he discovers this, he knows that he can go to work on energy at that level, and he produces the second form of emergent energy, which is gravity energy. We now have mass appearing, basic mass.

This is the ultimatonic stage of energy, because the ultimaton is the smallest unit of mass. Paradise gravity doesn't altogether act on something that is pre-mass, but it will act the instant mass appears.

Now, at this point, the story of outer space diverges from the story of the seven superuniverses. In outer space, I think these Associate Force Organizers go right on fostering the further elaboration of matter, to the electronic level of matter, and to the building up of matter as we know matter. The ultimaton is not matter as we know it. We have yet to find the ultimaton.

We recognize matter only when one hundred ultimatons aggregate into one of the basic forms of an electron. Then we recognize that this is matter.

In outer space, I think these Associate Force Organizers go right on building up matter to the end–to the point where our telescopes will reveal to us nebulae out there, like Andromeda.

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