Remembering Carmelo María Martínez Ortiz de Zarate

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By members of the Spanish revision team

Carmelo Martínez, Anibal Pacheco, Olga López, Víctor García-Bory, Raúl Pujol
Carmelo Martínez, Anibal Pacheco, Olga López, Víctor García-Bory, Raúl Pujol

Editor’s note: Carmelo was the chief revisor of Urantia Foundation’s Spanish revision team. He worked on this project for countless hours over the past 10 years, and our gratitude for his service is immeasurable. We are saddened to report that Carmelo graduated recently and asked the revision team members to share some memories.


By Olga López, team member, Barcelona, Spain

Carmelo Martínez graduated to the mansion worlds on January 15, 2020, at the age of 72. Even though his passing was due to complications derived from a prostatic cancer, this event was unexpected to all—I would dare to say even to himself. Until the very end, he was working on the Spanish revision process, a long-term project started in 2011 and presently in its last stages.

Born near Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain), an industrial engineer with a degree in economics, married with two sons, one daughter, and seven grandchildren, Carmelo was a true servant of the circles, a tireless worker and a brilliant mind that was always willing to give his insightful views on the most complex topics appearing in The Urantia Book.

He was the president of the Urantia Association of Spain from 2012 to 2018, which thrived during his mandate. He also left many secondary works and, most importantly, the project of his life: a Spanish revision of El libro de Urantia.

I met Carmelo in 2005, and since then I have considered him a very dear friend. We enjoyed many precious moments that I will treasure forever. Now that he is on the next stage of the long journey to Paradise, his living example will be an inspiration for all of us to keep working for the sake of the fifth epochal revelation.

¡Hasta pronto, Carmelo! Until we meet again, we will finish what you started and will go even further in the spreading of the Urantia revelation.


By Raúl Pujol, team member, Florida, United States

Carmelo and I met for the first time at Urantia Foundation when the Spanish revision team had its first meeting in 2011. From the very first moment I exchanged words with him, I could feel his commitment to the task we had in front of us. He was the leader of our translation team, and I can testify to the quality of his work. I fondly remember our discussions about the best way to translate a word, an idea, a sentence. On many occasions we disagreed, on many more we agreed. I feel honored to have worked with him on this project. I am sure the other members of our team feel the same way. In him I found a friend and a brother, and I am looking forward to meeting him again in the next life stage when my time comes. Farewell my friend!


By Anibal Pacheco, team member, Santiago Chile

I remember Carmelo for both his calm disposition and his rigor as he encouraged us to move forward during the revision process of El libro de Urantia. He expressed joy as our revisions to the translation improved the text’s quality and accuracy. I can indeed affirm he was in love with the revision work because I witnessed the immensity of his contributions during our years of daily collaboration.

Like the rest of the revision team, Carmelo had faith in our work. Only this faith can explain his love, patience, determination, and dedication during all these years of service. Carmelo will remain in my memory as the chief reviser, my colleague at work, my friend, and my brother.


By Víctor García-Bory, Associate Trustee, New York, United States

Today I invite you to celebrate Carmelo’s life and example as father, husband, and friend, as we acknowledge his graduation to a new and better stage in his universal ascension career.

As I reflect on Carmelo's life of selfless service and the significance of his contributions to the betterment of the Urantia community, including the Spanish revision of The Urantia Book and the Urantia community at large, I am reminded of how discreet he was about it. He never sought to attract attention towards himself. Rather his practice was that of the man in Jesus’ parable, who "when he lights a lamp,... puts his lamp on a stand where all can behold the light." 151:3.1 (1691.4) That was, and is, Carmelo: always discreet, ready, and capable of bearing the fruits of the spirit in abundance despite the enormous challenges that life threw at him.

Carmelo was an inspiring example in many respects, especially in terms of overcoming adversity, teamwork spirit, dedication, loyalty, talent, and sincerity.

For now, I cannot think of a better way to convey who this friend is to many of us than to share with you an excerpt from a conversation we had just last September, which Carmelo agreed would be recorded to share with others in the future.

I believe in The Urantia book because thanks to it, I discovered the Father within me. I have discovered the Spirit of the Father.

I have begun to really know Him, to know how He is, how He acts. That has signified a change in my personal life; it is something that I profoundly appreciate because, it seems to me, knowing the Father is fundamental.

I encourage all readers to try, to reflect internally, and discover the Father, find the love that the Father has for us.

I have felt that love of the Father for me and for others many times. I encourage everybody to discover Him because when they do, if they have not already done it... the revelation will be something natural, something logical, something that is believed because, yes, because He is, because it is what He says.

In any event, it is about having faith in the Father.

For now, my prayers, love, and support go to his wife Charo and their children Amalia and Adrian, as I rejoice, as do all the members of his Urantia family, knowing that this true server of the concentric circles is with his beloved Heavenly Father.

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