Knowing God as a Qualitative Personal Experience

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We've got the whole question–as we consider the Supreme and the Ultimate breaching the absolute wall and establishing a beachhead on the shores of infinity–we've got the whole question of: "Where do we enter into this picture?"

I think we enter in. I think we should separate our thinking of quality of destiny attainment with quantity of destiny attainment. Again, I would call your attention here to a paragraph that we read–page 1226, paragraph 14.

The papers state that human beings have personalities that have seven dimensions, and that the seventh dimension of personality is, quote, "an associable absolute and, while not infinite, is dimensionally potential for subinfinite penetration of the absolute," unquote. 1226, paragraph 14.

I can't drink all the orange juice in the city of Chicago, but that doesn't mean I can't drink some orange juice, and that I can't keep on drinking orange juice.

I think in this same sense, God the Absolute is attainable in a sub-infinite sense. I think in this same sense, God the Absolute is trinitizable as a sub-infinite value.

Quality is not compromised. It just isn't infinite in quantity.

And you'll recall that we gave this another good hard look when we considered Havona. Here we have, I think, the best illustration of no compromise in quality, but a very definite quantitative limitation. When the Father and the Son projected Havona, and through the Spirit created Havona, they created their ideal of the universe.

Now, we took inventory of what's in Havona. There's an awful lot in Havona that these papers don't deal with, when you get into ultimates, and co-absolutes, and absolutes, levels of existence. We don't know anything about that.

This universe is a perfect universe. And the concept of perfection is not our concept, it's the concept entertained by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. That means it's perfect in all senses of all three floors of this firehouse. But they limited it to a billion worlds. They did not fill all space with Havona. Here we have qualitative perfection without limit in the presence of quantitative limitation. Havona is not an infinite universe–it's just an absolutely perfect universe.

Do you see the difference between quality and quantity? Do you see how separable they are? And it's in this sense that I believe we can think logically about: number one, the ability of the Supreme and the Ultimate to trinitize God the Absolute.

This will be a sub-infinite manifestation, but not necessarily sub-absolute in quality. Sub- infinite in quantity.

The mere fact that we will never have an infinite capacity for comprehension of God–as do the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit–this does not in the least limit us from comprehending Absolute Deity in less than an infinite sense.

What we do comprehend will be absolute quality. It just will never become infinite quantity. I think there are only two beings who really know God in the infinite quantitative sense–that's the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit. These are the only two beings in existence who have infinite capacity for comprehension. They can know God not only as absolute quality, but also as infinite quantity. But no other being will ever thus know God. Does this make sense to you?

Audience: Yes.

Listen, even in this life, you can get a feeling for it. You know? I live with a feeling of the flavor of God. Not having been raised in a church, I may impress you characters as being a very un-pious guy. It's simply because my experience with God doesn't happen to flow in normal channels. I can taste the Universal Father. And, to me, that's a very ordinary thing. And it amazes me that most people don't have this flavor. But, to me, that's just as common and ordinary a thing as the fact that I can feel gravity acting on the mass of my body to give me the feeling of weight. You know? Just as ordinary. To me, God is just as plain and simple as dried apples and rainwater. And why make a big fuss about it? This is a normal, natural human experience. And I'm continually surprised when I find lots of people say they don't have this experience.

Now, if no other human being agreed with me, I would decide I was paranoid, but I wouldn't change my conviction. I can't. I got that feeling before I ever read these papers. And I got it just before I was introduced to them.

One day I sat down and wrote my mother a long letter, asking her what she and father believed. And when I started that letter, I wasn't sure; and when I finished that letter, I knew, and I've known ever since. And I didn't have any cold sweat or anything else. I can't tell you at what point in writing the letter I discovered that I knew. It was a very common discovery, completely free from emotion.

This realization was not born during the simple writing of that letter. I discovered it. There had been a-borning I suspect for about a year before then.

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